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No. 558174

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread: >>543270
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Amanda Palmer thread: >>192724
Tinfoil General thread: >>490893

Milk from the last thread:
>Selena Gomez says she is bipolar but doesn't mention her alcoholism. (cont.)
>''h1llary d.uff'' posts a weird, nude photo of her son, gets accused being a pedo. News is picked up by Twitter a month later.
>Selena gets into more trouble due to her Interview Magazine photoshoot, accused of black fishing.
>Gigi Hadid is expecting a child with Zayn.
>Relatable queen (/s) Chrissy Teigen gets called out by Courtney Stodden, and Alison Roman. Chrissy throws a fit on Twitter.
>Grimes and Elon Musk continue their putting on their relationship for show on Twitter; name their child X Æ A-12 Musk.
>Adele loses weight, and many debate as to whether it was healthy, or from the stress of her divorce.
>Florence Pugh and Zach Braff are dating- a 21 year age gap.
>6ix9ine gets released from prison due to COVID-19, and releases new music. This incites a chart battle with Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun, and Justin Bieber.
>Mary-Kate Olsen's emergency divorce is denied due to COVID-19.
>Megan Fox split with her husband of over 10 years, and whom she's had 3 kids with, and began a relationship with MGK.
>Wachowski degeneracy discussion.
>Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga drop their collab "Rain On Me"
>Hana Kimura from Terrace House passed away from suicide due to relentless cyberbullying from Japanese "fans"
>Khloe Kardashian gets a new face

and finally
>Lana Del Rey posts a message about receiving criticism for her music "glorifying abuse." In this message she name dropped Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, inciting the wrath of their standoms. Called out for being racist and anti-feminist, Lana does not apologize for her post.
>Doja Cat's past (and present) on Tinychat is exposed. Doja Cat is accused of being racist and self-loathing of her black side. #DojaIsOverParty trends on Twitter for at least 2 days, then is forgiven, and as of writing this OP has dropped her apology.

No. 558177

File: 1590385666351.jpg (137.54 KB, 1080x1080, apology.jpg)

Doja's apology.

No. 558178

I'm not surprised that people threw shitfits over such a minor thing but I guess I'm disappointed that she even has to explain herself. She's alright imo, the response is good.

No. 558182

after reading tons of threads, comments, and accusations, it seems like 90% of the claims against her are completely baseless so far. idiots on twitter are just parroting a bunch of shit with no evidence to back it up. all i've concretely seen is her being edgy and using the n word with a hard R once and having a questionable song title. i keep seeing people saying the song mocks sandra bland when there isn't even an inkling of that in the lyrics and that the tinychat she was in was an "alt right incel white supremacist group" again with 0 evidence. some of the videos of her in the chat you can see other women and black men in the same chat group, it seems more just like an edgy internet group than some secret neo-nazi tinychat society. people claiming she was pissing on cam and gets off to white men calling her the N word also just seems completely made up. people are way too bored right now and will believe anything at face value.

i cant help but sense a weird underlying sexist undertone to all of this, is it just me? i saw rumors that the screenshots of her stripping were leaked by an incel loser who had to be banned from the group when he got pissed she stopped replying to him and he tried to blackmail her. that paired with comments from men saying "this is what she gets for lying about showing us her tits" is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. male artists say and do shit 1000 times worse than all of this and no one gives a shit.

this twitter thread outlines some of the evidence that she's innocent.

No. 558184

>all i've concretely seen is her being edgy and using the n word with a hard R once and having a questionable song title
From what I understood that's literally just it and people are reaching to very exaggerated conclusions based on that, right? Just to make sure I understand what's going on. For the tinychat thing everyone thought it was a white supremacy thing because they're normies and/or zoomers who don't know shit about the internet outside of twitter and maybe tiktok so they think that all imageboards and private chats are for racist and problematic shit. What I find funny is that I always thought it was obvious she was some nerdy internet savvy girl so I don't get why people are so surprised, and my friends agree too.

>i cant help but sense a weird underlying sexist undertone to all of this, is it just me?

I'm good at avoiding that crowd so what I've seen so far where black people (not just Americans) sperging hard about how she's either just a racist white girl or a race traitor as if she was representing them like an ambassador. And a bunch of white gays shitting on her for being homophobic (which has some basis) and racist (which has nothing to do with them in the first place yet they take it personally.) Basically they felt betrayed by a celebrity who doesn't know any of them and who does whatever she wants during her free time and in her private life. I wouldn't be surprised if straight guys are sperging right now.

No. 558185

There's also a lot of black men who hate her because she dated a white guy. We have an issue in our community with black men thinking they own light skin black women because they have a fetish for them. They think they own black women period but especially the ones they have a fetish for. This scandal isn't anything but people looking for a reason to be upset. You got people on Twitter calling a black woman a white supremacist make that make sense.

No. 558186

>i cant help but sense a weird underlying sexist undertone to all of this, is it just me?
Not just you.

The level of ideological purity expected of women and queers in the left is truly a plague. Nazi incels barely have to do legwork and a woman or poc gets cancelled by our own camp for saying reckless shit when they were young.

It's some low self-esteem misfit shit to hang with people that see you as subhuman and cater to them but it's not her being a racist. Getting into a chan "friend group" and trying to assimilate and impress them is hella common amongst people who were partially raised by the internet. You essentially just got into certain circles mostly by happenstance. Tumblr, SA, ED, 4chan, etc.

I swear people forget what the internet was like before normies took over. Anybody who's giddy about cancelling others should voluntarily give up their entire internet history. Let's see thosereceipts.

No. 558188

This all started when she started self posting in her lipstickalley thread. She isn't liked there because they already dislike mixed girls.
I think the moaning and saying nigger is cringey pickme behavior but it doesn't surprise me. I think we all knew she was involved with imageboards or e communities. Her entire persona revolves around it anyways so the same behavior with loser looking men dominated chats doesn't surprise me. But yeah it's blown way out of proportion but the damage control is sad. I do think she has some self hatred or identity issues and I don't need to explain why that is.

No. 558189

>a bunch of white gays shitting on her for being homophobic (which has some basis)
If doja is homophobic for saying faggot then how isn't she racist for saying nigger? Context matters, both were ironic. So no, she's neither homophobic or racist unless there's actually evidence of either.

No. 558191

By "it has some basis" Ii'm not saying she's actually homophobic but that I can see why out of context someone would think she's one because she said the word "fag" or "faggot". I don't personally think she's racist or homophobic either, and even if she was deemed problematic she's harmless anyway, like how Azealia Banks is always called a transphobe despite supporting the LGBT community, T included, just because she tells dudes like Kim Petras to calm down and stay in his place.

Saying Doja that is homophobic might be inaccurate but you don't have to reach as much as her racism accusation to reach that conclusion. Don't know if I worded it well this time.

No. 558192

> It's some low self-esteem misfit shit to hang with people that see you as subhuman and cater to them
do we know the crowd she was hanging with was composed of nazis, though? i know normies all think 4chan is /b/ and /pol/, but it doesn't mean she was camming with tards from those boards. she's dumb for putting a face to what should have been anonymous chan-tier banter, but that doesn't make her worse than any other camwhore or tripfag on the benign boards.

i do think it's weird she decided to show up on tinychat again given her fame, but i'm also not entirely surprised. she's probably got a huge case of Not Like the Other Girls syndrome. girl should've just gotten on twitch if she wanted to participate shitty internet culture and make some coin while she's at it.

No. 558199

this whole situation has really made me start to hate zoomer ig/tiktok/twitter culture. it's become an unholy trinity of people using their real name and face, attaching their every waking thought to that name and face and the thought that if people aren't walking on eggshells 24/7 they're a genuine bona fide racist who wants poc dead and buried. i saw a girl's dox posted on stan instagram of all places this morning for rapping the n word. it's just gotten way out of hand and they're savvy enough to know how to dox but too retarded to understand that this isn't how life works and you can't "cancel" actual real life individuals. it really worries me how they think they're actually helping combat racism by coming for nearly exclusively women who fucked up maybe once online. Doja's situation has me so fucked up, maybe it's identifying a little with her because she's clearly clued into imageboard culture/tinychat rooms, but i can't stand it anymore. twitter is officially cancer

No. 558201

>it really worries me how they think they're actually helping combat racism by coming for nearly exclusively women who fucked up maybe once online
It's the "you should know better" mentality, ironically enough. She's a woman of color (god I hate these terms but anyway) so she should know better based on her personal experience not to hang out with white guys online and make private stupid jokes that are offensive out of context!! And since she's not a problematic cis white male she and many of female celebrities are expected to represent entire populations and not just themselves. But male artists (and males in general) are expected to fuck up one way or another so it's "just" kinda bad if Chris Brown is an abuser because Rihanna publicly forgave him or whatever. It's just kinda bad if Drake is obviously into underage girls, he's a guy, they can't help it it seems. I hate that shit too.

No. 558203

>she's probably got a huge case of Not Like the Other Girls syndrome. girl should've just gotten on twitch if she wanted to participate shitty internet culture and make some coin while she's at it.
hit the nail on the head

No. 558209

>>558199 what's also terrible is the constant hivemind that cancel culture is the bringer of justice but really it's grotesque, a lot of these people take almost a joy out of cancel culture even when it's fake/blown out of proportion. It's just gross how some responses were "well who's next" or "I knew not to stan her", it's like they perceive these lives as reality TV or a drama, usually dgaf about celebrities but I could only imagine the mental anguish this takes a toll out of when there were lies that doja ate shit and that she masturbated with a cucumber with a straight face
I don't think she would be forgiven though, not because she gave a bad apology, imo she did the best she could but now cancel culture is getting to prideful and stubborn, when #wearesorrydoja trended a bit bitches were like "wHo'S wE". They are either vile or gullible, no in between at this point

No. 558212

>almost a joy out of cancel culture
absolutely. these are the shutin kids of gen z and instead of spending hours on weird video games they're ruining others' lives to feel better about the fact they don't have one. it's tragic

No. 558222

Can anyone transcribe one of the foid’s (i say foid because they’re really awfully rude for no reason to doja cat and remind me of mystery.jpg) shade to doja cat?

She’s not canceled and she knew that. Keep doing you doja, even if you disappointed me that you let all that talent to waste.

No. 558266

Oh boy this is cringe lol

No. 558268

I couldn't agree more. This is the exact reason I don't do social media. It's a fucking cancer upon society for so many reasons.

No. 558275

>I'm not surprised that people threw shitfits over such a minor thing but I guess I'm disappointed that she even has to explain herself
>people are way too bored right now and will believe anything at face value
>i cant help but sense a weird underlying sexist undertone to all of this, is it just me?
>attaching their every waking thought to that name and face and the thought that if people aren't walking on eggshells 24/7 they're a genuine bona fide racist who wants poc dead and buried
>what's also terrible is the constant hivemind that cancel culture is the bringer of justice but really it's grotesque, a lot of these people take almost a joy out of cancel culture even when it's fake/blown out of proportion
All of this is correct, but ironic considering most farmers in the previous thread were taking this exact approach towards one Instagram post of Lana's that had nothing to do with race, when Doja's situation arguably had everything to do with race. Strange priorities.

No. 558279

>maybe it's identifying a little with her because she's clearly clued into imageboard culture/tinychat rooms
I feel the exact same way. It’s honestly astounding that this has been trending for 3 fucking days. From #DojaIsOverParty, to #WeForgiveYouDoja, and to #OnlyKlans. Like people on Twitter have just found out that there are other websites out there. Not to make it sound like it’s still some secret club but it makes me wonder if there’ll be a shift in imageboards with a bunch of newfags wondering what 4chan and lolcow are and trying to bring along their PC/cancel culture.

No. 558281

probably because even if you completely ignore the racial aspect of that situation, lana randomly coming out of the woodwork to claim she's so oppressed because people just can't accept "fragile, delicate women like her uwu" is objectively retarded and embarrassing.

No. 558285

Woke twitter went too hard trying to cancel Lana over the top artists on billboard and then had to backtrack and overcomepensate when a WoC was exposed for being racist.

All woke tweeters and tiktokers do is start antagonistic discourse with no desire for resolution just endless shit flinging while being hypocrites in private group chats. I can forgive the high schoolers caught up in the highschool mentality but the ones in their 20s and 30s need to socialise IRL more.

No. 558305

>>558279 God I hope not, these zoomers would probably see no issue to cow tip. Best case scenario they would either forget about tinychat and image boards or they cancel eachother for even being curious about imageboards so they would avoid them.

>>558275 I think it's because that if any celebrity that is even remotely diffrent, like being non white is held to a higher standard as they are seen as representatives of whatever race, ex."we don't claim her/him". Because of this mindset a lot of tweeters and tiktokers were claiming that now Doja is just a white woman and dictate her nationality, I would find it funny if this was claimed by some white/asian/hispanic people, getting a pass because doja is cancelled when they'll maybe be cancelled as well.

No. 558321

Yeah, but if she hadn't mentioned those artists it would have been seen as Lana being her pretentious, "I'm not a feminist, I'd rather talk about SpaceX and Tesla" self as always and no one would have cared. I say this as a fan, Lana is kind of dumb

No. 558334

>I'm not a feminist, I'd rather talk about SpaceX and Tesla
I'm glad at least she no longer speaks this crap lmfao

No. 558336

Forgive me because I don't know much about doja cat, but wasn't she the one that said she would show her boobs if her song got to number one and kinda trolled tons of lonely men on the internet by not showing them after they made a huge dumb effort to play her song to see them?
Is it far fetched to assume those men started baseless rumors since this all happened right after that? And that anons are saying it has a sexist undertone and it just so happens the rumors are associated with tinychat, 4chan, racism, far right, etc? Just funny that this happened after that. I almost wasn't sure she was the one who did that to get her song up there because when I tried to search it, the waters are completely muddied by this new weird shit.

No. 558337

Yes and this is exactly why you don't sit on tinychat with them when you have a #1 song. Incels are always going to try and distroy you as a woman, it doesn't matter how "cool girl" you try to be. Doja is learning that lesson now.

She's dumb as fuck for getting on tinychat with them when she has the #1 song in the country. I don't think she should be canceled over this, but still.

No. 558340

Were they actually incels tho? That site has a lot of rooms with a lot of different people.

No. 558341

she's not dumb, she should be able to do it. she's not stupid because men hate women and show it at any opportunity

No. 558343

She is incredibly dumb for going into a place that hates black people and women and then trying her pick-me shit on cam. The videos of her rolling all over her bed and groaning while she sticks her fingers in her mouth and pushes her tits around is embaressing as fuck.

Make sure you go to the end and tell me she's not dumb https://youtu.be/C3jQKbgeddo

No. 558344

she's not dumb

No. 558345

Some days ago I literally had no idea who Elon Musk is. Why does he have so many fans?

No. 558346

If you act like that you're dumb as fuck too. men aren't going to give you respect because you make yourself their online whore.

No. 558347

Genuinely cannot even watch a few seconds of this without cringing so incredibly much.

No. 558348

can you point to where i said i act like that? please. just admit you're wrong and move on what's difficult?

No. 558350

File: 1590427446025.png (489.52 KB, 473x491, wut.png)

It's an opinion hun. She's dumb. Move on.

No. 558352

she looks cute here. i'm saying you're wrong and need to get over how jealous you are of her because it's embarrassing

No. 558355

Sex worker chan pls stop

No. 558356

>famous pop star
>still early in her career
>just reached billboard #1
>potential for even more fame
>developing strong fanbase
>jeopardises it all just for some attention from inbred looking neets on tinychat

apparently she met them on /soc/ years ago? in an interview last year she talked about the chatroom so this isn't a smear campaign. the men definitely look like stereotypical incels based on the screenshots, lol. i wouldn't be surprised if she's a farmer tbh.

both doja and lana are dumb. doja has some extreme issues, while lana is delusional and bitter.

No. 558357

pick mes go

No. 558359

ew i'm not a sex worker? stop being a little weirdo just bc you hate doja so much

No. 558360

>doja has some extreme issues
all she's doing is going on a chatroom and being a bit of a whore, how is that in any way extreme lmao sheltered

No. 558361

I actually like her just fine. She's clearly insecure though and is doing pickme attn whoring shit to dudes that think she is inferior to them. Grow the fk up.

No. 558363

I feel endlessly bad for the women on this board that can identify so strongly with Doja's self-esteem issues that they attempt to defend her

No. 558364

>anons saying that they think her behavior is embarrassing/cringy and her pandering is pathetic = you're just j-jealous of h-her!!!1111!!!!!

No. 558365

I feel endlessly bad for the women on this board who spend so much time here but still struggle to identify bait

No. 558366

> I-I'm just trollin!

No. 558368

Nta, obviously

No. 558369

File: 1590428136375.jpg (12.53 KB, 527x409, b8m8.jpg)

imagine going on a chatroom and being so depraved of attention that you start shitting on cam.

2020 has been such a milky year and we're only in may. i hope more vids of her tinychat antics get leaked.

No. 558370

The secondhand embarrassment is too much

No. 558371

it's not a matter of how "cute" she looks or how it's no big deal if she does it on her time
it's about how this behavior is not normal in OR out of a chatroom of like twenty incels lol
doja is fucked in the head. love yourself anons

No. 558372

she never shat on cam, stop believing the word of robots anon. we saw her acting sexual but she didn't do that. a bit of common sense please
>i hope more vids of her tinychat antics get released

No. 558378

Quit it with the in fighting.

>>558369 Unless there is actual milk of her shitting on cam or at least somebody actually from tinychat has a story then it's just a baseless rumor ment to exaggerate her activity in tiny chat.

No. 558379

Is everyone seriously shitting their pants over some celeb going using a chatroom service?
Covid is really making people hard up for scandals, huh? This is a non-story.

No. 558381

the problem isn't just her going there, it's rather how she behaved there

No. 558383

Quit back seat modding.

The video is a cringefest. That alone makes it worth talking about.

I feel like lately whatever celeb is being talked about has people moaning the convo isn't good enough. Post your own news then or hide the thread. The constant "WhY iS ThIs EvEn NeWs" derails more and is irritating.

No. 558385

Yeah she shouldn't have said self-loathing shit about her race.
She should've said self-loathing shit about her womanhood. That's way more popular and would've sat with the male userbase better.

You're derailing too you tart, just because a celebrity farts doesn't mean we have to have a 50 reply bitchfest about it.

No. 558387

ok sweetie keep bitching in threads and clogging them up because you're mad your fav is being discussed.

No. 558388

lol at the fact that people are actually mad at doja cat for dicking around and shitposting on chatrooms with random dudes from 4chan. she didnt hurt anyone she didnt kill babies nobody died, get some perspective, she quite literally dindu nothin

i think people are just bored as fuck right now tbh

No. 558389

This is a thread to gossip and bitch about celebs acting like tards. Why do some of you think this shit is so deep? lmao

No. 558394

I barely know about Doja, that's why I find people like you so obnoxious and that was my first post on the matter. Betting you've shat this thread up way further than anyone else.

No. 558398

the black community are actually mad at her for that song + stripping for what they thing are alt-right white supremacists

I agree that what she was doing in those vids was cringy, sad and pathetic. I get it when she was a younger teen, but after being famous and getting rich, why on earth would you go back to those places and act that way in a room full of mediocre/ugly/weird guys. I just don't get why she needs their validation.

I don't think she's racist, but I guess it's 'not my place' to say since I'm not black. Still love her and will continue listening to her songs.

No. 558406

So to shy away from Doja, lolcow’s favorite celebrity claimed she slept with Dave Chapelle. Idk if it’s true or not, but the drama is entertaining either way.

No. 558408

who the fuck is lolcow's favorite celebrity

No. 558409

>i saw rumors that the screenshots of her stripping were leaked by an incel loser who had to be banned from the group when he got pissed she stopped replying to him and he tried to blackmail her. that paired with comments from men saying "this is what she gets for lying about showing us her tits"
Honestly, this is the first thing I thought of. The whole thing reeks of some dude getting his feefees hurt because the girl he liked didn't reply in 0.2 seconds, so now he's trying to cancel her.

I still don't understand how going on a fucking chatroom makes you alt-right. Any male-dominated site has those communities, including reddit and twitter.

No. 558411

Azealia Banks

No. 558429

Yeah, she should be called out for being a pickme at the most. Pandering to loser males online is a bad look but hardly cancellation material. This shit reminds me of gamergate a little. Some scrote has a vendetta and rallies a bunch of retards into a frenzy just to get back at a woman that didn't wanna talk to him anymore.

No. 558456

Ever since that image was posted on Twitter I have a feeling some of the kids are shitting up thread whiteknighting their kween

No. 558460

Eh. I was just saying that because she has a few white knight on here and I was too lazy to spell out her name. But I digress

No. 558461

honestly me too

No. 558468

Eh, but a lot of farmers are into dumb thot shit and probably do the things that doja does and they feel attacked.

No. 558471

Amanda Seyfried

No. 558478

File: 1590445253319.jpg (117.88 KB, 750x786, tumblr_08da4b263f2d0831bd8433f…)

New pic of a BTS member ♥♥♥

No. 558480

File: 1590445462250.jpg (36.64 KB, 600x563, 1493746474164.jpg)

No. 558483

found the kfag

No. 558484

You almost got me, ngl.

No. 558485

No. 558486

it's easy to detect anon

No. 558490

File: 1590445875094.jpg (65.17 KB, 578x571, chickens.jpg)

So Azealia banks has managed to get dave chapelle trending on twitter because she apparently had an affair with him. Its not certain if its true or not but the memes coming out of it is pretty funny.

No. 558507

Anyone been following the Amber heard shitstorm? Apparently an ex personal assistants testimony was leaked basically called her a drug addict, alcoholic and raging narcissist who sent people framed photos of her for Xmas


No. 558518

Oh god what an awful woman
Kek at she gifting pictures of herself for Christmas

No. 558536

>multiple prescriptions from different doctors
>lying to DHS
>repeatedly smuggling her dogs into countries before they're cleared
Holy shit here we go. Also, can attest from personal experience, three Provigil in a day is INSANE. Like it's a miracle her heart held up insane. I was using it for a while and was taking half a tablet a day. I can't even imagine taking three whole tabs.

No. 558543

File: 1590458941987.png (454.09 KB, 884x1502, Capture.PNG)

No. 558548

Fka twigs was actually pole dancing tho. Wasn't Lana just sticking her butt out on a pole in front of an old dude for her music video. I don't really understand why she just won't stop talking.

No. 558551

i genuinely enjoy her music, but can she please shut up already?
people would forget about this drama in a few weeks if she was quiet and didn't engage in it any further but she keeps digging the grave even deeper for herself with random statements and comments. she's acting like a retard with the biggest victim complex ever.

No. 558552

fka twigs gets called a whore too, she's a woman lol. what the fuck even is this ahahaha

No. 558553

the way she constantly readjusts the six loose hairs hanging from her forehead and says "y'know" every other word really contributes to the enlightened and educated persona that she is trying to emulate (kek)

> "I don't wanna beat a dead horse"

> spends six minutes doing just that

No. 558554

>i genuinely enjoy her music, but can she please shut up already? people would forget about this drama in a few weeks if she was quiet and didn't engage in it any further
It's truly a double-edged sword. As a fan, you're happy to see your favorite speaking their mind and being open with the public, but you hate to see the way their career and reputation tank because of it, regardless of whether what they're saying is right or wrong. That being said, this isn't Lana's first scandal, and certainly not her first race-related scandal.

No. 558555

It's been interesting to see who keeps liking her meltdown posts. The initial one had likes from Madonna, Robyn (this one hurt tbh), Jessie Ware and others. Cat Power just liked the most recent incoherent screed.

No. 558556

Grimes and Courtney Love have also expressed their support of her.

No. 558561

it is truly baffling that she touts "fragility" as this revolutionary thing for women when women have been stereotyped as fragile for centuries

No. 558563

she's trying to look ~chill~ and ~down to earth~

No. 558568

she obviously knew the group if she was that comfortable with them anon. She has a history on /soc/

No. 558573

>Robyn (this one hurt tbh)
Imagine being personally affected by someone you don't know liking something you don't agree with

No. 558578

Like a month ago I went on Twitter to see what others were saying about Doja and tinychat, but I only could find 2-3 tweets, one was a neckbeard telling her to come on chat.

No. 558581

Fka twigs has gotten tons of shit for her pole danceing and harmless shit like her dating choices. Lana dear, be quiet. All women in the industry get shit. She's digging the hole deeper for herself by constantly dragging others into her bullshit for no reason.

No. 558583

It's more that going by her history she usually knows better, but you can still be the edgiest anon in the thread.

No. 558587

My point is you don't know her reasons for liking that post. She may have agreed with some parts of it, not necessarily the supposedly racially charged aspects of it. One of the most annoying parts of cancel culture is that people get cancelled by association too

No. 558590


>I just wanna remind you, in that post - my one and only personal declaration I've ever made… Thanks for being so warm, so welcoming…was the need for fragility in the feminist movement.

Ignoring the little sarcastic remark at the beginning, what the hell is she talking about? Women are already encouraged to be fragile by society as a whole. Why would feminism want to encourage that further?

>And when I mentioned women who look like me, I didn't mean white like me. I mean the kind of women who other people, y'know, might not believe because they think, "Oh, well look at her. She fucking deserves it."

I don't exactly see a lot of feminists making comments like that. Of course they're out there, but that kind of victim blaming sentiment is almost universally frowned upon amongst feminist groups. You're much more likely to hear that kind of thing coming from a man tbh

>The difference is, when I get on the pole, people call me whore, but when [FKA] twigs gets on the pole, it’s art.

I promise you that the people calling you a whore for stripping in your videos are not the same people calling FKA Twigs' videos art. They're misogynists who likely think the same thing about her. Especially after the very public racist and sexist bullshit FKA Twigs got while dating Robert Pattinson, to pretend that she's exempt from the kind of criticism that's been leveraged at Lana is honestly insulting.

>The culture's super sick right now. And the fact that they wanna turn my post, my advocacy for fragility into a race war is really bad. It's actually really bad.

There she goes again with "the culture". I agree that her initial statement wasn't egregiously racist like people are making it seem but it was definitely tone deaf in regards to the kind of criticism that black women in media get. She genuinely seems to believe that people don't scrutinize them for all the same shit they scrutinize her for.

Also "advocacy for fragility"? Lol what

She then goes on a tangent about reparations for Navajo people and how she agrees with black reparations as well. Cool? Don't see how that has to do with your post but okay.

>To all of the other women out there who are like me - good girls, good intentioned - who get fucked up the ass constantly by the culture just because you say what you really mean. I'm with you.

There she goes putting her foot in her mouth again. I'm sure she was good intentioned, but this weird juxtaposition of her as a "good girl" and "delicate" and "fragile" against all the mainly woc artists she described as "strong" and "empowered" rubs me the wrong way.

She then talks about how the first time she opens up like this, she receives a huge amount of hate.

>It's the opposite of the spirit of an advocate. It's what causes fragility.

Wait, I though fragility was a good thing Lana? I thought you wanted to advocate for more of it in feminism and now it's a negative result of being attacked by people?

I agree with her that people's reactions were way overblown, especially with her number being leaked. But now, she's framing fragility as bad or a result of mistreatment, just like those nasty feminists.

>As ever, I'm grateful that my muse is still here and I'm blessed to have the insight and ability to channel two books worth of beautiful poems. And I think my new record, Chemtrails Over the Country Club, is special as well.

Can't keep that narcissism at bay, even for a 6 minute video.

>I'm sorry that a couple of the girls I talked to, who were mentioned in that post, have a super different opinion of my insight - especially because we've been so close for so long. But it really, again, makes you reach into the depth of your own heart and say, "Well, am I good intentioned?" And of course, for me, the answer is always yes. I barely ever share a thing. And this is why.

Oh my God. This couldnt have sounded more condescending if she tried. Also she is sure as hell not always good intentioned. She's run her mouth and gotten into dumb arguments with other celebrities before. She's also opened up in interviews and songs about her thoughts on various subjects, so why is she acting like she is some intensely private person who never talks about anything?

>There are women out there, like me, who have so much to give and don't quite get to the place spiritually or karmically where they're supposed to be because there are other women who hate them and try to take them down. Whether, in my case, it's certain alternative singers or mal-intented journalists, or men who hate women. But I'm not the enemy. And I'm definitely not racist so don't get it twisted.

I'm really tired of the idea that it's the mean old feminists stomping all over "fragile" and meek women who are the real enemies of feminism. Interesting how men were the last on that list. Also, Kim Gordon must've really hit a nerve because she's definitely taking a dig at her when she mentions alternative singers (though not only her I'm sure)

>God bless and uh…fuck off if you don't like the post.

I at least respect her for sticking to her guns, even if it's a pretty dumb sentiment all together.

Honestly this just makes me feel the same way about her as I did with Doja Cat. I don't think anything she did was horrible enough to warrant being called racist or be piled on like this (especially when make celebrities get away with SO much worse). But I definitely respect them both a lot less now because they both have shown themselves to be dumb as hell

No. 558591

keep going Lana, I want to see how much worse it gets

No. 558592

File: 1590467921874.jpg (40.86 KB, 382x716, EV1cyxXgAAqGnh.jpg)

>>I'm sorry that a couple of the girls I talked to, who were mentioned in that post, have a super different opinion of my insight
I think she's talking about Ari since she unfollowed her a day after her original post. Shocking considering Ariana seems to be the type who usually tries to get along with everyone.

No. 558605

doja is currently on her ig live "debunking" the accusations. she's currently going about how getting a "#1 hit" is meaningless and she doesn't understand the importance of it. she also talked about tinychat (fucking tinychat out of all places) being a place for everyone regardless of race etc.

No. 558608

She actually explained herself very well and it matches what a lot of people who know what tinychat and imageboards are were already saying. She didn't dismiss number ones altogether she just said that she doesn't understand the importance of it but wanted to make her fans and her team happy. She was addressing in that moment how stupid it was that people actually thought she would show her breast for something like that.

She also called out how Twitter has racist people on it and yet no one is called a Nazi for going on there. And that racist comments are actually banned on tinychat just like here on lolcow.

Honestly all of this was overblown and I think people are just bored. That and men were just mad about the whole boobgate and her dating white men.

Hopefully a fan recorded the whole thing cause she really did do a good job at explaining herself without giving into normies weird "the evil Nazi hackers on 4chan" narrative.

No. 558609

And twitter tards are still #canceling her. I'm convinced most of these idiots have brains filled with worms because none of them can actually come up with an original thought without 20 other people telling them what to think.

People are saying she didn't talk about stripping for white dudes. What is she supposed to say to that lol?

No. 558610

tinychat could not have paid for better advertising kek

at this point i don't think Lana's simply out of touch and tone-deaf. i think she's legitimately trying to imply that black women in the industry have an advantage over her. absolutely delusional. if she had iota of self awareness, she'd stop this victim complex bullshit or at least stop name dropping black women.

the only fragility she has is white fragility. she is so incredibly butthurt about nothing at all, and she keeps painting herself into a corner where the only way to read her statements is jealous, insecure, racist, grossly uninformed and malicious.

i don't think people need to constantly be under ~PC/cancel culture's~ thumb, but there's a huge difference between being misunderstood and being deliberately out of touch and doubling-down on poorly thought-our statements.

No. 558612

So she doesn't even understand why she got canceled.
Seriously she should just lean into the biracial self hatred angle if she wants any sympathy at this point. Also why bring up tinychat at all if you won't address what you said? "Tinychat doesn't see color uwu" lmao WHO ASKED

No. 558618

why are you continuing to bitch about a literal non-issue? i envy the simplicity of your life if anything doja cat has done has legitimately upset you in some way

No. 558619

Ok Doja defense squad
>Why are you continuing to bitch about a literal non-issue? i envy the simplicity of your life if anons gossiping about celebrities in a celebrity gossip thread has legitimately upset you in some way

No. 558620

Kek what. I'm just enjoying the show anon, and your fave is crashing and burning right now. sorry you backed the wrong horse bby, maybe don't blindly stan celebs next time

No. 558636

This is so confusing from start to finish. Like other anons have said, Twigs got tons of hate when she first started posting dancing videos to her instagram, so that comparison doesn't even work. Twigs is also in the exact same wheelhouse of delicate waifish alternative singers as Lana, so why is she lumping her together with the all the "strong" pop singers she feels so put upon by? When it comes to music and persona there is very little difference between Twigs and Lana, besides the fact that Twigs is black. And then she wonders why people turn into a race thing kek. All she's doing is making herself sound like an out of touch, middle-aged white lady who thinks all women of color are one-dimensional caricatures that never deal with criticism or hardship because they're just so "strong" "fierce" and "confident", even when all evidence points to the contrary.

No. 558655

It's frustrating that I feel like Lana has a point somewhere in there about how she's treated by the media, but she keeps articulating it really badly and digging herself deeper and deeper with every comment and response. Also invoking direct comparisons to other artists, especially black women, in a way that implies she has it worse than them is incredibly fucking dumb.

No. 558682

A little off topic, but i always thought tiny chat closed down until all this drama happened. My only memory of tiny chat was those little chat boxes on the side of anime websites.

No. 558683

File: 1590494218131.jpg (112.92 KB, 960x1200, wig.jpg)

it's killing me because she genuinely does not give a fuck about the negative repercussions of offending/upsetting her fans. her half assed ig live is going to do more harm than good. i don't know if it's going to affect her music, but i'm sure it's going to impact brand deals negatively. she is choosing her edgelord persona over a more lucrative career, kek.

me too, anon!

No. 558689

huh, I remember watching interviews and thinking she must be taking something, she's so jittery. I was right

No. 558709

regardless of whether you think she's stupid for the whole thing, fair play to her for doubling down and defending herself. she's being real and i can respect her for that.

No. 558727

exactly. twigs is a (talented, trained) dancer who put in a ton of work to be as good at it as she is. lana awkwardly bumped up against a pole in tropico to look edgy. It's not comparable. every time she opens her mouth she just digs herself deeper.

No. 558728

tropico for comparison. the stripclub stuff starts at about 8:30.

No. 558730

NTA But Lana is getting called the fuck out for doing the same exact thing. It’s funny how there is definitely a double standard but we all just keep running with it and not acknowledging it. Doja does no wrong and is the only celebrity on lolcow getting support because she is a loner internet troll like all of us and some of y’all relate to her.

No. 558731

i just don't get it, i quite like lana's aesthetic, not huge fan of her music it's a bit slow but one or two songs are quite good but if i'm not mistaken she had kind of had her era and now she's chilling. like good for her, she was definitely very popular for a while and she's very well-known but i think she misses the controversy of old times or something. like she's a little shelved and she wants to be back in the mouth of the public

No. 558733

twigs is doing actual pole dancing, lana is obviously supposed to be in a strip club. these are completely different things and situations so i dont know why shes trying to compare them like theyre the same thing. unless she thinks pole dancing is inherently sexual which it isnt

No. 558734

yeah, fair enough. i guess it's because try as i might i can't help but see genuine racist undertones in what lana's saying (huge dogwhistles of I'M SOFT AND FRAGILE vs they are STRONG AND CONFIDENT) and it's very hrmmm to me. And lana's getting called out for actual reasons i.e. a statement she put out as opposed to the past being dredged up because doja didn't show titties

No. 558741

>Twigs is also in the exact same wheelhouse of delicate waifish alternative singers as Lana, so why is she lumping her together with the all the "strong" pop singers she feels so put upon by?
You know why, lmao.
Anyway, Twigs is an actual artist. She is trained in dancing, and her music is outside of mainstream boundaries, despite her breaking into it and achieving fame. She has never explicitly tried to sell sex, just her skill, aesthetic and voice. She will be remembered alongside Bjork.
Lana is an impersonator of every old americana showgirl. She goes between trashy and classy, but she's always something we've all seen before. If anything, Lana is the "strong", "confident" one, why would she even try to equate herself?
I'm really sick of Lana, I'm not even going to try to give her leeway anymore.

No. 558742

The "pole dancing" stuff refers to the fact that Lana briefly did pole dance prior to her fame, around 2007-2009. This was back in the earlier days of her career when she still performed under her real name and various other aliases. It's not referring solely to a scene in a short film of hers.

No. 558743

Doja was the victim of a conspiracy callout with false rumors hidden in facts that made people cancel her. Lana just decided to rant like a dumbass and dig a hole deeper and deeper for herself.

No. 558751

>huge dogwhistles of I'M SOFT AND FRAGILE vs they are STRONG AND CONFIDENT
That's fair, but I think there was some truth to what she was saying about how people respect female artists with that "fierce independent woman" persona and she gets considered the antithesis of feminism in the music industry because the personal experiences and emotions she sings about don't fit that narrative. Drawing those comparisons between herself and black women was tone-deaf and distasteful but I really don't think calling them strong and confident was an insult. Aside from mentioning Twigs (which came across as more personal and bitter imo), the women she listed are some of the biggest female pop stars of the last decade and they embody the kind of strong feminine energy she was talking about. But people are ignoring that aspect and only focusing on the fact that most of them are black.

No. 558753

That's because there are racist undertones to what she's saying, though I'm not sure how purposeful that is on Lana's part. It's especially weird because if anyone has a good reason to "advocate for fragility", it'd be black women, not Lana. It's actually a huge rift between a lot of black and white feminists and I think Lana's ignorance to this is why a lot of people are so mad. Many white feminists see femininity as an oppressive rule system used to reinforce women's subordinate status. Many black feminists see femininity as something that has been denied to them since they aren't viewed as inherently "fragile" or "delicate", but often framed as more masculine and strong than other women and even some men. By calling out these black artists by name in her plea to be accepted as a fragile woman, she's subtly reinforcing the false dichotomy of the soft & delicate white woman vs the strong & overbearing black woman.

I don't think Lana is doing that on a conscious level, but maybe I'm optimistic. People are trying to explain it to her, but the social media pile on that happened alongside just made her dig her heels in more. I don't think she's overtly racist, but people are allowed to point out the racist undertones in her post. She's just extremely myopic in her thinking and willfully ignorant imo

No. 558756

>victim of a conspiracy callout
Lol. Imagine being a stan over eighteen

No. 558760

do you have any proof of that? I've only seen speculations based on Tropico and some unreleased songs.

No. 558768

Alleged “tea” on lipstick alley is not proof, that forum thinks every female celebrity is trans and is bordering on QAnon nonsense lately. There wasn’t any proof the guys were alt right or white supremacists, just regular shitty Online guys.

No. 558769

File: 1590507391563.jpeg (127.5 KB, 750x648, D995B03A-99EE-4C83-BF64-08788E…)

this was a response to a review of her latest album that was positive in tone and overwhelmingly complimentary towards her. Lana has no understanding of people having nuanced opinions of her (she thinks everyone either loves her or wants to see her fail) and she has always been wildly defensive whenever she perceives something as criticism

No. 558787

There y’all go again, defending Doja the Queen of Incels. She is a raging cunt to her fans, panders to neck beards, and it’s undoubtedly obvious that while she might not be racist she has a problem herself with being black. Thats not a conspiracy that’s real life. She’s insecure, incredibly ignorant, and she’s just gratifying shitty white dudes. That’s not okay.

She’s making herself into a “token” black girl, she’s becoming a caricature for white men and she loves it. She just wants that white male attention. I am NOT defending Lana the fucking racist but Doja honestly sucks. The black community is probably going to drop her

No. 558788

shes just chilling why are you trying to come for her neck so hard she's unironically dindu

No. 558791

i'll be honest. i like #XXisoverparty when it's about someone i don't like. not doja though

cunt to her fans? also she's fucking trolling she doesn't care about these white dudes. she pays them almost no attention and just does her own thing and thinks its funny though it's cringey. it wasn't supposed to be recorded.
>>558788 is right. why are you calling her queen of incels? who knows who these people are. theyre not white supremacists or incels to our knowledge. she was raised on the internet in tinychat/stickam/webcam in general culture with random people. it is common, the people who don't realize that didn't grow up on the internet which is fine, but understand that she did and it's all a legitimate thing a lot of people did that shouldn't be drama. it's funny and amusing she was just weird.

could we please stop attacking women who haven't even done anything except be cringey?

No. 558794

What bothers me about the Doja Cat scandal is that a lot of the criticism is about her internalized racism and how she views her black side, which is her own personal issue and it shouldn't be politicized and so heavily scrutinized by the general public. It's unfortunate that it's caused her to make comments which have offended other black people, but it's a very personal struggle and it comes across very invasive that people are treating it like a political opinion which can be debated.

No. 558796

yeah i saw someone say oh i love her but she's "self-hating" so i'm deleting her album like huh? why are we politicising her insecurity with her race? she literally cannot help it, why is what's going on inside her head getting her cancelled it's so fucking retarded

No. 558798

Bro stop attacking women who are “Just being cringy”? On lolcow? The fuck. The irony.
Idk maybe because for one, we’re on Lolcow. I’m just stating facts, she’s really not “chilling” and she’s not some innocent figure. She is so insufferable and all I see on here all day is how “okay” she is bc y’all don’t wanna sound like stans but don’t want to admit you like her eithar. Y’all just don’t want to point out her flaws and it’s annoying, it’s not the worst thing in the world to be shitty, everyone is, I’m just pointing out what everyone else in neglecting to say. She really could be creating something negative by pandering to men like that. She really does speak to her fans cruelly, she’s a huge cunt. She doesn’t seem to like being black, it’s really easy to tell. I don’t agree with cancel culture, let her fans be her fans. But to act like she isn’t doing something negative because you like her is just as annoying and frustrating. The amount you stans are willing to defend is hilarious.

No. 558800

i literally don't care about her and i've only heard say so, when will you accept that not everyone else here is a blacktivist like you and you're the only one consistently coming for her? you're not gonna change everyone's opinion

No. 558809

No one said for you not to personally buy her album weirdo, and if someone else feels like that; they have the right as well. She isn’t getting canceled, I think we all realize cancel culture doesn’t work.

I have only made 2 posts, i didn’t realize that was me coming full force trying to change your mind. You should probably shut the fuck up with your blackivist shit though anon.

No. 558811

>You should probably shut the fuck up with your blacktivist shit though anon
should i? you're clearly new, fuck off to lsa if you can't integrate

No. 558812

Samefag >>558794
This circles back to the whole Lana scandal, and the point she was originally trying to make (albeit very poorly). When public figures, ESPECIALLY women and minorities, have internal struggles or experiences which don't line up with the message that social activists like to push about being a fierce queen and loving yourself, it makes people very uncomfortable. Members of marginalized groups these days are always expected to be role models and social justice icons, which is a standard that, incidentally, straight white men are never held to.

No. 558814

Yes, you should racistchan. Don’t catch a ban just because you drank too much salt water this morning

No. 558815

yeah i can tell that this is the message lana was actually trying to get across but she can't articulate her point for shit. when she said delicate women or whatever she was talking about women in abusive relationships who don't come out STRONG AND FIERCE but instead miss him and blame themself. the problem is that it aligns with stereotypes about black women and when she specified mostly poc she fucked herself over. i know what she was trying to say but the message (like always) has been lost
nothing about that post was racist, you're on a fucking imageboard anon

No. 558819

Calling someone a blackivist is super fucking offensive and racebaity but okay sure. I’ll take your opinion on it

No. 558820

I feel like the actual issue in the situation Lana is talking about is more so that none of the women she listed can ever really be viewed as fragile (including by her, despite many of them doing the exact same kind of 'art' she does), not that she is oppressed because she 'chooses fragility' or whatever. Women have been talking about abuse and hardship for decades in ways other than being 'strong and fierce', even if it's not read that way by others. I honestly am trying to give her the benefit of the doubt but I genuinely don't get what her problem actually is, and I think seeing a white woman talk about their 'fragility' this much and directly contrast it with a bunch of black women, a lot of whom actually do create art that reflects fragility, is always going to feel off to me.

No. 558822

>using lolcow
>[that's] super fucking offensive!!111!!1!!!
it's a term used by black activist pages as shorthand. all i'm saying is that your political views and race are coming across in your opinion and it's showing the reason why you're so annoyed at doja which is funny. learn to stop showing your feelings on here or yeah people are going to offend you.

No. 558823

>The black community is probably going to drop her
well im sure that will make her understand that she made the wrong choice by not pandering to them only and hanging out with white dudes hahahahahhahahahaha

No. 558828

The core message of her post was a valid point about the way the media reacts to women who don't play the role that modern liberal women are expected to play (it's true that in the past women weren't expected to come out of abusive situations strong and defiant not needing a man but standards have changed), and I think it's a discussion worth having, but as you said, the comparisons to other artists made no sense and completely destroyed the validity of her message.

No. 558829

You shouldn’t have used a word about being black in a manner to put me down, it sounds fucking racist dummy. I’m not offended, it sounds offensive. you just sound ignorant as fuck calling someone a blackivist insultingly

No. 558831

Jesus shut the fuck up blackchan nobody cares

No. 558832

As literally everyone in the thread goes on and on about Doja’s race and Lana’s maybe racism. K, racistchan.

No. 558836

I think the saddest thing about the whole doja situation in regards to her apology video is the fact that black people cant go in barely any space online or otherwise without being constantly harassed with racist epithets. Her choosing to troll the trolls wasn’t smart on her part because in the end without context it makes HER look bad. Hence her being “cancelled” . On one hand I can slightly sympathize with her for having self hate in regards to her blackness but on the other hand she is also like 24 years old and the black community (save for a few hoteps) embraced her fully and celebrated her #1 and defended the fuck out of her when the Lana scandal happened. I think the community is going so hard on her because it just feels like yet another slap in the face and it hurts even worse because she is half black. You guys are defending her because im sure a majority of you have said some edgy shit online. But you guys have to remember that a majority of you are white girls who can’t REALLY fathom the pain of being constantly called the most racist shit imaginable for no reason other than. Your skin tone. So it’s easy for you guys to “forgive and forget” but you can’t blame the black community for being hurt and reacting as such. I know personally for me I don’t think Doja is racist at all I think she is just sad and mentally fucked up. Also after Hana from terrace house killed herself it really opened my eyes to the dangers of social media and just how toxic it is and I can’t even begin to imagine what Doja is going through being made fun of for 3 days straight. So while I’m extremely embarrassed for her and disgusted by her actions i personally am not gonna continue to make fun of a clearly broken woman. All I can do is pray that she learns from this and gets the help she needs.

No. 558837

yeah i can sort of sympathise like being a woman in the public eye on the internet is hard enough but it seems like being a black woman puts you under even more scrutiny and it seems hard for them to be able to do anything right without people chiming in. we'll see if she learns

No. 558838

Case and point. I hope you get permabanned weirdo

No. 558840

oh anon

No. 558841

Really well said anon.

No. 558842

mmmm no that argument doesn't wash with me because it's just you turning around and doing the exact same thing to her. absolutely mental how you are calling her a "broken woman" and saying you're embarrassed and disgusting by her actions of….. chatting in a chat room? what an evil demon woman! "hope she gets the help she needs" god you are being a sanctimonious dipshit. let the people of your skin colour live and be different from you if they want.

No. 558843

I hope all the extreme cancelling that's been happening recently teaches a lesson about putting so much faith and trust into someone whose public persona is all you know of them. Eventually the mask will slip and you will be disappointed and you will feel betrayed. You can give all your time, money and support to a celebrity who you like because of their personality, their art, their talent, their values and advocacy etc., but at the end of the day they don't know you and they don't owe you anything, no matter how much you think they do. These kind of parasocial relationships have become more normalized recently and I think Doja Cat especially has been a big wakeup call for some people to see how unhealthy the whole thing is.

No. 558844

i've noticed this too. idk what it is but anons really have a stick in their ass about her associating with people on the internet who aren't woke or whatever like why are you trying to police her actions so fucking badly they think they have a right to control and dictate her behaviour entirely if she wants to be considered black

No. 558845

I know they won’t be lol cuz vpns exist but just let me have this LMAO. But seriously they are proving my point the moment a black person on here or anywhere online let’s it be known that they are black the racism just comes flying out. It’s honestly fucked so I can see how doja could try to develop a thick skin by being edgy. But it fails because the people she is being edgy with are anonymous nobodies and she is famous now so it just bites her in the ass. Once you make your race known AND you show your face but still continue to troll and play along it is over for you sadly. Even if you are trying to be ironic. Ugh she just needs a hug lol

No. 558846

anon people disagreeing with you is not racism, stop victimising yourself

No. 558847

It's very "no true black woman", especially because she's mixed race and everyone can claim that her black card has been revoked and she's officially picked a side.

No. 558848

very much this!!! and the SHE'S WHITE NOW SHE'S WHITE SHE DOESN'T GET TO BE BLACK SHE'S MIXED ANYWAY WE'RE EXILING HER it's not a social group, she just happened to be born half black and expecting her to behave any way because of that is so stupid and ironic of them

No. 558854

What when did I say that? I’m not gonna post anymore cuz I posted too much. I get we shouldn’t police people and people don’t have to be political or whatever but doja is a CELEBRITY now she is famous and that sadly comes with the territory of celebrity. Her tinychats were embarrassing and disgusting to ME and I’m allowed to have that opinion just like she is allowed to stick her finger in her knotty for strangers online You guys are crazy. She is very much black and also very much white. The issue with mixed people is that they don’t get to just be Just that MIXED. But the black community embraced her as we do with most mixed people that are half black because white, Asians, etc people very rarely do. I’m not gonna get into mixed politics but I’m just saying I understand her having self hate and identity issues. It’s just sad to ME because the black community really did embrace her that’s it and that’s all.

No. 558855

Mouth not knotty lol okay now I’m done.

No. 558856

blackchan this thread isn't about you

No. 558857

>The issue with mixed people is that they don’t get to just be Just that MIXED.
What does this mean?

No. 558858

>the issue with mixed people
anon needs to work out her issues with her race BADLY

No. 558861

its not even "blacktivist", its just disdain for pickme behavior, and doja is acting like one in these chat rooms, insulting her own race just to get in good with a bunch of guys, who STILL dont like her and make fun of her. its pathetic, and seeing how she still goes to these chatrooms with these same people even now, is just disappointing.

No. 558862

is there any videos of her in anyway actually insulting her own race, or of those people making fun of her?

No. 558863

You're too emotionally engaged in this topic imo but I understand what you mean. The black community does tend to embrace biracial women more often than "the other half" so to speak. And those women usually dump the black identity as soon as they get a chance to.

Maybe the black community should just let biracials be and not claim them anymore tbh. It almost always goes this way. Profit off "i'm a black woman" and then segue into "but actually i am half smth else how dare u limit MEEEE" once the opportunity presents itself.

No. 558866

the video where shes rolling around saying nigger and saying "yes daddy" to these creeps? and those people calling her a "loose lady of the night", or flat out just ignoring her. its pathetic to watch tbh

No. 558867

A black woman saying the n-word isn't insulting her own race though? People just automatically assumed those people were 'alt-right incels' but I don't get what it's based off like can't they just be white and ugly?

No. 558869

nta but i think they were trying to say the issue mixed people have is that they are always forced to pick a side and can never just be mixed. i think

No. 558873

when its used to get edgy points with a bunch of creeps online it is. or at least its insulting. she said it to get a reaction, using her own race as bait for attention, trying to be the "cool mixed girl" for internet points. i think people have the right to be offended, especially when shes made her money by ingratiating herself to the black community.

and it doesnt matter if theyre officially "alt right" or not. its a group of dudes, mostly white, laughing at her and other racist things said in those rooms. they dont have to be "altright" or "supremacist" to be racist. also practically every social group online has racist tendencies, thats just internet culture at this point. just look at any gaymer group where they use it constantly when theyre mad.

No. 558890

Lana has never done pole dancing her entire persona is a larp she's a little rich NY FrAgILe white girl who had daddy pay for everything.

No. 558900

tell twitter about it, this is not milk

No. 558903

>"this is not milk"
>post is retarded but saged
>not saging your complaint about a post not being milk

No. 558904


No. 558906

>complaining about greentext on an imageboard

No. 558908

>current year

No. 558909

What? I've seen multiple times how black people say, especially towards mixed women, things like "this person can't say the n-word cause they're mixed. they're not actually black"
And I've seen that on twitter A LOT regarding the whole Doja scandal

No. 558912

doja always read as black to me anyway it's not like she's white-passing or anything that they can disown her

No. 558917

She's very lightskin though

No. 558951

You're talking about people who know nothing about chan culture. The only thing many of them know about is that it is practically the birth place of incels (off topic note, this is highly debatable).

Hence why I always feel like being mixed is just a category of it's own. It's not that they a forced to pick a side, with mixed blackxwhite people, they often find themselves being rejected by white people or not being able to relate with them, hence why the black community usually just claim them by default.

It's very obvious she's mixed. She's right down the middle.

No. 558954


she has never referred to herself as a "black woman" until now, and she it only doing that because it is convenient. she clearly is uncomfortable with her black half, which many biracial people can relate to. i wish she would just be up front about her racial identity issues. why deny something so patently obvious?

No. 558959

why would you need to constantly refer to something that should just go without saying? I feel like people are reading a lot into things unfairly, I don't think going on tinychat makes you inherently self hating, a white girl could do that and would at worst be called an attention whore. Unless there's some actual evidence the chatroom/people in it were racist in someway I don't get the outrage

No. 558994

Except there is not, Lana's bitter because she was always criticized in feminist circles as a bad influence and just generally a bad person. In the video she pole dances, she's literally larping as a latina sex worker getting together with a drug lord. She made a whole song about wanting to fuck/get raped by Harvey Weinstein. Unlike the artists she mentions, the things she writes are downright insulting and harmful (im still convinced her lolita obsession is part of the reason early 2010's Tumblr was so obsessy with ddlg). Of course she's getting criticized for that shit, the thing is she thinks there's nothing wrong with it because she's a rich centrist pick me, so she thinks the criticism is unfair.

No. 559132

File: 1590540469436.jpg (83.51 KB, 700x1051, you rang.jpg)

Marina Diamandis sat on a pile of unsold Love + Fear vinyl texting her pal encouraging words.

No. 559137

File: 1590541026318.jpeg (880.04 KB, 1242x1529, EF01C41D-219F-447F-B415-FC7DF4…)

Chrissy teigan is getting a covid test, obviously tweeted about it, and people replied madly saying that she’s showing it off and has access to a test cause she’s rich. She probably didn’t specify in her original tweet that it was for surgery so she could snarkily reply to those people for twitter likes

No. 559157

shes lightskin but without wigs she has 4c hair. at most she could read as slightly racially ambiguous but only an idiot would think she was white.

twitter has everyone thinking biracial, lightskinned, racially ambiguous and white passing are the same thing

No. 559158

oh jeez Marina really looks like Kylie Jenner here

No. 559159

File: 1590543032978.jpeg (58.74 KB, 780x520, 6db011f7-26e2-43a1-8f31-0cf6b6…)

Lana really looks like the incel in the chad vs incel meme here

No. 559163

"She had a whole song about wanting to fuck/get raped by harvey weinstein"
Are we implying she's not a victim too? The fuck is this?

No. 559176

I love how dumpy lana looks in candids. Relatable tbh

No. 559182

File: 1590546104923.jpeg (211.58 KB, 946x2048, EY_UZb5U8AIfAnv.jpeg)

the surgery in question

No. 559230

>troll the troll
Yes, she was definitely trolling the trolls by showing them her ass and titties, free of charge.
I agree with the rest of your post, though. It's like half of the people think she chose to be self-hating to hurt black people, and the other half think there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of this. She straight-up just needs to get help.
This shouldn't have been put on blast, it won't help things. At best, maybe she'll learn her lesson about not consorting with neckbeards now that she's an actual celebrity. That probably just means she'll hang out with the ones with mild Hollywood clout who will mostly treat her the same, but also drug and/or rape her and give her STIs, though.

No. 559232

stop with this SHE NEEDS TO GO TO THERAPY SHE'S A BROKEN WOMAN shit please it's embarrassing and projection

No. 559238

She isn't, lmao. It's clear from everything she does and romanticizes that if she did sleep with Weinstein, it wasn't a matter of coercion or being blocked from opportunities otherwise. She knew what she wanted, and got it. She thinks it's cute and "fragile" or something to be gross.

No. 559241

Cope. I don't know if you're too outside of this realm to understand it, but it's not "embarrassing" to anyone but stans and people who still do this shit. It's just honest.
She literally wrote a song about being depressed, on drugs and doing shit for attention during the time she wasn't as famous (aka when she was still hanging out in the Tinychat), "better luck next time", and outright says she refuses to do that song anymore because it brings back that negativity.
She's working with Dr. Luke. Is that a mentally healthy thing to do? Actually, maybe you think it is. Nevermind.

No. 559242

>during the time she wasn't as famous
so you admit she's nothing like that now and you're wasting ur breath

No. 559244

>so you admit [shit that was never said]
Yeah, you're definitely a brain-dead stan. Please return to Twitter.
We're probably going to be shit up for days because of that moron who claimed this was LSA, how annoying.

No. 559245

you should probably return to twitter yourself if you're gonna try and use her to feel better about yourself on here when her being exposed is already old news. keep coping though

No. 559247

Only someone truly insecure and obsessed with their parasocial relationship with a celebrity would read "Get help" as "I'm better than this person", lmao. Go back to where you came from.

No. 559248

>parasocial relationship with a celebrity
kek anon i really don't know or care about doja aside from what i've seen in the thread but i love hearing you tell me about your problems
>go back to where you came from
where? twitter? not everyone that disagrees with you is newfag

No. 559249

Uh-huh, sure you don't. Careful your account doesn't get hacked, this is a scary secret gossip imageboard.

No. 559250

Lrn2integrate i can smell your lsafaggotry from here

No. 559251

Keep projecting and coping. I'm just waiting for this raid to be over.

No. 559254

I've been around since /cgl/, why are you so mad that you can't act retarded on your celebrity thread. do you want a hugbox?

No. 559255

I really don't buy that. You're way too angry over people talking about a celebrity the same way we talk about cows, even though in this context, we're actually using far more empathy than we did with PT or others.
It just reeks of "I just got here and you're shitting on my kween?!", and it's cringy.

No. 559256

>we did with PT
oh so now you're pretending not to exclusively browse this thread. strap in folks this is gonna be a good one

No. 559259

More projection, kek.

No. 559261

christ anon i liked you better when you were telling us about how "doja" needs to go to therapy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 559262

>thinking anyone cares what you like on an anonymous imageboard
This is why it's obvious you haven't "been around since /cgl/".

No. 559265

Maybe Americans immediatly knew she was mixed but personally I thought she was a white girl with a much better tan than Ariana's.

No. 559270

Anon…I think you just haven't seen a diverse amount of black people before. I'm lightskin with type 3 hair and I'm not even mixed.

A lot of these comments are super race bait-y and infight-y at this point.

Why do anyone of you expect people on a image board to be mad and cancel doja for also using image boards and going on tinychat I'm so confused.

No. 559275

Lmao anon she does not look white. Arianna grande is a white girl who tans herself darker than nikki minaj and has also gotten a jaw shave and multiple nosejobs. Doja is just a mixed girl who is obviously black, regardless of what you think of her color.
Exactly. I'm not going to say the drama hasn't been milky but aside from the coomer pandering it isn't anything we haven't seen before. She just needs to stop being a dumb bitch about it because zoomers and normies associate imageboards and fringe communities with the haxx0r 4chin

No. 559276

People aren't mad at her for simply going there, the actual issue is the way she acted for a bunch of men to get some pathetic validation from them. It's sad and very, very embarrassing.

No. 559277

so much sexually charged media produced by females could be seen as 'pandering to men' if you view the world this and female sexuality this way, why is what she did any different than the majority of pop songs/music videos/choreography we see from celebrities?

No. 559281

you have brain damage if you think what she did is equal to a pop song about sexual relationships lol i actually cannot believe the twitter level iq people doja cat has revealed on here as of late. if you're fine with her gross weird sad incel neckbeard ass sucking and pathetic antics just say that instead of dumb analogies that do not equal each other at all. i don't get why it's either people absolutely despise her or they are delusional and act like she did nothing remotely nasty or wrong whatsoever.

No. 559283

I am fine with it, I genuinely don't think she did anything wrong? Unless there is any evidence these people were actually incel neckbeards it's literally just a girl in her early 20's flirting or being sexual or whatever in a chatroom I don't get how that is some huge thing?

No. 559284

File: 1590553509137.gif (5.53 MB, 640x360, tenor.gif)

kek anon this is a very interesting talking point that will shatter the angry zoomers
Yes, I think it's very pickme tier and embarrassing but lets be real, how many fembots have you ever seen or known? They do the exact same shit all the time. With doja it's groundbreaking because she's a celebrity whose big with the normies right now. I think she definitely has self esteem issues as much as any other fembot that moans on camera for a bunch of losers. The outrage over calling her a white nationalist is a bit far though, and hilarious. People are legit believing random rumors off twitter when we barely even got actual footage of her doing weird coomer behavior.
The real question is, why is it bad when doja is a pickme for FREE, and why is it not bad when she offers to post her tits if sayso makes it to #1? Why is it not bad when pop stars rely on their bodies to pander to men?
Why does it matter only when you can view an audience if it's all the same?

No. 559294

I'm a native north African and I hang out with mostly black people from different tribes and ethnicities from the entire continent so no, I see very different looking people in my daily life. I'm sure if I saw her with her natural hair at first and proper lighting I would have understood she's mixed. I agree that this is verging on racebaiting so we should stop going too off-topic.

I personally don't want to "cancel" anyone unless they're real scumbags, then I legit boycott everything they do, like when they're rapists/abusers/criminals with actual victims in general. So I'm ok with Doja Cat and I'll keep listening to some of her songs. But the entire situation is pretty funny and interesting to me.

No. 559318

How long before doja an heroes and all the hypocrites come out

No. 559321

Imagine all this shit just so you can get cool girl points for showing tits on the most popular imageboard on earth
At least Taylor Swift had fun with it and kept us guessing

You’ll be waiting a long time

No. 559322

anon the whole thing was that she never showed tits

No. 559395

To this day I'm still not sure if the "Taylor Swift posts on /b/" is a rumor, a prank by a girl who looks like her, or true.

No. 559425

retarded how anyone ever thought it was her

No. 559441

File: 1590592308673.jpg (49.39 KB, 750x452, night eggs.jpg)

No. 559443

That sounds lowkey disordered

No. 559447

maybe it's a symptom from a medication she takes. i had the same thing when on remeron. obviously not with eggs but

i can't really see the jaw shave thing. definitely nose job

No. 559449

it's a symptom of attention seeking. she's so fucking quirky and different! night eggs!

No. 559451

Ew, imagine how bad her breath reeks.

No. 559453

she absolutely doesn't brush her teeth after her night eggs before going to bed

No. 559483

File: 1590599210577.jpg (75.17 KB, 620x930, lanafakecandid.jpg)

Lana's fake paparazzi "candids" vs real candids are always a wild ride. Her fake candids always are super photoshopped and make her look smol and dainty owo

No. 559486

File: 1590599280874.jpg (51.78 KB, 342x512, totallycandid lana.jpg)


She always does the same pose in them so theyre easy to spot.

No. 559487

File: 1590599310677.png (530.41 KB, 459x612, totally totally real lana cand…)

No. 559490

File: 1590599403990.jpg (41.76 KB, 338x512, another totally totally real l…)

Somehow she's always caught walking in the exact same pose with her hip jutted out and her shoulder pulled back.

No. 559491

File: 1590599436821.jpg (48.18 KB, 500x750, lanasupercandidforreal.jpg)

No. 559492

keen eye anon never noticed this before. were i as famous as her, i'd probably do the exact same shit. yknow to balance out all the fuggo candid pics

No. 559493

File: 1590599597707.jpg (300.82 KB, 1200x2162, superduper candid lana.jpg)

They all always have a blurry face, the same pose with really bad photoshop, her either staring directly at the camera or in the distance.

No. 559495

File: 1590600025277.jpg (167.59 KB, 1200x1838, the most candid shot of lana d…)


I noticed it when I kept on thinking I had already seen pics that were supposedly super new at least a hundred times.

Then I realised She does the same pose in every single "candid" somehow and in all of them her face is super blurry. If I were super famous too, I would totally do this shit too. But she really needs to switch up her "candid" poses because they are too obvious.

No. 559505

She looks pretty bad in all of these pics tbh but I guess it's better than the real candids? She has a tiny head.

No. 559508

Roast me all you want, but I seriously think she is gorgeous. Maybe it’s photoshop or surgery but there is something so beautiful about her, to me.

No. 559509

She had her day but she's been getting some sort of surgery and she doesn't look great now. She was an icon though

No. 559512

Anyone thinks John Boyega needs to get off Twitter? He gets into petty fights with people constantly. Racism sucks but you’re not doing any favors by getting into slap fights. Also last year when he was duking it out with Star War shippers and Twitter was cheering him on. The whole thing was childish and he shouldn’t engaged with those nutjobs in the first place.

No. 559520

File: 1590603667330.jpeg (110.91 KB, 564x900, EYqaysBUMAAj_8Y.jpeg)

Sage for no milk, I found these on LSA (1/2)

No. 559521

File: 1590603703721.jpeg (46.07 KB, 659x1199, EYqazSQUcAA5E_o.jpeg)


No. 559525

lana's having some sort of crisis but how terrible to have your idol that you followed throughout the years to do that. must be a bitter pill to swallow, holy fuck

No. 559527

why does this screenshot look like it went through a washing machine

No. 559529

Do we know for sure this is legit?

No. 559530

absolutely not

No. 559536

File: 1590604825606.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.93 KB, 828x1792, EY1EnqQVcAAfogS.jpeg)

What else is there to the imagination…

No. 559537

File: 1590604861306.jpg (14.52 KB, 475x480, hashtag no filter.jpg)

No idea about this fan bullshit but she's never been shy about sharing her feelings. Three years ago, she sent this to Spin after they reprinted a few out there quotes from her Elle UK interview.

No. 559539

File: 1590605023941.jpg (52.66 KB, 500x531, 59bcbb06828587cdb3fa7e79a54ba4…)

she's been abrasive on sm since the very beginning.

No. 559542

File: 1590605126361.png (41.11 KB, 451x228, 6cXmc.png)

No. 559545

she can be as abrasive as she likes to interviewers, people hating on her but this is the point of no return for her, her fans who are now older are the only ones who would have always respected her and now she seems to want to rid herself of them too. she's going to be left with no support if this catches on

No. 559546

i don’t understand why she can’t stop herself from reacting so extremely and inappropriately whenever someone gets on her nerves or tells her something she doesn’t wanna hear. is she not a grown fucking woman?

No. 559551

Such a dainty and fragile butterfly

No. 559552

Based replies.

No. 559553

I can forgive Lana for most of her obnoxious bs, but the 'I'm so poor I had to suck dick' larp is the fucking worst, bitch comes from old money.

No. 559559

The old trailer park interview always got me because it's like she's going down a lower middle class checklist of talking points.

>cute metal boys


She was fully committed to that LARP. Kelly Eden couldn't relate.

No. 559564

That Marilyn voice though, kek

No. 559574

If any anon is bored can they dig up the proof that she actually did come from a rich family? And pretty much whatever she has lied about. She seems to double down on the fact that she came from a poor background, doesn't put on a persona, did nothing to her face, etc. I wasn't really into "gossip" back then, so I think I missed it all.

Holy shit even back then she was putting on a persona.
I liked her years ago like many did, but now I'm just kinda interested in how much of a liar she actually is or what is wrong with her in general. I also thought her dating a cop was not very "on brand" of her, then from these threads learned they broke up, so I wonder why. And now this most recent delusional ranting is the cherry on top of everything else pretty much. I thought at first she was just trying to plug her new stuff coming out, but she really is embarrassing herself.

No. 559578

how is she old money when the money comes from her father's work and the www boom? Isn't old money being rich for generations?

No. 559579

File: 1590607853940.jpg (34.68 KB, 540x376, lanadellipfillers.jpg)

>did nothing to her face

you can't be fucking serious.

No. 559580

I love heavy metal too, Lana

No. 559583

i thought dating a cop was very on brand for her

No. 559586


wow a nip slip much awful

honestly this doja drama is stupid, male celebrities be out there commiting actual crimes and no one bats an eye, heck even here people were sucking 6ix9ine's dick even though he already went to jail and is in a sex offender list.

No. 559589

No. 559594

'i was totally baiting but So SHocKeD!!'

No. 559595

i wish i could care so hard

No. 559596

File: 1590610033752.jpg (39.11 KB, 493x863, gmxmWin.jpg)

dunno about the twitter beef but it's always been hilarious to me that he's promoted as a cool young sex symbol with that pear shaped soft body and big ole birthing hips. they even tried to pass him off as idris elba's son in the shitty pacific rim sequel, utterly hilarious

No. 559601

He looks a lot better with longer hair but he’s still no Idris Elba

No. 559604

I laughed outloud at this omfg anon

No. 559606

File: 1590610878053.jpeg (32.59 KB, 746x360, ECFC5E9F-DD40-4E7C-90FC-0B580D…)

his behavior after that JJ Abrams-directed trash can was so gross. like pic related absolutely enraged me

you are in a children’s franchise with a corporatized “Strong Female Character” protag and yet you say this. it’s disgusting. get fucked

No. 559612

He really can't shut up. I mean, he's the one killing his own career and if he continues he will never manage to transition to serious roles, so if he's happy that way good for him.

No. 559613

jesus he looks fat on candids like that, i never noticed that his body looks way too womanly;

No. 559615

That's genetically a female, look at the face.

No. 559619

Is he the star wars dude?

No. 559625

File: 1590613388777.jpg (33.07 KB, 480x480, 1e98d550e5abf43a959680753b33e8…)


Nah, he's obviously a dude. Its actually pretty normal for fat black men to end up with fat on their hips and stomach, its just funny how an average dumpy guy is being paraded as wow this amazing sex symbol.

No. 559626

File: 1590613596996.jpg (13.72 KB, 700x394, ugg.jpg)

Jesus she is dumpy. Why doesn't she use her riches to eat better and actually attempt to match her uwu persona instead of looking like a linebacker jfc. I guess that's what happens when you don't have to actually work for anything

This is hard to watch. You can actually see the gears turning as she formulated the lies.
>I'm so poor uwu but I picked up and moved here on a whim to be close to metal boys. I dress up and go to ummm think like a poor, Lana, think like a poor* 7-11 and buy… slurpies?
Wat? She does look cute in that interview tho. She fucked her face up bad. Is that also part of her ~aesthetic~ to be a botched rich granny?
She's always bugged me bc I actually like her glamorous, old hollywood, americana thing but her lyrics are too shallow (not just lel-it's hollywood-shallow, but actually lacking depth and intrigue and word play). If she had better lyrics and a little less gimmick she would be pretty cool but she just bought her title of Queen Tumblr for the sake of attention instead of coming off like an actual artist imo

No. 559628

idk where youre from but this phrasing is incredibly common (tho peak usage was probably closer to 2015) essentially he's talking about shipping & idc enough to feel anyway about this, its a non-issue

No. 559632

File: 1590614569778.png (319.46 KB, 514x617, lanadelman.png)

double post but she looks like Caitlyn Jenner. I think Bruce modeled his plastic surgeries to look like Lana but now Lana looks more like him kek

Also I wonder if the Kardashian coven wouldn't allow Bruce to change his name to Kaitlyn with a K lmao

No. 559634

sage for ot
oh wow thats a really good photo, cait looks like an old plastic surgery addict rich lady not a troon.

No. 559637

Her body looks normal. Where is this dumpy bullshit coming from.

No. 559642

Agreed. She looks bad in >>559132 but mostly because she's got bad posture and that neckline mades her look broader than usual. But where tf is she supposed to lose weight from? Her shoulders, so she doesn't look like a 'linebacker' according to anon?

I've never liked her or her music and have quite enjoyed the recent drama but seriously…

No. 559649

File: 1590616724526.jpg (50.05 KB, 839x839, 20200527_235158.jpg)

Idk about that pal thing anon.

No. 559657

File: 1590617861337.png (428.3 KB, 655x426, Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 3.12…)

Have any of you been keeping up with saga that is Broadway star Nick Cordero, who is currently wallowing away in hospital after getting fucked from corona, and his wife Amanda Kloots milking it for all its worth on social media? I don't think the woman has gotten so much attention in her life.

It's really gross how exploitative the whole situation feels. The man got his leg amputated, has holes in his lungs, has had at least two lung infections back to back, has had septic shock, was in a coma and just barely woke up earlier this month, and now has been placed in a prone position to help his "recovery". All the while his wife sits up on instagram with her cheshire cat smile, bumping their little boy around on her hips and talking about the "power of prayer" and other woo. Then everyday in the afternoon she has people hashtag spamming shit on live and popping around like it's an Indian rain dance because that's going to help someone who is on the precipice of death nearly every day.

Like I get you love your spouses/family/children but I keep thinking, what if that man is just screaming internally for some relief from his
pain? I can't imagine he is enjoying any of this if he's even fucking aware of what is happening. How is his quality of life going to be IF he ever recovers anyway? He won't be able to dance again, his lungs are fucked, he will probably have damage to other organs, too. What if he just remains a partially steamed veggie for the rest of his life, always teetering somewhere between life and death?


No. 559660

it fit the white trash aesthetic of NFR, at least

No. 559663

lmao anon you sound like a bitter reylo, he's being childish but he's absolutely right to be annoyed at them and nothing he said was disgusting

No. 559665

File: 1590618441554.png (345.69 KB, 599x513, Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 1.24…)

well, saw this one coming and honestly good riddance. for as much as fans have branded the show as a "calmer/ healthier/ drama free" version of big brother type reality shows, the housemates get treated a MILLION times worse by insane netizens. the hosts on the panel can be funny and lighthearted with their commentary but they take it too far sometimes with the overanalyzing basic shit and imo only add fuel for fans to think bullying is okay. in particular they are so weirdly harsh on the women in the house (who are often in their early 20's) and like to nitpick any action that's seen as the tinest bit aggressive/ imperfect, which is why hana got so much hate just for expressing her frustration with kai in that one confrontation. I watched the clip and couldn't believe she caught THAT much flack for one argument compared to the insane behavior I've seen in so many other shows. people always say that countries like japan and korea need to work on their mental health culture but it needs to actually be actively worked on instead of just said when someone kills themselves and then forgotten about a week later

I don't see this show ever coming back because sadly I don't think anything will be done with regards to making sure future cast members have better psych/ therapy resources, and especially not the way fans treat them. And honestly if it never comes back, good. I hope the producers/ hosts/ people involved feel like shit for their ignorance because they deserve the reality check. Hana came off as such a strong young woman, super charismatic with so much ahead of her but no one is perfect and I empathize so much with letting negative shit cloud over everything else, I was only a casual viewer of the show but man something about her death has really shaken me. she seemed so sweet and seeing the castmates she was close to like vivi mourn and blame themselves has been hard

No. 559675

poor hana, honestly asia in general has a huge problem with netizens, from idol group stans to people who watch reality, they all cross so many boundaries that its beyond unhealthy, they need to fix this shit.

No. 559677

Apparently people are trying to cancel him for saying he hates racist white people. I don't get it, is he supposed to love them?

No. 559678

idk why but for some reason the way you phrased this is making me laugh

No. 559680

If this was a western reality show she would've become a huge fan favorite and receive tons of praise for being fierce. It's really messed up how things are in Asia.

No. 559682

File: 1590619540234.png (48.95 KB, 698x567, Capture.PNG)

this! there was another girl on the same season as hana i think her name was emika(?) and there was a scene of her sobbing uncontrollably because she was receiving so much hate in regards to how awkward and a little mean she acted on a date. It was crazy because after she watched the episode back she became much more withdrawn and you could see it. That shit broke my heart. And i just saw this post on reddit talking about how one of the commentators had a channel on youtube where he was talking shit about her. And he even said "if you dont wanna cry dont read mean comments about yourself." So heartless the girl is like 21.

No. 559685

Man I stopped watching this season several weeks ago but Hana stuck out to me a lot out of all the cast members. Sucks to see people haven't learned a thing and are leaving comments on Kai's social media blaming him for what happened

No. 559689


honestly I'm so worried for the other housemates right now, this shit happens in waves (sulli and goo hara come to mind) and I really hope they can find support if they're struggling with remorse or depression

No. 559695

SERIOUSLY she never held her tongue i fucking loved her for that. I also loved how badass she was in the ring but super cute and shy when she had a crush. And the scenes with her IRL wrestling friends were so dope! They were so supportive of her and it was like they were big sisters and not just wrestlemates. My heart breaks for them too. This whole thing is fucked. Kai doesnt deserve backlash either it was just a simple mistake. She called him out on it and thats it. Im sure they probably patched things up after that episode aired anyway. No one deserves hate this whole thing is just fucked up. I think the netizens were pissed because it was a girl sticking up for herself from a man. ANd he did other shit too like he made his friends pay for the date and shit so it was just pent up frustration. Im so sad it ended this way. My heart goes out to the castmates and her family and friends. This is too sad

No. 559728

I think it's just that he gets into cringy Twitter fights, like he did with Reylo shippers. His intentions are good, but the way he goes at it is embarrassing. Racist white people are still the worst in the situation though.

No. 559730

File: 1590623854821.png (73.93 KB, 743x599, 1590615776784.png)

"Yeah guy racism is bad"
Your brain on hating "white racists"(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 559743

He still kind of has a point. Unfortunately, you can't have this opinion in front of white people. He should have kept it to himself.

No. 559747


No. 559752

He only has this opinion because his shitty Pacific rim sequel flopped and he obviously blames "racist whiteys" for not watching it. When he says "whites ruined the world" he doesn't mean the actual world, he means his little bitch world, because he feels entitled in being a superstar.

No. 559754

He's absolutely disgusting, and too arrogant for someone who looks like that.

No. 559755

umm what? im pretty sure this is in reference to the man who was recently murdered by a cop. I dont understand how this is so much drama all he said was racist whites are bad. Like its not even a hot take.

No. 559756

sadly it kind of is a hot take

No. 559759

anon, have you been hiding under a rock?? the whole rant he is going about on twitter right now is clearly about George Floyd and being tired of all the racism he has to endure in his career. He has every right to be pissed lol
also sage your shit

No. 559761

Sage doesn't matter in /ot/, newfag

No. 559765

Then why are you doing it

No. 559766

I wish he could have just left a short statement showing solidarity and left it at that. He really needs to ignore people more often on the internet, especially if he is a public figure.

No. 559767

that never occurred to me but i bet you are one hundred percent right.

No. 559774

File: 1590626831278.png (1.93 MB, 1242x1781, C74EBCAC-1998-4657-A4BC-EB709B…)

I agree it’s childish but it’s just too amusing not to watch. If it were any other person I would probably find it horrible, but reylos are on par with kpop fans when it comes to toxicity and delusion so I enjoy when he trolls them. I also like how he’s not afraid to voice his opinion about Disney, he actually has a spine and doesn’t back down from his opinions just because he’s afraid of burning bridges in the industry or being blacklisted by the mouse.

He’s right, reverse-racism chan.

No. 559777

Lmao he is so cringy. Those star wars films were shite I remember him being touted as one of those new leading men but he's shit with a terrible personality. I hate his twitter persona. Celebrities always out themselves for who they interact with on twitter. So much cringe

No. 559784

I think she got offended about the whole mental health thing. I feel like she felt they weren't taking her seriously and she was just "being crazy". Which I get, but… no need to talk to them like that

No. 559802

File: 1590629350761.webm (1.26 MB, 592x1280, QAE0zcD79qa3nq5L.webm)

People on Twitter have said weadorelana is a longtime fan and reliable. That's just word of mouth though.

No. 559816

Yeah, he's the epitome of a manchild. All I know if if I had his money, I sure as fuck wouldn't spend my time slapfighting with other idiots on twitter.

No. 559849

File: 1590633883951.jpg (3.21 MB, 1920x2401, inCollage_20200527_194326746.j…)

If you don't think this is dumpy for a celebrity idk what to tell you. Her bad posture has a lot to do with why she looks like a slob. To each her own tho.
She does look better in some pics where she's slimmed down just a bit, to be fair.

No. 559860

No. 559866

Ehh to be fair those photos are a lot worse than the ones being discussed up thread, I can't really argue with you there. Seems like her weight flucatuates a bit. But in the end she's a singer not a swimwear model and has a lot worse flaws than being dumpy.

No. 559870

Not to wk but her image fits her "indie artist" status, yeah she's a celebrity but more of the "pretentious" kind

No. 559876

That's probably the same "not racist" anon who started the LSA thread, lmao. The "whitey" thing is pretty conspicuous.

No. 559878

This is so fucking hilarious, every time I watch interviews where Lana is larping as a poor ~white trash~ trailer park junky , I’m brought back to the Ginger Bronson threads

No. 559879

Uh, did you know celebrities are also human?

No. 559880

File: 1590635183550.jpeg (226.24 KB, 1440x1255, F14FDF04-E8B6-41C4-BA5D-BA24CD…)

Okay, this made me laugh

No. 559886

a famous woman isn't stick thin? alert the presses! how dare she leave the house!

No. 559891

They did specify for a celebrity, a female one at that. Not trying to say they should all be stick thin.

No. 559892

wtf was he even trying to say lmao

No. 559897

isn't it a good thing to see just one celebrity who doesn't buy into the stick thin bullshit? lana may have lots of problematic "daddy spank me" elements to her songs but her fanbase is mostly women, and she doesn't dress sexy or pander to men. theres a lot to shit on lana for but her having an average body isn't one of them.

No. 559899

File: 1590635899553.jpeg (54.65 KB, 625x626, just don't reply.jpeg)

No. 559904

I'd still smash

No. 559935

> She doesn't pander to me
That's all she does luv, she's not a girls girl that's for sure

No. 559936

*men obviously

No. 560001

They look so weird, lana's face has that uncanny valley feeling, where she's supposed to be pretty, but she's not. I remember looking at her photoshopped album pics and thinking something is off. I can't place it, she's not ugly but she's weird, maybe it's because she doesnt move her face
boyega is, well. why are they pushing him so hard?

No. 560010

i know its over but can the lsa niggers go back to their containment site? 300+ conspiracy bullshit posts about doja cat with no fucking proof at all. this isnt twitter(Racebait)

No. 560012

>i know its over
so why r u posting this

No. 560018

men aren't listening to her, going to her concerts or paying for her music besides maybe a few gay men

No. 560078

File: 1590663496855.png (162.47 KB, 750x1334, E0831982-F38A-4536-8E11-C40204…)

Billie Eilish posted a short film on Instagram to combat body shaming that has received millions of views. She fondles herself and writhes around before taking her top off, and spergs teen angst without really making a point about body shaming.
Also totally ill timed release in light of the George Floyd riots going on in America right now.

No. 560079

I just think it's strange she's suddenly all for exposed-skin now she's turned 18 when before she was all oversized clothes and showing no skin.

No. 560082

It's not strange at all really, is it. Her management etc were always going to capitalise off of ultra sexualizing this hugely famous teenager as soon as it was legal. They were just clever enough to disguise it as empowerment and to have her dress like Aaliyah prior to it to hide their intentions and give them something to fall back on.

No. 560086

My guess is she probably felt that way at the time because didn't want to be fetishized as jailbait like so many other underage pop stars are.

No. 560088

>Body positivity
>built like a goddess with massive tits

No. 560093

Didn't she call people ugly before?

No. 560095

She talked about ugly men being full of themselves when they get to date attractive women.
I don't see the correlation here, considering she didn't shame or attack anyone (unless you personally identify as an ugly man, I guess).

No. 560099

I honestly don't understand this. She could make her point in a lot of other ways that are actually empowering instead of stripping. Does she really think this is empowering? Is it just for the traffic/publicity it brings? Attention? I don't get it

No. 560100

>Is it just for the traffic/publicity it brings? Attention?
Yes. It's just more fake deep celebrity shit. I think she first showed that video at a concert or something, not sure why she (or her team) thought now would be the time to drop a HQ version of it instead of earlier.
I really hope in this era, people stop praising celebrities for this BS, and also drop parasocial relationships in general. Let all these public figures be entertainers and nothing more, unless they really have something to say.

No. 560102

File: 1590669243514.jpg (209.92 KB, 1080x633, 20200528_153333.jpg)

Anyone else surprised by Wikipedia's main page today?

No. 560114

Idgaf if he's always acting petty, anyone who roasts Reylos is a good egg in my book.

I like that he's not afraid to shit on the sequel trilogy and Disney, but cmon man the Star Wars money's not gonna last forever. If he bulks up, then he could be MCU material.

No. 560121

why is he so salty about Reylo being endgame when he was sooo into Poe x Finn being canon gay ship? He just sounds salty cause Kylo Ren/Adam Driver stole his thunder lmfao

No. 560148

Ehh, no one in their right mind thought Disney was ever actually going to do PoexFinn (just that Disney wasn't going to no homo it as hard as they did). He did get a lot of racist abuse from the moment his casting was announced, so it probably pisses him off (rightfully imo) that Disney made him into this emasculated black best friend to focus on creepy kiss between generic action girl and tall weird looking guy. I mean, he probably did expect ReyxFinn to be endgame, considering how TFA clearly set it up, until TLJ torpedoed that lol.

No. 560158

I feel kinda bad for him. Like most people thought his character was going to be the next Luke Skywalker but it turns out that Disney had no idea what to do with him. Mark Hamill wasn’t super successful in Hollywood after Star Wars but at least he got to play a really iconic character. Boyega has nothing going for him of the sort. Adam Driver is way more successful (and talented) so I’m sure that stings too

No. 560165

File: 1590677149225.jpg (261.12 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I find it amazing that Mark Hamill went from being Luke Skywalker to actually one of the best voice actors in animation, guy is one of the best jokers without having put on white make up.

No. 560166

I’m sure he’ll be fine . I don’t think he cares THAT much and I’m sure he’ll be in movies well at least black centered ones cuz he might’ve alienated mainstream Hollywood but only time will tell.

No. 560167

I only know mark Hamill through his voice over. Honestly think the cartoons he’s worked on are way cooler and more important than Star Wars. (Star wars fans don’t come for me!)

No. 560170

I disagree with comparing him to Adam Driver. Adam Driver was already an acclaimed actor and doesn't really do mainstream blockbuster movies (except Star Wars obvs). It's not like they were both unknowns and Boyega's now being overshadowed. JB will be fine, like its been said before, if he patches things up with Disney he's got the potential to be franchise material.

No. 560178

Going into SW always felt like Adam Driver needed money cause the indie movies weren’t cutting it lol

No. 560179

I think they had something really interesting going on with Finn in TFA - the whole 'escaped stormtrooper that tries to overcome brainwashing and find his humanity' thing. Too bad that the movies didn't focus on giving Finn an emotional arc. He felt too much like a shonen protagonist imho. His development went completely off the rails in TLJ and TROS. Say what ypu want about Kylo, but at least he was given some kind of depth and character arc. Though obviously he still suffered from inconsistent plot. Finn also had that depth in his character outline, but it was barely focused on.

No. 560193

My mind automatically filters SW to sex work now thanks internet. Either way it makes this comment funnier.

Adam driver turned to sex work because the indie movies weren’t cutting it.

No. 560201

>lena dunham flashbacks

No. 560214

I thought her management and PR agent were great until now lmfao can't wait for this bitch to finally fade away just like Lana is doing rn

No. 560219

leg amputated from corona? wtf

No. 560226

I think he's salty because more because he had an amazing opportunity by being in the new trilogy and Disney fucked up spectacularly by making Finn and Poe literal nothing characters. Finn is just there and kinda sorta reacts to stuff in a way that makes the plot move along, and Poe does absolute jack shit and it feels like he was onscreen for a total of 15 minutes for three movies while trying to be touted as a main character. I'm not even that into Star Wars and it makes me so mad the way all these professionals fucked up basic characterization.

Also Reylo stans are just absolutely ruthless in their annoyingess. I would say they're almost as bad as K-Pop fans.

I know by 'SW' you mean Star Wars but I keep reading this as Adam Driver made an OnlyFans.

No. 560259


Poe got dragged by the purple haired twitter kween, slay! That whole movie was worse than anything cringe in all the prequels combined including Jar Jar.

No. 560286

shut It yt devil

No. 560300

I personally love movies where the main characters wait around for other people to decide whether they want to help out. TLJ ruined a couple movie podcasts for me because the podcast hosts are all friends with rian johnson's boring wife so they can't talk shit about his bad movies

No. 560308


giving major props to the anon in the previous celebricow thread that predicted once she turned 18 that her PR team would reverse the 'showing no skin' statement for a PR stunt.

it's incredibly tasteless and tone deaf for her team to release this right now though. Ferguson pt. 2 electric boogaloo is happening and a lot of Americans are mourning the death of another unarmed man in police custody, so it's definitely not a good look PR wise (or on woke twitter) for attractive billionaire white girl to release a fake deep video about feeling bad for having big boobs.

No. 560352

she's so insecure about other women I can see this ending badly. She's constantly supporting rapists on social media. The way she pretended to get all torn up for attention over that ugly woman beater who got shot in his car lmao. I know she's a teenager but she's dumb as fuck and obiously not surrounded by smart people if these are the viewpoints she's forming.

I remember when she sperged on insta because some girl tweeted men are shit or something. She was all "WoMeN cAnT sAy ThIs ImAgInE iF A mAn Did". What's it like in your bubble where you think men don't say that and worse about women regulary on tv and in the press with 0 pushback.

So yeah 0 surprises she's stripping.

No. 560377


exactly. the entire video just gives off this vibe of it being directed towards women who are jealous/envious/gossiping about her but if she actually went on social media she'd see that a lot of the people fetishizing her and trashing her body are men. almost all of her stans have been women. hell, i don't even think I've personally met more than 3 women who don't enjoy her or her music. yet almost every guy I've talked to hates her simply for how popular she is. she sounds like a pick me

No. 560381

i don't like her music, so now you know at least one.

No. 560395


Nope. I thought the same thing too when I saw the story pop up again. Her husband is laid up in pain, and she’s been taking cringeworthy posts on Instagram.

No. 560440

Her stripping/bodyposi video has been posted in this thread before, she played it at a concert on a huge screen a while back, that’s what sparked the discussion about her management team whoring her out once she turns 18. It’s not really a prediction so much as just watching it happen in real time. I agree though that it’s in very poor taste to be putting it on instagram right now in the middle of all this. I guess it didn’t generate the social media hype she was hoping for last time.

No. 560442

We've seen it already anyway, she just wears a catch me outside tank top every single time "i'm vulnerable… this is me" Can she come up with something else? This will be funny because management want her to show tits but she can't dress for it

No. 560554

>She's constantly supporting rapists on social media.
What? When did this happen?

No. 560562

She sucks the asshole of several soundclout abusers, including XXX tentacion

No. 560600

all I know about this is what's been summarized in the op post, but honestly I don't know if I can blame someone for doing that when their loved one is in such a position. obviously I don't think it's the "best" way to cope, or overly respectable, but I imagine there's some level of shock/being in the public eye still gives some pressure of keeping up appearances. Like I'd guess behavior like hers is somewhere between not fully accepting the reality of what is happening to her husband, and using the weird prayer/twitter-high as an escape/crutch to not face that reality…

Then again, I'm never shocked to hear anyone even semi-famous or hollywood related to just be a complete whacko, narcissist or sociopath, but I still want to give them the benefit of the doubt, I guess?

Apologies in advance if I'm being a total tard with this speculation and it has an undeniable not-this vibe if I actually read into things/followed the story properly lol

No. 560677

Lucky anon, all my male friends fucking thirst for her so hard. The females aren't much better

No. 560693

File: 1590763024422.png (46.47 KB, 766x228, timothee.png)

No. 560705

Wow, that article is trash. As if that senile old pervert needed yet another platform to deny his obvious crimes. I’m also taking that paragraph with a grain of salt considering Woody Allen has always hated the academy for some reason, but it’s hilarious to imagine the irony of Timothy Chalamet denouncing a real life pedo so he can win an oscar for a romance movie where he plays a 17 year old that falls for a 30 year old.

No. 560714

File: 1590767757110.jpg (100.33 KB, 980x653, gaga.jpg)

New Gaga album is out. Any anons already listened to it?

No. 560719


I think she honestly doesn't know any better because she's still rly young and likely easily influenced by the older ppl in control of her public image. Not trying to make excuses for her, but I feel like 18 year olds are often pretty immature.

No. 560725

It's good and it's a return to her first few albums. Sour Candy is definitely going to become a big hit. I personally don't like it as much as some of her other albums, but I hope she continues in this direction.

No. 560729

Needs more Geiger

No. 560756

Billie Eilish has been a calculated, manufactured pop idol since day one. Her whole family works in the music industry. She has connections. She has a written back story and people working on her edgy image. When she was underage they made a big deal about her covering up because ~she wants to be known for her music~ but as soon as she turned 18 it's time to show some skin because it's ~empowering~. Give her two years and she's full on doing the Miley Cyrus thing.

No. 560759

File: 1590773941036.jpg (37.26 KB, 768x435, undo-68-768x435.jpg)


Her family doesn't work in the music industry, her parents are D-List actors, her mom's biggest role was voicing Samara in Mass Effect 2, the character is even modelled after her.
Her brother is the only one that does music and he was literally a high school basement trap beat maker, he calls himself a "musician" but he was nobody before billie blew up.

Honestly those Billie is an Industry Plant!! Conspiracies are stupid and full of fake shit, she's just a dumb inauthentic teenager that does whatever her brother and managers tell her to do, nothing more.

No. 560760

Stop sperging, nobody is going to believe you and your vendetta

No. 560763

File: 1590774540916.jpg (121.8 KB, 1242x1093, 8h611k59kl151.jpg)

No. 560765

Honestly good for her. She's cringey and can lack self awareness, but at least she sort of seems to care and tries to spread awareness about things.

No. 560766

Sorry your totally genuine zoomer icon is a fraud my man, but she has had a professional stylist managing her look and image since she was signed. Google Alexandra Baker and Samantha Burkhart.

No. 560769

lmao your fav is shit. die mad

No. 560770

You don't need to have family connections to the music industry to be a industry plant, it's less about that and more about the a normal increase in popularity. Lorde also doesn't have family connections but she was signed ever since she was 13 and suddenly exploded after Royals and Pure Heroine released, Billie didnt grow her audience, she was promoted ever since Ocean Eyes released.

No. 560772

lol where did i say she was genuine, i explicitly said she was inauthentic and a fluke who does whatever her manager tells her to, she's just not an industry plant and her family has nothing to do with it, its unfair to her parents who are small time actors to keep parroting that they have big industry contacts uwu.

No. 560774

>your fav
Anon, i'm over 18 so she's not my fav. Do you never tire of thinking everyone on this site is out to get you?

No. 560778

related to this, did Kim Kardashian ever end up taking the baby bar? That whole thing had to have been over a year ago at this point.
I think halsey's odds of success are probably a little higher but passing the bar involves a lot of academic work and I don't know how realistic that is while also having a whole other career, even kind of a bullshit one. Like she would probably have to quit the entertainment industry for several years to stand a real chance.

You mean teen pop stars aren't completely authentic???

No. 560780


'industry plant' what the fuck does that even mean? That after she was signed her managers tried really hard to make her famous so they could all make more money? How disingenuous uwu my world view is shattered

No. 560782

Right? She's not Ashley O, tinfoiling on this thread is getting to hilarious and derailing levels.
>Everyone that disagrees is a zoomer or a Billie stan!

No. 560783

I cackle every time someone claims william eyelash's parents are famous. Her mom played the worst mass effect 2 team member who is completely forgotten in ME3

No. 560784

>H-her parents are famous!
Kek, not if you have to google them every time the argument is brought up because you genuinely don't know their names

No. 560785

Why are you guys so salty about people calling her that lol it's not necessarily a bad thing, it just means her whole image is calculated for that, "plant" as in she was "planted" there (heavily advertised and made to for into a mold that industry specialist thought it would make money). It's different to how normal musicians operate of slowly building an audience and getting popular because of their music, industry plants are popular because of promotion.

No. 560786

We're not salty, it's just fun to laugh at how paranoid you are over some 18 year old girl. That's also not what an industry plant is but at least you've realised you're wrong with the backtracking you're doing right now

No. 560793

I'm not >>560766 or >>560756 but go off?? What do you think an industry plant is, anon?

No. 560798


nta but honestly, industry plants don't exist, the closest thing are kpop idols and lorde, and even then there's no way to manufacture popularity without people actually enjoying the music, sure they might be highly advertised but that doesn't work if the artist still can't get an audience. Its just a term people throw around for new signed artists they don't like, because everything that constitutes an industry plant is just normal shit that a label has to do and every artist under them gets.

No. 560801

lmao they got confused and are now attacking ppl who share their stance. every single time, my friend

have u ever heard of clairo

No. 560804

has clairo made anything of notice since 2018?

she tried to pull strings with her dad's work and wow it didn't actually fucking work because industry planting doesn't work.

No. 560807

you said industry planting doesn't exist and now you're saying it doesn't work m8 are you ok? and idk about clairo but shes famous amongst zoomers

No. 560811

julian cassablancas has to be an industry plant. his dad made elite model managing.

imagine being famous because your dad abused little girls

No. 560827

people got mad at her after they discovered that her whole bedroom pop routine was fake and that she was rich but I don't think it affected the popularity of her music, i hear some of it on lo-fi mixes

No. 560836

can confirm she did record in her room alone and it wasn't a facade. she has upped her game since obviously.

source: grew up near me, mutual friends

No. 560838

Well we'd better pack it up, Clairo's friend cleared everything up for us

No. 560840

ok? dc

No. 560841

i ate her ass once. was pretty good but wouldn't do it again.

No. 560845

The modelling and fashion industries have nothing to do with the music industry tho

No. 560848

friends in high places

No. 560852

it's better than nothing

No. 560892

For some reason I think it's her last hurrah as a "pop" artist before she embraces Starbucks jazz covers and acting. It seems like a really impersonal autopilot album.

No. 560893

clairo’s daddy has friends in high places
she’s like billie eilish
pay for play

No. 560897

File: 1590782128536.png (1.07 MB, 680x680, 1810ACA5-B645-4010-AB44-8E7872…)

you need to re-evaluate if you think those industries aren’t intimately connected at the top. film, movies, fashion, art, music. media.

No. 560910

Billie Eilish and her management are so fucking cringe. Instead of saying she was an edgelord for her terrible fashion all that bullshit about not being objectified started being pushed, even tho there were those cringe stan photos of her with Justin Bieber merch. Like. IdK what Billie's deal is, is she known for being autistic or aspergers I remember that was pushed too. She's just an average kind of ugly looking girl who fortunately has big tits and now she's of age they're just going to try and push her sexuality on to us all because her being an underage oddball won't sell her sophmore album. She's so dull and her brother gives out pedo vibes

No. 560915

the shitty collab with Ariana and then Blackpink reeks of desperation

No. 560954

File: 1590785646081.gif (560.13 KB, 220x198, yeah it actually is.gif)

I busted my ass to get a degree and get into law school and it honestly kind of bothers me that a community college drop-out can just decide to enter the profession on a whim and use her fame to attract clientele… that is, if she even passes the bar

No. 560955

I wouldn't worry anon, she'll drop this idea once she's no longer manic.

…and anyone dumb enough to hire her to represent them deserves what they get

No. 560961

why the fuck do these celebrities insist on announcing that they are GOING to do something? Why not wait until you do it? It's because they want the attention and association of being an entertainer who's also intelligent without having to actually go through all the work of getting a degree.

No. 560963

LOL her demeanor doing a 180 soon as the other girls speaks a 3:10. How embarrassing.

No. 560973

Anon please I’m crying

No. 560977

i think woody might be the only celebrity who's managed his damage control this well. fuck him though
call me a hebephile or whatever but theres big difference between a 17 yr old and molesting a 6 yr old (what allen was accused of)

No. 560983

Yeah, age of consent in my country is 17 and I was having sex with older men at that stage. The whole "it's absolutely abhorrent at 23:59:59 on the day before her 18th but a literal second later it's fine" that you see online is such a meme

No. 560984


She skipped two sittings of the baby bar so she has to take it by next month or all of her hours will be lost.

Maybe some legal anons can give more info about what's next for her

No. 560994

File: 1590790128063.png (511.88 KB, 1350x1344, Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 01.04…)

this is an imageboard. how fucking hard is taking a screenshot and uploading it? learn to integrate, lsa retard.

nothing is going to happen. she doesn't actually plan on becoming a real lawyer, it's just a pr stunt. like kylie being a "billionaire". if she doesn't do it the third time, kris jenner is just going to come up with a fake excuse (i'm sure it'll be something ~sad~ because they'll probably try to garner kim sympathy). then they are gonna pull some sort of pr stunt to take the attention away from the fact that kim lost all her hours because she is dumb and lazy.

No. 560996

chill. i don't even browse lsa, it's just what came up on google.

No. 561002

File: 1590790751476.png (492.29 KB, 696x391, comp-1562944906_1562944910.png)

Speaking of Billie Eilish, what do you think about the resemblance between her and her brother's gf?
I think it's very weird imho

No. 561004

It's weird but i do think it's purely subconscious. I hate to say it but freudish stuff about finding your family members in your partners can be true, not for everyone but for a lot of people with dysfunctional or strange families. It's not incestuous, I don't think he has ever even thought about his sister that way. It's something else entirely

No. 561010


Calm down anon

No. 561011

Nta but shut up, people are aggressive on imageboards and if you don't like it, leave.

No. 561021

Calm down anon

No. 561027

File: 1590793966260.jpg (71.04 KB, 625x923, 7mahwb368d151.jpg)

No. 561034

Holy shit the cringe. Why is she like this. Why are they all like this.

No. 561035

why does she talk like that? why does she even behave like that? and the passive aggressiveness over one (1) single comment too as if she's some teenager on tumblr who got a mean anon.. she's so embarrassing holy fuck

i feel like her making that song with bts now makes her think she's the hottest shit ever and she uses kpop memes on her account too

No. 561089

File: 1590802243353.png (49.91 KB, 488x361, cZvUJNe.png)

No. 561107

she's sooo corny. I get needing to defend yourself even if it's for literally the dumbest reason during a very tense time, but why all the fucking tweets with an extreme "I'M PERFECTLY HAPPY AND FINANCIALLY WELL OFF TRUST ME"? Just fucking make a professional post addressing that the article was based on loose un-researched claims and that regardless, having the title of a young billionaire is not something she values. An actual dumbass I hate her and her whole insta thot family and clones.

No. 561120

>I can name a list of 100 things more important right now than how much money I have
>but let me go on to defend how much money I have instead of listing them

Also if it's really bullshit, surely she has a lawyer who could release a statement instead of just going on a twitter rant? It's not a gossipy personal attack on her, it's an attack on her company and I would imagine that's something worth defending properly, the reputation of a business has real value (which is why they would inflate it in the first place, but still…)

No. 561121

File: 1590807568014.png (1.88 MB, 1472x1402, great big phony.png)

she tweets as though she doesn't give a fuck but meanwhile has her legal team making statements to TMZ and demanding that forbes issue a retraction.

if she or her team actually did forge any documents or lie, she can't feasibly pursue any substantial legal action because the evidence of her deception would probably come out in court. her accountants would likely get in serious trouble for creating false tax returns.

it's comparable to the situation with hailey and justin issuing a cease and desist letter to the plastic surgeon who made a tiktok about what procedures he thinks hailey had done. it's obvious that hailey has had a nose job and lip injections at the very least. she can't outright sue him for defamation because a statement is not defamatory if it is true. she would be forced to hand over her medical records if she actually went after the guy, so the most she can do is threaten legal action–much like kylie

her lawyer did release a statement (pic related)

No. 561129

File: 1590809360850.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, kylie rn.jpg)

>i-i am blessed beyond my years!!! not being a billionaire isn't THAT important!!1!

No. 561139

No. 561143

This is the most passionate I’ve ever seen this dead-eyed girl act. Money is all she has and she knows it. Imagine being so brain dead that you believe ANYONE gives a shit about whether or not Forbes says you’re a billionaire especially right now. She’s still going to die with more money she could ever use/majority of people will ever see in their lifetime. Is that not enough for her? I hope her and all of her families businesses go under when the economy crashes.

I already hated how her and her dipshit sisters tout themselves as business moguls when they’ve always had the money to give to smarter people to make more money for them. Truly parasitic scum of the earth.

No. 561178

Non-celebs also constantly do this. Announcing you're gonna do a chore, learn a skill, go someplace, etc on social media and getting the attention is a good enough dopamine trigger that the gratification is all they really want.

No. 561181

Right? This is the only statement i've ever known her to release outsite of a kylie lip kit whatever.

No. 561182

True but grown ass adults having sex with teenagers is still gross (especially if they’re in their late 20s and older). I do agree that 18 is an arbitrary number thought and there isn’t mentally that much of a difference mentally between a 17 year old and an 18 year old.

No. 561183

God, she even sounds stupid. How did this chick become a “billionaire” again?

No. 561187

for a moment I thought it was a TIM´s twitter I was looking at

No. 561223

cat power's an anti-vaxxer

No. 561229

what the fuck did they look exactly alike

No. 561363

File: 1590854794936.jpeg (59.33 KB, 1152x626, 05CFD210-BF0A-462E-8020-9E1A6F…)

I wonder how many anorexic angelcore lolita tumblr bloggers are weeping over this. Rip

No. 561365

>18 is arbitrary
It really isn't, read about brain development.

No. 561373

when you have the money to pay the best for the best and when your mom does all the dirty work, anything is possible

No. 561377

you're not wrong but I do think it's important to maintain a strict black and white line. I'd rather not have men take advantage of the 'grey area' and/or start pushing it from 17 to 16 to 15 etc.

No. 561392

Anon this was already posted three days ago and still no one fucking cares >>559649

No. 561492

my bad, must’ve missed it. just thought it was funny.

No. 561575

I’m just now finding out about this wtf…

No. 561723

File: 1590889588779.jpeg (107.84 KB, 561x611, 63E270B8-816F-44E3-97ED-B8270A…)

This is really fucking embarrassing, I always thought she’d look better if she wasn’t so stick thin but.. yikes

No. 561724

you've been sperging out about ariana's weight gain for a while. go shit and weight yourself for the tenth time today, ana-cunt

No. 561734

She looks healthy, take your medication anachan. Ariana's such a cow, her gaining a few pounds is the last thing about her that should flood this thread.

No. 561741

Go workout your eating problems and stop being a bitter cunt about other people's bodies

No. 561742

File: 1590891445766.jpg (51.75 KB, 849x581, EZTk4PyX0AASxz3.jpg)

Halsey and Yungblood went to a BLM protest and even appeared on live TV

No. 561743

File: 1590891550197.jpg (27.6 KB, 307x664, EZT6wE_UwAI4Wi9.jpg)

Ariana also went to a protest and was posing with some fans

No. 561745

I can already see people assuming other celebrities are some secret racists because they didn't go to these protests or post about it

No. 561755

File: 1590892819398.jpg (134.05 KB, 560x726, vogue-ariana-grande-today-1806…)

kek arianna shows her support for the community she constantly capitalizes on, a true icon!
>pic related

No. 561761

Way too high up to be taken by her, unless she was poking out the sunroof for a pic lmao

No. 561765

marina has greying hair now, this pic isn't recent.

No. 561785

OT but what the fuck is that picture, it looks absolutely nothing like her lol.

No. 561807

Because she is fine being white and having freckles on the cover of vogue while bronzing herself in 7rings which was arguably stolen from princess nokia. She a mess of a celebrity, total culture vulture. Blocks people who call her white and has the nerve to film herself at protests for cookie points.

No. 561825

Don't forget that her best friend uses the n word and said black men belong to white women and how bla women are evil. Or how Ariana told that Asian reporter that it was fine her fans were calling her a chink because "they were trying to protect her".

No. 561826

* Black women sorry

No. 561827

File: 1590900258417.png (176.29 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20200531-013641~2.p…)

Seems she acknowledges she's white and privileged. And honestly kudos to her for this post


What best friend? When did that happen?

No. 561839

Massive PR stunt, it takes zero effort for any celebrity to say this shit. Look at all her previous actions, using AAVE, changing her entire way of speaking when transitioning into R&B. She is a blackfish culture vulture that has time and time again proven to be truly ignorant.
>BBQ grill tattoo
>joking about having a quince knowing full well she's perceived as latina to the general public
>submitted 7 rings as the best rap song for grammys. I'm not going to give her energy when there are way more talented artists not associated with scooter but I'm tired of people defending her shit.

No. 561840

It was Courtney and a couple of years ago. I don't really care what she says in interview since of course she'd say something like that. Her actions when she's not being interviewed/on camera prove that she's not the ally she claims to be. No one who truly cares about minorities would tell one that they deserved racial slurs thrown at them. I'm not targeting my comment at you it's just her stans on Twitter will deflect the awful things she's done and said with "well she said this good thing in an interview or reposted this post one time!!!!" and it's just annoying.

No. 561848

>culture culture
Why is it such a big deal?

No. 561898

She actually unfollowed Courtney (+ many other celebrities) a couple days ago kek but I agree. Plus unfollowing doesn't mean they're still not friends IRL.

No. 561918

No I just checked and she's still following Courtney

Maybe you're thinking of Njomza?

No. 561930

Because actual ethnic people get bullied for participating in their culture

No. 561966

Man this makes me sad as fuck, I don't idolize celebrities or think they're the best thing since sliced bread but I genuinely enjoyed the image and vibe she gave off as well not being manufactured but this, this is just fucking pathetic. For someone with a banging body and genuinely attractive, kinda shows how it doesn't matter. Literally trying to get attention from a bunch of neckbeards and incels.

No. 561967

saying that she is privileged is not admitting she's white.
everything >>561839 said, 100%

No. 561989

LMAO anon remember when she pretended to have studied japanese and would spout some weeb nonsense during her Japan shows?? if not for her success, I bet she would be on /w/

No. 561993

File: 1590939036133.png (474.69 KB, 1160x910, Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 16.2…)

Twitter is popping off with Anonymous's little expose. Naomi Campbell is trending right now. Other names I'm seeing mentioned are Oprah, Bill Gates, Clintons, Chris Tucker, royal family, Trump (the usual suspects) etc. Y'all think anything will come of this?

No. 561996

why are people only just noticing this? epsteins black book was released ages ago with these names

No. 561998

Ya, I've noticed that Twitter's always a few months behind on anything juicy.

No. 562000

Not only that, but they also brag about knowing so much about everything before anyone else. Like when normies on twitter lost it recently when they thought Doja Cat was talking to white supremacists on tinychat when anyone with common sense and who isn't a total normie would have been able to guess way before that and she wasn't even hiding that she uses chat rooms at all.

No. 562002

Don't forget when they finally found out about the Hillary Duff "drama". They're so retarded over there.

No. 562053

File: 1590947546847.jpeg (69.99 KB, 750x404, 8F1B5AD4-1910-4BB4-BF41-5EC34D…)

Tinashe and Kehlani came for Lana

No. 562057

File: 1590947592635.jpeg (98.78 KB, 747x548, 2C1FAC34-9BE5-473F-A854-325184…)

No. 562062

This has been in conspiracy circle for months, did they dropped anything beside screenshots?

No. 562065

can someone show me what tf she did

No. 562074

She posted video of protesters on IG. Comments have been turned off since the last time she got shit for being delicate, vulnerable and not like the other girls though.

The issue is that she's posting faces on her massive platform. Other social media whores are doing the same but Lizzy has a massive audience.

No. 562078

She posted on Instagram a 20-something-second video of the protest going on near her area, in a positive light (she's made other posts supporting the arrest of Chauvin.) There's no description on the post. That's all that happened and for whatever reason… people are upset about this?

In regards to "faces", only two strangers' faces are visible for a few seconds, and there is nothing identifying about the people in the video.

No. 562102

The thumbnail of the video she uploaded, deleted and then reuploaded is a very clear shot of a man's face. Or "face," however you'd like to put it.

No. 562107

2020 keeps gangbanging lana and getting worse and worse for her, i won't be surprised if she decides to an hero over this

No. 562119

File: 1590952833297.png (522.79 KB, 503x864, Uu5liIf.png)

No. 562127

Imagine killing yourself instead of just putting your foot in your mouth for once lol

No. 562133

I put faces in quotes because I was referencing what past posts in this thread had said about there being faces in the video, like >>562053, >>562057, and >>562074.

No. 562134

aww she'll survive this. Its her fault for being continuously tone deaf. I honestly fuck with her but come on she has been pretty dumb lately. But im glad she is out fighting the good fight. All they asked is for her to take the video down. Maybe her dms and shit were turned off so thats why they posted it on twitter.

No. 562149

File: 1590955646142.jpg (607.44 KB, 1440x2109, Screenshot_20200531-210708.jpg)

anybody seen this?

No. 562160

I read the BB when it was released and there doesn't seem to be anything really new, just someone who's organized all the documents together in an easier format. There's some I hadn't read before but that doesn't mean they're brand new.

I mean yeah it's kind of ridiculous how many people haven't seen this before but at least it's getting more attention now.

No. 562166

there was outrage when epstein was killed (see: epstein didn't kill himself) yet nothing came of it because we live in a corrupted fucking state. the only information in the black book is contacts (many of whom were just people ghislaine met at parties and decided to take their number down) who may or may not be involved in sex trafficking. there's a great maria farmer (epstein victim) interview where she talks about this.

nothing will ever get done about all these pedo/sex trafficking rings and it's fucking sad. people could protest but there's already a bigger reason to now

No. 562169

I'm interested in this tbh

No. 562183

File: 1590958685812.jpg (36.61 KB, 312x331, epstein-meme-2.jpg)

Oh yeah I definitely remember the memes, but I think it had the unforeseen consequence of people not actually taking it seriously. My whole facebook feed was filled with memes but no one actually seemed to care or even talk about the people found in those flight logs. Just being in an address book isn't really hard evidence but I'm sure that a lot of these people at least knew something.

You're right in that no one in these rings will probably ever be found accountable for their actions. They're too powerful and will die knowing they got away with it. People know, and they'll remember, but its just going to end up as a terrible historical factoid.

No. 562192


I think farmers should collect money and then buy it so she would be partly owned by lolcow.

No. 563352

I thought this was deformed Hailey Baldwin what the fuck

No. 563467

Is anyone following the Glee drama?

Not surprised to learn that Lea Michele is a complete bitch and while I feel bad for the costar she bullied, the way she brought it up was kinda obnoxious because it's so "Twitter." Still not defending Lea though because that's fucked up.

I didn't even watch Glee that much when it was on but I seriously think it's one of the messiest TV cast of all time. I find the drama (both cast and the fandom) associated it to be fascinating for some reason. Also Ryan Murphy is a hack.(imageboard)

No. 563468

Damn, I barely watched the show when it was aired in my country (so I'm only familiar with the first season and what everyone was posting about the rest back then on tumblr) and at the time the show gave off a cursed vibe but this keeps getting worse and worse. At least Lea Michele being racist can't be worse than the pedophile actor who killed himself so he would go to prison.

No. 563472

that’s fucking hilarious, I second this

No. 563474

I don't know how admin is paying for it now but back when the patreon was active we couldn't even raise $50 a month for server costs. how the fuck are we going to raise ten million dollars to buy a piece of grimes' soul?

No. 563476

I never got into Glee because she always rubbed me the wrong way. One of those people whose niceness is just overcompensation.

No. 563479

with the help of crack and delusion, everything is possible

No. 563492

That’s the spirit!

No. 563661

pls…..this is an image board

No. 563663

Glee is one of the worst shows to ever air on television and I've only gotten entertainment from it via the train wrecks that made up the cast. Please go on..

No. 563683

File: 1591104500921.png (161.41 KB, 1002x802, Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 14.2…)

This the tweet that started it all. People go on and on about how your Hollywood career can be ruined by one moment of unprofessionalism and this bitch was going to war with everybody

No. 563685

>saying you're gonna shit in anyone's wig to their face
Pretty sure that's straight up aggression.

No. 563690

File: 1591105222718.png (174.48 KB, 898x684, bkj8.png)

Corroborated by William. All the comments on that and this post are about how she's just a horrible person.

No. 563751


She was a bitch to Naya Riveria who played Santana too.

No. 563760

#blm but also care about me being bullied at my cushy job by another entitled actor

No. 563765

File: 1591114340019.jpeg (372.55 KB, 1242x1180, D4EF1EC4-8735-4228-B6D8-AD16A4…)

No. 563768

File: 1591114421746.jpeg (358.46 KB, 1242x929, 320315FF-706F-47C7-BA9D-A8C805…)

No. 563913

File: 1591123160249.jpg (1.51 MB, 1920x3821, InShot_20200602_143517003.jpg)

Lana commented on Cardi B's insta post and people are coming at her again

No. 563931

this bitch seems annoying, i would tell her to fuck off to the extras table too

No. 563954

she knows what she's doing. she's just trying to drum up publicity for her new poetry book and album

No. 564321

People have be commenting that Lea can't read and is illterate, lmao wtf
I have not heard about this conspiracy until now
I honestly believe all the tweets that her co-stars say about her are true, she got away with a lot of shit back then cause of Ryan Murph's favoritism

No. 564652

File: 1591188921132.jpg (72.03 KB, 891x423, hello fresh dumps lea michele.…)

Hello Fresh dumped Lea Michele quick lol

I'm sure she's filming a weepy video right now, full of fauxpologies and martyrdom kek

No. 564673

>lea is a bitch
>lea is a racist
reeeally quick

No. 564687

As insufferable that woman is, I feel sad for her because this shit is fucking with her livelihood, no one deserves that imo.

No. 564700

>being an asshole in an industry that's all about interpersonal relationships and interacting with people
She did it to herself, honestly. This is what happens when you try to LARP as Regina George outside of high school, and when you don't actually have that kind of fame/power.

No. 564711

It might be worth noting that there's a reason Lea Michele hasn't worked on Broadway or in a film or tv production since her time on Glee lol

The reason is her. She's a known bitch, and so toxic no one wants to hire her. She's done this to herself and I fucking love to see her assholishness biting her in the ass FINALLY.

No. 564745

File: 1591197790146.png (1.2 MB, 1098x1190, Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 16.2…)

Ahaha she responded. Most people in the comments are dragging her. Idk if she can come back from this, because she has no stans to defend her.

No. 564746

>the infamous note app apology

No. 564748

Nothing like the good old "I had no idea I was being a shit to people until it affected my money!" apology.

No. 564754

Sure but just because she’s unprofessional doesn’t mean she’s automatically racist.

No. 564782

Is she paying you to defend her against the racist label, or is this guilty conscience on your part?

No. 564794

The original tweet was posted by a black woman insinuating that Lea was making micro aggressive racially charged comments. Wanting to shit in a black women’s wig sounds racist to me

No. 564798

Nta but if I was truly racist why would I have a guilty conscience about it

No. 564813

Idk, telling a black woman that you'll "shit in her wig" sounds racially agressive to me. While it's possible that Samantha made that up, the fact that her other costars are backing her up makes me doubt it.

I think Lea is just a narcissistic diva at first who treats anyone who she thinks are below her like shit (regardless of race) but I do think she has some racist tendencies towards black people.

No. 564816

Not defending Lea, but I think in this case, no matter what someone does in terms of apologies, people are always gonna come at them. Not that I usually feel sorry for these people because they put themselves in this mess, but I wonder if there's ever been a time where someone seems genuine in their apology and SM stops demanding their head on a stick. I'm drawing a blank.

No. 564818

Well people always say cancel culture isn't real which I don't really disagree with but there's always going to be people mad at you even if you apologize. If you have enough fans support then the people dragging you usually don't matter.

No. 564839

From those images posted they just said she was a bully and thought she was better than everyone.

Wanting to mess up someone’s wig isn’t racist and you’re assuming she somehow is racist against a black woman when she bullied most everyone in that cast and has been known to put everyone down regardless of race. Even on Reddit or 4chan someone noted she went to their HS and thought she was the best in their drama/choir group, and bullied people then and her diva attitude was no surprise to them; could be hearsay as well but her reputation as having an ego proceeds her.

Calling someone racist is easy and has more impact than being unprofessional so sure I guess she racist.

No. 564843

NTA, but you do realize it's possible to be both unprofessional/bitchy and racist, right?
Of all the ways you could insult someone, you single out a black woman for a wig comment? And no non-black person can report on them making wig/hair-related comments? I don't know why you're playing dumb, do you say things like that or something?

No. 564854

So the chick who plays Betty on Riverdale came out as bi? Lol, I’m be genuinely surprised if I see her date women after this. And she announced it while promoting BLM, which sounds super narcissistic to me. And Twitter is screaming “YASSS ONE FOR THE GAYS” instead of calling her out. Lol

No. 564855

I singled it out because she was being labeled racist for one incident when her unprofessionalism is what had made her lose jobs and that’s what other anons and Twitter latched onto to cancel/shame her.

Calling someone racist from one example someone gave isn’t enough to go on. I don’t care about glee or her but it’s easy to shut someone down by calling them racist. In her case, I don’t see that since she ignored most all her cast mates (from those pics) not just a black castmate. If she ignored just her black castmate for years then sure you can call her racist.

No. 564856

It’s also pride month so she has to cover all her bases.

No. 564858

So, someone's racism being documented once is not enough for them to be considered racist? Huh, I learned something new today.
This also isn't "ignoring", it's actual aggression on her end. She called them cockroaches, and singled out a black girl for a racial/hair-related comment.

No. 564864

I don’t follow her or glee enough to care but if her cast mates said she did those things then yes it has more weight about their claims of racism and she should know better. At that point it’s not just bullying and that’s what I thought it was since apparently she harassed everyone.

No. 564876

Imagine being dumb enough to not take 2 years of community College before transferring to a 2 year kek. Stay salty anon

No. 564880

can you fucking read……..kekkity kek kek?

No. 564948

microaggresions are fake

No. 564951

>salty lsa-fag

No. 565311

> she announced it while promoting BLM, which sounds super narcissistic to me

My thoughts exactly. Centering the narrative onto herself at this time draws attention away from the movement. It's ignorant and selfish.

No. 565313

LOL that's not an option in my country. Law schools are actually reputable where I'm from. Thankfully, the Halseys of my nation cannot be part of the legal profession without some effort and intellect.

No. 565314

I'm not even American but intfags on here love to MY COUNTRY to the grave and when you actually press them for where they're from it's fucking Greenland or something like at that point you should be considering legal euthanasia, is that legal there? I'm sure you'll let us know anyway

No. 565750

File: 1591336011209.png (198.44 KB, 720x1280, bunker.png)

No. 565751

I've probably been on this site longer than you, kek, calling everyone you disagree with "LSAfag" isn't as hot a take as you think.

No. 565756

>I've been on this site longer than you
>Still getting triggered over "hi ____"
Not yet, (((oldfag))). Not yet

No. 565759

>thinking pointing out "hi ____" is bland is being triggered
>triple brackets in 2020

No. 565760

>Caring about or being aware of the current year at all
>Having left the computer this side of the quarter-century

No. 565796

File: 1591342622407.jpg (84.18 KB, 800x450, AAPCpub_1710_Art_IMAGE_JS.jpg)

Wtf is all this bitchy infighting lol. jesus christ this thread went to shit

No. 565807

Why are people still mad over infighting during the 20389th leg of the coronavirus? Every possible summerfag has returned and people are so bored, we unironically had like 2 hours of infighting over smoking in vent thread last night. It's weird not to expect autism at this stage

No. 565820

Ntayrt but don't forget the infighting in this thread >>>/snow/949693 over who the real villan in The Devil Wears Prada is, KEK.

No. 566159

late but this pisses me off. liked billie but this is someone whose style was fun and unique so wtf is this lolol

what a fucking phony you have to love how the light is directly on her massive tits. all these artists are losers and all they care about is making money for their scum corporate bosses.

No. 566160

She should never have leaned into her style so hard as a young girl, she's obviously not going to be wearing XXL streetwear for her whole life but if she dresses any different way she was faking all along, an industry plant and fake deep kek
Anyway when i'm feeling particularly self-indulgent i like to watch the MV for when the party's over, it's decent stuff, it's not completely surface-level shit and she does capture emotion/pain there somewhere if weirdly. No idea why she became such a target for men online aside from just being a young woman

No. 566210

she's a target now because she's pandering and it's out of character. she lost a lot of fans with this.

No. 566239

>she's pandering and it's out of character
i don't follow billie closely, what's she pandering with/who is she pandering to?

No. 566568

File: 1591479716162.jpeg (382.59 KB, 828x1020, B33707E4-315B-477C-A7D6-3D5216…)

Megs gets reamed as being an “attention whore”, but William seems to be keeping toe to toe with his SIL by reminding us what a humanitarian he is every 15 minutes.

Also, Kate looks like she really wants to run for the hills.


No. 566641

I kinda feel bad for Kate. Your husband is a well know cheater and your stuck in a really restrictive family. I’ve heard that the Middletons seem to be social climbers but even someone like Diana knew when enough was enough. I know she chose to live this lifestyles but it just seems to depressing to me.

No. 566646

I mean bringing awareness to a cause and doing charity is expected of a lot of european royalties these days to warrant their status at this point. So I wouldn't say he's bragging more than he needs to. Hope Kate is doing well though, she seems nice.

No. 566914

I don't feel bad for her tbh, she chose to be a part of this bs. She could have just gotten a normal job and had a normal life.

No. 567360


Neither do I. Remember she’s “Waity Katy”, having spent 10+ years of her life haunting William across Britain, with them on a constant lulzy cycle of on off again. And then remember that when it was just them two pre-Meghan, the press was always negative about their pasts, especially Kate, consistently complaining about how they were work-shy, Kate’s skirts not being long enough, is she going to have four kids…just really uber nitpicky shit. The whole family is wild.

No. 567390

He's so rich. Why cant he get some hair plugs?

Same. She knew exactly what she was getting into

No. 567493

I get it. I was just commenting more on how it’s such a depressing life to live, regardless wether you feel bad for her or not.

No. 567595

He tried that already, didn't work.

No. 567604

File: 1591657010373.jpg (18.89 KB, 851x788, EZxQNfiUcAAfw4v.jpg)

LOL, piss baby do piss baby shit.

No. 568199

Anyone else thinking Ice Cube took the red and blue pill? Judging by what he has posted recently on his socials, it sure seems like it.

No. 568205

him and ice T have been about this for years

No. 568207

>what is an imageboard

No. 568230

Mark Hamill's voice roles are his best works imo. I could care less about Star wars, but he'll always be the best Joker ever to me. Also, I love him in Regular show.

No. 568233

Isnt she still dating Cole Sprouse or whatever?

No. 568924

So is it pretty much confirmed that he cheated? I think people who drool over the royal family are idiots but I love the gossip and would love to know a reliable place to read it all

No. 568968

Desperate desperate grab to seem artistic

No. 568979

Eh. I’ve seen people acting more radical on Twitter on a daily basis. Although I did lol when he quoted the villain from A Bug’s Life to prove his point.
This. Ice T wrote Cop Killer. I don’t think it’s surprising to find out where he stands.

No. 569093

I'm also curious about this. I heard whispers that William's and Harry's relationship cooled off because Harry is ticked off about Will's indiscretions. But so far I have only read these rumours on social media.

No. 569135

Nta but they broke up. I also thought I already replied to you, I wonder where the hell that post went.

No. 569191


Royal Foibles has huuuuuge write ups about this stuff. Idk if it's… reliable, but idgaf, this kinda stuff is my crack.

Exposing SMG recently did some pieces about Meghan Markle, but the tone isn't neutral enough and seems really Daily Mail-esque bitchy, so they're not my favourites.

No. 569431

File: 1592022817179.jpg (100.76 KB, 634x901, 29549890-8416401-image-m-51_15…)

this is nitpicky but i feel like kelly clarkson doesnt put any effort into her appearance whatsoever tbh

lots of people want to be comfy and you dont have to dress to the 9s but good lord even the average person walking down the street seems more put together

No. 569432

chill out

No. 569495

Not putting effort into your appearance would be like… wearing just a robe. If this was any other skinny bitch in so cal you wouldn’t think twice about this look

No. 569508

I know this is old news, but DAMN that Isabella chick made the right choice turning William down. Her husband is smoking hot (and still has all his hair lol).

No. 569713

Nothing to do with her appearance but I feel like she's in for a huge headache. Her soon to be ex-husband's dad is her business manager as of right now.

No. 569743

File: 1592079301500.jpg (193.14 KB, 1639x1305, xoaj4Yj.jpg)

No. 569747

She's been a little off for a minute or two now but those tweets remind me of Lindsey Lohan's methiest moments.

No. 569758

I can't stop laughing at her tagging miss nikki baby

No. 569830

>fucks up twice
I feel like that was low-key on purpose, kek.

No. 569832

She looks cute

No. 569860

Kelly has always had issues with her weight in an image obsessed career. She’s going through a divorce and has to raise kids on her own. If you watch her interviews talking about being a mom she’s clearly frustrated and keeps mentioning how she has to do everything and is tired. Being a normal in a world of sociopaths and psychos must be exhausting.

No. 569864

How does everyone feel about Kesha vs Dr Luke? The battle is still ongoing, with more wins for dr luke as of the 2020 defamation case, having to do with Kesha claiming texts sent by Lady Gaga claimed that he assaulted Katy Perry, which were deemed not true by the courts. I feel like Kesha would have settled years ago if it wasn’t the truth, and he’s been pretty sexist/scummy to women in the industry for years.

No. 570054

File: 1592126158573.jpeg (105.82 KB, 720x847, 995EE97E-BAEC-4777-A501-F1A9E5…)

People in twitter are body shaming Ariana Grande because she put on some weight. I think she looks great and even though I’m not her fan I’m happy for her because she clearly has been struggling with ED in the past.
And honestly most of the “weight gain” is baggy clothing.

No. 570055

her expression, the angle and the clothes make it look like she gained a ton (to idiots at least) but she's still skinny.

No. 570056

I'd much rather she thicken up a little bit than go back to problem era where her shoulder blades looked almost inhuman, she was not well

No. 570060

I am so sick of society and the fake wokeness when bodyshaming and beauty standards are as prevalent as ever

No. 570070

This. She looks fine here too. People are gross for body shaming her when she has an obvious ED

No. 570089


For the first time since her Nick show you can't see her sternum, good for her tbh. She looks pretty spoopy at some points.

No. 570112

Wtf, people are crazy. She looks perfectly beautiful and healthy.

No. 570181

She looks great but I hate when people say someone ‘obviously’ had an eating disorder. Apart from some extreme exceptions you can’t tell someone’s health just by looking at them. Her weight could have easily still been around the lower end of the healthy weight or just slightly under even during her smallest (she could have still had an eating disorder though) but you can’t tell just by looking at someone like you can’t tell someone is unhealthy or has an eating disorder just by them being slightly overweight.

No. 570315

File: 1592161545347.jpeg (38.85 KB, 400x245, 50D3372F-5FFB-4238-A72F-3C8318…)

Yeah in some cases person may have some other healt conditions but Ari’s ED is kind of public knowledge. She’s well known donut licker and there was rumours about that tumblr pro ana blog.
No hate, I’d probably be a ana-chan too If I were a former child star and had to deal with Dan Schneider.

No. 570331

cringe post

No. 570339

idg this post. She looks like a normal person walking her dog

No. 570341

She needs to adjust her clothing choices to that of someone who is normal BMI as opposed to skelly but she's def not fat. She's just wearing clothes that look right on anachans and it's gonna serve frumpy. The hair also needs to go, maybe something shorter and not so tightly-pulled.

No. 570344

I don’t like her but the extra weight looks great on her. She actually looks like an adult.

No. 570349

File: 1592165377380.jpeg (140.35 KB, 800x1337, CD9E90F8-D0B5-4A5A-9FF9-7E954C…)

She looks adorable with more weight on.

No. 570352

File: 1592165740898.jpeg (66.56 KB, 603x960, 01E491E6-E541-4C44-BD04-C64D57…)

> Her weight could have easily still been around the lower end of the healthy weight or just slightly under even during her smallest
Considering she’s 5’0 I find that unlikely, short girls always look fat at healthy weights, for her to be looking how she looked back then she probably was eating, like, 200 cals a day at most kek

She’s probably at the lower end of a healthy BMI now though

No. 570367

Dr Luke is now one of Doja Cat's producers and prior to her cancellation her shit was selling well, hes using an alias to try and avoid scrutiny. The fact that he's still active at all is a testament to the fact that nobody in the industry cares. I feel like he is the piece of shit kesha says he is, but nobody cares because he produces hit music. Kinda like how people conveniently "forget" when other celebrities do something bad if they're considered well connected enough to stay in the industry, unless what they did gets them completely ousted

No. 570384

Louis CK as well. Admitted to assaulting women and faced zero legal repercussions. He stayed out of public eye for less than a year and he's back to doing standup now, apparently getting standing ovations at his shows.

No accountability for these people.

No. 570388

I don't want to derail the thread about it but the pic you posted is how someone could easily look at a 18.5 (healthy weight) or slightly lower BMI. My point is that it's pointless to speculate about peoples health solely based on their appearance either way.

No. 570396

Chris Brown too. Him being so successful makes me the most mad. Back then Rihanna was so popular (not that she isn't nowadays), all girls and boys my age were her fans, the pics were so horrifying, that dude was like my childhood villain and now…? Everybody just seems to have forgotten? My sister is 15 and she didn't even know about this, just happily listening to a monster's music, why is it never brought up by the media? He has close to 20 million followers on yt and all his mvs hit 100+ million views, it just isn't fair.

No. 570415

Men get away with assault and other horrendous acts against women as long as they apologise or dodge social media for a while. it makes me sick when artists look up to Chris brown, when all i see him as is a raging man child and a woman beater.

No. 570515

File: 1592196314111.jpeg (32.67 KB, 780x439, 8FF7337C-96EA-4D5A-90FC-B73DD8…)

I remember when the news officially broke about him and they automatically cancelled that one cartoon he was kinda sorta attached to and a bunch of people lost their jobs. I think it was pretty far into production too, and all those people had to scramble to find work before the holidays and he lays low for a few months and is now back to his high paying garbage routines.

I feel like these men get away with things because they Jerry their way out by acting insanely pathetic and ‘unu mentally ill’ and everyone just lets it slide because it’s so desperate. Such a scummy and parasitic move.

No. 570680

>short girls always look fat at healthy weights
Lmao, no they don't

No. 570704

>Jerry their way out by acting insanely pathetic

Louis CK's wiki page is full of "woe is me" without any real apology. He says he went through "hell and back" and lost $35 million from lost deals. Abuse your power for years, but suddenly you're the victim because you got held accountable in public opinion and lost movie deals? That behavior is so entitled and disgusting. Dude had a year vacation and faced no criminal charges.

No. 570805

I noticed her legs/midsection looked thicker (not fat) in the Rain on Me MV and was surprised because she used to get off on looking super small uwu cute petite girl to the point it was shocking to me as a teen to see her body checks. Hopefully she accepts her body and stops trying to hide it or post photoshopped images because it would greatly help her younger fans who worship her looks.

No. 570847

File: 1592255831946.png (294.41 KB, 828x511, 9874D8A4-9EF6-4A42-860B-4D3B18…)

hate to see it

No. 570852

read this as "fucked a rabbit" and thought my boy tim straight up had sex with a bunny rabbit

No. 570860

File: 1592256963494.jpg (27.44 KB, 500x207, W0ZQqaB.jpg)

No. 570879

File: 1592258606903.jpeg (42.9 KB, 552x394, F2C02BFF-2301-4F46-94FB-267F7E…)

come again?

No. 570880

I'm literally indifferent to both of these actors, but seeing as chlamydia is usually asymptomatic and can be spread through oral in addition to unsafe sex, is this really such a big deal if true?

No. 570889

File: 1592259678200.jpg (204.44 KB, 1080x1259, pt4tmvr815551.jpg)

No. 570895

Lmfao based

No. 570898

Is this a meme? Why are both cases specifically linked to NYU and chlamydia?

No. 570901

This is great. The neckbeard pandering/obvious self hate was cringy and sad to see, but the people telling her to "apologize" were ridiculous.
Hope more women respond this way when twittertards try to "cancel" them.

No. 570906

She did for a while. The MeToo movement brought her back to relevance.

No. 570918

Didn’t she already apologize? Pandering to racist neckbeards is bad but she seemed to acknowledged it and apologized for it. It’s not something you need to say sorry over and over again. Let it go, Twitter.

With that said, her response could’ve been a bit more mature though.

No. 570921

> short girls always look fat at healthy weights,
Ana chan pls
Although gaining/losing a small amount of pounds can drastically alter your appearance

No. 570925

lmao I still have no idea whether these rumors are real or not… let's be honest tho, so many male actors probably have std's from sleeping around, would it really be a surprise at this point?

No. 570937

there was a blind item last year suggesting that Cole Sprouse cheated on Lili Reinhart and gave her gonorrhea, which is why they broke up

No. 570942

Cole kinda seems like a shithead honestly. I don’t know why he’s so popular aside from Riverdale and nostalgia from Zack and Cody. Actually, I think I answered my own question lol.

No. 571017

File: 1592294121450.jpeg (101.18 KB, 750x948, 595E95FC-C0CF-4FCF-8058-C12BB8…)

Madison Beer is receiving flack for stating she “definitely romanticizes” the story of Lolita.

No. 571018

File: 1592294260460.jpeg (249.71 KB, 828x521, 378DA07B-D66E-4D0D-AC11-820C33…)

This bitch has a scandal every couple weeks. If only she could pump out successful music like she pumps out controversies, then she’d actually be pretty AND useful.

No. 571055

I hate sick and pathetic fucks like this like say you don't give a shit about the victims of pedophiles and sexual predators and go.

No. 571120

Sage for OT but they literally do???? Like short girls bodies are all pushed together whereas tall girls bodies are all stretched out which makes them look skinnier at higher weights . Are you retarded?

No. 571122

Anon, you said that short girls look fat at a healthy weight. Anachan please, use your brain for a minute.

No. 571136

Disney channel star Skai Jackson has been doxxing 'racist' minors. It's fucked up and of course one of the biggest problems with doxxing as you could end up setting a mob on the wrong person and once the mobs descended on them, you can't really take it back can you? She's done this two people now, twice. She got banned for 12 hours on Twitter but now she's still doing it.

Now I'm seeing freaking celebrities Keke and co signing what she is doing. Remember when doxing was bad?

No. 571141

So she's airing out a bunch of racist fucks who cares

Lmao twitter already forgave the whole Doja incident that didn't last long

No. 571147

File: 1592322217040.jpg (22.04 KB, 634x149, 9821.jpg)

I just checked her Twitter, and I'm not seeing that, so I'm guessing she stopped for now.
When I tried to find details, it seems she was doxxing college students (or people who are just about to go to college, aka 17-18 year olds like her), and she asked people not to post anything too personal, like addresses.
Also, when she got the wrong information on someone, she made sure to clear it up so the person that the racist was confused with didn't get harassed.
I don't know, this doesn't seem like a huge deal. In the end, the problem is the parents who are teaching their sons and daughters racism (or letting them get engrossed in it), and letting it become so normal to them that they happily make racist posts on their main accounts.

No. 571148

Because it's wrong, and people can easily make up tweets. She's already doxxed the wrong people, and I believe one is already willing to sue. It's extremely dangerous and irresponsible.

This is going beyond a call-out post with several receipts. She's literally posting people's numbers, etc.

No. 571149

Racists are bad and all that but it's fucked up that celebrities are 'cancelling' normal people (who are the reason they have careers at all) when it's usually the other way round.

No. 571153

There were some kids that were just singing along to a rap song that contained a racial epithet. Should they have said it, no. (Fuck it, I'm in the demographic that could say it and it's still a 'no' for me) but moments like that especially now calls for a teaching moment not for their lives to essentially be destroyed. WTF. people are trying to get them fired from their jobs and the universities and their high schools.

One person wrote a racist song that did deserve to get a stern talking to, however that didn't happen. Additionally, the person in question deleted all their socials, but someone that shared a name with them got mobbed and harassed.

This is why doxxing should only be reserved for someone that's done something so wrong, it's imperative for example for law enforcement know. But,you have to make sure you have the /correct/ person.

No. 571155

You can't undox someone… the damage has already done. I think people would feel differently if a normie kid was doing this because when a celebrity does this it feels like a power trip. She should have just donated money to people in need.

>but moments like that especially now calls for a teaching moment not for their lives to essentially be destroyed.
Yeah this isn't helping anyone except her.

No. 571157

I saw she exposed one teacher who was known for calling her black students slurs, so I can't decry all of it, honestly. The song thing was kind of low-hanging fruit, though, she should've just ignored ones like that.
Aside from that, I get what you mean by teaching moments, but assuming they're all 17/18ish and not like 11, it's not like they didn't know what they were doing, they just didn't think anything would happen. When you have the mindset to write an entire racist song, you probably don't care about being "talked to", and just need to be kept away from people you could harm IRL until you learn. Notifying their schools/workplaces of the behavior is probably the best way to do that.
I don't think their lives will be "destroyed" exactly, as everything's been deleted, and Twitter has a short memory (even right now, it'd take some real, deliberate digging to find the names/faces of people she "exposed"), but I don't agree with the harassment, except in the case of those like the teacher.

No. 571158

File: 1592324493841.jpg (32.5 KB, 600x452, 8192_600.jpg)

No. 571161

check your privilege halsey

Honestly, only someone that's used to very high standards would compare the USA to a third world country, even considering the context

No. 571163

Is it just me or does her avi look way blacker than she is

No. 571164

Lmao these people have no idea what it's like to live in an actual 3rd world country.

No. 571169

Yeah I get when a 18-year-old from early 2000s fucks up on race, it was a different time and mainstream culture wasn't really informed. An 18-year-old today??? Yeah they know what they're doing.

No. 571181

she doxed a 13 year old for an instagram comment he made when he was 12. she needs to stick to exposing teachers

No. 571182

she could just shut her fucking mouth altogether

No. 571185

See, that I completely understand. This person is in a position of authority that can influence the course of a child's future. And if they're racist they should not be teaching non-white students. You're giving me flashbacks to that teacher who around 2 years ago that was outed as being the host of a white supremacist podcast. Like seriously? How can you trust her when she's teaching and when she's marking, especially her black students? Glad she was outed. Bye, bitch.

Nonnie, you really underestimate the power of Twitter sluthes. People get recorded doing suspect shit all the time, and if it's deemed racial then they get doxxed. Without fail. People will feel like self righteous vigilantes and they'll spill their details to everyone on the internet.

No. 571186

NTA, but no, teachers and other adults definitely deserve it (especially ones with power over kids in any capacity). Literal children don't, though.

No. 571188

File: 1592329202614.png (746.08 KB, 812x1504, xFFmQdg.png)

She's said more offensive things than some of the people she's been exposing.

No. 571190

how is this offensive?

No. 571191

Offensive wasn't the best word but she's being selectively woke. She's trying to excuse Obama and let his war crimes slide

No. 571194

I think her avatar is a anime character.

But yeah, she does that at times. Remember her Rolling Stone cover? I’m not denying her ethnicity but she looks straight up white.

No. 571196

I've seen very few black people actually acknowledge Obama's warcrimes. The ones that do tend to be right wing nutcases. Liberals have not really reconciled with Obama's legacy, doubt they will. Only socialists seem to understand what he did without the right wing coon baggage to go with it.

No. 571197

Yes anon, a biracial black woman who is half white can look white. Holy shit.

What the hell is the sperging going on in this thread did Skai doxx somebody's brother or some shit?

No. 571208

She's not biracial, her dad is. She's like 1/4th black, looks 100% white and used to hide the bit of black ancestry throughout HS, but now that she wants to cash in on the new, less anti-black era, she keeps pushing herself as a black woman. It's pretty sad.

No. 571214

the fact that people still consider someone who is only 1/4 black to be black is sad lol. or the fact that someone who is 1/4 is recognized as biracial, but someone half black is just black… anyways, i digress.

No. 571235

> Only socialists seem to understand what he did without the right wing coon baggage to go with it.
Not defending Obama, but socialists have such a hateboner for Democrats that they’ll gladly take another 4 years of Trump. They’re deranged in their own ways.

No. 571237

Lol calm down. All I said is that’s she looks white, which she does. And she is mostly white. Stop sperging.

No. 571239

File: 1592336260592.jpg (232.29 KB, 1080x2102, EanUHFWX0AAH9f2.jpg)

My sister always used to watch a tv show of Skai and I remember reading that it was pretty much an open secret that she had major beef with her older co-star Debby Ryan. Back then I wondered why a grown ass woman would hate a little girl so much but I guess now we know lol

>she was doxxing college students, and she asked people not to post anything too personal, like addresses.
She posted their phone numbers, that is very personal imo. She doxxed a 13-year-old boy for saying "guacamole nigga penis" when he was 12. She also doxxed a random Dylan because another Dylan posted a racist song. And supposedly this wasn't the only person she got wrong. Pic related is her "apology"
>just to clear this up guyz, we jumped on the wrong person

She herself was already doxxed too now, I give it maximum an hour until people have found shitty tweets or a secret tumblr of her own, the loudest ones usually have the most problematic past themselves.

Twitter users are insane, to everyone saying that they're literally kids who posted a stupid meme they reply with something like "Omg, so you think racism is funny? So you're saying you did racist things when you were already 13 too?!" Juvenile criminal law exists for a reason, children simply are dumb, you can't hold them accountable for actual crime and much less for being edgy on the internet, doing this doesn't mean they're gonna grow up being uber racists.

No. 571244

she's not biracial and only uses her blackness when it benefits her. Mainly to excuse her self of any criticism, since she's a qweer womxn of color uwu, and any criticism of her is automatically racist, misogynist and homophobic.

No. 571251

ah, I see what you mean now. I agree that the drone strikes are a stain on Obama's presidency, and it isn't widely known or talked about. but I don't think the person Skai's responding to in that tweet is correct in claiming that Obama killed millions of Syrians. that estimate seems high, and it doesn't seem to be grounded in any tangible evidence.

No. 571266

If they’re as short as Ari they most likely do

No. 571280

She was born to a white mother and a black father, how is she not biracial?

No. 571282

The one drop rule isn't a thing anymore, let it go.

No. 571309

One person has already reported multiple cars going up and down her street for something she posted years ago. If someone gets killed via her actions she has blood on her hands. Doxxing people in this climate is especially dangerous.

No. 571310

did people forget she used to be ~canceledt~ for complaining about how her music wasn't "urban" enough for music critics??

No. 571311

Remember when I said people could send fake tweets, will I guess the same thing applies to Snapchat screenshots.

I've been trying to find the post mentioned from 2:04, but I can't find it, as it's been removed. If it's true, fuck that person and also Skai this is why you FACT CHECK!

No. 571313

Didn't the whole fakeass Snapchat screenshots happen to the chick from Stranger Things, of her supposedly saying homophobic things? That's fucking horrible and people should use their discernment but it's full blown witch-hunt, right now.

No. 571324

Those are just rumors. Like Miley Cyrus its probably drugs and dieting for looks. She doesn't seem to have a chronic ED, naybe disordered eating like most of hollywood.

No. 571326

File: 1592396958014.jpg (245.6 KB, 1080x2046, Eaph4zLWAAs3LEL.jpg)

Appearantly she's been doing that for months already, everybody can just send her stuff and she'll post it to her audience of half a million without ckecking whether it's legit. Most of it goes like "there's this super racist girl/boy in my elementary school/middle school"…the actual racists she doxxed were also all middle schoolers and she's downplaying their young age by saying "next year she's going to a freshman in XXX high school". They post their phone numbers, schools, classes and mock them for having criminal dads, but hey it's not real doxxing because at least she didn't autright post their adresses, amirite? As if that's not something anybody could find out within mere minutes.
Twitterfag are deadass claiming that they'll face zero consequences because other white people will give them opportunites in the future anyways and besides, Skai is only 18 meaning this is only "being called out by your peers, confronting them for their mistakes". Your Hollywood actress peer… She ruined every opportunity of them ever growing. And of course other famous and rich people like that annyoing buzzfeed fag are applauding her.

No. 571350

Maybe I’m a cold bitch but i honestly don’t give a fuck all these people just have to lay low and it’ll all blow over their lives will Not be “ruined” it’s funny how racist kids get the benefit of the doubt and the uwu they didn’t know card. But what about all their black peers who have to be victims of their edgy phases? You think it doesn’t affect them mentally? Again those kids will now know to think twice before trying to be edgy while showing their face. These kids need to realize the power of anonymity lol. No one will remember this anyway

No. 571366

If i recall, the backlash she got was because exposed someone who deleted their account and all her fans started swarming someone who was innocent and had a similar username. I with you though. It's so weird how comfortable people are putting their whole identities on the internet like it's nothing.

No. 571375

In the replies they were saying that the kid's parents have already been fired from their jobs. It's so fucked up to see all the sociopaths in the replies going "Yaaaaas it's what they deserve!"
If the kids weren't racist then, they definitely will be now.

No. 571382

The point is she couldn’t even be bothered to check caps before she decided to start doxxing people. Also you think saying the n-word is wrong because it’s psychologically damaging but sending hate to minors is fine, right? That’s some real selective morality.

>Maybe I’m a cold bitch

Please stop talking like this.

People on twitter are so bored and privileged they literally have to entertain themselves by going on witch hunts. You could literally kill someone just for saying the n-word and there’d still be people saying it was deserved.

No. 571385

yall are retarded. the brain of a 18 year old in the early 2000s was just as developed as an 18 year old now. people are harder on it now because callout culture is a trend. we didn't have accessible social media like twitter back then too.

No. 571396

Maybe she should call out actual celebrities, I know she went after some guy from The Flash TV show, but how about someone much bigger than that?

Instead of non famous college kids. Go for the pedos and the rapists. And the guy who egged on his ex-girlfriend to OD and kill herself till she actually did, as an example. Those types of guys are near the top and she won't go after them, cause she's going to get blacklisted for it.

No. 571531

So comedian Chris D’eila has been accused by several women of trying to hook up with them when they were underage. What’s interesting is that he played a pedo sexual predator twice before. In season 2 of You and in an episode of Workaholics.

No. 571535

So he must naturally give a breathtaking performance in both pieces

No. 571538

The cunt even claim it was due to substances. That dude always kinda creeped me out, especially thinking about him in You and some of his routine.

No. 571546

*can't claim, what the fuck.

No. 571573

The fact that his hair always looked greasy should’ve been a warning lol

No. 571584

If he gets me too'd hopefully it sticks. It feels like it never sticks for comedians. see the aforementioned Louis CK as well as the fact that it's alleged Jim Carrey abused and drove his ex gf to suicide, and those 2 are unfortunately doing just fine now that they've lied low. Everyone just assumes "funny guys can't be abusers" and lets this shit go, and they keep preying upon young women as a result.

No. 571600

here's a recent vid on it, damn wtf chris
hope it isn't true

No. 571602

Nta but, I didn't really know who Louis CK is other than he's a comedian that my ex fucking worshipped! Just looked him up after reading your post and the accusations (by multiple women) were already public while my ex was banging on about how great Louis is… well aren't men great at supporting each other.

Glad I never sat down to watch his shows, they were always playing in the background in our house and I could just never take to him, much to my exes annoyance.

No. 571618

samefag. not a fan of CK but was up until recently a huge Jim Carrey fan. from my childhood to my teens I really held him in high esteem and I always thought he seemed like a good, albeit crazy person… I was an abused kid and people didn't want me to emote and express myself v much, so I looked up to one of the most spastic, overemotional comedians there was, even had a crush on him. up until very recently when I looked into the allegations, I was watching his shit during the first half of the pandemic and it was helping me with my mental health, it was making me happy. I didn't know more than the fact that his ex died by suicide and hadn't looked into it. after reading more into them his exes words haunt the fuck out of me, and what he allegedly did to her. it haunts me. I really want to believe she was telling the truth and not be blinded by my fanning, I really don't want to be like those fans who deny and deny, but it hurts to have someone who I looked up to since I was a little girl painted as an abuser, bc ive dealt with so many abusers all my life and idk how I could never have sensed it. especially as a woman who had a gaslighter ex who made me want to kms multiple times. people have mostly forgotten that he's allegedly abused his ex… they just say "poor poor pitiful him his ex committed suicide"… tbh I don't know how to feel about it, it just makes me feel horrible…

No. 571630

this is a cliché but it's okay to have good memories of awful, terrible people, anon.

No. 571638

I think Louis CK at least got his career permanently destroyed. You’re probably right about Jim Carrey because if it weren’t for this site, I wouldn’t have heard about the thing with his ex. Although he’s also untouchable due to the fact that he’s been super popular since they 90s and has entered “legend” status the way Louis and D’eila. It can be done (ex. Cosby) but it’s a lot harder.

No. 571647

I think it is honestly. I've heard things about him for years…sad, I thought he had a great personality.

No. 571649

I know anon, thank u. I feel that way about my own abusers & the people I know who've hurt me personally, but it's hard, because knowing people are horrible tends to negate my good memories. ig it's because I expected someone who I put up on a pedestal to be better than they ended up being. celebrities are human. some of them are even horrible, unstable people who hide behind masks like many non celebrities do, I guess sometimes I forget that.

I always want to assume celebrity guys who seem nice, esp the ones I've admired in the past or have thought of as attractive in anyway, aren't scumbags, I'm often disappointed. they make their living in an industry overrun with abusers and often become them. it's a wretched cycle.

yeah, he has a sense of untouchability and enough money to get away with it. not just that, but lack of awareness as to what was done, idk if people just shelved it, they couldn't fathom it, or they were silenced. her family tried to sue him, wasn't successful. people forgot about it, that's why almost nobody knows. I don't know why they did. I guess it's the idea that "funny man can't be a monster", that precedes him, or the fact that she's not alive to accuse him of anything anymore.

as a former millennial fan of him it really terrifies me thinking that I'm not much younger than his ex relatively (she was almost 25 years younger than him), who was a relatively normal status person (makeup artist), and that he has probably taken advantage of other women like he took advantage of her. she's young enough to have seen his movies as a kid, likely even a fan of him before she met him. I hate it. I hate especially that I used to be someone who felt like I'd throw myself at him. I even have a bit of resemblance to her. Every time I think about it makes me feel sick. I used to think that the few guy celebrities I liked weren't bad people, that there was no way they could be scum, and this proved me horribly wrong and makes me scared. I'm currently majoring in media and I'm going to have contact with the industry. I'm going to have to guard myself to avoid being taken advantage of. This just makes me paranoid that I won't be able to date anyone or interact with them frm the industry without learning they're scum. Fuck.

No. 571760


celebrities are not your friends, anon. they never have been and they never will be. the sooner you internalize that, the better off you'll be

No. 571793

Reading a Twitter thread about this:https://mobile.twitter.com/keikoinboston/status/1273341086136762369

She links to a Forbes article further down about how loads of teens are making editable Google doxxs to 'out racists' ala Skai. And, I found it's kicked off on uni Twitter, too. People are out here doxxing anyone and everything.

Turns out the girl Skai doxxed that wore a charcoal face, that someone edited to include a racist caption is mixed, not that it helped. She lawyered up. As she should, so many innocent people are going to get punished, along with people that actually learnt their lesson.

This is spiralling massively out of control.


No. 571800

Sorry, turns out it was an account inspired by Skai, but as I'm aware one of the people doxxed by her still wore a charcoal mask.

No. 571811

Three if we include the girls that made that racist song. Part of me fells that's what they deserve for the bullshit, but the other part of me feels for them, because they will never be allowed redemption.

No. 571836

Yeah James Franco got caught sliding in a minor's DMs but he's a slimeball so everyone just expects this shit and they get away it because it wasn't a surprise.
>I always want to assume celebrity guys who seem nice, esp the ones I've admired in the past or have thought of as attractive in anyway, aren't scumbags,
This is so stupid, anon, it takes a certain type of person to make it and achieve fame.

No. 571853

Play stupid games win stupid prizes, a racist kid displaying their anti blackness has to deal with the consequences lmao quit capping. Like other anons mentioned these kids were old enough to know they were doing something inflammatory and posted this shit for a reaction.

No. 571857

I feel like enough people out there want to fuck James Franco that he got away with it on account of people thinking
>But who in their right mind wouldn't want to sleep with James Franco??
Which is shitty

No. 571863

Anon, what if I said I was black and I hate doxxing? Would you believe me? I want people to learn from their racist behaviour, and not have all abilities to grow taken away from them. One of the best places for this is university, but several people who got dropped, didn't even do what they were accused of doing and people have been expelled! This if anything is gonna propel them towards other people that give them the feeling of validation of being a victim. And, I can honestly see that in extreme white supremacist groups.

Doxxing no matter who does it is wrong, because innocents can and WILL be caught in the cross-fire. Skai gang set upon an Indian teenager that made a meme about how Indians should focus on Indian issues of police brutality, because backing BLM while not marching/ignoring what's happening on your backdoor is hypocritical. But, apparently being critical of US cultural hegemony makes you a white supremacist.

And, another for being against looting. Skai is tripping on power and has emboldened others. This is a full-blown witch hunt.

I'm so sad, because I liked her.

No. 571879

The first thing I would tell you is to sage and stop bumping the thread without new information. Secondly we're talking about the kids who decided to dress up in blackface, they knew it's a racially sensitive time and decided to post something that would rile up an audience for shits and giggles. People got mad exactly like they wanted and now they have to deal with the consequences. Who cares.

Keiko would you stop bumping this thread with your weird hate boner for Skai we just don't give a fuck. Go back to twitter and maybe some scrote desperate for attention will like your wailing.

No. 571892

The James Franco thing is especially gross since the girl was a fan who met him at a Broadway show in New York. She took a video with him and he asked her to tag it on instagram, then messaged her basically asking to hook up and not tell anyone. There's obviously a power imbalance between a major Hollywood actor and an underage teenage fan. He even said the girl wasn't a victim, and he was just "trying to meet somebody."

I wouldn't doubt that he's done it several other times and not gotten caught.

No. 571906

I'll stop now, just felt sorry for the people that were caught in the cross-fire. I'm not Keiko just came across her thread and though there was truth to what she said, so I posted. Peace.

No. 571909

Lol what? Is this method acting? If true he's brazen as fuck. Or the casting directors knew something we didn't.

No. 571912

Wasn't his movie Palo Alto about a teacher hooking up with student?

No. 571915

Since we're on the topic of Hollywood creeps Danny Masterson was finally charged with rape. Great to see justice served. Hope the women he violated are safe, secure and have a good support system.

No. 571919

I was absolutely disgusted by what Jim Carrey did, but of course he's fine. The shit he put that girl though.

No. 571924

No. 571925

I can't be the only one that thinks that Halsey looks like white/mixed Kelis, right?

No. 571926


Blatant and more creepy in hindsight. This is probably why I never watched it and I don't think he's a great writer, either.

No. 571927

Say it again and I'll manifest in your nightmares tonight as an inverted nipple

No. 571929

Lol bruh. I'm a big fan of Ms. Kelis. I have several of her albums. Never of Hasley before only via drama threads. I don't even know what she her music sounds like. It's just the first time I saw her, I couldn't help but notice a resemblance.

No. 571931

Maybe ppl should start sending Skai tips about Hollywood men and ask her to dig up their dirt instead. Resurface and talk about all the allegations against these guys who seem to have gotten away with it. That's way more productive than doxing 13 year olds. Ten to one bet she won't do it if someone asked her to tho

No. 571933

When the news first broke I very much got the impression that he was using acting roles to get women into sexual positions. Writing sex scenes or filming scenes that include strippers.. sounds pretty transparent but I guess the women didn't pick up on it til he was pushing them to go topless or til the sex scenes included actually touching their genitals. They wanted to succeed in acting, what a shitty position to put them in.

No. 571940

With Harvey Weinstein and #metoo stories like those seem like a feature not a bug of Hollywood.
It's crawling with powerful predators with financial capital and thousands of ingénues with stars in their eyes at the extreme risk of being taken advantage of.

No. 571944

Justice won't really be served unless he is found guilty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

No. 571947

A quote from him
>"In this country, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty."
>"However, in the current climate, it seems as if you are presumed guilty the moment you are accused." He added
I wasn't familiar with the news til now but I already fucking hate him

No. 571951

If there was a global movement like BLM, but focused on women/female people. Then maybe. Got knows there are scrotes that deserve to be called out. Probably every girl/women has a story to tell. Still not too keen on doxxing, though, as I expressed earlier in the thread. I can made an exception for rape/sexually abuse as long as people are /sure/ it's the right guy.

If he's done the crime, he should do the time. Looks like there's a lot of evidence against him, so it seems promising.

No. 571963


>go back to twitter

have fun with all these new super racists who were wrongly doxxed by some lil cunt on twitter, negress-chan

No. 571964

these men go after younger women, often fans, immature, vulnerable women in their teens or twenties, for that reason. the power imbalance allows them to exact control over them and the girls are starry eyed and hopeful that their idol isn't swine, only to be brought into a world of hell that often damages them psychologically for the long term. and physically, for the girls who contract STDs, which can damage reproductive organs and cause other permanent health damage.

No. 571970

> a global movement like BLM, but focused on women/female people
like the me too movement?

No. 571981

Let me know if this is the right place to discuss this. Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana? I…what???

No. 571984

No need for actually racism in this thread, Anon.

#Metoo never reached the heights of where BLM is now. It's all on the news and figureheads are being interviewed non-stop, with their books now on the bestsellers list.

I don't know if that would ever happen with a movement that centres females. Maybe in the future.

No. 571986

Related to this I'm glad people are finally on Jessi Slaughter/Damien's side after what happened to her with the BOTDF Pedo and being terrorised by 4chan. She's so fucking strong. I just wished public opinion was there when it was actually happening, not after the fact.

No. 571989

It's very wtf to me too, but at the same time there are a bunch of (possibly paid promo) articles claiming it's oddly perfect casting.
I just wonder who they're expecting to pay to see this film if it's ever made.

No. 572008

I can't wait for Skai to be sued, she had it coming

No. 572019

> #Metoo never reached the heights of where BLM is now.
Idk I find that subjective. Metoo dominated the news in the last month of 2017. I think the one of the main reasons BLM might of gotten more coverage is because people were actually dying unlike Metoo. Although I’m not denying there isn’t sexism/misogyny in the movement. Many black female activists have pointed out that male victims get a lot more coverage than female victims. Breonna Taylor seems to be an exception and even that is arguable.

No. 572023

The ones who were wrongfully accused are very likely too scared to sue her, because Skai is a woc calling out racism, trying to stop her would inevitably make you a racist (according to twitter). Just look at how this Dylan "defended" himself >>571239 , he was way too nice for what she did to him, he also made sure to point out that he's a good person - even tho there's no reason for that, seeing as he's innocent anyway. He's a victim of a crime, a normal reaction would have been to at least cuss her out.

No. 572025

On the flip side though, couldn't that be used to her advantage if she goes after men for #metoo? I know most of the men women would want her to be calling out that are mentioned in this thread are powerful compared to her, but if she's a young black girl, wouldn't they be viewed as racist asshats and ultimately be cancelled if they legally go after her? There's actually a way she can use her platform and status to her advantage to call out powerful predators instead of small fish college kids who said the n word with a soft -ga once and she's completely missing the opp. If she calls out an old white guy for his predatory past and he sues her, he'll already be viewed as shit by the women who realize what he's done and further viewed as shit by the public for trying to sue a young black woman, so maybe it could work, but I think using her platform to call out small fry non famous people is an utter waste of time.

No. 572030

I've noticed that, too. Now two clips of black girls being abused my black boys has gone viral. One where she was thrown in a dumpster and another girl hit with a skateboard. Despite black women constantly defending and marching on the front-lines for black men they just get treated like shit.Not to forget Floyd getting arrested for point a gun at a pregnant black stomach, even though I doubt he would piss on them if they were on fire. It's like a gigantic slap in the face and I completely understand Chrissie when she says 'Black women stay home'.

No. 572034

The only reason blm gets way more coverage is because males are affected with racism, not misogyny. Everyone cares about racism but no one gives a shit about women being abused

No. 572059

you don't need to sage discussion in ot, little miss righteous

No. 572078

Can't wait for two and a half hours of Kristen mumbling her lines in dead-eyed monotone.

No. 572082

>losing your mind over some famous man bc he made movies that made you laugh
anon i………. after learning the hard way, i dont care about anyone in the entertainment industry as a person. easier to accept they're all shit than "stan" a person, thats the most retarded bs ever

No. 572087

ha, anon you're actually so right I legitimately didn't realize it. Should of figured that's why it's got such a huge traction…

No. 572106

ooh hot take, but definitely a good take.
i do realize no a lot of people are focusing on breonna taylor's death, but she's more of an afterthought like "oh yeah, her too…"
literally no one's talking about these women dying by the hands of the police, like the woman who supposedly was pushed out her 20 story apartment window, but these men, and not to mention fucking statues, are definitely being focused on wayyyy more.

No. 572113

oh my god i'm so glad he's finally getting charged, it's been so long. have you read up about members of the Church of Scientology stalking and harassing a couple of the people coming forward? I know Chrissie Carnell Bixler had two of her dogs killed by being poisoned. https://www.tampabay.com/scientology/lawsuit-scientology-stalked-threatened-women-accusing-that-70s-show-actor-danny-masterson-of-assault-20190816/ some more to read here.
>Almost continuously since, Bixler and her husband have found her car doors open, found Scientology agents lingering outside of their home and peering into windows, had their home security system hacked and had mail taken from their home, the lawsuit says. Bixler was chased while driving, had Craigslists ads fraudulently posted in her name soliciting sex and other threats.
Shit is scary, I cannot believe how these victims are going on day to day.

No. 572114

At least people have been talking about how 40% of cops beat their wives, nobody really cared about domestic abuse until it helped with their cause.

I'm really impressed with how much traction BLM has gotten and think it's great, I just wish people had the same energy for women. We're getting murdered all the time too, just by partners instead of cops. But there's never going to be as much unity and widespread support because male identified women won't support feminism, they are so attached to the idea of love, marriage and kids that they don't want anything getting in the way of that. And men just really hate feminism, I don't know if I'd say they hate women more than minorities but I do think they all have more of a personal, vested interest in keeping women (aka their current or potential wives, daughters, gfs, pornstars, prostitutes, sex partners, etc) compliant and quiet.

No. 572116


i think i'm gonna cry too??

No. 572122

I kind of agree and want this, Hollywood is so disgusting I wouldn't be surprised if I heard about her coming after someone regarding sexual harassment.

I thought only people over 18 were allowed on this site, strange.

No. 572273

Just watched this whole thing and think it's a bunch of shit. There's no actual proof he groomed anyone underage. The closest thing we have is an email where he asks some girl who was 16 at the time, to "send a pic". Not a nude. Just a pic. And who even knows if he knew she was 16? Back then everyone lied about their age online, I know I did. Cancel culture needs to fuck off, guilty until proven innocent is Twitter's favourite and it's disgusting.

No. 572276

Why do you think any man wishes to make it in Hollywood? Easy access to women, idolization by women. A comedian once said anything a guy does that's impressive he's doing it to impress women, because men think with their dicks.

Sure they can say it's because their passion is acting or music or whatever. But the sad truth is this is a man's world and men are perverts. I wouldn't be surprised if all male actors have used their fame to take advantage of starstruck women.

No. 572289

"It's like watching someone die" i hate stupid men.

No. 572293

File: 1592569866584.jpg (33.24 KB, 640x640, d50e4bc860cac4b53bcd54a3666d57…)

An anon posted him on the /g/ thread a while back, I literally didn't care about his stand up or views but I loved his body
he had the exact natural body type that I find attractive in a man, God I hate that I can't fantasize about his body anymore

No. 572321

I just keep on thinking about a comment I once read. "If all the black people in the world were female, no one would care about black issues, at all". I think there's definitely true to what they said. After this and the thousands of people that turned out for 'Black Trans Lives Matter' (I've seen loads of posts praising black transwomen, barely anything about black transdudes, not surprising really), a lot of black women are saying BLM should just be called 'Black Males Lives Matter'.

Related I can't believe someone like For Harriet is literally entertaining the idea of "abolishing the police", black women and girls already feel unprotected. I feel like progressives are out here taking crazy pills.

No. 572330

File: 1592575983823.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, 1591231753350.gif)

Lmao anon

No. 572354

I have to admit anon, I laughed, I laugh because I know the same pain you do

No. 572365


how can you think that continuing a police force formed on the basis of misogyny and antiblackness is beneficial for black women and girls? because i also watch For Harriet, and I've listened to her arguments for police abolition (I also work in that field with community organizing).

Not only with the 40% spousal abuse rate that cops have in their own communities, but with the already existing distrust of police to investigate the rapes and sexual assault that already happens, especially that of black women and girls, wtf do you think the solution is other than abolishing the police and divesting those funds into women shelters and local community social services to actually do work on the ground to protect black women and girls?

No. 572369

>I can't believe someone like For Harriet is literally entertaining the idea of "abolishing the police", black women and girls already feel unprotected
I do wish the police were demilitarized and more focused on abuse cases. Unfortunately, police have literally said they would get rid of emergencies regarding abuse and rape first as an answer to being defunded. They already know they don't care about women. On top of the fact a lot of them are domestic abusers. But I do understand what your concern is. When the riots started, I remember the first account of chaos that happened unrelated to the government was a woman was reported being kidnapped and it was caught on camera. I cannot imagine what happened off camera.

No. 572389


More funding for women's shelters and social services is fantastic, community policing makes me concerned. Do the police have problems, of course they do, but there needs to be some kind of third party. (Maybe some people form a police community for another community? I don't know.)
I don't like how people are pretending black men can't be misogynistic. Oluwatoyin Salau recently went missing and was murdered, after tweeting about her assault by a black guy. It's already hard to call out black male abusers as it is and what if a perpetrator is in the actual 'replacement' police-force with a strong network around him? I'm concerned about a conflict of interest. Women and girls are /always/ having their concerns put on the back burner for men. Don't get me wrong, Anon. I want change, but there being no third party law and order worries me. That's why I'm #Reform the police.


Thanks, Nonnie. It's so depressing how much people just don't care about women.
It's all so tiresome.

No. 572393

i saw tweets where i girl says "i'm 17." to him multiple times and he keep pursuing. i'll see if i can find them. i understand the sentiment of innocent till proven guilty, but you have to understand how fucking low my and other womens trust in male celebrities is at base line. the very idea of being a celebrity allows for men to manipulate girls into showing their tits or sleeping with them out of clout

No. 572404

why not just have better standards when hiring manager police and giving them psychological evaluations

No. 572405

So, Ladies… Is it officially #metoo2.0? Because, Ansel Elgort has now been accused, and apparently it wasn't the only time.

No. 572417

File: 1592592743206.jpeg (346 KB, 946x2048, 5E04F51B-BEE8-4A5B-8D01-8B3592…)

#MeToo2, Electric Boogaloo? Take them all down.

victims story 1/2

No. 572418

File: 1592592767668.jpeg (334.37 KB, 946x2048, 15E1CE8D-484A-4893-BA3A-B53687…)

No. 572427

That was chilling to read, honestly
Never liked that dude anyway

No. 572429

I can hear this guy's defenders already.

>she clearly pursued him

>17 is legal in most states
>she obviously already consented
>not having a good experience doesn't make it rape
>she's probably mad he dumped her

He'll probably make some lame "if you felt uncomfortable, I apologize" apology and everyone will forget in a year (or less).

No. 572434

Sure whatever don’t care for that guy but WHY are all these “expose” always written in the most self-infantilizing “uwu I was only a wittle retard 17 year old baby” tone possible. It triggers such feelings of disgust and distrust in me tbh.

No. 572438

agreed 100% it's like she's trying to make it sound way more perverted than ti actually is. not to defend him but 17 is a normal age to be having sex and he would have been 22 at most. it's still gross but it's not like she was a child

No. 572453

Yeah, if he really did say shit like "We need to break you in" that's gross, but the age difference isn't really that creepy or weird. She didn't specify a date in that post but an article said this happened in 2014, and Elgort was born in 1994 so he would have been… only 20 years old, so saying he was "in his 20s" is really misleading. That makes it sound like he was 25 or something, not literally 20.
20 and 17 is mildly weird but it's really not that bad. In a lot of places that's legal under Romeo and Juliet laws.

No. 572454

he and his gf have been together since high school, I wonder how she feels about this.

No. 572478

I am SO fucking bummed about this one. He's like the first celeb I actually really really liked that's been exposed

No. 572482

Speaking of Ansel, I guess thar remake of West Side Story is supposed to come out this year and he plays Tony. He was in his mid 20s while filming but the actress who played Maria was barely 18. Anyone else find that slightly creepy. I know it’s just a movie and not an actual couple but still.

17 is still a child though.

I do agree with your point that’s she infantilizing herself to an extent though. Not to say that what he did wasn’t disgusting

No. 572519

I'm vaguely acquainted with someone who was one of the women claiming that James Franco sexually assaulted her. I don't think she was underage at the time, but still way too young for him to be pursuing. Crazy shit, but not really surprising, unfortunately.

There's not a single male celebrity that I wouldn't believe sexually assaulted at least one woman at this point. All of them have the capacity for it imo.

No. 572541

>I was only 5’2 and 98 pounds uwu I’m so tiny and delicate uwu
He’s very tall compared to that but he’s a skinny scrawny little pussy, she didn’t need to add this in. Like can she not humblebrag about how ~smol~ she is in her own rape confession? Jesus christ

No. 572542

2014? Damn that was the year he broke out on the scene with the fault in our stars and divergent. It's disgusting how male celebs using their rising platform to prey on their fans.

I won't be surprised to hear something about Chalamet next

No. 572546

I feel bad but I laughed at that part. Why does it matter what size you are when a man is forcing himself on you.

No. 572547

samefag, meant to reply to

No. 572548

File: 1592616870647.jpg (35.01 KB, 737x263, 83X5nWm.jpg)

Samefag but this is from an interview of his from a few years back

No. 572562

imagine being enough of a dumb bitch to fuck a famous guy simply because you like his comedy, meh he was 20 and she was 17, not that much of a difference. maybe im in the minority but i legit don't have any sympathy for this. I know kids are stupid, but so are young adults, how much personal responsibility can we give to each side. Maybe I'm being a bigot but fuck me if she isn't retarded

No. 572563

same anon, I really don't see that big of a deal for a 17 and 20 year old to be dating or having sex, I dated my ex-bf when I was 19 and he was just freshly 17 as well

No. 572565

holy shit, the internalized misogyny here is off the charts. why do you have more words of criticism for a woman who was sexually assaulted than for the man who sexually assaulted her? she said she was sobbing in pain and wanted to stop but he continued anyway. that is straight up rape. you all sound like a bunch of pickme "not like other girls" bitches who bought into the patriarchy and perpetuate an ideology that contributes to your own oppression

No. 572567

he's stupid attractive, went to one of his shows and FUCKKKK
my heart crack, why chris??

No. 572574

because women can't have nice things without men fucking it up

No. 572576

because she's stupid and gets rid of any sort of responsibility by saying "uwu i was 17 i was just a kid" what he did was wrong but I don't have to have any sympathy for her because she didn't have any standards it would be different if this had been a bf or anyone else but she literally only went after him because he was a celebrity

the issue isnt that she slept with him its the reason why she did it and it was a dumb as fuck one, i know 10 year olds who have better common sense than her, pretty common sense that idolizing celebrities is a bad idea, do dumb shit and well what do you know

and this isnt 4chan, no ones trying to be a pick me, they suck too. sorry we dont fit your little box bc we have a different opinion than you xoxo

No. 572578

okay but not every woman who's ever looked up to someone, including a celebrity, is cognitively brain dead for doing so, just because you think it's retarded doesn't mean it is.

a lot of girls have issues in their teens that urge them to pine after celebrities, some of them have no one else in their life to look up to, and attach themselves to celebrities for that reason. not to mention celebrities are super glorified by the media to be alluring to young women, and marketed to them. I'm sure everyone's had a celebrity crush at some point. it's bullshit to act like everyones above ever liking a celebrity or to have ever been attracted to one

teenagers make a lot of mistakes, not saying she couldn't have prevented it, but he took advantage of her being a fan after seeming to be decent and used his power to force her into a sexual situation. she was scared and felt like there was no other way out. the fundamental problem is that he used his power and height of fame as the lead in the fault in our stars to go after multiple fans and if you want to blame all of them for it, then it just makes you look like the asshole. coercion and forcing a girl to say yes to your sexual advances when you've trapped her is still rape

No. 572580

anon obviously it's fucked up that he fucking raped her, I don't feel that even needs to be pointed out. My point was that it doesn't matter how young old or small you are when a man is forcing himself on you while you cry. I know she probably feels pressured for various reasons to "validate" her status as a victim by infantilizing herself as much as possible, but that doesn't stop it from sounding stupid.

No. 572584

98lb is a normal weight for someone 5'2", it wasn't really necessary to add. I think the creepy things he said to her, and mentioning her age was enough to drive the point home.

No. 572586

Hello we are allowed to think rape is awful while also being able to point out the weird or embarrassing ways she phrased her note. Basically:
>Uwu I was such a smol baby
Meanwhile she's arranging sex dates with guys online but whatever. She was not a child, there was only a 3 year age gap, he seems like a massive creep, she phrased everything in a dumb way, the end.

No. 572592

Is it just me or is the tweet gone?

No. 572593

Chiming in on this, but I think it was probably really hard for her to write that knowing a bunch of stans were going to attack her for it, so she was probably trying to cover her bases by adding that she couldn't have overpowered him. I don't really think it's necessary to nitpick over the way she wrote her confession. I feel really bad for her

No. 572595

File: 1592624510628.jpg (48.54 KB, 680x340, DiXFgA--.jpg)

No. 572596

She deleted her account, but I found this repost with some more information:


No. 572597

They’re both insanely average at best kek. Rich kids who get roles despite having the charisma of a dead fish because their parents are well connected. Has he even done anything of note since The Fault in Our Stars?

He looks like the type of kid who keeps wrecking his Mustang and she looks like the girl who puts bible quotes in her Instagram bio but calls you a faggot at school.

No. 572598

Baby Driver

No. 572601

5’2 and 98 pounds is a 17.9 BMI, anon. That’s pretty underweight.

No. 572602

You’re very naive if you think an older famous guy messaging a 16 year old “for a pic” isn’t code for nudes. The reason he said pic is because he knew he’d eventually exposed and he’d need plausible deniability and have people cape for him.

I mean this with as much contempt as I can possibly muster in writing: go fuck yourselves.

No. 572607

What is the defining factor for calling it sexual assault? That she was underage? That he didn't ask if she wanted to stop? It does seem like she went into it willingly, didn't have a good time and is now calling it sexual assault. I say this as a person who was emotionally abused and coerced into sleeping with someone and while other people have called it sexual assault or rape, I never have because as much regret as I have, I consented at the time.

I have no doubt that he's a creep who was using his fame to get girls to sleep with him, because men are disgusting. But unless you're going solely off of her age, it seems to be in a really grey area as to whether it was assault or not. Maybe I'm missing something.
And no, I'm not a stan of this guy, I don't even know who he is.

No. 572615

>That he didn't ask if she wanted to stop?
this. if you're having sex with anyone, especially a virgin, shouldn't you ask them if they want to stop if they start sobbing? I'm not expecting him to be a mind reader, but it sounds like he didn't communicate at all besides essentially mocking her pain.

No. 572621

File: 1592632931023.jpg (40.39 KB, 453x680, EUityhtWsAIPW_e.jpg)

another girl posted convos from when she was 15 and Ansel was 21

No. 572622

File: 1592632981970.jpg (15.02 KB, 383x680, EUityh3X0AAgVW8.jpg)

No. 572624

this looks so fake

No. 572628

File: 1592637254597.jpg (127.31 KB, 1242x1525, Ea4n3pjX0AYjiOy.jpg)

kek they do look kinda fake, but the same girl posted more stuff

No. 572629

File: 1592637292100.jpg (190.9 KB, 996x2048, Ea5llDjXQAMxzog.jpg)

from his instagram, the day before he messaged her about being at the apple store (screenshot not mine).

No. 572643

this dude is so averge, verging on ugly wtf
people really give too much credit to white men for merely existing eh

No. 572649

I get elliot rodger vibes from him based on appearance alone. He just looks like the type of guy who'd like killing women.

No. 572652

All I've heard is he may have spread the clap at his uni.

No. 572668

Coercion is not consent. It’s not as bad as a straight up consent violation, but it’s still assault and a violation of your bodily autonomy.

No. 572695

I’m so tired of hearing people complaining about (mostly female) celebs ”not being self-made”.
Yeah I get that Taylor Swift/Lily Allen/you name it had their parents’ connections and change to get a education.
Life isn’t fair and celebrity culture is the product of media industry. If you are not listening only small indie artists then there’s no single one artist who got big without getting marketed and promoted.
The so called ”authenticity” is just a another selling point and there is no such a thing in a music industry.

No. 572742

Don’t care if I’m the asshole but the she’s stupid and so is he. Many girls have dated older guys. If you wanna get creepy Beyoncé met JayZ when she was 18 and he was in his 30s. 17 and 20 isnt a huge age gap it’s 3 years(thats freshman and senior in HS). He’s a creep yes but the amount of attention of the UwU I was so “small” and so so “young” victim looks sus.

No. 572744

>"uwu im was such a widdle 17 year old and he was a big mean 20 year old uwu"

Lmao a 17 year old girl and a 20 year old guy is mentally the same age. If she had just stuck to the coercion it would have been a much better story. The poor me im a baby shit is embarrassing and makes it seem fake as shit.

No. 572757

File: 1592669511070.png (148.78 KB, 2304x1182, bruh.png)

idk the pixels around it look copy pasted onto a cleaner background. any more graphics-educated anons wanna take a look? looks weird af to me

No. 572765

I agree. The power dynamic of him being a celeb and her being a fan is a much bigger issue than her being 17. In this day and age, having sex at 17 is pretty normal. She was acting like she was 12 or something.
I'm not saying he wasn't a creep or didn't assault her, but she focused on the wrong thing in her story.

No. 572796

the uneven wolors tend to stick around any thing that's not uniform and they appear less in the solid-color zones of a picture, but i'm not quite sure, maybe the white parts are too white and also the uneven pixels are really regular around the text.
i'm all ears if more knowledgeable anons have ways to tell if a screenshot is altered

No. 572874

Some of y'all only watched Twilight and it shows

No. 572909

File: 1592695050983.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1125x1714, DDB00D3F-B28E-4115-8899-59AE03…)

Probably old milk but here’s Lana with blonde hair and face caked with half-assed makeup

No. 572910

where the fuck are her eyebrows is the real question

No. 572915

I think she forgot to do ‘em kek

Does eyeliner leave permanent stains on the skin? ‘Cause there’s a faint line on her left eye above her wing

No. 572920

the sun is shining down on her face

No. 572923

I don't see it either and I hope she surprises us all, but Diana wasn't exactly dramatic so it'll probably be a lot of silence and deadpan anyway. I don't understand why she would pick that role, from what I've read it's just about a weekend where Diana realizes she doesn't want to be a part of the royal family, not even touching on her political efforts or her death. Who even wants to see that when it misses the most interesting parts? The royal family isn't fashionable right now, a study on the feelings of a white middle class woman isn't going to have mass appeal.

No. 572927

Exactly. you can literally see the other eyebrow which the sun doesn't fall on.
She's blonde. >>572910 is nitpicky as fuck

No. 572941

Lana is pretty but her style recently is 50 yo wine mum, just awful. I still kek at her calling herself delicate and glamorous.

No. 572943

These normies just now finding out about pedogate thinking any politician is clean, YIKES!

No. 572960

Honestly never got "glam" from her looks, she's more of a girl next door to me. She is reasonably pretty but does have a weird pudgy face and bad proportions.

No. 572974

File: 1592710634017.png (428.62 KB, 648x818, ansel.png)

Obligatory note app apology

No. 572979

You would think that if the allegations were made up, he'd spend more time debunking and denying them, instead of apologizing for ghosting her? Maybe he's building a legal case against her and can't say anything else. It is sus, though.

No. 572980

I mean it's not really something you can debunk. The only other way to deny it other than saying simply that it wasn't what happened is by writing a play by play of what did happen which I think would probably be in pretty bad taste.

No. 572983

File: 1592713622896.jpg (377.98 KB, 1125x1918, EbANH9xWAAEhTEy.jpg)

We got another one. She was assaulted by Bieber.

To me it just sounds like normal groupie stuff, but they mention they excluded some details so maybe it's worse than it seems.

No. 572984

File: 1592713648891.jpg (396.73 KB, 1092x1919, EbANH9xXgAABfxT.jpg)

No. 572986

File: 1592713776625.jpg (391.96 KB, 1088x1916, EbANIA6XsAcS_xm.jpg)

No. 572987

File: 1592714014024.jpg (278.08 KB, 1097x1854, EbANIA8X0AIM7X6.jpg)

No. 572988

This reads like fan fiction and considering it's anonymous with no pictures for 'proof' I find it hard to take it seriously. It's definitely possible but I don't know how many people are going to be convinced by this realistically.

No. 572989

It read like an 15 years old erotica fanfiction

>sexually assaulted without consent

Kek, didn't know there were consented assaults. The more you know

No. 572991

this literally sounds like a wattpad fanfiction, sorry. and she was a year older lmao, that doesn't look good

No. 572992

File: 1592714506148.png (359.03 KB, 1097x865, IVtyCyz.png)

This is fanfic. People are just making up stuff at this point.

No. 572993

>completely anonymous account
>fanfic tier details

i generally believe the accusations that come out, but kek

i do think there's a weird movement that's decided that any sex that isn't perfect is assault

No. 572996

She's currently quote-Tweeting herself to various accounts, but as it's a new account nobody can see the replies.

Her main Tweet has shot up from 33 to 416 likes in the last few minutes.

No. 572997

File: 1592714903330.png (26.54 KB, 744x176, NScDXW1.png)

from a Teen Vogue/MTV writer

No. 572998

Right, it seems naive to expect gentle, respectful sex when you're hooking up with a celebrity. Most non-celebrity men aren't respectful, and that's when they have max 3 other potential mates lined up. How would a guy with hundreds of women lined up be more respectful than an average Joe? idgi

These are more like the traditional tell-alls where the person expects payment for their celebrity encounter story. It kinda sullies the #metoo movement when they are now describing what is unfortunately, a pretty normal event for most women.

No. 572999

Now at 1.6k likes, looks like this will go viral too.

No. 573000

kpop stans are currently spamming the replies with "I'm so sorry this happened to you"

I noticed they do this with other Tweets too, always virtually the same comment spammed+kpop profile pic. Not sure if they're bots or this is an algorithm tactic they use.

No. 573003

the audacity of kpop stans astound me, like the male idols they worship are prob doing the same shit (see: the burning sun scandal). worshiping celebrities (esp male ones) in this day and age should legally be considered a mental illness.

No. 573004

I want to believe, but this honestly sounds like someone's celeb x reader AO3 fanfic.

No. 573006

i fully believe we should call men out for the way we treat women, but in a lot of ways the whole idea of assault has become almost a meme

i lost my virginity to a very attractive man while drunk and it went horribly, even though i was initially down with the whole thing. my friends later told me i was raped and i went with it, because i thought sex was supposed to be perfect and loving. luckily one of my friends tore into me for saying i was raped when i had consensually gone into the whole thing, even if i regretted it after. i think people need to realize that sex can be unhealthy for you but not assault

No. 573007

Unfortunately if you try criticizing kpop stan's celebrity worship they'll just cry racism.


No. 573012

It's at 10k+ likes and 7k retweets now and it keeps growing how the fuck.

No. 573014

A lot of women's first sexual experiences now are getting hit and choked by some Tinder chump. I would consider that rape because no virgin is going into it expecting noncon violence with a stranger. But non-violent sex which is just a bit shitty isn't assault, or at least on the sliding scale of what a woman might possibly experience it isn't.

Maybe a good consequence of shitty sex being recategorized as assault is guys being discouraged from doing it. We can dream.

No. 573016

twitter is genuinely a cult. you retweet what your followers retweet and you don't question it. i used to think there were exceptions but i recently tried to have a genuine conversation with my roommate and she couldn't stop nonsensically regurgitating popular takes

No. 573021

File: 1592720463886.jpg (70.6 KB, 594x1024, 9GwTep1.jpg)

Already proven false. Apparently stolen from a Wattpad fanfic

No. 573022

File: 1592720572011.jpg (61.67 KB, 382x679, cr5hCKn.jpg)

No. 573025

File: 1592721068042.png (214.14 KB, 1440x1017, vjg5757.png)

Kpop stans are already swarming this Tweet from 2014:

No. 573038

Skai Jackson got doxxed.

Honestly, she comes off as a brat in this whole doxxing situation. I'm not against exposing racists but fuck, go after actually adults who say actually racist shit. Not fucking 13 year olds who sing along to a song that contains the word "nigga." Not that I'm defending that either but doxxing someone isn't the way to teach them that isn't okay. If anything, it's gonna make them more hatteful and resentful.

Also she doxxed the wrong people a few times and didn't really seem to care about the careless damage she caused.

No. 573050

I know that one can't just say that attractive/rich men don't rape but…it's fucking Justin Bieber. He could either get the hottest models or he could also get 1000s of very underage girls to act out all kinds of deviant fetishes and they'd gladly take it without ever complaining because he's like their god. So why would he do that to a random girl? Rich and powerful men can silence women they've hurt or wronged, it wouldn't take much to pay a this one to keep her mouth shut, there's no way he would just let her run free telling everybody about it, the entire thing is just so unrealistic. Weinstein and Co are different, they need money, coercion or force since no women would willingly touch them otherwise, but JB and the likes don't have that problem.

And that shit the Anselm Elgort, people are really spreading that he's a pedo. Has everybody lost their minds? 17 and 20, an age difference of just 3 years is not only not illegal, it isn't even morally wrong, they very likely looked the same that's not pedophilia. If anything, you could mock the "older" person for being slighly dumb or slow for being with a teen, but he's not a predator.

No. 573071

File: 1592734138961.jpg (544.75 KB, 1080x1080, gh5765.jpg)

Not gonna post all the caps since it appears to be false, but another girl claims to be assaulted in a story which doesn't make much sense (going to the bathroom, a bed appears)

It's a mess but worth looking at:


No. 573074

The first person "Danielle" deleted all her spam Tweets and now is acting suprised that this Tweet took off. She quote Tweeted herself in about 20 viral Tweets about assault, (which is where I saw it) plus news agencies and pop gossip accounts.

So she's now pretending she didn't actively promo this Tweet. The next obviously false story by a stan followed by Bieber, all written in the note app and formatted exactly the same way is making me think it's a viral news story/promo inspired by the Ansel/Gabby story.

No. 573075

File: 1592735054701.jpg (181 KB, 1080x638, vhhcg576.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 573076

>found my jeans
Ima press x on that

No. 573077


Absolute tinfoil but I'm now thinking Bieber wrote this about himself, and the stan posting her obvious fanfiction was maybe also orchestrated by him.

No. 573078

I missed that, these stories are written so oddly.

No. 573082

metoo was misappropriated by rich white celebrity women turning it into some kind of ~fashion statement~ because nothing in the world, especially hollywood, should ever be handled carefully and seriously, and instead it’s easier to slap a retarded black dress on and say awareness is raised or whatever.

don’t start believing them until they redistribute their millions, which will never happen.

No. 573083

File: 1592737192294.jpg (365.54 KB, 1080x1080, hhgvj.jpg)

No. 573084

I agree but was it misappropriated? What was it before that because as far as I was aware that's all it ever was? It's had essentially no tangible benefits to non rich or non white women

No. 573088

Yeah, 4chan got involved, which can't be anything good. I heard their plan to get tweets/Snapchat from liberal journalists and send them to her hoping she'll doxx them. They will prove its fake, so all those she doxxed will have reasonable doubt attached to them.
They are horrible and racist themselves, more than these kids being called out and I would feel sorry for her, but once you doxx (multiple) people, you can't be surprised to get doxxed back. Unlike the kids though, she has the class/economic privilege to hire security if she feels her safety is comprised.

No. 573143

That danielle stuff just reads like a teen's attempt at erotic fanfic.

But fuck caring about celebrities, either way.

No. 573163

This is the same girl behind the "I want to star in a Netflix series. Twitter, do your thing" post.
Wouldn't be surprised if this is just more ragebait for relevance.
On another note, she has a sort of similar look to Ashley Moore (who Bieber seemed into for a second).

No. 573164

File: 1592747946264.jpg (63.1 KB, 1024x999, EbBJUBLWsAIV6op.jpg)

anon have you read that?? it's literally nothing like the statement, his stans keep pushing this wattpad fanfic narrative and lol it's so desperate

that convo is false, some of his fans made it up, it's also just her saying that he wasnt there but what we see here >>573025 proves that he was

weird that so many anons dont believe the allegations against him when it's completely in character and it's such a small concert that no one, not even his super fans would probably know about, like how would they know that he was in the Four Seasons that date if it didnt happen? Ansel's allegations happened literally yesterday, this si a really small time to plot this so perfectly

No. 573166

File: 1592748251509.jpg (68.19 KB, 662x1023, EbBJSygWoAYa5v7.jpg)

more on the convo being fake

No. 573170

File: 1592748928969.png (257.08 KB, 1440x1196, wattpad.png)

Here's the relevant part of the wattpad story, I especially love the last line in this paragraph.

No. 573171

She had it coming. If you publicly doxx people make sure you're safe and nobody can doxx you. Pathetic.

No. 573173

>He takes of his boxer “say hi to jerry”.
Kek this can’t be serious

No. 573176

I wonder how kpop stans would react if somebody came forth with an allegation against a popular idol….

No. 573178

it already happened with the Burning Sun/Seungri situation and it's almost exactly the same as how people are reacting with Justin Bieber

No. 573179

That shit has happened, see seungri.

No. 573193

Am I supposed to feel bad for her? Because that's what happens when you play with fire and act like a calloused cunt about it.

No. 573201

File: 1592753502696.png (54.22 KB, 796x178, ofnw1.png)

Apparently, whoever tried to dox her actually got the wrong address (addresses?), so their "revenge" actually ended up putting them on the same level as her. Endless cycle.

No. 573212

he has a name for his penis and it’s Jerry?? wtf is this 70’s judy blume shit my fucking sides

No. 573219

I said a popular idol, like a bts member. I know about the burning sun scandal

No. 573223

Now you're just baiting

No. 573327

File: 1592775589464.jpeg (69.53 KB, 576x1024, colesprouse.jpeg)

…and now cole sprouse? these are starting to seem fake and i HATE saying that.

No. 573328

There was a rumor that Cole spread chlamydia at NYU tho, and another rumor that Timothee Chalamet did the same thing

No. 573329

okay but this person is accusing him of rape, that's two very different things.

No. 573331

does anyone have a link to the full tweet? although I agree that DMs/pics/evidence would be credible…

also can they focus on guys like Franco who have preexisting accusations instead? guess not?

No. 573334

Can we talk about Cole sprouse trying to be meatloaf in that season 4 episode of riverdale. Man's should have stuck to his guns and never sang. Also Matthew Perry called he wants his schtick back

No. 573335

I can believe the Ansel thing (even if the girl was infantalizing herself, it still seemed like sexual assault) but everything else seems like clout chasing tbh.

No. 573336

I always though he was annoying af. I never really watched Zack and Cody so I don't really have nostalgic feelings towards him. I remembered when he joined Tumblr, made an ass out of himself, and then claimed it was a "social experiment" lmao

No. 573337

That's because they most likely are fake. Like those pedophile human trafficking claims about Mitski and Hillary Duff from awhile ago.

No. 573341

When was the Hilary Duff thing proven fake? From what I remember, she had that creepy-ass photo sitting there, then just had everyone who talked about it deleted/banned, lmao. Did she ever explain?

No. 573350

nobody cares about him anymore, he’s already in court over some stuff with former students. bieber and sprouse are culturally relevant ATM

No. 573352

i hope we get to see soren jump on this "trend" and claim that someone famous also visited his baby snuff rape warehouse factory and he's a #victim too

No. 573354

I wouldn’t be surprised if she had some skeletons in her closet but the whole “she’s pimping out her young son” always sounded far fetched. Sometimes the truth is creepy but not that extravagant.

No. 573359

This one seems super fake, bot account with basically no other tweets. Some people are saying it was a purposefully spread false rumor to “prove” that these are all false allegations or something?? I’m honestly so fucking over Twitter, it’s an actual cesspool incomparable with any other social media site

No. 573363

This story is weird for me because my ma put me on birth control at 16 cause i had a 19 year old bf. I've never even thought about the fact he was 20 and fucking me while I was 17. All parents were totally cool with it. His 2 year younger brother molested me tho but I never told anyone.

When the guy molested me I said stop and struggled but he held me down. Does her account mention anything like this? I guess there would be stage fright or whatever in front of a celebrity tho, a power imbalance. I guess you can only take people at their word? But courts need proof. Really I've no strong opinion on the matter but forced sexual experiences are awful and I wouldn't wish them on anyone.

No. 573365


I went on a date with a guy awhile ago and he spoke as if he was making tweets and was obsessed with his phone to the point that I called him out and asked him if he would take a break from it… jesus christ.

It was as if the guy was fucking brainwashed, nothing he said seemed authentic whatsoever, it was like his brain was just a twitter feed. He was an absolute man child as well, and seemed to think his edgy "centrist" views were so enlightened when really everything he said was super narrow minded with zero nuance or empathy. Yikes.

People like that seem tainted. It's almost scary how "off" social media addicted people are.

No. 573385

File: 1592793512543.jpg (208.26 KB, 728x1120, ZCCPRd1.jpg)

No. 573386

File: 1592793561521.jpg (261.04 KB, 728x1332, kQglN8v.jpg)

No. 573387

File: 1592793615628.jpg (330.3 KB, 727x1837, 79iq0Tb.jpg)

No. 573388

File: 1592793666623.jpg (170.37 KB, 714x842, UNkUJWm.jpg)

No. 573391

it's starting to look like it was a false accusation. as much as i dislike biebs for different reasons, these are serious allegations that have real life consequences. this hurts real victims too and hurts there chances of coming out

No. 573398

NGL, bieber was probably molested when he was young, if he's innocent, he should take this shit to court. hate celebrities as much as the next person but these notes app accusations are becoming tedious

No. 573400

Having a naked pic of your own kid on your fridge doesn't mean anything and you'd have to be next level retarded to post an instagram video of you pointing it out if you were actually pimping them out. It's obviously just internet brainlets who treat real peoples lives as part of their pizzagate ARG over-reaching for new content.

No. 573416

File: 1592802543454.jpg (63.9 KB, 680x673, EbFG7LUXYAA2FzE.jpg)

It's interesting he is only denying the Danielle one, and not the more fake seeming Kadi one which also did numbers.

Here's a Tweet from the Danielle account, deleted now.

No. 573427

These false accusations are getting way out of hand. They are all registering false as fuck to me. What are these girls getting out of it? Attention from the ones they seek? They all have the same story of “I can’t believe I was alone in a room with ___!” They are starting to seem so manufactured. It’s not possible all these young men act the same exact way with woman, it’s just not logical. Their famous, they could get pussy anywhere; honestly it just doesn’t make sense.
He has been suffering from severe anxiety etc. he does seem like someone who was assaulted as a child to me. Or at the least he seems very traumatized by fame.

No. 573431

I don't know, anon, did you actually see the pic? If that (and the intense damage control) seem completely normal to you, I don't really know what to say. Like, if it was nothing, a normal parent would want to clear things up quick and say the actual story behind the pic.
We'll probably never know the full truth of it, but to call it "fake" when literally nothing was proven one way or the other is weird.
>pizzagate ARG
I'll never understand how society literally got shown the "pedos in power" shit was real, multiple times, with Epstein, Jimmy Saville, Dan Schnieder and others, and then suddenly reset back to "pizzagate fake there is no pedo cabal it's just an ARG go to bed schizo".

No. 573432

I wouldn't be surprised if he was molested if he was young either. Didn't he come from trailer trash? Altough upper middle class/rich kids can and do get molested too, I feel like lower class backgrounds are a breeding group for that kind of behavior considering how unstable they are.

Idk if he's a rapist but he definitely has issues. The way he treats Hailey is obviously emotional abuse.

No. 573464

>The way he treats Hailey is obviously emotional abuse
Details on this?

No. 573468

>and the intense damage control
As if accusing any other public figure of pimping their own kid out would go over better.
>but to call it "fake" when literally nothing was proven one way or the other is weird.
Yeah that's why it's fake. The burden of proof is on the people making the claim. I could make an accusation that you're a pedo which is why you're so interested in pictures of naked kids and you couldn't disprove it but it doesn't make it true. Actually that's a more believable allegation than being apart of a child sex slavery ring or whatever OTT drivel.
>Epstein, Jimmy Saville
Those cases are real beacuse there's dozens of victims and witnesses who came forward, you know like a real crime in the real world, not this braindead "lol did you see that weird IG post? the hidden symbols hurrr" actual autism.

No. 573472

Noah Bradley is being cancelled. Warren Ellis is getting cancelled.
What is up with this year?

No. 573475

>As if accusing any other public figure of pimping their own kid out would go over better.
What are you even talking about?
>I could make an accusation that you're a pedo […]
If you called me a pedo, it'd probably safely go ignored because I don't have photos of naked children just chilling, just saying. If I did have that for whatever reason (or anything else that would cast suspicion on me), I'd be very quick to clear up the confusion if I wasn't a pedo. Silence looks pretty shady.
>Actually that's a more believable allegation than being apart of a child sex slavery ring or whatever OTT drivel.
Weren't you the first person to have brought up Hilary Duff and child sex slavery rings to begin with? All I said is that the photo in itself was creepy in response to you mentioning it. Hope you're not trying to tell us something.
Anyway, you can't say something is definitively "fake" unless it's actually been debunked. It's not a debate where one side must defend an argument, it's just something that's been noticed by people, and then buried suspiciously.
Until it's been debunked, it's just "unproven" (and no, "unproven" and "fake" are not actually the same thing). What exactly is meant to be fake, anyway? The photo? Because that's all we have right now, and your guess on what it's about is as good as anyone's.
The Mitski thing is different because it was actually proven to be false with evidence of the accuser lying a lot, stories/timelines not matching up, his family corroborating that he's mentally ill and apologizing for his behavior, and Mitski actually acknowledging the allegations (you know, like an innocent person would do, lmao).
>literal photo of a naked child with no explanation whatsoever
>a "hidden symbol"
Okay, anon.

No. 573493

Actually not surprised by the Warren Ellis accusation, he's always been a creep

No. 573497

From my own personal anecdotal experience and accounts of personal friends, I will say a factor involved could simply be all these men are drug users. I know most of them are known to sniff coke and probably meth etc. Those drugs are notorious for users breaking normal boundaries and acting overtly sexual. There are so many unassuming people who act completely off the rails when using. Especially in an atmosphere they facilitates their desires being met. I've been groped and harassed by people using when I haven't been and its extremely unpleasant. I've had a man make aggressive advances and expose himself to me even with witnesses but he was off his face so it was not serious. I was dating a man who let another man's behaviour around groping me, grappling me to suck my neck and expose himself to me and ask me back to a hotel room because he sold him gear. Before I ended they relationship I was made to endure that man's company several times even being reduced to tears in the bathroom trying to compose myself. Addicts can be absolutely heartless and self focused. They can be extremely destructive in the route of self preservation. Why I'm stating all this is because I can absolutely believe that sexual abuse stories can be similar and that a lot of men do follow a similar pattern in how to coerce girls. I swear there's a fucking codebook out there, so much of it is textbook. Justin and Selena in 2014 if I'm not mistaken were both heavy cocaine users. Not saying everyone who uses those drugs is a sexual offender or can't control themselves but I know of a drug culture were what happens during a sesh isnt suppose to have real world ramifications. Apparently everything is let to slide. I really hate people who glamorise those drugs. There can be a really seedy aspect to them

No. 573512

This is going to sound very crass, but I'm surprised that the PR move is to generally admit to the allegations. If I was a scumbag male celebrity, I'd double down on denying it because for a lot of the allegations there's no way to prove it.

No. 573586

File: 1592846689806.jpeg (57.64 KB, 980x653, F8099503-E179-424C-BA7F-9B086B…)

While biebs seemed to have a past with drugs, he also has a past with “bad bitch” older women that are prostitutes. Remember when that hooker filmed him sleeping? And if you google Justin Bieber “prostitute” a lot of different stories and pictures pull up of him paying for sex. Why would he rape some dorky little fan when he has a hooker addiction and Selena to fuck, legitimately doesn’t add up. Plus, again these are handsome young men with plenty of women literally daydreaming to sleep with them. Like you said, that’s one person you dealt with on drugs that literally means nothing, sorry anon. These accusations make no logical sense to me and there’s too many with the exact same scenario and similar wording. And all the boat load of counter “evidence” with hundreds of people on Twitter debunking/ fueling it. It’s just Twitter bullshit at this point, Twitter is full of liars and story tellers. I was raped as a kid Idk, maybe I’m bias, maybe I know rapists more

No. 573592

>Why would he rape some dorky little fan when he has a hooker addiction and Selena to fuck, legitimately doesn’t add up

You know nothing about the psychology of rapists if you think like this.

I haven't looked into the JB situation so I'm not weighing in on it but your reason why he wouldn't have raped someone doesn't make sense.

No. 573601

this reeks of scrote who makes ackshually posts or underage. Or both.

If you're a scrote fuck off. You'd rape anything that moves if you were horny/high enough and you know it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 573604

File: 1592849679225.jpg (148.07 KB, 727x797, cole.jpg)

No. 573607

That’s legitimately not true, the idea that all men or drug abusers are rapists is so illogical it hurts. Cry scrote because I made completely valid points, I’m sure that will make your argument more plausible.
Have you ever met an actual rapist? I have. They are more stereotypical than you’d think. Literally, if he is buying sex why would he rape some random little fan with no appeal to him, people do have personality types and preferences. Generalizations serve no purpose and seriously make no sense. Try using your brain and think; hm is he a real person? Or is he a lizard that has a robot rapist brain? Do y’all not get that these are actual complex people? Crying rape is damaging to people like ME

No. 573620

they just sound like a retard who has a vendetta against justin. Not believing obviou false allegations is not ''scrote'' its just common sense.
And you know what i bet she is the same anon who is silent about jason momoa or henry cavill. She should worry about actual predators

No. 573622

tbh I find it hilarious tht all these clearly fake accusations come out and all these celebrities still have to scramble to make a pr defense over nothing

No. 573623

There’s a pap video where he slams a car door right on her face
There’s also another video where there in a arcade and he’s screaming at her because she beat him at a game. She posted it on her Instagram and tried to pass it off as ~*cute.

That’s the examples I can think of the top of my head. It doesn’t seem like a healthy relationship at all.

No. 573627

wherever he is emotionally toxic or not does not change the fact that these are False allegations.
Reminds me of a anon in the shane thread who insinuated that James deserved the false allegations because he is a art thief.

No. 573631

I didn’t say he was a rapist. In fact, I claimed otherwise in my original post.

All I just said is that he seems emotionally abusive to Hailey because anon asked about it.

No. 573639

lel for real. honestly if youre recounting a rape why in the fuck would you call it a "steamy makeout session" and why would you include a detail about him "tracing his fingers along my underwear ~" it just sounds too much like litrotica.
rape victims would just list the bare minimum of what happened, almost clinically describing it.
could it have happened sure but i highly fucking doubt it.

No. 573641

Rape isn't only about being horny. Sometimes being a loser that can't score leads to feelings of powerlessness that can lead to wanting to take someone's control away. Sometimes, people that are too sexually dissatisfied (being everything handed to you like JB can do it to ya) or people who have been made to feel powerless before (like a child star) but are no longer exploited could also be drawn to wanting to take away someone else's agency, with a sexual twist.

There are some rapists that are mostly just horny dudes I suppose but in the western world it's usually about control since sex isn't a huge taboo and more people are willing to fuck casually unlike somewhere in west asia.

What I'm saying is "JB is hot so he can't be a rapist" is a really retarded thing to think. The fanfic tier accusation I did not buy, but it's not impossible for someone like him to be a rapist.

No. 573642

It was more than one person I've dealt with. I've been at several drug dens ran by gang members. There were hookers there too brought in for these parties. I kept it very tame in my post you have no idea. Why would a male pay for something if he can get it for free? You understand at the level celebrities are using drugs they'll be doing other shit to get their buzz too. Sorry anon but you sound absolutely naive. I suppose you think legalising prostitutes would stop rape and human trafficking…

No. 573645

Also pimps, whores and drugs go hand in hand. A lot of dealers will also know pimps and introduce clients to them etc. Honestly. I've known two pimps both younger than me (I'm only 29) that have taken their life's due to their nefarious jobs. Funny the amount of friends a pimp will have in life but his funeral is a pretty woeful affair

No. 573651

I was the anon who asked, thank you. wow, I did not know about these

No. 573657

No one said he is hot so he can’t be a rapist, it’s just less likely he’s a rapist because of his attributes, personality, etc. It’s highly unlikely for someone like that to be a rapist. Like I stated, rapists are mostly stereotypical types, we can’t be saying this pseudo intellectual bullshit, just armchairing rapist mental statistics. You said it yourself in the beginning of your post, described real rapists but lost me on the JB shit. I don’t know where the whole trend of accusing these types of people of rape, but it’s so far from left field. What I mean by that is at this point we’re going to be accusing fucking Beyoncé of rape next. With people like Harvey Weinstein; women with actual faces, lives, and proof of literally knowing him came out with their stories and had him charged. These are anon twitter accounts that I’ve seen people posting that they have the same IP’s. One person seems to be making blank accounts and just posting false allegations.
You sound naive; I’ve been raped, I know how rapists think and act. Trust that I fucking know what I’m talking about. You can pick a rapist out of a fucking hay stack once you’ve been assaulted. There’s just something in me that knows this is fake. Rapists don’t buy sex and if they do “buy” it; they ain’t fucking paying hunny. They’ll rape the prostitute too. Sexual deviance is a repeated behavior, not a one time oppsie. Off topic but buying women is ingrained into hip hop culture, I think celebs buy women because it’s safer than having sex with a fan or random. You can make it contractual and more of a “business” transaction.

No. 573672

>it’s highly unlikely for someone like that to be a rapist
Where’d u get your stats. Seems like it’s rampant in Hollywood.
>it was never said he couldn’t rape because he could get anyone
Basically what this anon was saying.. I assume this is the post the ayrt was referencing. I took it the same way.

I’m not saying this may not be bullshit but you can’t say he’s less likely to rape because of his position, personality, or attributes because you sound just like he could never rape because of who he is. What

No. 573675

Uh yeah dumbass that’s exactly what the fuck I’m saying, RAPISTS ARE USUALLY STEROTYPICAL RAPISTS. Justin Bieber is the last type of human who is going to seem likely to be an ACTUAL REPEAT VIOLENT RAPIST. Like what the fuck use your brain huh, stop letting the internet persuade you into thinking criminals aren’t going to seem like criminals. Yes be wary of all humans but this shit is laughable. What your green texting barely makes sense to me, yes if someone doesn’t seem like a dangerous fucking criminal they probably fucking aren’t one. Jesus Christ

No. 573679

if you think 17 and 20 are mentally the same age, you're either stunted and immature or just delusional. not saying i agree that it's a ~terrifying~ age gap but for me and everyone i grew up with massive shit changes between the age of 17 and 20.

No. 573684

He fits the stereotype that I'd expect to be a rapist.

No. 573689

Than you’ve never been raped. I have. I can repeat myself all day. Just cause you don’t like fuck boys doesn’t make them violent rapists. That’s a bullshit narrative that takes away from actual victims and shields real rapists.

No. 573691

wtf do you think a rapist stereotype is? A ugly, evil looking hooded stranger in a dark alley? A rich, spoiled brat who feels entitled to women by virtue of nobody ever saying no to him is EXACTLY the sort of guy I'd expect to ignore a 'no'. It's delusional to think guys who can get sex easily don't rape or abuse, they're used to getting their way at all times.

I haven't been keeping up with the drama and know nothing about the situation, but as far as JB goes, I wouldn't be surprised for a second.

No. 573700

Ew, what a fucking creep. And we all know how gross male nerds are. They are just are predatory. If not, worse.

No. 573703

Actually yes, that is exactly what I mean. Men like Justin Bieber are literally not likely to be violent serial rapists. A disgusting looking piece of shit creep is exactly what most serial rapists look like. And even if they don’t LOOK like that, they are usually social inept or display, without considering it to be “strange”, repeat inappropriate behavior. Be glad you haven’t interacted with enough rapists to know. I’m sorry you think every attractive fuck boy sterotype equals violent serial rapist. Never did i say those types don’t commit these acts but is it literally less likely than your ugly creepy neighbor child molester? Uhm fucking D U H

No. 573747

>rapists are mostly stereotypical types
This isn't true at all.
You keep repeating the same thing about "violent serial rapists". Who actually said that? There are different kinds of rape, you realize? It's not all the same, please stop with the black and white thinking.

No. 573771

>"Relax. They're all okay."

This part in particular really makes me want to believe this. I know multiple people who have worked with Bieber (I worked with a small production company for a few years), and this is exactly the way they have described his personality. Very dismissive of others' emotions, particularly if he's being accused of causing anyone distress. One guy in particular who worked with him did so around this same time period that "Danielle" did, when he was still dating Selena. The way that he described their relationship made it sound like Justin gaslit her a lot.

Regardless of whether or not you believe me, or "Danielle," I'm honestly pretty surprised that so many anons in this thread apparently don't believe that JB would do something like this. The guy is an absolute fucking sleazebag and always has been. It's really not hard to find accusations from people who went to school with him, lived in the same town as him, etc, claiming he was an asshole and a relentless bully even as a little kid. He is exactly the kind of man who would sexually assault a woman. Almost nobody has good things to say about him.