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File: 1581044082898.jpg (173.6 KB, 1200x800, grimes-voque-makeup-routine-01…)

No. 512321

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviours, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread:>>472077
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313

Milk from the last thread:
>British Royal Family drama, such as Prince Andrew's ties to Epstein and Harry and Meghan stepping away from their duties
>Former child stars such as Aaron Carter, Amanda Bynes, and Justin Bieber still on a downwards spiral
>Die Antwood are shitty people
>Nicki Minaj keeps enabling rapists and abusers. Even married one. Sperged on the internet when criticized about it.
>MMB still looks like a 45 year old wine aunt
>Ongoing milk about Henry Cavill banging teenagers
>Azealia Banks is off her meds. Again.
>Elon Musk and Grimes are apparently expecting their first child together. More milk probably on its way.
>Kobe Bryant's unexpected death has cause some debates on his rape allegations from 2003, not just here but on social media in general.

No. 512353

her and elon musk are pure white trash

No. 512363

File: 1581052208941.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1868, EE0A5B45-ABAB-4D06-A631-765ADF…)

The last part of this post is insane to me.

Azealea is never wrong. Grimes is a brittle boned meth head. She better be sober rn

No. 512365

Still waiting for her to be dumped like a the other naive women that married Elon.

No. 512370

Geez, it’s as if having a baby just to use as a prop is actually a stupid idea.

No. 512379

why does she act like this… this poor bandaid baby is going to be so lost in life with a mother like this

No. 512408

The way she posted about is dumb af, but pregnancy can be really hard for some. She should've been more prepared for that outcome.

No. 512412

She knows that they are going to separate sooner or later. That’s the reason WHY she wanted the baby because that means that Muskrat needs to support them for the rest of their lives.

No. 512447

I know it's kinda fun to pick on Slimes but the real loser is going to be the baby.
Imagine your mom being a gullible fuckhole stereotype who puts your private lives on social blast for money, and your dad is some absentee richy who sees you as another notch at best or an unwanted money sink at worst.
I feel really bad. Every kid deserves good parents and a stable home life, they're up against a deck that is stacked against them starting in the womb.

No. 512453

The kid will have good education and work opportunities, don't feel bad for them.

No. 512456


This so much. I find grimes lulzy and cringey, same goes to musk but the fact that they bring a child into this mess makes me really, really sad. This kid has no chance of normality in their life, already being meme'd before being born and broadcasted as some sort antichrist is just mental. God, imagine it gets seriously sick and grimes will just perform some cyber wiccan dance around it to heal it fucking hell.

No. 512563

eh i'm dubious that they're actually as crazy as they'd like us to think. the kid will probably be 80% raised by a nanny anyway. i wouldn't spend your time feeling bad for a billionaire baby…

No. 512865

Why does she behave like a 15 year old,she is so immature.

Exactly this.
She is just securing a stable income for herself for 18 years by doing this.
I wonder why she didn't persuade him to marry her while she was at it so she can secure the maximum bag while they are divorcing.
Anons really believe that celebrities spend their time raising a child, when its mostly a nanny and other people who raise the child

No. 512866

File: 1581168513101.png (401.36 KB, 800x400, UeVFiWy.png)

Can we talk about all the plastic surgeries elon musk has had?

No. 512869

ok lets start

1. Most obvious is the hair transplant
2. Nose job/rhinoplasty
3. Jaw and chin fillers
4. Botox on his forehead and laugh lines(?)1

No. 512902

File: 1581179381969.jpg (394.93 KB, 1920x1200, 2020_02_08_16.28.16.jpg)

Does anyone else think Jameeela "coming out" is full of horseshit. She's constantly known to be bending over backwards for being "woke" and then comes out as soon as this new show drops? I'm more than suspicious that this is just more pandering.

No. 512908

File: 1581181577544.png (16.16 KB, 571x261, ugh.PNG)


No. 512912

All this shit they do is just pandering duh

No. 512913

Jesus fuck I hate grimes so much, she’s not crazy as in murder her baby crazy but crazy in delusional I’m an aRtIsT way, were she is the only thing she cares about. No your not a virgin and it’s not philosophical to claim so either.

No. 512936

Any thoughts on the Taylor Swift documentary? I cannot look at the bitch's face so I will skip that but really hoping for some farmer hot takes on this shill of a film

No. 512939


She makes me itch. I can’t stand her personally. I remember when she opened her mouth when Karl Lagerfeld died; it was really gross and self-serving.

No. 512940

Yes what an implosion of cringe and so transparent.

It's literally an anthology of similarly themed sob stories coming from someone so talented, young, good looking, ridiculously wealthy, what was she thinking, the audacity

No. 513026

Yup I definitely think she’s just pretending to “come out” to take the heat off herself. How’s Phoebe the fat veg femme gonna react to this?

No. 513060

I’d like a recap of it too. I still listen to some of her music and I won’t deny she’s talented but I cannot stand her as a person - everything about her screams annoying, whiny and self obsessed to me, always desperate to prove people wrong and acting like she’s some innocent angel. I don’t doubt the documentary paints her in this light too to prove those “haterz” wrong

No. 513127

File: 1581248486013.png (510.98 KB, 780x832, 99b.png)

I mean she's not wrong

No. 513129

i dont like her music but i like her. she's a cute kid and she does seem pretty down to earth considering how quick and hard she blew up at such a young age. that's tough for adults to handle, much less kids.

No. 513132

I know there is something about her having an ED because of all the haters and media attention.
Which sucks but I'm sort of suffering from empathy burnout when it comes to rich and narcissistic celebrities that will have a better life than I ever could.

No. 513137

The Open Secret documentary, Britney Spears and #metoo movement made me realise that the life of Hollywood celebrity is not worth of my envy. I’m very happy with my middle class life because I don’t need to suck Harvey Weinstein’s dick to maintain it.
They abuse drugs and alcohol because they try to forget all the shit they had to do to get rich and famous.

No. 513144

I still have empathy for most celebrities, just not her. Something about her rubs me the wrong way.

No. 513146

>coming out as "queer"
I hate this modern age. Is she just bicurious then?

No. 513149

Has anyone seen the theory that she has Munchausen/ is a pathological liar? Watch the story highlight on the Instagram account Traciemorrisey, it’s really interesting - it always seemed like something was off about her and that she embellished stories a lot

No. 513153


I mean it's not like her music is super deep and better anyway…and there are loads of hip hop artists that discuss different subjects…other than that, she's being called a boomer because she has criticisms on hip hop, seriously? So you just need to say practically anything to get called a boomer nowadays. People need a fucking better vocabulary I swear

No. 513179

what the fuck does that mean

No. 513276

this is an imageboard

No. 513282

I don't get what she said wrong. The rap community were the ones who raised the point in the first place. People will just rag on her for every little thing.

No. 513283

I would like to know too. I always thought it was a term that referred to a lgb person who was gender non-conforming, but I guess not?

No. 513284

they wouldn't be making the music if retarded kids like billie and other soundcloud rappers didn't like it in the first place.

No. 513288

how is she a soundcloud rapper? she just dresses like one, weirdly enough. she's not a rapper or soundcloud-y

No. 513304

I feel like queer is used by people who are bi, but don’t want to use the word bisexual due to all the stigma associated with that term.

No. 513315

Is this her Miley Cyrus moment? You know, when you, as a white girl, try to benefit from HipHop culture and then backtrack and say that it sucks?

No. 513319

nta, I don't know much about soundcloud or rappers but I do know billie started on soundcloud with ocean eyes

No. 513321

nowhere did she say that it sucked though–she's not wrong, a lot of hip hop culture is people trying to act tough when they aren't tough in person. people are calling her out as racist and shit but i don't think that was what she meant at all.

No. 513325

Not every hiphop artist has lyrics only on violence and sex though.
You acting like all of them just have that shit as their main subject makes you sound more biggoted lol

No. 513333

The Quote:
> There are tons of songs where people are just lying. There’s a lot of that in rap right now, from people that I know who rap. It’s like, ‘I got my AK-47, and I’m fuckin’ . . .’ and I’m like, what? You don’t have a gun. ‘And all my bitches. . . .’ I’m like, which bitches? That’s posturing, and that’s not what I’m doing.”
The last line is important. She only brought up the fake violence in rap music because she doesn't lie, nooo, she tells stories. She is different.

No. 513344

Wait, wait. What's the tea on Henry C and teens? I thought it was just /tv/ wish fulfillment?

No. 513345

clearly you’ve never heard any of her music, please stop being a fucking retard. nowhere in her songs does she posture about being violent or getting bitches.

she’s known for doing the opposite. she wrote a whole fucking song about how doing xanax is retarded and that you shouldn’t touch it bc neither will she.

No. 513349

You missed the point.

No. 513360

From memory I think he was dming girls that turned out to be young. I could be totally wrong.

No. 513370

She's not saying they suck, just pointing out that a lot of rappers are jusr wanna'be tough guys

No. 513374

Next she'll be coming out as nonbinary so no one can call her transphobic anymore. Queer and NB are basically meaningless as terms, especially when people adopt them to shield themselves from criticism. You don't have to be held accountable if you can just throw your hands up and say "hey I'm queer! I can't be problematic anymore now!"

No. 513381

Bilie is what? 17 years old? What does she know about anything? This is why mere teenagers should not be allowed to be pimped out to the entertainment industry. They start believing they are a god walking among peasants at such a young age when In reality their opinions are completely meaningless. It's funny how she criticises hip hop and yet steals so much from it in terms of style.

No. 513385

Stop caping for black men who encourage misogyny and glamorize illegal activity they barely even partake in themselves. You don't need to be a 40 year old man to criticize the industry.(racebait)

No. 513386

Ah yes, the mastermind behind "Might seduce your dad type" Shayna-tier trash line has any place to judge rappers

No. 513409

Pretty much. Its weird how someone gets famous and everyone suddenly wants to hear their opinions on anything like they’re more important or smart. Kids really shouldn’t be in the entertainment industry. And it makes me laugh when people are like “oh she’s so young but she’s so independent and she’s got her own style and doing her own thing” like lmao you have no idea how any of this works do you. Her team of marketers made this image for her because it’s popular amongst teens to be a depressed edgy tortured person along with her whispery dark RnB music that’s trendy right now. It’s all manufactured and all staged, she’s not “doing her own thing” she’s following a guide line to stay relevant.

No. 513429

File: 1581313892682.png (652.45 KB, 1868x1196, Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 1.43…)

Does anyone else think this guy Misha Collins other than being a massive cow who likes to whore out his young children on twitter is also a complete creep? I always got a bad feeling from this guy. Crazy that no one ever says anything. He can't make one joke or post without mentioning something to do with pornography and always asks his young fans to "text him".

I remember last year this woman was exposing him for sexual harassment under a hashtag on twitter and all his fans said she was just a mentally ill, crazed stalker. All the posts then disappeared.

I'm not a supernaturalFag anymore but I still keep tabs on the actors because a lot of them are so amazingly mediocre and cowish.

No. 513434

>Azealea is never wrong
Don't start this Azealia white-knighting shit again. What autist restarted the Azealia milk here instead of in Azealia's thread? The whole reason she got her own thread in the first place was because she's so blatantly batshit insane and yes….wrong. She's not some vindicated genius for thinking Grime and Muskrat are batshit as well, we all have eyes.

She got her own mod-approved thread in the first place because otherwise this thread just become the Azealia show.

No. 513435

On top of that her hit singles were written by her brother. Her family is already in the industry.

No. 513441

wait, wait, wait…
what the fuck is that instagram post about? please do spill your supernatural milk. bringing me some 2009 nostalgia rn

No. 513452

Oh, Ok.

No. 513455

Pfff, i hate c*llins so bad. I remember him embarassing his children online and he had some fundraising scam going on. and he had batshit fangirls, like when we were in middle school and he arrived at some con, and girls were offering blowjobs for admission wristbands so they could see him, fucking gross

No. 513457

Yes its impossible to criticize him, because he has a large and loyal fangirl army, and what's Ironic is that these same girls are the one's who are most involved in social justice activities

No. 513460

From what I can remember allegedly someone named travis who was involved in the supernatural team somehow (I don't actually know what he did) but he was accused of sexual harassment and kicked off conventions so he and this woman named Vicki/Tara made a fake account accusing Misha of sexual harassment. Now, this is the explanation I saw coming from the fans of Misha.

There's heaps of supernatural milk. The actors on that show are pretty up front about their awful behaviour on set. Maybe Misha or someone else will be exposed now the show is ending. We all already know Jared Padalecki is a mental ill, drunk manchild who likes to get drunk at bars and hit people.

The supernatural fandom has got to be the worst fandom of all. Huge statement, I know, but they surely are. I enjoyed the show but was never a mega fan. I remember trying to watch a recording of a convention on youtube and had to turn it off because the cringe was physically painful.

Misha is a massive pervert. Every single thing is about sex with him. Like this awful TSA skit he did.

No. 513462

File: 1581332752554.jpg (36.09 KB, 333x499, 511qk2LwsoL._SX331_BO1,204,203…)

>The supernatural fandom has got to be the worst fandom of all. Huge statement
You don't know the half of it

>Once upon a time not long ago, two responsible college professors, Lynn the psychologist and Kathy the literary scholar, fell in love with the television show Supernatural and turned their oh-so-practical lives upside down. Plunging headlong into the hidden realms of fandom, they scoured the Internet for pictures of stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and secretly penned racy fan fiction. And then they hit the road—crisscrossing the country, racking up frequent flyer miles with alarming ease, standing in convention lines at 4 A.M.

>They had white-knuckled encounters with overly zealous security guards one year and smiling invitations to the Supernatural set the next. Actors stripping in their trailers, fangirls sneaking onto film sets; drunken confessions, squeals of joy, tears of despair; wallets emptied and responsibilities left behind; intrigue and ecstasy and crushing disappointment—it’s all here.

>And yet even as they reveled in their fandom, the authors were asking themselves whether it’s okay to be a fan, especially for grown women with careers and kids. “Crazystalkerchicks”—that’s what they heard from Supernatural crew members, security guards, airport immigration officials, even sometimes their fellow fans. But what Kathy and Lynn found was that most fans were very much like themselves: smart, capable women looking for something of their own that engages their brains and their libidos.

>Fangasm pulls back the curtain on the secret worlds of fans and famous alike, revealing Supernatural behind the scenes and discovering just how much the cast and crew know about what the fans are up to. Anyone who’s been tempted to throw off the constraints of respectability and indulge a secret passion—or hit the road with a best friend—will want to come along.

this is a real book btw

No. 513467

File: 1581333442735.png (1008.93 KB, 1074x1190, Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 7.08…)

>scam meme charity NOH8
>it's 2020
>can't help mentioning bondage sex

No. 513468

>But what Kathy and Lynn found was that most fans were very much like themselves: smart, capable women looking for something of their own that engages their brains and their libidos.
I'm cringing so hard from this, holy fuck. Why is the Supernatural fandom so obnoxious? I'm not a fan but I've enjoyed the show itself and I don't get it.

No. 513469

The fandom used to be much better pre-season 5 trust me

No. 513495

>Why is the Supernatural fandom so obnoxious?

like >>513469 said imo it was a lot better before season 5, but still pretty obnoxious. it didnt become THIS bad until after that, and has just become exponentially worse and worse over the years. i watched it back in the day and followed the fandom on tumblr too, but i stopped around mid season 7 because it just got so bad, both the show and the fandom.
i think the reason is that the actors are, or at least were, relatively attractive and young, and they would also interact w the fans and take part in memes on sm/conventions/etc. the way ive seen some fans talk about them, its like theyve deluded themselves into thinking they actually know these people. especially misha, who overshares everything on ig and twitter. but the other actors too, like when jared padalecki got drunk and started to hit and choke people his fans were still defending him, and even the other actors were laughing it off as if it was some silly joke.

the show only survived until now to make money. they should have pulled the plug at season 5, which is when it would have made sense to end it as the plot actually made sense, instead of turning it into a mindless cash cow.

No. 513510

If you're okay with incest ships, I guess.

No. 513550

The Sam/Dean fans were just a minority in the fandom, but now the entire fandom is mainly just them

No. 513570

Didn't his wife write a sex book??

No. 513719

I used to be such a big Misha fan but he sometimes gave me very pervy vibes ngl, some of the things he said at cons left me thinking 'that was so inappropriate'. I remember he said when he filmed the movie 'Karla', where he played Karla Homolka's boyfriend Paul Bernardo, he got too into the role, found himself outside a school on a jog one morning and found himself thinking fucked up things about the schoolgirls he saw. method acting going to far?? never thought of him in the same way again after that

No. 513722

File: 1581384116700.jpg (253.93 KB, 450x564, misha and victoria 1-157484718…)

yeah she did. her names' victoria vantoch, she wrote The Threesome Handbook: A Practical Guide to Sleeping with Three

I remember how some fans thought she was ugly and that she wasn't pretty enough for Misha. obsessed and jealous fangirls can be so embarrassing

No. 513723

they're the only ones still hanging on. in 2012 I cared about the show and shipped dean/cas (no shame) but I've not watched in years. it just got so fucking boring

No. 513728

Not really a cow. But -
Is anyone else here a fan of Hamilton or she’s gotta have it the show?

I don’t get how out of all the original Hamilton cast members that Anthony Ramos is at the oscars with his fiancé who was also in Hamilton too.

Now I get her father is an actor and she got in the business probably mostly through him. But Anthony was just out of college, random Brooklyn kid who had dreams and I know he’s kinda tight with lin Manuel who made Hamilton.

Anthony is like the Johnny depp to Tim burton, always in Lins shows. Always.

What’s always kinda bugged me how he’s got an album out and all these opportunities dished to him despite only just being able to sing a little. He can sort of sing. He’s a better actor than a singer.

His fiancé jasmine cephas Jones was more into music than he was and has been doing it longer and I’m forever wondering why she hasn’t got a record out yet. She’s got a few EPs.

It’s kinda weird how his success just came out the way it did. Amazing and he is a nice guy. But I’ve always wondered… he’s even going to be in the new in the heights movie too starring that main role.

I feel like he does a comedy role better than anything else. And that’s it.

No. 513774

File: 1581395301023.jpg (60.26 KB, 640x719, biebs.jpg)

No. 513781

File: 1581398247427.jpg (83.59 KB, 1280x720, Beebs.jpg)

I'm calling it right now, he's either gonna die of a drug overdose or he's gonna become a hardcore jesus freak and become superbuff

No. 513816

jesus christ, this cunt has cooked it.

No. 513832

File: 1581418953357.jpg (141.43 KB, 900x506, csm_121829_121879_02_e5cfba359…)


Isn't he already a Jesus freak?

No. 513869

File: 1581429256078.jpg (30.79 KB, 534x659, 0ekedov.jpg)

He needs to go to rehab.

No. 513967

File: 1581442988526.jpg (13.79 KB, 300x300, 6f172ffec3a934d94bb3143d550e5b…)

^ this fucking cracks me up!!
anything attractive (if he's your type) has been gone for a long time by now.

bieber has been a jesus-freak for a looong time by now. he has had this jesus tat on his calf since forever (which is wistfully looking up his crotch) and several other insignia.

No. 513970

I think the mainstream christian values don’t mix well with meth use

No. 513989

You'd be surprised, a lot of meth addicts think they're speaking to Jesus after a multi-day binge

No. 513993

This is actually a well done tattoo imo

No. 514042

ayrt. did you just wanna be mad that day? i just said as an afterthought that she doesn't lie. people operate outside this site anon i don't know about any milk or threads

tbh…he didn't look too bad on snl. rupaul's skits and his opening were cringe asl, especially the pete davidson drag one. now everyone's applauding pete for not being tOxIcAlLy MaScUlInE(iNteGRaTe)

No. 514045

Azalea literally hates Jews but ok

No. 514046

Any Brit Nonnie's here? For those that don't know there's a morning TV presenter called Phillip Schofield that came out as a gay man after 27 years of marriage to his wife. Rumour has it that the reason why did that was because the Sun was going to expose his affair with an 18-year old runner on the show…

Would take a rumour with a grain of salt. However, it is interesting that he came out now and also the fact that the young guy has deleted ALL of his social media accounts.

No. 514053

that's not what i'm saying, sorry if it was unclear. she thinks and says terrible shit, but she doesn't lie about irl events

No. 514059

Eu fag here, I deadass thought he was out already, he just seemed gay ever since i first saw him lmao. What a shitty situation for everyone involved.

No. 514065

Pretty sure it's the methhead calling the methhead black on that one. Azalea's always been trash.

No. 514066

This rumour has got viral on British Twitter, with Joan Collins asking about it after Perez Hilton hinted at it. Apparently, the guy has a new account and is going to reveal his story on the 14th. If it's real.

Oh, and >>514046 it alleged to have started when he was 18.

No. 514068

Perez in his stream said the guy was transferred to loose women and then was fired a week BEFORE Phil came out on live television. So the timing is very… Interesting.

No. 514071

Lol I was this close to getting into a Facebook argument with someone that was defending Philip coming out after someone was saying how he lied to his wife. I can see both sides and it's good to hear that he's living in his truth now that he's out as a gay man and he has had the freedom of not hiding anymore, but at the same time that's nearly 30 years worth of investment in loving someone that clearly was never going to love you the way that a husband should love his wife. She's basically found out that the Foundation of the relationship was a lie. And now he's come out to say that even before his marriage he knew that he was gay. Which kind of makes it even worse. It's such a shame.

No. 514094

File: 1581469662112.jpg (382.1 KB, 1240x1842, NINTCHDBPICT000560903283-1-e15…)

oof. if that's true I'll be disappointed cause I always liked schofield

I originally thought he was gay too. this recent news was no surprise to me and probably to a lot of other people

No. 514164

He looks like Trevor Phillips but blond and more hair.
She's really like Phoebe Tickner, huh? I will say that despite that, at least Jamilla has a career and her victim complex doesn't seem to be as bad as Phoebe's

No. 514170

Beiber isn't even a blond
>Trevor was born and raised in Canada
holy shit

No. 514193

Just came across this on Twitter on a Facebook post from July. One is confirmed, the other is the discussed rumour, don't know about the other rumour.
I am bearing in mind people's possible homophobia in perpetuating this, however I think the guy who wrote this is an actual gay man…so.

I hope it's not true but if it is he's a DL that's been cheated on his wife for Godknows how long. I feel so sorry for her.

No. 514195

I don’t know about british celebrities nor this case but I have to point out that lots of celebs have bearding arrangements.

No. 514196

In this case I don't even think the wife knew. So she didn't give her informed consent to be a beard, he didn't give her the option to opt out. For all she knew her husband loved her and was in love with her. Eek.

No. 514214

CDAN has some stuff on him. Ent Lawyer seems to think he's a pedo and I've seen some others spit shit about his taste for the younger type.

No. 514215

lmao this dude has a wife??? just like hugh jackman's beard I'm sure.
these men thinking they can lie about being gay when it's so obvious and people can tell. wasting a woman's entire child bearing years on a faggot is infuriating.

No. 514220

Do you think it’s possible that he genuinely didn’t know/ understand his feelings though? I think it’s possible for people who are deeply in the closet to repress things to the point they genuinely not ‘realise’ they’re gay until later in life

No. 514231

If it's so obvious to strangers, maybe she knows too and it worked for them? It used to be my dream to marry some rich gay man kek

No. 514241

enty blew his reputation years ago, he used to make up wild shit (whether it was true or not) but now he just posts that some d-list celebs are cheating on one another. didn't he get an expose too?

No. 514245

File: 1581516485952.jpeg (38.58 KB, 750x422, EQZPf6LXkAE3Crf.jpeg)

I saw this screenshot on Twitter

No. 514259

I'm starting to develop a theory that all men are bi. Gay maybe being the mode. Based on other research of course, but I feel like I'm finally coping on.

No. 514272

I don't think so, it's the fetishes that make some of them think they're bi.

No. 514275

File: 1581526036601.jpg (237.99 KB, 950x1330, 883NF.jpg)

I do not understand how this woman is so popular. Literally ZERO of her song are iconic, everything that she pout out sounds incredibly dated and irrelevant like 1 yr after. She also seems like a huge narc.

And can anyone explain to me why she got the woman of the DECADE award???

No. 514278

Is this Taylor Swift?

No. 514285

File: 1581528954406.png (983.96 KB, 841x612, XLmKsf3.png)

No. 514291

>And can anyone explain to me why she got the woman of the DECADE award???

She's yt, skinny, and has daddy's money

No. 514293

She's shitty but who you think deserves the award? What other female musician has the hits and cultural impact that she's had in the 2010s?

No. 514295


Mediocrity is king now and probably always was . She is like a female ed Sheeran . Bland , over hyped garbage . I guess someone has to be it , like someone wins the lottery every week . I just watch cooking shows these days . No politics and substance over style for a change .

No. 514296

What cultural impact?

No. 514297

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting their first child. I’m surprised they lasted long enough to have kids. Still think they’ll be divorced in a few years though.

The fact that Trevor is also from Canada is ultimately why I compared Bieber to him

No. 514306

File: 1581533232986.jpg (68.72 KB, 1186x763, kjefnaw.jpg)

she's going to have the same face and personality as Myrtle Snow in AHS

No. 514309


>cultural impact that she's had in the 2010s?

what? what are you talking about since when did she let a cultural impact?

No. 514322

I don’t like Taylor, but you have to be an idiot to think that she hasn’t an influence on pop culture within the last decade.

No. 514324

File: 1581537645407.jpg (67.8 KB, 592x593, adele-oscar-after-party-158137…)

Taylor is getting fat and Adele is getting skinny. I'm confused.

No. 514327

File: 1581538175482.jpeg (249.79 KB, 946x2048, 0136E845-8740-482D-B903-FD1508…)

No. 514328

Girl, did you see this on LSA too?

She was really young when they met, and didn't he say that he had a crush on her when she was.on Game of thrones? and I'm thinking to myself what season cos she started that show when she was like 13. Still think she's very young to be having a kid if they are having a kid.

No. 514329


Well she was a fat frumpy multi millionaire married to an English neck beard . She,s paid him off for being a good little slipper hero and now she,s swapping the hot dinners for hot romance . Good luck to her .

Taylor's got bad genes . Her destiny was always a kind of nashville miss piggy , uncle mc stooge hybrid swimming around in 100 dollar bills and maple glazed fried chicken.

God I'm a bitch . Who cares…

No. 514331

I agree she's a narc, been saying it for years.

No. 514332


Can’t stand her music but she’s one of the few celebrities whose style I really like.

Whoever puts her shit together has good taste.

Everything else can go lol

No. 514334

Y'all notice that Lipstick Alley seems to despise non-white women that aren't black. Like way more than white women.

No. 514341

Nah. I don’t go on LSA. Saw on twitter.

I mean, it’s her life and she can do what she wants. But I always thought her relationship with Joe Jonas was superficial and not authentic. She can do better tbh.

No. 514343


Lipstick alley hate mixed people

I’m mixed and I go on there and it’s full of angry ass black women

No. 514344


I thought Sophie would’ve done more acting jobs before having a kid. I know she’s prolly got bank from GOT but still surprised

No. 514345


I liked her back when I was in high school in like 2008 but those days are long gone. It’s because she’s made love story songs and now she’s trying to be girl boss prima Donna. Despite releasing that song which dragged an actress and called her a slut.

No. 514346

seems like such a weird move money and career wise, she kinda seems like a coolgirl so wonder what the pregnancy will look like. less cringy than grimes for sure.
>>514343 LSA has such hapa incel vibes, can't stand it

No. 514347


Nearly all guys now are gay. And all the girls seem to becoming men. The fuck is this generation about

No. 514348


Nah the black women that use LSA just hate half black and white girls. It’s awful.

No. 514350

Get off Twitter anon, real adult working class life is still very hetero normative and straight, to the point of homophobia

No. 514352

File: 1581543984433.jpg (300.14 KB, 1200x800, Madonna-61-and-25-year-old-boy…)

I feel like madonna's new bf could be easily mistaken for one of her adoptive children tbh


No. 514354


>Her destiny was always a kind of nashville miss piggy , uncle mc stooge hybrid swimming around in 100 dollar bills and maple glazed fried chicken.


No. 514355

Jesus, she looks like she's pushing 200lb in these pics. I know it can be unfortunate dressing but she looks so round.

All of those headlines rally make her seem like narc that can do no wrong. She has all of these invisible illnesses so if she ever gets called out she has a deck of "pity me" cards that she can pull out whenever.

No. 514359

File: 1581546178873.jpeg (21.41 KB, 220x320, BB936FFF-4526-461E-AD71-304ADF…)


Her mother is just as bad if not worse.

She literally has everything wrong with her.

No. 514362

This is very reminiscent of some edgy teens tumblr bio where illnesses are badges of snowflakery, i mean fucking tinnitus? Did the world need to know.

No. 514366

It all being alphabetised is the cherry on top

No. 514368

I like how "history of domestic violence" is included in her list of medical conditions.

No. 514371

File: 1581548016039.jpg (816.35 KB, 1440x2081, 20200213_005347.jpg)

I know mirror isn't the best source but apparently narc junior isn't even talking to mama narc anymore

No. 514372

No. 514373


I wonder what life is like when you’re that fragile and everything is some kind of phobic?

She’s literally the physical embodiment of nearly every English comp class I’ve taken in college.

No. 514396

Her bangs are stupid.

No. 514402

I wonder if she's doing it on purpose or not. When my bangs get too long they want to part in the center so I have to keep brushing them throughout the day.

No. 514403

File: 1581560214508.jpg (328.98 KB, 1024x1595, aniston-interview.jpg)

who thought this was a good cover

No. 514404



No. 514415

lmao her hair has got to be a damn wig.

No. 514421

No. 514423

This song is so bad. I'm also not feeling how she's just sitting against an ugly CGI background. Kind of low-effort

No. 514427

i kinda like it, far better than the other songs she recently dropped.

No. 514429

Oh it's definitely on purpose, she's always had these stupid little parted bangs. She thinks they're her super unique ~signature~ and I guess her stylist doesn't have the heart to tell her they look like shit.

Also if she's still torn up about her parents calling her fat 20 years ago maybe she should get some fucking therapy.

No. 514430

File: 1581572461933.jpg (108.16 KB, 640x960, NINTCHDBPICT000547716295.jpg)

I don't follow Taylor Swift at all but I remember how sickly thin she was in the Bad Blood video from like 5 years ago and how obviously ana she was. A fuller figure kinda suits her I think.

No. 514432

her bangs are so goddamn irritating to me that I can't stand looking at her for more than a couple seconds

No. 514447

I hate how I knew exactly who you're talking about without even needing to look at the post you're replying to.
I don't think natural hair sits that flat in the front while it simultaneously parts itself in the middle.

No. 514452

Nooo that head scarf gives her 200% grandma aura, why try to appear younger than you are, then ruin it with styling

No. 514454

agreed.I've disliked her since forever but I don't think she looks bad like this

No. 514470

I have to admit Taylor Swift is my guilty pleasure.

Imo there is two reasons that make Taylor Swift so succesful:
1. She interacts with her fanbase and hosts fan meetings regularly aka “secret sessions”.

2. Her career is constintent and everything she does is well calculated. This makes her so interesting for me: I’m bored of all these messy celebrities who try to be real and relatable. Taylor Swift is a product manufactured to entertain big masses. She releases comfortable pop music that is 100% sure going to end as a radio hits.

Also I like to read conspiracy theories about her being in closet. I don’t actually care about her sexual orientation but it’s fun to search for “clues”

No. 514485

So she's a fat cat lady with shitty bangs just like all her fans now? Relatable star of the decade your fave could never!

No. 514488

File: 1581604861013.png (57.47 KB, 680x524, attentionplease.png)

She's so full of bullshit. Also easily the weakest part of The Good Place.

No. 514493

Taylor Swift is successful because she makes music for 5th grade girls. She basically a children’s musician

No. 514495

I still hold onto my tinfoil of her her being a chan user and in the closet. Why? Bcuzzz

No. 514504

And I hope she stays that way.

Oh, I forgot Grimes actually made music and wasn't just an internet lolcow.

No. 514505

Tbh I could totally see it. She's one of those gossipy types of chan users. I knew a couple preppy girls in HS who i would suspect used the chans. Probably was shown by an older cousin or something lmao.

No. 514506

im so tired of being told aniston is the epitome of beauty & aging "gracefully", she's about as interesting to look at as a pile of rocks & seems to the the personality of one too

No. 514509

Wow this is really a shit song. Is it supposed to be special because it‘s not like the usual stuff? It screams late 90‘s generic, female singer songwriter b–side.

No. 514528

Me too, Anon.

No. 514538

What an awkward pose. Aside from that, I find her so boring and uninspiring. I have no idea why women's magazines shove her down every ones throats.

The song is ok I guess. Sounds like something that belongs on art angels. I prefer the songs she has released far more.

No. 514547

she literally looks like she belongs in a grey gardens stage production YIKES

No. 514611

File: 1581632650724.jpg (166.36 KB, 800x1200, GettyImages-1205141378.jpg)

No. 514613

File: 1581632706748.jpg (170.71 KB, 800x1200, GettyImages-1205115074.jpg)

No. 514614

To walk the red carpet, you must become the red carpet. Namaste.

No. 514616

File: 1581632813111.jpg (247.39 KB, 800x1200, GettyImages-1205110671.jpg)

No. 514617

Isnt his entire existence revolving around being an edgy ~butch troon~ or whatever? A gay male who wants to be a female but doesnt want to commit.

No. 514618

File: 1581632926949.jpg (164.52 KB, 800x1200, GettyImages-1205128549.jpg)

No. 514619

File: 1581632989595.jpg (216.38 KB, 800x1200, GettyImages-1205131631.jpg)


the bustier in this one is doing her no favors

No. 514620

This is just sad tbh. Nothing she wears is going to look formidable but she wants to be famous so its kind of a lose/lose situation for her.

No. 514623

She doesn’t look real. She looks like a CGI person.
Hot air balloon.

No. 514625


Oh gosh. I was just reading about mal adaptive day dreaming in the vent thread and then this image appears . Anti depressants and Hollywood was serious mistake.

No. 514629

alright, nobody is ever gonna believe me, and I'm fully aware of how fake this sounds. But I literally was one of the people who faked taylor swift posting on 4chan, down to copying her neck mole with makeup for the timestamp. I'm not behind all of it, but I'm pretty sure the other posts were just other people doing it for the meme too.

No. 514632

My headcanon is that you are actually Taylor Swift posting on lolcow after being done with 4chan, and you are pretending you faked being yourself because you are embarrassed of your past posting on the chan.

No. 514641

this, lmao

we know its you taylor we know how self obsessed you are and how much you google yourself

No. 514642

I shall not believe it sans receipts, Miss Swift.

No. 514660

File: 1581638896265.jpeg (67.27 KB, 660x300, C50A0161-95FF-4E91-B93F-A6E025…)

We know that you know that we know, Taylor.

No. 514679

wait did i miss something. what happened now

No. 514682

I was thinkin Sheryl Crow

No. 514699

>>514528 explains. Pretty old.

No. 514725

>she looks like a CGI person

For real. My first thought was that she looks like a GTA character.

No. 514803

I can't get over her facial expression, who thought that this picture is good one??

No. 514866

right? she looks like goddamn Fabio

No. 514881

File: 1581709992575.jpg (266.71 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20200214_135403.jpg)

Oh fuck the Jameela Jamil milk just keeps on pouring. She has EDS now.

No. 514882

File: 1581710019755.jpg (263.1 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20200214_135405.jpg)

Second part of tweet.

No. 514883

File: 1581710081842.png (97.7 KB, 1078x520, Screenshot_20200214-135512(1).…)

Literally reaching because no one even knew she had a chronic illness.

No. 514887

not even true because Tracie already had the Patreon for her podcast Pot Psychology which is like 10+ years old.

No. 514912

File: 1581718840190.jpeg (308.51 KB, 1242x1541, E00A49C3-1E65-4877-803F-223FA5…)

Ok I never expected one of my queens to be dating him…

No. 514925

You expect for me to tap on some goshdarn ig link to know who the fuck that ugly guy is? I wanna scream image board but there's the image kek

No. 514928

It's matt healy from the 1975, junkie overrated rat boy

No. 514930

idk much about the 1975 but i find him insufferable. he seems pretentious as fuck

No. 514932


oh my fucking god… if you told baby 2013-ish me who stanned fka twigs and james blake before they blew up that one would be dating a trash cringe musician and the other would be simping for an embarrassing munchie….. my little indie bitch heart would be shattered. they can both do so much better

No. 514937


Tiny little hands. Not that it means anything of course , but still …

No. 514946

Thank you anon. I've never really looked up fka twigs nor the 1975 band or whatever. I actually like some of twig's music but otherwise i am out af

No. 514957

ew she's too good for him

No. 514975

going from Shia LaBeouf to Matty fucking Healy, she just seems to like unwashed rodentlike men

No. 514987

File: 1581749284623.jpg (121.84 KB, 691x475, 1581706432560.jpg)

I love this milk. Wish anons here would be more interested in it but alas

Pic related - a reddit post someone made about her and her boyfriend

No. 514992

Ok can someone explain what is going on with henry and his teen dates?

No. 514993

I assume you mean Henry Cavill? What's there to explain. He's a rich dude in Hollywood. They all go for women that could be their daughters.

No. 514995

Yeah that icks me out but someone posted he did something to a teen? It was from some insider site supposably. He does give me the creeps…

No. 515000

is this a legally blonde soundtrack outtake?

No. 515009

File: 1581759297860.jpeg (32.46 KB, 400x320, 7F808944-B399-4304-8043-82CFC2…)

It’s like the love child of the red carpet and one of H.P. Lovecrafts elder things.

No. 515076

File: 1581783076221.jpeg (5.85 KB, 472x472, 99FC454E-4DD6-43B3-A15A-202D4D…)

She looks like a god damn wax candle

No. 515094

All I can think of is that he dated a 19 year old when he was 32. Is that what you're referring to? Either way, he's a total skeev and gives me onision but "handsome" vibes

No. 515123

Caroline Flack was found dead. Whoa.

No. 515142

Damn, can only assume it was the shame of the upcoming assault trial that got to her. I wish men charged with domestic violence would consider suicide as an option

No. 515148


I really don’t get why Henry is such an incel with women? He is legit fine as hell. Unless this is some weird ass cruel rumor from an enemy lol. Superman curse???

No. 515153

She also got an intense amount of social media hate, as well as losing her sources of employment. That's what probably tipped her over.

No. 515159

it's because he was a fattychan and can't stop seeing out of that lens or something. like he was actually quite heavy iirc.

No. 515160

how did he manage to unfat himself lmfao

No. 515161

I have really mixed feelings reading about it on twitter, the sun newspaper posted a mocking valentines card yesterday with her face on it and a message written in blood…

On the one hand I have very little empathy for anyone who assaults a partner but then I also know that my ex (and plenty of others) are sleeping soundly after beating partners while this woman was hounded

No. 515162

>fucks 19 year olds and everyone else basically, even our moms
How does that even make sense you actual femcels? Not a fan of his shit acting and smelly breath looking face anymore, but ngl, I can't blame him: 32 year old men and women of hollywood are usually old looking and age like milk. i think it must be because of a european thing tbf but i see it in all of the races. heavy makeup? probs.

No. 515163

File: 1581802477841.jpg (184.98 KB, 1572x1572, D89Bfmz.jpg)

Amanda Bynes is engaged

>32 year old men and women of hollywood are usually old looking and age like milk
Really? Most famous people age better than regular people.

No. 515190

i think there's 3 major types when it comes to celebs aging
1. ones that genuinely age well because they can get the best skincare, personal consultations, personal trainers, a good diet, either no PS or tasteful and high end PS
2. ones that age like shit due to substance abuse and other indulgences suddenly catching up to them
3. polarizing ones that use a lot of PS and fillers. they don't look as old as they are per se but they don't look young either. they look weird and uncanny valley so people are split on whether they look ok or not like angelina jolie

No. 515205

this post is pure delusion but ok

No. 515210

You forgot Robert Pattinson. I don't get why she doesn't just date someone at least slightly attractive who has an actual artistic vision.
Doesn't even have to be a celebrity.

No. 515214

Justin bieber cries saying he has to protect billie eilish.

No. 515217

she broke up with pattison? ive been living under a rock

No. 515218

they broke up like 3 years ago

No. 515219

File: 1581817391751.jpg (330.04 KB, 382x355, dhEY5VK.jpg)

not really that chubby of a kid. some dudes are just scrotes for no reason

No. 515223

File: 1581818183153.gif (2 MB, 250x326, ece145ba5e7a13b2ca2f7a4214df15…)

wow, he sounds like a self obsessed and dramatic little bitch. men this vain are always poison tbh.

>“I was fat,” he says. “I was Fat Cavill.” Later in the story, Cavill reveals that it was not until he got a role in an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo at age 17 that he lost 21 pounds and “wasn’t Fat Cavill anymore.”

he's 6'1. 21 lbs on a 6'1 frame is nothing. i bet he was barely tubby. anyways, muscular men should be illegal and he just reminds of a creepy dad you feel lucky not to have for your own, and really want to avoid. tired of the hype and his overly styled hairdos, and especially tired of people calling him "a greek god". not into his look either way but objectively he looked more human. he should've stayed a twink. rip.

No. 515225

She released a whole album about their breakup.

No. 515241

Sounds like he has serious body image issues. I figured his roided up physique and him taking drastic measures like abstaining from water before shirtless scenes was just for professional reasons, but it makes sense if it also stems from him having a deeply skewed idea of what fat looks like.

No. 515283

>I have very little empathy for anyone who assaults a partner
He probably deserved it, if it even happened at all. So many men lie about domestic abuse.

No. 515285

Yeah. I'm seeing the same people that were harassing her are now giving their condolences. It's all fun and games until someone tips themselves.

Do you think she got the most amount of hate because she was a woman? Male violence against women is considered an everyday day thing, so much so men figure most women are lying. Female violence against males is basically an aberration, so must be high lighted and swiftly punished.

Honestly it's why I was reluctant towards the leaked Amber/Johnny tapes, just because MRAs and MRA-lites jumped onto it, because they believe all women lie about domestic violence. It's only when female-centered adjacent YouTubers talked about it and through their commentary I listened. What I heard was pretty chilling, with smoking guns.

Of course now, men are going to use this and Flack's case to say women can't be trusted in domestic violence accusations. But, did those guys really believe women, anyway?

I'm just been reminded what Jim Carrey did to his Irish Ex that subsequently killed herself, and I am disgusted. And, yet he's fine and now even has a resurgence of his career. This in despite continued evidence of him being a creep. Surprised, #metoo didn't get him.

No. 515289

No. 515314

File: 1581858106236.jpg (52.5 KB, 636x380, Old hag dating inbred looking …)

A part of me wants to feel gross about her and think "good riddance!". On the other hand, if a grandpa would date a 17 year old, nobody would bat an eye except for the United States, parents of said 17 year old if the dude happens not to be rich enough and some American farmers of course.

I don't believe she physically assaulted them of course, she did have sex with minors though. Ewww @the little boys who thought it'd be a good idea to be as a 20 something date an old ass literal 40 year old hag. Harry Styles was even 17!

No. 515316

File: 1581858606907.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1935, 74CDB6DC-BFBB-47E6-A730-C395C9…)

Same anon, I don't know what to say about this though. He's such an attention whore.

No. 515324

Three days ago I was browsing everyday news and in 3 articles, not related, was the story of a woman killed by her husband who had beaten her to death, another one who killed his wife because jealousy, a third one who killed his girlfriend for unknown reasons. It all seemed eerily "normal" and no big deal. It really was a depressing realisation.

No. 515325

lol. Can you imagine if a woman posted this after they sent their boyfriend to trial for allegedly assaulting them and they subsequently killed themselves? She'd be destroyed in the comments. She'd be called of types of liar and murderer. She'd be blamed for being the reason why he killed himself.

This guy sounds fucking pathetic and a example of why I don't blindly believe every "victim". If she was really such a monster who abused you, then how do you "love them with all your heart."

No. 515333

Wtf, this was him? He was really cute, should've kept away from roids and seen a therapist to get rid of those incel tendencies.

No. 515395

this is literally the only attractive photo i've ever seen of him. he looks like a completely different person now. dude's juicing so hard.

No. 515419

File: 1581886588543.jpg (76.47 KB, 231x396, cc973dd27f1ab350327bc4bbb56f99…)

He looks bit chubbier in this one.

No. 515460

rofl oh lord, that comment is golden

How does he look 40 years old??

No. 515638

jim carrey is possibly the weirdest celebrity i can think of. did anons see that doc he did on netflix? his ego is so massive it blots out the sun.

No. 515651

i know this is old and all of you might not see this but i would love to hear more about misha collins and see receipts, if there are any. back around 2011 it was like everyone online lose their minds watching this show and fucking loving this dude like he could do no wrong. the hysteria about him was insane. he started that weird cross country scavenger hunt thing for charity, his fans always reminded me a lot of old school risembool rangers. everyone acted like he was the purest of the pure but to me he always seems like a sociopath haha.

No. 515674

File: 1581980893896.jpg (93.73 KB, 1207x794, 1435224.JPG)

Amanda Bynes announce she was engaged…….

No. 515676

When will that judge from the x factor get outed? (not simon, louie or something)

No. 515678

this was already posted before >>515163

No. 515684

I don't condone a 31 year old sleeping with a 17 year old for one minute, but in the UK he was above the age of consent, which is 16. I know just because something is legal doesn't mean it's moral

No. 515685

>Can you imagine if a woman posted this after they sent their boyfriend to trial for allegedly assaulting them and they subsequently killed themselves? She'd be destroyed in the comments

so fucking true

No. 515698

I found the video where he talks about how he felt the character of paul bernardo took him over while filming karla. including feeling exhilarated when acting out a scene where he had to beat laura prepon (who played karla) and leering at 13 year old girls through a chainlink fence one day during a run. the crowd laughs at these anecdotes but it's so fucking creepy.

No. 515753

This guy has no boundaries and 0 filter. He's been saying these very cowish things for a good 10 years on and off twitter now. When will he be exposed for texting underage fans? he does it literally OUT IN THE OPEN.

No. 515759

Possibly when he no longer has a successful show propping him up.
Isn't this Supernatural's final season?

No. 515765

I agree that a woman would be destroyed in the comments but beaten women express love for abusive men all the time, trauma bonding or whatever is nothing new, you can't just decide he's a fake based on that. Just because it's a melodramatic man here instead of a woman doesn't make redpilled style victim shaming okay

That post is just him trying to divert any blame he gets for her death, but that doesn't mean we can look at it and say he wasn't abused.

It makes me think of how women are judged more harshly for accidentally allowing a child to die than men are, because we're expected to be the gentle caring gender so it's more unacceptable when a woman goes against that.

No. 515767

It is okay to shame men though

No. 515781

Yes it finally is.

No. 515831

File: 1582043808967.jpg (15.93 KB, 349x192, tumblr_inline_po6o0lBR8M1wpm1k…)

I also remember this joke he made on twitter back in the day, so fucking skeevy. he's talking about his fans here, some of them possibly underage too. why did he think this was even a remotely okay thing to post. it's not funny.

No. 515833

File: 1582044030680.png (50.37 KB, 500x209, tumblr_inline_orllvdg53L1sb6tm…)

when I was googling I saw someone mention he hit on an underage fan. do you have more info on this? I can't believe I was a fan of this creep.

I've not been into supernatural for years, I wonder does he still constantly make sexual jokes about jensen's wife? pic related.

No. 515858

thank you! this is some fucked up shit. he was watching 13 year old girls in the schoolyard? hello, not normal. dreaming the dreams of a serial killer? okay, guy. his fans are as psychotic as he is for not booing him and walking the fuck out.

there was a rumor going around for a long time that he was adopted from some hellhole orphanage in russia but i think that was just overheated fangirl shit.

No. 515898

>so sad what happened to you
It’s super rude to point out bad things that happened to her when she’s celebrating her engagement. Oh wait this is internet nobody cares

No. 515944

i saw that, his "getting into character" is so pretentious considering kaufman lived a pretty clean lifestyle (other than fucking hookers), while you know carrey did every drug under the sun back in the 80s/90s.

but once again if you spend your formative years around sam kinison i don't expect you to be well adjusted (see: corey feldman and paulie shore).

No. 515993


There was also the time he made up getting mugged at a con when in reality he got so trashed he fell on his face. Rumors were that he asked some young girls at the club for a threesome and stumbled out when they refused but only the first part of the story was proven.

No. 516052

File: 1582104086486.jpg (955.66 KB, 1080x2189, Behind the scenes.jpg)

This is the bts for the Yummy mv, I feel that he's gonna cancel some concerts. Scooter must see only dollar signs.

No. 516118

The fact that anyone bought the Lyme disease excuse long enough to insure this tour for millions of dollars.
If Scooter ever falls, he's going to fall hard.

No. 516155

everyone in the industry knows hes gay anon, i really doubt he'll get outed

No. 516202

Lol at the bottom picture.

No. 516355

File: 1582175949417.jpg (886.85 KB, 2400x3043, Justin-Bieber-Desperate-Yummy.…)


These bts are sad. He looks really unwell in the video, was surprised when I first saw it cause he looked so obviously disinterested and dead eyed

You guys really think he's on drugs? His YT series showed him taking a bunch of meds, you think it ends there? Poor guy, no wonder his health is fucked

No. 516364

He is absolutely on drugs 100% no question, but I wonder if he's also on psychiatric meds at this point too. He seems so strung out.

No. 516367

Not gonna lie, I feel so fucking sorry for him. These pictures are so sad to look at.

No. 516372

File: 1582181583522.jpg (64.73 KB, 604x604, 05044c0964a6166454afdddaf07ca5…)

What happened with die antwoord drama? The accusser and her gang all took down anything that mentioned da. Did the case end already?

No. 516375

Probably paid the accusers off to shut them up.

No. 516378

What they were going for in the first place then. Big accussations to lure more traffic in, started a patreon soon after and now gets money to go away. It was a win/win for her no matter what.

No. 516507

File: 1582215918235.jpg (70.69 KB, 1433x494, lana.JPG)

Came home and read the e-mail that my show that was scheduled next week, is now canceled just like the entire uk & eu tour and I am so upset about this because this was my bday gift to myself and I was so excited nooooo

>Revealing the news in a statement, Lana said: “Sorry to let everyone down so last minute but this illness has taken me by surprise and have totally lost my singing voice. “Dr has advised 4 weeks off for the moment. I hate to let everyone down but I need to get well. Love Lana” It’s not clear yet whether the dates are set to be rescheduled. Customers are advised to contact their original point of purchase for refund enquiries.


No. 516517

he looks like a toddler throwing a tantrum

No. 516545

for real i can't imagine why this pic makes people sad. he just looks bored and sleepy

No. 516546

Has Lana had work done besides the lips? Her face seems so bloated in recent candid pics.

No. 516564

probably fillers + weight gain

No. 516571

imagine making rape jokes ever and still thinking it's okay. disgusting

No. 516648

File: 1582245575207.png (294.51 KB, 539x960, grimesgotohellchallenge.png)

really don't want to talk grimes again but i can't stop thinking about why she posted this

No. 516649


'Cause she's a Pick Me

No. 516652

I don't know anything about anime. Is that really cp?

No. 516656

i looked up the girl she's talking about to confirm or deny and this goes beyond loli-esque. there's stuff i found that's actually sickening and looks like a 9 year old child, if that

No. 516663

Does anyone follow/have access to her account WarNymph?

No. 516666

apparently the artist she credited draws a lot of loli and child porn

No. 516682


Don't know what is cringier, anons being triggered by fictional Chinese cartons or grimes being an edgelord

No. 516686




No. 516694

File: 1582260055994.png (350.88 KB, 720x678, Screenshot_2020-02-20-21-37-24…)

Ch-chinese cartoon anon?

No. 516697

>everyone making fun of this chick for saying Chinese but not because she called them "cartons"

No. 516698

You guys can't be this new

No. 516699

i know this is your first day on an imageboard but could you at least try to lurk and integrate

No. 516703

I came here for updates on her AMA thing because she's too cringy to bear. Any highlights or was it boring?

Isn't she a smoker and vaper? No wonder her health is bad and her voice is fucked.

He looks fucking skeletal and drugged out. I never liked him but looking back on the last decade with adult eyes this depresses me deeply. It's usually obvious with female child stars, not as much with males like Bieber. Aaron Carter is before my time but with his recent behavior I'm getting similar feelings looking at these pictures. Being a child or a woman in the entertainment industry is nightmare material.

I'm sure everyone has seen vid attached before, but this is Bieber and Gomez in ghetto drug lord territory almost certainly buying hard drugs. They've been pimped and raped by every leech in their lives so it's not surprising to cope like this.

It's still weird to me that Selena Gomez's fans can't see through her laughably weak facade of strength and talent. Is she riding off an endless wave of naive tweens or something? Her kidney transplant antics are out in the open and supremely disturbing but nobody brings it up.

No. 516769

re: grimes' q&a, she hasn't answered anything yet. her album is out today though

No. 516790


where can I see the bts? I tried to find it…

No. 516898

hope someone asks how she feels about her album leaking in November
not that she'll answer

No. 516918

File: 1582330369512.png (85.15 KB, 719x547, 20200222_021019.png)

No. 516966

It's episode 9 of his Seasons docuseries.

No. 517055

File: 1582383668045.jpg (40.14 KB, 720x712, FB_IMG_1581920839531.jpg)

this is not milk but i cant believe in the year of our lord 2020 a farmer in the pink pill thread is trying to argue that since sufjan stevens is a christian he can't be gay. i personally believe he's bi since he has songs which explicitly reference relationships with both men (futile devices, predatory wasp) and women (impossible soul). saying that he cant be gay is literally ignoring half his catalogue.
saged for non-milk, i just didnt want to continue replying in the pink pill thread b/c its off topic

No. 517056

Can this stage 5 clinger crackhead stop throwing half a decade long pity party for herself?

No. 517097

i would really like to be in the room when grimes tries to explain these ideas to elon

No. 517266

File: 1582429064062.png (99.84 KB, 1080x491, Screenshot_20200222-213120(1).…)

Found this in a People Magazine interview: https://people.com/parents/pregnant-grimes-explains-why-she-hasnt-shared-sex-of-baby/
She's like a teenager, I swear.

No. 517273

As someone who has known a few kids from extrememly rich families, no amount of money in the world can make up for the trauma of being raised by awful parents. There's a reason why rich kids with shitty parents still end up totally fucked up, despite the money and opportunities rained on them. The fallout from terrible parents knows no class boundaries.

No. 517274

Grimes out here with a 3000 IQ

No. 517283

File: 1582433863778.jpg (231.22 KB, 2048x1736, sneepslorp boucher-musk.jpg)

No. 517284

he's in a relationship with a man right now and regularly posts him to his social media, but sometimes there is no rationalizing with farmers

No. 517342


>I have a name for the baby, but I don’t want to say what it is because everyone I’ve told it hates it, and everyone’s gonna make fun of it,

so even elon hates it? Grimes is what happens when tumblr tweens never grow out of their tumblr phase. So embarrassing.

>The singer revealed on Thursday that she is seven months pregnant

two more months until this poor thing starts to suffer.

No. 517435

File: 1582480807502.jpg (82.35 KB, 538x603, socketnozzlemusk.jpg)

No. 517486

File: 1582498063729.jpg (72.37 KB, 960x960, 31292656_10212621905007461_383…)

That's not even a little bit surprising anon. He could score a gay porno and directly narrate the actions on screen with comments on his favorite scenes and some of his fans would still be going "Hm I really don't think hes gay".
Hm I don't know anon are you sure they aren't just best friends?

Kid gonna be named llareddA

No. 517535

he's notoriously private about his personal life, i feel like if they were actually dating you would never see pics

No. 517618

i usually stan grimes cuz i like her music but not after pulling this gender shit

No. 517832

that's all she got though.

No. 517895

Lana is a terrible live singer anyway, I don't know why you would go to one of her shows in the first place.

No. 517946

Wait so Grimes is 7 months pregnant with Elon's baby, and they are not married? This will play out very interesting for that kid.

No. 518003

File: 1582630319082.jpg (24.18 KB, 727x212, lanablind.jpg)

I think this is about her

No. 518006

Honestly can't believe her tickets sales being abysmal. She's still a big deal here in Europe and her tickets sold out pretty fast too

No. 518010

Have you even heard her recently or are you basing your opinion on the the SNL Video Games video? She grew a lot, been to her Lust for Life era show and it was great.
I don't understand why people consider her a poor live singer.

No. 518012

File: 1582633443957.jpg (108.3 KB, 649x585, grimesbs.JPG)

No. 518013

that child is fucking doomed. she is insane

No. 518024

File: 1582636507771.jpeg (86.87 KB, 540x961, A923D4CF-251C-4013-9DAD-F52105…)

No. 518025

Sounds like her usual edgy trolling. She's mentally a basic bitch who's desperated to be the next Bjork or Karin Dreijer.

No. 518033

>And damn sis, stop paying pitchfork for reviews
This part sent me.

No. 518037

Honestly I think most of her live vocals is backtrack and reverb. Not that it’s not a great show. But when I saw her I felt like she was just lightly whispering over her backtrack.

No. 518041

she is a horrible, horrible person and her "scathing" tweets or snapchat captures were never that good, but this one is excellent. she's still a loser tho so hopefully you guys wont start shoving sparklers up your buttholes in her honor and derailing again with your yas kween silliness.

No. 518042

when azealia is correct, she’s really really correct. damn

No. 518045

my mouth just dropped in the middle of the school library. this is scathing. i bet she pays everyone for good reviews. this one in particular, holy fuck: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/feb/19/pop-star-producer-or-pariah-the-conflicted-brilliance-of-grimes
>>518042 exactly what i've been saying

No. 518130

but why would a 30-year-old need in vitro?

No. 518133

From what I recall she's had health issues most of her life, plus she's always been underweight

No. 518134

Eugenics. Billionaires do things differently.

No. 518138

I don’t think it’s she who needs it per say. Elon has a set of twins that were conceived using invitro. Invitro was created with male sperm problems in mind anyways y’all

No. 518140

Don't believe in stupid made up science, we can theoretically rewrite DNA but we're literally not close to being able to hand select specific genes for babies. Source, have a masters in biotechnology

No. 518159

>but why would a 30-year-old need in vitro?
I mean….this seems like a very naive question. There are a million issues (on both the male and female end of things) that may make conceiving naturally difficult that have nothing to do with age.

>plus she's always been underweight
don't you mean she's always been ana-chan though?

No. 518165

"Good dick will produce great art in a woman"
Azelia needs to just be stopped sometimes jesus christ lol.

No. 518523

not this time, anon

No. 518527

Embryo selection is a thing though. Maybe it’s that?

No. 518530

Even when there's a point to what Azelia is saying she usually ruins it so I stand by my statement

No. 518593

File: 1582759974769.jpg (235.22 KB, 1080x1415, IMG_20200227_002709.jpg)

I checked Grimes' page on genius and not only she has nothing interesting to say about her lyrics, she also posted this cringe.
>I kill people on PS4, bet you never heard of it xD

No. 518616


Is she like… brain damaged?

No. 518645

>playstation 4 PlayStation

No. 518665

File: 1582781098943.jpeg (430.77 KB, 2048x1037, BED377CF-59E8-4171-A8FE-9B3B9F…)

I wonder how the “Johnny Depp was the real victim all along!!!” crowd is gonna react to this one. Hopefully it will curb their enthusiasm for a while. Not that I’m defending Amber, she seems like a vile cunt as well. I’m just sick of seeing all the handmaidens on twitter caping for Johnny when it’s obvious he’s always been piece of shit.

No. 518666

File: 1582781633706.jpg (1.5 MB, 1080x4449, Billie.jpg)

>I don't care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store, I'm excited

>Billie's appearance in Seasons is after Bieber opened up about his protective feelings towards the 18-year-old singer.

>I just wanna protect her, you know? I don’t want her to lose it. I don’t want her to go through anything I went through. I don’t wish that upon anybody. So if she ever needs me, I’m just a call away.

They were both toxic to each other, I'm sure he drove her mad all the time.

No. 518678

Can't wait to see how they will try to spin this to make him seem like a victim when it's obvious they're both toxic. Why are there so many weirdos in the entertainment industry?

No. 518692

Dunno why people keep trying to take sides in this shitshow when they were clearly mutually abusive.

No. 518700

File: 1582793009208.jpg (91.52 KB, 480x600, 87f618be8632923c50bc5e89961743…)

Am I crazy or does Harvey Weinstein's lawyer screams MTF?

No. 518705

Anon, did you listen to the whole tape? From what I could gather, he married her with no real intention of keeping the relationship together. He seems as if he can't be bothered to care, while she tries to be vulnerable with him. He repeatedly brings up how she says she "doesn't trust him" when she tries to tell him that he's her favorite person, that she loves him, like she can't possibly care for him if she questions him or if he upsets her. He seems to have a difficult time taking any kind of criticism and like he sees any request for an input of emotional labor as a personal offense. People who chide others for not being able to trust, or for needing to build trust, tend to be fucked up, and that's obviously pretty selfish to insist someone doesn't love you for feeling unsure and insecure about you. Depp has tons of options, money, celebrity, and it's not like he married this childbride for reasons all too deep. Begging someone who doesn't care, to care, never works.

Seemed to me like she was more invested than he ever was. You would think she was stabbing him in the throat the way people talk about that tape. She actually was fairly reasonable throughout the whole thing, though she's obviously not stable, and neither is he. You could tell she was basically just pleading with him to care. She repeatedly told him he needed to contact her if he was staying out because it made her uneasy and anxious, he insisted that there was no need. He really did not seem to care about her emotional security and she seems to lash out as a result because her emotional needs are being consistently unmet by someone who already checked out. Both of them are unstable and both contributed to the downfall of the relationship, but I don't think Depp was invested at all, while Heard was. People also keep saying heard was previously abusive with her partner. This is untrue. Apparently a few homophobic people lied to the police with the intent of getting her charged and punished. Her ex said so.

No. 518707

When she was going on about him "not caring" that was her blaming him for leaving the room when she gets physically violent lmao. She's fucked in the head and thinks that's normal in a relationship and/or trying to manipulate him into putting up with it/hitting her back.

Her previous DV charge being from homophobia is made up by her lawyers, the arresting officer was a lesbian herself.

No. 518711

Part of it was, but what I'm specifically addressing, no, it wasn't. She said repeatedly "when things aren't even violent, you leave". He had no response to that, repeatedly. The bulk of the tape was specifically about him not caring and she addressed him leaving without the violence. She obviously is violent, as is he, but I'm not sold this internationally adored 90 year old alkie married this 27 year old with the intent of cherishing her and having a loving and sincere relationship with her. Her reactions seemed like the result of her needs being consistently unmet by someone. She seemed to be a hell of a lot more sentimental about their marriage. The only thing he ever brought up was their honeymoon/immediately after marriage. Seems to me like a guy who bit off more than he could chew, like he didn't really want to get married and have all the emotional responsibility that comes with that, tbh. I'm not saying getting violent is right, but I don't see the "she's a huge narc and he's a victim" narrative. He seems like an aloof old man who left his partner of nearly 20 years to cradlehop, got impulsive, and didn't realize how much work a marriage with her would actually require. And I refuse to believe she wasn't driven a little insane by someone who would tell his famous actor friends that they should burn her to death and fuck her burnt corpse. I highly doubt she was the instigator that caused the relationship to degrade to that level, while he's out here texting his famous friends about how he wants to fuck her lifeless, burnt corpse. I just don't buy that she's the primary offending party here.

And an arresting officer being a lesbian doesn't change the motivation of witnesses. That has nothing to do with anything, really.

No. 518718

Leaving when you're fighting is literally the right thing to do. He's the one that comes off as needy since he pleads with her that the only reason he left was because he couldn't take any more physical abuse but still wants to be with her. You've got brain problems yourself if you can listen to that audio of her admitting she can't promise not to get physical again and making fun of him for not putting up with being hit and think he's the one in the wrong for not wanting to stay in an argument with her.

No. 518724

Did you not read anything I said? I said "she addressed him leaving when things were not violent" multiple times, and he had no justification or response any of the times she asked. Dude was checked out. Probably was from the beginning, lbr.

No. 518725

U wot m8? You can leave any interpersonal interaction anytime you want for any reason, never mind beacuse it's someone who's hit you several times in the past is screaming at you and you're scared it'll turn into physical abuse again, you'd in fact be a massive fucking retard to not do so.

No. 518732

Obviously, but he never even gave that justification when she was specifically speaking about non-violent arguments? Seems as if they're both unstable and she was pushed to her breaking point by someone completely indifferent to the relationship, while she was all too invested. I don't completely buy that a guy with a history of physical altercations throughout his career, who wants to burn her and rape her corpse is terribly afraid of her screaming in his face and slapping or hitting him, when he's violent as well, but alright.

No. 518737

No one has to justify leaving a screaming match, you'd have to justiying staying in one beacuse that's the stupid dysfunctional thing to do.

It doesn't matter if he was "checked out of the relationship" or whatever, in fact that would make Amber even more deranged if it was entirely her trying to continue the relationship, but it's obviously not an accurate summation of the recording since he pathetically keeps trying to make their marriage work despite her classic cluster-B behaviour.

Stop buying into the mentality where if you don't fight with someone it means you "don't care enough" since this is surprise surprise what abusers and abusive victims say.

No. 518805

That's sweet unless I'm missing something.

No. 518807

I revisited the tape and it would appear Amber brought up him not wanting to stay when there was any disagreement. He seems very easily ego-wounded and this seems to partially motivate him to leave. This is a common theme for many men. He overreacts on the tape when she does offer him understandable and mild criticisms. I'm not saying she isn't deranged, I'm sure she is. To be famous, you have to be. It seems to me that she has an anxious attachment style that he doesn't seem to even acknowledge, let alone try to comfort her about. He just doesn't appear to care about the relationship to me at all, personally. I don't think you understand how toxic relationships work, exactly, and how people who engage in toxic behavior, especially those with the clear upper hand, work. Obviously Johnny isn't all too scared of altercations as he has been aggressive and violent with many people, and has been with Amber. You're missing the point, which is that it's pretty common for someone who has a history of aggression and violence, especially those with the power advantage, to fallback on the "I just wanted to be safe!" excuse when convenient, specifically when they want to make the other person seem crazier, or when they simply aren't interested in continuing the relationship, because obviously that appeals to normal people and makes sense to normal people. But he isn't normal and he does play a part in the toxicity. These people leave that out when it suits their argument. I don't see him "pathetically trying to fix the relationship" anywhere, at all in the tape. He seems aloof and indifferent and evades all of her emotional pleas. You keep trying to act as if he's sane or normal and that his actions are motivated by the same rationale that a healthy person would have. I don't buy it. Once again, I don't believe someone so crazed and aggressive that they have no shame telling their celebrity friend that they want to burn their wife to death and then fuck her corpse, is a normal person that just desperately wants to maintain peace for fear of being hurt.

I'm not saying "you don't care if you don't argue", that's not at all what I'm saying. You're trying to see the relationship and his behavior from a normal person's lens and ascribe motivation from a normal standpoint when you obviously can't, because he isn't normal or at all healthy. Amber is deranged and unhealthy to want to continue a relationship with someone that doesn't have any interest in the relationship, and the violence and physical abuse isn't acceptable, but that's very different from her being the narcissistic evil witch people are claiming she is, and she's not the only one who is violent and abusive here.

No. 518844

what's the point of this anyways? It's all he said she said nonsense, the relationship was like sid and nancy without the murder. johnny is a washed up drunk and amber is a cluster-b narc, point blank. both need to move ON

No. 518846

what's the point of reporting that his texts to paul bettany were read in court saying he wants to kill her and fuck her corpse? are you serious? a toxic relationship is one thing but this is a step too far. i'm glad this was reported because it's sociopathic.

No. 518945

No. 518949

File: 1582854336211.jpeg (106.2 KB, 1116x598, B8F66856-BD4E-4AE3-ADB7-4BD61C…)

No. 518951

oh my god

No. 518956

I hate this Tumblr fairy ass bitch so much why won't she go away

No. 518963

did she get the rights to the Utena movie in order to use the clips or
Leave Utena alone, Grimes. Neckbeards are not into it. Better stick with lolis and 2B cosplay thots.
Never seen worse hairstyle than twin tails on a bald head

No. 518965

File: 1582857796737.jpeg (47.58 KB, 686x386, FDBBC7B1-517C-4981-89FF-7DE6AA…)


No. 518999

Alright at this point Grimes needs her own thread already, nearly half the content of Celebricows is about her

No. 519012

I was just watching PBS Newshour, and thought the same thing. I'd hate to stereotype a woman with a deep voice as MtF, but I did wonder.

No. 519047

Vid is cringe, Grimes is cringe, but at least the song is alright.

No. 519052

why are people suddenly so keen to lick johnny depp’s geriatric ass again? he’s not going to fuck you kek go out and fuck some broke old alcoholic if you need to sort yourself out. most abusive relationships involve two toxic people anyway.

No. 519069

did she get lip fillers for this?

No. 519159

agreed. who’s competent enough to make it cause it’s not me

No. 519203

I second this. Once she pops out her alien baby, there’s gonna be so much milk.

No. 519211

Man I like her but this video is terrible. Idk why this and the vid for delete forever are so rushed and she looks like shit in both of them.

No. 519273

File: 1582924850233.jpeg (384.62 KB, 1125x795, 16625A4E-B9A4-4224-97F4-536C61…)

In other news; Britney’s back from the funny farm!

No. 519274

File: 1582925095426.jpg (83.7 KB, 478x1024, ERm8CwdX0AEDX04.jpg)

No. 519287

File: 1582928233958.jpg (69.91 KB, 470x470, 1548536495806.jpg)

she really did peak at art angels huh?

No. 519293

What’s this about?

No. 519307


A meme shop referencing the old pinup girls on ww2 bombers I guess? Kind of reminds me of shadshit's comic panel about ww2 vs ww3 lol (don't look at me like that, shit gets spammed on several 4chan boards).

No. 519308

because he is white trash

No. 519321

File: 1582935916236.jpg (75.99 KB, 510x680, LBKDXVq.jpg)


No. 519324

>when you're that desperate for attention

watch her post on /b/ 4chan next

No. 519336

File: 1582940382124.jpg (464.35 KB, 1936x1936, lx54u1ybva521.jpg)

she's had them for a while but I agree they look much more plump in the vid.

No. 519337

someone make the goddam thread already

No. 519340

her nose is cute in a weird way

No. 519366

She just uses lip liner to make them look thicker, it was in her Vogue video – must look terrible in person because even in that photo it looks like she was just drinking some red kool aid and didn‘t wash it off. And as an aside, I hate that she photoshops pics to make herself look like a little girl. It‘s fucking gross. The photo on the right is much better. Like she looks younger than her age, but not 12 like the photo on the left.

No. 519367

her jealousy is palpable.

No. 519781

File: 1583049553805.jpg (44.28 KB, 700x412, wow-mansplaining-powerful-mess…)

I really really did not like the new album. I was pretty excited for this, but some of her songs sound like it panders too much to the SJW culture. The lyrics to The Man was decent, but the music video really ruined it for me. It looked so forced. Her 1989 album was a lot better and more impactful especially a song like New Romantics. I just feel like this new album of hers is pretty weak, You Need To Calm Down sounded like it was written by a 13 year old. Do her problems really just revolve around internet celebrity drama? She's a good artist but I know she can do better.

No. 519821

>That title
>That cheap dweeb bait forced references
Shes a PS4 playstation gamer u guys, she plays videogames on her PS4 playstation because shes such a videogamer oh my god.

salty bc she was interesting and original at some point. I blame the rat for this.

No. 519834

I'm always going to be anti depp!

No. 519843

File: 1583074446351.jpg (722.83 KB, 1080x1080, Pedo Pandering.jpg)

Not sure if this fits in the conspiracy theory thread or here, but this actress is a "They/them" who plays a trans male in the Sabrina netflix series which I don't watch. I saw they are using promo video of her an another actress on the Tumblr netflix account. She's about 18 as far as I can gather from her Instagram. So, she dresses female, wears makeup, but has her tits lopped off which results in her looking like a child. Combine this with the image of the two actors in oversized suits (so they look like little kids trying on their parents' clothes pedo alarm going off

No. 519844

File: 1583074519564.jpg (244.17 KB, 1440x1440, oversized.jpg)

Oversized suits image. The far left is a cis female as far as I can tell, but no worries we are just uwu little boys dressed in our daddies oversized suits uwu

No. 519846

File: 1583074671819.jpg (97.99 KB, 1080x1080, hmm.jpg)


Images from official account @lachrwatson on Instagram and tagged pics from that account

No. 519850

File: 1583075118657.jpg (32.03 KB, 385x385, sFl7PBDw.jpg)

It's sophia lillis

No. 519851

File: 1583075155676.png (512.22 KB, 1440x2092, Instagram 454 days ago.png)

Instagram post from 454 days ago for informational purposes. It sounds like they <redacted due to new site rules> and are just making the masectomy work for them now, but the disturbing part for me is the intentional "trying to look/act preteen" element of them and the other actors, when they're nearly 20.

No. 519853

Just looked it up and she's also 18. This is very fine and normal!!

Like we either have the Stranger things actress dressing like she's 35 when she's 15, or these 18 year olds cosplaying 8 year olds. Lachlan also posted a pic of herself as a kid with the caption "ten years and i look the exact same"

Cool, cool

No. 519859

Wait wait wait, she's a girl, then she went to the doctors office, and he said "Hey, you should take hormones and have a mastectomy!" and she just went with it?

No. 519890

According to a quick search, Lachlan was entirely homeschooled up to 18. I'm sure her parents trained her up over the years on what exactly she needs to say to the doctors.

I doubt she was on hormones, but her proportions suggest she was on puberty blockers.

No. 519916

File: 1583085707268.jpeg (804.86 KB, 3072x3072, 1AD28860-46C2-48AD-8194-29DDDF…)

So… Harvey Weinstein has allegedly mutilated genitals and is either possibly trans/intersex or destroyed his dick in some other way. Apparently his victims claimed he injected his dick with a needle before assaulting them as well. This is the biggest wtf of my day.

No. 519920

I think sophia’s outfit is really cute, I know this thread has intense tinfoiling all the time but how is an 18 year old in cute oversized yet femininely printed suit pedobait? I’m not sure exactly HOW you want all these kids to dress, don’t look too old, don’t look too young, don’t be too revealing, but also don’t wear oversized clothes? I agree that it’s weird asf that the other girl can post her lobbed off tits all over social media and ends up just looking like a 10 year old, but calling Sophia and the other guy’s outfits pedobait is too much of a fucking reach.

No. 519942

No. 519969

Hollywood is corrupted. If it's revealed in our lifetime that Hollywood's big producers and show runners are chopping off and sewing their genitals back, idk if I'd be surprised.

No. 519986

What's the original source of this? I haven't seen this anywhere bc it's something news outlets would report over and over again for views but I haven't found anyone reporting about Weinsteins strange peepee. Anyways I wouldn't be surprised if it's true bc all predators are mentally, physically and sexually disturbed.

No. 520033

I originally found out about it in a Jamie DLux video this morning, though the vid was released a month ago and the info has been out there for a while. If you look up “Harvey Weinstein genitals” several articles come up. That’s where the compiled screencaps come from. For some reason news outlets didn’t pick up on it.

No. 520172

I think her outfit is also really cute especially considering that its for the show she recently starred in which has a similar 'aesthetic' so why wouldnt they dress her like that

No. 520206

File: 1583146307936.webm (3.22 MB, 1280x720, GOKHkGgZNhZS9BPk.webm)

A grown ass woman doing and saying this about a teen, oh Lord… She's also an anti-vaxxer. (I had to Google her, no idea who Jenny McCarthy was.)

No. 520239

always been a big fan of grimes but she looks absolutely retarded in this clip and her bald-with-ponytails phase really needs to end.
I usually love the way she looks but this is something else…

No. 520250

her music really does suck now. she looks like an old 40s caricature of a fat baby that fell into a tub of talcum powder

No. 520269

This was reported a while ago when one of his victims testified right before he was sentenced. The jury was allegedly shown pictures of Weinstein naked to corroborate her story. It made its way around the news outlets already

No. 520309

Woah I was not expecting this.

No. 520313

It reminds me of the bit at the end of Big when he turns back into a little boy while still wearing a man's suit.
Both kids on the left are dressed as little boys. Did you wear oversized suits to public events at 18? It's very odd, at least combined with the "topless child" aesthetic Lachlan is going for. Like who is this going to benefit/appeal to if not MAPs?

No. 520329

Gaga's new song "Stupid Love".
Visuals could be straight outta a grimes video bc of all the animu vidya game story going on and obviously she tries to be the next e-waifu. Tumblr kids love this shit for sure.

No. 520350

she used to have really catchy shallow pop songs, but really amazing videos. this train trainwreck here is neither. I understand this is supposed to be power rangers campy, but the gaga back in the day would not have stood for this.

her reign was fast paced and short.

No. 520359

I heard about this a few weeks ago. Such a weird thing to even try to make up. I can believe it, but I don't want to see confirmation. No way lmao.

No. 520383

I was hoping she was going folk-y for a second there. She had that Joanne song that came out when a family member of mine also died. Brought a tear to my eye.

No. 520389

I adored the Joanne album but every diehard "im so gay" fan tore it to shreds for not being superficial pop with hard beats, which is disgusting of them. Now we're back to superficial pop with minimum emotion that those idiots love. I was really excited to see that Gaga was growing up with her music but apparently her fanbase isn't, so she can't.

No. 520409

>she looks like an old 40s caricature of a fat baby that fell into a tub of talcum powder

that mental image made me laugh out loud

what the fuck tbh this is so fucking weird. I can't imagine how traumatic it must've been for the women he assaulted. put this pos in jail

No. 520416

File: 1583195946389.png (408.57 KB, 980x551, firefox_j2hvOegWwC.png)

Ok wow I was looking forward to this but that was fucking disappointing. It's like a dollar store version of Ariana. Same hair, same walk… Plus the dog collar and fishnets, oh my goddd.

No. 520443

I doubt he’s trans, considering he has biological children apparently but the noisy bitch in me would love to know what the fuck is wrong with him.

No. 520444

Fucking revolting, but not surprising. Pedowood cultists into some weird shit. Probably not a tranny but mutilated his dick at some point in some bizarre ritual? Who knows.

No. 520456

File: 1583203360192.png (243.51 KB, 478x361, gagaoutfit.png)

I've never been into Gaga, but I did check out the video just to see. They're really not similar, besides being "futuristic." Not even the same color. Seems like an attempt to make drama where there is none.

No. 520457

oh no, this is awful and the styling is so dated. she comes off as way older than grimes despite being basically the same age. yikes

No. 520459

File: 1583204879558.png (1.63 MB, 1071x1322, Screenshot_20200301-194225~2.p…)

The whole main cast wore suits like this. While Sophia's personal style tends to lean more casual, I wouldn't call it "little boy-ish." And I will take her dressing her way over Millie being dressed like a 30 yo woman any day of the week.

Wyatt's suit is the one is literally wears in the show….which is ugly, I'll give you that.

No. 520464

I was thinking possibly even closet sissy/trans woman. Maybe he has a botched neovag. The victims clarified he has a dick, but something is clearly fucked there.

No. 520482

File: 1583209070491.jpeg (450.73 KB, 1359x1450, 703509BC-797B-4B22-A4B0-B5F2E1…)

The state of his genitals is likely from drug injections for ED. The article is from an earlier point in the case, but I think the assumption is a safe one.


No. 520490

Gross, but could it have been some sort of botched dick enlargement surgery?

No. 520572

the one on the far right looks like a literal baby

No. 520607

File: 1583250290777.jpg (50.59 KB, 383x680, ERpIe4uU4AAjv8X.jpg)


I posted the vid yesterday and now I was looking around the whole gaga/grimes thing and apparently they will collap on gaga's new album? Gaga also goes on twitter and writes the same shit as grimes with "the earth is cancelled" etc. what the hell is that?

No. 520746


that's also a name of brooke candy song, lmao. Gaga has always been somewhat inventive, not sure why she's clearly taking inspiration from a rap artist who doesn't even make that type of music anymore.

No. 520774

This is fake. But Lady Gaga is working with a producer who is friends with Grimes on the latest album, so there is a connection.

No. 520776

Is dwarfism an aspect of this show? Why is everyone so tiny?

No. 520777

Hmmm it’s kind of interesting that both Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein with his egg shaped penis had seemingly deformed genitals, I wonder if it means anything

No. 520779

Oh Epstein too? Please post source.

No. 520781

It’s been mentioned quite a lot of times by different accusers if you google it, he was questioned about it which there’s a video of. This article talks about it a bit https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/07/jeffrey-epstein-details-from-james-pattersons-2017-book.html

No. 520784

At first glance I straight up thought this was RuPaul. Damn.

No. 520787

I remember someone previously asking ''if males have problems with their penis they will rape less''….and i guess this kind of answers it that NO men will be even worse if they cant properly get off and their fantasys are even more fucked up.

No. 520801

Yep. A lot of serial killers were impotent and generally used a knife as a compensatory "penis".
There was a horrific killer in the 80s in France who dud just that, and would repeatedly stab his victim (one of these 125 times. Imagine being stabbed a 125 times, to death). He targeted only young brunette, would leave them naked and limbs cut after some kind of sexual acts. He was caught only very recently thanks to DNA and a random witness. He was impotent, a characteristic the police said was common among serial killers who used knives.

No. 520820

I really thought the song was a bop, but watching the mv was cringy. Like I get it Tay you are finally catching up on social issues.

that's fucking gross.

Maybe I'm just not woke enough, but I have no idea what the message is in the video, the song was okay. Honestly expect more from Gaga.

No. 520852

that sounds really fucked up, what was the crimes called/ the killer?

No. 520873

WOW! How original.

No. 520963

File: 1583338729306.jpeg (1.37 MB, 4134x3307, 88D1775C-DBE8-4275-8529-A823C5…)

Steven Spielberg’s 23 year old adopted daughter who recently came out as a CSA survivor and sex worker (wowe unique combo) just got arrested for domestic violence involving her 47 year old boyfriend. She claims she was sexually abused throughout her entire childhood and teen years, but clarified that of course it was nobody involving her family or friends or anyone “of note”. I feel like the arrest is the beginning of a silencing.

No. 521045

it's called Piquerism:
"Piquerism (from the French piquer - "to prick") is a sexual interest in penetrating the skin of another person with sharp objects (such as pins, razors, knives, etc.). Sometimes, this is serious enough to cause extreme injuries or even death. Piquerism is a paraphilia as well as a form of sadism."

No. 521132

There were two series of murder that come to mind that I can recall, one was the "Disparues de Perpignan", very gruesome, some cases remain cold to date, another was the "Disparues de L'A6", same thing, gruesome murders and most are still unsolved unfortunately. You should be able to find information on Google and wikipedia. In the second series of murders, a lot of girls disappeared at the Perpignan station or around this area and their body would be found with characteristic stabbings, cuts on genitals, and some even had their entire genital apparel removed ("almost surgically"). In one case the victim got her hands and feet cut off as well as the head and nipples. One of the victims was called Mokhtaria Chaibi, sadly a very beautiful woman, who endured these torture.
In most case, one of the detective commented how he came across murderers that were impotent and would use their knife as a compensatory penis, and to "punish" these women by cutting their genitals and remove their feminine features (nipples etc).

No. 521133

The more you know. Terrifying.

No. 521169

Is it just me or does this sound way too much like Born This Way?

No. 521379

Katy Perry is pregnant

No. 521395

Who's the father?

No. 521414

Orlando Bloom

No. 521558

…hence the bukkage of flowers in the video? very original.

reminds me of the time she showed off her engagement ring (which was, of course, in shape of a flower) with the caption "in full bloom" uugh.

hopefully they can keep up the blooming narrative with the name of their child. like violet bloom or whatever. this isn't going to be tacky at all

No. 521582

I hear it too. I'm very disappointed in this new song and mv - it immediately reminded me of Grimes' "Genesis". I guess Gaga doesn't have any new ideas. Shame, she used to be the best pop star.

No. 521772

I feel like she's as good as the people around her, and someone currently around her decided to hot glue Michael's plastic plants to ill-fitting dancer costumes.

No. 521844

Post Malone has been acting very strange recently and was filmed fumbling around on stage and generally acting unstable.

No. 521858

Isn't this normal for him

No. 521860

Lady Gaga was 100% manufactured, she was a cashgrab for tumblrfags. Spoiled rich girl with daddy issues, nothing new.

No. 521861


It's drugs, calling it now.

No. 521863

He's always done drugs and been known for walking around dazed like a sloth but according to fans he didn't perform on stage in such a bad state until recently.

No. 521865

He needs an update on his program (tinfoilfags will get this)

No. 521868

File: 1583546063974.jpeg (173.58 KB, 1080x1350, FADE405F-A8A3-4CC8-AAD1-13C967…)

Man, I’m sick.

No. 521872

Is this Beyonce or a Kardashian? I actually can't tell, all the 'beautiful' celebrities are starting to look like the exact same IMVU avatar but in varying skin tones

No. 521877

He's gone full Tyler Grosso, which is amazing seeing as he once sent Grosso home from a tour for being such a pill popping wreck.

No. 521915

god I hate these plastic cunts. this shouldn't be a beauty standard, it should be a cautionary tale and warning to women.
I remember before they were famous and they came into our salon, barely glanced at them. now they're hollywood kingpins for no good fucking reason.
I spew, I cry.

No. 521984

why do her face and neck look like they were superimposed onto her body?

No. 522016

Gaga was famous way before tumblr was a popular site.

No. 522104

File: 1583607532727.jpeg (58.04 KB, 643x643, 190AEF04-3045-4722-9A8E-FD78AE…)

I miss 2013 Kylie.

No. 522134

dude needs a break

No. 522299

That's kylie? I legit thought it was Chloe, damn that's just wrong

No. 522539

File: 1583693570714.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.78 KB, 750x906, HNb-9-2uGLs.jpg)

Does she still claim her breasts are just thanks to a good push-up bra?

No. 522543

I saw the news today, but read a blind item about this ages ago. Fun to see them be true

No. 522642


all that shoop for the face and none for the hands? they look like those of a 40-year-old

No. 522654

i cannot believe me and kylie are the same age

No. 522678


Looks like alcohol and/or sedatives.

No. 522704

File: 1583719572975.jpeg (626.75 KB, 971x1015, 732137D7-3595-48E7-AD35-E5CE53…)

No. 522791

ok zoomer

No. 522806

what is happening to post malone?

No. 522821

tbh all the drug abuse is starting to catch up with him and i am kinda sure he's gonna be another lil peep 2.0

No. 522846

He's an alcoholic

No. 522855

I saw Grimes live after Art Angels and it was bad. She couldn't even play the melody for Oblivion right on her keyboard and stood at the far back of the stage so you could barely even see her in all the fog. Her vocals were awful, she either mumbled the words or whispered them at a lower pitch. I think she turns the pitch up of her singing on her tracks and amps up reverb. Was previously a huge fan (would say I idolised her) but after seeing her live I was so disappointed… it really ruined this magical vision I had of her.

There were two women in army coats sort of dancing at the front of the stage with Grimes hidden in fog at the back. The dancing girls were so crap it looked like a basic dance choreographed 5 mins before the show, they kept falling out of time w each other.

The worst part was when Grimes stopped the show to say she had stage anxiety and she really appreciated how everyone came to see her uwu she's so shy. That Tumblr bs turned me right off. The whole crowd erupted into cheers. Me and my friend looked at each other like "wtf". Why choose music as a career and be so attention seeking then. Rant over

No. 522883

Oh my god she’s so stupid.

I saw her before art angels. She was amazing, everything sounded so good and the dancers choreography was mesmerizing. Grimes promised to meet everyone out back for free, but claimed she was “too sick ” and might not be able to. We were hopeful and waited like hours in freezing weather. I was like 17 or 16 I can’t remember so I should have been smart enough to leave after an hour but like you, she was my idol. Everyone else waiting said fuck this and their opinions of her went all the way down and they left unsupportive. Her tour bus, which she was in and close to us, didn’t leave for hours so maybe she could spend a minute saying hi?

No. 522961

Idk anything specific about him but I'm starting to see a correlation with face tats and life expectancy. I hope he chills out

No. 523029


High testosterone in women has been positively correlated with female entrepreneurship, aggressiveness/assertiveness in workplace and reaching high positions in competitive workplaces comprising mostly of men like finance or law. Not saying she is a good person or anything but I respect women like this a million times more then some unemployed tumblrtard that lops off their tits because they “identify” with their fetish of choice

No. 523159

wtf are you trying to say?

No. 523214

i dont believe this at all whatsoever. more test worship, male worship in disguise

No. 523239

Corey Feldman's stream got hacked (lol) while live streaming and no names were dropped. What a surprise.
I'm stunned that people still pay for his bullshit.

No. 523251

Funny, but I wish celebrities looked like this. No lip injections, no enormous butt. I see this shoop and it makes me sad, I can't stop thinking how pretty this non-modified face is, even with this weird hoodie or whatever that piece of clothing is.

No. 523258

No. 523275

If she'd just left her face alone she would've grown into it and been striking by now. Instead she's another bloated Kardashian clone. I really hope this trend dies this decade.

No. 523276

File: 1583846613846.jpg (78.13 KB, 600x900, jjj.jpg)


High testosterone in women has mostly been correlated with PCOS but you go off.

No. 523307

Why do women with pcos tend to have weight problems? I injected testosterone for about a year and while I had lots of effects from it I never gained a pound

No. 523309

Whereas you scheduled your hormones in a controlled and measured amount, people with hormonal problems get no such grace. Their hormones fluctuate in cycles so abnormal that it causes issues from metabolism to their bodies literally tricking them into thinking they're hungry when they're actually not.

No. 523340

She reminds me of phoebe tickner

No. 523452

it's essentially a metabolic disorder that causes high testosterone. the higher testosterone is a symptom of the metabolic dysfunction.

No. 523454

Entertainment weekly:

Corey Feldman accuses Charlie Sheen of sexually abusing Corey Haim in (My) Truth documentary

Haim was 13 and Sheen was 19 when they worked together on Lucas.
Several other people featured in the documentary also claimed either Haim directly told them he had been abused by Sheen as a child or they had heard word of it from others years later.
"He shared with me that on the set of Lucas that he was raped as a little boy," Feldman's ex-wife Susannah Sprague, said in the documentary, which was produced by Feldman. "He told me that it was his costar and he told me that it was Charlie Sheen that did it," she alleged.


No. 523455

i buy it. sheen seems like one of those guys whose life revolves around his dick and would fuck literally anything. plus the drugs.

No. 523554

heard this rumor on ONTD and Lipstick Alley a long time ago, so it's not surprising.

>However, Feldman was in attendance as the movie was streamed in full to a group of friends and members of the media, including EW, in a theater in Los Angeles. Celebrity guests at the screening included Rosanna Arquette, Dave Navarro, Chris Kattan, Ron Jeremy, and Jamie Kennedy.

lmao at this Surreal Life all stars cast showing up to the premier

No. 523738

File: 1583940528492.png (1.05 MB, 1336x1256, Screen Shot 2020-03-11 at 4.27…)

He's sentenced and fucked, pass the dom perignon

No. 523761


> <redacted due to new site rules>


No. 523785

they should add a goddamn 0 to the end of that umber

No. 523798


No. 523809

how many years do we think he will actually serve? how old will the fucker be when he gets out?

hopefully he will die in there tbh

No. 523812

hes currently 67, so he'd be 90 when he's released. not sure how long he'd serve because it didn't say whether or not he was eligible for parole. his lawyers were crying that anything longer than 5 years was a death sentence for him, so I'm sure they're going to try and fight to appeal and get him a shorter sentence

No. 523891

>giving your child a horrible name that they will inevitably be bullied for because you're too ~special and unique~ to give them a normal fucking name

No. 523903

I doubt that a child of a billionaire and a pop star will be bullied, anon. But yeah.

No. 524017

it may be these
>Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
>Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy

but i didn't think those were new rules?

No. 524113

op clearly meant going ftm

No. 524270


let's see if he suicides with 2 bullets in the back of his head.

No. 524441

File: 1584054111052.jpg (64.01 KB, 1240x683, 600292.jpg)

The billie eilish "strip down" stunt is just an attempt to ease her into more sexualized roles and sexy attire now that shes 18. It has nothing to do with body positivity. Shes an 18 year old with a literal models face and a healthy body….the whole "body positivity" route makes 0 sense to anyone with half a brain. I'm not saying this is her fault or her idea but shes 18 now so obviously her record label can get away with sexing her up even more without it being creepy.

No. 524442

Anyone notice Dr. Luke is producing Doja Cat and Kim Petras, a very lowkey way to come back to the scene despite of everything he's done. I mean it seems woke to come back with a black artist and a trans pop artist.

No. 524444

>Implying working with Doja Cat is woke

I'm not into the sjw thing but I've heard she's been cancelled because of some heavy homophobic comments she made years ago so if anything he's doing everything wrong now.

No. 524445

well that's disappointing

No. 524446

Plus, she’s pretty much a /soc/ graduate but I heard that on LSA.

No. 524451

>literal models face


No. 524452

Canceling people for their past twitter comments is so stupid, so what if someone said something offensive years ago? Their actions will speak for their character and you can choose not to buy their music or support them.

No. 524453

Nta I think she's very pretty but her facial expressions are unfortunate, she looks tired and high all the time and it makes her look retarded

No. 524454

File: 1584055718714.jpg (79.72 KB, 699x1024, bf488cccc7a415279b76cc80659a94…)

She has like the typical white model look in the face(think cara delevingne).

No. 524473

Cara has sharp, defined features and Billie has soft, round features. Almost potato tier, just a pretty potato who doesn't look like a model.

No. 524486

can confirm likeness, have the hots for both of them

No. 524489

That's because billie weighs more. Imagine billie eilish at 96 lbs…she would look exactly like her and every other white model on the run way.

No. 524500

I wouldn't say she has a models face, wasn't/isn't it known she's something wrong with her? Her face looks dopey af.

I knew the whole body image thing was a load of shit to do with her age. There's been a couple of interviews she's been doing leading up to this all about she wears baggy clothes cause she has big boobs blah blah blah. Her music is bland as is her, so she has stupid hair and can monetise her big tits.

No. 524525

A lot of models do have what wouldn't be considered conventionally beautiful faces. Cara Delivigne doesn't look like Grace Kelly, and neither does Billie Eilish - but they both have similarly striking white women faces. The anon talking about weight was right, if Billie was built like Cara Delivigne, they'd look similar. Even facially Cara has more refined features (smaller nose, less bulbous lips) but the similarities are there.

I have no problem with Billie Eilish, I think she seems like a decent role model for easily influenced teen girls. I do believe she's a 25 year old industry plant, BUT she is at least more of a "normal" girl than I grew up seeing as pop stars.

No. 524563

If he calls a hit on himself maybe, he's not holding anyone else's secrets who have more capital and power than he does I think

No. 524588

The only "attractive" feature Billie has is her eyes and her youthful look, which going by the track record of white women, may or may not pass by the time she's 23. Her bone structure isn't particularly stunning besides that.

At least she has big boobs though, good for her.

No. 524629

Kim wouldn't have a music career if she wasn't trans because she has no singing talent and looks shit. Her vibrato sounds like a horny goat in the mountains.

No. 524656

/soc/ graduate? She used too post on 4chan?

No. 524682

Say what? There’s caps of her /soc/posting or something? Spill

No. 524784

Kek anon I’ve never actually heard her sing and that was so ridiculously accurate

No. 524921


She's got singing lessons for over a decade now and she still can't hit a single, she screams all the time and wtf is this vibrato at 2:15 kek

For real now, she should go to college and learn something useful instead of being a cow but oh well…

No. 525003

I was disappointed at first hearing this but then I watched it and it barely shows anything? I was expecting way worse. I hope she still dresses in her baggy clothes though and won't feel pressured to be extremely sexualized now.

No. 525066

It's like kinda cute but why the fuck would you wanna show that shit

No. 525068

yeah i feel weird for posting it but i kept hearing about it so i googled to see what is so bad and the pics just made me uncomfy. There are so many more. I think its just because people in hollywood or rich or whatever are fucking creeps but no everyone ignores it. Im sorry for posting it cuz i feel bad for the kid

No. 525069

what's the context of this pic

No. 525075

this really isn't bad.. like.. at all

No. 525077

i know i feel bad for posting it. ill delete it too

No. 525082

the picture of tom brady's son kissing him on the lips while laying down isn't bad? hes been creepy with his son before this…

No. 525097

File: 1584149101931.png (278.22 KB, 617x962, creep.png)

True. It's disgusting and creepy. But for example Liev Schreiber is on a whole new level of disgusting. Just look at his bio on Twitter. Who describes his kids as attractive? Like wtf


He also dresses his son like Harley Quinn… a comic figure which is highly sexualised by men…I think he is sick and needs to be investigated.
Here's the pic which I am not going to post here since it's just disgusting:


No. 525098

ah, the slutty version of harley quinn. poor kid.

No. 525101

His most recent insta is creepy af I don’t wanna post it because for me it borders on child porn but it’s basically his daughter upside down swinging on those monkey bar handle things and her shirt is half off and it’s in SLOW MOTION. Wtf is going on pedophilia is becoming normalized it’s only a matter of time. My heart breaks for these kids

No. 525106

>shockingly attractive children

No. 525122

we aren't allowed to mention that someone is trans anymore?

No. 525127

no, we can.

No. 525129

File: 1584157530334.jpg (158.38 KB, 900x1200, kimpetras.jpg)

Kim Petras would have never gotten a pass if she was a cis woman. In addition to the lack of real vocal talent, she's way too dumpy, boxy and bloated.

Do you remember when those unflattering photos of Kesha at the beach surfaced and people ridiculed her "fridge bod" for years? Kesha made shitty pop, too, but she had enough talent land some serious gigs prior to her mainstream success. The fridge bod thing has definitely followed her around, though. Her abuser even used the phrase to bully her.

No. 525155

we can, I assumed op is retarded

No. 525178

Holy shit that is creepy. Creepy for him but also posting it where any pedo can see it.

No. 525179

I hate to be a tinfoil-chan but I'm still relatively sure that Kim Petras is a plan to drive the trans lobbying home. I have to admit she's probably the best passing troon I've seen and sometimes I even think if it's just a masculine-looking girl with a stage mom who claims she's trans for speciality points, but nevertheless she's appealing to zoomers, relatively charismatic and conventionally attractive with a rising pop career. Media can point at her and say "See? You can TOTALLY be a beautiful idol girl called "the new Princess of Pop" despite being born male!" and make the act of mutilating your body appealing.

No. 525204

Grimes just confirmed Elon is the father (not that the whole world didn't already know that).

I don't understand why you would have a baby with a thrice divorced man who already has 5 kids.

No. 525208

why did she feel the need to announce this? wasn't it obvious?

No. 525230

He's a billionaire lol, and if Grimes is as conspiracist as I think, Elon will get her to Mars

No. 525248

LOL, the only thing she has incommon with Cara is the bushy brows NOTHING else

No. 525405

File: 1584221543861.jpg (189.68 KB, 1028x1066, 1506133091996.jpg)

No. 525431

God that center picture of the top row is disturbing. I get that parents kiss their kids on the lips sometimes but that's… way off. That's a deep kiss you'd give to your lover, not an innocent peck.

No. 525505

The one to the right of it makes me want to kill myself

No. 525536

That's his son that he dresses as a little girl. As if it wasn't perverted enough.

No. 525623

Just wtf…

No. 525628

File: 1584269145902.png (1.16 MB, 1311x667, PMVatsc.png)

No. 525629

No. 525630

Yeah I got that feeling too, I really really hope they don't make her stupidly sexual. That was the refreshing thing about her. Not that should she repress her sexuality but it would be shitty if as soon as she turns 18 her label makes her overtly sexual

No. 525646

>body positivity
50 lbs weight gain in 3…2…1…

No. 525659

I was gonna say maybe he calls them 'shockingly attractive' in a self deprecating way like it's shocking their cute kids considering who their dad is???

but at the same time, he referred to them as attractive. meaning people would/could be attracted to them. such a weird thing to say. I would never refer to a kid as attractive. you can say 'dad to two super cute kids' but 'attractive'? no.

dressing your kid as the super sexualised harley quinn is not a good idea. you know it wasn't the kids idea. the second pic makes me wanna puke. dad's shouldn't kiss their kids that way, it looks like they're full on making out. concerning

No. 525660

disgusting and made from lamb's flesh I saw from another pic. fucking hate rich people like this

No. 525703

please tell me this is edited wtf.

No. 525717

File: 1584283082736.png (1.29 MB, 514x2558, Screenshot_2020-03-15 From Tim…)

No. 525727

>conventionally attractive

No. 525741

File: 1584285896800.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 76B1EC1E-60DC-4E03-80D0-1D1F61…)

Came across this girl on Snapchat. Of course the headline was “ bullied her whole life but she doesn’t let it bring her down”. Her name is Paige Spiranac and she was a professional golfer. Bullied by who? Some kids when she was a kid because she has “a condition that makes her hair fall out” apparently. It happened when she was really young and it said she was homeschooled because of it. I did some snooping and it turns out her parents were trying to make her an Olympic gymnast and she had to quit because she broke her knee as a kid, also boolies laughed at my hair.
Posting because my tinfoil is that she’s making the story up for more fame and recognition. She looks like 100% someone without hair issues as bad as she claims, and it never says she has alopecia in the articles I’ve seen. I’m thinking due to poor nutrition or anorexia as a child athlete trying to get to Olympic level that some of her hair fell out. She says to this day she still gets death threats online but “hurr doesn’t stop her from posting” and has 2 mil insta followers. She quit pro golf to focus instead on creating and cultivating her own brand aka fit insta clout chasing shit. Idk something smells fishy to me with this one.

No. 525749

Her voice sounds so awkward, like a 12 yr boy who’s voice hasn’t cracked yet. If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was Hanson or something.

No. 525805

Alot of celebrity (idk if you'd call her one) backstories are fake for publicity. Bullying is a common theme chosen since almost everyone can relate to some asshole in the 7th grade being an asshole to you

No. 525807

Not a big fan of adults banging on about their childhood bullying, it's a stupidly common experience. Anyway judging by that Insta.. she's sure learnt to love herself since

No. 525812

She's arguing with people in the comments. Saying that nudes of her leaked.. then giving out that men in the comments want to know here to find them

I mean her whole Instagram is soft porn, does she expect the men on there to be classy? If you go out to attract cheap attention.. that's what it's like.

No. 525832

This. The stunt was scripted from the start. Her whole career is following a script the professionals wrote her. It was a calculated move that had been in the works with the faux-woke "buhhh she wants to be covered from head to toe to bring the attention to her music, not the body" smokes and mirrors and now that she's a legal adult they can switch to the "sex positive anti-slut-shaming" mode. Fuck Zoomers and how easily they eat this shit up.

No. 525855

File: 1584301124335.jpeg (40.57 KB, 640x428, Paige-Spiranac-Golf-Digest.jpe…)

A lot of people are mad in golf because she isn't even that significant or good of a player yet because she's cute she got on the cover of Golf Digest and was in 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. She gets mad people don't take her seriously for using sex appeal but still goes out of her way to do it and rubs it in the face of her haterzzzz

No. 525864

File: 1584301825107.jpg (220.45 KB, 1200x900, terriblecollagepaigesnarkytwee…)

No. 525866

wow…to be someone who was "bullied" she sure does think pretty highly of herself yikes

No. 525877

God she loves playing the victim. She'll get hoards of comments praising her but then draw attention to the few comments she doesn't appreciate. . anyone with eyes can see why she attracts that kind of attention!

Oh and her sharing a story about a guy leaking a pic with her nipple in it is a lil redundant when she's shoving her tits out in every single pic. She's kind of shitting on any woman with a revenge porn story by whinging about her nipple while she's so close to having them pop out in every pic and she's happy to have 2.5 million followers see that

No. 525880

File: 1584304260207.png (790.21 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20200315-202808~2.p…)

No. 525890

File: 1584305937315.png (712.36 KB, 1026x1360, Screenshot_20200315-204810~2.p…)

Had to scroll all the way to 2015 to find a pic of her without cleavage or spandex, at least she's aware that she's pretty unremarkable without the help of spandex or her tits poking out

No. 525944

'The costs of her procedure were covered by health insurance as her condition was officially diagnosed as an illness'


'They are not freaks, nor do they suffer mental illness. They are simply trapped in the wrong body'

So is it an illness or not? This article makes no sense. Setzen 6!

No. 525949

lol someone is mad they got posted

No. 526186

The Anna Kurnikova of golf?

No. 526216

File: 1584360928860.png (224.39 KB, 358x310, 04JnoDE.png)

>named Tim

No. 526550

>tim petras
>born in the wrong body but somehow that’s not mentally ill

No. 526803

File: 1584466136460.jpeg (139.4 KB, 512x257, CD9F7CF4-76A6-425E-9467-A0C621…)

anyone else feeling JVN’s behavior is getting a little inappropriate on instagram?

i mean look, I enjoy JVN/QE as much as anyone else. it’s show a lot of kids enjoy, but i don’t even necessarily think that means someone has to change their online behavior just because kids decide to like them. kids liking your show =/= you being the host of a kids show

but…..I do think it’s kind of inappropriate to post videos of you twerking almost naked on your coworker while also shilling a children’s book?

No. 526806

File: 1584466493548.jpeg (471.57 KB, 750x951, FC405A42-11E8-440A-8AA2-269245…)

all of the QE hosts are affectionate and supportive of each other, but i don’t feel like any of them take it over the line like JVN does

but also he’s def the type of celeb where if you criticize him in any way you’d get accused of queer-bashing, even if that has nothing to do with it? like can you think of any show (straight or not) where the cohosts/coworkers post shit like this? jvn really seems to like to make it look like they’re dating, idk if they are though. even if that were true it still seems unprofessional, and antoni never posts pics of jvn or his other coworkers like this

No. 526815

I remember when I heard about that back then as a kid myself, and it was the very first time anything about being trans was on german tv. He/she was the only one for a long time, only years later, after that whole trend started in the US, it also came back to Europe. Really odd. Especially that this surgery was somehow allowed on a child.

He behaves like an annoying teen girl, only difference is that nobody dares to hate on him for that.
Does anybody else also think that Antoni is only saying he's bi for attention? To me he gives of the same vibe as Ezra Miller.

No. 526822

her body is absolutely disturbing in the 2nd pic. Like wtf

No. 526886

Vanessa Hudgens goes on Instagram live ranting about Coachella being cancelled because of coronavirus, says the pandemic "is all a bunch of bullshit" and to get over it, because "yaah people die, but like, it's inevitable".
She sounds so dumb, it hurts

No. 526893

Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato must be so relieved they're temporarily not the dumbest Disney castoffs right now.

No. 526918

>>demi lovato is dumb
Oh this is my first time hearing this. Ive never heard anyone ever say this about her, most people say she is bitchy but rarely dumb.
Where did you get that from?

No. 526921

Not that anon but look at 1:20 or so

No. 526922

What? I don't know a single one of her songs, but her being brainless shows in every tv appearance she ever had, she's a total airhead lol

No. 526926

>>acts airhead in interviews
Oh i was thinking about something like what venessa or katy did.
99% of celebrities act like airheads in interviews so thats not really a measure of how intelligent a person is.

No. 526933

lol Vanessa has always been a fucking idiot, she unironically called herself a gay bohemian. she’s mad because all she lives for is Coachella shit with their pseudo hippy dippy festival stuff

No. 526938

who even gives a fuck about anything she has to say, she hasn't been relevant in over 10 years

No. 526990

ntayrt but I had never heard this either. But, I would offer up the theory that maybe the public drug abuse, rehab, and mental health issues just overshadowed that? You know what I mean? Like being a dumb bitch is probably like….a little further down that list

Let's be real though most of those Disney kids have probably been raised by parents who value their looks and careers over their education, and no doubt they were working all throughout their childhood and adolescence doing only the legally required bare minimum in terms of school. Are we really surprised that they're stupid? They probably realistically have like, a middle school education at best.

No. 527392

File: 1584545476820.png (208.9 KB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20200318-162827~2.p…)

No. 527711

File: 1584562256358.jpg (75.18 KB, 781x733, oh-no.JPG)

No. 527718

>Grimes is pregnant
>Amanda Bynes is pregnant
Maternity horrocow thread when?

No. 528042

File: 1584596768073.jpg (44.55 KB, 634x636, 25007578-8027765-image-a-41_15…)

i can only assume that these two met at narcotics anonymous. she needs a nuvaring and serious help, and this man should've been a complimentary candidate for government sponsored vasectomy. two worlds of trash truly collide and this child is doomed in ten different ways.

No. 528044

File: 1584597835043.png (62.11 KB, 431x490, el1.png)

That one poor mans Liv Tyler from Lost is apparently a dumb fuck too. She posted this shit. She took her daughter to ballet class then made these long winded posts when people called her out, saying its ~too close to "marshall law" and its just a respiratory flu, and that both her and her dad, who she lives with, are in the high risk category. Also, she values freedom over life wtf?

No. 528045

File: 1584597877958.png (49.28 KB, 412x390, el4.png)

No. 528047

its not letting me post the last two parts but here

No. 528048

File: 1584598100303.png (71.15 KB, 415x517, el7.png)

No. 528050

File: 1584598285344.png (63.57 KB, 339x513, el8.png)

No. 528052

Face to face? I wouldn't let this dumb bitch breathe in me for a million bucks. Willingly carrying covid should be a fucking crime rn. Is she antivax too?

No. 528053

this stupid bitch is straight up evil tbh. "freedom over lives". absolute sociopath.

No. 528070

She should’ve just kept her mouth shut and stuck with gaining her attention she oh so craves by uploading her moaning videos on Instagram. Now look.

No. 528078

her what now

No. 528111


TMZ speculates:

… Due to Conservatorship

12:03 PM PT – Amanda's attorney, David Esquibias, tells TMZ, "I'm not confirming that Amanda is expecting and because of that it's premature for anyone to speculate about who would have custody of Amanda's unborn child."

Amanda Bynes could have to give up custody when her child is born around 8 months from now … due to her mental health issues.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ … Amanda's about 6 weeks pregnant and currently receiving treatment in a psychiatric facility. While it's a good sign she's getting treatment … we're told the plan is for Amanda's father and her BF, Paul Michael, to share custody of the baby. BTW, yes she's back with Paul and we're told they're working things out.

The reason Amanda's dad would be planning to share custody is because she remains under a conservatorship run by her parents … they've taken care of her, and made her legal and medical decisions for years.

Our sources say Amanda does not yet realize she's losing custody. We're also told she did NOT get pregnant in an attempt to get out of her conservatorship – and nothing is changing with the conservatorship.

Amanda's been wanting a child for some time now, according to our sources, but people around her are worried about the baby's health because Amanda smokes cigarettes.

As we reported … Amanda announced her pregnancy Tuesday night by posting a pic of the ultrasound, which she's since taken down.


It’s pure speculation in this point but I hioe they are not going to give this baby for her parents = same people who pimped Amada to Dan Schneider!
Gold digging junkie dad is not great choice either.

No. 528123


Are those real tattoos on her face? Gah, I was really rooting for her when she started going through it in…2012, was it?

No. 528125

yes, she really tattooed her face.

No. 528130

I am kinda sad for Vanessa Anne Hudgens because literally everyone's joking about corona but when she does it, it's somehow wrong.

No. 528133

Azealia always says left field shit like "dick makes women produce great art" but then so much of everything else she said is a well-deserved scalping. I wish I could hear her cow opinions on literally every celebrity because all of them need something like this. She could be an amazing reviewer of Hollywood music and media if she just self-edited some of the homophobic and sexist parts out.

No. 528137

File: 1584621335386.jpeg (698.75 KB, 1242x1218, B722A160-2075-4B0B-A218-D33DC6…)

No. 528140

I think the problem was that she didn’t seem to be joking at all, at least in the clip floating around - maybe it seems less bad if you watched the full stream instead of just that part out of context idk

No. 528151

shes been a fucking moron for ages now, she went to japan bought clothes then claimed the clothes were her costume for her book character acting like a god damn maniac on live tv. she has a few hinges loose

No. 528156

Yeah, but she was being all cutesy and nonchalant about the death aspect of it. Most people aren’t joking around about that.

No. 528165

wow, she is just awful.

No. 528174

that is just… not a normal reaction to a tattoo…

No. 528240

You're sad for a dumb bitch who said that "Yaaah people die but liiike, it's no biggie because death is inevitable anyway lul"?

No. 528434

yeah honestly, when Azealia is right she's fucking RIGHT. i remember recently she was one of the only ones to call out that Jesse Saint John guy for literally trying to date rape other men, sometimes she goes after the wrong people for dumb reasons (still don't get her huge beef with harmless ppl like Charli) but other times she says what nobody else wants to say. like I'm a huge fan of Grimes' music but i still cackle when I think about Azealia saying she smells like a roll of nickels

No. 528443

File: 1584654742360.png (335.83 KB, 591x458, Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 2.51…)

ALSO, oh my god. We've all seen the cringefest that is Gal Gadot & other celebs singing "Imagine", right? I'm so glad I wasn't the only who could barely get through it and that it's pretty much universally hated. so fucking infuriating because of how tone-deaf it is…. reminds me of those 80's live-aid relief songs but without doing any actual good. no actual donating to charities/ good causes or putting their millions towards us plebs who are all literally in survival mode right now, they just wanted to get their narc fix for like, bringing cheer to the world or some bullshit, and i'm so glad it backfired. lots of celebs showing their true colors/ smooth brains right now.

speaking of Lost, Daniel Dae Kim is one of the only good celebs right now. tested positive for corona and is not only telling people to stop the racist stigma against Asians and to start taking this shit seriously, but is also offering to donate antibodies to find a vaccine.

No. 528474

umm what? dude was flying around the country during an active pandemic and probably infected multiple people with the disease, but that actress is being called out and shat on for taking her daughter to ballet class while he gets praised? wtf.

No. 528484

oh yikes spoke too soon! I didn't know he was flying irresponsibly like that, didn't read it thoroughly enough clearly lol

No. 528531

wtf is wrong with this dumb bitch

No. 528541

> We've all seen the cringefest that is Gal Gadot & other celebs singing "Imagine", right?
Oh my GOD. The moment I saw this on Twitter I rolled my eyes. Feels patronizing almost, if that makes sense..

No. 528578

They all sung poorly or tried way too fucking hard, i.e. Sia

No. 528587

Amy Adams was a part of that too right? I’ll give her a pass since she’s actually using her money and influence to actually help disadvantaged children. Even if it’s a bit half assed, she seems like she’s doing more than most.
Damn. That’s disappointing to learn. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and actually uses his money to help out.

No. 528623

why don't you actively try to research that claim yourself instead of just taking it at face value from one comment on a message board?

No. 528644

File: 1584685551243.png (37.96 KB, 622x405, elon.PNG)

there was already a shortage for quite a while and he said this. how do people not find him repulsive?

No. 528663

I find her her moaning to be so hot I feel disgusted with myself

No. 528705

He'll just do something retarded again like when he had that small submarine built to help rescue those Thai boys out of the cave. I genuinely hate that man. Tell us once again how the coronavirus panic is stupid, Elon.

No. 528720

It's more that people seem to find the repulsive ~relatable~

No. 529007

I don't even know what to say. How could anyone be this dumb? All it takes to be a billionaire is selfishness. Obviously you don't need brains at all.

No. 529038

>Raja 'Elon is not an idiot' Abbas

No. 529408

File: 1584782394403.png (591.74 KB, 612x801, Capture.PNG)

No. 529440

File: 1584787159796.png (597.27 KB, 892x779, Screenshot (290).png)

Man, the reactions to this are hilarious.
He also tweeted this
>I really hope that this time will be a slap in the face for us all when it comes to climate change etc. This just shows how we aren’t invincible
I really hope that the virus finally ends celebrity culture, first Gal Gadot and now him, they're all acting as if they're dying because of lack of attention, "how can I make people dying and losing their jobs all about me?!"

No. 529447

I know its negatively affecting a lot of people but a part of me really really hops that the virus just kills Alt-right, SJW, Incel, twitter-stan and Irony culture

No. 529460

One could wish but how would it realistically get rid of alt-right and incel ideas?

No. 529464

No Internet or media for 3 months, that could do it

No. 529510

Maybe he'll finally apologize for "I Feel Love".

No. 529717

File: 1584827000524.jpeg (374.54 KB, 1125x2436, B9E0E39E-9B9B-4890-B902-3B8462…)

Kenny Rogers died today, didn’t know he went to my uni back in the day (even if segregated). RIP

No. 529720

I am SO ready for everyone to be done with him. He has a nice voice, he could have been a respectable and professional artist, but he chose to go the "I'm a special, fragile individual" route instead. Good riddance.

No. 529948

so long space cowboy

No. 530037

he has a horrible gay man singing voice. it's awful. everything about him is unbearable

No. 530040

Somebody leaked the full phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift that originally got her labelled a snake for years. Surprise, turns out he's manipulative as hell while she told the truth. I will never understand why so many people support his batshit crazy ass.

No. 530042

figures. he's untalented trash. all of his music sucks and he can't freestyle to save his life

No. 530062

This is not going to make me suddenly like her.

No. 530063

They're both overrated narcissists tbh.

No. 530065

you don't have to, just rightfully dislike kanye. so tired of hip-hop fags still pretending like he's some kind of savant so talented that his mental illness and general NPD makes sense, like, his level of talent is so out of this world that it can only be accompanied by insanity and megalomania

No. 530084

Just doing this for people who don't want to sit through Kanye's boring, half-baked rambling, and because I haven't found any article going into detail on what was said (some even giving misleading information). I wanted to type out their exact words, but they both kind of stumble over themselves, say "like" a lot, go off on tangents, etc.
At 1:02, he mentions the "I made her famous" line, and she just kind of chuckles, says "Oh, god", but it's "whatever", and he should "tell the story as it happened to him". Up until 11:24, he rambles about unrelated shit (I skipped through), then says he wants her to shill his song on Twitter because it has a controversial line about her, claims he thought about the line about her for 8 months, will rework it multiple times, but his "original" idea is the most controversial, and asks her why she sounds sad.

She asks if it's going to be mean at 12:35, he says it's "To all my southside niggas that know me best, I feel like Taylor Swift might owe me sex". She gives a weird chuckle, says it's not mean, but she'll still have to think about it, and says "The build-up you gave, I thought it was gonna be like, "that stupid, dumb bitch", but it's not".
She also didn't want to launch the song because everything she does is seen as a feminist think piece and if she did it, it'd be seen under a critical, "less cool" lens, people are waiting for her to do something stupid or lame, and people would try to "make it negative" if it came from her. She says she's got to be "super self-aware about where she is", and that she's "this close to overexposure".

He doesn't really respond to any of that, tries to convince her to promote it throuughout, and just says he "thinks it's a really cool thing to have" (she agrees and says it's "like a compliment, kind of" and laughs). Then, at 16:17, he goes over the reworking "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex" instead (he said Kim didn't like that, and wanted him to say she "owes" him sex, but the first line was the "feminist group type shit" that made him iffy).
She comments that both lines are "really edgy", but agrees that the only issue with the [first] line is that "The feminists are going to come out" at 16:52.
Then he goes on about how he cares about her as a person, and a friend, he "doesn't want to do rap that makes people feel bad", then talks about more unrelated things. Nothing particularly interesting, but she says she sees it as tongue-in-cheek either way, and thanks him for telling her about it.

tl;dr/tl;dw: She (kind of) approved, but said being referred to as "that [stupid, dumb] bitch" is the exact opposite of what she wants, and in the nicest way possible, that she didn't want the backlash that would inevitably come from publicly supporting that kind of thing. He acted like he got the message, then went ahead and called her a bitch in the song anyway. Seems like he didn't run the music video with the creepy naked sculpture of her by her, either.

Only sort of related, it's kind of funny hearing her make it clear she doesn't really support feminism ("The feminists are going to come out"), even though she publicly uses it to her aid and for her own advantage in a lot of cases. None of the parties involved in this are very likable, honestly.

No. 530091

Thanks anon, this was very much appreciated

No. 530133

File: 1584882955156.png (515.29 KB, 1020x574, 162af878-3fff-437d-bf29-300ab8…)

>we stan a feminist queen uwu

No. 530146

I swear all of this was previously known tho? I don't understand where her win is and what her stans are on about

No. 530150

Simplified: She basically said "Just don't call me a bitch. I don't mind the sex jokes."

Kanye then called her a bitch in the song.

Then he edited the phone conversation to make it seem like she'd OK'd him calling her a bitch.

No. 530304

>Seems like he didn't run the music video with the creepy naked sculpture of her by her, either.
see, this is what always got me with the people calling her a snake. even before this new video, it was clear he only ran the line by her but the creepy video wasn't mentioned. the video always gave me gross misogynist revenge-porny vibes, but even people who called themselves feminists accused taylor of being a snake and framing kanye as the big mean black man with her as the fragile white woman EVEN THOUGH kanye was clearly being disgusting. but back then you couldn't say that or you were a "white feminist"
>Only sort of related, it's kind of funny hearing her make it clear she doesn't really support feminism ("The feminists are going to come out"), even though she publicly uses it to her aid and for her own advantage in a lot of cases.
yeah, basically all popstars who use feminism as an accessory are actually male-pandering cool girls who want to use feminist language to market themselves but still want to be acceptable/desirable to men. our stupid celebrity culture has people (mostly stan twitter morons) acting like millionaire celebrities are somehow activists, intellectuals, and social justice icons. tbh most of the people who call these celebs woke don't know shit about feminism/leftism/activism and don't really care they just want to feel justified in devoting themselves to some rich asshole who doesn't even know who they are (and they try to cancel other peoples favs to feel morally superior)

No. 530373

Kanye has always been a sexist piece of shit. no idea why he was never cancelled

Thank you for this. He really is insane
>she owes me sex
fucking absolute trash.

No. 530374

I listen to his music all the time. fuck, that sucks. rip

No. 530428

File: 1584917264325.jpeg (469.11 KB, 1125x1943, 364C1EDB-4F11-412C-841A-C408CC…)

So are there any celebrities who didn't respond to this crisis in a retarded way?

No. 530430

who the hell is this

No. 530453

nta but thats beabadoobee, an indie singer

No. 530479

>Only sort of related, it's kind of funny hearing her make it clear she doesn't really support feminism ("The feminists are going to come out"), even though she publicly uses it to her aid and for her own advantage in a lot of cases. None of the parties involved in this are very likable, honestly.

I'm not a Taylor fan, I've always thought she was a narc BUT I do see where she's coming from with this. She basically just means she is hyper scrutinized. There are tons of different "feminists" who have completely different views (for example some feminists are anti porn, some think porn is empowering) there's nothing she can do to be seen as "right" in the eyes of all so called feminists. So I don't think it's necessarily hypocritical of her.

No. 530531

god hes so fucking autistic

No. 530736

Oh no.. Not you, Bea, not you…

No. 530748


I don't really think there's anything wrong with this
She's upset like a lot of other people. She's just venting on her social media. Better than singing Imagine lmao

No. 530887

3rd degree gurns

No. 530989

File: 1584996917482.jpeg (354.15 KB, 750x821, 39D9AD75-F685-4C20-A817-A83A8F…)

Weinstein reported to have coronavirus. Not sure if a ploy to get out of prison or actually real but it'd be karmatic as shit if he actually had corona

No. 530998

I hope he does not die. He needs to rot in prison thinking what he has done and how he lost everything

No. 531004

>Not sure if a ploy to get out of prison
…sadly i think it might be the case.

No. 531007

How tf do you get corona in prison?
Hes getting Epstein'd lol

No. 531010

a guard might have brought it in…

No. 531016

File: 1585001191582.png (930.09 KB, 1306x759, Untitled.png)

No. 531037

The weird thing about Taylor Swift stans is that they think Taylor has the right to tell Kanye what to say or do. He didn't need to run shit by her at the end of the day, this is an entire non-issue.

If I had the skills I'd edit the gif of Kourtney saying Kim there's people dying and replace Kim with Taylor

No. 531058

Yes, he didn't need to, but then he also shouldn't pretend to be her friend. It was about more than just a diss line in a rap song, he clearly intended on leaking that edit right from the beginning. That's the definition of being a snake.
Also, secretly recording somebody (and using that tape to publicly slander that person) is illegal af, lawyer Kim should know that…

At the end of the day, it's creepy how obsessed he's with Taylor, he's been after her since she was just a teen. He does rap, she does pop, why care? He's a married father, why write about other women owing you sex?
Even if you don't like Taylor, why would you try and defend Kanye? He's just utter shit.

>If I had the skills I'd edit the gif of Kourtney saying Kim there's people dying and replace Kim with Taylor

Anon that's embarrassing.

No. 531063

Being a snake? He's a grown man in the entertainment business. She's used other men countless times for publicity, but she doesn't like it when the tables are turned. Weep into her millions. Is she just butthurt her revenge album barely made noise outside the payola circle?

No. 531281

File: 1585062599659.png (497.35 KB, 760x540, Screenshot_20190710-233526.png)

>defending a shitty misogynistic rapper

No. 531555

nta but
>defending a shitty millionaire white woman
They're both famous, rich and you shouldn't care so much about what they do. Get over it, tswift has used people in the past too

No. 532104

Go back to twitter. She has every right to refuse to be sexually objectified publicly, she doesn’t have to bow down to someone because they outrank her in the oppression olympics. Rappers either have to face the consequences of their words or learn to rap about something other than sex and violence. A real man takes responsibility for what he does. Also kim is a fucking gremlin and no wonder s he is jealous of taylor and wants to bring her down.

No. 532208

File: 1585232456845.jpg (56.14 KB, 750x702, IMG_20200326_141728.jpg)

>I'm tired of holding my tongue back in 2011 I was invited to dis party in new York by asap rocky I was pullin up wit my girl n shit and I was on da phone like yo bruh where u at I don't see he was like "YO LOOK DOWN IM RIGHT HERE" Next thing u know he in da pool rubbin a mans ass


wish all the bored celebs in their house started spilling coronamilk like this

No. 532214

I don't want this to come across as racebait but is does the rap community so gay

No. 532261

Do you think she's really trans? And her parents had her on hormones from a young age, like those hollyweird parents that dress their sons in girl clothes?

No. 532315

this is such bullshit. And if you believe this you might need to get checked for severe retardation.

No. 532319

File: 1585249714262.jpeg (60.39 KB, 680x680, ET68tYCWoAAN3wS.jpeg)

Azealia Banks went in on Kim Kardashian over the Taylor thing.

No. 532320

File: 1585249738060.jpeg (280.46 KB, 2048x2048, ET68tYGWsAYPyo9.jpeg)

No. 532324

File: 1585249999987.jpeg (316.61 KB, 2048x2048, ET68ttzXYAcmgcP.jpeg)

No. 532329


Azealia Banks is so interesting. Half of the stuff she says is awful cow-tier nonsense, but then you get memorable and accurate digs like this.

No. 532334

File: 1585251517139.jpg (111.75 KB, 1080x874, 83056338_515761015734946_68306…)

Honestly Bea's thoughts are pretty relatable, but she could have just called up a friend or family member instead of showing her crying face on social media.

She should be called out for badly wanting to be some white indie chick, and posting cringeworthy pics of her and her boyfriend being edgy and shoving each other's tongue down their throats. Bitch looks like she's drugged out half of the time.

No. 532363

That crazy bitch is simply a cotrairian and because of it she's sometimes right and sometimes wrong.

Taylor Swift sucks tho. And not just because of Kanye and Kim etc, she literally is so boring. The most interesting thing about her is her being anachan and then getting plastic surgery to reduce the signs of aging to her face and fix her droopy tits from her bad posture and starvation periods.

No. 532454

Taylor sucking because she's boring doesn't matter now, the Kardashians are finally getting the shit they deserve. I'm absolutely certain that they leaked that recording themselves to get some attention for their new season but they didn't think they would get that much hate. I just want them to fuck off so badly, they have such a shit influence on fashion, beauty standards, pop culture, kids in general, everything - and all of that solely because some money obsessed hoe leaked her own sex tape.
Kim is shilling KUWTK and her underwear brand hard, she's also asking for tips what to play with her kids (as if they don't have enough entertaining shit in their mansion), so disgusting.

Some say Taylor should sue Kim, so that at least some of their insane wealth can go to help the public against corona (plus Kim could actually face jail time), but that's not gonna happen.

No. 532521

Sorry triggered Hailey stan

No. 532528

File: 1585273690209.jpeg (67.96 KB, 1030x712, 233C58B0-B909-4027-BAA4-47C2BD…)

God I am absolutely living for Kim getting dragged on twitter. Her replies are filled with rat emojis and people spamming “Kim people are dying”.

No. 532537

File: 1585274674470.jpeg (816.54 KB, 1242x1828, 8F9AEB01-E055-41A6-9970-C9703C…)

No. 532542

You know shes not sought after she has to make some money some how to keep up her drug addiction

No. 532568

People have been hating the kardashians the day Kim's sex tape came out. Even the leaked video doesn't change the original narrative the kardashians were saying, Taylor was the one that was liking posts on tumblr about before it was even picked up by the masses on twitter. I've never met an IRL fan of Taylor Swift, and since her last two albums she's not had nearly the same radio play as before because people are just over her bullshit and fake feminism and carefully constructed image in which she still comes across deranged. Taytay is just so unlikeable, that's why she puts so much money into promotion and her fake friendships and relationships. She's more corporate than most artists

No. 532599

did anything actually happen or is azealia just sperging again?

No. 532667

actually read the thread instead of asking to be spoon fed?

No. 532710

I've always had a feeling that he was gay or bi.
> I've never met an IRL fan of Taylor Swift
I'm achingly jealous. IRL Tswift fans are all neurotic oversensitive cat ladies with no real personality. I know that sounds like half the lolcow userbase, but I don't have to talk to those bitches offline.

No. 532753

my cousins 7 yr old daughter is the only swift fan ive ever met, irl or online. so as far as im concerned she makes music for children. if anything feminism is just part of her "girl boss" aesthetic, void of substance.

No. 532801

taylor is as inauthentic as a person can be and if reptilians somehow exist she absolutely is one, but let's not pretend her music is not undeniably delicious sugary garbage.

No. 532840

File: 1585333138018.gif (1.76 MB, 245x245, get (4).gif)

Harry and Megain are moving to Los Angeles. Ahhh yes. L.A, that haven away from any photographers, paparazzi, people who will sell your personal details for a buck. No crazies. FINALLY they can have the peace and quiet and privacy they always dreamed of.


No. 532862

hate them both smh came to canada and we were paying their security up until recently… both of them are so full of shit and meghan isnt even a good actor ive seen her hallmark movie about independence day or whatever its spoiler alert: its awful and i am someone who actively watches hallmark movies 4 laughs so i KNOW that other regulars are at least better at acting then her lol

No. 532863


lol same… my ex-best friend of 10 years came a tswift fan at one point and spent her days obsessing over her , i basically got replaced by her and the new friends she made who all love tswift just as much as her LOL she has paid to be at so many of her concerts just to get the chance to meet her (and she did eventually), but holy i cant imagine blindly adoring someone so bland

No. 532870

They still need the exposure and novelty in order to carry themselves, as much as any celebrity bitches, they all need the media to survive because they sure as shit don't perform any meaningful work routinely.

No. 532933

I mean, that’s completely objective. I think her music is bland and uninteresting. She had a few good country-pop songs early in her career and that one song she did for the Hunger Games is still one of my favorites, but she hasn’t put out anything catchy since 1989. I think >>532568 hit the nail on the head, she has a boring and inauthentic personality and it bleeds through to her music. Plus her voice is like nails on a chalkboard, I can’t believe after 10+ years she still sounds the way she does.

No. 532935

*subjective not objective lol forgive me, it’s 1am

No. 532943

a lot of pop music is not interesting though. imo 1989 was weak as hell, but still fine. don't really get why it was praised so much though. wildest dreams was its only really good point. i haven't sat down to really listen to her albums since like, speak now, but as far as recent stuff goes, delicate and lover are pretty good songs. idk i enjoy her much of her soulless twinkie-tier music. it's not supposed to be super interesting or deep, it just is what it is.

No. 532953

guess it was a good decision for her to quit acting then huh?

No. 532976

While this is obviously bullshit, it would be SO entertaining if it was true

No. 533001

She wants to get into acting again besides her lifestyle blog. That's why she forced Harry to ask the head of Disney for a voice acting role. She also tries to get a role in a DC or Marvel movie sequel according to some Hollywood insiders. Good luck to her, she'll need it now because she isn't Royal anymore and burned all bridges to the monarchy which gave her many opportunities.

No. 533003

File: 1585355496272.jpg (434.31 KB, 788x1050, 20200327_172819.jpg)


No. 533006

File: 1585355544192.jpg (420.1 KB, 800x1067, 20200327_172831.jpg)

kind of old milk but she's speaking bluntly now about her abuse

No. 533071

For some reason I've always had a soft spot for her, I'm glad to see her speaking out and hope she can heal in the way she deserves

No. 533080

I feel the same way. Good for her.

No. 533214

I still can't believe people just stood by and let this happen. I've always wanted her to break free and live her own life, hopefully one that involves a lot of therapy.

No. 533282

it's absolutely insane to me that a 50 year old could just marry a 16 year old child like that, and no one in their life stopped it. As she said, her parents signed off . Crazy

No. 533284

File: 1585408595467.png (418.83 KB, 722x1182, iIDylky.png)

celebrities continue to exploit this pandemic for $$$. the CEO of Judy is one of her friends

No. 533285

wow, disgusting

No. 533286

File: 1585408834827.png (540.99 KB, 718x806, TcFAQsJ.png)

she also took down the post saying that she's donating 20% of her profits. now it's just 1 mil.

No. 533295

I know this is outrageous and disgusting but I REALLY wish people wouldn't give these celebrity narcs any attention right now. Controversy to them gets them what they want regardless, and calling attention just amplifies their plight to their sheeple fans who want to support them.

I fucking hate them.

No. 533304

Same. I'm hoping we can finally get over those days where the spotlight is always on these people for no reason at all and celebrity obsession. I think people are kind of waking up to the fact that these people don't actually donate anything and that something like $1 million dollar donations are nothing to them. Especially for the billionaires and their shitty donations as well.
They must be so out of touch of reality. The whole "imagine" singing fiasco only furthered the outrage. And whoever is crying that they're stuck inside their mansions.

No. 533320

Jesus. I can’t imagine going through that. Good for her for realizing it and speaking out. I hope one day she can find peace.

I remember when they got married in 2011. While he was ridiculed for being a pedo creep (and rightfully so), she was equally as mocked. Kinda unsettling to think about almost a decade later.

No. 533338

I remember people seeing her as the bad guy back when they first got together. "She's sexual so she's a whore and using him and she's so manipulative with her sexuality" blah blah, she was fucking 16 years old and paraded around like his personal sex doll

No. 533359

The courntey situation always made me feel like her parents were at fault for this.
Her parents pimped their own daughter out.
No normal parents let a 16 year old marry a 50 year old. I bet they thought they were going to become rich by doing this but it backfired on them.

No. 533365

this. it’s her parents. when this whole situation originally went down i was pretty young, and even i knew it wasn’t her fault and that her parents must be fucking insane to allow someone nearly 4x her age to take advantage of her. makes me simultaneously horrified but also grateful mine didn’t try to pimp me out. can’t imagine wtf she’s been through. i hope she’s okay.

No. 533424

Iirc, Courtney Stodden's mother started e-mail correspondence with Doug in order to secure her own bag, but it somehow got twisted into pimping out Courtney instead. Imagine entering your late 20's and gaining the perspective to realize how fucked up your life and the people meant to protect you have been. I too remember how she was vilified relentlessly for it. Remember this interview (starting at 2:35) where she is twitchy and clearly doped up? She also had a miscarriage. Lel remember when they tried to stage it like she miscarried bc she tripped in front of the paparazzi cameras? I wish the best for her. She has that tragic Marilyn Monroe dichotomy down pat.
Also apparently she was the breadwinner in their pathetic marriage and Doug is writing a ~~memoir~~ about it:
>Meanwhile, Hutchison is set to release a memoir, Flushing Hollywood: Fake News, Fake Boobs, next week, which will discuss his marriage to Stodden.
>“I shot my career in the head for love,” Hutchison previously told Fox News. “And in doing so, I lost my family and friends. I was suddenly on the Titanic and everyone was fleeing except for me and Courtney. Now, I have nothing to lose but to tell the truth.
What a huge faggot.

No. 533430

File: 1585430231217.jpg (2.99 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20200328_141400630.j…)

[…] the 23-year-old Celebrity Big Brother alum revealed she was sexually abused twice during the time she was separated from her husband Doug Hutchison.

Stodden, then 16, and Hutchison, then 51, wed in 2011. They briefly parted ways in 2013 but reunited nine months later. The two ultimately called it quits in 2016; Stodden officially filed for divorce last week.

[…] Stodden was asked if she had any personal #MeToo experiences relating to power and sex.

“Both — both power and sex,” she said, though she declined to go into further detail, explaining that she’s working on a book.

“It’s just like all the other women’s stories,” she added. “It’s nothing different.”

“At that age — I was only 19 when my first experience happened,” she said. “I didn’t really think it was wrong, which is the crazy part. I felt like, ‘Okay, well that’s how sex is.’ ”

“You know, I only had sex with one man before that — that was Doug,” she continued. “So gentle, not to get explicit. But I was like, ‘Okay, well maybe that’s just a rough way of going on a date.’ I really didn’t realize it was sexual abuse until I started hearing these women talking. It wasn’t until #MeToo started that I was like, ‘Wow, maybe that wasn’t okay.’ ”

“It’s really a sad thing, but it happens all the time,” she added. “But I am definitely happy that anybody who is a victim of #MeToo is getting heard.”

Look how fucked up she is in every way in the right pic. Evil motherfuckers who took advantage of her. This must be what it's like to be a child star, in general.

No. 533509

This was actually her selling this dumb kit during the California wildfires,not for the current pandemic. There's plenty to hate her for but this isn't it.

No. 533515

uh, how does that make it any better literally at all

No. 533517

So she's a repeat offender.

No. 533527

She always reminded me of Marilyn too. In some pics the resemblance was almost uncanny. I think there is a psuedo psychological thing where women from fucked up backgrounds start trying to emulate her.

No. 533659

>“I shot my career in the head for love,” Hutchison previously told Fox News. “And in doing so, I lost my family and friends. I was suddenly on the Titanic and everyone was fleeing except for me and Courtney."
Disgusting and slimy. Do abusers really believe their shit or is it an attempt to gain sympathy? If my friend was sexually exploiting a child, I would leave him in the dust too; that's called "consequences"

No. 533694

File: 1585487898531.png (4.1 MB, 1920x2426, bhadbhabie_pedocommentsection.…)

She just turned 17 and damn, this is creepy.

No. 533696

Lmao off the topic but she's trying so hard to look black, it's like a cosplay.

No. 533713

It is. This is why more parents need to be involved with their children, kids like her don't realize how predatory this is and think it's positive attention

No. 533725

>tee hee im sexy
>oopsie im just 17
She knows what she's doing and that's so gross. bitch stop normalizing this

No. 533729

File: 1585493385457.png (1.64 MB, 1630x1206, iunkjfa1.png)

I was unconvinced at first, but then I went to her IG page and what the fuck.
This isn't normal. Everyone comes down on Ariana Grande, but at least she didn't try this hard.

No. 533741

File: 1585495351532.jpg (428.9 KB, 2400x1661, nintchdbpict000316451047.jpg)

Her mom's a fucking beast, no wonder she turned out like this.

No. 533743

yeah agreed, really hate to see girls get off on the gross attention from men like this, does nothing but hurt our own gender.

No. 533758

No wonder her tattoos are flaming shit, no good artist is going to tattoo a fucking 17 year old. She literally couldn’t wait like come on girl. That fucking blackface though. She has already lost her meme fame, it’s just going to go down hill from here tbh. She has her same orbiters and degenerate men, she really isn’t even famous. Wait till she’s fucking 25 oof

No. 533766

Her tattoos are all copies of this underaged prostitution named Zeze that’s she’s been skinwalking since before Dr Phil. Same style and even direct copies like the Family first tattoo. You heard her meantioned sometimes as the “bad girl” she was friends with that she doesn’t speak to anymore. Really whacked out she is still getting tattooed to look like her though lol.

No. 533767

File: 1585499503093.jpeg (176.73 KB, 750x888, 7565CD5B-A535-4023-A40F-479CBE…)

Sorry forgot image.

No. 533770

File: 1585499662737.jpeg (169.2 KB, 750x1214, A064071C-202C-4C26-9999-AC4584…)

No. 533772

this is the most redneck/white trash thing

No. 533779

What the fuck happened to natural beauty. I thought woman were supposed to look like grass and flowers not a graffitied abandoned McDonald’s like what the FUCK. These people make me so depressed. You just know these young woman act like this because they want male approval, no kid wakes up and is like yeah I’ll just wear short shorts and a fucking gold grill. Danielle and whoever this chick is are such disingenuous haze brained morons. All they want is attention, no girl wants to pack ten pounds of shit on their body just to be. This is definitely not cute and so so ugly and such a manufactured idiotic way to be. Children cosplaying as grown woman.

No. 533782


reminds me of a joke my friend told me about tattoos; you tattoo a butterfly to your ass when you're young, and you'll have a bat tattoo when you're old

No. 533783

bhadbhabie is a ghetto Courtney Stodden. she is the blackfishing equivalent of the underage bimbo that Stodden was sold to her husband as. give it ten years and she'll realize that she was being pimped out to old men at 14 by everyone around her.
she's relishing the attention now and glossing over the abuse because she's still a naive teenager who's been entrenched in abuse her whole life. she may think she's grown, but she truly doesn't know better, and now that there's money and fame at play, there is pressure on her to continue being exploited. there's no doubt that she's being plied with booze and drugs in lieu of an education or any skills. no one around her cares about her wellbeing. they see her as a cash cow or as underage pussy.


i think a lot of blame is being wrongly placed on these young women for wanting male attention. society teaches us that male attention is the ultimate things for a woman to get, and impressionable young girls shouldn't be admonished for being misguided. they need help and support, not criticism that i'm sure they're already getting tons of.
Bregoli and this girl almost definitely came from sort of abuse or broken household and are seeking comfort in the form of male attention. again, i'm sure there's lot of other shitty things at play: drugs, alcohol, prostitution, childhood sexual abuse, mental illness, etc. sexual promiscuity can be a type of self-harm and it can be a cry for help that the person themself may not be even aware of. these girls look trashy because the shitty men that prey on young are trashy, and unfortunately these young women are trying to appeal to them.
>What the fuck happened to natural beauty. I thought woman were supposed to look like grass and flowers
i think it's a quite stupid to say women are "supposed to look like grass and flowers." it reeks of a virgin/whore complex, dehumanizes women, and provides no sympathy to these young girls who clearly have no one looking out for them in life. how about women are supposed to look like people and don't need to constantly evoke images of sunshine and powder because they're nuanced, complex humans just like everyone else? i think the girl's look is trashy, too, but i think your emphasis on her lack of nAtUrAl BeAuTy and lack of sympathy for the young girl is more telling than anything else.

No. 533787

I just meant she’s ugly as fuck and needs to take out the grill anon, chill the fuck out on your moralfagging. I meant people shouldn’t have to smear shit all over their bodies, not that she needs to be a virgin madonna in a white veil. Your making it so much more complex than it is, their white trash idiots either way. Jesus fuck you are annoying, making everything a feminist issue when I’m just sad this poor girl feels like she needs to put on a mask THATS ALL I MEANT. I was talking about how humans; male and female are born natural without shit all over them, not just woman. The fuck. It literally applies to men too.

No. 533801

So you hate, what, makeup and tattoos more than the abuse and exploitation of teenage girls?

No. 533804

this is a multi-faceted issue, but truly, this is just south florida culture. this is like, dominant culture there, and it doesn't help that these people have trashy parents. i think it's less about a specific desire to please men (though that is part of it), and more of a desired aesthetic. both being 'hard', and 'sexy'. most girls i grew up with were like this, even ones with normal families. it's everywhere in s fla.

No. 533811


kek, the way you write makes you sound like the type of person who would look exactly like that Zeze girl.

No. 533817

File: 1585508475048.png (697.28 KB, 1014x1194, Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-29 um 2…)

No. 533819

File: 1585508644716.jpg (34.53 KB, 768x512, 15679530905d7510c2c0e16_156795…)

Does anyone else think Dylan Farrow is also a cow?

>Has done nothing in her life in 30 or so years except writing a shitty YA book.

>Harrasses everyone who ever so much dares to work with Woody Allen, always keeps it up until actors are obligated by PR to publicly apologize to her.
>Every single social media dedicated to crying about muh sexual abuse.

Mia Farrow also has traces of very much being a horrible human being.

>Most of the non-white kids side with allen and/or have commited suicide; Moses Farrow has publicly adressed the situation by claiming Mia was abusive and used to beat him and Soon Yi with all sorts of household objects, claims he only stayed with her during the Allen investigation because of his disabled siblings and coercion from Mia. (http://mosesfarrow.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-son-speaks-out-by-moses-farrow.html)

>Biggest white savior complex of hollywood, basically went to third world orphanages and adopted the most fucked up kid she could find.

No. 533833


I’ve always had my doubts about woody Allen but I think Dylan was genuinely traumatized by the events and is truthly expressing memories she has (which may or may not be fake), which is why her life has failed to actualize in any way. She gives off strong bpd disorder vibes to me and also having a genius overachiever brother must be extremely discouraging as well.

No. 533838

File: 1585510779547.jpg (590.71 KB, 1998x1332, dylan-farrow-book-deal-2.jpg)

She also seems to have a weirdly codependent relationship with Mia, which adds up to Dylan and Ronan being the "golden children" of the household while the rest got the short end of Mia's craziness.

I assume she has BPD and Mia NPD.

No. 533848

Ghetto trash ugh
Why do cretins like her exist?

No. 533866

File: 1585515263895.jpg (46.96 KB, 634x780, DeCPbnJVAAAT6CQ.jpg)

mia is 100% a narc mess. sad as it is, pic related is still hilarious

No. 534051

File: 1585550418287.jpeg (493.98 KB, 1242x1029, 56F0C318-6F23-4B28-8154-9C05E0…)

This is kind of old but what was this about?

No. 534078


Have you heard about the coronavirus yet?

No. 534085

No I mean the ‘warrant for my arrest’ part? Is it a weird joke or did Ellen do something I missed?

No. 534093

Hold up, i saw someone in the tinfoil thread talk about this, shes wearing an ankle monitor and all

No. 534094

It's a weird joke, but also a fringe segment of /pol/ thinks her recent self-isolation due to current events was actually a formal arrest for child trafficking or something dumb like that.

No. 534098

Oh is she trying to make reference to that or something? Wtf is going on in her IG comments?

No. 534115

probably retards from vigilantcitizen or /pol/ going off?

No. 534125

Sometimes I feel bad about my latent classist beliefs, but damn sometimes it feels so right.
It sucks and I hope she just matures and moves forward with her life, but she'll probably be doing porn next year.
>She also seems to have a weirdly codependent relationship with Mia
Probably because she was sexually abused by her step-father in a case that practically everyone knows about, but will gloss over because they want an Academy Award.

No. 534146

You know that woody allen was legally tried and the lawyer decided to not prosecute him because not even then they had proof enough to win the case with certainty right? (That whole not wanting to traumatize dylan schlick is bullshit, they only pulled that because she wouldn't give a cohesive statement and would have to be interviewed many times which would make the case worse).

In the other hand both Moses and Soon Yi have come clear about Mia's abuse and pointed out two of her other children commited suicide, which honestly is a pretty high quota for someone who is apparently oh such a good mother.

No. 534282

>itt actual Woody Allen apologism
you are mentally ill

No. 534306


woody seems like a narc (who hides behind his neuroticism) and mia 100% is a borderline, which is a match made in hell. Even if he didn't molest her, marrying your former partner's adopted daughter is only something a narcissist would do without feeling shame.

Ronan's not that great of a journalist either, he has all his connections due to his parents, which makes his crusade against his father seem fake.

No. 534339

That's how I feel. Even if Woody didn't molest Dylan, he's still an obvious creep. Both Woody and Mia seem messy as hell to put it lightly. I can definitely believe some of what Moses is saying, even if he downplays Woody's actions.

No. 534393

File: 1585620250153.jpg (216.4 KB, 1908x1146, kek.jpg)

I have to say I think Trump is a fucktard BUT I cant deny I enjoyed the fuck out of reading this tweet. Dimwit Harry and his whore wife think they can jetset from one country to the other and think the country they land on is obligated to pay for their useless asses? Not in America, cunts!

No. 534413

Fuck them, they’re rich enough to pay for their own security. I can’t believe they have the audacity to ask American taxpayers to fund their shit during a pandemic. They could also not be attention whores for once and move somewhere away from society if they care so much about their security, but no, they’re moving to LA. They’re worse than the Kardashians, I hope they’re shunned by every country they try to move to and every hallmark movie Meghan makes from now on flops.

No. 534416

They don't even want the US to pay for security. Its just from citizens saying 'Well this country paid.." Well, yeah. They were in Canada until they were completely unroyaled. Why would they still need security anyway?

No. 534450

File: 1585633816333.png (136.59 KB, 669x353, ynZQmeu.png)

anyone seen this shit? loads of celebrities have been changing twitter profile header to blank.

No. 534453

Did they even ask for security when they arrived in the U.S? I was under the impression that people assumed without even knowing and Trump just spewed it like the idiot that he is. Correct me if I’m wrong though

No. 534457


Actually these parasites were expecting the US to pay for it, exactly like Canada and UK did when they "lived" there. There are lots of blinds about these two, esp Meghan's shit doings.

No. 534458

Then why is everyone around them saying that they never asked for it? They even told the news they never asked for security.

No. 534460

> Actually these parasites were expecting the US to pay for it, exactly like Canada and UK did when they "lived" there. There are lots of blinds about these two, esp Meghan's shit doings.

Okay, but is there a source for this? Like a direct quote?

No. 534462

I dont think he"s doing much anon

No. 534468

No. 534858

File: 1585704161356.png (1.53 MB, 979x1275, Screenshot_20200331-202228(1).…)

Does Britney Spears wash her hair? It looks so chunky. Are those extensions?

No. 534860

She uses a lot of texturizer. I do the same thing when I want my hair to look like that (beach waves kinda)

No. 534877

And youre going to believe them? After all those two have done against his own family? gtfo

Btw a blind item just came out today saying Meghan is pregnant and they'll announce it next month. I 10000% believe this since that blind site (blindgossip) is one of the good ones so if it does happen then I'll also believe what the rest of the blind says.

No. 534901

File: 1585715104257.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

My fucking sides, anon

No. 534903

Why dont they stay their asses in the UK. The states dont want them.

No. 534922


Not sure, but whoever is running her account keeps reposting this pic and others from a similar set, over and over, (like 3 days in a row) as if it's new content. Very sad, and kind of creepy. The account really emphasises that she has no control whatsoever over her life.

No. 534923

Oh god finally someone else who thinks Ronan is overrated. Gets his ass kissed because he’s a celeb kid with a prestigious career, the correct political positions, and the parental connections

No. 534939

I was knee deep in dick at that age

No. 534950

They dont want them/her in the UK either anon

No. 535024

Britney is known for her horrible extentions, she could care less lol

No. 535032

I think I saw a video (or maybe just a statement) from Britney about her double, sometimes triple posting. She said she just gets excited and doesn’t care what people think. I’m pretty sure she was getting made fun of for it pretty recently, now that I think about it…

No. 535055

File: 1585757772014.gif (639.14 KB, 384x333, 96bec8248687372277f6150c5eea67…)

You moron, it's April 1st. They did the exact same prank last year on March 31st and you are still falling for it.Jesus take the wheel.

No. 535060

Hahaha bless you anon.

No. 535113

what does that have to do with creepy old men on her insta? having sex at 17 is normal, but not with 40 year old men…

No. 535222

What's your beef with them? What did they do to warrant so much anger?

No. 535261

Did anyone watch the show 'The mother/daughter experiment'? It had courtney and her mom AND doug in it. It was all kinds of messed up– Her mom was trying to sleep with doug, clearly pimped her out for money, poor courtney is clearly a MESS. It's been a while since I saw it so I don't remember all the details, but if anyone is interested they get pretty deep into the whole thing.

If any anon has seen it, post a summary because I can't remember all the details but it was really sad/interesting.

No. 535280

Just Britney being Britney

No. 535534

Either someone who works for the British tabloids or a deranged BRF Stan. I mean, I don’t think Harry and Meghan are without flaws but a lot of what anon is saying sounds like straight up fanfiction.
Maybe because Meghan is American and wants to be closer to her mom? Idk. The U.K doesn’t seem to be so bad to live in, especially if you’re wealthy. Aside from crappy weather.

No. 535659

File: 1585866975822.jpeg (381.28 KB, 750x1200, AFF55D55-5D23-4484-9CD1-DCD0FE…)

Holy shit, at a glance, I thought this was Naomi Campbell. Isn’t Kendall supposed to be the one who doesn’t try to pass as ethnically ambiguous..?

No. 535666

not even. she looks like raven from drag race

No. 535686

File: 1585870968878.jpg (58.28 KB, 460x345, 3379263489_c0164a489d.jpg)

Anon I guarantee you she'd take that as a compliment. Apologize to Naomi right now.

No. 535733

fuck my ass, you are right and im a clown.

bish got him to drop his family and move away from it all just for what? so she can become someone in hollywood? i hate skanks like that and I dont know if you've been living under a rock or what but no one in the UK likes her.

No. 535906

File: 1585922118279.jpg (134.69 KB, 1908x1146, article-2185897-14752B2D000005…)

You sure…?

No. 535921

That is some serious hair loss, is that from having hair sewn in or?

No. 535935

Yeah, that looks like traction alopecia.

No. 535940

Im surprised no on is talking about this here.
A thread on twitter went viral where people were talking about their negative experiences with Ellen Degeneres.

No. 535949

so post it…

No. 535950

Oh yes, part of the celebrity cancel/hate movement right now. Celebrities arent getting the attention they used to so Madonna and Britney and going insane apparently. Theyre both hags now and Madonna needs attention like when she had to collab with Nicki Minaj to make a comeback song composed of fart noises.

No. 535963

File: 1585932961616.png (21.44 KB, 478x408, Untitledd.png)

um…okay, has nothing to to do with my post about ellen. Britney has alway had mental health issues though…nothing to do with attention or being a ''hag''
here is your spoonfeeding

No. 535964

File: 1585933614718.jpg (406.39 KB, 1080x1463, IMG_20200403_190541.jpg)

This was already posted to the tinfoil thread over a week ago.

No. 535965

>posting images on an imageboard

No. 535979

I thought it was well known Ellen was a total bitch? I don't recall where I read it but I heard she's very emotionally abusive to her wife Portia de rossi and has caused her to have mental break downs in the past. Also, like even on TV she uses very serious phobias on people for 'funny' reactions, which they get very angry over.

Also personal opinion but she comes off as fake as hell and very narcissistic, never liked her.

No. 535986

Yeah Ellen gives me total sociopathic vibes.
Not only that…but I was literally thinking this today, how can Portia or anyone for that matter be attracted to or even like her?
It's got nothing to do with the fact she's butch, I just feel like she's void of any real personality, has that creepy smile and there's nothing vaguely sexual or cute about her whatsoever.
Someone with a similar aesthetic is Jane Lynch, but she seems funny and even though she's not my type, somewhat attractive in a way, but Ellen to me is like a fucking ugly cyborg.

No. 536001

Portia was really good in arrested development, she’d do much better without psycho Ellen hindering her

No. 536025

>song composed of fart noises
kek but it also describes nearly ten years of Diplo's musical output around that time

No. 536061

literally who the fuck cares? britbongs are retarded and seem to care more about this than prince andrew being a pedo and a friend of epstein. the brf need to die, the sooner the better

No. 536116

selena was diagnosed with bipolar

No. 536122

I mean, the insta thot makeup is basically Ravens face so.

No. 536132

Everyone has bipolar nowadays. It's like the new depression.

No. 536155

Is she drunk again?

No. 536261

didnt Selena do DBT which is for BPD?

No. 536382

they both look like crackheads

No. 536386

It's pretty common for a BPD diagnosis to get changed to bipolar or vice versa

No. 536389

BPD and bipolar ii are very similar so yes

No. 536402

"bipolar" when will this bitch admit she's a one foot in the fucking grave, un-talented, organ failure level alcoholic junkie? Celebrities are really losing their minds during this coronavirus bullshit. Time to cancel all these glorified crack heads and redistribute their fortune to people who actually contribute something to the world.

No. 536603

If anyone want to what a person ellen is they can watch how she interacts with wendy williams.
She acts totally disinterested and cold towards her guest.
And there isnt really any excuse i mean if she hater her she shouldnt have gotten her on show.

No. 536635

Speaking of Ellen, she's trending on my country (Argentina) because someone made a thread about her shitty personality and now everyone hates her lmao the way she acted with Mariah's pregnancy and Celine's son was really messed up

No. 536648

hahaha wtf

what's her beef with wendy?

No. 536653

to be fair wendy is a trash person

No. 536678

don't even blame her for the way she acted because wendy is so fucking trashy

No. 536785

wendy is arguably trashier than ellen ngl

No. 536946


wendy williams is a piece of garbage and I'm surprised more people aren't shitting on her since everyone is currently taking a jab at ellen. wendy is way worse

No. 537165

being partially bald in her 40s doesn't take away that she was attractive in her heydays

No. 537167

selena gomez seems so normal and boring. does she actually have substance abuse problems?

No. 537248

they say she needed the kidney transplant because she fucked her system up so bad with the drugs and alcohol. Lupus was just a coverup story

No. 537268

So Ezra Miller is currently trending on twitter because someone released a video of him grabbing a fan by her throat after she jokingly asked him to fight. Tbh he sounded drunk/intoxicated to me, maybe he intended to be playful but it came across as intense. I'm very curious to what see his response/explanation will be…

No. 537270

File: 1586160806873.jpeg (80.42 KB, 828x753, EU5XVYjUEAACKXc.jpeg)

Lmao he was at the top of my list of celebrities who deserve to get cancelled, first Sam Smith and now this
>here’s what op posted for context
(EZRA GOES BY THEY, pls pls pls remember)
So, is there no quarantine in Iceland? And that's why actors just flee there?
>showing her his battle scars
What a "feminine" thing to do…

No. 537280

God, this entire thread is filled with people who keep defending him. What the hell? Makes me hate all these fangirls even more.

No. 537315

File: 1586173983777.jpg (56.02 KB, 589x563, fuckwit.JPG)

or people being more concerned with getting his fucking pronouns right, absolutely infuriating.

No. 537332

definitely a dumb time to be concerned with pronouns but that other person comes off like an complete moron being so triggered to type a HE HE HE He's a HE comment. Overall whole conversation is cringe.

No. 537335

i fucking hate gender pronouns, what's "they"? does he have multiple personality disorder ou sth

No. 537337


Same. It’s more dehumanizing to use it. These people aren’t really thinking.

That sounds hilarious. Screencaps?

No. 537341

He is pretending to be a wokey-wokey SJW to appeal to his fans. In one of the interviews he said that he is not a man or a human, he is an alien. BUT these idiots never do a factcheck because in other interviews he said he doesn't mind ANY kind of pronoun.

He also appears to be gay, did a photoshoot for playboy wearing linegere and wrote 'WHORE" word on his face some time back. But it is really obvious that he does many cringeworthy things in order to get praise from woke people, that's literally what every other pretentious celeb does.

No. 537342

He appears to be a total loon.
>We’re better at sex than y’all. We’re better at art. We’re better at warfare.
He couldn't sound more like a retarded macho man.

No. 537346

he's so disgusting to me.

No. 537347

Ezra Miller is a normal dude who always dated girls (feminine looking girls), he was even engaged already. Him and Sam Smith are the prime example of the modern sexist male who uses queerbaiting and being genderspecial to distract from the fact that they too are part of the privileged white hetero/cis partriarchy or whatever they love to shit on. Actually even worse, since normal men at least don't make millions like they do. #Metoo happened and female celebrities started getting more attention, so of course losers like them have to try and one-up them in terms of victimhood. We shouldn't believe any Hollywoodsters who come out nowadays, it's nearly always for attention. It's not some misunderstood "they" in that video, it's simply a douchebag bloke who lost control because he's drunk af.

No. 537353

>‘We [actors and artists] are all practitioners of the various works of magic and medicine, storytelling and ritual,’ Miller says. ‘Native people with these powers and idiosyncrasies, queer people, people with different abilities, neurodiverse characters.’
>Miller goes on to connect the past with the present, talking about the colonisers around the world who violently snuffed out native dwellers’ rich ceremonial traditions of storytelling.
>‘Straightness and cis-ness and whiteness and racism, as in the belief in race, physical appearance as a determining factor for fucking anything, including ethnicity, ethnography – these are all like the circus, the carnival, the Hollywood instead of all the different storytelling practices,’ Miller continues, on a slowly building roll. ‘All these things are relatively recent colonial inventions.’
>In Hawaiian native understanding, everyone has kū[male spirit] and hina [female spirit]. Everyone is trans.’
>‘We’re not fighting for equality,’ Miller says. ‘None of these conflicts against systems of oppression are fights for equality. They are fights for accurate regard of supremacy. We’re better at sex than y’all. We’re better at art. We’re better at warfare. These are things carried in the old understandings of so-called, whatever-you-want-to-call-it: non-binary, queer, genderqueer, trans, gay, lesbian. Just like the neurodiverse peoples, these people are all sacred beings, superior to other beings.’
That interviewer should have strangled him instead of writing that asskissery.

No. 537354

How does Harry Styles literally have no drama? I mean, almost all these celebs have at least one lulzy thing they've done. This man hasn't even lashed out on social media or done anything small. How the fuck does he do it? Is he really that good of a person? Doesn't he get tired eventually behind the scenes?

It's like he knows exactly what to say all the time. Idk, it's just crazy to me.

No. 537359

I mean he's basically nude in his new album shoot anyway. What's the story behind this though? Do you know?

No. 537377

Ntayrt but I've been a one direction fan since around 2011 (don't judge lol), from what I remember the photo leaked in early 2012, and the rumor was that it's from 2010 when he was on x factor. He did deny it was him in an interview, so it was never officially "confirmed" to be him. There were also rumors that he leaked it himself lol. He would have been around 16/17 when the photo was taken.

I feel like he's just a genuinely chill dude, he's always been very private so it's easy for him to stay away from controversy. He rarely posts on social media and goes into hiding when he's not promoting music so there's not a lot of room for public drama.

No. 537422

He's been accused of being pro-Israel because apparently his manager and friends are and he has done shit like rating women or saying that girls from I don't remember which town were trashy. That stuff happened years ago, I'm not saying he's a woke king at all but he was probably just ignorant, not really a problematic person. Her ex girlfriend tho, romantizes Charles Manson and his crimes, she seems pretty nasty overall

No. 537428

Which ex gf of his was that? Also thanks anons for the info. Appreciate it

No. 537445

anon he's like 16 in this

No. 537555

He had that groomer gf that recently off’ed herself. But that’s more on her than him.

And his hair always looks greasy

No. 537572

Ezra is one of those pretty boys who knows they can get away with shit because they're attractive. He's cute and I love his style but he's so up But wtf is up with him putting his hand around that woman's neck? That's fucking crazy, makes me worry about his girlfriends if he's willing to do something like that to a total stranger. Imo you should never put your hands around someone's neck unless you're ready to kill them, kinda like don't pull a gun unless you're ready to shoot.

No. 537573

Didn't he write a song about a 16 year old girl, also zionism and gay rumors

No. 537600

Fact is, a female celebrity with just half the amount of exes he has would already be labeled a huge slut. He's only 25 and according to google had 17 more or less official girlfriends since he got famous (and god knows how many one night stands). It's also weird that he switches between younger girls to women much older than him, that's not normal, kind of like Pete Davidson.

No. 537612

He's always preaching about toxic behavior in public, maybe he's toxic as fuck behind the scenes and that's why he can't hold a girl down. 17 gfs in like what 8 years? Is a fucking lot.

No. 537654

after he went genderspecial and started spewing retarded woke shit I began to disrespect him so much. not surprised after his attention seeking antics that he's a scumbag

No. 537716

Which younger girlfriend? I thought he was literally known for always dating older women

No. 537717

The only song I remember that fits this description is "Carolina". Idk when they met but if I'm not wrong they only have a 2 year age gap, it's not a big deal. Yet, the song is really trashy, the girl isn't famous at all and she had no idea about it and found out because her dad made a whole show about it and even went to the news, ofc his fans stalked her as well, it's a mess

No. 537718

French model Camille Rowe, his fans hate her so you might found more questionable info on her quickly in social media

No. 537727

what did sam smith do?

No. 537737

File: 1586246174264.jpeg (398.54 KB, 750x815, 7531BBA5-0279-4884-B7F4-73F96B…)

Awww sheeit
I’m raging

No. 537745

I shouldn't have read the reactions to that, only mras happy about the "equality". Because saying housewives who spent their life raising your kids for zero pay deserve some support is the same as a dude getting more money than 3 generations could ever spend. And I bet that she still did the majority of child rearing while he just existed. Now way that dude ever did chores or cooking, he wasn't contributing at all to her being able to make that income.
This could also explain her losing weight way too fast.

No. 537791

To my shock, I did see a few MRA types saying this wasn't right, but most of them are still celebrating it. This is why I can't stand the ~muh divorce settlements~ meme as a "men's rights issue" when it has nothing to do with gender, it's all about which partner has more coin.

Plus, like you said, the vast majority of these cases are women who sacrificed having a career of their own to raise some ingrate's children. How dare she actually want enough money to survive instead of just living on the streets and feeding the kids dead rats once they're divorced?

No. 537799

be an annoying faggot

No. 537801

I heard the 140 mln info is fake, since her worth is considered pre marital? her ex husband looks like shit btw

No. 537812

Not sure about any other tea on him, but he posted a video of himself crying about being quarantined in his 12 million GBP mansion.

No. 537878

This is why i get sad whenever people celebrate her weight loss because its kinda obvious that her weight loss was caused by stress.

No. 537895

marriage not even once

No. 538010

Harry and Meghan have a new foundation and people are criticizing them. I totally agree btw.


Could someone give them a memo that we are in the middle of a pandemic and nobody cares about their foundation or giving money in behalf of their child? why don't you donate some of your own money to help, why don't you stay out of the spotlight for a while? isn't that what you said you wanted? are they so money hungry they couldn't wait? also Archewell? way to monetize your own child.The same child they keep dragging across the globe to seek privacy.
Now that they want to bank on him cue the magazine spreads with Archie being milked for all his worth.

No. 538014

Celebrities really live in their own worlds huh. I figured Megan wasn't super bright but she wasn't even born into this world of being so above everyone to the point of ignorance of the world beyond her mansion.

No. 538086

megs clearly in this for the fame, any chance to be talked about she will take

No. 538111

I seriously can't imagine disliking Megan. I don't particularly like her but some people fucking hate her guys because ??? She's not 100% white? She doesn't talk to her bum dad?

No. 538114

she likes attention too much

No. 538120

She's a disgusting attention whore. People like Kate more than her because she at least goes to like a dozen shitty events per day while Megan thinks she can get by in life without lifting a finger. If I was a Brit I'd want that entire inbred "royal" family of leeches to fuck off forever. Anybody cheering for them or now donating to their "charity" is missing 50 iq points.

No. 538125

Ok I feel terrible for her but come one, she's worth 190 mil so it's not like she wouldn't be a millionaire afterwards.

No. 538128

wait, why is he getting 140 though? that's a hell of a lot more than half.

No. 538130

> Kate more than her because she at least goes to like a dozen shitty events per day while Megan thinks she can get by in life without lifting a finger.

Source? They seem to make public appearances just about the same. Kate perhaps more but that’s because she’s married to the heir. Meghan does seem somewhat tone deaf (like the banana incident) but I don’t see the same vitriol towards Prince Andrew, who was raping Jeffrey Epstein’s underage sex slaves.

No. 538131

Unrelated but those nails are fucking tacky.

No. 538151

Every time someone criticises Meg, a farmer comes up with 'buuuUt whaT's with AnDreW?? Oh AnD yoU're AlL rAcIsts bTw'. Prince Pedo is the worst and belongs to jail but no one is comparing his behavior with Meg's behavior. That's two different things. Just because there are worse people in the Royal family, doesn't mean that Meg is immune to criticism. Prince Pedo is flying under the radar right now but Harry and Meghan are choosing the spotlight over and over again, so their actions are always up into our faces. They obviously want the attention and these famewhores are going to get it. They have the worst PR I have seen in a while and I see a divorce coming soon because no one is giving these freeloaders money and there's no way that Meghan will come back to Britain after she trash talked the country and people.

No. 538157

I didn’t say Meghan wasn’t immune to criticism but again, but again, she’s far from the worse person in that family, even if she’s does suck. Also it’s funny that you claim that she wants attention (and okay, that might be true) but you’re clearly giving it to her by sperging over her dumb charity. Are you the same anon that bitched about her earlier in the thread?

No. 538159

File: 1586303211352.png (20.49 KB, 954x150, ezra.PNG)

And the hilarious thing is that Ezra said in a GQ interview he was okay with any pronouns being used to refer to him. The people saying 'EZRA ISNT A HE' don't even care about the facts of the matter…

No. 538164

Ignore me saying but again twice. My point still stands

No. 538181

because of:
1. harry and meghan trying to trademark 'sussex royal' to capitalise off being royals after stepping down
2. following this, harry and meghan's statement tried to say the queen was wrong when she literally makes the rules
3. the uk taxpayer is paying approx £8million/year for their security when they've both stepped down
4. she isn't likeable and comes off aloof but not in the way you'd want to see from a royal

sexism and racism is why she's getting it levelled at her and not harry tho, u right. they're both fucking stupid

No. 538183

just a reminder that if you are a woman with a good career, never marry or only marry if the man makes more than you.

No. 538184

is that not every celebrity though?

No. 538304

What’s wrong with being aloof? So a woman who isn’t smiling 24/7 is aloof and therefore a bitch? I think the other three are fair points though.

No. 538328

File: 1586331350311.png (240.28 KB, 593x446, Capture.PNG)

I don't know if this belongs here or the twitter hate thread, but I hate how twitter is reacting to ezra miller assault vid, on one hand you see so many disgusting responses were people are trying to make a joke out of it, posting reaction gifs and memes, as well as many comments like "haha choke me daddy!! Y u crying lol!!" and on other hand you have morons actually making this about their dumb sjw topics of whatever and about how all white men are problematic(funny how he was considered non-white when the woke people loved him)

They're all so goddam irony-poised that they couldn't talk unironically about anything, this is why I hope corona-virus just kills off Irony culture

No. 538388

File: 1586342512410.jpg (338.2 KB, 1080x1497, IMG_20200408_120419.jpg)

>you have morons actually making this about their dumb sjw topics of whatever and about how all white men are problematic
It's true tho. He's a filthy rich, white, very likely straight, privileged man.

No. 538410

why is he very 'likely straight'? cuz gay men can't harm women?

No. 538422

But literally nobody said that?
The point is that he's a normal dude, who pretends to be a special snowflake and therefore get's hailed as some sort of woke icon who destroyed toxic masculinity. He always dated women and was even engaged until he realized that saying "maybe I'm not straight, maybe I'm not even a man" and wearing shitty makeup and clothes get's him asspats and now he goes around acting like a stereotypical macho who loses control when drunk.
This incident should teach girls that you shouldn't trust men only because they claim certain things or style themselves in a certain way, in the end of the day they're still male and capable of hurting you.

No. 538453

yes but he also never claimed to be non-white, but I did see woke retards claim he was a QPOC, but now he's suddenly white again to these people

No. 538490

I mean technically he's jewish so that depends on your view

No. 538645


you can't act aloof and like you're better than everyone when you're being sent out on PR appearances that are intended to prevent the british public from scrapping the monarchy since they only play a symbolic role now and are extremely well paid for doing so

No. 538902

Why does Twitter kiss Jordyn Woods’s ass so much? I do think the Kardashians treated her terribly but honestly, she’s not much more relevant than them. Wasn’t she a “model” before all this.

No. 538965

File: 1586454780761.jpg (366.84 KB, 1835x1279, ezra.jpg)

No. 539601

File: 1586571071904.jpeg (79.22 KB, 576x1024, B9E7D73D-1EAD-47A4-A7EB-2A713C…)

Why does bhad bhabie look like this now?! Her team must be doing this deliberately to drum up controversy or something?

No. 539603

The fact that she's only 17 is killing me.

No. 539604

Idk if this is like a Mandela effect thing but I find this so hard to believe she’s still 17, was she supposed to be 13 when she was on Dr. Phil in 2016? I feel like they said she was 15-16 then?

No. 539612

Tbh there were so many rumors over her being actually 13 or even 18 back then but if you go on her Instagram bio, it says that she's 17 so I think that's the truth? I agree that her actual age is such an unknown thing.
I also think that she's doing the entire blackfishing thing for attention or publicity and might maybe drop an album or something. Still sad tho.

No. 539614

I agree, I doubt she even has much control over it. She kind of lost relevance and the only thing that really got people talking was the idea of her blackfishing so I think her team just ran with that. It’s kind of depressing honestly.

No. 539617

Her age isn’t unknown, the title of the Dr Phil segment back then even mentioned her being 13. It just looks weird because she’s wearing a full face of makeup and has several tattoos. She’s probably trying to look older, black, etc. to stay relevant. It’s pretty gross how they’re marketing her.

No. 539647

File: 1586576753486.png (11.29 KB, 372x440, a50.png)

Of course,she acts,looks and speaks black because she has no identity,she's a mutt
She reminds me of that amerimutt meme(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 539679

File: 1586583620805.gif (14.87 MB, 416x416, 20200410_223737.gif)


No. 539680

I feel bad for this kid. She's only seventeen.

No. 539686

Me too. I mean, she's a retarded cow but just a teen. She did seem to have a quick wit, what a shame. Plucked like a ripe fruit from her shitty home life and exploited on farce-ass reality tv under the guise of 'counseling', into this madness. She even went to The Ranch from Dr. P and thrived with caring people around her. Look at her mom in her stupid fucking fur coat @ 2:10. Sick shit

No. 539687

thirded. if you’ve seen her snapchat series, you get a firsthand view of how insane her mother is. screaming at the top of her lungs like a banshee = her idea of “parenting.” i feel the same sympathy for her as you, anons. and saging for tinfoil, but i just feel like she’s being groomed.

No. 539702

Damn she feels like eilish but even more annoying. She does try to be relevant but im glad i still only hear abt her either here or on lsa lol

No. 539719

File: 1586594676929.jpeg (1.12 MB, 4096x3539, 2C2C23C9-ECDB-47C3-B10E-AD8260…)

No. 539722

>the ranch
>caring people

Not to defend the cow by any means, but look up what actually goes on in those types of residential boarding schools/wilderness programs/ect. They're typically ran by fundies or Mormons who abuse the fuck out of the kids who go there.

No. 539757

I honestly didn’t think anyone believed those places were heathy/positive these days lol

No. 539837

I just looked at her twitter and she's a full on conspiratard lol pathetic

No. 539884

File: 1586642547707.jpeg (513.17 KB, 750x1096, 97B2BC60-9157-457D-8E8A-E31DD2…)


She actually has a public instagram. It’s kind of great combo of pro trump/inspo memes, airing out dirt on Dani’s father, and throwbacks of being italian in the 80s. She fights a lot with randoms in the comments too.

No. 539933

And of course this degenerate works for buzzfeed

No. 540004

Omg you're right. Of course it is.
From the website:
>Turn-About Ranch is a Christian-based residential treatment program. We teach traditional ethics and morals and help troubled teens learn how important the values of honesty, respect, teamwork, and accountability are to their success now and in the future.
>Real Values We encourage students to develop values at Turn-About Ranch. Real values are something teens often forget or ignore as they get caught up in popularity contests, the desire to get the latest gadgets, and the hunger to appear “cool” in the eyes of their peers.
Fucking yikes

No. 540015

File: 1586660256901.jpg (1.76 MB, 3024x4032, 53-F01-BF7-3-D6-C-4-D90-89-BE-…)

So apparently Dojacat was a regular on a 4chan tinychat room where she acted a fool and flashed her vajayjay numerous times. She was dating a guy at the time of this, he always persuaded her not to do it but she always hid into another room or bathroom to put on a show.

No. 540018

I thought this was well known with the stupid cancel scandal over her saying faggot on twitter. Then add the whole e-girl thing and the fact she is a weeb and knows a bit about internet culture. I wouldn't be surprised with confirmation she used to be a tripfag or a lurker. I got nothing against her though she seems like a genuine person.

No. 540032

This isn't surprising at all.

No. 540109

wtf did she do to her face?? omg…

No. 540207

Why does celebrities give their kids stupid names?

I found out that Suki Waterhose has a sister named Imogen. That sounds like constipation medicine brand. Now I googled her and her parents are not even celebrities. Her dad is a plastic surgeon so maybe he got some cash from big pharma to name her daughter like that. I mean doctors got free pens and shit to promote the industry so maybe that’s the deal with that stupid name.

No. 540208

Imogen is a cute name tho

No. 540218

I can understand making fun of names like Apple or Blanket but Imogen is a traditional Celtic name lol

No. 540230

what >>540218 said, its a fairly common and normal name in the uk

No. 540240

Imogen is a normal, common name and it's really weird that you've never heard it before

No. 540243

Imogen isn't even a weird name in the celeb world lol but yeah I get what you mean. It's probably just because they can afford to do retarded shit because no one's going to bully a millionaire's kid and also it ~ makes them unique ~

No. 540386

Protip: Google the name before saying it's weird.

No. 540457


Isn't it the time for grimes to give birth? She said that it would be in april so we are really close to experience what name her child will have because she said it's so special that she is even embarrassed to share it with anybody because she know that people will laugh lmao

No. 540461

That's what I was thinking, she was a little quiet for a couple of days so I thought perhaps she'd come back with her spawn already

No. 540478

inb4 grimes names it something to do with the virus.

No. 540489

> what name her child will have because she said it's so special that she is even embarrassed to share it with anybody because she know that people will laugh

probably Imogen /s

No. 540604

God it's going to be some weird fantasy MMO RP sounding name

No. 540667

man, I'm genuinely sad about grimes. I've supported her music for years and she's still one of my favorite artists. I hadn't paid much attention to her personal life and had just read a couple of interviews here and there. Sure, she came across as kind of obnoxious, but I remember seeing somewhere that she had social anxiety, so I forgave her for a lot of the dumb shit she said in interviews and what not, figuring she was nervous a lot of the time.

then, I heard she was dating elon musk. I genuinely thought it was a joke. elon musk's entire fucking existence is a joke. I continued to think it was a joke for almost a year before I stumbled on her wiki and read that they were confirmed to be in a relationship. that really threw me for a loop because musk is such an openly shitty person who treats women like garbage. that was really disappointing and i lost a lot of respect for her. and she's having a baby with him? are you fucking kidding me? how many kids does the guy already have and clearly not pay a speck of attention to?

THEN, i heard about the azealia banks drama. holy mother of jesus. you'd have to be brain damaged, living under a rock, or completely self-loathing to willingly associate with banks for ANY reason at this point. there is NOTHING about banks that indicates she is anything other than bad news. that whole fiasco proved to me that grimes is either a complete idiot, or the whole thing was some bizarre publicity stunt to get her name in the tabloids.

i just saw some interview with her recently where she was like "lol i ate nothing but spaghetti for an entire year and didn't even realize that was bad until i got super sick!" at the same time, she's talking to the interviewer about her pregnancy, and how everyone around her is essentially having to instruct her on how to not eat and act like a literal child so that her baby doesn't fucking before it's even born.

she's just so childish and immature. it's not acceptable behavior for a soon-to-be mother. i can acknowledge her musical talent, but i can't support her as a person. i feel like there's no chance her kid isn't going to grow up with major issues as a result of neglect.

also as a side note, i can't listen to her new song "violence" without imagining her doing creepy awkward BDSM shit with elon musk, which is a shame because it's a pretty good song otherwise.

sage for autism and semi-blog

No. 540743

is she even really that talented of a musician? In an interview she said she didn't even know how to play a chord on a guitar or any other instrument at all. All she can do is put some sounds together on a computer. That's her "music". I understand there are different types of music and such like electronic but I don't think she's a genius. Anyone can teach themselves how to make music on a computer but you actually need money in the first place for the equipment and Digital programs.

No. 540748

>i can't listen to her new song "violence" without imagining her doing creepy awkward BDSM shit with elon musk
I love your mind anon

No. 540776

Selena Gomez copied The Weeknds music video frame for frame and was also DRUNK/HIGH in her promo video on amazon music but trying not to show it. Wtf is wrong with her lmao

No. 540778

it's clearly bpd lupus kidney ouchies nothing to see here move along

No. 540779

Grimes called her only good album trash, it was art angels. She's even worse live and the only decent career move with getting herself celebrity lolcow status by associating with Elon "I'm the alpha" Musk.

No. 540782

> Anyone can teach themselves how to make music on a computer but you actually need money in the first place for the equipment and Digital programs.

Some people use dandy equipment and buy DAWs and plugins, some use pirated software on a beat up laptop so the entry level is kind of nonexistent aside from having to learn the basics of your DAW. Not saying Grimes pirated stuff obviously but a middle schooler with a laptop can dabble in electronic music production.

No. 540786

>Grimes called her only good album trash, it was art angels
Seriously?? Art Angels is incredible, this makes me so sad. Did she say it in some interview or so?

Can't agree she is worse live, if you mean live performances. I think she has incredible charisma on stage and it's what actually elevated her to the status she has now.

No. 540789

lmao anon, prerecorded instrumentals pumped with multiple vocal filters and jumping around like a crackhead isn't talent or charisma.

No. 540790

File: 1586857904369.png (24.34 KB, 1856x62, Screenshot_2020-04-14 Grimes C…)

No. 540791

subjective - objectively it's not a good performance and you're totally correct- but she has this quirky persona that comes off as very genuine and cute and it makes for a very endearing stage presence. and for the more recent performances, she has very polished visuals which also makes for a great show, like 4aem from the game awards last year.
uhh ouch

No. 540821

File: 1586868338644.png (2.68 MB, 1200x920, bregoli_cow.png)


I feel bad for her for having a mom like that, no wonder she's fuckd up. I actually used to like her for her quick wit, natural look and she seemed to be pretty down to earth at the start of her "career".

Now she's trying to fit in with the hip hop scene, trying to look like a black porn star. She's been neglected by her parents, then milked by the industry and her own mother like a cash cow. I wonder where she'll be in 10 years.

(I remember she used to post some pretty awful text messages from her mother on her Facebook/Instagram story but I can't find them anymore.)

No. 540822

And anyone can teach themselves to play an instrument, what's your point?

No. 540823


old but relevant

No. 540824

File: 1586869946825.jpg (638.69 KB, 3000x2000, elon.jpg)

Elon is a lookism tier incel, he tries so hard to be qUirKy and nErdY and Im tired of retards who idolize him. Hes reddit incarnate and I hope he ODs on something.

No. 540825

Non the anon you're talking to but duh, people often dismiss electronic music as "just mashing buttons and putting things together unlike those instruments that are, you know, REAL". However if you're not classicaly trained it would still require a certain amount of practice and being able to tell what sounds good, what doesn't, how to layer without making an overlapping mess of noise, etc etc.

No. 540826

Idk anon, I agree her mother is crazy but she always seemed disrespectful and violent as well, but also lmao at her attempts at fighting with those weird praying mantis arm movements. She got her ass handed to her by woahvicky as well.

No. 540834


that kind of behavior doesn't just start out of nowhere, anon

No. 540842

Grimes isn't even good electronic music. It's very low effort and I think she realizes. Her mixing techniques are alot like the typical vaporwave artist, she just mixes most of her stuff until its nearly unrecognizable from the original. I believe shes actually admitted to this before. There are many decent electronic artists that don't need to prerecord instrumentals and have a better mastery with looping layers.

No. 540857

Yeah I agree, she's pretty average. I remember her posting a "tutorial" on Tumblr but she never went into detail on her production techniques (probably because the techniques boil down to what you said). Post reuploaded here: https://sites.google.com/site/gwaltneyscoolschool/grimes-teaches-diy-music-recording

No. 540878

Fuck that's awful. She's 11 in that according to this article: https://superfame.com/post/danielle-bregoli-fights-mom-barbara-ann-video/

In vid related she's literally screaming about her dad getting married the day after her 1st birthday, to a stripper, and wasted a lot of money on phone sex lines. She's obviously extremely angry at him. He came out of the woodwork after she got famous. Said fame fucked her life up, and she is not her father's daughter (figuratively).
I wonder what fucked up predatory producer who realized the potential for a cash cow in this broken young woman.

No. 540885

>Peskowitz remains steadfast that he did not abandon his daughter, and now he wants a judge to restore the rights he previously relinquished in hopes of having decision-making influence in Danielle’s life.
>In a text message Tuesday, Peskowitz said he and his daughter had spoken for an hour that day and “are going to build a relationship.”
>Barbara Bregoli and Danielle’s publicist said that talk never happened and that the girl and her father instead exchanged a heated series of text messages in which she accused him of lying about her on social media.
>Bregoli…says it was Peskowitz who terrorized her and repeatedly shunned opportunities for visitation with his child as recently as 2008, according to court records. Bregoli last week also noted a 2007 article in The Post, in which a former North Palm Beach police chief against whom Peskowitz had brought a whistleblower’s suit claimed that Peskowitz threatened to kill him.
The story also mentions claims that Peskowitz had previously threatened to kill two Miami Beach police officers, an allegation that Peskowitz denied.

In this video her dad bullshits about how much he tOtAlLy WaNtEd tO rAiSe HeR and how he hid her from his new kids until they literally saw her on Dr. Phil. Says she's crying out for help on the Dr. P show and the wrong people are answering that call. He also mentions his dream for her to $peak to other teen$ about drug$ and $ex and bullying to $hare her $$$$tory. Says she once stole a car to come see him, "that's how desperate she was" and yet you ignored the fuck out of her until she had a platform? Okay.
Also may be a nitpick but it's weird that his wife never nods in agreement to any of the bullshit lies he's spinning, except when he said they pay child support. Trash people. She never stood a chance.

No. 540886


I'm so fucking sad for this kid. She'll probably end up hooked on drugs, raped, exposed and later dead, like so many other young girls in the industry. She was (and still is) just a child.

No. 540905

I don’t, she’s vile.

No. 540929

I know kids are usually just a product of their environment and some child stars I feel for when they go through a rough patch but she has no talent or redeeming features and she looks like a little rat.
The worst video I ever watched was when she rated her fans artwork.
It was all terrible artwork by children fans, but she couldn't even muster anything nice.

No. 540939

What redeeming features does a 16-year-old need to have in order to be treated with compassion?

No. 540946

No. 540949

Using children in the show biz should be illegal and to be treated as a form of child labour.
I hate to see kids in tv shows/movies. They are robbing their childhood for money and entertainment.

No. 540961

why would children deserve more compassion? they are way more entitled and selfish than adults because they don't know any better. children are not pure an innocent, they are little shits.

No. 540966

Vile, vile bait.

No. 540970

not bait. kids are less mature and therefore more impulsive.

No. 540973

You need to be 18 to post here

No. 540979

who is this retard always posting about bregoli here, she isnt even a celebrity.

No. 540981

“She had bad parents” is an excuse to use for any cow on this site. Y’all white knighting her when she’s the worst of all these cows, she wants to be the way she is. She likes hip hop and bad girls club type of shit, fighting, violence, drugs, and sex. she is a product of what she dreamed up herself to be. Why should she be allowed more compassion than the countless abused and mental women on this site? She isn’t an innocent little girl, she looks more like an adult woman than the woman in pro ana thread. She won’t have to work a day in her life and gets to be a blackface spoiled cunt her whole life. She’s good she doesn’t need all you whiteknights acting like she’s abused, she very much enjoys her ghetto trash life.

No. 540982

So people are telling Michael Buble's wife to leave him after watching some of their IG live videos. There's nothing outright violent, (other than maybe jabbing her with his elbow) but the way he talks to her and his body language is aggressive. You can tell there's something not right.

He's also admitted in the past that he has anger issues and he had to "work" to get it under control. Tbh I'm afraid for her.


No. 540985

Thank you and I’m sick of people giving her the attention she so desperately craves! so because her childhood was trash we have to be subjected to her disgusting behavior and she gets a pass. Fuck her for real. And fuck all the black men who sit up here and endorse this anti black bullshit. She literally compares growing up in the hood to fucking Tarzan. If I see this bitch on my timeline again I’m gonna scream! It’s crazy which celebrities get “just a kid” and which don’t

No. 540989

No idea what their relationship is like but he's definitely nudging and yanking at her roughly.

No. 540995


Yeah, just because you don't like someone doesn't make them less of a celebrity, unfortunately.

No. 541014

lmao, sorry but the truth hurts. children are vile because humans are vile, adults are just socialized not to be.

No. 541022


edgy take

No. 541028

File: 1586903139718.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1538, F533B23D-9CE1-46C1-9DBA-99CB11…)

Tf is going on

No. 541029

File: 1586903182746.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1520, 69866698-704D-46D2-9AAF-C03984…)

Why couldn’t they just stick with this?

No. 541030

she looks like she needs help to get out of the seat before she falls

No. 541031

talented is relative. I get that she's not everybody's cup of tea, but at the very least I think her music is impressive for someone that afaik doesn't have any formal training and just sort of…figured it out via "putting some sounds together on a computer"

No. 541033

File: 1586903958098.jpg (176.21 KB, 1960x1201, 1559032194_990965_1559036838_n…)

Looking like Rosalía

No. 541035

i really hate this kinda shit but I hope people are calling her crazy ass out for racial appropriation

No. 541037

What was the point of this? Like, what was the message they were trying to send out?
Is she putting out an album dedicated to strippers, or becoming one, or what?

No. 541059

they fucking streched her head I can't believe it. She has a round face and here it's fucking oval.

The shoot is awful, it looks like an ad for pornhub.

No. 541060

I thought this was a heavily shopped Alicia Keys from the thumbnail

No. 541061

I know this is an absurd amount of tanning but Selena Gomez started out slightly more tanned than Arianna Grande and if Arianna Grande tanned herself to the point where she is overnight, instead of over the span of a few years, people would call her out more for black fishing.

No. 541062