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No. 551905

Because these are dumb questions.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/541259

No. 551907

why dow women

No. 551909

mmmmmmenb m n


No. 551915

HOW IN THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO GET MY MOM'S CAT OUT FROM BEHIND THE WASHER? Been putting food dishes through the little space there is, water too and she has come out to do her business in her litterbox but I am just fucking done. It's been 2 fucking weeks. This is the only cat I have kinda regretted knowing, I have raised so many cats but I am so tired and nothing comes to mind. I just wanna get her out so I can put her in her own room, she'd be so much more comfortable.

No. 551918

force it out and lock it in her room

No. 551922

Do any of you have foods you wished you liked? I asked my irl friends and they had no idea what I was talking about. Im not even a sperg with arfid or whatever

Anyway some foods I wished I liked: black coffee, bananas, and pie

No. 551927

I mean I GUESS, it's just such a tricky fucking spot. I know she ain't being a bitch on purpose and it's my fault but jesus fucking christ I regret everything.

No. 551928

tomatoes and bananas

everyone around me loves tomatoes but I hate them with a passion. bananas are also good for smoothies but I cannot stand the smell

No. 551931

boiled potatoes and apples

No. 551936

ketchup, popcorn, pineapples, pizza

No. 551937

Does anyone else get tiny white patches on their eye that makes the vision blurry until you blink and it goes away? It happens to me sometimes and I wonder what it is and if it’s normal?

No. 551938

what anime is this from?

No. 551944

Yes, they're called floaters.

No. 551945

have you tried luring it out with her favorite food? Or maybe just start leaving her food and water outside of her little space so she has no choice but to come out and hopefully she'll get used a little bit?

No. 551946

seafood, leafy vegetables. both are really healthy but i get the urge to throw up from the smell alone

No. 551950

Is it weird that I only like gay and lesbian pairings? Hetero ones make me aggressive for some reason I don't know

No. 551955

Is this site predominately used by Americans?

No. 551956

yep and eurofags

No. 551961

It's sort of like an upside down L shaped little hallway she's in so I'm worried she wouldn't drink or eat if she didn't see the food right in the little space aaa. She did use the litterbox though so might move the food further away also. At least I catch little glimpses of her dumb face while she eats. Plan C will be just yanking the washer out or something, I give it a week or so before that. Sorry for the novel, I am just so done.

No. 551963

Guys is READYTOGLARE trans? I thought they were trans this whole time and I watched a video just now where she claims she isn't trans and I googled it and she did a poll on twitter asking how many people thought she was trans. I think she's trans even though she claims she isn't… I'm kind of shook rn

No. 551964

no she's just ugly, now stop baiting retard and go back to asherahgarden.

No. 551966

What are some bands like Imagine Dragons?

No. 551967

nickel back and maroon 5

No. 551968

Don't know what the fuck you're talking about. I literally just wanted to know if people believe that she isn't trans.

No. 551971

she obviously isn't trans dumbass just google it if it bothers you so fucking much but next time you wanna bait, be more subtle

No. 551973

well now that you've hi tranny'ed me i can't be banned for hi radfem

No. 551975

Her tits are pretty convincing can't lie.

No. 551977

OP pic looks like onion boy.

What's the backstory? Is she sick or old? Did your mom get her recently? You've probably already tried this but my instinct would be to sit in the room with her and talk to her in a soothing voice and try to get her to approach me while putting out yogurt or tuna in a position that she has to poke her head out a little bit and gradually increase the space between the washer and the food until she comes out enough that you can grab her. If it were me, I would move the washer and yank her out asap. I think if you leave her for a week she's just going to get more and more distressed.

Cottage cheese, black tea, mangoes, cabbage, rhubarb.

No. 551978

there's a remake of Valley Girl and it's even set in the 80s? who asked for this?

No. 551979


>OP pic looks like onion boy.

lol I thought the same thing

No. 551987

She got her maybe 6 months ago or so, she is painfully shy but not agressive. There's no way to move anything to get closer without taking the whole machine out and i would need a pro for that, you're right though, can't let this bs go on for too long. Thanks for the insight! Love, cat sperg

No. 551992

Oh fuck forgot to mention, she's avout 2 years old and not sick.

No. 552017

Weirdly enough, I was just thinking about this. I really wish I could be one of those people who could just sit there and eat a whole sweet potato. I Find sweet potatoes to be so fucking disgusting and a complete abomination to vegetables.

No. 552021

What's the point of making a statement with your outfit?

No. 552041

Barakamon. It's cute, would recommend.

No. 552044

Spicy foods. I really can’t stand anything not spicy and growing up hispanic, it’s like a curse.

No. 552053

It's literally just a form of self-expression. Fashion is like art for some people.

No. 552054

is it possible that i have something wrong with my brain that makes me have zero sense of direction, or is this just something i never learned as a child? i'm completely baffled that people can just tell you what direction east, west, etc, is at the drop of a hat. my brain literally does not work like that

No. 552060

Every outfit makes a statement no matter you want it to or not anon

No. 552062

because we as a race were cursed with both ego and self-awareness and we have literally no choice but to express ourselves.

No. 552064

Pretty sure this is at least partly genetic, half my family can do it and the other half can't. I'm good at remembering the route to places but I do it completely by landmarks, I can't keep track of which direction I'm facing or how far I've turned at all.

You can probably train yourself to do it better by doing activities like orienteering that force you to use a compass though?

No. 552066

Its possible. My relative lost his sense of direction after having a stroke, now he gets lost in shopping malls and he needs someone to ride shotgun to give him directions, he is mostly fine otherwise.

No. 552067

I have a very good sense when it comes to cardinal directions because I can think of the place as an overhead map inside of my head and have a very good visual memory, but jesus christ I just can't tell left from right. Literally. Someone tells me to go left, I go right. Vice versa. Apparently it's a relatively common thing.

No. 552068

I dont think my sense of direction is terrible but I have no clue where east/west/north/south is either

No. 552092

not at all, anon. i have a decent sense of N,S,E,W, but only because i live by a massive body of water so it's very easy to reference that for direction. when i'm a place without that reference, i'm totally lost.

anon, we're the same. i have to seriously think about it for a couple of seconds before i can say 'left' or 'right'.

another one of those things i can never remember is the respective names of spades and clubs in playing cards. i get a spade kinda looks like a shovel, but still, my brain never makes the connection and i usually say the wrong suite when i put a card down.

No. 552104

I genuinely can not tell directions, the most I can do is following a mini map. Every time I have to go to an unfamiliar place I'm wrecked with anxiety because all it takes is my GPS fucking up and I'll be lost forever. Highways and roads all look the fucking same to me, can't tell if it's going north east upside down or in a loop. Roads being shut down for repairs and detours are rather high on the list of things that make me want to kill myself.

No. 552160

Anyone know where to watch subbed anime besides Crunchyroll?

I’ve tried going to kissanime but that site is spam-infested and all I want to is watch Blood-C again

No. 552165


No. 552166

twist.moe has no ads

No. 552167

why are weebs still a thing

No. 552169

i read once that it also has a connection w not being able to do math. and i can't do either

No. 552171

how do yall pronounce narc

No. 552172

No. 552174

Check kiss reddit sub for latest ad block scripts. I still go there for convenience tbh since they do have a lot of titles, quick on new releases and other sites always seem to have buffering issues.

No. 552211

Gogoanimeio with adblock, but theres also a whole reddit with links, something like r/piratedanime that goes by categories of sub, dub, if needed membership

No. 552213

Concerning those use discount ___ ends in 3 hours, are online stores legally allowed to display one and restart the countdown when the time's up over and over again?

No. 552224

does anyone else get dull ear pains when they're in a cold windy environment? like not in ur actual ear, but in the area directly below it. around the jaw joint-ish.

No. 552227

i don't think i've ever experienced that, but if it only happens in those environments, i wouldn't worry about it.

No. 552236

Not in that specific spot but pretty much any joint that isn't clothed or covered up will hurt me if I'm in cold enough conditions. The cold affects circulation and the drop in barometric pressure causes inflammation in joints

No. 552246

Yes, it's just one of hundred annoying shopify extensions to get people to commit to buying.

No. 552251

Does anyone else ever deal with family members who only ever remind you of your past mistakes? I'm so ready to pop off at my family but don't ever because "oh anon they're my family I have to respect them no matter what"
What am I supposed to do about it? It's so annoying when I can't have a single conversation without being reminded of some dumb mistake I made weeks ago.

No. 552258

my only problem with it is that i have family members who had the same thing, and most of the family members who also had this went on to have facial paralysis later in life.

i just hope theyre not linked.

No. 552266

A question for anons who are living/have lived in Korea:
How attractive are Korean men on average? And are most them tall and somewhat muscular?

No. 552280

What do you do if a friend, a good person you still want to talk to, troons out? I'm pretty sure they're trans'ing because they're insecure about being more feminine than the avg guy.
They posted this https://turn-me-into-a-girl.com/ and that's when I thought "Man, idk why but I have a weird feeling about all this". I know the site's message is naive/nonsensical af, but this is the straw that broke the camel's back, and now i don't know what to do. The group of friends I'm in is extremely "trans rights", and I also don't want to hurt my good friend's feelings; is there a way/any reason to tell him I think he might not want to transition?

No. 552294

support them at all cost. your own feelings and opinions don't matter when it comes to someone else's gender identity. you don't tell a black person to stop being black because it makes you uncomfortable, do you?(15 year old spamchan)

No. 552298

lived in Korea for a while, no they are not. some are tall but tons are average height. most men are not muscular and skinny or skinny fat with a belly, mostly older men though.

No. 552299

Honestly I would just try to help them come to terms with themselves. There's nothing wrong with being a feminine guy, but society shits on men who can't be as masculine as possible. I would also try to give them a realistic picture of the reality of something like this because its life altering. If your other friends are on the other side of the fence I'm sure they'll just give skewed pretty picture of what this will entail. Feel free to ignore the troll lol

No. 552304

Disregarding the racebaiting troll, casually talk about the horror of neovaginas with him, and try to make him feel comfortable about being a feminine guy.
I'm sure he doesn't want to end up looking like Riley Dennis or one of those horrible meme pictures, so I'd make sure he knows that it's not a light decision, neither is it something you can go back on without fucking yourself up and losing friends (detransitioners are treated like scum).

No. 552305

men that are female envious are usually a deep seated misogynists in denial. don't let a man manipulate you into coddling his feelings when your alarm bells are going off. that being said… if he's already convinced himself he'll be happier larping as woman, it might be better to just cut and run or ignore the issue instead of inspiring the rage and ostracization of your friend circle. it would take a lot of effort and great argumentative skills to successfully convince a small minded man that it isn't the right decision for him- especially when every aspect of society that he surrounds himself with will tell him it's amazing to be trans and also live as a woman. consider how much effort you're willing to expend on this man that's already exhibiting misogynistic red flags and consider if he would do the same amount of emotional labor for you.

No. 552313

this is solid advice, i wish i'd just cut out everyone at the beginning who became nb or trooned out rather than even trying to be rational. they honestly dont give a shit and will just call you out as a terf or transphobic bigot since women are easy targets. would've saved me a lot of effort to just cut them out rather than string along for months trying to talk it out, and still end up as the ultimate villain for not agree with troon logic.

No. 552317

It's never to late to cut out people who you aren't required to be around. Social obligations aren't requirements. The only excuse to not dispose of trash is living situation/job/etc.

No. 552319


Thank you all for the advice, ladies. I'll take a wise word from everyone here and act accordingly, as I'll see fit.

No. 552321

File: 1589071618956.jpg (135.69 KB, 698x658, 1428438301995.jpg)

am i being stupid for feeling jealous because even though my bf and i are together irl and have been for a long time now, he acts like he is single online and on his social medias and always tags this one friend of his in stuff that makes it look like they're together instead of him and me and he also barely mentions me to them and i just feel so inferior

tried talking to him about it and he acted like i'm being too sensitive and accusing him of cheating

pls no bully, i am just insecure rn

No. 552328

>acts like he is single online
Does this mean that he's never said/rarely mentions in passing you guys are in a relationship together on that platform? Because if so, sounds like a huge red flag.

No. 552330

he's probably mentioned me in like a comment or two a few weeks ago. he once posted a picture of us on his acc for a few days but then ended up deleting it but the stuff he tags his friend in is always there

i just feel stupid because we both are serious about our relationship and already talked about marriage and all that shit too because it's been 4 years now, his family is also very approving of me, but i don't wanna be like those wives whose husband has a secret account behind her back where he sends minors dick pics and cheats on her with random people

No. 552331

oh I did, I just wish I'd cut them out before going through a few months of trying to talk sense that personality or fetish doesn't equal out to sex in anyway. Also now being the 'evil woman who is transphobic' for not agreeing with that bs. I just recommend leaving immediately to any anons in the same situation especially like you said who aren't heavily associated with your personal money or living.

No. 552334

Just got commissioned to draw vore
how do i cope

No. 552338

how much for your soul?

No. 552343


No. 552347


No. 552348

Did he give a reason for deleting the couple photo? I used to be a chronic side piece and they'd usually keep their profiles either private or "single"

No. 552351

I'm trying to find a job right now but I'm very self conscious and haven't been able to hold down a job in over a year. Transitioning from what basically has been NEETdom to a more productive, socially active life is scary and intimidating, but I'm still going to keep applying to places. Am I pathetic and unhireable? Are employers going to be turned off by the fact that I've been unemployed for so long?

No. 552352

Honestly, they’re probably not. During this pandemic that we’re having, I’d say everyone would be excused for not working recently. But then again, how long have you been completely unemployed?

No. 552354

No. 552355

Does hair really grow back thicker if you shave it?

No. 552357

Mine does but I also have PCOS so idek

No. 552359

If you mean "as opposed to waxing hair" then no, not really, but they do look thicker. Shaving means you just cut hairs so the end of you hairs that you just cut will look thicker until it's fully grown again. When you wax you hairs or remove them with tweezers you remove the entire thing so it has to grow back entirely, and the end of your hairs will be as thin as usual.

No. 552368


I've basically been out of work since the start of last year.

No. 552373

It's like crunchyroll but for freeeee

No. 552374

File: 1589088876732.gif (1.97 MB, 498x284, lol.gif)

Thanks anon, I wasn't the OP but now I got something to distract myself with.

No. 552382

I'm about to sound schizo, but does anyone else just not identify with their own self? I can't believe I'm me. It feels like someone placed me in a foreign body with a foreign brain. I feel like I'm meant to be an entirely different person achievement wise and personality wise but I'm being held back by my own brain and life.If I woke up tomorrow in another person's body with a different mind , I think I would feel more comfortable than I do now.

No. 552391

Does it count as child molestation if your mom showed you her nipple up close more than once and told you she was bitten by a bedbug as a liability in case your stepfather asked her about it?

That happened when I was five.

No. 552393

My mom held my hand when I was four, does that count as child molestation?

No. 552394

Nah, most mothers don’t have sense of privacy since they “breastfed/showered you”.
I don’t see why some people are so paranoic over nakedness. Unless she forced you to do something with her nipple, it’s just a nip.

No. 552395

No the fuck. My mother bathed me naked when I was 5, am I a CSA victim now.

No. 552398

Reading shit like this I no longer wonder 90% of twitter zoomers claim to be "CSA survivors". Next they're going to claim breast feeding is child abuse.

No. 552402

I was just asking for confirmation that it wasn’t, that’s all. I never said I believed it was CSA

And I too bathed with my mom until I was 9 due to my fam moving a lot and being partially blind-not used to different faucets. Though not constantly

No. 552409

Why the hell would you need "confirmation" to check that something this innocuous and normal would even be considered sexual abuse? Where would you even get that retarded idea? Do parents of the future need to fill in at least five forms to hold toddlers on their laps to verify that they're not in fact getting turned on by it?

No. 552423

Why do I love the movie American Psycho so much? I've painted 6 scenes from it and I'm not gonna stop soon.

No. 552424

painted with blood, i hope?

No. 552433

Don’t worry about it.

No. 552440

it suave and cool and dark and super quotable, cult love for it is very understandable

No. 552467

>acts like he's single online
>tags his friend and makes it look like they're together
>no mention of you
>gets defensive when confronted about it
Anon… none of this is normal at all. Love yourself and dump him.

No. 552509

why do people hate radiohead so much?

No. 552512

they have stupid disease

No. 552515

what he's doing sucks, don't take this shit anon. he can't even see what sucks about these actions, or maybe he does but he's being defensive anyway. either way, doesn't matter if your relationship is very serious .. i mean of course it's more difficult to consider it actually ending, but you don't wanna be unhappy in this relationship so you've got to put your foot down and be sure of yourself. you're not being sensitive or stupid or wrong really, and this will only build up and fester if you don't confront him again about how this hurts you. not saying you should dump him but if he won't be understanding of how this (validly) affects you then idk anon.. not a good sign at all

No. 552536

Can you feel it when a guy nuts inside you?

No. 552548

Does experiencing deja vu so often just mean that I'm doomed to relive my entire life over and over again in the same way no matter what? It really feels that way.

No. 552550

why is every recipe online preceded by a long boring essay about the food?

No. 552552

I've never understood that either. Like, Linda, honey, I don't need to know you got divorced three times before you realized that salmon needs to be cooked at 375 degrees.
I think it might also have something to do with padding and reading time or something, idk I've never ran a blog before. Maybe they just think everything needs to be written in a proper essay format.

No. 552573

Ikr its always like "I made this for my husband and 3 kids and dog on a stormy night. We watched Netflix in front of the fire and they said this recipe reminded them of blah blah blah" like no one cares just give me the recipe

No. 552576

Yeah, this is so annoying. Maybe it's because cooking blogs are mostly written by bored and boring housewives, idk.

No. 552577

Search engine optimization. The more keywords they have on their recipe article, the higher likelihood of clicks. I imagine for some recipes it's hard to stand out and be noticed so I kind of get it.

No. 552583

any good books about building self-esteem/confidence that are written by and for women?

No. 552596

probably not what you're looking for but there's Weird In World That's Not by Jennifer Romolini. I haven't read it yet though so I cant say if it's good

No. 552600

How do women asmrtists avoid being doxxed by incels? Is there a smart way to run your channel or do you just accept the risk and hope for the best?

No. 552614

Really? I was asking because I always hear people say that the men there are so tall and handsome.

No. 552624

has anyone successfully trained themselves to be attracted to a different gender e.g. liking dudes to liking chicks

No. 552628

I've read a lot of AGP males turning themselves gay from jerking off to too much tranny porn and FtMs saying their sexuality changed one way or the other when they started taking T but maybe these people were always leaning that way and just had the excuse to be honest about it now they're trooning out.

No. 552642

What, are you in the market for conversion therapy? As >>552628 said, pornsickness could make you turned on by the other sex. Hence why straight AGPs find themselves attracted to men. Regarding FTMs, I think some detrans women say it made their sexual interests more intense, so a lesbian might have greater drive to self-harm through sex with men due to hypersexuality. Though I do believe more FTMs transition due to autoandrophilia and wanting to have gay sex. Video is from a lesbian about how she believed she was a gay man.

No. 552650

Some of them have been doxed or had certain things leaked they may have wanted not to. Lauren aka frivolous fox was one of them. When 8chan was still 8chan there was a board specifically used to do it. She tried to sue them lol.

No. 552662

I found a new version of 8chan that has a board that still doxxes girls. So fucking terrifying

No. 552807

Not to mention, incels make deepfake porn of each and every single female asmrtist. It's disgusting

No. 552856

How the fuck do I get hairdye off my skin??

I just dyed my hair for the first time and did not cover my neck properly and now there's a dye stain on it. Tried rubbing alcohol because I read online that it would work but it's still there…help??

No. 552881

How do IP addresses work when using cellular data? Do multiple phones use the same address? I just got redtexted in another thread for not integrating when I only left one post in that thread. Or did the mods just not check the IP address and assume I was someone else?

Also in the past I have tried to post from my phone and it says I'm banned for something I didn't even post.

No. 552882

yep i dont know how gibi handles it
she seems to be really targeted with fake porn for some reason

No. 552885

wow, it happened to me too. not here, but on 4chan. and it wasn't ban for anything "harmless", it was literally for posting cp? which i obviously haven't done.

No. 552889

Yep, happened to me yesterday. Went on data cause of my wifi being shitty. I tried to post in another off topic thread and it said I was banned since January something. I forgot what the reason was but it was defintely not me that wrote the ban related post since it was a thread I never go to.

Several users can share the same data and ip address in the area you're in so that means whoevers sharing it with you probably did something stupid.

No. 552913

I could be wrong but I think it also has something to do with VPNs? like someone using a VPN can use your IP address or something

No. 552915

UPDATE! Got the damn cat out, had to take out the washer, she ran out to another room and popped into her carrier with no fuss. She's okay but so fucken shy, she didn't even hiss poor thing.

No. 552951

I know a guy who takes like several hours to respond or he will leave me on read. If I do the same thing he asks me "why arent you responding?".
It makes 0 fucking sense to me. What is he trying to do?

No. 552956

I don't think he's trying to consciously "do" anything. He just sounds inconsistent and emotionally immature. Might not be worth the effort.

No. 553055

Why does Team Rocket want to steal pikachu?

No. 553056

He's rare compared to other pikachu's and has a higher voltage

No. 553057

nta but they have a pokemon that can literally talkm, I'm pretty sure that's 10x times rarer

No. 553058

He wants you at his beck and call for attention, but doesn't want to be bothered by you in his own time

If you like completely one-way interactions, proceed (do not proceed)

No. 553059

File: 1589250037527.jpeg (55.04 KB, 526x1024, EXudet-XgAE92k0.jpeg)

How often should you mop your floors and clean your bathroom? Someone posted pic related on twitter and the comments were "omfg who mops their floor and cleans their bathroom only once a week 🤢🤢" and its got me confused bc i thought that once a week to do those things are completely reasonable especially if you're busy? Am I a slob or are twt folks germaphobes lol

No. 553064

File: 1589250806537.jpg (23.16 KB, 611x608, IMG_20200404_191511.jpg)


People who walk around with their outdoor shoes in their house need to mop all the time. Disgusting.

I visited a friend's house before and I always remove my shoes when entering. I regretted it instantly, grains of dirt stuck to my feet and there was visible mud streaks. These people mopped 2x a week but it didn't mean anything since they had an open back door and let dogs run around inside and out while the family walked around with dirty ass shoes on. They even lifted them onto the table and armrest, where you may put your head.

Worst thing is those who enter their bed with shoes on. Or people who put their dirty ass suitcase onto a bed. Some people "clean" all the time but there's no point when they live like gremlins.

No. 553066

When you live with people, a lot of tasks are things you have to do every day. Also air out my room every day so that makes no sense to me.

No. 553067

You haven't lived until you've secretly taken part in your own doxxing and intentionally throw them off with conflicting information verified by yourself and causing a bunch of discord infighting

No. 553068

>Fridge and pantry so large you need to put effort in to find expired items in them

The cleaning stuff sounds about right though

No. 553073

Number of people living there, like another anon said, but it also depends on peoples daily habits. I share a bathroom with one other person and I only clean it like once a month, sometimes once every other month. I know I should do it more for sanitary reasons but in terms of actual griminess it's never that bad, just kind of dusty/linty but no stains or anything. I went to a friends place and her bathroom was filthy (soap scum, toothpaste, and makeup everywhere) even though she had one roommate and cleaned it as often as I did. I told her that I usually throw some water around in my shower after I'm done to rinse the soap residue off and she thought I was insane.

No. 553077

Is eating once a day actually disordered eating or is that bullshit that Fat acceptance/HAAS people spew?

No. 553080

Could you get in trouble for accidentally viewing cp?? I always wonder this whenever I come onto lc after a raid and the mods have cleaned everything up. Does that information if you’ve viewed it or scrolled past it stay in your cookies or anything? Or what if the situation is that you’re just freely browsing the internet and you (somehow) click a link that leads you to cp? Would you get in trouble even if your intent wasn’t to look for it in the first place?

No. 553081


I feel like it depends. OMAD is a legitimate way to lose weight if you're consuming enough calories and nutrients. However, if you're worried, maybe you should take a step back and think about how you view food. Some questions I'd consider are:
Do you unhealthily obsess over calories/food intake? Do you feel guilty or extremely distressed when you eat something that falls outside of your food-related goals? Do you find yourself hating your body/appearance? And so on.

No. 553083

I wash my duvets and comforters once a month, but that's me. I dont take out garbage every day because we have trash pick up twice a week. But i do agree wiping down counter tops in the kitchen and sweeping daily is good.

No. 553084

Anyone who wears their outside shoes indoors is human trash. I also instinctively remove my shoes because we track in dirt, germs and (hopefully not but by chance) dog shit from lazy owners

No. 553085

No. They really don't do anything unless you have a big history of looking or if you have any images saved. Accidentally viewing it on a normal website isn't a crime, it's just disgusting. The person posting it could get in trouble for sure.

No. 553086

I don't think any way of eating can be inherently disordered, just the mental/emotional factors that may determine how someone eats. If someone has a normal, healthy relationship with food but find eating once a day more convenient or easy way to manage their intake in a reasonable way, that doesn't mean they've got an ED.

No. 553087

Yes better call your parents and confess now.

But yeah no feds have bigger fish to fry than random uninvolved people getting exposed against their will. Can you imagine the workload? They don’t even care about the edgelord spammers most of the time.

No. 553090

How do I treat an irritated nose that feels kinda swollen or itchy whenever Iay in bed for a while? I'm near a vent and I think this allergic reaction is from the dust blowing towards me. I try to close it but I still have this issue. Does this basically mean I should take allergy meds every single day?

No. 553106

Is anyone else who's exceedingly touch starved and lonely during quarantine having fantasies about being in relationships? Or am I that one lone retard. I keep imagining me and a specific man who I've been fantasizing about in romantic scenarios because I hate the amount of loneliness I feel and living with my abusive and unsympathetic family isn't helping me, I can't see my friends physically till after finals are over, so I've been trying to fill the gaps. I feel like a crazy person for having these lucid daydreams about a guy who I know I'll never date.

No. 553107

It'll rub off in a day or two on its own, don't worry about it.

No. 553110

Like the other anon said, it will come off soon. Next time put vaseline on your neck and around your ears to avoid it sticking. My friend taught me this trick while she was in beauty school.

No. 553116

Is it possible to have body dysmorphia overnight?
I looked in the mirror today and despite being what is societally considered skinny and on top of that losing even more weight due to depression, I thought I looked really fat. I've never had an issue with my face yet my face has been looking super pudgy to me.

No. 553123

Any tech-savvy anons here that can enlighten me?

My taskbar occasionally disappears completely and all the icons with it, including the start button. It becomes an empty black bar at the bottom of the screen. Now, I did some research and managed to find out that running 'explorer.exe' from the task manager solves this problem, but I want to know the why. What causes it to disappear in the first place? It's been happening more and more frequently

No. 553134

Of course it's possible, just don't let it get to you too much, it'll go away after a few days. Try dressing up for fun if you still feel bad, that always makes me feel better
THat used to happen to me too all the time, I think it went away after time (I can't really remember), I don't know why that happens either but it's not malicious

No. 553147

how do i force myself to stop being attracted to someone? i'm really drawn to this guy but he has a lot of incel characteristics and says so much degen shit. he's funny at the same time and cute and all but there are too many red flags for me to want to talk to him more, it just bothers me how attracted to him i am since he's on my mind so much

No. 553159

What exactly was staminarose? I know that it was the precurser to lolcow and that the admin was batshit. I also read that there were a couple of forums that started even before that. Is there any encyclopedia dramatica pages about it? I mamaged to find an archive an anon posted like 5 years ago but it was all gone and unarchived

No. 553168

It's an imageboard that got made after /cgl/ banned drama (if I remember correctly) so all that activity went there. Honestly there wasn't that much worth archiving that you can't also find in pre-rule change /cgl/ archives.

No. 553264

Is it still worth getting a bachelor's in computer science? By the time I graduate it will be at least 4 years from now. I have heard some people say that field is already oversaturated

No. 553266

imagine how your relationship would play out and that it will probably go to shit. men don't stop being pieces of shit once they get a gf. you'll see plenty of women say their ugly ass boyfriend still treated them like shit and scarred them, and if you know he's bad then don't put yourself through the wringer. in this case, he's probably pornsick and won't even get you off.

No. 553268

I want to say towards the end, Admin got scared because of CP/Pixy pedophile allegations. I don't quite remember it all, probably other anons can finish or correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 553288

Do you write about your actual opinions in college essays or change it to match whatever the professors perspective is? Whenever I have to write an essay for something subjective like literature I realised I do so much better if I go along with the professors stance so I just do that

No. 553324

I think with CS it's less the degree and more of your drive and project experience. Even if it does seem to be oversaturated, I don't think the demand will go away. specific languages and skills might be more valuable to employers, so that's something to keep in mind.

No. 553328

What happened to Bodyline? Mr.Yan as well. I really thought it went defunct but it seems to be blooming and up to date. Whole website is different though.

No. 553330

it keeps telling me "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET" and i also cannot open any other websites but i can visit this site

is there a reason why?

also restarted my router for so many times now, it's still fucking up like this

No. 553337

File: 1589326272465.jpg (79.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Do you guys think wearing color contacts makes someone "fake", as in too shallow or vain?

I've been meaning to get those solotica lenses in blue because my eyes are that almost jet black brown and I feel like never being able to see my pupils makes me less approachable idk, im white as a bread so it wouldn't be too ~*~ wow exotic ~*~ looking.

No. 553342

I'm assuming your using Windows 10. explorer.exe is the GUI. Try updating your GPU drivers.

No. 553343

I don't see what's wrong with it. Do what you want.

No. 553344

I don't like how contacts look myself, but I've never made any assumptions about the people who wear them. If you like it, I don't see the harm in trying them out.

No. 553361

You’ll be hot get it ma

No. 553365

My band teacher in high school once showed us a picture of her baby and we were like "aww he has your big blue eyes!!" and she said "oh ahaha anyone could" and TOOK OUT HER CONTACT IN FRONT OF US. I will literally never forget that moment. it was so cool. go for it.

No. 553367

Just do it if you want to. It will be fun I think. I will admit sometimes when I see someone with obvious contacts I think that they are vain, but really who cares? Most people don't think that, I'm just some bitch who nitpicks on lolcow.

No. 553372

File: 1589334631390.jpeg (286.21 KB, 1200x1800, 5888C562-F5D4-4693-BD96-B8BE6A…)

What do I google for more shirts like this?? Specifically, I’m looking at this style of sleeve. Is it called balloon sleeves? This listing calls them poet sleeves?

No. 553373

i've seen them called peasant sleeves and lantern sleeves, but also balloon and bishop sleeves.

No. 553395

Alright, this is dumb as fuck of me to even ask but do y'all scrutinize other women's appearances as much as you do these cows? I personally don't, but spending a lot of time on lolcow has been making me kind of paranoid and self conscious about my own physical flaws.

No. 553400

File: 1589342255068.jpg (51.17 KB, 540x720, 734c5eb47610bba27541c3429a7aa8…)

any fellow nearsighted-chans have experience in getting affordable contact lenses without insurance? I'm like very new and dumb to this lifestyle lol. I only started wearing glasses a year ago after a life of perfect vision and while I scored with cute frames I honestly really miss my bare face without them and want to be able to switch between both options. but by the time quar is over I'll have aged out of my family plan and I haven't researched a new plan nor am i really going to be able to afford my own insurance anytime soon. was supposed to eventually go to my optometrist for a fitting before the world stopped. I feel like as long as I know my prescription I should be fine but i know next to nothing abt contact fittings. I also know wearing contacts can be more uncomfortable than wearing glasses. are there any good brands you know of or any lenses that are sketchy that I should stay away from?

No. 553403

I've never really been a nitpicky anon, I'm more of a lurker on snow/ pt threads and i hate when that dumb shit gets out of hand, especially when it's off-topic and the cow in question is very much conventionally pretty. I get that it's fun to roast some of them because they are genuinely trash garbage people, but I have had to force myself to take breaks from browsing here too often or else I start feeling like a bloated haggard toothless goblin hasbeen even though I'm young and decent looking, so I get what you mean

also I've always been way harder on myself than others, like I'll have it in my head that I would die if i had x feature or was a certain weight but then I see it on another girl and genuinely think she can pull it off? idk. ultimately lookism is going to be everywhere and even people with the best intentions will occasionally project on others, but no one will ever be without flaws unless the've got ps and facetune, you're better off not letting that shit get to you as much as you can manage to.

No. 553404

What is one absurb rule your parents had that served no purpose or was even damaging to you? Mine was that I wasn't allowed to walk around the block until I was like 18 because WHAT IF YOU GET KIDNAPPED. Yeah that mindset carried over into doing literally anything without my parents around. Ironically I was allowed to go on the computer all fucking day though and get into shit that was actually dangerous.

No. 553435


Honestly anon, you should go to an optometrist and do the test for contact lenses. it's important that they fit well or it could damage your eyes further. i have a slight astigmatism in one eye and normal contact lenses (drugstore-ones, fairly cheap but not bad quality) don't really fit perfectly and they end up hurting my eyes.

if you wanna wear contact lenses, do it the safe way. and for me they aren't expensive (but i live in switzerland, idk how it is where you live). for 6 months i pay around 80-100 dollars so that's super fair.

No. 553436

the only time i really notice flaws on people are when they are similar to my own flaws to be honest.

No. 553456

Can a straight man and a straight woman be just friends?

No. 553463

yes? I have plenty, but idk if it counts because we're either both in relationships or they're my boyfriend's friends who have become my friends or they're old classmates. I guess it's weirder if you're both single and didn't meet through someone else but it's obviously possible and I get weirded out when people super adamantly say it's impossible. like it's possible to not be horny for every girl or guy you know, it's not that deep

No. 553464

actually now that I think about it I'm maybe also an outlier for being not entirely straight and also lowkey way less interested in sex than the average girl

No. 553465

Is breaking up with someone over political opinions dumb?

No. 553479

I think it's good to be with someone you match with so it's not entirely dumb. It really depends on the political opinion they have.

They can always change when presented with new info and if they are willing to change their perspective so it's not like an entirely fixed state.

No. 553484

Yes as long as you're also friends with his group of friends so he won't try to make a move on you.

No. 553494

What does /pt/ stand for?

No. 553495


No. 553499

Pastures, were the cows live.

No. 553502

What is /cgl/

No. 553503

Country girls living

No. 553510

why is there an option to input your name and email? And why isn't there a check-a-box option for sageing instead of having to write sage in the email bar.

No. 553511

Should I consider it a red flag when I meet a woman who proudly spregs that she is a traditional right-wing-chan unironically? She also never wanted to work in a first place and is still crying about it because she was forced to.

No. 553512

Yes because she is mostly a toxic pickme and hates women. Avoid at all costs to avoid drama with her.

No. 553519

Does anyone else find that they have to throw away alot of stuff after a break up, as in anything with too many memories attached?

No. 553522

I don't see what good it could bring you if you're in any way more progressive than a tradwife spergchan. If anything, her ways are going to come bite her in the ass in the future and she'll be expecting female friends to pick up the support. What retard willfully doesn't want a form of her own income? Even if her husbando would pay for everything she'd be a fool to not work even part time to stash away cash. Does she have a redeemable quality at all to make up for her brazen stupidity? She's a shipwreck in slow motion, do you wanna be around for the big sink?

No. 553555

Honestly yes I think I’m extremely harsh with my judgement of beauty but I also don’t think it actually matters if people are or aren’t beautiful

No. 553557

i wasn't allowed to play with dolls, watch sailor moon, or much of anything else "girly." my mom thought it was all sexist and that i was just requesting these things to fit in, but i really liked them and the ban made me feel ashamed of any feminine traits.

No. 553562

I'm obsessed with aesthetics and that includes people's faces, but like anon said it doesn't actually matter. If they're cows though, the criticism will make them feel bad so why not.

No. 553564

Me. I had to get rid of a shirt once because I remembered wearing it around my ex and it made me think of them.

No. 553571

not really. the only cows i mock for their appearance are ones that pick on other women's looks themselves, like laur, gimpgirl, shoe etc.

the fact that she's thinks it's acceptable to openly sperg about it doesn't bode well.

No. 553576

I'm more judgemental of myself more than other people. It takes a lot for me to find someone truly ugly.

No. 553578

I wasn't allowed to play with toys or do anything fun on a school night. My mum demanded she must look at my homework, even if I don't need her help. Even if I got everything correct, she would sit there explaining things regardless. I also had to wait like 2 hours for her to finish watching tv before she did this. My parents would also get angry at me if I showed any interest in art. I just grew to really resent school and hate my parents a lot because of this because it made me so miserable, all because they wanted me to be some super genius. Jokes on them, I don't even get amazing grades anyways.

No. 553580

File: 1589395997880.png (165.81 KB, 409x390, 1589084250795.png)

Can someone explain why this pic from the Projared/Holly Conrad thread is funny? I don't get it. I'm not a gamer, and I'm really only familiar with the basics of the Holly Conrad/Heidi/Projared drama.

No. 553592

The "No boyfriend" rule just permanently fucked me up forever.
My parents used to threaten me and my sister, telling us that they're going to hurt us and break our legs if we ever get a boyfriend. I once had an online boyfriend when I was around 10 on Habbo, my sister somehow found out and I ended up fully sobbing and crying, begging her not to tell our parents. Lol.

Funny thing is: After my brother was born, they never said anything like that to him and even went as far as ENCOURAGING him to get a girlfriend. I hate men and their privilege so much.

I was also never allowed to visit my friends' houses and have a sleepover, even if they knew the kids parents and talked to them before. They weren't allowed to visit me either and there was a time in middle school where people would make fun of me for being "homeless" over that aka no one's ever been to my house before and I always wore the same clothes out of insecurity = anon is homeless. I swear children can be so cruel sometimes.

No. 553597

File: 1589398099454.gif (1.45 MB, 500x280, C40209FB-E002-4330-9852-B2FC67…)

UGHHHHHHHHHHH. Ive been twitching and feeling numb alot whenever I workout (it happens when i do plank related exercises).

Its usually around my arms,hands, left eyelid,fingers and sometimes i can feel it in on my upper lip. Am i going to die

No. 553600

Holly is with Jared but he seems to ignore her everywhere, never interacts with her on streams, never likes her selfies while she tries to get his attention as hard as she can. The more time passes the more miserable she looks. Heidi is doing fine, she sometimes vents on twitter about how Jared gave her trust issues but she is working on it, while Holly said numerous manipulative and stupid things throughout this year and definitely doesn't feel guilty or anything. Lately she looked especially greasy and sad, Jared started liking selfies of other girls and interacting with them while still ignoring Holly, and this is the face she made when Heidi notification appeared on her AC stream.
Basically, we laugh because she got what she wanted - Jared, who is a manipulative jerk with porn addiction. And while getting what she wants she destroyed both his marriage and her own. Both Heidi - Jared's ex, and Ross - her ex are moving on and are happy.

No. 553604

I’ve spoken English for most of my life but I still revert back to my native language when counting or doing math. It’s just so much easier. Does anyone else know this feel? I wonder why that is.

No. 553654

Yep, whenever I break up with someone, almost all of their gifts get given away. Friend breakups included.

No. 553694

Did you learn to count in your native language? I'd say that comes into it with neuroplasticity and stuff. Also, some languages are more linguistically efficient than others with numbers.


No. 553703

Ah, I see. Thank you for explaining.

No. 553714

Do you guys prefer browsing this site with your phone or PC?

I'm on my phone all the time but when I want to read some threads then I always boot up my PC because it's just so darn difficult when it's your phone.

No. 553730


I prefer browsing on my phone, tbh. Whenever I open spoilered images on my laptop, they take up the entire screen and its kind of clunky and awkward. Mobile is easier imo, there's no need to zoom in on anything.

No. 553749

PC for sure. I hate phones for browsing anything but pure walls of text. Screen is too small and I hate typing on touch screens.

No. 553760


depressed folks, do you make weird associations in your head about what you can and can't do because you're depressed? For example I wanted cake so I started baking it and in the middle of doing so I had a sudden pang of "Nobody likes me and life is pointless so why should I do anything remotely enjoyable knowing that things are only going to go downhill from here" and then stopped baking.

No. 553776

pls no bully for weeb shit

How do I go about washing one of those anime character pillows? No, it’s not one of those lewd full body pillow covers lol. Either way, I’m just very worried about the colors bleeding so I don’t know how to safely wash and dry it without ruining print on it.

No. 553780

There's no washing instructions on it? Cold water + delicate detergent. Hand wash and hang dry. Can't be much different from caring for stuffies or decorative pillows.

No. 553791

wtf are you me? The first paragraph hits WAY too close home, but I don't have a brother. Now I'm nearly 26 and a kissless virgin, my big sister is fucked in the head so she can't keep a man and my little sister has been dating a guy for years but it's a secret and she only told my mother recently. I also recently learned that she broke up with her bf because he's not from our ethnicity and she was worried our father would beat the shit out of them if he knew, but then they got back together.

When we were in middle school we got a prank call once from one of my sisters' classmates who was like "lol I'm [sister's name] boyfriend xD" and my father was just beating her the whole afternoon after that because clearly, we deserve this for being whores. Despite us trying to explain that this was a prank. Some people should just not reproduce.

No. 553792

Constantly. I’ve stopped trying to do things a long time ago.
Even with years of meds and therapy it hasn’t gone away.

No. 553797

not sure if depressed but I constantly have the thought of 'no one likes or knows you so why even be here' in terms of going out, getting into online communities, servers, etc. I end up leaving things I was invited to early or just not joining.

No. 553809

File: 1589438999780.jpg (57.9 KB, 720x405, retsu.jpg)

So that makes sense why she has only female 'besties' IRL with whom she never hangs out (but came to all of them to give her a job after she got kicked out) while talking only to men on internet… Honestly I considered this part really sus ever since the beginning, because it seemed to me that the way she spregged about her besties was both middle-school level and both seemed like she just uses them because they've been friends for awhile.
And yes, I spoke my opinion that I would always prefer being progressive (if i had a choice, I said that I don't care about such stuff that much, never thought of it so deeply that I would be calling myself trad or not) over being traditional, explaining that I was born in a country that (still) has a huge patriarchy and traditional propaganda.

It honestly made me feel really sad for her ever since she said such words. When I started saying that I will always support women over men, said that I believe that women are even better than men because of the way we were raised, she started spregging that 'not all men'.
I sound like ''feminazi'' here, but I meant that women are calmer than men and are better at handeling situations, and most of the time they are not the 'woman-child' of relationships.

Ever since she somehow started trying to throw dramas on me whenever I would come over (she is, unfortunatley, a sister of my significant other), even though I've seen it coming because ever since the first day we met she was showing jealousy traits, you know, these kinds of stares and creepy compliments that involve her degrading herself. Ever since the second I met her, it was written that she is really insecure all over her face.

I feel bad, thinking I did something wrong but I never tried picking fights with her or anything. It bums me out how she also is trying to ignore the existence of mine and her big brothers relationship. I really want to talk to her about it, but whenever I try she literally runs out of the room like a child.

It seems like its really hard to…Befriend women IRL… I never said anything mean to her.

No. 553832

God wtf. Reading this was so painful what the fuck is up with your dad i hope your sister and you guys are ok. Men who think they should control their daughter’s love life should be burned in a pit.

Same thing with me and I hate that my dad forbids me from having any sort of love life just because I’m his only daughter but had I’d been a son he would have encouraged me to go find a girlfriend.

No. 553916

I've been a vegan for 5 years and was a pescetarian prior to that because I just fucking love fish and had a raging eating disorder that caused me to be mentally unable to eat a lot of foods but quit eating fish because I felt bad. Now I'm considering eating fish again and I feel guilty and anxious just imagining it. Am I a bad person, anons?

No. 553917

Eat fish asap. You need heme iron. Don't punish your body and end up looking like Dr dray and your hailine starts receding.

No. 553919

Has anyone been scared of therapy and managed to get over their fears? How did you do it? I haven't been able to move past being abused as a child and I know I need to seek help, but I feel like my abuse isn't as severe as others and I should just be able to get over it. I haven't talked about it much with anyone because I feel like people will think I'm lying/exaggerating.

No. 553924

I sort of did and will have to do it again.

Few months ago I had to go to a psychologist to get diagnosed and had to tell her all the shit that happened and I was embarrassed to even bring it up. I just did. I was red faced, crying a bit and stuttering but eh.

Those people hear all kinds of stuff from incredibly fucked up to the most basic crap reasons for someones illness. They will accept what you say as the truth. You can also write it all down if it's easier for you

No. 553940

>I haven't talked about it much with anyone because I feel like people will think I'm lying/exaggerating.

Seek a trauma-informed therapist if that's the case. They're literally trained to help clients overcome childhood abuse, and they won't accuse you of lying. Avoid psychologists and psychiatrists, as they tend to be more focused on diagnosing you and treating you with medication. Not that they'd necessarily accuse you of lying either, but if you're more focused on healing from abuse, rather than treating individual symptoms (such as depression/anxiety) that you struggle with as a result of the abuse, therapy is a better bet.

You can use websites like psychology today to find therapists in your area that specialize in childhood trauma. Use the filters on the left to narrow down specifically what you struggle with, and it will pull up specialists that are trained to tackle those issues.

No. 553941

No. 553943

On a related note, how and when therapy is supposed to work? I've been in talk therapy for 3 months and I don't feel like anything's changed with me yet. Is that normal or am I going the wrong way about the process? Maybe I don't say the right things or something…

No. 553968

Do different phone cameras make you look different in selfies? Why do I look so fucking ugly and gaunt ever since I switched to a new phone?? I'm ugly but not THIS ugly

No. 553969

Oftentimes, therapy is a long process, it might take years and you might even feel like you're getting worse in the beginning. At least that's what people keep telling me. I always feel a bit better after my therapy sessions though, and I've been going for three months now as well. The subjects are hard to talk about but at least I feel like I have someone to talk to. Maybe the therapist isn't right for you but I'd definitely give her a few more chances if I were you.

No. 553970

File: 1589494395341.jpg (392.22 KB, 2642x1908, eb8a49_4420132.jpg)

i think someone asks this question every month and someone replies with a variation of this photo and link explaining it, it's basically about focal lenghts. could also be the fact that cameras are just too fucking hd these days, gross.

No. 553973

Do you know which one of these lens widths is actually closest to reality?

No. 553985


When you consistently apply what you learned, be it changing unhelpful patterns of thinking or behavior.

No. 553986

ladies, how are you attracted to zendaya? what's her appeal? i'm not saying she's unattractive but all i remember when seeing her is disney channel.

No. 553990

I thought I posted this before, but I guess it might've not gone through? Unless it was deleted.

Is it somewhat normal to have your bones showing despite being overweight?
I struggled with an ED for about 4 years, to the point where I was hospitalized, I'm in recovery now, gained about 20 pounds.

But my bones still show, collar bone, upper and lower rib cage, hip bones.. It feels really weird, and upsetting because it reminds me of how bad I wanna be what I was before.

I'm definitely overweight, 5'2, 150 lbs, and 38-28-37 measurements (embarrassing to say even tho anon)
I know it's a meme word but is this just like, big/wide bone structure? It's hard for me to tell by myself on these things due to body dysmorphia..

No. 553991

I think she's pretty and has a unique beauty so I guess I get why people are in love with her looks, but honestly I think a lot of it is just because she's mixed and has a good body, in addition to Euphoria hype. her face is very, idk, it gives me the same vibe as selena gomez facially, if that makes sense, like it's still a little too childlike to be hot. don't get why twitter goes nuts every time she's on the red carpet, zoe kravitz is way more beautiful/ deserves the crazy amounts of thirst she gets (and she's the spitting image of her mom who is one of the most beautiful celebs I can think of)

No. 553992

You're just going to get anons nitpicking her appearance saying her head is too big, nose too wide, her chin not at a 180 degree angle, or her face is too manly.

Then some anon will sperg about Japan and how she wouldn't be attractive to an Asian market.

No. 553994

i know she's considered to be very attractive and she's pretty too but i just feel bored when i look at her face

No. 553995

as opposed to excited

No. 553996

Projection much?

I think she's pretty, that's it. She doesn't interest me work-wise or personality-wise.

I have a feeling that regardless of anons answers, you'll still find a way to feel negatively. Maybe focus on recovery harder if having bones bothers you.

No. 553997

>Projection much?
nah it's true, happens every time. you must be new here.

No. 553998

I look sliiightly similar so in my case it would be projection, idk.

No. 554010

i get major lesbian vibes from her, she seems confident so that's kinda hot. if i only saw her and didn't know anything, would most likely just think "wow great skin and hair" and not much else

No. 554012

i think it's supposed to be between 24 and 20 but personally, i think more 35-24

No. 554023

ayrt how the fuck is that projection.

Did you actually take my example nitpicks seriously?

No. 554026

File: 1589504861987.png (880.95 KB, 540x720, 3E6B48D0-6D53-4110-9086-0CC357…)

thanks for the insight! yea her and selena both still give off disney vibes to me.
confidence is sexy, that's true. lol but all i can think of is her in those whacky layered outfits from shake it up. you'd need confidence to wear those!

No. 554028

confidence anon here, i forgot to mention that i never watched her tween show, i got to know her during her kinda more mature stage lmao, must make a difference

No. 554030

is it bad/middle school edgelord behavior that i enjoy telling people to kill themselves online
even better if they're incredibly annoying
it's just so therapeutic

No. 554032

Yes. Kys.

No. 554034

thank you
kill yourself

No. 554052

why did they redtext the "machine learning general" it was such a fun read

No. 554054

it was made by a troll

No. 554067

What would be a good cheerleading dress color/s for a tan,black haired blue eyed girl?

No. 554068

Blue to match her eyes.

No. 554072

Won't your team pick the colours? Or is it a costume? Nearly anything will suit those colours considering cheerleaders are fake tanned to hell and back.

No. 554074

i feel like megan fox would be a good inspo to look at. she seems to wear a lot of black but when she wears color i see a lot of bright pinks, bright blues, and some red, purple, and yellow. something bright and high contrast for sure.

No. 554080

what's the difference between a programmer, a software engineer and a software developer?

No. 554091

Has onion drama been interesting lately? I fell behind lol. Not looking to be spoon fed but a yes or no would be nice

No. 554093

Yeah he started an onlyfans and is trying to get as nude as he can without posting what farmers suspect is a microdick. onion is like a petri dish science experiment. you just leave the thread for a few months and come back to marvel in disgust and fascination at what's developed

No. 554106

Omg…. Thank you so much for giving me an answer but I don't need that in my life

No. 554110

how much water is too much water? I have always downed water like a fish my entire life, idk, I just get thirsty easily and it makes me feel better, but sometimes I wonder if I'm ever in danger of overdoing it. I've been drinking a ton today to counteract eating too much sugar and idk, I feel weird and bloated, but I still get thirsty. maybe it's just from eating like shit this week. I love water but I'm tired of having to pee a million times a day

No. 554111

nta but man this makes me glad that I stopped keeping up with onion threads years ago, like literally not since the billie saga. threads just go by way too fast and I'd rather know the absolute minimum of that trainwreck's sad life and get told the same info as twitter normies

No. 554112

File: 1589535145630.jpg (130.91 KB, 1200x1714, 1200px-Morrigan(Darkstalkers).…)

Why does this anime ho have such low wings. They look like they're growing out of her asscheeks

I have no idea who this character is or what she's from. I just know this love to cosplay her.

No. 554113

File: 1589535425204.jpg (198.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Morrigan from darkstalkers, I don't play the game but I've played MvC3

No. 554114

Man same. I can't just not drink when I get thirsty and my body is accustomed to getting a tonne of water. I'm trying to drink less before bedtime so my sleep doesn't get interrupted but honestly that's as far as I'll go, I'm still willing to pee all day to be hydrated enough.

No. 554117

> I just know this* love to cosplay her.
Meant to say *thots

No. 554124

Any vegetarian or vegan anons, how do you feel ethically about lab grown meat? If it became readily accessible would you feel comfortable eating it?

No. 554131

I would sell my soul for ethical salmon or tuna but idgaf about any other meat, I just miss fish. I've heard other vegans say that labgrown meat isn't ethical since it comes from real meat but I've also heard some vegans say that cannibalism is more moral than eating animals so…

No. 554150

I find men with pierced ears extremely sexy and my bf says he wouldn't mind doing it. Do you think it'd be weird for a 30yo dude to get his ears pierced?

No. 554151

Meat is a bit gross to me from so long not eating it but I'd probably get over it and start eating it again. I support lab grown meat since that's going to be the actual way factory farming stops once lab grown becomes more profitable. I get the impression that some vegans are against it just because they get their whole personal identity from being vegan and want there to still be a reason to preach about being vegan so need to find a flaw in the actual solution.

No. 554153

Before considering consuming it I'd want there to be a few peer-reviewed studies on its impacts on the environment.
If it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than "normal" meat (be it industrial or organic) then I would be totally for it being more widely available. However if a diet that includes it has a bigger carbon footprint than a local vegan diet, then I would say it defeats the purpose a bit.

From a more personnal point of view, I don't think I'd eat it because I'd be too afraid it will make cravings worse. Same reason I won't eat eggs even if they're from someone's backyard: it was difficult to stop even if I didn't go cold turkey, I think refreshing my memory of tasty animal products will make it harder to stay vegan.
However some people argue that having an ethical lab grown meat will make it easier for people to stay vegetarian/vegan because they won't need to eat real stuff when they get cravings. It's all theory tho, as far as I know there's been no studies on animal product substitutes and whether they help transitioning diets or make it more difficult.

On the ethical side idk. From a purely utilitarian pov, sure a few animals are killed to get the cells but how many animals are not uselessly brought into the world and then killed as a result? It sucks that it would still support the killing of animals for a profit but at this point it would be the least terrible option.

No. 554162

Anyone had online exams recently? Can you look for answers online or in your notes/a book?

No. 554164

Can't sleep and have an exam due at 11:59 pm today. I need to take it by at least 10 pm. I wanted to spend the whole day studying with at least 8 hours of sleep.

So far I've slept about 3 hours and have been trying to sleep for the past 2.

Do I stay awake, study and take a nap between study breaks or do I try to sleep anyway for the next hour?

No. 554166

stay in bed and rest.

No. 554167

Depends, if your professor has proctorio or any other proctoring software then your screen is going to be recorded at the very least. Your professor may also enable your webcam so that the software can record you and your microphone.

If you do plan to cheat (unless it's open note) hopefully your professor only has the screen recording available so you can look at your textbook. Otherwise you're kind of out of luck.

The softwares all have some sort algorithm that tracks your time on questions, I'm not sure how it really works but it does give your professor red flags that you may be cheating and they can review it.

No. 554170

is it narcissistic to place a mirror across the shower because i like the way my body looks during it

No. 554199

by definition yes, though maybe not in the psychopathological sense

No. 554201

Yeah. Most people would just assume you're a raunchy bitch that likes shower sex tho kek.

No. 554202


oh god, i had this. He was vocal about our relationship and all his online pals knew me and we'd talk about outing i.e. meals out, go karting, holidays but his ex would post shit on his timeline from when they were dating and kept trying to antagonise me online, while being 'nice' to my face.

There is no way this ends well. I went into his msgs and although there is no evidence of cheating, there was an unsophisticated gaslighting campaign against me. She criticised me constantly, faultfinding, flirting with him, sending him lewds.

Go through his phone. You have nothing to lose.

Him and his 'friend' are already drafting your callout post about how you're a crazy insecure jealous cunt.

Get out before that happens, at least you will have control, anon.

No. 554204

samefag but

I deeply regret not listening to others and getting out before this happened, so at least I could've had SOME semblance of control. Now, I have nothing, and it was the most devastating experience of my life, and I wish I was dead everyday.

Anon, I am begging you, as I would beg my past self from a month ago. Get the fuck out. They're talking non-stop shit about you, I guarantee it.

No. 554205


Very similar situation here, my bf at the time was always saying that he "is not a kind of person to be public about his relationship" but would always post stuff with his close female friend, tag her, all of this. She was in a different relationship and they both actively gaslighted me for months. Going through someone's phone is a serious breach of privacy but if I didn't do it i would never find out they were fucking behind my back, since i've managed to see a message he didn't have time to erase yet. Trust your instincts.

No. 554207

Anon, can I get a hold of you on discord somehow?

I'm so, so glad that someone is going through the same thing, I need someone to talk to about it.

I adore him, I can't believe he did this to me.

No. 554210

File: 1589556726607.jpg (257.83 KB, 1181x1470, IMG_20200515_172948.jpg)

Anon-tans, I am confused why is it so common to have a jealous sister-in-law, or sister-in-law being jealous of her brothers relationship. Why is it so common everywhere; both in media and IRL?

I always thought that you should feel happy for your sibling when they decide to share a life with their partner instead of being petty and whiny about it. I got only little brothers, and maybe that's why I am more chill about it… But girls, isnt that unhealthy and disrespectful?

No. 554218

Also lived in Korea for a while, and I think I did find Korean men overall move attractive on average than other populations (I'm from MX/US)
But! It wasn't necessarily their build or faces–they were just more idk, uniformly well-groomed? Trends in Korea are pretty strong so most young men will make an effort to keep up and it's easy to get access to cheap, nice-looking clothes. I did find about 1/3 of them to be quite tall (maybe 6ft, usually accompanied by an equally tall gf), the rest were probably short by Western standards (maybe 5'5-5'7). Rarely in between lol. Didn't see anyone fat but also not really muscular either.

For reference, I lived around Sinchon/Hongdae so I was surrounded by a lot of trendy young people, and I think it totally depends on the area/social class/etc, like any other country. Sorry for the overly detailed answer, I just miss Korea.

No. 554220

It's very suspicious specially because he had no trouble being public with this female friend of his.

No. 554227

from what I have seen this usually occurs with younger sisters. who view their older brothers as their father figures and view the women their brothers might be engaged with as evil step-mothers

No. 554228

I noticed a potential mistake on my paycheck and got paid a lot more than I was supposed to. Should I tell HR or wait until they notice and say something about it? I work for a very small company but I won't be with the company for much longer (my temp position with them was extended for up to 3 months but it's all dependent on when quarantine ends in our city).

No. 554231

I would just bite the bullet and tell them now. This happened to me when I worked as a teacher for a small Catholic school, planned to switch jobs soon and figured their accountant would take the blame since it was her fault, so I spent the money on bills. But they noticed right away and told me I could either pay it back immediately or work for them until I payed back the overpayment, so that sucked.

No. 554233

What do you call those school kids who help out with documents in an office along with the school receptionist I think?they seem to always be there and they get along with the teachers no matter what

No. 554234

Thanks anon! I just sent them an email about it since I don't want to owe it back and it turns out it wasn't a mistake lol, they just rolled 3 timesheets into one paycheck. Good to know in case this happens again in the future though!

No. 554237

I wish my older brother would find a girlfriend and move out of the house already, but he's too cautious and picky.

I think it's just one of those things where some families just have odd boundaries. Like the creepy fathers who are way too protective of their daughter's virginity or "boy moms"

No. 554239

File: 1589564668375.jpg (70.22 KB, 800x450, Doritos.jpg)

So I've been losing weight these past couple of weeks, but last week and this week I've only managed to lose one pound. What am I doing wrong?
I keep a food diary and try not to go over 1500 and sometimes even eat less than that. I've stayed away from junk food completely.
I also lift weights so maybe that might have something to do with it? Maybe I need to exercise more often?

No. 554243

All you need is patience.

No. 554244

Maybe you're putting on muscle weight?

No. 554255

Is there something horrible about losing a pound a week? I'm confused. How many pounds do you think you should be shedding per week? 1 is normal.

No. 554258

>When you consistently apply what you learned, be it changing unhelpful patterns of thinking or behavior.
Wait, on therapy you "learn" anything?
I was on few therapies for a years, I learned nothing.

No. 554291

why do big companies always license contractors through a third party? why not just directly hire them?

No. 554296

File: 1589573623662.jpeg (74.03 KB, 550x611, image.jpeg)

How do you learn makeup and not look like a kid who raided mom's makeup bag?

No. 554297

it gives her a distinctive silhouette. She's a fighting game character, all she has to be is cool/iconic-looking and fun to play.

No. 554298

Because they can legally pay people way less by sourcing them from a "recruiter" company. Which is why contract hires don't technically work for those companies despite doing all the same shit their direct employees do.
Companies save beaucoup money this way, and they don't have to offer those contractors benefits or nothin.

If a company really likes someone they can "buy out" their contract from the recruitment agency but there's really no incentive to do so most the time. Usually only happens when they know their employees will be leaving or transferring so they'll be short staffed otherwise.

No. 554299

like literally anything fucking else, it just takes practice. usually you watch a tutorial the first time you try a specific look.

sorry, but I'm so tired of hearing people bitch about how hard it is to learn how to do make-up. it isn't rocket science. like, if you're not even going to put in the effort to learn, make-up might just not be for you. there's probably an underlying reason why you're not motivated enough to get better at it and just want to complain that it's too hard.

No. 554304

Make up is literally easy and I don't understand how people find it overwhelming. Watch a tutorial on YouTube for what you specifically want. Do you want to have flawless skin do you just want a base do you care about your eyes do you want to learn how to apply eyeliner to your lids or waterline, I think it's easier to pencil in brows for beginners and less is always more. You can add to make up easily it's harder to take away without just removing a layer. Just practice, I'm sure you managed to learn how to colour in between the lines

No. 554306

Is it normal to really be into yuri/shoujo ai/lesbian romance as a straight woman? Does it mean that that person is not straight?

No. 554310

Realise it's a skill that needs to be practised and will get rusty if not used in a long time. You also have to look into skincare and understand what your skin and features need, one yt tutorial not working for you means nothing, you gotta keep at it. Also good makeup and brushes make a difference, but most expensive rarely means the best in use lol.

No. 554316

Is it too early to fly in an airplane in August because of covid? I feel like all I could do is buy a ticket now and see what happens. My friends seem kinda 50/50 on the issue.

No. 554320

Is it for someone to call a person's teeth cute?

No. 554321

Straight girls love yuri.

No. 554326

For vacation, no. If you're stuck somewhere and were waiting out the peak before going home or you're an essential worker and need to travel for work etc. I might consider it.

No. 554333

Oh damn I forgot the word weird
Is it weird for someone to call a person's teeth cute?

No. 554339

When it's cute or well written. But most aren't

No. 554347

Most Yuri stuff is written by men and for men so I find it hard to enjoy it

Yaoi is way better because 90% of the artists are women and they also have a lot of better tropes

No. 554350

File: 1589586055410.png (792.02 KB, 800x906, illust_67605428_20200515_16394…)

What is this art style called? And how can a person (me) who knows nothing about illustration, start working toward something like that?

No. 554356

Both are trash
If you want good stories, you gotta read Shoujo/Shounen ai
Less focus on fucking, more focus on character development

No. 554357

>Most Yuri stuff is written by men and for men
I don't know about "most", I've only ever seen that said on lolcow to be honest. Maybe for anime you could say it's for men. But it's true, it's a lot safer to stick to BL if you want to read stuff by women only.

No. 554358

instagram copycat pretty girl art

No. 554359

Take a sample of 10 random yuri manga and report back

No. 554363

I did this just for you, completely random on mangaupdates.com. If you have a better place for me to look, please let me know. I see a lot of "female" but mostly "N/A", some "male" too of course. Did you mean porn? I mean yuri as in girls' love, just saying.

No. 554364

I mean yuri the genre, which is typically distinct from shoujo ai
mangaupdates.com is fine, I probably would have used mangadex because you can filter for porn and doujins a bit more easily

But what were the distributions?

No. 554367

Even fluffy yuri/GL mangas are mostly written by dudes.

No. 554368

Is there a mental disorder for being chronically insecure regardless of experience and self-improvement?

No. 554369

imposter syndrome

No. 554370

I looked again by searching for author by genre, and then sorting by number of series. All of the top ones are female… At least, according to the website. You never know on the internet. No matter how random I try to be, it's still about 80/20 female/male. I don't know what part of the internet you grew up on but I've never talked to people who use "shoujo ai/shounen ai", I just call everything yuri and BL, it's much easier. You could say GL if you hate the word yuri.

No. 554371

I don't hate the word yuri, but yuri often includes sex whereas shoujo ai often doesn't
yuri is usually porn in my experience

But it's supposed to be a random sample, so if you're seeing 80/20 then that's cool too

No. 554372

I'm glad we're cool, anon.

No. 554373


No. 554376

it could be an aspect of various disorders , no one can conclude anything based on that alone - but could also very likely just be being insecure, and not indicative of something pathological

No. 554388

No. 554395

does anyone have a favorite makeup organizer or desk organizer that could be used for cosmetics? or does anyone know if the home stuff from shein is total shit

No. 554401

Is a bisexual woman assumed to be more "fake"/bihet if she prefers feminine women or GNC women?

I know it's no big deal and lesbian defensiveness about bisexuals is very understandable, I just wonder how I may be viewed.

No. 554406

Is it actually a good thing for your pee to be colorless or is that just a meme

No. 554410

neither, but i believe it looks "fake" if she prefers women who look exactly like her (it comes off like they want to "be" them)

No. 554420

File: 1589598443201.png (214.58 KB, 358x351, Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 11.5…)

nah it's not too weird or uncommon, at least imo. I'll hear people like someone else's teeth every now and then. I actually get told I have "cute" little baby teeth, which is funny because I'm extremely insecure about how tiny, chipped and worn/ ground down they are. like my tooth twin is basically gerard way but like… straighter and more transparent lmao

No. 554421

Is this Timothee Chalamet

No. 554422

Light yellow urine is ideal. Having colorless urine occasionally is fine but having it consistently can mean you're overhydrated.

No. 554423

I always thought Gerard had cute teeth

No. 554427

File: 1589600394698.png (1.16 MB, 608x1066, dress.png)

Does anyone know where this dress is from?

No. 554441

get better taste

No. 554444

is a masters degree worth it. Everyone in my life is getting one and it's pressuring me ngl.

No. 554445

i saw a dress like this on aliexpress a few weeks ago called "vintage dress." can't find it on there anymore, but at some point you might find it there using that search

No. 554446

I'm going through the same thing, I was so against doing one but so many people around me getting one is making me rethink it

No. 554447

Mine drove down the desirability of my resume if I include it, so it depends. Absolutely wasn't worth it for me and I only did it because of the bullshit my boomer parents put me through. Joke is on me, there's a reason why they're leaving so much debt to our generation.
What would it be in?

No. 554462

pc but i minimize the screen so that it's tiny so basically "phone"-ish

No. 554483

Only do it if you're really interested in the subject.
Honestly who knows if it will make you more employable, with the upcoming economical crisis it can go either way. You might want to pick one that includes a long paid internship to get experience.

No. 554618

what is a normal amount of underwear to have? and what is the proper ratio of comfortable to cute underwear? 2:1?

No. 554628

No. 554630

File: 1589657219599.jpg (14.13 KB, 464x401, EUQGVCpWsAAM-0N.jpg)

we're reaching femcel levels that shouldn't even be possible

No. 554635

i'm a maximalist so i have atleast one pair for every day of the month. all my underwear is cute and comfortable, it's easy if you know where to shop. i just have some cheaper cute and comfy ones for period days. i also have sets of bra/panties that i only wear together.

No. 554637

One for ever day of the week and at least 5 more pairs just in case. Maybe even a couple of period panties just in case.

No. 554638

do any of you know of a cracked mobile game like Episode or Desires? Like chapters, love sex n shit but modded so you can choose the costly choices lol I'm having cheap visual novels phase again

No. 554647

do you piss yourself every day

No. 554655

yes, my bf loves it. get on my level femcel.

No. 554677

File: 1589661199549.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320, 1554858724205.gif)

>pissing yourself for cummies
>pissing yourself for cummies and attemtping to insult someone else

No. 554678

i think that's sarcasm

No. 554680

File: 1589661394297.jpg (35.34 KB, 310x350, 1344741782001.jpg)

>not recognizing obvious bait posts

No. 554682

Poe's law, anon.

No. 554686

Who wants to crush capitalism with me?

No. 554692

There's always that one anon who says "that's sarcasm" to degenerate shit lol

No. 554700

it's our way of coping w/ things

No. 554706

I usually have a lot? like 30-40, just because I tend to buy them in sets or those "5 for x amount" deals, which is pretty ideal when I have to pay to do my laundry and don't want to do it more often than I have to. like half of them are comfy-cute patterned bikini cut, a few lacy/ frilly/ etc and the rest are pure comfort plain colored seamless ones for functionality, and maybe like 2 thongs because I can't stand that wedged-up-your-ass feeling and I'm done forcing myself to try to like them lol

No. 554707

What's the plan comrade?

No. 554708

Bought 2 succulents during manic phase. Wth did I do it? I don't know. I didn't even do my research on them or anything. I'm mad, however I still would like to take care of them, but I don't know how. I used to water the plants and take care of them at my previous job, but they weren't succulents.

No. 554725


thank you guys

No. 554728

Narcissism, despite what people say, isn't about having unwarranted amounts of self esteem. The behaviour completely stems from insecurity and is a coping mechanism to deal with their constant sense of inferiority.

No. 554737

I think I already know the answer and I feel dumb for asking, but does anyone here have history of domestic violence? I had to call the police on someone who strangled me, I can't leave for a few days and he's coming home tonight, the police said there's nothing I can do about it and I should leave but there's nowhere I can go until Monday. Do you think that someone is less likely to be violent after being arrested or more likely to be violent? I'm scared and I am hoping that he is now scared of being busted because he's a coward. I hope that's enough to keep me safe for two days. Does anyone know any statistics or have any firsthand experience with calling the cops for domestic violence?

No. 554742

File: 1589677483702.jpeg (78.11 KB, 750x853, 79B23547-B1F2-48B4-983C-521692…)

Can someone better at google at me help me find this yukata sleepwear set with this/similar pattern? I saw it pop up on my instagram feed but I have no doubts it’s just reselling from Chinese sites. I found similar ones on aliexpress but no matter what combo of “polka dots” or “dots” or similar that I search it with, no similar/exact pattern will show up lol.

No. 554744

I've been growing succulents and cacti for about four years. The main thing is that you water them from the bottom. You know those little boxes you get cupcakes in? Cut them into seperate little cups and put your pots in there, put about two tablespoons of water in every month or so. They should be shiny, fleshy and feel full to the touch. Good luck, anon.

No. 554746

Alright I'm gonna reveal myself as a degenerate by asking if you all think hentai is also contrary to radical feminism (particularly the argument against the exploitation of women in porn).

Prior to a day ago I hadn't watched hentai before but I found a series geared towards female watchers and I actually liked it shamefully. I'm sure I'll get a side eye for saying this but it wasn't violent or degrading, nor was it pedophilic loli shit. I've sworn off of porn a while back because of how much it disgusts me as a radfem, but I don't have the same feelings towards hentai and literotica. The most disgust I feel in regards to hentai is weeb scrotes who advertise their hentai addictions. I actually think literotica is the least exploitative/harmful of all of them but I need visual stimulation.

Can radfems answer this? I would post in the GC thread but it's locked.

No. 554748

why do you care so much about their opinion on this matter?

No. 554750

No. 554753

If anyone here answers this seriously, it'll probably just devolve to bad faith arguments, infighting and sperging.
I'd try the other site for this kind of conversation.

No. 554768

I think hentai is fine as long as all the characters are adults. It's the least harmful genre of porn.

No. 554769

Firstly, what is this mythical female-targeted hentai series you mentioned?

Hentai is argued to be "better" than irl porn solely on the basis that real people aren't being exploited. It still does the same amount of brain damage. Written words and drawn pictures can still meme people into degeneracy, actually they can give people more fucked up fetishes than irl porn ever could. After all, real people can not perform "all-the-way-through" or "eye socket fucking", and yet there are now those who are turned on by it all the same because of hentai. But this is still fine, after all, it's not real, right?

There will always be escalation, no exception. People undoubtedly seek out as real of a simulation of their impossible/fictional fetishes as they can. Do you know how much 3D hyper realistic snuff loli porn there is on wildly popular websites like pixiv and patreon? There are sickeningly real images of children bodies, all out in the open and accepted because hey they have anime faces!
With the way technology is going, it'll be incredibly easy to make fake too real, at which point "no woman was harmed in the making of this" is irrelevant. It harms women all the same.
So if you're looking to hear that hentai is a viable alternative to irl porn, you just have to think a bit longer to see that it's not.

No. 554774

File: 1589686584819.jpeg (52.69 KB, 403x341, 60B7A57A-7B41-4E4B-8F1B-BD3521…)

Thank you so much anon!!!!

No. 554778

I think people have a misconception about the idea of hydration
clear pee doesn't mean you drank too much water–it just means you have a lot of water in your system, not an amount that is dangerous or anything
Super gross dark pee is gross, but it doesn't mean you're dehydrated. Could you use more water? Yes, but you're not going to die if your pee is dark for more than a couple days.

I think people think of hydration in terms of beauty terms instead of medical terms. Drinking more water is beneficial for your skin/body/overall beauty, but you don't want to bloat–But none of that has anything do do with your actual physical health

Just drink water when you get thirsty and you'll be fine
Personally, if you have to aim for something, aim for clear pee instead of trying to figure out if your pee is the right shade
Having 8 cups of water will get you there

No. 554779

what if i'm never thirsty

No. 554780

I moved to the USA when I was 4 and I still have a mild accent in English to this day but I speak completely normally in terms of grammar. My writing style if I’m not paying attention tho looks like someone who did ESL as an adult. Anyone ever experienced this? Some of it seems like dyslexia but it doesn’t even really fit the rules of dyslexia, it just seems like someone who doesn’t know English very well. So weird. I am not even close to fluent in my first language either btw so English is def my native language at this point. Wtf?

No. 554785

I've been thinking a lot about seeing a good looking male escort in Japan who gives massages and good oral. Is this a bad idea? How safe would it be?

After the risk of Corona is fully over of course

No. 554787


Follow your dreams anon, the idea sounds pretty hot so go for it.

No. 554788

my boss speaks native-level english and you wouldn't know from just hearing his voice that he was born in Mexico, but his written english is a bit derpy sometimes. he said it's because he just never gave enough of a shit to learn all the trivial ins and outs of written english because he can speak it just fine. idk if that's the case for you but i'm sure you and him are not the only ones and it's fairly common.

No. 554789

Is it possible that my body has it's own "pressure point"? Like sometimes my neck hurts and aches in a specific spot and so I like to use my finger to put pressure on this bone area on the base of my skull and it lessens or stops the pain. I'll even get waves of asmr or something just from holding pressure there. This is very specific but I think this is a pressure point? Idk

No. 554791

File: 1589700782541.jpeg (618.59 KB, 1080x1080, 2E4C7F19-78F2-4905-8A14-D2ADBB…)

Is it really that bad to live with your mom?

Im in my 20s and I still live with my mom since its the most beneficial set up for us, we are able to keep the family home that would be too big for one person otherwise, groceries, bills, etc are manageable and cheap since they are split between two people, my mom doesn’t understand jack shit about computers so i handle the banking and finances that rely on apps and the internet, we also seem to have pretty healthy boundaries when it comes to going out, im allowed to leave whenever i want and used to be able to come back whenever I wanted too (as farfetched as it sound my city had a serial killer who targeted college aged girls last year, fucking bizarre i know) with only basic questions asked, where im going and when should i be expected back, now i have a 2-3 am curfew which still sounds reasonable, same with my mother, she tells me where she’s going and that’s it whenever someone comes back the owe no explanation or details either.
She insists on doing the household chores but only because she doesn’t like my more soft cleaning style, she goes all in with the bleach, so im relegated to finance, groceries and cooking, it still seems pretty fair since we do have all tasks evenly set up.

Its a pretty cushy set up that allowed me to go to a much better college than if i insisted on moving out and living alone, but I can’t help to feel weird since everyone else in the internet finds living with your parents weird lol

No. 554805

I think it's weird living with your mother in your mid20s only if you are nothing but a overdramatic mental-chan who does nothing but plays video games everyday and spregs about 'muh depression' on internet.

No. 554828

Is it wrong to sexualize the guy you like? Guys, I know it sounds stupid to ask this but my ex BF was very religious and he would often say things like "Sexualizing your significant other is inappropriate", "I respect you too much to see you that way".

I can't over getting the urge to masturbate thinking about the guy I currently like but I keep thinking about the things my ex would say. I'd never want to make the guy I like uncomfortable, but I also don't want him to see me as lesser for sexualizing him.

Would your average guy be offended about me masturbating thinking about him?

No. 554841

No. That's very normal. If you don't sexualize your SO, then that seems kinda worrisome to me.

No. 554842

Not sexualizing your sexual partner is the kind of retardation you can only get from the Abrahamic religions. The average guy would probably like it but you can avoid any awkward situations by just not telling anyone you're not close enough to know they wouldn't mind that you masturbate to them. Just don't act like a coomer basically.

No. 554844

Right? I would be happy if my boyfriend was sexually very into me and appreciated the way I look. It's not a disrespectful thing. I don't know why my ex thought it was disrespectful, it's not like I would ever go bother someone about it. It's all in my imagination.

I don't have to justify something to him but if we were still dating, I don't know how I could explain this logic to him. He would think I'm a whore anyway.

No. 554845

it's weird when your 26 and a neet and/or leeching off your parents. You have a very good reason to live with your mother, don't worry about it.

No. 554851

It's weird to read this kind of posts because it's such an American thing.

No. 554859

Nah, I have friends in their mid to late 20s living at home still. I think most anons don’t realise the financial advantage of it. 2 of my friends work in central London and it’s very expensive to rent, so instead they’re saving up to just buy a property further out. Another is still in full-time education for their doctorate so he’s staying at home too. It’s really not that uncommon in today’s economy. It’s great if you can afford to move out, or if you need the privacy/independence, but if you’re living at home for a responsible reason you shouldn’t worry about justifying it to random people.

No. 554860

Not sure this classes as a stupid question but I didn’t know where else to ask. My 14yo female cousin has started following and being followed by a lot of kink and BDSM/ daddy Dom accounts on Instagram, I know this because they keep being recommended to me and she is the only mutual, should I tell her I know? Obviously with her being underage it’s concerning and I don’t want her being involved in some child porn shit. I also feel like if I tell her I know that she won’t take any of my advice anyway. What would you guys do?

No. 554862

It's only weird to live with your parents if you're not making any kind of contribution and have made no strides to better yourself in order to move out.
The people you've gotta watch out for are the ones who are content to live with their parents. I personally couldn't stand the interrogations and bullshit from my mom when I had to move back home temporarily and it was enough to make me never want to do that again. It just sucks that the economy is so rough for our generation that buying a house or being able to afford rent alone isn't something most of us can consider anymore until our 30s and maybe not even then.

No. 554869

Absolutely have a talk with her about it– just try to phrase things in a way that doesn't seem like you're trying to control her or "kinkshame." You need to have a honest dialogue with her about grooming. One thing you could try is getting her to talk to women who have been groomed and are recovering from it. I feel like if you're a woman online between 17 and 30, you know someone who's been groomed (if not yourself.)

If she's being really unresponsive, then you need to just go straight to her parents about it.

No. 554883

Thanks for your advice anon, spoke to her about a very real grooming incident that happened to my friend when we were also 14 or so, she liked my messages and didn’t actually verbally reply so sort of feels like a kick in the teeth. I think I’m overally invested in her not getting hurt because I was actually groomed myself when I was a pre teen and I blame that for my depression/ interpersonal issues in more recent years. You can’t give someone advice if they don’t want to listen I suppose.

No. 554893

Honestly I was at her place once and it's the very typical teenager thing to NOT follow advice. Which is sad. I was groomed and all sorts of things by these disgusting old men. But now I learned and I try to prevent other girls and women from falling into the same traps. You did your part by talking about it, but it's up to her now, unfortunately.

No. 554902

File: 1589731461356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.2 KB, 623x792, 20200517_180235.jpg)

Can someone tell me where this art is from? I saw it in the fashion thread in /g/.

No. 554903

It's "The Bat-Woman" by Albert Joseph Penot

No. 554909

For anxiety anons: does anyone else feel like they MUST keep thinking about the thing that they're anxious about because if you don't something bad will happen? Like if something sparks my anxiety I will hyper focus on it I think purposefully? Idk if it's on purpose but I do get the feel like if I don't the worst will happen.

No. 554912

What do you think all the twitter SJW types will be doing in 15-20 years? The currently 20-year old activists who only exist to lose their shit over the slightest non-politically correct misstep and have they/them pronouns on their profiles, you know the type. What will they turn out to be when they're 35-40? I can't imagine someone aged 38 being interested in a constant battle with the society and stirring shit online but I find it hard to think what their endgame will be. Most of them aren't employed or working towards a valuable degree but they can't keep living off their parents and internet donations forever. Does anyone know those people who grew out of their phase and became normal people?

No. 554918

They will probably not be online anymore but at the same time, Facebook boomers exist so I can imagine something like that but left-wing.

No. 554936

anon the only time i've ever heard men say this to their gf, it's because they were gay and were trying to use their religion to excuse their lack of attraction toward her. it reminds me of that religious Girl Defined channel, where they insisted their husbands were ~totally fine~ waiting until marriage to have their first kiss.

No. 554951

File: 1589743707880.jpg (92.33 KB, 806x636, 630597110.jpg)

Is there anything I can do to avoid vanity/narcissism while being meticulous about my appearance?
I notice that when I spend lots of time on makeup, hair, fashion, etc. I become a lot more self-absorbed and judgemental. I feel awful being that way. When I'm negligent about those things I focus more on my life, hobbies, and interests and don't care so much about the image I'm projecting/how I'm being seen. The downside to that is that I look lazy and unkempt.
Where's the middle ground?

No. 554952

sounds like you're already on the right track tbh. keep doing what you're doing. i think eventually you'll either find a middle ground, or you'll just stop caring about your inability to fully find a middle ground.

No. 554983

Today I was shocked to learn that my German friend, who is a university student, can afford to live alone in a flat in Berlin.

Is this normal? Is he rich? What the fuck?

No. 555033

why are americans

No. 555037

Flats in Berlin are actually really fucking expensive and hard to get so either he's rich, he got extremely lucky or has the right connections and got a cheap flat.

No. 555039

because oil, iran and freedom

No. 555052

too much freedom and we go loco

No. 555053

Does wearing a well-fitting bra or going braless help keep your breasts from sagging over time?

No. 555055

is it normal to throw up after crying a ton? Cried real hard and started throwing up a shit ton of yellow bile.

No. 555056

No. 555058

best way to suicide?

No. 555060

No. 555063

is it unhealthy to spend basically any free time I have with my boyfriend? we basically voice/video chat all day unless I'm sleeping or one of us is at work.

No. 555067

File: 1589774385830.png (3.51 MB, 1908x1518, Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 10.5…)

what are these hair clips called? the ones models always have on during hair/makeup? where can I find good quality ones? am I allowed to wear them as fashion or is that stupid?

No. 555088

>when they're 35-40
Most of those people you're talking about are actually already in this age bracket.

No. 555111

really living up to the "stupid questions" thread title. just look up "hair stylist clips".
you can wear them as fashion but if you look sloppy, someone who knows what they are might chuckle.

No. 555129

If your both fine with it then whatever. Just make sure your not like addicted, if you have nothing to do whilst he's not around, when you are eventually alone for whatever reason you might struggle with your emotions. Plus, it might be good to leave it for a day cause you'll find it'll be nicer and more fun to talk after you've had time apart.

No. 555137

Alligator clips, or alligator clips in black will show you the smoother plastic large ones.

No. 555190

wearing them as fashion clips is kind of stupid anon

No. 555191

imo you shouldn´t neglect spending time on yourself. Maintaining relationships with your family and friends and spending time on your own interests and hobbies is important.

No. 555202

Those clips w soft shit in them is so that there isnt any lines in hair, you don't wear them for fashion. You can get normal ass big resin clips tho.

No. 555208

I think it's unhealthy because he can leave you anytime (life happens) and it will feel like you lost everything. I have a boyfriend too and he's my closest friend, the person I talk to the most, but I have lots of hobbies to dedicate myself to. Cultivate friendships with other loved ones or if you don't have many friends (like me), get some hobbies and work on self care.

No. 555239

It means you're getting your water from other places

Or you have dementia

No. 555240


You spending the time online is the unhealthy part. Why is it online and not in person?

No. 555241

Is the idea of an entire site dedicated to discussing lolcows problematic?
Like, dedicating yourself to this drama, pouring over all of their posts and every instance of them you can find, basically stalking them by trying to dig up whatever information you can about them–is that wrong?
Or is there some sort of reason that it's acceptable?

Truthfully I come to lolcow.farm because it's a good place to interact with people who aren't dumb, incel, neckbeard nerds. But I guess I'm just wanting to understand the parts of the website that form the basis for everything.

I'd go to crystal cafe, but it's apparently super slow

No. 555242

>pouring over all of their posts and every instance of them you can find, basically stalking them
I loosely follow a couple of cows, I can go months without adding to their threads and only comment when something particularly juicy is posted, I think that's pretty ok behaviour. The stereotype of people stalking and obsessing is odd to me. I think it's more casual than that.

No. 555246

Okay, you might not do that, but that doesn't mean there aren't people who are doing that
I mean, it's not like everything they do is milky, but people are still talking about just about all the interactions they have

No. 555247

well it's not your native language

No. 555251

you know there's a pandemic happening, right?

No. 555252

I know some are retarded like that, my point was lots of casuals enjoy the site without spazzing out

No. 555253

People are in long distance relationships, she doesn't have to explain that to you lol.

No. 555254

Nta but so many on here are in long distance 'relationships' so they might've assumed it was that

No. 555255

Oh okay, I just wanted to check to see if it was generally acceptable or not
Because if everyone posted like you, the site might not actually exist

No. 555258


Online "relationships" are a parody of what it pretends to represent. Words on a screen are a hollow replacement.

No. 555259

I don’t think anyone is singularly obsessing over one cow. Most cows have some sort of following or someone finds them and they have the urge to discuss their strange behavior with others and cannot find the outlet irl. I can’t turn to my boyfriend and say omg did you see what Onision just posted, my bf doesn’t care and doesn’t even fully understand the situation of all that’s been done through out the years. Its more of a discussion of behavior most the time, and with others like Shayna, I was seriously one of the girls following her on tumblr and than was so confused seeing kiddie inspired porn all over my timeline. That personally affected me for example, and I wanted to talk about it to others who understand. I don’t actually know a single person that posts their personal information as much as cows do, I don’t know anyone who posts like that or has more than 500 followers. It’s not a normal thing, these people can easily delete their social media accounts and move on. there is absolutely no reason they can’t delete their online pages if they feel so negatively effected. It’s not a good thing to do, but neither is posting pics of your asshole for $5 or telling 10k strangers your every thought. We live in an experiential age, we don’t know how social media is going to end up effecting any of us, but it can’t be healthy to post the way cows do. It’s not “healthy” to gossip but that’s what we’re doing. We’re just gossiping about the strangers who somehow get “famous” from social media.

No. 555260

Online relationships are often more pure than regular relationships because it's purely emotional
No sex before marriage == healthy relationship

(this is how ridiculous you sound)

No. 555261

After more than a decade's worth of our culture replacing IRL with the internet it is painfully obvious how hollow and unfulfilling these online relationships turn out. If you haven't reached that point yet just remember that you will. You will grow tired of this artificial replacement of genuine human interaction.

No. 555264

Yeah, no shit
But people can't hang out with eachother because they risk passing a disease around, so maybe just shut up

No. 555265

An incredible amount of unnecessary hostility over a point we agree with.

No. 555267

An incredible about of hostility towards you telling people their relationships are shit even though they don't have much control over their ability to meet in person

so again, shut up

No. 555268

Alright you're just bored and looking for a fight and something to F5 over. That's your problem. Not going to reply to you anymore.

No. 555269

I absolutely want to fight you, I'd punch you IRL if it didn't mean I risk infection(infighting)

No. 555295

I agree on that part… E-dating is a hit or miss 99.8% of the time.

No. 555306

I feel something is deeply wrong with me.
So, I'm currently dating this dude for like a few months now. We haven't met irl obviously. But I have some weird feelings about the whole thing. The thing is, whenever I am talking to him I feel so good and I feel happy and seriously feel like I really like him. I tell him so too. But whenever I stop talking to him and just go on about my day I started doubting if this is really worth it and should I really invest my feelings, I get thoughts like we are probably eventually gonna break up. But then when I talk to him I just never wanna let him go. I even get teary eyed expressing my feelings to him everytime.
Is something wrong with me?

No. 555310

But is there a way to know how many people different people visit lolcow every day?

No. 555312

there are 7 billion people in this world. The internet connects you to millions upon millions of those people. Of course, people are going to date someone who lives thousands of miles away from them.

Obviously, they aren't sustainable relationships if you never meet up but you don't even know why op is in their situation. You don't know if they have met up or if they plan to meet up, or even if they were in an in-person relationship before long distance. You're assuming shit about her relationship to sperg about it being hollow and fake.

No. 555315

Hi, so at my salon; why do guys who look 40-50 years old come in and ask for elaborate hair cuts when they have little to no hair?

No. 555317

sounds like my dad, and he is pretty in denial about his hair loss. So probably that.

No. 555324

>So, I'm currently dating this dude for like a few months now. We haven't met irl
That's not dating. Are you really stressing about 'breaking up' when tbh you're single already?

You're worried, full of doubts and predicting the end before it's even started.. girl invest your time in something else.

No. 555325

File: 1589836163130.gif (958.57 KB, 480x270, gif.gif)

Why did he say he loved me two years ago but now it feels like we barely talk anymore?

No. 555332

I know, in the back of my mind exactly what you said is going on but I'm just so afraid of confrontation and hurting feelings and I don't wanna just ghost him or block him because he is sweet.
I just hope he breaks up with me first so I don't feel bad kek

No. 555353

Is feeling turned on by a girl twerking gay? Or is female sexuality just like that and heterosexual women can get turned on by stuff like that too. Am I gay? I want to touch a girls butt and stuff

No. 555358

Could just be because everyone is conditioned to sexualize and objectify female form. Have you ever been turned on by a girl who's not shaking her ass? If not then then you're probably straight.

No. 555359

That sounds pretty gay, bro. Do you see yourself dating women?
Get back to Pink Pill, loser.

No. 555364

i think it's kind of gay.

i have a dumb question based on this one. do you guys consider bisexuality to be about who you seriously date/fall in love with, or is anyone attracted to both sexes bisexual? or is there another definition that's escaping me?

No. 555374

Im straight so my opinon doesnt matter but, it wouldn't make sense if, for example, a woman who has only dated men called herself bi. Like if you've never seriously dated a person that's the same sex as you, then why call yourself bi/gay

No. 555375

I guess incels are asexual then, and there's no such thing as gay people marrying the opposite sex because they're in denial or else

No. 555376

right, that's kind of what i thought the general consensus was here. i'm the same way and call myself straight but it feels kind of incorrect considering i think of women when i fap and developed sexual feelings for women long before i did for men. though, no one needs to know any of that so i guess straight is a better "functional" label even it's not completely accurate.

still, it's funny that the same doesn't apply to men. i can't imagine a man fully fapping to other guys and having crushes on them being able to say "nah i'm still straight because i don't actually date/fuck men." they would be called closet gay/bi by men and women alike.

No. 555379

so then do you think it's unfair when women get called fake bisexual or pickme for claiming bi but only dating men?

No. 555380

I think it's pretty fucking retarded to give a shit about someone else's sexual orientation. If they're faking it, who cares? There's no way you can prove it without coming off as a bigot, and there's always a chance that you're wrong. Besides, doesn't it make sense that some bisexual people date the opposite sex to avoid homophobia? Seems like a safe choice.

No. 555383

so a single hetero isn't hetero because they haven't dated?

No. 555390

That's just an incel, right?

No. 555401

y'all say the darndest things sometimes

No. 555417

Nothing can stop gravity. They're going down whether you like it or not.

No. 555418

Stumbled across a youtube channel called “Dad, How do I?” and it’s just a father giving tutorials on some basic stuff (changing tires, unclogging stuff, typical dad tasks) and I can’t help but wonder where do dads just seem to learn all this stuff? Obviously probably not all men or dads know, but even though my dad is pretty dumb when it comes to a lot of things, he can fix our bathroom or kitchen stuff with no problems. All I know is that my dad lost his my grandpa when he was very young, and doesn’t have education past middle school, so I don’t know where he learned it from. But it seems like common male/dad knowledge to just… know how to unclog a sink or use a stud finder lol. Where the hell do dads learn all these dad tasks, especially prior to the internet?

It’s a dumb question but I would always find it funny when I rant to my best friend about my dad doing dumb shit and she says “my dad too!!” like it’s just a universal dad thing…

No. 555422

from their dads or male family members, it's just handed down knowledge.

Like for women when you become a mom you're almost hardwired to know everything about your kids like their friends, events, etc. You basically have all the emotional labor because that's what you were taught/saw.

No. 555423

I guess their own dads and just general experience out of necessity? Some skills were just more important to have in the past and you couldn't immediately outsource the work to an expert. Eg my dad is not a car guy and doesn't know a lot about mechanical stuff, but he still knows the basics because back in the day cars were shit and he'd constantly have trouble with them growing up. Obviously he couldn't call for roadside assistance, so he had to do it himself. These days our cars are good enough that you won't have such constant problems and you can usually find someone to help you.

No. 555427

Are there any bugs that are as smart as animals like birds/primates/etc? Like more intelligence than just their natural instincts.
And how do bees decide who will be the next queen? Like I know baby queen bees get fed royal jelly, but how do they decide who to feed the jelly to? Do the nurse bees just pick at random?

Fair point. I didn't think of it like that. I can see now how a person might consider themselves bi without dating a woman/man
There's definitely a stigma against gay/bi men, but that's probably because men find lesbian relationships sexy, but no one really sexualizes gay relationships the same way. Like talk about how they thinks its hot to have a threesome with two girls, but it's a lot less common to hear a woman saying they want a threesome with two dudes.

No. 555429

i think a lot of men just have good intuition about how things fit together and they seem to find it very interesting compared to women. remember boys taking apart mechanical pencils in class and trying to put them together over and over? cars and plumbing is just an extension of that. i only fuck with that stuff on as needed basis. i don't find it very interesting in its own right.
the same thing could be said about girls and fashion/styling. a lot of us never learned from our mother or anywhere else in particular but we figured it out through trial and error how to do hair and put together looks. and then you have some trans women who have absolutely astounding bad taste in fashion and the worst hairstyle you've ever seen because they never cared about it until transitioning. a little intuition and a lot of interest goes a long way.

also ofc not all women like fashion etc i'm just speaking in trends.

No. 555438

Intelligence is rated differently in different animals
Some birds recognize themselves in mirrors, but dogs are seen as intelligent if they can follow commands effectively

Ants are pretty smart, they build bridges and form rafts-but we don’t know if those are learned or randomly evolved

Bees typically fight to the death. More often, the queen that hatched first attacks all of the other still developing queens

No. 555445

It's not the same as like, how I may feel about a guy, but I'm still like, imagining how soft her body may be, or how I may want to have my face in her boobs. But I don't really think about pussy related stuff, if that makes sense.

I have never done it so it's hard to see. Also I dont have many girl friends so that doesn't help.

No. 555459

then you’re just a straight girl who’s bought into the objectification of other women lol

it’s not that deep

No. 555462

Why and when had Picrew become so famous? I didn't remember it being that popular a few years ago but it's like since last year you see it everywhere and everybody has made a profile pictures and stuff

No. 555466

Like what if I'm really shy about my pussy tho (bc of negative experiences w men in the past) and that's why I dont imagine stuff happening to me but I'd wanna eat out another girl. But when I see their butt what turns me on is their butt and it's perceived softness and not exactly the idea of eating them out

No. 555470

Are there any "liquid courage" alternatives besides becoming an alcoholic. I kind of want to not be in my head the whole time I am hanging out with people.

No. 555478

No. 555484

You might want to read up about attachment styles. You seem to have anxious attachment

No. 555526

Ah, jee. I read up about anxious attachment and honestly, I never knew that was a thing even though now that I'm reading it I'm really surprised by how well it describes my relationships. The constant need for reassurance and security, no sense of self worth, feeling unsure etc. I also kinda realize that it isn't only with this guy (who I actually do like) but with literally every relationship I've had.
Thanks, anon. I'll look more into it.

No. 555541


No. 555549

lmao anon.
That's true though.

No. 555589

how do i stop stalking someone online

No. 555592

I have two works in progress. Should I crochet the top or should I knit those socks? Fuck

No. 555604

Do the top

No. 555639

find something else to do.

No. 555640

get an app to block you from the apps and websites you go on to stalk them

No. 555662

explain how you've been stalking people and then maybe you'll gain a bit more insight into how to stop

No. 555708

Is anal actually enjoyable? My bf has done anal before and it makes me super insecure because he knows if his dick gets anywhere near my asshole I'll break his boner over my knee. I've always thought it was super degrading and gross (why would you wanna stick your dick where shit comes out??) But lately I can't get over this hump of feeling inadequate since I recently learned hes done it. Considering succumbing if it's not horribly painful.

No. 555711

Don't adjust your standards and boundaries for anyone.

If it's gentle+lube it isn't painful, just another hole, but you've already got one and it seems kinda pointless for guys to have an anal fixation when the vag is literally centimetres away.

No. 555714

Have never tried it myself but according to my friends who have, it’s uncomfortable and boring at best and painful at it’s worst.
Doesn’t seem worth it.
Stand your ground, anon.

No. 555743

A friend of mine asked if I thought a mutual we know is in an abusive relationship. It came out of left field, but I said I thought it was toxic on both ends but wasnt sure about abuse. He said he was asking because he's noticed when they argue that she says "what are you gonna do, hit me/are you gonna hit me?" Or something along those lines. He seems to think its her way of 'telling us' without explicitly saying that he hits her.

No. 555750

it's super sexy but only if you're into it. if you're not it's going to make you feel absolutely horrible.

No. 555751

Anyone else always gets a pimple right above one eyebrow? It's so annoying because otherwise I don't really get them and I pick it distractedly which doesn't help.

No. 555800

No but I have gotten one on my chin for so many years that the tissue itself has a weird dip in it, not scarring because never popped but just a weird dip. Faces can be assholes.

No. 555827

this. i have some nerve sensitivity thing and so all sex is amazing to me, but i can imagine it not being pleasant.

No. 555889

would you tell your partner if you had plastic surgery when you were younger?

No. 555890

depends. if it was done to alleviate a medical condition I feel like that would just come up naturally at some point but I wouldn't feel a need to tell them right away or anything. If it was for cosmetic reasons and I planned to eventually have children with my partner then I would feel the need to tell them early on. So yeah, I guess the only reason I wouldn't say is if I'm just dating the person rather casually or if we aren't planning on having kids.

No. 555892

it was solely cosmetic, but it wasn't like I had some kind of disfigurement before. Idk do people actually factor in how someone looks when they have kids with them? If someone you were dating had plastic surgery and never volunteered the information, but if you ever asked about it would be open about it, would you feel like that was dishonest in someway? I feel like I struggle in general with discerning how much information from your past people you're in a relationship with are entitled to know

No. 555899

Supposedly pimples come back in the same spot if you keep picking at/popping them which just spreads the bacteria under the skin, so it comes back again in the same spot

No. 555910

>do people actually factor in how someone looks when they have kids with them?
I don't know, probably not that much now that you actually mentioned it.
Anyway, If someone I was dating had plastic surgery and only admitted to it once I asked, I wouldn't feel like they lied. I could see certain people feeling like you lied though if you withheld that kind of information, like if they had negative views of people who get that type of surgery.

No. 555959

Why are so many cows becoming SWers and opening OnlyFans accounts? It's really predictable, depressing, and boring.

No. 555960

it's easy money for attention seeking hoes

No. 555971

right? honestly i dont understand most twitter sws like i'm bisexual but even if it was a woman i was really really attracted to, some video of her like fucking herself and looking in the camera is not hot. there needs to be chemistry between 2 ppl for it to be remotely arousing idk

No. 555982

I found some biskitop wafer sticks but they're 2 years expired since 2018. But they don't seem bad or anything and they taste alright. Should I not eat them?

I just wanna stress eat man.

No. 555997

i ordered a few items a long time ago and received them today. however, the store returned my money because, according to them, my order was lost. what should i do?

No. 556000

Why do some ppl from twitter or some other sites take over threads, and when you honestly don’t care about whatever their sperging about you get called a wk for telling them to move on?

No. 556007

When someone really doesn't care about something, they usually just ignore it instead of engaging and getting called a wk.

No. 556015

Is feeling high at work even though you're on nothing a weird aspect of anxiety?

No. 556025

if it's a large bussiness I'd just keep it and say nothing

No. 556030

it's a huge one but what if they realize their mistake? as long as i don't get into trouble i don't mind free $$$

No. 556035

This happened to me with amazon so I kept the items, it was late anyway and they never chased it up

No. 556037

i'd say leave it. you can contact them if you want, but they're the ones who said your order was lost - you didn't say you wanted the order cancelled or that you wanted your money back.

No. 556045

I’ve never in my life met an autistic person who gave a single shit about trains. So why is white — usually ginger — boy obsessed with trains such a big meme???

No. 556047

>I've never met an autistic people obsessed with trains.
I have and I'm friends with him. Now what?
It's because people with autism tend to obsess over hobbies and niche interests. Trains are popular and usually afforded by many white people as a means of travel as well. It makes sense to me.

No. 556049

I've met one obsessed with trains, met another obsessed with old style radios. Electronics or things with complicated mechanics tend to be the 'special interest' for guys. Then with women it's been plush toys and pokemon figures, things with more character or cuteness.

No. 556056

I’m autistic and I’m not obsessed with anything

No. 556059

Do stretchmarks spread or am I just gaining more weight than I realized

No. 556065

>Now what?


No. 556080

The point isn’t that none of them are into trains, just that most of them aren’t.

No. 556085

how's lolcow being paid for? since there are no ads on the website or the option to donate. Is whoever runs the site just paying it out of their own pocket? genuinely curious

No. 556088

I have noticed at least twice my younger (14 years old) male cousin has touched my boobs. I like to think it was an accident both times but I'm not sure.
What should I say if he does it again? I really hate confrontation so I'm just hoping it doesn't happen again.

No. 556094

No. 556096

Yup I guess staff pay for it but they also have a patreon if people want to donate.

No. 556097

what ever happened to erin painter/"puppy girl" or whatever she was called? that ddlg girl? I never see her thread anymore

No. 556099

She dipped out. She's probably hiding under a different name and still playing TERA.
A few anons started trying to find her again under new names on IG, and even posted people they thought might be her, but they didn't succeed.

No. 556111

File: 1590005904916.jpeg (132.73 KB, 514x640, fullsizeoutput_118e_medium2.jp…)

I want to pick up a new hobby and I can't decide if I should learn to sew or crochet. Which one is better and easier for a total newbie to learn? I'm mostly interested in making little dolls and plushies, not so much clothes. Crocheting seems a bit less intimidating to me but I really like the results of sewed plushes. My mother is also pretty good at sewing and has a couple of machines she would let me use, so I have access to a machine from day one, but it still seems quite difficult to learn. I just don't know anything about either hobby. Any advice from more experienced sewers/crocheters?

No. 556112

crocheting is easier, in my opinion. but it also depends on what you're sewing. if you're sewing clothing you have to learn about measurements and stuff like that which always fucks me up. you could always learn both!

No. 556113

Idk about which one is easier to learn, but imo sewing is the more useful skill. I taught myself the basics of sewing, it's not the easiest skill to learn on your own but it's totally possible. Especially if your mother can help you.

No. 556134

I'm a complete idiot and can sew so i vote for that.

No. 556148

i vote sewing because i was a total idiot in school but still managed to make a few things. you can start super simple with a circle skirt or try dolls clothes to save money on fabric, then make it in actual size when you're confident.

No. 556228

any dbt workbook recs?

No. 556261

Oh I had no idea there's a patreon, thanks!

No. 556263

How do I become better at conversations?

I feel like whenever I'm around people my brain freezes and it's hard to pay attention to what they are saying

No. 556264

Whever I forget to set my alarm, I wake up early so I can set it. Is this a subconscious thing or wtf

No. 556269

cowtipped into oblivion. retarded ddlgfags always came into the thread pretending they were better than her somehow despite them all being as cringe as each other

No. 556299

For those of you that disassociate, and/or often are on another planet and have a hard time focusing or concentrating

How do you cope and how to you bring yourself back to earth? Any personal tools?

No. 556341

How do I become better at critical thinking?

No. 556386

For me smells and touch always help, I can sit next to a window or smell some scents I like and I actually feel like I am a living being and not some kind of robot.

My therapist also helped me out with some grounding techniques, like box breathing and meditation. Meditation has always helped me more than box breathing. I just lay on the floor and kind of exist for a bit.

No. 556424

Thanks anons! This made me feel a lot less intimidated by sewing, so I think I will start with it. And I could always pick up crocheting later.

No. 556477

She only confirmed her nose job because she was hiding it but told some Facebook friends and they leaked it so she had no choice but to be open about it, I’m sure she would’ve hid it otherwise lol She was part of this “kawaii/weeb” Facebook community where girls just bullied each other constantly and she took part of it, sadly I don’t have caps anymore because it was 3 years ago but I will try to do some digging, on pull people already posted some of her dissing brands she got sponsored etc she’s a complete brat

No. 556509

I'm 28 and I just started a skin care routine tell me if I'm doing the right thing or not. Might as well start now than never.

First I wash my face with simple micellar water gel wash.
Then I use gommage rosette gel to exfoliate
After that I wipe my face with a stridex pad.
Next I spray on some Pyunkang Yul toner mist and I then use mizon 100% hyaluronic serum. For sun screen I used spf 50+++ canmake gel sun screen. I use the loreal charcoal clay mask 3 times a week.

No. 556515

Here's a link to the skincare thread >>>/g/135420 , they usually post tips and products on there if you bump the thread.

No. 556517

Seeing you´re into asian skincare products, r/asianbeauty might be helpful for you. I know farmers hate reddit but that subreddit is legit a really good place for indepth information on (asian) skincare products and a good place to ask for advice

No. 556524

File: 1590093744047.gif (141.82 KB, 220x295, tenor.gif)

how do i make my facebook hacker proof??????

>bf hacked into two google accounts, insta and finsta, whatssapp and obviously facebook messenger to read my messages

>he promised he would never do it again but also said "i didnt even need your password, silly" and "i didnt delete the history, but i could have, if i delete the activity youd never know i ever entered your account" like it felt like a fucking threat but hes like ofc i would never do it again but im like hmmmm can i know????

i feel like i have no privacy anymore. i feel watched. i dont think i can talk to my close friends the way i used to. he promised multiple times not to enter but im still very afraid cause he literally said he could do it and id never found out about it. i dont feel safe talking to my friends anymore cause im afraid hes reading everything i say

i dont know how the fuck he does it anons. he did it while i was asleep. and like for example i found text messages from instagram with the codes to enter my account, but like how did he know the codes without having my phone??? how did he hack that'????? is nothing hacker prooof???

No. 556526

How can I romanticize my life and live like I'm in a movie?

No. 556527


another stupid question, since this happened im paranoid and i check my security and login facebook activity ALL DAY.

and i keep seeing "device unknown" in ______ (where i live). last times he hacked it i could recognize his address. but this "device unknown" has my IP address so it CANT be him right???? or can it be him??? is that something you can hack?? please someone tell my friends say its him but it has my ip address

No. 556528

Does he have access to your primary email? Get a simple password manager or something on your computer or phone. He might be getting in because your passwords are retarded or you use the exact same thing everywhere.
Most importantly, log out of everything from every device right now. Then change the passwords. Change all your used email passwords too.

No. 556530

do you have an iphone? he'd be able to sync your texts to a computer.

No. 556531

If it was you IP address it could mean he was logging in from inside your residence.

No. 556536


i already did every single step. but, when i talked to him i said "i guesss i was stupid for using ______ as a password" and hes like "that was your password?! oh. i didnt use your password to login, silly". and im like what the fuck?????


how??? and how do i stop himm???? i do have an iphone


but before i could see the make and model of his cellphone and everything and this one says its unknown and its in my own ip. most of the time it matches with my facebook usage but just a moments ago i saw that it logged in like 13 minutes ago and im like hmm i dont remember logging in to anything 13 minutes ago? but could it be some background app right?

No. 556537

Soooo you're gonna break up with this nigga right?

No. 556539

IMO I think he was lying about not knowing your password. This guy is clearly a creep so I wouldn't put it past him to lie to you about his methods to keep you in the dark. If he fools you into thinking he's some elite epic haxx0r who can do anything then you're still under his control.
Change all your passwords and put this fucking freak into the garbage where he belongs.

No. 556542

I hope he won't somehow find this site from your history and then also find out that you made this post about him

Good luck anon, please dump this creep

No. 556544

This behaviour doesn't go away and only escalates. My boyfriend does it constantly and it's frightening, because they're only seeking out reasons to explode at you and be very upset. They aren't daydreaming and thinking about how beautifully you write when they go through your messages, they're looking for keywords or sometimes just a vibe that pisses them off.
Gross behaviour, get out.

No. 556546

Stop being retarded as fuck. You're baiting or seriously retarded.
1) breakup with this creep
2) don't tell him about your plans to lock him out, retard
3) log out of apps using the "log out of all devices feature"
4)change passwords for all sm including emails used for 2FA
3)stop synching anything outside of your iphone, if you don't know how google it

No. 556547

samefag but from what he's said it sounds like he's using two factor authentication based off what you've said. He isn't a hakk0r stop letting him delude you. Use 2fa with sms (meaning you would physically need to have your phone), it might currently be leading to an email he has access to. Have you ever logged into an account on any devices he uses? Use your head anon ffs

No. 556553

Is it weird for a 18-year-old woman to buy stuffed animals?

No. 556554

you can give advice without being such a cunt

No. 556556


so, i downloaded my login data from facebook again cause i was scared. and on monday i have two logins that arent from my IP at 4 pm. but he was literally in my house at that time, and he was right next to me so it couldnt be him. so, what the fuck?


i logged him out on sunday. and i just checked my gmail accounts and hes not logged in.


he promised he would change and i kinda believe him but i still dont feel safe texting anyone anymore


im just computer retarded anon, i mean, i was hacked on every account ive ever had

No. 556559

>give solid advice
>proceed to let creepy bf know about advice
Shut the fuck up.

No. 556561


oh my god guys… i just remembered… i saw him on tuesday, not monday… by then he had already promised to change. i feel sick.

No. 556562

nta but op is a whole ass 'relationship advice' dumbass

No. 556564

He could be using a VPN and doing this shit right next to you. Unless you can see he isn't physically on his phone or anything. Better solution, break up with this creep or continue to let your privacy be invaded. Like >>556562 said, stop being a relationship advice dumbass. It isn't cute and I bet your friends are sick of it too.

No. 556566

>>>/ot/554967 Why are you still coming here about this, are you a troll?

No. 556568

nta but you're paranoid. if something is pressing she's probably freaked out and posting about it multiple times, is that not normal?

No. 556571

lmao nice catch. the poor girl is long gone

No. 556579

Yes it obviously means you're a pedophile /s

No. 556607

Do you think a 19 year old dating a 22 year old is weird

No. 556608

No. 556610

lol no

No. 556611

Try studying it.

I have the same problem, i just try focusing as hard as i can and ask them to repeat what they said, when i feel like i missed something. I learned that embarrassment one gets from making mistakes due to not getting the instructions right can be greater than embarrassment from appearing stupid.

No. 556613

When did twitch die? Like I'm somewhat late to the whole deer asmr tranny thing but holy shit, that's when I knew Twitch died.

No. 556614

As with all age differences, it really depends on the lifestyle and maturity of each person. If the 19 year old is fresh out of high school and the 22 year old is applying to grad school, that might come off weird. Same deal with a high school senior dating a little underdeveloped freshman–it's definitely age appropriate but can seem off if they're not on the same page.

No. 556627

> As with all age differences
Not to today satan
The younger you are less forgiving the age gaps. 19 and 22 is fine even if one of them is an underachieving neet.

No. 556642

Should I stay with my long distance bf if he doesn't want kids but I do? I like him a lot but I'm 28 and feel like it's not unreasonable to want children soon. I know the answer is no but please validate me

No. 556645

>long distance bf

No. 556647

i guess attention spans? i couldn't watch ANYONE'S twitch when i could just watch multiple videos on yt and skip to the parts i wanna see. i also dont care about ur personality i just wanna see the game

No. 556649

Yeah I know I suck lol

No. 556651

I live in Germany for work and he lives in the US but we met for work during a stint in Romania for 6 months. We probably won't be able to meet up again irl for over 2 years lol. He just bought me a gold necklace so I kinda feel bad if I dumped him atm

No. 556653

lmfao so a gold bracelet trumps the statistical chances that you guys aren't going to end up together in real life like normal people, and if he doesn't want kids that's another con for you.

No. 556662

Send it back to him
No tacky bracelet is worth the time you could be using to find someone who wants the same thing you want

No. 556664

Considering there's adult toy collectors and even old women collect dolls, no. I'm about to be 26 and just had a stuffed animal haul. Never feel ashamed of your likes, anon.

No. 556691

how much caffeine is too much to have in one day?

No. 556695

Is it stupid to be worried about shopping?? I feel weird but I need to buy new glasses, work clothes and some supplies. I’d prefer not to go out but I’ll need these things eventually? Are stores even open rn?

No. 556696

where do you live and why can't you order stuff online

any amount above zero

No. 556706

Does anyone know this youtuber I’m thinking of? All I can remember is that she has a baby and temporarily moved to NYC at some point because she was in a broadway (or off broadway idr) show. I think I might have found her off LC, but I can’t remember possibly for what. Sorry for it being so vague! Gabbie Hanna is trending and suddenly reminded me of her, not sure why though lol.

No. 556707

not op, but it might be worth mentioning that an app based 2FA is a better option than SMS. your number can get ported out or your sim card can get hacked and have the texts redirected. Doubt op’s bf is a 1337 h4x0r to do that, but just for anyone else out there who uses 2FA for things.

No. 556727

I don't think most modern phones easily have their sim cards removed but to my knowledge some 2FA apps have exploits, for example the current discord exploit with scanning a hash for 2FA. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 556738

What is the best app/website for learning languages? I want to brush up on my French

No. 556739

you're better off living in reality, anon. I wasted so much of my time fantasizing about stuff and I could have used that time to do something useful

No. 556780

Maybe I am biased by my perspective, but I don't think it's what op means. I believe she means it like "how do I find my reality beautiful and worthwile and remember it as such?"

No. 556804

the french duolingo is good to get on your feet but you can't just box it away like oh yeah ill do 15 minutes today and expect any real progress. i ran a shitty french meme account for a while and that helped me. watching yt in french, putting all devices in french (really gets it in yr head), playing animal crossing in french etc.

No. 556812

File: 1590153035972.png (175.06 KB, 368x408, Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 8.06…)

Anyone know anything about his past/upbringing? I don't even mean that in an invasive/obsessive way (I can understand he's just a private person) I just wonder due to the fact that he's said a lot of inconsistent/suspiciously vague stuff in interviews. I heard his dad is a pastor from multiple people.

No. 556834

Just got slapped by my mom again because I have big saggy tits and a bad posture.
is there a surefire way to improve posture over a few months?
So she at least leaves me alone over my posture and realizes my tits are gonna stay big and saggy even if i have good upright posture.
i cant even be braless at home man

No. 556835

jesus that's ridiculous. you're a living person, you have a right to have a bad posture if you want. i'm sorry your ma treats you like this

No. 556836

he went to an american japanese school and he has an australian father yet he claims he learned to speak English through the internet. That doesn't make sense to me.

No. 556837

What's the difference between /snow/ and /pt/. I've been on this site for quite a while now, but I just had the guts to ask since I can't understand it by myself

No. 556838

Colleen Ballinger?

No. 556839

it's cool. /pt/ is supposed to be for the most milky cows. cows start off in /snow/ and if they're enough of a trainwreck they get upgraded to /pt/ but it doesn't really work like that these days because luna is milkless (although was once very milky) and shayna remains in /snow/

No. 556840

idk man whenever she sees me just chilling, sitting, she starts screaming about my low hanging tits and starts fucking crying like wtf
Complaining about my slouched back and how my tits look hideous in whatever i wear, thanks mom, love that
Just want good posture so i can rub it in her face that my boobs will still hang low

No. 556841

your mother isn't sound of mind. it's a good idea to have decent posture so you don't give yourself back posture but her concerns should have nothing to do with how your breasts look. my posture's shit too, i'm pretty tall and i'm in the habit because i have to bend down for a lot of things and have been surrounded by mostly shorter people my whole life. if you can remember, try to walk like you have a book on your head and you're trying to balance it. i hope the boob talk doesn't hurt you, they're quite beautiful in my opinion and very naturally cute. don't hurt yourself to keep her happy queen

No. 556844

/pt/ is like the cow hall of fame. Once a cow becomes an inductee they're pretty much in for life, even if their current output doesn't compare to their best known work.

No. 556878

can someone explain to me what an attempted delivery is as if i was a retarded 5 year old

No. 556880

It sounds like a delivery service attempted to deliver your package, but no one answered the door so they didn't deliver it. Some packages need to be signed for and can't be left at the door.

They usually try again the next day, or you can sometimes pick it up at the office location.

No. 556881

no one came to deliver my package and now i have to pick it up and pay for the fees. this shit is allowed?

No. 556903

A lot of drivers are lazy! Some policies are something among the lines of "If the delivery driver feels like it is unsafe to attempt deliver yadda yadda" Might also be due to Covid, however I never ever heard of paying fees to pick it up

No. 556909

idk about fees but it has happened to me multiple times that the driver "missed" me while me and my roommates were home. Some drivers are just shit.

No. 556920

I still can't believe that Lillee Jean got upgraded to pt after just a few threads (even though she's just a one trick pony), meanwhile Phoebe never got to pt status before she disappeared. She was such a great cow, and her initials are PT!! She would have been perfect!

No. 556922

Yes it was her, thank you!!

No. 556924

tbf phoebe isn't trying to trick entire companies into thinking she has celeb status.

No. 556933

Pheebs was definitely PT material and would’ve gotten upgraded from snow to pt if she didn’t vanish.

I hope she comes back soon

No. 556943

True, but that’s child’s play compared to Pheeb’s antics. Don’t get me wrong, LJ was one of my favorite cows when she first came around, but she’s just failed time and time again to convince anyone besides like 5 boomers that she’s a celebrity. The best she’s ever gotten was some free PR. Pheebs on the other hand was attempting to scam the government for disability money, successfully scammed people into giving her money for her wheelchair, and even made money on her absolutely shit crafts (not a scam, but nonetheless baffling how she had swindled the amount of people she did into thinking she was worth giving money to). Well, no point anymore in even mentioning since LJ is still the one around and Pheebs isn’t lol. I really hope she comes back lol.

No. 556952

How do you hide threads?
I'm so sorry I know this is stupid, but nika and jaelle threads trigger the fuck out of me and I read them essentially as self harm whenever I come across them.

No. 556961

[-] on the upper left

No. 556968

omg so simple! Thanks so much, have an amazing life anon

No. 556973

I constantly tilt my head for pictures and I want to fucking stop. I don't even realize I do it, and once it was pointed out by "friends" in high school. I mean, I even subconsciously did it in real life when asking a question or something. Doesn't this speak of my personality, as if I want to seem innocent or liked or something? How do I stop looking stupid and seem more self confident? Do I have to improve my personality or retrain myself on how to move my body? Both seem really difficult to change.

No. 557009

you will find somebody who loves that head tilt because it's you. please don't homogenise yourself

No. 557033

Anon I appreciate this but I even recorded a video of myself and it happens too often. I'm kind of scared there's something wrong with my neck or something

No. 557035

you're welcome ♥

No. 557087

He had a full jap youtube of his antics with friends, unsure if it's still around or available publicly.

No. 557115

Does going outside really make you feel better? Dumb question to ask in current climate, but I get annoyed when people tell me to just go for a walk/go outside to feel better. I know it's usually just a friendly suggestion, but usually my mood is about the same even if I'm cooped up indoors for days. Sometimes going outside actually stresses me out since I feel like I have to get ready and interact with people.

No. 557138

any other exmuslims floating around here feel like because they don't believe in islam they have no tie to their culture? because other than islam i'm so disconnected.

No. 557145

It helps me a ton personally, I wouldn't feel as good as I do if I couldn't take my daily walk outside. Bask in the sunlight for a little bit, get lost in thought gazing at the sky, take your shoes off and walk barefoot in the grass, especially if there's dew. Appreciate the birds and the trees and the breezes that pass by. If you still don't feel better afterwards, well at least you can't say you didn't try. I hope you feel better anon.

No. 557147

Yes it usually helps. Just go to places with less people and avoid eye contact with them.

Islam is a relatively new religion, i'm sure your people had culture before islam replaced it, try connecting via that culture.

No. 557164

Exercise will generally make you feel better regardless of if it's indoors or outside. If you want the benefit of feeling better without going outside then find a fitness activity you can do indoors.

No. 557179

File: 1590228342324.jpg (32.08 KB, 722x406, 722x406.jpg)

How do I become intrinsically motivated?

I recently had this realization that I do things for others' sake.
Like, I can only make myself do the dishes or clean my apartment if I know my roommates coming home. If it was up to me I would live in a place full of trash.
I also always struggled with keeping up doing my hobbies. I just have this feeling that doing things for my own entertainment is not worth doing, I need to have someone to impress with them.

Can anyone relate to this? How do I get over this?

No. 557200

Which country/culture are you from and if your family immigrated to another country not long ago or several generations ago if you're in that specific situation? I feel like the answers are going to depend on that. I don't feel like I have no ties to my culture because I'm a non-believer but because I don't know any of the languages spoken in my family's countries and because it's a bit hard to relate to other people from the diaspora since they're mostly Muslims.

No. 557216

Is it true that people in the UK view themselves as being closer with the US and Canada then the rest of the Europe

No. 557220

Definately, from the shared language. Everyone in the UK spends all day watching US movies and tv shows and websites but has proably never seen a French or German or Italian piece of media in their life.

No. 557224

I'm from a non-native English speaking country from the EU and everyone here watches US movies and tv shows almost exclusively as well. I don't think I've ever watched a French/German/Italian piece of media in my life myself. American media is just that widespread.

From my perspective as a European, I always felt like the UK was never really part of Europe and they didn't want to be.

No. 557236

Its not just that, historically the UK has distanced itself from the European continent, not getting involved unless a power emerges that could threaten the UK or its colonies directly(France and Germany), The UK has always looked to the US a valuable ally, the alliance between the US and UK has always been strong, since the cold war the military alliance between America and the UK, and they've been with each other for thick and thin and the sharing of culture between the UK and US(from fashion to media)has been going since the 1930's

No. 557250

What do people get out of social interactions? Genuine question

No. 557253

understanding and spreading kindness. this makes me sound silly but quarantine has really made me miss stranger interactions. it was really nice volunteering in a shop that mostly older women went to as they'd stop and talk to me about their worries, have me try on a coat because i'm the same build as their granddaughter and smiling when they saw it, helping the men who came in to look at the vinyl collections by bringing stuff from the stockroom to them, etc. some of the nicest interactions can be with random people because there's no obligation to be nice to some random person but you do it anyway. social interaction makes me feel like i have some use, too. i'm rubbish at so many physical things but when people cry and thank me for something i told them that made them feel less alone, it gives me a purpose

No. 557265

Is Park Min Young considered pretty/attractive outside of asian countries/in general?

No. 557266

i'm sick of you

No. 557267

thank you for your honest answer, anon! you seem like a nice person

No. 557273

One day you will love me, anon.

No. 557315

go ask the kpop thread

No. 557336

From googling her she appears to be an actress rather than an kpop-star, and I'm not sure I would trust kpop-stans having decent judgement.

No. 557371

What do people mean with "pc"? Not the computer tho, I mean how people always use it with "pc twitter" - "pc bullshit"

No. 557372

political correctness

No. 557437

I'm unmotivated myself but I'll bite. Try to take baby steps and think about what you want in life. You will live with yourself your whole life, and other people will come and go or not completely know you. Motivation < discipline. I like this youtube channel and this particular video about coming up with a system to do things daily sounds promising.

No. 557439

can someone list all the (major) artcows?

No. 557447

File: 1590269059422.png (15.04 KB, 488x545, bee.png)

So is project/cartoon called Bee and Puppycat really a scam or not? Based on their fundings and the things they would give to people in return, I feel like as if it's a scam, but I've never been too deep into it, so I'd love some explanation and opinion.

No. 557451

I honestly don’t know too much about the behind the scenes, but they did deliver their final end product (the episodes and I’m also assuming their backer rewards), even if it wasn’t the original vision. My best guess is that it’s because animation is pricey to do, and shit happens. I didn’t back it, but I loved the pilot and was really looking forward to watching how the story would play out. The ending felt lackluster, but you gotta do what you gotta do when you don’t have a whole network funding your project.

No. 557459

why is there no thread on frank hassle

No. 557469

File: 1590272228008.gif (28.03 KB, 500x281, 156878461321.gif)

What r all the secret lolcow boards?

No. 557473

what does "go dilate" mean?

No. 557475

trans women need to stick up a dildo up their neo-vagina once in a while so it won't close up. that's what dilating is, and if someone tells you to "go dilate" it's bc they think you're trans

No. 557477

/2X/ or whatever used to be one but most of the radfems got chased off.

No. 557478


Twans-inclusive way of go fuck yourself


Only ones I know are

No. 557495

why does LC even hide those wtf

No. 557513


I imagine the older ones only attracted low quality posts from 4chin males, 2X upsets ad's robot friends or something

No. 557597

i just found /verify/ and it's from like 2 months ago it's a new secret board

No. 557600

Lol wth can I shitpost

No. 557644

there's also /cream/

No. 557648

am i an oldfag if i've been here for 3 years now

No. 557650

you can be here for years and still be newfag, a lot of it is about integration and unwritten rules

No. 557653

i see
thank you

No. 557668

File: 1590288417956.jpeg (61.71 KB, 704x400, 1C335CE0-4F5F-468C-B799-7A63A0…)

Where the fuck do I start with wanting to improve my painting skills, specially with portraits? Anatomy, light and shadow, symbol drawing? I work with oil and sometimes acrylic. God I feel so fucking dumb.

No. 557696

Back when I was on staff team, there was a secret that when you'd go to /berry/ it would bring you to snow.
Just checked and it's still there lol.
Everyone on staff hated Berry Tsukasa (or whatever) posters, they are the worst. Shits def gone downhill for sure.

No. 557702

how long were you on staff team? why did you leave? was it how you expected it to be before you joined?

No. 557708

where do I go to complain? the general complaints and issues threads in meta are all locked/full

No. 557711

Ooh tell us. Whodunnit

No. 557713

I was gonna whine about the person in the astrology thread who keeps raging every time gemini is mentioned. I'm not even much into astrology myself but I just find it rude and obnoxious plus it derails

No. 557735

If I like Minecraft would I like Animal Crossing? I like building cute houses but idk if Animal Crossing would be too slow for me and the idea of having to pay off debt doesn’t seem too appealing either?

No. 557737

maybe. don't go into it trying to find minecraft, go into it ready to play a new game. ac switch is minecrafty but goes against pretty much every other game in the series in that regard. the original ac is available on an emulator. slow-paced game to dip in and out of, not a game you can sink hours into like mc. acww is for ds and is handy and portable and a personal favourite, an upgrade from acgc but again a simple game. acnl is cool it's on 3ds and is probably the best one for your average gamer. switch i haven't really looked into because i'm so bah humbug about it being different (and i personally think the ac series is being milked and should have been left at acnl) but it's not a sandbox

No. 557743

how does one act masculine?

i get told from time to time that i have a very masculine personality and i don't even know how to interpret it like … is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult

No. 557754

You're probably really cool. Don't worry about it, anon.

No. 557755

thank you, anon! I found it very helpful

No. 557766

if you´re scared of it being too slow for you then it probably is.

No. 557770

What does it mean if I never receive sexual messages on dating app? Just curious.

No. 557785

I know it's illegal to sell a painting made from someone else's photo, but what if I paint a painting from someone else's photo and keep it for myself without selling it? That's not breaking any laws right? Not that it bothers me but I just wanna know
It means you are lucky

No. 557789

I mean I want to know why. I've been using dating apps a decent amount and I've never gotten sexual messages that I can remember. Nor have I gotten dick pics. Is it just a matter of luck or what?

No. 557790

What the fuck happened to the pink pill thread??

No. 557795

It was filled with venting that was specific to race and the mods deemed that as race baiting and banned the thread.

No. 557862

I was part of staff team during first Admin, I don't remember how log I was part of it, however I (and a lot others) left when Admin was giving up site to second Admin, the shitfest that happened in the Skype chat right before was enough for me to not take up her offer on joining her team. She seemed nice though, and I kinda miss it.

It was a lot more tamer and boring than I thought, and i had this whole "no fun allowed" mentality when I was offered the role.

No. 557895


if you change up the painting from the reference photo enough to where it's not over 60-80% recognizable, you can sell it. you only really have to worry about breaking laws when painting from other's photos if 1. their likeness is exact and they didn't give permission for you to use their likeness or 2. you're selling their likeness through your painting and profitting. Otherwise, especially for personal work, you're fine.

No. 557985

File: 1590349667192.jpg (147.29 KB, 1300x866, 66901093-circus-clown-looks-in…)

Anons, how do I deal with being a cow? I've been backreading a hell of a lot here and so many of my mutuals from tumblr/ig I naturally fell in with are on lolcow. All my favourite artists, everyone that inspires me, all the women whose work resonates with me. Should I just make my own thread at this point?

No. 557991

If I want to find out if my brain was damaged during birth (the doctors said I was fine even though the birth was complicated), could it be detected now that I'm an adult? Wtf is the procedure for checking a baby for damage and is it possible I slipped through the cracks? I'm not like, completely mentally handicapped but I think I have to have some kind of abnormalities. How do I even approach a doctor about this question? My therapist would say I have a cognitive distortion about this but wouldn't getting checked out solve the problem?

No. 557994

Thanks, mostly I copy photos I find on the internet exactly but I'm not too worried about breaking laws since there's no way the original photographer would find out I used their photo, since I don't post online about it (I know that's not very nice of me though lmao)

No. 557996

I would think that actual brain damage would be picked up on at the time. There are theories around difficult births causing emotional problems though. I had anxiety and depression diagnosed at a very young age and they asked about my birth based on the early onset.

No. 558002

They could be lying to avoid getting in hot water plus parents today are now free to sue the doctors or hospital whenever severe birth complications happen
Search up
birth asphyxia

No. 558012

Has anyone ever talked with someone from /soc/ on 4chan and not been murdered? I am so bored I'm thinking about adding a dude on discord.

No. 558016

i have once lol it was a dude from italy and he ended up being too clingy and immediately dumped his problems with his ex gf upon me because i mentioned kpop. after talking for 2 days i blocked him and removed him and he readded me from another account and i also blocked him there.

No. 558038

if you don't have cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and you weren't in special ed i don't think you have an issue anon

No. 558061

What are some clothes or shoes that will never go out of style?for ex I know converse shoes & blazers will never go out of style they're too popular

No. 558062

is it to get value for money, anon? you'll get sick of all your clothes eventually, just shop second hand, if you don't actually want it you'll feel shitty wearing it. if it's not about money… im too emo to help u

No. 558063

ripped jeans

No. 558079

Are leaders truly just naturally born that way? Is there any way to learn how to be a good leader? I’ve never really been in leadership positions and the few times I have been (usually am thrust into the role), I feel so wildly inadequate and don’t know what to do lol. I think I have pretty good interpersonal skills, but I really have no idea how to lead people at all.

No. 558105

File: 1590370892776.gif (1.75 MB, 244x166, tenor (1).gif)

here we go

No. 558107

sorry I offended you

No. 558108

You don’t miss anyone or just your family?
I feel similarly towards my mine.
Emotional neglect as a child will do that.

No. 558109

it's just so repetitive like every day on every imageboard ever someone has to announce that they feel nothing towards anyone and ~is that weird~. yes. you know it's a strange thing to say and it's clearly not genuine either. do you want asspats for being maladjusted? you're a cow

No. 558116

verify isn't new, it was used for the old discord years ago iirc

No. 558121

Is it normal to carry extra underwear in your purse/bag? Did I just miss the memo that this is a regular thing?

No. 558123

Very interesting

I have researched this for a while but I can never find detailed information. It's like, I'm not challenged enough to be diagnosed with disabilities, I don't think… but I definitely struggle with articulating myself.

Yeah, I've got none of those

No. 558129

Why did I dissociate and cry during sex? I've never been sexually abused(i have been abused as a child but there was nothing sexual about it what so ever).
I've always been indifferent to sex; it's just something that happens. I look forward to it but when it happens it's like eating bland macaroni and I space out in my own thoughts. This time it was different and I think I might have dissociated and then I started crying for absolutely no reason.

No. 558132

The term "bullying" is stupid and funny to me but it is the only word that works for this context.

Does anyone find themselves being bullied as an adult? Like you'll be talking with someone and they'll constantly crack jokes about your behavior, features, accomplishments, and go "I'm joking". Except it's relentless and they aren't doing it to other people. How the fuck do you even handle a situation like that without playing victim or reverting back to middle school?

No. 558137

i feel like i get this because i tend to be very quiet/reserved in group settings with coworkers. i don't even know if people necessarily know that they're being insulting (or "bullying"), but it's really annoying lmao. it really makes me think less of them, especially because i'm generally very laid back and try to get along with everyone. i know this is what people say about high school bullies, but in my experience they're doing it because they're jealous or uncomfortable. you just have to smile and act like it doesn't bother you, or pretend that you don't get it. they won't explain and then they'll drop it. the goal is to seem like the bigger person

No. 558142

yeah, i've noticed this. it's just such weird behaviour, i get group jokes about someone being a slacker or what have you but it's so strange in one on one situations? like it's just me and you, what do you even gain from it?

on a similar note, how the fuck do i stop flirting once i've let it begin? i'm a fool and i just think it's a normal conversation until it isn't and i just let it happen. i'm ashamed of the shit i've done just because i can't say no. it's not that i didn't want to, it's just like oh, i guess this is happening now. i'm so out of touch with my actual desires and saying no to come-ons and it's gotten really messy.

No. 558160

Anyone else have parents who air your laundry/things you worked up the courage to tell them to their friends/family? My father has done this twice and when I told him how fucked it was he went , "They're you're uncle/aunt! Not a hobo on the street. They can know". ok I'll be sure to never audibly communicate with you ever again.

No. 558163

I've gotten this in the workplace. I didn't know how to talk about it to anyone because I didn't know what to call it but looking back it was bullying 100%.

No. 558164

Made the mistake to open up to my mother about my depression as a teen. She proceeded to call everyone in the living room and made me explain myself. It was so fucking humiliating because I started crying and breaking down as soon as she did that. It was supposed to be a secret too. After I had to explain them about my depression, they started making jokes about how "desperate I was to take some medicine" like, wow thank you.

They're the type who really don't believe in mental illness and think as long as you believe in God you'll be OK 100%.

No. 558194

How do I deal with looking younger than my age. I'm in my mid 20s but most guys and possible female friends think I'm in high school and therefore swerve me. I hate it.

No. 558195

people don't all look similar at certain ages past puberty, the way you dress and act has more to do with it than literal looks.

No. 558197

All the fucking time. I can't tell my mom any personal updates in my life because all of my extended family will know in less than a day. When I told her that it bothered me she threw a fit and tried to guilt trip me.

No. 558200

it's how you're dressing a lot of the time, it's not an insult to you but if i dress casually like jeans and hoodie i get ided but if i wear a "fancy" jacket, a good top and trousers, sorta formal side of casual i don't get looked at twice.

No. 558232

If actual high school girls can put on a tight dress and heels and be clocked as older than they are, then it goes to reason that it's not because you're uwu youthful but because you're dressing like a child. So dress age appropriately.

No. 558233


No. 558259

I literally dress in a blazer , heels, and a dress for work and get told I look like a high schooler. I dress more sophisticated than any of my friends who still wear VS PINK and even overalls. I promise you it's not my attire. It's my face.

No. 558283

Tried to commit suicide as a kid and my parents decided to tell our extended family for YEARS. I guess they only stopped because everyone in our giant family tree now knows.

No. 558291

Not to invalidate your glorious youthful face but a lot of people that ID are just complying with their own quotas, go into autopilot or want to read your name lol. Especially if they're a queue of people of different looking ages. I still get id'd for cigarettes but am under no assumption I look like a teenager at 29.

No. 558292

Do you guys use a VPN? What do you use it for? Does it stop Google from tracking you?

No. 558296

My mom does this and when I ask her to stop telling my shit to other people (not just my family) she says "Well it would be impossible for me to keep track of what I'm allowed and not allowed to say so just don't tell me then"

I love my mom but also fuck that part of her.

No. 558298

yes, i use a vpn, although i need to renew mine so it's off at the moment. i use it for private internet browsing.

vpns will do absolutely nothing for google tracking you if you leave your google account logged in, or accidentally log into it while browsing. otherwise, vpns mask your internet browsing, making it impossible for your ISP, law enforcement or government see where you are going on the internet or what you are downloading. there are caveats - if your vpn provider keeps logs, they are still required to hand them over if asked by law enforcement. i would always recommend getting a vpn that doesn't keep logs (discards the record of sites/downloads from their users).

finally, the things you do on the internet still leave a trace - whether through posts you have made, or your vpn dropping in the middle of a download, or even keyloggers analysing the way you type. you should never assume FULL anonymity.

No. 558299

replace with another word of your choice, I'm ESL and don't care about correct grammar on lolcow.farm of all places

No. 558311

what vpn do you use

No. 558327

tunnelbear, i may change to a new one tho, ive been shopping around

No. 558335


My mum does this too. I remember once telling her to keep what I just told her a secret and just a bit later I overheard her calling my grandma and telling what I just told her earlier the day. I later asked her why she told this grandma and she said that she knew that I wanted to keep it secret but she thought that it would be ok to tell it grandma. Soon it knew the whole family. At some point I got fed up and stopped telling her private and personal stuff and now she always asks me why she knows so little about me and my life … I do not trust her and never will again in that matter.

No. 558413

What makes someone a femcel?

No. 558414

dunno, i get called a femcel/moid on here whenver i talk about who i want to bang in the appropriate thread

No. 558457

if you disagree with the person and don't have any clever comebacks

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