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No. 442699

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/425438

No. 442710

File: 1564747793911.jpg (38.16 KB, 720x696, 1560914291375.jpg)

anons this guy im close to is literally perfect and so kind, respectful, considerate, loyal, so funny, dislikes porn, is sympathetic to radfem views, is intelligent, charismatic, not materialistic, etc but i can't be with him and i feel like total shit that his energy is wasted on me when there are other girls that i know would be so much better for him and he's such a rare caliber of guy that really is in such high demand by other high quality women. he's such a high quality person that cares so deeply for other people. easily is the most empathetic man i've ever met. but i'm not even like a nerd and he kind of is so our interests are not there, and severely complicating circumstances prevent me from even being with a guy again and i keep unintentionally hurting him/breaking his heart and it's all for naught bc i literally know women like one of you guys would be better for him. he's suffering for no reason bc of me when i'm not what he needs and i'm literally making his life worse ffs.

i feel so terrible. idk wtf to do. i feel so guilty but like he's so much better off with someone else and i can't be that person for him and i feel so bad that i can't be.

No. 442735

My bf said I look like I'm about to cry during sex even tho I am clearly enjoying myself

No. 442750

I had to walk through pouring rain for a good 30 minutes and ankle deep water. Yey for nail fungus!

No. 442819

Major petty first world problems here, pls no booly.
My mum bought me a bag of handmade fudge while she was on holiday and I'm very grateful for them. They were supposed to be a mixed bag but whoever was putting the fudge in the bag put mostly plain pieces in. There were two chocolate and three clotted cream compared to about 15 plain. Still delicious, but I love chocolate fudge so that's a slight bummer.

No. 442825

File: 1564764143906.jpg (444.02 KB, 1000x1668, 3aaf5b0b5c0ddc741c2284ce47fbbe…)

I'm going out with good friends tonight for dinner and we're going to get hot pot!!! It might be the middle of summer but holy fuck do I love hot pot!!! I'm so excited.

No. 442831

File: 1564764554597.gif (5.31 MB, 480x480, xT0xeuOy2Fcl9vDGiA.gif)

i ordered a bunch of expensive salon haircare a few days ago and it just arrived today and for some reason they sent me two of everything. i even double-checked the packing list to make sure i didn't accidentally order double but apparently they just fucked up. i'm so confused but i guess it's a good start to the weekend for me?

No. 442858

I lost more than 3kg in two days but I'm not even happy about it because I know it's just water weight and not fat.

No. 442861

Not sure why I'm doing it, but I'm about to start reading Homestuck from the beginning. Wish me luck.

I used to read it when it was still coming out, but stopped sometime around act 5 I think.

No. 442866

I hate living in an apartment. I can hear the guy above me singing in the shower and it's kinda unsettling. At least his voice isn't that bad I guess.

No. 442868

please tell me about it. my upstairs neighbors are insane. they are constantly hammering stuff into the walls and last night they were actually fighting for real.

No. 442879

If you're feeling so guilty, hook me up lmao. But seriously, why do you feel like you don't deserve him? You can at least try to make it work unless you don't feel like you really like him.

No. 442886

every night I used to hear my neighbor and her boyfriend fucking extremely loudly. then one night I heard them yelling at each other. now I hear her sobbing and wailing every night. the entire life cycle of a relationship heard through my bedroom wall lmao

No. 442894

am i your upstairs neighbor?

No. 442897

yeah, i guess this's pretty common. i actually once heard a sound like someone was kicking a door and screaming and then crying. i feel really bad imagining all the things that could be going on there. it's like experiencing someone else's life for a few minutes.

No. 442923

Nice. I just dropped the best part of $100 last night on what's realistically mid-tier but to me qualifies as fancy skincare because I'm determined to finally get something approaching a real routine going. I'm rocketing into my 30s and a combination of stressful life experiences and smoking means I'm starting to look it. I started going grey at 19 and I'm not ready for these wrinkles yet.

No. 442976

I'm inventing a new chewing gum flavour, spermint, as you can guess it's spunk with a hint of mint.

No. 442982

i feel you, anon. i'm crossing over into late 20s territory and have an internal freakout every time i notice a fine line on my face. i can't even remember if i've always had them or they're new but i'm slathering about 6 products on my face daily now.

the feminist inside me wants to not care about gray hairs and wrinkles because it's all a construct to make us more appealing to men as we age, but alas, my self-esteem is still a slave to the whole system.

No. 442985

i feel you, anon. i'm crossing over into late 20s territory and have an internal freakout every time i notice a fine line on my face. i can't even remember if i've always had them or they're new but i'm slathering about 6 products on my face daily now.

the feminist inside me wants to not care about gray hairs and wrinkles because it's all a construct to make us more appealing to men as we age, but alas, my self-esteem is still a slave to the whole system.

No. 443004

I got into the shower without taking my glasses off and it threw me for a loop. I was standing there quietly freaking out wondering why suddenly everything looked so different and unfamilar. I am a dumbass lol

No. 443009

Have you ever had to pee so bad you yank you're pants down, forgetting your underwear, and pee in your underwear?
I've done it twice myself.

No. 443022

I been dating this guy for a few weeks and I looked up his name on youtube and basically found out he was a bit of a controversial figure in some game community. I went down the rabbit hole and learned some cringey stuff, like him getting banned for cheating and posting a video crying about his gf breaking up with him. It seems it happened during the early 2010s so its kinda old and he doesnt seem like that type of person now but its wild and I have to laugh

No. 443060

I finally reached an underweight BMI without being anachan, just eating whatever in small portions. I’m beaming w happiness and can’t share it with anyone or else they’ll start seeing me as disordered, and I’ve had an ED before.

Idk if this is bad, I feel guilty because everyone is telling me that i look thin and need to gain weight, and this feeling currently kind of confirms that my disorder is coming back.

No. 443078

> kind of confirms that my disorder is coming back

well if those people commenting on your weight know that you have struggled with an eating disorder they are well within their right to be concerned. youre excited about feeling spoopy again.

No. 443086

oh I rise you sitting down and starting peeing mid-air when you realise the lid is actually down

No. 443145

Man I just saw a pic of Frollo (the Disney villain) and thought his robes look kind of cool and easy to wear. Plus the hat is cool.

Luckily I end up getting shocked when my ass hits the cold toilet lid before I do that

No. 443169

File: 1564814785560.jpg (11.15 KB, 225x300, 4-HO-MET-sample-5-stuks-e15164…)

I love 4-ho-met

No. 443182

File: 1564817544242.gif (1015.92 KB, 359x270, wtf pug.gif)

>MRW I found out that my mom thinks that it's okay to flush tampons
>She's almost sixty
>If she didn't know, there must be other ladies her age who don't either.
>RIP plumbing

Don't flush tampons, guys. It's common sense.

Also: I fucking hate women who hover while they pee. There's literally no reason to do it- Mythbusters proved that toilet seats are clean surfaces. All it does is get piss all over the seat and floor. If you're that much of a prissy princess whose thighs can't touch the seat, then put some paper down. Don't hover and get piss all over the place.

If you think you're a "clean hoverer" you're wrong. You've fucked up and pissed on the seat, you just didn't notice.

No. 443192

I used to flush all my tampons unless there was a sign saying not to or asked otherwise, lolrip. Glad my BC stops my periods so I don't have to worry about that shit.

No. 443196

I've gotten in with my bra on so many times, also nearly turned it on when I was holding my phone directly under it

That or you don't realise the seat is up and you pretty much fall in.

No. 443209

I watched a bunch of videos from this guy discussing flops in pop artists career and honestly I feel totally burnt out on pop music lol. And don't get me wrong I love listening to it from time to time but I swear I need a long break from it because I've overheard so much (mostly bad) and it'll get on my nerves. And I'm feeling really cynical over the vapid and extremely shallow American society/entertainment I don't wanna think or interact with any of it otherwise my mood will just get more crummy.

No. 443212

>pretty much fall in.
Yes, sooo annoying.

No. 443228

Some tampons are flushable, like OB. Though that probably doesn't mean much because wet wipes that say they're flushable end up fucking up plumbing as well.

No. 443229

Yeah I know it's not very feminist of me either, but I find that making sure I wash my face and put a night cream on before bed is helping me sleep because it establishes a routine where I'm not looking at a phone screen immediately before trying to sleep. This is good for my depresso, and the idea that it's "self-care" is also a useful meme for the same reason. Self-neglect is a big part of my illness and my teeth are now starting to really suffer from the accumulated effect of poor brushing habits.

Look you need really solid self-esteem to be an uberradfem and a bitch is just very sad all the time, allow me my nice smelling potions pls am sorry

No. 443230

yeah, never flush 'em.

No. 443232

>I wash my face and put a night cream on before bed
Cmon, this is hardly something you need to defend yourself over. Taking care of our skin is for our health just as much as our vanity, we shouldn't be so afraid of aging naturally but there's also no sense in aging prematurely. There should be more pressure on men to do the same, they look like fucking garage by mid 20s because they think sunscreen is gay.

No. 443234

I don't get why or how people keep intentionally (as in not an oops baby) have kids when their life or health is in shambles. I follow a youtuber who just had her 3rd kid and is pregnant with a 4th despite having debilitating chronic health issues, both physical and mental. Why would you do that to yourself when you already admit you can't get out of bed to take care of the kids you already have?

No. 443235

Flushable just means they can be flushed. Doesn't mean nonclogging.

Flushable wipes and tampons will build up in your plumbing or the municipal plumbing clogging it eventually.

No. 443238

File: 1564831688695.jpg (137.5 KB, 1200x744, D2MnJ6PXQAETAkV.jpg)

I know I know, I just was raised by a very weird half NLOG half radfem-y mother who didn't teach or even talk to me about "feminine" coded things like skincare or makeup but instead left me to entirely work everything out on my own so it's still all kinda new to me. I said I was sorry anon pls

No. 443251

Usually I put paper down, but one time I tried hovering and somehow pissed on the floor by accident like a waterfall. There was someone in the stall next to me and I hoped they didn't notice although I'm sure they did. I still remember the sound of the splashing today. Not my proudest moment.

No. 443264

I like how we're using cat pictures as OP, like in this thread or the new Confessions one. It's cute.

No. 443286

one of my childhood friends had 3 sisters and they all thought it was okay to flush tampons too. fast forward to us being in high school and they literally had to tear out their entire septic system and bathroom plumbing because of it.

No. 443327

i've been on a really strict diet for the last month but it's my birthday weekend so i decided to cheat for a couple days and it feels amazing to tap into my inner fatass and eat to my heart's content before i get back to reality

No. 443333

My little brother is determined to sniff and touch a scented candle I lit despite me constantly telling him he's going to burn his face and his little fingers if he touched it

No. 443377

He sounds cute though.

No. 443383

Hacking video game consoles is super fun to me. I won't even bother looking at a console if I can't hack it tbh. Anyway I got Persona 3 on my hacked Switch and I'm so excited to play it. I've never played a Persona game before so wish me luck ladies.

No. 443386

Don't flush anything else than toilet paper PERIOD. I had a roommate who threw literally everything (Like cotton pads etc) in the toilet and flushed it down, our plumbing was constantly fucked.

No. 443453

that sounds fun. teach us how anon

No. 443457

I want my boyfriend to dick me hard. Fuck.

No. 443480

it's honestly making me depressed how the standards for female beauty keep going up, and it's not enough to just be naturally attractive anymore. every female instagrammer that I follow has gotten some type of injections (botox and/ore juvederm) and usually other surgeries, on top of wearing tons of makeup, wigs and still using filters over all that shit.

I know that I could never live up to that standard and honestly I'm beginning to wish I was a man. I'm also starting to wonder if all of these fakebois/female non-binaries are basically identifying that way to escape the pressure.

No. 443487

instagrammers look like shit irl. i live really close to a landmark that attracts that sort of crowd and its morgue lookin makeup, synthetic hair, and cheap as shit clothes everywhere. youre better off staying true to yourself.

No. 443516

Social media was, truly and honestly, a huge mistake

No. 443518

File: 1564893152979.jpg (53.78 KB, 400x400, telsa.jpg)

very true.

<makes me think of this

No. 443519

File: 1564893708933.jpg (14.22 KB, 444x332, 1455255752460.jpg)

It's bizarre how you could get into a public altercation and no matter how minor, if someone decides to record it you'll have people across the world extremely invested in it to the extent that they try to ruin your life over it despite having never met you

I mean call me paranoid but I'm scared to live in the world that we've created

No. 443521

its wild. people try to reinforce stranger danger with their kids and stuff but are simultaneously okay with that kid having a facebook or twitter or whatever.

people out here listing every like or fear, geo tag everywhere they go, talk about where they work and the school they go to, list their actual name, location and birthdate and use the same handles for everything and still get mad that 'stalkers' can find out their information.

No. 443523

I don't think you're paranoid anon. I was literally thinking yesterday about how you can literally get recorded at any moment when you're in a public area, that's scary as hell to me. The fact that people bring devices everywhere they go that can record stuff and track stuff, always wanting to stay updated, always checking their notifications, just sounds psycho to me. It's why I very rarely bring my phone with me when I go out

No. 443525

I don't get it. Why do you think you need to look like that? Why even follow them if it makes you feel bad? You seem to realize yourself how daft it all is.

No. 443527

File: 1564895300153.png (28.79 KB, 261x194, 15032341_1255306607874953_4333…)

I hate that social media encourages/even pressures people to constantly post and overshare. It makes it so easy for strangers to stalk and find you.
Might be extreme but I think parents shouldn't let their kids use the internet until they're adults or access it unsupervised. There's just too many bad things that are easily accessible. Also efame is kinda stupid and dangerous.

No. 443528


I cannot stand seeing parents upload pics of their young kids/babies on Facebook, especially embarrassing stories of them or when they're ranting about something bad they did and now they're punishing them. It's so damaging and intrusive of these kids who have no say if they wanna be on camera. And like all those Youtube channels with kids showing off toys and you just know the parents are forcing them to be their little cash cow. Young children have no place being on the internet imo. it's whack that they even have their own personal phones to begin with. The next generation of kids are doomed, no joke

No. 443531

Yes that's what i mostly hate about social media, the pressure to post everything that's on your mind and everything that you do, otherwise you'd seem out of the loop or not sociable. People would probably find me weird if i told them I don't have instagram or twitter. I just really hate this normalcy and expectation of having to keep everyone updated on the stupidest stuff, and thinking it's important to know about everything going on with a bunch of nobodies

No. 443537

oh definitely, i don't even think anyone can truly grasp on how much it's changed/damaged society and the way people behave and think. i hate being a pessimist but tbh it can only go more downhill from here

No. 443540

paper straws don’t suck as much as everyone pretends they do

No. 443545

i agree, they're fine.

No. 443561

I always feel really weird about mixing my real life identity with the internet. I think it's because I was already a heavy internet user before the social media boom so there was the stubbornness against migrating from my original hotspots and I grew up in the era where people drummed it into you to never share personal details online because of creeps, and back then having an online persona with a xXCoOl sCrEenNaMeXx and avatar was the norm. But now everyone and their mother is online and being a streamer/influencer/"content creator" bullshitter for money and clout with their faces plastered everywhere, maybe normies do ruin everything.

No. 443562

They can get a bit soggy after awhile but it's a small annoyance. I'm fine with using theme exclusively.

No. 443587


He can be a handful but honestly he's the cutest thing. Basically like every other kid lol

No. 443610

File: 1564918026113.jpeg (120.85 KB, 960x723, luna-and-puppies-e156470665912…)

This dog in Texas had 20 puppies.

No. 443614

a few local cafes here have switched to potato starch straws and they're exactly like plastic and still biodegradable
there's like the smallest difference in texture but you'd have to be some kind of turbo autist to be bothered by it

No. 443615

aww her little worried face. it's like she's thinking "how am i going to feed all these little bastards?"

No. 443663

‘Why was I not desexed’

No. 443672

i've been out of school for 10 years rotting my brain away doing nothing, working dead end jobs… i had a full academic scholarship to university but depression and anxiety killed it

i'm trying to learn again but it's like my brain is fried. how long does it take to get used to it again? holy shit i feel dumb

No. 443673

Whats up with all the revival/necro of self posting threads all of a sudden as if anyone gives a shit lmfao.

No. 443718

I fucking love canned beans.

No. 443742

People will also turn their entire social media profiles into being about their kids under the guise of “I’m just sharing with their extended family who don’t live nearby,” meanwhile they’re friending everybody they’ve ever met and now all those people know their child’s nicknames, favorite foods, and what part of town they go to school in.

Sage for sperging, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

No. 443783

I actually want to do this.

No. 443797

File: 1564948674254.jpg (52.47 KB, 1500x1499, jar-pf-flies.jpg)

i want it to be fall so i can listen to my fall music playlist! i usually put my halloween decorations up the 1st of September but im considering doing it sooner. also i want it to get dark out early again. i want the fall!!!

No. 443808

I found a credit card on the street as I was out with my sister and she took it to the local authorities and soon after she received a phonecall being thanked.even thought I didn't get the credit,it's nice to know I've done something righteous

No. 443816

Does anyone know any really good ways to get fleas off of cats? I went to visit family over the summer and my mom stayed behind so I thought my cat would be a little comfortable while I was gone but my mother told me she wasn't eating much/hiding a lot while I was gone and the fleas got worse for some reason. Oddly enough they barely attack my other cat and she's very healthy. I just want them gone as soon as possible because she scratches way too hard and is scabbed up

No. 443817

Urgh, I got followed by two accounts that post nothing but their children. It's scary, especially if you post too much about them. A pedo could see it a jerk off to their swimsuit photos, or find their school and try to kidnap them. Parents like this are so fucking stupid.

No. 443827

Dawn bath?

No. 443836

File: 1564954879975.jpeg (132.47 KB, 525x407, 94F8B329-0A2A-4E43-A928-C6EC25…)

i just love summerfags whose posts all start out with “WELL I’M XYZ, AND…”

like, listen up faggot. you’re on an imageboard. if you unironically talk about your sad autistic life in snow and pt, you deserve to be pointed and laughed at because you’re literally just another cow. there is no difference between cows who self post and anons who self post.

No. 443853

Capstar worked wonders when our cats and dog ended up with fleas. It was $25 per pill from the vet but it killed all the fleas on them in about 2 hours and it killed any fleas that tried to make a home on them afterwards. Once you give them the pill make sure you get flea powder and put it on everything in your house you can't put in the wash like rugs and sofas/chairs and the like then vacuum it off after 30 minutes or so. Or you could just buy diotomacious earth powder off amazon. It's safe if your cats walk on it them groom themselves afterwards. It took a few treatments for our house to completely get rid of the fleas but with the Capstar I didn't have to worry about them going after the animals again so I just had to worry about the house stuff.

No. 443889

Whats with art discords being a 'jack of all trades, master of none'. Like they have traditional art, writing, animation ,and sometimes sculpting. Not annoyed, but it's rare I find a serve that says 'this is for X art only'

No. 443917


That shit sounds really good. I'll see if I can pick some up then. Thanks!


I heard you can't really use Dawn on cats a lot and she's got quite a few fleas, so I think it would take a few sessions to get rid of them. I'm also trying to avoid soaps at the moment (I probably should have mentioned that) since she's got a lot a scabs/few scratch wounds and I don't want it to hurt her or dry out her skin too much.

No. 443963

I made a list of some of my fictional childhood crushes out of boredom and I just realized a lot of them were Asian? I've never even had a weeb/kboo phase, but for some reason if any media I enjoyed had an Asian character I seemed to have developed a crush on him. I guess I had a type? Yellow fever is strong kek.

No. 443965

I see this a lot, outside of art communities (since I don't participate them). I think it comes from anxiety due to the recession. It is really, really hard to want to commit yourself to one thing, because what if it doesn't pan out? The recession overstimulated back-up-plan culture, to the point where people are legit scared to specialize.

I can see how this might be so much worse in unstable fields like art.

No. 443991

It's called liking asian men and having a preference. Nothing wrong with that. I myself prefer asian dick over any other.

No. 444065

My best friend is the kindest soul on this earth and I truly don't deserve her. Things have been awful between my partner and my mental health issues for months, and yesterday she took me with her while she did her weekly shopping just to get me outside and walk around the store for a while, and let me sleep on her sofa so I wouldn't have to go home and wake up alone at my apartment. Waking up is still the hardest thing but she's so patient and kind and let me cry loads yesterday. I love her so much.

No. 444077

Thank you for your wholesome post anon, this is so cute. I'm happy you have such a good friend and I'm sure you add something good to her life as well.

No. 444179

You can prefer Asian men without being a problematic weeb/keeb. It exists in the wild but it seems rare because they are drowned out by loud proud fetishist crazies. Go get you some Asian dick anon!

No. 444205

this is probably better suited for the stupid questions thread, but we

has there ever been a story about a zombie who was a murder victim, and was specifically brought back (e.g. by government/police) to help find their murderer? because it feels very familiar but i cant find it anywhere when i search for it.

No. 444234

I think the Anita Blake series has used that subject, the protag is a necromancer and works for a zombie reanimating company.

No. 444235

…I just remembered the first book did it. She reanimated a man who was murdered to identify the killer but his brain was too damaged from abuse.

No. 444239

My dog is on another round of medication, and this time it's tablets instead of liquid. It makes it a bit easier to feed to her because I give it to her on a piece of cheese and she swallows it whole (cheese and medication) and I laugh to myself thinking "haha, you little dumdum, you just ate your medicine and didn't even know." The past two days I was wondering what would happen if I just gave her the tablets straight up with no cheese (I gave it to her between giving her piece of cheese) and she still takes it and swallows it whole like a piece of cheese because she can't tell and it makes me laugh so much. In the end, she's the real winner here because she gets to eat my good cheese (not like, super expensive good cheese, but we don't really keep cheese in the house and it's some decent, tasty gouda). I love my dog, she's so stupid sometimes.

No. 444241

thank you, i was sondering why it seemed so familiar

No. 444281

sometimes i revisit the tumblr shoplifting dox spree that happened a few years ago here and on kiwifarms because it was just so amusing.

No. 444287

I was just thinking about those threads… What ever happened to them? I stopped using lolcow for a couple years but they were really active before I left.

No. 444290

File: 1565029856151.jpeg (82.71 KB, 564x379, 9AE512A1-851D-4FA1-B64D-AC7AC2…)

TIL that my great grandpa was almost killed by the mafia in the 50s because his brother had committed suicide to avoid being killed by them and he owed the mafia a massive amount of debt. Just very interesting to learn. I did hear that he tended to take no shit and told everyone off who got his goat without a care in the world so I wouldn't be surprised if he told the mafia to go fuck themselves if they tried to force him to pay his brother's debt then they put a hit on him as a result.

I kind of wish I could meet him one day if time machines ever get invented.

No. 444292

it kind of just puttered out from what i have seen. it was fun while it lasted though

No. 444307

File: 1565031213382.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 502.34 KB, 983x1484, 28A95617-4BC4-4A1C-9B0C-C489DD…)

Raging because my own mother forgot that the dog I’ve had since I was a kid died

Thanks 10/10

No. 444314

File: 1565031980541.png (529.51 KB, 800x480, hIyiyxk.png)

When I was studying abroad in college, I was horribly depressed and isolated myself from my classmates as a result.

I started talking to one of my friends back at home more and more, first through text and then we started phoning each other. I brought my 3DS with me, so we started to play Animal Crossing together. We would be on the phone with each other while going on little "dates" in each other's towns and it was the closest thing I had to hanging out with any of my friends back at home. We would both wake up early/go to bed super late just to talk and play with each other. I'm no longer friends with this girl, but I often think back on those days.

I'm playing Pocket Camp a lot more these days, and I really hope they bring over a lot of the new furniture from here into New Horizones- especially the new summer festival furniture. I'd love to set up a little festival area in the summer and play with my friends. It's so lame but I love Animal Crossing so much. I feel so at peace when I play it, and it also lets me indulge in my need for new and cute things via furniture collecting.

No. 444337

File: 1565036141258.jpg (189.7 KB, 600x900, 1428090833988.jpg)

I'm only here because 8chan is down.

No. 444347


she sounds amnesic anon
is she alzheimer or smth?

No. 444348

Woah. Similar story in my family, my uncle was found hung by a tree and my grandmother always claimed the mafia got to him instead.

No. 444366

I actually managed to find a photo that some rando on eBay has for some reason (there's multiple press photos of him up for sale bc he was a well known lawyer in a big city, my family doesn't have them so I'm not 100% sure who does, but they're expensive so I don't wanna buy them, I'm wondering if I can PM the eBay lister and tell them that I'm his relative who's interested in buying a couple of them- and that I'm also a poor college student so pls give me a discount) that's got a caption on the side saying how he got shot, he was wounded by only one of three bullets after being attacked by two gunmen and the one bullet got him in the thigh. probably was the mafia if there were 2 gunmen tbh

he and his brother were both lawyers but his brother was the unsuccessful one except for his party life and his gambling which him into debt in the first place, he got my great grandpa a lot of clients tho, and brother later killed himself with a gun when he racked up a lot of debt.

I'd post pics I found but I don't wanna dox myself lol

No. 444386

Damn, I would have loved to bang Jim Morrison when he was clean shaven. His voice is like cocoa butter.

No. 444389

I don’t put it past her she used to be a skelly so it might be the lack of nutrients

No. 444391

My mother's bff was murdered at 18 in the early 80s. When I tried looking up any info, all I found was the old crime scene photo and a news clipping for sale on eBay. It's a bizarre industry.

I just took really good screenshots. Good luck.

No. 444417

that is weird. I wonder if the sellers expect the families of these people to find these things, they end up in the oddest places

No. 444465

I haven't been interested enough to play video games all summer, and I realized it's because when I have played, the time drains away so fast. I'm not coming back to the games I like until fall, even though I'm going to miss seasonal events. I've finally reached the stage where fear of missing out doesn't get to me as bad.

No. 444503

I don't really understand the "peaked in high school" meme. At first I thought it was just a new way to define the modern teen prep crowd but the qualifications (idk a better word) are so random and I dont understand how they relate to gliding thru high school with flying colors, or how HS matters to anyones personality in adulthood. You'd think college would destroy all the glittering hope that "peaks" had?

I was a bullied loser but apparently im also clueless.

No. 444525

idk how people are using that "meme" now but the term as I knew it means… anyone who you'd say "peaked in high school" basically hasn't accomplished anything since, they're just a loser or a normie at best.

Sometimes it means the really smart kid whose grades don't mean anything at age 25 where he hasn't really gotten anywhere in life because the real world doesn't care if you got an A on a pop quiz once

Other times it means that 'popular' asshole who still clings to their old 'alpha' image who will post 'nostalgic' HS moments shit on Facebook and look like a dumbass because it's been 10 years and nobody cares anymore.

People (or at least I) use this in a disparaging way and anyone who actually cares about peaking in high school is probably category B and needs to get over themselves

No. 444528

No shit venus angelic isn't a fully functioning individual and is still messed up after years with margo, the anons in her thread are mad.

Actually, almost all the threads on kawaii/idol/jap shit girls are filled with jealous crazy spergs, pull tier level. Probably all pull users too.

No. 444541

the gross borderline cp patreon that some sperg posted in /pt/ got taken down. i saw it on twit before the dumb thread. there is a god i guess.

No. 444560

People are still nitpicking her? How can they acknowledge what a horrible past she had with her batshit insane mother yet still pick apart her life any way they can? That's fucking sick.

No. 444577

Because she's "an adult" who "should know better" which is apparently shorthand for "weebs can shit on her out of jealousy as much as they want".
I don't even know what she's doing that's so scandalous, the girl's been a cringefest since she started YouTube so I don't see this as a huge surprise.

No. 444579

Does anyone else use ice packs to keep cool in the summer? I alternate between a few if I am home and am contemplating getting some sort of ice pack vest thing to do errands in lol. It's so hot, girls.

No. 444593

Venus may have issues but is far removed from where she was so I'm surprised people still shit on her the way they do.

In some respects I can't fully blame venus when I experienced abuse at the hands of a narcissistic parent who still refuses to acknowledge what she did to me to this day. I almost feel a sense of pity for her. Plus she's not really doing much milky enough to warrant outrage from me, at least.

No. 444608

Apparantly she faked being abused by margo because she loved japan so much and used manaki, has to be escorting because she wants to meet new people, and not to mention the unforgivable sin of looking like her mother. Lol, what a bunch of loonies.

No. 444635

My doctor gave me Tofisopam for stomach ulcers and I took them before running out the door for my violin class and they kicked in mid session and my coordination and brain are gone and I feel like crying and I don't know why

What the fuck is this drug and why am I taking it

No. 444640

Yeah, people are really railing on her for being "haggard" and "old like Margo". She looks fine and no shit she looks like Margo, she's her mum lmao.

No. 444645

I mean she is completely dysfunctional. But I have no idea why anyone would be jealous of venusangelic's life. She lives in a tiny apartment with a strange husband who behaves like a 13 year old boy.

No. 444646

>she's completely dysfunctional
18 years of physical and emotional abuse will do that to you, yeah.

>I have no idea why anyone would be jealous of venusangelic's life

Because weebs from PULL are loons who base their entire self-worth on whether they get to go to glorious Nippon or not.

No. 444647

I just don't see her ever getting any better in her current space. It's like a state of completely arrested development.

And are PULL users really that unironically weeaboo? Nothing about her life is enviable. She has no job, she's not a particularly popular online personality, she's not wealthy, her husband isn't attractive. Surely their entire raison d'etre isn't just living in Japan full stop right?

No. 444654

just browse a few pages of the PULL Kenna thread, tons of "if I were in Japan, I would do x" blogposting

No. 444657

The whole site was basically founded by jealous weebs who hated Dakota for making it big in glorious Nippon. They also have a passionate hatred for several weeb snowflakes and always complain about the exact same shit
>Venus is ugly and ageing like milk just like her mother lmao, she also doesn't speak any of the languages she claims to, including her native language
>Kenna is ugly, fat and too dark, she doesn't appreciate Japanese culture like I do, she doesn't deserve to live in Japan
>Dakota is ugly, racist and ageing like milk (you're noticing the pattern now), her hair is thin and she doesn't speak good Japanese as well as she claims to
>Sharla is ugly and ageing like milk, she dresses like shit and doesn't try to fit in with superiour nipponese fashion (and if she did she'd be branded a weeb like Venus)
>Taylor is OLD and a desperate sugarbaby
Etc etc.

No. 444663

I'm glad I outgrew being a weeb tbh

No. 444664

i have an average figure and sometimes wish my butt was bigger and my waist was smaller, but after seeing cows with completely square bodies i think i should be happy with what i have

No. 444785

I've lost nearly 10 pounds and no one's noticed. I don't really want them to, either? All I do is bike an hour to and from work and drink protein shakes so it's not like I'm doing any real work like fit gals in gyms. I'm content.

No. 444798

File: 1565101848708.png (225.12 KB, 534x566, 1461794540687.png)

I'm thinking about selling some video games and books I don't care about anymore or never really cared about. I feel dumb about buying games I never really played because of my lack of free time or motivation back then. I remember selling a lot of manga I liked a lot a few years ago and regretting it but now that I think about it it was a good decision because I knew I wouldn't read them again anyway. Hopefully I'll get a lot of money from that.

All of this is reminding me of how much I don't like downloading games instead of buying physical copies, it's not taking physical space so that's convenient but I don't like not being able to share, give or sell games I don't want anymore.

No. 444821

My friends from my old job invited me out next Friday and I really want to see them and hang out with them because I miss them, but holy fuck I'm such a fucking grandma compared to them. I don't have the energy or patience to go to a bar. I hate dealing with drunk people. I can't/don't drink either (alcohol, even in small amounts, just makes me really fucking sick). I don't see them very often so I know I should just suck it up, but they're also probably going to invite new people from my old job that I haven't met, and I can feel myself imploding from the combination of rowdy environment and too much social interaction.

No. 444860

I hate how girls and even grown women talk about kpop guys like they're these small innocent bunnies or whatever. Sure they look cute but they're just as disgusting as every other man. Slaying as much puss as they can just like every other male celeb.

No. 444884

Sometimes I feel so smug whenever my friend complains her Twitter feed is full SJW shit because mine is filled with nothing but the content I want to see because I don’t follow people who retweet that. I think she needs to be stricter about who she follows if it really bothers her that much but she won’t listen, so it’s kind of her own fault. Even on Tumblr my dash is just artsy photography and content, no fandom sperging or artists randomly oversharing personal thoughts idc about.

No. 444896

I hate how insecure porn makes me feel. There are so many absolutely gorgeous girls with banging bodies posting explicit content of themselves, no wonder males standards are fucked.

No. 444905

Just sitting in my room and started legit crying because I thought about this episode of Hey Arnold. It's not even anywhere near Christmas ffs…

No. 444918

Man Hey Arnold was such a good cartoon. It really had some serious life lessons for a kid show.

No. 444937

It really was a great children's show with a lot of poignant moments. I still remember the episodes about the turtle Arnold frees from the aquarium, the pigeon man, stoop kid, etc. years later. If I ever have kids I want them to watch this show, I don't care how old it is.

No. 444970

No offense, but I think it's kind of a waste of time for American colleges to demand letters of intent when they're just going to deny you if your grades are bad.
Might as well just look at the grades and go, bitch.

No. 444978

File: 1565124534540.png (5.5 KB, 492x123, why.PNG)

I was trying to find an old tumblr blog of someone I followed and now I'm down the rabbit hole of my following list and found this on one of the blogs. I hate that I'm laughing but I can't stop laughing at it.

No. 445090

I'm laughing because I can relate to it. But I'm also internally cringing because I can relate to it. I think most people can, at the same time it's kind of like a kick in the ladynads when I look at my childhood selfs goals that I remember and question why I ever thought I'd be able to achieve them, before I hit my teens, bc when I hit my teens I lost almost all of my self esteem

No. 445106

Whoever made that 8chan thread here needs to go away, I don't want refugees poisoning this place. I went on 8chan's front page a few times because I wanted to find image board alternatives when I didn't understand board culture as well as I do now and it's just… confusing and weirdly hard to navigate. Not to mention all the content looks terrible at first place, it's just shitty anime things (and I like anime) and total weirdos next to loli threads and misc bottom barrel /b/ garbage. It looks like the space for losers and unhinged people who couldn't even fit in on 4chan. Doesn't it have a reputation for actual child porn? Wtf is there to 'discuss' about a place like that being shut down? Who cares.

>and nothing of value was lost

No. 445119


I'm pretty far removed from my teens anon, but I completely feel that. I'm an artfag and I remember when I was a little kid who just liked doing art for the sake of doing art.

Then when I hit my teenage years I was blindsided by crippling self-doubt that has never really gone away

No. 445126

Yeah, some people have no clue how they're supposed to use these platforms and then have the audacity to bitch about how their feed sucks. Bitch, you curated it.

This made me kek.

No. 445209

My bf and me wanted to have sex this morning, but I got my period and told him. He replied: "Oh, okay! So we should have sex tonight then, otherwise you may bleed on the sheets." We have been together for over eight years and he seems to think that the average period lasts 12 hours. Men sometimes are so clueless.

No. 445223

My sister has turned into such a fag hag after watching Queer Eye lol. She's constantly talking about gay guys and using their annoying way of talking. She also has to mention the word meme into every conversation somehow. She's older than me and I can't understand why she's so fucking immature lmao

No. 445237

File: 1565184063699.gif (125.33 KB, 400x369, 481694628_700740.gif)

Sometimes I think about how back in the scene days people would avoid labels because " hurr labels are for soup cans", but now it's like labels are everything.
Funny how times have changed. Also scene was awful but I had a lot of fun with it when it was a thing, even the awful music that came with it kek

No. 445238

It was still about labels back then. You were supposed to look obnoxiously emo/hipster (different subculture but same rule applied) but deny that you are one because it made you more real apparently.

No. 445240

Yeah, if you tried that meant you're a "poseur"

No. 445271

And now I wanna cry. This has always been one of my favorite cartoons. It had so many wonderful messages and the characters were all three-dimensional.

No. 445272

I work for a foreign news company here in the US and all of my coworkers speak pretty damn good English despite having some accent (unavoidable, but by no means not understandable). Sometimes they'll ask me to help them with some work and I'll agree because I don't get much else to do.

Right now I'm just working on a short summary of a pretty famous artist for one of my coworkers to send off to some exhibitor because we're trying to secure an exhibit for him under us (or something? I just know he's a very famous dude and this is a big opportunity for us). I want her to look over my draft, but I'm pretty sure she's gonna skim it and then just send it off… Please, I know I'm the only other native English speaker in this office but I'm also a huge dumbass. I guess this just means I should take confidence in my work and put out only near perfect work every time as a precaution, but fuck lol. Even just an opinion of "can you shorten this/elaborate more?" is enough, but they'll take anything I give them.

No. 445310

>gets a shitty haircut
>starts taking a certain vitamin because i hear it helps hair grow faster
>hair grows but my breast randomly get bigger
>do some research, found out a side effect of the vitamin is breast growth
>tfw my back wasn't ready for all this extra titty

They aren't like HUGE but damn my back hurts so much. To all the anons with big boobs…I salute you.

No. 445312

wait, what vitamin makes your boobs grow?

No. 445314

File: 1565198680040.jpg (213.97 KB, 883x712, 20190620_203720.jpg)

>hair vitamins
>breast growth

Are you sure you took vitamins?

No. 445316


It's called msm (Methylsulfonylmethane). Vitamin might be the wrong word, it's a supplement but I tend to use those words interchangeably. It's for helping with muscles/bone health, but many people say it helps hair grow ( because of the sulfur I think?) A lot of women who take it said it made their boobs bigger, it also screws up your menstrual cycle (happened to me also). I saw some forums where women talked about their experience and a lot of them said the same things.

No. 445317

Who's the artist?

No. 445332

Alex Katz

No. 445336

How much your breast get bigger? I'm using natural methods to get my breast bigger and it works quite well, but now you get me interested in that supplement.

No. 445348

I took it everyday for a little less than a month and went up one cup size (c to d), women who have taken it longer said that their breasts went up multiple sizes the longer they took it–or at the very least it made their breasts look fuller and perkier. It also depends on which form of msm you take (powder form gives the best results, people who take the pill form say it works less). Hope that helps anon!

No. 445355

do you gain a lot of weight by taking these or do they just help you gain in certain areas aka the boobs? im enticed by the prospect of my boobs looking fuller but not if it means im going to be unable to fit into my clothes so i might take this into consideration if lots of weight gain isn't a side effect

No. 445356

I've never identified as a softie but I guess I am now… Just spent some time crying over this article.


Fuck America.

No. 445374

I only gained in my boobs, the rest of me stayed the same! Based on the research I did, some people did experience small weight gain (3-5 pounds) but it was water weight. Basically if you take too high of a dosage it might cause your body to retain water, which leads to bloating. From what I can tell the people who claimed to gain weight from msm were the ones taking high dosages (3000-8000 mg). If you take the recommended amount (1000-2000 mg) then your weight shouldn't be effected (minus the boobs). The brand I used was called OptiMSM and I took 2000 mg, if that helps.

I'd recommend giving it a try, it only cost like $10! For the best results you have to take it with vitamin c (so with orange juice or a vitamin c supplement). There's only four main side effects that people who take it experience:
>Will give you a headache if you don't drink water during the day. If I didn't drink water after taking my dosage I would get a mild headache, but after drinking a few sips I was fine.
>Can give you weird dreams if you take it before bed. Some people get nightmares, but mostly it's just really vivid/realistic dreams. Should be fine if you take it earlier in the day tho.
>Can make body hair grow really fast, I found myself shaving a little more often after I started taking it.
>Can mess with your menstrual cycle; my period is normally super regular but after taking msm it came almost a week late; but it was also not as heavy and I didn't have cramps.

Obviously every body is different, but msm seems to pretty consistent in its results and i'd trust it

No. 445378

This hurts me so much. My mom is diabetic and they had some insurance issues and she was worried about how she was going to pay for her insulin. It was nowhere as much as this kid's, but still $400 a box for medication that she needs… Fuck.

No. 445381

Oh shit, the lighter period/less painful cramps has me sold. I don't want huge boobs though.

No. 445388

Sounds nice but what would happen if you stop taking it? Does your boobs shrink or stay the same?

No. 445395

for some reason i hate taking selfies now and i dunno if i'm happy about it or sad.
i used to be one of those instathots that posted selfies every day and got a high off the likes but i made some friends that roasted me for being so vain and i pretty much erased my entire online presence for about 3 solid years now. i still have instagram and post life stuff but never any pictures of myself and whenever i feel like i look cute now i will take a picture of myself and i hate it and delete it.
did i cure myself or just fuck my brain up more?

No. 445396

People that still wanna keep shit private are all fucking evil or stupid, no exceptions.

No. 445398

I think they stay the same? Had a friend who took it for hair growth months ago (her boobs grew but she didn't realize it was from msm) and it's been months since she stopped taking it and her chest is still larger. They probably won't shrink as long as your weight stays the same since weight loss can lead to smaller boobs.

No. 445408

Oh my god!!!!! I LOVE him!!! Didnt one of his paintings sell for really high at the Basel Art Fair this year? You know what, a lot of my friends my age dislike him but I think his paintings are weirdly expressive through their simplicity. We've been seeing a ressurgance of kitsch/goodtaste-badtaste (obvs through street fashion in the past 5 years but also in Fine arts in the last 3 years) and while Katz's paintings are mostly from the 70's, I feel like they have this pseudo-kitsch feel that 90s/2000s lounge era à la Sade/Gala/women wearing white tuxedos drinking wine have… Idk if any of this makes sense, I'm tipsy but like… anon, you're so lucky.

No. 445412

Damn now I feel bad for shitting on him like the uncultured piece of shit that I am on the vent thread LOL

I'm glad you like his work! I'll do my best to write the best summary of him and his work just for you anon.

No. 445414

Sounds like your friends are insecure assholes who wanted to ruin something you enjoyed, tbh. Don't let their low self esteem keep you from posting photos of yourself.

No. 445417

While I do think vanity through and obsession with social media is extremely fucked, the point of limiting/purging your social media should be to feel good about yourself without all that external validation. I feel like they made you go from one extreme to the other.

No. 445420

It doesn't cause cancer or anything like that, right? Because it kinda sounds too good to be true

No. 445428

You shouldn't feel compelled to write a good summary if you don't like him. Criticism is good for the arts and there are so many Big Artists that I hate so like, no worries. That was just me fangirling because he weirdly hits just the right spot for me.

No. 445434

From what I've read there's no extreme negative health effects, although there isn't really any long-term medical studies about its effects, so it should be used with caution. Doctors say to only take it for three months at a time though, and take breaks when using it, so it's not for long term use. Tbh I was hesitate to use it as well because it sounded like some weird miracle substance but it's really just another vitamin that helps the body as long as it's used correctly.

No. 445440

the anon who sperged about 8chan >>445337 cracks me up, mainly due to how pathetic the post is. imagine taking time out of your day to sperg about a fucking image board by essentially writing bad copypasta.

No. 445491

Hasn’t visited crystal cafe for a good min… good lord are there even any women left on there?? what a waste of an aesthetically pleasing board

No. 445493

Did you buy it online/where do you get it?
I’m so intrigued.

No. 445503

make sure to get the correct new bra, anon. not like VS DDD lol. it fixes the back pain.

No. 445505

I got mine from amazon (link if you wanna check it out:https://www.amazon.com/Kala-Health-Supplement-Inflammation-Allergies/dp/B000NPKFCA ).
I used about a teaspoon a day and it lasted for about a month. There's three forms (pill, powder, and crystal). Powder/crystal work better, and the only differences between them is that crystals dissolves in water easier which makes it easier to drink. Not gonna lie, it doesn't taste the best but it's drinkable lol. I've seen the pill form at grocery stores in the vitamin aisle, but I think the powder forms are only sold at health stores that cater to selling supplements. Not sure about other sites that sell it.

No. 445507

I have a "crazy" story I have been telling everyone. My friends, roommates, coworkers. Lol. I will post it here.

My ex, my bestie, and their friend Ben went to undergrad together. At that time, my ex was not very nice to my friend Ben. However, I didn't become friends with Ben until after I broke up with my ex and they all graduated from undergrad.

My bff and Ben had a lot in common. Naturally, Ben developed a crush on my bff. However, my bff didn't like him back and it caused a lot of problems between them.

Instead, my bff liked my ex better even though they had less things in common. This hurt Ben's feelings.

Eventually, my bff developed a crush on my ex. The kicker was that my bff isn't the type of guy my friend likes. So Ben was really jealous after that. Sad :/

No. 445510

I'm watching my parents' house while they're away and the cats have brought me three mice and a dead bird. It's a good job I'm fairly proficient at catching mice; I was always the one to catch them when I was growing up.

No. 445512

That’s better than the story where I had a crush on a guy and gushed to my best friend about him. He invited me to his place to hang out but it was a frat house so I invited my bff because I was uncomfortable. Everything goes good and we make plans to hang out again. He ghosts me immediately afterward and I lament to my bff for days. I forget about him. Months later he calls me and picks me up and tells me they had a secret relationship but he wanted to come clean to me because she cheated on him and he realized I was actually a good person. She and I aren’t friends anymore lol but this was years ago. Always like a “how could someone do this to me?” moment and I was always scared to introduce her to anyone I liked after that.

No. 445559

File: 1565238868471.jpeg (35.52 KB, 400x237, D62A0D2A-2E78-4DE6-B80C-B78B21…)

does anyone have advice for building your life from the ground up after being stuck in a deeply dysfunctional and abusive household your whole life? i'm only 22 but i've missed so many milestones and haven't learned to live a responsible life, because i've been trapped in a cycle of retraumatization for over 11 years. i'm moving out soon and i just don't know where to start or how to live like an adult and everything feels overwhelming. i know im not helpless, and i have agency and responsibility over the way my life goes from here on out; i just don't know how to rebuild my life, and i don't really know anyone who's been in a similar situation who i could turn to for advice. sorry if this doesn't belong here

No. 445582

Lowkey vent, but I got offered more hours at work and I took them cause duh, money! I was supposed to focus on my last year of school because I’m bad at multitasking and lately my family has been turning every conversation we have into ”you better not quit school!!! How are your courses going???”-guiltrip and it’s really grinding my gears because they’re thinking of my best. And they’re totally right being worried. I wish I could tune it out, I don’t need the extra stress being annoyed by both work and home-life. Actually they don’t even know about the extra hours yet… I guess I gotta just step my game up and work harder to get them off my back. I’ve never worked while in school before and I’m afraid I’m setting myself up for failure. I don’t want to fail school because of a damn retail job, haha

No. 445664

anon, congrats on finding an opportunity to get out of your abusive household. have you had the chance to go to college at all or any work experience? do you have a support system of friends at all? if no to all of those questions then what i would first work on is finding an entry-level job such as retail (the holidays are coming up so that should be pretty easy) so you can at least have some money in your pocket, establish a routine, and start building your resume.
i think in your situation it will help to make a list of short-term and long-term goals and figure out what individual steps you need to take in order to achieve them. accomplishing the small steps instead of looking at the big picture can really help when you're feeling overwhelmed.
just try to take it a day at a time.

No. 445703

The leaked video of that Brooke girl hitting her Doberman really fucking upsets me, I know I shouldn't be shocked anymore but damn how could anybody do that to an innocent animal that loves you unconditionally? I'm glad at least that everyone seems to be uniting in how awful this is, I haven't seen any brainlets try to defend what she did.
The video makes me so damn uncomfortable though, I could only watch it once. The way her face would instantly change from her peppy fake camera smile to cold-blooded anger when her dog would do something that annoyed her is disturbing. It's the exact same look that my abusive family members would get before lashing out on me. I hope that poor dog gets rehomed.

No. 445704

My dad just bought me a gift randomly and I didn't have the heart to tell him it was something I already bought for myself months ago. I just pretended to be all excited. I feel like such a horrible person.

No. 445710

why feel horrible? your dad had no way of knowing that you had already purchased the gift and you're being polite by feigning excitement. honestly, this seems like a wholesome dumbass shit post, so don't worry anon!!

No. 445713

why feel horrible? your dad had no way of knowing that you had already purchased the gift and you're being polite by feigning excitement. honestly, this seems like a wholesome dumbass shit post, so don't worry anon!!

No. 445716

I've seen a lot of ~woke~ twitter folks commenting on how "white people will stay quiet while POC get beat but when it's a dog, they all freak out" but like…no, I'm sure plenty of people who get upset at a dog being beaten on camera also get upset when they see a POC get wrongfully beaten. Things aren't always black and white. What this girl did to her dog is disgusting and I'm so happy that the internet is ripping her a new one.

No. 445718

I hate when men shake my hand. It's weird and unnecessary. I get that it's a professional thing, but I feel like I would appreciate some sexism in this single instance.

No. 445720

This bitch did not train her giant dog and then has the nerve to scream at it and shit… lmao. This is why dog ownership has to come with a license, like birds of prey do.

No. 445736


I have no idea what video you guys are talking about but I hope that this stupid ass bitch gets some serious punishment for being such an abusive piece of shit.

No. 445740

She uploaded a video of her doing the plastic wrap challenge with her doberman but accidentally uploaded unedited footage. I saw it on Twitter and it made me so upset to watch. I'm glad she fucked up and uploaded the wrong footage. Imagine what goes on when the camera isn't rolling at all.

The flip between her fake ass happy persona to being fucking PISSED at her dog. Grabbing him and knocking him to the floor and spitting on him (or what sounded like spitting). She overreacted to what looked like her dog just trotting over and wanting to give his beloved over a little lick on the face. Obviously if you don't like these behaviors, you should train them out. Occasional negative reinforcement is one thing, the way she reacted is a whole other thing.

No. 445745

I hate when they waste my time with a limp handshake

No. 445751

Limp ones are the worst, but I think I just hate the "mandated by social norms" physical contact thing. I dont want strange men to touch me period. Fuck politeness. I'm barely touchy with people that I love and care about.

No. 445762

i always give men unnecessarily aggressive handshakes for this reason to establish my dominance

No. 445772

I hate how a low sex drive isn't a thing anymore. So many "asexuals" just have a low sex drive and don't particularly want to have sex all the time. My boyfriend thought there was something wrong with him for not being up for sex every day. Fuck the media for tricking people into thinking a high sex drive is a normal sex drive, and a low sex drive is super wrong. I have a low sex drive too, and it's great not having to worry about sex. I wish people would stop assuming we're either asexual or there's something wrong ~in the bedroom~ because there's not. We'd rather just cuddle. If this were a twitter post, I'd do the clapping emoji in-between "having a low sex drive is valid" or something.

No. 445790

Sometimes I have sad thoughts about my dog getting loose and running off. I had a dream once where she ran off in the middle of winter and she was curled up and shivering in a pile of snow (she was just down the block in my dream and I was watching from 3rd person perspective, not sure why I didn't just go get her lol). Yesterday it was heavily pouring rain when I was walking home, and when I got home I was snuggling her but my brain just thought "what if she was outside? what if she was just drenched and cold, stuck in the rain where there's a fuck ton of lightening and loud booming thunder?" I never actually have to worry about her running off because she never wants to veer off course during our walks and is too old to give a shit about running anywhere, but fuck, sometimes I just think sad thoughts.

No. 445850

Honestly that sounds like a cool hobby and you shouldn’t get discouraged because you might not get as many downloads. What is your new game about?

No. 445861

My bf got hard from cuddling today. He got extremely embarrassed when I teased him about it, it was the cutest thing ever. I'm super happy bc he used to look at a lot of porn and hentai before he met me so I was worried he'd be desensitized to everything. I also appreciate when he gets turned on he never pressures me into doing anything, he always waits for me to initiate if I want to and it makes me feel safe with him. When he touches me it's because he wants to make me feel good not because he expects me to reciprocate. It's just a nice and comforting feeling to be intimate with someone who truly cares about you, especially after reading all those horror stories about men that scared me away for so many years

No. 445869

Agree, my ex bought into the Tumblr asexuality thing hardcore just because of low libido. We had sex pretty regularly, like once a week, at his initiation, and he would enjoy himself and cum, but because he didn't think about sex 24/7 he thought he was ace. When I told him that was stupid he was like "not uh!!! I read asexual people can still like and have sex!!!!" (It's even funnier when you realise he used to be super pornsick.)

It's so fucking weird people put any amount of thought into such a non-issue. My husband and I have relatively low libidos but it's never even come up in conversation. We have sex when we feel like it a couple times a week but otherwise we like doing other activities together more. I'd never on my life say I was ace.

No. 445876

There is this host at my work who’s only 17 years old and constantly talks to me about sexual stuff and it makes me pretty uncomfortable. I’m not sure how she decided we were friends but like the first day I met her she was just immediately okay talking about every thought that popped into her head. And it’s not just me-she’ll have the same kinds of conversations with my other coworkers too. I’m glad I always see all the older males we’re around kinda brush her off when she starts oversharing or speaking inappropriately because I’d lose all my respect for them if they entertained it. I think she’s a sweet girl and she’s very outgoing which is cool and all but I want to say something to her and establish some boundaries without totally dismissing her or making her feel lesser for her age. Idk I’m tired of her hovering around my bar and asking me questions about drinks I’m making and seeing her try to flirt with guys in their twenties. I can kind of admire her moxie and again, she’s sweet, but I don’t want to be friends with a teenager or expose her to alcohol culture.

Minors shouldn’t be hired at bars lol.

No. 445878

I really want to try weed but it is illegal in my country and i don't want to break the law or support traffic.

No. 445888

It's not that good, please stay safe and don't break drug laws for it! If you have the funds to travel, you can always sample weed from a legal country.

No. 445889

Except it is that good less ur smoking dirt.

No. 445894

I think this is more due to people wanting labels to feel speshul.

I swear 99% of "asexuals" aren't asexual at all. Or they're weebs who masturbate and don't want real relationships.

No. 445934

lol @ me shitting my fucking brains out and on the verge of puking just because I chose to go to a shitty restaurant over a good one just because I embarrassed myself there once. fuck me and my dumbass anxiety!

No. 445940

Nope. Not for everyone. I agree with the other anon. I've had the high grade shit and it really is nothing special.

No. 445951

lmao that 3fun leak got me laffin, next ashley madison when?

No. 445954

I'm from San Francisco. I've definitely had amazing weed as far as weed goes, but it's not worth fucking your life up over. Pothead ass gatekeeping on fucking lolcow dumbass shit thread. Tf.

No. 445958

would you guys say that succeeding socially takes real effort, just like succeeding in your career, health, physical goals etc.? and that just like how some people who are born in poor health or don't get a fair start in life have to work harder than others to succeed, some people may have to work really hard to develop their social life?

No. 445966

Yep, social skills are real and some people are naturally gifted/have the easier temperament but everyone develops the skills to varying degrees throughout life.

No. 445974

Did you tell him so that he could maybe return it to get his money back?
Just be like, It's the thought that counts or something.

No. 446067

File: 1565361373525.jpg (55.31 KB, 960x721, 225.jpg)

Say what you will but I'm so glad to be a fujo because I get to spend all my time in girls only spaces, no crazy trannies or men because they're repulsed by gay stuff and even the fakeboi snowflakes and their handmaidens hate cis females so they stay away. And even the men that actually like BL are often chill fudanshis who respect women. Life is good.

No. 446079

File: 1565364202199.jpg (91.03 KB, 1050x768, DDT.jpg)

Honestly not sure if this belongs in this thread or the stupid questions one, but I'm putting it here because it just came out as a stupid thought in my head.

I wonder why people who buy those huge, guady looking diamond rings as an obvious flaunt of their wealth don't just buy a whole ass ring made of diamond? I found this ring, which was unveiled earlier this year and was cut from a lab grown diamond, but diamonds really aren't all that rare anyway so… Assuming someone doesn't grow at the rate that Feebz does, it's not like they would outgrow the ring, and diamonds are the hardest material blah blah shit.

I hate diamonds but now I'm sad because I think this ring actually looks cute lol

No. 446088

Shit anon this is exactly why I love being a fujo so much as well lmao.

No. 446089

I don't respect a friend of mine. While he is a perfectly fine person, I can't respect people who have no backbone, drive, passion, etc. I just realized this yesterday and I feel pretty bad

No. 446096

you can find female only spaces without fetishizing homosexuality, but whatever helps you justify your creepy fetishes to yourself

No. 446099

this is hideous. it looks like liberace's cock ring.

No. 446100

I'm happy for you, Anon. Females are programmed to be ashamed of everything so even if yaoi isn't exactly wholesome I'll take it.

No. 446106

No. 446107

don't feel bad, you can love someone but not respect them. it's not something you owe anyone. i mean, do respect their boundaries esp if you know they're bad at setting them but on a principle level you don't need to respect his personality or whatever.

No. 446108

I'm okay with your kind. Keep doing what you doing.

No. 446109

Oh no, did someone misgender you or are you just having a bad bpd day like always?

No. 446122

Same, although I don't participate in fandoms anymore or anything like that in the first place.

No. 446124

i really fucking hate sitting in the front seat when i'm a passenger in someone's car. i don't know why, i just do and it infuriates me more than anything when it's the only seat in the car not taken

No. 446132

You just made me think of something weird - I miss being a kid before I could drive and staring out the car window at everything passing by without any care about how other people are driving or how my parents drove. I miss being clueless and just enjoying the trees and buildings instead of noticing speeders or stop light runners or general arrogance of drivers. Now its all I see.

No. 446134

File: 1565378276393.jpg (119.11 KB, 1000x1056, STEPHENN (2).jpg)

Convince me that telling this guy i've consistently been talking to on discord (8 mo) i have feelings for him isnt a terrible idea. I will be seeing him irl in october but holy shit i think I'm going to get hemorrhoids from emotional constipation

No. 446146

Thanks for the bracoposting, I feel so much better now

No. 446173

I don't know how to drive and I still live like this. Sucks not having that car independence sometimes but I get anxiety even thinking about driving so no thanks.

No. 446178

This may sound weird, but growing up when I sat in the back seat my dad would stretch his arm and rest it on the back of the passenger seat. I don't know why, but I found that as some weird violation of my privacy and it made me uncomfortable.
Growing up my parents would take long drives to the beach and we ended up in a lot of 'middle of now where' places. We'd drive for and hour seeing nothing, see a k-mart headquarter, and maybe pass by a ghost town.

No. 446179

i watched a few jackie aina videos on youtube earlier and now the "jackie jackie jackie" song she sings at the beginning of her videos is stuck in my head and i keep singing it to myself over and over again. i need a compilation song of every time she does it

No. 446196

File: 1565395772404.jpg (59.9 KB, 422x600, CfnhG7yXIAAdDV-.jpg)

holy shit, I read that as when you sat in the backseat, your dad would stretch his arm and rest it on the back of the backseat and I was horrified imagining this man with absolute yaoi hands

No. 446199

don't tell him until after you meet. too many stories of things not working out after the first meeting. many people are much more talkative online, for example, and are autistic as fuck irl. he could also turn out to be a creep.

for the record, I'm very wary of relationships formed online with men, after spending a couple months in threads of guys sharing tips on how to emotionally manipulate foreign women for nudes/sex under the guise of feelings/love. so this might be an overreaction.

No. 446214

I enjoy different kinds of gothic music and a lot of the aesthetics involved in it, but holy hell, the community is a dumpster fire.
It's even more autistic and messy than the Lolita community. I suspect that part of it is because there are more men involved.

No. 446227

I can't even bring myself to enjoy a game (usually rpgs) because it's always spoiled on day 1. I don't really have the luxury to always afford games on release and would often only buy during sales.

Seems like if I really want to experience that new game feel again, I have to go off the grid or something.

Also, finding myself unironically enjoying mundane games more now like a solitaire app or candy crush maybe I'm getting old.

No. 446295

I hope y'all are having a good day/had a good day and don't forget/be lazy to go drink some water. I wanna send you love through my little post and I hope you feel it in your kokoro

No. 446305

Taking this saturday to lie in the couch and watch mad men, and for you I have a pitcher filled with lemon water. Much love!

No. 446306

File: 1565415102245.png (314.01 KB, 415x577, b.png)

wholesome post, helped me cheer up a bit i hope you have a nice day too anon

No. 446314

this is gonna sound stupid as fuck but how do you learn to cope with mortality & not be emotionally crippled by the fact that everyone you know & love is going to die one day?

No. 446322

File: 1565418217671.png (9.64 KB, 505x175, 335.PNG)

This is true

No. 446323

Think of it as a reason to not be complacent about the good things and people in your life and make sure to appreciate them because they won't be around forever. And also as a reason to not get down from the bad things or stress out about things getting worse, since you also can't suffer anything forever.

No. 446326

don't forget libfems are almost always subs and alt-right women are almost always childless career singletons

No. 446343

>posting my girl Aya
She's always a character that cheers me up

No. 446344

Hedonism, enjoy life while it lasts and appreciate everything

No. 446348

I miss /r9k/ tripfag drama from like, 2012 or so. It was very amusing to me!

No. 446351

I've noticed that so many alt right/white nationalist guys are also weebs and have an asian/japanese fetish, even knew a guy like that. he hated black people and arabs but worshipped japan.

exactly. lauren southern was always saying how women need to be traditional and get married in their early 20s and have babies because focusing on a career will end up making them miserable and by the time they hit 27 they will be too old to get a man (and really she was paraphrasing what jordan peterson had said). meanwhile she's pushing 25 and prioritizing her journalism career, and getting butthurt when people ask her why she's not married.

No. 446355

bring back mystery.jpg 2k20

No. 446365

yeah wait until you two have met
not even because of what the other anon said about manipulation but just wait how you get along irl
i used to have a mad crush on this girl i've known online for years but when we met there was oddly enough no attraction, we just ended up as really close friends
some things vibe differently in text and you might just interpret messages more to your liking and make him fit more into your type than he is

No. 446366

Why is someone posting a comment no one cares about a bannable offense but humblebragging, baiting, bringing shit into other threads and all kinds of stuff that starts infighting isn't?

No. 446377

I hate to be a Debbie Downer but my ex watched tons of porn & hentai and would usually still get a hard on from cuddling. It was challenging to get him off though and he always seemed bored.

No. 446379

File: 1565428636280.gif (4.35 MB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

The MBTI stuff can be fun but I can never take it too seriously because I know this dumbass who's obsessed with being an ~INTJ~ and plasters it everywhere and talks about how super speshul she is all the time. She wants to be an edgelord so badly and it makes me laugh to think of her reading this shit about how INTJs are such cool edgy masterminds when she's airheaded as fuck, like legit one of the dumbest people I know, and flies off the handle because she has no control over her emotions and is insecure as hell.

No. 446380

Same thing for me, I usually wait for sales if I want to play a game and by then I already know everything about it because of spoilers.

No. 446433

The Area 51 Raid feels like the only appropriate way for the 2010's to end,cause this has been a dumb meme decade

No. 446435

Lmao. I think MBTI is bullshit. I would even go so far as to say astrology is more believable to me.

I've taken a bunch of different MBTI tests and gotten different answers but I still get INTJ the most, and yeah it fits me BUT every thing you read about MBTI says INTJs are ~super rare and speshul~ yet almost every female I've ever seen who has taken an MBTI test has gotten INTJ. Not to mention one of the traits of being INTJ is supposed be that you're a critical thinker yet they just buy into all this Myers-Briggs bullshit even though there is literally no scientific evidence to back it up.

No. 446439

It's my birthday in a week and I bought myself my gift this year because I had the spare money to buy myself tickets for two concerts/shows next year which I'm super excited to see. At least one good thing to be an adult and be able to buy shit for yourself that sparkles a lot of joy lol


how the fuck did this stupid joke start anyway? Wasn't it musk or pewds? I swear both of them are one of the biggest reasons why internet humor went to shit.

No. 446444

I had a dream that I was going to this candy-making place. It was like Build-A-Bear, but with desserts and sweets.
While I was walking down the street, I met Yolandi from Die Antwoord, and she randomly mocked me for "cosplaying as someone rich and important" because I wear alt clothing. She did this weird freestyle rap about it, too.
I tried to walk away at first, but then it turned out that she was going to the exact same place as me, so I said it was funny for her to say that, considering her whole aesthetic is ripping off poor people who actually have some modicum of creativity and are trying to have fun. She just pretended not to hear me, and left the building almost as soon as she came in.
There were other celebrities there, too. Mariah Carey was worried that she'd get in a fight with Nicki Minaj.
Not sure what that was all about.

No. 446449

File: 1565445384683.jpeg (547.53 KB, 1236x1599, 2CF2BFAE-FCBC-47E5-B81A-0FDD27…)

I wish money was no object to me so I could buy beautiful toys without a second thought.

No. 446455

My cousin does similar things and gave me such things for free. I should tell him about Etsy. He genuinely enjoys making these little wooden toys.

No. 446470

Also supposedly an INTJ and I feel the same way. For what's apparently the most rare and super special type it sure seems to be common. I'd say 50% of the women I know who take the test get INTJ.

Just seems like astrology for people who think they're smart to me.

No. 446497

My friend who's (supposedly) INTJ got me to take a test and I got INTJ too and she was overjoyed we were both super rare edgy snowflakes. It could be it's a self-selecting personality type of the self-important over-analytical individual who'd bother to take such a test in the first place. Or it's just bullshit Jung fanfiction two unqualified women put together as a writing guide.

No. 446542

File: 1565459760208.jpg (164.47 KB, 394x541, large.jpg)

I just remembered about the Pon and Zi comics and I'm gonna lose my mind lmao

No. 446574

I hate the veins on my legs. They're thankfully not spider veins or the protruding ones, but just very visible and tbh I haven't worn shorts in years because I hate them so much. I've been lifting for a few years now and generally feel good about my body, but those damn things are my biggest insecurity.
They are also very visible on my hands and chest but somehow it doens't bother me as much there.

No. 446577

I have spider veins and one portruding one since I was like 12, my legs basically look like a granny's. fml

No. 446581

I wish I was 20 fifteen years ago instead of now. I'm thin with larger breasts and no butt/hips, but I feel ugly because I'm not "thicccc". In the 80s or 90s, I would be pretty. But today, I'm ugly because the trend is big hips. Nowadays, being thin isn't enough. Big breasts aren't enough. You have to have a big butt and wips, too. How the fuck is someone supposed to only be fat in two places and thin everywhere else? That's no how human physiology works.

It makes me really upset when people on lcf call out thin girls for having "no ass", or for being fat, or for having PS on their butt. What the fuck are people supposed to do if they're not natural perfect hourglasses? Die in a hole?

No. 446589

lol some aspects of my physique get laughed at on here too. don’t sweat it, it’s rarely actually bad and more just an easy way to nitpick a cow when all else fails.

also fuck the whole body type trend, period tbh. It’s annoying as fuck and really only matters to people seeking clout, most people don’t want/care about that super intense hourglass figure

No. 446592

my bf told me he hated how long it took me to do my hair because it's curly so i took his clippers and buzzed my hair while he's at work and i feel so emotionally weak rn

No. 446597

I wish I could get to know the crazier anons who are relentless in proving that some internet girls NEED a thread, or the anons who zoom in on selfies like they're on CSI trying to dig up any little discrepancy…and then circling nothing, lmao. I wonder if these farmers were bullied in middle school? Peaked in it? Have secret personal beef, maybe their boyfriends find the e-girls to be hot? Or just hate themselves so much that its a projection? Maybe they're still underage? I feel like as I've gotten older, I care less and less about a girls' cakey makeup or moderate photoshop. I know its all about anonymity, but it would tell us so much about user dynamic to compare the crazies irl to the normal farmers irl.

Like that girl who accidently outed herself in Momokun's thread, who turned out to be a fat dangerhair with pronouns in her bio. There's so much about people you never really see.

No. 446598

Oh no! I don't wanna bully you bc you sound positively unhinged but… pls go see a therapist bc that's not a normal reaction to being told something rude by your bf.

No. 446602

he told me that he likes it when girls look good for him but when i try to look good for him he makes derogatory remarks or points out girls he sees on insta who have perfect skin makeup bodies hair outfits it feels like i cant compete and everything i do is wrong and now that i cant do my hair itd be less of a thing to be put down for but theres so much hair in thr sink and on the floor that i dont know what to do and thinking of picking it up makes me want to puke

No. 446609

I swear "get therapy, leave him and make an appointment at a good hairdresser" should be lolcow's version of "delete the gym, Facebook up and hit the lawyer".

For fuck's sake, anon, this boy's bad news if him and his shitty attitude are making you pull a Britney. Get the hell out of that mess.

No. 446614

My mother likes to boomerpost on Facebook. She has over 4,000 friends and over 5,000 followers I believe. She gets constant thirst from the absolute nastiest guys. I looked through her photos on her phone (she lets me), and today I found memes of "feminism is cancer," "women are entitled," and all the typical shit an incel would post. She absolutely enables their behavior. I was completely dumfounded, because we always talk about how awful men are. She's the one who pinkpilled me at a young age, about the awful things men do that are just now gaining traction again, like "gender critical." We even had a discussion about it this week! She's a total pickme; all of her replies to the guys on her profile are flirtatious, and the guys honestly think they have a chance. These guys keep at it even though she says she's married, and a lot of them are married as well! Honestly, what the fuck. Ew.

No. 446622

This is scary, anon. You should never let a boyfriend have this much authority over your mental health.

No. 446623

>he told me that he likes it when girls look good for him but when i try to look good for him he makes derogatory remarks or points out girls he sees on insta who have perfect skin makeup bodies hair outfits
He does it because he thinks you'll cheat on him with any men you see if you feel good about yourself. He wants you to think you are worse than him. Males think all women are narcissistic and that we're all convinced that we're perfect 10/10 and males have to put us down constantly or else we won't respect them. I've registered on the male closed forum, they brag about bullying their GF's and wives to tears to induce low self-esteem so they won't cheat or leave them. Basically, they self project so much that according to them girls are sex-obsessed and have no empathy. No matter what you do, even if you'll look like a most beautiful instagrm model, he'll shit on you, he's unable to comprehend that you have human emotions. Just leave him, he's subhuman garbage. Get therapy, get better bf who won't abuse you.

No. 446627

This guy is absolute trash, leave him.

No. 446630

update since shaving my head

i called my sister to come over and help me with this and she told me roughly similar things as you gals >>446627

shes having me stay with her this weekend and that shes going to be talking to him but im convinced shes going to end it for me but how do i even fix what i did i look like an ugly boy now

No. 446633

I'm glad to hear that your sister is there to support you.
Buzzcuts on girls are fucking hot. Try not to look at your new haircut as an Eleven, but as a Furiosa

No. 446635

You probably don't look as bad as you think you do and you'll feel better when he's out of your life. Your hair will grow back quickly if you take good care of it anyway. Idk, if you really don't like the style there's always wigs.

No. 446643

I myself had a Britney moment years ago. It should only be a couple months before it's in the pixie phase and looks fine. If you're a tomboy it will just naturally assimilate with your look. If you want to look girlier, just compensate with ultra feminine clothes and jewelry. Really cool earrings also help make it look good.

No. 446657

If it’s any consolation anon buzzcuts look cute on girls and your hair for the next several months will take absolutely no effort to take care of and will always look good - you’ll save a ton on both products and time, especially if your hair is curly

No. 446689

thanks for the responses, anons my sister is really one of my idols for how quickly she responded to this fucking mess

i think i needed to reach a point where enough is enough and this was it for me. i just need a way to end it once and for all and get him out of my apartment & figure out what im going to do about work coming soon

No. 446708

There are guys out there who will like you even if you don't have perfect hair, clothes, etc. You don't need to stay with someone who negs you. I hope your haircut at least feels nice on the back of your neck. Think of how healthy it will be growing in fresh. Let us know his reaction later if he sees it.

No. 446716

I love eating chocolate but I can't stand having the smell on my hands, it's legitimately repulsive. That also goes for any foods with a buttery or creamy taste, something about the smell makes me start gagging

No. 446720

It's probably butyric acid. I'm assuming you're American, because the butyric acid smell is distinct to Hershey's chocolate, and a lot of competitors copy it. Apparently American milk chocolate is repulsive to people in other countries for that reason.

No. 446724

Nah I'm not American lol. But this is true for Cadbury chocolate, I hate getting it on my hands. I think I'm just turned off by the smells of really sweet or creamy foods

No. 446729

I’m getting married this fall and at first I was pretty into having a very small, silly/kitsch party to celebrate it.. maybe even having a light hearted and casual ceremony. But my best friend got married in the spring and I was part of the wedding party, it was pretty traditional ceremony honestly. Holy fuck did I hate it though. Every second of it was draining and by the end of it, I couldn’t even fake having a good time (apologies to my friend). After that, I’ve basically completely abandoned any and all wedding plans. I learned that there’s nothing about it that I’d find worth it, so a friend is gonna wed us at our house and maybe we’ll go out to eat with our families. My best friend really wanted to be in my wedding since I was in hers but she doesn’t understand why I’m suddenly not doing anything traditional. Like I can’t say I realized I hated it because of her lmao. But whatever! It’s none of her business. My fiancé and I are happy doing things super low key, not spending stupid amounts of money, and not forcing ourselves to entertain people. It’s sort of freeing in a way.

No. 446744

How does someone diligently restrict calories? Does it take a determined mindset or an organized personality or something? Does the person obsess over their calories 24/7 to meet their goals? I bet I couldn't restrict my caloric intake even if I tried my hardest. I'm too disorganized, I lack the self control, and my motivation isn't strong enough.

No. 446758

I've missed the pill for 2 days now, because it's the weekend and both doctors are on vacation so I can't get a prescription until Monday.

I'm cramping and feeling nauseous as fuck. I'm having such a fun vacation, fml.

No. 446760

use chopsticks for it anon!

No. 446814

If you download an app like my fitness pal you basically record what you eat everyday and get a rough estimate of how many calories you’re eating. As you continue using it you’ll get an idea of what impact the foods you eat have everyday, how much you’re eating, how much you have to cut out etc. It really simplifies calorie in/calorie out which IMO is the most basic method of weight loss/gain.

No. 446822

I'm disorganized and I can do it. Use the calculator on your phone to add up calories and screencap what you're up to.

No. 446825

Already posted this in the vent thread, I'll try it here too because I could really use some advice:
I have feelings for a close friend of mine (she knows about it). We talk everyday. However, this friend is going to date another girl, and it's killing me. Should I stop talking to her?
A part of me is telling me that it would be the right choice, so that I can heal and get over it since everytime she mentions the other girl it's just painful, but the other part doesn't want to, because I'm so used to having her in my life and I can't imagine not talking to her now, and it'd be weird to just stop talking to her out of the blue, we didn't argue or anything. What should I do?

No. 446840

my moms fiancée puts hot pepper in everything and I don't have the gall half the time whenever he makes food to tell him I don't like spicy shit. few times I've tried it pisses him off… but eating it makes me wanna vom

and everyone wonders why in this shitty house I don't want to eat any of their food

No. 446852

I'm proud that you still took the steps to accept your sisters help and GTFO that piece of shit relationship. You will be better, and we're rooting for you.

You can do a more emotionally available thing and talk to her about your feelings, and say that if she doesn't see the possibility of giving you a chance, you'd like to take some time away to get over your feelings so you can continue your friendship without it ruining your mental health. Let her become a part of the decisionmaking imo. If you're close friends then dumping her without an explanation is a huge blow. Let her know what is going on with you.

No. 446881

blogpost incoming, sorry for the length

I finally figured out why I have these deep issues of hating everything related to performative femininity, wearing makeup, dresses, girly stuff and activities. It's because of my mom. Maybe this should go into the confession thread instead but I feel a bit of contempt towards women and girls that are over the top feminine, waifu types, housewives, and trad types. I know this isn't healthy and I know what I'm feeling is wrong but I can't dissociate that sort of appearance and interests from my mom and certain friends that have made me deeply repulsed of being a woman.

The reason being that my mom is that sort of trad type that is an ardent anti-feminist and thinks that the world would be a better place if we went back to good old days when women were in the kitchen and were at home with the kids and men were men. I cringe even typing this. I've also met other girls with similar thoughts and opinions and it doesn't matter how much I try, I just can't stop associating femininity with vapid housewife attitude. My mom's interests are gossip, soap operas, fashion, makeup, romcoms. I cannot but judge people with the same interests as stupid and empty shells with no ability to form their own opinion. I utterly hate my mother's urge to always appease men and gain a man's approval. For example, when I complained about getting catcalled my mom told me I should be happy because when I grow older, I will regret not getting catcalled. And when once there was a topic on TV about women that are into dominating men, my mom said that all women desire being dominated because it's in our nature which resulted in me having a disturbing relationship with other men. She completely mocked the metoo movement and even think Epstein did nothing wrong.

I'm aware that it's not a nice thing to say about my mother. Sometimes we get along just fine, but sometimes, I just want to cut all the ties and never speak to her again.

In contrast, my father's pretty chill and has no such opinion of women. I have no idea how these two got together.

No. 446883

According to the zodiac, I'm not compatible with my boyfriend and for some reason it's bothering me so much.

No. 446886

Nah, that's pretty legit anon. Not the projection onto all feminine women, but disliking your mom for her shitty views. I think I'd flip if my mother held those beliefs.
If it helps at all, gender conforming women who hate men or who are at least progressive exist. I like dresses and skin care but fucking despise men at worst and want a reverse-trad FLR at best.
Ironically I went through a similar issue when I was presenting GNC myself because I thought I had to be submissive and uwu weak if I was feminine, what a joke. I used to get angry at myself for even making gestures that may be read as feminine and was always on the verge of flipping shit if I was interacting with a woman who had a high-pitched voice. Don't know if it's the same for you?
I hope you can overcome it since it is quite frustrating.
(By the way I'm not implying femininity will be your ~true form~ if you overcome this issue, that was just my personal case. Butch and stag women are based.)

No. 446889

If you've never done it before, just start out by looking at the nutritional information on the back of packets and become aware of how many calories, sugar and fat is in what you're eating. You may find that you start avoiding higher calorie foods from doing this.

About five years ago I started eating a strict keto diet because I kept getting brain fog and it was interfering with my ability to do my job as a bookkeeper. I used to write down everything I ate and then sit down at the end of the day with a calculator to work out my exact macros. It's easy enough to do once you know a few tricks. Supermarket websites will have all the nutritional information you need. The nutritional information will usually be given for 100g of product. For example if you ate 35g of chocolate, the easiest and quickest way to work out how many calories you consumed is by taking the number calories per 100g and then multiplying it by 0.35. So if 100g of chocolate contains 534 calories that multiplied by 0.35 is 186.9 and now you have the exact amount of calories you ate. If you ate 70g, you would multiply the value per 100g by 0.70. If you eat more than 100g, say 125g, the number you would need to multiply by would be 1.25. I hope that's understandable.

No. 446895

Thanks anon. I'm aware that my projection is stupid and it's embarrassing to admit it. Also, hearing that you sort of went through the same and overcame it gives me hope.

> verge of flipping shit if I was interacting with a woman who had a high-pitched voice.

yeah, same. Gestures, interests, crying too.
I still can't cry in front of others or even when I'm alone. Coincidentally, I developed anger issues that I'm working through right now.

I really appreciate what you wrote. It feels good knowing that I'm not alone. I don't think I could admit this anywhere else. And I feel like a piece of shit for writing shit about my mom but today was the last straw with the epstein bit.

No. 446896

I'd like to say that I sympathize with your situation, consider this though:
>I've also met other girls with similar thoughts and opinions and it doesn't matter how much I try, I just can't stop associating femininity with vapid housewife attitude.

This could probably be corrected by just meeting more women, specifically what you might call professionals. What you do for a living or just who you're around all day can shape this.

I also feel like the radfem take on aspects of performative feminity being instruments of the patriarchy (like heels are meant to cripple us) to be kind of bullshit. Imo it's just too much of a stretch, though I do agree with most other radfem theories.

For me, I enjoy the ritualized aspect of "making myself up", it can be therapeutic in a way. Similarly how having a skin care routine helps me wind down and relax. I see it like taking extra time to pay attention to just yourself.

Anyways, best of luck to you anon. You sound like you already have a good head on your shoulders in regards to this issue, like recognizing it as a problem, so you'll be okay.

No. 446915

File: 1565548584649.jpg (45.76 KB, 500x574, c38d22befcd4441104954cfccade61…)

Just realized it's been at least 3 years since I begun lurking on lolcow. Probably more. I always thought it was way less.

No. 446922

Thanks anon.
> This could probably be corrected by just meeting more women, specifically what you might call professionals. What you do for a living or just who you're around all day can shape this.

True. Unfortunately, all my previous work experience has been in an office environment where women were like carbon copies of my mom. I've had great friendships with other women but they were all GNC, or at the very least, they didn't wear makeup and didn't gossip.

I'm going to move places soon but regardless, I want to change how I feel about this. I never bothered to analyze my thoughts or talk about my feelings before because I thought it was stupid.

No. 446935

don't feel stupid. when somebody has a shitty or crazy parent, it's natural to be repulsed by their offputting traits and opinions, and worry about/fear becoming like them someday. talking about it and acknowledging it is the first step towards processing it and dismantling it, so you can have a healthy view of women as a whole (not just the GNC or outspoken ones you're currently alright with). try to recognize when you're externalizing and projecting your disdain towards/resentment of your mother onto random women. i struggled with some really similar internalized misogyny due to my own mother which i projected onto women who reminded me of her. you don't have to respect or love anti feminist trad wives (or whoever else reminds you of your mom), but they're not your mother, and you may be making some snap judgements about (or applying a blanket stereotype onto) women you encounter. some of them may have hidden depths you'll never witness or experience, if you write off or dismiss all feminine women before giving them a fair chance. (not referring to redpilled pick mes, you have no obligation to give them a shot. what you see is usually what you get with those types.)

No. 446951

As an ex muslim, eid is about to make me vegan. Everyone is throwing a fit over the chinese dog eating festival, how is eid any different?

No. 446955

Happy lolcow anniversary anon. I like your picture of Toph.

No. 446956

the discourse from the chinese dog eating festival was exactly what made me vegetarian lol

No. 446965

I think it's more about the humane way to butcher animals, with the dog eaters, most of them capture stray dogs, steal family pets, torture and eat them, with farms, especially kosher farms, a lot of them feed and let the animals roam until it's time to butcher them, even then they make the butcher quick, easy and painless

No. 446984

Best girl

No. 447005

how fucked up is it when the weight of your adult life/responsibilities are putting so much pressure on you that you want to temporarily plead insanity and be put up in some kind of babysitting facility for a week just so you're not expected to deal with it all?

No. 447019

File: 1565566585979.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 250x230, him.gif)

i want to pet crystal exarch and protect him with my life
i would kill a man

No. 447073

I want to pet him too and scratch his ears

No. 447080

File: 1565577119520.jpg (42.66 KB, 571x566, 36829632_10209625777040481_201…)

i just moved to xiv from another mmo and the idea of maybe meeting other farmers made me so happy just now thank you anon

No. 447102

Watching the bpdfag sperg out in the ana thread makes me wonder if the person who caused me to stop streaming had BPD. She talked a lot in chat and hung out every day. Generally she was really nice. The channel got a little bigger, and I made some people mods, and she asked to be one, and I said sure, but once the chat gets more active and the mods can't keep up with filtering bad comments. There weren't a lot of bad comments to filter, so I thought it'd be a while.

The next day, there was around ten accounts that popped in and called me names and spammed curse words. I thought it was a freak occurrence, and everyone was doing okay with moderating, but it kept happening every day in increasing numbers. After a couple weeks of the random spamming, I was kind of anxious about it, and then one of the accounts, after insults, said something like "boy it looks like you need an actual moderator" and the girl who I promised mod to agreed in chat.

It hit me that she was making all the accounts, creating a toxic enough environment that would get her mod. I banned her quietly and told my other mods my suspicions, and waited to see what happened next.

Several "friends" of the girl, all on new accounts joined and demanded to know why she was banned, what she did wrong, why it was wrong. That I was mistaken, that it couldn't be proven. I told her friends I was disappointed in her, and that I may unban her in the future, but not right now.

Then the account attacks increased. More people joining, but this time starting or joining a conversation innocently, then landing insults that were really specific. It went on for weeks. I didn't really know what to do, so I took a break for two weeks without telling anyone. It wasn't until the break that I realized how much stress that dealing with that girl had caused me. I stopped streaming altogether.

I always wondered why it happened. It was really weird and tiring and toxic. I wasn't even a large stream to obsess over… but yeah I was just reminded of the behaviour that she exhibited. I realize it must've been mental. If not BPD then something else.

No. 447113

I'm excited to get my period, only because I really want to try out my menstrual cup. The pain and fatigue are obviously unwanted.

No. 447123

I had a dream that I got contacted because the company I applied that was very very interested. This had to be good, right. Last time I dreamt I failed an interview and I did so maybe this one will be good.

No. 447130

some people are just manipulative spergs anon tbh. i hope some day u can stream again without that issue if u liked it doing it ://
(i had a good chuckle from the bpdfag tbh. the ana chan board attracts too many of these fuckers its lowkey pathetic)

No. 447148

Any time I see people talk about kpop it makes me blast Gee by Girls Generation. It's been a decade since that song came out and I refuse to get over it. I don't even like kpop or understand a word of Korean but that song is my fucking shit.

No. 447153

File: 1565596092996.jpg (6.25 KB, 285x177, images.jpg)

guys i still cant get over the teddy geiger thing

No. 447215

what thing. who is he

No. 447224

he's a troon now.

No. 447225

I fucking love that song, anon, thank you for reminding me of its existence.

No. 447287

File: 1565620803095.jpg (89.35 KB, 800x554, California-Avocado-Toast-Three…)

My local fruit vendor was selling avocados for a dollar each and I ended up buying two and have been making myself avocado toast for breakfast all weekend. I topped it with prosciutto the first day, but then yesterday and this morning I decided to top it off with cherry tomatoes and raw shallots.

I know avocado toast is a dumb meme but fuck, I love it so much and I'm so happy I get to eat a bunch of it without paying out the ass for it.

No. 447288

i wish i could appreciate male butts without it having me seem like a fujo

No. 447289

this sounds so good right now

No. 447292

Straight girls are all fujos or?

No. 447294

meant manga butts, esp bara type butts. but u dont see them unless its in yaoi or at least cutesy gay manga n i dont i just like the way male butts are drawn

No. 447343

File: 1565633760170.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, zelda_breath_of_the_wild_switc…)

I wish I wasn't so garbage at games. My favorite game is Animal Crossing because it's so chill and I can still get a nice house and pretty town just by spending a few hours here and there working on it. I don't have to be a "super good gamer" to get all the best stuff.

I bought a Switch almost a year ago by now, but I haven't finished any of the games I bought. I first bought BoTW but I stopped shortly after picking it up because I'm so god fucking awful at fighting monsters and it stresses me out that weapons will break after some time, so it amps up my hoarding mentality to save all of my weapons. I picked it up again recently but I'm stressed about having to do the Vah Ruta dungeon because I fucking suck at fighting things. I literally spent hours just getting to the Zora domain in the first place because I didn't want to walk the main path. I kept trying to find other ways through the mountains before I eventually settled on making my way by following the path but still staying far off of it to avoid fighting. I see people do speedruns and shit but my brain is so bad at timing and pressing buttons correctly and quick enough. I know there's no point in being a "good gamer," but I'd like to just enjoy games without getting easily frustrated because I fucking suck and can't stop dying.

I just want New Horizons to come out so I can just enjoy being a basic bitch and use my switch more.

No. 447345

Why don't you look up game guides and tips? Also try just looking for shrines and not doing the main quest until you get a few under your belt. You'll get more hearts and feel a lot more comfortable. Run away from the monsters (get the stealth gear in grey hair village if you can) because all they do is break your weapons, and get more hearts through doing shrines. You'll feel better then!

No. 447350

Thank you anon, I will!

I played on my friend's switch a long while back and I had so much fun doing dumb mindless shit like climbing up every single mountain that I could find, I just wanna do that again LOL

No. 447356

Absolutely do that! Just ignore the game quests for now and climb up mountains. Once you get more stamina (which you can get as well once you get more shrines) you can climb up pretty much everything. If you have any more questions, anons can probably answer in the games thread on /m/. But just fucking around climbing shit, finding shrines, and avoiding everyone for the time-being is a great way to get more gear/hearts/travel points.

Delete and repost to say that if you find a shrine that is too hard, it can still be used as a fast travel point, so you can come back to it later and continue exploring.

No. 447367

How are you that bad at it even? Its an easy game made for babies…

No. 447372

Thanks!! I'll definitely check that thread out!

Bad at timing, bad at aiming, stress overtakes me easily so I button mash constantly when fighting with bad results. I also constantly forget which buttons do what lol

No. 447383

I move my hips left and right when taking off my pants. Always.

No. 447403

My boss wants to give me a raise at the end of the month!!

Too bad the Big Boss is a stingy creep and will never approve it but the thought is there and its sweet ~

No. 447439

Kinda wanna lose weight, kinda don’t care. I’m 5’5 and currently 140lbs, which is the most I’ve ever weighed. I’m starting to feel stressed about potentially hitting 150+ an starting to actually look fat instead of just “thick” lmao. My lowest weight was 118lbs but even when I was that small, I still felt big? So idk if losing weight would have any effect on my self image lolllll

No. 447464

Update: they brought me another mouse and while I was trying to catch it, it bit me. Guess I have to see a doctor now.

No. 447473

I was really, really poor as a kid and lived near an elementary school so once a month after all the other students and teachers had gone home I would go back and collect jackets and lunch boxes that kids had forgotten on the playground and distribute the stuff among myself and my 5 younger siblings.

No. 447474

lol anon why are you so willing to play russian roulette with mouse rabies? pet mice/rats are one thing but the wild ones are dirty and disease-ridden.

No. 447487

It's late in the day so the doctor's will be shut and it's almost a lottery on whether you can get an appointment anyway

No. 447490

Waaa why didn’t my parents force me to stay playing piano!! I could have grown to have long slender fingers. But no I have stubby baby hands that can’t even wrap around a standard guitar neck for simple chords wow

No. 447502

That's a really weird thing to blame your parents for.

No. 447504

it doesn't really help with that kek.

No. 447508

I've seen pianists with stubby ass fingers, callused too.

No. 447512

Your fingers are genetic and don't change ,much from childhood.

No. 447517

long slender fingers are prized among piano players because they relate to hand span and how many keys you can reach at once, that's all.

No. 447589

I've been annoyed with the overdrive app and wanted to leave a suggestion for a couple features but just wasn't sure where. Only tonight did my dumbass remember that app store reviews exist as more than something shitty games badger you to leave. lol

No. 447738

I ordered some diatomaceous earth off of Chewy no more than 24 hours ago yesterday. I didn't see them send the email until I got into work today, but they shipped it out last night so I figured I'd be getting it later this week. I just checked the shipping and it's arriving TODAY!!!

Holy shit I'm so astounded. Granted, it's probably because it wasn't shipped from too far away (about 2 states away), but holy shit I'm still amazed nonetheless. I want to send an email to their customer support that this is amazing because I've never had something processed, shipped out, and arrive so quickly before…

No. 447790

Do it. Those kinds of emails happen far too rarely in customer service jobs, and if you've ever worked one you'll know how useful they are.

No. 447796

Not to sound like Onision but some threads really do have a Mean Girls cafeteria layout with how diverse a crowd each cow attracts

Layla's thread had a lot of tumblrspeak edgy soundclout posters, like a table of girls who want to one-up eachother constantly so every interaction is so bitter and forced

Phoebe's threads are full of Brits who have solidarity in Brit slang

Shayna's occasionally gets bbygirl anons who type like her, they're the girls who wear bdsm collars to school

Momokun's table at one point was just Susu and Bunny drinking diet cokes thru straws while posting anonymously how cute they are lol

/g/ is entirely anons swapping skincare products and thinking the incels from the spam raid table are cute

someone draw us


No. 447804

>Momokun's table at one point was just Susu and Bunny drinking diet cokes thru straws while posting anonymously how cute they are
why is this so accurate?

No. 447816

/m/ is the cool asians vs the koreaboos, then we've got the cringy weebs, the holier than thou weebs, the closet fujos, and the one girl who likes GOT

No. 447822

What are you talking about? My parents forced me to play piano from age 7 to age 13 and my fingers are short and chubby (even tho I'm not fat myself).

No. 447826

File: 1565719651728.png (1.86 MB, 2550x3200, doggo.png)

Is the lolcow art discord dead? I recently switched disocrd accounts and haven't bothered rejoining.

No. 447839

File: 1565721221687.jpg (51.64 KB, 800x450, hamster.jpg)

Holy shit. Kids born in 2005 are turning 14 this year. Kids born in 2005 are about to enter high school. How did the time go by so damn fast?

No. 447843

I need that scrote character to be a meme

No. 447856

File: 1565722046817.jpg (208.86 KB, 1196x1605, thinking_man.jpg)

i wonder why dudes come here to post their dicks. what do they get out of it? it's not like its tinder where its one on one and maybe a girl will respond. why do men?

No. 447864


I can't believe there are 400-year old animals out there, alive, doing their thing since forever. WTF.

No. 447887

Its funny how they used all of these landmark historic human events to show how wildly long this shark has lived. The shark doesnt give a shit and keeps swimming and eating while we bullshit around on land. You go, funky little fish dinosaur lady.

No. 447889

I took a course in college where our final project was to do research on a specific building or place of our choosing, like its history and whatnot. It really got me thinking more and more about the history of certain buildings, and my current interest is in the Hollister building on 5th ave in NYC. I went in there once out of curiosity and I thought the inside was so cool- not any of the Hollister stuff, but the furniture in there that obviously came with the building. There were these glass cases that made it look like it probably belonged to a jewelry store or something before and I'm trying to find what used to be there before Hollister bought it but right now I'm just shifting through vague certificates of occupancy that aren't offering much information.

It's a weird rabbit hole but I'm suddenly really excited.

No. 447908

File: 1565727937218.png (228.42 KB, 496x490, 765555.png)

Mood, anon. Earlier today I was scrolling through old pictures of a vacation from 5 years ago and… it feels like yesterday. I was 19, now I'm 24. I can't believe it. Time goes by so fast it's scary.

No. 447911


Today at work I talked to a girl that told me that she was excited to go to Disneyland Paris, so I told her that I went there twice and she was like "wow, was it recently or…?" and I was like "Oh no, it was back as a child in 2000" and she looked at me "wow, that's the year I was born" and I sat there for sec and thought: almost all People born in 2000 are 19 years old wtf???

No. 447919

I was showing my friend photos from a trip and accidentally showed a porn gif I forgot I downloaded. she was cool about it but holy shit i'm so embarrassed.

No. 447928

File: 1565732095141.jpg (72.9 KB, 1024x768, turritopsis dohrnii,.jpg)

That's what I often think about trees and rocks I see outside, how many hundreds of years they've been around for, the history is all around us. Some animals are even considered immortal like pic related which just keeps alternating between sexually mature and immature phases indefinitely.

No. 447930

I feel that, it's been 5(!)years already since I graduated hs and I haven't done shit with my life. I feel so old.

No. 447951

There's some songs that I really like but I just can't enjoy them the same because I associate them with my most recent clown of an ex

No. 447956

I was born in 91 and I still feel like a teenager, but I'm nearly 30! It sucks to feel like you're getting older and everything is changing so fast you can't even understand youth culture anymore because our age group is being phased out. I don't blame boomers for hating us anymore I totally get it lol.

No. 447957

Nah bro, I was born just a year after you and I'm determined to always have an open mind towards new technology. I'm gonna do my damnedest to at least show willing to learn Neural Snapchat or whatever comes next, and keep my opinions on how technology is shaping society to myself.

I refuse to become a boomer. I refuse.

No. 447960

what are you going to do when you're 40, it feels weird to have an internet presence when you're surrounded by people half your age and younger and they make fun of you for being out of touch and cringe. I mean look at tiktok for example..

No. 447963

i don't think the generation of current 25-35 year olds really has the luxury of complacency that the original boomers did. growing up with technology, we have already had to learn, adapt and change so many times. it's just normal for us by now.

No. 447964

then just don't be out of a touch and cringe? it's not hard to stay in the loop if you even have the smallest interest in pop culture and the way it evolves.

No. 447966

Lmao you're never going to fit in with the youngins no matter how well you think you can keep up. We can however carve out our own spaces for us geriatrics out here.

No. 447969

i'm not saying anyone has to fit in with them (the zoomers are pretty cringe themselves) but just that it doesn't need to affect you that much

No. 447971

I mean its possible to keep up with the latest tech if you're not genetically prone to alzheimers or some shit but the cultural focus is always going to be on what teens like. My point is we're always being phased out and I get why older people grow bitter about it because its kind of sad.

No. 447975

File: 1565738056193.png (77.41 KB, 380x349, 1525388794348.png)

5000 iq move is to stay on the fringes of society your whole life so when you're older nothing changes that much

No. 448018

Zoomers can keep their "dabbing" and fortnite dances. I'll settle with the satisfaction that I was born into the narrow window that allowed me to enjoy a childhood before the negative presence of the internet, and still benefit from its conveniences as a teen. These dopey little shits today upload their whole lives to the internet. In 30 years time they will still be mortified at the thought the stuff they've uploaded resurfacing. Meanwhile I'll be sipping a Monster with a smug look on my face.

No. 448073

What data center do you farmers play on?

No. 448074

I just ate a whole star fruit from my tree and it was awesome and delicious and cold because it was in the fridge. Perfect for summer.

No. 448081

I'd love to grow one of those!

No. 448122

Sometimes I read a NSFW fanfic or art and suddenly this intrusive thought pops into my head: "I hate sex. I hate anything to do with it. I never want to hear about disgusting sex ever again."
Then, I get too embarrassed to keep reading or looking at the NSFW thing, and I tab out to something unrelated. I do end up going back after a bit with almost no problem, but it always happens.
Is this weird?

No. 448124

File: 1565752638001.jpg (9.35 KB, 275x275, 1563663617470.jpg)

I have been emulating a few psx games because i am stressed and kind of regressing, i had a few issues with stuttering playing Legend of mana and went on google to see if there was a fix and turns out most threads talking about it were from 2002 , 2006. Like wtf, it triggered the worst dreadful feeling on me to realize how much time has passed since i was a teenager, somehow reading the date on the posts talking about it made it more real for me, i feel like a fucking looser that wasted her life on the internet and is only good for distracting myself from how shitty i am at the real world.

No. 448129

I found out that my shitty cheap apartment complex leaves the pool unlocked at night because they are too cheap to hire someone to close it and open it. I went on a night swim from 1- 5:00 a.m. while watching a meteor shower. I went skinny dipping and had sex in the pool. I risked the infection and I don't even care how gross it was for myself or for anyone who swims next. Also great because I didn't have to worry about anyone looking at my fat cottage cheese legs. I hope I get to go again on my next weekend. Good times all around.

No. 448142

am a sanders supporter but this video still makes me cringe on Dasha's part. Dasha bothers me in general. why is this touted as a win? this is not a "win". nothing she said here was clever. this is exactly the kind of smug Brooklyn bullshit that makes me dislike and avoid young left leaning people

No. 448143

I don't know her but I'd support anyone being smug to dishonest people

No. 448144

I don't follow this podcast closely but it seems like she's at least better than Anna with her stupid contrarian takes. I agree, I can't stand this crowd of leftists.

No. 448152

She blocked me bc I liked some reply to one of her shitty takes. She's really stupid and likes to hide behind sarcasm. Trasha #2.

No. 448164

i don't dislike the viewpoints of the left. not that any could be found in the video anyways. it was shameful cringe for a few reasons: 1) her answer to "why do you like socialism?" is "i don't really want to do this" and standing around like she's owning this bottle-blonde in a poorly fitted blazer with just her presence. wow, what a burn. she couldn't even give a reason, and so it again gives the impression of young support of socialism as being seen as memetier. 2) bernie is not a socialist. bernie is not even a democratic socialist, but a social democrat. her calling him a socialist, straight up, is embarrassing. she then further humiliates the left by giving some gives a shitty answer about "eating the rich"? who is this reply meant to appeal to but smug 27 year olds living in bed-stuy or cheese-dicked leftypol faggots? god i hate new york. 3) half of venezuela is not eating rats and that's easily discredited. bernie doesn't own 3 million dollar homes, either. like she did absolutely nothing here but further cement the idea that young left leaning people are smug, latte-sipping twits and she didn't even try to say "that's not true" to any of the ludicrous claims tossed at her. the worst part of all of this is that the left congratulated her and her appearance on infowars. this video was pure cringe.

No. 448224

File: 1565767141409.png (143.2 KB, 292x296, 1564253294651.png)

Not gonna lie, whenever i remember this retarded fujo i used to be friends with up until last year i have many keks but also my day gets a little worse. Dunno what made me think that bitch was worth keeping around desu. She used to constantly beg for me to change my male OC's sexualities in chat and voice chat. She used to put this really raspy sad begging voice too.

Man, so glad i dumped all those shitty friends. They wanted me to listen when they had to vent, babble and explore their creativity, but didn't want to be there for when i wanted to. Fuckers came back crying when i left them without saying a word. Never stick with bitches who will lie to your face, but run towards you crying when you put up a defense. I'm living my best life without people that just wanna use me. Trust your gut. People who treat you like shit and only superficially support you are NOT your friends.

No. 448412

/g/ sucks

No. 448415

it can be amusing but the sad anons putting up with painful sex in the sex advice thread make me despair for this female generation.

No. 448419

I don't know, I'm more sad that there are a lot of anons in such shit relationships.

No. 448506

I feel like I've recently was slipping back into my depression, want to cry at every little thing, have felt super on edge bc of childhood fears resurfacing, and have been breaking out… then suddenly my boobs started hurting today and I realized it was just my period.

I don't bleed anymore/have occasional spotting thanks to my iud (wasn't really regular even before getting my iud so it's harder to anticipate now since spotting doesn't happen every month for me to know) but I still have to deal with everything else and every month without fail I completely forget that it's a thing that throws my whole physical and mental self in for a loop lol. At least it'll be over soon.

No. 448515

File: 1565807443675.jpg (283.03 KB, 760x560, しゃーべっと合成_R.jpg)

My coworkers brought some sweets to me and I was thinking they looked familiar so I looked it up… and it's from this expensive wagashi shop in the city…

No. 448546

I have been waiting all week to have sex with my boyfriend, as time has been getting scarce between us lately. Finally got the chance last night and he came during foreplay. Ngl definitely kinda disappointing.

No. 448559

…why didnt you continue ? It's normal for a person to come before the other but that usually means you continue the intercourse. Why couldnt he go for round two ? Or finger you? idgi ??

No. 448569

I mean we tried, he fingered me for a bit before I asked him if he’d maybe be good to like, you know, have actual sex. He said he was pretty sure he was and we tried, but at that point he definitely wasn’t going to stay hard, moment was kinda gone, etc.

No. 448615

Yum! that's really nice of them, anon

No. 448631

the older man cutting my hair kept going on and on about this dumb youtuber who was unhealthily obsessed with some fringe cult. kept talking about how dumb and shady the youtuber was. it was like being on /snow/ irl.

No. 448633

File: 1565830174448.gif (1.6 MB, 396x224, tumblr_p8vfb6eSAx1xrqgt2o1_400…)

i live in the same city as momokun and somehow have managed to avoid running into her for like 10 years despite having been to the same events and even working with one of her parents, and the other day i finally saw her. she was in front of me in traffic in the part of town she lives in and i recognized her plate. my partner gets all the lolcow gossip secondhand and was like what, really? and when we got close enough to look in, it was definitely her in the passenger's seat. i recognized her fried-ass grey hair and awful acrylic talons, she was on her phone. idk who was driving, it was really quick.

made me feel a little bit like a creep, not gonna lie

No. 448640

No shame anon I got caught gawking at laineybot in the mall (not one in either of our cities but a bigger one people travel to from all around). I recognized her but it took me a while to place her face and by the time I realized who she was it was too late and she shot me the meanest look lmao

No. 448656

I know I'm probably depressed but I honestly don't want to face it. I'm not even struggling with depression super badly: I don't want to kill myself. It's affecting me, sure,life is hard to do, and I know it's serious, but so much other stuff going on in my life is so much more overwhelming… I don't want to add depression to the list. I honestly think it's better off unrecognized in therapy because I feel other issues are more pressing and I have limited time in visits.

No. 448662

i'm so glad she didn't notice me at all! that would be a nightmare to me… though at least both these cows have reasons for non-farmers to stare at them in a mixture of surprise and horror.

No. 448693

Jared Kushner or the disgusting ass Bacarat hotel owns the building now. I work in the area.

No. 448827

It is! People will leave treats for the whole office in the kitchen, and sometimes my supervisor will come back from one of his smoke breaks with a cookie! I have such a sweet tooth and I love all food, so I'm always super happy about it.

It's funny since I'm the receptionist and in the interview they said "yeah we just don't want someone who's going to be munching on food at the front desk" but the same people are occasionally giving me snacks haha! I try my best to keep it out of view and sneak bites in case a surprise guest comes in.

No. 448830

Oh shit I work in the area too lol.

There's a public database about all property sales in NYC and I shifted through that but then I realized I probably need to find information on the tenants rather than owners and I don't think that information is going to be easy to find… The NYPL listed a whole bunch of online databases but most of them don't have the info I'm looking for and it looks like there might be more info in the physical archives so maybe one of these days I'll stop into the library and take a look. It's really frustrating going around in circles but feels so satisfying.

No. 448852

File: 1565880866277.png (243.22 KB, 601x571, uh oh.PNG)

Imagine being some kid expecting another teen titans go sucks rant only to be hit in the face with this.

No. 448869

am I the only one here who doesn't browse /g/?

No. 448879

File: 1565885711326.jpeg (342.5 KB, 750x1147, 504B5054-53B8-4D30-9AC6-E9D8FD…)

I still cry over this random reddit post sometimes lol it helps me cope idk

No. 448976

File: 1565900148068.jpg (304.17 KB, 1382x2047, MV5BMWE3MjViNWUtY2VjYS00ZDBjLT…)

A little upset that my friend ended up bailing on me and I dressed a little cute today, but it's fine because that means I get to go home and have dinner with my mom, and to make up for bailing on me, my friend said he would watch this movie with me next week!! I'm excited.

No. 449013

Devil's Candy, a webcomic I loved but stopped following as closely is having it's kickstarter for the first book and I'm so excited to buy the book!! It's such a cute comic.

No. 449015

Omg, for a second I confused this with the webcomic The Devil's Panties and had a major flashback to ~15 years ago. Now that I remember the name I can finally check up on it.

No. 449056

File: 1565918064399.jpg (37.84 KB, 791x445, moria-casan-donacion-de-organo…)

I used to want to be a gyaru in my teens until my mother saw my tumblr and said they look like Moria Casan. That's all I think about when I go through the gaijin gyaru thread lmao

No. 449060

I really wanna go down on my girlfriend, but she's on her period. It's been in my head (no pun intended) for most of the day.

No. 449071

Pop a tampon in? Business as usual

No. 449104

get some extra iron lol.

No. 449108

File: 1565937104125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.12 KB, 168x300, 09-22-08-9k=.jpg)

Since I saw this zombie snail video, I've been feeling a weird mix of disgust and fear.I remembered how humans,no matter how big and andvanced they are,can be affected by something so small that has such an impact.

It frightens me that something so small could potentially fuck me up like this.It makes me feel scared and weak

Putting a spoiler because it makes me feel sick ugh

No. 449112

It will be okay, anon. It feels like an extreme and likely fear now but with time the discomfort will pass. Don’t deny or give in to the phobia- just let it be for now.

No. 449119

Great advice. Learning about zombie ants really affected me too, but now it's grown to a dull rational level of fear eventually by just not fixating but not trying to repress it either. The natural world is spooky.

No. 449121

Im tired of current pop and rap stars not being able to do any dance move but twerking. Its not that hard to dance but you telling me the only thing they could do is just shake their ass a lil bit? No wonder none of them are as fit as the stars back in the day lol

No. 449123

I'm already chilling about it annoys thank you.It was just a sudden realization of how scary nature is and we can't even see it.I'll get back to rational levels of fear soon kek

No. 449129

Read about toxoplasma and psychosis.

No. 449135

but thats not scary. Like, I know I have toxoplasmosa and I'm completely fine with it.

No. 449176

File: 1565959990211.png (76.14 KB, 308x300, 1562930986056.png)

my fashion insta keeps getting over 100 new followers a night after i hit 2k but social media is useless for me aside from playing number games

i wonder if i can do anything with it aside from being offered sponsorships by overpriced chinese resellers but prob not

No. 449185

How'd you build followers over time, anon?

No. 449257

I started talking to this guy i met on hinge like literally yesterday and so far he is really nice to talk to. Its honestly so refreshing. Most guys turn sexual or are bad at carrying a conversation once you get off the app and start texting. Hes about 4 years older than me but not really looking for a relationship (honestly what guy on dating apps are anymore) But i genuinely wouldnt mind being his friend and getting adulting advice from him. I really want a bf since im 25 and never had one before but a big reason is because i always fall for dudes that "arent looking for anything serious….but maybe wink" Ugh here's to hoping I can at least gain a friend

No. 449264

It's sad that it's seen as so impressive to go a day into chatting without weird sexual tones entering the convo. Not having a go at you, just saying that's the low standard we have now

No. 449288

I personally wouldn't bother talking to guys who have never had a ltr and or aren't looking for one now. Only guys who've had long term relationships will make a good friend to another woman and they tend to want a relationship themselves, too. Guys who sleep around or "let's see how it goes/maybe I'll x or y" are like cardboard cutouts of men. They have no personality and just say whatever is required to continue the communication with the end goal being sex 'n ghost

If you want male friends look for ones already in or previously in ltr

No. 449294

i wear lolita and i think a good portion of the followers do too! or at least are interested in jfash stuff. having a niche helps. i just post my outfits with a few relevant tags and the first 1000 built up pretty slowly, but after that each post seems to correlate to 100-200 new follows.

No. 449302

I'm stuck between looking forward to being un-sexy to men when I'm older and hating men for not keeping their age preference proportionate to their own. I'm not even pink pilled, I just loathe that they are slaves to their lizard brains and don't even try to change their ways. It's all about their dick desires.

No. 449303

File: 1565981742471.jpg (365.57 KB, 3789x3848, j7pbdrme6ot21.jpg)

I own an exact version of that pillow that appeared in petscop. I'm paranoid for some reason now

No. 449307

Petscop makes me weirdly paranoid and anxious. I can't explain it.
Normally, I love things like it, but something about it gives me a very unpleasant feeling.

No. 449324

Azealia Banks and Emilie Autumn have the same kind of madness mixed with raw talent and strong artistic visions, but Azealia doesn't lie as often.

No. 449327

stop sucking your own dick, Azealia

No. 449332

The fuck? I was just looking through old EA shit and enjoying the old drama, and I realized her antics reminded me of AB's. Calm down.
I still want to know if she really does know about this site. I'd like to think she'd deliberately leak shit about other public figures in the celebricows thread to shit-stir and bump her own thread with fake milk for self-promo if she did.

No. 449350

i miss ea drama and ea in general. her shit was tryhard and too renfest to be anything other than trashy but she was embarassing/somewhat talented

No. 449415

god i'm glad to read that. i get so nostalgic for EA's trashy myspace edits and the weird audio quality of enchant and all her melodrama with the asylum plague rat stuff too. it's a little sad thinking that all that was weirdly meaningful to me at some point. oof.

No. 449418

what bothers me about her is that with her classical training, great education, lithe body and model face, she could've done her shtick but done it WELL, like, not having everything be totally hot topic-tier? without calling everything "crumpets", like, without all of the really bad british larping, especially because she's from fucking malibu and her well-to-do background and education should've kept her from turning into a woman with the sensibilities and tastes of a family dollar cashier? like, she could've just done a blend of genres and a blend of 'funky' and whatever, without it being so trashy and histrionic. it's too bad, because she has a nice vocal range and skill, but terrible taste.

No. 449442

I'm going to buy another weighted blanket on Amazon after the last two I got ended up leaking the glass beads. If I have any issues this time and have to lug the thing to fucking return it I'm going to lose it. I'm getting a 20lb one this time and I hope it stops me from kicking around so much without suffocating me.

No. 449518

I miss the Opheliac era so much, the music, the drama and the journals… time to give the old copy of TAFWVG a reread

No. 449533


"just take the easy way out dude, trust me, be lazy, take that semester off, gain 20 pounds, loose contact with family and friends, get a loan with shitty interest rates and forget to pay on time, i did it and it worked out great"

classic reddit advice.

No. 449567

Did your blanket come with a duvet cover? My first one didn't have one and I had the same issue.

No. 449697

My first one came with a bamboo cover, and for the second I bought a different brand cotton cover. I had a lofted bed last year when I bought them, so I'm guessing that contributed to them leaking as well.

No. 449714

File: 1566082565100.png (11.96 KB, 384x384, yakuidorei.png)

I actually love when I see some handmaiden or pick-me talking shit about women on Twitter, and then I reverse search their profile pic (usually an attractive woman) and get multiple pages of results.
Either it's a man who's too stupid to catfish well (and we know this to be common), or a pick-me who's insecure as shit (and we also know this to be common).
I sometimes consider actually using Twitter just to call these people out, but it's not really worth it.
Keep talking tough and picking at other people's appearances. You already know your own level of ugliness is so bad that it wasn't even fit for a profile picture.

No. 449739

File: 1566087174639.jpeg (58.31 KB, 600x212, 09B32425-57AA-4C34-9AA5-F31563…)

Shane Dawson just announced he has misophonia and it makes me worry that a bunch of his fans will read about it and be like “omggg, chewing is so annoying, i totally have misophonia too!!!” because they misunderstand that it’s a severe disorder. I don’t know if it’s dumb to care, but things like that infuriate me since having misophonia has meant that I haven’t had a meal with either of my parents for maybe 7-8yrs now and that certain noises have enraged me to the point of tears or wanting to hurt myself.

No. 449741

Holy shit I never considered that would be the case. Do you have any results that stand out? Like specific tweets where it turned out to be true?

I just came here to post something similar about how I noticed non-white gay men like to incite misogyny between women under the guise of "it's only okay because theyre white EXDEE!!!"

No. 449754

Reminds me how every so often in the conservative community a 'black conservative' is outed as a white guy LARPing.

No. 449761

I'm pretty sure there was an article exposing some "conservative traditional wife" Twitter accounts for using fake pictures and generally catfishing back in 2016 or 2017, but I can't find it anymore, rip.
I don't screencap or save specific instances I've seen in the wild, but the last one I noticed was some tard basically saying 80% of the women from my country are sluts, gold-diggers, feminists, etc. The typical incel shit.
I really, really wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that all the main shit-stirrers on Twitter who hide behind being a "minority" or a "woman" to talk shit are catfishes.

Wasn't there one that straight-up used a stock image and unironically said shit like "Don't you be tellin' me, sista!", trying their hardest to "sound black"? It was fucking cringy.
I'm Googling like mad but can't find any of this shit. It's annoying.

No. 449789

File: 1566098327526.png (527.61 KB, 537x540, ccvbn.png)

i hope people staying hydrated this summer. its been fuckin hot. drink some mf water. dehydration no joke

No. 449797

File: 1566101011945.jpg (114.53 KB, 257x500, the_high_priestess.jpg)

idk where to ask this so this is a good place as any, if anyone have a mega or drive link with occultism books in italian or spanish that they can share i would rlly appreciate it, its so easy to find them in english but i feel like there are books that probably haven't been translated and i dont wanna miss them

No. 449821

I'm so fucking tired of having migraines all the time. Kinda wanna kms

No. 449822

Is that card from a real deck, and do you know what it's called? Sorry, I can't give you relevant information. I'm just curious about the pic.

No. 449828

yep this is going in the dumb shit thread what the FUCK am i looking at here on google maps

at first i thought it was a horse coming at it from the left but when you get close to it it in no way resembles a horse
and i can clearly see a fucking human face on the back when looking at it pretty much head on from the right


No. 449829

and what makes it weirder is that back in 2011, the google street view car drove past that EXACT spot and there was a fire

No. 449833

File: 1566109789361.png (575.03 KB, 686x686, Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 02.3…)

It's literally a horse.

No. 449834

why is it still in the same position even with the car approaching as it is when its right up on it though like it doesnt move its weird af

No. 449842

File: 1566111206130.png (337.28 KB, 540x490, Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 02.3…)

So now instead of it "in no way resembling a horse" or "clearly having a human face" it's now too suspicious for being a stupid animal that moved too slowly for the passing google vehicle. Jesus christ anon, it's just a horse.

No. 449851

The horse is scratching its leg, how fast is it supposed to move lmao

No. 449897

The leaves have just begun falling where I live and that crisp is I'm the air… All I want to do before the summer is completely over is go out in the woods in the middle of the night and do a dance to this song around the trees..

No. 449905

Someone keeps bringing me up every now and then in threads on a 4chan board in a niche hobby thread and it's always vendettaposting and forced drama, in the style of "what do you think of anon? She's so annoying!!" or taking any discussion point to bring up how they hate me. I barely post online, never take part in drama and keep my presence very lowkey so I have no idea why someone in my hobby circles would be so fixated on hating me because I keep to myself so much and am practically a nobody. It's annoying and definitely has given me perspective on the spergy anons constantly riding some snowflake's ass for personal beef. Some people are just deranged like that.

No. 449918

canadians, how is it that you have rednecks? how is that possible? or just like, country bumpkin people that like our country music or media that's so obviously and inextricably intertwined with american culture? do they realize they're essentially posers? like, there's something to coming from a small town or farming community that can be related to across borders, i guess, but the media and crap they support is so clearly american? it freaks me out. canadians should be canadian. please tell them to stop visiting us. it's like meeting a monkey in a dress. it's weird and wrong.

No. 449931

Canadian rednecks have some semblance of their own identity.
Instead of hating mexicans, they hate natives.
They love stag and does, especially when hosted at legions.
Hockey culture.

I mean there's probably more but I (grew up in the country near a town of <5000) always thought there was a slight difference from American rednecks. I think of the Southern stereotypes first though, but we're probably pretty similar to the midwest.

It was a joke that it took 5+ years for trends to hit rural schools. Trucker hats were done in the states by the time they got popular here.

Wait maybe they are just posers.

No. 449950

I'm having a weird existential thought-trip about the internet right now lol. Like how there's a whole new reality inside something thats part of another, bigger reality. It's like how in different countries you have different cultures and communications and customs etc, the internet is like so many countries all together with their own unique style of behaving and such. But it's like an exaggerated version of the real world, everything is always slightly warped when it's online, be it relationships, pictures, personal profiles, memes etc. I don't really know what exactly I'm trying to say but does anyone else get this feeling? Like internet culture is some weird post modern thing that's a stranger copy of the real world?

No. 449966

why don't people say italiboo more often? that was a big thing people especially i think anons on this website would've picked up on it.

you remember how lady fucking gaga would always make everything about her iTaLiAn GeNeS and how italian boyzzz were the dreamiest men on earth and all that shit. what about all the boomers who are 1/16th italian and think it means they need to move back to their roots in a luxury condo in sicily/tuscany.

i'm not hating on italy but italiboos are kinda annoying and nobody calls them out for it. i've seen the term hispaniboo thrown around, there are even less of those but that term is used more often

No. 449969

because it's not a good analogy. so called italiboos are not obsessed with italian culture the same way that koreaboos are obsessed with korea or weaboos with japan. italiboos just want to use the small percentage of italian heritage to be part of their identity and make them seem more unique. the same way TONS of americans and canadians will brag about being "irish" and say things like "i'm irish and that's why i love drinking/have freckles/like potatoes!!11!" it isn't that they have an infatuation with ireland or irish culture, it's that they want to seem more unique, or special, or interesting or what ever.

No. 449985

I'm aware of the (mostly Sicilian/Southern) diaspora in the US resulting in the awful stereotypes that are Italian Americans, but I don't think it qualifies as quite the same as weebs or K-boos because usually weebs or K-boos have 0 real ethnic or cultural connection to those countries. Both phenomena are still an exercise in clawing at any sense of identity in our postmodern hellscape, but Italian Americans can at least claim to have an ancestor within the last 120 years who was logged at Ellis Island. On this note, my great grandfather did end up in America for just shy of a decade (we know he signed the immigration logs on entry) and my family have often theorised that he probably got a second wife and some illegitimate children over there before scarpering back to the homeland, and the thought that I have distant cousins in New Jersey that look like Snooki and share some of my DNA chills me to the bone.

No. 449999

Is it weird that I get irritated when someone who was kind of a dick to me enjoys something niche that I also like?
Like, fuck off. Don't try to claim it as "your" thing, dumbass.

No. 450016

File: 1566140888952.png (746.05 KB, 700x525, optimistic-opossum-new-zealand…)

YES I'm so excited!! I've been on the hunt for a PS Vita and I just snagged a used one in good condition for a really fair price. Ugh I can't wait for it to come in the mail so I can play some good ol vidya

No. 450184

What's the name of the character with purple hair dressed in a maid costume?

No. 450188

File: 1566164913386.jpg (146.35 KB, 1200x1200, a3991173962_10.jpg)

It's Yakui-san. She's a Nijiura Maid.

No. 450191

File: 1566165471768.png (454.63 KB, 738x545, loo.PNG)

from that shy.yume account posted about in the gc thread. men have literally no eyes. when able to construct the perfect cgi butt this is their ideal. it shocks me that men, even ones employees by huge companies to be blender artists, have no artistic or anatomic understanding

No. 450250

It looks botched and the hand is like a tiny child's hand too.

No. 450251

i wanted to see when i started reading here which was at the time of the marina joyce mystery, so i googled 'marina joyce missing' and the results were from this month like wtf. it's because she fucking did it again lol

No. 450359

I'm a night owl but my skin turns to shit immediately if I don't sleep early and get the full 8 hours of sleep. I hate this.

>fix sleep schedule for perfect skin

>enjoy my mf night vibes

Why must I choose… yeah I wanna pick skin bc bad skin sucks

No. 450364

That account is hilarious bad in general, all their models look like shit I did in my first few 3D modelling classes

No. 450430

Why does Britanny Venti insist she's not a sex worker and why does she make fun of so many other females that earn their money on the internet.obviously she isn't a sex worker but at the end of the day she still relies on men to pay her because I know that most of those who are donating to her on a regular basis are men since I can't imagine women giving money to Twitch streamers on a regular basis.

No. 450442

She's "not like the other girls".

No. 450464

File: 1566224129214.jpg (18.92 KB, 480x480, 1558714434431.jpg)

A couple of years ago I had something really weird happening to me.
It was late evening and I was doing something on the laptop, playing a game iirc. Then at some point it's like I lost awareness of my surroundings… then I snapped out of it, and when I did, I felt extremely confused and forgot everything I had been doing for the last hour. I kept on feeling weird, confused and scared until I went to sleep, and on the next day I had a migraine episode (I have migraine sometimes).
Someone suggested to me that it could've been a small stroke. What do you think…?

No. 450468

Tit streaming is a form of sex work and idgaf if people wanna pretend it's anyone but men giving her money for the """"content""""

No. 450469

this sounds like normal dissociation to me

No. 450475

>Why does Britanny Venti insist she's not a sex worker
>obviously she isn't a sex worker
You answered your own question.

No. 450481

>base your entire income on men being sexually attracted to you and jerking off to your appearance
>think you have the right to criticize other women for the same behavior
Doesn't add up.

No. 450484

My dog used to hate being picked up for most of her life and would even snap and bite me if I tried (I only pick her up for baths (most likely where the negative association comes from) and for when we go in/outside when the elevator isn't working (stairs were iffy for her growing up, but shes a senior dog now so it's a big no-no)). For some reason now, she doesn't really mind it and just tolerates me when I pick her up. It makes getting her in the tub and picking her up before/after a walk much easier, but sometimes I'll pick her up for a minute for two and walk around the apartment holding her because I want to hug her so bad. I know she doesn't like it so I really limit when I pick her up for no reason, but fuck, I love holding her. She's so fluffy, soft, and cute.

No. 450514


This is called a fugue, and it can be caused by a lot of different things, anon.

Possible causes:
Depression and anxiety
Drug usage

If you feel otherwise OK, I wouldn't worry about it, but if it happens regularly I would consult your doctor.

No. 450519

I actually like her videos and she stopped showing as much cleavage, but at the end of the day it's still men that pay her and I'm sure they don't pay her for her content, they just pay her because they probably fantasize about her being their troll 4chan meme girlfriend, so even if she actually puts content on the table and by content I mean commentary or whatever she does, at the end of the day she's getting paid by men that fetishize her one way or another.

No. 450560

File: 1566235695571.jpg (112.57 KB, 749x722, ECQ93UgXoAAqcwY.jpg)

I saw this on my TL being made fun but god, just looking at the image makes my blood boil. I know I'm probably looking too deep into it, but the troon vibes this gives off is nauseating. As if being a woman or a lesbian is just a dream come true and it's sooo sexy and easy.

No. 450561

made fun of*

No. 450573

File: 1566237915083.jpg (12.86 KB, 175x165, 1564772460063.jpg)

If depression and trauma wouldn't have almost completely nuked my sex drive, it would be much easier to understand my sexuality. I'm jelly of people who can be so confident in theirs.

No. 450577

this is literally a troon meme

No. 450584

but it's not like all troons want to be a lesbian anyway?

No. 450587

that's the "joke", the "but" is not considered a downside by the target audience

No. 450596

I've been thinking about this so much these past few days, almost made a similar post. I'm so jealous of people that are in tune with themselves, y'know?

No. 450710

I’ve been putting off watching the Chernobyl series for so long, because I knew it was going to make me cry like a bitch, but I finally binged it yesterday and it was fantastic, as expected (and yes, I did cry like a bitch).
But then my mind went on a tangent and I remembered the nemu thread and a thought popped into my head that she’s probably somewhere out there, making gross fetish fanart of some of the most soul-crushing scenes. Like, it legit ruined my evening, fuck.

No. 450734

Kek other anons in the tv thread came to this same thought, she's affected us all forever in her own gross way

No. 450742

i love knowing peoples secrets. i have an ex that works for someone who was revealed to be connected to a scandal that started small but got really big later on with large players involved and even though it happened a while ago it still titillates me to hear other issues crop up because of it. sometimes we will talk about office politics in relation to some of that from the past and i like to tinfoil with him about other things that could be linked to it. it borders on almost sexual but im okay with that.

No. 450753

I keep having dreams about an ex (my first boyfriend) from literally 4 years ago and the interactions between me and him in my dreams have progressively been getting more and more friendly. He hurt me a lot and I'm still kinda trying to work out some shady sexual stuff that went down but I've had probably close to a dozen dreams in the last few months alone where me and him are just totally cool.

Like last night I had a dream me and him were in school again and at first I was reluctant to be around him but I wasn't able to 'sustain' being mad at him. He had the stickers leftover on his jeans after buying them and I was laughing as I was pulling them off like
>haha silly you forgot to take the sizing stickers off before wearing them

I'm certain there are no residual feelings anymore but its just so weird to me that he keeps showing up in my dreams so long after we broke up and its always platonic, like in my dreams we're just chill ass friends, like nothing bad ever happened between us. I'm sure its some weird psychological dream thing but who knows.

No. 450755

I have kinda similar issue but I have recurring dreams in which my ex is trying to get back with me. This keeps happening for over a year. What the fuck.
It's like my past self from many years back is resurfacing when I fall asleep. I hate this

No. 450790

Thin eyebrows look nice on plenty of people!!!! certain faces cannot handle thick eyebrows, people!!!

No. 450863

File: 1566303271835.jpg (32.21 KB, 567x566, EBzB9iYX4AY6gHB.jpg)

oh my god anon are you me
i saw this on my TL and thought the exact same thing lmaooo. bitter bitches unite

No. 450867

My ex played mind games while we were together so in the year since splitting I still dream of his fucking games, the girl he dated before me would blow up his phone with texts in the middle of the night calling him an abusive shit… I thought she was crazy but I can see how his mind games got her.. tbh

I never turned crazy on him and he messages me every couple months almost like he wishes I would've stayed hung up on him lol

No. 450880

I hope thin brows come back at some point

No. 450928

File: 1566312259000.jpg (89.35 KB, 737x861, 12541092_10205541833445556_289…)

Someone mentioned 7cups on another thread and I logged into a really old email address yesterday and found an email about me deleting my kik and it made me remember that time I used 7cups. I didn't use any paid professional services from it, just talked to the free users. Experience was meh, but this one fucking dude really stood out.

I was going through a crazy rough time in my life, studying abroad in a foreign country (no one else from my school went that year so I was completely on my own making friends), and super depressed from the combination of loneliness from lack of friends and a stupid fuckboy that I got caught up with (pls no bully I know it was stupid and it's been like 3 years- I've learned to love myself now). I can't remember if this was before or after I started going to my school's counselor, but fuck man. I wish I had the brains to screencap all of it but I didn't. By the time my friends woke up (I was halfway across the world so 13 hour time difference) and I talked to them about it, this was the only screenshot I grabbed. I was gonna send more from the beginning but didn't realize that older messages would just be deleted or whatever. Looking back on it now I'm laughing because holy shit it's so cringey, but man was I crazy uncomfortable. He made me download kik and I sent like 3 messages tops, then reported him on 7cups, and deleted my kik (hence the email).

I'm also pretty sure I was hesitant to report him in the first place because he had crazy good reviews from a fuck ton of other people. Everyone was saying how he was so understanding and helpful to them… like uhh, did we deal with the same person? Anyway, I'll probably never go back to that site.

No. 450933

I can't decide who is worse: 30 year old disneyfags or 30 year old HP fans.

No. 450937

I'm pretty sure the majority of people using kik are using it for sexting and similar, obvs not everyone but that's what it really has a reputation for..

No. 450938

disney atleast tries to captivate their older audience. HP only seems interesting if you read the books and age up with them. in my experience, disney fans are more like horse girls, where HP fans are more like weebs.

No. 450942

I must've liked a pic of a disney plush or something lately cos Instagram keeps recommending all these disney obsessed toy collectors to me.. 30's women with hundreds of plushes, dolls.. spending a fortune and running out of space for them. I'm all for hobbies and I own a few childish things too but it's full on hoarding with some of these accounts

No. 450948

It was really popular among my peers during my highschool days so I just always associated it as another innocent messaging app, so I actually didn't know that! Wow, good to know lol. I don't remember our kik messages, but I'm pretty sure it was just more of me avoiding a real convo with him. He never got past dead responses from me thankfully.

No. 450986

No not thin please. Just natural, not filled into chocolate blocks.

No. 451058

I'm still angry about this one time I discovered my mother's mumsnet account. She made me out to be some horrible, rebellious teen even though I was being controlled by her heavily and was afraid of being kicked out. She also talked shit about my bf, made up stories about him and fantasized about us breaking up. He's the sweetest person on earth and I think she was jealous that knowing him gave me a huge level of independence from her. I couldn't believe she could be so insidious to manipulate the facts like that and present them to a bunch of other women who were of course going to agree with her and make her feel validated in hating both me and my bf.

This was years ago but I still can't believe it and when I feel like we're starting to get close, I remind myself of who she is and that telling her any kind of information means that she's going to run to the closest middle-aged woman for a gossip about me.

No. 451078

I feel like alot of reddit is full of people doing that, telling one very skewed side of a story and getting the sympathy of strangers

No. 451088

Yeah, that's exactly what it's like. That's why I'm really skeptical of what people post online now. I always start my advice with "Assuming this is true…" lol

No. 451101

Was about to try doing some petty revenge on some guy and have his phone number spammed with junk and telemarketers but remembered that I hate the feeling of being helplessly angry and that petty revenge won't actually make me feel better. Closing all the tabs and just gonna go watch some cute puppy videos. Fuck.

No. 451123

File: 1566340220062.jpg (73.3 KB, 605x605, hot-dudes-reading-books-instag…)

I just discovered the aesthetic "hot guys reading books" and I couldn't be happier.

No. 451154

mmmmmm words

No. 451162

To me HPfags are just cringey like weebs, but disneyfags are fucking insane. Spending so much money to visit disneyland multiple times a year? Not even including merch? Just why???

No. 451166

The drooling emoji makes me irrationally angry.

No. 451253

File: 1566366877300.png (20.2 KB, 560x300, 5B9E29DA-E592-420B-BA32-7E2A65…)

there's something about the mildly condescending contexts in which I can use emojis in that actually makes me like them

especially the party hat one for some reason

No. 451345

I see this shit all over insta, I can't tell whether these people had very lacking childhoods..or whether they were actually over indulged and babied?

No. 451555

My dog and I finally have the loving relationship that I've always dreamed of having since I first got her as a kid. She gets annoying at times and forgets the house rules, but I think it's just because she's getting a little senile since she's so old, but I'm okay with it because she's the most affectionate, cuddly dog now. She tolerates it when I pick her up and rub her face, and she always snuggles up to me at any chance she gets. The other week she slept curled up next to me on the sofa! She rested her head on my arm and fell asleep with me without being fussy!

I feel terrible because I've had her all her life but it wasn't until the past few months when I finally got to leave my hectic retail job that I started right after coming home from being away at college that I could try to be the best owner that I could possibly be. Better late than never I guess. I'm trying to make up for all the lost years, but I know I'll feel like it'll never be enough. I don't know when she's going to pass, but I hope she'll stay with me a bit longer so I can continue to love her as much as I possibly can.

No. 451647

If I lived near a Disneyland location and had an annual pass I'd probably go and just hang out too tbh. I don't really like Disney properties but the parks are usually pretty neat looking. If you already have the pass then it's just another place to go and hang out with friends, you don't need to get merch or wait in line.

Would I buy an annual pass in the first place? I mean probably not…

No. 451706

i have to bike 5 miles today n i dont have anywhere to put my phone to listen to tunes god damnit

No. 451711

Lmao, he's back

No. 451756

I've seen a whole bunch of UK based disney obsessed nuts where it's less about visiting disney (though they do that too) but more about collecting every disney toy or item that the disney store releases or disney gives a license to

It's one expensive form of hoarding and they constantly post about waiting til payday to afford the next batch of toys that they'll photograph once and then put on an overcrowded shelf

No. 451769

Similar to some funko pop collectors on youtube, it's fun to collect something but aren't we being told to cut down on unnecessary plastic while some people are collecting literal thousands of these things?

I follow a few collectors on youtube and insta that obviously live for the buzz of shopping, the second they pay for one item they're already thinking of the next five

No. 451927

Ugh, I thought I was done with having too big of a wardrobe but I have, once again, realized I have too many damn clothes. At least I'll get to donate and make someone's day but it's frustrating to always end up with too many of something.

No. 451935

File: 1566452633914.jpg (69.82 KB, 831x703, tea but depression.jpg)

>tfw you got such hot tea you don't need to read lolcow but it's about someone in your family who has fucking betrayed everyone's trust

No. 451936


No. 451938

Let it out anon. I live for family drama!

No. 451969

it's complicated but I'll try to make it as short as possible.hope my suffering is intertaining kek

>sister(teen at the time)used to lie a lot

>her shitty lies cause problems and drama
>sis eventually gets bf from the internet in a faraway country which causes more drama
>trying to hide it from my father makes things worse
>said bf eventually comes here and overstays his travel visa while trying to find a job
>all that while trying to hide him from my father btw which stresses the fuck out of my anxious+depressed self
>second time he comes around I got so stressed from this(among other things)that I got an anxiety induced seizure and went to the hospital
>sis implies for years that he is threatening her and that he is the one attached to her(she was too but not as badly)
>guy comes again(while hiding from my father ofc)and we go on vacation with him and my sister
>all this time im thinking he came here on his own and dont feel that bad about my sister ignoring him and him becoming a burden
>parents are away and sister goes out too much while hanging out TOO much with another guy and leaving her bf alone
>eventually got to talk about this with a common friend
>friend says she was lying to her about stuff and that my sister's bf was complaining about her leaving him alone,ignoring him,and texting that other guy a lot etc
>friend says the guy didnt even want to come here bc of money issues but my sister begged him and now she leaves him alone the whole day
>before ignoring him completely he wanted to break up with her but she cried and said shit like "but what am i going to do then"
>sis was implying that HE was the one who was overly attached and harrasing our common friend by texting her a lot while he was just trying to reach out
>sis obviously kept the habit of lying which became way bigger
>twists events to fit her narrative and making her bf to be the bad guy
>confronted bf about all that and he started crying.my heart fucking broke
>sis has lied to that other guy about her bf to hang out with him(and even more than that)and surely has told him other lies
>idk what/who to believe anymore
>want to learn the truth and help her bf as much as i can(considering he is honest which i think he is)
>maybe even get my sis to fucking therapy because this shit has taken years off of my life

theres a lot more to it and i emitted many parts of the story but i tried to get the main points.sorry if my greentext is shitty.

tl;dr my sister is still a huge liar and lies to friends and family to get her way by taking advantage of their tolerance.hurts people on the way

No. 452016

I ate leftover refried beans and rice for breakfast, then had red beans for lunch, and had white bean soup for dinner with brussel sprouts

these are the worst farts I have ever made in my life

No. 452054

What's with animal spergs popping up in every single damn thread to bring up how the clearly fine and not relevant pet must be suffering so greatly because of insert nonreason here

The shay thread used to be nothing but the same one or two animal spergs nitpicking the cat every second post and ive noticed it in other threads too. Unless the animal is clearly abused, stfu

No. 452059

Fatveg Pheobe thread is full of it too, she harasses people online all day long but yeah lets worry about the cat that she actually treats better than people..

No. 452081

I get a strong feeling Leah Tverly posts here, and possibly lil lunchbox too

No. 452084

agreed regarding leah. she's probably a complete sperg here too.

No. 452090

everytime someone gets sperged at for mentioning marriage or kids I think of her

No. 452091

i don't think phoebe straight up abuses her cat but she's an irresponsible pet owner for sure. it sure is convenient that her cat throws up ALL cat food except for the vegan shit phoebe gives her. I think it's likely she's exaggerating quite a bit there. Like, spend less money on nail polishes and etsy knick knacks and get her some science plan sensitive stomach from the vet.

No. 452178

Yeah that shit is annoying. There is no mandatory license program to complete before buying a pet so maybe lobby for your govt to implement systems like that instead of harassing individual pet owners about pet care…

No. 452395

This baffles me too. I know three people (childless, mid-late 20’s) who spent an exorbitant amount of money going to the US parks/doing the cruises at least twice a year. They never go anywhere else for vacation—JUST Disney. And they always stay at the parks and get multiple reservations at the special restaurants. I don’t really like shitting on people for things they like but it’s just so weird to me. There’s so much out there to see. Why go have breakfast with Mickey or whatever for the 38th time?

No. 452405

Some people like to revisit places that made them happy. Some people like routine in their holidays and there is nothing wrong with that.

No. 452419

I remember growing up when Disney was seen as a once in a lifetime trip that some kids got to go on, it wasn't seen as an adult thing or a multiple trip kinda thing back then

Now as a childless 30s woman I see others in my position having a bit of an 'inner child' that they spoil, I wonder what causes it

No. 452424


I known these women who are 30+ and still go on and on about Harry Potter and still buy the merch and save for the trips to the theme Park. The nostalgiafagging industry has become huge. Imagine you can sell the same cartoons and the same capeshit you sold to kids but to woman/manchilds too. Its an endless stream of revenue, every few years you can simply remake or remaster the same shit and sell it at full price with the same people buying it, i feel millenials are the generation that normalized this and sperging about their 80s and 90s feels is what we are going to be known about. Not even octogenarians reflecting on their death beds keep repeating "when i was a kid i remember i…" so god damn much as a fucking millenial.

Btw, aren't you excited by the FFVIII remake coming soon? :3

No. 452456

These are the same type of people who will OBSESS over The Office. The whole TV series literally becomes their personality. The show is over, give it a rest. I've seen them make the same references every month and they act like it's not old 4 years later.

No. 452539

They're also usually Pamfags, ew.

No. 452670

File: 1566556825178.jpeg (730.02 KB, 1242x1611, 8D0DB05E-4C66-4F4A-A704-EB88E7…)

End me, anons. Imagine having a kid with someone and they turn out to be a fucking pedo.

No. 452672

anyone trying to defend having a child with a man, or having any man's child is an absolute idiot and this is why. plus now like, if he does go to jail, she's not getting any financial support. it's just so stupid. men are so disgusting and are so able to compartmentalize very easily so you'd never know (though tbh i think there are a lot of red flags women write off). DO NOT HAVE KIDS WITH GUYS, EVER.

No. 452674

There was so many good things about 80s and 90s culture so its really lame when people only focus on the kiddie shit for it. Like come on those times were the best for being an adult and actually enjoying life not fucking disney and super mario bros.

No. 452685

File: 1566559507450.jpg (82.61 KB, 960x720, Most important postpartum comp…)

hardly even a pink pill opinion tbh. dumb to literally put your body through the hell that is pregnancy and childbirth to carry your bfs or husband or whatever's child, when there's a good chance they'll fuck you over, too, and being a single mother puts you at risk of falling into poverty, plus, the risk of dvt and embolisms in general, which happens to be the biggest cause of maternal death after birth, postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum endometritis, vaginal or uterine prolapse, fecal and urinary incontinence, hernias, abdominal separation, perineal ruptures, and this is all just after birth assuming you had an otherwise uneventful pregnancy, and doesn't include the obvious cosmetic changes. it takes a huge toll on the body. why would anyone want to do this, let alone for men?

No. 452690

Many women DON’T do it for men, they have children because they themselves wish to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood. Isn’t it amazing how different people aspire for different things?

No. 452696

I know plenty of women who just wanted motherhood, most of them do regret the guys they got pregnant by though..and they repeat the same mistake thinking the next guy will be different.. doesn't end well

No. 452699

comparatively few women do that, though it's a great excuse I'm sure you'll readily buy into, and even if they do, pregnancy is pretty much just self harm. if people cared about raising the next generation they'd make it their goal to adopt. it's just selfishness, self harm, and in plenty of cases, giving in to society's expectations of women and what men in general want, if not also pleasing their husbands and bfs. the "wanting to experience motherhood" excuse is often a smokescreen for selfishness and narcissism.

No. 452700

Do you honestly think women have no desires and dreams independent from men, I am not having kids for my bf I'm having them because I like being a mother jfc

No. 452701

so why aren't you adopting?

No. 452702

I'm selfish and prefer to have experienced the biological aspects of motherhood

No. 452713

Where the fuck are the kids for adoption gonna come from if all women stop ‘self-harming’, smooth brain

No. 452715

Samefag, but I’m sick of people saying that completely natural biological desires are in any way comparable to severe disorders like narcissism. Like, are the people who genuinely think this thick or something? Do you view any other species that reproduces to be narcissistic also?
We have reproductive organs to reproduce, the want to have biological children isn’t in any way indicative of a personality disorder and the people who try to claim this have pessimistic double digit IQ’s

No. 452716

nta but it's none of your business?

No. 452723

"narcissistic" is being used out of context in a lot of cases. Most humans have narcissistic characteristics since it was mandatory for us to have these characteristics in order to survive. Narcisism is a personality disorder and you must fit into the diagnosis criteria of that disorder, doing a couple of things that are considered narcissistic doesn't make you a narcissist.

No. 452725

are you like, actually retarded? like a few people doing something historically subversive would ever catch on enough to prevent ALL pregnancy? lmao. 15,000+ births an hour and showing no signs of stopping. talking about it on a Malaysian bread baking board isn't gonna touch that shit, even if more women became more conscious of it globally. even if many women saw it as unappealing, there still would be so many births thanks to religion and anti abortion sentiment, their parents/family, rape, no access to abortion or birth control, etc. but there would ALWAYS be a sizeable portion of women who would have kids for some reason or another, plenty against their will. either way, it really still is physically harmful to women and unethical for countless reasons, chiefly that a child can't consent to being born, let alone born into an uncaring world that's like, literally on fire and losing its lungs right now.

>Do you view any other species that reproduces to be narcissistic also?
this is an impossibly stupid question. as intelligent as animals are, they're not capable of human levels of introspection. you're right, actually. it isn't just narcissism, it's also stupidity. people will reproduce unnecessarily and at their detriment, to the point of existential threat. not only is it not altruistic as people claim, but literally physically harmful and pointless considering the state of the earth. congrats. if you need to justify your behavior by drawing parallels to animals incapable of long term thinking or self awareness, that's really sad.

No. 452726

This happened to one of my friends. She had a kid with a guy who later ended up in jail for stat raping a 14 year old. Kinda her fault as there were serious red flags she ignored before her decision to procreate with him, but I still feel kinda bad for her.

No. 452733

I'm definitely on the "antinatalist" spectrum, but I think sperging at people about how wrong they are for wanting to have kids is counterproductive and pointless. If people wanna procreate, that's none of our business, just like it's none of theirs that we don't want to.

No. 452738

but having children affects everyone, especially the child. if people can't see that it's fundamentally unethical and unfair because they're forcing a child to exist without being able to secure happiness, healthiness, or safety for their child and obtain consent, they shouldn't be parents. the only thing that they can be sure of is that their child will suffer in one way or another. i disagree. it's definitely a choice that affects many. and anyways, it's harmful to the mother. people don't talk about the lasting effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

No. 452749

I live in a country where the benefits for single mothers are pretty generous compared to others. For years young women would get pregnant as soon as they left school, even if the had a bf they'd keep him a secret to secure benefits. They'd have a minimum 2 kids to secure the nicest free housing .. and lately that bubble has burst.

The housing benefits are being cut for everyone and there's a shortage of properties. Now all the newspapers are full of sob stories where women are living in emergency accommodation (hotel rooms) with multiple kids, long term, and that's the kids shitty life. It's also why homeless people without kids will never get help because those moms get priority over them and the government is paying 12 month long hotel bills cos these moms won't work or even try

No. 452752


Having kids or not having kids, it all depends on the gibs.

No. 452760

I agree that if you don't have the resources to ensure financial security for a child, you have no business having one, but obviously that's not the case for everyone. And yeah, the effects of pregnancy/birth need to be more commonly known, but many women are well aware of them but want to have biological kids anyway. If people know what they're getting into and can afford kids, shaming them for wanting them is just ridiculous.

No. 452813

I am so happy my newly found husbando is getting lots of fluffy fanart and fanfics and I save every piece of anything related to him.
People able to draw or write are awesome and I love you all.

No. 452819

>forcing a child to exist without being able to secure happiness, healthiness, or safety for their child and obtain consent

You can't obtain consent from a child and that's an entirely stupid concept. I do agree that you should plan ahead and have a safe and financially secure home to raise them in. That being said, I still understand the emotional and human part of having children and would never chastise a welfare mom.

No. 452830

>You can't obtain consent from a child and that's an entirely stupid concept
I'm like literally speechless at how much you misunderstood that post. Are you ESL?

No. 452832

No source but isn’t it disproven? Haven’t read about it in years since I came to the conclusion "this shits just horoscopes" but it’s just a way to categorise personalities as made up by two psych people. I wouldn’t call it scientific. Everyone I know wants to be INTJ because that’s the calculating silent ~intellectual~ type.

No. 452833

I agree with you. When I think about all the reasons someone wants to have a child they are usually asinine. They want someone to take care of them when they're older, they want someone to love and love them back, they want to teach them things and turn them into a project, they feel like they are expected to, the relationship is getting stale and it seems like the next step to keep everything together, etc… Even worse most of the time it's just a straight up accident (obv not counting rape).

No. 452844

Out of curiosity what character is it?
I'm happy that you have all this cute fanart and fics of your husbando to enjoy, anon. I feel like most things I see of my favorite characters are so cringy or unappealing, maybe I'm just too defensive over my husbandos ha… I'll live vicariously through you lmao

No. 452850

File: 1566589322237.jpg (252.37 KB, 1453x2081, IMG_20190814_173711.jpg)

This angry fluffy boy right here. I love him and I love this game.

No. 452855

Oh cute, he's from the new Fire Emblem game, right? Literally everyone has been talking about it and I'm really tempted to get in on the hype and play it myself (especially if there's good husbando material in it, lol) but I've never played any FE games before and I'm not great at tactical/strategy type games. Would you recommend it to a newcomer of the series and genre?

No. 452856

Yes, absolutely. I played it in easy/casual mode and I feel no shame. The story is great, the characters are great, there's tons of husbandos, and once you get used to the mechanics it's pretty easy. It's my type of game though since I can take my time thinking which is the best next move, hack 'n slash games make me nervous and I end up smashing buttons and messing up everything. This one leads you by the hand at the beginning and gives you tips at all times.

No. 452864

File: 1566590868802.gif (4.23 MB, 300x225, ao9j79.gif)

>there's tons of husbandos
Say no more, I'm sold.
But for real, sounds like it lives up to the hype and is right up my alley, I'll definitely buy it now! Thanks anon!

No. 452875

Yay I'm so glad I could help. No matter who you pick, I'll be fangirling with you in my heart, anon.

No. 452904

I keep seeing this girl in my youtube recommendations. she kind of reminds me of mira if she was pretty and well adjusted.

No. 452916

I'm glad these husbandos exist. I haven't played the game but I've seen some salty dudes talking badly about these guys and Dimitri especially.

No. 452919

>scrotes mad
That makes my day even better.

No. 452929

Anon, you keep going on about how it’s harmful to women - it is, but who the fuck are you to tell them what they should and shouldn’t do? Have you considered NOT trying to enforce your morality on other women’s reproductive autonomy

No. 452930

Women are going to keep having babies, in fact I'm married and planning one right now. Stay salty anon.

No. 452964

No idea why Dimitri gets hate when he's best boy. I love anything that makes scrots mad tbh

No. 452965

Bless this gif. and good vibes to you all, anons!! I'm getting fire emblem tomorrow and i'm pretty excited for the husbando squad.

No. 452977

i finished writing a book series recently that went way beyond what i ever thought id be able to produce as a writer, and looking back on the first books to edit them, i'm for the first time ever actually proud of them and excited to edit them and show them to people. i've put a lot of work and passion into it and i think it really shows. the one person i trust enough to read them is very emphatic that they'd be successful, and that person reads a lot so i trust their opinion.

but i'm still too anxious as a creator to show anyone anything that isnt polished to perfection (though the few times i have, its gone well) and it feels weird to brag to people i know about it so here i am lolcow


No. 452980

I just learned about a camp that teaches kids to be YouTubers. what is this timeline

No. 452982

I'm proud of you anon, that's cool as fuck.

No. 453013

What type of animal is that in the OP pic that the cat is looking at?

No. 453031

File: 1566626520398.jpg (132.65 KB, 675x1607, 773c3698ef7583a0799e2678be57c6…)

For some reason I still breakout in hard laughter for minutes when I get remembered about fucking Markiplier and those pesky LA Gangs. The other night I woke up my boyfriend because I was laughing so hard. Just the fucking Markimoo thing. The fact some fan thinks he's in danger and gonna hang around these gangs. God I love it all.

No. 453039

I'm pretty sure it's a sugar glider.

No. 453114

Oh god that sounds like a cult. What's it called?

No. 453152

I really hate this

No. 453157

File: 1566657401793.gif (4.41 MB, 480x368, OUUUGH.gif)

>she's eating the fucking shells

No. 453166

rofl this is so retarded. they also chose to live in that shithole LA.

No. 453180

LMAO that's actually kind of adorable how they're so sheltered they don't understand even remotely what gangs are for or what a gang war is. They really think it means they're gonna go kill some Youtuber famous for playing Five Nights at Freddy's.
>Someone tag all of the grumps!!!

No. 453189

is this bait ?

No. 453195

File: 1566662615141.gif (4.39 MB, 626x309, markimoo.gif)

I love the Markiplier vs LA Gangs meme

No. 453219

File: 1566669332266.png (86.82 KB, 600x450, 906.png)

This is fucking hilarious, I can't

No. 453222

A few years back I frequented a forum that had gossip-y threads on local cows and one of them seemed a bit unnecessarily mean and obsessed, given that the supposed cow wasn't very milky.
Now that discussion has moved to a local chan where you can see thread-specific poster IDs if you have a paid account. The posters themselves don't seem to realize that and it's just amusing to see that it's just 1-3 people pretending to be a much bigger crowd, they answer themselves and double post etc. so I'm assuming its a vendetta of sorts, just boggles my mind that they have kept that up for years when the cow herself is boring as shit.

No. 453287

Met some woman on a popular FB group for my city and talked a bit since she’s moving here next year. She started oversharing to me really early on and has made some nutty posts. I kind of want to keep her as a FB friend just to see the bizarre things she says, but I also kinda just wanna nip it in the bud cause she seems a little cuckoo.

No. 453323

it has always amazed me that anachans are so willing to post body checks of themselves in underwear or nude online and be cool with it. even back when the phenomenon took off, maybe they felt safer because it wasnt such a large thing? but now with instagram, people are just too stupid to leave off their personal info so now they basically stick their nudes out there just because they want confirmation that they are doing just fine with their issues.

No. 453325

So I got my wisdom teeth removed about 2 or 3 weeks ago, and while I can eat normally, I cannot open my mouth very wide. I already had a small fucking mouth so I worry how this will affect my BJ giving capabilities as well as dentist appointments. I don't think I have lock jaw, cuz the bone/gums are still healing so I guess only time will tell if I can shove a banana in my mouth??

No. 453328

File: 1566688934685.png (355.75 KB, 1326x373, i miss it.PNG)

Old dilbert had the better art style

No. 453331

God thank you anons I'm laughing again

Wasn't there a similar thing going on with BTS or some other kpop group a few months ago? Some violent shit was going down in some neighborhood and they were touring that city a few days and fans were like "BTS PLEASE BE SAFE. TELL THEM IT'S OKAY TO DELAY THEIR CONCERT IF THEY NEED TO"

No. 453335

File: 1566689796029.png (1.28 MB, 3643x2048, PhotoGrid_1566688034625.png)

I saw "Disconnect" a few months ago and I really liked it. There was this scene where a camboy is talking to a woman about his job and she says something like "why would you sell yourself??".

So he starts asking her how much would she accept for fucking a homeless/hobo guy. She settled on 5 million (?) and he smiled saying "everybody has a price" (pic related).

Would you accept the money? Any amount is valid. Do you think you have a price?

PS: There was a girl I asked this question who said "are you implying homeless guys are gross????". I keked too hard when she asked that, I guess she wanted to be ~uwu smart and understanding~.

No. 453430

>>453335 what kind of fucking are we talking about here? With protection, piv, anal, what? I wanna say 10 milli, would donate a shit ton of it and still live comfortably. My broke ass irl would think 1M would be more than enough to live comfortably till I call it quits. Final answer is 1M, haggled down from 10 lol.

No. 453457

File: 1566712472745.png (437.53 KB, 500x566, IMG_20190825_085224.png)


>Tfw you try to break up your manipulate sis from her LDR bf who she abuses to shit yet he keeps having hope and you doubt yourself too

No. 453471

File: 1566716857149.gif (65.6 KB, 576x799, 20120624.gif)

i dislike when people say "___ is a grown ass adult!!" as if that means they're necessarily capable of thinking clearly. most adults are not especially intelligent, knowledgeable, or mature. and unrelated but lots of people have experienced abuse that prevents them from maturing, and plenty of people in general are just impulsive and immature. most 50 year olds i know are not self aware.

No. 453496

Even emotionally stunted/abused people know basic right from wrong. You would literally have to have the mind of a 6 year old child to not be able to grasp that.

If this is about Lainey, as I suspect it is because this same exact shit is coming up in the onion thread regarding pedogate, she absolutely knew that engaging a minor in romantic/sexual talk was wrong.

No. 453667

Does anybody else also feel strangely guilty whenever they're attracted to a person younger than themselves?
For me it's really extreme, I'm always worried that they might think I'm just a disgusting and creepy hag, even if we only a have a months difference. It's especially bad if I find out that they date(d) a younger girl…

No. 453688

File: 1566750773623.jpg (270.14 KB, 500x698, original.jpg)

i can't look at andy biersack or listen to black veil brides without thinking about onion boy and cracking up hard. thank you for ruining my emo phase's group greg.

No. 453694

im annoyed too by people who screech about ~literal grown adults~ to make a point, but this state of mind at least sets a standard to reach, as opposed to self indulgent self care mental health bullshit (which did me more harm than good when it first emerged as I was a teen, and I'm one of those traumatised stunted adults).

No. 453696

Prob cuz they dont see their bodies as sexual, but just as a thing to control. I mean some of them are ana in the first place cuz theyre trying to make their bodies unsexualized. Still a really dumb trend and there are men out there making use of their safe tumblr space underwear selfies.

No. 453699

A lot of them thought that their bodies weren't sexualized because they lacked any curve aka what they consider as fat. Maybe they thought they were truly just in a competition with other women to be thinnest.

What they didn't account for is male pedophiles and how they are extremely attracted to frail bodies that have been stunted to look little. And they know just how to manipulate and neg women who are terrified of gaining weight too.

No. 453702

I only get annoyed when people use "grown ass" in context of talking about someone relatively young, say early 20s.
I don't really consider people true adults until they're established and in their 30s. It's really stupid to be so harsh on people who for the most part are finally finishing their educations, are figuring out their living situations, and working on relationships. There's ten times as many expectations and responsibilities that young people are expected to have today as opposed to young people 100 years ago and that's a fact.

No. 453734

This makes me wanna barf. Nothing disturbs me more than Onion's ~soft emo boy uwu :3~ posturing.

No. 453795

So apparently there are people out there who don't need friends? Do you guys think this is true? I am so jealous.

No. 453813

Sorry for the incoming blogpost but I can kind of relate to that.

I haven't had a friend since I was around 15 and I'm 24 now. I don't know if I would say I don't 'need' friends but I hardly ever think about it anymore and have no desire to try to make any. It's just more comfortable to be alone because it's how I've always been as an adult. I don't have a great life or anything and am pretty sad but most of my negative feelings stem from career failures and being ugly/inferior, not from not having friends. Although it's probably all related. The main negative thing is that I feel like I'm emotionally stunted from not having normal friendships/relationships, so if I ever tried again it would be hard to form bonds.

Even if someone doesn't need friends or prefers being alone I think they would still benefit from having friends. It just seems like part of being a well adjusted human being. Basically what I'm saying is that eventually you get so used to not having any that it feels like you don't need any because you've made it this far without any.

No. 453851

I'm kind of jealous of you. A larger reason I felt suicidal in the past is because no one wanted to be my friend. Now I have made more friends and I feel better, but I'm always worried about how I'm liked and how I will maintain friendships in the future. I also feel like I am spending tons of money and effort on maintaining friendships as a result. Again, I just feel so jealous of people who say they don't need friends.

No. 454122

File: 1566839528947.jpg (201.26 KB, 1200x1689, pug.jpg)

I fucking love holding my dog's head like this. She'll rest the weight of her head onto my hand, and sometimes her tongue is sticking out and when I feel its tiny wet coldness on my hand I want to cry over how much I love my dog. I think she hates it when I do it, but she's tolerating/indulging me in it lol.

No. 454134

File: 1566841496222.jpg (45.28 KB, 564x564, d0edf671876bcd680ac8d5c1a246f6…)

I just got back from Starbucks, the barista was so damn cute. Normally, I might of said hello to him, but I ordered online and he was busy with other customers so I got my coffee and left. It's nice to start to feel things for other people again, especially after a previous bad relationship where I was ghosted… for a barista. I've been really depressed these last couple of months, and feeling that way for the first time in almost a year was nice and bittersweet.

CUTE. Good post OP. My doggo doesn't like when I hold her head up, but she still loves neck scratches or to rest her head like this on my thighs when she wants attention.

No. 454138

I just had a flashback of this younger guy who forcefully tried to be my friend and wait outside my classes in college all the time. But whats bothering me is that he'd make fun of my laugh every single time we spoke, multiple times in a conversation, and mimic it too. I think that was my first incel experience lol, simultaneously being obsessive while absolutely hating me.

No. 454153

I was prescribed fentanyl patches today for my overwhelming chronic pain, and I am so afraid after putting on the first patch i might overdose…

No. 454154

my steady dieting of redbull, cigs, and vomitting has left me feeling like shit but my overwhelming urge to not live won't let me change

No. 454209

I don't care about money beyond practical need so wouldn't fuck anyone for any money…. but my first bf was living out his car when we first fucked so I guess my price is $0.

No. 454254

File: 1566859954624.png (560.3 KB, 600x600, 1513772753478.png)

Lolcow has really inspired me to become an 'independent' woman of sorts. I think I'm in a better place in my life now because of the politics here, unironically, even if I disagree with some of you.

No. 454399

File: 1566878738273.png (469.79 KB, 500x700, large.png)

Wholesome anon, I agree. Although I've always been sort of radfem without actually knowing what it was, I repressed those feelings because I got shunned when I shared my views when younger. To see an entire website with threads dedicated to women who've observed the same or similar experiences to me is such a relief, and has added so much more confidence in myself to move away from the dogma I grew up in, relying on a man.

Blessed Korrasami post.

No. 454441

File: 1566888488522.jpg (27.95 KB, 493x340, 9388ef61728ed8288ca82615f44f21…)

my nervous system is in shambles but i can make a really good netflix series out of whats happening to me

No. 454460

I'm glad LC has done something positive for someone other than providing lols.
Those Korrasami posts make me nostalgic.

No. 454480

I had a glucose screening test this morning to see if I have preggo diabetes. You basically have to fast for 12 hours and then they'll make you drink this disgusting glucose syrup drink, after that you'll just sit in the waiting room area for a couple hours and they'll run some blood tests every hour.
I drank the nasty sugary shit, sat down, started seeing black and almost passed out, ended up projectile vomiting all over myself and the other people in the waiting room. Obviously couldn't continue the test so I decided to go to eat something so I could go home without passing out.
Went to McDonalds, ended up throwing up on myself and my tray twice and had to call my bf to get me. I also said "you too!" to the waitress when she told me to enjoy my meal.
I wish my belly at least was bigger so people that saw that could just pass it up as a pregnant lady doing pregnant lady shit, but I literally looked like a hangover bum/junkie. Ah well.

No. 454483

those korrasami fanarts are so cute
it's a shame the couple was a rushed decision to satisfy the fandom rather than a nicely thougth out couple to represent lgbt

No. 454501


I’m so sorry that happened to you anon! I have mine in like four weeks and I am not looking forward to it. You’d think they could come up with a better way to check for that nowadays. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.

No. 454519

File: 1566912362228.png (7.99 KB, 259x194, english.png)

i've been learning english for like 4 years now and i have always practiced listening and speaking with the american accent. now i'm talking with a mix of my own language's accent and an american accent. my friend has been practicing with the british accent so he adapted to more of a british accent. i've lately been listening to some british and australian podcasts and i kinda think "damn, i wish i studied these accents instead". after getting so used to speaking with an american accent, my attempts at british accent sound extremely forced.

No. 454520

the australian accent is so ugly… british accents are ugly too imo but most people really like rp english for some weird reason so i'd say that's most desirable of all if youre going to try to switch

No. 454525

File: 1566913207163.jpg (149.01 KB, 1197x1021, 208jgb.jpg)

Fuck, I'm a day late now, but happy international dog day! Ugh, your dog sounds so cute. Growing up, my dog was never that affectionate, but now that she's old as shit she'll wander over to me for pets and loves to sit under my legs. A few weeks ago she fell asleep in my arms for the first time while we were chilling on the sofa.

No. 454526

File: 1566913530410.gif (1.08 MB, 220x224, tenor.gif)

I'm looking through local listings for cats up for adoption and actually burst into tears because I love animals so much and want to save all these cats. I want to adopt a senior cat so badly but my anxiety makes me hesitant to take on the commitment of caring for another living being. God I wish I was one of those people who didn't really care for animals, my heart feels so empty without a furry friend.

No. 454530

File: 1566913784124.jpg (76.27 KB, 800x769, IMG_20190617_000200.jpg)

I finally finished collecting sources for my thesis. Not everything will be needed and I will have to search new stuff while I write it, but at least is the first step!
Wish me good luck, everyone

No. 454534

American accents only sound good if they’re the standard tv accent

No. 454543

Does anyone else see "uwu" and read it as "ooh-woo" in their head? I know it's supposed to be a cat mouth with closed eyes but I just hear "ooh-woo" in my head whenever I see it.

No. 454546

No that's what I hear too, that's how me and people I know have pronounced it aloud

No. 454547

File: 1566915882973.jpg (31.89 KB, 704x400, uguu-`1.jpg)

I hear some disgusting cutesy anime sound in my head when someone writes that.

No. 454552

like 90% of americans have the tv accent tho anon

No. 454556

Good luck anon!!! Haha, reminds me of when I did my undergrad thesis. I got stuck in a seminar for shit I didn't really study (I majored in International Relations and usually the seminars are pretty loose and vague, but of course the semester I had to take it to graduate on time they decided to make it ONLY ABOUT LATIN AMERICA). I procrastinated hardcore out of frustration and anxiety, barely did my readings, and ended up printing out hundreds of pages of studies to speed read through in the last month and ultimately wrote my entire thesis in 3 weeks. I got an A- on it but I'm pretty sure it's because my professor didn't even read it- it's a fucking abomination. I'm embarrassed I even submitted it. I really hope you'll have a lot better of a time than I did!

No. 454557

Just reached for the toilet paper only to realize this is my last roll and there are only a few squares left.

Wish me luck.

No. 454561

O-oh no anon…

No. 454566

Make it last anon, use the cylinder if you have to!

No. 454594

None of the ones I’ve come across have had the tv accent and a fuckton of youtubers don’t have it either. Maybe they just don’t sound the same when it’s not tv, but it’s the only way I can stand them - it’s the worst accent to hear when coming across tourists, they’re always obnoxiously loud too and won’t shut the fuck up about America (why are they even here if they’re just gonna keep comparing the country they’re visiting to their holy land of freedom??)

No. 454611

My girlfriend thinks it's funny to record me when I sleep talk (have been doing it off an on since I was a kid) and play it back for me to see if I remember what I was talking about. Last night, around 3A.M(?) I sat straight up and very clearly stated 'We need to get up now.' I don't even know what I dreamt of.

No. 454618

tell him, anon! communication is key!

No. 454619

oh wow

No. 454622

Me and some friends were talking about how we feel about boyfriends watching porn, and one who's gay started going on about how it's natural and said she hasn't met a single guy who doesn't enjoy it. She also said girls who are against it are way too up-tight and just wrong.
I got annoyed at that, so I was like "Aren't you a lesbian? Stay in your lane" half-jokingly. Everyone went silent, then she said "Isn't that sad? The lesbian knows more about men than you", and I just responded "Evidently not" and someone just changed the subject before it got too heated. Things were kind of tense after that.
One of our mutual friends later texted me saying that she thought the "stay in your lane" thing was fucked up and I should apologize for the sake of peace, but I didn't reply. I don't see anything wrong with what I said.
She doesn't date men. Who the fuck is she to tell us what we should put up with when it comes to them? I do kind of wish I hadn't said that, but just gone full pink pill, told her porn actively harms women, anyone who supports it is disgusting, and to fuck off with her libfem bullshit. But I don't think anyone in the group would've supported me on that, they don't know much about this kind of thing and a lot of them are also libfems.
I'm still somewhat pissed. Who was in the wrong here??

No. 454626

The stay in your lane bit was over the top. It's especially dumb because you were in the right, and you ruined it with saying something that an old dude would say. It's one of those moments like you were in the lead in Mario cart, and you blue-shelled yourself by saying something dumb, and now you're pissed off that people passed you by? Gotta take the L on this one, and try to be more articulate next time.

No. 454629

I think that porn from decades ago could be referred to as natural when boys didn't know what a woman even looked like naked and photos in a magazine answered their curiosity, the porn that we have today is far from natural

'stay in your lane' was a poor choice of wording though, I can see how it came off as harsh

No. 454631

It's really none of her business what other women won't accept in a partner. She only says that stuff because she won't actually have to put up with those men in a relationship. Don't apologize for disagreeing.

No. 454634

You're both in the wrong here, however…

>She doesn't date men. Who the fuck is she to tell us what we should put up with when it comes to them?

I can't "this" enough. She was being a huge bitch, much moreso than you. Lesbians very rarely have to deal with pornsickness in their partner and my guess is she's never even seen enough porn to know how horrifically abusive and cruel to women it is. I think you should apologize for saying it so harshly, but also point blank tell her she also needs to apologize for dismissing your feelings on a subject she actually DOESN'T know anything about like she thinks. Explain that while "stay in your lane" was a mean way to put it, she doesn't know what it's like to date a man who regularly looks at porn. Explain to her how it negatively impacts your sex life tremendously: men having issues with getting hard or cumming, men expecting/pressuring for things you don't want to do, needing to hurt women to be aroused, thinking women should look like blow up dolls, etc. Not to mention how it's an industry fueled by desperate women selling their bodies in the most degrading ways. Tell her to do some actual research into how former porn stars feel about the industry.

No. 454636

think this anon worded it nicely, yeah, you were in the right, but you ruined your own argument/chance to turn others by the "stay in your lane" comment as now you've come off as slightly unhinged/homophobic.

or she could be one of those normie/libfem lesbians who are alright with mainstream porn. tbf the friend does come off as a bitch but like so does OP.

No. 454637

You were right and she was acting like an asshole for putting everyone else down over a problem that she will never experience. Also that confirmation bias lol, she really thinks she knows the masturbation habits of every single man she has met? Studies don't lie, porn users/addicts vastly overestimate how many other people are porn users/addicts. There are plenty of men who don't use porn and know how disturbing and unhealthy it is. Your friend probably only thinks you calling her out was haram because you mentioned her being a lesbian which is stupid because context matters.

No. 454638

>Your friend probably only thinks you calling her out was haram because you mentioned her being a lesbian which is stupid because context matters.
Exactly. I'm sorry, but the fact this was coming from a lesbian just makes it so much more idiotic than it if were coming feom a straight girl because wtf does she know the subject?

Also, she comes off as one of those NLOG lesbians who thinks all men see her as "one of the guys" and are gonna be super open with her about "locker room talk" type shit like they do with their closest male friends.

No. 454641

imo you were in the right but your wording was too harsh and could easily lead to misunderstandings.

No. 454644

My best friend sleep talks a lot. Once when we were roommates in college, she said the freakiest shit. It was late at night and she had already gone to bed, the only light on was my desk lamp and I was working on an assignment when she suddenly laughed. I thought she was awake so I said "what?" since she sounds so clear when she sleep talks that she sounds awake, but she didn't answer. Then suddenly she said "why's there a child in here?" Absolutely freaked me the fuck out.

I asked her about it the next morning and she said she had a dream where she was in a classroom teaching some kids, but had to change in the classroom for some reason? They moved the kids out so she was supposed to be alone, but one kid got in and that's why she asked lol. Usually it's harmless nonsensical thing, but this one time really freaked me out.

No. 454651

You're absolutely in the right.
What would we say to gay men being opinionated about women? That they should shut it because it's none of their business.
So why should a lesbian be allowed to give you unsolicited "advice" when it comes to relationships with men - something she has zero knowledge about? She was basically backstabbing you by trying to teach you how to be a good little straight woman.
Your friends are likely only trying to fish for woke points by being on the side of the lgbtblahblah "victim", no normal woman would be okay with her partner jerking it to others. Saying "all" of them do that also shows how lowly she thinks of men, including you and your friends boyfriends.

No. 454668


Automatically discarding opinions from LGBT people is a good habit i like to keep. Never loose sleep over it, they feel entitled to talk over everyone and are objectively wrong about almost everything ever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 454680

Is it just me, or does a lot of the dancing in KPop seem super stiff? Especially with female idols.

I didn’t really notice it till obnoxious armys on Twitter started spamming literally every tag with gifs of it. But I was watching a video of Normani dancing at the VMAs last night and she looks way more fluid and skillful with her moves than most of the Kpop artists I’ve seen. I’m not saying Kpop idols are bad dancers but rather the choreography seems to be lacking. Like they just move their arms and hips around and call it a day.

I’ve only seen quite a few gifs so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but it’s something I’ve noticed.

No. 454686

>Automatically discarding opinions from LGBT people is a good habit

Homophobe-chan is back, I see.

No. 454694

I dont want to 'not all lesbians' but your friend just sounds like a cunt tbh. I'm a lesbian and would be 100 percent against dudes watching porn. I talk to my straight female friends all the time and listen to their guy problems. i wouldnt put them down.

i dont think anyone was right in this situation, tbh. dudes watching porn is disrespectful and gross no matter what

No. 454696

Automatically discarding opinions from Homophobe-chan is a good habit i like to keep. Never loose sleep over it, they feel entitled to talk over everyone and are objectively wrong about almost everything ever

No. 454704

As someone who did competitive dance as a youngin, the choreography IS lacking. Shake hips, do a hair flip, add some arms. Walk from one formation to the next.

The dances are made so that they look flashy, but they don't expend too much energy as to be out of breath for singing (not like that matters). The dances are more like cheer routines than actual dances.

No. 454831

i consider myself a kpop fan, but the kpop critical thread is more up to date on kpop news then anyone else i know in the fandom. its nuts.

No. 454839

this is why i read all the stuff from there even tho im not into kpop anymore.kpop sites also have filler shit like "5 idols who are real anime bois uwu" or "pictures that prove that x idols rocks negative rainbow hair" or some shit
at least the critical thread has the important shit plus the occasional nitpicking

No. 454851

I can't remember the exact article but I came across one that was really powerful and interesting - about how popular culture and tv shows and such dictate and control us and how they essentially become our personalities. And one of the comments on the article said her philosophy was to "create more, consume less" and it just really stayed with me because it's so true. I find myself more happy creating things like drawings or stories than mindlessly consuming media for hours on end, especially if it's low-brow. I found it empowering in this culture of rapid consumerism where's its encouraged to be fed and spoilt and keep asking for more because you're not satisfied. Idk, I just thought it was interesting to write down, the notion has really effected me over the weeks for some reason.

No. 454852

I really like this idea. Thanks anon.

No. 454927

as a lesbian i thought your joke was absolutely fine, she's an uptight cunt
but to be honest that's kind of part of this generation nowadays, you could have expected it to not land well
sucks, but not surprising

No. 454950

I grew up in Ireland and as a kid I had a few friends with full on american accents, they watched so much TV that their accents were more influenced by TV shows than by where we were living..

No. 455061

ive had ignition stuck in my head all day. things arent going well

No. 455157

nigga you just dozed off

No. 455377

I'm so close to paying off my student loans. I'm so grateful my parents don't make me pay rent or even my own cell phone bill, so every paycheck I can afford to put half of it towards my loans. I calculated how much I should have left by the end of this year and it'll be about $600 if everything goes smoothly. I want to ask my parents to just help me pay that off (or even just half of it) as a Christmas present to me, but I know they hate just giving me money instead of actual presents. It's not that much so I'll probably just blow a whole paycheck on it or dig into my savings to finish it off. It doesn't really matter if I pay it off at the end of this year or not, but it was a personal goal for me to finish and enter 2020 with zero debt and I'm determined to do it!!

No. 455382

File: 1567087381804.png (24.13 KB, 213x132, 56800893_626891294419462_90672…)

>>455377 congrats anon

No. 455388

I'm in the process of moving but I'm super constipated and I don't want to have to do any fucking work until I finally get to shit. Please send good energy so I can poop.

No. 455401

poop spell for anon! hope ur bowels relax and good luck moving!

pls no ban just having some fun

No. 455410

I know people fucking shit on crocs all the time but I bought a pair of flip flops from crocs (against my will- it was the end of summer and no place was selling flip flops in my tiny feet size in the specific color I needed) and holy FUCK are they comfortable. I know it's all in jest and their flagship shoe is butt fucking ugly imo, but damn they're comfortable as fuck and I want more.

No. 455426

File: 1567097488327.jpg (31.64 KB, 526x300, 1566840427446.jpg)

I almost completed a list of video games I've beaten until now since childhood and it seems I've beaten over 100 games so far. I think it convinced me to not buy anything else until I'm done with my backlog more than anything else.

Regular crocs are really comfortable too, the only reason why I haven't bought a pair yet for when I stay at home is literally just the price tag.

No. 455449

don't post emojis. period. if everyone posted them "just having fun" then everyone would post them.

No. 455452

Same. At my local shoe store crocs are sold at the same price as normal shoes, like 40 bucks. It feels like a waste buying the.

No. 455453

File: 1567101656414.jpg (51.29 KB, 640x359, ovfi91f3f8j31.jpg)

Anyone have any tips for entertainment when you have no electricity for 3+ days? Hurricane is coming.

So far I have: books and uno.

No. 455461

Been through a few hurricanes, including one that flooded my entire city for weeks. I suggest you charge any portable game systems you have, buy crossword puzzles/sudoku/etc books (they’re cheap AF), board games, work on any goals you have for yourself that doesn’t directly need electricity, tamagotchis, shit like that.

No. 455462

I secretly like Lizzo a lot

No. 455467

If you go outside at night when there’s no electricity and the sky’s clear it’ll look amazing.

No. 455500

i like lizzo too, and the line

>if you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl

in "Like A Girl" lowkey validates me as a slightly GNC woman, who feels deeply tied to womanhood but is rarely treated like a woman, but I know it's just tranny pandering.

No. 455514

My highschool spanish teacher passed away about two weeks ago. My highschool was super small so everybody knew everybody. In my years there, I took multiple classes with the same teachers year after year because that's just how it was, and you get really close with them. I only got to have her as my spanish teacher for one year so I wasn't the closest to her, but she knew who I was anyway even before I was in her class. It's just… so sad. Everyone in my highschool felt like family, so it feels like losing really distant family. Knowing that she was probably planning out lessons and now that her new kids won't be able to experience the whirlwind of a person that she is makes me sad.

Her wake is this Saturday. I feel weird going since I wasn't that close to her, but I had a dream last night where I went. I saw some friends there and we started crying, absolutely bawling our eyes out.

No. 455549

File: 1567118420310.jpg (58.22 KB, 540x538, 1566219284547.jpg)


Save Audiobooks and music to your phone and stock some power banks.

No. 455554

F5 for Florifarmers.

No. 455561

what the fuck is up farmers

No. 455562

it doesn't hit for another 2-3 days right? stock the fuck up on power banks honestly. our brains are fried, you might go nuts without electronics. they might be sold out locally but amazon prime might get some to you on time. Podcasts and puzzle games keep me going when I don't have internet for long periods.
Also, adult coloring books and books like Wreck This Journal in addition to the things >>455461 mentioned.

No. 455569

I'm really sorry to hear about your teacher. You should attend because sometimes you presence is enough. even if you dont stay the entire time.

No. 455571

The usual, crying and listening to LCD Soundsystem

No. 455588

I wonder if I have BPD. I recently saw someone bring up the term "splitting." I looked it up and that's exactly what I experience with my close friends and bf. I go from enjoying being around them to hating them very quickly in short amounts of time. On occasion small things like them not smiling or saying thank you when I do something for them set me off. I never take it out on anyone, except for going silent as to not hurt anyone, but sometimes I feel very bitter and angry and I don't know why. I have good self-esteem and I love myself, but if I feel like I'm being taken advantage of it (even when logically I know I'm not) it pisses me off

No. 455591

Feeling a little morose because my friend is leaving to his city again (was visiting), and I'm worried about not getting employed…

No. 455598

Hate to break it to you but if you get that insecure about not being told thank you or feeling like you're being taken advantage of even if there's no evidence to suggest that you are, then you don't have good self esteem.

Obviously I don't have the whole story (and I'm not a doctor anyways) but you can have symptoms of BPD without actually having it (just for example, having a bad self esteem along with anger issues and mood swings doesn't automatically mean you have BPD) and splitting can sometimes be a stand-alone "ego preservation" mechanism and it most likely is if you don't have any other of the life-damaging symptoms of BPD, either way talk to a professional.

No. 455614

I'm just paranoid because I've seen a lot of close friends and couples grow apart because they've grown too comfortable and don't make the effort for each other. And I get a little scared when people close to me may appear to do the same, it's not that I have bad self-esteem but I have trouble trusting people to do the right thing. Normally I don't care much about other people but these are people I've known for years

No. 455664

Hey I love LCD Soundsystem anon! What's your favourite song?

No. 455707

Yesterday my mom and I talked about women who don't shave and she told me that her uncle loved a certain girl because she had really dark long leg hair, he said that's really "racy"…
I can't stop thinking about it, on the one hand that's so disgusting to me, but on ther other hand good for the women back then…?
She also told me that her american aunt was horrified that european women didn't shave (that was back in the 70s/80s). I really can't imagine how it would be if that was still the norm nowadays.
Sorry just wanted to share that, it's been on my mind ever since lol

No. 455715

as a woman with dark leg hair, that's hot and I await my dark leg hair loving prince!!! (kidding, but really, it is cute)

No. 455721

Not much, I'm just at home doing nothing on the internet, what about you?

No. 455722

I wish I was born back when women weren’t expected to be bald babies

But I guess I have access to abortion now, can’t have it all

No. 455735

huh so apparently black lesbian couples overwhelmingly seek white sperm donors


No. 455756

As a bi anon I totally get what your uncle means because I swear my brain just goes haywire when I see women with dark thick body hair. It's really attractive to me, I think it's so fucked up that most men today don't find signifiers of being a healthy post-pubescent individual attractive.

No. 455772

Another bi woman here, also find body hair on women attractive. To me it's like a sign she's bold, thinks for herself, and doesn't let herself be bullied by nonsensical razor commercials. Those are sexy qualities.

No. 455787

Ha, same. I like women who look like sexual, mature adults. That includes body hair.

No. 455798

Sometimes I wonder if I am a hypocrit because I find Berserk type edgy jokes to be pretty funny(example. Guts being in love with Donovan) but I find other similar kind of jokes that put children in sexualized situations to be disgusting (example dont lew dragon loli)

No. 455799

File: 1567174429994.jpg (41.2 KB, 488x488, GUEST_30ce2656-9e86-4871-a963-…)

I bought this granola yesterday because I love lemon flavored things and holy shit!!! It fucking slaps!!!!! 100/10 good job target

No. 455810

who else here /hurricane dorian/
i don't know what it is but i always get 'excited' for storms. i like watching the debris and stuff from my window. it's cool but also terrifying.

No. 455811

I live in florida and i can't get myself hyped for it because i am surrounded by trees that could cert easily fall. Also no generator… And i have pets to protect! But if i was at my parents it would be a lot more fun because they have a big house with no trees around them and barely if ever get effected by the storm haha

No. 455829

I love lemon, I’m gonna pick this up next time I go ty anon

No. 455841

here, and hell no. i just want peace. this process is always hell tier. anyone choosing to live in this fuckass state is monumentally stupid, i cannot believe anyone with the ability to leave stays here.

are you guys on the coast? im literally 2 miles from the beach and like 4 feet above sea level so i am pissing my pants re: flood damage to my house. i would give anything to live out west instead so it could weaken by the time it gets to me

No. 455846

Please be safe anons! Evacuate if you have to, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you have gas and other supplies since everything is pretty much already running out. My job is right next to the east coast and we’re evacuating everyone by sunday. I really hope the power doesn’t go out and it doesn’t do too much damage.

No. 455861

File: 1567191230740.jpg (32.43 KB, 400x400, 400.jpg)

i'm way too excited for it.

i'm organized and i thoroughly enjoy planning and preparing. get to spend the hurricane in a big empty clean house with just myself, my partner and my cats. i really love the rain and wind as well. plenty of tasty snacks and beverages stocked up and i rent so i don't have to worry much about damage. during the actual storm it's like living in a cozy human aquarium lol.

No. 455864

You can have bpd traits without being bpd! The criteria is 5/9. Nevertheless, maybe look up some DBT resources. I think everyone can benefit from these skills!

No. 455877

thank you, anon, you too. be careful and i hope we all come out of it with like, no damage. i'm praying to baby jesus we just dont lose power. fpl is fucking horrendous and they hire like 3 people total during hurricane season.

No. 455882

File: 1567197915552.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.3 KB, 400x299, botchedjaw1.jpg)

I wonder how botched this person looks

No. 455922

My phones comfort view makes it impossible to tell the difrence between saged and unsaved posts. lol

No. 455973

Why do people sperg about accents so much here? Like I see comments complaining about American/British/Australian/etc accents and how terrible they sound and I don’t get it. I mean some accents sound unappealing (Like some U.S southern accents and lower class British accents) but those sound more funny than irritating. I don’t know why people don’t give a shit. Am I the only person who doesn’t overall care about how people talk? Especially if over a factor they can’t control? Most people (regardless on where they come from) sound fine to me.

No. 455977

>eat goat cheese, hot cheetos, various italian soda, then eat tons of sour candy and stuffed twizzlers
>wake up at 2 and cant go back to sleep feeling sick af
>talk to manager sick and high
>vomit in the middle of craft store

when will death take me

No. 455990

>sour candy
Your poor digestive system.

No. 455996

Nah you’re not the only one. I appreciate all accents and honestly don’t care about any of them lol

No. 456012

i eat too much spicy food, my mouth hurts but its so good. i will take anything made with chilis over sweet stuff any day.

No. 456032

i was pissed off but then i took a shower and blared love shack as loud as i could and now i feel 1000x better

No. 456111

top tier song anon, good for you

No. 456327

File: 1567283317664.jpg (25.56 KB, 650x540, 01425611000827084.jpg)

where did the "white guy with dark hair that looks like he hadn't slept for the last 5 years" trend come from? it's like everyone's ideal type rn.

No. 456334

Literally just 2019 emo boys

No. 456336

File: 1567283876140.jpeg (82.61 KB, 640x640, 73B6C3E0-4011-4A2A-8F4A-DD0B0B…)

Tumblr guys have been popular forever tween/young girls tend to like soft ish guys until they grow out of it

No. 456348

It's kind of interesting how in every era, there's a different kind of "pretty boy" that girls like. I don't even think it's just a tween thing, remember the #Moms4Twilight thing or whatever it was called from back in 2014 or something?
Whenever this happens, (ugly, insecure) men get really buttblasted about some women preferring beauty to ogre aesthetics.
But it's okay for them to hold us to ridiculous, porn star and/or quasi-pedophilic standards, I guess.

No. 456356

why is it that girls and women grow out of it, i wonder? i feel like the only time men can even be attractive is when they're thin with long hair. i never got the masculine thing. it's just not attractive and it's irritating that once guys hit 19 they start bulking up and cutting their hair.

No. 456366

File: 1567291563890.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.8 KB, 170x327, 08england.jpg)

He looks like Lynndie England.

Spoilered because torture.

No. 456384

I fucking hate pewdiepie and for the life of me I don't know how the fuck he managed to get the world to care about him so much for being an entitled screeching prick.
I think he's unattractive too.

No. 456392

File: 1567294944719.gif (420.01 KB, 294x246, celD0k5.gif)

I am super constipated and have a hyper active fetus spinning around in my uterus, being this full of shit makes it incredibly painful please god let me have mercy

No. 456593

Why are people so ok with shitting on tall people?
Joking like this about short guys and girls wouldn't run

No. 456595

Short women get made fun of all the time anon?? Just in different ways

No. 456600

I know particularly short women get talked to like children sometimes, the lifetime of condescension must be shitty

No. 456616

Tall women are treated like men at best and like literal freaks at worst

No. 456618

After having short-ish hair (a bit shorter than shoulder length) for a super long time I decided to let it grow out for a change since I was curious to see what I'd look like with long hair. Now after months of waiting it's finally grown out to about the length I wanted it to be… and I want to chop it all off again. I'm so conflicted, on one hand I loved my short hair and I feel like it "suits" me and my personality more, but I've also gotten used to myself with longer hair and am afraid I'm gonna regret it and will have to wait forever for it to grow out again. Goddamn it.

No. 456634

I feel this so hard. The thing that's helped me is looking back at pictures of myself with various hair lengths over the years (even minutely different) and see which one makes me feel more like "me." I always go back and forth between growing mine out and keeping it shoulder-length (and whether or not I want to have bangs), but then I went back and saw myself with shoulder-length hair and I was like "yep, that me."
I think that you're focusing more on the inconvenience of having to grow it out in the future and not focusing on whether or not you genuinely like your hair at that length. Yeah, it may suck and take a while if you hypothetically want to grow it out again in the future, but does that outweigh the comfort of having the hair length you love?

No. 456638

File: 1567345446500.jpg (681.29 KB, 1944x2592, tylermane.jpg)

I just had this Idea for a film about an elderly lesbian radical feminist her slightly less feminist younger partner and her 6'7 misanthropic stoic giant son and I'm also sad that this film will never get made

No. 456640

File: 1567345976336.jpg (33.81 KB, 640x412, 1567042300934.jpg)

Personally, I treat them like queens.

No. 456642

You're definitely right, after thinking about it for a while, looking at old pictures, and asking my family, I'm for sure gonna go for the chop. My hair is excessively thick and it's so much easier to manage at a short length, plus I've finally learned to embrace and style my natural hair texture so I feel like it'll look even better than it did before. I think I just got too used to the security blanket and familiarity of my current length.

No. 456646

i really suck at organizing digital media files. irl my apartment is tidy and clean, but on my phone + laptop everything is so, so messy. i got a new phone half a year ago and thought that it was time to start doing better, but i didn't, and now i have more than 6000 pictures of dumbass shit on my phone. i bet that if i deleted everything i don't want to keep, i'd have maybe 1000 photos left. it's been like this for years and i have a few old, broken phones and laptops that are filled with shit as well, i'll have to either completely destroy them or have them fixed so that i can organize everything and save what i want to save. the thought of dying and having someone find my old phones and get access to everything really freaks me out. i also keep thinking, what if someone hacks me? i'm not even embarressed that they might find nudes, just that they'll see how unorganized i am, how i save so much dumb shit, photograph weird things, and write cringy notes at 2 am. i know it's stupid because all i have to do is just start deleting and organizing before it gets too bad. so idk why i don't

No. 456651

File: 1567346817395.jpg (124.65 KB, 1080x1349, 46c279be5f3e9d07b84b23eb3f402d…)

I wish I didn't have a yellowish undertone so I could wear yellow/gold eyeshadow. I've done a few looks from tutorials on youtube I really love but it makes me look near-jaundice. I wish I had a versatile skin tone for dramatic and sunny make-up. I've been doing my nails the same color as pic provided but that is goals.

No. 456664

File: 1567349988781.jpg (9.44 KB, 229x220, iasdhages.jpg)

sometimes, only sometimes i wish i didn't speak english (not american, im a third world poorfag) because i think it opened the doors to a lot of fucked up blackpills from the internet, weird ideologies and their communities, conspiracy rabbit holes, clown world epiphanies and gazillion other things i would never have known or understood otherwise and i would probably be happy as a clueless normie girl laughing at adam sandler movies, listening cringy melodic metal music and thinking about nothing but my studies or some mainstream meme anime. Like, i wish i didn't even know what a furry or a brony even is, i remember how it seemed like the most fucked up thing in the world for me to discover that and the DA atrocities back in the day and that was so long ago, i want to go back.

No. 456669

What does the arabic text on that picture say? It's cut off so the only thing I can make out is "the doctor tells me.." and "I don't know what fortnite is.."

No. 456670

This is totally understandable but what is cringey about melodic metal music?

No. 456671

tbf the Internet wasn't always like this anon,I have been using the Internet since the early 2000's to current year and it has changed drastically

Its not that the Internet didn't have weird and disgusting stuff in the past (it did),but to get to that content you had to have already known about it and had to go on specif edgy sites and forums if you wanted to see offensive stuff but now you see bizarre and weird stuff on mainstream internet sites on a near daily basis

something happened in the early 2010's that sorta ruined everything

No. 456672

i feel like my life would be completely different if i never learned english. it had a huge impact on my world view and personality. if i never learnt it my perspective would never go wider than the small country i was living in.

No. 456673

File: 1567352930900.png (32.76 KB, 951x579, Madoka magica meets pol_387cb8…)


no idea, probably just epic memelord nonsense.

absolutely nothing but i am too cinical to appreciate unironical stuff anymore because my head is fucked, i just wish i could enjoy stuff like that like i used to. I am too used to meta, detachment and sarcasm i don't even know anymore.


I'd say around 2008 when facebook was becoming mainstream is when things started getting weirder and the internet started shifting the mentality of normiedom. Xzbit memes and the Cloud song were super funny, now its a post-ironic hellscape of sorts but the internet was always kind of a scary place were weirdos, schizos and stalkers lurked.

No. 456674

I'm so glad I did, my country's pop culture/zeitgeist is absolute cancer compared to what it used to be in the 70s and 80s. If I didn't know English my world would be limited to shitty pop-folk music, trashy reality TV where the absolute scum of society has sex on camera, constant misinformation about healthcare, fearmongering, "white mages" and other snake oil peddlers somewhere in the mountains, religious nuts, football hooligans and criminals. It's a miracle this place is not more fucked up than it is, at least it's safe and at least some of the services work somewhat, but it's so fucking depressing that I can't imagine what it would be like also feeling mentally stuck in this pisshole.

No. 456675


Mine too, in one hand the internet and english gave me access to a ton of interesting knowledge that is useful, a ton of courses,things like the classes from the teaching company or schoolism, i discovered so much art and music and random facts but it also made me deppresed and unable to connect the same with the place i live in and other people. I always look like i am on the moon with my head somewhere else. I know is dumb, just sometimes wish my mind was simpler as it was before being overexposed to media and all sorts of stuff last few years. I also can´t stop comparing myself to others and always assume the worst, like the million nasty internet things i've read are buzzing in my head every time i do something.

No. 456679

>why are people ok with shitting on tall women
people praise tall men all the time and shit on short men.

No. 456683

File: 1567356783316.jpg (45.27 KB, 489x650, yqDvJwR.jpg)

Rats are beautiful, smart, and have human hands. Look at their beautiful little fingers! So sweet. Please send prayers to all the rats with no mommies or protection.

No. 456686

Damn this was really annoying to watch. She's gorgeous and handled that asshole's shitty "jokes" really well. At least the comments are calling him out.

No. 456689

Some musician I liked deleted 2 of their bandcamp albums so the only way I can listen to their music now is by going on some random Russian piracy site with super compressed file

No. 456690

I keep joking with my boyfriend how I want a baby and how i'll pop all the condoms. Just really like his facial expressions after that comments I always make but really do want him to marry me so we could start a family. Don't worry, he want's a kid too just not at this second.

No. 456698

I wanna buy a blouse off ali but they only have it in white, do yall think i can dye it black?? Would that work?

No. 456700

an indie musician i really liked scrubbed most of her music from the internet and i cannot find it anywhere. i still get those songs stuck in my head now and I can't listen to them at all, it sucks.

No. 456704

He's so fucking annoying and insecure. This is why manlets get the reputation that they do.

No. 456708

short men do get made fun of too though, the term manlet is a thing after all. same with short women. i hate when it's super the poster is the same type of person who's being made fun of that they totally ignore everything.

No. 456715

There's a weird amount of posts about height here lately but I mean anyone super skinny, fat, short, big nosed, whatever gets jokes or comments

The amount of incels, heightcels and r/smalldickproblems posters obsessing over one physical trait and complaining about the world hating them..yeah we're all judgy fucks but most of us have one thing we hate about our body too

Reading r/smalldickproblems today I saw a post mentioning that women who've survived cervical cancer can sometimes prefer small penises for medical/pain reasons.. the literal 2 inch dick posters whinged by saying they don't want 'damaged' women..

No. 456719

The same video with a tall man bullying the hell out of a short girl doesn't exist though - and never will. There wouldn't even exist enough short girls "slurs" and jokes for that.

It just really annoys me, that while taller men are probably cruel to short guys and short/average women reject them despite not necessarily being taller than short guys, the same short guys decide to take their anger out on tall women instead. As if we didn't get enough shit from others already.

No. 456722

It's strange how when women feel insecure we hate ourselves or compare ourselves to other women. But when men feel insecure they project hate onto men, women, everyone as if it's the whole worlds fault that they're not 3 inches taller or hung

No. 456734

nothing strange about it, tall men can shit on anyone more easily, so short men just shit on who they can shit on easily, women, and women can shit on eachother easily so that's what we do.

it's terrible but it makes sense. i personally go out of my way to call people out regardless because i couldn't care less about male power, it really pisses them off when they think they're at the top of the food chain.

No. 456745

Yeah I noticed this too. Men have more of a tendency act like they are being personally victimized by society when they have insecurities. Even when they hate themselves, they still act like the whole world revolves around them.

No. 456747

These are just my whiny first world problems, but I've been thinking about them lately.I never thought I'd care about or even really notice the quality or cleanliness of a store like Walmart or a dollar store until I moved. I moved into a nicer home in a much more poor community and I miss how much nicer and cleaner everything was. And how potholes would actually be fixed in a timely fashion. My home is newer and nicer, but I think I should have stayed in my old place in the richer community. We don't even have sidewalks here. I guess you really don't know what you got until it's gone.

No. 456785

File: 1567379733924.png (822.37 KB, 747x742, tescos meal deal.PNG)

had a nice evening sorta saying goodbye to the neighbourhood i've lived the last 3 years in, had lots of good times, lots of sad times, it has been alright.

also I'm an actual retard apparently but big dipper is fucking huge (for some reason I thought it was small) and it was the weirdest feeling when I noticed these random ass stars looking like the typical big dipper picture in books and shit kek

No. 456788

World's best DILF/GILF is 69 years old today

No. 456804

I had a dream one of the younger coworkers (he's absolutely 19+) ran through a turnstile with only a robe on, but he had a massive thick cock, so in the dream I had the 3rd person perspective of me covering my own face in absolute shock. We had these chats after (still in the dream) about how he always thought I was intimidating, but we both crushed and wanted to wreck eachother.

Then today he comes over to ask a basic question and all I can think about is if he has a giant dick, and I'm looking at his toned arms.

My sex drive has been pretty null after a breakup but now after that I'm thinking about getting back on Tinder for a stupid fuck.

No. 456825

Try looking on Soulseek, they seem to have almost everything out there.

No. 456827

I've had the opposite experience; I've always assumed most stores were dirty until I left my town for the first time and realized how nice it is everywhere else, lol. My area used to be nothing but desert and trailers as a kid, plus a small shopping center. Now that wealthy people are building out here, it's hard to move around during certain times of the day due to the population increase and the cost of things have gone up. Thrift stores never have anything anymore because everyone takes it (probably due to the urban outfitters/poshmark culture), so poor mofos like myself have to wear hand-me-downs. On the plus, we have a beautiful sidewalk just for walking with tons of planter and lights, but it took 7 years to build and held up traffic. I miss being from the middle of nowhere. All of our farms and orchards are nearly gone too, replaced with shopping malls and a three Starbucks within a 1/4 mile radius.

No. 456830

File: 1567384113118.jpg (75.17 KB, 601x513, HTB1S5aXXfvsK1Rjy0Fiq6zwtXXaC.…)

I'm just super giddy I bought this penguin plush I've wanted a while. I've had it on my Ali wishlist for almost a year bc I didn't want to spend $5 on a small stuffie. I finally caved. I'm really excited, I don't want to wait a month for him to come, AH. I feel like a dumb little kid again.

(I got the red one w/the bow btw)

That's really hot anon. Also, I'm sorry you have to live with this feeling at work, bwaha. Does he have any clue?

No. 456836

shit like this makes me kinda happy my hometown is legit 3rd world town-town and nothing has changed at all ever since Soviet union collapse. I like how it is perfectly frozen in time and always the same ever since I can remember it. yeah, I can't really return living there as no employment/fucked economy, but when visiting it feels like I never left at all and everything was waiting for me.

No. 456845

>Ex Soviet town
That's brutal anon. I'm probably extremely wealthy by those standards. I should be more thankful I live in such a beautiful area, even if I do miss the simpler days of childhood. I plan on moving soon anyway, I can't afford to stay much longer. My childhood friends left years ago. No one can really afford to stay except those on social programs and the people who are funding the construction. The middle class is being driven out. I live two streets away from a house that cost 2 million USD to build. I live in a small cottage type home my parents paid $100k for. To put it roughly, minimum wage is $29k a year here because you rarely get employed full time.

Honestly, there aren't really any jobs here either aside from grocery stores and a bowling alley a few miles away. Most people I know work about a 45 minute to 2 hour drive away in another city.

No. 456876

Holly shit, thanks anon. That site has all types of obscure shit I've been looking for. It even has files from musicians I thought no one gave a crab about. Thanks anon

No. 456997

File: 1567419949732.gif (1.61 MB, 208x192, tenor (1).gif)

i'm unironically sad the area 51 raid won't happen for real.
>tfw no rescued alien bf

No. 457026

Oh my God, these are adorable! Can you post a link?

No. 457029

No. 457030

Thank you so much!! I searched for them but couldn't find the exact same ones!

No. 457060

Jesus christ that was a whole time travel trip, how did any of us come out of that era alive? People are starting to romanticise those years for the aesthetic but nobody addresses this stuff

No. 457064


fellow balkanfag?

No. 457074

I hate how having depression and anxiety makes things that upset me pretty crippling compared to what it would do to someone who doesn't have mental illness, who would be able to get over it faster, especially when it is something that I'm already insecure about.
It makes me feel like a fucking idiot and I keep asking myself why I can't just get over things, plus they come back to haunt me and my brain gives me more reasons why I should hate myself.

No. 457080

Men are retarded they don't even like pretty girls they just worship any girl that fits their retarded stereotype even if she's ugly and has bad proportions. The ultimate proof that men like ugly women with retarded proportion is that the "bimbo" look was basically caused by men pressuring women into having extremely big boobs, lips, asses etc. Men are fucking retarded.

You could look like a mouth breathing retarded ugly gnome, if you play into their fantasy of being a submissive waifu they will orbit you. Fuck, they even orbit men dressed as women that play into the stereotype they like.(>>>pinkpill)

No. 457087

Take it to the Pink Pill thread

No. 457094

Yes anon, cry with me

No. 457099

File: 1567448846584.jpg (115.15 KB, 508x767, M7eT4CMWidM_2VuTt3KVtgBbvJT80C…)

I'd really like a Greek gf.

No. 457106

File: 1567450824693.png (409.27 KB, 600x479, 32332.png)

I just had this Idea for a film about an elderly lesbian radical feminist her slightly less feminist younger partner and her 6'7 misanthropic stoic giant son who hates everyone except his mothers

No. 457128

File: 1567455015559.jpg (25.43 KB, 564x564, 63ade46d3556bd30e93bf67c685dc2…)

Oh God, she's so beautiful. I aspire to look like that. Patrician taste anon.

I'm 4% Greek, can I be your gf

No. 457138

File: 1567457340109.jpg (34.38 KB, 268x400, tumblr_pv02qzwUIA1sqq1v8o3_400…)

Another woman of taste, nice.

No. 457192

Is anyone else really fucking bored of the internet lately?

No. 457193

i'm not bored of the internet but i'm sure as hell pissed with the internet, it's making people take -even more- stupid decisions and is getting out of control.

No. 457205

When you said DILF/GILF I thought "Cait Jenner?"

No. 457206

No. 457213

It's definitely lost it's charm for me, I lost the sense of wonder and excitement and just cycle through websites daily out of habit. Just feels sterile and like I've seen it all before.

No. 457230

i've always felt isolation is important. makes it harder for insane people with dumbass views and ideas to find and enable eachother.

No. 457232

I dont dealt with much shit in my life but when i do its just people backstabbing me whenever they got the chance, my trust has been shattered so much that whenever i hear people are complete dickheads im not surprise lol. Ive built myself a defense mechanism to prevent those kinds of people get into my life, its usually a hunch for shitty people and it tends to be pretty accurate every now and then ~~

No. 457256

Yesterday a doctor said that I have a "weirdly shaped cervix" and now it's been bothering me all day. What does that mean. I only managed to mutter out "huh" before he went on without explaining further.

No. 457261

File: 1567497806250.jpeg (898.33 KB, 847x2086, E4E68683-F553-403B-B862-672261…)

Yeah. It feels smaller, because it IS getting smaller, as more and more sites get bought up by the same Google/Amazon/Whatever giants and more and more people use the web while less make their own content. I remember people making their own websites for themselves with Piczo, now people don’t even bother with custom Tumblrs with those fancy themes because everyone has Twitter or Instagram with 0 customization. Like the other anon said it’s sterile and the same shit all the time.

I was born in 97 so I hardly remember life without the internet or a computer but since the mid 2000’s the internet and its culture has changed so much and absorbed other parts of my life I don’t want it to be in (I liked it for fandom things and gaming but now it’s for news, politics, celebrities, jobs, can’t even befriend someone in real life without eventually being given their social media or referencing obnoxious memes when I used to feel like such a cool kid for knowing all muh trollfaces). I think: "there has to be more to life than this" and that thought gives me hope that I can exist without needing to be online all the time. Maybe the poor fucks who were born after 2005 will find some kind of instinct that will make them look beyond the internet that seemingly gives them everything.

It feels really pathetic whenever I reflect on my interactions with friends and discover most of what we say is shit about memes, "oof", "big F" and trying to verbalise reaction images because we forgot how to talk like… whatever came before this. I don’t even feel human. Am I a fucking NPC?

No. 457267

File: 1567499228583.gif (92.18 KB, 255x192, 1559854300598.gif)


Hey , i remember that thread from your pic. Another wizard of culture , i see.

No. 457269

File: 1567501248823.png (512.25 KB, 675x378, Untitled.png)

No. 457274

Should I just play Deus Ex?

But yeah, I feel like I've already seen everything I wanted to see on the internet, but it has killed my hobbies so I have nothing to fill my time with.
I've been thinking about unpluging, or cutting down internet usage

No. 457275

Should I just play Deus Ex?

I tried and the game was pretty boring, the cool stuff is just nuggets. Listening Behold a Pale Horse on audiobook was way more fun .

No. 457282

I sent the same picture to my online friends (and my ex) a few days ago, anon. It really blew my mind. Good shit.

No. 457283

I remember complaining about all of this in another thread. I agree with you, with how society works now you're almost forced to use the internet for basic social interactions even with people you know irl and necessary things like job hunting, paying taxes, the news, etc. I remember as a teen I spent a lot of time making friends with people my age on forums and blogs and I wasn't allowed to have a mobile phone (no smartphones yet at the time) and to go outside so I had a hard time making friends, but now that it's the reverse I feel like I have a hard time meeting new people outside the internet because interactions irl became so different. If you don't have a smartphone with all social media possible good luck keeping up with what your friends and family do because they post everything online and expect you to read and watch everything before having a normal conversation with them irl. Obviously that's an exaggeration since it depends on each person a lot but you get the idea overall. Now if you don't know about minor e-celebrities on tiktok doing some dumb shit again some people are going to act like you forgot who Mariah Carey is.

>now people don’t even bother with custom Tumblrs with those fancy themes because everyone has Twitter or Instagram with 0 customization.

I remember you could customize your twitter profile a little until early 2014 or 2015, you could add a banner and a background. People didn't like it at all but they don't care anymore.

I think a lot of this has to do with how everyone uses smartphones for everything now and all the time, and even before that it started with fb being accessible to everyone and not just college students and graduates. Everything is less niche now, and I don't remember myspace being as mainstream as tumblr is for example the actual equivalent for frogs like me would be more like comparing tumblr and skyblog, they're both blogging platforms but tumblr is just used to reblog other people's shit by most users, unlike lj, myspace, skyblog, etc..

No. 457285

There should be a conscious attempt to maybe cut back on emoticons a bit. Maybe make it a challenge. Social media makes everyone read like dumb teenagers or cavepeople with no vocabulary even when they are over 30 and talking about real shit. Imagine how different the online normiesphere would seem if nobody in any context used emojis or netspeak for even just a day and they actually had to use sintaxis and writing to convey what the had to say.

"omg Epstein totally killed himself :O, the child molesters he was covering for need to be punished asap! >.<"


Epstein killed himself, the child molesters he was covering for need to be punished as soon as possible.

The form matters in speach, how you communicate something is as important, often more important than the actual message.

No. 457287


It ruined art for me, it became a shitty popularity contest, i've even come across employers that expect their artists to have a strong online presence. Is like you don't exist if you don't gather enough followers.

It started as a novelty and kind of a nuisance to becoming more and more something you need to understand and engage constantly as a base level pre requisite to have a normal life.

No. 457291

The only good thing about working in tech is that the women's bathroom is nice and clean and always free. Having a deluxe, all expenses paid poo in work as we speak.

No. 457304

Good shit anon

No. 457330

Thanks anon, it really was

No. 457355

Yeah, it seems like everyone is trying to churn out fanart of the newest popular thing as fast as possible, or is stuck with drawing with the same subject over and over.

Why do they want you to have lots of followers? To ride off your popularity or?

No. 457357

File: 1567518507704.jpg (90.55 KB, 960x960, 1567365257113.jpg)

I was having a good day, until I washed my hair and inspected my scalp thouroughly because I saw a grey hair.
Well, turns out I have many now, too many to rip them out like I used to do until now. I'm only 24, goddammit. And I'm a brunette. And my parents didn't go grey so early. Why the fuck is it happening? I really didn't need this shit too, on top of all the things I have to take care of. I already have problematic skin and meh hair, plus other stuff, and I'm broke.
For the moment they can only be seen if I do a scalp check because they're within the deepest layer of hair, but you can still see some if you look with attention under daylight.
I want to fucking die. I just have bad luck in everything.

No. 457359

Just dye your hair anon.

No. 457367

If it makes you feel any better I really love the salt & pepper look on younger people and I think more women should embrace it

No. 457375

File: 1567521248992.png (330.18 KB, 707x555, rf2Z2kCnjR_X6vRmcZ9ep01PYxwz6K…)

Same. For example I don't really like cooking but I love watching Bon Apetit vids because Claire is so cute and hot and I think it's the hair that does it for me.

No. 457383

File: 1567522482953.jpg (48.24 KB, 700x473, rats-with-teddy-bears-coverima…)

Rats are so cute I wish I could have them

No. 457389

File: 1567523372651.jpg (295.07 KB, 1024x830, Rat_foot-1024x830.jpg)

aren't they beautiful? i'm going to say it again but look at those marvelous little hands, with nails! nails! beautiful. we need to teach people to respect rats and mice. i want to kiss each of their little fingers.

No. 457405

I hung out with an old coworker last week. We haven't seen each other in months, and now work two very different jobs, and I missed hanging out with him so much.

Aside from my best friend that I met in college, I haven't met someone that I can love and cherish so much in a platonic/familial way- much less a man. He's so respectful and genuinely doesn't make moves on me. He'll give me bear hugs and kiss me on the head when we say goodbye like I'm his little sister. I wrote him (and some other coworkers) a card thanking him for always having my back at work, and he sent me a really heartfelt text when he saw it. It's been maybe about 4 months since we saw each other, we just went out to watch a movie and then walked around. I missed his company so much. He said he got me a penguin bracelet for no reason other than he was out somewhere and it made him think of me (not sure why lol). I can't wait until we can hang out again.

No. 457411

I've had degus for 8 years and still their little faces and feets bring me so much joy. They gallop when they're happy it's so cute lol

No. 457412

File: 1567525774441.gif (4.34 MB, 300x300, 1565114382436.gif)

It's an added cost and bother that I didn't need, plus the self esteem blow. No one I know dyes their hair to cover greys before the age of 30-35 minimum.

Thanks anons, but I still hope that somehow it's just stress related and will slowly disappear to only return at a more proper age. I wouldn't be able to embrace it.

No. 457421

Wow both your image and your post was one hell of a read. I'd love to have a thread for more of this shit.

No. 457423

I think the worst part is how all of this has affected my attention span. I remember reading 100s of books a year as a kid and I was really big into watching films. I'd go to the library/rental place and just pick whatever off the shelf. I even remember playing video games for hours trying to complete one specific level. Once the internet came along, I was making loads of online friends.

Fast forward to college and I really struggled to even read one paragraph for class. I don't have the patience to watch a 2 hour film or read a book without reading reviews to see if I'll enjoy it first. I don't have the energy to get to know people anymore and tbh whenever I do get to know someone beyond a surface level (or referencing memes, as you said lol), I end up falling out with them. Maybe it's all a symptom of getting older but I'm kind of jealous of the generation older than me because they still enjoy going to the cinema or reading or painting while me and my friends just watch old vines and get drunk when we meet up.

No. 457446

if it makes you feel any better i used to work with this gorgeous brunette girl that was 24 that actually said she started going gray at 18 and if she let it grow out would have a full head of grays. it's really not that uncommon especially if you have something going on hormonally.

No. 457447

Man anon, I loved reading this haha. This is pretty much exactly what I was thinking about the other day. I love browsing forums and such but I feel like they've gotten so niche as social media has taken over everything and that's where the majority of discussions take place. I just really dislike it's expected and encouraged nowadays that you have to put your whole life online, like your job, friends, convos, photos, keeping everyone updated etc. It's so unhealthy in the long run. The kids growing up today are fucked because their dependence of the internet is only gonna get worse. Like before we could get on by easily without many things that have been introduced in the modern age, why do we feel like we suddenly can't live without them? I feel like we're getting tricked into thinking we need this shit in our lives when it's only poison

Also, this is gonna sound so snobby af, but I hate the way people use the internet as an excuse to just talk so stupidly. Like they use certain words and ways of talking and phrases etc that drive me up the wall and make them look so moronic. Even worse is that people say this shit in real life, it's so embarrassing. I don't get why they can't at least type in a more sophisticated manner

No. 457450

I used to bleach my entire head and use virgin white to make my hair the color your strands are naturally. Plus I had to use purple shampoo every day which was 3 times the cost of my regular shampoo. It took hours and I've probably spent several hundred. Grey hair is gorgeous anon, and normal. I've had a few premature greys as young as 13. Embrace your unique look, Kardashians are boring AF.

No. 457452

yeah, I've been feeling this way for a while. it's why I always look up legendary things and situations that have happened in the really early days of the internet, like funny stories or urban myths. it's really cool and interesting and it makes me sad thinking how drastically it's changed over the decade. Like another person said above, I kinda wish the culture of the internet wasn't mainstream and people couldn't be exposed to all the stupid, messed up, brainwashing shit you see. like it's so weird being familiar with internet culture because I don't wanna get sucked into the drama at all, just talk to people and browse around and learn new things and shit, just like the internet was intended for so many years ago. i'm also just uneasy at the fact it's become so important to modern human lives

No. 457455

I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and I was about to give birth. When I woke up, I was so happy it was a dream.

No. 457458

i'm happy for you anon. personally, to me, being pregnant quite literally sounds like one of the most horrific that could ever happen to me

No. 457472

A few days ago my boyfriend described my breasts as "bountiful and prosperous" and I keep thinking of it and having to hold myself back from an absolute laughing fit because 1) that's a hysterical description (although flattering I suppose) and 2) as soon as I think of that I think of that post here a while back where some anon was saying her boyfriend tried to dirty talk with her saying he was going to make her wear a necklace made of dicks so the whole world knows she's a whore. Anon if you're out there that post has stuck with me and continues to make me giggle.

No. 457484

Nickname them East and West Virginia

No. 457493

File: 1567538010464.jpg (62.56 KB, 1080x608, s.jpg)

God Clarie is so cute. Good taste anon. I have such a "thing" for salt and pepper ladies I think it started with watching too much what not to wear growing up.

I really like the contrast with dark hair but I had a dance teacher who had SUPER long hair that transitioned from grey to blonde and it looked so cool too.

No. 457496

Cyberpunk society is now, my girl.

No. 457505

Holy fuck my credit score took a bit of a dive 2 months ago because I had to charge thousands of dollars to it for a surgery and some other stuff (not self indulgent purchases) but it just bounced back and now it's at 790!! I know it's just a number but it still makes me feel good. It'll probably lower and level out in the next few months (I was at the 760-770 mark for years now) but damn, feels good rn. Too bad my city is unaffordable as fuck even though our minimum wage is $15/hr.

No. 457561

Almost every time my bladder gets full while I'm asleep, it makes me have pregnancy dreams and I hate it. They're almost like nightmares, I just wake up one day (in the dream) and suddenly I've been 8 months pregnant without noticing, it's too late for an abortion and the only option is to just give birth. It's awful.

No. 457566

Does anyone else buy peanut butter with no added sugar or salt specifically to keep themselves from gorging on it?

No. 457595

I really feel you anons. I have become way internet addicted and as soon as I cut down on my use I notice how lonely it gets, because everyone I know irl wants to send messages and chat these days not do normal fucking phone calls to catch up. Still want to jump on this thing: https://www.rsph.org.uk/our-work/campaigns/scroll-free-september.html Anyone else wanna join?

No. 457625

Yeah, but I still eat a ton of it anyway. It's pretty much a staple of my diet at this point.

No. 457637

File: 1567555809814.jpeg (770.53 KB, 900x2002, CCFE4B12-03C8-4AB4-8751-C821C0…)

I finally found that other graphic which was more relevant which I would have attached in that original post. This shit is real. It’s a little outdated since the most recent year is 2014 and I’m curious as to what the internet looks like now. Probably even worse.

I can absolutely relate to that. I spent so much time online as a teenager because I was socially awkward but now real life interactions have to involve the internet when I want to practice socialising like a normal human being. Hey, if the internet has done at least 1 good thing today it’s letting a frog and a bong talk without going to war.

I thank my RPG games and older-era internet for teaching me to stay inquisitive and search things out in person rather than turn to the ~magic box~ and ask it questions it will try to shill products on. Page 1 of Google search results is basically a glorified ad list. Hey Leeloo, you wanna know what war is? Well you’d better look it up in a textbook because the computer just wants to conscript me and tell me _ politician is terrible because he looked ugly while eating some food in a candid once! (Yeah, that was real.)

I definitely recall a study out there about heavy internet usage inducing ADD-like symptoms in people, something about their neuroplasticity? I know having Tumblr sandblasted my working memory (and everything else) to shit when, before, the internet was more of a digital encyclopaedia I’d spend evenings reading articles/stories from. And it’s sad to me that hardly anyone questions it. I’m acquaintances with older people who basically roll over and bow down to the magical search engine that can tell me everything, and how "wow, technology has come so far". Except it’s still a tool, one that can be misused or just plain break. Why keep in touch with whoever when you can see how they are on Facebook? Except I don’t want to do that (and I don’t have Fuckbook anyway), I want to physically meet them, talk to them, walk around the street for some fresh air with them. And this is coming from someone who is fighting agoraphobia.

And why take my phone in the bath with me (with all the risks) when I can take my physical diary and a pen with me? A book is just as good and I can decorate it with things, the physical act of writing forces my brain to focus on one thought at a time and not ADHD around, and since I am very privacy-minded a physical diary circumvents all the problems with my personal life being stored as data on a cloud (aka: someone else’s computer).

One of the differences I remember most is how it was drilled into us to never give our name, phone numbers or address online to strangers. Now it’s mandatory to give a phone number if you want to sign up anywhere. I don’t know anyone younger than me but those YouTube channels ‘led’ by tweens gives me a bad feeling. Did we not learn that fame isn’t everything? Some random person’s son or daughter should not be a public figure with several thousand people following them. I can’t worry about it too much but I question if anyone who’s internet era was 2012+ has the critical thinking to avoid click bait or understand the ways in which content is only being shoved in your face to keep you occupied and them monetised. Things are a lot more sophisticated now, it’s not like a page will be obvious back-alley bait trying to steal your credit card when it’s a legitimate company that controls everything you see until "hey I guess I’ll buy that minecraft T shirt for my son after all, he loves it!"

>>457595 I don’t really use SM (I stick to forums and chans) but I have a problem with the internet anyway so I’ll honour it in my own way. Definitely encourage people you know irl to try it out.

No. 457644

Good thing I only get dreams about needing to pee but I can't find the bathroom, or there isn't a door, or someone keeps interrupting me.

No. 457660

bruh i unironically like Post Malone but how can anyone deny that he is so overrated and generic? i get kinda pissed that so many people think he's a genius or something

No. 457712

Just to add one more thing about the Internet discussion - is anyone else kinda jealous (for lack of a better word) of older people who haven't grown up with it and aren't as good as navigating it? Like I wonder if it would be so much better if I wasn't familiar with using the internet, like knowing about what's trendy or cool. I always feel completely out of what's going on with my group age cause I just don't connect with what they're obsessed with, which is mostly stuff happening online or on social media. I kinda wonder about my parents who don't have this problem and don't rely heavily on the internet and social media - I think it would be nicer that way

No. 457747

I've lost 20lbs this summer! Still have a little ways to go and I don't look much different but it's progress.

No. 457850

File: 1567621881411.jpg (116.3 KB, 1280x674, link-ed2.jpg)

I posted a while back on one of the ot threads about how frustrated I was about sucking at games and how I could barely make it through botw. A kind anon told me to just avoid fighting monsters and complete shrines to get more hearts and stamina so I could stand a chance against them, so that's what I've been doing, and I've really started to have a lot more fun with the game.

I'm really terrible and I'm sure if I had someone watching me play they'd be ridiculously frustrated by the roundabout and stubborn ways I go about climbing up a tower or getting anywhere, but I'm having a lot of fun exploring the map and thinking up stupid but unconventional ways to make my way somewhere. Actually I'm just really glad to be using my switch more because it's my first game system that I bought brand new for a little under full price, so it felt like a real waste that it was just sitting in my room collecting dust.

No. 457860

File: 1567623866037.jpeg (72.54 KB, 500x698, FD3229B5-FB1F-4A5B-885D-C75CBB…)

college anons who like ramen; I'd seriously recommend giving the nissin raoh a try, that or the sapporo ichiban brand (the original is the best imo, they also have the "chow mein" dish which is more like a soy saucy fried noodle dish). buy one pack locally if you can find it, and if you like it, it's well worth that you can buy it in bulk for cheaper online.

was stingy on instant ramen for awhile but the more "authentic" stuff from the asian aisle of the grocery store brought me back bc it's way better than the nasty 25 cent shit. the broth in this miso pack is particularly good.

No. 457861

The fucking yakisoba is my savior. I love that shit. It tastes amazing and so simple. I like to add cabbage, corn, and a few lil Smokies to mine when I want to be a bit fancy with a tiny dab of Japanese mayo mixed in.
It's so simple and only 75¢ a packet, at least where I'm from. My struggle days have never been so tasty.

No. 457868

File: 1567624888841.jpg (260.21 KB, 1280x720, fish.jpg)

Glad that you've started to have fun with BotW! I too struggled with it in the beginning and was happy no true gamer saw me playing.

No. 457870

File: 1567625580343.jpg (156.74 KB, 1080x1350, zr2jr0cto8b31.jpg)

No. 457872

File: 1567626298736.jpg (54.38 KB, 500x280, tumblr_omjmalj8sy1u438yjo2_500…)

I didn't think anything of your image until I enlarged it and saw the fish, and now I'm cackling like an idiot.

I posted on my ig story last night of me being dumb in the game and my friend joked that I should start a twitch but all I could think of was elitist neckbeards absolutely raging at me being a filthy casual gamer grill doing things all the wrong way. I think it'd be funny just to see them mansplain to me how things are done while I run around like an idiot.

No. 457873

File: 1567626858452.jpg (6.13 KB, 130x234, cool.jpg)

That would be a funny concept really! I think the gamers are best that are kinda chill with their attitude. Like they know they aren't that good but it's okay because they still can enjoy the game.

No. 457874

I had a dream about a python biting me on the left rib

Wtf is this shit about

No. 457932


It feels really lonely when you can't keep up with everything but everyone seems to be into them. What the hell are those jojo memes, I don't get the sans undertale jokes, I don't get these slayyy bitch talk stuff at all. Everyone has Snapchat, a Discord and whatnot and you're shit out of luck getting an interaction from people if you don't have these. The sites I used to visit back in the mid 2000s are long dead. I can't even enjoy games or new shows like I used to because there's always a million retards screaming spoilers everywhere on release dates. My family just messages everyone in a groupchat instead of walking up to you and interacting like a normal person.

No. 457934

imagine omegaverse but like with gaston

No. 457952

anyone else feel sad/empty after finishing a TV series they really like? I don't know why but this feeling really demotivates me from getting invested in new shows I know I'll really like, once the escapism is over I just have this sinking feeling

No. 457973

>>457952 that feel, anon. It's bad.

No. 457975

you mean like Gaston from the Disney movie?

idk why but thinking of him makes me giggle

No. 457980

I feel this. I've never gotten into social media and stuff like discord. I don't regret not getting into social media because I feel like it's mostly a waste of time but getting all my online interaction from anonymous imageboards has made me really dislike talking in group chats with a name attached.
This makes me feel really left out because that's the way most of my friends like to keep contact and I just can't muster up the energy for it. I love meeting irl but with how little people seem to want this I feel like I'm drifting away from all my contacts.

No. 457997

I got like this when I finished Twins Peaks, I was so depressed about it for at least a week. And I totally get that demotivation too, like I'll get attached easily then when it's over I'll have no idea what else to do haha

No. 458020


Its happening to me with Chrono Trigger, i loved the game so much, i am just at the end of it before the final battle but i keep procrastinating beating it because i know after the ending credits roll i will feel sad it ended.


I don't like undertale and Jojo, no matter how many memes flood my feeds i'll never change my mind. I actually tried to sit down and watch a few episodes of Jojo, it was so terrible and not in a funny way.

No. 458021


We’re not missing a lot, I can promise that. It’s only a few moments of being shocked and outraged at whatever e-drama is happening when I’m getting older every day and I want to grow and learn stuff with my time on this earth. Which, by the way, our peasant ancestors coped just fine on without being connected to a device telling them to be obsessed with some random fuck the next realm over who’s cancelling his cobbler for making him the wrong shoes. Social media is an actual chore to use. Those guides on how to grow and maintain a follower base that tell you to post in certain times of the day seem ridiculous to me, it’s practically a job for 0 satisfaction. Instead of working on their ‘brand’, people should work on their personalities and things wouldn’t feel so vapid and manufactured.

Sometimes I wonder about how being off social media would affect dating because I’m burned from online dating and want to meet someone who doesn’t know what a bloody meme is but the chances of that is 0. I’m a little nerdy & into computers but I’d rather date someone who doesn’t share that hobby because whew lad, the amount of pathetic guys who misplace all their self worth into their e-peen and streaming/gaming career at the cost of their hygiene and social skills! One of my friends talks about how he got pretty big in DOTA tournaments and my eyes just glaze over because it’s not something to admire, in what way is straining yourself at a desk clicking on things in a room with other sweaty men supposed to be impressive? The only thing impressive about that was the pay check which he saw less than 10% of as the sharks took their cut.

Anyway, I dislike Discord in particular because of its nature as closed off little rooms. I remember fooling around on Chatango and IRC but all the Discord groups feel so bland and cliquey for some reason, and there’s always one asshole mod. I don’t chat with that kind of slang either and it’s discomforting having to change the way I speak to attempt to connect with someone who only has "mood" to say to me. Yes, and…????

I can’t even remember any sites I went on before 2012, Quizilla and Piczo? Neopets is a cheat answer. I miss those weird but aesthetically pleasing ‘shrines’ people made for their favourite characters, those were standalone sites that were like wikis all of their own for just one character with some fanart and stories to go with it. But now I’m just getting nostalgic.

No. 458022

File: 1567672175719.png (57.2 KB, 642x642, Screenshot_56.png)

Jojo memes are old af, I remember seeing this shit all over 4chan over a decade ago and not understanding it til years later

No. 458027

>I can’t even remember any sites I went on before 2012

I used to go on forums and i had like 10 diferent accounts, i can't even remember the names of those places. I kinda remember one hispanic speaking comic forum where i even shared some shitty art. Browsing 4chan i could probably find all the recommendations but it would be an endless scroll trough vitriol and bile and reddit is so god damn cringy and bland.

No. 458058

i want to tenderly love lana del rey so bad, ugh. of course the one (1) girl in the world that gives me bisexual feels is a celebrity and apparently the straightest woman ever at that.

No. 458061

As much as radfems talk about separatism I really do doubt any of them have the necessary "survival skills" to build a self substantiating commune

No. 458065

no human, male or female, that lives in 2019 has the skills to be able to live in the wild if all humans disappeared and they were the only living person. we all became too adapted to be a part of modern human society. your average human would shit their pants at the sight of a bear or something, what makes people think they'd survive in the wild?

No. 458092

File: 1567686423367.jpg (33.83 KB, 497x458, D8DoXphXUAAeywZ.jpg)

people always talk about french or italian accents sounding nice and romantic in other languages. does the american english accent sound nice in ANY language, or does it just sound like shit?

No. 458094

Oh boohooo, the American accent is literally considered the lingua-franca of the world. Americans can literally be only able to speak their native language and get jobs everywhere in the world just because of it and there you go whining that muh murrican lang is not romanticized? You guys shape the fucking culture all around the world and already control the internet. What else do you want?

No. 458095

Why are you so angry? Why did you interpret my post in the worst possible way?

No. 458098

Because I'm jelly of you and people from native English speaking countries. I hate you but wish I were born where you were.
Like in US the movie, that movie will always be about the first and third world in my head canon.

No. 458100

American accents are seen as more annoying and/or comedic in Europe, not sexy.

Personally I like some American accents, but I don't think they sound romantic or attractive, I just think they sound quirky and different. Like the Brooklyn accent, it's not turning me on but it's an interesting accent to hear in small doses.

No. 458106


On a funny sidenote. In Latino dubs southeners hillbilly type characters are always translated to have this thick mexican accents, sometimes even when the dub is not made by mexicans.

Is hilarious because some of this shows are translated to mostly have a very neutral spanish accent and suddenly the texan character start talking like a mexican and using mexican lingo.

My favorite mexican hillbilly is Cletus from the Simpsons.


No. 458108

You know people can learn survival skills, right? It's not that difficult actually if you get used to it, i think the actual problem is this >>458065, people always joke about dying on a zombie apocalypse because they know they wouldn't last one week. I think at least some women on poorer countries could do it since they actually need to farm and kill animals to live, they're already used to it, i learned to do so living there.

No. 458110

The industrial revolution and its consequences

No. 458115

File: 1567689684706.png (46.06 KB, 237x299, Catalog.png)

Capped this yesterday and forgot to post

No. 458119

File: 1567691917104.png (593.73 KB, 538x536, yetidobby.PNG)

I know people really hate chihuahuas, a lot of my dog friendly friends and family vehemently hate them, but I love them so much. They look so fucking stupid but are so lovable, I want a chihuahua so bad. I follow so many chihuahua instagrams and I want to cry over how cute they all are.

No. 458121

I love Chihuahuas too anon! I had a Chihuahua and loved him to bits. I had to give him back to my parents because I was so mentally unwell at the time I couldn't care for him & I was about to move to a new apartment, but the only bad thing about Chihuahuas is winter time. I live in an area where it'll snow so bad, my Chihuahua refuses to go outside and his paws start to hurt. He doesn't like booties. I would definitely get another Chihuahua when I move to a warmer climate!

No. 458123

I never met murricans speaking my language but I have to disagree with the French one. My boss is French and the way he butchers my language is funny at best, not nice or romantic.

No. 458136

What language do you speak?

No. 458139

Spanish as in castillian Spanish, not LATAM.

No. 458144

File: 1567696413486.jpg (104.62 KB, 1125x1125, EBYO5joXkAAbc34.jpg)

I want to cry just thinking about your chihuahua. Just reading that he doesn't like booties is like an arrow straight to my heart- something about dogs having preferences about things always makes me so soft even though it's not that strange or new of a concept lol. Thank you for not ripping me a new asshole about how they're dumb rat dogs like I usually get from people.

I have a Pekingese right now and I absolutely adore her and the breed, but fuck I really want a short haired Chihuahua.

No. 458146

It might be an unpopular opinion but French people tend to have the worst accents in whatever second language they try to speak in.

No. 458163

agreed. French accents sound muddy.

It's a meme, but I think the Finnish english accent is cute.

No. 458169

Probably some biblical shit

I guess you're a prophet now

No. 458170

NTA but perfect doggo taste, anon. Chihuahua's and pekingese were my fave breeds before I discovered pugs and I still love them a lot.

No. 458180

you prefer creatures that are bred to suffer for your ~uguu taste… just horrible

No. 458224

File: 1567711487404.jpg (48.13 KB, 931x524, 021512_ingle_dog_640.jpg)

Pugs are so cute too! I know people shit on Marzia and Pewdiepie but I'm so weak for their pugs, especially Maya!

My dream is to own and raise a beautiful cotton ball like this, but my short haired peke is already a grooming nightmare for me (I still love and try my best with her though) so just a dream it'll stay…

No. 458225

I'm convinced that Radiohead and Coldplay were engineered by some alphabet soup agency to act as a form of weaponised monotony.

No. 458227

File: 1567711854853.jpg (644.96 KB, 3968x2976, IMG_20171225_015105.jpg)

My friends have chihuahuas and pekingenses and one of the female chihuahuas bred with 2 of the boy peeks and they have pekichus now. They're so cute. The chihuahua also bred with a yorkie. These are two half sisters in the photo lol

No. 458233

I knew someone will attack me fir this.
I am not a fan of how pugs got changed throughout the years. I am all for reverting the breed to how it used to be (bigger snout and smaller eyes). If it would be possible, I would buy a retromops, but there are no reputable breeders.
I still love my pug and do everything so that he lives a comfortable and happy life, like plenty of responsible pug owners.

No. 458236

These dogs are so fucking cute anon!!!! Oh my god!!!

No. 458401

File: 1567722253945.jpg (18.09 KB, 767x583, oldyt.jpg)

I kind of miss YouTube culture from back in like 2007-2011.
I miss there being YT groups, private messaging and communities, too. No idea why they got rid of that.
Also, comment sections were even trashier back then, if you can imagine that. It was fun reading a particularly inflammatory comment, going on to the troll's channel and seeing their comment section in shambles from people fighting with them, with each other, with thin air, etc. No one has time for that anymore unless it's a celebrity, lmao.
People would also have horrendous channel themes. So many repeating images. Also, this shit:

☻/ This is Bob . Copy and paste him
/▌ all over Youtube
/ \ so he can take over and take down Google+

No. 458407

this animal looks miserable

No. 458411

File: 1567723125937.jpg (28.53 KB, 400x400, checkem.jpg)

check my dubs

No. 458420

The comments are surprisingly good on this video

No. 458422

File: 1567724140254.jpg (22.49 KB, 252x249, checked.jpg)

nice ones anon, checked

No. 458442

Holy shit Bob!! I had totally forgotten about that mess kek

No. 458448

File: 1567728215582.jpeg (571.84 KB, 750x743, EBED797C-8037-42E2-90FB-60D204…)

christ I feel manic as shit today
it's almost nerve wracking

No. 458456

File: 1567729654294.png (950.79 KB, 2500x1340, annotations-1.png)

One thing I remembered recently was when youtube introduced annotations onto videos, and eventually they briefly added the option to let any user add whatever annotations they wanted onto your video, so some videos would just have the entire screen covered with random shit the whole time. That was always hilarious to young me.

No. 458462

nta but I also miss old YouTube too, back before it was less commercialized and more about user interactivity idk

nowadays everything gets copyright creators striked and it's become a literal business for some ppl but I remember when it was just dumb memes and moviemaker/imovie lyric videos and 3 part episodes of anime/tv shows

No. 458464

I can't remember if the rot set in before or after the Google+ integration in 2013, the one that tried to force everyone to use their real names. Remember when they let you customize your profile and have wallpapers?
They have fucked over thousands of perfectly good videos that relied on those annotations as interactive buttons.

No. 458510

Has anyone heard of Kris Gage who writes "essays" on Medium? Apart from her fluffy "writing" about MBTI (bullshit, more concisely), she seems like a Cool Girl type and that's pretty frustrating, since she's a 30-something.

For example: https://krisgage.com/2017/07/17/friendship-is-a-toxic-waste-of-time/
Some points, such as some friendships being "codependent" and "toxic", do ring true, but it seems like she's just so vehemently against friendship. Glossing over her points, it seems like she's never had healthy relationships with good boundaries, with people who share common interests.

Like goddamn, this passage makes me snort out loud:
> I rode a motorcycle cross-country in the middle of Midwest winter. I went from making six digits, then owning my own business, to being a bartender. I’m an attractive woman in her early 30’s and marriage is nowhere near the top of my list of priorities.

Wow, congrats. You sound so unique. Not.

The other thing that pisses me off is that a lot of people think she's an amazing writer, but she sounds like an edgy teenager trying to sound wise. Nothing amazing about that.

No. 458522

I have light brown eyes and I don't hate them, but I really want to have blue, gray or green eyes. Ive heard of meditating to change your eye color, have any of you guys tried it? It sounds stupid but I really want to try it.

No. 458532

while youre at it,try the gland hormone stimulation to get taller and become a 2.30m tall amazonian woman

seriously you have nothing to loose but even considering this pseudoscience shit is ridiculous

No. 458536

I feel mentally disturbed after watching hours of Jim Cant Swim's patreon vids. Its just so much. I live alone and Im scared

No. 458543

jesus, just buy some contacts.

No. 458559

Several years ago I found this hot website that was all softcore pictures of nude cute dudes you could sort by model. I think it was Eastern European in origin (gave me that vibe) and the site looked dated. They weren’t twinks, think ‘boyfriend’ type in your average porn title and idc if it was aimed at gay men, my thirsty ass wishes I kept that link because I don’t care for ‘rugged’ hairy gym guys or older men.

No. 458604

I'm still friends with some of the people I used to chat with on their youtube profiles in 2009. I was also a little known for my youtube layout designs which was exciting. I miss it so much.

No. 458657

I'm getting hit by nostalgia rn. I remember making a Youtube account in 2008 when I was 13, and immediately getting to make friends thanks to communities. I vividly remember spending time customizing my channel, setting background, profile picture, colors, bio with fancy characters… and then lurking through other people's channels to see how they customized theirs. Exchanging comments in each other's channels, being in actual communities.
I still talk to some of those people, 11 years later.

No. 458666

I got really excited about the idea of actually going taking rock climbing classes and signing up for a rock climbing gym and doing it regularly. I did some more digging and found a gym closer to me, and while it's a bit pricey, rock climbing is one of those things that's always been in my head as a kid that would be super fun. I've only gotten the chance to do it maybe 2 or 3 times in my entire life as a fun activity as part of something rather than going to a dedicated gym for it, but fuck I'm so excited and want to do it but at the same time I'm scared about going alone (none of my friends want to do it/are willing to pay the price for something like this lol).

I feel bad that I keep putting off finding time for a gym and working out (went from retail to office job so I'm not as active as I used to be), but I think starting rock climbing would be a fun new hobby that would do me some mental and physical good. It's one of those things where I truly think it's a fun activity and unlike everything else I've ever picked up in my life "for fun" I really don't care about being the best or impressing people, I just wanna get on this fucking wall and climb it so bad.

I might sign up for a class/one month trial membership for this Sunday, or maybe next week in case something comes up with my parents this weekend. I've worked out all the possible issues (membership would be worth it (vs day pass cost) in about 4 visits; I can only make time for it on the weekends but wake up early even on the weekends so I can go in the morning when it's slightly less crowded; there's free yoga classes and a free weight area included so I can do that if the walls are too busy or I don't feel like climbing that day). I'm just rambling and all I need to do is bite the bullet because I know I can do it, I just get myself so worked up for no reason whenever I start something new.

No. 458700

sad about this whole f21 business. i know it's cheap chinese crap but they really have some cute stuff

No. 458828

i miss the channel themes so much, i remember how i spent hours on mspaint drawing hamtaro characters onto a template i found on deviantart
there's so little options to customize your channel nowadays, it's boring

No. 458848

File: 1567802249187.png (857.28 KB, 840x542, shelby.PNG)

I'm so fucking sad. I was so upset when they had to put Oakley to sleep, and now Shelby's passed too.

No. 458862

I used to watch that channel years ago but totally forgot about it. The lady in the videos always seemed really sweet. Sad to see them both go.

No. 458868

They got a new husky pup after Oakley but something in me just couldn't bear to watch them anymore. I've been seeing them on my instagram feed and I was hoping Shelby would get better since she's had some health issues in the past, but fuck, Oakley just passed away last year. I'm so sad. The couple that runs the channel really are sweet.

No. 458894

File: 1567809486618.jpg (26.86 KB, 500x500, 418J JRTHjL.jpg)

My fiance proposed to me about a month ago with a dummy ring and is letting me pick out my own ring myself. We kinda live in bumfuck nowhere without any fine jewelry stores to access easily, so I was planning on ordering online. I fell in love with a custom ring I made on a site, then saw how suspiciously cheap it was and investigated reviews. They have overwhelmingly positive ones (that feel almost fake) but the critical reviews seem to think they don't use real diamonds/gems or use bad cuts.

I guess what I'm asking is, anyone know of a reputable place to buy an engagement ring online? Budget is roughly 2k USD. I just want something sparkly and elegant, not necessarily the most expensive looking.

No. 458902

Consider a moissanite ring, similar quality to diamonds and virtually indistinguishable but much cheaper. Diamonds are a fucking racket with artificially inflated value thanks to advertising campaigns.

No. 458906

im not sure but i love going to jared or kays and seeing the horribly occluded, poor quality diamonds getting sold for a million times over what they'd reasonably be worth based on clarity and color or hearing from women whose men dropped like 4k on a SI2 P diamond. it's all a scam. i prefer not to have the price of a 2003 corolla on my left hand, so i cant recommend sites, but just learn about gemstone quality and make your selection based on that, because no one ever actually seems to when they shop brick and mortar.

No. 458909

Interesting, is coloured moissanite a thing? (Since I was interested in getting a gemstone or semi precious stone in my ring.) Will have to look into this when I'm home from work.

Yeah I guess I should just educate myself since it'll ideally be the ring I wear for the rest of my life.

No. 458928

File: 1567813635465.jpg (30.84 KB, 750x735, fdf5d0b8a87f27e02543f58e147f6a…)

>mfw I started the man-hate/pink pill thing on lolcow
>I made most of the man-hate posts in the teenagers thread
>I made most of the first man hate threads before they became banned and we switched to pink pilled
>more and more people just started jumping on it and getting pink pilled
>I got more pink pilled and ended up leaving my abusive ex
>I learned to stop defending men
>helped pink pill other women irl including my ex boyfriends sister
>happiest and most free I've ever been in my life despite starting a pseudo-cult

No. 458930

File: 1567814210965.gif (2.03 MB, 320x453, 1528607313905.gif)

Thanks anon, you've done an actual service to my life. The pink pill pushed me to wgtow and you're absolutely right about being so much happier and carefree!

No. 458932

you're welcome, stay lit sis

No. 458938

Thank you, the pinkpill made me realise the truth and I left my ex who was super unappreciative of me and a cumbrain.

No. 458970

I think I've only browsed those threads around 2 times, but thank you so, so much. A lot of what I read there I was able to apply recently when I was helping a friend through a bad breakup with one of the most delusional scrotes I've encountered irl. You dun good, nonnie.