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No. 428562

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

it's your time to shine

previous thread: >>411490

No. 428581

how do you clean diffusers that use essential oils? mine's getting smelly. i usually soak it in water but the smells are still there.

No. 428593

What kind omg diffuser do you have? Perhaps you can soak it in alcohol or thinly smear it with mineral oil and then emulsify it with dish soap and rinse.

No. 428608

Do you think vinegar would help? It's usually good to clean with vinegar for a lot of things. Helps deodorize as well.

No. 428630

I have the TOMNEW-Essential-Ultrasonic-Aromatherapy-Humidifier from amazon. Soaking it in water made the metal circle inside of it a bit rusty. Whoops.

I’m gonna try a vinegar soak or alcohol. Someone once suggested to add a vinegar water mix and turn it on but I don’t want to break it.

No. 428637

Is it possible that being fat during puberty gave me a "fat voice?"
My voice is pretty low and heavy sounding even though I've lost weight. I was watching vid related and this morbidly obese woman has a very similar voice to my own although I was definitely never her size and have an ambiguous North American accent. But she…sounds heavy, you know? And not just wrt the breathing (which I don't have ofc). Does this turn people off? Do people read it as a fat voice rather than just a deeper one?

No. 428649


Obviously fat doesn't change your voice, but hormones do. If you were fat due to PCOS, for example, it's possible that maybe your voice got deeper due to higher levels of testosterone.

But maybe you just have a deep voice, anon.

No. 428651

the part that makes this girls' voice fat is her horrible lisp but that's it. deep or not.

No. 428658

I think voice tone and pitch depends on genetics and not really the weight of someone. The heavier women I know usually have very high feminine voices cuz the more fat you have the more estrogen you have and the more estrogen you have the higher the voice or something. Most people hate the sound of their own voice so don’t feel too self conscious about it. Deeper voices on women can be sexy like Emma Stones voice.

No. 428672

If being fat DID change your voice, I assume it would be because of the extra fat around your throat pushing/altering your vocal cords somehow? But honestly if I heard a thin person with her voice I'd think nothing of it.

No. 428684

File: 1561951808481.jpg (63.41 KB, 500x500, 1510813422647.jpg)

Is it possible to remove/fade a tattoo with a dermaroller? lmao

No. 428686

File: 1561951979640.jpg (69.6 KB, 481x810, 0ec36b97f.jpg)

Does anyone know the name of this webcomic?

No. 428688

No. 428698

File: 1561953796737.png (82.5 KB, 250x191, hug4anon.png)

Thank you anon!

No. 428700

Tattoos literally go to the deepest layer of your skin, so no, it's impossible to get rid of one with a dermaroller.

No. 428705

How do you get mental health help? Do you have to go through a general practitioner? My physical condition is fine but I am feeling very, very mentally unwell. I know I need to get help but I’m totally overwhelmed on how to even start.

No. 428717

Depends on where you live. In the US you can google therapists in your area, most don't require a referral. However your doctor might have suggestions if trying to find one on your own is too daunting.

No. 428749

nah. get a coverup. im curious as to what you got

No. 428758

Why would I start shitting more often?
Like, my usual "schedule" is twice a week. (It's completely fine for my metabolism, confirmed by multiple doctors). This weekend though I shat 7 times. In two days! It's not diarrhea, just softer than usual. Haven't changed my medication, haven't eaten more, so I don't really know what the fuck.

No. 428765

Why do both angry, white men and black women like to say white women fuck animals?
I've been hearing it more and more lately (on the internet. No one would say shit irl).

No. 428773

Maybe you ate more fiber this week, chewed more properly (can be unconscious), or maybe your cycle or the weather are making your digestion a bit out of track.
If this is unusual for you make sure to hydrate yourself a bit more tho.

No. 428776

To make themselves feel better, I guess. I'm not surprised by men saying shit like that but I am disappointed when women bring women of other races down.

No. 428791

the men say it to cope, because its been proven that there are more men into bestiality than women kek

idk why the women wouldsay it though, i think it might just be a meme at this point tbh

No. 428830

Also remember that your voice sounds different in your own head than it does to other people. Try recording yourself and see if it's not so deep.

No. 428835

Piggybacking off of this, there are tranny apps where you can like, check your pitch while reading given paragraphs and compare it to the average female voice. The tranny apps will actually tell you where your pitch is relative to most women (and men, but the apps are mostly for TiMs iirc).

No. 428837

Is it pathetic to move back in with your mom in your mid-twenties? I have my own place and I have no financial troubles but I've just been really lonely. After staying with my mom and her husband for the past few days, it kind of reminded me of what it's like to have a nuclear family. She really likes it when I stay over too and asked me before if I wanted to move in. It feels weird encroaching on their space like this but also it's nice to have my family so close by. What do you guys think?

No. 428842

you'll grow to hate it tbh. just visit them more often.

No. 428852

Yeah, I've considered this. Maybe I'll work out something where I stay with them on the weekends or something. Thanks, anon.

No. 428859

If it's not out of necessity then don't do it anon. Just visit more like the other poster said, or maybe invite some company.

I had to move back in my mid 20s and it was hell. Not that I ever got along with my mom to begin with, but mine had a tendency to revert back to treating me like a teenager when simply that wouldn't do. I didn't get much respect or privacy and she took it personally whenever I laid boundaries or stuck up for myself in any way.

No. 428881

This video is so sweet, anon. Thanks for that. My main problem is that my mom and I don't always get along. We've only really been able to heal our relationship after living apart for a few years. I'm afraid that things will turn to shit if we live together. I am genuinely jealous of families who can live together with no problem, though. It seems nice.

No. 428897

File: 1561997717551.jpg (61.77 KB, 800x533, cookies.jpg)

Has anyone here started a personal baking business?

I bake as a hobby but I have had a few people ask me to bake for their events. Mainly decorated cookies. I'd like to build out my brand a little and possibly grow this into a lucrative part-time gig alongside my desk job…

Both my husband and I work in an industry where there are lots of events, meetings and opportunities for people to appreciate custom-ordered baked goods. And since I've already been asked a few times I figure I am in a good place to start.

Would love to know if anyone here has done something similar.

No. 428898

My mom does it and I help her out a bunch! She seems to cater mostly towards businesses, she has entire lunch/dessert menus for companies who are willing to drop serious $$$ on their little work events. I think it's a great idea to see if you can get your flyers or business cards next to some water coolers. It's a really easy way to get clients. Good luck on your venture, anon. I've always wished I was as good as baking as my mom.

No. 428910

my friend does this and she makes bank, especially if you get one of those edible printers and do small orders at holidays.
make sure to look into your city requirements. depending on where you live, you may need licenses/certificates. in my area, they just send someone to inspect your kitchen and give you the cert.

No. 428986

Why do people tend to gain weight when they enter a relationship?

I've noticed a trend among my friends and classmates, anytime they get into a long term relationship they very quickly gain about 10-20+ pounds after awhile. A lot of slim girls I knew are now suddenly much bigger, and it started around the time they met their significant others. The men in these relationships also got chubbier. Never been in a relationship so I haven't experienced it myself, but it seems like there's a correlation. Do people really just "let themselves go" when they're no longer single? I'd understand if it was older couples but these people are in their late teens-early twenties. The whole "romantic relationship = very fast weight gain" just baffles me.

No. 428987

Is getting off to your own sexual abuse/trauma normal?

No. 428990

it's common yea, but not really normal. probably better to get therapy for it.

No. 428993

My theory is that people just tend to eat more food when in a relationships. Dinner dates, binge watching shows together while munching on stuff, just generally enjoying life with your partner and not really worrying about looks so much.

Happened to me and my bf. We're now trying to be more healthy and lose some weight together. It sucks because he loves baking. No more white chocolate cheesecakes and surprise blueberry muffins.

Worth it to avoid future heart problems and diabetes, I guess.

No. 429003

It’s because women choose what they have in their house and what they eat when they are single. Most men eat like toddlers and eat constantly, so it starts to rub off on them. They also almost always do the cooking — they have to cook tendies all the time for their manchildren, so that’s what they end up eating too.

No. 429004

IA but I think it particularly affects girls because she starts matching what the guy eats because he's also making choices of what and how much to eat. Obviously men can eat far more than women and it will make a small girl gain weight easily.

Honestly it fucking sucks seeing up close and personal just how much a guy can eat without gaining weight, even without exercising or being particularly big.

No. 429006

Combine people caring less about their looks now that they've settled with a life that may involve more food such as going out to dinners and it's what you get. I generally care MORE about my weight when I have a partner because I want to look good for them but it's def harder to keep the weight down when you're being gifted chocolate and being taken out to eat.

No. 429008

My BF eats like shit and whenever I'm with him he always pressures me into eating like shit too. He'll give me a little cookie or something and try to hand feed me like "uwu so cute" and I fall for it everytime. Fuck.

No. 429047

Oof, this is my nightmare going into a relationship since I'm an ex-fatty.
Any anons have experience dating skellies and generally smaller/less sporty men? Do they eat less?

No. 429298

What are good, comprehensive online resources to learn how to use excel? Preferably something completely written rather than a video (I don't want to put on headphones/have people passing by be able to hear what I'm listening to).

I job hunted for months trying to get out of retail and finally landed my first office job as a receptionist. It's slow as shit and everyone knows I do fuck all (they just need me here to tell off telemarketers and greet people), I get free reign of the internet to keep myself occupied for 8 hours, but I obviously want to do more than space out/browse lolcow/watch art restoration videos on yt.

I really want to learn excel, and I've played around a bit on it, but I'm really a sort of… give me an actual task and goal so I can use and learn the functions in a practical manner rather than just mindlessly playing around kind of person (I get bored easily and the info doesn't really stick).

No. 429302

What are your thoughts on taking IQ tests, online or offline?

I took an online test yesterday and scored high, 130, but the test itself was incredibly easy so despite it sounding nice, I'm aware that my IQ is probably closer to 100 maybe even 90 tbh.

Now I want to take an actual IQ test at Mensa and once and for all confront my deepest fears that I'm in fact a brainlet. It's not even expensive, 30 euros or so per test.

The thing is, my reason tells me that it's stupid to place so much value on a number. Besides, no matter how much of a low or high IQ I have, I can't change it. So why do I want to know?

Has anyone taken an actual (not online) IQ test? How did it go? Did it change the perception you had of yourself?

No. 429313

>once and for all confront my deepest fears that I'm in fact a brainlet.
only brainlets worry about this shit to this degree.

No. 429316

Can I wear burnt orange/brown coloured clothing if I'm cool toned? I think I look best in blues and greens but I bought a shirt online that was labelled brown and it looks so much more orange in person. I think warm toned people look great in these colours but imo I end up looking like a prisoner. Should I return the shirt and get it in black?

No. 429318

A lot of variables can influence an IQ test.
Hunger, attention, dumb luck.
Most people are in the 100-120 range, it's really nothing to bother over. Most people flicking their beans about being "Mensa" intelligent are incorrigible social retards, and what's the point of being a smart test taker if you're dumb in every other aspect regarding life?

No. 429324

my vagina used to get really wet so i started putting tissue paper in my panties everyday this year and i noticed that my vagina is really dry now. I stopped but do you think thats why my vagina has been dryer lately :((:()

No. 429325

IQ test aren't really that valid or reliable and mostly test logical-mathematical skills and to some degree linguistic skills. It is made by people who think that these two types of intelligences are the most valid one-whether that's true or not …I wouldn't know. But something as complex or abstract as intelligence cannot be fully measured by a test imo.
Cultural and socioeconomic factors, mental health etc. also play a role so I wouldn't be too obsessed with this kinda stuff.

No. 429346

Mensa has a free test you can use as an indicator, if you haven't tried that onr yet

No. 429348

can we start banning retarded men like this or nah we just gonna let em run around

No. 429365

Where can I get Microsoft Word and Power Point for free?

No. 429367

You can always use Apache

No. 429369

What is that

No. 429382

I don't know Apache like that anon said but you can use Open Office or Libre Office for free, you'll have the exact same features than Microsoft Word and Power Point as well as Excel and other things, it's just the layout that's slightly different.

No. 429389

Not sure about powerpoint but I used onedrive which has an online version of word.

No. 429417

I have to write equations tho, online version doesn't have that

No. 429419



Copypaste from Wolfram alpha?

No. 429421

Asshole professon expilcitly eants them to be editable

No. 429430

File: 1562097493954.jpg (159.04 KB, 794x794, D99ALD2XkAIDJDn.jpg)

Any pocket camp players here? What table is that behind Goldie, with the light fixtures above it, and how do I get it?

No. 429432

what table? can you circle?

No. 429435

File: 1562098318464.jpg (262.33 KB, 794x794, D99ALD2XkAIDJDn.jpg)

No. 429438

Not a player, but it looks like a wall divider instead of a table. Quick wiki search, and it might be the sweetheart window partition?

No. 429441

Not the anon that asked but that definitely looks like it, with the pendant lamps and everything. Only difference I see is the brick but nice job finding it anon

No. 429442

Technically, yeah, but the furniture sections are divided into pretty general categories. I figured it would've either been under lighting or tables, but >>429438 was right and it's under the partitions category.

Thanks anon! Damn, looks like I can't get it ugh. I stopped playing for about a year but now I'm getting back into it and I'm sad I missed out on so much cute furniture.

No. 429443

yea it's the back of the sweetheart window, you got it from an event.

No. 429460

What type of insurance would a wealthy person have to cover something like the loss of $100k+ baggage & items?


No. 429463

File: 1562104927313.jpg (484.64 KB, 981x1017, IMG_0200.JPG)

I'm probably blind but is this cool toned or warm toned? Did the silver and gold jewelry thing, but I look pretty shit with both. Pic is with natural indirect lighting.

No. 429467

I can't tell but i think you look better in silver. Those rings are cheap looking though either way, no offense.

No. 429475

none taken, they were a few dollars on amazon. thanks anon!

No. 429494

Airlines have bag insurance policies up to a certain amount.
Rich people don't fly commercial, and when they do, they don't pack valuables into luggage.
Baggage screeners at the airport and baggage handlers are often contractors who are not affiliated with the airlines themselves, so a lot of shady shit happens.

But I can't tell if this fag was legitimately a moron or if he's scamming.
Because here's another tidbit: How does he prove what was inside his lost luggage? What retard packs $60k worth of shit?

No. 429517


Very obvious cool tone.

No. 429536

He did say he got the Birkin in a London auction. I’m sure he would be able to provide documentation of that. Either a certificate or contact the auction host.

No. 429539

Disagree with both the other posters, you look neutral to me. Cool toned people don't have green veins. You just suit the silver ring more because you're paler. I'm guessing you don't burn too easily and get a decent tan?

No. 429540

Looks neutral, but silver does flatter you more.

No. 429544

>putting a 60k bag inside check-in luggage when everyone knows not to even put $100 jewelry in a check-in

No. 429555

Thanks anons. Yes to the tan thing, and it's good to know that my veins are greener. I was confused about that too. What does neutral mean in terms of fashion colors since most of the guides divide them up into warm/cool?

No. 429560

Basically means you can't go wrong, do what you like. If something obviously suits you better, like the silver ring in this instance, go for that.

I'm neutral too and always found the advice on how to tell your undertones maddeningly confusing because most of them contradict each other. and I have yet to buy a foundation because ones with neutral undertones seemingly don't exist.

No. 429563

Thin people tend to eat badly but infrequently, I eat kinda junky food but only really have one meal a day and some snacks.

I guess if you feel pressured to eat with the guy you can schedule that as your meal. In my experience guys dont give a fuck if you've eaten or drank anything ever and will use food/drink purchases to guilt trip you with later (yes I am single)

Related, I am number-dyslexic (dyscalculia) and get so anxious worrying if I "owe" a friend/guy money for some $5 drink I avoid going out at all

No. 429594

File: 1562150145316.jpg (181.55 KB, 712x711, D-iu2-jXUAYGc33.jpg)

What do you think of pic related?

I'm kind of depressed after reading that. The one thing that I envied men was their camaraderie but I was always hopeful that it's possible to achieve that with women too if we put aside trivial shit and needless competition.

No. 429608

Stupid research because women are conditioned to not cooperate with other women. Need to either break their training first or do a study on a generation of women and girls not raised at all like this (that is, not raised in a society that prioritizes men).

No. 429610

> Need to either break their training first or do a study on a generation of women and girls not raised at all like this (that is, not raised in a society that prioritizes men).

I'm hoping for that too. I didn't mean to imply that solidarity among women is impossible or not achievable btw. It just saddens me to see how much work there is still left.

No. 429627

File: 1562158967347.jpg (141.71 KB, 852x958, d_0uLZg6X20.jpg)

If I am drinking hard liquor, I need an equivalent of about half a bottle of vodka to even feel remotely drunk. (A typical bottle of vodka in my country is 500 ml so I need a 250 ml of 40% alcohol content)
If I am drinking beer, a 500 ml bottle of 6,5% alcohol content beer gets me there just as quickly and effectively.

Is it a body issue? Is it because beer is kinda fizzy and fizzy drinks tend to get to your head quicker?

It always seemed fucking ironic to me since I really, really love coctails with hard liquor and hate most beers (and we have like 2 types of good tasting high alcohol content mainstream beers in our country both of which I am tired of)

What gets you drunk the quickest anons?
What do you think is a better option price-wise for you?

No. 429647

If you don’t want to gain weight in a rekationship date a guy who is cheap. I dated my ex for almost two years and I can count on one hand the number of times we ate out together, because he was that cheap. All he ever ate was grilled chicken and rice at home because it was cheap and easy.

No. 429651

>women and "cooperation"
who knows wtf that means.

Women in same-sex groups are more likely to voice their actual opinions, feel more comfortable disagreeing/calling someone out, debating, arguing, being blunt, whatever. Than they do when men are present. This type of dynamic is challenging for women who are used to men/mixed-sex dynamics, because men don't challenge women. They will ignore or dismiss, or patronize, but won't be as directly challenging as another woman would be.

No. 429658

You won't need to worry about undertones unless you need a foundation match. Neutral skintones go with most colors, and you'll only find some colors flatter you a bit more rather than some colors make you look straight up bad.

No. 429667

this is absolutely not true.

No. 429672


For some reason I always get drunk faster with beer as well. Two cans of beer and I am already tipsy, while I could drink 500ml of 20% sake and feel absolutely nothing.

No. 429680

can you elaborate?

No. 429704

How do I assert myself more in conversations?
In my friend group, I don’t have an issue with it. But when I hang out with my boyfriend and his friends, I get ignored/talked over/interrupted a LOT. The rare moments where I can actually get an idea out, it’s quickly dismissed or generally not responded to. Like I know we have different interests, but if I can listen to them talk about LoL and CS:GO for hours.. surely they can handle a few minutes of me talking about my video games? On top of that, I keep my topics on par with theirs. I don’t even bother mentioning my other interests. I just don’t get it lol how do I start actually becoming part of their conversations? I hate sitting there looking bored

No. 429706

It does't matter what you say, they won't look at you or take you seriously in their group because you're a woman. Your bf and his friends sound like losers too man lmao

No. 429711

At the peril of being accused a man-hater (imagine the horror!), men rarely take a woman's opinion seriously. I've managed to establish myself as an authority at my workplace but it took a lot of time and me becoming more androgynous for that to happen and I still get dismissed at times.

Online, where everyone's male by default, my opinions and thoughts are valued but irl? Nope. If they care about you, they might pretend for a short amount of time. Otherwise forget about it.

Even though their topics are neither complex or more interesting than yours, even if you present your arguments and thoughts in a coherent manner, they're just going to dismiss you. It's depressing because that's not going to change anytime soon, maybe never.


No. 429723

They kind of are lmao (my bf is the only one who’s had serious girlfriends lolllll) but like my friend group has men in it too, they listen and take me seriously. The men I’m friends with don’t have a lot of mutual interests with me but we can still maintain good conversation. I probably have more in common with my bf’s friends than my own but the ability to communicate with them just isn’t there

No. 429725

They prolly just suck ass at socializing cuz all they do is play csgo and lol. Dw about it hon. If they don't make an effort why should you. Ignore they bullshit

No. 429732

>Online, where everyone's male by default, my opinions and thoughts are valued but irl? Nope. If they care about you, they might pretend for a short amount of time. Otherwise forget about it.
diff anon but how does this happen in american society for example? its not like we activley teach boys to ignore girls so why does it get worse after grade school?

No. 429736

I didn't notice it changes that much after grade school but that's just my experience and considering that a lot of researchers are male and no one really gives a shit about women, I doubt we're going to see a mind opening and in-depth analysis of why, let alone any actions to improve things.

No. 429743

Probably just puberty. You go from being another kid on the playground at best, icky girl at worst, but then later as teens they just wanna have sex with you and nothing else. There's probably some kind of psychological theory out there that when this happens we try to get their attention again to be how it used to be which creates "not like other girls" syndrome. Idk if this makes any sense to anyone else, I cant explain it very well.

No. 429747

first of all im literally a woman and 2nd of all way to get mad about a stupid question in a stupid question forum dummy. Anyway I figured out that due to my period getting longer it probably also affected my vagina because before and after my period i notice dryness. I also used toilet paper because the first guy i was ever with told me that i " got "too wet" and it grossed him out so it subconsciously gave me a complex which I am no working through. But thanks for being a bitch

No. 429756

hey, this isn't a forum you newfag. get banned alrdy dude like i said before

No. 429759

> There's probably some kind of psychological theory out there that when this happens we try to get their attention again to be how it used to be which creates "not like other girls"

Nah, it makes perfect sense. That's an interesting theory and I'm inclined to believe it.

No. 429767

whatever no use arguing i dont care that much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 429771


No. 429877

(Mainly to US anons because of federal laws) Is there a limit on how much money you can transfer/withdraw out of your savings account? I know there's a limit of 6 times per month, but I vaguely remember the bank person telling me I also couldn't withdraw more than $600 over the course of those 6 withdrawals, but this was also over a decade ago. All the information online only talks about the 6 withdrawal limit. I have my savings with Chase at the moment, the Chase website doesn't seem to say anything about $600 limit but I'm not sure if I've just been going crazy this entire time or what?

No. 429882

Pretty sure I transferred several thousand out of my savings account in a short span of time to pay for a vacation last year. I think if your transaction gets declined you can just call the bank to have them approve you moving a large sum anyway.

No. 429910

she probably meant the ATM. i some banks don't let you withdraw over a certain amount from their ATMs.

No. 429985

this is something specific to your account type and plan. look through the paperwork you were given when you opened the account or call the bank’s customer service line.

No. 430008

ok so someone posted a monster girl/boy generator and one of the adjectives was 'abortive', what does that mean? morbidly curious…

No. 430011

do you guys think i could change if i lost the weight

No. 430014

Lol it's not morbid, I'm curious about the context in a monster person generator… It just means an action that wasn't successful/completed.

No. 430016

It may help. In my experience it increased confidence and exercise helped with energy levels.
Good luck!

No. 430018

thank you

No. 430019

Unrelated but the genius IQ serial killer Rodney Alcala used to brag about being in Mensa

No. 430037

File: 1562226060835.png (74.76 KB, 840x409, deletelater.PNG)

It doesn't seem like the IT term, here is the screenshot

No. 430043

Merriam-Webster says prematurely born. So… Yeah.

No. 430093

Oh that’s good to know! Mainly asking because I want to open a new savings with another bank for better inteest rate, I was really worried about transferring a bunch of money over haha.

Hm, that makes a lot of sense. Didn’t realize that lol

This also makes sense! When I opened the account I was in high school, so it was a sort of special account. It makes sense that they would have a limit for a young kid haha. My account is now just a regular one now, so I guess it’s fine (but I’ll still call to double check).

Thank you anons!

No. 430141

File: 1562247109622.jpg (39.6 KB, 346x189, 1-s2.0-B9780444627025000032-f0…)

In certain lighting (indoor overhead light, harsh lighting from a lamp, strong sunshine and a shiny face from sunscreen) my nasolabial folds look really bad and in other conditions (softer lighting/daylight that isn't direct sunlight) they're not visible. Which one do I believe? I asked my friends and boyfriend and they all said they're not visible or only sometimes but I don't know if they're just trying to spare my feelings.
The area there isn't even wrinkled really, but my facial fat is distributed in a way that I've always had them (they look like pic related but stretching from the sides of my nose and not that far down), there's always been a clear 'divide' between the area around my mouth/chin and my chubby cheeks. The skin around my nostrils is also darker which makes matters worse.
Is this something to worry about? Is this what people mean by nasolabial folds/smile lines? You did say dumb questions.

No. 430143

No it's a natural contour of the face which is why people form deep lines there later in life. When people refer to them negatively they usually mean premature wrinkling but at this point I think most people here agree it's a tired old meme and doesn't actually matter much.

No. 430145

I’ve never heard or seen anyone talk about nasolabial folds anywhere in my entire life outside of lolcow.

No. 430151

File: 1562249437745.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, 63D77D93-A855-4B81-97B0-767F11…)

how do I get this password pop up thing to not happen every time I open a thread

No. 430155

dl a better browser or get a better phone.

No. 430156

Do I use purple shampoo before or after regular shampoo?

No. 430157

She can't elaborate bc she's an olive which is lumped under neutral and she looks like a dead frog in most colors.

It's one of the first wrinkles that you begin to see as you age (the kind that stays as a wrinkle even when your face is neutral) so I think some anons have damage regarding it. It's absolutely normal and everyone has them when they make most facial expressions, and some people have them even when their face is resting, nbd. If it's facial fat related than they're likely being honest in that it's not obvious all the time.

There are tons of women with facial lines and sub-optimal fat distribution that are still considered attractive. Either way I'd focus on evening out skintone and flattering features you like the most rather than being sad about a "flaw" that you share with most humans and one that every human will inevitably have lol.

After, because you're trying to deposit color and not wash it off immediately.

No. 430170

Can someone explain to me how lesbians love women in a different way than men love women? I don't fully understand it myself even though I'm lesbian.

No. 430173

I never even thought of using purple shampoo in addition to another shampoo. Doesn't that dry the fuck out of your hair? Do other people use 2 shampoos too when purple toning?

No. 430176

idk if i'm doing it "the right way" so probably gonna get a lot of flack telling me i'm wrong but when the pink comes out of my hair i maintain a platinum by using loads of purple shampoo to dry hair and keeping it in for maybe 45 mins before washing out, then using my regular shampoo, then using an ample amount of conditioner afterwards. i DO have hair that gets oily easily so maybe that's why my hair isn't dried out. i also do trim my hair a lot because it's shoulder-length so my ends aren't disgusting either.

No. 430177

it's conditioner you're supposed to use not shampoo.

No. 430179

I guess it has something to do with distilled vs fermented booze. I also get drunk way faster on beer or wine but I get the worst hangovers from them.

No. 430182

Bc men don’t really love women, they love what women can do for them and how they look. Even if you get one of the supposed good guys, they will never be able to see you through eyes that aren’t tainted with male privilege

No. 430184

Sage for manhate but I think it's because women literally have the ability to love, whereas men's emotions are limited to lust, anger, excitement and so on. They lack sentimental bonding emotions which women have in abundance so they cannot "love" the way a woman can. So to answer your question (as a straighty) I assume lesbians love other women, literally, where men just tolerate, are attracted to, or are fond of women at best. Often they love what we do for them; our service.

No. 430228

Is it okay for me to not hug a person, esp. a relative after receiving a present? My mother installed this into me and my younger brother from a very young age that - after receiving a present we needed to hug the person that gifted us the present. I always hated this and felt uncomfortable doing this (also hugging someone as a greeting). The only people I feel comfortable to hug are my boyfriend, parents and my best friend. Is it okay for me to just greet everyone with a smile and firm handshake and just say "thank you for the lovely gift" after receiving one? I really really hate this hugging thing or am I just rude and ungrateful?

No. 430230

If you're really that uncomfortable then just don't do it. If you show genuine appreciation and smile and all it won't be rude at all.

No. 430251

effective ways to get rid of double chin? I’m skinny, young, and don’t know why it’s happening

No. 430257

it's more complete, imo. there are things about women and womanhood that are really hard to explain, but somehow other women just Get It.

Also, I've noticed in general that men make a lot of assumptions of their gfs/wives based on dumb shit that doesn't have anything to do with the woman. Like one male friend was bragging about his tomboy gf and how she wasn't high maintenance like the other girls, and she… just had a pixie cut. Face full of make up, manicured nails, but she didn't have long hair so that meant she was a tomboy. How can you say you're in love with a woman when you get her entire aesthetic wrong?

No. 430264

I'm not expert or anything like that but could be that you just have a small, less defined chin, have excess fat around the neck area or your lower jaw is not properly aligned and you have an overbite. All of these could give you a double chin even if you're skinny.
If it's a jaw issue you'd have to see an orthodontist otherwise you can get chin fillers or have the fat removed.

No. 430314

Eh, that's largely socialized imo. Men aren't taught to be emotionally available while growing up so they end up stunted. I'm sure you could socialize young boys to become more socially sensitive. It's dangerous to attribute shitty behavior to testosterone when that kind of logic is also used to describe women as unintelligent, catty, spiteful, etc. It's all learned behavior.

No. 430341

File: 1562289543814.png (138.65 KB, 739x244, Screenshot_20190704-192620.png)

Whats the deal with crystal.cafe? I found it off 8chan a month ago and was enjoying it until today… Apparently me explaining something about cryptocurrency during a /biz/ raid automatically means I was a larping incel and I got permabanned.

Apparently cc started as a branch of this place?

No. 430342

It was started by anons from here, yeah.
Unfortunately you got caught up in the recent /biz/ raid, you may be able to wait out the ban though. I've been mistakenly banned twice during raids and they expired within a couple of months.
I think the mods are just messy tbh.

No. 430348

K glad to know it's not just me, I guess I'll hang out here for a while. This place seems bitchier an more active, so far so good

No. 430350

File: 1562291842549.jpg (20.86 KB, 540x405, n1d5wdqjCl1sn75h6o1_540.jpg)

Why do I always feel sad and empty when I look at cute, innocent things? I've been like this since I was a little kid. I still like them, but they make me want to cry.
I also feel anxious and guilty when I hold babies or small animals. It feels like I'm going to hurt them, even though I'd never do that. Maybe their vulnerability makes me worry, I don't know.

No. 430422

what does "ksksksk" mean

No. 430426

did someone mistake you for a cat anon?

No. 430436

in some countries, its the onomathopea for laughing

No. 430468

How you try to befriend a cat in Sweden.

No. 430476

It's similar to the keyboard smash (something like asdfghj) and is probably used to express laughter or speechlessness over something usually dumb, ridiculous or funny.

No. 430492

is this scandi humor?

No. 430496

nta, and not Scandi myself, but that is how I get my cat's attention

No. 430539

File: 1562338668046.webm (2.91 MB, 853x480, 1562318350159.webm)

why is acting in japanese movies or dramas so bad?

who actually buys tickets to watch this shit?

No. 430547

is this a skit on tiktok or something

No. 430562

I presume it's a satire on contrived romance tropes.

No. 430574

it's just they're acting the way manga is drawn, if that makes sense. like, imagine these scenes as manga panels and it makes sense.

it's supposed to by cartoony and weird, I just haven't figured out if its just japanese humor or they legitimately believe this is how people are supposed to act.

No. 430593

its fo the kids. its just manga reenactment. im tired of seeing this chicks face everywhere too. shes in every single drama now. i wanna see more reina

No. 430594

you hangin out in tranny central over there.

No. 430690

Is there a way to report a blog that has mgtowish opinions? At least hurt the SEO ranking of it?

I've found a blog that had an interesting article on one subject completely unrelated. Then I went digging deeper into the blog archive because I was interested in finding more related stuff and thought I liked the author until I've encountered that one fucking post which sounded like it was written by someone from /r9k/ or by a MGTOW member. I was immensely disappointed because how can someone make an intelligent argument on one thing then make such simplistic asinine arguments on the other?

Can I report it to Google or is DDOSing the only thing left?
Sometimes I worry that by doing that I'm just going to give it more attention and it will clash back. God, I'm angry.

No. 430695

On a related note, did anyone every DDOS a site? Would it be easyish to learn to do if I have a basic understanding of programming, internet protocols, servers etc? If only I could hit those sites where it hurts like server costs.

No. 430726

Wouldn't you need a botnet? I'm old so there may be easier ways now.

No. 430997

Is there a way to search for artists with similar themes/styles?
I really like Simkaye for her black and white prints, but I don't want my room looking samefaggish.

Sorry but I'm art retarded.

No. 431001


Most sites have DDoS protection now adays. A funny way to fuck about a website is to contact their webhost and claim you are the copyright holder of literally any piece of obscure enough media on there and threaten to sue if they don't take the site down. A lot of site owners don't know how to deal with this sort of thing or it will compound other problems they've had with their webhosts and can keep the site offline for ages.

No. 431002

You can go through his instagram follower list and see what they like. Their taste is probably like yours so they'll have a lot of art like his faved.

No. 431097

File: 1562445461880.png (20.55 KB, 94x81, 1437943845599.png)

Can human flesh mold?
The flesh we eat certainly can but I never heard of mold on people or corpses.

No. 431110

When I hear something high pitched my ears pound. Is this normal?

No. 431142

When I hear buzzy or "vibrating" sounds (like if I'm shaving with an electric razor) my eardrums twitch and pound. Is it like that? I dunno if it's harmful but it's definitely annoying.

No. 431156

I FEEL sounds sometimes. I think it’s getting worse with time. It might be triggered by stress but I’m not sure. I think it probably feels like what you described, but sometimes it’s only higher/sharp sounds other times it’s a wider range of them

No. 431159

but it's really hard for humans who regularly shower or aren't in super damp environments to grow mold because our skin is good at repelling water at levels mold likes
mold usually doesn't grow on corpses because there's usually too many other bacteria feeding on corpses for mold to grow, and if it's rotting, the mold might not grow on it because not all molds like rotting material to grow on
In order for people to grow mold you'd probably have to cut them up in a sanitized environment and leave them in a fridge or something that already has mold in it

No. 431168

Can't super fat people get mold between fat rolls?

No. 431179

They can get fungus. It can happen in area with sweat and skin to skin contact (rolls). The are where your pubis and legs intersect can be a problem too for example.

No. 431202

Why is my teenage brother always getting sick? He get's sick all year round and gets my dad and mom and siblings sick and then if i visit them, I get sick. He seems healthy, but every few months he gets a goddamn cold or ear infection!

No. 431208

Is he constantly washing his hands or something? Some germophobes get sick more because a lack of exposure. I know someone who was never allowed to play outside or do anything but study and he's sickly. It's annoying tbh. He's always acting like a wuss about dirt all the time too.

No. 431441

i get a cold every few months too. no idea why but it's annoying as fuck.

No. 431442


No. 431648

Is soy actually bad for you ? Every time I mention that I make my own soymilk and use the leftover pulp for a lot of baking, men tell me that soy is terrible and that it'll give me cancer because of excess estrogen. I can't find any definitive conclusions about whether phyto-estrogens are actually harmful, though. Is it just a case of men being scared of any food that doesn't seem "manly" ?

No. 431655

>Is it just a case of men being scared of any food that doesn't seem "manly"


No. 431657

sage for no real answer, but how do you make your own soymilk anon?

I fucking love soymilk, especially the Chinese brand ones because they taste more like… idk what theyre supposed to taste like lol, but paying like $3.50 every week for a new half gallon really adds up and at this point I should probably just make my own.

No. 431660

File: 1562599000158.jpg (37.14 KB, 570x760, 98a4669c7e98261b1379e0be9a2d8e…)

Can someone please recommend me bags in a similar, if not exact, style? I love the Burberry banner bag so much, especially with one with their signature plaid pattern on it, but I can't justify a month's worth of rent on a fucking handbag. Even secondhand I can only find it for a $900 minimum, I might as well buy a replica at this point lol

No. 431667

You can consume soy no problem. The soyboy thing is pseudoscience and phyto-estrogens do not affect the human body in any meaningful way. I should add developing fetuses may not be safe to expose to soy.

No. 431668

All you need is a nut milk bag, soybeans and a blender, it's really easy. I use this recipe but they're all pretty much the same, and how much sugar you add comes down to your personal tastes.
Be prepared to have a whole lot of leftover pulp, though. It's good for baking chewy cookies and veggie burgers.

No. 431672

Be careful if you do make your own Anon, apparently home made plant milk goes bad in a matter of a couple days so you'll have to be willing to take a lot of time to do it often.

No. 431687

Are there statistics that show whether tall women are less likely to get raped? It would make sense, because why would an evil guy go for a 6ft woman if he could also go for a much weaker <5ft girl.

No. 431700

Read up on the wiki at /r/RepLadies, you can probably get an identical rep of that for $200 srs

No. 431705

tall women are still weaker than average men

No. 431723

seconding this dumb question. i don't think height is that big of a factor. id really like to see this assumption proven wrong. my mom constantly embarrasses the fuck out of me in public because she thinks i'm much more of a potential target because i'm short and that i'm much more easily kidnapped. she makes a whole big scene like i'm a negligent teen if i'm not glued to her or with pepper spray out and it's annoying af. she's tall so maybe she's just delusional about the way men see short women because she feels she's much taller than me. i think men are pretty confident they can take on most women unless they're very heavy

No. 431732

Doesn't matter, those men go for easy prey. Lots of men are weak and they still wouldn't get mugged because they're men.

No. 431764

Hm, for me it's the opposite, I'm very tall and feel very safe (and my parents also don't worry).
I'm just saying, why would they try to take on a tall girl (and risk losing against her/getting hurt/being caught), instead of going the "safe and easy" road?
Some of my friend are very short and even I could just grab them and throw them into my car.

No. 431767

When you girls shave your legs, do you only shave up to your knee or do you shave your thighs too?

No. 431786

I shave up to my knees, they can get pretty thick & dark but the hair on my thighs are typically pretty fair and blonde so I don’t care as much.

No. 431790

What's a relationship like? This really sounds fucking stupid, but I haven't been in many relationships, and the few I've been in haven't lasted past the honeymoon stage.

I realized it when I saw a bunch of young teens, probably in high school, holding hands and being cute in front of me at the store. It just got me thinking in a weird way that that's how I've always viewed relationships- just being cute and holding hands. But people who are high school sweethearts well into marriage, or just people who make their relationship work, what… is it like to continue working on a relationship? What does that even entail? I'm an adult in my mid-20s but I feel like I have no fucking clue what a health, adult relationship is truly like or what I should even do to contribute to one lol.

No. 431792

Thighs too, it's not as visible but the back of my thighs has a few really thick, wiry hairs

No. 431793

i epilate my thighs as well. i have a loot of light brown/blonde hairs and i dont like the feeling at all. it's also noticeable bc im fairer than the hair so yeah i do feel i almost have to. i hate you binches that can get by without it

No. 431796

Thighs too. You don't want bangs lol

No. 431842

I only ever wax up to my knees. I have virtually no hair on my thighs. I think I have less hair on my thighs than on my arms and my arms just have "barely-over-peachfuzz" hair. My bikini area is wild tho, it's thicker than the hair on my head. Weird af.

No. 431928

It's gonna vary depending on the person talking but for me a good relationship is a partnership. You feel like someone's got your back and they're willing to engage you fully when you need that. Emotional availability and the comfort of knowing being exactly true to yourself is the only thing you need to keep that person around. They've accepted your whole being and they'll help you grow but won't be a burden to change you. Just more like a teammate who's rooting for you. Also validates how you look by being into the natural you. Generally speaking, a support role in your life I guess. You provide faith and compassion to one another.

No. 432018

I'm talking to a guy and i really like him, but in his instagram he has several photos where he is with girls and puts captions with things like "what a good night" or some lyrics of sexy love songs. my question is: do I take it as a red flag or i'm just overreacting? lmao

No. 432022

guys with Instagrams are basically women. that's some really womanly shit and not in a progressive way, just in a really pathetic way, like men who wear scarves in hot weather

No. 432023

Usually just above my knees, so mid thigh at the highest. The hair on my upper thighs is way too soft and light to shave, I can run a blade over it a hundred times and it just won't budge. You can't really see or feel it that much so I'm not fussed.

No. 432024

Are you on crack

No. 432040

is it cheating to speak to other people/be sexual with other people like not even irl when your boyfriend is CURRENTLY cheating on you and you know it and he did it first and actually like, say, fucked your best friend and then fucked more people? is that cheating on him? is that actually cheating?

no i am just correct

No. 432045

Just break up with him, dumbass.

No. 432048

Yes. So you should dump him and then do whatever you want.

No. 432049

Why does the cereal and milk and also sweets in the EU taste like how American food used to taste like in the 90s and 2000s?

No. 432052

this isnt happening to me.

No. 432053

Ingredient and nutritional value restrictions, less sugar, sweeteners, etc

No. 432060

would it be weird to prep your asshole w vaseline if you know your upcoming turd will be painful?

No. 432061

Lol. Maybe but it's not like anyone is going to know about what you did to poop easily so go for it.

No. 432089

File: 1562685930073.jpeg (687.02 KB, 1040x1141, DCADE654-677C-4365-8DBE-F9EF3B…)

has anyone eaten this? What does it
Taste like?

No. 432090

that sounds so disgusting

No. 432142

eslfag here. can an american explain why the terms right-wing, republican, conservative and left-wing, democrat, liberal are being used interchangeably? we were talking about american politics with my friends and we were kinda confused because the equivalents of these words don't work the same in our language.

No. 432144

Because of the US's two-party system everything gets lumped into those two groups. It's retarded and barely applicable to even other English speaking countries but that's Americans for you.

No. 432155

They can be interchangeable, but not always. Left-wing and liberal are basically the same. I personally see 'liberals' as referring to the more extreme left, but not everyone uses it that way. You can apply both these terms to Democrats, but not always the other way around. You can be liberal/left-wing but not a Democrat. Same thing applies to right/conservative/repub.

Our system only really accepts Democrats and Republicans for the most part, but other parties exist, like the Green Party, which is left-wing. And Libertarians are kind of all over the place depending on who you're talking to, oddly enough. I've met liberal and conservative libertarians.

No. 432158

>extreme left
are you American??

No. 432162

>OP asks for an american to explain
>??? r u from borgerland????

No. 432165

File: 1562695354806.png (320.86 KB, 491x618, aerie.PNG)

Would anyone happen to know who this model is? I saw her on the Aerie website, and I know they'll sometimes tag their models on their instagram posts, but she hasn't been posted on there yet…

No. 432171

Here's my question, what is this website? If talking about plastic surgery is on topic is this for people who are fat and want liposuction or something

No. 432179

Yep. We are all fattie fatsos who want liposuction. No need to read any further.

No. 432181

so this is like female 4channel then?

No. 432182

look. this is a fattie and liposuction support group. if you don't identify as either fat (and YES, we do accept transfats!!! we are an INCLUSIVE website) or transitioning TO fat. Liposuction is a validating surgery for those who suffer from fatness. Please read the rules here and be respectful.

No. 432183

transitioning to fat, please leave*

No. 432221

This is a Manchurian gossip rehab group for obese basket weaving enthusiasts, pls leave.

No. 432225

probably the stupidest of questions but how come lolcow is mostly female? has it always been that way or did it just develop? im not that familiar with the sites history but ive always been curious. not that i mind it obv

No. 432235

Can I epilate my pubes?

No. 432237

Probably because it is an imageboard and men who use imageboards are literally the worst. Makes sense to ban them, lolcow is actually a pretty good site as a result.

No. 432241

yeah, i hate them too and i think lolcow is probably my favorite imageboard. it just surprised me because most other sites are pretty mixed in terms of gender. then again, lolcow probably has its fair share of male posters as well, but the rules against … openly being male…? make it such a nice site.

No. 432256

if you can handle the pain

No. 432264

File: 1562708176623.png (618.19 KB, 1080x965, 1446231651806.png)

Most of the original farmers are migrants from 4chan's /cgl/, which was already a mostly female community. In 2012 (or 2011? Can't quite remember) drama threads were banned from /cgl/ and users propped up different websites to continue their discussions. Stamina Rose was the latest creation and after that site closed down, our glorious Lolcow Farm came to be.

So to answer your question, it's always been mostly female, although I remember during the early days posting as a male wasn't explicitly banned like it is today.

No. 432301

It was Maximum Faggotry, then Stamina Rose, and now Lolcow IIRC. The fucked up thing about LC is that when it first started, the admin of Stamina Rose explicitly went to Unichan to try and get one of the autists there to be admin for her because she couldn't be bothered. It's why we ended up having threads about Orange Citrus, one of their many camgirls.
In hindsight, it makes sense that we got a Shoe0nHead orbiter as our first admin. Hell, in hindsight, Shuwu was probably the admin of SR, which would make her the "true" admin of Lolcow before handing it over to Ian.

No. 432311

the stamrose admin was a huge shitter anyway. i still don't understand why she shut down the entire site because k contacted pt's parents. or was it those retarded trolls that tried to pretend pt was a pedo? idr but the last days on that site were a trip.

No. 432350

Am I the asshole for not wanting my boyfriend to fart so loudly in front of me all the time? He says he has digestive issues. I call him farty boy.

No. 432352

>Hell, in hindsight, Shuwu was probably the admin of SR, which would make her the "true" admin of Lolcow before handing it over to Ian.

Interesting. what makes you think this anon? Wouldn't you need web development knowledge/other computer-y skills to admin an imageboard? Maybe you don't and I'm just retarded. But I think if that was something June knew about, she would have discussed it some point. She's not bursting with skill in any area that we know of.

No. 432368

Knee unless I have to go to the pool or to the beach. I'm a disgusting hirsute woman with PCOS so every time I shave it's already growing back the next two days. So not worth it.

If I'm desperate I'll just wax it since that shit will take longer but I also have sensitive skin.

No. 432370

Why do people get freaky over low birthrates? Is it because of the economical implications (lack of financial security etc) or are we really at risk of some sort of societal breakdown having less babies?

No. 432379

No, you aren't. My boyfriend always farts in front of me, too. I don't expect him to be like perfect but can't he go into the bathroom to fart once in a while. It's not sexy. He has literally farted while I'm mid-blow job, then he gets upset like I hurt his feelings if I stop or take a break. Just tell me to stop for fuck sake and leave the room. Please.

No. 432417

Are dogs technically GMOs? I mean, theyre genetically modified organisms right?

No. 432422

File: 1562742136505.jpg (98.72 KB, 572x303, b5ba3c61-6483-46cf-9c9d-28dfca…)

Damn anon this fucked me up a bit.

No. 432431

How to look at someone's instagram stories without showing up in the statistics?

Don't want to get blocked lmao.

No. 432433

fake account?

No. 432434

Well, technically every edible plant and animal with a particular breed is a GMO.
Because while we may be not directly altering their genetics, we breed them for certain qualities.

No. 432438

File: 1562744719651.jpg (49.12 KB, 489x321, World_population_milestones_2.…)

birth rates getting lower is a good thing, humans aren't in any kind of danger of extinction, it's just an excuse for racist men to be racist and force pregnancy upon women their race. women are getting more independent and focused on their careers instead of being forced to marry and have kids, looking after 10 kids is almost impossible for the modern family, of course the birth rates will be lower. and yet there are more humans alive than any other time of human history, it applies to all races.

No. 432440

Lower birthrates is a good thing, but not like it is happening right now. Western countries hardly reproducing, while shithole asian counties spew out millions of inbred vermin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432444

If he won't do something about it, like change his diet, give him peppermint tea with a spoonful of honey. It won't change the sound but it should help with the smell.

No. 432508

storiesig.com for a public account. fake account if it's private

No. 432578

Immigrant anons, how common would it be to get rejected after moving forward with the medical exam? They just asked for one for my PR application, and I really want to take it as good news that my application is approved for the most part, but I've just been in a state of nervousness about it.

No. 432585

Canada? My close friend's done the whole PR thing and Canadavisa(dot)com has helped her a lot. Make an account and talk about your progress there. People post about their applications and update on each milestone so you can track how well you're doing by comparing your progress to others that applied around the same time. Medical exam is a pretty good sign afaik!

No. 432840

Why was this poster banned for stating something that's entirely correct? Though it's not just shithole asian countries, almost the entire African continent has too high birthrates and then you have to deal with the waves of immigrants in Europe.

No. 433071

has anyone or your friend/family ever had experience with laser tattoo removal? pls share your experience (price,pain,healing,result satisfaction). would you reccomend it??

No. 433076

maybe because you and that other poster are nazis?

No. 433081

Vet’s office just closed so I can’t call and ask. My dog has been given liquid medicine to take 2x a day for 10 days. Today is the 10th day and I just gave her her last dose of medicine, but there is still a bit left in the conatiner. Do I give it (looks like maybe one dose) to my dog tomorrow or no? I’ve been giving her all of the doses, so I don’t know if this was just extra in case or what… the front desk person didn’t tell me what to do if this came up.

No. 433084

I'm gonna go for not giving the dose, just in case it is a strong drug and the ten day limit was for a reason. Maybe the extra dose was accidental.What's wrong with the pup and what is the treatment?

No. 433087

All of her kidney levels are super elevated, and then after doing a urine sample test, found out she had a bladder infection too. This medicine is for the bladder infection, we gotta run tests again in a few days and we’re hoping her kidney levels will go down!!!

No. 433091

Anyone know of any home remedies for mosquito bites that actually work? I got like 30 bites last night and they're driving me absolutely fucking insane, I've been putting hydrocortisone cream on it but it barely makes a difference.

No. 433095

Is it an antibiotic? Usually they want you to finish the whole thing. Did you miss a dose or not give her enough one time or is there just genuinely a whole extra dose?

No. 433098

Yep it’s an antibiotic! I gave her the prescribed 0.7ml via syringe everyday, didnt miss a dose. It’s genuinely about a whole dose left

No. 433101

I heard baking soda (or powder, I don't quite recall) is quite effective.

No. 433281

Are there any older cows that are doing super good these days? e.g. cleaned up their life immensely, got a job, became self aware etc.
I'm feeling a good comeback story.

No. 433283

Might be an unpopular opinion because I don't think she checks off the "self aware" box, and yet I think PT did a good job of losing weight, dropping the kawaii/gravure model delusion, and settling into the fact that she's an average person with an average job.

Except the last time a major post was dropped about her she had some issue with thinking she was turning into a male? I think that's some gender special trendhopper shit though, she's probably over that by now too.
I still give her kudos for going quiet after being the internet's biggest weeb laughing stock.

No. 433288

Yes, it tastes like fruity marshmallows

No. 433350

File: 1562950281256.png (93.62 KB, 371x383, steamer.PNG)

Is buying a steamer worth it? I do have an ironing board and iron, but I also hate dealing with taking out the ironing board (parents put it in a weird place where it's god honest so annoying to take it out/put it back without wrecking a million things around it).

I'm eyeing this one (our black+decker iron is older than me and works great so I figure this might not break immediately) but it's $50…

No. 433356

i think they are great, not just useful for clothes but cleaning around your living space.

No. 433359

Iron is to steamer as broom/mop is to Swiffer. Steamers are just so much easier and you'll probably never go back after you get used to it.

No. 433371

Thanks anons! I'll probably just bite the bullet on it. I just want to wear a bunch of my cute button up shirts but I keep avoiding them since they get so wrinkled…

No. 433375

I own a steamer and it's extremely useful for polyester/chiffon clothes that might be too delicate to iron. Highly recommended.

No. 433388

Once I made a cape for cosplay (please dont @ me for being a sperg) and I worked so hard on its stupid scalloped edges and lining it nicely…. only to forget that the iron was on the wrong setting and burned a hole through it. I almost started crying (a friend helped me fixed it, but still).

Haven't been able to get out those stubborn fold lines from it but I hope this steamer will help!

No. 433396

irreligious anons, what's your drive to continue living?

No. 433399

…Not killing myself and making my mom suffer because of it? I don't know. I'm just alive and I'd rather keep it that way. I can give meaning to my own life.

No. 433400

Pretty cliche but my Husband and parents whom I love very much another reason was the suicide of my brother,the pain as a result of his suicide is still felt by my parents to this day and I don't ever wanna put them trough that,losing another child to suicide

No. 433401

the simple human monkey brain instinct to keep my meat machine alive

No. 433402

High chance of fucking up my suicide attempt and being easily disgusted with gore.

No. 433405

>>433401 This. Monkey brain say death scary and bad.

No. 433406

Too scared to kill myself, also no one in my family cares and loves my dog as much as I do so I stay alive for her.

No. 433411

I am suicidal, but also I wanna see the full extent of dystopia we live in before I off myself.
Yeah, morbid.

Before I lived to spend the most time with my girlfriend, be happy and grow old with her. She dumped me.

No. 433415

I don't wanna die but I don't wanna continue living like this either so that's where I am. I also am scared to attempt suicide, fail and live with the damage for the rest of my life, becoming a huge burden to my family.
Despite not having a great, close relationships with my parents, they've already been through too much and I don't wanna do this to them.

No. 433418

There's many experiences in life I want to have even if I have to wade through rivers of shit to obtain them. I'd rather live for an hour of happiness than die knowing that once I'm dead it's final, and I will never have another chance at happiness again. I cling to hope.

Death is horrible. Even though I know it's coming to me one day it makes me physically ill to think about my final moments in a dying shell. My memories, loves, and consciousness slipping away from me and knowing there's nothing I can do. I want to put that off for as long as possible.

No. 433424

I don't want to die, too scared of nothingness after death and I have too many goals.

No. 433449

i like being alive. i value the experiences i have with my friends, and i value learning. i like understanding others and i care about what i learn from others. i'll probably never get to be alive again after this life so i'm going to enjoy it as much as i can.

No. 433455

File: 1562971846983.jpg (14.99 KB, 550x457, flat,550x550,075,f.u7.jpg)

Is religion supposed to give me a reason to live? Are my family, friends and pure enjoyment of Doing Things not good enough? Maybe it's because I didn't grow up with any religion but I'm confused.

No. 433466

unironically love

No. 433469

I never knew of these until now but I am going to buy one immediately. $50 is not much for a useful household appliance, a decent iron costs more than that.

No. 433471

I follow him on IG, he doesn't follow me. how can I get his attention, then flex? both of our accounts are public.

No. 433475

Also grew up with not much religion, so I always thought "if heaven is SOOOOOO fucking great, then why don't Christian's kill themselves? Why do they fight against dying so hard (in the case of illness and such?)" They really seem to not want to die as much as the rest of us, even though they supposedly have some great reward to look forward to.

No. 433477

I didn't grow up with any religion either, and I also feel like being Alive to Do Things is just about enough justification to stay alive.

I'm not religious, I have never been religious, I feel uncomfortable in places of worship enough to say that I'll never be religious. I stay alive because being alive is fun. I get to learn new things, I get to do new things, I get to meet new people. This kind of happiness and openness hasn't always been available to me, so I just want to experience it for all that I can while I can do it. I can easily hold myself accountable and build myself up in bad times without religion.

Why does anyone NEED religion? I can't wrap my mind around THAT.

No. 433486

I like living. Makes my proverbial dick really hard.
What is it like having to have heaven dangled in front of you like a carrot on a stick just so you continue living and/or not being a complete and utter sociopath? Do you hate life this much?

No. 433506


Yeah if anything I would think that religion would give you a reason to look forward to dying. Eternal paradise, reincarnation etc all sound pretty great.

No. 433542

I still live with my parents and haven’t bought many (if any) appliances so I have no way of gauging what’s a good deal and what isn’t… There are other cheaper ones out there too if you’re shopping around anon (not just cheap shitty ones, some ~$30 decently reviewed ones) but I’m pretty set on this one for myself.

The only appliance I’m dead set on buying when I move out is one of those dyson cordless vacuums. My best friend and future roommate thinks spending a couple hundred on it is a stupid idea but my parents bought one and I’m the main cleaner of the household and… holy FUCK I definitely want one when I move out lol.

No. 433615

This is sort of rhetorical I guess but it's a question…

What is with unhinged cows and calling this site a variation of "moo cow site"? I've seen it multiple times in different cows' social media. Are they trying to sound like they don't know the actual name to conceal their lurking?

No. 433617

lmao xD(xD)

No. 433629

Has anyone dealt with a German roach infestation? How many exterminator visits did you need and what did they cost? We put out roach baits a week ago, and late at night I've been seeing 4+ roaches. My main concern is I'm only home for the summer, and after that I don't know if my parents will make sure it's dealt with.

No. 433640

Hey anon, after getting a fridge that harbored some I can tell you what my family did.

There are gels specifically for roaches, you can apply it really anywhere in their way and they'll carry it back to the nest and nom on it. Borax is also an option as well as it's lethal to them (boric acid is lethal) There are some other powders as well specially made for this purpose. Find where they are hiding. You'll be able to find a ton of eggs that way (maybe dedicate a vacuum to this purpose specifically to dispose) find the pathways they take. It depends on the kitchen but common areas would be, in cupboards (search high and low) and make sure there are no holes in them or way they can hide behind them. Make sure you check the stove, they will hide in appliances. Check your fridge (under and behind), check your dishwasher (they will usually hide on top or behind the insulation). They will hide in base boards and that's how they will often travel to other rooms which is where I recommend sprinkling the powder. I hope your family has no pets for that method though.

If you need a little help tracking them, do it at night. Turn off the lights and wait a bit then turn them back on, some should be around because that's when they hunt for food, at night.

I would also recommend spraying a roach killing spray if you're able to like maybe… Once a week (especially in the nesting area). You really need to track down where the nest is. The mamas are pretty easy to spot and when they know they're dying, they'll usually detach the egg from themself. So you gotta find it fast before the next babies hatch.

Lock up any food you have and make sure the kitchen is clean, starve them a bit. They'll get desperate and appear more often, but that'll be good if you use the gel since they'll take it back.

Remember to apply the poisons to the areas where they travel or commonly go. Make sure pets aren't able to get near them too.

When you find the area(s) (we had 2 areas they specifically were drawn to) that they gather in put some powder (borax is an option) in those areas.

Last but not least… Their nest will most likely be in a dark area but near a food source. My family only had the kitchen to deal with but it is possible for them to hide in other furniture.

Best of luck anon. You'll know the poisons are working when you see them slowly walking or even in daylight. They get really desperate lol.

No. 433644

Sorry for double post but I forgot to mention, dishes you should look into putting into somewhere more remote, in a cabinet or some sort of storage box. They will hide in dishes and or even lay eggs in them. Things like spices and other foods you can do the same with, or dedicate an area in the cupboard for food but you need to often monitor it and make sure everything it tightly sealed.

No. 433652

This is about the second time mods didnt get i used xD sarcastically look at the damn context

No. 433663

>but also I wanna see the full extent of dystopia we live in before I off myself

i agree, the end of the world is gonna be so instagram friendly. Like okay, Mom, you achieved more things in life than me, but at least, I got to witness this shit

"oh no i was only being a retard ironicly!"

No. 433664

File: 1563005166323.jpg (26 KB, 600x449, 0b3.jpg)

No. 433670

And its apart of imageboard culture… so ?

No. 433671

File: 1563008172882.png (52.62 KB, 500x397, moot-ep8pui8vw2-admin-07-06-12…)

No. 433748

Any Mexican anons here? What does it mean when a little old lady calls you "mija?" Obviously, I already googled the direct translation and I'm not her daughter, I'm white and never met her before. Is it like just "young lady" or something?

No. 433772

Well your google skills suck ass or you're lazy as fuck because the answer is everywhere. It's used between couples and friends as well.

No. 433787

It's more like a term of endearment, but yes it could also mean young lady depending on the context.

No. 433822

Isn't there a literal equivalent to that kind of expression in english? Like when an older man calls a random kid "son"? You know, in a "hey buddy" way.
I believe "mija" would be exactly that, but for a woman.

No. 433836

I gave her a dollar I found on the floor at the laundromat because I thought it might be hers, but she didn't speak English, so I couldn't ask. She seemed really happy about it though and her big smile was very cute.

No. 433861

Then yes she meant it like what this anon said >>433822

No. 433863

Aw that's adorable! In this specific context I imagine she would've said something like "darling" or "sweetie" instead if she knew some english.

No. 433924

What makes someone boring or vapid? And what makes someone else interesting?

No. 433943

I know there's an anarchist's cookbook but is there something similar for making poison?

No. 433963


The short answer is they are just floating through life with no direction. They don’t make decisions, indecisive, no hobbies/skills, no real passion for anything.

It’s just believe who haven’t discovered themselves. Doesn’t matter if your interests is fucking weeb anime shit or collection coins. If your passionate about it when you talk about it with others it will never come across as dull.

No. 433971

I doubt anything like that has been made because it doesn't really need to. Any gardening book or herbology book has this information for the express purpose of helping people avoid poisons. For example if you have kids you appreciate when your guide to flowering plants disclose which are poisonous so you don't grow them where your kids can get to them.

No. 433973

Oh and please don't poison anyone, that shit's wack yo

No. 433980

that's not true unless the person being poisoned is female

No. 433987

Is it possible for breasts to take a long time to grow in or am I just a hopeless board chan?

No. 433988

From what Google says, they can change and grow up until around 18.

No. 433989

If even when I'm very pale my skin has a yellow-ish tint it means I have warm undertones, y/n? (My kidney is fine). I've noticed that compared to my other friend who's just as pale, her skin is immensely colder than mine.

No. 433991

Getting to play Cyberpunk 2077 and other new games and watching the 2020 Olympics.
There's always new entertainment coming out to get immersed in no matter how shit the real world gets.

No. 433998

Don't worry it's male. Bastard has it coming.

No. 434009

I'm curious about what's going to happen next.In my life,in science,in art,in the world..everything in general actually.Thats what keeps me going and i don't think i'll ever get bored of it.We all have good days and bad days, but what's next?

No. 434010

You could eat a lot of apples and collect the seeds, as they have a substance that gets broken to a form of cyanide, I believe.

But uh, you didn't hear it from me

No. 434018

File: 1563059010229.png (316.14 KB, 495x771, remorselessqueen.png)

Godspeed, anon-chan

No. 434024

Wouldn’t you have to have A LOT of seeds for that’s yo work?

No. 434035


her story is so sad. She didnt mean to poison 18 people, just the people forcing her to get married and now she's gonna spend her life in prison.

a lot but not so much that you cannot do it at home either

No. 434036

Yep! (You didn't ask for an optimal solution though, but just a feasible one)

No. 434083

Is it possible to gain weight while eating a caloric deficit or is this just water retention?
Ate VERY salty trash food, but I totaled in at 1000 calories for the day (I'm 5'6" for reference and lifted for an hour as well, I've been losing weight eating above 1000 so far).

But I gained 4 lbs the next morning, is it instant fat or just bloating?

No. 434084

Excess salt does cause water retention, so it's probably bloating.

No. 434085

Instead of poison just leave dog poop on their doorstep anon cmon. Regardless poisons are generally bitter idk how you expect to feed it to someone without noticing. Oh and you better hope you don't somehow poison someone else by accident.

No. 434098

Does the jelly in those Asian iced teas actually contain gelatin? I asked the staff member who served me but they had no clue.

No. 434100

The tapioca pearls in boba? No it usually has caramel though.

No. 434110

>tapioca pearls
I don't know about other places but the place I frequent has both the pearls and jelly. I'm just wondering about the latter.

No. 434111

Are you talking about stuff like grass jelly or gulaman-like colorful jellies? The former is made by boiling a plant and adding starch, while the latter is generally using agar-derived gelatin, and not pork/beef/meat based ingredients.

No. 434112

I'm not sure about the consistency of grass jelly but it's more chewy than normal gelatin based jellies.

No. 434159

From your personal experience when traveling with friends (not family or your bf/gf, just friends) do you always stay together and do and visit everything together?Or do you just do some things together and you sometimes do things on your own and you just meet up later?

No. 434164

From my experience and my group is that we usually stayed together but those who were with couples did get alone time eventually usually got their own rooms and all

Just depends on how close everyone is

No. 434168

Generally stayed together but if one or two people wanted time for themselves (esp if they wanted to see/do something specific that didnt interest others) then it wasnt weird to split

No. 434183

Idk if there is another thread for this sort of question but I couldn't seem to find anything. I'm looking for cow on snow that I can't remember the name of. I saw the thread a little while ago when it got bumped after about 10 months because the subject had decided to come and defend herself. I don't remember much of the milk except it was wild and she was an adult pretending to be a teenager and would go to high schools to shoot photos for her instagram

No. 434186

ah shit, I remember this girl. She's like filipino or viet right? pretending to be 14?
I'm having a look now for you (and me lmao I forgot about her!!) I'll post here if I find anything. saging this in the meantime, good luck on the hunt. she was good milk

No. 434187

No. 434189

That's her! Thank you!

No. 434190

Hey all, I'm looking for a room to rent for uni this September. Unfortunately it's been pretty rough since I need to travel 1.5 hours one way to actually go and view the houses, and people keep cancelling appts because they've been rented out. I'm going to look at a room today which looks pretty nice from the pictures. Only problem is that its basement. I've heard that basement rooms are bad bc of the risk of mold.. but this house was recently renovated. So do you guys think it being a basement would still be a problem? That's really the only con about it. And also I will only stay there for 8 months. Thanks to anyone who can help!

No. 434205

You'll be fine anon.

No. 434849

how are there for-profit prisons? how is it allowed and why can they be privately owned

No. 434865

Never ever go for basements!!! Radon poisoning. Look it up. Landlords aren’t compelled to do a radon poisoning test so you’ll have to use your expenses to check it out

No. 434866

to anons who have studied in russia, japan or south korea as foreigners, and anons who have studied computer science in college

i'm thinking of studying computer science/programming in one of these countries. what was your experience like there as a foreign student? did you face any hardships regarding the language, culture, education etc.? and to computer science students, how hard is it to get employed in your country?

No. 434873

Someone else might be able to give a better, more detailed answer, but my understand is that the prison system is so overrun here that they have no choice but to accept for-profit prisons. They just need to put these people somewhere.

No. 434885

Why is it more likely that someone who thinks theyre nice and friendly are usually shitty people? Noticing this with every cow/snowflake/artist on here.

No. 434889

Idk about snowflakes and all but I've noticed this with irl people who tend to have this victim complex and want a cookie every time they act like a decent human being. For those people I feel like kindness is just a performance that's why constantly want recognition for it.

No. 434890

Probably related to the Dunning–Kruger effect

No. 434926

I studied in Japan twice (though I was a Polysci major), one semester in Nagasaki and one semester in Tokyo.

Both were easy as fuck. My university in Nagasaki wasn't anything special (small uni), but being in a homestay, having a really hands-on international student department to support us, and being in basically bumfuck, nowhere Japan where almost no one speaks English really helped my Japanese. Not like N5 to N1 level, but I did improve quite a bit (nowhere near fluent, but enough to communicate basic things and hold a semi decent dinner conversation with my host mum). Culture wasn't that difficult to adjust to, then again I grew up a giant fucking weeb so I sort of knew what to expect. My host mum was very, very forgiving with me and my school offered courses on Japanese culture.

In Tokyo, I was at one of the top universities. I don't say this to toot my own horn, but just to say that despite it being a top university, I wasn't really challenged in any of my classes. Then again, I wasn't allowed to enroll in Japanese courses because I didn't apply to it originally (they required a study statement in Japanese and again, my Japanese isn't that good). I'm sure the Japanese courses would've been a lot more enlightening, all the English courses are geared for Japanese students so it's super basic English and the professors expect the absolute bare minimum so getting S in all my classes was basically a given. I did get to take some interesting classes not offered here in the states, and gave up my second semester of Japanese language to take a class with one of my favorite professors (was definitely worth it for my own personal enjoyment).

I've left out so, so many things and your experience (whether in Japan or Russia or SK) will be definitely be different. I was going through a lot emotionally during my time in Tokyo so I unfortunately view it as sort of a stain on my life. It was easy to get by with minimal Japanese and I isolated myself a lot because of the things going on in my life so my Japanese arguably got worse than when I lived in Nagasaki.

Also, since I was a polysci student, it was easy to get all the courses I needed to take and have them count at my home university. I would imagine something like computer science might not be offered for international students (especially since most just come to fuck around and take the most basic classes in culture and language), but some schools might!

No. 434930

Some of my friends studied in Japan for one or two years and I couldn't because I was way too poor to go anywhere. They all told me that they also went to top universities in Tokyo because of partnerships with our university and everything was incredibly easy compared to what we studied in our country, classes, tests and assignments. They were all half-assing everything and visiting places and making friends instead and had no problems. I've seen many other people from my country say similar things but we were all studying more like business administration more or less but in several languages.

No. 434941

that makes sense, thanks.

No. 434961

Affording to study in Japan (twice!) was definitely not cheap, but somehow ended up making my overall college expenses cheaper (only paid tuition to my home university, room&board and all that was cheaper in Japan).

It was definitely a no brainer that I'd get into both schools. We have close relationships with them and we get a lot of Japanese students at my universities from them, and it's not like I was failing my courses so they had no reason to reject me (also not that many people applied).

I can't speak for everyone and all schools, but I do feel like the "half-assing everything and visiting places and making friends instead" is pretty much what a study abroad experience is for. You're there to experience the culture, and the classes are really just a side thing. When I lived in Nagasaki they really amped up all the student activities- took us to an onsen, amusement park, some other popular places to really explore and basically absorb Japan into our souls. They told us "you're a student, your main priority is to study" while also knowing you'll really just be off fucking around and figuring out what foreign alcohol tastes the best.

There was a huge difference between the international students who were seriously enrolled in a 4 year course with intention to graduates and international students who were studying abroad. Not to say there aren't those studying abroad who are really trying to get something super academic out of it, but most of us who were on the English track course were mostly there just to be there. Actually thinking back on it, quite a few of my fellow international students in Nagasaki were studying compsci or something similar and knew they were just there for the experience and not for anything beneficial to their major.

That said, they really were impactful life experiences for me and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them, so they're worth it even if you might not get a lot academically out of them! I have a brain full of mostly useless information lol.

No. 434978

thanks for your response, anon. i hope everything is better than what was happening while you were in tokyo. i'd also like to ask if your classmates were mostly japanese or mixed with international students, since you said it was easy to get by with minimal japanese?

No. 434997

I think "half-assing" was a bit exaggerated, but really my friends who went abroad only studied for tests and did their assignments in a reasonable way, while here in our country everyone else had some nightmarish schedules with nightmarish assignments and our teachers and the administrations lowered many students' grades to "reajust" the average marks in order to give our university a specific reputation. So it's really relative to that.

>they really were impactful life experiences for me and I wouldn't be the person I am today without them

All of my friends said pretty much the same thing. Many of them stayed there after graduating and have well-paying jobs, some are dating or married to people they met there, and other are often going back for holidays. ngl I'm jealous of them because I couldn't go anywhere and our university was very demanding but it was absolutely not rewarding. Other friends who went to English speaking countries instead loved studying abroad as well except one guy who spent a semester in NY and was shocked that everything was way too expensive for him, he had to come back just because of it.

No. 435002

Outside of conventional beauty standards, why do women bother shaving their legs/pits/pubic area?
I’m not a radfem at all, but the ONLY way I manipulate my natural hair is keeping my pubes trimmed and plucking my slight unibrow. I have lots of feminist friends but I’m still the only one who’s hairy. Albeit I’m ‘lucky’ because my hair is light and thin so it’s not immediately noticed in person and doesnt show up in pictures. But still. I have a hard time believing women genuinely want to spend so much time/money on being hairless. My legs get too sensitive when I shave, my vulva gets irritated and feels sweaty constantly regardless of various hair removal methods, my pits actually smell worse without hair (I do use deodorant tho lmao). And honestly, my hair has served as a great way to weed out (most) shitty men. I just really don’t understand why women, particularly “woke” ones, still engage in this

No. 435008

I shave my legs, pits, and pubes. I don't shave my arms because I just have some peach fuzz.

The reason for everything else is because my hair is super coarse and scraggly.
If I let it grow out it often gets caught in the material of my clothes.
I feel itchier when I have hair; sometimes a breeze across my legs makes the hairs move in such a way that my mind is tricked into thinking there's an insect crawling on me for a split second. It's unsettling.
When I sweat I hate having hair because I feel like the residual is wetter for longer (similar to how short hair dries quicker than long hair). I feel like a wet beast.
Plus I like the visibility of seeing every little bump, scratch, and bruise without noticing because a bunch of hair is covering my skin.

No. 435009

I don't like the feeling of furry legs and arms or having something "on" me at all times. People do it for lots of different reasons, I'm sure social conditioning also plays a part but I don't think it explains everything.

No. 435010

i have decades' worth of trauma related to waxing and shaving (being forced to since barely hit puberty) so i just flat out decided to stop shaving & waxing at all around 4 years ago and besides the occasional brazilian wax during the summer for comfort reasons, it's made no difference to me. i quite like my body hair, i feel so comfortable with it i often forget i have chewbacca legs. and yes, it weeds out scrotes, which is a big plus.

i don't judge women who wax or shave, it's a personal aesthetic choice and me going all radfem on them is senseless and won't change their minds. i understand my hatred for it comes from a place of trauma and subjectivity, but i do think it's the dumbest double standard and beauty standard to impose on women.

No. 435011

I shave my underarms because I like the way gel deodorant sticks better. I've always had that problem where every deodorant I use sticks to the hair so I just shave.

I feel like there's no similar valid reason to shave my arms/legs, there is visible dark hair, but it's not a lot and it's not uncomfortable. It made me think about it more when the other day my bf was telling me how he was self-conscious about his extremely hairy arms and legs and rarely wears shorts because of it. He's a huge sweetheart and I comforted him about it. But most guys don't even think about how hairy and gross they are, and they show off that shit to everyone. It's pretty stupid how even having a little bit of hair visible on my legs feels like a huge humiliating thing.

Thankfully I never got behind shaving pubic hair, only trimming. If anyone judged me about that I'd show them the door.

No. 435012

>Outside of conventional beauty standards, why do women bother shaving their legs/pits/pubic area?
There is no reason outside of arbitrary standards. Women tell themselves they do it for ~their own reasons~ but that's a cope 'cause they don't want to feel weak.
Their precious pornsick boyfies would leave them if they don't maintain their baby vaginas uwu
Funny how you never hear about men shaving their entire bodies for "comfort".

No. 435013

I guess what I’m having a hard time understanding is the aesthetic decision to remove hair, I’m not sure how you can come to that choice without social conditioning being a huge factor?

I understand the feeling of a breeze making it feel like there’s something on me lmao I guess after years of it, I’ve just gotten used to it. But for whatever reason, having bare legs turns into sensory overload almost when things touch them.

No. 435014

Men SHOULD shave their nasty ass hairy bodies. I might shave because of beauty standards or whatever but in no way do I think men are exempt from those standards. If anything they need it more, our hair is lighter and softer.

No. 435015

>Funny how you never hear about men shaving their entire bodies for "comfort".
Erm, I know it's not mainstream popular for men to discuss shaving anything but their face but I most certainly have known men who shave for comfort. Why's that hard to believe?

No. 435016

nta but because outside of one single gay dude, I have never seen a man with underarms + legs + pubes (+ arms!!) shaved so closely that they look hairless

No. 435018

I dated a guy who trimmed his pit hair because it’d get pulled by his (too tight) shirts lmao. But men generally only shave places for personal reason, as opposed to women shaving being the default.

No. 435019

Even I have really thick, black hair and I stopped shaving a few years ago. I only started shaving my legs because I was scared kids in school would make fun of me, and there's really no point in shaving pubes or other sensitive areas. It just gets itchy and gives painful ingrown hairs. I do trim it though, especially my pubes because it's gross and annoying when discharge dries if the hairs are longer.

Sometimes I get comments from people wondering why I don't shave my legs. My mom laughed at me one time and called me Middle Eastern. It did piss me off because it's none of their business but I still do whatever I want. It's my body and their opinions are worth nothing.

No. 435020

I'm talking about straight men. I had an ex who hated his hairy ass and shaved it. Mostly cause he'd get swamp ass with the hair.
Some straight dudes are mega insecure about hairy backs and get that waxed.
Know some guys who hate their pubes and shave it bald.
Back in my high school and college days I knew male swimmers who shaved their legs for aerodynamic and comfort issues as well.

>shaving being the default
Anon said men never shave for comfort, not that men don't shave as a default.

No. 435021

it's 100% conditioning. men in general don't get grief from sexual partners for not shaving their genitals or 'pits or whatever, you never see men's pictures on social media get flamed by women bc "ewww he doesn't shave gross". it's a double standard, a patriarchal one too.

any woman who tells you that they do it "for themselves" has a right to do so, you can do whatever the heck you want with your body and it's understandable if body hair makes you feel uncomfortable, but we can't deny we've been conditioned for years & years by media and societal standards to think body hair is "gross" on our bodies (but not men's). ask yourself: would you think having hairy legs/vag/pits feels and looks bad if tv, movies, magazines and your social environment hadn't always talked about it that way?

No. 435022

It's a self reinforcing loop that's perpetuated by the media. Everyone shaves because everyone thinks that everyone else is doing it. I don't really get it. I don't feel disgusted or think any less of a woman with facial hair or hairy arms. I'm not convinced men care that much either. Last winter my husband and I agreed to stop shaving our body hair. The result was that I prefer it when he's hairy and he doesn't care about me being hairy. He would stroke my leg hair and tell me how nice and soft it was. I did go back to shaving my arm pits because I didn't like the sensation.

No. 435023

>every aspect of women's behaviour and sense of self-worth is shaped by societal rules, spoken and unspoken, especially those related to appearance.
Women: Yeah, that's correct
>including the one-sided expectation to remove body hair
Women: I've never been affected by any aspect of society in my life, #notallwomen

No. 435025

Body hair is ugly as fuck.

No. 435026

Personally I won't date men with gross long beards and excessively hairy bodies. Bushy pubic hair on men is gross as well. I know many women who don't prefer them either, it's just that we can't exactly go around campaigning about it because we'll step on male fee fees if we do. I wouldn't say hair removal is one-sided, but it's definitely not equally represented.

No. 435027

I shave my legs on VERY rare occasions (like maybe once a year) for fun because I like how the freshly shaven skin feels. Like how pants, bedsheets or the wind feel against it. I enjoy it for a few days, then just forget about them again for a year.
I also try to keep my pubes quite short because I feel like really long pubes trap odor more easily, but I don't use razors so I guess it doesn't count as shaving.

No. 435028

I prefer hairy men, as long as they have proper hygiene. The crazy thing is, I’d still date someone if they shaved their whole body. But men I’ve dated who didn’t like body hair were flat out cruel about my choice to keep mine. Not touching me whatsoever, shaming me for being gross, talking shit to their friends behind my back. And not one of these men even trimmed their pubes.

No. 435038

File: 1563233031643.jpg (50.78 KB, 720x1011, literallyme.jpg)

>"Body hair is ugly", the brave farmer says through tears as she pulls a gory wax strip off of her anus. "I expect men to shave it all, too." Her bearded boyfriend, Nigel, drops his skidmarked-to-hell tighty-whities on her pillow so she'll remember to take them down to the river and scrub them, his furry asscrack a direct challenge to her firmly-held beliefs.

Oh come on. We aren't going to slap the razor out of your hand but it would be nice if you all could acknowledge that it's hard out here for us women who don't care about having hair on places other than our heads. Men literally can't-won't wipe their asses but expect you to look like a teen porn star 24/7.

No. 435044

>it would be nice if you all could acknowledge that it's hard out here for us women who don't care about having hair on places other than our heads

Maybe because OP's question was asking about why women who shave do so, and not about your personal struggles of not shaving and what's abuzz about typical male double standards.

No. 435063

File: 1563235088750.jpg (67.71 KB, 640x640, 1562454981966.jpg)

>Her bearded boyfriend, Nigel, drops his skidmarked-to-hell tighty-whities on her pillow so she'll remember to take them down to the river and scrub them, his furry asscrack a direct challenge to her firmly-held beliefs.
This hits too close to home

No. 435074

Literally everyone here acknowledges it's hard for women who don't shave, where are you seeing these responses? Not here as far as I can tell. Be more secure with your decisions instead of getting upset that not every single one of us chose body hair as our feminist hill to die on.

No. 435077

File: 1563238116400.png (235.49 KB, 452x334, dw1.png)

I'm not insecure with my "decision" (it's not really a decision, it's the adult female body's natural state) but I'm burned out from so many discussions of this issue in feminist spaces where women's knowledge of social pressure and ability to critique it short-circuits at the mere mention of body hair (and the double-standards around it).
Women saying they wax/shave for ~themselves~ is like women who wear makeup saying they do it for ~self-expression~. Like, do it if you want, but we both know you wouldn't if it wasn't expected of you or if it made you uglier in men's eyes.
The only insecure people in these discussions are women who can't handle their choices being examined, and that's libfem shit right there.
>upset that not every single one of us chose body hair as our feminist hill to die on
Yeah, since when do feminists talk about the female body? Also I just feel like sperging about this okay, take me as I am world (a sperg)

No. 435078

Things have definitely gotten a lot better! Tokyo happened during an unfortunate time and the isolation (my own fault really) and being so far away from my support system of friends and family did nothing but worsen the situation. To make things even more worse, no one from my school applied that year so I went in completely alone! I did make both intl and Japanese friends through the seminar my school basically forced me into!

To answer your question, my classes in Nagasaki were 100% American international students. Japanese students weren’t allowed to take the courses offered fo us. Lol, even the Chinese and Korean intl students were in seperate classes from us. We mingled a lot with Japanese students in the common areas though!

In Tokyo my classes were more mixed because my english classes weren’t 100% geared towards international students. Japanese students took them too (which was why is was so easy, they had to simplify the English so taking a law class felt like… if you were to teach constitutional law to grade schoolers) and I unfortunately got babied into speaking English all the time because they wanted to practice with me.

Oh that sucks! I’m a New Yorker and I’m struggling to stay alive here lol.

I met a girl at my Nagasaki university who married her boyfriend she met there and now she works for a cute lil coffee shop! I used to have dreams of moving there after college and working there, but I’ve found just visiting to be good enough. I’m not terribly fond of the work culture (I work for a Japanese company now here in NY and it’s just really not my favorite thing lol, but to each their own!). I’d love to retire in Nagasaki but being on lolcow and reading some of the threads on Venus and Sere and whatnot have made me realize that getting a visa would be a fucking pain if not just near impossible (I’m not taking the sham marriage route thanks!)

No. 435080

Yes, you are sperging and that's why you seem insecure about not shaving. Nobody here is trying the empowered choice libfem bullshit, saying they like having smooth skin or shaven men doesn't mean they are denying the social expectation for women to be hairless. You're getting mad at 'I like how it feels' as an explanation because being a slave to the patriarchy is the only reason you're willing to accept, apparently.

Maybe consider that some feminists prioritize other things. I've chosen the single, celibate and childless life so what am I to think of women who dont shave complaining about their bfs and fuckbuddies not liking it? I shave my vag but nobody sees it, is that worse than not shaving and still giving ungrateful, undeserving men pussy and letting them hurt her feelings? People do what they are comfortable with, for some that will include shaving.

No. 435083

I shave mostly because of sensory reasons, sometimes I get so uncomfortable if I feel something on my skin at times it feels unbearable until I fix it. Maybe it started from societal pressure, but I can’t stop now.

Weirdly my partner shaves way more than I do though, he doesn’t care if I do or not but he wouldn’t be able to handle not shaving himself I think.

No. 435085

>I've chosen the single, celibate and childless life
Same, partially because I don't feel like having every aspect of my person scrutinized by men. You know, men, those people who, due to porn and severe entitlement, think they are owed bald pussies.
>People do what they are comfortable with, for some that will include shaving.
All I'm saying is that 'what you're comfortable with' isn't a completely organic concept that you are born with. That's all.

No. 435088

Are there any based countries to move to?

I want to live in a country with decent health care, affordable college, and a place where women are respected as equals and the men aren't entitled and scummy to date. I know this is wishful thinking, but after being around some different states and observing their culture, I actually don't hate California as much, even though it's awful here too. I'm just so fucking fed up of American culture, and I'm "patriotic" and (used to be) very conservative/libertarian leaning. Why can't I have guns, healthcare, LGBT rights, AND keep illegals and religious nutjobs on the other side of the wall? I can't fucking take this anymore. I just want to start a nice family, without worrying about their education or dealing with liberal males that dump everything on you, or right/christian males who are entitled and mean as fuck. I love women too, but I'm only surrounded by "intersectional feminist" type. Please help. PLEASEEEEEE.

No. 435094

It’s also possible to feel insecure in your decision to not shave because of societal expectations? It’s a bold decision to start with, but the confidence to be unapologetic about it may not come easily. Especially since it’s not past strangers to comment on a woman’s body unprovoked.

No. 435101

Since we’re sperging about shaving and body hair, do any anons here have tips on trimming pubic hair? I hate shaving that area because of ingrown hairs and it grows back so fast. I remember a farmer once recommended electric trimmers but I’m kinda scared of using one near my labia. I just want neatly trimmed hair, idc about being bald anymore it’s too much of a hassle.

No. 435107

File: 1563245651145.jpeg (12.27 KB, 488x488, facial trimmer.jpeg)

I use these bad boys, esp for that pesky hair that seems to grow almost inside the inner rim of the labia. It'll get you a pretty close trim without the ingrowns, and I've never had the trimmer knick me despite straight up attacking my labia with it.

No. 435108

File: 1563245796697.jpg (148.39 KB, 1079x1027, Screenshot_20190715-215550_Chr…)

I use the clio. It's a great electric trimmer for the price. Just be careful around your labia.

No. 435110

Should add that the reason I love it is because I haven't knicked myself with it, but just telling you to be careful since you're inexperienced with them.

No. 435120

>Maybe consider that some feminists prioritize other things.
People aren't prioritizing body hair in feminism just by simply having a conversation about it. Feminism critiques almost everything under the sun related to female socialization, yet without fail some people will take it personally when the thing they do/like gets put on the chopping block. You're allowed to do what you want but don't get pissy about normal criticism and deny that most women's choice to shave is in some part informed by social expectations.

No. 435121

File: 1563248717791.jpg (13.76 KB, 330x550, 81kbD8Q5E L._SY550_.jpg)

I use one of these bad boys, has lasted me for years for like $15 @ the grocery store. Super close shave but no ingrown hairs and I can do it dry with a handheld mirror once a week before I hop in the shower.
Dunno everyone's body hair is different but my hair is stubborn like a man's beard so this gets the job done without being too dull and literally ripping hair from my flesh.

No. 435123

literally everything is informed by social expectation, anon, but this thread isn't a platform for enforcing that discussion. go to a thread that is.

No. 435126

Throwing a tantrum because other women shave isn't 'having a conversation'. I would completely understand and empathize if anons were responding like dumb libfems but they aren't, they're just saying they shave for whatever personal reasons and several specifically conceded social pressures as a cause.

This isn't the radfem thread to begin with.

No. 435129

Opinions that challenge your pov is not "throwing a tantrum." A lot of posts are acerbic but that is the general tone of this board and to be expected. This exactly what I meant when I said people can't take normal criticism that pertains to the things they do.

No. 435132

But nobody has had their opinions challenged, jfc. You think we're defending shaving as purely our own choice, but nobody is doing that. We ALL know we don't shave or wear makeup in a vaccuum, but some of us do it anyway. The fact that we shave despite understanding that doesn't warrant responses like >>435038, which I do consider a tantrum because it reeks of bitterness.

Again, I am not and have never once argued that hair removal is chosen without the influence of social pressure. Nobody here is arguing that but you keep responding like we are, in a way that might be appropriate for choice feminists on tumblr, but not us.

No. 435140

Am I a bad partner if I'm repulsed by my bf liking pictures of anime girls on twitter? They're not all sexual, some of them are, but it's still weird to me liking images of basically what look to be little girls. I'm seriously turned off by men who like moe anime and anime girls in general. There's a lot of lain and evangelion in there too which I know anons here have previously said were red flags when men are obsessed with these. I've broken up with boys who were into anime before my current bf. There's something really gross about it to me like somethings not right in their head.

He also told me he doesn't like anime but only likes it for the art style. So basically…he still likes anime. Why lie? Am I being too harsh?

No. 435170

>He also told me he doesn't like anime but only likes it for the art style.
that's actually soooooo much worse. i hope you guys are 18. if he likes anime girls so much, let him be with them and find someone that isn't spending hours pining over drawings of little girls with h cup breasts. just my opinion.

No. 435171

you're not a bad partner. imagine how livid men would be if women commonly spent their free time collecting pictures of sexualized little anime boys. Any man who is heavily into anime is a man to avoid in my experience.

No. 435172

File: 1563263710320.jpg (Spoiler Image, 135.25 KB, 507x483, Nail-Ridges-Big-Toe.jpg)

Spoiler because the picture is kind of disgusting.
Does anyone know what could cause white lines and peeling on the toenails? I tried anti fungal treatment but it didn't do much.

My feet aren't exactly exposed to water, but could it be due to being in shoes all day?

No. 435176

That happened to me too. Anti fungal worked for me, but I also stopped using tight shoes and thick socks, took a long fucking time but they grew normal after taking care of it. But nails like that may be a sign of something wrong in your body too, you should go to a doctor and do a blood test just in case.

No. 435221

Guess the socks will have to go, thanks!

No. 435234

denmark or norway has good healtcare, college etc basically pure socialism, but we are too lax on immigration laws, but it's slowly changing due to both countries having more rightwing parties in power. intersectional feminism is pretty big in larger cities but in small cities people are "normal" and men usually will contribute a fair bit to the household and not expect the wife to do 100%, but women still have to do most of homemaking and childcare. i dont think a country exists where men contribute totally equally.

No. 435239

Should I break up with him? It's an ldr anyway so it's hard to trust him. I accidentally displayed my repulsion before about the anime shit and he responded that anime is just for titties and fapping and that it doesn't mean anything which was pretty cringey.

No. 435245

loool, what a charmer. yeah, he sounds gross. i would say leave.

No. 435335

That was such a flippant response. He doesn't actually care what you think or how you feel.

No. 435354

He's pretty dismissive during semi-serious conversation (one word responses) and I hadn't told him about anything too personal or serious about me yet because it's only been 5 months yet I'm always there for his meltdowns because of his anxiety and body dysmorphia. I think I'm going to end it. He's not my type anyway or what I need from a partner.

Also excuse me, I know this isn't the relationship thread lol.

No. 435366

File: 1563300096281.jpg (20.94 KB, 601x601, Dy0MS6iX0AUdsK4.jpg)

good on you anon, you better end it. i stayed in that stuff and it really numbed me mentally. guys like that see the anime girls as holes, and it transfers to their views of actual women

No. 435485

File: 1563314956656.png (70.09 KB, 1174x252, mb.png)

I checked out Magdalen Bern's Twitter, and saw this pinned.
I know next to nothing about brain cancer or therapy for it. Does this mean she has a chance of it not killing her? Is she getting better? I only just got into her videos, and I feel pretty down about the whole cancer thing.

No. 435487

No. 435488

Whoops. My browser glitched out.
I was gonna post about on male pattern baldness. Yeah, it’s shallow of me to ask this but… how do you know when your partner is balding or will be bald at 40? I just don’t want to be with a bald man as we grow older. They gross me out.

No. 435492

how his dad/granpas ages is a good indicator of how he'll age. same with us. if your mom/grandmas aged well, you will probably age well too.

No. 435497

> I just don’t want to be with a bald man as we grow older.
Whats the plan if he does? Getting a new full hair head bf when the time comes or getting him hair implants?

No. 435501

related, but not answering a question: I wish the older prince brit who cheated on his wife would get a hair transplant done. It's not like he can't afford it, and I feel like he wouldn't be such an insecure bitch about his brother if he did.

No. 435503

Doesn’t she have glioblastoma? It’s a really aggressive form of brain cancer, people who are diagnosed with it typically don’t live longer than a year. I don’t know much about Magdalen but I’ve seen a few of her videos and she seems like a great person. I think her tweet is about remission, which means the cancer has stopped growing for the time being so she can pause her radiotherapy.

If you want to know more about this type of cancer:

No. 435541

Anyone have experience working at Apple? I'm in school and I got accepted to work there as a "Specialist".

No. 435544

Are Fabletics leggings actually good? I've seen them get shilled by influencers a lot and I'm kinda tempted by the 2 for $24 deal but I'm afraid they're gonna be total shit. Are they at least worth the 12 bucks a pair or should I not bother?

No. 435570

They're a scam. They're like one step above an MLM scheme.

No. 435575

Eh I guess I can't say I'm surprised. Thanks anon, I'll save my money then, I don't really even need new leggings that much anyway.

No. 435591

old navy leggings on clearance are great for that price range and great quality, just make sure to get the compression kind and not the yoga kind.

No. 435610

File: 1563336370334.jpg (50.07 KB, 500x723, 61a5c5e5b152a20d07a053ad106505…)

German anons! I started listening to Nina Hagen very recently, and I want to ask some stupid questions about her
Is she well-known in Germany? Like, does the average person know about her? Do people there like her? Does anybody know what she's up to these days? Any extra info or personal opinions about her are welcome.

No. 435612

She's very well known but maybe less for her music. I don't think she's particularly well-liked but she gets attention for her outrageousness, very shrill and histrionic. She's on talkshows every now and then. Her daughter Cosma Shiva is a semi well known actress

No. 435615

Samefag to say that she is definitely regarded as part of Germany's post-war cultural heritage, due to having a career in both east and west Germany and being the biggest female name in German punk and that's why she still gets exposure. But I guess the average person knows her as a cooky loudmouthed colorful grandma that's on TV sometimes being contrarian.

No. 435619

Thanks for the info, anon! Every detail about her is very interesting to me.
Happy to hear she's still around on tv and stuff, even if it's not that often.
Also for some reason I assumed her daughter was like 25 years old, lmao.
Sorry to bother, but do you know why people seem to not like her very much? Is it because of her loud personality? Or did she do something shitty at some point? I really want to like her, but I'm worried she is or has been involved in some ugly stuff or something like that. You know how celebrities can be. I don't want to get my hopes up just in case, haha.

No. 435862

I don't recall her doing anything shitty in particular, she's just kinda cowish in her need to be the center of attention. She's very entertaining to watch but I can imagine would be pretty insufferable to deal with in real life (if it is not all just an act).
Vid related her in a typical talkshow appearance with bonus young Angela Merkel

No. 435864

You know when other anons share a google drive video? Are they able to see my email address when I view the video?

No. 435941

Should I be mad at my bf for looking at mature porn actresses that look nothing like me?

No. 435943

Yes. You should be upset he is looking at porn in general, regardless if they look like you or not.

No. 435944

How to not blow your brains out while in an LDR?

No. 436006

Always have plans to meet up regularly and have a solid endgame in regards to when you will finally live together. It's not going to work out if you don't do these things.

t. anon who was in LDR with someone over ten thousand miles away, finally moved in together last year.

No. 436055

why are roasted brussels sprouts so good

No. 436063

LMAO at the man next to her trying to calm her down.
Yeah, I imagine dealing with her irl must be annoying, but I enjoy seeing her passion and conviction in whatever she's talking about. At least she takes advantage of that powerful voice of hers lol.
Slight blogpost, but I guess I kinda look up to her a little because I'm the complete opposite of that. If I were in that interview I would probably cry for being yelled at.
Again, thanks for taking your time to answer, anon.
Danke schön!

No. 436072

Anyone here in the adoptables scene?
Do you think it has enough of a market to make a dedicate web marketplace for them or is it a dumb idea?

No. 436112

If i cut my hair completely will my scalp stop being greasy and itchy? I've been going crazy trying to control this but it only gets worse.

No. 436138

Could it be seborrheic dermatitis, anon? If that’s the case cutting your hair will probably help, because your scalp will be easier to treat topically this way. See if you can get tacrolimus ointment prescribed. I used to have seborrheic dermatitis flare ups on my face and it made them go away permanently when I thought nothing would help.

No. 436323

Going to add to second anon's idea that it might be seborrheic dermatitis. I have a system that I use and now I don't have to wash my hair every 4-5 days and my scalp is still healthy. I used to have to wash daily because of my skin problems. First, I soak my scalp with apple cider vinegar for a couple of minutes after I get my hair wet in the shower. I dilute a small amount in two cups of water and let it sit. Then I use a shampoo called Nioxin which is good for hair growth, but what I like the most is that it helps with oil production and flakes. Then I condition as normal. Another thing that made a huge difference was changing my shower head to one that filters the water. It made the itch, dandruff, and excess oil production almost cease. The shampoo I'm using does dry out your hair a little bit, so if you use it make sure to put something in the lower section of your hair for conditioning, some kind of serum or leave in conditioner. Good luck. Oh, cutting your hair will help a little as it will help with tension on your scalp.

No. 436434

File: 1563503019077.jpg (49.98 KB, 540x640, Thrasher-Flame-Logo-Black-T-Sh…)

Why is this brand so popular?

No. 436435

probably just because of the brand aesthetic. it was a pretty decent magazine back in the 80s and 90s and thats sort of the look popular right now

No. 436439

I thought Thrasher was like a meme now?

No. 436452

File: 1563504905574.gif (761.36 KB, 510x385, giphy (5).gif)

Can someone explain water fasting to me? Be patient, I'm retarded.

No. 436453

lmao anon, it's when you eat nothing and only drink water for several days.

No. 436455

Is there a benefit to it other than hungry stummy noises? I want to lose a few pounds before a wedding but I don't feel like shitting hella on laxatives.

No. 436461

how do I "spoiler" text? do I just go [ spoiler ] text [/ spoiler ] or is there another way to do it?

No. 436463

theoretically if you drink enough water you shouldn't even get those noises anon. But it's stupid and uncomfortable either way. How quickly do you have to lose these pounds?

No. 436464

Two weeks, but I just want a little more wiggle room in the dress I got three months ago lol

No. 436468

really stupid question but if I ate three bottles of sleeping pills in one sitting would I die or go into a coma?

No. 436471

anon please go to the hospital

No. 436497

I have a huge problem with finishing books and video games. I start a lot of things but drop them in the beginning or the middle. I also tend to multitask a lot.
Do you guys think I might be in a genuine need of Adderall or is this type of behavior normal in our times?

No. 436505

There's google for that. Go attention fagging elsewhere.

No. 436517

I think it's becoming the norm. It seems more like a learned behavior. Our generation was raised on the focus of multitasking to the point where focusing on one thing eventually bores us and we get anxious when we try our hardest to keep doing something. Also the fact the internet is so readily available and everyone is always updating.
Do you eventually go back to playing the game or book?
I would suggest possibly taking a break from internet connected devices more often, it's helped me bring back my focus.

No. 436521

I would love to get back, but the problem is that there are so many books that I want to read that if one doesn't get me insanely intrested, I kind of forget it… Sometimes I want to get back, but end up getting side tracked. IDK what to do. There are so many things I want to read and I don't have enough time. I feel crazy

No. 436543

depending on the sleeping pills, you might just throw up a little and sleep for 5 days in a row.
I once took 30 x 2mg pills of klonopin and literally nothing happened.

No. 436572

Like >>436517 said, this is something a lot of people are struggling with. I used to read a book every few days when I was a child and now I can't even concentrate long enough to finish a paragraph. When me and my friends get together these days, we don't watch films anymore. We just sit watching videos that are less than a minute long and if one person gets bored, they just skip after a few seconds. It's really fucking sad tbh.

No. 436684

Seconded and I hate this. There's a book sitting on my night stand I want to read but for some reason I can't fucking do it lol. But can read internet threads for hours?
I have a habit of looking at my phone every 2 seconds of whatever I'm doing though unless I'm with someone else.

No. 436731

Can I be as strong as the average male if I roid myself up? Especially if I'm as tall as the average guy (I'm 173cm). Nonbiased answers please.

No. 436734

I did a weight training course in college and the female trainer told me that women only ever gain significant muscle with steroid use since we lack the testosterone. We can get the definition but very few of us will ever bulk and hulk out like males do. Plus a lot of female dieting isn't conducive to muscle growth as women mostly eat to lose bodyfat when muscle growth actually requires intake of carbs, proteins, and fat aka the caloric stuff we usually avoid.

Even in a perfect scenario I don't see you being able to take on a 6ft dude, no. Maybe we could bully short manlet incels though? They're usually the ones talking the most shit anyway lol.

No. 436781

Same here. What helped me was go read in a park (no internet) and in the local library. Felt a little weird at first but nobody cared. The effort of going there makes me feel like I have to get some value out of it, so I usually stay for 45-90 minutes. Do that once or twice a week and reading at home will be easier too after a while. Bonus is that I read next to a pond and can watch the baby ducks growing up there. Definetly would recommend if there is one near you.

No. 436782

Yesterday on my way home I found a debit card on the sidewalk. I picked it up to try and see if I could return it to the owner and prevent it from getting into worse hands but I don't even know what to do with it. Lowkey kinda forgot I had it and just remembered it's still on my desk… Should I try to look up the owner on Facebook using her name? Should I call the bank it's from? Or just cut it up and toss it? I think the card must be pretty new since it expires July 2022 and it hasn't even been signed on the back yet so it's not technically valid, does that make a difference?

No. 436788

I’ve been experiencing this really weird sensation in my dream that I haven’t before. It’s like I feel this intense energy starting around my gut and then waves of it pulse through my body so powerfully that I just have to submit to it. In my last dream, the one I had was so intense that (in my dream, where I was lying in my bed) I moaned during it, buried my face in my pillow, and was gasping for breath by the time it was over. It was uncomfortable because it was so intense that I felt basically paralyzed but also the pressure felt good. My dream had NO sexual themes (I was literally just lying in bed alone in the dream) and I don’t remember feeling anything down there so I have no idea what this was? I guess dreams are weird and usually don’t have explanations but has anyone else experienced anything like this??

No. 436791

Call the number on the card (contact the bank).

No. 436792

Call the bank and let them know! I think that's the best course of action. Better than shifting through a bunch of people with the same name.

No. 436839

Cut it up and toss it. Likely the owner has realized it's missing and has already canceled and ordered a new one. And even if they haven't at least the shredding prevents the card from being misused.

No. 436852

Some time ago someone posted a helpful picture with recommended books for learning how to draw and in what order you should do exercises from them. I remember there was a lot of Loomis on it but also some other books on persepctive. Does anyone have the pic and would be willing to share? I saved it for future reference, but now can't find it anywhere (either on my phone/computer or online).
It seemed like it originated on some 4chan board and I believe was titled 'Learn how to draw in a year'.

No. 436862

File: 1563582338249.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, 1562180894049.png)

No. 436864

Yes, thank you so much!

No. 436865


Mentioning the improve fas and the one year part is setting up a bunch of people for dissapointment.

No. 436898

I thought it was seborrheic dermatitis too but i went to the doctor yesterday and she concluded it was only dandruff and some hormonal problems, also i read this disease also affects the face which didnt happen to me.

No. 436982

What does necessaryspeed4 mean?

No. 436985

File: 1563615006849.png (119.81 KB, 805x663, 1548138408219.png)

>What does necessaryspeed4 mean?

No. 436987

It's a sperg troll from Reddit who gets banned here daily.

No. 436988

How was her screen name discovered? It's been giving me laughs for days seeing all of her banned posts. Very persistent, I would have left if I was outed and banned daily.

No. 436997

very recognizable typing style and the same posts here and r/gendercritical

No. 436998

I can't wrap my head around why mothers will pierce a baby's ears? I'm subbed to a mom on YouTube and she got her 2 month old baby's ears pierced. Anyone shed light on this? I just can't understand it. Even if the baby is "too young to remember".

No. 437000

Projecting vanity on their small human accessory?

No. 437002

I think 2 month may be a bit young but I never got my ears pierced because I fear the pain and I would have liked my parents to pierce my ears. It's not like it's an undoable procedure as well.

No. 437003

Piercing babies' ears is so dumb, the holes will look weird and won't even be symmetrical. And that's the best case scenario, parents don't think about the risks of infections from that until it's already done. I've noticed that the same parents would typically disown or at the very least insult their adult kids if they willingly get piercings anywhere else.

No. 437015

Because daughters are treated more like dolls to accessorise. You see it even in the way they’re dressed, boys will be dressed in clothing that is easy to move around for the baby and typically very weather appropriate, whereas the girls will be dressed in layers upon constricting layers, the clothing material often being unpleasant because of all the glitter/ruffles/sequins/what have you, and then those god damn awful headbands that leave welts on the babies heads (who constantly try to take it off, mind you)

As a mum of two very young kids it’s infuriating going into any toddler/baby space and seeing the daughters treated like something to just display. I’m not at all surprised that the types of parents that put fashion before function for an infant are also the type to dismiss physical and mental trauma caused by body modification on someone who cannot consent or even wrap their head around the idea of their parents hurting them

No. 437017

Seriously? You fear the pain now as an adult but believe it’s something that a baby should go through and get distressed instead?

No. 437028

fuck people like you. as an adult i hate that my retard mom got my ears pierced at age 2. i got tons of infections from them because i was a fucking child playing outside, and i hate bodymods so i never wear earrings at all now.

No. 437030

My hot take is that you shouldn't let your daughter get her ears pierced until she's old enough to take care of and clean herself. I think it's a good early lesson in responsibility

>I fear the pain
bitch it pinches for like 2 seconds you're a wuss

No. 437038

Freedom of speech doesn’t even apply to online platforms because they’re privately owned, I don’t understand the retards that froth at the mouth over it

Freedom of speech < the right to feel safe
Don’t get to go around spouting bullshit with no repercussions if it can mentally harm others or incite violence

No. 437057

>Because daughters are treated more like dolls to accessorise.
This is exactly why I am so relieved that my preggo sister didn’t end up with a girl this time. She has 2 boys with another on the way and acted like a girl would be ideal for her when she is such a damaged narcissist and would have no idea how to properly handle a daughter other than dressing her up like a baby doll and giving her a cute name. I was relieved when she got the gender results because that would’ve just been another generation of damaged, misunderstood women in my family tree.

No. 437059

>she is such a damaged narcissist and would have no idea how to properly handle a daughter
I feel so bad for daughters of narcissists. The treatment is 10x worse than if they were sons.

No. 437065

Yep. 100% agreed. Both of my parents are huge narcs and had 4 daughters between the two of them. Also lots of undiagnosed mental illness in my family because they are those people that try to act like if they ignore it it’s not a real problem.
Boys are definitely easier (as long as they’re not straight up abused). They don’t have all the societal shit to deal with other than hurrdurr get a job and wife.

No. 437106

when you listen to love songs are you experiencing it from the singer POV or who they're singing to?

No. 437112

I always experience those from the POV of the singer or as a third party/observer. But that's because I would find it very uncomfortable to imagine someone singing for me. Just thinking about it gives me the creeps.

No. 437115

singer pov unless someone tells me it's a song that reminds them of me

No. 437238

so have any of you farmers felt weirdly uncomfortable in the presence of random men? Like you're just casually walking around and some men interacts with you and that just put you really on edge, but not in a sexual way just really nervous ou is it just me?

No. 437241

You're not crazy, Anon. Scrots even admit to fantasizing about random women they see on the streets in gross, degrading ways. Sometimes you can just feel the creepiness from the way some men watch you. Their body language makes it obvious.

No. 437242

Yes, I had some stalker customers who would creep me out just by seeing them or saying a few words. Just follow your instincts with these guys. We pick up a lot subconsciously.

No. 437264

Idk if this is a good place to ask but it's a stupid question. What do you do if your 4 year relationship sucks to the point where he barley talks to you but you get to live in a big house where you get lots of space to do all your hobbies and it's cheaper to live with him than move out?

No. 437268

Bide your time while enjoying your hobbies. Meanwhile search for someone with an equally big house who would actually want to talk to you.

No. 437315

Serious question, does acting extremely strange deter creepy men from interacting with you? Like acting like you're possessed or crazy like out of a scary movie. I've always wondered why more women don't pretend to be literally crazy when men are making them uncomfortable. I've never really gotten the chance to try it.

No. 437317

Sounds like a great way to demonstrate how vulnerable and easily taken advantage of you are.

No. 437319

No, men are notoriously attracted to "crazy"/vulnerable women

No. 437328

Just act cold and off-putting. They’ll immediately classify you as a bitch and distance themselves.

No. 437360

Nah that just makes men try harder, which is confusing since they can never shut up about how they hate us and how we're all ugly

No. 437396

Men like women with learning difficulties and MH problems due to
•Being easier to manipulate
•Less likely to be believed

Men hate strong independent women. If you want to try to get rid of them, look physically strong, healthy, purposeful, no revealing clothes or anything they find sexy (visible bust, long loose hair, heels), and ignore and avoid them. Try to have a friend with you/avoid being alone where possible, too.
You're looking to avoid attention, not attract it.

No. 437417

File: 1563719793116.jpg (113.72 KB, 1000x1000, roll.jpg)

do face rollers do anything besides make you look retarded?

No. 437426

Why is Fiji water a thing? Does it taste better than average water? Can you even drink tap water in America?

No. 437438

Did he grow up around more black women?
I have a white friend who's only dated Asian and Hispanic guys, she definitely has a type and even admits she probably wouldn't date a white guy because she's not attracted to lighter skin. She wouldn't date just any Asian or Hispanic guy, they have to have a certain personality too.
Dunno, your boyfriend probably just finds dark skin more attractive. Do you also happen to be black? If anything I bet his exes have a couple similarities to you besides your skin color.

No. 437445

My ex was Hispanic and only dated Asians and only watched Asian porn like he was embarrassed to show me what porn he watched. I was white. I’m fairly certain he had an Asian fetish lol.

>couple similarities
It borders on stereotypes if he “can’t find the similarities” in other races

It could be innocent tho and he just thinks black women are more attractive.

No. 437448

If stereotypical assumptions aren't involved, I never understood the problem people have with racial preference opposed to other physical things (like height, hair colour, or body type preferences). It's good, your partner is attracted to you.

idk I'd be happy if my partner had a thing for women of my race (although it would be surprising since we're so few). As a general rule I only find non-white guys attractive though, so I guess I'm biased on the issue.

No. 437508

I really want to start lifting and getting muscles but I also need to lose a bit of fat.

I estimate it will take me about a month and half to reach my weight goal. Currently, I'm at 60kg weight while being 175cm tall.

Should I wait or do you think it would be alright for me to start training? I was told that it's better to lose all the weight first but since I'm almost there… I don't know.

No. 437512

Start lifting now. Also expect to not actually lose any weight when you gain muscles arrive they weigh more than fat. You'll look better anyway.
What worked for me was training while shifting my diet to more low carb high protein at a caloric intake to maintain weight.

No. 437516

Thanks! I can't wait to step into the gym.

> What worked for me was training while shifting my diet to more low carb high protein at a caloric intake to maintain weight.

Noted that, thank you very much.

Just another question, when you went to the gym did you already have a workout plan? Where did you find workout materials and what made you decide, "yeah this is what I'm going to do."

No. 437567

ntayrt but check out reddit. They have some good workout plans (some are female targeted which you might enjoy!) and are generally quite friendly if you have any questions about them. Check out /r/fitness and /r/xxfitness. Their plan are usually stickied up at the top of the page. Lots of them are tried and tested and you can often find people posting their progress. Just take a look and see what takes your fancy. I started with the strong curves plan but switched to something with more moves like squatting and deadlifting etc. Good luck!

No. 437569

I cobbled stuff together from various sources, IG fitspo, gym friends, body sculpting classes. My gym offered 3 sessions with a personal trainer for new members, so I did that. She put a list of exercises together, but that got boring quickly. So I just started my own routine, trying to alternate the muscle groups on different days.
Your best bet is having a gym rat friend who gets excited about motivating you and helps you out.

No. 437660

if i miss a flight is it possible to reschedule on the same day, usually? i haven't flown in awhile and am going to be soon, and i'm weirdly paranoid about missing my flight. idc about paying for a reschedule fee i just want to know how it usually goes, like if i can still catch another flight back on the same day

No. 437661

Does ur memory realy just turn to shit when u hit a certain age or do old people just not give a fuck? I'm not talking the elderly, but like 40-50 y/os like my mom who calls her phone her email and the Internet "Facebook" and doesn't understand the difference no matter how many times i explain.

No. 437662

Only if the flight isn't booked out and last minute flights are usually more expensive.

No. 437665

Your mom is just acting lazy. Your 50's is way too young to get memory problems, though it can happen if don't stimulate your brain or just refuses to learn new information.

No. 437670

so is the fastest flight out usually next day or what?

No. 437672

Unless she has early onset Alzheimers or dementia, she's just being lazy. My 60 year old dad understands the internet and smart phones just fine.

No. 437691

Am I garbage if I don't know what to buy my boyfriend for his birthday? It's coming up soon but we've only been talking for one year and I feel like his interests aren't material except for of course video games, but if I buy him a video game, isn't it too thoughtless? Sorry, shopping for men is hard. Wtf do they even like

No. 437698

it's really not

go the safe route and get a gift card or yeah, steam game on wishlist

No. 437717

my fiance has a lot of niche interests. so it's easy for me but also hard. a lot of choices.

No. 437749

why are there so many american kids shooting up schools? are most of them columbine imitators?

No. 437750


Some of them sure, like that girl Sol Pais who was planning to do it.

I read somewhere that serial killers are much less than in decades past and also their victim numbers are shorter than beforesince they get caught sooner, due to technology and law enforcement being aware of them so one theory is that a lot of these sociopaths that would likely end up as serial killers in a diferent age now know that if they want to commit heinous acts then they have to make their one big opportunity count so they go all in in one go.

Its probably too wide and complex of a phenomenom to be summarised so simply but is an interesting take.

No. 437751

How much Alprazolam (xanax) would kill you? how is the experience of overdosing on it?

No. 437756

Maybe you hadn't orgasmed in a while so your body released some sexual tension in your sleep?

No. 437764

I heard the ld50 of Xanax is too high to die from it. If you mix it with alcohol or something you will probably die from respiratory depression or something.
Generally overdosing on Xanax (od doesn't have to indicate death) makes me only tired and gives me memory loss.
Idk how young kids party on Xanax, it only calms me down or makes me sleepy… take care though withdrawals are horrible.

No. 437769

I've had orgasms in my sleep but usually I'm dreaming about something sexual. But you can probably have orgasms in your sleep without having sexual dreams.

No. 437773

Same. Does it feel like this pulsating in your clit? I never know if I'm actually awake or not when it happens though, it's weird.

No. 437777


Thanks anon. Though thats a bit of a dissapointment

>Idk how young kids party on Xanax

I don´t know either, i don´t want to get high, just end it and is the only pills i have at my disposal because i was prescribed some time ago. I hate its effects, can´t imagine using it recreationally, they could just smoke weed and have a better time than using Xanax

No. 437780

Cause they too pussy for PURE cocaine and LSD like real nibba boomers

The weed is better than what it used to be though

No. 437784

I’m a virgin and have never orgasmed so I don’t know what an orgasm even feels like so I can’t be sure if this was some sort of orgasm or not?

Did the orgasms you had in your sleep feel the same way I was describing? I also experienced a very similar feeling in another dream where I was hugging my bf, and along with the intense physical surge I felt, I also felt an intense emotional surge, like I was going to cry? It was really odd and not a sexual situation at all.

No. 437822

you're a virgin and have a bf?

must be a great guy to not care

No. 437829

I'd really like an answer to this

No. 437833

kinda veering OT but as a person with a ton of random niche interests if you're ever stuck on choosing what interest to get a gift for i'd go for one of his smaller ones. people always get gifts for my bigger and more obvious hobbies so when people acknowledge something more obscure that i don't talk about as much it really touches my heart since it shows they genuinely listen to me.

No. 437865

Do ASOS US and H&M have free returns?

No. 437867

They can see the name associated with the email but not the full email. If your name is Sarah they will see Sarah as the owner of the video. They can also see the picture you have associated with the email.

No. 437868

I don't think they can, if you're so stressed about it, make a throwaway mail.

No. 437874

File: 1563810588072.png (17.74 KB, 332x485, videogdrive.png)

No. 437891

We haven’t been together for a long time, if that makes more sense. I just need to get fully 100% comfortable with him first.

No. 438036

It's actually extremly difficult to OD on real xanax. Benzos were developped so that you cant easily OD on them.

No. 438083

You aren't a bad person for not knowing what to get. It's hard buying for people who aren't materialistic. You could always take him out for dinner and a movie or something. I'm probably not the best advice giver, though; I bought weed for my bf on his birthday.

Anon I think it would just make you really uncomfortable. Most overdose suicides turn into attempts because they are unreliable. That's why statistically women have more failed suicide rates than men. We choose pills and men use firearms.

I hate to add the obligatory "don't do it" but please don't kys. I hate to lose a fellow farmer, I think the people who post here are great and that includes you. It would be a shame to lose you.

No. 438104

Can you get nipple piercings after youve had breast implants? Ive never had either I'm just curious

No. 438116

How do I get a friend to see that they obviously have an eating disorder and need to get help? We’re talking major weight loss when they were already thin, chronic fatigue and hair falling out.

No. 438152

I'm having HORRIBLE chest pains like stabbing that extended down to my arm, after getting up it's settling in my shoulder while also feeling like it's 'dripping' into my chest again, under my breast around my ribs.

I've also been insanely fatigued since yesterday like, no energy and falling asleep whenever I'm not actively moving. I have Bipolar II and I think I'm in an episode.. Any ideas on what I should other than wait it out??

No. 438158

Short answer, yes after the implants have healed. Long answer, good piercers will have in person consultations so they can determine what’s possible and what will work best for your body and make the healing process as easy as possible. Plus a check up a couple weeks after the piercings are done to make sure everything is still okay!

No. 438172

I'm sorry you feel this low and pretty sure you don't want to hear it, but please don't kill yourself.

I tried 2 times with a mix of pills and alcohol and it just fucked me up for a few days, it's not as quick and easy as some stupid movies/shows make it out to be. Not worth it. Believe me.

It's hard to seek out help, but give it a try. If you're already on medication and it doesn't work, tell your doctor and try another kind of meds. It takes a long time to find the right combination of anti depressants.
Hope you'll get better anon.

No. 438296

How do I make amends with my older sister? We never vitriolically fought or anything but we didn't speak and ignored each other's existence for a few years because of something entirely my fault. We talk at family events but it's always awkward. Her birthday is coming up and I was thinking I'd send her a $100 Amazon gift card or something? After years without sending birthday gifts or birthday wishes maybe she would like it or would it be awkward?

No. 438333

Maybe send a note apologizing for whatever happened in the past (if you know and accept it was your fault) and that tell her you'd like to move past it and make amends. Of course, you shouldn't be upset or surprised if she ends up not wanting to, but I think apologizing would be a good first step in the right direction to at least make family events not awkward. I'm iffy on the giftcard though, it would feel like (if I was in your sister's shoes) that you're just trying to buy her forgiveness. If she responds back positively, maybe take her out to a nice brunch date or something so you two can catch up.

No. 438348

Oh thank god. I do have a throwaway but sometimes I forget myself.

No. 438374

I'm afraid to poop or fart in public bathrooms. Is that normal? I don't even blow my nose in public restrooms because once I had a flu in uni and I went to the restroom to blow my nose and these girls made fun of me for being sick.

No. 438389

I used to have that fear too, anon. I'm not really sure how I got over it tbh, I think maybe from hearing some other women loud and unashamed to be farting and having explosive shits made me realise "Ugh, well at least I'm not like that."

No. 438391

This is basically how I got over my BDD. I just constantly reminded myself there's tons of women bigger than me and they wear whatever they can with little to no shame. Rolls hanging out, a little bit tight of clothes, some cleavage, or just a top that accidentally has some nipple showing through. My little muffin top is nothing, people won't actually care and no one else cares about how these women look either.
Did the same recently for poops and farts. I'm relieving myself and if my shit or fart stinks, oh well, no one will remember me.

No. 438402

Sorry for not helping but this pissed me off.
>these girls made fun of me for being sick
I hate seeing women at uni acting like fucking 14-year-olds, giggling at people for existing and giving those looks. You're an adult who is here to attain a higher education, grow the fuck up.
(I hate men who do childish nonsense too of course, like pushing each other in public areas or being obnoxiously loud.)

No. 438453

I generally avoid shitting in public bathrooms but there's been times I've had too. I hate farting audibly in public anywhere though lol, if it happens in the stall I'm OK with it I just wait for whoever else is in there to leave because I embarrass easily.

No. 438457

When I was younger (probably somewhere between 14-16 years old) my tuberculosis test came back positive. It's latent, and they put me on medication that I had to take daily for about 9 months. Fast forward, I get into my first relationship, it ends badly, I'm a sad, destructive sack of shit and I completely stop taking my medication. I think I had somewhere between 3-5 months worth of pills left to take.

Basically, how fucked am I? The last time I ever got my lungs checked via x-rays was a long, long time ago but nothing showed up. If I ever admitted this to my (new, not pediatrician) doctor, that they would put me back on medication or something again? I don't know what the fuck was going through my teenage brain to stop, but fuck I'm gonna be pissed if my tb becomes active lol.

No. 438656

Go to the doctor holy shit!

I once had a mandatory tuberculosis probe come back positive in my childhood without even any symptoms or changes in lungs and they still put me into quarantine. It's serious fucking business.

No. 438769

I saw that one of the issues with the KyoAni GFM set up by SentaiWorks was going to be dealing with taxes from the government when handing over the money. Now that KyoAni has officially set up a bank account to accept direct donates, could SentaiWorks take the 2mil+ they got from the GFM and just directly wire it to the account with slightly less of a tax hassle? Not sure how international taxes would work but no doubt they'll come into play since 2mil is a hefty chunk of money.

No. 438773

I like our tap water but the next city over has awful tap water. And it all has flouride in it so some people just hate that. Using a water filter is very common for tap water at home, but most people are just lazy and wasteful and buy the pretty plastic bottled water whenever they want it, especially school age kids or college kids who never learned to put thought into what theyre doing.

Even some bottled waters taste gross and metal-y (Arrowhead and Aquafina suck) so I assume Fiji tastes nice in comparison, or SmartWater.

No. 438806

How do goths dress to funerals? Do they tone it down and look more "normal"?

No. 438823

How do I get this telemarketer to stop calling? He keeps asking for an employee and I don't easily transfer calls since 99% of the time it's just telemarketers, so I usually try to get them to admit they're looking to sell or to leave a message and the person they'll looking for will contact them back then they can, but this guy just keeps saying "I'll call back" and whenever I try to get anything out of him.

No. 438828

Most bottled water is just bottled tap water anyway. Nestle bottles theirs in southern California (while the rest of the state suffers from droughts) and even near Flint, MI (yes that Flint). Amongst other places.

No. 438829

Forgot my video

No. 438831

is it a bad idea to visit male host clubs in japan as a young woman that isn't super rich?

No. 438834


Since you're not rich, I assume you'll just end up with one or two very overpriced drinks with little to no host interaction because they only go for the girls with money. Why are you looking to go?

No. 438840

i want to hook up with a hot guy but i have terrible social skills

No. 438843

Try tinder? I found a cute guy through it when I was in Japan who looked a bit like a host. It's annoying to go through a fuck ton of mediocre lookin dudes but it'll save you money in the long run and afaik (from those dumb host documentaries) hosts won't give into sex easily because they know that's what the girls are after and they won't come back and spend more money.

No. 438850

i see. is it hard to find someone that speaks/understands english to some degree?

No. 438854

Nah, not really. My Japanese is shit so my profile was entirely in English but it honestly didn't take me too long to find some decent looking guy who spoke English. A friend of mine wrote that she was looking for sex in hers and had like 3 hookups in the span of a day while I was out.

No. 439007

>A friend of mine wrote that she was looking for sex in hers and had like 3 hookups in the span of a day while I was out.

This is nauseatingly repulsive.

No. 439010

do you say the same thing about male weebs who go to japan and fuck multiple hookers within days?

No. 439019

NTA but where do you think you are? /ot/ has constant discussion about how gross men, weebs, sex tourism and prostitution are. On what fucking planet is it likely anon would NOT say the same about a man doing something far worse than casual hookups?

No. 439022

i assumed they were a scrot. sorry if you aren't one, op.

No. 439027

Yes? that's also repugnant?

How does this change the fact your friend sounds like a nasty desperate weeb?

No. 439037


Ye olde whataboutism

No. 439054

Yeah, it is/was. We were on spring break and in an airbnb and during one night she went out and fucked a guy in his car while I was asleep, then two more guys (seperately) when I took a trip out alone. She was talking to a lot of other guys too. For better or for worse we’re no longer friends lol.

I don’t think I’m above her for only sleeping with one guy, she just had better and easier pickings because her Japanese is a lot better than mine.

No. 439447

I want to get banned from this site permanently but idk who i need to contact or where to go, is there a specific thread for this?

No. 439534

File: 1564112707477.jpeg (50.12 KB, 480x542, 28FC1710-9863-467E-9891-88D97B…)

I feel like I already know the answer to this question, but is it weird for a woman to go to the park and ride the swings? I like going to the park at night to ride on the swings with my headphones on while listening to some music, I find it really therapeutic (esp if I’m alone) but I probably look like a creep right? If any children showed up and wanted to ride I’d immediately get off for them.

No. 439536

Those swings are public and are there for you to enjoy too, anon. Unless there's a specific ordinance banning adults without children, fuck the mombies and their free range children.

No. 439541

nah I'm with you there me and my friends have played in the park late at night before

some parks have after hours security come and whine at you if you stay there too long though, mostly cuz in my area you've got a lot of hooligans who go there to smoke weed

No. 439546

Try looking in meta or under rules

No. 439563

Do men ever grow out of the phase where they expect every date/hangout day to result in sex? Even a boyfriend I've been with for years?

Feels like all the cutesy fun stuff we do all day is just him going thru the motions until he can get sex.

No. 439574

Is there a way to mute videos the same way you can mute specific words on twitter?

No. 439578

i did this like 2 days ago and it was great! have been meaning to for a while but just like you i was scared someone might come by and judge me for being a woman child or a public disturbance but I'm glad I pushed through that as it was so comfy. so I'd say that it could be taken as bit weird but it's public/council property and, as long as you're not kicking children out, you have all your rights to be there and use the swings to your heart's content. tilting your head back to see the stars while on them is so nice, I legit forgot haha

No. 439579

How come you're unable to "save images" on mobile when you directly go to Google images and open a picture?

Works perfectly on chrome beta when you click on an image from the scroll-through in the "All" tab?

No. 439583

File: 1564125933879.jpeg (70.62 KB, 700x500, 400FD27F-B793-4C50-8312-C06FCB…)

Thanks anons! I ended up going tonight and it was pretty nice until some other people started showing up at the park and I left bc I’m a sperg. There’s something so nice about jamming out to music and feeling the breeze against you when you’re swinging.

No. 439593

You're just dating an asshole. Current guy I must have had 10 dates before any sex and we regularly have dates where nothing sexual happens. He's not even unique in regard to this specific trait. I dated other guys where we could enjoy non sexual dates.

I think you've got yourself a lemon and aren't aware of it.

No. 439620

Is it normal for a 7 year old not to know how to read or tell the concept of time? I recently got to spend time with my 7 year old cousin and was a bit appalled to learn he can't read yet, he just turned 7. I asked him what day of the week it was and he gave me a dumbfounded look, "What's a 'week'?" he asked. I thought he was trolling me, but after some digging he was 100% legit. He doesn't know the days of the week, had no concept of months or years, and no concept of the changing seasons either. We also discussed the topic of travelling (I asked him had he ever travelled anywhere to get some convo out of him) and he was confused with the concept that planes don't only fly internationally and that borders exist (he thought the country ended wherever airports are).

He's also abysmally, incredibly bored and uninterested with anything that isn't Fortnite. All he does all day when he gets home from school or activities is play Fortnite. I tutored him for a bit as a family favor and he wouldn't even say "hi" to me when I got to his house. And he doesn't even look me in the eye, or even my general direction, if he speaks a word to me.

Is this normal? Are all kids his age like this now? I'm a bit behind with the times, maybe kids are typically like this at his age & I'm being judgy.

No. 439623

Push and hold works on iPhones. Don’t know about other devices.

No. 439625

dude, what's wrong with your uncle and aunt? no, that is not at all normal. how does your cousin not know these things? he should at least know what a 'week' is and the days of the week, holy shit.

No. 439632

That is really, really weird. 7 years of age is when some kids who weren't taught get to learn how to read and write in my country, but most of them know both alphabets by then anyway.

No. 439633

Yeah, he should've learned how to read already in first grade. However, I know a recently 7 year old as well and he doesn't know how to read either. It's not that he's preoccupied with games, though. He's babied extensively by his mom because he's the youngest of 3 kids. She even still dresses him for school apparently.

No. 439639

I thought i was the only one who loved going on the swings while listening to music lol. Not at night though, there were too many crazies there.

No. 439666

he didn't know the alphabet when i first tutored him. he still can't really read, nor does he care to. when i try to get him interested in anything remotely intellectual or literary he just gives me a bored, zombified look and asks when our session will be over.

No. 439723

File: 1564156365587.jpg (490.37 KB, 1638x2048, D8FHIfQU0AEd_Vq.jpg)

I ordered this cute lemon beret and just got the e-mail notification that it got delivered today!!

How would you anons suggest coordinating it? I'm not usually a hat person, the most I usually do is a wide brimmed sunhat with dresses/long skirts for a "day out at the beach" look. Do you think it would be weird to wear this in the summer time (since it's wool)?

No. 439727


yo I think I follow this seller on twitter, it's so cute! I think you can wear it with summery things too, wear what makes you feel the cutest- maybe with pastels and other hints of yellow!

No. 439733

Can I do anything to help my bf with premature ejaculation? Should I be worried for medical reasons? We've been going out for a year now and this became a problem like a few months ago.
I don't really mind sex-wise since I prefer his hands but it seems to bother him.

No. 439734

I've had several jobs with kids. This isn't normal, anon. Seven is when kids are supposed to start reading short chapter books like Henry and Mudge.

I don't think Fortnite is the cause of the problem, though. This sounds like a combination of neglect and shitty schooling. Although I have to wonder how someone who can't read nagivates game menus and such.

No. 439779

kid memorized a few words and can recognize them, which is the closest thing that comes to reading. he won't read sentences in a book or virtually anything else, not even labels on stuff.

i figured it isn't normal, as other anons have pointed out. ill see if i can talk about it w/my relatives, nobody seems too preoccupied with his education though.

No. 439794

Thanks anon! It's from clammyheart on twitter in case you don't already follow her, her stuff is so cute I want to buy more of it!

I have a cute off the shoulder liz lisa shirt, maybe I'll try to find a long yellow skirt to pair it with!

No. 439835

File: 1564172195557.jpg (62.06 KB, 610x343, harvestmoon610060713.jpg)

Is the board mascot based off this particular Harvest Moon farmer or a different one? I noticed similarities and know the cow from HM is used on the site, but wasn't sure, it seemed likely but kind of a dumb question to ask.

No. 439843

For some reason I always thought she was heavily inspired by the Wendy's girl?

No. 439844

Do you think that fasting is a solid way to slow aging? And by fasting, I actually mean not eating for several days per week, not just intermittent fasting that lasts 12hrs or so.

No. 439845

Sorry for the very late reply, but thank you for the tips. Finally got myself a gym membership and now I'm working through my plan with a personal trainer.
Those subreddits are a goldmine. Thank you again!

No. 439889

No, I don't think denying your body nutrition will help your cells to stay nutritioned.

No. 439894

It's just oc that an anon made. Ask the artist. Oh wait you cant because you're a newfag who's 5 years late.

No. 439899

That's really concerning. Yeah, 7 year olds are supposed to know how to read, and read small chaptered books by now.
Does your cousin even go to school? Because even a shitty school would have taught him the days of the week by the time he's 5 and they're supposed to do things like teach you to read a clock. Could he possibly have undetected learning difficulties?

I worked with a class of 5 year olds for a while at an ordinary school and the teachers always mentioned milestones and development, not just as abstract things but as goals their job made them write sheets and tick boxes for (which made me realise there's more to being a teacher to that age group than "colouring in and macaroni art"). If a kid seemed to be lagging behind outside of the norm they'd have look into it as part of what they're hired for. Correct me if I'm wrong but American schools can't be that much different from UK ones. And of course if his parents are the problem and they don't care, he's kind of fucked. I hope they're okay with you stepping in if they're not willing to do it themselves and don't see it as "interfering with MY kid!"

This is more subjective but just because it's (current year) and kids act like this "normally" doesn't mean it's good or healthy, manners are important and necessary in certain settings/getting along with people and doing nothing but playing video games is all sorts of bad for your health (and this is coming from someone who easily loses 8+ hours of a free day to Dark Souls if I don't keep a vicegrip on things).

No. 439910

>Oh wait you cant because you're a newfag who's 5 years late.
Pffft did anon’s ask really make you this mad? It’s the stupid questions thread for a reason.

No. 439925

Is it possible to be so afraid/paranoid that you actually just start imagining symptoms of something? My lip has a random dark spot, and I've only just realised today, I'm afraid that it's a cold sore. I read the symptoms, and I have none of those, but as soon as I read them, I started feeling that burning/tingling feel.

No. 439954

NAYRT (I'm >>439734), but one of my jobs with kids was in a U.S. public school. All the things you touched on are pretty much the same here. What anon described about her cousin is concerning regardless of where she lives.

I'm actually beginning to wonder if the problem isn't just his school. He might also have an unidentified learning disability.

No. 439964

>>439925 this will not calm you but stress can trigger a cold sore (herp basically) and people can have the virus forever in their system without any outbreaks. just drink a lot of water, get some cream of one of those plasters (i prefer plasters) and take some painkillers if it truly is an outbreak. shit sucks, had it since i was a fucking toddler bc kids are disgusting.

No. 439985

I believe this is the definition of psychosomatic 'pain', anon. Get some sleep. If you've never had a coldsore outbreak before and don't know for sure that you carry the virus, don't worry about it

No. 440016

Am that anon, I did think US education was more or less the same, minus the different names for things it’s both Western 1st world countries with overlapping culture. Education can’t be that different but I know a lot of teeaboos and patriots who keep harping on about imaignary differences depending on which country they’re jerking off.

This kid actually sounds like a guy I met at another place who I spent some time tutoring. He was illiterate, but he could read basic words and memorised menus to play his games and buy PC parts from Amazon. Totally normal intelligence as far as I knew, he told me about ThatPoppy while we were chatting and paranormal YouTubers. He liked maths better but hit a wall when the questions were worded. Trying to take him through English was impossible because he’d just stare blankly and disengage so hard I’d see his brain escape orbit. Sometimes I thought maybe he could read better than he let on and acted some of it so get away with not doing the work but it was impossible to tell.
It was kind of frustrating because I could see potential in him, like building a gaming rig despite his illiteracy, but when he doesn’t want to read you might as well give up unless there’s a gun to put to his head.

I remembered something more relevant to anon though, he said he was told he had dyslexia and ADHD. Personally I think the dyslexia thing isn’t true, jst that he seriously paid no attention to reading for so long that he became functionally illiterate the older he got, just like how he couldn’t coast along lower grade maths questions forever because they’ll inevitably involve word problems.

Anon’s weird interactions with the cousin makes me suspect autistic tendencies but now I’m just armchairing.

No. 440021


That guy sounds like a distopian vision of the perfect consumer, only literate enough to buy shit from amazon lol.

No. 440220

File: 1564241148202.jpg (88.61 KB, 800x568, rot.jpg)

i want to dye my hair red and my natural color is really dark. i want my hair to be like jaclyn glenn but a little darker. should i bleach my hair first? if i don't bleach it would it end up like pic related?

No. 440221

Yes you’ll absolutely have to bleach the shit out of your hair. Even pic related needs bleaching.

No. 440228

Is something wrong with my browser or did something happen to quick reply?

No. 440234

File: 1564244469981.jpg (237.9 KB, 744x1036, 4-dark-burgundy-and-violet-hai…)

Vibrant colors mean bleaching, unless someone is born with super blond hair. If you apply red over dark brown hair, there will only be a reddish tint under bright sunlight. Kinda like pic related, and it fades a bit faster since your hair won't absorb as much color as processed hair.

No. 440243

I keep seeing awareness tweets like "Europeans have no AC, this is serious, they'll die!"
Is this some new meme?

Yes, global warming is getting worse, my vegetable garden is doing badly, but AC is everywhere in cities, those in danger are some small villages in naturally cold regions.

No. 440276

It sounds like a meme, as in making it overdramatic but typical apartments usually don't have an AC in my european country, only malls. I live in a big city and it's forbidden to install your own AC in my apartment complex. All of my friends have the same experience.

No. 440283

Just checked her store and she only sells one of each piece I guess? Cause it's not there. I'd love a lemon beret…

No. 440316

German people barely have acs at home

No. 440320

Am burger staying in the UK and at least here it seems like most people only have the small portable kind and not central air. Not everyone has them either. The houses aren't designed with AC in mind and the masonry ones seem to be the worst off.

No. 440325

If we didn't die last summer, we're not going to die this year.

No. 440326

>reeeeee you weren't reading the thread where this piece of silly board lore was introduced and didn't ask the artist about it THEN so you are a BAD and STUPID newfag
I've been here at least a couple of years, relax sperg-chan. Being on this lovely cesspool longer doesn't make you better.
See, I just wanted to know if the art was supposed to be based off this particular character or game because I never saw who the artist was and where/when it was introduced. And because I like these games and noticed they've had some references over the years on cow sites, esp here. It's too dumb to ask elsewhere but I thought it may be influenced by some of these designs.
Her reaction is pretty hilariously aggressive, wonder what she's on about.

No. 440350

Is it okay to regularly wash a shirt that says it needs to be dry cleaned on the tag? I bought a cute Liz Lisa shirt in Japan last year, but the opportunity to wear it just never came up, but now I’m worried about having to wash it when I do eventually wear it. The laundry tag on it says that it has to be dry cleaned. It’s made of rayon (body), polyester (another cloth?? the kanji is 別布), and the embroidery is polyester. I only got it since it was on sale for pretty cheap but now it seems to be a lot more hassle than it’s worth if I do end up having to dry clean it…

No. 440354

Hand wash and air dry

No. 440357

>>440350 dressmaker anon here, can confirm the prev. Anon: handwash and airdry.

No. 440367

File: 1564263147935.jpeg (44.21 KB, 749x694, sad_cat.jpeg)

Is it possible to determine if someone's fat by their bra size?
It's been two years since an anon told me that I'm unfortunate since I'm fat and small chested when I told her that I'm size 85C.

I don't recall which thread it was or what was the context, but for some reason those words stick to me.

I thought, fair enough because I was overweight at the time. I've lost some weight in the meantime, but my bra size hasn't changed at all. 85C seems rather big to me but now every time I go shopping it's like I can hear that anon saying "oh, how unfortunate" with a smirk.

Sometimes I'm okay with the way I look but then I think that since I'm still at 85C, that I haven't lost enough. Idk, it's such a stupid thing to think about but here I am, thinking about it years after.

No. 440408

You can kind of tell if someone is fat by their band size but usually it's like, 40 inches or bigger. Anything under that probably doen't mean you're fat unless you're insanely apple shaped; honestly it really depends on how you carry your weight/body type. If you're healthy and not morbidly obese it's not worth angsting over.

Don't let some brain-starved anachan from years ago get you down. I'm sure you look great.

No. 440440

File: 1564274954498.jpg (59.93 KB, 640x434, tumblr_ea59486e745497cc3d94cd2…)

Can I still wear makeup and be a radfem/GC/whatever-cool-term-the-kids-are-using. In a lot of circles, many are pretty much anti-makeup but I only really my eyebrows and lips most of the time

No. 440443

I like to think so, but then I balance it out by being as resolutely hairy as possible all over the rest of my body and refusing to ever wear heels. I find it helps to at least make some gestures of respect towards the second-wave even if you can't go the whole hog.

No. 440444

i feel really dumb asking this lol but in the vein of the last commenter, are all radfems “terfs”? genuinely not trying to start any shit, my only familiarity with radical feminism is tumblr discourse so i’m not familiar with any theory first hand. i’m just wondering if there are trans inclusive radical feminists or if to be so would be contradictory.

No. 440446

Of course, as long as you aren't defending yourself by calling it empowering and understand that it isn't a feminist act. Nobody is going to be a perfect, by the book feminist who exclusively does feminist things, and any radfem should understand the pressure we're under to look/act certain ways and the ways we're punished for not doing so. Most of us are going to cave at some point, if it's not makeup it might be shaving, wearing feminine clothes, having long hair, dieting, etc.

Radical feminism is pretty inherently trans inclusive in the sense that it include biological women, even if they claim to be men and have massive unchecked internalized misogyny. It just doesn't include men, which makes MTFs very mad and as a result they use 'terf' as a nasty slur that actually just means lesbian or feminazi most of the time.

No. 440448

No girl. The fact that you've lost weight and kept the same bra size means you probably weren't carrying extra weight there anyway - you can't lose weight from your ribcage. Anon was probably a fatty LARPing as an ana anyhow.

As an aside, wearing a correct size is game changing. mybrasizecalculator.com etc

No. 440449


thanks for your response. i’ve been trying to do more reading on feminist theory generally but since we’re talking about radical feminism right now, would you suggest any reading material?

No. 440451

File: 1564276535575.jpg (65.32 KB, 960x549, 30628928_372960846556887_36215…)

>i’m just wondering if there are trans inclusive radical feminists

I think, hypothetically, this can exist. If you focus your version of "radical feminism" still on centering women and rejecting male control, you can still do this and never touch on trans issues. Some forms of Marxist feminist thought can be pretty close to radical feminism but focus almost entirely on practical organising, mutual aid and class analysis of patriarchy. I'd really like it to exist, anyway. If all radfem thought really boils down to is "men ain't shit" and hanging out with more women there should be a way to do that without even needing to think about trans rights.

No. 440457

my political stance is more on the socialist side of things, so that idea of marxist feminism is really compelling to me.

>If all radfem thought really boils down to is "men ain't shit" and hanging out with more women there should be a way to do that without even needing to think about trans rights.

i’m still not very familiar with feminism ideology generally, but it seems that if you were able to actually deconstruct the patriarchal ideas of our society, trans right wouldn’t be as much as an issue since violence toward MtF trans people might decline as a result.

No. 440460

Oh same, I refuse to wear heels. Slip ons and trainers all the way. And I haven't shaved my body hair in ages but I do trim my armpits and private areas due to a health condition.

I had the greatest idea of having real-like Mugi brows for a few months so I'm trying to grow them out again

Sometimes I also feel like I /have/ to diet but it's hard understanding whether its the sake of health or pressures to look slim thick or thin as possible. Shit is hard when you see your aunt after years and she kept making comments about your weight and eating habits over and over again. Somehow it's okay because she's a doctor.

No. 440461

File: 1564277637134.jpg (11.11 KB, 400x298, jb6k1u9bmyq21.jpg)

Andrea Dworkin is probably a good starting place, but if you're more interested in trans side of things reading our gender critical thread or the gender critical subreddit is better.
>violence toward MtF trans people might decline as a result.
It's naive of you to think that trans rights revolve around ending the homophobic beatings straight men dole out to men in dresses. That might constitute real discrimination, but it is the last of their concerns unless they want to use it for oppression points. The main issue MTF have is when women won't let males into their spaces, when they can't speak over women, when they can't control feminist rhetoric, when lesbians won't fuck them, when society won't fully indulge their bimbo fetish.

No. 440473


> Andrea Dworkin is probably a good starting place, but if you're more interested in trans side of things reading our gender critical thread or the gender critical subreddit is better.

thank you for the suggestion, i’ll check out both the book and the thread.

> It's naive of you to think that trans rights revolve around ending the homophobic beatings straight men dole out to men in dresses

is homophobia not the result of a patriarchal society that has to protect fragile masculinity though, or does it stem from something else? not trying to be contrary, i’m genuinely not well-versed in any sort of theory and just trying to understand.

i do find it to be problematic that people who don’t date transpeople are transphobes. and really all of the other things you listed. i feel that comes from their socialization as men prior to transitioning. and like you really can’t explain to someone (for example, a MtF) who wasn’t raised female all the intricate little things that are imposed upon us by society while growing up, like allowing men to speak over us and control the narrative and the assumption that we owe our bodies to people. and i feel like by simply acknowledging this, you’re automatically considered a “terf” by a lot of people, so maybe more “liberal” feminists just choose to ignore that and pretend like those problems don’t exist.

sorry to sort of be thinking out loud to you, this has literally been the first conversation i've felt like i can have on this topic. i'll start checking out the suggested reading.

No. 440475

File: 1564278768088.jpeg (36.79 KB, 640x510, D5IQDWJU0AAhOAa.jpeg)

Did this the other day and there was only a couple of kids around later in the day and none using the swings. I think it would be worse if you were an adult man, so you're probably fine?? Idk, I don't think I (personally) would ever do it if it was like, a fully packed playground. Does your entire body hurt afterwards? Legitimately woke up in pain the next day.

Tbh the thing I was scared of was it's summer and there was a gaggle of middle/highschool boys hanging out nearby. I basically did an entire circle around the park to avoid walking by them.
>tfw 27 years old and still scared of idiot teenage boys.
>what if they made fun of me just for walking by them
>what if they acknowledged me in any way

No. 440477

File: 1564279267618.jpg (40.88 KB, 643x401, 31144145_1965094940228338_2349…)


Anon you can delete and repost fixing your typos without double posting if you do it within 30 minutes of submitting.

Btw, you asked for recommended reading - I agree with the other more GC anon's recommendation of Dworkin as your starter Pokemon, but if you really do enjoy economic analysis with a feminist bent I'd highly recommend Silvia Federici's work. This isn't even new stuff, you can avoid a lot of discussion of trans issues by just reading feminist literature from before the late 90s. You can access her major book for free here: https://libcom.org/files/Caliban%20and%20the%20Witch.pdf

Also, with respect to the other users in this thread, I feel like we should take this discussion to the radfem thread (note I say not the GC one, it's nice to have discussion about women's rights that isn't about trannies sometimes right? Isn't that your main beef >>440461?) here >>373459

No. 440482

sorry i'm new to lolcow and still trying to figure out how to navigate it. i just deleted the second post. thanks so much for that pdf!

No. 440487

File: 1564281406570.gif (292.95 KB, 250x188, giphy.gif)

Since we're talkin trans issues here, here's my dumb question: what pronoun do I use if speaking about someone who has transitioned in the past tense?

For example: One of my best friends from high school has transitioned (FTM). We don't live in the same state anymore and don't talk too much, and I understand their current pronouns yada yada. But if I'm telling someone a story about something we did in high school, do I say "she" if that's how they identified then? That is to say, "she" is who she was back then, "he" is who he is now. It feels disrespectful to refer to them as their previous identity, but also recasting the character in my memory with a different name and a different face feels like….I dunno, like re-writing history into a narrative I wasn't a part of? I'd say the easy answer is "they/them" but then they've changed their name as well. So like
>Jane was at my birthday party 10 years ago
>John was at my birthday party yesterday
But if I try to say "John was at my birthday party 10 years ago" well….that's not really true?

It feels like "I beat the Pewter City gym with my best bud, Charmander!" and now they're a Charizard. They're the exact same "pokemon", but when I beat the Pewter City gym they WERE a Charmander. If I tell the story of how I beat the Pewter City Gym but say it was with Charizard, then that's a completely different story and that's not how it actually happened at the time even, if they're the exact same "pokemon" I knew back then.

Does this question make any sense at all?

No. 440488

Reminder to not post in threads like this about political topics that already have their own threads, it's considered derailing. Keep the radfem, GC, and man hate shit in their respective threads.

No. 440491

jfc you ramble a lot. you use she because she was a girl then and she's still a girl now, tard.

No. 440494

What to do when multiple people are in love with you and you're afraid of them hurting themselves? They're not threatening, just not well and they naturally break down.

No. 440501

>comes to the stupid questions thread
>calls people stupid for asking questions
I think you may actually be the stupidest of them all

No. 440502

Well since the person you are telling the story to only knows Jim and not Sandra, you call them Jim. The trans narrative basically supports the idea they were always "Jim" and it's less confusing to whoever you are speaking to imo to call them by their current name and gender

No. 440517

>I-I know you are but what am I
nice one, tumblroid. seriously though, you should do something about that rambling habit of yours. makes you sound like a legit aspie.

No. 440567

ntayrt but holy shit, what's your damage? Did you really come to a thread where people ask questions to get buttmad at people asking questions? I hope mods put you down for a nap so you'll stop throwing a tantrum, christ

No. 440569

Jesus christ, when will the summer end?

No. 440607

For the love of god, go back to reddit or wherever you migrated from.

No. 440612

I love you anons! Thank you so much!

No. 440618

When did lolcow start operating as a website and who created it? Was it always a female-oriented website?
It's just that whenever I hear lolcow I think of encyclopedia dramatica, which seems to be a website full of guys like 4chan. Basically I'm curious about the website's backstory.

No. 440624

Long story short: It was originally created as a getaway for /cgl/ anons (Cosplay/Lolita) on 4chan after moot banned discussing drama on the board, and most people posting on /cgl/ were women. Lolcow got hijacked by a male admin who wanted to hit on the female userbase and allow shoe0nhead to spy on peoples' IPs posting in her thread (Yes, this is true and confirmed). So it continued to grow as a female oriented imageboard partially due to the Admin wanting to surround himself by girls admiring his dick but after he finally left around 3-4 years ago it just stayed that way because the userbase was largely female and so were the admins following his departure.

No. 440626

>allow shoe0nhead to spy on peoples' IPs posting in her thread
That was interesting, thank you very much.

No. 440636

I've been using lc for nearly 5 years and the fact it's female orientated is why I love it. I really enjoy that men get banned as soon as they out themselves. I despise all the men that post here and defend men posting.

Also OT, but I recently checked out reddit for the first time and holy fuck. I hate male dominated discussion boards. So fucking dull and the essays they write! Men are so use to not being ignored its mental the word vomit they spiel over the most mundane simple topics.

No. 440638

>allow shoe0nhead to spy on peoples' IPs posting in her thread
i've heard about her being an ex mod here but didn't actually know the full story.. whew. i wonder is that dumbass still lurks.

No. 440671

this is the worst synopsis of the site. holy shit.

No. 440675

It's still true though and exactly how lolcow came to be and why it developed into a female-oriented imageboard. What did you want to hear? Bunch of courageous reddit radfems or libfem PULLfags came to build it to talk about camwhores and onision?

No. 440679

>full of guys like 4chan
Nah, edf has more awareness than 4chan (any of the older, regular members anyway) and a lot of them are just putting on edgy personas.

And yeah it's always been pretty female oriented. Site's been around for 5 years now. I remember calling out dumb ass posters who started their posts off with "male here" (just like how you'd get called out if you said 'girl here' on 4chan lmao)and they would get banned. Pretty funny, never knew it would get super radfemmy and political.

Don't forget Stamina Rose.

No. 440680

no you idiot. it's just not accurate at all. lolcow didn't stem directly from /cgl/ and our old male admin didn't do shit to keep men off the site, we used to have a robot containment thread ffs.

No. 440746

so then make a better one or quit your incessant bitching. i love how anons are always more willing to fucking complain than actually change anything.

No. 440777

Why is it that so many Japanese people have such prominent ears? I can't be the only one who has noticed this.

No. 440833

Why do some women need men to make them "feel feminine"?
It's such a weird thing in my head.
>I need him to open doors and pull chairs for me
>I need him to be big so I can feel small and feminine

No. 440835

I don't understand the sudden constant influx of 'nigga' on board. Feels weird. Masculine undertones? I dunno.

No. 440837

I chalked it up to a single bored anon.

No. 440838

I legitimately want to buy a newer manufactured home in a (nicer) trailer park.
with my career field I'll likely never have enough money for a stickbuilt house in my area and payments on a prefab + lot rent are still much cheaper then my rent right now.
I know the value depreciates, but I'd plan to live in one for a long while and having my own space and small garden, plus room for my animals would be worth it to me.

does any one have any bad/good experiences with them?

No. 440839

File: 1564367774430.webm (3.82 MB, 1280x720, 1564126748054.webm)

English isn't my first language but I like the word nigga because it sounds funny.

No. 440849

I thought similarly. Many budding /snow/flakes have recently attracted the instagram/twitter crowd.

No. 440859

That would be me. How is that masculine? I'm black but alright. Women don't need to talk like dainty little princesses 24/7.

I'm not on insta or twitter nor do i browse snow. Keep ur tinfoil to yourself.

No. 440861

Same as bruh/bro/etc. It is masculine. Also the incomplete normie tard typing. Please integrate and you won’t be seemingly singled out.

No. 440863

I've been on this site forever, not much more integrating I can do. How about you go outside and stop whining bruh

No. 440866

Pls help there was this woman Shoe0nhead retweeted and made fun of a while ago and it was noted in her thread that the woman was a brilliant feminist who may have a PhD and a book or loads of information about how to survive men's bullshit as a woman. What was that woman's name??

No. 440867

I can't stop watching this, this shit is cracking me up

No. 440877

Nigga is just strange and sudden vernacular, anon. If you’re a woman I apologize, we’re hyper critical of new phrases here and just trying to keep out creepy men pretending to be women. That is all. I meant nothing else by it. Just necessary paranoia.

No. 440887

Stop trying to tell her what "we" are like on this site. She said she's been around a long time. She's fine.

No. 440897

Wait so you’re the one, single anon taking credit for all use of the “n word” across the site?

No. 440920

Anons, how do I find communities online to join?
I was never good at finding those and i always end up on imageboards.

No. 440932

What are your hobbies? Try googling up "[insert interest here] forums" (or groups or discord servers etc.) or whatever and see what pops up.

No. 440965

I'm sure other people use it but yesterday was obvious anon meant me because I know I said nigga twice in two threads on the first page and she's probably seen me say it plenty of other times if she's here frequently. I'll try to tone it down, I know this site is mostly white so it may look jarring to yall but really that's just the way I talk. Can't help it sometimes tbh. Sorry lmao

No. 440968

I was looking up personal lolcows from school on Twitter, and didnt interact with any of their tweets or anything, and straight away after they privated their accounts. Am I retard, is there some way people can see someone has viewed their tweets?

No. 440973

It's still murder, though. A criminal offence all around. Too bad she's from some shitehole country whose justice system works as efficiently as a Rube Goldberg.

No. 440981

I rarely use my Twitter, but I'm pretty sure there is no way. Linkedin is the only one that blows a cover like that.

No. 441000

She puts them up for preorder every now and then! Keep an eye out on her twitter for restocks! They sell out super fast though, this past restock (2nd run) sold out in 5 min I believe. She gives her patreons early access by a day or two, so I signed up and paid for a month of her patreon so I could secure myself a beret lol. I don't think she's gonna be putting up preorders again until the fall? She has CRX coming up and I think will be making stock to sell there.

No. 441016

This happens sometimes when I do the same thing. I have a feeling whatever way the algorithm works it might recommend you as a similar twitter, or recommend profiles. Same on insta, unless the personal cows I follow just go private and public every so often. One girl seems to go public to get likes on new photos then privates her profile again lol but I always think she's on to me.

No. 441027

How can I write down/record the melodies I have playing in my head, besides humming and recording with my phone? I don't own any instruments and I don't really have knowledge of any musical notes.

No. 441033

if you can't read music or play instruments, there's not really much you can do. maybe recording with a quality mic and cleaning up the audio and pitch correcting, then you could put it through a converter to work it as a midi, but again you don't know how to into music. my real advise is to learn to play the piano and read music. you may even be able to play by ear, in which case it will be easy for you to play music in your head once you get basics down.

No. 441057

Seconding learning piano. I taught myself how to play by ear since I was a toddler. I would sing a single note and find that pitch on the piano. Practice by playing songs you like. I honestly still have a hard time reading notes, but playing by ear is pretty easy.

No. 441058

I can play the guitar on a very basic level, and I can read tabs, but not notes. I am planning to get a guitar (or something similar) in the future, but my budget doesn't really allow it just yet.

No. 441077

Don't underestimate garage sales and secondhand shops! My father plays guitar casually and you'd be surprised at how many guitars he's found on the cheap. We got a Squier strat and a small amp for $45 at a yard sale once (and for some reason they threw in a free brand new hiking backpack for us too lmao). Obviously they're not top of the line models but certainly playable and good to start out on while you save up for something fancier.
Also, you could look into ukeleles. I know they're kind of a meme for 'basic white girls' but they're affordable and fairly easy to play, especially if you already have experience with guitars.

No. 441086

random but are any of you ladies into mixing, vocal editing, or composing electronic music? using DAWs and stuff. i know its a typical scrote hobby to be like 'listen to my mix track' but im really curious since i've never met another female who was into this sort of stuff. when i think i've gotten lucky its always a troon or smth.

No. 441094

I'm getting into it slowly but my laptop is so shit that I can't install ableton or anything like that so I just edit/mix/compose in a video editing software (that I already use for editing video, something i need for my studies).

No. 441108

File: 1564425344879.jpg (79.86 KB, 678x489, fit.jpg)

I promise I'm not a scrote or tranny, just sorta shitty at being an adult.

How often do you guys change out/buy new underwear? Honestly I've worn the same underwear you buy in packs that my mum bought for me since high school. I didn't go out and buy underwear because my brain thought "why would I need new underwear when my current ones are fine?" until my cousin took me out a few years back to Aerie. I now have a mix of old and new, but I wonder if there's really a time limit as to how long you should keep underwear? I always use pantiliners and my IUD basically stopped my period so they're all (the new ones especially) relatively stain free. It just feels weird to throw them out since even if they're tattered, no one would know unless we're about to have sex (though I've already thrown out one that have holes and whatnot). I feel like it's so indulgent buying a lot of new underwear, but fuck, Aerie's undies are so comfortable I love it when I get new ones.

No. 441112

I love Aerie underwear! Their bras are super comfortable too.
I think because you use panty liners that helps the longevity of the underwear. I don't really go off of how long I've owned a pair, mostly because I have shit memory and can't be assed to keep track of the dates of my underwear purchases lol. I just go by looks, if they look worn or threadbare, if they have holes, and/or if they're stained beyond redemption, then I toss them.

I wouldn't feel too bad buying underwear, honestly to me it's something you can never have too many of. I mean, it's not like you're ever not going to need them, they'll all get used eventually so whatever.

No. 441113

i like my panties to kind of be snug so i change them out when they get too lose and ragged.

No. 441114

I usually throw out underwear when it no longer fits or is torn up. I keep the stained ones specifically for my period and buy new whenever I see something cute? I’ve been considering getting rid of the stained ones entirely and starting fresh with some all black cotton underwear for my periods though lol.

No. 441115

What do you mean when? When you need to get more.

No. 441119


Basically this. If a pair is completely ragged or the holes are too big for me to sew it up to fix, it's time to chuck or relegate to period undies depending on how damaged they are.

No. 441128

I love their bralettes so much! And yknow what? You're right lol. I'm gonna shamelessly buy so many cute pairs of underwear now.

Thanks anons! Just thought it might be considered weird to keep the same underwear for years and years but good to know I can keep on truckin along with mine until they completely disintegrate on me.

No. 441132

>I'm gonna shamelessly buy so many cute pairs of underwear now.
Do it! For real, you can never have too many pairs.
I actually worked at Aerie briefly and was ringing up a woman one day while we had the 10 for $35 deal running. She had around 6 pairs of underwear, totaling to $72, and I told her if she wanted to choose four more pairs it would be half the price. She somberly goes "Oh no, I don't need that many pairs" and proceeds to pay full fucking price for the six pairs. I still can't wrap my head around that like… what the fuck.

No. 441134

File: 1564428533211.jpg (46.04 KB, 680x810, 1563056930765.jpg)

How do I tell my mom's husband to wash his fucking asscrack? Everytime he uses the toilet, there's a stain/imprint. We even bought sanitizer and put it right next to the toilet but he doesn't get the clue. He just claims it's not him.

No. 441140

Hang on, how is this jabrony sitting on a toilet so that his asscrack comes into contact with the seat? Is he pooping fucking sidesaddle?

what even are men

No. 441141

How do you leave an imprint of your asscrack on the toilet?

No. 441143

What… the fuck… Honestly, as much as I love Aerie, I wouldn't buy their underwear for full price lol it's just too much…

All of their stuff is so cute, I'm waiting to eventually buy their new mid tier dresses!! 2 years ago I also managed to snag their shark print swimsuit (when they gave me a 50% coupon on top of them already running a 50% sale on their swimwear) just before it completely sold out!! Ahhhh their stuff is so good, I have such a hard time buying cute and comfortable innerwear anywhere else because I just love their stuff too much lol

No. 441146

I don't get brain freeze. What does it feel like?

No. 441150

A sharp headache that comes on quickly and disappears in less than a minute.

No. 441155

I don't know how he does it, he's overweight and it's probably sweat. But right after he leaves there's a triangle faint brown-ish stain right in the middle and it's freaking disgusting. I know he washes himself everyday too but somehow still manages to not do it properly.

No. 441157

File: 1564432384835.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

Oh fuck, that sounds like he doesn't know how to wipe properly and the shit is migrating forward from his ass crack, likely dissolved in sweat travelling along the skin until his gooch and balls are covered in a festering layer of fecal sweat

If I am banned for this post I absolutely understand, but jfc why is men not knowing how to wipe their own asses such a fucking epidemic: https://www.buzzfeed.com/juliegerstein/listen-up-men-we-need-to-talk-about-how-to-wipe-your

No. 441167

I spilt a little melted lollypop on my laptop keyboard. It works fine. All keys are working. Does this mean I've gotten a way with it, or can a problem arise later?

No. 441169

>>441132 I get that a lot at work. We often have 3 for the price of 2, and a couple people a day with refuse to get a free item? A lot of the time they rely with "Yes, I know. If I wanted another item, I would have picked it up." Like o k a y I just thought I would check jfc.

No. 441270

How do I make my IG page more popular? I make vaguely weeby jewelry/accessories and I want to gain popularity, is there a guide somewhere to how to do that?

No. 441315

File: 1564456335987.jpg (898.54 KB, 1080x2220, 1564435959545.jpg)

Why can't shaytard/dollymattel find a boyfriend or at least a sugar daddy other than fupa? Shes ugly but has a nice body and i doubt another 30something obese divorcee would care shes mentally ill and stupid. Why is she single if shes codependent, has absolutely no standarts and unable to be alone? Does nobody hit on her when she goes alone drinking?

No. 441324

It's very difficult to find a man willing to provide for a woman who actually has shit to bring to the table, and no less for a co-dependent woman with tons of mental and financial baggage like Shay.

I don't think Shay is ugly. But Shay isn't special.
She's in the numbers game like the rest of us and she knows if she ditches Fupa to try to find someone else she risks being alone and vulnerable for quite some time. Not to mention the emotional convenience.
It's hard, and finding decent men at clubs and bars isn't likely.

No. 441326

Because she’s literally just THAT unlikable and retarded that even gross ass men don’t want to use her

No. 441331


but she doesn't care about "decent". look at fupa, hes old, obese, probably smells bad, a "daddydom". Literally bottom of the barrel. His idea of providing is fats food places kek

>>She's in the numbers game like the rest of us and she knows if she ditches Fupa to try to find someone else she risks being alone and vulnerable for quite some time. Not to mention the emotional convenience.

You are right but how come even other snowflakes like phoebe and micky have orbiters and she doesn't? I would say micky is more gross and sick than shay. Is shay autistic?

No. 441344

>You are right but how come even other snowflakes like phoebe and micky have orbiters and she doesn't?
I don't see how we could confirm this though?
Don't forget, as a camwhore she has an agenda to make herself appear more hard up than she is in order to receive the maximum sympathy and favors she can get. Tbh I believe she's not living a comfortable life, but at the same time I don't believe nobody is paying anything for her. It's a common camgirl tactic.

No. 441345


>I don't believe nobody is paying anything for her. It's a common camgirl tactic.

do you think she is that smart? then i'm the stupid for believing shes actually that desperate tbh

i'd say we can confirm shes isolated except for fupa because she's retarded and can't keep her relationships or life in general outside the internet. with "orbiters" i meant real life flings who pay for her like fupa. if she had male orbiters of any kind we would have heard about it i think?

No. 441350

is it normal to have hellish sinuses after stress smoking like four cigarettes, hadnt smoked in months before this

No. 441467

did the words "pansexual", "non-binary" and "terf" come out of tumblr or were they always a thing? i don't understand why people keep insisting on using the word pansexual to describe their oh so special orientation when they could easily say that they are bisexual and everyone would understand what they mean.

No. 441470

I switched to vaping instead of smoking and its cleared up my sinuses and I can breathe better so maybe?

No. 441506

i almost constantly had sinus infections when i smoked cigs, so it wouldn't surprise me. although vaping gives me throat/chest congestion too so i don't do any of it anymore. i do miss the oral fixation sometimes tho.

No. 441509

>"pansexual", "non-binary" and "terf"
Thanks God, I'm not American. They made up these words and spread their autism to the rest of the world. Such a cringe.
>i don't understand why people keep insisting on using the word pansexual to describe their oh so special orientation when they could easily say that they are bisexual and everyone would understand what they mean.
They just want to feel special and unique by using made up words.
This trans, pan etc. trend needs to die out already.

No. 441510

pansexual and non-binary definitely existed before Tumblr (but they popularized it). I'm pretty sure terf is their fault though.

No. 441534

What does being on prescription pain killers feel like? Like, I know obviously they'll numb out any intense pain, but I know they're addictive so what do you feel on prescription pain killers that you don't feel when using OTC ones that makes them so addictive?

No. 441536

>>441534 as someone who has abused many drugs, I personally have never gotten the addictive part? I only used them as prn for ptsd. To take me from hysterical to manageable. Yes the numb everything, but why would I want to feel numb constantly? Its not like theyre a great high.

No. 441539


It's not the high that people are addicted to, it's the dependancy that forms. While taking them consistently, their bodies get used to always having opiates in them. Whenever their not taking the painkillers they experience pain, regardless whether it's real or psychosis.

No. 441540

They're not their

No. 441547

The "high" of opiates is not a true "high" like it is with smoking a lot of weed, or stimulants like meth/amphetamines, which is why it isn't as noticeable. It's more like a softening, it's a taking off of the edges of your day. You're gently buzzed, and everything feels slightly warmer and just subtly easier to deal with. That can be your chronic pain, but also slight niggles of day to day life. Locked your keys in the car? I don't feel quite as panicky as I normally would. Ate too much? It'll be okay, tomorrow I can try harder to stick to my diet. My partner's let me down or lied to me about something? Yeah, that'd normally super bum me out, but I guess I don't feel quite as bummed out as I otherwise would.

Imagine how you feel after a really nice, relaxing warm bath, just that little bit more open and tolerant. Now imagine you can go round in that warm feeling all the time, and yeah it wears off eventually but you can get more because of your prescription, and you can sleep better, and your chronic pain isn't quite as much of a bother, and you have codeine addiction. If you're starting out with an already stressful life, and you don't have great coping skills to begin with, it's even easier to fall into. The longer you stay in the warm bath, the colder it feels when you finally get out.

No. 441550

opioids are addictive and cause physical pain when you stop them. even heroin isn't as strong as real opium tho, but if you stop cold turkey it will kill you. that's why they have to give you maintenance meds.

No. 441556

Thanks your responses anons!

This sounds a lot like when they put me on laughing gas for a procedure lol. Way too calm and unmiffed about everything going on. I was hesitant to take out and use prescription meds afterwards (ended up not having to) but I never really understood if I would have withdrawals from a high or something but this really makes a lot of sense!

No. 441571

I think TERF predates tumblr, probably by a number of years, or at least wasn't invented there, but tumblr and now twitter users are the people who have seriously popularized and overused the word. It used to specifically refer to radfems who "excluded" or wanted to "exterminate" trans people, especially transwomen. I'm not sure but I think it dates to the 90s, that may just be an excuse used by TRAs to say it's not being used as a slur against anyone who disagrees tho since it gets used against people who may not be even considered gender crit I read the article on wikipedia on TERF out of curiosity and it's very biased in how they portray "opposition", go figure

No. 441578


>if you stop cold turkey it will kill you

Not true of opioids.

Sudden withdrawal from benzodiazepines such as clonazepam (klonopin), on the other hand, will due to the physical dependence, much like alcohol.


Another factor in addiction and dependence is how some drugs "rewire" the receptor response in the brain.

No. 441613

With all the data breaches with Equifax and now CapitalOne, I'm thinking of putting a freeze on my credit. I see now that websites say it's free to put your credit on freeze with all three major credit bureaus, but is it free for just the first time/a limited amount of time? Or in wake of these data breaches, it's now mandated to be free from here on out? If I want to unfreeze my account, do I have to pay a fee to unfreeze it temporarily, and then pay another fee to refreeze it?

I was only affected by the Equifax breach but my parents were affected by the CapitalOne one so I'm thinking of convincing them to freeze their credit as well but my dad lets my mom handle all of the accounts and her English isn't the best/I'm not the best at my native tongue so the whole freezing/unfreezing thing seems like such a fucking hassle to explain but I don't want them to get fucked over by it. Also, I have credit monitoring through Chase and Discover (have a credit card/bank acct with them), is this sufficient credit monitoring or should I enroll in a more thorough one?

No. 441638

Supposedly they are free to freeze/unfreeze since late last year. As far as monitoring goes, if you have it with all three major bureaus there's not much else you can do on that front, and it's only going to tell you about major changes after the fact. There's also fraud protection that costs a monthly fee like Lifelock, though in my case it doesn't really seem worth it, but might be worth looking into for you. I want to do a credit freeze myself. I wasn't affected by the Equifax shit but I do have a longstanding CapitalOne account. I live overseas though so it's a pain in the ass since I don't have a US address anymore.

Also these constant credit breaches are fucking bullshit. I'm so mad at the fact that we're basically forced to take out credit and give sensitive identity information to these companies just to be able to get shit like housing and they don't even do the bare minimum to keep it secure.

No. 441775

Since we have anons here from lots of different backgrounds and cultures, have any of you been homeschooled? And if so, what was your overall experience? Do you feel like you were behind other kids? And also, do the benefits outweigh the stigma that comes from being homeschooled?

No. 441781


Yeah the first time I heard the phrase pansexual was in like 2003-2004 and I assume it was established as a sexual identity by then

No. 441808

I know they had it on vampirefreaks (lol) eons before tumblr existed.

No. 441810

When do most people seem to get wrinkles?

No. 441811

It's very individual, some get it in their early 20s, some have them in their teens, some later.
Usually you don't notice them on others until they're very severe and their fat distribution has changed.
Just wrinkles alone don't age you as much as you think so people mistakenly believe that looking older is because of them and not all the other changes on your face because they're less obvious.

No. 441814

I was homeschooled till age 9 because I asked to go to School. In my opinion, homeschooling should be illegal and counted as abuse. My parents were not qualified teachers, they weren't even university graduates and my mum dropped out in year 9. Safe to say, I didn't learn a thing and I still struggle with basic concepts like remembering the months of year and remembering which way to look across the road. That may sound extremely retarded but if you are isolated and are not stimulated or taught ANYTHING in the most critical years of development then you'd end up this retarded, too. And socially, I have suffered big time. I'm very cringe and make others uncomfortable in social situations because I wasn't around any other children as kid.

Don't homeschool.

No. 441830

I haven't had chewing gum in so long I almost swallowed the piece after it got soft.

No. 441832

Swallowing gum is fine, it just passes straight through your GI tract like a seed. I used to stress about spitting it out but now I just swallow it straight down.

No. 441969

Are ~cleanses~ a meme?
I need to reset my stomach somehow after using probiotics that somehow managed to break me out 5x worse instead of clear me up.
How can I do this? I'm thinking of consuming water/tea/lemon juice but otherwise fasting at the moment.

No. 441973

cleanses are kind of a meme but I recommend something like miralax or fiber supplements as a gentle way to hit reset

miralax doesn't stimulate anything like other laxatives it's just a sugar you can't digest

I have ibs and it's a good friend

No. 441979

I was very briefly homeschooled due to depression in middle school, but my mom used a program to help me stay where I needed to be so I could go back. I ended up being ahead lmao so the rest of the school year was easy as shit. But in general, I have a pretty positive opinion on it. There’s online programs for kids/parents that help make sure the lessons are similar to normal school, there’s usually groups in bigger cities that will meet up for “field trips” so kids make friends.. plus where I live there’s like daytime “camp” sort of programs that teach interesting/unconventional things, like about nature, for homeschool kids. It can be great if you put in the effort.

No. 441997

I 100% agree that homeschooling should be considered abuse. There are some very very rare exceptions where I think it's okay but those apply to like 1% of the homeschooled kids in the US.

No. 442004

>I'm black but alright. Women don't need to talk like dainty little princesses 24/7.
This reeks of a white dude on an anonymous website trying to insist they're x minority to justify their use of a slur.
>white dude on the internet: yeah well im black and i don't care if white people use the n-word???
>white dude on the internet: yeah well im girl and i think mra have a point???
Also what does talking like "dainty little princesses" mean? Not using a slur in every post?

>English isn't my first language but I like the word nigga because it sounds funny.
it's an extremely derogatory slur with origins back to the 18th century. If you're going to incorporate it into your vernacular because "hehe funnie" at least understand what you're aligning yourself with when you use it. If you agree with the use of it and all it implies, THEN by all means, continue to use it.

Seconding >>440746 . If this is such a terrible inaccurate synopsis, then make a better one instead of sperging about how this one is incorrect? Seems like there's been an influx of anons that contribute nothing to the convo other than being butthurt lately

No. 442122

What the fuck is that revenge/drama has spread to 4chan post about??

No. 442247

File: 1564649168568.jpeg (53.3 KB, 496x674, main-qimg-f127637466ac6b8ebfd9…)

anons who have bleached their hair
i bleached my black hair and it turned to an orange-ish tone, similar to the darker tones in pic related. i still have more bleach left, is it a bad idea to keep bleaching it? i'm doing it to get my hair ready for another color.

No. 442249

depends on how fried your hair is. it will keep getting damaged if you keep doing it over and over.

No. 442250

Not race baiting, but are you Asian? If so virgin Asian hair is EXTREMELY difficult to bleach. It tends to be very porous, plus the undertones often fuck about during the bleaching process and end up giving awful results that are difficult to tone to a neutral - go to a salon. Even if you’re not Asian you’re best off going to a salon since you have black hair.

If you keep doing it at home then at best you’ll get your hair to a very rusty coloured marigold, and this is with lots of bleaching sessions and damage. Even if you tone you most likely won’t get a good result since you can’t see how you’re laying down the colour and it will end up patchy which isn’t a good foundation for laying down permanent/semi-permanent colours

Best case scenario you manage to evenly bleach your hair and it turns out amazing you’re still risking chemical burn on your scalp because of the huge amount of bleach, industry grade bleach is different from consumer grade and salons also have access to products which help minimise damage. If you do go to a salon DO NOT let them bleach it to a very light tone all in one go, that’s a retarded idea and only a hairdresser who cares very little for hair would even humour the idea

tldr go have a professional do it, never a good idea to use harmful chemicals if not trained, especially not on your body.

No. 442254

Has law of attraction actually ever worked for anyone? Like, has anyone actually gotten something positive out of it or is it just a stupid thing that those types of people believe who align their personality with their zodiac signs?

No. 442255

File: 1564653079460.jpg (201.58 KB, 428x1140, 294714718871427.jpg)

i've bleached it twice and it got a little dry

thanks for the detailed response. yes i am asian. i've previously dyed my hair to a lighter brown tone like 8 months ago, it mostly faded off and my black hair came back but the tips stayed slighly lighter.
pic is what it looks like under the sun right now. i want to dye it pink. idk how visible it'll be if i dye it pink in this state

No. 442256

File: 1564653892590.jpeg (203.51 KB, 636x571, 1564353200175.jpeg)

How to get over a break up asap? Was a serious 3 year long relationship, we were about to move in together and there was talk of getting married. He wasn't a terrible boyfriend so I cannot be fueled by anger.
Also how to feel sexy instead of like a discarded worthless cumrag?

No. 442268

You’ll have a hard time maintaining pink, and getting your hair light enough to even try causes irreversible damage. Honestly, with the huge costs that come from dye, bleach, and general maintenance, have you considered setting aside money and finding a good wig? It’d end up cheaper in the long term and the dye would hold very well and the colour wouldn’t fade nearly as poorly nor quickly as your own hair would

No. 442276

Do things you like, eat things you like, go on adventures, learn something new
And maybe a Jane Austen book
Gl anon I'm rooting for you

No. 442278

maybe i've never bought a wig before. i actually got my hair dye and bleach to a cheap price with discount. if things don't work out the way i want i might get a wig.

No. 442281

File: 1564659630701.png (623.12 KB, 627x939, 60664780_538670113331846_54155…)

How do I learn to dress nice? How do I learn how to do my hair? Pls ELI5 cause I'm stupid and desperate.

My mom dressed me until I was 16 or so, we were poor and I'm slightly on the spectrum so whenever I tried to put together my own outfits they were ridiculous, so I looked like a horse girl final boss.
I moved out on my own and finally learned how to do my own makeup, but I still dress like a non-passing trap and my hair is a thick, frizzy mess.

I don't have money to hire a stylist but I look downright embarrassing and would like to look nice when I start my new job. I tried curating a pinterest board but that is really hard to translate irl because all the items that were similar to pictures always look a little bit off, enough that it ruins outfits and fits me poorly. I've tried YouTube for hair and fashion but it didn't work for me either since people were throwing around theories about body types etc and I can't get it until someone shows me something I can repeat exactly.

No. 442297

I think /g/ has a fashion advice thread. You could also look on Reddit; there's a sub called TodayIWore where people post their outfits so that might be helpful?

Once you start your new job you could look if you like what your female co-workers are wearing and then buy clothes similar to theirs.
As for your hair: you don't need to do fancy hairstyles. They just shouldn't look messy and dirty.
Search on YouTube for hair tutorials for work or for frizzy hair or something and then find someone who has similar hair to yours and copy that (also look what products they use for their hair). If your hair is long maybe you should cut a chunk up, that should help bringing them back to life.
Sorry for the shitty advice, I know you wanted something specific but that's really difficult without knowing what you do, how you look etc.
good luck and don't stress too much about it.

No. 442373

Question to euroanons, if you shop for clothes/shoes online, which shops do you go to?

I have a few that I like but I'm curious to see if there are others that I've missed.

No. 442407

Depends on your style and price range. Asos is a good place to start. I personally like Weekday (but they opened a store in my city recently so I don't use their online store anymore). Other stores I like that ship to Europe : Arket, Cos, Urban Outfitters, Misguided. You can also use H&M and Zara online.

No. 442420

File: 1564690255572.jpg (121.73 KB, 750x988, lunadress.jpg)

where can I buy a dress like this? I really love the puffed sleves and peter pan collar. I'm kinda fat at a UK 16, so vintage isn't an option.

No. 442430

You should ask this in the fashion thread on /g/. But tbh easiest way is aliexpress, you can filter for peter pan collars and puff sleeves.

No. 442443

NTA but where can you find such a dress in a size 16 on aliexpress? Either I suck at searching or there are no peter pan collar dresses for bigger woman there…

No. 442451

is it dumb to be upset about my gfs dog pissing on something i leave outside?

i have a hibiscus that i really adore and he pissed on its concrete pot. I know it doesnt hurt it, but i just dont like the idea of something i really like getting soaked in dog piss

like obv she thinks its dumb cause whatevers outside is free range for dog piss and i guess it doesnt really matter since im not like, hugging the pot or anything, but idk

No. 442459

Bonne Chance Collections.

No. 442476

yes, it’s dumb

No. 442482

File: 1564696000270.jpg (18.15 KB, 460x460, EAKU_IfXYAENHWa.jpg)

Is there anything special I should know about discord servers?
I'm going to join one for the first time and I don't want to sound like a newbie. I'd like to hear any advice.

No. 442489

I'd be pissed too. Doesnt mean you're annoyed at your gf or an animal who doesnt know any better, it's just not a nice feeling to know something of yours has been peed on regardless. I get weird about it too, I get uncomfortable in my garden even if an unusually gross bug is found there.

No. 442490

How is it dumb for anon to be mad that her furniture is being pissed on?
You do realize that the piss is literally soaking into the Potter and will probably smell like shit if she ever decides to move it (like inside)?

You need to tell your partner to train her dog to pee in specific spots or tell her to take the dog for a walk.

No. 442492

Never mind that, piss splashes about and it's very possible it'll get into the soil or onto the plant and kill that innocent hibiscus. OP should start spraying that citronellol stuff on the pot or put chilli powder near it to deter the dog.

No. 442511


No. 442555

is it weird that I have hardly any childhood memories? I was born in 1994 and I struggle to remember more than a few memories before 2007.. the only memories I do have are mostly things that I remember that they happened but I don't actually remember them happening if that even makes sense. I don't even have many memories before being 20. and I've never been abused or assaulted so I don't think it's ptsd blocking out repressed memories or anything like that.

No. 442557

Memory is affected by emotion.
Maybe your childhood wasn't particularly good OR bad and that's why you don't remember it.

No. 442562

because … it's stupid and a waste of energy to be mad about something that doesn't matter and wasn't done intentionally…. it's literally a plant

if it's so bothersome move it to somewhere that the dog can't pee on. would be a lot easier than spending hours training a dog to not pee on a cheap concrete pot lmfao

>inb4 triggered dog haters

No. 442573

I am exactly the same. I remember information/knowledge/skills and recognize objects, places, people, but no real memory of events other than essentially a text description of a few important things. I don't remember more than a couple of unimportant/silly things from 0-10 and 10-20 is like 5 minutes of information. Nothing neurologically wrong with me, no trauma. Just a personality type where the brain just doesn't bother remembering anything. The present and my present environment is of the most importance.

No. 442608

I am the same way, but my memory sink is due to childhood depression.

No. 442609

Training the dog to not pee on stuff or to pee in specific places would save a lot more hassle/time/money in the long run

No. 442679

>training your dog means you hate dogs


No. 442684

Is it corny to get album art as a tattoo? It's pretty abstract and I think only a more hardcore fan of the band would recognize what it's referencing.

No. 442686

Any and all band related tattoos are cringy by default, but if it's album art that you just like based on it being a nice picture rather than showing allegiance to a band then fuck it. It's still your body, do whatever you like to it as long as you don't think you're gonna fall out of love with it in 6 years time.

Band logos are always bad though, have some taste.

No. 442687

Oh god yeah a band logo would be cringy. The art isn't like, an incredible work of art that belongs in a museum, but it's simple and translates very well into tattoo form, and the album itself is my favorite from a band that I've adored since I was a child. My dad showed me the band and it's been a massive influence on my music taste to this day so I've always had a special place in my heart for them and I don't think it's something I would get sick of later on.

But thanks anon, you're right, it is my body so I might as well enjoy it and do what I want while I'm here lol.

No. 442688

that's not what OP said at all. Learn2read.

No. 442702

It's not a Deadhead tattoo is it? I'm intrigued to learn what the band is now and especially given the sentimental connection to your father I think it's a good choice. Trying to think what bands have interesting art and would come from that era. I unironically bump the Dead as I listened finally to a lot of it after hating it all my life when my own father figure was diagnosed with end-stage cancer. We listened to a lot of his vinyls in the last months of his life and it gets in my feels.

No. 442707

No, not Grateful Dead. Sorry for your loss, but isn't it amazing how music can connect people? I'm lucky to still have my father around but I know the music we shared is gonna ruin me when he's gone, ugh.
The band is King Crimson and the album I'm specifically talking about is Discipline. Although I honestly like the album art for Larks Tongue in Aspic better and it also translates into a tattoo really well… but Discipline has more personal meaning to me since me and my dad would specifically listen to that album together. Idk man.

No. 442709

Having looked at both those alb covers, both of them are just gonna make people ask if you're a white New Age hippie from the 00s rather than look like a band tattoo. You've chosen well, it's not obvious at all.

And yeah, music is a thing. I can't hear Box of Rain without getting a weepy. I hope you enjoy your tattoo, anon.

No. 442715

Anyone in here from Romania or Eastern Europe that would like to talk about feminism or personal struggles? I know there is a friend finder thread but it is kind of dead and I was only added by farmers from America mostly, I would like to talk with someone from a similar cultural background. If you're interested let me know and I will reply with an email you can use to contact me as sage.
Saged for being creepy.

No. 442724

Yeah sure anon, I'm from the Balkans, Serbia specifically.

No. 442726

I've been using imageboards for a few years and I still don't know what a tripfag is? Urban Dictionary doesn't give useful answers.

I know it has something to do with tripcodes, but beyond that I don't know.

No. 442729

someone who uses an identifiable code and name in a place that revolves entirely around anonymity, which in principle is obviously pathetic.

No. 442753

Diff anon but this made me think about how I was so close to tattooing the band logo of my favorite band on my arm a few years ago. I told myself to wait until I'm 26 to get a tattoo (24 right now, randomly decided on age 26 when I was like 18 lol) and I'm glad I did because that band I loved, even though they helped me through some hard shit and I really loved them at the time, is just sort of a shit show now lol. I didn't even want something subtle, I wanted some dumb ass BIG SHIT on my forearm.

No. 442803

Some of you weebs better help me out in answering this question, pleaseeeee

No. 442821

File: 1564763750697.jpg (40.97 KB, 680x891, Classic-Grilled-SMores.jpg)

What are good alternatives to make smores with? I like the idea of smores, but I don't actually like chocolate or graham crackers lol I'm thinking of making them with oreos but I'd like to hear what other cookies/sweets anons like to use.

No. 442823

Hmm maybe a gingerbread cookie or other hard and crunchy biscuit/cookie instead of a graham cracker? I've never tried it but I'd eat the hell out of a gingerbread smore.

No. 442829

Oh fuck that sounds really good! Hopefully I can find some at the store to grab!

No. 442830

Is a 20 or 25 lb weighted blanket dangerous for a 130 lb woman? I bought a 15 lb one and it ended up leaking because I kicked it around too much. I tried googling this before but couldn't find any definite answers.

No. 442842

File: 1564766345286.jpg (1.05 MB, 3178x2119, BtiX3Hf.jpg)

i've never had them this way but i bet they'd be really good with stroopwafels

No. 442844

Holy hell, anon, that sounds delicious.

No. 442855

Fuck I looooove stroopwafels and I bet they would be delicious… Gonna buy a box of this too! And hopefully the store will have the chocolate ones in stock also…

No. 442872

There is a website where you can buy them and you give your height and weight and they refer a weight that you should use when picking out your blanket. I would give you the link but i can't remember it, so you might have to go digging around

No. 442913

i think they say 10% of your body weight plus 1-2 lbs

No. 442935

are tana and jake paul actually dating or just fucking around?

No. 442940

I know about the suggested weights but I'm just not sure if higher than 10-15% is legitimately dangerous (like it is for kids).

No. 442944

What PS4 game should I get?

I guess I have pretty basic taste. I just got my console a few months ago and have played and liked RDR2, God of War, Far Cry 5 and New Dawn, Spiderman… I really like open world games clearly.

I'm trying to decide between Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Witcher 3, Days Gone, Fallout 4…. any suggestions?

No. 442949

horizon zero dawn is better than all of those.

No. 442955

File: 1564777370194.jpg (183.95 KB, 497x589, 1563349999279.jpg)

I'm using dating apps and I'm looking for a long term relationship from it. Guys seem to want to talk for 3-4 days and then invite me to meet. Is that normal? Or are they wanting to hook up? I guess I could just ask on the first date "what are you looking for" but I kind of expect to be lied to.

Also I don't know how to be less awkward during the dates. I feel like I'm introducing myself over and over again and I'm starting to feel like I'm being interviewed. Not sure if anyone has advice for that.

I don't really know what I'm doing. Does anyone know of any useful guides to how to use apps to find a guy that you're compatible with?

No. 442957

meeting early is normal. It's actually a good sign and shows interest. If they weren't interested, they'd let the conversation fall asleep or ghost you. It takes some bravery to ask to meet, too. They want to take it to the next level and allow a real connection face-to-face.
I learnt from dating apps, the longer you chat, the more you build up an image of the other that may not be real at all. That's why meeting is important and I appreciate a guy asking for it.

Your nervosity is normal. Yeah, you should look up guides, there are infinite guides and how-tos for online dating. Everyone struggles with that. The people you talk to do, too.

My mode of operation is to focus on the person I vibe with the most and which intrigues me the most or talking to them is nice. I focus on them and meet and check if it works.

No. 442959

File: 1564778276561.jpeg (37.99 KB, 256x256, F4942988-D27A-4C04-9D5F-AE6EFE…)


i was talking to my bf of three years for months before we met up and he was completely okay waiting until i was more comfortable (first red flag would be them rushing to meet you without any actual connection on a romantic level apart from wanting to fuck or after talking for like a week)
when we did eventually meet we just went to an arcade and played some games for a while and it was really fun. i’m autistic so in general talking to people makes me act weird so something like playing games in an arcade, rather than a dinner date for example, takes the stress away from trying to constantly have something interesting/funny to say, (which almost always makes things awkward therefore making you even more anxious) and you still get to have a good time and see if there’s a connection before rushing straight into a full on relationship/hooking up

best of luck to you anon, hopefully this is helpful in some way or another lol

No. 442967

Any artist/graphic designer anons here that use linux as their main OS?
I'm asking because the only reason why I still have Windows installed on one machine is due to Photoshop and Illustrator.

But I desperately want to ditch my dependence on PC (or even use Mac).

Krita looks cool. I can even get used to GIMP, but Inkscape is terrible.

No. 442997

How does one go about quitting caffine? I barely even enjoy coffee anymore but i buy one every day. Is a waste of my money i feel dead without it though.

No. 443021

The few dates I've gone on already, meeting them almost felt like a blind date because of how little I knew of them. It was unnerving to me for some reason. I will go on one or two more and decide if maybe I need a bit more conversation before meeting. I agree that if you wait too long, you can get unrealistic image in your head. Maybe I need to get over my social awkwardness. I have trouble speaking to strangers in general and I'm very shy

Meeting at an arcade would be ideal. Or anything that would help with occupying oneself. It sounds like how you met your BF was pretty nice and he seems understanding

No. 443034

Can I drink alcohol if I took half a vicodin (5 325) ~6 hours ago?
I also took a 600 mg ibuprofen 8 hours ago.

No. 443035

Do weighted blankets actually work? I don't really know what they're for but I think I'd like the sensation.

No. 443038

It varies. They're expensive so if you do try one make sure you can return it. I was under the impression that most people prefer lighter weights over heavier weights, and I was on a budget so I got a kid sized one… I wish I got it heavier. It's still nice, 6/10.

No. 443042

Vicodin half life is about 3.5 hours, and you only took half, so you should be ok. Should be fine with the ibuprofen too, unless you have an ulcer or something. Only issue is drinking will make you way more impaired if you're still feeling that Vicodin, so just be careful.

No. 443094

i really want to try one but i'm afraid it would make me too hot somehow

No. 443097

Is living with your parents after high school a big deal in the US? I talked to a few people who mentioned feeling bad for living with their parents after 20, and someone told me people leave their parents' houses early.
I got surprised with that information because where I live is pretty normal to live with your parents until you get married, after your mid-20s, or after getting a really well paying job that makes possible you afford living by yourself (which is rare for most people). Living with strangers as "roomates" isn't really common. But your parents expect you to get married from 25-30 and excpect you to move with your partner. But some people, even after getting married, still live with their parents.
Also I curious to know about how it works in other coutries.

No. 443115

its really not that odd at least when looking at the current generations. i really dont want to start anything but the cost of school now and the need to have a degree when getting a job that can actually pay for bills, food, vehicle, medicine, insurances and god forbid a hobby or a night out to eat in the us almost guarantees you have to come out swinging with a decently paying job and/or room with your parents, friends or strangers.

but it really can depend on cultural influences or social or religious beliefs. but what doesnt change is the price of the stuff we have to pay for here. a close friend growing up was allowed to be at home until she graduated with her doctorate while another was made to move out right as soon as she was 18.

but this is my observations of it, i cant speak for all of burgerland

No. 443116

well this wasn't really helpful at all

No. 443138

i was literally giving you a game rec dumdum

No. 443148

Does anyone under 40 use that "Neighborhood" app, and does it amount to anything? Basically, is it a decent way to bitch and moan and get results? This bitch living in the house behind me constantly talks (yells) every day, esp. on the phone, and right now her kids are screeching outside at 11pm so loud that I can hear it through closed windows.

Obviously criticizing a mom's parenting is a ticket to Hell and idfk what to do. I wanna sleep. The gossip she yells about isnt even good. If it was good shit, I wouldnt be so annoyed…can I do anything without getting bitched out by a bitch?

No. 443174


Is there anyway to tell someone is lying about having ADHD? I totally believe in the validity of mental illness and support going to get professional help. I’m sure there’s no clear cut way to tell but someone I know has made me suspicious over the last couple of years about whether they actually have it or just like the meds for it. Not trying to rat anyone out or piss anyone off. I just want to know for myself.

No. 443179

Check your city's noise ordinance law and call the cops on the dumb bitch. You don't have to leave a name or your address for it, just have hers and explain the kids are outside screaming. Usually they'll send someone to deal with it.

No. 443184

Why don't you just make coffee at home?

No. 443195

So…everyone else pees in the shower, right?

No. 443197

I sure as hell do.

No. 443203

yeah idc, I shower at night and by that time my pee is clear from drinking lots of water.

No. 443205

I usually don't because I've always peed right before getting in while waiting for the water to warm up. If I forget or something then I don't really care if I pee in the shower though.

No. 443236

I run PS inside a Windows virtual machine. I just can't transition fully to using the GIMP, I'm too acclimated to PS after this many years and feel the GIMP is way less intuitive. I hate Windows and used to be a solely OSX user for years but can't say I prefer Linux now, I'm thinking of going back to an iMac because I'm a coward and hate change (and want to play games more easily).

No. 443243

Time is money babe, of course I do.

No. 443252

Fuck yeah. As long as I havent washed my feet yet, I'm good. I remember there was a thread made about this here and I was surprised to see the amount of anons saying they didn't. Looks like the tables have turned.

No. 443257

I don't…I'm shocked so many people do, damn.

No. 443285

I can’t wrap my head around why someone wouldn’t, it goes right down the drain and you’re instantly cleaned off. Why waste time and water pissing in the loo when you can do a 2 in 1

No. 443297

its maybe because im tired from work but this made ma laugh out loud

Why ? you wash yourself afterwards anyway? And if you drink enough water, it shouldnt smell when its fresh anyway.

No. 443303

To the shower pissing Anons: there is a good chance your showers smell of piss now. There's a reason why there's a separate receptacle for it.

No. 443305

Is there a type of personality or look about a woman (who isn't thotish) that attracts men who want to cheat on their spouses/gfs, use her as a rebound, or generally just use her for sex but never get serious?
Asking for a friend.

No. 443308

Well I've been doing it since I was a kid and it's been fine, so I'm not too worried… Besides, why do you think showers exist? There's lots of stuff that gets washed up down there that's a lot worse than piss, I assure you.

No. 443309

Yes, girls with low self-esteem who will date anybody

No. 443310

Is there a type of appearance that signals low-self esteem? Granted we're not talking about behaviors or attitudes.

No. 443312

uhhh i'm pretty sure people clean their showers regularly…

No. 443313

I don't think so, but your mannerisms and way of speaking might

No. 443321

Regarding games, I have no problems playing them on ubuntu. What sort of problems do you have?

I totally get what you mean. PS is so convenient. I really need an Illustrator alternative and the best that I found was Affinity Designer which I consider to be better. Unfortunately that too is only for Windows and Mac.

But I refuse to give up. Linux, well ubuntu has been great so far. I have no issues with it unlike I had with Windows.

Btw, can't you run PS with wine? I can run it just fine like that though I wish there was a native app.

No. 443332

I think it's more subconscious than you think anon. Predators subconsciously recognize who they can get their chains on.

Trying to attack the root of it instead of worrying about masking symptoms of low self esteem is a better solution. Work on your self esteem!

No. 443335

Spoiler alert, anon: the water from my shower flushes the piss directly down the drain. There also exist these things called “cleaning products”

No. 443349

It's a bit hard to have spontaneous self esteem when people treat someone like shit, to be fair. It just validates the inner feelings of having no intrinsic worth, and even if someone works really hard to be worthy it doesn't mean the treatment will change.

No. 443365

do you think we do it without the water running or something?

a lot of women need to pee because of change in temperature so it's fairly normal to pee in the shower, anon.

No. 443389

How the fuck am i supposed to use a gas stove, i've never used one and i've googled and done everything except calling up a janitor/maintenance dude. I absolutely hate my landlor and don't wanna ask her lol. I have a main knob to turn on the gas i think, then there's the temp knobs. The model is some old ass lofra who no one has ever heard about. I am aware I am an idiot but these are not common shits where I'm from but it's and old ass building.

No. 443393

Youre a boring, angry retard.

No. 443396

lmao same. i can't stand the idea of it running down my leg and collecting for even a few seconds at my feet. but i know plenty of people who do so yeah, it's not uncommon. just not my cup of tea.

No. 443397

That's why people with low self esteem should take a long break from dating/sex/relationships/interacting with men in general. >>443305 seems to be having sex with men who aren't even committed to her, that is easily avoidable.

Personally I fixed my self esteem by deleting social media. Suddenly I could no longer seek or expect validation in comments on my pics, men could no longer hit me up randomly, since I don't have a massive social circle irl I stayed single as a natural consequence and learned to keep myself happy without their approval. Going cold turkey with men is a real option, you don't have to go through life hoping men will suddenly treat you well and fix your self esteem for you.

No. 443409

i grew up with a gas stove and ours always worked like you ignite it first and you'd hear a click click click and then the flame would pop up and then use the temp to make the flame larger or smaller. you really have to feel it out though, if you're feeling really insecure about the temps i would get a candy thermometer and put a pan of water on the stove and see what heat levels get you to the temps you're looking for. you really have to just feel it out if you're used to electric stove tops.
the main thing is to make sure you don't let the gas run without it igniting otherwise your house could fill up with gas fumes and cause an explosion. if you ever smell a really strong gas smell, leave immediately and let someone know.
enjoy it though, a gas flame is actually really fun to cook with when you get the hang of it and you can do dumb shit like roast marshmallows inside.

No. 443410

>>443409 thanks for no bully, it's been a while since i tested but the last time i did, it just made a woosh sound but no flame? some people say they have to use a flame to ignite the underplate thing but i am too insecure. Bitch might blow up.

No. 443413

is lil xan really transgender?

No. 443416

File: 1564872670904.jpg (21.51 KB, 612x612, rapper-lil-xan-poses-for-a-por…)

>>443413 ehh i don't really buy it

No. 443441

Doubt it but he definitely looks inbred

No. 443459

anyone have tips on how to lower your sex drive? i'm horny a lot and have the urge to watch porn whenever I'm alone, and think about sex constantly through out the day. I always feel ashamed after I masturbate though, and I would really like to just have no sex drive because I find it to be distracting, especially because I don't have a boyfriend. I don't know how to lower it though without drugs.

No. 443530

is there an astrology thread? just looked through the catalog and can't find

No. 443554

What do the cows you’re interested in say about you?

I can’t stand the self posting in the ed threads and the junkie blog posts in the TaylorNicoleDean threads is boring. Onision threads used to be interesting before every wannabe jewtuber cowtipped for adbucks. Momokun threads are readable when Serbs aren’t sperging about cosplay anime accuracy retardation. Shayna/dollymattel threads also get sucked dry by nitpicking jealous camthots.

No. 443557

Also phoebe tickner is pure milk right now aside from the unnecessary poor henry caping

No. 443702

is anyone, really?

100% agree. Feebs is the best new cow we've had in a while (even though Lillee Jean has so much potential! I love her threads! What a ride everytime!) and even though it must be horrible for anyone to date her, i don't get all the Henry WKing… He may be autistic but he's a functionning adult man. I remember one anon going "Aww henry i hope you find a new gf (or bf! whatever, sweetheart I support you baby)" and it was the purest cringe.

No. 443802

Do guys get weird when you say you don't want to have sex too early in the relationship? I have waited to have sex for all of my highschool and college relationships for a few months but I'm newly single in my mid20s and worried guys will ghost me or pressure me into having sex before I'm ready.
I just want to know it is with someone I want to be with and trust. I can also see sex clouding my judgement of how compatible we are together.
I know any guy worth dating won't pressure me but is there a way to present it that isn't weird? Should I just present it like that?

No. 443810

Men are autismos who can't take hints, so yes, just explain the plain truth to them. If they don't like it then you're not compatible and that's that.

No. 443887

how does it feel to be this wrong anon
"Fungus is the worst and it can easily grow in the shower. If you pee while you are in the shower, it can kill any fungus that is growing. Urine contains both uric acid and ammonia which can keep a fungus problem from becoming worse."

literally, google shit next time before speaking. bye.

No. 443929

Yeah a few of em. Theyre in there somwhere.

No. 444168

Anyone here ever been in the situation of not having any classes to take at college? I have one required class left, but it’s not until spring. Is it better to sign up for any random class or just take the semester off to work?

No. 444208

Why not do an internship in the field of your studies?

No. 444216

I think it would depend on your financial situation? If you can afford to do fuckall and just sign up for random classes- go for it! I took political classes I didn't technically need but learned so much from them and really enjoyed them in the end, and I went to a pretty artsy school so they even offered classes like ceramics and 3D printing (which I regret not taking to this day). If you can't afford it/would rather not rack up more in loans doing fuckall for a semester, just take the semester off to work. This is all assuming you're going to college in burgerland though.

No. 444421

File: 1565048102541.jpg (90.98 KB, 768x1152, hmgoepprod.jpg)

Should I get this shirt? Usually hate graphic tees because they come off as childish imo, but I like the flowers on this and the color's pretty cute and muted for a pink. I'm on a budget and have like 1 t shirt in my closet so I'm just looking for cheap, dumb shit. The rest of my wardrobe is too formal.

No. 444741

I think you should get it! I don't think it stands out too much as a graphic t-shirt but the base color and design is still really pretty. I would recommend checking out the plain and graphic tees from Uniqlo if you have one near you/they ship to your country.

No. 444744

Let's say I accidentally don't irrigate my wisdom tooth sockets well enough and the hole closes with food still in it… probable infection aside, what would happen? My sockets are closing up super fast and I irrigate them with the syringe multiple times just to be safe but I can't help but fear there's a stubborn piece of food stuck in there.

No. 444900

i met a guy at the beginning of the year at university, we shared a few classes, talked casually and had gone out to eat mcdonald's and stuff from time to time, but he isn't what i would consider a friend, we didn't even talk outside of uni apart from him texting me from time to time.
the thing is i have this loud, deep gut feeling about this guy that makes me want to stay away from him as much as possible, and i don't exactly know why.

he changed majors later so we're not in the same classes anymore, but i still ran into him in the hallways and such and we'd hung out very casually inside my school. i'd casually told him about a particular personal situation i was going through at the time, and he'd told me about some of his own issues, but then again, i don't consider him friends. up until then things were fairly normal i guess, but things started to get, uh, weird for me.

for instance:
- he's a bit too touchy-feely for my liking. i'm a big hugger and affectionate person but after a shitty situation i went through recently i've stopped being openly affectionate to people i haven't been friends with for long, him included. but he'd randomly hug me or play "slap" me or bump my shoulders (i did ask him to stop)
- the very first week we knew each other he texted me asking for relationship advice at 11 pm.
- he'd seek me out A LOT inbetween classes, he'd text me that he could see me chilling in my classroom.
- he invited me to his grandmother's funeral. he'd been bitching a lot about her to me a month or two prior bc she was living at home with his family due to being very very ill, so when he told me that she'd passed away and that he was devastated i listened to him and gave him my condolences, to which he proceeded to thank me and GIVE ME THE ADDRESS OF THE FUNERAL AND THE TIME THEY'D BE HOLDING THE SERVICE. i thought he was joking at first but i found out he was dead serious, we hadn't even known each other for two months when he did this. of course i declined, he didn't think it was odd or strange for him to do this.
- for Friendship Day (dumbass commercial holiday celebrated in my country) he texted me "happy friendship day" and a heart emoji. i haven't even opened the text, he sent it like two weeks ago or so and i haven't seen him in over a month, not even at college. i didn't want to reply bc i don't want to leave him on "seen" but i also don't want him to think he's my friend just to be nice either.

honestly the funeral thing is what creeped me out the most and when the gut feeling started. i haven't seen him around in quite a while but now i'm scared i'll run into him at college. if he seriously thinks we're friends bc we've hung out very casually once or twice and i told him about something going on in my life atm then i don't want to keep validating his delusion, but i also don't want to be rude and hurt his feelings. yet i can't, i can't shake off this horrible gut feeling that if i piss him off he'll do something bad or turn out to be a creep. what the fuck do i do anons.

No. 444912

I can't shop at Uniqlo, only select stores but I did like their stuff. All their shit is super big though like Urban Outfitters.

No. 444948

File: 1565119954038.png (581.72 KB, 1032x338, shirts.PNG)

Does anyone know where I could get more shirts like these? Button downs with really cute designs on them. These are from an indie artist (liliuhms) and I'm looking for similar shirts from other indie artists or even big retail shops. I just want cute button downs to wear to work.

No. 444949

reminds me of greg's taylor. they're awful. are you like… a science teacher? otherwise, these need to be outlawed.

No. 444997

File: 1565127503922.jpg (145.04 KB, 1200x1200, 852012.jpg)

it is bit pricey but you could try cath kidston if you're a britbong.

yes, they're bit goofy, but let anon live her unapologetic truth!

No. 445038

File: 1565132332331.jpg (99.77 KB, 564x1410, e5affa11c5ec3b6b064aaa2e23449a…)

Where do people buy ready-to-wear designer collections or runway clothes in general???

All designer clothes in department stores and online shopping sites are basics. All those Vogue tier collections show up once on the runway and then they're never to be heard from again showing up only on Pintrest. Is this knowledge that only gets unlocked once you have more than 50k in your bank account?

No. 445044

No. 445045

How many times are you supposed to shit a week?
I used to go once a day, but I eat a lot less now and its gone down to like once every 2-3 days? My BMs are still ‘normal’ looking though so I feel like it’s still okay but I literally don’t now know.

No. 445048

In my country we celebrate friendship day on the 20th of July, do you happen to be from south america, anon? (Or maybe Spain?). You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

I'm afraid I'm the worst at giving advice, specially if it involves confronting people and stuff like that, so I don't think I can be of much help; BUT, if I was in your position I would do the same I always do with those weird hollow college friendships~: slowly cut contact. I just stop replying people's messages. Or I reply like once a month until they get used to it, and assume that's just how I am. And if I then see them in person around college, I either ignore them (tbh depends on my mood or how much I like the person) or if I don't have a choice, I just talk to them in a friendly way, to show them that even if I don't reply their messages, it's not because I hate them or anything. I hope I explained that well enough, I feel like it's a little confusing lol.
You can also use having to study as an excuse to avoid him. My boyfriend literally cuts contact with everyone for months while he has to study. His friends are used to it, and they just accept it.

I have to admit though that I'm a bit of a bitch and don't care THAT much about how people feel when I don't answer their messages. But tbh they are just hollow college friends that I know I will never interact with again unless we share a class. Sorry for the extremely shitty "advice", but the only thing I can say is don't worry that much about him and his feelings if you are not interested in becoming his friend.
My best friend was friends with a guy similar to what you describe, and he eventually confessed to her and basically became obsessed with her. He was super open about his problems and self-diagnosed mental illnesses, very touchy-feely (like, putting his hands around my friend's waist and stuff like that), a weeb, and pretty shy. He even tried desperately to befriend all of her friends, for some reason. It's like he wanted to invade every bit of her life. I think the last time she saw him, he kissed her against her will (it was her first kiss) and after that she finally decided to stop interacting with him. It was very difficult for her to cut contact after all that, but she somehow managed to erase the guy from her life. He still stalks her social media, probably.
Not saying the guy you describe will end up like that, but I've met a few men with more or less that same personality, and for some reason they seem desperate to befriend people (specially women) and are very insecure and emotionally troubled.

If he tells you about how alone he feels, how everything bad happens to him, how he can't get a gf and how he started therapy because he is lost and depressed, run away and don't look back anon lmao. I think that's the recipe for "he was so quiet, polite and shy! I can't believe he murdered his family!"

Again, sorry for the shitty advice. I hope a wiser anon can help you.

No. 445049

If you don't feel sick or constipated it's probably fine. If you're still worried maybe just take in more fiber.

No. 445050

you could look at therealreal.com if you haven't. most of the site is jewelry & bags but they have a lot of secondhand designer. may have to scroll through a lot of basics like you said but they do have runway stuff sometimes. they have a lot of coupons/discounts too because the site is losing money hand over fist apparently…

No. 445063

yes anon, i'm south american. good catch!
it's cool, your advice wasn't all that bad. i'm used to clingy sadboy "muh loneliness is killing me (and i'm making you responsible for it)"-types so i can recognize them like my reflection in the mirror, but so far he hasn't ticked off enough boxes in the sadboy requirement field for me to be seriously alarmed (he hasn't been explicitly flirtrarious 4 example, probably bc i've been very vocal and explicit to him about my loving long term relationship).

being cold and slowly ghosting him has been my go-to for this situation lately so i'll keep on doing that per your advice. plus i've been very busy so it's not like i don't have an excuse. if i happen to run into him in the halls of uni i'll be decently polite, i'm not gonna be a bitch to him for no reason (nor do i want to).

i really hope he's not an insane sadboy with issues, i'm a giant magnet for this type of dude and i've been trying so so hard the past year to cut them off before they get too comfortable with me and pull their sadboy antics.

No. 445067

How do you make female friends online or possibly irl? Are there any female dominated forums/online communities?

I can be pretty shy and I've turned into a bit of a hermit over the years. I work in a male dominated field and the other couple women at my job are much older than me and I rarely get to talk to them. I like reading about cows on here and started browsing /ot/ more and have started missing having female friends again. Idk, maybe I should try that bumble friend thing?

No. 445071

net-a-porter or farfetch? Or go to fashion week in ny or paris or some shit, are you rich?

No. 445074

atleast 3 poops a week is normal-ish, if you poop only once or twice a week than try using laxatives, changing your diet, or seeing a doctor

No. 445085

Oh, nice! I'm from south america too, from argentina.

Those sadboy types are like a plague, christ (is it me, or are sadboys almost always ~nice guys~ too?) I swear every non normie man I meet is like that lmao. They usually cling to my kinder, more sympathetic friends, though. I think they give these guys the attention they want so bad, so they stick with them rather than me (or maybe they just don't like me in particular, kek).

Tbh you seem to be doing fine with how you deal with those guys, so I guess you should be ok at least for now. And if the thing scalates for the worse, I'm sure you can always come here and ask for more advice.

No. 445096

Asian males (see Indian) are considered underserved in stem but not white females. Is this actually true? Some higher ed stuff was using this..

No. 445098

if you have to ask you'll probably never be able to buy it lmao

No. 445102

File: 1565146886225.jpeg (465.94 KB, 750x1177, C0C6B670-C0F5-4E46-BC42-65B430…)

Speaking of designer, Moschino's clothes are fucking overpriced for what they are but I really like them, I wonder if there's anything like their shirt dresses that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars lmao

I also really like Jeremy Scott's style despite some of his stuff not being up the alley of what I'd usually wear. This stuff is simple t shirt dress shit that I could probably make myself but I don't have the skill for it imo and I don't think I could layout the typography the same, and none of the fast fashion places / places I go to have really ever replicated this stuff at least as far as I've seen

I'm self conscious about my belly and I don't like crop tops but that seems to be all I see so there's not rly a lot of places last I checked where I can even get tshirt dresses that look like moshino unless they have good fakes

No. 445113

is there a way to hide threads I don't want to read or use 4chan X on here?

No. 445114

The minus button right next to the post on the top left

No. 445115

I must be missing something with all my extensions because I don't see anything there.

No. 445120

you have to be on the board view, not single thread view, to see it. should be above the top left corner of each thread's OP image next to File

No. 445130

I shit every day, sometimes twice.

No. 445132

File: 1565158778737.png (513.62 KB, 1648x570, eh.png)

You mean the catalog? That's where I've been looking. This is what it looks like for me.

No. 445142

File: 1565161181422.png (2.61 MB, 1366x667, boardview.png)

no, plain board view. should look similar to pic depending on what style theme you're using. https://lolcow.farm/ot/ is what you need to be on

No. 445160

Oh, it doesn't do what I thought it did but thanks anyway.

No. 445161

I'm on mobile at the moment because I'm in bed but iirc the white box will show up in catalog view if you bring the mouse over the those op images.

No. 445247

How do people know someone is Jewish based on their surname alone?
Is there a list of Jewish surnames I'm unaware of? I don't get it

No. 445252

>Is there a list of Jewish surnames I'm unaware of?
yeah, basically. or… have you never noticed that different ethnicities have different languages & naming conventions??

No. 445258

File: 1565189537577.png (732.47 KB, 535x534, pika shirts.PNG)

Thank you Anon! I'm not based in the UK but it looks like they ship to the US and shipping doesn't seem to be crazy!!

I'm a little okay with pricey… I've been wanting to invest in better clothing and honestly I've been eyeing those original stitch pokemon shirts too…

No. 445299

I mean, what ethnicity would you assume someone with the last name Garcia is? Or Ivanov? It's just one of those things.

No. 445304

Most I've heard sound just german though…

No. 445315

File: 1565199048652.png (366.73 KB, 619x1006, 911aba69-b928-49da-a15d-bd4046…)

I found this a while ago and as someone who can't match colors for shit this is incredibly helpful.

I'm wondering if there are any similar helpful charts whatever for fashion?

No. 445318


It's not a list exactly, and some Jewish surnames are found in some areas of the Jewish diaspora and not others, but yeah, there are common ones you get to know if you are Jewish or know a lot of Jews. Steins, bergs, etc, some Hebrew-based ones, some less obvious ones like "Bloom" and "Wolf." My family's is one that's Hebrew based and not as common as some, so people often hear it and assume I'm Iranian/Pakistani/etc, but other Jews will see the way it's spelled and know. If you don't live in an area with much of a Jewish presence I can see how you might not spot it though.

No. 445325

maybe it's just me? But this chart seems really random and poorly thought out, doesn't seem like there is any sense behind it honestly.

No. 445335

That's Yiddish, and they're usually Ashkenazis
There are some well-known ones and as >>445318 said they share some common features, but you can't always tell. I'm from former Yugoslavia and families here mixed a lot because you kinda weren't supposed to be open about your religion, and here you can absolutely be Jewish without having a stereotypical Jewish surname since it only depends on what your mom is.

No. 445350

I'm from the Balkans too, most people who were Jewish had a German surname with -er, which are pretty common, and German surnames aren't unusual here since a lot of people went to work in Germany.

No. 445371

There's some common prefixes / suffixes associated with longer Jewish surnames, but not all of them are like that, some of them can be standalone but some of them have a suffix at the end (-man, -berg, -blatt, -vich etc)- e.g. Schneiderman, Rosenberg, Goldenberg, Ackerman, Zuckerberg

but there's a lot of Jewish people with normie a f non Jewish sounding names that could be used for a non ashkenazi person (Miller, Levitt, Levine). My cousin is married to a guy with a surname that's got a -witz at the end and he's not jewish, he's of polish descent. So the above listed suffixes and prefix examples aren't always used for Ashkenazi people.

No. 445411

File: 1565211893593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.08 KB, 695x599, E5A9AE13-F3FF-47C6-BE0B-9533C9…)

Does anyone know who/what Ahenobarbus Henocied was and what was the purpose of it? Is it true about the gore and cp? All I could find was Reddit shit.

No. 445416

god please spoiler that anon

No. 445426

File: 1565213660963.png (136.84 KB, 482x317, tumblr_6aa22586e42ce29c713bf1a…)

I'm reading the arguments over whether a Brazilian wax is "gender affirming."

Wtf does "gender "affirming" mean?

No. 445463

Oh fuck anon, i saw this pic some time ago and it's the most scariest creepiest thing ever. My mind always shows me this pic right before falling asleep to fuel to my nightmares. Fuck. Now I gonna have nightmares again, I guess…

No. 445481

Where did you get this image of me?

No. 445482

File: 1565219898487.png (308.47 KB, 559x464, 1560531375241.png)

I knew it

No. 445487

i know it's heavily, heavily discouraged and dumb, but i had an awful, nightmarish day. you guys think i'll manage fine with one teensy shot of rum like 40 minutes of taking .5 of alprazolam? am like 94 lbs if that matters.

No. 445494

Just the the rum alone. Way safer and effective.

No. 445671

Any fun female podcast that aren’t male coddling or tranny shilling or political at all for that matter?

No. 445673

I know it's not 100% female, but I really enjoy the JennaJulien podcast. I can only recommend the one or two episodes that Jenna has done on her own (I forget the topic but I think she just answers life questions from viewers). Julien can be a lot and he's not everyone's cup of tea but if you want to watch more of them, I really like their dog stories episodes or their snake oil and shark tank episodes.

No. 445692

Saya no Uta is coming to steam, if they don't censor it do you think I can report it for lolicon to mess with the weebs?

It features a scene where an old man rapes a young flat chested girl whose age wasn't given iirc.

No. 445693

>games with rape allowed on an all-ages e-store
fucking hell

No. 445696

If you read the summary it gets way worse than that. Brought to you by the company that did the yaoi anusbabies game.

No. 445697

Said loli actually being a lovecraftian monster though.

Steam isn't all ages, lots of other violent and sexual games on there.

No. 445700

That's a spoiler anon, and I was referring to the human body people see, since I remember somebody on YouTube doing a porn scene free playthrough and managing to cover her whole tit for censorship with his mouse cursor lmao

No. 445701

the mc hits his head and then sees everything normal as lovecraftian horrors and this tentacle monster (saya) as a cute pure Loli girl (then fucks it/her). it's just another questionable scrot fantasy.

speaking of rapey games on steam, what happened to that Rape Day game?

No. 445702

Ouch I actually like the game and some part of the story (sans all the rape and pedo shit), but what makes me annoyed is that they have no problem getting rid of yuri VN even the ones that are relatively tame and don’t attract too much scrote attention.

No. 445708

hi European farmers, I am looking for a japanese online store that ships and whose shipping cost is not more that what I am buying. i found some in Germany but shipping to Denmark is expensive as fuck. If any danish farmer know about one in the country I'm all ears, if not as long as it doesn't break my bank it's good

No. 445812

File: 1565293905238.jpg (352.21 KB, 1024x617, QzCjf68.jpg)

Is Touhou actually good or do people just pretend to like it? I literally never heard of the series until I was in high school and all I see is fanart of the characters, not even actual gameplay. Even now people still talk about Touhou like it's their first exposure to weeb territory.

No. 445824

File: 1565296415461.jpg (90.89 KB, 960x640, Spokane-Renaissance-Faire.jpg)

Has anyone here been to a Renaissance faire before? My friend invited me but it'll be both of our first times (an artist he likes is going to be selling there) and I'm intrigued because a lot of my other cosplay friends go, but I never found it to be my thing so I never went.

How was it for you anons? Did you dress up or go in normal clothing? How do you handle interacting with people in character (this sort of makes me the most nervous- I'm fucking awful at it)?

I kind of want to go because I want to dress up, but I also really shouldn't be spending the money to buy a costume and don't have time/knowledge to really make one from scratch.

No. 445830

It was okay. I went in my normal clothes, but there's a good chunk of people who show up in cosplay and you appreciate their hard work and skills. I thought it was cool the staff spoke in Olde English. I'd say go if you've never been there, but it's definitely more fun to go when you're younger. Buy a nice chainmail souvenir.

No. 445837

File: 1565298634305.jpg (85.97 KB, 640x480, 618224-imperishable_night__3_.…)

It's pretty good! The lore is very interesting, the games are actually not that interesting but the entire fandom built around it is really cool especially the music.
Imperishable Night is my favourite.

No. 445870

since it's holiday i have a lot of free time by myself and i masturbate like 10 times a week. normally i'd do it around 3-4 per week. would there be health complications if you do it too often? some people say you might lose sensation or have more panful period cramps and shit.

No. 445886

I used to be SUPER into Touhou a few years back. I think I eventually weened off of it because of general autism from the fan-base. It's a cool franchise though. Zun also draws all the girls like potatoes with downs so in their canonical forms none of them are sexualized.

No. 445891

I love ren faires, I dress up but you can go in normal clothing as well.

Historical clothing is not cosplay. Also, old English is a different language completely. They're speaking in Early Modern English.

No. 445928

Can any oldfags and imageboard grannies explain the point of the Email field for me? The only use it gets seems to be for sage. Has anyone in the history of any imageboard actually used it for it's intended purpose?

No. 445938

There are actual people ho come into these threads related to certain cows, at least victims of the cow did something and they do leave their emails so others can contact them. I know these cases aren't bannable offences because it pertains to the milk of the cow. It's rare nowadays though.

No. 445950

ren faire clothes are basically cosplay, especially these days when people show up in homestuck and steampunk shit. don't kid yourself.

No. 445955

When you like or dislike a video on youtube does the person who posted the video get a notification that tells them who did it? Or is it anonymous?

No. 445968

It's anon

No. 446009

Who is the person in the ‘my dad is deaaaaaaaaad’ banner? (ye im a newfag)

No. 446033

File: 1565352513262.jpeg (77.66 KB, 788x524, 611A500C-1390-4D3A-975F-5CD8AA…)

If you're talking about the little girl with the gun, that's not a cow, that's Natalie Portman's character Matilda from the movie Leon.

No. 446043

The cow in question is OrangeCitrus, a former PULL mod who had her hair cut to resemble Matilda

No. 446045

Newfag detected.

No. 446060

there's a blast from the past. some of the banners are way out of date. there are a bunch of good, more recent ones in >>>/meta/962 that haven't been added.

No. 446164

is it a bad idea to date an incel? do they deserve a chance or is it not even worth a shot?

No. 446166

You're pretty much setting yourself up for failure, no matter how they parade to you that they're lonely and how no girl will love them and the world is cruel to them they are still entitled fucks who will take advantage of your kindness. Not even worth a shot anon.

No. 446168

>is it a bad idea to date bitter misogynists
Yes? At least don't be surprised if things turn out horrible.

No. 446172

it depends.
do you mean a regular guy who's had trouble finding romance up until meeting you or a guy who literally self identifies as an incel and participates in their circle online? if the former, it can work out but just make sure you look out for red flags, usually they'll be a little insecure and doubtful that you actually like them but if they don't show any signs of misogyny or virgin rage you're probably fine.
a guy who proudly labels himself an incel though? no fucking way. chances are he'll still hold their fucked up beliefs and be in contact with his old incel buddies to talk shit about you to them. it isn't worth trying to fix men like that

No. 446175

File: 1565390220811.jpeg (26.98 KB, 640x960, hmgoepprod.jpeg)

UK and Ireland anons - where to shop online? I honestly never bought clothes online.
I am looking for casual straight trousers with drawstring and pockets, not trackies, just comfy every day trousers. Can't find them plain black without some stupid mesh or stripes.

No. 446187

File: 1565393104428.gif (2.56 MB, 420x498, kokichi.gif)

Why is this character so popular? I find him so obnoxious and try hard.

No. 446209

File: 1565397116459.png (231 KB, 475x533, 5DBC77AF-D0BC-4966-B195-8BD0EF…)

He appeals to edgy teenagers I guess? He's one of the most overrated in the franchise imo but everyone calls the characters I like annoying so apparently I like the chars nobody does

No. 446215

Monki is pretty good. Pricey, but great quality and they're comfy as hell.

No. 446241

What sites do people use to make friends? my boyfriend recently broke up with me and I'm completely friendless so I'm so lonely and bored.. my ip is banned from 4chan so I can't go to /soc/

No. 446249

Monk i was bought by H&M and has severely dropped in quality since. Probably sweatshop made in bangladesh as well.

No. 446281

asos is pretty convenient. big selection of their own stuff and other brands, free shipping once you spend €25, returns are free and straightforward, their app is actually usable. I get makeup and skincare from debenhams and cultbeauty. Would not recommend boohoo/prettylittlething/missguided, all their clothes are shitty quality. I get river island jeans online because i know my size and it's easier than going into the shop but shipping to ireland is like €7.

No. 446331

What do you think about a man who is on the conventionally attractive side, or at least used to be, but purposely only goes out of his way to date very unconventionally attractive women? I mean older women, but not the kind with good upkeep to their personal appearance, but those with very ratty hair and extremely wrinkly ruggeded skin and average to slender body types.

Its a stupid question, but yeah this is what this thread is for. I can get just about anyones type except someone who messes with nearly universally unattractive people despite being attractive themselves, 90 percent of the time.

No. 446332

What do you think of Mango, Uniqlo, Benetton, and Zara? I like online shopping there but I don't know if my taste sucks.

No. 446378

I've never used it but ive heard of meetup.com I think it's called? Or try finding forums for things you're interested in and meet people there.

No. 446381

Maybe his taste is just like that or he's into older women and he looks for certain characteristics in them. Maybe they remind him of his mom or something.

No. 446393

His mom has clear skin for her age and is a good looking almost 60 year old woman, so idk.

No. 446412

File: 1565437368405.jpg (174.34 KB, 1142x600, sukeban.jpg)

Did we ever have a thread about sukeban or am I flashbacking to some other image board? I tried searching the catalogues but there's nothing, it might be a fake memory.

No. 446423

Thanks anons! I went for Asos, holy shit i had no idea they had such a broad range. I think I'll be broke now.

No. 446432

Can't speak on Mango, but I like Uniqlo a lot for their clean lines and basics, similar to Benetton. I think both of them are overpriced by maybe £10-5 on what each item is truly worth, but the quality stills shit all over fast fashion retailers like Boohoo/PrettyLittleThing/Missguided. Zara used to be much better quality a decade ago, and again is overpriced but the manufacturing is still better. I don't shop there as style wise it's still a bit too trendy for me. Luckily I'm quite good at spotting good secondhand Uniqlo on eBay.

Only downside is that admitting I like Uniqlo and Benetton really drives home how not in my early 20s I am anymore. At least it's not as "mid-30s first-time-mother" fashion as wearing Boden or Matalan though.

No. 446446

Why do teen lesbians get pregnant at much higher rates than straight teens?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 446451

Monki is terrible plastic crap, what even

No. 446452

Thanks for the answer. It's just that I don't have many (girl) friends to talk fashion with since I live in a small town, so I never really asked myself if the places I'm shopping at are any good. I like the quality I get for the price but beyond that I never bothered to look elsewhere so I really, really appreciate your input.

> Only downside is that admitting I like Uniqlo and Benetton really drives home how not in my early 20s I am anymore.

This genuinely made me laugh. I'm approaching my 30s and I'm still at odds when it comes to changing my style to a more age appropriate version. Actually, I don't even know what that means. How to dress when you're in late 20s, early 30s etc. I try to take inspiration from online magazines and online shops themselves but I don't get any realistic answers. It's either too office wear or some romantic prairie fairy look or whatever is en vogue at the moment.

Also, I've always had a boring, academic fashion style so maybe I don't need to change anything. My wardrobe is like what Bill Gates would wear if he were a woman.

No. 446456

what do you mean? lesbians cant get pregnant.

No. 446459

Benetton (and Geox) used to be stuff my mum would buy me because it was good quality children's clothes/footwear and Uniqlo didn't exist yet back then, but even as a child I remember it being weirdly staid and boxy compared to the trendier clothes my classmates would wear, and it's still the impression I have of it now with their adult lines.

I love Uniqlo and Benetton because I swear to god they have the only tops and jeans that fit me right, aren't too long or too wide, don't bunch up at the knees and don't have long ass hems that I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tuck in or not. I don't know if that means I have an early 30s first time mum body, but whenever I shop at, say, Mango, H&M, Zara etc it always looks like it's meant for someone else's body. I have a very straight body with narrow hips, slightly broad shoulders, strong thighs and a short torso so maybe I'm just not shaped like an instathot, idk.

No. 446484

Anon, what even? Saks, Nordys, and then the brand stores themselves carry designer RTW. Have you never been to a large city? There are Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and D&G stores in Chicago, LA, possibly the nice mall outside Detroit, and in bigger European cities. Just look them up and go there on vacation

No. 446654

I feel like I'm only 5 months away from buying my jeans from fucking M&S to be honest. I gained a lot of weight around my hips over the past 2-3 years because of lifting, depression and age, and I'm having similar issues with H&M's cuts no longer seeming as suited to my body shape. Gutted cos 90% of my wardrobe is H&M.

It's all downhill from here lads. Catch me in Per Una crying into my tasteful bootcut denim on my 28th birthday.

No. 446675

File: 1565484353835.png (251.36 KB, 394x396, 1919420_1014690988553979_59373…)

What are some good resources to start teaching myself about posting & marketing on social media? Stuff that has maybe personally helped other anons here?

I want to sell arts & crafts but I don't have much of a following nor am I hugely active on any of the bigger websites. This is because I know nothing about algorithms, what appeals to people online when posting something and etc. I want to learn so I can work up to doing my own thing, even if it takes me years to build up. I've gotta start somewhere.

No. 446894

I thankfully never needed a std test, but I'm wondering if they just run a blood test to see what's wrong or do they take a smear and look for something specific?

Idk how to ask the question since English isn't my first language

No. 446897

usually a blood test or urine sample

No. 446923

Why would someone spam braco on lolcow? Why would someone make a spambot with braco?

No. 446925

how can i be more accepting toward nonbinary people?

i have a lot of biases toward the whole thing and mostly think it's special snowflake shit, but there are a lot of them that are friends of friends and etc that i have to socialize with and i'm trying to be more open and not judge them. it's really difficult for me not to want to roll my eyes though every time i honor their pronouns.

how can i stop being biased?

No. 446927

I don't get it either. It doesn't offend me per se, it's just strange that someone went through the effort.

No. 446928

Precisely. Don't get me wrong, I hate CP, but scrotes attacking lolcow with it made sense. Braco? Just weird. Was it random? Is it some weird braco campaign that we're not aware of? Who knows. I still prefer it over CP btw.

No. 446938

Same. Maybe his gazes are helping us.

No. 446960

Does drying your tofu before cooking actually make a difference? I've seen mixed opinions, especially from Asians.

No. 446964

I think /cgl/ has had one? I just don’t remember seeing one on lolcow

No. 446983

why do people act like 27 yos and under aren't retarded? people are always acting like 23 year olds are mature adults. i have never seen it.

No. 446992

I say just chill out.
Take it easy and remember not everything is political. Using non-binary pronouns is normal in my language so maybe I am just used to it, but it doesn't seem like a big deal.

No. 446999

I don't think being older makes you immune to stupidity, just less likely to be as brazen about it.

No. 447022

File: 1565566964289.jpeg (836.07 KB, 1000x1426, 4EDA364B-8A65-4713-9B4B-30A1FF…)

Will watching this ruin my day? I’ve heard that this is a good movie but I’m also in a depressed mood so don’t know if I should lol