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File: 1453839210513.png (1.07 MB, 1080x400, image.png)

No. 73039

>PULL 1.0 was deleted
>PULL 2.0 was made but also deleted within a week
>PULL 3.0 (current version) is its own website so it won't be deleted
>all the oldfags from 1.0 jumped ship and disappeared when 1.0 was deleted
>3.0 now populated by 12 year old edgelords

No. 73040

File: 1453839275146.png (104.39 KB, 695x285, image.png)

No. 73041

There's already a PULL thread fam

No. 73042

The one with the old deviantart-y banner hit post limit FAM. If there's another one, link me and I'll delete this one. I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 73043

>implying /cow/ is bullying done for no reason but fun
Sure was written by some newfag.

No. 73044

I'm glad pull 1.0 got deleted. hopefully none of the stupid shit I said there will haunt me.

No. 73045

Archive.org tho.

No. 73046

i'm glad it got deleted just because it was a cesspool.
it brings me a certain amount of joy whenever I consider the amount of lulz that were harvested from its userbase, though. I mean, OrangeCitrus, Mila, ToxicTears…I think Peachmilky was on there for a while as well, too, even though she has the sense to keep her head down and avoid rising to cow-tier.

No. 73047

ToxicTears? You mean peachy's friend? Why would she be there? As a memebr or snowflake?

No. 73048

The only thing I miss about 1.0 are a few threads that were a good archive with photos for some of the shitty lolcows like JNig and little snowflakes that need to be kept in check. I made an account for 3.0 sometime after it went up but now I just can't be bothered. All the good evidence that was compiled against JNig to laugh at is too damn hard to compile by oneself.

No. 73049

I miss OC tbh. That was some fun drama.

No. 73050

Haha yeah that shit was. She was easily the most stupid and crazy member on that board.

No. 73051


>Teehee muh dad is dead, thank you Elmo

No. 73052

ToxicTears was def. a member of PULL in the past. I remember seeing her post to the 'photoshop me!' thread or something like that. She was much thinner then, but you could tell that her pics were edited to hell and back anyways.
She tried to be visibly 'nice' in threads, but her posts always rubbed me the wrong way somehow. She was trying to cultivate the 'goth Dakota Rose 2.0' persona at the time, so her idea of this was to make every post painfully, unrealistically 'nicey' and saccharine.

No. 73053


OC still has a thread up here >>150704

No. 73054

Remember the time PULLtards got super triggered over a video someone made about why people hate Venus Angelic? They were pretty legit reasons and mostly bashing Psycho Margo. They were basically mad that someone had the guts to do what they couldn't. Lol

No. 73055

Holy shit their banner is incredible, though. Why don't WE get banners as cool as that, admin-sama?! WHYYyyyy

No. 73056

same here anon. I regret my presence in 1.0, rip juvenile me.

No. 73057

She left after everyone refused to call that BJD person who painted their dolls with blood a He. She was screaming about using their correct pronouns and mostly everyone told her to shove it. This was before that person was even on hormones, when they were still begging for money to transition and was spending it on tattoos.

No. 73058

that shit is petty as fuck. just like the ones here.

No. 73059

I hope you remember that the video was made by a weeb that self-promoted pretending to be some "fan" of herself, plus she made fun of Venus while being a clone.

No. 73060

Are you the edgy weeb that made the video? It wasn't even funny. You're just cringy as the rest of PULL.

No. 73061

We need a thread about Cecelia, honestly. That retard is one of the only reasons I still go to PULL.

No. 73062

Nope. Try again.

No. 73063

Can we compile a list of PULL members who also come here? From the Ahripop PULL thread, we have AnzuTakamaki,Catgirl,Supakawaiisnow,bangban, and possibly Rei.

No. 73064

Just out of curiosity, why do they come here? Why gossip about the same people on a chan that goes against their code of ethics?

No. 73065

That's not it, both boards have different kinds of information thus some people use both.

No. 73066

Some of what >>73065 mentioned and also being anon on here gives them a chance to air out whatever edgelord they have left in them after posting on PULL.

No. 73067

What is the point? These PULL members aren't remotely milky. You are just really butthurt that you are getting called out for repeatedly whining about "oh those PULL members being non-edge by contradicting themselves" on the Ahri thread. Seriously. You take up so much of the Ahri thread by whining about PULL. Stop diluting the milk. And your allegations are probably not even on point anyway. lol I'm sure plenty more people use both sites. And again, calling them out will do just what exactly?
I think there is one somewhere in /snow/.

No. 73068

>stop diluting the milk
not >>73063 but you do realize there's been no milk on Skyleigh for like a month now, right? she's been gone and literally all that's left is water. the threads on both sites are useless unless she comes back and produces milk again.

But yeah none of the PULL users are cows unless being immature edgelords is cow worthy now.

No. 73069

FUCK off pull with your "i look younger than i am desu" "ew fatty, her BMI is 20!" "Dakota is kawaii" "she wants to be asian so bad!" Im sick of you tards

No. 73070

does reading PULL physically tire anyone else out?
Every thread is a drag to read. Everyone's either undercover whiteknights or just there to feel better about themselves.

No. 73071

same. It's full of extra fluff and shit to make each poster look better "UMMM I'M NOT A HATER" "AHHH I'M CERTAINLY NOT PRETTIER BUT" "UHHH HER NOSE IS LIKE MINE SO" you get it less on anon sites, because there's no name/avatar/account to defend

No. 73072

There are/were PULL members who use(d) their real faces as their avatars too.
I thought that being associated with bitching about people on the internet was a bad thing.

No. 73073

If there is no milk, then the thread should just be without milk, not be filled with ppl nit-picking and trying to be hip by using "being from PULL" as an insult left and right whenever someone says something humane. Oh right we aren't humane here because we are all edgy as fuck.

It's just really a weak and stupid insult. People need to stop trying to make it a thing. lol

No. 73074

Honestly though, people here who keep bringing up PULL outside of this thread seem like they are desperate to make themselves feel good and superior in an "oh I am so edgelord no crap no fluff and more down to earth than PULLtards" way. Good job for being only slightly better subjectively than a group of other mostly anon ranters online?

No. 73075

No 1 Cur pulltard fuck off

No. 73076

tumblr and /r9k/ or robot are used as insults. how is this any different? do people have to censor themselves now because you frequent pull and it bothers you?

No. 73077

No one needs to censor. In other threads this is a nonissue, but for some reason on the Skyleigh thread people mention PULL too frequently, so much that it really just dilutes the thread a lot and it's seriously just the person having some weird vendetta about PULL. As in, the person keeps making the thread about how shitty PULL is. We know. We collectively acknowledge PULL is filled with saint-wannabes. Other threads, it isn't like people mention tumblr all the time and it is the main topic of the comment? Didn't we come to lolcow to make fun of and laugh at cows? Why must I sift through comments and comments about PULL to do that.

No. 73078

just ignore it then you fucking soap opera

No. 73079

fuck off back to PULL cunt

No. 73080

Going through the Venus thread on PULL and it is FILLED with cunts going on about their abusive mommy and other cunts giving them ass pats. I find it hard to believe that so many seemingly spoiled kids had such abusive mom's, which makes me think they're full of shit.

No. 73081

PULL? Full of shit? No way!

No. 73082

Just cause you had it good dont mean everyone else did too.That would be nice if life worked like that but it doesnt so
>tough nubbies

No. 73083

>As in, the person keeps making the thread about how shitty PULL is.


No. 73084

Yeah, sure, life is so dang hard. But the important question is, who fucking cares? The thread is supposed to be about Venus, not every PULL member with mommy issues.

No. 73085

File: 1455301163991.png (83.68 KB, 851x321, sperglord-chan.png)

Jesus these sperglords are getting way out of hand. Chill, bitch. Not everyone is a ~master seamstress~ like you.

PULL members have to make EVERYTHING about themselves. Every thread has at least one post that says "I'm ____ and…"

No. 73086

I see no difference between lolcow and PULL. Both are filled with sour edgelords who compite with each other in which one is better.

No. 73087


No. 73088

>I'm not like other posters

No. 73089

PULL members are like unwanted refugees. We only see that shit because they migrate here and bring their butt hurt with them. It's typically quiet here with only a couple of spats.

No. 73090

It's pretty common in the lolcow thread too. Margo brings out the worst memories in people I guess.

No. 73091

>Implying shit.
Is not like here in lolcow we are less butthurt in general.

No. 73092

…and people seem to forget that both sites were born from /cgl/ and /cgl/ these days is butthurt nonstop.

No. 73093


No. 73094

Damn, people are indeed salty about PULL here.
Honestly, I couldn't give any less of a shit about them, will never be as entertaining as lolcow, but it's not like I straight out hate them. They are just…there. Doing whatever the fuck they do.

No. 73095

That happened in the Venus threads here too, there is also 32 waist chans on Pull and on here too…

No. 73096

Looks like you have to visit her thread in here, because is exactly the same.

No. 73097

I think it's almost expected at this stage to have attention seekers and 32 waist chans on a site like this. Slow, not popular, mainly female population and nitpicky discussion of the same 'classic' lolcows and 10000 threads on proanas just makes people treat it like less of a chan and more like XOJane or some other circle time, group sharing bullshit.

No. 73098

eh…its over here annoying too. We (well not me) are doing the same with Penis.

No. 73099

Pull was born from tumblr not cgl ….

Anyways I agree that nowadays the farmers from half chan and tumblr both suck and have become too pc and SJWish.

No. 73100

and the original PULL tumblr was made to get the bullshit off of cgl.

No. 73101

PULL was made when Kiki Kannibal started sending copyright claims on all the Tumblr posts. And around the same time, /cgl/ banned threads for individuals.

No. 73102

There was an anon who didnt know what sage was. I wonder if those type of posters are from the fourchan or PULL.

No. 73103

Funny you mention that cause I just came across this in the Venus thread here >>236691

No. 73104

They definitely didn't come from 4chan, as pretty much everyone who has knows what that shit is already.

No. 73105

PULL doesn't use sage but 4chan does so…

No. 73106

Hate to break it to you, but PULL was around longer than the tumblr sites. I remember being around for boths creation. PULL and Stamina Rose both spawned from /cgl/

No. 73107

old PULL was fine in the beginning but because a little cringy, new PULL is a cringefest

No. 73108

PULL was originally a Tumblr created by Lain after the /cgl/ drama bann, then the forum got created by her after the copyright claim invasion.

No. 73109

So doesn't Tumblr and this site gets posted there plenty of times because of people being angry for getting posted to the Tumblr thread.

No. 73110

True, though I feel like people aren't enabling them nearly as much on here. On PULL bitches are going "here's a screencap of muh abuse my mom told me she hated me and raped my asshole :("

No. 73111

Does anyone remember that one pull user marzanna who posted on the living doll tag on tumblr? She's on an episode of the show True Life.

No. 73112

Holy shit I remember her. The fat kota wannabe. I think she also begged PULL for money too. Good find

No. 73113

What happened to the member with the loki icon?

No. 73114

I remember that. She didn't exactly beg pull, she just had a kickstarter to raise funds for her to go to makeup school in Japan in her signature.

No. 73115

No. 73116

MarvelPanda? Probably left or is taking a break.

No. 73117

She never improved her makeup skills after all this time…

No. 73118


>makeup school in Japan

thank god nobody gave her a cent. It would be a waste of money

No. 73119

I can assume now that everyone on PULL and lolcow wants to be a famous kawaii princess desu

No. 73120

No. 73121

That's true weeaboo for you… Wanting to go to a god damn cosmetology school in Japan.

No. 73122

aren't the best cosmetology schools are based in europe? japan isn't exactly known for amazing cosmetology.

No. 73123

it's true, the people here are just as annoying as PULL users now

No. 73124

Yeah, basically. Asia is probably one of the worst places to go to for any sort of cosmetology school except for maybe nails. I don't get why any westerner would want to go to Japan of all places to study makeup. Their makeup styles looks like shit to everyone but weeaboos. Only Asian faces can make that work. European schools (I heard you have to go to a uni) that offer cosmetology as a major do it the best.

No. 73125

>tfw we are probably the cancer of lolcow

No. 73126

File: 1455545377424.png (18.31 KB, 591x110, Capture.PNG)

Apparently she's trans now?

No. 73127

Thanks , i really loved their drawings

No. 73128


And even worse, demanding other people to pay for it kek

No. 73129

If anyone's still interested, here's the Living Anime thread on cgl
and she replied to some of the comments on it on her tumblr here:

This is what she said on her tumblr in regards to makeup school & Japan
>I want to train in Japan since that is where I wish to live and work one day and I feel training there would just make more sense.
>I don’t want to move to Japan because of anime. I barely watch anime anymore. I like the culture

No. 73130


>want surgery to look like an anime character according to >>73111

>I don’t want to move to Japan because of anime. I barely watch anime anymore. I like the culture


No. 73131

I will say, I don't think she's trying to live in Japan because of anime. After watching the show, I definitely think it's because she thinks her makeup/fashion will be loved/accepted there. When in reality, she'll feel more alienated there than she does at home.

No. 73132

Yeah… Her makeup is absolute shit. It's not even advant garde, it's just Halloween tier gaudy. If she went to any cosmetology school anywhere in the world wearing that face paint, she'd get laughed at and like you said, alienated.

No. 73133

Don't know where to put this, and too lazy to make a thread (currently on my phone) but do you guys remember Heir of Glee? That annoying ass black weeb? She's everywhere I tell you…in every comment section talking about racism and what not. I thought she would've died along with pull 1.0.

You can find her going back and forth with AngieLee in the comments. I swear she just Google's "black face/black/racism" etc.

No. 73134

God I always hated this bitch. She use to say that she worked as a professional artist at sephora but really never had.

No. 73135

File: 1455954301431.png (25.74 KB, 699x104, not defending her! uwu.png)

Why do pullerinas always post shit like this? No one gives a shit if you "would follow ____ if they ____".

No. 73136

It's like a concession and refutation thing I guess. Supposed to make you look nicer and more reasonable.

No. 73137

Damn right she's everywhere, I just found her the other month self promoting on Lipstick Alley(Not to say it was odd finding her there, as it is an AA/black centered forum).

No. 73138

A lot of people do this here too.

No. 73139

Ew, no. no thanks, the "sane" PULL members still exist

No. 73160

>PULL members
choose one

No. 73184


well sasebo slasher seems pretty sane to me

No. 73221

Does anyone else think Dakota just looks like an archetypal bitch?

No. 73283



thats the only word you need

No. 76528

There's something about her face in that illustration that screams "I want to re-live high school as the queen bee".

No. 76529

Who is the girl on the far right?

No. 76559


No. 76561

Literally one of the worst people on YouTube.

No. 76575

"Worst" is objective, but she's definitely the stupidest.

No. 76579

No. 76612

Just read her thread on /pt/. She is a mentally ill weeb from Canada that thinks she is Japanese.

No. 85104

File: 1460020683871.jpeg (95.81 KB, 750x948, image.jpeg)

Does anyone else hate that retarded Anzu bitch? She always tries to act better than everyone on prettyuglylittleliar but it's like bitch you're here too so stfu ?
Props to this person for telling her off for once.(like, totally, t b h)

No. 85126

lol, I'm pretty sure you're the poster who "told her off" and now wants to come here and cry about her being a big old meanie to you.

PULL pls go

No. 85169

I'm not the person who responded to her but a lot of people on pull genuinely don't like her. She's one of those people who act like she's so pure and righteous despite being on pull and acts like she's a blessing to us all. She claims to be a perfect ~azn desu~ cosplayer and Lolita but won't post proof that she does either. Prob just some white girl who shops herself Asian.

No. 85285

The reply sounds way more retarded that the post that they replied to

No. 86443

Kek that dumb Lunakoto chick self-posted on pull. She wants to be hated on so badly.

No. 89190

No. 89191

>lolcow people are rude. I just took a look.for the first time.wow.

>Yeah, I really don't like lolcow, they seem not to be as "civilised" as PULLers. Sorry if "not civilised" seems rude, I couldn't find a best word in English.

No. 89216

I hate this thread because it proves 60% of the "farmers" here are PULLtards

No. 89392

File: 1462142533119.png (989.58 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Now presenting Yellow Fever: the thread

No. 89393

File: 1462142592827.jpeg (243.11 KB, 749x1239, image.jpeg)

Where does it say that?

Also some PULLerina stalked a girl's photos just to point out all the times she's worn hot topic clothes as if it's actually noteworthy or something.

No. 89404

No. 89406


>i started off PULL with my usual tumblr/ig name because I didn't really care (and I still don't) because I wouldn't say anything too mean that I wouldn't say on tumblr/ig. lolcow even found out about me, lurked my social media and obviously said a few things that can be considered mean (I'm fat so you can see why they didn't bode well with them) but it was no biggie because they had a right to, considering I put myself out there.

No. 89409

It's rubyredrum on tumblr…

No. 89649

It's so ironic that they're complaining about us talking shit about fatties when they constantly talk shit about average weight and thin girls.
If there's a skinny girl, pullerinas are like "omg she's so thin! she must be anorexic! She needs to eat more!"
I remember a member saying that a 26 in. waist is impossible to have too. They said that it was too small to be humanly possible and that the girl must be lying about her measurements.

No. 99416

File: 1466907332795.png (306.94 KB, 362x600, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 7.11…)

i was on pull and this same girl said she considered getting into sex work because her family is poor and stuff.
for someone whose family is so poor that they need people to donate money to them, she sure owns a lot of too faced and clothes from taobao resellers.

the poster isn't the person who "told her off" since you can't upvote/downvote your own posts

No. 101059

No. 101070

great so is half the base going to come over here and shit things up like they already do

No. 101130

This site is gonna go to hell. With admins leave he brought a plague.

No. 101811

Seems like most are actually going to kiwi since Kiwi has offered to accommodate them and have more "girl threads".

No. 101862

Makes sense, most of them are wannabe cows themselves. You can't attention whore nearly as efficiently on an anonymous board.

No. 102869

Unfortunately PULL went back on its decision and is not killing itself

Not sure if that's a good thing or not though

No. 102870

Might be for the best so that they don't start migrating here to shitpost.

No. 102881

according to the announcement, there's going to be a completely new moderation team which means that the most retarded of pulltards like satanic (aka bat and mr. takeo), applecrumble, and possibly purin princess (aka rubyredrum) will be the new mods.

that being said, i'm ok with that as long as they don't come here like >>102870 said.


No. 102970

It's ironic how everyone seems to agree that PULL is a hugbox.

No. 102993

Somewhat off topic, but can someone tell me who the last two girls on the left of OP's pic are, as well as the last girl on the right?

No. 102996

wylona, venus angelic, kiki, dakota, felice fawn & kanadajin3

No. 103007

PULL thinks lolcow is a negative and awful site for bullying and the PULL is much more reasonable than the farm! They post proofs while we just bully bully bully and send death threats.
Someone also thinks that all those /r9k/ and redditor posts that are like "omg she's so hot i'd fuck her" are all made by farmers. :^)

No. 103009

It isn't felice fawn it's johanna herrstedt

No. 103041

Fuck I thought they were going to disappear. Pulltards make me wanna puke, they don't even know how to read and think they're special or something.

No. 103045

don't all 13 year olds think they're hot shit even when they aren't at all?

No. 103536

well they all look the fucking same

No. 103844

File: 1469026287357.jpeg (166.03 KB, 750x1289, image.jpeg)

>we're much more mature and rational than lolcow!
>stalks a flake's family to dig up more pictures of her

Okay PULL okay

No. 103895

lmao and then she started a pity party on facebook
what the fuck did she expect from self posting

No. 103899

The best part is that her whiteknights flooded PULL and the mods refused to ban them because not all of them were her.

No. 104176

The white knights were most likely multiple accounts she made because she literally obsessed over each post on the thread but also since she was whining about it so fucking hard everyone felt bad for her and started making accounts to back her up.
Literally all the wk's said the same shit so I don't get why they wouldn't check the ips

No. 104779

PULL is full-on stalking this girl's family now, even after she deleted all of her public profiles in hopes that they'll stop stalking her. Way to go, PULL.

No. 104780

Sorry for double post but I think she made a bunch of accounts and posted through proxys so that her ip was different every time and that's why the mods didn't ban her. They don't ban wks there unless every single ip matches.

No. 104785

This is just like what Heather Crader (there's a thread about her here) did to some underage girl. She started a thread about her, rummaged through her Mothers' Facebook and posted pictures of her and her family. Fucked up stalkers do lurk lolcow as well, maybe it's just not as common here as on PULL.

No. 104870

the girl that i posted was underage when the stalking began as well. i think one big difference between the fucked up stalkers here and on pull are that pull stalkers encourage other pull members to also stalk flakes/cows and their families.

No. 110905

File: 1474643647195.png (191.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-23-23-12-12…)

PULL admin is being sold for $2000 https://www.patreon.com/PULL

No. 110908

Even if PULL didn't exterminate itself, all of the regulars and oldfags have been chased off, leaving 13 year olds with poor English to keep it afloat bitching about Taylor R and other self sustainable sorry excuses for snowflakes

No. 110909

It's ridiculous they think PULL is worth that much though

No. 110929

>$2000 a month
I can see some retarded chinese bitch getting in on that with her parents' money, but otherwise, nah.

No. 111012

Surprised the Ostrenga's aren't jumping on that shit.

No. 112269

Does anyone know what happened with the whole yuii (?) taihiro drama?
Did that pedo freak (nitropig) fuck her?
Didn't she change her identity after that? I miss her drama

No. 113236

File: 1477073968096.jpg (73.8 KB, 680x777, 61ca2ba2535c14a2025ef5be2d3640…)

I still go there sometimes and PULL has slowly been getting more and more full of Tumblrinas.
They re-worked the rules recently after the new admin took over and according to one reply I read recently, kink-shaming is now against the rules.
I suppose it's just a natural progression when the core membership of a website is taken over from people who frequented 4chan to people who frequent Tumblr. You can't go 2 threads without some form of Tumblrite debate subject or buzzword being brought up.

No. 113278

I love watching them sperg out about fetishizing and cultural appropriation

theres one PULL-tard that always has a stick up her ass and posts a whole novel about how oppressive white girls are in the Rachel and Jun and Texan in Tokyo threads

No. 113283

PULL got posted several times on some tumblr gossip blog and the self-righteous tumblr wave hit right after.

It's funny because before, people just laughed if you shooped, but now if you shoop, people act like its the end of the world and something worth persecuting people for.

No. 113369

Oh god yeah, the muh fetishizing thing is rampant on there. I was reading the Yumi King thread and half of it is them complaining about her fetishizing herself for evil cis white men who just want a submissive azyn gf!!

No. 113391

PULLtards are yellow fever subhumans though. Why are they getting mad about that kind of thing?

No. 113395

pull, similar to lolcow, tends to be the most aggressive about traits that are likely present in themselves. it's all projection. there are people on pull who think anyone not doing kim kardashian makeup is trying to look korean, and they hate on weeaboos despite most of them having anime icons and East Asian inspired usernames.

No. 113403

That applies to most people who hate on things without a reason. The person who for some reason has beef with me and hates my guts is running their mouth telling everyone I'm a terrible gossip who thinks she's better than everyone else when they're the ones who think that and act that way, I rarely think about other people and am too self-conscious to consider myself better than anyone.

It's just how butthurt works, projection is an inherent part of it.

No. 113518

File: 1477317492447.jpeg (35.14 KB, 504x518, image.jpeg)

PULL is almost fucking unreadable at this point because almost everyone, including mods, blog so hard if they relate ever so slightly to the person being discussed. Mention how someone does their eyebrows, and half of the website will jump in and tell you their daily full eyebrow routine

No. 113528

Its also all about race and cultural appropriation bs. I saw someone attack for refusing to call a tranny a she. Speech policing bullshit and the reputation shit makes everyone into the same sjw bitch

No. 113672

They like to police all kinds of speech except A-logging posts and nitpicking irrelevant shit about how someone is literally hitler for photoshopping

No. 113673

Late but I hate how PULL users make logical fallacies about how "ur not a saint" and how they're not as bad as chan boards when you point out their stalking is harmful. They think not stalking someone and innocent parties is somehow a higher moral standard.

Stalking is an act of mental illness. Not stalking someone isn't being high and mighty, it's just normal, it makes you not-shit. Stalking is what makes you shit.

No. 113677

File: 1477375946933.jpg (116.98 KB, 782x898, 1427620969096.jpg)

When posting on PULL, remember to always mention how you're a better person than the snowflake and how you're much prettier than them.

No. 113679

But Venus IS ugly

No. 113684

That's not an excuse to a-log by mentioning how you're a superior person in terms of character and looks.

No. 176198

They block you if you say that you are leaving. Even in a private message. You cannot delete your account either because they said that they don't know how to do that without messing up the format.

No. 176201

File: 1483949516142.png (49.29 KB, 1105x224, onionpeels.PNG)

was gonna post this in the onision thread but fits better here

No. 176202

uuuugghh. at least our posters have to be at least 18.

No. 176225

Pull is shit, that's why I come to lolcow. This underage banana wouldn't have lasted a day here

No. 182307

Sorry if I should not revive this thread, but the yumi king thread of pull was hilarious when she posted her video about how to look skinny.

PULL users lose they shit like there were no tomorrow. Nitpicking about every words she used, peoples saying that there where sexy thicc girl ..etc

No. 184949

File: 1490653146010.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-03-28-09-15-11…)

Hi guys. I noticed a certain pullerina being posted on lgbt on 4chan. Isn't she the one that weasels her way into snowflake drama?

No. 186059

File: 1491655657351.jpg (35.24 KB, 1064x207, fgkhlj.jpg)

some mod in PULL threw a major autism tantrum and people are getting banned. i dont see any banned users though.
anyone of you got banned?

No. 186060

File: 1491655761201.jpg (454.02 KB, 1366x2362, 1247995398765423.jpg)

No. 186062

Yeah I was banned after she insulted me and I said I would stop wasting her time. It started with a message about why some people are frustrated. Then it was only responses to questions she asked.

No. 186063

And the "defiance" was me saying that people see the moderation of the site as being uneven.

No. 186064

Asked for examples, so they where given. Then went off saying English is not my first language and that is a fact.(it is my first)And went on about how I am overly emotional, paranoid, and sensitive and complaining. And that everyone who agree's with me is the same. Then threatened to ban me. Then claimed it was an offer not a threat and that she is busy(also asked another question). Then I responded saying how it was an insult and that I will take the advice of compiling screenshots of everything if I want to have my reports investigated and that I will no longer message her in the future. Then a Ban.

No. 186065

One comment from here that I still have ""I have other responsibilities I'm tending to for the forum and you
should be so lucky that I am even taking time out of my responsibilities
to even talk to you."

No. 186067

She also regularly insults users calling them "stupid" "dumb" "bipolar"ect…

No. 186070

Yep, got banned for simply questioning her rage towards posted proof about venus shooped images in the general discussion thread. since i found lolcow, i couldnt care less. especially since i think 5 thousand different threads about venus issues are ridiculous.

No. 186071

There should be a way to show nyx how many people she has done this to.

No. 186076

biscuit has probably licked her ass clean so i dont think she will care

No. 186077

I still think someone should report her or something.

No. 186085

If she has such a busy life why is she a mod? She sucks at it, terrible mod I've seen it…

No. 186088

Valid question. I assume it is for abuse of power.

No. 186104

The thread is locked now with no new venus general thread.

Gotta throw the toys out of the pram when you get downrepped for autism

No. 186128


it's kind of becoming ridiculous. maybe the shit flooded buiscuits coping strategies. tbh it wasnt really smart of her to discuss everything IN the thread. she shouldve just warned the specific people via PN and maybe made a small notification inside the thread, but not this major outrage.

but maybe nyx jumped in after all to intervene and discuss the issues and thatswhy the thread is closed for now.

No. 186129

I doubt it. I have emailed to not repeal the ban but to get and explanation and It has gone ignored

No. 186130


tbh i wouldnt expect a response in around 12 hours on a saturday evening on a board where they claim almost always to be "busy". seriously, if they dont have time for the board, they should give the mod "jobs" to someone else or just fucking shut the thing down. or just have it going lax, which it was happily going until yesterday.

there was no issue until autism buiscuit made one out of it.

No. 186131

Seems like biscuit needs to be a snowflake on here.

No. 186133

ass licked or not, Nyx should reflect on how her "mods" make her board look like. because at the moment the result isnt flattering at all.

No. 186134

how many people are banned? lmao nyx probably has the same 4-5 messages in her inbox about how much biscuit is sperging. wouldnt count on getting a response soon.

No. 186135

Why even take over the site if you will not enforce rules/be clear about the rules and have only 4 mods that are let to run wild.

No. 186136

Idk but I had to message through the contact up at the bottom of the page.

No. 186146

>thread has gone from us complaining about pulltards to pulltards infiltrating and whining about pull moderation
fucking w h e w

No. 186168

>thread has gone from us complaining about pulltards
Anon, you don't even use this thread often… in fact, it's old af.

>to pulltards infiltrating

Lol you talk with pullerinas here every day. It's a fact that many anons here have accounts in PULL too.

The other day an anon was arguing and saying shit like Take this to PULL! / pulltards! and I proved that same anon had an account in PULL.

>and whining about pull moderation

And that's actually relevant to this thread, they do have a terrible mod, isn't this the right thread to say it?

No. 186171

Now Biscuit has deleted their post that got down voted after she locked the tread.

No. 186174

would be a shame if we hadnt got the screenshot :3

No. 186176

Someone should make her a cow on here <3

No. 186186

why are you so mad anon?

>Anon, you don't even use this thread often… in fact, it's old af.

not everyone is a newfag but ok… also it's generally seen as bad taste to necro old threads so i wouldn't be the one to do so

>Lol you talk with pullerinas here every day. It's a fact that many anons here have accounts in PULL too.

that's literally what im saying when i say infiltrating. it's seriously bringing down the quality of snow and pt. someone asked who pt was last week for christ's sake

>The other day an anon was arguing and saying shit like Take this to PULL! / pulltards! and I proved that same anon had an account in PULL.

congrats? you're just proving my point that, yes, pulltards are in fact retarded

>and whining about pull moderation

And that's actually relevant to this thread, they do have a terrible mod, isn't this the right thread to say it?
it's pull? the whole forum is trash. why are you surprised that the moderation is terrible? also i think the right place to discuss it would be pull since there it actually has a chance of making a differnce if their admin sees it? given you aren't already one of the anons that has tried to reach out already

tldr i miss when this thread was kekworthy

No. 186188

>also i think the right place to discuss it would be pull

Anyone who says something on Pull about it ends up being banned and People are trying to reach out to Nyx apparently and have either been ignored or told that she trusts her mods more than the multiple people complaining.

No. 186199

I remember a time…

No. 186207

Not only you talk with them on a daily basis, you agree with them or discuss valid points. Yes, some of them are idiots, but so are some anons here.

>the whole forum is trash. why are you surprised that the moderation is terrible?

Yeah I'm not surprised, it is terrible. It must be frustrating.

>also i think the right place to discuss it would be pull

Oh after they got banned and insulted? Brilliant idea!

Mod is behaving like a flake, so it's relevant here.

No. 186289

sage for no contribution but was there a PULL mod who was a massive freelicer? Fat and irish?

No. 186322

File: 1491895267338.png (85.79 KB, 720x857, S4tan_Round3arthNASArgaretPalc…)

Not Hematite but lol

>asking questions to a banned user

What about reading threads and not just cherry picking only the information you like?

Btw Andromeda was the anon here caught calling others "pulltards"/"take this to PULL!" while she was arguing (as usual) and posted here exactly the same things and material she posted in PULL lol

No. 186323

Eh? Who? Tell us more lol

No. 186326

Hematite was one of the people banned and that is probably why Andromeda went after her again now. The conversation she is referring to was over a week ago.

No. 186333

Yeah I noticed that too.

Also Hematite once criticized one of Andromeda's posts and said something like "that's more ridiculous than the flat earth theory" (Andromeda Galaxy is believed to be one of Daphne Rimmel's sockpuppets) no wonder why she's after her now lol

No. 186337


why is none of the banned users signalized as banned?

No. 186358

They were not for a while but as far as I see, Hematite is now signalized.

No. 186456

File: 1492005783559.jpg (380.18 KB, 1182x2102, E5dnp60.jpg)

Sweet baby Jesus, that Maxine64 character was wild!
"You're all cyber bullies and psychopaths! Margaret is a victim, just like me! I'm a professional and I decree that every other poster needs therapy. Now listen to me, the expert, and I will endlessly rant and rage until you submit! Tumblr tumblr!"

No. 265796

Reviving this old thread because I revisited PULL for the first time in a while and jfc its all just full of whiny sjw bitches who cry racism if any other white snowflake dare touches their weaboo culture.

No. 265798

My favourite thing about PULL is when people with kpop icons pretend they don't know idols' names as to not come across as a typical ugly mouth-breather kpop fan

No. 265844

The funniest thread on pull is the "non asians pretending to be asian thread". Pull users witch hunt the fuck out of nobody weebs/koreaboos on instagram with less than 100 followers. They also believe that arab/middle eastern, Indian, sri lankan people etc are asian.. if you go outside and socialize with people who don't live on the internet you'll know that people in those ethnic groups do not define or consider themselves asian. I swear that board is run by asians who want to feel good about being asian and weebs who want to be included in the azn club.

No. 265863

i mean asians are still weebs. it's always viet and chinese bitches who act like they can be weebs and get away with it. they're the worst.

No. 265969

File: 1530841154004.jpeg (43.34 KB, 540x309, B06073EA-1A78-43FB-BF5A-49F262…)

I love it when they get butthurt about white girls getting dick in Korea. They seriously put the Korean dick on a pedestal while also blaming other girls for doing the same thing kek like yes, all of the 27 year old losers on tinder are all opressed smol boys who are being ~fetishized~ by average looking women who want a lay. According to PULL you cant lay multiple asian men without being a fetishizing whore.

“Ur not speshul, ur ~oppa~ just thinks ur a white whore anyways, like i think ur worthy of some of that dick?? kek but also feel bad for me because im legit .000002% korean and feel fetishized everday so i have to doxx 14 year old girls on instagram to fight for justice u dont get my struggle wahhhh”

My favorite is the katieaegi thread, where they have been basically stalking some 18 year old koreaboo for years because she wore a qipao and made cringy vids. As if we all werent cringy teens at some point in our lives. Like why cant we just let good cringe be good cringe and stop acting like you are so morally superior to random fucks on the internet.

No. 265978

1000% agree with this

i casually read thru a few pages of their kboo thread looking for some good cringe but all i got was nitpicky posts about randoms on insta. they got buttmad over people who are not korean speaking korean on instagram, which is retarded because a big aspect of being a weeb or kboo is not putting any effort into trying to learn the language or interact with actual japanese/korean people.

also like 90% of the posters had kpop icons kek

No. 266150

File: 1530892654730.png (178.45 KB, 720x722, 201807.png)

PULL tries to be like lolcow with their rules and layout but they can't follow their own goddamn rules. Lil Tay is like what 8? And they made a thread about her even though it's the adults who are pulling the strings, one of the autistic admins is totally cool with clearly breaking the rules and being a hypocrite. They've locked threads for underaged topics before and Lil Tay gets a pass because she's ~in the spotlight~

No. 266152

>> similar layout

No. 266156

>"i hate these liars on instagram pretending to be half asian (not like me btw i'm totally ACTUALLY half japanese i'm not lying like these other girls)"

i wouldn't say they're sjw types on every issue though, they might call cultural appropriation over white girls having korean or japanese in their instagram bios but they have threads on legit white supremacists where the opinions are like "i think she seems nice but she photoshops her waist too much and might make people think it's bad to be fat"

No. 266157


in terms of how they are trying to run the site

No. 266175

Yeah, the threads on PULL about Shoe or Lauren Southern are full of people who like their content and agree with them. PULL only cares about social issues when they can drag someone for it.

No. 266177

more like they only care about fake haffus because they also want to be the fake haffus.

i think it all boils down to PULL wanting asian dick too hard.

No. 266187

This seems to be a thing with pretty much every thread in pull, people will make fun of the flake hard then suddenly start encouraging the flake to make changes in their life and they will compliment the flake too it's so wtf. You can find a lot of pull members here and at cc

No. 266202

You’ve basically described the Taylor R thread. Hundreds and topics and pages devoted to bashing her videos, relationship, and style, but the second she gets engaged “omg im so happy for her she deserves this so much they are such an amazing couple <3”

The same for Venus. They basically kiss her ass now, despite her still being classified as one of the few major “Snowflake” titles kek

No. 266218

Every thread on PULL turns into a ~inspiration~ fan club

No. 266241

it kills me when pull acts faux concerned over some random instagram skank. like that chink, who dated that fugly actor from the office, was depressed and got addicted to pills and pull was like ":( poor girl i hope she gets better"

No. 266242

i mean venus turned out pretty cool. but i get what you mean. it's like they see whitey getting asian dick and it gives them hope for their futures.

No. 266255

Or like the girl who whored herself out as a teen for old efamous guy. Pull was like "She must have been abused or not treated right by her family! Why else would she whore herself out?!"

Some people are just social climbing whores.

No. 266286

No. 266288

Venus turned into an attention whore that makes a video looking extremely depressed just to say that she got antidepressants.

No. 266405

U forgot the part where they were like "OH I FEEL BAD FOR HER IF IT'S TRUE THAT HER PARENTS ABUSED HER HENCE WHY SHE'S A WHORE NOW!" They were taking a baseless idea and running with it as it was fact

No. 267973

File: 1531551792488.jpeg (445.12 KB, 1242x1557, B4D288B3-DF0E-4CF7-90F8-B0D211…)

PULL is cringy af with their stupid high morality weaboo policing. Why do they always care so much loser nobodies on instagram with a few hundred follows. We GoTtA cAlL tHeM oUt oN tHeIr tOxIc beHaViOr guyyyuus~

No. 267980

I got banned there for saying that korean dudes who bang white uggo koreaboos aren't victim… They talk like all dumb weaboo/kboos girls are white supremacists lol

No. 268700

They talk about Asian dudes like they’re weak little children getting taken advantage of by these weeabos and lmfao, nah, they’re adult males who can take care of themselves and probably are stoked on kboos/weebs because hey who doesn’t like an easy lay

No. 268739

I think its funny how they pretend that having sex with a white woman must be the lowest of the low in Korea, because all men are handsome kpop stars, and all women are super skinny models with pretty face. Yeah let’s pretend like there arent men who dont seek out sex with only white women, and then go on anonymous online forums to brag about it while uploading pictures of her sleeping. They are all poor little babies who were basically RaPeD~!!!! by the evil fetishizing nazi!!! I bet it wasnt even good sex for him!!!!

Another favorite is when a ‘snowflake’ goes to an asian country and makes mention of a date, going to a club, or using tinder once, the whole ourpose of their trip is sex tourism.

No. 268863

File: 1531802290629.jpeg (190.14 KB, 1242x745, 13165A23-6BEB-4709-89F3-216599…)

Stupid Koreaboos, why wont you let me Koreaboo in peace!!!1!

No. 269134

kek imagine thinking that asian cock is something rare or desirable in asia

i bet that Jun/euthanizeallwhitepeople was some PULL wamen of colur hamplanet trying to larp as a ~cold oppa who rejects white thots~

No. 269817

PULL had a phase where they licked her druggie ass all the time because she's half korean

No. 269821

Duh anon, only fetishizing sluts would dare fuck an asian man!!!!

No. 269856

Oh man the amount of koreaboos eating other koreaboos on PULL is insane. I feel like I'm witnessing some kind of bizarre social experiment.
The Katieaegi thread is insane.It's beyond a-logging in there and the justification is "muh yellow fever" which every single poster with a kpop icon seems to have anyway. Pot/Kettle and all that.
But one poster is in there like it's their job, Loonie.23. Bitch has proclaimed herself the gatekeeper of Korea despite being a massive koreaboo herself.

No. 269858

File: 1532059384815.jpeg (361.34 KB, 1179x1047, ADBB6524-6B9E-4BF7-B7F6-60D03C…)

They are obsessed beyond belief. Even when these girls make new social media under new names they are doxxed in less than 24 hours. Who actually gives a fuck that much?

It goes along with their stupid idea that every jvlogger kvlogger who lives abroad needs to be there only to go to temples, eat traditional food, and never fully intergrate into society. Dont ever go clubbing or spend more the 3 hours in your own house. Be a perpetual tourist who kisses the ass of the tourism bureaus. For most people, using a dating app and going clubbing at 18 is nothing. But using a dating app in Asia? Must be for ulterior motives. You either have an patronizing asian fetish or you are scheming for a visa.

At least according to all the koreaboos who have one token korean friend and totally spent two weeks in seoul last summer guys so they obviously know everything.

No. 269892

>PULL had a phase where they licked her druggie ass
they still do
''i hope she gets better uwu i feel so bad for her :( ive been rooting her since day one <3''
even though she was involved in some criminal stuff (burglary iirc)

they rip random irrelevant koreaboos/ig users to shreds for going through a cringy phase but everything she does is excused.

pretty obvious why. she's really pretty and she's half asian.

No. 279032

Is pull down

No. 279039

Just checked. It's down for me.

No. 279228

its back up

No. 279768

File: 1534164377104.png (261.4 KB, 720x1028, 1.png)

PULL members suffer from bipolar depression. One second they are shitting on everything about a flake then they'll defend the said flake for the same behavior and crap they were shitting on.

No. 279769

File: 1534164653984.png (221.75 KB, 720x814, 2.png)

And they try to justify the flakiness.. I just don't get it, I guess it's their way of making themselves seem like a friendly not evil gossipy site ~like~ lolcow.

No. 320446

Sorry to necro an old thread, but I was just wondering how PULL is these days? Still cringy and full of snowflakes? Are the mods cool? I haven't been there in a while (or this site either), but someone brought it up on half-chan and I got the feels…

Anyone from PULL 1.0 still go on here or there?

No. 320448

Pull 3.0 is run by downsyndrome autists.

No. 320452

Lmao care to go into detail? Can they honestly be worse than OrangeCitrus, etc.?

No. 320466

NTA but the whole place is infested with koreaboos who bitch about other slightly more e-famous koreaboos or manage to related things that have nothing to do with it to korea and kpop. Some threads have alogging so intense that it makes kiwifarms look normal.
Basically take the most obnoxious parts of here, tumblr, and kpop stan culture, put it in a blender and you get the most recent incarnation of pull.

No. 320471

File: 1541396163066.jpg (108.25 KB, 443x455, IMG_5466.JPG)

Man, Koreaboos. What is it about dancing-robot-same-faced twinks that make them so autistic? They've overrun half-chan too, it seems. At least the weeaboos there know they are losers. Koreaboos have reached a higher state of consciousness though that makes them less self-aware. Maybe it's the age difference, as anime fans are getting older while the BTS, etc. worshippers are basically zoomers…

Anyways thanks for replying anon. You guys here are pretty alright. Sorry for the babbling. Guess I'm becoming a cranky old boomer.

No. 320492

katieaegi thread is proof that pulltards are just cancerous. They truly believe that some newly turned 18year old deserved to get her face bashed in at a club by a grown ass woman because she danced to kpop music in a tacky chinese dress and fucks korean men

No. 320499

Holy shit. Yes thank you for mentioning it. That entire thread is gross but those 4-5 most recent pages made me feel physically ill. What planet do these ferals come from that violently attacking someone is an appropriate response to online shenanigans and talking shit.
Irony, everyone in that thread seems to be a massive koreaboo doing almost the exact the same thing as this girl they hate.

No. 320501

Basically this. Also a ton of straight out tumblrinas and "as a nonbinary person, I.." bullshit. The fakeboi threads (like Knitemaya) are 90% arguing with people who screech about misgendering. The a-logging, nitpicking and skinwalking is also on an unbelievable level. The whole forum is literally unreadable.

No. 320520

No matter whether it's a girl who's in Korea or in Japan (e.g. Morena), she's always fetishizing the poor little boys there. They simply don't want to admit that those men are just as, if not more vile for tricking some teen foreign girl into believing they really love her just for a quick fuck.
I feel like many of the users are from less "popular" Asian countries and therefore get deeply jealous when an European/American succeeds in getting Oppa and/or feel that being Asian somehow excuses the fact that they're weebs, kboos and fetishists themselves.

It also annoys me how so many users repeat nearly the same shit that was already said beforehand again and again. Goes to show immature they are. Retelling the same joke or virtue signalling for pages starts getting old real quick.

No. 320522

*Goes to show how immature they are.

No. 320542

Yeah PULL's users also run around Instagram finding people who say they are mixed Asian and attacking them as 'fakes' because they don't look Asian enough even people with a couple hundred followers only and with no proof other than how they look (which isn't very reliable as I know a few half Asian or half blacks that are white passing) whilst they all claim to be half Korean or half Japanese themselves too.

No. 320544

The Morena thread is fucking boring at this point. It was the only thread I looked at on there and there's not really any milk besides the same old begging for money, fucking every dude in sight, and saying dumb, extreme shit because she's clearly mentally ill and has a victim complex. There's cows doing worse shit than whining on their social media.

I love when the users on PULL bitch about lolcow too like "why do the users there hate us :(" and proceed to act like underage dipshits who run around in circles spewing the latest tumblr trends and trying to push their special snowflake ideology onto an imageboard. Bonus points when they use "kek" in their posts anyway.

No. 320549

Yes they're obsessed Koreaboos. If you go on any thread in Online Personalities and the topic is of a Literally Who, it's always some hafu or an Asian American.

No. 320552


The way they get mad about it is weird. It's funny when some Koreaboo white girl goes to Korea or Japan and starts fucking hosts left and right but I don't understand why they get genuinely angry about it.

No. 320554

They were bashing and hating on katie so hard til she got a nosejob. They were all like "GOOD FOR HER!" "THAT'S GREAT I HOPE SHE HEALS WELL" wtf??

No. 320555

How did PULL 1.0 get deleted anyways?

No. 320561

I'm the one that originally asked about PULL. Basically they were trying to move from Freeforums to another site (PULL 2.0) and they advertised the new site on the Freeforums one. Freeforums got mad because that's against the rules and baleeted. This all happened around the time a mod went bonkers and deleted the entire Kota and Kiki thread sections.

Any threads worth checking out on PULL, if not for the milk but for the cringe? You guys listed some but just want to see if there are others.

No. 320587

I love how they call her racist because her twin brother is an alleged Trump supporter. Somebody even said “Um yeah its absolutely relevant because shes a racist piece of shit”

The sad part is that they are all probably close friends of hers because theres that on pulltard who constantly pulls personal information about her when nobody even asked. They share screenshots of their own conversations where they literally attack her and say things about her that they would deem “omg so sexist” if she said them herself. They’ve all obviously never lived in korea, except for a few users who put them into their place every once in a while

No. 320596

On the other side, I think that some that have finally broken out of their koreaboo phases now hate Koreans with a burning passion and come here to ree about them because it isn't tolerated over there.

I doubt that many of them are asian though. It's probably a bunch of bitter white girls just like here and guri gossip. Defo sounds like it anyways.

No. 320600


A lot of them are Asian. If you read through the threads they'll straight up say so.

No. 320602

File: 1541427493375.jpg (233.06 KB, 788x717, images.jpg)

I'd take that with a grain of salt considering they're also underage weebs/koreaboos.

No. 320608

I've been checking out the Lunestelle thread every once in a while because she's SWFing simply_kenna and Jesus Christ the whiteknights.
"Well, Lunestelle copies her aesthetic better and she's clearly mentally struggling!"
Kenna's thread can get retarded as fuck too. They recently had a 3 page sperg about Harry Potter and how she ruined the series. Definitely permateens if they're not in their late teens/early 20s.

No. 320613

PULL acts sjw but doesn’t really care. they bash white girls for being racist but turn around and excuse all the racism morena in japan has experienced because “japan is just different okay!!”

No. 320615


PULL is what happens when insecure teenage girls meet SJW-dom. Social justice rhetoric is just another way for them to dump on girls they don't like or are jealous of.

No. 320616

if you go into their unpopular opinions thread, most of the user base support trump or are just really stupid. a majority of that site has to be underage or barely legal, they know nothing about the real world.

lolcow, for all its faults, i think has an older and more well adjusted user base.

No. 320619

>Trump supporter
Does not compute.

No. 320620

I was a pull user during 1.0 to their current state. The mods are hypocrites and bad at running the site. What killed it for me was when a wave a kids came in through the thread about Filipino girl who got famous for lying about being white and getting followed by a kpop guy on insta and the kpop threads. Everyone on pull will whiteknight the fuck out of the flake they are shredding and they all think they are special and can do no wrong. The quality of lolcow dropped after the pullfags invaded.

No. 320629

>Everyone on pull will whiteknight the fuck out of the flake they are shredding and they all think they are special and can do no wrong.
Tbf, I did the exact same thing when I was a PULL user on 1.0. I whiteknighted some hoe (got triggered by a word someone used) and thought I was some sort of moral goddess. Feel bad all of that info is gone, but also kinda glad all of that autism got deleted so I don't cringe myself into a new universe.

Hopefully all of these fellow femtardos will outgrow it like I did or learn to take shittalking more lightly. I think we are just watching the cringe parts of adolescence unfold right before our eyes. Just sit back and enjoy, farmers.

>The quality of lolcow dropped after the pullfags invaded.


No. 320646

A bunch also say they black or mixed.

No. 320647

My favorite posts on pull are the ones that go on about how they hate X weeb and are worried that some rando online is going to taint the reputation of foreigners being ‘bad’ and how it might totally ruin their 1 week trip to Tokyo (BECAUSE THEY ARE INTO THE CULTURE GUYS AND PLAN TO RESPECT IT THEY WILL ONLY EAT DRY UNCOOKED RICE AND DRINK ONLY FROM THE FREE FLOWING PURE WATER FROM THE TEMPLES THAT THEY PLAN TO VISIT EVERY HOUR ON THE HOUR) insert crying alpaca emoji

No. 320648

Brianna is a fucking moron who gives as good as she gets. She's shown herself to be just as racist time and again.

No. 320654

Hey, do they still have the "I'm pushing 30+ but I look like Ariana Grande, and I get asked for ID when I buy beer + people constantly mistake me for 12" retards that would spam every topic? Because they were my fave.

I've seen a few on here in the past. Are they still a thing? PULLtards, perhaps.

No. 320658


The kmusicandblackwomen thread is a delight, because not only is the cow herself milky, but every poster in that thread provides even more milk by sperging out about how they're black but they would never act this way and how dare she taint their race in the eyes of Korean men.

No. 320661

Not so many 32" Waist-chans there anymore that I can see. But there are bunch of humble-bragging asshats that throw around words like 'clout' all the time.

No. 320693

File: 1541444783827.jpg (9.35 KB, 168x300, as a black woman.jpg)

No. 320719

she is an idiot who is also subject to racism. japan is a racist place and the dudes she fucks aren’t innocent victims, they are gaijin hunters who want foreign pussy.

No. 320734

That's the thing with her milk, her and everyone around her is racist. It's like a carousel of karma with her, but the dudes she fucks are definitely skeevy and don't last long when she claims to have a relationship with them. The people she attracts with her bizarre behaviour aren't innocent.

No. 320738

Wasn't talking about the dudes she fucks. They've made their own std ridden bed.
I was referring to the Japanese girls, Latinos, white people, and other black people she shits on constantly.
Plus this girl goes around half naked and than whines when she gets stopped by the police (something that happens to pretty much every foreigner at one time or another).

No. 320739


Sometimes spergs are just black or Asian, anon. Not every spergy cringelord is secretly a white man trying to make you look bad.

No. 320740

She might be a trainwreck, but pullfags act as if she literally rapes those guys. They're just as bad as her. Do they really think they get pressured or tricked into having sex by a 4ft, 18 yo, half naked foreign girl who speaks max 5 sentences of japanese? They're simply jealous.

>Hey, do they still have the "I'm pushing 30+ but I look like Ariana Grande, and I get asked for ID when I buy beer + people constantly mistake me for 12" retards that would spam every topic?
No, they all migrated to lolcow.

Would anybody be interested in a thread about her on here as well?

No. 320741

>Would anybody be interested in a thread about her on here as well?

She's funny but there's not enough fresh new content to keep a thread going particularly now she locked her Twitter. The only reason the PULL thread has so many new posts is because 50% of it is posters getting mad at the very idea oppa would fuck a black girl.

No. 320742

>She might be a trainwreck, but pullfags act as if she literally rapes those guys
No they don't. No one acts like the guys are being tricked at all. Most people seem to just think that the way she carries on and exaggerates is gross. She lies a lot. They care more about her toxic narcissistic tendencies than who or how many she is fucking.

No. 320756

I didn't say that. I just think anyone who feels the need to repeatedly bring up being a race that's pertinent to the conversation is probably a liar trying to make their argument look stronger (and avoid being called racist and/or a weeaboo), kek.
It happens pretty often, so I just take it with a grain of salt when someone is conveniently black/Asian/mixed/whatever in the middle of some spergy PULL discussion about some cow who's basically the same as themselves.
Also, PULL seems to primarily be a site for girls/women who are white, middle class, 16-26 years old and fascinated with mostly white, female e-celebs like Dakota, Felice and Venus. I remember there being selfpost threads in the past, and most of the posters were white girls. A very large volume of self-proclaimed "PoC" girls filling the few threads about non-white cows/flakes with "controversial opinions" just looks suspicious.

No. 320830

I think more people bring up their race now is because identity politics has been trendy for the past 3 years, but that also doesn't mean a few of them aren't lying to say something racially sensitive.

One thing I always had a problem with on PULL is their sensitivity around discussion on trenders and other LGBTQIALOLWTFBBQ++ weirdos. It's a gossip site, none of these cows care about you protecting your galaxy brain neo-gender.

No. 321033

I'm still luling at how pullfags say that Pakistani, Indians,Turkish etc, middle eastern and Israeli people are asian because they are located in asia but they are so quick to say that Russians are whites living in Asia. With that retarded logic doesn't that mean Russians are technically asian? People from those regions do not consider themselves asian. Pullfags want to be asian so bad they pull snowflake shit and lies out of their asses so they can claim to be asian.

No. 321035

Indians are asian but not the rest of what you listed. Pulltards don't have common sense I guess.

No. 321059

It always gives me a good kek hearing the brits calling the pakistanis "asians".
Nobody in the rest of Europe does it, it's so jarring.

No. 321091

They critisize weebflakes like Himeahri and Sayathefox for saying arab and turkish people are ~azn~ to lessen their "I'M EAST ASIAN DESU" lies, then Pull says Arabians and Turks are asian. Never change pullfags

No. 321108


It's because the UK doesn't have many East Asian immigrants, and the ones they do have are all Chinese, so just "Chinese" is fine as a descriptor. They have a ton of South Asian immigrants though.

No. 321118

I've seen some discussions about Turkish people's race in the Kenna thread and neither Kenna or the PULL users seemed to actually know anything about Turks.

Turkic peoples (Turks, Azerbaijanis, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Uyghurs, Tatars, Yakuts, Chuvashes, etc.) are ethnically Asian, they aren't related to Middle Easterns and Europeans. Turks in Turkey migrated to Anatolia from Central Asia. Some Turks got mixed with Balkan Slavs, Middle Easterns, peoples of the Caucasus, and the Turks who "don't look Asian" are most likely one of them. Geographically, 97% of Turkey is a part of Asia (the 3% is Eastern Thrace, a part of Southeastern Europe). I agree that Turks don't really care about being Asian and care more about being Turk, if you ask a random Turk about their race they'll just say that they are Turkish. You won't see people doing it often but a Turk claiming to be white or Middle Eastern is probably some conservative Sharia law fanatic or self-hating Euroboo.

Some non-Turks seem to have the wrong impression that Turks are Middle Easterns and they speak Arabic, which offends a lot of people and something someone who has been to Turkey and know about the culture and society wouldn't say, so seeing Kenna talking about being Middle Eastern is funny. Asia doesn't equal to China, Japan and South Korea. There are so many different cultures in Eastern, Southeastern, South, Central and Western Asia, and people will still find a weeb/kboo weird, so an Asian who isn't Japanese or Korean saying "B-but I'm an Asian too!" doesn't mean anything.

No. 321129

File: 1541524209974.jpg (27.33 KB, 399x399, wRJe5jla_400x400.jpg)

In the uk they call actual asians (EA, SEA) oriental people

So you're telling me a Turk like Anzujaamu who has 0 asian features is asian?

No. 321134


>actual Asians

Anyone from Asia is an Asian.

No. 321139

Um no, we call them Asians.

No. 321140


Only old people call Asians "orientals" in the UK.

No. 321157

>Some Turks got mixed with Balkan Slavs, Middle Easterns, peoples of the Caucasus, and the Turks who "don't look Asian" are most likely one of them.

Most of the people you see on Turkey's streets do have Asian features. People mostly have brown eyes but you'll see some Turks who have blue, green or hazel eyes too. I asked a Turk who has some family members with green and hazel eyes about this and they said that they don't know if they had any non-Turkish family members. From what I've seen, Turks who have similar features to Anzujaamu usually have a family who mostly consists of Turks but had a Bulgarian great-grandmother or something like that. So maybe Anzujaamu has some foreign ancestry too

No. 321223


I used to live in turkey and I’m a Brit

You have dark Turks who are like Pakistani and you have light ones who look white some even have blue eyes and light hair but they have ethnic noses or eyes you can just tell those are usually Kurdish people

I’d say she is asian tbh but not eastern with the monolids lol

No. 321226

the rest of the world calls india and much of the middle east Asia.

No. 321228

Iunno guys this sounds like the stuff Saysthefox would say to justify calling herself asian

For me Turks live in Asia but I wouldn't consider them asian because their appearance and culture is much different than East and Southeast asians

No. 321259

and this sounds like the stuff that people who don't know anything about turks say. saying someone who is ethnically asian isn't an asian for not having monolids is like saying white people with dark hair and dark eyes aren't white lmao. turkish people's culture is much more different than east and southeast asians because they are well, not east or southeast asian. they are, however, ethnically and historically central asian. they aren't related to europeans or middle easterns.

i agree that middle eastern and central asian weebs need to stop trying so hard to justify being a weeaboo by being an asian though. yes, they are asian, east asians are asian, but they have different histories and cultures, they are not related.

No. 321267

>In the uk they call actual asians (EA, SEA) oriental people

Uh, no, no we fucking don't. I've never in my life heard someone say "oriental people" in Britain, you're talking out your arse

No. 321269

chinese and korean weebs are just as bad.

EA and SEA weebs all get a pass "appropriating" stuff too, but it's just pathetic seeing asian weebs at all.

No. 321310

Am also English, can confirm that I've never heard anyone call Asian people 'orentials'. So anon can fuck off with their dirty little lies.

No. 321317

I've heard old people saying it a few times. And those people also used nigger.

No. 321329

I'm pretty sure it's old thing. In the 2009 uk show misfits the mc said the other mc looks like an oriental person when she drinks or something. >>321310 So technically it's not a dIrTy lIe. People don't say it anymore,I guess over time people realized that it's insensitive. Who knows?

No. 321400

File: 1541564723629.png (722.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181106-232203.png)

From wikipedia
"The term Oriental is often used to describe objects from the Orient" "generally considered offensive as a label for people from Asia"

No. 321578

New immigrant fag?

No. 322302

Turkish people, middle eastern and Indians are Caucasian. East asians are mongloids. It's deeper than having monolids, they have different skulls they are a completely different race. Just as northern Africans such as Egyptians and morroccons are also Caucasian not negroid.. they are not black and West asians are not Asian in a racial sense just geographical.

No. 322364

>Indians are Caucasian

No. 322460

turkish anon here. what >>321118 said is basically true. especially

>a Turk claiming to be white or Middle Eastern is probably some conservative Sharia law fanatic or self-hating Euroboo.

but also, it's been a very long time since turkish people migrated from central asia and besides the odd similarities between us and asians, i rarely hear turkish people identifying themselves as asian. i actually haven't heard any at all.

a turkish person (that was born and is still living in turkey) identifying themselves as middle eastern is someone who is most likely supporting sharia law and who has never accepted the modern turkish republic law. you're missing two major things between turkish people coming from central asia and modern turkey: islamic invasion and ottoman empire. if a turkish person says that they're middle eastern, they're most likely to be a devoted muslim who longs for old ottoman empire.

also, turkish people, like anon said, don't really care for their "race" (unless they're the oppressed Kurdish or the weirdos screaming "no i'm white!! my grandma was from xx!!"). when the turkish republic was founded everyone just accepted (or was forced to accept-that's another argument) being "turkish". however, it's important to remember that ottoman empire was quite big for a while, so we have a lot of immigrants from balkans, middle eastern countries, greece, asian parts as the country got smaller and smaller. my mother's side is from greece and my father's side is bulgarian, for example. but i consider myself just turkish.

also, orientalism towards turkey still very much exists. i witnessed it happening in front of my very eyes. so yeah.

>Turkish people are Caucasian.

No. 322617

Stop the race discussion and get back on topic.
If it continues lengthier bans will be handed out.

No. 322635

File: 1541792275201.jpg (231.53 KB, 1080x732, 20181109_193829.jpg)


No. 322667

Why do pullfags call fakeboys like Knite and Gehe "he" when it's established that they aren't trans?

No. 346665

File: 1546234866872.png (63.33 KB, 1073x537, pull_cringe.png)

>the absolute state of pull in 2018

i lurk in some threads, like the kenna one (where the screenshot is from). while it's interesting to see her awful shoops, the a-logging and blogposting in that thread is off the charts. it's so obvious that most of the posters are extremely salty because she is moving to ~japan~, kek.

the person with the sugi username cannot shut up about living in japan and uses every opportunity to flex their japanese knowledge or skills. it's strange how most of the users worship japan and compete with the people they sperg about, and each other, when it comes to knowing the language and culture. at the end of the day, no one really gives a fuck about your imaginary japanese bf.

can this weeb version of pull get nuked already?

No. 346667

I'm glad you posted this cuz it made me cringe too. There's too much over-sharing on PULL when I just want to read about the actual snowflake, and it clutters the thread and makes it a pain in the ass. This Sugi person also made a post (in an OT thread) asking "does anyone else have a salary man bf?" No one cares. There is a lot of sperging in Kenna's thread just because she's going to Japan and small flexing of their grasp of the Japanese language

No. 346694


This is such a basic flex of their knowledge of japanese. Bunch of weeb ass tards.

I use pull for the Poki and lilypichu topics, but recently users have been saying "lily is so pretty~~~! So reformed! Her voice seems normal now" I listened to her new videos, and her voice sounds exactly the same. She's almost 30 and still doing cutesy vids. I'm sorry, but absolutely nothing has changed.

I mostly use the site to call out users who are hypocrites. It's hilarious.

No. 346917

Pull users get really triggered when you call out their blantant wking and snowflake worship

No. 346977

I'm glad I'm not the only one who rolls their eyes at the PULL kenna thread… like yeah kenna is cringey but they are completely obsessed with her & have to make a comment about every single photo or comment she posts.

At some point they become more cringey than her for obsessing over her every movement

No. 347041

people say PULL users whiteknight a lot but i think PULL is full of more nitpickers and vendetta posters than lolcow. atleast lolcow users seem to have half a brain on other topics. the difference between the unpopular opinion thread on PULL and LOLcow is astounding.

lolcow unpopular opinion threads
>anything from politics, gender identity, feminism, a comment on the affairs of the board etc

pull unpopular opinion thread
>trump isnt that bad you guys
>SJWs are dumb XD
>kpop is stupid

No. 347115

They seem really REALLY angry that she's gonna live in Japan. They seem more angry about her moving to Japan than they do about how someone else worte her apology. There's a lot of "omg God unlike me she's a big weeb and doesn't deserve to go to the nihongo ~uwu~" . They do the same thing in the Mikan thread. They'll go off for PAGES talking about how "she dresses like a weeb I bet Japanese people hate her" like they are mad that they aren't in japan being weebs themselves and it's this awful borderline unreadable form of projection.

No. 347148

KEK I saw this shit and I was like god this is so fucking cringe. Kenna's thread is filled with mainly jealous weebs compared to people actually discussing milk. Any time Kenna makes a reference to something someone's always going "REEE SHES RUINING THE SHOW FOR ME REEEEEEEEE UGH! HATE HER!" like how old are some of these PULLtards? I can't wait for McKenna to get to Japan, it's gonna be creamy as fuck for both her and PULL weebs.

No. 347204

another anon on the prediction thread said that if she got a japanese bf the PULLtards would combust kek. It hope it happens.

No. 347215

> "omg God unlike me she's a big weeb and doesn't deserve to go to the nihongo ~uwu~" .
These sorts of elitist weebs are the absolute worst. How can someone not see how much weebier it is to gatekeep a country and only deem tourists/expats who want to spend all their time at shrines or whatever worthy of visiting? Obsessing over cultural traditions and history is a lot weirder and more obsessive than being into the pop culture imo, the latter is superficial and easily enjoyed, whereas you've gotta be in reaaaally deep to get obsessed with dry cultural subject matter. And don't get me started on the obsession with what Japanese people think of foreigners, the unwarranted self consciousness about non Japanese in Japan is ridiculous and egotistical.

No. 347229

File: 1546317696209.png (36.4 KB, 832x236, 212182.png)

> tfw there's literally no reason to talk about yourself but you desperately need attention so you have to concoct an eloquent and natural-sounding segue into your boring life

pic related

No. 347251

yep, i actually cant stand her either, glad someone feels the same.

No. 347257

File: 1546320736197.png (275.49 KB, 1430x1409, Screenshot_2018-12-31-23-30-48…)

KEK this girl is in such denial being salty because Kenny is in Japan and not her

No. 347300

Thank FUCK someone mentioned this chick. She powerlevels in any possible way she can to the point it's annoying browsing threads she's active in as she's always desperate for a way to blog post. I imagine there's cow material there.

No. 347376

File: 1546340073051.png (21.07 KB, 792x149, sperg.png)

i'm so glad other anons also have noticed how spergy this girl is. she needs to stop over-sharing, it's so cringey and annoying. most of her posts are always like "woe is me, i am so poor and ill! if only i had the same opportunities, or the same amount of money, as kenna i surely would have used it wisely, but that's just me!11!!"

No. 347381


YES She's so annoying. I see her way too much on the threads I read on PULL, and she annoys me to no end. She's always complaining about the snowflakes' behaviours but ends up doing the same. I swear I know everything there is to know about her life smh

No. 347389

>unironically masquerades as a character who’s socially retarded, insufferable, and gross without any redeeming value, also murders and sexually harasses people
She has the nerve to call anyone “edgy kid” lmao how old Are these fags

No. 347392

File: 1546343574670.png (89.06 KB, 1252x954, age.png)

surprisingly or maybe unsurprisingly, this one is 27 or 28 years old.

No. 347402

File: 1546346354336.jpeg (7.58 KB, 236x247, images (21).jpeg)

>27, fat and constantly blogging on PULL

No. 347407

seeing PULL have a meltdown every time a semi attractive popular girl goes to Japan and doesn’t visit 10+ temples is hilarious, like they wouldn’t just go to one themselves and then sulk around Akihabara. PULL having multiple threads about white people pretending to be Asian is amazing too given how many of the comments are like “I hate that she’s pretending to be half Japanese when I, someone who is ACTUALLY half Japanese and is from Kyoto and has a father called Takeru and who took cute bento lunches to school and who totally speaks fluent Japanese, got bullied for it at school”. it’s just… convenient that so many anonymous users just happen to all be half Asian.

No. 347453

Honestly half of PULL users are obsessed with Asian people, they end up with a hateboner for them when they don't fit the uwu kawaii image they make of them. There's a reason why some of the Literally Who active threads are of random Asian people.

No. 347492

it’s the same thing when pull gets mad at white girls for having an asian boyfriend. “UGH this disgusting sex tourist with a fetish! i don’t care about race! my boyfriend is korean and we don’t even eat kimchi together by the way he thinks she’s SO ugly lol!!!”

No. 347508

I just wish PULL would cease their current invasion here. There are a bunch of threads where their presence is too fucking obvious (ie kpop critical, various snow threads).

No. 347536

PULL is really filled with koreaboos and weeaboos and you know what, I get it, a lot of people on the internet go through that phase, but I don't understand why they get so butthurt over other kboos and weebs for being good looking or rich. They would do similar things if they had the chance. They have the mindset that any random non-east Asian girl on Instagram who dates an east Asian guy must be an evil self-hating bitch who fetishizes all Asians and sees them as subhumans. I understand discussing about them if there is any actual milk but most of the time that's not what they are doing

No. 347599

File: 1546374389346.jpeg (984.08 KB, 1110x2199, CE893AE5-DBE5-433D-98AD-EDBF89…)

can we talk about these cringy ass rants they post thinking they’re clapping back at the people that supposedly read their spergs. this one in particular was like sandpaper on the brain.

No. 347611

>make tl;dr powerlevel post that doesn't quite make sense make sense but with the right words it may sound smart the the dumb
>"haha yes, you said it rightly"

No. 347617

Lol this girl. Take a shot every time she mentions her "partner"

No. 347618

you just know that this person was probably sitting in front of their screen all proud for incoherently dunking on some dumb irrelevant weeaboo bitch lmao. the whole post sounds like shes a bitter jealous sperg. istg that the posters are usually more entertaining than the cows theyre trying to "clap back" at. why do pulltards get this worked up over something this dumb?

ive also noticed that in every weeaboo/koreaboo thread theres always at least 1 person claiming to be either japanese or korean getting worked up over people assuming theyre native english speakers. and they always have to bring up how supposedly every pulltard and their mom lives in japan. its really strange.

No. 347625

This honestly reads like sarcasm,
>I'm totally not jealous of Kenna, I'm sooo glad she's successful and not me, the poor thing going to Japan while I'm all alone, I'm great!

No. 347634

File: 1546378414901.png (58.75 KB, 1073x363, banner_update.png)

they are updating the banner and looking for artists and asking people to share their previous work. who in their right mind would want to associate themselves and their portfolio with a gossip site and do free work for them (if they are wanting a solid career as an artist that is)? and lmao, apparently they can't pay them in money, but dw they will get pull clout.

>haha poor kenna, she's going to be stranded in japan, with no friends (even though she knows mikan and venus and is going to be in a school setting which is one of the easiest places to befriend people).

i know claiming that people who gossip/talk negatively about someone are jealous of them is a poor argument that, in most cases, isn't true. however, i do believe that the majority of the people in the kenna thread are incredibly jealous of her (as other farmers previously mentioned).

No. 347653

File: 1546379751397.jpg (60.39 KB, 604x404, Old wut.jpg)

they are going to pay wint a fucking color in you username? what the fuck and "tons or rep" please PAY THE ARTIS for the love of god, what the fuck is wrong wint this idiots?

No. 347655

kenna's videos are kinda cringy but she's not even that milky, they just nitpick every post and comment she makes for no reason, it makes me think that most of the people on her thread are extremely jealous of her too

No. 347691

she's pretty milky. she lies about everything, has raging yellow fever that she poorly masks with her asexuality thing, and she's a bitch to her followers. it's too bad all the legit criticism is drowned out by people REEEEing about her haircolor and mildly uncoordinated fashion choices. apparently she's getting her own subforum though, hopefully there will be a thread for actual milk and a separate thread for triggered 27 year old weebs to keep blogposting in.

No. 347703

tbh none of the actual milky shit will ever be discussed on pull because "liar" and "raging yellow fever" describes about 99% of the user base kek. her threads are pretty much just bitter weebs ganging up on a slightly more succesful weeb.

No. 348020

File: 1546447596974.png (196.78 KB, 2648x683, salty.png)

its really funny to me how salty they all are.

No. 348022

so… having some hiragana/katakana practice equals to being able to speak perfect japanese now. sure

No. 348037


i bet this girl would piss her pants to meet her in person. i don't understand why they're so high and mighty about stupid shit like this lmfao

No. 348253

File: 1546481801546.jpeg (369.59 KB, 1242x1751, 63560F36-A81D-4E41-A2A8-37DE99…)

well, at least the "unpopular opinion" thread has got some coherent/ realistic thoughts on kenny

No. 348255

File: 1546481863035.jpeg (344.43 KB, 1242x1726, 9D3781E9-2B7D-4EFA-9EE9-C7F335…)

No. 348278

I tried looking for it but I can't find it, has anyone else seen the thread where they ''correctly gender'' a tranny who's obviously a pedophile with a fetish for young japanese school girls? I guess posing as asian is wrong but posing as a woman is alright. It's ironical since they also ''misgender'' young kpop-obsessed fakeboys

No. 348279

File: 1546483551007.jpg (513.35 KB, 1430x1973, Screenshot_20190102-214018.jpg)

PULL is definitely filled with people who hold Asians on a pedestal.Pleanty of Koreans fawn over foreign models or mixed models no issue but it's always the koreaboos in the west screaming about how non-asians are gonna taint and destroy the kpop industry if they get anywhere near it and call foreign acts racists who are trying to take work away from Asians and missue the term "representation".
It has nothing to do with them wanting Asian representation and everything to do with not wanting to break out of their yellow fever spell. They act like kpop doesn't steal everything from the west and get mainly Western producers and choreographers and try their hardest to appeal to the west.

No. 348333

I'm conflicted about Kenna because even though her thread in nitpicky and spergy, I genuinely think she's a really nasty piece of work. Between her unapologetic plagiarism, bullying, and overall narcissism, she's definitely a cunt.
I think the thing that she did that drove that home the most was when she got upset by the fact that someone commented that she an her sister shared a family resemblance. She made this cruel extra cringy post with comparison pictures (her uber shoops against her sister's natural unedited features) and commentary implying that she had ideal features vs her sister's unattractive ones. Who the fuck does that especially to a younger sibling who obviously looks up to you?
TL;DR version
PULL's threads are ott and full of spergy yellow fever jealousy but Kenna is legitimately a really shitty person.

No. 348368

PULL has some shit mods who can’t follow the site’s own rules. I wish I grabbed caps but Yuuna was sperging about BTS in some snowflake’s thread, and ended up quietly deleting her posts the next day after derailing the thread and causing infighting.

No. 348370

they ~correctly gender~ everyone. If you call a girl with short hair "her", an army or trannies spawns with aS a TrAnSgEnDeR…. and downvotes you to oblivion, so yeah

About Kenna, her threads are super pathetic. They're full of weebs acting personally hurt over the fact she's going to Japan, and I saw a post saying that she crushed many people's dreams of going to Japan like??? what the actual fuck

No. 348386

Man that thread the cap came from got nasty. Someone posted some poor missguided koreeby girl who's training to be a kpop idol and they lit into her for pretty much no reason that I could see. She just seemed be living her life and made some online paper or something. They acted like personally colonized Korea.
It just seemed kind of unnecessary.

No. 348442

Here Anon! >>332351 I posted this in the last gender crit thread

No. 348596

What's the point of outting yourself?

No. 348599

Kenna is a legit shitty person and deserves criticism but with the way people on PULL express it she'll never learn anything bc she has all the right to ignore those people lol. I just checked her thread and they're literally counting her money for no reason and judging her, are they serious? They should hide their jealousy better or something.

No. 348653

File: 1546556091207.jpeg (222.12 KB, 750x1002, 376B53A6-F3E4-41C2-8BFC-6B0F03…)

Decided to look at this thread and holy hell. Yeah, she’s insufferable but these chicks are seething for like no reason other than jealousy. “How dare someone go to Japan and not do what I would do if I were there?” They’ve even made a bingo for her time in Japan. Like you said, she seems like a little shit but this is a little much.

No. 348705

>for no reason
the reason is because most of them want to be their flakes but are too poor to move out on their own and it they are trying to work out what the trick is that lets HER and HER get to do it but not me. They all have their own little youtube channels with 20 viewers, in their lolita dress in their backyard in england or wherever

No. 348758

They're so transparent, their jealousy is honestly milkier than Kenna has been in ages.

Anyway, not everyone wants to go to ryokan or onsen, that doesn't mean they're disrespecting Japan or some shit. My dad is the biggest japanese culture/history weeb I know with zero interest in anime or whatever, he's been like 30 times and he hates both of them.

No. 348832

The Non asians pretending to be asian thread is occasionally entertaining but it constantly gets derailed into muh heritage race posting instead of actually talking about the race fakers themselves. The knitemaya thread is also guilty of this, just takes one person to ask "whats so wrong about taping eyelids" to utterly derail the thread.

I know nothing about this Kenna chick but I decided to take a peek at her thread and PULL fags are seriously sperging about her buying a donut at Starbucks and not choosing superior Japanese food!. The sheer amount of blogposting and nitpicking is one of the worst I've ever seen.

No. 348983

One thing that I find especially obnoxious about PULL users is their own sense of self importance. It comes up in the Kenna threads a lot but also in other threads where they are absolutely convinced that the flake in question is responding to their criticisms especially when all they are doing is talking about some general thing.

No. 349065

>PULL fags are seriously sperging about her buying a donut at Starbucks and not choosing superior Japanese food!
oh my god i hate when people nitpick the food, like yes the fucking sugar bagel was atrocious but japanese people eat pancakes and donuts too it's not always going to be tonkatsu and okonomiyaki. besides most authentic japanese food places in tokyo are tourist traps so getting pancakes would probably be cheaper lol

No. 349593

Not only that but different chains have different things depending on the country. McDonald's taste better in Korea and Japan versus America. Then in Starbucks there's regional drinks. Not to mention in Tokyo if it's really early in the morning a western restaurant might be the only thing open (from experience). Jesus the girl is gonna be there for a while she was plenty of time to eat uwu superior nihongo meals. The mods on pull will ban you for not wanting to use the website anymore but they won't for REEEEING over someone breathing a certain way, or at least give them a warning they derail for a good 6-7 pages.

No. 349598

Did you see Kenna responded to a comment on one of her Instagram photos saying she had ramen and gyoza and PULLfags were going "OK But why didn't she take a photo?! I BET SHE'S LYING. Ramen is so weeby, I bet she doesn't know of any other REAL Japanese food like me and my boyfriend ate when we went to Japan 4 months ago!!"

No. 349600

don't they ever get tired of sperging about how they are the fountain of knowledge about japan and how they are not like all these other weeaboos? kenna does snowflakey shit but all these pulltards just seem extremely jealous about her

No. 349604

Yeah, I was excited to see what was going to happen once she got to Japan, but the thread became infected almost immediately. Japan spergs are literally the worst.

No. 349608

File: 1546720431416.png (122.03 KB, 1730x410, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.30…)

Also if you move to Japan from the US and don't know the language very well and don't know many people you are probably feeling homesick and want to go somewhere familiar to you… the sperging over her needing a winter coat as if she hasn't lived in california her whole life and hasn't been wearing some ratty ass coat she's had for 10 years like the rest of their frugal kawaii asses

No. 349609

forgot the end of that sentence lol, was trying to say the coat sperging is equally cringe

No. 349617

not to mention that even chains in other countries have different menu items local to their country. the worst weebs on PULL in general are the ones who swear up and down they aren't weebs. they always act like they don't care, but they claim to know oh so much more and they just sound extra autistic.

No. 349629

this whole post and all the others are so ridiculous. its hard to tell whether this is some bitter, pretentious self absorbed weeb autist, or a shitpost. who the fuck cares if some irrelevant weeaboo bitch decides to eat a fucking donut instead of muh "state of art super high quality Japanese cuisine" every day. i cant imagine being autistic enough to actually lose sleep over this lmao.

No. 349667

anyone taking the actions of a stranger this seriously and personally is a cow themselves, imo. the best cows are the ones you have no personal connection to or jealousy for, but pull users only care about cows they’re jealous of and don’t even try to hide it

No. 349677

Also the fact they're legitimately salty at Kenna for buying a $800 Tokyo Disney pass. Like if you add it up to go for a whole year, it adds up to like $65 a month. PULLfags are crying "that's a month of my rent!!" Like okay we get it, you're a poorfag, but please… This will give us some milk. I can't believe I have to back up some of Kenna's decisions. Everyone in that thread now sounds like they turned into 15 year olds.

No. 349707

the mods will be derailing with them/derailing even more, lol. Their mods are the uwuest of weebs and koreaboos.
There's no such thing as derailing/nitpicking on PULL truly since that's all they have

No. 349708

doublepost but yeah, I think the jealousy because muh Japan is a one thing but the jealousy over Kenna's money is even cringier and more embarrassing.

No. 349734

$800 a year on a hobby is not much at all. Not that I can understand making Disneyland your hobby, but rather than money being the problem I just can't fathom spending so much time there.

No. 349747

If those retards just stop going on pull and do something useful for once in their life, they can actually go to japan themselves. There are literally thousands of people with less privileges that can go there and make a living. Not that living in japan is that great, but going out there and achieving what they want to achieve instead of shitting on some random bitch's life all the time sounds like a life-changing plan. I'm 100% sure that almost all of those fucktards are delusional, cause if they really are half japanese or have been in japan that many times, they wouldn't have been so bothered with what a random western chick does in japan with her own money. The whole thread just reeks of jealousy.

No. 349753

this is copypasta worthy. but as the above anon says I feel like PULL users need a break from the site. They should seriously consider maybe working more and spending less time online so they can feel more fulfilled with themselves. I'm sure if half of the weebs complaining had a plan made to go live in Japan like Kenna they wouldn't obsess so much over it.

sure kenna is plenty shitty but I don't even feel like getting to know her as a cow because I have to read tumblr-tier blog posts between some skim milk

No. 349767

Literally this is the entire thread. They’re pathetic on that site, like get good and maybe you too can go Japan and go to your precious shrines.

No. 349768

Seriously, are they all teenagers or something? No doubt they act childish af but aside from that, I see them mentioning their parents all the time. If you live with your parents while working, usually you can save enough to go to Japan. Since they cant, I keep assuming they are too young for a proper job.

No. 349770

Lol no 80% of them sound like self-hating adults with no life. Like they hate their own self for never working hard when they still had a chance so they blame other people for their unsuccessfulness

No. 349772

> “I hate that she’s pretending to be half Japanese when I, someone who is ACTUALLY half Japanese and is from Kyoto and has a father called Takeru and who took cute bento lunches to school and who totally speaks fluent Japanese, got bullied for it at school”
PULL in a nutshell though. It's filled to the brim with skinwalking weebs/kboos who think they're better than other weebs because they're "half asian" (100% white) and fakebois/"enbies" who think they're more respectable than other troons. The Knitemaya thread is a mashup of both mentalities, white/pinoy girls screeching about her face taping being racist yet throwing a shitfit over someone "misgendering".

A lot of them are underage or young adults (19-22ish) who can't afford more than the cheapest aliexpress trash so they're bound to get jealous. A lot of their issues seem to stem from jealousy up there, 90% of their favourite cows are just rich white girls dating Asian guys and the concurrent "milk" is how much they spend money on brand clothing, how they photoshop their selfies or how totally racist they are for taking a photo with the Korean boyfriend. You can see this from all the blogpost replies dripping with bitterness, like the hypothetical one I quoted above. Lolcow might have its problems but at least here blogposting is a bannable offense and despite all the nitpicking cunts our most popular cows are mostly actual shitty people doing destructive things.

No. 349774

File: 1546766603331.jpg (121.37 KB, 1080x538, 20190106_162300.jpg)

At least someone was brave enough to admit it

No. 349775

Are we sure they're white and not SEA? SEA weebs/kboos love thinking of themselves as close enough to east asian that they can't have yellow fever and can act as representative of japan or korea, and it would explain the vitriol towards white weebs in particular. I dont go on PULL much so I'm just speculating based on what I've seen elsewhere, might be off base.

No. 349776

That's why I specifically mentioned white/pinoy. If someone is asian and making a huge goddamn noise about m-muh fetishizing white bitches it's usually a Filipino having a complex about not being as kawaii as the Koreans and Japanese.

No. 349778

File: 1546767173480.jpg (412.98 KB, 1080x1565, 20190106_163141.jpg)

At this point, they're just obsessed. I wouldn't have gone this far just to mock someone, but the act itself doesn't feel like mocking, idk how to explain it. Like if i seriously hate someone, why should i do this lmao

No. 349780

File: 1546767565651.jpg (206.45 KB, 1080x843, 20190106_163421.jpg)

>She better be learning some more Japanese soon unless the plan is to live off pancakes and hot chocolate for a while.

She sounds so retarded lmao. You can have no basic Japanese knowledge whatsoever and order a complete Japanese meal. It's not that difficult. Besides, there are restaurants equipped with machines where you can pick the menu just based on the picture and in big cities it's even easier to find translations of food items. The writer is a know-it-all fucktard who pretends she knows Japan better than anyone else.

No. 349782

File: 1546768190248.jpg (299.46 KB, 1075x1148, 20190106_164523.jpg)

Sorry I can't stop posting milks of these jelly retards, I literally just found out about McKenna a few hrs ago. I used to read things on PULL when Dakota was new and there was actual milk there but now everyone is just jealous of other girls who actually have a chance in japan.

>Yeah, I guess moving to another country is a big step but people do it everyday and most people move to another country for a few years if not longer isn't Kenna just going for a few months??

The amount of jealousy tho, it hurts. So what if the girl is only gonna be there for a few months? It's still not the writer that is in japan and she is legit butthurt over that fact lol.

No. 349784

File: 1546768861687.jpg (549.13 KB, 1080x1521, 20190106_165739.jpg)

(1/2) So this person acted like she had an actual pamphlet of the Japanese Disney Park (you can obviously tell from the wording) to prove that mcKenna actually spent 850 USD for an annual pass…

No. 349785

File: 1546769165272.jpg (561.87 KB, 1080x1720, 20190106_165942.jpg)

…but then I reverse-image searched it and found out that it was taken from some Japanese website. The exact same picture. The writer probably just used their limited Japanese skill to look for a Disney pamphlet and claimed it like it's her own, like she lives in Japan too or goes to Disney Japan often lmao. It's ridiculous why anyone could become so extra over the fact that another girl could go to japan and pay 850 USD for a Disney pass.

No. 349787

>I'm so jealous that this white bitch managed to do what me and fellow kboos can only dream about so I wrote this wall of text about how she's actually a racist colonizing bitch so that people would cancel her ass! That'll show her!
The absolute state of our youth

This is simply hilarious.
>How dare she not go to the Meiji Temple, one of the most cramped tourist attractions in Tokyo! That's what _I_ would do! _I_ have been to Japan and actually had a very enlightening journey there! I bet she would even call Yukata a Kimono which is the equivalent of calling a blouse a shirt!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE

She just said "pull out my Japanese Disney park sources" which could as well mean "pull out the image from Google search". Not "let me take out my sugoi authentic disneypark pamphlet". Don't be a sperg like the PULLcunts.

No. 349789

File: 1546770443604.jpg (290.33 KB, 1080x1325, 20190106_172625.jpg)

If you read the thread CAREFULLY, the writer didn't even need to do that since people already mentioned the cost of the annual pass way before her from other sources like links, so posting that image was an EXTRA thing to do, it's like an attempt of showing off to me.

No. 349790

kek, why do the girls in the kenna thread have this old fashioned view of japan? as if japan isn't a modern country that, to some extent, is affected by globalization. on the other hand, they would absolutely reee if kenna were to try on a kimono or actually partake in their precious japanese culture.

imagine going on a trip to england and people start sperging because you don't have beans and eggs for every single meal.

No. 349795

They are trying to sound as authentic as possible

No. 349797

i lowkey wish kenna dates a good-looking japanese or korean guy so we can watch all these weebs and kboos lose their shit lol

No. 349813

a bit nitpicky, she probably meant she looked on the Japanese web, but still cringey she had to emphasize ya know, I can read nipponese or shit. Qualle is generally super invested into this thread and almost every post of hers is when I was in Japan… and blogposting about Japan.

No. 349815

They do here this in shoe's thread though and it was kinda funny ngl

No. 349847

What makes it even cringier is that the post got like 42 upvotes while the posts before it that literally said the same thing with legit sources too got only 5 to 10 upvotes or even less than that. You can tell that these pulltards enjoy that kind of bragging, they didn't necessarily appreciate the information,as it had been confirmed by the posters before her.

Whether what she meant was pulling it off of another website or something else she just gotta show off muH jApAnEsE sKIlL

No. 349966

File: 1546794248405.png (8.31 KB, 873x148, weeb dreams.png)

will the woe is me sperging in the kenna thread ever come to an end?

No. 349967

No it won't because as long as Kenna has money they'll forever be salty.

No. 349992

File: 1546798212834.png (32.9 KB, 951x288, 3.png)

they keep ignoring the fact she has wealthy parents and analyzing how soon she won't be able to rely on youtube as if she's ever depended on it lol

this post takes the cake for me, like, the girl is just posting her trip to her instagram, can you chill?

No. 350002

does she have to study japanese 24/7? if she was constantly showing off practice books they would whine like "she's flexing on us :( she's living my dreams, i've been trying to save enough money to take language classes in japan my entire life. it's so disrespectful and inconsiderate of her". it's hilarious how the thread has become more milky than kenna herself

No. 350018

>>She's not serious about studying because she only bought ONE notebook
How do you know how many notebooks she bought?? Just because she didn't take a picture of EVERYTHING she bought doesn't mean it's not there. This is seriously getting ridiculous. Just say you're salty and jealous because you can't afford to go.
As someone already stated ITT that whole thread literally is "Why aren't you living your life like I would if I were there! So unconsidered". They're fucking retarded.

No. 350055

File: 1546807088749.png (88.17 KB, 901x487, screenshot.png)

i agree with what the first person said about kenna having ugly makeup, but i feel like pull gets really ridiculous with the "rEeeEeEeeeEe this person is trying to look asian!!!!1!!" sometimes. she doesnt look remotely asian in that picture lmao.

No. 350061

They were just saying this in the Mikan thread, accusing her of doing her makeup to fake monolids and try to be a pale asian. Ten bucks says all of PULL does the same weeby makeup style.

No. 350086

i bet a lot of the "shooping" and "makeup" they ree about is actually because of the shitty editing apps those weebs use lol.

No. 350328

File: 1546868228158.png (93.22 KB, 1069x380, 56b739ff5e1f8a3886f3c7cc4db0eb…)

she legit didn't have to add that last part, but much salary man boyfriend needed to be included.

No. 350350

It's hardly her fault Korean and Japanese makeup trends try to make Asian women look more white.

No. 350367

File: 1546873966240.png (105.74 KB, 1440x745, Screenshot_2019-01-07-09-09-14…)

Kenna nitpickers are trying to "no u!!!" KEK

No. 350396

File: 1546877270812.png (23.68 KB, 884x219, 46578976543567897654.png)

why are some of these people so obsessed with what japanese people think of them. the tourists i see are always dressed casually and no one gives a shit.

No. 350453

They're lying just like their 'queen'. None of those threads (at least none when I used to frequent) were ever as nitpicky as those jealous bitches lol.

No. 350465

File: 1546888914549.jpg (93.89 KB, 285x454, 1515123400765.jpg)

what is it about traveling to japan or korea that drives people crazy, like is there another forum where people act exactly like this but about france?

No. 350488

ironically japan acts this way about france lmfao. i've seen girls get advice on girlschan for what to do about being jealous of their friends who get to visit france, it's super bizarre.

No. 350500

File: 1546897165818.jpg (220.88 KB, 1440x1084, Screenshot_20190107-163539.jpg)

In the Kenna thread they went on a rampage for a few pages screaming about how dare Kenna not go to class in a pair of sweatpants and a stained weeb graphic tee. Whenever anyone speaks up and calls out the nitpicking people start screaming about how it's a gossip website and that they have the right to nitpick. Seriously try to go read the recent pages in that thread right now it's impossible. It's normal to put on make up and wear a cute outfit to class Jesus.

No. 350505

why are they so concerned about how much shes going to study lol. theyre just jealous that they cant afford to go kek. and why do they seem think that not looking like a greasy weaboo and studying are mutually exclusive?

No. 350507

A-Are they complaining that she wanted to look presentable in public. Dear God

No. 350508

Yes, because how dare people dress up on the first day of class! In Nipponland everyone dresses exactly the same because they're oh so conservative and strict! /s

The absolute state of PULL. They're already going on to almost 50 pages in the new thread already and it's only been a few days.

No. 350509

and if she didn’t dress up they would called her a poser trying to fit in, a fake, a phony, etc. lolcow can be crazy sometimes but comments like these wouldn’t pass here at all

No. 350551

these people are insane, imagine rage posting about someone wearing a cute outfit on their first day of school. instead of pointing out her actual milky behavior, they are criticizing her every move. how exhausting. i know this phrase is often thrown around, but i am 100% sure that these people have no lives.

>literally hasn't started classes yet
>is somehow putting more effort into her outfit than learning

the mental gymnastics..

No. 350553

They have way better cows to make fun of. They nit pick over kenna, when invadernoodles is fucking disgusting.

No. 350564

You know a cow has no milk when the thread or post is 90% speculation and fanfiction. If most of the posts start with "i wonder", "what if", "i bet", "i wish" then theres no milk to be discussed, the thread is just jealousy sperging.

No. 351091

File: 1546983619084.png (848.91 KB, 1348x2094, Screenshot_2019-01-07-08-59-12…)

Some salty PULLtard actually drew fanart of Kenna out of spite. She's in denial she worships her and tried playing it off like "She'll never look this cute I did her a favor"

No. 351128

I've never even heard of Kenna before but this sort of seething jealousy made me curious so I went on to check her thread out. God damn is the only "milk" on her that she's a sort of an obnoxious beauty vlogger who gets to live in Japan and date an Asian guy while claiming to be asexual and editing her selfies? Momokun's thread is currently full of retarded fanfiction and nitpicking but at least she's actually a horrible person that has ruined numerous lives. These folks over at PULL sound like they're crying themselves to sleep every night because they can't get to Japan while this generic white bitch posts gaijin doughnut photos instead of temple pictures. It's hilarious.

No. 351143

It's pretty obvious that most of them are fellow white weebs who are jealous that they aren't in her position. The nitpicking and reaching is also 100 times worse than on lolcow.

No. 351144

Slight off topic from the Kenna discussion, but anyone else remember that one user who was annoying as fuck from PULL 1.0? She had some sort of aspergers/autism and was fat(?) and was flat out annoying. I'd like to remember her name.

No. 351385

What I don't understand is how NYX knows full well that there's a crap ton of people unrightfully banned from PULL because mods like Bonbonchucked went buckwild and she refused to do anything about it. Meanwhile people alog to their hearts content and allow vendetta posting in the Koreaboo /pretending to be Asian thread

No. 351458

nyx doesn't do anything to the mods because they are her friends irl, she covers for them whenever they fuck up

No. 351468

I finally got a hold of her but the mod I had issues with is long so it doesn't even matter. But I do wish that moderation would… mod better. I've seen some of them have weird outburst and then delete any evidence of it and act like nothing happened.

No. 351474

No. 351485

I think it was KFC. Jesus, she was horribly annoying

No. 351727

Nyx and the rest of the pull mods are big hypocrites they shut down and moderate threads when people go against the rules and act like a ~moral~ compass but let shit fly for the lil tay thread asian wannabe thread and a few other obvious vendetta threads like the korean girl who photoshops all her pictures

Not to mention they are sketch as fuck lying and deleting to cover up messes theyve made

No. 351742

File: 1547062086267.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1225x1948, 14A6FFF2-0586-42A3-BE04-88DB05…)

I will never fucking understand the hard on that pulltarda get for ‘traditional’ asian shit like temples and whatever. Imagine some mouth breathing Japanese woman going on about some randos trip to america like “ugh but like, she didnt even go to a log cabin or visit any of the national parrrrrks!! America is more than just Beyonce and Drake, I’m going to share a live bluegrass performance in this chat of ‘Ameriboos’ who will totally be the ones to come out looking like losers”

No. 351745

i mean japanese people do that, only with france. PULL is about as crazy as crazy paris obsessed japanese francophiles.

No. 351749

They are obsessed with France but I've never seen any indication that they obsess over other tourists going for 'authentic' French culture rather than french pop culture. Nobody gives a shit about french pop culture, everyone goes for the standard cultural things when they're there.

No. 351751

alot of girls on jpn internet will bitch about it in the same way. there are also articles on the "right way" to tour paris, many of them are super idealistic since the japanese think that france is some kind of kawaii theme park without real humans there.

No. 351755

Ot but, could you link some of those articles or crazy francophile japanse girl forums? I'm interested.

No. 351756

File: 1547063852036.png (132.76 KB, 926x372, c07[1].png)

ngl being an americana-obsessed foreigner is a pretty cute concept.

reminds me of the ken-sama variants

No. 351786

File: 1547071173459.png (117.07 KB, 1024x804, pull.png)

There are so many posts like that on PULL of people blogposting and just putting their own weird vendettas on display. Pic related though there are countless other users shit talking their RL friends for being wealthy like Kenna, trying to show they're a better Disney fan than Kenna, etc. Years ago there was great milk but now it's just a creepy echo chamber of weeby jealousy-fueled obsession.

No. 351903


No. 352862

File: 1547224284288.jpeg (397.13 KB, 1125x2191, 166D01B9-4727-420F-A171-27C0E1…)

> lol i bet she’s not actually studying
> w-well she’s only posting beginner stuff!! her handwriting is not great!!!

reading these weebs shit themselves is better than reading the paper.

No. 352997

File: 1547249745450.png (52.88 KB, 1243x357, PULLGOD.PNG)

omfg i was just about to upload the same post.
anyway here's Sugi trying to show off… again

No. 353001

weebs like this are fucking crazy.

No. 353005

Everything she does, people will criticize.
Sugi showing off isn't anything new, and I wish she'd fuck off.

No. 353010

>big head
she literally just said that someone said she had good writing and was proud of it…do these dumbasses not understand the concept of being proud of yourself for accomplishing something lmfao, there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 353062

her handwriting does look okay but you know the jelly weebs have to nitpick everything

their people pretending to be asian thread is hilarious because they vendetta post anyone in instagram who has more than 5k followers, post in korean/japanese and don't look fully east asian

No. 353095

File: 1547282004497.jpeg (599.23 KB, 1242x2073, 0FA77DBB-0577-4237-A8E2-3EB8EF…)

>rando white girl draws on straight eyebrows

>PULL: “~asian~ style doesnt suit white girls plz staaaaaahp!”

>middle eastern girl weebs out and looks like harajuku threw up on her

>PULL ”omg middle eastern people dont all look the same and she’s technically asian so its totally okay”

No. 353096

My favorite is when they accuse someone of pretending to be korean because they are using korean hashtags when thats what rando hashtag generating apps come up with nowadays.

No. 353098

Holy shit, this blogposting person reads like a bad parody of a PULLtard weeb in denial. Literally writing a massive derailing reply making this weird flex about how she loves kitsunes and foxes in a thread that has nothing to do with the subject.

This is fast becoming one of my followed threads in /ot/, bless the hearts of the anons who post these crazy people here

No. 353112

we all know pull loves to reee about white people pretending to be asian, but does anyone else remember that chinese girl who tried to pretend to be russian and had a thread in 1.0? i cant remember her name and im not sure if she still has a thread.

No. 353167

Idr but i bet it was full of “omg she’s so full of internalized racism she needs to embrace her beautiful features twt” while they shit on non asian girls doing the same because “I’m totally asian and some white boy in the first grade said my moms shitty chinese cooking smelled bad and if i cant love “my” culture nobody can REEEEEEEE”

No. 353177

Seconding this.

No. 353187

Pull does not give a fuck about asians pretending to be white. I remember in the thread someone posted examples of asians claiming to be white and they said DIS IS THE WHITES PRETENDING TO BE ASIAN THREAD! Are you talking about Ophelia Vanity? She claims to be half Chinese and Icelandic when it's painfully obvious she's lying. Gina Darling who is Vietnamese claims to be part Irish then Russian then Chinese and now Russian + Chinese. No one cares about asians pretending and claiming to be white to seem special, they are literally doing the same thing as the whities but I guess having a thread about asians doesn't fit their narrative on how white people are culture stealin devils~

No. 353242

File: 1547311218337.jpg (686.71 KB, 1440x2250, Screenshot_20190112-113659.jpg)

The people from PULL REEEEE'D at kenna for eating pancakes for breakfast. I thought that they were supposed to be superior weebs and know that Japanese pancakes are actually something that people find interesting to try and there's recipes for it online. It's like screaming at her for eating Kobe beef because BeEf iS wEsTeRn.

No. 353247

Her reaction is also petty and stupid af so I guess she and these people who hate follow her every step deserve each other

No. 353248

ot but is that ice cream or butter?

No. 353249

nvm it's probably ice cream

No. 353260

it was lol. it was hilarious. i remember a few people called her out but most people were like "uwu poor girl so self hating uwu embrace your beautiful natural features uwu". like she looked like a full on caricature of a russian model but no one got triggered, but if a white girl draws on straight eyebrows then shes a culture appropriating bitch whos trying to look asian kek.

no i dont think so it was a fully chinese girl (i think someone found evidence?) who claimed to be russian, photoshopped herself into a ridiculous caricature and had some skinhead russian boyfriend. thats all i remember.

No. 353275

Because a lot of them are self-hating South East Asians, so white people pretending to be white bolsters their self esteem, but the reverse does not. They're pretty see-through.

No. 353278

File: 1547317935277.jpg (191.91 KB, 939x539, xiaxues kid who has black eyes…)

my favorite is xiaxue claiming her son has gray eyes, when he has black eyes just like every other asian or half-asian kid.

No. 353281

there was a filipina instagram model with a white boy fetish and i remember the pulltards going batshit over her too. they were calling her a self hating racist because she called asian guys faggots or something like that

No. 353291

Lily maymac, it's true though she was a self hating filipino. She only wants to date and marry white guys and fetishizes them, she got plastic surgery to appear white and lied about being half white. Korean Netizens chewed her out on that when she tried to advance into Korea that's the reason why you don't see her in Korea anymore

No. 353294

>Ophelia Vanity
Wow, what a blast from the past. I was so jelly of those Vanity is Perfection scene girls when I was in highschool but now I can see the mental illness necessary to start a group like that in the first place.

No. 353308

File: 1547321812670.jpeg (792.92 KB, 1125x2228, C9226F67-9C1C-466C-AD3C-27BB94…)

these people have been pissing themselves over kenna not eating AUTHENTIC JAPANESE FOOD UWU but the moment she says she doesn’t post every single aspect of her life, they’re like “why is she even mad?? lol”. if she was posting shit from a convenience store, they would’ve shat on that too or they would’ve called her a weeb for making shit at home. kenna is pretty aggravating but the way these people are so unaware is hilarious.

No. 353338

good lord some of these people are even more petty and cringe inducing than kenna herself.

No. 353432

File: 1547337348728.jpeg (345.4 KB, 1936x1452, 2932DDE0-4F7E-4845-B26A-E33BFD…)

just having a korean boyfriend is enough to be a “fucking fetishizer” on pull

No. 353433

why do they project their own yellow fever onto everyone else?

No. 353436

No idea who that girl is but I have to admit, fetishizer would be my first assumption considering she's about 100x better looking than him.

No. 353437

that’s the case for most relationships, reguardless of race

No. 353439

I agree his face is busted but women do date out of their league all the time.

No. 353468

both of them are fug.

No. 353473

Because they're former koreaboos who used to have yellow fever, but trying to look "woke" now by speaking out against it.

No. 353480

this sums up a majority of PULL. they’ll talk about how they USED to be a weeb or kboo, how they wore “unflattering makeup” and “liked kpop” except now they know so much better and they don’t even like kpop that much even though their username is in korean and an idol is their profile photo, they care about the CULTURE, obviously.

No. 353494

Apparently in late December some DMs were leaked showing that Kenna's apology video was completely written by someone else and totally fake. There's legitimate milk there… but all the PULLtards can talk about is what she eats and her trips to Disneyland and how she isn't doing Japan right, according to them. This girl does legitimately shitty stuff but the people in her thread are worse, the weeb level there is just unbearable.

No. 353502

Do you have screenshots of those DMs? Sounds interesting.

No. 353518

I’ve never seen nor heard of that leaking. Where did you get that information and why haven’t you posted the screencaps lol

No. 353522

Well this is the PULL thread, not Kenna's thread. I just looked in snow but her thread is about to be locked and I don't know or care enough about her to start a new one (and it looks like someone did post about it but no one noticed). But all of the screenshots are here: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/10781-simply_kennacozykitsune-thread-4/?page=460

No. 353534

I mean… this PULL user contacted her and encourage her to make an apology and helped her through it, and now says she didn't do it to spill the beans? C'mon, in my opinion she did what every other "famous" person does, and it's not like Kenna was being an ass in those emails… so I don't see what's so bad. It is pretty dishonest and shitty what this pulltard did tho..

No. 353539


I hate pulltards as much as anyone else, but dismissing actual milk and tipping the scale to the point where you start defending Kenna after she was outed for being dumb enough to actually use a stranger’s script for her “heartfelt” apology video…kek

No. 353553

is manufactured milk even really that milky though? PULL users always act like they want to help the cow be better instead of just enjoying the milk for fun. i don't care about kenna any which way, but famous people use scripted apologies all the time, no doubt youtubers will use them too

No. 354251

Finally actually milk. But its nice to see that the bitches at pull still tip cows. Probably why they never have actual milk

No. 354259

>used to
nah, they definitely still have it. it's obvious they only shit on girls doing yellow fevery things out of envy and use the "woke about race fetishization uwu pay no mind to my taehyung avi" act as a cover-up. no one else cares.

No. 354274

that makes a lot of sense. i always thought their reeeing about girls with yellow fever was strange, they act like some non asian girl going to Korea or Japan and having casual sex with the local men is sex slavery and taking advantage of the uwu innocent asian men or some shit.

and then they conveniently ignore when a disturbingly large amount of men from those countries, especially Korea, go to south east asia or eastern europe to take part in actually taking advantage of the local women.

No. 354437

File: 1547510825578.png (30.87 KB, 758x250, WEEBBB.PNG)

i love watching them reee it's hilarious

No. 355677

File: 1547833526419.jpg (725.29 KB, 1440x2490, Screenshot_20190116-122638.jpg)

I meant to post this two days ago but the site was on fire. The same weeaboo still won't shut up and on another post she bragged about her knowledge of Japanese condoms and how "big" her ex was( in the Morena thread). This pic is in response to someone says that Kenna hasn't actually done anything wrong in terms of moving to Japan and how they should focus more on her behavior online.

No. 355683

>Kenna doesn't know shit about Japan but I DO
a few days later
>Kenna doesn't know shit shit Japan but neither do I but I'm way better than her
KEK which is it Sugi?

I haven't checked, but are they freaking out at the fact Kenna has Japanese friends now or are they nitpicking like "Uh but they know English so it doesn't count!"

No. 355689

File: 1547835918708.jpg (438.16 KB, 1440x2240, Screenshot_20190118-132136.jpg)

Yes. They were pissed about it for a few pages and then defended bts due to the second comment in the screenshot. They are always screaming about how BTS is too good for someone on there. Bts has done far worse things than Kenna has ever done.

No. 355693

what does bts have to do with the conversation? a lot of the posters in kenna's thread have anime or k-pop boy picture, tells a lot

No. 355711

I know that Kenna had a BTS phase at one point and most of PULL are fans of BTS so they got pretty pissed off about it. They keept saying that they were too talented and woke to be associated with someone like Kenna and basically saying that BTS would hate her if they knew her and other cringe.

No. 355719

Some users took the time out of their day to track down where Kenna was staying and are planning so send her a package.

No. 355721

….Please god no

No. 355724

Seriously? Absolutely psycho. I'm starting to pity her because that's not harmless gossiping about an internet celebrity; that's borderline stalker behavior. Do they not realize how unsettled and unsafe anyone would feel in that situation?

No. 355758

Umm, does PULL have rules against that?

No. 355759

Well one of the rules is not to contact the snowflakes yet here we are. They don't enforce the rules at all lol

No. 355768

idk if this is me being retarded or blinded by nostalgia, but didn't this version of pull use to be much better? as in people actually followed the rules and most of the posts were catty/funny gossip, not insane weebish nitpicking? i feel like most of the fun users left/became inactive.

No. 355781

Most of the users worth a damn (the translators, the sleuths, youknow the tea chasers lmao) all left. The only ones that are left are the little kids who take themselves way too seriously

No. 355801

The amount of jealousy these koreaboos in denial have. It's hilarious. I would get it if they called yellow fever on her for constantly making posts about how hot asian guys are or some stupid shit like that but this is just them reeing over her having a Real Korean Oppa they all desire themselves.

Yeah I've noticed that too, half of the replies in threads are the users blogposting about how they ~used~ to be obnoxious kboos but TOTALLY aren't anymore, now they're ~woke~. While still skinwalking k-idols, denying the dark side of the industry and going ballistic over some other white girl dating an Asian guy they never got.

No. 355849

what the fuck, i don't like kenna either but pulltards really, really hate her and are so obsessed with her. are you really going to try to contact her and do weird shit in real life just because she is a weeaboo with money and you aren't? pulltards are insane

No. 356341

TBH the only good thing about PULL is their Brianna thread. I know lolcow has one but it's pretty inactive even though she's pretty milky.

There still is some weebs in there though who have to mention they live in japan every other post like in the kenna thread

No. 356371

File: 1547926609090.png (76.5 KB, 1335x420, Untitled.png)

Found this on Kennas thread, when your own life is so boring you even dream about other people drama. Jeez these people get worse each day.

Seems like another one of them contacted Kenna. Btw it's so funny how they have nothing more to write about the girl, so they just start to nitpick her aesthetic, hair and fashion choices or just simply imagine various scenarios with Kenna.

No. 356373

>Seems like another one of them contacted Kenna

Yes, someone DMed her on Instagram about the AKB48 offshoot idol girl who was forced to apologize for being assaulted in her own home. She then posted in her Instagram stories about how japan isn’t perfect and women are the victim of sexual violence there.

Of course, this wasn’t good enough for PULL, who then accused her of being fake, and wondering why she never spoke up about assault in the US.

No. 356470

Pulltards are really weird they could be mentally ill. One second they talk about how much they hate the flake then they contact the flakes, send them shit or try to "help" them.

No. 356472

File: 1547936394433.png (35.11 KB, 1092x210, Whysosalty.PNG)

Oh boohoo you're poor. How dare other people have more money than you do the horror.

No. 356474

why are they so fucking concerned about kenna's spending? let her go broke ffs i can't wait to see the milk come from that if she does.
yes, she has more money that a majority of us. but there's also tons of other social media influencers who have just as much money as her and more. why focus on her money? it's because they want to be in japan.

No. 356476

Lmao they focus on that shit because they KNOW if they were in the same exact situation they'd do the same fucking thing. They're mad because they're not her. I truly hate the " lel you're jealous of me hater11!!" But they're quite literally jealous of her.

No. 356477

Isn't the whole point of airbnb is that its cheaper than a hotel, especially for extended stays?

No. 356517

Yeah, it's transparent as hell. Why be jealous of a girl who probably just has generous upper middle class parents? Loads of kids are spoiled like that, why not save the jealousy for someone like Jeff Bezos instead?

They are jealous of her looks and the fact she is in Japan as well as the money, but they focus on the money in particular because it's easier to be sanctimonious about. There's only so much you can complain about her not visiting temples before the weeb gatekeeping becomes obvious, but you can complain about spending habits forever and just seem like a conscientiously frugal victim of poverty.

No. 356554

File: 1547944570332.png (61.17 KB, 1082x196, Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 7.35…)

The irony

No. 356560

why do they see going to japan as this impossible, unreachable, superior thing?? it is just a country, just chill. if kenna was constantly posting about her time in japan these weebs would go even more insane

No. 356565

If Kenna was posting a bunch of pictures to IG they’d all be complaining that she “doesn’t truly care about Japan and is only there to take pictures”. No matter what Kenna does it’s always wrong in the eyes of PULLtards.

No. 356599

Can someone please explain to me why the Pulltards hate Kenna so much? Btw I've already seen the expose videos about her and she is no different from other youtubers who make mistakes too. There are worse youtubers like Logan and Jake Paul, Tana, glitterforever17…

No. 356604

if you read like 1% of the thread you'd find out. Because she's living the specific life they want so much

No. 356608

she was a trend hopping hipster turned weeb, like every other instagram girl with over 10k followers. but kenna isn't white, so they sperg about her straight eyebrows and lightening her skin and act like they're being woke when they're just jealous.

theres no real milk for kenna. she doesn't have a thread here anymore, and /snow/ is full of dehydraded cows providing no milk. if we can't even find something to nitpick about kenna, then the well is dry.

No. 356615

Thx I already read the thread but for me the nitpicking made no sense. Kenna just moved to Japan a month ago and before that the Pulltards were already reeeing at her for no reason.

No. 356675

it's been pointed out before but so many of them have their own little youtube channels with 20 subs where they vlog in their lolita dresses about moving to japan

No. 357649

I watched some "expose" videos about her and lurked through the PULL threads about her, her art theft, Buddhism and asexuality shit are shady but other than that, she's just a typical weeaboo but pretty and rich. I really don't see what's there to discuss on hundreds of pages of threads, the jealous weeb and kboo spergs in her thread have become more entertaining than Kenna herself. If anything, pulltards trying to contact her in fucking real life is way shadier than anything Kenna has done

No. 357761

File: 1548086842129.gif (601.4 KB, 220x268, 63F89DC2-CF90-4173-9342-3DFAB0…)

I was trying to see what all the kenna fuss is about and noticed everybody shitting on her for staying in an a fucking airbnb for a month before she gets a real place.


But also: “Guys I spent 2 weeks in Japan, let me wrote a thesis about how Kenna disrespects japanese culture everyday by drinking evil whitey starbucks and not participating in a morning tea ceremony everyday like I DID EVERYDAY when I was #blessed enough to recieved a three month visa waiver (Literally hyperventilated in the immigration queue as its just soooo hard to get to japan guys) and visited glorious nippon.”

No. 357764

File: 1548087922939.jpeg (309.96 KB, 961x1412, 368A8CC8-EDA9-4115-AB08-8F6D93…)

Just existing as a half-korean person means you’re pandering to fetishizers and koreaboos, according to PULL

No. 357765

they always act like any non-japanese person visiting japan is logan paul. do they really think japanese people themselves eat and drink traditional food everyday or care about some non-japanese girl trying to fit into japanese trends?

No. 357772

Tfw a half Korean realizes Korean fashion suits them well

No. 357778

their views on mixed east asian people are insane. they seem to believe that REAL mixed people partake in both of their parents' cultures equally. mixed people often have a hard time establishing a sense of identity, if they choose to only identify with one side of their heritage then that's completely fine. idk, it seems like most of them are jealous white girls who wish they had a japanese or korean parent so they could get ig clout. i remember someone on pull calling okmalissa, who is half korean, a koreaboo? they also made fun of her for not speaking korean. it seems like their views on east asian people, and countries, are really stereotypical and rather old fashioned.

No. 357782

god, these koreaboos and weeaboos have no self awareness. they are obsessed with sk/japan, think they know everything about their cultures, stalk other kboo and weebs that are more popular than them and are retarded enough to go after half japanese/korean people for existing? pulltards are a joke

No. 357794

They're not pretty or rich like Kenna is

No. 357797

File: 1548093864116.jpeg (264.39 KB, 1125x1334, 4053734E-E5C2-483A-947C-CF43A3…)


I lurk the koreaboo thread and this post is old as fuck but iirc it got tons of downvotes and a bunch of people apologized to this girl after she posted proof that she’s half Korean. dragging up this stale sour milk is not a good look anon. let’s go back to making fun of that dumbass bitch Sugi. pic related

No. 357798

LMFAO OH GOOODDDD BYE. Now they're trying to say she's lying about being in Japan?

No. 357805

that post wasn't in the koreaboo thread though. it's from the cowsel thread and was posted yesterday.

No. 357815

File: 1548095650345.png (50.94 KB, 250x250, tumblr_oz6ivjDhBp1sdl149o1_250…)

these people are legit unwell

No. 357838

this is gold. these women need to be put in straight jackets

No. 357840

I'm still not over when they said she must doesn't study because she had one notebook lmao

No. 357841

So if she is a a trustfund baby who gets everythinng handed to her, why would she just lie instead of actually just being there in vacation?

Its like that fat white cow that claims she’s half korean who got knocked up. They claim she’s faked the entire pregnancy in whole instead of assuming the obvious that she got pregnant on purpose to get some kind of visa status. Their minds are so warped they jump off the deep end with accusations because thats what they’d probably do in the same situation kek

No. 357842

Or how they are already giving her shit about how she cant speak a full japanese sentence when she’s only been at school like what, 2 weeks? Not to mention she’s outwardly said herself that she’s a beginner at the language and that her placement test was mostly blank.

No. 357849

That wasn’t in the koreaboo thread, the girl has her own thread and it’s all people complaining about her mixed identity, not accusing her of lying about being mixed. It’s not “stale milk” when the comment was left less than 24 hours ago.

No. 357854

I just look at this thread from time to time instead of actually looking at PULL and it seems like this chick always has to loop everything back to her and her life in Japan. Good grief.

No. 357856


oh, my bad. I remember seeing her in the koreaboo/race faker thread a long time ago. It’s been cleared up like 3 different times that she’s actually half Korean. they’re legit insane if they’re dragging her up for the 4th fucking time.

No. 357860

sorry for samefagging but i just checked the cowsel/josie thread, had no idea it even existed and it’s ridiculous that she even has one, but >>357764 got severely downvoted and received pushback so at least some pullfags are slightly less retarded than they appear.

No. 357882

this cowsel girl might not be a race faker but she sure is self absorded. you can tell she feels like she deserves to be worshipped for being pretty

No. 357883

who cares, go post on her pull thread if you think so

No. 357884

lolcow logic
pretty= good innocent person that should never be critcized
ugly: a literal monster
lolcow is just PULL in reverse lol

No. 357885

oh my lord these psychotic kboos scream fetishizer at anyone that makes them feel jealous for not being a true korean aidoru or dating one

100% not joking this made me laugh out loud for good 30 seconds. Bitches be crazy.

No. 357890

People with big followings and post photos of themselves are narcs, it's not uncommon kek. When she's a cow, then you can start a thread on her here.

No. 357895

She's also the same user to brag about her japanese boyfriend in the mikan thread.

No. 357896

a teenaged girl posting selfies on the internet isn’t milk

No. 357912

File: 1548107061301.jpg (572.36 KB, 1080x2119, 20190121_234250.jpg)

This fukawa person is so fucking autistic, first it was her always blabbing about her partner, now this constant bs. PULL is a fucking shithole these days.

No. 357914

>>357912 autism being here the mention of her being in the same boat yet saying she broadvast that shit, which fkn is it.

No. 358264

File: 1548170626545.jpeg (760.86 KB, 1242x1658, 00DE0183-C7FD-4BC3-9B1B-324733…)

Pull users who sperg over milkless cows in dead threads never cease to amuse me. Cow in question is what, 18-19 years old?

No. 358269

Holy projection… I love the PULL milk

No. 358270

i wouldn't be surprised if the pulltard who wrote this is also a k-pop fan who is obsessed with korean boys themself. they probably think they are ~~so woke and actually respecting the culture unlike these kboos~~. they are so salty over weeaboos and koreaboos who can actually afford living in sk and japan, it's hilarious

No. 358307

why are do they get so pissed over some irrelevant teenage girl? are they just mad that the rich weeb got an asian bf and they dont?

i cant imagine getting this pressed over what some dumb weeaboo/koreaboo does, unless theres actual milk.

No. 358355

Seems like they all are. For instance this new video is blatantly made by a PULL user who refers in the comments to that recent PULL incident (mentioned upthread) involving a user revealing through email caps that they were a major influence behind Kenna's apology video. And, of course, this girl making the video has a big poster on her wall of some Kpop dude, and photos of her past trip to Japan on her linked Instagram. They're all looking for things to rage over when it comes to other weebs/koreaboos who are living the lives they want.

No. 358471

Why anyone would want to reveal their identity to PULL I'll never know…

No. 358477

For that clout anon

No. 358563

I saw her instagram and the funny thing is that their "kenna is not really in japan this whole time" can be applied to this girl too. If she's that into japan she'd post her pics there and not just scenery pics like taken straight from pinterest or weheartit but this is just me nitpicking lol. My point is, the crazy weebs and koreaboos in PULL are delusional af, most of them who claim to have lived or visited japan before must be lying to cover their jealousy.

No. 358578

File: 1548217867214.jpg (244.3 KB, 1080x1457, 3010.jpg)

What is the second paragraph about, tf is she supposed to do, make a video saying "I'm deeply sorry that I and many other people were born rich therefore I'm not worthy of going to Japan or buying anything expensive, I'm going to donate all my money to the poor now"?

No. 358585

she's a cow for fuck sake, she makes choices and we make fun of them. that's the whole reason of her having 5 fucking threads. jesus. they really take kenna's choices so seriously. do you know how many people travel to japan? a lot. she's not the only weeb there. kek. omfg these people are so pathetic.

No. 358607

Do pull-tards care this much about the spoiled chinese kids that come on daddy’s dime??

No. 358630

Can the people on PULL write a single fucking reply without making it about themselves?
>This bitch bought STRAWBERRY ice cream? God, what a boring stupid cunt, if you take the time to go to an ice cream shop at least put some effort into it. I ALWAYS take a fully decorated sundae with candy bites and hot fudge. I mean seriously, why the fuck wouldn't you even put whipped cream on it like I do?? She doesn't even have any sprinkles lmfao, this bitch probably picked strawberry because it's pink and she's such a pathetic weeb. I bet she's never even had sushi, I mean I always eat sushi on weekends because I'm actually into the Japanese culture you know. Is it just me or is she getting fat from all the ice cream too? I just noticed this because I'm her height and weigh only 98 pounds and people constantly compliment me for looking like I'm 16.

No. 358634

File: 1548233439750.png (38.76 KB, 1239x299, ohoh.PNG)

>tfw kenna doesn't remember if she plugged out her curling iron, which is a common thought many people have like wondering if you locked your doors on the way out or not
PULL: Kenna, you're just trying to be relatable! Also, that's not YOUR house. The audacity. Do you have any MANNERS? It's so SIMPLE not to forget this SIMPLE thing!

No. 358640

PULL takes the simplest of things and brings up deportation lmfao imagine being a cow and having this many aspies checking your social media and writing paragraphs about an obvious joke you made.

Also, it seems like now the Kenna is in Japan they have no problems with that hooked nose weeb mikan even though they are basically the same (i prefer kennas fashion and makeup 100x though) now all of the sudden mikan needs to be giving kenna tips on fashion and “how to conduct herself in japanese and speak japanese” when mikan is shit at japanese too

No. 358641

Dead on.

No. 358645

>spergs about how kenna is white/extremely white passing for hundreds of pages
>also constantly gets offended over her whitewashing herself
pulltards contradicting themselves but what's new

No. 358647

That's because to them, her being a white woman is a flaw in itself (even though 99% of these wailers are actually white themselves. All the black PULLtards are in the Morena in Japan thread).
PULL is so woke that they unironically believe attacking people for being white and weeby will somehow make it negligible that they themselves are those very things.

No. 358664

>>358630 i used to think the "no blogposting" rule on lolcow was kind of dumb but this makes me understand why we need it

No. 359032

These type of videos are waste of time because regardless of what you say about people like Kenna the people who are up her ass will forever but up her ass until they get bored. There's nothing you can say that'll sway her hardcore fans and they'll just say that everything in the videos is fake news. Funny if people on PULL would put half the work in doing something with their lives than they do on gossiping about a boring bitch like Kenna maybe they'd actually be happy with themselves.

No. 359617

File: 1548381277305.png (301.96 KB, 1440x1597, Screenshot_2019-01-24-19-53-15…)

Someone in Kenna's Instagram comments called PULL a bunch of psychos and they're having a fit over it. Kek.

No. 359619

People on PULL are unhinged, I looked at the CozyKitsune/Kenna thread a week or so ago and it was 72 pages of sperging when all she's done so far is arrive in Japan, go to starbucks and post a videoclip from a train carriage.

No. 359654

>PULL users think they shut people down
Lol. No wonder why they whine about farmers not liking them. Those bitches must cry and have a fit of rage when they visit here after getting their ass handed to them by anons for shitposting and generally being retarded.

No. 359666

File: 1548388383347.jpeg (253.17 KB, 1125x878, 879D17F3-333D-4A62-BD06-A27E7C…)

correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t it a standard practice to take on a name in the language you’re learnjng for class?

No. 359669

why do all sjw girls type like absolute braindead fags?
it's ALWAYS "lmaoo"

No. 359671

No, you're right. This is basic stuff that dates back to the 70s but your average pull user has never taken a real language class in their life or ever gone outside to experience the real world.

No. 359673

These people are craaaaazy. Them trying to dox kenna is crazier than anything shes ever done. and now theyre doing this shit to lunestelle.

No. 359675

Also the reason theyre narcissistic is because the whole thread is a self reflection of themselves and boooy do they make everything about themselves in kennas thread.

No. 359686

File: 1548390149340.jpg (47.94 KB, 610x305, download.jpg)

Reading this thread made me appreciate lolcow so much more

No. 359704

ironically this is the exact type of girl who will weeb out and lie about being part asian with some shit like Yuki Sakura for her fb name.

No. 359948

And of course she has a Kpop icon. Ironic. PULL is infested with these white guilt girls who think being a quarter POC exempts them from the white people-crowd and makes them qualified to talk about SJW topics like "cultural appropriation".

No. 359949

koreaboos and weeaboos are cringy as fuck but i've literally never seen an actual korean or japanese person getting offended over them, the people who are obsessed about them are always other kpop and anime fans

No. 359968

it's funny because they've bashed kenna for trying to pretend to be half-asian or something because of her turkish roots

No. 359978

pretty ironic considering how the pullfags in the whites pretending to be asians thread claim that Turks are asian

No. 360174

File: 1548462107765.jpg (385.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190125-182102_Chr…)

"You make Pull look bad." 😂😂

No. 360202

File: 1548467653049.jpg (34.69 KB, 643x252, blogposting.JPG)

Found this in the Eugenia thread. They really sound like parodies of themselves.

No. 360213

is2g pull has the most insufferable userbase I've ever seen on a female dominated site

No. 360224

IdPol was a mistake

No. 360249

File: 1548480865832.jpg (469.09 KB, 1080x1435, 20190125_233351.jpg)


No. 360253

PULL reacting to their lolcow thread would be so funny kek. So many meltdowns

No. 360291

idk, i feel like they'd take the moral high ground and circle jerk very predictably by repeating their faux-woke bullshit. I think it's best if they don't gain any self awareness by looking at this thread because their ridiculousness is funny to mock.

No. 360324

>"fetishizing weeb"
>"Matcha" in username
These people are not self aware

No. 360379


This person loves to be a mini mod. If you look through the Kenna thread, they have several posts in 48p capslock red font telling other users what not to do. The mods on lolcow aren’t perfect but at least a self-important retard like this would’ve been banned a long time ago.

No. 360442

File: 1548530593771.png (366.27 KB, 1204x909, parent kemnn.PNG)

>i can't believe how much PULL has to parent her
you're doing a really bad job, because she's not listening lol these people really think they're important

No. 360464

kenna's pull thread is just poorfag weebs who are mad that she doesn't have to save money constantly. clearly she is well off! not everyone has to be squirreling every penny away. and it's not like ps4s are crazy expensive anyway

No. 360480

do these retards really think that posting stuff like this about a rich weeb:

>reeee isnt studying enough she only brought one notebook!!!!!

>reeeeeee she ate a donut from starbucks!!!
>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shes living in an airbnb temporarily instead of in an apartment!!!

on a gossip website is "parenting" her?

No. 360494

>just a bit of light shopping
Kek she is blatantly trolling PULL and I’m here for it

No. 360501

>>PULL has to parent her
Why do they have the need to 'parent' her? Kenna has parents and she is a grown ass woman after all. What they really do is being judgy like any other fucking gossip forum like kiwifarms or lolcow. Pullfags see themselves as mother Theresa who help poor souls like Kenna and Taylor whilst literally tearing them down for nothing.
>>adult-shaped child
We all know pullfags love to wear ~uguu kawaii pedobait cringe shit all the time. But hey that's okay, because they are so indivual and western fashion is for whores anyways

>>poorfag weebs
you forgot obese and ugly

No. 360531

Does Kenna need to post a photo of every meal she eats or something? She’s taking photos of sweets because they’re cute, she’s not going to post about every glorious salad she eats in nipponland

No. 360620

File: 1548569991718.jpg (670.16 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-001245_Chr…)

Kinda OT but precious sugi just posted this, and idk if it is a IP grabber since it doesnt have a substantial link when u click , but I put it into an IP grabber myself and it came comes from around NY or Virginia? I dont understand this shit tbh, but 1. If sugi is trying to get someones location,wtf thats crazy And 2. If that is herlocation in NY or VA, shes a BS liar about being in japan. Lol.

No. 360654

Double check other posters IP to make sure. Think PULL's website itself is just based in NY/VA.

No. 360704

>holy sodium!

Pull is so fucking stupid like really? Sodium levels? Is she a 50 year with heart problems or some shit?

No. 360705

I looked at the link and upon hovering I saw some key words. I think she tried to redirect it to a google search for T's Tantan. A restaurant in Tokyo.

No. 360732

>eats non-japanese food
why even bother going to japan????

>eats japanese food, which has notoriously high sodium

watch ur sodium!!! yikes eat a salad kenna!!

No. 360737

Pull thinks they are parenting the flakes but in reality the flakes could care less about their shitty advice

No. 360746

Matcha is actually of Chinese origin

No. 360759

File: 1548612172289.jpeg (192.53 KB, 1125x1047, C90943A4-7B19-4B0A-9264-8B5E18…)

>Kenna goes outside
Fake bitch isn’t even seeing japan properly, it looks like she’s still in America, the brown filter she uses is ugly REEEE

>Kenna buys a video game console

dumb bitch is going to stay inside and not experience the splendor of GLORIOUS NIPPON, because as we all know true Japanese people don’t play video games or spend time at home ever

No. 360765

you know damn well what they mean matcha isn't a chinese word. plus, most asian food and traditions are of originally from china but the modern versions are so far removed.

No. 360769

File: 1548614046328.png (24.34 KB, 1239x222, ruingundam.PNG)

Kenna's gonna spend 1/4th of her time pretending to be hikkikomori only for Kingdom Hearts and gloomy days and PULL is gonna throw a fit
>How could she JOKE LIKE THAT!? This is so disrespectful to Japanese people. She's mocking a stereotype only BIGOTS think about when they hear Japan.
Davido-kun Kenna, please give us the milk.

Also PULL: If Kenna goes and takes photos of the Gundam Cafe, she's ruined the series for me!

No. 360810

I like how they are always whining about Kenna for being a "racist weeaboo who fetishizes Asian culture" yet most of them have usernames in Japanese or Korean and have anime or Kpop avatars. They have no self-awareness
Ot but is Kenna still sticking to her asexuality thing? Would be a fun shitstorm if she had an Asian bf

No. 360867

File: 1548626017251.png (62.09 KB, 819x351, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 4.53…)

No. 360878

File: 1548627617472.png (54.77 KB, 1065x462, spergpop.png)

they are right imo, imageboard culture can be quite harsh.

the user in the attached screenshot though.. is something else. this is from the second kenna thread, the quote, which is hidden, was someone asking why farmers seem to dislike PULL.

No. 360905

I knew theyd say something about her buying a ps4 smh

No. 360906

Wow, they're the exact opposite of lc, so sweet and positive, calling women bitches and telling them to get laid (btw that's what the autistic males and troons on kiwifarms also always say)
I guess penis must have magical powers that transforms any bad woman into a good one…

No. 360938

PULL calling lolcow a bunch of "anas who need to eat is peak spiderman_pointing.jpg. they're the first site to criticize a cows weight and freak out about their very own >23" waists while being so smol and tiny uwu.

PULL is nothing but an underage lolcow, there used to be a lot of blogposting on here too, but the site has grown out of it and we have standards for milk, and we don't delude ourselves into thinking the site serves and important purpose. we're here for drama and lols and thats it.

No. 360954

File: 1548640390018.png (204.75 KB, 1042x586, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 8.52…)

That user did end up leaving PULL cuz she felt ashamed of being on there

No. 360960

Literally why there is no blogposting allowed on here. PULL might actually be a good resource if they didn't sperg about nothing for 90% of every thread

No. 361087

why are these people so dramatic..

No. 362070

File: 1548684307713.jpeg (Spoiler Image,544.45 KB, 1125x1760, F6415515-0E58-4B43-AE6F-410E16…)

Why would you even post this or let alone say this? PULL is filled with psychos.

No. 362076

That's creepy af.

No. 362078

anon they're not like those OTHER asian-fetishist weebs, they're _woke_!! They treat their Asians oppas with respect!!

>Those catty cunts over at lolcow, they're so petty! omg they totally need to get laid and eat a burger like gawd!!

I made it to the second sentence and had to stop reading before getting permanent brain damage. This should be made into a text-scrolling banner to show why blogposting is banned here.

These people are fucking nuts. This is CWC troll tier a-logging.
>I-I didn't relentlessly stalk her movements and environment to find where she's staying and goes to school at to mean _harm_, i-it's just because I was interested in her choices!! btw if you wanna know the location just DM me and I'll let other people do the dirty work for me
Also Asians at a language school in… Japan?! I bet she picked that school just because of her sick yellow fever fetish!

No. 362079

Why would anyone take their time to do this? Notice how they threw the word ‘weeaboo’ in and made a disclaimer at the end.

No. 362080

>"i can dox her school and where she lives in a thread full of psychotic people who are obsessed with her if it's allowed!!"
>"i don't want to harm her though"
this is borderline stalking and these bitches need help. and what's so shocking about asian students in a japanese school?

No. 362084

>school is literally in asia
>reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she only chose this school because theres a lot of asians!! yellow fever asian fetishist weeb!!!!

why are they so obsessed with her? she hasnt really done anything extremely horrible. also, i dont remember her doing anything cringey yellow feverish, did i miss something or are they just projecting?

No. 362086

I just pulled up that post and it looks like that it was posted in the confession thread so I guess thats why its a blogpost. Still cringey tho

No. 362088

They're obsessed because they're jealous, it's that simple. PULL is full of actual weeaboos and asian fetishists who try to kid themselves that they're somehow better than the others because they like glorious Nipponese food or whatever, and it makes them butthurt to see someone else visiting Japan like they want to do.

No. 362222

Are you all newfags? Plenty of cows have been doxxed on here too, idk why you guys are acting so holier-than-thou. What would any of those pullfags even do, go to her Airbnb and break down crying on her doorstep over how she has to stop fetishizing m-muh precious japs?

No. 362225

Doxxing someone raping and torturing animals is a bit different from some psychotic bitch digging up a weeb's airbnb address over nothing more than a fit of jealousy.

Also doxxing is prohibited in lolcow, newfag.
>5a Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

No. 362341


>admits that farmers have doxxed cows before

>copy pastes the no doxxing rule as a gotcha

kek. what even is your point, because nobody on pull posted her address or her phone number either. pull users are pathetic but you can criticize them without being a hypocrite.

No. 363569

You sure you aren’t the new one Anon. We have doxed a lot of people lol p sure we doxed Onision. Yes we have better reasons but at the end of the day we both dox people.

No. 363658


i think there’s a difference between doxxing onision who is a raging piece of shit and doxxing a weeb just because they’re rich and annoying.

No. 363712

Anon copy and pasted the rules and tried to say we don't do the same thing when we do. Again regardless of our reasons we do the samething so she shouldn't have copied and pasted those rules like we follow them lol.

No. 363849

File: 1548793734097.png (141.93 KB, 1069x881, Screenshot_1.png)


I don't think Kenna and Onision are equally terrible either, I just don't understand why anons ITT were clutching their pearls and acting like doing a 5 minute google search to figure out which Airbnb she's renting for a month is such a heinous crime when farmers have leaked people's addresses before and have google maps photos their houses and such.

Anyways, here's some milk to make up for the derailing. These idiots are now shitting up the thread with screencaps of their own comments on some unrelated girl's channel. She made a video defending Kenna and pull users started attacking her in droves and now they're upset that she's deleting their comments. I swear these people have a combined IQ of 1.

No. 363853

They are truly psychotic wow

No. 364382

These psycho idiots on kennas thread are STILL stalking her, and claiming kenna is doxxing herself. Lmao. Please.

No. 364433

>acting like the farmers cringing at pull-users doxing kenna are the same ones who dox others.

people itt were unnerved by how obsessive pull-posters are over a basic white girl who happens to be a weeb that's stuck in 2014 tumblr. by your logic everything in this thread is hypocritical, as most of the criticized pull behavior can also be seen on lolcow from time to time (like blogposting).

i feel like some of the pull users' biggest wish is to wear her skin and do what she does, but in a "better" way. they are probably extremely salty because kenna's behavior doesn't live up to their expectations, thus they can't desperately live through her. how long do you think they are going to keep up with her, anons? i assume kenna is going to retire from social media at some point, but who knows. i wouldn't be surprised if they followed her into her 40s.

sage for sperg.

No. 365096

That user is obsessed with kenna to the point where she makes videos on her talking about old drama.

No. 365398

File: 1549048165862.png (306.25 KB, 1092x778, lmao.PNG)

No. 370116

File: 1549716919044.png (1.23 MB, 1440x2467, Screenshot_2019-02-09-06-47-26…)

PULL is freaking out over the fact Kenna bought a 24 inch TV, which she probably spent no more than $50 on KEK

No. 370130

File: 1549719648358.png (364.7 KB, 1440x2387, Screenshot_2019-02-06-15-28-07…)

Sage for old milk, but a majority of people in the thread are just nitpicky jealous fans who keep giving their hopes up. My God, the entitlement.

No. 370315

File: 1549739434516.jpeg (301.44 KB, 1115x1227, 9E48ECE6-C649-4F17-8122-0F8E4B…)


No. 370318

File: 1549739465563.jpeg (493.14 KB, 1125x1719, FD97CBD7-70B3-476D-B83A-818F21…)

Why don’t the mods ban these freaks?

No. 370326

i like how they have an anime avatar and japanese nickname

No. 370328

Just look at the most active mods and you'll see why this behavior is allowed. Yuuna is just as much as a batshit insane azn fetishist as the ones running rampant. She argues with users and then later the comments magically disappear from the thread

No. 370330

>not gonna talk about my life
>proceeds to talk about her life
yes, it's apparent someone has a mental illness

No. 370456

the non asians trying to be asian thread is full of weebs, asian fetishists and SEAS. The southeast asians see the thread as an ego boost yet the people they are talking about aren't even trying to look like them.

No. 370597

That's what annoys me the most. They really believe that because they're also Azian, they're somehow allowed to be weebs/koreaboos, because afterall using anime profile pictures and nicknaming yourself something like Sakura is "asian culture"…
As if they as Asian Americans with SEA parents have anything in common with people from Korea or Japan lol

>Why are they so obsessed with us?!?!

Nobody is obsessed with you, nobody is trying to look like you, nobody wants to be you. Get over yourself.

I'm too lazy to search for it right now, but there even were some commenters in the Lilypichu thread who tried to whiteknight her by claiming that still wearing retarded school uniform-type clothes with bows in your later 20s like Lily does is "an Asian thing" kek

No. 370724

There was a filipino on the himeahri(white as bread weeb lying about being japanessu) thread awhile ago who got triggered when the weeb posted stuff about chinese new year. I don't even think filipinos celebrate that shit. I noticed that south east asian sjws get offended on the behalf of east asians when EAs don't find said thing offensive– like the qipao cheongsam prom dress, seas were getting all pissy and triggered while Chinese people were like it's cool she looks good!

No. 371818

File: 1549918373154.jpeg (304.47 KB, 1125x1529, E17563B3-4494-4914-82FB-6B56DE…)

No. 371853

Assuming this is about Kenna, I actually don't think she's even trying to "steal" Asian features. She just rolls with what people say ("you look Asian!" Or "are you Asian?") because she has no sense of self and is shit at makeup, so she just doesn't bother correcting people and is like yeah I'm Turkish. That thread is way too nitpicky and I can't stand to follow her bullshit on there anymore.

No. 371863

I don't care about Kenna. I just thought "I'm White but I totally get mistaken as Asian all the time uwu" was hilarious and hypocritical.

No. 371882

>nose bridge
lmfao sure honeycrisp.
she's just mad not all asian people are east asian. like claiming you're asian is a "special" label for east and southeast asians only.

No. 373626

File: 1550171199686.jpeg (326.21 KB, 1125x3016, 266FE689-1909-4DCC-83BC-841FB2…)

Kenna is a rebel who’s purposely disrespecting Japanese culture by wearing shoes in an ootd photo.

No. 373637

Jesus Christ. A lot of Japanese people wear their shoes indoors kek. It's mostly the rebel kids, but they act like she's breaking the law. It's just a popular custom. Not everyone takes off their shoes.

No. 373644

Kenna has a thread here, guys

No. 373653

This is all salty users we're laughing at, not Kenna herself

No. 373656

holy shit the only sensible comment saying "nitpick" got 34 downvotes kek
These girls are more batshit insane than any farmer

No. 373674

I think it's kind of hypocritical to whine about Pulltards doing this when this exact critique
>shoes indoors
has been directed towards more than a few weeb flakes here too. Complete with the whole "disrespecting Japanese culture" argument. Actually, a lot of the stuff people complain about Pulltards doing is stuff that we do here that gets little fanfare. Tbh, some of the anons in this thread sound just as obnoxious as the people they are complaining about.

No. 373761

I wouldn't argue if everything that has been posted for a month weren't exclusively from Kenna's PULL thread specifically.

No. 373821

That's because all the dumbest ones are there. Kenna's lolcow thread is gonna be locked and there's no point in creating a new one when nobody is even talking about her. If you're so annoyed, just post your own milk from other PULL threads or hide this one and shut up.

lolcow isn't a hive mind. The anons who think this shit is ridiculous are obviously not the same ones who are yelling about it in other threads.

No. 373829

Kennas PULL is mentioned here a lot for a reason. The users on there are more cringey than her at this point. Lol.

No. 373884

>sorry for actually respecting japanese culture lol

Oh my god get over yourself. What, is she expecting a medal for typing out a sentence on a website? Like good for you, you know what some japanese people do in their homes. And even if Kenna was walking around with shoes on inside her apartment it's not like it means she automatically will do it in other people's homes. These people are headache inducing

No. 373892

It seems… highly unlikely that people here calling out weeb nitpicking are doing the exact same thing in other threads. If other farmers do it then maybe this thread will give them a wake up call about how obnoxious it is to gatekeep glorious nippon.

No. 373954

They're extra cringy right now because she's living in Japan, I fucking love this milk coming from PULL itself. I'm so glad there's rules against tripfagging and just usernames in general, it creates so many narcs.

No. 373955

I can't take this seriously coming from someone with an anime profile pic and the username "touru" at all.
>btw I'm mental, so she must be too. Gosh, why can't everyone be on top of their mental health? The world would be a much better place. :////
These people are crazy. The jokes write themselves.

No. 373958

This. I bet that "anon" is one of the insane PULLtards trying to defend the sperging on the sly, lmao.
How is this thread "more cringey"?

No. 373991

Anon in question. I'm not. I actually can't stand this iteration of PULL and actively avoid it but I've been here long enough to remember that we do this shit too. If you don't personally do it, awesome, but it's not a phenomenon exclusive to PULLtards and even then it's not one exclusive to Kenna's thread.

No. 374121

And anons here call it out too, frequent topics in vent threads are how stupid and nitpicky anons can be

No. 374200

Her thread is just jealous weeaboos shit-talking a fellow weeaboo for having made it to sweet, sweet Japan and not appreciating Japan in the "right way" which is pretty typical for Japanophiles.

No. 377566

PULL is either about a bunch of WKs not agreeing with you because of their lack of common sense either them, writing 100 pages that are full of blogging and having 0 actual milk but their jealousy. Kenna and Berry Tsukasa threads are full of this shit.

No. 377646

Entire Taylor R section has been a trash fire for years.

No. 378222

File: 1550934372010.png (15.97 KB, 1024x391, ccccccccccccc.PNG)

unsure if PULL is just down or has been reported again.

this is different from their normal server down screen

No. 378237

it wouldn't surprise me if it has something to do with Taylor. It's okay to discuss and have opinions but the crazies contacted her and Tom via youtube and instagram, made public alligations, probably wrote that ONTD article, and even doxxed her address.

No. 378286

The last few times it's been down, it's had that error. Who knows why but it's not new.

I doubt it. I don't think Tom cares that much. This just happens from time to time lately. Last Sun? I believe it was down for most of day.

No. 379370

File: 1551139507160.jpeg (247.32 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_99e.jpeg)

No. 379373

File: 1551139580699.jpeg (216.66 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_999.jpeg)

No. 379406

They aren't going to stop the blogposting , reeing, or humble bragging because the mods do that themselves

No. 379476

kek they don't even have the balls to tell their own userbase to stop blogposting. someone explain to me again why they even have mods, if this is the best they can do? shit, why even have rules in the first place.

No. 379846

File: 1551213735261.png (44.68 KB, 920x644, _1.png)

I know the topic of Kenna is beaten to death but this is so fucking cringy. Caricatures they draw are also horrible

No. 379961

>>379846 these weebs live and breathe PULL. Kenna runs through their veins. Literally like a drug to them. Imagine being productive in life and not writing poems for someone you hate.

No. 380099

Majority of Pull truly believes that they are nice and smart people, they pour their autism here thinking that they'll blend in

No. 381414

if this was lolcow, that user would be banned asap

No. 381429

This is peak obsession lmao
I don't get the users who have photos of Kenna as their profile pics either, because they're not even the cow worthy ones. It's always a "pretty" photo of her.

No. 381455

Visited the Kenna thread to see the mess, I think they literally spent well over 10 pages (did not read most of it but the same pics in every post) discussing her hair. Why do they care SO much if her hair is not perfect? She's not even milky, she barely does anything anymore.

Also lol one person said they feel sorry for Kenna's hair dresser (who was tagged in Kenna's post) for having to deal with the mess that comes with Kenna. All that mess being created by PULL users arguing and calling Kenna's hair ugly on the hairdresser's post.
They are so mentally unhinged. That thread is unreadable.

No. 381550

File: 1551385711461.png (55.78 KB, 1075x201, Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 3.20.…)

Just checked out their Kenna thread and wow, just wow. They legit spent over 20 pages talking about this girls hair. It's kind of creepy how obsessive they are, they claim to hate her and they hang on EVERY move, even if it's uninteresting.

No. 381693

File: 1551411114518.png (538.98 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190228-184330.png)

One of the users admits to having something personal against Mikan…but it's totes not a vendetta.

No. 382041

Anyone hear of the Youtuber Aria rose Dulcetrefrain? She was an active member of pull under Dulcetrefrain. She made threads and posted alot, she was always on the Poki thread shitting and wking her on top of making videos against her, Lilypichu, Belle Delphine and a bunch of other streamer girls. Aria is basically PULL unmasked, unattractive white weeb obsessed with Japan, tryharding to be kawaii, believes she's a good person, sperges on youtube and twitter, muh mental illness and wanting to be the girls she's shitting on. She ended up leaving pull after the pulltards noticed how much of a flake she was and made a thread about her. Greatest plot twist right there

No. 382102

She literally has a thread in snow. PULL caps there if you’d pls.

No. 382167

This is hilarious shit. I remember her talking shit on kenna. I cant find her video on it though. Shes every thing she claims kenna to be.

No. 383731

File: 1551832508380.png (376.45 KB, 1440x2256, Screenshot_2019-03-05-18-33-31…)

They're finally getting to that point. Nitpicking Mickey Mouse eggs was the final straw.

No. 383984

File: 1551897245762.jpg (1.32 MB, 1899x1805, pull.jpg)

This is why I hate pull. Pull is full of literal braindead idiots that are incapable of coming up with their own thoughts and opinions.
I made these posts



on the aria thread the pulltards literally copy and pasted my posts and made a dumbed down version of it. It's creepy how they're lying about being in Aria's discord, pretending they were the ones who got the caps and fabricating stories about what Aria was doing in the discord.

>When i joined her server i saw herself deleteing her racist comments about her hate towards black people (just like the person from thread said).

That did not happen. Aria was not "deleting" comments to hide them if that faggot was actually there they would know that Aria spent her time voice chatting with poeple.

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? Are they schizophrenic? Do they suffer from severe neurological disorders? I don't give a fuck if you repost but atleast credit the source and don't pretend to be the fucking original poster. Just absolutely delusional people.
Pull post for anyone interested https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/12186-aria-rose/?page=10

No. 383985

File: 1551897409395.jpg (753.51 KB, 1898x1152, lc posts.jpg)

my posts

No. 384341

Not trying to WK, but this person mentioned lolcow

No. 384388

doesn't change the fact that they are psychos for lying to make their story seem more legit

No. 384391

File: 1552012775760.png (488.2 KB, 1410x840, cap.png)

PULL is so fucking cringe. Once in awhile I look at the Himeahri thread over there and there are these 2 faggots putting Japanese phrases in their english comments describing how kawaiidesu their fake Japanese queen is. Like what is the purpose of that?

No. 384394

File: 1552013404226.png (683.67 KB, 1381x832, cap 2.png)

One second they hate her ass for being a white cracker transracial asian and now they are praising and appeasing her in the language of the race she's faking as. Classic PULL. They are so fucking autistic, it hurts.

No. 384421

Just went thru this thread, PULL has really gone downhill since a few years ago. Formats like forums will always encourage blogging, this is why anon image boards are the best

No. 384427

There's something that I don't understand with Pulltards. They hate Kenna with passion but worship someone like Venus for the exact same reasons (kawiweeb living the glorious Nihon dreamu). It's never ceases to amuse me.

No. 384841

That's cause they pity venus for having a crazy mother.

No. 385354

File: 1552279234540.jpeg (126.9 KB, 750x961, 7BEFCA46-25FB-4902-9CA1-BEDBEE…)

This is from the General Asians pretending to be Asian thread. Tf is wrong with these people. What’s the point of posting when there’s no new tea. Seems like they wanna keep the thread alive cause they’re Asian and it’s an ego boost.

No. 385356

She's probably an SEAfag, and proud cause she's at least "close" to the east asian features ppl are crazy about kek. Not trying to nitpick but that's the case most of the times.

No. 385401

Sometimes I think about making a pull account, just to start an "asians trying to look white"-thread. The triggered milk would be fantastic lol

You're absolutely right. Real east asians wouldn't care that much about being asian. They already know that right now their countries are very popular internationally, so no need to additionally brag about how much others want to be them. It's only SEA trying to convince themselves that they're also "superior" over non-asians.

No. 385408

do it and post milk here

No. 385440

You can do that but I guarantee you this is how they’ll respond.
1. They’ll say how it’s nowhere near the level of racism of whites trying to look Asian. Because wHiTes aRE aLwAys ThE oPprESSoRs and they can just “take off their Asian look at the end of the day and stop being oppressed”
2. They’ll claim that the Asian isn’t actually trying to look white, just trying to look like an ideal Asian or look more unique
3. If they do recognize that the person is in fact trying to look white, they’ll justify it with “internalized racism” in Asians, which is of course the fault of whites. As a bonus they’ll whine about how some kid made fun of their eyes in the second grade

No. 385445

Someone posted on the thread examples of asians faking being half white a long time ago and a lot of people defended it and said it wasn't ~that bad~ and not ~an issue~. Uh the asians are just as guilty, some asians lie about being half or part white for the same reasons as the whites lying about being half and part asian. The asian version of this is plastic surgery + colored contacts = "I'M PART/HALF WHITE GAIZ!!". A good example I can think of is Gina Darling, she's a full Viet girl who always lies about being mixed white and Viet or Chinese + Viet and white, she changes it up depending on her mood. It's so funny how asians get a pass on using white race as an accessory but IT'S FUCKING TERRIBLE whenever whites do it? Both should be shunned.

No. 385447

not to mention like 80% of them lie about being Japanese. it's cringier when asians lie about that imo.

No. 385449

SEAfags have so much selfhate yet have so much pride over their shit tier third world countries. I'm sure you guys heard of Viet pride or Filipino pride. They act like they're the shit then try to look east asian with their skin whitening and plastic surgery kek

No. 385452

File: 1552316784955.png (981.54 KB, 800x1128, Screenshot_2019-03-11-10-03-37…)

Hanabunny is viet and she lies about being japanese. She heavily photoshops herself to look koreany, calls herself hana sazumi when her name is hana dinh and tags herself as "japanesegirl". 0 shame.

No. 385588

Not surprising. Many PULL users are major weebs/k-weebs and love to whiteknight Asians and other minorities.

No. 385840

As an SEA myself i can see through her lies kek, if she was ethically chinese living in an SEA country (there are many) and claiming to be japanese it would have been more believable but she can't fool other SEAs while looking like that (only the stupid ones).

No. 386022

File: 1552423837870.jpg (86.24 KB, 960x960, hb.jpg)

She shops the fuck out of her skin tone too

No. 386142

right? that face hard screams viet.

No. 386326

hmmm is that your screenshot anon? Cause you're from pull you liked the comment lmao leave

No. 386577

Give the SEAs a break. They have an eternal inferiority complex and rightly so; they haven't got much to be proud of at all. Only blind white incels prefer SEA features to E. Asian features. There's not anything they can do about it either. No one likes to race-bait, but they don't have as much to work with as either E. Asian or white girls.(racebaiting)

No. 386582

How is it not race bait to call an entire ethnic group ugly.

No. 386586

What the fuck? That post is the sort of shit outsiders will screencap and repost as "evidence" that this site is full of nothing but bitter, racist, hateful white girls who are mad at the world.
Do better, anon. You'll make all of LC look bad with this shittiness.

No. 386628

They finally split up Kennas thread, which i feel is going to cause it to somewhat die out. I see the same topic in 3/4 different threads.

No. 386658

oh thank the lord. the sperging was atrocious. a lot of people kept bringing up hiragana shit and correcting her little mistakes that most beginners make.

No. 387892

every once in awhile ill go and check PULL to see if theres any decent gossip. but the bitches on that shit complain about the most retarded stuff. they are STILL talking about people like fucking himeahri or whatever. that bitch has 0 fucking drama. i feel like the people who bump those threads are either retarded or have a personal vendetta. i cannot imagine going years talking about the same bitch whos account is basically dry of anything worth talking about. sorry 4 sperg but that shit is so annoying. PULL is such garbage.

No. 387925

They have an unironic skinwalking obsession with the cow of their choice which they're trying to mask as hate. I'm sorry but the moment you start making those autistic "improvement" image edits and have the cow as your avatar, you've crossed over to the stanning territory. The whole of PULL is like a neverending Dakota thread, people digging up age-old milk over and over again, fanficcing and being immensely jealous of anyone living in Japan as a foreigner.

No. 388137

The only milky thing left is the transracial asian stuff but other than that most of the milk has dried out. The pullfags still talk about her because they love to hate and love her.

No. 388143

I read back on the drama in the kateagei thread and I feel sick. A barely legal teen girl gets a video of her drunk and fondled by sober men gets uploaded without her permission to porn sites and all they could do was go "UGH shes so stupid, imagine what her parents think!!!"

It's sociopathic how much their hate blinds them to logic and reason. the biggest crime in their eyes is being a white woman who fucks asian men.

No. 388146

File: 1552947027058.png (207.47 KB, 782x603, Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 11.14…)

They managed to get some pretty decent milk on Mikan in her thread and are now mad at the mods because they don't want to delete it.
It's supposed to be a gossip site, right? Why in the world would you delete something just because the person you're talking about pops in and asks you nicely to delete it?
She did a little bit of light sex work to be able to afford her nose job and move to Japan and it wasn't just hard work at minimum wage jobs like she likes to say.
According to her she forgot about it because she felt uncomfortable.

No. 388152

i think it's funny they're putting mikan on a pedestal, she made the mistake of using her real name when she was a sex worker. literally someone just google searched mikan vina and the account was on the first page, first result i think too. milky as fuck. but oh no poor mikan might lose job opportunities because of PULL, not because of herself.

No. 388161

>on a pedestal
because she visited their thread so they've been 'caught' gossiping and now they're embarrassed because none of them are comfortable being what they are so they turn sweet.
>Omg who uploaded her name shame on you

when they get sweet it's almost worse than when they sperg. wading through posts like
>happy birthday venus!

No. 388251

File: 1552974318334.jpg (34.81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Every time I see Sugi's avatar, I keep mistaking it for this photo of Stu Pickles.

No. 388597

I hate that two faced nice act that they pull off. Like that fugly white wannabe model cow that parades herself as half korean when she’s obviously not. The only legitimate cow in their fake asian thread that makes sense to shit on has her baby prematurely and everybody turns on the nice act. “Good job mama bear! Hope she gets plenty of rest because when MY totally kawaii half asian baby was born prematurely i was suuuch a wreck<3”

No. 388599

I sometimes pop in the katieaegi thread to see what they are sperging about, but they keep talking about the same shit and crying she’s in korea ‘illegally’ for doing that thing where you leave and get a new tourist visa.

No. 388991

File: 1553168583168.png (203.14 KB, 720x950, Screenshot_2019-03-21-18-38-51…)

So kenna decided to work as a model in japan and look at what this bitter pulltard has to say kek. Like seriously, girl probably just want to make extra money there, no need to nitpick and make crazy theories.

No. 388992

File: 1553169006043.png (224.48 KB, 720x1002, Screenshot_2019-03-21-18-49-32…)

Also this kek

No. 389035

File: 1553180117147.jpg (89.65 KB, 878x457, truth.JPG)

Someone finally came out and said it.

No. 389422

these fatties are just mad that she's modelling in japan, something they will never be able to do, can't wait for all the salt

No. 389544

But that's the thing she's not modeling yet. They are getting upset over nothing.
But you're wking Kenna is just as annoying so do you think you can dial it back a bit.

No. 389837

File: 1553303043828.png (543.21 KB, 720x1095, Screenshot_2019-03-23-08-01-16…)

I got banned for downvoting people's posts on kenna's thread kek. The state of that site and their sheeples… We literally are not allowed to disagree with anything they say or voicing a different opinion.

No. 389955

File: 1553352348805.png (277.73 KB, 1434x1570, Screenshot_2019-03-23-09-43-53…)

The superior gaijin eating okonomiyaki and unagi all day everyday

No. 389964

This person went all the way to Japan, and instead of facing their life and enjoying it, they're getting in their feelings over what some chick who doesn't even know they exist and is in a different part of Japan is eating at the same time, lmao. Make it make sense.

I'd understand if there was some interesting drama, but they're pissy about this girl eating too many waffles? What the fuck?

No. 389976

This is actually so god damn sad people are like this.

No. 389992

>How DARE This bitch eat fucking pancakes when she could enjoy authentic nipponese cuisine like I'M doing at this very moment!!!
lmfao are these people completely unable to comment without blogposting about themselves? I'm also pretty sure that if she was eating unagi and okonomiyaki they'd be screeching about her being a show off or something.

No. 390003

She literally ate ramen at a restaurant a week or so ago and they were sperging about how she should've ate something else

No. 390194

>You have been banned by Yuuna
No surprise there. Yuuna is probably the worst mod on PULL right now.

No. 390234

what are you smoking anon? who's wking kenna? youre in the wrong forum

No. 390236

>let's pray I bump into Kappa

H-hi Kenna

No. 390241

>kenna eats waffle or anything non-nipponese: omgggg like why even bother when theres so much good stuff like ramen, unagi, karaage, and okonomiyaki??

>kenna eats ramen, unagi, karaage, and okonomiyaki: “omg kenna would it kill you to eat a veggie or two no wonder you’re always looking so HAGGARD. Typical weeb eating weeby food and giving us other poor gaijin a bad name by eating greasy fattening food!!!!”

No. 390282

god they are so pathetic. who cares if she's eating waffles in japan? does she have to eat traditional japanese food every single day? if she did that they would find something to complain about too. kenna is snowflake-y but her jealous weeb pulltards are even more hilarious.

No. 390330

Ikr, and she literally just applied to become a mod less than a month ago (i used vpn to check their profile kek). Pullfags are such entitled assholes.

What an awful attempt at lying.

No. 390942

You killed me anon
Pull is full of those elitist weeb who think they are special and superior for liking and doing the exact same weeb stuff than the other weebs they shit on all day

No. 390961

File: 1553559269516.png (1012.63 KB, 1416x2251, Screenshot_2019-03-25-19-13-15…)

>can't detect Kenna's sarcasm
Yes… it's definitely the 'tism

No. 391042

Just looking at that screenshot, it doesn't read as sarcasm at all. I mean it didn't require some long scolding response but it's also a stupid post in the first place.

No. 391097

I'm too lazy to attach a screenshot (because it's a very long post anyway), someone reuploaded kenna's ig stories on PULL. Everything (10+). Like i don't see anyone doing that unless they're a crazy fan or something. They complained that she didn't post enough pictures of glorious japan, yet when she did already they complained how those pics should be posted on her feeds and not just on stories. They say the reason why she's losing subs on YT is due to her laziness to upload content, like seriously who should care, it's her own choice.

I even saw 1 user posting the countdown to kenna's YT following when it reached 899,000 from 900,000. She must have waited long enough and recorded her screen to do that. Ew… it's starting to feel like a cult now. They should fucking stop.

No. 391102

I don't get what's so fascinating about her. She seems like a socially reclusive person who tries hard, maybe PULL relate to that but there's literally no more to her than that

No. 391159

I can't help but find it funny that like a week ago they were arguing for mikans honor and trying to get posts deleted that showed she did sex work, and now they're sperging about how horrible and selfish she is because she wasn't kind enough when their beloved Venus had a mental breakdown.

No. 391948

File: 1553806446928.jpeg (173.25 KB, 546x1067, 138E9B96-221F-4AF3-BCC5-DBBE98…)

Someone said it.

No. 392019

What thread was this in?

No. 392032

nta but it's in the Vic Mignona thread. from what i can gather this idiot >>389837 >>391948 went to the thread and aggressively started asking for proof about his sexual assault allegations, got told to settle down and try having a civil conversation, refused to listen and got banned for whiteknighting. after that she made a second account and shit up the thread reeeeing about Yuuna and PULL users predictably retaliated with shitty 2013 memes and gifs. everyone in this situation is a complete retard.

No. 392036

File: 1553818890680.png (28.09 KB, 1072x275, Screenshot_1.png)

apologies for samefagging but i regret calling him a "she" because this is clearly a scrote or at the very least a severely deluded handmaiden

No. 392045

i hate people like this. fuck them, whatever they are.

No. 392170

I only agree with what they said about yuuna abusing her moderator status

No. 394493

File: 1554249461748.png (393.45 KB, 823x596, pull.png)

PUll is very mad about a white girl doing a youtube look inspired by models from a Korean brand. I guess they haven't noticed that the asian brand uses white models kek

No. 394496

>White girls can't look like Asians who are trying to look like white girls!


No. 394508

What's the likelihood you'll get banned for pointing that out?

No. 394585

The fact that they even have a thread about her is already ridiculous. Just because somebody likes korean cosmetics and fashion does not mean they want to be korean - it's not like she runs around wearing hanboks only. She always clearly stated she was fully german.
But of course pull thinks writing "Oh no honey! You will never look korean!" is the biggest own ever.

No. 394597

they are grasping at straws by now, that girl probably isnt even isnt trying to look remotely asian lmao. this is like saying that someone doing a look insipred by idk cindy crawford is trying to look white.

why does pull seem to think that putting on a makeup brand from korea makes someone an insane race fetishist

No. 394602

File: 1554280342580.jpg (634.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190403-103053.jpg)

If you go to chuu's website, literally the first thing you'll see is a white girl kek

No. 394612

This is CLEARLY white supremacys fault, the Asians cannot control the colonization uwu so pure for the korean girls they can actually pull off the look compared to this white girl!!

No. 394678

I’m sure they’d find a way to claim how the white model is problematic for taking the job or even being in Korea in the first place

No. 394693

These are the same people that claim drawing your eyebrows on straight or having aegyosal is ~yellow face~, depsite the fact that asian girls draw that shit on too lmfao

No. 394704

>Nice try but you will never look Asian

This reeks of "insecure SEA girl who wants to feel like she's superior to someone"

No. 394710

Are you the same anon who posted >>386577 way back when? I don't know what SEAs did to you for you to fixate on them like this, but chill.

No. 394714

lol it's literally always jelly white bitches who just want to be known for the same shit.

No. 394718

>want to be known for the same shit
For what?

No. 394722

NTA, but I think they meant for trying to look Asian.
Example: Aria Rose.

No. 394726

god i hate how they see east asia as this superior, unreachable place and anyone who uses korean makeup or wears harajuku fashion is a culturally appropriating evil bitch. do you really think actual east asians get offended over a white girl doing some korea inspired makeup? it's so retarded.

No. 394731

Korean brands use white models all the time but I guess they forget that

No. 394734

what >>394722 said basically. they shit on people like venus or even random white models because they're extremely bitter and just want to be them. they want the youtube views or IG likes or modeling jobs in glorious east asia. i will never understand why either. they're the same kind of girls who were upset koots was in japan and modeling, but didn't care when she was a cringy lying pedobaiting shit on youtube.

No. 394735

Nope, I'm a different anon. I'm just able to put two and two together. Why are you triggered?

No. 394738

I think you might be projecting a bit about the "triggered" part. It's just weird that certain people are continually bringing up SEA girls when they're pretty much irrelevant.
It sounds like there's some personal history or bitter vendettachanning involved here, no offense.

No. 394742

She's too ugly to dye her hair black and lie about being uwu Japanese. Maybe she can go down the Saya route and spend 100 grand on plastic surgery to look asian but then again she's a poor white girl living in the middle of no where reeing about how blacks have it better than her

No. 394744

it's because the "non asians pretending to be asian" thread is full of posters confirming they are indonesian/malaysian/singaporean. it's probably been mentioned before in this very thread.

No. 394758

i find it really weird when non-japanese asians do that because even two geographically close countries like japan and sk have their own cultural differences, different trends, different beauty standards. it must be really different in countries that are far away from japan. i don't see why they feel so entitled. pull is full of jealous weebs and kboos.

No. 394779

i dont mean to race bait, but why do these weebs on that thread say shit like "non asian people wearing korean makeup are doing yellowface", its ridicuous. id understand why people would be mad if it was something genuinely racist, but are people seriously out there getting mad because someone drew on straight eyebrows?

straight eyebrows arent a trait exclusive to asians, theyre actually an extremely common natural trait. lip tint has existed long before it became a korean beauty trend. and also, those drawn on eye bag things look awful on everyone.

No. 394780

It’s extra hilarious because they’ll then complain about asian girls who do cutesy makeup or straight eyebrows and say they’d look better without it. Then you check out the PULL threads on makeup and fashion and it’s all korean brands and weebshit fashion.

No. 394817

Yeah they're a bunch of hypocrites.
I just saw a PULL user in the Kenna thread try to claim they didn't like Kenna… And she had a Kenna icon. Which is it?

No. 394842

This irks me. If anything, a lot of east asian Women naturally dont have much brow to work with and just draw them straight as a trend.

Those “eyebags” occur naturally (and are subtle and natural in appearance) on more black and white people than asians, yet if some weeb wants to enhance that feature its ~yellowface~.

Pullfags are probably the same people who got offended and lost their shit when rihanna launched a blush called “geisha honey” and spouted nonsense like “IM NOT UR FETISHHHHH”

No. 394854

File: 1554343666882.png (351.51 KB, 823x660, makismol.png)

sometimes it's not just pull users. privileged middle class east asian """activists""" on twitter have nothing else to do but harass random non-asian weebs on the internet for "yellowface". there was a black ig girl who was accused of yellowface just for naturally having slanted eyes and she got harassed.

ironically PULL had a thread on her and they agreed she wasn't yellowfacing and that the sjw was in the wrong. they only "call out" yellowfacing as an excuse when they dislike someone and have no other reason to justify it.

No. 394871

this whole "nu x-face" trend is really pissing me off. when will this cultural appropriation mess end?

No. 394931

Jesus, could they reach any harder?!
Especially when looking at the first picture, there's nothing remotely asian about it. If it's a white girl they can at least still argue about her copying muh azn skin and hair, but this is literally only a normal black girl who happens to have winged liner.

No. 394933

NTA but you really can't deny that it's either virtue signaling white girls or insecure SEAs/SEA haafus who have an inferiority complex for not being one of the "cool" east Asians, especially on PULL. The Filipinos and Viets who like to pretend they're from Korea or Japan like nobody would ever notice the difference. Look into any stupid "wypipo stealin muh asian culture" post about a white girl wearing a kimono, it's almost always a butthurt American pinoy.

No. 395074

File: 1554395216083.jpg (228.73 KB, 1370x1240, Average Women.jpg)

>an entire ethnic group ugly
Those are your words, not mine. Attractive women of each ethnicity tend to look close to their ethnic average, and you can compare the averages here. Pretending potential attractiveness is equal from a privileged position is virtue signalling. I suspect you'd quickly sing a different tune if you were born a SEA. I've heard "I think I'm a little bit French" from Viets enough times; my heart breaks for them.

No. 395076

>average irish face less attractive than the british

No. 395081

irish people are hideous and their accents suck. even indian accents are more pleasant to listen to

No. 395083

Can you guys go at least a month without racebaiting? I understand that when you're very insecure, sometimes going by race to pick on others is all you have left, but this is ridiculous.
People are more than average composite images.

No. 395088

You're spot on. I feel like its mostly "woke"' sjw type of people who get offended over shit like that. Cultures can be appropriated imo but it completely has lost its meaning cause everyone likes to throw it around when they're out for someone or have personal vendettas.
Most of the time, the native people from those countries are indifferent to it or don't see it as offensive.
(Just like Ariana and that finger bbq thing lol.)

No. 395089

the British are hideous and their accents suck. glass in a blender is more pleasant to listen to

No. 395140

Found the triggered Irish girl.

No. 395144

The world can't distinguish the both of you and finds you to look equally inbred. Congrats.

No. 395145

both of these statements are true

No. 395167

File: 1554414254484.png (57.96 KB, 1242x404, jelly.PNG)

kek the denial of these pullfags who want just a bit of attention kenna gets

No. 395168

File: 1554414291192.png (33.27 KB, 1030x183, kennni.PNG)

also she posted another video. i love their weird nitpicking lmao

No. 395301

But the person you posted seemed agree that she gets attention so I don't know how this proves your point. And what they said is completely correct. I mean there are better examples in that thread you could have used.
>these pullfags who want just a bit of attention kenna gets
makes you sound like a wk.

No. 395351

Shes right but I don't think Kenna ever said she was special for it. They're the one who said she was lying about the attention she gets but now that there's proof she wasn't they're like ' WELLL UHH YOU'RE NOT SPECIAL THAT'S EVERY FOREIGNER!!!111" Well she never said she was the only one.

No. 395398

File: 1554488208649.png (7.21 KB, 851x172, retards.png)

Their cow lives in Japan. Why do PULL tards are all about being offended ??

No. 395401

All the PULLtards who are envious of whatever cow/flake is in Japan while discussing their love/sex life accuses them of "fetishizing" Japanese people sooner or later. It's their way of admitting to being jealous while maintaining some sort of moral high ground. The implication is that even though they themselves are cringy, yellow-fevered weebs, they're "#woke" and would totally treat the men better or something.
The bit in that particular post about "black dick" is kind of creepy, lmao. Even if she made a video like that, it'd still technically be fetishizing, but it'd just be another race of men. They're 100% just mad at her for fucking Japanese men specifically (because they can't).

No. 395458

File: 1554503257094.jpg (101.37 KB, 878x933, kennatrees.JPG)

>Why isn't this bitch fucking black guys while in Japan huh??? Why is she only talking about Asian dick??? I smell fetishizing!!
What the hell is wrong with these psychos, lmfao.

This is probably pretty accurate, in any thread in which the cow is someone who lives in Japan they're barely hiding their jealousy, every reply is excessively blogposting about how they would treat the glorious nipponese RIGHT, they would eat the unagi and the ramen without question, they would know how to properly wear a kimono.

Someone DMed Kenna to tell her to stop giving the "antis" attention because it only fuels the fire more (admittedly a good point), she replied that it's not fair to blame her instead of the harassers and it reminds her of the girls being shamed for wearing a skirt too short narrative. And these underage speds go full speed with their "OMG IS THIS CUNT ACTUALLY COMPARING HER SITUATION TO A RAPE VICTIM THIS IS LITERALLY DISGUSTING" spiel. I have no idea how the people posting in her thread can function in their daily lives. The mention about her hurting trees was because she took a photo of a decoration someone had hung from a cherry blossom tree and after the stans mistakenly thought she did it, they bombarded her with comments telling her stupid gaijin bitch ass to stop abusing the delicate holy nipponese trees!!!

No. 395476

Kenna is pretentious as fuck and her analogy about victim blaming/short skirts is retarded, but her core message 'I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't' is pretty valid.
This girl is a fucking weirdo for contacting Kenna.
Makes me think she's the type to ass suck a internet celeb/cow like kiki/raven/whoever and when they don't get the answer or validation they desire or if they get blocked, (because let's face it, usually cows are paranoid), they freak out and start sperging on all the gossip sites with screenshots.

I do think Kenna is also a moron for replying though. Like ignore the bait, jesus.

No. 395758

File: 1554587262512.jpeg (171.99 KB, 1125x1219, DB98A47B-3F4F-4C70-9E48-0CB4EF…)

PULL is trying to get the label behind BTS involved in their vendetta

No. 396732

File: 1554810507525.jpg (107.54 KB, 1080x629, IMG_20190409_134309.jpg)

From the thread about Sissel

No. 396734

>She doesn't deserve to be in Korea

It's like they don't realise Korea's just a country, not the Garden of Eden.

No. 396735

File: 1554810887009.jpg (78.66 KB, 1080x390, IMG_20190409_135223.jpg)

>i'd do it just for the lulz! it's not that i'm jealous or anything

No. 396778

File: 1554823569165.png (106.16 KB, 1366x471, ok.png)

I remember her first post in the sissel thread lol. she totally isn't jealous btw

No. 396828

You can literally get any rando “work from home” job online and do visa runs if you want to live in korea so fucking bad. That’s literally all it takes.

And they worry so much about appreciating korean/japanese traditional culture when normal 20something natives dont give a flying fuck about that shit unless its for an Instagram opportunity while they are on a date. Being surrounded by 50+ year old locals at whatever obscure traditional landmark, yes, what every young adult dreams of doing in their free time. ~BuT tHe ShRiNeSssssss~ sperg will never stop making me laugh.

No. 397088

i am so sick and tired of that chloe price user always posting her kenna fan art kappa memes in every thread for upvotes and clout. its gotten stale as fucking hell and it was never that funny to begin with. so many users were defending her posting her kappa art everywhere and hyping her up like "dont listen to them! i loved your memes! keep on posting them!". kennas thread has become such trash that if you even dared to tell her her doodles bring nothing to the thread and are annoying as hell, you are gonna get mobbed by everyone and cause more derailment. if you supposedly disliked a flake so much, you wouldnt spend so much damn time making those drawings every chance you get. posting them in 2-3 threads is nuts.

No. 397122

Holy shit I saw those comics, they were just fanart. I hate the users that spam their ~creations~ in multiple threads, like please no one cares. It's definitely different than the gold that's created on here because the effort is to make it look hilarious and not trying to make it look nice.

No. 397308

File: 1554929356501.jpg (29.1 KB, 686x386, sissel.jpg)

>She doesn't deserve to be in Korea
>the standards for a white model is so low

PULL users are so nasty and jealous. Sissel is objectively very pretty and fits right in to Korea's beauty standard regarding her face. I don't know about her body though.

No. 397313

I think she said she's 5'10 and while not super skinny, definitely slim enough for some smaller model gigs.

No. 397320

No clue who this chick is but she slots perfectly into Korean beauty standards. If I made a Sim based on all the things Korea thinks are beautiful, it'd look almost exactly like this, just with long black hair.

No. 397325

even her weight is fine, it's going to blow the minds of PULL when they find out that not every korean girl has aa perfect V jawline and weighs 90 pounds.

No. 397390

dat bizzare projecting lmao

No. 397421

Lmao i wonder how whoever said those words look like. Not wking this chic but she fits asian modeling standards, like i could see her working for japanese agency too.

No. 398543

that chloe price user posted 4 fucking kappa kenna drawings in the last few hours and i wanna rip my hair out. she is putting them in spoilers now, so i should just not open them expecting anything else. it just makes me disgusted that so many people are encouraging her to make more and are giving her upvotes when they do nothing for the thread and arent funny. like do you have a fucking job or a life?

No. 398571

Why did she even post them in the nitpicking thread? She could've at least put it in the meme one jfc. They're so dull. The one making fun of her most recent photo is just tryhard lmao

No. 398674

holy shit her drawings are on elementary school level, both in terms of art skills and pettiness. why tf so many upvotes lmao

No. 399035

its cause no one goes in the meme thread and she wants upvotes. i was really hoping the mods to tell her to stop but instead they told her she can continue if she puts them under a spoiler and puts them in one thread instead of spreading them in 2-3 like she did before.

No. 399208

post them here, we want to laugh at them

No. 399259

File: 1555406953832.png (2.01 MB, 1270x2498, Screenshot_2019-04-16-04-27-32…)

Gotcha Anon!

No. 399260

File: 1555407038831.png (3.54 MB, 1228x2786, Screenshot_2019-04-16-04-28-21…)

No. 399261

File: 1555407306206.png (3.2 MB, 1403x2079, Screenshot_2019-04-16-04-32-48…)

No. 399262

File: 1555407380708.png (2.24 MB, 1376x2787, Screenshot_2019-04-16-04-33-55…)

Last one

No. 399277

These are seriously Chris-chan tier. Imagine being the one who actually put the time in to drawing them and felt they were funny enough to post them.

No. 399301

This one was kinda funny ngl

No. 399324

I am too stupid to understand why they depict Kenna as a bald turtle. Can anyone explain pls?

No. 399330

She's supposed to be a Japanese mythological demon called a kappa. I guess it sounds similar to Kenna.

No. 400045


thanks anon, that's pretty pathetic

No. 400046

Even if they were funny, imagine being so obsessed with someone you actually bother fucking illustrating them. I can understand making quick photoshopped pics for a laugh or whatever but drawing and actually colouring comics is insane. It gives me such severe secondhand embarrassment.

No. 400678

File: 1555797774288.png (40.32 KB, 1041x276, pull.png)

one thing ive noticed is how obsessed pull users are with someone not being a "good model". for example >>397308 and those recent pics in the kenna thread. they always come up with so many excuses,

>shes too fat

>she has a rotten personality
>her makeup is bad

etc, even when the model and the pictures look good. why do they have to endlessly nitpick kenna wearing a rainbow hair clip instead discussing actual milk. a lot of people in those threads just seem like theyre seething becase theyre not the ones getting modelling deals in glorious nippon. maybe theres an other reason for why those other girls with a higher following were getting the modelling deals instead kek.

No. 400727

This happens if blog posting is allowed (apparently it's against PULL's rules but the mods don't give a fck). It's always about themselves, how pretty and good they are and more deserving than any other girl in this world. Nitpicking will always be a problem on every platform but if narcissistic/jealous people find a way to talk about themselves, this issue will basically explode.

No. 401950

omg… this looks like deviantart "sort by new" fetish art !

No. 402564

File: 1556200554065.png (4.11 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_2019-04-24-03-11-38…)

The Chloe Price user posted new art in the meme thread because she didn't want to use spoilers and it only got like 2 upvotes. Kek.

No. 402990

wow this girl is obsessed with Kenna, just skimmed thru her post history, all 10 pages of past posts are in Kenna threads. Sad!

No. 403135

this actually looks like its supposed to be deviantart turtle furry fetish art or some shit kek

why does she think its a good idea to post these, let alone make them in the first place

No. 403247

The bottom one is an active representation of how pulltards react to any small thing kenna does

No. 403280

bottom picture has six fingers.

No. 404392

I don't like Kenna either but I can't imagine myself spending hours drawing weird shit like that so often… I doubt this "artist" has a job/goes to school. She could actually have a fulfilling hobby?

No. 404911

File: 1556675025997.jpeg (127.2 KB, 1242x621, 8649CF3A-BE37-4B39-8303-2923C8…)

PULL sperging about some rando half-japanese UK youtuber kek

No. 405126

Baka anon, did you forget that pull weebs are more japanese than the japanese themselves?

No. 405205

This shit is fucking annoying. I bet they don't cringe at people in their country who are total slobs either. Obviously it's expected in a shit country that isn't glorious nippon to have slobs, but how dare anyone offend the majestic japanese ways! Surely in Japan absolutely no one ever is a gross slob! Everyone there is a perfect uwu kawaii angeru with pristine manners!

No. 405375


I thought chopsticks upright in a bowl of food was a huge no no (considered very rude?)

No. 406870

why is it that every pull user starts foaming at the mouth whenever a mixed race person does anything?especially if they are eurasian lol. is the jealousy really that bad?

there's something amazingly pathetic about people losing their shit and going on about manners whenever someone "disrespects" korean or japanese culture, but when a westerner talks with their mouth full of food while having their elbows on the table no one gives a fuck (as they should, kek).

No. 407229

Now they hate Kenna's friend for making them look crazy by confirming that Kenna was the one invited by Disney instead of her. Kek.

No. 411090

File: 1558033744824.png (35.33 KB, 1246x178, pupup.PNG)

this pull user just confirmed its okay for THEM to skip classes because someone else paid for them to go

No. 411099

Yeah, but no Japanese person cares if they see an obviously non Asian person doing it.

No. 415390

File: 1559029327053.jpeg (627.32 KB, 1242x1699, F0D93308-50D5-4BCB-8175-2DCAC0…)

Muh umami

No. 415668

are these people incapable of not talking about themselves for one second

No. 415982

i dont even want to follow kennas thread anymore. i havent caught up in a few days and there was 20 new pages. skimmed through all of it and there was literally nothing noteworthy or horribly problematic that she has done. just the users reeeeeeeeeeeeee-ing about her. id love to write a post to tell everyone they need to step outside, take a deep breath, and calm the fuck down, but now every post of someone that does attempt to do that and telling them off to the nitpick thread gets mass downvoted and gets attacked. i swear most of them are worse sounding than kenna, and i dont even like her. i feel like they all use kennas thread to boost their own egos about how much better they are than her or how they know more about japan/japanese than her. her thread is no fun anymore and just hurts my head reading everyones damn blog posts there. end rant.

No. 415993

a solid page of that thread was arguing whether they should have served ketchup, she was eating at a pokémon cafe btw so it wasn't some fine dining or anything

>in japan some chefs dont because they think it ruins the food!!!

>yeah well its ACTUALLY used in hamburguru to give umami!!
>she was served fries she should have ketchup!!!!
>in some countries they use mayo not ketchup!!!!
>you can't expect every country to cater to YOUR culture's standards smh!!!

this some powdered milk jfc

No. 416064

When in Rome do what Romans do. This isn't a hard concept. Veganism isn't near as popular Japan in as it is within the Anglosphere, so expecting Japanese restaurants to cater to an extremely niche palate is pigheaded Americentrism as its worst. Experience the culture by trying things how they serve them or prepare for food that sucks but either way quit whining.

No. 416119

Honestly in this case it was ridiculous though– Sharla made an offhand comment about how it'd be nice if the burger had ketchup or something and then PULL extrapolated on that for THREE pages. It's imo more embarrassing that PULL is pretending dry-ass burgers are some sendup to Japanese culinary art like, come on…

No. 416176

Japanese burgers are sometimes completely unseasoned, meaning not even salt, nobody is to blame for not being able to eat that.
I bet the same people who shit on them for not appreciating high japanese cuisine enough are the same ones who love pulling "whities don't season their food"-jokes while drowning theirs in tabasco sauce.

No. 419805

File: 1560038441561.png (55.68 KB, 1243x309, THOSEgaijin.PNG)

>tfw no one thinks you're the superior gaijin

No. 420206

File: 1560160641409.jpg (71.19 KB, 992x614, Demisexual erasure.jpg)

Same user who obsessively posts in the Kenna thread every half hour kek

No. 420294

this has to be satire

No. 420365

File: 1560192032083.jpg (133.82 KB, 1093x516, truepoc.JPG)

Some turk sperg on how to be a true POC™

>>419805 Sugi can't make a post that isn't about Japan. Her know-it-all attitude reminds me a lot of pre-isis Miranda lol

No. 420368

lmaoo i am another trfag and i'll send this copypasta to everyone thanks anon
wtf is this victim complex

No. 420370

there's nothing i hate more than pullfags who are arrogant weebshits.

they're usually exactly the same as who they're whining about.

No. 420371

Please let me know their reactions lol

No. 420425

the holier-than-thou attitude is hilarious. some of them said that it's probably true that the op might have been through some shit after 9/11 but everyone agrees that the text is way too dramatic. from my knowledge kenna grew up in america so it's understandable that she doesn't know that much about the culture.

No. 420435

as also another trfag this hurts my soul to read

No. 422104

That was entertaining, holy fuck, she may not care about learning Japanese but sure does care if others try to learn it. Jesus fuck, get a life girl, who cares if it useful or not, how is watching anime more useful than learning Jap jargon?
The lack of consistency and self awereness does confirm my prejuices about losers that do regularly incur in alogging faggotry.

No. 422106

>Yes, I take commisions
Literally what the fuck?

No. 423140

PULL is so garbage. The "top contributors" on the front page are basically everyone's favorite spokesperson in every topic. The same 5 people every week lol. Whatever the mods are/were planning to do with "new mod applications", it's hopeless.

I seriously can't stand the blogposting and "what if/i wish" rants. Kenna, Taylor R, Venus, and every other featured girl are so boring. Kanadajin is still batshit crazy, but still it's not worth commenting about every god damn day.

No. 423166

File: 1560856724656.jpg (182.07 KB, 1080x655, 20190618_130830.jpg)

The belle thread is a goldmine of jealous spergs. Oh no, how dare a sex worker charge for her work????

No. 423170

I hate PULL because it actually exemplifies the stereotype of "When women don't like other women, it's because of jealousy" in spades.
As much as I like to talk shit here, I just can't imagine what it's like to be these people. To actually be driven mad by envy.

No. 423183

Can someone ELI5 what Kenna did that was so bad? I watched all of the 'criticism' videos on her and they seemed like nitpicky, petty shit. Sure, she's obnoxious, but I don't see her as interesting enough to be a cow.

No. 423218

This. It's one thing to hate a cow for being an actually horrible person doing awful, sometimes even illegal, things but every time I've opened a PULL thread it's been full of petty whining and jealousy.
>S-she gets to live in Japan and doesn't even eat unagi and natto every day!!! If I got to live in Japan…..
>Omfg she's getting so chubby look at those rolls, I bet she weighs at least 100 pounds!!! I mean I have a 23 inch waist…..
>This nasty bitch doesn't deserve her kawaii oppa Asian boyfriend!!! I would actually respect his Asian culture and glorious heritage, thus….
>Stupid whore can't even get a better gig than girls awards, her career is over!! tbh I would make a way better aidoru than her…
>Oh this cunt is just a transtrending fakeboi and I, as an ACTUAL trans*person, suffer of awful gender dysphoria and….

Et cetera. They're blogposting about themselves to deal with the immense jealousy they have over the cow's achievements.

I think she fucked up once and can't really remember what she actually did (iirc she lied about something?), but most of the hate is just PULL being jealous of her living in Japan and being dedicated to nitpicking anything she does there.

No. 423226

Japan salt is my favorite salt to read if I could tolerate that place for more than five minutes.

You know the saltiest ones are the young weebs who've never been

No. 423234

I find this site fucking hilarious. Most of it is literally 12-15 year old girls bitching about photoshop or supposed lies while not being in the slightest bit self-aware of how much of a pathetic stalker they are.

No. 423309

File: 1560888007999.png (306.64 KB, 1203x841, Screenshot (3).png)

>Most of it is literally 12-15 year old girls
Sadly, I don't think that's the case…
I always read their kboo thread, it's hilarious, these bitches are seething.
>This blonde, blue-eyed girl works as model in korea?! Obviously a kboo!
>This random girl with 10 followers is white but has black hair? She's trying so hard to be korean!
The only expat they like is Whitney Bae - but she's ugly and black, so they probably don't feel jealous or threatened.

No. 423325

Kenna is a straight up cunt. I don't like the PULL threads because they focus so much on minutia but I also don't like the white knight-y vibe this thread sometimes gives off.
But to answer your question:
1. Plagiarism is one of the big things that made people dislike her.
2. Uses everything as an aesthetic even religion and sexuality
3. Attacks people constantly even fans
4. Breaks her promises
5. Photoshops beyond recogni tionand then brags about her "perfect features" and even denigrates others like her friends and sister to prop herself up
6. Lies almost pathologically. She's like r/thathappened in human form.
7. Is lazy
8. Is spoiled
9. Constantly trying to win the oppression olympics
10. Basically a raging narcissist
And yeah individually, those things are minor, but with Kenna, it's like a death from a thousand cuts to her likeability. And that's the thing because she's all aesthetic there's nothing real to like about her, so each of her fuck-ups is met
with insincerity and distraction and straight up blaming other people. She's the kind of person that I avoid like the plague irl. Negative, toxic, and ultimately not worth the effort.

No. 423333

NTA, but my thing with Kenna is that she's both kind of a vile person and utterly basic. She's just…uninteresting. The plagiarism, YT drama, her skinwalker(s) and the cringy ~*poetic*~ apology videos were the most milk to ever flow out of her. I can't imagine why someone would even follow a person like that except out of jealousy.
Cows are best when they're crazy trainwrecks, or known for being inflammatory loudmouths on a regular basis. This is just some self-centered, vapid chick with disposable income on the internet. Those are everywhere these days.
The jealousy really shows on PULL when they constantly bitch about her being in Japan and not doing things the ""right"" way and/or learning Japanese, too. They wish they were her so bad.

No. 423342

>I can't imagine why someone would even follow a person like that except out of jealousy.
Habit? They started following her when the milk was flowing and can't and won't accept that it's run dry. Not unusual at all.

No. 423356

Exactly. Utterly basic and boring. The thread is updated every hour ripping her to shreds about every single Instagram story, comment, literally anything she posts. They swear she reads the thread and subposts about them, but honestly I don't think she's read it ever.

I sort of feel bad for Kenna. Imagine having a group of weeb-haters screenshotting all your posts everyday, it's just weird. They lose their minds over her being asexual and talking about it as if she's lying. What does she gain from that? Literally nothing. They're jealous she has the chance to date a Japanese guy and doesn't want to lol.

No. 423362

It's not like they don't do the same thing to lots of other flakes. The Taylor R subforum is a constant disaster. The posters there are even nastier more judgemental. And she's even more basic and less milky then Kenna.
In the Katieaegi thread they literally stalk some chick who's pretty effectively removed herself from the internet and sperg out every time they manage to find her private accounts. They go koreaboo hunting on accounts with less than 100 followers. My point is this isn't a Kenna exclusive thing. And I don't feel particularly sorry for her.

No. 423399

literally the only people who take koreaboos/weebs seriously are other kboos and weebs. everyone likes to look at their crazy shit for a laugh but people who aren't also obsessed with japan and korea don't actually care. they don't go around sperging about "this evil socially inept white kvlogger is fetishizing our pure oppars!! she called korean guys cute!! racism!!". most of them are just jealous that they can't go to japan and sk like these girls.

No. 423440

They fucking love Megan Bowen because “aT lEaST shE hAs HeR oWn VisAaaa~” and didnt “Go ThE eAsY rOuTe” by getting a marriage visa because she had some dumb “business” visa tied to her youtube. They fucking sperg at the idea of a spouse visa and accuse the husband of being a “visa-kun” 99,9% of the time. Despite the fact that in basically every developed country, spouse visas give you damn near the same rights as a citizen. Not to mention they renew like every 3 years and you arent a slave to a fucking job to keep your residency.

No. 423444

Ive caught people in Korean/Japanese expat groups that link PULL in discussions lmfao I’ve seen one user even screen grab her own interaction with a cow in said group and post on pull with her name and picture showing. I looked at her Instagram and showing was following all sorts of people that PULL hates. So some of those holier than though self insert fags do live in said country sadly.

No. 423445

The blogposting is beyond obnoxious. LC may have nitpickers and it may be due to jealousy or bitterness sometimes, but at least blogposting and humblebragging aren't tolerated and that makes a massive difference.

No. 423448

Wtf. That term was used here long before it was used on PULL. Honestly so much of the complaints in this thread is like pot/kettle. We are just as petty, nitpicky, and a-loggy as they are. The only thing we have going over them is that we keep blog-posting and 32-inch- waist-channing to a bare minimum. And we don't try to witchhunt every white girl who ever set foot in East Asia (only most of them). But other than that…

No. 423449

They don't like her at all, the Megan Bowen thread is 90% "her makeup is kboo/her wig is ugly!", and being mad she dates korean men

No. 423452

>blog-posting and 32-inch- waist-channing
That alone warrants their own thread, to be fair. On here I can only suspect anons of being jealous and bitter, on PULL they prove it by constantly comparing themselves to flakes and fantasizing about what they would do in their place.

No. 423458

Oh I'm not arguing that the thread shouldn't exist. I agree that that shit is extra annoying and warrants mocking. It's just wild to me hearing people in this thread get outraged about about stuff I see here pretty regularly.

No. 423508

I can only speak for myself but i don’t like alogging and nitpicking when it’s done here either, but I don’t bother speaking up, it’s not worth it to derail a thread and get banned for infighting, the mods here are actually competent, I rarely see mods at PULL police threads.

No. 423804

PULL mods themselves too busy making posts for those sweet upvotes. Merit system on gossip platforms is actual cancer. It encourages one-upping attention seeking autists like Pull and Kiwi. Lc-tan best board!

No. 424655

Where is the lolcow thread? You know, like this thread for PULL but for lolcow.

No. 424681

There's one on KF. It's mostly dudes making fun of femcels and radfems tho.

No. 429600

PULL is gone?

No. 429609

File: 1562154782202.jpg (637.49 KB, 1080x2062, 20190703_135233.jpg)


No. 429642

oh dear

No. 429964

This is fucking sad. I can honestly believe majority of those upvotes are out of pity

No. 429976

I am getting sick of the lag issues. Sometimes the site doesn't even load.

No. 429983

did this chick seriously just posted her selfie on PULL

No. 429986

did she purposefully misspell chief

No. 430007

from her introduction thread:
> I comment in their comments sections, post to my story, comment on fan accounts, etc. I get a LOT of negative backlash, but some of the fans are very thankful and genuinely care. My top 3 targets are Belle Delphine, Momokun, and Snowthesaltqueen. I’ve been blocked by Belle already and my current focus is Snow. Their fans are horrendous. Coming and seeing people talk sense here and not calling people “jealous”, “salty”, “negative”, etc is honestly so refreshing and just.

Imagine spending your life targeting some e-thot

No. 430010

File: 1562219605274.png (2.15 MB, 1810x1202, Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 3.51…)

from her insta, is this what your average PULL user looks like

No. 430021

why does this girl have an instagram account, where she posts selfies of herself, under the same name as her account on a gossip site. thats just stupid.

No. 430022

she talks like a fucking cow

No. 430031

This just confirms my suspicion that PULL users shitting on weeb-y cringebags is just the 'two spidermen pointing at each other' meme.

No. 430036

Good god this is just really, really sad. She needs to get other hobbies. Yeah nobody likes Belle Delphine or Momokun or any of the other cows but most people don't find skinwalking them "out of spite" and/or "ironically" being that healthy or endearing.

No. 430040


No. 430041

Her using her actual username on PULL just confirms her troll shielding. She really thinks she wouldn't get cow status.

No. 430404

So whats the deal with PULL being down for the last few days???

No. 430605

it's been periodically up and down, pages will load but it's very slow and buggy, doesn't work half the time(learn 2 sage)

No. 430608

It's down,,, this site can't even run properly…
I guess the end is soon?(learn 2 sage)

No. 431020

File: 1562432806941.jpeg (502 KB, 1242x1381, D946AE97-274C-4105-B6B9-E6F83D…)


No. 431071

File: 1562440211743.jpg (8.65 KB, 259x194, téléchargement (1).jpg)

No. 431302

i love how on the pull discord they're talking trash about lolcow as if they are any better than us.


No. 431930

File: 1562638614846.png (453.77 KB, 1070x2037, Screenshot_20190708-211545(1).…)

PULL just needs to get rid of the voting system entirely

No. 431932

I'd love to see the kind of shit they write on there.. I bet it's more concentrated versions of their mentality in the forum.

No. 433164

File: 1562913880712.jpg (883.35 KB, 1080x1969, 20190712_134254.jpg)

Just checked her insta. Is she one of the muh chronic illness fags? Her stories scream that, no1curr tho. I just never thought pulltards themselves would turn out to be this milky.

No. 433992

ive stopped going into kennas thread entirely about a month or two ago because its become full of people posting stupid shit for upvotes. i wish they would remove it entirely cause without being able to upvote, it would be quiet as hell in there and people would stop making those shitty memes of her.

No. 435067

Why is everyone so bothered by Kenna in 2019? I really can't wrap my head around it anymore.
To anyone who writes a paragraph/blogpost dedicated to Kenna about an instagram story or caption… just know that you're accomplishing nothing.

Kenna's 20+ year old cat died and they're outraged that she said she's been mentally prepared for its death and isn't very sad. Insert 10 posts about "w0w when my dog died, i cried for months" and theories on why she's a sociopath. These people are so bored.

No. 435307

File: 1563292993506.jpeg (245.67 KB, 1242x880, 0EDD84DF-0CDC-49A5-AF00-BB2073…)

Will someone please think of the ozone!!

No. 435390

It's true that travelling by plane pollutes but lmao that's just pure jealousy. They don't even know what to pick on her for anymore.

No. 435447

Holy fuck that is a next level nitpick. Imagine reaching that hard for something to complain about.

No. 435456

>They don't even know what to pick on her for anymore.
That's not about Kenna. It was about Kim Dao. Still a stupid criticism.

No. 435617

I figured this was about Kim Dao lmao so many people go on planes more than Kim. Fucking flight attendants do it as the main part of their job.

No. 435628

Plus the same flight would operate regardless if kim chose to travel or not that day, so how would the amount if tikes she bought a plane ticket.

No. 435686

>Kenna's 20+ year old cat died and they're outraged that she said she's been mentally prepared for its death and isn't very sad. Insert 10 posts about "w0w when my dog died, i cried for months" and theories on why she's a sociopath. These people are so bored.

On the other hand when Taylor's actual grandfather who literally raised her died and she took over a month to start feeling better they were raging on her for being depressed, calling her spoiled and sharing stories about how they personally get over dead people in like two days max.

No. 435865

Do you think the userbase of PULL will ever grow up and stop being massive kboos? Or do you think they'll literally be these kboo retards well into their late 20s and beyond?

No. 435937

Maybe they'll grow out of it, but I think a huge problem is that a lot of them refuse to acknowledge that they're kboos/weebs themselves.

>pull users call out girls on the internet for being kboos/weebs

>"b-but I'm not one myself, of course! I genuinely appreciate Asian culture, those other girls are just fakes with a fetish! My love for Asia is real, I'm not some silly uneducated Westerner! I have respect for Asians unlike these whores!!"

There's very little self-awareness and they don't see the irony. Some of them genuinely think they're above kboos and therefore don't feel a need to change. I can see them being this way for a long until someone calls them out on it.

No. 440657

File: 1564324555666.png (620.1 KB, 706x583, what.PNG)

>Asian girl is doing her eyebrows like white people trying to be Asian

No. 440666

So this is the thread for invading pull users to sperg about other users anonymously right? Lmfao.

Why are you over there.

No. 440669

with that logic every single thread on the site is just for fans of the cows.

No. 440670

Or farmers who lurk PULL on rare occasion I guess given that this thread isn’t very active, though there definitely are PULLtards among us given the strong weeb/koreaboo presence in a lot of threads.

No. 440710

Not quite, nigga.

No. 440761

I'm there to lurk at the retarded about they say. Don't really care about the cows just the users trying to nitpick. It's not abnormal, KF has a lolcow thread and we also have a KF thread.

No. 440875

Where the hell do you come from that saying the n-word is acceptable?

No. 444222

They brought back downvoting for whatever reason? They should've just scraped the whole system altogether cause the moment people get into an argument people either get bombed with upvotes or downvotes and everyone only posts out of fear of being downvotes and the want of being upvotes

No. 444242

Lol retarded nigga.

No. 444244

The ghetto, where else?

No. 444462

File: 1565055085387.png (147.4 KB, 1469x873, 080502019.png)

they probably complained to the mods enough to get it back. Or the mods realized how stupid people are and the red arrows keeps them in check. I found this gem in the unpopular opinions thread, the replies are even better and everyone's pissed they couldn't downvote. Page 383 I think.

No. 445041

File: 1565133508355.jpg (354.45 KB, 1080x1568, Screenshot_20190806-191306_Chr…)

Pull's white guilt is leaning towards the right in terms of politics in its current phase so explaining institutional racism is a thing they won't want to listen to. Most are SeA or white with self hate issues that they project onto other people and they tend to rip into sea's and black people the most. I've noticed the influx of weird racist comments that get upvoted a lot on there while lurking recently. They are still obsessed with Lily maymac or whatever and no matter how many times she posts about trying to be proud of her race/ethnic background or post about fully Filipino it's never enough. Some of them rip into random white girls who have done nothing a lot too. The point is they have strange fixation 's on race and tend to degrade people based on the snowflakes race. They do nothing about race baiting on there so uh it's downhill from her. I think other anons in this thread mentioned that a lot of them are actually pro trump based off of things from the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 445046

people they discuss the most are extremely boring. most of them are just talking shit about random pretty girls with no actual milk.

No. 445167

These people can never take black people out of their mouths, huh?
Also this person sounds Asian themselves. Must suck being an overfetishized race online but paradoxically no one cares about you in any entertainment ever at the same time.

No. 445205

It's taking them 3 days to approve posts from new members. What a shit show.

No. 445219

One of the reasons why I came on here instead of PULL is because they’re racist af and pretty alt-lite even though they’re still very uwu-like.

No. 445246

>they always bring in black people for live actions
Literally who besides Will Smith and the new Ariel? What alternate reality does this bitch live in???

No. 445280

The 6 upvotes is what's killing me, people actually agreeing with her? I knew PULL was racist, but damn horseshoe theory never fails.

No. 445365

What kills me is that there is literally about to be a whole movie with a fully Asian cast but 3 (Queen Latifah is playing Ursula) Black people in a couple Disney movies is "too much" and a lobster should be "enough". I low key can't stand most anons here either but at least this person would get ripped a new one here.
These kinds of people use race to feel better about themselves and that's why they Ree at random girls online with no milk and fixate on their race. There's sea girls who feel special because "I'm Asian uwu" and then there's white girls who feel special cause "Aryan beauty uwu" like aria. There's some black girls on there but they always get ran off if they don't blindly agree with their race bait. Theres definitely more racist femcels over there then here. The userbase here is definitely predominantly white but race baiting is usually called out / results in a ban.

No. 445399

Same posting but Queen Latifah Is actually only doing a live performance of Ursala , she's not in the movie so two black actors triggered PULL

No. 445592

You can really tell who just got into college/university based on their lack of knowledge. The history and political rants just scream "Hi I learned this in my History 101 class"

No. 446069

File: 1565361579882.png (86.94 KB, 1030x774, c4ee5ee4d88e897b2e761e221dc28e…)

This is another level pathetic.

No. 446163

both the OP and response are too high levels of cringe for me. jfc.

No. 446603

File: 1565468471699.jpg (77.7 KB, 720x414, Screenshot_20190810_221207.jpg)

From the Venus thread. The asslicking is so ridiculous

No. 449040

File: 1565913421008.jpg (521.3 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20190815-195702_Chr…)

Why do they think that everything Kenna does is because of them? Is it like a power thing?

No. 449091

>she's not usinga REAL WAND!!!!

imagine caring that someone used a fun selfie sticker

No. 449273

Wait till they find out shes not a real witch

No. 449373

File: 1566000360899.jpg (396.8 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20190816-195853_Chr…)

From the Kenna thread again, the mental gymnastics to say that their nitpicking obsession is okay is insane. And they keep getting angry that fall is her favorite season and a few of them make long paragraphs about how Japan doesn't have a fall and how she should get out of Japan because she isn't good enough to be there. I only lurk pull to help with the kind of essays I have to write for my major but this gets…tiring? Like it's not normal gossiping, it's not pointing and laughing at an idiot online who scams people. They're just upset girls they wish they looked like, with followers that they want, are in Japan/ get to do weeb/kboo stuff. Like some of them use to have milk and now it's dried up like the Irish potato famine but they won't let it go.

No. 449483

okay, what kind of essays do you write that necessitate that you lurk pull ??

No. 449730

I major in pop culture with focuses on race and gender studies supplemented with a background in history. Like the people who do documentaries and the crap ton of essays and studies on Reddit and 4chan. I didn't know people never heard of pop culture studies lol. I use lolcow and reality TV for observation also. It's easier and more concentrated than actually throwing myself into a bunch of different social groups. I'd explain more but thats OT.
Also they've been posting horrible "witty" clapbacks about how it's okay for them to ree". I think most of the people in the kpop critical thread on here are also mostly on pull because they post borderline the same things about Jennie Kim at the same exact time. Like they are looking for people to validate them.

No. 450306

Excuse me but, the things they criticize about jennie on the kpc thread are legit and there hasn't been any blogposting or reeing (like the ones on pull) so far. Idk if you're a regular visitor of that thread or just casually skimmed through the whole thing but comparing pull to the whole jennie fiasco on kpc is just so wrong. Jennie is in no way another version of kenna, she's not a regular insta girl, she's a public figure/celebrity with huge following and the things she do make huge impacts on her fans.

No. 452099

File: 1566480429840.png (726.56 KB, 528x648, pull discovers shadows.PNG)

okay i hate to contribute to the majority of this tread about Kenna but they're so fucking milky there
comparing the skin tone on her face and neck, while completely forgetting about shadows and the obvious makeup shade she's wearing, and acting like they just called her out on lying

No. 452100

This is so autistic holy shit, what is this even trying to prove?

No. 452110

If you look at her chest, where there's no shadow darkening the skin you can see it's the same color as her face. Not autistic enough to go and colourdrop this though.

No. 461554

File: 1568317382696.jpg (87.82 KB, 1070x622, yhjns.JPG)

Some posts sound like fanfic imo. She also claims to have married her older nihonjin husbando uwu at 18, which means she would have dated him she she was still a teen. Kinda gross imo

No. 461696

What part sounds like a fanfic? Married at 18 to an older man, having two kids and living out in the boonies where property is cheap doesn’t sound like a glamorous weeb tale. Minus a large age gap and PR rejection, my life is similar to hers. Did you find any inconsistencies in her other posts?

No. 465401

File: 1569334537207.png (41.13 KB, 1080x198, Capture.PNG)

Bit from Simply_Kenna thread, I hope this is satire, it just asks to become a copypasta.

No. 470862

File: 1570627753765.png (134.67 KB, 1239x669, just like the anime.PNG)

>She's just like those rich Japanese girls in the anime

No. 472055

Who is the second girl from the right again? I always forget her name.

No. 472057

Johanna Herrstedt

No. 472058

Holy shit this is fucking serial killer tier obsession with her. Like what makes you wake up one day and decide that some weeb is wearing foundation slightly too pale for her skin tone is the biggest scoop of the year? Why do they care enough to do this?

goddamn lmao

No. 472060


No. 486377

Uh, has pull down for days or is it just me?

No. 486385

not just u anon. been meaning to check up on jasmine chan and her copying problem for days and the site isnt live.

No. 491218

File: 1575594010296.jpg (480.04 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20191205_195814_com…)

on marzia's thread on pull they were debating on whether or not marzia is selfish for posting about her things getting stolen and not mentioning felix's stolen items, but then their friend confirmed only marzia's things were taken. how fucked up is it to nitpick over people getting robbed?

No. 491678

File: 1575707068650.jpeg (59.25 KB, 545x326, A30CDB0E-C494-46D4-9D90-1F193D…)

I will forever hate how PULL users always insert themselves in. I’ve never seen a user on this site shamelessly compare themselves to a cow

No. 491765

holy shit i can't believe she's just openly saying she's fifteen

No. 492384

wtf doesn't pull have a rule that you have to be at least 16-18 to post

No. 503217

Has pull been down for you guys the last few days?

No. 503238


yeah, i haven’t been able to access it. yesterday i wanted to log in to my old account to see what kind of cringe i used to post there but i got a 404 error. rip in peace

No. 503350