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Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/408296

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Unrelated, but do you know the artist of the thread pic? It’s cute af

No. 425441

more witches? mad lad OP, you trying to start WW3?

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No. 425449

I'm watching a video about facial treatments on yt and I want to go to a spa so much right now. It looks so relaxing.

No. 425463

I don't mind the way dogs smell at all. It's even a little comforting, maybe because I grew up with them.

No. 425468

I'm trying to get into discord and joined some channels but I just… don't care much about interacting with people online? It's difficult for me to just go and chat with random people online. I made a twitter account but I never use it because I have nothing to say.

I have some online friends I made over 10 years ago but they're pretty much only online friends I have. If I chat with people it's usually people I know in real life. Sometimes I post on imageboards but most of the time I just observe things and read what others have to say. In a way I kind of want to have a chat community where I could go and talk with people, but I don't know how to? I'm really social in real life though. When I was a child I was more lonely and spend more time talking with people online, but nowadays I just… can't do it? Even though I still sometimes spend a lot of time alone.

No. 425477

>‘No Lizzo’s whole brand is based around disgust for the fat black female body,’
>‘She knows that white America has a simultaneous lust and disgust for the black female body and she’s exploiting it. She knows white America loves itself a fat black wide eyed mammy and she’s playing directly into it.
everything azealia banks said about lizzo is true and it annoys me that the writer in the article is too braindead to fully address or ever understand it
i unironically wish we had more non-pc takes going around, but instead of the predictable boring racist "black bad white good orange man jesus" or "white bad black good orange man devil" shit, it was picking apart the more sophisticated nuances. like the archetypes entertainers and public figures play into, and even the ones we play into in our daily lives for the sake of convenience or outright success
it's not even just a race thing…society is very driven by certain archetypes and personas that aren't real and it'd be so cool to discuss

No. 425489

>society is very driven by certain archetypes and personas that aren't real

that's the dumbass part of this. the archetypes and personas are real, they just don't apply to everyone. nothing applies to everyone though so…

No. 425492

I took adorable nudes why the fuck does love interest have to be at work uggghh

No. 425502

My partner likes the way they smell too while they reek to me, but his family has had 3 dogs at a time before he was even born so maybe that’s why

No. 425504

Then why are you forcing yourself into it? It’s literally just a waste of time anyway, use that time for something constructive you actually enjoy instead of trying to force yourself into unhealthy pastimes…

No. 425519

what are fat black women supposed to do, hide in shame? the fat, black "mammy" stereotype isn't usually wearing fun spandex outfits and dancing on stage. Azealia is just an idiot jealous she squandered her own success. Who cares if one fat black women gets her fifteen minutes of fame as a pop star, megan trainor was able to do it.

No. 425541

File: 1561355458468.gif (229.51 KB, 472x440, 30875521563e248d14.gif)

I love this board so much. I have said this before and I know you hoes would hate me, but Idc, this is a special place unlike any other and visiting any male imageboard for literally even half a second is like stepping foot into a cum-covered leper colony, but like, one that truly and deeply deserves their leprosy. Like, colonies that actively encourage the breakdown of each others bodies and minds. I just visited one to quickly see something for the first time in the longest while. I'm just so grateful and I don't know how some of you girls even visit like, /tv/ or /v/ even

also how great is this gif of elijah wood? why elijah wood? it's genius

No. 425543

bitch, same.

No. 425544

scrolled down to see the headline
>Azealia Banks calls Irish people ‘inbred leprechauns’ and ‘barbarians‘ after mocking ‘ugly Irish women’

No. 425545

File: 1561356458727.jpg (24.06 KB, 500x510, el1201sdhv121.jpg)

>cum-covered leper colony
So accurate, I'm grateful for this place and the fact that I don't have to waste any time reading male opinions on anything anymore, particularly feminism. And the fact that most other posters feel the same and don't usually cape for them is a blessing.

No. 425546

I really love it when I take a huge poo and I just feel 10 lbs lighter.

No. 425547

me 2!! i love this board and all the hateful hoes on it. you literally make my world. this is one of the few places on the internet that don't tolerate male bullshit

No. 425548

File: 1561357648613.jpg (38.11 KB, 820x738, hUBGxJV.jpg)

In three years, What's My Age Again by Blink 182 will be about people that were born the year the song came out.

No. 425549

Arabs are becoming increasingly irreligious


it should be noted that Almost all of this change is coming from North Africa. Jordan/Palestine/Lebanon/Iraq only changed very marginally, and Yemen actually became more religious. But within North Africa there's been between ~5% (Algeria) and 15+% (Tunisia, Libya) decrease in religiosity, over just 5 years.

Other recent demographic findings from Arab world show- Arabs are becoming:
>less interested in politics
>more supportive of women in workforce and education
>apathetic in views on women in politics


You can see answers to a load of questions here: https://www.arabbarometer.org/survey-data/data-analysis-tool/

No. 425551

Why are all sorts of media calling North Africans "Arabs"? It's inaccurate and I hate to sound like a SJW but it's also erasure. It's the culture (language, religion, etc.) that has been arabized centuries ago but almost everyone in North Africa is indigenous to the region. By the way I expected a slightly higher percentage for Algeria for some reason.

No. 425552

Not sure if the political thing is good, but it sounds like things may be moving in a better direction at least for how men treat women. Seems like irreligiousness or liberalization of religion can translate to better treatment of women, but given the many male atheist chucklefucks, not always. I guess it'll depend on the cultural shifts too, but sounds like given greater support of women in education and the workplace, it sounds like things are shifting positively.

No. 425557

Because Brits and Americans are dumb and clearly don't care about anything other than themselves.
A few days ago I saw a segment about Chernobyl that said the disaster happened in my home country. Except my country is in southeast Europe and was never part of USSR, Stalin hated the shit out of us even. But we're Slavic so to them it's the same thing I guess. A "reputable" news channel couldn't be bothered to do a simple Google search.

No. 425560

That's beautiful anon.

No. 425564

majority of North African do identify themselves as Arabs though

No. 425566

I spent some time on /r/izlam today and the internet is having a huge effect on Muslim culture. It's getting mixed up with western streams of thought. Many are keeping their faith, but the idea that we should all kill each other over the hereafter seems to be a losing idea in the marketplace of ideas.
The tremendous dedication to memorizing volumes of religious text is falling by the wayside in favor of modern living and careers. But the identity of being a Muslim and the participation in the rituals is holding steady so far for the most part.

No. 425569

For the first time in like 3 years I wore a short sleeve top in public for a walk to get groceries with my bf. He told me when we got home that every time we bumped arms (skin2skin) he felt the need to apologize because he thought he bumped into a stranger. I suddenly feel so sad about depriving him of of cute arm bumps lol.

No. 425570

French people do that shit too. You'll have weird conversations with some Algerians and French people sometimes who go like this and it's embarrassing to watch:
>hey, where are from?
>I'm Kabyle and I have family in Algeria and in France
>ok, so you're an Arab then!
An equivalent would be saying an African American guy is Anglo-Saxon because American culture and history is derived from Great Britain.

>A "reputable" news channel couldn't be bothered to do a simple Google search.

It must have been so embarrassing to watch. But from the things I see in the news sometimes I can't say I'm surprised they barely research anything.

Because of the culture, not because of ethnicity, and according to some relatives it's a relatively recent phenomenon linked with colonisation independence and political/religion shit with the middle east. And then again it depends on specific regions.

No. 425573

File: 1561366662068.jpg (14.52 KB, 326x326, why.jpg)

i looked so much better with long hair why did i cut it

No. 425574

this honestly gives me hope. the children of muslim families tend to be more open minded than their parents, internet helps you see the bigger world around your eco chamber and research about the inconsistencies of islam. having the chance to do some research and meet other ex-muslims helped me at least.
so many turkish high schoolers i've talked with are irreligious or questioning. the more the government pushes hard to enforce islamic rules, the more people see its faultiness and are put off from it.

No. 425577

Speaking as a French of Turkish ancestry, most people here think Turks are some variation of Arabs, even when you try telling them that the language is completely unrelated and actually even closer to Mongol than to Arabic. As a corollary, they end up thinking Turks and North Africans are somehow culturally and ethnically close.

So good luck making them understand that North Africans are not originally Arabs.

The most annoying thing IMO is that it's often willful ignorance on their part. Of course I don't expect French people to know everything about every ethnic group, but even when you try and explain the differences many just prefer to hang on to their clichés and narrow worldview where every ME/NA person is an Arab that eats couscous tajine and kebab.

No. 425578

Sage for samefagging but an other pet peeve of mine is people who think Turkey is a desert and are shocked to learn it rains or snows there. Ugh.
Because again Turks = Arabs = Desert and sand dunes.

No. 425580

reply with confusing them with other white nationalities if they do that.

No. 425600

I'm sure we talked about that a little in another thread, I remember you or maybe another French and Turkish anon saying the same thing earlier. I find this so frustrating because you would think France would maybe know a little about the countries they invaded and colonized for decades but they don't even make that effort. The worst are the ones who brag about their grand-parents being pieds-noirs and they say the most inaccurate or offensive shit about Maghribes as a whole while also saying that it's ok, they know what they're talking about because it's kind of like they're Algerians too. The few Arabs from the Middle East I've talked to irl or online don't even see North Africans as part of their community anyway, let alone Turks.

>even when you try telling them that the language is completely unrelated

Yeah it doesn't sound very similar and it's not even remotely written the same way. People probably think most Turks and North Africans are Muslims and we kind of look like each other so we're all the same people.

No. 425611

yeah it's because they group all muslims as being arab. Even though the culture, vegetation, language and the way turks practice their religion is completely different.

No. 425627

Turks started as mongols and then mixed with everyone so they are country of mutts.

No. 425647

File: 1561383343914.jpg (41.16 KB, 600x300, lol.jpg)

He looks like Taemin/Jimin.

No. 425649

I don't know? I just got curious since everyone else uses it or other chat things. Like if so many people like it then maybe it's fun

No. 425665

I think my dog is going to pass on soon. She's 15 years old now. She gets pretty lethargic when the weather is gloomy, so I didn't think too much of it last week when we had rain everyday because she was still eating and coming up to my family for some snuggles. But the weather's cleared up and she hasn't gotten any pep back into her step like usual (if you met her, you'd think she was young. She runs and acts like a pup in her prime all the time).

Yesterday her back legs were wobbling around pretty bad. She's been kinda wobbly and clumsy for a while now, but it's never bothered her. Sometimes I thought it was because she was running so fast that she just keeps tripping over herself. Yesterday, it looked difficult for her to walk. I told my dad we should bring her to the vet but he brushed it off that she's just old. I get that she's old… isn't that more reason to bring her? Anyway, she finished all of her food didn't want to go out for a walk, which is really uncharacteristic.

This morning she didn't eat, hasn't really been walking around too much, and also didn't want to go walk again. She's been walking normally again, but just really… really slow.

I've been looking at a specific pet cemetery that's about an hour's drive away from my home. From the photos, it looks like a beautiful place. I like that the land won't ever be used for anything else, so I can rest easy that my pup will always be there. I wanted to have her cremated and kept there because my parents are pretty nonchalant about things in the house (they shoved awards I got in high school and a vase from my host mother in Japan in the back of the TV cabinets, to be covered by other random shit they bought), so I want to make sure her remains are kept somewhere safe, where I can come back and visit her no matter where I'll move to in the world.

Even though I wanted to have her cremated (the cemetery has a specially priced package that includes the cremation, urn, internment fee, granite marker, and maintenance fee for $1000), my father wants her buried whole (the prices for a burial start at under $2000). I mean… I don't want price to play a role because my dog is my everything, but I also have student loans to pay and my dad is absolutely shit at handling money (my mother keeps everything in line and paid, but there undoubtedly a mountain of debt there because of his shit spending). I sort of want to be like "it's my money, I'm paying for this, I want her cremated" but my dad was upset that my grandmother was cremated and he had no say in it (he wanted her buried) so I feel like the least I can do is just have our dog buried.

I feel like it's so stupid forking over so much money for just a dog, but I grew up with her and she's my sunshine. I feel like a part of me is dying. Who know, when I go home she might just go back to her annoying, yappy self, but I know her time is coming and I want to prepare for it.

Also I'm on my period so I'm extra emotional and on the verge of crying every few minutes about this. Fuck.

No. 425668

Lolcow really is a unique experience. I don't think I had ever had a place that felt like a truly female space online until now. Y'all catty and petty as fuck sometimes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you too, anon.

No. 425669

You should take her to the vet. It's possible (and really very likely) that she's suffering from arthritis. The vet can help, especially if it's more localized. Hopefully it's not something much worse than that. Your dad doesn't sound like a good pet owner. His priorities are absolute shit. He'll spend an extra $1000 on a burial, once she's no longer suffering, but won't take her to the vet to prevent or alleviate her suffering? Wtf

No. 425676

I wanted to say the same thing just the other day. I love it here.

No. 425681

Omg same. I feel just like that. I grew up with the internet basically and all spaces were always dominated by guys. I felt so out of place because I knew if they found out I was a girl the good old "tits or GTFO" would happen ugh.

No. 425682

Me too, I love everyone here and I love that we can all talk about pretty much anything.

I can think of fandoms on lj and maybe tumblr in the early 2010s (it turned to shit in 2013 imo) when it comes to female spaces online. But they don't really exist anymore and I miss the atmosphere there so much sometimes.

No. 425685

She does have arthritis actually! It was pretty bad maybe two years ago, she would sit and cry loudly from being in pain. He brought her to the vet back then to get weekly shots and everything settled down and she seems better now (no more sitting around in one spot and crying). I would bring her myself but the vet we like to take her too is difficult to get to without a car, and only my dad has a license (I got my permit but haven't started lessons yet).

It's weird with my parents and dog. I don't doubt that they love her as much as I do, but I don't think they really want to bother with her. I screamed my head off about wanting a dog when I was a kid, and we finally got her when I was 8. She's always been "my" dog, even though I was wildly unprepared for what training and taking care of a dog was going to be like. They gave me breed specific books, but as an 8 year old with really terrible reading comprehension, I don't know what the fuck to do lol. Not to mention my dog's breed is notoriously stubborn. So in the end, we never got her to learn much more than sit. The internet wasn't the great and vast resource for dog training as it is now (not that it would've helped because… I was 8 and my parents didn't really care).

My dad worked away from home when I was young and took the dog with him, taking care of her for a large chunk of her life, so they were really close and she loved him more than anyone else in the house. Then when he changed jobs and lived at home again, my mum mostly took care of her. Am I a shit owner? Probably. I chalk it up to "I was just a kid and my parents would've never let me walk the dog outside in the morning by myself as a small child," but now as an adult who can finally take care of herself and earn a bunch of disposable income, I finally feel like I'm there for my dog, and now she's the closest with me. We both wake up early in the morning before anyone else, and I try to make it a point to cuddle her as much as I possibly can. I'm now the one who feeds, walks, and bathes her. It's definitely too little too late, but I'm trying to make up for all the years I couldn't be her main caretaker as much as I can.

My parents definitely hate vet bills and think they're ridiculous for what it is most of the time (paying hundreds to just have someone touch my dog a little and then be like "yeah shes fine just old"), but she's my whole world. They conveniently see her as just a dog when it comes to times like these, but any other time they're babying her and give me shit when I try to scold them for babying her too much (she had a fucking AWFUL habit of barking a lot because she knew it would get her treats, and my parents would constantly cave and give her too many).

sage for stupid dog rambling lol. Worst comes to worst I might uber/lyft to the vet, but she also gets car sick so I'm worried about her puking in a strangers car.

No. 425771

It's >>425665 again. On top of hassling my dad to take my dog to the vet, I called the cemetery anyway so I could get a rough estimate on the cost so I could look into a payment plan or some sort.

The burial would cost $2,100, and it includes a basic marker and a plywood casket. A nicer one (I randomly picked cherry wood off the top of my head) is around $750 alone. The annual maintenance fee to guarantee that my dog's plot of land would not be disturbed/dug up/maintained is $80, and the perpetual, one-lump sum one is $2,600. I fucking hate this, I just want to get her cremated like I originally wanted. That alone would've just been roughly $1k plus the $2.6k perpetual maintenance fee. Fuck. I have to ask my dad if we can drive up there one week because to set up the payment plan we have to meet them in person and pick out a grave plot and whatever. Ugh. Why can't pets just live forever?

No. 425772

Just overheard two of my overweight coworkers talking about how they always seem to hit a 'plateau' while dieting and that no amount of exercise seems to help them lose weight. All while they both made coffee with like half a cup of milk and sugar. I don't want to be that person to butt in dietsplain but gurls…please. Love yourself and cut out the liquid calories.

No. 425801

Plateaus happen to all of us even if they're consuming under TDEE at the end of the day. The problem is that most people think this means the body is in starvation mode and requires calories over TDEE to fix itself and lose weight (somehow).

No. 425808

Sometimes I wish men were sexualized in the same way women were. It always seems like women always have to try be "sexy" and accommodating for men. It's normal for them to send nudes, indulge in all their partner's fetishes, dress up in lingerie, etc. I know a lot of women like this and it makes them feel attractive but it seems so boring for me. I'd rather the guy I like go out of his way to be attractive and "sexy" for me. To send me teasing full-body pictures of him without pestering me for them (not dick pics, that doesn't even count), for him to actively want to know what I like so he can please me better, just in general enjoying being as attractive as possible for me. I feel like a lot of men don't think about this at all and it's kind of disappointing.

I guess really what I'm saying is, I like submissive men? But a lot of them make everything about pleasing and pandering to them in the same way dominant men do. Like, they expect dominant women to wear sexy leather outfits, act like a bitch, do everything they want without reciprocation, etc. I'm so confused.

No. 425816

I've been interested in vulture culture/collecting bones for a while now but haven't found any dead animals until today. I spotted a dead bird on the road and I'm gonna go pick it up later when the traffic slows down. Thing is though, I live in an suburban apartment complex, and even though I do have a balcony/patio (I live on the bottom floor), I'm trying to figure out how to clean the bones without bothering my neighbors with any weird smells or sights.

No. 425818

File: 1561407740719.png (195.46 KB, 500x284, 1560312698453.png)

Dear youtube, PLEASE stop recommending me these lazy reddit adbux videos, just because I clicked them ONCE (1) out of curiosity.

No. 425820

Just because you like the idea of a guy going out of his way to look sexy, doesnt mean youre into submussive men lol

No. 425825

My eczema was so fucking god awful for the past 2 weeks or so. Like, I haven't had it be this fucking bad since high school. The topical steroids I usually use from my doctor weren't doing fucking shit for me, so I bought the Aveeno eczema therapy balm and it sort of alleviated the itchiness and pain.

Suddenly, like two days ago, shit just went away. It's no longer itchy, honestly it feels like brand new, not eczema ridden skin. It was barely a gradual transition- it was there one day, mostly gone the next. One spot is still a little rough, but not itchy or red or bothering me. I did nothing special outside of furiously constantly applying the eczema balm (sometimes with the topical steroid but I kept that to a minimum). Why the fuck is skin like this lol. Well, at least that shit is fucking gone, but fuck I hope it doesn't come back.

No. 425833

I'll never understand that shit. I don't have eczema but psoriasis all over my scalp and something similar happened to me. I tried several useless treatments because of my dermatologist when I was a teenager, then it disappeared out of nowhere after I stopped treatments. It came back a few months ago so it must have been like 7 or 8 years since then, and this shit is chronic. I hope your symptoms will stay away for a long time at the very least.

No. 425838

Sometimes, I really just want to turn my brain off and start typing "like dis!!!! :3 xD hehe :D ^^". I don't really know why.

No. 425849

Male humans should be more like male birds, I'm serious. Peacocks know how to impress a lady.

No. 425868

File: 1561416682218.jpg (103.84 KB, 874x898, 1560778446226.jpg)

No. 425871

>look up something medical or health related on youtube
>recommended videos turns into extremely disgusting rotten teeth thumbnails or gory footage of surgeries that should really be on liveleak

No. 425890

I get what you're saying, but this doesn't necessarily mean they're submissive. I think there are probably a lot of guys that are considerate in this way, but aren't submissive. You can totally find guys like this though. I get easily turned off by guys that want to take "sexy" photos of themselves, or ones that take photos of themselves at all, really, but I can tell you I've come across many. They're out there. Most of the time it's less about consideration and more about narcissism though.

No. 425969

I feel this
I still like to keyboard mash

No. 425987

do it. shits liberating

No. 426044

no offense to brits because i do think some british accents are just normal accents but sargon of akkad's accent is annoying. it sounds like he's trying too hard.

No. 426046

On a similiar note, I don't find cigars/cigarettes smell unpleasant. My parents barely smoke when I was young and never around me. As a child I would find it nice tbh and didn't get why people thought it reeked.

No. 426073

I really don't like it if they do it generally because then it's just narcissism, but only if they go out of their way to do it for me. Like a guy I'm in a relationship with specifically acting sexy in the way I like because he wants to please me. I guess I didn't explain it well. In my eyes that's somewhat submissive.

This is really cute.

No. 426074

I want to date a bird now

No. 426078

File: 1561462295128.jpg (10.05 KB, 236x208, 93aa579c68b771fada51dbe706c436…)

Oof, big mood. Or like, watching a clip from a cartoon and getting a bunch of reccomendations for dumb shit like "DiRty MomEnTs iN caRtOonZ" or "CaRtOon ePisOdes tHat wEre tOo sExY fOr Tv!!1!", with awful porn fanart as the thumbnail.

The fuck? All I did was click on a fucking clip from Spongebob?

No. 426081

File: 1561462690602.jpg (141.7 KB, 750x711, 1561309533712.jpg)

Is it bad that I relate to this
Like I seriously believe a global collapse is imminent and theirs nothing we can do now to stop it
I want to get a gun and learn some prepper skills

No. 426083

Spoiled kids who romanticize living in the woods are retards tbh. Everything is better, safer and more convenient for us thanks to industrialization and modern tech and they wouldn't cope without it.

No. 426085

I kinda relate, but now I've accepted that I can't change the world and we're fucked anyways, and I should just enjoy the people I love and the few nice things the world as to offer, like food, art, nature, etc.

No. 426086

I'm not romanticizing living in the woods,I know it will be horrible and miserable but the world environmentally has already reached the point of collapse and its only getting worse
here's just one example
"there are 100 crop species that provide 90% of food around the world and 71 of these are pollinated by bees. In Europe alone, 84% of the 264 crop species and 4,000 plant varieties exist thanks to pollination by bees." - Food and Agriculture Organization
Bees have been steadily disappearing for about a decade.
Slight temperature changes which are expected to occur within 20 years will start killing animal species, especially sea creatures.
So basically the lack of bees means no agriculture to eat, and the temperature changes means no more animals to eat.
The world's population is unsustainable with the decline in food

The only thing we can do now is prepare

No. 426088

I feel like a lot of these guys would get a mental breakdown pretty quickly if civilization actually collapsed and they'd have try to survive every day for real. Apocalypse larping is fun as long as you're not actually in any real danger and can go back to comfy life whenever you want.

No. 426089

File: 1561464855542.png (190.02 KB, 984x2684, xm8rdwfebb631.png)

like ChapoTrapHouse users

No. 426092

Yeah, it's so fun to feel like leh blackpilled doomer from the comfort of your parent's home in a first world country. I witness what looks like civil war every day in the shit hole I live and it's not fun. It's literally people complaining because they're too comfortable. ffs

No. 426168

You underestimate how important meaning is in people's life. There is a reason why suicide rates are much lower in places like India or Africa, and why especially males kill themselves in the west. You also underestimate how much more it hurts men to feel useless/unneeded compared to how much violence actually affects or traumatizes them. You think those ghetto guys are all traumatized people that can't walk or talk because they have been beaten up once? They are probably way less depressed because at least they feel important to their group.(useless/unneeded male; ban evasion)

No. 426176

I don't know where else to keep my dumbass crying about my dog. I unleashed the stupid floodgates at work while calling my dad to see if he received the package of her new food. He said he just remembered he was off this Thursday and I pleaded with him to take her to the vet then and then burst into fucking tears at my desk. This is the fucking worst, I hate myself. I want to turn off my brain about this. There's nothing I can do. I'm trying my absolute best to hold it together but I feel like I'm just coming apart at the seams.

He keeps telling me that she's okay, and I don't know if he really believes this or if he's trying to hold it together as best as he can for us.

Fuck, why couldn't I just hold it in for 45 more minutes until I went on my lunch break? I look so fucking unprofessional. I'm lucky that it's slow as fuck in my office and we have no scheduled outside visitors, but people are still going to pass in front of where I sit inevitably. I knew I should've brought my makeup with me but I didn't, so now I'm trying the best that I can to soak up these tears without smudging/completely ruining my eyeliner.

No. 426178

This is a myth that has to be disproven
The majority of suicides in the US are done by middle age working class men who live in rural communities,the reasons for these suicides is due to lack of proper access to proper mental health resources and the fact that their bodies are completely broken due to the manual labor and they have no heath insurance so they would rather kill themselves then deal with the pain
Africa and Asia have incredibly high suicide rates mainly done by Young men cause of the horrible conditions they live so they too would rather kill themselves then deal with the pain

No. 426180

>There is a reason why suicide rates are much lower in places like India or Africa
i mean, something tells me suicide cases aren't documented in those places because of a mixture of circumstances. it's mostly to do with poor mental health awareness, stigma and lack of resources
as someone who's seen the worst of the worst - i don't think there is some sense of camaraderie and pure friendship in these places, in spite of what tourists think lmfao
everyone in this world is suffering. everywhere is horrible. but first worlders actually have the resources and high living standards to address the inner problems while everyone else is worrying about the outer problems like food and disease
sorry to say, but these "doomers" don't even realize that the fact that they even have the opportunity to sit and contemplate their navels means they don't actually have shit to worry about.

when you're in the ass end of the ghetto, you literally just don't have the time or social support to talk about how you were molested by your cousin and now you have issues being close to any males and break into hives when another man so much as touches your shoulder, or about how your grandmother had schizophrenia but everyone said she just had "demons" and deserted her, and now you're starting to worry because you're seeing shadow people and hearing voices, or how you see absolutely no point to living anymore, or how your mother was physically and psychologically abusive so you cope by telling yourself women are just "hoes" to exploit and discard and that feelings are for simps. you have no time to listen to the smiths and LARP as a military man on /k/ while smoking cigarettes in a comfy bedroom while mommy makes you tendies and you're fantasizing about living in a log cabin in the middle of iceland when the world ends. no time to argue on the internet about the environment and pretend you're ready for an apocalypse.

you can only have a little cry about your issues at night when no one is around. then you get back to slinging drugs and gangbanging the moment you wake up until you inevitably get arrested and spend your life in jail or shot by other ghetto people (or cops), and that's your life.
it's not nice for anyone lol

No. 426182

oof, didn't see that ban
>useless/unneeded male
…like all men who think they have a right to post here, lmao?

No. 426185

this is an image board for women, anon. get over it.

No. 426188

did you misread my post? that's literally what i'm saying. men don't belong here and they are useless for coming here. this is an imageboard for women

No. 426190

What even is wrong with the dog?

No. 426191

oh shit my bad! I thought you were the male OP making a sarcastic remark.

No. 426231

She's old, she's 15 years old. She can go through long periods of lethargy, especially when the weather gets gloomy, but she isn't bouncing back to her old self like she used to. She's disinterested in her food, will barely even eat her favorite treats, has no interest in going outside for a walk, and has a trouble walking.

No. 426240

Aw, sorry to hear about her decline. Please don't feel bad about being openly sad about your dog. She's a part of your family and people should be able to empathize on that.

No. 426271

File: 1561491158369.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x545, large.jpg)

I've wanted a Switch for so fucking long, I've been following it back when it was still the Nintendo NX, but I always held off on getting one since I always had some kind of excuse, like bills to pay or there not being enough good games to play, but the whole time I was secretly lusting after one and so jealous watching everyone play with theirs. Now finally I've caved and decided it's high time I buy one, especially with the new Animal Crossing on the horizon (no pun intended lol), and I couldn't be more excited. I'm getting it on my birthday which is in two weeks as a nice little gift to treat myself and ugh I couldn't be happier. Hope all you ladies can also treat yourselves in July, I'll lend you my birthday as an excuse lol

No. 426300

Anon, that's genuinely an upsetting thing to go through and I don't think anyone would criticise you for crying. I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't shed a few tears while talking about their dog being sick or having to go to the vet while at work. Even if she doesn't enjoy walks or treats, I can guarantee she loves and appreciates your company.

Fuck, now you have me crying about my last dog.

No. 426301

Thank you anons, it means a lot to me. I just need a place to scream out my dumbass thoughts but I'll try to keep my crying on here to a minimum.

I know there will always be people (whether on this board or in real life) who will give me shit that she's just a dog. Yes, she's a dog, but she's my whole world. I spent so much of my life with her but feel like only recently since I came home from college that we really got to bond as I became her main caretaker.

The worst bit is that her new food JUST arrived today. I'm going to try handfeeding her a little bit of it and giving her some more of her favorite treats. Not even mad that I spent money on it, just sad because I thought it might improve the quality of her life to have it and then shit happened.

I'm trying to prepare all of the aftercare stuff, but the burial costs are going to eat up more than half of my savings. I know she couldn't care less about what or where she's buried in, but I want her to have a grave spot that I can visit and bring food offerings to. I'm hoping it'll make the grieving process a bit easier, but I'm also having dumb upset thoughts about her little puppy ghost waking up in some unknown graveyard, so far away from home (it's so dumb, I know). I knew that this would be inevitable, I've been crying thinking of her passing since day she came home to us, but fuck. The pain and acceptance of it never got any easier.

I'm sorry about your dog anon. What were they like? Please tell me more about them.

No. 426303

File: 1561496668464.jpg (53.22 KB, 1200x800, 57577046_10156699572638791_466…)

anon it's so much healthier holding off from buying these fucking expensive consoles happy 4 u, ZELDA IS MIND BLOWING

No. 426320

You're such a good owner and you're so thoughtful. I was holding back tears for a month. I didn't even know it was time, it was the vet who suggested letting him go and I trust her because she has a dog of her own. I found distracting myself worked really well so I always made sure that I was always busy and I was never alone. You're not weird for thinking any of these things, I felt the exact same way.

My dog was a little nasty terrier with a heart of gold. He loved going for walks in the forest and sleeping next to the window so he could guard the house. He was like the definition of a grumpy old man, he'd get into arguments with my dad and it was so cute. Kids especially loved him and he'd just sit there politely while they pulled his ears and tail. A few months before he passed away we fostered another dog and they got on so well, they slept in the same bed. After he passed away, this new dog helped me so much. Every time I went to cry (and I was howling), he'd look at me with his little confused face and it helped me realise that this new dog needed me and I had to be strong for him. After that, there was no way I was going to hand him back so we adopted him.

No. 426321

anon I'm actually so excited 4 you. TREAT YOSELF

No. 426346

Good for you, I hope you have lots of fun.

No. 426352

File: 1561503082969.jpg (26.97 KB, 359x347, 78893729873852.jpg)

My birthday is in two weeks too!! Congrats anon and happy birthday. I have a switch but I've only play BOTW on it. I'm gonna impulse buy games now!!

No. 426364

Thank you so much anon. Your reassurance means so much to me. I think I’m far from the best owner, but I’m trying not to dwell on the past and just focus on giving her the best quality of life from here on out.

Your pup sounds so cute! I’m sure he’s living his best grandpa life up there in doggy heaven. Unlimited food and treats, all the bellyrubs in the world, and no pain. I don’t really believe in the afterlife, but I hope that there’s one for dogs. I’m so happy to hear that you opened your home as a forever home to your other dog! It’ll probably be a long, long while before I get another dog (grieving and also dealing with career stuff) but I hope one day I can just buy a farm, retire on it, and just open my home to as many shelter dogs as I can afford to take care of.

No. 426368

i love love love the smell of moth balls

No. 426386

My purpose in life is to be a glue person. I can really feel that it's true in my bones.

No. 426449

File: 1561522495023.jpg (326.32 KB, 972x1280, tumblr_oji0ideJdt1te5p3to1_128…)

I hate all these """relatable""" rappers who spread """positivity""" when their lyrics are: doing drugs, getting high/drunk, doing gross lewd things, objectifying women, glorifying mental illness etc etc… and people eat that shit right up. I don't know why…? The music and lyrics especially are cookie cutter emo stuff like "i wanna die with a blunt and side hoe on my dick" or something retarded like that.

I want to say I love all you girls too. This place is truly special.

No. 426497

File: 1561538520587.png (413.22 KB, 454x383, 000.PNG)

Look at this picture and just try to tell me it isn't the perfect crystallization of everything corny about /pol/tier trad fairymen. Nothing wrong with looking like the resident lesbians at your small town JCPenneys, but don't you dare try to LARP as ultra virile machomen when you look like this. How are they not suffering from imposter syndrome? It takes a really high level of compartmentalization and self-deception. I hate that they've been coming here more recently.

No. 426548

Any guy who NEEDS to label himself that and glorifies being a traditional super macho all day on imageboards probably isn't like this naturally. The guys I know who are like this don't even give a shit, they just are and live life.

No. 426599

All the dogs on this channel are so god damn fucking cute, I'm losing my mind over it. Fuck.

No. 426635

I recently met a guy and we started texting and exchanging messages back and forth and he seemed pretty cool, like I could make a new friend. I thought for sure he would ditch me when I said I had a boyfriend but he seems okay with it and is willing to be friends with me. Is there hope for the male species after all?

No. 426641

File: 1561569978239.jpg (106.89 KB, 639x959, vr0a8844.jpg)

yep, that's pretty ridiculous in the sense that their whole shtick looks half hearted and disingenuous. as opposed for example to the golden one who, despite his narcissism and latent/blatant gayness, seems 100% committed and dedicated to his larping.
the genuine cheesy approach of teary eyed mother evropa nazi hobbits doing push ups in the woods is at least really funny and fascinating, whereas it commentators on the right like allsup or hunter avallone are just boring dime a dozen ironic memesters that ring hollow.
what a world we live in for all those people to be actually real, this is definitely the weirdest timeline.

No. 426642

double posting but, thanks for the description anon, I had a good laugh.

No. 426645

wtf, that torso looks hilarious.

No. 426647

File: 1561570988529.jpg (22.91 KB, 640x360, Goldenone.jpg)

The golden one is the first and single male butterface I've laid my eyes upon.

Tbh I also find his body gross

No. 426648

File: 1561571131237.jpg (229.04 KB, 1240x1066, 2nh3gwm.jpg)

Kek he looks like a video game character

No. 426649

I feel really awkward around other people’s pets. I don’t dislike animals, dogs and cats can be fucking hilarious but when I meet one I’m like ???? what do I do? What do I say? They’re not gonna understand human words and what if they don’t like hugs if I go in for one? The dogs that take a liking to me go right in for the sniff and face licking but that’s kinda gross and I feel bad about pushing them away, but then there’s other dogs where I went to pet them and they kinda sat there and tolerated it like ":T". I miss my babysitter’s cat from years ago, it’s been over a decade but I’ll always remember the way she jumped right on my lap to sit there and the way she’d lay against my feet when I’d sit on the floor on the babysitter’s son’s PS2. I didn’t do anything to make this blessed cat love me so much. Good times.

Also I’m mad some weeb merch I preordered has been delayed until January and I’m getting impatient, should I pay for the other 10 things to start shipping or wait another month?

No. 426655

you feel awkward because you're expecting/hoping for them to love and be comfortable around you right away when animals don't work like that and have their own personalities and boundaries too.

No. 426657

so happy for you anon! I bought a switch sometime last year but I've barely played it… I'm super excited to use it again when animal crossing comes out!

I'm honestly god fucking awful at games and I bought my switch to play BOTW cause I had a lot of fun playing on my friend's switch but… all I would do is climb the mountains lol. I fucking suck at combat, I unlocked a tower by painstakingly spending like 20 minutes slowly climbing up the side of a mountain and avoiding all monsters.

No. 426659

Huh, I never really realized how awkward I am with cats until I read this post. I don't dislike them, I've just never owned any of my own and have no idea how to react to them. On the other hand, I do have a dog and I guess just being so used to being around a dog all the time, I do pretty alright when I meet new ones.

I know cats have their boundaries and stuff but I have no gauge for it so I always just stay away. I'll see my cousin roughhouse with her cat a little, pick him up randomly, or hold him down to clip his nails and he just takes it… It baffles me because I'm so scared of them biting or scratching because I've gone too far lol.

No. 426664

Cats relax when you slowly blink and act like youre sleepy. That's how they signal they're calm and not threatening so they can read that off your face too.
When you meet a cat or dog, hold out a fist, instead of having fingers extended. Let them go in for a sniff and if they do then you can try to be more involved. If they're not even sniffing they prob don't want anything to do with you.

After a sniff you can usually attempt to pet a cat but if they're recoiling basically you just chuckle and back off. The owner would understand, it's a cat afterall. Sometimes cats take a while to warm up as well so after the first sniff introduction just let them determine the pace by approaching you.

No. 426670

That's kinda how I feel about kids. Like not in a "REE I HATE KIDS I HATE BABIES DON'T BRING YOUR SNOTTY CROTCH GOBLIN NEAR ME" way, I just genuinely don't how I should act around them. Especially when they're at that age where they babble a lot, everyone else seems to understand what they're saying and they're able to engage in a "conversation", but for some reason I just can't decipher some three-year-olds pseudo speech, and I end up just smiling and nodding awkwardly while the other adults expect me to reply to the kid with something other than "oh is that so?". My brother is kinda the same way, but I feel like he gets away with it easier since he's a man.

No. 426720

I fucking hope youtube keeps the all/related/more by this channel buttons. When I listen on music on youtube instead of recommending me new music in the side bar I get spammed with 'ask reddit' and music Ive already listened to. This related button makes all that go away.

No. 426723

No. 426727

>open my home to as many shelter dogs as I can afford to take care of
That's my dream too! Or maybe foster as many as possible so I have a constant flow of dogs coming in and out of my house. When I'm retired, I'll have time to drive them to other parts of the country to meet their new families and I'll sneakily stop on the way to buy them puppuccinos. You've a good heart anon <3

No. 426790

I really hate the way most teenagers talk online, something about the slang words and the way they right pisses me off to no end, especially considering the fact it spreads like a virus so they all talk the same. Stuff like "queen, stan, salty, cancel", ugh it irks me. My sister has picked up the habit and she says this stuff out loud, which is worse since she's in her damn twenties. I don't go out of my way to judge people but stuff like that is just embarrassing, stop talking like you're 13 and grow up

No. 426795

File: 1561613604478.jpg (122.6 KB, 873x1358, fMajima.jpg)

I've never played Yakuza but wow I should

No. 426799

I do too, it's really grating to hear white 15 year olds from the suburbs speaking like black adult drag queens, it feels really forced.

No. 426803

why do my joints feel like they're on fire? holy hell

No. 426807

All the girl who pretend to be a victim of the pretty girl curse are all mediocre looking. They wear tons of makeup, fake hair, big nasty nails and they think they're all that, most of the time people dislike them because they're cunts, that's it. All the genuinely gorgeous women i've met in my life were pretty much adored everywhere they went, people LOVE love love beautiful people.

No. 426809

What? Yes, of course people love beautiful people? That's why beautiful ones that are terrible are treated with kid gloves. That having been said, the "pretty girl bully" is a trope and it isn't always true. The same can be said for men.

No. 426811

I don't remember what my bf looks like without a beard lmao. I even searched social media and nothing! I know there have been periods he has shaved completely but not in a few years. Would I even him attractive without one? Hmm.

No. 426815

The "pretty girl curse" is women pretending everyone hate them and they can't get ahead in life because they're just too beautiful and people hate them.

No. 426824

ohhh, i see now. i misread and didn't see "curse". even women that are considered unattractive for some reason idolize pretty women just for being pretty. it's kind of strange. and yeah, it's like that one woman from the daily mail. i've not seen so many women claim to be affected by the "pretty girl curse", but yeah, you're right. that woman from the daily mail who went viral i feel had to be a troll or something tho maybe

No. 426897

This feels too stupid and bloggy to put anywhere near the actual thread, but yesterday I clicked through a twitter link and realized I was blocked by that Denica chick who wks Holly. I do not @/interact Holly or follow her, have never followed her, and have only liked some of the bigger negative tweets about her. Fucking wild that this chick must go through hundreds or thousands of likes on negative tweets about Holly to block people. Unless she just went through and blocked everyone who follows Heidi, which is equally crazy.

No. 426905

This is weird but one of my professors in college had a beard for a long time, then suddenly shaved it. A friend and I snuck into one of his intro classes (we were pretty close with him and he didn't give a shit since we weren't disruptive) and it was the first time I saw him without a beard. It freaked me the fuck out, I kept thinking "no, no way that's our professor" but then he spoke and it fucked with my brain so much because it was his voice coming out of a face that didn't look like his.

Eventually I did get used to it and we joked with him about how weird he looks without his beard lol.

No. 426915

I think women older than 30 doing ASMR is absolutely cringe. WhispersRed pulls it off well but others seem to go into gf roleplay and whatnot. I just saw a woman that is probably 60 yo doing ASMR, it's honestly terrifying.

No. 426916

Yeah you should but you posted the ugliest art of majima possible. Whats up with the binder too

No. 426918

iirc that's supposed to be a girl version of him

No. 426919

>Nothing wrong with looking like the resident lesbians at your small town JCPenneys, but don't you dare try to LARP as ultra virile machomen when you look like this.
Holy fuck lmfao

No. 426921

Why is young ppl doing asmr any better, it's all creepy.

No. 426923

God I'd love to foster dogs but I'm such a weenie I would definitely foster fail every single time lol.

Last night it took my dog a while before she came out from under the bed to snuggle with me. I figured then would be the best time to talk to her and tell her how much she means to me. I told her about the dog we had before her (for only two days, the dog bit me and my dad returned her to the shelter) and why I picked her. Honestly I sort of forgot about it until I was telling her. If you'll indulge me anon, I'm going to repeat part of it here too.

We got her from a pet store (adopting from a shelter was too difficult, we kept getting passed over and my dad was fed up with my child self screaming about wanting a dog lol) and I remember when I stuck my hand into that pen of puppies, she was the first one to come to me. My dad brought me to that store because I had wanted a dog with white fur so, SO bad, and he brought me there to see her. There were other pups in there too, and they pushed her out of the way, and she was so scared and kept running away to the other side of the pen. Maybe if she didn't have white fur I might not have chosen her, but I'm so happy that I did. She was sort of ugly when we got her lol I remember thinking that. 15 years later after a lot of love and picky diets, she's the most beautiful, fluffy pup. There are so many things we could have done better, and so many things I regret, but she gave us 15 long years despite it all. Even when I was cranky and annoyed at her in the morning when she would wake us all up at an ungodly hour (admittedly, I would get so frustrated that I would yell at her to shut up), she would still love me and cuddle with me everyday. Her breed is notoriously stubborn and independent, absolutely not the best choice for first time dog owners, but damn. She made her own little den under my parents bed, house trained herself, and never had separation anxiety. She might not be the friendliest or the most well trained, but damn she's the best dog I could've ever asked for.

No. 426924

in the top five moments with my crush (who likes me back yay):
>when our friend's dog randomly shoved her nose into his crotch as a delayed greeting and he jumped and I started laughing my butt off and he was laughing, too
>when he was lying in a ballpit a friend had in his tiny room for a while with other friends while I was taking photos of them and we're throwing the balls at each other. you can see in the pics he's cheesing a little too hard, it wasn't THAT funny which means he was excited … I wonder why :~)
>when he talked about how vanilla he is with some activism we're interested in and that he's a chicken with the legality of it all and police even with little, harmless things and I whole-heartedly laughed at his innocence and he watched my reaction. I told him I liked him some time after that even though I was dreading it and not exactly optimistic and just confessing sorta
>he messaged me that he felt similarly and that he couldn't concentrate at work after he read my message
>just a really cute pic of him holding a can of asparagus drink he tried during travels and wrote was disgusting when he tried it afterwards

No. 426928

Anon sounds like man. How dare older women do anything at all and exist especially if its related to fap material

No. 426931

Likely an asmr fapper indeed, if it's just for relaxing then the person's age shouldn't matter.

No. 426932

File: 1561647944730.jpeg (70.59 KB, 650x555, 5d13f7f341b1bd9cce317ca6.jpeg)

Has anyone else been following the Mackenzie Lueck missing persons case? It's so weird. Why would she take a Lyft to a public park in the middle of the night after leaving the airport?

She was a sugar baby and apparently would meet up with older men off of Tinder and SA. Would not be surprised if she got murdered by one of them.

Idk what thread to post this in lol sorry

No. 426934

I don't know what else to do on the internet on my laptop anymore besides go on lolcow
I wish it were as magical as a place as when I was a kid and could feed my neopets and shit

No. 426935

shit, me too.

No. 426936

revive your old neopets account and feed them again
i got into it again a few months back and it's fun
you also find more stuff to do when you're not a dumb child anymore, and the community in the forums is ….alright enough
you can also enter the art contests even if you suck at drawing, among the winners there's usually at least one really ugly "won via pity-votes" pic

No. 426938

>Why would she take a Lyft to a public park in the middle of the night after leaving the airport?
>She was a sugar baby and apparently would meet up with older men off of Tinder and SA.

Seems obvious… how awful.

No. 426940

File: 1561649267589.jpeg (130.26 KB, 1377x600, APTOJZS7DVE4DHAAANE6L3ITHQ.png…)

Yeah, the situation itself just seems weird though. Why wouldn't she go home first and change/drop her luggage off? She left the airport at like 2 am so it must have been important for her to not go home and go to bed.

To me, something about her looks… off. In her pictures she looks like there might be something off mentally. I don't know exactly what it is though.

No. 426941


me, too, anon. I’m wondering what other websites and online resources people here use to pass the time.

No. 426942

same. all i do is read, check up on some cows, listen to music and vidya on the internet which is plenty but it doesnt have that same feeling like when i used to troll around anime web turnpike and spamming livejournal as a weeby teen

No. 426944

was wondering the same thing anon…like idk her expression is so weird and off ick. but it honestly was only a matter of time before a case with nasty ass sugar daddies from seeking arrangement killing girls for attempting to seek that lifestyle. its so normalized and not to blog post, its so fucking gross how many other girls i know who openly go on dates with these dudes especially when u know most of them arent fucking for very much cause of how inexperienced they are lul

No. 426945


it makes me miss my days of debauchery on deviantart and fanfiction.net as a teenager.

No. 426950

File: 1561651145621.jpg (51.08 KB, 634x746, 15296182-7185285-image-m-33_15…)

Yeah, you can tell in a lot of her pictures her hair looks greasy and hasn't been washed which made me think she doesn't have it all together… she just looks dead behind the eyes. If you look at her instagram too you can tell she's a bit off, overshares sometimes. Would explain her lack of foresight in meeting up with someone in the middle of the night with her luggage and everything with her if she's off mentally in some way.

Unfortunately she'll probably be found in a shallow grave in the next couple of days. The police were digging at a house near the park. I feel bad for her family that this part of her life is being made public for everyone to see.

No. 426967

You can still have days like that, anon. You've just gotten too old for that shit.
Join some Discord servers full of people from horrific fandoms and just watch the sparks fly. The only issue is you'll probably hate it when you're not laughing.

No. 426968

go to theoldnet.com, click on the Yahoo section, and go wild. The "Internet rabbit hole thread" in /ot/ here also kept me busy before (especially blowfly girl wtf)

I also still play Neopets, there are old plots you can still do and guides online. The Altador Cup is going on right now too.

Go on Disboard and join some random servers, look at their old chats, find original cringe. Literally no obligation to stay and talk in any of them either.

aaand buzzfeed quizzes lol. or go to Quotev, it's the modern-day Quizilla. gl

No. 426972

I bought materials for my cosplay and I'm excited
now I just gotta learn how to sew

No. 426987

Have fun anon! The internet is your oyster.

I haven't cosplayed/made a costume in a while, but as long as you can put your mind to it, you can do anything! I can't sew for shit but I still manage to make some (pretty decent, imo) costumes! I've never learned how to properly sew, even after a decade I always approach all new projects with a "eh, I'll just wing it" mentality and 99% of the time things turn out looking good.

Remember to clean up your work at the end of every night, makes your life so much fucking easier than tiptoeing around random pins on the floor to get into bed. Good luck!

No. 427006

make sure you got some cheapass fabric to do a mock up so you can get the sewing and patterning down.

No. 427009

good luck! obviously you can find just about anything online but if youre looking for a singular sort of reference material, i recommend how to start sewing and how patterns work by assembil books.

this too omg. i have miscut nice fabric more times than i would like to admit..

No. 427024

I just knew I would be accused of being a man. No, I am not. It's just that doing ASMR should be a hobby and I can understand young women using their looks to get patreon bux but at a certain age you should be financially independent and not make lewd roleplays online. I just hope that I don't end up like them.

I also think old dudes doing it are pathetic but there's less of them so not really noticeable.

No. 427025

Sometimes when I read about really sad stories about shitty people, I can't help but feel bad.

I read a story recently about an incel shooting up a yoga studio. I was like "fuck that guy" while reading the whole thing, how could he do something do terrible? But then there was a line about how his bank account was dwindling to zero, and he was eating canned beans. Instead of thinking "yeah, he deserves it, he deserves to suffer" I just… felt so bad. And now I just read a story on HONY about an abusive drug addict father who is now in a rehab center, not remembering what he did and just sitting there in raggedy clothes and I also felt bad.

Like, my stupid head just inserts my own dad in (he is not an incel nor is he an abusive drug addict) and I suddenly get so sad. Of course I know these survivors don't have to ever forgive these men, I sure as hell wouldn't, but when I read about such pitiful situations, I just get so damn sad for them. Fuck. I wish my brain would stop this lol.

No. 427026

Your 60 year old woman is probably retired, doesn't think it's sexual, and has nothing better to do so why don't you chill out about it already man

No. 427030

I'm about to turn 29 and still a kissless virgin. just one more year until i get my witch powers!

No. 427031

What are you even talking about? You said "doing ASMR" not "doing ASMR for money" so don't start backpedaling.

Stop getting mad that women dare exist while over 30.

No. 427040

You're not rlly missing out on anything.

No. 427041

This, tbh. Nice streak, anon. Let us know if you get superpowers.

No. 427046

Me too anon omg. I think I might have tennis elbow or a vitamin deficiency.

Seconding this. Neopets is so cute and wholesome, and you never run out of stuff to do. Most of the people who play it now are adult women because of how old the game is.

Just don't use the Newbies board, it's full of weirdos.

No. 427047

Omg I also still play Neopets! Though my account is shit because my good ones are banned. haha

No. 427049

What did you get banned for?

No. 427053

I turned 29 last month and on the same track. Maybe we should make a witch club.

No. 427055

yeah, i guess. I'm not particularly sad about it. I'm not a casual hookup person and nearly every woman i know who is in a relationship with a man is treated badly by her partner. I don't need that extra stress in my life.
ayyy coven sisters

No. 427117

I wish I was still a kissless virgin. it isn't all what it's cracked up to be.
someone wanna crank Teen Idle by Marina and cast some spells??

No. 427122

I prefer the ones with older women because it reminds me of a teacher or librarian which makes me relax. It doesn't have to be sexual to be worth watching. Also, believe it or not, women over 29 have hobbies, too.

No. 427234

FUCK my bf rarely calls me and i always wish he called me more. but i just missed his call bc i was in Nyquil sleep mode. does he hate me now

No. 427235

The last few days I've been fantasizing about my friend's younger brother (both in our 20s so nothing illegal or weird) and wanting to take his virginity. He's a shy guy and gets picked on because he's an easy target and idk I want to be gentle and nice to him and be his first and it'll never happen, I don't even like him outside of the idea of it. Oh well.

No. 427238


how do you think he'd react if you told him? if you can somehow ease him into conversation about it, that'd be good. or if not, just flat out say 'i want to do this shit to you with no strings attached'. of course that might affect your friendship if it doesn't work out, but if it does…

No. 427243

>yes followed by legit advice
pls anon i'm actually worried

No. 427247

i wish i was Taylor Swift. how is it possible to get so lucky? her family is rich as fuck and supportive, she's skinny, tall, blonde, tiny stupid elf face. i have been so cursed medically, genetically and situationally

No. 427254

he doesn't anon, it's going to be OK. and you can take this as an opportunity to discuss the frequency of his calls if you want. missed calls happen, you have the right to sleep or be busy.

No. 427269

File: 1561704877091.png (8.84 KB, 822x67, normal.PNG)


No. 427275

I really don't give a shit if someone wears a band shirt when they supposedly never listened or heard of the band before. I find it a waste of time to argue about and i can't believe people make such a big of a deal of it. Sure, it can be kinda annoying when you ask them if they're a fan and they're clueless, but it's their own money they spent on it, not mine. Maybe they liked the pattern or the way it looked, what's the harm in that? I have a Superman shirt but I don't read his comics or give a crap about superheroes, are people gonna be pissed off about that? And who's to say the person won't like the band if you encourage them to check out some of their songs? I hate when snobby elitist music fans ignore the option of showing an artist to someone who doesn't know them. Or when they make fun of fans who like the same typical "tumblr artists" for example when they do the exact same thing with their extremely select few artists and albums. I get excited when introducing something new to a person who hasn't heard about it and wants to check it out.

No. 427293

This is pretty much my reaction- disappointed, slightly annoyed, but not angry. I don't mind telling people a little bit about the artist they're wearing. I was able to get my friend into Rush that way, actually.

Wearing parents' band tees for sentimental value is actually quite common. In my book, people totally get a pass for that regardless of how much they know about the band.

No. 427296

She's playing life on easy mode, anon. You get a higher score for completing it on hard mode.

Also you can tell that she's totally lost her mind because she can't shut the fuck up about her reputation in her music.

No. 427303

I've been teasing him lately and kind of hinting at the idea of things but he stepped away from that pretty quickly and made it known he was a little uncomfortable with the jokes, which is completely fair. I've always been the Mom friend in the group and taken care of him and some others so I get it's hard to distance the idea of adult situations with mom friend personality. It's a bad idea regardless for a lot of reasons but at least I can still dream about it and be satisfied with the notion lol

No. 427312

I'm getting a bit tired of people everywhere being useless vegetables and having a defeatist attitude. Especially with regards to the climate and "I don't want to do anything because it's easier for me but I'm just going to say it's pointless because of muh corporations". I also keep seeing people shitting on anyone who does try to make a difference by cynically mocking their efforts and saying it's all a media stunt or something stupid like that. Then the media do sniff it out and make it a big deal so everyone forgets that the actual problem that person was fighting against is still there.

Wish people would get their heads out of their asses and stop putting down those who are trying hard to make a difference. Help someone else every once in a while, maybe then you'd stop bitching about how pointless and depressing your life is. I used to be this person but I've realised that I was a mouthbreathing idiot for thinking that way and honestly my life has been much better since.

No. 427390

File: 1561727223588.jpeg (70.67 KB, 462x680, DjKp-tvV4AIVGJr.jpeg)

Saw this and was reminded of a lot of you ladies.

No. 427411

The only posts farmers engage with on this website anymore are about anime, video games, weight, and shitty men.
It's annoying.

No. 427418

where do you want them?

No. 427437

It's not about moving them. I'm pointing out how farmers are like broken records and are autistically obsessed over tired topics.

No. 427438

It's way easier to blame everyone else than be accountable for your own actions. I especially hate when people blame corporations as if the corporations are holding a gun to their head and forcing them to buy their shit. A lot of people don't even understand basic supply and demand and I don't get why people overwhelming give their money to practices they don't support.

No. 427439

Different people use this website, y'know, so topics are going to be repeated. I get your point though. Discussion could be more varied.

No. 427479

File: 1561745478179.jpg (314.31 KB, 1280x853, 1531511167730.jpg)

My roommates are both away for the weekend so I'm chilling in the flat alone with no pants on drinking vodka sodas and playing oldschool Runescape. I've been under a lot of stress the past week and it feels so good to finally relax.

No. 427481

Plenty of different threads on various topics, you can revive them you know if you'd like. Catalogue's there for a reason. Or make a new thread on what you wanna talk about but im sure its been done before

No. 427483

I don't know where else to go with this but I'm suspecting that I'm suffering of either endometriosis or IBS and I'd like to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences and can offer advice. Especially during periods my stomach gets really bloated (like I'm 9 months pregnant) and very sensitive to touch, but sometimes it happens way outside of my bleeding days. And I mean sensitive to touch as in I'm crippled with pain if I wear tight pants. I get very painful periods with terrible cramps, taking a crap or even a piss causes me shooting pain. My periods are fairly regular but sometimes can be off by up to a week. Orgasms and penetration can be painful.

I've heard that there is no cure for endometriosis OR IBS so I'm pretty stressed out by this. Am I doomed to function on painkillers until the end of my days? I've even tried fixing my diet to include stuff meant for IBS but it doesn't seem to work. I'm planning to see a doctor but I'd just like to hear if someone has experienced something similar.

No. 427485

IBS shouldn't be making your piss hurt or bloating you up like 9 months. Something else is wrong. Call the doctor.

No. 427487

I feel this so much. Also people just shitting on positivity, or other people who just want to be kind to others. Or people who just want more from life and challenge themselves to get it.

I used to be incredibly pessimistic, and I'm over it.

No. 427490

So I just now watched a Moana trailer thinking maybe it was gonna be the one Disney princess movie I would care to watch and as soon as Moana was moving on screen I was like “wtf she looks exactly like rapunzel from tangled”. Obviously not her exact features but something about the movements and the eye and mouth animation etc. I never thought she looked remotely similar in pictures, it’s only when she’s actually in motion.

I googled it not expecting to find anything but apparently I’m far from the only one who sees it

No. 427491

File: 1561747048782.png (197.76 KB, 523x551, 254785777027212.png)

>mfw shay's thread has devolved into sperging about her fucking cuticles

No. 427493

they probably recycled some assets for the two movies. i'm guessing a similar issue to the 'dreamworks smirk'

No. 427533

why do i get the feeling that in this summer heat, some invader is about to try making a shitty "anti-feminist redpills" or "trans rights advocates: pastel pill edition UwU" thread soon, and when it gets locked, they'll head to /meta/ and demand that it should be accepted because we have pink pill threads?

No. 427545

Bc summer is objectively the worse season of all.

No. 427560

My butt is chafed? How the hell do you get chafing in your butt crack? And overnight too…

No. 427574

have you tried a non-estrogen/progesterone based birth control? it sounds like you're potentially developing adhesions near your pelvic floor. your periods sound pretty similar to how mine were. try to cut any estrogen out of your diet(milk, soy) and ask get a intravaginal ultrasound to look for fibroids/signs of endo near your cervix and ovaries. i've managed to get enough treatment and surgery to not have shooting/pulling pain when I use the bathroom and during PiV. Most of the barbed wire sensations from adhesions on my abdominal wall are gone after working on treatment for 4 years. so, you are likely not doomed anon. good luck!

No. 427590

i know this is kind of a dumb bitch discovery, but when you talk your shit out, your soul really does feel a little bit cleaner

No. 427609

Every time I'm not THAT interested in a guy they go crazy after me. When I am and I'm very available, they run away. I think I might start playing those shitty games of not texting back right away, seeing less interested etc because that seems to work. It's dumb but it's what my experience has proven to work, unfortunately. I know how it is, though. Being available all the time makes you come off as needy and that's a turn off for me when someone does it.

No. 427615

Surely the most logical assumption is that if you're not that interested in a guy, he's not that attractive and you might be out of his league. And vice versa, when you are interested he is attractive but he might be out of your league.

No. 427616

>Being available all the time makes you come off as needy and that's a turn off for me when someone does it.
Why does everyone have to play these stupid games? If you like them and they like you, why would you both not be honest about that? If they truly like you, they aren't going to be playing stupid games. Being distant isn't going to make them want you more. It's going to make them feel like you don't enjoy being with them and they are going to initiate even less. Your strategy only works with trash-tier guys who want you to feel like a conquest. But if being objectified is your thing, go for it.

No. 427617

It makes no difference to me whether they are a fan or not, but its really weird to me to use your hard-earned money to buy a Superman shirt if you dont like him. Why not buy something you do like, and have a piece of clothing you can love? Its a really confusing thought process.

Like that other anon said tho if it was a family members' shirt or sweater then thats absolutely fine. But I cant imagine my frugal ass buying a $15-$20 graphic t-shirt of something I dont care about when theres probably a shirt of something I do like one shelf over.

No. 427619

NTA but I can understand getting a Superman shirt without caring about the character. I've never seen them that expensive, for one, they're usually cheap af in both price and material. And it's an iconic symbol, it's so famous and well known that it's almost generic the way a tonne of graphic tshirt designs are. It's like when people in my country (not America) wear shirts that say NYC or California or whatever. They aren't Ameriboos who particular care about those places, they're just meaningless, mass produced designs.

No. 427630

File: 1561774563605.png (Spoiler Image, 269.34 KB, 720x641, 1561726110826.png)

I can't believe the Mods locked the Develv & Elveo thread It was both hilarious and disturbing at the sometime


No. 427631

File: 1561774800793.png (159.19 KB, 720x1111, 1561727275597.png)

"""facts""" about eunuchs

No. 427644

i've just been playing a game lately because my crush is there, but i'm trying to occupy the time he's not around. but what the hell do i do? i want to be available and not too submersed in the things i'm doing. thinking about reading manga again, or maybe writing. there's a long ass weekend ahead of me…

No. 427654

I feel like it's part of a larger "Let's placate the summerfriends bitching about there being too many radfems on lolcow" agenda. That thread really was some Encyclopedia Dramatica, retro-style milk.
I'm just glad they haven't locked the fakeboi thread. I have a strong feeling it'd be shut down if it had just been created today.
Maybe we can start a new thread for Devolv here in /ot/. It'd be like when there was a Nemu thread here originally, or the glamfur thread we have. I'll volunteer if anons are up for that idea.

No. 427655

Not sure how much you need to concentrate on the game but I watch TV on a second monitor while I play WoW because neither are engaging enough to distract me from the other, anything else would be too distracting. If you don't have a monitor or TV maybe you can set up a tablet or phone or w/e with something to watch.

No. 427656

I definitely support it, I love gross and weird art cows like this.

No. 427663

File: 1561781349940.jpg (478.19 KB, 1000x570, 1561727109517.jpg)

>Maybe we can start a new thread for Devolv here in /ot/. It
defiantly someone should do that
what I'm most curious about it If they actuality believe all the weird stupid things they post about Eunuchs

No. 427667

i just cannot understand how people still use facebook. and the excuse that it has important info or that its the only way to keep in touch with certain people is lame. why would anyone in their sane mind entrust sensitive data on that shit? how retarded you gotta be? i still have people mad at me that i dont have socials and im not going to get them just to give a react. i dont get it

No. 427682

I made it, and posted some of the images from the thread: >>427679

No. 427683

File: 1561784015100.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.44 KB, 224x234, 80664F1F-4270-4DE4-8B96-7C95DC…)

Just came across an ig account with pic related as their avatar has anyone else noticed fat girls clinging onto super sonico and pochaco as a mascot? I feel like it’s a weird and sad attempt to fetishize fat girls or make them more palatable to men it’s so sad and creepy

No. 427685

So did you guys see that they found charred female tissue in the MacKenzie Lueck case? So sad. You know, I see a lot of college girls/young women not quite equipped to handle themselves and make choices in the name of self preservation, and I think we need to be more realistic about it. There are a lot of people preying on women who are vulnerable and naive. It's so sad. They say she was tortured. I feel like I read all too often about college girls being killed or kidnapped, especially close to campus (granted she went out of her way and wasn't at school for this), but it's crazy and I think parents need to be a little more realistic about how capable and mature college kids or young adults actually are and actually measure whether or not they can live alone or live with friends rather than their parents or family, or just, people who can help to watch over them. It's not as much of a worry for young men because fewer people are preying on them, but they make disastrous choices on the daily. I still think people pretend these young people are a lot more capable than they actually are. It reminds me of Shayna. I can see her getting into a similar situation and that thread is kind of a mess. She's just a messy young girl that I worry is going to make the wrong decision one day.

No. 427688

Same, and Facebook forces you to upload selfies, photos of your ID etc. people saying that they need Facebook for whatever reason are kidding themselves

No. 427693

we teach our kids to not talk to strangers and trust people they dont know and shit irl but its totally fine if its on the internet i guess

No. 427727

>sensitive data

i just use facebook messenger with a throwaway email and fake name.

No. 427795

Since the bus schedule has been changed last year, I need to run for a short while to make it on time since it arrives a bit earlier than before and I always feel like an idiot because I do it everyday and I need to do it at the same street section. Whenever I start running I remember video related lol
Wouldn't surprise me if there is somebody who lives in one of the many house, watching me the same way.


No. 427802

Is there a brief summary somewhere about which data is in danger on FB? I have an account but rarely use it.

No. 427849

Lmao anon. Godspeed.

No. 427901

I don’t expect them to love me right away lol, I’m more at a loss for what to do because I want to interact but can’t exactly smalltalk with an animal.
It’s like, I have a friend with two dogs, one of which will be all over you and started crying when she got shut behind a baby gate so she wouldn’t follow us upstairs, while the other dog doesn’t really give a shit about anything but he let me pat his head.

No. 427914

File: 1561825411865.png (769.77 KB, 720x939, 1561783733445.png)

The Mods just locked the Develv thread Again

seriously these 2 sisters with an fetish for eunuchs are way more interesting then anything on /snow/ right now

No. 427916

Why not just move it to artist salt so the discussion doesn’t get nuked again

No. 427917

Seriously… There's more milk than in Moo's and Luna's recent thread but for some reason mods are really against it. I posted in it twice (only in the /ot/ thread) and got accused of being the OP? Its super fishy that they're so much against this thread, especially in /ot/ where there is a thread for literally everything.

No. 427926

File: 1561827188748.png (582.6 KB, 736x702, yyoshi.png)

I was the actual OP of the /ot/ one. I probably should've asked permission properly instead of getting overexcited and remaking the thread after realizing I wasn't the only one disappointed about the lock.
Last resort if you guys really want a thread for this (I want one too): 8ch's /bannedcows/.
The place is a graveyard, but at least it won't be locked there or gather ire (unless the person(s) who got pissed about it decide to follow and try to shit up the thread out of pure spite). Yay or nay?

No. 427934

8chan is absolute hell. I can't see myself going there semi-regulary just for these cows

No. 427936

You shouldn't apologize cause you did nothing wrong,I don't understand why the mods are "defending" these 2 saying theirs isn't any milk cause clearly these 2 are way a more fascinating then someone who traces also lets not go to 8chan

No. 427941

who the fuck cares what people on DA think about eunuchs? if we had a thread for every fetishized representation of a fucked up historical shit we would have to make a new board. i don't see any threads for all the DA artists who draw kawaii nazi officers, but go off. tbh i feel like anyone who gives a fuck about it is probably fetishizing them in a different way anyway.

No. 427945

It's because it's fucking weird. Everyone knows of kawaii nazis, we've seen them over and over, it's boring now. But it's the first time any of us sees fetishisation of euneuchs.

> this wild attempt at "no u!!"

I don't care about euneuchs personally, I'm more interested in the fact they're sisters and their self-hating as women.

No. 427951

Go post about it in the artist salt or the gc thread like the farmhand told you too, you fucking retard. You don't need a whole thread for this, that's why the threads keep getting locked.

No. 427960

it's not about moralfagging, it's about how weird those girls are and the drawings hinting at what's wrong with them.
IDGAF about eunuchs or eunuch fetishes or historically accurate information but I find the artists really interesting.
I for one don't want the art salt thread to get clogged and don't feel like the most interesting angle to take is the GC one, who cares whether you should shit on her misogyny, I just want to have a laugh at them.

No. 427968

They were even told to take it to the artist salt thread and are here tinfoiling about WHY ARE THE MODS AGAINST IT!!??? CONSPIRACY!!! when they were just told to talk about it in an already existing thread in /ot/ rather than on /snow/. Jesus christ.

No. 427977

Why shouldn't these 2 have thier own personal sperate thread on /snow/

No. 427978

And now those faggots are talking about making a 3rd thread in /m/. Excited to watch that one get locked too. This summer autism wave can't end soon enough.

No. 427982

This isn't your personal website, christ. Lots of anons want this, you don't. Big deal.
In fact, this kind of sperging absolutely reeks of summerfags or crossboarders who don't realize you can actually hide a thread, or that there are different cows and flakes on all of LC.

No. 427983

see >>427960. It's not artist salt, and it'd just be clogging it up.
No one's being a conspiracyfag, it's just upsetting and questionable to several actual farmers that an active thread would be locked on what appears to be a purely subjective basis.

No. 427988

No. 428003

Im staying in the South of France with a friend and before leaving, as a no-biggie gift, her father gave us a bottle of wine. My friend doesnt like white wine. She left this evening to go somewhere while I stayed in the summerhouse to write and she told me I can open the wine and drink it. So thats what I did. I opened the wine and after opening it, I noticed the date and the appellation and it seemed weird because it's 2002 and it seemed really fancy. So I googled it. It retails for more than 200€.

Now, ok, she is from a very well-off family and her fam does have a whole wine cellar but it's just WILD to me that you give away such an expensive bottle as if it's no biggie and then she tells me I can just drink it on my own because she only likes red wine??

Tldr : Friend's parents gave us a bottle of wine. I opened it before noticing the huge price. I'm now panicking and hoping I didnt open the wrong bottle.

No. 428011

Reminds me of when I was a semi-rebellious teenager and me and my friends swiped a wine bottle from my mom and stepdad's wine cellar, thinking no one would notice. We drank the wine straight from the bottle while spitting out cork pieces because we couldn't open it properly. Well, turns out the bottle we took was worth like 150€-200€. I thought it was pretty funny (I still do), but my mom and stepdad weren't amused, lmao.

I honestly don't understand why someone would buy really expensive wine, like anything over 100€. The one we had didn't even taste that good or different from cheaper wines, and I think it's been proven that even experts can't often tell them apart. Is it just flexing or what?

No. 428017

I think it's a combo of investing, kind of like with jewelry, and flexing. Total conspicuous consumption. There was a taste test where they preferred this cheap Aldi wine or said it was equally as good, lol. I've had $3-$6 wine and it was pretty good, but if I'm gifting I try to give $15-$30 because I don't want to look cheap. I'm from a very wine-rich area so good, cheap wine is very common, there's plenty of expensive wine too but I think even that is less pricy than elsewhere.
Article related: http://fortune.com/2017/05/30/best-rose-wine-challenge-aldi/ apparently an $8 Aldi wine placed in an international award ceremony after blind tastings.

No. 428036

It tasted good but I honestly couldnt say the difference between this bottle and a 15€ bottle.
Who in their right mind spends so much on wine? And then just gives it away to their kid who wont even drink it?

No. 428065

it's a rich person thing anon, it's not that deep.

No. 428250

File: 1561898867798.jpg (642.46 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20190630-074436_Net…)

Alright, which 10 year old from DeviantArt drew this shit? Netflix anime budget running dangerously low.

No. 428252

Netflix only gives a budget to anime they give a shit about everything else is CGi slock. Heck a big drama wave is going round because netflix just added Neon genesis to their site, but they where to cheap to license the end credits. You heard me netflix was to cheap to pay for the end credits song.

No. 428254

File: 1561900904815.jpg (10.15 KB, 100x123, fuckingsidemouth.JPG)

No. 428264

All anime is actually drawn this poorly for the most part, the only difference is the rendering. Yes this is simplistic and anatomically retarded but all of it is. You nerds can fight me on this but it's true

No. 428271

Plus they often run on a shoestring budget and not even a good chunk of it would go to the animators.

Basically you get what you paid for.

No. 428286

I think anime's biggest issue isn't even the broken anatomy, it's the stiffness. The animation rarely has personality and the chracters tend to stand still throughout conversations, with some facial changes that don't feel animated but rather like a 2-frame gif.

Western animation has plot problems but at least it's usually animated beautifully, even the older stuff. To me, the only thing that sets animated films/shows apart from live action is that lively animation element. If it's stiff and unmoving, I'd rather watch a real actor or read a book or something.

What is the point.

No. 428299

i rly wish that someone created another thread for vic minogonia (creepy anime dub va who got fired) but his last thread was filled with so much faggotry and wk'ing from his fanboys who got linked to lc via the alcoholic youtube lawyer (rekieta's) channel

the case is getting more milky since the transcripts of the depositions were released, judge couldn't even tell his lawyer was a lawyer at first bc his lawyer didn't even properly introduce himself, his legal team is incompetent as shit.

anime matsuri went down and was a trash fire, they gave the youtube lawyer his own fucking panel to spew alt right and gamergate shit. the case got called out by legal twitter as being a frivolous lawsuit, multiple docs have been released by lawyers including one where it reinforces a story from the io9 article that a female va was almost raped by him in a hotel room, and more con people came forward about his bs including him sleeping with a underage girl in a hotel room and trying to lure three 14 year old fans with props. honestly i can't wait until this fucker gets his comeuppance because he's been more disgusting by the day and unlike a lot of stupid "celebrity" predators he didn't shrink away from the attention in order to come back to the "spotlight", he instead tried to sue everyone so he'll be lucky if he can get anything in the anime industry after this.

No. 428314

I haven't been following the Vic drama since that thread and would like a new one too.
>judge couldn't even tell his lawyer was a lawyer at first

No. 428392

yeah I'm too scatterbrained to feel like coming up with a summary and make one myself since so much has happened and i wouldn't even know where to begin

plus there's going to be infinite amounts of whiteknight autists pretending to be cglfags which was a huge problem in the first thread

No. 428393

can anyone recommend some good books centred around the theme of un-requited love or two people who love each other but can't be together?

No. 428400

That Billie Eilish girl got so famous in so little time. The media acts like everyone knows her but isn't she only popular with soft alt girls? She's only 17 but the image she projects is so world-weary and it really concerns me. Her parents must be terrible people.

No. 428409

It's always weird when stars rise up so fast from literally nothing. You know there's fucked up/weird shit going on behind the scenes because it's really all about connections. I don't think she's popular with anybody except literal children, like 12-14 year olds.

No. 428420

She's been doing music with her brother for a while but it it's kinda suspect how even her debut song blew up so fast. I don't know how her parents just sit there while their teenage daughter sings " I wanna end me" or the fact that her big brother helps her record sexual songs like bad guy ("might seduce your dad type")I find it weird af.

No. 428451

It's all money and connections. I've seen a lot of people go "wow amazing she's so young and she's done all this!" her family is in the industry. I admit to liking some of her stuff (we all have guilty pleasures) but it's sort of infuriating to see people rise up so fast when there are amazing artists busting their asses for years to be in the right place at the right time and get that big break.

No. 428470

i'm not a fan of her work but i do like a song or two. i think what makes her """"stand out"""" (i'm being very generous here) is that she doesn't really project an image of traditional femininity? she wears all those baggy, "urban" skater-type outfits, which
a) fits right in with the "not-like-other-girls" alt-tween crowd that wants so desperately to stand out and be "different", so dressing in a non-traditional/non-girly way is good means to achieve that, and b) it isn't new by any stretch but tweens think anything they're into is new and they invented it so it works.

imho so many female singers and artists these days have the same copycat girly image, it makes them hard to tell apart from each other bc their music is all the same too. and while i don't deny that billie's shtick is far from new + there's probably shady business going down behind the scenes for her to rise to fame so quickly, i think that might be a contributor in why she's recognized. again, i'm not saying it's original, that she's cracked some millenary code or that it's the sole reason for her shady rise to fame.

No. 428549

I made a particularly degenerate post a while back and, while uploading it, thought "lol someone will probably accuse me of larping"

Imagine my amusement when someone accuses me of not just being a tranny, but of being Mx. Queen Jessica Ynaniv hxrsxlf. I was truly humbled.

I still quietly kek when I think back on it

No. 428576

A while back? You mean that retarded drunk post about wanting to get fucked by tranny dick from like, last night?

No. 428585

lmao, no I missed that one jfc

My post was a picture of all the sex toys I own (with a rather disproportionate number of butt plugs, I admit)

No. 428588

lmfao, ohhhh, I remember that one. i missed someone calling you JY but that was a pretty insane amount of buttplugs, and the price tag associated def would typically set off the tranny alarms. Idk why JY would be the first tranny to come to mind tho

No. 428611

im catching up a little bit on vestiville but has anyone made the simple connection that both vestiville and fyre festival had ja rule in their line up?

No. 428653

yaniv has history talking about sex toys to women in make up groups

No. 428931

knew an autistic girl who was pornsick
knew an autistic guy where his autism unconsciously made him feminist at a young age

>tfw your post is right before or after a race, weight or shitty men post

No. 428932

File: 1562002128589.jpeg (93.23 KB, 1061x229, 305579FF-A372-4F73-9EC7-026500…)

Was skimming through /meta, am I missing something here or is that not literally what misandry is

No. 428933

it's cause there is already pink pill.

No. 428937

iirc that was like an anti misandry/how to stop being a misandrist thread or something

No. 428946

Idk anons I'm a fairly normie 20-something and Eilish songs fill up half of my weed-smoking playlist

No. 428949

The thread was about a woman asking how she can learn to stop hating men. The thread basically devolved into people reaffirming OP that she should hate men and trying to stop hating men is worthless. It was then locked for being too similar to pink pill.

No. 428955

Anon, she's a manufactured product. She's made by the record companies to cater to the current pseudo-misanthropic cool alt girl trend going on because they know angsty teens will buy it. Her media coverage is bought. Her parents are musicians and she got her foot in the door by their connections. Check out her first interviews from a year or two ago and compare to them today, it's just this decade's Avril Lavigne.

No. 428962

You have awful taste in music my man and i feel sorry for your high self lmao bruh

No. 429012

Yeah, I agree with this. Poor anon.

Idk about that, like, there's always something very off to me about parents who are even remotely interested in getting their kids "in the industry" like this. They have to be terrible people, full stop. I know you say she's going for the cynical thing, but there's no way a kid gets into mainstream music so young and doesn't get fucked up real fast. Also, her family reminds me of straight up Irish travellers/gypsies so I feel like that has probably colored the way I perceive her.

No. 429013

imagine wasting all ur weed on that shit

No. 429014

there's a fat uggo autistic girl at my work, though thankfully in a different department. the other day, i saw she has an "asexual" sticker on her water bottle and i kek'd cause i'm a terrible person

No. 429015

>my water bottle is my identity
lmao shit what a loser.

No. 429019

Do car decals and enamel pins also trigger you?

No. 429022

You sound super mean, ngl.

No. 429029

I'll have to agree with the other anon, you sound like a cunt.

No. 429033

File: 1562016146593.png (128.57 KB, 359x368, steamwasamistake.png)

Steam allowing porn games was a mistake

I also can't browse Wallpaper Engine's workshop without being visually assaulted by 500 pairs of bouncing anime tits. Horny weeb genocide when

No. 429039

>There's Poop in My Soup

No. 429041

If youtube had a 'containment board' approach to comments everything would be 10 times easier. Instead of 20 'like if you're in 2019' comments one person makes a 'like if you're in X' comment and everyone just replies to it.

No. 429050

yeah i probably should have put this in the confession thread

No. 429053

I mean they are ugly and childish. Why fuck up a perfectly good piece of clothing or car with your kiddie bs. Sorry I hurt your feefees about ur tumblr pins tho without even having to mention them lmfao

No. 429066

You sound boorish and childlike yourself.

No. 429068

Is this the miserable/ugly anon from the confession thread?

No. 429070

>super mean
This is lolcow dot farm.

No. 429075

/ot/, /g/, and /m/ are different from /snow/ or /pt/. not all of us are really mean, and a lot of the meanest people are migrants from like, twitter or tumblr or wherever

No. 429081

I would agree with anon. I rarely ever go outside /ot/. Maybe /g/. I've been coming here on and off for about 3 years.

No. 429084

I get what you're saying, but /ot/ is for shitting on celebrities and men (and everybody, really), /m/ is dead except for the Kpop hate thread, and /g/ is the only semi-civilized section, that's why it's so boring.

I wasn't being accusatory, I love it here.

No. 429098

What if dogs had opposable thumbs?
Think about it.

No. 429104

Lindsay Ellis' delivery is very irritating and film nerds are so faux deep

No. 429118

Lindsey been on a down hill turn as of late. She's started to incorporate more 'twitter slang' (thats a yikes form me dawg as an example) and it comes off as cringy. I'm sick of analysis channels in general. most of them are predictable at this point too.
The worst faux deep I've seen was when a guy made a ten minute video on rick and morty's "I'm not answering a literal call to adventure morty". He called it a smart because it referenced the hero's journey (something we all learned in high school)

No. 429129

I never considered myself one who got triggered by things, I have a lot of deep rooted trauma from a terrible childhood but I've been really fortunate in that I've been able to either pack it away to where it doesn't bother me, or work through it and accept it as part of my life.

I met someone and became friends, and simply being around them sent me into a massive depressive spiral and opened Pandora's box of memories and trauma and horrible things I'd forgotten.
They constantly dump their trauma and shit on me and doesn't do anything to fix it and it brought up so many painful things that I had to ghost them completely. I tried to get them help and give advice but my own mental health was deteriorating at such a rapid pace I felt like I was a kid again, vividly and physically feeling like I was in those times again. It was horrible.
I still have no idea why their friendship triggered so much.

No. 429137

File: 1562030513049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.99 KB, 220x380, 220px-PatRothfussGnome.JPG)

I wasn't sure if I should post this in the vent thread, the unhealthy obsessions with people thread, or the dumbass shit thread since it's undoubtedly all three, but dumbass shit prevailed.

I hate this fuck. He's Patrick Rothfuss and he's a sperg even by fantasy author standards. He's a massive lolcow in his own right and legions of neckbeards lick his talentless taint. His books suck and there are garden slugs with better work-ethics than he's got. Furthermore, he's the physical embodiment of the archetypal creepy male 'feminist'.
I've compiled a dossier of reasons he can eat my ass but I'll keep the autism to a minimum. Thank you for your time.

No. 429147

I love you, anon.
Would love to read more of your anti-Rothfuss vents. Fucking hate this creep and his shitty, Gary Stu novels that are considered masterpieces by scrots.

Not looking forward to The Name of the Wind tv series blowing up and being Game of Thrones 2.0 (in terms of popularity).

No. 429152

>there are garden slugs with better work-ethics than he's got

Must be one of the reasons GRRM has given this guy a positive review. He's relatable.

No. 429155

How is he creepy?

No. 429164

Th-thank you, anon… the circle jerk around this chode had me thinking I was the only one. I was not kidding about the dossier, I honestly could go on but I have no idea how many farmers know who he is/care.

When his popularity was blowing up people were fond of saying "he's the next gurm!!", to which I say, sure, in the way that he is also a wheezingly obese pervert who is allergic to doing his own fucking job and can't stop patting himself on the micropenis for being a #feminist.

Where to begin, honestly.

No. 429172

His books are so male-gazey and sexist. The depictions of women in them are horrendous. You have Denna, the manic pixie dream girl that eludes Kvothe. He’s super obsessed with her but acts like a fedora wielding gentleman and keeps his distance because he doesn’t want to be seen like the other sex-craved men she blatantly uses as a gold-digger. Even though in the narrative the entire plot is seeking Denna out so he can be close to her and eventually become romantic (Kvothe is always scheming to be near her and be with her).

Then that weird girl that lives underground. Auri I think her name was? She’s the epitome of a mystical loli. Thin, tiny, uwu Hawaii and has magical hair that floats around her head like a halo. Also childlike and innocent. Apparently she snapped mentally from the university that made her regressed despite being 16-18 years old?

And there is a literal sex goddess in the book named Felurian. She teaches virginal kvothe how to have sex. There’s a huge chunk of a book depicting her sex scenes with Kvothe. Again, she acts like a literal child in a woman’s body with big tits, thin limbs and giant baby eyes. She’s infantilized to depict a mystical ethereal being—kinda similar to Auri.

Oh, and a made up culture in the book are literally a rip off of samurais except the women are strong powerful independent women because they like to have a lot of sex with no strings attached and with multiple partners.

Devi is also supposed to be a strong smart female character yet Kvothe always manages to outsmart her in a battle of wits because he’s a Gary Stu. She’s in her mid twenties but is described as a childlike looking women with blond curly hair and short. She flirts with Kvothe and even offers to have sex with him multiple times.

There’s also another side character Kvothe saves from the fire and she’s the hottest girl on campus. She clings herself onto Kvothe shamelessly lol. Everyone just wants Kvothe but to me, he seemed so arrogant and I can’t see why a real woman would want to be with him.

To;dr: Why are all the women beautiful, childish, ethereal, young and willing to sleep with Kvothe (main character?) Thats super sexist. Also everyone is like white in the book, especially all the love interests Kvothe has who are all described as having pale-as-the-moon-like skin. I thought I’d like these books as I love fantasy but they’re kinda bad and super cringe-y with zero plot besides Kvothe getting some lady action and studying at school. Spoiler alert: he never truly learns the name of the wind lmao

No. 429173

File: 1562036206760.jpg (16.6 KB, 512x288, 22-27-01-images.jpg)

I want a job so I can buy (among other things) a vibrator

No. 429178

All of this and especially the kawaii loli-chan uwu who is just so tiny and childlike and pure desu but also eighteen, fellas!! Rape away.

>Is an absolute, ungrateful fuckhead to his fans
>Compared fans screenshotting a single page of his unfinished book he accidentally showed in a twitch stream to being raped (#feminist)
>Compared seeing the Hobbit movies to the mix of sadness/shame/arousal he would feel to jerking of to porn starring a mousy chick he wanted to fuck in high school (#superfeminist) (I would find the link to this but I stopped self-harming years ago)

And so much more!

I honestly recommend this shitpile of a human and his books to anyone looking for a good laugh. If you love shitting on the dickhead who wrote Ready Player One, you'll love (to mock) this guy.

No. 429180

Is this dude actually pretty famous? These books are how famous, exactly?

No. 429183

File: 1562037575751.jpg (29.73 KB, 612x407, gettyimages-488992530-612x612.…)

It fucks me right up to see literal goblins with pretty young women all because they have nerd cred. It's the most useless social currency imaginable.

No. 429184

Plz anon. Spoon feed me more of how horrible this author is as a person and writer. I knew he was a shitty writer just by reading his pointless books but wasn’t aware how lulzy he is as a person. >>429180
I’m a huge fantasy fan and apparently he’s this generations Tolkein with his subversive plots and expectations. Literally all the books are about is how Kvothe becomes a fabricated legend and myth, when in reality he’s not a hero… he’s just an ordinary guy.

No. 429187

I tried reading his first book and it was so bloviated. everyone says top fantasy is him, gurm, and stephen king, but they can't write for shit.

No. 429189

So that’s why the female characters Kvothe likes are all pasty brunettes with dark eyes. That chick by his side literally looks like what denna is described as. I smell a self insert.

No. 429190

He is absolutely worshipped by fantasy readers, has sold millions of copies of his shit-tier wish fulfillment novels, and regularly tops lists of greatest fantasy novels/authors of this century/ever. His books are optioned for movies, a tv show, and a video game amongst other projects. Tv show is in production for Showtime (I think) and Lin-Manuel Miranda is producing. All of this makes me want to piss myself.

Fun fact: they've got two children, which means she actually let this bog troll deposit his genetic material in her not just once but two times, at least. Think about that for a second.

I can't even convey via description what a greasy smuglord he is. His ego is has its own gravitational force and his fans just keep feeding it.

You guys should read the comic he wrote for the motherfucking godforsaken Oh Joy Sex Toy (excellent cross-promotion, he is also a cuck), even his own subreddit shat on him for days.

No. 429194

I love hate-reading and hate-watching. This guy sounds like a minor cow tbh. I'm going to read this guy's books. Do you guys have any more terrible writers to recommend?

No. 429213

>I love hate-reading and hate-watching
Same, honestly. Why is it that when someone recommends something to me that seems great, I'm like "I'll get to it eventually" but when someone tells me about this infuriating piece-of-shit that gave them diarrhea, I'm already putting a hold on a copy? I guess I enjoy pissing myself off.

No. 429242

Oh no anon, my boyfriend loves this dude's books. I read out to him what you wrote and his only comment was "But they're not all white" and "He finds it out in the second book" so what does this foretell for us lol

No. 429243

I know the feeling but it'll grow

No. 429244

There must be a name for people who try to emulate 80's American glam rock bands in the modern era, like Vicky Shingles, and I'd love to see an entire thread for it. Maybe even cringey boomers who still chase their 80s rockstar dream and wear Axl Rose headbands around their stringy grey hair and old women groupies with peroxide blonde hair and leather pants. There must be some untapped gold mine of this stuff because when boomers do figure out Facebook they post everything and all of their opinions no matter what in the worst way. I bet its all tucked away in facebook groups for dad rock bands, ugh it'd be such a fresh gem compared to shitting all over people our age/millennials.

No. 429245

I'm holding out for march when animal crossing finally is released, not buying a switch until then. I only play animal crossing and have played the professor layton games in the past, sucks I'll probably be buying the console for ONE GAME but it's animal crossing and I fucking love animal crossing

No. 429246

omg same. I never know how to be with small children and babies, I have zero experience. I'm always thinking their mother is analysing me too and thinking 'lmao she has no clue how to be with kids' it's stressful

No. 429248

I honestly don't see why it matters??? asmr is meant to be relaxing (even though more and more people think it's a sexual thing. ugh) - why would it matter the age of the person making the video. even for a gf roleplay (which is leaving asmr territory already) made by someone 30+ doesn't matter. women of any age can be someones gf lol. I actually watch someone 60+ who makes great relaxing vids, she reminds me of a nice old aunty or something :)

No. 429249

it's not creepy to everyone. i've been watching vids since 2012 and it's helped me with my anxiety SO MUCH it makes me feel calm. Ive had panic attacks and listening to the soothing voice of someone like whispersred has calmed me considerably

No. 429253

They're not even trying with the titles.

No. 429264

File: 1562066281258.jpeg (166.96 KB, 571x850, 2BA8DAA6-EA21-4B59-907D-A340D6…)

Try reading Throne of Glass series. It’s so bad and laughable. I have no idea why it’s so popular despite the main character being a blatant Mary Sue. Spoilers: she’s a top assassin by the age of 16, the lost princess to a royal family, and an endangered elf species. She’s also the daughter of a goddess and may even be a goddess herself.

I could’ve sworn everyone in the books were white. I’ve read this a year ago so my memory is a bit rusty. Pretty sure the author pulled a JK Rowling and made the sword people POC when in the books they are described as Slavic looking.

Spoilers: kvothe doesn’t fully learn the name of the wind in the second book. He throws a tantrum and calls it powerfully in front of Felurian but he never masters it and calls it with his will ever again. Imo he never truly learns it because he still can’t call it at will.

More spoilers: Pic related - Felurian, a goddess of sex and beauty depicted in an immortal 20 year old woman’s body but has the mind of a child, basically seduces and rapes Kvothe, a 16 year old boy.

No. 429277

Same. It has helped me a lot specially when I had insomnia. It wouldn't help me sleep but I could get very stressed and angry, the videos helped me calm down.

No. 429293

File: 1562074256440.jpg (380.18 KB, 1600x864, Haydon.jpg)

>Try reading Throne of Glass series. It’s so bad and laughable. I have no idea why it’s so popular despite the main character being a blatant Mary Sue. Spoilers: she’s a top assassin by the age of 16, the lost princess to a royal family, and an endangered elf species. She’s also the daughter of a goddess and may even be a goddess herself.
Lol, it sounds so much like the character Rhapsody from the Symphony of Ages at first I thought it was what you were talking about (I've only read the first book and it was a while ago so I don't remember it well). She's a super-gorgeous 19 year-old or so prostitute with a super-magical singing talent that makes her extra strong except for when she needs to be saved by a guy, and also happens to be half-elf (well, half-Liringlas). At one point during the first book she walks into a magical fire and ends up being even more beautiful and better at just everything.

From livejournal:
>Annoying Special Abilities: As a Singer, Namer, of the highest power level, the skies the limit with this one. Her powers of a Singer aren't exactly defined, instead we get a vague definition of 'being able to change the world and nature of things with music and magic.' Which pretty much allows her to do any damn thing she wants, when the plot calls for it. Being a Singer also means that she is the most talented musician and has the most beautiful voice. She's also an expert swords-woman and pretty handy with a knife. Having a musician that uses a sword, or a fighter who can sing, does not bother me. What bothers me is that Rhapsody has everything, she is so fantastic at everything she does.
>Rhapsody can also claim to be an amazing cook and has awesome healing skills. Like I said, everything she does is pure gold.
>She is also completely and annoyingly unaware of how beautiful she is and keeps insisting that she is plain. It's worst then Bella claiming to be plain with an entire high school after her, Rhapsody has half the world lusting for her hot bod, including dragons calling her 'pretty' constantly, and still she doesn't get it. It must be a superpower.

No. 429296

File: 1562075010962.jpeg (26.71 KB, 333x500, images (20).jpeg)

I actually just started reading Throne of Glass because it's been shoved down my throat everywhere I turn and I cannot get over how unlikeable and Mary Sue the main character is. I'm not even shocked by the spoilers because halfway through the first book I can see it going that way. Not to mention the super contrived love triangle where both dudes fell in love on sight and every single chapter from their perspective is just jerking off to how hot Celaena is. It sucks because I like the premise of cool assassin chick but the rest ruins it. So many fantasy series are just jerk off self-inserts and I hate it.

If any of you guys are looking for a decent (imo) fantasy series I really enjoyed Chronicles of the Black Gate. Kind of edgy at times but all of the main characters are pretty interesting without being the smartest and most sexiest in the whole world, male or female.

No. 429309

Lowkey jealous of my cousin who's always been super smart and great at math. She got a job as a teacher teaching math at her old high school (her chosen career path). She's still with her high school sweetheart and their salaries combined make them pretty comfy. She transferred back to a city college so she graduated with no loans (the financial aid she got, she used to pay off a year of loans from her previous state university). She's pretty and gets along with people really well. I know I shouldn't be jealous because out of everyone in my huge family, she's the one cousin I'm the closest with and she's genuinely a great, hardworking, and humble person.

I feel like such a shit head because I'm still fumbling around jobs, trying to figure out what I want to do. I wish I had the smarts and motivation that she does. The only thing I'm better at is cosplay, because I really put in the time to learn how to sew and craft (though just because I'm better than her at this, doesn't mean I'm really all that great). I feel bad for even being jealous, I do think she deserves everything she has in her life- she's definitely worked hard for it all. I just wish I could have things go right for me for once.

No. 429315

I hate-watched the entire series on netflix with a couple of friends. It's probably the worst show I've ever seen. The MC constantly flipflops between OP broken and worthless idiot.

No. 429333

File: 1562082194887.jpg (147.3 KB, 1440x1152, uploads/2018/10/18/053_180925_…)

I've always liked Simone Giertz and I've always thought her videos and personality were really funny and have such a draw to them. Out of nowhere when watching her build Truckla, I got hit with dumb crush feelings for her. She's so cute. I love watching her build shit, it just fits into my "I want a cute handy butch gf" dream so much.

No. 429334

>just wish I could have things go right for me for once.
Anon are you me? lol that's exactly what I tell myself sometimes
I really feel you. I'm in a similar situation except for the fact that's it's my best friend and well, she's not really humble about her good life.
I keep telling myself to not compare my own life, situation and experiences to that of hers but it's easier said than done. I get super envious too and I feel guilty for that too but I try to tell myself that it's really not her fault and that her "luck" doesn't take anything away from me so I try to be indifferent about it.
It's good to do things or have things that set you apart from her so it gives you a sense of pride or confidence and will you stop you from comparing yourself to her. We're all struggling…some more, some less, so don't worry too much about it and it's ok to feel jealous too. Good luck!

No. 429335

File: 1562082827783.jpg (336.02 KB, 554x830, MINN-KILTY-SD-MOC-2.jpg)

What do you associate these shoes with? What type of person looks like they'd wear these? Like face and body type

No. 429339

Thank you anon, that really means a lot! I keep having to remind myself that I wouldn't be happy if I was in her shoes because what she has isn't what I want. I also think I'm just the kind of person who isn't going to turn what I love into a career- I'm okay with working a stable, boring office job in some random field as long as it means that I can fund my creative outlets to enjoy in my freetime.

I hope the future holds good things for you anon!

No. 429340

Fat frumpy deli workers who just got out of high school n dont wanna wear proper shoes and want beef blood spilled on they socks.

No. 429341

Some artsy ~indie girl~ with a normal healthy body/weight who has pale skin and light wavy hair.

No. 429342

Nah dude, its a fat, young mexican deli worker shoe.

No. 429343

Horse girls who are trying to look more fashionable and normie than they used to be in middle school and high school but they're not succeeding yet

No. 429344

Skinny jeans. Cup of coffee in left hand with a leather satchel in her right. Brunette, but sometimes blonde hair. Skinny but out of shape. Angular features. Baggy top to balance out the outfit.

No. 429349

dumb bitch who goes to Starbucks 12 times a day.

No. 429355

Thank you. So basically, you guys recommend I not wear them then? All but 2 replies were negative. I think they're cute but I'm not a horse girl, nor do I look indie. I only look okay in jeans and henleys (basically the most basic bitch shit because I look like a dweeb and it's impossible to dress outside of dweebdom when you truly have that look). I've never seen a Mexican wear them though. They're not cheap shoes! I need casual slip ons but I look too tryhard in anything but flip flops, basically.

No. 429363

They're comfy but kind of a weird choice for non-fall/winter environments.
I used to wear them during my lazy days during college when it was cold outside.
My main issues are: They don't lend a lot of support to your feet, the inside lining gets nasty from foot sweat or puddles eventually, and they are hard to coordinate into most outfits since they really only work with jeans imo.

No. 429366

Anon if you like them just get them who gives a shit about what random people like us on the internet or even irl people think about it? wear what you like; you don't have to fit any of the stereotypical images your clothes are associated with.

No. 429374

these are frumpy usually it's some chubby girl in a sweatshirt and stained yoga pants with a busted thermos in her hand

No. 429390

i'd smash

No. 429393


Cassandra Clare is a bit of a lolcow herself. She’s also very unfriendly with the cast members and is obviously jealous of the main actress who is far prettier and smarter than her imagined self insert character, Clary (geddit— clary … Clare…). She always has beef with the writers and is a control freak over what decisions they made. She was probably super pissed when they downplayed the incest. Yes, the books had incest in it!

They crop Clare out of promotional photos kek.

No. 429397

I didn't really know where to post this but it was a random thought so this might be the appropriate thread but I was wondering how people who don't speak the same language or those who speak in a broken common language together can have a deep and serious relationship? I just can't imagine it being non-superficial because you can't really express yourself and your feelings properly, discuss current world events etc.

No. 429412

I think the shoes are cute. If you like them, wear them. Lots of different people and tastes here.

No. 429418

My favorite fic of all time got removed/hidden on AO3. I thought the author removed it but apparently someone must have flagged some of her works/account so the fic was hidden.

I'm so upset I just want to reread it.

No. 429423


As well as the percussion instruments are stuck in my head!! I feel very good

No. 429444

Does Stefan Molyneux's accent sound fake to you guys? He was born in Ireland, raised in London and moved to Canada when he was 11, but it sounds like a transatlantic accent from the 1940s, like, I feel like it shouldn't sound so oldtimey. I feel like this dude unironically feels he should be wearing a monocle and carrying a fob.

No. 429446

Just follow your heart, as long as you can coordinate this type of shoes with your clothes and if you can find comfortable pairs.

No. 429452

Laid back chick. Skinny for sure.

No. 429456


Did you check archive.today and wayback?

No. 429457

I'm small enough that I can fit into kids clothing at Uniqlo so sometime I'll buy some kids pants because they're a fuckton cheaper, and I'm mad that these damn kids jeans have bigger pockets than my regular adult jeans. Why the fuck do kids need bigger pockets for? I can fit my whole phone into the front pocket of these pants as opposed to only half my phone fitting into the front pocket of my adult jeans.

No. 429458

Just checked, it's not available on either of those sites. Since the author didn't remove the works herself I'm hoping ao3 puts them back on the site/she reuploads them elsewhere.

No. 429459

>Do you guys have any more terrible writers to recommend?

You most likely already know about her or have read her books, but Laurell K Hamilton is a massive cow who gets hateread these days. Her Anita Blake books started out as pretty fun urban modern vampire hunter type books. Over the course of the series though, religious and celibate Anita starts falling for men and has sex (which isn't so bad an evolution at first) until book ten, when she gets infected with some sort of horny magic that makes her have to fuck multiple times a day. For the past thirteen or ever how many books, they've been all about her anime boy harem and her sex life, and less about any actual interesting plots.

No. 429465

File: 1562105544581.jpg (120.14 KB, 968x681, bread-waste.jpg)

What's your favourite thing to put on toast?

No. 429468

Toast sucks and ruins bread

No. 429469

Apple butter.

No. 429472

Mixed berry jam

No. 429473

File: 1562105897532.jpeg (52.41 KB, 620x320, 1D1DBDD4-3FB7-4D7E-9CC5-4DD649…)

Condensed milk!

No. 429482

I texted a friend of mine last night for the first time in a couple years. We didn't have a falling out or anything, my mental health issues caused me to isolate myself for a good while. She has reached out to me before, so has her wife but I was too embarrassed to respond during that time. She hasn't texted back yet but I really hope she does. I want to show her I can be a better friend these days.

No. 429484

Ever put cream cheese and apple butter together on toast? Good shit right there.

No. 429508

Unironically, avocado with lemon and cracked pepper. Maybe a poached egg too.

No. 429509

Y’all have diabetes if you put all that sugary shit on your toast.

Avocado toast because I’m a basic bitch.

No. 429513

Plain irish butter.

No. 429514

His accent has thrown me off a few times too, anon. It's nice to see someone else mention it (my uncultured American ears are usually shitty with accents)
Maybe he has some weird affectation he picked up from a favorite movie as a teenager or something.
Trips acknowledged.

No. 429522

11? yeah he should be abooting and eh?-ing with the rest of canada. i don't buy it.

No. 429523

brown: avovado with sea salt or poached eggs
white: salted butter
kerrygold master race

No. 429529

Digimon (Adventure 1, 2, and Tri) makes me feel so nostalgic and sad. I wasn't even the biggest Digimon fan growing up but I cannot get through a random clip that pops up on Youtube without starting to cry.

No. 429531

File: 1562120288295.png (Spoiler Image, 83.9 KB, 917x291, shocking.png)

I'm the Rothfuck sperg and I've got a few more incidents of cow-like behavior, if anyone gives a shit.


>shits on JK Rowling frequently, posts fan-made memes on his blog about how much cooler his self-insert protagonist is than Harry Potter, also asserts that Hermione would want to fuck aforementioned self-insert (#justmalefeministthings)
>is friends with Wil "Threw a Days-Long Tantrum When Tumblr Yeeted the Porn Blogs" Wheaton, another creepy nerd-boy hack and fake-ass-hoe male feminist

Would anyone be interested in a fantasy critical thread in /m/? Feel free to say no and I will shut up about it if interest is low.

No. 429537

This is excellent anon. I’m wholeheartedly interested in anything else you have to share.

I’m the anon who wrote the giant essay on why his books are horseshit.

No. 429541

Digimon's Japanese intro song is what I grew up with and I love it so much. It's superior to the English one.

No. 429567

I'm a digimon tamers stan and still wholeheartedly believe it's better than pokemon.

No. 429570

Yes please! Or we can necro the author cows thread in /snow if interest is not big enough for a whole new fantasy critical thread.

No. 429574

cream cheese and tomatoes, or butter and strawberry jam

No. 429575

>peanut butter and nutella
>peanut butter and banana
>just plain peanut butter
>grilled cheese with nothing else, not even tomato or ham
>unironically vegemite, in small quantities it's great
>dipped in whatever soup
>mac and cheese

Important note that these should all be single slice and not sandwiches, which are too much bread with too little topping. But goddamn I love toast. I think I could eat toast or cereal for every meal.

No. 429576

Oh shit, does this mean we're best friends now?

No. 429589

butter and cheeze whiz

No. 429590

This belongs in the kinkshaming thread. Sick, anon.

No. 429597

>aspberry jam with butter
>shredded mozzarella/pizza cheese and feta cheese cubes between two slices, spices and oregano, put it in a sandwich toaster

No. 429649

Yesterday I made the stupid mistake of eating slightly old prosciutto because I'm a cheap asshole. It was the last two slices of the package, still had a month and a half before the actual expiry date, but salt crystals were already forming on the slices. They were a little hard, but didn't taste weird. I knew that I was running the risk of getting a stomachache and accepted my fate, but holy fucking shit if I knew I was going to experience one of the worst bouts of diarrhea that I've had to deal with in years, I wouldn't have done it. I lost like 3-4 hours of sleep from shitting my brains out, kept being woken up by awful stomach pains just as I had FINALLY drifted back off to a comfortable sleep in my uncomfortably warm room, and I'm still feeling slight stomach pains now (though nowhere as bad).

I have no one to blame but myself.

No. 429657

The art slam challenge is dumb, but I want a 300 page sketchbook

No. 429690

Yeah, that shit varies heavily from person to person, how sensitive you are. I'm a human trash can and once drank milk that was open in my fridge for over 4 months without consequences.

No. 429694

plain goat cheese with honey or jam
crunchy peanut butter with honey
butter and jam
butter and cinnamon sugar cuz cinnamon toast is my favorite morning sugar rush

No. 429710

my mexican deli story is the truth nigga but i done seen them brown haired white girls wearing that shit too in middle school though. get some stronger shoes, anon. you want strong feet

No. 429717

I was talking to one of my coworkers at my new job, and she was making me feel a lot better about the future.

Before I landed my current job (receptionist at a foreign news company), I worked in retail, at the largest flagship store in the world of this one clothing company. They shoved that "you can make it all the way to the top if you work hard enough" shit, and my newly graduated ass ate that shit up. A lot of my managers started off from bottom, and I didn't want to get a career in my field of study (it was nice to study, but in the end I realized I had no real passion to make it worth it for me). I worked, and worked, and worked. I kept getting promoted, all of my managers loved me, I made a lot of really great friends, and then suddenly… I realized how unhappy I was. Change is inevitable, and our upper chain of command kept shifting, I started getting berated more and more. I truly gave 200% almost everyday that I was there, I mean, I couldn't give anything less- no one could. 100% wasn't good enough for this company, they wanted to work us to the very bone. I was okay with this at first, after all, my hard work will pay off down the line, right? I'll be able to work in their nice corporate office one day, right…?

A year and a half in, I met a girl and we dated for a while. Things didn't work out in the end, but in that time I dated her, I really realized how much I fucking hated my job. She had the life I wanted, working an office job in the art industry. She had stability and fulfillment from her work, she loved it. At first, I just wanted an office job to have weekends off with her, after all, I'm in retail, can't have too many weekends off. Then I just realized just how much I was starting to burn out. I've been putting in so much work and effort at this fucking job, and no one appreciates me for it. Not that they have to, but then the "why the fuck am I even trying so hard?" really starts to hit.

I didn't quit my job until months after we broke up. In the midst of post-break up depression, combined with my regular depression, I just about lost my fucking mind at work. I fell back into self harm, I seriously contemplated offing myself just about every other week. It took me about a month going back and forth about whether I should just put in my two weeks or not without a job lined up (I had been job hunting for months at this point), I was fearful about getting yelled at by my parents for being a lazy asshole and spending all day at work (this ended up not happening, my parents were very nice to me while I was at home), fearful of having to crawl back to this company, or any other retail company where my soul would just be sucked back out of my body again.

It was sheer luck that I got my current job. A recruiter contacted me, and I replied out of desperation. I was so fucking sick of dealing with all these recruiters where everything kept falling through in the end. I aced the interview, and I got the job. It's super slow in the office, I have free reign of the internet for 8 hours as long as I answer the phone and set up/clean up the office space every morning/evening (it takes like 5 minutes to do everything lol). It's only temporary, the company doesn't hold on to receptionists for longer than a year (so they can get out of paying benefits), but it's finally a step in the right direction. I've been trying to get out of retail and get an office job, but it's so difficult without actual experience on paper. Now I have it!

My coworker calls this place rehab for all their receptionists. She tells me to take my time, enjoy the slowness. Recoup my being while I'm here. Today, she told me that she's sure things will work out for me in the end when I leave here. It's something a coworker at my last job told me too, but I was very fearful and doubtful, after all, I'm just a plain, boring person with no particularly special talents. I don't know, it made me sort of emotional. I hope things will work out for me. I mean, they somehow did last time.

No. 429803

You just write like this because it's the internet right?

No. 429916

File: 1562194600416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.84 KB, 648x648, noticesbulgeOwOwhatsthis.jpeg)

>friends with Holly Conrad; does a cringe-y mental health discussion twitch stream with her and Matt Mercer, talks over them 80% of the time, posts it to his Youtube channel and turns off comments when Projared scandal breaks
>writes the forward for the official Adventure Zone comic, uses the space to praise himself for being talented and cool, talks about how many millions of books he's sold and how good he is at telling stories
>writes terrible spin-off novella (about the loli-chan character) even his fans hate, writes an author's note in end-pages of book letting readers know that if they don't like it, they aren't smart enough to understand it

Sorry, farmers. I'll come off it, but fantasy as a literary genre is chock full of cows and there's nowhere to discuss it since the fantasy readership is overrun by Aspergerian men.

No. 429924

This might sound odd but since coming to lolcow and reading some of these threads with anons giving advice, I feel like I've grown stronger and more secure with myself. I'm beginning to have my ambition back and learning to be independent again.
I'm learning to love myself and not care what others think. There was once a time where I thought I was useless and was just here on earth to be nothing but a man's wife. (Women in my family never make things of themselves. They pop out babies and live on welfare or get child support. I've never seen an independent working woman)

Thank you anons for teaching me to value myself again and giving me the confidence to make something of myself.

No. 429971

Now you're the inspiration anon.

No. 430024

File: 1562222438601.png (303.79 KB, 769x563, 1561293037898.png)

Belle Delphine is selling gamer girl bath water, It's honestly incredible. I've played games all my life, even more games than many of the men i know but i don't see anybody wanting to buy my bath water, lol. The "gamer girl" term is a meme and a fetish at this point, and i pity a younger me who referred to herself as a gamer girl. I wish there was a real quality community of women in games (read: not trannies) without any insta thots who just want to chill and play vidya. Maybe I'm just autistic though. I'm honestly kind of confused that a mess like me is considered the créme de la créme of girls, am i supposed to be flattered? Offended? Proud? There's so many conflicting messages. I don't know, I'm feeling lonely today. Sometimes i feel like the only girl that grew up like this, acts like this and thinks like this. Am i strange? I don't know. Lolcow honestly makes me feel better, there's other women out there that may be like me.

No. 430032

You took the words out of my mouth. I've yet to find a single real, genuine gaming community for women. It sounds like we have similar experiences. I'm so glad I'm not alone.

No. 430045

I'm not even a gamer girl but I can see how ethots have erased the visibility of actual girls who play games. When has belle ever played a game, literally?

Unfortunately the hoes of every community have now become the faces of said community while not even being in it
(see also: art hoes who never make any art/think their edgy selfies are art/think drawing shit cartoons and shilling shit art materials on Youtube is art)

No. 430051

When I see that shit I realize how lucky I am that all my female friends are actually into video games and we tend to talk about games for hours when the topic comes up.

No. 430053

next she'll probably pick a lucky fan that gets to scrape himself across a tarp of glass to smell her fart before succumbing to his wounds, those are the kinds of people she's pandering too after all

No. 430067

They aren't attracted to "gamer girls", they are attracted to her because she is attractive, looks young, and uses props from games/anime. They don't demand any let's play content from her, they don't ask her what's her favourite anime is, they want her nudes and porn. When men say they want a girl who is into vidya, they mean someone like Belle - a girl who vaguely understands some of the terminology and is willing to indulge in their weird fetishes, not someone who is genuinely passionate about games.

No. 430079

She doesn't like anime

No. 430089

But she users a lot of props from it, so they don't care.

No. 430091

always thought guys wanted something like a trophy when it comes to these "gamer girls".

No. 430095

File: 1562240924017.png (225.45 KB, 1194x526, ugj.PNG)

Why is disney jewelry always so ugly? i don't even care bc i want to buy overpriced jewelry, i care because i want to make bank like these designers are making even though they are terrifically shit at their jobs

No. 430098

File: 1562241111305.png (197.25 KB, 1185x565, bad.PNG)

it's like they dont even try

No. 430128

People will buy it regardless of how ugly it is because they're basic WASPs who think liking Disney makes them special and expensive=good.

It's been brought up before in the annoying threads iirc but adults obsessed with Disney are so obnoxious.

No. 430135

For a sec I thought that was dollar store jewelery you give to your nephew for their birthday. It doesn't even look that disney either. If I had to look at that out of context and guess what brand it was based off I'd say DnD.

No. 430214

File: 1562264848370.jpg (50.76 KB, 933x525, Dt2WrakU0AA1ScI.jpg)

I liked the retro 90s-70s trend but please end this cowboy trend already

No. 430215

There's a cowboy trend? That sounds fun.

No. 430216

been all over the place these past few months… just saw this

No. 430219

Newfags not knowing how to greentext but still trying anyway in order to integrate makes me smile. It's pretty cute.

No. 430241

File: 1562272757921.jpg (36.75 KB, 500x567, 15969882_1714548765523076_2078…)

It's sweet when you spend so much time with someone you start to sound similar (unintentionally)

No. 430249

File: 1562273799906.jpg (174.97 KB, 829x1200, junji ito.jpg)

No. 430263

i was hate reading brittany ventis twitter and her politics sound like she’s the personification of the worst anons on this website. hating gay men and sjws, but also hating porn and being gender critical. she also dates the worst incel /pol/ type men and anons here frequently talk about dating men like that.

No. 430268

is she really homophobic?

No. 430273

she was complaining about depop temporarily donating sales fees to LGBT charities because “what about the Christians! This is gay privlege!”

No. 430358

She used to piss me off, but now I just find her eyeroll-worthy. Another deluded victim of toxic internet communities. She's an idiot with anger issues who spent too much time on shitty imageboards and their male denizens, and allowed them to pollute her mind. She wants to pander to /cgl/ and Lolcow, but she's also obsessed with getting approval and attention from all sorts of hateful, disgusting men.
She also claims to despise pedophiles, but whiteknights Sam Hyde.

No. 430374

How can she hate porn when she's a camwhore herself lmao

No. 430513

I met my boyfriend’s mom yesterday for the first time, and holy shit it was so fantastic. Me and my boyfriend have only been together for four months + his mom lives with friends but her friends were visiting their son’s house for the fourth, so she had us over for dinner. We got along so well, she was just someone I was immediately comfortable with, her boyfriend was super funny, she had sooo many great stories from her interesting life (she followed the grateful dead in the 90s, was a civil war reenactor and claims she’s seen hella ghosts, lives super simply now just working restaurant jobs and living with friends but loves her life and has no regrets about not having a career). She was super accommodating to me being a vegetarian, we had great pasta and she put the shrimp in another pot for the rest of them to put on it (which I kno doesn’t sound like much but it’s crazy how often things like that don’t even occur to people). Me and my boyfriend were just laughing and having a great time the whole time, and afterwards he and I went back to his house and got a six pack and watched half of the new stranger things. It was a really really fun Fourth of July, this is my second good fourth in a row and it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite holidays if just because there’s nothing you’re required to do but have fun with your s/o and hang out with one of your families. This whole year has just been really good so far :)

No. 430516

This is so cute anon, I'm glad you had a such a good 4th!

I think this was the first year I was able to spend it with my parents since I stopped working in retail. We had a very small (probably a little hazardous) bbq outside, it was cute. My family isn't the most tight knit, but all of us being in the apartment at the same time, chilling out or sleeping in various rooms, just makes me really happy. It really makes me want to save up and buy a small house with a backyard so I can buy a grill and my dad can live out his dad dreams of bbqing.

No. 430517

thats bc her lil ugly ass browse and used to post here. she fucked up lookin for a mulatto. and them audios she released of her bf screeching at her while pretending shes so high n mighty was funny as fuck. definition of an attention whoring loser

No. 430519

Is their a specific name for this Ideology

Anti-Porn,Anti-Trans,being mainly indifferent towards gay people all the while also being sorta feminist

No. 430521

She's not feminist at all. You guys have a bone to pick with anons here but Venti is nothing like anyone here. Her motivations are entirely different. She's a tradthot and factions of the trad community are anti porn.

Not at all. Her motivations are different.

No. 430522

ya her motivation is getting enough attention as possible already said that u nigga

No. 430526

File: 1562337520335.png (292.8 KB, 829x594, expired russaboo condoms.png)

I'm pretty tempted to buy these USSR-era condoms just to keep one in my wallet

No. 430530

use it

No. 430532


I actually like that they are in paper packets, wonder if that impacts them, but if not that is a great way to cut the plastic use.

No. 430533

theyre so damn expired, though. I bet if you tried to roll it open, it would just snap in half (the condom I mean, not the dick unfortunately)

No. 430534

No one has to asslick gay men or sjws for any reason whatsoever lmao.

But I agree the tradthots and their nigels should DIAF

No. 430535

op better act fast someone else got it in they cart n gonna use it instead

No. 430540

>Venti is nothing like anyone here
She has quoted things from here verbatim, lifted content from /snow/ threads to make "takedown" videos about various other online personalities, talked about wanting to be a mod on this site, and responded on Twitter to criticism of herself in the tradthot thread.
I've also seen her in /cgl/ related Discord servers. She's definitely a user. She just can't reconcile her farmer seagull identity with her camwhore/tradthot/attention whore identity. She wants to have it both ways.

No. 430541

She's a failed Sh0e who never found her centrist trad daddy. That's why she hated her so much.

No. 430542

Yeah, it doesn't inherently mean that someone is homophobic or a bigot.

No. 430544

File: 1562339308342.png (38.56 KB, 649x293, mm.png)

don't worry they will soon be safe and sound, tucked away in my wallet forever.

No. 430555

Anon, she lifted that shit because she was in Shoe's thread trying to get dirt on her bc she's her competition, as is Anisa. Not the same as her casually being "one of us" and sharing our views. When did she ask about being a mod? Tbh, that's probably some Shoe skinwalking or something because we all know she's resentful of Shoe for being the more popular anti-sjw "cute grill".

No. 430565

File: 1562342281160.png (295.45 KB, 450x452, MfjJqaB.png)

It'd def be really cringey, but I wanna arrange a lc meet up. I love the idea of meeting local farmers from the man-hate thread and just sipping a vodka-soda

No. 430566

>literally drinking a vodka soda as I read this
I feel you, the idea of it seems fun, but in practice would probably be super awkward

No. 430570

Toronto represent

No. 430575

File: 1562344787664.png (149.06 KB, 500x544, cheers.png)

Sounds great in theory but in practice it would be a disaster.

No. 430577

i'd love that but i'm not from the states so that means my chance of attending is 0%
all the cgl meet ups are at american cons aswell (but those are full of crossboarders anyways so at least im not missing out)

No. 430578

I agree, it would be terrible and I know with certainty I wouldn't attend lol
There's just been a few anons in /ot/ that have made me long for a way to personally check in with them. However, I do realize that the end result of adding DMs and shit like that is KF

No. 430591

why do people get their nipples pierced oh my god it sounds like it would be the most painful thing ever why do you put yourself through that won't you lose feeling on it and stuff

No. 430592

File: 1562347089617.png (174.91 KB, 306x414, d84e78656886d601b08650400a6dea…)

Fuck Soulless corporations who only care about profit

>Father is devastated after Disney stops him from putting picture of Spider-Man on his child's grave

>In life, Ollie Jones was mad about Spider-Man. And when he died aged four, his grieving father wanted a picture of his favourite superhero to watch over his resting place.

>The touching gesture was thwarted, however, when Disney refused permission to use the etching on Ollie’s gravestone – claiming it wanted to preserve Spider-Man’s ‘innocence’.

>‘It makes no sense to me – characters die in their films all the time. Ollie’s last holiday was at Disneyland. He loved Spider-Man and we had bought him all the toys. But now he has died and we won’t be spending any more money, they don’t care.’


No. 430601

File: 1562348291369.jpg (40.96 KB, 500x409, po25xyXNqu1set3pa_500.jpg)

Am I odd for disagreeing with pictures like this as a bisexual female? I mean, I can't imagine bringing my boyfriend along with me to pride…it's not like there's anything special about a w/f relationship after all, that's like society's default, even if one of them is ~bisexual~.

No. 430603

bi and have dated several girls in the past but currently dating a guy, and i don't know. i mean yeah i wouldn't show up at pride with him or anything but i mean, i'm still bi, dating him doesn't change my sexuality, so the image is still correct.

No. 430606

I wanted my nipples pierced so badly for my birthday last year, had plans with one of my friends to get ours done together, long story short she went and got it without me and didn’t tell me. I was pissed when I found out a few months later for about five minutes until I thought about the story she was telling me about it: a tinder hookup had accidentally pulled on it with his teeth, and it bled. Bled. She was afraid he was gonna pull it out. A few months later my roommate got them done and hers bled for a few days, it hurt to clean them, and she constantly complained about them being “crusted up”. I’m glad I didn’t get them done, I’ll stick to ear cartilage for now lol.

No. 430609

What did they expect. Yes, the mega corporation whose primary goal is to sell your children toys does not want its images in cemeteries and especially so if they can't charge premiums for those images.
They should have done it under the table like every other family with copyrighted images on their loved ones graves, there was never a doubt what Disney's answer would be.

No. 430610

they are still bi but a bisexual person in a straight relationship isn't going to get beheaded in the middle east. i really don't understand why these people are going around talking about how gay they are while they are in a relationship unless it's some polyamory shit, it just comes off as a cheater's red flag.
if someone unironically uses the word "biphobia" i automatically can't take them seriously anyway, it's so snowflakey. can't you just say homophobia?

No. 430615

I feel like acting like I'm no longer part of the lgbt community when I'm with a man nullifies my experiences with past female partners and would be rude towards them. They have agreed with me on this. I might get a gf in the future if this doesn't work out so it would be stupid to not support stuff like pride when I'm in a straight relationship.

No. 430637

File: 1562353030697.png (632.99 KB, 568x760, Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 14.5…)

this hoe always looks like shit and her videos are garbage

No. 430639

literally who ?

No. 430640

This is weird because Disney doesn’t own spiderman or his likeness. Sony does.

No. 430642

No. 430644

File: 1562353563195.png (327.54 KB, 690x271, 4chanflapper.PNG)

I feel personally attacked

No. 430645

Ready to Glare on YT. Her videos are constantly in my recommendeds bc I watch some other drama channels on occasion. I think her commentary is boring and grating and she always looks like she is a hot topic tranny.

No. 430647

I can't fucking stand her. She's absolutely insufferable and her look is awful. She says she's so logical and rational, but almost all her takes on things are either the obvious conclusion (molesting kids is bad, guys!) or idiotic views on shit she clearly knows hardly anything about at all.

No. 430648

I actually very seriously thought she was a troon when I first saw her in my recs. I'm not kidding.

No. 430651

File: 1562354440731.jpg (99.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

well at least she's not TheGamerFromMars

No. 430654

I have mine done and it’s not bad at all. I’d rather get them pierced again then have a tattoo session for an hour (to try to compare the pain levels, it’s literally 5 seconds of pain and it’s over after. It also made me a lot more sensitive.
most people don’t keep up with aftercare since you have to clean them for a long time which is why they get crusties. Your friend is also stupid, your not supposed to have sexual contact with your nipples piercings for at least 6 months or even more until they’re clean. It sounds like the guy was also way too rough; obviously you can’t be biting and aggressively grabbing pierced nipples, which you need to tell your partner beforehand. Honestly they are work but they’re worth it if you are a clean and careful person!

No. 430655

Samefag but I mean to say healed not clean

No. 430659

I really like her tbh

No. 430660

Some people want to look like bimbos, to them the pain is worth it.
Now what is even worse is clit piercings.

No. 430670

sometimes I end up watching her videos when im high and cause they won't get the fuck out of my recommendations so I have a weird soft spot for her but yeah her amazon tier wigs and wonky middle school scene girl eyeliner irritates me whenever I watch her.

also I've always side eyed her knowing she used to be one of onion's patrons at her grown ass age lmao

No. 430672

always wondered if there were other farmers in the Bay Area and wanted a meetup but im honestly terrified if I show up and its all mainly troons lul

No. 430674

Philtrum is so much worse.

No. 430680

Most internet meet ups are much more civil than people expect, unless you get a legit insane person in the group, in my experience.

No. 430692

It's really not that painful. Ears are worse.

No. 430697

No. 430712

Hate when you post OC on a sub and it barely gets any attention and someone who just shares a random pic (and doesn’t even know where it is) gets hundreds of upvotes. I know, I know: caring about fake internet points is dumb. I just like sharing my stuff and seeing photos other people actually took themselves. Reddit sucks.

No. 430719

I agree. Reddit's a good place to get feedback, but you don't get as much when you don't hook that attention, and it sucks. I hate twitter/Instagram more because it's that mentality to the nth degree, but reddit's bad too. I wish there were a smallish community where OC was encouraged and discussed.

No. 430728

I'm staying at a bed and breakfast for today and tomorrow. It's so different than a hotel. A lady is making breakfast for everyone in the morning.
I like the old furniture and stuff. It's cute but different!

No. 430732

>Make a music video with a message

>Flashy imagery
>Sexual references
>Danceble music
>WOW such deep message

No. 430736

>Make a music video with a message
>Obscure everything behind 20 metaphors
>It's about drug addiction
>No anorexia!
>No! It's a story about how a women was raped by her father.
Why does voclaoid attract these types?

No. 430790

File: 1562381380497.jpg (15.35 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

i am constantly elbows deep in all sorts of drama all over the internet but i have no irl connections, i have no one to consider friends, and i dislike my family and work place drama is next to nil. so weird to feel like i know so much about others but experience so little. fuck it, ill enjoy it while i can.

No. 430848

I sat through the entity of that Ted Bundy movie thinking it was Chris Pine

No. 430895

Because it got popular in the years of pure edge and the edge never truly left.

No. 430898

I still want a lava lamp

No. 430909

It's bizarre how Vocaloid still sound good to my ears.

No. 430926

is it gay that when i'm watching a group of dancers the girls always catch more of my interest than guys?

No. 430964

one of my newer friends is always making fun of me for my views on sex and it gets a bit tiresome
she's one of those…'sex is power' types i guess, and while i love her personality ( she's been with me through a lot, i mean she's like my other half ) i can't agree with how she sleeps around. i'm not judging of her, but sometimes she'll say stuff like "when are ya gonna get some it's been like years" i have to let her know i see sex as being special

No. 430965

ignore that oops

No. 430980

This is not vent thread

No. 431023

I went so long without seeing some cute, not very expensive and good quality make up brushes. Now out of sudden I see them everywhere and I feel like my tiny make up brush collection will explode in the upcoming weeks because I want them all. (It's summer sale time so you get usually very pricey sets for a few bucks …)

No. 431124

File: 1562449679273.jpg (113.67 KB, 1270x1693, original.jpg)

I'm going on a date from Hinge this week and nervous af because I feel like I am too photogenic and look way better in pictures than real life (specifically my body). I wish I could just say "hey btw I am kind of chunky" ugh - we have been snap chatting some and i've been trying to show my body (not nudes or anything of course lmao) but, idk.. at this point I dont even want to go because i'm so anxious!

Also I have no idea what to wear because all I have are professional work clothes or super casual clothes. I wanted to order something like pic related to wear but it probably won't come in time now. I just feel so ugly in all of my clothes and want to get a cute feminine dress but idk what stores to get one from where I live

No. 431139

A recent momokun pic reminded me of a word I had forgotten in years

No. 431145

Just go to a mall and check out some stores. I'm sure you'll find something like that, especially in shops like h&m if you have that. It's gonna be fine, you're fine so relax and look forward to it instead of worrying too much about possible scenarios and all.
Hope it goes well!

No. 431148

File: 1562452530739.jpeg (39.5 KB, 389x126, A0FF2712-3668-4220-AFA2-ADFB9A…)

No. 431155

I remember!

No. 431162

File: 1562456009282.jpg (292.81 KB, 1074x1000, D-tDtabUEAUXVDd.jpg)

I'm currently going through a weird identity crisis. I don't really know who I am or what I like anymore. I feel like I lack a personality and I'm extremely uninteresting, but I just can't go back to who I was before.

No. 431185

File: 1562459701309.jpg (294.01 KB, 1080x2220, 20190706_193443.jpg)

Wtf Walmart owns ModCloth now

No. 431190

Yeah, it's been a couple years and while I'm sure they've always been unethically produced fast fashion anyway, I noticed that my clothing purchased from them several years ago was very nice quality, and my clothing purchased from them after the Walmart buyout is flimsy, thin, and poorly constructed with lower quality material.

No. 431205

When did the Walmart buyout happen? I brought something from them in 2016. The quality wasn’t terrible but I expected something better tbh.

No. 431218

i think im going to go sky diving soon. ive always wanted to but never did it.

No. 431250

Sometimes an “identity crisis” can just be you growing as a person anon. It’s a transitional phase where you might lose some previous interests so that you can develop new ones. It’s not necessarily something bad at all. See it as a great time for you to explore new things and new aspects of yourself.

Also, do you know who the artist is of that pic? It’s cute af

No. 431254

File: 1562487212478.jpg (32.81 KB, 570x424, il_570xn-871427240_8ht9.jpg)

I love Pearl and I wish they had let her riff in the theater more often.

No. 431277

Same! It was all dudes before her.

No. 431457

File: 1562545883049.gif (1.75 MB, 500x450, 1460158948_tumblr_nr86m2R4gg1q…)

I really irrationally hate stuff that has that forcefully wholesome, magical Nintendo/Ghibli/uber-deep indie storygame vibe with abstract moral messages. It feels like a giant gimmick that I'm not allowed to cricize because its too pure. I don't respect anyone who falls on their hands and kness over a sparkly magical game or movie trailer. Bonus points if you can immediately clock the waifu character in them.

I enjoy my share of ACNL too but its really not that ~pure~ I just want to sell my fish and talk to the cute animals then go to bed. This wasnt really meant to be a vent but that thread is also shit right now.

inb4 an intellectual calls me bitter and jaded as if I didnt already know

No. 431459

New Leaf was garbage bruh.

No. 431462

Animal Crossing games have a moral?Since when? It's literally just cutesy game you play 20 minutes max daily.

No. 431470

I'm finally starting to enjoy how narrow lcf brains are, you really just chose that 1 (one) thing out of all cheesy medias haha

No. 431482

File: 1562553713439.jpg (11.31 KB, 275x247, 1561330922234.jpg)

I watched paul Platt mall cop and it was bad. I mean I knew it was bad, but I didn't know it was that bad. Like What audince was this aimed at. Why have the sudden tone shift. What kid finds a women mating a man for a greencard funny. Why.

No. 431523

every hour is dumb bitch hours when you're me

No. 431530

If anything I'd say it's the opposite, especially in the old games. Everyone was rude as fuck in those games and it was great lol

No. 431537

Mikan mandarin's face is just so annoying to me. I guess it's just a combination of her weird nose and her lips, which make it look like she's smirking or has a shit eating grin. Like I can't even attempt to watch her videos or look at her insta without physically cringing. No one else's face has ever done that to me. Lol

No. 431540

her nose goes so low on her face that the tip nearly touches her upper lip. i felt the same way but yeah thats what it is

No. 431548

Been eating like shit and now need to take monthly B12 shots. Welp.

No. 431575

I'm making a list of manga I want to read, video games I want to beat and series I want to finish this summer and it's way too long. I need someone to slap me everytime I ever get into a new video game or series.

I miss how the villagers would randomly argue and insult each other in Wild World, it was funny. New Leaf had more repetitive dialogues, the only reason why it wasn't too boring was that it was easy to get a lot of money fast. I hope the new game won't try too hard to be wholesome.

No. 431676

How many times have you posted this? Are you NecessarySpeed4?

No. 431678

I went through this for a few months recently. It was in combination with my worsening depression, and I felt like my former self had left my body and now I was just a narrative voice living in a body that was on autopilot until my former self came back. It felt like I was chasing my sense of self, and whenever I thought I caught up, I was back in the chase again. I had to figure out what I liked/disliked again, figure out new hobbies and whatever, just figuring out my whole identity and self again. It's like being a four year old, except you're a full-fledged adult and it feels stupid and weird because shouldn't you have figured these things out by now? But everything's changed in an instant.

It's been months and I can say now that I think the me that was just a narrative voice in this body has settled in. I don't know where the previous me has gone, but this is my body now. It sounds 3edgy5me but there's really no other way for me to describe the feeling. In a way, even before this happened, I could say that I wasn't the same person I was a couple years ago. People are always changing, it's just a really jarring time to live through when all that change hits you all at once instead of slowly over a longer course of time.

I'm happier now. My depression is under control and I've been making strides that I wouldn't previously have in indulging in new hobbies and interests. I'm learning more about myself and trying to make my personal bubble more comfortable. It's a freeing feeling when you finally settle in.

I hope things will work out for you anon. Like >>431250 said, take it as a change to explore new things! There's really nothing to lose. You can try out new hobbies, or return to old ones and see how they suit you.

No. 431680

i didn't know pitbulls were THAT divisive until i clicked the dog hate thread. i got mine as a rescue from a neglectful home after a break-in that ended up with me almost dead. she's been a godsend. i get it to an extent since she is literally made of muscle, but damn she's my cuddlebug. pibbles aren't just for neglectful hicks i promise. no bully

No. 431688

where's the flirting and does she have to be a sexless emotionless stoic volcel to be a radical feminist?

No. 431689

Yes, it actually is, she thinks this is an outpost of r/gender critical.

No. 431690

>I'm a narrative voice in my body
Please see a therapist because depersonalization/dissociation is no joke.

No. 431696

the issue with them is they are almost always bred for their bad traits making them unpredictable. these dogs do love you but they will likey snap. plus if they do bite it's like a bear trap and can break bones. if they were bred differently there would be no problem, but breeding them to be insanely strong killing machines is dangerous.

No. 431699

:') I wish I could anon but I was kicked off my parents health insurance and can't afford an individual plan/job doesn't offer me benefits (thanks america)

I appreciate the concern and it's nice to put a name to the feeling, but I think I've managed to do alright moving past it. Not to brush something so serious under the rug, but I don't feel so detached from myself anymore nowadays.

No. 431701

yeah, i totally respect that POV! and can also recognize that a lot of people who adopt them probably don't train/handle them properly. just sucks to see them being put on blast for being bred by people with bad intentions. can't get behind the "kill all pits" mindset, can get behind having spaces where they aren't welcome. anyone who can't recognize that they have the potential to do major damage is delusional, but wanting anything to die is a bit much for me

No. 431702

I caved and bought grapefruit la croix and I’m sad that it isn’t grapefruity enough. Guess I’ll just go back to buying plain seltzer and making my own grapefruit syrup again.

No. 431703

have you tried bubly? i prefer it over la croix

No. 431742

I haven't! I've seen it though, and I'll definitely try it out!

No. 431791

You should also try investing in a homemade seltzer rig.
That way you don't have to keep buying plain seltzer (if you're nasty, you could even try carbonating the grapefruit juice itself)

No. 431812

I've considered it, but I go on cycles where I drink a lot of it and then I stop so it feels bad to buy another machine that I'll only use sporadically (plus I live with my parents and they buy too much junk already, so maybe when I move out!).

I'd definitely be curious enough to carbonate grapefruit juice itself but I just worry it would taste too damn good to me and it would defeat my whole purpose of forcing myself into seltzer in the first place lol. I really love soda but I also recognize drinking at least 30g of sugar a day is awful, and diabetes runs in my family so I'm trying my darnest to be healthy. Also why I don't like plain seltzer, I'm really just trying to achieve a (even slightly) better alternative to soda (I've cut out soda for the most part and drink mostly tea/water, but fuck man, old habits die hard lol).

No. 431917

>She has a shitty waist to hip ratio tbh. But there's a lot of guys who wouldn't mind as long as she's thin. Can't see her getting RL attention

reading old threads and anons here really used to be as bad as incels. im glad the userbase of the site has matured overall as the years have gone on

No. 432019

Lmao ikr and yet theres always some moron coming out of the woodwork to say "I miss old LC, everyone was way funnier and more chill" like they literally weren't I've been here since the beginning. The userbase was absolutely no better and was markedly worse.

No. 432051

File: 1562675486232.jpeg (11.68 KB, 474x474, proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpeg)

I just have to say huge thanks to the anon that recommend me the hair remover coil tool. It's great for facial hair, quick, and not really painful. I wish using the epilator wasn't so painful either.

No. 432070

The Lillee Jean thread is fucking great. I mostly spend my time on ot, and the only snow thread I keep up with is Phoebe, but now there's another cow on the block and she's fucking hilarious. Love it.

No. 432072

it has more to do with getting rid of the male lc userbase than maturing

No. 432073

I like this website and followed only like 2 cows but the negative comments about other women's bodies really bother me. I just find it catty and pathetic.

No. 432074

No. 432076

youtube recommendations have gone to absolute shit the past years, i used to have new music on my sidebar all the time but now it's stuff i've already seen or super unrelated content that's "adjusted" to my view pattern. despise personalization of any sort, i make a new google account every once in a while to keep my info random

No. 432098

you have a point there, the obvious malepostinng in old threads is a large part of why they were so low quality. but we can’t ignore that many terrible comments like the one I posted were made by other women, just look at mystery’s post history on this site.

No. 432107

Gah, I really hope Sanders or someone else starts the hard work towards giving people proper mental healthcare.

One thing that's pretty relevant is to stay away from weed, at least regular use, if you're experiencing the symptoms. It's a trigger for people prone to dissociating. Another is practicing mindfulness meditation, which forces you to be in the moment and fully present. Teaches you tricks to stay inside your body and whatnot. Yoga does the same kinda stuff. These are no-cost tricks so maybe they can help someone else as they have helped me.

No. 432112

It is. Anons still clutch onto the "its lolcow look at where you are" as an excuse to nitpick other women without realizing that 1. It makes us look like sad insecure bitches and 2. It ruins the integrity of threads as archives of cow's bad behaviour.

I've called anons pathetic before in-thread on pt and snow and they fucking screeeeech about their right to make fun of cuticles or wrinkles lmfao. They have to be under 20.

No. 432116

I honestly wish they could just do something about our healthcare system as a whole. I make minimum wage at my current job, but still make too much to qualify for medicaid and $100 over the limit for essential care, yet at the same time, could never afford to move out on my own in my shitty, overpriced as fuck city. It's ludicrous.

I'm not a fan of weed but that's good to know! I'll keep it in mind if the occasion ever comes up (a lot of my friends smoke, but I don't). I've also been trying to practice mindfulness meditation! If only to help keep myself from relying so much on social media, but it's good to know it'll be good for dissociating.

No. 432127

The poverty line has needed raising for years, since no one wants to do anything about wages or anything else.


No. 432167

I was never really into criticizing cow's appearances because if they're a cow there must be something peculiar in the way they behave so I would rather focus on that than "omg one of her boobs is bigger than the other lmao what a big nose ugly bitch". I agree with you.

No. 432172

Am I weird for thinking chubby women can be attractive, but not chubby men? The dadbod shit disgusts me in a visceral way, but I understand all the hype around "thicc" women. They're just hot.
In general, I'm way more eclectic with my tastes in women than I am with men. Women flat-out just look better than men, and the best-looking men are always sort of feminine. Any other bisexuals who are like this?

No. 432173

Women are naturally able to carry fat better so I understand, it takes a lot of fat for it to become ugly (or an unfortunate body shape), though I like "bear" type guys too.
Also, I think the biggest problem is that most men don't put any effort into their appearances. They don't take care of their skin, beards, hair, so most men look ugly. As women we are taught from an early age to groom ourselves. Basic things make a difference. Even a relatively unkempt woman can look better than the average men.

No. 432174

Hard agree.
I'm glad the whole nasolabial folds thing got made into a joke here too.

No. 432177

I think it's largely because chubby women try harder to look attractive, or dress flatteringly to her shape. In my experience, a lot of chubby/fat/obese guys were very of the "big portions of cheap ass food == superior spending choices" and similarly were cheap as fuck around clothing. Throw in general male lack of hygiene and whatnot, and it quickly becomes a burning trainwreck.

side note, but I fucking hate that "big ass portions of cheap food is better" shit. yeah, it could be better if you stretch that shit over several meals, but none of these people do that. they either eat it all at once or waste a shitload of food.

No. 432188

We're at the point we might see chris-chan die of old age. Thats feels so weird.

No. 432190

File: 1562698109919.jpeg (82.93 KB, 750x538, 1528756969928.jpeg)

So, I'm basically planning on scaping from my country because I refuse to live in this rotting land.
I really like the idea of living in the US, but I have lots of questions; first of all, I'm latina (white passing physically, but my surname is GONZALEZ) Am I going to be doomed to eternal discrimination?
Also, can you live by yourself while working a shitty job like being a cashier at Mc Donalds or working in a clothing store? I finished school, but I don't have a College degree, will I be able to get a job?
PLEASE help me, I'm desperate lmao.

For reference, in my country you can't sustain yourself unless you have a very well-paid job (that you can ONLY get by having a college degree). I like art and animation, but I can't work or study anything related to that because the art industry is just non existent here.

Everything you can tell me helps!
(Btw please tell me if this doesn't belong itt).

pic semi related

No. 432199

you can live by yourself depending on which area you're in. you kinda have to work a job though. you'll be able to get one but it might be shitty the first couple times. discrimination isn't crazy as long as you live in the right place though

No. 432201

I'm in California and Gonzales/z is one of the most common names ever since forever, you're fine if you move to this half of the US. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, tons of Mexican names and surnames. McDonalds prefers underqualified employees because it prides itself on being America's "first job" kinda thing, or gas stations, drugstores, walmart. You might have to have a roommate to live depending on the state.

No. 432202

if you're white passing, you will be fine. Americans will bend over backwards to acknowledge the parts of you closest to whiteness.

that said, being poor/immigrant without resources will be your biggest obstacle, over your face or surname. the "third world immigrant who worked hard into the American dream" is probably totally impossible these days.

No. 432203

no, you're not fucked with a hispanic last name. you can always move to a place with a large latin population anyways like texas, california, the southwest, or fl, or simply change your last name. i am white hispanic and no one can ever tell and no one has ever been rude to me when they find out my last name. worst case scenario is that wasps will make shit up like "oh, i can hear your cuban accent now!" (i don't have a cuban accent). people are nasty to people that look mestizo. even if you were born here, they're very nasty because of appearance, not your name. being bilingual here (especially in the aforementioned places) is a plus too. it's basically a requirement in s fl for example. as long as you look white, honestly, you're golden.

No. 432205

Honestly I think so much of this depends on where you want to go. Discrimination? Might be okay/lesser in big, liberal cities vs small communities. Living by yourself while working a shitty job? Might be okay in small communities (lower min wage but also lower cost of living) vs get fucked in big cities.

Retail work, depending on the company, is easy to get even without a college degree. Depending on the company, you might get paid a pretty good amount too. Please, for the love of god don't work at Walmart. Even a place like Target treats its employees (slightly) betters. Bulk stores like Costco and BJs paid their employees well above minimum wage in my city.

I'm very curious as to how you plan on getting in and staying here anon. Not in a "get out immigrants!" way, just genuinely concerned for you. Do you have family here?

On a small side note, I have a friend who also never went to college but now works for an animation company here in NYC getting her foot in the door by working lower positions at other animation companies, so it's possible to get where you want to. Difficult, but possible imo.

No. 432214

Wow, thank you so much for the replies! I'm very surprised that discrimination isn't that big of a problem. I didn't consider going to the US for a very long time because I thought it would hell just for being named Gonzalez, haha.

I actually don't have anything in particular planned… Is it THAT difficult to move there? I thought it just would require you to find a job and prove that you are not going to the US to traffic people or be a terrorist. And no, I don't have family there. I just went a couple of times for vacation.

Tbh I was mainly encouraged to go there because it gives me the impression that you can live a decent life without having to semi-enslave yourself. Being middle class in the US looks like the equivalent of being middle-upper class where I live.

I have to admit though that I am terrified of terrorism, wars and tornadoes/natural disasters in general.

No. 432217

I agree, plus, it's not milk. Who cares if someone is fat when they scam people out of money, start drama with people, or do other cow behaviors? Honestly, if a thread is full of nitpicking about someones looks, I just assume the cow isn't nearly as milky as the anons are imagining she is.

No. 432222

Oh yeah, I'd say I find 80% of women attractive but my taste in men is…really specific.
I think chubby men can be cute if they're proportionate (thick limbs as well as torso, not just belly) and well dressed though. It's rare but I've seen them.

No. 432224

Depends on where you live and cost of living, most places minimum wage is still super low and impossible to live without roommates unless you live in a literal shit shack. There's next to no opportunity to move up in retail or McDonald's jobs, and the pay is still very low even if you do. You're better off either pursuing more "respectable" positions like administrative assistant or receptionist etc while self teaching and honing a skill and portfolio in something like coding. If you're exceptionally lucky an employer might agree to send you to school, but this isn't common.

But yeah, like, you need a visa if you're going to immigrate legally, which is several thousand dollars. You can't just rock up to the border and say "I swear I'm not a terrorist."

No. 432230

No one will give a fuck about your surname. If someone says something, they're just fucking idiots who are assholes anyway.

As for the job part, that depends on where you live. But it's honestly hard to live alone on an "entry level" job like McDonald's or other retail jobs. They don't pay the greatest and, even worse than that, the hours can vary wildly. Sometimes you work full weeks and get a decent amount of cash. Other times, they'll cut you back to 15 hours or some meager shit. You may have to get a roommate to split rent with. Also, various states and cities are more expensive, so just look around and see what sounds the best.

No. 432233

Yes, it is difficult to (legally) move here. There's a reason why we have so many undocumented immigrants (I really don't blame them).

This is the general "how to get into the U.S." page https://www.usa.gov/enter-us

This is what I think would more specifically apply to you https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate.html

The TL;DR of it is that without family here (or even with family, U.S. immigration is a fucking pain in the ass) I suppose it'll be near impossible to find someone to sponsor you. I don't believe any retail job would sponsor a low level employee (and my memory is pretty shaky here, but I do believe they also have to prove that they've gone through all available applicants already living in the U.S. and that you are the one that is somehow above everyone else and best fit for the role, or some shit like that, plus it's expensive).

The only "easy" ways I could think of is coming in on a student visa and then somehow finding and proving yourself to an employer that they should sponsor you after you graduate. Downsides are student visas have very limited working hours, and finding a willing employer to agree to sponsoring you is difficult. Or you could marry a citizen.

I know a lot of this comes off as brash, but this is the reality of it. I don't even think I got all of it right, legal immigration is nuts here.

No. 432234

>is it THAT difficult to move there? I thought it just would require you to find a job
uhh how easy do you think it is to find a job that will sponsor a visa as an uneducated, unskilled immigrant??? people with actual masters degrees/phDs and American spouses have a hard fucking time immigrating. jfc.

No. 432253


I did some research on this many years ago as a guy I knew moved over and I wanted to find out how he did it.
You need to be sponsored by a company. Generally Visas are not granted unless you are above a certain tier for jobs, as in: programmer, accountant, lawyer, doctor. If you are below that sort of qualified job you won't get sponsored to get in.
Service jobs will not get you in. Also if you do get in via sponsorship, and the sponsorship ends, you need to leave the country.
The american dream thing is false once you do your research on taxes, health insurance, and the fact minimum wage does not cover the cost of living in any state.
I advise you move to Ireland, the UK or some other european country. European countries like France and Spain will have zero issues with your nationality whereas I'm pretty sure most Americans are racist to a degree - it's in the culture, literally built from slavery. Try to move to a European country on a student visa and see how it goes. I've been researching life in the US for years as where I'm from the image of the US is so far from the truth it's ridiculous - for example Florida is posited as a paradise holiday destination where I live, whereas Americans think it's a shithole, as far as I've gathered (e.g. the Florida Man meme).

No. 432255

Also Canada seems pretty easy to get in, two of my friends (and one jerk colleague I knew) moved there straight from service jobs+ got service jobs there, but it must be noted that you can't then move to the US from Canada. It's a different country and living there gets you no closer in legal terms to living in the US. If you think you can handle the freezing cold it is a possibility.

No. 432257

I had a friend who was a normal guy and very nice until he started exercising, got into better shape and now he's unbearable. He's all about "ohh I'm so confident, outgoing and extroverted now, I have to pick up all the chicks and live adventures all the time, playing video games and reading is for losers, why stay inside, go live!!"… Bitch you aren't fooling anybody. It sounds so fake. Why do people who suddenly get into self improvement like this become so unbearable?
I exercise, eat healthy and have a lot of art related hobbies yet you don't see me policing how people live their fucking lives because *~ i'm so confident and fit ~*

No. 432258

The Florida man meme is a good deal of self-deprecation, but this country is basically descending into a gigantic ATM (in a similar fashion to the gilded era). The nightmarish thing is seeing that
still want to come here.

No. 432261

In France you will have a really hard time getting any job if you're not French or North African, and if you don't speak French. Companies here are really picky and look for workers with experience, lots of internships, and rock solid paperwork from good French schools. In Spain you might get something but I'm not sure how it'll go.

No. 432266

>still want to come here.

Yeah, I don't understand this. I would leave if I could. Not only does our general populace have a bad image everywhere else in the world, our government and corporations exploit the lower classes as much as possible and climbing the ladder to being financially comfortable is nigh impossible and becoming even more so. The gap is ever widening.

No. 432273

Not to crash the America-is-shit party (I agree with a lot of the gripes ITT) but is it really that much of a mystery? A lot of immigrants are coming from depressed areas with few/no job opportunities, tons of violence/crime, and ultra repressive cultural values. Not that there aren't pockets of the aforementioned in the US, but most other places would not be an improvement if you were seeking to escape them.

No. 432278

>In France you will have a really hard time getting any job if you're not French or North African
You can remove the "North African" part because that makes it harder to find a job and there's a glass ceiling. And honestly from personal experience I have a feeling none of the criteria you mentioned matter all that much if you're not lucky enough in the first place and if you live in specific cities or regions where there aren't many opportunities.

No. 432284

This. To be honest the things Americans whine about feel like the ~1st world problems~ meme.
I live in a place where you can't defend yourself if somebody tries to kill you because YOU go to jail.
No abortion. Women rights don't exist and everybody laughs in your face even if you go to the police station full of bruises. People can be pedophiles online all they want, because unless they actually rape a child, they are considered innocent. Public transport is incredibly expensive and is fucking impossible to have a car. My 26 year old sister can't afford to live on her own even with her privileged well paid job. Also inflation. Prices going every two months.

Ofc moving from a 3rd world country to literally anywhere else is going to be good. Sorry for the rant, I got legit upset while writing that.

No. 432291

Sorry anon, that sounds like hell. Out of curiosity, where are you from? It's okay if you don't want to say.

No. 432295

South America. I rather not specify which country, but yeah I hate it here.
Your reply felt so kind that it made me feel a little less shitty though. I hope you live in a beautiful place with legal abortion and zero crime, anon.

No. 432304

As someone that came to the US from a shit 3rd world country it's better in a lot of aspects but also fucking expensive to the point I can't afford a good home and I'm still in an area where crime happens and people here discriminate me. Thought about going to a cheaper state but a lot of them tend to be conservative and well… Yeah.

Also a lot of people that come here from poorer countries usually come with the idea that the US will solve all of their problems and then reality hits them hard. Some can't handle it and go back (usually single dudes) and other stay because at least the pay is better and they can use it to help their family back home. It's even worse for the people who aren't here legally because they really don't have that many rights and they can get deported anytime.

Also everything is pretty fucking expensive in the US and at least some of the people who are lucky to have double citizenship in both the US and Mexico can just live in Mexico for cheaper and work in the US and make more than what Mexicans do. Some of my co-workers have homes in Mexico in nice areas. The hardest thing they have to deal with from what I've heard is the border crossing.

Of course Mexico does have its problems from what I've heard but those people seem to be pretty happy. I won't even try going there though because I heard Mexicans are pretty awful to South Americans, especially with what's been going on lately.

Man I feel you, especially on the women's rights thing. Holy fuck in my home country I've been in many situations where I felt I was going to get raped. Saludos y suerte amiga.

No. 432309

I'm in the northeastern US and I won't lie, I feel lucky to live here even with our various problems as a nation. My city has a really low crime rate, street harassment is pretty rare, it's very safe for women in general. I feel like a lot of people who live here don't realize that it isn't like that everywhere in the world.

No. 432329

File: 1562719753546.png (1.08 MB, 720x900, (Crown_and_Harmony)_Arashi_Nar…)

I find it pretty funny how every troon and woke twitter user points at this narcissistic effeminate male character and calls him a trans woman. He was based off of what the Japanese think gay men speak like/act like, so a mere stereotype, and yet everyone swears up and down that this shit is true representation.

No. 432336

>I get so involved with fictional characters and books. Ugh. vent incoming.
I fucking hate time travelers wife. The writing is mediocre, cliche and predictable. I get pedo vibes when Henry time travels as a forty year old man to flirt and kiss with 15-17 year old Clare. And Henry! Why are you fucking with Mia when you’re dating Ingrid seriously?? Wtf!

No. 432337

kek, kind of ot but i was reading about this drag queen that had a corpse in his closet for like 12 yrs and i love how everyone is transing him. he dead but even murderers are getting the trans treatment, lol

No. 432356

Florida man meme is just that - a meme. It exists because the florida news cycle works differently from other states. In Florida, damn near everything committed gets reported, hence getting weird ass stories about a dude in his underwear kidnapping an alligator for his D&D game or whatever.

As for Florida being a paradise holiday destination or a shithole, contrary to what you may think, a place can be both.

No. 432380

Same girl, same. I really disliked that book. I also got major pedo vibes. He basically groomed his wife from childhood. She never had a chance to develop as a person apart from him or interact with anyone else romantically while he could.

No. 432385

If a youtuber I love uploads a vague-titled vid and it ends up being a complain bid on demonetization, I immediately click away. I'm too old to empathize with you. YT didnt always payout for you just to talk in front of a camera and its not obligated to now. You might as well go bitch at American Eagle for not selling fat clothes because its kinda the same playing area of privilege.

No. 432386

i think bitching about demonetization sucks but i understand them. youtube is like twitter where they play favorites, but also they have insane rules. people who dedicated all their time to making videos get fucked over because google sucks, when before that content was fine. but instead of bitching they should just go elsewhere. let youtube kill itself.

No. 432388

I wish I knew how the English language sounds like to people who don't understand a word, or how American accents sound like to people from other English speaking countries. I try to imagine what it's like but it's so hard to defamiliarize myself for more than a second.

No. 432391

it's funny because i'm australian but have watched a lot of american movies, so when someone with an australian accent happens to be in an american film it feels very strange and jarring and sticks out like a sore thumb. it's almost like i don't recognise it or identify with it completely, because to me it's so normal but in an american setting it sounds so weird lol, hope that made sense

No. 432396

I'm Australian too and our accents sound crazy strong to me on tv, even on our own shows with no American actors. Sometimes I can't even place the accent even though it should be obvious, like it took me half a movie to realize Rose Byrne is Aussie. I never notice it irl unless someone is ocker af.

No. 432402

Aussie, and I get the same feeling. But what’s even worse is hearing Americans outside of TV, it doesn’t sound right! It feels really surreal, like, they only belong in media (whether it’s tv, movies or YouTube) and hearing them irl is extremely jarring and honestly unpleasant. I hate Americans trying to pull off Aussie accents in media though, they never get it right and it’s always in the uncanny valley

I didn’t realise just how strong and harsh my accent is until I went to England, it was all I could focus on for quite a while

No. 432416



You have NO idea how happy I am that this video I love came in handy. This song was written to show how English sounds to foreigners, and as an English-speaking American, I agree.

No. 432418

As an American myself, I hear Aussie accents are hard to imitate for us. No wonder you guys cringe. At least it’s funny to listen to.

No. 432420

I notice my accent when I try speaking other languages, especially Japanese because I just can't pull off the short vowels. I thought I'd have a cultivated british-y accent but it must be pretty broad kek.

No. 432426

Austrialian is the best english accent. Australian just sounds so sexy and sweet to me, I love it so much.

No. 432449

One of my hobbies is browsing the comments on small Instagram models/thots accounts, and I have discovered that the overwhelming majority of men into fat women are usually the conservative ones.

No. 432454

That's really fucking funny. I seriously would not have guessed that.

No. 432464

A few months ago my husband took on an apprentice and ever since he's been coming over on a Saturday evening so my sister and I can help him study because my husband wants him to retake his A-levels when the new college year starts. I've noticed that my sister really likes him and he seems to feel the same way about her. They both flirt with each other but they way they do it is so haphazard and clumsy. There's no subtlety to it at all. Sometimes it's so bad I have to leave the room because I want to laugh. This has been going on for while and I can't understand why one of them hasn't taken it further. They're both 20 so they should at least have some idea of what to do next.

No. 432471

That's cute. Maybe you can give her some tips?

No. 432484

Went down a symptom rabbit hole like a retard before I can get the time to go to the doctor and now I'm just extremely anxious. WHY. I'm so fucking dumb.

No. 432493

I'm South American too and this is pretty much my country as well. It sucks here.

No. 432522

there's so much to this drama it's absolutely incredible and not enough people are paying attention because Mumkey isn't as mainstream as ProJared

No. 432525

File: 1562768973317.jpg (42.34 KB, 486x601, dz4qsaapnax21.jpg)

I just learned that Mumkey Jones cheated on Sheepover(his gf who supporter him finally and emotionally throughout his Youtube career) with his Twitch Mod LiutheKitty who is a Furry Pron artist and had also had previously Statutory raped a 15 year old boy

No. 432534

It's fucking wild, isn't it anon?
He's edgy and neckbeardcore though, so I'm not sure what I expected. Maybe on some level he knew this girl is who he actually deserves kek.

No. 432540

It was trying to remember how it sounded like to me before I was able to understand it, and I guess it more or less sounds like Jojo Siwa when she speaks all fast and unintelligible.
Also compared to my own language, english has a very fancy? and exaggerated feel to it.
I don't know how to put it, but take for example when english-speaking people try to talk in japanese. You have a word like YA-ME-TE and when they try to say it, it comes out like YAAaaAY-MEeEEY-TEeEYYyYY. It literally feels like they drag the pronunciation a bit too much, and add vowels where they shouldn't be.

I wish I could speak properly in english, some words require some actual skill to be pronounced correctly lmao. For example I seem unable to pronounce "literally" the American way. It's impossible, I don't know how you guys do it, haha. I just say LICHERALLY.

No. 432545

and now their engaged

No. 432550


Why does this make me so sad?
A super cute, loving and supporting gf still gets cheated on. Reminds me of when Beyoncé got cheated on. You could be way too good for a man and he'd still cheat on you, leaves me with no hope.

No. 432558

I don't know If this might make you feel any better but Liu cheated on Mumkey with the 15 year old boy(Ethan) and admitted she still has strong feeling for him as she had been grooming him since he was 12 and wanted to be with Ethan rather then Mumkey so Mumkey had to literally beg for her to stay with him because he had "fallen in love" with her and so he proposed to her and despite him not even having a quarter of the popularity he used to have its peak Liu accepted his proposal

No. 432565

File: 1562776280535.png (198.32 KB, 1120x134, sgiudkzj.PNG)

I just started going down this rabbit hole but what the fuck, is this true?

No. 432570

nta but wow Alabama needs to get its shit together

No. 432581

broke up with my inexperienced boyfriend and have been hooking up with an experienced guy. finally lost my virginity last night, and it felt great.

so, i personally don't understand why a lot of farmers worship male virgins unless they really just like when a guy doesn't know how to touch a woman or has any idea where a clitoris or vagina is.

No. 432588

Holy mother of punctuation.

No. 432589

File: 1562781157918.jpg (30.15 KB, 444x574, 190.jpg)

…but if you never had sex with your virgin bf how can you compare it?

Anyway, I'm sure the answer is that those anons are dommes/prefer taking control. Personally am also a virgin but I'm kind of touch averse so I'd prefer a starfish virgin bf.

No. 432593

Sex isn't that hard your ex bf was just inept.

No. 432594

>so, i personally don't understand why a lot of farmers worship male virgins
I'm a virgin and personally I don't really have a preference, it's either I'd do it with someone experienced and he will know what to do, or it's gonna happen with a virgin guy and we'd be both be in the same situation and I would be less embarrassed. tbh I think at this rate I'll die a virgin because I've literally never had opportunities to even just have a date and I wouldn't even dare being half-naked in front of a guy so I'm overthinking it

No. 432595

I personally prefer virgin boys because I'm extremely shy and very VERY socially awkward (also inexperienced af) and the idea of being with a guy who knows way more than me just scares me and makes me 1000% more insecure.
And the idea that he has been with other women before me and can (and WILL) compare me to them is horrible to me. I mean, not that he will straight up tell me that his past experiences were better, but in his mind he will probably miss the good sex.
I also don't trust men and assume that they always talk in detail about their sex experiences with their friends, so yeah. I don't love the idea of being known as the bad sex gf.

AGAIN, I'm very insecure and paranoid, so everything is probably in my head etc etc, but I can't help thinking this way.
That being said, I'm happy that my current bf is actually pretty decent (for a man) and was a kissless virgin before he met me. If we break up though, I will probably end up single until death kek.

No. 432605

Sometimes I feel like a really really bad feminist for hating my body so much. Especially since the things I hate about my body don't have anything to do with health and aren't fixable without surgery.

No. 432608

well that does make sense.
i can compare it because my ex didn't fucking know where my vagina was and i had to keep taking his hand and showing him. he watched porn so how does he just not know, especially if i had to show him multiple times, and he couldn't find my clitoris. anytime he tried fingering me he did it wrong and it really hurt. any direction i gave him, he would listen, but not do what i said.

he also had this grabbing problem. he has absolutely no idea how to touch a woman. he would do like, crab claws as i called it. at least he found it funny… but he didn't fucking stop grabbing me like that. not sensual or fun at all. can guarantee sex with him would have been confusing, difficult, and painful. glad i hooked up with the current guy. he is now my friend and he is amazing at domming me.

No. 432610

imo, it's a lot less embarrassing with an experienced guy bc he knows what he's doing. being around virgins is embarrassing because they have no idea what the parts of a vagina are.
>>432593 he is inept, i don't think it's hard either. everything i do with current guy is very easy.

No. 432612

Most men regardless of experience are retarded at sex and just copy porn. You need to tell him what you want and a guy who'll listen. But most women don't want to do that and then can't figure out why it's hard to get good sex.

No. 432614

i think i got really lucky finding my friend because is he incredibly respectful and receptive. we had sexted a lot beforehand so he did everything i wanted perfectly. not even after a week of meeting he fucked me, and it was great.

my ex and i were together for 2+ years. we sexted many more times than i did with this guy. he watched porn before we got together, then just jerked off to my nudes, so he knew exactly what my anatomy looked like. we tried fucking but as soon as he put a condom on his dick shrunk back so we couldn't fuck. he knew what i wanted, and he was a great listener. he is just too queasy about sex and too traditional/vanilla to please me.

plain and simple, the dude is too inexperienced to get me off lol.

No. 432619

God damn anon I was in a somewhat similar position. Was with this guy for ages and we both left the relationship virgins because he just couldn't figure it out. Took me a long time to find someone who was good at sex though.

No. 432625

I think this anon described why I'd be less embarrassed very well >>432595, I'm very insecure as well so even if I had sex with a virgin I imagine at least I could tell him more easily what to do and how.

No. 432627

you need physiological help more than you need virginal bfs. this is just as messed up and creepy to me as a man who says he only dates virgins because he wants a naive "undamaged" women who hasn't established her own standards for men/dating/relationships. You need to get a better sense of self asap

No. 432630

>You need to tell him what you want and a guy who'll listen. But most women don't want to do that and then can't figure out why it's hard to get good sex.
Women are conditioned not to vocalize their wishes and to be shamed.

No. 432632

I'm enjoying Pewds' Minecraft series

No. 432636

Fuck, I wish I could watch it/play Minecraft myself because it sounds EXACTLY like the sort of chill gaming shit that I love. Unfortunately, it gives me really bad motion sickness (lol) so I just sit here and cry as I stare at all the uploads.

No. 432644

That's not fair at all. Being insecure and admitting it's a personal issue is NOT the same as being insecure and blaming it on women being ruined whores, one projects the 'blame' inwards and one outwards. If a man said he wanted a virgin because he's insecure about his performance and doesn't want to embarrass himself I wouldn't judge him much either, it's a pretty normal way to feel. It's not malicious or harmful, it's just being nervous enough to want a situation you feel comfortable in.

No. 432647

Would slowing the video down help?

No. 432654

Nah. Those sort of first person perspective games really fuck with my eyes and give me motion sickness no matter what. A shitty, useless curse.

No. 432669

i DON'T WANT virginal bfs i agree with you completely. it's very weird to want a virgin when you're 20 and older. ahaha replying to the wrong person?
hate to "not all men" you but the guy i'm with now is very respectful and doesn't shame me and actually checks in a lot while we're fucking around that i'm okay.

No. 432672

What does that have to do with women being conditioned to be ashamed of sex and their bodies? Women being conditioned to not talk about sex?

No. 432674

my bad, i read your reply wrong.

No. 432678

>it's very weird to want a virgin when you're 20 and older
Man, what if you are a virgin who's 20 or older?
>inb4 loser
It's true but you shouldn't say it.

No. 432686

no i'm 20 and i just lost my virginity. what i mean by that is that once you are a legal adult, a lot of people have already lost their v card. it's very difficult to find another virgin, at least in my experience. plus that's not to account for all other preferences you may have for someone as a sexual partner. you're really minimizing your dating pool. and i don't think being a 20+ year old virgin makes someone a loser tbh. it just makes them inexperienced.

No. 432689

Ah, I agree then. It is sadly pretty rare so tbh I'm just settling for anyone who hasn't had casual sex although it would be preferable to be with someone equally as inexperienced.

No. 432691

There's shitty virgin dudes in bed and there's shitty non virgins. How about that. It all depends on the guy himself and if he genuinely wants to please you instead of just wanting to get his dick sucked and end it lmfao. Nothing worse than a nigga who's selfish, virgin or not

No. 432700

True true, way too many 'experienced' dudes who are selfish in bed.

No. 432704

My edible is kicking in and my two cats are on either side of me and my bf is taking me to a thrift store in a few hours. I also just realized next month is a 3 paycheck month. Feeling pretty great today girls.

No. 432708

i'm pretty horny, but i'm quite embarrassed of my kink and would rather just cyber with some random, then forget the whole thing.
trouble is, i don't want google knowing about my shameful fetish and linking it to my IP/location, and both 4chan and omegle block torposting so i can't exactly do it there.
plus i'm paranoid of people who work for my ISP seeing my degenerate RPs and laughing at my existence
i strongly believe there's going to be some mass "reckoning" and everyone's dirty laundry of what they've done online will be leaked by google. i know it's already too late for me if it happens but the thought frightens me a lot lmfao

No. 432710

>some mass "reckoning" and everyone's dirty laundry of what they've done online will be leaked by google
Why would you go and spread this anxiety anon? Now it's going to be in my head…I've done nothing horrible since being a shotafag at 14 though.

What is it though, anon? Come one. You're torposting now, right?

No. 432712

If it's not illegal, then it's probably not a big deal.

No. 432715

>What is it though, anon? Come one. You're torposting now, right?

No. 432716

That's mild, anon-chan. As long as babies aren't involved.

No. 432717

Aw, that's actually wholesome anon.
…I'm also into it though so I may have a bias.

No. 432718

thanks, guys. i feel slightly less degenerate now
god no

No. 432719

annon I have this song stuck inside my head again because of you.

No. 432736

lmao, this is great. i wish i could watch this as a full musical, or a movie

No. 432850

i love this site and adore you hateful bitches. i really do.

No. 432851

I think my cat has stopped cleaning the lower third of his back, though I don't know why. There's a lot of dandruff and loose fur in that area specifically, the rest of him is soft and clean. When I've seen him groom he seems to groom everywhere but there too. He's only 3 years old and he's not obese (he did gain a pound while sick with bronchitis and being treated with steroids, but we're working on losing it). So I've started wiping it down myself with a warm wet paper towel after brushing him thoroughly, which he loves - he just sits there and purrs.

No. 432911

File: 1562851074086.png (194.06 KB, 436x418, download (2).png)

My nephew just showed me a 15 minute
video about black yoshi a character who has an obsession with water Mellon and kool-aid. Black Yoshi also was voiced by the most stereotypical black voice a white guy could pull off. I'm so confused right now.

No. 432930

Take him to the vet, that's not normal and you're only treating a symptom of a large problem.

No. 432955

I like to pretend genderfluidity is a real thing (beyond tomboyishness) because it helps me cope with my flat chest and other less feminine features, like I'll feel not feminine some days and think "well it can be a guy day and that makes it okay to look and feel manly, lets embrace it"

i hope I dont sound like a tranny, their movement has just made me feel worse about my less feminine features because I dont want the woke crowd to mistake me for a fucking troon just because my chest is so small.

No. 432956

no one thinks youre a tranny bc you have a small chest. i have a small chest and i have never ever ever been mistaken for a dude trying to be a woman. it isn't a thing just because you're a little flat, anon

No. 432960

This will sound silly anon, but a lot of people do appreciate less feminine features in women. I went down the same route but it made me hate my features that were feminine because I felt like I'd never escape my sex and would never pass as anything but a woman. I do like to dress more androgynously from time to time but don't attribute it to anything but taste and curiosity about how people will treat me, sometimes it's nice to get treated differently because more often than not if I'm dressed masc no one gives me a hard time and people fuck off. >>432956 is right, there's way more to looking like a troon than just having a flat chest. They may think you're a transman or nonbinary but it sounds like you're embracing the latter instead of embracing the variety of bodies someone female can have.
Fuck the idea that you need to be feminine to be a woman, or a worthy woman! But we all have to cope somehow.

No. 432962

>once you are a legal adult, a lot of people have already lost their v card
Is it really still that common anymore? A lot of my friends had their virginity until after they were adults, me included. I didn't lose my "real" virginity until 21/22 because of health issues. These are pretty nerdy or autistic people though, I would assume that people who post on imageboards may lose virginity a bit later on average for that reason though lel, maybe I'm stuck in my own bias. But I swear I also have read surveys/studies saying people are losing their virginity later and actually having less sex despite hookup culture.

No. 432974

I had a conversation with a coworker about how much we missed myspace and I’m currently on a big nostalgia trip for the way the internet was circa 2007 (I was like 14). Anyway, this may be a long shot but does anyone remember the livejournal community fbr_trash? I suddenly remembered it existed a few hours ago. The anon posts in that community were basically my precursor to lolcow and I fucking loved them so I was wondering if there was any overlap. It’s dumb ik.

No. 432997

Feminity doesn't determine who you are, being female does. You don't have to pretend to be a fucking man just because you don't fit into the traditional mold, no one 100% does.

No. 432998

Gender identity gets shaky in people that have less "feminine" traits specifically bc society has pushed certain types of appearances on us. Experimenting with your look and perhaps "presenting" (yeah I hate to use the vernacular but it does define the situation) a more masculine or feminine way depending on your mood isn't really harmful. Gender stereotypes are bullshit anyway, clothes are not divided by what gender they are for. They're divided by their shapes and materials. Wear what you want and don't let people tell you you're really a man inside. You are a woman and your way of being female is a natural and real way of being female.

The only problem is when people start to deny biology just to shoehorn themselves into a different box than the one they were previously given. Don't fall for that and you're gucci.

No. 433002

yeah, ooh shit i'd be fucked tbh. but honestly, i'd just remember that there's probably people who have done worse than us out there, actual illegal stuff or really fucked up fetishes. honestly if everyone found out i was huge masochist they wouldn't be surprised and i don't care what people think… in a few decades it'll probably be rare for someone to have no nudes or sexual activity online. what i like can't be much worse than the next fetishist.

No. 433037

I work in tech and I can guarantee you that people at your ISP aren't going to be looking through your data. If you're using a website that's hosted through HTTPS (most sites are these days), any data you send to the site is encrypted. That means that if anyone intercepts your data between you and your destination, they won't be able to read it as it's not in plaintext, and they'd have to have a special key to be able to decrypt the contents to read it (which there is no chance of them obtaining). So, even if the technicians who work at your ISP WANTED to look at what data your modem is pushing out to some destination on the Internet, they couldn't read it anyways. And if you're accessing sites that aren't hosted over HTTPS, invest in a VPN (a good one, preferrably one that you pay for, free ones tend to have their own set of issues). That way you have encryption at your end of the line, even if you're accessing sites served over HTTP.

No. 433038

Do you guys just feel like you're "shutting off" sometimes? I have these phases where I don't feel like doing anything. I have no desire to watch any shows, listen to music, have conversations,…and then I don't know what to do with myself.
I'm just….there, existing without any drive or desire.

No. 433050

I feel like that most of the time, tbh. It's like I have no mental energy to spare.

No. 433062

I’m the same way. How do you deal with hobbies (or not having them)? I have a few but I never get good at them because I’m too lazy.

No. 433066

Yeaaaah I know I'm overreacting, that's probably why I wrote it all down here to kinda sort my thoughts out on the subject. I've been bullied and judged a lot for not being feminine enough throughout my school years so it messed with my head. In reality I probably just come off as a lesbian instead of an actual male when I'm having "guy days" and wearing masculine clothing.

I don't mind coming off as a FtM either because that means I'm still clocked as a woman, which is good.

Lol I think using the vernacular or slang is fine, reee-ing about it just derails a convo. Thank you anons, I needed the reminder that gender norms are just a weird social construct. I mean, back in the day, pink was a super manly color in France, which really speaks volumes on how funny we can be with changing social norms and stuff. I just want to feel elegant and feminine like a lot of my friends or celebs but I feel so ugly and clunky, and thus I turn to the genderfluid thing so that I feel "valid" in feeling ugly and clunky. Like that if I am presenting as masculine, then its acceptable for me to look the way I am.

This convo is really weird but I appreciate that its happening, its a phenomenon that I believe might actually be common in some women who feel the same way but cant quite figure it out. Or maybe shows that a genderfluid identity comes from this idea of "well im not a good enough woman so lets be male" or something.

No. 433073

I have a hobby and aspire to turn it into a career eventually, I just don't have the drive to give it the time and energy it needs and git gud. I struggle to focus on anything, rarely watch TV or movies, rarely read books. My life would be pretty much the same if I were a brain in a jar tbh, but simpler 'cause I wouldn't have to dress or feed myself, lol.
Do you think you have depression, anon? I don't think I do, I think it's just my personality.

No. 433082

I want to learn cobol but I don't know where to find resources, how to start or even how I would do exercises

No. 433102

I’m sitting in front of a fan and I just farted. I ate stinky tofu for dinner. My fart fucking stinks and it got blown right back into my face.

No. 433122

update, i just spent an hour shitting my brains out. fuck.

No. 433124

Bitch, are you a guy or do you legit have autism? Nobody here cares about ya stanky crusty asshole

No. 433131

File: 1562904214244.png (57.11 KB, 370x320, C3D153BA-3DBB-45BD-B28B-9C2D76…)

I just fucking love lolcow dot farm wow
I actually experience personal growth being here. It’s possible to heal from crippling cool-girlism and internalized misogyny from teen years spent between tumblr and cancerous chans.
I just overall have so much compassion for every anon here. Even when I’m being called a retard and disagreed with, it’s hard to feel any bitterness because I know that we probably bonded in a dif thread. I learned to curb my triggered typing and choose my battles, huge step forward for a sperg like me. If anything it comforts me to know that we manage to be supportive without being hugboxy. Sorry I’m just drunk and emotional but yeah.
It really warms my heart to read loving odes anons have for our board. Outsiders can call us “femcel” all they want (the absolute cope), they can lurk all they want, but they’ll never experience the bliss of finally finding a place on the internet where you can unapologetically be a woman, warts and all. Xoxo

No. 433136

Aww, I feel the same. I love this place and I've become a much more confidant person since finding it. Godspeed rudefems

No. 433154

Accidentally caught my bf masturbating to something on his laptop. It was like softcore alt girl pics. He is pretty vanilla which I don't mind but I am surprised his porn habits are vanilla too. Trying not to feel gross about it all though!

No. 433155

I'm kind of tired of my boyfriend trying to involve putting his dick inside me whenever we do sexual things or even just talk dirty. It's so boring and formulaic.
Dicks are just not interesting in the least. They're high in saturation, but low in value.

No. 433156

>tired of bf wanting to have sex during sex

lmao something is wrong with u.

No. 433158

There are definitely more ways to have sex than just "lol benis in bagina :DD" anon.
At a certain point, PIV just feels like a predictable, banal inevitability.

No. 433159

right, it's called foreplay, but foreplay isn't sex. you sound super underage. you sound vapid as hell but also super pretentious.

No. 433161

>I actually experience personal growth being here. It’s possible to heal from crippling cool-girlism and internalized misogyny from teen years spent between tumblr and cancerous chans.
Yeah lolcow actually really helped me too. I feel like spending time here has cleared a lot of my old biases, hangups and prejudices of other women. When my ex gave me the "not like other girls"-compliment, years ago I would've been flattered but then I just got genuinely pissed and told him to come up with compliments that didn't involve shitting on other women lmao

No. 433163

Sex is not just PIV, jfc anon.
>How dare you not like what I like?? So pretentious and vapid and probably underage smh
You sound like you desperately need to grow up lol

No. 433165

are you autistic or something? sex by definition is just PiV. also, no you sound underage because you're too immature to understand that the logical conclusion to doing sexual acts is to have sex.

No. 433167

Are you ESL? You really think only one kind of sex exists? Consult Google.
Please get over yourself with this "You must be immature if you don't enjoy the same things I do in the bedroom" BS, it's kind of pathetic to be this hung up on what someone else likes

No. 433168

I came to lolcow in early 2015, in 4 years I've completely gotten over my internalized misogyny, coolgirlism, ~gender dysphoria~ and other autistic traits, even came to terms with me being gay. I've learned that women can be intelligent and funny as hell and men aren't worth dedicating my life to. This is exactly why female-only spaces are so important to young women, if you end up spending too much time with handmaidens and even lowkey misogynistic men you'll adapt to their behavior. I also love that we have a place where we can discuss female cows without male whiteknights and a-logging and blogposting is banned. Even the extreme nitpicks are now a bannable offense which is fucking great. I really love this place sans for the obsessive skinwalker-chans and derailing normie moralspergs.

No. 433169

lmao no. again, i don't care what you do in the bedroom but you sound like a complete idiot.

No. 433170

NTA but you kind of sound ESL. Plus you're giving me really cringy Spoony vibes right now with all of your "word a day" bs.

No. 433171

Sure, that's why you're being so aggro over basically nothing. Sorry for pissing off the PIV fandom, lmao

No. 433172

>PIV fandom

autism. also >>433170

No. 433173

"Word a day" BS? I don't really know what you mean. I do type in a weird way sometimes, but I don't think anything I've said is ridiculously wordy or obscure

No. 433174

She's saying you sound like you're trying to sound smart.(consult google) NGL, you seem pretty ESL and pretty autistic the more you post.

No. 433176

>actually getting salty over anonymous strangers in a dumbass shit thread not particularly liking having a dick in their pussy
>not pure autism

No. 433177

Why do newfags always think multiple replies means someone is salty/butthurt? You are replying too, so you're also autistic.

No. 433178

Sure, jan

No. 433179

>If I call them a newfag, I'll look less buttblasted
Who said anything about multiple replies? It's the disproportionate irritation over something really dumb.

No. 433182

The most annoying thing on this site is when the ones infighting the most think that everyone else is upset. This is why you keep getting insulted. You're sperging out because a few anons think you're weird. If you don't care, don't reply, no one is forcing you to. Replying just makes it super obvious you care.

No. 433183

File: 1562915729129.jpg (37.71 KB, 500x378, no skills.jpg)

I like to look at fucked up shit and shock people. I've been doing it for years. I remember asking my friend for his computer and setting a mirror to Last Measure as his homepage when I was like 12. Should I get psychological help or just grow up? I just turned 20 and I can't act like an edgelord forever. Need to get my shit together.

No. 433187

tl;dr but what I got from the first sentence or two of this rant was
>I'm not upset, YOU'RE upset! How DARE you reply to my angry posts?? You need to sit there and let me yell at you on the internet
It's just not that deep. Reply to someone, get a reply back, usually with the same energy. Don't, don't. I don't know what you expected, but chill out.

No. 433188

People don't just "grow up", or even grow out of stuff. If you think it's a problem then get help, otherwise try finding other people who do the same stuff and have a fucked up hobby together.

No. 433192

are you mentally okay? anon was trying to point out that you obviously care enough about something you waste time replying.

No. 433193

Replying doesn't mean you're mad, it just means you have time to waste in the first place. Typing weird armchair posts about how obviously the other person must care just makes it seem like you're projecting hard.

No. 433194

Is this you trying to troll or something? I hate the fucking summer.

No. 433195

Autism is a hell of a drug.

No. 433196

It's how internet forums work. Just lurk next time.

No. 433198

>internet forums

Pick one.

No. 433200

i'm a fucking retard who can't read and always forgets to sage forgive me please

I'll probably try to get help, like go to a psychologist or something. I need to stop being so immature.

No. 433201

Free therapy is a thing in some places, please look into it.

No. 433202

you both need a nap

No. 433203

If you're not actually getting pleasure out of hurting people or something, it's probably nothing to worry about. Some people are just "like that".
I still have a retarded, childish sense of humor as an adult. It's whatever.

No. 433204

Don't worry about it! The anon you misquoted would never admit she's immature.

In any case, you are still fairly young and will experience a lot of bullshit that will make you more mature through experience. Even with your problem, something like pushing away a close friend could cause you to wake up. Obviously shock and gore isn't inherently wrong, mainstream has tons of that stuff (just not as extreme) but it's really up to you how it's affecting you. Something I noticed though is people who claim they're mature usually aren't, because it takes a lot to be really self-aware. Good luck with whatever you chose though!

Too bad it's not in your area so you wouldn't have so much time to shit up the board jfc. >>433202 This.

No. 433207

>trying to loop other anons into your slapfight to save anonymous face
Holy hell. Take several naps.

No. 433208

These two infighting spergs shitting up the thread remind me of that one anon who confessed that she starts fights with herself and samefags just to troll people and ruin threads.

No. 433209

i was the one who responded to her OP earlier, but i only posted 2 things… she has to be trolling, she called lolcow a fucking forum.

No. 433210

Sorry, that was my first reply to you I've been lurking, try it sometime!

No. 433211

But that's exactly what it is. Are you just pretending to be new?
>An imageboard or image board is a type of Internet forum which operates mostly via posting images.

No. 433212

Did you even read the post you're replying to? You have to be an infighting troll at this point.

No. 433213

I don't think >>433204 is the one who was arguing with them.

No. 433214

the lillie jean thread is just reminding me of how terrifying pageant moms are. fuck me.

No. 433215

The way they attempted to drag it out by adding more replies and attaching it to their replies to unrelated things makes it look otherwise, but fuck knows at this point.

No. 433216

nta but >>433183 accidentally quoted a reply to the troll earlier then deleted it so it makes sense imo. also typing style is different. (im really confused in general tho)

No. 433217

They themselves are a troll. They've been in this thread all this time, which is how they saw what seems to be a deleted post, and why they thought it was a good idea to address the other person and throw themselves into the infighting at the same time.
It's either two trolls, or one samefag like >>433208 said.

No. 433219

i really don't think so it seems like just a one off comment but okay. telling whoever to take a nap like you did is essentially the same thing right? you're just getting caught up in the infighting.

No. 433220

Some lipstick alley threads are hilarious, I can't stop laughing at the retarded girl who traumatized herself by walking in on her dad getting fucked in the ass by his boyfriend because she doesn't know how to knock on a door.

No. 433221

I'm just going to repeat the words of >>433202 for the second time. Get some damn rest.

No. 433222

i can't deal with how stupid the OP is long enough to get to the funny part. jeesh i feel like i lost brain cells just from skimming it.

No. 433224

stop infighting and accusing everyone else of being you. jeesh.

No. 433227

File: 1562919547240.jpeg (39.51 KB, 642x642, sleep.jpeg)

No words. You're making zero sense, and only one thing can stop it.

No. 433228

nta but it's clear you're the retard who's infighting because you won't stfu and stop replying and pretending to be other anons by accident.

No. 433229

The ones infighting ITT seem like those dumb eunuch posters from last week. Especially with how they keep thinking people agree with them. It would make sense, since their thread is boring as shit and dying due to the stale milk running dry.

No. 433230

I'm saying that the sperg who keeps trying to defend themselves needs to take a nap. I didn't pretend to be anyone else by accident, I don't even know what you're talking about.
By replying, aren't you adding to it, too, anyway? Just let it die, let the thread get back on topic and shut the hell up already.

No. 433232

>implying this thread had a topic


NTA but no one seems to be defending themselves? Everyone just seems to be worried they're talking to the sperg-anon.

No. 433234

With the endless, transparent
while shamelessly dragging out the argument, I'm honestly starting to wonder. How can they be so low IQ? Did trying to learn Russian burn out their brains?

No. 433236

This is the dumbass shit thread, not the garbage one. Take it elsewhere.

No. 433238

Whoever keeps replying to them can fuck off too. It's not helping. I wouldn't be surprised if replies are just samefagging to loop others in at this point. Or copying anons typing styles after someone mentions them.

No. 433239

One of them didn't even know what an imageboard is. Summer sucks.

No. 433240


I kind of agree with >>433222 the post reads like a someone being autistic ironically. Do they hate gay people or were they just really embarrassed because it seems like the latter. What kind of platinum retard does this?

No. 433245

I'm on the "update" thread, and lmao. This can't be real.
>Once they both left I just watched T.V and was on my phone then I decided to look around the home and I went to check my dad's bedroom and came across an iphone which belonged to my dad's boyfriend clearly he doesn't use that phone anymore since he was using another one and I came across some questionable & gross photos of my dad and him I saw some disturbing videos one of the videos was of my dad giving head to him and cum dripping on his mouth I was so disgusted I can't believe my dad would let him videotape him like that so disgusting. When I saw the photos and videos on that phone I wanted to delete them all but then if he does use that phone then his boyfriend would notice I want to tell my dad that he shouldn't let his boyfriend video him like this because it could get leaked but I'm too embarrassed to tell him and that he will know I was snooping in his room.
So, after walking into her dad's room and seeing some shit she didn't want to see, she somehow had no problem with snooping in her dad's room again, on top of looking through his phone? It just doesn't make sense.
LSA is full of gay men LARPing as black women. I bet you this is the "dad's" messy boyfriend writing tall tales.
Another thing.
>we finally spoke about what happened the day I caught him and he said that is no different when a man is making love to a woman and that was his first time being a bottom which is hard to believe since his man was getting it in smoothly and him not looking like he was in pain but enjoying it :mask::mask:. He looked really uncomfortable when he was telling me all this.
What parent says this to their kid? What the fuck?
>When my dad was ready to leave his boyfriend was sitting down eating his breakfast and my dad kissed me on the forehead and said bye and then he kissed his boyfriend on the forehead than his man said 'no come back and do it how you usually kiss me' and pointed at his lips and for the first time I saw them kiss my dad gave him a quick kiss and his boyfriend wasn't satisfied with it and said do it again and my dad was like no we have a guest and his boyfriend then said 'you don't have a problem with two guys in love having a kiss, do you?' and i said no I don't care that's when his boyfriend kisses my dad it lasted like 10 seconds I honestly wanted to cry and throw up at the same time.
This reads like something out of a TV show, or some fujoshi's yaoi fanfic.

No. 433249

That's why it's so funny, either the OP is trolling or writing some fucked up yet entertaining fanfic, or she's so stupid it's a miracle she's still alive but that's less likely.

No. 433256

File: 1562926497201.png (191.58 KB, 1560x730, bf.png)

The responses are honestly my favorite part.
>Go get a job you remedial, barely even made it through HS special ed bum.
In some ways, LSA users are harsher than farmers, lmao.

No. 433285

>It's a "Blame every post I don't like on the posters in a thread I had a useless bitch-fit over like two weeks ago" episode
Completely and totally obsessed.

No. 433296

nta but imagine getting offended that some woman, somewhere is bored of PIV. The distinction between "sex" and foreplay is so weird as well. You can come from foreplay. Do lesbians who dont do PIV only have foreplay? you sound like the underage one.

No. 433302

Could it have been a tranny? I don't think I've even seen straight women get bent out of shape over something like this. Between 70-80% of women don't even reach orgasm from PIV sex, so if anything, they'd understand.

No. 433315

Using foreplay to describe sex acts is dumb as hell.
If me and my bf have piv and then finish with him giving me oral sex to orgasm, was piv just

No. 433318

If I didn't cum, we didn't have sex and he is dust.

No. 433323

File: 1562944603264.jpg (47.47 KB, 768x576, 429585_7_1.JPG)

Dumbass soda sperg incoming.

They changed the Mountain Dew recipe in my country recently. I decided to get a bottle for myself as a treat since it's my favourite soda (yes, really) and I didn't notice the "new dew, new taste" thing on the bottle until I got home. I thought to myself, well, they wouldn't change it that much.
It's literally piss-colored now. Not neon like it usually was, a natural color of slightly dehydrated piss. The bottle is still the same neon though and it's full of lies now.
It tastes nothing like my favourite diabetes in a bottle. NOTHING. What the fuck? Why? You ruined a perfectly terrible drink by making it just terrible. Still citrusy, but much much blander and without the tooth-shattering sweetness.

Also I noticed that for some reason dew made in my country is still "Mountain Dew" while if I buy imports it's "Mtn Dew" now. I guess I will try to look for Mtn next time, but they rarely import the original taste since it's made cheaply locally.

Fucking. I drink soda maybe once a month and I only like maybe three or four varieties and they ruined my tasty tasty guilty pleasure gamer juice.

No. 433326

Something about a farmer literally sperging about Mountain Dew of all things is hilarious to me.

No. 433329

Glad I made you laugh.
Mountain Dew is such a meme, but I loved it with all my heart (and cavities) since I was a kid.
There were maybe 6-7 years when you couldn't get it anywhere in my country and I was so sad about it, because I loved soda so much as a kid and dew was always my favourite. I flipped my shit when I saw it in stores again.

I don't know if me being a gamur gurl makes it better or worse.

No. 433330

I too hate it when foods/drinks I like change their recipe for no reason, they always claim it tastes just the same but sometimes they completely ruin it

No. 433332

It literally never tastes the same and sometimes they change the recipe without advertising it, so you end up buying the product once, getting an unusual taste and thinking "well maybe I got a bad batch", so you get another one and they're all like that now and you just wasted money.

No. 433341

Recently I have been thinking about fucking the singer from my fave band who is literally twice my age. The fact that I will be going to their concert doesn’t help. A bit disgusted with myself, but also why not

No. 433380

File: 1562957807028.png (277.53 KB, 640x480, vlcsnap-2019-07-07-13h15m36s47…)

Sorry I'm going to sperg here about obscure cyberpunk anime because I don't know anyone else who's seen this series and I'm steamed.

I watched Armitage III a couple days ago, and decided to check out the TVTropes page. Basically, the film is set in a world where some humans ended up immigrating to Mars as a result of overpopulation, while others stayed on Earth. Mars' society advances by use of technology, mainly robots. They also make mindless, obedient sex bots (known as "Seconds" - their manual labor robots were "Firsts"). Earth's society becomes more and more feminist politically, while Mars gets flooded with all the men who just want to fuck sex bots all day (though there are some real women mixed into Mars population). This causes Mars to become a sausage fest with a dismally low reproduction rate, for obvious reasons.

The humans living on Mars want a society that is independent from Earth, but for the aforementioned reasons, they mainly have to rely on human immigrants from Earth to reproduce. To remedy this, they secretly create a special kind of robot, "Thirds", who are indistinguishable from humans both physically and mentally, and can reproduce. For certain reasons, the plan falls through. Thirds are no longer produced, but there are still some that exist. Many of them live amongst "real" humans undetected (one of them was an artist, another was a famous country singer, one more was an author, etc). When Earthlings get wind of this plot and the existence of Thirds at all, they start to fear losing their political stronghold over Mars, so one by one, the Thirds start getting targeted and destroyed by Earth operatives, some of them being businessmen who make maximum profit from Mars being under Earth's thumb. The media spin Earth puts out on the topic of Thirds is that the very idea of a robot that can conceive goes against basic humanity. Meanwhile, the killings themselves are being heavily suppressed from mainstream knowledge.
The primary main character of the series is a Third herself (named Armitage), and the secondary male character is a human police officer from Earth who transferred to Mars after his wife was killed by a robot. They investigate the killings and battle with the government.
The series touches upon the question of what constitutes a valid being deserving of rights, the limits of technology, and the morality of creating an artificial human in the first place.

So, I expected that when I went to the TVTropes page, I'd get some nuanced information, salient points and nice analysis. Instead, I got one of the more retarded, neckbeard-y interpretation of the film's events I've seen yet:
>On earth, the average human female is super-privileged - every political figure on Earth is a woman. As a result, few women want to immigrate to Mars, which keeps the colony from establishing the population it needs to declare independence. Deconstructed with a reversal of the Double Standard; a great many men are extremely dissatisfied with this, resulting in a Mars-based corporation called conCeption creating the Second-type androids - fully-functional Ridiculously Human Robots with the faces of young girls and the bodies of adult women - resulting in a massive wave of Earth immigrants eager for non-feminist sexual partners, even robotic ones. Eventually, these are upgraded to full-blown Artificial Humans capable of conceiving children. When Earth discovers this, the resulting jealousy and fear of being replaced results in The War of Earthly Aggression - Earth demands that Mars eliminate the Thirds or be completely annihilated.
This shit literally didn't happen. Way to let the entire movie's themes fly over your fucking head just to have a little bitch about The Feminazis. Totally, yes, the crux of the film is that bio-women are "just jealous" of Thirds and "fear being replaced" because they went and scared off all the good men to Mars to get robowaifus. Let's ignore the fact that the film shows that 99% of the people protesting Thirds in the street and yelling "Don't take our jobs" were pretty clearly men, one of which was literally holding his barren, mindless sex-bot on a leash at the same time, and that all those killing the Thirds were also men (one of which was literally an assassin robot who had clear sadism aimed at other robots, for fuck's sake). Let's also ignore that at no point does the series place a sympathetic light on the men who come to Mars just to own Seconds as playmates and objects. The female main character literally calls out her male counterpart and accuses him of being just like the other men, specifically because she's so fucking disgusted by them, despite being a robot herself (or rather because she's a robot, except she's a Third, which means she has the feelings and agency of a real woman).

The most we see of actual women speaking against Thirds are literally just a TV presenter saying something like "I'm against robots replacing humans, but I don't condone violence" and the female president stating "The idea of a robot who can conceive goes against Earth's position on basic humanity". It's highlighted repeatedly that the anti-Third killings are done to keep an economic and political monopoly on another planet, and that the moral aspect is a purely performative front made to sugarcoat their ruthlessness, not an earnest, hysterical femoid biological crisis. It's about money and power, and nowhere in the series is women's jealousy ever stated as a real factor. One of the Thirds who gets killed is literally a lesbian who's in a relationship with a human woman, meaning that she was never a threat to actual women (or humankind in general) since she wouldn't have reproduced in the first place, but I guess whoever wrote that part of the TVTropes page had to gloss over that for their agenda. I literally went out of my way to read the fucking manga just to confirm that this interpretation was bullshit. Sure enough, I was right. I fucking hate when "manosphere" cucks project their broke-ass, weak interpretations onto media, but I hate it even more when they unironically present them as factual.

No. 433386

I have nothing to say except that I was going to completely gloss over and ignore your very long post, but something compelled me to read all of it and now I'm going to watch this series. I wouldn't consider myself a sci-fi fan/don't really actively seek out sci-fi series, but something about sentient robots in anime and their right to rights/where do we draw the line with them really fuckin gets me going.

Thanks for this anon. Also, fuck men.

No. 433389

File: 1562960208493.gif (78.67 KB, 165x90, kiddo.gif)

Sometimes I still get after years really, really, REALLY angry that I missed some today well-known or even very famous music acts when they just started out and did concert in very small locations for cheap. Just last month I saw a band in a fucking soccer stadium, which I missed ~ 10 years ago when they just did their very first European Tour. They played in a location for less than 30 people back then fml and I just missed them because I wasted my money on a gift for a friend that ghosted me shortly after, I should've spend that money on that goddamn ticket on not on that girl jesus christ or I was poor to even afford a 10 euro ticket another time …. cries

No. 433390

Hope you like it, anon. I will say, as much as I enjoyed it (and the sequel, mostly as a finisher), it definitely leaves some loose ends hanging, and some of the fanservice might get annoying if you haven't already been desensitized to that sort of shit in anime (for example, a sexbot flight attendant's wearing a thong and has "Don't Touch" written on her ass in the very first scene). I wish there'd be a full-length, longer remake of it, but it got kind of overshadowed by Ghost In The Shell in its day.

No. 433407

Thank you for posting about this! I've heard about Armitage but didn't know it would be up my alley (even though I love 90's anime).
I will give it a chance soon!

No. 433413

File: 1562963672281.jpg (59.73 KB, 640x480, 4480396485_010a43acd6_z.jpg)

You just made me remember it! Unfortunately I discovered it a bit too late, wish I got to have the full experience.

No. 433463

This dudes videos always sums up shit I don't know how to say.

No. 433479

I love him he's funny af lol

No. 433481

An interesting critique of the idea of representation I've seen by marxists is that capitalists have comodified identity. They don't put representation out of love, but out of money. So the hate of forced representation can be an outlet for the hatred of forced comodfication AKA capitalism.

No. 433487

>he is amazing at domming me.

No. 433555

I love you anon

No. 433751

ted bundy is ugly. charles manson is ugly. ramirez could be okay looking if he wasn't such a rockstar wannabe edgy fuck. dahmer could be fine if he wasn't obese and didn't have the same voice with his creepy dad. the columbine guys look like school shooters but the more unpopular one is a little cuter. xxxtentacion could look okay without the crazy palm hair.

No. 433774

all them lil niggas is ugly including wife beater

No. 433776

I agree they're ugly but Dahmer isn't obese? He got a bit fat in prison but in most of his pictures he looks thin.

No. 433782

lmao I think I said this back in the day. I just stopped buying the le whr feminine and feminine and masculine memes

No. 433792

I think Rodney alcala is more attractive than ted bundy and on equal attractiveness with richard but richard has better cheekbones with worse teeth and more photogenic looks

dahmer looked autistic to me
charles manson looked hilarious
columbine shooters arent appealing at all

xxxtentacion was attractive

No. 433796

File: 1563030744329.gif (5.34 MB, 400x300, dhtVEC.gif)

he was a fatty in the interview with his dad.

No. 433801

The “Net-Idol/Odottemita/Dance Cover” thread on cgl is so full of quality milk and cringe it really fills the void for some of the cows I miss. The last two threads were amazing and the current thread is such a beautiful cluster fuck of toxicity. The original content and covers has mostly been half assed content being praised.

What I think is truly my favorite part is exclude that actual children in the community you have grown woman truly believing they could be the western equivalent of jpop idols.

No. 433802


Vid nsfw

No. 433883

steven crowder is a closeted faggot. change my mind.

No. 433892

Baristas keep calling me "love" and I kinda hate it.

No. 433900

Once the next big recession hits youtubers are fucked. Most of them live off of patreon and patreon depends on people having extra money to throw at random creators, Something that disappears during a recession. That means some youtubers are going to have to get a job

No. 433927

I wonder if mods ever get tired of redtexting posts that use emojis. Its such an inoffensive thing and the rule only exists because it was grandfathered in by angry 4chan scrotes.

No I havent been banned from using an emoji but im afraid of using one sarcastically and getting banned anyways like that other anon just did lol. You could literally post the "Le Lenny" meme emoticon and probably get redtexted.

No. 433932

Most youtubers don't live off patreon but off sponsorship and ad revenue.

No. 433936

File: 1563046777786.png (5.07 KB, 108x108, shrug_1f937.png)

Post one in image form

No. 433949


^ This. On top of that for the YouTubers that are basically making 6 figures you honestly think most of them aren’t planning for the future? You think they don’t have an account and money saved in the bank for when shit hits the fan? When someone makes that kind of income they are fully aware for the worst and prepared for it so at the very least they still don’t have to work even if their fame runs out.

No. 433952


Sage apologies for grammar Siri talk to text aint shit.

No. 433956

File: 1563048392752.jpg (7.75 KB, 320x320, Le_lenny_face.jpg)

No. 434025

I hate that I'll probably have to live with my parents for at least a year before I can move. I've been applying to jobs in the Bay Area with no success. I just suck and I don't know why I even bother.
It's not like the city my parents live in is a shithole, but everything about it brings back bad memories. I could live in another city in another province but they're objectively worse in every measure. I'm so scared about the (literal) winter I have to face, and not living the life I envisioned I would be having.

No. 434030

File: 1563060720580.jpg (182.31 KB, 1079x619, Screenshot_20190713-183103_You…)

YouTube comments are a real trip sometimes.

No. 434129

You sent me down a bit of a youtube rabbit hole with this guy, thanks, Anon. His videos entertained me quite a bit while I was feeling sad, so thank you. About the subject of the video you posted, I think he summed up my feelings about the live action Little Mermaid very nicely. It's pandering.

No. 434131

That Buzzfeed Eugene guy literally ripped off of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia with his come out video. Both were boring though.

No. 434175

I hate seeing the "try guys" faces every time I go on YouTube. How does their boring shit end up being on trending anyway?
That whole coming-out thing he did was also pretty unnecessary. Just tweet you're gay and go; he already said he was part of lgbt long time ago so it's not even a coming-out.
Tired of seeing these mediocre ass men leading YouTube.

No. 434196

Someone made a comic of the Karen meme and drew her with thicc breasts and ass. I hate to say it but i would never think the Karen meme would be sexualized simply because how silly and stupid it is

No. 434210

File: 1563117324612.png (275.28 KB, 1786x1022, violence.png)

I discovered "BoyChat", a message board for pedophiles. It's mostly full of older men who wax poetic about pederasty in ancient societies and post psuedo-intellectual bullshit. There's also a lot of delusional shit about how there's nothing wrong with "loving boys". Many of them genuinely see their pedophilia as valid, and believe that society is the one in the wrong.

They're kind of a horrorcow community for me, and they make me hate men even more. I've taken to screencapping the most delusional, disgusting and/or intriguing posts I find. Some of them border on downright alarming, like pic related.

No. 434212

File: 1563117854782.png (362.41 KB, 1727x1452, furfags-.png)

Them being jealous of furries because they get to be around kids and even hug them, followed by an actual furry chiming in. How unsurprising to find comorbidity with the two groups.

No. 434213

File: 1563118241191.png (139.85 KB, 1754x554, poorcat.png)

The same furry from the last cap bragging about getting oral sex from his cat. He later adds that the cat licked up his cum. This was posted today, and the bestiality thread itself was at the top of the front page.
This one is what really convinced me that this community was worth posting about, to be honest. It's far too much cancer to keep to myself.

No. 434236

wait billie eilish is 17, why is it okay for her to have a lyric about seducing dads. i know 17 is close to legal but she's just a kid

i hate this

No. 434238

if you get a vibrator and are looking for a bullet one - go with the wevibe tango. i fucking love mine. it's so powerful but surprisingly quiet. they're expensive but i think for sex toys you want to go with quality

No. 434240

chunky peanut butter

No. 434241

i used to eat so many slices of peanut butter and nutella. sooooo good

No. 434244

ding! ding! ding! so true

No. 434245

love me some sexy memorabilia

No. 434246

her videos aren't bad. I've enjoyed a few of them

No. 434248

idk but i'm the same. i just find girls so much nicer to look at? even though i consider myself almost entirely straight. i'm also really picky about guys i like but the majority of girls are pretty to me.

No. 434249

I use one of these but I find I'll get little whiteheads after using? I keep it super clean and the skin area too so Idk

No. 434287

I hate that shit

No. 434294

I tinfoil that she's already experienced her first pinkpills and that lyric is a jab at pedos who wanna fuck their daughters' friends. She doesnt come off as a pickme imho

No. 434300

Well she's said that ~*misandry*~ is just as bad as misogyny so she doesn't strike me as being pink-pilled. Maybe one day.

No. 434306

i dont think she's pinkpilled but in her defense, she did attack ugly dudes

No. 434316

You kind of have to say that to satisfy the liberals in this day and age. Even if she's not really pink-pilled now, her wake-up call is probably on its way. The ugly guy thing is usually the first step, and then you notice most men have a fucked up, unwarranted attitude.

No. 434474

I wasn’t hungover when I woke up this morning but I felt really dehydrated so I chugged a bunch of water. When I was driving home I started sweating and getting that “I’m gonna vom” feeling but I was on the highway! So I couldn’t pull over. Long story short I projectile vomited all over my steering wheel and self. Thought I could just swallow it down but instead I had to drive the rest of the ten minutes to my apartment covered in that shit. At least it was just water and white claws and vodka so it didn’t smell? I keep finding ways to have lower and lower moments.

No. 434512

Ouch I'm sorry Anon, that must have been awful. At least you just ended messy and didn't have an accident because of this.
One of the reasons I'm often reluctant to drive on the highway is that you can't just casually pull over and deal with your shit.

No. 434681

thanks for posting this, you got me so interested i had to watch it

No. 434758

Im not close with my family, we're not in bad terms but we just don't talk that often. My bf on the other hand is super close with his and now that I'm pregnant it just feels very awkward. His family is so excited about the baby and they're already buying so many gifts for him/her, and my family hasn't really even reacted to the news. I personally don't really mind it but it still feels like I'm doing something wrong here.

No. 434762

Does anyone have any good book recommendations with very good writing?

No. 434812

File: 1563200701425.gif (2.84 MB, 480x196, tumblr_puny7pxrrQ1y6xwsxo5_500…)


nuff of that other shit

No. 434816

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and Dear Thief by Samantha Harvey.

No. 434847

the Area 51 thing that's going on is so utterly stupid, I can't believe it even exists, even if it's just a troll it has to be one of the most mind numbing things I've heard about recently, I have to laugh at how absurd it is but also at how stupid people are

context for those who are unaware: someone created a Facebook event saying that they were going to try and get a hoard of people together in order to storm Area 51 so that they could demand the government show them aliens. The US Air Force is now planning to counterstrike against people who actually show up

No. 434869

I changed my notification sound so that it screams "KONO DIO DA" and sometimes I forget I changed it to that so it scares the living shit out of me

No. 434870

I really hope they shoot any idiots that try to break into Area 51. I really do. We need less stupid people in this country (and the world).

No. 434871

The jokes and shit I see on twitter gave me a really good chuckle, as stupid as the whole thing is. As for the US Air Force planning an actual counter strike…?? I really hope people aren't going to do it lol

No. 434872

you mean like world jump day? it's really nothing new just exaggerated greatly by social media

No. 434875

I'm more annoyed that people actually think anyone will do it. Internet is full of pussies who think hashtags will save the middle east, why would they do anything like this? Lmao

Also the distance between the warning signs (aka photo op area) and the actual base is like 8-10 miles and there are drivers on guard at every warning sign area. Its like these people have never visited the area on a tourist trek before.

I'm gonna be pissed if this results in an entire blockade or if the perimeter is pushed further out to the roadside. Nobody can think more than 24 hours ahead of their actions, the cool tourist trap stuff along the Extraterrestrial Highway could be in danger of shutting down because of these morons if it really gets out of hand.

/desert local sperg

No. 434881

File: 1563211204543.jpg (14.32 KB, 457x517, 1524336328531.jpg)

KEK brb doing that to my bf's phone

No. 434900

man, incels are feeling pretty emboldened with this oxychan shit today.

No. 434903

Just charged $4.5k to my credit card for my dog's burial plot+maintenance fee. This weekend I'm probably going to have to fork over another grand or so to get my wisdom teeth taken out (no insurance). I already had $500 on my credit card for my monthly travel expenses+dog food+some other small shopping expenses.

Thankfully I have enough in my savings to cover all of this and still have enough left over that I don't have to worry, but fuck it feels fucking awful to take and spend such a huge chunk of money. It took me about 2 years to save up as much as I had.

No. 434905

File: 1563213759086.png (660.69 KB, 984x542, meyoco.png)

fresh_bobatae's art looks exactly like meyoco's. i hate to be the person who says that one's a rip off of the other, but almost everything even down to the concepts looks so similar. not salty nor do i care, but when i saw an ad for fresh_bobatae, i did a double take when i realized it wasn't meyoco.

No. 434906

Who is this Bianca girl who got murdered? Are we discussing it anywhere?

No. 434909

Before I even read your post I thought both of these were from meyoco… There's being inspired and then there's… this.

No. 434911

There are a lot of Meyoco ripoffs but hers are the most egregious since they're so explicit, constant, and she's profiting off of it now. It always surprises me when I see her shit on explore and no one's calling her out on it; I guess most of her fans just don't know. People are such wusses too, I've seen people point out when an artist blatantly copied 100% of someone else's very unique character design from a manga and a whole brigade of people came to defend the design thief and say how it's just a coincidence and how it's rude and uncalled for to even make a comparison between the two (which were literally just the same design).

No. 434912

We're talking about the situation in the Pink Pill thread.

No. 434931

I mean, yea, but what kind of style, era, genre are you looking for? Classics ? Postmodern creative autofiction? Big 20th zeitgeist stuff? A thriller, a biography?

No. 434945

didn't meyoco ripoff of a japanese artist originally? this should be in the art salt or weeb artist thread tho

No. 434952

File: 1563221523199.png (494.46 KB, 480x792, 1560538715507.png)


No. 435040

>tfw a dumb, rich, blonde Chad will never compose and read you a shitty grade-school-level poem in front of a large public audience
why live

No. 435071

No. 435097

Will check the latter out! Seems like it has no substantial plot but I aim for style and writing anyway and each line is apparently poetic.

Honestly like anything as long as the writing is good. Currently going through the Nobel prize for literature list rn. So something along the lines of: what would an English prof want me to analyze and think deeply about? Pretentious stuff for English and literature majors lmao. I just finished Faulkner’s the Sound and the Fury. Confusing to read for a brainlet like me but I want to expand my reading comprehension.

No. 435098

I wish I could get an unbiased objective opinion on if I'm ugly or not

No. 435099

/Soc/ or tinder and ask random strangers you match with if you’re pretty or ugly

No. 435100

How would tinder be unbiased, if you match it’s because they want to fuck you - what kind of retard would tell the person they’re hoping to bang that they’re ugly

No. 435103

Cameras not even 100% accurate anyway lmfao. She'd have to ask irl.

No. 435143

god it probably wont happen because people are pussies and it's just one of those jokes like the dozens of hurricane irma related shitpost events, but I really want some idiots to attempt it
imagining there's people stupid enough to try makes me laugh

No. 435218

Yeah because I want people to know i browse 4chan, which I don’t even do lmao. I guess I would just have to ask random people on the street

No. 435233

These paper thin walls combined with my sensitive hearing is the absolute fucking worse, a damn drawer closing sounds like a gun shot and my parents, for whatever reason get up every 2 hours to bitch about what I'm doing, literally all I'm begging for is 5 minutes of quiet time

No. 435235

I used to live in an apartment with thin walls and it was the worst. I could hear the neighbors talking, having sex, closing things, etc.

No. 435248

Nta but did you ever get ear plugs and did they work?are they Uncomfortable to sleep with?

No. 435253

My middle toes overlap the rest of my toes and if I try to push it in to fit it feels squished or automatically slips back out. I've just noticed toes aren't supposed to look like that and I feel kind of self concision now.

No. 435254

Idk if this is dumb ass shit but I've been following the Epstein story and reading people reaction to possible jail time. Then there's other stories about I think a European country is going to chemical castrate pedos and there's out cries about justice and the usual shite about false allegations.

And it just got me thinking about the blatant disrespect towards females in general and the horrors of child trafficking and female right of abortion. The state of this planet I think if a woman wants an abortion let her. I'd rather have unwanted pregnancies terminated within the safe limits than a child having the possibility of being put in a system that is massively negligent.

Perhaps this belongs in the conspiracy thread but with what I'm reading about children being trafficked how is it not more known about missing children cases. Who the fuck is supplying children in masses? There's always deluded men calling women murderers for abortions but they're also seem to be the same dopes that are sympathetic to pedos. The shit I've been reading lately I feel like going out and fostering a few kids just in case, I'm worried!

No. 435274

You get used after a while. I used to just turn my fan on for the noise, unless the neighbors were being really loud that was enough.

No. 435288

>live in small rural town
>It's ghetto as fuck
>Run food joint with some of my friends
>Hire a bunch of crack heads
>Crackheads for whatever reason all decide to get into accidents
>Half of them are banned from waffle house
>Mfw I go to waffle house like 3 times a week
>Chill in farm with friends
>We all get in the truck and go to gas station where another friend works at
>Hang in gas station most the night roasting random people that come in and drink slushies and eat gas station food
>We go back to the farm and drink ourselves to sleep

When did I become such a degenerate

No. 435297

I tried to post a rant about my pornsick boyfriend in another OT thread and lolcow stopped me because of a ban and I got super confused cause it was for a post in snow and I only post in OT? Until I realized that it’s an ip ban and… I was in the break room at work. Honestly made me forget all about my troubles cause I found it super funny that either someone I work with, or someone who came into my store, is a farmer too. I’m trying to think which one or my coworkers would be most likely to be a farmer and I’m hoping it’s the super nice qt girl with the undercut, if it’s not a coworker I think it’s really funny someone would go to target and make a big long lolcow post. made me remember that the rest of y’all are real people and could be closer than I think haha, already reminded me to stop looking at lolcow at work in case someone sees my phone and recognizes I’m on an imageboard kek

No. 435304

Can the anons who got boob jobs because of deformities share their experiences?

I'm curious if there were any complications, or if it improved your mental health in any way. Ive heard there's a "Breast implant illness and that freaked me out even though I'm not planning on doing anything to mine.
Also, do they feel "real" or are they noticeable when you lie in certain positions or something?
I'm also happy to receive answers from those who got them for aesthetic reasons though.

No. 435317

it's probably not someone you work with or someone in your store and likely just someone using a proxy.

No. 435363

That doesn't mean it was someone in your location at all. Dynamic ip can extend past state border. That's far away.

No. 435368

I became the annoying person who says "told you" all the time and doesn't keep any hard to swallow truths from anyone.

I'm already hated and I might get punched someday but I enjoy being such a bitch.

No. 435395

File: 1563302843143.png (159.71 KB, 728x1676, wtf.png)

Useless context: a few years ago I stumbled across a youtube channel of a little girl named Nina. She's half white/half japanese and the videos were just really cute videos of her, like regular videos you take of your kids. The videos were removed by the parents for privacy reasons, but every once in a while I just think back on them. I was trying to find any potential updates on her life or something but instead found some reuploads. I also found that gimmieaflakeman has an old video of Nina on his channel and found this on the comments and now I'm down a weird rabbit hole that is this person's deviantart. I know I shouldn't be laughing they're autistic but all of their journals are so amusing. I just needed to share this somewhere.

No. 435440

Try the plastic surgery thread in /g/ as well.

No. 435448

File: 1563309644906.png (5.42 KB, 1056x51, ygshdkj.PNG)

samefag, I don't want to spam this thread but this rabbit hole goes a lot fucking deeper than I thought.

She's just a nutcase who goes off on tangents and rambles a whole bunch, and constantly hounds and follows up with people who don't answer her questions. I want to say she's just a dumb kid but apparently she's in her mid-20s now. She's been harassing people on the internet for over 10 years lol. It's really watered down milk but it's funny to read through all this.

No. 435513

i was never in the dan and phil fandom but i watched some of their videos as a teen when they were popular, and read a looong post by some obsessed fan on tumblr containing all the "proof" of their relationship in disturbing detail. i was convinced they were together and ever since then i've googled their names once in a while to see if they have come out yet, and today i found out it was true all along!

No. 435555

What a lame way to shoot a kiss scene. The camerawork, the acting, even the colors. So straight and stilted looking.

No. 435556

my gf bought some pizza with anchovies on one side and i have one more slice left but theres an anchovie on it and i hate them but im too full to eat it anyway so im not like upset about it and i guess it prevented me from finishing half a pizza so its a mixed blessing

No. 435565

This is so cute and funny, I can't

No. 435568

Wow, yeah. Picturing a half eaten pizza with anchovies and anon justifying not eating because her gf was inconsiderate is so wholesome and adorable.

No. 435582

Maybe her gf likes anchovies, is she not allowed to eat foods she enjoys if anon doesn’t? How is it in any way her fault that some anchovies got on the other half, anon even said she was no longer hungry so what’s apparently inconsiderate in this scenario?

No. 435584

What's cute and funny about any of that?

No. 435594

I didn’t say it’s cute or funny, but it’s by no means inconsiderate either
It’s just pizza lmao

No. 435595

Might've been exaggerating to illustrate how it's not that cute nor funny, doc.

No. 435604

I went down on my husband and his dick tasted like my brothers asshole????

No. 435608

Your joke is objectively lame but I kek'd anyway.

No. 435654

I mean, the whole point of that scene is that Lexi isnt enjoying it and is straight so…

No. 435691

File: 1563363416961.jpg (10.48 KB, 236x230, 3628011fd54e82a36a726651f6b54b…)

Finally gathered up the time and patience to declutter old folders on my pc. Never realized how bad it was until I saw that I freed up like 30GB of space.

No. 435729

File: 1563370468760.jpg (146.98 KB, 812x1200, Tighten Megamind.jpg)

He was an incel wasn't he?

No. 435735

just watched this a week ago since seeing it as a kid and thought the same exact thing

No. 435742

Couple of points:

>Kvothe is something of a Gary Stu, but it's contrasted with present-day Kvothe/Kote basically being a useless fuck who has lost all his powers and getting completely beaten up by two runaway soldiers

>All the people in it being white isn't a legit criticism. It's quasi-medieval fantasy

The made-up samurai culture is shit though and the book could have done without any of it. I hate "eastern" style nations in western-focused fantasy.

All that said I do like Kingkiller Chronicles because I think it's interesting how the book plays around with the themes of myth and how its born and how it changes into multiple narratives over time.

No. 435772

>digs for money in purse
>Pad falls out in front of cute guy
When will death take me

No. 435774

Kek. That's embarrassing in a cute way, he probably won't think too much of it.

No. 435777

yeah if he's normal he didn't even think about it. guys that act weird about periods and tampons/pads are fucking cavemen.

No. 435851

File: 1563386129447.jpg (665.55 KB, 1065x1321, Waah.jpg)

I wish I had the face and hair to pull this hairstyle off

No. 435855

You know a guy's a keeper when you can say "Men are fucking trash, I hate them" in his presence and he doesn't get mad at you.
Even better if he doesn't consider himself one of those weird "male feminists", just agrees, doesn't try to blame everything on women, and perseveres to be at least somewhat better than the rest of his sex. It's one of the most freeing things in the world.

No. 435858

anon i love you. you just explained my ideal type better than i could.

No. 435875

They really are the best, and I wish it was easier to find more of them.

No. 435876

File: 1563390403774.jpg (37.5 KB, 500x589, 1558117656984.jpg)

big blogpost coming ahead but like it's semi-entretaining

>be me, closeted bisexual

>randomly looking through my mom's messenger convos because she asked me to find some pic she sent
>a friend of her is texting some astrological analysis of my "spouse chart"
>"Is Anon gay? Big possibility it might be a woman…"
>Mom: "No… she's been straight so far. What else does it say?"
>"A lot of idealism… a penchant for alcohol"
>Mom: "God I hope she wont bring me some disgusting alcoholic dyke who she'll idolize!"
>mfw right at that moment I get a text from a girl I plan on going on a date with tomorrow
>mfw I'll never come out to my mom

No. 435878

I concur.

Please, pray for the law of attraction to bring me one.

Thank you, Santa. But really, if a guy argues the point it means he doesn't value your intelligence, since the entire of world history would suggest men are indeed asses.

No. 435883

Astrology may be accurate, my mind is blown Anon. I hope your date goes well.

No. 435886

Kek, let us know if the girl is an alcoholic dyke.

No. 435893

>You know a guy's a keeper when you can say "Men are fucking trash, I hate them" in his presence and he doesn't get mad at you.
You can't be serious. What the fuck is wrong with this website? I have to wonder if you people actually think of yourselves as well adjusted and morally sound while saying shit like this unironically?

No. 435904

i hope he picks you, sweetie.

No. 435907

Did you think that reply was clever?

No. 435913

Thank you! I don't believe in astrology but it can be fun. My mom only believes in it for the bad things so like…

She's a dyke and she is "idealist" (basing off her sorta extreme political opinions).

Guess I'm meeting my wife tomorrow.

No. 435917

Watch out. A man like that can still manipulate you, look down on you, be dismissive, and be abusive in other ways. I've dealt with that before.

No. 435955

I'm tired of male authors so can you guys please recommend some good books by female authors?
No romance or fantasy novels please, and no biographies either. And I also don't care where the authors are from…just some interesting, well-written fiction that could hopefully get me into reading again.

No. 435956

NTA, but what's the problem?

No. 435961

It's sorta autobiographic but The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath is amazing imo. Also reccomand "Chéri" (idk how it was translated in english) by Colette. I'm currently reading "The Lover" by Marguerite Duras and it's good…
Not sure which era/decades you're looking for tbh. Some Margaret Attwood novels might be up your alley. What about that chick, Gillian Flynn, that wrote Gone Girl and Sharp Objects? Havent read them but I heard they're good (and I personally loved the movie and the show).

No. 435962

Margaret Atwood

No. 435965


And other posts.

No. 435978

No. 436015

I just read The Garden of Lost and Found by Harriet Evans and really enjoyed it.
it's a multi generational family drama/mystery involving the world of art and specially Victorian painters. The writing in it is gorgeous.

No. 436114

Thanks for all the suggestions anons!

No. 436162

File: 1563449856927.png (362.29 KB, 616x719, D_s6NaMWsAAhWy-.png)

Since about 2018 or so I feel Hollywood is really Pushing for more White Male Black Female Relationships in Media,off the top of my head I think off the the new MIB Movie,the Ugly Dolls movie and the new little mermaid as examples

No. 436163

File: 1563449924535.jpg (34.13 KB, 310x465, 1563448224673.jpg)

also this one

No. 436168

anon that's literally a historically retarded movie about a nazi who falls in "luuuurve" with a black girl in nazi era germany which once again is historically retarded because I can promise nazis probably would've killed her

anyway this entire shtick lowkey feels like racebait, can u /pol/fags be any more transparent

No. 436169

I think that's cute.

No. 436175

Haha Harry Styles as Prince Eric. I'll watch. I saw that film he was in about the war and it was his wee baby face that made me realise how fucking young soldiers are and that most of the survivors you see now at Dday were just young boys. It's endearing and sad.

No. 436178

shit. actually, this.

No. 436180

File: 1563452851631.jpg (25.83 KB, 540x427, 0-.jpg)

>anyway this entire shtick lowkey feels like racebait, can u /pol/fags be any more transparent
They got bold after trashing the Pink Pill thread with their bullshit lol

No. 436181

Details? What are warning signs we should look out for in this type of guy?

No. 436198

Not sure where to put this. I saw a post in the anti-anime thread but I'm not anti anime, so I don't want to discuss it more there.

The attack on KyoAni makes me so upset- a lot more upset than I thought I would be. I'm a fan of their works and met my best friend because we both liked them, I like to support them because they're one of the few studios that treats their employees well. Content aside, their work is top quality. You know they're passionate about what they make, it really shows.

Double the number of people died in this attack than in the sarin gas attack. Thinking about all the innocent people who died really fucks me up. I'm sure the studio will recover, so I don't care about shows or announcements being postponed. But nothing is going to replace the people who died. I'm so sad.

No. 436201

I feel bad about the attacks too annon. Even if I don't like anime those people where still people. From what I can gather the arsonist was screaming 'you copycats/you copied it' during the crime and according to Japanese law he will most likely end up with a death sentence

I don't know why, but when I saw the news on reddit the top comment listed the missing directors and the anime they made. It rubbed me the wrong way because it felt like they where mourning the loss of content machines and not the loss of actual human beings.

No. 436270

that tweet is so stupid. The original was about a white woman giving her voice and life for a man which is just as fucked up and the original original story is even more sad.

No. 436272

kek the best friend of the female lead from this movie was travelling with her during the filming and they stopped in my town and we had a date in a really fancy hotel room

No. 436277

File: 1563471881557.jpg (39.56 KB, 332x500, 9780140430028-uk.jpg)

If you're ever in the mood for a classic, Middlemarch by George Eliot (Victorian female author who took on a male pen name) is regarded as basically one of the best novels in the English language ever. Haven't read it myself yet but it's on my shelf so I'm planning to get to it soon.

No. 436318

I used to love that weeaboo horror stories tumblr and followed the girl who ran it after the blog got shut down. I stopped following her for whatever reason but just came across her twitter and instagram again and it seems like she got married and is living life up in Japan! I'm jealous, but good for her.

No. 436332

I'm horrified by the sheer number of people who've died. Before I went to bed it was 12 and that was terrible enough, now I wake up and find out it's 33? Just awful. I'm not more or less upset because they're an anime studio, just for some reason I didn't think arson was such an effective way at committing mass murder and it's such a horrible way to die.

No. 436343

File: 1563484593887.jpg (50.89 KB, 480x320, succulents.jpg)

I am going to get a succulent since I really want a pet, but anything else would be troublesome to keep alive with my awful mental health.
I think I'm gonna give it a name too.

It may be dumb or autistic of me, but I've been really lonely lately and I think caring for a living thing might be good for me.
Also I hope it won't die like all my childhood pets which still makes me cry like a little bitch sometimes despite being in my twenties.

No. 436349

Do it anon, I bought two succulents a few weeks ago and I really enjoy them. They're super easy to keep too!

No. 436350

Tom Holland's face is almost always covered in closed comedones and I just hope he finds out about exfoliation cause… yikes.

No. 436352

Which ones did you get?

I am thinking of getting an echeveria. Really wanted a jade plant or aloe too, but my mom owns a cat and I read those can cause poisoning and the cat is a huge dumbass that always bites plants.

No. 436353

File: 1563486681618.gif (654.82 KB, 500x273, lookwhattheydidtomyboy.gif)

Do it anon, I've somehow managed to keep 3 cheap as shit succulents alive* since last year and I don't give any fucks that it makes me a basic bitch. I used to think I hated plants but actually I just hate having to take on the responsibility of looking after anything because then I'd have to put any effort into keeping myself alive too.

* Alright well I nearly overwatered my echeveria to death but I repotted him and he still seems to be clinging on. He bust another leaf this week but maybe he'll forgive me in time.

No. 436356

Wow now neither political sides are happy lmao. Idk how anyone could be upset at this. Everyone needs to chill, its the little mermaid.
And harry styles is the most leftist dude that leftism could get, he's super humble and sweet and people are just straight dissing him for being white.

No. 436377

I wish mere exfoliation would cure my closed comedones. Folliculitis is a bitch

No. 436457

File: 1563505277859.jpg (26.33 KB, 589x429, 5-elinor-powell-and-frederick-…)

>anon that's literally a historically retarded movie about a nazi who falls in "luuuurve" with a black girl in nazi era germany which once again is historically retarded because I can promise nazis probably would've killed her

but it did happen anon


No. 436459

was this discussed in a previous or different thread? cos this post is giving me SERIOUS deja vu.

No. 436479

>dissing him for being white

and for being ugly, kek

No. 436482

This !! why aren't people more annoyed a woman in general is giving up her voice for a man's attention that she barely met? it's all stupid shit. rofl this is why adult women shouldnt obsess over disney

No. 436484

I think he'll make a cute prince Eric. Let them be mad.

No. 436488

once on this island anyone?

No. 436492

cause the original movie is about dumb teenagers making mistakes and how their parents should lighten u[. stop with this stupid "muh women trying to please men" shit.

No. 436501

I miss having normal white couples on the big screen to be honest. Everything has to be interracial these days.

No. 436508

File: 1563511867804.jpg (133.93 KB, 1200x689, 0__eSLKZfOOtwQ4uHc.jpg)

>I'm totally one of you girls, hehe
>proceeds to post /pol/tard and incel shit non-stop
I miss these "people" not fucking off to CC

No. 436527

reminds me of how i wanted to shitpost on /cgl/ after moving to a shared flat and couldnt because of a permanent ip ban due to someone posting CP
like, what the fuck

No. 436528

Someone at my uni got the IP ban in the library from samefagging in /g/ lmao

No. 436529

they're hard to kill so i hope you enjoy your new plant
ive kept one alive for a few years now despite completely forgetting to water it for months or dropping it (it's just a lil ugly now because it started sprouting from the place where it broke after dropping)
thanks for the reminder to water him again

No. 436532

Knew it wouldn't be long after celebrating a black Ariel, that it would be thrown off by politics over the prince's casting. So fucking predictable.

No. 436533

File: 1563522850954.jpg (37.25 KB, 343x224, 20190719_023649.jpg)

Okay so for the record I'm already aware of the billions of faces this bitch photoshops herself into on her instagram, but for some reason I'm oddly attracted to girls that look like these two pictures (and these two alone, those other shoops are actual garbage)

I've dated a girl before and honestly after that relationship I was pretty sure I'm straight, but Jesus Christ, let any white girl look like this, be petit or even a bit fluffy, and for some reason I end up catching a really big crush. She even looks like my ex and I wanna kms. It's such an odd thing to me to have a very very specific taste in girls but here I am getting all blushy over a photoshopped ass face that looks like the ideal waifu to me.

No. 436557

I hate that I evolved from "all guys have girlfriends" to "holy shit all guys will fuck me anyway despite having a girlfriend" to "I fucked so many guys with girlfriends I'm afraid to become one"

No. 436567

Not only that, but men talk more degrading gossip than women so when you do want to settle down make sure you find a guy living in a bubble or someone else that doesn't give a fuck about loyalty.

No. 436619

>I fucked so many guys with girlfriends I'm afraid to become one
Haven't accidentally fucked too many guys with gfs but have definitely caught a few men having lied about being divorced or separated from their wives, which feels even worse. That's why I stay away from men claiming to have been married even once before. Like nah, they're either lying about their status or there's a reason why they didn't stay married.
It makes me nervous about ever being in a committed relationship. Men aren't loyal when they benefit from disloyalty.

No. 436661

I posted in the stupid questions thread if I should buy a $50 steamer because the price seemed pretty steep, but I bit the bullet the other day and just got to use it this morning.

Holy fuck I'm so happy I bought it. I was so happy and giddy seeing wrinkles come out of my clothes that I pulled out another random wrinkly shirt and just steamed it because I was having too much fun (put it back in the drawer with zero worries because I'm excited to steam it again). It heats up really quick (about 45 seconds according to the manual, but I let it run for like a minute or so while I picked out my clothes), there's an attachment for delicate clothing, and it has a hot plate so it can double as an iron if need be! I'm so happy. Sometimes I think it's sad that as an adult that these are the things that excite me, but buying appliances that make my life significantly easier and using them more than 2 times makes me happy.

I also had to buy a new mop because I accidentally broke the old one, but the one I got said "no wringing required" and the thought of not having to get heavy duty detergent on my hands that'll make my eczema go crazy gets me so excited lol.

No. 436728

I love this post anon, I wish I wasn't so poor I've been dreaming about getting a steamer for a while now. I watch videos on YT about pressure washing and other industrial grade cleaning appliances with a hard on, it's so satisfying. Same goes for cooking stuff. Fuck I need to get a job so I can start buying shit like this.

No. 436737

File: 1563561861169.png (93.62 KB, 371x383, steamer.PNG)

I hope that one day you'll be able to get the household appliances of your dreams anon!

If you'd like to keep it in your bookmarks or something, this is the steamer that I got https://www.target.com/p/black-decker-garment-steamer-teal/-/A-53298063

I'm trying to save up for when I move out so I can buy a nice Dyson vacuum and Zojirushi rice cooker…

No. 436773

It's disgusting to fuck people who are in a relationship.

No. 436848

Is the discord for LC worth joining. Like what happens on there what do you guys talk about lol

No. 436872

Anon, you are so wholesome

No. 436959

i left cuz it was all the same attention whores and they let some scrote in and treated him like some speshul snowflake.

No. 436964

>went Target to to buy that steamer
>empty shelves

Are Dyson vacuums all that great? My mum has one, it's cord free which is nice but it's so tiny and it does NOT like collecting all the hair I shed. All I want from my future vacuum is the ability to pick up hair from carpet, shit is everywhere.

No. 436971

Oh no! I hope you’ll be able to get it soon! My target only had 3 units of it left, I feel like I got really lucky. I think Walmart has it for slightly cheaper still so ask them to price match it too when it comes back in stock!

I personally REALLY like Dyson vacuums, I think they’re worth it. My dad bought us the v10 one. I have a dog who sheds VERY heavily, and it picks up all of the fur with no issue! It’s a very steep price to pay though, so it might be worth it for you to shop around some more for some better vacuums. I’ve also heard that bagless vacuums like Dyson aren’t great in the long run and you can very, very easily ruin it if you clean the filter (required every once in a while) but don’t let it dry 100%. A single drop of water can render this $800 thing completely useless- I’m constantly worried!

No. 436975

File: 1563611244751.jpg (8.62 KB, 425x425, 61jiXeUPtjL._SX425_.jpg)

I work as a cleaner so I've used lots of hoovers - the corded Dyson ones with the ball filter are nothing special, but the cordless ones are awesome and super easy to use.

No. 436976

Instead of Dyson and Dyson knockoffs that use only a filter there's also cordless hoovers with a dustbag that are easy to change. Electrolux has a bunch of models.

No. 436977

Kek, I did that once, turned out the dude was only agreeing with me because he wanted to see if I was complaining about a boyfriend so he could swoop in and fuck me.

No. 436979

wtf kind of face do you think you need? I have that haircut, same colour too. I'm plain as hell and so is my hair, I specifically chose it because I'm not attractive enough to pull off anything elaborate or unnatural.

No. 436993

Yes I agree with everything you posted about the big and small Dysons.

No. 437020

We had a bigger dyson with the ball and it just stopped working suddenly? No idea what happened and I’m so sad about it, but our cordless one is still working great!

Ooh, I’ll definitely keep those in mind for the future!!

No. 437060

I have a big nose so I feel like the hair will bring more attention to it.
Plus my hair is wavy, so the bangs won't look so straight

No. 437158

I was reminded of this video after watching the Shane Dawson video on Eugenia Cooney, and I can't get over how mad it makes me. The girl with the pink hair and mangled teeth is such an asshole.
As someone who's struggled with an ED (though it was nowhere near as Eugenia's case), if I were in Eugenia's position, I don't think I'd be able to resist tearing her a new one, telling her to focus on her own health (especially her weight), and banning her before she could respond.
It's to the point where I wish I could find her social media and see what she had to say for herself about the whole thing, how she reacted to being featured in Shane's documentary, and if she's getting spammed with hate.

No. 437163

I found out two days ago that an ex that I broke up with a little over six months ago died of a "heart attack" (probably alcohol poisoning or something similar, people under the age of 30 just don't get heart attacks out of the blue) earlier this week. I don't know how to process this, every time I think about it I get these really upsetting mental images of what his last moments might have been like. What exactly was it that killed him, where did it happen, what was he thinking and doing, and the worst ones: what did it look like and how long until he was found. I'm not sad in a "I never get to see this person ever again"-kinda way, but thinking what he might have gone through, the possibility that it might have not been quick or painless makes me really upset.

I guess I'm kinda "glad" it didn't happen while we were still together. Now I at least had enough time to emotionally distance myself from him, so I can distract myself quite easily if those thoughts start to get too distressing. Still, incredibly fucked up. He didn't deserve this.

No. 437177

This past Monday, I vowed to stop drinking coffee since I got super addicted and was always tired from caffeine crashes. It's Saturday and I'm still withdrawing from caffeine. I wake up with a migraine every morning and it stays with me throughout the day. Only Tylenols help.

I just want to be able to functional normally and not get a headache everyday…

No. 437181


I´m going through the same thing anon, but i also realized the biggest problem was not the coffe but the milk and sugar i was putting in it. I am currently drinking a lot less and pure black , no sugar, no milk, the jitters really decreased, it is really the sugar that makes me the more anxious and addicted (and fat)

No. 437211

Well anon, now you're learning that people saying that they're concerned over someone else's "health" are usually just using that line as a dogwhistle so they and others can get away with overtly making someone feel like shit. Anyone with an unconventional body knows what that shit means but we can't fight it back or else we look defensive.

No. 437220

I wish that were the problem, but I only drink coffee black. It was just too much coffee for me.

No. 437225


sorry to hear that anon. I know how fucked up it feels because i´ve gone cold turkey before, i wish i didn´t relapsed. Luckily the physical symptoms of withdrawal don´t last forever, but the first couple of weeks are the worst. Super cranky moods 24/7 , Wish you luck, you ar emaking the right call.

No. 437309

I just imagined a scenario where thousands of women worldwide will make plans to meet with a man, or multiple, from a dating app and fail to show up. We can call it The 2019 Ghosting. Sort of like the area 51 thing except we are trolling tinder guys. Inconveniencing many men all over the world as some kind of protest. For what? i’m not sure yet.

No. 437310

Nah I'd rather do something more powerful and with more meaning, if this happened men would just not shut up about how worthless women are and how women deserve to be killed

No. 437412

How about they turn into ghosts instead and disappear? Lol

No. 437462

why do people say projared has a big dick? the dick pics i've seen looked less than average. and he's an ugly fuck.

No. 437481

This. Men have murdered women for far less.

No. 437635

from how much LSA has been being linked here recently, I was waiting for an Anon to wander over and get triggered by their politics lol.

No. 437636

You ever see an annon bitch about something so specific and in such a close time frame you can figure out what other annon tipped them off?

No. 437640

pumped up kicks is sexy. i have a huge thing for pumped up kicks kind of vocals. i