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File: 1566872877279.jpg (22.21 KB, 500x381, imstupid.jpg)

No. 454349

Have a question that isn’t important enough for the advice thread?
Is it something everyone seems to understand but you can’t?

This thread's for you

Previous thread: >>428562

No. 454368

Does wearing deoderant/antiperspirant repeatedly make you smell worse over time? I feel like it blocks your pores and makes the bacteria build up. I feel like when I wear more deoderant I smell worse when it comes off.
Im not talkimg about natural deoderants either, I'm talking about the big brands like secret, dove etc.

No. 454372

What’s the perfect girth for a good dick?

No. 454377

rally does depend on the Individual woman,what might be a really girthy dick for you might be fairly average for me

No. 454378

The same width as the smallest part of your wrist lmao.

No. 454386

soda can

No. 454400

I dated an Asian dude who I was surprised to learn never wore deodorant, because he was taught not to or else he would smell bad forever. And the weirdest thing was that it was actually true - he never smelled, but his brother - who tried deodorant - smells bad without it. So, you might be right, or it might be a race thing, or a conditioned thing. You might need an honest friend to let you know how you smell.

No. 454407

Personally, it makes my skin itch and I've also noticed it makes me smell worse when it fades off.
Best tip I learned: Use raw lemon or lime slices instead of deodorant.
It can sting, too, but it's better and actually cleaner IMO.

No. 454413

It's honestly up to you. Try out some dicks and see which is best lol

Personally, I'm not much into those giant ones you see in Pornhub. They scare me. Some people like them big, though.

No. 454430

File: 1566885475672.jpg (1.82 MB, 3024x4032, IMG_20190827_151206.jpg)

Can anyone identify this bag?

No. 454431

>risking getting burns from fruit acid in your pores

nah fam, fuck that.

No. 454464

A lot of Asian people don't have the gene for body odor, ive heard

That's interesting, ive heard vinegar can work but ive never heard of people using lemon juice.

No. 454522

Actually I was just about to ask how can I figure out what I smell like lol. I'm Asian, but I'm not really sure if I have that gene for body odor or not. The few friends I've asked what I smelled like usually say "nothing" and I don't know if they're just being nice or truthful? I'll smell my gym clothes after using them for a couple of really sweaty workouts and they don't smell bad to me, just sort of like… plums? Something sweet. But I always assumed since it's my own body odor of course it wouldn't smell bad lol. On the other hand, my parents bath towel stinks from their BO. I do use deodorant but it's mostly because I don't like the sticky feeling of my sweat building up under there.

No. 454542

File: 1566915218192.jpg (74.58 KB, 1456x1820, Easy-Overnight-Oats-Meal-Prep-…)

My lactose intolerance is so confusing to me. I've established that I can have most dairy products and things cooked with milk (cake, pancakes, etc) with little to no consequences. I know that I can't have straight up milk in any form, not drinking it straight or even with cereal (I used to wet the cereal with milk and then avoid as much of the milk as possible/throw it out at the end). I made my oatmeal with milk the other day in the microwave and my stomach was fine, but I figured since I cooked it in the microwave that's what made it okay. Last night I made overnight oats with milk (i.e. no heat of any sort was used) and I'm still fine after eating it this morning… Just what the fuck is going on with my lactose intolerance? Will this fuck me up in the long run or can I keep going like this as long as my stomach is fine with it? Those overnight oats were god damn good. I have my own soymilk that I drink, but it's a bit expensive compared to regular milk so I don't really want to use it for oats.

No. 454555

The Asian thing is true. The same gene is responsible for dry earwax.

No. 454570

Should I get a cat if I live alone and work your standard office hours? (7am-5pm daily Mondays-Fridays)
Some people say that cats are pretty independent but I still worry about it being lonely…

No. 454572

As long as you're home most evenings to spend time with the cat I don't think that's bad, at least for an adult cat. I would recommend getting two cats so they can always keep each other company when you're at work.

No. 454575

I'm worried that I don't have enough space for two cats. I have a one bedroom, one bathroom, small kitchen apartment kind of affair.

No. 454579

Cats sleep about 16 hours a day and are busy cleaning themselves during a bunch of their waking hours as well, so it won't be lonely too much. But it would be good to adopt a cat with a more lazy nonchalant demeanor; some are more needy, social, and playful.

No. 454581

Honestly as long as you don't live in a total shoebox and utilize your space wisely I don't think it would be a problem. Cats love to climb so you can use vertical space to your advantage.
A pair of older cats would definitely be good, they'll just laze around and don't need as much space to run around since they're less energetic than kittens. Each individual cat has their own personality, though, so if you adopt just ask the shelter for lazy couch potato cats.

No. 454592

Thank you for the feedback and insight, anons. I wanted to adopt an older cat, preferably a senior who just wants to laze around and cuddle… so I will go and check out the local shelter this weekend.

No. 454593

I wonder if refering to someone as a "transvestite" is now considered rude/discriminatory now that "transgender" is the more commonly used term.

No. 454595

I know a tranny that had a tism fit over someone suggesting we all watch rocky horror show because, and I quote, ‘transvestite is an extremely oppressive slur!’

No. 454670

Indoor cats shouldn't be left alone for more than 12 hours. They need company and stimulation.

No. 454741

When you hear someone puking in a public restroom, are you supposed to ask if they're okay or is that weird? Heard a girl puking in a bathroom stall today and felt like I should ask but instead I panicked and left

No. 454752

File: 1566946915725.jpg (58.26 KB, 630x420, drawingtablets-lowres-3327.jpg)

Whats the biggest screen less art tablet you can buy? or whats the one that requires the least minim pressure.

No. 454763

Isn't the Huion Giano the largest graphics (AKA screenless) tablet, at 13.8 x 8.6'' (350 x 218mm) of active space?

No. 454787

tbh I think the last thing they would wanna do is talk to someone, but if I were my ideal self, I would just hand them some of the paper hand towels or a leftover water bottle if I had one. But I think at the end of the day, she's just hoping that anyone else in the bathroom has already forgotten that it happened. Don't stress, lol.

No. 454832

I think I would probably ask if she is alright. You never know if she is stuck in there without paper to clean up with or soiled clothes. Or she needs medical attention but is too weak/preoccupied to take action.

However ignoring the situation is also acceptable. This is not like a car accident or a heart attack, so not getting involved is fine if you feel uncomfortable.

No. 454918

Can somebody explain what the fuck 'non-dairy' actually means? Because all of these coffee creamers, sauces, etc. say 'non-dairy' and then when I look on the back at the ingredients list it says 'Contains: Milk'. How the fuck? What the fuck? Does it contain human milk?

No. 454921

I love this post for some reason. Some milk products, like powdered milk, do not specify they are from cows (or anything in particular) so I too have some questions. Are they milking rats or what?

No. 454925

>They do not contain lactose and therefore are commonly described as being non-dairy products, although many contain casein, a milk-derived protein.

so it's milk derived but because it doesn't contain lactose, they can skirt by with "non-dairy". makes no sense to me, but functionally, i guess it does because people generally buy non-dairy items because of the lactose intolerance, though that's changing what with veganism

No. 454961

Do any multilingual anons have suggestions on how to improve a language I speak?

It's a language I was fluent in as a child but a few years have gone by where I didn't have the opportunity to practice because it's a minority language and I'm losing it. I guess my main problem is vocab so I might struggle mid-sentence to say something I'd have no problem being able to say in english or I don't understand an important word someone said and I miss the point of what they're trying to say lol. I just want to be able to speak at a natural pace and not have to second-guess everything I'm saying. There are very few people who speak the language so there isn't a lot of media I can use to "immerse" myself with.

Some things I'm going to try:
>reading/watching the news daily
>re-reading some books I have
>talking to myself during the day and trying to think in the language
>keeping a diary of new words I learn

Please let me know what worked for you!

No. 454964

File: 1567004076235.png (52.92 KB, 181x450, yhst-88462588038071_2590_29137…)

I've recently starting using this natural deodorant and I can't believe how well it works! I always thought I'd forever struggle with finding the right deodorant but all that is changed now. I seriously recommend it

No. 454967

Something I'm curious about as a dumb kissless virgin: what do women do when it comes to wearing makeup during sex? I assume any makeup you're wearing on your face would get messed up, do people just accept that as a part of sex or are there like…secret tips on how to avoid a mess?

I know there's the whole "messy/runny mascara" trope in porn, and lipstick tends to transfer when kissing, but in most portrayals of sex the woman's face looks basically flawless and I feel like that's probably not realistic. Is "sex-proof" makeup a thing people worry about/invest in or do they just not care?

No. 454972

sex isn't that messy anon, if you can wear it during a retail job you can wear it during sex.

No. 454973

I do every one of those and I try to participate in online conversations of said language. It's easier than IRL because you can quick google the word you need if you feel stuck. Plus if you're chatting to someone you can ask them to correct you.
Tandem is a great place but you will get hit on.

No. 454979

Is it possible to have a stalker but you're attracted to them?

No. 454983

Well first of all, the reason why makeup in porn tends to look flawless is because there's a lot more scene cuts. Some scenes are taped at different intervals, enough time to retouch a smudged eye line or reapply lipstick. And also there tends to be less romantic intimacy like kissing between the actors.
Doesn't mean it's the case for all. If you ever seen blowjob porn the makeup gets absolutely fucked because of all the gagging and tearing up.

It really depends, anon. My makeup tends to get messed up because when I have sex with my partners I'm heavily making out with them. My foundation rubs off and my eyeliner smudges and collects in my eye ducts. The sweat usually fucks my hair too. Sometimes my face gets mashed into a pillow and it's inevitable.
When the sex is less intense my makeup fares better.

Most guys I've been with never commented or cared. The ones who did were weenies and cumbrains who couldn't understand how sweat and friction could take off makeup.

No. 454987

>blowjob porn the makeup gets absolutely fucked because of all the gagging and tearing up

Can I just say it's fucking insane and sadistic that gagging and tearing up is a part of porn.

No. 454992

What are you supposed to do when you’re in your final year at uni and hate your major? It would be stupid to drop out, but I also feel dumb wasting a whole year just to get a degree I probably won’t use.

No. 454994

is it a super niche major? if it's something versatile like a business degree, it's not really that big of a deal. honestly in the current economy it's more important to have a degree than what it's about. you'd be surprised how many people end up going into fields that have nothing to do with their major.

No. 454996

i absolutely hate how right you are. getting a degree for the sake of having one is fucked up, especially in my country where uni is expensive as hell. i never got one and instead am going to trade school for something i want to do at age 30. fuck all that noise.

No. 454998

As someone with a degree but has chosen to not go into her field, this is absolutely true lol.

A lot of my friends that I met at my old job struggle to leave because they don't have a bachelors. They're perfectly good workers who are honestly some of the smartest people I've ever met- but because they don't have some fancy shitty paper to prove it, they're overlooked.

No. 454999

as someone that's absolutely had to bust their ass to get where they are in their career with the giant chip on my shoulder that is not completing university, the most important advice i can ever give is something i heard once i got into management, which is "your degree doesn't matter unless you don't have one".

No. 455005

i can 100% believe that. i have a tinfoil that the "necessity" of college degrees is just some kind of boomer bitterness on a bigger scale. like some kind of "well i went to uni and it only cost me $10 which was half of my savings from my part time job in high school and i used the other half to buy a house, but i had to walk uphill both ways now quit complaining!" bs that boomers spew.

No. 455009

Er, I'm supposed to receive the schedule of my classes via email, right? There's the date and hour of some of them on the uni's website, but I don't think that's complete. Otherwise I don't know what to do.

No. 455015

What are exactly saggy breasts? How can I tell them apart from low breasts? And what about pear shaped ones? It's so confusing!

No. 455019

Ruined makeup in sex is something most men find sexy and I too if my partner is a woman. I don't really wear makeup, but sometimes my boyfriend wish I'd wear some, just for him to mess with it lol

No. 455031

i feel like saggy breasts are more flat and pancake-like. you can still have low breasts but they would have more volume and shape than what would be considered "saggy". i have no idea though, i think it's one of those things that depends on who you're asking.

No. 455037

Any advice for an anon who wants to wear a wig while her hair grows back?

No. 455038

Does your school have a student portal of any sort? I didn't receive my schedule through email, it was put up on the student portal for us.

No. 455073

i study computer science and i have the chance to take a second foreign language's classes this year. i have to choose amongst spanish, russian, german and japanese. which one would be more useful for me in the future, regarding my job?

No. 455074


No. 455075

Nipple and areola position.
If they're pointing downward, sag.
Pointing outward and horizontal from chest, just shallow set.

Breasts can be both shallow and saggy too.

No. 455078

Yeah there is one and I know the dates of some courses already, since it straight up says "x class for students with initials from A-C" and so on. There's some classes though that are ambiguous, for example lit goes "class 1, class 2, class 3" with no initials listed and I don't know if I have to choose or something. I'll really have to call it seems.

No. 455081

German, they have high quality master programs and companies.

No. 455083

does the sex in homosexual/bisexual refer to biological sex or sexual attraction or possibly both?

No. 455090

Sexual attraction only.

No. 455146

File: 1567039702598.png (101.31 KB, 201x204, tigerman.PNG)

Can someone translate what this says?

No. 455167

“Lil bite”

No. 455172

File: 1567042300934.jpg (33.81 KB, 640x412, bf765e9b_640.jpg)

thank you anon!

No. 455174

oh my gosh. adorable. i want this pin now

No. 455290

How do I learn to relax at work? I have a basic boring office job and I don't get many tasks so I end up browsing the internet and feel like a waste of space. I quit my previous job due to burnout (I was getting double the shit than my lazy coworkers just because I was doing my job).
We have busy days and I am much happier when that happens but they are very rare.

No. 455294

when I had a job like that, I took a couple online courses and did assignments/readings during slow periods

No. 455298

What is a personality? How do you define it?

No. 455301

I don't have an answer but the fact that people are diagnosed with 'personality disorders' really makes me wonder this too

No. 455303


A lot of psychiatry and psychology diagnostics just boil down to "not convenient for the workforce and consumer economy" so you the treatment so you can do the 9 to 5 job thing without upsetting anyone and start having normie consumer habits.

No. 455310

I've always found personality to be a borderline myth. Like we're not hard wired to be one thing or act in a specific way, every event or circumstance we experiences changes us and we act in different ways according to what's going on or who we're interacting with. Realising this made me feel so free in a way. I'm never really just one thing. I don't trust personality tests anymore

No. 455312

I'm so pleased for you anon! I use a crystal stick deodorant, I've had it yeeeears now and it works so well.

No. 455352

Personality disorder is when you tend to enact harmful (to yourself or others) patterns consantly. Maybe because I am disordered myself it doesn't confuse me as much as the term of personality itself.
People meme that 'Liking/doing X is not personality' which I agree… but then what is personality? Your overall taste in media? Bad coping strategies? The way you treat strangers? Your hopes and dreams? All of this? None?
I don't know what I am

No. 455370

Is it weird for couples to sleep in different rooms? I do this because I'm a light sleeper but whenever anyone finds out they think it's fucked up and we don't love each other.

No. 455380

I'd like a job like that tbh. You don't get burnt out, you can comfily browse the internet, watch movies, maybe even study something, and you get paid.

No. 455391

I currently have a temp job at an office and this is my current life. My state's library has an online catalog so on occasion I'll read books through there, but I mostly spend time on LC or reading comics or some shit. I sit at the front desk so I can't watch videos that don't have subtitles available (I don't like to put in earbuds or anything in case we do have guests come by), so I keep it to comfy and cozy videos like Li Ziqi's video, crafting videos, or people who have subtitled videos. I just finish rewatching an anime, but I really don't watch anime in the office that much. I don't read or browse LC at all at home so that posts can pile up and I can read them the next day (makes my home life nicer because I don't blow hours on here, I also regularly keep up with a bunch of ot threads so I have a lot to read). I started reading Homestuck because I knew it would take a while to finish and would keep me busy.

I originally wanted to spend the time learning useful skills like excel or quickbooks, but I have a hard time applying myself to studies when I'm not in a classroom setting. It sucks that a lot of self study material that I find are un-subtitled videos too. My gig is only temp and I'm slowly starting to get sick of it, so hopefully I'll eventually get off my ass and do some productive shit. I like indulging in browsing LC or social media and not being worry free, but now I'm starting to feel overindulged and it's not the same feeling as when you take a quick peek while taking a break from some long assignment.

No. 455398

Same, I have to constantly work at my job and every day I die a little more. Need to change it but I am scared I will end up in even deeper shit

No. 455402

OP here. I totally understand you, when I was at my previous job I felt the same. But I have this stupid send of responsibility and I feel bad sitting on my ass all day. I'd rather have things to do and be able to take them at my pace. But there are days like today when I get two tasks and finish them in 10 minutes. I get anxious thinking they will say I'm not needed and fire me.

No. 455404

have you asked if there's other things you can do? or just look around for things you can do or help with. brush up some new skills, start a new work project, etc. take the opportunity to do things, instead of looking for tips on how to "relax" and feel comfortable with browsing the internet at your job all day (you shouldn't feel comfortable doing this, ever. imo). at your next job interview they're going to ask what you did there, and you don't want to look back and see nothing.

No. 455412

I did and all I get is "we'll be busier once the summer is over, don't worry". I certainly hope so.
There are no projects I can take on my own, I can only assist the salespeople. As long as there are no sales I have nothing to do.

No. 455420

I need a release letter from my previous employer's HR. They aren't answering me and I'm running ot of money waiting for this cunt to do her job. I've tried calling the general HR number but that was a week ago and they haven't gotten back to me. I'm ready to fucking kms please tell me there's another avenue I can take to get this done!!!!

No. 455422

what is the difference between lite and i guess normal lolcow girls?

No. 455429

this is a thing?

No. 455432

File: 1567098654967.png (74.38 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190829-101108.png)

Lol are you talking about pic related? I think it just loads a lighter version of the website…

No. 455434

yes that! thanks

No. 455436

No problem!

No. 455488

Can any other Amerifags please explain our fucked health insurance system to me? What the hell is this premium tax credit? Even reading the explanation, I'm still a bit confused. Say if I go for a metal plan that originally costs $500 but I qualify for $300 tax credit, does that mean I pay $500 each month until I file for taxes then get the $300 (per month) back in my refund? Or do I just pay $200 every month and that's it?

What even makes some health insurance companies good/better than others? Is it how widely accepted they are, their pricing (their premiums/deductibles vs other health insurance companies), what they cover, their customer service? In my mind, the only thing that matters being good is my doctor, so as long as my health insurance is accepted by the doctors that I want to go to, does it really matter what insurance I'll pick (if the price points are similar)? I've never bought health insurance on my own, so I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing.

No. 455491

former health insurance fag here to help bb.

>premium tax credit is something you get based on income, it's like tax refund for health insurance specifically, and you get it with your refund

the only difference between companies/plans is the coverage, smaller insurances don't have access to as many doctors as larger companies. keep in mind that companies usually offer 2 types of the same plan HMO and PPO. HMO is a plan based around your PCP (primary care doctor) working with their own network of providers, meaning you can't go to any dr or specialist you want, and you'll need a referral from your PCP. downsides to HMO are basically that you're tied to your PCP's network. PPO is easier, allowing you to go to any doctor you want that is covered by your insurance, but still lets you have a PCP. the downside to PPO is that you research your own specialists outside your PCP and doctors outside network are less eager to communicate with one another about your health issues. PPOS are usually cheaper, and designed for people with less health issues overall.

i think i answered everything, but let me know!

No. 455496

Is there any way to remove or at least mask stretch marks ? (Something that actually works lol)

No. 455497

dermarolling and a good moisturizing lotion.

No. 455551

How the fuck do I get rid of KP on my thighs. I've tried so many medicated lotions and scrubs and nothing works.

No. 455590

I had KP all along my upper arms as a kid into mid teens, and they went away when I started taking fish oil pills. I don’t take them anymore and the kp hasn’t really come back. Not sure if it’ll work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to take some anyway- supposed to have a bunch of other benefits anyway. I took them daily for a few months until I started to see results (stopped only because I just kept forgetting and ultimately decided to stop for no particular reason).

No. 455622

I’ve posted about this in the skincare thread, but have you tried the lactic acid serum from The Ordinary? Whenever mine is flaring up I put it on a couple times a day and it usually clears up within a few days.

No. 455678

Yes and no? If it’s genuinely cause you’re not “sleep compatible”, you’re fine I think. Like my mom will have her husband sleep in another room when his snoring is really bad because she’s a super light sleeper and their relationship is great. My boyfriend and I have different sleep schedules so we don’t frequently sleep together, which is a similar situation and it’s also fine. I wouldn’t worry too much.

No. 455776

It is normal to wake up with an oily face?

No. 455783

Thank you anon! I think I understand it a bit better now! I'll probably get a PPO since that's what I had with my parents! I was on an HMO plan with my old job and it was a fucking nightmare doing anything lol.

I was reading into it a bit more and it says I could get the PTC in advance to help pay for my insurance or choose not to. The silver plan I want is so expensive without it, but I used to earn a lot more at my old job so when I file for my taxes, I'm afraid taking the PTC in advance will make me end up owing a lot on my taxes. Is there a way around this? Or should I just play it safe and not get an advance on my PTC and just get it all (if any) back with my refund next year?

No. 455784

File: 1567172003813.jpeg (21.78 KB, 400x300, serveimage.jpeg)

Does anyone know how to get rid off this weird fluff/dust/whatever it is from my brush?

I just bought a new one and not a week after using it, there are these weird dusty balls, sometimes even sticky on the side of it and among the brush hair. I do clean the brush of my hair after being done with it, but regular cleaning with water doesn't seem to be that efficient.

No. 455789

hairbrush lint. it's accumulated crap your brush is cleaning off your scalp and hair. it's a good thing! but it just means this will be a regular occurrence and wash your brush often.

No. 455794

Good to know, thanks!

No. 455800


Get a boar bristle brush to brush your brush with… Lol. Do it in warm soapy water. It collects on the little ball things on the ends of bristles, so you can find brushes that don't have that but they'll be a bit scratchier

No. 455804

Thanks, noted! I'll try it out this week.

No. 455828

I use a comb to "comb" out my brushes. Be sure to do it over the trashcan, you don't want that dust and crap on your floor.

From what I've noticed, it's mostly lint and feathers (I have a down comforter and the feathers must get in my hair).

No. 455850

my bf treats me like shit in front of his family and gets irritable when we're out in public and refuses to have a conversation in public or in front of his family. How can I get the best revenge on him?

No. 455862

Unless there's something else that's redeemable about him enough to justify this behaviour, just break up. Why be with someone who treats you like that?

It's not even about getting revenge. Revenge isn't part of a normal, healthy relationship. A mature conversation is.

No. 455870

I know but I'm an immature vengeful person that can't let shit go

No. 455871

good luck with the subsequent boyfriends of the same quality anon.

No. 455873

Garbage attracts garbage, fix yourself before you go looking for other people.

>Revenge isn't part of a normal, healthy relationship. A mature conversation is.
Can we get this in future teen films instead of giving kids plots about revenge bodies or trying to incite jealousy?

No. 455893

are you 13?

No. 455910

Who's homophobe-chan exactly? Is it only one anon? I keep seeing her(?) argue about gay men in the gender critical thread but since I hid the pinkpill thread and the radfem thread I don't know if she posts all that often, it seems so sudden that she got a nickname.

No. 455914

she star in the kinshame thread say that been gay/homsoexual was a kink and that make peple become pedos and shit like that, i'm not sure if is only one person i feel ther are at last two , you can find them/her in a lot of threads usualy in /ot/ sometimes in /snow/

No. 455921

Oh yeah I saw some of these posts in the previous kinkshaming thread by passing while looking for other threads. I wonder what someone like her (or them if there are several homophobe-chan) are doing on an imageboard as open-minded as lc when it comes to anyone LGB in the first place.

No. 455933

in all honesly they may have come for a cow, maybe they thought "this cow is kinda gay, and this place hate them they must hate all gay they hate men too! they sure as hell hate homosexuals"

No. 455978

is it possible to be asexual suddenly? Idk wtf is going on but I have never felt an urge to masturbate in like over a year. I don't think about sex nor do I crave it. I have sex sometimes and feel sexual then…but that isn't super often.

No. 455980

is homophobe-chan the same person as tradthot? Or the one who's always in the unpopular opinions thread going on about abortion (that may just be tradthot.

No. 455981

Seems like one person making many posts because they often use the same phrases like "being gay is a kink." Recently they argued with some anon about the gay gene theory and then went on cc to bitch about it too. They post a lot lately.

No. 455997

This question is for other Amerifats; Which state do you consider to be the nicest to live in? Which is the worst?

No. 456001

depends on what you consider nice

i live in MA and it's hella expensive but pretty nice as far as i can tell. been here 10 years or so.

No. 456011

why do I feel so sorry for that pigeon but I'm also laughing

No. 456018

Agreed. New England in general is pretty nice even though the cost of living is high. You get all the seasons, too.

No. 456026

>fairly liberal enough to where conservatives don't run around trying to be edgy and bashing random people and overcharging, but not extreme liberalism (at least for the majority anyway)
>clean urban areas, barely any ghetto areas if any at all
>fairly polite people, they aren't new york cold or anything but linda and stacy won't berade you about your future plans if you run into them at the grocery store
>good job market, you actually get call backs and interviews and they don't expect you to have 5 degrees and 3 years of experience for entry level jobs, all while paying pretty well
>beautiful scenery and iconic landscapes and landmarks as well as a great history behind the city
>you can bike anywhere and not get ran over and harassed
>low tax
>good schools

No. 456083

Not an American but I’ve always thought the west coast beautiful like Oregon and Colorado. Wherever there are mountains and forests

No. 456101

File: 1567220244299.jpg (21.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Any place in America is nice if you have money and live in a high-income neighborhood.

No. 456113


Doesn't need to be an expensive place to be nice, unless its a city with too mane latinos and black people. Then you better stay in the fancy zone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 456118

Worst states
>midwest and northern east coast
Best States
>coastal south, some west coast states like Washington or Oregon

No. 456164

And I wish people wouldn't talk it up as sooo good.
Too many people moving into the western cities, driving up prices and ruining the culture.
The entire other side of the state is mostly conservative farmers you know though. It's not a paradise.

No. 456205

do you wear pants under overalls

No. 456206

Just moved into Seattle and I concur. The prices are high af because people keep moving here and only in the 3-5 livable cities. Might become like San Francisco in a decade or so.

I would say that it’s not as liberal as people make it out to be. They’re not Portland types. The eastern half is pretty conservative, but coming from the South, it’s not too bad.

No. 456212

I've heard Seattle is littered with homeless drug addicts, is it true?

No. 456216

No. Tights or leggings in the winter, maybe.

No. 456223

The homeless situation here is fucking bad and as bad as the rumors make them out to be, but only in certain areas. I avoid downtown Seattle like the plague. It’s really pretty area, but the bums run things there. A drug addicted schizo douche can attack you and the cops take their sweet time to come. Good luck getting the dude prosecuted.

The surrounding neighborhoods are pretty cool and relatively safe and the suburbs are nice, just watch out for property crime. Hide your valuables.

No. 456227

I live in MA as well. I've only lived in three states so far, but I'd say MA is all right. It's supposed to have the most educated people and best healthcare in the nation, if I'm not mistaken. Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the nation, but as long as you have a car or access to public transit you can live outside of it and commute in. It still hasn't been my favorite place to live by a stretch. It's missing something.

New England is all right, but the cost of living is so much higher than places like in the south. Also we do have a homeless problem, but it's not as bad as places like Los Angeles.

I would say Mississippi and Alabama seem like utter shitholes for women. I've heard worse things about Mississippi though.

No. 456230

Having lived in the deep south, you'd be correct. Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama are all absolute third world country tier. I love my home state in ways, but goddamn, it sucks to live here. Moving with my bf to California for his work and I'm not regretting leaving one bit. In fact, 1,800 miles away might not be far enough away.

No. 456262

As far as I know/have heard the worst states are Alaska, West Virginia and Georgia. I live in New England and most of the states here are nice, but at the same time the region is known for having a terrible divide where most people are either rich or living in poverty.

And even though I’ve never been there Minnesota sounds like a good place to live too.

No. 456312

MA anon here again. I'm actually from Georgia but haven't visited there in a while. I've heard mixed opinions about it from others, but in my opinion, it's miles ahead of other southern states. I've known people here (MA) who have lived in GA and want to move back but only to Atlanta. It's growing but also lagging behind in many things. I still think Massachusetts is better

No. 456313

File: 1567281789508.jpg (20.74 KB, 679x383, EBzpHviX4AA0pga.jpg)

Why do the most wholesome animes often attract the craziest and meanest people?
Especially shit like Precure? Isn't the show for young girls, like why are grown women fighting and obsessing over it?
The more I'm exposed to hardcore weebs the more I want to give up anime tbh

No. 456362

>more MA anons
hey bb

No. 456372

No, but it happens to me too, everyday, and I hate it. Gonna see a derm soon.

No. 456385

I've only been in a handful of states, but California was the nicest (NorCal not Los Angeles area) and New York was the meanest. Alabama is the most sexist and racist.

No. 456407

>Too many people moving into the western cities, driving up prices and ruining the culture.
the prices go up because the property and real estate industry is filled with blood suckers, there's over how many homes and apartments in seattle that are empty?
apartment and real estate industries would rather keep a 800,000$ studio home on the market for 100 years than to lower the price, it's not the populations fault, especially since many are choosing to live off grid or in their cars

it's a "don't hate the player hate the game"situation

No. 456630

Do anti-anxiety meds actually work? A couple of months ago I swiped some from my sister and they didn’t do anything for me.

No. 456632


I took (alprazolam) xanax a few times as i was prescribed and hated it. i guess it does lower anxiety but only because it substitutes it with much worse depression, i felt like dying, no energy, i felt like i was trapped in a dark hole, it was the worst, i was supposed to take it for a couple weeks but after 2 or 3 days i could not handle it anymore and quit. I do not understand why would anyone take it recreationally.

No. 456637

They do but honestly swiping a few pills from your sister wouldn't have done anything. Oftentimes those medications require a cycle of dosing before you notice a difference, not to mention there's a lot of medications for anxieties so even between doctors and patients a lot of it is trial and error to find the one that works the best. When I was in grad school and having bad anxiety I took escitalopram (lexapro), and then years later when I was having bad episodes at a shitty job, Wellbutrin. Then Vyvanse to be used for my binge eating which was how I was coping, and lack of energy.

I'd say each one made me feel "leveled out" if that makes sense. Thing is I didn't feel like my emotions swung one way or another, it was a constant humming normalcy. Wellbutrin and Vyvanse gave me a much needed energy boost at the time. Although my least favorite insofar as side effects was the Wellbutrin.

No. 456639

Some them you have to take for several weeks before they take effect, some (benzos) are immidiate and you should be able to tell if the dosing was right. My boyfriend takes a very mild dosage of oxazepam and says that while he doesnt really feel it, he'll notice it is working from the fact that he can do certain things without automatically going into panic mode like he would normally (like riding the bus).

No. 456643

They just relax me and make me sleepy. The bad side is, I feel really shitty after they wear off but it goes away.

Cozying up with some chamomile, ASMR and a good book works about as well for me.

No. 456696

do any of you have stories about a "one that got away" that you regret not pursuing? what happened?

No. 456702

Is the word 'shill' to associated with 4chan culture? Like could I say 'stop shilling you stuff" on twitter and people wouldn't raise eyebrows

No. 456706

How do you actually make friends at uni? The university I go to barely has any activities to partake in.
Like what's the secret to make people like you? I'm already cute and kind.

No. 456711

nah i've seen it used on reddit and other communities too. i don't think anyone would suspect anything.

No. 456716

I've seen it used all over the place online

No. 456735

Join all the societies you can and get involved
Also actively try to make friends! Instead of being cute, you should talk to people, build up a rapport and invite them to do things, if you don't want it to be weird you can invite multiple acquaintances to something. Be the friend to other people that you wish would find you, take these people out to events and meet more people.

No. 456766

Late reply but you guys are right, a degree is better than no degree. I just feel so lost, I wish I didn’t go to a 4yr school and get stuck in a program I really don’t see myself pursuing. I’m a bio major btw, at least I have something to fall back on I guess.

No. 456771

If it makes you feel better, I have a B.A. and M.A. in a subject I'm not pursuing. I didn't necessarily hate my job, but I wasn't happy, either. I don't regret what I studied; I just wish I had double majored in undergrad. So, I'm currently back at uni as a post-bacc student to get a STEM degree, which is completely unrelated to my other two degrees in the humanities.

It's never too late to change the course of your life. I recognize that this post comes from a place of privilege, but there are certainly ways to redirect.

No. 456832

How tf do condoms actually break and how do you know it “broke” b4 you get pregnant? I always thought it was a meme. Do they like leak when a guy pulls out or something?

No. 456852

If they "break" it's due to improper fit, expired condoms, or using an oil-based lube.
The actual failure of the condom itself is a small chance.
Literally the thing busts apart. So after sex there's a very obvious tear in the condom. Sometimes you can 'feel' too much wetness in your vagina and cum always has a distinguishable smell and fluidity to it.

What happens most often is that the condom slips off and cum leaks inside. Sometimes a guy cums so much and keeps going that the pressure forces the cum up the condom and out the sides. It goes back to the improper fit and use issues, some guys are dumb.
You get dumbshits who don't want to spend the extra to get the bigger condoms if they're hung, or you get the napoleon complex small dudes who want to pretend they fit an xl when in reality it's hanging on their dicks like garbage bags.
Always check to see how the guy puts his on.

No. 456853

you dont, especially if you're western and people only talk to the others they know and dont like that much, lol socialization in the west has became a joke

No. 456855

If I buy a wool sweater in the wrong size ( like one size down or up) would it be easier to make a small sweater larger or a larger sweater smaller?

No. 456856

You can shrink wool but you’ll never upsize it without ruining it. Just get one that fits?

No. 456858

I bought one that turned out to be too big and then my normal size sold out. But if it’s easier to shrink down I’ll try to do that with a spray bottle or something.

No. 456890

They do, but seriously seek consultation first to find the right one for you. My doctor prescribed me some Remeron (mirtazapine) after concluding my lack of sleep was the main culprit. Got on it for a month, felt like a zombie on my first week but I was sleeping better and I wasn't having nightly breakdowns anymore. However I was getting increasingly disturbing nightmares.

My doc prescribed Depakote (divalproex sodium) after using up Remeron and so far so good. Additionally, she prescribed Inderal (propranolol) which I take whenever I'm in a middle of a panic attack supposedly to calm me down while going through it.

No. 456894

What exactly is a womanchild? And what do anons consider to be woman child behavior?

No. 456895

Just like a manchild: never had a job, never had higher education, still lives with parents only because too immature to move out, never learned to drive, has very childish interests like kids media, emotionally stunted so gets upset easily and can't put themselves in others positions.

No. 456899

i'm stupid and i've been hatereading TRP stuff but i am starting to internalize what they're saying. specifically, i'm self conscious about my n-count, i never actually looked back at counted how many past sexual partners i've had, but i did and it's pretty high for someone my age. i feel gross and stupid now.

lolcow do men irl really care about your sexual past or is this just reddit nonsense?

No. 456902

I wanna give you an example.on 4chan tier is a average of 250'000 users yearly,and these 250'000 are divided among all the various boards,similarity TRP is just as small

4chan and some subreddits may seem big at times but the fact is their incredibly small online communities that 90% people have never heard about

No. 456903

how likely is it to get in trouble with the hotel if i "room stuff" (likely 6 or 7 people in a two queen room which is 4 max, and ive already paid the extra people fee as much as it allows). ive never done it before but more friends are coming to drink and play board games during a con night and i dont know if i need to be more sneaky getting them in.
of course we are not going to be loud or disruptive at all.

No. 456906

Most hotels do not care, but make good on your assurance that your guests won't cause a ruckus because you'll be absolutely fucked and liable if they come knocking at your door to break up a loud party due to reports.

No. 456922

Some do, some don't and some won't let you know their opinion until you're well into a relationship and they've spent the whole time resenting you and thinking you're a slut.

Taking the pink pill is just believing men truly mean what they say, so I choose to accept men feel they deserve a pure virgin despite having no moral highground when it comes to sexual ethics, but I don't accept that their beliefs are fair or accurate so I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

No. 456964

What breed of dog is Abby Brown's dog Zero? I love him.

No. 457076

If my bf thrusted in me a few times without a condom, and he didn't cum, could I end up being pregnant? I'm on day 12 of my 35 day cyclus

No. 457077

probably not I had sex for five years with the pull out method and have never gotten pregnant

No. 457078

This is super common anyways and you're already generous for paying the extra people fee. But the coming and going of guests can get annoying (for neighbors) with the greetings and door slams, I'd think about how to deal with that quietly, like have them text instead of knock. Also keep track of who you leave every room key with and if anyone is bringing extra guests. You're entitled to know all of it bc its your liability.

I hope you have fun and that nobody throws up or has sex in your bed, kek

No. 457079

unless youre only casually aiming for a pregnancy or vd why risk it? ew.

No. 457084

it honestly 100% depends on your physiology. if you're both clean and do it "correctly" it's honestly not much less safe than using a condom. some people are just really fertile or have super semen and you can still get pregnant. better safe than sorry, but i've never had issues either although there's always the off chance i'm like infertile or my partner is and that could be the case for anyone who finds success with that method.

No. 457085

>what is precum

No. 457093

Wow this is nuts. I'd not be able to sleep at night thinkng I may be pregnant. Congrats on no kids so far anon but u know now since you've mentioned it you're gonna catch a kid kek

No. 457107

Anyone have any birth control suggestions for those of us who get super depressed on the pill?

No. 457127

Get plan B tomorrow morning. It's better to be safe than sorry. The sooner you take it, the more effective it is.

No. 457158

yeah that's why i mentioned the super semen lol

No. 457163

Well I don't do it anymore but I think if I did it again probably would kek I'm more careful now

No. 457181

that's not what that is jesus you're stupid.

No. 457191

no, i know what pre-cum is i'm just trying to have a sense of humor and not a stick up my ass

No. 457201

What on earth is a gray asexual?

No. 457214

That’s retarded. Way to encourage accidental pregnancy.

No. 457218

I also have mostly used pull out on all of my committed relationships and they all have been pull out kings (One boyfriend of mine would leak a ton of pre cum). Maybe I'm infertile as well lol. On the few times I've allowed them to come inside me they buy me plan b.

No. 457220

File: 1567485620606.jpeg (110.7 KB, 700x541, AF3CC74A-205E-44CF-AAA9-7F3BF0…)

I mean everything I said was objectively true but okay

No. 457225

I did pullout for 3 years with my ex, never had a pregnancy scare or any close calls or accidents. I have the implant now with my husband but now I kind of wonder if I'm infertile too lol.

No. 457227

which one is safer, inviting a guy over or going to his place by yourself? i do trust him because i've known him for a long time but i'm kinda paranoiac about all the hidden camera shit happening.

No. 457255

Please don’t, trying to use lemon juice on your skin may give you chemical burns and disrupt the natural acid mantle. I tried lightening my skin that way when I didn’t know better, when I had some discolored areas from insulin resistance and I think it’s done the opposite and given me hyperpigmentation on the knuckles of my figures which bothers me endlessly.

No. 457354

NTA but how are you dealing with insulin resistance? I also have this issue and I am trying to lose weight and eat healthy but it's hard…

No. 457477

Is being called “Flaco” a compliment? I’ve heard more then once by spanish guys in my city as I walk by or they walk by me. I know it means skinny but isn’t skinny bad in Hispanic culture?

No. 457483


Its probably not an insult, argentinians for example use it a lot like an equivalent of "dude", so in that context its not a compliment either.

But "flacO" with an o is male adjetive , so why are you getting called a "skinny male" anon?

No. 457519

How do people figure out if a book is ghostwritten?

No. 457527

what does queer theory mean? someone please explain it without the tumblr terminology

No. 457623


I think then it was prob flaka. I probably remembered it like because of ASAP rocky song

No. 457628

>grown women
they're probably male/tranny my dude, in fact magical girl shit caters to dirty otaku males more than anyone else because japan loves enabling pedos

No. 457646

imo it depends. it can be said positively or negatively, it really depends on the tone. some hispanic guys have said it to me negatively, while my family says it positively/endearingly. generally people will use the diminutive form (flaquita) if used endearingly or as a substitution for like honey, babygirl, etc. "flaca" is usually meant like "you're too skinny/not looking instathotty at this weight, gain some weight" when coming from men. hispanic people generally call others "delgada/delgado" when complimenting them fwiw. flaca/flaco has a potentially negative connotation to it that delgada/delgado doesnt

No. 457685

how do you go no contact and keep it no contact when you enjoy literally nothing so nothing keeps your mind off of them?

No. 457704

Essentially I am a mostly straight girl, and I get off to a range of normal fantasies.. but what I realize is that the common thread in most everything that gets me off is the perverted male perspective. Like if I'm reading a story, yes, I think boobs are cool but I need to know what the man thinks about them to get off. I need to know that the man is objectifying and adoring the woman.. and I fucking hate that. Moreover, most of the stories I read have the woman in a submissive/degrading position.

I can't help but feel that I have been conditioned by society to need male objectification to feel things are sexy. I don't want to be this way. I wonder if I can change what turns me on somehow?? I guess I'd have to stop reading erotic stories and just… think of less sexist shit on my own?

No. 457716

It sounds pretty cerebral to get off on what your (imagined) partner thinks. You may be projecting onto the woman as the object of the man’s desire.
I think it’s possible to be healthy about this though, like if you were in a relationship of course you’d want your partner to find you ‘fuckable’, the hard part is figuring out if the man is sane enough to respect all the things about a woman that aren’t to do with fucking. You just need the cut out the degrading position part.

No. 457741


you have normal heterosexual fantasies

>I don't want to be this way. I wonder if I can change what turns me on somehow??

Wikihow: how to become a lesbian

No. 457756

You're not cerebral enough to get it lol.

No. 457769

I'm in that same boat. Going no contact with a guy I cut a lot of people off for. I was aware of abuse coming out of a past relationship and didn't even recognise any signs again. I let myself get isolated and codependent again. Recently cut contact after finding out about another massive betrayal that concludes I will never know the full truth of what occurred in my own relationship. I so desperately want the wool pulled over my eyes, but for the first time I walked away and didn't confront the betrayal for once. I didn't ask questions. I didn't give him a way to weasel back in. I thought he'd apologise or plead or something by now, he's been sending goodnight texts for days. I snapped yesterday and sent a brief text saying I hate your lies, what would be the point knowing you without knowing you? I also said I'm getting tested by the doctor bexahs sod infidelity scares. That was 24 hours ago and I've heard nothing. He didn't send a goodnight text either. Think it's been confirmed I've been cheated on lol. It's hard to focus at the minute. I have a lot of unanswered questions and I have to make peace I'm not going to get answers and even if I was to ask him, there's no trusting what he says.

Idk if youre cutting off an ex and they're your closest peer, but no contact sucks. Just keep reminding yourself why you aren't contacting them.

No. 457788

File: 1567603639831.jpg (53.21 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20190904-152633_One…)

Any anons know how to get back the music bar on here when you're listening on samsung music so I don't have to exit apps whenever I want to pause/skip songs?

It used to always appear underneath here

No. 457809

didn't want to necro the japan thread so i'll ask this here: can i get some basic tips for saving money on a weeklong trip to tokyo? i haven't been there in several years but i definitely fell into tourist traps last time and went way over budget. tips on how to save on lodging, public transport, restaurants, SIM/wifi would be amazing

No. 457816

Someone else will probably have a lot better advice, but personally I do really well when I give myself a daily budget. The last time I went, I took out enough cash beforehand to give myself $100 per day for food and nonsense spending. Using my card was basically forbidden (difficult to use anyway, I only used it once my entire trip to pay for Disney tickets). That might be a little tight for some people so you can adjust it to what you think is more realistic for yourself, but it helped me take a step back and think about all the trinkets I was about to impulse buy ("would I rather buy this or splurge on dinner tonight?" sort of thought process). It was enough for me and I still had some cash leftover at the end.

As for lodging, I've only ever used airbnb when I travel to Japan. The last time I went, I was with two other friends, so we were able to book a small apartment all to ourselves in a pretty central location for about $300 per person. We ended up not paying that much for transportation since we got lucky and our airbnb was right by the Yamanote line (where most of the places we wanted to go was on). The first time I ever visited Tokyo I made the mistake of booking a super cheap airbnb that was so far out, it cost 1200yen one way to get in/out of the city center lol. Another time (my second time) I was travelling alone so I booked basically what was a little hostel spot near Akiba through airbnb that cost about $240 for a week and a half. It was basically sort of like a capsule hotel with shared amenities in the apartment, but it got the job done and was super cheap so I have no complaints about it. I also like airbnbs because some spots come with pretty good pocket wifi, my latest one that I shared with friends did! Definitely saved me the trouble of having to deal with buying a SIM and whatnot.

Can't offer much help about restaurants but I find that generally they weren't that expensive no matter where we went (then again, we didn't really go to super high end places either lol. We didn't cheap out completely on food either).

Sorry if nothing here is helpful for you! I do hope you have a good time. It's definitely easy to get sucked into the tourist traps and whatnot lol, ufo catchers are a personal weakness of mine.

No. 457820

Is it possible to get a job as a programmer even with a humanities degree? (Given that you know and can prove that you can program)

No. 457885

Maybe not a highly paid one at first, but many companies will just throw a technical interview at you without caring about your background.

No. 457930

Does anybody else have problems with being able to focus during their period? On the first days I feel like I can't keep my train of thought it's really annoying.

No. 457983

Yes! I deal with that symptom. I have an anxiety disorder so that unable to focus feeling is really intense for 2-3 days. It's all good, Anon. Just your body feeling a bit tired. No actual harm!

No. 457985

Write a good portfolio. I use to do hirings and not everyones' major was software related, however I would chuckle at a humanities degree. Just prove yourself.

No. 457986

These still have aluminum, it clogs pores.
I use lavanilla but i Still sweat, no odor.

No. 458067

Does anyone else have no strong feelings/memories attached to their childhood? Every time someone asks about my favorite childhood memory, favorite childhood movie, etc. I don't have anything that comes to mind. I remember irrelevant stuff like playing with my cat as a kid or my school lunches, but there are no meaningful events that come to mind… when I do remember some events that should be emotional, I don't feel anything. It's just something that happened. Is this normal?

No. 458073


Playing with your cat as a kid is probably more meaningful than worshiping some corporate product that increased your dopamine for about 2 seconds. As for the rest of the stuff i think is normal, most memories of my childhood are very matter of fact too and i don't feel strongly any which way about them. My recolections start getting much more subjective at around my teenage years. Stuff from childhood might mean a lot more subconsciously though.

No. 458084

It's probably just to do with sentiment and how people remember things. I have a lot of early childhood memories I can recall with fondness because my homelife from age 12 took a bad turn. I stayed active in school and had a big social circle and got myself involved socially. Went to loads of parties, dated etc but I struggle to recall those memories only a decade later, but memories from childhood like family holidays etc stick far more in my mind. From all the shit I did as a teenager my more vivid memories are being by myself at home on the computer or chilling with my cat lol

No. 458104

Weebish discord that ain't fking degenerate or blatantly underage??

No. 458105

I have this too. It's more common than you would think.
Look up "Severely Deficient Autobiographical Memory."

You can't remember any birthday parties, or your memories are just from what you see in pictures. Also there is no childhood trauma blocking anything out.

No. 458111

Thank you anon! I'll give my mind some rest then.

No. 458165

>no childhood trauma blocking you
That seems awesome to have to be honest. Is it possible to make yourself have this Memory Deficiency if you remember too much I wander.

No. 458166

Seconding this.

No. 458171

Does instagram have some sort of explore page or something for stories? I have a really lowkey account that I don’t post actual posts on, only the occasional story about really uninteresting things, and yesterday and today it shows that I have about 100 people view it when usually it’s only around 70ish (mostly friends, sometimes the occasional nonfollower). I have no idea where these people are coming from. I’ve also seen it where there’s weird uneven view counts, like out of 5 posted stories only the very first and very last have a high amount of views instead of the same/descending amount. I do keep my profile on public, but I’ve never had this many randos look at my stuff before.

No. 458184

How fast would you run from a guy that says 18 or 19 year olds are basically no different from 24 year olds and that women in their, say, early to mid twenties, specifically, are also just as immature as 17, 18, 19 yr olds

No. 458185

Very fast. Like, "I'm an expensive sports car that can go from 0 to 250MPH in under 2 seconds" fast. Kick that guy to the curb.

No. 458199

I'd beat an Olympic sprinting record

No. 458209

People can click on your icon to view your story - This means that every time you like something or show up in people's notifications or they see your comment on something they can simply click your icon and tada~ randos watching your stories.

No. 458211

I have no idea why they're watching your stories, the explore feature only showcases hashtagged or viral stories. Is the account new? Instagram suggests new accounts to people to follow.
However the uneven view count is from where someone skips to the next story before fully finishing the one they're watching. This is why very short stories have a high view count and if your stories have a sequence to them, people might watch first story but then just want to skip straight to the last story for a conclusion.

No. 458217

Why does everyone hate Scarlet Johansson recently

No. 458220

Did you post any hashtagged pics recently to your feed? Maybe one of your photos was viewed a lot in a hastag and people clicked to view your insta story to see if similar or something? I have a certain breed of pet and my Instagram basically was only popular when I posted my pet lol

No. 458221

Oh gotcha! Didn't know that you had to watch a story for it to count! I figured people skipped but I've never seen the view count go from so low to high before. My account isn't new though, I think I've had it for almost 10 years now.

I'd get this if I actually did stuff on the app besides occasionally post on my stories and talk to friends via DMs but honestly I don't think I really do much to show up on other people's notifications or pages… I haven't commented on anyone's stuff for a while, and most of the time don't even like posts (I'll usually save stuff though).

Nope! I completely archived my entire feed and all the highlights I used to have. It's a completely empty public page that I only use for the stories feature. It's so strange!

No. 458230

She defended woody allen

No. 458280

I don’t know how, I’m afraid. I haven’t confirmed properly that I am but there’s no other explanation to dark underarms that I’ve read and my body seems ‘normal’ because my diet is already pretty good - I never drink soda and stopped putting sugar in my tea and coffee which wasn’t too hard because 1)soda is like guzzling syrup to me and 2)I drink less of those because I want to avoid staining my teeth. I don’t keep junk food in the house and only eat ice cream a few times in the summer. None of this was advice to lower my blood sugar, it’s just the way my lifestyle already is. Basically you don’t want huge spikes by dumping a sugar source on yourself at random points in time. Idk if a keto diet may help or if that’s just people applying keto to everything these days.

No. 458468

Intermittent fasting helps with insulin resistance. I didn't even know I had it but started doing 16:8 fasts for weight loss and it was super successful, then my dr confirmed I was insulin resistant and that the fasting is a big help for it (IR also makes it super hard to lose weight).

No. 458479

What indicates a person is IR? I had a blood test for an unrelated thing and everything was normal but idk if blood sugar was one of the things on the test. I also heard you can be resistant and have normal resting sugar levels (so it’s only noticeable when you eat?). I only eat one meal a day because I’m so sedentary and I think that’s inadvertently ‘helped’ me there although by all other standards it’s probably an unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 458498

what do people who make $90k (or equivalent on other currencies) and upwards a year do?

No. 458504

I have a friend who wants to be a cop.
I know she'd be good at it because she's the type of woman to do anything she puts her mind to.

I just don't know how to feel about it. Politics and ideas about the police structure as a whole in the US beside, beyond that, I'm worried she'll get hurt.
Not only that, but the legal/justice system seems like such a boys club. I'd hate for her to get hurt or abused in any way, and though she's strong, not try to fight or report it for fear of retaliation.

I've heard so much shit about army stuff and it just doesn't make me feel good. So, stupid question, how should I fee?

No one could ever talk her out of it, it's a a dream that's the first step in a larger dream, so I guess what should I do from here on?

No. 458506

I assume inviting someone over because you know the place better, you could call the cops and have them take the person away from you, you could run to your neighbors (if you know them), and if you really needed to, you could stash a couple weapon/deterrents around the place

but that's just with the assumption that something could go wrong

No. 458508

What’s with majority of people are deeply into anime and not having a career/stable job. I’m not talking about liking anime, I’m more so interested in the ones so deep into cosplay and keeping up to date with each new season.

No. 458552

IT and business

No. 458698

whats the average refractory period for the guys you guys have known and at what ages?

No. 458718


There are unemployed neets obsessing over everything anon. Its just that the alcoholics who stay at home and watch dancing with the stars and shitty reality shows all day are not a big meme online and outside of Marvel Movies and mainstream hollywood anime is the second largest media empire there is. So of course man children and womanchilds will obsess over Anime when they are not obssesing over star wars and disney.

Its usually the jobless types who have all the free time to really get deep into a hobbie like that. And in the first world they have neetbux too so the environment enables them. Literally every hobby has them.

No. 458721

I assume because most of them are young and in high school or college or around that age, depends on how old they are and their situation, you can't really expect college or high school-aged kids to have a 9-5, even then most young adult americans no matter what their interest rarely ever have stable jobs due to the economy

as what >>458718 said as well

No. 458856

File: 1567802700178.jpg (80.59 KB, 640x360, dfgdfhdh.jpg)

Is something wrong with my brain if I've never felt motivated my entire life? I never cared about doing well in school, or getting a career, or doing anything worthwhile with my life. I've had dreams of having some type of artistic job and living in a nice house somewhere, but never have enough drive to ever accomplish anything, and I get burnt out easily. And I can spend days/weeks just sitting around doing basically nothing and not feel bad that I'm not doing something. Is it just depression, laziness, or something else? I really want to have drive, and accomplish something with my life instead of continuing to waste it.

No. 458866

Nope, if you get burned out easily you're probably just a low energy person who doesn't see those things as important enough to be worth the hard work. To some people that's laziness or a bad thing, I just see it as prioritizing and knowing what you want out of life. As long as you're happy and at least have the drive to work/support yourself, there's nothing wrong wtih it.

No. 458885

I'm glad you posted this because I'm the exact same. I don't have advice, but it's nice to know there are similar people.

I've been thinking about this more recently because I got a part time job which doesn't give many hours, and I'm still completely content to do nothing outside of it. I thought when I un-NEETed myself, I would change more.

No. 458947

File: 1567816507724.gif (378.93 KB, 480x270, rke5DTadPb.gif)

im in a discord server, and i want to make friends with the people in there, but everyone seem very close and familiar with each other. is it a lost cause to keep on trying to befriend them? especially since im quite shy, and i usually dont have time during the day because of school.

No. 458952

File: 1567817083067.png (122.14 KB, 229x216, 67c.png)

>anime girl gif

No. 458956

File: 1567818333246.jpg (29.43 KB, 453x604, 1556378967154.jpg)

im not a troon i swear

No. 459050

Newfag here. Is cow behavior only milky when it happens in the public eye? Like if a normal public figure turns out to be an ex-cow do people get invested in expired milk or do they just focus on people who are currently cows?

No. 459056

File: 1567840825191.jpeg (24.43 KB, 480x360, 745A196E-05B3-42BB-96A0-0135C8…)

Is it lolcow behavior to still try and reach out to a friend who deleted her account a long time ago? Her name is Cat, and Basically I contacted her ex (at the time, he was the only one I knew) and a friend of hers to try and see if she’s okay or see how she’s doing, maybe even getting back into contact with her, but it didn’t work out

That is, until I met another chick who has contact with her, after said Chick texting Cat on Snapchat, it turns out she felt uncomfortable by the fact that I contacted people she knew

I didn’t really mean to, I was just worried about her(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 459058

It’s more sustainable to farm cows that currently produce milk, kek. I mean, if they’ve already reformed, expired milk is just gossip and digging into a person’s past, I would guess mods would want us to talk about it in an /ot/ thread?

No. 459073

When does "vendetta" cease to be such and becomes proper milk?

No. 459078

If the cow is a cow, it's not a vendetta. If the "cow" is more like just someone the poster doesn't like, it's a vendetta. Also factor in unhinged obsessive posting, that also seems like a vendetta.

No. 459092

How do I safely and effectively switch the time of my birth control you? I had a night shift job so my shift with from 8pm - 2am, I woke up around 4 pm so that's usually the time I would take the pill, now my shift is from 2pm - 12pm and since it's a none stop kind of thing, it's weird to have my alarm go off and have to excuse myself to take BC pills

Ik there's a 3 hour window, do I just slowly make it earlier?

No. 459094

I just always take my bc when I wake up, sometimes I don't remember til after breakfast sometimes lunch, rare days ill remember just before dinner lol. If you've been taking it consistently for months I don't think hour fluctuations will matter much. There's been a month or two I've forgotten a day, took 2 the next day, went as normal, and fucked up and took one way later in the day, only thing it affected was when my period came. It's very regular but would come a day late but still within the 7 day break. You should be good to gradually switch it to whatever day. If you're having sex and worried just use another type of protection til you're comfortable.

No. 459113

I take sulpiride and xanax and my period has been late 22 days now. I told my doctor but he said its normal and will go back once I stop my therapy. Was anybody else here affected by sulpiride like that?

No. 459117

File: 1567865595563.png (34.47 KB, 571x150, turnoff.PNG)

Is their anyway I can turnoff this microsoft soundbar? I hate how it takes up so much screenroom and how microsoft can see all the videos I watch

No. 459283

I have like 20 piercings, and I'm about to start working in a very conservative job field. I ordered a bunch of retainers, but they hurt my ears so much? I can't work out if its the plastic or what. Has anyone else ever had this?

No. 459331

It might be the material. I remember reading that glass is recommended instead of plastic.

No. 459338

>>459331 thanks! I'm normally really good with crappy jewellery, so I assumed it would be fine? I've worn claires earrings in most of my piercings for years, and never have changed them and I experience no reaction. I'm looking to keep the retainers in 24/7 for years as well.

No. 459352

nta but the plastic is the material's texture not the chemical makeup.

No. 459366

I always wondered,why prostitution is illegal while seeing and “using” prostitutes is not? If a girl prostitutes herself,why would she get in legal trouble but not the man? Is it about consenting to exachange cash for sex that is illegal? Why is there no regulation for those requesting sex ? Why isn’t it legal eveywhere and it’s still considerd a crime to sell yourself when only one side is comminting a crime ?

No. 459369

Some Nordic countries are like that where prostitution is legal while using the service is not.

No. 459496

File: 1567923918354.jpg (54.33 KB, 600x900, black-off-shoulder-long-sleeve…)

i have pale skin and really long dark hair (not in a deliberately gothy lame way) and i would like to wear black or dark dresses maybe like this, simplistic, form fitting to play up the elfy thing a little (i prefer it not be form fitting but my stomach is the thinnest part of me) BUT with sneakers and possibly tights for modesty

are there any sneakers that are not bulky and fit with a 'natural' low-effort style that is not sporty, and not insta streetwear style that could work well with basic black dresses that look more 'natural' and maybe a bit more ethereal than most sneakers

No. 459628

One of my email addresses is receiving email from a half dozen dating websites as if my address was signed up. They all have different first names.

Did my email address get signed up? Phishing? Nefarious code?

No. 459695

Have you pissed anyone off recently? This sounds like a vengeful male.

Unless the sites are fake garbage spam sites, then your email address might just be a on a list of some sort. If they are legit like match, okcupid etc it's likely the first thing.

No. 459727

File: 1567981628435.png (1.12 KB, 263x191, download.png)

Hey guys…are jews really "evil"? I recently started dating this guy and he keeps trying to redpill me about Israel and how they are trying to save the world lol and all I keep thinking are those memes on 4chan. Anyways, what's your opinion about jews?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 459731

>Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.
>Repeat offenders are subject to a permanent ban from /ot/.

No. 459735

Cocktail dress with sneakers. Ugh.
Why? That’s not streetwear it’s just terrible.

No. 459737

it doesn't need to be a cocktail dress, just something off the shoulder and a little form fitting because my limbs are fat. i need to wear sneakers for comfort and have no real alternative around it.

No. 459739

A dress like that will look hilarious with sneakers. Form fitting and off the shoulder are the exact features that make the dress look stupid with sneakers.
Choose a better style of dress to wear with gym shoes tbh. (If there is one)
Even designer sneakers will look silly with a dress remotely like the one you posted.

Why do you need that specific style?

No. 459740

Keds, specifically the Champion design.

No. 459744

File: 1567985271072.jpg (15.91 KB, 236x354, 610a952b632bb1ca3672ff77165656…)

also I never said it was streetwear, I said I don't want streetwear styled sneakers.

not necessarily, pic related looks OK and it's form fitting with sneakers, and in this case, keds.

yes ty anon, I was considering those exact ones but I don't find them to be very comfortable. not sure why they haven't improved on making them more comfortable over the past like, 30 years. I will probably choose them if I can't find an alternative that looks similar.

No. 459753

File: 1567987355386.jpg (240.64 KB, 1164x1744, 8ff580bffd126ce2cc3f0bc774bdb5…)

another example

No. 459758

Another example that looks meh at best.

Less/Volleys are the only option and they don’t look fantastic. Curious as to why anon has to have this exact outfit?

No. 459766

it doesn't, necessarily, i guess. i like the breathability and freedom of dresses, compared to pants. im skinny dumpy with shapeless babyfat arms and shapeless babyfat legs and near cankles that make me look so fat if i'm not wearing something tight in the midsection so i can't just wear a loose casual outfit ever, but i also don't want to compromise on comfort for shoes, and i dont like the feeling of sandals or ballet flats. what would you guys recommend? i can't even really wear cute 90s jeans because i'm short and can easily look fat in anything and skater type or most a line dresses look weird on me too, like, they dont match my face. none of my body matches

No. 459771

nta but I cannot fathom a body that looks good in super tight, unforgiving bodycon dresses but nothing else. Those things require a really nice body to pull off, are you sure your flaws aren't all in your head or you're overestimating how much of an improvement tight dresses are on you?

No. 459773

get some self esteem jesus

No. 459779

Try wearing clothes you like and not what you assume makes you most visually acceptable to strangers?

Also, if you’re actually dumpy like you say, a dress like you’ve shown will look atrocious. Off the shoulder and skin tight are two of the least flattering styles for skinny-fat.

No. 459801

Are AirPods worth the money? Thinking about getting wireless headphones cuz wired headphones get all tangly and require your phone to be in your pocket, which I generally am not equipped with

No. 459816

I’d try some cheaper Bluetooth headphones to see if you like them before spending the money on AirPods

No. 459840

>possibly tights for modesty
>form fitting to play up the elfy thing a little
You have narrow views on what fits you, make sure to try on a lot if styles in the fitting room.Also how does having dark hair and being pale turn you into having “an elf thing” and what does that have to do with tight clothes??

No. 459846

It’s hard to humblebrag and call yourself an elf princess hunting for ethereal gym shoes.

No. 459855

Not the anons you're replying to, but I have a skinny torso and thicker arms and legs. Wearing form-fitting clothes is a must.

Plenty of women have a larger torso and thin arms and legs, so when comparing to them, people will assume someone with thicker limbs carries more weight than they do.
Everything I wear is form-fitting or only slightly loose as a result.
Depending on your skintone you will look more gothic than elven. To look elven you need clothes in browns, greens, wear your hair waved, and silver jewelery.

No. 459857

File: 1568011412360.png (1.33 MB, 1404x952, boe.png)

people make the arwen thing with the light skin and long hair even if you dont look like her tbh so i figure why not go with it? yes, for coverup and i have to battle with unattractive and irritating kp. i meant more like that i would like recommendations on "natural" sneakers and certain dark, minimalist dresses that are a little form fitting, but are more 'natural' and simple. not like, industrial/gothy or sporty, because there's really no natural/delicate and simple, but form fitting stuff that isn't either really alternative or costumey i couldnt find any decent examples quickly for op pic but, just simple stuff that is dark that can look ok with very simple sneakers that look less sporty. ive never heard of a sneaker that was meant to look 'natural' and simple other than maybe eco sneaks? for the dress i meant id prefer form fitting but also not form fitting if possible. realistically it suits the natural aesthetic better to not be form fitting, and i wish i could wear loose stuff, but if you have fat limbs you really cannot

i know, it sounds weird, but it's a thing. shes chubby but pic related looks TERRIBLE in loose clothes because her limbs are fat while her stomach is pretty thin in comparison. im sure you can imagine why she'd look bad in loose/unfitted clothing. except unlike her no matter how low i go my limbs stay out of proportion and i retain more fat in my lower limbs, mostly lower arms, lower legs than she does, so it looks much worse. since skinnies are too uncomfortable anyways, really cute looser high waisted 90s jeans with a splaying out at the thickest part of my fat knees and calves and adding more bulk doesnt make me look thinner either

omg thank you, exactly!! it's frustrating too because i much prefer the natural, gauzy, flowing, effortless look, but our limbs just can't handle all of the focus to be on them with no emphasis toward the waist and hip. so i'm the same, relegated to wearing form fitting things when that's really not the aesthetic i'm into. even when i'm underweight i still look so off without it. thank you, will take your advice!

No. 459861

I don’t understand the Kpop critical thread in /m. Do anons in the thread love or hate kpop? Scrolling through it, I honestly can’t tell. Both maybe? Someone on the inside, what’s the scoop

No. 459875

A lot of kpop fans have a favourite group and hate everyone else because they are competition. Or they just face so much exposure to groups they don't like/give a shit about it's inevitable they will develop an opinion on and discuss them.

No. 459984

Did Gracie from Mommy and Gracie YouTube channel (now Mommy’s world) go trans? What the fuck

No. 459987

I was watching this video and I got triggered by the blonde and gray haired girls; is it mysoginistic I find the way they talk so annoying? I couldn't even finish the video

No. 459999

I won't watch the video because they're scummy and I don't want to give them another view. It wouldn't surprise me if the people in their videos are also intolerable. There isn't anything wrong with disliking somebody. On top of that there is no such thing as an invalid reason to dislike somebody. Don't let the uWu crowd tell you your opinion is wrong, or that you aren't even allowed one.

No. 460013

Why isn't chinese entertainment more popular? I've never come across a "Chinaboo", despite being the biggest they lose against their east asian neighbours.
C-pop also features girl group and boy group idols, they also have cheesy dramas and variety shows, yet the vast majority of people are only interested in Korea and Japan. One would think that neet girls and guys with yellow fever would also flock to them, but that doesn't seem to be the case…?
Before anybody says politics, the typical weeb or kboo usually doesn't care about that either, so that can't be it.

No. 460020

A lot of the pop culture from China that'd appeal to the west seems to be derivative of Japan and Korea.
Plus, the latter countries have their niches. Japan has anime and alt fashion, Korea has pop idols and dramas, and China seems more of a jack of all trades, master of none. Nothing specific putting it on the map.

No. 460021

Why do anons in Onion's /pt/ thread call him Jimmy? Is that his real name instead of Greg?

No. 460022

>China seems more of a jack of all trades, master of none
Nta but yeah I think this is one of the main reasons

No. 460024

his faggot ass changed his name legally to James and Taylor changed hers to Kai to disassociate like on Google searches and whatnot from their previous offenses.

he named them both after Evan Peter's characters in ahs bc he liked Evan peters' characters or something. he's so pathetic and suggestible to whatever media he's binging atm. at least don't rip off both names from ahs, you retard.

No. 460026

You know when you eat something really sour and you get this kind of "pain" in your jaw when you first taste it? Does anyone get that feeling sometimes when you haven't eaten food for a bit (doesn't matter what food)? If so what is it called?

No. 460027

Probably a bit of tooth decay under the gum line, dentist time.

No. 460030

I've tried to figure this out too but all I've found online on forums is that it might just be your saliva glands kicking into high gear at the food entering your mouth. Not sure if that's the true answer, but it makes sense.

No. 460032

Dunno what it's called but I get it randomly when I'm thirsty and that sets off a saliva mechanism I guess?

Some fruits that aren't sour randomly do it to me too like bananas

No. 460038

It's because Chinese is a terrible sounding language, and because nobody bothers to rip or translate whatever for a foreign audience.

No. 460043

Unfortunately I don't think dresses look good with sneakers at all. It's always gonna end up looking kinda dumpy, especially with something that is form-fitting. >>459753 looks okay-ish but it would have looked actually good with a shoe that is semi-smart like the dress itself.

If you go for a two piece outfit that has waist definition you'll find sneakers go a lot more naturally. Crop tops that show your waist are also an option since you're slimmest there. Shorts always look good with sneakers, they're a natural match. Shorts that are high-cut but with flaring leg holes might work since you seem to describe yourself as heavier in the lower legs? It's like a reverse flare leg jean, might make your lower part look more proportionate by giving your thighs more volume. Not sure but worth trying some outfits right?

Do bangles or shawls flatter you? I like wearing a kimono or cardigan off one shoulder for an asymmetrical flowy look and it helps give my form-fitting outfits some life. As for the bracelet idea I have never used those but they're kinda fun and might make your lower arms seem slimmer since they'd be loose. Like tricking the eye into thinking your arms are so thin the bracelet is moving freely… make sense?

Hope this helped even a little bit.

No. 460068

Yeah, pretty sure it's your salivary glands overloading a bit. Though I get it with sweet fruits, once my jaw swelled up so huge I went to the doctor because I bit into a strawberry and the gland got blocked. It went away really quick and didn't hurt but it was so bizarre.

No. 460075

Yeah. Also accidentally gleeking when it happens. Always the submandibular and parotid saliva glands. Now and then mine will ache like crazy after vinegar or sour stuff.

No. 460081

People in the Lillee Jean thread keep demanding she get her teeth "fixed". What exactly would that entail? I have a few baby teeth and a lot of gaps but dentists have always told me that I'll have those baby teeth for life and there's nothing they can do (if they pulled them, there might not be anything above them to come down in its place) and that my teeth will just "sort themselves out" when my wisdom teeth come down. I also hate the idea of shaving teeth down to little stubs in order to get veneers but is that what people think Lillee should do?

No. 460082

most people in that thread are previous kpop fans / followed korean pop music entertainment for years so they congregate to talk shit because anywhere else people will shut you down for it irl or online.

t. old kpop boomer

No. 460097


I have no idea about anything related to kpop except that every time i skimp over the thread the farmers there seem to be really intense and going at each other lol. Twitter is even worse, everytime a kpop tags shows up is very intense, the threads seem very intense to say the least.

No. 460102

you can do that in the regular thread on here too. those threads are both the same when you look at them.

No. 460103

I'm one of those people. I thought she'd be a perfect candidate for veneers.

No. 460196

Veneers indeed. Her teeth are halfway there already.

No. 460233

how come whenever I pull an all-nighter, my body has a hard time regulating its temperature the second day? like I am so cold right now even though I've been under the covers I just have those… sleep-deprived chills. And probably at some point today I'll have to walk 10 feet and my body will seize the opportunity to enter the beginning stages of heat stroke.

I'm obvi dramatizing, I just notice that whenever I stay up all night (not often) my internal thermostat is like, "okay seriously wtf just happened??? how dare you? I'm running the show today bc your dumbass can't even fall asleep right" and then it just enters metronome mode and I Suffer

No. 460252

I imagine it's just to do with energy levels, similar to how skipping meals lowers your temp too. Eating a big meal could help for a bit

No. 460283

Why can't I find a dog to adopt in California? Shelters in my area seem to have 30 cats and like one or two dogs (pitbulls, so I'm not interested.)

No. 460292


Veneers need replacing over your lifetime and will out-cost an implant.

No. 460350

What's up with uwu? I've seen people use it since 2014 at least. I thought it was a weird fad but it's become more popuplar than ever. Even normies are using it.

No. 460357

File: 1568140545159.png (162.26 KB, 500x375, burns.png)


I was a weeby animu kid around 2007 and i remember it already being a thing. Its been teenage cringespeak for a long time, right now is probably more associated to furry zoomers and exceptionally snowflaky individuals.

No. 460512

I was right I had to walk from one end of campus to the other and back and my body was like WHAT the FUCK lol

strangely I wasn't sleepy all day and it's midnight and I'm in bed wide awake. My hips and knees are really really sore though.

No. 460528

File: 1568180942566.jpg (26.5 KB, 640x480, bc9bd1b0d89a2245fca53cff36fe32…)

Anons who wear makeup, what do you think of women who rarely wear it?

No. 460533

Nothing, I run into countless women without makeup every day of my life.

No. 460534

always thought it was some ironic tumblrspeak

No. 460559

I don't live in America, so I'm curious for those who do - on september 11, what do you and your family/friends do? What does your town/city do to pay respects and stuff? Do people still care about it or ignore it, or just go along with it? Is it considered taboo to shrug it off?

No. 460567

At the school I work at, there's an optional moment of silence you can attend by the flag pole. A few words are spoken. That's it.

No. 460571

Don't care and I doubt most people really do unless you are in high school

No. 460574

Whatever happened to Shay Carl?

No. 460577

No. 460582

Oh so he's just a scumbag like 99% of dudes who hide behind their wackjob religions. Too bad Collette can't get out.

No. 460597

Not so long ago, someone asked for a pic where you could see several books about "learning to draw", and I think they were a part of a method for improving your drawing skills faster.

I feel so dumb but does someone know where that post or pic is? I can't find it…

No. 460608

File: 1568201374977.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, 1563582338249.png)

Maybe this one?

No. 460613

Aimed at people who hate kids; why do you find it okay to hold prejudice against a huge portion of the global population, when it is generally agreed on that prejudice against ethnic/racial/gender is unethical? And why is it also so largely accepted to just straight up hate kids and call them dehumanising/derogatory names (like crotch droppings, goblin, etc.)

No. 460619

Yes yes yes thank you so much!!!!!!!! Based anon

No. 460633

I don't hate kids but I think noise is often what's off putting to people and they slowly start picking up the language of crotch goblin etc when kids cry or tantrum in public

I'm uncomfortable around kids because I have a hearing condition makes me very sensitive to the high pitched noises that come along with toddlers. I find shopping painful if the timing works out bad but then it's not a kids fault that I'm sensitive to noise

No. 460654

Who is the older guy with the long hair that keeps on getting posted as OP images of threads?

No. 460682

a lot of people cannot seem to empathize with children and it kind of scares me.

No. 460692

He was one of the founders of lolcow who moved on to do other stuff. Just think of him as a much more successful version of moot.

No. 460700

I don't care, and usually don't care to notice unless they're someone that I fancy.

No. 460758

Where can I read fiction books online for free?

No. 460777

Steal them

No. 460786

that's what she's tryin to do, anon. but where

No. 460793

The New York public library has an app called 'SimplyE' on the app store where you can borrow digital ebooks. You don't need to be a NYC library card to borrow the books. Only downside is that you'll have to reborrow the books if you take too long to read them, but that's not really a problem unless you're going after really popular books.

That, or just trying googling up pdfs I guess lol.

No. 460794


library genesis, freebookspot, the pirate bay, even just googling "name of the book" + pdf will give you a pdf link in the results.

t. third world poorfag.

No. 460795


No. 460796

i don't know of anywhere where you can read in the browser, but mobilism.org is where i download most of my ebooks. I organize them on my pc with calibre and read them on my phone with moon+ reader.

https://forum.mobilism.org/index.php - you need to create a login to search and make sure you install ad blocker because the files are hosted on slightly dodgy sites.

No. 460801


I just don't like kids, its my opinion which i am entitled to. People are allowed (in paper at least) to be prejudiced about anything or anyone they don't like, opinions are hard to police and should not be.

Hating a kid? sure, punching or verbally abusing a kid? holy shit, no,, but just being biased in your personal opinion against something isn't a problem, no one can possibly force me to like kids when i don't and my opinion on the topic will remain the same for as long as i feel like. Next thing you know people are not allowed to dislike raisins or troons or dogs, like if the dog hate thread means anything irl to dogs or their owners.

Some anons have scathing reviews on things other anons like and find precious, its only natural.

No. 460806

libgen depending on the category you select
also, #bookz on irc is great and easy to use

No. 460812

Except that literally everyone was at some point a kid and it’s weird for a species to hate their own offspring

No. 460831

I think its depressing and unempatheitc especially since LC is a place where we say be empathetic to women, and many children are females and still have the female experience.

I remember being a kid and how it was like, and what it felt like to be a child, it wasnt fun, I didnt ask to be born, but I was, and I had to deal with being a kid, and experiencing things, in my new mind and new being as someone not used to the world and its way yet, how vulnerable and innocent it is, and also delicate, makes me feel hurt that adult s would have hated me for that time. If people can see hating women is bad, why not children a even more delicate time?

No. 460834

Who's the guy in vent thread and why is he there?

No. 460845

When people say "ugh I hate kids" they usually just mean that they find all the noise unpleasant or the unpredictability/hyperactivity can be draining to be around. They just don't enjoy the company of kids.

No. 460847


is this site still up? is there a new url? i can't seem to find a link to access it. The .org one doesn't open.

No. 460857

File: 1568220207564.jpg (328.65 KB, 1365x1987, Orseund_Iris_Night_Out_Top_Cha…)

When would you even wear a top like this out? I really love this blouse and found a dupe on amazon for $20 and I'm very tempted to get it, but I don't even know when I would get the chance to wear it… it seems way too dressy/fancy for a casual day out shopping. I don't really indulge in nightlife either which I would think would probably be the next most common appropriate time to wear it.

No. 460862

I don't like kids, the most interaction I have with kids is when i'm out and a friendly kid will wave or say hi cos they're at that talkative stage, and I say hi back and then mom smiles, everybody is happy and that's the most interaction I ever really want with a kid. I can only find them pleasant in very small doses

I'm hardly a monster or affecting anybody negatively

No. 460864

stuff like this is for one of 3 people, two you already counted out

>people who dress to the nines to do menial errands

>people who hang out at nightclubs or nice bars

No. 460874

Well fuck me because I scrubbed my instagram clean earlier this year and refuse to post on it anymore. I wasn't an instathot to begin with, but now there's really no point for me to buy it lol. Thanks for saving me from spending $20 on a top that'll never see the light of day.

No. 460892

Fuck now that you mention it I can't access it either. Last time I went on I binge downloaded about 50 books and I still have plenty to read. Guess I'll have to go on weird Russian sites again.

No. 460903

File: 1568222486941.gif (1.64 MB, 480x368, giphy.gif)

Okay, secondary question: what makeup looks are most/least tasteful? What kinds of looks are "too much" for every-day wear?

No. 460914

it's really up to your discretion, anon. it's all about what you look good in and are comfortable with.

No. 461020

How did you guys find this place? I think I stumbled upon it years ago when I was looking up whatever happened to Kiki Kannibal, lost interest, then rediscovered it later when I was trying to figure out how TooPoor acquired so much clout. Now, years later, I’m fully pink pilled and know way too much about people like Shayna.

Also my questions about TooPoor and Kiki Kannibal remain unanswered kek

No. 461025

someone linked the momokun thread and stayed for /ot/

No. 461030


Found Kiwi because of Chris Chan, stayed there because i got addicted to random drama and cows and eventually saw someone mentioning this place in a random thread.

No. 461041

PnP mentioned a “hate forum” so I googled her name, found LC, and stuck around for my daily drama dose. Eventually I start reading /ot/ and /g/ and learned how to properly post lmao

No. 461043

It was on /cgl/ a few years ago, someone mentioned an artist I follow in a thread about either cosplay or artist alleys and shit talked her. I was curious because said artist posted less and less often and her art became shittier and an anon said that drama and vendetta threads weren't allowed anymore and to go back to lolcow.

I found a few cows interesting once I started lurking but their threads aren't entertaining anymore. And the artist had old petty drama between her artist friends and her but she wasn't that milky all things considered. Maybe that anon was an irl "friend" venting on /cgl/ and not a farmer. I only post on /ot/ and /m/ and only read threads about a few specific cows nowadays.

No. 461054

Staminarose migrant who came here after /cgl/ implemented the "no drama" rule.
I quickly fell in love with /b/(now /ot/) because even on 'girlboards' on 4chan there'd never be any women related topics without shitposting and trolling. At least here while the moderation can get heavy-handed at times, there's at least some method to the madness.

No. 461103

File: 1568245606679.jpg (44.66 KB, 499x521, 8620684615016.jpg)

You are not really lactose intolerant, you just have sensitive stomach.


Avoid drugs and alcohol.

Fuck 'em. (Not literally) Life goes on.

No. You have low libido due to reasons. Don't worry about it.


Because you're immature.

Yes they do. Shit happened and it was sad.

A mutt.



First they apply the art of psychological profiling and then the art of pattern recognition.

That's just bullshit, don't dwell on it, it takes less energy to come up with retarded shit than to explain or debunk it.

Don't play by their rules, pirate songs and listen them on old mp3 player, smash your phone against a brick wall.

She wants to feel actually useful. Its a traumatic, ungrateful job, but someone has to do it. Genuine altruism is a rare thing, so it makes her especially beautiful, until her face gets disfigured that is..

No such thing as "refractory period".

Wash your dishes.

That is normal compared to that therapy.

Install Linux.

No, just pretending due to reasons that ere even more disgusting.

Koreans adopt them before others get the chance.

That's Billy, he's an misanthrope, he likes to experiment on people.

No. 461106

Started on PULL and heard someone mention lolcow as being more offensive and I loved it

No. 461127

I came here from staminarose, but I honestly don't remember how I found sr. I wasn't a seagull at any point, just interested in cows like pt and cwc.

No. 461136

I was originally looking for 'alternative' imageboards because, while I like imageboards, 4chan has become a retarded /pol/, shitpost circlejerk. I found CC first and I was fascinated by the idea of an entirely female space online. Then I found PULL and ironically they linked to some milk in lolcow and I was here to stay.

No. 461145

Got linked to crystalcafe through /co/ on 4chan and then to here, just a few months ago.
I don't give a shit about the drama boards at all.

No. 461159

When Sunny/Yaya embryoe/godinthreepersons got a thread made about them they linked to the threads talking abt how “all these haters smoke mids”. I found the site interesting because I’m really interested in other people’s lives, and I’m not necessarily into all the snark (most of it well deserved), I just like follows the cows lives for the lulz.

No. 461163

Literally googled ‘I hate Baylee Jae’

Sometimes I wonder if I’d be less bitter if I didn’t have other women to shit talk others with

No. 461194

Is Braco the face of /ot/ now?
I'm scared

No. 461196

If someone sweats a lot in their sleep, is there anything you can do about it? My boyfriend sweats soooo much, even with the fan and A/C on or in winter with the window cracked.. it’s so grossss, I literally try my best not to even touch him at night lol.

No. 461200

Might be a health problem, gently nudge him about that

No. 461212

Kiki, stayed because it’s a hellhole but at least it’s honest about being a hellhole without the 4chan approach of autism

No one here posts porn and it’s decently moderated besides the time I got accused of samefagging this place is harsh but fair, in the lowest of my depression reading random bullshit here made time pass easily.

No. 461213

He can get shots for it that are almost pun free (botox)

Or it could be his diet


Nude, work friendly fresh face.

Think a step above boy beat

No. 461218

Im going back to my country in a few days and im wondering how tf do I stay as active as i was here?? I live in a big city in the US with a lot of suburban sprawl and little sidewalks and little shit to do unless you go on a bus for an hour to get there or drive there for 30 mins with an inactive family. I have been in the best physical shape I have been in my life but I feel like as soon as I eat the US food and get back into its semi inactive lifestyle im just gonna look like a puddle of fat again.

No. 461231

What the heck should a bride wear to a courthouse wedding? There's gonna be lots of pictures and my family and friends will be there so I want to look nice but I don't know what's too much or not enough. I'm really hopeless about this stuff because I was in an awkward horse girl phase fashion-wise for way too much of my life but I would like to wear a dress or something suitable.

No. 461234

File: 1568278315174.jpg (209.7 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600 - 2019-09-12T044443.77…)

i really love sue wong's stuff, or cache beaded gowns. i think you can find something reasonably priced that's not overly done by both of them. pic related is a sue wong dress on ebay rn, so pretty

No. 461245

This but try not wearing white at a wedding.

No. 461248

File: 1568280072863.jpg (70.05 KB, 1040x1300, sue-wong-gold-wedding-dress (1…)

she's the bride though anon

another sue wong. idk if youll like this but her stuff is affordable and i think is not too much, visually for a courthouse wedding

No. 461250

My mum wore a stunning pantsuit and hat to her courthouse wedding, she looked gorgeous in the video

Just wear whatever suits your personality best and makes you feel beautiful anon, who gives a fuck about setting? It’s still your wedding day

No. 461256

Thanks anons! I really do like the look of the slinky flowing dresses that have been linked though I did consider a pantsuit too. What are your opinions on the bride wearing black? I'm just not comfortable in white dresses (or light colours in general) for a number of reasons, but I'm worried it'll come off as edgy.

No. 461277

File: 1568283159625.jpg (327.35 KB, 1218x1588, sue.jpg)

i don't plan to wear white to my wedding either. nothing wrong with that. it's your day anyways, wear the color that you feel comfortable with, anon. and yes, any color can look great for a wedding, either full black or partial or red, just depends on the type of dress and how it's executed imo. congrats and im sure you'll look great in whatever you choose. honestly as long as you don't deck yourself out in gothy or steampunk accessories or go for a "steampunk" or go for designers that are specifically targeting "goths", it won't look tacky or edgy. choose a black dress from a decent designer, imo, rather than subculture designers, their stuff is poorly constructed and it shows

No. 461279

File: 1568283227828.jpg (56.26 KB, 400x600, 5501378b3f34e-seirenes-sound-t…)

sry for the dress spam in advance guys

No. 461326

No really, I'm talking about the vent thread op pic guy. Who is he?

No. 461331

braco, he's a croatian dude who "heals" people by staring/gazing

No. 461355

I strongly dislike kids. But for me it's just a set of personality traits that I really dislike, for example loudness, wanting attention, not being able to do stuff on your own, not knowing the unspoken rules of the culture etc.

These grind my gears with adults, but mostly adults have more to them besides these negative traits. Or not, and then I won't like them.

No. 461381

File: 1568293479873.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, giphy (3).gif)

How do you strictly make out with someone? I can never kiss a guy and it just be a kiss. It always leads to neck kisses (my one true weakness) which leads me to go insane as i whip a titty out and coax him to suck it. Which always leads to a guy wanting me to jerk him off. Its worse if I kiss his neck back because then they think that means I should suck their dicks. Its annoying as hell. How do I stop myself from being a horny fuckwad? Is there a pill I can take? Im more so annoyed at the fact that a guy cant just make out with me, suck a little titty without then needing to cum! Like dude its not about you!!

No. 461382

Hate's a strong word. I think most people dislike them rather than genuinely, truly hate them.

I don't hate kids, I just strongly dislike their behavior(ial tendencies) and noisy nature. That's nothing personal against kids, they can't help it and I know that.

Anyway I do think there's a large difference between holding prejudice against kids vs ethnicity/race/gender because kids will grow up, it's not a permanent state of being like your ethnicity/race/gender is.

No. 461384

No one really just makes out and leaves it at that unless they're a virgin teenager. It's very normal to go, okay, might as well cum while we're here. That said if you're mad that it becomes more about the guy, 69 or something. You deserve to nut too.

No. 461389

Get used to saying no

Him taking his dick out doesn't mean you have to touch it

No. 461391

>>460528 I think "good for them".

People seem to think that not wearing make-up is generally looked down upon but as a student I notice the complete opposite: people often hate on girls that wear make-up at uni, especially when it's early in the morning.

No. 461394

Thank you!

No. 461407

>whip a titty out and coax him to suck it
That's not making out that's straight up foreplay, of course they think you want to fuck it would be like him pulling out half of his ballsack and then getting confused as to why you think he wants blown. Just use your words like a damn adult and say that's as far as you want to go.

No. 461437

File: 1568300437099.jpg (94.5 KB, 1024x1001, 1567519094663.jpg)

Who tf is this loser and why am I seeing him everywhere please someone tell me I feel I'm driving mad

No. 461453

Literally just say no or pull away.

No. 461456

braco blick

No. 461458

same anon thanks for the advice and tips ladies. Yall are right I need to grow up i was just a late bloomer and i havent had a real boyfriend yet so idk how any of its supposed to go down. Like do you let him suck your titties after the 3rd date or do you wait longer? When is a good time to finally suck his dick??? I dont know man Im probably just gonna die alone or or live long enough for hot androids to be invented and my hot android boyfriend to be made lol

No. 461461

Just follow your gut anon. If you want to fuck him, do it. If something tells you not to, say no and he better listens or I'll come to whip his ass.

No. 461464

I thought this was in response to this and died

No. 461477

The /g/ board has some good sex advice boards and alot of sex newbs asking similar. Could be useful to read over.

It also has alot of women who've been sexually active for a few years and are jaded/unimpressed by men and sex..

Good luck anon lol

No. 461486

how do you girls have sex if you're naturally very hairy? my hair grows back the next day, got back, butt, & hair on every inch of my body. do women just get full body waxes? t.virgin

No. 461490

We're all hairy lesbians here dontcha know? embrace the full body hair look

No. 461495

I date men who aren't going to act like I'm a leper because I'm not freshly waxed and plucked 100% of the time. If a man is decent he honestly won't make a big deal out of you having stubbly legs sometimes, anon.

No. 461497

How do people get doxxed?

No. 461500

I've had long term relationships where I simply said early on that I might feel like shaving every couple of weeks but that's it, get used to it or don't

No. 461518

File: 1568310007225.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.17 KB, 700x1050, b02636c2ac8d5ee0f114e31946d9af…)

I don't, I just don't date people who can't handle natural body hair on women. There is a lot of dumb squeamish men out there now because of porn and photoshop and what not, but if a man can't handle hair then it's a real turn-off for me.
Body hair ftw.

No. 461523

I just don’t date men who can fit handle hair lmao. I don’t shave, period. I might trim my pubes every now n then, but generally I’m pretty bushy. I’ve run into assholes who expect me to shave and whine when I refuse, but I’ve also met plenty of guys who don’t care or even love it.

No. 461528


But a lot of men do shave off their body hair, i live in hot tropical weather and i would not tolerate a dude that doesn't groom very well and that includes shaving or at least trimming their smelly hairy asses. I am not a huge fan of hairy backs and hairy chests either, it reminds me of some tacky 70s porn star when some men want to show off their stash.

I never found not shaving something so life changing as some other girls make it out to be, some act like shaving is the worst chore ever. I always feel better, fresher and cleaner when i am shaved.

No. 461530

i love hairy men and guys that give off the 70s porn star vibe (mustaches included) lmao i'm a barbarian

No. 461532

Where I live (not hot) most guys are insulted if you ask them to even trim their pubes

I personally hate shaving my legs so leave them alone but hair in other places annoys me after a while so I shave but pretty infrequently

No. 461534

Yeah people have different tastes. I like hair and shaving is a boring chore. So let's not date each other anon heh.

No. 461581

Usually they have shared their info online themselves and someone puts two and two together to find said info. For example they use same username everywhere, and people google that and find a profile that links to their real life. If you do not share your name, address and so on online people can't dox you

No. 461613

File: 1568324872663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.38 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o0xui2PFtu1v0cl17o1_500…)

I love hairy men too, I think a really hairy chest is the sexiest thing.

No. 461632

Personally I think trimming armpits and crotches with a hair trimmer from time to time is a great idea, because those get sweaty. Kind of a must in summer. But having arm and leg hair is harmless, not dirty or smelly, so I see no reason for doing it.

No. 461657

i shave but i think it's weird to do your arms

No. 461713

Agreed, I use to fuck my shit up shaving, now I just keep a small bush and my boyfriend loves it bc it just looks more womanly and it's kinda cute in a 50s porn star way

No. 461720

What does "Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend, that I had in February of last year" mean? Is the singer implying the person the song is about's current boyfriend resembles his ex gf? That the boyfriend that looks like a girlfriend is the ex bf of the singer? Or that the singer's ex gf is FtM and now became the current bf of the one being sung to? This song puzzles me every time.

No. 461723

I imagine that the point of those lyrics were to sound good and also to be complicated enough to make someone double take just as you are now. Also my bet is on your first interpretation.

No. 461726

According to songmeanings.com, the general consensus is that the song is about being exhausted/frustrated by writing/producing an album —

“The chorus is a metaphor. After spending hours on a song, somebody told you the song sounds too much like like a song that was written by another artist. "It's not confidential" it's been playing on the radio. But don't worry, with a bit of re-write your song as potential.
Well somebody told me you had a boyfriend
Who looked like a girlfriend
That I had in February of last year
It's not confidential, I've got potential"

No. 461738

It literally says he likes a girl but someone told him she already has a boyfriend (who looks like a girl he dated last year, makes sense since fashion was very metrosexual at the time). He's frustrated and wants a chance with her.

No. 461768

It's a metaphor.
The girl he's talking to stole lyrics or composition from a song he was writing in February of last year, and she just changed the parts he said 'girl' to 'boy'.

No. 461789

makeup anons, what foundation should i get for medium coverage, dewy no makeup makeup look? i want to use it everyday for uni.
>i've been using ga luminous silk but wont repurchase because no money
>tried chanel vitalumière acqua but wont cover my redness

No. 461790

What's your budget? For cheap I like the Wet n Wild Cushion Foundation it just needs to be sheered out a little. Pixi also makes a nice gel based tinted moisturizer. If you don't mind spending more money Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier make very nice tinted moisturizers too.

No. 461799

Someone activates hackerman mode on them. You better fucking watch it.

No. 461817

Why are weebs so greasy irl?
Every weeb that I've ever met was a greasy bastard and it is mental.

No. 461871

Discord sucks. Don't even bother trying.

No. 461911

Unironically I think they're mentally ill. Mentally ill people love to drown themselves in escapism, like watching anime, to forget about their shitty lives and mentally ill people are bad at taking care of their hygiene

No. 461920

I think some just don't know how. If there was a popular anime literally about hygiene with step by step tutorial episodes and hygienic merchandise, we'd see more clean weebs lmao.

No. 461927

File: 1568397428308.jpg (94.33 KB, 720x540, zjzJ7yw.jpg)


The dudes know though, they simply are that fucking lazy. I used to go to a local gaming store often and the magic players are simply like that, even when management and other player ask specifically for people to be considerate with their hygiene because it gets really bad on tournaments when lots of them are in a cramped space they don't take a hint.

Most come from middle class families and receive good education, even do well in school, they are simply filthy lazy edgy and inconsiderate assholes.

No. 461928

nta but what do ppl do these days

No. 461948

Idk if this is a stupid question or a vent lmao sorry
Why does it seem like most girls here avoid bi guys like the plague? My boyfriend is bi and it doesn’t negatively affect our relationship at all, but when I read stuff on here… it’s like a red flag if a guy has slept with other men. Do they just not believe true bisexuality is a thing or is it a fear that a bi guy might like trans people and that’s what’s unacceptable?

No. 461952

File: 1568399714882.gif (2 MB, 400x299, 1568349545339.gif)


Scared of them trooning out, also, if they turn out to be cheating you with other dudes the chances of him passing AIDS down to you are a real concern.

No. 461953

It's autism. Autistic people don't like changing their routine for anything and struggle to be considerate to others and anime and gaming are full of spergemasters.

No. 461957

Because a bi guy wants a dick in his ass and a cock in his mouth. Unless you want to get creative with dildos, you're never gonna provide what he craves. Bi men get bored, they cheat, and if they're particularly effeminate they tend to troon out.

No. 461958

Isn't that the bullshit they say about bi women? Oh wait I forgot this place is full of gay women who despise bi women lmao.

No. 461962

When a straight man dates a bi woman, is he necessarily repulsed by the thought of his woman making out and scissoring with another woman? Be honest with yourself.

No. 461963

Why would a gay woman avoid dating bi guys because of bi women

No. 461964

Good catch anon. Mental gymnastics.

No. 461968

Any bi guys I've dated have just been anal obsessed and cheaters so my personal experience has put me off dating another, but I believe some are fine

I had shitstorm after shitstorm with one fucking crossdressers behind my back and refusing to get tested while I'm freaking out over the possibility of hiv. I actually contracted HPV from him and had a cervical cancer scare and two years of extra smears and ongoing worry

Then shortly after leaving him a bi male friend wanted to fuck me and after I turn him down I find out the next day he has STD symptoms and was waiting on test results at the same time that he's trying to dick me

No. 461973

I think a lot of women just find it a turn off if a man has or has had gay sex or is turned on by it. I am, but I wouldn't call men gross for it I just wouldn't want to date them.

No. 461978

Or if they're the kind of bi guy to like receiving anal it can be more about that than the bi part. I've dated straight guys that want their asses played with and I just can't keep feelings after that

No. 461997

this is how i feel. i believe men can be bisexual and i don't hate them for it or anything, but i'm only attracted to straight men. a man being attracted to other men is unattractive to me.

No. 462004

I like MMF threesomes so being with a bi guy is a plus, I'm dating one rn I don't notice any red flags, he doesn't push anal on me, he's pretty sane and doesn't have any out of the ordinary kinks

No. 462023

File: 1568411066518.jpeg (44.11 KB, 720x697, 26CFECB2-668B-44C8-A76D-910501…)

I’m a bi female and I won’t ever go with any bi males. I don’t care if it’s a stereotype, because IME it’s true! Most “bi” males are scared of being considered gay, tend to be more attracted to men than women, they tend to cheat, and are well-known male whores.

No thank you to that dumpster fire.

No. 462031

-People can put together pieces of online history. Just by saying what time it is you eliminate the fact you live in 70% of the rest of the world. Your native tongue, if a certain place is near you, what the weathers like. It can all add up . You should shut up about anything area specific or be sure to give lots of red hearings
-If you are a public figure they could find your address from sites that track that. If you google your name their is a high chance you can find a "X's adress is XXX, phone numebr XX" (Been Verified, Smart Zip and Intelius) type site.
-They can also find you from random articles or legal papers you appeared in. Stuff like "x" went to our collage, snippets from news papers, or friend mentioning you on FB posts.
-Meta data on photos (though some sites wipe this)

It's not one thing it's years of posts combined to doxx. Also this is more of a personal opinion, but only like popular things if you want to avoid a dox. If anything has less than 10,000 views people will connect the two.

No. 462032

My experience with dating bi males is that they want to date women to look normal but then they resent those women for not having the same sex drive a guy would have

Oh and they cheat and then play dumb when you catch something from them, charming

No. 462035

Bi woman here, similar experience. Some of them are cool but a lot of them seriously believe it's OK for them to cheat because they deserve the best of both worlds or whatever.

No. 462048

Echoing other anons, I've dated one bisexual guy and will never do that again. He actually accused me of not accepting his sexuality when I told him I would definitely consider it cheating if he wanted to fuck around with another guy during our relationship.

No. 462050

I don't think there is something wrong with them, I think it is just "icky" for lack of better word that they have been with men. I don't know why that is, I wouldn't mind dating another bi women that has been with men. I guess it might be a lite-homophobia type thing with me, but also I don't consider it a big deal so I don't work to change it.

No. 462052

Are incels racists and white nationalists?

No. 462054

Probably not all of them but there is some overlap due to boards they frequent as well as general rage, victim mentality, and love of scapegoating. Some notable incels I've seen discussed on here were also racist /pol/tards.

No. 462055

what is the motivation behind horny boys and asking for hugs? why do they want hugs so bad??

No. 462056


Not at all, a ton of them are far left and use the same anti capitalistic rhetoric but applied to sex. Its either nazis or communist always.

No. 462069

File: 1568423533859.png (661.9 KB, 1048x595, Screenshot 4.png)

Does anyone know how i can get nice warm lighting like this girls videos?

I bought a soft box but it just makes me look very white and ugly.

No. 462070

Do you have a light diffuser or like a frosted type material you can hang over the light? Also I think she turns the contrast and exposures down on her camera too so you could try that too? Also it might be the white light that’s causing the harsh lighting so maybe some yellow or warm toned lighting can help too

No. 462088

do rly cute romances actually exist? like…the ones in television and movies etc where you meet someone perfect for you.

No. 462089

makes their peepee tingle

No. 462102

Get warmer toned lights, you can also tweak colors in editing or white balance on your camera.

No. 462112

can you suddenly become a sociopath? i recently realized that i really don't care about people and i am a two faced bitch

No. 462124

it's more likely that you've been an asshole the whole time and didn't realise it.

No. 462217

Might just be a personality disorder

No. 462220

Is there like a simple straightforward guide to personal hygiene?
I will admit - I am gross. I wasn't taught those things as a kid (my mom used to tell me that taking a shower once a week is okay which… ugh grossss) and as a teen I was too mentally ill to keep up with a schedule and now my entire being is a mess of grease and pimples and I am finally pissed at myself and tired enough to fix it.

Also. How do I stay motivated to keep up with things? I have no strength of will, I always forget shit, so I can stick to something maybe for a week at most. It's embarassing at this point. I am in my twenties and I can't just stick with a sleep schedule or using one skincare product.

No. 462240

I mean a shower once a day is the accepted standard in most first world countries. If you can manage that, splashing your face with water in the morning and teeth brushing twice a day.. you should be presentable

When I was a kid my parents got me to have a bath once a week too, I had friends that were the same and I think for a kid that's not insane cos they don't sweat or smell in the same way as adults. As soon as you hit puberty though it's diff

If you're in your twenties and struggling with washing/sleeping patterns are you getting proper psych help? Have you had an evaluation to diagnose you?

No. 462249

Thanks! I just… can't figure it out and googling seems even more shameful.
My dad used to wash his hair maybe once a month. It wasn't great. But I thought it was normal.

I have had psychiatric help. I have severe/clinical depression (not sure what the terminology is in other countries, but it's "major depressive disorder" I think?) among other less pressing things, such as a personality disorder and minor psychotic stuff. I've been medicated since I was 13 but it seems I am resistent to it as no drug has ever made me better.
I struggle with motivation and keeping up a lot. Have been all my life, it's extremely hard and it's only gotten worse. But therapy doesn't really help either. I know I should do those things, but I find myself just… not doing them. Silently yelling at myself that I should get up and go pee at least and continuing staring into the wall. Or I just forget to go to sleep. Or forget to eat for a day or two. It's ridiculous. It's fucking bad. I know about the things I should do, I know the reasons I should, but I struggle to just get up and get into it. I can see a point in keeping myself clean and healthy, but I also see zero point in it since I don't feel like I am a person and that I am alive. I just exist. Not doing anything at all. I can't even get myself to watch a movie really for the last couple of years. Fucking miserable existence.
I don't even fucking feel bad about this shit. I'm just numb and I don't care. But I think I should start to try to get myself out of this. And starting by getting used to simple things should probablt help? I guess? I hope so?

No. 462263

I've had a similar story with starting antidepressants at twelve. I was housebound by agoraphobia into my early twenties but even when I knew I was home all the time I made having baths a priority for some reason. It created a bit of a routine, got me out of my room and I got into nice smelling bath/shower products. Helped me feel a bit more human almost, even if I was the only person that noticed I'm clean

If it helps to hear this: personality disorders are typically at their worst in your twenties. I turned 30 last year and after nearly two decades of unrelenting depression I noticed a huge improvement. Mellowing out with age is possible with these disorders

And if you're low on motivation keeping the hygiene routine I recommend giving your teeth first priority, that counts most in the long run

No. 462282

This is good advice.

Treat your washing as an activity you are engaging with, not a chore. Use nice products, get fun clothes ready to change into afterwards.
Brushing teeth is difficult to be fun, so just think about how much more annoying it would be to have cavities and rotten teeth. Brushing is easy compared to that.
You don't have to do it every day. Have an attutude that anything is better than nothing.
You can wash just parts at a time -hair one day, body the next, for example - so it's a smaller task.

Whatever you do that's more often than your current routine is an improvement. If you wash once a week, try once every 5 days instead.

No. 462289

Oh my gosh. Thank you for not calling me disgusting first of all.
Second, thank you a lot for the advice and support! I feel so stupid for being a failure that I am, but seeing that I need to improve is a step in the right direction.

No. 462294

File: 1568484519722.jpeg (294.3 KB, 1080x1080, AEBA6365-E5F7-4307-BE66-CA3B53…)

Help I’m going to Japan soon and I’ll like to try shooting something similar to this ty cow what’s the name of this style? Is it a specific period?
Does anyone have any recommendations on places to go in Tokyo?

No. 462297

>what’s the name of this style?

No. 462298

I can relate a lot, I was never explicitly taught much about hygiene and also struggle a lot with depression and complete absence of any motivation whatsoever. What helps me with staying on top of my routines is using daily lists. I keep a bullet journal, not like the meme bullet journals with the fancy overdone calligraphy and stickers and watercolor drawings and shit, but just a really simple weekly layout where I can write what I'm supposed to get done that day.
Having a concrete list of what I should do helps to keep me accountable and getting to cross everything off is satisfying. If I write down "shower" on my daily to do but end up feeling lazy, I kinda guilt myself into doing it anyway because, well, I wrote it down, and it'd be embarrassing to leave the box unchecked, right? I also have a really cloudy shit memory due to depression so having a record of the last time I cleaned something is also useful and a good wake up call.

Good luck anon, it really sucks being so apathetic and numb but even the tiniest things can help. The hardest part is making that first step, everything after just gets easier.

No. 462306

There’s a lot of kimono and yukata rental shops around japan, even outside of tokyo in other touristy cities like Kamakura. Though these shops specialize in pretty much traditional wear of it only, and you can usually have a shoot or walk around the city in it for a set amount of time. You’d have to go to specialized costume place that offers modified kimono for a shoot like this because… that one is showing so much skin it departs from the traditional design so much…. good luck with that.

As in places to go, fucking google it lmao. Even if you’re looking for niche places related to a certain subculture… Google it. Check instagram and twt because most places also advertise through those platforms different events they’re having, etc.

No. 462344

The style is Oiran (花魁), high-class prostitute. That cow went to Kyoto to do the shoot

No. 462385

File: 1568500112860.jpg (295.56 KB, 800x800, img58524359[1].jpg)

anon, you can wear traditional kimono like this lol. pic related. you just need to tell the person to tie it like this for you. it ruins the ohashori usually, but it's not impossible to do. you definitely sound like an uneducated weeb with this post.

No. 462391


The name of the studio is Studio Kokoro in Kyoto, i’ve had a few friends do this as well

No. 462393

>>454349 wwwwhat actually makes a femcel? I am 25 and a virgin and I sometimes get this beating pain and a thought in the back of my mind that what if am a one? Explain it to me like you would to an idiot. Pls no booly or i will jump into the river.

No. 462401

>>462289 I am gonna add something quite small to this! Try to go to the stores, sniff some bath or shower products, lush has odd and cute stuff! Once you find the first smell that really gives you the "where the hell was this all my life?" Feeling, washing up can feel like a treat. Lotions too, i have had many of the problems you have and i also like to do things like putting on certain fragrance only when i go outside after a long agoraphobia stint, in my lil dumb brain i pretend it's gonna give me some immunity to whatever may lurk outside and i am now associating it with me being protected. I am sorry for the scent sperging, i have just found so much calmness and joy in scented stuff, i believe in you anon. You are trying, you're still in the game and if anyone shames you for having these issues, wtf fuck them. Love, scent sperg anon.

No. 462475

Is it weird for a guy that you haven't met yet to text you good morning/night and send heart emojis (after sending a trivial message)?

I met him on Hinge and we have a date tomorrow. He seems nice and interested enough but I'm a little wary… usually, no guys send me these types of messages (except my best friend (completely platonic)) unless they want something from me.

I'm just overthinking, aren't I?

No. 462476

Militant self loathing and negatively projecting on any/everyone else.
Hating others for being sexual,feeling owed sex or intimacy, extreme misogyny, and a refusal to accept any personal responsibility or suggestions of change and/or personal growth.

No. 462508

>>462476 bitch passed the femcel test! Thank you anon, i was worried for a long second. I just have the basic body image issues when it comes to being intimate but when im by myself i think i look fine, i don't really even loathe myself and can see what self improvement i need and am i actively working on it too. Don't feel like no one owes me shit either. What a relief.

No. 462509

>put head on bfs stomach
>hear wwii noises
??? is this normal??

No. 462511

Congrats. You’re definitely in the clear if you’re not bitter about it. Hope your self esteem picks up tho.

No. 462520

he could be lovebombing you, you're not overthinking it imo people should be more wary about the people they meet off apps

No. 462553

So when talking to a fellow imageboard user, do you say sage like \ˈsāj\ or like sa-ge in sageru ?

No. 462555

the former

No. 462557

File: 1568548024065.jpeg (55.52 KB, 720x690, 5E40429E-0AA6-47FE-85C4-3D6A88…)

The guy I’ve been talking to has been doing that in addition to calling me pet names. I think it’s a little weeeeeeeeird. Just be cautious and safe. I don’t think it’s a huge red flag, because of the normie meme about loving good morning/ goodnight texts from guys. He may just be replicating what he’s seen on the internet or what he did in his last relationship.

No. 462563

I'd been sexually active for about 12 years when last year I realised just how pointless and mediocre sex with men really is. You're not missing out on much, honestly

No. 462565

I can’t beli how long it took me to figure this out thank you based anon

No. 462566

are steven crowder, dave rubin and milo yiannopoulos all liars and doing it for the money?

No. 462569

No. 462580

Where is the best place to buy CBD gummies? I wamt to try them for my anxiety and depression… I feel like they wont work but I still want to try.

No. 462585

Anon be honest are you 12

No. 462591

Lol. No. Its just that there are lots of places to buy them and different prices and I don't really know if theres difference in quality

No. 462592

What books did you have to buy for University?

No. 462593

There’s always different prices, edibles are something that you may only want to try from a reliable seller due to the fact that they could be made with the shittiest trimmings possible.

Tincture is best for everything avoid edibles unless you trust the source

No. 462595

I'm not exactly sure what your asking anon, lol. This depends on your major and what is on the syllabus. You might want to wait a bit to see if the class really uses the textbook before buying it. I've only actually bought a couple of textbooks, and later turns out I didn't need to. You might be able to find a pdf of the book online or see if your library has it, physically or online. You could also try renting or asking around if others in your major have the pdf or book. I'm from the US though so textbook prices are ridiculous.

No. 462611

what to do when someone says they own you?

No. 462613

Is it a man? Cut his balls off.

No. 462644

Cut them out of my life entirely

No. 462646

No. 462649

I feel these as a kneejerk reaction to someone saying "you're mine". is this unreasonable?

No. 462652

The wording we were given is 'I own you' though, bit different

No. 462653

Does anyone else's face swells when they are depressed?
I have no idea if this is some kind of weird allergy or my inflammation but I always notice that my face gets supper puffy when I'm feeling like dying.

No. 462659

yeah I know, im piggybacking on that a bit. my brain treats you're mine similarly to I own you.

No. 462660

File: 1568566753261.jpg (356.04 KB, 3300x3000, EBNb2xoU8AATL5W.jpg)

>dad has slapped my butt since I was a kid
>didn't really mind since a lot of people apparently do this as a sing of affection?
>I'm an adult now and it just plain makes me uncomfortable
>I never turn my back on him or bend over when we're in the same room.
>My sisters never seem to say anything about it but then again they don't really get slapped.

Am I overreacting? Does anyone else's parents do similar things?

No. 462663


Dude say stop, your sisters probably got the same and normalised it on their own heads.

You can and need to set healthy boundaries for your own sake

Ask your mom/grandma/older female family member you trust about how they feel about this situation

A teacher of all fails

No. 462669

Stupid question but is it weird for me to feel scared of getting diagnosed for a mental illness?

I'm 21 and i know there is something wrong with me emotionally. I know I have anxiety and a form of OCD and something much more severe like ADHD or something and I want to get diagnosed but I'm scared getting put on medicine, my parents and extended family's judgement on me, and even my own worry of how I'll feel knowing there something about me I can't fix.

Been dealing with shit since I was young and my family doesn't believe mental illness is a thing, just a sign of "weakness" (father telling me to get over my anxiety like he got over his depression, my parents never mentioning long lines of anxiety within my family, suicide within the family, my parents saying no one will love me after 2 failed suicide attempts and self harm, etc.)

No. 462679

That's definately a flirting thing, can't imagine ever doing that to a child or relative.

No. 462686

If it's making you uncomfortable then you definitely need to say something. Trust your gut. It could just be a case of him not wanting to acknowledge that you're already all grown up and not his baby anymore, resulting in him holding onto old habits that are now inappropriate. That doesn't mean that you should let him continue, however. If it is innocent, then as a father he should feel horrified that he is making you uncomfortable in that way. If it isn't innocent, then you need to establish clear boundaries and make sure other people in your family know about them as well. He might get defensive about it at first, but I don't think that's necessarily a sign of ill-intent. If, however, the behavior continues after you tell him, I would get others involved.

No. 462718

You don’t have to tell your family anything. As an adult, your family doesn’t have access to your medical record. If you do get a diagnosis, the doctor’ll want you to start treatment but again as an adult, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Some mental illnesses can be treated with just therapy and lifestyle changes, some mental illnesses can only be alleviated with medication. Do some research, maybe that will help you feel better about whatever your problem is.

No. 462850

My tits have been randomly hurting me for the last 3 days. I've been on Nexplanon for the last two years so it's not period related. I don't feel any lumps or anything weird otherwise (beyond me being rendered asexual a few years ago for no clear reason).
I am going for an examination, but do any anons have similar experiences? I am not sure if I should already worry about cancer or not…

No. 462861

Probably the implant. My tits used to hurt a lot on Implanon. Try some B6 supplements and see if that helps with the pain.

No. 462899

Same but it's my mother doing it…

No. 462902

Is it weird to be 25 and still hanging out with undergrads? Even if you are an undergrad yourself?

I'm 25 and I'm a senior in university. For various reasons, I had to take a lot of time at school. However, since two years ago at age 23, I've been attending school full time without any interruptions. I go to a residential college where the vast majority of students start school at age 18. Also, it's the default to live on campus.

I felt kind of weird going back to school because I knew I was older than most people. Now I'm definitely the oldest in the room besides the professor. I'm sure there are even a couple of teachers here younger than me. On the other hand, I don't look super old, so it doesn't stick out automatically. I also try not to make a big deal about my age, but I won't lie if someone asks me about it.

In particular, last semester I tried really hard to be active socially. I went to campus parties and camping trips with people way younger than me. I had fun and didn't see a problem hanging out with them.

This semester, I'm studying abroad and my roommates are all 20. The students here are all about the same age too. However, I'm still really interested in joining clubs on campus here and getting to know more local students.

Now I'm reading people my age are too old to be hanging out with undergrad aged people. But what am I supposed to do, live off campus and revolve my social life around other people in the city? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me but I'm curious to know what the alternatives are.

No. 462923

Both of my parents do this or squeeze/pinch my butt and it's literally the least sexy thing I've ever experience in my life. I had a period where I tried to get them to stop because it felt weirdly sexual in my head, but my parents don't want to stop. I saw a movie recently focused on a family that's from the same background as me, and the grandma affectionately pats the main girl's butt, so I think it's just a culture thing. I wish they'd stop because they pinch really hard and it's fucking hurts lmao

No. 462925

I don't think it's really weird. I never had an age gap with my freshmen friends, but I never really thought about how much younger they were than me unless it came up in conversation (like classes they took that I've already taken, birthdays, drinking etc). I always think the people I meet are the same age as me unless I'm told otherwise or they just act really immature. When I'm approaching someone romantically, how young they are definitely matters and makes a big difference in how I interact, but if it's just as friends I don't give a shit. All I care about is that we get along lol.

No. 462926

They are being disrespectful. If they are senseless enough to not respect their daughter's boundaries then I bet they would stop real quick if you pinched and pulled their noses painfully each time they did it at least.

No. 462940

the culture excuse isn't an excuse, whether or not it's sexual, butts, almost everywhere are seen as something sexual, pile that on top of your family touching it despite you wanting it to stop and it's just disgusting

No. 462981

Is discord that bad? I've tried a few art discords, but they aren't that good and a lot of people on here seem to hate it

No. 462983

File: 1568661720411.jpeg (965.64 KB, 1461x4016, 5CFEC231-E0CE-447C-B96E-B51774…)

Can a chinese anon translate this please?

No. 462984

File: 1568661909529.jpeg (82.49 KB, 640x687, 7A4B7BDE-54F3-4CB3-8B12-2F3F5A…)

Discord in here was used by incels seeking for underaged anons before, anything posted here can be done by scrots so most old anons including myself discourage any use of non official discords

No. 462986

ive never once had one of those archive links work for me. every single time i open one i get "This site can’t be reached archive.is refused to connect." on every computer, laptop, and phone ive tried. i don't know what im doing wrong, am i too stupid to open a link

No. 462998

"Every second is sweet, every minute unforgettable. This life only started to warm up once I met you."

No. 463000

File: 1568666728868.jpeg (2.04 MB, 3024x4032, 8523782B-ED37-4EF0-9063-17BA38…)

Anon if you are still around would you mind translating this?

No. 463005

File: 1568667377635.jpg (27.54 KB, 350x350, e703e385d65f2205.jpg)

"Osmanthus black sugar ginger tea" like image attached

No. 463007

Ty based anon

No. 463010

Same anon - this isn't a literal grammatical translation as that would sound inelegant, I rearranged the clauses in the last bit although the meaning is still the same. Chinese isn't my native language so if anyone has second thoughts please say so. I'm really curious about the context of this because it's so cute and intimate!

No. 463021

Context is an old lady from my work gave it to me to help with period pain she’s super sweet and lovely towards everyone but seems to care about me a lot.

>OT but this tea is amazing idk about pin relief but it’s so good

No. 463053

this made me cry, it's so cute. i want this kind of love. brb kms

No. 463065

Are Cherylyn Barnes and her degenerate family being serious or just acting? Please someone answer this question.

No. 463083

Me too! I have no idea how to get them working.

No. 463125

any hornyfags over here know any good sources for female-friendly rule32? i’m mostly interested in male marvel characters, but the most popular sites focus mostly on females, or making the men into traps/rule 63. like i just wanna see steve and bucky fuckin, not dr strange with a pussy and tiddies

No. 463128

samefag for typo, meant rule 34

No. 463153

File: 1568739945348.gif (613.93 KB, 398x274, 52cbbcf93d097fa9c9dce348c90f31…)

Based taste. I legit get all my porn of them from Pinterest or 4ch's /cm/ and /y/ because they're strictly male only, or through random tumblrs. You'd be surprised what lewd stuff gets through on pinterest, lol. Boorus are crappy weeb centers.

No. 463326

Is midget a slur? I know its rude to call someone with dwarfism a midget, but can I call children midgets? Ive heard some dwarfs dont like it when foods have midget in them so I guess they wouldn't like it if I called children midget.

Also Im short if that changes anything

No. 463331

I've unironically heard it called the "m-word" by ableism obsessed people but I'm sure normies don't care if you're calling a kid it. You're not meant to call them dwarfs either, it's Little People now.

No. 463358

I have a gay midget friend but we call him "little" [name] to not offend him.
He's given odd stories about feeling dick up his guts lmao

No. 463449


Why do gay men never shut up about everything they stick up their asses? always TMI with them.

No. 463497

i'm trolling a weeb incel. pls tell me some sexual stuff most weebs are into

No. 463498

>sexual stuff most weebs are into

transexuals and pedophilia

No. 463544

Anyone here ever been a "queen bee" of an online group full of boys? How was it? Did you do it naturally or did you have to push the right buttons?

No. 463548

I basically took control of a male dominated political server by befriending people with power, having considerable influence, and knowing virtually everything about everyone through some means.
I never had actual power in the server and men saw me as a shitskin femoid etc., but they eventually grew a bit respect and some grew to fear me (I have no idea why).
Now I don't give a fuck how they feel about me because regardless of how they ever felt I still would have reported the pedo shit going on in there, and I would report any charlotteville 2.0 if I knew about it.

No. 463556

why does the admin of kiwifarms respond like a retarded edgelord everytime he gets in trouble with the police? does he think it makes him cool or something?

No. 463559

Does real life count? From my experience they're lunatics who start drama if you don't comply to what they want

No. 463569

Does getting baby fever mean you actually want kids? I’ve always been against the idea of having a child, but recently I caught baby fever HARD. Like almost tearing up at the cute baby clothes at target, happily interacting with babies/kids I see out and about (ex. baby was behind me at a restaurant and kept standing up to look at me, so I made faces to make him laugh). I even show my boyfriend cute baby pictures my friends post just to gush over them…

No. 463572

Why do women get huge veins on their tits? Is it pregnancy/weight gain? They make me sick/anxious to think about and I’m terrified of getting them.

No. 463583

Happened to me years ago. I was in a fb group about comics, one day I commented something for the first time and the admins noticed me and said I was "hot". In a month I became their "queen", but I'm a pretty reserved person, so being in the spotlight for every little thing I said started getting on my nerves. I got a couple of crazy incels harrassing me and trying to dox me, another one reposted my selfies in the group, I was accused of "attention whoring" for… literally just commenting comic stuff like all of them did. Everytime I commented something and guys started being thirsty, I even tried to turn the attention away. One of the admins reacted like a salty bitch when I politely turned him down and started calling me a whore in the admins' private chat. Other two were passive aggressive as fuck. There was also a teenager girl who absolutely hated my guts because she wanted my spot, and was nasty to me for no reason all the time.
In the end I stopped posting and disappeared. A couple of months ago someone from the group tagged me asking where had I gone, but I didn't reply.
The bright side is that they weren't all assholes, I made some very good friends I still talk to and meet irl. But yeah, being the "queen bee" of a group of online guys means being just the girl they desperately want to fuck, and will turn sour the moment you don't.

No. 463587

I get light veins on my chest before my cycle. Could be a hormonal thing

No. 463594

Do you still want to have a baby when you think about sleepless nights, explosive shits, your body changing, blah blah blah? Do you want just a baby or so you also imagine stuff like them going to school and generally growing up and being proper little people?

I had baby fever for a long time before I genuinely wanted a baby. It’s a bitch to live with tbh and there’s a lot of ridicule for it now.

No. 463596

Pretty convinced hormones play a role too, when on the pill I got more prominent veins

No. 463600

Every time I find myself thinking how cute babies and toddlers are I just remind myself of how tedious school age children must be. When I was a kid it was all boring ass school presentations, after school sports, getting shuttled to and from friends houses, being an ugrateful pain in the ass at all times… I can't even fathom being the parent in that situation. It sounds god awful, I found it boring enough as a kid.

No. 463604

I hated it as a kid but now it’s one of my favourite things to do with nieces and nephews. Their little faces light up when they get an idea or you encourage their work, and their craftsmanship is so adorably shitty and awkward.

No shade on anyone who hates it. It’s messy and time consuming and frustrating, especially if you just don’t vibe with the stuff others enjoy about it.

No. 463624

Probably because he's stuck in that phase of being an invincible teenager, and also because the userbase thinks he's hilarious and le epic dear leader null uwu. All that praise doesn't mean much from a userbase of like 30-something men who literally write cringey song lyrics about cows and still make boring "women belong in kitchen/cant drive/etc" jokes.

No. 463631

>I basically took control of a male dominated political server by befriending people with power, having considerable influence, and knowing virtually everything about everyone through some means.
>I never had actual power in the server and men saw me as a shitskin femoid etc.

You were a THOT, basically.

No. 463635

i can smell your foreskin from here

No. 463640

Scrotes mad.

No. 463686

can somebody explain kpop but more specifically the kpop critical thread to me? as an outsider none of it makes sense but the banter is kind of funny sometimes so i read it. everyone knows so much about these korean celebrities and follows them so intently, it even puts the celebricows thread on here to shame

No. 463712

what does (necessaryspeed4) mean and when does it apply?

No. 463716

It's the username of some turbo autist from r/gendercritical who's been ban evading for months. Recognisable by her peculiar typing style and constant sperging about dommes, being nltog, female separatists, and her fetish for male retards

No. 463743

Is there such thing as number neighbors with our social security numbers? That is, a social security number belonging to someone else that is one digit away from my own.

I signed up for (i.e. coered) into signing up for a Best Buy credit card a few years ago. I put in a SSN that was one digit off from my own hoping it would get declined, but it wasn't. I just kept the card open so that my overall credit limit looks high/utilization looks lower but I've never used it out of sheer anger that the employee was so fucking aggressive in getting me to sign up for it lol. I was talking to coworkers about it and one of them said I'm basically committing identity theft and should cancel it. The card is attached to my name obviously, and also showed up on my overall credit report with the rest of my cards. Will this card show up on the supposed credit report of the true owner of this SSN or not? I'll close the card anyway, not like I really have a use for it, but I'm just curious.

No. 463745

File: 1568916615673.gif (1.02 MB, 324x200, E96454AC-7382-404B-9D4D-1A9F04…)

I’d give away my left tit to find a good seamstress I don’t know anyone that knows how to sew.

How tf do I find a good seamstress? I don’t want to waste money on fabric for him/her to just ruin it and mess up and waste my time


No. 463749

>I don’t want to waste money on fabric for him/her to just ruin it and mess up and waste my time
Honestly as someone who's worked as a professional high-end tailor for years now this statement alone sends up red flags to me. What are you seeking a "seamstress" for? This is too vague. Tailoring? Garment construction? Design? Upholstery? Menswear? Womenswear? Embroidery? There's a million different areas of sewing and expertise. If you can narrow down what you're looking for it will be easier. Most of us have more experience in one area than another – for example my area is womenswear and bridal/formal dresses. I've worked on >$20,000 wedding dresses but I wouldn't touch menswear with a 50 ft pole (outside of pant hems) and I honestly hate garment construction. If I had to I COULD figure it out, but I don't want to and would happily point you in the direction of someone who has more expertise. I doubt it's that difficult to find a seamstress who can do what you want, but you need to be realistic about your expectations and what it will cost. If you want things custom made, it costs money.

No. 463759

File: 1568921237529.gif (750.41 KB, 275x195, 90611A8D-2D4B-42B5-9F60-A3E79F…)

Garment construction, the woman that I contacted was well connected and claimed to work with a great smallish fashion designer as a pattern maker.

I provided the fabric that she specified and paid 50% commission.

She destroyed the fabric and the entire thing was a mess so I was left scrambling to find a dress 1 week away from the event.

She apologised and wasted my time.

No. 463760

Send me your portfolio, I’m desperate.

No. 463762

What are some useful skills/things to learn how to do, i.e. foraging and sewing?

No. 463764

Depends of where you live.

Do you feel like dropping off humanity and be a hermit?

Learn to forage and pickle food
How to preserve water
How to make your own clothes/hunt/ create your own fabrics
Make a shelter

Do you want to stay in society and climb the ladder?
Learn how to have flawless conversational skills

Find what your ideal environment is and adapt yourself to your goals within it

No. 463769

>Learn how to have flawless conversational skills

I'm not the same anon but how would you even go about this? I pride myself on how far my social skills have come over the years, I push myself to go to a lot of events where I have to talk to strangers so all that experience is slowly paying off, but I don't know how else I could improve.

No. 463777

why does my face look like it belongs to a pale bloated corpse every morning after waking up

No. 463785

I cant imagine it being on two different people's credit reports without something going haywire, maybe the card doesnt even actively use your SSN for anything and its just a failsafe for when you dont pay?

but more importantly tbh:
>I've never used it out of sheer anger that the employee was so fucking aggressive in getting me to sign up for it
how do people fall for this? I never feel bad about saying "no" over and over to all the tricky ways they form the question to sign you up without real consent. not even trying to sound edgy but I really don't care about their quota. I've only seen boys fall for it when its a pushy female cashier.

No. 463786

Read books on conversational skills and more importantly take public speaking classes

No. 463788

naturally, only because I was the only girl. And when I left I was told that the rest of the group fell apart.

No. 463789

You can always lie and say you got the number wrong if anyone asks since it's so similar. It's no big deal.

No. 463790

dont forget her incessant not my nigeling and obsession with that 12 year old thimble sized incelmod rapist

No. 463795

How do I join and keep up with western pop culture

No. 463804

may be rose tinted glasses but i feel like me and my bf have that

No. 463805

I think even if you meet the perfect person you need to be emotionally stable enough to hold on to them.
I genuinely believe my boyfriend is golden standard boyfriend material, at least for me. Of course your feelings mellow out after being with someone after several years but we still leave each other cute notes and put each other first, he finds a way to make me smile every day and I still enjoy the comfort of just making a meal with him. I can't believe that just by chance I managed to meet someone that I'm attracted to in all ways feels the same way about me.

However I'm a fucking insane bitch who will probably leave him eventually because I have to think up fictional reasons to ruin everything good in my life, I already hate the fictional lucky bitch that will marry him because I don't know why anyone else wouldn't. It doesn't matter how perfect someone is for you if you're the kind of person that doesn't let themselves accept happiness. I've seen awfully unmatched couples who are happy being together because they have decided that's their eternal love story.

No. 463810

work on your self confidence. i grinded social skills like you and they were more than passable when my self confidence was low, but the skill I gained from grinding really paid off when I gained more confidence. there are people with good skills and low confidence, and people with good confidence and low skill. it's crazy how amazing it feels, and how much better people respond, when you have both.

No. 463824

Why are gay people on tumblr so insufferable and try hard? Just got told to tag my "het". I'm bi. What does that even mean and how so they fair in the real world? Lmfao

No. 463881

File: 1568962083377.jpg (448.13 KB, 1500x2163, beauty-2015-11-ariana-grande-h…)

is this all her real hair? how do you tell when hair is extensions? the only time i can tell is when it's choppy or miscolored? how come we never see glue or anything on her hair? and is it possible to do extensions for thickness and not length?

No. 463884

That is absolutely not her real hair. First suspicion can be that 'too good to be real look' but when you break it down, you can notice that the only part of her scalp that shows is on top. She's wearing a weave. The tracks are covered by clever hair folding.

No. 463885

Doublepost, but to further elaborate - the long part of her hair appears to have a different texture than the roots. A telltale sign.

No. 463918

File: 1568971108988.jpg (45.54 KB, 400x500, dc90afca831273a548765b619c0722…)

thanks, anon. can you guys give me a feel of if this is all real or not too?

No. 463928

File: 1568974117450.jpg (171.99 KB, 1440x1440, Ariana-Grande-Short-Hair-Novem…)

Any time you see of Ariana with long hair, it's a weave or extensions. Her actual hair is pretty short, thin and damaged from years of Schneider making her dye it and heavy extensions abuse. It'd probably stop breaking and grow back if she gave it a break but whatever.

No. 463953

Today I'm going to a party and probably there will be drugs involved. I always wanted to try some but never got the occasion before today.
I'm kind of nervous because I'm a pussy and I don't know what to expect. I will be with my boyfriend and neither of us tried acids before.
Do any anon has some advice? What should I expect?

No. 463956

Is it okay to lie to new romantic interests or new friends that your toxic parent is dead when they actually are not?

No. 463962

A friend of mine did this to me and I was totally fine with it. If they are a decent human I think they'd be understanding of the situation and why you might not want to discuss it, at least early on in a relationship (romantic/platonic)

No. 463978

I usually don't fall for it, and with her attitude I definitely shouldn't have caved because she was rude and aggressive the whole time lol. I used to work at Target so I understood how much they push people to sign up for the cards, as well as working retail at the time so I think I was just trying to be sympathetic, but now I have zero remorse. I really wish I had complained to management about it. I guess it's just a lesson learned.

I did look more into it and I can ask to get it changed apparently! My coworker was breathing down my neck and acting like the police were going to bust down my front door over it lol.

No. 463988

Honestly doing acid for the first time at a party sounds like a bad idea. With drugs that aren't psychedelics all I'd advise you is make sure the stuff is legit and you don't take too much, but acid (and shrooms and the like) are another matter completely.
You don't know how it'll hit you and ideally you'll want to first do it in a calm, familiar environment with someone you trust keeping an eye on you. I've done acid many times but even I would have a pretty big chance of having a bad experience if I'd do it at a party in a chaotic environment with people I barely know.

So if you feel really comfortable and want to try it no matter what you should make that decision for yourself, but know that with acid you could have a very bad time if you're not prepared.

No. 463999

Please do psychedelics in an enviroment you feel safe in with people you trust, rather than at a random party.

No. 464064

do your dms with someone disappear on instagram after you block them?

No. 464088

My SO hates watching TV and movies and it bugs the shit out of me. I just want to share him awesome movies and shows and talk about it with him or just cuddle in bed watching them. He calls it a waste of time, which to be fair is true but movies and shows are so fun to talk about and it bums me out that I can’t do it with someone I like very much

No. 464094

Get a new boyfriend.

No. 464098

i hope to never meet someone like him

No. 464099

Wait what does he indulge in for fun then? A movie or TV show is a nice time to kick back and relax… is unwinding after a long day by watching some mindless television really a waste of time? I'm sure he has some sort of redeeming quality to him but I'm tempted to agree with above anons

No. 464108

Are you dating my ex? People like that are too boring to waste your time on. Please dump him.

No. 464112

inb4 he's a gaming freak

No. 464131

>>464088 How do I convince him to watch something? I forgot to ask my dumbass question and ended up venting in my last post.

>>464099 He reads for fun, writes a lot, hikes with me or exercises. Or watches dumb shit on YouTube like spooky facts and ghost stories. At least movies and tv shows have substance to them. YouTube’s for kiddies. >>464112 He thinks video games are an even bigger waste of time.

No. 464140

>likes spooky shit on YT and doesn't game or watch animeshit; likes to actually go outside and write

I know it's important to you that he like your shows anon, but he sounds like a catch, hubba hubba~

No. 464143

>writing and going outside is boring
tvfags are npcs

No. 464144

Relationships are about compromise but you can't change someone. As long as he's not forcing you to do all his hobbies then he shouldn't have to enjoy yours.
I don't get why you can't just talk to him about why films/TV are important to you and ask for a compromise eg you can join in with one of his hobbies and in return you guys can both watch a series, maybe a spooky one. If you can't both make a compromise without insulting each other's hobbies then I don't get why you want to with him.
Seconded, me and my bf are lazy so we watch a lot of tv but it's kind of a waste of our life together, hiking and telling spooky stories sounds nice

No. 464211

Does anyone know of any fragrance plug ins that aren't fucking cloyingly sweet? I want like, no sweetness at all. I want my house to smell fresh and inviting, not like a fruit pie.

Why do people like their homes to smell SWEET? It's disgusting

No. 464215

Bath and Body Works has a ton of different scents for fragance plugs, both gross sweet ones and nice fresh airy ones. A lot of them are sickeningly sugary but there are some good non-sugar scents if you look, just go in store and smell them for yourselves if you can.
Also the wall plugs themselves have really cute designs, I love the fall/wintery ones.

No. 464216

Glade flannel is nice

No. 464228

File: 1569067303525.jpg (723.69 KB, 1000x1419, 6.jpg)

How to gain weight?
In the last 4 months circa I've lost 5 kilos and I'm now underweight. I've also just moved out to go to college which means I have to prepare my own food and I've been doing alright, but…
I just don't wanna lose any more weight else I'll faint, and I'd prefer if I could go back to normal. Does anyone have any advice? Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

No. 464233

Eat more? Kek
But if you can't eat a lot or don't have time to eat, then just buy a tub of whey protein and chug that shit

No. 464241

weird I'm a sucker for like vanilla cupcake and brown sugar candles and all that jazz but when you put it that way it sounds disgusting lmao.

No. 464243

Are you serious? You guys are fucking idiots.

No. 464247

It’s just tv anon, I’m sure he finds it disheartening that you don’t read like he enjoys to. And to the other anons, get a grip jfc.

No. 464248

Seems someone's boring bf/gf is triggered

No. 464249

It's not even about that?? Anon's bf can't be assed to watch a 2 hour movie with her even though she partakes in his hobbies. He's obviously one of those men who think that only their interests matter and think he's better than everyone else and their pleb tastes, even if it's something that makes anon happy. Dump him honestly.

No. 464253

Actual answer

Prepare boiled eggs and eat them in the morning they are super easy to make/ cheap and will keep you full 3 eggs a day should make you put on weight

No. 464254

I'm in the same situation and I'm slowly gaining weight back. Sign up on Myfitnesspal, the food diary tool is very useful

No. 464256

File: 1569074472967.jpg (110.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)

Genetics. Check your privilege skeleshit!

No. 464258

Drink full fat milk with your meals.

No. 464263

Thank you anons! I like eggs and milk (and was already eating them actually, but maybe not enough…) so I'll buy more of them.

No. 464290

Buy one of the gigantic tubs of peanut butter and eat a few tablespoons of it every night after you've already eaten all your full meals and snacks for the day, even if it is hard to stomach it will make you gain weight

No. 464294

ive found cookie butter to also be effective

No. 464309

Yes cookie butter is amazing

No. 464350

is it a red flag that the guy i'm talking to is into crossdressing, fucking himself with a toy and eating his own cum? i teased him about him being gay but he keeps reassuring me that he's not gay or a tranny.

No. 464351

File: 1569105266969.jpg (132.48 KB, 640x828, 1561162701967.jpg)


sorry that your boyfriend is a gay tranny anon, don't worry, you'll find someone else and get over it.

No. 464355

Bad news. He's both gay AND a trany.

No. 464356

File: 1569106094549.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, Several questions.gif)

>eating his own cum

Anon, wtf . that's some disgusting, degenerate shit. your boyfriend is a faggot or a tranny

No. 464357

Way to feed into the idea that all crossdressing guys must be trans. If you don't like what your bf is doing then you should leave because he doesn't have to be "trans" for you to dump him.

No. 464365

guys he isn't my boyfriend. i met him in a weeb space and liked him because he's a nice person and is a really cute twink. we've talked about some sexual stuff so that's where i know what he's into. he shit talks trannies a lot so i was happy to see a twink-ey man that isn't completely crazy. but he said something like "i like feeling like a slut" which rubbed me the wrong way. idk

No. 464366

File: 1569106559541.jpg (88.46 KB, 1024x1024, B6wkshJIcAAAlQ0.jpg)

how do weebs like kotakoti/kittyphina take nice photos like this? I know a dslr and soft boxes but its not that simple. What kind of lens, aperature? what types of soft boxes and how much lighting? how far away is the camera? how do they see themselves to make sure the photo pose is good?

No. 464368

He's literally about to go full on tranny. Just because he talks shit about them doesn't mean he doesn't want to be one.

No. 464369

File: 1569106716900.gif (Spoiler Image, 143.01 KB, 200x150, F84DF1EC-CF08-48BF-829E-55C10A…)

Ummm has he asked you if you’re a “boyfriend-free-caring-smoke-free-non-alcoholic-white-girl-near-my-age to build a relationship with from the ground up“ yet?(Spoiler is there for a reason, friend.)

No. 464370


All trannies hate themselves

No. 464372

if I'm completely honest I find women who don't ever wear makeup to be either unkempt and/or socially retarded.
Girls who don't wear makeup are always the ones who wear boring hoodies or outdated clothing and look like they've just rolled out of bed. They almost always have no interests in current trendy media and are a bit behind. Every single girl I've met who don't wear makeup end up giving me "I was homeschooled" vibes.
Not wearing makeup isn't bad but I just find that most people who never wear it are a bit socially inept/behind the times. Oof I know this sounds awful but it really is true.

No. 464378

I love makeup but this is so… I think you might just be a bitch

No. 464379

>met a nice dude
>in weeb space

girl, love yourself

No. 464380

Big fembot energy

No. 464385

>behind in the times

There is legit nothing wrong with women who dont want to wear makeup. it's tiresome and tedious. I shower and brush my hair, but wouldnt work for any company that required it (makeup.) seems dumb tbh . That's some sexist bullshit ya sprouting

No. 464386

gr8 b8 m8

No. 464391

For real though take or leave the other stuff but the eating his own cum thing is pretty context sensitive. Like was he talking about tasting his cum in a sexual context with another person or does he jerk off and yam it all up ? Cos one is just a kinky flex between two consenting weebs, the other is a big bumper sack of sad.

No. 464392

nah, my bf in high school had a surprise for me sophomore year which was him wearing my fucking basque along with a pair of $50 stockings which i had to trash. i vividly remember him laying on my bed and coyly whispering 'do you like me?' to which i responded 'get the fuck out of my stuff!' we broke up shortly after.

fast forward ten years and sure enough, he trooned out. too bad, he had a big dick and loved to eat pussy. i consider myself lucky that i wasn't a tranny widow. he dumped the girl he was seeing as soon as he stared taking e. i'm also glad he didn't reproduce. nowadays, you see a dude fucking around with your lingerie, that fucker is ready to troon and you should ditch his mental ass. imo.

No. 464399

Guess it depends on where you live and who you socialize with. I can totally agree with you if you're in high school or college and see where you're coming from, but from my experience plenty of normie women don't wear makeup and are still kept and everything

No. 464400

I spend too much time on hair and skin to care about wearing makeup for basic everyday shit

No. 464401

>"cute twink"
>puts shit in his ass and eats his own cum
>"haha I swear I'm not gay anon haha"
>"I just like feeling like a slut uwu"
>"t-trannies are gross I'd never be one"

this is literally the troon starter pack. let me guess, he also has a anime girl icon on discord and talks about wanting to be soft?

No. 464402

>thought I got paid and had money in my account
>bought some shit online
>shit was shipped and is due to be here this week
>turned out I wasnt paid, account went negative then "returned unpaid" aka bounced/rejected the payment and went back to 0 balance
>items have already shipped so??? Wtf happens now??? Why am I so retarded

No. 464403

File: 1569109660727.jpg (96.52 KB, 520x600, 1479445836553.jpg)

This is most definitely a stupid question but I need to ask it anyway:
Is it weird and creepy for a 22 year old guy to talk to a 17 year old girl?
I think it is but I need to hear some reaffirmations. I don't see what business a senior college student would have with a highschooler, even if they're just friends. This guy talks friendly and jokingly with this girl and he's told me about her, they talk I'm guessing often enough since he has her added on instagram now. I can't find any way to say it's wrong without just saying it "feels weird". And then there's the matter of maturity, where sure, some highschoolers can be mature, but there's such a dramatic difference between those two ages since people change and grow a lot during those years. I don't know if my thoughts are correct or on the right path, so if someone could share their two-cents I'd appreciate it.

No. 464407

If women aren't supposed to date feminine guys and they're not supposed to date masculine guys, what kind of guys are they supposed to date? Or are they not supposed to date guys?

No. 464410

Who's saying this shit? Just date whoever you want, anon.

No. 464411

sucks for you that you need to wear it, some of us look just fine with mascara and lipstick. must be weird to look like a different person after you wash your face.

No. 464413

maybe mind your own business

No. 464418

>Who's saying this shit? Just date whoever you want, anon.
People on this website every day

No. 464420

Hey, he shares this shit with me so I'll judge how I please

No. 464421

It's weird. By the time most people are 22 they see 17 year olds basically as kids.

No. 464424

There's a difference between "effeminate guy" and "degenerate troon."

No. 464426

did he explicitly say 'please give me your opinion' and if the answer is no, why do you think he would care that you're judging him?

No. 464428

Why should we not judge creeps? Why are you so invested in caping for some random dude who hangs around high schoolers ?

No. 464430

Maybe I'm being confusing but this is more me sorting through my thoughts and it's relevant enough to discuss with him (at the right time) because he's been making advances on me for a while now and I'd like my disgust to be known once it becomes relevant enough to share.

No. 464436

i'm late but I hope you didn't do acid, it stays in your spine

No. 464437

to add my own stupid question is this real? I only ever heard about that in this Why? song I used to listen to in hs and never googled it lmao

ok while i was trying to figure out what Why? song I was even thinking about I keep getting links saying this is a myth but I don't want to read too much on the stupid question thread and ruin my own question with research.

second stupid question what Why? song am I thinking about

No. 464439

You sound like a retard. Acid absolutely does not stay in your spine. It's not even a party drug ffs

No check the link above. It's not real

How old are you? Acid isn't a party drug. What kind of skeezy crowd are you and your bf hanging out with?

No. 464441

he's a gay tranny and you better get yourself tested to make sure you didn't catch anything

No. 464442

You're skin must be shit then
invest in skin care like the rest of us

No. 464445

then what the fuck is acid (lsd) if it's not a party drug? I only hear about people doing it specifically at parties

No. 464450

You do it alone or while you're chilling with your friends. It's good to do while camping or hiking. You don't do it in a party with loud music, alcohol, and tons of strangers around.

No. 464451

I was about to jump in but I think that's the biggest distinction

I think the other anon thinks any drug that you take socially is a party drug (so if you go to a party where people are taking acid, it's a party drug), whereas party drugs are colloquially known as drugs that help enhance a specific party feeling–such as ecstasy, which makes dancing feel better

here's a wiki article that helps explain what people mean by party drugs

No. 464484

Like it matters if he’s full time or part time AGP freak. He’s still a degenerate and will likely troon our within a few years if he’s already wearing dresses and panties.

Semi related; the things some farmers post about here regarding their dating lives make me so fucking depressed. How bad are things that a cum-eating, cross-dressing baby-tranny seems like a reasonable person to spend time with?

No. 464492

File: 1569124012232.jpg (20 KB, 236x280, 55fdcbd9c5c9f137738c63ddef7f56…)

Is it worth it to learn speed reading or is it better to just read at your natural pace even if it's slow? I want to read 50 pages everyday but sometimes it gets really frustrating because it takes me too long. Any tips to read faster? Using my finger to follow the lines on the page kind of works but I feel like a schoolchild.

I had one who mentioned that he would want to dress up in a stereotypical sexy maid dress and once hinted at watching trans porn. I was a bit aware about AGP but this didn't really strike me as that much at the time. He was also super hardcore into vidya especially old ones. I'm not sure if that's enough to qualify or fit the usual profile but in retrospect I'm glad I at least don't have to deal with the possibility. I have no idea why some people tolerate some of this crazy shit, I guess it's different when it's someone irl who you love.

No. 464495

I will never understand retards that do hallucinogens at parties surrounded by strangers and unfamiliar environment like bitch are you tryinggg to have a bad time?

No. 464502

If it was the same age difference but she was 18 or 20 would you still think it's weird?
As long as it's not sexual it's fine, even then if it's consensual and they're safe about it it's fine.
22 is still young, it makes total sense that they'd have interests in common.

No. 464508

Speed readimg isn't really speed reading, its pretty much just skimming. Like you learn to pay attention to important words and ignore less important ones. Reading out loud could maybe help you. I also like taking notes, but I struggle more with comprehension than with speed.

That being said, it still might be worth it to learn to speed read. Also dont forget about audio books, there are lots of free ones on YouTube.

No. 464511

not sure what he exactly does, he just said he likes tasting his cum. he's a virgin so i assume he just jerks off and eats it up or something.

sorry for you anon. i wouldn't feel anything from a guy wearing my lingerie or whatever, that just feels really weird and pervy

he does have an anime girl avatar on all his accounts yeah…

i haven't been with anyone for years so him flirting with me felt good ngl. he's hot. i like twinks and he does come off as a normal twink from the outside. however the more you talk to him the more he gives agp vibes and it's off putting. i'd fuck a feminine man, not a delusional cumbrain who thinks he's an anime girl in a man's body or something.

No. 464512

A good pro-tip for speed reading is that if you sub-vocalize (e.g. imagining a voice reading it in your head, most people seem to do this since most people are taught to read by reading aloud first) train yourself not to, so you're just absorbing the information directly and not doing it at the speed you would if you were reading it out loud and wasting focus on remembering how to pronounce certain words and such.

No. 464514

Usually I don't jump to conclusions about weird sex shit but anime avatar is the biggest red flag to ever exist, he's probably spending all his time on a tranny ERP discord jerking off to sissy porn and will get convinced to troon out by egg rhetoric within a few months.

No. 464542


If you fuck around with gay troons you are gonna get aids

No. 464594

do fashion nova mom jeans have some allowance for calves and thighs? i would like mom jeans that have some give for calves and thighs

it seems like every brand of jean is really tight for calves and i have fat ones

No. 464667

>delusional cumbrain
Well, you are what you eat.

No. 464673

kek nice one

No. 464676

yeah I guess you're right. I'm in college so that's where my experience with women who don't wear makeup come from. Just want to clarify that not wearing makeup is fine, I don't wear it everyday either. It's just that the girls who have never touched makeup in their lives, in my college experience, behave like conservative grandmas. Not having touched mascara in your whole life? That is a bit weird.
kek mascara and lipstick isn't "no makeup" anon. That's literally the only thing I have on and it is considered makeup.

No. 464677

Yes. You’re right. You are better than other women

No. 464682

golly, are they conservative grandmas or are they actually progressive neo-hippie boho pagans? wtf are you even talking about, for real.

No. 464695

File: 1569175781161.png (271.43 KB, 418x321, hm.PNG)

Do the different parts of candy corn taste different

No. 464704

Trying to find correlations between make up and social skills.. this is something 13 year olds talk about, not college age women

No. 464716

A lot of the times I see the nitpicking Kpop anons do with the female idols I feel very confused because most of the time they look normal and just have very asian features like the flat nose and mono eyelids.
My question is, are the anons calling the asian looking kpop idols also asian? And if so, is that a cultural specif beauty standard kind of thing?

No. 464723

no they are all the same flavor of hell

No. 464797

what i want to know is what about kpop makes people chimp the fuck out? from the outside it just looks like a bunch of asian prostitutes.

No. 464800

File: 1569193938484.png (4.33 KB, 221x228, E7D60B2A-8858-4EC5-8059-07D154…)

I had a job interview on Monday for a job at a grocery store and was offered the job on the spot (I assume this because I was made to sign a bunch of papers including a consent form for a background check). I was told the background check would take 3-5 days and then they would bring me in for training.
I called the manager on Saturday to ask how the background check was going since it had been 5 days already and I was told that there was a “blip in the system” and that it would take a little longer for it to be completed. This is a real thing that happens, right? For some reason I feel like he could’ve just been saying that and I didn’t really get the job.

No. 464803

Nah, you probably got it. Grocery stores always need people, and you’d probably have to be on a terrorist watch list or something for them to not hire you after you’ve already signed papers. Maybe someone in the office forgot to move things along. That happens sometimes. Good luck anon.

No. 464804

HR at grocery stores are just really that lazy and incompetent. Trust me.

t. Worked at one as a cashier 10 years ago and would never go back to that clusterfuck.

No. 464805

Try not to overthink it. It's far more likely that they got delayed sending in your check or there was some sort of error, just make sure to follow up. Like >>464803 said grocery stores can't really afford to ghost new hires.

Actually that does remind me, a few years ago I was ghosted by a sportswear store even after going to several interviews, formally accepting the job offer and having them take all my personal information (including SSN and bank details for payroll). They never scheduled my first shift and every time I called I was told the GM was "busy" and he would call back later. After a few weeks of trying to get ahold of him I just gave up. It was weird, but I don't think it's a common occurrence!

No. 464816

Same thing that turns people into weebs I guess? Something about Asian cultures makes mentally ill teenage girls wild.

No. 464820

Thanks for the reassurance anons

No. 464834

Is there a way that the internet could just “black out” one day? If so, how could it happen?

No. 464872

Do I buy too much stuff? I feel really guilty about the amount of money I’m spending and wondering if I have a problem with consumerism, but I’m not sure if I just feel overly guilty bc I grew up impoverished.

Every few months I spend between $30-100 on art or planner stuff and often times the things I buy don’t get used even once for another few months. A lot of them I buy at the time because I know I want them (I struggle to make time for art) and they’re on sale, or like something I found at a recycled art supply store that you won’t be able to get later.

I also collect toys and I don’t even know how much per year I spend on them. I’ve slowed down recently since I stopped checking eBay and I’m nowhere near the amount of toys a lot of collectors have, but idk. I really love them, though.

Does it make it better/balance it out that I don’t really go out and do things/spend money going out? I never even get to go on vacation. Why do I feel so guilty and addicted?

No. 464874

I threatened to leave him if he didn’t watch one episode with me. he instantly agreed to start a binge watching marathon tomorrow despite complaints of finishing his novel… so I guess your advice worked anon!

No. 464875

If you're not spending beyond your means and still have some left over every month to save, who cares. But if you're living paycheck to paycheck with credit card debt and 0 money in the bank then yeah, it's time to cut back.

No. 464877

Governments around the world cut off internet access to their country all the time but if you mean the entire internet then there's certain cyberattacks that could basically DDoS the entire internet or fuck up the underlying systems that let websites load that would require emergency maintenance or updates to every browser in the world, here's a vid about it.

No. 464888

I see what you're planning, anon. I support you

No. 464908

What the actual fuck is wrong with you

Threatening to leave someone if they don’t watch telly with you is truly an NPC move

No. 464921

why would you do it while camping or hiking
that's literally asking to get yourself killed by falling head 1st into a trench or jumping of some random edge

No. 464930

what would happen if I put nicotine gum up my vagina?

No. 464931

I'm no expert, but probably a yeast infection and a tiny nicotine rush depending on how long it would be in

No. 464954

Bitch have you never gone camping or hiking before? You probably think people should never drink while camping or hiking either lmao

There's nothing wrong with what she did. Projecting much?

No. 464955

I'm trying to use Bumble (the town I'm in is too small to use any other dating apps, it seems). What do you think are some good strategies for sorting through guys?

No. 464963

Does anyone know online courses or books that help you improve your Key Skills (leadership, problem-solving, communication, etc.)??

No. 464968

You'd risk upsetting the PH balance of your vag

No. 464969

If you're in a small town then don't date too close to home, that shit can get awkward

No. 464987

only go for chads over 6'0 like all females do!!

seriously though, if you're looking for an actual relationship don't go for men who start right up by typical dick talk. if it's someone you can talk to like a normal friend, that's a good start. don't go for men who brag about their money and shit on dating apps. avoid most weebs and gamers.

No. 464998

How to come to terms that you're ugly and that there's no other way to fix yourself unless you're super rich and can afford lots of surgery?

Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I just want to vomit. I know others feel that way too when they see me. I wish I could just wear a paper bag without drawing attention. If I were a man at least I could redeem myself with skills and personality. As a woman, you're just fucked. I thought I'd finally be at peace after 20 and something years, but I still want to kym whenever I catch a glance of myself. Just why

No. 465021

Our lives are shaped by our own internal thoughts really, so even if the world is generally shitty in how it judges women.. you can opt out of that shitty thinking

No. 465028

>Our lives are shaped by our own internal thoughts really
not really

No. 465035

Just changed my cracked screen at the apple store and found fucking hair stuck between the new display and the phone. If I’m paying $400 for a new screen, I don’t want hair stuck in it.
I kinda feel like the touch is less responsive/slower now too. Is it even possible for the touch to get slower because of a display screen change or am I getting paranoid because of the shitty service?

No. 465042

Yes really. Why care what people not in your life think of you and why have people in your life that care what you look like?

You'd probably still be miserable if you were attractive just for slightly different reasons since it doesn't protect you from being insecure. You'd still be getting unwanted attention but now you have to filter out dipshits who only want to talk to you for your looks you'd be omnipresently aware could start fading any day not knowing who'd stick around.

No. 465047

if someone says after you hang out, okay i’ll text you later and then they don’t, is that a sign that they don’t want to be friends, i’m asking this because there’s this girl and i thought we were friends but i was always the one initiating our hang outs. and then after our last one she was like ‘okay i’ll text you next time when we wanna hang out’ (english is her second language). she hasn’t really texted me so i think i should just drop it lol

No. 465054

most nicotine gums are sugar free tho? should counter the yeast infection point but not sure about its overall pH to be fair. the menthol probably would feel shit but the unflavoured nicorette ones wouldn't have this issue. I just wonder whether absorption would be more or less effective (can't chew it with your vagina but maybe there's more capillaries or something for example) and whether you'd still be able to feel that weird tingly sensation.

love the "I'm not an expert" part, would be scary if anyone was kek

not planning on doing it btw,just a random thought I had at a 9am lecture that I was too ashamed to share with anyone I know lol

No. 465062

Sorry for bothering then, you keep hating yourself, lol

No. 465119

>emotional blackmail worked!
>one of those men who think that only their interests matter and think he's better than everyone else and their pleb tastes, even if it's something that makes anon happy
lmao this is literally that anon

No. 465158

i noticed bi visibility day was trending and was wondering what bi people think of “straight passing”?

dont wanna sound ignorant, just been seeing it all day and not sure whats wrong with the term. wouldnt it be easier to go out in public with a relationship tat appears to be straight than if you were very obv wlm or mlm?

No. 465165

File: 1569273464457.jpg (58.67 KB, 747x731, sYDqBU1.jpg)

Just how unrealistic is it to achieve a flat stomach without surgery or any sort? I'm not anachan or fattychan, just a skinnyfit loser. I started going back to the gym again just for health reasons and got over my obsessive bodychecking habits, but sometimes when I do look in the mirror to make sure an outfit looks good I get self conscious about the slight muffin top I have.

No. 465169

muffin tops are cute

No. 465171

File: 1569273974270.jpg (57.1 KB, 750x735, 789591e5aee5552b63569b5aae9f91…)

i love you anon

No. 465190

You ever like touch your face and think, "Man, this doesn't feel right." Am I the only one?

No. 465192

i'm bi and i almost exclusively prefer women but i'm dating a guy right now and i'm kind of relieved i can actually talk about my partner openly. i often joke about being in a 'straight passing' relationship to make myself feel better.

i'm not out to my parents so any other partner i've had who has been female has just been a 'close friend' who i 'lost touch with' after we break up. it feels nice to actually gush about my boyfriend without having to worry about being outed and disowned.

No. 465203

I got off to erotic audio recently. I've never done it before but I liked it a lot while I imagined my bf doing what was described. Yet… part of me feels guilty because the guy making the erotic audio sounded pretty hot. I'm conflicted because maybe audio is sort of personal? is it okay that I got off to another man's voice? Is this the same as generic porn or is it more intimate? I don't even like visual porn. Stories have always been my thing and I never feel those are too personal…Idek…

No. 465229

Can any other US anons tell me if the police can do anything about someone following you? There's a really creepy guy that's been staring at me for hours in the library. He followed me to a nearby Starbucks and idk what to do. When I google it, it says to call the police, but he's technically not doing anything illegal - just being a freak and staring. What would the police even be able to do? Should I tell the cashier? Would they be able to distract him while I quickly leave? I'm kind of freaking out. It's not just an innocuous stare, but a really creepy bone chilling kind of stare and I'm scared to try and drive home without knowing he isn't following me.

No. 465230


No. 465231

i would tell a worker asap, just ask for assistance with getting back to your place safely. hope you are okay anon, i would be terrified.

No. 465234

Here's your support group anon

No. 465235

File: 1569286594420.jpg (97.15 KB, 960x640, ABUSIVE BF ASMR.jpg)

You do you anon, and whatever does it for you!

No. 465243

Thanks for the help/concern. He ended up still staring for a while before mumbling/chuckling to himself about nothing before finally getting up and leaving. I waited to leave and didn't see him anywhere, thank god. Nothing happened but I'm still a little spooked. Def gonna be more vigilant in the library now.

No. 465265

Some anon posted some book recommendations to improve drawing technique and I can’t find it now, I don’t remember what thread it was because I was half sleep when I saw it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

No. 465272

It's in the art salt thread I think

No. 465282

Thank you anon! I’m retarded.

No. 465303

Is it okay to be into gaterbelts and thigh highs and be wearing them…? Internet culutre, along with weebs and fetishists turned both thigh highs and gaterbelts into something that is related to lewd stuff / etc and its pretty much bugs me… But the uncomfortable part is that men always stare at my gaterbelts and some are trying to approach me. Hell, I visited a festival and some jerk lifted up my skirt just to try to touch gaterbelts. Its really stupid, but I feel even more unsafe now. I truly hate how gaterbelts are also a part of ddlg aesthetic… I am really young btw, only 19.

No. 465304

They’re not meant to be visible unless you’re doing an obvious visible lingerie look.

Those plastic ones off wish look god awful, don’t wear those.

No. 465305

Who/what the fuck is Lizzo and why are people losing their shit?

No. 465309

If you aren't doing it for fetishy reasons why on earth can anyone see your garterbelts in the first place…?

No. 465310

Garterbelts were always lingerie anon, you shouldn't wear them in public

No. 465315

Lmao did you think they were regular accessories like bracelets or something. Those guys are assholes but you're right to feem stupid.

No. 465325

A black overweight rapper/singer that annoying gays and mostly white women coincidentally fawn over. She's not bad at all, but not that amazing. It's just that her fans are irritating as shit and hyping her up too much. I personally don't like her voice much

No. 465327

Why are you flashing strangers your underwear?

No. 465329

No. 465330

your instincts aren't wrong. it is creepy

No. 465340

What happens if somebody is put out to pasture on lolcow?

No. 465341

ip banned

No. 465351

Are you the anon who always brings up the internet being out for a week to restore us essentially? I love you.

No. 465424


I live in Venezuela, electricity, internet, water going out for days is a common occurrence and part of the routine.

This year we have had a few nation wide power outages and on the regular lights will go out and many places are in constant rationing schedules. This whole week there have been no electricity for like 4 hours a day. Same with the internet, theres weeks where i don't have any or it is unusable slow. Its all caused by pure socialist incompetence and has been this way since they nationalized electricity and communications.

No. 465444

How are you supposed to reply when you actually do get a job interview? Is saying "That's great, thank you" weird? Because I've always done that and felt weird afterwards.

No. 465448

I'm so sorry anon! Out of curiosity, what are the crime rates there? Is it really that dangerous to go out on the street? I'm asking because all the media coverage about things happening in Venezuela talk about street gangs, military patrolling, even cannibalism and I just want to know how much of it is sensationalist and what's the truth.

No. 465449

I say something like "thank you! I'm looking forward to it, see you then". It doesn't matter what you say as long as you're polite tbh. I feel weird after emails too.

No. 465466

File: 1569346720322.jpg (52.09 KB, 540x539, oyRHS50enIK2iwV-LOuZ4iZ137e86X…)

Do any anons here work in a grocery store chain and would be willing to share tips/details/stories?

I've been working on my mental health and looking forward to trying to get a job for the first time. The only place I think would hire me within walking distance is a large grocery store. It's all very intimidating and terrifying in my head but I need to get to work. Knowing as much as I can about the scary thing helps.

No. 465479

Big box grocery store slave reporting in, literally don't worry about shit pertaining to the job itself, all you do is endless bad unboxing essentially and as long as you can read shelf edge labels to know where shit is supposed to go you'll be golden and above good 60% of employees. Most of my colleagues are post menopausal ladies and equally elderly men so if they can learn the job (and even how the handsets and online payslips work!), so can you with all your youth and endless potential etc!

The only actually important task you will have is finding out who the "important" colleagues are, as you want to get on their good side, and and how to get on the said good side. This is my 1st workplace as well (3 years in october lol) so I was also very scared and anxious (would go home crying every day in the first 2 months bc I'm a stress crier ok), however, not to like brag or anything, but I'm everyone's fav and get treated really nicely as such.

How I achieved this I do not exactly recommend as I was basically working really fast and good, often managing to do what 2 or 3 people would normally be tasked with, which earned the respect of the elderly lady council as they like hardworking girls, but also made them "adopt me" as they did not want the male managers exploiting my naivete and hardworking tendencies lol. At the same time this obviously made the managers like me as yeah, they could exploit me to their hearts content (also one of them is like a uni dropout and likes to think of himself as a deep thotful individual and I like humouring that). In the last year or two I have slowly gotten lazier down to everyone else's level but bc of my initial reputation, I am still regarded the same as previously. So maybe do try working hard but not too hard. Again, it is kinda a bullshit job anyone can do so you should have no problem with that aspect.

You do not have to know where everything goes down to the specific shelf, just try noticing the underlying organisation in aisles, like to know where brand xyz paracetamol is, all you have to know is where medicines aisle is, then which bay is for pain relief and that's it (seems easy and logical but I think grocery stores are the biggest employer of near illiterate sub 60 IQ people). Do not touch the shrink wrap itself when wrapping a cage as you will get hit with static electricity. If you have to use handsets yet no one checks you turning them back in, hide yours around the shop floor to guarantee you'll get one at the start of the shift (not applicable if you actually have more than 10 handsets in the entire building), same with other supplies tbh, my biggest pride is my private plastic bag stash. If you have those metal cord tags for alcohol as opposed to cages or stickers or whatever, it is easier and quicker to put them on if you move the plastic bobble around instead of trying to pull the cord thru; additionally, if you have all the tags facing one way it is easier to put shit on shelves and it looks neater too.

If your colleagues skew more young or you want to go for a checkouts staff position I'm out of advice soz. If they have spots for job in security or clothes department, try going for those as they're both the easiest departments imo. Avoid frozen and fresh as they are either cold and wet and miserable or smell bad or both. Possibly avoid pet aisles too bc they have so many beasties lurking about and you'll just smell like value dog food.

No. 465493

How do I know whether I'm actually depressed or only incredibly lazy/unmotivated and sad?

No. 465527

File: 1569357558260.jpeg (44.55 KB, 311x425, alice.jpeg)

Do you think Lewis Carroll was really a pedo?
The more I read about him, the more it seems like. But it could be that I'm not looking at the case through the lenses of that time.
But then, why would the Liddells break all contact with him and why would he tear out the pages of his diary during the period in which he visited the girls?
The BBC documentary provides some interesting insight but I've heard that many academics completely dismiss that theory.

No. 465532

I'd also add that I don't want to believe that because he seemed to be so good natured, shy (he's always looking away from the camera), creative, smart, but there's a lot of stuff that is hard to digest. He liked photography for example but half of his 3,000 photos are of kids.

No. 465547

File: 1569360103479.jpg (47.3 KB, 420x446, 0cbd89d9c2844b6a4374b5dc316905…)

you're the best, anon. thank you so much

No. 465565

I don't know enough about the context to be sure in any way but rather than being a "traditional" pedophile I feel like it might have been more of a Peter Pan complex type of thing where he idealized childhood and the curiosity and innocence of children. The fascination with children beyond feeling attracted to them is what makes me think this.
I'd almost say it's kind of a Michael Jackson type thing, having a complex about not properly experiencing your own childhood, but theories about MJ are obviously very disputed.

No. 465568

Why do redditors hate fat people so much? This isn't a debate over body shaming, body acceptance, or any other of that crap, but the fact redditors have a borderline unhealthy hate of fat people. hate,

No. 465571

Yeah you should ask this question here, where users love fat people

No. 465572

Its only really fat women tbh

No. 465573


i love the fat cats from r/chonkers and every comment section is filled with those people screaming "animal abuse" at any cat thats chubbier than the medium.

No. 465579

File: 1569365841353.jpg (138.24 KB, 1125x1127, nox5ansjoko31.jpg)

I went and checked it out. This one was really cute. Can cats be barrel chested?

No. 465580

File: 1569366118193.png (33.78 KB, 867x338, fat.PNG)

I guess so, but compared to lolcow reddit is really angry

No. 465583

>the third one down

…really? Do men have asses and tits that get scrutinized constantly? Do they have to remain thin? Does society judge them if they don't have button noses or balloon lips? No? Alrighty then, fam…

No. 465588

nta but i just want to bury my face in that tummy fur aaa

No. 465589

File: 1569368011486.png (260.44 KB, 549x403, cat777.png)


such a cutie

No. 465591

men are constantly gaslighting us. women are saints for being so sane and not murdering everything despite us being mentally abused from the cradle to the grave by society, really

No. 465594

They think lifting and cutting/bulking is the height of difficulty. Legit body building is hard and takes discipline, don't get me wrong, but at least they can achieve a decently muscular, (if not adonis tier), conventionally attractive physique without restricting to 1200 calories like women who aren't allowed any excess fat at all. Our diets are severely limited and wr still have to lift so we dont horrify men with a flat ass. Every part of our body is judged more harshly than theirs, usually to standards we can never reach without surgery (huge boobs and ass with a tiny waist).

Men are delusional if they think anyone expects them to look like greek gods. All they need is muscled shoulders/arms and no beer belly and they're gold. They can do that eating 5x a woman's daily intake in mcdonalds every day as long as they lift a few times a week. Hell, they can even stay stick thin on a diet like that and be considered hot.

No. 465597

men build muscle so much faster than us in general too so if we try to recomp it takes us a million years longer. they just want to whine about everything

No. 465599

File: 1569369720521.jpeg (492.53 KB, 828x768, 9E974E21-4AC0-430E-B2A9-A07892…)

I want to bury my face in a chonky cat’s belly now

No. 465604

Right?! Like i don't fucking understand what they think they have to work on or "fix" that doesn't require almost literally starving yourself or by shelling out ridiculous amounts of money. Just normal grooming and maintaining a healthy weight is all it really takes for most guys. But alas…

No. 465642

I work at a big box retailer, but in checkout/guest service. I felt the same way as you when I started a month and a half ago (also my first real job). Customers will be understanding if you admit you are new if they have a question you can't help them with. Don't hesitate to call over your supervisor if a guest says LEMME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER. Also what >>465479 said about working hard at first is pretty spot-on. Within my first two weeks I had two different guests compliment me by name to my leadership because I didn't know how attentive I needed to be while ringing people up and was being practically subservient. I haven't had any guest compliments since but it definitely stuck in my team leads minds. Asking too many questions is better than assuming things and subsequently making mistakes.

Also, if I can give you examples of mistakes I make, one is that I'm not familiar with the store I work at. It's pretty embarrassing when my store has hand scanners where I can literally find the exact aisle of a product a guest asks for and then can't point them in the right direction because I never leave the front of the store and don't know where anything is. Just walk around the store a few times/start shopping there.

Also idk if this will apply to you but if you have security at your store and they ask you to customer service a shoplifter – just do it. It's kind of spooky especially if you're a non-confrontational person but it's not that hard since you don't actually have to accuse them of anything usually, and if you're successful you'll get on their good side.

Good luck anon, soon things will be familiar and it'll feel pretty good tbh. I mean it'll bullshit because you'll be at work lol but it'll be a comfortable kind of bullshit.

I get where they're coming from, my cat had diabetes and suffered a lot because we overfed him, but they don't have to be fucking annoying about it. Not every comment section needs to turn into a goddamn crusade. Just coo over the tubby bellies like the rest of us lmao.

No. 465648

File: 1569374696990.jpg (98.07 KB, 777x1000, HR.jpg)

the vast Majority of men can physically reach the same physical build as Henry Rollins without steroids or a super strenuous 24/7 complicated Gym routine

Sure its not easy and requires hard work but most men reach this build

No. 465652


No. 465676


Something about that website turns its users into virtually the same person with all the same likes and opinions. For example, they hate women, feminism, minorities, LGBT, poor people, fat people, diversity, protestors, and vegans. False rape accusations are a pressing existential threat. They're obsessed with going after the easily-debunked targets like antivax, flat earth, or MLM. Pedophiles are actually just misunderstood and deserve our sympathy. Their favourite books are 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Brandon Sanderson, and Stephen King. Serious literary analysis is pretentious and bullshit their English teacher made up. STEM is good and humanities (or god forbid gender studies) is bad.

You don't even need to read the subreddits anymore because you already know what they're going to be talking about and what their opinion on it is. I don't think users start out with these opinions, it's just that something in the way the site is designed causes them to get sucked into these circlejerks and morph into the same person. It's probably the upvote system which rewards groupthink and also users gullibility and lack of critical thinking when it comes to incorrect/debunked, fake and out-of-context posts.

No. 465677

I was scrolling and seriously thought you were just talking about 4chan until I got to the word "subreddit", lmao.

No. 465678

>>I get where they're coming from, my cat had diabetes and suffered a lot because we ignorantly mistreated him, but they don't have to make me feel bad about hurting my pets about it. Not every comment section needs to turn into a goddamn crusade. Just coo over the suffering like the rest of us lmao. It’s only a cat so who cares as long I get my giggles.

Anyone who can coo over a suffering animal is a cunt. Get a goldfish if you can’t take care of the animal you will undoubtably claim to love.

No. 465682

are any lawfags here?

if some bullshit real estate attorney didn't explain a POA to the principal/"client", at all, and the document was not read to them, they didn't read it, nor was it ever explained, is it valid?

No. 465683

nah don't get me wrong I put a lot of effort and money into making my cat as healthy as possible and improving his quality of life (I got him as a child and was given full responsibility of him, I genuinely had no idea what I was doing and it wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized I was hurting him by not regulating his meals). People reeing about animal abuse on reddit don't make me feel bad about hurting my pets because I don't hurt my pets anymore now that I know better. I just don't see the point in moralfagging on reddit about it when it's already falling on deaf ears. I've convinced strangers to at least reconsider the way they care for their pets but there's a time and a place for it.

>Anyone who can coo over a suffering animal is a cunt

it's a photograph of a sleeping cat on the internet.

No. 465693

>it's a photograph of a sleeping cat on the internet.
What that anon is doing is exactly the shit that >>465580 and >>465676 seem to be talking about. Fake outrage.
I bet they're a Redditor, too.
I can't understand what drives people to have such over-the-top, extreme opinions on the most mundane shit. It's like an addiction to being as edgy, fake deep and contrarian as possible or something.

No. 465698

File: 1569388991426.gif (458.71 KB, 276x130, 4E60BB5D-A49C-487B-AD07-FBB2C6…)

Who needs to fake outrage over people treating their pets like shit while claiming they love them? Mistreating an animal who cannot do anything but rely on the selfish prick who decided to feed it to the point of painful disease is outrageous.

Imagine trying to paint abusing an animal as the moral high ground.

No. 465705

File: 1569392187904.jpg (108.19 KB, 1124x1124, arthr.jpg)

>being this angry over random photos of cats on the internet
>making mountains out of molehills like this
I just can't relate. I don't think any human with the tiniest shred of sanity, or even just independent thought outside of internet groupthink can, either.
This SJW-esque moral crusade shit is just so tiring to see. What do we even call it? Moralfagging, but for the cool kids? Subversive moralfags?
I hope it's just a collective generational thing, like using "xD" or "lolzor" unironically, and everyone grows up sooner or later.

No. 465707

We get it you don’t see anything wrong with treating animals badly.

No. 465708

There are animals actually being abused and neglected, but you already know that. What do you hope to gain from these kinds of platitudes? Is it a cheap "gotcha"?

No. 465710

File: 1569393699273.png (159.03 KB, 385x381, C453212E-F36C-493D-9C9C-4BCF5B…)

>>Worse abuse happens so don’t call this abuse what it is.

No. 465711

This is some "You are LITERALLY Hitler for misgendering me! Yes it's the same as genocide!" shit. Delusional.

No. 465712

Stay mad about it, especially when you find out enough people agree that people have been charged with animal neglect and abuse for doing the exact thing you’re saying is harmless cute fun.

No. 465722

Overfeeding your pet to the point where they literally get diabetes is absolutely abuse. Imagine if you did that shit to your own kid. Just because fat sleeping animals are cute doesn't mean that what's happening to them is any less horrifying.

No. 465730

Power of attorney?

No. 465761

File: 1569416183513.jpg (2.18 MB, 2119x1415, Cute-rabbit.jpg)

What is it like to own bunnies as pets? I'm entertaining the idea of adopting a pair of rabbits to free roam in my apartment but I don't want to make any impulsive decisions. I've only owned cats before and I've heard mixed opinions online, some people say bunnies are more work than cats, some people say they're easier. Any personal anecdotes and recommendations from anons who own/have owned rabbits?

No. 465764


They are fragile, their diet is delicate, they can't get too startled, you even have to watch out how you hold them and handle them and groom them , but they are super cute and more like a dog or cat than most people think, they like cuddles and playing and is very fun to see them hoping around

No. 465767


not every lazy chubby cat has diabetus and is being fed burguers , always with this shit.

No. 465769

Every fat cat is being overfed. Killing with kindness is still killing

No. 465771

On the topic of bunnies. I have two and when I first got them two-ish years ago my vet told me I shouldn't hold them/pick them up because they're paralyzed when you do that. According to her in nature when their feet are lifted off the ground it means they got caught by a predator so they're quite literally scared to death when you do that. I haven't unnecessarily picked them up since, which isn't a big because they're outside in a meadow.

But I can't seem to find anything supporting what she said on the internet. Was my vet wrong?

No. 465772

big deal*

No. 465773

File: 1569417830057.jpg (97.12 KB, 1051x657, 1547257363157.jpg)


is like you despise life itself

No. 465775

I love how you counter with a personal attack instead of substantiated arguments

No. 465783

How are the bunnies you bought in a meadow? Don't they just leave or get preyed upon?

No. 465791


argument for what? not every chubby cat is unhealthy or abused just as not every chubby person has some illness or is eating lard for breakfast. These are cute pictures of furry bug cats , only certain kind of people would always assume the worst extreme looking at them.

No. 465794

You shouldn't pick them up all the time just for a hug or anything, but if you need to hold them then you need to support their feet really well the entire time and keep them close to you. They will try to jump out of your hands if they're too upset.

Idk about being paralyzed, my rabbit has never gone into any kind of shock. She just gets annoyed and thumps at me when I put her down.

No. 465795

It's fenced. Have you never seen a fenced meadow with bunnies and chickens and such in it?

No. 465797

I don't know what is about the INTERNET, in general, that causes people to be virtually the same person, and then deny this very evident fact and pretend they're 'unique' or 'special' for doing some. People like to say humans are like that, but I seriously think the exposure to the internet and its advanced technologies creates an abnormal loop or functioning in our brain that doesn't exist as extreme in regular communities. I feel like when researchers study this more they're going to find out the internet rewires the brain more than they expect and will effect some deeper evolutionary processes of humanity than we'd like to see, and also that it works more like a drug in how it rewires people, not like a productive or natural thing.

No. 465799

NTA but you're the one mad about it, who gives a fuck. For all you braindead monkies who whine about fat animals you sure are silent as fuck when it comes to more pressing issues. Weak bastards.

No. 465800


No. 465804

"not every smoker is unhealthy"
Just because a chubby cat isn't or doesn't seem to be experiencing any direct consequences for it's weight at this moment in time, doesn't mean it isn't unhealthy.

Anyway I'm not necessarily hating on fat cat pictures, but there's definitely a growing agreement online that it's completely okay for a pet to be very very heavy, or for it's owner to consistently overfeed it and that's not a good thing. Innocent fat cat pictures don't help there.

No. 465805

yup, power of attorney. essentially a lawyer was called in and my uncle forced my grandparent to sign poa that he completely misled her on (purposely), wouldnt let her read, the lawyer didnt read it to her, she has no idea what she signed, attorney never gave her the paperwork to read beforehand or after. it was all just rushed and her hand essentially forced. she couldnt even read it if she had wanted to, but the lawyer did not try to even explain at all what she was signing and he essentially lied to her too about what was on the document so my uncle could get his way

No. 465810

File: 1569422025311.jpg (946.95 KB, 1080x1108, dbSV7dm.jpg)

>Innocent fat cat pictures don't help there.

Me and everyone else will still enjoy those innocent fat cat pictures in the same innocent way as always because they are super cute

No. 465816

File: 1569423661759.jpg (41.56 KB, 610x406, fd94805c44f3a42461f7dd97e3124c…)

I'm not an attorney by any means. But, the POA has a fiduciary duty to the principal. If your uncle wasn't acting in your grandparent's best interests, he's in breach. It could even be elder abuse.

Contact a lawyer, or some sort of Elder Affairs office, or an advocacy group for the elderly.

No. 465817

File: 1569423776238.jpg (554.57 KB, 2048x1365, 4552605-women-model-smoking-mo…)

NTA, but do you think it's logical for someone to sperg out at random pictures of people smoking?

No. 465818

Like a pen. A meadow is more expansive and isn't traditionally used to describe, an assumably smaller, penned in area.

No. 465820

NAYRT but smokers have no one but themselves to blame for their poor health choices, whereas an obese animal or child are supposed to be taken care of - having your present and future health jeopardised due to someone’s negligence is absolutely abuse, and should be condemned when people parade it around as ‘cute’ or ‘funny’

No. 465823

File: 1569425047743.png (184.29 KB, 500x566, 1561343678312.png)


It is both cute and funny.

If you actually lurk more you'll see most of thsoe cats are well taken care off and are not morbidly obese, some cats are also naturally more chubby and fluffier than others and those who are on the heavier end usually have a backstory, like they were adopted and are being put on diets, those subs are not the fattening contest some people make it out to be and no one is bragging or condoning abuse.

No. 465826

File: 1569425987900.jpg (23.23 KB, 400x701, YEP2RFH.jpg)

thank you for the additional advice anon, it helps a ton and you're the best

No. 465827

Bunnies are so pure and sweet. They will require specific diets because their tummies are rather sensitive. They need love and most do best with a partner. (My bun is alone but I play with her everyday). Rabbits are way more work than cats mainly because of the sensitivity of their stomachs. You have to understand what's normal behavior for your bun because they hide any signs of pain. Buns are kind of fragile, but they're 100% worth all of the work. I regularly brush her, change her water and hay, clean her cage, and change her litterbox. Ask me anything.

No. 465828

Is a grandparent passing away a good reason to call out of work?

No. 465829

Yes. This shouldn't have to be question… what is society.

No. 465833

Sorry, I know it's dumb but the manager at my work you have to call out to always gives people so much shit for doing it and will whine/cajole/threaten you unless it's for a "good" reason and I honestly don't want to hear it today.

No. 465834

I'm not sure what you're trying to say? When I made the comparison to smokers I simply meant to say that "not every chubby cat is unhealthy" is as untrue as "not every smoker is unhealthy", the latter most people agree upon, therefore the comparison

No. 465835

yes but if you're worried tell him you have diarrhea, no one questions that ever

No. 465838

This helps, thank you. And yeah, I wouldn't want it to get lonely so if I do decide to actually adopt a bun I'd get a bonded pair.
How affectionate do they get? I understand you can't exactly cuddle and hold bunnies the way that you would a dog or cat, but can you still develop a fulfilling bond with them? I prefer animals that you can interact and bond with so I always avoided small pets like hamsters since it seems like they only tolerate you at best. Like, would a bunny ever come sit by you while you watch TV or something?

No. 465839

File: 1569429182612.jpg (540.38 KB, 1402x724, mhjcgmhnfgtfrvdecasZ.jpg)

Ah, I'm sorry, I've never heard of that word before. My native language doesn't differentiate between meadow and "pen", I wasn't aware English does.

My rabbit's pen is like image with permanent fencing, but maybe a third smaller and with grass.

No. 465849

hope what me and the other anon said is at least somewhat helpful/reassuring, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

No. 465882

how can i stop hating men when most of them are awful creeps

No. 465896

File: 1569440807336.jpg (105.93 KB, 470x560, 560.jpg)

update on my sad love life

today he came out to me and said "i'm not gay, i'm a mostly straight bisexual". he admittedly likes tranny and sissy porn too

i don't care that he's bi but this whole tranny & sissy thing is such a turn off. i was genuinely attracted to him ngl. it's over

No. 465904

I'm right handed, but my left arm has a bigger bicep. Do I have sarcoma cancer

No. 465905

Sorry to hear that, anon. Maybe next twink you meet will be better.

No. 465908

You might be sitting in a weird or wrong position for too long. I have recently had spine-doctor examine my back, he said that muscles on my left side are bigger than on the right, and it's because these muscles are always tense as they try to compensate my bad posture. And I'm right-handed, so yeah, it happens.

No. 465913

I know someone who had a sarcoma in his arm. It looked like a normal arm, broke, then looked like there was a giant tumor inside of it within days.
It's probably not but if it's freakish I'd get it checked.

Do you do anything with your left arm that would cause it?

No. 465924

I do daily walks at my local Y and instead of turning around I always use my left arm to bounce me in the right angle

No. 465938

You're dodging a bullet anon. In a year's time he'll have fully trooned out and you'll be glad you never went down that road.

No. 465941

So you walk into a wall basically? I'm trying to visualize it.
When something is going wrong with me, like a back ache, I try to correct the underlying behavior. Try turning before making contact with the wall instead of using it as leverage in your turn.

No. 466041

The answer to the bonding/watching tv aspect is yes that can definitely happen, but personalities may differ. They're just as lovey as dogs or cats, but I have to mention that since they're prey animals, they are generally more skittish. However, my bun has zero fear around others and loves cuddling and being social.. I think it's the holland lop in her. But overall their personalities vary. Also, shelter buns may open up and be totally different after getting comfy in your home, just like dogs or cats.

No. 466079

how do you form an emotional connection with someone? I don't know how to tell when people want to get closer/know you better.

No. 466086

My bun loved to sit with me and my mom on the couch when we were watching tv, so it's definitely possible. He also was obsessed about one particular commercial (would always watch it and immediately lost interest when it finished). It featured lots of white and violet.

No. 466098

On the topic of shelter rabbits, would you say it's better to adopt adults or find babies to raise? Adult rabbits are appealing since you already know what their personality is going to be like, but also with younger bunnies I can train and socialize them myself so I know they won't develop any bad habits. Or is it not that big of a deal? Can you teach an old rabbit new tricks?

Aww, that's so sweet. I always wonder what goes through animals' heads when they see TV screens.

No. 466167

I can't tell if you're asking because you want to form such bond but don't know if the other person wants it too, or are you asking in general because you're confused with someone's intentions? Anyway
I would say that emotional connection is formed when people are emotionally invested in your life. You'll recognize that by them being interested in how you're doing, what's going on, checking up on you, emotional and empathetic response to stuff going on in your life… Basically, caring. A superficial friendship without an emotional bond is hanging out just out boredom, spending time together only at uni/work, talking mainly gossip or current events, or just venting and complaining. If you want to get closer to someone, just be there for them, act more attentive, spend quality time together. So if a person does that - cares about you, chooses to spend their free time with you - they want to get closer

No. 466385

I think I might be pregnant from the sex I've had over the past weekend, has anyone else been pregnant and noticed any symptoms almost immediately? I'm so scared but its too early to take a test..

No. 466478

i had a pregnancy scare a month ago anon, what i found is that most women don't really get pregnancy symptoms right away, but it's possible to be worried about pregnancy and thinking any small thing is a symptom. just remember you wouldn't feel any differently if you were pregnant. only worry if you miss your period. you may be fine like i was.

No. 466485

I have irregular periods, and this one is definitely late! Its only been like 4 days since but I already feel weird, just tired and out of it. I can't just sit and wait for a week, would the 72 hour pill even work?

No. 466520


Adult shelter buns have a ton of postives.

1. Pairs are already bonded. Bonding bunnies is a very intense process that can potentially take weeks, and even then it might never work. You have to keep them separated through the process.

2. They're already spayed/neutered. Generally, babies have to be 6 months old to get altered, which is a surgery that costs hundreds. Having them altered is recommended for both genders as it reduces aggressive behaviors and prevents cancers.

3. They're likely already litter trained, which can be a process with a baby. Also, babies will pee on you a lot more, and be more messy and destructive and hormonal in general.

I've had my bunny since she was 4 months old until now (1.5 years) and she has had the same personality since I met her. The only difference is that she's a lot less messy and a lot less crazy. In her baby days, before her spay, she would want to pee on my chair and I'd have to clean it a lot, which drove me nuts. I also had to litter train her and that was a whole process. I think in a way, their personalities are not really something you can influence, but rather it's just genetic. Overall, age doesn't matter so much and adult buns will be a lot less work and time. But if you wanna teach your buns tricks or something, maybe a baby would be better.

Lastly, I forgot to mention–an x-pen is loads better than a cage. I mentioned cleaning a cage earlier and that was a mistake. I free roam her but she stays in the pen when I'm gone or asleep. Also, she licks me everyday and it's basically her form of kisses. It's so sweet. She'll also do that thing cats do, where they go on your laptop keyboard to catch your attention.

No. 466526

File: 1569537055910.jpeg (178.36 KB, 1080x1080, 4683407B-C00D-4F07-8757-8E3652…)

Anons that use weave how do you work out with it?

No. 466534

You can’t have symptoms after like, five days anon.

No. 466538

Can someone tell me the handle/name of the artist who drew the tootsie roll sans image? lol

No. 466642

Help. Someone tried to get into my paypal and successfully got into my bank account (not the one associated to my paypal though), they couldn't take any money but they ended up getting all of my accounts locked.

The attacker seemed to have all of my passwords for my bank and paypal (they're all different). And the only thing that stopped them was phone verification.

For the way paypal automatically blocked them out i guess the attack came from a different country or from someone using a vpn.

I'm scared to even unlock the accounts to change passwords because i fear that they will get my new passwords as they got the old ones. I have no idea which device is the one that got hacked and antivirus/play protect aren't helping much.

I'm not tech savvy enough to have any idea how these people got my passwords, or what i should do now.

I'm scared and can't sleep.

No. 466643

Is there a support line you can call? I'm not sure how paypal works but if it links to a bank account I would call your bank and let them know right away.

No. 466648

Customer support in my country is a mess, i called the bank that got hacked and they just looked at the balance and dissmissed me because the attacker hadn't taken any money yet… Even though i was receiving multiple automatic messages to my phone asking me to approve money transfers, while i was on the phone with customer support…

No. 466658

Are there links to Onision's books .pdf somewhere please? I'm looking to cringe

No. 466739

which country?

No. 466792

call the bank nigga

No. 466798

Is there a way to get into your accounts from a device that's not connected to you (that way, you know they can't get the new ones), and change the passwords from there? Like, maybe get a cheap phone specifically for this, or dig up a phone or laptop you haven't used in years?
If the bank won't help you much, maybe you could ask them to just temporarily lock down your account for your own peace of mind?
I hope this all gets sorted out, anon. It sounds like a nightmare. Please update us if it gets solved.

No. 466801

She already did.

Anon, I'm a law student working in a department that deals with issues like these. Tell me the country. Also keep all evidence of them not helping you. I bet I can find a way of getting them in trouble for neglecting fraud monitoring.

No. 466812

my friend once told me that ever since she got her period after she takes a shower her cramps become even worse and she bleeds even more. At first i thought she was lying until the same thing happened to me. Does anyone else experience intense cramping and heavier flow once they get out the shower during the first few days of their period or are do we need to go to the hospital lol?

No. 466822

Do both of you take warm/hot showers? Heat is known to increase blood flow to area, maybe it's that

No. 466823

If I were you I'd do a clean instal of all my devices just in case they have some spyware on them. Maybe take them all in to some computer repair store and tell them what happened and ask them to take a look.

No. 466833

Make sure to take note of all the evidence though.

No. 466909

Why are music lovers and appreciators (not 'stans') much more chill and open-minded than video game and anime/cartoon fans?

No. 466912

Having a somewhat higher bar to entry. Besides what the "it's actually a mature medium that deserve respect" man-children tell you those mediums still get most of their audience from adults who haven't grown up and children. Being into music is a hobby adults can get into on a mainstream level.

No. 466913

>music lovers and appreciators (not 'stans') much more chill and open-minded

I don't agree with this at all. Music fans are even more tribalistic and stuck up about wathever made up trench they put themselves into. Most music communities are dumpster fires with incredibly obnoxious 16-20 yr olds throwing shit at each other and everyone else.

No. 466914

theyre not more chill, they just express their autism in a different way.

No. 466917

What's not chill about disco/house/rnb/classic soul/contemporary jazz fans? I see metal/rock/alt indie/classical music communities being spergy tho

No. 466918

oh shit, and funk
though prince stans are kinda loopy still more preferable than the guy who stans nintendo though

No. 467016

This is true actually, you're wayyy more likely to find dumb elitist snobs in indie/alternative/rock communities shoving their taste in your face acting like they're superior than in Rnb communities who just love the music. Of course they can start their own drama but it's definitely not pushed to the foreground like others.
In my experience music fans CAN be chill, but they can be extremely annoying too. I find it better to just communicate with fans of a specific artist than interact with a whole group of "music lovers" who only sperge about the same 5 bands over and over again.

No. 467041

Are there really tranny mods or is that just a meme?

I don't want trannies modding this site.

No. 467064

>she believes the radfem spergs
The mod team is entirely biologically female, admin already stated that a few times. The radfem spergs like to accuse everyone who thinks they're going too far with infesting every single thread about gender politics a man/tranny/handmaiden/pickme. The radfem removal and tard-wrangling was requested by farmers for months on /meta/.

No. 467066

I posted too early, but if you go look at the current /meta/ complaints thread alone, you can find the word "radfem" 195 times. Of those 195 mentions, 100+ are farmers asking for moderation to stop their infestation of other boards. That is from only the CURRENT complaints thread. The previous thread has 50 mentions of radfems, and 50+ mentions of other terms to describe those spergs. Radfems pretending that they're being ousted all of a sudden is such a joke, there are literally over A HUNDRED complaints about them infesting and spilling over to threads. I am so fucking tired of their retarded version of events, they got told by farmhands and other farmers close to a hundred times and they never bothered to listen. Then they act surprised and sperg even more when eventually they're removed through a final solution.

The only reason they got eradicated is because they didn't understand what a containment thread is and would go on autistic tirades every time someone who wouldn't go out of their way to call transpeople TROONS KILLING WOMEN, even if the discussion at hand nothing to do with gender politics.

No. 467071

>would go on autistic tirades every time someone who wouldn't go out of their way to call transpeople TROONS KILLING WOMEN
Sis, I think somebody just asked you to not use their imaginary pronouns that cause confusion.

No. 467072

I dont give a shit about a dude in a dress wanting to be called karen, but keep your sperg contained in the thread meant for it. The radfem spergs would show up on any thread to sperg about their trannyhate. Remember the sudden walls of text about gender politics in fatpheebs, shay's, TND or onion threads? Every time they would have a root in an anon doing something like calling Lainey onions "husband, and randfems wouldn't get it's farmers mocking greg. Instead they would write walls of text about it. It was getting really old.

No. 467084

There’s a male owner/mod

No. 467088

Post proof there’s a male on the team or just shut up already.

No. 467105

What troons do with their bodies is their business, but I don't think everyone else should be morally obligated to enable them.

No. 467124

Am I crazy or did the song Hard Place by H.E.R straight up STEAL the beat from "crumble to pieces" by Phil Wickham? Can someone listen to both and confirm that I'm not insane??? Is the original beat not even by Phil Wickham?

No. 467138


Both music and games are such a vast umbrella that it is hard to generalize.

I would say that people focused on the creative aspects of it are going to be way more chill, there are huge difference with musicians hanging and collaborating with other musicians than fans engaging with other fans within a fandom. In my experience actual musicians are super nice to each other and act really appreciative of the venues and events when they get to hang out with each other but in games you get a similar vibe around the modding communities or Game Jams or just context where its mostly the developers themselves. The nintenboys are just fandom spergs and you can't expect the same good vibes and creative atmosphere from manchilds and literal 12 yr old gamer kids that you would expect from people who engage with the medium as creators, just as you can't expect it from a hipster music fan or a edgy metal fan who are in it for the niche and the social scene and not for the medium in general.

Jazz is one of those genres were a lot of the fans are musicians themselves, is kinda music from musicians for musicians and it doesn't pull big crowds so you can expect jazz events to be pretty chill and less drama ridden than the alternative scene where its mostly teenagers sperging and trying to one up each other in clout points.

No. 467154

I think the first admin and owner was male, than he stepped out.

No. 467169

Related to previous posts I have question for anons that are anti Pink Pill/GC/RadFem threads.
The question is why exactly?
As someone that rarely posts there and even lurks, I just never saw any issues with those threads and very rarely saw it getting out of hand in other threads. Besides, you can always hide threads.

So, why? What makes a girl/woman hate anything related to venting about men specifically, discussing issues on gender and feminism?

I'm genuinely curious.
Also, I wish I could get mods'/admins' input on how many requests for locking those threads were being made on average in a month or a year. Was there really such a huge demand by other anons?

No. 467173

What do people who don’t really use social media do?? It’s a really dumb question but I deactivated my facebook and deleted the app off my phone (deleted instagram app too but I left the account intact bc I want to go back and download all the pics of my dog I posted onto my stories at some point lol).

I mean, I knew I filled a lot of my idle time scrolling mindlessly, but I didn’t really realize how ingrained it was in me to keep checking those platforms until I kept going to open those apps without thinking after deleting them. The only social media I have left is twitter, but having it be the only thing gets boring. What do you anons do? I feel like a fucking idiot but I really just don’t want to be so dependent on it anymore.

No. 467175

This is a TMI stupid question, but…I somehow managed to scratch myself on my vulva near my clit (no idea how because my nails are very short) while masturbating and it still stings a lot today. Is there anything I can put on it to promote healing/reduce pain?

No. 467176

I’ve done that before, you may have just rubbed it raw lol. Just give it a couple of days and it’ll be fine, but there’s not really anything in particular you can do to speed up the process in my experience.

No. 467197

Other forums, tv/games/reading, watching sports/lp's on youtube/doing online puzzles. Though it's still just as time wasty as scrolling through random media feeds I guess.

Put some witch hazel on it after peeing and try to go commando if you can. It should heal quick because there is a lot of bloodflow in that area.

No. 467198

Some of them sound unhinged in their hate of those threads, makes you wonder what's up. I don't feel that way about any threads on lc, even if I don't like the topic.

No. 467204

>Was there really such a huge demand by other anons?
I remember it was a kind of a big deal when the first thread got banned for a while and anons were getting short bans from venting about that, so if I remember correctly there was demand.

No. 467205

Only thing I can think of that was annoying was the gendercrit idiots leaking into literally every thread on this site instead of sticking to their containment board.

I want the radfem/pink pill thread back without the r/gendercritical

No. 467226

How to not hate your life when your team for a long term project (“volunteer”) flakes a lot and made a deadline with you but everyone seems to constantly be “going through some things rn” so you end up having to do everything yourself?

I only check like 3 threads on lolcow now and that’s the only sm I bother with. I have a lot of hobbies, and I feel like social media has stunted everyone our age it’s really tragic

No. 467228

Is it really only their business when there are countries within which it is taxpayer funded?

No. 467555

two teenage girls at starbucks behind me were laughing and it made me feel paranoid and weirded out, why the fuck do other girls (I've got 10 years on them at least) do this shit in public? It was kind of obvious they wanted my attention..

No. 467563

Either you're leaving out details or you're paranoid. How does two girls laughing in public, as friends tend to do, mean they want your attention?

No. 467570

>why the fuck do other girls (I've got 10 years on them at least) do this shit in public?

Teens aren’t allowed to laugh now? Anon, you might have 10 years on them but you’re still emotionally a teen if you assume someone laughing is doing so for your attention

No. 467571

gender critical was the best part of the thread. Gotta have somewhere we can commit our wrongthink crimes without being treated like a pariah.

>>two teenage girls existed near me and had a good time! this is an outrage and clearly a personal attack
Why would they have even noticed you?

No. 467572


I understand this feeling anon, i was heavily bullied at school and to a lesser extent in uni. when i see teenagers laughing my gut reaction is to think they are laughing at me.

No. 467592

Same. I'm in my late 20s and I still get really anxious when I hear high schoolers being rowdy. Logically I know they don't give a fuck about me but I can't help it.

No. 467613

I get what you mean, I still get anxious about that too and think of the worst. But you need to remember you are a much older adult, give them a warm "ah yes I remember being young and carefree" smile and the situation 99% relaxes itself.

No. 467635

I was waiting by the station where they leave your drink, looking shit up on my phone minding my own business. They were seated a few feet to my left and that's about all the details I can muster. I was dressed pretty plainly as well, not done up or too drabby either. One of them kind of looked to the other and whispered something about not laughing later as I left.

No. 467636

I think I'm upset over it because of my history of being bullied, and it was bad because I've even been bullied at my old job before so it followed me into adulthood. I want to be able to just not care whether people are laughing at me or not but deep down it hurts.

No. 467689

File: 1569829568543.gif (429.12 KB, 260x140, daddy needs to express some ra…)

Going to be super optimistic here and assume this isn't bait.

First off, you sound like a judgemental cunt, even by LCF standards. You're seriously reading all this shit into people's personalities based solely on the fact that they don't wear makeup? I was legitimately shocked when you said you were an adult, because you sound like a middle-schooler. Get therapy.

Cosmo can say whatever they want- the hard science says women who wear makeup every day have lower self-esteem. So the women you think you're so much better than are probably actually happier and better adjusted, because they don't rely on makeup as a security blanket. Plus their skin is probably going to age better.

I wear makeup about 1/3 of the time, and the people I judge aren't the ones who don't wear it or who only wear some. I'm judging the kind of dumb hoes who show up to the pool or the gym with falsies and 20 different products.

No. 467794

has anyones boobs grown permanently from the hormones in birth control or is it only temporary?

No. 467803

I've had tender and noticeably swollen boobs on birth control but it went away after switching my pill, it was more like a type of bloat than actual fat gain in that area

No. 467809

Is it morally wrong for me to be interested in an 18-year-old guy if I'm 22?
He talked to me first and thought we were the same age (but I clarified and now tease him for being a "baby"). So I'm not chasing him, and he is of age, I just want other opinions.

And if it's not morally wrong…is it a bad idea? I can tell he's still a bit childishly optimistic.

No. 467812

nope. you at 22 likely aren't going to be that much more mature than an 18 year old anyway.

No. 467821

My boyfriend is 4 years younger than me, the same age gap that's between my younger brother and I. It's okay to go out with a younger guy. The maturity difference might change and be more glaring as you both get older, though.

No. 467855

Not morally but to be honest most people are very different between 18 and 22 since that's probably when you change most in your life from going through higher education or first employment and supporting yourself for the first time. Just don't be surprised if it turns out he's only interested in watching pewdiepie videos while playing fortnite or whatever zoomers do now adays.

No. 467870

No, the age gap isn't too big imo. It's the 6+ age gaps in your early-mid 20s where it gets kinda oogy imo.

No. 467916

It's not a massive age gap, but personally, I'm a year older than you, and I don't think I'd date an 18-year-old. I find that I'm a lot different than when I was 18 (more settled down) and a lot of them just seem too young. It's not immoral per se but can be questionable depending on where both of you are mentally. People change a lot during their late teens and early 20s.
Yeah I feel like 5+ years is too much until you're in your 30s or meet an exceptionally mature younger person. I feel like 22/23 is about the age where people are close to truly "grown up".

No. 467967

What would be the best way to go about deleting all posts from my fb account? i am not looking to delete the profile, just need to clean it and get rid of all my posts and pictures. The sites i find on google that ask my password don't seem trustworthy at all.

No. 467974

I don't know about deleting entirely but can't you hide posts from your timeline within facebook itself?
They're still there, but not viewable by others.

No. 467981

>can't you hide posts from your timeline within facebook itself

yes. But i'd have to go trough each individual post from the last 4 years right? its just too much to do manually and it could take a quite a while. It would be extremely convenient to be able to hide or delete all in bulk.

I already did one manual cleanup on my main account but it let too much time pass without one in a secondary i might use for personal art stuff.

No. 468065

I have a question about reddit that I don't actually want to ask on there. When I access a subreddit on my tablet, there's always a link on the top right saying 'about this community'. When I access it, it goes to some rules, filters, links to sister subreddits, etc. The url is reddit.com/r/subredditname/about. When I access a subreddit on my desktop pc, there's no 'about this community' link, and when I try to follow the url it says 'Sorry, this is a moderator-only page'.

wtf am I doing wrong and how do I get access to the about pages?

No. 468077

AFAIK that's just to let you view the sidebar info. there's no link on desktop because you're viewing the full page.

No. 468083

That side bar is only present on some pages, or it only has some of the info I can see on the about page. Like, they might have the rules but not links to other subreddits (which is really what I'm after).

No. 468121

I had a dream about meeting a lolcow, there used to be threads about her on here way back in the early years but I can't remember her name (I remember it as Dasha but not that one, I used the google search but no luck). She was obviously mentally ill, mid 20s and lived with her mother, and she liked to post pics of her nasty ingrown hairs and even posted shots of her nipple hairs and tampon strings. Those threads were wild, I can't be the only one who remembers this girl? She was black, thought she was Berber and wanted to have a white baby really badly for some reason.

No. 468129

Oh, I remember her. I think her name was Asha, Ashe or Ash?

No. 468134

I deactivated so I can't go and see what the steps are, but there should be an option to limit who can see your past posts. I can't be bothered to manually delete all of my embarrassing shit on a 10+ year old facebook account, so a lot of really old shit is set so only I can view it. Look around in account settings/privacy settings, it should be in there somewhere!

No. 468135

Oh fuck I remember those threads! Found it for you anon >>>/pt/43380 (hope I linked that right lol)

No. 468159

you know those people who have to go on the dark web and infiltrate pedophile communities and those people who as part of their job have to see child porn. how the hell do you come back from that? i think i’d want to kill myself after seeing that. i once read an article about the abuse grown ass women face in mainstream pornographers (with the associated screenshots) and i couldn’t sleep that night because the pictures haunted me. surely for these people responsible for catching pedos there would be some type of counselling given and maybe they’re only allowed to do the job for a small amount of
time ?

No. 468162

Those sorts of jobs attract people who can compartmentalize or aclimitize well or just don't get very emotional. Like how the average person would probably be very bad at being a vet but some people can slice into and put down peoples pets for decades. I remember watching a video about facebook moderators, people who get paid to delete cp and animal abuse and terrorist material from the site from home. They're given no mental health care or vacations and they're all traumatized and depressed from it. Which is what happens when you try to get the average person looking for quick money to do that sort of disstressing job that usually only sex crime police officers do.

No. 468180

What >>46816 said is true, but some of those people are also closet pedophiles themselves.

and in a lot of difficult jobs like that people only do it for a short time because of how much of a toll it takes on them.

No. 468183

My friend works in criminal justice as an attorney and he has seen some horrid shit, like video and photo evidence in child porn/sexual abuse cases. He described some of it to me once and it was too awful for words, but he also told me that you just sort of detach from yourself and treat it as something you just have to do. It's like how pathologists leave their emotions at the door when they have to define the cause of death for a half rotten corpse and treat it as an object instead of the sad remains of a human being, possibly a victim of a violent crime. You can't take it personally or humanize the subject too much or it starts taking a real toll on your mental health. It's just something you learn as you do it I guess. That's also why doctors aren't supposed to become too attached to their patients or it will cloud their sense of reason too much.

Just. Stop. You have to realize how hard it is for a police officer to go through thousands of pictures and videos of child abuse to crop out the faces of the victims and suspects in order for them to identify them and to gather evidence for the trial, and then on top of it people claim that they're "closet pedophiles who get a kick out of it lol". SOMEONE has to do it. The victims deserve a criminal investigation and a trial.

No. 468240

in my country cops who work with that kind of stuff (child abuse/child porn in particular) get regular mental health counselling and get cycled out after a few months and put into a different department. the higher ups who stay around longer are usually complete hardasses who are stern and unpleasant to be around simply because they seem stressed 24/7 and don't really give a shit about anyone they work with, just the work they do. this is all from personal experience at least

No. 468285

I much prefer busy jobs compared to jobs where you sit and have to wait for tasks. It's mind numbing and taxing in a different way. Makes you feel like you're staring at a wall for 8 hours with little break.

Busy days go by fast.

Ask your coworkers if you can do anything extra, or if they need help maybe? Is there anyone you can talk to or is it a quiet environment?

No. 468396

Are friend finding apps worth trying? Like Bumble BFF, etc? I have a decent amount of friends but I work a lot so it's hard to meet new people. I also really like apps that are set up like Tinder, but I'd feel like a douche using it to find friends/since I have a boyfriend. I'm worried people will think I'm some socially retarded loser since I wanna make irl friends over an app.

No. 468398

Any basic list of feminist writings to read? I always wanted to try to delve into more stuff like that but don't know what to read or if order really matters.

No. 468410

File: 1569989158046.jpg (33.31 KB, 600x320, formula-lisa.jpg)


-Wealth of nations by Adam Smith
-The road to Serfdom by Hayek
-The Theory of Money and Credit by Ludwig Von Mises
-Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman
-Gulag Archipielago by Solzhenitsyn
-The Latin Americans: Their Love-hate Relationship with the United States by Carlos Rangel

No. 468411

anyone else waste an entire day just because they mentally exhausted themselves in public and want to recover?

No. 468421

That’s everyday for me anon. I just get so drained after interacting with people all day.

No. 468443

Thanks for the worthless list of unrelated books I guess.

No. 468444


Nothing could be more feminist than learning economics and valuing individual freedoms but i'm sure someone else can make you a list of crab mentality and victim complex manuals.

No. 468445

Anon asked for one thing and you gave them something wrong in response. That makes feminist literature a bucket of crabs now?

No. 468448

>That makes feminist literature a bucket of crabs now?
That anon almost definitely being a scrot is why feminist literature is both that and a 'victim complex manual'.

And here is a list for anon, I conveniently stumbled across it as I wrote this post.

No. 468449

Good list.

No. 468453

File: 1570005957356.jpg (106.15 KB, 627x622, asdad.jpg)


>And here is a list for anon

See, heres the crab bucket and victim complex pamphlets.

>muh scrote

good old fallacy, we just have vastly different ideas of what feminism should be and what constitutes female empowerment. Most of those books are the stereotypical collectivist slave rhetoric.

>Love and Politics: Radical Feminist and Lesbian Theories

That made me laugh, it is almost like a satire.

No. 468457

Seems like you’d say this even if it was the writing of Mary stone Wollstonecraft lol

No. 468458

What does the phrase "uncanny valley" mean? I tried googling it but I'm stupid and can't make sense of the definition.

No. 468459

It's our resident Latin-American homophobe-chan/tradthot sperg. You can tell by the embarrassing behavior and the last book she listed.

No. 468461

Something that looks human but for some reason doesn’t feel human.

Omg homophone chan finally found something new. I wonder what retarded thing they’ll try next?

No. 468466

File: 1570009663502.jpg (21.78 KB, 275x271, 1513316663156.jpg)

>homophobe chan
>latin american

You took 3 shots and missed them all. Its specially amusing that someone that thinks women should take agency and get in stem and economics instead of playing the victim is totes a tradthot for the standards of unhinged commie radfems. You have a containment PP thread to go back to btw.

>lesbian theories

lmfao, still can't get over that one.

No. 468467

You type the same way in every thread, and act the same way, too. Just stop posting for a while. Doesn't it get tiring fighting with people all the time?

No. 468468

You do realize that anon was trying to get a rise out of you, right? Why did you even reply?

Are you the same sped shitting up unpopular opinions with nitpicks of that little girl?

No. 468470

Lmao sperging out over something nobody said because you’ve invented a narrative about how bad anonymous women asking for feminist literature are.

The economic history of a banana republic is fucking worthless to someone looking for a history of women’s liberation, but plz carry on with your argument with literally nobody.

No. 468473

>women’s liberation,

Realizing the harmful effects of collectivism and bad economic policy is paramount to women interests, what you are shilling is slavery with progressive code words and a fools trap for women to go against their own best interest. No one cares about the economics of banana republics, just about shilling the same mentality that keep those places banana republics. If it was written by a Sandinista, Galeano or the Cuban Minister of public relations, maybe.

No. 468476

Getting the right to vote was slavery.

Good one fucknuts.

No. 468479

Wanting bodily autonomy is against women’s best interests now?
Is fighting for funding for women’s shelters to provide refuge for those escaping domestic violence also against our collective best interest?

No. 468481

No such thing as wifebeating, just do maths or engineering and sexism stops existing, duh.

No. 468482

TIL women being treated fairly is LiTeRaLlY sLaVeRy

I can't tell if you're a troll or if you're genuinely this retarded. My guess is the letter based on the sheer dedication you've had to posting hilarious tinfoil hat nonsense.

No. 468521

I get what point you're making but what the fuck? lmao.

The last book on your list is something I might consider reading, thanks.

This is a great list that I definitely would have never found on my own. Good mix of topics. I think I'll read Kill All Normies first because online culture is another interest of mine.

No. 468537

Is there a way to clean handbag hardware so it's silver instead of gold?
I've googled and googled and maybe I am doing something wrong due to a language barrier, but.
I have a cute handbag and I am pretty sure that the hardware is made of a silver-ish metal that is only plated/painted gold. I would like to strip that gold layer. How do I go about it?
There is plenty of advice on removing actual jewelry gold plating or actual household paint from metal, but that's of course not it. I am not even sure what "it" is and how it's properly called and how it's done and whatnot.
Is there like, some specific terms I am supposed to be looking up?
I know this is a really specific and fairly obscure question, but hell, at this point if you can guide me towards the place where I should ask it, it would be really appreciated too.

No. 468565



Seems like you can't remove it, so I would look into ways to paint over it instead. The second person who replied to that offered a way to do it with silver leaf


This person apparently does it with thinned out nail polish.

When you're searching for more info use the terms "gold tone" and "silver tone" hardware instead of just gold and silver, that will help you find info that's more relevant because then the articles will not be about literal gold and silver

Search "change gold tone hardware to silver tone" rather than "remove gold tone" since it probably can't be 'removed' only covered

No. 468620

I really need to see a doctor but both hospitals I've called to ask for a primary care physician haven't gotten back to me. I need a doctor so what do I do???

No. 468624

You sound really afraid of reading anything outside the austrian school. I get it, I used to pride myself on being ~a classical liberal~ too and I still love me some Schumpeter but if you think economics can be truly, robustly understood without reference to women's specific experiences (and crucially, as analyzed and written about women), you're a weak ass economist. Don't be so afraid to study anything but Mises, Hayek, Friedman–it's all very calm and beautiful in that world where creative destruction takes care of everything and decentralized power solves all problems and everyone who disagrees is just a weak-minded baby terrified of the free exchange of ideas, but it's a lot fucking lazier than actually spending some time with Dworkin or MacKinnon and realizing the Austrians seemed to have everything figured out because they purposefully ignored the messier biases of the human animal.

Thanks for giving me a reason to use my econ, degree, anon. And reminding me how much easier it was to believe Hayek had all the answers.

No. 468630

>You sound really afraid of reading anything outside the austrian school

Not at all, big implication. Its actually commie crabs who can't go beyond their horizons or their minds explode. Sure they'll read Open Veins and believe every lineof cuban propaganda, they won't ever read Carlos Rangel. They used to do book burnings of his writings actually , look at his country today.

No. 468631

Just go walk in and see if someone can see you. If they won't then they'll at least have to work an appointment out for later. They can't ignore you when you're right in front of them.

No. 468632

She’s gonna sperrrrrrrrrrg
What’s got you riled up today?

No. 468647

I really don't know what to do but it's eating me from the inside.
So a childhood friend of mine who I haven't seen in ages since elementary moved into my neighborhood. We've started hanging out together and I enjoy her company. It's been only recently that I've met her husband and I've recognized him from before since he has interesting facial features.
Anyhow, I've met him in a bar in a nearby town and while nothing happened, we were flirting, he put his hand on my thigh, and he wasn't wearing a ring because I pay attention to that. A married man is off limits to me and an instant ignore. So nothing sexual happened as I wasn't in the mood but I got the impression that if I pushed it that something could have happened.

And I know he recognized me too. However, since nothing happened I don't want to say anything but I still feel guilty. They have a kid too, a recent newborn. But he wasn't cheating right? It's not like we did something?

No. 468654

File: 1570060987168.png (54 KB, 228x221, EA6AFE31-F037-4A6B-988F-2C11B0…)

can't believe i'm falling into this cow-tier shit, but what's the most reputable site to buy followers and likes for instagram?

not trying to be even mildly e-popular, just want to reach a normie-tier number of followers/likes that makes me come off as less like the freakish loner i actually am.

No. 468667

I wouldn't say anything unless I had proof to show her that he's a definite scumbag. Even then she still may not care/kill the messenger.

No. 468703

I have my wisdom teeth and I wanna do something cool with them. I was thinking earrings or a necklace or something. Any ideas?

No. 468709

anon, i did this a few years ago. I bought followers/likes/comments for my instagram to seem like less of a loser in high school. but guess what? it actually made me seem like more of a loser since people could tell they were fake. I ended up deleting my instagram and all social media a while ago, and I don't regret it at all. It was super toxic for me and I felt so insecure and paranoid about likes to the point of blowing a bunch of money on the same thing you're thinking of. Trust me anon, it's not worth it and will only make you feel worse since you'll know they're not real and smart normies will too.

No. 468718


You could just pay for ads so your posts will show up in people's timeline. You'll get some followers that are at least real.

I personally gave up on social media, i have no clue how to build a following without already knowing someone popular, paying ads or buying bots.

No. 468744

Thanks. You're right.

No. 468822

The post in the confessions thread made me think about my own habits because I pick my skin a ton. I can't help it, it's like a sneeze. I pick pimples and ingrown hairs and everything. I'm also extremely prone to neurosis, I get seemingly absurd thoughts in my head that I can't get rid of. Like the classic did I leave the stove on, I might not be able to think about it for the whole day and sinking deeper and deeper into the panic and can't concentrate on anything else which really interferes with my work. I have to resist the temptation to call someone to check my stove. I'm socially anxious to a fault and get panic attacks sometimes, I overthink interactions with people all the time. Is this a sign of OCD or just general anxiety? I've lived like this for so long that it all seems like a normal routine to me and I never stopped to think about that maybe other people aren't as fucking nuts.

No. 468835

I have the same, I always pick my ingrown hairs/pimples, have intrusive thoughts and have to touch several things 4x in a row to feel peace. Leaving the house also is hard for me because of the stove etc. It is interesting because I never saw the connection between how I I treat my body and my weird obsessions, but it probably makes sense. I don’t know what exactly it is, but I was only diagnosed with general anxiety. I told my psychiatrist about my behavior and he just asked me if I suffer from it. I don’t, because I have been like this since I was a child and it is normal to me. He said I should sometimes try to not give in the urge of my ticks, which is pretty difficult, but I do try it a bit every now and then. I think I would feel more relaxed without my ticks, but I don’t really know what to do. Probably just not give in a lot, but that is really hard!

No. 468845

it depends on why you're doing it. i have OCD and do certain weird things like eat pieces of snack foods in pairs, but my stress ticks like picking scabs when i am nervous, and they are more related to anxiety so i think they are possible without OCD. anon in the confessions thread seems OCD because of how she described her methodology.

No. 468866

I noticed in random American TV shows where you sometimes get to see the inside of people's houses I often see paper plates? Is that a common thing? Why not just get a cheap set of dishes and just rewash that? Does it have something to do with water or laziness? So many questions..

No. 468872

I don’t think many people use paper plates that often— mostly for when there’s large quantities of guests/informal dining, like eating on the back patio or something. Most people use real plates quite regularly, the only family I can think of offhand that doesn’t is my friend who has a brother with autism, in which cleanup is easier for him if he can just throw it out.

No. 468876

when I called a hospital that has a lot of providers with my insurance they said they weren't taking new patients at the moment. Do we really have this much of a shortage of doctors? I need an OBGYN or something because I'm pretty sure I have a really bad cyst and its hurting me so badly I can't have sex.

No. 468884

i use paper plates, but only when guests are over. it's just my fiance and i at home and we only have enough dishes for us two.

No. 468890

So I had an extremely late period that started around the 28th and ended around yesterday morning or monday night. Lots of spotting, some red blood but not at all like a usual period. Pregnancy tests came back negative, and I doubt I could be pregnant because I had unprotected sex while my period was already late and there is little chance I ovulated at all during that time. Now I feel crampy and fatigued, does anyone know if this is a symptom of something like PCOS or cysts or polyps? I can't get a doctor to get back to me so I'm sitting here trying to find out whats wrong on my own

No. 468926

I use paper plates because I’m too tired to clean dishes.

No. 468937

I'm sorry you can't get to a doctor right now anon, an ultrasound would be your best bet to see if you have ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, etc.; if you get an ultrasound and don't find anything that would cause irregular periods, your doctor would probably recommend a blood test to see if you have hypothyroidism.

No. 468939

Are there any actual proper benefits to using essential oils?
I guess "lavender smells relaxing so it's used for better sleep" is one, but besides that?
I am genuinely curious, but the internet is so full of bullshit about the topic, it's hard to find anything valuable. I am not aboutto believe that injesting those will be good for me lmao, but I still like some smells and applied tea tree to pimples most my life (I don't even know how to judge if it made anything better though)

No. 468940

Can deodorant stains on the underarms of dark clothes be permanent? Somehow I never noticed before.

Also, what form of deodorant do you guys use? As far as gels, the solid roller kind, etc.

No. 468948

in addition to what other anons have said, you rarely need as many paper plates as you get in the packages in stores, so growing up my family and my friends' families always had paper plates laying around lol. We'd use em sometimes just to get rid of them.

No. 468952

I used roller deo for a while because I think they're more effective than spray, but I find them to become difficult to use when they're not very full anymore. Other types like gel or cream are hard to get and expensive, so spray it is.

No. 468957

File: 1570139096278.jpeg (58 KB, 720x480, 5d96540e2200008c01dcdf44.jpeg)

so these people allegedly meant to do this for some kind of meaning. idgi. can someone please explain what the couple are trying to do here for me

No. 468969

idk but i'm almost certain it was a dumb as fuck reason/meaning

No. 468970

I think some act as natural insect repellents, like peppermint. Peppermint is also a pretty good stimulant for some people because the smell of menthol wakes them up and I'd assume it's nice if you're congested. Same with eucalyptus. My ex was Australian and I guess some people there use a humidifier with eucalyptus oil when they have sinus infections.
A lot of it is woo or YMMV but won't hurt you if used responsibly. I make a gentle cleaner with vinegar and add orange oil to make it smell a bit better, sometimes I add a drop of oil to my laundry detergent to make it smell nice. I also use tea tree oil on pimples like you do. I've heard it's good for the scalp if you have dandruff. Be careful applying oils if your skin is sensitive because essential oils are irritating and need to be diluted!

No. 468975

Anon, I would be devastated by this if I were your friend. She will react very badly, but if you can get it across to her that you didn't know it was her husband and he wasn't wearing a ring, I think it's the right thing to do. You have to decide what matters to you morally/emotionally and how you think she will react. She may want to believe him over you because he is her husband. It sounds like he may do this often and even if not, she deserves to know. How horrible that she has his child and he treats her like that. She should have the knowledge of what he's like so she can call him out and leave…assuming she believes you.

No. 468979

It seems like the couple are fans of the TV show and live close to the wall (used in the show) so they took photos there. For whatever mistaken reason they photoshopped in the handmaids as a 'statement', unfortunately nobody stopped them to explain how stupid it made them look.
If you reverse image search it you'll get some articles with quotes from the couple.

No. 469002

>handmaid themed wedding

imagine being this retarded

No. 469077

File: 1570166872505.jpg (77.45 KB, 900x675, teefs.jpg)

anon there are SO MANY cool things to do, I'm so jealous. I'm excited to get mine out so I can wear them, pic related. the knuckledusters are deadset badass and I would unironically rep that shit all day winston

keep us updated if you end up doing anything with them!! jewellery making supplies are cheap as chips online/at craft stores so it'd be pretty easy to get creative. god speed tooth anon

No. 469081

is this for real? because I thought I was still asleep when I saw this post. Do people actually wear this shit or is this some weird art project?