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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

No. 212544

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..

No. 212557

love that holly is the op image

No. 212572

What do you guys think of Doodle Date? I like both their personalities but can't get over the fact that their art is so boring and bland.

No. 212576

I like them I just can’t get over how the dude keeps doing that weird gruff voice? Idk once I noticed he did it every few minutes I couldn’t un hear it

No. 212582

I like them, they're entertaining. Sure, their art isn't the most amazing I've ever seen but they're not pretending it is.

No. 212597

I think their videos are really cute and fun, I appreciate how nice they are to each other (also makes for nice background noise while I'm working on stuff). I guess the point of their videos is not to make anything groundbreaking, but to have fun and draw together. Idk, I don't wanna sound like a stan, I just find these videos to be adorable.

No. 212600

They're ok but they're one of those people that draw themselves way cuter than they actually are

No. 212612

Well, it's one of those things where people are always gonna find something to complain about. Take Baylee Jae as an example: when her avatar looks stupid and silly people complain saying she's trying too hard to be quirky, when she draws herself cute people complain because it's not realistic.

No. 212618

I like them! But the whole 'we really love our viewers' thing gets a bit much. And I agree about the weird voices.
I loved their color blind video, it was super interesting and Adam is making such progress with his drawings. I like his style better then hers tbh.

No. 212628

It's interesting seeing them now as I've followed Steph from her deviantart days where she made dress up flash games for a living but their channel is one of the most down to earth. Also I think it's great showing you can improve in art no matter how old you are.

No. 212653

I like to watch some of their videos because they're nice to put on in the background. I just wish that Steph style was more appealing. I find it to be pretty blah to look at.

No. 212669

Can someone supply a link to the previous thread please?

No. 212670

No. 212672

I’ve looked her up on twitter a couple times and the stuff she does outside of doodledates is sometimes really cute but hit or miss! I don’t really take their channel too seriously, like it’s just a bit of fun for them that turned into a job. They don’t claim to be amazing artist, and they’re not sucking money out of their young fans so I don’t mind that they’re not the best. Also Stephs Dad died last month (leaving her now parentless) and she didn’t miss a single upload or use it for click bait etc, which I really admire

No. 212673

Some people were talking about Istebrak in the last thread and I just had to bring this up. Basically at the beginning of the video she goes in a ballistic rant about how Wacom is the worst company just because she couldn't get hers to work properly and shows she smashes hers that was worth 400$. Something she could easily resell. If you look in the comments you can see people who never had problem with Wacom drivers and had their tablets working for over 6 years. No matter if she is just not tech-savy enough to be aware she might have broken it herself or it really is a faulty product she shouldn't start her class chimping out like this lol.

No. 212676

Not even gonna watch that video because cringe. I have worked with 3 different Wacom tablets and they work pretty smoothly, and if it was actually faulty she should have just contacted customer service.

See, that's why I really dislike her. She comes off to me as one of those people like Holly Brown who want to seem like they're badass and brutally honest when they're just hairless chimps unable to control their emotional outbursts.
Some people may misinterpret the complaints about her critique sessions as it being people not liking to take harsh criticism, but in reality it's just her ranty-chimpness that makes it annoying.

No. 212677

>Also Stephs Dad died last month (leaving her now parentless) and she didn’t miss a single upload or use it for click bait etc, which I really admire
I was trying to find out some more stuff about her personal life when I heard about that, do you know anything about her mother passing?

Their channel is more child-oriented, but I think they are really sweet. It was great to watch how fast Adam progressed, it goes to show you can do great if you put your mind into it. And Steph can make some nice character designs when she puts herself into it.

No. 212684

I don't like poking at people who haven't done anything wrong (that I know of) but I can't help but notice Frannerd's face almost always looks greasy in her videos

No. 212686

I don’t, I think they keep their life pretty private, but I did see Steph say that I think it was her uncle (?) and Adam were all she has but they’re helping her through it! Their channel is definitely aimed towards kids & personally i find it pleasant background noise.

No. 212687

Yeah, I think I saw her mentioning that.

I also noticed her hands seem to tremble a lot, I wonder why.

No. 212691

Yeah In one the videos where steph showed her old paper games (rimzies?) she made as kid it seemed like most of them were for her grandparents and her uncle and aunt to play with her so must of stayed with them often. She said her grandparents passed away. I actually got a bit emotional at one point when she said it feels like they live on through the game staying how it was the last time they played.

I find adam to be annoying at times but im sure they play up their personalites a bit bc they have a young auidence. Like other anons said its good bg noise, plus they have a really sweet relationship and they are creative with video topics unlike many art channels. And yeah its fun to see adam approve, I was surprised when they first said he had only been drawing to improve for a year or two, and that he is colourblind. Maybe baylee should take some inspo from him kek

No. 212696

I think the only thing I don't like about them is the amount of Art Challenges they do.
But I suppose it goes with their styles of fun art videos.

No. 212698

She comes across as a anxious person and has mentioned before not liking leaving the house much etc. So it could just ber nerves but that’s a guess
>>212696 I usually feel the same way about challenge videos but with them I don’t mind so much because they never state they’re making serious art on their channel (and they actually draw off camera too which a lot of art youtubers don’t seem to do anymore)! I kind of see them as like a “art attack” kind of a channel

No. 212724

Does anyone find it annoying how many youtube artists are shilling and pushing Huion products on everyone because Huion sent it to them for free? I don’t mind other brands, it’s just Huion that made everyone sell their soul to them lol. I guess this is why I like Sycra, he is brutally honest with products and doesn’t sugarcoat just because it was sent to him for free.

No. 212727

links? id like to hear an honest review of huion

No. 212729

Sara Tepes comes to mind first, most of her channel are Huion products reviews. It became like a trend few months ago, whenever Huion came out with new product, everyone and their mothers make a “non biased” review.
The thing is, these products have very low ratings on Amazon. People saying thay stop working after a while etc.

No. 212734

In my experience, my tablet is fine but my pen is the issue. The pen will randomly stop working, or the nib wears down and the worst part is the customer service does NOT speak English well. I've been using my Huion H420 tablet for a few years and I have had pen troubles for the majority OF those years. Cheap af tho

No. 212735

You can already tell some of its quality when most of their selling point is "it's cheaper than Wacom". I know it's pretty much unavoidable for display tablets to be compared to Cintiqs, but it's so often it makes me think it's part of their briefing to ask for people to say "it has -all these issues- but it's cheaper than a Cintiq guys!!!".
I can't tell they are bad because I've never used them, I've heard of people having their graphic tablets for a while and working okay tho, but I'd much rather buy a Cintiq 13hd than a bigger size tablet with apparent issues for a similar price (like the KAMVAS Gt-221 which is 100 bucks more expensive supposedly but has a 22 inch screen).

That said, I don't think all of those people are necessarily selling out. Some of the reviewers don't own Cintiqs and are probably blown away by being able to have a display tablet, specially people who do a lot of traditional art and may not be that used to the eye/hand coordination separation that comes with the regular graphic tablets. I never know if people are just being generous with their reviews or if they are genuinely not picky and the issues don't bother them.

If anyone has used a Huion display, preferably if you have used a Cintiq as well, what is it like?

No. 212747

Artists I like are, Alphonso Dunn, James Gunrey Lachri Fine Art, Coco Bee Art, Bokkei, Bobbi Chiu, Drawholic, Dino Tomic aka AtomiccircuS on deviantart, N.C. Winters and Glenn Arthur art.

Okay artist

Artist i don't like
H.C. Brown
Baylee Jae
Sjw Artists

No. 212762

File: 1511644032311.jpeg (405.33 KB, 1536x2048, D4637863-A184-43B6-96E8-24ABF0…)

Anybody have an opinion on dorotero
I like there art it’s cute
If you’ve never heard of them I supplied a picture of one of there pieces on instagram

No. 212763

reminds me of petitepasserine. self post?

No. 212775

File: 1511649870738.png (65.53 KB, 442x114, Capture.PNG)

Lemia back at it again

No. 212776

Does anyone else find Kitsune Zakuro really annoying? This video in particular was just so grating because they constantly kept repeating "my dudes" so much, I was grinding my teeth. Now I can't stand to hear any utterance of "my dude" or I get a headache.
Their art is…okay? I suppose. I mean, to me it looks heavily tumblrized and they do a LOT of Steven Universe art – but I may just be reaching.
Either way I really dislike all their voiced videos just for how irritating they sound.

No. 212778

If digital art isn't real art then anime art isn't real art – therefore Lemia isn't an artist, right?

No. 212779

File: 1511650553312.gif (74.33 KB, 278x340, 1429111411349.gif)

he's like Baylee's age right? Imagine being that old and your art is still the same
She's another one of those artists that has to use clickbait to get people to watch her videos because otherwise no one would care for her shitty art

No. 212781

Something's wrong with the anatomy. She looks so weirdly short.

No. 212782

It's her head, it's too big
Also her arms are kinda small

No. 212786

File: 1511660159911.jpeg (429.97 KB, 1536x2048, A02ED276-181A-4D0C-9F2C-E0811B…)

I think it was a chibi like style

No. 212797

I don’t know if you guys mentioned this artist yet but how do you guys feel about Jelliebee? I heard a couple of stories of people getting scammed by her and not receiving stuff they ordered from her. This also happened to me since I bought a charm from her and it took nearly two months to get to me, I even had to contact tictail support and they got on her and the next day she emailed about “shipping problems”, I also tried to reach out to her multiple times on Instagram and on tictail but she never ever responded even tho she was on Instagram when I sent my messages. I used to adore her a lot but now I don’t know how to feel about her :/

No. 212798

Not only have we talked about her, but she ended up finding the thread and posting here

No. 212799

File: 1511670553221.png (357.23 KB, 750x1334, E9B1424A-42B1-4DF7-B03B-FD3E71…)

Oh man I didn’t even see that thanks for showing it to me! That’s pretty crazy that she found the thread, honestly from a video I saw with this one comment I pretty much assumed no one ever spoke out against her or that she never speaks out about that stuff. Cuz I went on her tictail and there were some people complaining about the not so fast shipping, but as for her claiming she doesn’t delete messages it’s kind of weird that she never responded to mine :/

No. 212800

File: 1511670746159.png (525.2 KB, 750x1334, A4551CEB-2D4C-4099-9BD5-DC8CED…)

Also here’s the Instagram DMs and yup to this day they’re still not opened or even read

No. 212801

Have you seen her Kickstarter page? There are a lot of comments complaining about her failing to deliver.
I don't know what exactly is her deal, but she seems to fail short to deliver a lot of different stuff.

No. 212802

Yeesh that’s crazy :/ I mean I’m not gonna assume that she was lying in that thread since honestly I don’t know if she is or not but it’s really sketchy that she hasn’t responded to any of those people and I feel bad that they’ve spent money for nothing by this point

No. 212803

Also for this thread do you guys talk about people with bad art or bad people with bad art? Cuz I know one artist who Idk how they are in real life but man they get so much attention for their meh art like even marvel celebrities know who they are!!

No. 212804

You can talk about both.

Also, if you're not familiar with these threads, when you're not bringing in new information for the thread (such as screenshots and stuff), sage your posts by typing "sage" into your e-mail field.

No. 212806

File: 1511674019185.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, E45A3576-200D-4AA1-AA2F-015A1D…)

Oh ok thank you! Also yeah there’s this one marvel centric artistic called MintMintDoodles and I know A LOT of marvel fans adore her art but honestly I don’t see the hype behind it. Her style has been the same all these years and I wish she could improve and try something new but shes probably not

No. 212811

Yeah I agree, the head is too small, the face is too realistic for a chibi style imo

that arm on the right girl is too short, how do you fuck this up when you literately have another arm next to it for length comparison lol

No. 212822

File: 1511701894333.png (662.3 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171126-084130.png)

>Dear Wacom, this is the future of all Wacom products in my house.
>Thank you. -istebrak.

Destroying a 400$ tablet and saying, muh Wacom products is evil!!!!111!11!!
Then, reviews huion products.

>People are so defensive to Wacom products.

People prefer Wacom products than Huion products because, Wacom tablets works smother than Huion tablets.

No. 212823

Please don’t tell me that’s the 22/27 cintiq that she destroyed…
What a waste!

No. 212833

File: 1511716509249.gif (7.41 MB, 343x272, giphy.gif)

Yes, she destroyed a cintiq 22/27 tablet. What a waste of money and time. Slap in the face to beginner and digital artists in general. facepalm

No. 212843

Does anyone else feel like Lena Danya has a bitchy aura bout her? The same as Happy D Artist. I don't know what it is, I just feel like irl they're probably really mean.

No. 212844

Come on, this can't be a Cintiq. Are you guys sure?!
What a fucking retard, I hope people take this as a warning to not take her ass serious

No. 212846

She does! I got tired of her ass after she was being hella whinny during election time in 2016. I hate when artists go on politic rants.
I kinda feel that Casey Golden has a bit of a subtle bitch aura too.

No. 212847

I get that from both of them, but I can't stand Happy D. At least Lena paints a variety of things and some of her videos can be interesting to watch. Happy just seems like she's trying really hard to be liked by the YouTube Artist community.

No. 212848

I laughed my ass off when she started doing that, she's friends with a bunch of SJWs. It's like, girl, you're live in California, no one gives a shit just get back to the art.

No. 212859

wait, did this person destroy a cintiq just because she didn’t like it??? why not fucking sell it? or literally do anything but throw it across the room?

No. 212863

File: 1511734672384.jpeg (193.84 KB, 634x1087, image.jpeg)

So I lurked a little bit in order to be fair and try to not let my strong dislike for her speak first, she claims to have tried to fix it and I've indeed heard about some issues regarding the bigger Cintiq models.
Still, I think those types of rage fits look extremely autistic.
>you don't get to complain
>suck a lemon
So she's one of those people who expect to be the only ones able to sperg without anyone being allowed to say anything about it?
Istebrak is pretty much Holly Brown levels of insufferable by now.

No. 212866

I love Bokkei, her video on art school vs being self taught I felt was much more fair than the one made by Lemia and Holly Brown.

No. 212868

Apparently is a Wacom intuos5.
You're right I hope people don't take her seriously.

Instead of destroying the tablet why not sell it? But, no destroying the tablet for no reason.

>For those who have a problem with my thoughts on Wacom, I wholly can't care.
What? The way she acted is unprofessional. You're right, I don't like her either. She is H.C. Brown in a whole new level.

No. 212870

I wish pimbekai/donniedraws would improve, her watercolor is so muddy

No. 212871

In a level she is even worse than Holly. While Holly does have an entitled tone, she's still on a "Youtuber who does tutorials" sort of deal, Istebrak's thing seems to be to present herself as a serious teacher/instructor while her skills fall short and her attitude is borderline unacceptable.

I am glad more people have realized she sucks, I see a bunch of people defending her shitty attitude under the guise of "it's just harsher criticism". More like irrational outbursts. Instructional videos are no place for rants and personal feuds. Even if Wacom absolutely left her hanging, she could have made much better impression by being rational and thinking things through instead of going apeshit.

And why is it that those people who preach harsh criticism seem to be the ones who can't take an ounce of people not agreeing with them?

No. 212873

why do all fujos look like that

No. 212874

What an unfortunate face/personality/voice.

No. 212875


I’m still lurking haha, I kinda enjoy reading this site on different forums I guess? Also yeah I enjoyed being honest about my issues with my online store too.

I’m not gunna lie, stuff has been taking too long. All post is out now though I think?? Anyway I don’t reply on instagram because I get tons of replies and they have to be screened - it’s not my fault nor yours but ig is not the best place to contact - sorry!

If you guys knew the sheer extent of pure and utter bullshit that I’d faced from Royal Mail you’d all understand a bit more BUT I’m not here to place blame elsewhere - it’s still my responsibility to make sure people know.

Kickstarter is still being worked on and it’s a fucking ball ache because I can never log into my kickstarter!!! Also I do believe it was updated recently, but that’s another thing, I post updates and they don’t go through and I am never using that hellsite again.

Regardless, yes I’m still taking time. My manager/housemate is working her hardest but she has jobs to do other than that - however she’s been sorting out missing products and chasing things up and being amazing in general so she’s working very hard! There’s emails and places to contact her clearly labelled on my store so it’s just up to the customer to contact the right person because it’s out of my hands (thank fuck for you guys because I’m a useless bag)

Anyway yes tldr I fell short, I let people down and I’m sorry, and I’ve taken the shortfall of companies I trusted on my back because of my inability to communicate and face problems without personal fears and emotions getting in the way.

No. 212876

But still I have never ever deleted nor blocked anyone for contacting me about orders. I will never ever do that, I don’t delete hate comments either. I will agree and call myself an idiot and all sorts of shit but I will never accept a lie about myself, sorry! I know there’s some people trying to shit talk me from frustration, and that’s fair and I can see why they’ll do it but I still don’t accept untruths about myself

No. 212877

Sup, Jellie Bee.
Mind answering a question? As a creator who lurks here, do you see some useful feedback or does it all merge into a pulsating ball of hatred?

I wondered because we try to keep the Baylee thread more towards artist criticism rather than personal attacks in case someone lurks there, so they don't assume our only purpose is to tear people down and may actually take something positive out of the whole ordeal. I am aware we are not a sea of roses, tho.

No. 212878

I concur. I post regularly in the Holly Brown and Baylee threads and would really like to know your opinion on the criticisms we supply (the ones that are ACTUALLY constructive and not just hate).

No. 212887


Hi. Artist here. Not one of the bigger ones, but my name has been thrown out on the last thread a bit. I think some people are way too harsh on some things people can't control (making fun of Baylee's weight, really guys?). And some people don't seem to understand that we have no control over who likes our videos. Personally, I know full well that I don't deserve the audience I have, and that there are tons of artists who are just better than me who deserve way more. But I have no control over that. I'm just making videos and hoping people like them, and I know a lot of other artists feel the same.

That being said, I have also taken some of these criticisms to heart. I lurk and read what everyone says and I do try to use that to make my own art and videos better. Mostly I've learned that my art isn't really anything special or unique, and that i should definitely go back and re learn some of the basics. And I definitely suffer from same face syndrome, which is something I never really thought of before! So all in all, some of you guys are really truly petty and awful, but there's a lot of you who offer genuine critique as well. Shrug.

No. 212888

Well, I mean. Weight is not something that's always out of someone's control, specially when you eat like shit… just sayan.
That said, yes, I don't condone people talking too much about other's appearances because I think it really doesn't matter, so it brings the general quality and credibility of the critiques down a notch and tends to be quite petty.

About the people who say others don't deserve their following, I find it to be a very…stupid thing to say. Popularity=/=skill in most fields. And I have a particular type of beef with artists who sit around sulking over the fact that their good art (which probably isn't as good as they think it is) isn't getting any recognition because muh -several excuses- while the "mediocre" artists are putting time and effort into marketing themselves and building their artist personas, thus gaining popularity.

Also, why do I have a feeling this is Monique Renee or someone else from the YTAC

No. 212889

Probably is lol.

No. 212890

So here's a question – if you feel you don't deserve the following you have, why don't you promote lesser artists that DO deserve that following? By saying this it comes off as condescending, you realize that right?
There are so many ways for you bigger artists to help those that don't know how to market themselves well or are too afraid of the limelight, and NONE of you do ANYTHING to help them. All you do is boohoo about "oh I dont deserve you guys there are so many better people out there" just to make it seem like you're modest and a good person.
Actions speak louder than words.

No. 212891

Nobody has any obligation to hold you by the hand. The same way we talk shit about people who don't go after becoming better artists, you can get your ass some marketing knowledge rather than expect bigger artists to babysit your ass. Or whoever ass you're talking about.

No. 212892

File: 1511752898117.jpg (42.35 KB, 500x280, 1437346945457.jpg)

>So all in all, some of you guys are really truly petty and awful, but there's a lot of you who offer genuine critique as well.

Tell us something we don't know
Usually the more sane people tend to disregard the petty shit, since the main focus is art and their shit attitude.

Also, it's interesting that all these artists suddenly have popped, now I understand being linked here/googling themselves but is it paranoid to think that maybe some yt artists come here to talk shit about other artists? Just a thought.

No. 212893

I don't think you took my comment in the right context. I said nothing about holding hands or expect bigger artists to outright place another's artwork on a pedestal for everyone to see.
What I meant was, maybe it would be nice if they see an artist they like – show their work? Say "Hey I like this art because whatever reason" and that's it.
You really took my comment into an entirely different context. I said help, not do the marketing for them.
Please take a chill pill.

No. 212894


Wow, you were right. It's Monique. I'm genuinely curious as to how you knew it was me lol. Weight doesn't have anything to do with art so I genuinely just ignore comments like those-they come from a mean spirited place.

I really appreciate your opinion on that! I know a ton of people who complain about that, especially on the first thread. But myself, and all the youtubers I know, put a ton of effort into our videos, and work really hard. Some of us may lack in art skills for sure, but we work hard to make content every week. I know a ton of people bashing Chloe for her art and I think that's a bit unfair. She works extremely hard and is really trying to get better at her art skills. People seem to forget that we're just people, and some of us got lucky and made popular videos. We're just doing our best, really!

No. 212895

>is it paranoid to think that maybe some yt artists come here to talk shit about other artists?
Nope, this was already mentioned in the other thread >>>/ot/208321
I think it's possible

No. 212896


I mean… I definitely do that lol. I've collaborated with my good friend Amanda Elise many times, I love to find new artists on Instagram and Twitter and reblog / retweet their stuff. I suppose I could always do more to promote other artists, and maybe I should. You've given me something to think about for sure.

No. 212897

Your comment had an entitled undertone, as if good artists are entitled to popularity (which they aren't, grinding social media popularity is a whole different skill that takes time and effort on itself) and should be hand-fed that by people who already conquered that for themselves.

No. 212898

Well I'm definitely glad you didn't read an ill-will in my question because I didn't mean what the other anon said at all. Really, that's all we can ask for! And if you do that already then thank you very much. It really helps the art community get so much more notice and such. But either way, thank you very much.

No. 212899

Ah then forgive me for that, I really did not mean it that way! I know marketing yourself is a grueling and difficult process – I'm taking marketing classes myself – so to just give people all the attention without having them work for it does not help either sides. I should have worded my question better I suppose, but they seemed to have understood what I meant.
Thank you for pointing that out, anon.

No. 212900

I'm really sorry for the brutality, but I knew it was you because you generally have a bit of a whinny tone to the way you speak, which was pretty much a giveaway.

No. 212901

eat my ass anon

No. 212902


I appreciate the honesty, really. :)

No. 212903

where when and what will you be wearing

No. 212904

get a room ya hooligans

No. 212906

It's alright, I always talk about this because I've seen it happen way too often where people will believe popularity is pretty much a given when you're decent at something, which is not really the case, and then they end up as sulking old men blabbing about how their art is not properly appreciated for -x- reasons.

While I think it's completely optional and in no way an obligation, it is indeed nice of bigger artists to help out smaller ones who seem to really be applying themselves.

No. 212908

I agree. Even if you work hard, in the end it all comes down to luck.

You can draw beautifully and have no one see your artwork because get this - they just don't see it! It could either be due to the wrong tags you're using, the fact that you're starting off with original work, or something of the sort. Some people I know are amazing artists that try to market themselves and work so hard to do so, yet they barely get anyone seeing their work.

You just need to get that one person that will get the proverbial ball rolling. Because the more people see your art, the more chances there are to gain fans, the harder they want to work at their craft and so on.

That is, those who actually work hard to improve…unlike some artists.

No. 212909

File: 1511754411404.png (Spoiler Image, 562.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171126-233542.png)

I absolutely adore bokkei and her artwork is beautiful. Her video artschool vs self taught is mind blowing and well explained.

I recommend Cesar Santos.

No. 212912

I wouldn't attribute that much to luck, actually. I'd say it's having the ability to recognize several factors, some of them subtle, and learning to turn them in your favor. Having an interesting persona, being present in the art circles, uploading on time so people get used to seeking (and being delivered) your work at a specific time, having a good eye for what types of platforms seem to be on the rise and making yourself available there, besides other factors.

No. 212913

Now, I created the last thread and as much as I love trash and salt
I encourage people to also post about artists/ytartists they like and why they like them, just so we're mixing it up.

I really love Joysan's art and vlogs, she seems very genuine and I hope she goes far. Same with rabbitfears, they're not very well know on yt but their work is so flowy and incredible.

No. 212914

I really like Crypticink and Skelatori, they're both sweet and I find their videos very appealing

No. 212916

I really like exolightly, especially this painting she did. It got me excited to paint in watercolors again and try and branch out and try painting realistic portraits.

No. 212918

Ah that is very true! Your tips are very informative, thank you.

No. 212920

Bobby Chui made this available for free, bless his heart!

No. 212929


Hmm, I think, as someone who is more connected to some on a personal level, some of the criticisms are good and some are just mean. However, I am also of the belief that everyone is entitled to voice their opinion.

Being a YouTube artist is hard because you don’t get a good balance of feedback- the praise is wonderful and I’ve been humbled by the people I’ve met and helped - but criticism is something followers would be scared to do publicly and so when the criticisms do come up on here it’s worth noting for sure!

I’m always trying to share my favourite artists and support where I can, and Joysan is an absolute star. She really deserves more followers and I’m so proud to own some originals and be considered her friend - she’s a good bean!

I have a ton of artists I’d love to share but I gotta get ready for my muggle job so I’ll pop back later!

No. 212942

One of my problems with Youtube artists is that the popularity you gather isn't hand in hand with your skills. We know that to get popular you have to draw fandoms and women. So many women. Witches, tattooed girls with colourful hair, thick brows, thick lips, round glasses, y'all are so sameface it's cringy.

I haven't got an issue with drawing women. But there's no variety, it's the same tumblr aesthetic over and over and the same pretty face features and you get popularity, subs, likes and patreons but you don't stop to work on the skill and on drawing challenging subjects and improving, but you think "well I'm getting attention so I must be getting better!" but you're not, not really. And then the attention you're getting puffs up your ego and the idea of criticism is suddenly below the belt. But you don't think of yourselves like that, of course not, you wanna feel humble and appreciative but someone who dislikes you is suddenly a loud voice in an echo chamber of compliments.

Some of the artwork is nice. But as Into the Woods lyric went, "nice is different than good".

No. 212943

>Witches, tattooed girls with colourful hair, thick brows, thick lips, round glasses, y'all are so sameface it's cringy.

Fucking this. There's this one artist friend of mine who kept bothering me to change my art into something like theirs bc it's what's "in" like, bitch no. I was lowkey pissed bc I don't wanna end up like her and the other popular IG artists who do share the same tumblr-y art aesthetic. The first time I encountered their art I thought, "oh maybe they'll improve in a year or two they seem to have potential and I assume the number of followers they have might sort of pressure them to become better artists", but yeah two years later they still use the same old formula in their works. It's just sad, really.

No. 212944


it's especially funny when they don't even look like the artworks they are doing. I mean, I'm not saying you HAVE to draw only in your image, but constantly drawing this one specific type of woman with specific features (straight upturned slim nose, thick lips, intense eyeliner to give that long cat eye effect, freckles, thick chunky brows clearly ripped out of instagram), it's just an extra layer of poor skills, imo. You just draw the same thing again and again because that's what you learned and saw online and you aren't even changing much.

Where are the different face shapes? eye shapes? glasses, noses, lips, cheekbones, wrinkles, etc. And the only reason they put so much effort into it is because it fucking sells.

No. 212947

>One of my problems with Youtube artists is that the popularity you gather isn't hand in hand with your skills.
It rarely ever is, in several professions. That's not exclusive to Youtube artists. Networking and marketing overpower skill, whether we like it or not.

No. 212957

File: 1511802899222.png (637.53 KB, 472x591, Capture.PNG)

>Witches, tattooed girls with colourful hair, thick brows, thick lips, round glasses, y'all are so sameface it's cringy.

T h i s
bonus points if they're ~ POC ~
There's way too many styles out there that look like that, it's frustrating seeing the same thing being regurgitated over and over again

No. 212958

Also the use of pastels and overall lack of value range. I think your image is a good example of it, it's freaking flat!

No. 212959


Jacqueline deLeon is a huge culprit of tumblr sameface females. I like her colour choices but it's so similar, blushing face/knees/elbows/hands with pointy noses and big lips with winged liner, wavy hair, tattoos and a witch hat, probably

No. 212960

The blush bothers me to no end! I wish these artists would practice drawing other types of people rather than the same female type. There's really no excuse for not practicing either since things like pinterest exist.

No. 212961


the blush doesn't even make sense with some skin tones! like she doesn't draw a super pale person in winter where the red blush would make more sense, or even a warm flush on the chest area, nope from the palest pale to the darkest dark you're gonna have blushing kneecaps

No. 212962

Very true, reminds me of how Baylee Jae adds red blush to the darker skinned women she draws. Not only does she make them look ashy but the blush doesn't make sense for that skin type.

No. 212968

Ugh. Is anyone else annoyed with Lavender Towne's art? She has severe case of same-face syndrome and her art style is starting to get on my nerves. It wreaks of CalArts generic with noodle arms that don't match with the thick legs she draws. Plus, her linework is so amateurish. Her lines are wiggly and unconfident when you're zoomed in or you watch one of her videos. I'm also just very salty over her voice in the videos, she's too quiet and her whispy voice starts getting irritating after a while.
Even though she went to art school, I don't feel she shows that in her work. But then again all I've seen is her YouTube stuff so I could be wrong.

No. 212969

I also thought of Jacqueline when reading that description.
I honestly don't mind the idea of people drawing similar face or body shapes, what bothers me is that they all seem to have the exact same vibe, same poses, same medium, same stupid microbangs.

I thought it was a shitty move of hers to try and milk the Inktober tags with the same watercolor/colored pencil art she usually does.

No. 212970

My favourite is poc drawn with white girl features, skintone obviously being a second thought rather than intention

No. 212971

I like her, mostly. She's fresh meat, just out of school and her style is still in baby steps stages, but I think she has potential because she really doesn't strike me as lazy.
I also don't think she has that much of that "same face syndrome" if you look through her comics, there is a decent variety of character shapes. I don't like the amount of weeb in her, but I'm not the best judge of that because I hate anything anime related.

No. 212972

Ah, yes, the classic "I want to jump on the PC bandwagon but not give a second thought to my drawings"

No. 212974

File: 1511807473377.png (2.95 MB, 1892x753, jacq.PNG)


I mean, if you google jacqueline de leon this is what shows… the queen of tumblr POC without the POC features

No. 212975

It's such a tacky way to gain street cred with the PC identity politics crowd.

No. 212976

I'll look into her comics then. It's just the stuff I see on YouTube that's bothering me. Every video I see of hers that has her turning other characters into her style just has the same feel and facial features as every other character in every video she draws for. She doesn't take advantage of the varying proportions and facial features – just uses that same nose, same or similar face shape and same mouth.
But I'll have a look at her comics, maybe I'll be proven wrong.

No. 212977

File: 1511807906914.jpeg (26.14 KB, 632x233, image.jpeg)

How exactly do you guys define "sameface syndrome"? Because there seem to be people who mix up sameface and style.
Pic related would be a style, they have certain characteristics that place them together but every feature is slightly different and they wouldn't be the same character if you swapped their faces.

No. 212980

I think a better example of style would be Nani from Lilo and Stitch and maybe Belle from Beauty and the beast if you're trying to argue style. Even Mulan and Cinderella might be a good comparison – throw in Tiana from Princess and the frog too. Your example doesn't really illustrate style as much as you think it does, it's just a very minor case of same-face and fear of going off-model on the modeler's part to me.

No. 212981

But that's the thing, I don't get why people demonize this so much nowadays. It's almost like a bunch of people learned a new term and are just parroting it around.
The example shown is no problem at all and several huge companies do that, Marvel, DC, Disney, so on so forth. It's just a problem when it's an artistic crutch for someone who doesn't know how to do anything out of an extremely narrow comfort zone, but having similarities among your work that help people instantly recognize it's yours is good.
Jacqueline is an example of a bad case, where not only do her faces look almost exactly the same, the body types, hair and clothing styles are also constantly too similar.

No. 212982

Sorry for messing up the link, posting on my phone is awkward.

No. 212983

File: 1511809078032.gif (349.2 KB, 500x281, QN3hPSE.gif)

>it's just a very minor case of same-face and fear of going off-model on the modeler's part to me.

can you explain how? similarities=/ sameface. the eyes and expressions in anon's pic aren't even similar. sameface is like pic related. if you think anon's pic is really sameface you are lucky.

No. 212984

But how is that arguing that it ISN'T same-face syndrome? You say Disney does it but have you SEEN the meme going around about Elsa, the Queen and Anna? You say Marvel and DC but if you really look at it, most of their characters have the same build, same facial structure, same proportions – that is same-face syndrome. When an artist doesn't want to leave their comfort zone or routine and everyone looks like a carbon cut-out.
However, I will argue that comic artists might HAVE to employ this due to the nature of weekly, monthly or yearly comics because of deadlines. But that isn't an excuse.

No. 212985

If you have a style that people like (even if it’s just the same face), then stick with it, even variants of the same thing can look completely different. My take on it.

No. 212986

iirc, don't people mostly complain about this shit, not for artistic reasons, but because they feel like it makes people (women) seem like interchangeable objects? that's the only time i've heard the argument.

No. 212987

But in your example the eye heights have changed, so going by what the other anon said it's not same-face is it? Because you can't put the hair on a different character and see them exactly the same.

No. 212988

>fear of going off-model on the modeler's part to me
Ah yes, because character design decisions in multi million dollar companies are indeed done by one modeler

No. 212989

Putting words that aren't there, good job.

No. 212990

no, the eye shape is literally different between moana and rapunzal

No. 212991

>the eye heights have changed
uuuh no, they haven't they are the same eyes.

No. 212992

That's not the example I was talking about?
But this argument has gone on too long unsaged so I'll leave it be.

No. 212993

File: 1511809589483.gif (340.78 KB, 270x480, oneface[1].gif)

better faggot?

No. 212994

At least the guy is a bit different, she really needs to draw more dudes

I think maybe theres a formula with this kind of style, like a lot of (alternative?)girls relate to it? Like they see these drawings of pretty girls and are like "omg that looks like me" or "omg that looks like my friend" and then tag their friends/show the art to someone and boom it spreads and Jacqueline gets more exposure. that's my theory anyway

No. 212995

More like pointing flawed logic. That's what your phrase implied.

Also, sage your posts.

No. 212996

no, you said > going by what the other anon said it's not same-face is it

but the other anon's example was actually not even close to sameface you retard.

No. 212997

>complaining about sameface in movies for kids and hollywood movies in general trying to create a brand


No. 212998

Moana and Rapunzel are not sameface because they have different features.

Also, what I'd really like to know is why is it so demonized lately? I know in extreme cases it makes things look lazy, but people talking about "extremely mild cases" look like they're nitpicking.

No. 213000

File: 1511812280589.png (200.34 KB, 475x538, hamtaro.PNG)

She's ok but I personally don't find her style very appealing. She seems like the kind of person who would appeal to young teens that are really into tumblr and that's her shtick.

Is tumblr style still a thing? I've been hearing around that Tumblr is slowly dying and more artists are moving to instagram/twitter.

No. 213007

Since Lavender is still pretty fresh out of school, I give her some wiggle room. However, if 10 years from now she's still drawing the same, I think that's a point in which something went wrong lol.

No. 213013

True, wasn't that his first book?

No. 213015

File: 1511823443666.jpeg (222.51 KB, 720x1149, Screenshot_20171126-233245-01.…)

I agree with everything you say.
I also recommend Dan Beardshaw and Dino Tomic aka atomiccircus on deviantart.

Both are great artists.

No. 213018

I think Jacqueline fits that "alternative" (which is actually very ordinary) style herself and her expression of the things she likes draws in a lot of the other similar girls into her style.
You make generic things for generic people. Sometimes just for popularity, sometimes because you're in the crowd yourself.

No. 213022

File: 1511829226476.png (899.73 KB, 853x481, fs.PNG)

I don't care what Jacquelin looks like IRL but I mean she could definitely afford to be a bit more creative with her womens facial features and their skintones considering she's a pale white girl with tumblr hair

Having a "style" is not the same as having sameface. Females are often the victim of sameface in animation and anime and drawing, you see so much variety in men with wrinkles, strong jaws, nose shapes (bulky, pointy, crooked, hooked, curved, slim, wide), deep set eyes, wide set eyes, scars, chiseled cheekbones, like you see they put so much effort into making someone's personality and character evident from the first moment you see them. How many times do u see a male character and know they are the hardass tough guy who don't take no shit? Or you see a guy and think ah yes the gentle intellect, or the creepy Uriah Heep guy, or the weak soft non-macho guy, or the stereotype of the thin gaunt butler with a hooked nose and high cheekbones and downturned eyes, and you just feel like he's gonna poison you in your sleep and steal your money?

And what do we get to show for it with females? pretty faces, pretty eyes, pretty straight or small upturned noses and thick lips with perfect bodies

Even if you don't idealise women you can still sameface. My friend is a comic artist and she really doesn't see how similar all their facial features are. She draws one nose, a pretty chunky wide nose with a pointed tip, and relatively average eyes with very thick brows, and a nondescript mouth that's neither here nor there in shape and size but is mostly used for talking or expressions, like, that goes beyond "my style is this" and it becomes "I learned to draw this from every angle and it's all I do without thinking about it"

No. 213023

Savagely true

No. 213025

>pale white girl
No way, she looks like she's at least half hispanic.

Also "muh women idealism", back to tumblr with that bullshit.

No. 213026

I apologize.
I recently discovered this artist on YouTube. Then, he got popup in my youtube recommendations. Also,Jacqueline De Leon got popup in my youtube recommendations long time ago.
Well, the tumblr witch with tattoo has more creativity than celebrity art.
That Dan Beardshaw has a semi controversial style, hyper realism.
Jacqueline De Leon has a stylized art.

No. 213028


You can literally look from Japan to America and womens' faces are less creative than mens. You don't need tumblr for that, you need eyes and observational skills. Unless the person is doing intense stylisation and caricatures you're gonna have to look hard to find distinguishable, interesting female facial characters or even bodies, that doesn't involve changing hair or eye color or outfits.


Realism is very mechanical and uses grids to copy bit by bit exactly what you see. Being good at realism doesn't mean you're good as an artist once you stop drawing in realism and need comprehension of basic art skills.

No. 213029

File: 1511833350957.jpg (45.02 KB, 560x420, d628a617-b2c3-4e7b-918d-599683…)

>females look all the same
Really? Because if you have tunnel vision for the goody-goody characters, most of the princes also have a very stereotypical handsome-strong built mold.

Quit playing the "women are victims" card.

No. 213030


okay one of them is literally a lion so wtf are you playing at;

second ah yes the small pointy noses, high arched thin brows, high cheekbones and thin lips with red lipstick is super special, thanks for pointing that out

No. 213031

You have a fat face, several types of different jaw shapes, wrinkles, a nose that despite being small is arched, Cruella's pig nostrils, if you really think those characters all look the same you need some glasses m8, your womynism is affecting your vision.

I'll give you my apologies for the lion, tho. I didn't compile the image and it was already there.

No. 213032

Okay. What a about renaissance art?

No. 213033

File: 1511834005019.jpg (33.9 KB, 525x321, 1448527263.jpg)

Look at all these creative and diverse men! I certainly don't see an excessive amount of strong builds, strong jaws and handsome faces with pretty smiles. People relate to handsome/beautiful people, that's why it's often used.

But women are objects, right? Right, poor women. Such evil, evil animators.

(Again, ignore the lion and think of Beast's human form instead.)

No. 213035

…did you lose your way over to /r9k/ or something? If not this is great satire.

No. 213036

Care to share your own point of view then, anon? You're being awfully vague.

No. 213039

…These women are also all supposed to be evil. This image screams "women who aren't super young and beautiful are ebil, fuck 'em." If anything, I think you're proving that anon's point further.

No. 213040

So you're telling me the princes which go along with those princesses are not super stereotypical handsome males as well?

People tend to make villains ugly in general because it's an easy way to get your audience to respond negatively at them. And even on that there are exceptions. You have "ugly" female villains like Cruella, Ursula or Irma, while Maleficent and the Evil Queen have more traditionally beautiful features.
And you have "ugly" male villains, like Captain Hook, Jaffar or Mr Facilier, and more traditionally handsome ones such as Gaston or Hans.

No. 213045

no u

No. 213058

jesus, i left the thread for a while and came back to this shit? are there no interesting youtube artist worth talking about or something?

No. 213070

After Holly and Baylee got their own threads this one lost a bit of momentum.

No. 213086

File: 1511889145702.png (746.15 KB, 493x596, rqf.PNG)

Moving along,
what are the thoughts on Qinni?
I think she's pretty good

No. 213091

>tfw found her on tumblr bc of her koi animation reel

I really like her works, though sometimes she tends to do a lot of throwbacks of her more popular works lately. But then again I would understand since she's been having health problems. I do hope she'll one day fully recover from them since I'm getting more and more worried about her.

No. 213126

I mean yeah but I really don't see the problem with it. Let him do what he likes dude, it's not nearly as autismal as your post.

No. 213145

File: 1511910675031.jpeg (106.89 KB, 640x853, CFA0C906-ED19-4424-B2D1-751B5F…)

What about so-lux I haven’t been fan of there more recent art tbh
Photo is from one of there latest pictures

No. 213150

lux-so bad

couldn't resist

No. 213151

Good pun
But yeah
I liked their older art better

No. 213178

Now thinking back on it, doesn't it seem a bit odd that she would get two faulty tablets?
It may be bad luck, but isn't there also a possibility of the problem being her…

No. 213538


Has anyone talked about Katherine Ward Art yet. She's the same girl who made the oreo mascara. Her art is very wonky and off-putting at times. Her art (and most yt artist tbh) is the perfect example of no matter how much you practice, if you don't learn your fundies, your art will always be off.

No. 213545

I give her some leeway since she's still in art school.

No. 213559

yeah and she doesn't seem to bash other artists

No. 213585

her lack of creativity re: her women drawings is all the more baffling since she's not like that herself.

No. 213586

She's progressed an awful lot to be fair. But there are still some pieces where I'm like… is that really the best you can do? Like this stiff bow holding floating flowers.. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bb-FCKnFnOZ/?hl=en&taken-by=katharinewardart

No. 213588

True, but I guess we all have bad pieces every now and then? Idk, I'm not defending bad art, more that she's still learning and seems to care about improving. Unlike some people cough Baylee cough

No. 213590

Yeah she definitely just need to work on fundies and color theory. I could see her art improving almost overnight. She’s become a lot more humble than she once was too. When I first found her she’s was very egotistical. I hope she does well honestly.

No. 213591

Same, I really hope she does well and continues to improve. I think her getting away from Glitterforever and her gang was a good thing, I think that clique was a bad influence (not excusing the behavior, but sometimes the company you keep can make you act out in bad ways). I just really hope she doesn't become like Baylee as she gets older.

No. 213595

Question: How do you deal with a (decent) artist who pulls the "but I'm insecure about my art skills huhu" card but when someone compliments her artwork she all of a sudden becomes an arrogant prick.

I swear this friend of mine is slowly turning into a cow.

No. 213596

Idk, I think most of us pull that card to an extend because being overtly confident doesn't earn you brownie point necessarily. From how you've described your friend, I think she doing that so people won't see her as arrogant.

No. 213598

What do you all think of Katie Jobling? I find her videos pretty relaxing to watch but that could be just my own personal preference.

No. 213601

I had a friend just like this and was going to make a post about her last night.

She gets all, "I'm insecure about my work" but the moment you critique her or tell her to change things up for the companies that she wants to work for, she suddenly gets massive confidence and gets angry with someone for having "the nerve" to critique her work. Even if she was the one who asked for feedback. I guess she was only looking for the positive kind. After that, she'll try and make you feel guilty for giving any critique. Enormous pity parties and guilt trips.

She also gives shitty advice to her fans and because they're teenage anime weebs and furries, they gobble it right up.

The way I doubt with them was to continue what I was doing and not helping them anymore. I stopped sharing video processes that I bought and started standing my ground. Eventually she left.

No. 213604

Wow, I think we all know someone like that lol. I had a friend who pretty much dated all of our guy friends (all the relationships went sour and they were alienated away from our group) and freaked out when her boyfriend gave her an honest critique. She would have no problem giving everyone else one because apparently her piss poor anatomy was better than ours, but the moment a teacher or one of us tried to help her, she would lash out and call us anti-woman since all of her art was chubby ladies in skant clothing.

No. 213608

>You can never paint worse
Hun, you have obviously not looked at Baylee and Holly.

No. 213630

How old are the people you guys are talking about? Seems like pretty common behavior for teens/begginers. It takes most people some time to become somewhat emotionally detached from their art.

No. 213637

I'm >>213601
The cow in question for me is 27/28 and about intermediate level. She doesn't do studies, not open to change and makes whiny depression posts whenever she gets rejected by a company or zine; but is always going on and on about how companies asked her to work for them. I don't believe that horseshit. If they asked her to work for them, why would they reject her?

She refuses to change her style, even though the companies that she wants to work for look for completely different ones. She wants everyone to kiss her feet and that includes companies. Her echo chamber and her fiance enable her continue thinking that her shit doesn't stink and she makes no mistakes. They have said that she's unique and shouldn't change.

No. 213651

27/28, not open to change and doesn't do studies… is that Baylee? Kek. It's understandable when they are very young, but when someone is almost 30 it starts to get sad.
Also, I assume you have some reason to not post her openly here? I am fairly curious to see her work.

No. 213660

It sounds like Baylee. She always complains that she's broke but manages to pay for dumb non-essentials like Spotify and other subscriptions, even on sites that she never uses anymore. Something happened to a friend of hers recently and she made whiny tweets about how her life was rough.

I want to post who she is, but I'm waiting for the drama between us to die down first.

No. 213662

Damn, now I'm curious. The description sounds a lot like Baylee (I'll lol if it's her).

No. 213664

It's not Baylee, but she does look a lot like her. Baylee with short hair.

No. 213670

Ah I see. Well, when the opportunity presents it's self, it would be interesting to see who it is.

No. 213706

I'm >>213595

Are you me, anon?
>I stopped sharing video processes that I bought and started standing my ground.
I do this too to my friend since I wanted to help her improve. Two years after she dropped out of her course to pursue animation she came back to me and she all of a sudden "missed" me and then she explicitly said to me about her improving more when I'm around.

She's 22. Same age as me.

This reminds me of another cow I know irl. A friend of the cow in >>213595. She's 23, and she's worse than the cow I mentioned before. She once asked if she could join the circle of art friends we had (though we only accept people we're comfortable working with). When I said no, she complained about it on a graphic designers' conference two weeks later and boy were the speakers felt awkward answering that question. I even heard lots of rumors about her. She's just too stubborn to do life studies because she wanted a cartoony/anime style.

Seriously though, everytime a youtube animator complains about not being taken seriously, I just want to tell them to learn their fundies first as well as reading books and actually doing studies when animating.

No. 213806

>Explicitly said to me about her improving more when I'm around.
Same here! I was starting to wonder if we were talking about the same person but then I saw the age. My cow in question said that I pushed her to get better, but she was talking shit about me "pushing" her to her fiance. They both thought that I was being too harsh(because I didn't sugarcoat my critiques) and didn't know "how to handle someone with depression". That last part made me furious because I have been diagnosed by two doctors with major depressive disorder. Just because I don't use it as an excuse or crutch, doesn't make it any less true. But of course they didn't listen to that. I said my share to her and she tried to turn it around on me. She takes no responsibility for her own actions unless they bring positive results and worshiping fans.

>She's just too stubborn to do life studies because she wanted a cartoony/anime style.

This too sounds like my cow. Even though I told her that the companies she wanted to work at look for semi-realism, she was hellbent on doing anime. Her fans even thought that anime(mediocre tumblr anime) was semi-realism(Magic the Gathering style) and that the cow was too unique to be questioned about it.

It wasn't until after that whole incident that I realized that I was holding myself back during the time that I was helping her. I had to hold her hand while trying to move forward and she wanted to drag her feet, which held us both back. When it comes to situations like that, you have to let go of their hand or you're not going to make it. At least not as quickly as you would like. That doesn't make you a bad friend, but the art community is competitive and you can't let someone else hold you back.

Surround yourself with people who don't hate doing studies, don't mind critiques and are actively working hard. I swear it will save you so many headaches and your art will improve fast. If you drop that friend and her fellow cow, you'll improve immensely.

No. 213807

So she's 27 and still draws anime and hates doing studies? She sounds 'tistic.

>didn't know "how to handle someone with depression"

This is ridiculous. If you're a snowflake you're gonna be a snowflake whether you're depressed or not.

No. 213808

>She's just too stubborn to do life studies because she wanted a cartoony/anime style.
Ah, yes. That excuse. We all go through that. The earlier you learn to leave that bullshit behind, the faster you'll progress.

No. 213815

And makes whiny blog posts on tumblr when a company or zine rejects her. She turned down a professional client because she didn't want to draw/paint violence towards women so they asked someone else. She got mad because they asked someone else.

No. 213817

You're pretty much describing a typical tumblrette womanchild.

Indeed, anon, being around those people will only drag you down, they're intoxicated by their own stupidity. Surround yourself with people who have better mentalities.

No. 213883

This sounds right. I was just looking at artstation and seeing how many better artists there are in comparison.

Thanks, anon.

No. 214021

I like Danica's dedication to improvement. Being honest with ourselves is important if we want to not make the same mistakes.

No. 214022

I love Danica, definitely my favorite YT artist

No. 214024

File: 1512237442996.jpg (180.07 KB, 800x800, 1512094948100.jpg)

Is anyone particularly picky about the style of the artist they follow? Skill is one thing, but I think style can really boil down to personal taste.
Also, how do people feel about yt artists that draw anime? After being around other art websites, there's some people that really don't like straight up anime which is fair if you want to pursue a job in the art field.

No. 214061

Yes. I don't mind people drawing in anime-influenced style, but if it's a style that looks like your typical generic ass anime then I wouldn't bother following them. It sucks seeing a lot of those popular anime artists whose works still look flat as fuck, and I don't think I'll understand how they were able to get a large following.

Imo most youtuber artists (mostly the popular ones who live and breathe art drama and shit) who draw anime need to work more on their fundies, and I guess try to get out of their comfort zone as soon as possible. For that fujo like Holly, she needs to study actual people and try to draw faces that don't look like potatoes/have those hideous jay leno chins.

>there's some people that really don't like straight up anime which is fair if you want to pursue a job in the art field.

Hmmm. I know an artist irl (though we never talked since we never meet personally so I just admire his work from afar) who draws anime style most of the time. The difference between him and the other anime artists is that he knows how anatomy works and his style some sort of 'depth' to it (idk how to explain this properly it's just that the way he draws anime doesn't look flat like in most generic anime). He stated(?) before that he's not that good in realism (never saw him do studies but he does a lot of anatomy, composition and color theory practice which is good) and despite lacking in realism he was still able to land a job in an animation studio in Dubai for a short tv series.

>After being around other art websites

Hmmm I remember this one artist (different from the one I mentioned before) complaining about how everytime she goes to Artstation the concept artworks look almost the same. What are your thoughts on that? I'll try looking for that specific tweet.

Also, what are your opinions on artists who ONLY draw portrait art(I mean the ones who only copy and nothing else)? Imo I don't care if they do that for a living but for some reason people who aren't into doing actual dawing like to shit on people who can't do portrait art.

No. 214062

I personally don't mind if someone uses an anime style, but that's just me. Now if it's poorly executed (like compete disregard towards integrating proper anatomy ect.) then I find it's a bit hard to look at. I find it's really cool when people are able to integrate some of the qualities of anime into their artwork, since there are so many variations of it and make it unique. Camilla d'Errico would be an example.

No. 214065

>Also, how do people feel about yt artists that draw anime?
Hate it and won't watch anyone who blatantly draws that way. It gives me "teen who refuses to take a step forward in art" vibe.
I'll give a pass to people who are influenced but put their own twist on it, altho if the influence is too blatant it will generally "meh" me from them.

Inb4 weeb tears

No. 214066

Lol, understandable. I was one of those but after having an awesome art teacher who was a wild life painter, I grew out of it. Maybe there is some hope for those people lol.

No. 214067

Dat vocal fry in some parts tho, sounded like she smoked 20 packs a day and made me cringe.

No. 214069

What might help her is pausing and taking a drink of water, or just editing out when she needs to pause for a moment. I've found it helps since trying to talk that long is a bit difficult at times.

No. 214071

>I remember this one artist (different from the one I mentioned before) complaining about how everytime she goes to Artstation the concept artworks look almost the same.
The same way you have your standard Disney/anime influenced artists, you also have a lot of artists influenced by DnD, Magic: The Gathering and Warcraft. And that niche sells if done properly, so you have a lot o artists doing that sort of fantastic semi-realism. I particularly prefer those to Disney and Anime because I find that being more based off of more realistic proportions sort of excuses what could be considered lack of originality (at least in their humans and some humanoids). But that could be my own taste speaking.

No. 214073

This looks like all her other stuff? Where's the improvement?

No. 214102

Does anyone know who she's talking about in this video? I missed the first video she did for this

No. 214121

How old is Lemia? She sounds so immature with the way she's telling the story

No. 214157

It's so annoying when people do those "guise I am going to spill some tea but don't say the name in the comments!" types of videos.

Anyone knows who it is?

No. 214158

I remember she was engaged to someone and the dude called dude called it off.

No. 214159

She said who it was, I remember when she did the collaboration.

No. 214160

She deleted the video where she said who it was and now is telling people she'll delete the comments saying his name.

No. 214162

However, that is pretty creepy about the guy. I don't really fault Lemi for talking about this, I guess it's more her delivery that can bother people.

No. 214164

Eh, I can understand her reasoning, probably to keep people from going off to look for this person. Again, I'm not defending her, I guess just making sense of her logic.

No. 214165

This doesnt work. People get mad curious and get even more interested in looking for the person.

No. 214166

Assuming the collab wasnt deleted who was it?

No. 214168

Not saying I agree with her or support her decision, just trying to make sense of why she would still post it.

No. 214171

Look in the comments on this video, this is the dude. Apparently he can't keep his hands to himself.

No. 214172

Thank you anon

No. 214175

Np, again, I can understand the shock and the disgust. I feel awful for those kids, people like him are terrible. Thank God he's locked up now.

No. 214176

Anyone knows his "actual" last name so we can find an article?

No. 214178

Stephen Vosilla, I'll see if I can screen cap a comment talking about the situation.

No. 214180

File: 1512256912323.png (71.52 KB, 506x346, willterrell.png)

Wait, nevermind. Will Terrell had posted about this in 2015 on Facebook.

The link seems to be broken. tho.

No. 214181

File: 1512256925927.jpg (118.38 KB, 742x705, 82039481094197-98431284092384-…)

No. 214182

This shit is freaking terrible. That poor girl, I'm glad he's at locked up now.

No. 214188

>unemployed artist
Youtube artists tearing their own hair off in rage

No. 214195

Here's his side of the collab, with her featured in the video.

No. 214196


Yeah, I don't fault her for telling the story or what she's saying, it's more the way she says it

No. 214197

At least she's trying to get his channel taken down.

No. 214198

Yeah, she sounds really childish. It's pretty annoying, even considering her usually annoying demographic of disney girl art channels.

No. 214225

I'm curious about the opinions of the people in this thread, but do you prefer the minimalist ascetic? I'll use the example of Minnie Small and how she structures her workspace/art. Or, do you prefer the middle ground where there's some clutter but not to the degree of hoarding?

No. 214232

I'm pretty sure you mean aesthetic…
And I myself prefer a middle ground. I don't like overly cluttered spaces like Miss Kerrie J's but Minnie's is also not my thing.

No. 214256

But why

No. 214257

She has this weird dislike for professional quality paint. While I think some art supplies is over priced, she really didn't give the paints a chance. I think the video was her comparing student quality and the professional winsor and newton paints. The pigment and binder separated and that would have been fixed by shaking the tube. Sorry, didn't mean to spurg her need to click bait is annoying.

No. 214259

This video is so messy. This is a trend on YouTube right now so I understand wanting to hop on the hype but …
> Why is she mixing on paper?
> Why is she using paint brushes to mix and not a palette knife?
> She doesn't even mix them all together???

No. 214295

Art ala Carte is a drama queen.

No. 214300

wow that was retarded

No. 214301

I've seen her smart art box reviews and they're just as dumb. Comparing her's with Lachri's, it's obvious who is more professional in their approach and who is a woman child.

No. 214462

When does a collection become a hoard?

Also, take a shot whenever she says she bought the entire collection.

No. 214463

I don't want to be one of those people, but I guess as long as it's not inhibiting her ability to move around the room/space and isn't causing health problems, I guess it's not quite a hoard?

No. 214467

That is a LOT of markers. I don't follow her, is she 100% only about markers?

No. 214468

She works in other mediums, like oils, acrylics, ink, watercolor, gouache. I could be wrong though (pls correct me if I am)

No. 214472

Nope, she buys a lot of other mediums too.

No. 214475

Yeah, I think that's right.
I also have to keep in mind that those things are so much cheaper in America than where I live, so it looks like she spent much more money than she actually did. She mentions getting a few of those whole sets for under 20 bucks, that's the price of a single Copic or Tombow marker for me.

But while that amount of supplies is really dreamy to look at, I think I would be really anxious having that many. I doubt she uses all of them frequently, and having too many stuff going unused makes me uncomfortable.
I never see extremely good artists having that many art supplies, crafters are the ones who seem to hoard the most. Collecting stuff like that can actually be a distraction from improving in art itself.

No. 214485

Lmao @ Lemia in the comments
That ending was ridiculous, it's just a sketchbook for crying out loud.

Pretty sure Kerrie uses mostly markers to color her art, however she does use gouache and watercolor as well.
She does own a plethora of art supplies, and I want to say it's because she's an adult with a job so I guess she just plugs in all her money into art.

No. 214489

I guess better her put her money into something like that rather than something harmful idk

No. 214490

Yeah, we're able to get stuff pretty cheap and I too have a slight problem with clutter making me anxious. Though to be fair, some people feel motivation when surrounded by supplies, which might be the case for Kerrie?

No. 214566

Might be sort of niche but I hate the fuck out of Soproxi and her content. 19-year-old Youtube animator who specializes in fandom animations and the occasional self-righteous rant on middle school artists. Using the term "animations" really loosely here, it's all fucking slideshows with motion tweening lmao.

I'd applaud her for not going with the default cutesy tumblr/dA/disnime styles but somehow whatever this is is so much worse, everyone looks like a Minecraft character with a scene haircut and that rawr xD mouth style

No. 214569

I don't mind there styles they appeal to me. What I don't like is that they don't encourage there audience who want to get in to art but are to intimidated because of them, I will sometimes go on there videos and encourage people not to give up. You always see the videos like what not to say to artists ect I can only imagine how nervous that makes people who want to get in to it.

No. 214615

If people depend on others' encouragement to keep doing art they probably won't get very far. The art world is not easy and snowflaking won't help you one bit.

No. 214618

I've seen that style before and I can't put my finger on what's it influenced by.
I just know it looks like it was drawn by an autistic edgy tumblr teen.

No. 214621

I see what you mean just I needed a bit of encouragement in the beginning to get started too that's why I feel that way, but I do agree with you too. I do always give constructive criticism, I want people to get better another thing I don't enjoy about youtube artists so much is the not being able to take criticism. Can tell they never did art in university or anything like that if they can't take it.

No. 214692

This. If you have to constantly pat them on the ass, you're slowing yourself down and setting them up for bad habits.

No. 214794

Irrelevant now, but I fucking hated that stupid, unfunny brony animatedjames whever he was semi-popular. His art style still triggers me.

No. 214836

I like Amber Marz. I find her style to be different than what you usually find on Youtube. I like the fact that both her and Ursula Decay seem to have a strong music influence into their work. And I like how Amber's work has that very gritty vibe to it as opposed to the thousands of "Disney Princess/Anime pretty girls facing slightly to the left" channels out there.

No. 214843

I enjoy watching random artists on YT just for the entertainment value, sometimes even the petty drama. Solar Sands in particular is sometimes interesting to watch, since all he does is shit on bad content on Deviantart while being an underproductive and mediocre artist. It's like the community is self aware but decides to ignore it or take it out on other similar artists.

No. 214845

Those types of channels are so cringeworthy

No. 214847

File: 1512589669668.jpg (19.34 KB, 221x216, 1483875145152.jpg)

>since all he does is shit on bad content on Deviantart while being an underproductive and mediocre artist

ok but this tho
And the usual defense is along the lines of; don't need to be a chef to know when a cake tastes like shit.
Which is fair, but it also makes you look bad if you complain about bad art while simultaneously having bad/mediocre art yourself.
Like, I love looking at cringe worthy art as much as the next person but that shit gets old really fast.
Not to mention he likes to suck the dick of all those "animation channels" by "roasting"/critiquing them.

No. 214851

These types of channels are the equivalent of the futile drama channels which exist just to talk shit about beauty gurus. It's the moldy bottom of content creation barrel, because you're so unable to do things you have to dedicate your time into generating and basking in pointless drama.

No. 214861

It's kind of like experiencing a dual-layered cringe. That seems to be the appeal that a lot of the technically bad/mediocre channels have outside of their intended audience. Seen that Braveryjerk interview of CWC? It's funny that not only did someone manage to get an interview with CWC to begin with, but that person also ended up being ridiculously unfunny and disconnected from reality.

That chef defense could work in a few cases, but I think you'd agree that someone that isn't a chef, or is a bad chef, shouldn't be giving tips on how to cook or which knives to use. Sure, a lot of people will ignore any "how to draw x" video on Baylee Jae's (not the porn one) channel. That doesn't change that there is an audience that will take it seriously, and likely the drawing equipment videos as well (because all of these underage hobbyists need to know how superior Copic marker$ are). My main issue is that the one audience that doesn't know well enough to avoid that stuff is also the target audience, and an impressionable one at that.

No. 214874

File: 1512597143668.png (654.19 KB, 700x627, ndngakL1mw1qj5ij2o2_r2_1280.pn…)

Interesting point anon!

>My main issue is that the one audience that doesn't know well enough to avoid that stuff is also the target audience, and an impressionable one at that.

Same, honestly. It's even worse when they jump into defending an artist, even when the artist is in the wrong.(Holly,Baylee..)

Hell, some artists can't even take they're own advice, they'll shout about "oh you need criticism!" but the second you criticize THEM they lose the're shit.
It makes me so angry that these hypocritical stagnating artists try to give advice to other impressionable ones.
And don't me started on those channels that are youtube basic as fuck and try to start drama shit over nothing, like that video Lemia uploaded about "My art teacher hates anime and/or me?". That video got a million views, like don't most people know that if you draw anime in art school/class you'll get made fun of? Having an anime influenced style/ implementing some elements of anime style into your own is fine but drawing straight up basic anime? Nah (Unless you're only trying to appeal to a solid weeb/tumblr demographic like pic related.). It makes it seems like she's being persecuted for just drawing anime, but it's actually because she/and a lot of her audience don't understand that drawing anime can't get you very far and you have to study real people to get good, not drawing kawaii uguu anime girls over and over again with bad anatomy

On another note, I hate the shilling of copic markers that some artists do, especially from people that don't know how to use them. I have nothing against copics, but they're not the greatest things on the planet.

No. 214875

They're really not, and unfortunately I bought into that bullshit because I was a dumb tween. Honestly, watercolor is the better out of the two, they have archival qualities, they're versatile, and the tube lasts for years. I wish younger artists would understand that about copics, they really not the best bang for your buck if you want to sell originals.

No. 214893

I think it's weird how they bring out the crazy collector in some people, like Miss Kerrie J or Baylee. You can get along with a limited amount of colors just fine.

Why is it always the unimpressive artists who are so obsessed with having tons of supplies?

No. 214895

Maybe it's the idea that if you have better supplies your art will also be better.

Mostly false, but if you believe it, I suppose spending a few bucks on a nice marker sounds easier than doing a few value studies.

No. 214903

>Hell, some artists can't even take they're own advice, they'll shout about "oh you need criticism!" but the second you criticize THEM they lose their shit.

This is one of the major things that will keep those artists at the beginner/intermediate level and never going any further.

>It makes me so angry that these hypocritical stagnating artists try to give advice to other impressionable ones.

Boils my blood too, anon. Especially when the impressionable ones start attacking people who dare critique their idol.

No. 214922

>drawing anime can't get you very far and you have to study real people to get good, not drawing kawaii uguu anime girls over and over again
Everytime I read this I think of that one guy who was able to land a job in an animation studio despite him claiming that he wasn't able to do any realism studies. But his anatomy is top tier though he has a bit of same-face going on with the girls he's drawn. His work is on pretty much par with ctchrysler (though the latter tends to draw the same chick over and over again but in different costumes) and I'm curious about your thoughts on art like his.

No. 214923


it's a bit hard to give an opinion on someone if you don't provide a name. also just checked out this ctchrysler and their anatomy isn't that great tbh. they have some issues with legs and hands. other than that it's ok. if he hasn't done any realism studies, he's either 1: lying 2: studies but not from life e.g. anatomy books/other people's drawings or 3: really doesn't study from life but I'm guessing he should bc his anatomy probably isn't that "top tier" (although it's hard to tell because again, we need a name)

No. 214924



sorry, legs and arms*

No. 214925

Not that anon but those are very rare instances. He could have also known the right people. Networking is just as important as skills.

This. CtChrysler is on the higher end of mediocre.

No. 214934

>if he hasn't done any realism studies, he's either 1: lying 2: studies but not from life e.g. anatomy books/other people's drawings or 3: really doesn't study from life
Pretty sure he does number 2 since he once posted his box of artbooks that one time. He has an understanding of anatomy though.

>it's a bit hard to give an opinion on someone if you don't provide a name.

I want to, anon, but I'm a bit scared that I might drag his name down since he has a small following (and the chances of making it look like a self-post).
I chose ctchrysler as an example since his work is closest to that guy.

>He could have also known the right people. Networking is just as important as skills.
Yeah I've heard he was referred to a studio by a friend of his (who's also an animator).

>CtChrysler is on the higher end of mediocre.

I stopped following him a year ago since I got tired of his work.

No. 215010

File: 1512679730960.jpg (60.07 KB, 476x657, original.jpg)

The pic you provided isn't really "basic anime", it looks pretty stylistic to me. Pic related is what most people think of when they hear the term "basic anime" - dull, seen a million times before, can't tell artists apart etc., however artists who draw this way rarely care about originality as they purposefully want to imitate their favourite style.

I get the frustration over art teachers being dicks about anime though. I've been seeing the "anime can't get you far" and "all anime looks the same" meme for over a decade and I'm amazed it's still not over. Instead of encouraging people to try out stuff, to explore more possibilities and to practice figure drawing and other things they're just told to "get rid of that anime style". Despite anime having multiple different styles that are distinguishable from each other. That has lead us to multiple ex-weebs just moving on to copy the basic ass Calarts style because instead of being coached to explore, they've directed to a new source to copy. You ever seen anyone being berated by their art teacher for ripping off Marvel artists or Rebecca Sugar? Exactly.

If people want to draw in anime style, I don't believe they should be told they're going in the wrong direction as anime can be just as inspirational as any other form of media. People keep repeating the whole nine yards of "you should learn how to draw from real life!!" without giving advice as to how to, instead focusing on bitching about the style. Go ahead and tell them the proportions don't make sense, that the perspective is off, the lighting looks uncanny, clothes look like rubber etc. That's a lot more helpful than being triggered over a weeb drawing kawaii uguu anime girls.

sage for offtopic sperging

No. 215023

>literally ignoring every point made

No. 215039

I didn't ignore every point that you made anon, just got fixated on one. I agree with everything else that you said.

No. 215060

>The pic you provided isn't really "basic anime"

whoops sorry I'm kinda shit at explaining stuff but, What I meant for that pic was that,while it is stylized it's still anime-ish and people who usually draw like that do it as a hobby/for AA conventions/making weeb apparel etc. and not so much for an actual art career. I mean I'm sure that person could pursue an art career if they wanted to, since their coloring and anatomy is pretty nice. I didn't mean that pic was "basic anime"

I get where you're coming from tho

My gripe is mostly with weebs like video related who stagnate and do stuff like this in college with little to no improvement. You wanna draw anime? That's fine, but at least try to get better at it.

No. 215109

Not them but as someone who really likes the anime style I agree with you completely. It always annoyed me when people blindly shat on anything that remotely resembled anime since I follow a lot of artists that usually draw in an anime style and do it very well. The important thing is that the artists that draw anime stuff well already have a solid grasp on art fundamentals and can proficiently draw things other than anime. Meanwhile, the weebs that just stick to How to Draw Anime tutorials and tracing over pictures never really learn the basics of anatomy or anything else and it really shows, like in the thumbnail of that video you posted.

That being said, I'm totally fine with kids and teens starting off drawing anime. It might not be the pro way to start but it's way more fun than studying shapes and anatomy pictures and it makes no sense to discourage them when they're just starting out. It's only a problem when they don't improve and go on to an actual art college, like you said.

No. 215114

So I'm going to go ahead and be a jelly salt mine but, how do people who draw like this get that many views/subscribers from having that weird tumblr(?) style.
I have nothing against this girl, but sometimes it feels like pandering is the only way to get noticed. It's impressive that she was able to rack up that many views and subs within a small span of time, she's only 17 and already has 83k followers on instagram ( I know follower count is kind of trivial, and some people just get really lucky) but it must be nice having a large dedicated fanbase.

No. 215119

she's pretty good considering she's only 17

No. 215120

i dont know shit about eddsworld but why does virtually every youtube animator ive seen draw like theyre tryna do.. that. Yuck

No. 215147

The only thing irritating me about IG artists is that they keep on posting WIPs separately when they can just put them in one post. I mean, IG already gave a feature on that.

No. 215161

A lot of people unfollow if you're not super active (as in not posting every day or every other day) so some slower artists I follow post the WIP then delete it once they upload the completed drawing. A couple reupload the WIP in the same post, too.

Personally I hate using multi-image sets because they ruin the quality of my images, sometimes? It's really fucking weird.

No. 215163

>Personally I hate using multi-image sets because they ruin the quality of my images, sometimes?
I often use multi-image sets and the quality of my images were never ruined for me.

Tbh I got kinda tired of adjusting to their new algorithm. I heard that they take into consideration on how long you've been checking out someone's posts, thus giving giving it more boost compared to other posts.

>post the WIP then delete it once they upload the completed drawing. A couple reupload the WIP in the same post, too.

It feels weird if I do that. Also, I only get irritated when someone posts too many WIPs? I don't mind if it's one or two WIPs, but FIVE? Really? It also bothers me when there's a few differences between their WIPs (I don't mind if it what they posted are line-art, then base colors, then the finished work).

No. 215173

>how do people who draw like this get that many views/subscribers from having that weird tumblr(?) style
The same reason why pop music is popular, it caters to a broad audience even if it means it will be low value and repetitive.

No. 215212

the chick who made that angsty try hard idc video is now being sued by her school apparently kek

No. 215213

her origional video she made a year ago. shes stil making these cringe edgy videos and shes even shown her face on her videos

No. 215214


Her comedic timing, her voice, and her drawing skills make me cringe. Also I bet she's a bit of bitch and doesn't handle criticism well.

No. 215215

the funny thing is the good kid video is a year old and this one is new

No. 215217

File: 1512769089172.jpg (10.91 KB, 185x139, look at this fucking hand.JPG)

Wow, another youtube artist who doesn't improve. We don't see enough art-cows who do that.

pic related: how Spechie draws hands.

No. 215219

honestly shes so cringe should there be a thread for her?

No. 215220

glad im not the only one who noticed that part

No. 215222

If there's enough milk, make one for her.

No. 215225

It's a rough time when you see artists that are really good but don't have a lot of followers.
But if you draw in the right style that can appeal to a lot people you can rack up a following quickly I guess

No. 215232

File: 1512773942864.png (104.09 KB, 894x894, boyfriend_by_spechie-dbv8ik8.p…)

There's not much milk from this cow called Spechie. Her deviantart (https://spechie.deviantart.com/) is pretty cringy but that's not unlike deviantart. Spechie just seems like an edgelord in her early twenties.

pic related: her drawing of a hawt male

No. 215241

It's so flat that it looks like a sticker.

No. 215242

File: 1512778316521.png (551.29 KB, 894x894, new_icon_by_spechie-dbso4sw.pn…)

eh spechie is pretty cringy but she isn't a full blown cow.

I will say tho that this profile pic is exactly like those ~*Gamer GuRl*~ pics when they take selfies with Xbox controllers in their mouths, like c'mon people tablet pens in your mouth looks ridiculous

No. 215260

It looks even more ridiculous because of how disproportionately small that Wacom pen is. It's like she wanted to retain the size of a wooden pencil but also wanted to rep her digital tools. Not a nice compromise.

No. 215296

Her merch at 8:30. The designs on her merch were made with less effort compared to this >>215242

No. 215330

Wow what a bitch.

No. 215374

I'm >>213595
Apparantly my cow kept whining to me about the animation school she's in. She kept complaining that all she does in that school is make reels and nothing else and bitches about the professors who go there.

She then tells me she wasn't able to pass her reel on time due to depression and shit and she even started a fight with one of her friends who exposed her for being that way. I swear she keeps pulling the same insecurity card despite being actually great in drawing and goes on and on about how depression is slowly eating her alive.

Speaking of depression, I know a lot of people who has them and they even succeeded despite that and they don't even have to flaunt it around people (unlike said cow). She's slowly getting a bad rep for all the shit she's started and well… I stopped pitying her.

>that hand
I once fell into the Youtube "Animation" Community and wow I've seen so many bad animations. Would be nice if those "animators" would try to at least make an effort to research on how to animate properly in the internet, since I've seen a lot of tutorials out there. That community is also growing since I found out that some other potential cows irl jumped on that. It's pitiful, really.

No. 215379

I'm tolerant but her pompous "I don't give a fuck"attitude pisses me off. But, some people are into that, same kind of people who like Holly and the art ranter commentary community. The latter can get pretty cringy honestly

No. 215383

I'm >>213601
Try not talking to her for a while and see how she reacts. Cows like that hate not getting attention. When I ignored the cow that was in my life, she sperged so hard and it was great to watch since she caused me so much distress.

The depression card doesn't work when it comes to deadlines because clients/companies don't give a single shit about your depression. They're a business with things that need to be done and if they can't handle the job, they'll find someone else who can.

No. 215455

Why do you still hang around her?

No. 215536

I got stuck, anon. And I don't know how to leave, like do you just spill all the tea, exposing her and then leave or simply block? Idk man, I legit don't know how to get out of this in a peaceful way.

No. 215539

When it came to my cow, I said what was on my mind and then I put her on block before she could say anything back. Cows hate not getting in the last word.

No. 215546

That sorta backfires making you look like a coward, tho. If you get to speak your mind, so should they.

Some people are really hard to let go without conflict. Do you think she would publicly talk shit about you if you told her you weren't interest in being friends anymore for -x- reasons?

No. 215559

Sorry but when you've heard them whine for all of the friendship and talk over you, there's nothing left for them to say. It's better than them trying to guilt trip you any further and best to simply leave. If you got to hear them vent, they should hear you as well.

No. 215564

>Do you think she would publicly talk shit about you
Yes. She talked shit about her classmates and after hearing their side of the story I doubted her words when she started venting to me. I doubted because I was with her before she transferred and she's still the same cow I know. Back then she didn't pass bc "muh depression" and it's already clear in her social media accounts that she was doing something instead of actually doing homework. Same thing today, except all she does is play Dota all day. She even go and claim that she didn't pass requirements bc of anxiety and her classmates even called her out on her bullshit.

>guilt trip
Does suicide baits count?

No. 215574

No. 215578


lmao was wondering if this would show up. yes, i mention this forum, but not by name. i honestly just wanted to say thanks to those who criticised me and helped me get my head into focus. To all those on here who are fighting the good fight in trying to help us improve and stuff as artists, thanks, and to those that criticise our weight or whatever, i guess you keep doing you!

No. 215580

I'm >>215559
Yes suicide bait counts. My former friend would always use this card any time I tried to speak my mind. If it wasn't nice or sugarcoated it meant that I was not only insulting her but calling her worthless too. That even included critiques. and half of the time she would send her boyfriend to do the talking for her who would also try and make me feel like shit by saying that I was making her suicidal.

Also, if she's venting about other friends, I can almost guarantee that she's venting about you too.

No. 215584

Hello Jellie. I just watched the video.
Starting out with a critique, while crying in a video can be frowned upon, it gets a pass when the video is talking about someone who passed away. What doesn't get a pass is using a crying face in the thumbnail, because it makes it look like you're milking your own situation for views.

And I'm sorry about Pixel.

Secondly, I think you're doing right to postpone the Canada move. You don't sound like you're very healthy in the head right now, and moving alone away from many people who work as a support group can be terrible. Also, going there without work would also probably not be best for you if your intentions are career driven.
I've heard from a few very good industry professionals that focusing on your art first instead of frantically looking for work was best at times, and that opportunities would start to pop up if you focused enough on your work for it to be excellent (always using social media, of course, it doesn't work if no one can see your art).

I'm glad that you got a retail job now, sometimes managing everything on your own spirals into chaos (which seems to be what happened), the structure from a more conventional job can do your head some good.

No. 215585


oh, that was just the generic thumbnail auto generated by youtube, I just uploaded and left because editing it was so draining. None of the others were typically better though, I'll make a fresh one when I'm done with my current video. Filmed & edited last night and woke up a lot lighter, so was able to get another video edited.

Yeah, I need to focus on my art more than finding a job. I'm trying to do that and I'm slowly getting into that mindframe. I gotta find what makes me happy and want to work in animation, rather than trying to find jobs. My portfolio needs a serious updating.

Thanks for letting me know about the thumbnail, and thanks for your kind words about Pixel.
Imagine a heart emoji right here.

No. 215596

Talking and blocking is also cow behavior, unless what you said was just a very mellow explanation of why your friendship doesn't work instead of anything provocative. The best defense against guilt trips is being confident in your decisions.

Well, if it's that obvious she's a mentally unbalanced piece of shit in her social media, perhaps her publicly smearing you won't have that much of an impact. All I know is that it doesn't sound like being around her is positive in any way for you, quite the opposite, so severing the tie could be beneficial even if it's a bit hard.

No. 215831

Hey Jellie Bee, I'm glad what we had to say was helpful and I hope that things will get better for you. I think the majority of us a just glad someone was receptive to criticisms and is serious about learning from their shortcomings, it says something about someone's character. I'm sorry about Pixel, losing someone important to you is really hard, especially when its a fuzzy little friend. Also, thank you for not relieving our thread, we've been having some rule brackers as of late so yeah, it's appreciated.

No. 215837


Wait. This person sounds familiar. Do they draw a bunch of Dota art too?


Also good on you for starting to get your shit together. Trust me, working in another field can help you with your art sometimes.

No. 216148

what do you guys think about superraedizzle? i think her channel is pretty interesting especially her "anyone can draw this" series but her voice rubs me the wrong way, i can't stand it

No. 216157

anyone else think cyarine's overrated? I don't think she's cow material but I feel like you can get better art in the same vein from loish. Do I think she's worth 1 mil followers on instagram? No, but obviously people are seeing something in her art that I'm not.

No. 216171

I really don't like her, her art is nothing special and her kissing Baylee and any other big art youtuber's ass is annoying.

No. 216172

I remember seeing her art a few years ago and she's pretty much in that "Loish Style Ripoff" tier. I guess over time she tried to make her own style..? But it still just looks like Loish. I don't like her stuff tho, just throw some coloring on some half-assed wonky lines and thousands of favs somehow, I don't get it.
I also don't get why she hasn't improved her anatomy, it's bad. That's just my opinion tho.

No. 216175

Apparently there's some dirt on her. Google cyarine and there's a couple of threads on her being pretty shitty.

No. 216207

I can't be the only one who can't stand disney-anime sque style right? When I browse on Instagram all I see are these post from weebs making OC's with tumblr style or disney style, and they have a lot of followers and likes, I don't mean they're bad per se, but I honestly feel that they all do the same super generic shit. It's like the new trend of beauty guru's where the makeup is Kylie Jenner 2.0 sorry the long ass post but I needed to vent some things,sage.

No. 216212


Unfortunately it's the art trend that's 'in' right now. I totally feel you though, it's a case of if you've seen one, you've seen them all and it kinda makes the art community on sites like tumblr and instagram really same-face and it's so boring.

No. 216216

>disney-anime esque style
Well at least it's not as bad as the ones in Bad/Hideous Art Thread. Though that style gets really tiring though.

No. 216299

Something that bothers me a lot is when twist3d disast3r name drops Holly Brown. I don't understand why she does it and acts like Holly is a good source of what to do. I think twisted has a good personality, and her art is kinda meh, but she's still enjoyable to listen to.

No. 216300

A lot of people name drop her because it increases the likelihood of people finding you and subbing to you. It sucks, at one point I did it because I was a dumbass, but the more ass you kiss the more possible customers/subs you could get.

No. 216302

This dead horse has been beaten do death to the point of it being annoying. I'm honestly done with these mediocre artists freaking out when people, generally young and or not an artist, ask for free art. There are calmer ways to handle it, you don't have to be a total ass to them.

No. 216315

I dont think anyone's mentioned this video from Hulloalice but fuck do I think it's so annoying. Particularly the part where she shits on cotman watercolours? I havw renew watercolours and I don't know what she did to get such shitty swatches or them because I swatched my own and they were so much brighter. Is she doing a poor job on purpose to make it look bad? Probably reaching but this video just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 216316


*have cotman watercolours

No. 216319

I think I know what video you're talking about, but this is the one about her art school experience. I really didn't have much a problem with the video, mostly since art supplies comes down to personal tastes. After trying the kuretake paints, by comparison, they do make the cotmans appear dull. I understand your feelings tho anon, but it might be reaching?

No. 216333


Sorry abput that, the thumbnails are sort of similar

No. 216334


And yeah, i thought I may have been reaching. Thanks for your input tho!

No. 216337

Np, I didn't want to come across as attac (that's something one of Baylee's fans would do ya know) since I do have my own grievances with Alice but in this case I didn't mind the video.

No. 216346

Watching this video I actually started grimacing and visually cringing.
This person is an amateur when it comes to art and they're complaining that drawing is their "job". Plus, they sound incredibly childish – both in their tone of voice and their choice of words.
This is laughable.
The easiest way to make this statement is just to politely tell those asking for free art…NO. And then move on. Don't reply to their messages afterwards, don't draw attention to them – just say no. Or you could mention that whenever you're doing requests they can ask then, especially since this artist looks like she needs all the practice she can get.

No. 216377

That's one of those channels which are painfully generic. So generic I wouldn't be surprised if she had one of those copied Prismacolor pictures of Mike Wazowski (go ahead, google Mike Wazowski Prismacolor and you'll find several of the same picture repeated over and over again by different people) posted on Instagram.

No. 216561

I redeem myself. I love this sketchbook tour. We can see Stephs childrens book style really good here.

No. 216562

I really do enjoy their channel. Like, it's appropriate for children and still enjoyable for other age groups.

No. 216583

The flaw I see in Steph's work as opposed to Adam's is the lack of movement in her drawings sometimes, but I find the style and character designs she comes up with to be pretty cute.

No. 216590

I love this

No. 216669

Not salt but sometimes we need a little positivity in these threads, right?
I really appreciate Jazza so much. He's so charming and genuinely sweet and helpful. His art may not be the best, sometimes stiff, but his attitude about art and helping people with art makes his channel so engaging.
I have been subscribed to him for years, somewhat before his DrawMyLife video so many years ago and have just watched him grow substantially into this amazingly sweet teacher that just wants to nourish new artists.
His points and tips in this video were so helpful and I felt for him when he went through this portion of his art life and showed us how damaging and real it can be. I cried watching it. He's such a sweetheart and I adore him so substantially. I'm really glad he exists and he's a light at the end of a bad artist with equally bad attitude tunnel.

No. 216774

I know people find Waffles annoying at times, but I appreciate the fact that even tho she can probably be categorized as one of those disney/animu girl channels her attitude is different than a lot of them. She isn't dependent on expensive art supplies and you can tell she's constantly drawing by the amount of sketchbooks she has filled.

No. 216777

The crying bothers me a bit to be honest (referring mostly to the original video where he took the first clip from). When people cry on video and it's not for reasons such as talking about someone's death or similar subjects, it frequently gives me the feeling of oversharing or even sharing for sympathy points.
I understand perhaps his intentions were to really show people the truth of his emotions, but I think that's one of those cases were just an honest, realistic heart to heart would already convey his point.

No. 216809

I understand you feelings, but Jazza never really struck me as the type to cry for sympathy points or ass pats. Like the anon said bellow, I think it was from talking about his cat passing away and that he was struggling with the situation. Again, I'm not endorsing using tears to get a reaction out of your audience, but sometimes it just kinda happens and he doesn't do it on the regular. Sorry for the text wall lol.

No. 216810

If I remembered right it was the death of his long-time feline companion that drove him to tears because he had never expressed his actual thoughts and feelings on the matter before and it just kept eating him up. He said he wasn't going to cry but he had held it in so much it just came out.
That is, if I recalled correctly.

No. 216813

I agree. He's always 99% of the time showing his audience a happy-go-lucky attitude and smile. He never shows his weakness to his audience and never panders to them in a money-hungry way – from what I've seen.
It just isn't like him.

No. 216858

>It just isn't like him.
That's naive. While i think the assumption of him just being a nice guy isn't that far fetched, let's keep in mind people's personas might not always be completely genuine. It's just the mask they choose to put on when facing their audience, which may or may not be true to their own selves. Lots of people who watched Baylee Jae in the past thought she was an absolute sweetheart and now have changed their minds since she's shown a more asshole-ish side of herself.

Yeah, what drove him to full on tears was the cat but he was choking up before that. It would be ok if it was just that, but I think he milked the situation a bit too much. His thumbnail is him crying and the video is titled "Addressing my mental health". Pretty clickbaity. On top of that he used footage of him crying on the burnout video. I don't know what his genuine intentions are, maybe he's just desperate with the situation he's in and wants some support, but I've seen people asking for help through better means.

No. 216923

I've been watching a lot of Danica Sills recently and is anyone else bothered by the vocal fry? It's constant and honestly, after 2 videos, it gets pretty grating. On top of that, her voice-overs over her speedpaints are so incredibly boring. She approaches art, I feel, in such a mechanical way and though the subjects of her art show some creativity, she honestly doesn't seem very creative? I know, it's a bit of an oxymoron.

No. 216924

The vocal fry makes it hard to watch her videos. I guess maybe some people just process things a bit differently, but I do notice what you're talking about in how she doesn't seem very creative, since her subject matters can be rather same-y

No. 216969

I do like Danica a lot and enjoy her videos, but there is kind of a contradiction there, you're right - she talks all the time about improving and pushing herself and so on, but she always does sketch, careful linework, colour washes. I wish she'd skip the linework and just paint, or use her micron pens only for a whole piece and try shading and crosshatching in ink or something. Just anything new rather than playing it safe with style while talking all the time about pushing herself. Like I say I do like her work and style a lot anyway though, I think she's talented and dedicated enough to make it worth trying new stuff and genuinely experimenting, I'd love to see what she could do if she loosened up.

No. 217027

Mentioned here >>214067
I can't stand vocal fry. That's the main reason why I avoid In Liquid Color's videos.

Danica doesn't manage to put out an interesting personality. Even with a change of subject in each piece it mostly just feels like I am listening to the same voiceover and watching the same video over and over again. I like the art, tho.

No. 217090

I didn’t watch all of this because I watched his vlog before and it seemed like he’s rehashing what he said in that but Did he acknowledge him being wrong in the past about art block & burnout after Baylees video? He agreed with her video before and didn’t see the problem with it, yet when he was experiencing burn out and block He himself took a few weeks off and even hired someone to take some of his workload off (not something The majority of artists can afford to do).

No. 217111

I understand your critique anon, but I guess he was just cracking under stress from his job/cat. I'm not saying that Jazza is a perfect person and that he can do no wrong, because he's a human and we all make mistakes (him defending Baylee when she was being ass for example). I love nitpicking as much as the next person, but I don't feel that his intent in making this was for asspats but to work through his stress/grief and to also encourage his audience to not work themselves to death. I could be wrong, like you said, we though Baylee was a nice person but ended up being an absolute bitch. Pls don't interpret this as whiteknighting, just trying to give a different perspective.

No. 217126

What do you all think of Tillith? I used to watch her stuff a lot a couple years ago but haven't been really interested in it.

No. 217178

I think she's fine, but I generally don't get very interested in videos with no voiceover so I rarely ever watch her.

No. 217180

Anyone else thinks the way Gweakles talks/behaves is cringy? I used to ignore that and really like her channel a few years ago, but after she went full retard on her Instagram stories because somebody wasn't nice in a comment on one of her videos it left a very sour taste in my mouth.

No. 217181

No, I think you are a dumb talentless cunt who is just jealous(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 217182

Hi gweakles

No. 217183


No. 217184

Please sage your retarded sperging.

No. 217190

Didn't expect Gweakles to have hardcore stans. She's been pretty retarded in the past, but I don't think she's THIS retarded for those posts to be hers.

No. 217201

Her stuff is mediocre at best. Boring.

>Anyone else thinks the way Gweakles talks/behaves is cringy?
That "skit" in the beginning definitely is. Yikes.

No. 217244

Same, I want to believe it's not her
We've gotten a shitposter or two in the past week so it might be one of them

No. 217247

I found the breathing into the microphone obnoxious, but yeah she is pretty cringey

I kinda feel bad for her, her art is actually pretty alright and she's better than some of the more popular youtube artists
but her last couple of videos haven't broken past 2k views except for this recent one.

No. 217249

I like her art, but I think she needs to stop being such a sensitive princess.

No. 217402

The problem though is that Baylee became a bitch over time. I regularly participate in her thread and I've noticed many comments regarding how she USED to be nice and endearing, leaving me to believe that fame might've corrupted and overwhelmed her.
We'll see how Jazza goes but he's been at this for a while and has more subs than Baylee yet he still seems genuine, hopefully it stays that way. I have high hopes for him.

No. 217416

>T_T sorry for the low quality audio
Get a fucking pop filter jfc I could barely stand watching this because of how much she BLOWS ON THE FUCKING MIC
Get away from it gdi you don't have to deep throat your mic to get good quality audio.
Step back, speak loud and clear – or get a better fucking mic.
The way she speaks is so grating and annoying, she speaks way too slow and the breaths on the mic was driving me absolutely nuts.
Here's a tip, if you know your audio quality is not the best – DON'T POST IT. Redo it until you get it the best you can manage. I have an odd feeling that she didn't review this footage because if she watched a second time with the voiceover, she would know how fucking annoying those breaths were on the ears.
I have never heard of this person but now I know to avoid her videos.
My ears are dead.

No. 217418

The way she talks like a child sometimes is really odd to me.

No. 217421

I think she's trying to be "lol quirky and adowable cutie sweety pie tehe~" to appeal to the obvious children that watch her videos. Any sane adult who doesn't know her personally would click away as soon as the first P-HA assault on the mic.

No. 217422

But her personality is childish. She can't handle people not being sweet to her and she has shown plenty womanchild signs.

No. 217424

Gross. As I've said before, I didn't know about her before this post but now I am wiser. Thank you anon.

No. 217818

I know we've talked about Bokkei in this thread before, but I want to use her as an example of the characteristic that make both a good artist and youtuber. She professional (not starting fights with other artists or bad mouthing her followers) and her work is very clean (it's evident that she takes the time to make her edges smooth). Any thoughts?

No. 217823

Are there any artists on IG you guys follow and recommend? I follow ozabu and academic_artworks, which the latter is more of a collective account of various artists.

No. 217840

Aside from obvious @kimjunggius:

No. 217906


The latter has gotten real lazy within the past year though when it comes to original work and has bad same face, but her techniques are nice.

No. 217909

Anyone know what happened to artist-grapevine?

No. 217985

File: 1513675926775.png (935.33 KB, 1338x612, stuff.png)

A youtube "artist" who really grinds my gears is SuperRaeDizzle, her channel consists almost entirely of these stupid art challenges, which to me is the cheapest type of art video, because everyone knows that's how you get those sick vieuws and subs right? The only thing she's good at is copying a picture (realism) and those aren't even that good. Every time she attempts to draw something out of her imagination, it looks like a freaking 12 year old drew it, even though she claimed to have graduated art school. Everytime she calls herself an artist I cringe. It's also obvious that het audience is a bunch of 12 year olds, constantly praising her for her mediocre realism drawings.

No. 217989

File: 1513679936521.png (723.46 KB, 848x515, Capture.PNG)

Same honestly
Also I think most (artists) people would agree that being able to copy a picture isn't really that impressive. It can be if you add your own twist on it/or can do it so well it actually looks real, but for the most part copying is a pretty basic skill literally anyone can learn. Also just re-drawing pictures can get pretty repetitive and become boring quickly. Stylization, being able to draw from imagination, and having unique ideas/characters/appeal/taste however, is a different story entirely. It requires much skill and a tremendous amount of effort. These are skills that are difficult to get the hang of, which is why her Harley Quinn looks like hot garbage.

It reminds me of people who use the "but they did the sketchbook slam challenge!!11! so they can't be bad at art!!" argument.
It falls flat. While filling up a large sketchbook in a small amount in time may seem impressive at first glance, it's kind of pointless and a waste of paper if you didn't improve or learn anything new from it. Rushing to finish it,aimlessly drawing random shit and maybe doing 2 or 3 anatomy poses/studies on 2 pages out of the 600 pages isn't really going to get you anywhere. It serves nothing except as an ego boost when all their 12 year old followers applaud them for doing something that, again, any idiot can do.

No. 218007


What do you guys think of Lachri Fine Art?

No. 218011

Honestly, I like Rae. Her art isn't good, but I find her personality endearing, and I like her videos about various different art supplies.

No. 218024

> even though she claimed to have graduated art school
Which boggles my mind. How can you graduate art school and still know almost nothing about art? She also brags about her art being sold at a gallery for "literally 400 dollars", but who in their right mind would by any of her work for that price, aside from family and friends.

On other note, i'm glad she stopped doing "tutorial" videos, those were the absolute worst.

No. 218035

>even though she claimed to have graduated art school
Let's keep in mind art school does not magically puke out amazing artists. Not all schools have high standards for who they accept and if you don't strive for self improvement and take care of your own self, school isn't going to fix you up.

No. 218038

Do you have any links? I know she apparently has legit autism and she seemed whinny as fuck.

No. 218210

brown eyes means hispanic now?

No. 218233

No, who said anything about brown eyes? Hispanic was wrong but she is clearly not a white girl. She recently stated being half Filipino half white on her Instagram, so she is mixed.

No. 218321

I got stressed out while lurking through Calarts sketchbook videos because there was this one chick who was outright pessimistic about her own Calarts sketchbook (it's a vidoe posted recently btw). I mean, I can be pessimistic about my own works sometimes but I feel like broadcasting it on a sketchbook video would turn so many people off. I feel like this chick needs a self-esteem boost.

What are your thoughts on artists who are like this?

No. 218337

I hate that too and there are quite a lot like that. i watch sketchbook videos all the time

No. 218338

I prefer them to stay quiet or slap some sounds on their sketchbook videos. That one youtuber went "oh the haters and critics would say that I'll never blahblah" and it irritates me to no end. Yeah, I get that you're not confident enough in your skills but that kind of attitude won't get you better both personality and skill-wise.

She also unintentionally showed her numerous bruises on her arm (it sort of alarmed me because some looked kinda fresh) and when she tried hiding it she made it look like she's wiping her sketchbook with it. I wish she'd be more mindful of the things she shows online.

No. 218342

>>218338i prefer talking or music but so many sound gross or super unpleasent (depressing or annoying) but quiet ones are so annoying.
thats worrying, i havent seen any with bruises before

No. 218343

samefag but i hate dirty/long fingernails in videos a lot and sooo many artists have that!

No. 218344

i found the video i think, just uploaded like yesterday and has less than 10 views? good move not linking it here and being accused of a self post (plus if she was linked here id feel bad for her cause shes already so down on herself). her art is actually pretty good, her hands at the beginning are really good and she has pretty good colour theory i think.

No. 218349

That was rough, she has some great potential tho.
I'd also prefer them to be quiet, but watching some artists with talking about pieces can be nice.
But listening to someone constantly shitting on their own art can get grating fairy quickly.
I like looking at sketchbook tours for fun and inspiration not to get bummed out and irritated.

I do think it's a really huge problem with artists feeling like they're not good enough and it can be a hard downward spiral of thinking you're not good enough in general.

No. 218395

From what I saw in the Calarts sketchbook girl YouTube descriptions she says she has Autisim. I noticed a that her speach was slower and and not as fluid. It can because she speaks in a monotone voice as some people with Autism do. If she is self harming I hope she's in therapy. I agree your attitude can change the way people see your art. Something seemed off in her voice while bringing herself down so I don't think she's aware at all like other people would be when they talk. Not excusing her beating herself up like that but I thought I should add it in.

No. 218445

Is it like… a lack of shame or pride in appearance or something? I always try to keep my nails clean but sometimes they end up stained by things that won’t come off, if I feel like someone’s going to see it I’ll put on nail polish to cover it.
idk maybe I’m insane lol

No. 218446

>I always try to keep my nails clean but sometimes they end up stained by things that won’t come off.
If that happened to me I would just simply trim my nails.

Do you guys have any art product reviewers recommendations?

No. 218447


I really enjoy Teoh Yi Chie. I think he's really relaxing to listen to because he doesn't try to act kinda hyper like some other youtuber artists/reviewers do. He talks in detail about products and in general seems really knowledgeable about paint and stuff and he's reviewed a bunch of stuff so if I ever need to look for anything I wanna buy, he's probably reviewed it kek

No. 218448

Any thoughts on Leilani Joy? I found her when I was in high school and she exposed me to some other popsurrealist artist that I now love and it's interesting to see how her stuff has changed over the years.

No. 218461

>Teoh Yi Chie

I was thinking of him too, he's the best and does a ton of reviews!
A truly chill and genuine dude

No. 218467

Thank you anons. Didn't know he does flip throughs of the artbooks he reviewed. And I'm also amazed that he has in-depth reviews in his blog too.

No. 218469


He puts in so much work for his viewers/readers. It's such a refreshing change!
And nws !

No. 218703


I like her alot. She's very professional and adorable. Her voice is a bit squeaky for some people, but that doesn't bother me. I found her channel through searching information about colored pencils.

No. 218716

TL;DR at bottom

Hi. I have a question - so I'm an illustrator right (I'm guessing most of us are here), and I love this board because I get to see everyone's true and honest opinions of artists that are "on top" right now (and I love it). But I'm having some frustrations with my art and the art community right now. I don't have many followers (only 1,000+), so I'm no where close to being popular - BUT I made a new channel and new page to start fresh because I did not want to use my real name anymore (It's a long story why).

On my new account, I want to change up my art a lot. I feel like I do the same thing as everyone else sometimes - drawing only women with a certain look on their face and certain poses. I think overtime I've been getting progressively worse because I've been so busy with school (I take 5 classes) and work ,so I just whip up a quick bust illustration and call it a day. I'm also just learning how to digital paint (like painterly style, I do everything else fine), so my artwork isn't as smooth - but I do believe I have potential if I just practice enough.

As for the art community, I'm a bit frustrated. I've been seeing an influx of artists drawing women, with flowers (peonies), gold jewelry, witches, pastels, instagram "baddies" and everything of the sort and it's just BOTHERING me. The whole year I've been trying to market myself more but I felt as if I was getting no where, so I changed my "style" to try and fit in more.

I became frustrated SO quickly because I hated doing that shit and I felt I was creating a fake image of myself, so I quickly stopped. I started looking at traditional painters who do realism/semi-realism/etc and that have really good values/fundamentals.

Anyways, I think I kind of digressed? I hate a lot of artists and a lot of YouTube artists - I even came to hate my "friend" who blew up on instagram with 30k followers because she draws the same female "ugu" art over and over. I've become so frustrated, I started following traditonal artists instead that DON'T draw anime - mostly scenery and realism.

I would really post my artwork here to get a critique, but I don't want to expose myself lol - just incase I gain a following in the future (I know, that sounds pompous alittle, I'm sorry).

But I just have a question. What would you guys recommend I do and don't do in my future endeavors? Like, draw more men, less women? (Or balance it out?) Draw more scenery? Like just things in general everyone would like to see.

Thanks lol.

I'm an illustrator, changed my style to a generic tumblr and instagram aesthetic (drawing only women, etc.) to fit in more. I hated it, stopped doing that, and ended up hating my friend who gained 30k followers from doing the same thing. I only have 1k+ followers over the same time period. I created a new username to start over, what would you recommend I do and don't do on my new channel and page?

Sorry if my typing is fucked, just came home from work , it's 1 AM and I'm tired as shit lol

No. 218718

File: 1514097657930.jpg (28.43 KB, 570x760, 5ad7bbc599b6eff4ec3b6c2ef6ed95…)

ALSO, I'm a black artist who follows other black artists and I HATE the trend of art thats going on in the black community?? it's pissing me off to no end

like I really dislike Nicholle Kobi's art…she's literally everywhere and she doesnt even try….

No. 218720

damn sorry anon. what a slap in the face. ms paint 2007 is in style clearly. who knew youd need talent to be an artist..

No. 218736

I'm a casual artist who abandoned her long career completely and switched over to another field for the reason you described: I didn't fit in with the mainstream crowd. It was nearly 10 years ago (I'm a granny by internet standards). Chasing fame only makes your mindset toxic and purposefully forcing yourself into the mold and only following what others are doing simply doesn't work. Your desperate effort shines through and not in a good way either. Some people get lucky and happen to match with the trendy aesthetic and become big, some people don't. It seems to be a complete roll of the dice sometimes. My friend became huge and her art sells like hotcakes because it's accessible, following the latest trends and above all it's mostly fanart or inspired by some popular thing.

So my advice would be just to not sweat it too much. I became happier when I just drew what I wanted instead of what I thought people wanted to see. Fame sounds fun and all but do you really want to endure the pressure and people asking you for free art all the time?

No. 218740


Ah! Thank you so much. I did some rethinking after I posted that long ass comment and messaging a few friends about it. I'm going to take your advice.

But also, I guess I wanted fame because I never had it? From afar, it sounds and looks exciting, but I kind of feel bad for some artists because they have so many people watching them all at once and sometimes straight up demanding things. I'm not gonna lie, on my new account, I did think to myself that all I wanna do is draw fanart but then, I thought of sakimi-chan and it just sounds fucking miserable. So I'll stay in my lane and do what I love the most.

I think I want my YouTube channel to revolve around process videos, tutorials, and reviews. I refuse to have click-bait titles and thumbnails. Also, I'm not a rambunctious person, so I don't think I would be hooting and hollering throughout my videos so lol.

Thank you!!

No. 218762

Everything looks traced from another image, her style is absolutely not consistent throughout. All she does is change the hair and skin color.

No. 218765

>I even came to hate my "friend"
I feel you, anon. Especially the "I even came to hate my friend part". I once used to give a lot of advice to my friend during college, but when she took my advice to heart and began making bullshit excuses when she didn't do her part in groupworks (not once, but SEVEN times) when she clearly blogged and posted her art while my classmates and I were still in class. Like, hell yeah, good for you for improving your art, but the fact that you didn't even give contributions to schoolwork pisses me off.

And when people bring up her shortcomings, she blames her depression for it. Even after she transferred to an art school she keeps pulling it out of her ass when people pointed out that she wasn't able to finish it on time.

Nowadays she comes back to me saying that she learned a lot more from me compared to the art school she's in and she keeps complaining about the amount of work she does.

>What would you guys recommend I do and don't do in my future endeavors? Like, draw more men, less women?

Good amount of both. Idk I draw too many dudes and even tho I don't ship any of them with other characters ppl still label me as a fujo, which sucks to be honest. Also I get iffy sometimes when I draw women because I remember this tumblr-tier artist friend who kept shoving things down my throat. Like uhhh yeah I would do it but pls stop forcing it on me because I feel less motivated to actually draw them. I even had one artist angry at me mainly because I'm not feminist for drawing a lot of women (idk why I rarely draw women because the characters I give a shit about bc of their personality were dudes and when I try to draw an OC I get scared when someone lashes out at me for making an OC seem like a self-insert.)

>tfw I don't follow trends
>gets like 1 new follower per month at average
>draws illustrations of OCs
>draws fanart but doesn't tag often
Eh, I'll just accept my death then.

>I did think to myself that all I wanna do is draw fanart but then, I thought of sakimi-chan and it just sounds fucking miserable.
That's my thought too. As much as I like to draw my fave characters from existing media, I do hate pandering to the fandom (especially drawing explicit art of characters).

No. 218816

This is not really the thread for personal issues and advice (especially unsaged ones). Maybe this one would be more appropriate if you're looking for that >>>/ot/210748
I'm assuming you're the person from earlier in the thread, please refrain from using this for personal venting about people only you know about. We use this to discuss Youtube/social media artists and it's pointless to see someone complaining about some mystery cow.

Sorry my dudes, but this is derailing the thread.

No. 218836

The more I see these types of videos the more I feel bummed about Youtube "animators".

Are there any noteworthy Youtube animators there? Most of the ones I found usually have a very simple style. There are others though who don't use the reddit style and have fluid animation, but it's still not noteworthy though since it usually involves only the character talking/making small movements. I want them to try achieve something kinda like what Calarts/Gobelins students put out in their reels. Or learn how to animate properly.

Sorry anon, I just get riled up easily. The next time I'll do that I should take it to the vent thread instead.

No. 218843

at least jaiden animations more than a lot of the others, same with somethingelseyt (though hes not making videos anymore because youtube cut his monetizations while they assess his channel, though there taking there time), they at least animate the mouth moving.

No. 218861

Thank you! I'm glad to see someone equally as frustrated whenever people like this, and others, call themselves animators. It's one of my pet peeves as of late and I just get more and more frustrated whenever this type of "animation" is given a good light when it's NOT in fact, animation really.

As for the ACTUAL YouTube animators, there are none left my dear anon. YouTube themselves have chased away any good animators on the platform after the monetization algorithm changed. Animators were receiving less income for views, favoring length (which is death for single or a small team of animators because it means a lot of work) and how long people watch the video. Animators now have to tone down their animation skills on YouTube or make their own websites to host their animations because of this, cut costs of production because YouTube doesn't give a shit about actual animation when they have vlog channels that rake in the most views.

So sorry anon, I think the only real noteworthy animator that's still KINDA doing stuff is Harry Partridge (my idol) but he's taking his time because of the monetization and that his animations are amazingly fluid and take a lot of work.
Gildedguy is another good one that won an animation competition a few years back, he seems to still be doing stuff.
Catfat is amazing but his works are very rare, haven't seen him post much these days sadly.
Corax's animation was amazing, but again, they don't post much anymore.

And those are the only ones I have found that I really recommend. I have a ton more animators that I find quite good but I can't really recommend them YET, or they haven't posted anything in years (i.e. OneyNG). But as you can see, most (if not all) the really good animators are elsewhere and use Patreon as their primary source for income so their animations are usually only allowed to be viewed by the patrons.

No. 218872

i mean their called youtube animators cause they make animated storytime videos on youtube.. sure not all of them even animate lip sync or anything but none of them market themselves as actual animators, they just call themselves that or a youtuber (i hear that from the really big animation channels rather than animator) because its catchier than picture book style story time with occasional animation

No. 218896

Sr. Pelo best animation channel 10/10.

No. 218898

anyone hear about the beef between RottenGinma and ReinaGoth lately

No. 218901

I didn't even know who these were

No. 218902

reinagoth is one of those pastel creepy cute sorta artists that is 13 now (or maybe a year or two older) and became friends with another user called RottenGinma. Ginma is an adult but used to ship her adult character with Reina's character (who is said to appear as six). but besides that, ginma allegedly used to have a lot of sexual conversations with reina, and when this was brought to light, ginma cut off contact from reina. search 'rottenginma'on twitter and the callout post along with statements from ginma should be there. im still trying to make sense of everything that happened cause it sounds like a clusterfuck

No. 218903

Ok, I'm looking them up. But I see one of them posting in Japanese and the other in Indonesian (?), are they from these respective countries? Because consent ages vary a lot from country to country.

No. 218905

Reina is Japanese im pretty sure, Ginma i have no clue. im not making any judgement yet but the conversation has been going on for a while here and there about the way Ginma interacts with Reina. It's only today that i saw a callout for it. i think a pedo accusation is pretty far tho, i doubt ginma likes kids

No. 218906

Are the pedo accusations about her and the supposed 13 year old getting supposedly saucy? Because while I understand it would be pedo in American eyes, isn't 13 the age of consent in Japan?

No. 218911


No, no one is going to spend the months of time it takes to create the work you see from calarts students for YouTube. Its not sustainable. At all. I swear people here say they're artists but seem to have zero understanding of the time that good art takes to make lol

No. 218915

they beefed again? there were a lot of callout and kin pages on instagram about the drama back then

No. 218916

>I swear people here say they're artists but seem to have zero understanding of the time that good art takes to make
Amen. Bitches be gettin' awfully demanding.

No. 218925

exactly! its like they expect an animation at studio level. everyones always hating on animated storytimes and animation memes and animatics. most of them are made by high schoolers or college kids with limited time so idk why they get so butthurt about it

No. 218932

>none of them market themselves as actual animators
But they do? By calling themselves animators and/or using "animation" in their name, they are inexplicably marketing themselves as animators. You don't see someone first think "Is this person an animator?" by reading a username with the word "animator" or "animation" in it – no, you automatically think they're an animator or that they animate, no?
Also, I've seen so many of the titles of their videos have the word "Animated" or "Animation" in them – which again, leads people to believe they are in fact, marketing themselves as an animator.

No. 218934

The thing is, it's kind of the scenario where a few bad eggs are ruining it for everyone else. Sure there are some animation memes that are really well done, and I've been inspired by so many animatics, but there are those who try to do both of these PURELY because they want the attention. They half-ass something or annoyingly spam it places so much that it's kind of bogging down what it means to animate and to make an animation.

Listen, I'm an animator and I know full well how much time it takes to animate - a short 5 second animation sometimes takes 2 weeks for god's sake - but I still feel that the more people try to copy this "easy" style of animation, the more YouTube will be full of it and the more people will think that this reddit-esque style IS animation – which in turn just cements the "animation is easy they should be able to shit this out every week cuz JaidenAnimations does it" notion which pisses me off.

I've seen SO MANY channels adopt this SAME FUCKING style. Little channels starting off. They have the same white figure, same dot eyes, fingerless hands (or stubby fingers), and sometimes with some hair coloring or something for "muh uniqueness". It's really irritating how many cookie-cutter "animators" there are on YouTube. And yes okay, let them have fun, but it pisses me off when they start to think they don't NEED to learn how to properly animate to be an animator (i.e. Holly) and they don't learn their fundamentals.

Encourage those unique to the cookie-cutter, reddit-style, storytime semi-animated "animator" stereotype that's saturating YouTube. Promote the ones who try something different because they want to animate because they like animation, not because they want to be the next Odds1out.

Okay I'm getting off my soap-box now. Sorry for the rantyness.

No. 218973

I don't mind the "non animation" since Youtube is not the platform to look for animation, the algorithm is not animation friendly and I'd assume most people aren't looking to work for pennies.

What I mind, however, is that a lot of those people have really basic boring personalities, thus making their videos extremely uneventful. I liked some Tabbes videos back then but I think she tries too hard to appear badass, which in turn is almost as bad as being basic sometimes.

I think your best bet is to find channels ran by people who used to be popular on Newgrounds, like Oney, but don't expect them to post often if you want quality animation. I think some of them might not even post anymore.

No. 219051

Any thoughts on CrazyComicLady?

No. 219103

>2 years
>almost no improvement

No. 219113

What do you mean anon? 2 years is very little time to expect a great improvement

No. 219122

The anime-ish style is still crap, but there is clearly some improvement there. What the hell was even that face shape on the first one

No. 219124

thats.. actually not true at all. like this isnt even an attack on the artist posted to make her seem worse but… depending on how seriously you take art, 2 years is more than enough to improve a fuckload. google improvement meme, ive seen people improve amazingly even within months. i think the piece she chose wasnt a good one to show how much she's improved, though. since its such a simple piece her mediocre grasp on anatomy shows more than her improvement with color and the fact she can draw a faceshape ok now.

No. 219131


That may be true for individuals who already have a very high level in art, but for beginners or intermediates, 2 years is a reasonable time to see quite a lot of improvement.

No. 219375

No. 219516

I think it's no problem if people tend paint a certain type of subject as long as it's a choice and not out of inability/laziness to learn.

No. 219559

I dunno, I think it can improve quite a lot with practice.
I paint the same realistic shit since HS so Im one of the bad batch, but if you practice something often 2 years is a good time to have gotten better.

No. 219569

Two years is a very long time to improve if you're serious. The thing is, >>219051 isn't improving very much because they're sticking with their comfort zone throughout the pieces they do. They might have changed the face shape but the eyes are the same, hair is the same, the neck isn't entirely as long but it's still similar, and her lips/nose are definitely about the same.
When artists do not leave their little comfort zone hidey-hole and branch out to try new things and grow – they will stagnate.
This artist has improved only minimally but it really only looks like they tried a different style.

A little humble-brag here so skip if you don't want to hear this shit:
Because I constantly try new styles and practice things I'm not used to, I've noticed that my art has been improving over just a couple of months inbetween. Every picture is better than the last because I've been trying.

No. 219599

I understand Happy's position, I've heard it thrown around by other artists that they tend to stick with a certain theme because their collectors support them because they paint a subject matter that speaks to them. Personally, I think it's important to not work within the same subject matter too much and to always strive towards integrating new pieces in an artwork since I tend to become bored with it lol.

No. 219605

File: 1514525181296.png (125.67 KB, 440x233, 2017-12-28 (2).png)

Don't get me wrong, i actually like Monique drawings
but this was shown in my feed and i found it quite funny

I do see the improvement, there is more armony in the newest, but, still the same face syndrome

No. 219606

I see it too. It's most noticeable in the lips, eyebrow shape/height, the distance between the chin and lips, and nose shape. I ran into a similar problem when I was transitioning from high school to college and the best cure for it is to go outside and draw the people around you.

No. 219607

If you really sit down and are motivated, you can improve quickly. Some of it is also having someone push you to improve, for some personalities/learning styles it's effective to have some guidance. Good for this artist though for practicing!

No. 219608

You know, I don't really care that much for same face syndrome. What gets to me is same expression/same angle syndrome.

No. 219610

Also, Ross Draws, anyone?
I like how he makes everything kid friendly, and quite entertaining
he really puts alot of effort in one video (talking about the video in general)

No. 219644

I like how positive he is, but his videos are too much for me. He's pretty loud and over the top.

No. 219690

I can't get over the fact that he's one of those "Sakimichan Lite" style of web artists. Not only the colouring style but also the athmosphere and expressions are obviously imitating her signature style. So his work doesn't really do it for me. But I can see his appeal..? Got nothing against him as a person though and I like his positivity, it's just the art that doesn't really leave an impression.

No. 219747

Agree, all his videos are like that, so im thinking they are for kids, for heck, some of them (like this one) are quite cringey
I doubt sakimi created the style to be honest, is just a mix between anime and some realism (some..) i don't see anything wonderful about it, the difference is that he does speedpaints and she doesn't>>219690

No. 219750

She does speed-paints on her Youtube channel, but they are so few with no voice-overs because most of her work is pateron exclusive.
I used to really love her older art style before this whole pateron thing.

No. 219756

I like his personality and think he is skillful, but I'm not into his style. I tend to not like stuff with very clear anime influence.

No. 219758

I like Waffles, but sometimes I think she talks too much about how she thinks she has improved. It's nice for people to acknowledge their own improvement, but I particularly find it obnoxious when it's not done very sparingly.
It's probably overexcitement rather than lack of humility, tho.

No. 219759

I could be wrong, but didn't he graduate from art school not all that long ago? I guess if it was recent, I'll give him some slack since you're still trying to figure out your style.

No. 219760

I find it hard to listen to her commentaries just because her voice is rather grating.

No. 219761

Yeah, but my problem with his style is my own hatred for anime, I think even his current style has a place in the market already.

No. 219762

Ah okay, I haven't watched much of his stuff since when he first started so I'm a bit out of the loop. Maybe he'll branch out the anime style and try incorporating something different?

No. 219770

does anybody else really like torianne00? she seems really sweet and actually cares about her fans (at least from what i've seen). she doesn't do too many dumb challenges, and isn't dependent on expensive art supplies. i think she's been mentioned in other threads, but it's just refreshing to see somebody that improves a bit and doesn't really indulge in drama.

No. 219771

>>219770 me again.

does anybody else think that this girl is trying to hard to be quirky? i don't know too much about her, but waffles and her seem to be friends.

No. 219772

I like her, she seems pretty competent. I stopped liking/watching her when she started talking and giggling like a tard child, but I think she realized it was cringy herself and went back to talking like an adult eventually.

No. 219773

There is something I don't like about her, and I still can't quite put my finger on it. She's one of those people who seem like they're bitches but are trying to be nice.

No. 219774

I do like her, I find her videos encouraging and her personality endearing. When she was doing the giggling thing it was a bit hard to listen to her commentaries, but she's mellowed out and it makes the experience more enjoyable.

No. 219822

Ugh, I really dislike Ross Draws's content. The one type of videos I hate the most (that everyone loves to put on a pedestal) is when he takes someone's picture and "turns" them into that character. All he does is just draw over it :/ He doesn't "morph" them into anything. I think it's just the equivalent of drawing on a blank canvas lol.

but whatever - he's a nice person though and his content is for kids so shrugs

No. 219831

Yeah, I kinda feel the same way. There's also this video, where she talks about fanart not being "creative" and how she never draws it but "you do you boo".

No. 219849

I remember there being a video of her talking about some cheapy watercolors being bad or something, I tried to find it but couldn't. I think some people got a bit upset in the comments and her posting a video in the comments making fun of people being mad or something like that. She struck me as the kind of person who won't take negative opinions very well that day and I'm not very fond of that type of people.

No. 219858

I honestly hated how this years drawing turned out.
Her face looks awful. It's a trend I've noticed with her every year - Her characters keep getting uglier and less detailed. She's gotten to a point where she's started to devolve and every year is looking closer to the original drawing (but with better colouring.)

No. 219864

here you are, anon.

No. 219865

Thank you kind anon

No. 219866

I'm personally not a huge fan of the chalky cakes, but her being rude to the people in the comments who like cheaper supplies is pretty low. She could be bit nicer about it idk.

No. 219867

Exactly. Yes, the watercolors are shit. But I don't like people who get on a high horse when others start giving opinions. You fired your shots, they fired theirs.

No. 219868

Like she could have offered alternatives, like Prang or the Cotman watercolors.

No. 219875

I honestly thought you were reaching until I watched video. She actually does seem to be devolving and is making some weird style choices. I prefer last year's so much more. It was a more unique style and it screamed a waffles work – this year and just looks like generic ugly comic book-esque. The facial expression is hands-down the absolute worst part of the picture, dear god she looks absolutely disgusting and kinda gross. I randomly watched one of her other videos this year and I was wondering why her work was getting worse, so it may be because she's been rethinking art lately cuz it really shows ya know? She doesn't seem to like art anymore I guess.

No. 219886

How do you guys feel about Sketchynatalia? she just uploaded this video and I found it to be pretty boring, I mean she's a decent artist and I used to really love her sketchbook tours, but I can't stand that basic CalArts style that a lot of people tend to develop

Also how to people feel about Calarts in general?

No. 219889

Oh I remember her! Yeah, everything seems to be becoming copy pasta at this point, which is sad.

I think when I was in high school, a rep from that school came to talk with us. Looking back, to me unless you're wanting to get picked up by Disney it's not worth it since the tuition cost is pretty high. But that's just my perspective.

No. 219897

File: 1514683278320.png (799.57 KB, 1043x782, rapuzelwaffles.png)

I don't see it. The gesture has improved, the pose is more fluid and her face benefited from not having those buggy eyes and generic dead expression of the first one. She may have a bit of an ugly face, but so did last year's, at least the new one doesn't look like it's dead inside.

>so it may be because she's been rethinking art lately cuz it really shows ya know? She doesn't seem to like art anymore I guess.
You are reaching waaaaaaaay too far buddy. Seems like you're just parroting what people have been saying about Baylee. I'm not a huge Waffles fan, there are some things that annoy me about her, but one thing you can't say about her is that she doesn't care about art, she's one of the only generic girl channels that actually tries new stuff rather than generic pretty girl expressionless same angle portraits.

No. 219899

>You are reaching waaaaaaaay too far buddy.
You do know she made a video where she has said herself that she's going through an "I don't want to do art" phase right? Right?
She says it herself in this video. I can tell you're not a huge waffles fan because I guess you might not have known about this video? But I've been watching her for years and have noticed a bit of the regression in her art and enthusiasm for it.

No. 219903

But that's the thing, every artist goes through one of those phases where they don't feel like drawing from periods that may be short or long, but that's quite different from "not wanting to do art anymore". What she's talking about in this video is basically art block.

No. 219906

Your point is valid, I should have reworded my post and not taken what she had said in the video out of context, forgive me.

However, this art block is probably the reason why many have said her latest drawing didn't show much improvement and why people (and I myself) think she's regressing. In all honesty before this video and before this art block hit, her posing, expressions, etc was so much better than the art she does now.

The reason a lot of YouTube artists seem like they're regressing is because they don't take breaks. Yes drawing every day is a good thing, but when you do it for so long and you start thinking it in a way that "I need to draw something today or else I might lose subscribers", it becomes a job and a chore. Then you start losing your enthusiasm for art, which she seems to have – at least in terms of how she was before that is. She's trying to push through this art block by just making more art and it's just going to make her dislike it in the long run.
I actually prefer the older one so much more because it was really beautifully detailed, had good expressions and just showed off her style – a style that only she could pull off successfully. Her flow has improved, yes, but her anatomy has gotten worse because she doesn't know exactly how to incorporate that flow where it makes sense.
And you cannot tell me that the expression is better than the older version's, because I cannot see in any way how it could possibly be any better.

No. 219908

Samefag >>219903, but the title of that video is one of the mentioned reasons for not being her hugest fan. It may be some kind of joke that went totally over my head, but she crosses the line a bit from being happy about her work into tooting her own horn.

Also, Kasey Golden's comments on her videos seem so robotic. Them generic comments fishing for peeps to go on her channel.

No. 219912

What expression? There is barely any expression at all in the older one. Just that generic half smile, half dead. The problem with the new ugly face is that it looks like it's someone being held hostage trying to smile, but at least it's SOME expression. I don't know about other art she has made besides the yearly redraw, but the first one looks expressionless and overall stiff compared to the newer one. Maybe the corset and hair had more elements to it, but that's about it. Valuing detail over movement and a good structure is quite the rookie mistake.

No. 219929


She isn't regressing, at least not to me. She's in an awkward phase every artist has, where they finally branch out of the very stiff and confined rules they've internally set out for themselves. Maybe she wasn't confident in drawing the body in motion, so she stuck to body parts in roughly the same perspective without much - if any - foreshortening. It'll work for awhile but at some point you have to branch out, and it's always going to be awkward at first. Once an artist feels relatively comfortable within the confines of a set style, they NEED to move beyond it or risk stagnating their talent.

No. 219932

>She's in an awkward phase every artist has, where they finally branch out of the very stiff and confined rules they've internally set out for themselves.
Exactly. Even if things like her expression are still a little awkward, the fact that she is branching out from something basic is already nice. It's just a matter of time and practice until it gets good.

No. 219983

Any thoughts on Claudia Cacace?

I actually quite like her animatics since they don't like like slideshows set to music like a lot of other supposed "animatics"

No. 219986


The only rude comment I'm seeing is one she made to Waffles who as far as I'm aware she is friends with, and the link to the video about people freaking out at people with opinions different than theirs. Maybe I'm missing it, but she just seems to have said that she hates artist loft cake paints, and doesn't actually care about what other people use. She's just saying she hates using them then people may be freaked out at her.

No. 220024

File: 1514789955954.png (281.55 KB, 540x510, tumblr_p0yffdqZoE1vc6d03o1_540…)

Why is Hyojin liked so much? Her work is nothing special, you've seen her style so much from just about every other person. Not to mention her actual animation the keyframes almost snap into place between each other and always just seem like a rushed job rather than taking the time to really make an animation/artwork that's great and well thought out.

No. 220028

What are your thoughts on portrait artists in general? The ones who only make portrait art, some occassional studies from classical art and nothing else?

No. 220029

I think it's a missed opportunity if that's all they do.

No. 220036

>Why is Hyojin liked so much?
Youtuber friends. That's pretty much it.

No. 220068

Depends on exactly what you mean, if it's the likes of the portraits Jonathan Hardesty makes I like it because their works has personality, if you mean it like Heather Rooney and people like that I think it's boring photo copying to impress people who don't draw.

No. 220198

nice art but that timing is shit, most of the fancy expressions are lost because they are WAY TOO FAST

No. 220224

Her mentioning not being a fan of the challenge and talking about some shortbacks of it, made me think of Holly watching this video and getting hissy pissy.
Also I have a feeling Casey lurks here for some reason.

No. 220272

was anyone else kinda weirded out that she drew everyone of those dogs with a dick? its not like it was sexual or anything im just not used to artist actually drawing them

No. 220301

Well I'm personally a dick drawing addict so I don't think I'm the one to pass judgment

No. 220303

I think if you grow up around male dogs, it's not so weird. They're just another part of their anatomy.

No. 220313

If the drawings were more realistic I don't think it would be as off putting but with it being in between a cartoony style and realistic sketch I can see it being weird. Now if she drew them in a super kiddy cartoon style I would find it more gross.

No. 220402

I NEVER liked Waffles' art. The faces always bug me, mainly the mouths. When they're closed, it's less terrifying but when the mouth is open it's just WAY too detailed in the teeth area. Freaks me out just a little bit.

No. 220409

Jacqueline deleon back at it again with the patchy watercolours, wonky faces, and inking to cover up her mistakes

No. 220413

i mean, you say that like it wasn't going to happen lol

i remember when i first came across her art. i hate how she always adds A THICK BLACK OUTLINE to everything. like you stupid cunt, use sepia/brown on the skin. it just makes her art look more tacky than what it is. and how she always adds grey to everything, how muddy her colors are, etc.
i just don't see what others do in her art, it's ugly but i guess that's because im not basic boho bitch.

No. 220420

i found this video by emily artful pretty weird..
i mean on minute shes saying we're both kids then the next shes saying shes an adult with a kid?

No. 220437

I'm not a fan of the thick black linework, sepia and brown is at least softer and would deviate from what she normally does.

No. 220438

I think the "adult with a kid" thing was meant to be taken in a joking manner, since she mentioned she had just turned 17. I think she brought this up since dating laws kinda vary depending on what state you live in. I could be wrong but that's what I gathered from the video.

No. 220449

I couldnt bother watching the entirety of that video. The sketch book slam challenge is a terrible way to improve in anything. Im growing to like Casey less and less. Why do almost all youtube artists gotta be so shitty.

No. 220450

I don't know whether to laugh or be sad when she references her own hand, then purposely slims down the fingers, doesn't slim down the palm to match, and despite it being referenced, still looks like shit.

and for someone who watercolours in nearly every piece, how she hasn't learnt to not have patchy/muddy application is beyond me. Her follower count makes her think her art is amazing and beyond fault. smh get your head out of your ass, jacqueline.

No. 220454

>Sketchbook Storytime
What a horrible format.

No. 220457


I cannot fucking stand that stupid bitch.

No. 220506

I think her materials might have something to do with that. I remember watching a video of her making a skin tone palette where if I remember correctly she had both professional paints and some cheap colors, which sounds pretty silly to me. I understand using shitty paints when it's all you have, but if you are a professional and already invested in better paints just stick with those.
Anyways, brown paint has a tendency to being a pain in the butt with patchyness especially when it's cheap. I don't know if she still uses those and I'm not using the materials to justify it, she should select her materials better by this time or notice the patchyness and try to do something about it.
I'm trying to fact check but currently can't find her video.

No. 220537

Really don't understand why it's at all necessary to call people cunts and bitches because you don't like their art.

No. 220554

who gives a shit bitch

No. 220556

It looks like it's one person doing it, just ignore and move along

You might be onto something anon, I also think that Jacqueline doesn't seems to know how to color darker skin tones
Like the wrist/arm is so muddy, but she doesn't seem like she's trying to improve, especially when you have all these people in the comments boosting praising anything and everything. She has great potential but she needs to draw other stuff than just muddy hands and witch girls with tattoos

No. 220557

I mean, a thick black line is more a stylistic choice than an error or a mistake. It's not bad, just not your taste
The muddy colours thing is a big issue though. I like her stuff, but she needs to drop her old subpar watercolours and maybe learn more about how to mix watercolour

No. 220563

i understand it’s a stylistic choice, it just looks like shit and shes bad at pulling it off. i doubt she’ll change tho, she’s found what works for her but i’ll always think she's shit.

No. 220567

I'm curious about what everyone's opinions are? I guess my perspective is that by having no standards there will be no push for people to constantly push towards making art pieces that are more realized.

No. 220570


I think that she has a point. While yeah, you're right there should be some standard for people to improve but sometimes people treat their personal preferences as if they are objective values rather than something that is personal. You should give it your best and not half-ass something, steal, etc.

A lot of people treat what they personally consider to be "good art" as the same standard everyone should be held to. It's basically the difference between "I prefer paintings like Van Gogh and your art just isn't my cup of tea." and "If you aren't painting like Van Gogh you're not producing good art and your art is bad."

You are basically telling someone that they're not good based on your standard that isn't objective.

No. 220586


if this was aimed at me, it's not about her art, it's about her fucking horrific, self-centred, self-obsessed attitude. her art is still shite tho

No. 220657

This video really put a sour taste in my mouth. Im growing to dislike this bitch, shes so full of herself honestly.

No. 220662

Wow, she's full of herself. What is it with all of these art youtubers shitting all over art teachers?

No. 220686

When she started shitting on arts and crafts thats when I was infuriated, there are so many crafts that take so much time and effort. I.e Cosplay?

No. 220687

Working with clay is challenging as well, also, has she never worked with paper cutting? That is not easy at all! Here she is criticizing the teacher for not being "open minded" to her shitty art and she's doing the same thing to her teachers paper cutting.

No. 220692

this thumbnail scared the fuck out of me

No. 220698

i doubt so hard that the art teacher actually reported the video. she even says herself that teachers have no idea about anything. she doesn't like the teacher because she reported her for bullying? like what??

No. 220701

There are so many inconsistencies, like she's doing everything possible to trash the teachers reputation because, what, she didn't like this girl didn't follow the course work?

No. 220711

does anyone ever notice that a lot of art youtubers take a while to actually get to the point of their videos? like they'll just go on for ages on one thing that isnt even relevant to the video.. i dunno, it just seems like a lot of the times a video will be longer than it actually needs to be..

No. 220712

Isn't that to increase their watch time? I remember Pewdiepie mentioned that his longer videos tend to do better than his shorter ones. I could be off the mark though, it might just be their poor story tellers.

No. 220720

Any thoughts on YellowMelle?

No. 220725


Holy cow, wouldn't have ever thought Istebrak would be mentioned here. I was in her art group a while but got frustrated at the people there trying to copy her opinions and teaching style. They worship her at every turn. She is undoubtedly a technically skillful artist, and I have big respects for her to give critiques for free. She'd be the right person to teach art, if ONKO she had a more respectful, patient attitude towards her students. She yells and swears at them at an almost Hollyish level, and constantly says they can't draw etc.

Iste has no credibility whatsoever to tell the people (some really young) in her group what the industry wants, and how to get paid for their artwork. And she really does say such stuff a lot.

She almost never does anything finished or time taking herself, just some studies and sketches. I don't know if she really has that much work as an instructor that she doesn't need to, but she never got hired by a real gaming company or the like. She did a couple of covers for some lousy fantasy books some years back and that's about it. It must be both her attitude and the lack of creativity her work suffers from. She loves the basic tropes and clichés, teaching the kids to kill their imagination and positive attitude towards art before it's too late.

The worst is that she can't keep her (right wing) politics and conservative/stuck up gender ideas (not talking about her telling how to draw male & female anatomy) away from her lessons. I think she even mentioned being a Trump supporter. It just feels very unprofessional and cringey. "It's my fucking channel so I can say what the fuck I want to you little losers".

No. 220727

>The worst is that she can't keep her (right wing) politics and conservative/stuck up gender ideas (not talking about her telling how to draw male & female anatomy) away from her lessons. I think she even mentioned being a Trump supporter.
Really dislike Istebrak but to be fair the amount of openly anti Trump/left wing artists roaming freely out there and speaking their mind is pretty damn annoying as well, and the overwhelming majority.

No. 220730

>She almost never does anything finished or time taking herself, just some studies and sketches. I don't know if she really has that much work as an instructor that she doesn't need to, but she never got hired by a real gaming company or the like.
Her mouth is way too big compared to what she has actually accomplished. If we're going to be realistic, comparing her to instructors who actually work in the industry, her work is pretty mediocre still and it's stuck in that awkward stage where you learn to do your studies but can't really go well into doing an actual complete piece with it. The problem with a lot of art teachers is that they just focus on teaching rather than gathering industry experience and teaching on the side.

No. 220736


They're annoying but at least they're not supporting a moron. I instantly lose any and all respect i have for anyone who supports Trump. you don't have to be an SJW to see that he's trash

No. 220737

Meanwhile >>220725 comments were not just about Trump, but about being conservative and whatever they meant with "stuck up gender ideas" in general.

No. 220811


I knew I'd get someone raged by mentioning the Trump thing. I don't care of Iste's political views one bit, even if they were the same as my own. Also my own values really had nothing to do with this.

I just find it extremely tacky she promotes her ideas so out of context, and rerails her lessons into raging about SJW's & hate for feminism to a bunch of 12-year-olds (generalizing, but a bunch of them are very young) who take her every word as the ultimate truth. And the adult students & viewers will have differing opinions anyways, lots of them will find her too childish and leave.

It's just not respectful and not the right time for that. If she was a raging SJW I'd be just as confused. If you want to be a professional teacher you probably should not use words like special snowflake, SJW, moron, idiot, nazi (in the wrong context)… During your lessons, that is. It's just so tacky. One of the things that makes me facepalm at her.

No. 220838

You're right, her lessons are indeed not the place for that. Do you know how old is she? She is ridiculously childish and that's what made me really dislike her. Her subscribers will pat her attitude on the back as if it's just "tough critique" and assuming those who go against it are just snowflakes who can't take critique, when in reality she's the raging snowflake and plenty of people just have a higher expectation from an intructor than an underachieved frustrated prick. Everyone needs tough critique, but what she does is basically flail and scream at things not meeting her expectations. Also, her own work could highly benefit from some though critique as well.

No. 220858

fuck she's bad when she's not doing realism

No. 220874

Exactly. I don't remember exactly but believe she's 27-29.

No. 220883

Why does she /always/ seem to put herself in her work?

No. 220884


Yes, it's boring as fuck, and gets a E for inventiveness, but an A* for market research.

Don't hate the player, hate the game~

No. 220885

I find the whole nose/lip thing especially annoying. There are so many different nose shapes and lengths that would the various figures stand out from each other, the same thing goes for the lips.

No. 220887


Yep, she can't do anything besides copying
she's was of those channels that appeals to the bottom of the barrel audience/artists so if it wasn't for her basic bitch channel ideas, her art alone would not be able to get her very many subs

No. 220900

Reminds me of this for some reason

No. 220918

People are so damn salty about their art teachers. Makes me grateful that mine weren't anything like what these youtubers have allegedly experienced.

No. 220924

I really don't like Rae's channel, she seems like an ok person (and she reminds me of Safiya Nygaard, "I tried x" type videos plus they look similar), but she's only good at copying, yet still called herself a "published, clasically trained professional artist" in the text overly of her inking that odd1sout style drawing and just generally seems to think she's the shit, it's off-putting. She draws like a kid, it became more obvious then she tried to compare her art to Robin's and it was just so sad.

No. 220945

Anyone feel like Danica has become super same-y with her art?

No. 220967

Yes, we talked about it earlier in the thread.

No. 220968

Or maybe the students were just shit. I know there are crappy teachers out there, but the ones who are always complaining about their teachers tend to be the ones who draw crappy anime.

No. 220980

What do you all think of this?

No. 220998

Lemia pisses me off for some reason, she always seems so full of yourself.

I think what she described does happen but I rarely see it among artists older than maybe 15/16. I also see younger fans of popular artists do this to anyone who critiques their "idol". Everyone has eyes so if someone you consider beneath you criticizes you without being rude, just suck it up and either consider it or ignore. People who revenge critique are usually full of shit but I really wonder what kind of circles she runs in where this happens regularly lmao.

Also really don't think this was worth a 24 minute video, she could have made it more concise.

No. 221036


This argument is so dumb. This video subject is so dumb. I feel like a lot of more popular youtube artists like to talk shit so much without naming names, or like to talk about 'dramatic situations'. Yeah. The video could've been WAY shorter. It's just a pointless topic.

No. 221087

File: 1515326464011.png (46.51 KB, 881x289, of course she comments.PNG)

holly's comment on this video

No. 221102

File: 1515337756696.png (850.63 KB, 854x482, turdhair.PNG)

anyone else put off by the way Lemia draws, what I assume is, curly hair? I don't know on what universe hair looks like this (even if it is stylized), but her hair looks like turds.

No. 221117

>tfw your brain short-circuits whenever you have to draw someone without anime bangs so the front of the hair is just straight

No. 221301

I wonder if people who make those "do this, not that" drawing videos ever wonder if they are sounding entitled…

No. 221317


Holly is so fucking annoying - I see her comment paragraphs on every single fucking thing like she's important. She can barely draw like, what the fuck?

>But I'm more prone to listen when people give solid reasoning, and actual tips to solve the problem with the work. Pointing out flaws is pointless if there's not a solution to fix them.

I mean, I guess I agree, but the way the last sentence was written made it seem like "if it's not written in the way I LIKE IT, then I refuse to LISTEN". Like hun, sit down lol.

Also, side note, I always laugh when people start mocking her in the comments. Someone did that on that one Baylee Jae video about critiquing lol.

No. 221318

>Or maybe the students were just shit. I know there are crappy teachers out there, but the ones who are always complaining about their teachers tend to be the ones who draw crappy anime.

Uhm, exactly! Whenever I listen to these stories about teachers being rude to their students, it's because they draw shit anime. I also hate those videos that are titled "MY TEACHER HATES ME BECAUSE I DRAW ANIME."

I mean yeah, because you refuse to learn the fundamentals and blame it on them for being "old". But keep on drawing those pointy chins and beg for donations from your 12 year old followers.

No. 221321

File: 1515395584672.png (237.11 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_mw0lruqxav1s0o06io1_128…)

Does anyone have an opinion on Jaltoid?

They are an animating couple on YouTube - but they are known to give their shit opinions on "problematic" topics (like their opinions count for anything) just because they are popular? I used to follow them on twitter but everyday was something new for them and it was pissing me off. I wanted to see animations, not a long thread about how you're upset that you can't say the "n word".

Then they go ahead and complain about how they aren't making money and beg for donations. Yuck.

No. 221346

Lemia's style reminds me of Holly's. Only with prettier choices on character design etc. Turdiness, carelesness, wonkiness and alignment issues.

And Holly's comment on critique sounds reasonable, only if she really thought like that and didn't find constructive criticism about anatomy, color use etc. Just as offensive. But let's leave the rest to the Holly thread, right?

No. 221356

File: 1515418790658.png (743.18 KB, 625x705, chrome_2018-01-08_16-34-11.png)

She tries so hard to prove she's a "professional", it's embarrassing.

No. 221367

Any opinions on Minnie's work? Are any anons already subscribed? Don't know how I feel about her.

No. 221369

she's not a talentless hack and she draws and improves, but for some reason, I'm unable to connect with her at all. Or I'm possibly just envious kek
but yeah, idk. part of me doesn't get what in her content made her that succesful?

No. 221370

Anyone know of NyanAFK? She was known for being friends with Einshine but her channel is active again and she seems to be drawing more. I personally like her work but the way she answers some questions in her videos comes off as snobby like. Might just be me. What does everyone else think about her art/merch?

No. 221371

I've watched her videos before but I'm not subbed.
I think she has nice art but somehow I can't really connect to her as a person, she comes off a bit fake to me. I don't know why.

No. 221372

I can't deal with that fake loli uguu voice.

No. 221373

I'm subbed to her and like her work. I find some of the struggles she went through as far as college and feeling lost were similar to what I experienced, so I'm happy she's doing well.

No. 221377

It's pretty popular with anime style artists on Youtube

No. 221380

yikes sounds like Venus Angelic
I don't get how someone can sit through videos like these. you can tell when they put it on when it's not consistent in each video.

No. 221381

Hers still sounds less forced to me, but they all start to sound similar after a while.

A lot of girls related to the "anime" community do this though, like the "VAs" and streamers.

No. 221382

No. 221384

sorry i pressed post before i even typed anything out
fucking mobile

Anyway, I cant take her fake cutesy voice seriously with her (…australian?) accent slipping through. 'I went to a christmas pardy… pardy' yikes'

No. 221709

Any opinions on Kattvalk and Emma Maree? I like Kattvalk's art, but her personality and monotone grave digger voice annoy me to no end. Emma maree is okay, bur has a very severe case of same face sydrome. Also her newest video 'how to draw a cupcake' was pretty.. Boring to me

No. 221926

Hey, what are your thoughts on popular sketchbook videos in general? Most sketchbooks I've seen that pretty much shows off purely technical skill or have less observational/practice work. Some who tend to practice only put like one drawing in the middle of a page (treating it as if it were a standalone artwork) and then proceed to the next page doing the same thing.

I'm saging this since it felt like I'm nitcpicking at this point but imo a lot of the sketchbooks (that isn't a submission for calarts) I've seen don't show a lot of practice work like gesture studies, thumbnails, concepts, etc and it comes off as more of an artbook with finished/half-finished standalone pieces than a sketchbook that lets artists explore different things.

No. 221930


Sketchbook tours have been pretty trendy lately. And so are all the 'tips to fill you sketchbook' videos. I'm not sure what the point is, like, I get needing inspiration to fill a sketchbook but I don't think you need a video to tell you how to fill up space. It's basically get out and draw, or do studies/practice. Lots of those vids are the same. "use a sticky note. block colors around your art to give it more visual interest (For who exactly?). Glue stuff in and draw over it", etc.

I think artists should be honest with ourselves, like are we getting a sketchbook to actually do practice and studies or do we just want to pretty something up to show off? IDK. It isn't like the two are mutually exclusive necessarily but it does get a little samey.

I can already see a bit of cannibalization going on in terms of copying 'techniques' to fill sketchbooks to make them more appealing for videos.

No. 221932

thats why i keep two sketchbooks. 1 for warm up sketches and the other for technical/personal/pretty. but i really enjoy studies and technical things and like how they look. most people wont do wrm up sketches so it always looks ugly af for a page or two

No. 221933

A someone who works mainly digitally, I use my sketchbook for anything from sketches to fully finished traditional pieces, purely because I don’t plan to ever do anything with the traditional pieces but they influence how I work digitally (if that makes sense) but I do think it’s a trend with YT artists to be like “oh I need this sketchbook to look perfect to show off online”
(Saging cause this might be a bit too much about me)

No. 221934

same here anon. i never intend to finish traditional pieces

No. 223257

I do something similar, I have one sketchbook that's reserved for experimentation/watercolor practice and another that's for warm ups. What's strange to me though is this obsession to have a calarts looking sketchbook, like I remember Baylee complaining that her sketchbooks don't look "nice" like some peoples. Idk, I hope that made sense.

No. 223264

I think it's a common sentiment that sketchbook tours are more of a finished product than an actual sketchbook. I think most people have multiple sketchbooks, they tend to show the more calart ones and not the ones which has figure drawing practices.

Although I wonder if the popular YT artists (like Baylee, Jelly) even do figure drawings at all

No. 223266

I know for certain Baylee doesn't practice, not too sure about Jellie though.

No. 223362


I don't mind Emma's work but I feel like her videos have stagnated. I like Kattvalk's personality but I stopped watching because she did too many unboxing/product reviews. Like, it'd be nice if she did some art without reviewing the product she was making it with

No. 223364

It's also possible that the people that make sketchbook tours may go back and revisit certain pages to make them look more finished. I had a professor that would make a lot of loose gestural sketches (mostly figure drawings/stuff from direct observation) and he'd either revisit certain pages later or use them as jumping points for more finished pieces

No. 223366


That was meant to be a reply to >>223257

This is my first time replying to a post. Sorry bout that

No. 223375

Any thoughts?

No. 223376

Not gonna lie I completely tuned out what she was saying after the first 10 minutes but I really like the art, think it’s one of her best

No. 223378

had no idea this was Hullo Alice, wow that's definitely the best I've seen from her

No. 223723

I think it makes sense for videos like the one you posted where they have to hand in the sketchbooks to make it look pretty and show off your skills, but I don't get the whole idea of making your sketchbooks look ~aesthetic~, my sketchbook looks like absolute ass and I'd probably feel embarrassed showing it to someone, but it's the basis of all of my work.

No. 223931

Use to watch them, but after the constant bitching from Dalton and their need to jump in on controversial topics I stopped watching and supporting them,

No. 224054

is one of the witches supposed to be a chubbier girl?

No. 224072


they're literally the exact same girl i can't even with her. Also I love how the 2nd girl is obviously skinny but with a rounder face to make her "chubby"

No. 224078

Don't even get me started on Baylee Jae I had gotten into a fight with her on twitter. Most rude person I have ever met and talked to. She delete everything kind of funny. I am all for people telling artists to draw through art blocks or creative blocks but have to stop them when they say it's not real. It's real but it does not excuse not drawing. Funny, how Baylee later on said she was experiencing something like Artblock.

No. 224080

There is a thread for Baylee >>>/snow/440185
Tell us what was the fight about in that other thread

No. 224083

It does look chubbier, just compare the thighs and arms.
But again, witches and tattoos over and over again. Maybe her vids wouldn't feel so same-ish if she injected some personality into her voiceovers.

No. 224086

>>224080 Did, Didn't know she had a thread.

Kind raises red flags seeing how all the artist youtubes I don't like band together and after talking to Baylee. Anyone who is friends with her I can't stand. I see a trend with the group, no critiques, gives bad art advice, art doesn't improve, and have little kid fan base.

No. 224151

wait she has two bachelors in art/3D animation?! I thought she's an amateur

No. 224157

Okay so I tried watching this video since at first I didn't want to after watching Spechie's other cringy videos and I just…. ugh I'm starting to hate her too.

"She ended up failing me. Claiming that mA pUrTfUlIo dIdN't fIt tHe gUiDeLiNeS oR wHaTever… she was mad at the 17 year old girl who gotten farther in art than she ever would."

This and the other times she used that shitty voice when she quoted other people really riles me up. Also her art isn't that great. Yeah she learned a bit in digital painting but they're still shitty and her art isn't consistent. Ugh. Youtube is a mistake.

No. 224170

uh, what the fuck is up with the camera angle? isn't the point of these videos to at least show PARTS of the process? how is anybody going to see anything with that goddamn angle? idk why it pisses me off so much

No. 224178

She has a degree in painting/graphic design and a second in 3D animation, she mentions it in her art school video

No. 224179

The constant sponsorships they do make me want to never use Squarespace.
This has nothing to do with the drawing but I don't like the angle she films most of it at at all, it's really distorted and hard to see the drawing.

No. 224196

What do you all think?

No. 224199

Not an art fag but that massive skull and five head is off putting

No. 224201

I had the first twitch when I saw it was Happy D, and then the Squarespace ad did me in. I understand how getting paid for stuff on Youtube includes that kind of stuff, I just can't stand when everyone talks about the same thing or plugs the same product at the same fucking time. Jacqueline DeLeon just spoke about them too.
It's hard to not feel like we are being used for money with that kind of stuff, like I don'T mind it when it's done a bit more subtly or tastefully?

No. 224224


I used to work in social media and that's just how companies run campaigns. They'll want multiple videos going up at the same time, for a sudden increase in brand awareness. I can also imagine that the niche for art related promotions is probably smaller than that of others, like beauty or electronics, so YouTubers have less variety in the brands that are willing to work with influencers. It can be frustrating, but ultimately that's just how these things work, and with the ad revenue and demonetization issues, I'm not suprised youtubers are turning more and more to sponsored videos.

No. 224230

>It's hard to not feel like we are being used for money with that kind of stuff
What do you think Youtubers are, your friends? Of course they want money. They need to make a living. It's time we stop incriminating our peers for finding their ways to make their dough. I understand it being a bit annoying when the ad is clearly out of place, but those art channels tend to stick to things their audiences may find helpful.

No. 224245

I prefer blatant sponsorships over sneaking it in and pretending it's not just for the money. While the countless ads actually put me off squarespace (and best fiends, that was a time), if I was a YouTuber and they approached me, hell yeah I'd take it. Unless it's a company that goes directly against the values you claim to hold or is completely unrelated to your content, I don't see an issue with making money off of your content. It's not like viewers pay for YouTube.

No. 224284

Different from the usual artists we focus on, but has anyone been noticing an incredibly drastic drop in posting quality in /ic/? The past week there's been a few autistic posters with a fixation on flowers and attacking anyone using them as a motif of being a pathetic womanchild.

Some guy even derailed a really cool printmaking thread just because the OP had some in their work. The same or another poster have started attacking them across random-ass threads. It's really fucking weird.

No. 224290

Basically the reason why challenges like the Sketchbook Slam are not good practice and people like Holly draw a lot but don't improve much.

No. 224300


Basically work smarter not harder

No. 224301

File: 1516073265894.gif (680.35 KB, 177x177, bbhrQIF1v2d7cso9_250.gif)

I just fucking saw that shit, I don't think I've ever seen something THAT cancerous on a board before.
but honestly /ic/ is a real garbage dump, with a couple of gems. I will say it's helped me grow a little bit of thick skin, but eh it's easy to see who's there to shit post and who actually wants to improve.

No. 224351

every time I go on /ic/ I see circlejerks, whining about "tumblr art", and some decent posts in between, so this isn't really surprising imo.

No. 224392


Whats /ic/ for the newfags?

No. 224421

File: 1516129969889.png (149.6 KB, 806x810, 1515517150936.png)

/ic/ is the Artwork/Critique board on 4chan, there are some good general threads on there but there is alot of shitposting
and durr hurr women artists. There's a handful of some great artists that pop up once in a while, but most people on there are decent or beginners

No. 224426

A-are you telling me that I can't make a comfortable living selling furry porn?

Please don't crush my dreams of escaping NEETdom ;_;

No. 224427

Sturgeon's law has always been applicable to /ic/, but honestly, it's really gone down the last few years. The Sakimichan bitching, Tumblr gender/race wank, art school is a scam, "is this famous artist shilling on /ic/?", etc. threads have taken over and you hardly ever see long lasting study, collab, subject-specific threads anymore.

There's a couple good study threads up right now, but man, it's felt like a wasteland.

Also it bums me out that a lot of my favorite artists have left, but there's a few really great artists still hanging around.

No. 224444

File: 1516136932240.png (9.65 KB, 1160x148, dicklet.png)

I think posts like pic related just say it all.

No. 224458

File: 1516141902443.png (186.8 KB, 1242x802, IMG_8754.PNG)

I think it's funny how some of them can be a million times worse than the crazies on here, shit is wild

No. 224467

If any of you still go to /ic/ just use the archive to look up old posts, it’s so much better than actually posting anything there.

No. 224543

is anyone else astounded at the fact echo gillete can rake in 100k's of view with the most 2006-anime-hot-topic-low-effort art ever seen

because holy shit

No. 224619

Also yeah i actually super adore sketchbook tours, theyre one of my favourite things to film too as it helps me become less anxious about showing my work. I'm filming one today hopefully!! Sketchbooks are super private to me, but i like to try and relieve my anxieties by talking about my processes. I also like to repeat how important sketchbooks are for aspiring professionals - artists who dont make good practice of sketchbooks tend to suffer a lot unfortunately.

No. 224620


Yup, I do figure drawing regularly but I do it from a computer as there's no classes near me.
I normally keep them in sketchbooks or in newsprint pads.

No. 224681

I believe she got her channel up by doing other types of videos. I hadn't checked her channel up in some time and from what I remember it was mostly talks and skits or something like that, then she started going more towards drawing vids.

No. 224682

On a positive note, I wanted to share this channel with you guys if you aren't already aware of it. Sometimes I found videos of people who were technically good but whose Youtube format wasn't too pleasant to watch, as I'm not a huge fan of timelapse videos with background music, but I found Cynthia to be both a good Youtuber and a good artist.

No. 224684

4chan threads are ok for when you're starting out, but I wouldn't recommend sticking around when you get further down the line as the mentality cultivated there is not too beneficial to artists.
Good to get you out of your beginner shell where you think you're actually a great artist and "it's just my style" when people critique you, but once that thick skin is formed and you've been properly humbled I'd just keep moving.

No. 224686

Cynthia is my favorite! It's great to see her channel shared here! She knows her shit and has been an art director for some time now.

No. 224691

just checked out her channel, very nice stuff!

No. 224737

Any one seen rainbowgiraffe before? I normally don't laugh at kids art but found out she's 17 and been drawing for 6 years.I can't believe shes still this bad looks like someone who just started drawing.

No. 224738

YT keeps suggesting me this woman but to be honest her drawings and her content look really bad (I don't want to sound harsh but her hair and makeup are pretty shit too lol)

No. 224739

Samefag but this one is good

No. 224742

What do you all think of the redraw this challenge?

No. 224743

Hello guys I know it's not art advice thread but anyone thinks that SAI can be used as tool for a professional illustrator? or it's only PS and Illustrator for that field? thanks.

No. 224747


Literally if you've used one, you've used them all, anon. I don't personally prefer PS, because it's not very "drawing" optimized, an artist has to almost wrestle it into doing what they want it to do, at least that's been my experience. It's a program that wants to do everything.

Bottom line is, by all means learn on what you're comfortable with. once you've got your basic tools down (layers, color wheel, select, brush settings, etc.) you can pretty much use any program and nobody'd be the wiser. Yeah, people will tell you photoshop is the industry standard, but unless you're working in a studio with other people who use PS or a client specifies PS files, or something, it doesn't make a difference.

Use what you're comfortable with. There isn't anything on PS that you can't learn on SAI except for maybe like…text tools.

No. 224775


it depends

is certainly on to something as long as clients don't ask you for .psd files.
if you're planning on working with a team of other artists, or if you're freelancing for a company that requires you use photoshop actions to expedite your workflow, then not so much.

having used both and also having freelanced for a company alongside other artists, if you have no real preference to begin with, i would jump in to photoshop vs anything else.
it has a slightly steeper learning curve i guess, but once you get the basics down, it can function as simply or as intricately as you prefer.

it's an industry standard for a reason.

No. 224776

It's been the opposite for me, I haven't had to wrestle with PS at all.

It really depends on the style that you want to go for. Rough sketchy lines? Photoshop is better for it. Painting? Photoshop is better. Cellshading or clean lines? Sai or Manga Studio/Clip. Manga Studio/Clip might be better for the anime or clean lines look.

Also this. Any time a client wants my file, it's always a .psd. Sometimes I have to swap with other artists at work and it's also always psds.

No. 224777

Samefagging but if you do jump into Photoshop and want an easy time getting started, check out ctrlpaint.

No. 224786

you can save as a .psd from sai

No. 224788

same with clip studio.

No. 224794

i use sai for the bulk of my work and ps for touchup. i find sai easier and saiis much better at linework smoothing imo.

No. 224853

another self-serving video by spechie. this one really got on my nerves for some reason

No. 224860

What do you all think of Zoe Hong? I find some of her advice on fashion to be pretty interesting.

No. 224864

im not surprised she hates her art teacher so much, probably never learned from the teacher. look at that fucking anatomy. her hoodie (?) has a boob pocket. looks like art that someone made in middle school

No. 224866

Yeah you can use just about anything as professional as long as it can export a .psd.

I've tried many and don't think I've ever run across a program than doesn't have this option, except for RETAS studio, which is an industry standard all by itself anyway.

No. 224867


lmao she's soooo maaaad.
Like, this is kind of a "who cares" topic, so yeah, real self-serving.

No. 224882

"Edgy people are typically an asshole just to be an asshole"
"I wouldn't say I'm an asshole-"
Yeah, sure, Spechie.

No. 224949

Anyone else find Mira Byler annoying?

No. 224955

To be honest, the way she talks irks me. Most of the "art theft" videos I've seen have faults/lack points and I guess because of that it discourages the use of references in general/encourage people to do master studies (with credit).
Also, the whole "stealing art styles" bothers me. Yeah, I know, stuff like this happened to an artist I look up to almost a year ago (she said stuff about brand identity and all) and it makes me both sad and happy she changed her "style" because of the constant comparisons despite their works looking different (in a technical sense) despite having almost the same subjects/flowers used in their artworks.

sage for ot, but I want to hear your thoughts on "art style theft" in general.

No. 224961

stealing art styles is a dumb concept because the people claiming it usually only point out the similarities and ignore/defend against the mention of differences. cringy artists who claim style theft are just insecure about their talent, and stans(on tumblr especially) usually just wanna fight and imply their fav artist is a ~yonique uwu butterfly~

i feel like there's a point in which when trying to cater to a group, styles end up super similar organically, like with anime. tons of studios copy eachother's styles and no one really cares.

No. 224967


Honestly I think that youtube artists like to use the term "art thief" as a buzzword to get clicks on their videos. It's such a sensationalist, hot-button topic because they're making it seem like if you're influenced by someone you're automatically stealing. Usually these videos aren't anything but just that discussion, or someone who felt their art style really WAS stolen or something.

And that isn't to say that art theft doesn't happen, but there's a huge difference between "this artist used influences from these other artists and made it their own" and "This person LITERALLY stole my fucking art and reposted it as their own".

It's so fucking tiresome.

No. 224969

samefagging, but a lot of YT artists don't have a whole lot to talk about other than the same recycled topics over and over again.
"art thief!"
"my art teacher HATED me and yours does too!"
"draw THIS not THAT!"
I genuinely want to know,
how do artists on youtube mix these topics up without getting stale? What are some other things they can talk about instead??

No. 224970


I liked how hulloAlice addressed people taking critique recently. I think videos about how artists can be more professional in their attitude are few and far between and more helpful for growing artists… Not as click baity though.

No. 224971

>spreading the "true art is angsty" meme
Ugh. No, you don't have act severely depressed all the time to create true and honest and meaningful content. Unless you're a hack like spechie.

No. 224973

She's been stepping up her game as of late, I find her channel to be more enjoyable as well as her art. It's actually kinda nice that she heard us out when she came over into the Baylee thread.

No. 224975

Any thoughts on Apple Minte?

No. 225037

>"Yeah I'm an asshole, but only if you give me a reason to be! XD"
>"I'm just naturally dark and brooding guys, I'm not pretending! I'm REAL not like those fakies!"
No Spechie, people call you edgy because you are.
>U can make gud art when ur tormented!!
That's funny because people with depression often become unable to make any art.

No. 225038

Her art is not very good but I like how deadpan and dedicated to the red/black emo aesthetic she is.

No. 225053

Did she remove the video?

No. 225054

Another recommendation, Chris Hong has that sort of stylized art made by someone who stays on top of their fundies.

No. 225068

She did, probably had a lot of people pissed at her.

No. 225092

File: 1516508208633.jpg (35.84 KB, 500x336, C2kvvWbXUAQ8WE5.jpg)

anyone else frustrated with galactibun/cryptidsp00n's art?? her style is super tumblr and generic, her animatics on youtube got popular but i found them very bland. not to mention every other tumblr preteen started copying her style (the circular faces, huge mouths, heart tongues etc.) personally think her style's gotten a little better, but what do y'all think

No. 225101

looks like very little effort was put into it tbh

No. 225106

I think I figured out why I enjoy Emily Artful over the likes of Lemia and Baylee. She has a down to earth personality and shares her mistakes to hopefully helps someone else. Idk, I hope I don't sound like a whiteknight but this video really touched my heart.

No. 225107

I really like her art, though sometimes she has some same-faced works after lurking through her instagram.

No. 225122

How old is she now, 15? I think she'll evolve over time.

I recently found this korean watercolor artist and I quite like her work, it has that storybook feel to me.

No. 225131

Can't stand her, tbh, but can see the appeal. I stopped watching after she announced her pregnancy and kept making videos about it, I feel stuff like this doesn't belong on an art channel. Make a vlog channel and do whatever you want, I came to watch some art stuff, not pregnancy updates… Also the vid where she tells her husband she's pregnant for the first time was so fucking awkward and creepy, it belongs in the family archive, not on the internet. It's such an intimate moment, imagine you filming such thing in secret and putting it on youtube for the whole world to see (even if your husband doesn't mind). It's so tasteless, this kind of oversharing is too much.
Her reviews are funny tho, I can give her that.

No. 225149

Why are people picky over drawing similar face proportions? If you can distinguish the character and it's not an Anna/Elsa/their mom situation it's fine.

Pardon for using your innocent comment as a gateway to this subject, anon.

No. 225154

I thought it was annoying how much she tried to appear as a badass of sorts but she's shown a nicer side of herself as well. She's been nice to me, so I don't dislike her.

No. 225176

Because it becomes boring really fast, and stops artists from going out of their comfort zone and learning. Also, the stupid excuse of "muh style" really grinds my gears.

No. 225207

Complaining about sameface also gets boring really fast. There are cases where it's justifiable, but it's like people have learned one thing alone to look for and just parrot it around.

And yes, excusing mistakes as "style" is stupid, but at the same time there is a difference between sticking to a certain style and doing sameface. Earlier in the thread people said Rapunzel and Moana had mild sameface syndrome even if all their facial features were different.

Also, some people use the sameface syndrome thing as a guise to push their agendas. Like bitching about you not representing X ethnicities or sticking to beauty standards.

No. 225241

A lot of people honestly misuse "Same face" syndrome when they mention it because they think faces look similar/done in the same style = same face.

Rapunzel and Moana for example are done in the same style. You can look at them and tell they are made by Disney. However, their faces are not the same. Rapunzel has a smaller nose, smaller jawline, thinner eyebrows and smaller lips while Moana has a broader nose, thicker eyebrows, a slightly chubbier (?) face, etc.

Some people even tried to say Elsa, Anna, and Iduna have the same face but… That's literally mother, and two sisters and even their face structures have slight differences in them.

Same face is when you can overlay the eyes, nose, lips, etc. of a character and they all look like they are one character with different hair and eye colors. Faces being similar in structure can be attributed to the style of how the person draws, however, many people confuse having a style with having the same face which is why I've started ignoring complaints about same face syndrome tbh. Too many people use incorrectly to make themselves sound smart and like critics.

No. 225266

Im always skeptical of a critics ability to see properly when they claim 'same-face' in regards to artists of Chris Hong's caliber. It's like they're not aware that humans learn by repetition which involves retaining stylistic habits (which can also lead to SOME artists achieving popularity with said style). Also, look at some of her other posts, she's fully capable of veering away if she really wanted to.

No. 225277

>Same face is when you can overlay the eyes, nose, lips, etc. of a character and they all look like they are one character with different hair and eye colors. Faces being similar in structure can be attributed to the style of how the person draws

No. 225286

Not sure where to post this, but what do you guys think of PlanetPrudence? she became very famous for making comics about "relatable insecure quirky girl~" type on IG and she gained a lot of popularity because this. I honestly dislike so much relatable comics because it's the easiest way to make money without need to be talented at drawing (sorry can't post pics right now :()

No. 225287

I've seen her stuff too, I find the relatable comic thing to be pretty cringe.

No. 225330

I don't mind the self-depicting "relatable" comic format, it's quick entertainment. What I don't like is it illustrates how much being a whinie is the "in" thing right now, as the bulk of those comics tend to revolve around muh insecurities, muh life is hard, so on and so forth. Making fun of misfortune here and there can be funny, but that line constantly crosses to just being a little bitch.

No. 225355

I don't mind "relatable" comics (and they're a relatively easy way to get followers), but they get boring really quickly and are often not even trying to pull a punchline, just stating the "fact".
>I'm fat :(
>Other girls: pretty. Me: ugly :((
>Omg I love fooood

No. 225364

You can just picture how many comics you've seen where the supposed punchline revolves around one of those things
>I like eating and have no self control
>I like buying things and have no self control
>being unable to handle adult life
>me vs. other people (me=bad/other people=good) and other insecurities in general
>expectation vs. reality
>me when thing happens vs. me when contrasting thing happens
>not liking doing hard thing
>visual metaphor as to why (insert year) was hard
>autistic screeching over 2016 election
>complaining over people asking you to draw them

I would also add bowel movements but I think laughing at poop is one of humanity's most precious legacies.

No. 225365

So now it's popular to hate yourself? Geez, I never really saw the appeal in comics like that but when you break down it's like damn.

No. 225374

It has been for a while. Self deprecating humor (or "humor", depending) is very much en vogue. People say "omg lol I hate myself I want to die xD" over the stupidest shit now.

No. 225377

Why does she use such ugly photos of herself for her thumbnails?

No. 225393

I love relatable comics when they're witty and have some sort of substance to them but god I HATE these mundane ones that get reposted everywhere. Like you said, they're just stating obvious facts and not really practicing any sort of structured humor.

>complaining over people asking you to draw them
I swear this is every "relatable artist comic" ever. I know people asking for that are annoying. But so are overused "ohmygosh that's totally #ME" comics.
>I like buying things and have no self control
And this I outright hate. People need to stop thinking it's quirky and cute to be financially careless all the time.

No. 225409

Thoughts on Robin Clonts?

I think she has very good technical skill but sacrificed creativity and I think talked about it a few times in some of her youtube videos or at least hinted towards something like that where she was afraid of how her paintings would turn out without a reference.

However, I do like her abstract-ish works. They look wonky and strange but I like them. I hope she keeps going down that path instead of striving to do super-realistic oceans and people.

No. 225412

I like Robin's videos a lot. Her tutorials are helpful and straightforward, and her personality doesn't irritate me like so many other artists on YouTube. I agree though, I think she should branch out and experiment more instead of realistic painting all the time.
I really like her as a person too, she seems very sweet and I feel bad that she's been going through rough times (I think she mentioned something like that in a recent video? To be honest I haven't watched her in a little while).

No. 225414

I enjoy her videos too, I wonder what happened? I hope she gets better soon, she seems like a nice person

No. 225415

This seems in the same vein than what >>225365 was saying.
Also, why is she linking to Holly in the description bleeegh

No. 225416

I liked how she had her own thing with her videos. It was one of the most original artsy channels out there.
That one video where she was performing with the huge hands and some dude was walking around in a cloud costume cracked me the shit up.

No. 225418

Because Holly made that stupid carpal tunnel challenge

No. 225419

Don't even get me started on this shitty challenge. I don't see a huge problem with doing a fun art challenge every now and then, but this one is a recipe for burn out! Holly's intent for that challenge were completely for clickbait, I have yet to see anyone who attempted the challenge within the 30 days mark actually improve much.

No. 225495

I can't stand Rebecca Blackwell-Read's fugly same face. It's literally the exact same face every time, not even a different angle. Also she's a Holly Brown fan. I don't mind her as a person though….

No. 225496

She talked about this in her latest video, and I thought it was interesting.

Can't say for sure but I'm pretty sure she got divorced or there was a family death/illness, she stayed with her mom for quite a while. I like her work a lot, hope things get better for her.

No. 225499


I was going to mention her too. I'm definitely not a fan of her faces they're just so…'extra'? I think my least favorite part are the noses, it's always the same NOSES. the way she draws her guys is not cute in the least, like, I've gone through a lot of her videos and even her fan art has that same face. I legit get confused on who's who.

No. 225556


I think it was a family death/illness. I hope things get better for her and she continues to go down the path of experimentation. She has a lot of good knowledge and technical skill and her video highlighted a fear that a lot of youtube artists either overlook or just don't talk about which is the idea of perfection and I really like how she talked about how it affected her art. It pushed her to improve her technical skills but then put her in a position where she was afraid of not producing anything less than perfect.

No. 225702

I really don't understand what people see in her art. Her colour is so muddy and her style is so unappealing to me. I literally can't tell her characters apart and ug, that nose.

No. 225703

Sorry double post.

I feel like people might like her because her accent? I don't know, look at what happened when she tried to draw a woman. I really hope this group will help her get better at art. Idk.

No. 225714


woa, all her characters have got freakin' shoe-noses. all her thumbnails on youtube are practically the same.

No. 225766

What do you think of Myriam's Illustrations?

No. 225832


I've seen her around! Not my thing personally, but I recognize she's got a lot of skill. I don't dislike it!

No. 225842

Ok her stuff is so samefacey that I thought you had linked the same video twice because I was sure I’d seen that exact face on this thread yesterday

No. 225848

She doesn't seem to understand how arms work. I'm looking at her prints and things get uncanny around the elbow. Don't think she's bad by any mean but I think with this kind of art you need to be mind-blowing and I think she has a long way to go to fully cement herself. The compositions are also sort of unappealing to me, I like the ideas but I don't really know where my eye's supposed to go, the longer I stare at her work the flatter and more student-y it feels.

No. 225948

Still very beginner-level, kind of boring themes

No. 225950

>tfw your same-face is so bad that you can't even distinguish between genders

No. 225978

what do y'all think of this?

No. 226001

What do you guys think of Challa?

No. 226020

>what do you think of ____

Is there a criticism you're too pussy to anonymously voice yourself, or do you genuinely have no opinion yourself and therefore want someone else's?
Usually people who just ask for someone else's opinions are self posters dipping for compliments, if that's the case you need to hide it better

No. 226025

It really does look suspect when the person has under 2k subs and the video doesn't have much to judge that would make someone think they're a cow enough to be posted here.
I know people post Youtubers under positive lights sometimes, but that's generally accompanied by some "I like this person" sort of comment.

No. 226031

I like this and see nothing glaringly wrong with it to be posted in the vent/salt thread.

No. 226033

I don't really have an opinion on him since I just saw the video in my recommended and thought it was interesting. Sorry for not saying that earlier, kind of a newfag

No. 226047

What do you all think of the circle jerking with popular art youtubers and medium sized youtubers? Like how when one of them makes a video on how they're "haters" are critiquing them, they come out of the woodwork to stroke the artist's ego.

No. 226049

You'll have to be more specific

No. 226050

I'll use Baylee as an example. She made a video throwing a fit over how people were criticizing her and her art. A good chunk of the medium sized art youtuber (like Katharine Ward Art and Holly) made comments on how she "such a wonderful person" and "to not listen to the haterz." Idk, it just seems like they're trying to get into her good graces so they'll get more traffic to their channels.

No. 226051

Holly definitely is just trying to get more traffic to her channel. It's pretty obvious she's obsessed with money. She shit talks other artists on her streams all the time. I seriously doubt she likes Baylee's art.

No. 226054

Here's Terri Delgado, REALLY not a fan of her art, like, I've seen a couple of her vids and all her …mouse and/or duck people have that same puckered lip poutyface look that I guess is supposed to look 'sexy' or 'sultry' but it's all the same. Looks kind of sleazy tbh. The video above isn't as bad, but also sometimes I feel like she comes off as a bit of a tryhard. She definitely throws shade without naming names at other YT artists so she kinda comes off as two-faced to me. She's kind of small time though, nothing egregiously bad, just a lil obnoxious.
Those lips tho..ugh.she is definitely someone with like same-character syndrome.

No. 226061

Thoughts on nikinapalm? I think her art is way too tumblr inspired and kinda same-facey, but i think she has technical skill..

No. 226063

Honest question/discussion:
What does tumblr inspired/tumblr art mean at this point? I feel like there are so many things that get that label and I genuinely don't know.

I think her art is ok but lacks refinement, wonky proportions, lack of variety etc.

No. 226064


I don't even think people think about what "tumblr inspired" means before saying it at this point, I think it's just a buzz term people like to parrot to undermine the art in a shorthand way that they don't have to explain.
so it doesn't really mean anything to me when folks say that…

as for her art, eh, it's a little too head and shoulders for me, just based on her vids. and a little too Lisa frank: heavyhanded on the saturated colors/galaxy/sparkle for me personally.

No. 226065

I think what Tumblr Art means is galaxy and sparkles kinda like a "hipster" style, but it's very outdated

No. 226076

tumblr style is basically what we have in Bad Art thread. They try very hard to have a "different" style which results in retarded weird faces, girls are usually fat, have stretch marks, harm scars etc. >>226061 I would call a marriage of tumblr and pinterest kek

No. 226087

Does anyone remember old artists like TinaChan90, Ocean, Chii24, DreaChu etc etc? My favourite was AyameTheDevil but I don't know what name she goes by now or if she even still does art.

No. 226089

>What does tumblr inspired/tumblr art mean at this point?
Teenagers. Trends. Teenager trends.

No. 226090

holy shit anon, just hearing those names sent me back to nostalgia. i wonder how they are doing. i used to idolize them so much

No. 226092

That could be basically anything.

I get the "drawing fanart and making the character intentionally unappealing for 'representation'" = "tumblr", but it's like the minute someone draws a red nose or anything but a generic cute face people fall over and scream "tumblr!!!"

No. 226093

her and MewDoubled were my idols back when I was obsessed with Fanime. Dreachu seems to be active in IG these days, but I feel like most of these artists either didn't evolve or just fell off the face of the earth.

No. 226101

I used to love all of their art. I found Ayamethedevil on dA/tumblr a few years ago. She used to go by Soundphase but it looks like she deleted her accounts.

No. 226108

I actually like the way she draws chubbier girls, but the coloring is always done the same way..

No. 226119


I think Mewdoubled is just Mewtripled, now tho and she's doing fine.

No. 226133

Yeah, I said most because she's the one exception I can think of. Dropping the anime style really helped.

No. 226167

She's been drawing the same thing for 2 years or more

No. 226218

Am i the only one who doesnt like Monique Renee's personality? Her art is okay, but i dont know, her personality comes off as super whiny fsr

No. 226223

I really want to know. Am I the only one who strongly dislikes draw with jazza? Like I'm sure he is an okay guy irl but I despise his online persona not to mention his art style. Just he comes across so arrogant and cringy to me at times. And don't get me started on his avatar. Wtf is that skin tone. The white in the pupils really bothers me too. Just ugh he bothers me.

No. 226233

Meh, i actually like his personality, but its very clear that he relies much on the current 'trends'

No. 226234

Srry i accidently liked this video

No. 226242

As there is a lot of (reasonable) negativity here, what are some youtube artists y'all do like and recommend? My personal favorite by far is margaret morales, she doesnt have many videos but her art is super beautiful

No. 226244

>>226242 (margaret morales)

No. 226246

I really like Claudia Sketches channel. She makes mostly animal portraits, but also art supply reviews and they seem very genuine and well prepared.
Also I really LOVE Anita Gadzińska's art. She's an incredibly creative and original illustrator, but it feels like she refuses to speak semi-proper English and there's a lot of akward "cutsy" laugh and bubbling in her videos.
It's pretty mush the same with Biana Bova - great art, but she's a bit too full of herself. She keeps talking about "what young artists don't understand". Gurrrl. You're 21, drop the professorial tone.

No. 226248

Wylie Beckert. Watching her work is relaxing.

No. 226250

holly shit, her art is good in everything, I don't think I would reach that level never but it's great to know that even if the art nouevau style is not a trend nowadays, it's very pretty

No. 226260

I really like Teoh, his reviews are super informative and have helped me on my watercolor journey. Also, what you all think of travel watercolor brushes, like are their any brands that you really enjoy using over others?

No. 226263

I've been using Escoda Reserva and Versatil for almost two years now and the brush tips are still fine as though it was brand new. Haven't tried other brands since Escoda was the only brand of travel brushes (aside from waterbrushes) available in our local shop.

No. 226264

I think Silver makes their own travel brushes but I've heard mixed reviews about them. Some people really like them and others say they're not worth the money due to design flaws.

No. 226289

I love Teoh's videos, they are so comfy to watch

No. 226292

I can't stand Lemia's disclaimers before stating an opinion in her videos. She says them in this strained accented way like." Can't. Believe, I have to. Explain this. You idiots." And they just go on and on…

No. 226315

Does anyone else find Lachri's voice to be grating? It really wears me out how shrill it is, and she speaks way too fast…And it's a shame because I really DO like the topics of her videos, they're interesting it's just…her voice.

No. 226317

Understandable, I find her voice to be pretty easy to listen to in comparison to Danica. It might be because I too have a pretty high pitched voice and talk fast lol

No. 226321

Yeah. She posted here before and was discovered by that tone in the way she talks >>212900

No. 226322

What do you mean with "semi proper English"? Her English is fine for a non-native, and she doesn't speak overly slow. I mostly like her videos but don't like how long they are (resulting in rambly voiceovers) and also remember getting annoyed in the past at her sounding a bit full of herself.

No. 226323

Don't be like that. You can achieve whatever level you want as long as you practice consistently, intelligently and have patience.

No. 226334

Teoh's such a chill dude. Travel brushes are hard to hold for me but the one that comes with the w&n cotmans isn't half bad.

No. 226344

Robin's new video, I really like the more impressionistic style she's experimenting with. Makes me really want to paint something right now

No. 226364

File: 1517134864742.jpeg (108.91 KB, 583x1371, deja_vu_by_tokiskeffington-dc0…)

This is not a youtube artist, but what do you guys think of tokiskeffington? I think she is pretty good, but super tumblr inspired and has some anatomical issues..

No. 226365

File: 1517135236358.jpg (131.13 KB, 775x1031, new_oc_by_callmeakazukin-dbxo8…)

This girl too, i quite like her

No. 226366

File: 1517135306034.jpg (151.08 KB, 509x641, another_new_oc_by_callmeakazuk…)

No. 226367

smell like self-posts

No. 226368

is that a 3d model?

No. 226369


That’s a 3D model. Pretty sure it was made with a program called MMD (mikumikudance)

No. 226370

randomly stumbled upon this Russian chick, I really like her use of colours, just wish I can understand what she's saying

No. 226386

>drawing edgy cutesy characters wearing Death Metal shirts
That just showed up on my feed too.

No. 226395


These do seem very suspicious of being self-posts. And I agree that the first one looks like it's a 3D model. The remaining two are very basic (what I would expect from like a pre-teen artist, the same type of person I would expect to self-post.). The cannibal corpse one has really shakey/scratchy lines… the last one has the most charm.

No. 226402

Everyone figured me out lawl, it was indeed a selfpost xd I know im a loser, i dont have any followers but i wanted some opinions on my crap ha (for those wondering, im 13 lol)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 226403

Am i the only one who cant stand lavendertowne? Idk, she doesnt seem like an asshole, but she seems to consider herself some sort of art master because she went to art school, even though her art style is pretty basic

No. 226405

Self posters can't judge anyone else

No. 226407

You guys ever notice how arrogant some artist on Instagram can be? Especially if they’re younger

No. 226409

That's not exclusive to artists. When you're young you are generally such a novice at everything that your perception didn't evolve yet, so in your own untrained eyes you think highly of yourself.

No. 226423

I'm not a native English speaker either. But our generation had been fed English a few hours a week for over a decade at schools, so all her constant repetition of "you guuuuuuys giggle I don't know how to say that!" and her rough accent sounds weird especially for a person who has been living abroad for years. It comes off as a "cutsy outlander" persona for me, since obviously she's not making those videos on the go. Or perhaps, she's actually stupid and unable to google how to pronounce "Derwent", but I refuse to believe that.
Compare the way she speaks with Mateusz Urbanowicz's videos. He has a rough accent, but he's actually putting some effort.

No. 226426

She lives abroad at the Netherlands, not an English speaking country.
But I do understand the part about just googling how to pronounce something. It's way too often I see people struggling to guess how to pronounce something they could easily google (including, most of the time, native English speakers). I'd include that in her "rambling too much" problem.

No. 226427

Also, just beware of that kind of critique irl. A lot of times I see non-natives criticizing other non-native English speakers being unaware of their own mistakes, so they end up looking like fools when their own English gets checked.

No. 226458

Are there any smaller art youtubers that you all like?

No. 226465

I know, but it's seemingly easier to drop one's accent a bit if you don't hear your native language on daily basis. Also afaik she doesn't speak Dutch not even with her boyfriend she lives with and works from home, so I guess you see my point. That's another reason why I compare her to Mateusz.
It's not so about making mistakes (I did not point any), I watch a lot of videos made by non-natives. If she was just "rambling" too much on a livestream I wouldn't care, but that's not the case.
I'd explain what I mean by this, but hmmmm…? You know guys… I forgot the word!! Hahaha… you know… I'm too busy being cute to put some effort :)))) Sorry!

No. 226466


Yeah, I feel like it comes from a place of being excited about creating which is cool. Eventually they learn to be more self aware of what they need to work on.

No. 226478

Any thoughts on Kattvalk?

No. 226481

I think she tends to go for the same kind of art (such as mostly headbusts or animals with a bunch of eyes) but she's not bad, I guess. Not really my thing although she recently did an inverted colours challenge which I thought was interesting.

No. 226482

don't you need to be 18 to post here?

No. 226483

I enjoy the process of watching her color. I don't know why it's just relaxing to watch and makes me want to draw.

No. 226484


do you actually expect people to follow that?

No. 226486

actually I don't think there's an age requirement here, we should tho

No. 226494

Pardon for off-topic, but do you guys use any forums where you can post your art for people to give you critique that isn't a complete shitshow like /ic/?
I'm aware of conceptart.org for now but would like to know more.

No. 226496

try joining a facebook group perhaps, there are tones of such.

No. 226499

What do you guys think of CR's progress? I mean it took her only a year do add a bit of shading and remove the pupils.

No. 226502

I have a sketchbook thread on CA, haven't received many critiques tbh

No. 226503

Yeah it seemed kinda dead to me, heard it used to be very active

No. 226507


I strongly dislike Draw With Jazza too!!! Idk why everyone keeps on calling him a "nice guy" and letting him off the hook of how terrible his art style is just because he is a nice guy? Because every artist that is mentioned in this thread, they tear them apart for how "tumblr" and "ugly" their styles are. I think his art style is HORRENDOUS and way worse than Baylee's art style. like what the fuck? His color schemes are terrible too, and his animation/anatomy "tutorials" kill me because the anatomy is soooooo off. :/ The lines are way too thick and cakey, and people put him on a pedestal way too much - and then have an excuse to say it's because "it's geared towards kids".

No. 226508


Chii24 is now DoopieDoOver

I didn't see anyone mention her new name, but she's still her same old self - filled with drama and complaining on social media about her trash life lol.

She's good friends with Jaltoid now, so they engage in the same drama and whiteknight for each other - it's very annoying and whack lol.

No. 226509

I understand your point anon, I guess it's easier to like him because he doesn't come off as an ass like Holly and Baylee. I'm not trying to whiteknight him, just stating why some people like him.

No. 226517

I even have doubts about that nice guy thing. I have a bit of a hard time trusting people who use "emotional bait" in their thumbnails and titles, and he does that sometimes.

No. 226519

If you don't hate Istebrak, her Google+ community is a decent place - I see users giving useful critique there all the time

No. 226533

I don't hate Jazza but he's definitely overrated. He tends to stick to the same formula (sketch, line with pen, copic markers or the equivalent in photoshop) for the most part and it gets boring to watch.

No. 226542

Too bad, I do dislike her a lot…

No. 226552


I can see that. I think he's overrated, as well. He draws those weird bug-out eyes and for some reason his style reminds me of a cross between Family Guy and Newgrounds stuff (which isn't surprising given his origins on NG)

I honestly don't think he's the guy to go to for drawing tutorials and technique, though he used to be so ubiquitous when it came to things like Flash animation, I learned a lot from him when I was learning stuff yrs ago, but I think he's the kind of guy you outgrow…

No. 226563

Anon here who brought up draw with Jazza, I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes him. I've been lurking on lolcow for quite some time but no one seemed to have problems with him. So I just had to bring it up, just his style is so darn ugly and I hate his use of colors. Especially his skin tones are often very muddy. And again, he comes of as arrogant and he is extremely annoying and cringy to me. I don't think it's a good thing his channel motto has become "obnoxious but consistent". Who the hell wants to be obnoxious?

(also sorry for not properly refering to the other replies, im a newbie)

No. 226565

Click on the post numbers to link to other replies.

I personally don't like Jazza's art but I don't have any issues with him as a person. He seems fine to me, kind of obnoxious and overly animated but his audience is mostly younger so it makes sense to me.

No. 226567

When he added black to the colors i was internally screaming.. I quite like his personality though, he doesnt seem rude or anything (even if his art is meh)

No. 226568

Thanks for the tip anon!

Oh my god, that bothered me so much. I mean isn't he supposed to be a proffesional? He should know you should never shade with black. It makes your art piece look muddy if you do so.

No. 226570

Anyone knows Bokkei? I absolutely love her style, i generally dont like realism but her style is so beautiful and full of creativity (to add that i really like her personality, she seems super sweet and humble

No. 226571

I follow her too, i agree her stuff is awesome (but a little same-facey, nothing significant though)

No. 226588


It's because Jazza, while cringy and overrated, most people here just don't take a high interest in him because he isnt a cow.

No. 226591

When I was a noob I started to watch Jazza,nowadays I don't find anything appeal in his channel though he's good a marketing skills and that's why everyone on the art community likes him. He does a great job on social skills with contests and advices for portfolio and marketing, even if his style is freaking disgusting to look I consider him more like a marketing artist.

No. 226594

Even if you're to young for this site, I want to warning you, don't follow the steps of holly brown never! Keep a sketch with you and draw all you see and like!

No. 226601

Damn such a shame that happened to her; to be honest, I don't even know how she got popular. Was it her persona?

And I miss Ayame/Soundphase cause they were the only one that actually had better art as the months went on.

No. 226611

Even if her content is kinda repetitive sometimes, I really like JelArts and her personality is nice. Anyone here knows her? this is her most recent video

No. 226612

Speaking of shading in black, in the last few weeks, I've watched a couple of videos from Mira Byler, and in all of them, she's been shading her skin tones with grey?? (to be fair it's warm greys) I don't think it's because she hasn't got many colours or anything, I don't understand why she does it. Overall she really comes off as an artist who wanted to draw people and only ever ended up drawing heads. The few times she does anatomy it's plain wrong, and in most of her pieces, she doesn't even know how to draw a decent neck.

No. 226615

Yea, i find her to be pretty annoying too.. Her art is not very good, but if anything she improved tons and tons (check some videos from 2016, 2015 and you'll see what i mean)

No. 226616


No. 226617

Oh my god…
yeah she has improved

No. 226621

That's ok, Proko's facebook group is better.

In Istebrak's group, the only art you'd get consistently good critiques from is black and white portraiture.

Proko is an exceptional youtube teacher, it makes his student's critiques competent.

No. 226622

Istebrak is the type to throw a temper tantrum because you didn't do exactly what she wants, meanwhile her art is not nearly good enough to justify such a big head.

Proko, on the other hand, is someone I can get behind. Altho, is it me or does it seem like people are shy with their critiques on that sort of facebook forum?

No. 226626

File: 1517261878188.jpeg (369.08 KB, 750x589, AC625A9D-4A78-4CFD-86B0-F97CFB…)

What do you guys feel about Cinna_mart on instagram ? I think her art is different but sometimes she has a bad attitude

No. 226633

for Proko's group, do you have to be a paid member to join?

No. 226634

I agree jazza isnt an amazing artist but for young and beginner artists i believe he can be a great influence and role-model. while he may stick with copics a lot he does a lot of videos that focus on trying new things and really giving them your all.

No. 226689

Nope, you're all set.

Most of what's submitted there has a solid critique on it. If you don't get one, just critique a few posts and ask them to return the favor.

No. 226692

Yeah, her stuff is pretty good.

No. 226741

question for everyone here, how do you feel about youtubers setting up gofundmes and crowdsourcing campaigns to have their subs pay for their materials?
I know jazza made a "pay for my studio" campaign and I saw another one with a "pay for my table" thing

No. 226751

Eh, that's just good marketing. It's the same as general creator's "Buy me a coffee" or "Adblock forgiveness" It just makes the donation seem more meaningful.

Youtube doesn't pay most content creators well.
Who deserves to be paid by an eight year old's parent's credit card is a different story.

No. 226752

I'd probably feel self conscious to do that if I was them, but at the same time nobody is pointing a gun to no one's head for them to pay anything, so I don't see anything inherently wrong with setting up the donations if they aren't putting up a dishonest pity fest.
I don't think who "deserves" something is as easily measurable as people seem to think. Take Baylee as an example, as much as the effort she puts into art is small, given the quality of her art, the effort she puts in keeping her Youtube channel consistent per se makes her deserve subscribers.

No. 226755

Of course that's how you make it. Same with holly. It's still annoying for creators like them to have to muddy up the place to make a living. And it's creepy to get paid by kids.

No. 226756

File: 1517337993599.png (190.94 KB, 481x681, beepo.png)

What are you guys' thoughts on LolliBeePop from Twitter, she mainly got her following from 'relatable' comics. I don't really have anything against her but something about her style kinda irks me. It feels very formulaic imho. Thoughts?

No. 226759

That's making me sick. But posts like those are better for the "bad art" boards.

No. 226760


Is it real though? Kids have always been a huge market, from toys to clothes. Tweens and teens are one of the biggest areas of spending growth. For kids, it's not their money it's their parents, and for teens it's usually money from an after school job, a summer job, or allowance. There's hundreds of markets that cater exclusively to the spending power of kids and teens and that's not really creepy, it's just a demographic like any other.

No. 226762

It depends on how you do it and what you're selling. I don't think something being common makes it less creepy though.

It's not really like any other demographic. For instance, pulling the sympathy strings of kids is worse than the strings of adults. You're bound to get more hate for it.

No. 226827

Nta but for a 13yr old this is pretty good. Hope they keep improving over time.

No. 226863

I don't get it. There's plenty of actual critique boards where you won't get banned for self posting. Maybe she thinks people aren't being honest.

No. 226876

Spechie is back at it again with her self-serving videos.

No. 226920

This guy is such a brat. Claims that he didn't need to follow directions to make great art, artwork looks like melting wax figures.

lol at 7:10

No. 226923

File: 1517452992382.jpg (44.84 KB, 717x293, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Saved a few comments from the spechie video before she deletes them

No. 226958

File: 1517464271100.jpg (234.63 KB, 1440x1080, aceofcakes.jpg)

Looks like someone who would have a reality show about baking cakes

No. 226959

File: 1517465000331.png (761.13 KB, 1905x934, Capture.PNG)

I often forget that Spechie has more subscribers than Holly. Also didn't know she deletes comments. Hmmmm

Also, pic related, her patreon. Her art isn't consistent, based from looking at artworks of her avatar.

>not following directions
This is a problem with a lot of artists. Yeah, there are some who can draw well, but that doesn't give you an excuse to not follow guidelines set by your teachers.

>The reason techniques exist is because artists came up with their technique… and it was THEIR technique. So I believe that its beneficial to learn from techniques but tweak them and follow your own.

So in a sense he refuses to learn from techniques since he's gonna alter them anyway. Learn from the masters first, tweak them later once you've mastered said technique. People are getting too excited to form their own style
At this point I'm getting headaches from so many art youtubers complaining about their teachers. Sure, some were out of line, but hey, don't forget, they're here to help you get better at art, so at least follow guidelines.

No. 226960

What's even more frustrating is that since there's such a surplus of people complaining about their "evil" art teachers who were trying to teach them the basics, it makes it harder for people to trust those who actually did have a terrible teacher.

No. 226961

>People are getting too excited to form their own style
More like too stubborn

No. 226965

Spechie is one of those people
That draws themselves way cuter than they actually are
I hope She grows the fuck up up and improves her art instead of complaining and making mediocre videos on YouTube

No. 226966

between this thumbnail, her patreom avatar and the banner, her style looks completely fucking different lmao. how the fuck

No. 226967

She seems like one of those edgelord nihilists who thinks they know everything. I think she just finished high school too, so give her a few years of adult life and hopefully she'll be humbled.

No. 226970

File: 1517468511158.png (24.53 KB, 797x206, thug life.PNG)

Thug life

No. 227070

does anyone think spechie needs her own thread or is she not insufferable enough just yet? She's annoying but idk if that justifies.

No. 227071

I do feel she deserves her own thread, but if the other anons feel we should wait then I'm okay with that

No. 227076

This thread is hardly bursting at the seams for spechie, just leave it here for now

No. 227106

I really like Doodle Date but it kinda bothers me that Adam's style is becoming so anime lately

No. 227142

I appreciate how Kasey completed her sketchbook. A lot of her illustrations are fun to look at, I really liked her sketches involving different animals.

No. 227166

I like her style, it's really cute and she seems nice. But when you look at her figure studies you can tell her style is holding her back. She needs to stop stylizing her studies, it's not helpping her in understanding the forms. You can especially see in the animals she's new to like the platypus, she doesn't understand the structure and is just making it up.

But this may also be just the constraints of the challenge. It's a stupid ridiculous challenge.

No. 227174


It's cool that she finished it but oh my god am I sick of seeing this useless 'challenge' I can't wait til its popularity fizzles out but big youtubers keep picking it up and doing it while saying "Guys don't do it".

No. 227179

Try the Level Up group on Facebook.

No. 227185

At first glance it seemed ok, but looking further it seems like there is some autism leaking from /ic/ into there

No. 227262

her completed sketchbook is a lot more consistent than Holly's. But I agree there is noway you can meaningfully improve anything under the conditions of this challenge, I guess she improved her stylisation at least

No. 227263

if there's enough drama I'm up for a thread, I love art drama

No. 227266

More Shoe-Nose Mc.sameface from Rebecca. I really REALLY hopes she starts doing face studies and overall anatomy studies really soon. Her style is really tiresome because it's so samey, yet busy. The potential to do better is there.

No. 227267

that face, damn

No. 227270

God, I know I'm late to the part on this but I cannot understand how such a self-righteous person can have such shitty art/proportions. It's so embarrassing.

No. 227278


I watched the vid and she literally says that the figure came out "androgynous".Rebecca, hun, the figure is the exact same figure you draw in every video. It doesn't suddenly have a quality different from the rest.

No. 227363

Is there even any milk? This thread is slow as shit and no one’s posting anything about this alleged cow/flake so how could they support a separate thread?

No. 227418

I really wouldn't be surprised if it did. They seem to be leaking everywhere these days.

No. 227433

Is is just me or are these unofficial YTAC things super cringe? Like trying to pretend you're one of the popular kids type shit.

No. 227457


not really… ? I mean, the entire reason for the YTAC existing is pretty cringe, a collective of popular artists circlejerking, just cause they have big numbers is kinda meh, to me. the only cool thing about it is that the proceeds go to causes. as far as we know.

No. 227458

The only time they donated proceeds was the spirit animal one.

No. 227467


Oh, shit really I thought each one went to some sort of cause, woops.

well then. just circlejerking, I see.
At least the unofficial ones can be somewhat creative sometimes. I dunno. the YTAC rubs me the wrong way just on principle, it kind of goes against the point of "youtube art community" by just gathering up popular artists or summoning guests artists they deem worthy to bask among their popularity lol.

actually, Rebecca there mentions she has been a guest artist in the past so I guess she's riding off that bit of popularity too.

No. 227468

Wasn't sakuems one of the founding members of YTAC? Isn't she a total shitshow drama queen?
I'll pass on anything having to do w/her.

No. 227470

Smaller artists have started up their own collectives that are more inclusive in response. They tend to center more so around helping each other out and not being stuck up like the YTAC. I'm hesitant to say the name of them since I don't think they want their names on here.

No. 227471

Also, notice how the originals they're selling are made with nonarchival mediums? I wouldn't drop a couple hundreds dollars for something I could never hang up.

No. 227473


Ugh, I HATE it when artists sell artwork that are non-archival for hundreds. I remember when Baylee Jae sold a steampunk cat (?) for over a hundred and it was made on BASIC cardstock and copic markers. Those aren't archival!!!

No. 227474

I don't know if you saw the Baylee thread during her last stream, but her mods started attacking and banning people for asking why she uses nonarchival materials for originals. I'm sure she knows what she's doing is wrong but doesn't care cause moneyz

No. 227476


I didn't see but damn, what the fuck? People can't ask a simple and genuine question?? Like how the hell do you spend thousands on art supplies but yet you can't spend a few extra dollars on archival art supplies? Like I know archival isn't cheap, but there are some archival papers (Arches, Stonehenge, etc.) that are valuable investments.

ATLEAST spend the money on paper. Lord have mercy.

No. 227478

For a basic set of archival watercolor paints, you could probably make more pieces that will last longer than a bunch of copics. Is it just me, or do some artists on Youtuber act elitists when it comes to those damned things?

No. 227482


>do some artists on Youtube act elitists when it comes to those damned things?

I'm guessing you mean elite when it comes to Copics? Yeah - it reminds me of when people spend hundreds on branded clothing and bags, to show it off as a way to let people know "haha I got this because I have MONEY and I'm BETTER than you"

It's essentially the same with Copics - they can spend close to 1,000+ on getting the whole set and other expensive art supplies just to let people know they got money, and you can't achieve the same results because Copics are expensive and untouchable.

Well, that's atleast my take on it.

No. 227483

Yes, and I had a feeling that was the reason but I figured I would get a different perspective as well. Something I've found though is that there are some pretty big limitations with copics.

No. 227484


Like, I do understand the price that comes with Copic - replaceable nibs, refillable, double sided (even though I never cared for the chisel nib) and the ink is good. My main problem is they aren't archival for shit - which is what I expect because Copics were made for concept designing - no necessarily long term archival pieces.

What are the limitations? I would love to hear because I have Copics (I have the Ciaos and clearly not the whole set because I don't care that much). I use them for basic sketching.

No. 227487


LIke you mentioned the ink isnot archival, the price is prohibitive and this is just me but I absolutely hate the way they bleed, like most alcohol markers. I feel like even when you use paper specifically for those kinds of markers, you end up putting down more than necessary and wasting so much ink.

I don't think they're worth it, just overrated for what they are.

No. 227488

I totally understand the pricing because of the import fees along with the store fronts needing to turn a profit from them, I do use them and find them fun to play with.

Originally, I used to use the markers for full projects because I didn't know what lightfastness was or why it was important. In the span of four years of using them full time, I found that if you wanted to work big, it was going to kill the marker so I was kinda forced to work smaller. Also, if any major errors were made, it's rather hard to hide the mistake were with paint you could always wait for the layer to dry and go over that spot again. Another thing is that to get smooth gradients requires a few markers close to each other on their scale, where with a medium like colored pencils you can just change your hand pressure. But like you said, the fact they aren't archival is what bothers me the most hence why they're reserved for conceptual work or sketching.

They're fun to play with, but buying the entire set seems like a waste to me.

No. 227495


The bleeding part is most def true - I forgot about that. (Can you tell I haven't used them in a long time? lmfao. I mostly work digital).

And it is true, even the paper for Copics specifically tend to soak up a lot of ink. It is overrated!!


I agree - I tend to work small with Copics - never big. I just mostly use them for concepts and then uploading it to my Instagram.

A few years back I used to be OBSESSED with wanting to have the whole set, but I realized I don't even need that many?? I wish people would stop obsessing over getting the whole set because it made me think I had to get the whole set.

No. 227496

What's with this idea that things have to be inclusive? When something is overly inclusive, it's an almost confirmation that it's going to be shitty or mediocre.
If you have no standards what usually happens is that people who are doing things for years get mixed up with complete novices and the novices bring the overall quality down.
Now, having popularity over quality as a standard is questionable, but at the same time I see no reason over being anal about the YTAC. It's just a bunch of basic girl channels getting together and doing basic boring stuff (with a few exceptions). I don't see it as any sort of desirable position, and people complaining about it almost give me a bit of a "I'm upset because I wanted to participate but can't" vibe.

No. 227497

>I wish people would stop obsessing over getting the whole set because it made me think I had to get the whole set.
>I wish people would stop doing thing because I can't deal with peer pressure and make my own decisions

No. 227498

I think a lot of young artists were, they saw people like Sophie-chan and Baylee using them and thought "they're successful, maybe these markers will make me successful too." Or at least that was me at the time. I totally agree though, you really don't need a full set.

No. 227499


Oh, cut the crap, I was 11 years old you twerp. Of course you're going to be easily influenced. Don't act like you've never felt pressured into doing something.

No. 227500


Exactly, LOL.

To sit here and think you've never been influenced to buy something because you saw a more popular person (or the person you idol) using it is bullshit - especially when you're just starting out.

No. 227501

So, were you watching them on Youtube or looking at their Deviantart accounts? Because the usage age of these websites is 13+. No creator has any obligation to cater to an audience that isn't even supposed to be watching them.
Even if you were allowed to be there, the world doesn't revolve around making good decisions for you. That's your parents' job.

>To sit here and think you've never been influenced to buy something because you saw a more popular person (or the person you idol) using it is bullshit
Nobody is insinuating that. Everyone is influenced one way or another, but there is a huge difference between just being influenced and bitching about how people should act differently because "it's influencing me negatively".

No. 227505


who the fuck cares

No. 227508

Pay attention to number 2 and 5.

No. 227531

Is anyone else here interested in Caez Hel? They're a full time commissions artist, and brought new points into the art style theft and self inserts topics that were so popular a few months ago.

They seem genuin, and one of the maybe 3 yt artists that aren't horrible, both skill and personality wise.

No. 227533


No. 227560


I like Caez, but I find the videos, while having good points, have some bleh pacing and feel longer than they actually are and are kind of hard to sit through because of it.

Decent art though

No. 227643


But everyone here literally bitches though. What’s your point?


My god , that face looks horrendous.

No. 227644

Found her by accident recently. She's got decent art and a pretty genuine personality (at least from my point of view). Will agree with other anon, her pacing is not good in videos. I put them on for the bg noise because they can be dull.

No. 227707

If you're going to samefag and drag on an irrelevant issue at least sage your posts.

This is indeed a place for complaining about cows, however, it's not a place for your own issues such as being influenced into buying Copics.

No. 227763

Kerrie back at it again with another art supplies haul

I low key love her art supply hauls, but I also hate hoarding art supplies/watching other people hoard
Glad she actually uses most of the stuff she buys tho

No. 227765


I feel like all she does is hauls, studio tours and collections. It just feels like that's 70% of her channel and the rest is actual art.

No. 227766

Different anon, but I don't mind the hauls, studio tours, and collections. It's just a different focus I guess.

I can agree that it's overwhelmingly not actual art, but I would still call it an art themed channel. Just not a drawing channel. But therein lies the marketing issue i guess.

No. 227769

People brought this up in the Holly thread, how do some of these mediocre artist get so many subs?

I know it's all about networking/updating, but it looks like it's mostly luck. Which is kind of a downer and frustrating to see, like all you gotta do is have a viral video or two/ get publicly involved in drama and boom you start getting a large following even if your art isn't that great.
Which is cool I guess, but I'm thirsty for more actually good artists that don't draw the same kawaii uguu anime /disney girls type of art.
Sorry, this is kind of a vent post, but I simply can't stand how a lot of these artists think they can "teach" or give tips on anatomy, etc.. even when they don't have a solid grasp on it themselves, or influence bad attitudes/habits.

No. 227770


Yeah it's anybody's game at this point. There's no real formula like they like to tell you.

No. 227778

There's also the fact that people tend to look for artists of reachable skill level.
So it's likely the big masses of beginners aren't going straight up to Marco Bucci's channel or something like that.

No. 227782

That's a very good point. I know that's how it was for me.

No. 227800

A lot of it is about marketing. As someone who can get the views I'll tell you it isn't too hard. If you do your research into what's popular it's pretty easy.

Like people have said these people are achievable. You need to recognize that the demographics for art youtube is very young. You can do fine with an older audience if that's what you want, but you typically end up with a much smaller channel (and there is nothing wrong with that, different demos have different amounts of pull. A small dedicated audience of people with money is great).

I find that a lot of talented artists don't understand thumbnails. They tend to make them too professional because they actually understand art. But 'professional' is not what you want to go for on youtube. You want approachable, helpful, fun, you want something that makes beginners think, "wow this is someone I can talk to."

Look at all the thumbnails on these popular videos and you will see trends. Pictures of faces, bright colours, readable at a small scale. Remember Thumbnails need to be attractive at 1/2 an inch tall on things like phone screens.

If you actually want these people to learn, you have to meet them at their level. You don't have to be a bad artist by any means, but you need to make them think they are allowed to talk to you and that you aren't too good for them.

And studying SEO will do you good too. Get over your fear of clickbait, you are in the shitstorm that is the internet and no one's going to find you unless you play the game. Tutorials, tips, hauls, sketchbook tours, these are the things which are actively sought after. You can ease off it once you get traction.

If you want to get far with this, study the fundamentals of youtube, online marketing, and learn to attract the demos you want.

Sorry, I know it's frusterating to see shit artists rise to the top. I'm just a nerd for this shit since it's basically my job. I used to do ebooks which is basically the same shit where the best marketed rise to the top not the best quality.

No. 227803


thanks anon this is very helpful!

No. 227919

Thoughts on Becca Hillburn? I kinda feel bad for her some times but she gets so whiny

No. 227929

I like her art and attitude but I think she genuinely has a spending addiction. Sure, these were bought over time, but I've noticed after watching her for years now that she tends to get really into a few products, play around with them for a month or two, then moves on to the next hot meme art products.

No. 227933


christ what a whiner. This is the first video I watch of hers and it turns me all the way off from subscribing to her. This so unprofessional. I don't want to watch 25 minutes of her whining and fussing about her blaming her patreon failure on the radio silence of her audience. Sometimes that happens especially if you're an artist.

No. 227937

I’ve seen a few of her videos before and I just don’t like how she shits on fanart while simultaneously bitching about how she has no audience like…you don’t have to draw fanart but it is a handy way to gain followers on internet platforms.

No. 227958

Does her shirt really say "I'm a great artist" or is there more to it that's being cut off in the video?

No. 228100

As an ex-member of the YTAC myself, I felt very uncomfortable with the attitude and overall vibe of the group. It felt like a circlejerk, and I'm really glad I'm no longer a part.
I even had some of the channels not include me in their descriptions.
I actually got kicked out because I forgot to tell the manager that I couldnt do that month's theme due to moving and other life crap. I discovered myself kicked out of the Discord with zero notice or messages and was like oh ok.
I've been asked to return, to trial a place again but to be honest I don't feel comfortable with it. I always tried to talk about more inclusion, trying to make people not put it on a pedestal or portray a sense of superiority, because that's the opposite of what I'm all about.
I'm not going to go back, I still don't feel right being in an elite group where the competition is on to not undercut other artists and to still try and sell your work. In the beginning, if you didn't sell your painting you were pitied by the other artists. It was originally created with the idea to sell the painting as soon as the video was up.
Part of me always felt it was just a way to ride off the coat tails of bigger channels, like Baylee's. Sakuems isn't even part of it any more, but I think a lot of her rules still remain.

No. 228108

Yesh, I'm sorry you went through that. It's nice to know that there are people who do at least care about being friendly and open rather than elitist.

No. 228110

Sakuems returned on the last challenge, apparently.
I always wondered how it was from the inside, if there was some sort of group chat where people would bicker and be passive aggressive towards each other.
From the outside people might even think everybody is friendzies but I bet in reality it's like those work Whatsapp group chats where everyone is awkward with eachother. But I might be wrong.

No. 228116

thanks for sharing anon, what other stupid rules are there? please share

No. 228117

I'm so sorry that happened to you! That's pretty rude that they just kicked you out.

No. 228131

Hi Monique

No. 228132


Not Monique, and I contacted the person I believe this is directly to clear this up instead of airing it out here, hence why I deleted my post, i felt it was more respectful as I'm really bothered by this.

No. 228138

Wondering if this is Baylee

No. 228141

Something I didn’t mention I guess was that I did receive an apology from the manager from not being given notice.

Idk I’ve probably created a shitstorm by talking about this but I was feeling like it last night.

When I was a member id have people apologise for contributing and joining in, asking permission, being worried they were going to get told off. That kind of stuff is the complete opposite of my goals with my channel.

No. 228142

let the shitstorm grow, tell us more anon

No. 228143

Yeah, you should be free to talk about what you want out of your channel/art and the things that mean something to you.

No. 228144

File: 1518156838504.png (208.31 KB, 559x395, unknown.png)

sage for not being a youtube artist

So this is me and my friends personal cow. basic snowflake material. Boring white girl who gains attention by being a toxic bitch towards everyone she meets but blames her "Alter personalities" when she acts up (Her alters are all "sexy" bishie men like in the yaois). The purple thing is her level of art skill, but she stole her OC pic and pretends she drew it.

No. 228146

File: 1518157013050.png (13.79 KB, 753x140, stupid_1.png)

Here's her "arguing" between her personalities/herself. (She is 100% serious)

No. 228147

File: 1518157134480.png (22.37 KB, 532x201, stupid_5.png)

of course, it's contagious

No. 228148

File: 1518157238392.png (12.65 KB, 547x160, Stupid_6.png)

Here is her acting tough when another content creator says something. Her alters will murder you, careful

No. 228149

Sorry for the multiple posts btw. There is more than this but I wont post anymore

No. 228150


I actually like her art, I just wished it wasn't 80% fan art with muddy coloring. She's young though so I'm not really here to trash her, I see her potential to evolve.

No. 228212

thought i was the only one who liked her art minus the muddy fanart

No. 228237


There's not much else to say. I've not been in it for a while now, the conversation wasn't too busy when I was in it. Lots of the usual compliments and happy stuff.

Having spoken to the YTAC artist who commented here, I've proven that I was contacted twice on Discord - when I had dms blocked by people who weren't my friend.

It's up to the YTAC management to sort something out better for future artists.

Again, the vibe of it when I was in it wasn't what I wanted, so I highly doubt I'll ever return.

No. 228242

Well, I'm glad that you're moving onto to other things and are putting what matters most to you over elitism. Though I'm sorry the vibe wasn't very friendly or inclusive.

No. 228245


Ytac artist here who spoke to her: I'm very frustrated at how she was not contacted like I thought she was, and if this situation occurs again I will be doing my own best to make sure that person is contacted on multiple platforms and given ample time to reply, even if I have to do it myself. I was not aware of this and had thought she had been contacted multiple times & am going to speak to management about setting up some guidelines for contact attempts and time to give if someone doesn't show up on release there.

I'm really glad she posted here so that we can hopefully make changes so this doesn't happen again.

No. 228247

How is the management there? Does it have sort of appointed members to take care of things? Did Sakuems manage it on her own when she started it out?

No. 228250


I don't think they'll be a problem with me sharing this, so I'll answer.

I don't know about how it first started, I was not an original member. We have a manager who volunteers her time. She takes care of a lot of the Facebook stuff, organizing new members, any paperwork, the calendar, etc. (which, by the way, was voluntary. I saw a lot of posts about Baylee not being included, that was her own choice.) She does not usually participate in the challenges, though she is a talented artist. Rules that are changed/modified are done so with discussion & everything is voted on by members, from rule changes, to new rules, removing members, to the final theme via poll. We have made mistakes & changed past rules, and I am hopeful that we will be able to use what happened to the artist who posted here to change the system so there's a clearer process for the manager to follow if that situation occurs again.

Overall it is a very democratic system.

No. 228265

Thanks for letting us know

No. 228333

on youtubers I like
I found this girl recently through her storytime video about bullies. She's pretty clickbaity though, but her videos and topics seem pretty wholesome. her recent video sounds like she's making a jab at holly for clicks tho

No. 228336

File: 1518260065656.png (1.02 MB, 1235x1271, iorin.png)

Any thoughts on iorin? I think their art is decent but their always raging on how hard it is to be a japanese/filipino/muslim/transboy in iceland.

No. 228351

Becca drives me crazy. How can she complain about low subs when she wants to do the opposite of everything smart. Her marketing is just the worst. She seems so set in her ways when it comes to getting herself out there.

Like case and point, "I don't get people that do kick-starters for pins, that's only $400." Yeah, and I rarely run a Kickstarter I can't already afford. Kickstarter is an amazing marketing tool. It's basically a preorder system with a built in community and it's a much lower risk model. People will rarely shill your patreon, but you get tons of engagement for a kickstarter because of the novelty.

I learned the from Sparkler Monthly's model and advice from Rooster Teeth. Art related things, especially comics do amazing on kickstarter and very few fail. So why not mitigate the risk?

No. 228354

File: 1518272445071.jpg (22.29 KB, 651x719, 1516540464459.jpg)


No. 228364

After people like this started to sprout I stopped supporting gay rights

No. 228431

I know DrawingWiffWaffles is generally considered kinda meh around here but any thoughts on how she admitted she's got sameface syndrome and is trying to fix it?

I think she's limiting herself by not trying to do the hair or ears very much and not trying to go for realism, but at least she's trying.

No. 228434


As long as she quits doing the terrifying big eyes/too detailed teeth combination she's on the right track, at least to me.

No. 228447

That video made me think about how much the racial diversity agenda has been pushed into the idea of same face syndrome, even taking a bit of the credibility off the later. You don't need racial diversity to have different face shapes, just mess around outside the standard face proportions we're taught.

By this I do not mean you shouldn't draw different races, it's good to draw all sorts of different things, but it seems to come from a similar pushy philosophy that gives us all those atrocious forced token characters, which are more harm than good.

No. 228468

File: 1518307586874.png (298.46 KB, 500x389, 500px-BooksOfAdamFaces.png)

Sameface syndrome often gets misunderstood in general. It's not JUST that the faces look identical in shape etc. but also that all the characters have the same facial expressions all the time (like the generic eyebrow cocking meme) and general appearance. Pic related, every character in it has a different facial shape but they all still look like the same character.

Anime gets criticized for sameface syndrome a lot, but in the end a lot of characters in anime are easily distinguishable by their body language, eyes, hairstyle and clothing even if their face shapes and noses are identical. Because let's be honest, those are the features you're going to be focusing on when you first meet a person. And a lot of bitchy artists like to pick the low-hanging fruit and write a post about ~the sameface syndrome~ while oversimplifying the issue to the face shape/race/gender of the characters while consistently suffering of it themselves with their 50 ambiguously brown undercut transgirls.

No. 228469

All but one have the same slope nose too but I agree with your points on character acting. Not every person smiles the same or carries themselves the same way and it totally is a big part of the problem imo. Plus having really similar body types on all of your characters.

No. 228473

Adam Tots' case looks like an evolution into copy-paste syndrome

No. 228475

Another perfect example of what actually is sameface syndrome is that Rebecca Blackwell girl people were talking about earlier in the thread, where not only do her male characters share the same face, the female ones do too

No. 228481

>books of Adam

His art is awful and I'm pretty sure sure he got into trouble with copying a design or something? Does anyone know about that?

No. 228482

I used to really like him but he seemed to become a bit of a dick. I got bad ego vibes and unfollowed. Also pandering cartoons. I liked the "true life story" ones he started out with. I dunno it just seems fake now. Working for ShittyDumbCuteFeed is probably bad for any artist

No. 228483

There was that time where people on Instagram started trolling him, and wasn't it around that time he conveniently started with that Dear David stuff?

No. 228496

she might be moving the eyes and mouths and noses around but she's still giving everybody the same head shape. also, if your style stops you from drawing realistic stuff then you need to drop it while you do studies, so you can learn new things and bring them back into your style. Otherwise you're just limiting what you can draw for no reason.

No. 228497

also, I have a problem with this idea that your style is a formula that you just apply to everything you draw for some indiscernible reason, and stepping outside of it or having more than one style is bad. I see people all the time worrying that they "don't have a style". What on earth is the point of this. Do they think that Miazaki just draws in that same style no matter what? No, it's simplified so that they can animate a movie. It's fine if you think drawing in a style is fun so you draw that way every single time, but if you're actually trying to learn how to be a good artist you can't just keep drawing in the disney style because you won't have any understanding of how the human body is supposed to move. bunch of clowns.

No. 228507


Hello Anon, I also don't get why everyone circlejerk soo much with the style thing. Now that you said, I think they are too busy worrying about their style that they end looking all the same (boring disney anime girls// anime chibi// realism with disney// bad art tumblr). Is this something related to fine arts students? Because I don't know if Picasso or Dalí worried a lot with "muh style"

No. 228539


I think a lot of it has to do with newer artists looking at artists with more established styles and getting worried that theirs hasn't taken shape yet. their priorities are out of line so instead of doing the studies they jump to trying to mimic other styles to find their own, without reasoning why others do the things the way they do it.

the obsession with "finding your style" is pretty nauseating, but with some course correcting, if a newbie or younger artist is up for it they'll do the work and realize style comes later when they've gained more of a foundation and glean influences from things in life besides just other artists.

No. 228549

Can I add a caveat here? I think it's important to copy other styles as a beginner artist. Don't stop doing that. You can learn a lot. Don't mindlessly draw in it, but actually think about it and how it functions, why it's appealing etc. It'll help you down the road.

It's one of many studying things to do, less important than most fundamentals but not worthless. Draw tons from real life, but if you want to eventually make a cool style it's good to learn how and why others work.

No. 228558

same you replied to,

I agree with that caveat anon, absolutely.

No. 228658

I think it also has to do with how much art competition there is. So there’s this prevalent, and not necessarily untrue, idea that you need to have your own style to try and stand out

No. 228674

Someone I've noticed who seems to be trapped by their own style is Miss Kerrie J. She's always drawing those Disney/doll characters and even her gesture drawings are stylized. Her stuff just looks stale to me by now.

No. 228881

Does anyone here agree that we need a Instagram artist thread? Because I don't want to

So this is related to IG, I did notice that lately is a trend to be a "hot artist" is mostly girls that try to look like "Hey! Look I know how to draw and I'm hot as hell" they post their selfies along with the illustrations, I know this is nitpicking but I really can't stand this, Not that I feel jealous but you don't look professional when you do this. If you want a name I will say bluesssatan is a example.

No. 228883

Sorry I deleted by mistake this part lel
"Does anyone here agree that we need a Instagram artist thread? Because I don't want to distort the thread"

No. 228932

eugh, i get you. all her art is just pretty sparkly girls too, no variety at all

No. 228944

It's fine to post Instagram people here as well.
Well, saying "not that I'm jealous" does make it look like you're jealous, but I understand the annoyance. I also don't like when people use their hoe ways to get attention on things because it feels cheap.

No. 228973

For YouTubers outside of the usual popular ones, I actually really like the KNKL show. Informative, too the point, energetic, and has actually worked in the industry before.

No. 228998

I just saw her on the trending page and was not surprised to see the name at the end of the post.
She's actually the first "hot" artist I've seen, face-wise anyway.
She seems like a smart cookie to have made brushes for her entire artistic process so she can just churn-em-out. Would like to see her draw some ~bodies~ in the same style though.

No. 228999

I was looking her up and just realized that those hot girls seem to usually be Russian/slav in general.
Art by day, russian bride by night

No. 229011


Instagram likes her because she takes good screenshots of her work, but other than that, she's a bit of a one-trick pony. Pretty limited on the color palette too.

No. 229030

So looks like if u have a cute face or u are thicc and also draw~instagram will give you 200K followers?

No. 229071

Anons, what are your thoughts on vector artists in general? For some reason I get mixed feelings on it since there are a lot of people in my area who gets known for just tracing over celebrity photos.

You forgot to use 30 hashtags for more chances of getting noticed.

Also she has potential. I hope she'd get out of her comfort zone and try drawing more bodies.

Though I can understand that some people get irked when they merge their selfies with their art when seriously most of their followers are only there for the art. I follow an artist on IG who sometimes posts some selfies too (she's not "hot" like the one you mentioned but she showed some of her surgery scars once in w while which I find disturbing yet inspiring).

I know a lot of comic artists who suffer the whole sameface thing., especially ones with "simple styles".

No. 229072

Hi everyone, any tips for what are companies looking on ArtStation?

No. 229075

There is value to posting some pictures once in a while, tho. But it's better if they have some more context than a selfie, like the artist showing themselves on their workspace or something else they are doing.
The reason why it's good is that as the inherently social creatures we are, seeing the human behind the work makes us feel more connected. I bet at least a few of us have watched videos more out of liking the person than the art per se. Another reason why those "just music" time lapses tend to be mind bogglingly boring, there is not much for us to cling on. We want some personality to come out of our host.

No. 229080

Honestly based on the huge gaps in her paintings I think she traces the faces and paints them for more of her recent works.

No. 229087

This artist was brought up in the Holly thread so I looked them up. It seems they have many clickbaity ‘rant’ style videos. Honestly I can’t stand when actual artists do a bunch of these. That shits for attention whore teens that can’t actually draw or pathetic adults like SolarSands.

No. 229099

>Keep your fans and watchers updated…bitch make a journal…make a post.
I can understand if people inform ahead of time about planned surgery…. and if said artist is in need of immediate surgery and people bitch about said artist on not updating then I think those followers have gone a bit too far.

I don't know, maybe it's just me or I think that the only people who deserve cintiqs are the ones who "mastered" fundamentals in art.

>Honestly I can’t stand when actual artists do a bunch of these.

Same here. A lot of artists these days think it's ~okay~ to do these rant videos since other artists they follow do so too. It's like a disease spreading.

No. 229100

>I don't know, maybe it's just me or I think that the only people who deserve Cintiqs are the ones who "mastered" fundamentals in art.
I used to feel a lot like that towards Cintiqs or Copics, but then realized if you're overly anal about it it's probably because of jealously or some misguided thought that you have the right to police other people's wallets. Also the underlying thought of "me/this other person is so much better than Johnny, but Johnny has a Cintiq and we don't, how unfair". Of course I'd expect everyone's eyes to turn if some kid who is just starting out got a Cintiq, but a lot of the times even if the person using the equipment is shit, they still have some sort of other job and worked for what they got, one way or another.
So yes, I do understand the feeling (and feel like that sometimes), but ultimately think it's a little bit childish.

No. 229107


I mentioned this in the other thread but the only reason she got popular is because she did 'rant' videos with drama in them (without naming names like a bitch). Her channel is basically sustained by drama/rants, which is why she bottomfed off Holly right after the shit hit the fan.

But she honestly doesn't have anything substantial or of worth to say, aside from talking shit. She kind of reminds me of LemiaCrescent in that regard.

I remember unsubscribing to her because her vids got whiny and samey like every other art youtuber, but her window-eye/button nose sameface style art didn't really convince me to stay either.

No. 229111

Okay but I’m more on the side of the other anon. It goes back to artists that buy the tools and expect the tools to make the artist rather than learning the basics as an artist and buying tools you can actually utilize. A lot of beginner level artists that get praise from others (who aren’t artists) convince themselves they are ~professionals~ and then buy a shit ton of supplies and stagnate for years while singing their own praises online.

Michie isn’t really a good example of that nessarily because while I do find them cringy and annoying, they do appear to be aware of their skill level and strive to improve. It’s more the Baylee and Hollys our there that piss people off. Then again you are correct in that policing how someone spends their money is stupid. But you’re still allowed to think they’re stupid af lol

No. 229160

oh good lord she's terrible. What on earth is the point of just drawing the same hot girl, all at the same angle and the same distance from the viewer. I want to find someone who is a fan of this artist and smack them upside the head.

This is the most extreme example of my least favorite art genre, "the same stock photo model I've drawn 1000 times and it's really saturated" I've ever seen

No. 229163

I don't see that many selfies on her insta? Many artists post selfies on their instas, I really don't see what the issue is. also her work is very good, she clearly can draw.
(TBH saying 'you're not jealous' kinda makes you sound jealous)