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File: 1558121757156.jpg (93.93 KB, 800x800, ask away.jpg)

No. 411490

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This is your thread!

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No. 411492

Can having a history of going to a therapist affect future employment?
Deciding whether it's truly worth it if my future will be fucked.

No. 411494

Is it normal for your computer disk to jump to 100%? Like whenever I open it app it spikes to 100% then drops down back to 10%. My disk also maxes out at 100% when an app tries to update.

If it is normal for a disk to be at 100% can I use the computer while it's maxed out? Or should I wait for the update to finish.

No. 411498

Why do sweet potatoes make me fart so bad?

No. 411499

Depends on where you're from and which employment/position you strive for. I live in Europe and I know several people who needed health certificates prior to their employment. If they had any psychological issues registered in their official medical history, then they wouldn't be hired. So it would be better to go to a therapist privately, so you won't get anything negative registered which could a screw up your future employment and life.

No. 411502

Polysaccharides (a type of starch?) are inside sweet potatoes and other foods that make you fart.

No. 411503

Damn, what were the positions if you don't mind me asking? I know military bans it but wondered if other places that do background checks (so anywhere that isn't McDonald's I guess kek) would be bothered.

I'm in Canada and want to just get a comfy office job, but if I decide to work my way up or even go for a government position it would be sad if I was held back for going to therapy. Might talk to the career planning office at my university about it at some point before scheduling an appointment.

No. 411506

What kind of jobs were they going for, anon?
Am Canadian and my therapist has always told me that if an employer asks a question related to it, I can just dance around it with some generic answer.
I’ve always been under the impression that most employers (like an office job or the like) don’t have a right to that kind of information or at least the specifics of it.
But idk.

No. 411519

Does seeing a therapist actually help with depression? I’d love it if any anons can share their experiences.

No. 411531

In the United States, your medical records aren't even made available in a typical background check unless you are applying for a job that requires your physical health to be up to a certain standard, or perhaps if you are applying for a job which requires you to have a certain security clearance such as CIA/FBI/military other related jobs. I don't know how your potential employer would know about you going to therapy unless you inform them.

In the United States it would be considered discrimination to not hire someone on the basis of diagnosed psychological issues such as depression, or anxiety which are legally classified as disabilities. Under GINA and ADA it's extremely unlikely you could be forced to have a health screening which would reveal a history of going to therapy.

No. 411545

It can. The key is that it's not the therapy that helps, it's taking what you learn in therapy and applying it consistently every day.

No. 411570

What the other anon said; it's definitely a long-term thing. It's also nice to know that you're paying a professional that won't judge you and has the capacity to work with you, so it eases the burdens you place on your friends and family. Telling a therapist that you're having suicidal thoughts is a lot better than telling a friend because the friend might not know what to do. You do have to keep it up for a long time though.

No. 411581

there are different kinds of therapy. behavioural and analytical and also group which tends to be mixed. I prefer analytical therapy and it helps me understand myself and the feelings I surpress and the roots of my problems and helps me find closure and peace and healing. I wouldn't miss all this knowledge I have learned about myself for the world. it's amazing and so helpful.
getting better still takes work and time though. you can't expect a therapist to wave a wand and magically fix you. I met a lot of people who were disappointed because of that and blamed a likely decent therapist.
there are also studies that say analytical therapy has the best effect after it's completed and after you let some baggage go and can apply your knowledge of yourself to your life fully.
it took me a while finding a good therapist. sometimes, you get a bad or just incompatible one and that can suck. it's also generally really awkward and confusing as a beginner and the road to receive good therapeutic care can be tricky with waiting lists and all.
I'm really happy about my therapy now. just my two cents. good luck whatever you do

No. 411591

adding to that, group therapy and maybe also self help groups can be nice, too, because you really get to know other people and their challenges for a while in person while also being able to crack mad jokes here and there. you can laugh and cry together. it helps to feel
solidarity, to feel less alone, to accept challenges as normal and also develop that benevolent, friendly attitude not only towards others but also towards yourself. conflict management can also be practiced sometimes.
or at least that was my experience because I was really lonely at the time I stared group therapy. it helped me a lot personally and widened my horizon

No. 411595

Military like you already mentioned and aviation, especially if you want to fly an airliner. There are so many tests you have to pass and you have to go regularly to doctors to screen your physical and mental health.
Also civil servants but they can easily lie about their mental health (at least what my friend told me)

No. 411671

File: 1558156461078.jpeg (35.69 KB, 371x394, D31CA580-B1A9-4C6B-BFBE-BFB55A…)

Does anyone else sit in unconventional positions at their desk when studying or working? Picture related, because I literally couldn’t find any other picture that isn’t of some totally quirky anime character ugh. I sit like L but I put a knee under me on the chair and leave the other knee up. This position while leaning forward is literally the only way I can concentrate; but I feel kind of embarrassed sitting in such a weird position at the library or in any other public setting when I’m studying because I probably look like I’m on some Adderall binge or something.

This probably sounds even weirder but I also sort of do it to a lesser degree in classes as well, but I try to tone it down and usually sit criss-cross with my legs in my lap in the chair. Am I alone on this?

No. 411725

Sometimes I worry that some idiotic nudes I posted when I was 15 on 4chan will come back to haunt me.
I know that if anyone tries to use them against me, it can be counted as CP and removed with them getting arrested, but I'm not sure what I can do to ensure it doesn't happen.
I found the images in an archived thread. How can I go about contacting the owner of the archive site to remove them? Do I need to dox myself with proof it was me and that I was underage in them, or can I just use the normal report system and say it's CP? Help.

No. 411739

I always sit like you say you do (one leg under my ass, one leg feet on the chair). It's comfy but it's a really bad habit. I think it's fucking up one of my knees. I will sit normally anywhere else, though.

No. 411740

yeah i sit weird too, but i'm not sure how to describle the pose
like one leg crossed and the other foot on the seat?
or press my knees against the desk with my feet off the ground
i don't think anyone cares enough to waste more than five seconds of thought on you if anyone sees it so i wouldn't worry about sitting like that in the library

No. 411751

Does anyone else hold their breath while eating other than the person who didn't learn how to chew until adulthood

No. 411757

I'm the only one who has issues with the new Instagram design? Two days or so ago they updated their web design (I don't actively use the app so I only check stuff through the web version) and since then I need to scroll up to the pic caption because I'm in the middle of the comment section. Besides that I can't normally scroll up as I used to do it, so the only way to view the caption is to mark the comments so I can go to the top of the post (if you get what I mean). I tried several options to go through the comments but it's also not possible besides mark it but then it scrolls too fast to view want I want to see. I'm just ???? about this, is my flash player not really working or is it an issue on their side? welp

No. 411764


Which archive site? It should have information on requesting removal.

No. 411769

Yeah, I think that's kind of normal though or else you'd inhale food particles.
I also sometimes just find myself holding my breath for no reason at all.

No. 411785

The rule is to just report and wait at least a week to see if the content is deleted, so I reported the image of me. I'm just anxious that he'll see it and say "That's no child" (I didn't have the typical "child" body at all) and I'll have to tear my hair out figuring out how I'm going to prove myself.

No. 411790

I think most levelheaded people running a site would follow the general rule of 'better safe than sorry'. Even if they still refuse to remove them you can always scare/threaten them with legal action for hosting CP on their website.

No. 411810

I mostly only use the web version too (so that I never get too distracted/ addicted to it lol) and the exact thing has happened when I checked recently, the only way to view the post normally for me has been to click on the singular post by clicking on the date/time.

No. 411867

Ok, I've been visiting this site since 2016 but have no idea what the differences are between the lite and regular version. Pls help. Thanks!

No. 411899

lite version is lower quality for slow internet connections. in normal mode all the images load an high quality version so if you click it, it'll be quick to see the enlarged photo. also the timestamps aren't going by the time you load the page, but when it was exactly posted. can't hover over replies to see a preview of the op.
that's basically it.

No. 411988

File: 1558249398729.jpg (473.05 KB, 1121x2050, IMG_2028.jpg)

okay stupid question… Are people like James Charles and Manny Mua trans? I'm seriously confused because they wear makeup, heels, and purses but they don't have long hair or try to look "passing". Are they drag? What is their identity categorized as?

No. 411994

No I like that they're gnc and make it cleat they're male and not troons. They'll probably come out soon enough or whatever. The James Charles milk is so manufactured too. Yawn. It's basically powdered skim.

No. 411996

It's called gender non-conforming, anon. Is it really that strange of a concept?

No. 411998

They’re just men that enjoy what is conventionally considered women’s clothing, it’s been a thing for ages - men’s skinny jeans are only a thing because they kept wearing women’s skinny jeans

No. 412053

>What is their identity categorized as?
really hit home the pure autism gender identity has become

No. 412118

I suddenly remembered this book I read as a child where there were illustrations of a family having shrunk down and had their arms replaced by wings and some ducks growing human-sized and having arms instead of wings. There is a point in the story where the ducks try to hunt and shoot the humans. Anyone know what book that might be?

No. 412135

Why is mooriah‘s calf sensei called sensei

No. 412137

File: 1558298061748.jpg (93.7 KB, 1024x1024, 0.jpg)

does anyone know what kind of dslr and lens is used for these kind of self portraits? like the aperture, mm, iso etc. did they use light boxes?

No. 412149

unironically try the tipofmytongue subreddit, they're pretty good at finding that sort of thing - you might need more information e.g. where you read it, when

No. 412154

Possible arthritis anon here. low magnesium and calcium can cause joint pain and stiffness. It's plausible I do have both of these, as I switched my multivitamin a while back and I didn't realise it didn't have these in. I'm kinda freaking myself out that I caused this problem and the doctor is going to be angry I wasted their time. But would an anti inflammatory drug solve my joint issues, if it was because low calcium and magnesium? They gave me one and it has helped a lot.

No. 412164

Pretty sure they use light boxes or big windows.
ISO is probably pretty low thanks to that.
Not sure there's anything special about the lenses used here, I'd personally probably take them with a 35mm prime lens.

No. 412193

File: 1558305091443.png (27.55 KB, 222x121, nootnoot.PNG)

The glam fur thread reminded me of how I loved edgy things when I was a teenager but now I want to know why do teenagers love edgy shit?
Does being an adult make you more sensitive> because that's sure what it feels like.

No. 412215

I know there are better pizzas out there, but do you like Dominos?

No. 412233

Dominos is the best shitty fast food pizza and anyone who says otherwise can suck a dick

No. 412234

dominoes can be okay if you're super craving pizza and have little to no options. I vote YAY

No. 412249

It makes sense that people will develop more social and emotional intelligence as they get older, and gain a more nuanced understanding of the consequences of their actions. I have a foggy memory of, as a toddler, pushing a friend down a flight of concrete stairs; I wasn't trying to hurt them, I just wanted to see what would happen without even realizing how much harm it could cause. I believe teenage edginess is a more subdued version of the same thing, at a later stage of development. That might be an unpopular opinion on a site premised on picking apart strangers online.
>inb4 that's something a cow would say

No. 412252

I've ordered Domino's once a week for GoT and I feel like super conflicted about this like "it's shitty but I love it" every time so uhhhh yay?

No. 412258

It's a nay for me

No. 412269

a deficit in these isn't your fault and can happen for so many reasons. Aswell as the joint issues.
And you shouldn't worry about wasting the doctor's time because they are there to help you and treat you and your health concerns were valid and not a waste of time just because you didn't supplement something for a while.
Just take the vitamins and try to live as healthy as you can and you'll likely be fine. Stress can also affect the joints.
And watch how they feel over time.
If you want to be certain, you could get your blood tested or joints checked again if that's not too expensive. Good luck

No. 412278

What's the worst thing a farmer has ever done? Has this site ever birthed any school shooters, general murderers, stalkers, convicted felons, etc.?

No. 412280

Why would we? We ban scrotes here.

No. 412281

>implying we didn't have them befre

you don't remember the /robot/ thread days?

No. 412284

anyone know why moo's tits are shaped like that? they are almost flat and literally just look like two discs hanging from her chest. is this what happens when the breast tissue is too shallow but grows anyway? they look like saggy pizza dough.

No. 412292

She had a breast reduction in high school, so I think the scarring+weight gain did it.

No. 412295

I know there was a crime gal on /g/ once talking about her SO having a "bad girl" fetish. She didn't respond with what she did to get jailed…
But nothing began here that I know of. We do have creeps (shotafags, nephew fucker, necrofags, bestiality fetishists) but they've supposedly never acted on it.

No. 412326

I have a Nintendo DS lite from when I was younger. I'm a bit attached to it because I wanted one as a kid more than anything and I finally got one. I don't use it anymore, but it'd be logical to sell it and use the money for other things. I still really like just having it. It's in a limited edition color and is super cute. It's not practical. Should I sell it?

No. 412335

Hollow it out and make it into a cardholder/jewelrycase/keepsakebox/whatever. Attach a nice handle to make a kitschy clutch.

No. 412358

You honestly won't get as much as you'd think, anon, so I'd say keep it for the sentimental value. It is an out of date console by this point, so not many people will be seeking it!

No. 412461

Americans: are most people in your country actually against abortion? It seems not, but all I have to go on is Twitter, so that might not be accurate.

No. 412513

No… Abortion is only being outlawed in like 2 states full of bible thumping hicks.

No. 412517

Can't find the poll or remember where I saw it, so take my words with a grain of salt, but the percentage of people who are actually against abortion is incredibly low. They're definitely the minority.

No. 412523

If by "2" you mean 5 that it's already passed in, and passing in purple states, and will likely pass and be signed in in all red states, then sure, it's "only 2".

No. 412543

>>412358 they only go for £30 where I am. you should just keep it.

No. 412556

They're about the same, $40 in the USA, and that's a lot of money to me, so I'll probably sell.

No. 412562

This may not be a stupid question, but I wasn't sure where else to post it. What are features that cause someone to look 5+ years younger than their actual age? What about features that make someone look 5+ years older?

No. 412564

Someone answer this. I'm curious.

No. 412568

Actually from the south and most people in these states are staunchly anti-abortion. My own family would probably disown me if they ever found out I had one. When I had a Facebook, women and girls that I knew from school/work/etc would occasionally share or post "pro life" rhetoric and memes. All religious, of course.

No. 412577

Full cheeks is a big one for a youthful face, with no lines on the face. Eyemakeup makes people look older as it makes female eyes more deep set, features that aren't hollow or deep set makes a person look youthful. a soft jawline.

Makes someone look older: dark makeup, visible cheekbones, strong jaw, any lines or indents in the face.
Body: Smooth skin all over without bones jutting out. Older skin sags which shows the bones more. Fat on the upper chest makes someone look younger.

For guys it's similar, strong jaws, deep set features, bones visible, muscular or sinewy skin, plus facial and body hair and rough skin all add to the appearance of ageing.

No. 412584

I feel like this lady gives a good explanation.

In a nutshell
>Big eyes
>Chubby cheeks
>Short face
>Long forehead
>Far apart eyes
>Downturned eyebrows

It's also useful to see that youth does not necessarily mean beauty at the same time.

No. 412585

You probably mean certain things our body does like wrinkles and stuff but I think a lot of other weird things factor in that I've noticed over time;

Stuff that makes people look older:
>Short ponytails. like a speak-to-your-manager bob cut put into a soccer-mom ponytail.
>Clumping/spider eyelashes
>Stark black eyeliner on the waterline. Use brown.
>Momokun cheek jowls (use a face sponge with collagen, it really helps tighten my skin)
>Clothes or hair that were popular when you were young(er). We kinda naturally gravitate towards 90's to early 00's styles without thinking and clock ourselves. Like Spice Girls highlights and bad footwear.

Stuff that makes people look younger:
>Dark circle concealer
>Shiny hair, especially if you even out your natural color with a same-color dye. Length helps too as long as its fuller on top.
>Knowing your skin tone and what color clothing works with it.
>Hydrated lips in a flattering, natural color.

No. 412591

>youth does not mean beauty
>just makes you cute
Absolutely. I have many of those features but would never be considered beautiful by any means. "Beauty" is often reserved for women with more mature features, I'd say. Having a more equal mix of traits can make you pretty or beautiful, but if it's majority youthful traits you'll never escape cute even if you style yourself maturely and have a body to match.
Also having a cute face puts many in a weird place between 35-50 where you look old and young at the same time in an uncanny way. I'll be a cute grandma when I get there, but I'm not looking forward to that weird phase.

(also inb4 someone comes at me for "LARPing as a kawaii loli" or some shit, I still have off features like a nubian nose, proportions being off in other ways, and some acne. And having a larger frame and deep voice makes the face seem goofy lol, not great)

No. 412611

File: 1558374385678.png (29.57 KB, 310x656, FT_18.10.17_Abortion_Nogenderg…)

it's complicated. as far as national public opinion, the majority of americans think abortion should be legal is all or most cases (58% as of 2018). if you look state by state, or drill down to specific demographic groups, that number can go up or down drastically. 59% of republicans think abortion in all/most cases should be illegal, for example.

something to keep in mind is that these bills are not being voted for by the residents of the state - they are being introduced and passed by the state house and senate where republicans have a supermajority and the governor - which I could go off on a whole tangent about but I won't lol

>tl;dr: conservatives are against abortion and liberals are not

source for data viz: https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/10/17/nearly-six-in-ten-americans-say-abortion-should-be-legal/

>purple states

the only state that could be considered "purple" is ohio. the only reason alabama is technically split is because a literal pedophile was the republican option…

No. 412632

Any anons into productivity lifestyle ?

No. 412692

Childlike/youthful doesn't even have to mean cute necessarily. As a child I wasn't cute or pretty, now I look much better. People should really stop sperging about this.

Maisie Williams looks very youthful, and I dare someone to look me in the eye and say she's good looking.

No. 412721

i think she's saying that when attractive youthful people get compliments they're called cute and not hot or beautiful. because attractive youthful features translate out to looking cute to others more often than not. youthful attractiveness is often associated with the same things that make animals cute to humans anyway, which makes sense.

No. 412804

How do I respond to compliments without sounding unlikeable and/or fake?

No. 412836

is it so hard to say thank you

No. 412838

How did you ESL anons learn English? Most of the time, I can't tell posters are ESL, only when they mention it. I want to learn Spanish…

No. 412840

Watching movies, interacting with people online, listening to songs and interacting with people IRL in that language

No. 412857

Need a bit of help, anons. Does anyone know if there are any statistics on the amount of sexual trafficking that ends up in porn? If so, where can I start looking for this information?

No. 412861

chiefly by reading yaoi lemons on quizilla at age 13 kek. just general internet exposure really, school did fuckall for me and all my normie classmates English is waaay bellow conversational level. later on, once I got basics down, talking to English speaking people helped with pronouncing stuff (something essentially only reading can't do for you) and studying in English at uni has helped some more.

No. 412872

Lots and lots of English language media, mostly video games, and private school. I learned French first because I moved there as a kid, but English came around age 8-9 or so when I started playing video games. According to natives I sound very Canadian when I speak English.

No. 412873

That's a name I haven't heard in years… Quizilla FFVII ones were top shelf literature for 14-year-old me.

No. 412887

scandi anons, how do you pronounce zara larsson? i always said it like zah-rah lahr-sun until i heard pewdiepie saying it like sarah larsshon.

No. 412924

So I buy flavored seltzer water to drink, and I noticed on the nutrition label that under the "1 serving" half, it'll be zero calories. But under the "whole bottle" half, it'll suddenly be 10 calories? What? How do you go from 0 calories to 10?

No. 412928

Because if it’s under .5 calories then they can list it as zero technically for one serving. So it’s a weird food trick thing for labeling.

No. 412929

Well shit, you learn new things everyday. Thanks anon!

No. 412954

Has Donald Trump said anything about the abortion bans going on?

No. 412991

Yeah, he tweeted that he believes in abortion in the cases of rape, incest, and a woman's life being in danger, so as terrible as he is, all the Never Trumpers or diplomatic liberals complaining about how the Republicans are/were decent outside of him, are complete fucking fools. Even his stupidass knows this shit is too barbaric.

No. 413001

File: 1558470284210.jpg (33.85 KB, 720x750, 668724454.jpg)

I carry a lot of weight on my arms & stomach. However despite getting thinner, I can't seem to lose the weight from these 2 areas. My legs are so thin, it looks incredibly uncanny with big arms & love handles. My coworkers have shown concern that I am getting too thin, but I easily hide my upper body with baggy clothes. Am I simply unfortunate?

No. 413028

File: 1558474839889.jpg (111.98 KB, 1280x620, roommates.jpg)

How bad, for an introvert, is living with roommates post-college? What is it like? I'm most worried about the potential tension and am going to miss the leeway of being able to do private things (stupidly dancing to my music, not having to wear pants, etc.) I never had a roommate in college. I want to move to an expensive city and will most likely have to room with 2-3 other people (not close friends) to save money.

No. 413033

anon where your body stores fat is genetic, targeted fat loss is a meme unless you do it the artificial way via lipo, I'm sorry you're upset at the way your body does it but how about you focus on what you like about yourself instead? I'm 100% sure you don't look as bad as you think the mirror makes you look.

No. 413041

your "big" upper body only appears that way relatively. focus on building muscle on the lower body, and depending on your current body fat % you can continue to lose fat from everywhere at the same time, things will balance out.

No. 413052

It's not ideal if your roommates are not also introverts, at least in my experience. I had roommates for 3 years before moving out with my partner and I was miserable for all of them. A lot of lost sleep because one of them was messy, loud and inconsiderate and my mental health was much worse while I was there. I actually got off my meds after moving out, that's how bad it was for me.

If they're friends you know and trust and you can set down ground rules that work for you, it might be different. But if they are strangers it's really awkward and uncomfortable imo. YMMV depending on how assertive you are.

No. 413072

Is it me or are there younger actors in everything now and everyone is acting like they're not 13 and everyone is getting their kids into Hollywood shit younger and younger? Like, why are 13 year olds in these roles? Why are 13 year olds being taken seriously and why are people acting like they're not 13?

inb4 "the pedophilia", yes, I know the pedophilia plays a huge role, but how is the general populace buying this? I don't want to see a 12-13 year old that they're trying to sell as being like a mini adult already, playing these weird roles.

No. 413084

It made me want to kill myself and ruined my mental health, but I have avpd beyond depression so yeah.

My roommates were best friends with each other and I was a third wheel that was needed for paying the rent. It's not like they haven't tried to be nice to me, because they did… It just didn't work out because I am a fuck up that feels uncomfortable with new people and prefers to sit in my room alone 24/7. After some disagreement, I ended up being so anxious about meeting them I could not cook at all. I was only visiting kitchen when I knew there will be nobody there. I felt out of place and too anxious to attempt to cook anything. That was horrible.

I felt like a piece of shit when I was having a mental breakdown and could hear them loudly partying with their friends on the other side of the wall.

Obviously those are my bad experiences that are also reliant on my messed up personality and issues. Personally I would not recommend living with roommates if you are not BFFs from the start, but that's just me. You might have better luck!

No. 413092

Why are you assuming that I don't say thank you?

My mistake to ask LC on how to not be unlikeable I guess.

No. 413118

Can i use olanzapine to sleep even though i don't have schizophrenia?

No. 413184

Are soft drugs and pharmaceuticals dealbreakers/make you think less of a guy?

No. 413230

Could some kind anon recommend a good body AND face epilator that is under $80? Because a lot of epilators seems to be for only body or face, and that means cashing out $60 per each.

No. 413233

Buy one of those episticks from ebay. The ones that look like a spring. I got one 5 years ago and it was the best dollar I've ever spent.

No. 413234

No. Don't take a neuroleptic for sleep issues only unless you have tried EVERYTHING ELSE.
Try meditation, more sport, warm drinks, antihistamines, heavy blankets, reading before going to sleep, reducing your screen time, taking melatonin, benzos once you have tried that, and other benzos if the first one is not working.

Neuroleptics sould only be taken if you already have no quality of life left because they are going to leave you like a fucking zombie.

No. 413246

Thank you so much! I ordered myself one just now. You're truly a lifesaver.

No. 413270

ugh, please don't ever take benzodiazepines unless you have to, like you have a mental illness and are prescribed them. maybe not even then. they work until they don't work and recent studies show a correlation with the development of cognition problems, if not Alzheimer's, later in life. they are the worst drug, much worse than heroin and nearly impossible to kick. please don't bother with them.

No. 413388

Should I get on VK this summer? I feel like I've been wanting to get a VK account for years out of really shallow reasons ("oh it seems a cool way to kill time and im such a slavaboo") but is it worth it if you're not like…targeting a specific community?

No. 413392

why not, anon. its essentially just the russian equivalent of facebook you should go for it. from what ive seen its a lot more entertaining too. ive thought of making an account as well.

it might be a good way to get to know people from abroad too.

No. 413393

I don't know much about VK, I always thought it was like facebook? What would you do on there? Do you have to speak slav?

I'm off to Russia in a few weeks so I'm curious, if it makes me more of a slavaboo I might wanna read Russian comments and stuff.

No. 413494

Holy shit,thanks goddess I only took a pill, thanks anons!!

No. 413588

Which one ?

Because I was on the neuroleptic you mentionned a few years back. I hated it. I gained around 20kg and was sleeping all day and it didnt even help my erratic behavior. As soon as I got off of it, I was doing better. (I'm not anti pharma in any way, I still take antidepressants but like… neuroleptics can really ruin you and are wayyy over-prescribed).

Benzos can get really addictive without you even noticing it but they're not nearly as dangerous imho.

No. 413602

File: 1558620498826.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, excited-fox.jpg)

>wake up
>entire upper back aches
>chest aches
>aches worse when I breathe in
>blood in stool? (not exactly sure, but I've had liquid shits this morning and last night)

am I decaying or what? any med anons know what might be plaguing me?

No. 413612

Thing Is, it's really rare to find people to talk to in English on VK because us, Russians, are not that good when it comes to English most of the time. And whenever I see a person who speaks English on VK, they end up being creeps who ask for nudes / throw dick pics, etc. I wouldn't recommend, especially after they added ads on videos and on music. While you can get rid of music ads with subscription, you can't get rid of video ads.

No. 413641

Blood in stool means get to the doc.

No. 413664


No. 413845

Anyone have any experience going from social outcast to a Stacy? I'm not looking for any sort of appearance tips, just socialization ones. Is there any kind of course or book I can read that teaches me how to talk to people and be one of those 'icebreaker' people who can just make others feel comfortable? I have terrible social anxiety but I want to become a person with charisma who others want to be around.

No. 413861

lots of practice, even if you embarrass yourself sometimes

also after I started taking adderall I became way more talkative and "normal." not recommending just my personal experience

No. 413878

File: 1558670710527.jpg (294.69 KB, 1280x720, S-17.jpg)

how were white passing races(like Pashtuns or some light skinned Punjabis) treated in the British Raj and America

No. 413881

Probably like shit still. Scottish and Irish people are the whitest of white but were still considered non-white by Britain for a very long time and were treated like any other nonwhite

No. 413901

It's annoying when someone takes the time to reply to someone that is going through a bad time, or whatever, and the original person quotes their reply but doesn't acknowledge at all and just keeps talking about their situation as if they were just adding a fresh paragraph.
I just saw it happen in a different thread and it bothered me that the OP didn't even thank the responder for their input, or for caring about them. It's remarkable that on this planet we can show concern to someone halfway across the world, why not acknowledge when someone has?

I bet those are the people that only talk about themselves and ignore what everyone is saying irl.

No. 413911

I've been a bordeline hikikomori for most of my life and the two things that helped me become more "normal" were therapy to treat my kinda severe social anxiety and putting myself in situations that I havent before.Therapy helped get over delusions and paranoias I had about the "outside" world.After I got over my panic in level I could tolerate,I slowly started doing "social" things like going out with friends in places unfamiliar to me.

The thing is to go slowly and not overwhelm yourself since the panic that this could cause you could set you back and prevent you from trying for a long time.I would definitely suggest finding a good therapist since having "terrible social anxiety" is probably a result of many wrong things you may be thinking about yourself and others and it didnt just manifest randomly.If you dont improve your anxiety and your reactions to it,you wont become a "charismatic" person no matter how much you try or read.You can fake it but if you're a nervous wreck inside,it is gonna show eventually

the bottom line is,get over your stress first and then concern yourself with being a charismatic person.it will probably come naturally as you feel more comfortable in your own skin anyway

no offense,but the way you word things sounds more like wanting to impress others rather than improving your anxiety which is totally not the way to go for it

No. 413926

The closest thing how I can describe it is that it has this flow you should control. A sort of sperg chakra you should contain. Perhaps a heavy bowl of spaghetti you're holding and should not spill. It's very difficult to hold, though.

No. 413988

Honest question, is it gay to be turned on by naked female bodies? Or is it something even straight women sometimes do? Is it more common for people who don't watch porn or even the reason for it?

No. 413989

Do you think it's gay for a male to get turned on by another dude's naked body?

No. 413990

Anon, please stop trying to be in denial.
"Does it make me homosexual or bisexual to be turned on by the same sex?"
I'm losing it. Yes, of course.

No. 414014

>is it gay to be gay?

No. 414016

Yes!! I think the main part is just getting out of your shell at social functions, just say hi to people and compliment their outfits, hair, whatever. If you’re at an event with people you used to know, say like, people you went to high school or college with, just always say hi and ask them what they’re up to now— “So what do you do now, where are you working?” And then make sure you seem interested in their response. After you’ve established yourself as a warm person, after a while people will start to flock to you! Another big tip is learning how to flirt— it’s sooo great for your social self esteem for guys and/or girls to kind of hang onto what you do next, especially if they’re shy themselves and you strike up a conversation first. And once you’ve known people for a few months goodbye hugs definitely make you seem like a nicer, outgoing person if that’s permissible in your culture. And I don’t know if you go out to clubs/concerts but if you do, dancing with your friends is a great way to look and feel more confident. The safety in numbers of going places with groups of friends makes you feel less ridiculous, and most people think “wow I wish I could be that fun/confident”, so that’s also a great way to attract people and kind of promote yourself as a fun person. Good luck anon!! Sorry if this wasn’t exactly the advice you were looking for, but over the past year and a half of my life I’ve gone from being an aggressive, anti-social person to being able to be friendly to other people by default and having a few boyfriends so i swear it’s possible!

No. 414022

Stop spreading propaganda to encourage girls pretending to be openly bisexual or lesbian for a month or 4 after suddenly realizing it by watching pornhub marathons when there are actual studies that suggest that straight women in fact can get horny by watching naked women.
Seriously, you can't compare it to how males get attracted or aroused by someone because in general it is completely different. Like if you ask me it'd be weird for a straight girl to watch the average heterosexual couple porn since it doesn't look like the female is enjoying herself since it is obviously intended for men to watch and not specifically for females, so of course girls making a little bit more tender romantic love will be more liked. And also, while not necessarily the case, it could be that they just imagine themselves as them having fun since heterosexual porn sucks ass. But just give any girl that can get only laid with le bos porno a heterosexual couple porn that has a 8/10 guy who is ass-hair free and squeaky clean and who knows how to eat out etc…and they'd "fall in love"/get a teen crush. Sadly such videos are very rare to non-existing. I stick to my lesbo porn in the mean time, though I'm steering away from porn in general.

No. 414025

autism: the post. I half expect you to be bi yourself deep down.

No. 414026

I'm interested as to why you enjoy lesbian porn while not being attracted to the actresses. Is it autoerotic, like imagining yourself in the position of the girls? Or are you that anon who just watched porn and got off to "people enjoying themselves?" I feel like even that option is a little bisexual.

If it is autoerotic I can agree it's not gay. I used to watch porn with women (switched to only camgirls and 2D), but it was definitely because the women were hot. Also finding women irl attractive as potential partners is a tell.

No. 414032

Is there like a free site or app that can teach me how to speak english with a brit accent?

No. 414035


No. 414054

File: 1558717037554.jpg (113.47 KB, 610x591, What-Your-Butt-Shape-Says-Abou…)

How do you guys go to a beach in a bikini without feeling shame? I have a hank hill ass and I'm not sure how to look less deformed.

No. 414059

File: 1558719746005.png (2.7 MB, 1200x1886, the-lexi-cheeky-ruched-bikini-…)

Look for swimsuit bottoms that have this sort of ruched detail on the butt. It's way more flattering than the regular solid bikini bottoms that can easily go into soggy diaper territory.

No. 414060

maybe get a bikini with a longer bottom, the ones that look like booty shorts. ive seen some around. if youre that uncoscious about it this could be a good alternative to regular bikini bottoms.

No. 414062

i have a nice ass. no shame here.

No. 414064

I just don't go to the beach. Although my issue is acne and not my butt.
But really, why not wear bottoms that look like a skirt or with frills on them?

No. 414091

You could try a swimsuit that comes with shorts or a skirt instead.

No. 414094

I struggle to care about what strangers think about my looks. It might seem like the world to you but to them you are just background character #585 of that day they glanced at for 2 seconds.

No. 414131

is it just me or are all the abbreviations of tumblr/sjw tier trans/queer terms just purposely made into kawaii uwu acronyms?

No. 414202

Another lesbian in denial.

No. 414242

straight girls don't usually care if the girl looks like she's enjoying herself.

No. 414251

pls no bully
It's just something that occurred to me as I automatically considered it natural and thus never thought about it. I'm not sure about when exactly you can call it gay and when it's like a quirk in a straight person. If a man would look at another naked man and get a boner, but wouldn't have the immediate urge to interact with the naked dude's genitals, I'm not sure if you could call him gay for getting a boner only. Straight people can find their same gender objectively pretty/attractive so arousal doesn't seem too far away from that. It's even more complicated for women, as we can't directly penetrate but what if that's the only urge beyond being turned on by the body (considering they're not trans or something)?

I partly thought the same way, that's why I asked the question. Though I wasn't talking about watching porn (the contrary, I thought maybe NOT watching porn could explain the arousal), but just looking at naked bodies.

No. 414266

Guess males were right that lesbians still want to fuck men.

No. 414287

you get aroudsed by naked women in non porn settings? seems pretty gay to me…

No. 414300

File: 1558789761156.jpg (23.58 KB, 480x480, 58408929_2354328004892424_4960…)

anyone knows this model's name or ig? I saw him on thisisneverthat instagram but they don't tag him.

No. 414301

I'm straight, have no desire or urge to touch a woman intimately. My first kiss with tongue was with a girl in highschool at a sleepover there was a few of us and we all drew names to partner up with and all brushed our teeth together then took turns in a cupboard. Lmao. When watching porn, girls moaning turn me on. I don't think I'm gay even though I've kissed a girl and hearing a girl moan turns me on. I think it just stimulates my brain to think it's sexy time lol, like if I was to ever be with a woman I would never want to touch her but she could go nuts on me in the moment. What I think I'm trying to say is we are horny but without the desire to ever be with a woman. We just know what sounds and looks like fun. I'm very selective with what I'll watch I like a nice male and female couple maybe out doors if I'm feeling dangerous lol

No. 414307

>what is bisexualality

No. 414357

I didn't reply to a single of these bait (you)s and neither should you have. Only you yourself can know if you're gay or not, assuming you know the exact definition of it, not knowing what the definition exactly includes may be the reason why these fake-lesbians exist in the first place, but I was just warning you to not listen to a bunch of people who don't even know you and that it is indeed possible to be a straight woman and watch lesbian porn and that there are studies that show females and males are completely different even when it comes to watching porn. And remember: outliers exist and yes a man could in theory watch gay porn when the men in the video are attractive no homo. But they probably would want a female to lick dair poopoo like icecream. I won't ever in my life eat out a girl, fucking ever. Nor would I let some bitch eat out me. A clean shaven dick is just perfect for me the way it is and plastic and bony fingers really won't do it. And while I barely watch porn, I sure for hell won't watch a dude's shitstained hairy anus you can watch da poopoo if you don't like lesbian porn but I will stick to HQ IQ porno.

No. 414363

And what if you have a very awesome but obese fatty chan friend who you're working out with in the gym so she stays motivated (though I preferred my own schedule tbh) who has big feet? She has never recalled an era where she was skinny, neither did I, so I am collecting all the slimming and slimmed down ex-morbidely obese chans if their SHOE size have gone any lower. I am not interested if they actually got mathematically shorter or not, I am interested if you can go from an idk, 11 to 10 or even 9 (9 seems to be the upper most max limit of cute shoes you can buy)? Please say yes? Because we were shopping gym attire and she realized her feet were big, and got disappointed shopping attire will be still not so easy for her even if she lost weight.

No. 414370

wtf are you trying to say??? send that bitch to aliexpress bb.

No. 414373

Aliexpress has a very long shipping time right of at least 3 weeks innit? Well I don't think she hasn't heard of that website, in fact she ordered from there a couple times. But I did not know a chinese store would sell cute shoes for big feet? Regarding your confusion of my wall of text, I just want to know if the people who lost weight a lot of weight here got a smaller shoe size, since I know losing 20 pounds surely won't lower your shoe size. Hope it cleared things up now?

No. 414376

I think you're asking if foot size will go back down if she loses weight? I'm not so sure.

I do know foot size can increase with weight gain because the arches in one's feet tend to flatten the heavier one get. Btw, birth control and pregnancy can also increase shoe size because the hormones relax feet and collapse arches.

Honestly that insecurity makes me chuckle a little. I mean, of all the horrible things obesity does to a body like sagginess and loose skin, big feet are the problem? There's so many online resources for cute shoes that come in bigger sizes.

No. 414381

She's probably better off buying the customized shoes that take a bit longer due to shipping than banking on her foot size shrinking in a few weeks just because she lost a few pounds.

No. 414386

Is it true that you're attracted to more masculine guys when you're ovulating? I can't remember where I read it and it sounds dumb af but I'm wondering if it's true

No. 414390

how can you tell if a man is trying to neg you? theres this gross obese 30+ years old guy at my school, every time he sees me he always makes a point of telling me how "rough", "wrinkly" and "haggard" i look, but then he starts showing me all these suggestive memes on his phone and trying to touch me the rest of the time.

like i know im not especially attractive, im probably average/slightly below average attractiveness, but im not even 20 years old yet, i definitely dont have wrinkles, do you guys think im just ugly or is he trying to neg me?

No. 414394

Yeah I type on my phone my bad, phone posters suck ass for this reason tbh.

She is poorfag and unifag to top it off, so she can't buy expensive shoes for big feet just like that since 1. they're not in her and my opinion cute (we googled) 2. they're expensive. Furthermore shopping online is dumb for shoes since you need to actually try them before you buy them, expensive or not.
Pair of customized shoes is an unthinkable option.

She is just tired of wearing male shoes. One of the reasons we went shopping again is because her gym shoes tore, not because she slimmed down. I told her to not buy anything until she is medium sized or a small Large, so yeah…it's not a case of a female losing 20 pounds, more like a whole human. On aliexpress you can buy custom shoes, what?

No. 414404

i don't know, it might be true due to some evolutionary instinct but i don't think it's a strong feeling. i do feel kinda hornier when i'm ovulating though.

No. 414416

>do you guys think im just ugly or is he trying to neg me?
I think you should stop talking to that moron if he has the audacity to call you haggard while being a fat fuck. We can't actually know if you're ugly or not, but he's a douche at the very least and sounds like a creep. Ignore him.

No. 414421

I am only interested in sex when I'm ovulating I think. I will often daydream about cops. It's so random. They have such shitty attitudes usually and I don't like interacting with them. But when I'm ovulating they're all I think about. How fucked is that?

No. 414445

I had a friend tell me she found her dentist hansom when ovulating but when seeing him later realized he was actually not that good looking. Personally I just get more horny which makes me think more about the twinks and women I'm usually thinking about.

No. 414472

It's true for me! I know that for the women for who it isnt the case it sounds weird but it truly does happen. I'm usually into skinny artsy intellectual types but for a few days a month (ovulation + right before getting my period) I really want a sort of…more muscular "dangerous" guy if that makes sense? When I'm ovulating I also find myself more endeared by children even though I don't want kids.

My cycle generally affects me a lot and my periods are really long, idk if that has anything to do with it.

No. 414481

Holy shit anon please tell him to fuck off and look in a mirror. Straight up tell him you won't talk to him if he keeps shitting on your appearance and refuses to treat you with respect, be bold about it. Nagging or not, if you aren't close friends this kind of banter is inappropriate and the fat fuck is probably projecting his insecurities on you.

No. 414485

My boyfriend's family has a lot of alcoholism running in it and his mother has told me to be wary of how much alcohol he consumes as he had a brief period of drinking heavy liquor daily.
I recently said it was fine for him to drink whenever he wanted and not to ask me because I don't want to be controlling, but I found out today he drank 500ml of Vodka in 5 days (that was a gift for both of us). I'm a bit pissed and I think it's irresponsible but I just don't know what to say to him.
He has a weird hangup as well about people who smoke cigarettes and weed and considers those people almost immoral and beneath him? Yet he has no problem drinking alcohol? He says it's because alcohol isn't a "psycho-somethingsomething" and that it doesn't affect your mental health (lol). English is my third language so I don't feel confident arguing against him…
Idk what to do or say.

No. 414486

A 30 year old should not be conversing with a teenage high school student on campus (unless he's a parent, staff, or related to a friend of yours; ie not a stranger). That's just fucking weird and inappropriate, definitely avoid. Sounds like predator behavior.

No. 414497


im at uni, and he kind of works there. i do my best to avoid him.

he does other shit too. hes tried to talk me into going to his house and having drinks, and told me once that he thinks that 30 year old men should be allowed to marry teenage girls, like as in under 18, because that way they will age at the same rate, wtf. im about 99% sure that hes into red pill bullshit too, which makes me suspect that hes trying to "neg" me for some reason, probably because im relatively quiet and timid. tbh though, the comments about my appearance dont bother me that much, only a little, its the idea of this smelly fat fuck trying to manipulate me that disgusts me.

No. 414502

There's this one fat girl who I think I first saw here on lolcow. I can't remember her name, but I know she was on ig. She had reddish hair, a very, very beautiful face (imo), and was pretty overweight. The last thing I saw about her was that she had a feeder boyfriend and seemed to have gained even more weight. I feel like she wasn't really a cow, but her bodyposi attitude despite being very overweight would get her posted on here. This is a shot in the dark, but would anyone happen to know who I'm talking about? I feel like her name was Amber but that's probably wrong lol.

No. 414503

is it fatvegfemme?….. if yes, i have some news for you.

No. 414504

Give him total silent treatment and walk past him. Report him for sexual harassment if he works there.

No. 414505

he might be saying alcohol isn't a psychoactive/psychotropic drug. If he's saying that, he either has the wrong info or is lying to you.

A psychoactive/-tropic drug is anything that alters your mental state and changes your perception/mood/behavior. Caffeine and tobacco fall under this category, so saying "psychotropic drugs are immoral and bad but alcohol is okay" is incorrect on multiple levels.

sounds like he's making excuses for his drinking, which is a very slippery slope. Also drinking all of your shared alcohol seems like he lost control or something. Definitely be careful.

No. 414506

Oh no absolutely not lol. This girl had a really pretty face, like, a face where most farmers agreed that she had a pretty face (weight gain wasnt very apparent in her face until she got with her feeder boyfriend I think) despite her size.

No. 414508

File: 1558819948845.jpg (62.71 KB, 600x799, ThX7gnW.jpg)


reposting because i wanted to use a most flattering image

No. 414510

File: 1558820170721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.91 KB, 800x1191, DzqNKL1XQAAhXUU.jpg)

nta. i just googled her and she's gotten a lot bigger since this photo was taken. fuck.

No. 414512

She looks like a fat Brie Larson now, how sad. I remember her now too from ages ago and she used to be adorable with so much potential if she had just gone in the opposite direction and gotten herself down to a reasonable level of chub instead of fat.

No. 414516

thank you so much anon!! this is exactly who I was looking for! Her face is so cute, it really sucks to see the hole shes gone down.

No. 414542

I have seen her childhood pics, that was her at skinniest lmfao, and she looked ok. It's like women who wear headscarf, they are 100 times prettier with and then when you think if they'd put it off they look 200 times prettier since the hijab is bringing their beauty down, but it's actually far from the truth. She isn't that beautiful if she would lose weight, she's just holding a crutch and it just isn't super ugly and that's why we have this illusion she's ultimately gorgeous. Not meaning to say her features are ugly btw, just not that beautiful to the point the internet should break.
>tfw I was around when pearchan was pearchan
I am old FUCK, will now fuck off from imageboards and come back in 4 months. sigh

No. 414543

If your belly button is BELOW your crotch it's time to stop.

No. 414559

Nah, mate, you're very gay.

No. 414560

Can someone post realistic photos of dull vs glowing skin? I've read all about the differences and it seems very obvious, but it's hard for me to picture on a person. Google images just shows photos that look like they were artificially lightened and the dull skin photos don't really look dull or bad to me? I just want to know what it looks like lmao

No. 414573

File: 1558842429168.gif (1.19 KB, 50x50, free_avatar__cake__rainbow__by…)

BF dumped me and I have I only have 2 friends who live on the other side of the country/have their own lives now). Is there somewhere I can go to make friends online? I'd be into playing a game as long as it's low skill like stardew valley or words with Friends, or even a welcoming discord server is fine. Sorry I don't know how to ask what I want really. I just feel lonely

I'm also in my mid 20s and I'd feel weird if everyone was much younger than me

No. 414629

File: 1558862234737.jpeg (115.35 KB, 734x985, 3DDD644D-8E20-4340-8A80-3849A5…)

Is it okay to compliment black woman’s hair? It’s common icebreakers for women to compliment each others style but is it ok if white woman gives compliment to black woman with locks?

I think there is a super skilled hairdresser in my town because I can’t find similar example in google.

I love seeing people with different styles. My own style is alt-ish normie or lolita so I’m used to get comments on my looks.

No. 414630

In what world is it not okay to compliment another woman’s hair, you are turning a complete nonissue into racism

No. 414636

I live in Eastern Europe country where non-white people are kind of new thing. We were basically third world country most of the 20th century. There was little to no immigration until 90s. We don’t have long history of race discussion. That’s why many people are confused what is okay and polite to say.

Okay now I’m borderline racebaiting. Pls don’t ban me.

No. 414638


guys, whats the name of that way of thinking thats like … trying to understand a detail (like yourself) in order to understand the universe ? Going from small to big.
Wasnt there also some writer that was like "if you can truly understand a grain of wheat/rice, you understand the World".
Not saying I'm agreeing but I really need some refs and suddenly all my philosophy-studying friends arent answering their phones

No. 414639

im not sure if that's correct,but the description of what you write makes me think of the words macrocosm and microcosm

No. 414666

It's relevant to what I'm talking about but I'm searching for like a very specific word. Thanks a lot though

No. 414671


Maybe try going through disboard for gaming/chill servers? A lot are super hit or miss but you might be able to find a good one if you don't get anxious over large servers.

No. 414684

No, it's totally cool. As long as you don't get weird and handsy about things (strangers asking to touch your hair is a common complaint, though personally IDGAF), you're good, anon.

No. 414704


Ok so I found what I was looking for. It was Carl Sagan that said that thing about grains of rice and universe.

No. 414743

The way Americans are obsessed with mutilating baby boys is bizarre, why are circumcisions the norm over there?

On the topic of infant body mutilation, though to a significantly less severe degree than circumcision, why do people pierce their baby girls ears? Just leave infants bodies cosmetically unmodified.

No. 414754

Because one dumbass doctor memed us all into thinking that chopping off some skin prevents masturbation and STDs. Now people refuse to stop circumcision because it's "more hygienic" because apparently it's too difficult to teach your son how to wash his dick properly.

My sister, a grown woman, is staunchly pro-circumcision because "uncut penises are ugly and that's it. I mean sure, they are, but genitals in general are just weird looking. It's so retarded to me to defend circumcision purely for aesthetic purposes. Why the fuck should you want to modify your infant's genitals so it will look more appealing to their sexual partners when they're older? Like what the actual fuck?

No. 414805

I posted on /vent/ a while ago about wanting to be a let's player. 2 anons responded and that was enough to make me excited to try, but I've never had a social media presence. I don't even have twitter. How would I go about doing something like that?

No. 414810

I don't know much about it because I only watch some let's players who have a lot of followers and do their own things like Vinny from Vinesauce with his corruption videos or le joueur du grenier who plays old shitty games to show how much they suck. I think twitch might be a better platform depending one what you want to play, I've heard about Nintendo being harsh with let's players on youtube but not on twitch. If you have friends who like video games tell them about streaming video games once you're ready to do it so they can watch you. I remember suggesting to friends streaming weird or bad visual novels with them in private because that would be hilarious and we can't see each other irl to do this sort of things but I'm sure the content would be censored anywhere so I've never looked it up all that much.

No. 414836

What do if I want to learn how to sing better but too poor for lessons? My voice is on the deeper raspy side I think I sound so nasally and have vocal fry habit when speaking (idk how to stop??). Can anon recommend resources?

No. 414858

It's even more retarded considering it actually DOESN'T make a dick look better. What is attractive about rough, dry skin? It looks bad and feels worse, for both people involved.

No. 414859

>>414858 enlighten an eurofag, does it really feel worse when it's cut? only stumbled upon uncut.

No. 414861

Yes, it's just very dry and creates too much friction during sex. I always needed lube with my ex and my vag hurt afterwards. It was also harder for him to cum with a bj, almost impossible, because of how desensitized it is. The one positive is that it's easier to ride because it's more grippy kek.

An uncut guy in comparison is just soft and smooth and it feels natural how sex should.

No. 414862

Is there a way for me to see my posting history on lolcow? I just want a sad itemized list of the time I waste on here. Also curious if I could see my YouTube comment history.

No. 414865

>>414862 don't know about the lolcow thing but you used to be able to see your yt comments in library but i just checked that function is now gone…maybe just check out your history, your comment should show on top. that's hella slow tho

No. 414870

>>414861 oh shit that sounds sad, thanks for the memo

No. 414888

Heh phone posters can't into youtube comments
t. Phone poster
Here: https://youtube.com/feed/history/comment_history

No. 414890

>mfw I sucked an uncut guy I got disgusted and told him he's a nasty ass autist who needs to chop his foreskin off
I love myself

No. 414896

how do I wear a sheer blouse? I bought a cute white button up, but the only problem is that it's pretty sheer and I feel like wearing just a plain black or white bra makes it inappropriate without it screaming "look at my bra" but an undershirt with thin straps also feel a bit weird under it since your eyes are just kinda… drawn to what's underneath the shirt rather than the actual shirt. Is it possible to make it appropriate and work in a work environment or should I just accept my fate with this shirt and only wear it on my off days so I don't have to give a shit if someone looks at my bra?

No. 414901

Wear a cami underneath so it's more opaque

No. 414916

I like a spaghetti strap tank under a sheer blouse. I think is business-sexy.

No. 414919

Will dermaplaning make my foundation look better?

No. 414921

What I've seen some smaller channels doing is shill their videos on related subreddits while asking a question like what could be improved which will encourage users to watch so they can share their probably dumb opinion but will up your watchtime and help you with the youtube algorithm blessing your videos. Attention grabbing thumbnails seem mandatory too.
I'd say streaming is harder than youtubing. It's more gruelling to be on at the right time on a schedule, be doing something interesting for hours on end with no editing to save you from dead air or mistakes, being perpetually exposed to the autism you get in your live chat and all probably for relatively not many viewers plus the tech side is a lot harder than just learning video recording and editing.

No. 414950

i second the vote for regular vids rather than streaming on twitch. i would watch you.

No. 415090

I was one of the anons who replied to you, but unfortunately I only religiously keep up with one LPer, so my two cents might be pretty worthless since a lot of it is personal taste.

1) Consistency is key. Streaming, uploading youtube videos - I like coming home on x day with something to look forward to helping me unwind and have fun.
2) Someone said it on another thread, honestly it might've been on a camgirl thread, but I think it still applies here- You gotta make something out of absolutely nothing, probably more often than not when you first start out and have little engagement from people. You might have a stream with two viewers, maybe one, maybe even none, but if I drop by and you're dead silent, I'm a lot less likely to stay compared to maybe if you're talking about something that I might think is interesting or might just want to hear more of. A HUGE reason why I really like my favorite LPer is that his voice is so soothing. Sometimes if I want background noise, I'll play his streams because I like his voice so much.
3) Community engagement. I think even consistently engaging with other streamers and video makers might help too. Jump into a thread from a popular LPer or something that interests you, start conversations with their fans too. I personally hate shameless promotion, but if I see your name repeatedly pop up and you seem nice and interesting enough, I might check out your profile and then check out your stream/channel. Update your social media enough so that I know you're still active and can look forward to seeing something from you at some point in the near future (going back to point one).

I haven't been following my favorite LPer since the beginning, but from what I know, it was also a stroke of good luck that youtube was favoring his videos and kept suggesting them to people (coupled with having content that could keep people around) that made his popularity soar. He streams on twitch and then will upload a very shortened video reel of the highlights of his streams to his channel so he gets exposure on both platforms, if that's something you want to look into doing. I'm personally more of a video girl though. Streams can be pretty boring and I really just want to watch the meat of things, and personally, most times I can't make stream times or I just want to do something else, so videos let me watch the content on my own time.

No. 415195

i'm on an insta comment ban and it's been 48 hours so far? i read that most bans are 24 hrs long? i've never had one befor, so i don't understand why i'm on such a long ban?

No. 415231

did ig ban you themselves or are you banned from commenting on specific posts? a person might've blocked you if you're banned from commenting on specific posts bc I think they can comment block, not 100% with how it works bc I've never really had to do it, but if it's only one instagrammer who you're blocked from commenting on it might be a personal block

No. 415264

File: 1558994533818.jpeg (79.58 KB, 1280x720, 7EC8BFB2-8626-4C1F-BC0B-34BEAF…)

Is it possible to get something taken down from wayback machine or am I fucked

No. 415279

No. 415286

why do you want something taken down anon

No. 415296

No. 415341

Can somebody explain to me why the word 'cunt' in particular is so bad? I'm not a native english speaker, and I always thought that it was just a simple curse word. I actually liked the way it sounded and started using it a lot, but I read/heard that it is an insult aimed at women or something like that? My current understanding of the word is that it's just a very vulgar way of saying 'vagina' or something like that. That by itself doesn't sound so bad though. In my native language we have some kind of equivalent to that, but it's not really THAT terrible. Do people use it in a very sexist or offensive way? What's the deal with that word and why do I see so many people against it? It is a term like 'faggot'? Or is it more like a generic insult? I only use it to refer to myself, should I stop?
I know some english but not the extent of being able to understand things like this.

No. 415344

Depends on where you live, in the USA I’d say it’s used in such a derogatory way that it’s up there with Faggot and Nigger as it’s very much a targeted slur filled with hatred, but then in Australia everyone’s very lax with it so it’s just a mild cuss and no one will think twice if you call them a Cunt

Tbh it bothers me just how much weight Americans give the words because it sends the message that a woman/vagina is one of the absolute worst things you could be

No. 415346

as an American I have no idea why we rank it up there with the n word when we totally authorize and are accepting of the usage of "bitch" or even "whore" by comparison when bitch / whore is still "misogynistic" towards women. Women reclaim those words and use them themselves idk why cunt is somehow worse than them because it's used as a slang term for vagina, people say pussy too down here as well, how is cunt worse than any of those. Meanwhile in the UK/Aus it's used a lot more liberally and nobody gives as much of a fuck.

No. 415348

Samefag but I’d say bitch and whore are worse as they are used to actively dismiss women tbh

No. 415352

It's considered offensive because it's summarizing a woman as just her reproductive organs and implying that they're a bad thing.

It depends on the culture really. In the US it's basically the n-word for women. In the UK it's still a misogynist thing to say to a woman but not as severe since it's also used for men in a more angry way to call him an "asshole" or "dickhead". In Australia it's even more watered down because it's something used in the same slang way that "motherfucker" is in the US, meaning someone or something is remarkable, often in a good way.

No. 415357

Thank you for your answers! They helped me a lot. It's always interesting to have a language actually explained to you, instead of just trying to deduce stuff by yourself. Sometimes it's just not enough.

No. 415371

Eh I'm Australian and I'd still say most of us consider it harsher than bitch. Guys who go around saying 'yeahhh nahhh cunt' or whatever stereotype def exist but they're generally bogan men with no class. My friends (men included) and I don't say cunt but don't hesitate to say bitch.

That said I actually find whore the most uncomfortable to hear, nobody really uses it in a casual context. I associate it with intense, old fashioned hatred from religious old people and incels instead of regular shittalking.

No. 415401

AYRT and I’m Australian as well, guess it depends on who you say it to. I’m by no means bogan nor associate with bigamy’s but it’s stills very casual cuss whereas bitch does seem to be aimed primarily at women, though from what I can tell zoomers are a lot more uncomfortable with cunt and might be taking on similar views to the word that Americans do

No. 415428

How do I save a website on my computer (or archive it online, but I want the whole thing, not just one page)? Let's say I want to save someone's tumblr so that all links and pages are working. Is there a Chrome extension for that or is there any better way?

No. 415431

There are several programs and plug ins for that, try HTTrack. Or Google around.

No. 415432

Already did search on google, I am asking for recommendations that are farmer approved.

No. 415504

Why are captions and comments no longer visible on Instagram on the web? And the pics are tiny unless I reload the page? This happened last month but it reverted the next day. This time it's been three days.

No. 415674

For some reason I get really weird and annoyed about a certain subject that I wish would go away, I can’t think of a reasonable reason as to why it makes me sick with cringe. Is there a way to force your mind to stop associating things being annoying?
I feel like I have no right to feel this way because I cosplay which to most is cringy as fuck, which they aren’t really wrong lol

It’s DnD, the ProJared drama definitely hasn’t helped my mindset lol if this was a slight annoyance it’d be whatever, but I just get so overwhelmed with discomfort when people talk about it with me. I don’t dislike the people that play, my bf and his friends do. They really want me to join but I can’t even be in the same room when they play so I’m not sure.. they might not really have enough people to play now without me and his friend really wants to start GMing so I feel a little bad.
I guess I can try to force myself through more content to see if anything changes.

No. 415687

Any good time wasting apps (educational and non educatinal)

No. 415692

Don't waste your time anon, use a braintraining app, language app like duolingo or mindful thinking app. At the least, try logic or crossword puzzles.

No. 415725

What do you guys get off to when you masturbate? I cut out porn recently because it wasn't really doing much for me anyway and now I'm kind of at a loss. Shlicking helps me sleep and my insomnia has been acting up again. I try to use my imagination but I must be the most uncreative bitch on the planet.

No. 415735

Maybe try erotica? Or is that cut out with porn?
idk anon I just watched/read/viewed a bunch of porn as a teen and now have a spank bank that I jump off of for ideas. It's not like you have to reinvent the wheel when using imagination. Unless you're a bad visualizer?

No. 415736

Sometimes when I'm watching a movie/tv show/video game and there's a character I'm attracted to I'll come up with an erotic fanfiction in my head about them in a situation they were in that could be sexualized and other characters/my self insert to masturbate to. Easier than coming up with something from scratch and can be enjoyed with a partner.

No. 415751

Do you guys even need something erotic to think about when masturbating? Like, I can just watch tv shows and not have sexual thoughts. It's just a mechanical thing for me and I figured because of our physiology (we don't need to get hard to cum or actually be physically aroused to cum), that a lot of other women aren't reliant on it?

No. 415757

I literally can't get off without being aroused in some way, whether it's being stimulated by my partner, imagination, or erotica. Mindlessly schlicking just to get off ASAP doesn't sound enjoyable at all. I don't masturbate often but when I do, it's to have fun and feel good.

No. 415764

Not bait but a friend just asked me if shorter women had shorter or less wide vaginas than taller women on average (weird for him to even ask me, he knows I've never seen another vagina irl) and I'd never thought about it before, and it got me wondering. Do you guys think it's possible it does?

Everywhere I look says "no" and they cite dicks as a comparative example, but tbh I feel like that's already a faulty comparison. Dicks are external and so their size isn't limited because they don't need to be situated inside of a body.

I just read through a study that said vaginas could be .09 cm to .02 cm longer per meter difference in height. Nothing about width or difference when aroused vs unaroused but does anyone think it's a little weird that our bodies are biometrically scaled but everyone is saying there's 0 difference on average between short and tall? Like, on average you're not going to find a 6'0 woman with size 5 1/2 feet. I don't think any differences would be totally massive, but a difference is a difference.

I feel like this is a lie to spare feelings and curb male retardation because they can't handle nuance without turning into some extreme thing and using it against women. I see a lot of people/professionals/doctors also pretend that pregnancy has no real impact on the vagina either, probably in order to combat stigma (which I totally understand the need for, but objective fact is objective fact).

No. 415772

I agree with you anon, I've always suspected this myself. It makes no sense for height to have zero impact. It might be a small difference but a difference none the less.

No. 415773

I agree that there is probably a small difference but honestly tall girls don't need to be thought of as having big floppy vaginas on top of the other issues they face in dating. even a 1mm difference would make men go full retard about it and mouth off that tall girls are loose and baggy or some shit.its such an irrelevant issue anyway, no guy is ever going to be able to tell the difference.

No. 415776

File: 1559116538377.jpg (163.15 KB, 1024x1024, anatomy-pelvic-organs.jpg)

>our bodies are biometrically scaled but everyone is saying there's 0 difference on average between short and tall? Like, on average you're not going to find a 6'0 woman with size 5 1/2 feet.
Wouldn't it make more sense to find out how much organs scale with height? You just said dicks don't count because they're external, but feet are external too so I'm kind of confused by the logic, I would be looking inside the body for a comparison. A vagina is a hole but it seems feasible that size is dictated by the surrounding organs (eg maybe the cervix location dictates the length of the vagina, or the bladder size affects the width). I don't know anything about the human body though, just looked up pic related.

I googled a bit about organs and body size and it seems random as hell. Irrelevant to reproductive organs either way but still.
>It was observed that the heart, liver, left kidney, right kidney, brain, and left lung were positively correlated to body weight, while only the brain and the left lung were positively correlated to the height in the male population. In the female population, the heart, liver, right kidney, brain, and right lung were positively correlated to the weight of the body, while only the right kidney was positively correlated to the height of the body.

No. 415781

Dick size or width is not relative to height size at all. The same way, say, eye size or ear size has nothing to do with height.

Someone posted on here about this recently and said their girlfriend, who was a few inches taller than her, could not take the large sized dildo she could.

I don't know if your post is a handmaiden thing, or a cope that men aren't really pedophiles and just want tight vag…but height and size of vagina has no correlation. The only thing I think has a chance of being different is a tall girl having a longer birth canal/longer distance to the cervix just due to longer torsos and limbs and stuff? but actual vaginas and related organs are gonna be unique to everyone, the same way our facial features are.

No. 415790

Oof, as somebody who's tall, this is something that left me worrying for ages already. There's tons of men who say that shorter women (and especially asians) really do have tighter vaginas than taller ones, so…
Have you ever seen a really short guy with a big dick? I haven't. It's usually always the taller men, so I do believe that it's the same for women. And just like somebody else already said, feet, hands, everything is simply bigger if you're tall in height, so your insides must be as well.

No. 415791

>You just said dicks don't count because they're external, but feet are external too so I'm kind of confused by the logic,
Our feet need to be a certain size to reasonably support us. You're not going to find a 6'0 woman with 5 1/2 size feet often because it's pretty difficult to balance a body like that. Dicks are just stupid hanging appendages that don't need to support a body. I think probably on average taller men probably have slightly bigger dicks, but again, their dick size isn't really affected by the relative size of their organs or bone structure.

>It was observed that the heart, liver, left kidney, right kidney, brain, and left lung were positively correlated to body weight, while only the brain and the left lung were positively correlated to the height in the male population. In the female population, the heart, liver, right kidney, brain, and right lung were positively correlated to the weight of the body, while only the right kidney was positively correlated to the height of the body.

The study this was from was measuring weight. They're talking about differences in weight of the organs, not size, exactly, js. Even if that's the case and they're mostly the same size tall to short, that still leaves less space for people of smaller stature/smaller frames. So are their organs literally just crammed to shit in comparison? So is pregnancy much more difficult for them because the child, which is going to be the same size, has to squeeze into a cavity that's occupied by the same size organs as taller people? Just seems odd.

>Dick size or width is not relative to height size at all.
I didn't say it was, but multiple studies have found moderate correlation, some weak, and a few none. But there's really no reason for a dick to be impacted so much by height anyways, compared to other things. There are few studies examining vaginas and their potential correlation to height, but as I said, the one that I found did show correlation, though it's not like it's an amount that men would actually notice. I just think it's being downplayed, much like how childbirth does affect the vagina, but for the sake of quelling male retardation, professionals pretend it doesn't change the vagina. I just think it's curious is all. Tbh though there definitely are a number of studies correlating male height and dick size. Men are too big of babies to accept it though and so even if it was objectively proven to be true, there's no way people could admit it or speak freely about it without them going apeshit about it and committing sudoku and blaming women for it.

No. 415793

How much does using an epilator hurt? Every time I check the reviews for an epilator that I'm about to buy, I see tons of comments about how much it hurts. I'm aware it will hurt the first 2-3 times but surely it won't as much after repeated use?

No. 415794

If tall women had bigger / wider vagina they would have a way easier time during childbirth and would probably have less episiotomy or other complication than smaller women, doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 415796

No, because taller women usually have bigger children as well. If they wouldn't be bigger down there they would have a seriously hard time birthing them.

No. 415797

I don't think so, really. A difference of half a centimeter or whatever isn't going to make a huge difference when pushing out an 8 lb baby.

No. 415799

Have you guys ever considered that men that go on about how tight a certain demographic are won’t be an even remotely reliable source of information as they probably can’t even arouse the women they fuck, which has a direct effect on vaginal tightness?

No. 415800

So how do tiny women who have kids with big ass men handle the pregnancy and birthing?

No. 415801

It really isn’t bad at all if you’ve already waxed/plucked your hair in the past. It’s painful as hell though if you’ve never done it though.

No. 415802

Okay, thanks. The comments are really scary. Waxing, on the other hand, was never really that painful to me so hopefully the epilator doesn't break me into tears.

No. 415803

Well, it is very hard on them?
My mother is short, my father is tall and I already was extremely big as a baby, so it was really bad for her.

No. 415804

>10 years of age decreases total vaginal length by 0.08 cm. One meter of height and 10 kg of weight increases total vaginal length by 0.09 cm and 0.02 cm, respectively. Menopause is associated with a shortening of total vaginal length by 0.17 cm.
>Although there appears to be statistically significant associations between total vaginal length and the aforementioned factors, the impact is unlikely to be clinically significant.

No. 415806

I can't really believe that. How would they even "research" that properly? lol

>I feel like this is a lie to spare feelings and curb male retardation because they can't handle nuance without turning into some extreme thing and using it against women.

Sadly this, tbh.

No. 415811

>Menopause is associated with a shortening of total vaginal length by 0.17 cm.
Little old ladies confirmed for smallest vaginas, guess we all lose and men will have to change their tune about the most desirable type of woman

No. 415814

Yeah, this is what I've read, but if you read like women's health articles doctors are saying there is 0 difference at all, period. And I just realized I read it wrong, so they're saying the .09 is for the height difference and .02 is weight difference. Interesting. I have no doubt in my mind though that any difference is COMPLETELY imperceptible to men and is mostly going to be imperceptible in general. An Asian or petite woman could put a loose sock in front of her crotch and let a guy fuck it and he'd still brag about how 'totally tight' she was just because they completely invent their own narratives based on their own memetier bullshit. I just think it's kind of crazy that doctors say such absolute things. I think ultimately, though, the ends justify the means. There's definitely reason for them to not mention the correlation.

>tfw muh evo psych mid teen 'much tighter vagina' bullshit excuse is BTFO'd by old lady vagina

No. 415815

Found this
>I think torso length and hip width are pretty good determiners for vagina size. It is not the height of of the women (head to foot) which determines the depth of the vagina. There is definitely a racial difference and also genetic factors which determine the length of vagina. White women give birth to babies with larger heads "on average" so their hips are "on average" broader, and their vaginal opening is also larger. Black women, actually have smaller vagina's. They give birth to babies with smaller heads and have smaller hips. Black women store more body fat on their buttocks, but their hips are actually smaller (men and women). White people also have longer torso's and white women also have longer vagina's. Asian women have shorter vagina's than both black and white women, have wider openings than black women, but not as large as white women. Unlike penis size, the body size/shape of a woman has an influence on vaginal size. Taller women (longer torso) with wider hips will most likely have longer and deeper set vagina. Torso size/length is more significant than actual height. As for men however, a 6' 8" man may have a smaller penis than a 5' 8" man, just like has ears may also be smaller. External organs are not influenced by body size or height, whereas internal organs are.

tfw you're a tall and therefore long torso-ed white woman with wide hips…

No. 415816

Why should we care what a random MALE redditor believes ?

No. 415818

Because it sounds plausible?

Just like there's women who are insecure about their boob size there are some who are insecure because of that, don't be so passive aggressive.

No. 415820

this is absolutely retarded, anon. why do you care about some random reddit man's made-up conjecture?

No. 415821

NTA and the guy sounds retarded and anon def doesn't need to be insecure and worry about it, but it does make sense, hypothetically, that internal organ size would be more dependent on the rest of the body, like parts of a puzzle, whereas dicks don't need to "fit" anywhere.

No. 415823

How do I make friends that will actually want to hang out with me?

I'm finishing my first year of uni and I feel like I failed completely in the area of making meaningful friends. I know some girls I always sit next to and have phone numbers of, but they never showed any interest in hanging out with me. If I have to be real they aren't people I would like to hang out with either, they feel like people I just grouped with to not be lonely but we have no connection apart that, no things in common (apart out major).
I guess my point is that I don't want to hang out with them either.

So how do I meet people I will actually like and will like me back enough to want to hang out with me?
I'm a lesbian nerd btw if that helps

No. 415824

what kind of body shape is 34-24-36 I have tried googling it and only ended up more confused???

No. 415827

I think there are websites where you can enter mensurations and weight and the websites will create a 3D model of what the person would look like, but I never found any. Maybe other anons know more about that?

No. 415828

Hourglass, aren’t these Marilyn Monroe’s famous measurements?

No. 415829

I THINK your bust and hips need to be exactly the same for that

No. 415830

They don’t, they have to be relatively the same width - it just needs to create an hourglass silhouette

No. 415831

File: 1559125152747.jpg (24.43 KB, 554x848, hSls6z3_d.jpg)

I don't know if it is true and we know these things fluctuate, but it was posted online that these are Rhiannas measurements.

No. 415833

Something I have been wondering for a while i why we have a term for the discrimination of jews, but not for other religions. I also don't understand why antisemitism was/is a thing in the first place. What made the jews so bad that they needed a discriminatory term against them in the first place? I have consulted with Professor Google and I still don't get it…

No. 415834

>What made the jews so bad that they needed a discriminatory term against them in the first place?

Nothing made them ‘so bad’ anon, and do you somehow not know about WWII?? Also there is also Islamophobia, but from what I can tell these are the only two religion specific terms

No. 415842

Try googling the countries they've been expelled from apart from ww2 and the reasons. not condoning anything but it's something I've looked into. Seems to be mainly a sectarian issue

No. 415844

This. People are so focused on exact measurements when IRL the whole silhouette including shoulders width is taken into account. With their logic 35-24-36 is a pear and 37-24-36 is an apple.
Plus the same bust/waist/hips measurements are going to look drastically different on a 5'2'' tall woman and a 5'10'' one.

No. 415845

Religious minorities have always had suspicions cast on them but for a large part of their history Jews were ONLY a minority living in Christian and Islamic societies so it's a big part of their and those cultures about having them as "guests" aka outsiders. Also Jews specifically caught flack more than other minorities because in their religion there isn't as strict customs against usery so a lot of Jews were given the role of financiers by Christian and Muslim leaders who's faiths restricted them from partaking in certain money practices so that in turn became a big part of Jewish culture. And when things go wrong people tend to follow the money for someone to blame, the "jewish bankers are out to get us" is a hundreds of years old trope.

No. 415851

That's really interesting. What are the issues with usery in Christianity and Islam? I'm not a religious person so I don't know any of the finer details.

No. 415854

Double post (too late to delete).
I found an interesting article on it.


No. 415901

If you're in uni, join clubs. It's the most cliche and pushed thing, but honestly, clubs are where it's at.

I used to really like cosplaying when I entered uni, and while my school did have an anime club (I did join that too, there were some surprisingly genuinely, normal, great people there mixed in with all the cringey weebs) we also had a cosplay club. I became friends with a lot of members and the eboard, and eventually ended up rooming with some of them after my first year (where I had randos for roommates who were… alright). Not only did I learn a fuck ton of useful sewing and prop making techniques that were actually useful to my hobby, but all my friends and I had very, very similar taste in shows and other stupid shit that college students like (like memes) so we were always hanging out and always having a good time. Even though we became friends because of this hobby, we stayed friends because we genuinely meshed well as people. While I'm not friends with a lot of these girls anymore (long story, but the fact that it was a bunch of cosplayers might be telling enough lol), the ones that I am still friends with are definitely people that I cherish and I know I'll be life long friends with.

Sorry, got carried away reminiscing about my college years lol. In hindsight, so much of my uni experience was actually a shitshow, but having something to look forward to every week and becoming friends with some really great people because of this club really made it all worth it. I always think highly of my uni years even though I vehemently hate some of those girls and administration was awful. Your university should have a club list somewhere on its website! Sometimes they'll even link the club's facebook group if they have one. If not, keep an eye out for the club fair that's usually at the start of each semester. Go to the GI meetings of all the clubs that pique your interest and see how the crowd is. Even if the thought of going alone is scary, most clubs are really nice and welcoming of new members! 1) Because it's the nice thing to do, and 2) clubs ALWAYS want new members. We were always super happy to have people return to our meetings past the first week! Club meetings tend to be in the evening when classes are all done, which might be a hassle if you live off campus, but definitely check them out!

Good luck anon! I hope you'll find your circle of friends! University years are an amazing time.

No. 415929

Ty for your reply anons, what shape would you say Rihanna is?

No. 415930

Does this mean, perhaps subconsciously, small men have rejected me because I'm taller than them, have wide hips, and have a large head due to race? kms

No. 415949

lmao this is just some reddit retards pseudoscientific rambling. not all internal organs sizes depend on body size, i dont think theres any proper research on this lmao. and even if it did then the changes would be incredibly small, like a fraction of a centimeter.

this whole post just sounds like a giant cope, because penis size is actually correlated with height.

No. 415968

Absolutely not.

Tbh I agree. Red pill is that studies actually do show a correlation between dick size and height, not that it'd be anything extreme on average anyways, but that doesn't matter to men. Men just can't rationally accept anything. Theyll murder suicide their families before accepting that a 6'4 man probably has a penis 3 cm bigger than a 5'7 man, so everyone has to pretend there's no correlation at all

No. 415974

i think its to do with hormones, a taller man will probably produce more testosterone or something like that, so the penis also grows slightly longer. i mean it makes sense, tifs who take testosterone often end up growing a larger clitoris iirc.

i cant imagine height impacting vaginal length by more than a few millimeters, and who knows how youd even measure tightness. the reddit poster also sounded like he had some kind of creepy racial fetish tbh.

No. 416043

Where can I buy cute dress socks that look good with oxfords? I mainly have sports socks but I wear ankle length pants/skirts and my socks show. I also have unfortunately small feet (I fit anywhere between a kid’s size 3 to a women’s 5).

No. 416068

Is there a way to lighten your private area's skin? That isn't some hack or dangerous procedure. Mine seems way too dark considering my pale skin, seems like it got darker because of friction or something.

No. 416075

Asking here since I don't know where the advice thread is. Anyway, there's a Japanese artist on twitter whose art I really love. I want to know what brushes and program they use since they're that Akihiko Yoshida/Naoki Ikushima style brush that I've been searching forever for. I don't know how to approach them, though. Their DMs are open, but how should I send the message? I don't know if I should try to write a message in English that translates easily or if I should write something simple and run it through google translate. The latter seems weebish for me, and I've seen a couple people who're fluent in Eng and Japanese say not to fuck with translators since they're so shitty. Also I feel sorta worried I'll come off as disrespectful when I love his art so much. Any ideas?

No. 416079

If you do find out pls share because I love that style too

No. 416106

It might be a little intrusive, depending on the artist so you might get a no or no response, but just be extra apologetic and say it's ok if they don't want to share. Actually, Google translate is surprisingly ok with simple Japanese (enough to get the point across), and if they know you're a foreigner it's probably fine enough. I would first see how much they interact with people on Twitter though, cause if they're not very talkative and don't reply a lot, they might not want random people sending DMs

No. 416118

maybe you could try using hinative and have a native speaker translate for you?

No. 416122

Thank you for this. I just looked and it seems they're really good about responding to comments and interact with their fans quite a bit. It also seems like they speak English fairly well since they respond to all the english comments they get. Hopefully I get a response.
Thanks for this suggestion as well. It doesn't seem like I'll need it now, but it actually might be something that'll come in handy in the future.

No. 416126

Do people really care if you smoke weed like a normal person in the same room as a dog or a cat? You're not hotboxing and assuming you're not the kind of asshole that blows smoke into their face. Everyone freaking out in Shayna's thread got me thinking.

I don't think the animal will get high from you breathing out a few hits if you're not right next to them.

No. 416131

Marijuana is pretty toxic to cats and dogs, and since their sense of smell is much more sensitive, it won't take much to affect them. So yeah, it's very dangerous for the pet even if you aren't right next to them or have a window open.

No. 416134

Why the fuck do cellar spiders always choose to build their webs on the ceiling right above me. I've moved my sitting spot 3 times, and each time, they all begin building webs at my new spot and don't ever build them at the old one(s). It's making me irrationally angry

No. 416136

If someone is asking you to stop smoking around their pets, don't be a fucking dick. Just stop.

No. 416137

No one has asked that of me. Calm down.

No. 416147

I've smoked a couple times in the balcony with my dog inside and the little bit of smoke/smell that has come inside has made him visibly uncomfortable so I stopped doing even that. Smoking inside (be it weed or just regular tobacco) with pets seems a bit like an asshole thing to do.

No. 416152

Maybe the spiders like you and build their webs near you so they can kill other bugs that would bother you. They're just helping out a friend

No. 416172

It's not a big deal. The pet can walk away to another room or you can blow the smoke out the window. Most animals don't give af and will stay in the room with you even if you give them the option to leave. The smoke will float to the top of the room and they'll be down by the floor so it's not as bad as it could be.

Obviously some pets are more sensitive than others and if they show signs of discomfort then the person should stop smoking weed around them but for the most part it's not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

No. 416193

is their a branch of feminism thats anti-porn,anti-kink,pro lesbian and gay rights thats also not male hating(ban evasion)

No. 416202

are there couples out there looking for bi/gay men for threesomes like with bi/gay women?

No. 416215

Nta but I know nothing of spiders, are you serious or is it just a joke? It'd be so cute if it's real

No. 416263

Fuck nah, they can fuck right off. It's all in the same room and the spots are relatively close to each other. I'm tired of these cunty spiders dropping down in front of my face. Despite most of them staying relatively tiny, sometimes these wispy piss bitches can get pretty damn big. I'm the sort of dumbfuck who would wreck their car because they lost their shit over a spider. I can deal with the small ones sorta at this point, but I still freak the fuck out if a big(ger) one falls

No. 416280

File: 1559238235780.jpeg (627.59 KB, 1242x817, 1557892332370.jpeg)

why is pewdiepie doing drama video now? why he is putting is "hot takes" out to his army of incels? please help me i hate seen his videos in every makeup guru thread

No. 416281

If you ever want to know why anyone on youtube is doing anything it's because that's what they think gets them the most views.

No. 416283

File: 1559238883828.jpg (147.58 KB, 1125x1200, CzLh-eaXcAAt5pH.jpg)

can you transplant a uterus into a trans woman?, my friend and i were talking about the abortion law in USA and one of them who is a lesbian just say something like" i will donate my uterus so a trans woman could get pregnant" and i want to know (because it full me with fear ) can you do that?

No. 416287

You can donate a womb to another woman but not to a man with current medical technology since there's just too many related systems that can't be changed or also ported over at the moment and to get it to carry a fetus to term you'd need other huge advancements related fields.

No. 416291

No and they probably never will be able to. Trannies can't keep their neovags free of shit bacteria and necrosis and those require way less upkeep than a whole organ would. Even if they managed to keep it alive, he still wouldn't be able to get pregnant or give birth.

No. 416295

File: 1559241117316.jpg (5.95 KB, 227x222, QjrTBpl - Imgur.jpg)

Haha no I wish, I was just having a goof

I can feel that, as long as bugs leave me alone I'm fine but once they start getting in my face and up in my business they're in for an ass whooping.

No. 416298

No, even if you could transplant it you need a lot more than a uterus to get pregnant and actually carry a full term pregnancy.

No. 416305

thanks alot ladys! you have help me ,i feel better now

No. 416308

Preapre to wakeup upside down one day, anon.

No. 416373

File: 1559255551953.png (1.89 MB, 1462x978, Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 8.31…)

if it's an aussie anon this could be true. if huntsmen (pic related) were in your bedroom/house, you left them alone because they ate the mosquitos for you etc. same with geckos, who are fucking LOUD AS FUCK but they eat bugs so they are considered bros.
might be locational tho, but yeah only kill spiders under the toilet seat or inside your shoes. otherwise you're just being a dick.

sage for spiderposting.

No. 416375


Still no captions and comments on Instagram web version. I can't find any news or update info saying the site changed.

No. 416387

Can anyone recommend me some nice resources for learing russian?

No. 416396

Why does eating more calories help break a weight loss plateau?

No. 416405

There’s been a big wolf spider in my garage every summer for about 3 years and it hasn’t made a move on me yet, even when I’m sitting right beside it.
Don’t know if it’s the same spider every time but they/it may stay.

Just wear a big hat so they don’t fall on your head.

No. 416419

usually you need mild exercise to really kick weightloss into gear, but its the added nutrients for your body to absorb and the overtime increase of metabolism due to adding more for your body to convert. more body energy levels from food = more active calorie burn and muscle gain

No. 416504

How do you anons budget?

I graduated about 2 years ago and have been working since then, and I'm still trying to figure out a way to budget that works for me. My parents dont ask me to pay rent thankfully, so my only monthly bills are my student loans (which I put as much money into as possible because I'm trying to pay them off before I move out) and my credit card bill/bullshit expenses.

I currently take out a small set cash amount for the week and I let myself use it for whatever I want (food, clothes, stupid hobby things) and the fact that I'm limited to such a small cash amount usually helps me think through my purchases so I only usually spend on important things like food, but I still find myself going over here and there. Not really sure if I've just set my cash allowance too low, or if I just need to reel in my spending habits more.

No. 416530

Is there a reliable way to find out my IQ online/by myself?

No. 416538


try determining how much money you will use per week for food specifically, for clothes specifically, etc, take it all out in cash and put it in enveloppes

No. 416772

Why are white women with mixed race children always both fat and hideous? It's always the least desirable type of woman you could possibly imagine. Do black men have lower standards for white women?

No. 416809

And low self-esteem

No. 416811

Is kek pronounced kek or kik?

No. 416813

Same reason anyone would date down, either they have a low self esteem or the other partner offers other things (love, support, humor). Or they're a "looksmatch" and you'd have no idea since you haven't seen the father lol.

Not mixed black (another race), but my white mom was very willowy and pretty (imo) at the time of my conception.

No. 416819

Why would you pronounce an e like an i? It should never be said aloud anyway so it doesn't matter.

No. 416842

I could write my question with a lot of details but I don't wanna creep the person I want to ask about or anyone else out so let's just brief it:
What is the name of that famous german blogger with vibrant red hair, big boobs and decent drawing skills? She uploaded a speed paint of a demon girl. All she left behind in my memory is the name "azurarockgirl" or some gay name like this. She posted an essence (the economic make-up brand) tutorial too but I don't know what to search to find her again. Maybe you guys will know?

No. 416853

Do you mean asu rocks? Idk if she has big boobs but she has red hair and draws. I think i followed her in 2010…

No. 416933

World is small as fuck. How did you know? I had a hard time to describe it properly since it was all very well vague. And yes 2010 and before era. Sweet memories…

No. 416951

File: 1559434836402.jpg (23.91 KB, 480x480, Giant_Gobstopper_large.jpg)

If I have a giant gobstopper,size of a big fist, how do I measure/control the amount of carbs I'll consume? I can't slice it in half without shattering it and I cant lick half of it up in one sitting.

No. 416959

Weight it, look up how much carbs/calories/etc a jawbreaker with that weight has, then weight it occasionally and do some maths during a "licking session" to see if you've reached your limit yet. That's how I'd probably do it.

No. 416973

Please don't hate, this is not bait:

I don't know where else to post this but I need to know. Am I really screwing myself over by staying celibate? I'll be 25 this year and never had sex because I've always been taught it's the safest and smartest thing to do if I'm not going to get married. Now I'm starting to see more and more articles coming out about female virgins in their late 20s and 30s not able to have relationship / get married.

I understand if people don't want to date promiscuous women, but I thought women who didn't have sex were the exception and ideal. Or have I been memed with the pressures of family, religion and society again with the lies of "women with no previous partners being the happiest in marriage" shit. I just need to know so I don't fuck my future over.

No. 416974

Watch The 40 Year Old Virgin. But seriously. Don’t put sex on a pedestal. It’s not that big of a deal. Have it if you want to, but it’s not worth waiting for marriage IMO. Especially if you want it to guarantee it sill be good/compatible sex.

No. 416977

Hmm, I'll make plans to watch that movie then

I've heard people say it's not worth waiting till marriage so that makes me feel better i guess

No. 416978

You've been memed sis.

No. 416980

You did kinda get memed but it’s better than having gonnorhea. Being selective and safe is always a good idea. I’ve never even kissed or held hands with a guy other than my husband but we started having sex many many years before marriage and we are very happy so it’s probably more about making safe and stable life/relationship choices in general and not being reckless.

No. 416985

If you want to have sex, have sex, but it's not like super fabulous. I'd rather have a full body massage than sex. You definitely don't need to save it for marriage or whatever if you want to have sex, no. There's no real benefit to doing that unless that's what you're naturally inclined toward.

No. 416988

If you stayed celibate just for the sake of doing it then you aren't doing yourself any favors. Allow yourself to explore healthy relationships. Don't fuck if you don't want to, but at least give yourself the opportunity. The only men who care about "purity" are incels anyway.

No. 416990


Good to know, thank you all for being honest with me.

For the longest time I've wanted to have relationships but I've put if off because of fear of it affecting school, social life and family and seeing it happen to others.

And you all are right, I should focus on finding healthy relationships, hopefully it isn't too late, but I'm afraid it already is tbh.

No. 416992

It isn't too late at all.

No. 416995

It's definitely not too late. I didn't date anyone seriously til I was 27.

No. 416997

I'm not >>416980 but I did the same. The only man I've ever kissed and had sex with is my husband. There's nothing wrong with waiting until you feel emotionally ready for a relationship. If anything it's better for both partners involved and will create a more stable relationship in the long term. It's not too late to find someone. Keep your eyes open and if a man that you like shows interest in you, just be receptive and open to the idea of getting to know him more.

No. 417001

What are your favorite designers? Like, designer brand designers, like, Balenciaga and stuff, not weird nip frilly shit.

No. 417028

That spoilered picture in the pinkpill thread got me thinking: what do people mean when they say a girl has a good ass? I think I vaguely understand what nice breasts are, that they're meant to be large and firm, but I'm not sure about asses. And I take it it's different for men? Are men's asses meant to be muscular or something?

No. 417032

Plump and round is what most people mean by nice ass, doesn’t even have to be particularly large - just needs to have that round firm shape to it

By plump I don’t mean fat btw

No. 417050

While its true that promiscuous women dont get lucky in relationships, neither do celibate virgin women. Idk about america but there's 0% chance for a virgin woman to find an actual good husband here. Literally never gonna happen.

What really makes me sad in your post though is that you seem to be doing all this for a husband. Like, you didnt have sex to have a good marriage and now you want to have sex but just because of finding a husband. Like, what are you doing for yourself here? Your family and religion are so toxic for making you think like this.

Iris Van Herpen, Martin Margiela, Balenciaga, Elie Saab, Zac Posen, Dries Van Noten, i used to love Sonia Ryekel back when she was still alive… Also used to LOVE Céline before Hedi Slimane became creative director. Yohji Yamamoto.

No. 417051

>a cute succesful celibate virgin can't get a good husband in America
K then

No. 417053

is the discussion around celibacy still a huge thing in the west? it's interesting how this plays out so differently in different societies. i'm living in an islamic country and having sex before marriage as a woman is a deal breaker or a reason to murder for 90% of the retarded straight male population here, even if they weren't virgins themselves. even if a man doesn't care the society pressures them like "are you a cuck? how can she be the mother of your children?" and shit. i thought that luckily it's not as important in western societies anymore.

No. 417060

What a shitty culture.

No. 417065

File: 1559475967767.png (195.23 KB, 303x311, BB828F74-7355-4298-A119-591A05…)

>I live in an islamic country
I think you're lying but in case you're not: which country exactly?

words like thot were not initially used by some 4ch autists and certainly not by muslim men in saudi arabia. And also, why are western women fighting against slutshaming IN west? I am not saying a woman shouldn't fight against that because I don't believe a woman should get harassed just because she wants to prostitute/sleep with many men, but to say to a 25 year old virgin girl that it's just a meme to not be able to find a good husband is a big fat cope and a lie based on insecurity LOL. A youngish female virgin is respected irl, period. Any criticism online is pic related.

She can do what she wants though at the end of the day. I couldn't care less.

No. 417067

This sentiment here is why I hate men and their weird entitlement to womens bodies.

So it's disgusting where you are from (and other places) for a woman to be promiscuous outside of marriage but not for a man? Yet the men are most likely homophones too and do not maintain their virginal status for their life partner so who are they fucking?

I hate how essentially all of culture and legality for women is based on a man's perceived respect for us. They want us all virgins saving ourselves for their special cock, so they're fucking women out there they deem not worthy enough of wife status? Then we don't have bodily autonomy because men can't birth life so they have to regulate it. And don't get me started on the amount of men that compare pregnancy to a sickness of the mind, where the woman has lost her senses and can only think of the cock and now she's up the duff and she has to bear the burden because she's such a nasty slut! No mention of the men out there soiling all these women from the virtuous virginal dating pool.

Thank god for men always on the sidelines ranking us and considering if we have done enough for their respect.

No. 417072

How do I stop hating myself?
I've been in therapy for years and I still don't get it. I'm just a shit person. And no matter how much I try to change, no matter all the good I try to do, I genuinely think that some people are just born horrible and pathetic and I am definitely one of those people. It really brings me down to be constantly reminded that no matter how much I try I will always be shit.

If stopping to hate myself won't work, how do I become okay with being a bad person?

No. 417074

What seems to be the problem booboo

No. 417075

not that anon but are you serious

No. 417077

If you have to ask then it's likely not. But to answer you, a little bit. I think anon sounds cute because it's likely she hasn't done anything wrong to feel this way.

No. 417078

in turkey, it's not ruled by the sharia law like saudi arabia or anything so it's not as bad as these places but our current government is far-right and fucked up all progressions we had with their conservative muslim agenda. honor killings are still extremely common, we see them happening every day and the worst part is the courts often blame the victim. there is this absolute bullshit called "good conduct abatement" where they lower the rapists and honor murderers' jailtime if the victim was wearing a skirt, wearing makeup, "didn't struggle against the perpetrator so it was probably consensual", wasn't a virgin and other fucked up excuses. i didn't mean to invalidate the shit women in the west go through, it's just sad that these things are still happening in the world.

it is so hypocritical. you will never, ever see a family giving a fuck about their son for having sex before marriage but when a woman does it suddenly it's a disgrace to the family.

No. 417088

>honor killings are common
Among anatolians too? I have no idea what happens in Turkey since I can't speak the language but I know that honor killings cases in Europe (yikes) are kurdish. Kurds do it a lot but they're also clit-choppers and they're actually not supported by any islamic country so…
But yeah turkish men treat their women as whores regardless if they are kurdish or not and it sucks. Most of them are the biggest sluts too so I am baffled. I knew a turkish (not kurdish btw) man who said if you're married to a woman you can't rape her. I like to believe it's just irl r9k meming but even if he wouldn't actually do it, many men do it, of all races and all religious beliefs.

No. 417090

>it is so hypocritical. you will never, ever see a family giving a fuck about their son for having sex before marriage but when a woman does it suddenly it's a disgrace to the family.
I am not sure if you're referring to islamic culture in general or turkey specifically but it's not true either case, this is not a place to discuss these kind of things so I won't go too deep in it since I already said rude things like clitchopper. But yes it is often the case and it is because cancerous culture and a lot of religious scripts made it clear that a man's chastity is worth shit.

No. 417096

merhaba kardeş

No. 417099

i'm another turkish anon but turkish men are very much undereducated, and the "educated" ones (meaning they got some kind of education at a uni) tend to lean on the side of incels. i know, it sucks.

mention ettiğin kişi ben değilim ama sana da selamlar olsun lmao

No. 417110

yinede olsun hdjdjd bunların hepsini okuduktan sonra türk erkeklerinden nekadar nefret ettiğim aklıma geliyor

No. 417118

File: 1559486036644.jpg (71.79 KB, 700x450, 170802.jpg)

my kurdish friends say that more people tend to justify honor killings in their society. statistics in the pic related say that southeast anatolia, the predominantly kurdish region of turkey is where 12% of honor killings happen.
from my knowledge fgm mostly happens in northern africa and south asia, i've never heard of it happening in turkey. it is another inhuman practice that must be illegal everywhere.
>if you're married to a woman you can't rape her
there are many men who actually have this disgusting mindset. just because you're married to someone doesn't give you the right to enforce them to do anything.

selamlar anon

No. 417164

Sadly your diaspora is just the same, but some are good, I've met them.
My bad, sorry kürt farmers. I think I mistaked them for iraqi kurts who very much do it. (Iraq is tribalistic)
>inb4 iraqi kurd shows me stats only the ___ iraqis do it
Regarding pic related, wew. Is this real? I am shocked. I said this before actually since I saw that statistics were really high in turkey for a shithole that's a world power in middle east and muh secular, but this turkish girl who hates kürts called me ignorant and was basically
>let me tell you about my country
so I guess I just trusted her. Thnks for clearing up. You sound very wholesome btw, mainly because you're not sperging over kurds.

No. 417177

File: 1559491777464.png (7.38 KB, 185x186, waaaaaah.png)

feel like a bitch for asking but my bf's dog died friday. he was 10 years old. i have dogs too so i obviously am compassionate about the loss but we are in an LDR and he's barely been talking to me since then, and i feel neglected and bored.

how long does mourning a dog take?

No. 417183

>Sadly your diaspora is just the same
i don't get this part anon exblain

No. 417184

i'm sorry for your boyfriend. the first few days hurt really bad. after that, you still feel the lack of the pet you've had for a long time and it'll still hurt but you'll eventually get used to it. it also depends on your personality.

No. 417197

It doesn't sound like you're old enough for a relationship yet.

No. 417199


i'm 20 and we've already been together for two years. not gonna end it just because of a dog passing and some anon decided we should split up lmao

No. 417200

Can you read? I specifically said :
> Idk about america but there's 0% chance for a virgin woman to find an actual good husband here .

No. 417202

You're acting like you want to split up with him because of his mourning. It takes time. He's had that dog for years it seems like. Imagine if you had a pet for 10 years and it died. No more being greeted by them or followed around by them. No more of them trying to cuddle up next to you. Even the asshole pets you have for years can affect you the same way. You can get another pet, but it obviously won't be exactly the same. Put yourself in you boyfriend's shoes anon and have some empathy.

No. 417205

i do have empathy, i have two dogs myself. he was already kind of neglecting me beforehand so i'm just frustrated.

No. 417207

Do YOU want to lose it? How would you like to lose it? That's all that matters.

Have it if you want with someone you love and trust. If you don't want to that's okay too. Waiting just because "you're supposed to" is retarded, as is being promiscuous to one-up a guy or prove to yourself that you're desirable.

I don't know if promiscuous women are a norm, I think it depends on culture a lot. Where I come from it's sort of in between, I knew girls who lost their virginity at 14-16 (our legal age is 14 as long as both parties are within one year of each other) which I personally wouldn't want but they did and that's fine. Where I live now women treat sex very casually and sleep around a lot more than my home country (Balkans), but I also have friends from Russia who are super conservative and marriage-oriented. I lost mine at 19 to my first ever serious boyfriend and I don't regret it even though we're not together anymore. I think I would be very fucked up emotionally now if I'd lost it to some random guy back then. I was some years behind my friends, though, and most of them didn't give it too much importance. People are different and a lot of the advice you get also stems from their emotional experiences, some of them warn you against it because they got burned and are bitter, others are bitter because they couldn't find anyone, some feel called out because they lost their v card too early and regret it, etc.

In my experience people with a lot of sexual partners, both men and women, tend to be really jaded and don't treat sex as anything special. If you are not the same you might get hurt by being with someone like that. If you also think of it as "just sex" maybe you'd find someone with fewer sexual partners, or someone who sees it as something special, too demanding and clingy. At the end of the day though, only do what you feel comfortable with, stay safe and don't let people's attitudes affect your decision too much.

No. 417222

You are perfectly fine. Plenty of people wait until they find someone they love.
Don't be in a rush to lose it and stay responsible. Protip: casual sex/hookups for women are way worse than it is for men. Men won't go out of their way to satisfy someone they see as easy. So many stories here about women losing their virginity to someone they weren't in a relationship with and then crying because it wasn't worth it and they just got used.

No. 417230

28% for Marmara region? That's a lot, I assume it's because of the big population numbers in Istanbul and the immigrants from the eastern/southeastern region? I can't imagine Turks from Edirne or Yalova for example casually honor killing their daughter but maybe I'm just naive, can the Turk-anons redpill me on this?
20% for the Aegean is pretty shocking though and I don't think it can be explained by eastern migrants.

No. 417234

nah you're mostly right to assume that. i'm turkish but not very knowledgeable but you're right about istanbul, it's turned into a shithole. 20% for aegean is pretty surprising as well, wonder what the source for this graph is.

No. 417235

File: 1559503487980.jpg (239.78 KB, 850x400, 295d9953n053227b165218.jpg)

yeah, the statistics of the marmara region is mostly due to istanbul being extremely crowded. the other cities in the region are actually rather safe. this map isn't honor killing specific but it shows the recorded femicide statistics of 2010-2017. the most populous cities have a higher murder rate. it might also have to do with murders in more underdeveloped cities going unrecorded.

No. 417238

They rationalize it by saying women don't want virgins in the first place and want someone who can lead and teach them.

No. 417241

File: 1559504939157.gif (4.48 MB, 360x360, giphy (1).gif)

Are you me? I'm going to be 25 in less than a week and I'm still a kissless virgin. The reasons are that I've never been into men all that much because I'm picky, and there were barely any opportunities for me to have a boyfriend in the first place since I live with my family and they're religious and judgmental. My sisters have or had boyfriends and they hide it so they wouldn't be kicked out or worse by our parents but I wouldn't take the risk myself. I also wish I could date women but that's even worse in terms of risks. It's weird seeing some people my age getting married or having kids while I haven't done anything yet despite wanting to. I feel like at my age anyone who could be interested in me would find it weird that I never had a bf so they would avoid me as a result too. I don't want to hook up with random people though, I'm too paranoid when it comes to health issues and I don't want to catch something.

No. 417248

ugh literally the same. i still live with my super christian parents who've taught me from a young age 'no sex before marriage' and as a result never ever had the courage to date throughout high school. that, and i was paranoid about STDs. i'm a hand-holdless virgin lol.

i tried finding a bf via dating apps but there's just so much trash to find the few good gems, so its a huge time consuming thing to do. literally a thousand swipes left to one swipe right type of ratio (ig i have high standards too). the ones that i were interested in either fetishized me or just wanted hook ups despite having 'searching for a gf' in their bio. some i could tell were manipulative abusers just by messages alone and promptly deleted them. the one brief encounter i had with dating apps resulted in an 8 month texting episode with someone i thought i wanted… but he ghosted me because he still was in love with his ex.

im hoping when i go back to school again ill find a nice guy that isn't a creep. but then again im socially awkward and inept at flirting..like i don't even know how to approach a cute guy and converse like a normal human being. plus i get super anxious if i DO find someone attractive and tend to avoid them like the plague lol.

No. 417267

Let's say I wanted to create an imageboard, how would I go about it? What kind of programing or coding knoweledge would I need ? Where would I even start ?

>inb4 create an 8chan board

No. 417282

Anyone else also squirt from their tits when it gets squeezed? Like a milky discharge. I've never gave birth and was never pregnant, however I've asked all my friends and they say they never experience that.

No. 417283

Pretty sure that’s not normal, you should get that checked out

No. 417284

Pretty sure that means you have an infection in your ducts. Do you notice a lot of chaffing against your bra/shirt? I think a lot of stimulation can cause a bit of discharge.

No. 417285

Just a bit, not much. I get like a small teardrop when I squeeze them or I manually stimulate them. I had a feeling it could be an infection, but it's not a weird colour or with an order, it looks exactly like milk. I'd say this has been going on for almost a year now, probably more.

No. 417287

you should definitely get that checked out. its could be an infection, but ive heard of some cases where hormones or manual stimulation of the breasts over several months has lead to milk production.

hopefully its something harmless but you should go to the doctor just in case its something more serious.

No. 417312

… so people weren't being honest with me? I'm OP btw

Why would they be insecure about me? I'm the one with no sexual experience

No. 417314

I seems that I'm not the only one then, that's good.

I've also thought about dating women but I might be lying to myself by thinking "they're women so they won't hurt me like men" when I've never been with anyone anyways. Also my family would literally kill me so I'm stuck in limbo till someone comes to me (lol) or my parents arrange something for me.

No. 417413

Because chastity is generally considered a virtue in women despite what autists on here say.

No. 417472

Is it a good idea to make an Instagram page for my (very average) drawings? I'm not interested in getting exposure or followers or being a famous artist, it's just a casual hobby. But I do want to put my stuff somewhere where I can show them to my family and friends if they want to see what I've been doing. If the account isn't private, but I don't promo it anywhere or tag things, how well is it gonna stay kinda "hidden"?

No. 417475

You’ll most likely fly completely under the radar, maybe a few hundred followers at best. Someone could be an amazing artist and still not garner attention if they don’t try to market themselves, I wouldn’t stress over it anon

No. 417494

Unless you are posting masterpieces every day and interacting with the art community (that means comments on popular artists and taking part in inktober, drawloween, dtiys, etc)
you will be fine posting and tagging your art with relevant tags. I post infrequently and tag relevantly and get 0 attention other than a dozen likes and a couple follow-unfollowers when I post.

No. 417495

I want to contact a good friend from high school on Facebook but I hate Facebook and only have a burner account for buying/sell shit in my area. Would it be weird to message her from a dummy account with no pfp and a fake name?

No. 417511

does anyone have actual helpful tips that will work during an oral exam? i looked everywhere on the web where i could and none of them really seem to be that helpful besides talking loudly and giving off an impression that you're confident in your answers and all that jazz
all i know is that i am going to have a legit black out and have a breakdown in front of my professor as soon as he starts questioning me which isn't helping my case at all

No. 417514

to be honest she might be a bit weirded out since you mentioned you'd message her with a fake account which also has a fake name but if you explained the situation to her and told her who you are and maybe confirmed your identity, i'm sure she'd understand.

No. 417519

Lmao, facebook burner account gang. I’d maybe send a proof picture of yourself in a non-awkward way to confirm yourself.

No. 417546

I've googled it but I still don't get the difference between Pansexuality and Bisexuality.

No. 417549

pan is just bi with a "trannies please apply" modifier.

No. 417550

Ugh, this shit. I might be wrong but the best explanation I found was that pans (lol) are attracted to everyone equally while bis have preferences.

I'm bi so I can only speak for myself.

No. 417592


"Official" (aka sjw) difference is "pansexuality is attraction to all genders" and bisexuality is attraction to "2 genders" so basically, following sjw nonsense, pansexuals are attracted to EVERYONE while bisexuals are attracted to men and nonbinary folxxx or women and nonbinary folxxx or women and men. Sjws also claim that bisexuality inherently includes trannies because "trannies arent a third gender".

No. 417628

The wokest SJWs call bisexuals attracted to just men & women nb-phobic. Bi is ackshully attraction to same and other genders, so that way no one gets left out ever

No. 417632

Bisexuality is a sexual attraction to both sexes. Pansexuality is bisexuality, but worded in a way so that trannies and ~uwu super special enbies~ dont feel left out.

No. 417677

What does it mean when a guy asks you if you have any tattoos? Especially if it's not relevant to the prior conversation topics.

No. 417679

he wants to know if you have tattoos

No. 417682

How can you know if someone is giving you genuine compliments or just fake praise to get in your panties.

I'm a sucker for compliments, and I get so flusttered when someone I fancy tells me something nice that I can't think straight.

No. 417750

How can I jazz up packaging? How would you guys like for something to be packaged that you purchase

No. 417769

He doesnt like tattoos

No. 417781

If you delete your discord account does every message/conversation/picture/file/etc that you’ve sent also get deleted? From everyone you’ve talked to?

No. 417784

No, it's all still there. Same goes for Reddit.

No. 417803

As little plastic as possible, only use fabric or paper ribbon instead of the foil or plastic kind
Stickers or stamps are cute

No. 417821

For this situation consider someone I've been talking for at least 2-3 weeks and that shows strong interest in me. It is really a good idea to play hard to get and "play games" with potential male partners?
0very time I fail romantically my mom says I should do this and that I'm stupid and silly for being open about my feelings, that it scares men away even if they feel the same. Yet I hear from men that they don't like it. I just can't. Fuck this shit. Personally I HATE being played with. But I'm also tired of hearing about how stupid I am for developing feelings and talking about them.
It's not like my mom only picks the greatest guys either so I shouldn't hear her shitty advice.

No. 417841

File: 1559655588239.png (818.09 KB, 1065x529, packaging.PNG)

I absolutely LOVE ameru's packaging. She uses regular brown paper, then adds a nice touch- usually some paper twine wrapped around the package with something stamped into the package. Her wax seals came sealed with wax stamps on the packages! I've ordered from her a lot and she gets really creative in the way she wraps things (if you go through her tagged photos on instagram (ameruu) or through her posted photos on twitter (ameru) you'll probably find more packaging from people who ordered from her/posted by herself). I think there's a really nice simplistic, rustic charm to her packaging. She usually uses recyclable mailers and decorates the outside with washi tape, and every package she sends has a tiny little card wishing the buyer well.

No. 417863

How do you get prescribed retinol? Do you just go to a skin doc and ask for it?

No. 417889

Yes? But your doc might want to also try other thing before they prescribe it to you. But in general - yes.

No. 417934

I'm a lesbian, and recently me and my ex have been talking again a lot. Since we've broken up he came out as a transguy. My ex has made it clear that he still likes me, and would get back togethr with me given the chance. I've told him multiple times that I'm a lesbian, and don't have any interest in being in a relationship with a guy. He still pursues me romantically. I don't want to get back together, but don't really know how to get him to stop. He's also the one who broke up with me. How tf do I tell him gently that I only like girls, and dont want to get into a relationship with a transguy?

No. 417940

Frame it as you don't want to get back together with an ex, and make yourself unavailable. He can't pull the sjw card if you focus on the fact that you've been broken up before rather than his troonery.

No. 417984

Did the world just go insane in 2016? Was it mainly because of the presidential election? I just feel like trans stuff, and gender special shit, and woke SJW shit wasn't nearly as prevalent before 2016. Was it because gay marriage was made legal in the US in 2015, and all the crazies just latched onto that? I used tumblr and twitter since 2010 and never noticed all this crazy shit until 2016. Are we doomed to become an even crazier society?

No. 417998

Retinol is available over the counter. Retinoids are not. You can just ask for retin a and they'll generally give it to you.

No. 418055

File: 1559693099643.jpg (11.32 KB, 271x361, af57e78167fec4779ce04ad4f3bcfc…)

How can I look neat and pretty like pic related? I've tried to dress myself in a more feminine way but I always look like a frumpy tomboy and feel too self-conscious of my body. Whenever I try to look nice I always end up looking like I have severe autism.

I have coarse, thick hair with no shape to it. It's bobbed now because whenever I wore it long I looked like a homely horse girl and it really didn't suit me. It also takes forever to dry and I don't know how to style it. I have a shortish diamond (or heart-shaped?) face, a widow's peak and kind of weird elongated ears. I can't see very well so I wore glasses until recently which made every outfit I wore look frumpy.
My body is average, I'm a skinnyfat ruler with slightly bigger thighs and bum (but narrow, boyish hips) and I'm frequently bloated due to IBS. I suit autumn colours but many of them are hard to find modern clothes in and combine with common ones like black, grey, white and navy blue.

I don't care too much about self-expression through clothing, I'm just trying really hard to find a comfy and feminine style that suits my body and face without looking like a dork and I've been failing miserably for years.
Anyone have any advice?

No. 418057

How can you make yourself stop falling asleep all the time in the afternoon or evening? I used to have a caffeine addiction but drink less now. I'm also coming off an SSRI and since the withdrawal became more obvious I've been having more issues with staying awake.

No. 418090

For American anons who live close to the Mexican border, go to a border city and go to a (decent looking) pharmacy and ask for Retin-A. I did that on vacation and they gave it to me, no questions asked.

No. 418099

The world's been getting more and more mental since 2011 when G4 came out because now it's normal for the average person to spend all day on the internet on their phone frying their brain with social media.

No. 418106

Anon where do you live? Posting weeb pics won't make you less dorky.

No. 418191

When someone is called a starfish in bed, what does that mean exactly? Like is it just someone lying there not doing anything at all with their legs spread? Is missionary the same as being a starfish? If you wrap your legs around someone while they are on top is that being a starfish? What's the criteria? If you grab someone's hair while they are on top or touch their face are you a starfish? Just wondering for reasons totally not related to my sex life.

No. 418192

It means you do absolutely nothing in bed other than receive, you don’t try to engage with your sexual partner or please them in any way

No. 418198

>weeb pics
I'm Asian. I'm not going to post a picture of Kim Kardashian because I don't like how she looks and I could never look like her.

No. 418513

I fucking hate my brother. How do the rest of you cope with having to live with shitty men? I'm talking the typical slob man who won't clean up after himself, doesn't wake until 2pm and spends every waking hour playing Fortnite. I wear wax earplugs a lot but any other tips would be much appreciated.

No. 418523

My family moved my brother down into the basement so no one else has to live in his filth that he doesn't clean up. He emerges for meals and brings his laundry up occasionally. My mom makes him clean everything like once a year, but other than that, he just fucks off so the rest of us can have a clean house. He even has his own bathroom down there. Heh, I guess that's how the stereotype of basement dwellers came into existence.

No. 418524

You can't do much expect for wait for them to move out or move out yourself. They will never change.
My brother is a disgusting person who has done disgusting things I can't forgive him for and I try as hard as I can to treat him like I don't acknowledge his existence. One word answers, not looking at him in group conversations, closing the door to my room when he's around, etc.
Mine is a slob as well but at least for the most part he limits his mess to his own room. He makes the bathroom and kitchen dirty but as long as I have my own clean space (my room) I don't get angry anymore.

No. 418533

If your parents refuse to make him act right or kick him out, all you can do is wait to move out. I sympathize, I had a roommate who was a fucking disgusting pig, never flushed the toilet, never washed a dish, etc. My mental health was rock bottom until I finally moved out.

No. 418538

That's such a great solution anon, I wish I had a basement. It's crazy how comfortable men are with living in their own filth. They should all live in basements tbh.

Yeah, that's kind of what I thought but didn't want to admit it. If he hasn't learned or felt the need to grow up at this point, he never will. My parents expect me to clean up after him so he doesn't feel any urge to do it himself. I try to avoid my brother as much as possible too but when he wants something, he sucks up to me and I fall for it every time because deep down I still would like to get on well with him. I just wish he knew how much him being a slob/being loud upsets me and how much it's making me resent him. I don't even want to speak to him again after I move out for my own sanity.

Ugh that's disgusting, you have my sympathies. I'm job-searching at the moment to afford moving out. That's exactly the state I'm in also, I'm constantly stressed out from having to look at/clean his cheese-encrusted plates or pick up his coat and shoes that he leaves on the sofa when he comes home just so I can sit down. He moved out for a year to go to college and omfg the stories he has about the state they lived in (by choice) make me gag and he thinks they're "funny".

No. 418549

How to stop straining my goddamn muscles?
I'm fine when lifting weights, never had a problem, but I'll move my thumb the wrong way or stretch while I sleep and suddenly I strained something and it's with me for 1-3 days. It's bearable, but annoying.

No. 418561

You say your hair takes long to dry. Do you own a blowdrier ? Invest in one and start blowdrying your hair. Learning to style it with a blowdrier comes pretty instinctivly imo. You can also use a heat protectant hair product if you're affraid of damaging it.

What kind of frame do your glasses have? Frames can change so so so much!

I feel like many stores carry autumn colors. Have you tried thrifting though? I also feel like autumn colors don't necessarily go well with black and many shades of grey. What kind of shapes of clothing do you wear?
It's the start of summer so try maybe a few thin A-line dresses or maybe Reformation dresses if you have the money for that. I think from what you said some cute silk or linen dress could look cute.
When autumn comes, try wearing thin cashemir jumpers. Try also adding some minimalistic golden or silver (depending on your skin tone) jewellery. Geometrical minimalistic discreet stuff like earing you could find at Cos or And Other Stories…

No. 418574

How is a nubian nose an "off" feature? Why are all the black girls here coons..

No. 418629

I'm sorry for being retarded, but does this mean missionary? If you are on the bottom is that the same as being a starfish?

No. 418715

File: 1559812913290.jpg (56.41 KB, 1024x636, angela-merkel-german-cars.jpg)

I really don't understand how people think it's basically fine that certain western 'democracies' are able to have the same leader for over fifteen years. No one else gets weirded out by it?

How are German's so content with Merkel running the government since '05?Even with the refugee crisis, an issue in which she hugely fueled the fire and riled up divisions in Europe so harsh that it's caused the far right to make the biggest gains since the 1930s; didn't sink her. How is 'second term blues' not a thing in Germany? She's on something like her fifth term now. It just seems like, looking from the outside, the democracy in that country doesn't function like I see democracies functioning in other countries.

Putin regularly gets criticized for his tyrannical hand in Russia, but he hasn't been in power for the same amount of time Merkel has.

I've read a little history of the BDR, and it for the most part seems like a well functioning, decentralized government for most of its history. The only real explanation I can think of is that Germany has an overabundance of semi-senile boomers that just vote conservative everytime, completely oblivious to the world around them.

No. 418721

>How are German's so content with Merkel running the government since '05?
Lol, what makes you think we are?
There's simply nobody else besides her. Her opponents are small fishes nobody ever heard of and who quickly disappear after the lost election. She also often fires people (always after saying that she "trusts" them). Nobody comes close to her, so in the end she will always win, no matter how many shitty decisions she makes.

No. 418732

File: 1559814957819.jpg (44.49 KB, 750x422, 15c189b6c46f128242288ec94dcb2d…)

They're not content and yes, it's weird. But germans can't elect their chancellor directly - you go vote for parliament, parliament votes for chancellor. And the biggest party wins obvi. Which Merkel is a part of.

No. 418738

On the other hand, Germany is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world - why change something, when your life is comfy anyway?

No. 418747

File: 1559817517089.png (370.02 KB, 940x529, 41077045_304.png)

There's a big divide between the poor and the rich though. Yes, Germany is one of the wealthiest but only a very small percentage of people actually benefit from that. Can't find a better graphic for it on the go, but if you look around some big German cities like f.e. Aachen you can see the divide in action and it's almost surreal

No. 418748

>"The only real explanation I can think of is that Germany has an overabundance of semi-senile boomers that just vote conservative everytime, completely oblivious to the world around them."

Exactly that tbh, old people here love the CDU even though they are absolute shit and at this point young people are actually actively calling them out on their shit: https://www.dw.com/en/germanys-cdu-slams-youtuber-rezo-over-political-viral-video/a-48839177

No. 418754

A bluehaired 30yo preaching to his preteen fans on youtube is the last thing we need

No. 418759

Too much image board culture causing self-hate for appeasement, or it could be that mixed anon that constantly shits on her black side

No. 418798

"bottom" means nothing if it's straight sex. You can be a starfish on top of your partner or under him. The idea is that he does all the work, all the thrusting and you're just there recieving without giving anything.

No. 418825

Why does this jar of peanut butter smell bad? Peanut butter doesn't really go bad, right? It tastes fine. Kinda smells mildly like shit like someone took a dump in my peanut butter.

No. 418830

Is it bad to wash your hair everyday? Every time I try to google it I always find conflicting information.

My hair is fine and straight, I currently wash it every other day at night. I can get through the entirety of the next day with my hair looking and feeling fine, but it's the next morning after not washing it when it suddenly becomes super visibly oily. I use dry shampoo but that only helps for the first few hours. I used to wash my hair everyday but I felt like that just made it overproduce oil and my hair would be oily by night time rather than by the next morning… Since my hair is so fine and thin, I'd rather not do anything to make it more brittle and vulnerable to falling off my head lol

No. 418835

fellow fine hair anon here, keep doing what you're doing, washing it every day will make it oily sooner just as you observed. maybe try washing your hair in the morning to prolong its cleanliness? although I could never make that work as there's TONS of flyaways and it's hard to manage when it's super clean. as long as you don't cause dry shampoo to build up to the degree it can cause hair breakage, you should be fine!
also, bit unrelated, but you can also invest in satin pillowcases to help avoid hair breakage. plus they feel nice on your face lol

No. 418836

If you can, try not washing it (with shampoo) for 5 days or a week and then wash it every other day and see if there's a difference. I also have fine and straight hair and I managed to "train" my scalp to produce less oil but I heard it doesnt work for everyone

No. 418848

I'll definitely look into satin pillowcases! I've fallen down the rabbit hole of researching new shampoos and conditioners that also won't necessarily strip my hair of oil when I do actually wash it now lol… I usually just buy and pick up whatever but I hope a new shampoo might make the grease a little more bearable!

I've tried that before in hopes of trying to "reset" the oil production and it only helped to reset it a little bit from all the daily shampooing (going from becoming greasy by the end of the day to greasy by the next morning). At least it worked a bit!

Summer is coming and my city is ridiculously humid so I'm trying to figure out ways to make dealing with my hair a bit easier lol.

No. 418862

File: 1559838020783.jpeg (29.34 KB, 261x261, 7556913E-BE4F-4F32-AFA1-C8E2E4…)

Self defence for a country that doesn’t allow guns or stun guns?

I had a creepy encounter and the guy knows where I live bc he is a delivery driver and my room is in the first floor at the front of the house


No. 418870

Idk, I hide a big knife(like a sharpened butcher's knife) under my pillow. I also have pepper spray.

No. 418873

Is pepper spray legal? Buy an umbrella that stays elongated when its closed so you clearly have some kind of "weapon" and carry it to and from your door and car. walk to your door with your keys in between your fingers like you're wolverine, find a guy friend to practice jabbing in the stomach with your elbow if youre grabbed from behind. Also nut kicks and any other techniques you can google. My dad taught this stuff to me a long time ago by elbowing him a few times to get the muscle memory, lol.

But also chill and walk confidently because 1. Something probably wont happen if the guy was just autismo 2. You'll look less vulnerable.

There are also doorbells that can film your door when someone comes by, whether they press it or not. Video and audio. I have a SkyBell.

No. 418874

Utility knife, pepper spray, things like a big metal water bottle. Maybe buy one of those doorstopper things (sticks that go under the knob and hold it closed from an angle, or a big metal piece that inserts into the floor and prevents the door from being fully opened). Maybe even buy some brass knuckles lol.

No. 418903

do try something less oil stripping for sure! satin pillowcase anon here, my mom has even finer hair than I do (but hers is also bit frizzy whereas mine is pin straight) and she has fallen into this hole of buying more and more stripping shit grocery store shampoos and as a result her hair gets stringy by midday. she can't really do anything about it now though as she has to go to work and look presentable.
not sure what you can do about the incoming humidity though but I'll keep you in my prayers!

No. 418917

He goes to my university and I swear to god hes the biggest fucking cunt I’ve ever seen

No. 418946

I'd highly recommend taking a self defense class if you have the money because they'll help you prepare for all kinds of situations and make you feel more confident that you'll make it out of them alive. Buy yourself some sports gear (like a baseball bat or a hockey stick) but check the laws of your country for using these as weapons. If your country's laws are like mine, you just want to distract the attacker (go for the balls or clap your hands against his ears to deafen him) long enough to escape and seek help now that you have evidence that he's a threat to you. Knocking someone unconscious here is considered "unnecessary violence" and could get you in trouble instead. Just be familiar with the laws and adjust your course of action based on them.

No. 418950

File: 1559848445733.png (36.29 KB, 413x300, 274000653002211.png)

Can you take CBD oil while taking oral contraceptives? I'm on a progesterone-only pill. Also does it even work for mild depression and anxiety? I see way too much conflicting information online to feel comfortable taking it (some anecdotal evidence from people saying it's a miracle cure to articles saying it increases suicidal thoughts). Wtf am I supposed to believe here?

No. 418962

isnt that dangerous for yourself? I always end up with my hands under my pillow while moving mid sleep. I would butcher myself.

please spill the milk

No. 418967

there's evidence that it reduces the efficacy of birth control. as for whether it works it depends on the person from what I understand. it's not like taking it once is going to kill you

No. 418968

(bee injury and death up ahead)
My bf found a bee lying on the ground and took it in to give it sugarwater, but after it crawled straight into the sticky mess and ended up wriggling on it's back he realised its entire abdomen had been emptied out by a predator. It was still vigorously trying to crawl forward, but if we had put it outside it would just be a sticky treat for ants, and because of the sugarwater it would be inhumane to freeze it. I thought it best to end its' suffering quickly but he wanted to treat it as he would prefer to be treated in that situation, by being left to die quietly. It seems to have passed finally. He originally found it alone and sat with the bee for a while before I came home so I didn't feel right just demanding he kill it as if I'm some higher authority, but I regret not ending it's suffering earlier. I keep questioning whether ending suffering is really justified permission to end the life of a 'lesser' being.
Would you leave it to die naturally, or crush it?

No. 418970

I know it's not really the same thing but my boyfriend mercy-killed a bird once because he was put under pressure and it fucked him up so bad. He still thinks about it regularly and cries. Just let your boyfriend do whatever he thinks is more merciful so he can have a clear conscience.

No. 418971

It's a fucking bee, you and your boyfriend and whoever needs your weird trigger warning for bee death needs to get a grip

No. 418972

Anon, if you were slowly bleeding out, your entrails pulled from your body, feeling everything and unable to move, would you rather someone put a bullet in your head or leave you there to die? What gives that person permission to take the life is the question at hand, but what gives that person permission to walk away because they can't handle the hard decision? It is absolutely ok to end needless suffering.

No. 418974

It's just a bee. I'd hit it with a shoe.

No. 418975

Somewhat agree. I love inverts and am in the process of switching over to vegan because I love animals, but a tw is a bit much.
But it's also kind of sweet at the same time.

No. 418977

I didn't want to give anyone the impression that it ended well. When I got home I thought it was cute he saved a bee, so then when I suddenly saw it's hollow abdomen I was really horrified.

No. 418985

Rather have a man show compassion for animals instead of dealing with a sociopath for a boyfriend

No. 419002

File: 1559855850185.jpg (1.41 MB, 2922x2171, bee-hive-2-1-28-10.jpg)

Jesus christ this shit is ridiculous, how do you all function on a day to day basis

Imagine if you and your boyfriend did something productive with your time instead of putting this much thought into …. a bug …. your boyfriend straight up SAT with it?? for a WHILE??? my sides

Oh god I didn't hold a funeral and create a memorial fund for the ant I smushed the other day, clearly I'm a sociopath

No. 419013

Why are you so mad at people having compassion? It's literally hurting no-one.

No. 419023

>it's not like taking it once is going to kill you
Yeah that's why I'm open to trying it, even if it doesn't work for me but not unless I can confirm it won't conflict with my pill and I don't think there's enough concrete evidence online.

No. 419024

calm down your sociopath ass anon

No. 419069

Vegan for morals here and I don't have any strong opinion on this. I just don't feel extreme empathy for a single bug, idk why. I imagine them as like… basic code.

No. 419071

My boyfriend had a successful vasectomy. I'm on birth control.
He came in me multiple times.
Is there any chance I'm pregnant?
Pregnancy is one of my biggest fears and it's been nagging at me ever since we had sex.

No. 419074

Do you think shooting an unloaded gun at someone wearing a bullet-proof vest would kill them?

No. 419075

How recent was the vasectomy? But in all odds you should be fine, take a test if it worries you - but if even sterilisation still makes you afraid of pregnancy then I don’t know what to tell you other than try to get over it, only thing left after sterilisation is celibacy

No. 419092

Have people always been such whores for attention or did the internet make it worse?

No. 419138

How do I respond to my uncle's failure at humor? It pisses me off so I've opted to literally ignore it, but that hasn't worked out, as I will explain.

Example: Today I brought my bunny outside on a harness. While she was eating a dandelion, I started pulling out the fur she's shedding (it doesn't hurt her). As he sees what I'm doing, he comments something like "Oh good, remove her fur so she's tastier to eat". He always does these "jokes" but they aren't even clever. I literally just chose to ignore it and I guess my other family told him he was too mean and the fact that they defended me makes me feel weird. I'm an adult and I just want to defend my bunny but also let him know he's annoying.

In the past I responded to a similar comment by mentioning how his precious dog could easily be food too. It didn't help anything really. The comments annoy the fuck out of me but it doesn't hurt my feelings because I don't respect him much. I might be too socially stupid to know the best way to respond. Advice?

No. 419142

Don’t have any advice but my in laws make similar shitty ‘jokes’ about my rabbits, I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy if said that I’ll eat their dogs though

No. 419144

What are the chances of one of my genetic status on 23&me being used against me in insurance or anything like that?

No. 419147

If you live in America, 200% likely

No. 419151

both. we have always been prone to attention whoring, and social media has definitely accelerated just how bad we could be with attention whoring on the internet.

No. 419153

OK, I'm in America. So what if my parents, I still share medical insurance with them, take the test. Am I screwed?

No. 419157

You, your parents, your siblings, and your future children and possibly your grandkids are screwed.

Your genome has been sold for kickbacks.

No. 419408

would most "straight" men really be down with fucking a troon out of desperation or is it just about so many of them being closeted bi and gays? i see so many people catfishing as troons on dating apps getting tons of offer from men who claim to be straight.

No. 419411

it's a mix of closet gays and other troons catfishing as straight men. tbh.

No. 419422

The person I'm dating is allegedly straight but used to hit on a troon online. He said it was because he was desperate and lonely and believed no woman would ever want him, not because he's into men. Who knows.

No. 419431

i think a lot of straight guys really have no idea how bad it is "down there" either.

No. 419432

Why are you dating this person

No. 419441

nta and i know this is the stupid questions thread but anon just said he admitted it was out of desperation. so it sounds like he learned on his own. men aren't trash just because they didn't peak at birth.

No. 419445

A lot of guys say they'd date a troon because they think troons are like futa characters. Perfectly fine in every aspect, but with a penis. It's nothing like that IRL.

No. 419464

Yah but… even if the troon was perfectly female in every other way, the whole dick thing means you gay. Like, I'm straight and there's absolutely nothing appealing to me about a person that looks like a man, but has a vagina. That's gross. If they're totally cool with a dick, they're legit gay.

No. 419485

He has a great personality and is very good looking. He has self esteem issues, that's all. Honestly I also like the desperation because he is very grateful to be with me and treats me really well even if I act like a complete asshole. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't put off by the troon thing, though. It took me a couple of months to get over my disgust.

No. 419508

People are pussies about the genitalia thing.
Like, who cares?

No. 419543

What is this phenomenom called when one texts in a very special way that they press the enter button after a few words with the result multiple messages for one or max three sentences appear on the sender's and the receiver(s)' screen? I don't want to see memes about it, I am convinced people who text like this are mentally ill and need to be thoroughly studied about so that's why I want to see entire studies but even articles will do.

No. 419553

what are you talking about?
did you mean this?
or something like th

No. 419567

I think you can be like 95% straight and 5% gay where your gay interest only extends to genitals. Like lesbians who like futa. Root cause is probably being Very Online and frying your brain with anime and porn though.

No. 419575

> the result multiple messages for one or max three sentences appear on the sender's and the receiver(s)' screen
I guess it's more like
something like this?
there really isn't a reason to break up the text like that, but they do anyway.

Anyway, I don't think this is indicative of mental illness per se, but of people with a smaller communicative filter. Like, they're more prone to texting their stream of consciousness, rather than trying to format sentences. Some kinds of mentally ill people have zero filter like that though, but I've experienced my fair share of not mentally ill, but just over-eager people texting like that.

No. 419646

It just comes off as very pathetic when a "straight" man would fuck someone with a dick just because they wear lipstick and put on a dress. It's extremely unattractive.

No. 419687

File: 1560007318657.png (37.65 KB, 1077x439, confusin.PNG)


The fuck is this website? It just poped up randomly and it says it installed something in on my computer. Am I going to get a virus

No. 419688

>links the shit so other farmers can click and get infected
Lol, anon

No. 419689

i think the OP has a fucking mental illness

No. 419694

I am OP, correct, but I am guilty of this too, so BTFO. Why did you feel so attacked anyways?
Communication filter could be it. What about ADHD? Even the people that function and do this have a very odd personality…

No. 419701

how can i sing high notes without making them sound like screeches?

No. 419721

I cannot for the life of me remember the name of a cow who's been discussed a ton here.
>black hair, shaved at some point
>gets ugly tattoos all the time- a chandelier on her head or face i think?
>fat but used to be hot and skinny
>spoiled by her mother I think?
I can't recall if she cosplays. I think she's a sex worker? Not sure. She is super popular on here I'm sure someone will know who I'm talking about. It's driving me nuts

Thanks kind anons!

No. 419725

Charlotte Charms

No. 419727

Why haven't men been sexualized in clothes as much as women have been since the mid-late 2000s? I consume a lot of medias from the 60s-90s and noticed much of the male fashions popular of the time were just as skimpy, tight, and sexy as were the female fashions, with it being at it's peaking during the 70's and 80's. Now, it seems like female clothes have gotten far more skimpier and revealing while male clothes are extremely conservative and baggy not giving a hint of any shape in general. Why is that? It feels so sexist to me.

No. 419728

And why on long hair (particularly long afros on black/mixed men) gotten less popular on men since the 21st century hit?

No. 419735

my tinfoil theory is the generation that was initially in to longer hair around the 80s started aging and mass balding around the time that the 21st century hit, and it just hasnt gotten back in style yet

chin to shoulder length hair is the cutest imo

No. 419741

File: 1560023149799.jpeg (35.9 KB, 267x275, 4AD49270-5C00-4133-8EBE-63BF63…)

How does an instagram account get hacked? Or I guess, really, why? Watched some clip of a BET show about a hairstylist and he talks about his page getting hacked and taken down… What’s the point? What does the hacker gain, especially when it’s just instathots?

No. 419742

This bothers me too, I live for guys in sexy clothes but men's fashion was so boring. I'd love something overtly sexy like the low necklines and tight pants of the 70s, or something more androgynous like an 80s rocker, but instead we're lucky if a guy even wears something with buttons.

No. 419744

babby's first hack, basically. Insta seems to be one of the easiest targets and big accounts get hacked by incels and nerds who get really smug about it. I saw a big acct get hacked in real time a while back and the retard posted his discord server and through his usernames and stuff I found his youtube, face, name, and college, kek, it shows you how not-dedicated they are. They're just idiots who gained one (1) useless skill.

Also the satisfaction of deleting the page of an evil woman who wont have sex with them.

No. 419748

Catching up on the Luna Slater threads since the Onion threads have become boring lately. Luna is my new favorite cow. How do you anons like to go about catching up on past cows? So far I've been reading each thread from most current and working my backwards through the old threads but then it's almost like I'm reading spoilers for a good book since I know what's coming. Do you like to start from thread one and work your way forward or do you go backwards in time from the current thread?

No. 419750

Babbys first hacks are so cringy and it's usually a competition between two teenagers trying to be all cool. Which brand account was it that got hacked a few years ago by some people who use the image of a Pomeranian as their "crew"?

No. 419755


It’s pear Chan. If you search pest Chan or “a fat fox” you’ll find what you’re looking for.

No. 419772

Yes she's the cow! Ty

No. 419791

Is my attractiveness to men negatively impacted by the fact that I don't wear makeup? I know this is a radfem-leaning board and I shouldn't care what scrots think, but I'm just wondering what others have experienced.

No. 419793

Yes, it is. They are conditioned to seeing women with makeup and you will always appear plainer. It doesn't mean that you won't find someone. I have found men who don't mind that I don't wear makeup and tell me I look good without it so I don't need to worry. Those same guys will complement the shit out of me when I actually wear it. It makes a difference.

No. 419794

What if I dress a bit oddly to make up (heh) for being plain? Not alt or anything OTT, just very formal/somewhat vintage most times.
I'm stuck between being very lonely but also not wanting to change myself lol.

No. 419797

That sounds super cute, anon. I think you'll do fine; no make up isn't a deal breaker and it sounds like you take care of yourself.

I didn't mean to say you won't find anyone if you don't wear makeup. I think most men are too stupid to really be able to tell the difference anyway. Good luck!

No. 419798

Thank you anon! I appreciate the sweet response.

No. 419801

Can you keep a man's penis erect after his death? Is rigor mortis enough? Can you feed him some pills for that before death?

No. 419803

Are you one of the necrophiles from /g/?

No. 419806

I never posted there, just curious…

No. 419807

Are there any modern virtual hangouts with a sizable population? Like in ye olde days there were Habbo, IMVU, etc. I'm wondering if there's something similar but with a more modern feel? Video games just don't have the same kind of appeal to me and I'd like to make e-friends.

No. 419810

oh definitely anon the difference I get in reactions from scrots and sometimes other girls my age when I wear makeup and when I don't in public is wild lmao. I'm the same where I love not having to wake up early and shit everyday to get ready to literally stand at work or sit in class but idk the way I get treated when i don't is more negative or I get ignored compared to when I do luuuul.

No. 419833

this isn't a radfem leaning board radfems are just the loudest.

No. 419835

depends how you look without it tbh. skin care and hair care (and also a fit or slim body) should help with making you look good without makeup

No. 419840

VRChat maybe? I've never used it myself so I can't vouch for how good the people on there are, though.

No. 419853

Sometimes to sell them back to the victim or sell them to some spammers who want an account with high engagement to put their adds on. I knew a guy who got his account hacked because he managed to get a very common simple word as his url years ago and the hackers knew urls like that would sell for a good price to a third party. He managed to get it back by bitching to insta enough and proving it was his.

No. 419856

Rigor mortis only effects the large skeletal muscles. Viagra would ware off after his heart stops pumping since it works by increasing blood flow. Sometimes male corpses can have erections if he died face down, sitting or especially from hanging from his blood pooling in his lower half and sometimes spinal cord damage can give men erections. They used to call it "angel lust" but it wore off after a while when the body was moved. There's a famous mistranslated that lead people to think Muhammad died with one. In theory you could just put a tourniquet (or tight cockring) around a boner he already had before he died or if that was happening to his corpse and it'd stay erect until it started to lose integrity from decomposing.

No. 419926

I see, thank you very much for the information.

No. 419952

When do men stop annoying women for romance and sex?
I'm over 30 and engaged and it's fucking sunday morning and I'm getting messages from men hoping to get something from me.

No. 419953

Are they texting your phone to hit you up or is this online? Most reply guys online are married I've noticed.

No. 419954

From all places. Sometimes I wonder if I should
go complete bitch mode and cut off all males that aren't family from my life.

No. 419955


See >>419856.

Seriously, not even impotence will deter them because it's about power.

No. 419959

I've noticed most women online with reply guys basically are fishing for the attention. Maybe don't appear so available?

No. 419960

A…are you implying literal dead male bodies are harassing women?

No. 419963

I'm not fishing for attention and I'm not even replying to them.

No. 419971

Lmao what? nta but what does "appearing available" mean? Does it mean spouting everywhere all the time that you're engaged ? What a stupid opinion.

No. 420006

Can you prove they aren't?

No. 420067

which internet personalities have actually been "cancelled" in the past few years? as in, their internet career was actually ruined

No. 420086

The only one I can think of is Alison Rapp. She had a thread here but her thread on kiwifarm has more details iirc. Nobody knows what she's up to now but she tried too hard to stay relevant before disappearing from the internet

No. 420101

I've heard about this one but the videos of all the incels and lolifags using it turns me off. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

No. 420117

What do artists mean when they say "symbol drawing" or "drawing with symbols"?

No. 420118

Leafy. And ProJared is probably never coming back either.

No. 420128

When you draw things without properly understanding their structure in 3D space.
For example you draw what you think an eye is supposed to look like (a symbol)

No. 420137

Do languages affect how pretty or ugly your voice sounds? I sound like an absolute sperg in my native language (English) but I've been told I have a prettier natural voice speaking other languages.

No. 420152

this is gonna sounds disgustingly weeby, but my normal aussie accent is horrifying next to when I'm speaking Japanese, or literally anything else (even putting on american accent like the majority of us grew up doing), I feel so manly/speak way more like a dude with my normal accent.
wish I was born in Northern England, my friend is Northern and I used to get distracted listening to her talk it sounded so fucking cute.

No. 420166

I'm looking to buy a new home printer soon, any recommendations? Are laser printers worth it?

No. 420170

I don't know if you use your printer a lot for home office/business use but I have a Brother that I work pretty hard for office work that is incredibly reliable and their customer support has been pretty excellent. I once got a printer from them that there was later a recall for and they sent me a brand new $400 printer ASAP that was from one of their highest quality lines, and it was a much more expensive one than my shoddy little defective one. My track record with their sewing machines has also been excellent. It depends on what you need the printer for. If youre going to be printing out a lot of paperwork, go laser. If you need to print out all kinds of stuff and esp pics, I'd go with the ink jet. My experience with lasers is that they truly are more reliable.

No. 420173

Seconding Brother. I have a cheapy WiFi one that works amazingly well.

No. 420213

I'd say it's the opposite although I feel like there are some pretty rough/ugly languages out there. I always thought the arabic language was so ugly and made women's voices ugly untill I heard a friend of mine speak it and her voice made it sound so soft.
Same with german and how Hitler's speech is ugly as fuck but if you hear some soft spoken germans reading Rilke, it sounds really pretty.

No. 420222

I have PCOS, so my periods aren't normal and I believe I'm less fertile than the average woman. Anyway, I recently switched birth control (from jolessa to junel) afted having a 3 day break of no birth control inbetween.

I was on Junel for 3 days when I had sex. At the time I didn't even consider that my bc could be ineffective because of the switch. Did I just possibly ruin my life? Help?

No. 420224

Did he pull out? Pregnancies don't happen that easily. If you're still in doubt after some days, buy a test on a pharmacy.

No. 420226

Technically you could be pregnant since you're supposed to be on BC for 7 consecutive days before you're protected. Probably not, but take a test to be sure.

No. 420233

I don't know about pretty or ugly, but your tone can definitely change. My voice sounds deeper in my native language, but when I speak English it sounds more high pitched and almost… different

No. 420237

He didn't pull out. When's the soonest I can test if this just happened yesterday?

No. 420241

if it happened yesterday, you still have time to go out and get the morning-after pill ('Plan B' emergency contraceptive) if pregnancy is a concern. you can effectively take them within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

No. 420242

I agree. Better take the pill for some peace of mind.

No. 420245

No. 420255

Ordered plan B on Amazon, it's guarenteed to arrive tomorrow. I'm probably fine but I couldn't stop worrying. Having peace of mind is worth it. I wonder how plan b will affect taking my bc. Eh, it'll probably cover that in the instructions. Thanks, anons.

No. 420258

Just take your bc as normal and make sure you wait a week before having sex without a condom.

No. 420261


just fucking go to the damn store.

No. 420264

What's the best place to watch anime? Is it corny to purchase it on youtube or amazon?


No. 420267

Okay so here's what I did. I don't even watch anime much and idk if what I did was stupid, but it worked. I got ublock origins for kissanime, but know an adblocker alone will not work. There's filters to add to ublock and basically I went into options and pasted filters that let me get past their ads. Just look it up.

No. 420268

Why would you bother with all that instead of just torrenting it?

People who stream things baffle me tbh.

No. 420270

I don't like any particular anime enough to go to the effort of torrenting. I just like to browse and watch whatever I want right away.

No. 420272

File: 1560180657310.jpg (20.7 KB, 325x315, 62147978_10158659064849498_738…)

I have $40 to spend on an anniversary present. What the fuck do I get?

No. 420275

This is going to a bit long winded but hang in there with me. I have a YouTube channel and I recently started featuring my face, something I’ve been pretty reluctant about doing because I was a total cow/snow material for most of my life. My only real excuse being that I was young and raised with pretty low moral standards. I’ve since gone through years of therapy, I’ve quit drinking, and I’m happy to report that I’ve been a compassionate normie for the last five ish years. My stupid question is this: when someone I know irl inevitably finds my channel and tries to cancel me, what possible apology can I make that would appease this kind of community? I’ve been browsing here for a few years and if it’s shown me anything, it’s that you can’t pander to critics and I feel like I might have to do that very thing if someone decides to “expose” the actions I deeply regret everyday. How do I avoid this? I’ve never dropped my own name but I have tattoos that are pretty unique to me and it would simple to figure out who I am. When I was a cow, there were a dozen or so people that I hurt that could probably still hold a grudge over my actions, and if they were smart, it wouldn’t be hard to dig up receipts. Sorry about this poorly worded ramble but I honestly just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose a platform open to the likes of the Paul brothers just because I was a dickish 19 year old. But I also don’t want to address my actions head on as any sort of a reflection of who I am today. So how do I apologize for who I used to be? How do i make everyone happy when I used to try to piss everyone off?

No. 420278

I speak both arabic and(american)english and my voice sounds heavy and retarded when I speak in english and intelligent and elegant when I speak in arabic. English is my first language though

Same here, the only thing I torrent sometimes are movies I really want to watch, and even that is extremely rare

No. 420291

I doubt you're popular enough for any of your past to matter, no offense. But anyway, critics and fans alike love drama and genuineness. Make a vid about your exact fears involving your past and talk about why you're different and how you feel about cancel culture or whatever.

No. 420311


Newfag here.

Why is it "newfag" and not "newdyke" or something?

Adding sage in the email box is apparently useless and my comment always comes at the front page. What's up with that?

How large is the user-base in this forum?

I've been told that I could shitpost about 2D guys here but /m/ is as dry as my vagina whenever I see BTS. Was I lied to?

Why. Are. Men. Everywhere in the internet, why do they dominate the discussion and why do they always wound up as the majority on internet forums like parasites?

Are there any female majority websites other than this that also isn't dead or too vanilla?

No. 420318

the only thing i want to know is how the fuck did you get here and who told you to come here?

No. 420319

>too vanilla

Get the fuck out and go to crystal cafe freak

No. 420321

i cannot believe this site is too vanilla when i peeped someone talking about scat fetish on /g/.

No. 420330

GTFO newdyke.

No. 420333

fucking stop. this is not a trend.

No. 420334

No you.

No. 420336

Hm, for something generic, a laptop case or some portable speakers? What does your partner like anon? Maybe spend it on some nice meat and cook them a nice dinner lol

No. 420352


No. 420354

please fuck off. We're not here to walk you through your discovery. Everyone knows you should lurk a long time before posting.

Don't ever make me read something as retarded as this again

>Why is it "newfag" and not "newdyke" or something?

No. 420356

I s2g if newdyke becomes some kind of crystal.cafe tier ~girly-chan~ trend on this site I will off myself.

No. 420360

nta and same, anyone who wants that to become a thing should be shot.

No. 420363

File: 1560191874902.jpg (114.22 KB, 730x905, 1524609866759.jpg)

Were you the same newfag who made >>420332? Please go and stay go, stop embarassing yourself here.

p. s.
>liking 2d fags
>not liking Taehyung
Your taste is actual dogshit

No. 420366

He's taking me to a nice dinner already so I can't cook, but I was considering baking his favorite dessert and packaging it all nice and pretty.

No. 420367

I can only hope, that way they'll get banned for sure.

OT, but this fujo thing is really annoying. Any time anyone mentions anything negative about yaoi they show up with insane tinfoils. I don't really care about fujos but jesus, everyone knows fujos are hated just as much as any other weeaboo.

>inb4 both of us get accused of being the "fujosperg" or a scrote.

No. 420372

That sounds like a good idea! You really can't go wrong with food. Best of luck anon, and happy anniversary!

No. 420374

shit taste, you can do better

No. 420375

Is cryptocurrency really worth investing in? I'm not personally interested in investing (cryptocurrency or not), but one of my ex-coworkers would constantly harp on about his investments in it and try to talk other people into it.

No. 420394

>How large is the user-base in this forum?
We're just two. You and me. I make all the comments and have debates with myself.

No. 420396

hell no, especially if he's doing that. afaik it's a common tactic in the investing world to convince others to invest in the same dead horse you did so you can cut your losses.

No. 420408

No. 420409

File: 1560196293910.jpg (216.64 KB, 886x1280, potn59EWZc1vm3jgw.jpg)

It don't get much better than this, m8

No. 420410

Would I be dumb to post an imgur link of my face on lolcow? I want haircut advice on /g/ because reddit has yielded like absolutely no responses that have been helpful.

No. 420411

Don't you have anyone IRL you can ask? Posting your face on anonymous image boards is never a good look.

No. 420412

>enjoying the most shitty boysband in kpop with this faggot on top
sure sis

No. 420428

>>420410 don't do it anon

No. 420433

Does anyone else remember this one app where you had a unique QR code and you and friends scanned each other's codes to get a randomly allotted amount of points, and once you earned enough points you could cash them out for giftcards? I think it started with a P, the color scheme was a light blue and white color, and it was out around 2012. There would be facebook groups or pages with people's QR codes so people could scan more and more, but the app developers eventually put in a thing so it was location based and you couldn't get points for scanning codes that weren't nearby you. It did eventually shut down.

No. 420438

Don't do it. Remember there are men who lurk in here.

No. 420516

File: 1560213610676.jpg (30.26 KB, 580x435, 1530377838351.jpg)

When somebody pays you through Paypal, what information do they see about you? Are they able to see your name? I'm an artist and I want to sell commissions, but I was trying to keep my gender and nationality a secret (I don't know, I rather be as anonymous as possible) and my name gives that info away (I have a very common latino surname).
Is there a way to get paid and remain anonymous?
Are there better options than Paypal? Can I use Ko-fi? Please artist anons, I need some help.

Pic unrelated

No. 420527

On Paypal they can see your full name and that's it.

No. 420571

I feel a strange combo of anxiety/dread at night in anticipation of the coming work day. I did my usual distractions (internet) for a while and got ready for bed earlier than usual, still feeling like crap. Then I hugged my stuffed animal and it really helped. Anyone relate? Is this normal?

No. 420579

I don't pick up on humor 90% of the time. I take everything too seriously and have trouble relating to others. Is it possible that I am on the spectrum?

No. 420623


What I've done is make a normal PayPal with my real info on it connected to my cards/bank account, but then make a fake PayPal with a generic alias (just put in a fake address if it asks since you'll never need it to fully function to communicate with your real life at all) and transfer money back and fourth between the two to give and receive money to online wierdos with the fake one. Sometimes it gets uppity and won't make several back and fourth transactions a day but it hasn't stolen all the money from me yet.

Avoid the option that's called something like "charge for a service" where you email them a receipt and they directly put their CC info in the link it sends them, there's an option to correct the "return address" with a fake addy halfway through but if it's missed it sends whoever is charging the customers full address rofl.

No. 420654

Not sure if it's normal but I get the same effect hugging my cat. I usually do it when I'm too stressed at work.

No. 420707

sounds pretty autistic to me, my friend, but I'm a college dropout. There's lots of little quizes online that could maybe give you a more solid response (and perhaps give you some resources as well)

No. 420711

I'm trying to understand sales tax in my state (NYC/NYS) but I'm still confused as shit. The official government website says that there is no tax on clothing priced $110 or under. When I worked at a clothing only retail store, this was true- I never saw tax on items under $110. Yet when I go somewhere else, say Target or F21, I do get charged sales tax. I've also seen this contradiction with food too. The website says:

>The following purchases are exempt from sales tax: Unprepared and packaged food products, dietary foods, certain beverages, and health supplements sold by food markets

Of course, when I buy food from the supermarket or Target there's no tax… but there are other places (not restaurants) that DO charge me tax (I can't think of any off the top of my head right now but I'm sure its happened). I'm so confused. Is there a loophole somewhere, or are these businesses who charge tax when they're not supposed to just breaking the law?

No. 420712

Thank you so much! This actually helped me a lot. I don't know how I didn't think about that option before, haha. Ily anon <3

No. 420713

Is it with people you don't know very well and acquaintances or with literally everyone? I know that I have a hard time understanding when people I don't know well joke or not but with me they're sometimes completely lost with my sense of humor because they think I'm completely serious when I use very obvious sarcasm or slightly self-depreciating jokes. But it never happens with my friends and family and they don't think I'm incredibly weird or anything. It could be that for you too?

No. 420714

I get anxiety about work that starts about 24 hours before a scheduled shift and crescendos about an hour before. The only thing that really helps is when I actually start work.

No. 420724

File: 1560269023997.png (46.67 KB, 785x232, Screenshot from 2019-06-11 18-…)

I don't know much about taxes but this made me curious so I looked it up. Apparently it has something to do with the different cities and counties having their own local sales taxes? Pic related, it's a screenshot from Wikipedia.

No. 420725

You may be getting charged for items on the receipt that are non tax except. It appears there are class action law suits against Forever 21 for not adhering to tax code, but check your receipts next time to make sure it is the actual clothing items you are being charged for and not something else. Certain food items are also not tax exempt, I believe prepared foods mainly.

No. 420730

am i the asshole for not wanting to date or fuck a man who has had sex with a prostitute? i don't really care if a guy is a virgin or not, i don't care if he has fucked many people unless he doesn't have stds but i wouldn't want to be with someone who has done it with a hooker. it just makes me see them as someone who was desperate enough to pay to get laid and thinks they can just dehumanize women with money.

No. 420734

No you're not the asshole at all

No. 420737

Sleeping with a lot of people is just as bad as hiring a prostitute imo. They both show that he doesn't value intimacy

No. 420738

Not at all. We need to be harsher on men about prostitution and porn, they lack empathy and their conscience won't stop them. Sad as it is, they need to suffer consequences if they're ever going to be better and the most effective punishment is rejection.

No. 420748

If they were younger than 20 when the thing took place I can understand. Any man older than that who pays a prostitute is pathetic. Don't even waste your time with him.

No. 420755

Does anyone know any technology/programming discord servers where you can meet new people and become friends?

No. 420784

I'm going to Nice, France for 5 days. Is there anywhere else I should go for a day trip?
I feel like everyone goes to Monaco but there must be some other hidden gems I could go to

No. 420792

not at all the asshole ur uncomfortable for normal reasons despite what sex positivity bullshit handmaidens try to say. idk i would be sketched out by a future partner fucking a prostitute cause it really just shows how they view women as a commodity and its gross in general lmao

No. 420796

Is there something wrong with the reportoftheweek? Like, there's something about him that's just so sickly and off. Am I wrong to assume it's his diet?

No. 420811

Nope. I wouldn't fuck a guy who patronized prostitutes for exactly that reason, and all else aside you're never the asshole for setting boundaries and having preferences. You're allowed not to date someone for any reason at all.

No. 420814

I went there last year for a week but couldn't really enjoy the trip since I had my periods way earlier than planned and couldnt swim at all. The friend who went with me was an annoying cheap nitpicking idiot the whole week out of nowhere so I couldnt do everything I planned. Anyway. For Monaco you just take the bus for 1.5€ and you can visit it in one day. Take the ferry to avoid walking through the entire city (my friend didnt want to spend 2€ on it so we walked way too much and wasted time). Go to the casino if you want, I wanted to go but again, my friend didn't want to follow me and insisted I stayed with her. There's the ocean museum, it's really good. The museum about the pince's family was boring to me though. There's a garden with a bunch of cactus at the top of the hill but it was closed when we arrived. If you want to thoroughly visit Monaco TAKE THE ELEVATORS, you'll see what I mean once you'll be there. I also spend a day in Cannes but I mostly stayed in la croisette and the small island with the prison where the iron masked man was held at some point, which I recommend.

As for Nice, if you like going shoping go to the Galeries Lafayette and just the main street in general but if you already have a big galeries Lafayette in your city don't bother. I know the ones in my city aren't as big. There's another casino in la promenade des anglais iirc. I visited the orthodox church, the Matisse museum and a museum right next to it about archeology. If you're ok with walking a lot you should really climb that big hill/tower next to the beach, the sight is really beautiful since you can see the whole city from the top of the hill. You should even picnic there if possible. I'm sure I missed some things during my trip though so look for more info somewhere else as well. Are you French? If you don't speak French you should be fine because everyone was talking to me in English since I'm not white and I looked like a tourist despute just being from another French region.

No. 420816

Forgot to add, you should go to the Ballanger shop, they make nice waffles and crêpes. You can't miss it while going to the main street/the beach, it's that brght pink shop with a lot of customers.

No. 420820

I found a roleplaying discord server with people who don't seem to be fucking retards 24/7.
That's what I thought at first, but I started to check the info and the rules and, oh boy.

The roleplaying system involves raping and the goblin mating system from Goblin Slayer (aka, raping non-goblin female creatures to impregnate them and make more goblins). Also, they have this super creepy rule that forces users with female characters to post their "fertile" days (like, wtf). And if a male engages in anal sex, they must roll a dice to see if they got a disease.

The feminist in me is telling me to run far away but at the same time, my hunger for socialization wants me to stay.
Should I try to wait and see how things develop, or should I dump them right away?

No. 420825

>female characters post their "fertile" days
baby please leave that server, I recoiled from the screen

No. 420841

Jesus, get out of this shit. Don't you have some self respect? Go socialize with people who RESPECT you. Post your fertile days? the fuck is this?

No. 420842

Are you joking? Please leave. Any server based around RAPE is going to be fucking terrible. I'm sure you can find a roleplaying discord that isn't just degenerate men jerking off to impregnating female characters (who 9/10 are also played by men, I guarantee it).

No. 420894

Is it normal to not be able to tell your lefts and rights in a split second? Like if I'm consciously thinking about it, I know my left and right but if someone asks me for directions in a car or something I'll often give the wrong direction, completely unintentionally. I dont know if it's a mild case of dyslexia or something or if I'm just a dumb bitch. For context I'm an adult and never had issues in school or got formally diagnosed with any learning disability or anything.

No. 420898

leave that server. there are normal roleplay communities for writing out there (was once a part of one) but any roleplaying community that's solely sexual in nature is a big red flag and you should gtfo fast

I'm hopeless with directions anon, I can't go anywhere new without a GPS and have difficulty remembering streetnames, only reason I'm able to remember frequent spots of mine is repeatedly driving there

No. 420899

File: 1560317553987.png (201.05 KB, 540x300, tumblr_inline_o0hk1vT27B1tqylh…)

anon just leave, the fact that rape is the main interes in that server is juts a red flag, you can and you will find a better rolplay serve hell even YOU can make it, love your self anon please

No. 420916

I get impregnation fetish because it's pretty popular but that "roll the dice to see if you got a disease from anal sex" thing made me laugh out loud.

I don't know anon, sex roleplays tend to be degenerate to begin with. Unless the majority of the people there are complete fucking sociopath I wouldn't care really. As long as they don't take that shit to real life let them perv out in their stupid roleplay chat with pozzing rules.

No. 420922

I need advice on confronting someone.

A man who lives in my new building told my ex I live there now. I didn't remember this man, a friend of my stalker ex boyfriend, lives here.

The ex has a documented, google-able stalking history and his friend in my building is a cop. I want to tell him to mind his own business and be mindful of the company he keeps.

I'm so scared now. I'm afraid of seeing this man. I went to the gym but he was there and I left before he could see me. I can't keep living like this. I have to confront him but I'm too scared.

How is the best way to do this?

No. 420926

i do the exact same thing and people make fun of me for it too. tell me to look on my left and ill immediately look right. i can be thinking of going left and out of my mouth comes right without even realizing it. its wtf.

No. 420929

It's pretty normal to not be able to tell your right from your left, especially if you're not someone that uses that every day. However if you guys are literally getting lost on the way to familiar everyday locations then you might have a learning disability such as dyspraxia.
Getting diagnosed is only helpful as self reassurance though, all you can actually do is accept that you have different methods than others. It's fine though, who cares if you need to use your phone to get literally everywhere? Everyone uses helpful apps and is glued to their phone at all times these days.

No. 420955

I wear a lot of pencil skirts for work. When I walk around they spin themselves around and it's very annoying/embarrassing having to adjust them all the time. Does this mean they are too big or too small? Or is it normal?

No. 420957

Sounds too big in the waist. Are they zipper or elastic?
I find elastic to be less spinny.

No. 420958

They're zipper! I'll have to try elastic.

No. 420960

How difficult is it to learn to sew nicely? I'd like to make doll clothes (pls no bully) but I know nothing about sewing and I'm intimidated. Also would it be too tedious to sew doll clothes solely by hand? I don't know if I can afford a good sewing machine and also don't really have the space for one in my tiny flat.

No. 420966

i have a friend who is a professional seamstress for movie and theater production and she got started with hand sewing clothes for dolls and her cat. i hand sew most all things if i can help it, some people really never learn and it can become daunting if they are working on a project that becomes tedious or takes a while because they are used to how fast a machine can normally work.

its just something that will take time to get stitches to be straight and neat but its also (imo) easier to spot mistakes and take out stitches if you muss up a little bit. its a wonderful skill and hobby you might as well just pull the trigger and try a small project. it can be really rewarding.

No. 420968

Just like anything, sewing takes practise. However there are lots of very simple things you can make which are really easy. Making doll clothes is actually a great place to start imo, you won't feel like you're wasting loads of material if you fuck up, and because they're so small you won't need a machine.
You can find lots of free patterns online, just start with something simple, look up some basic stitches, watch some youtube tutorials to learn how to follow a pattern.

No. 421039

My 2 year anniversary is coming up and I am overthinking it because I am broke and don't want to dip into our joint savings. I am going to make his favorite treat from scratch and package them up in a cute little box with a nice handmade card. He is taking us to a nice restaurant so I feel a little bad over it. Is that a good present? Anything else I could do?

No. 421042

I think it's fine anon! I personally love homemade gifts, they just ooze love to me. People show love in different ways! I'm sure he'll appreciate it, especially if it's his favorite treat.

No. 421053

For what it's worth, I think that's very sweet of you anon. Your partner will probably appreciate it.

No. 421108

I handwritten letter always goes far in my opinion. I think it'd be nice to reminisce on the times you enjoyed most with him, and what you're excited for in the future

No. 421174

File: 1560375333470.jpg (24.91 KB, 512x512, tumblr_okl6x4xNmg1w3ko8fo1_540…)

wow thanks for your help anon! I'm sorry your friend was a dipshit. I'll check out everything you recommended! Thank you so much!

No. 421178

If you're into art, Yves Klein was from Nice! So yea, probably some museum about him to see there.

No. 421179

I get so confused when I read about transexual terminology on this site. Does "MTF" mean "Male-Transitioning Female" (biological woman becoming transman) or "Male-To-Female" (biological man becoming transwoman)? I have seen this term being used in what seems to me like noth meanings. I am so confused and I am sure the answer is super obvious.

No. 421180

Starting from which age onwards do you think it's okay to shave your private parts? Am I in the wrong for thinking it's kind of fucked up to do that at the age of just 10?

No. 421183


There's a fine line between a stupid question and something that you could literally just type three letters into google to get the answer

No. 421185

Yes but I'm asking about this site specifically. Because I have come across both female-to-male and male-to-female people being put under the acronyms MTF.

No. 421190

100% in the right. Personally I'd say starting around 14 is kinda young but acceptable, 16ish seems more normal to me

No. 421191

Either the anons using it wrong are mistaken or you are reading it wrong. Why would we use the same acronym that has a universally agreed on definition for two things that have completely opposite meanings

No. 421193

I'm pretty sure I started around 15. Who the fuck has a full on bush at 10?

No. 421194

I don't know. Hence my retarded question. I guess I'll just go on being confused when this topic is brought up. I don't care that much about it anyway so it's fine. Thanks for answering anyway.

No. 421196

You're welcome. I've made some weird typos and I was vague about some places you should visit because I couldn't remember the specific names so once I have enough free time, which means definitely not today, I'll send you links to some of these places. Tell us how your trip goes once later too if you want.

iirc there are a lot of art museums in Nice but Ii could only visit one at the time because one week was just not enough to do everything I was interested in.

No. 421199

File: 1560379339333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 654.9 KB, 1080x1962, IMG_20190613_004130.jpg)

No. 421211

What the fuck. I didn't even start shaving my legs or armpits til I was in high school, let alone my pubes. I can't imagine being a 10 year old and thinking "welp time to shave," it wasn't even on my radar. And I was a real early bloomer too. They act like they had to do it for their swimsuits like it's a daily thing or something.

No. 421222

Thanks ladies. I like the idea of writing some of our good memories in the card.

It was so hard to make these. I only had a hand mixer and the treats involve mixing a lot of dry ingredients with wet, so I had to take extra time in between bursts of mixing to fold the mixture in on itself with a spatula. Plus, I forgot something at the store and had to run all the way back. I decided to make extra so he can take some into work and share with coworkers. Even though he will only see the end result I kinda like how he will never know how much effort went into these things!

No. 421227

I need a good makeup look for a date night. I pretty much only wear mascara and chapstick but I want to look REAL GOOD

No. 421231


When I was 11 it took all my guts to ask my mother's permission to trim my pubes. They were sparse and not thick but just naturally I did not want hair sticking out of my bathing suit down there for swimming class every second Friday.

I wouldn't say it's normal to shave the whole thing bare, and my mom didn't let me shave my legs til I was 15 or 16 but I don't think there's anything wrong with a kid wanting to shave. i was never told to shave and I simply preferred looking how I did before puberty (because duh, change is scary).

No. 421232

search on youtube for date night makeup tutorials, pick your favorite look, practice it.

No. 421234

I didn’t hit puberty until like age 13… so I didn’t seriously start shaving until freshman year of high school. I’d say whenever it becomes “necessary” (bothersome, what have you) it should be done. My mom pretty much encouraged it by buying me a razor and teaching me the proper technique because she had noticed my dark leg hair. My pubes didn’t get very thick until like 11th-12th grade so I didn’t start shaving my bikini line for swimming until then but I definitely think it’s fucking weird for a little girl to be shaving it completely for other reasons.

No. 421250

It’s a sad state of affairs when literal children feel the need to alter their appearances lest they be shamed/outcast. Especially when those appearances are inherently sexual in nature.

No. 421253

Do you guys think Lauren Southern believes all of the shit she says?

No. 421254

She believes things insofar as they propagate herself above other women and stops when the beliefs would actually subjugate her. She's aware of it but she doesn't care, she's gotta say what she needs to make the beta bux so hypocrisy be damned.
>women need to be traditional muh white genocide
>b-b-b-but if I show cleavage online, and have had multiple non-white bfs, and receive donations from desperate males that's different i'm not like the other girls I swear!!!!

No. 421256

Yep, definitely, but specifically the white genocide type thing and racial politics. Do you guys believe she believes in it?

No. 421257

I want a cat one day, but I don't want to clean up their poo and get that crazy cat lady disease that affects the brain. Is there any avoiding this?

No. 421259

I wouldn't be surprised if she genuinely believes it. She's a good actor if she is just tricking men into giving betabux.

No. 421264

Cosplayers are insufferable.

No. 421267

never get a pet if you're unwilling to potentially touch their poo or other gross stuff like that. just don't get the pet. frequent a cat Cafe.

No. 421274


Casual reminder you can get that parasite from undercooked meat or underwashed vegetables and living in a hot climate increases your risk. It's pretty likely you already have it and living just fine. It's not a big deal unless you're planning on pregnancy. Even then you can take precautions and still be safe.
Having an indoor cat would likely decrease the risk further I imagine.

No. 421290

my brother forced me into a bathtub in my swimsuit and taught me to shave my legs when I was 11. my legs were super hairy and he didn't want me to get bullied. he was a few years older and i think he'd maybe heard people making fun of me for it.
turns out all the other girls were like WOW SO MATURE and followed suit. he actually did me a massive favour. this was in 2001 mind you, I was still in primary school. kind of sick that an 11 year old had to conform so early but I'm glad my bro did that for me, he had my back in the end.
can't remember when I started shaving my armpits, legit never seen them longer than a few millimeters.

No. 421307

Lol, you must have misread my post because my only concern was the parasite.
God I hate this.

No. 421312

If your cat is an indoor cat and you don't feed it raw meat it won't get the parasite. Cats are only infectious for a few weeks after ingesting the parasite anyway.

No. 421315

If I reach out and try to get help for what I think is postpartum depression do I risk having my children taken away because they’ll deem me unfit for parenting

I’m struggling and I need help but I’m paranoid that I’ll have them taken away.

No. 421320

No, they will not take your kid away just because you have postpartum depression. Definitely seek help ASAP.

No. 421335

I'd venture that you are you are younger than myself. I'm 30s.

I was only allowed to shave to the knee and that was in high school. Amazing how norms change for women and not so much men.

No. 421338

Shaving your legs to prevent getting bullied at that age is a completely different thing than shaving your pubes at 10.

No. 421349

i had a full bush at 9, it can happen. I remember being at a summer camp and all the girls had to go to sauna naked (nothing weird, just deep eastern Europe countryside) and I noticed I was the only one who had any dark hair despite being on the younger side, I was already so ashamed about having started my period already at 8 and having boobs while everyone else was a little blonde princess still, I literally just wanted to evaporate then and there. I also shaved my arms once despite the hair being really light and fair, still kinda regret it bc I think it didn't grow back the same despite it being like 10 years already kek.

No. 421354

It is extremely difficult to manage to 'take a child away', it's a last resort. In fact, CPS exists to help you and your kids. You can literally call them asking for support when you're struggling and you will get it. PPD is normal and common af, nothing drastic will happen if you get help and don't let irrational fear stop you.

No. 421362

Some person I had made friends with the previous day messaged me on Discord on 4/30. I still haven't responded. What do? I haven't shown any activity, such as being online, changing pfp or name, talking in mutual servers or even to mutual friends, etc. Do I respond? do I just let it be like that forever? I want to be able to do shit on my account again. I also feel bad since this person was really nice

Unrelated, but a while back I unadded someone I really like talking to since I was purging my friends list during some dumb breakdown shit I should've grown outta a long while ago. It's been several months, and I feel way too embarrassed to add them back, but I also miss them. But they've also been someone I've known 3-4 years. But this is also the second time I've pulled shit like this. I always hate people that do stuff like this. I really don't want to be that person. It was tough swallowing my pride, dealing with the embarrassment, and adding them back after the first time. Dunno about this one

No. 421363

this is really gross. that's not even how puberty even works. no 10 year old early bloomer has enough pubic hair that could show through a regular swimsuit. if this is actually a woman, someone groomed her into this behavior

No. 421370

I had sparse pubic hair and armpit hair when I was 10, I also went to the beach around that age and noticed other girls didn't have any visible hair and felt weird about it & in the next years I got shamed for it by other girls. At 13 I was already shaving my arms as well. Granted I'm sickly pale and my hair is black so it's more noticeable, but it's still messed up

No. 421376

What are good brands to buy some timeless, basic clothing pieces from? Stuff like what Uniqlo offers, but will definitely last longer than Uniqlo. I'm trying to move away from fast fashion and its fads, but not really sure where to start.

No. 421377

how do I use discord for friendship? I don't even have online friends. Ugh

No. 421378

Honestly? Probably a thrift store.

No. 421379

IDK 10 is kind of weird for that area but I remember at that age my friends on the playground discussing who was shaving and one girl said she already shaves her arms because she had really dark hair, one girl said her legs, one girl said she had hairs on her toes that she shaved. And at 11 in middle school then tons of girls were shaving all over including bikini lines because we had magazines like Seventeen and knew pubes sticking out of a swimsuit wasn't socially accepted. So I guess it's not completely out-there. Especially for Amerifats because we hit puberty too early from weight and/or hormones in our food causing heightened estrogen levels.

No. 421381

but notice the difference: no one was talking about pubic hair. where would a young girl, with no threat of a predator, learn that other women shave their pubic hair? bikini area, sure, but pubic hair specifically?

It's weird bc the person in the screenshot said her mom taught her to shave her armpits and she magically applied that logic to her pubic area but somehow that's normal. she was either groomed, or extremely shamed about all body hair, or it's a tranny fantasy. I'm leaning towards groomed bc what parents let their kid run around naked up to age 10? if they were just freewheeling hippies I highly doubt they would also be against body hair.

it just doesn't seem like a natural progression.

No. 421391

dude, children usually find out shit like that on their own. Randomly stumbling upon mom's Cosmo or porn or boys being fucking vile and heckling girls about "do you shave down there yet""oh I bet she doesn't she's gross hahah" or just overhearing older girls chatting. also if your mom says you have to shave your armpits, it doesn't seem like a big leap of logic to apply that to other dark hair areas. definitely don't think parents should be telling little girls shave their pubes or even other hair but there are so many pressures out there and it's such an insecure time and the more vulmerable girls will seek it out on their own. I'm >>421349 and I started nicking mom's razors shortly after that incident. Not sure if she noticed or not as she bought those big value bags, she is a very laid back mom when it comes to femininity and never said I have to shave anything ever, I was just very insecure about my early development and arrived at that conclusion on my own as I wanted to fit in as if it hadn't happened.

not sure tf is up with running around naked around house tho

No. 421397

If I break up with a guy I love preemptively because I feel like our personalities don't match and I don't want to hurt him later down the line, how retarded is that?

I loved my bf but he was too childish/goofy for me and it annoyed me a lot. A lot of the time I was thinking, it would be nice if he were more of a gentleman and classy. I felt guilty a lot because I think he should be with someone who appreciates that part of him instead of someone who wants to change part of his personality. Is that wrong to think? I tried to explain that to him and he told me he "would've worked on it" but now that I tried to break up with him it's too late. I thought I was respecting him but apparently he would've preferred if I tried to change him instead? He hates me now because I didn't try to work on things.

No. 421399

I've been wondering this. I can't imagine he eats all of the food he reviews. He looks like he struggles to eat even 1/4 of it. He seriously looks like he's underdeveloped in someway, maybe some kind of ana-kun.

No. 421400

I imagine part of it is malnutrition. he started his reviews at a pretty young age?

you did the right thing. even if you like someone, doesn't mean you're compatible, and it's OK to move on from a guy who isn't quite right. people will never change if you tell them to, they need to want to do it for themselves.

No. 421408

I don't know. Everyone has issues or things about them that drive you nuts. It's completely normal in a relationship for us to be annoyed by our partners. Or for us to want for them to change.

I've been in my relationship for years and I wondered the same thing about a year in. Ultimately, my partner's quirks were something I came to love, and even though he gets on my nerves to this day, it's what makes him who he is. If it is really something you can't live with, then I would absolutely say it's better to part ways. But for the reason you described… you are going to run into that everywhere. No one can meet our expectations in love.

He has a right to be hurt, but that's not completely your issue. Part of being PART-ners is to grow together and that's probably why he is upset. Spin it around and imagine if he broke up with you for "not being funny". It'd hurt, because 1.) he didn't accept you for that part of yourself and 2.) he did not COMMUNICATE a desire for him to change, which implies a devaluation of the relationship.

No. 421412

I mean, yes, if both parties can acknowledge the the disconnect and work together on it, it can be a beautiful thing.

Anon said their personalities didn't match, not that he just had some quirks, so giving advice to just "work on it" seemed naive to me. Yes, it hurts to be broken up with just for being yourself, but it also hurts to continually compromise yourself under the guise of "working through it". It also sounds like it was pretty early in the relationship where asking someone to change seems controlling. But you're right. There's a fine line between wanting to mold someone to your tastes and wanting to grow together with a person.

No. 421417

I still did love him, but every time we hung out I would get annoyed by at least one thing. Is that normal? I really tried to be more accepting and I would recognize when I was getting irrationally annoyed, but it's so hard to control.

Thing is, I've known him for 10 years and his personality didn't bother me at all until he became my boyfriend. In fact we were best friends. After that I guess a lot of the time he was still treating me like one of the brahs, when I felt like he should be acting more like a gentleman. He wasn't rude or abusive or anything, and he's very loyal, just most of the time he'd act like a silly 12 year old (despite him being 8 years older than me). He's done some sweet things (which I praised him a lot for hoping he would do them more) but most of the time he's just stupidly goofy and sometimes cringy. But if that's his personality isn't it fucked up to ask him to change the 100 things he's doing that I don't like?

I feel a lot of regret but I didn't know how to deal with it. I still have some trauma from my last relationship when I would bring up complaints in a kind way, but my ex would start crying and threaten to hurt himself, so that's why I opted to breaking up with my friend instead of confronting him about the things I didn't like

I haven't slept in days deciding what to do and I'm afraid I made the wrong choice out of pure retardation. He called me a terrible person and I think he's right.

No. 421434

But what anon is lamenting about is not even a major difference in personality… she listed her preference as someone more gentlemanly and classy, which is completely idealized.

No. 421443

Are there any tomboys here that play FFXIV on Ultros? Hit me up, unless you're a Lala in which case you need to banish yourself from my presence.

No. 421444

There is simply no way to change another person deliberately. You can only make them happier or less happy, which indirectly changes them. It's totally impossible to change someone to meet your wishes.

The only thing you can do in relationships is cycle through them until you find someone who is genuinely compatible with you. The same kind of person as, mutual understanding possible, etc. It is very rare but possible.

Everything else in a relationship is fleeting. You will get used to looking at them, and they won't be pretty anymore. That magical feeling of "love" will not remain as bright as it is at the start. But compatibility is permanent. If you're able to speak to your partner the way you speak to yourself in your mind, it will always be an immensely satisfying relationship.

No. 421452

Transfer to Aether, anon. Primal is for losers.

No. 421454

You dare insult my datacenter? That's it. Now I'm offended. At least you aren't a Crystal player. That would've been the ultimate insult.

No. 421473

How many jobs did you work anons apply for before you got something you actually wanted? I'll be graduating this August and I'm just discouraged from applying because of the few apps I've sent out, I've been rejected or it's been in the black void…

No. 421512

i feel like i'm horny everyday (almost all day) and take breaks to fantasize about something or other. i don't like masturbating (can't anyway because no privacy) and i'm not in a good mental place to seek out someone for sex. i was on medication for a few months that cooled down my libido considerably. i didn't enjoy it at first, but now after coming off medication it made me realize just how i don't like being horny constantly and i don't even like the things i think about. is there anything i can do to circumvent my horniness now that i don't need the medication? any that are relatively safe? or is that not possible..

No. 421522

I don't understand the contradictions. You're horny, so masturbate. It feels good. It solves the problem.

Vibrators were originally invented for the problem of wives being too horny, so you can always employ the time tested solution.

No. 421541

I don't get the whole 'I'll only work in X field when applying for jobs'. Historically, when I've had no job, I've just applied at every single place I was qualified for. You're basically guaranteed to get a job within a week, it's taken me no longer, and it usually only takes about four days.

Even if you're qualified as say, a hairdresser, you can still do something else for a few months

No. 421550

Exercise so all your energy is used up and you just want to relax.

No. 421551

Brah has said that he tries to eat balanced because he does eat fast food so much. It's my opinion that there's nothing medically wrong with him.. he's just super quirky.

No. 421553

There's a difference between a job and a career, guessing anon wants to work in a specific field that college prepared her for

Anon keep in mind that places can take like 2 weeks to 2 months to actually respond to your application. I thought I was SOL and then in like a 3 day period, weeks after I initially applied, I got like 16 responses for interview requests. My advice is to go on ZipRecruiter and other job listing sites and search for what field you want to work in and apply for anything you see. Honestly you might have to apply for like dozens of jobs, it sucks but just keep going!

No. 421559

I have a friend from middle school who I was super close to, but the last two weeks of middle school we just stopped talking. We went to different high schools, I changed phones and lost his number (back when phones weren't connected via gmail or icloud so nothing was transferred), and he was never big on social media so he doesn't really exist online at all. None of our mutual friends from middle school have any contact with him, all I have is an AIM screenname that he never logs into. I found his mom's contact info (she was on the PTA for our school so her name popped up on old school newsletters when I was trying to look him up) and I was wondering… is it crossing the line to email her like "hey, I was your son's friend in middle school and just wanted to get in touch with him again"? Granted, we haven't talked or seen each other in years (although there was a time I got on the subway and a boy looked very much like him, we couldn't stop stealing glances at each other but I decided against speaking to him) and I don't even know if he would care or anything to speak with me.

No. 421564

hey anon, go for it, the worst that could happen would be that they aren't interested to get in touch again and honestly that isn't such a bad thing, let life surprise you

No. 421666

Like it's horrific that she being objectified but millie Bobby brown does look like… much older facially, than most kids, right? She has a long face or something, right? She looks 40 and 14 to me at the same time. Very worrisome to be in Hollywood like that, ugh. People already objectify and victimize kids that look very young, it can't be better when men probably feel justified because she looks older somehow.

No. 421723

is it weird that I feel the urge to self harm without being suicidal? I just feel like "accidentally" bumping into things in order to give myself bruises because I'm fed up with myself, and everyone else around me is fed up with me. I have no open desire to die, it may get there and it has in the past, but right now it's kind of at the limbo stage where I just want myself to get hurt and not have anything result in my death bc I feel I deserve the prolonged misery

No. 421743

>It's my opinion that there's nothing medically wrong with him..

Reviewbrah went through a "gang stalking" phase where he thought random people were following him around trying to kill him, so he left his home and started staying in hotels and moving frequently. He has some screws loose.

No. 421748

Are there any good videos of debate between radical feminists and liberal feminists I can watch? SWERF vs sex work activist type videos?

No. 421791

File: 1560511948608.jpg (13.78 KB, 220x308, 220px-Millie_Bobby_Brown_(4191…)

Yeah she looks a lot older

I don't see the appeal of her as offensive as it sounds, if you showed someone her exact face and body and claimed she was 27 she would be excused as just another basic white girl in her 20s, which imo is more alarming because it means people are more attracted to her age than her

No. 421805

In his defence he was actually being stalked by dipshits online trying to turn him into the next epic chris-chan meme by constantly reporting him as dead in mass shootings and going to his house to harass him.

No. 421807

Hard agree. I'm really not one to nitpick about anybody looking old, but that video shocked me. If I met her on the street I'd honestly think I'd have to call her ma'am or something since she looks so much older. Not even like a colleged aged girl, more like a woman in her 30s. Nevertheless I'm very worried for her, especially since nobody sees anything wrong about her hanging out with Drake and the likes. Parents who allow their children to enter the show biz are the worst.
Do you think they could have lied about her age?

No. 421810

I think a big part of that is her styling. Look at how much makeup they put on her. Look at her clothes. And I'm not even talking about the fact the clothes are revealing a lot of skin (hell, at her age I wore transparent dresses and really short shorts) but the fact they're tailored for 30-40 yo skinny women.

No. 421815

File: 1560514971659.jpg (364.29 KB, 1280x1445, millie-bobby-brown-getty.jpg)

No amount of makeup should make a child look like that, she always looks this mature.

No. 421822

What's the cow eyeroll here >>421511 mean? Never seen that before.

No. 421854

it means the anon who was banned was cow-tier levels of autistic.

No. 421901

Her bone structure here is exactly like mine and I'm a (young looking) 32 (pls no roast, I love gossip ok)

It would be some great trollin' if she was really ten years older than she says. I think Marilyn Monroe was a little older than she was supposed to be, I saw some photos of her where the formation of fat/general bodyshape was more similar to my mom (I should specify there was a big difference to the version we see in movies, not tryna humblebrag). She was supposed to be 35 I think at the time/near the age she died. I suspect lying is common.
I saw a tinfoil on lolcow which was that they intentionally cast "older" looking actresses for child roles to help feed into the pedo notion that girls are oh so mature at 14!!!! Casually ignoring the fact most people are still little girls at that age, physically and mentally. And even if you "look" more mature that doesn't mean these girls want their ageing asses.

No. 421936

I like the simplicity and utilitarian design of Uniqlo's clothing. I need some basic easy dresses and skirts for work and they have the cuts I like. Is the quality OK? Is it absolutely not worth it?

No. 422001

I'd say you're more likely to get something that'll last you a while than not. Most of my stuff from there lasts, but there's some stuff that will fuck up easier than others, mainly their extra fine merino wool stuff. As a former employee, that's the shit I'd see get returned the most. Skirts are pretty great, a lot of them have pockets nowadays. The care instructions say to line dry for everything for the best possible results and to keep the products lasting for as long as possible, but you can throw that shit in the dryer just fine most of the time.

Some non-collaboration stuff will sell out really fast, but I'd say most shit goes on clearance, so if you really like something but don't feel like paying full or promotion price, just wait and that shit will usually go down for super cheap lol.

No. 422003

Thanks! Are there usually sales in store? I have one relatively close to where I live but I wasn't sure if it was worth going there in-person or buying online

No. 422014

File: 1560528564591.png (4.5 MB, 1924x1282, pink.png)

I've noticed that starting from the early 2000s up until around 2015/2016 (ie when pastel goth and later on, IG baddie champagne and milennial pinks started to really hit the mainstream), a lot of American brands liked to almost exclusively push out hot pink and bubblegum pink products.
Is there any particular reason for that? I always found them both kind of ugly as shades.
What was the vision and appeal? Why was pop culture so tacky and loud?

No. 422018

Yes, definitely! Depending on the store, some will usually put all of the markdown items into one single spot, others (like mine- which was a flagship) had them a bit more spread out and organized by price point. There is always, ALWAYS some shit that goes on markdown. Weekly promotion items (if there are any) are spread out throughout the store and I think start on Thursday or Friday.

Markdowns are done every Tuesday, so if you're eyeing something for a certain price, checking on Tuesdays is the best. Some things might not be stickered to the new markdown price just yet so ask to double check (the price point signs change first, then the stickering happens).

Online has a completely different inventory than physical stores, so the inventory of sale items will be different (though usually what goes on markdown is the same both online and on in all the physical stores).

No. 422043

Can't find the advice thread so I'll ask here – what's a good razor? Should I get an electric one?

No. 422084

File: 1560533122555.jpg (34.92 KB, 350x350, 01_FusionMan_Pack_NA_dt.jpg)

I actually use gillette men's razors. It's the best I've used. Just replace the blade when it gets too dull.
Pic related.

No. 422151

Is the catalog showing threads in a fucked up order for anyone else? There's multiple threads where the latest reply is a month old showing up all the way near the top, ahead of actually active threads. Anyone else see this or is my computer just fucking up?

No. 422155

It's because an incel was necroing threads all over /ot/ with scat/loli porn earlier. All his posts have been deleted now.

No. 422169

Me too best investment ever definitely recommend

No. 422220

likewise anon, love men's razors, too bad the blades are so fucking expensive

No. 422221

File: 1560568671911.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 507.06 KB, 833x1772, 196D71A3-0230-4545-ADF0-042DD0…)

Stupid question because this is stupid.

>I’m in NZ boy that wrote this is in Norway

>Lost connection he didn’t message me for years and I completely forgot about him

- He messaged me a few months ago, we talked every day and were planning to meet again in September during my holidays in Australia -

Suddenly he drops of the face off the earth so I check his insta and he still follows his ex

Messages him to check up on him for 2 months finally give up and didn’t message me for weeks

He messages me “oh I’m sorry i didn’t contact you”

My response was short “yeah k don’t give me excuses”

Then he sends me this

Do I believe him?

No. 422227

No. 422228

He sounds boring, retarded, or like, 16

No. 422239

File: 1560572353173.gif (107.54 KB, 500x375, 03B06FAB-76D3-4A4F-B86D-9C89C2…)

No. 422306

At what age did you grow out of left leaning politics? For me it was age 16.

No. 422315

Still worried about the milkshake assaults, anon?

No. 422320

16, what an age to stop having empathy!

No. 422334

Why are so many threads being necro'd lately and other people are replying to the necro like its nothing?

No. 422344

How do I stop being so worried about meeting men from online dating apps? The fear that theyre going to kill me is always running through my head. How can I be safe?
I guess it's not much different than interacting with men irl since you don't know until they snap anyway.

No. 422360

Carry some sort of self defense weapon if it's legal where you live. Always trust your gut if you feel like something's wrong and always have some kind of an excuse prepared if you feel like you need to dip out. Do you have a good friend or family member you trust? You can set up a buddy system of sorts, let them know when you're about to meet up with a guy and text them when you get home so they know you're safe. You can also use them as an SOS, like have them call you in the middle of a date and pretend it's an emergency to give you an excuse to leave if you feel uncomfortable.

It's good to be aware of your surroundings and prepared for the worst but don't let paranoia rule your life. Have you considered taking up martial arts or some other kind of self defense? I don't do them myself but I've heard from a lot of women that it helped with their self-confidence. If you know how to defend yourself properly it might help you overcome your fears.

No. 422368

We had a raid in which some dude posted porn in a lot of random threads. The porns deleted, but the threads are still up.

No. 422397

Can you mail food as priority? I live in a different state than my family and theres this fastfood joint that I miss and i legit want them to mail me some food LOL is that fucking possible

No. 422540

As much as I hate raids it's nice to see some of these old threads get new posts

No. 422725

What the fuck could be biting me while I sleep?

For the past few nights, I kept waking up scratching a very itchy part of my body. I realized that I still had my window open from the winter time (heat is crazy in my building) so I figured it was bugs coming in at night and biting me. Problem solved… for a night. Now, I still wake up in the middle of the night scratching some part of my body.

I don't think its bed bugs. I checked my bed, there seems to be no skin shed, no blood stains, no fecal matter, and aside from one area of my body, the bites are usually 1-2 bites in one area of the body each night. The one area that is an exception is on my hand, there are 6 dots in a semi circle, and the area swelled up for a day.

Honestly, I don't even know if it's something biting me, or my eczema getting worse. It's usually limited to very small parts of my hands, and was just starting to get worse again, and I honestly can't tell if the dots on my hands are from bug bites or just eczema (I've had similar bumps, but never in a formation like this or swelling).

No. 422738

I can't answer your question but I'm having the exact same problem. No signs of bed bugs and window is closed but I'm getting these painful, itchy bites that last a really long time (similar to mosquito bites but milder). I suspect midges, my bf had a fly zapper on last night and I didn't get any new bites so that might have fixed the problem.

No. 422759

Can you guys recommend any good otomes that feature very sweet, shy, meek males? Also would be nice if the guys weren't bi or something, I don't really want storylines tainted with hints of fujo shit.

No. 422770


Do you have midges in your area?

No. 422799

Every otome has that trope and no dude in an otome is bi, defeats the purpose of it being an otome.

No. 422800

Is it dishysrotic eczema you think? Cortizone will stop the itching and take away the bumps. Nothing else works.

No. 422801

Does erotic literature carry any of the same pitfalls and drawbacks of mainstream pornography? Does it only depend on the content of the literature itself?

No. 422802

Unfortunately I've recently come across a few of them where my favorite characters were bi, because of some weird fujo fanservice shit or something.

No. 422807

What games? Are they new? That sounds really odd. I've played hundreds (lol) and never got a hint of a bi character.

No. 422813

I think the only difference is exploitation. Women are exploited in real life porn, but in fiction that's less likely. You can still become an addict, become victim to the death grip, and due to the fact its literature you can get more extreme fetishes with more realism.

I heard imaging your porn is the best way to go?

No. 422819

File: 1560776318728.jpg (33.24 KB, 500x283, 51yc6pc5WUL.jpg)

Tokimeki Memorial GS series are common (old) ones and always has a few token shy bois. In the 3rd game if you become a 'Sweet Devil', basically all of the guys are intimidated by you.

No. 422821

Have you considered that it might be flea bites? Even if you don't have pets you can pick them up on your clothing and bring them into the house.

No. 422830

I'm tempted to invest in one now lol. If not for the biting, just for the fact that we sometimes get mosquitoes and flies through open windows. Fuck summer, ugh.

I actually don't think so… I live in NYC and googled to see if they exist here but apparently not? Or my google-fu sucks.

Funnily enough, I got an itch on the top of my foot and it looks exactly like dishysrotic eczema! Huh. I usually do get this sort of eczema on my hands, but its always been limited to my hands (when its under control it'll be centered around just my fingertips, and when its bad it'll spread to the rest of my hand), but I've never had it elsewhere on my body except appearing on my foot last night. The other itchy spots don't look like it, and honestly I can't tell if some of them are even bites or not because even though a red bump appears, I mean, that usually happens when I itch a spot for too long. I'm actually trying to stay away steroids so I've been using Aveenos eczema therapy balm and its been working wonders for my itchy spots and eczema spots!

FUck, I'll definitely check. I actually have a dog, so I'll be checking her over once I get home.

No. 422867

My bf and I went on a short trip to visit family this weekend and I left my bc packet at home. I called the pharmacist and she said it would be fine as long as I took two pills when I got home. To clarify, I did not take a pill on Saturday, but took two pills Sunday night when we got home.

When we got home my BF pretty much immediately wanted to have sex (and so did I!) so we did it and I took the pills afterwards.

I got my period today which I imagine was prompted by missing a pill. Does that mean I am safe? Should I take plan B just in case?

I am embarrassed to call the pharmacist over it.

No. 422875

If u took the pill 24h too late then u need to use protection or u can get preggo

No. 422885

I’ve recently started using Tinder, and had someone ask if I wanted to come over and smoke. I told her I was out and my car’s in the shop for the week, and she immediately offered to drive a total of 4 hours and provide from her own supply. I’ve never involved myself in the whole dating scheme, and I’m just paranoid she’s going to expect something more for going through all at. I know I could ask her but.. that’s the reason why I’m in the stupid question thread I guess? Do I say yes? Hold off until I can fairly contribute? Just ask what her intents are upfront?

No. 422887

it usually takes 1 week to a month for pregnancy to be possible again, but can be possible in 3-5 days. so you're safe. >>422875 is incorrect.

also, your period is actually breakthrough bleeding and doesn't contain any eggs.

No. 422891

Communication is key in any sort of relationship. I'm sure she'd much prefer for you to be honest rather than get into an awkward situation.

No. 422913

First make sure that "she" is actually a "she"…

No. 422915

It depends on what part in your pill pack you are at, but 24 hours should not be enough gap to get you to start ovulating again. There is no need to take plan B, THE extra hormones won't do anything as you're already on BC.

No. 422917

lmao, so true. Gotta be careful these days. Does she have only photos with filters? Have you listened to her voice?

No. 422943

Why does my butthole burn/hurt after pooping… I ate a spicy soup for lunch today but that normally doesn't make my butt hurt…

No. 422999

Might have a small anal fissure?

No. 423005

What does tumblr refer to when they say a character is "queercoded"? Isn't it a bit… idk regressive?

No. 423059

they mean the exact kind of retarded backwards shit you think, that a character acts or seems too gay to not be gay. they even say this about hetero characters in extremely functional amazing relationships.

No. 423070

Are high heels supposed to hurt? Even 2-3 inch heels put my feet in excruciating pain. Am I doing it wrong or do you just get used to it.

No. 423072

I have IBS and always have this happen, no joke.
My body is intolerant to that food. It does the same with coffee, hot foods (peppers, like this), sometimes acidic foods. You might be intolerant and the itchiness might be a allergic reaction. You should talk to a doctor if you're concerned otherwise you might want to lay off a couple days.

No. 423077

You’re putting all of your weight on your toes and your legs muscles are under constant strain because of the odd angle they’re forced into - you just get used to it

No. 423133

It's either
>one character could be gay because it could actually be implied in the story, for example two male characters who live together, don't get married and are said to be as close as a couple in a novel written at a time period where portraying a gay relationship would have gotten the writer in jail and the book censored, or a male video game character you could have optionally dated in the game but the option was removed during development, except all the scenes and dialogues between the two characters about that would have led to that option are still in the game (Yosuke in Persona 4).
>character is portraying some kind of more or less offensive stereotype or are gender non-conforming. Nothing else is hinted and the writers don't confirm anything or confirm that the characters are straight. People love to use Disney villains or Mulan as examples of queer-coded characters.

Basically it's the sort of argument you could put in an half-assed uninspired essay about books you have to read for your high school literature class if you want a better grade. It's very subjective and 99% of the time "queer-coded" is used to mean "I read too many fanfictions about this character and I want him to hook up with this specific male character in canon, if it doesn't happen then it's queer-baiting."

No. 423163

Why does it seem like the strippers online are always broke when they get paid literally daily?

No. 423171

They are. There are a lot of expenses. Rent, gym membership, new shoes, clothes, make up, hair extensions, food, drugs and booze, they could be saving for surgery, as well.

There's also the mentality that having a lot of money at once kind of makes you spend it like crazy, too.

No. 423181

Yea and some of them also have to give part of their tips to the owner of the club.

No. 423199

Mostly drugs and they're horrible with money management.
The ones who aren't drug addicted and want to pay off their debts don't stay strippers for very long.

No. 423210

Most women don’t become strippers unless they’re poverty stricken, and those who come from poverty suddenly have large amounts of money have no idea how to manage it. It’s a cycle, that’s why those who were poor in childhood will often continue to be poor in adulthood even if they have well paying jobs because they had no role models for money management

No. 423217

The average US stripper does not make a lot of money to begin with. Also, people tend to spend cash a lot faster than credit. With "stripper culture" (faux luxury, buying big brands, partying, etc.) it's hard for the girls to save money. They get locked into the lifestyle living paycheck-to-paycheck. Reminds me of how the coal miners used to be constantly in debt to the companies they worked for because the companies owned everything– grocery store, where they lived, etc. There was never a way out because the entire game was fixed. Stripping is similar in that way, but for different reasons obviously.

No. 423306

What does peak performance look like?

No. 423321

why don’t they make pants for tall women? like at all? i know we’re kinda outside the norm so i don’t really expect to find them in fast fashion stores but holy shit i’m 22 and never in my life have i owned pants long enough in the rise or the leg. it’s like they just don’t exist at all? i’ve even gone as far as trying the Big and Tall store which obviously is for men and that was a massive fail because i’m in fact not a scrote and the sizing is just all fucking wrong. going up in women’s sizes does nothing but get WIDER and not taller. so even if they’re long enough my ass looks like a baggy full diaper and it’s next to impossible to take in jeans without the seams getting all fucky.

i guess my last resort is to find a denim tailor and have them make a pair specifically for me but holy shit that’s gonna cost so much. why couldnt i just be 5’7 or something.

No. 423322

How tall are you/what's your inseam length?
American Eagle sells long and extra-long lengths for all sizes of their jeans, not sure if you've checked them out. I'm average height and buy the regular length though so I can't vouch for how well they would fit a tall girl but according to their website the x-long inseam is 36 inches.

No. 423339

How tall are you? 5'7 is already on the taller side… Doesnt ASOS have a Tall section?

No. 423431

Is it normal for your calf muscle to feel very round and hard, especially when you stretch them?

No. 423434

Have you been walking or working out your lower body a lot? If so, yes.
If not, then it's pretty weird for it to get stiff all of the sudden. Try hydrating and massaging it out a bit.

No. 423660

I have alopecia and for now it's still ok but in a few years the hairloss will probably be too visible. I don't know if I wanna wear wigs but I still want to have that option so I wanna ask if anyone knows any websites for good quality wigs that are not too expensive and suit white women?

No. 423706

If I wanted to report someone for using their company to ship drugs across states lines, would I contact the company directly or some federal agency?

The someone is my abusive ex and there's a 50/50 chance he'd either maim/kill me (he's done alot of physical stuff in private and in actually public getting the cops called). If I do it now while he's close to ending his lease he will have to move to the other side of the country where his family lives. He also might kill me though.

Should I not do it?

No. 423709

I think DBT has the ability to work. I just started it (only doing therapy sessions while I wait for the skills class) the therapy sessions are better than CBT sessions but everyone says the skills class is where you get the most benefit

No. 423711

Don't do it, just to avoid getting killed. Drugs aren't worth outing someone that can kill you.

No. 423714

I've seen some good advice threads on Reddit regarding this. I can't find a good one I read a few years ago but this one mentions a few brands and methods to make wigs appear more natural.


No. 423728

I didn't think of Reddit, thank you!

No. 423754

anon don’t do it. don’t put yourself in harms way. he will fuck up and get himself in trouble. you don’t need to put yourself at risk to watch him burn

No. 423766

Should I apply to multiple jobs from one company? I've applied to a sales associate position but they also have an assistant manager position, which I don't know if I'm necessarily qualified for but I wanted to apply. I don't know if it's pointless though, if they already have my application info from another position.

No. 423793

I sometimes get this weird feeling about my existence. Not in a "what's the purpose of life?" way, more like "why do I exist?".

I just wonder why. Before I was born, I just wasn't there. There were other people anyway, the world existed but not me. And now that I exist, I experience the world with my body and ask to myself: "Why can I do these things? Why do I exist? Why am I myself?"

I know everyone exist too, and experiences the world in the same way I do. But I'm the only one that hears my inner thoughts, I'm the only one that gets to see through my eyes.

It's just weird. Some people may say that "it's your soul uwu" but I don't like that answer because I know it's not real.
Have you anons thought about this before? Most of the times I've brought this topic into conversation people don't seem to get it? It's very frustrating.

No. 423795

More like wondering what your purpose is, right? I hope I’m understanding correctly because I wonder this all of the time.

No. 423796

>But I'm the only one that hears my inner thoughts, I'm the only one that gets to see through my eyes.

This is exactly what I was thinking when I began to read your post. I used to think about this when I was a kid. No one will experience anything the same way I can. This train of thought led me to thinking what is my consciousness is completely different from other people's? What if other people aren't real? Or what would happen if I had to think through someone else's mind? Would I cease to exist?

No. 423807


No, not like that. It's more like >>423796 said. I also started to question my existence when I was very young! I have this very vivid memory of a 5 year old me wondering why could I look through my eyes and not my best friend's, why was I myself and why was she herself.

The concept of "thinking through someone else's mind" is what gets me everytime. Like, that means we have souls so that couldn't be possible. But at the same time, we aren't a hivemind, each one is an individual. So what's the correct answer? Just, why are we like this? Why are we ourselves?

I know we may not have an answer but I just wanted to know if someone related to what I wrote and I'm glad to see there's at least an anon that wonders the same thing.

No. 423829


I always thought that when I was a kid, too anon. Less now that I'm busy and just trucking along. But I distinctly remember being very horrified when I'd be in huge crowds of people and I thought about how each and every person had their own consciousness- that I can't perceive their thougts, that they can't perceive mine. It was very trippy and trying to explain it to my family just got me weird looks lol. But then again I was always saying some sort of weird shit so that's probably why.

No. 423833

>I know everyone exist too, and experiences the world in the same way I do. But I'm the only one that hears my inner thoughts, I'm the only one that gets to see through my eyes.

yeah I start thinking all deep like this when I look into the mirror for too long lol. it starts to weird me out when I acknowledge and think about my own existence for too long. usually i'm just like "what the fuck I am myself" and thinking about my brain controlling my body

No. 423895

You guys might be talking about "depersonalization" where you feel detached from yourself and the concept of reality and humans seems weird/strange. It can happen out of nowhere to anyone and it happens frequently among those with certain mental illnesses. I could be wrong but I've experienced this since I was a child and I had no idea what the fuck was until i read about it.

No. 423899

That sounds about right. And everyone is just playing what they think being an adult is like, right? They're just better at it than I am.

No. 423930

Do I have to wear something over a sports bra? On TV women get away with just the bra. Assuming no scrots ruin it for me, is it okay to skip the tank top?

No. 423952

Yes you can wear it just like that. I don't know if you're talking about running or it's just for the gym but if you're running, depending on where you live, scrots really might ruin it for you. There are more "conservative" sports bras if you're interested in those. But if men are not an issue and you feel more comfortable with just the sports bra then just go for it, it's normal.

No. 423954

And that's me assuming you're talking about sports bras for sports and not just as a casual outfit for when going out.

No. 423981

I'd say go for it anon. Some people would advise against it because the hiring manager might get annoyed at seeing your application pop up for multiple positions, but if it's only two positions it couldn't possibly hurt. When I was applying for a really big company, I applied to a fuck ton of their positions because I knew each one was going into the hands of a different hiring manager for their different departments, but I guess it doesn't apply here (or it might! you never know). Good luck anon!

No. 423989

How do I stop having diarrhea… Since yesterday morning all my poops have started with stomachaches, and no matter what I ate, it all came out barely solid. I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary either.

All I ate this morning since I wasn't too hungry was a small cup of soymilk and some digestive cookies and still had bad poops (I usually eat toast with an egg or oatmeal, I felt like either of those was just… too much food).

No. 423993

File: 1561040268765.jpg (95.2 KB, 459x900, IMG_0110.JPG)

Why don't you go get some medicines? Other than that there are some natural remedies…idk how effective they are though. Hope you'll feel better soon!

No. 424021

How the fuck do I keep this asshole squirrel out of my room? I live in a rented room just outside of my university, so there is very little I can do in terms of configuring my window, etc.

I came home yesterday to find a bready mess caused by either a bird or a squirrel. I confirmed it was a squirrel today because it fucking woke me up trying to scratch away the tape I put up to cover the hole…

I feel like if I asked the rental office to replace the screen, the same squirrel will gnaw it and come into my room… I just want to live with the windows open…

No. 424024

Maybe leave food near the window but outside? It could just attract the squirrel and prevent it from coming inside since it has food right outside instead. Kinda inspired by how cats are "trained" aka you give them an alternative that is more appealing.

No. 424026

File: 1561044120860.jpg (524.58 KB, 1400x2099, Sephora-Sale-Haul-Picks-Fall-B…)

If you could spend $500 at Sephora RIGHT NOW, what would you get?

No. 424029

I really wanted to get some kerastase shampoo for my thin, oily hair since I read it's helped a lot of people, but $70 for the shampoo and conditioner is a pretty hefty price tag for me. I'd really like some of the Viseart palettes, and some Drunk Elephant stuff too…

Actually I'd probably blow all of it on Pat McGrath's stuff. It all looks so good but $100+ for a palette, fuck me.

No. 424033

I would spend most of it on Fenty mainly for the highligthing and contour sticks, Nars for the foundation because I found one that matched me but no way I'm spending 45€ on that, and I would try some expensive skincare products but I don't have any brands in mind for that at the moment.

No. 424038

Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum. A few different shades of the Stila liquid shadows. And the rest on various lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes cause those are my favorite makeup products. Or I'd just buy stuff for my mom because she never spends money on herself but she deserves it.

No. 424050

If you're going to a gym I'd advise wearing a t-shirt over the top. I say this because a gym is an enclosed environment with fixed locations for equipment. If there's a man using the squat rack and you're using the equipment in front of it he's got little choice but to look in your direction.

No. 424056

Am I the only person who can't seem to clock trannies at all? People on here make it seem like they're so easy to spot but I swear 8/10 times the person posted just looks like an extremely ugly girl, especially in headshots without any body showing. How do I develop my trans-radar?

No. 424064

idk anon. maybe its more of an instinctive thing some people have. it can be more difficult to tell in a head shot, but if you have a full body photo, or even a video/audio its a lot easier to clock them.

No. 424077

Hairline and jaw are often dead giveaways. Just the bone structure in general is different, so much more broad and blocky than woman, if you really want to you can look through shit like /r/transpassing and pay attention to common patterns

No. 424084

Some do pass really well, imo. But irl I think you'd still notice it.

No. 424086

Thanks anon! I'll try some of those out, but I'll probably buy some pepto-bismol on the way home too, just to be safe lol

No. 424093

What's up with so many hardcore SJW/queer rights women being in a relationship with a man but fervidly asserting that they are gay? I don't get it. I've encountered four IRL but see tons of them online. They're always some mix of alt/vegan/goth & are either married to or dating a heterosexual man but post all about their gayness and how much of a lesbian they are.

Just be openly bisexual or whatever. Why do you have to claim to be gay when you're clearly not?

No. 424094

is the "play hard to get because if you let down easily he will get bored" thing true? i've only approached a guy once and it didn't work out so i'm kind of insecure to approach another guy and this "don't give in easily" thing is making me more hesitant.

No. 424095

I guess it's overcompensation (being overly vocal). It's the same with sjw/pro-black black women all dating white guys.

No. 424097

I think some anons give themselves too much credit for it, as if they think they have some gift in the same way that incels can look past the breasts of any Stacy and see her true ebul nature.
It helps if you're more familiar with makeup or surgery tells

No. 424103

why are so many parents so homophobic that they would rather their child become a troon than be gay? I'd much rather have the most flamboyant feminine gay son, or the most butch masculine lesbian daughter than have my child go on dangerous drugs and get dangerous surgeries. Why are so many more people homophobic than transphobic?

No. 424104

Because those people (bible thumping boomers) are ignorant. They got memed into believing you can legitimately change your sex or be born in the wrong body.

No. 424106

It's a fucking crapshoot one way or another anon, you'll feel better if you behaved in line with what came naturally to you than taking a strategy when men swing either way with that bullshit.

No. 424107

I think it's mostly about the abrahamic religions being obsessed with strict gender roles so they can accept trans ideology easier than look your sons just feminine and likes men. Like in Iran they'll kill you for being homosexual but will also pay for a sex change operation to "cure" you to be a feminine "woman".

No. 424109

god same. i'd support a gender nonconforming son or daughter to death but i'd be really disappointed if my kid wanted to transition. of course i wouldn't kick them out or anything but i'd try to help them get over why they want to transition and tell them they are perfectly fine the way they are.

No. 424112

Erborian BB Creme, MAC lipsticks, a new mascara idk which one, LRP Anthelios sunscreen, brushes, maybe something by Drunk Elephant (like their peel) and some hair oil.

No. 424125

Whatever I could resell for the most

No. 424129

File: 1561063563164.jpg (4.06 MB, 5312x2988, 20190619_135522.jpg)

Hmmm I don't know… I think they want more than just bread….

No. 424132

how do I stop eating so fast? I know it stems from anxiety and childhood of being made fun for eating so slow, but I legit just shove shit in my mouth, sometimes without chewing or biting

No. 424133

Poison him, anon. He deserves it.

No. 424135

Catch him and stab him.

No. 424137

Aside from poison, google says that squirrels don't like the smell of peppermint, so you could either get an aroma diffuser and put peppermint oil into that, or soak some cotton balls with peppermint oil and leave them on your window sill.

No. 424140

My sister-in-law is like this. She's so bad she's become a personal cow that I follow for the schadenfreude. Everything about her is fake. It's an act so she can take part in social media circle jerks for woke points. In reality she's a spiteful and bitter hypocrite who insults people and tells lies about them so she can feel better about herself.
>claims to be a oppressed lesbian
Never had a girlfriend or a long term relationship but will have casual sex with men, women and trannies. Any suggestion that maybe she's bisexual will result in cries of homophobia. She endlessly berates her parents for not accepting her and claims that they've abused her for being gay. None of this is true. She didn't come out as a lesbian until she was an adult. The worst thing they do is roll their eyes when she mentions it because her sex life is common knowledge within the family.
>claims to be a feminist
Typical libfem that capes for troons while ignoring the difficulties that actual women go through. Insults her own mother for being working class and tells me that my opinions aren't valid because I have internalised misogyny from being abused as a child. Jokes about TERFs getting beaten and raped.
>claims to be a vegan
Eats in fast food chains daily which a vegan that cares about animals wouldn't do because the meat production for cheap fast food is a major issue for animal rights. I've also caught her sneaking ham out of my mother-in-law's fridge on several occasions.

Leave some food out with something like hot sauce or mustard in it. After doing this a few times he should get the hint.

No. 424142

Thank you. It is for low-bounce exercising indoors. I'm pretty flat but I do anything to avoid male attention. I'll look into the conservative ones as well.

No. 424145

Probably LRP sunscreen as another anon mentioned, some pricier masks, moisturizer and serums, expensive or nice makeup in more "experiemental" shades I would never buy otherwise out of concern I wouldn't use it enough, probably from Mac, some good BB cream, and gifts for my friends and family. I love nice skincare stuff but I can't see myself spending $500 on cosmetics for myself if it was only a one-time thing and it would all expire before I could use it all or I'd run out and not be comfortable spending big bucks on it again. Maybe I could get some nicer tools. I'm used to getting drugstore stuff and only indulge in more expensive stuff rarely or as gifts.

No. 424148

I know a woman like this and I can't bear her. She's very vocal about being a "lesbian" but is married to a man. Every time she starts talking about how she's a lesbian with one exception, he gets this smug look on his face and I know he's thinking he's got a magic dick. I tried to say to her that lesbians don't like men once and got some fucking rant about how sexuality is a spectrum and I have no right to tell her who she is back so now I just roll my eyes whenever she talks.

No. 424153

The lady who writes Oh Joy Sex Toy is like this. Or was, I think. She and the comic got memed to hell and back by some people. There are some tidbits of useful information in it but it's a pretty funny cringefest if you need one, although I think it would just aggravate a lot of people.

No. 424162

'Gay' has become an umbrella term. It has largely replaced 'queer' in a lot of online circles. People say "I'm so gay teehee!" but what they really are trying to say is that they are queer. It's weird, I know.

No. 424192

It's really diluted the terminology for people who are exclusively same-sex attracted. Most people don't want to call themselves "homosexual" and especially in casual context. I'm bi and personally watching people screech "omg lol im gay" about people who are opposite sex or while being with someone opposite sexed is disrespectful to their partner and fucking annoying.

No. 424195

And people say "I'm queer btw teehee!" but what they really are trying to say is that they are straight but want a hip tumblr label to make them feel speshul. There's no need for an umbrella term to describe 2 sexualities: gay and bi.

No. 424235

File: 1561083024813.jpg (43.25 KB, 500x534, tJ8smuY.jpg)

Are a bunch of foods made differently now, or are my adult taste buds just different? I bought a pizza lunchables for nostalgia the other day, and that shit was nasty. Even the capri sun tasted weird. Is kids food just shit nowadays or are my taste buds old?

No. 424236

your tastes buds can change over time

No. 424244

Probably a combination of both. I know as I get older my tolerance for sweets decreases, but I know a lot of things I used to love eating have changed recipes.

No. 424247

It's a pretty common thing for adults to not like foods popular with kids and vice versa, probably because they put loads of sugar in kids stuff which can be too sweet to most adults since your body doesn't need as much.

No. 424273

How do fat girls get boyfriends?

No. 424274

If the boyfriend is ugly: low standards.

If the boyfriend is cute: good personality.

No. 424275

- the gf was average/slim before and then gained
- the bf is a chubby chaser
- the gf has money

No. 424282


In my own experience as a fat girl, have huge boobs and be good at sex.

Though it depends how fat you're talking. I'm "small fat" (apparently the scale goes up to "infinifat" - yes women actually call themselves this in the name of self love??)

No. 424283

Because most of them are extremely manipulative

As for looks a lot of them like brainwashing men with the thicc meme, they can be shaped like footballs but be thicc and call women with actual curves sticks because they just see more fat = more curves no matter where is goes

No. 424286


lmao no. the truth is dudes will stick their dick in literally anything, regardless of how fat or thin it is.

No. 424292

Men don't have to be manipulated to be attracted to fat women. You sound like such a cunt. Believe it or not men actually are attracted to all kinds of women. They are attracted to anything, really. Children, men in dresses, fat women, My Little Ponies, animals. It doesn't take a genius to deduce that they could actually want a chubbo.

No. 424298

where is the hobo from?

No. 424301

File: 1561097380382.jpg (837.4 KB, 800x566, d5gh55d-bbb465ca-475e-4d70-855…)

you mean this guy? he's just one of kaneoya sachiko's sub boy characters. idk if he even has a name.

No. 424319

he has a place holder name like onii-san or something iirc

No. 424340

Anons, do you shave your arms?

No. 424342

Sometimes shave my upper arms because I have less hair and it contrasts with my skin so looks eh. If you shave your forearms (or belly) people will think you’re a weirdo, which is fucking stupid, what logic is there to this??

No. 424343

yes because it feels smoother but i won't judge other women for not doing it.

No. 424345

I never did and I don't want to. My arm are hairy but as long as it's socially acceptable I'm not going to bother. If I change my mind though I would get my arms waxed, shaving just cut the hairs and when they grow back they're more visible which is not the point in the first place.

No. 424348


No. 424349

has anyone here gone through the K-1 visa process? I'm trying to get married early next year and I'm only just about to submit the petition and I just wanted to know if anyone has a timeline of how long it takes to get approved?

No. 424353

Yeah same, I encourage people to stick to their principles and I think it's kinda cool that someone doesn't give a shit, but I have dark hair that there's very little of and it grows slowly so I shave it anyways because it looks better than 7 random stray hairs over my arms

No. 424355

Anons, do you think men prefer emotionally unstable women to women who are free from mental health issues? It seems like the most dramatic and out of control women always have men who worship them and then there's perfectly nice normal girls who are single for ages. Is it considered more exciting and thus more enticing for someone to be a little messed up? Thoughts?

No. 424359

Predatory men are probably more attracted to mentally unstable women as they tend to give off vulnerable vibes, in particular those who have trauma or some sort of anxiety based disorder

No. 424363

This but also some men have issues too and are drawn to drama because it's familiar to them.

No. 424365

Unstable women can be manipulated more easily and are more likely to put up with bullshit I think. Women who know their worth and have self esteem will not put up with cheating, lying etc. for ages

No. 424366

This is my current experience. My bf's mom is a lot like me as far as mood swings I realized after meeting her. She's a major narc though (feign illness, controlling) and I'm a depressive (want to die lol). And he's perfectly, boringly normal.

No. 424375

I put this to you and to anyone: Mentally stable women are just more likely to communicate or leave a relationship that isn't working out. Because they aren't typically toxic, there is no period of trying to get back together or fighting afterwards.

The reason why you think there's a number of mentally unstable women getting more men is because their relationships are more visible but not for positive reasons. They are more likely to stay in toxic relationships hence the constant bargaining and fighting. There may be attempts to work it out and honeymooning. They bring their personal drama out into more public places and social media whereas a stable person probably wouldn't and would quietly end the relationship.

The men who go after relationships like that already tend to have problems like people pleasing. It's not that they're perfectly normal men with a preference for instability.

No. 424413

I picked up my sephora birthday gift in store but then got an email from sephora a few days later reminding me to get my birthday gift… Being the cheap bitch that I am I'd love to snag another set of the DE gift, but I'm gonna buy something online. What's something relatively cheap but still good and useful? I was looking at the eyebrow pencils (I need new eyebrow stuff anyway) but I'm only iffy since Innisfree has a similar one for half the price…

No. 424429

no, i actually think the small amount of fuzz is cute lol. same goes for legs. i cant bear the itching and effort it takes to shave arms or legs. i only shave my armpits (periodically), upper lip (once a week) and vulva.

No. 424437

Yeah, I shave mine.
>>424343 is right. It is smoother but I also don't care about what other women do. I wear entirely business formal for my job and I feel like it just ties everything together.

No. 424451

Pat McGrath everything.

No. 424531

Nope. Like >>424345 said, mine are hairy as fuck but I'm not going to shave or wax them unless it becomes socially unacceptable - which I hope never happens because I'm hirsute and shaving as it is now is a hassle.

I wish more women would embrace their body hair and their natural look. I've gotten better at it with time but I still shave my legs and wax my upper lip to avoid bullshit.

No. 424547

I just ordered retinol/other skincare stuff by the ordinary off sephora for pretty cheap ($8-$10). Do you have crappy skin?
I've never tried the ordinary before but retinol is one of the few things that really works

No. 424592

I actually use a bunch of stuff from TO already! My skin is pretty okay right now, but I think the onset of summer is making it go a little haywire (eczema+slight breakouts despite only adding HA to my regular routine) so I'm trying not to go too crazy with adding to my skincare (although I have been looking at oil cleansers, so if you have one you like, I'd love to hear it! Irregardless of it's price lol)

No. 424652

I did back in middle school but then I stopped after 3 times because my long sleeved shirts felt like they were dirty all the time

No. 424653

I epilate my arms. The hair is blonde but long and I have a lot. It looks stupid on me. I don't encourage anyone else to do so, though.

No. 424669

OK so I cant find the advice thread however this question might be so stupid it qualifies for this one.
This guy I know wants to date me, i've never dated. However he spends a lot of money on costhots, one that has her own thread here (not momo). I asked if we started dating would he stop doing this he said no, because why should it matter all guys look at other girls even when in relationships? Am I being stupid for being uncomfortable with this? I personally just think its stupid if you are in a relationship why pay for nudes/cosplay of a stranger you're never gonna meet?

No. 424670

Can anyone recommend some normal BMI models like 20-22? I think it's time to accept that I'll never be ana-chan and it's not healthy anyway. I want to like my body.

No. 424673

You are 100% right. This is the kind of retard who would rather worship borderline porn stars than treasure the people who are supposed to be important in their life. Steer clear.

No. 424674

This is the type of scrote that should be euthanized, cut him off

No. 424675

There's a difference between looking at other girls and literally giving them money to look at them which is some sort of fucked up surrogacy for a relationship you should stop when having a real one.

No. 424678

Anon I "dated" a guy like this and it was awful. Seemingly quirky nerdy guy on the outside, actually completely emotionally unavailable and couldn't cum due to porn addiction.

Don't do it. I'm not the biggest fan of porn but there's a huge difference between occasionally looking up some videos and having girls he goes out of his way and gives money to. Guys who actively follow porn stars/costhots see women as objects and don't know how to interact with other humans.

No. 424685

Lmao don't even bother. Yes, it's normal to look at other attractive people while in a relationship but it's not normal to spend money on some person you'll never meet just because you like jerking off to them.

No. 424693

Ty anons for all your responses but tbh I would also feel icky if he just looked up porn too. I do not think its just the money thing that bothers me-I just do not understand looking up porn or pornstars if you want to have a relationship with someone (and no im not talking about for ideas because frankly every guy I have heard say that is bullshitting).
Yeah even though im geeky myself I hide it a lot because a lot of these guys who pride themselves on being nerdy seem to also have hentai brain rot and he really fucking embarassed me when we went to a game store and he started talking loud about all the street fighter characters he wanted to fuck and asked me who I wanted to fuck (I did tell him I was bi but FFS I didnt think he would announce that shit in public)

No. 424712

why the fuck are you dating him? no matter what you look like I promise you can do better

No. 424726

Drop him like a hot potato. That money should be going to your relationship, not e-whores. If he's so inclined and wants to spice things up he could be spending that on toys or lingerie for sex with you.

No. 424731

Im not dating him, hes asked me to be his gf.

You know, I didnt consider that, thanks.

Welp i've decided next time I see him I will put the record straight and tell him no, I do not want to be his gf. If he dumps me as a friend well, guess I dodged a bullet lol

No. 424747

File: 1561177025785.jpg (178.73 KB, 682x1024, bpalvain2.jpg)

barbara palvin has a fuller figure than most models, i know VS fired her once for gaining weight but i think shes perfect. her measurments are still insane and unrelistic for the average woman, but at 121 lbs at 5'7 she's in the 19-20 bmi range. (though her IMG model page says shes 5'9, so what is the truth…)

No. 424751

Is she all muscle and actually 5'7"? I'm actually only an inch shorter than her according to your description, and I weigh less, but I feel like she looks skinnier than me. Maybe she's breathing in or sucking it in too? She definitely has a smaller waist (or more toned?) than me but has similar proportions. NTA but this gives me something actually achievable if I work out more, although I think when I worked out I was still thicker waisted…maybe I'm just delulu and can't be trusted to judge my own body lol

No. 424753

File: 1561178364513.jpg (431.52 KB, 1280x1920, Bpalvin1.jpg)

Her measurments put her waist at anywhere from 23" to 25" depending on the site. Keep in mind that there is a reason shes a model, most women are not "lucky" enough to have that kind of hip to waist ratio or fat and muscle distribution, and thats okay. Barbara looks like she exercises enough to stay toned, but I would not call her "all muscle", she still has a soft look to her.

you aren't delusional anon, as women its hard to get an idea of what our bodies look like, we all have some kind of body dysmorphia, getting fed images from magazines and diet ads and photoshopped instagram girls, its hard to remember whats noramal and whats not.

take your measurments anon, and try putting them into a couple body type calculators, and maybe look into taking a kibbe test if you want to really know your body type and what style will flatter it?

its okay to be thicker waisted, most women aren't gonna be blessed enough to have a <25" waist.

No. 424764

I'm somewhere around 26" but have noticeable hips and people tend to comment on them when I wear clothes that show off my figure. People call me the skinny girl though so even though I have issues about my waist I know I'm not fat. It's just hard to know what I am because I get thrown between body image issues and bravado about my body. Usually I get a pear or bottom-heavy hourglass on calculators.
I tried the Kibbe types test right now and either I'm an outlier or I did this test wrong, I got equal answers in everything but the "natural" section which I didn't get any in…I don't think I have a strong yang to my body but I have a pretty long "line" and look taller than I am and have a prominent facial profile.

No. 424765

also, I'm pretty yin I guess. Actually looking at myself in the mirror right now is making me realize that all of the mirrors in my house make me look different

No. 424785

Don’t take Kibbe super seriously, it’s just a point or a loose guideline to set you in a direction if you’re feeling lost and to help you realize how much variety there is in beauty, there’s no one “wrong” type in kibbe, whereas the typical body shapes are pretty unflattering to anyone who isn’t a pear or hourglass. try having someone else answer the kibbe test questions for you, then you won’t be limited by your own biases and distortion.

No. 424866

Damn Anons, on what planet is a 26" waist thick or even average? It's on the smaller side.

No. 424880

Having an hourglass figure isn't as nice as you'd think. I'd say outer frame is a bit more important. Like yeah hourglass bodies look great in bodycon and when they're naked or whatever but most clothes are cut for narrow noodle frames or wide shoulders. If you're an hourglass and don't wear things that have pinched waists or are tailored really well, you'll look fat.

No. 424887

Planet cgl and lolcow where many of us are in weeb and proana circles where everyone acts like 20-23” waists are normal and achievable if you starve yourself enough.

No. 424917

How are the voices of virtual youtubers created? I don't really get it, do they hire real girls to voice act the characters or do the own creators high-pitch their voices to sound like anime girls? I already know how the animation is done, but I'm curious about the voice acting.

No. 424932

My skin is dry and flakey af and I don't know what to do. As for now I can't go to a dermatologist. Does anyone know any good and not-so-expensive creams/moisturisers? or any other ways to bring back my skin to life?

No. 424951

You know what? IATA and thanks for saying this, as obvious as it is to you I think hearing someone say it is probably good for me. I may be a little over 26 now, idk, but I've always maintained at least a 10" difference between my waist and hips so it's not a huge deal. Literally the only comments I've gotten on my waist are positive, even when I was critical about it to people who could've told me the truth. I guess to me it looks "wide" even if it's not really.

tbh I found every example of the Kibbe type pretty/beautiful/cute so even if I biased myself toward certain types, I find them all pretty. Is there a male equivalent test? It'd be a neat experiment for my boyfriend and I to both try it.
I also tallied up my answers separately this time and it looks like I'm facially gamine, flesh-wise something between theatrical romantic and (soft?) classic, and frame-wise dramatic classic/soft dramatic which is something I didn't expect at all. That would really explain why I looked at my answers and thought wtf am I.

Also yeah. I think girls on places like here lie about their waists too. In my teens I actually was a 24/25 so I think that makes me harder on myself. I try to not be hard on myself but I'm pretty self-critical. I don't know if this plays into it, but I've maybe got a complex because other people tell me things like "oh you look like a model/dancer" and in the past I actually was looking to start modeling, not runway though since I'm too short and fat for them kek. Even though it's positive you start to hold yourself to stupid standards in fear of disproving them if you take it in the negative direction.

No. 424966

ymmv but I love the CeraVe cream in the tub. I know lanolin is criticised a lot but if you have really cracked skin, something with that in it could help. In cold climates that's what is recommended. Cetaphil is another good brand, Aveeno uses oatmeal if you are looking for that, but personally I like the heavy CeraVe creams the best. CeraVe has a line of stuff for intensely dry skin as well.
If it's red/burning you can use over the counter hydrocortizone to help handle the itching. Try to not use hot water on your skin. Avoid anything with drying ingredients and try to lock in the moisture. I personally also exfoliate with a spinning brush or washcloth and use AHAs/BHAs when my skin is not too irritated to remove dry flakes of skin. I also use a vitamin C/hydrolaunic acid serum to help lock in moisture before applying my moisturizer.
t. eczema anon

No. 424978

Annons who've been to comedy shows live, are they funnier in person?

No. 424981

Ugh thank you so much! I'll see which products I can find.

No. 424987

They actually are. Laughter on its own is infectious enough, but when you're in a room full of people losing their shit it's overwhelming. Then after you've laughed, you want to keep laughing because it feels good, so the subsequent jokes don't even really have to be all that funny. I think that's why jokes that reference earlier ones work so well, and why the hardest part of the routine is in the beginning, you often hear it called "warming up the crowd".

No. 424996

Why is lanolin criticized, other than for cruelty reasons?

No. 425065

Do asexual men exist? Where do I find one who is still interested in dating and is not an incel? I just want to exist forever with a cool person who I can cuddle and who I don't have to have sex with.

No. 425069

I think they're rarer because they have naturally higher sex drives but they probably exist somewhere. Maybe look in communities specific to asexuals.

No. 425071

why not just have a friend with who you cuddle?

No. 425072

I've never cuddled with a friend before, didn't know this was a normal thing.

No. 425075

they exist. a close friend of mine is bisexual and he likes dating women but says he can't get sexual with women further than kissing and stuff. he says that sexual things make him uncomfortable. he's not a panromantic asexual sjw or anything, that's how he described his preferences since we were high schoolers.

other asexual-ey men i know are overly religious types who think being sexual is a sin

No. 425077

Can he get sexual with men? Because if so, that sounds more like a gay guy in denial to me.

No. 425089

File: 1561248279437.png (77.04 KB, 1084x411, rasexualmen.PNG)

/r/AsexualMen is a thing apparently…

No. 425115

That's cute, but I feel like 40% are TiFs.

No. 425116

I've met asexual men, but most of the ones I know turned out to be trans, either male genderspecials or MtF. They do exist but in much smaller numbers than women.
Look into online asexual communities, but be aware there is a lot of SJW and genderspecial stuff going on that you have to cut through, if those things bother you.

No. 425118

My breasts basically stopped growing in high school. I'm in my mid 20s. Why do they feel fuller than before? I'm at the end of my period and I haven't gained a significant amout of weight. If any, maybe 2 - 3lbs which fluctuates. I tend to hold my weight mostly in my thighs and a bit to my face and upper arm, so I'm not sure what's going on. Am I becoming more ~womanly~? (Kek I wish)
>inb4 36 inch waist chan
I'm about 5'5 and 120 lbs with retail store size 34B, give or take 3lbs depending on the time of day.

No. 425123

like straight women, many bi/gay men are realizing how badly toxic masculinity affects men and its affecting their dating lives.

No. 425191

he doesn't like being overly sexual with men either. his parents were very conservative so maybe that effected him but he's been like this for years. he hasn't had a problem finding girls who would be into a non sexual relationship but it's harder with guys.

No. 425194

Breast change shape as you get older. I too noticed this since I am flat chested and they felt fuller in my early 20s despite no significant weight gain.

No. 425253

File: 1561283837902.jpeg (174.77 KB, 683x681, 1561240237904.jpeg)

Why do so many people like this terrible comic?

No. 425256

Shock factor + gayshit mixed with mild KPOP vibes. It got boring real quick though. I can imagine reading it for entertainment value but the people who are hardcore into the fandom must seriously be a bit fucked in the head.

No. 425298

I'm guessing that many read it for the "BL" factor although it's not a bl manhwa. I was really intrigued because it was something new, at least for me. But it did get kinda repetitive and I couldn't really sympathise with the dude so I didn't care what would happen to him at the end.
But yeah I agree with the previous anon, some people fetishise that shit and it's creepy but I'm not like some angry people on tumblr condemning ks and its readers.

No. 425316

File: 1561292229327.png (96.08 KB, 311x281, z1qntdakgzx21.png)

What is it about cats that make them so lovable and a superior pet? I'm housesitting for my mom and her cat has just warmed up to me. I love how she purrs when I pet her and snuggles up to me. My dog just kind of stares at me regardless of what I do. The cat is also so quiet and elegant whereas my dog makes noise all the time. Maybe I just want a cat.

No. 425325

Cats and dogs make for a great home. I could never pick one or the other, and they can live nicely together. Get a cute cat anon

No. 425346

I liked it for the horror elements. The artist knew how to convey suspense well, which was a first for me (I’d never gotten so scared while reading a comic). I didn’t care about the ~ BL ~ aspect of it because to me, it just so happened to be a horror story featuring two men rather than a BL story, if that makes sense?

Psychological horror was always my jam, especially between interpersonal relationships, which is what fascinated me so much. Bum struggling between the reality of his situation and his mental illness/Stockholm syndrome was great.

I stopped reading because I was tired of the artist going on constant hiatuses. I get why she did, but it caused my interest to wane completely. I hear the ending was rushed and poor but I can’t speak on that.

No. 425350

I decided to look up what it is about (because you see so many people being obsessed with it) and just the first few lines of the character description on wiki are enough for me…
>Yoon Bum is the main character of Killing Stalking. Due to his parents dying when he was little, Bum was given to his grandmother and uncle with the latter severely abusing, raping and starving him, making Yoon Bum a life long abused victim due to also getting bullied in school, getting sexually abused and raped in military and Oh Sangwoo abusing him in several ways as well. Getting little to no affection from anyone, Bum frequently cut his wrists due to loneliness and gets attached to those who show him affection, making him a sensitive person.
That sounds as if somebody desperately tried to put everything bad that could happen to a person into one single character.

I don't care if you claim to haven't read it for the yaoi aspect of it (that actually makes it worse…), anybody who is "entertained" by or "interested" in this must be wrong in the head.
I also thinks it's evil to lure in fujoshi/kboo (pre)teens with the character design and then have them become obsessed with something that's basically just prolonged torture.
Absolutely disgusting. Judging any anon who posted about this in the fetish or whatever thread.

No. 425353

I used to read KS, and yeah obviously it is problematic as fuck - but the overall story doesn't present their relationship as romantic or ideal. Yoonbum is supposed to have BPD so the overall representation of mental illness is pretty fucked, but you can still consume gross/disturbing forms of media without approving of the stuff actually happening…

No. 425395

where does the jeff the killer story and picture originate from? i know i can google it but the picture freaks me out so much that i dont want to risk running into it while trying to find out

No. 425396

idk what this is, can someone explain? i dont want to google and get nightmares

No. 425397

it's the jumpscare picture people used to post often years ago. heavily photoshopped, white face big circle eyes, black hair, smirk.

i used to be a creepypastafag during my edgy teen phase so people would say the character was named after jeffrey dahmer. looking it up, the picture is believed to be an extremely photoshopped version of a fat girl 4chan bullied to suicide. people would the picture as a jumpscare. then someone wrote a creepypasta of it and it started to get more and more popular.

No. 425398

>looking it up, the picture is believed to be an extremely photoshopped version of a fat girl 4chan bullied to suicide
That's so fucking sad if that's true.

>women have life on easy mode!!!

No. 425399

>believed to be an extremely photoshopped version of a fat girl 4chan bullied to suicide
Damn, I was also a creepypastafag but never knew this. I guess since I jumped into it after JTK was an established phenomenon. That's sad.

No. 425404

File: 1561313102720.jpg (94.09 KB, 1024x214, KatyRobinson.jpg)

the jeff the killer picture's origin is not 100% certain but the most possible take is that it was this girl. people think it's likely her because the hair is similar, they have a mole at a similar spot, the drawer at the background is similar and her pictures would get photoshopped a lot.

No. 425405

File: 1561313232184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.39 KB, 640x548, orignal_jeff_the_Killer.jpg)

>>believed to be an extremely photoshopped version of a fat girl 4chan bullied to suicide
That was proven to be a Hoax,the Jeff the Killer "Photo: was the result of some kid making a latex mask for whatever reason and then someone posted that pic of him on the internet where someone else heavily edited the photo and made the original Jeff the Killer creepypasta

No. 425409

File: 1561316163203.jpg (5.15 KB, 248x176, images.jpg)

I never knew about this. Does anyone know if this really happened? Did she really kill herself?

Wtf anon, no offense, but this picture isn't even scary. It looks like Grimace. Would you be scared of Grimace?

No. 425411

Huh, I never saw this version of it

No. 425417

I wish my cat were like that. Mine is shy but in a weird way, she just wants to sleep and eat, if I try to pet her she's almost always going to avoid me or scratch me. If she doesn't do that though she can let me pet her for 30min non stop.

No. 425420

Why do so many woman feel the need to emphasise that they look like “teen girls” or young? I’m browsing r/GenderCritical rn and so many woman there feel the need to empathise how they look like teenagers and how men treat them as less and It’s so cringy

No. 425520

is there a difference between being sexually attracted to someone, and getting aroused by what they're doing to your body?

No. 425524

Definitely. Your body responding to stimuli because it feels good doesn't mean you're attracted to the person doing it, physically or emotionally.

No. 425526

Insecurity. Why else?

No. 425561

when will I be done questioning my sexuality?

No. 425571

Yes. But personally if I find the person doing it to be unattractive I will feel less aroused by it.

No. 425583

when you realize labels don't matter beyond their social use
just tell people whatever you think will get them to treat you the way you want

No. 425678

How do you get your bra to not have that line showing under your clothes? Does that mean my bra doesn't fit me? What's the best way to get fitted because I feel like every lingerie store assistant has gotten it wrong?

No. 425725

File: 1561393455954.jpg (2.02 MB, 1920x1440, nature.jpg)

Does anyone know what this type of art is called? It's all over dribbble and I'd like to try and replicate some of it. For that I'd need to search for tutorials but I don't know what to search for.

No. 425727

File: 1561393590790.gif (9.71 MB, 800x600, summer.gif)

here's another one that's similar.

No. 425736

Looks like vector art, big in commercial illustration currently

No. 425745

why isn't the US government shutting down scientolog/y?

No. 425746

Thanks. I just wonder how to create that texture, which brush to use because my replication turns out not so good. Doesn't help that I use Affinity Designer so finding related resources is even more difficult.

No. 425757

how do ppl keep up with their comments on this site? just keep links to the threads?

No. 425780

sometimes i look in the mirror and think i look great but when i take a selfie i suddenly look like a troglodyte

why is that?

No. 425790

It has to do with focal length. Some anons here have good graphics to explain.
But the mirror is correct, not the front facing camera.

No. 425803

This. It's also the length you take the picture at which increases the distortion as well. Try zooming out all the way and stretching out your arm as far as possible, you'll notice you look way better

No. 425804

This happens to me too. My face and body look awful on photos but I actually think I look very good when I look in the mirror. I hate having pictures taken even if I know of this, kinda ruins my self steem for a few minutes.