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No. 408296

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/389948

No. 408311

File: 1557387524830.jpeg (72.17 KB, 512x444, 6CE5942D-6827-41AD-9F40-EA2B22…)

I got a job after two entire years of being a depressed neet!! Gonna be normal and productive and succeed!!!

No. 408317

yay anon!! I hope to follow in your footsteps. been applying to jobs like crazy and even got my resume professionally done so here's hoping.

No. 408319

Determination is your best bet!!
Be that annoying person who repeatedly applied if you see positions cycling in and out. You’ll get it eventually anon!!

No. 408328

Speaking of getting employment after a long period of NEETdom, does anyone have experience with working for online transcription services like rev, transcribeme, etc? It seems like a nice way to get some pocket money while waiting on a "real" job (and something I can put on my resume), but it sounds like the grading is very harsh and people get fired randomly despite having above average metrics.

No. 408333

Idk why missionary gets a bad rap ,It’s comfortable, intimate, hot, and provides a lot of clitoral stimulation

No. 408334

I wrote a suuuper looonggg response to the last thread aboutbhating my job blah blah
Then realizing bein good at something you dont like isn’t the end of the world. I just HATE havin tk wake up before noon amd havinf to do paperwork. Im an insomniac its 3 am here and am drunk af tk try tk sleep more. I get paid about $5/hr ober minimum which isn’t bad for a college dropout. Ugh if I could only sleeeep normal i could be a gooood little robot who EXCELLS at work rather than just does “pretttyyy good” idgaf about being a work cog so long as am not TIRED AS FUCK and can be “muhseeelf sooo unique” on my freetjme i just want to sleep like a normal human.

No. 408337

missionary is solid, but my current fave is belly-down because I am extraordinarily lazy

No. 408338

Im anon who wrote somethi about bein TIRED AS FUUUUCK. i tried mechanical turk for a whiiile an kt was UTTER SHITE. I earned like $20 in 3 days and tbh icant remember the redemption process bc jt was so looong ago. I was a long terrm neet at time who got. Application aftwr application rejected (even at McDonald’s) idk YOUR specific situation but all i can say is how I started and im now earninf more than minIMUM WITHOHT a degree is i talked to my friend and her manager at subaway In PERSON. You would be surprised how many applications even fast food placws get. U get randomly chosen or just make urself known. Aftwe that i got a job in a garment factory in downtown la bullshittin amd hypin up my experience as making cosplays bc i could use a sewibf machine. From there i hyped up my machinery usage. I xan elaborate more if you want once am more lucid. I have SERIOUS sleep issues so i may seem retarded now but am doing ok for myself. Just saying there IS hope for neets. It’s just hard work an havin the smarts to move up. DO NOT EVER MOVE LATERALLY. always advance up even of it is a half step

No. 408342

can you stop? typing like a gigantic faggot is against the rules here kek

No. 408347

I think it gets a bad rap because it's THE "default" position

I fucking hate doggy style. It's uncomfortable and it hurts no matter how aroused I am.

No. 408351

Idk, I personally love doggy. But also I've only had sex with my BF and he is too small to really make it work in missionary so…

No. 408353

It's not photogenic enough for porn so it gets labelled as "boring" and "vanilla".

With some guys doggy felt nice for me while with others it was painful. I think it's because factors like the guy's height, his penis size and curvature will influence how the penis is placed in the vagina and make it either pleasant or unpleasant.

No. 408354

Doggy is good when the guy is on the smaller side I heard.

No. 408355

Idk how porn actresses handle porn style doggy, it looks so painful. I kinda like it but the guy can't thrust like a retard or I'll be in severe pain.

No. 408364

That's right, Rev is trash. You will have better luck with Appen and Lionbridge (although you will still be a freelancer that can be fired in any moment).

No. 408366

What sort of work does Appen/Lionbridge offer? Is it more transcription work?

No. 408371

Find a start-up or small company looking for a similar service. Depending, it could be remote or in-house transcription/annotation. It's the same boring work, but better pay and because they hire through the regular process sometimes with interviews, you get a bit of practice with the job search process. You feel like an "employee" with a "manager" and company policies and stuff like that. But it's still low stakes enough because they'll hire just about anyone who seems intelligent.

No. 408374

File: 1557410238510.jpeg (145.16 KB, 1242x212, 872A0D82-060C-4552-9547-3D38E1…)

I can’t.

No. 408379

File: 1557411333557.jpg (26.16 KB, 443x386, JPEG_20190227_122908.jpg)

I have a crush on this guy who I just find so perfect guys

>friend runs up to me all excited, telling me she has some good news

>I start getting exicted, maybe he likes me fuck yeah

> "Anon, This guy Not my crush really thinks your cute and he wants to go on a date with you!!"

>mfw my crush ends up dating my friend

> mfw Ive been bamboozled

No. 408381

Just found a let's play youtuber with a calming voice I thought I would really like but he says that he is now a "trans queer woman" and still has a manly voice. Kind of sad because he seemed like a normal, slightly average but decent looking dude. He also says that he deletes negative comments on his videos and disables the like/dislikes. His wife (who is an actual woman) is way worse, posts all over Tumblr about her "wife," how she is bisexual but constantly reblogs and writes posts about lesbians/lesbian stuff, makes typical ugly ass SJW fanart and has a cat named "Transbian." I can't.

No. 408384

Hasan piker seems like such a skeaze I can't stand him

No. 408386

I've been feeling really good the past few days. I've posted here and there on various ot threads about how shit I've felt, how much my shitty retail job made me want to actually kill myself, how much I felt like a worthless, garbage piece of shit after the girl of my dreams broke up with me, but I think I've been doing alright. I quit my job and it's been a struggle trying to apply for office jobs, because even if I do get invited for an interview and turn up my charm, I always get passed over because I just don't have any experience outside of being a sales associate at retail companies. I always try to tell myself that it's just hard because I just don't have office experience, that it has nothing to do with me as a person. While I'm just at home job hunting, I've been trying my best to control everything that I possibly can so that my depression doesn't spiral out of fucking control. I've been going to bed/waking up early so that I can have some semblance of routine. I go on early morning walks (7am to 9am are my favorite hours of the day- I love the way the sun hits the buildings, the quiet hustle and bustle of parents getting their kids to school, and if I need to pick something up from the store, it's usually pretty empty). I've picked up drawing again, and for once, I don't hate everything that I draw and it feels so good to mindlessly create and indulge in a hobby that I've loved all my life. I'm shit at best, but I like what I make, so it's okay. My parents have been sweet enough to not hassle me so much about it. I figured that my mom might've started yelling at me for not having a job yet, but she doesn't really bother me. I told her I have an interview and she was like "oh okay, I'll do laundry tomorrow morning then" so that I could wash my interview clothes. My dad (who's vaguely been aware of my depression since high school) is traditionally really bad at handling my sad shit self and thinks you can just will away your depression, will come into my room randomly and ask how I'm doing, or he'll just give me big bear hugs before he leaves for work. They're getting old, so I'm happy that we get to have loving, tender moments with each other. I think we're closer now than we've ever been.

This post was kind of all over the place. Anyway, I have an interview today, at major foreign media company. They're looking for a receptionist and there's no experience needed, although the pay is just minimum wage and there's no benefits (but I'll be given full time hours) and it's just a temp position for 9 months, but god do I want it. It's a step towards the media/creative industry that I'm trying to get into, plus it's finally experience outside of retail, and it'd be fucking great to get this company on my resume. Wish me luck anons! Really hoping I can win this lady over.

I know happiness is fleeting and I might cry about still not having a job later this week, but I'm happy right at this moment, knowing that I'm trying my best. Even if I don't get this job, it's not the first one to turn me down, so it's okay.

I'm very happy for you anon! Let's do our best to live our best lives!!

No. 408404

Got some cbd as a gift (full spectrum tincture and not fake cvs shit lmao) and it's actually helping my anxiety. I can go out in public without giving a fuck and it feels so good. I'm waiting a week to up the dose to see if it will help my ocd too. The only thing is that it makes me feel sleepy as hell right away unlike weed which takes an hour but whatever at least I can relax for once. Now excuse me while I go take a nice hot shower and listen to some music

No. 408411

File: 1557418843869.png (4.76 MB, 2436x1125, 40501C56-ED13-44AF-A182-B6FE57…)

> girl from high school who’s I kid you not 120kg+ gets offered to study overseas by her parents

> chooses to get gastric bypass instead

> continues to be fat after bypass

>she’s now a body postive model on insta

>She even got a spot on local tv soap opera where she plays a fatty looking for love and breaking a chair after sitting down

It’s stupid and petty to talk about so posting it here

No. 408447

links anon? im curious

No. 408457

File: 1557427961552.png (947.58 KB, 1094x1144, Screenshot 2019-05-02 at 1.45.…)

I like it when I think of something, then find out some philosopher from decades (or even longer) ago came to the same conclusion. Makes me feel like my thoughts aren't completely insane or retarded.
If I had just existed a long time ago, and been born male in a part of the world that greatly revered philosophy, maybe I'd even be praised for speaking my mind.
I guess it's not all that different from overweight women looking at Rubenesque paintings, thinking of how they were once the beauty standard of another generation (though whether or not this is true is kind of a debate), and feeling less bad about themselves. It's self-indulgent, but also comforting.

No. 408468

There are many different jobs, there's transcription, translation, web rating, social media evaluator, content evaluator…

No. 408469

File: 1557429681072.png (59.93 KB, 303x106, heydudes.PNG)

This banner made me wheeze with laughter oh my god
Tron guy's face makes it even funnier

No. 408522


The youtuber: youtube.com/user/Totalgamefreak

His wife: https://kogasana.tumblr.com

No. 408531

You’ll get there too anon!
God knows how fucking awful it is trying to keep yourself together in the meantime, but better things are coming because you’re working to make them happen.

Control what you can control and try to remind yourself that the rest is out of your hands but you’ve given the best you’ve got to give out. The continuous effort to improve your life and happiness says more about you than unemployment does.

Fingers crossed a good job comes your way soon anon!!

No. 408538

File: 1557446341242.gif (991.71 KB, 500x200, tumblr_mmv13w0thk1ri5ob1o1_500…)

What is even happening right now?! So much milk in so many threads!

No. 408544

I just returned to lc today because I knew it'd be poppin with the projared milk. Just browsing I can tell LC is great again.

No. 408546


How long have you been away?

No. 408547

I haven't checked regularly since Momokun threads were actually milky. So about 7 or 8-ish months.

No. 408549

File: 1557449090216.gif (698.54 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


Great timing! We have a new Admin and farmhands and just had Hell Week. Admin added /m/ and /w/ which I think has improved the site. It seems to have inspired anons to create more varied threads. Admin is very communicative and is working hard on improving functionality of the code and hardware.

No. 408556

Thank you anon! Your reply really made me smile. I'll continue doing my best!

No. 408656

I wonder if the more spergy farmers realize that some flakes & cows will "Like" tweets or say weird things as red herrings just to get farmers to repost it here as a bait. Like how celebs do weird shit to get misleading articles published that end up being silly lies, lile a publicity game. Some cows are obviously more slick than others at this but its kinda funny when it exposes how adamantly some users stalk a cow's twitter Likes or whatever.

e.g. billie

No. 408664

File: 1557504727028.png (30.23 KB, 144x138, D4rG0cHUcAEC6aV.png)

I saw a post on 4chan and I'm sure this has been pointed out before, but it mentioned a pattern with shows that autists are attracted to. (Steven Universe, Sonic the Hedgehog, MLP, FNAF, Undertale, etc) I was wondering if any farmers had noticed this before and what they think of it.
>Template characters that allow the autist to be creative but not creative enough to create their own series (-sonas)
>Heavily colour coded characters (makes it easier for autists to decode the character's personality)
>Extremely expressive but single dimensional characters (easy to pick up social cues)
>Fandoms comprising mostly of young people
>Often light hearted cartoons/games (with key exceptions like FNAF)
>No conflict/Fake deep conflict
…That's all i can remember from the post since i couldn't find it. What do you guys think? I don't think it means that these series are nececssarily bad. Heck, i enjoy steven universe and MHA. But just why autists seem to swarm these fandoms is fascinating.

No. 408665

ANON I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT I GOT THE RECEPTIONIST JOB THAT I INTERVIEWED FOR!!! There might not be benefits and it'll only be minimum wage but I'm so so so excited to work again and gain the experience!!

The best (??) bit is during the interview they asked me what I do when it's slow/boring and I pulled out the whole "work is never done" spiel and one interviewer said "no I mean, it actually gets pretty slow here. we won't get mad if you do non work related things, but what would you do?" I was so taken aback by how straightforward they were, but if they want to pay me minimum wage to sit around and read then so be it!!!!!!!!! gosh I'm so so so excited!!!

No. 408669

With all this Holly Conrad nonscence I decided to look up her age and - holy moly, she's 32. I thought she was the same age as me, around 25. I had no idea she existed at all until yesterday, it's just thickness of the milk that caught my attention.
But I saw her, and her tattoos, and if she wasn't such a bitch snake, I would kinda have a crush on her. I, myself, am too indecisive to have tattoos or dress like manic pixie at 25 y.o., and seeing women like her makes me a bit more confident in starting to dress like I want and not being seen as an immature idiot. She's a terrible person tho. I wish she didn't close all her accounts, her tats are neat and I'd like to see them better.

No. 408670

NAYRT but congratulations, that's awesome!! I also recently got a job I really wanted and it makes me really happy!

No. 408671

I'm so nervous because I've never worked outside of a retail environment, but here's to hoping for the best!!!! I'm so happy you got that job anon!!! I hope you'll succeed and go to great places!!

No. 408674

That's quite interesting and it seems to be an accurate pattern, thanks anon.

No. 408681

Wow. That's some taste you got there, anon. Her eyes are so close together, she looks like she was born with a chromosomal abnormality.

No. 408683

IDK, It's not about her face mostly? Just full look, a figure maybe, plus some nerdy vibes. Something between "wow, she's squishy cute!" and "as a nerdy woman i wish i could pull off that look!"
All of that is not so valid since she's a cunt of course.

No. 408686

I think I might have carpal tunnel or perhaps an injury caused by my excessive knuckle cracking? I crack my knuckles ALOT like every 15 mins. If i don't, I experience pain and weakness.

For the last week or so, I can't straighten my fingers without great pain. My grip is awful. My hand is locked in a fist almost? I've never had this before. Is it carpal tunnel? I have finals in 2 weeks which are 4 hours long each?

No. 408688

can someone elaborate on the nonsense? i dont keep up with her. i thought she was like a bird lady who was really low-key/mature? everyone has always said how not milky or cow-like she is

No. 408690

Carpal tunnel is a wrist injury so I don't think it's that.
I'm no doctor so take this with a grain of salt but it kinda sounds like the symptoms of arthritis to me? I don't think it's actually caused by just cracking your knuckles but it seems concerning that you need to crack them every 15 minutes or else it hurts. Do you have a history of joint problems in your family or something?

No. 408693

>>408690 honestly that has crossed my mind. My joints are worse in the winter. I said they hurt, but it is more of an ache? it's like when you need to stretch, only in my knuckles? I have hyper flexible joints as well in my hands idk. There's no family history of joint problems, but then again no one has hyper flexible joints so?

No. 408695

i love my cats so much. they’re so perfect. i love their tiny little faces and pink toe beans and their sparkly eyes. tbh i look forward to spending time with them far more than i look forward to seeing other people. both of them have totally different personalities but they’re both so cute and funny. i’d do anything for them, i’ve spent so much time and money and energy making my house comfy for them. i don’t even mind being called a crazy cat lady because it’s lowkey true and i’m not mad about it

No. 408696

>>408693 also i thought it could be carpal tunnel as i am experiencing some wrist pain? If i hold my hand up, my wrist hurts? again, not a bad pain but an ache.

No. 408700

Yeah that definitely seems not normal. And thanks to my PhD from the University of Google apparently a contributing factor to carpal tunnel is rheumatoid arthritis… Whatever it is I'd say it's worth checking out with your doctor, hopefully you can get back to normal by finals!

No. 408702

>>408700 thanks for your input!

No. 408718

File: 1557514510266.jpg (98.41 KB, 1500x832, r3y3fkr.jpg)

I know this will sound super autistic but it the fact that moo is getting into Zelda out of sudden just for making cheap ass porn out of it bothers me more than I want it to admit. I love the Zelda series for so long now and I just have so many great memories with it. I haven't played all games but the ones I experienced were a wonderful journey that I loved from the beginning to the end.

Specially BOTW has a very special place in my heart because this game was just so wonderful that I felt in love it in so many ways. Now seeing moolester getting into it out of nowhere feels just so wrong and I don't want it to have it connected to her in any way. I know that everybody can do and play what they want but it just feels so damn wrong to see things that you have such a wonderful connection and have a great artistic value are being dragged through the dirt for ~l e w d i n g~ the shit out of it for the quick bucks.

I know it's stupid to think this way but I can't help it.

No. 408725

File: 1557515997516.jpg (41.82 KB, 350x510, PSV-EN059.jpg)

This is just dumb

No. 408728

Nah as much as I hate the "hurr girls can't be real gamerz" shit and assumptions that random women online aren't genuine about their interests, it actually does kind of suck to see social media personalities start raving about something like BoTW and getting attention for what a BIG FAN they are when they're 3 hours into the game and will probably play like 10 hours total before moving on to some other series to pretend to be the biggest fan of in order to get internet points or money. "Nerd" culture (such as conventions) is now totally dominated by shallow cash grabs though I know that's an old complaint. Obviously you can get money and attention for lewd cosplay and still really like something but I've seen some other people on social media for instance make all these posts ranting about how they're now SO OBSESSED with BoTW but in some screenshots of theirs you end up being able to see that they're in a really early game area with shit equipment and then they drop it and never talk about it again much less show the kind of file progress that you'd expect from anyone who actually liked the game at all. Guess that's what happens when it becomes cool and profitable to like these things.

No. 408749

File: 1557526117931.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.69 MB, 3581x3963, cornelis-cornelisz.-van-haarle…)

There's something so wonderfully endearing of older paintings depicting women to me.

No. 408755

File: 1557528149393.jpeg (410.15 KB, 746x1068, 5FBA79AC-A7ED-4696-8475-E4331F…)

The nurse thread made me remember this old confession site called grouphug that’s been defunct for a while. There was a confession a nurse made about how frustrated they were while having to help a person who was dying from a suicide drug overdose.

So now I’ve been using wayback to read all the old posts that got saved for nostalgia

No. 408759

unfortunately a lot of the women in those old portraits and sculptures were based off of men's bodies

No. 408761

(nta) Now that you say that, the bodies in >>408749 look extremely masculine. The Hank Hill ass and feet, especially.

I'm starting to just assume all sex fantasies written by anonymous "women" are larping males.

No. 408765

Here is the thread, the drama is barely 24 hours old

No. 408771

Was browsing through some porn to flick my bean off to and came across a video and when I skimmed through it the girl looked so fucking young. Not in that way that some younger porn stars wear kid's clothing and tie their hair up in pigtails, this girl just looked so young and it made me feel so unsettled, like I was watching cp. Noped the fuck outta there so fast.

No. 408812

If you find a funny/horrible one, share it.

No. 408842

File: 1557573945300.jpeg (202.89 KB, 1080x1211, 25D10BB4-E080-428F-8CB7-DF2E03…)

Shaved my head today. It feels fucking amazing and I love how I look, but my dumbass internalised misogyny is making me feel like I’m doing my partner a disservice by being ‘unfeminine’ even though he was fully on board with the idea (even helped me shave it) and seems love the ease of access he now has to my entire neck. Just hoping this stupid feeling goes away soon, had the same doubts when I stopped shaving my pits/legs/vulva. I’m lucky to be with someone who loves me for who I am and wants to fuck me no matter what, and I need to learn that this should be the case for everyone and that I’m not being selfish by practicing bodily autonomy.

Tbh though I’m also just worried that people will now assume one of three things when they see me now
- I have cancer
- I had a mental breakdown
- I’m an ebil feminazi (i guess they’re not wrong about that one lmao)

No. 408845

I felt this way too when I first got a very short hair. You'll get used to it soon and those thoughts will dissipate. It's great that your bf supported it! Some time ago I saw a thread on Reddit about a girl asking if she was an asshole for wanting to have a pixie cut because her boyfriend said he would completely lose attraction to her if she did. What a waste of a human being this man is.

No. 408850

Don't worry about other, anon. You need to focus on you and what makes you happy. I've always wanted a shaved head myself (fuck hair lmao) but I would never be able to go through with it so big props to you!

No. 408873

Shaved heads are so cool. Congrats anon, that takes courage. I've taken huge interest in bodily autonomy/ignoring vanity and beauty standards lately. I stopped shaving all my body hair a couple months ago and will never regret it. And I'm now looking into wearing pasties instead of bras. I'm afraid I can't ditch chest coverage entirely or it'd affect my professional life.

No. 408890

Shaved heads are cool anon, especially on girls.
Hair is a pain in the ass to maintain anyway imo

No. 408903

It will totally go away soon! It did for me. I actually learned to love my face so much more, and it made me start taking much better care of my skin. Honestly? Most people will just assume that…you want to have a shaved head. That's it!

No. 408950

Congrats anon! I'm jealous because my head shape is terrible for baldness heh. Don't worry about what other people think.

No. 408968

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea.

No. 408975

I had two thoughts watching this trailer:
1. This is just Lipstick Alley: The Movie.
2. The director got mad about The Associate, and this is his revenge, lmao

No. 408979

File: 1557612408867.jpg (11.39 KB, 220x193, yeeboy.jpg)

Today has been a good day and for the first time in awhile I feel peaceful.

Woke up early and had nice passionate sex with my finance. We watched our show for awhile and then went to breakfast. Convinced him to come into WholeFoods with me (normally he doesn't come to the grocery store with me because I get anxious and snippy, lol) and we had a great time just walking around laughing & looking at everything. Came home and did some chores and self-care stuff. Even got some work done in time for Monday. I decided to go for a run 'cause I haven't in awhile. Came home feeling great. All chores are done, ain't got no worries until tomorrow when the finance's family comes over for Mother's Day proceedings.

Always feel like there's something for me to do, but in those moment I feel really peaceful and I am just sitting on my couch in my nice clean apartment with my dog next to me playing OSRS.

No. 408980

File: 1557612494578.png (1.58 MB, 992x1306, if the shoe fits.png)

All I want is an appropriate opportunity to use this image.

No. 408982

use it when people who aren't radfems whine about people complaining about radfems.

No. 408994

Was watching a video about a lawyer breaking down courtroom scenes from film/tv shows and it made me think about the time my american politics professor told us that he would never get selected for jury duty because of his occupation lol. Sucks considering how much he actually wanted to do it.

No. 408995

>had nice passionate sex with my finance
must be nice to be rich

No. 408997

File: 1557616750198.gif (4.54 MB, 480x480, giphy.gif)

Just saw Detective Pikachu and I really hope they make more pokemon movies after this, and hopefully ones that don't feel as short.

My dream would be a CGI pokemon movie based on the mystery dungeons series. Just them going wild with environments and 3D pokemon.

No. 408999

No need to be rich, I frequently have passionate sex with five-dollar bills.

No. 409000

Same! I just saw it last night and loved it. That bulbasaur scene was my favorite.

No. 409008

The movie was adorable, I agree it seemed too short. I really wanted to see more Pokemon and more of the universe. Like, it should've felt super corny, but I loved it. The CGI was pretty seamless and didn't look cheesy or creepy at all. I know people have been bitching about the story but what did they expect? A gritty Pokemon reboot?

Also when I went the theater was full of adults, not a single kid in sight, and I went to a early evening showing. It's just cool to see how many people grew up with and still love Pokemon.

No. 409022

it looks cute but i dont understand why they chose ryan reynolds to voice pikachu. it really turns me off to seeing it. ryan reynolds is the last person i'd consider for that role other than maybe like john lithgow

No. 409025

he was most likely chosen due to name recognition. you know a way to get more normies in the theater.

that's what happens a lot in hollywood. ppl so unfitting for a role only ever get it due to their name being known

No. 409105

Reynolds has pretty great comedic timing for someone who isn’t a comedian, plus he has nerd cred already by playing Deadpool.

No. 409125

>ryan reynolds is the last person i'd consider for that role
Isn't that like… half the point? Subverting expectations for comedic effect and all that. I'm sure everyone thought Pikachu would have a cute squeaky voice, not a grown man we all recognize as Deadpool.

No. 409126

still should have been danny devito

No. 409127

Kek I would love that, I wouldn't be able to unhear Frank

No. 409163

Years ago someone told me that I had a funny (in a good way) laugh and to this day I still think about that comment almost weekly. Probably one of the best compliments I've ever gotten.

No. 409174

Its so cow like when people edit themselves in group pictures but edit no one else. i just saw a girl on insta who i always thought of as sweet post a group pic where she has been air brushed and the other two girls in the pic have red eyes from the flash cam and visible texture on their skin. editing "flaws" out of pics is dumb anyway but especially in group pics, idkk that just seems so selfish to me

No. 409181

File: 1557665888510.jpg (58.44 KB, 625x415, never-forget-the-time-kris-jen…)

That sounds hilarious, I would see it if that were case and I'm not even big into nerd culture
>Pic related
I personally wouldn't mind because locals editing is so obvious it doesn't do much good anyway.

No. 409188

It's because some people get butthurt when you edit their faces and think you're trying to say that they're ugly. I don't think people do it maliciously.

No. 409201

Has anyone tried that boy/girl filter to see if they look like an opposite sex sibling? Kind of concerned with how much men would fuck themselves with the girl filter and I am worried for female family members.

No. 409207

No because I am low key worried that my bi partner would like my opposite sex version better lol

No. 409209

Nah, I already know I look like Martin Shkreli

No. 409210

It's been known a large group of people are attracted to those who look like themselves or their parents. I don't think it's going to create any issues, it's just a filter.
I used the filter on my boyfriend and he ended up looking like that photo of black Superman you'd see all over the internet in the early 2000s rather than a woman. He's got a sister too and it didn't even look like her lol.

No. 409212

don't you think this is a bit of reach? it's just a filter, c'mon.

No. 409216

File: 1557678377209.jpeg (58.28 KB, 1100x130, 0438tu4t.jpeg)

>worried they'll start raping their sisters because they may think they look attractive as women
If they weren't going to do that already I don't think it's going to inspire perfectly healthy men to do this, anon. jfc.
Wasn't there also already an app that did this a few years ago? It's not new.

Anyway, personally I'm attracted to men that share my features and would 100% date myself as a man. Or a woman. I'd just date myself in general. Degeneracy or powerful self-love? You decide.
But I'd still never hurt a family member. I have no siblings but this wouldn't inspire me to hurt a little brother if I had one.

No. 409224

my girlfriend always acts so overly-cute over everything and i do not have the heart to tell her to stop because 1) it's cringy 2) after a while it's no longer cute i do not care if you tripped because you are so "teeehee clumsy little baby girl :3" 3) please stop

No. 409236

Ive gained quite some weight recently so I decided to cut sugar out of my diet because thats where most of my calories came from. My diet is very healthy once you take out all the chocolate and candy and cookies I was eating.

I've been completely sugar free for 5 days and it was going…ok. But today the worst thing ever happened: my external storage hard drive fell and broke and isnt working at all and ALL the files in it are LOST for ever. We're talking all of my college notes. I'm an art student, we're talking ALL of my digital projects, all of the video rushes for my videography class. EVERYTHING. My theory exams are in a week and my deadline for my videography class is in 2 days. And now I just want to go get myself a bunch of chocolate and drown myself in it and say fuck to my diet.

No. 409256

Just be honest, but be nice. It's worse to let it go on because eventually you'll get so sick of it that you say something mean and hurt her.

omg that's horrible! I am so sorry that happened to you but food is not the solution. It's not going to make the files come back. I have been eating more healthy and less for a while and I already lost 40lbs. I still have treats every now and again. If I really need to eat something bad, I will take small bites and chug water in between bites. That way I get full faster and don't end up eating half a gallon of ice cream.

No. 409259

I think Michael Brooks would be maybe pretty sympathetic to radical feminist reasoning if laid out to him tbh. Unfortunately he's surrounded by idiots like Jamie Peck and her ilk and I think their bleating and crying would such a thing from happening, though I think if exposed to RF thought he'd agree secretly

No. 409283

Do you think it's possible to just have a friendship between a straight/bi man and a woman? My male friends are gay, most of the time if they're straight they develop feelings for me which makes everything weird so I distance myself. So when my boyfriend says he's hanging out with a female friend I think it's normal but I wonder if there are more feelings involved… I don't want to be "that" jealous bitch especially because he doesn't mind me having guy friends so it's not fair to say anything, I just keep it to myself.

No. 409288

whose Michael Brooks and why do you think he would be sympathetic to radical feminist reasoning

No. 409290

My older sister(who is a lesbian) is best friends with a straight guy whose she's been friends with since Middle School,this guy is also happily married with kids and swears that he views my sister well like a sister
so I guess its possible

No. 409298

Yeah, especially if he's the kind of guy with a "type" and she doesn't fit it.
I have a straight male best friend but he loves tall alt women (which I'm not) and I like turbomanlets (which he's not) so we've never had an issue.

No. 409338

There’s a lot of shit that comes with it, but honestly I like being a girl.

No. 409340

I for one wish I was a cute neutered golden retriever from an upper middle class family. Life would be short but dope.

No. 409344

same. I used to hate it when I was little because I thought girls/women HAD to be feminine and weak and I didn't want that. But as I've interacted with older women more and realised that I can be a girl in whatever way I want and no one can do shit about it, I've come to really appreciate it. girls rule boys drool is true after all!

No. 409355

I like it too. If I were given the option to be reborn as a male and thus have more privilege and an easier life I still wouldn't take it.

No. 409362

I really hope Cupcakke has been doing well lately. She is so beautiful and I wish her the best.

No. 409373

Holly shit my Japanese listening level suddenly is good enough to watch shitty Japanese youtubers conspiracy videos.

No. 409383

Me too, the majority of my running playlist is her music and she's really funny and gracious on twitter.

No. 409392

I dont dislike Holly because she's a cow but because she keeps pigeons. I hate birds as pets and when I see pics of Holly the only thing I can think of is all that pigeon's shit dripping in her house. Makes my skin crawl

No. 409400

That's maybe the dumbest reason to dislike a cow though

I don't know much of who she is but she seems like a cool person

No. 409411

well, we are in the dumbass shit thread, no?

No. 409419

the background dancer in this video looks so much like momokuns friend vamplette that I spent an embarrassing amount of time squinting to make sure it wasn’t her by some extreme chance sage because truly dumbass shit

No. 409421

File: 1557721812472.jpeg (301.44 KB, 750x453, 3C53DA56-CA60-4F57-88BE-04C3B1…)

pic related though

No. 409423

Tbh, that's obviously not her. I can see where you'd think it was though.

No. 409424

sucking on the corn cob scene finally settled it for me because you couldn’t see her teeth kek the nose is just a slightly better version of hers though

No. 409429

I feel like my creative time and general artistry dried up the moment I first got into a serious time, consuming relationship when I was 18. Sharing a room, spending all my free time with someone else….can’t even curate an environment that makes me feel like creating by picking my own furniture and listening to my music late into the night in my own space. Fuck I miss having my own room. I wanna live by myself and pick out all the tacky antique mall furniture by myself and be able to just draaaaaw without interruption.

No. 409431

File: 1557723469829.png (556 KB, 1299x506, flash.PNG)

I don't normally like designer stuff, but these are so great-awful. They're tacky done right. I'm not sure how solid the construction would be irl but they look well made while remaining so tacky and terrible. I kind of love them.

No. 409445

Those are absolutely heinous. But from a glance at the thumbnail I thought they were doing to look like icecream cones with brown waffle soles and rainbow on top to be the icecream and I was kinda into that idea, so I can't shit talk anyone's taste kek.

No. 409449

File: 1557726154689.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x541, 1549663420311.jpg)

I wish I could have a job where I get paid to have ideas.
Inspiration is endless, but my concentration is not.

No. 409450

your idea is better

No. 409458

They do actually look comfortable to wear.

No. 409494

I ate eggs with a little bit of feta for breakfast this morning and 10 min after I was struck by the most aweful stomach ache. I almost fainted from how much it hurt. Now I took a muscle relaxant and am drinking a little bit of coffee and its a bit better. But i don't know where it's coming from. My stomach is sensitive but usually its after eating something spicy and the pain comes like an hour after. Eggs never hurt my stomach. I don't eat them for breakfast usually because I hate the taste but this morning it's all I had and now I have to power through my day because I got some extremly important college work to do that cannot be delayed.

No. 409513

>Cheese followed by stomach ache
Maybe you're lactose intolerant…

No. 409520

But I eat dairy normally usually. I often have kefir for breakfast or creamer in my coffee and I'm fine.
I ended up throwing up, drinking a chamomille tea and taking a muscle relaxant and now I'm fine just exhausted. I think it's stress.

No. 409527

File: 1557750498901.jpeg (300.04 KB, 2216x1536, sophie-marceau.jpeg)

I see a lot of people online making fun of french women for having horses faces, especially americans, maybe it's true, but it seems to me that we just have a higher appreciation for different kinds of beauty, american actresses often have a very bland perfect face and heavy styling (full face of makeup, hair always done in curls…), it's kinda boring.

No. 409531

It's because American celebrities are pushed to look like blow up dolls and everyone else is called ugly for not fitting the standard, and then those same people start crying or get creepy plastic surgery lizard faces when they turn 40 and people don't care about them anymore. They're victims of the system and they can't imagine other kinds of beauty exists other than what is pushed on them by the media.

It's the same as British/American guys who say "why do French girls act like they're the hottest girls in the world when they're nothing special?". What are we supposed to do, hate ourselves and hide under a paper bag or mutilate our bodies because they don't like how we were born to look? They let themselves to be told whether they're allowed to be confident and "act like they're pretty", we are less likely to tolerate that.

No. 409540

Same. If I had to choose between staying a lesbian woman or being reborn as a straight man, I'd still pick the first option. There's a lot of shit to face, but I wouldn't want to be anything else. Women are great.

No. 409592

lactose mostly turns into lactic acid when making cheese. most people who are lactose intolerant can eat cheese just fine. cheese is terrible for other reasons.

No. 409620

Bad example. Sophie is perfect in every way.

No. 409660

>>408842 I hated myself when I first buzzed my hair but now I can't imagine myself with anything but a buzz. It's become the best style for me. You'll grow into it anon!

No. 409670

I’m glad I’m not a man for the sole reason that I’m not going to have male pattern baldness. There are guys my age (I’m 20) who are already balding and tbh I don’t know how they cope.

No. 409672

Everyday on /his/ some ass hole keeps on spamming dozens of bbc threads and posts about black supermacy
These posts last a day or two because the mods are non exsistent and it's running one of my favorite boards on 4chan

No. 409678

met a 19 year old at work who legit had one single widowspeak-located wisp of hair ala kewpie left. thought he was in his 30s at first (he had big beard too ok) so was this close to vocally expressing support for mature students when he said he's a freshman lmao, so glad I didn't.

No. 409688

tbh the bald patches dont bother me as much, but when they have them in combination with those giant charles darwin beards, they always look at least 20 years older than they actually are lmao. either embrace your balding or wear a wig instead of trying to compensate.

i cant wait for this trend to end

No. 409795

It really does have to suck to have no hair. There are a lot of women that are into the bald guy thing though. I love long hair and I accidentally made my ex become obsessed/anxious with the worry of losing his hair because of how much I love his. Some of the biggest man whores I know are balding though and women don't gaf at all for them.

No. 409798

Not enough to warrant a full vent and it’s a majorly first world problem, but I’m standing here waiting for them to remake my drink at Starbucks because one of the baristas tossed out my FULL DRINK when I popped into the bathroom for a minute. I even tucked the receipt under it with napkins. Now I’m going to be late for my metro train…

No. 409812

File: 1557818033424.png (575.87 KB, 632x514, what.png)

I would like to address you all to the fact that Buzzfeed and popular culture is so delusional about male attractiveness, with a bar so low, that this is being hailed a 'MAJOR GLOW UP' and people are thirsting. I think that says a lot how women are so accepting of so many retarded and ugly things men do. Men are so lucky.

No. 409816

They probably bin them for safety reasons, someone could slip anything in there while you are out of sight. Or she just thought you had left

No. 409818

I mean, the clothes are cute but don't suit him at all? What is it with dressing buff masculine men in kawaii clothing because gender boundaries? Wear what suits you. (The left is obviously better)

No. 409820

No offense but like… is anything vaguely pastel cute to you girls? I swear, put anything in pale pink and I feel like you guys are completely duped. The outfit is hideous and he looks like a literal bosnian pimp.

No. 409828

Yeah, what the actual fuck is cute about that outfit? And I say that as a sucker for anything pink and pastel.

The hair/beard is the worst part though, especially compared to his super cute long hair and youthful face on the left.

No. 409836

He looks like a backup dancer for Enrique Iglesias from the early 2000s when Latin music was really mainstream

No. 409838

Late 90s/early 2000s Enrique music was soooooo good though. Better than this. They were actually very stylish, moreso than this. Usually very sweaty also. I think that's the main similarity. The sweat and like, "wow it's so sweaty and Sexy in Miami but how does their hair look so good while wet" vibe from all his vids.

No. 409904

File: 1557846425606.jpeg (63.33 KB, 624x936, A727E2E0-2F72-4A69-B994-B1A5C2…)

I shaved my head literally 4 days ago and I already have enough peach fuzz for it start laying flat on my head. I had no idea hair grows so fucking fast, I’m digging the look but damn I don’t know if I can be arsed to upkeep it if it’s just gonna grow out so damn fast.

I am enjoying how men seem too grossed out to even stand near me now, helps keep away the weirdos that fetishise pregnant women

No. 409905

do you want it completely bald? like if you wanted the fuzz look, you could do what guys do and get an electric razor and shave it once a week. it'd be like having a deep conditioning treatment on longer hair. just pick a day like sunday and give yourself a trim while wearing a facemask.

No. 409906

I used an electric razor the first time around, just seems like a pain in the ass to have to shave it so often when one of the most appealing aspects of being bald was low maintenance. And it’s certainly lower maintenance than having to brush my hair and style it every day but it’s just annoying that I’ll never be able to escape the annoyance of hair

No. 409909

You wanted a chrome dome and not just a close buzz?

No. 409911

I’m not bothered by a bit of fuzz, but it has already gotten long enough to lay flat like I said - and this is all in just 4 days. It’s no longer in that fuzzy stage that is really nice to the touch but has become super smooth and the back has even gotten long enough for some of my curl pattern to show through. It’s just frustrating that it grows so fast is all

No. 409926

When it's short it feels like hair grows hella fast bc you can easily observe the length in relation to the scalp. When hair is a bit longer it becomes hard to tell it's growing.

If you want that specific shortness you will have to maintain it weekly forsure.

No. 409931

File: 1557852096141.jpg (36.59 KB, 500x500, 6a928b34-1c85-461f-9b3f-82e908…)

Congrats on shaving your head anon! I've been bald for 3 years now, definitely invest in a decent razor & hair gel. I say hair gel because there will be days where you get too lazy to actually buzz it & the gel will help it from not looking so fuzzy. Weird, but I've seen like 3 other anons saying they shaved their head on this site. Have we all collectively lost it kek

No. 409937

We were watching a show on my bf's phone yesterday and I went to check the battery percentage (it doesn't show on the streaming app) and switched to my bf's message tab. My bf said "no, no, no, I'm texting your mom!" and I did see that there were unopened messages from both my mom and his mom, but didn't see the context. I'm really curious and want to check his phone but obviously he is trying to surprise me with something but I don't know what.

No. 409940

He has a thing for MILFs and is ditching you for your Mom. Get angry about this and go break all his stuff. He deserves it.

No. 409944

Nta but I wish I could pull of a shaved head or buzz cut like that, especially since I suffer from hairloss and will lose my hair either way, but I don't think it'll look good on me, and in my country a hairstyle like that is unthinkable.
I'm happy to see women being confident in doing that though.

No. 409950

Don't know if I should post it in the celebrity thread but I've been reading interviews with Robert Downey Jr and they're so full of tmi, I have no idea how celebrities don't feel extremely embarrassed when they give so many details about themselves.

No. 409951

File: 1557856665477.png (748.81 KB, 811x605, thataintnobaby.png)

I don't know where else to put this, but I want to share a very unfortunate and embarrassing story that I have not been able to tell anyone else.

So first of all, I use(d) laxatives. Horrible, I know, but my story has a happy ending because I have since stopped after this experience.

A little background on laxatives… yes, they make you shit, but they also give you horrible half-solid-half-liquid diarrhea filled with undigested food. It's not just one doodie explosion either. These episodes come in bouts over a period of like 6 hours, and it happens 4-6 hours after initially taking the laxative. So, in this story, I was suffering the effects of laxatives taken the night before.

I had an early morning flight to meet my relatives. Had been dealing with the shits all morning and let me tell you there is absolutely nothing worse than having to shit in a crowded airport. The first time I had to go the bathroom was largely unoccupied and I was able to go in peace. The second time I was rushing and the bathroom was exceptionally packed and loud, so I was able to shit but rushed myself.

I had my first flight and then landed at my connection. Shit again and also rushed this time because I only had 14 minutes to board my next flight.

There were a bunch of babies on this flight and before taking off I noted that something smelled horribly like shit. I even texted my mom and boyfriend about it lamenting about being stuck on the plane with a shitting baby. The plane took off and I had the row of seats to myself and I stretched out. I noted that as I lifted my legs onto the seat to sit Indian style I got a waft of shit smell again. In that moment I realized that it was, in fact, me that smelled like shit. Horrified I ran to the bathroom once the fasten seatbelt sign came off and checked my pants. Somehow, because I had rushed myself at some point during my shitscapade earlier, I had managed to get diarrhea on the inside of my leggings. You can imagine the thoughts that might go through one's head when they are faced with the fact that they have been walking around with shit stuck to them for God knows how long, stinking up the crowded airport and the first flight (which had been completely full). I did what I could, threw my underwear out and used bath tissue to remove the chunk of poo. I soaped my leggings and washed them out in the sink and put them back on. The smell subsided luckily but I still had to bare with the fact that I was sitting in wet, shitty leggings and wouldn't be able to change until I landed.

Anyway, it was the experience I needed to stop abusing laxatives. I think it's rather funny but I am also way too embarrassed to tell anyone I know IRL.

No. 409960

I want to get my ex expelled from his prestigious uni, he's threatened my partner and has slandered me publicly. I could always send them screenshots of him being racist and shit. I'm not that big of a cunt so I won't, but I want to.

No. 409962

Anon this is hilarious, and also very awful. I'm very glad you shared this story. It's good that you were on a plane with babies then, anyone else who smelt it probably thought it was the babies too.

No. 409966

It's nowhere near on your level (but thank you for the good laugh) but once I was at a restaurant with friends and used the bathroom to go poop. Everything's fine, tummy doesn't hurt or anything, just a regular ol' poo. I sit back down with friends and after a while I feel what I thought was a fart coming out, but was, in fact, a shart. It was warm and wet and I just thought "what a particularly warm fart" but when I went to go feel it to make sure, nope my leggings around my bum were damp. Went to the bathroom to try and clean myself up as good as I could (wasn't stinky unless you got up close). Thankfully I wear pantyliners so it caught some of it at least, but man, can't believe I sharted.

No. 409972

File: 1557859712512.jpg (6.94 KB, 275x265, 1531450242281.jpg)

>visit chan's /toy/ board
>decide to check the doll thread
>instantly regret it
Men were a mistake.

No. 410008

are you talking about the thread where the scrots were sperging about barbie's top not being cut low enough?

No. 410039

File: 1557871037198.png (474.58 KB, 1366x705, Capture.PNG)

Usually .chartboost just contains video game adds to be played off line, but for some reason my .chartboost had this file? It's just a dude nodding.

feels like some developer joke

No. 410165

I've been messaging a pro esports guy for the past couple weeks and we've been watching Netflix together via discord and are hoping to meet up soon. (if 'soon' doesn't exactly happen, his team moves within driving distance of me at the end of the year) and like it's been really wholesome? we make small talk, can joke with each other, and he gets jealous that I see wildlife and shit when I go out walking (and that I feel safe doing so bc LA apparently sucks in that respect).

When we do meet, we're basically going to hang out around town, get drunk, and watch GoT becuse I've been really bad at keeping up with it. Like, it sounds so weird but I'm mildly excited?

But he could be just messing with me kek. I mean, we've video chatted and the first time we did I was massively drunk and I'm honestly surprised he's kept contact.

No. 410180

>be me
>have math final tomorrow
>not prepared at all
>at least it's multiple choice so some chance at guesswork prevailing
>im pulling an all-nighter with stimulants to try and hyperfocus but I'm terrified I'm going to fail

I feel like I've been teetering on the edge of failing this course the entire semester and the idea of having to take it again physically hurts me, I've always been terrible at math, all I want to do is move on with my damn major. I'm so horrified by my own incompetence and constant stupidity with cramming that I just want to choke. But I literally don't function as well when I plan things, and it's all the more stressful. I really hate this and I want it done, since this replaces the lowest test grade I'm vying for it replacing my one particularly low failing test score. If I fail this course I'm going to have it staining my record for the remainder of my years and bring down my GPA, even if not too hugely. I really just… hate myself.

No. 410181

if you're the anon who posted previously about using stimulants to study, then you seriously have a problem. please tell someone and try to get help.

No. 410237

What do other anons think about people obsessed with witchcraft/astrology/paganism in general? I've been seeing some people really start to take it seriously lately but something about it seems "off" but I can't put my finger on what.

No. 410241

There's nothing wrong with using stimulants occasionally prude anon

No. 410269

Can understand that they can become addictive if you use them often, which is why I've only used them a few times for particularly difficult tests. I'm going to try tidying up my study habits next semester, but for now, it's a little late to do it.

No. 410282

>it seems "off" but I can't put my finger on what
LARPing is cringy and they're only doing it to be special snowflakes?

No. 410288

Because they’re either deeply committed to pretending and spend their entire life in a “The Craft” roleplay, or they’re seriously insane and genuinely believe they have magical abilities, clairvoyance, important messages from space, or the ability to see or speak to remote corpses.

No. 410290

I think there's nothing different about Paganism than any other religion, it's only a religion. You do have people why LARP it but a lot don't, same with magic or people who believe in chakras . Some ham it up hardcore.

No. 410308

Oh no, you are cucking Sneaky's gf?

No. 410316

I just saw that the guy who likes me and who I thought was cute until now has liked pages like "Aesthetically Pleasing Asian Girls" on Facebook. Not sure if I am overreacting (am I?), but this is such a dealbreaker for me. Men that fetishize Asian women usually are utter creeps and it is also very cringy to like such pages with your public profile. Also, I am not Asian and I look very different from the women shown on that site. I think this would forever haunt me if I really started dating him.

No. 410317

I'm probably gonna sound naive af or like a dumb hippie but I just don't get why people have to be so fucking weird about other people's skin color, yeah sometimes it comes with a weird fucked up culture, but 99% of the time someone's skin color says nothing of who they're going to be. I wish people stopped obsessing over it.

No. 410320

nothing wrong with having a racial preference but yeah, i'd pass up any guy who had a type which strongly favoured non-white women (being white myself). would make me feel inadequate lol

No. 410328

They're tryhard snowflakes at best and complete woo woo nutcases at worst.

No. 410345

I posted on the vent thread yesterday about the guy I've been talking to that ~casually~ omitted the fact he was only into poly/open relationships while talking to me when I mentioned multiple times how I can only like one person at a time while discussing other subjects. If there are any anons into this dynamic here, PLEASE disclose this shit at some point early on.

No. 410360

File: 1557929575481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.67 KB, 680x612, ac2.jpg)

I'm obsessed with these spooky images this artists drew and I have no idea why

Unrelated:I keep fucking running into disturbing shit on pinterest without seeking it out. I feel like an ass reporting shit but it has to end. Why is pinterest like this?? it's like tumblr's back-alley

No. 410371

File: 1557930806124.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.49 KB, 1024x768, gorefield1.jpg)

the gorefield illustrations are creepy, but they also look pretty awesome

No. 410389

like what? I never see anything too weird on pintrest, but then again I only go for pictures of yoongi.

On a related note, I've been getting recommended gore blogs like crazy on tumblr lately. Not sure why. I can't tell if gore blogs have gotten more intense than they used to be or if I've stopped being an edgy kid and am now skeeved out by gore but it gives me the creeps. I'm also seeing a lot less "this post has been removed for violating community guidelines" on gore pics than I remember… Tumblr needs to reevaluate their priorities.

No. 410408

are you familiar with this video? It's this Gorefield made horror game villain in a retro style. Obvious warnings for gore and stuff, but I was pretty blown away by the designs and the animation style.

No. 410440

File: 1557937802027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.81 KB, 507x1024, 39890454953_6be433204f_b.jpg)

this is what my body dysmorphia makes me see in the mirror everytime i wear a dress lmao

No. 410441

When will I learn to stop clicking on spoilers images

No. 410444

That's kind of what pinterest is doing! Please tell me it isn't IRL gore… I've seen stuff like that on Pinterest too, but only because of the aggressive vegan images that also seemed to be spliced in. What I saw reminded me of those comics that someone posted here a long time ago. Maybe someone remembers? I think they were of touhou blob things or something. Maybe MLP? I know anime tends to attract a lot of psychos, so I guess it should be expected to run into that kind of thing.But the content that I saw was just spliced in there among the more wholesome content. It was a sucker punch to my face when I clicked on it and realized it wasn't a cute comic. And there were more too. ugh.
I've had a similar thing happen to me on Pixiv, and it makes me so anxious to browse through anime art now. I don't what is going on

I am! and I'm can't stop watching it, it's so well made and I love the soundtrack choices!
I'm a sucker for the original Clocktower game. Also 1 million views already? Dang.

No. 410468

File: 1557940662599.jpg (154.53 KB, 1242x1429, 827z9c0t17301.jpg)

Oh god that picture is horrifying but I can relate. Logically I know I'm a tall and fit woman and I still experience pic related; I was actually amazed when I saw this drawing because I always said my body dysmorphia makes me see my body as Danny Devito's. People think I'm nuts when I say it but I still see it that way lol.

No. 410494

Yes, I'd love to see that made into a full fledged real game, the cheapy GBA graphics and all

No. 410509

God stuff like this is why I still love the internet. Thank you for sharing!

No. 410514

This is really relatable. Not an attempt to humblebrag but people call me small and skinny all the time but everytime I look in the mirror I just see myself as a chubby person. It's even worse in photos, I swear I look overweight in every full-body shot ever taken.

No. 410522

Pixiv has always been terrible about that even if you have R-18G turned off. Unfortunately I am talking about IRL gore on tumblr though, and very fucked up IRL gore/death videos at that. And yeah, I've noticed they really like to splice it between cutesy weebshit too.

No. 410526


I also have BDD but this is really cracking me up because you guys are taking this image seriously but it's just a girl dreaming of looking like Danny Devitto

No. 410528

Why am I jealous of the two girls my bf had one night stands with but idgaf about the girls he dated? It makes me feel retarded.

No. 410531

>looks at pic of Danny DeVito
>"God I wish that were me"

No. 410535

Maybe I have BDD because I want to look like Danny Devito. Way to judge.

No. 410558

How do you make a 2 hour long video on how Super Mario odyssey has to much padding and not see the irony? I tried watching that Joseph Anderson video and he just drags it out.

No. 410574

I don't mind Joseph Anderson's streams but I usually watch the YouTube prerecorded streams and skip around. I kind of enjoyed seeing him playing P5, but no way in hell I'd watch all 6 hours of him blathering on per episode about it

No. 410696

its so cringy to see anons trying to give subjects life advise unironically.

No. 410793

recently been watching lots of video game speed runs and honestly they're neat as hell to me. It's fun to see how games can be broken down and pushed to the limits.
the only thing i can't stand is how in nearly every run where there are multiple commentators, it immediately turns into a pissing contest and stays that way for the duration of the run. everyone always seems so passive aggressive because they can't help but try to one-up someone at every turn. I bet theres tons of drama behind the scenes, given the competitive nature of this hobby too. makes me curious.

No. 410796

im addicted to watching speed runs.

No. 410801

File: 1557983047215.gif (2.41 MB, 540x320, lizzo.gif)

Lizzo actually has such beautiful features, and she wastes it all on being fat. I didn't realize it until I mistakenly came across a gifset of just her face. It makes me sad.
The body positivity movement is honestly bullshit. Good food is not worth your health and beauty, I don't care what anyone says.

No. 410809

File: 1557984524305.gif (590.37 KB, 370x320, source.gif)

She is beautiful.
And sure, health is important, but it's better to be a chubby/fat person and be able to love yourself than be a self-hating wannabe anachan mess. This is a stage a lot of women go through and it's so sad. Not to mention girls obsessing over their weight, nitpicking other women's bodies, constantly bringing up how they need to lose weight etc.
Not everyone will be thin. The world is a better place where people of different body types are able to feel comfortable and happy.
I will take body postivity over 90's-00's belief that only thin women can be considered attractive.

Sidenote - did know know her but now interested in listening to her music. Thank you!

No. 410810

you can be normal weight and be happy with the way you look. the world isnt obese and spoop. chill out. haes is just as unhealthy as the eating disorder community

No. 410820

>chill out
Why it's so popular on lolcow to claim that the other anon needs to 'chill' if they have a different opinion?

Back to the topic. I don't believe that you can be healthy at any size, that is a dangerous myth. Treating fat people like shit is not the solution though.

Some people will seriously harm themselves before they reach the normal size (which is what I meant by wannabe anachans). Sure, it's better to strive to be more healthy, but no need to find your reflection disgusting in the meantime. Low self-esteem can be incredibly dangerous.
Besides, often overweight/fat people have more serious issues than their weight, yet no-one cares about fixing those as much as about weight loss even though tackling them is a necessity to living a more healthy life… Wonder why.
It's true that being fat is not healthy, but most people that constantly talk about that are just virtue signaling.

TLDR women have the right to exist in their bodies and they have a right to love themselves, even if they are not perfect.

No. 410823

I agree with all of your points anon, this is also how I feel about body positivity and all.
As someone who used to be obese (not death fat, but over the 200 mark) I wouldn't have been able to lose weight without first fixing some emotional/mental issues and then accepting my physical existence before exercising. Food was (and still is unfortunately at times) a go-to comfort and changing that can be hard if it's all you use to cope.
Increasing self esteem, then switching to healthier coping mechanisms, then tackling weight loss is the way to go 100%.

No. 410833

File: 1557988276741.png (182.78 KB, 1055x1554, Screenshot_2019-05-15-23-28-26…)

OkCupid is wild

No. 410837

If you're looking for a unicorn, or have an otherwise weird profile on a dating site in 2019 you are gonna be memed on Twitter or Tumblr at the very least. That warning just makes it more likely

No. 410918

File: 1558013208015.png (600.88 KB, 687x505, C619D073-8733-44EF-9251-B12DA1…)

I know it says right on the tin that it’s just water but I was still expecting something more when I bought it. It was neither disappointing nor exciting, it was just fucking water with a bit of lemon. Exactly what it says it is

No. 410927

File: 1558014029776.jpg (68.45 KB, 600x600, snoop2.jpg)

I'm sorry but jesus that's so fucking funny

>bottle literally says "just water"

>"huh not what I expected"

No. 410944

Bottled water usually has some sort of novelty taste to it, but no, this literally just tasted like tap water with a squeeze of lemon

It was nothing but water

No. 411170

File: 1558049121565.png (162.71 KB, 316x308, 125530660787.PNG)

I saw a farmer here mentioned the show Tuca & Bertie, and I decided to give it a watch.
I was kinda skeptical at first but it's actually really cute and I like it a lot!

No. 411174

Does it get better or more serious/thoughtful in the next episodes or is it like the first one all the time?
I'm not sure if I should continue, the grandma cake thing was a bit too quirky and wacky for me

No. 411176

Is it not supposed to be… Just water ?
I'll never understand yanks and their hatred towards tap water/need for water to have a flavour. Do you breathe lime flavoured air too ?

No. 411178

File: 1558049959950.jpg (42.11 KB, 600x600, deaddove.jpg)

No. 411193

The next episodes do tone it down a bit imo

No. 411203

… I actually don't know who that is kek. I hope I'm not cucking anyone.

No. 411211

Tap water can be metallic tasting as fuck depending where you live. I don't live in America, but I don't drink my tap water either. I use a filter because I can't stand how disgusting the tap here tastes.

No. 411226

I’m not American, but when I buy bottled water then no I don’t expect it to taste like fucking tap water otherwise I’d be drinking fthat for free wouldn’t I

No. 411232

the pnp thread is horrible and its amazing how hard some anons fought to revive it yet here it is. just as trashy and pointless as she is.

No. 411250

A lot of tap water out here is filled with gross shit sometimes to the point where even the city recommends us boiling it before drinking or using it for bathing or cooking. So we resort to finding a good bottled water. Nestle water is shit. Walmart water is shit. Any spring water is double shit. Aldi water is good. Artesian water tastes like rocks. Piggly wiggly water is good. Walgreens water is alright.

No. 411283

File: 1558068570333.png (495.5 KB, 2255x654, 1557975459716.png)

why can't a younger(legal) age male character have a relationship with an older female character without retards complaining

No. 411284

I thought MCU Peter was underage though? Maybe you are mixing up his age with the actors age but I think he is meant to be 16 in Endgame. Tom Holland is 22.

No. 411285

mcu Peter is like 16-18 and Carol was kickin it in her 20's in 1995 anon have you seen a single mcu movie other than Endgame

I get that lcf usually hates capeshit but holy cow at least stick to having opinions on ehat you know

No. 411292

I don't know anything about capeshit or the Moomins, but I saw the reaction image and honestly believed for a hot minute that all these people were complaining about people shipping Moomins characters up until I read "Spider-Boy" in the last image.
I can't believe how easily I accepted Moomins shipping discourse as a concept.

No. 411299

I was disappointed when it wasn’t about Moomins otp’s

No. 411390

It's way too obnoxious for me. I like the animation and the visuals in general but it's extremely LOLRANDOM constantly. Also loud af.

No. 411397

File: 1558107391023.jpg (21.75 KB, 480x480, e-liquid-lime-e-juice-1_large.…)

They literally do, it's called vaping

No. 411403

Spartan Women: the backbone of Ancient Sparta, Women in History

No. 411407

yanks? Certified "yank" here and people drink tap water. Don't got half a clue why the hell you think we all just drink nasty shit like La Croix or whatever the fuck. Like most Americans, "yanks" barely drink water, and the ones who do drink water drink tap because we're not all rich/stupid. A lot of Americans are trying to drink more water so this new fad of flavored water has started.

Why can't Southerners drink iced tea without a pound of sugar in it?

No. 411411

>Why can't Southerners drink iced tea without a pound of sugar in it?

Y-you can do that? I've never heard of such.

No. 411430

File: 1558114136112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.16 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20190517_122528.jpg)

lewd but I saw this on twitter and immediately thought about lolcow due to all the leonfags and obsession with femdom kek

No. 411431


thats pretty dumb tbh, shaved heads look lame even in males.

No. 411434

lol they look bad on males because males are ugly

No. 411436

Don´t see why it would be a good idea to copy what ugly men do.

shave heads are just how white bread conservative guys and soccer holigans style themselves. Is boring and fucking ugly.

How very feminist to talk about women all the time while copying males and praising testosterone by trying really hard to look like fucking military males do.

No. 411439

The fuck are you even trying to say here

No. 411440

i want to make tie dye tapestries and shirts for a living.

No. 411441

what she means is
"Your not valuing femininity that means you hate women who are feminine"

No. 411442

You're boring and fucking ugly. Plz shut up.

No. 411448

Where did that even come from, no anon has expressed anything like that

No. 411457

>I don't like this thing, so neither should you
Can you calm down? Some people don't care about having hair that much. I certainly can't relate, but it's not that deep and there's also nothing inherently male about cutting your hair.
Do you get this mad about metalheads or male models growing out their hair and insist it's "copying females and praising estrogen"?

No. 411462

File: 1558117717327.jpeg (93.76 KB, 860x439, BEA54242-BB2B-4C8C-828E-79F213…)

Does this mean that he’s not interested anymore? He has been slowly ignoring me

No. 411463

Ignore him and find out. If he doesn't try to text or call anymore, you'll know and won't even have to take the extra step of breaking it off manually.

No. 411466

File: 1558118047458.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3024x4032, B5F5BC56-1C0F-4A33-8C81-CF8F8A…)

How long should I ignore him?

>Tfw he literally looked for me first I didn’t even start this shit and now he ghosted me after I admitted that I liked him

Yeah after typing that I realise how stupid I sound but I’m still unsure how long I should ignore him

No. 411467

>how long
A month.

No. 411485

File: 1558121255625.jpeg (19.26 KB, 589x312, D5g2JkaWkAE8wZX.jpeg)

I'm currently pursuing acting and art, and making money from both, but man, I fucking hate it when my confidence is stumbled by doubt, or people telling me to chose one thing.

No. 411487

File: 1558121430032.jpeg (5.16 KB, 225x225, KJFE3UJF30HFN3.jpeg)

I'm about to have sex.

No. 411488

File: 1558121549899.png (472.74 KB, 844x466, D98507CB-1401-43AD-B7BE-C41B65…)

Terry crews did both, just know you will have to work twice as hard and own it

No. 411496

File: 1558122766926.jpeg (15.53 KB, 360x201, DyBa0n2UYAA5d3g.jpeg)

Holy shit! I didn't know he did both. This might just fuel me even more to keep going with both. Thanks anon

No. 411508

I think I'll just stop labeling myself bissexual already. I like dating women but I don't feel sexually attracted to pussy. Is it possible to be attracted to partners only romantically but have no desire to have sex them? I have been with women, loved everything but the sexual part. Was it just a glorified friendship? It felt so different. What I felt was love but without the sex. But I guess I'll just spare them of wasting their time with me.

No. 411509

File: 1558125439327.jpg (109.27 KB, 750x814, 1557779708437.jpg)

I'm not even really mad about troons/AGPers anymore (except when they do tangible damage to women via rape, physical assault, destruction of establishments, censorship of female-centric discussions, etc).
I just find them funny, in a twisted way. Their whole existence, down to the exaggerated male entitlement blended with rampant fetishism is like God shitposting on all of us.
Like, how can you not look at this and laugh?

No. 411510

Unironically troons made me appreaciate womanhood better. They're chasing it like a dream, and I was granted it just by being born. It brought me some struggles, but in the end I am a woman and nothing can change that and I don't need to fight for the right to identify as one. They're good to have a laugh at. But I don't want them killed or anything. lol

No. 411517

I want a funny uplifting bf who will be supporting and understanding. Someone who doesn’t need a mommy to take care of him and knows some basic life things. A person who can hold down a conversation and cares about my sexual pleasure too. A boy who brings me Nutella toast and orange juice to bed in the morning to surprise me. Yes, that Tom Huddleston commercial was glorious, but for some reason pewdiepie comes to mind as cheerful, caring bf.

No. 411529

There should be an ashley-madison style exposé for all the people who leave their profile photos in cow page screenshots. Its happened a couple of times and they were cringier than the cows. Too bad it just derails threads.

No. 411532

File: 1558129611565.jpg (87.97 KB, 502x402, RCO002_1497843511.jpg2.jpg)

there seems to be scrote 'trolling' up this board right now.
For some reason I'm paranoid I'll upload a picture of myself instead of a reaction image (even though I keep the files in to separate places?) Like I'll click choose file multiple times to make sure I have the right file.

No. 411538

ngl I thought this was a rare gypsy rose blanchard cosplay pic at first glance

No. 411547

holy shit lmao

No. 411558

Does anyone else hold their breath while they're eating?

No. 411569

Yes, because only last year did I realize that there are two separate tubes in your neck for eating and breathing, I thought they only separated to the stomach and lungs at your sternum or something. So I thought you had to chew your food super well so it was a complete paste because if a solid bit got stuck even a little in your throat you would suffocate to death. I didn't realize that when people choke on their food and need the heimlich maneuver it's because it's jamming in their air-hole straight away at the back of their mouth. I only relized this when I got a pill stuck in my throat and could breath fine despite feeling it in there. Can't believe how much time I wasted making sure to chew my food as much as I could all my life.

No. 411594

I’m feeling a bit vindicated that there are more anons around lately that are against outdoor cats. Last time I tried to reason a bit with an anon here about the issue, said anon started just claiming that the environmental issues caused by cats are bullshit and resorted to the whole “humans are worse and cause more damage!!!” point that morons make.

No. 411661

How many of you guys rent? If you don't rent, what's your housing situation?

No. 411667


He didn´t do both, he tried both and got success in only one. Tbh he was not very skilled at drawing, just basic art student level.

No. 411670

>Can you calm down?

Can you?

what did i say that implied i wasn´t calmed? that haircut is ugly as hell, thats just how i feel in a good mood, a bad mood or any mood.

>about metalheads or male models growing out their hair

They´d actually look good, rather than like a skinhead, a reclute or some choir boy.

No. 411673

grumpy cat memes are still funny to me. im not 10 anymore. im nearly 20. its still funny. im kinda sad.

No. 411697

I have this one black hair that grows on my chin and I wonder if I can get it lasered or something. It seems like such an insignificant thing to want to have removed permanently but it drives me insane. Sometimes I'll pluck it and it won't come back for months, other times it grows back in a week or two. The worst is when I'm sitting at work and suddenly notice it's grown back, then wind up fucking with it for the rest of the day until it's super irritated and obvious.

No. 411702

File: 1558162070428.jpg (27.84 KB, 720x831, FB_IMG_1558134216758.jpg)

I love my friends.

No. 411711

Just carry around a pair of tweezers in your purse if you can't help picking at it.
Lasering is expensive so there's no point doing it for a single hair.

No. 411716

I work the graveyard shift at an old hotel and the employee bathroom is a floor above and you have to go through these circular stairs and through the offices ( which at night they turn all the lights off) and my ass is always getting scary vibes up there.

No. 411723

I know that feeling. My one chin hair grows so damn thick and long, I can almost pluck it with my fingers but it manages to slip out. I like to let my loved ones pluck it. They tend to be weirdly satisfied with that and I get my chin hair plucked. Winwin.

No. 411727

do you have any co-workers that would be willing to escort you? or headsets or anything? I'm sure it's just a building cutie, but it's understandable being that freaked out. I'll still run from the kitchen to my bedroom in the dark because it's terrifying somehow.
unless you believe in like paranormal/spirit imprinting and stuff, I think you're pretty safe. if you're genuinely freaked out, I really suggest watching stuff that will immerse you in the same irrational fear as you feel when you're in a similar place (sorry dude not saying your fear is irrational), the whole exposure-leads-to-comfort thing.

this movie is a great one, lots of hectic unnatural stuff goes down and tbh it makes you feel better, knowing the fiction behind it all. if you're one of those who are seriously freaked out by scary stuff maybe dont tho

but yeah fear-immersion of phobias that aren't full blown can sometimes help. give us an update if you do see anything scary.

No. 411729

fuck qld honestly

No. 411730

Yep. I regret watching it live.

No. 411731

I look ugly in both filters, idk what that says about me

No. 411737

it's not a sexuality if there's no sexual attraction. congratulations, you're straight.

No. 411742

I'm glad that The Face probably gonna be better than their rivals from the past (i-D, Dazed) which become trainwrecks. It's nice they don't sperg about trannypolitics, except a little endorse for kweer shit and fetish degenerates. I hope they will stay this way, because it's nice refresh with reading a culture/fashion magazine which isn't infested with troonery and identity politics

No. 411807

I want a CYOA thread with female-oriented CYOAs…

No. 411837

File: 1558205646798.jpg (8.97 KB, 236x206, f15b11c9df070d2d023a3c39ec1ba7…)

After ages of being depressed and unmotivated I've been suddenly hit with a ton of inspiration to start writing a new story. All I can think of is this idea and how I want to develop the plot and characters. For the first time in months I picked up a pencil to draw, just some simple sketches for character designs, and instead of feeling shame and dread towards my shitty art skills, I was proud at how decent it came out. I don't know what's going on but I'm just so glad that I found something to spark my creativity again. I was starting to think all my passion had dried up and disappeared. It's like I'm 13 again, spending hours writing dumb self-indulgent shit without caring about how perfect it is. I love it.

No. 411841

i'm eating ice cream during a sunday night and crying + playing visual love novel games while trying to ignore all the upcoming and very important exams and test i have next week and how my grades are all fucked and i'm failing at everything

i miss being a cringy teenager and spending so many hours taking "what anime boy is your boyfriend" quizzes and daydreaming about my oc's x fictional character together and not giving a single fuck about any problems

11/10 want to commit suicide

No. 411844

Anon, this made me smile so big. I’m trudging through some depression marshes but kinda feeling more and more hopeful as the days go by. Rekindling your passion for writing must feel so amazing! Rooting for you!

No. 411880

I just had my first kiss today and it was the weirdest shit ever. Was this the same for any of you? Does it get better because I genuinely am not sure how I feel about it.

I'm really proud of you Anon. I'm still waiting for my turn lol I just want to draw and think of really creative things but it's so hard. Though I feel it slowly coming back to me.

No. 411885

File: 1558218559331.gif (240.7 KB, 352x284, tenor.gif)

I'm having a really good and comfy day watching Nipponese doramas and translating shit as a hobby and even though nothing changed in my life at all and I'm still a trash person I'm feeling really great uwu right now.

No. 411897

Awh you're so cute anon, that was comfy to read. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week (and more) doing ya thing.

- fellow trash (but we're not really)

No. 411898

my first kiss sucked. looking back it was because the person sucked a lot and I should have stayed away, but he was 18 and I was 14 so like. that tells you enough. I definitely don't look back on it fondly

No. 411908

File: 1558224293815.png (9.9 KB, 275x204, sticker-6-142.png)

>mfw I can never decide on a damn hair length

No. 411916

Yea that doesn't sound too great. I don't know man, I think I just wasn't ready for it. Like when he did it I had this really weird feeling like it never happened despite it happening literally a second ago.

I mean you just go with the flow, Anon. But make sure to take into account your face shape, I feel like it helps a lot. I kinda just went ham and had my hair chopped in layers and it came out pretty well.

No. 411920

Dw anon, it's really common. My first kiss was with a guy who was really nice but pretty damn autistic and he almost sucked my face off. It felt like kissing a sea bass. I don't regret it at all but it's not like I remember it fondly either except to laugh at the situation.

You'll have plenty more kisses and you'll have many more enjoyable ones. Take your time.

No. 411926

My first kiss was with my now fiancé, it was like getting attacked by an octopus. I’ll never let him live it down

No. 411953

Sometimes I want to cut my hair short but then I look at pictures of myself when my hair was that short and I definitely look worse. Having a clear picture of what you look like with what hair definitely helps.

No. 412012

Oh man 1408 is literally one of my favorite movies ever. I think part of my paranoia up there has to do with the the fact that i spend my entire shift watching conspiracy videos and horror movies and that my coworkers are always playing around with the idea that this hotel is haunted due to a few suicides and a few incidents here and there. Thanks a ton for the advice anon i really appreciate you

No. 412045

Its uni exams season and I have my semiotics (not sure if it's the right translation) exam on wednesday but I'm sooo lazy. I love that class, I love the professor, I love the material but I just feel so lazy.

I know that even without studying I'll pass it but I take pride in the fact that for 2 consecutive years I got the best grades (out of a 100 ppl class) on each exam and I won't have that prof next year so I really should get studying but ugh I just cant find the motivaion.

No. 412052

I don't really get the point of kissing at all and have done it like a hundred times less than having sex. I assume it's just another way to share physical affection that depends upon how you feel about the other person.

No. 412061

Do you work in a hotel, anon? Is it security or receptionist? Either way, that sounds really cool

No. 412071

File: 1558282276354.jpg (161.11 KB, 750x712, 20190519_120730.jpg)

Thank y'all so much. I guess it was just so weird because we're both inexperienced (I assume). Definitely felt like I was trying to make out with a snail, but now I guess I won't be so scared to do it again.

No. 412072

Every person kisses differently and there seems to be no correlation between good kissing and good sex. I think it's a way to tell if you are repulsed by them without smashing your junk together first, but generally I don't think it's particularly satisfying or great.

No. 412077

I wish metal and country would become more mainstream globally then compared to rap
I don't dislike rap but its literally every where and in every country even my shit hole nation(Pakistan)

No. 412082

Not a fan of country but this would be amazing. I want everyone to act like a cowpoke and country boy/girl in the 2020's.
No more drug romanticism and face tattoos. Cowboy hats, boots, and big trucks.
The chaps seemed to be in at coachella and I've seen it trending to have a laugh about country people. This could happen.

No. 412084

No haircut can suit me expect the one I already have and I always hesitate a lot before going to the hairdresser to get a new haircut. I was thinking so about it once because I had a lot of split ends for over a year and my split ends became worse. Which reminds me that I should go to the hairdresser again for that.

No. 412089

File: 1558284715455.png (135.13 KB, 800x639, 800px-Khyber_Pakhtunkhwa_in_Pa…)

west Pakistan(khyber pakhtunkhwa formerly NWFP=North-West Frontier Province ) is our wild west that never ended
its littered with criminals with bounties on their heads,bounty hunters,terrorists,spies,bandits and frontier rangers who enforce the law and its just an unreal place thats \why I think the country type music genre would fit in

No. 412091

That's interesting, who knew I'd get educated on lolcow.
I'm sure a lot of countries have had something akin to the wild west at some point. I hope it catches on lol.

No. 412092

Ugh, please no. I'm already sick and tired of the yee-haw agenda. "Old Town Road" is part of a calculated cowboy wave, and it's going to be painful, lol. When I think of the country or cowboy aesthetics, I just think of merciless heat, cacti, everything being dully colored from too much sun exposure, and stale-ass movies.

No. 412100

anything is better then Rap
seriously Punjabi/desi rap is the worst thing to listen to
It came from Indian artist trying to copy American rappers and then spread to Paksitan
luckily the only one's who like it are Muhajirs and other esthetics are safe for now

No. 412108

I have been a loner all my life, even as a kid. I've worked in jobs like truck driving, where I was alone all the time. I never had any family bonds, and always had to back out of other relationships using any excuse because I just kept knowing I'd be happier alone. I kept trying, because I wanted to be like other people who seemed so happy. I finally married, hung in there for 5 years, but then left, filled with guilt because nothing was wrong.. Again, I just wanted to be alone. That was 10 years ago, and I've been in no relationships since, and don't plan to. I was diagnosed with this personality disorder, and after the initial horror (Seriously, I think "Schizoid" has to be the most mislabled, misunderstood psychology term there is for the general public!) after reading up on it, a lot made sense.
I could function fine most of my life, but now I'm turning 50, and have gotten to the point of being a hermit, unable to face the outside world, like just exhausted from trying so hard to seem normal. There's this detatchment, like it's all fake, all the people, the things, unreality. It makes even a shopping trip pretty tough! I'm confident I seem normal to others when I have to interact, but it's really uncomfortable.

This is the first time I could relate to anyone. It's a yt comment on schizoid personality disorder and everything makes sense now. I wonder how many anons suffer from it. It makes it even better that it's a woman that has written that because it's often expected from us to be social and extroverted all the time.

No. 412169

I've never really related to anyone tbh. Don't find it hard to seem normal since most people are extremely unobservant, care about seeming nice themselves and have their own problems to worry about.

No. 412183

File: 1558303844730.png (471.13 KB, 687x486, Dz47euKUUAAsog_.png)

I don't give a shit about my facebook account but since I was extremely bored today I decided to log in. I was mindlessly going through the "people you may know" thing which I really dislike but I was really really bored, but then my ex bf appears. It's been months since the last time we talked, so I coudn't control my curiosity and clicked on his name. Not much to see on his profile because we're not friends there, but I noticed a comment on his profile picture that I think it's from his girlfriend. I already knew that he's living together with her, he told me himself the last time we talked. But I had this strange feeling that isn't exactly jealously. We broke up more than 3 years ago and he was an asshole to me many times after that happened. But somehow, after all this time, I still wasn't able to date anyone. I haven't had sex in more than 3 years, the last time was with him. Also, I only kissed another person only once, only because the girl cornered me. I don't like him anymore, but I don't know what's happening to me. He used to be not only my boyfriend, but also my only best friend. Now I'm still alone, with no bf or a close friend. I never thought something like "no one can replace him", but never tried to that either. I'm becoming more and more isolated and lonely but I don't know what should I do…

No. 412223

Homoromantic. Welcome to the asexual spectrum.

No. 412235

You aint bisexual if you don't like pussy, anon. That's legit not how that works.

No. 412236

File: 1558309816214.jpeg (53.18 KB, 567x335, 1527942530539.jpeg)

You can also just… not want to fuck everyone without trying to make it a sexual orientation.

No. 412237

>Welcome to the autism spectrum
ftfy. gtfo.

No. 412239

You're straight girl. Just stop.

No. 412240

I mean the idea of pussy makes me horny, I just never felt like having sex with the girls I dated. It's confusing. :/

No. 412242

You can't ask an autist to gtfo lc, that's like trying to evict somebody for signing the deed to a house

No. 412248

You can have romantic feelings for someone and not be attracted to their genitals. Asexuality exists. I'm not attracted to either gender physically, but I love having romantic relationships with either. Asexuality is a valid orientation. One can be sexually attracted to males, but want to emotionally invest in a woman and make her their wife. It's understandable to get confused and call yourself bi because there is so little representation.

No. 412254

That's just bisexuality. Bisexuality can exist in diferent degrees. I think asexuality is a thing but all this homoromantic split model bullshit comes off stupid and sometimes even homophobic when you all act as if homosexuals just wanna fuck and doesn't include roantic feelings.

No. 412255

Sage jesus what typos *different, romantic

Anyway asexuals acting as if sexual orientations don't include romantic attraction is dum dum

No. 412256

Asexuality is not ~valid~. Seriously, fuck off, tumblrchan. No one cares.

No. 412261

Bisexuality implies sexual attraction. Telling people I'm bisexual has caused grief since the other partner thought I had sexual feelings for them as well, but I was literally unable to feel anything during sex nor achieve orgasm. Biromantic. That's the term.
>comes off stupid
Not an argument
>sometimes even homophobic when you all act as if homosexuals just wanna fuck and doesn't include roantic feelings.
Strawman, never said this. This is your interpretation.

I've never been attracted to anyone my entire life; I had bloodwork done and all of my hormones are normal. My sexuality (or lack-thereof) is genuine, whether you accept it or not. There was a time homosexuality was not considered valid, but a choice, and there are people who still think this today. You remind me of them.

No. 412287

fam, you just have a low libido.

No. 412294

I have no libido. I have no desire for sex, experience no attraction, and feel nothing downstairs. My hormones are all within normal range; I had labs done two months ago. Not the same thing.

No. 412296

God I wish asexuals were stoned like gays were (and are in some places)

No. 412298

Don't compare your special snowflake sexuality with the real oppression gay people faced, it's not the same.

Your lack of libido is valid. ~asexuality~ is not valid and equating it to homosexuality is fucking embarrassing and offensive.

No. 412301

Not her or asexual in the least, but why? Just because they annoy you by trying to be oppressed?
It's not like they're breeding lmao.

No. 412302

you can have a low libido without having something wrong hormonally or medically. not wanting sex is not a sexuality, ok?

No. 412304

hot take inbound: I get the impression that a lot of people resent their sexuality for causing them problems and are literally subconsciously jealous of asexuals, especially the type of women on here

No. 412311

my spouse bought a condo and i pay a fair share, but it's under her name. tbh, i was scared to do anything outside of renting but there's also kind of a nice feeling that your money is going back to the house/condo you put your effort into. Also, being able paint my walls is really nice vs apartments where i couldn't

No. 412312

Same. Asexuals wanna act like they've ever been oppressed in their fucking life. Asexuality is not a sexual orientation and no one is kicking you out of the house or firing you from a job for being openly asexual. fuck off other anon

No. 412313

gurl, no one is jealous of asexuals.

No. 412314

Yeah, I agree some may be that and the rest is lesbianons who are annoyed by aces comparing their struggles to lgbt struggles.

THAT SAID, if asexual bi anon dates another asexual woman…they'll still be socially treated like a same sex couple. So..?

But I can see subconscious jealousy from some straight misandry-chans who want to WGTOW but still fall for men sometimes.

No. 412325

>asexual bi anon

You can’t be both, retard. Is she sexually attracted to non or both - make up your fucking mind.

No. 412333

idk man I'm not asexual myself. I've heard when they date they make out, cuddle, hold hands, get married, etc. but don't have sex. And they experience desire to do those things and find certain people (of both sexes in that anons case) aesthetically appealing.
Just like married people who have no sex but are still "in love" but it's always been like that. Warm fuzzies without wanting to fuck.

I don't think they're oppressed at all though, especially if straight. Also if you're the anon saying it's just a synonym for low libido, then…you agree, right? A person can be low libido and still want to do romantic things (from what I've witnessed).

No. 412344

>I get the impression that a lot of women resent their gender for causing them problems and are literally subconsciously jealous of men
>I get the impression that a lot of minorities resent their race for causing them problems and are literally subconsciously jealous of white people

This is why people hate asexuals. Nobody is 'jealous', they are annoyed that retarded tumblrinas are inventing oppression for themselves, meanwhile gay people are actually oppressed now and throughout history.

No. 412359

is that meant to disprove my point? shit loads of people are envious of another race or gender because they think they have it easier, its what a lot of racism and sexism are about

No. 412381

The point is that smugly accusing people of being 'jealous' when they're rightfully not happy about asexuals pretending to be oppressed, is both dumb and obnoxious. They don't want to be asexual, they want to not be oppressed.

No. 412400

Again, you can’t be both as it’s biSEXUALITY you can’t be bisexual if you are devoid of sexual desires, are you genuinely retarded?

No. 412422


nta anon but isn't this garbage called biromantic asexuality?
i hate that i know this.

No. 412429


In what way is a gay person living in the first world oppresed?

No. 412438

You can be romantic with anyone, it’s called friendship. It’s absolutely nothing special that deserves a new label

No. 412443

- still attacked and murdered purely for being gay
- less likely to be employed if employer is even remotely suspicious of their sexuality (unless they’re filling a quota)
- gay marriage was only recently legalised, and still isn’t in many countries
- children are to this day being disowned for being gay
- gay youth are now being targeted by TRA
- conversion camps are still a thing

Do I really need to go on?

No. 412457


All of that seems to apply to fat people to lol they probably have it even worse.

If you live in The US there´s nothing legally or otherwise separating you from any other individual, you probably get brownie points and bypass meritocracy with woke quotas. At the end of the day it doesn´t even matter if you parade around who you fuck or not, the only real complaint the lgbt community has nowadays is wanting more validation and getting to decide what the non lgbt can o cannot think or consume in popular media

No. 412459

File: 1558354536184.jpeg (164.33 KB, 1215x1162, 91DF13D6-3216-458A-8264-410C35…)

>actually thinking that being fat isn’t a statement on how privileged you are to be able to overindulge so much and is in fact something that makes you oppressed

No. 412462

>actually thinking that being fat has anything to do with overeating/laziness and not the fact that people can’t afford healthy food which is rapidly getting more and more expensive in every country around the world

read a book anon

No. 412463

>low calorie foods like vegetables still by far cheapest and accessible

It’s literally CICO, being poor has little to do with it. As someone whose extremely low income, it just not an excuse - the cheapest foods are often some of the healthiest, making meals from scratch with fresh produce is by far the most financially friendly option when you have little means to live off of.

And isn’t it strange that the fattest countries are by far the most privileged? Silly me for thinking being overweight has absolutely anything to do with eating in caloric excess.

No. 412465

File: 1558357382241.gif (1.06 MB, 245x220, 93ad07349a84cf1b2a80cf2d9b05a2…)

i consider myself lesbian but i've had an incredibly intense crush on a male actor lately that i've been binge watching all of his shit shows and my girlfriend definitely has noticed lol

No. 412468

not everyone has time to cook meals everyday. and vegetables being cheap means fucking nothing lol you can’t feed a family of 5 with some walmart carrots and rice, especially if you’re working 50+ hours a week like most people. it’s far cheaper and faster to pop into mcdonald’s and pay $10 to feed your whole family than it is to spend $30+ on groceries and an hour in the kitchen cooking after work. there are literally dozens of studies about this. it’s not 1867 anymore, being fat is not a sign of wealth or excess.

No. 412469

This might be true for certain demographics but all fat people I know are solidly middle class and spend more on junk food than most people spend on healthy food. Daily Starbucks isn't cheap.

No. 412472

meal plan. It is dirt cheap to make a nutritious meal in bulk, saves you both money and time. I have to feed a family of four on a very tight budget and McDonald’s is most definitely not the route to go if you’re trying to stay within a tight budget and that is also massively negligent towards your fucking kids. Stop grasping at straws

No. 412480

do you also work full time, and overtime? are you a single parent? do you have picky kids? do you live below the poverty line? do you live in a food desert? do you have any allergies? do you have thyroid or digestion issues?

i’m done sperging about this topic but it’s hilarious that you refuse to look at evidence and genuinely think that the west has an obesity epidemic because they’re all just lazy and refuse stop eating snacks. you sound like an idiotic boomer/facebook mom.

No. 412485

> do you have any allergies? do you have thyroid or digestion issues?

lmao why the actual fuck would someone with any of the above eat from maccas.

No. 412489

Exactly, the 75% of American men who are overweight are all overtime-working single parents living below the poverty line in food deserts with picky kids and allergies, not average lazy fucks who don't care about their health.

No. 412501

>picky kids
You say this as if all kids aren't picky. I was the pickiest kid in the world and I still had to eat the same things as everyone else. If they don't eat you just put the food in the fridge until they get really hungry and don't serve them anything else. Voilá, kids are no longer picky.

No. 412516

If someone can afford to eat fast food, they can afford to buy a slow cooker. Put frozen prechopped vegetables in there with a cheap cut of meat, add a sauce mix or spice packet, cover with water, switch on the slow cooker and leave it to cook while you're at work. Depending on what you're making, you can add lentils, split peas, pearl barley or beans to bulk it out. That's how easy it is to make a cheap healthy meal. Soup, stew, casserole, chili and curry can all be made like this. Time is a luxury when it comes to cooking but it's not essential. Ignorance and apathy is the bigger issue.

No. 412533


>the west has an obesity epidemic because they’re all just lazy and refuse stop eating snacks.

But this is literally it. You have easy acces to a vast amount of food but are too ignorant, spoiled and ungwilling to pick and choose what is healthier. Americans are self serving as fuck. Also, your poverty line is well above what any other citizen in any other country would consider middle class.

Fat burguers have no excuses

No. 412534


Gay people in the US sound even dumber, they are not only not oppresed, not even slightly inconvenienced.

You have bdsm furries walking down the street and if an old lady looks at it funny is literal fascism and oppresion.Like seriously, even fat people get ostracized more, just answer proves it.

No. 412538

Someone getting bullied for being fat isn’t the same as someone being discriminated against because of them banging the same sex, your weight is literally within your control. And again, typically the most privileged countries have lots of fat people and that is absolutely because of their access to excessive calories, so it in turn reflects their own privilege (considering the fact there many more people out there that barely have access to enough food and are underweight)

No. 412546

I'm not in the US but I am in a first world country and I feel like this discussion lacks so much nuance everytime on LC.

My best friend is a gay man and he is virtually not oppressed at all. He says himself that he doesnt feel oppressed in any way and tbh he isnt. But I'm a GNC lesbian and who was sexually assaulted (almost raped, but it didnt happen in the end) by a guy trying to "convince me" that I would actually "love dick". I still havent come out to my family because while they wouldnt out right be violent towards me, they are homophobic and our relationship would change for ever (for the worst). Many of my gay male (gnc) friends were denied jobs and one was even denied housing. It's even worse for the gay people around me who are second or thirs gen immigrants. Like yeah, their oppression doesnt come from being in a 1st world country but they are oppressed never the less.

Also "hurr duurrr there are laws to protect you" … people break the law all the time. Sexual harrassment is also illegal and yet here we are. Killing black unarmed people for no reason is also illegal and yet it happens all the time in America.

No. 412548

Anon…I don't think making out with your friends is something most people do.
I've never kissed my friends on the mouth, personally, and feel no urges to do so.

No. 412550

Kissing is a sexual activity.

No. 412555

>you can be romantic with anyone, it's called friendship

I've got some bad news for you Anon. You're being taken advantage of by these "friends". Romantic activity and friendship are two different things. Friendship generally designates a bond, or sharing company without romance. You can also be romantic without friendship. What's going on in your life that you think they are the same thing?
Friendship+romance = relationship. Someone or multiple people are denying you relationship status here by saying this is "friendship." Reminds me of those old pics of lesbians kissing and embracing from like 1910 which were captioned "friendship kiss."

No. 412557

>posted dumb shit on social media as usual
>a few friends like my tweets or posts and reply from time to time
>this one dumbass is taking screenshots of almost everything I post, send them back to me on line or messenger, and adds "LOL" and nothing else
>dumbass also replies to me in our private conversation whenever I post something in our entire friend group conversation to share with everybody for some reason, only for her to just say "lol" or "really?" or some other dead meme and to then complain about her entire life
>dumbass also sends me tweets in our private conversation all the time instead of just retweeting them so I receive useless notifications on my phone when I expect something important
>she doesn't even send me anything because it's a secret, she just does it for unknown some reason or no reason at all

Does anyone do this to you too anons? I need to know if that's normal or not because this is starting to piss me off.

No. 412561

Being romantic with someone is expressing your love for them, and not all love is sexual. Kissing is most definitely a sexual activity. Nowhere did I say I partake in sexual activities with my friends?

No. 412563

People are always talking about animals like they REALLY WANT to be in nature… You know, I think the whole "constant fight for survival" thing really does outweigh the benefits of being in a community of their peers when compared to shared captivity in large enclosures and enrichment, etc. And even just for dogs, I don't think as many of them necessarily prefer a lifestyle that's more natural to them, as people would assume.

No. 412592

>kissing is a sexual activity
My friend kissed me on the lips twice this weekend. Does this mean she's sexually interested in me? I thought it was just friendly affection.

No. 412608

I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing but I’m American and it comes off a bit weird to me. The most my close female friends and I do is physical contact like hugging. Kissing on the lips comes off as more than platonic.

No. 412617

Okay, but in my original post I talked about asexuals in relationships and how they partake in kissing. This is what the original discussion was about (can asexuals be in romantic relationships with the same sex?! and arguments about terminology).

Also to that anon calling me a retard, I never called them bisexual, just bi, alluding to biromanticism like the other anon clarified. It's just an easy way to refer to them being romantically interested in (so, wanting to make out with and marry) both men and women. Even if you just believe asexuals are simply "low/no libido" this still fails to disprove their existence. Like I said, low libido people still date.

Unless the argument now is "kissing is sexual so asexuals don't exist if they kiss, even if no genitals are ever involved!"
At this point believe what you want. idk why I got in this mess of an argument, I'm not ace and am even bisexual myself. It just makes sense to me since I know it's possible to find someone sexually appealing without a romantic connection(anons who have done hookups on /g/ have mentioned this, too), and for me romantic feelings are different than how I experience friendly bonding. Also people have friends-with-benefits, so what's that? What's missing from that formula? All of this just makes romantic feelings a separate entity in my mind, emotionally.

If you don't experience it that way I can see why you wouldn't believe asexuals when they recount their experiences, though.

I feel like this depends on cultural norms, but I know in the US/Canada lip kisses with your friends is odd. It's reserved for relationships and maybe family.
If I kissed my best friend he'd definitely think I'm interested and be weirded out lmao.

No. 412624

probably cultural. Americans seem to have a very heavy association with romance and sex, and don't seem to comprehend non-sexual relationships that go deeper than the average friendship.

No. 412642

File: 1558382441853.jpg (243.84 KB, 1536x2048, 58374853_2014553102004422_7812…)

My bf and I always go to get coffee from the same spot. The barrista there is a nice gay lady (I only know cause she had asked me to follow her on social media and saw she was). Anyway she flirted with me today while my bf was sitting down. I feel absolutely mischievous

No. 412644

this reminds me of a post on reddit some time ago
a woman's bf was friend's with a a butch lesbian turned out the bf was cheating on her with the butch lesbian

No. 412645

File: 1558382803214.jpg (48.1 KB, 490x490, 1502833358287.jpg)


No. 412655

>these people kissing their friends and family on the lips

I hate whenever this debate comes up because it makes me think of my boyfriend's mom who thinks its okay to kiss his lips as if its not the creepiest grossest thing ever. Sometimes I cant even be near his mouth when I remember its a thing.

No. 412665

I have been having reoccurring dreams of my pet degu I had as a kid. I go into my old room and have to change his bedding and food/water. His cage is always dirty and gross and I feel so guilty. Maybe it's guilt rehashing itself since I've always felt I could have taken care of him better but I was a kid who never asked for one as a pet and no one else cared enough to help me. He lived a long life but I always felt bad that my chaotic home stressed him out. This was over 15 years ago I owned him lol but damn I feel sad today.

No. 412667

Your childhood animal guilt-dream is a lot more wholesome than mine, but I can relate to you completely. I think it comes from having a lack of control as a child while still being aware/privy to the chaos, which is a terrible feeling.

As a child, you might be able to lend some responsibility to the animal but you cannot be blamed for an animal living in poor conditions. That's on the parents.

I have a similar dream about my newts. We had red-efts
all around my daycamp when I was a kid and one day I brought a tank in and caught like 20. My dad helped me set up a cool ecosystem inside and we had the tank down in the basement. I let that shit sit and it was like a god damn newt concentration camp. I remember waking up with a pang of fear one night realizing I had forgotten about them. The cage was disgusting, overrun with mildew, water had crusted over… there were dead ones in there and the ones still alive were emaciated (who knew a little lizard thing could get to such a state)…

I was a kid though, only 7 or 8, and my parents too shared responsibility. I still feel absolutely horrible about it to this day and have dreams about the newts. Specifically dreams about the panic and shame I felt the moment I realized I had forgotten about them.

No. 412703


I have dreams about my bunny sometimes, who died at an old age. I fed him bunny food, hay, tap water and raisins or a bit of apple when he was younger and could digest it ok. He was happy but he kept falling over in his last months and I'd keep picking him up. I realized afterwards it was because the tap water in our area was super shitty, it made me dizzy too. So I wish I'd given him bottled water as I bet he wouldn't be falling over as much or at all in his old age. I think animals have spirits and they are remembering you from their new lives when you dream about them. Maybe your newts and degus have new lives out there.

No. 412730

God I have animal guilt dreams too, mostly about my old pony when I was like 19. She was boarded pretty far away and between full time school and a part time job I just didn't have time to go see or ride her like I did when I was in high school, and I'd often forget about her for weeks. She was on full board so there were people feeding and taking care of her, but not actually riding her or spending time. Whenever I managed to go out there people were (rightfully) judgmental of me never coming around and it always made me feel terrible. I eventually donated her to a therapy farm where she's currently thriving. Still have nightmares to this day of forgetting about her and that I'll come out and see her stall and paddock hasn't been mucked in weeks and she's starving and dirty (which never actually happened IRL because she was on full board, so I guess it's the guilt messing with me).

No. 412745

File: 1558409424982.jpg (16.85 KB, 466x466, 81iUNMYlI-L._SX466_.jpg)

it's 4am and I'm sitting under an awning on campus territory while it's pouring and I must look like a literal insane person but this is so relaxing and comfy. there's a pokestop here and i wanted to try out mossy lure kek, so far literal trash only but this whole experience is so nice.

No. 412751

ty guys for sharing and helping me feel less alone today.

newt anon i'm so sorry you went through that.

No. 412786

File: 1558422012065.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-024306.png)

this man?? cis????? tell me how

No. 412788

I can see it. He goes to lengths to make himself look more feminine. Like another anon said, he looks like Elijah Wood

No. 412790

>tfw am gay girl confused by cis man making me feel things

No. 412793

I'm also astonished, anon.
QT either way.

No. 412794

I didn't know creationism is a thing outside america until a couple of days ago when I had dinner with a bunch of christians and they started talking about evolution.

No. 412796

I’d have to see an irl pic without shoop and angles then I can see how he really looks

No. 412797

>gay girl
>cis man

You type like you’re either a troon or a tumblr teen

No. 412969

What would be Mr. Darcy's occupation in the modern world? I can't really think of anything because he's so sensible and kind, and the modern world crushes the fuck out of kind and sensible people

No. 413002

my biology teacher in high school was a creationist and i live in a nordic country, i really thought that it could only be possible in the states

No. 413020

File: 1558473389345.jpg (14.84 KB, 500x382, 3016cheesecow4oz-jpg.jpg)

I was thinking about how the early humans ate and stuff and I came up with a theory on how cheese, non curated at least, came into existence.
Humans ate every possible part of the animal after they discovered fire, so I think that once upon a time a group of humans hunted a lactating prehistoric cow, started to eat it little by little and when they got to eat her udders the milk had already gone bad or coagulated and after they boiled her full mammary glands they found out a weird tough tart milk thing inside them and found it was actually good. That's how kid was discovered kids.
Someone should tell Harvard to hire me.

No. 413026

It sounds stupid but I feel bad energy in my bedroom.
Maybe it's cause I spend the majority of my time there and its the only place I go to isolate myself so I associate it with negative emotions.
It also doesn't help that it's quite dark and I don't really get any sunlight in.
I can barely focus or study in there.

No. 413027

File: 1558474781566.png (1.26 MB, 1966x1360, h.png)

The "Heidi is the one at fault in the ProJared fiasco"/"Vic is innocent"/"Don't be mean to men"/"I'm not like other girls" anon who got exposed for being a raging KiwiFarms autist who complains about this site but can't stay away had a bitch fit when she got caught, only to post in the same Game Grumps thread again and get banned for ban evasion for at least the second time. It has me rolling.
Even the only other KF user that replied to her said to just stop posting here, but she couldn't help herself. Is this some twisted thing that happens when you're deprived of female friendships?

No. 413032

it's just regular old autism

No. 413044


im p sure its because back in the olden days nomads would transport sheep milk in animal stomachs, and there was an enzyme in the animal stomachs that caused cheese curds to form

idk why youd want to taste coagulated stomach milk tho but early humans were savage asf

No. 413055

all polyfags need to be exiled

No. 413064

File: 1558481089972.jpg (61.15 KB, 480x361, tumblr_n0kq5hrlID1rsl35ao5_500…)

I can drink to that

No. 413073

sure do wish a mod would come exterminate the polytards detailing endlessly in the projared thread

No. 413099

File: 1558487876982.jpeg (39.97 KB, 337x409, E51069B6-E868-4BEC-AAFC-BBA092…)

I sit here and wait patiently as my pregnancy test ferments in the bathroom. My bf went in after I did and he’s been shitting/browsing on his phone for 45 minutes.

I just wanna know.

No. 413114

You’re supposed to read them within 2 minutes, gonna have to take a new one

No. 413128

File: 1558501160837.png (766.56 KB, 1012x536, which.png)

Excuse the shit collage, but which tile type do you girls like better?

Am going to sell my house eventually because I can't stand having stairs, so I need to consider what most people would like better. What do you guys think is more marketable, a classic cream polished porcelain tile, or a woodlook ceramic tile in like, grey or greige?

No. 413130

tbh it depends on what the rest of the home looks like. i personally like the lighter woodlook tiles in general.

No. 413131

As for more marketable, I couldn’t tell you but I like the wood grain better. Feels more homey and less sterile.

No. 413133

Definitely the wood. I mean, real timber >>> tiles so just the look alone is superior, and from researching for my own reno that specific style seems quite trendy.

No. 413134

Personally I absolutely despise tile flooring in spaces other than the kitchen and the bathroom. I feel like the wood grain look on the right is much more palatable to the general pop. We have those kind of tiles in our house now and you're able to get the feel/look of hardwood with the resilience and cleanability of tile floors.

When we sold our last house that had hardwood flooring it was a big selling point to prospective buyers if that says anything, people like wood.

No. 413135

At what point do you end up with your interests so obscure that you effectively cuck yourself out of possibly making friends based on common likes, and how do you stop before it's too late?
Is it possible to meme yourself into loneliness because you get too fixated on something literally nobody else cares about, like, I dunno, psychedelic rock music from Kenya or old, rare cartoons based on Armenian nursery rhymes?
It's ironic because having "super special unknown" interests often lends you a weird form of clout among people because they may find you interesting, but past the surface, it doesn't matter at all if you can't even really talk with them about it in-depth.

No. 413137


there's always someone else in the world who likes the same shit as you. you have to talk to people to find it out though, that's the hard part.

No. 413147

Thank you guys. I was hesitant about the woodlook but you guys are right, it is trendy and it is homey. Will def be going with it.

>Personally I absolutely despise tile flooring in spaces other than the kitchen and the bathroom.
Just curious, why don't you like tile in bedrooms and living rooms?
>it was a big selling point to prospective buyers if that says anything, people like wood.
Will definitely keep in mind. I honestly don't get the hardon for hardwood people have. It's such a bitch to maintain and is so easy to ruin, and you get a much larger return on your investment for tile given the durability.

No. 413201

>Just curious, why don't you like tile in bedrooms and living rooms?
NTA but they're cold and that's not comfy enough for bedrooms and living rooms.

No. 413239

that sounds so chill t bh

No. 413307

you actually just explained why people like hardwood. stuff that's difficult to maintain and can easily get ruined tends to be what people who like hardwood like about it, maintaining it and having people compliment you when they come over. that and it feels nice on your feet.

No. 413349

File: 1558555592694.png (81.37 KB, 240x240, tumblr_nvrokeTt8J1ugye8so6_250…)

i started playing this game and i really really REALLY enjoy it so far, all the boys in it are very cute but the main character keeps on giving me extreme second embarrassment it's seriously killing me. i had to stop playing that game to lay down for a few minutes earlier because the mc is that bad. i'm now kinda avoiding continuing it because i left off where the mc tries to play the hero or whatsoever and it's just all Very Bad. it's just fiction i know that but i cannot stop thinking over how her ass is embarrassing herself in front of the other characters (and my 2d crush especially) by trying to act all "tough" ü9eauge9rw8ujwrss0yhde90theuthd9ßtg why must things be this way

No. 413370

Post the game, let me indulge in some love.

No. 413378

what game is that, anon?

No. 413469

it's 11 pm and there's 3 cop cars, an ambulance, and a firetruck at some house near mine. I have no clue what's going on but I'm scared as fuck.

No. 413565

Anyone remember that movie Big
In it a kid wishes to be adult and then because of Magic becomes an adult and gets into all sorts of "wacky" hijinks
one of these hijinks is having sex with an adult woman

No. 413573

File: 1558613225226.jpg (83.42 KB, 1000x840, no.jpg)

Im really tempted to reply to my employer who has upset me with an email containing nothing but pic related

posting it here to help quell that urge

No. 413678

does your employment have anything to do with cats anon, if not, why would they be sending you a cat?

No. 413683

Anon wants to send that pic in response to being upset, they weren't sent that pic by their employer. I can see how the wording could be confusing

No. 413685


haha yes sorry, my bad

>>413683 is right,
I meant their email upset me, so I wanted to send the cat as a reply because he expresses how they made me feel.

No. 413714

File: 1558647155885.png (285.48 KB, 580x374, cute.PNG)

i laughed so fucking hard at this

No. 413718

it's a cute fucking cake too!! "mortified" my ass, give it to me then

No. 413736

>self conscious my whole life about being widely built for my height (big hips, ribs, and shoulders)
>only want to date tiny people because I like to be the bigger one
What did I mean by this?
I think maybe I'm halfway to self-acceptance. Feels good.

No. 413780

Even though it's rainy/gloomy in my city today, I had such a good fucking day. Nothing spectacular, but I've just felt so good all day.

This morning, my usually yappy as fuck dog was surprisingly quiet and calm. Flopped down on my legs while we sat on the kitchen floor together waiting for water to boil. Work was slow at my new job (as usual), but I feel like I'm starting to settle in finally (it's my second week). I'm a receptionist so my biggest anxiety is someone calling the front desk while I'm in the bathroom, even though the bathroom is literally like 10 steps away from the desk. I usually hold in my pee and go back and forth about when is a good time to go for maybe half an hour to an hour but I'm slowly getting over it and I just go when I need to. Coming back home, I caught the local train (which goes right to my station) and even though every day there are delays, today we at least were delayed while at a station so I had cell service to browse around while I waited for train to move again. I came home and really wanted to cuddle my dog, and she came and sat on my lap while I pet her for a while (which she usually just barely tolerates for just a few minutes). I bought some thai desserts on my way home, ate them after my dinner, and holy FUCK this shit is so good. I didn't blow through my weekly cash allowance (that I set for myself so I don't overspend) even though I indulged a few times on some unnecessary food treats for myself. What a good fuckin day.

No. 413784

Anon this made me so happy to read. It was also super gloomy in my city today but I had a decent day, I'm glad we both had a good time!

No. 413815

File: 1558659624190.jpg (140.4 KB, 900x900, Razorfist.jpg)

There are really people like this that exist in the world

No. 413820

annon I thought that was some lolcow tongue in cheek edit mocking his persona, but that pic is his persona.

not surprised hes a gamer

No. 413886

File: 1558672557439.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, vzxw85.gif.4e315df87785e70c2c2…)

I use keekweek style everytime I go on lc. Makes me feel like I'm browsing MySpace.

No. 413887

File: 1558672967208.jpeg (85.32 KB, 780x395, 06B329A1-DC8F-4D59-B3DD-F4D9CE…)

mfw i've been verbally abused the entire week by my managers, called mentally retarded and had them jokingly refuse to help me behind my back, made me pay out of pocket for a stolen item that was apparently my fault and im quitting over the phone tomorrow morning

No. 413888

I am starting to love snoring tbh.

No. 413891

:( btw you need to file a complaint if possible. I hate bullies so much.
>is on lolcow
I mean irl bullies! :^)(emoji)

No. 413893

I really don't wanna involve myself with them; I did fuck up a few things but I worked there for like BARELY two weeks, and it's my first "real" job. When I say they yell, I mean straight up yelling in my face to stop talking ever and just to shut up and listen 'because I never do that in my life,' I mean to the point where coworkers tried to get me to come aside with them to make sure I was okay. I'm admittedly not totally okay, I literally had NO schooling in my childhood, and I told my coworker who also yells at me and she scoffed and went "Uhuh. Makes sense." etc etc.
Also i fucked up a credit card transaction and they took the 20 dollars out of my paycheck which is apparently illegal, dunno.

No. 413932

Wait a minute…this is a whole 'nother story. I am not gonna blame you, these fuckers are horrible to bully a weak person but you also need to be more stable before you decide to work, whether full-time or part-time. You cannot work when you don't know how. At high school a lot of people get experience in part time working by doing small jobs like working in a shop for example to pay their phone bills/clothes/stupid plastic crap. But you have done no schooling at all, this is not good at all. Do you want to go back to school? I advice you to get a high school diploma/GED or whatever americans call it. But I also recommend you to acquire job skills. What job hires someone with no educational background anyways? What kind of job is it? They hve a hard time accepting drop outs with no experience as well tbh since they just don't wanna bother with that unless you have connections. But I assume you have the connections? How old are you even? Who told you to apply to that job? It is a too much of a big step. Of course they'll mock you, you have no skills in a literal sense. You need to acquire them!

No. 413935

What they are doing is still illegal. This is not how you treat a coworker. Also, workplaces are obligated to train you when you start working and you cannot be fully trained in 2 weeks.
You need to stand up for yourself, threaten to sue/report/whatever measures exist in your country, go crazy. Grow a spine. It's sad that they're doing what they're doing, but they aren't going to stop anytime soon so long as they think they can do it without facing any consequences.

No. 413939

>Also, workplaces are obligated to train you when you start working and you cannot be fully trained in 2 weeks.
This is some dumbass shit because I've never heard about this for any kind of job that requires no schooling. If you don't understand shit within 3 days they kick you out, even in mc donalds. Pls post source for me, I wanna know your american culture and lyfe.

No. 413941

I do want to achieve schooling but I need to raise money for a personal problem, it's the whole reason I got this stupid job. I need this money kinda desperately. I've worked seasonal jobs and did absolutely fine and was even commended in my customer service. I'm 20.

No. 413943

>American culture
I'm not American, I'm European. In my country training is mandatory for any job, yes even Mickey D's.

No. 413944

File: 1558691847187.jpg (58.07 KB, 510x720, ng.jpg)

My hair's already long and it grows nicely, but I really wish I was like those Southeast Asian women who grow super-long, shiny hair. So beautiful.
I know that shit has to be heavy and inconvenient for daily life, but I'd cope.

No. 413948

That needs to be chopped off by at least 2 feet

No. 413951

File: 1558693748770.jpg (56.3 KB, 540x675, long.jpg)

Loud and wrong.

No. 413952

How is their hair always so shiny and pin straight, never ceases to amaze me

No. 413955

Shay thread only still exists as a trap to punish anyone who posts anything at all in it

It is a conspiracy created by the reptile elite mods

No. 413960

I can't sleep and it's either keep drinking, take my tranquilizing meds with alcohol or lay awake likely with night terrors. When I drink I drink till I sleep but my bf fell asleep before me.

No. 413964

File: 1558697945440.png (721.39 KB, 944x1242, growls in disgust.png)

I'm still laughing over this dumb post, the fact that someone called the anon out, and the redtext.
>growls in disgust

No. 413966

I laughed at that too, the red text made it so funny.

I do think anon was trying to make a joke though, to mock whoever she posted.

No. 413967

what thread is this??

No. 413971

No. 413972

File: 1558698888568.png (976.55 KB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_20190524-124631~2.p…)

It's so beautiful, I try to keep my hair long but I'm lying to myself by doing it, mine looks like shit compared to this

Kind of related, but I'm disgusted at how the beauty/drag craze is boosting support for human hair wigs and extensions. I keep seeing paid advertisements springing up for these creepy pages that all steal the same photos from each other of hands holding anonymous chunks of hair tagged something like Indian or Afro human hair factory. We don't know where that hair comes from, but we know from the price that the person it grew out of didn't get paid much.
Have none of these girls buying literal human hair just for one instagram shoot ever watched that horror film, exte?

No. 413973

I call this look "cult chic".

No. 413983

How dare you make me see that totally gay bear post KEK

No. 413995

Not at all wrong. The original pic that was posted was stringy and needed to be cut. A good 2 feet were stringy as shit. And this still just looks gross, though her hair looks much nicer and is in better condition. There's something very viscerally unappealing about hair this long.

No. 414008

Thinking about some qt who is friends with someone I know from high school. She works at a shop in the mall near my house, I could probably reconnect and get to him if I tried (also could use a female friend tbh, and she's nice). At first I thought they were dating but she's actually with a tall white guy.

I'm considering it, but I'm feeling shy about it and who knows if she'd care to talk to me anyway. I want friends who are women and I want a boyfriend, but I'm also so asocial.

What did she mean by this?

No. 414024

Someone please just tell me that my forehead/nose getting oily after a day at work is normal lmao. I don't know why I started fixating on it but I did and now I know I'm about to do some dumb ass shit and buy a bunch of products I don't need to try and fix a nonexistent problem.

I have naturally normal/oily skin, I chug like 3-4 16oz mugs of tea everyday (I work a boring desk job and hot tea helps keep me awake), I get break outs here and there but it's like… one big ol ugly zit like once a month or some shit, I just incorporated marula/rose hip seed oil into my night routine… I feel like I'm going crazy. I swing between moments of really patting myself on the back and taking care of my skin so well (it's so smooth and despite some hyperpigmented spots, I can get away with basically never wearing foundation/cc cream) and moments where I fucking hate and nitpick everything about my skin (I have ONE pore thats been stretched out and is so obvious to me on my cheek, I have a fuck ton of blackheads on my nose and nothing seems to help them (I don't use pore strips but I'll manually extract them every few days)).

I went on r/skincareaddition and I feel like I've opened a completely unnecessary rabbit hole for myself lol.

No. 414104

That's just your opinion anon, I think it looks beautiful. Forever jelly of girls that can grow hair that long, mine will not grow past my nipples.

No. 414108

>forehead/nose getting oily after a day at work
Doesn't sound unusual to me at all if you have normal/oily skin as you say. If you're bothered by it, try using blotting paper or something? Maybe check out the skincare thread on /g/, they probably know more. Hope I'm giving you the type of answer you were looking for.

No. 414128

Thank you anon, I do feel better, and I'll definitely check out that thread!

I guess sort of good news is that my craziness over it and opening up this rabbit hole made me find out my skin is, in fact, dehydrated, so I'm gonna switch cleansers and try to remedy it lol. Thank you again!

No. 414137

File: 1558733954104.gif (276.02 KB, 220x220, to you.gif)

>There's something very viscerally unappealing about hair this long.

No. 414138

¿Qué acabas de decir sobre Pewdiepie? Bueno, eso es un montón de suposiciones acerca de la vida personal de alguien, ¿quiénes son estos infames hombres que acosan a Pewdiepie? Sus editores? ¿Su prometido? ¿O sus amigos personales cercanos? Si te refieres a su base de fanáticos, entonces él casi no está rodeado de nadie en ese sentido porque él es su propia persona, y como su propia persona incluso le dice a las personas que se consideran a sí mismas como sus admiradores que no dañen a las personas que aparecen en algunos de sus videos, ¿cómo se determina? tampoco tiene experiencia? Él vivió los mismos 29 años que todos los demás y él hizo lo mejor de ellos; si acaso algo debido a su carrera, él sabe mucho más que la mayoría, en un momento en el que contrató a cientos de personas para que hicieran videos con él. Trabajar con muchas compañías haciendo cosas diferentes, sin mencionar que él mismo ha estado en la universidad, no estoy seguro de si lo dejó.
Él no hace videos de los cuales puedes concluir que él haya sido educado? ¿Cuál es su criterio de educación? De nuevo, estoy de acuerdo con usted en que las personas pueden obtener educación formal o informalmente, pero ¿qué constituye una persona que tiene y no tiene y por qué cree que no lo ha hecho? ¿No consideraste que tal vez sus videos no son más que un personaje de entretenimiento o crees que cada actor que interpreta a un idiota también es un idiota?
No estoy fingiendo nada
Yo tampoco estoy troleando
Simplemente disfruto realmente diseccionando a las personas tribales como tú
Y generalmente explorando pensamientos razonables.

No. 414144

After a whole day of work? And you're complaining? My T zone gets oily after one hour if I don't put powder on…

No. 414154

I have ascended. I officially love beans more than I ever loved steak.

No. 414160

KEK, beautiful

No. 414164

File: 1558740010241.gif (977.43 KB, 560x560, BuGwjoW.gif)

It's been a year ever since I played the Doki Doki Literature Club game and it still makes me so unbelieveably sad. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now and suppressing the urge to start sobbing, I don't even know why but something about it makes my heart ache so badly. I have never felt this way over a game before, especially over a cheap indie game, and it's kinda pathetic.

No. 414168

My doctor prescribed me adderall and I took it for the first time today and I feel like an actual human being. I got 4 things done that I’ve been putting off for months and wasn’t in a shitty mood for once. I really wish I would’ve seen a doctor about it sooner because I would’ve done so much better in school

No. 414170

That is pretty pathetic. Doki doki is the shittiest "studio made vn" I've ever read. Go read saya or little busters or smth, ffs

No. 414171

congrats anon! I know how you feel about not getting a diagnosis in school because i feel that too. adderall makes me function like a normal person to the point of making me wonder where I’d be if I DID have it in school. I was always “a lot of potential” but “lazy” so maybe we’d both be in different places or be different people. Either way, congrats on finally grabbing the steering wheel and enjoy actually living and being a Real Human!

No. 414179

File: 1558744206623.png (162.5 KB, 717x443, lol.PNG)

RooshV is now a Christian that disapproves of pre-marital sex

No. 414180

File: 1558744301504.png (562.1 KB, 1282x581, what.PNG)

No. 414181

File: 1558744384621.png (448.71 KB, 734x476, wtffff.PNG)

I think this may be the best outcome for an irredeemable brainlet like him, honestly

No. 414209

gatekeeping faggot alert

No. 414217

I'm slowly but surely starting to really dislike my coworkers and I feel like everyone at work is watching me slowly come undone just because of how audibly stressed I sound most of the time and I don't even care because I plan on quitting soon anyways.

In other news I'm reteaching myself high school math (and hopefully plus some) so I can take my college entrance exam and start that chapter of my life. I'm coming to the realization that I'm at the point in my life where I either get my shit together and start school OR I accept the fact that I'll be stuck at low paying, depressing as fuck jobs the rest of my life. Not saying college is an automatic ticket to a decent paying career but at least it'll give me a chance.

No. 414226

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if this is just another one of his publicity stunts

No. 414231

I finally recovered my ability to sleep!!! Insomnia no more fuck yeah! I can already feel less stressed and happier, I cannot believe how insomnia influenced my life so much, now im sleeping 9 hours like nothing. Finally.

No. 414250

congrats anon, I'm jealous

No. 414265

What are you going back to school for?
I don't know if there is a homework help thread but I tutor students to prepare them for college level math, if you ever need help.
Good luck with your future!

No. 414313

File: 1558791617059.jpg (84.61 KB, 960x720, tumblr_pd2mbp9gVq1wqgvreo1_128…)

>mfw have strong ADHD but adderall is illegal in my country

No. 414314

>mfw you are not a doctor yet still insist in picking out medications like it is candy

No. 414319

Hell yeah anon! I made some bean burgers the other night and they were amazing. My spouse and I always had a hard time finding meals with minimal to no meat that filled us up. Beans was the miracle food!
What kind of beans do you like anon? I love making recipes with lentil, pigeon peas, and red kidney beans.

No. 414330

File: 1558793367838.jpg (559.34 KB, 1080x3788, 1558780569211.jpg)

these replies are all some of the most depressive things I have ever read
as for my own story my Husband was a combat engineer who served in Iraq and he reuses to talk about what he witnessed but its clear to me that something happened that fucked him up and he lost a part of him

No. 414333

That's really sad to read.
All my grandparents served in WWII and are all fine and flourished. I believe the government has just gotten more unscrupulous. They also have more money and research on how to exploit people. Anyone who just blindly trusts the US gov is a risk to themselves.

No. 414335

Mfw I could never concentrate at school, would rarely hear what we have for homework, can only focus if I’m doing 2 things at once, can’t even browse if I’m not switching between 5 tabs, could never even finish a song without switching to another one if I make it half way through, can’t even have a phone conversation if I’m not reading something at the same time or have face to face conversation without removing and putting back the phone case thousand of times. Let’s not mention I rarely notice anything around me, I’ll wont notice my own parent passing by me on the street. My mind is a constant stream of thoughts and meditation is extremely hard to perform.

I don’t know girls, I’m kinda worried about ADD, but it’s a bit hard to get diagnosed in the Balkans and everyone keeps screeching it’s a made up thing or that I’m just tripping.

No. 414339

They came to Iraq, killed a bunch of civillians because of a very obvious lie their gracious president fabricated, and then they get PTSD even though the footages showed soldiers had a lot of fun doing it. You may kill out of order of your beloved honest president but do you rape? If you get in the U.S army the amount of sympathy you get from me is 0. Funny because PTSD is dismissed by the inconsiderate when you aren't a U.S veteran.

No. 414342

he was an engineer and he joined the Army to support his family and to learn skills that would be useful in getting a job when he got discharged

No. 414345

Not to discourage you from going to your psychologist, but before you go to your planned appointment, try a break from the internet. I developed auditory and sometimes visual hallucinations, severe tinnitus and loneliness that gave me frequent hysteric episodes all thanks to excess internetting. Put your phone down. I am not saying it will work for everybody since ADHD obviously existed way before the internet, but there's an obvious information overload epidemic going on ever since we got internet, and smartphones. Students perform better without them. I function above average now and manage to get a lot of things done. I can see everything now (no hallucinations lol), I can get my shit together!

No. 414453

I was in a YouTube rabbit hole of old nostalgic videos and this one killed me, truly the ultimate essence of my tacky weeb childhood. The early 2000s was such a simpler time… Hope some of you other farmers will enjoy this trip down memory lane too.

No. 414454

Tokyo Mew Mew was my first anime so this is indeed a trip down memory lane

No. 414455

Are your grandparents Americans? Because I come from an occupied country which went through hell and back. None of the people came back from WW2 without mental consequences.

Thanks, Anon, there is a definite information overload that I feel is weighting me down. I’m just not too sure what’s going on, if it’s maybe anxiety or ADD, because I’ve had problems concentrating and needed constant stimulus long before internet and way before smartphones.

Help ADHD Anons, how did you notice something is not right?

No. 414457

Comedies are full of weird rapey shit. Like the nerd's friend letting him rape his passed out gf in 16 Candles or the guy getting assraped in a sex club in Euro Trip.

No. 414459

The original youtube AMV community was such a clusterfuck and I loved it!

No. 414464

File: 1558811055603.jpg (55.14 KB, 600x600, swedish_chef.jpg)

Holy shit this is perfection, the shitty pixelated quality, the Lucky Star OP at the beginning, comic sans, and of course the ever iconic Bad Boy by Cascada. A true 10/10, thank you anon

No. 414469

When I was younger I used to think "nothing is truly popular unless it has a skillet AMV". Teen titans and dark Ash AMV's where my shit back then. I still like that Robin x Slade just like you amv.

Video unrelated

No. 414470

Do AMVs still get made? I try to find it cute and nostalgic but after remembering how rude the people who make AMVs are and cgl-tier I really don't find it cute. How do AMV-autists turn out anyways?
>inb4 yall are gonna tell me they just continue but in better quality (quality= less grainy in this case)

No. 414471

I am sure some people still make AMVs but you would probably have to go to other sites to view them. YouTube would not be as lenient with the AMV crowd today since it uses 100% copyrighted content.

I used to make some AMVs but I wouldn't say any of them made it big. I remember those creators who had access to RAW anime episodes (no hard coded subs or TV station logos) were highly esteemed. And don't forget the classic "this is the ORIGINAL (anime name) (song name) AMV so DO NOT STEAL!"

No. 414476

I was reading some celebrity interviews the other day and all of a sudden I read a comment about how RDJ's reputation was more or less the same one as Lindsay Lohan's and I don't know why that comparison cracked me up so much.

No. 414480

It cracks you up because you're a stupid zoomer. They are not wrong. Lindsay was an IT-girl and is nowadays just as nuts as RDJ. I fucking hate zoomers x 300.

No. 414488

You're calling a zoomer because you think I don't know about Lindsay Lohan? Because that's the reverse, I remember when she still had her career but I only knew a little bit about RDJ and heroine but I had no idea he did stupid and specific shit like breaking into his neighbor and passing out high and half naked in their kid's room because he thought it was his house so I found it funny how accurate the comparison is.

No. 414489

>just as nuts as RDJ
Forgot to add was*
So yeah you are still a zoomer whether you remember her as the girl everyone wanted to be or not :^)
I just hope she'll get a glow like every other celebrity who stands up after losing and picks up her acting career because she really deserves it, it is getting a bit too long, even home alone guy is shining ffs. No I am not stanning her, I just cringe when I look at her to the point I pity her. How can someone fall so hard? Jesus.

No. 414494

So you're saying I'm a zoomer for not knowing about RDJ being a crackhead in full details? He wasn't really famous in my country before like 2005 if I'm being very generous and I'm only getting interested in some celebrities now so it doesn't have much to do with being a zoomer.

No. 414495

>because she really deserves it,
lmao, uh why does she deserve anything? She blows any opportunity she gets unless it's Arab dick.

No. 414500

nah I was later on just kidding, you're not a zoomer.
Because it is sad, that's why. She's going through very rough times and I'm surprised she hasn't an heroed. People bully her so fucking much and have bullied her a lot. These celebrities are all soulless and subhuman so she just needs some fame again to shine and be healthy, sorta like a succubus, the fame is her flesh. So really, as I said, I just pity her a lot.

No. 414519

> I was later on just kidding
I didn't really catch that. Anyway I got curious again and just found out that RDJ started doing drugs when he was 6 years old because his father would randomly give him cocaine. What the fuck kind of parent does that? No wonder child actors become all fucked up most of the time, physically or mentally.

No. 414522

original adhd anon here

basically I couldn't do any work at my job at all (data analyst) bc I couldn't focus and it got to the point where I would be in meetings and wouldn't be able to focus on anything anyone was saying at all. it wasn't even like I was thinking about other stuff, my mind was totally blank and it was like I was hearing the words they were saying but they weren't going into my brain. I would start talking and by the end of what I was saying I would have no clue what I was talking about. I would have to read a report and my eyes would glaze over and it would take me an hour to read a 5 page report, it was bad and really affecting my work performance

when I was in school I saw a few doctors and they said that I was just bored in class and that I needed to just "try harder," I did not show a lot of the hyper symptoms as much so I guess it wasn't as obvious to doctors.

I did not see a psych to get diagnosed, I went to my gp and casually mentioned that I was having issues focusing not trying to get a prescription at all. she had me take a test and said I showed high propensity for adult adhd, which can present differently than it would in a child. she prescribed me adderall on a trial period to see if it would help me. it's kind of ridiculous, in the usa at least, you have to get drug tested before you can be prescribed and in my state apparently every month as well to make sure you're not taking any other drugs. so if you even smoke just weed or anything you won't be able to get adderall. I had to sign a lot of paperwork too and at the pharmacy they logged that I was filling a prescription for a schedule ii drug.

I would recommend seeing a doctor and explaining your symptoms - like I said it didn't even cross my mind that I had it

No. 414536

I would start talking and just randomly forget what I was talking about mid-sentence. I can't focus on anything unless there is absolute silence in the room and I wing many of my conversations because I can't focus in a crowd or when surrounded by bright screens.

No. 414553

Do any of you let your dog sleep in your bed with you? Everyone in my family is disgusted by it, but I do have a separate bed for her on the floor and she uses it sometimes.

No. 414554

I did with my last dog and towards the end of her life I'd wake up with her having shit the bed almost every night, have decided not to do that with the new one.

No. 414575

File: 1558842737264.jpeg (319.69 KB, 640x632, 1546632856224.jpeg)

I did and said a lot of dumb shit when I was quite young, ex: talk/post about anti-feminist garbage (shoe0nhead level) and political topics. I'm glad I grew out of it when I enter my mid teens.. I'm 18 now, and can say I grew up and have learned from that time. Even though I'm going through a rough patch now, I want to continue learning and educating myself more!

No. 414580

where the fuck did you find that picture of my cat and the only hobbies i have?! i will crochet you a blanket to remove it!

but really though, youre really young. chances are high that you find yourself learning and discovering more and more things about yourself as time goes on. maintain a sense of what you believe in for sure but never lose the ability to listen to an opposing belief.

No. 414600

Ty anon. I will remember your wise words in my upcoming years.

…y-your cat is adorable

No. 414617

you're still a baby!

No. 414663

I love snoring but I found something else I love more: wholesome farts. Yep jannies&mod&cows oops I mean farmers: you all know what I love: farting and snoring. I love those farts that are deep and warm oofff even in the summer because they're timelessly wholesome. I hate pooping though, pooping is nasty and disgusting. Farting and snoring is great!

No. 414673

This song just appeared in recommended 2 days ago and I have listening to repeatedly
I don't even know what I like about it

No. 414674

I have no idea how to write women because I used to be a TIF obsessed with yaoi. Now that I'm older and want to write things that involve women, I find that I keep making them uninteresting caricatures without even meaning to. I guess the only way to improve is just to keep writing.

No. 414678

I've got a boyfriend and I love him dearly, we're planning to get married and I've never even thought about another man since we met.
But last night I was out drinking with a bunch of friends and for some stupid fucking reason now have a massive crush on one of them. I feel like such a piece of shit for it, the guy knows I have a boyfriend and he didn't try anything and neither did I but I still feel so bad for it. It's some weird schoolgirl crush, I can't picture us doing anything at all, not having sex or kissing or dating etc.
How can I just get over this, stop my brain from being retarded

No. 414680

Just let it run its course and don't obsess over it. You're not bad person for having a silly crush, and convincing yourself that you are will only make things worse. In my experience if you just accept it and try not to be weird about it you'll eventually get it out of your system.

No. 414689

You can't kill feelings but you can choose how you act. Just wait it out, try to avoid this friend while the feelings are too strong.

No. 414709

Do you have female friends ? I mean this in the nicest possible way but it might be possible that you are unable to write good and complex female characters because you don't surround yourself with enough women so your mind doesnt have enough references to work with.

on another note, I'm having a really tiring day. Just finnished writing my contemporary litterature essay for college and it sucks so bad. I will get the passing grade but like… not anyting honorable. And now its not even 4pm and I'm already so tired and I still have to wax my legs, cook, and start writing another essay for another class. Ugh.

No. 414712

This is fucking hilarious anon

No. 414749

I live with my parents and have an old loft bed so I can't bring my dog up there with me (no way for her to get down and I don't want her pissing all over my bed), but sometimes when it gets too hot I'll sleep on their bedroom floor and I'll wake up with her sleeping on the pillow I'm using. My whole fam loves it when she sleeps with any of us on the floor (she usually doesn't and prefers to sleep hidden away from us).

No. 414750

Like the other anon said, you'll definitely continue to change and grow. I actually found my old livejournal entries via the emails I saved (I deleted the actual entries) and while they weren't anti-feminist garbage or political things, they were worse than nails on chalkboard. The level of 3edgey5me wouldve probably landed me on lolcow honestly.

Enjoy life, and read a lot of books! It's okay to change opinions!

No. 414808

I have a basset hound & she’s been finding it harder to make it her way into my bed as she’s gotten older, so I got a lower bed frame for her and plan to get steps leading up to my bed if her bones get bad.

No. 414817

File: 1558898916004.jpg (25.87 KB, 1024x1024, example-15657.jpg)

'This waifu does not exist' is good, but when its bad its bad. Mis matched eye colors, melting faces, and random sploches.

No. 414818

File: 1558899155036.jpg (68.73 KB, 1024x1024, example-65254.jpg)

Like holly shit

No. 414953

Why do you people want to buy those sexy dolls? Like anime figurines that are really sexualized and stuff. IDGI. I collect dolls but they're all cute or oddities/antiques/vintage. I really don't get the appeal of sexy dolls.

No. 414987

Does anyone else see it as a red flag when a guy mentions that he’s a musician on his dating profile? To me, it comes off as code for “likely untalented douchebag.”

No. 414990


yeah, it is imo. if they're actually musically talented, i've found they never mention it on their profiles but that it comes up in conversation eventually.

No. 415033

can i just say how nice it is to be intimate with someone who actually really cares about you lol

i just got snuggled for like 7 hours straight and i got tucked in with blankets and had my hair petted like wtf i feel so spoiled with affection and it’s making me really happy

No. 415040

Last night my boyfriend had a dream were he stabbed me, I'm not usually superstitious and he told me he felt really guilty about it, but I feel it's a really really bad sign. I can't help but think he harbor resentment or anger for me and it manifested in his dreams.

No. 415044

Dreams aren't so literal, remember how often anons have sex dreams about their own family or unsexy friends, it's interesting but probably nothing to worry or fixate about.

No. 415166

I'm guilty of having collected a very small number of anime figures (none of them are sexy though) and honestly I wish I knew why the fuck I even want them. There's a beautiful deluxe 2B figure out on Square Enix's website and the deluxe version has a skirt off body and blindfold off face and my brain says that I want it, but logically I also know that dropping $200+ on a figure that will only bring me happiness for about 20 minutes tops isn't worth it. I think the figure is really, really fucking beautiful, but fuck I wish I didn't want her lol. Figures are so fucking pointless and I'm disappointed in myself for letting myself go down this hole.

No. 415168

I'm so happy for you anon! I love shit like that but I'm sad I rarely get to snuggle with someone lol. I'm so weak when I'm being spooned and whoever's my big spoon starts rubbing my back gently. Shit just feel so good. I'm tempted to pay a professional cuddler to cuddle me honestly.

No. 415172

Is it me or is /adv/ the most mentally stable part of 4chan?

No. 415175

Yeah, I've seen it called the normalfag board before. The guys there are generally less tolerant of robot nonsense, although it still comes up.

No. 415178

It's because if you're on /adv/ to begin with, you're probably looking for actual help and trying to better yourself in some way, which is beyond 99% of robots.

No. 415182

File: 1558976312314.jpeg (146.5 KB, 1200x857, C674EA74-E149-4B33-8C65-3A9C90…)

I just saw The Perfection on Netflix and idc what anyone else say, i fucking loved it. At first I was like here we go again, gays can’t have anything nice! Then I was like OH SHIT this is my csa revenge fantasy!!

No. 415190

The trailer looked good but the reviews were mixed. I'll take your advice and watch it.

No. 415197

It’s edgy for sure so I can certainly see people who value air-tight plots and mental health warriors not enjoying it as much

No. 415202

The egg your mother used to give birth to you was first formed when she was a fetus inside of your grandma. It's really weird to think about.

No. 415206

No. 415224

They're the same guys who go play the same 3 songs at bad local open mics every week too lol. They think theyre hot shit for it.

No. 415251

The Kpop critical thread has to have the most concentrated amount of autism on this entire site. I have no idea who any of the Kpop idols are but I lurk there just to see the anons sperging. It's fucking hilarious. Somebody please ELI5 why people are so bitter about these ridiculously plastic looking boy bands.

No. 415258

I've been clearing out my closet and drawers and it's really hard to let go of some pieces. I've filled up two garbage bags with clothes I don't wear anymore, but I have some pieces that I used to LOVE to wear and when I look at them now, they're still so cute! I think "why don't I wear this anymore?" But they're usually really frilly pieces that I got around high school when I was super into J-fasion but couldn't afford shit like lolita brands and sex pot revenge. As standalone pieces, they're cute, but they're so difficult to match with other pieces. When I wear them it's like, yeah this is cute, but this is also sorta frumpy looking.

It sucks that I'll never live out my J-fashion dreams lol. At the same time, I like my casual look, it suits me very well and makes me feel good about how I look- but I wish I could wear and look good in outrageous fashion styles that I truly love deep down in my heart.

No. 415262

File: 1558993898812.webm (554.33 KB, 180x224, key dressing up as the average…)

Its like anisa's old threads but worse because none of the /snow/ or /pt/ board rules even apply to it so the mods leave it to fester. I hate it and every single anon in it but I can't stop reading for some reason. But the first two threads were nice.

No. 415416

It's both baffling and hilarious to me that fanny packs and slides with socks are considered fashionable now. People used to constantly make fun of my 60-year-old mom for her fashion faux pas but apparently she's a trendsetter. All we need now are some Gucci bucket hats and people will essentially be paying hundreds of dollars to cosplay my mom.

No. 415459


same w socks and sandals. shit's baffling.

No. 415482

i just started watching and it just feels like Black Swan Instruments Edition

No. 415484

i mean thats the thing though. They're worn ironicly and "on purpose". I don't personally like the things you mentionned nor do I think it's pretty but people going "huhh its ugly, people were doing that for years and were called ugly for it" are just missing the point.


No. 415546

Missing what point? That people are paying hundreds of dollars to look ugly, even by their own standards? That’s worse than if they think they look good.

No. 415553

You really don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for those looks… All the people I know who wear fanny packs buy them at thrift stores, for exemple.

Also it isnt about looking "pretty" or "beautiful" but interesting (wether it is actually interesting is another question). Fashion serves as a way of showing other people who you are or who you appear to be. Like, if I'm at a party and don't know anyone, I will be more easily drawn to people who have similar styles to mine.
Many fashion movements are "ugly" by standard definition yet they are pertinent in fashion history.

Like its ok if you want to dress super basic and the only prerequisites for what you wear are "ohh its pretty!" and it flatters you're body…but dont expect it to be the same for everyone else.

No. 415612

Marie kondo's cleaning books have been a godsend to me. The whole 'does the item spark joy' or not thing is an amazing way a cleaning for a junk collector like me. I've deleted 100 GB worth of files thanks to her

No. 415621

File: 1559074790322.png (161.7 KB, 1825x521, autism.PNG)

I hope the mods never try to clean up that thread. The amount of autism there is honestly so funny.

No. 415634

No matter how many pictures of aborted fetuses I see, stories about how fetuses have [insert limb or human characteristic here] I hear, or "gory" details about abortion that I read, I seriously do not give a fuck at all and would still 10000% get an abortion if I wasn't ready to have a child

No. 415636

lmao my dad wears fanny packs too (we call them 'bum bags') and our family has teased him forever. I love telling him he's become fashionable now.

The styles aren't really similar though, what I see in stores tend to be really thin and low key whereas his is gigantic and filled with stuff.

No. 415650

File: 1559081830742.png (47.51 KB, 1778x332, ec19f5a99f402ebbb575a937330805…)

No. 415651

File: 1559081953983.gif (35.12 KB, 110x90, lol.gif)

>ugliest horse looking girl

No. 415681

I mean to be fair fanny packs are useful as hell. I always used it to carry my diabetic supplies.

No. 415769

> what I see in stores tend to be really thin and low key whereas his is gigantic and filled with stuff.
So they've managed to combine worst aspects, making it both unaesthetic and useless

No. 415779

I used to do speechpad here and there. Getting started was super easy as you only had to pass a few automated tests. Grading was inconsistent but it should be easy to maintain a 90% score if you understand the gist of the guidelines. The pay wasn't much - not totallly terrible (at least to me at the time) some transcriptions paying less than others, but I'd wager if you're super fast at typing (100+ wpm), are VERY good at listening, and have a nice setup (good keyboard that's configured to allow for quick rewinding), I'd say it's decent. Better than nothing.

No. 415785

I'm warning you anon, farts aren't always farts… They aren't always wholesome…
t. sharted my pants today

No. 415805

honestly there are some legitimate criticisms in those threads but the autism about x idol being ugly or the constant nct bashing to spite the nctfags in the general thread is dumb as shit and i wish that'd stop

there are some good criticisms of the industry in the threads when you overlook some of the appearance related circlejerking

No. 415826

File: 1559124191895.jpeg (175.09 KB, 640x800, 75B3B30B-845D-4839-8312-B26120…)

12 days later and he hasn’t contacted me at all

At least I can move on now

No. 415924

Posted a bit on the stupid questions thread when replying to another anon but it really got me thinking about my own university years and joining a club that meant a lot to me.

Man, as stressed as I was during uni, I really fucking miss it. I love my college town SO much, my ideal birthday plan is to rent a nice airbnb in my college town for a weekend and stay in it with some friends just because I wanna fuckin be up there so bad. I miss the smell of cut grass when they mowed the campus, all the really big, wide open quads for people to lay in. I miss our nasty stupid pond too.

Even though I'm no longer friends with a lot of people (and honestly fuck them, they're awful people and I hope they get hit by a truck), I'm happy to have spent my uni years with them. I miss living in a suite with them - when we would all wake up and get ready and walk to the academic buildings together, to coming back home from class and watching family feud while snacking on food. I miss playing games and watching anime all together, or scrolling through someone's tumblr dash and reading out memes (especially those astrology signs as ___ where we would call out our signs and tell each other what we were). When convention season rolled around, our common room would be a warzone of fabric and pattern pieces and dangerous things all strewn across the floor, but god was it was fucking fun to descend into madness with your friends. It felt so nice to have friends to help you troubleshoot machine problems or help you figure out how to pattern something, or if they even offered to help you do some shit like iron down your shit for you!

A lot of my friends filled in the eboard positions when other friends stepped down/graduated, so we would play pranks on them when waiting for them to come back from their meetings. I would love helping them set up for club events, would love hanging out with new club members and grabbing a snack to eat after club time was over. I loved making new friends who loved the same shit I did, and seeing them around campus and greeting them, or having a new friend to wait with on the mail line!

I went abroad for a year and was super fucking depressed, but it was so nice to wake up to loving and kind messages from all my friends back home. I loved hearing club updates or seeing videos from them. I would send them a care package full of snacks and trinkets, and my best friend sent me a heartful letter. Even though I felt so alone in this foreign country, everyone was eagerly waiting for me back home. I never really feel like I had a group of people outside of my family who actually loved me and loved being around me like they did.

Yeah, fuck some of these people, I really hate some of them now, but god for the first time in my life I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. I'm an only child and my parents work full time, so I never grew up celebrating holidays or birthdays. These girls would make super elaborate and funny surprises for each other. We would have a Christmas get together and have a small tree in our common room and exchange presents. I loved experiencing all of that. I'm glad to have met the friends who I'm still friends with. We've graduated and changed, but we're still good friends and I love them so much. I have student loan debt and am not even pursuing a career in my field, but damn, I wouldn't go back and change a thing. University was fucking great, even if all I got out of it was a fancy piece of paper and a handful of really, really great friends.

No. 415927

same. i actually induced a miscarriage myself with Dong Quai once, and being that i live in Ohio, i'm stocking up on that shit. i'm not having a fucking kid, ever.

No. 415959

Tap water is contaminated with whatever the local problems are. My grandmother's tap water has tons of fluoride in it; the water actually comes out of the faucet a light white color. Where I live has tons of calcium; I have to boil water to wash the dishes or the glass will have while drop marks all over. Don't get me started on the taste.

No. 415970

Had an on/off stomachache since yesterday morning but I haven't managed to poop all that much, but all day today I've just been farting up a storm. At least it doesn't stink but god wtf.

No. 415971

Are you on bc?

No. 415986

no, we use condoms. as far as i know there was never a leak or anything, they were used correctly but i still ended up pregnant. i did everything i could to prevent it and it still happened. and pro-life people would say in that case, since we were two consenting adults when we had sex, that i should have kept an entirely unwanted baby. it honestly boggles my mind, why do they want MORE unwanted kids in this world? >>415971

No. 416003

Tokyo Mew Mew was also my first anime (along with Pokémon I guess) but it's not really talked about online (apart from on lolcow). I guess because it's not really got that much substance? The soundtrack songs still get me emotional, and of course, the AMVs were glorious.

No. 416005

at first it seemed like a place where you could critisize idols without stupid fan backlash, now posting in that thread is like walking on eggshells with the amount of infighting and post-policing. You never know what's gonna set off an anon in that thread

No. 416018

>>415970 maybe you're sensitive to something? I just lately figured out even a teaspoonful of quinoa makes me bloat and fart for solid 2 days.

No. 416033

i think most of the anons in that thread are closeted kpop fans kek

i cant imagine anyone else giving that much of a shit about random idols. its really gone downhill, i remember lurking in the first few threads where people were shut down for sperging about specific idols.

No. 416042

Hm, that might be it! I don’t think I’ve eaten anything out of the ordinary but it mightve been something small that I don’t remember. I used to get sorta bloated and really painful stomach cramps that were just a fuckton of farts (that would only come out when I laid down) but thankfully this time I can jusy fart it all out with minimal pain lol.

No. 416091

File: 1559188149242.jpeg (378.4 KB, 1242x2208, 06752A69-FE8B-493D-BD3C-60D19A…)

>Terf-y bangs
Part of thinks she would hate having short bangs because she doesn't want to be associated with terfs.

No. 416097


I have no idea why this dude is still on my mind, I ended up coming clean to my boyfriend that I developed a random crush and we talked about it. I think the reason it startled me so much is that I've always been in really shitty abusive relationships and never had the option to think about anyone else, and I ended up rushing into the relationship with my current. I guess I missed the phase where you have healthy crushes and explore your sexuality and wants and needs in your teens and now my brain is trying to play catchup.

I'll try avoid the guy and see if the feelings are still there when I'm sober and if so, I've no clue what next.

No. 416164

I want to live in a close knit little commmunity one day. Maybe a few little houses with a common garden, or a big house with suites. I just love spending time with my friends so much and it would be such a nice way to live and raise kids, if it went well. Sadly most people would find that weird and even my bf thinks he'd rather have a lot of privacy, although I don't think it's mutually exclusive…
Cooking big meals, louging together and playing board games every night, stuff like that would be cool. Maybe I've watched too many sitcoms.

No. 416170

File: 1559211868053.png (557.74 KB, 2300x1426, fm.png)

I found this while digging through 4chan archives, and couldn't help but wonder if the salty co-worker in this story might've been part of the small pool of farmers who really, really hate Lolita fashion, lmao.
Probably not, but their persistence was impressive.

No. 416180

this just makes me think the old boardroom dudes were perving on her and the supervisor was either bitter or trying to help her discreetly. n

No. 416189

I know how you feel. But I want you to know it's not your fault for feelings things, or developing a crush. There's no crime in thinking. Getting a crush on someone doesn't last forever either, it's just a matter of waiting it out, really. Do you think your boyfriend suspects anything?

No. 416200

What the fuck are "terf" bangs? And isn't shitty hair typically associated with SJW-y types?

No. 416204

nta but terf bangs are usually extremely short baby bangs that look like an at home hack job (think Holly Conrad). dunno why they're called terf bangs but either way the bangs in that pic ain't it.

No. 416224

They've always been known as "SJW bangs", they even pop up if you google it. It's just TRAs projecting things on "le terfs" again

No. 416350

File: 1559251620259.png (387.51 KB, 389x378, lemon.PNG)

Just put in my order for this cute lemon beret!! It's so cute and I'm so sad I missed the first preorder, so I snatched this shit up so fast. Happy early birthday to meeeeee

No. 416353

oh congrats anon! I recently got one myself and I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to wear it. It's super cute in person and I hope you get to enjoy yours soon!

No. 416398

I honestly love kids and babies but I don't ever realistically see myself having any, at least not on purpose. My future has never included having kids, or getting married. I'll just decide that when the time comes but I'm really enjoying being the only person I have to care about right now.

No. 416406


Happy birthday! And that beret is ridiculously cute. where'd you get it?

No. 416407

I have lived abroad for several years and like the country I live in a lot, but sometimes I just really crave shitty deep fried food from the US. You'd think by now I would be over it, but nah. I still just really wanna binge on some tendies and mozzarella sticks like the fatty I used to be.

No. 416416

File: 1559268765016.jpg (78.81 KB, 500x404, 1552275973502.jpg)

I really want to contact my best friend from ages ago, but my life has been such a disaster that I'm embarrassed to even talk about it. We aren't on bad terms, just living different lives in different parts of the country. I know she probably wouldn't really judge but I'm just so damaged at this point that I'm scared of bringing her down. It doesn't feel right to pop up out of nowhere if I haven't made progress or have anything to offer. It's like a long lost friend calling you from jail or an asylum. Are you happy to hear from them or was it better not knowing? Would you feel annoyed or like they were trying to guilt you or make you sad? I just want to tell her I still care. Over thinking this is making it worse.

No. 416431

File: 1559275804113.gif (3.14 MB, 256x192, 1265308261_fake-wrestling.gif)

TYping this shit just to remind myself I'm not as cute as I think I am and that having an ego about looks is disgusting and completely off-putting.

No. 416432

self deprecation and talking down on your own looks = 100% more repulsive than saying out loud that you feel cute sometimes

No. 416435

^ this. Nothing is quite as off putting as self-deprecation, I’d rather be around an uggo that feels themselves and thinks they’re super cute

No. 416440

i think i'm developing a pretty significant shopping habit but it's only an observation. i work a shitty retail job but i have plenty of savings, no living expenses, and a high-paying job opportunity lined up for next year. blowing my money on lolita, nice makeup, and cute home decor doesn't bother me too much. but i feel like if anyone else knew how much i spend at this age they'd talk mad shit.

No. 416497

Thank you anon! I'm really looking forward to getting it! I wanna wear a lot of cute summer outfits with it hopefully!

https://www.etsy.com/shop/clammyheart This is the artist's etsy! She doesn't have the listing up right now to the public, only for patrons on patreon (I signed up specifically to preorder it early lol). I think she said they'll be going up for the public on June 2 if you're interested! She also has some new strawberry ones going up too, but I fucking love citrus fruits so much so the lemon was a no brainer for me lol.

No. 416564

Philosophy up to Kant makes perfect sense and I enjoy reading all the available works made in that time bracket. But Kant and everything after him makes my head hurt. It's not just that some concepts are complicated, it just seems pointless and overly abstract.
idk maybe I'm too stupid.

No. 416568

Most age of enlightenment philosophy is extremely self-referential, usually in response to previous works that are in turn referring to the mainstream belief systems at various points in time. Reminds me of trying to read modern capeshit comics where you need to have read the 30 spin-off books that are in reference to a big team-up event 10 years ago to follow it.

No. 416572

Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks that. It's a taboo where I am. Also, the marvel comics analogy is excellent, I might use it myself.

No. 416607

Messing around with your computers wallpaper is fun as fuck. Those guys at /wg/ are on to something

No. 416645

Some guy that I asked out and then also rejected deleted his social media.
Not even sure why I've kept up with him for these past 3 months, but I'm kind of…happy.

I saved a shirtless pic he posted and now the rarity has gone up. Kind of regret not soliciting actual nudes of him at the time since I could have pulled it off (he's kind of slow and was clearly horny in a couple of messages), but this is fine.

No. 416662

ugghhhh why does no place deliver at 4 am ??? im drunk and want borgers before sleep

No. 416666

I get one or two dark chin hairs every week and plucking them is sooooo satisying.

No. 416674

Why do youtubers think that sitting around for hours on end making pretty planner pages/scrap books/journals is productive. I'm not shitting on those hobbies I enjoy that sort of thing to but I've seen so many videos that are like "productive weekend vlog!" and its just them gluing pictures of kpop stars in a moleskine and making pretty fonts for hours. That may be a fun hobby but I dont think its productive .

No. 416709

Is it me or is "white trash" not really an economic or class term? Like, I know sooooooo many fucking people with money that are what I'd consider "white trash". Imo, it has nothing to do with income and everything to do with interests and behavior.

No. 416724

I’ve never seen it used in that way myself, my family would be considered it. Poor, drugs, abuse, and general grossness tbh
I love my family but it can be embarrassing watching all the girls juggle baby daddies…

When I mean juggle I mean making schedules of who comes over while they are “with” multiple guys so the others don’t find out. But maybe it’s used differently in different places though

No. 416726

i wish Furries didn't ruin anthropomorphic characters so i can play a nonhumanoid d&d character w/o the giggles

No. 416733

why oh why do i like caramel flavoured dairy products so much when all they do is make me gassy

No. 416754

I just learned that there's a lesbian bar in my city and not too far away from where I used to live but since then I moved to the other side of the city so going there would be a pain in the ass. I don't think I would dare going there though because I would be in some deep shit if someone I know knew about it and I'm sure there are transbian customers there.

No. 416800

File: 1559404612362.jpg (120.33 KB, 480x733, goodbye-chains-pg1.jpg)

Does anyone itt know about or have read Goodbye Chains? It's kind of bad sometimes but so charming too.

Any webcomic recommendations?

No. 416820

My new bralettes came and they're so fucking cute and soft. I'm so happy and I feel so cute in them. I wish I had a girlfriend to show them off to, but it's fine.

I really like This Is Not Fiction! I always stop reading it when I catch up with the updates, and I've probably restarted the comic from the beginning like 3 times now but I always enjoy it so much that I don't mind. I also like Todd Allison and Petunia Violet, though I know Nozmo has a scammy background. Shame since I do think it's funny and charming.

No. 416829

What brand, anon? I've recently gotten into wearing bralettes after years of sports bras.

No. 416833

I know it's stupid to worry about this but I'm traveling to meet my LDR boyfriend this year and we're staying at a hotel together. How will I take a shit with him there if I need to? Specially because he wants to take me to all those different restaurants and I have a very sensitive stomach, I want to try new things, I want to eat those things, dammit. I'm so self conscious about taking shits with others around. I'm not regular and I have gone more than a week without going to the bathroom, but still…
I know HE doesn't give a fuck about it, he's not the kind of guy who expects women to be flowers and rainbows. I feel self conscious even with my own mother around.

No. 416835

Do Americans ACTUALLY do this?

No. 416836

…in the bathroom? He doesn't have to watch you lmao. Does your mom watch you poo?! I've read wildER things on this site.

Bring one of those deodorizing sprays or something if that concerns you.

No. 416837

Shit with the door open and never flush. If he doesn't like it tell him to find someone else.

No. 416841

I had the same issue just with my friends. I love them but I really wanted to get my own hotel room while the rest of the group insisted on sharing.

Other people don't seem to have any problems doing poopoo when others are in vicinity. I can't even do weewee.

What I'd do is find a nice shopping mall, they usually have well maintained wcs and those on the top floors are quite empty and with less traffic. Also, in the hotel, I would just go to the general wc. There were some odd floors where I would be the only one using the bathroom.

So, my suggestion is to get to know your environment and make a strategic map for "urgent" situations. There's no other way.

I tried to do number two when others are closeby but I just can't. I'm litterally constipated then. I need to have a clear radius of at least 30 meters.

Good luck anon!

No. 416844

File: 1559413206748.png (386.18 KB, 642x479, tiddy.PNG)

I usually only buy from aerie, but I was looking for a specific type of bra/braletter with useless front straps (pic related) because I think they're cute and it led me to find https://www.etsy.com/shop/VUTIQ , so I ended up buying my most recent set from them. They're a little sheer and I don't know how well they'll deal with my nipples when winter rolls around, but for the summer they're cute and comfortable as fuck and I can't wait to wear them.

It sucks that aerie can be sort of pricey, but their shit is almost always on sale anyway. As someone with mosquito bites for tits, I usually don't wear bras since I can get away with it, so I never really understood the weight of the fuss about bra prices, but $30 full price for the sheerest piece of fabric with zero support on my tits made me realize how god damn ridiculous this shit can be. But anyway lol. I've looked at the ones from F21 but F21's quality is always sketch and I'm worried that the lace will become too scratchy to bear after a single wash. I've tried on some from Target too and they're alright, but when it comes down to it, aerie always has the best quality and cutest styles to me so I always end up back there (but I'll definitely be buying more from that etsy store again too).

No. 416848


No. 416869

Okay, I was worried when I met my LDR bf for the first time, too. I didn't shit almost the entire week, I tried to but my body wouldn't let me. When I did manage to go I went while he was sleeping. It was extra hard to find privacy because he would just walk into the bathroom whenever I was peeing and I kept getting scared he'd do the same thing while I was shitting! My advice is to lock the door and run the fan while you are in there so it gives you some semblance of privacy. Or send him out to get food or ice or something and try to go as fast as you can while he's gone. I think midnight pooping session is probably the best though. Good luck.

No. 416870

My new bra is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow! I wish I could wear cute bralettes but I gotta get excited about expensive barely pretty bras because of my size…

No. 416877

File: 1559421026866.gif (706.63 KB, 500x200, f88fb544-dde0-4df9-914b-d1cbc3…)

I keep getting likes on tumblr from blogs that basically reblog minors in underwear and honestly I have no idea how those creepy fucks find me. And no, I'm not a minor myself and I only post in the fitness tags so what the shit. At least I can get their blog deleted.

No. 416879

Everyone knows about "bad" texters (late to reply or never reply) but I havent seen complaints about the other type of bad texting because its so weird to describe. The kind that have 0 personality, screw up words a lot, some texts make no sense or full of really obscure slang. They're really vapid and some are complete stoners which makes sense but the ones that arent, the hell?

I've met a guy who was coherent and interesting irl but his texting was like a 12 year old Indian boy with 3 fingers and even less brain cells. I wish I had examples but obviously these convos never go anywhere because these kinds of texters arent worth the effort. It doesnt have to be a novel but at least pretend to try.

No. 416880

Good idea. That's exactly what I was talking about! He's not going to be there in the bathroom with me but I'm paranoid about him standing there in the room and hearing me shit. lol

No. 416881

Is it required that people be "good" at texting? I understand for convenience purposes, but other than that it's like being upset that some people aren't good conversationalists via instant messengers.

No. 416911

>>416881 nta but imo it just comes off as immature, especially the wet sock level of conversation and bad grammar/constant lingo.

No. 416921

100 "youths" running around Baltimore assaulting and robbing people who happened to be paler than them.

No. 416932

I dont mind slang, abbreviations, or typos unless its severely constant. and if a convo falls flat normally, thats okay. But I'm talking extremes where I cant understand what theyre saying or I cant gauge any kind of tone, context, etc. and they give me nothing to reply on. Theyre the type who text you "wyd?" every few hours because they have nothing else to offer when it comes to communicating, and trying to go into detail with them about anything is fruitless cuz they only give you an "oh cool."

and then a few mins later, "wyd?" once again. Its starting to sound so specific but so many people are the "personality of an adidas sandal" meme when it comes to texts.

No. 416958

Try taking a lactose pill (like Lactaid) before eating/drinking dairy products, it helps with the gas.

No. 416960

File: 1559438827856.jpg (7.68 KB, 250x250, cctc.jpg)

>develop crush on guy who works in mall that I know has checked me out both there and at uni
>have cold approached 5 guys in the past
>can't even go up and buy something from him
>can see he's slowly losing interest because I can't get past simply smiling at him and it's not like he can jump the kiosk and talk to me

wtf the fuck is up
I'm pretty sure he's a STEMfag and a bit older than me anyway, but he's quite cute. He's very skelly and has a nice complexion.
Maybe I've just tired myself out since nothing has worked out so far.

No. 417004

Anon, I believe in you. Go up to that dude and make that good ol' small talk even if it means running through the entire possible replies one could make to whatever question you have and creating a plan just to have a conversation. You lose every opportunity you never take kwjdjsdns

No. 417016

Destiny is such a whiny voiced retard, why does anyone like this guy? I hate men with high voices tbh.

No. 417020

Are there any good left-leaning male YouTubers who are political commentators?
I've been watching Vaush because he makes good arguments, but he's like….aggressively pro-trans, Shaun is okay (he's also pro-trans, but not as in-your-face about it) but been kind of MIA, and Destiny is just low-key a whole pedophile who claims there's "nothing wrong" with wanting Sharia law lmao.
Why can't any of them hit that sweet spot? And of course, I'd rather die immediately than expose myself to the cancer of the alt-right.

No. 417025

there was some milk recently from Vaush where it turned out he was sexually harassing an autistic girl on discord and excused it away by saying he was just le sexually dominant pansexual, think he managed to get most of the material about it removed but it was under the username IrishLaddie

think the only sane left leaning youtubers are the ones who also do it on radio like David Pakman and Sam Seeder since they don't get caught up in demented internet drama

No. 417029

>where it turned out he was sexually harassing an autistic girl on discord and excused it away by saying he was just le sexually dominant pansexual,
KEK, exactly the type of douchebag I figured he'd be. Fucking greasy fatass.

I really like Michael Brooks a lot. He focuses too much on international politics to focus on trannies. Sam Seder is good too, but I like Michael better. Vaush is too much of an annoying neckbeard, and I can't take anarchists seriously. Unfortunately all of them still approve of trannies, but there's less trans hysteria with Michael and Sam. I feel like Sam would probably be a pretty okay guy in his personal life, which is cool.

Kyle Kulinski seems like he'd be abusive to women too.

No. 417031

Christ, I didn't know that. He seemed pretty proud of being a sexual deviant, so I'm not too surprised. That sucks.

No. 417153

I bought my third lolita piece and was surprised by how cheap it was. Was then again pleasantly surprised by the quality. There's an event coming up and I thought I'd make a coord with it so I started looking up others coords with that piece only to find out a LOT of people being upset with having the print on the skirt backwards. I laughed a bit and felt relieved since I checked my own and did't see anything weird, but then I got paranoid. Went and got the piece out of the storage to check. Yeah, it's fucking backwards.

I don't even fucking know. I bought it more than half a year ago so can I even ask for a refund at this point? It's fucking bodyline, so it's cheap and I haven't lost that much money and I doubt they have good customer support either way. And I wouldn't have been this mad if it wasn't my own stupidity.
I still like the piece and I would absolutely wear it, but the print has clocks so it looks extremely fucking stupid printed backwards.

No. 417157

Bodyline doesn't do returns, period. You're stuck with it.

No. 417161

Yeah I figured.
I just love the dress so much, it's so simple and the print is great for what it is. Most occult type prints are too ott for me. Hell, most prints period.
I'm probably a fool for not doing more research, but well. My other bodyline pieces are completely fine. You win some, you lose some.

No. 417206

I was vegan for a few years and then quit about 2 years ago but I kinda wanna go back to being vegan again. Not for the ~animal activist part of it though so I guess technically I'd just be plant based. I don't even like animal products really to begin with, never really have so its not like it would be a struggle to hop back into it.

Plus I think my cooking skills have gotten a little bit better since then and now that I've been reminded of what flavor actually means I think I'd be a lot more happy. Specialty vegan food has come a long way in itself in those 2 years too.

No. 417239

File: 1559504477254.jpg (453.64 KB, 1691x1123, pointing-and-laughing[1].jpg)

>Are there any good left-leaning male YouTubers

No. 417240


No. 417242

back to /pol/ faggot

No. 417244

Pick one anon

No. 417247

I think it's our resident /pol/ scrote. He forgot how to reply to posts today.

No. 417254

I posted in the last vent thread about my birthday coming up and people tending to forget it. It's in a few days and I just accepted it was another day that was going to pass, and I have work that day anyway so whatever.

Turns out my dad took the day off (my mum usually has that day of the week off) and they were just gonna spend the morning out shopping while I was at work, then they were gonna take me out for dinner after I got out. I'm going to a botanical garden with a friend this weekend because I've been really into drawing flowers so I want to do some plein air and take lots of pretty pictures, and it's in a part of my home city that I've never been to. Today my dad gave me my birthday present and it's an expensive Breitling watch (the face is pink- my favorite color!).

I'm really happy and looking forward to my birthday dinner and birthday outing, but I'm also at a loss about this watch lol. I think my dad got it for me because I was asking him if he knew where I could get the battery of this cheap (but very cute) watch I got in Japan replaced. We never got it replaced and it was really a pressing issue because I just wanted a nice watch to wear with some outfits (I usually wear a fitbit), but now I have this ridiculously expensive watch. He didn't pay full price for it (thankfully) but I'm torn between wearing something very nice and high end in the outside world and risking it getting jacked or ruined, versus leaving it at home to gather dust (and then the guilt of wasting my dad's money).

No. 417262

Go for it anon. Vegan food has come a long way and it's now easier than ever to eat out too.

No. 417296

File: 1559523197886.jpeg (2.1 MB, 4032x3024, D409C6C1-2FB2-4BC1-BFCB-7F06DB…)

>speciality vegan food has come a long way
Imagine paying 56% more for carcinogenic processed imitation foods with ingredients sourced from the bloody hands of piss poor third world workers instead of just eating meat in moderation

No. 417318

Can you elaborate anon?

No. 417321

If we're concerned about cancerous foods and third world workers then surely you never eat fast food or food at all unless you can confirm it has an ethical source and you never ever indulge in anything remotely unnatural, never eat pretty much any produce imported from other countries (and probably a lot of the produce from your own country too) and also only ever eat locally sourced meat where the workers aren't treated like animals themselves and their employees don't have to deal with the mental and physical ramifications of butchering things in horrible industrial factory settings for years? Cool, cool.

Point is, you can point out the unethicalness of almost any western diet granted its not one entirely based on eating natural and 100% ethically sourced foods, vegan or not.

No. 417328

I really wish I watched the L word when I was younger. And I'm not even saying that as a lesbian. I'm saying this as a square headed bitch finally seeing other square headed ass women looking normal on TV. Like, what the fuck.

No. 417382

KEK, meat is so mutagenic it's not even funny. Have fun with your colon cancer. Meat is a HUGE contributor to it, but "muh wheat gluten totes causes cancer!". Are you under the impression that """oppressed workers""" aren't also picking and processing cashews or mangoes for you?

Anon is a dumbass. There's nothing for her to elaborate on.

No. 417414

File: 1559554359072.jpg (48.5 KB, 453x469, tumblr_pg2f10kLWO1v13rxd_540.j…)

Are there any political anons up? What do you think is the answer to capitalism's problems?
I like the luxuries afforded to me by a capitalist system, but the more I learn how fucked up it is and how many people suffer as a result of it, the more I realize how wrong everything is.
What are the benefits to communism? Haven't many people died because of it?

No. 417418

Many people died because of communism but even more people keep dying every single day as a result of capitalism.

I don't think communism is something we will be able to achieve in our lifetime or that we should try to achieve it.

I reccomand you to start reading theory though because there are very few things more annoying than meme communists who never read anything about the politics they're spouting about. Forget Das Kapital (hell book), but try reading The Communist Manifesto (engels & marx), generally the early works of Marx. Imo you should read some Lenin because its easy to read and has interesting ideas BUT i dont think leninism is the way. Try also more contemporary writers who were influenced by Marx or writers who talk about the way capitalism is today. If you're into art, check out Walter Benjamin and Frederic Jameson.

No. 417451

Found some dumb bitch on twitter who said she browses here and she's clearly wacko as fuck. Sends herself curiouscat asks every day and calls herself "tradfem" but all she does is post pics of anime girls, talks about how she wants to be an anime girl, and wears micky-tier jfashion outfits. Gave me a good laugh.

No. 417453

Is she trans? Wanting to be an anime girl is a huge trans thing.

No. 417457

I already lost their page, but it probably was a tranny. They looked pretty husky; their face was long and they didn't have lips like a lot of dudes don't. They were nonstop bitching about people not sharing the same views as them too. It was really cringey to see some of the more degenerate people that browse amongst us.

No. 417492

Sometimes I rub my dog's belly after she eats and I ask her "are you making poopoo in here? huh? are you, you little walking poop factory?" She's been a little constipated the past few days, so I hope she poops soon.

No. 417507

Communism is an exercise in "wouldn't it be nice" thinking. Its a total waste of time beyond that. Its not a high bar to expect people to be able to recognize that politics needs to be tailored around how people are instead of how you would like them to be. It makes it all the more disappointing that the "wouldn't it be nice" brand of politics is so dominant across Europe today.

No. 417653

Pumpkin purée got my dog unconstipated within about a day, might be worth looking into. If they don't poop within a day or two you should probably take them to the vet.

No. 417670

I came home and she pooped! It was solid too, I might've lost my shit because I JUST gave her a bath (and she's a peke with white fur, so getting poop all over her butt is my fucking nightmare). I'll definitely keep the pumpkin puree in mind though! This sometimes happens when we switch her food over to beef for too long, we just switched it back to chicken and she's alright again!

No. 417717

i'm mad that i was shilled into believing fruit juice is good for you for so many years, because it's fucking delicious.
>inb4 "of course it's delicious anon, it's basically just sugar"

No. 417727

I call my dog a poop factory too!

No. 417894

I watched this video of a Japanese twitch streamer accidentally setting fire to his home and that shit freaked me out so bad. I'm so fucking terrified of fires- being trapped and dying painfully, losing highly sentimental and irreplaceable items, a fire happening when I'm not at home and my dog being trapped… Watching the fire grow out of control makes me so fucking uneasy.

We have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen but I'm pretty sure it's over 10 years old. Not even sure if my parents will replace it, I should probably replace it myself. I don't even know what do to if a small fire sparked that was small enough for me to put out before it got out of control. There was a time I woke up to go to school or work and I walked into the kitchen and it was unusually hot (this was during the middle of winter) and I looked at the stove and A BURNER WAS JUST ON WITH NOTHING ON IT!!! No one was awake at the time. Turns out my dad left it on and forgot about it before he went to bed, it was running for probably a few hours. We're so lucky nothing happened, but that shit terrifies me so much. I keep watching the video and thinking what I would do or ways to prepare but I know it's a bit of an irrational fear (and the idiot in the video spilled lighter fluid everywhere beforehand and just continued to make things absolutely worse- could've nipped the fire in the bud so fast but I don't even know if I would've had the clarity of mind to put it out so fast if I was in his shoes)

No. 417927

File: 1559668296731.jpg (123.62 KB, 640x960, 115191031.jpg)

I really don't get why people come here to WK. I don't go on 4chan and argue with incels, it just seems so pointless. You're not going to change anyone's mind and it seems like a ginormous waste of time. I can't help but lose my shit everytime some WK starts shitting up a thread. It's just so fucking pathetic that it's hilarious. And then there are the ones who think they can start a petition or movement to get the site removed, top fucking kek. Imagine being so narcissistic that you would have an entire movement to start legal action against an anonymous imageboard. The cows are interesting but really what makes this site great are all the dumbasses who jump to defend them.

No. 417928


I mainly assumed the WKs that usually come here are friends/family of the cow. (Or at least the first initial few)

I agree with you though, majority of them tend to just be rapid fans with blinders on.

No. 417935

Has there been more of them lately, or is it just me? Unsaged stupidity on /g/ and /ot/ too. I thought summerfaggotry was a meme.

No. 417941

Not gonna lie, sometimes I feel the need to defend flakes because I see anons say some shockingly dumb shit. Some people hate certain cows so much it's pathetic.

Filing a LOLsuit or trying to get threads taken down seems like something only a personal friend or the cow themself would do tough.

No. 417942

there's definitely a difference between calling out an anon's dumb nitpicking and full out cow caping. I can feel the emotional desperation in the latter so much it makes me cringe.

No. 417943

This. I agree with >>417941 that sometimes the nitpicking and tinfoiling are irrationally dumb but I wouldn't call that true WKing. I'm talking the full-on caping retards. It's even more pathetic when they're an SJW and try to play into the 'muh e-bullying!' narrative.

No. 417956

>there's definitely a difference between calling out an anon's dumb nitpicking and full out cow caping

The only way to call out a nitpick and not be attacked by hyperangry spergs is to tack on a "this cow sucks amirite guys" at the end of your post and its very sad how it suddenly placates the attacks.

No. 417961

File: 1559675618428.png (3.56 KB, 722x101, 45141bd2f4b51386ae41e286b977d4…)

I just typed sage in an email at work. What's wrong with me? Am I retarded? I need to stop posting on this website.

No. 417978

This dude I ghosted liked one of my tweets so I decided to check out his twitter since it’s been I while and it was the most pathetic shit I had ever read most of it consisted of sad thirst tweets begging for women’s attention. Then I found subtweets about me that were so bizarre, he was shitting on my university (which is rated number 1 in my country) while this dumbass goes to a scam of an art school. I want to retaliate but my life is going so good right now there’s no reason if he wants to be a little bitch boy he can catch this block!

No. 417979

This is so funny

No. 417982

I'm dumb, can somebody explain to me how this exercise is meant to be done exactly? Does anybody get it?
>Lie on bed, lift one's leg, bend knees back to 90 degree, and kick legs up in the air in repetitive fashion.

No. 417983

File: 1559678734018.gif (6.31 MB, 860x540, bicyclecrunches.gif)

Bicycle crunches??

No. 417986

It's supposed to be a leg exercise, so I don't think so

No. 417987

Even that doesn't work, if the anon is enough of a psycho with a hateboner. Some farmers literally do not function logically when it comes to certain people.
There are cases where a cow can post "The sky is blue", and an anon will take a screencap, post it and say "This dumb bitch actually thinks the sky is blue. It's light blue".
I remember one thread where a cow posted about not wanting to watch some Asian YTer because he used the n-word. One anon unironically tried to argue that the n-word isn't a slur, then accused other anons of being "whiteknights" after they disagreed and/or told them to stop nitpicking because the cow in question has said plenty of actual stupid things.

No. 417988

This might sound retarded but I was doing this motion with my pointer finger and think it’s the one where you
>lie down
>bring your knees toward your chest
>straighten your legs as you raise them up
>lower your straightened legs
>bring them back knees to chest

I used to do that on a yoga mat along with opening my legs after bringing them back down

No. 417991

I've read about the murder of Junko Furuta/concrete high school girl murder case before, but I feel like the last time I read this wiki entry, it wasn't this long and detailed and the perpetrators names weren't listed.

Anyway, I feel so fucking disgusted reading this and I want to cry.

No. 417993

I joined this one Discord server for a political YouTuber, and I found out there's a channel for nsfw selfies. It's rather active, and there was at least one person posting several nudes with their full face showing.
I don't understand the logic behind this.
1. What would possess someone to want to post nudes on a political Discord? What is gained from the background knowledge that whenever you're debating someone, there's a chance they're switching tabs to look at your tits at the same time, or having a frustrated, dehumanizing little "revenge fap" to your nudes if it turns out they're wrong and you're right? Besides that, what do you get out of having the same internet stranger you were discussing abortion with not even 30 minutes ago tell you "Nice tits" or "Now that's a dick"? Is this some sort of 4D chess long-term plan? Are you hoping the owner of the server might notice you, slide into your DMs, loop you into some degenerate poly shit with his SO and give you like 1/8th of his already-meager YouTube/stream donation earnings?
2. Do you honestly expect these images not to be used for revenge porn at some point in your life? On this scrote-filled, inceloid internet we're all using? Why deliberately show your face and remove any doubt? Do you hate yourself? What are you doing??
I feel like a fucking alien walking in on humans tickling each other for the first time. I don't understand these people at all.

No. 417995

… friend just told me about this thing and I’m not sure how I feel about it, besides maybe disgust. What kind of parent willingly lets their child go through with something as heinous as this? Why is this legal? Why is Europe so weird and scary?

No. 418000

Better to wait/better for the government to have a stipulation of 24-25 and up, but there's nothing wrong with this, imo.

What political Youtuber?

No. 418001

I'm sad for her, but if someone wants to die then they will find a way. Better for them to have a dignified and relatively painless death that they can plan, and properly say their goodbyes to loved ones and get anything else they need to in order.
Some women can be raped and recover with relative ease, for others it's a grueling life filled with inconsolable grief and PTSD. It's not ours to force someone in pain to live.
I think she was being very responsible and I'm interested in her book that she wrote.

No. 418002

What the fuck is wrong with Europe? I looked up some other stuff and apparently you only need parental consent for euthanasia when you're 12-16, and after that you can make the decision on your own, so it's possible her parents didn't want this.
It's fucked up a doctor would approve of this, it gives me vibes like they don't actually want to deal with improving mental health if they're gonna let people off themselves over it. I get she must've been going through a lot of suffering, but letting her give up life at the age of 17 is just insane.

No. 418003

She also had anorexia that was crippling her body that required her being hospitalized multiple times.
I get that we see her age and ask if more could have been done for someone young, but it's not like she rolled into a walk-in clinic asking for death because she was a wee bit depressed. She suffered a condition that was affecting her quality of life as well. If the prognosis was truly promising then I doubt medical professionals nor her own parent would have signed off on it.

No. 418009

Tons of teenagers make the decisions to kill themselves every day without parental consent.
We just call it suicide.

No. 418016

Eh I'm actually supportive of euthanasia. I also think 17 is too young and they should have waited a few more years but like… If you truly want to die, then let's give you a nice death

No. 418017

Why shouldn't it be legal? She was suffering. If this was any other kind of illness, people wouldn't think twice about euthanasia and would say it was "for the best". If she wasn't improving, wouldn't it be selfish for her parents to keep her alive? Like >>418001 said, if she made the decision to end her life, isn't it better that she had a painless death that didn't traumatise her family? Is it really "weird" or "scary" when you look at it from that perspective?

What is the alternative? For her parents to find her dead body in a horrible way when they get home one day like many parents have to do all over the world? What parent wants that?
>the country does have specialised clinics where youngsters can be treated for psychological or physical trauma
>Kids as young as 12 can be euthanised in the Netherlands but only after a doctor agrees that their suffering it unbearable with no clear resolution in sight
That doesn't sound like they're euthanising people willy-nilly or avoiding the problem, it sounds like they're really exceptional cases. You're omitting a lot of information there.

No. 418019

Holy shit like, this girl was only 17. Could you imagine your parents being like, okay yeah I support your death au revoir sweet child sorry we failed you so miserably. I completely blame the parents and their complete lack of competency in being reasonable human beings. You are not capable of making decisions that heavy when you are still a CHILD.

No. 418024

Yeah I agree she's still a child but she went through something traumatic that most children don't go through so we're talking about an exceptional circumstance (not just the typical depression teens go through that can be treated with therapy or medication) and was still suffering years later with no signs of improvement. What do you think would have magically cured her? It wasn't something she decided to do on a whim, it was something decided between her and a clinic of doctors (who are all adults and professionals). You have no idea from the shitty tabloid article whether the parents tried to fight it or not.

No. 418028

She was not euthanised, she starved herself to death, according to a source that is not the fucking Sun.

No. 418032

File: 1559688867254.jpeg (57.93 KB, 512x384, 58941468-548F-4CAC-889C-034E6D…)

I tried to show my dog the matcha latte I made and he was afraid of it. He sniffed the mug and then ran off, and any time I tried to bring it close he would run. What an asshole

No. 418043

It's just plain attention whoring and a desperate search for validation. No intricate plans, just the rush of getting compliments and attention immediately.

No. 418053

I wish she had access to the assisted suicide. So sad that she starved to death, I'm sure it was unpleasant.

No. 418140

File: 1559707320320.jpg (24.36 KB, 388x500, 1539468575924(1).jpg)

I'm so over my anxiety manifesting as irrational fears lately ffs

I fixed a crack in my bathtub about 6 months ago, but of course I didn't even realize the crack was an issue until I noticed a small drip downstairs underneath where the tub would be. The drip only happened the one time I took a bath, and I noticed it as the water was draining, and I only showered until I got the tub mended but now I'm, like… hyper worried that my tub is going to fall through the ceiling while I'm taking a bath in it because what if that drip was actually bad enough to rot the floor under it??? Even though my downstairs ceiling shows absolutely zero indication of major issue and uggghhh I hate that I can talk myself logically through this, but here I am, sitting in what should be a relaxing bath, but instead I'm listening to every little noise around me in case everything starts to break under me.

this irrational worry brought to you by the bath I'm currently sitting in, jesus christ I'm sick of my brain.

No. 418154

Just remind yourself you cannot predict anything. You're already anxious so your imagination is making you believe it'll come true. Thoughts can't harm you. You are perfectly safe.

No. 418156

I miss the craigslist personals so goddamn much. It was a treasure trove of entertainment.

No. 418162

You're not alone, this happens to me every time I take a bath too and I just live in an old house.

No. 418163

A lot of young people don't seem to care about revenge porn unless they're aiming for some important job or have super religious parents it would hurt or some shit. It's so normal now adays for teens to send nudes to each other it's just considered inevitable and not that big a deal to have exposed since everyone does it.

No. 418213

The 3dpd husbando thread is giving me hardcore early 2010s Tumblr flashbacks I don't even know why now because the 2D husbando thread is exactly the same.

No. 418315

Which 3d thread? The ashamed one or attractive one? And Idk why you would feel that way other than this is a women's imageboard. There's plenty of variety in all threads from all sorts of different subcultures and mainstream media.

No. 418317

I used to work at Uniqlo but quit because the conditions and managers were fucking awful. I went to my old store yesterday to buy a pair of pants I wanted and say hi to old friends, and didn't even realize the new Kaws collaboration was out. There was a long ass line around the store for the shirts, and they kept them in a small secluded glass box and gave people a 2 minute time limit to grab whatever they wanted. Apparently a lady started crying because she didn't grab the shirt/size she wanted before her time was up, and someone else kept arguing with security to let them back in to grab what they wanted (I don't think there were rules against getting back on line to get back in again, but going in right after getting out was a no-no).

I work at a news company now and just saw a clip of a Uniqlo (I think it was in China) where people went under the metal railings they use to close stores in malls, and RAN to the display and started ravaging it like a bunch of fucking animals.

People need to chill the fuck out lol. It's a shirt. They're available online too. I'm so fucking glad I quit.

No. 418320

My sister is a lesbian and her best friend is a married hetrosexual man,they hang out with each other often and talk online alsost daily
He says he has no ulterior motives with her and loves her like a sister

No. 418331

I’m not sure why you felt the need to let the world know this anon

No. 418373

File: 1559752056312.jpg (55.04 KB, 461x565, Hamster_knight.jpg)

I know it sounds weird but I feel like this place has made me a stronger person. I used to be too shy to voice my opinions out of fear of backlash, but having an anonymous place where I come to to have people call me a retard for my opinions makes me realize that being called a retard isn't even that bad. I'm fearless now. If anon can call me a retard and I don't cry, anyone can.

No. 418383

Actually said something like this in a vent thread but for irl things. Each time I get hurt I get stronger. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger".

No. 418396

…is this remarkable?
I have a close male friend and he's het and I'm bi, but neither of us have ulterior motives either.
Happy for them anyway. Friendship like that is nice.

lmao me too, anon. I was pretty soft for years but arguing on here, reading threads that are so harsh on appearance, and generally involving myself more on imageboards has had an oddly positive effect overall. I care less about people being mean and have also begun to take care of my appearance more.

No. 418397

>I care less about people being mean and have also begun to take care of my appearance more.
Same, anon. Some of the things that the people criticize cows and men for were things that I did and it really made me realize that I was a sloppy, lazy person. I'm happy to say that I'm better at hygiene and keeping my place clean now. It's almost motherly…if my mother was an insane sociopath who berated me for everything. I guess not too unlike my mother at all, actually.

No. 418444

File: 1559764186408.jpg (265.48 KB, 1080x1697, IMG_20190605_214815.jpg)

I have no idea where else to post this, since it's neither about a celebrity cow, nor j-music.

Actress Aoi Yu married ugly af comedian Yamasato Ryota. They started dating this April and registered their marriage on May 3.
Before she dated Haruma Miura - and now him… Some say it must be more than just pregnancy, that he blackmails her with something, especially considering how he said really gross things about her in the past, see pic.

No. 418446

I checked out a YouTuber called Strange Aeons because she was in my recommendations, and she makes pretty low-effort videos.
There is no doubt in my mind that she's only this popular because she's good-looking and LGBT.

No. 418448

I've been watching her for a while (her first "big" break with Onion) and I kind of agree. I watch her vids because she's cute to me and gives off friendly/goofy vibes.
It's videos for lonely losers, anon. I think a lot of people watch mellow and low effort youtubers because they feel like friends without having to make the effort to actually have friends.

No. 418449

I'm scared to go to pride because I hate crowds and the idea of being bombarded with questions about my gender and sexuality bothers me. That and I heard there's people in fetish gear yikes. I finally told my friends outright that I don't want to go to any pride events because I'm claustrophobic and they bought it, I don't want to tell them my other feelings on the subject of not wanting to be harassed with invasive questions. I doubt everyone at pride is like that but I'd rather not run into "nonbinary" fakebois and such who'll exclaim that being a bisexual woman isn't special snowflake enough for them.

No. 418454

>eat lots of potatoes and veggies these past few days
>get sweaty because I have no threshold for heat
>smell like mashed potatoes
Is this normal? I'm laughing but also concerned.

No. 418455

>not too unlike my mother
Wtf she sucks it she didn't berate you to take a shower

No. 418459

Same! I've pretty much grown a thicker skin from being here. I used to get upset when insulted, now if someone irl insults me, I keep my cool and come up with good comebacks. I even feel confident while doing so.

No. 418470

Questions about your gender?

No. 418472

Maybe she's gnc/stag bi?

No. 418476

Showering isn't the only part of hygiene, anon.

No. 418493

I understand you not going to Pride (i haven't been in 2 years myself) but do people really interrogate you about that shit where you live? I have been to like 5 or 6 Prides and never once was I asked anything about my sexuality or ""gender identity""

No. 418516

I wish I was like this. When someone calls me a retard online for an opinion I have I still feel a little hurt, and this place has made me paranoid that people are watching and judging me more than I think.

No. 418553

I'm SO fucking sick of seeing a new girl character released in kids games like pokemon and stuff and neckbeards' first response is that they NEED to see/make porn of her, nothing else, they see a new girl character and all they can think about is how bad they wanna fuck her. Yeah, it happens with male characters too but not to this degree.

Go outside, have real relationships and stop obsessing over how bad you need to see a cartoon character's tits, especially like with the main characters where we DON'T KNOW IF THEY'RE OVER AGE, I don't fucking care if you self insert and therefore they're totally an adult.

No. 418556

saaaaaaame anon, browsing lolcow has made me actually put more effort into my appearance and to stop being sloppy as fuck anymore lmao. plus hearing the constant reeeeeeing from anachans kinda motivated me to finally lose 15 pounds (not sure if bad or good but lul ill take it).

No. 418801

Lana is my favorite girl from the Sun and Moon series and when I was trying to find reference photos because I wanted to cosplay her, I kept finding weird fetish art. There's the typical porn, but then there's also shit like feeder porn and I'm so… fucking disgusted. She's 12 you sick assholes.

No. 418855

I don't really like meat, but I always get excited about the idea of barbecuing and eating barbecued meats. Always feel kinda sad because I always feel let down by how disappointing it tastes. Guess it's my own fault because I know I don't like meat but in the moment I'm always so tempted…

No. 418858

Has anyone here attempted to "flip" a house?

What went wrong and what went right?

No. 418859

Has anyone here attempted to "flip" a house?

What went wrong and what went right?

No. 418911

many people are raped as kids but you know instead of acting like their lives are ruined and they should so just go and fucking die perhaps we all could benefit more from an attitude that you can be cured and your life can get better and i say this as a person who first wanted to kill myself when i was 11

No. 418945

Sometimes when I'm bored at work I snoop around the laptop they gave me. Someone else used it before me and didn't clear out their documents, and I just found a tax return document with their social security number on it. Of course I'm not going to do anything with it, but its reminded me to be extra careful with the stuff I download and use this laptop for… How can someone be so careless with important private information like that?

No. 418963

How do you think your situation is comparable in the slightest? Did you even read the article?

No. 418993

I think people who get involved with someone who's in a relationship are just as bad as the cheater itself IF THEY DO IT KNOWING THEY'RE NOT SINGLE.
There are cases in which the cheater lies about being single and that's completely different but if you purposely get into something like that you're fucking scum. Doesn't matter if he or she would find someone else to cheat with, you're scum.

No. 418999

My neighbor saw me naked through the window bc I was being autistic and thought no one was around so I opened the blinds and he was there. I'm so depressed over this I haven't left my bed for two hours. I really liked that neighbor too he is a grandpa and is always nice to me.

No. 419047

File: 1559863402822.jpg (218.94 KB, 945x789, drug.jpg)

I feel ashamed of myself whenever I interact with creepy people (as in they seem like wanting to get into my pasts) and i get turned off by their behavior, but then i see a picture of them and they're attractive. That's when their actions seem just a tad more acceptable to me. Yes, it's the whole "If that creepy psychopath wasn't ugly he'd be charming" trope". I still keep in mind that they're skeevy and shit, but i feel a bit drawn to them If i like what i see in a face. I just fucking hate feeling conflicted and shit

No. 419080

Saw the first ep of Black Mirror season 5 and it was a cringe fest. I heard the it gets worse. Should I keep watching or the Americans really dropped the ball on this?

No. 419106

idk how you can blame americans for this when charlie brooker is still writing all the episodes, blame him. each episode this season was directed by non-americans too.
this season isn't that great. if you like the grimdark black mirror episodes you might like Smithereens okay. Skip the miley cyrus episode because i know you'll hate it.

No. 419169

File: 1559884014636.jpeg (46.04 KB, 720x809, D1B6E734-3387-4622-8A5A-90EC59…)

I just want to use this image

No. 419249

I have an increasing urge to cross dress as a man but I have no male clothes and I don't know how to do makeup. Being myself all day, every day is so boring. I guess I want to put on a costume since I can never take this one off.

No. 419260

Wow looks like in your anti-Europe rage you forgot to mention:
>she was not euthanised
>the clinic actually turned her away because she was too young
>she actually died from refusing to eat/drink

So in the end, there was nobody in "Europe" euthanising kids for no reason and it turns out that suicidal people will find a way anyway. Shocker. I guess the American anons got the happy ending they wanted…

No. 419392

I'm finally the morning person I want to be and it feels so good. The only downside is that I feel like I've been too spoiled by doing all my shopping in the early morning when there's significantly less people and the workers are more amicable, and now I'll usually avoid doing things after a certain hour because I don't want to deal with crowds. If I forget to pick something up, I'll wait until the next morning so I don't have to deal with people lol

I'm going out with a friend tomorrow and of course I want to get to where we're going early and really make the most of the day, but he's the type of person to sleep in until mid afternoon… I don't sleep in past 8am these days, even on the weekends.

No. 419435

How did you manage to achieve that, anon? I'm terrible at getting up timely

No. 419451

Honestly I don't even know how I've managed it lol. It's mainly out of sheer hatred of crowds. I also really enjoy morning walks, so I force myself out of bed so I can soak up sun on the mostly empty streets of my neighborhood. It's a really great feeling.

I definitely still wake up groggy. Sleepytime used to work great for me, but even though I'm in bed early enough to give myself time to fall asleep at the right time, I always wake up groggy no matter what. On the weekdays, I force myself up because I have to get ready for work. On the weekends, I force myself up because it's the weekend and I know everywhere will be crowded, so I have to savor the quiet emptiness of the early morning.

No. 419574

Ever since I came out of the closet I stopped shitting on the hot girls that get featured on here lol. How do you lesbians talk shit about cute girls anyways

No. 419577

lesbians are normal people who have the capacity to separate someone's beauty from their shit personality.

No. 419584

Not that anon but I highly doubt straight farmers are the ones watching for hours and paying into a camgirl's livestream like Shay/Dolly's for instance. Then making deriding comments about the appearance of her vulva.
Nope, I don't believe it.
I may be going too far with my anecdotal-based belief but I, as a straight woman, have never cared to delve so deeply into camgirls or other thot based cows like what goes down in their threads. No less have such strong opinions about the appearance of their bodies since I am not attracted to them.

These farmers sound just like scrotes, because they're after the same shit.

No. 419586

I'm lesbian and I've never been interested in the camgirl cows (except Charms but that's been since her lolita days) and would never make fun of another woman's vulva. Just face it, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation and just that there are a subset of farmers who are mentally ill and/or self hating enough to pick on other women's genitals.

That said, isn't it pretty well known that camgirl threads are full of other camgirls bitching about each other?

No. 419587

>That said, isn't it pretty well known that camgirl threads are full of other camgirls bitching about each other?
So basically it is whores calling each other whores

No. 419589

When I was in denial about what I liked and the admin was still a guy I'd just pretend to be interested in the gossip and I think I kinda was since youngish. Nowadays i just look for the nudes of the girls here (ngl I am sad dakota has none) but never say it openly to avoid a scrote-ban. Since nitpicking is a bannable offense I won't say it but the maria mallad threads gross me out, very unfapable tbh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 419599

They aren't lesbians, they're other camgirls ripping into their competition. I'm sure lesbians have better taste in porn than tragic camgirls regardless of how they look, but othet camgirls certainly have incentive to sit through gross ass porn just to critique it.

No. 419626

as someone who's been on both sides, the anti-sjw community has managed to become even more toxic than the sjws. at first i was like "oh, the left has gone completely insane and some of these anti sjws actually make sense", but now they've become just as radical and delusional as the other side. i'm glad that this whole anti sjw wave is starting to die off.

No. 419627

I thought it was other camgirls who contributed mostly to the camgirls thread? (I wouldnt know because I took a look at that thread once and it truly ruined my day)
Also, I seriously doubt lesbians are the one saying a vulva looks ugly because lesbians seem to you know… love vulva and have seen enough of them to know that very few vulva look like the apricots in porn

No. 419630

No, it's 100% camwhores. Tons of them have straight up admitted being whores in their posts. Real lesbians wouldn't be nitpicking her vag/the rest of her body like that.

No. 419638

The anti-SJWs have really gone off the deep in the last few years (probably because of Trump winning so it's not so easy to say the left is all-powerful now) and are super reaching for things to be offended about in harmless media, ironically becoming the exact thing they set out to mock. Like the billions of videos about Brie Larson or losing it over one shot of a black female soldier in a COD trailer.

No. 419645

especially the christchurch attack and similar hate crimes have rightfully effected the reputation of anti sjw mindset. people realize that there are actually racists and sexists out there who try to find the fuel for their violent urges watching people go on about how feminists and immigrants are destroying the society, "the great replacement" and shit.

No. 419659

I was playing the latest God of War game, and watching beefed-up Kratos scaling cliffs with his big muscled thighs was making me feel some type of way.

I paused the game, and checked google to see if I could find any fanart or fic of Kratos jerking off, but I closed that tab so quick cause the only results seemed to be Kratos jerking off his 10 year old son! The FUCK?!

No. 419709

I hate MtF trans guys but recently I've been kinda enjoying helping them "pass" on trans discord servers and giving them actual good advice that isnt from other LARPing males. Its probably a superiority thing or a way to make the general population of them look less jarring, I dunno. But some of it really crushes their fantasies too.

No. 419711

i don't know how you stand it, i used to do that back in my handmaiden caping for troons days and the cringe was overwhelming even then
what do you even tell them? in my experience they spazz tf put whenever you give them legitimate criticism

No. 419730

As someone who autistically wants to give advisement to others, I have to bite my tongue when (generally well behaved) trans try to appeal to my big sister complex and solicit my wisdom… I have to remind myself to hold them to the same standard I hold other men who want things from us for free. Be it company, sex, or passing tips, only men and trannies who know their place and have no entitlement to our space/time get to be in women’s good grace. I guess some part of me hope that they can be trained to not be raging narcs all the time.

No. 419764

I plan to kill myself before I reach 30 because I want to die while I'm still beautiful and young.

Everybody finds me beautiful. I could have any man or woman if I wanted to, but I couldn't possibly abuse my powers because I also have a kind heart almost as big as my 34DDs.

I look forward to being remember as the femme fatale, the phantom princess that died to soon yet untainted by the passages of time.

That is all.

No. 419766

Just do it now coward.

No. 419774

Everyone under 30 says they are going to an hero before they hit the big 3-0. They never do it.

No. 419782

File: 1560032287190.png (546.47 KB, 422x750, tumblr_padtrd5FFa1r845uoo1_500…)

This is so funny, you remind me of myself when I was 13 and wanted to die at 27 year old to be in the 27 club. Now that I'm 23 I just wanna live as long as I'm in good health.

Beauty is over-rated especially if you base it on youth and your heart isnt that big if you place value on such superficial things. Also 34DD is a shit size.

No. 419783

Yeah it's a classic self-indulgent emo teen fantasy. The whole thing is just jerking off about how perfect and beautiful and tragic it'll be if they die instead of getting over themselves, growing up and doing literally anything with their lives like everyone else, but they're afraid of that due to immaturity and laziness. The truth is it's cruel, causes people who genuinely love you a lifetime of pain and anger, and everyone else goes "oh, sad" in a facebook post then forgets about you a couple days later. Life isn't a YA novel.

No. 419785

Same here. An old friend of mine died, probably suicide but still unknown, just before I turned 28 and it reminded me of how when I was a teen I had also just expected that to happen to me. I thought youth was the only thing worth having. I feel almost embarrassed that I can't live up to those beliefs I had as a teenager, but as an adult I just don't want to die, I wasn't even a cute kid so I can't even understand why it was so important to me. I used to think 30 was old and 40 was miserable, but now the happiest people I know are in their late forties and I hope I can stay healthy long enough to one day make good use of a seniors bus pass.
Aging is brutal but some parts aren't so bad. Boobsanon needs to find something more to her life.

No. 419786

underage b&

No. 419802

File: 1560037071744.jpeg (145.35 KB, 735x1201, 9CF9091A-8BE8-4196-8860-CD65CA…)

This is just a weird hunch I’m having and I’m probably incorrect but I think I might know the person who’s been making all these bizarre posts in the ProJared/Holly thread. I swear I know someone who acts just like this. Crazy anon, if you see this, does your name start with a C?

No. 419811

you sound like me at 18 when I discovered lana del rey's unreleased tracks and used to pretend to love older men to seem ~different from others girls my age~

No. 419815

I love choking myself. I have suicidal thoughts but I don't plan on actually doing it. I just love strangling myself. I have the noose tied on my closet's rack. I'd do it for longer if I weren't afraid of the possible bruise marks on my neck, can't explain that shit.

No. 419819

Whatever they ask, like makeup tips or hairstyles or clothes. No idea if I've pissed anyone off yet.

Yeah spoonfeeding is annoying and some are just so incredibly dense. I like to tell them where to start and they can suffer through the shitty middle-school makeup the rest of the way just like we did. Small nudges I guess.

Reading about them dilating their neovags is vomit-worthy tho

No. 419823

File: 1560046025899.gif (1.87 MB, 540x223, 6EA69884-E487-44EA-8D0C-5DEA8C…)

Bahaha right? I used to think that most people peak in their 20s or earlier. Being in your 20s is actually a miserable time in life as you’re just figuring out adulthood.
Now I fantasize being 30 something and walking into a room in my pantsuit, my presence commands respect just by virtue of being a grown and put together woman. The bartender knows exactly how like my drink, the men immediately know they need to play their best cards, no broke loli-loving retard would even be in the same room as me. I am comfortable and genuine in being myself, I don’t have to worry about rents or school work, I’m fucking great at my job. I’m surrounded by women my age with whom I have mutually supportive mature relationships. Ugh, that’s the fantasy bitch!

No. 419830

>she thinks 34E is big. hahah.

No. 419846

"The wall" is an invention by ugly dudes who have looked at their own ugly mothers and transpired that all women age in the exact same manner.

No. 419851

And by pedophiles that think women hit it at 19.

No. 419873

My cat doesn't cuddle with me as much since I lost weight. I want to cry lol.

No. 419881

my little dog has dementia that gets worse at night and the only place she will sleep is downstairs on the doggy bed. she flips out now in my room where she slept all the time ive had her.
now ive been sleeping on the floor on the dog bed with her for the last month, she cant be left completely alone because she is blind.
it makes me so sad she wont cuddle in my bed anymore.

No. 419882

File: 1560063993481.jpg (120.67 KB, 800x523, diversegirlslaughing.jpg)

I'm sorry for laughing anon but that is pretty funny. Your cat likes you plush and soft.

No. 419900

Husband and I have been broke for the last week but have been eating more mindfully and healthier than ever. Kinda just gave myself a major reality check on how much money I spend on unnecessary food stuffs kek.

No. 419929

thats somehow kinda cute ?

No. 419961

Cuz it hurts. Even though I'm my cat's favorite, he sits on my mom more than he sits on me.

No. 419985

aw anon that's really sad but you sound like such a good owner and I'm proud of you x

No. 419987

File: 1560101507572.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

Being on your period, in the 32°C summer heat wearing a pad, is the worst shit ever

No. 420027

File: 1560107861560.jpeg (17.14 KB, 255x179, 6F4E0474-CDA7-4673-8EEA-92C2EF…)

I feel really weird and stupid. Lately I've been really.. porn repulsed? not sex repulsed, I love sex, but seeing porn unless I specifically look for it (like people posting it or showing me etc etc) I just have this sort of disconnected weird feeling, or even disgust. I think it has to do with how I was groomed online with hentai by pedophiles and I kinda had this phase where I tried hard to be "l-lewd uwu" and 'addicted' to hardcore porn and stuff.

It makes me feel bad cause nobody seems to understand I just kinda stopped liking porn, I also greatly hate porn sites esp pornhub for being.. disgusting and a lot of my (mostly male) friends including my boyfriend don't seem to get it?

No. 420036

I feel similarly, although I wasn't groomed I just fell into porn addiction by myself as a teen. I'm sorry that you were forced into it by adults anon, that's obviously so much worse. Hopefully you were able to get those disgusting fucks out of your life.

But yeah, as I got older (maybe around 20?) I just stopped enjoying it. My sex drive is still high as fuck but I gradually watched/read/viewed less and less.

No. 420041

Well that's excellent, the porn industry is rapey and inhumane

No. 420052

everytime I see paintings of Napoleon I cant help but laugh because my father has the exact same face. Once he changed his icon on skype to a Napoleon Portrait by JL David and people thought it was a picture of him (it was cropped).
I know it sounds fake but like… They're complete dopplegangers.

No. 420098

Is he just as short? Lol.

Is anyone into gunpla or mecha musume like Frame Arms Girls here? I want to get into it and they look really fun with a slight crossover with my interest in dolls.

No. 420114


I've felt similarly. I tried sooo hard when I was young to be the cool girl who loved big titties and cum on her face but since I ended my last relationship, I've been spending a lot more time with myself and I just…..it's exactly as you said, I still enjoy sex and even like, erotic art of men by women, by porn grosses me out. I hate how omnipresent it is. I'm tired of living in a world where I can't help but be bombarded at all times with what men want with 0 censorship. It's exhausting and I'm frustrated.

No. 420122

I'm exactly 1 working braincell away from going full blown emo/scene-kid again. I just miss it so much. Someone please slap me

No. 420123

God, yes! I used to be too sexual, because guys ate that shit up and like, if I'm searching for a porn image? fine, whatever! I barely do but, yknow, but seeing stuff, even if it's beautiful art or photography or whatever it just makes me feel uncomfortable. Especially in the anime community everyone is so obsessed with hentai and every discord I try to join they spam hardcore porn, and if they're not, they're talking about how bad they wanna fuck a character or just how hot she is. I s2g porn rots the brain after a certain amount of time and it's sick how like, I can't search for the new pokemon girl without TONS OF PORN. EVERYWHERE. When she fucking got released so many responses were like "ok but wheres the porn i gotta see her tits"
It's so gross and I feel so uncomfortable I end up just steering clear from a lot of places bc porn is everywhere

No. 420132

Nu scenecore is fun.

No. 420154

What do you do when a close family member has done something shitty, refuses to owe up to it, instead acts like you’re the bad guy, and overall you’re starting to realize that even though you still love them, they’re kinda a shitty person (Holy run on sentence, Batman)

Aunt (who was pretty much my second parent) did something pretty shitty last year. I was deeply hurt by it. I’ve mentioned numerous times what I thought what she did was unfair and hurtful. She (unlike my mom, who was also involved it, although less so), refuses to apologize. She instead guilt trips me (“I do so much for you!) or act like I’m the one being irrational (“You need to get over it”) She’s always has some emotionally abusive tendencies but this just made me realize how full of shit she was this entire time.

It just sucks. I’m starting to realize she’s never gonna owe up to it and I should just move on. But I literally don’t know how. I’ve been alone my whole life and I’ve always hated it but I always thought I could depend on my family. Well now I realize that’s bullshit (Mom isn’t that bad, though. Aside from being moody and bitchy from time to time. At least she isn’t manipulative and owes up to her behavior. She’s a major enabler to my aunt though. Makes sense because they’re sisters but still)

No. 420155

I've had such a hard time keeping up with cleaning my apartment lately. All I have been able to manage is litterbox, toilet, and not leaving food out. Just a lot of clutter and a disorganized mess. I keep telling myself that tomorrow is the day to get my shit in gear. This obviously never happens.

BUT TODAY my landlord let me know they are doing a fire safety inspection and will need access to my apartment for a few minutes and I guess nothing kicks my butt into gear like shame because I cleaned all day so my landlord doesn't know I am a slob. Feels so good so feel pride in my surroundings.

No. 420163

I love the feeling when my apartment looks nice but then I remember I have do this shit all over again in a few days (I have two cats and a dog so it's a chore). I still manage to force myself somehow but I'm afraid I'll eventually give up because no one ever comes anyways.

No. 420164

Oh anon, some people just can't take criticism even good people. Has this aunt actually done a lot for you? Honestly if she has just let it go this time, it'll fade. Hard to tell without specifics, but sometimes things are just really touchy for some people and you just gotta get over it, now when it starts being a pattern is when it's time to just drop her though.

No. 420165

Aw, anon. I'd visit you and encourage you to keep a clean space. I think we can keep it up!

No. 420174

I just recently started Zoloft and I drank a Rockstar today to deal with the fatigue. I'm so sleepy now the room spins and I can't stand up for more than a few minutes, but I can't sleep and closing my eyes feels like I took a bad edible. I am a dumbass, but it was worth it.

No. 420179

She has. Not denying that. I am thankful for a lot of things she done for me. Still, when she said that after expressing that I didn’t like what she did was a straight up guilt trip at best and really manipulative at worst. I think one of her biggest flaws is admitting fault. Especially when from the start I told her this was a bad idea. I have no doubt that she loves me but I don’t think she really respects me. She clearly sees me as a fuckup and not her equal (I’m well into my 20s). I mean, yeah, I made mistakes and mad plenty of irresponsible decisions but I’m trying to learn from her mistakes and become a better person. She, in my honest opinion, doesn’t and keeps making the same mistakes.

She has done similar shit like this in the past but nothing was this bad. I will always love her no matter what but I can’t depend on her anymore. I depended on her for everything (partly because she would encourage it, which is pretty weird now that I think about it but I digress) and it was actually making me miserable. I need to be my own person. But it’s easier said than done.

No. 420181

What the fuck, the woman next to me on the bus named her daughter the same as herself. Is that allowed?

No. 420184

That's extremely common in a lot of cultures for a father to do with his son, never heard of it with a mother and daughter but not that big a deal.

No. 420185

Men do that with their sons all the time, Junior.

No. 420186

I actually forgot the junior thing exists in other countries, first time I encountered it.

No. 420187

Does anyone else hate the way Youtube discussions are called "debates"? They're not debates. They're heated conversations between autists. They're delicious dramafests and the cringe is what makes it so good, but hearing normal people refer to them as "debates" or be involved in them is just so embarrassing.

Why is Abby Martin 'moderating' in a 'debate'? Cringe. I thought she was more sensible than that.

No. 420191

My father is named after his mother; he has the male equivalent of her name.

No. 420192

It's just because that's what the algorithm wants. They even entitle two people who have zero disagreements and are just talking about their shared ideology as debates because that's what people search for. Then people in the comments who obviously didn't even watch the video argue about who won the "debate" lul.

No. 420201

Cgl in the salty old days did that for me too, those bitches were the reason I started moisturizing and more regularly washing my bedsheets.
I also like how anonymous boards encourage you to be critically minded, including things like low key trolling or false flag posters. Image board culture has negative effects too but at least we can call out most misogynistic toxic behavior here.

The same anon that calls you out in one thread is agreeing with you in another thread, don't take it too much to heart.
However even though I'm ok with anons calling me names, I sometimes feel embarrassed that mods have to read my spergy reports and can see my hypocritical post history

No. 420211

No he's not that short, he's 1m78 tall. But he has the same hairline, the same hair, the same eyes and sort of "apples" under his eyes, same mouth. Same face except my father's face is a tiny bit longer.

Fun fact: my ancestors on my father's side were part of an incredibly rich noble italian family and my great great grandmother was duchess (or countess idk) of Venice. They were also very pro Napoelon which was kinda weird for their geographical placement. But when communism came to Yugoslavia they were like "we dont need these richies" and gave it all away.

I mean… remember Gilmore Girls ?

No. 420225

I have a stupid manic pixie dream girl/Captain Save-A-Bum sort of personality, and I can't really help it. When I meet a cute, emotionally damaged guy, I just want to be his personal therapist and cheerleader in all ways.
It'd be cool if I could somehow use this ridiculous urge for my own personal gain, but rich weeby guys are always fucking ugly or just horribly abusive. Not relationship material at all.
Is gentle findomming a thing? I don't want to be mean to people who are already down, but I'm still selfish enough to want something back.

No. 420232

Reminds me of this lol.
Not sure if it's an actual thing? You could probably market yourself as an e-gf and some sucker would buy it.

No. 420283

After my girlfriend broke up with me, I started isolating myself. I didn't know where the line was drawn between me trying to copy my now-ex (she's very independent and prefers to spend most of her time alone and doing her own thing), and my own desire to be alone (from the inevitable depression and actual want of wanting to enjoy my own company). It's been a little over half a year and I'm still mostly spending a lot of my time alone. I interact with people at work, but after work and on the weekends I stay home or go out and do things by myself. I rarely ask friends to hang out now.

I thought it would be a sad existence, I used to be super extroverted and motivated to get through the workday and workweek by the promise of seeing and hanging out with my friends, but now I really, truly enjoy being alone. Of course, I still really like seeing my friends and cherish the time I spend with them, but I don't really feel offended when I see a whole group of them out and realizing they didn't bother to invite me.

I still don't know if this is me trying to become a person that my ex would like better (I know that those efforts are futile)- but I'm happy right now. I'm arguably happier now than I've ever been. My days can be slow and boring, but I really appreciate running on my own schedule. I'd really like to pick up a new hobby though, maybe crochet.

No. 420285

I fucking hate most of psychology students specially if they're male. (And I'm not into man-hating. It's just because of my experiences.)
That has to be the most pretentious category of "human being" to ever walk this Earth. At least two of those have treated me as a fucking guinea pig when I was gullible enough to fall for it. I keep fantasizing about killing one of them. Doesn't have to be any that has hurt me personally, just knowing that some guy is the typical pretentious douchebag who studies psychology at university would enough to satisfy my fantasy. In fact I'd probably go for a drink before to get to know them and get them to talk shit to fuel my anger. God, if they talk about Freud, I'd tell everything about my past… If they talk about fucking Freud and try to use those nasty concepts on me… I daydream about it, I go to sleep thinking about it. I'm irate.

No. 420287

I loved reading this and I love you, anon. I wish we could get a cocktail together and swap stories condescending faux-psychologist men.

No. 420289

I didn't expect my thoughts to be welcome like this, it surely felt cathartic to write this post…

No. 420299

WKing an obvious cow is retarded, but sometimes anons go way overboard with their a-logging, fanficcing and nitpicking so that more level-headed anons have to step in to prevent this place from turning into PULL. I for one don't want to see people writing 10 threads full of spergfits over how the subject didn't eat enough grorious nipponese food in Tokyo, autistic cowtipping, violent fantasies and drawfags drawing unfunny fanart for pages on end.

No. 420329

i hate most psych students in general. one of my friends (who is a huge personal cow) seems to think her degree gave her intuition and made her psychic, despite being a total moron. she's already been fired from a few jobs for not being able to keep herself together and separate her personal life from her therapy clients. she constantly diagnoses my friends and talks shit about them based on her diags.

i also knew a really pretentious piece of shit (mutual friend) who "dabbled in psych" but was just a typical neckbeard, so i can believe the evolution of that is much much worse.

No. 420341

Psych degrees don't teach anything. You're literally just paying $45k to feel smug. Look at Taylor, "I can't be abused because I STUDIED PSYCHOLOGY but don't know what bpd vs bipolar is".

No. 420347

true that. i feel like psych is one of those degrees that only helps people that can already benefit from it. and most of those people aren't pursuing psych degrees in the first place. having good judgement on people, having empathy and good intuition, you can't teach that. and you basically need all of those things to benefit from the degree.

No. 420349

Posted a while back on one of these threads that I couldn't stop farting and now it's back and I'm farting like crazy at work again. They're silent and don't smell (thank god) but they're still big farts… it's ridiculous. I'm scared I'm gonna shart myself lmfao

No. 420395

maybe you're swallowing too much air?

No. 420401

Maybe you eat too much dairy?

No. 420404

no way, dairy farts smell horrible.

No. 420417

What did you eat? I'm having problems with that after a surgery and taking birth control. Have to avoid everything carbonated and fast food.

No. 420492

something about the anime death note makes me want to cry.. i don't know what it is but i just really love it so much it's indescribable lol

No. 420495

I just ate oatmeal with honey for breakfast and that was it! My farts have lessened now lol. Not sure if it was because of the oatmeal… I don’t usually get bad farts from it? Also, no dairy, I’m lactose intolerant lol (although I did have a small cup of soymilk- but I usually drink that daily and have no fart issues)

No. 420496

File: 1560210019052.jpeg (354.18 KB, 663x1000, 4AC7DABF-22F3-4551-8269-431B30…)

Are you me? I saw DN when I was 12 and I’ve been in love with it ever since. I own all the mangas and could sperg about it all day. The episodes at the end where Light gets caught in the warehouse and becomes unhinged in front of the whole team he’s worked with for so many years is probably the part that makes me the most emotional. Just seeing him break down and be humiliated in front of the people who trusted him. Sperg with me anon.

No. 420500

Why did you like Light for?
The best part of that anime was the ending because he finally got what he fucking deserved and it was satisfying seeing his arrogance and ego crumble under people with actual integrity who outsmarted him despite not having a magical book that kills people.

No. 420505

I actually rooted for Light and almost cried when I watched the last episode. I know he ended up being an egomaniac and lost a lot of his humanity in the process but I think he had good intentions at the beginning. I felt emotional seeing the flashbacks of him as a teen during the last episode when he was running away from the warehouse. Maybe 12yr old me naturally rooted for Light because I thought he was cute, lol.

No. 420507

It was so satisfying to see him get fucked in the end. I was afraid he'd not.

No. 420510

Sometimes I get hit with this ptsd-like flashback from 2 years ago in an airport. I went to the bathroom, took a stall and sat down. I pulled out my phone and just scrolled for a while, about a few minutes. The bathroom was very busy. Eventually I looked up to see my stall door basically wide open. So like, there's no fucking doubt people saw me on the toilet with my pants down. I cringe to this day.

No. 420512

It was hot seeing him break down at the end. I like broken egotistical men.

No. 420513

I wanna watch it again now lmao. I love seeing edgelords get owned.

No. 420514

File: 1560213026256.jpg (431.29 KB, 1280x1005, tumblr_ppiw23fL681r0ekpco1_128…)

op here and same.

i remember first watching it when i was around 11-12 with shitty german dubs during christmas and i used to think it was the best fucking thing to ever exist. and now it's become a yearly tradition to watch it every christmas until i grow tired of it (i never did and i probably never will).

have been rooting for light ever since 11 year old me laid her eyes on him and years later, i still do. the ending never fails to make me cry though even though it's just karma doing its own job. i love light a little too much to accept that lol.

something about death note makes me feel so nostalgic and feel really sad but happy at the same time, i don't know how to describe it. as pathetic as this sounds, i'm sure that i will never find any other anime which makes me feel this way.

No. 420523

I’m >>420496 and >>420505
>i'm sure that i will never find any other anime which makes me feel this way.
Anon ily. You sound so much like me. I didn’t know anyone else was this autistically obsessed with DN lol. I feel so nostalgic when I think about it too. I loved it during my childhood, teen years, to this day… I remember watching the episode where Light was following Naomi Misora and thinking “oh my god i love this.” I also really like the soundtrack too, it makes me emotional.

No. 420533

just listened to that soundtrack again after so many months and i can already feel the tears coming up nsjdjdjd. now i have to watch all the openings and endings again and ignore the overwhelming urge to start sobbing right here and there.

i love you as well anon, glad to know that there’s still people to this day who (autistically) enjoy the masterpiece that death note really is!!!!!!!!

(kinda unrelated but ending 2 will forever have a special place in my heart)

No. 420542

File: 1560217519995.gif (1.79 MB, 245x245, qR7rX1vxzboc_250.gif)

I gotta watch it again holy fuck
>tfw haven't touched it since 2009

No. 420543

File: 1560217559955.jpeg (382.2 KB, 1000x1443, E2BADAFA-F570-4EE7-8049-4E02EB…)

I also love ending 2! I really liked the 2nd opening as well, the same band made both of them. I’d be open to exchanging contact info if you’d want to talk about this more, but if not I hope you have a good day death note anon!

No. 420596

Of all the places. Why me? What am I supposed to do? I can't put stridex there. And for some reason pimples take forever to leave my face without some sort of treatment. And usually they leave a mark. Fuck me.

No. 420603

Are you sure its not a stye? They can be treated a little easier than pimples.

No. 420604

File: 1560233260667.gif (9.64 MB, 480x270, k1t4dXR.gif)

In my cool girl days, I used to hold a bit of smugness about being sooo woke and not shallow that I only cared about personality.

>mfw i'm just really, really gay

No. 420605

Death Note manga > Death Note anime

L > Mello > Light > Near

No. 420609

im vacationing out of state with my parent for three months before going back to school and im too nervous to hit up my summer fling from last time i was here
hes so sexy and the perfect man but i dont want to risk rejection but i also cant stand being here and not contacting him at all i hate that a man ive only seen a few times has this effect on me lmao

No. 420615

I agree about the manga being better but anon please love yourself

L > Light >>>>>>>>>>> Everything else > Misa

No. 420640

Reminds me of those people who say or at least imply that they think everyone is bisexual deep inside when they're just projecting without noticing. I read an old interview of an actor who was saying in this order:
>I don't want to put a label on myself
>but I think deep down everyone is bi
>I barely hooked up with guys compared to most guys I know despite rumors
>but most of my male friends are gay or bi so "barely" could mean "often"
>lists some of the gay encounters he had in details while omitting some of them because that would be admitting he was cheating on his then wife

No. 420681

Liking traps IS gay and nerd men should feel ashamed for debating it so frequently.

No. 420682

File: 1560260516750.jpg (265.76 KB, 1053x1157, 19e673soms949jpg.jpg)

Same. I'm not even into anime/manga that much anymore, but DN will always have a special place in my heart. I get nostalgic re-reading it. Plus, the art is fucking cool.

No. 420729

30 minutes into the Nintendo Direct stream and no word of animal crossing yet. Please, nintendo, I beg of you, give us animal crossing.

No. 420732

File: 1560271674418.jpg (106.58 KB, 600x902, 1542205926433.jpg)

It's delayed until 2020. Fuck this gay Earth.

No. 420735

File: 1560271787847.png (203.54 KB, 308x312, im sad.PNG)

It's so cute I want to play it nooooooow. At least we have a solid release date rather than a vague one. I guess I'll just cry on pocket camp until it comes out.

(When the first caption said "Your attention please" I almost flipped over my laptop but then I saw Nook mentioned and was like… ah ok… finally lol)

No. 420736

That's a good thing, it's better they have more time to finish it rather than rushing it out.

No. 420760

just needed to say that i love swallowing cum.

i’m so sexually frustrated it’s terrible i can’t focus on jack shit

No. 420769

What the fuck is this?

No. 420778

I just remembered this spawn of satan existed and had to share somewhere

No. 420781

ok troon lol

No. 420785

kys scrote

No. 420787

No. 420788

jamster was weird. The weirdest part to me is that some of these characters had spin off series?

No. 420791

/g/ for the degeneracy and I'm sorry what girl gets off swallowing cum? At least use something realistic like oral or PIV sex, but assuming you're a troon I doubt you have a vagina.

No. 420805

File: 1560291949669.jpg (124.12 KB, 500x500, 9a23cff4addbd155189cde3e4d0fb1…)

I dozed off with my YT on auto play last night fully expecting it to just stick to similar music but at some point a video of an amateur VA doing character specific 18+ ASMR came on. ((thanks YT))
When I snapped back into reality he was talking about getting busy while using the voice of my fav character from an anime I've been really into. He then started doing kissing sounds and little moans so I turned it off feeling slightly grossed out and fell right back asleep.

Now I'm sitting here trying to work but I can't stop thinking about the moaning. What grossed me out last night is turning me on now and I want to try listening again. I know liking anime already makes me a degenerate to some people here but I feel like I've transcended that now kek

No. 420827

I miss the early internet,but then I remember stuff like this:
and think heavy regulation and censorship might not be that bad

No. 420830

Q3) What do I do if a dolphin wants to mate with me?

A3) Accept, if possible!


No. 420836

Literally one of the few things I was looking forward to this year. Oh well, guess we have no choice but to wait another 9 or so months… yippee~

No. 420838

It doesn't look all red and swollen like one but that could be it. How can I treat it?

No. 420844

>You can attempt to lick and suck on the end of it while masturbating as well, but be warned, do not try to give full throat, and get the hell out of the way before he ejaculates! A male dolphin could snap your neck in a accidental thrust, and that would be the end of that relationship.
Zoophilia is an extreme sport

No. 420848

the best results I've gotten is holding a warm moist washcloth to my eye for most of the day. I've cleared up a stye in 2 days that way

No. 420849

File: 1560300929506.jpg (50.09 KB, 472x376, IMG_20190612_025605.jpg)

>they have links to other webpages at the bottom of this monstrosity
>one of them is a guide for necrophiliacs

internet was a mistake.

No. 420857

File: 1560304656960.png (30.72 KB, 474x289, bad name.PNG)

Might as well reband your entire company if you got stuck with a name this bad. It's like a flour company named white power.

No. 420877

File: 1560310148737.jpg (86.7 KB, 750x1248, large.jpg)

Every time I saw images of Zendaya's character in the new Spider-Man films something bothered me about her face…I finally realized it's because they gave her a bare face but still filled in her eyebrows. So it looks like she has no make up on her face but her eyebrows are kinda off. Idk why it bothers me so much but they just look too thick and it distracts me. I appreciate them giving her the plain jane look but now I'm imagining her character filling in her brows and then doing nothing else lol.

No. 420883

File: 1560312698453.png (195.46 KB, 500x284, 55c.png)

I think she looks fine- but I'm biased because I have thick eyebrows and they look a lot like hers.

What bothered me is mostly that her character seemed really snotty and know-it-all. She's also clearly the new "Mary Jane" (yes I know her name is Michelle but she goes by MJ and we see her with Peter in the trailer), so we're going to see lots more of her! I don't know anything about Zendaya, but it seems like she's just playing herself here.

Why do people find bitchy-ness empowering? The MCU has done a lot of weird stuff with female characters from the comic books. Like in the book Carol is really level-headed while also being sensitive. Movie Carol is just… passive aggressive to everybody for no reason? Also, the movie just straight-up deleted Mar-Vell, you know, the dead guy whose name Carol took as a way to honor him!?

I'm a radfem, but I don't like this shrink-wrapped corporate "feminism" that equates empowerment with bitchiness. Empowerment is female characters being normal fucking people, represented fairly! With normal motivations, emotions, relationships, capabilities, etc!

Don't even get me started on what the did to Scarlet Witch- the opposite extreme. Literally one of the most powerful, story-significant mutants in the comics got nerfed to all hell and turned into a shrinking violet. And also whitewashed. Ugh.

Sorry about the autism.

No. 420888

That's so cool anon. There's a childish part of me that wants to be descended from an interesting lineage like that (if only for something to talk about and for inspiration for creative endeavors), feels boring knowing my ancestors were probably regular peasants. My grandparents themselves were refugees from a war so I can't exactly go back and look for records if I got too curious. Oh well, most people are from common stock anyway and it doesn't matter these days so I don't lose sleep over it.

No. 420891

I don’t think men are actually debating it. At first I too wondered about the obsession with traps on those sites, but now I think it’s merely troons trying to win straight dudes over, into thinking other men actually want “girl dick” (hate that they say girl dick, it’s a dick, there’s nothing girl about it. It’s the total opposite of what a girl is). Also most trannies are open to or do sex work so there’s a somewhat large amount of porn for it available not necessarily because of demand, but because of how many willing and desperate troons are lining up to make it.

It’s pathetic how dudes can never sound like girls even when they’re trying their hardest. That shit about troons having female brains is such a joke because they sure as fuck can’t talk or act like us.

No. 420892

"Girldick" is bad, but "mouthfeel" is worse. The phrase "mouthfeel" makes me want to fucking vomit.

No. 420895

i don't get what that's even supposed to mean. no person that is into males wants to suck a broken, flaccid, tiny dick that probably belongs to a delusional weirdo

No. 420896

>and right after that is a guide how to stop masturbating because it's a sin

No. 420911

File: 1560322709234.jpg (34.93 KB, 630x630, 731600_1.jpg)

i'm on the ring so i don't have regular periods but every couple months i just ooze old blood for a little less than a week. i feel like i look so much thinner afterward.

No. 420915

>Why do people find bitchy-ness empowering? The MCU has done a lot of weird stuff with female characters from the comic books. Like in the book Carol is really level-headed while also being sensitive. Movie Carol is just… passive aggressive to everybody for no reason?
This. I don't know if it's the male writers who have a soft femdom kink or something when they connect the dots between "strong" and "a massive fucking cunt to everyone". I would go fucking insane dealing with Zendaya-MJ's two-dimensional character in real life, why do they think I would like to watch her in a movie and find her relatable? Pepper is literally the only relatable female MCU character, she's the only one who isn't an insufferable bitch, she's independent and intelligent but doesn't act smug about it. And now that Tony died we're probably never going to see her again.

No. 420918

NTA but I thought mouthfeel was a common word? Or rather that it’s not some totally made up troon thing, it’s supposed to refer texture of food like when you’re tasting some food while cooking so it doesn’t feel gross as fuck on the tongue.

No. 420919

Fuck me, I’m this close dropping a stupid amount of money (NEET bux no less) on Megami Device kits and 1/12 clothes. Plz no booly I’m trying to get a job (waiting on them getting my ID confirmed) to bring some structure in my life + make friends + all that shit. God I hate this feeling of wanting toys/games like a kid when I really know I shouldn’t.

No. 420921

Oh my god anon I feel you. I secretly have never stopped wanting cute figures, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. and I feel like such an autist but I just love pretty and cute stuff okay? I don't know what it is about cute miniature things but they especially make my monkey brain go into overdrive. I would kill a man for Re-Ments, don't try me.
I hope one day when I'm out of uni and working a good job I can have the steady income to buy all this guilty pleasure plastic junk with no shame.

No. 420923

it's a normal word but people who use it the most are troons referring to how amazing it is to suck girldick.

No. 420925

Well troons took it and made it about their disgusting shriveled microdicks, so now it's gross.

Jessica Jones is written pretty alright (if you count the TV shows as being in the MCU).

They're going to make a show about Hawkeye and his successor Kate Bishop. I'm worried they'll turn Kate into a bitch, because in the comics she's smart, assertive, and logical, which translates to male screenwriters as "bitch". There's also Cassie Lang, who is likely to be in future shows/movies because (spoiler) she has the same powers as Ant Man. Cassie was sensitive and passionate in the comics, which I imagine will turn into blubbering crybaby on screen.

If Cassie and Kate are appearing, we'll probably see the other Young Avengers soon. I can't wait to see how they fuck up the two gay kids on the team. Knowing the asshats at Disney, they'll probably hold hands in an out-of-focus shot for .2 seconds, then the shitty writer will go virtue signal on Twitter about what "AmAzInG RepReSeNtaTion iT iS OmG!!1!"

I'm really cynical.

No. 420931

Ikr, mini things captivate me like a moth to a light. I’m worried this might be some kind of mental problem though because I get cycles where I intensely want to do something or have something to the point where it’s all I can think about and usually what stops me is lack of funds/not wanting to leave my house. It makes me fixate on it for like a week, then it goes away. I wonder if the really impulsive lolcows like Mariah feel like this and have just the right combo of resources and mania to plunge right into it without caring about the consequences. I mean, if my interests were in cosmetics and thottery I’d definitely be dropping mad cash on fillers or getting monthly eyelash perms because I ‘need’ it instead of plastic kits and doll clothes for my weebery.

No. 420940

At least you're passionate about something.

No. 420945

Yes I'm exactly the same way! Honestly I enjoy researching things and thinking about doing things more than I enjoy actually doing them which is kind of sad. Once I actually get the item I covet I instantly get bored of it, I feel like my subconscious is just desperately fighting to find things to distract myself from my depression and fill the void but it never works…

No. 420961

Live stream interview between meghan Murphy and Benjamin Boyce where they awkwardly flirt with each other

No. 420965

File: 1560349604533.jpeg (453.19 KB, 750x746, 1549172979617.jpeg)

just watched my 17 yr old neighbor make tik tocs at 10 in the morning dancing around with a cigarette and a 40. great start to a day lel

No. 420971

>tfw bf vehemently defends liking traps isn't gay
>b-but not me, i don't like traps
>refutes all of my terf arguments because he has a troon friend

just thinking about it pisses me off, just admit that liking dick as a man is gay. this is always going to be a sore point with us even though it's common sense. i hate it.

No. 420977

There's a cute gnc woman with a kid that uses the same bus stop as I do and over time she's started looking more and more masculine and I wondered if she's trans and started T, today I heard her kid call her dad and now I'm a bit disappointed.

No. 421000

cum anon from yesterday. i’m not a fucking troon or handmaid, i just like oral sex

smh it’s the dumbass shit thread so i can post dumb shit here, it’s okay if you don’t enjoy giving oral to men but it doesn’t mean no girl does lol. i’m sure it’s not as common to enjoy swallowing but girls like that do exist. how myopic.

No. 421006

Youre not alone. Everybody else can talk about wanting to see men shit their pants but god forbid you like sucking dick and you're some kind of animal

No. 421007

NTA but man the kink thread on /g/ is some milky shit…no pun intended.

No. 421025

i like giving and receiving but i became kinda awkward with swallowing after watching some sperm related documentary. it's like "okay, i could do it but these swimming snakey things with tails are going to be in my stomach?? that's weird."

No. 421027

Wouldn't they be dead by then? Now I'm picturing it too. Shit's weird.

No. 421033

To be fair to sperm cells there are millions of microscopic animals that live, eat and fuck each other on your face at all times and on every piece of food you've ever eaten and your stomach is full of trillions of bacteria to the extent that the majority of the cells in your body aren't actually human. Micro-life is weird in general.

No. 421037

I muted my best friend on twitter because she kept retweeting shady ass shit that I knew was supposed to be at me (if the shoe fits, wear it- so I'll wear it). But now my dumb ass keeps checking her twitter and I keep seeing tweets about how shes SOO excited to see and hang out with friends at Anime Expo and whatnot and I can't help but feel like it's to be shady at me.

I went through a pretty rough breakup while also being torn back and forth about whether or not to leave my emotionally draining retail job, my whole headspace was a fucking warzone. I got over my mess and I'm a happier person now, but I also just realized that I really like to be alone- and I told her that. That I still love her as a friend, she's everything to me, but I also just don't want to tire myself out having hours longs conversations almost everyday. I was trying to be transparent so she wouldn't think I was just up and abandoning her, but she was really hurt by it. I feel like I just can't win anyway. I feel like a bad friend because I'm not meeting her needs, but I also don't want to put myself in draining situations that would just make me resent her.

I know I should stop looking at her tweets, that why I muted her in the first place anyway.

No. 421038

I wish someone would make a new Amberlynn Reid thread. I feel like she's going to die sometime this or early next year due to her morbid obesity and I would like the lolcow opinion on it all. KF is pretty obnoxious in comparison.

No. 421044

Idk why her thread isn't active here she's a lolcow in every shape and form.

No. 421050

I like giving oral, it just sounded retarded to post "omg guys i love cum" out of nowhere.

No. 421063

Got a call at my office from someone looking to speak to someone about our ConEd bill. It was such a weird call. She cut me off when I was trying to do my usual phone greeting with some weird jumbled background sounds, and she sounded really panicked…

No. 421069

Our office gets calls like this a lot. They're spam calls that wait for someone to answer and then forward to a call center. I'm sure they get overworked and the calls are sporadic so that's probably why she was flustered. Not sure if you have ConEd but I've heard them say about 4 different local utilities companies relevant to our city.

No. 421074

Passive aggressive? She just has a dry sense of humor, like almost every single marvel male and nobody is calling them bitchy and rude.

Tony Stark is an outright asshole and everyone loves him but god forbid a female hero make sarcastic comments.

No. 421078

Agree. Tony is way worse than her and he's an MCU favorite. IMO Carol was pretty bland with the hero quips. I can't imagine anyone giving the movie as much shit if she was a dude.

No. 421157

It doesn't give me ASMR tingles, but I really like listening to my dog eat. I really hate those asmr videos where people eat really loudly though. I guess it's the combination of her cute face + smacking noises because she is a dog and can't close her mouth while she eats that makes me enjoy watching/listening to her.

No. 421171

I usually deal with some spam calls but this was the first one I dealt with so far where she was jumbled and flustered- it took me by surprise!

I just got another call from the fraud prevention dept of a bank looking to speak to an exec, so I tried to transfer and he told me to tell them he was out of the office… Um sir, this seems serious lol. I looked up the number afterwards and it was a legitimate number too…!!

No. 421176

I don't want to write this stupid essay anymore. I'm only reading it one last time to correct it and add some details but I've been doing it all day so I feel like I don't even know how to read anymore.

No. 421189

I'm going to the dentist for the first time in my life. I hope my teeth aren't too fucked up.

No. 421220

I’m so glad you understand me! Looking up all the things about it is so… frustratingly fun. But I think I genuinely learn tips about the thing along the way and it teaches me the value of things (especially about why things are priced the way they are…) and how to treat them carefully. I’m sorry to hear about your depression, anon, you will always have the chance to get better as long as you’re alive (I think I’m paraphrasing NGE there). I know how badly it can drain the will to do anything besides lay in bed. My obsessions tend to be about similar things and not random crap so luckily, even though it takes me literal months to, I have spurts of working on something. I even hand sewed a tiny pillow out of a sponge and some old clothes, that was months ago and I haven’t touched sewing since but I’m glad I did it.

No. 421281

Literally every man is defending trannies because they have one pornsick white dude trooning out in their close friend circle and they think it'll make them woke if they'll throw women under the bus for it. Annoying.

No anons, I would absolutely hate Carol's character even if she was male. She was a bland deus ex machina Mary Sue and not allowed nearly as much emotion and character growth as Tony was given. Tony is an asshole, but his character has gone through a lot of development during his own movie trilogy and a billion MCU spinoffs. To add to it, RDJ is a ridiculously charismatic actor who simply owns the role, Brie Larson is a smug, virtue-signaling cunt. I guess the actor choice strongly affects peoples' opinions on the characters as well.

No. 421285

RDJ is a massive fucking wanker but alright anon

No. 421386

Dumbass shit is right. I literally cannot stop shitting. It’s horrible. All morning I have had disgusting runny poops. You ever had diarrhea in an office bathroom? You ever shamefully look away when someone comes in while you’re washing your hands because they are about to walk in on a mustard gas horror show?

I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I want to go home.

No. 421388

She's been in like 1.5 movies anon, how many movies has Tony been in? It's not a fair comparison at all. I would have called Tony a bland motherfucker too if I only watched the first Iron Man.

No. 421392

Fart anon again.

Last night I ate an umaibo from like 2 years ago. I know it was a stupid idea but they were in a airtight glass jar that my stupid weak self couldn't open and my dad finally opened the jar and I couldn't resist because theyre my favorite snack and for some reason the corn potage flavor isn't sold anywhere near me. It didn't make my stomach hurt or anything, but now my farts stink like hell. Even tiny farts. Fuck. Now I'm farting into my office chair hoping the poor chair will absorb my farts. I sit in a secluded area away from everyone else in my office and when people walk by they'll KNOW the smell is from me. I'm sad.

I'm sorry anon. Let's suffer together.

No. 421403

The sky is just so beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at it no matter what weather. Not even the most hd pictures can compare to the first hand experience of a wide open sky above our heads. Even with all the horrifying things and suffering that are going on in the world, I'm still glad I can exist in and wittness such a pretty place.

No. 421404

are umaibo really yummy or is it like pocky where it fucking sucks but everyone pretends it's good because it's from grorious nippon?

No. 421407

I really like them! Imagine Cheeto cheese puffs, but flavors other than cheese. I've tried a couple flavors but I personally like the corn potage one the best. Umaibo definitely aren't anything special though.

No. 421411

Fuck. I stand with you in solidarity.

I am on the toilet YET AGAIN. I’ve also been begged to go out to lunch with coworkers and I am terrified that I’m going to get the shits while I’m there. I feel like I’m going to be like one of those playdough things if I eat at this point. Shoveling more food in while still blowing my ass out.

No. 421445

made the programming server, its private so join and I will enable you


No. 421446

also first time doing it so might not be the best

No. 421450

File: 1560451067424.jpg (71.39 KB, 540x405, 1559055756315.jpg)

I got banned from a leftist YouTuber's Discord (Vaush) because he said graphic child rape can be justified in art on a stream, and I disagreed and said that it wasn't okay to use it for shock value. Someone said they think it's okay, I said they were probably a shit person if that's how they feel, and someone else got upset at me for that. They called me "triggered", and I said I'd rather be that than a pedophile. Instant ban.
Why is it always something with these YouTubers? Like, what stops someone from being able to say something as rudimentary and true as "Nazis are bad" without having to tack on some dumb shit? And why is there always a specific subset of their supporters who are braindead and don't seem capable of disagreeing with the person on anything? I'm pretty sure at this point, some of these YouTubers could say "I think some children should be raped, the trauma gives them character, and pedos also need an outlet", and some losers would be going "Uhm ackshually i agree with them on this, if you disagree you have no actual thoughts and just icky feelings ://".
The admin (his SO) was pretty clearly already pissed off at me for arguing about it at all, so I'm not too surprised or even mad about the ban. It actually felt freeing for some reason, but I actually sort of enjoyed the community until the pedo/child rape for shock value shit came out. It just disgusts me that some people think that way. I'm kind of glad that I didn't get super invested in that that place, it's clearly full of clowns.
Should've seen the signs when he was defending incels, to be honest.

No. 421453

File: 1560451655361.jpg (180.06 KB, 896x1024, 1544503640042.jpg)

Can I ask what is your personal qualm with child content in art? It doesn't appear to correlate with harm of real children.

>Results from the Czech Republic showed, as seen everywhere else studied (Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sweden, USA), that rape and other sex crimes have not increased following the legalization and wide availability of pornography. In addition, the study found that the incidence of child sex abuse has fallen since 1989, when child pornography became readily accessible – a phenomenon also seen in Denmark and Japan.
>The research results are published online in Springer's journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.
>The findings support the theory that potential sexual offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex crimes against children. While the authors do not approve of the use of real children in the production or distribution of child pornography, they say that artificially produced materials might serve a purpose.

FYI, I accept "It's disgusting" as a qualm, but not as a reason for prohibition. I'm disgusted by many, many things that I don't believe should be prohibited.

No. 421456

I work for a Japanese company (but am not Japanese myself) and I was told that I'm allowed to refuse or even hang up on telemarketers, but I have to be super careful with other Japanese companies because the community in my city is so small and word would spread fast… I haven't had to deal with a Japanese telemarketer until today and I'm worried I wasn't polite enough when refusing his offer to replace our equipment when our lease with our current equipment is up… I told him that we don't have much of a choice in who we get our equipment from- we have sponsorship deals or something like that, so we have to use a certain company's products. It's not a lie, it's the complete truth, but I'm still worried I wasn't polite enough in refusing. He asked me for my name and now I'm scared he'll find the number of my superiors and say I was rude… ugh.

No. 421458

There's nothing to worry about, particularly because you're a foreigner. Any ungraceful gesture will just be seen as foreigner not knowing social standards of Japan.

No. 421460

There is nothing wrong with depicting CSA in art as long as it's handled in a nuanced, intelligent, non-grpahic way. My qualm is with graphic child rape (this is the YTer's own phrasing) being cheapened for the sake of shock value, especially when we live in a society where it's not uncommon for child sex offenders (in the US) to offend within one year of viewing child pornography.
IIRC, in Nepal, porn websites were literally banned after there was a sudden 300% increase in rape cases over ten years. Like it or not, real life is influenced by media.

No. 421462

I work for a Japanese company in America, so unfortunately I don't think I get the foreigner get out of jail free card… I'm going to speak to one of my superiors when I see them but aaahhh

No. 421463

I want to add that the argument was not about legalization, but "justification". What justifies depicting graphic child rape, exactly?

No. 421466

Oh, if you're not talking about criminalization than nevermind.

As for justifying graphic rape of children in art, there are many works which focus on historical instances of rape. These manga often center around downtrodden children forced into prostitution, "comfort girl" situations, etc. The intent is to immerse the reader in the abuse suffered by the character, rather than to coldly relate it through text. I think that's fully justifiable.

As for graphic rape for pornographic reasons, I would say its justifiability depends on whether or not it causes harm to real children. I haven't seen evidence that it does. And generally I just don't see how it's possible. The kind of person who is capable of raping a child can not be created by art.

No. 421468

You can create a piece that focuses on the topic without graphically depicting it, IMO. At a certain point, you're basically just pandering to actual pedophiles, and even veering into outright disrespect, in the worst case scenario. Everyone but a complete and total retard has at least some understanding of child rape and what it does to a person's psyche, so there's no reason to make it as graphic as possible unless you're deliberately making content for that audience IMO. Or shock value, which, like I said, just cheapens the weight of the issue and makes a person trash if they'd defend that.
Just like you can tackle the topic of slavery and not pull punches without needing the whole thing to devolve into some bizarre BDSM torture porn, you can discuss or address CSA and make it as gritty and real as possible without needing it to devolve into a scene of graphic child rape.
>As for graphic rape for pornographic reasons, I would say its justifiability depends on whether or not it causes harm to real children. I haven't seen evidence that it does. And generally I just don't see how it's possible. The kind of person who is capable of raping a child can not be created by art.
You should really read Pornland by Gail Dines. It dives into this subject far better than I could in a handful of posts on an imageboard, and it honestly changed my views on a lot of things.

No. 421472

>You can create a piece that focuses on the topic without graphically depicting it, IMO.
There are many female mangaka responsible for such works who would argue otherwise. No one is reading The Cliff For Those Would Be Parents for sexual pleasure. Without the ability to freely depict whatever content she wished, it would not have been as impactful.

I think on some level your feelings on this subject are predicated on a natural, instinctive hatred of pedophiles. You do have to separate the issue of harm and ascertain it independently.

No. 421475

>female mangaka
Do you have any specific examples you're talking about? Because a lot of manga that depicts CSA as a main subject is literally lolicon/shotacon, which is masturbation fodder for pedophiles. There's no way around it, so I'm not sure how it would fit here.
>No one is reading The Cliff For Those Would Be Parents for sexual pleasure. Without the ability to freely depict whatever content she wished, it would not have been as impactful.
I've never read this, and couldn't find anything from searching it. I don't know the context of the scenes depicted therein, or the reception toward it, so I can't actually comment on this. Could you elaborate a little bit?
>You do have to separate the issue of harm and ascertain it independently.
The thing is, though, they're interlinked.

No. 421477

"The Cliff For Those Would Be Parents" is a historical manga by Fumiko Sone which centers around a young girl who was sold into sex slavery. Essentially there is no way to tell this story without including graphic content. You would have to black out the whole book, and destroy her story, all because some deranged individual could possibly get aroused by it.

No. 421483

I can't find scans of this manga anywhere (all download links are dead or behind paywalls) or find out about the scenes themselves to evaluate whether our definitions of "graphic" even mean the same thing, anon. There isn't even any discussion on it to be found on MAL or other sites. I really want to discuss this thoroughly, but I can't on good faith if I don't know anything about the example being discussed. Do you have any other examples that exemplify what you mean, that can easily be referenced back/forth?
>Essentially there is no way to tell this story without including graphic content.
There are books and films dealing with CSA without being overly graphic, though. There are ways to touch the subject without actually depicting graphic child rape. As a writer (and this is assuming it's as graphic as possible), the mangaka definitely did not have her hands tied on this subject, she just chose that specific method.

No. 421484

There are many manga like that. Not so many are scanlated because, well, it is dark and non-recreational manga, and a lot of it focuses on domestic Japanese events that would be less emotionally relevant to foreigners.

I honestly am shocked that you didn't immediately go "oh, I agree that kind of graphic content is alright." That's what I expected when I initially brought it up. It is totally non-pornographic and has an objectively noble purpose. For you, it should be forbidden merely because it is theoretically possible that a pedophile could be aroused by it. I just can't understand that.

No. 421487

It really depends on whether we have the same definition of "graphic", I guess. Because "graphic", to me, is Soren's CP warehouse tales, not just any reference to a child being raped at all in a piece.
You might be reading a little too much into my posts.

No. 421489

Ok ladies does anyone else notice that tinder hides attractive people? I feel like I’m being intentionally shown ugly guys but whenever I check out my top picks it’s always hot people does anyone here have gold? Do you get shown more attractive people? I always give up on the app because the majority people I’m shown are ugly lmao

No. 421492

They're trying to lower the rate of incels shooting places up.
In all seriousness, though, maybe you're just in an area with a higher concentration of unattractive men?

No. 421493

There is an "ELO" system for Tinder that quietly matches attractive people with attractive people. A while ago they did this big PR thing where they said they were abolishing it, except they quietly replaced it with a different (more complex) ELO algorithm.


Fun fact: the "VIP" version of tinder (given to celebrities & company friends) has locked, maxed-out ELO. Lol.

No. 421496

File: 1560457685711.jpg (27.97 KB, 400x300, 31095649@400-1554599222.jpg)

>mfw I used tinder while they still heavily relied on ELO and I was intimated by all the """""hot""""" men I saw
I did it guys I'm beautiful

No. 421497

Oh Christ how bleak lmao well I’ll just have to make sure I have my best pics on my profile lmao
I’m in a major city and I have seen some hot guys they’re just few and far between I really do think they’re being hidden behind a paywall smfh

No. 421598

But that's Tony's personality in the comics. He's supposed to be a tool. Also, RDJ is a really charismatic actor, whereas Brie Larson has the charisma of stale bread. It's not a fair comparison.

America Chavez is similarly "bitchy", but she's really well-liked by fans. Her mean-ness is fun and it suits her feisty personality. Her characterization makes her bounce off of kid Loki really well, too.

Carol isn't "sassy" or "quippy" in the comics. She's serious and compassionate. You think someone who back-talks that much would've lasted in the military?

Movie-Carol is more like America Chavez personality-wise than she is like Carol Danvers. Which is a problem, because it doesn't gel with the other aspects of her character.

Charisma/being a good actor doesn't mean he's a good person, anon. It just means he's fun to watch on screen.

Agreed. It would be better to compare her to Spider-man, since he's quippy and sassy and has only been in 2 MCU movies so far.

Again though, Peter was like that in the comics. He's shy in civilian life, so when he has the anonymity of the Spidey costume, he feels free to reinvent himself.

Also, Tom Holland is a fantastic actor, easily the best to play Spidey. He manages to be sassy without being annoying, and dorky without being cringe-y.

No. 421609

Did we even watch the same movie wtf I went in Captain Marvel fully expecting her to be a huge bitch because of how much you Marvel babies whine about it. The whole time I waited for her to be a cunt and it didn’t even happen once, except for some mild ass snarks, disappointing. Is she bitchy and sarcastic or is she boring milquetoast?? Pick one.

No. 421637