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No. 183490

Are there any artists on here that would like to vent their salt about mediocre Youtube artists? or anything art related?
Discuss the ones you like/hate/don't get/ etc..

No. 183498

HC Brown is prolly the most annoying obnoxious mediocre artist with 100K subs I've ever come across on youtube. Her art is very tumblr & stiff, I dont understand how she even became relevant. Her calarts rants is prolly what made me dislike her the most.

No. 183512

File: 1489227628620.png (17.17 KB, 267x315, 1482453102934.png)

I think she became relevant because she posted her same face syndrome video and it got a shit ton of views, same with her Anatomy mistakes that young artists make.
Both kept getting recommended to me, I couldn't get away from them

On a different note,to add to the discussion; the only artists that are worth watching on Youtube are Audra Auclair and like, Iraville(they don't upload much tho). Joysan is also really pleasant/ I like art and her vlogs, same with Fran Meneses. Ashiyaart and pearfleur do some pretty stuff. An underrated gem is rabbitfears who does some really incredible artwork, how they're not super popular is beyond me.

sketchynatalia and Juicy ink are ok
Jacquelindeleon and happyDartist are ok too but both their art suffers severely from same face syndrome.
Jellie bee is eh, tumblr artsyle and draws alot of SU. Greywick is a tumblrina(agender pansexual (they/them)) has a large following and a heavy chibi/tumblr artstyle and draws mostly OCs/Dan and phil/markiplier/jackcepticeye etc.. fanart/.Their art is decent

Mediocre tier - I can't stand Baylee Jae or Holly hearts art(whos basically a Baylee Jae wannabe)
lemiacrescent and HC Brown are mediocre, whiny, and annoying as fuck and have figured out art drama videos = 100k+ subcribers

No. 183514

I actually like HC Brown. Her blunt honesty is refreshing. I can agree that her art sucks though… She has knowledge and skill but in the end her artstyle sucks and looks stiff.

No. 183541

Omg anon yes! I loathe baylee & her basic ass art, which begs the question.. How do any of these popular artist not learn about fluidity & anatomy? You'd think they'd practice their flaws to improve, but they do not? Maybe they really think their art looks perfect idk but it bugs me how they don't take critics as help but as " hating ".

No. 183565

I think this discussion would be more lively if it were held in this thread >>>/snow/196471

No. 183652

File: 1489414887993.png (93.02 KB, 232x221, keelerts.PNG)

OP's video kept popping up in my recommendations
When I finally started watching it I got hardcore HC Brown vibes holy cow

Honestly, I haven't heard of her until her CalArts rant, which was comedy gold, to be honest

I don't think I've seen too much of Baylee's work, I've only seen her copic marker alternatives video and she was so damn annoying
She kept complaining about how big or how small the writing on the caps was, it's insane

No. 183694

File: 1489451189428.png (126.4 KB, 279x323, miyazaki.PNG)

"HC Brown was a mistake"- Miyazaki

Too bad she can't handle people being blunt to her, for someone who's always complaining that people need to take criticism, she takes no criticism and hides behind foul language and her audience

No. 183717

How the hell does Baylee have a job in animation and afford all these fancy tools but she can't even draw? She literally hoards everything and probably has double of each copic marker and yet she still gets sent alternatives to them to test out and there's honestly not a big difference in her quality of work with those crayola vs copic videos she always makes.

No. 183743

Check the /snow/ catalog in future

No. 183769

>mfw u shaded the shit out of a drawing but it still looks shit
Holly, slapping some shading on an ugly drawing doesn't make it any better. Jesus. I thought this chick went to art school.

No. 183771

I hate that sudden abndace of purple/magenta on everyone's shading.
What are they trying to do? Be the next egoraptor by imitating his shitty shading and bright ass coloring?
Get a grip that's the last guy you want to aspire to be in the future.

No. 183878

Does anyone here watch HappyD Artist? I watch all her videos but I'm still not sure how I feel about her. She's not really annoying but something is still rubbing me the wrong way.

No. 183894

she looks like a kind and humble person but there's something that makes me feel uneasy when watching her vlogs.

No. 183909

Who's the Youtube artist who does that 'hoodie' character?
It's really annoying.

No. 183910

Sketchynatalia is just alright as well. Personally I can't stand her voice and she has a very nondescript face, but her art isn't bad. Not interesting, but not bad.

Lemiacresent's coloring is beautiful, but she's got hardcore horse-sameface going on and her OCs look really obnoxious.

Holly is just a miserable bridge troll. I saw a thumbnail with her face on it and the first thing that came to mind was "female Quasimodo". She's prolific, but I hope she soon realizes that she's got zero fanbase beyond equally greasy teen fujoshis.

No. 183911

IIRC she worked in 3D animation, and then only briefly as an inbetweener. You really don't have to have any artistic talent in that field. That's the shit they usually outsource to Koreans.

No. 183912

Happy D. is skilled, and seems to be a nice person but she paints the same fucking thing over and over and over. She'll never paint anything besides a surreal looking Asian girl and luna moths.

No. 183917

File: 1489613243888.png (89.53 KB, 238x134, holly.PNG)

>Holly is just a miserable bridge troll
yeah she's unfortunate looking, she looks like a foot

No. 183921

File: 1489614578174.png (931.04 KB, 830x592, Hollyfaces.png)

Looks like Holly gives her characters the same lopsided Idaho potato head that she has.

No. 183922

No. 183928

File: 1489619226895.jpg (17.55 KB, 225x225, Download (3).jpg)

Rausch.Inga on instagram makes atrocious paintings of popular cats and sends them to their owners for them to share. The way she talks about these paintings is super cringy. Also, she posts dumb self portraits

No. 183929

maybe i just have shit taste but i really do like this.

No. 183931

This video was in my suggested for so long that I broke down and watched it. I've never wanted to choke the "Your teacher wants you to learn the rules before you break them," line into someone so much as I did when watching this.

She's so full of herself, and this drawing is horrifying - the amount of asskissing in the comments is astounding. "My teachers dont get that its just my style too!!!1 I luv ur art!"


I also have legitimate issues with Proko though, he's a cow in his own right.

No. 183932

I agree with the other anon, most of her paintings aren't that bad at all? The technicolor is not my preference but that's about it.
This one freaked me out though:

No. 183934

Hmm, I see. I find her art extremely off-putting but it's interesting to hear what you guys have to say.
For me, I feel odd about the motives. I guess, internet cats paintings don't float my boat. And I don't like the paint application, it looks random to me in a trial and error kinda way. Also makes me feel like she tries hard to avoid defined shapes. I don't have anything against this sort of style, it just rubs me the wrong way in this case. And I think the colours are childish. With the cat motives it's all too cheesy for my taste and the animal colours which often are realistic and the colours around seem to clash in my eyes in most paintings. But that's all subjective. Maybe was a little quick with "atrocious"..

No. 183937

My inner monologue upon seeing that thumbnail was "nice colors." Haha.

Some of them definitely are a little icky like you say, but I feel you picked one of the worst to make your case. I would absolutely have that on my wall.

No. 183938

>I would absolutely have that on my wall.

condolences for your shit taste

No. 183945

This kid's hugbox is incredible, though I'm sure he deletes his negative comments

No. 183947

He looks like every tumblr girl's dream boy, so it's not surprising. I think he is obviously talented from this video but the comments are really annoying and extra from thirsty teens.

No. 183951

Either he will stay strong headed enough to keep telling himself that his work means something and go far, or he will realize that his work doesn't actually mean anything and could be done just as easily with a camera, and he will break

No. 183952

victor deserves better

No. 183960

He really loves drawing himself
Also his display pic kinda looks like Elliot rogers

No. 183980

Kek, I was waiting for this thread to pop up.
I don't understand these art youtubers, their art is usually mediocre. They give career advice without actually having a "career".

I do actually work in the art field and I'm shocked by their popularity, most of them are college dropouts (so they don't even have a degree, which would be fine if that did not reflect on their lack of skill) talking like professionals while drawing in a how to draw manga style.

Holly Brown has a lot of knowledge theory-wise but for some reason her art is so melty and doesn't reflect any of that. If you try to critique her art (how she draws jaws too big, necks too thick) she gets extra defensive in the comments. But then teaches her audience to "take critique". I'm so confused.

No. 184000


The 90's called, they want their sweater and hairstyle back.

No. 184001

I think I know why it's freaking you out. The eyes for this cat are too far apart.

No. 184032

The thing with Holly is that she's just parroting what more skilled people are saying. Nothing of what she says comes from her own actual experiences. I doubt she's even sold anything face-to-face at a con. She seems kind of socially awkward.

No. 184037

File: 1489750710538.jpg (570.54 KB, 940x1288, comic.jpg)

That is true. She also kept going on about how thumbnailing comics isn't necessary, how she's so good at backgrounds (and never skips on them unlike anime artists) and inking, etc. but look at how she placed the characters on the top. They're sinking in the panel. She eyeballs her perspective constantly so her backgrounds are always deformed, and in this page we can see she herself skips on drawing them half the time. Even her inking isn't good because she doesn't use thinner pens for background elements, which makes everything flat. In that middle panel, the two characters completely blend into the scenery, it's bad inking.

There was also a time when Holly tried to animate and would tell her audience that animation is SOO easy, it's just time consuming!! well… search her animations in her channel for a laugh.

Sorry for rant, it's just I'm afraid they're creating this mentality in kids to disregard their art teachers, don't get a degree because "you don't need one in this field so that makes university useless" and draw bad anime because fuck everyone's opinions (surprise, anime art in western countries will hardly get you any work, specially if it's to the quality of OP's video)

No. 184043

her videos are kinda growing on me tbh
like the anon said in the other thread, i too feel very bad for her. She's clearly in a dark place- her art is the only thing that keeps her going. Her colours are very nice, she's quite proficient with traditional medium and she works very hard. I hope she finds some friends in the real world soon.

No. 184063

I both like and also kind of hate the YouTube artist Jellie Bee. Her original art is okay, but her generic Steven Universe fanart is so shit.

No. 184064

I forgot to add this, but she drew Sharla in Japan.

No. 184079

Something about this video tells me that Holly lurks here. Hi Holly!

No. 184087


2:14 "for the lols" it really doesn't take long to actually improve, it seems like holly doesn't do any type of studying whatsoever. somehow i feel bad for her at this point.

No. 184103


There's something… boring about this page.

No. 184104

I looked it up and she doesn't lurk, she's just been getting negative comments lol (at 5:21). If she reacts this way to a couple of youtube comments I hope she doesn't find this page holy shit

No. 184110

it doesn't help that people kiss her ass and enable her all the time, so the negativeness will only hit her harder

No. 184115

that room she is in is disgusting

No. 184128

File: 1489885682228.png (1.56 MB, 905x923, tumblr_om285cQFpf1upe1ufo1_128…)

Do you guys have any recommendations for Youtube artists that are actually GOOD?
I'm a beginner at art (as a hobby), and it'd be nice to have some good examples to watch.

No. 184132

i've said it before in another thread and i'll say it again: the marker of a lazy artist is that (almost) everything is face-on

these faces have about as much emotion in them as the blank wall in that back panel to start with - sigh guy looks like he's doing some office-style fourth-wall-break talking to the audience moment

also why do all of her lines look like someone put them through a vector program set to make everything as few lines as possible? why are some lines (sleeve of right guy in top panel) just straight out missing?

the figures are more convincingly wooden than the damn wall panels…

No. 184134

This page looks like it's been live traced in Adobe Illustrator… The line work gives it away since it looks so choppy.

No. 184135

File: 1489894847640.png (474.45 KB, 598x595, BEES.PNG)

The one that comes to mind is Audra Auclair her stuff is really great

No. 184136

She says she converts her inks into vectors for whatever reason. What is the point of inking traditionally at all then…

No. 184137

I've worked traditionally​ in ink for years and I honestly don't get why anyone would vectorize it. Vectorizing your ink work doesn't automatically make it good, it just picks up every flaw in your lines. Like, she couldn't be bothered to smooth out any of those lines either when she was done. Drop an anchor point and fix it. It's just the lazy way out to me imo

No. 184138

File: 1489896225934.jpg (717.71 KB, 850x850, hydrangea_buns_web_by_thienbao…)

Check out Bao Pham, he doesn't have a lot of video's but his paintings are amazing.

No. 184139


Exactly, she could also just correct her inking errors in Photoshop, if you know how to edit a bit won't be noticable at all.

No. 184140

That's totally true! It honestly wouldn't take that long to correct in PS.

That's such a lovely style right there.

No. 184170

oh god i'm >>184037 who made the comment about it looking vectorized and i'm a little horrified to find out i wasn't wrong… what the hell even reason would there be to vectorize it unless she's trying to get it to be clear for billboard sized prints?!

No. 184174

My guess would be that she had a rough sketch and thought live tracing it would be a shortcut to actually inking it. Which would probably explain why part of the sleeve didn't show up in the one panel because the line was most likely drawn weird enough so it wasn't picked up by the filter. :/ When I was in college, a lot of people I knew used this shortcut on some of their projects when they were running out of time because they procrastinated lol

No. 184175

File: 1489955618103.jpg (428.59 KB, 1000x931, tumblr_okr64fepu81t1hwwoo1_128…)

>traditionally inking
>converts inks to vector anyway

what a waste of time

No. 184176

>dislikes: lazy artists


No. 184177


>"Dislikes: Lazy Artists…

LOL okay.

No. 184178

gotta love the name drop

No. 184180

those hands aaahhh

No. 184183

CHRIST why is the drawing of herself so portly and dumpy?? Surely she doesn't look that shitty irl? I wouldn't be surprised if she did though.

No. 184185

>likes: "gay comics"
Begone, sloppy, smelly fujo

No. 184187

File: 1489960560781.jpg (6.84 KB, 300x188, mumbler.jpg)

No. 184188

File: 1489961186069.png (789 KB, 761x485, why.PNG)

>why is the drawing of herself so portly and dumpy?
Because she is. She's always talking about losing weight, admits shes fat, but in her vlogs she eats like shit
I mean just look at her pig pen of a room

I laughed

No. 184199


I'm relieved that I'm not the only one who feels like there is something off about Happy D. Did you watch her home tour? 99% of the art on the walls were painted by her. I don't know, it just seems weird. Like, as an artist wouldn't you rather have other works of art made by other people for inspiration?

No. 184215

90% of her subjects are saucer-eyed Chinese girls that look more or less like her. She might have some underlying narcissism.

No. 184216

She's so abrasive, but you just know she wants to be loved and accepted by all the rest of the youtube artist clique.

No. 184219

One time I watched a stream in which this girl and a couple of her friends were trashing Baylee Jae and she just walked in the middle of their conversation, fucking kek

I do think she wants to be loved by those other artists, though, she's just really opinionated and probably jealous.

No. 184224

File: 1490016974891.jpg (1.14 MB, 1400x1400, D7niQFK.jpg)

>Baylee Jae
Is the reason she spells her name so retarded just so that she doesn't have crossover with pic related?

No. 184227

I thought that was weird too! Also, her and her boyfriend live so close to San Francisco, I wonder how they afford that huge place. It doesn't seem like they have any other roommates.

Also petty, but her nose contour drives me nuts. It just makes her look dirty.

No. 184271

She acts like she was some kind of stuggling artist and makes videos on how to become a full time artist but was well of to begin with. Its easy to do whatever tf you want when you or your bf is loaded

No. 184276

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case

Pretty sure her and her friends pride themselves in making fun of other artists and hating on them, they literally call themselves the "hate club" or some shit

No. 184312

But they're all such shitty artist. Holly's art is wooden and ugly as fuck, the other chick (Donnie or something) is a hideous potato who only draws weirdly proportioned shotas and the underaged Romanian one is tumblr incarnate. I mean, Baylee is a crap artist herself but at least she pretends to be nice on camera. These bitches are just miserable.

No. 184313

Bailey should make a youtube artist channel. I'd put money on betting that she's a better artist than Baylee.
Also she's way prettier. Baylee Jae has the face of a salmon.

No. 184314

>paper plates and a plastic spoon at home

I know this is a nitpick but c'mon Holly. Too lazy to do the damn dishes? I'd say she's creating useless trash but then again she post her art online so maybe it's all she knows.

No. 184329

Hideous potato is right
I had heard about her from Holly and
her personality is just as sour as Holly's
holy fuck

No. 184334

good shit

No. 184379

ah shes not very good tbh

No. 184382

File: 1490147166158.png (666.51 KB, 873x471, nails.PNG)

Her fingernails are so fucking dirty… gross.

No. 184384

At first I thought that fingernail was smacked with a hammer to look that bad but no… All her nails are gross. Huurkk

No. 184456

Their conversations are also grating to listen to, all they talk about is stupid shit like idubbz

No. 184696

Instead of deleting or ignoring a comment she makes an entire video about it raging lol.

No. 184697

"You don't work you just draw all day" is actually a very good question, considering how Holly always complains (and even made a video) about how you'll always be poor as an artist.
If it's that much of an issue then just get a job and draw on the side of that, Holly.

No. 184703

The doorknob panel in her video is really triggering me. Who the fuck opens a doorknob like that!? Has she never opened a door before? For someone who is bitching about having to perfect her perspective, she does a really crappy job of it here. She couldn't even be bothered to reference a hand on a doorknob either? Ugh….

No. 184705

File: 1490466486921.png (173.78 KB, 401x317, dva.png)

>All the comments kissing her ass

what is it with people and being drawn to people with ugly art and shit attitudes

No. 184709

She has such a massive ego for being such a crappy artist. Her talking about "learning to draw" cracked me up. If she spends all day learning, why aren't the results showing?

No. 184719

Wow… WOW!! What a passive aggressive, conconsending cuntbag! like, WOW. I truly am baffled by her. Did anyone else notice the cut marks are her arms? Obviously she desperatly needs some cognative therapy, maybe then she wouldn't get so triggered over a lame ass comment.

Imagine saying something worse than, "I wish I could sit at home all day," to her in person! What a miserable bitch.

I mean, I understand the pain behind cutting (cause I used to when I was younger), but I can't understand her behaviour. Like, I wouldn't want to get to know this chick because she sounds so horrible to be around!

No. 184720

this is one of the cringiest tryhard videos ive ever seen, i dont understand how she has 90,000 subs with her hideous art

No. 184721

i thought maybe youd be reaching but oh my god this girl is so far up her own ass. she wants to talk about how she goes to school in ripped jeans and is late to class??? like that makes her cool or something??

No. 184723

She sounds basic as fuck and somehow thinks that it sets her apart lmao.

No. 184724

File: 1490491097164.png (51.13 KB, 479x482, goodlord.PNG)

I guess it just goes to show if you do "relatable" animation vids you're guaranteed a shit ton of subs

No. 184726

>"did I get too real guys??"

Wow SO EDGY. eyes are rolling so hard

No. 184736

I fucking hate how I can hear her breathing in, as if she is getting winded just talking.

No. 184738

Here's some more salt

No. 184739

yesh she's just really sad at this point

No. 184741

Goddamn she's insecure.

No. 184744

this thread reminded me why i hate artists

No. 184745

So basically the video was about how fucking rebellious & " i can b ur angle or demon XDXDXd !!11 " she is? Jesus how obnoxious. For someone who claims they draw most of the time, her art definitely does not reflect that.

No. 184746

File: 1490507868893.jpg (86.91 KB, 1492x639, current_mood.jpg)

yeah thats fair, artists don't even like themselves

No. 184747

I'm an artist and even I'm embarrassed by these YouTube artists.

Jesus fucking Christ does she ever stop whining? The whole "Fuck you, you don't know me!" attitude is never going to fly when the companies she's supposedly applying to find her YouTube account. They won't take her seriously and will blacklist her. She's going to need a fucking overhaul of her life choices if she's ever going to find work.

Also, she talks about keeping her cintiq in pristine condition but is living in a literal landfill. It really pisses me off too that she has a better lightbox than me lol

No. 184750

Eck. That burp in the beginning and all the trash on her floor. When she starts ranting she reminds me of LeafyisHere lol

How old is this chick?

No. 184751

she's 21

No. 184760

If Holly is so poor then how the heck is she affording a Cintiq? A good friend of mine is an animator who animates their entire show with a cheap tablet, and he has a successful Patreon.

No. 184765

Anyone else who is quite the douche?

No. 184772

This pisses me off because she was whining about not being able to pay bills so she set up a patreon. Which is fine, but this bitch goes and blows her patreon money on a new Mac and a cintiq?? Fuck off and pay your bills and clean your room you untalented self absorbed shit.

No. 184774

Naupiko is good at animating but my GOD is he pretentious. I couldn't even get through this 2 minute video. Watch for yourself.

No. 184775

I sat through it but goddamn can these people stop burping their way through videos? His voice is cringe worthy and nearly out me to sleep…

No. 184777

*Put me to sleep. JFC autocorrect

No. 184778

his voice just hurts my ears tbh. combination of him being too close to the mic and jacking volume up so he's actually audible with how quiet he's talking.

No. 184783

I'm legit having DeviantArt flashbacks from the early 2000s from all these edgy artists.

Back then people would update their journals about how much they hate everyone and everything and how different and special they are.

No. 184788

It turns out that he's also trans (ftm). He's 18 or 19 years old but he doesn't like giving out his name. I think he's also white, but he's going by a Japanese name regardless. Why are all Tumblr artists ftm fujoshits that go by Japanese anime names. Jfc.

No. 184790

His animation is good but i wish that he would learn how to level his audio. The audio in this is painful to listen to.

No. 184796

(Not sure if I linked the video right, sorry)

Holly Brown gets rejected from CalAlts and dosen't understand why, then bitches about it.

This chick is such a salt mine, I'm addicted.

No. 184797

>She's prolific, but I hope she soon realizes that she's got zero fanbase beyond equally greasy teen fujoshis.

this, I was watching Joysan livestream and sometimes Holly appears in the chat, nobody really seemed to care about Holly tho, the only one that really talked to her was Joy herself

No. 184799

Dude's literally diagnosed with narcissism and has otherkin. Just your regular tumblr http://naupiko.tumblr.com/slimeman

No. 184800

>literally diagnosed with narcissism
[citation needed]
>has otherkin
More like special snowflake who claims to be a true blue narcissist to seem cool and damaged chic

No. 184801

Line Trap can draw much better than BJay, iirc from the time we spent together drawing stupid FMA pictures at Otakon.

No. 184810

narcissism is the new, fashionable mental disorder. all the teenagers on tumblr are self-diagnosing themselves with it, so that they can act manipulative. if anyone calls them out on them, they can just accuse them of ableism.

No. 184819

So what your saying is these kids are self diagnosing themselves with a personailty disorder that includes enjoyment from inflicting pain and using manipulation tactics such as gaslighting?

I don't want to be the one to do this, but someone should send them disturbing pictures and videos and see how quickly their empathy comes out lol

No. 184852

Honestly someone should. I hate when people use mental illness as an excuse to be a dick. "I'm narcissistic so i can treat you like garbage because if you don't let me then you're ableist uwu "

No. 184952


>This chick is such a salt mine, I'm addicted.

I hear that, anon.

I'm surprised this video wasn't posted from Holly. Probably the single most self-absorbed piece of shit "tutorial" I've ever watched. Does she really think she has room to bitch at artists who are JUST learning to draw when she can't even sketch basic fucking anatomy lmao?

No. 184954

I had to skip through it because holy shit I couldn't take it. I didn't really mind her art, even if it isn't the greatest, but she has no right to be bitching at beginners when she is at that level with her art.

No. 184962

H.C Brown I swear to fucking God
>you should give up if you're not talented
>cure to sameface syndrome

No. 184963

And the way she keeps going over her lines, over and over again is fucking infuriating

No. 184974

why is her art style so fug

No. 184975

lmfao between the two drawings holly's isnt even that different. its just not anime style, her shit is just as boring and generic.

why the fuck does she think she has a right to talk about this stuff???

No. 184978

>why the fuck does she think she has a right to talk about this stuff???

because her ego has gotten huge

No. 184982

She's got a huge ego for someone who has absolutely no idea what they're doing. It took two years after intensly studying anatomy to see an improvement in my own art, she's talking out of her ass if she claims to be such an expert at it but consistently churns out crap like this…

No. 184985

Apparently the cure to same face syndrome is giving characters the same Sloth face she has.

No. 184993

Does she even know what sameface syndrome is?
It just means all the characters look the same. All she does is go on about how the first drawing is of a girl who "looks dumb", but the second one "maybe looks smart". Both are generic and ugly.
It would've been decent if she had just drawn like two or three girls with the same expression/face shape, and then two or three girls with different ones to compare.
Useless video.

No. 184995

File: 1490701151433.jpg (78.18 KB, 500x375, CmN6MaOWgAAyjFC.jpg)

Those asses are made of cardboard

I noticed in every community there's usually the super politically correct people which make up the majority and then there are a couple of edgelords that drive in the part of the audience that is anti SJW and too edgy. Holly is filling that role here and that's why her videos are popular. Nobody ever actively compliments her art that much, only her personality or her fujoshit comic characters.

She always complains about 12 year olds but I recall people telling their ages once in a stream and her entire audience was 14-16.

No. 185027

She cries about being poor and unable to pay bills yet can buy an $800 cintiq tablet? The Lord is testing me with this bitch…

Also that is the ugliest Ling I've ever seen. Leave that boy alone he's suffered enough.

No. 185028

Why does every guy she draw end up looking like Jay Leno… Ew.

No. 185030

Okay I found this video and I can't get over it.

So this is the draft of her comic Purgatory, she worked on this while attending art school which from personal experience is not an easy thing to do, with school being so time consuming. She hates it so she rebooted it to the new "much better version" but honestly… compare it to her final comic. How does someone get worse? and she has the entire day to work on this thing now, good god.

Sure, the anatomy here already was melty and off, but it's visually pretty interesting. Even without the dramatic lighting and colors it has this goth comic style, the backgrounds actually provide ambiance and aren't just "there" and the characters are actually expressive, instead of giving the same smug Jay Leno face in every panel.

As much as she wants to claim she's so hard working compared to this version of the comic she's slacking big time. Even in her old, lazy "white background" panels she did interesting effects to suggest space (4:13).

Even the comments on this video agree lol people would rather read this version

No. 185031

she actually mentions how much she makes in this vlog
I'm actually surprised at how much she makes holy fucking shit

No. 185032

This girl makes more in one month than I do in three-four months working retail… And my art isn't as shitty. This makes me extremely bitter, not gonna lie.

No. 185035

i feel less sorry for her now, knowing she makes frigging 3-4k a month
she works pretty hard so it's not all undeserved

No. 185036

How does everyone feel about LeslieLu Marie? I think she's alright, her stuff is cute

No. 185038

She's alright but her art never seems to improve. It's been the same for a few years now.

No. 185039

wow that style she had before was so much more appealing, and you really could tell the age of each character unlike the ones she has now. it also shows alot of personality, edgelord stuff but at least it still shows.

like how can she say this sucks compared to now like lmfao

No. 185040

you wouldn't be bitter if you got off your ass and marketed yourself aggressively enough to get that kind of fanbase. not white-knighting her, but success as an artist doesn't (except in those one in a lifetime cases) just get handed to you for doing your thing. the difference between a successful artist and a good artist is all marketing.

get on social media, learn how to use tags correctly, pump out some fanart/pick a niche and pander to it. it's not hard, it just takes work.

No. 185041

File: 1490753801256.gif (94.82 KB, 216x203, 1489114663271.gif)

anyone can do it if you work hard enough

No. 185042

File: 1490754420734.jpg (95.58 KB, 1000x990, C5GvAq-WAAA_MH6.jpg)

off topic but this is the most active thread on the site

wtf is this chan about? i found it by googling nonsense

are there actually women here or is it like danger/u/ where everyone jokes about roleplaying as girls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 185047

Yeah my art is okay at best and I've managed to get tons of notes/retweets on things + gotten the attention of people more famous on the internet than me just by making fanart and abusing tags, and that was with minimal effort. People are such sluts for fanart, it's great.

No. 185051

Something tells me this will be a flash in the pan for her unless she really keeps it up with the sponsorships, cuz Youtube is what's bringing her the most cash by far. She doesn't make a lot on Patreon, which is a lot more stable.

No. 185056


>Holly Brown

>working hard

Lol pick one anon

No. 185142

especially if you draw whatever flavor of the month yaoi pairing tumblr is on about and spam the right tags, you'll get thouuusands of notes for the lowest effort crap

No. 185144

cry more
have you seen the amount of shit she puts out?
not saying they're all good, but she does put the effort in

No. 185153


Hi Holly

No. 185155

File: 1490836293491.jpg (183.65 KB, 623x679, Moomintroll.jpg)

chill, I highly doubt she lurks here.
If she did, there'd be a video about it already

Ngl At least she tries, her art is shit but decent enough that she can milk it anyway and its clearly working out for her. She puts out a lot of videos and posts on instagram everyday, people are drawn to people who put out a lot of content

On another note, are there any yt artists that you guys genuinely like?

No. 185157


Jesus fucking Christ go whiteknight somewhere else.

No. 185193

>so angry at someone making a decent living that I must call out every. single. post. which is not totally critical of her

No. 185265


>thinking because that you want to defend a lazy, pretentious, egomaniac lolcow that you consider my mere reply as "being mad"


No. 185269


Looks neat. Who made this piece?

No. 185272

i love the moomins

No. 185372

Late reply, but the new comic has no soul. Some of it is better, but it isn't interesting to look at, at all. Its just so lacking.

No. 185392

Draw with Jazza is a pretty based art youtuber

No. 185400

She's been bitching nonstop to her subscribers since they started giving her critique. Send help.

If she continues like this she's going to end up full /snow/

No. 185426

I actually don't mind her prickliness - it's funny in a trainwreck sort of way, but I'm sure it has actual appeal. I don't subscribe to her but I can gather her abrasiveness is probably why she has more subscribers than you'd expect.

You don't have to be as salty as Holly about your equally shit art, anon.

No. 185449

File: 1491065598127.png (965.76 KB, 900x900, disgusting.png)

don't you even get me fucking started on Baylee Jae. She is another one of those artists who just shit out art videos and show off their massive collections of copics, promarkers, moleskines etc and don't have the fucking talent or creativity to use it. The main thing that made me despise her is her ugly youtube pfp. She took the time to think this up and draw it, she thinks it's funny.

No. 185450

samefag, meant to reply to >>183541

No. 185451

He's even got a tv show now, I'm actually very happy for him, his videos are really nice, he doesn't swear like HC Brown etc, his style is clean and looks fluent during animation, and he actually seems like a genuinely nice guy.

No. 185453

Oh my god when will she stop putting her hideous mug as the video thumbnail?

No. 185454


Youtube artist rule of thumb: the more expensive, brand-name art supplies they own - the shittier their art tends to be.

No. 185456

mommy and daddy are shilling out cash so their talented little angel can make a living off her shitty mediocre art on youtube uwu

No. 185463

Hooooly shit that tiny ear i never noticed it before kek

No. 185467

I'll see that image in my nightmares. Thanks anon.

No. 185468

Did she make herself look like Spongebob on purpose?

No. 185470

not sure if i ( >>185040 )
was who you meant to reply to?? either way you are being way aggro bro

was this supposed to be an example of the world's most punchable face?

No. 185500

I honestly think she did. In her daily vlogs she has a Spongebob book full of cringey jokes and she would read one joke a day. Her Twitch layover is all Spongebob shit too.

No. 185502

File: 1491111528827.jpeg (69.51 KB, 461x290, image.jpeg)

She looks like a fucking caveman. Sounds like one too between all the burping and snorting.

No. 185520

She seriously spent $100 on reference figures? Let's not pretend you actually care about having good anatomy.

No. 185522

Holly's been spending an awful lot of money lately. Isn't she supposed to be an online college student?

I'm guessing that youtube money's gonna dry up soon. Her (and by extension, Baylee's) fanbase is mostly underaged brats who are too young to donate to Patreons, so YT makes up the bulk of their income. But YT kind of unstable? What'll happen if this sudden influx of disposable income dries up in a couple of months. What'll she do then? Nobody's buying her comics like that.

No. 185523

My best friend and I went to go watch Zootopia at the cinema last year, and I saw a little girl (who looked all of 8) wearing a pin with this thing on it on her beanie.

If that doesn't sum up Baylee's fans I dunno what does.

No. 185535

The main problem I have with Baylee is how much she buys. I do watch her vlogs now and then, and you'll see her house FULL of stuff. She is renting a SIX bedroom house and every room is loaded with things!

What would happen if her YT money did dry up? Does she sell everything? Where will she move with all this crap?

No. 185543

Nyanners is breddy alright though…

No. 185557

File: 1491166906329.jpg (51.36 KB, 650x420, notsamefaceatall.JPG)

Ah yes, the good old "generic anime sameface" strawman every self-important Tumblr artist wants to beat up to seem more original and professional. I thought these died out by 2012 but apparently someone still thinks she's a genius for making this groundbreaking remark. Ironically the ones doing these "comparisons" have a huge case of the sameface syndrome themselves, they just don't draw in anime style. Her case isn't an exception. Looking at her webcomic can you really tell the difference between these two fucking characters' faces?

No. 185559

Why does that guy have two thumbs….?

No. 185565

whoa I thought those were the same character kek
Holly's got her head too far up her own ass at this point

>I should just probably ignore comments on my vlog channel too

Or maybe you should just get gud Holly
even your audience knows your shit

No. 185568

Can we PLEASE talk about how unbearable it is to sit through any of her videos with the way she talks? Always burping, out of breath or leaning in too close to the mic so that we can hear her swallowing her own saliva, she's so nasty to listen to, god. How anybody can sit through 15 minutes of her disgusting habits and voice is a goddamn mystery to me.
Sage for ranting.

No. 185575

That's just the icing on the cake.

No. 185589

File: 1491230203385.gif (2.21 MB, 247x183, 1473149403990.gif)

Don't even get me started on Baylee fucking Jae.

She has 'in my opinion' and 'stiff' blacklisted, saying that "she knows her art is stiff and people can stop telling her about it".
She had to suddenly pay like 18,000$ because of taxes, could pay it off on the spot with no problems but joked about "I'm poor now haha" while sitting on her fat ass in her fat house buying new shit every day. Have you seen her toy room? It's completely stuffed to the ceiling with expensive shit.
Also she used to have a patreon but has it closed/uses it as a 'tip jar' because her fans are about 10 years old and can't give her any patreon bucks, so YouTube is her only big thing now.

Obviously I am damn jealous of her, to this day I refuse to accept how rich she got with her piss poor art.
Also she made an art tutorial book that will be published soon. Haha.

I could go on for years tbh

No. 185591

asymmetry equals intresting? lmaoooo

No. 185596

Robin Clonts is a total snowflake. She paints generic ass oil paintings. She's the one with the "hoodie" character people are talking about.

Also, doesn't HC Brown actually have beef with Baylee Jae? She's always lowkey trash talking her.

No. 185598

I can't wait for someone to rip her artbook apart page by page. You know she'll flip shit

No. 185603

File: 1491246456188.png (302.64 KB, 1516x1055, IMG_5662.PNG)

Just looked her up and this comment cracked me up

No. 185608

yesss anon, let the salt spill

Yep, pretty sure her and her other two fujo art friends shit on Baylee

No. 185609

Jfc this had me laughing

No. 185624

JFC it's true lol!

No. 185629

Did she really put blush on that dark of a woman? Jesus Christ. Also, the water color work itself is piss poor. Bitch doesn't know how to layer

No. 185630

File: 1491266602362.png (54.36 KB, 1242x390, IMG_2961.PNG)

Some more gems

No. 185631

File: 1491266623800.png (111.75 KB, 1242x511, IMG_2960.PNG)

No. 185661

It's kinda sad to me that there are really great artists that only use one pencil and create amazing work and then there are tumblr-tier shitmakers with expensive tablets and so many art supplies that they can't even use them all. Though it says a lot that a person can still be better than them even after all that $$$ they've dropped.

No. 185668

Yeah I watched that one and I'm not even sure she used watercolour paper? It looks really off somehow

No. 185685

It feels good to rant about it hey? I wanted so bad to let my feelings out about her somewhere and I'm so glad others know how I feel.

So she's trying to make some sort of realistic portrait with her crappy dollar store colouring-in book art style. I would buy that and hang it above my fireplace while I lay sensually across my bearskin rug with my rugged lumberjack husband. This painting has me in tears.

No. 185690

File: 1491315161616.png (74.69 KB, 924x475, beeeeeespoke.png)

Baylee Jae and Jellie Bee swapped channels for their April Fools video; I don't like either of them but I found the videos themselves pretty entertaining.
There's a whole load of milk from Jellie concerning her former print business (Beespoke) and a robbery that apparently took place during last year's MCM where she 'had most of her convention stock stolen and two suitcases' from wherever it was she was staying and then she refused to tell anyone where it was so they could avoid it.

No. 185707

File: 1491326686078.png (1.48 MB, 1266x675, taste.png)

I have waited for an opportunity to rant about Baylee for ages.

Another thing that makes me hate her is how she lets her cats treat her drawing equipment and her drawings. She lets them sit on and walk over every thing she draws, in one of her vlogs she watched and laughed about how one of her cats pawed and scratched at her cintiq, I think that's when I lost it.
How can you be so careless about your expensive art supplies?
Oh wait she's rich enough to have a whole room dedicated to her cat's litter boxes and one cat stand with the occasinal trash lying around.

I hate to admit that I kind of used to like her old vlogs, she seemed genuinely nice, even if a little annoying (most terrible laugh I've ever heard), but then I discovered her art channel. Felt like a joke tbh.

Pic related is an original artwork which her parents decided would look professional enough to frame and display on a wall at their house in Arizona, which they are renting out. There's more of Baylee's art hanging on those walls too.

No. 185722

so i'm pretty deep down the heathers rabbit hole now (pls don't judge me i like musicals ok, and heathers was a decent film in it's own right imo, like a spiritual prequel to mean girls) after discovering a few different artists who have animatics for some of the songs, and they're pretty neat

but uh

holly made an animatic too, apparently, considering it just showed up in my suggesteds and fuck me gently with a chainsaw it's so bad. like, it's obvious it was a rush job, with the steep decline in quality by the end, but in general it's just… incredibly poor? shots are framed weirdly, some of the segments she seemed to put more effort into to appear actually "animated" are confusing choices, she seems to have no sense of syncing it to the beat (the mis-timed clapping? tip toppest of keks), the bizarre change in aspect ratio halfway through, the inconsistency with the backgrounds even when the shot of the character remains the same?? it's an absolute shitshow all around and it makes me mad reeeeeee holly get out of my fandom reeeeee

No. 185754

>she has a cintiq

No. 185757

File: 1491355869622.gif (488.98 KB, 500x224, ......gif)

>rush job
Yeah she's obviously trying to get in with the animation crowd, this shit is horrible and her subs are eating it up.

No. 185759

Does she draw the all the faces so long, like how big the chins are weird to me, at least for every single character.

No. 185760

I saw this earlier today and i'm also into the heathers animation stuff going on atm, and just some of the artists making these are literally 13 years old and have such amazing quality in comparison?

Like she decided to put horribly drawn backgrounds in a animatic when you barely ever need to show those at that stage, and whens he tries to show something "animated" she has all the layers underneath still showing so it looks like a god damn mess.

and just some of the drawings i can believe with how much she draws they could be this bad

No. 185769

This train wreck of an animatic makes me miss Galactibun. Sure she was tumblr-ish, but she had quality.

No. 185782

Those Jay Leno chins are triggering me again.

Everything about the way she draws bothers me. Chins obviously and lopsided heads, but she can't draw a decent hand to save her life.

No. 185803

The faces here, being rushed, are better than the ones she usually does. She cut the Jay Leno chins a little down. But the rest of this is a mess.

The way characters are cut off triggers me (1:51). What kind of shots are these? even in those where the character looks decently placed, once it moves parts of it are cut off. You need to have the entire action in the shot, Holly, not just the first frame. The poses are so stiff too, there's so much room for more movement… the fight scene killed me.

Some of these animatics I'm seeing on youtube are not that much better though, jfc. I can't imagine having to animate from these, it would look like shit tier flash.

No. 185812

I actually hate you, I laughed so hard and now I'm pain. That fucking painting… That is etched into my mind. And seriously? I have a secondhand, centuries old screenless bamboo tablet and I treat it like a newborn, how can she be so careless? I am sick. I used to watch her and think "eh, her colouring is alright", I could never appreciate her awful lineart. It really does look like a children's colouring in book style to me.

No. 185817

God damn this is awkward. It's just still images with occasionally a really bad 3-frame animation. No backgrounds and barely any detail or expression.

No. 185819

File: 1491408086212.jpg (605.23 KB, 1930x966, hollys attempt at art.jpg)

at first i thought the animatic was done traditionally and edited a little as she put it all together but now that i look at it again it looks like it was all done digitally with brushes that are meant to look "traditional" and just… holy shit, i don't have any fucking words. a fucking cintiq. a c i n t i q.

yeah and i don't understand how? and the copious "haha i thought this was you singing at first holly"s in the comments as well… i don't get it, how can anyone look at this and think its anywhere near the definition of "good" or "ok"

may i refer you to this (>>183921) post anon, it explains everything you need to know

and the 13 yos are consistent, to boot. even as sketchy train-of-thought WIP ideas, their linework is leaps and bounds better – as opposed to holly's who's so utterly lacking in confidence in her lines that she has to trace over every single line she puts down on a piece of paper upwards of a dozen fucking times, among so much else. it's kinda sad, really. especially considering that learning how to be confident in your line placement is one of the easiest ways (imo) to instantly see improvement in the quality of your art, and how much bad art she shits out.

(also pls b my friend anon, none of my friends caught the heathers bug and i'd love to have someone to chat about it with ;__;)

never fear anon, galactibun just re-branded/jumped to a new channel

>The faces here, being rushed, are better than the ones she usually does
idk mane those profile views in the boiler room are pretty fucking questionable.
the two other things that really fucking trigger me about the animatic are the fact that she seems to have no understanding of what kind of skirt veronica is wearing (i.e. a tennis skirt) and how that kind of fabric would drape over the figure (it looks like she's wearing a petticoat under her fucking skirt honestly), and all the messy half-hearted scribbling to imply shading. seen throughout the whole video but especially on the crowd in the bleachers. just fucking take a mid tone grey and a big brush size and shade it reeeeeeee
it's so messy and awful looking and just shading with colour as opposed to lines would make it look so much neater (and probs be quicker). but then again if she doesn't scribble we've got nothing to distract us from her shoddy linework so :^)

No. 185820

File: 1491408377663.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.17 KB, 272x316, [muffled chipmunk noises].jpg)

sage for low-key tinfoil hat/shitpost

do you think holly might be a closeted furry?

No. 185821

I feel like it would make sense why she cant draw any human anatomy its not her "focus"

No. 185828

File: 1491429091513.png (6.99 KB, 727x79, girl.PNG)

No. 185831

As an artist who doesn't make anything from their art yet… this thread makes me incredibly salty.

No. 185832

I hear ya… I'm actually able to make a bit off my art at conventions and such but no where near the amount these people are making. If anything, this thread just makes me want to work harder and better myself as an artist.

No. 185838

see >>185040
just keep going, anons, traction builds slowly but eventually that snowball will become the size of a boulder

No. 185855

I'm >>185832 Who says I haven't done all of those things? I've even done fanart for popular fandoms for a long while. It just works differently for each person. Some people are luckier than others.

I do try hard at promoting my work while working full time but I do agree that you just have to keep at it.

I've even started my own YouTube channel recently so here's hoping persistence pays off lol

No. 185872

What do you guys think of bananajamana/Jamie Jo? Her paintings are… okay-ish. (Although there was that big controversy of her fake-painting, so I don't really know what to think.) They're visually appealing and cater to the normie crowd so she's popular because of that, but her personality is so grating and fake. The cutesy shy "poor me!" act is obnoxious as hell. Also, her relationship with her husband creeps me out… they both act like children.

Also, I'm sure she'll see this because she obsessively searches her name and will throw a fit like she did with her GG thread, so that'll be fun.

No. 185939

This animatic gives me life. I've watched it so many times. Each time I find something new wrong with it. Like I love the part where she does a front flip up the stairs.

If you're feeling frisky try copying the arm movements with your own arms. The JD part has me laughing so hard.

No. 185941

Wtf is this… she sounds so insecure in this video, like she has no idea what she's talking about (spoilers: she doesn't). Her method is so wishy washy and not helpful at all. She's also skipping foreshortening and focusing only on each element of the face and not the whole. How are her followers supposed to figure that out?

Also, the sketch is terrible. The "perspective" is very subtle there, and the entire face is crooked.

To the art farmers, I'm also an artist, with an art job, and I'm not jealous at all of these people. Sure, I would love to have that income by doing jack shit, but these people are not making money from their art, they're making money from their youtube fame. Envying them is like envying any other youtuber with no particular skill. They're famous because they provide entertainment to some, and because their watchers are even worse at art than them so they're easily impressed. One day they will wash out like every other youtuber because they're mildly famous, not pewdiepie famous, and like in any other job, without any experience in the real world and subpar art, though tit. I can't imagine any of these chicks still making money from these crap videos at 40.

Not to say a youtube channel or social media presence for extra cash and publicity is bad, but the formula to success is combining that with an actual job and a good resume.

No. 185945

The "you should give up if you're not talented" thing pisses me off so much. Who has the audacity to even say that? Why is she knocking other people down?

One of my favorite artists replied to an anon who said they felt untalented whenver they tried to draw and they basically said "I don't believe in talent" and it really struck me, because yeah, FUCK talent. Some people don't start from the bottom, but that doesn't mean they also put in their share of hard work to get better. I've come to hate to downplay all the hard work my favorite artists put in to get where they currently are by just saying that it's talent. No, it's 99% hardwork and 1% talent. I respect all the time and effort they've put into their art, and I'm not going to dismiss it as simply talent. No one should give up just because they aren't good right off the bat.

ugh sage for my OT rage lol

No. 185946

Also I'm sorry if I really hit the mark and it was some clickbait-y video title and the video is actually the exact opposite of the title

No. 185949


The 'Give up if you're not talented' video is a joke. But it's just poorly executed because she just sounds the same like she always does in every video. She had to disclaim it in the comments because people took it seriously lol.

No. 185963

Does anyone follow Istebrak? I find her critiques really helpful as someone that can't really get to an art school.

(I think she used to be a prof or teacher?)

No. 185964

No. 185966

File: 1491532764299.jpg (62.4 KB, 640x451, image.jpg)

I don't think Holly understands skirts in general

No. 185968

File: 1491533302129.png (82.36 KB, 622x712, in which holly rants on twitte…)

could she at least have the decency to reply to herself when she rants so you can keep track of it? god holly. also learn how to draw skirts

i've skimmed through a few of her videos, and she does seem to know what she's talking about. i appreciate how in depth she goes.

does anyone follow medders/ahmed aldoori? i really liked his video on colour theory

No. 185970

i was watching istebrak's early video on accepting critiques. She said something along the lines of, you can't use the excuse, "I intended it to be that way."

Like, if you don't know what you're doing your intention doesn't mean shit.

These people seriously need to spend a single week with an art director. Like, in a real world work environment your art directors or clients can be just as "mean" as these art teachers.

Your audience isn't the end all be all but I take everything said under some consideration. Because, guess what? Your audience is a client!

Rant done.

No. 185973

Wow, what a mature way of handling feedback. And you can't claim everything to be just "a part of my style hurrrr!!", that skirt just looks like a blob and not a skirt. You were just too lazy (or didn't know how) to animate it right.

No. 185975

What i've noticed about all these youtube artist is that none of them are respected by better artist who word hard and don't draw like a third graders

No. 185979

File: 1491548077061.jpg (56.8 KB, 627x362, oxqJhsm.jpg)

finally went to see how bad the vid actually is and holy shit i found the originator of the salt. all this over one comment???

she really needs her own thread

No. 185980

Holy fucking god damn. Okay, so I've worked a lot of different jobs in my life, and one thing I've always remembered is this: the customer is ALWAYS right, even when they are wrong lol. This includes your audience! I mean, they are watching you for a reason, and these artists are getting paid to be watched! Why would you piss off your audience? Why not fess up and admit to your mistakes? Why not tweet, "I dun goofed, I'll try harder next time!" Hell, put in a, "thank you for the constructive critisim"

Noooooo… It has to be, "I meant to do that!" "I'll do more to spite people!"

Sage for not contributing anything lol

No. 185981

sorry to samefag, shoulda waited and made it one post, but holy god this shit is even worse than anon comments made it out to be. every face she draws looks like the halfway points on an animorphs book except the animal is a character from The Goofy Movie. she outmatches even the worst squirrel girl shit in smugness and punchability. that skirt is also 100% trash solely bc that was the main character she was """"animating"""" and it would have taken a lot of work to look good, just…. jesus. she works on a tablet and can't erase her lines cleanly enough that you can't still see a shadow of the mouth that was under the new one in the next frame?!

im not even angry at her fame rn or anything, i'm just genuinely amazed at this chinese knockoff lookin shit

No. 185982

>every face she draws looks like the halfway points on an animorphs book
Actually laughed out loud at this. Brilliant.

And I completely agree. I feel like "thanks for the feedback" would be a much better response all around - more professional, less personal, and to be honest, more passive aggressive. If she's offended by the comment and wants to let them know, that says it all. Her actual replies come off as a childish public tantrum.

No. 185983

File: 1491551461291.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, dy7shFmX.jpg)

>when the furry gives better art advice than you

Holly is practically the Queen of passive aggressiveness

No. 185987


I love Istebrak. She's a bit asshole-ish IMHO, but damn, she knows what she's talking about and doing, so she gets a pass.

I think she only teaches online, AFAIK.

Her videos helped me a lot with basic facial structure/shading and anatomy in general. She's a great artist.

I just wish sometimes that she had a more amicable approach, she can scare some noobs with her harshness, and well, that defeats the purpose of a teacher, IMO.

No. 185990


The salt.>>185987

Yeah, I think she's a good answer to someone who likes Holly's bluntness but wants someone with the skill to back it up (and you know, actual advice). I agree, I was put off by her at first but she's actually pretty sweet. Her google+ community is also really accessible, they offer some pretty solid advice.
Though, I'm also someone how had my best therapy session when my therapist bluntly said, "You know…you're really depressing to be around. Just stop dwelling on it."

I double checked, she was a professor, she mentioned it a a few times (though she has so many long videos).

tldr: If you want a blunt artist, Istebrak > HC Brown.

No. 185991

Lol, I totally saw a better (waaaay smaller artist) on youtube throwing shade at Holly. They didn't mention her by name but when her name came up in the chat they quickly changed the topic.

No. 186004

God damn this bitch is insufferable. I never heard of her before this thread but her salt could fill a fucking cave, let alone her own thread. The original feedback is pretty polite and constructive and even if she didn't agree she didn't have to get so rude and defensive. And it's bad enough she's such an ass in her reply, she had to go write a chain of whiny tweets about it to fish for asspats.

No. 186008

Why doesn't Holly have her own thread by now. She's a total lolcow.

No. 186013

File: 1491593397458.png (1.31 MB, 1718x968, Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.28…)

This but though. I can't I'm dying. This was for her anatomy class.

No. 186014

Lmao that melted ass!! This is embarassing.

No. 186026

File: 1491603662795.png (997.89 KB, 615x602, image.png)

No. 186034

No. 186040


Other than her constant saltiness and complaints, I don't think she has that much milk? Maybe talking about her on the general art bitches thread.

No. 186048

Everything she draws honestly looks like it's melting.

No. 186068

I don't think she gets the expression. It just means if you polish something poorly structured it's going to remain poorly structured.

Take her video. Adding all that paint doesn't fix the fact she didn't structure that face right in the first place. No matter how much she polishes this, it's going to remain fundamentally turdy.

No shame in a turdy painting, but omg, you can't learn by doing the stuff you're already good at! Aguh!

I feel like she could be amazing if she just listened to some art teachers. Guuuuuh!

I don't know why I'm salty about this.

No. 186081

At 15:17 she starts talking about basically plagiarizing her classmates back when she was in art class. And in later videos she wonders why she is getting Fs.

No. 186091

What's going on with that left hand of the guy on the right side???

No. 186093

>that preview picture
I can't believe this person made a smug, passive aggressive video about sameface syndrome when literally everything she draws looks exactly the same. Identical faces and expressions.

No. 186096

god, Lemiacrescent belongs in the fucking trash

No. 186106

I can't bear to listen to her voice for more than a few seconds. What is she saying in this video?

No. 186107

She's a whiny, nasally-voiced diabetic fatass who thinks she knows better than virtually every art teacher she's ever had. Her art's better than most every other bridge troll in her clique (except Zyra Banez) but she's still got hardcore sameface going on.

No. 186108

Holly got her own thread in /snow/. Should we keep talking about her here or keep it on her own thread?

No. 186111

Keep it to her /snow/ thread or it's gonna die out. I don't think there are that many farmers interested in her milk other than us the art ones, most farmers care about cringy weebs. Besides we can use this thread to bitch about the other youtuber artists.

What do you all think about LavenderTowne? She's showing up everywhere on my feed lately with her Disney redesigns. In this video I can't tell which one is the bad OC

No. 186117

LavenderTowne seems sweet and means well but she's obviously way too inspired by Tim Burton and has hardcore same face syndrome throughout her work. Her videos are entertaining though.

No. 186118

If I remember correctly (I watched this video some weeks ago), her point in this video was that you have to consider the character's story, i.e origins, when you draw them. In her example, I think she talked about a character who comes from a desert (iirc). The one on the right is the first design and she deems it bad. She thinks the one of the left, the new design is better because shes's thought about the features and why they're the way they are.

All that said, I don't think her art is that good. But that's just personal preference.

No. 186120

Jeez her videos follow me everywhere, but eh her art is nothing special
It's kinda funny whenever I see the thumbnail, on the right it's pretty much symbolic of the deviantart times when everyone was making kawaii neko-chan OCs and then on the left is now the prevalent tumblr style - both are shit but I appreciate the effort

No. 186144

she seems sweet but her art style is pretty cancerous

No. 186148


What is it with this attitude that just because you went to art school, you're automatically better than everyone else? I went to art school and studied my ass off but I would die before I made videos talking down to other artists who I deem inferior to myself.

Holly reminds me of this one guy in an anatomy class I took that had the gall to "teach" our class when our professor was running late. His own drawings were typical anime style or as my professor called them, "Egyptian hieroglyphics only terrible".

No. 186161

File: 1491750890124.png (418.33 KB, 1356x1284, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 11.1…)

At least it looks like Lemia can take a critique unlike Holly

No. 186167

If this were Holly she'd just throw out some dumb grade school comeback so her throngs of teenage fans could reply with shit like "HOLLY IS A BADASS" and "I'M SHOOK"

No. 186187

Agreed, Audra Auclair is pretty fantastic.
I'm a fan of Juicy Ink.

No. 186198

File: 1491783427092.jpg (1.31 MB, 2340x3072, IMG_3072.JPG)

Baylee Jae did like a collab challenge thing with another artist. It's kind of funny comparing the two. You can tell which one is Baylee's lol

No. 186200

God that glitter goop looks awful. To be fair I'm impressed either of them managed to get anything resembling their own art out of them, I'd struggle using those as a material

No. 186236

It's even got her ugly icon in there. I want to kill myself.

No. 186239

This girl sounds like she went to a private school

No. 186630

File: 1492113879603.jpg (149.19 KB, 813x1024, sakuems.jpg)

Wow I never noticed how cross-eyed Sakuems is.

No. 186633

fucking Sakuems dude, I felt bad for her with the whole lazy eye and how overweight she is but her attitude is pretty obnoxious

No. 186643

I actually like LavenderTowne. She seems cool and has a nice voice I can listen to while I play games or whatever.

No. 186943

File: 1492257895506.png (74.97 KB, 640x482, IMG_5137.PNG)

Baylee has been getting shit on her latest video for 'copying' lavender towne's thumbnail format lmao

No. 186945

File: 1492263954814.png (16.21 KB, 494x166, wow.PNG)

Ok so her video wasn't that bad honestly, it was just basic baby shit (Seriously, her best tip is using more hues per object. Who would've thought?).
It was only when i got to the comment section when I remembered why I hate Baylee lmao.
Pic related, a comment under that video, she got defensive when people mentioned LavanderTowne.

No. 186946

File: 1492264128434.png (26.03 KB, 820x114, holly.PNG)

Also, sorry for samefag but Holly commented on the video too.
It just goes to prove how knowing art theory doesn't equal making better art.

No. 186947

Lol the one on the right looks better. Why would you use light green for the shadows on a blue jacket?

No. 186961

She mentions it about a minute into her vlog today, why is she so damn defensive over this lol

No. 186962

File: 1492282086407.png (19.74 KB, 825x84, stop.PNG)


Baylee is so full of shit
also the people defending her are just as obnoxious

No. 186989

Can anyone tell me why Holly seems to dick ride Balyee so hard in her comments, yet seems to dislike her elsewhere? The bitch complained about hate followers in a vlog today yet it seems like Holly enjoys a bit of it as well.

No. 187038

Can we just take a moment and realize Baylee has a goddamn tutorial book for art coming out?

At least Mark Crilley can actually draw well, when he isn't doing generic animu shit. Fuck

No. 187064

Hah, I thought I was the only one who thought Mark Crilley's animu drawings were trash.
I mean, he should stick to realism because that's clearly what he does best and for as long as I've been following him, his anime style hasn't really improved.

No. 187072


his primary focus isn't anime, though. He went to art school and has been drawing for many more years than most of the Youtubers so I'm pretty certain he knows his style and works with it in Miki Falls and his personal comics. What he does for Youtube is just for fun if it's anime/chibi.

No. 187175


Because she's a two-faced, up-her-own-ass cunt.

No. 187183

Has anyone noticed how obsessed Baylee is with art supplies?

It's always supplies this, Copics that. It seems like she makes more videos more about art supplies than actual art. Aside from the markers you rarely see her use anything else more than a few times, then it's onto the next thing.

I've been keeping my eye on her for years now and it seems she hasn't even improved at all. She's still shitty. Baylee is the Michelle Phan of the YT art community. Everything that comes out of her mouth sounds like a damn advertisement. Sounds really disingenuous considering that a vast majority of her fanbase are children who can't just openly go out and buy all the stuff she shoves in their face.

No. 187186

She has to show off her copic markers to make up for the fact that she's 26, and draws like goddamn 13 year old.

Art Supplies don't mean shit when digital art is the future, and people are already creating amazing works of art with a ratchet version of Sai and a cheap Chinese tablet.

Ironically, it seems like Baylee is terrified of trying out digital art.

No. 187392

I'm surprised she isn't flaunting a Cintiq around. She seems to be so keen on copic markers (which she's pretty bad at using).

I wonder, do other more talented youtube artist actually like her or do they tolerate her?

No. 187399

>do other more talented youtube artist actually like her or do they tolerate her?

I always wondered that too
I mean the art comm on youtube is kind of a huge circle jerk so it's hard to tell..

On another note,awhile back I watched one of her vlogs, she went to an artist meetup in Vancouver hosted by AudraAuclair, but in it Baylee seemed so out of place. I mean everyone was nice to her but she kinda just vlogged/kept to herself with every now and then talking to them. It was weird seeing her among other artist that are actually skilled.

No. 187428

Is she actually bad with comics? Huh. I don't mess with them, so I had no idea. She acts like an expert. What does she do wrong?

No. 187429


No. 187432

…did the HC Brown thread in /snow/ get deleted btw?

No. 187436

Its still there

No. 187461

She has a Cintiq, it's fucking huge ofc and she even brought one those really expensive arms so she can set it up at a proper angle on her desk…. and yet she uses like an iPad to watch Netflix whilst she draws with all her precious copics

No. 187464

Copics and drawing markers just seem really outdated to me. Idk. They just feel like an invention for easier coloring before digital art really took off.

No. 187475

I think it's more of the connotations of Copic/marker drawings, than the actual medium themselves. You don't really see a lot of commercial or pro-level work done with them (as far as I know? I can only think of industrial design or concept art mockups done with them). They just seem to be limited to weebs on youtube and relics on DA.

Maybe they're just training wheels for people too scared of water colors but too elitist for digital art?

No. 187477

I don't know about others but as a young weeb who couldn't afford a tablet, but could spend pocket money on a few markers that make totally flat layers of colour 'just like in anime and manga covers' they seemed like the better option. I guess thats what they are popular, and ofc them being from japan helps

I mean, plenty of pro artists defiantly own alcohol markers, but only really seem use them just to lay down quick flat colour or shading to commissions (Like the quick sketch commissions you see at comic cons). Ive never seen a full peice done with JUST markers by a professional artist, trying to blend and work with copics in the way baylee does is imo time consuming and not really what they are made for.

I get that the copic brand is kind of like a 'designer' name that people like to show off on yt and instagram but imo if you want to get into markers the winsor & newton brushe markers are miles better, and cheaper

No. 187480

I was on DA in the 2000s, and the most popular illustrators used Prisma and Copic markers. However most of them have moved on to digital art because its easier, faster, and has a go-back button to fix mistakes. I agree that using using markers is a noob thing to do.

I mean markers are always fun to use, but not professional tier so to speak.

No. 187481

Samefagging here, I also forgot to mention that those popular artists moved on to digital because its much more accessible now then say 10 years ago

No. 187484

Don't copics fade like a total bitch? That's probably why no one except Weebs uses them

No. 187496

yep they tend to fade overtime, especially under sun/UV light

No. 187503

Most traditional materials damage under sun or UV light, acrylic or oils discolor, Paper yellows etc. That's why most museums keep every piece of direct light and companies put original artwork into storage.

That's probably also why digital art is prefered for commercial work nowadays, it's faster and easier to fix. Some clients still like traditional sketches done with marker/watercolor but almost every product is finished digitally nowadays.

No. 187937

Lots of concept artists that draw things like vehicles use Copics. These are usually older guys and their techniques are way different, but in my experience it's really common.


No. 188004

Tbf, I'd rather listen to him and other artists of his ilk rather than Baylee when it comes to copics

No. 188006

Scott Robertson's actually a trained and experienced draughtsman and his books on perspective and rendering are considered one of the best resources out there.

It's fucking weird how many people go to Baylee and amateur-level YT artists to learn from when so many accomplished artists have resources available on IG or YT. I understand a lot of the demographic is 12 year old weebs, but man, it's so disingenuous to make videos about "do this, not that" or 'rules' and teach a bunch of impressionable people things that will wreck their art education.

No. 188008

Baylee is also weirdly obsessed with toys, I understand getting figures and some but she has a entire room full of them

No. 188137

Yeah, she has an obsession with Disney, and will buy any cheap plasticky shit they slap a "collector's" label on. She even bought dolls from that shitty Alice in Wonderland sequel

No. 188199


I don't know, I particularly like using markers because I enjoy doing tradicional, sometimes even more than digital. Also I can't have a tablet and a pc everywhere, so markers and colored pencils are super handy for me, at least. I don't enjoy using paint as much, save for watercolor.

But yeah, copics are way fucking overpriced. They are like the apple of art supplies. I mean, yeah, they are nice, but overrated, have a cult following and became more of a status than anything else. Some chinese markers are way more cost-benefit friendly, lmao

No. 188318

File: 1493242425508.jpg (80.34 KB, 640x628, IMG_0602.JPG)

Wow it's almost like Japan doesn't have fat disgusting slobs 99% of the time fuck I can't stand this bitch

No. 188320

Thanks for the tip ! I'm trying to get back into drawing but this thread is making me scared of heading down the wrong path…

No. 188327

I mean all the boob sizes are different lol

Am I the only one who find headcanons kind of disrespectful? Like the artists worked hard on their characters and they get butchered by people on tumblr. I'm talking about "xy character is totally a trans black lesbian' for any generic anime girl when if they were the artists would have just made them like that in the first place?? Its not a 'headcanon' its just wrong. Personality headcanons can be fun tho

No. 188328

I saw someone mentioned her earlier in the thread but is anyone else sick of BananaJamana? I'm just hate watching her at this point. Any time she gets hate comments she has to make a video about it and about how it doesn't affect her but she's just searching for ass pats and compliments. That video she made a few weeks ago where she was like "I don't know if I can be considered an artist, I'm not good enough~" Was such bullshit.

I get that her schtick is being cutesy and stuff but holy shit she's starting to embarrass herself. If I was sick I would never vlog and keep in cuts of me blowing my nose ~cutely.

It's funny how many of these YouTube "artists" (along with Baylee) are such children. They all collect toys and Disney stuff and generally act like preteens. What's creepier in this situation is Jamie's husband buys her all this stuff and enables this because he collects this stuff too. So weird. DDLG vibes lol.

No. 188329

Honestly, she really isnt that skilled. Of course, she has more skill than the average person but after watching her for a while her lack of actual understanding of art fundamentals is really noticeable. Her realism paintings of people are always off, you can tell she has never studied anatomy or done life drawing sessions and just copies directly from photos for everything she makes. If she took some classes I bet she could improve pretty quick

No. 188330

Yeah it pisses me off how popular those paintings of hers are. Her original stuff is always worse than the photorealism. It seems all circa 2005 deviantArt tier with the "cute faces on inanimate objects" and whatnot.

Her crafts and baking seem to be very good though, at least hell of a lot better than what I could do, it's just the manner she presents them in that drives me nuts. I just wanna see how it's made (which she does generally show off well with minimal amounts of her shoving her face in the camera) but there's always like a solid minute of her at the end posing and acting cutesy with whatever she made and it's just so cringey. Or when she's filming a video and she randomly starts showing off stuff she bought or her husband bought her like… okay, that's nice, why was that necessary?

No. 188331

File: 1493250490871.jpg (97.89 KB, 736x578, bbbd2fba3cc054dc1e14fff32d2109…)

Pic related, also can't believe these are supposed to be different people! Clearly they're all clones of the same person due to having similar body types! Because it's not like they're all just the same ethnicity and at a very specific ideal height/weight range due to being IDOLS

No. 188344

I hate this smug attitude she has too. "Im fixing the problem!!" No bitch.

No. 188351

No. 188352

>Plenty of shows to watch
>Instead chooses to watch a show centered around an idol group, idol groups being about adoration and being.. well, idolized for being so perfect
>Turns them all fat, trans and poc instead of just WATCHING SOMETHING ELSE
This is like the embodiment of entitlement. Because she wants to watch an anime, the anime has to change for her instead of her choosing something more suitable for her tastes.

No. 188353

I think that Jake Parker and Will Terrell are really good, though they have alot of long "draw with me" type videos and they actually sound more like they're giving class lectures, they're both in the industry and know what they're talking about (although both don't post much now) Jake is more calm and relaxed while will has a very bubbly personality.
Rambutan illustration is also really good!

No. 188356

Little Thunder is pretty amazing: https://www.youtube.com/user/thunderlittle69/videos

Also, Wylie Beckert. (She only has 8 videos but they're pretty long.): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eA5-9pEnR0&t=22s

No. 188371

What gets me about making them "realistic" is they truly could, Japan has such a bias against anyone tanned and "chubby" girls, she could have easily looked at typical japanese school girls and fit them into those molds. But no. Nico is now Hafu because her name is short for Nicole, Eli and Rin are trans and Nozomi is a self projection of herself. It's just gross.
I've seen other artists who do this shit go as far to pull immigration charts to "backup" these headcanons. It's just gross. Make them realistic japanese girls, not this poc trans hairy bulshit thats more offensive than forward thinking.

No. 188372

Overused gross sorry

No. 188385


So, Baylee admits she wants to be a dinosaur of the art industry, and not even bother with digital art. Wew.

It starts at 11:15 in case I fucked the link up

No. 188393

Thanks anon, I had no idea Little Thunder had a YouTube channel but I love her stuff.

No. 188401

she is one of those people who are super good at copying things but if you said "draw something from your brain" with no reference it'd be a fucking mess. i don't think she is bad and i'm not saying that at all, i've just always noticed that's a thing

No. 188402

File: 1493328022517.jpg (647.4 KB, 807x1000, 150213shadow_by_bara_chan-d8jx…)

also lol @ this thread saying digital art is superior, and using copics means you lack talent. you do realize when you fuck up on digital you can just erase it right.

No. 188404

I vouch for Rambutan as well. If you wanna go down the anime and copics route, she's your woman. She's not a jackass and her stuff is clear.

No. 188412

I fucking love Little Thunder. Their recent foray into animation feels so goddamn effortless. Dunno how they do it.

2D art is all pleb-tier. Marble sculpture or GTFO.

But seriously, the argument was that Copics are generally not used for (industry-level) finished works (they're limited to industrial design sketches) and are largely a status symbol for YT weebs to cum over. Medium elitism is dumb, though. Execution is all that matters.

No. 188413

I really like Alisa draws, her videos are nicely made and relaxing to watching, I do find her personality a bit a boring but thats not to importent

No. 188450

File: 1493356427353.jpg (10.17 KB, 225x225, lim.jpg)


>2D art is all pleb-tier. Marble sculpture or GTFO.

No. 188479

It's weird how Baylee calls herself a professional artist, yet her medium and art style is like the farthest thing from professional. Like everyone's said, a finished piece using nothing but copics is weird, and I doubt anyone is going to want that Disney-lite style

No. 188865

Timestamp at 7:35

Seems she's aware enough that her videos (and by extension her art) is looking stale thanks to her declining youtube stats, so she needs to adapt. Won't be surprised if she tries to do something gimmicky instead of trying to improve her actual art.

No. 188886

Do musical artists on youtube count? I wanted to add Ken Ashcorp since I really like a lot of his music but he is a massive drama queen if anyone critiques his music. His excuse is "I do music for fun!!! I don't need critique of any kind!" and it's like… it stops being "just for fun" once you make it a career and become an opening act for bands.

I remember when he disabled comments on all his videos when a few people gave him some concrit that wasn't even rude… I like the guy's stuff but goddamn he can be such a pretentious cunt sometimes.

No. 188906

File: 1493606473173.png (1.02 MB, 1536x720, progressive.png)

>Nozomi is a self projection of herself.
Pic related lmao.

There actually are chubby idol groups, but they're nowhere near as ugly and sloppy as Tumblr Love Live fans wish they would be.
As if these "i'm such idol trash!!" Love Live fans know anything about real idols.

No. 188927

In regards to copics, I've noticed manga artists typically only do very minimal shading with them. They lay down a layer of color, and then they do some shading. It's nowhere near the level of what the YouTube artists do

No. 189316

She only got famous for her copic collections and her hoarding obsession. There really is nothing for her to adapt to considering her whole channel became a thing through her money spending.

No. 189586

File: 1494171050983.png (481.71 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3639.PNG)

Could it possibly be your art sucks, and people can find better videos elsewhere??

No. 189889

"works hard"

She's slow as fuck and makes art in the most time-consuming way possible Watching her drag her ass across Photoshop is Cringe. She didnt even know how to pan.

No. 189890

File: 1494362625906.jpg (18.91 KB, 420x418, 14742.jpg)

ah, I guess the reality is finally catching up to her

No. 189919

IIRC he made some videos about Dobson they were pretty funny
now he faps to his panda waifu

No. 189940

That doesn't mean she doesn't work hard.

No. 190632

File: 1494911601512.png (49.73 KB, 1227x398, Capture.PNG)

Found this today.
If only her personality was as good as her art.

Don't have to be a rude bitch.

No. 190638

File: 1494913379113.png (561.97 KB, 800x914, KI1xHf7.png)

jesus christ

No. 190642

actually it looks to me that she's referring to a different comment made by the same user. I found this:
this chick has lolcow potential

No. 190644

i once saw someone send an ask to a tumblr artist asking if they were a boy or a girl and the fag replied 'this is a really disgusting question' how can these people be that far up there own ass? they are always so stuck up and 'lmao bye' why is this attitude so popular?

No. 190645

File: 1494915285944.jpeg (70.79 KB, 500x666, tumblr_onpboexcMv1qe347jo1_500…)

Coincidentally, I was reading about tearzah just a day ago. She's a crytyping drama queen who abuses her pets, suicide-baits, rips off other peoples' art (then complains that other people rip off her art).
There's a bunch of shit on her and IG accounts calling her abusive.
Receipts collected here:
https://www.instagram.com/hazraet/ (ignore the memes, scroll down for the screencaps)
She also edits her selfies to hell and back in a bid to look like an uguu living doll. Lots of milk potential here.

No. 190646

why would people emulate this cancer

No. 190647

File: 1494915667095.jpeg (274.05 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nu3z3pZEb11qe347jo2_128…)

An unedited selfie, for reference.
I'm only dragging her this hard because I can't stand hypocrites and people who fuck with cats tbh

No. 190648

No. 190649

That's Tumblr drama for you lmao. Everyone involved is usually a baby.
I mostly just found it interesting because she acts like her art style is Totally Original Do Not Steal, but other posts from that IG go into her stealing hairstyles, specific drawing techniques/styles, clothing and other shit from people.

No. 190650

maybe it's because your style is generic as shit?
she just keeps on giving lmao

No. 190662

Does she really abuse her pets…?

The cat in the photo looks pretty comfortable with her so thats why I'm wondering.

No. 190663

I went to look at her twitter and this one was my favorite:
It's a real surprise people can't tell her characters apart when they all look the same.
Speaking of her characters, she really has an unnecessarily large amount of mostly similar looking OCs: http://ashkinoshita.tumblr.com/characters

No. 190669

She once pulled on the back legs of one of her cats and broke them, drags them around, puts them in their carriers and shakes it around because "it's fun", throws them on the ground, reportedly slaps them when they act up, etc.
There's another post detailing the thing with the carrier and probably a bit more, but I can't find it atm.

No. 190676

No. 190683

Someone steal all her characters and change the names, then send her anonymous asks comparing them lmao

No. 190684

File: 1494948881964.png (254.87 KB, 1242x1769, IMG_4420.PNG)

Lmao I think she's referring to the comment.

No. 190701

Um, can we get a thread going for her or something? I love horrible and bratty art people. (Was getting my fix with H.C. Brown, but can stand to have more.)

No. 190711

Made a thread here:

No. 190765

saw this the other day and made me chuckle. Some tartlet went to conceptart, got actual critiques and freaked out.


No. 190783

File: 1495008666861.png (758.03 KB, 1194x654, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.11…)

Their art is really something, too.

No. 190787

This was beautiful to read, thank you anon.
The art made me outright laugh.

No. 190795


No. 190799

>followed snapesnogger in her heyday
>find her again on tumblr now
>all she does is whine and cry about how she can't post x or y or people will flip out at her
>posts art maybe once every couple weeks
>almost all of it is headshots
>still thinks her shitty comic with a stupid name (Escart) is going to get made when she can barely even finish basic illustrations now

She used to be really good at painting back when I knew her but it's like the lack of drama in her life made her art quality shitty. I know the Team Fortress fandom hated her but shit at least she was completing pieces back then.

I'm more so just sad there's no one really all that lulzy in the art world these days.

No. 190810

omg i had to google that name and i cant believe it, im a big fan of her art, i had no clue she had such a history
i found her through steven universe fanart on tumblr
i relate to her, shes totally right. tumblr is a vicious place especially to people who have spoken up about it, which she has.
i hardly visit tumblr anymore because of the sjw shithole its become

No. 190832


>SJWs actually got snapesnogger to pack it in

This world fucking sucks

No. 190883

Bless you for this, it's been awhile since honest-to-god bad art made me laugh.

No. 190892

>I also have legitimate issues with Proko though, he's a cow in his own right.
Elaborate please.

No. 190934

I don't think anyone here thinks copics are bad, its just a fact that they are relatively outdated in professional contexts. Older experienced professionals will still use them but someone with a budding career is better served familiarizing themselves with a digital workflow especially as clients now have begun to expect multiple renditions of a piece to choose from (different tints, colorschemes etc).

That said Copics can look lovely though I think a lot of people deign to use them the way they once were, that is to say, as part of a multimedia piece.

No. 191212

i know this person and theyre disgusting lol, idk how theyre youtube popular. hes one of those creepy osomatsu fans. he used to go by nauseatinglly, he just likes guro shit. avoid at all costs lol

No. 192170

Istebrak, although depends on what you want to create.

No. 192244

Just curious, why do you think they're outdated? A lot of illustration or industrial design majors are using them as their main tools in my uni. It's just preference, really. Not everyone wants to work digitally and copics are still amazing (I actually prefer Promakers nowadays).

No. 192251

File: 1495766770689.png (2.24 MB, 1832x2562, slugboxtweets.png)

There is an artist that recently got suspended on Twitter due to false DMCA reports that has blown up on my Twitter feed. He goes by the name of Slugbox, he's just your usual anime hentai artist. After he got suspended on Twitter, some users decided to come out of the woodwork and celebrate their victorious day after being silent for god knows how long about him. Many of them called him a pedophile because he "drew child porn". At first, i thought these were just your typical tumblr SJW spergs spouting words they only know when they hate an artist. But i did discover Slugbox did draw a 9-12 year old character named Vanellope from Wreck-It-Ralph in some NSFW art and NSFW situations. Slugbox said he'll be back in a matter of days and i wanted to document all of the tweets in relation to him.

I can't help but laugh at some of the tweets. They came out of nowhere and it will give me a giggle when he comes back. Won't be surprised to see some of these people triggered or these tweets deleted. Just wanted to share these tweets with ya'll. Enjoy.

No. 192256

he didn't do anything illegal and will be back.
he's been pretty chill about it, which i'm sure is rattling the twitter ppl.

No. 192330

I bet all those twitter users voicing their opinions after slugbox has been suspended support the likes of tearzah etc kek

No. 192371

File: 1495842822110.png (1.35 MB, 1728x1382, slugboxtweets2.png)


Same anon as before. Slugbox is back on Twitter posting regularly again. As for the people i posted earlier, they've been pretty quiet about him. Most of them haven't spoke about him for the past few hours, even a whole day. Some people have theorized that any Slugbox fan who finds these users shitting on him are taking their Twitter accounts down with false DMCA reports. Everyone, of course, is blaming Slugbox and his fanbase. I found one user named Nefepants, who had their Twitter suspended and went to tumblr and blamed Slugbox himself and his fans. The person who reported nefepants told them "I have your IP address uwu". Here are some links if you want a nice little laugh. http://nefepants.tumblr.com/post/161056931454/oh-boy-the-piece-of-shit-who-got-my-twitter http://nefepants.tumblr.com/post/161036936669/so-i-just-found-out-that-multiple-accounts-that-i http://nefepants.tumblr.com/post/161039249664/because-the-asshole-who-reported-my-account-made My favorite is probably how nefe states that Twitter is full of "fucking redneck racists" despite the fact they made a new Twitter account. https://twitter.com/NefeRex

Here's another compile of Tweets i dug up. The picture of the person wearing Slugbox's shirt on the bottom left was a tweet by Slug's friends, if you're curious. The user simply took their image and just voiced their opinion about them wearing it.

No. 192378

One of the tweets (the bolded one in the far left column) is confusing me. Did he draw actual real children (like Shadbase) or IRL adults and underaged characters?

Like, the latter is iffy (I find it creepy when people make fanart/fanfics of IRL people at all, never mind sexual stuff), but the former is full-out disgusting. I'm not sure if there's any laws anywhere that actually cover that though, unless your family decides to sue as defaming your image.

No. 192380

File: 1495847544366.png (Spoiler Image, 289.17 KB, 727x651, slugboxporn.png)

Most people think he got suspended cause he drew porn of Dot from Animaniacs and he also drew porn of Vanellope Von Schweetz from Wreck-It-Ralph. That's what most people say when they mean Slugbox drew "child porn".

He's never drawn porn of actual children, like Shadman. Mostly just fictional cartoon or anime characters. I spoiler'd the picture he drew along a few others, they're all on his Pixiv account. You'll need an account to see them.

No. 192381

To clarify, Vanellope is around ages 9-12 years old in the movie.

No. 192517

File: 1495954895115.jpg (5.5 KB, 300x168, KiZ6d3l.jpg)

>caroline and justine

how dare you

No. 192557

kill the pedophile, whether its a cartoon or actual child it is by definition child porn and he is a pedophile

No. 192596

If you think drawn stuff is near the same level as actual cp with actual children you need a reality check.

No. 192609

nice b8 m8

No. 192822

I doubt sluxbox/slugbox's fans care though, he has a tumblr right? Kek

No. 192823

File: 1496129309729.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png)

No. 192826

No. 192828

Yeah. All these ""anime-inspired"" artists trace the fuck out of everything. Ilya Kuvshinov (who I'm still convinced is the same person as Numyumy) does the same shit. It's just paint-overs and overlays with bigger eyes.
Hell, I bet even a non-artist could do the same shit if they saved a photo of a person, enlarged their eyes + lips in Photoshop, shrank their nose, smoothed out their skin, then slapped some filters on the photo to make it look like a painting and change the lighting.

No. 192831

tbh some of it looks like referenced not traced

No. 192836

File: 1496157142805.jpg (6.5 KB, 275x240, 1485825516835.jpg)


Aaaaand Slugbox got suspended again. In addition to his suspension, Shadman got suspended as well. Same reason, DMCA reports.

No. 193109

No NUMYUMY full on traces, the Russian guy doesn't though and they arent the same person

No. 193137

Kron doesn't trace but he's copied other artists without their permission along with lying about where he's had references, for example saying he was drawing girls he saw in Tokyo when in reality he copied a bunch of photographs from a cosplayer's blog. He redraws anime and videogame screencaps or gives actresses/models bug eyes and calls it a day. Lazy as hell but at his skill level he makes more off of it with patreon compared to anything he could do with actual effort or originality.

No. 193197

damn happy is an okay artist but if she's gonna be in front of a camera she needs to work on her makeup. her false eyelashes in this are really terrible and i can't focus on anything she's saying because i'm too busy staring at them.

No. 193200

christ you were not exaggerating, that is distracting. She's easier on the eyes than a lot of youtube artists though so I'm willing to forgive it.

No. 194133

No. 195373

can't even tell which one is supposed to be Victor

No. 195379

Bitching doesn't make her art any better. XP

No. 195380

-Or that time she lost a $1k camera for her freaking vlogs and instantly bought another just as pricey to replace it. She doesn't even remember losing it, like she had it and then no more. NO BIG DEAL.

No. 195396

How in hell did she end up with so many subscribers? I was trying to figure it out on socialblade but it's as if she went from 17k to 87k in ten days, that's insane.

No. 195398

omg baylee wants to make a kid art channel? how is that any different from her regular art?

No. 195451

I'm pretty sure the only reason she'd make a new channel is so she can collect more ad revenue off of her retarded audience of man/womanchildren. I can't stand her shitty juvenile art, I fail to see why she is so popular.

No. 196614

File: 1498596504301.png (376.62 KB, 1280x720, image_baylee.png)

This drawing doesn't look like Lilo at all, reminder Baylee has 800K subscribers. Smh

No. 196661

I can't believe she still gets subscribers, her art is still the SAME she hasn't improved at all.
I wonder if Baylee knows her art is shit

No. 196682

When you surround yourself with so many artist it's hard not to notice. I'm sure she knows, but she probably falls back on the 'well I have more subs so HA" train of thought.

Seriously. Literally every artist she collabs with is leagues ahead of her. It's almost pathetic.

No. 196765

LoveTeacupKisses is starting to show some cow behaviors. Usually she's very sweet, but my opinion of her totally changed when she uploaded this video a few weeks ago.

She comes across as really whiny in this video and those tears are totally forced. It seems like she's trying to wring some pity out of her subs so she can revive her unsuccessful Patreon. It just seems so disingenuous and manipulative, especially with that thumbnail of her sobbing. Instead of improving her channel, marketing herself better and making more videos she chooses to get on camera and whine so her subs will give her asspats and throw her dollars.

No. 196808

thumbnail is too embarrassing, can't watch the video

No. 196820


Honestly I generally like YouTube artists as long as they aren't total trash. A lot of people here seem to dislike Baylee Jae, but tbh I like her based on personality, and she's said she knows her art is mediocre in videos.

Options on other YT artists…

YES - Jazza, Doodle Date, Baylee, Waffles, Chloe Rose, Jenna Drawing

Sure - Jellie Bee, KiraKiraDoodles

Meh - Lemia, Happy D

Nah - Art Ala Carte, BananaJamana

NONONO - Mark Crilley, HC Brown

TBH my art is pretty trash so I can't rant about others having bad art, but Holly's art is garbage. Most people I don't like are mostly because people annoy me too easily. If they aren't on the list I've either never seen them or liked them so little I ignored them

No. 196827

No offense anon but your taste is trash

No. 196842

I find it ironic how Mark Crilley is the most professional, technically skilled and experienced among your entire list yet he's the lowest. His cringey HTD manga style is a total marketing ploy, but he's got a really good personality. You can almost tell that he desperately wants to draw things that aren't in that style but he needs to eat.

No. 196843

File: 1498821213434.png (449.95 KB, 1241x1994, IMG_4749.PNG)

She needs to be here, honestly.
>She obviously copied cyarine but denies that she was inspired by cyarine.
>her reason that she wasn't copying were her brush strokes
>deletes comments that exposes her
>turned off the comment section for all the "hate" she received (but she turned it back on )
>accuses cyarine for "spreading hate"

No. 196857

File: 1498832854394.jpg (32.48 KB, 400x400, nNz0E3NY_400x400.jpg)

Not a youtube artist but streamer. Calls herself Queen of chibi art, can't draw anything outside her template. This is 90% of her artwork.

No. 196858

File: 1498832986190.jpg (278.6 KB, 1288x2048, queenofart.jpg)

No. 196859

File: 1498833193516.jpg (348.11 KB, 1559x2048, queenofart0.jpg)

No. 196863

All her art is literally the same thing.
>big eyed tumblr-nosed disnime girl looking slightly to the side.

No. 196867


Do you mean as in just having same style or tracing?

No. 196879

>copy of the same face on different colored backgrounds with different hairstyles

No. 196884

>copy of Cyarine who is a (poor) copy of Loish
If you're going to steal, why not look at the big boys?

>9k folllowers
>only 34 posts, nothing super technically skilled
Wish I could tap into the IG userbase at all, so I have to give her some credit for being able to market herself.

No. 196943

9k followers on IG
>as if people don't buy youtube, twitter, IG followers

No. 197002

TomatoMagica is apparently now begging for money for her birthday with friends. She's been turning down backlash with "People don't understand being poor!!" and apparently providing plenty of free art to suffice this.

No. 197003

File: 1498952835846.png (145.66 KB, 750x903, IMG_6500.PNG)

No. 197004

File: 1498954369332.png (114.96 KB, 1242x1066, IMG_4770.PNG)

She's turning 21 and she's asking for money? Does she even have a job?

No. 197017

I mean, I get buying followers in cases of being an IG model or vlogger or even a real celebrity because of negotiating for promotions and appearing to have brand recognition, but I don't see how that translates to art social media accounts. Bot accounts don't lead to networking or getting an audience who will pay for your projects, if that makes sense.

I wouldn't doubt if this kid (she seems young) bought them just to look impressive, but I don't get buying followers for art accounts.

No. 197022

a HUGE issue with digital web artists is that we just do not apply ourselves. even with the shittiest skill level, some dedication, diligence and knowing what market to cater to could turn the skill into a stable income source. getting jealous and whiny of the people who did do that instead of monetizing your own skills is a big waste.

No. 197031

Where do people even buy those?

No. 197082

I think it's more a case of not knowing how to. I spend 50/50 time creating art vs trying to learn marketing skills, going to networking events, trying to sell etc, and it's exhausting. I'm not getting new clients/work/sales, and I know my stuff is good enough because of the work I do get. I'm willing to work hard, but they don't teach you this useful stuff in college. Any pointers?

No. 197099

>they don't teach you this useful stuff in college
They do in business schools?

No. 197107

you need to get on insta, post twice daily, and tag as many applicable things as possible; use half art tags (#digitalart #animegirl #design) and half popular tags (#makeup #pretty #ootd). only draw fanart until you hit 3k, then you can do what you want. youtubers are really popular in general, and drawing any famous people can catch their eye and get a shout out.

any cartoony or anime style will get attention; its much harder to be liked for real trained skills and paintings, and easier with talents and drawings (compare roberto ferri to mioree). if you colored a traditional drawing digitally, normal people get immensely fascinated by that and like it. make your whole workspace look good before you photograph the drawing.

like/comment/follow artists you like; their followers see that and will follow you too. keep that up for a month, and you'll have a solid following to sell to.

No. 198416

is it wrong of me to not like Jazza? His art makes me feel weird, and most of it has some uncanny valley attributes. It can be wonky, weird and disproportionate etc. I know he's not a fine artist, but an animator/illustrator, but the fundamentals are similar across the board and I really believe you shouldn't be able to move on until you really have them down.

And just because Baylee SAYS she knows its mediocre doesn't excuse the fact that she's HAPPY to sit in that mediocrity.

No. 198417

oh ps best youtube artist IMO is Peter Sheeler, I love his little watercolor studies ! They make me happy. I wish he would choose some brighter colors sometimes, though. I'd like to see more warm palettes in his studies.

No. 198824

jacqueline deleon's art is so stale and boring, she draws the same thing over and over and doesn't improve. Wonky anatomy and weird-faced ladies all with the same face XP

Also, her icon? Looks nothing like her XP

No. 198848

File: 1500409015806.jpg (650.66 KB, 1220x1841, IMG_7302.JPG)

Yeah, her anatomy is stiff and her characters have a severe case of same face but I will give her credit for being able to market herself. It always bothered me that she always draws the same thing and still manages to get a ton of followers and get the chance to go to comic con. But then again non artists are pretty easy to impress with an ok artstyle and skill level

She draws a lot of mermaids and witch girls surrounded by plants, I guess people like that for the ~ aesthetic~ And because they think the drawing looks like them

She's like a discount Audra Auclair

No. 198849

Have anyone seen anything from tizzyart before? Probably not since she has like 100 subscribers, but she made a 20 minut rant on katherine ward despite not being the greatest artist herself

No. 198949

"She's like a discount Audra Auclair"

lmao so true!

No. 198950

…is she drunk? What's with all the slurring?

Who is Katherine Ward?

No. 198967

Another youtube artist, used to be shitty as you can see, but since she started artschool she've improved quite a bit
Her youtube is kalled Katherine ward art (Spoiler: she talks about jesus a lot)

No. 199193

ew ew ew thanks for the warning XP

No. 199209


i just checked this girl out on instagram and i immediately groaned aloud when i saw her art. the bright tumblr over-saturated red is not just on the nose and cheeks, its all over her characters! its looks so gross. even if you just disregard that on its own, her art just screams obnoxious.

>discount audra auclair


No. 199585

File: 1500844978862.jpg (75.01 KB, 694x376, w32er65.JPG)

that wonky face was bothering me
she's decent tho

No. 199748

that looks so much better

No. 199805

uuuuurgh HC Brown!! How is she at 150k suscribers? I cannot.

So high and mighty attitude yet her skills are shite, her art is shite.

No. 199806

You fixed it. She still has a weird hair thing going on but at least the face is better.

No. 199807

Errrrr… kinda gross?

No. 199822

wow I guess Bailey is getting desperate
Also I thought she was trying to lose weight? She's looking a lot bigger

No. 199933

>>199822 I lived when she said in twitter that this video was a total flop. Sorry but what did she expect? Mukbangs are usually livestreams, not videos.
Her latest 5 videos has been just shit, I don't understand why she does dumb videos when they don't get any views..

No. 199936


"It's gonna be like a live stream but not live"

what is the pooooint.
Just make it a livestream. It would be way more enjoyable.

Mukbangs can be videos, but usually they are edited so it's not fucking one hour long. What was she thinking??

No. 199946

It's baffling. She could be spending that time actually trying to get better at art.
"I can eat all the bacon I want!!" blaaaaaaaaaargh

Also, who the f funded hc brown's kickstarter for her ugly comic? For someone who makes all those anatomy videos and whatnot, she does follow up on it much in her art…
I get super salty because these hacks make a living out of it through their ability to market themselves and that feels like cheating. It's all smoke.

No. 199948

edit **she DOESN'T follow up on it much in her art…

No. 200026

Yeah, I couldn't sit through that video (or any of her videos as of late). Ever since her vlog about how people "shouldn't be sheep," her everything leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I understand your frustration, I mean it normal for people to be busy, but come on! We can all see from the vlogs how lazy she is.

No. 200340

This chicks obviously young- not only that but like… She's just talking. Why y'all so mad abt some young girl? Least she's not shitty as Holly.

No. 200346

Maybe not obnoxious as Holly but still pretty obnoxious

No. 200349


when she pans down to her cat, you can see her fugly bra draped over her chair. professional.

No. 200403

File: 1501355545273.jpg (380.51 KB, 969x969, IMG_2223.JPG)

Anyone here familiar with revolocities? I'll admit that his art is p ok (except for that terrible case of samefacing), but he's a total faggot that bitches and whines too much. He's kind of an egocentric that he manages to kiss mentaiko's ass

No. 200594

Classy. Also, that poor cat is like "wtf is this mess where am I supposed to walk?"

No. 200617

He's got a bit of an ego but I wouldn't say he's a cow. He barely does any ass kissing to mentaiko, though.

No. 200621

Eh, I guess. I remember when he embarrassed himself by posting a reaction video of himself crying after trump got elected smh

No. 200673

File: 1501658118258.png (1.14 MB, 1536x1058, Untitled.png)

sliceddoll from instagram copies tearzah's OCs and style but denies that she's copying her. Don't get me wrog, I don't like tearzah myself, but dislike these kind of people.

No. 200675

* but I still dislike these kind of people

Sorry for samefagging and my shitty grammar

No. 200693

File: 1501673515004.jpg (281.61 KB, 2048x1536, 19667485_812272202274255_18162…)

f-found another one?
pic-rel is reinagoth/younggoth

No. 200698

File: 1501684915122.jpg (130.08 KB, 750x1000, IMG_2229.JPG)

How old is this chick? Where are her parents? ddlg needs to die

No. 200703

I think shes 13

No. 200706

File: 1501694418474.jpg (28.11 KB, 480x480, 17634652_765553080279501_17557…)

she's 14-15 as I know

No. 200707

I thought she was 13?

No. 200708

Her art isn't that bad but she's wasting her talents on the cringe factory that's ddlg. Spoopy cummies? Really?

No. 200710

…i kind of like this? the concept at least, not so much the way its executed but it is interesting. besides its the sperm talking, not the girl

No. 200730


doesn't matter if she said it herself, she still drew it. and considering she's 14 and drawing this subject matter is concerning. plus cool u like overdone edgy hello kitty shit no1curr

No. 200768

are you also the person who keeps bumping the tearzah thread? if so, you must be 18 to post here.

No. 200786

I literally can't tell any of his male characters apart sometimes. They all have the same hairstyles, body types, and ofc sameface too. I respect how he is prolific though.

No. 200789

…but she's not copying… style theft isn't a thing. You cannot steal a style, you can see one, like it and USE it but there will always be differences. Who gives a shit? She sees OCs and translates them into her work, (as juvenile as that work is) it's a non issue. It isn't copying or tracing, stealing or any kind of theft. People in the professional world do this all of the time when we do old master copies – we "steal" style, it's a good way of learning other ways of thinking while drawing.

No. 200811

totally untrue.

No. 200827

The way he draws girls are p cute ngl but then he has 648294+ male characters that are probably his self inserts.

No. 200906

File: 1501897612688.jpeg (204.69 KB, 917x1200, A1614932-9990-4379-9120-F501A8…)

The face looks jacked. Why would you make that your cover image??

No. 200910

File: 1501904425287.jpg (15.73 KB, 321x164, refwds.JPG)

this whole thread is gold, along with this comment I found on baylee's new video.

No. 200912

that smol margaret palermo chin

No. 200916

All the YouTube Artist Collective videos went up today, what did you all think of them?

No. 200926

Someone already bought Baylees art for $200… There are so many more talented artists in the collective, I don't get it.

No. 200941

Baylee's looked awful. So much so that massively upvoted comments were saying it looked bad

No. 200978

Sophira Lou's was my favourite. IMO she's the best youtube artist (at least out of the well-known ones) her stuff is pretty solid, sometimes her style can be a bit off but she has some great concepts and uses nice colours. I met her in person at a con and she was super friendly too

there's a comment saying the horse looks like a potato lmao. Her coloring looks so patching and awful in this piece, like a first attempt at watercolour.

No. 200979

God, her watercolor application looks terrible! It's so patchy! Also, the composition is not well thought out, it looks rushed (but then again, the majority of her art looks that way).

No. 200982

Sophia Lou is amazing! Danica Sills is really good as well I think.

No. 200983

Yes! Danica's was one of my favorites, she puts a great deal of thought into the story behind the artwork and composition.

No. 200993

Do you think Baylee's art book will actually sell?

No. 201005

Yes, not maybe because it's good but because her following is mostly young kids who want to learn how to draw, and Baylee's work is easy to approach. Kinda like those manga books by christopher hart and Katy Coope.

No. 201287

File: 1502251433817.png (20.03 KB, 827x228, baylee.png)

No Baylee, that's now why the horse looks bad. Being defensive about it will hurt you more. And the person on the comment wasn't even being an ass.

No. 201295

Maybe…I do feel like people who are casually into drawing as a hobby might find it approachable, but then again most of her fans are quite young and don't have money. I recall that when she made shirts she mentioned in a vlog later that she sold a very small number, like less than 5 counting her own order.

No. 201352


There's an old anime where a girl grows a dragon or a dinosaur out of her butt, or she like sits on it's head and her ass fuses to it or something?
Anyhow, that's what it looks like is happening with this girl and horse.

that girl is inside that horse

No. 201367

Has anyone here heard of Gracepasseroti/Moxiestaurday??

No. 201373

Holy shit lmao You were not lying about patchy, this is so bad

Baylee and Holly always make me feel better about my own shitty art. At least Holly knows how to use color, sheesh

No. 201392

No kidding m8. Like, I'm no watercolor expert, but even I know that the way to achieve a smooth lay down of color is to wet the area first and apply the pigments in small increments afterwords. But yeah, her salt over people trying to help her makes me reeeeeeeee

No. 201404

You can achieve smooth layers of color using wet into dry, but you should have enough paint to cover your surface. In Baylee's case, she's using way to small brushes for the surface.It just seems she's trying to use watercolors as if they were markers rather than learning how to apply the medium.

No. 201415

Very true, also the type of brush she's using is one of those aqua brushes, which are meant for painting small sketches or small areas, not covering large areas. Ugh, it's infuriating watching her paint sometimes because it seems like she's refuses to use a bigger brush

No. 201426


I think Sophira Lou's work looks nice because the details hide the anatomy mistakes, but I do agree she's probably the best out of the bunch.
LemiaCrescent is the worst, mainly because that one stupid video of her keeps getting suggested to me.

perspective of the leg is totally off, I can't unsee it now.

No. 201434

File: 1502344008521.jpg (661.89 KB, 3365x1245, 1502238870142.jpg)

>lemiacrescent is the worst

Yeah her art is pretty atrocious, I'm wondering how old she is?
Not surprised HC Brown isn't in it, if she would stop being so unfriendly and drop this bitter bitch persona she could actually get somewhere.
Before she was "famous" I actually thought about befriending her and even buying something from her store(even with the wonky anatomy), but the more I watched her videos the more sour and a hypocrite she grew to be, it was pretty sad to watch but oh well, she doesn't seem like shes gonna change any time soon she's way too far up her own ass

I was curious as to why they don't have someone that's y'know actually really good like >>184135
but then I remembered that these people are too busy doing actual work/commissions to participate in some dumb artist youtube collective for more attention

On another note I'm glad Audra gets so much attention, her art is so pretty and she works really hard to improve herself it's a shame she's too busy to upload consistently

No. 201439

i have this vague memory of her mentioning pushing on 30 on one of her first videos, but i could be wrong.

No. 201441

no. way. i refuse to believe this

No. 201508

But honestly, what makes her artwork look worse is the lack of "heart." There is no real deeper story/meaning or love that goes into her pieces, which makes all of the anatomical mistakes and poor coloring choices more irritating.

No. 201509

LOL, I'd be really interested to see what some of YOUR art looks like since you're so big on criticizing people actually making a living from their art

No. 201515

this is a website dedicated to basically criticizing people, coming here and doing this makes you look stupid and butthurt

like for christ's sake people get it together and sage your irrelevant shit

No. 201520


True enough, but your criticisms half the time are terrible. Criticizing Baylee on patchy watercolor? Absolutely fair. Saying that every artist in the collective except Sophira is terrible and they're only doing it for attention? Not really criticism, and not really true. Criticism works best when it's actually true, when you start saying decent artists are all terrible just because they're not the absolute best, you look biased and petty.

It seems here that either you're really good, or you're really bad, with no room for artists in between. Lets be real, MOST of the artists in the collective are average artists, but that doesn't make them bad. It makes them decent artists, some of whom are better than others, all of whom are improving. To call them all terrible or just looking for attention is simply incorrect.

No. 201523

Can you sage next time if you're going to complain?

Anyway, it's their personality too but you may be a little too dense to notice that.

No. 201524


Sorry! Obviously I'm new here hopefully I did that right, tried to do the sage thing :)

I like to discuss artists and I'd like to be able to discuss their flaws & problems, but I also find it ridiculous when it's just bashing for no real reason.

Talking about personality flaws is also totally valid IMO, but to say "every artist in the collective wants attention" isn't specific. But I would agree personality is a perfectly valid thing to discuss, like Baylee's response to criticism.

No. 201525

File: 1502394877168.jpg (60.23 KB, 564x564, 95ee70516b0d77f0b51e3bb19602a0…)

>Saying that every artist in the collective except Sophia is terrible and they're only doing it for attention? Not really criticism, and not really true

I mean sure, you have some good level headed points here anon, especially about them being average! (Not to white knight)
But I also can't blame people for having high standards, I mean when I look for incredible artists, youtube isn't necessarily my first choice. Instagram, twitter , tumblr..etc, have a ton of really great popular artists that set the bar pretty high so it's easy to take one look at these popular artists on youtube and immediately compare them, especially since most people here are artists (I hope) and everyone knows how critical artists can be about themselves and others.
Not only does their skill play into this but also their personalities, like HC Brown for example, she's a decent artist but her attitude is awful and a huge turn off

Hmm the attention thing can be argued but eh, most people on youtube are thirsty for attention so
The thread is called general Artist SALT for a reason
I just wish there were more really good (non average) artists on youtube, it's more inspiring and helpful to watch someone who's really good as opposed to someone who is at the low/average level that's just me personally tho

No. 201526


Thanks, I appreciate that! You make some good points as well. Perhaps it's because the medium of making art on a video inhibits the ability to make good art to an extent? I tried once or twice and you have to adjust your position and drawing angle so that the camera can actually see what you are doing, and I can imagine it would be harder to film a long extended piece that takes more time to create? Whereas with instagram, twitter, tumblr, you're not filming and documenting the process, so you can take as much time as you want to create it, you don't have to worry about getting in the way of the camera and lighting and all that stuff.

That said, Audra is really phenomenal, as well as Danica Sills - and I really like Iraville as well, if you haven't ever seen her stuff. A lot of the good artists don't upload as frequently, probably as they spend longer on their pieces? I do think a lot of the collective girls are talented though, and they do seem to be improving, even if they're not at Loish or Audra level. Kirsty Partridge also creates some really beautiful stuff. I agree, it's really inspiring to watch someone who really really knows their stuff.

You've got a point about it being called artist salt as well, i can't really come into a thread about bitching and complain about bitching! I don't mind bitching, I guess I just felt like a lot of it wasn't for a valid reason.

No. 201527


oh and I definitely agree about the personality thing, 100%.

No. 201533

Audra's art is beautiful but her personality is very obnoxious at times, with the whole feminist-activist crap. One time in the middle of a voice over she started whining about someone on the street using a leaf blower and muh environment. I think she has toned it down lately where I actually managed to sit through some videos, which is good because her art is pleasant to look at.

No. 201534

a think a lot of the salt also stems from the fact you have so many budding artists taking their first dip into creativity following average Youtube creators, who most of the time have no real insight or knowledge to pass onto them because they don't know what they're doing in the first place. the fact Baylee is publishing an art tutorial book when she has little grasp of the fundamentals herself ( something she's seemingly aware of, even ) is ridiculous.

No. 201540

Let's be real, the whole anonymous forum salt is for people to vent their immediate feelings and not have to deal with consequences, so a lot of thoughts here probably don't even reflect what people think completely and are mostly moved by emotion and impulsion.

The reason most of the popular Youtubers are really just average (or below average) artists is because video making and actual art making are different skills.
You can have someone who is pretty good at creating content on Youtube, yet their videos are centered on something really unimpressive. Just notice how some of those storytelling girls have over 1 million subscribers. Eventually you can find some gem where the person is good at both, but it's not always the case.

No. 201542

this is so fucking bad, what? people think this looks good? technique aside, it's so incredibly flat, even with half the girl's body hidden by hair you can tell she has no concept of anatomy, and don't get me started on that god awful horse. jesus.

No. 201543

Some of the channels I think are worth taking a look and don't see mentioned a lot, there's a variety of styles/ages/mediums:

Bobby Chiu
June Art
Kelly Eddington Watercolors
Lioba Brückner
Marco Bucci

Warning that Lioba's personality may come off as a bit full of herself sometimes, but I think that's mostly due to the way Germans tend to be very blunt and honest. (Still annoys me a bit at times tho).

No. 201545

>but I think that's mostly due to the way Germans tend to be very blunt and honest.
They don't, they're very clinically polite. That's the Dutch. I wish yanks would stop excusing foreigners' rudeness with "oh, that's just how they are over there". I live in a country teeming with petty, jealous twats and gossipy churchgoers but can still manage to not be one to a stranger.

No. 201550

i would also suggest Apterus, BrotherBaston, BORODANTE, Tina Yu, LEK CHAN, Mike Henry, Minnie Small, Remarin, Ryan Pancoast, Sinix, Aaron Blaise, etc.

No. 201565

>>assuming people's nationalities
And no, I'm not excusing, if I was I wouldn't be the one pointing out she sounds full of herself at times and that it annoys me.
>>Germans not being honest and blunt
That's German 101. Sounds like you haven't been around Germans by saying that. Obviously a generalization doesn't apply to everyone. Note that the bluntness does not equal rudeness, tho. It just may be considered rude when you're used to people telling white lies all the time. I myself find that no-bullshit approach delightful and not rude at all, because it's usually a kind of honesty that carries little to no malice.

No. 201568

File: 1502407433134.jpg (16.96 KB, 470x156, lord.JPG)

Don't derail and sage your irrelevant post

Anyway people seem to be catching on that Holly wasn't invited to the artist collective thing

No. 201570

don't do it Holly

No. 201573


You are required to create traditional art for the collective, doesn't holly usually work digitally?

No. 201583


peter draws is my favorite artist on youtube and I haven't seen him mentioned here yet. his personality is also really great. he made me realize how shitty ppl like baylee are, even tho their styles are so different (peter does abstract) something about peter is so much more legit. he's an artist, not an illustrator who only specializes in pretty portraits of girls. he's overlooked imo

No. 201584

Oh my god Ive been pretty active posting artists I like ITT and I can't belive I forgot to mention peter. He is amazing, been following him for years. His older videos are really relaxing to watch, but I like this recent one a lot

No. 201587

Katie Jobling is pretty fantastic too, I really enjoyed her sketchbook diaries series.

No. 201591

File: 1502416588549.png (1.28 MB, 1184x737, peter.png)

Peter is highly amusing. Cracks me up sometimes.

No. 201621

File: 1502441128683.jpg (37.44 KB, 581x586, Capture1.JPG)

Hmm she doesn't look that old

No. 201629

Oh wow i thought this was holly scrolling pass.

No. 201653

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TztK6pmqQKM What do you guys think of this?

No. 201656

File: 1502481020730.jpg (62.47 KB, 713x452, eh.JPG)

eh it's ok
it's as basic as Baylee gets

No. 201659

I'll give her some shred of credit for attempting an aged character but that left arm is ridiculous long. the colour scheme isn't very pleasant either. It's not bad just— eh.

No. 201667

The hands are fucked in comparison to the face, and it has an uncanny valley feel to it. Gross

No. 201668

holy shit i didn't even notice the hands at first. what is going on there.

No. 201675

that pillow shading.

No. 201684

Ugh that color scheme bother me to no end! She never deviates from the same blue, purple, pink colors. It looks so bleh

No. 201690


A few years ago Lemia mentioned she was 26 in a video, and she has a teaching degree so she's not young.

No. 201691

Holly looks more like Quasimodo.

No. 201744

LMAO I had not seen it, it's SOOOO bad lololol

No. 201746

I think a family member must've bought it.

No. 201747

I want to believe this, but considering how easy to impress her audience seems to be…

No. 201786

It's more than just the quality of the work, it's her attitude to people trying to help her. I swear, my cholesterol is in the freaking danger zone from how salty she was in the comments.

No. 201838

I can't imagine Baylee ever growing outside of YouTube, simply because of how desperately she clings onto copics. Companies want digital art nowadays. It's just easier.

No. 201841

Also that the mediums that she generally uses are not archival (copics have terrible lightfast ratings)

No. 201845

I mean that's a given
girl only has friends from youtube, I can't imagine anyone from any other website looking at her art and thinking it's good and wanting to associate with her

No. 201869

I don't even think she has close relationships on YouTube, everyone is super passive aggressive towards each other lol

No. 201880

The fact that she's so adamantly against digital art, and refuses to learn about it, at age 26(?), is crazy. Physical media will always be around, but digital is the future for professional art, and to turn your nose up at it, and still call yourself a professional is ridiculous

No. 201882

Wait, she's against digital art? Doesn't she have a Cintiq and do some (rare) digital speedpaints here and there?

No. 201993

she is on a personal level, as in she doesn't want to learn digital art herself. she'll avoid it like the plague if she can. i guess because since there are so many digital artists on Youtube, it's harder for her to downplay how bad she is.

No. 201997

There are 14 year olds on YouTube, with more digital art experience/knowledge and knowhow, more equipped to be professional artists than her.

No. 202006

She doesn't react well when this is pointed out lol. Rather than use people's critiques as fuel to work harder at improving, she gets all salty

No. 202013

File: 1502833284361.png (20.54 KB, 726x183, j.png)

She can´t take even the slightest bit of criticism.

No. 202014

that's exactly the type of reply that's trying to come across as funny, but you can just feel how she didn't like it ahahaha

No. 202019

What video was that from?

No. 202021

Her pictures have no depth whatsoever

No. 202022

The lack of contrast is driving me nuts!

No. 202023

She received a lot of criticism because it was really similar to another youtuber and because her color schemes weren´t very nice. She responded to a lot of them in that passive agresive way and then wrote and pinned an incredibly salty comment defending herself. She deleted the pinned comment afterwards, guess she realized how ridiculous it made her look. I´m sad I didn´t get a screenshot of that it was hilarious.

No. 202035

File: 1502842929691.jpeg (283.25 KB, 1200x1193, BE26BD55-D1C5-43F9-8A8C-1B3A30…)

How bleak

No. 202036

growing potential and then complete plateau from 2012 on

No. 202037


No. 202045

Baylee has by far the most subs out of the YT artist collective yet she's also the absolute worst among them. How ironic is that?

No. 202080

File: 1502863261123.png (700.46 KB, 946x535, ll.png)

I think her youtube following has played a big part in her not improving. Her fans tell her she is the best artist and defend her against all critique. Now that she is trying to sell an artbook and be a legit professional, more is expected of her and she just can't handle it. When she gets suggestions in the comments she either accuses the people of being the ignorant ones
>>202013 like this

or makes up lame excuses

No. 202085

File: 1502871123009.jpg (598.2 KB, 1058x1229, Screenshot_20170816-180728.jpg)

Lana jay art its everything wrong with the UWU cute aestetic

No. 202086

Hm, I like this picture? Looks like something you'd get printed on an overpriced vendor mug.

No. 202094

>this was taken at an angle
This just sounds like she's making excuses. Also, if I were her, I would always take photos at the right angle so the artwork won't be warped.

Though the eye still bothers me.

No. 202097

I skimmed thru this entire thing and cringed. Some of the stuff she's gluing to her face is delicate, like that finetec pan, and all i can think is "what happens if she sneezes and this stuff falls off? it probably breaks." She'd probably use her yt pennies to just buy more tho if that happened cos her husband probably pays all the house bills etc so why not.

I'm neutral on Bananajamana. Her paintings are really average looking, but cute. Her DIYs are ok. She doesn't handle criticism well, and her relationship with her husband makes me sad on a personal level because it seemed so easy for her to just pack up and get a visa for UK, when for me and the guy i've been with for years it's been an exercise in jumping thru hoops except the hoops get smaller and higher as time passes. Maybe my bf should consider a career change to youtuber so he can make the requisite amount of money to bring me over lol. That they both act like kids is weird af too.

PeterDraws is a gift to the world and i love his videos.

No. 202098

>the face is pretty much done
>edit: it's not done yet so don't judge


No. 202105

>never judge a work in progress!!!
that's the best time to judge, why wouldn't you want to find and fix mistakes before actually investing yourself in a piece and finishing it? she's so far up her own damn ass.

No. 202107

File: 1502894848192.png (758.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1694.PNG)

I really think that's the reason why I hate this here is an example of that style done right

Lana it's just so mediocre

No. 202114

You're not allowed to have standards! You might hurt wittle Baylee's feelings loll!

No. 202127

you can practically taste baylee's butthurt lmao

speaking of yt artists, I always see this person commenting on most of Baylee's videos and her art isn't very good either but the fact that she has 7k subs is pretty impressive

No. 202129

I really like this artist's backgrounds! She's improved since she started her channel.

No. 202132

Sometimes I've shown people WIPs and for example, I'll say "Ok the text is just a placeholder but what do you think of the background?" and they'll be like "looks great but I'm REALLY not feeling the text :/" lol it happens surprisingly often and I can understand people getting annoyed. But 1. Baylee totally backtracked about how finished it was. 2. She needs to fucking get over it if she's trying to be anything like a professional. I hate this attitude many internet artists have where anything fans/clients say that's even mildly annoying is fucking blasphemy and should never happen again.

No. 202138

Took the words right out of my mouth. I swear, how these "artists" treat their fans is just disgusting. These people support you, why are you talking to them like they're lump and prowl?

No. 202139

Blaming the reference picture again, like she did on >>201287

No. 202141

Instagram pages about "artist relatable memes" making 547 posts about how it's sacrilege to compliment an artist by saying "I can't even draw a stick figure"

No. 202149

goddd yeah that's exactly what i was talking about. it gives me such secondhand embarrassment. it's like a combination of the perpetual victim complex where being in the category "artist" makes them feel like an underdog and having 0 life experience so the first time something mildly annoying happens they freak the fuck out.

No. 202150

that poor portrait is so dead inside

No. 202151

That's an understatement. I swear the victim complex drives me up the wall. It's like, hey, people like you stuff, be proud and work hard.

No. 202152

I love how her "not this" looks better and less muddy than the "do this". Also, she can't use the Copic marker system for shit. They made the numbers to help with smooth shading.

No. 202153

The comment section on that video was gold. The amount of salt coming from Baylee was too good lol

No. 202154

it's not just in the art community either. IT and graphic design people do the same shit. I think it happens when people think having an income doing what they like for a hobby (drawing,coding,designing) should mean they literally just get to do their hobby and get paid, so they're gobsmacked when they actually have to deal with annoying clients/viewers. Sometimes listening to people rant about their job is fun but you can usually tell when they're just blowing off steam and when they're genuinely shocked and offended by normal annoyances

No. 202155

Holly Hearts is one of my favorite art messes. She has original and varied video ideas and films in different locations too. I believe that se would have 100,000+ subscribers if her execution weren't so butt ugly. She made a collab with a 13 year old once, and the girl's drawing looked better than hers.

No. 202156

Haha very true. This is why I decided against getting an art degree, too many train wrecks lol.

No. 202157

I know Failed Artist, for her age she on the right track. Some of the smaller art channels have amazing work, it's a shame that they don't get more attention.

No. 202160

File: 1502923417542.png (263.07 KB, 575x323, cr.PNG)

talking of the youtube collective, the one that drives me up the wall is Chloe Rose. look at this. from the comments, she knows how bad the anatomy is - but she still has the gall to a/ sell the work and b/ offer tutorials. how can you produce such rubbish and then ask for money. how

No. 202161

Don't even get me started on her, she is so freaking annoying. Any sort of critique and she starts crying for attention from her followers. Like, cry me a river, rather than try and take what people have to say to heart, she flips her lid and calls them "rude."

No. 202162

Let's not forget this gem

No. 202171

Let's play a game, I'll give you a phrase and you tell me the first people who come to your mind
>>child-like lady in her 20s drawing Disney inspired stuff on Youtube

No. 202172

BananaJamana and Baylee

No. 202175

I swear I'm not white knighting, but I kinda feel bad for Baylee. Like, she seems to be an empty person, hence why she buys so much. It's almost like she's trying to fill a void or maybe she's just one of those types that are addicted to buy stuff idk

No. 202176

File: 1502931036028.jpg (70.91 KB, 810x443, trhrshrt.JPG)

it's funny because she redrew that piece and it still looks bad

No. 202179

lol her background looks super dirty

No. 202186

that everything, i'm going to cry.
honestly i'm quicker to shit on the people who buy her pieces, it's on them for being fucking idiots.

No. 202187

More like being super lose with their money (or their parent's money lol)

No. 202190

File: 1502933822581.png (1.88 MB, 1158x1196, jMYRc2N.png)

reading the comments on this piece on her instagram is surreal, I guess her audience is just very young.

Also is this the same person who painted this, how is this possible????

No. 202192

File: 1502934141169.png (836.06 KB, 598x599, ugh.png)

there's a difference between copying and drawing. there's a surprising amount of people who are decent at observational drawing who can't apply that to anything outside of copying something that already exists.

pic related is what she posted right after. a commission, no less.

No. 202197

someone payed money for that

No. 202198

Reminds me of some poster I saw in a local art shop online, and it was a manga workshop. The manga drawing on the poster was godawful and it made me wonder why this guy gets a lots of students participating in his class. Like hell, he doesn't even have a basic grasp of anatomy.

No. 202200

You should check out Paigeeworld. A lot of people sell shitty tutorials for a buck or two.

No. 202204

I stopped using that platform a long time ago, you have to pay to get noticed on there now

No. 202206

That's so fucking surreal. Drawing original stuff with no reference is what i'm best at and get the most positive feedback on, including anatomy and facial proportions, but I'm sure I couldn't do something like >>202190. I don't know how to feel about this

No. 202207

You're not the only one

No. 202208

Baylee needs to take a page out of Bobby's book, this man is amazing! Some of the best advice I've heard.

No. 202209

like i understand that people have different skills-me included, but the gap is so staggering here. this isn't analagous to a musician being great at guitar but a very meh bassist. It's like being great at guitar but your genuine attempt at playing bass is mashing your palm against all the strings like it's your first time with a stringed instrument. There's NO carryover with your skills?!

No. 202211

Tbh, I'm just as confused as you. I don't get it. Either she spent no time at all on the "catoony" artwork and rushed the shit outta it and spent a year on the copied at or we're living in clown world were all this garbage doesn't make sense

No. 202216

These sort of realistic pieces can be really deceiving when it comes to a person's skill. Someone can copy a photo using techniques such as grids. They can be a valuable tool a lot of times, don't take me wrong, but amateurish people sometimes use these kinds of things to copy a picture and make their finished product look much more impressive than what they're usually capable of achieving, getting a lot of praise from people who aren't that familiar with the art making process and thus think this sort of realism is the ultimate showdown of abilities. Also, if you get too deep on this sort of fairly-mindless-copy-realism you're not really learning how to BUILD a drawing, the structure, the fundamentals. You are basically becoming a human printer.

No. 202219

a cynical part of me suspects it's a paint over

No. 202221

Interesting take. Again, something that everyone in this forum has mentioned is that a lot of these online artists is that they spit in the face of fundamentals

No. 202222

Is it just me or does Baylee have really chunky fingers?

No. 202224

Looks like you´re right. In this video she explains that she spent seven years copying pictures and didn´t care about learning the fundamentals until recently.

No. 202228

Well. That explains a lot

No. 202245

File: 1502966448490.png (413.32 KB, 475x316, kw.PNG)

Katharine Ward, anyone? this chick goes to actual art school. another one that somehow sells work. 111k subscribers. there's kind of a lot of god stuff on her channel too

No. 202257

i've read it either on this thread or another, but she seems to be making legitimate efforts to improve. can someone confirm this?

No. 202260

Chloe has stated that she's spent years learning to paint and draw realistically and from observation, and she's now trying to learn how to work from her head, so she's at the very start of that journey. She knows it's not very good right now, but I'm sure she will improve. It's just not her strong suit. It's really hard to take being able to paint from observation and then paint from your head, so I commend her for realizing it's time for her to take that leap and start working on a new skill.

No. 202261

I've seen her instagram, she's definitely improved a great deal.

No. 202263

yeah sure, but then don't sell it for money, and don't claim to be qualified to offer tutorials

also, working without reference shouldn't really be an aim. it wouldn't have been wrong to look at a picture of someone holding their arm up to see how shoulders work before starting that blue pic

No. 202268

YTAC requires you to sell all artworks completed, she doesn't have a choice. She sold it for $30 and someone made the decision to purchase it - that's not on her, that's on them. If someone felt it was worth $30, that is their decision, and they are the only people responsible for it.

She hasn't done any tutorials on how to draw, especially none on cartoon/non referential drawing. She's given general tips to artists, which is not the same thing. She's skilled in one area and not another, that doesn't mean she can't offer any advice at all.>>202263

No. 202270

fair enough if them's the rules, but, you know, if you know you have to sell a piece and it turns out like that, you scrap it, realise you're gonna have to find a reference, and start again

maybe it was a question of time, but still

she does have a tutorial up called 'How to draw a realistic eye' but yeah it's true that the other videos are all of the 'ten top tips' variety, fair enough

No. 202273

What? So she's not allowed to post it or even hint that she drew it without selling it? If that's true it's ridiculous. I'm not acting like it's a moral failure for her to be shit at drawing from her mind, I just think that the descrepency between her skillsets is way bigger than usual. If I drew something like that and posted it I would expect negative feedback. Like others have said, she could use a vague reference or even look back to her old realistic portraits to try to piece together some cartoon anatomy. It really looks like she didn't even try.

No. 202276

Yes, one of the things in the YTAC is that all the artworks go for sale, so yeah it's just part of the collective. The discrepancy between her skill sets is pretty drastic, but I'm sure she will improve quickly. There was some nice work done in the hair, it's mostly the anatomy that struggled, and she's well aware of that.

Her channel is also primarily comedic videos, hacks, and top tip type things as well, I don't believe she's ever promoted herself as an amazing artist, though I do think she is talented. (If you follow her on twitter she did some lovely work for a magazine recently. She's very good with reference.) I actually think it's pretty cool that someone with a following put up work that isn't as good as she normally creates - I think it shows that it's OK to not be perfect. A lot of these YouTubers have a young audience, and it can be really intimidating if they see stuff like her Supernatural piece all the time. I think it can be really helpful to younger artists to see even more experienced artists struggle with a different style or medium. That's just my opinion though!

No. 202287


No. 202300

but what does that really mean? is it just that if she shows it in a video it has to be for sale?

No. 202306

It means that all the art that the artists create for the ytac theme has to be put up for sale. So all of them, Baylee, Chloe, Danica Sills, Sophira, all the rest of them… They all create art for the collective every theme, and the art they create gets put up for sale for the fans. If you look a lot of them only ever sell stuff when it comes around to the collective. It's part of what the collective does - fans vote on a theme, they all create art based on it, and then all that art is listed for sale. It's part of the whole thing, basically.

No. 202311

ah ok. thanks for explaining. that's pretty reasonable after all

No. 202324

Good point re the younger audience. In an ideal world maybe a video would include the first piece, and then a redraw to show how you don't have to be perfect, plus how you can learn from mistakes

No. 202361

File: 1503089811475.jpg (60.57 KB, 542x417, yikes.jpg)

Please search Sanzaki Kojika on Facebook… you won't be disappointed. She's been drawing for so many years but her art never improves. She's always at conventions with booths and I just don't understand

No. 202403

Uhm…. this should be in the Bad Art Thread son…
Her art is like the epitome of deviantART. Makes me wonder how someone doesn't want to improve their art at all bc damn this is godawful. Especially for someone who's been around since 2003?

No. 202407

1. lemi does not know how to behave in front of a camera

2. If she's 25+, it makes this immensely more of a mess.

No. 202439

I cannot imagine carrying all that around on the regular. Like idk i work a regular office job tho and i'm not a yt art superstar so maybe i don't know anything, but my art kit for going out is super pared down.
I don't get how all these meh-tier artists have like 100K+ subs either like. wow.

No. 202440

Mr. Otter Art Studio is one of my fav art channels. I like that they do a lot with just a simple Prang 8 set. It's just nice to know that you can make nice stuff with minimal materials, and I think that idea is missing from like 90% of yt artists.
I like PeterDraws a lot too. Wow. He's so cool.

No. 202441

Would be nice if these youtubers would take notes from James Gurney. I like how he explains during his painting process unlike other youtubers who just whines and complains about everything. Makes them look like they refuse to get better at art.

No. 202446

The effort she put into the background was actually really impressive. She reminds me of a more skilled Bittersweetnitemare.

No. 202632

Lordy this looks pretty bad when you compare the two lol

No. 202633

Baylee also made a video on that thing. Maybe they're sponsored and that is why they use it.

No. 202640

she claims it's not sponsored in the video but i'm not sure i buy it tbh.

No. 202642

I personally wouldn't buy it, it looks pricey and there are cheaper alternatives, like an actual backpack or a messenger bag

No. 202644

oh, i meant not entirely believing her when she says it's not sponsored. i wouldn't buy the actual bag either.

No. 202646

File: 1503274189116.jpg (121.99 KB, 1200x600, collage.jpg)

Well maybe they got it sent to them for free, but get to choose if they talk about it or not. I think that's technically not a sponsor.

Also LOL at the modeling in those videos. Why leave this in?

No. 202649

apparently being a weird little fuck is like totally amazing and like relatable yasss biatch yasssss :3

No. 202650

I've noticed this too, especially when YTAC videos come out. They all generally talk and act the same way?

No. 202652

You know, now that you mention it, they do talk/act very similarly. Kinda creepy, like, Illuminati creepy

No. 202654

What the hell at 19:31

No. 202707

Disney animu basic girls in their 20s making Youtube vids, not surprising they all sound the same.

No. 202747

>Disney animu basic girls

ilu, anon. this is exactly the label description they should have.

gosh it is SO BULKY. but hey it can be used as a lap desk i guess? still like… my bf is a real honest to god professional artist and doesn't use bags like that or carry a fuckload of art supply with him everywhere. no one we know does.
It probably was just free shit sent to yt artists, but i'm not putting "being terribly impractical" down as something these girls wouldn't do aswell.

No. 202794

As someone who has anime influence in my artwork, it's insulting. It's like, come on, add a freaking background and fix your anatomy!

No. 203254

Any thoughts on this?

No. 203271

Disney/animu basic girl:
>>Obsessed with mermaids and/or witches
>>Disney princesses
>>Always drawing girls, when attempts at drawing men are made they look overly feminine
>>Doesn't bother with fundamentals
>>Likely went to school for animation
>>Cacti and/or candles

No. 203277

File: 1503692068080.png (1006.81 KB, 1366x722, Untitled.png)


if you actually follow the link in the description, it takes you to the website through a campaign link, which are usually used to track the traffic through the website. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's a paid advertisement though

No. 203278

File: 1503692534340.jpg (117.79 KB, 1200x384, collage.jpg)

They both did something similar,art a la carte managed to make the girl's face proportionate despite it being a scribble challenge. Baylee's color scheme is very flat and uninteresting, and those proportions…she didn't even try.

No. 203282

File: 1503693256785.jpg (203.5 KB, 676x517, 1472136306048.jpg)


girls are prettier and funner to draw than guys, though

No. 203296

i agree, and plenty of men just draw themselves with tits when they try to draw women. but usually you can tell who just prefers to draw one sex more and who doesn't know shit about bone structure and wants to draw both but can't

No. 203301

Baylee's isn't even aesthetically pleasing to look at. She didn't take the shadows far enough with the skin so it looks really flat next to the hair.

No. 203304

doesn't she have a mic? the audio is atrocious.

No. 203306

(Ross is good tho).

No. 203307

samefag, but i'll assume she's far away so it doesn't show up in the stupid chromakey, and her cats are rubbing against it but she doesn't give enough of a shit to just keep them out of the room for seven fucking minutes.

No. 203308

YEah he does do well… that same face tho.

No. 203324

That's just embarrasing. She has much potential but she wastes it by being a fragile prick stuck in old but familiar ways of doing things.

No. 203329

Im gonna sound like a snob now but i'm so fucking salty at how people like her can SELL her drawings for MONEY, while my drawings which are objectively better can't even get people to ask for free requests. Are these people just gods at promoting themselves? Do they have good connections or something? Fuck.

No. 203330

I guess she's really good at tracing but doesn't actually know shit about anatomy.

No. 203331

Well she's kinda chubby so it's not weird that her fingers are chunky as well.

No. 203334

it's all about marketing yourself, anon. what all of the sub-par youtube artists lack in actual skill they make up for with their personality and how they sell themselves. it's frustrating for people who can't do that sort of acting, but it's the reality of the online entertainment world.

No. 203348

oh my god i know someone just like this that went to my art school. how is this a thing?

No. 203351

It's all about marketing. This is the same reason you'll sometimes see an human interest piece on the news about a 3 yr old "painting prodigy" who does shitty abstract stuff every other 3 yr old is doing. The only difference between him and the other kids is that his parents are marketing sharks and know how to sell his shit.
I feel this way about like 80% of modern/abstract art aswell. Like yeah these yt artists bother me, but seeing a canvas painted a solid colour sell for millions of dollars makes me cry a bit on the inside, cos it's not really art imo, it's just clever buying and selling based on who knows whom and who wants what, and what brings about lots of prestige, etc.

It was me for a brief time in community college, but I could never shake the basic.
I switched majors and I'm an accountant now, and just do art for fun.
It's scary how some girls never grow out of this stuff or grow up in general and manage to get a following for being this way

No. 203385

Learning to use that in your favour instead of getting salty is the key. First and foremost, before complaining the Chloes and Baylees are popular for no reason because they suck, learn to also recognize their efforts in places other than their own art. Baylee as an example might be beyond mediocre in art, but she puts the right effort into her Youtube channel and that generates results.

I'm constantly surrounded by musicians and I see this happen all the time. You have the technically amazing people who don't achieve much beyond being teachers because even if they are amazing at playing music, the way they present themselves is unappealing. As much as some people like to pretend -it's all about the sound- it really isn't most of the time, people enjoy savouring music as a whole experience, a.k.a also visually. And then they get whinny about how they aren't achieving much because this and that when in reality they are just lacking in other aspects.

You can sit around and cry about how everything is unfair or learn to play the game. And by that I don't mean being something you are not, I'm sure there are appealing things within yourself. Acknowledge them and play your strengths.

No. 203390

>It's all about marketing. This is the same reason you'll sometimes see an human interest piece on the news about a 3 yr old "painting prodigy" who does shitty abstract stuff every other 3 yr old is doing. The only difference between him and the other kids is that his parents are marketing sharks and know how to sell his shit
I remember this article I read online about a 17-year old kid who sells 5"x7" monochrome portraits for $60 a pop to fund her education for art college. I like how her parents encouraged her to do that but this one comment stating that she should've sacrificed her beach trips so she can afford art education and use the money she earned for less privileged kids.

sage if too ot

No. 203392

sage for samefag
Also she comes from a privileged background so it's not really a surprise she got featured/advertised in an article. I got kinda salty about it but then again I'm impressed she got to her dream school by doing commissions instead of crowdfunding.

Is Ross the most photogenic artist of all time?

No. 203497

They probably all got an early access to the bags for free in exchange for videos.

It's depressing that all the meh-tier artists with insane fanbases get all the free loot for reviews, while the actually-good artists don't get a chance to try the good stuff and expand their meager fanbases…. mucho salty

No. 203498

Ross looks better in that bra than I ever will in one lmao

No. 203550

File: 1503882665404.jpg (35.96 KB, 481x338, Captureytr.JPG)

it's funny that you mention that since Baylee's bridal shower had her and her friends dressed as disney princesses

No. 203551

look, i'm not gonna lie, this whole '26 y.o. acting like a kid' thing she has going on creeps me the fuck out.

No. 203552

She acts like a kid in a lot of ways, including the way she goes about her art. Random cartoony rushed drawings of princesses or dolls and characters that look like extras for some cartoon, and then mindless coloring for hours. I'm an artist and can get behind some mindless coloring too, but the way she goes about art just reminds me of how I did when I was 12 where I have a completely different approach now. Don't know if that makes sense. I wonder just how few areas of her life she's not childish in.

No. 203595

Imagine getting on the subway and seeing this. I've seen a lot of crazy shit on the L, but a group of grownass women dressed like Disney princesses would probably weird me out enough to change cars tbh.

you are not alone, anon.

No. 203615

Eh… to be honest I don't get the whole appeal Disney princesses have to these girls, is it the nostalgia? The fantasy? Both?

No. 203616

File: 1503942136645.jpg (90.67 KB, 805x600, disney-7.jpg)

it's dat monarch mind control. doesn't work on every kid but these feeble minded dweebs never stood a chance.

No. 203662

File: 1503964655221.png (2.63 MB, 1910x1085, baylee.png)

I looked for the vlog because that image scared me a bit, and after a wee bit noticed it's more os a basic girl thing than creepy womanchildness, judging by naked Joe on the fridge.
Well to each their own I suppose.

No. 203663

File: 1503965026584.png (3.11 MB, 1898x904, baylee2.png)

Pardon for samefag, but cmon, this is 10/10 great.

No. 203687

lmao what the heck

No. 203736

I don't see a problem? They're not harming anyone. I see no issue in a grown woman liking Disney and Disney princesses. Let people enjoy things. It doesn't harm you. It's such a middle school attitude to have to judge others for their likes and hobbies, because they're not "cool enough." Like who gives a fuck? And it has nothing to do with her art at all. It's a bachelorette party, they're having a good time.

No. 203738

imo I don't mind people doing that but it's weird posting this kind of thing on YT when most of your subscribers are just a bunch of young kids.

No. 203753

Nice to know I'm not the only one who finds this creepy as fuck.

No. 203766

lmao relax anon
this entire website if for judging people and their life choices

No. 203770

File: 1504039329282.png (2.45 MB, 1904x947, drunkbaylee.png)

OC here, I wasn't ironic when I said 10/10, I thought a bunch of disney princesses with dicks was hilarious.
Plus the ending of Baylee pissed drunk at McDonalds dressed as Belle sipping from a dick shaped container was excellent

No. 203792

… Well, it seems I have stared so long into the obis that it has stared right back at me.

No. 203793

best bit was the closeup of the false eyelash falling off

No. 203796


No. 203797

spell check is a little bitch lol

No. 203805

File: 1504057384275.jpg (206.2 KB, 1889x878, bayleeandthebeast.jpg)

No. 203816

The guy's face next to Baylee is priceless XD

No. 203842

eh she slapped an age restriction on it at least

No. 203947

File: 1504184939382.png (4.93 MB, 2074x676, ohyou.png)

No. 203956

File: 1504205664517.png (203.35 KB, 582x435, Bayleesketchbook.png)

This should be… interesting.

No. 204079

File: 1505079820118.png (49.22 KB, 249x138, bjlive.PNG)

>>203956 it… doesn't seem to be going so well

No. 204084

Apparently Jellie Bee is pretty shady and has been scamming people out of their money through Patreon

No. 204088

When people have comment on her videos about it, she deletes the comments to silence them

No. 204096

Really? Earlier in the thread >>185690 mentioned something about her print business refund issues. I wonder what is going on.
What is the deal with Patreon, tho? Are people not getting their rewards?

No. 204097

Baylee is on that stage where everything she manages to draw is an improvement, really…

No. 204118

I know not everyone in this thread likes Lemi, but the comments in her videos explains a bit of what's going on with Jellie Bee stiffing people

No. 204155

she doesn't know how to use watercolors at all. It's super mottled and bloomy and those black shadows don't look good at all (as they tend to do on any color of skin).

No. 204157

This seems to be more of a surface problem. It looks like she's using watercolor on gesso which does generally end up having that bloomy, weird effect. It could also be watercolor ground, which I never used to be able to give an in-depth opinion but heard it also absorbs differently than watercolor paper. Can't say it wasn't a bit of poor decision making to choose that surface, tho.
If you check out some other videos, the ones where she uses paper tend to be better. Her biggest problem is the blatant sameface, but technique-wise she's not really usually bad.

No. 204159

File: 1505152924891.png (50.36 KB, 932x357, jelliebee.png)

Later confirmed to be Jellie Bee in the comments.
I would like to see Jellie's side of the story as well, but if she really is deleting comments, that ain't good. Can't say I don't find it a bit funny when dirt emerges on those holier-than-thou SJW types as well.

No. 204160

From what I gather she didn't fulfill her kickstarter…

No. 204169

Yeah, people are pissed. A similar situation is happening with Sakuems, since it's been like 2 years and she still hasn't finished the book.

No. 204182

At least Sakuems seems to be posting updates

No. 204186

True, but that still make me really mad about Jellie Bee. That's people's hard earned money and it makes people less inclined to back people's projects.

No. 204258

minnie small (aka semiskinnedmin) has a huge following too, but I'm not sure I get it. She sounds nice and has hi-quality vids, but her art is so bleh

No. 204260

I never liked Jellie Bee so it's cool to know that she really is a scumbag
Turns out Jellie Bee finally messaged that person not long after they posted that comment

No. 204265

At least she somewhat knows what she is doing, whether the art is considered good or not is more of a matter of style.
Her videos have a more cult-ish tone to them, which isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but at least it isn't disney-anime.

No. 204275

Agreed, Jellie Bee has always rubbed me the wrong way and I'm glad I never bought anything from her

No. 204357

I used to like her until she morphed into a Steven Universe obsessed social justice tumblrette

No. 204358

This shit is too real
& why are there so fucking many girls like this??

No. 204361

The "alternative" basic art girl:
>Also an animation student
>Steven Universe obsession reflects on elements of their style, probably noses/eyes/mouths
>Hair is short and/or dyed vibrant or pastel colors
>Avid activist on social media, annoying feminsit
>Actually thinks Trump is literally Hitler
>Mental Illness
>Shares most of the characteristics of the "Disney/animu basic girl"
>Extreme gay shipper

No. 204413

'cause they edgy af and if you question their terrible nature then your just ignorant lol

No. 204472

More than anything, the majority of Jellie Bee's artwork lacks the 'heart' it used to have. I used to really enjoy her older art but her newer stuff just isn't as appealing.

No. 204478


I ordered a print from her that took months to arrive… She doesn't follow through on a lot of her obligations.

No. 204547

LittleSqueesh is freaking awesome! I appreciate how clean her artwork is!

No. 204662

Thank you. Shit like that makes me paranoid I'm doing something wrong when doing MSs.

No. 204664

Probably the only Baylee artwork where I've thought this looks pretty good, just needs to hone on details and anatomy. Surprised it's watercolour, it looks like pastels.

No. 204665

You. I like you.

No. 204668

Love Bobby! Such a great positive influence and co-sign on the advice. Seems like a top bloke. Plus, he knows what he's doing.

No. 204670

No. 204671

So she did Sarah Anxietyson course

No. 204679

Kasey Golden seems to be the next emerging Youtuber, her channel is growing and I see her commenting on the big youtubers' channels all the time.

No. 204683

File: 1505594909408.png (551.73 KB, 955x469, jelliebee2.png)

Only one who finds it odd that Jellie Bee draws shippy pictures of her gemsona with her other Steven Universe OC? I mean, I can't speak for her relationship because that's between her and her partner, they might be in an open relationship, and for all I know this OC could also very well be based on her partner but if it's not, definitely an odd thing on my book.
Imagine coming home to find your fiancée drawing herself cuddling some OC from some tard cartoon

No. 204684

Her videos get recommended to me all the time. I don't even bother to watch because her style isn't really my cup of tea.

No. 204686

Yeah, that's pretty freaking weird

No. 204729


From what I've heard, her and her partner have broken up.

No. 204732

Where did you hear that? I suspected as such as her behavior shifted but then my suspicions got denied when he appeared briefly in a video, then a few days ago I saw a tweet that mentioned being sad about moving away from her partner and birds.

No. 204830

Shes moving to canada, right? is her partner not coming with her?

No. 204832

From what she said I believe he isn't coming with her

No. 204991

Something tells me she wants to stalk Baylee lol

No. 204997

I don't get why she used to fangirl so hard over Baylee, she was pretty much better than Baylee already lol.
I know people lick her ass because she is more popular, but Jellie Bee seemed to act like Baylee was any good

No. 205000

Honestly, her obsession creeped me the fuck out like dude I understand looking up to someone who is successful but I got lowkey les vibes

No. 205035


I guess someone saw it on her rant Twitter. Could be false info as I don't have access to it but that's what I heard

No. 205039

File: 1505884708383.png (66.31 KB, 286x376, jelliebeetwitter.png)

Wouldn't a "lawful good" individual make sure people who paid for their services received such services?

No. 205194

Why do people keep insisting in doing the Blindfold art challenge? People like Baylee claim it is because it's funny, but really, "Wooow hahaha I drew something badly -laugh track-". If someone does that one time it's at least passable, but Baylee did that shit freaking 5 times.
Not one to agree much with Holly Brown, but I can't lie a small part of me didn't agree when I saw the title to her video criticizing people making up stupid crap and calling it a challenge.

No. 205212

Preach, m8, those videos drive me up the wall. I also can't stand Baylee's excuse to not make good art being that "she's too lazy" -_- seriouly

No. 205225

>>hahaha i colored her foot on her face XDDDD who would have thought, 100% quality humor content here

No. 205263

File: 1506089620828.png (804.5 KB, 600x791, e.png)

You can look inside Baylee's artbook

No. 205271

Every time I look at Baylee's art I get legit mad at that waste of copic marker ink

No. 205286

Any thoughts?

No. 205287

The thumbnail alone pisses me off

No. 205299

Ugh, like, I use copics too and find them to be fun to work with, but there is something about this coloring job that isn't appealing. It might be the yellow sheen everything has, or the over saturated greens for the foliage idk someone halp

No. 205303

well it does have 'ink' in the name

No. 205305

But like omg how dare you set rules and standards that's not being S E N S I T I V E and like omg their ickle feelz might be hurt someone call the wahmbulance

No. 205306

File: 1506121561825.jpg (128.8 KB, 736x821, DJeGNf8UMAENs6j (1).jpg)

>>When you lack in art content so you have to resort to silly drama.
Those drama videos are basically the bottom of the content creator barrel on my book, so the video idea in itself is pretty cringy.
But if we're gonna talk about the "drama" Baylee's opinion is not bad.
Pic related, it's what Jake Parker posted which supposedly generated such drama. And to be honest, how much of a tard you have to be to want to do INKtober digitally? Inktober, the challenge where you are supposed to use ink. It's not that hard to interpret. If you don't want to draw in ink, why do you want to participate? Oh yes, because all the cool kidz are doing eet. I guess they're trying to interpret it as the act of inking instead of the medium ink.
When people stretch the rules up to using watercolors and shit like that I tend to feel like they're trying to fit in without putting the effort to actually do what you're supposed to do in the challenge. But up to that point you can at least argue you did a drawing in ink and just added some more stuff, people wanting to do it digitally is just plain stupid.

No. 205308

No kidding. I swear all this drama bullshit is just wasted breath over edge lords wanting attention. Seriously, no one gives a flying fuck about your enslavement to digital art and inability to use simple traditional media

No. 205310

So the people who got mad over Jake's thing is mostly the Autistic Digital Artist Association it seems, which appears to exist backed up by the supposed constant stream of people saying "Digital isn't real art".
I don't quite remember seeing people actually saying that, and the ones who do I'd expect to be children and old geezers who are very unaware of the multitude of drawing tools and processes, thus people whose opinions on the matter can be disregarded. Digital artists being anal over this seems like the same kind of people on ART MEME PAGES XDD being mad about someone complimenting them by saying they can't even draw a stick figure.

No. 205311

File: 1506122573778.png (15.1 KB, 570x222, inktober.png)

>>So if a person has a better time doing the "Walking One Mile a Day" challenge by using their cars, end of story, it's about bending the rules to best accommodate me

Why the heck do these people keep dictating their own opinions as rules against the one person who is actually allowed to dictate the rules?

No. 205312

File: 1506122881904.png (4.41 KB, 228x84, inktober2.png)

One person who is being like MUH DISABLED PEOPLE in the thread has a twitter description that almost seems like a joke
>>disabled jewish queer trans latino

No. 205313

Well. I can now honestly say I've seen it all like wtf m8

No. 205314

And yes, pls never make strides to improve because omg I have crippling depression lol pls feelz bad for me plllllllz

No. 205316

File: 1506123363302.png (57.47 KB, 611x681, inktober3.png)

>>itsa HURTFUL
>>you don't know how it feels

Clearly your biggest disability is being a huge pussy.
Keep complaining about things that don't even apply to you (as Baylee even said, if you are disabled you are obviously an exception) while some of your fellow disabled people actually achieve things in life instead of crying muh feelings on twitter.

No. 205317

General rule of thumb, when people run around yelling about how disabled they are, they're generally not disabled, just pussy ass bitches who like to cry about shit cause they're lazy

No. 205318

File: 1506123903270.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepal…)

Sorry for the huge amount of samefaging, but I'm baffled. Every time I think I've seen the deepest pits of retardation this type of people have reached on the internet, I find something else. Reading through that thread on twitter is a whole new level.

No. 205319

The feel when you have read the inner most thoughts of idiots.

No. 205323

File: 1506126507234.jpg (61.65 KB, 849x224, HC.JPG)

Does Holly comment on every single popular artists video?
Does she honestly think people give a shit about her shit opinions

No. 205327

wooow these people are retards. jake is very clearly saying that it is easy to rely on 'ctrl z' and get used to undoing mistakes instead of learning how to avoid making them in the first place, and inktober helps to break that habit. I do digital art as a hobby and i never really considered that point until now, if anything its inspiring me to do inktober more. but ofc most of the kids on twitter jump straight to being offended without considering any other points expect their own, its like they are blind. what is it with young people just wanting to dive into fights lately?

No. 205330

Leik omg stahhp i hav so many mental disorders diagnosed by me myself and i lik u should be moer S E N S I T I V E

No. 205331

>So the people who got mad over Jake's thing is mostly the Autistic Digital Artist Association it seems, which appears to exist backed up by the supposed constant stream of people saying "Digital isn't real art".
I wish I existed in the art spaces you frequent but I come across a lot of art majors who feel like the digital medium is damaging the integrity of art and that its only value is for commercial work that they have to "stoop down" to do. This is coming from fucking illustration majors or people who are into comic books/animation.

But yeah, this entire debate is dumb because the intent of Inktober is to push yourself with a difficult medium. I've seen some people do digital inks but try to do as much traditional inking as possible, in spirit of the challenge.

No. 205332

M8 I have seen some shit while during my art major days and my god, if you dont worship the digital art then you are looked down upon. apparently traditional media is "not swag" enough

No. 205334

This was the type of thinking at my art school as well. Digital was forced on us where I went which sucked because I'm more skilled in traditional media. I never got over the learning curve of drawing digitally and I'm too poor to afford fancy tablets and shit.

No. 205336

I know that feeling, I ended up changing my major because it was so frustrating. I was originally a painting major, it like, yo, I'm here to learn traditional painting not fuckin' digital m8

No. 205341

I think the reason that shitty youtube artists are so popular is that most of the people who watch the videos are children-teens who find really great artists too intimidating. They'd rather be inspired by someone not-so-great than someone amazing because it seems more like an achievable goal to them.

No. 205344

There's nothing necessarily bad about liking YouTube artist art, it's when the person doesn't aspire to achieving better art and doesn't expand their pallet that problems arise.

No. 205396

You're not wrong. People go for things that seem more reachable for them and their current skill level. It's just natural. That's why I don't spare much grief for the Baylee Jaes and company being so popular, everybody needs a starting point.

No. 205429

>They'd rather be inspired by someone not-so-great than someone amazing because it seems more like an achievable goal to them.
This is actually true. 10 years ago when I started art I looked up to artists who have decent art (by decent art I mean art that doesn't have shit anatomy and lazy coloring like Baylee or Holly's) and once I got used to the fundamentals I find better artists I look up to (oil painters and artists from the past).
The only that sucks is when one of the artists you once looked up to follow have stagnant progress. It's actually sad, to be honest.

No. 205430

I went through a similar process, now I'm more interested in impressionist landscapes lol one can only draw so much animu sheet before you start to crave something different

No. 205431

>Clearly your biggest disability is being a huge pussy.
This person reminds me of my friend who once messaged me in the middle of the night because she won't stop whining about her not being to finish her reel. She even pulls out the disabled card in Facebook for attention. Still sucks she's still rewarded with a fucking silver spoon in her mouth.

Why do these artists insist on using digital software for inktober? I always see Inktober as a way to get so used to traditional inking to the point where you have to avoid the same mistakes over and over again, unlike Digital Art where you can only abuse ctrl+Z to your liking until you get that one line correctly.

No. 205502

Not to sound like one of those, but as someone with a legitimate learning disability, this shit makes me mad. I have to fight with administration on a near constant basis just to get them to sign freaking paperwork for my accommodations, so seeing people who fake it to get out of shit they don't wanna do is frustrating to no end!

They insist on doing it to be little shits. They know they answer and are using this as an opportunity to get sympathy points.

No. 205507

That sketchbook challenge is so freaking dumb. "Fill" a page with three quick copies and calling it done? Yeeeeaaaaaaah =_=

No. 205508

Anyone follow Baylee enough to know if she's lost weight for her wedding? Her face looks thinner, or it could be camera magic.

No. 205512

I'll be honest, I haven't noticed a difference but supposedly she's lost the amount she wanted.

No. 205565

Any thoughts?

No. 205568


Holly has her own thread on snow.

No. 205620

>baylee talking about buying a book binding machine like it's no big deal
fuck me i wish i had that kind of money

No. 205725

I know that feel. I wish I could rack in the YouTube money and buy shit tones of shit I don't need lol

No. 205743

I think baylee is a little obsessed with spending money and buying things; she has bought at least one thing in almost every daily vlog. But I also feel it's more than that. There are alternatives to buying an entire book binding machine that would probably work better/be more cost and time effective. But that would mean bringing in other people to the situation. And I don't know whether it's just that she's so controlling she has to do everything herself, or if she doesn't want people in the printing industry to see her work because it's not very impressive. It's like when she went out and bought an entire table saw set up, when she could have just had the hardware store cut the wood up into pieces for a few dollars. Her reasoning for things often strike me as being dopey and stubborn. And people are trying to bring logic into it when they leave comments, but I think that's a losing battle with her. As she so often says, she, "does what she wants!".

No. 205791

I agree. She has the money to print small amounts of black and white illustrations or even artbooks and then sell them for decent amount. She is popular enough to have a successful kickstarter campaign and still could have the books printed and formatted. Does she really want to spend time to learn all that just to make good looking books, and then spend even more time making them? She could spend that time making more stuff, getting better at art and hang out with her family. I just don't get it. I just don't get her.

No. 205795

bloody hell. all you need to make perfect bound books at home is pva, a brush, a bone folder, brown paper, scrim, a ruler and some binder clips. and needle and thread if you want to sew sections.

OK it takes a little while before your hand bound books are saleable, but, like, ffs baylee at least try doing it yourself first.

and what about printing, has she any idea how much ink and paper costs she's talking about? people use professional printers for a reason. either that or the books she's talking about doing, if it's practical to print at home they will totally be small enough to make by hand. stitched or saddle stitched

and that's even before even thinking about how she has no fucking content worthy of putting in a book

saged for bookbinding rant, sorry

No. 205797

yes. PLUS she has no idea about book design/layout/typograhy/etc

No. 205909

Yeah, some of the shit she does is pretty nonsensical. Shoot, I would love to buy a huge set of Caran d'Ache colored pencils, but I know I don't do enough colored pencil art to justify that big of a purchase. I think the best way to describe her buying habits is high time preference, rather than think long term she's thinking in the short term.

No. 205972

You guys are overreacting a little bit. Yes, it does indeed seem like a bit of a stretch to just go and buy a whole bunch of things to make books at home, but at the same time, the way you were talking about it sounded like it costed 10 grand. She's a working adult with a business, a 2 grand investment is not absurd. The most absurd part about it is probably her wanting to make books out of her shitty content instead of improving first, but if she has people eating that shit up, she might as well make some money out of it. Unfortunately that's the nature of the business.

Honestly I think that's almost a smart investment for Baylee standards, I mean, just think for a second about how much money she blows on Disney statues and crap like that. At least this is money spent on something that can give monetary return.

No. 206009

I guess why people are upset is because, given her track record, she more than likely will not stick with the book making.

No. 206022

Probably true. If the demand is too big, which would be the ideal situation if you're looking for profit, she will probably get tired of it like she did with her Patreon and online store. Managing that kind of side business for artists (online stores, printing, book making) is pretty tiresome and eats up a chunk of your time.

No. 206086

it's also about the actual printing. the length of time and amount of ink it would take to print off a book on a home printer, plus the cost of paper, plus trimming the paper (unless she makes all the books A4) etc etc

No. 206119

Also taking into account that she might not stick with it long enough to make back the investment.

No. 206133

This reminds me of Baylee talking about thinking she is more on the analytical side (she was comparing it to natural creativeness). Struck me as odd as I see a lot of her behavior as childish, she seems to act on impulse and laziness (not working towards better art) a lot. Not to mention treating creativeness as something natural is already not an analytical thing to do, as creativeness is also something that must be nurtured and worked on instead of just expecting to be naturally creative.

No. 206137

Honestly, that's just an excuse to not try making better art. There's more to the art making process than just "creativity," the more you draw the more ideas you'll have to work from. That's at least how I use my sketchbook when I feel my stuff is getting dry. But then again, I don't hide behind my art supplies lol

No. 206138

At the end of the day Baylee is just a hobbyist artist who only manages to make money out of her art because of her Youtuber side. That's what made some people pissed off about her Art Block video that time, big talk for a small doer.

No. 206140

She's one of those that doesn't make art for the sake of beauty. It's irritating because there are some pretty amazing artists out there but are overshadowed by people like her.

No. 206141

Has anyone seen the inside of Baylee's book?

No. 206142

I agree that creativity is something that needs to be nurtured, but I do think some people are more geared towards that kind of thought process. I don't think she is. Her work almost never has a narrative or particularly interesting aspects of any kind; it usually revolves around wanting to draw a "cute, young woman". I do agree that she doesn't strike me as an analytical thinker either.I felt that was just her grasping at something to make up for her professed lack of creativity.

On another topic; I thought it was ironic that she was cheerleading artist's youtube accounts, and how there are other things out there than gaming and beauty channels, and how the little artist channels can make it big too! Considering it seems like she prioritises gaming over making art these days, that seemed laughable. If she was actually an artist, I don't think she would have stopped streaming art stuff on twitch, and made it all gaming - especially when so many people tell her they wish she hadn't done that.

No. 206143

That whole thing with the twitch streams was really disappointing. I did actually enjoy the art streams because it was nice background noise to have while drawing. It also gave me the sense that I was drawing with someone rather than just doing it by myself. So yeah, pretty freakin' stupid if you ask me lol.

No. 206284

While I'm not familiar with this artist, I found her advice to be relevant to this sketchbook challenge. Holly and Baylee did not exercise conscious learning, hence why there was little to no improvement.

No. 206301

yeah this sketchbook thing has been really disappointing - but then again, how could it not be? forcing out 20+ pages a day rather than making the challenge something meaningful and useful - just 'draw every day' like inktober is so much better - has just led to both of them cementing in the bad habits rather than learning anything.

plus baylee's idea of filling a page is to do a 30-second outline of a cat right in the middle and then move on. it's fucking embarrassing

No. 206314

Pretty much. I would rather them do less pages and actually learn something from what they've drawn. Baylee always goes on about "quality over quantity" and yet she's shitting out terrible art rather than taking the time to make better pieces.

No. 206316

Sarah Tepes is pretty good at a fairly young age. But sometimes I find myself avoiding her videos because of her personality, and that's a pity.
She just comes across as a bit stuck up.

No. 206350

Glad I'm not the only one. I watched her videos and I noticed that there was something off about her.

No. 206359

I tried watching some of her stuff and didn't find it to be worth my time.

No. 206394

Yeah, I feel - regardless of what she tells her audience - Baylee did the challenge because it was content for her videos. Not just the doing of it, but also the amount she was able to talk/complain about it.
She is terrible at sketching because she seems to not know the fundamentals of drawing. So all 600 of those pages were pointless because she has shown no improvement whatsoever. It would be like if someone sewed from 30 commercial patterns in a month; that wouldn't necessarily mean that they can replicate individual aspects to a garment design of their own like learning the basics of sewing would.
What's most annoying is that this so called "analytical" thinker can't put 2 + 2 together and come up with that truth. She will call people haters and continue to make money drawing twee, ill-proportioned garbage.

Sorry for my long messages XD Also, hey guys, did you know Baylee was getting married?! /sarcasm

No. 206397

Hit the nail right on the head. And liek omg shez gettin married?! lol

No. 206398

Any thoughts?

No. 206407

lol @ the beer gut on that horse

No. 206408

baylee has her own thread on /snow/ now, post there.

No. 206439


Can you link? Can't find it.

No. 206441


You could.. ctrl+F in the catalog?

No. 206469

Lachri is freaking amazing! I find I've learned more from her videos than Baylee

No. 206471

She's amazingly skilled but I just can't get over that nasally voice.

No. 206492

I can tolerate her voice way more than Baylee's.

No. 206503

I went back like 4 pages in snow? Is that the catalog? Sorry I am new here and don't quite understand your organization system and how stuff is sorted

No. 206504

I just googled baylee jae lolcow /snow/ and found it. It's not as active but that can change once more people find it.

No. 206506


Oh that's a good idea, thanks!

No. 206507

Np fam, gotta keep the salt flowing

No. 206509


When on a board, look up to the upper right. There's gonna be all the page numbers and "Catalog" written right by it. That's it. It shows all threads on a board.
Or you could write lolcow.farm/snow/catalog.

No. 206529

This girl is pretty much a polar opposite to Baylee & crew, while they have all sorts of fancy art supplies and make sub-par art, this one makes an animation/animatic with no animation program.

By the way she looks like Steve Smith from American Dad

No. 206555


Okay, this is a really dumb question but I hope someone here can help me to understand because I can't even draw stick figures.

When you're drawing on a computer like this, are you using a tablet? And are you only looking at the screen while drawing? In high school we used to do that whole thing where you draw a person or an object without looking down at your hand–is that what's going on here?

I'm always so impressed by this kind of thing because it's like fucking mysterious to me lol, I barely have any idea how you do this.

Thanks to any nonnie who can answer this for me and maybe explain a little bit about how one goes about using adobe or whatever to make art in general. Sorry to be stupid.

No. 206558


I could be either a traditional tablet or a monitor tablet. Monitor tablets like Cintiq or Huion are kinda like a digital notebook, many people prefer it because of that. But the thing with normal tablets is that you don't need to look where your hand goes, rather where the line goes. So you don't need to look at your hands at all. Kinda like a pianist that needs to look at the partiture but not at his hands?

Anyway, some people don't get used to that though I usually prefer monitor tablets, even though they are more expensive. I personally prefer monitor tablets because I think they are more confortable in general.

No. 206559

So… did her and her fiance broke up? Since she moved in with friends

No. 206562

File: 1506809223930.png (85.77 KB, 582x589, jellie.png)

Seems like a simple trip to twitter had the answer. Also seems like a bunch of people were curious.

No. 206574

I had a feeling she was going to Canada to get buck wow with Baylee.

No. 206575

This artist has some decent stuff. Came across it while watching speedpaint videos.

No. 206576

Ohhh I like the inking details!

No. 206587

I'm almost afraid to ask them how long the inking took!

No. 206656

It's nice to see how Kerrie has progressed through the years ^U^

No. 206664

She has enough time to play video games but not enough to either pay back the people who supported her on kickstarter and patreon. Yeah, I don't feel bad lol

No. 206829

Thoughts on this? Esp. in regards to her being "inspired" by JuicyInk/Tori. I'm glad it's not another hip girl/witch/mermaid but IDK.

No. 206891

The skin feels a bit muddy

No. 206907

Why are people always trying to sneak watercolor into Inktober?
Feels like they're trying to draw the same way they always draw and pass it as a challenge

No. 206925

I use light washes with the kuretakes. I'm not officially in it because midterms are happening during October but what I do have time I use it sparingly (that and the rough concept can be evolved into a finished piece lol this is too much info)

No. 206959

It's an ok drawing but if it's samey to what the artist usually does then what's the point? Also I don't see how it falls into the theme for the day…? It looks like just a regular cyborg portrait.
I've got a friend who's doing this and it's driving me fukken nuts. She's just doing the same full colour mediocre animu portraits she always does that have got same face syndrome, but since she abuses hashtags and people are afraid of her, she gets a ton of likes on her work. She could be a YT artist if she was on YT.
I'm liking the challenge of inktober and I'm trying to use as little as possible on it.

No. 206965

I'm participating in Inktober and only using a minimal amount of watercolor in my pieces. I feel as long as the majority of the piece is done in ink, it really shouldn't matter. Besides, I like having at least a little color in there so my pieces aren't blending with everything else.

No. 206975

>people are afraid of her

No. 206979

Wait wat

No. 206980

Why would anyone be afraid of an instagram weeb

No. 206982

Does she threaten to black ball them or something, I'm a bit confused.

No. 207010

Seconded, the more skilled artists can make monochrome look interesting but the lower tier artists really need some colour to make things pop and not everybody has a wide array of colourful inks and pens. As long as it's only an additional element and the image is mostly ink then I don't see the problem, it's pretty much the same as painting with coloured inks.

People that use digital during inktober piss me off though, the point is that it's an annoyingly permanent traditional medium, if they can't brave it without the undo button then they could just post without the inktober tag. Fuck that "digital ink" bull

No. 207029

because she's a popular mean girl and lots of irl friends follow her. But if ppl don't kiss her ass 24/7 she'll get mad and fuck with them whilst playing victim. I'm only on the outer fringes of this group now and I'm totally ok with that because it's ridiculous.

No. 207044

Better a little bit of watercolour than your entire goddamn set of Copics that mommy bought you. I've been seeing a fair bit of that in the inktober tag this year. I get it, Copics count as ink technically, but not everyone's got them.

No. 207102


This is definitely wrong. Using color is significantly harder than using all grayscale. It's why grayscale is taught first in art school

No. 207103


Lol sorry, where in the inktober rules does it say you have to use supplies everyone has? "Not everyone's got them" is the stupidest complaint I've ever heard.

No. 207108

I feel like Minnie has really stepped up her game these past couple of weeks. I like how she's challenging herself to draw things other than people ^U^ good on her.

No. 207124

>>not everyone's got them
Not everyone has hands, maybe we shouldn't be using those to draw then

No. 207127

What is it with people hating copic markers? If you hate them so much, don't buy them, but don't start attacking others just because it's a medium they enjoy using. I swear, I'm getting Holly Brown vibes.

No. 207128

Some are angry 'cause their friends have them and they don't. Others are angry little kids who draw like shit have them, which I understand but ultimately think it's a loss of time to be bothered about.
And the most justifiable is people being upset some artists sell originals made with Copics (and other alcohol markers) despite them not being lightfast.
Otherwise, Copics are lovely for some purposes, like sketching and making designs/art intended for scanning and reproduction, due to the immediate results they provide.

No. 207131

Your second point about the lightfastness I agree with. It upsets me to see people like Baylee sell copic art for a really high price. But, in the case of someone just using them because it's a medium they enjoy, I think it's a bit dickish to get up in their face about what media they use.

No. 207133

I don't hate the markers themselves. Hell, use them all you want ffs, put colour in your work, who cares. It's using them to produce shit tier work and not shutting up about the fact that they're Copics like that somehow turns a middle-school drawing into a professional piece that bugs me. It's like the people who are shit at doing makeup but think they're professional MUAs because they (or their parents) buy them expensive shit.

No. 207135

Oooh spicy debate! I'm glad we're able to bring some life into this thread.

I guess my issue is that people are taking time that could be spent on their own art and putting it into roasting young weebs with expendable cash. I got my first two markers when I was entering high school, and my art was pretty shit, but I'm glad I at least started grabbing them then because the taxes where I live increased and make the markers overly expensive. Personally, as long as the tool is being used and not hoarded (like what Baylee is doing with those Schmincke watercolors ;A;) then I don't see much of an issue with a smol bean buying a tool that interests them.

No. 207136

>I guess my issue is that people are taking time that could be spent on their own art and putting it into roasting young weebs with expendable cash
Ultimately you are right.
I think deep inside we are just upset about people we perceive as being less skilled than us having things we believe we deserve more than them, or that we deserve and they don't because we think they didn't put enough effort do deserve those things.
That can extend from being upset children have Copic markers to being upset Baylee Jae has so many subs with the art she makes.
It's a natural feeling but at the same time it's better for us to not linger on those. As you said, that time and effort can be spent on things that will actually benefit us in the long run.
Maybe I should do what I preach and get off anonymous forums to practice my art… lol

No. 207137

(I'm the peep in the comment above yours, I found your response to this really interesting ^U^)
I do find roasting on online forms to be a bit therapeutic. It's releasing a lot of pent up frustrations that would otherwise leak into aspects of my life. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with expressing your frustrations at another person's success or even what supplies they have. I mean, I'm salty af about Baylee using Schmincke watercolors and not giving them all the love and care they deserve, but the frustration can be used as a drive to work hard to one day own a set too. So anon, feel free to roast the shit outta people lol

No. 207166

>it's pretty much the same as painting with coloured inks
Not really. Ink behaves differently, watercolor is a bit more forgiving as a medium. And I believe that's the reason why Jake Parker chose inks, for being more permanent and unforgiving medium.

No. 207178

Really awesome if she's growing, but it still feels like her # of subs is not entirely because of the interest or quality of her work. The "lifestyle" aspect of it definitely weighs more in terms of gaining followers than the art.

No. 207179

I see your point lol oh the frustrations. I can see how that would cause someone to become lazy cough cough Baylee cough cough

No. 207319

Subs are rarely, if ever, equivalent to the quality of someone's art. More like your social media and video making abilities and how relatable you are. Takes two different sets of skills to be a good artist and a good Youtuber.
That said, I think Min's drawing abilities are being confused with style. Even if we don't like her style, as it's not exactly my favorite either, it's clear that she is decently aware of what she is doing. She is not a bad artist, at least skill-wise.

No. 207453

Urgh. Why is she talking like we are slow preschool children? Also, way to get it wrong at the beginning, champ.

No. 207459

I never said mastering colour was easier than greyscale, I said it was a harder skill to make an image look exciting in only grayscale than it is to just add a dash of colour. It takes more knowledge of composition and tonals values etc to make a strong and interesting grayscale image, wheras any beginner can draw a quick monochrome sketch and just wash over a few of the elements using one copic marker it will just pop instantly and catch attention at first glance.
So thatslikeyouropinioinman.jpeg

Are you guys okay? I didn't complain I just said that using watercolours in conjunction with inks is no different to adding an ink wash so it shouldn't be seen as 'against the rules'. If you don't agree you could just say so like >>207166 did

No. 207480

Dude, I always hated that channel for some reason. I don't even remember exactly why, but I think it was the reason you described, her giving off wrong info. Also unappealing personality.
I think it's borderline embarassing to make a channel about something and be giving off half assed info.

No. 207482

Also now that we are talking about those watercolor channels, this channel does pretty good reviews but there's one thing that drives me absolutely nuts. The way she speaks, dat vocal fry sounds like a damned french fry machine.

Altho the trophy of <most annoying voice ever> still probably goes to HulloAlice. I almost feel bad talking shit bout her as she seems real innocent, but man. It's hard to listen sometimes.

No. 207502

Yes! A lot of wrong info here, and way too much focus on personal stuff for my tastes. She fits into the type of channel that has appeal not for the art or the infos, but for presentation and styling…

The audio is not top but at least she gives good information and keeps it mostly about the paints and painting.

No. 207503

Nice to know I'm not the only one who can't stand HulloAlice's voice.

No. 207504

Yeah, I saw people commenting about it in her videos as well. She also has an extreme case of >>203271

No. 207505

Ah yes, the Disney Princess Syndrome. I mean, I liked that stuff when I was a little girl, I just don't understand how these grown ass women could act like this in public and do it seriously.

No. 207510


Because they like it and are having fun and aren't harming anyone? It's a hobby. Why do you care if someone has a hobby you view as childish? It's not harming anyone to like Disney or buy Disney merch. I don't understand the hate for it at ALL.

No. 207511

There are ways to appreciate all the Disney stuff and not be childish about it. However, that's not the case for people like BJ, who remain cringe childish on the edges, enough to make other people uncomfortable about it.

No. 207512


What's wrong with being childish? So long as the bills get paid and the chores get done, what on Earth is wrong with being a little childish?

And if you're uncomfortable… Why watch her videos?

Like I'm not trying to be rude I just do not understand this mentality or why you would be bothered by someone's hobby when it doesn't even affect you a little.

No. 207513

I am not trying to instigate a fight, more I'm trying to explain why the Disney obsession is weird to me.

I had to grow up really, really young due to circumstances that were out of my control. So, I had to let go of a lot of notions and behaviors in order to function. I guess these behaviors coming from people who are nearly ten years older than me just does make sense for those reasons.

No. 207514


No it's cool I wasn't trying to instigate a fight either. I appreciate you explaining. Gonna sage this post.

That totally make sense! I guess I just try not to be bothered by stuff that doesn't affect me, if it's not hurting anyone else. So while I can see not understanding it, I guess I don't get disliking it?

No. 207515

This one reminds me of Baylee, but worse.

No. 207524

I hate those generic low value types of art channels.
Looks like something entirely based on trends.

No. 207529

I will say this about HulloAlice which is that she is at least trying to better her anatomy and uses the mediums she has, where Baylee remains stagnant and hoards all of her supplies.

No. 207531

Ehh have you seen her watercolor collection tho?
Not saying that I frown upon her because god knows mama hoards her watercolors too.

No. 207545

What about Monique Renee? Not the best for sure but I enjoy her videos.

No. 207547

I'm meh with Monique Renee, there's just something about the proportion that doesn't appeal to me. Personality wise, she's fine lol

No. 207551

I agree. It’s because a lot of new artists using color don’t really understand color schemes or value yet and just oversaturate everything. Greyscale forces artists to learn about the fundamentals which is why most schools teach that first.

Regardless, l feel like a lot of inktober artists just use color/washes to hide their mediocre inking skills.

No. 207563

yeah I'm definitely guilty of that.

No. 207572

Would be so much better if inktober had actual rules. End the debate all together. Is it about "inking" as a concept, is it about "ink" as a tool, can you only use black ink, is colour ok as long as it's ink only! Do markers count as ink!! Either make solid rules or let anyone do what they want

No. 207580

I agree. You can always do any kind of challenge you want, but Inktober is about ink. It's in the name. It's the people wanting to do whatever they want but also use the hashtag that need a bit of a reality check.

No. 207587

That's what I'm saying though, I think it should be purely ink materials used any way you want, but because there's no "rules" people are gonna do what they want & you can't really argue it because there is no "rules" like seeing someone do a full watercolour piece of pencil pieces then add a ink outline to me, is a cope out. If you want to add colour, use coloured ink. I wish they'd set actual rules. Majority of the "viral" inktober posts I've seen are watercolour and it's like what's the point.

No. 207588

I’m fine with letting people do whatever they want but I’m still going to call them out for taking the easy way out by hiding their mistakes behind color instead of actually putting in the effort to get better at inking.

No. 207600

I've seen her at conventions and she's nice enough… Just her work leaves something to be desired. So much wonky anatomy going on.

I'm honestly just tired of seeing mediocre work getting so much attention when there are more skilled artists out there that deserve more. I know it's already been touched upon, the personality vs. skill aspect in YouTube videos so I'm not going to go into that.

No. 207621


It's easier for young people to relate to them as well. And a lot of them are trying to improve. Yes there are a lot of average artist out there but should all attention be reserved for the best of the best? Everyone deserves encouragement. I understand the frustration especially if an artist is acting like they are the best but a lot of them straight up admit they are not the best and are trying to improve. And their viewers get to go on that journey with them. And just because someone isn't the best artist in the world doesn't mean they don't have value to offer in a video.

No. 207622

At the end of the day there is no quick and easy way to success on YouTube. They all started in the same place and worked hard. They didn't force people to like their art and subscribe to them… A better artist could do it as well. I say be happy that they have found success doing something they enjoy and hope that they continue to improve and push themselves.

No. 207631

>At the end of the day there is no quick and easy way to success on YouTube. They all started in the same place and worked hard. They didn't force people to like their art and subscribe to them… A better artist could do it as well.
This. People moaning about "muh better artists out there" is as annoying as mediocre successful people.

No. 207640

Reasonable, but boring af. I doubt the people who show up here on this thread do so because they feel absolutely reasonable and calm about it all.
More likely they just saw one shitty video too many of a talentless hack and felt a need to rant without justification.

No. 207643

>like seeing someone do a full watercolour piece of pencil pieces then add a ink outline

NGL, was considering getting some inking supplies and going over my pencil sketches with them for inktober because I thought that the only rule was that you needed to use ink in the process.

No. 207761

I get so anal over the fact that she's labeling that as Inktober even tho it's exactly what she always does, with watercolors and colored pencils…

No. 207780

I at least appreciate that she drew a different body type than she usually does, but am I the only one who feels the head, and especially the neck feel disproportionate to the rest of the body? it could be the angle, I guess, but it looks odd to me.
I've seen a few more successful artists justifying using the same mediums they always do by saying the "challenge" for them lies in the making artwork every day, not the using of ink. And it comes off them just bragging about how busy they are.

No. 207781

I'm not sure about it being disproportionate because the whole angle she filmed in throws the perspective off a bit, but judging by the thumbnail it just looks like a chubbier girl.
I can appreciate the lack of her usual sameface on this, tho. I like the piece, it just bothers me how she's labeling it Inktober. If a classical oil painter did the same thing and tried to justify it as they're using ink to line it, something they don't usually do, it would be fairly ok (altho I am still anal about mixed media Inktober), but she already does that type of work all the time.

No. 207789

There really are no rules to inktober. The whole point of inktober is to get better at inking. No body is stopping you from using watercolors if you want but don't use it as a crutch so you won't have to learn how to ink. I'm honestly more disappointed in artists who decide to do the same thing during inktober that the do the other 11 months in the year. They just use the whole event to get extra views on their work rather than a way to learn and get better.

No. 207813

which is kind of ironic, as thngs get so swamped in the tag that unless you're Loish no one's gonna see your inktober pieces unless they happen to click on the tag within 20 seconds of you posting…

or I'm just salty over getting fewer likes than normal for inktober stuff

No. 207818

Any step toward a more realistic portrait of herself as an icon is a good thing, I guess

No. 208299

I know this is probably meant to be a cool collab between a kid and his parent but every time I see those thumbnails from this guy I get the impression the dad is trying to make his art appear better in comparison by adding his son's kid doodles next to it…

Not to mention the borderline horn tooting on the video description
>"How I turned my son's doodle into a compelling illustration that looks like it's straight out of a Japanese RPG or anime!"

Nice video and stuffs but some things rub off the wrong way.

No. 208306

I like Danica overall and she has a lot of qualities, but am I the only one who thinks that the recurrent bruising/wounds themes are weird and creepy? In a bad way?

the idea I can deal with, the horn-toothing is awkward and clumsy

No. 208311

I don't mind Danica's themes, but there's something about her I can't quite grasp.
She diversifies poses and colors, yet to me her videos tend to always feel the same. Maybe it's her voiceovers that are a little boring? It bugs me a bit because she draws pretty well, yet I'm never too interested in watching her videos.

No. 208319

I know she was brought up along time ago and this is off topic, but I like sketchynatalie (or something like that) she has a nice personality, an entertainer at heart, and her art isnt realistic or anything but I love the motion in it. Which is something I struggle with
Her sketchbook videos are very entertaining.

No. 208321

File: 1507757150505.jpg (18.97 KB, 480x360, DH3QB8AW0AIoGMv.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder how many fairly known artists come here to talk shit about their peers they secretly detest

No. 208325

Eh, probably about half, since there's a bunch of time youtube/online artists who are salty af. Lol, am totally not one of those. Nope.

No. 208353

File: 1507772925168.png (1.71 MB, 1003x920, refregrew.PNG)

I never liked that girls channel
All she does is copy shit, like girl laugh at the mean comments and exploit them for money all you want
your art with still be boring as fuck

No. 208355

I think she's great for young artists, but being an old fart I can't stand her. I like my artists disgruntled and jaded

No. 208395

It does look like that kind of humblebrag at first sight, like those low tier drawfags that redline the shittest things in bad art threads, but this started off as something he did for fun with his kids because they wanted him to. It attracted enough attention when he posted it online that people called for more and the kids were up for it, so now they've got a Patreon etc
Those kids are so lucky if they want to go into art. Living in Japan with connections with Mangaka/animators, with a successful french animator dad to teach them and already a name for themselves. Even if they don't like art in a couple of years or it stops being entirely fun, they're going to learn a lot about work ethic and online marketing/promotion.

I agree, I kind of regret signing up for inktober now. It feels like all of the tags are so oversaturated though

No. 208400

I almost like her videos, but mainly just go back to them when I run out of other things to watch. She's very foot-gazey and introspective with her voice overs; to the point that it feels like the audience is just a sounding board for things she's trying to work through. Also, she strikes me as a very technical and analytical artist rather than an inspired, imaginative creative type. I think that adds to the boring, repetitive vibe.
She has that same face syndrome thing that often stems from the artist basically drawing different versions of themselves.
And - this is nitpicky - but ever since I noticed that she pronounces the word especially "eckspecially", I find it really grating every time she says it.

No. 208412

The worst part is her "educational" videos.

No. 208603


No we come here to read what you say about us.

Shhhh, we are lurking.

No. 208608


Am artist. Can confirm. 10/10 very entertaining

No. 208883


I mostly really like Danica and her work - and I like hearing the technical stuff she muses on in her videos, it's interesting to think about in relation to my own work, but it makes me feel so goddamn guilty as well - she makes me feel like I'm so lazy because I don't spend three hours planning my values or doing 20 colour comps etc.

also I wish she would just paint something. she talks all the time about wanting to learn and improve, but she always does inked linework filled in with watercolour. I wish she'd skip the ink sometimes and just paint. she talks in today's video about wanting to loosen up, and the way sketches lose emergy when you ink, and then carries on doing these careful lines etc.

No. 208884

I've tried doing watercolor paintings without line work and sweet baby Jesus is it freeing! I find I actually enjoy the process more by using a more painterly style rather than a more clean style. There's nothing wrong with either one, but I find that by mixing it up I learn something new.

No. 208973

>straight out of a Japanese RPG or anime!

Thomas Romain has worked in major positions of literal anime series like Space Dandy and Symphogear, lol… Maybe the presentation of his videos are annoying and cloying, but like, he's not exactly lying.

No. 208994

No. 209142

Why is this 10 minutes long uuuuurgh

No. 209199


I completely disagree with the "creepy" thing. Artists have different tastes and if she wants to explore different themes, let her be. It's like saying Goya's or Gentileschi's paintings were creepy in a bad way just because they depicted graphic/gory topics. To be honest, I'm tired of the same generic "cute-fantasy-girl" art style most female artist are going for these days.

And I'm not defending this artist in any way, it's the first time I have heard of her and I don't think her art is special in any way; in fact, it's pretty boring.

No. 209200


*creepy and weird

No. 209209


She seems like an insufferable person to meet in real life tbh. Like, she seems like she has a huge victim complex.

No. 209218

File: 1508267945006.png (25.97 KB, 823x242, 23445.png)

Do any of you know Gweakles? Someone commented this on her video (fairly uncalled for, I agree, but still it's the internet) and she went on a bitch and moan on her Instagram story about "MUH NEGATIVITUH DON'T SAY ANYTHING IF IT ISN'T NICE". The rant is still up if you're fast enough.

Honestly, when are those people going to learn that responding to so called "hate comments" that way is only going to screw them over further, especially if you're being fragile-aggressive? Either ignore it or even delete it quietly if it bothers you too much, but don't bitch and moan about it.

She always struck me as childish anyway.

No. 209227


I think the criticism you've shown is quite reasonable imo you can't always be all rainbows and smileys and artists should know that. Personally, nothing has helped me improve more than the extremely demanding, tactless and blunt art teacher I used to have.

Also, anyone else annoyed by Happy D. Artist? She has a video about criticism and said that artists should only be criticized in specific things they wish to be criticized on. Which is pretty stupid since artists often make mistakes that they don't realize. She keeps on saying about how she "doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings". Like, grow up, girl, the world is unforgiving and the art world is especially merciless.

No. 209228

Happy D is pretty annoying. I liked the type of videos she made but couldn't stand them because of her personality. I remember her making a video after last year's election where she described Trump being elected as a TRAGEDY and general drama queen behavior. At least it wasn't like Jellie Bee who set up a discord for emotional support or whatever… For fuck's sake. If you're gonna implode because some dude you don't like got elected, what else, do you melt in the rain or something?
The reason I went on this tangent was to say I think those girls who preach those things are just overly sensitive in general. They are probably used to be put on a little pedestal all the time and now that they've grown into what can be described as overgrown children, they still can't fathom the possibility of the world not being there to serve their feelings. So they go on to become artists and can't wrap themselves around the concept of people critiquing them, even if ultimately it can be for the better.
Is criticism always valid? No. Sometimes people are just being dicks. But it's important to deal with that with composure, or else you might discard valid critiques just cause it hurts your feelings.

No. 209229


Exactly. I think a lot of young girls like these take up art not as a passion, but as a way to justify their childishness and receive asspats by drawing the same generic shit, which gives artists the bad rep o being lazy and not taking things seriously, when in reality the art world is harsh and competitive as hell.

Also, in my opinion, I think the word "talent" is being abused. None of the artists shown on this thread have any talent or creativity at all. Check out Kim Jung Gi, Daniel Dociu or Craig Mullins for real talent.

No. 209231


Yeah, but there are people in here referring to them as being "talented, but…". None of them have anything special imo

No. 209232


She's one of those people who thinks the better the material, the better their art will be. Ironically, the most amazing artists I met used old shit like half-broken guitars to produce incredible music or random pencils to create drawings. It's about skill, not supplies.

No. 209233

Sorry, I deleted what I said because I was going to repost it with additional info. Usually prefer doing that than filling the thread with samefagging.
Original post pointed out them being untalented as the reason why they're here, in a place where we talk shit about them.

I was going to add that talent doesn't start when people come out of the womb. Most of those artists are young, and might be -relatively- talented or have potential. People like Kim Jung Gi or Craig Mullins have years and years of experience under their belts. Apples and oranges.

No. 209234


The problem I have with that is that I really don't see any potential in their art, not for their age at least. If the artists posted here were like 15-16 years old, I would maybe say they had some potential, but most of them are on their twenties if I'm correct. There are plenty of artists on their twenties that produce much more amazing art than these people, even younger than that. And I must disagree on the talent part: Check out Picasso's "Man in a beret" painting, which he painted when he was 14 years old. I think some people are born with higher sensibilities or perceptive skills that make them different from the crowd.

No. 209236

>I think some people are born with higher sensibilities or perceptive skills that make them different from the crowd.
Yes, indeed, but natural talent alone does not do it. It takes acquired talent to make a great artist. Picasso's young age doesn't imply he just picked up a paint brush for the first time and started painting amazing pieces. I know a musician who's mind numbingly good in his early 20s, but when you talk to him you'll learn he's been playing since he was 9 and practicing seriously since he was 13.
I don't think most people on this tread are untalented for lack of natural talent, but for lack of pursuit and sacrifice into their crafts. I also think it's unfair to put people like Audra Auclair who have been mentioned here in the same throwaway basket as Baylee Jae.

No. 209256

Ah, so I'm not the only one who found that whole fiasco to be a bunch of bullshit. Honestly, these "professionals" can't handle something not going their way, then why the hell did they go into an industry that doesn't favor emotional weakness? Jellie Bee really pisses me off though, since she has a habit of scamming people out of their hard earned cash and then tries to hide the evidence.

No. 209258

Yeah, I can't stand these two. Critique is important for improvement. My favorite art teacher from high school would make the entire class practice critiques and that was probably some of the most helpful information I've received during my art education. The guy was a pretty good oil painter and because of his advice was supported by his own skills, he was highly respected. That's something a lot of these YouTube artists don't have, skills that support what they're spewing.

No. 209282

Everybody has the potential to produce good art if they put the time and effort into it. Age is such a bad indicator of skill level because at the end of the day it really doesn't mean much. There are people who start art later in life and become great artists with a lot of hard work, and there are young artists who make awesome work early on only to burn out and give up on art as they grow older. The thing with most artists mentioned here is that they really do have potential if you just look at how many hours they are willing to devote to their craft. Unfortunately if they aren't willing to put the effort into their work by consciously tackling things like fundamentals or even leaving their comfort zone once in awhile, they won't be able to improve and will only stagnate in their abilities.

No. 209286

File: 1508313710951.png (1.39 MB, 1480x874, gweaks.PNG)

Man is she even relevant anymore?
She has 34k subscribers but barely breaks 2k

No. 209306

I don't think anyone had bad things to say about Audra. Wasn't she named to contrast that she is skilled and is working hard to get better, in comparison to all the other twits with the hordes of subscribers?

No. 209307

I think she also mentioned because a point was brought up about her having a bit of an annoying personality. Yet they felt that was forgivable because she was receptive to her audience and has cut down on her "mah environment" posting

No. 209353

does anyone here like laovaan or zyra banez?

No. 209354

>comparing anyone to Picasso who was classically and academically trained from a prepubescent age by his pro dad
Not that the rest of your post is invalid or anything but Picasso grew up in fucking superb situation to catalyze any innate artistic ability.

Anyway, everyone else has covered why a lot of these Youtuber artists stagnate or improve, but I just wanted to clarify that.

No. 209356

I like laovaan, zyra i feel is the most skilled in comparison to the rest of the ytac. she is at least making an effort to learn and not just draw girls all of the time

No. 209360

Guy's great at reproducing other people's artwork, shame his OC is stuck in lame anime land as he makes more and more videos whining about BUT MUH REEL ANUMI ARTZ

No. 209377


Many children are trained since very young to become artists, especially in Asian countries, yet you do not see new Picassos or Caravaggios being mass-produced. Some have it, some don't.

No. 209383

File: 1508436122426.png (287.64 KB, 420x420, 6993954438571d7f8d43cccee87150…)

>muh natural talent
Quit making up excuses and go practice if you want to get better you uncultured swine

No. 209387


I never said I stopped practicing, or will do so just because of natural talent. Stop deluding yourself: Talent exists, some have it and some don't. Shouldn't stop anyone from doing what they love, either, but people should definitely stop misusing the word "talented".

No. 209389


No. 209394

Everyone who isn't a novice knows practice is where it's at. If you got your lazy mouth out of Picasso's nuts for half a second you'd be getting those "natural talents" too.

No. 209395


Can you even read? I never said practice is useless. Of course it's important, no one is born with a goddamn paintbrush on their hands. I'm not criticizing the effort these artists put on their art, I'm criticizing the people who use the term "talented" for every mediocre artist there is.

No. 209398

They're only shit because they don't put enough effort in their art. Look at Baylee Jae, bitch can't even pick up a sketchbook if she's not gonna film it.

No. 209400

Hard time respecting grown ass western people drawing anime.
Skills are good tho.

No. 209402

At least they're not scammers like Jellie Bee. While it can be argued that "omg art is sooo subjective," scammers like her deserve no respect.

No. 209403

Maybe she should set up a discord for scam victims the same way she did for fags having anxiety attacks because someone got elected

(Btw I was talking about Laaovan, not Zyra)

No. 209406

File: 1508439510041.png (4.67 KB, 198x96, jellie.png)

never forget

No. 209408

Ah, sorry, I didn't mean for it to seem like I was attacking you. But in all seriousness, it's creepy how obsessed she is with Baylee (not that I like Baylee, but I'm getting some lesbian vibes)

No. 209412

You didn't, no worries. I was taking a piss at Jellie Bee as well.

No. 209413

What do you guys think about people who are doing the daily Inktober challenge "catching up" when they miss a day/doing one in advance?

No. 209414

Eh, I don't mind it, but that's probably because I'm one of those who are doing it lol.

No. 209419

I’m happ that they are putting the effort into catching up rather than just forget about the days they missed.

No. 209483

I'm one of the people catching up. I was consistent for the first week and a half but things happen and I've had to put a hold on it. I'm making the effort to finish it though and I think that's what counts.

No. 209493

File: 1508538937079.png (798.54 KB, 1096x686, screenshot.png)

Holly got another free tablet to review. I'm honestly jealous of the free perks she gets but I'm curious what shes going to do with her other tablet. Also i really hate the modifications she did for her keyboard placement

No. 209494

sage. wrong board, my apologies

No. 209501

Opinion on Solar sands?
I think he's pretty on point with his opinions

No. 209502

So I guess Sakuems has been away on a weight loss journey. Honestly, I'm kinda happy for her since she seems happier.

No. 209508

Fucking hell.

No. 209514

her responses are especially terrible

No. 209519

That wouldn't sell me the book at all

No. 209520

Yes! She's actively working to get healthier and happier, that one on most of the folks we discuss here

No. 209521

I'm glad she's doing well. I know this thread is for salt, but I guess in this case it's happy salt. She seemed really unhappy and lost when she was still doing YouTube, I think the break to work on herself was the best decision she's made.

No. 209522

Damn, those responses are ridiculous. She can't draw men for shit and has to resort to MUH MEN CAN HAVE FEMININE FEATURES

No. 209533

what in the entire fuck is that

No. 209535

Anyone else think Kasey Golden is somehow buying subs? Sure her art is pretty decent but going from 1k to 100k in a month is pretty suspect, especially considering how many youtubers are crying about the algorithm.

No. 209543

An artist at this skill level doesnt need to try and show off his art as better than it is. It is in fact good.

No. 209544

Hmm it look so like she does a lot of weird challenges and to be fair those kinds of video she naturally get a lot of views but maybe you're onto something
I mean all it takes is for one video to get 1 million views and that shit will propell you to a few hundred thousand subscribers (Like HC Brown for example )

No. 209548

Actually Jellie Bee here. Someone linked me here and I was super worried at first, but hand on heart you guys are all correct. I'm not a scammer, but I can see why you would all think that. I'm not even going to make excuses for my actions, I just let things get too on top of me. It's been a really rough few years and I can't tell a lot of people what's really been happening. All you need to know now is that I'm working on being a better person, I've moved out. I've been getting all orders out on time (other than fiascos like Royal Mail charging me wrongly and blocking my account) - things like the Kickstarter and Patreon I thought I could handle by myself and I couldn't. And instead of asking for help, I wasn't in a place I could ask and I let it just continue and get heavier and heavier.
I try not to talk about mental health a lot, because it's not an excuse in my opinion. I should be able to deal with it, but having had my finances ruined by the government, my life being in eternal torment by other circumstances and trying to keep my head afloat has been rough. I can only apologise and I'm trying my hardest to make up for the problems that have occurred. I now live with friends and me and Ryan have partially separated.
It's complicated.
But one of the friends I live with has had stern talks with me, has helped me more than anyone else and she's taking on a lot of the work that I could no longer face in my mental state. She's incredible, I owe her so so much, and we're working on getting everything done by the end of the year. I couldn't have asked for better support, and I truly hope that I change in the eyes of some of you, but I also accept that burning people once means its hard to come back from.
Again, it's my fault. I'm sorry, I'm truly working on it. Thank you all so much <3

Also someone said my SU work isn't as good as my other work which made me feel kinda happy, I worry so so much about creating original art that I panic and make fan stuff.

As for my gemsona cuddling another gemsona, it's just fiction lmao, just like roleplaying or anything else similar. Means nothing. I liked the way they played out as a story.

Any who! Criticise me all you like, it's only how I'll improve.

No. 209549


Yo I'm totally a lesbian with Baylee. Bwahaha. No offense, I don't find her attractive sexually. But she was one of the first youtube channels I subscribed to, she's helped me a lot, and we get on well as friends. She's been good to me. Not saying everyone has to like her, but she's never done me any wrong. I have a bad habit of being an over enthusiastic friend at times though haha.

No. 209550

OH another thing, yeah the Discord was pretty dumb of me. I don't even know why I did it, but people were arguing on my own Discord server and I was like okay people are freaking out what can I do to help, and I flapped and made a stupid Discord server that I'm fairly sure I left anyway

No. 209552

so all your patrons have their rewards now? deleting comments is incredibly suspicious for future warning, when people have paid you for shit and you just go silent on them they're obviously going to say something about it. just a heads up that things were going slow would have helped

No. 209554


I have never deleted comments, honestly. I'm not that type of person.
As far as Patreon goes, I'm currently getting Kickstarter out of the way first. I did commissions and online store, then Kickstarter is next, and then Patreon by the end of the year. I have left posts on Patreon to get people to message me, but having had little response I know I need to get messaging directly.
Some Patrons have had rewards sent out, or rather exchanges for rewards because (sadly) it was that long ago I felt sending them older artwork was a cop out, and wanted them to have something fresh and therefore let them have hundreds of pounds of stock from my online store.
Right now, my friend/manager is super busy with her own business and once our last convention is out of the way next week, there's nothing left but to focus entirely on the missing Patreon and Kickstarter rewards.
I have often posted and not gone too silent, but I guess there were patches of time when I just couldnt face it and forgot about it all. It's still no excuse, and I'm determined to be free of all my debt to people by the end of the year. It's like I've been renewed, the change in just my personality is tangible, I'm a lot lighter, happier and ready to take on all the shit I've caused. My friend is an absolute powerhouse in terms of getting shit done, so believe me, my butt is very bruised from the kicking.

No. 209556


Jellie Bee scammed someone? Tell me more, I totally missed it

No. 209557


Basically, I fell behind a LOT with Patreon, Kickstarter and commissions, and people think that I've scammed them. In my defense, I've always given refunds when asked, I've never ignored nor deleted comments, and I've always owned up to my mistakes.

What people don't know is the harassment, the hate and other shit I've had from people within hours of making an order - and unfortunately I let it get to me.

But I am owning up entirely to my mistakes, I've delayed so so long. I'm learning, and I hope people will be happy once I fulfill my orders and commissions! I would be angry with me too, it's inexcusable.

No. 209558


Okey. Thank you for explaining.

No. 209561

It's good that you are explaining what's going on, but I urge you to do that before shit hits the fan some next time. I know it is very daunting, but in the end, being direct and honest minimizes the bang. People are probably still going to complain, as always, but when you're mostly avoiding subjects it makes everything look very shady.
Some of us also tend to judge SJWs very strongly, so when you started associating with that crowd, the judgment eyes got very active.

No. 209563


Yeah no, I get that totally. Tbh I have few friends who fit the 'SJW' thing, I've actually cut a lot of the people out of my life that were toxic in that respect. After being in super abusive friendships, then them dropping me and blaming their issues on my existence, I finally let go of those nasty people. I hope it truly has a positive effect on me in the long run!!

Thank you for the feedback, I'm truly taking it to heart n_n

No. 209564

File: 1508612004488.png (269.29 KB, 683x554, mb5nxlMFB1rna4rao1_r4_1280.png)


Has anyone ever thought of making their own art channel?
I've thought about this a lot but I'm not entirely sure on what kind of videos to make and if I'm charismatic enough to keep an audience lmao

No. 209565

I'd actually really love to, but English isn't my first language so I'm scared to talk in my videos - which will probably suck.
Also I am so slow at art that I probably couldn't keep my channel active enough.

No. 209566

It's a lot of fun but if you're busy often it's hard to maintain. Vid.me is an alternative too since people are getting tired of YouTube's crap.

No. 209571

I think you should!! I'm actually a super shy drip of a person so if I can get as many subs as I have I don't see why you couldn't :) if you ever wanna chat about it, contact me on my channel if you like! I have the charisma of a carrot, so don't worry! The problem is when you get carried away with trying to make it a career. It's a hard graft.


I know a lot of art tubers who dont have EFL so just go for it! It's a great way to practice and get over the discomfort of speaking a second language!

No. 209572

I don't mean to sound rude but I advise you to stop namefagging now, this is an anonymous board after all and people are gonna get mad at you.

No. 209573

Yeah, not saying what you had to say was bad because it wasn't, but best keep your i.d anonymous

No. 209574


Uh, not sure what namefagging is exactly, guess its having my name in the title? Wasn't super aware of it, its just auto in the quick reply box so whoops. I don't know lolcow etiquette. Consider it changed!

No. 209576

I'm not trying to sage or be a dumbass, but I'm actually happy for you. I'm glad you're getting help and are trying to turn things around. We all make mistakes, we're human, and I can respect that you're trying to do the right thing. Time will tell, but for now I'm glad you're doing better. Good luck.

No. 209577


Aah thank you so much! I'm actually sat here finishing older commissions as we speak :) I hope to make you proud!

No. 209578

Just keep working hard and stay on track.

No. 209658

Not to mention Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities to live in, in all of Canada. She’s making a fucking killing. I dread her god damned book. Yuck.

No. 209744

anyone knows why baylee jae's thread is not loading?

No. 209848

File: 1508958153765.png (308.46 KB, 1242x1499, IMG_8146.PNG)

Looks like lolcow is experiencing some technical issues, or it could be your computer anon

On another note, I think Emily artful makes uglyish art and tries really hard to be funny
I absolutely cannot stand her lmao

No. 209878

File: 1508976557097.png (619.49 KB, 869x591, 2017-10-25-002.png)


Her drawings are fucking ugly but i think she is nice and i like to hear her talk.
I really like Mateusz and his gilfriend in instagram makes super cute comics

No. 209880

Mateusz is a very good artist, it's a breath of fresh air on youtube :)

No. 209881

Wow I looked at his channel and I'm in love! It's nice to his process in creating the landscapes, finally, someone who doesn't spam girl art everywhere!!!!

No. 209956

I fucking love Mateusz, he's the coolest, his art is incredible and his videos are so chill
He's super inspiring and informative!
Also his watercoloring is so smooth, I'm jelly

No. 209957

Also his admiration of Miyazaki is endearing! I found his video on recreating that watercolor pallet it be really informative. I might try my luck creating that pink lol

No. 209965

How about MissKerrieJ?
I honestly do really like her videos, they're well lit and edited
Her style is basic Disney and her drawings are super same-facey, but she's pretty nice
She's like Baylee only actually likable

No. 209983

I like her too and it's awesome to see how her style has changed since she first started YouTube. I've seen some of her inktober work and it's really nice looking.

No. 209986

I've noticed the similarities between the two before, like how they both started drawing anime and went into a more disney-esque style later on, or their big art supplies collections.
I see Kerrie as essentially what Baylee would be if she hadn't stagnated so strongly with her art.

No. 209991

Yeah, I don't mean to sound like a Kerrie stan, but at least she uses the supplies she has even though she buys a lot. I really like her oil paintings and how she uses a limited pallet.

No. 210056

Anyone else who can't stand Christina Lorre? She's obnoxious as hell, she has a really bad sameface syndrome and her art is too goddamn overrated.

No. 210057

Her art is full of same-faced 'pretty' trendy girls in Adidas or loose buns.Not a fan.

No. 210065

File: 1509158508850.jpg (384.88 KB, 537x800, d91123259e17278a6c152eb0a27a61…)

not exactly youtube artist related but seeing 'shitty' artists in professional fields kinda bums me out, i mean chris sanders the creator of lilo and stitch literally all his women look the same and he cant draw feet to save his life

No. 210072

Ouch, I don't think that's how feet work. Yeah, I can see what you're talking about with the faces looking the same.

No. 210076

File: 1509170494690.jpg (35.66 KB, 351x329, 1464447244376.jpg)

At least he tries rather than just cropping them out like Liefeld

No. 210096


obvious "i don't know how to draw women without high heels" -syndrome

No. 210118

Any thoughts on JelArts?

No. 210119

Anyone else love kekeflipnote?
I live for their adorable animations, and I heard they're getting/making their own cartoon!
I'm honestly super happy for them, because they literally deserve it

No. 210184

yeeeeees i love that dude! i've been following him for a while and was genuinely happy for him when i saw the news