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No. 440185

The fourth thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


Previous Baylee Jae thread:

No. 440187

File: 1512725360497.png (3.52 MB, 1334x750, 0C79D21C-F2ED-45B9-9924-982D21…)

She has issues.

No. 440240

Unpopular opinion but… I kind of liked it? I mean it's cheesy and terrible, but also kind of fun. Looks like a setup for a chisel-tip only challenge or something like that, which is a bit lame, but not the worst idea ever.

No. 440243

I agree. It was brief, a bit funny. I'd rather see that type of things from her than all the bland vlogs and not-art videos that last for 15 minutes.

No. 440251

File: 1512744762555.jpg (65.88 KB, 801x245, pinkcherry.JPG)

re all the fuss on her 'comments' video… here's one of the best comments in that thread. it's true. she goes 'please critique me, I know I'm not great' and yet when people point out that plum horse & its rider was completely borked, she goes 'but I did it from reference!'

she could do a lot worse than listen to the people suggesting she loosen up, try new subject matter, try ditching the fucking outlines once in a while, etc. will be interesting to see if she acknowledges any of this stuff, let alone acts on it.
sage for rambling

No. 440284

I think having hundreds of fans saying in the comments that her art is bad but they like her personality anyway must hurt more than the "haters".

No. 440308

It's time for another Pokemon Challenge, I hope they get a bit more festive as this goes on.

No. 440356

>I'm going to make a fool of myself
Hun, you do that on a daily basis, this is nothing new lol

No. 440357

Incase you don't want to watch:
> finished stream
> talked about editing the next few days of videos
> read some of comments and made some notes
- Make speed paint voiceover more tutorial-like
- Focus on a bubbly friendly tone for the voice overs
> people asked for more copic art and complex art
> make longer art videos
> set herself goals for a month like one large and one small copic art speed part
> the frozen speed paint for was meant to a big art piece
> commit to an extra video once every month - digital or oil or a challenge.

> gets food and sketches ideas (she just wrote down ideas)

> some of her artwork was removed from redbubble as some of work because the word Hobbit was in the tags
> gets d23 mail
> films the skit at the start of a video - (posted on twitter)
> took time to edit but was worth it
> discovers the sunroof broken
> works on art/thumbnails for the video but might not finish it today
> did the end card for today’s video etc

No. 440361

Thanks for listing everything out, I highly doubt she's really open to what people said given her record of falling off the horse with other projects.

No. 440363

I enjoy her skits too. They’re actually fun.

No. 440367

File: 1512758434837.jpg (111.78 KB, 740x327, 82039481094197-98431284092384-…)

No. 440386

This comment said everything I would’ve commented. I hope Baylee reads with an open heart instead of instantly dismissing it.

No. 440388

File: 1512760087171.jpeg (149.64 KB, 750x423, 0BA5134C-DC3F-42CB-9992-F84851…)

No. 440398

Just hope we don't get swarmed with her stans. I know we can kick them out for rule breaking, since they usually type in emojis, but would rather not disrupt the thread.

No. 440402

Same. I don’t want it filled with Baylee’s special snowflakes either. That would be bad.

No. 440403

File: 1512760995361.jpeg (252.65 KB, 750x696, F0B94717-EB08-4CC0-BE99-8380D7…)

No. 440407

File: 1512761429485.jpeg (70.8 KB, 750x294, 92C1362E-1CF7-4772-A757-BBC6F4…)

What helpful art advice. If you can control the paint, you have the right brush… she uses the wrong brushes for watercolors. They always come out super splotchy. This was screenshotted from her book preview

No. 440411

This is so dumb. She states that each paint REQUIRES its own brush type and then goes on to say it doesn’t matter? It would take like two seconds to describe what kind of brush is what - stiff bristles for oil, soft brushes for watercolor, and synthetic brushes for acrylic. Instead she just says “it doesn’t matter,” but given that’s her approach to all aspects of her art, I guess it’s fitting.

No. 440420

Really Baylee? It does matter what type of brush you're using, like, don't use your watercolor brushes with oil paints or your oil brushes for a watercolor painting. She could have said that some brushes are interchangeable because they were created to be interchangeable. Why is she so against putting actually useful advice in her shitty book?!

No. 440423

>dat cowtipping
Also, the master chef argument sort of dragged the whole comment down. While someone can tell the art is bad without being an artist themselves, giving tips to how people should actually improve should be more or less reserved for people who are actually better artists than her, or else it's one blind person following another.

No. 440426

File: 1512763065787.jpg (41.3 KB, 600x693, 5cd.jpg)

You can now find people with Varg pics on Baylee Jae's comments… damn I didn't think Varg would descend to this low level of an audience, but it's not that surprising.

Sage for #000000 meal sperging

No. 440427

To anyone who is new to the thread, it's against the rules to tell the cow they have a thread. I understand we have some new people, which is great, but pls respect the rules otherwise we'll be swamped with angry 13 year olds.
Agreed, the comment could have been written better, but I'm glad that peopel are at least saying something and are not kissing her ass.

No. 440429

But having tard arguments on our side doesn't exactly help us that much. It only gives them a reason to (rightfully) dismiss those comments.

No. 440432

True, but knowing Baylee she won't listen to us even if our arguments are structured well. But, there's still a chance for her audience at least.

No. 440437

Even if she doesn't listen, making well structured criticism will remove some of her weapons when it comes to bitching about people just hating on her.
She doesn't seem to delete all the critiques. As much as I liked our loyal knight Pants of Shit, it was pretty obvious he was just there to watch the world burn and that makes for a very clear target for blocks.

No. 440445

Very true, I guess one of the positives from all of this is that those that haven't made the best arguments can learn from their mistakes and improve on them. Lol I guess that's what separates us from her, we're actually open to seeing our faults on working on them.

No. 440460

File: 1512765537690.jpeg (225.18 KB, 750x919, B8E6BA36-A8C3-447F-8A7F-155E38…)

No. 440463

what's up with his nose?

No. 440470

His feet look a bit too small, the pose feels STIFF, the nose seems a bit oddly shaped for his face (like it doesn't feel intentional), the background doesn't make much sense, like it was done as an after thought, and his expression overall feels rather bland.

No. 440471

What the fuck is going on

No. 440474

The outfit in general doesn't make much sense, like, why are the pants patterned that way, why do the boots have that ugly shade of orange, why does he have that belt?!

No. 440487

He looks like a goblin/power/wizard rangers hybrid

No. 440489

File: 1512768976204.png (35.28 KB, 1488x144, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 13.3…)

As someone who edits videos quite often, I can assure you that her videos don't take that long to edit..Maybe 3 hours max, if you're feeling lazy. There's not complicated lighting fixing, or special effects lol. Literally just re-watching, cutting, adding voice over, and music. BAM

No. 440491

Agreed, I also make videos they really don't take that long to edit, maybe the uploading process takes some time but you can multitask and get other things done too.

No. 440494

File: 1512769242924.png (183.01 KB, 1494x528, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 13.4…)

No. 440495

I wish she would switch up how she makes art. Like, she always sketches, inks, then colors. Why not try forgoing the ink and use paint instead? Or even using thicker paint strokes or 3d embellishments? Would like suggest this in the video, but I'm worried I might get blocked.

No. 440497

File: 1512769529889.png (148.82 KB, 1542x602, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 13.4…)

Rolling my eyes to the fullest

No. 440498

Lol this is what we're up against? Not everyone needs to got to art school to be competent in making art, it just takes a lot of discipline and passion. Sorry, didn't mean to sprug out, that argument was a bit upsetting.

No. 440501

Lol, I guess then my teacher shouldn't be teaching my class then! These days, art school is just an option. You can learn a lot more for cheap outside of school because of the internet. Or people can actually do studies by themselves and take the time to improve unlike someone coughbayleecough

No. 440506

Art school is also really really freaking expensive, not everyone has that kind of cash to throw around or want to take out school loans. I mean, look at Baylee, she went to an art school and her work hasn't improved at all, so the argument that art school automatically make you a superior artist is bs. Art school helps with connections and having access to certain things that are hard to come by outside of a school, but you yourself need to put in the work to improve through actually studying and applying yourself. Rant over.

No. 440531

If >>440460 is art school material I am sure glad I didn't go to art school

No. 440534

Seeing Art ala Carte, Lemia Crescent, SuperRaeDizzle, HulloAlice, Katharine Ward Art and Holly Brown in the top comments really does show that birds of a feather (of mediocre art) stay together.

No. 440537

And Baylee is their leader lol

No. 440595

Fuck the person who cow tipped
I don’t care if your rebellious 13 year old ass has just found this place and finds it edgy and exciting, stick by the rules.
Wish the thread didn’t appear when searched

No. 440596

The rules are liked at the top of the page, but yeah, pls to anyone who knew don't tell the cow about the thread.

No. 440607

Honestly a lot of the time it just sounds like a bunch of kids talking here

No. 440610

Someone cowtipped?
Well if there's any sign of an influx newfags rolling in to whiteknight remember to just report it to the mods

No. 440611

Well, at least they can justify wasting their time over a womanchild better than us…

No. 440612

No. 440613

I found the post, I didn't create it. Idk who did, but I think it was a noob who found us through google.

No. 440620

I think the influx in people coming to the thread was how Baylee's comments are off limits to most people who don't kiss her ass. That's at least how I found the first thread a couple months ago.

No. 440726

i did a google search of her name and the thread (Or at least lolcow in general) is like, on the second page so that's also a possibility of how so many people are finding it.

No. 440758

I first found lolcow by searching up "baylee jae bad at art" and these lolcow threads were the top results

No. 440771

File: 1512803780641.png (103.5 KB, 1498x272, Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 23.1…)

I can't take any of these guys seriously with their spelling and the points they make. The only thing people are jealous of is having the choice of chilling all day while making crappy art and making money off it. I have so much more to say, but don't wanna be too lengthy. Sorry for the mini rant.

No. 440800

Legit I just typed "I hate baylee jae" Into google, and found the other youtube artist thread. Hated this bitch for the longest time.

No. 440805

At one point, I did actually really like her. I found her endearing when she first started vlogging, she seemed for excited about art and animating but as the years went by she's changed. While yeah, we all change as we get older, that doesn't always mean it's for the better. It's honestly kinda sad, I really don't want her life.

No. 440876

lmao at the previous thread where queen kiss ass commented. She’s been sucking the dick of Baylee for years - and was like that with Jellie Bee for a while too but maybe she didn’t have enough of a following for Krissu to latch onto

Fucking love how these artists leech onto Baylee like she’s some mother leech. Like they’ll get fame and recognition from her from kissing ass

No. 440921

>people insult you for your weight, but that doesn't even matter!
Just stop this shit, there's no good in mentioning it. You could have just left out the first paragraph entirely and it would've been fine.

No. 440937

There is a YouTube field right at the bottom of the post form, anon.

No. 440941

tbh I feel like she did okay with this challenge. Sure, it's cartoony and I couldn't listen to the voiceover, so she could still be a bitch about some things… But I feel like the art is okay. Not perfectly blended, but it's okay.

I'm cautiously optimistic. Anyone?

Also: >>440937
thank you anon!

No. 440946

Art looks pretty underwhelming to me, the sketch was mildly entertaining. It's not horrible, but this is what I'd expect from a beginner and she clearly had a hard time controlling the chisel tip especially on the hair, yet she claimed that it "wasn't challenging", ok Baylee.

No. 440953

But I do remember Krissu kissing Jellie's ass big time. I remember from some art streams Krissu sorta gave me a vibe of a heightened sense of self.

No. 440958

For fuck's sake, I'll have to agree with Holly as much as it irks me. STOP MAKING CHALLENGES THAT AREN'T CHALLENGING! I know coloring with a chisel tip is not as fluid as the brush tip, but dontcha think CHALLENGE is a bit of a strong word for that?
That one just screams "I am so unable to do any fart out of my comfort zone that I find drawing with the other end of my Copic marker to be an actual legit challenge".

Sorry for sperging but the whole stupid art challenge thing drives me up the wall

No. 440967

When she tries doing dark skintones they always turn out so ashy…

No. 440968

Am I the only one weirded out by the way the mouth looks?

No. 440969

why does she keep adding blush to super dark women. it doesn't look good in copic marker

No. 440971

To be honest, I find them hard too. If the character is not a lighter/medium skin red undertone black it's hard for me to not make the skin look bad. Not wanting to blame my own inability on my materials, but sometimes it seems like the darker brown markers (from Copic to Crayola) have a gunkier quality to the ink. I had my dark brown nibs clog in a weird way, and the Crayola's are streaky as hell.

No. 440972

I do wonder sometimes but has she even friends who tell her any mistakes ?
Honestly I’m in a group on discord with lots of improving artists that do criticism on a daily basis, it is something you can always learn from, you shouldn’t hide behind lying white knights.
I can’t believe how she is not getting tired of these “fans” who always compliment her art. Just because you released a book - don’t think your art is that good.

No. 440980

I do hope I actually did the sage thing right but I've been lurking in these kind of threads for like 3 Days because I really started to get annoyed with baylee and other popular mediocore artists on youtube. And I just wanted to say that reading these critiques has actually helped a lot with my confidence and helped me kick my own butt and force myself to use references which I normally am too lazy to do. Just I think these threads are a good thing. Sure it can get a little harsh at times but if you actually listen to the valid critiques, it's actually very inspiring. Sorry for rambling just wanted to let you know that there are artists out there who appreciate these threads. Also no I'm not a youtube artist. Just a random internet artist that likes to lurk in places.

No. 440982

tbh a lot of "varg fans" are just old kvlt bm fans, they'd hate Varg if they saw him now with his wife in the french countryside and with like 10 white kids

No. 440989

If a kvlt bm fan can't appreciate 6 pure progenies they aren't trve kvlt

Seriously now, Varg has always been one of the closest to the mainstream eye. It would be silly to expect his fanbase to be an elite team.
But alas, let me refrain from derailing the thread even further.

No. 440999


Yeah she’s so up her own arse for someone who’s art is so shit, she’s literally only got her following from tagging along with Baylee and jellie - guess jellie wasn’t a big enough target for her any more lol

I watch jellies and baylees streams and Krissu used to be a chat host on jellies and she was always talking over people and talking big about herself, she always gave me a wrong feeling to her

No. 441004

I don't know about Twitch, but her Youtube only has about 2k subs. Imagine being too mediocre even for the mediocre Youtuber standard. She's really cringy.

I wondered if other people saw her as so much of a kiss ass as I saw her.

No. 441026

You’re not the only one trust me. She seems to have her own loyal little group though, and over 1k on twitter so idk what she’s doing but she’s doing something right for someone’s whose art is as low quality as hers

No. 441031

File: 1512846375355.png (3.21 MB, 1334x750, D156587B-60F5-4CC7-BC4F-F0F1E8…)

The mouth is kind of reminds me of adventure time.

No. 441034


It was saged?

No. 441036

>Complaining about lack of sage
>posts are saged, yours isn't

No. 441038


Lmao ouch I didn’t even notice that

No. 441039


It’s kinda scary

No. 441041

maybe you should sage your own posts before you decide to backseat mod

This isn't the best and it's just another girl bust but I'm glad the facial expression is something different than stoically staring into space.

No. 441050

This fucking scared me holy shit,, Also, why did she not make the most of that she was using a chisel nib?? You can make really cool and stylised drawings with them, but you aren't supposed to shade with them, that loses its point, this drawing just makes it looks like it was done with a normal nib

No. 441054

>you aren't supposed to shade with them
Only if you are like Baylee and think you absolutely need to have very specific aspects to your tools to make them work for certain purposes.

No. 441055

File: 1512847683548.jpeg (187.85 KB, 750x979, C493E9FE-E6FF-46AD-B378-654D25…)

No. 441057

What’s the point of this chisel challenge if she accidentally used the brush nib half the time.

No. 441060

Challenge videos are some of my least favorite type of videos. But why are they so popular?

No. 441079

I have a particular burning hatred for the blindfold challenge. Baylee did that some 5 times. I see no point at all, she probably does those because she thinks it's funny… and it isn't. It's just a lame excuse for a shitty art video.

No. 441121

The draw with your foot challenge is one of the worst. Like, that shit's freaking disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441122

>Implying Baylee wouldn't try to get every medium to work in her comfort zone
anon, please

No. 441126

Oh yeah. I'm not keen on challenges in general, but some of them can be just themes for the video, like the 3 marker challenge (still, most of them don't qualify as a challenge). But those with hardly any possibility of success such as the blindfold or the draw with your foot one just seem to serve as filler videos.

No. 441127

I think the redraw this challenge is probably one of the better ones, since it can give you a gauge on if you've improved or not. Again, I don't really think it qualifies as a challenge since it's, well, not challenging.

No. 441154

File: 1512861157585.png (10.84 KB, 578x56, Screen Shot 2017-12-09 at 15.1…)


No. 441159

When you laugh so hard you cry.

No. 441193

The colors in the mouth don’t work in making it distinguishable but overall AT LEAST IT WAS A PIECE OF ART FOR “arty advent”

No. 441199

Ikr, you would think the series having the world "art" in it would actually involve art lol.

No. 441286

This gives me goatse flashbacks. Why stylize the mouth that way?

No. 441363

The shading and placement of the folds of her scarf(?) makes me feel better about how I draw clothes.
Thanks Baylee

No. 441430

She holds markers like a 3 year old. It doesn't look cute when you're older. It just makes you look like a fucking retard.

No. 441461

what fabric even is that supposed to be….

No. 441509

File: 1512903800719.jpeg (281.48 KB, 983x1235, A9210207-836C-4713-B68D-5760FF…)

No. 441511

File: 1512904120198.jpeg (71.99 KB, 750x417, 43D6B39F-2B2A-4EEC-8A0A-40E1FB…)

No. 441518

Still bringing up the wedding huh? This is more like crafty advent

No. 441541

I'm still waiting for these to be a bit more festive than timmies/starbucks holiday cups!

No. 441594

Never forget that she got married!

No. 441605

Why did this post get put out to pasture? The only infraction I can spot is not saging and half the thread doesn't sage

No. 441610

She continues to colour dark skinned characters with borderline noir black and then proceeds to draw lighter skins using muddish almost (digitally shes used legit) grey colours. Is it that hard for her to use the BILLION other copics she has and actually learn something…
For the felt she couldnt even go around the dome with an exacto blade for a perfect cut but freehands it with bulky scissors making it jagged and probably super inconsistent around the border

No. 441707

This is not an art video

No. 441722

File: 1512940729884.png (3.77 MB, 1334x750, 1E13E5ED-0DB6-4962-8DB8-A0114D…)

The forced quirk is annoying…

No. 441747

File: 1512942487766.png (1.07 MB, 996x920, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 13.4…)

I always hate when she does her close ups and dumb faces smh

No. 441752

I swear, she's gonna still mention the wedding even when its been like 5 years and make it sound like it was recent

No. 441846

File: 1512955645783.png (50.39 KB, 1462x168, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 17.2…)

You know, you could say the same thing about Baylee using her platform to make herself feel better with the comments from her 12 year old fans lol

No. 441905

wasn't that at length in her vlogs? Like we saw her make the rose thing before??

No. 441934

Yup, it was shown in a vlog. Just sped through. This was a lazy video

No. 441946

Seriously. I do to. But she is proud of being cringe for some odd reason.

No. 442114

Weren't the majority of them calling for Baylee to just block and delete anyone who "hurts her ickle feelings"?

No. 442144

2 year old footage for today's video…

No. 442160

So Arty Advert is really 'Art Videos that never got posted.'

No. 442162

It feels like as we progress through the month the videos get lazier and lazier.

No. 442172

Christmas party, I guess.

No. 442176

my question is, why the fuck did she only paint half of the canvas

No. 442180

Not even half a video of narration and footage that is two years old. WOW

No. 442183

At least the Taylor dude came back, he's a least fun to watch unlike a certain lazy person cough baylee cough

No. 442188

it was a collaboration piece, the other person was meant to paint the other half.

No. 442189

The video wasn't super long, she could have talked about how she's supposedly "grown" since her first oil paintings. Or talked about something else, narrations really don't take that long to put together.

No. 442201

File: 1513016345498.png (1.78 MB, 1226x860, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 10.1…)

kind of splotchy

No. 442207

The cat bothers me.
Just the shitty turquoise and how the addition completely ruined the piece
I’m curious as to who it was tbh but then again I wouldn’t blame them for getting annoyed when they see how much “work” Baylee does everyday yet doesn’t finish an oil painting for months (but then again they may be a milky artist too)

No. 442265

She never branches out from the same boring color scheme. The rendering on the cat looks super flat, the ear to the right looks disproportionate to the one on the left. Why does she always give her animals the same dead eye look, it's not cute. Funny enough, she hasn't improved since this painting.

No. 442323

Purple,pink and teal color scheme, galaxy, cats…. she's so predictable

No. 442345

Oh god. That looks like a 6 year old painted it.

No. 442349

Why doesn't she try a different color scheme? Space as a variety of colors, idk why she never branches out from the purple/pink/blue/turquoise pallet. I get working in a limited pallet, but she never tries anything new and when she uses those colors it's poorly executed.

No. 442384

Parties are good and all but this is almost becoming regular. Baylee getting shit faced drunk and the friends taking over her vlogs lol. They seem to have had more parties since they’ve been married. Odd she shows herself like that since she’s wanted to be a family friendly channel.

No. 442386

File: 1513039687513.jpeg (349.32 KB, 750x528, FFF34EC6-2E27-4132-A8DB-BB6646…)

She believes she’s a superstar lmao…

No. 442388

Wonder who the person she was supposed to collab with was? Any ideas?

No. 442407

Well, she has nothing else to do since she doesn't want to actually practice art.

No. 442518


Shes had a Christmas party and a Halloween party. I don't think there's anything wrong with celebrating holidays with friends.

No. 442580

It's actually something her friends said that made her laugh, you can hear it at the end of the video

No. 442700

She joined in on the new 2017 art challenge trend.

No. 442701


No. 442703

File: 1513097316371.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 16.4…)

No. 442710

The nose is curved and is much closer to the right eye than the left eye. And she actually bothered to give it a chin(?)

No. 442748

Watching this I was thinking of some cool stuff you could create as she was unboxing then I remembered it was baylee I was watching and she was gonna make something half assed & she proved me right

No. 442758

reminds me of the last minute projects you'd see from art students in college, and they literally pooped out the most basic shit message to go with it

No. 442783

Her hair looks like a single piece of paper taped to her head, it's so thin. Really unflattering on her big head.

No. 442801

Kinda stupid to pick on that since she can't really do anything to change it.

No. 442808

Am I the only one who finds it cringy the way Baylee tries to explain the 'lore' behind the 'art'. It just sounds like a child trying to write a creative text, it makes me shudder: i think its the conviction and how serious she tries to sound as if any of the shit she says is technical or interesting.

No. 442825

I don’t like it either but I then I don’t like listening to any artist talking about some deep meaning behind their art. If I can’t feel something from looking at it (whether it’s the intended message or my own interpretation) then I’m really not that interested in listening to you talk about it

No. 442829

As a person who has to hear a lot of that at school, I can relate. Sometimes they're talking something Deeeeeeep and their art just doesn't show it, I just end up confused.

No. 442834

Ebay mystery box, Zoella advent calendar joke… she’s really capitalizing on trends isn’t she. This is crafty advent. Not arty advent.

No. 442837

that’s what happens when you spend all your money on hoarding toys and copics while youtube isn’t paying much

No. 442845

Im surprised no one called her out by saying that this is crafty advent and not arty smh

No. 442892

Same, and usually with Baylee, it feels made up on the spot rather than planned. Honestly, the more "serious" she tries to be about her art's meaning, the more irritated I become since it's obvious she's trying to convince people that it's deep.

No. 442943

What blows my mind is how much she prices her originals considering the materials used are not lightfast. On copics official website, they mention that the markers are not lightfast at all. Also, the dollarstore paints she uses are also not light fast, yet she charges hundreds of dollars. I get it's also the fault of whoever buys the original, but Baylee should either cut the price or make it explicitly clear that the materials will fade. Idk, didn't mean to spurg out but this has bothered me for a while and God forbid you say this on one of her videos.

No. 443017

I've been watching all of her old vlogs and art videos and I feel like Baylee was the most tolerable back when she had teal hair and straight eyebrows.

The blonde hair and straight eyebrows phase started her bad personality change.

Her microbladed eyebrows and blonde hair must have brought out her inner bitch so now she's annoying and complains about everything.

No. 443027

It was easier to overlook her strange mannerism in the beginning because she had life struggles and obstacles to overcome. She was relatable and you wanted to see her succeed because she showed enthusiasm, where now that she doesn't have the school loans/a regular job, it's harder to relate to her therefore harder to feel bad for her when things do go her way.

No. 443107

Another boring vlog from Ms. Lazy Baylee

No. 443152

This is kind of random but is she ever going to get those head lumps checked out? While I'm sure some of it is being afraid of the potential answers; I would really think she'd want to make sure she's healthy going into this new chapter of life, especially since she seems at a point where she can afford potential medical bills. This is like the only thing that I'm actually concerned about for her and its just baffling me that she seems so….not worried. Maybe its just me, idk how dangerous "head lumps" tend to be

No. 443183

Same anon. Also, given how her grandparents have died from cancer, then it would be in her best interest to get those checked.

No. 443206

New to this thread but I didn’t realize she actually lived in Vancouver. Her house must be worth over one million dollars.

No. 443210

She rents it, but yeah, she could probably buy one there if she didn't spend her money on Disney shit and art supplies she never uses.

No. 443252

Head lumps?

No. 443272

They’re probably just pillar cysts they’re very common & don’t have to be removed unless they’re uncomfortable, get too big or get infected . She spoke before about them like she had seen someone about them. She’ll loose a portion of hair around them when she gets them removed so that could be a factor in why she’s putting it off, she already seems self conscious about how thin her hair is.

No. 443415

She always does the stupidest faces for her thumbnails. The video is bound to be boring af. Not gonna watch it

No. 443460

Click bait, and it was super boring. Just another poorly drawn girl holding a poorly drawn cat.

No. 443522

Found a video flipping through all the pages in Baylee's book

No. 443565

File: 1513218611374.png (798.31 KB, 1322x834, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 18.2…)

Please kids. Do not draw noses like Baylee where they look smudged up

No. 443580

Honestly from what I’ve seen, from book previews and such. This book is awful, yes her stands will always say it’s the most amazing thing ever, but it’s all information you can find while searching google. The info is all so…vague. This is a book for people who don’t know the first thing about art, she talks about all these different mediums but only uses one… markers… like ok??? And her how to draw tutorials are so blah. She only shows how to draw one view than shows 5 more leaving the reader to figure it out.

No. 443581

She never tries to draw other nose types. It's not that hard to find reference for them either, so there's not excuse for these potato noses that she draws.

No. 443587


Why the fuck does she draw nostrils so small? Has she never seen a nose in her life? the small nostrils make all the tips of the nose so bulbous and gross. How hard is looking up a reference for a nose? 9.9999999% of the people on the planet have noses. Lazee Jae strikes again.

No. 443588

The lack of variety is what frustrates me. Like, it's not that hard to look up some reference images and practice! It would add some interest to her art if she would give her girls different noses, but apparently that's beneath Ms. Lazee Jae (anon that name is genius thank you!)

No. 443591

File: 1513221296996.png (61.16 KB, 604x267, Capture.PNG)

No. 443598

File: 1513221888998.png (2.52 MB, 1334x750, C8FD74FB-9883-46E1-9BB1-E5565D…)

Acting like she’s an anatomy expert in her books, but draws sausage fingers on a regular bases.

No. 443600

Probably another challenge type video similar to Jazza’s.

No. 443601

File: 1513222142751.png (2.23 MB, 1334x750, 53DB3BBD-A16C-4F4F-96E7-DE6293…)

Anatomy expert….. not.

No. 443614

Such flat hands…

No. 443617

That right page tho. Her attempts at making it look like she's an expert is laughable. She openly talks about how she's not skilled yet she makes this shitty book.

No. 443620


I bet she ripped that idea straight from another person/book just so she can appear to know what's she's talking about.

haha nw

No. 443637

File: 1513225593162.jpg (66.22 KB, 854x476, 888888888888888888888888888888…)

THE FREAKING NOSE!!! Why is she so against drawing noses that don't look like potatoes!

No. 443644


most likely is due to her art regression. I remember being taught to draw noses like that at about 7-8 years of age and I'd be caught dead drawing noses like that as I'm 20

No. 443656

File: 1513230284806.png (298.87 KB, 445x450, 1475392869975.png)

>Posting OP pic to /ic/ and trying to get people to sperg on there

what on earth were you thinking?

No. 443682

i saw it too lol, please keep the petty bitching to lolcow. /ic/ will only get salty about artists that are actually a threat to them, like Sakimi or Ruan Jia.

No. 443683

Wait, what happened? Did someone cowtip?

No. 443684

Not cowtipping, but there's been quite a few threads made recently on /ic/ reusing images from lolcow to create threads about Bailey and Holly, and posts even straight up namedropping this board there. It's annoying because /ic/'s gone down the drain because of circlejerking around e-celeb artists already and mentioning this board is just fucking stupid.

No. 443685

Ah okay, thanks for saying something. I've never heard of /ic/ before (newfag) so good to know to not name drop threads.

No. 443689

No problem. Also, don't forget to put "sage" in the email field when you're going off topic.

No. 443862

The fuck is this

No. 443865

I just said the same thing when I saw this. Why you doing this to the Grinch but then again she loves pennywise (2017).

No. 443866

File: 1513270477549.png (28.61 KB, 804x153, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 16.5…)

Please don't!

No. 443869

I'm speechless.

No. 443879

A picture of a bossy builder she traced colored poorly and then put a shitty Grinch face on it?

No. 443881

*body (good job autocorrect)

No. 443896

I don't know how to reply to this so I'm just laughing at the ridiculousness

No. 443899

jfc. no fucking way she did this from reference lmao. she just traced that shit and then inked it, her anatomy isnt nearly that good

No. 443907

File: 1513274324954.png (280.5 KB, 620x496, 12675685-0BE5-4108-928C-3F1BC3…)

The reference? Anyone want to overlay them & see if it’s traced? I’m not on my laptop to do it

No. 443911

It’s not traced, just copied. Some things are too different and you can still see errors because just like others she copied the lines without understanding what she was doing. She’s pretty decent at copying so it’s not that big of a surprise.

No. 443922

the grinch… is covered in fur is he not? why did she draw him as a dude with normal human skin.

No. 443931

that actually happens with tracing too. trying to trace an outline and add things that aren't there is super noticable tho.

No. 443937

File: 1513276858344.png (487.45 KB, 620x496, grinchman.png)

She's holding it at an angle in the video, but I tried to stretch it out and it didn't match up. I didn't account for the warp of the paper, but I don't think it's traced, just closely copied.

No. 443944

Also sage for samefag but both his chest and hand are off, it would probably look a little different if she'd traced it, like the placement of the nipples and such.

No. 443962

for fear of outing myself i'll let you guys in on a secret. during high school i traced quite a bit too keep up with art friends who also traced, but i would move the picture slightly at times to make it look not traced, so when doing what you did, it would look a bit wonky, but copied at best. not saying she's doing that, but it's not hard to trace and then fake it

No. 443998

File: 1513287892978.jpeg (58.34 KB, 750x137, 666B62F2-7A73-4E09-8EE1-1529FF…)

No. 444002

ngl, I laughed.

No. 444007

She’s been overdoing it with the quirk factor lately. I’m sure it’s a middle finger to everyone who says she should be more professional. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Lazee Jae

No. 444011

File: 1513288798774.jpg (705.52 KB, 360x244, ten4gle.jpg)

I am at a loss for words.
For her audience's age range I really believe this is inappropriate. I don't think parents are gonna like it if their children watch those kinds of videos, I know when I was little my parents got angry at me just seeing anime characters kiss.
She needs to choose which audience she wants to cater to:
The 99% majority that are children starting out and don't know what good art is yet
Or the 1% that are adults who still don't know what good art is yet/asskiss Baylee because of her sub count
Can't have it both ways.

No. 444015

File: 1513289012132.jpeg (29.68 KB, 750x120, ED7B96D7-FBE8-4BE5-ADD3-BAA6B9…)

I’m sure this is the reaction she wants. Baylee has always been a huge TROLL

No. 444016

Looking at it reminds me of those creepy porn versions of popular children's cartoons. This is disgusting, considering her audience's age. If I was a parent, I'd be rightfully pissed the fuck off.

No. 444017

File: 1513289117553.jpeg (28.16 KB, 224x225, 31CB2940-CBB9-4451-AA6D-6236E4…)

Meanwhile, Grinch is like…..

No. 444018

Especially since she tends to cater to young audiences, via doodle domain and her ex toy channel. Kids I’m sure found her main art channel through there and are gonna have nightmares when they see this on her main channel. I feel for those children.

No. 444020

File: 1513289328430.jpeg (65.71 KB, 750x414, 562D6C31-49DD-4CE7-8BF6-298E93…)

People are nasty lol

No. 444021

She needs to freaking choose the age range she's going to cater to! Again, I feel like parents with any sense are going to be pissed over this, and rightfully so!

No. 444076

I'm no prude but this is honestly so uncomfortable. It doesn't fit her "brand" at all and it's basically just the body of some male model colored green with a vaguely grinch looking face. It's like someone's mom trying too hard to be hip and edgy.

No. 444084


She's basically turning into a desperate housewife. Idk whether to laugh or be sad for her

No. 444088

I expect stuff like this from Holly who has a more teenaged fanbase not Baylee, the child friendly one. And like someone else said, it really looks like a porn parody but with a shitty grinch face stuck on to it. It doesn't seem like her fans are even that into it.

No. 444091

Do her art videos show up on the kid's youtube app?
Imagine some kid typing the Grinch and seeing this. It's like the Spiderman and Elsa stuff that happened. I hope this doesn't become a series just because she needs them views.

No. 444103

Considering Holly has drawn porn before no one would bat an eye, but Baylee's content is so santized and non-sexual, it just jarring. I imagine most of her fans are below the age of 16.

No. 444107

Seems her audience on the grinch porno vid are mixed. Some are being disgusting and wanting to fap to her piss poor art and the other are not amused. Idk what she was trying to accomplish with this but I'm sure the parents are not happy.

No. 444127

File: 1513298542909.jpg (36.83 KB, 454x595, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 444174

Lmao. Imagine…. Baylee has been pissed people complain about her not practicing art and she’s been practicing NSFW in private this whole time hahaha!

No. 444175

That grinch has a weak bulge, I imagined a cucumber, not an asparagus

No. 444177

Lol, is this her idea of revenge? She has this tendency to punish her subs when they didn't do anything wrong.

No. 444179

Anon, pls, my brain! Baylee, you evil bitch now I can't watch the christmas special!

No. 444186

File: 1513301643642.jpeg (46.36 KB, 750x179, 23139C8E-BF99-40AA-9C4A-5FFCF9…)

No. 444257

So she…practices drawing bulges a lot? That's what I got out of that reply.
Classy Baylee, very classy.

No. 444269

File: 1513307925726.gif (1.29 MB, 245x210, chkle.gif)

>she used a reference and it still looks this bad

No. 444283

File: 1513308470050.jpeg (30.21 KB, 750x120, 4CD32525-E1C5-4E29-8484-E7F6E4…)

No. 444294

Baylee, pick a freaking audience and stick with it. Children shouldn't be exposed to this bullshit. Also, on a regular basis she produces content that is child friendly, so saying that parents should police what they watch is bull when she throws this in as a "surprise." I'm sorry, pls don't ban me this is just really upsetting

No. 444307

I totally agree with you anon. If parents approved this channel as suitable for their kids to watch and a sexy grinch showed up. I’d be concerned too.

No. 444310

File: 1513310755218.jpeg (405.06 KB, 750x1009, D799667B-73DD-4FD8-B4C6-4FA85E…)

Why would people be willing to spend money on this!? I can’t….

No. 444311

It would be different if we expected this sort of stuff from her, I mean it doesn't surprise me when Holly does it since she's not marketing herself to children but more teens/young adults with no taste, but Baylee's main audience is children to early teens with some adults.

No. 444313

File: 1513310840522.jpeg (449.64 KB, 750x997, 9CE22266-5482-4049-A87D-16092B…)

No. 444314

Even if you had money to throw away, you would be better off burning it than spending it on this shit.

No. 444316

Disgusting, but for real I am confused. Isn't she all about being a "child at heart" but runs around with dick cups and posts poorly done cartoon wang. My head just hurts from all these contradictions.

No. 444317

File: 1513311187065.jpeg (213.5 KB, 1355x721, 4CAF6D3B-BE74-4558-A054-43B497…)

He just looks like a man with green paint. Where’s the fur texture. Put hulks face on him and it’d be more accurate lol. I can’t with this video. This was totally BayBait.

No. 444319

This is so nasty. I’m sure if parents saw this side of the amazing “bailey jay” they would not have bought her book or approved her content for their kids. Holy mackerel

No. 444321

Is Baylee trying to be more like Jazza by drawing random mish mash concepts? She must’ve hated when his following surpassed hers haha!

No. 444324

While Jazza's work isn't perfect, it's easier to look past it and enjoy his personality and his excitement for art. Baylee doesn't have that charisma nor excitement, hence him surpassing her.

No. 444352

does she have the same name as the tranny? thats unfortunate. she should change that shit

No. 444366

Yeah. I remember in a vlog a parent emailed her and complained because their kid searched her name on google and other stuff came up lol

No. 444390

Agreed. Even with reference, it also looks so stiff and just unnatural.

That christmas tree looks flat too lol.

No. 444395

File: 1513322815908.png (12.9 KB, 470x118, Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 23.2…)

I'm disturbed by these comments

No. 444424

She never draws stuff like that, who is she trying to fool?

No. 444433

File: 1513330808251.jpg (1.33 MB, 2100x1633, tiddies.jpg)

Some long tiddies he got there.

No. 444461

The collarbone would have helped a bit.

No. 444484

File: 1513344833214.jpg (1.33 MB, 2100x1633, $$$.jpg)

I tired to make sense of her anatomy but it got worse and i'm confused.

No. 444504

File: 1513347900588.jpg (217.36 KB, 1355x721, grinch edit.jpg)

No. 444506

It's not the collarbone. You can see she drew on the Grinch's neck ruffle and possibly a necklace but then went over it to remove it, so the pecs look too long because she had made space for those things.

No. 444523

even with reference, the shoulder area is kinda tricky to draw if you don't know the underlying anatomy. She doesn't know how the deltoid connects to the collar bone, those lines on the left shoulder (his left) are pretty haphazard.

No. 444545

File: 1513353631072.jpeg (258.75 KB, 750x919, wojak.jpeg)

I'm laughing this looks so much like a wojak image

No. 444546

I can't unsee it lol. But really, why didn't she put in an actual background instead of just texturing it?

No. 444577

File: 1513357461029.png (570.49 KB, 1033x340, 1514657634619641.png)

I honestly like this drawing a lot. I wish she would go for this rather than her normal style.

No. 444578

She still can't escape the potato nose lol

No. 444581

(I'm new so sorry if i'm doing this wrong)
It's better than her normal stuff but it still seems very off to me. too off for me to like it, i think the mouth is too small, as is the space from the bottom of the nose to chin when compared from the nose to the brows.

No. 444583

the shading in the hair is atrocious imo. Why did she use black? Whyyy?

No. 444584

Nonono you're fine anon I'm being a bit of shit lol it's okay to like some of her stuff and point our where her stuff is decent. The hair in this one doesn't look as bad as some of her more recent bullshit so I will give her that.

No. 444585

lol right when I posted I didn't mind the hair as much. But yeah, I don't understand why she uses black for shading the hair, it dulls the colors.

No. 444595

That’s actually not bad at all, it just looks like the start of a painting and not the final product. If you need to point out something dreadful, at least pick the hair. It would have looked so much better if she worked in chunks instead of trying to shade single strands, and the colour used is just wrong and makes it look dirty.
One thing that bothers in a lot of artists is that they pretty much forget to add highlights, they focus on shadows so much and then they add a couple dots of light here and there on the eyes or nose.

No. 444596

This isn’t as bad as her other stuff but it took me a couple minute to be able to see past how awful that hair is! The whole things though tbh looks like a underpainting

No. 444603

File: 1513360237957.jpeg (352.34 KB, 750x508, D4F9E2FE-A5BD-40CA-8EE4-F28D5F…)

More stupid faces. She’s becoming a cartoon character

No. 444605

So sick of hearing about Skillshare in her videos

No. 444612

She's pretty decent when she copies. Don't like the hair but at least the facial expression is a bit more interesting.

No. 444640

Is it supposed to be stylized? Or is this realism in her eyes?

No. 444654

not the place buddy

No. 444655

please go jump off a cliff.

No. 444657

How is this related?… and if you feel if your body is holding you back so much try improving it. It'll make you more self confident and ya know, being healthier is always a plus… Or just wait and eventually you'll find someone who is right for you…

Is this some sort of spam that happens a lot here? Or?

No. 444662

can the mods deal with him please?

No. 444667

Well, reported it. Not sure if the report function does anything though? never used it before. Seems like the guy is kind of pitiful and trying to derail.

No. 444679

She hasn't got a single creative bone in her body. How would a hot guys series really be any different than her "princessify" shit. It's all the same concept.

No. 444689

You're the one bitching about it on an anon forum so I think it is your loss.

No. 444760

File: 1513371603793.jpg (30.04 KB, 605x294, bjtwit.JPG)

ah yes. men who go round spitting vile "I hate all women" poison and then being bewildered as to why women don't want to sleep with them

But anyway this whole advent thing has clearly made Baylee lose it. it's really unsavoury. And for the people who are saying well at least it's something different - no it's not. it's still a poorly outlined badly composed simplistic bad copy of a reference coloured in with markers showing no understanding of lighting or form

No. 444768

Baylee dear lord you're doing it again. Can you PLEASE pick a fucking audience and stick with it?? I don't think parents are going to like it when their kids look up the word pedo and find unsavory results. As adults we understand these concepts as jokes and good fun – children do not.
I'm really starting to strongly dislike this woman.

No. 444906

File: 1513385269277.png (132.76 KB, 228x275, wow.PNG)

somebody actually bought the derp horse wtf

No. 444909

That's just gross. It was just mildly cringeworthy to start, but she's really running this into the ground.

No. 444951

Idk why she took it a step further, it's completely unprofessional. Like the other anons have said, I'm really starting to dislike for more than just her art.

No. 444954

their loss….She basically copied a horse, smacked a girl on top with anatomy that doesn't work, and added splotchy paint everywhere. I hope the person who bought this is a millionaire.

No. 444960

I have nothing to back this up, but I think her family busy the majority of her originals. Or I might be reaching and it's just die hard fans with no taste or consideration for their wallet.

No. 445074

I did see a comment on her Grinch video, I think, where they asked if the original was going to be on sale….so maybe it's not all family members..sadly

No. 445292

Wow so much art….

No. 445297

She could have 'doodled' or something while doing a Q&A but nope. Everything doesn't have to be finished a piece of art.

No. 445308

>Holly Brown trying to suck Baylee's metaphorical noodle
I love when flakes collide.

I don't understand why you would do a sitdown video with just your face on an art channel, why not film yourself doodling or something like >>445297 said? It's clear that her channel is more about her than it is about art.

No. 445327

Her response to that always is “im a YouTuber first” ….eyeroll.

No. 445331

File: 1513446780867.png (4.38 MB, 1334x750, BC52B77F-7965-4807-8B79-78F694…)

To enter her giveaway, people have to answer if they’d smash or pass…. I can’t.

No. 445342

This is fucking hilarious.

The smooth Christmas music paired with that drawing. Superb.

I don't know if you guys just want a reason to hate her but a lot of you are sounding like annoying moms. She could have added +18 disclaimer, and yes, her channel is mostly child related, but she has done stuff like this in the past so if you are so worried about what your kid watches, keep an eye on it. You shouldn't trust a stranger on the internet if you're concerned about what your child is watching, you don't know them nor their intentions even if they do come across as kids entertainment.

No. 445421

yesbut also the drawing is fucking horrible, regarless of subject matter

No. 445424

Given how outraged she gets about people not worshiping gay bois, we should be allowed to be outraged when she makes shitty art depicting a cartoon character with a weirdly shaped wang.

No. 445430

i don't understand this pic. it kinda looks like a polaroid at first but the grinch's legs and arms are outside of the background. and he doesn't even look like he's sitting in/on the background at all.

No. 445455

I don't think many people are genuinely offended by the subject matter, even the "random hot model with cartoon character's head" could have been hilarious, but given her track record it's just her being lazy.

No. 445536

If you scroll up you can see several people talking about it being inappropriate for her audience. I don't even think her channel is a kid's channel, it just falls into that because she is generally childish as a person.

No. 445614

File: 1513486299254.png (628.36 KB, 892x495, wow.PNG)

I'm watching an IHE video and he called the cover of this knock off Prince of Egypt movie "the worst thing about the movie" which I find hilarious because it looks like art Lazee Jae would make

No. 445615

Shit, it does

No. 445646

oh shit..it just needs more muddier shading and it'd totally be Baylee's drawing lol

No. 445659

I love how she could have easily still have drawn and just add the voiceover but nah just sit there and talk with the silly Christmas village she wanted to make as a whole seperate video in the background

No. 445672

Oml! I thought that was Baylee’s art! ROFL!

No. 445674

I was scrolling past and thought it was one of hers lol. Take out the background and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference

No. 445722

She’s opening sum sums before her videos, majority of her work is based on Disney, Pokemon, some other thing that’s geared towards children, whether she lives it or not her channel rn is more of a kids/adolescent channel, if she’s wants to move towards more mature audience then fine but don’t flip flop between the two. it’s weird attracting kids with toy unboxings and then the next day it’s the grinch and his bulge

No. 445745

Yeah, because it is. Most of her content is very PG and family friendly, the fact that she also runs a literal kid's channel on the side doesn't help. I don't watch all of her videos but looking at the thumbnails nothing she's uploaded within the last 2 years was remotely sexual. Even if she doesn't explicitly brand herself as a PG channel, that's who her audience primarily is and who she's catering to.

No. 445777

She could have added a disclamoner, but you have outdoors advertising underwear with pretty suggestive poses and bulges in plain sight for children to see in the street. You're acting like she posted explicit porn or something. No kid is going to be traumatized from this and if they were, they should be supervised on the internet for starters.

No. 445784

Put it this way. It would be fucking weird to walk into a toy shop and see posters of people half naked in underwear. Or go see a Disney movie and suddenly you’re seeing a prince’s bulge. No one said kids would be traumatised we said it’s fuckin weird.

No. 445794

this. kids need safe spaces, so to speak. just because they can see it sometimes doesn't mean they shouldn't be entitled to a safe space. introducing kids to actual sexual things early is bad…

No. 445816

But her channel is not the equivalent to a toy shop. She attracts children because she's a weird womanchild with a low art level, but the fact that she made a separate channels for the toys and for kid's art shows she considers her channel somewhere around pre-teen level.
It's like expecting some comic book guy to be child friendly because his interests match the interests of kids.
She has done things like this in the past, like the penisland that was her bachelorette party, so if parents are concerned about a safe space she should already be out their lists. You would be right to think that if she did this on Doodle Domain.

No. 445823

She’s doing toy unboxings on her main channel now and has been for awhile. Her content isn’t aimed towards a younger fanbase! Her hen night etc was on her vlog channel where she swears, is drunk on the regular etc.shes said before that Her vlog channel is not pg like her main channel is!she even compared her channel to one of those kids arts and craft channels. she age restricts the blogs that include adult content Idk why you’re so adamant on defending her about this. If she wants to do mature content that’s perfectly fine but drop the kid friendly show she puts on

No. 445827

>her vlog channel is not pg like her main channel is
And PG rating is not G rating. It's "Parental Guidance Suggested – some material may not be suitable for children". Here is your "not suitable for children" side of her PG channel.

No. 445833

Can’t believe this is even a debate. Her channel is a child Channel whether she likes it or not that’s who her audience is right now

No. 445835

Wasn’t referring to PG as a movie rating “pg” is often used as slang for “child friendly” eyeroll

No. 445839

How is her bachelorette party related to her art channel? I wouldn't expect her vlog channel to be child friendly since it's about her personal life and she's an adult after all, but that's a different story.

Ultimately she can do what she wants, and no, I doubt anyone will be traumatized by some mildly sexual content, but it's just cringeworthy to me.

No. 445840

I'm not saying this to defend her personally, she can eat my nards. It's about how people think others have an obligation to cater to their children.

I understand everyone's concerns about her channel clearly attracting children, but I don't think it's fair to push the obligation to always be kid friendly on someone who hasn't made it very explicit their intent is to be a G rated channel (like she did on Doodle Domain). It's not because someone messes with toys and child related paraphernalia that you should trust them, in fact, people will use that to attract your kids with malicious intent sometimes. It's important to keep an eye on things instead of blindly trusting some stranger's judgment.
You also have channels like Ashens who will do reviews of childish things in a very non-child-friendly way, so no, using things kids are generally interested in does not automatically make you a kid's channel.

Do I think she should considered her audience further? Yeah, she should. But I wouldnt put her on a cross for it either.

It's not slang, PG means what it means.

No. 445874

If she wants to post whatever the heck that grinch thing was then she is more than welcome but when videos are being demonized* and youtube are cracking down on using children's character in a not so friendly manner, would this not concern her as it is some of her income? She clearly knows the age of her audience but took the risk anyway,

I don't know if it goes that far into her representing herself and a publisher who is trying to sell copies of her 'kid friendly' how to art book.

She went from frozen colouring pages to that grinch thing, a bit of a jump in content for views?

No. 445877

As far as I'm aware only single videos get demonetized, so it wouldn't be much of a big deal for her to have one single video in her advent thing demonetized.

There is a small possibility of it affecting her representation, but so far I don't think it's a big enough deal, most people's responses seemed to be very mild.

No. 445903

Art stream's starting soon. Brace yourselves.

No. 445912

When does that start again?

No. 445914

Should've started a couple minutes ago, but she's late, of course

No. 445920

It has started

No. 445928

Her mods are assholes, they're just like her.

No. 445942

File: 1513542763698.png (629.24 KB, 971x641, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.31…)

Why is the chin so tiny

No. 445950

I already hate the face.

No. 445951

She’s got some really cool screen tone and is planning on using it in the most boring ways! Shocked

No. 445953


No. 445959

File: 1513543391770.png (7.59 KB, 356x42, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.42…)


No. 445960

File: 1513543692807.png (931.98 KB, 1236x796, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.4…)

Time for you daily dose of cat on the artwork

No. 445961

>hey lets try out some toner
>I bought all these different types so I can really experiment!
>Draws a relaxed, human, expressionless face with no movement

Hs, this is some JoJo tier level of art

No. 445962

This is baylee, what'd you expect?

No. 445964

the right back horn thing of the Pokemon isn’t symmetrical to the other back one AT ALL
It’s like on the top of the ball thing

No. 445965

File: 1513544362731.png (71.79 KB, 352x327, Screenshot_24.png)

>"i don't care about views! just kidding!!"
>"don't go around asking people their life stories!"
>sniffing stuff
>"personality is huge, you want people to watch you for you, not your art/whatever"
>weird kermit voice
>googles herself with the "okay google" thing and gets the trannie porn actress (while children are watching)
>weird noises and voices
>makes fun of youtube thumbnail faces, when hers are gross
>cats interrupt
>"it's not a baylee video w/out a cat appearance"
>weird hiccup
>kikichu (cwc vibes oh my god)
>"thicc boy"
>gets timbits (canadian munchkins) and lets poor kiki sniff at them
>weird noises
>mods are deleting harmless questions
>this pokemon is a girl pokemon!

the sketch though, ew.

No. 445967


No. 445969

File: 1513544552864.png (6.34 KB, 425x46, Screenshot_29.png)

No. 445970

File: 1513544598968.png (5.14 KB, 469x50, Screenshot_28.png)

No. 445971

File: 1513544617101.png (11.2 KB, 445x74, Screenshot_27.png)

No. 445972

File: 1513544639061.png (10.83 KB, 475x76, Screenshot_26.png)

No. 445974

bet 100 that she’ll end up using copics

No. 445976

this has GOTTA be a troll

No. 445981

this one is the real troll, lmao
she's only inking it as of now, not coloring it.

No. 445983

File: 1513546020128.png (9.96 KB, 346x46, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.26…)

…because all her characters look exactly the same

No. 446001

god she’s so slow at doing everything

No. 446003

Yeah, two hours and she is still doing lines??

No. 446019

not a stan, but she's looking at chat and stuff. she's on a stream. plus, art isn't supposed to be fast.

No. 446035

Asked what happened to Judy
"Nothing happened to Judy"

No. 446036

She got really snappy about "people trying to make everyone be family friendly" lmao

Her mods are so obnoxious.

No. 446040

So edgy too. I swear they've mentioned Satan a dozen times by now, lol.

No. 446050

Is she going to cover that with screentone now?

I like when doodle date used it but I don't know what this is going to look like. Hope she doesn't over kill it.

No. 446055

>"personality is huge, you want people to watch you for you, not your art/whatever"
This shouldn't be an excuse to make shitty art but it is indeed true. People choose who they're going to watch over personality rather than skill.

No. 446058

baylee's art is bad, and so is her tryhard personality. please practice what you preach, baylee.

No. 446130

File: 1513556224421.png (2.37 KB, 237x29, ok.PNG)

No. 446131

File: 1513556256458.png (4.6 KB, 355x41, ok1.PNG)


wtf are up with your mods, baylee?

No. 446132

she's finished the picture and now she's eating…

No. 446134

The moderators are really the worst part. They do more harm than good.

No. 446141

the finished picture had hardly any contrast

No. 446168

Is Queen Krissu the kiss ass still a mod of hers?

No. 446193

probably, queen kiss ass probably gets off on it

No. 446361

these should be banned instead of the harmless questions that were asked…I swear, are these mods like 14 year olds working for a 30 year old woman?

No. 446363

I miss the old twitch streams, the mods on there weren't as bad as the ones on YouTube.

No. 446419

File: 1513575872198.png (15.01 KB, 624x159, asdfg.PNG)

she's gonna wear the sketchbook slam like a fucking badge for the rest of her days…

No. 446421


wow, drawing 20 pages a day of mediocre sketches which often ran into the wee hours of the morning because i dont start sketching until 10pm and when i do sketch, they're all just "studies" from an anatomy book, what an accomplishment on my part1!!21 you guys can't tell me I'm lazy !!!!

No. 446447

I don't get why she first inks the hair and then goes over with Copic? Covering uneven result?

No. 446473

File: 1513581881427.jpg (121.04 KB, 932x616, _20171218_071600.JPG)

Jesus christ, what is this shit?? I've seen literal 15 year olds produce work that is far superior. Could she at least have tried to do something decent, this is one of the worst pieces I have ever seen her do, there is no contrast or movement in any way

No. 446475

File: 1513581927146.jpg (208.57 KB, 700x1024, h28art001-700x1024.jpg)

Picture very much related

No. 446484

This is like a knock off version of Pokemon.

No. 446489

File: 1513584939423.jpg (767.46 KB, 1920x2335, park-pyeongjun-1b.jpg)

Why even try if her brainless fanbase would eat it all up anyway? She doesn't want to learn, she doesn't want to improve. She's doomed to forever be stuck in a phase most of the people who study art pass in their first year of learning. Compare her, Lemia's or Holly's stuff to anything on artstation front page and it would be apparent how far behind all of them are. It's truly pathetic.

No. 446494

Does she, nor Holly or their ilk even aspire to even reach that level? Or actually work in the industry? It just seem to me they're content with what level they have and intend to remain that way til their own audience outgrows them.

No. 446495

Not to OT but holly probably thinks she’s already so much better than the people on artstation. She always compares herself to professionals and sacred monsters of the industry usually talking them a bit down (ie Jake Parker’s work being “simpler” than hers).
At least baylee knows she’s not the best and always says she doesn’t draw much. Having an art related channel that’s quite weird and in some ways stupid, but at least she kind of knows her place art-wise

No. 446517

>Does she, nor Holly or their ilk even aspire to even reach that level?
Every artist should strive to improve, not only for the sake of competing with others for a job, on a personal level too.

> to remain that way til their own audience outgrows them.

Which is exactly what i said. She's a wacky art-blogger for life.

No. 446668

No. 446669

The lifeless eyes and lack of expression is scaring me so much

No. 446674

The sketchbook highlights how she's regressed/never improved over the course of a couple of years.

No. 446692


I don't actually follow her, but does she ever sketch from real life? She draws the same shit over and over again with no improvements because she simply lacks the insight. Every art teacher I've had stresses how important drawing from real life is, it teaches you so much.

No. 446694

You would think with how many girls she's drawn she would have made some improvements over the years, but they all look the same. Same potato nose, same eyes, same body type, just a slightly different skin tone and hair style.

No. 446703


There was this drawing at 4:24 that I thought looked much better than her regular stuff, also that anime person at the beginning that a company apparently commissioned but never payed for was pretty decent for her. In both it seemed a lot less stiff than usual. But those were both in the very beginning. i didn't see anything that caught my eye later, so yeah, not much improvement…

No. 446706

She never draws unless it's for a video, this sketchbook like 99% youtube stuff. I think it sets a bad example for beginners/young people who want to follow her example.

No. 446721

File: 1513621264095.png (119.36 KB, 317x353, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 18.1…)

No. 446731

cringy thumbnail posing…

No. 446752

Man her sketchbook is honestly boring. It's all the same kind of shit, just people standing there, maybe with some fancy flowers. Even if she starts out bad at it, it'd be cool to see her try drawing different things like backgrounds, cool poses or still lifes. Just something interesting.

No. 446800

>STUFFED sketchbook
>mentions sketchbook slam in the first few mins
She works so much you guys.

No. 446802

>Uses the same sketch book for over 2 years
>It only has 100 hundred pages
>Hasn't even finished it yet
I knew she was lazy, but this is on a whole new tier. I'm pretty lazy myself and don't have much time for drawing, but a 100 page sketchbook will only last me 3-4 months max, on top of school work and a real job

No. 446805

File: 1513625480651.jpg (33.82 KB, 618x478, _20171218_192923.JPG)

I didn't realise it was possible, but her facial proportions are worse than the type I drew when I was 13

No. 446817

File: 1513626142080.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, BZUt9g3.gif)

Holy shit.

No. 446820

Their noses are all the same, ugly potato nose!

No. 446834

Its horrifying seeing how much "thought" and "work" she puts into making shit tier character designs and illustrations. I feel bad for her at this point and yet another video where she can opt out of actually drawing something.

No. 446854

>I'm my worst critic
No, you're not. You're lazy is what you are.

No. 446882

Baylee is like an opposite of Holly, where are their chins?

No. 446884

Now that you mention it, all of those faces lack chins. Is this something new or something she's always done?

No. 446929

She's so stuck in her ways.
It's always sketch, ink, "color", she just filled in areas with tone where they are supposed to be. She had some really cool tones but she made this boring, stiff shit.

No. 446953

When she kept saying “what would I ever use a city scape for” I was like USE YOUR IMAGINATION!! It was a really cool tone and all she did was cut the black out of it!

No. 447050

These are what nightmares are made of. Does she actually look at these and go, "these are are pretty good!!1!" I really can't believe she went to art school and this was the outcome.

No. 447073

that top right face. Does she not realize his face is sooooooo low? She has a book filled with anatomy shit, but she can't even execute it correctly lmfao

No. 447444

This has just brought to my attention another awful quirk of her style: Why are all the ears SO low?!

No. 447447

Also how to she draws eyes is a bit weird. There is so little variation in line weight.

No. 447461

No. 447469

File: 1513666876632.jpg (33.88 KB, 594x572, 1513454548415.jpg)


No. 447500

I usually enjoy sketchbook tours, but this is just bad.

No. 447559

My sides!

No. 447565

File: 1513680630232.gif (246.68 KB, 300x167, yigzuzOPo1upem7o_400.gif)

>that intro

I genuinely thought this was going to be a troll review

No. 447600

I still think its a troll review. I'm dieing of laughter.

No. 447753

I though that girl was like 14 or 15… but then she said that she went to art school?? Does anyone know how old she is? If she went to art school and considers this great that is depressing.

No. 447781

>Compare her, Lemia's or Holly's stuff to anything on artstation front page and it would be apparent how far behind all of them are
lol.. what. what? that's like asking a kindergarten teacher to compare what they do to a university professor and calling it "truly pathetic". That's not what they set out to do, so there's no point in comparing them. Most people on artstation mean serious business, they make their portfolios to get hired by game companies and other big industries to make their living, they spend years grinding the fundamentals for that goal. Baylee obviously isn't set out to get hired by Applibot or Riot, she's happy doodling in her comfort zone and giggling to herself in front of a camera. She makes a living out of that and is content with it.

No. 447834

File: 1513710439840.png (36.58 KB, 620x150, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 19.0…)

Her Twitter bio has her age at 22.

No. 447835

No. 447837

well, i know this is probably like an old record player, but her art doesn't seem to surpass Baylee's…so that could also be a factor as to why she thinks Baylee is a god at art…

No. 447849

>photoshop geek
What the fuck does that even mean.

No. 447850

Why call it arty advent if she barely uploads any art?

No. 447851

File: 1513711854367.png (1.02 MB, 1232x840, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.3…)

>talks/complains about broken furnace
>talks about her sore throat from screaming too much during boring stream
>Says that improvement meme will take too long and will make her lazy ass do it near the new years since crafty advent is taking too "much time"
>complains about furnace some more
Literally another boring vlog where nothing happened. Like legit nothing happened and she thought it was worth filming

No. 447852

File: 1513711935153.jpg (66.38 KB, 900x674, image.jpg)

I don't get this "arty advent" thing. Isn't she doing everything she usually does, but with different intro? It's not even christmas or winter themed.

No. 447853

If she draws as much as she complains, she might actually make some improvements.

No. 447854

I don't get it either, there are so many different ways to incorporate those themes into her videos. I'm sure the excuse would be "SKETCHBOOK SLAM WAS SO HARD LOLS" if anyone brought it up.

No. 447857

Basically, I think she's just doing all this normal shit and since it's somehow connected with art stuff, Baylee thinks it passes as "arty" advent…It just makes it sloppy and lazy

No. 447861

Why is she making another video about this bag? Pretty sure non of her fans can even afford this

No. 447863

File: 1513712723242.png (1.09 MB, 882x836, Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 11.4…)

Now we all know that Baylee will never use this since she never actually goes outside to draw

No. 447875

How is she making another video about this fucking bag? How is she that deprived of content inspiration???

No. 447882

I really doubt any of her viewers have almost $200 to blow on a dumb bag

No. 447891

This should not have been called ARTY advent at all. Is she going to blame life getting in the way (recycling, car roof etc) as the reason she didn't do the apron girl drawing?

No. 447894

can we share a moment for all the Baylee kids that have wasted their Christmas present list on copic markers
And all the parents that have to buy overpriced, fadey markers for their kids

No. 447930

The way she almost keeps saying "Jaylee Bae" every single time is hilarious.

I think this gives you a pretty good idea of who her fans are.

No. 447937

this has probably been mentioned before, but rapunzel's dress doesn't drape over her legs like it should? plus that dress has no wrinkles lmao

No. 447951

The fact that she complained because she didn't have the colors she "needed" instead of trying to work with the set pisses me off more than it should.

No. 447952

What drives me nuts is that she sells originals made from those fadey markers. Someone had made a blog about copics and their nonlightfast-ness, and the color fades pretty heavily within a couple of weeks. They're not worth the money, if someone wants those effects you can get them with watercolor/digital art.

No. 447955

kids only have iphones and ipads nowadays so they’ve been successfully baited by baylee

No. 447961

Afaik Copic Markers were primarily intended for things like product design where you can basically throw it away after the project is done. Selling copic originals for the same price as artwork done with archival mediums is a huge rip-off.

No. 447966

I honestly feed dooped by Baylee, since when I was a dumb kid, I found her channel and thought that copics were "omg so coool" and spent my money on them. Well, now I regret it since that money could have gone towards more archival materials. So, for anyone who's young and reading this thread, don't waste your money on buying a bunch of copics, put your time and effort into improving instead.

No. 447970

Imo copics are still really cool and I get why she likes using them. They're just not made for art that's meant to be exhibited, if you want to make prints or just share it online then they're fine. I don't know if Baylee is even aware of how poorly they last in sunlight though, or why she fails to mention this in every single one of her marker videos.

No. 447971

Yeah or artwork that's intended to be scanned and used digitally. My course tutor always nagged people that used markers to scan their work immediately to preserve it. Baylee's ripping off her buyers.

No. 447974

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was attacking markers or those that use them, it's more those like Baylee who don't make it known that they're not archival. I think she does know, they have a section about it on the copic website.

No. 448007

>apologising because of markets

No. 448016

Kek it's all good anon, no one has to like anything. Maybe she does then, but since her channel is about entertainment and not education according to her, I guess she doesn't care.

No. 448185


A big part of these threads has been people reaching for a reason to be upset or repeating themselves a lot lately.

No. 448188

I agree that some of the posts here have been people reaching, but we do have plenty of things to be genuinely upset about.

No. 448191

I remember her mentioning them not being lightfast in some video, but I can't remember which one

No. 448193

If you find the video pls post it here, but I'm still surprised she charges as much as she does for an original art work made with non lightfast materials.

No. 448309

>she's happy doodling in her comfort zone and giggling to herself in front of a camera
Which is exactly what i said, again. Every artist wants their work to be beautiful and/or meaningful, not just to get a job in Riot. I only made artstation comparison cause it's mostly people who like art and try hard to be better at their craft instead of just making excuses about it.

No. 448340

Someone please tell me this is a troll.
Her voice is so lazy and it just drolls on and on omg
Can she not pronounce shit right???
Oml I can't listen to this she is so incredibly monotone and there's no emotion whatsoever in her voice
Is she drunk??? She slurs her words SO much! Everything is jumbled together and it just ugh
She sounds so bored with life and just bored with existing in general

No. 448355

>surprised over autistic baylee fan

No. 448360

Not so much surprised as I am dumbfounded.

No. 448373

>Is she drunk?
Nah, just obese.

No. 448379

but… she's perfectly content with her shit style. There are successful artists who literally draw stick figure comics and have no plans of improving beyond that, and make a living out of it. If she's happy drawing simplistic amateur doodles, I don't see why anyone should be mad at her for it. And no.. the people you compared her to on artstation are industry elites, they're not just "people who like art and try hard to be better". It's not a fair comparison at all.

No. 448439

I honestly have a lot more respect for people at cyanide & happiness than Baylee, even though their art style is so simplistic.

No. 448464

Arty Advent = Boring Vlogs!

Most of them are boring without arty advent!

No. 448489


You're a moron if you think she's even remotely close to obese. She's slightly chubby, that's it.

No. 448508

Anon was talking about the girl in the review, not Baylee.

Agree with it not being a fair comparison, but I think the issue is that the people at XKCD or Cyanide and Happiness don't try to teach people how to draw. Comics are a bad example because the art is only a tool to relay a narrative or punchline. Baylee is an illustrator (sort of), has published a book on how to draw, but doesn't take any of her own advice which makes it seem very disingenuous. If you can't learn anything yourself, you have no place to claim any authority.

No. 448510

No. 448541

She could have still gone out and done things, she just never sticks to a schedule so she's always rushing. Whatever happened to pre filming a good portion of her videos?

No. 448552

Tbf the animation isn't bad and I'm just glad she's doing something different

No. 448554

I wish she would do more animations, or at least work towards doing more complex ones. But knowing her she more than likely won't.

No. 448555


Slightly chubby? You must be joking or just in delusional.

No. 448585

She could've used that stupid vlog to make the improvement meme (and realize she didn't improve at all kek) instead of boring ramblings about stuff no one gives a shit

No. 448597

File: 1513801451285.png (414.59 KB, 871x500, kekshion.png)

that cushion

No. 448642

That is one sad looking cushion.

No. 448646

This isn't actually as bad as I thought it would turn out. (Way better than Holly, kek). Really wish she would do more of these animations since that's what she went to school for, right? It's weird how she went through all the school work to not use what she learned to her advantage. But of course animating takes too much time and effort and that's not something for Lazy Jae

No. 448691


Oh my bad. Apologies.

No. 448745

I liked this, it's simple but decently done. Definitely the best of her recent videos I'd say, she even gave some useful info for beginners like explaining onionskin and mentioning the 12 principles.

Holly can take note kek

No. 448951

OT but
when did lolcow become so pg like fuck off everyone knows she’s a chubster you don’t have to pretend she isn’t. It isn’t a big deal but it isn’t something to deny to protect baylee’s wittle fweelings

No. 448952

I'm…really surprised? This is actually pretty good and I actually like it much more than her illustrations!
Wow. Good job Baylee, why don't you do this all the time? Just little simple animations.
Instead of teaching illustration, which is pretty much her weakest point, why doesn't she think more about giving tips about animations? I feel that would be more successful – especially seeing as she actually learned and worked in this field.

No. 449017

Where did this even come from? No one said she wasn't chubby, she's just not obese.

No. 449052

I misread >>448555 and thought it was saying that Baylee isn’t chubby

No. 449116

She literally just stamped a piece of paper and called it an art video

No. 449125

And didn’t even make the stamps herself

No. 449133

I've seen a few youtube art channels do this and carve the stamps. I guess she has seen them all doing this atm and didn't have time to make stamps for whatever reason.

No. 449164

I guess the decent video from yesterday filled her quota of effort for the week.

No. 449210

>I can't keep spending as much time on this videos as I did earlier on.

Weren't post of them pre-recorded footage that had been sitting on her computer?

No. 449221

What on earth could she be doing that she doesn't have hours to spare in her day?? Her 'job' is to make videos, that should be her top priority

No. 449260

She is lazy as fuck. I hope one day she will be forced to get real job.

No. 449270


She had a real job. I'm not trying to Baylee Stan but I don't understand how you can call her lazy when she's creating a video a day? That would be insanely unreasonable for a work load at my job. This actually is a LOT of work, even if you want to pretend it isn't.

No. 449278

Oh please don't even..

No. 449284

Because she totally works 7 hours a day at the minimum

No. 449286


If you do the math, yeah, she does, at least right now.

Let's look at this like a real job.

Most "real jobs" (which, by the way anything you get paid for is a real job but ok) you work 8 hours a day/5 days a week for 40 hours a week.

She's uploading one video every single day until Christmas, including weekends. That's 24, 25 videos, depending on if she uploads ON Christmas or not.

Lets calculate how long a "quality" video should take.

She has to come up with the concept - 1 hour or so of brainstorming, seems reasonable to me.
She has to execute the concept - This depends on the concept. Wrapping paper, probably only took a few hours, but any drawings probably take 10+, we know she's a slow artist. Lets say an average of 5-6 hours.
She has to edit the concept - 2 hours - She'll need time to transfer all the files, set up the project, record voiceover, cut everything together (which requires watching all previous footage), time for previews to load so she can watch it back, color grading, editing audio, etc.
Post Production - she has to create social media thumbnails, upload, do tags and SEO, descriptions, etc. She also has to take photos and scan in the finished product, as well as adjust that in photoshop, and for certain things upload to redbubble & the like. Maybe 1 hour.

That's 8-9 hours per video, on average. Some videos will likely take much longer (ones where she's doing more detailed drawings), and others will take less (such as wrapping paper). Remember, she's also uploading on weekends. So 24 videos x 8-9 = 192 - 216 hours. Average out to like, 204 hours.

204 hours in 3 weeks. A full time job, you'd work 40x3, 160 hours in 3 weeks.

Oh but she should have prefilmed! Some of it was prefilmed! Sure, but she's also in the previous weeks been working on her regular videos, which according to this thread should be a higher standard and should take longer. And then you add in all the other stuff she has to do for her job - things you see, like the streams, which she earns income and revenue from, and things you don't see, like working with brands, replying to emails, etc.

Add in that it's the holiday season, and she's probably trying to spend time with family, get presents, has events like holiday parties and the like…

Yeah, I don't think there's anything about the Arty Advent that can be called lazy. I just can't understand this complaint - this is a lot of work, regardless of how you feel about it.

No. 449290

Why are you even here? If you're looking to white knight her I'm sure her comments section would love to have you.

No. 449291


i'm not saying she doesn't have issues nd i'm not trying to white knight. I just don't understand this specific complaint during arty advent. i genuinely dont understand how people see this event as lazy

No. 449314

Looking at these videos, they really don't take that long to film and edit. Just speaking from experience. You know, she had all that time to prepare for this event and this is the kind of shit she posts…this is why people are calling her lazy. Her ideas are lazy as well. If she does as much work as the animation one or a full piece drawing, then sure, we can tolerate that because that indeed does take awhile to create and has to put some thought into it (even though the illustrations are still dead-like). But stamping stuff on paper, showing off a bag that kids can't afford, ranting, poking holes into a cup, and etc just calls off as " I have run out of ideas, I'm lazy, and i could've prepared this better, but I didn't"

No. 449316

This is slowly turning into craft advent…Where the hell did the art go?

No. 449374

if “arty advent” videos were too hard to make consistently good then she shouldn’t have promised to do them

No. 449413

Anon is not really white knighting. It's relevant having those sorts of different views when you guys start going overboard with the unfounded criticism.

Not that I think you're completely wrong in calling her advent lazy for reasons this other anon >>449314 pointed out, but saying her job is not a real job is pretty unfair. She might not put in the hours into improving her art much, but that doesn't mean creating videos is a completely mindless task which takes no time. Every job is easy when you're not the one doing it and oversimplify everything that goes into doing said job. In fact, I might be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the reason anon made their comment rather than wanting to defend Baylee personally.

No. 449442

>implying it took her anywhere near 9 hours to produce 90% of her arty advent videos

Please leave lmao, have you ever shot and edited a video or are you just pulling this estimate out of your ass? That pusheen shit took like 5 minutes to think of and maybe an hour at most to shoot since she has her camera set up permanently. Editing and recording voiceover might be 2-4 hours, but except for her animation video which she said took her 6 hours, none of her arty advents add up to 6 hours of filming time. Most content creators have lists with video ideas so I doubt she even has to spend a lot of time thinking of the subjects.

I for one am not someone who thinks that making YouTube videos isn't "a real job" because that's bs, but I highly doubt she works more than regular fulltime hours for all of her 3 channels combined.

No. 449461

>have you ever shot and edited a video or are you just pulling this out of your ass?
I have and anon is not that far off. We have to consider she is well used to making videos so she might be faster at getting takes/voiceover right, but sometimes people don't seem to have the right idea of how long video making takes because everything is so digested when it reaches the public. Not only that, video making is not the whole job. There's social media managing which is REALLY underestimated because people have that habit of thinking professionally managing social media is comparable to them fucking around on Instagram whenever they please.
Even the craft project alone, without filming would probably take her over an hour.
>since she has her camera set up permanently
The whole video was not shot in that single overhead camera angle.

Nobody here is trying to defend her personally, you're just reaching to try and talk more shit about her and getting defensive when people correct you. Talk all the shit you want as long as it's right, this might be a website dedicated to milk but it doesn't mean people are going to go along with everything you say.

No. 449494

>defending baylee making a daily art video where she just uses some neglected cat stamps

I mean cmon maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if we knew she was extremely busy the rest of the day

No. 449497

I think some of what takes Baylee longer (along with being lazy) is that the camera she uses is a DSLR, and from my own experience and what she's talked about, transferring video clips takes a bit of time. This could be worked around if she had more that one video card so she could still be filming while uploading the video files, but she complained that they're expensive. Idk, just figured I'd throw that out there.

No. 449512

Don't take me wrong, I don't think she makes a lot of quality content either. That's why I rarely watch her anymore.
Even if I don't think she is lazy on the video workload and other activities that come along, she seems either lazy or to have very low ambition when it comes to her concepts. I'm leaning towards the later one because she seems satisfied with achieving very little when it comes to art, and her taste overall seems very regular and basic.

No. 449532

Fair enough about her social media anon. I still think the 8 hours purely for the making of the video is pretty far off for her arty advent though, and the content of her videos is certainly lazy. I get that she wants that sweet december CPA, but she would have been better off making a video every other day and making it more substantial.

No. 449783

Professionally managing social media? Really anon?
She just posts whatever she wants on her accounts. EVEN THEN, if her accounts weren't extremely unprofessional making a post every other day to keep up your image is not hard or time consuming in the least.

No. 449852

Might I add in that she doesn't even post regularly

No. 449922

1.Prerecorded-voice over
3.Unboxing/Little painting/Vo
4.Cup Craft/Vo
5.Line work/Vo
7.Adressing Comment
8.Pokemon from Memory
9.Chisel Nib- small drawing/skit/vo
10.Prerecorded/Slide Show/Vo
12.Mystery Box- Big drawing/vo
13.Speed Challenge(10min)
15.Digital Painting/vo
17.4 hour 20 min stream(no editing)
18.Sketchbook Tour video
19.Bag review
20.Animation(6 hour 30 min)/vo
21.Stamping wrapping paper/vo

I tried to write down everything she did.
vo is voice over btw

No. 449952

>making a post every other day to keep up your image is not hard or time consuming in the least.
Sounds like the type of people mentioned who think managing social media is the same as them posting on Instagram for funsies.
Why do agencies bother hiring people just to manage social media if "making a post every other day is not hard or time consuming"?
I'm not here to say wether Baylee does the job right or not, it's about people seemingly not understanding the nature of the job. It's very common for people who do certain things as hobbies to imagine the professional counterpart of said hobby is exactly the same thing.

No. 449955

Does she keep her twitch streams for so many hours? Sometimes she goes over but I stopped watching them when she only started playing pokemon almost every day on there.

No. 449990

No. 449992

Wtf why does she draw those ugly pig noses

No. 449994

Wtf why does she draw those ugly pig noses

No. 449995

have you seen her?

No. 450003

AAAAAANd the strip is about getting delivery truck

No. 450008

She's meant to be pressing her face to the glass, so at least there's sort of an excuse this time.

I don't think the punchline (if you can call it that) is funny, but I'll take it.

No. 450057

>you didn’t even order anything
Baylee can’t relate

No. 450073

Why do all of her chibi-ish characters have such dead eyes?

No. 450083

That fuckin scared me

No. 450085

Another stupid face…

No. 450110

at least she admits the stamping idea was lazy

No. 450125

holy fuck…Legit scared me. It looks like something you'd see when there's a stalker

No. 450126

File: 1513976884400.png (593.64 KB, 920x900, Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 13.0…)

No. 450276

This is literally the kind of idea I would have, when I was 14. The joke execution and panel sceneing (idk what to call that??) is so bad lmao, its embarrassing

No. 450334


Is baylee slimming herself down in these thumbnails? Idk but she's definitely not as round-faced in them.

If you check out a screencap of her, you can totally see a difference. >>448597

I thought maybe it was to make room for text, but that's not it bc there's either not enough words for it to make sense or no words at all.

No. 450368

File: 1513991631570.gif (474.48 KB, 480x360, not-funny.gif)

I've read this comic about 5 times now trying to find the joke.
I don't…get it?
Is she trying to poke fun at the fact that she orders a ton of shit? I just…
Where's the funny?

No. 450421

looks like she's squishing the image to fit the thumbnail ratio..? IDK

No. 450559

I think its just the effect of her having an open mouth (think numale selfies) This is the thinnest she's been for a while so I don't see why she'd want to shoop herself

No. 450982

No. 451060

File: 1514061395964.png (336.89 KB, 544x425, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 20.3…)

You alright there peach??

No. 451066

actual art!! WTF

No. 451069

Why oh why she always holds pen and brush like a little child?!

No. 451079

I honestly thought this piece was pretty cute… Until she outlined it… You can mix mediums Baylee. The painted/uneven lines make her look terrified.

No. 451081

Another boring vlog.

do you think that at some point she'll stop about the wedding stuff? like I'm really curious, since I don't like marriage and don't plan to ever do it so I have no clue if being so "obsessed" with it is a common thing

her perspective on the arty coughcraftycough advent is interesting, but she'd probably would have no issues if she planned it better or something? I get surprised when people don't think committing to a month-long daily thing is not gonna stretch their time and resources. it's not like doing a thing like that gives you more time in a day

No. 451094

I'm thinking (and speculating)that if it isn't a copic brush tip she doesn't have good control. T%hat or she cant control anything thinner lol

No. 451096

How does she manage to make everything look so dead. That's the only thing she's good at, I swear

No. 451301

I don't get why she has to line out everything? Why not try going lineless, might help things look less stiff.

No. 451508

She can't deviate from her sketch/outline/color method for some reason.

No. 451531

the problem with Baylee is that she doesn’t draw a person, she draws a drawing of a person…
Like she doesn’t think in 3D she draws straight off reference as if it’s another drawing

No. 451626

STORY TIME: I Got SCAMMED by a BIG Art Company ?Arty Advent Day 24?

This is ridiculous! She should have done 12 days of actual art content instead.

No. 451632

That's not even an art. wtf
Like the previous vlog, she SHOULD have planned the whole thing.
Also, she should have tapped the drawing of a pen. Everyone is guessing it from it. Too bad not disclosing the name is professional enough.

No. 451638

She said she was going to draw all three but couldn't.
That's what planning and light sketching is forQQQQ

No. 451644



>"I am too good to take commissions"

>"I am so rich, I don't even notice when someone doesn't pay me a grand they owe me"
>"I normaly put no effort in my work"

No. 451646


Yeah everyone is guessing it's Winsor and Newton.

No. 451650

File: 1514140205424.jpg (27.96 KB, 455x256, promarker.JPG)

No. 451651

>agreeing to a transaction involving 2 grand without a contract
>Implying she doesn't try as hard on her other art
>Not checking if you've been paid 1000 dollars until months later
>"I'm not gonna show you the marker", shows it a bit later anyway

It's not okay that this happened to her, but like…come on. How much money do you have to make to not notice whether you're missing 1000 dollar or not?

No. 451654

Oh my god, that dramatic ass music. Stop. Makes the whole video impossible to take seriously.

No. 451733

> says she doesn't want to call out the company
> makes no effort to keep the company inconspicuous
Really Baylee? Seems a bit unprofessional. Also, anyone notice that she's been putting a lot of her face into her videos lately?

No. 451764

I guess you could say, her subs have been scammed lel. She could've done this rant as a voice over for a speed drawing!

No. 451767

>I'm just whatever

Meaning, I'm rich enough that I can't get mad that 1k was missing

No. 451779

didn't she give their markers a half assed review? I'm surprised they worked with her

No. 451817

I remember they sent her the winsor and newton pigment markers and she didn't like them. Thing is is that she tried to treat them like an alcohol based marker and never tried other techniques, what a Lazee Jae thing to do.

No. 451826

Something that I noticed from this storytime video is that Baylee has a massive ego and makes a shit ton of money. How could she not notice not reviving a grand? Also, just from how she refuses to take commissions and the way she views them just irks be, I guess it just she sound super entitled. Sorry for spurging out, am slightly drunk.

No. 451829

I don't think "I don't take commissions" is that bad. She can afford not to do them, and her YouTube is her main gig. It's kinda shit for her that she now even refuses offer for legitimate illustration and animation jobs though.

No. 451832

they saw the pic, lost their shit and fired the person. (idk but one can wish).
that's not event a crafty advent video, it's FILLER. clickbaity and grossly inappropriate

No. 451835

I guess it's more her attitude towards them and working for others (besides herself) that frustrates me. Like we get it, you don't like working for other people, but she could be a bit nicer about it?

No. 451842

I personally feel like she didn't get scammed. Anyone else? She was stupid enough not to get a contract and they clearly changed their mind

No. 451843

Same, I think it was titled that way for clickbait and because her head is up her own ass.

No. 451847

her fucking face in the thumbnail is triggering me

No. 451877

yeah, it's the fucking arrogance. Like, she's so good that she gets begged to do commissions aaaall the tiiiiime, you guuuuys, omg, it's such a pain, everyone in the world is so desperate to pay me for my "art"

she can feck off

No. 451886

>"I worked so hard on this one."
>Draws ugly, generic anime girl in a generic pose with short and stubby fingers.
To be fair, a lot of the packaging I've seen on markers (especially for manga sets) are pretty badly drawn imo. Very generic and very wonky.

Am I a horrible person for being glad that Baylee didn't get any of her money? That artwork is not $2,000 quality. I wouldn't even price it at $25 in all honestly.

I wonder if they saw the artwork, regretted offering her that much money and ran for it. I guess they might have thought since she had so many subscribers, she was a good artist – haha no.

No. 451892

File: 1514164992500.jpg (12.02 KB, 451x30, scamcomment.JPG)

comment from the 'scammed' video…

No. 451896

wait…what challenge? lol

No. 451928

Drawing buch of ugly lace and Poko dots does not equal hard work

No. 451936

I don't get why she didnt contact the company Even if it was long time ago they wanted her artwork to be on a product,which is a big deal for the company too. It could have honestly gone through the crack and being too 'embarrassed' is not a very professional move. Can't you just write an email?

No. 451939

Lately it seems like so many people wanna stop being youtubers and start being famous twitch streamers because it's no effort other than playing a video game and you get payed. Every shitty lazy youtuber seems to want to jump onto the lazy twitch bandwagon

No. 451951

Is it copy paste comment??

No. 451959

It looks like it because there's no relevance to the video

No. 452093


My first guess was Prismacolor since they have a manga set of markers.

No. 452131

Can’t wait for YouTube to kill off her career and for her to have to work from commission to commission drawing stuff she hates

No. 452138

twitch as a platform is much nicer for livestreams but that's only part of why all these people switch

No. 452145

Final arty advent is up and at least she's ending on art.

No. 452183

it's not the greatest, but hey, at least it's art?

No. 452192

wow! Actually art for arty advent!

No. 452193

What is that last one supposed to be?

No. 452204


The animal? It's something from the new Star Wars.

No. 452207

Not to sound dramatic, but arty-crafty advent was probably what really broke me on finding redeeming qualities in Baylee. I don't think I've seen someone who claims to enjoy art act so grudgingly towards it. It's unfortunate, but I guess what we can take away from her slow but sure decline is to not repeat her terrible mindset and always strive towards improvement. Sorry for the rant, I just care about art and wanting to represent the craft well.

No. 452214

It's sad that the standards for her channel are so low that any art is considered a positive.

Imo it's made it clear that her channel is only about entertainment that may or may not be art related.

No. 452449

She’s honestly become so mundane and her content is very uninspiring. I hate thinking of how many hours of time I’ve invested into watching her channel. It’s a breaking point to where I need to stop watching. Her content is just not for me anymore. The lack of her excitement about art is what is driving me away. It’s all becoming too clickbaity and desperate.

No. 452662

This is the last comment I write about Baylee and I will unsubscribe to all her channel.
Idk why she always bothered me. Her art is very medicore and how she did voice over was very weird. Her vlog is mildly interesting. Like watching colorful paint dry.

I keep watchinkg her but now I need to stop. Her art is bad, everything is stiff and her composition and ideas are getting worse and worse. She keeps talking about how hard she worked on it instead of drawing process, her visions and stuff. Almost like we are watching her to give her praise rather than being inspired for it. It's frustrating to watch video and babysit her, is it art channel or watching baby baylee do shit and clap no matter what?

Her colors are boring, Can I please get different than pink and teal?

Her 'anatomy' is laughable. It is a headache to see her 'sketch', which is just her drawing weird doll like glob and bunch of erasing. She hides her weak points like babies do and mask it with excuses. Like how many time she does not draw hands or make weird choices?? Just own up to it and keep practicing BEFORE making final sketch. Just draw it somewhere else several times and make final drawing!

She wants to draw pretty girls like other artists but the reason why they can get away with it is because they draw PRETTy girls, not some Cabbage Patch Kids with droopy dress.

She keeps taking weird projects to make her life so hectic. If you are getting married, don't take sketch book slam or do arty advent RIGHT after the marriage. You are a adult, you need to take care of your own schedule. Don't take it and make your life a mess. IF you want to do that then don't come to your channel whinning about it and make all your fans pat you on the back and attack anyone who have constructive criticisms. AND do it right, just because your were so 'busy' you can do sloppy job on it.

I don't believe for a second the art channel is going to the main focus for now on. She will keep making up excuses and big projects JUST to avoid it.

It was fun to read all through the like minded people. and get some frustration off. I never wrote negative comment on her channel because there are so many kids and I do not want to make toxic comments. But now I'm done with her, I do not want to see any more fish eye doll faces with mitten hands drawn with whiny commentary(which is 'better' than weird craft videos). Thank you lolcow to give me some place to vent.

No. 452670

>She keeps talking about how hard she worked on it instead of drawing process, her visions and stuff
that’s one thing that really bothered me with Baylee, she spends so little time explaining what led her to make decisions so you can only assume it’s because it “looks pretty”.
It feels like a child explaining to their parents how they made a cake

No. 452784


fucking hell though, I'd love to be able to live on commission work, no matter how boring

No. 452789

File: 1514307563370.jpg (36.99 KB, 618x412, last-jedi-porg.jpg)


It's meant to be a porg from the Last Jedi. She took something super cute and made it lame cos she can't do art

No. 452825

The way people like her and Holly treat commissions sound like people who only wanna draw for a hobby. I understand not wanting to work with commissions for the general public for reasons such as dealing with people trying to scam you, but aren't their reasons like "I don't like drawing things I'm not interested in" or shit like that? Correct me if I am wrong, please.

No. 452833

I don't enjoy drawing things I'm not interested in for other people, but I suck it up and do it anyway because I'm a professional and need this to survive.

No. 453779

Also, when she does explain the supposed meaning behind the art, it doesn't feel genuine. Like that painting she made of the robot from arty-crafty advent, the entire time she was giving the lowdown about the story the I was like "bullshit, you made that up on the spot." Idk, just everything she's made as of late has been so empty.

No. 453790

It's a very childish mentality imo. No matter what sort of work you do, if you want to do well it won't always be fun and interesting, sometimes you just have to do what someone else wants.

No. 454839

No. 455070


what publisher would put that crosseyed monstrosity on the front cover of a book, let alone a how to art publisher? it's fucking embarrassing is what it is

No. 455201

Impact books would

No. 456174

I like how the tutorial doesn't explain what tapered strokes are. You gotta by the book for that part.

No. 458246

I honestly do not understand how she is so popular. Her videos are boring. Her art is boring and it's infuriating how she treats her art supplies like shit.

No. 458250

I think it's how she presented herself before (sweet and endearing) and how she was one of the older art youtubers. Given how she acts now and the decline in quality, I could see her channel nose diving at some point, especially with how poor her attitude is.

No. 458297

File: 1514771115227.png (1.79 MB, 1642x1234, Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 17.4…)

i found this photo rather ironic

No. 458299

Replace the angel getup with some devil horns and it'll be more on target lol.

No. 459010

-insert picture of her drunk on McDonalds drinking from dick cup-

No. 459123

File: 1514846908769.png (516.78 KB, 850x438, Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 2.47…)

Here u go

No. 459131

That is embarrassing wth

No. 459145

>That profile photo
so ~qUIrKy xD~
She looks nice though, even if it's a filter.

No. 459185

File: 1514852288583.jpg (106.38 KB, 967x544, itsatrap.jpg)

No. 459278

wait what video is that?

No. 459280

Her bachelorette party vlog

No. 460733

She's back!

No. 460756

>"Beating up the haters"
So now we are apparently bread dough lol

No. 460808

File: 1515012049943.png (1.29 MB, 1244x866, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 12.3…)

Here's to a new year of hoping Baylee does the right thing, which is unlikely, but yeah.

No. 460813

Wonder if she's still going to use her wedding/sketchbook slam as an excuse for never practicing and her overall sucky-ness

No. 461034

Either yeah or she'll do another needlessly tiring "challenge" to justify this year's shit

No. 461203

I am so sick of all of the challenge videos she does, they're pointless and aren't entertaining.

No. 461236

I thought the worst one was when she taped(i think) shit to her face

No. 461239

That and the clean with me video. She complains that an art piece would take longer to make than a "fun" video (and I guess given her shitty drawing skills, yeah, it might but still). Idk, it just screams lazy.

No. 461399

I would think that an art piece would be the FUN video

No. 461786

File: 1515092728168.png (9.39 KB, 293x60, Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 19.0…)

No. 461787

No. 461876

File: 1515097279042.png (25.91 KB, 593x213, Capture.PNG)

No. 461926

Did she get fatter or what?

No. 461931

File: 1515100120985.png (21.49 KB, 800x98, Screenshot_2018-01-04-13-05-59…)


Underated comment.

No. 462004

File: 1515104273643.png (665.4 KB, 580x578, Capture.PNG)

it looks more magenta here than pink kek

No. 462007

Idk, I think the pink warmed up her skin a bit, but then again she can edit the photo to look nicer.

No. 462035

It looks nice and healthy - she might benefit from swooping bangs to cover her forehead a bit.

No. 462038

ngl, I really like it. She did a decent job.
Guess she has to redraw her icon now. What a shame \s

No. 462052

I’m deciding whether she’s trying to get on one of those “hairstylist reacts to hair dying fails” videos for publicity

No. 462057

I preferred her teal hair so much more… she looks like a Steven universe character

No. 462081

She'll recolor it, she's above actually having to redraw her creepy icon

No. 462295


Honestly I love it. I think it really suits her.

No. 462360

Ngl, fashion colors suit her. The blonde really washed her out.

No. 462427

yeah i agree. it gives some badly needed contrast to her.

No. 462544

She needs bangs now to hide that forehead

No. 462551

She doesn't have enough hair for that

No. 462640

Not the biggest fan of pink, but I think it's okay on her.

No. 462771

No. 462814

Am I the only one who thinks she looks pretty in this picture? I think it's a good angle for her, and the eyeliner helps her face a lot.

No. 462860

She looks slightly less bitchy without the blonde hair. This is a step up. Her pink micro bladed brows finally match her hair color lol

No. 462877

Watching her talk about hair when she has absolutely NO IDEA what she is talking about is giving me a headache.
Pink has always been the easiest colour to get for me. It stains like a bitch and is incredibly hard to get out. It's not failing because of the dye, it's failing because you started on dirty blonde hair with multiple colours in it. There's absolutely no way in hell she could have achieved anything but a bright pink with her starting colour.

Retarded rant over, I just hate how she's acting like she knows what she's doing because she dyed her hair one colour several years ago.

No. 462935

I've never dyed my hair before but it's obvious that her hair was too dark to get a soft pink, and all the strands that didn't take are the darkest ones.

I think the magenta color looks much better on her than pastel pink yould have, so I guess it's fine?

No. 462963


She needs to see if Guy Tang can sort her hair out while she is in socal

No. 463016

Not to mention she basically started with an ombré/balayage base. She’s should’ve lightened her hair over a period of time to get the soft rose color she wanted. Wonder if it will fade nicely?

No. 463026

She has so much money, why didn't she just go to a salon?

No. 463030

Because she's been coloring her hair for 2 YEARS, so she knows more than a trained hair dresser lol.

I'm sorry her smug attitude when it comes to hair is annoying.

No. 463033

Right?? I dye my own hair but I do a way better job than her and I have way less money.

No. 463381

Probably not, I’ve had my hair a Similar colour before and it will never fail to a light pink with that base she started with… it’ll be more orange/brown like that strand she pointed out. It’s really a colour you have to keep topping up constantly

No. 463850

She could save it a bit if she used a toning shampoo.. It would help keep it more on the purpleish side instead of going brassy

No. 464032

This is an older video, but given that she hasn't improve since this video it's fair game.

I can't stand how she approaches new mediums, she treats everything like they're markers, like always adding outlines rather than attempting a lineless look. She also gave up on the medium rather than trying again and taking the advice of the commenters, which shows how narrow minded she is. Okay, sperg over.

No. 464126

Somehow the fact that she lays down a flat color and then just paints over it is so infuriating lmao, it's not even like she's doing a glaze. Just smushing paint into itself.

Gouache is an awesome medium and you can achieve so many amazing effects with it, why doesn't she look up painting advice if she's trying to learn? She's so stuck in her ways, it's even sadder that this is from 2016 but she might as well have painted it yesterday.

No. 464130

Because Miss Baylee Jae is too lazy to learn anything new. She's stuck in her own comfort zone that nothing will be improved until she steps outside the bubble. Her mind is so set on using the same techniques that dust is beginning to form on the empty spaces in her head that could be filled with knowledge. If she doesn't like the medium, then she never uses them again even after buying expensive brands.

No. 464996


the picture actually looked okay before she started outlining the leaves :(

No. 465188

No. 465197

To no ones surprise, the cats get to walk all over her new computer.. Just a few grand, psshh nbd.

No. 465208

I don't think it would be as bad if she opened it up and cleaned it out on a regular basis.

No. 465241

Looks like we're back to the boring vlogs

No. 465243

Lol, im that Varg profile chick. Tbh, i was just trying to be nice lol, that comment was a while ago.. Idk, her art was never good but i liked her old videos because i liked her voiceovers. They were entertaining enough, now she makes bullshit video after bullshit video. I truly despise her now. (for those wondering, im indeed a burzum/black metal/heavy metal fan lol, hvis lyset tar oss is my favorite burzum album <3)

No. 465264

For what she needs comp that prob cost 2-2,5k?

No. 465428

Didn't she just buy a pretty expensive laptop she never uses too..?

No. 465727

She buys a lot of expensive everything and never uses it again

No. 465731

She hardly uses her copics and those aren't cheap, the schmincke watercolors she used a handful of times, the prismas, the finetec paints, ect. Sorry, just seeing all of those tools not being used is both sad and infuriating

No. 465784

File: 1515484632143.png (2.5 MB, 1136x1168, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 23.5…)

When James Gurney is clumped between these types of books

No. 465811

>The Chris Hart book
At least they have one of his books from before he was doing anime, eugh

that book was my bible when I was like ten

No. 465930

She doesn't know anything about computers, she probably just asked them to build her the best machine her budget could get her. You don't need an i9 and 64 Gig of RAM to stream some PC games lmao.

No. 465932

Also just to estimate in case anyone's curious (in USD):

>Mainboard - 275-300

>Graphics Card - around 800
>Power supply - 100
>Processor - 1000
>64 GB DDR4 RAM - 750-800
>512 GB SSD - 175
>6TB internal storage - 150
>Water cooling system - 85
>Case/Build cost - 150 (being conservative here)

It's a rougly $3,5k build. In CAD, 4253.

No. 465933

I'm guessing Christian* also knows a lot more about gaming pcs than her.

No. 465937

Yeah I'm guessing Christian helped her.

No. 466128

No. 466137

File: 1515523285566.jpg (16.42 KB, 841x429, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Jesus, where is that girl's chin?!

No. 466151

her's and baylee's ran off together.

No. 466159

File: 1515525118649.png (78.17 KB, 581x253, Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 19.1…)

Oh no no no no.

No. 466160

Shes going to have a crap attack smh.


No. 466311

I thought this would be a more entertaining stream cuz of this game, but my god. It's all silence and a few "wtf" here and there.

No. 466420

This looks like a page from my sketchbook from when I was in middle school, but a bit worse. You'd think someone who is young like her would explore the world or be a bit more excited about of improving art. Her drive to art just went KA-PLUNK. This is kind of sad…

No. 466432

Agreed. Like half the fun of working in sketchbooks is the ability to experiment and try new techniques/styles. I hardly see any improvements from the sketches here from what she did a couple months ago. Like you said, she doesn't have the drive to make any improvements and her audience's praises are not helping her.

No. 466737

No. 466745

File: 1515608966061.jpg (24.12 KB, 496x410, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Oh boy, I'm sure the excuse for this shit will be fOReShOrTeNInG!

No. 466747

>I can't draw hands so I hide them silliest way possible
Yeah, at 13 years old usually…

No. 466764

Will she be forever stuck with drawing like that? Shitty roses, no hands etc.

No. 466765

Given her attitude in the vlog, more than likely.

No. 466767

Finally gives them ears but decides to make them big!

No. 466855

Still no chin though, lol. Why does she always cut out the chins???

No. 466994

File: 1515631409327.jpeg (389.44 KB, 844x670, 824510C1-D332-4771-B440-916A93…)

I don’t like that she started coloring in her brows pink too. It looks harsh and clowny. Her regular brows were just fine with the pink hair.

No. 466998

File: 1515631548957.jpeg (128.03 KB, 556x288, 10483CD3-07D7-4FFC-A208-17B718…)

What’s up with the dark patch at the beginning of her brows? Why is there no hair after the patch?

No. 467003

I think that's what remains of her actual brows and they just shaved off the rest to achieve the shape she wanted. I think the thicker brows with the sharp angle looks too harsh for her face, makes her looks bitchy.

No. 467026

sometimes people keep the patch so that they have an idea of where to draw them on.

No. 467054

I agree, the brows aren’t the most natural looking. She needs a different shape to soften her face.

No. 467173

File: 1515646455324.png (17.91 KB, 329x112, Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 8.51…)

On one of my comments on her videos, someone cowtipped as a reply??

((im cool with my youtube identity being here since I dont plan to use that account ever.))

No. 467225

Yo, person who cowtipped, not cool! It's against the rules

No. 467322

UGh same! I usually don’t comment on her appearance but I hate the pink brows! & the pink hair I liked at first but it doesn’t look great when she doesn’t style it! The only people I’ve ever seen pull off coloured brows are people with great makeup skills & dress sense, baylee has neither of those things

No. 467427

sorry fam your critique was just terrible, sketching before rendering is a clutch and saying something looks "off" isnt helpful.

No. 467531

The riveting tale of trying to find a pink purse!

(also it bugs me so much when vloggers film themselves 'asleep')

No. 467568

Isn't one of the selling points of microbladed brows to look natural? If she wanted them to look drawn on and tacky she could have avoided getting them done to begin with.

No. 467578

I think she over plucked them and wanted to get her original shape back. But aren't there treatments you can get to grow that hair back? I mean, she has a lot of money?

No. 467584

I don't think any treatment would work if she completely destroyed them.

No. 467592

Ouch, that's unfortunate. Well I guess she's a prime example of why you don't over pluck your brows lol

No. 467868

She looked much nicer with her thin eyebrows, and the whole thick ass Kardashian eyebrow trend is going to be the mullets we look back at a few decades in the future and laugh.

No. 468071

She looks like a clown, kek. These types of looks only work on people who know their makeup and sense of style.
I miss her old eyebrows as well. It's less harsh and makes her look less bitchy

No. 468143

File: 1515736326477.jpeg (716.83 KB, 750x1215, E42ED824-7D47-490F-8DCD-2F92D3…)

I feel like her pink eyebrows makes it sooo much more clownish. If you google hot pink hair, almost 100 percent of people have natural colored brows with the pink hair and it looks so much better. Did Baylee color her brows pink or is she filling them in? Don’t think you can color micro bladed brows???

No. 468147

I think her brows look so much harsher cause she doesn’t do her makeup.

No. 468149

If you think her old 90s eyebrows were a good look you are all delusional

No. 468151

In the vlog today she mentioned she was going to start doing doodle domain videos again…. she should just give it up…

No. 468153

I don't think she's going to stick with it. One, it was a bad idea given how lazy she is and her shitty reasons for doing it. Two, no one besides her die hard fans are interested in it, her target audience don't even like how she makes the stupid videos.

No. 468212

She’s filling them with a lip pencil. I see nothing wrong with it, it’s personal preference. I do think it looked more flattering with her “real” microbladed brows, as they were already pretty light; and I agree that overall the natural brows looks better with pink (the only way you fill in brows of a different colour is to make’em look more natural, but it’s pink…) but I don’t really like when topics about artists derail on appearances.
The doodle domain thing is good material. Like, let’s discuss why she’s so into it as we’ve already confirmed it’s a failure or a channel and she’s “stressing” way too much over it.

No. 468267

>>468143 yeah, i have pink hair and the idea of pink eyebrows sounds so fucking stupid, look for references of girls with pink hair or color your eyebrows pink in photoshopn first so you can see if its ok or not… but after the vloggs i think she just has no sense of whats ''preety''(blogposting)

No. 468345

>thinking her micro bladed brows look better
>calling others delusional

No. 468357


No. 468367

She's posting art videos on Saturdays now because people are less likely to be at school or work and it gives her a full work week to finish art. From pass vlogs, she starts working on the art around Weds/Thursday and then rushes to get it posted!?!

No. 468403


she couldn't help but mention the fucking wedding and sketchbook slam

No. 468415

This piece looks messy and the colors are horrible. The usual Baylee.

No. 468422

I think her goals are fine but I find it worth noting that none of them are about actively working on her skills like doing studies etc.

No. 468458

I highly doubt she'll stick with making oil paintings, I think the quick drying copics has made unable to be patient.

No. 468648

and the crafty crappy advent, uuuuugh
we should keep a pin in that to see how many of these she'll actually do

No. 468652

It's annoying that she keeps making excuses for her laziness!

No. 468654

the f— with the poses, is that a doggo with extremely long legs or a girl with no legs? If they are both sitting, the girl's pose really doesn't sell it
BJ needs to THINK about what she's drawing ffs

No. 468659

But she got married months ago, was doing a shitty sketchbook challenge, and making crafty crap advent! She's just too good to actually think through her fucking artwork because her fans will attack anyone who brings it up. Grrr sorry, this shit is just annoying to watch

No. 468808

No. 468863

I thought her first video of the year was going to be the apron girl?

(or maybe I heard her wrong I don't remember)

No. 468955

File: 1515857447975.png (24.13 KB, 928x212, bayleecoment.png)

Thought it was one of you being ironic at first

No. 469120

So she admits to being a lazy bum.

No. 469123

The second I heard the song she was dancing to in DDR it instantly reminded me of this

No. 469157

File: 1515874911438.png (2.9 MB, 1334x750, 83CA066C-E708-405A-BBC0-7DFA5E…)

Her brows look so much better when she doesn’t fill them in with that pink color….

No. 469159

So sick of hearing her blab about Skillshare omg

No. 469161

Same, a good portion of the videos she posts are sponsors. Honestly, it's put me off trying their services because it's so in your face.

No. 469162

I find she’s always setting goals for herself but rarely ever achieves or does them….

No. 469163

Wonder how much they pay her per video to mention their company?

No. 469200

Enough, I remember she's made comments that she won't do sponsors or reviews for anything unless she gets payed big bucks.

No. 469239

I'm curious, has anyone used skillshare and liked it? I've heard stories of people not liking it, forgetting to cancel the service, and getting charged.

No. 469259

Well honestly, if you forget to cancel your sub they have every right to take their money, I don’t see your point.
I think it depends on which courses you decide to follow. I’ve never been there myself but I’m assuming, just based on logic (since looks like everybody can “teach”) that most of the courses are crap but you can find good stuff if you dig enough and/or know who to look for

No. 469269

oml, she looks like so washed out in this screenshot…For some reason, it reminds me of a hooker or something. No offense to the hookers

No. 469347

If someone forgets to cancel then it's their own fault, not really skillshare's issue?

I've done the two trial months. Most of the art-related courses are micro learning style and you can watch them in maybe an hour max, I got some interesting tidbits from some, but they're mostly useless. The IT/business courses seem a bit more substantial. It's cheaper than other platforms like coursera, so if you really can't absorb information without someone spoonfeeding it to you then it's not bad, otherwise everything on there is available for free online.

No. 469349

Should also add, a lot of the courses are aimed at beginners, so someone who's a total newbie to art, IT or any other fields on there would probably benefit much more and find it very useful to get started, as an intermediate you have to dig much more for good stuff. Now that my trial has expired I did actually find a course or two that I'd pay for, but I'm not into it enough to actually re-subscribe.

No. 469550


I've used it and have found straight doodoo courses on there, seriously. Anybody could teach a course on Skillshare. Other than that, yeah, the real basic stuff, that you don't have to stick around for, let alone pay for. It's one of those sites that relies on irresponsible people forgetting to cancel their subscriptions.
But a lot of art channels push it and it's pretty exhausting. It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

No. 469559

I had a feeling it was meh.

No. 469572

Tbh, there are plenty of free resources online where you learn more shit than in school. Or stuff from gum road where professional artists upload specific things where you get what you want rather than from people like Holly or Baylee who teach the very basic shit that they don't even follow.

No. 470028

The shit storm has started

No. 470035

File: 1515961077720.jpg (45.35 KB, 836x478, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Jesus that looks bad

No. 470042

I don't even know what to say anymore, it just keeps getting worse. Since she won't shut up about the sketchbook slam challenge, maybe she would be better by now if she'd actually done some proper figure drawing.

Her mods are being annoying as always.

No. 470043

She's ignoring the question about selling originals made with a nonlightfast medium

No. 470048

Kiki coming in 3.. 2.. 1..

No. 470049

30 minutes in and the cat jumped on the table and covered the camera. Very professional as always.

No. 470050

It makes me sad she get 1k viewers and there are other folks who just manage to break double digits.

No. 470051

are those hands hidden again?

No. 470052

Of course they are.

No. 470062

File: 1515962720588.jpg (6.9 KB, 361x65, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 470066

File: 1515962918662.jpg (9.52 KB, 347x72, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 470070

File: 1515963140335.jpg (10.2 KB, 343x78, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Her mods are assholes

No. 470076

I don't get it - it's a postcard size and she's been inking that palmless girl for over an hour.

No. 470078

You know, I'm so done with Baylee's moderators. They're rude, power hungry, little fucks.

No. 470081


I quote Baylee from earlier on in the stream "people don't realise how much time goes into my art videos"

No. 470082

So now the mods are banning people for discussing that copics aren't lightfast

No. 470085

Mods are fucking awful, they are arguing between themselves now.

No. 470088

"How do you stay motivated to draw???" MONEY!

No. 470105

The pose is so lifeless and stiff. The head is too big and she's avoiding hands like a beginning artist :/

No. 470106

File: 1515965913071.png (4.08 KB, 210x56, Screenshot_13.png)

Who the fuck gave this kid a bank account with this much money make her stop
"How do you make things see through im drawing a dragon fly"

No. 470109

File: 1515966082421.png (19.16 KB, 692x82, Zrzut ekranu 2018-01-14 o 22.4…)

the fuck

No. 470110

I fucking hate baylee, did you all hear how she was talking about people inquiring about working on a children's book? THOT

No. 470111

File: 1515966295500.png (2.41 MB, 1728x940, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 13.4…)

But seriously, there are more better artists than her who barely get 30 views. How does this boring and same faced drawing get more attention than a professional from the industry

No. 470116

So now the mods are talking about kinks. Totally appropriate for kids

No. 470124

File: 1515966999355.jpg (31.03 KB, 660x118, wtf.jpg)

rofl, these kids.

No. 470128

File: 1515967254071.jpg (14.35 KB, 393x77, professional.jpg)

They're so fucking annoying. I think it's ok for mods to participate in the chat but they're just power-hungry and talking about shit that other people would get banned for.

No. 470129

File: 1515967390641.png (22.28 KB, 772x102, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.0…)

Yeah, it's ok, but there should be a limit about what they're talking about in front of an audience full of kids… Like these comments should get banned and not the advice people are giving about copics and how they're gonna fade

No. 470130

If I was part of some art company I would be turned off by her and her mods immature behaviour.

No. 470131

File: 1515967469608.png (19.74 KB, 716x64, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.0…)

So, are these mods underage or..?

No. 470135

File: 1515967558695.png (845.85 KB, 952x632, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.0…)

What is her obsession with outlining with everything.

No. 470137

With that username? Probably.

I'm not sure what she even needs 6 mods for, her chat is very civil even with some emoji spams/self promo. The mods shitposting is way more distracting.

No. 470141

People were chatting about how they are unsubbing to her channel because of the mods. I don't blame them, I was trying to ask her a question and the mods were attacking me and some other person. Bitches.

No. 470144

The size of the head bothers me, she even mentioned she changed the size in photoshop. I'm so freaking done with her shit.

No. 470150

Is she seriously having just the fingers cropped out of the page? Holy shit. This is actually middle school-tier art. The fact that she had the gall to write a how-to book but still pulls this shit is infuriating.

No. 470157

Any artist knows that cropping out something is a no no. It also leads your eyes out of the paper, which is something you don't want to do in a composition.
Ugh, Baylee's trying to make this look more interesting with the colors, but she needs to fix the way the girl is presented.

No. 470159

File: 1515968715309.png (414.95 KB, 656x382, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 22.2…)

Hide the hands & give them big ears.
The new Baylee trademarks for the new year.

No. 470164

Her hiding the hands pisses me off so much. How does that encourage people to improve?

She's also really rude to be quite honest.

No. 470167

File: 1515969018909.png (36.45 KB, 728x160, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.2…)

Has a mod come to their senses??

No. 470168

File: 1515969036570.png (18.74 KB, 375x75, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 22.2…)

Baylee doesn't even care!

No. 470169

I was about to post this. She didn't even acknowledge the mods infighting.

No. 470170

File: 1515969095551.png (15.43 KB, 369x60, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 22.3…)

That mod is out of there!

No. 470171

File: 1515969109489.png (30.84 KB, 754x126, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.3…)

I wouldn't either. These mods sound like high schoolers who have too much power

No. 470172

File: 1515969137137.png (7.97 KB, 335x96, bye.png)

>tfw the one sensible person jumps ship

No. 470173

File: 1515969249640.png (41.48 KB, 746x186, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.3…)

No. 470174

File: 1515969356035.png (9.37 KB, 490x64, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.3…)

No kidding, good sir!

No. 470179

Her hair is annoyingly flat… She needs to add some volume

No. 470180

So, she says that she won't do art critiques because they're time consuming…but if I remember correctly, wasn't there a time where she said that she doesn't do them because she's not that qualified to do it?

No. 470181

Now that she's published a How to Draw book, she can't exactly use that excuse anymore, even if it would be the truth.

No. 470191

Wow did she really just say gypsy in reference to her art?

No. 470201

The chaos is beautiful! I can respect the mod who jumped ship, when me and another viewer were asking about lightfastness, they didn't start attack us like other mods.

No. 470202

she picked up a chunk of a cliff bar that was left on her table, picked off the cat hairs and ate it.

No. 470203

File: 1515970788513.png (2.26 MB, 1714x956, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.5…)

Very much a professional

No. 470204

I was wondering what that was! how disgusting

No. 470205

File: 1515970846559.png (13.67 KB, 358x51, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 23.0…)

No. 470210

That anime squeal. THATS IT. I can't watch her stream anymore, that was my limit. Still shuddering after she just did that

No. 470214

She needs to teach her cat to stay off the table, I love cats but I don't need to see her cat's asshole every five minutes on an art stream. She could just grab it and put it on the floor.

No. 470217

That was very disturbing aside from Holly's loud and disgusting burps.

No. 470218

File: 1515971275809.png (27.06 KB, 367x125, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 23.0…)

Mods can type this stuff and she's just fine with it. I hope her doodle domain doesn't have a link to this channel if kids are actually paying attention to her and her videos. Kids gonna copy mods because they have her approval, I guess.

No. 470219

The mods need to be banned

No. 470221

I'm curious, has anyone reported her channel before for breaking the rules? I'm not calling for us to do that, I know that's breaking the rules, but has anyone done that before?

No. 470223

File: 1515971729297.png (23.7 KB, 770x92, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 15.1…)


No. 470224

These mods are immature, someone who acts like that shouldn't have that kind of power.

No. 470231

oml, she's still talking about wedding, arty advent, and sketchbook challenge. I swear, this is gonna go on forever until she's done with youtube

No. 470235

If the mods weren't so trigger happy over stupid shit, I'm sure people would be calling her out on how it's been months since those events happened.

No. 470336

File: 1515980912764.jpg (20.52 KB, 835x139, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 470397

File: 1515985080304.png (40.07 KB, 603x383, raffaf.png)

I'll guess I have to do a bit explaining, to my sad beef with Baylee. So this happen around her artblock video which lead to me replying to her tweet. I can't find all my tweets but only this one. I was being nice and pointing out her opinion was based on the topic of not drawing by the excuse of artblock. "Artblock isn't real because you can still draw." So I thought I was talking to her normally but man did her tone and attitude change. Her white knights came in and attack me. My opinion that I said to her, it's real because many people even professionals experience it. Some people chose not to draw while some draw through it. Artblock is more of a state of mind or realization that your work kind of sucks. That account I don't have the password anymore but I never used twitter really. I have other sites to juggle.

No. 470406

File: 1515985484485.jpg (260.06 KB, 1562x900, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 19.0…)

Looks like Baylee has some work to do…I hope someone also mentions the Psychotic Gay dude and their behavior

No. 470409

Honestly your argument of simply saying "popular professionals say this so it's real" is not very convincing either. But I think it was bullshit of her to talk so assertively about art block while being such a low tier artist.

Yet, her tweet was pretty damn bitchy. Her being such a cunt is the reason a lot of people don't like her anymore, as they only liked her for her personality.

No. 470416

Well, the issue is that I made more tweets explaining my view if you see under her tweet there is 6 replies to which three of them were mine. My account is private and email was hacked. Anyway, she stated something about professionals don't get artblock which I reply saying that. The replies a bit everywhere as Baylee kind of pick and chose what she replied to. Keep in mind this was when 140 characters was a thing so replies were kept short. I had to do multiple. Maybe later, I'll try to get into the account by guessing passwords.

No. 470422

I think someone mentioned Psychotic Gay in a different comment thread

No. 470430

I noticed the other people were bringing up the mods and saying they're out of control. Wonder if she'll actually do something about it.

No. 470435

File: 1515986814988.jpg (90.5 KB, 834x635, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

No. 470560

Is she really claiming that she didn't notice mods being rude to people?? I don't buy it!

No. 470566


I guess she'll have to prove she listened come her next stream, then.

No. 470577

Baylee is such a C*, how is this pompous greedy bitch so popular

No. 470582

File: 1515997141351.jpeg (398.95 KB, 750x1005, 22B3AFC4-D7B6-41C3-A464-0BD4B6…)

No. 470584

Why did she quit the art twitch streams? Does she make more on YouTube streaming? Damn she’s ALL ABOUT MONEY!

No. 470586

Idk why she didn't switch back to twitch, but at least she got rid of the mods. One of the mods had gone after a commenter for speaking out against the mods and said commenter deleted their comment.

No. 470591

no one said she had to do away with moderating altogehter. It's that she (probably lackadaisically) picked people to be mods who weren't suitable.
She should be more considerate in who she might pick to be mods, maybe people she knows better.

…But then again that'd be too much work, wouldn't it.

No. 470712

She's adament about keeping gaming and art separate now for whatever reason. Contingency? Maybe?

No. 470772

She mentioned at some point before she changed it as people weren't watching the art videos because they saw the art on twitch. This was after she started taking part in them youtube creator skype call/hangout things.

Now that she changed her art videos to Saturday I'm waiting for just become a full-time Nintendo twitch player. She dedicates more time to video games than the videos based on what we see in her vlogs. Plans on the wed/Thurs and then rushes to get it done for Friday.

No. 470773

I think at one point she read that people were swearing in the chat and then encouraged it. Something along those lines.

No. 470819

There's no way she didn't see anything, the mods were shitting things up all the time. I understand wanting mods to stop self-promo/spamming, there are bigger YouTubers who mostly look at superchats and subscriber chat because the regular chat is so bad. But at least vet the people who moderate, it sounds like she just picked random people who came in regularly.

No. 470951

The radio bit is funny but what is that thumbnail???

No. 470969

holy shit she does not need to use that much dry shampoo. she is going to damage her hair by drowning it in batiste.

also lol @ her being like "you may not understand why im cleaning before people come over". no baylee you do clean before people over. thats normal.

i refuse to believe that she isn't in her late teens. she acts like she doesn't understand adulthood responsibilities at all, like her development has stunted or something.

i wish she would go back to vlogging about making art, but we all know she isnt making art so lol.

No. 470970

I’m confused, is it normal for a bunch of dudes to get naked at a house party? Baylee has some weird ass parties….

No. 470974

Idk it’s sad the old Baylee is dead, YouTube fame has changed her for the worst, unless…. she was always like this but idk, she seemed much more motivated and less bitchy back in the early days.

No. 470975

Baylee’s parties always turn into a huge orgy.

No. 470999

>she is going to damage her hair by drowning it in batiste.

dry shampoo doesn't damage your hair, you weirdo.

No. 471162

Baylee has always been this way, the more popularity she gets the more noticeable it is. Her attitude has always sucked.

No. 472421

She got her bag and she's finally doing apron girl and talks about being a slow drawer.

What is up with the weird shots of her mouth and stuff these days?

No. 472424

>talks about being a slow drawer
Reminds me of her talking about being a slow improver. You're a slow improver because you do little towards improving.

No. 473345

being a “slow drawer” isn’t a personality trait it’s something to improve on

No. 473511

18 mins long! nearly 13 mins of ring light footage. and then talks (re-reads her tweet) about the changes to youtube over clips of her using copics.

No. 473513

File: 1516212026403.png (912.27 KB, 639x790, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 17.5…)


No. 473514

File: 1516212100764.png (786.9 KB, 641x768, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 17.5…)


No. 473520

> the rules should only apply to new applicants
> When I started out on Youtube, the partner program was invite-only..
> It was very elite

So she thinks that as she's apart of the \elite\ now she shouldn't be affected by these changes. smh.

No. 473540


Um she's not going to be affected by these changes. Your comment makes no sense.

No. 473549

I think they were talking about how she thinks its a slap in the face to her but it should still apply to new channels. ???

No. 473555

File: 1516214834145.png (3.31 MB, 1334x750, 3499991C-CEAA-4464-97E9-3DF063…)

Looks like shit already… and this is supposed to be an improvement meme? Why is she starting to become obsessed with dumbo ears ahaha

No. 473558

Why is Baylee even commenting on the subject, it doesn’t even affect her. So why did she feel the need to voice her useless opinion, oh right she feels her opinion is valid on the subject. When she makes so much more money compared to the smaller channels, she feels it’s a good thing they’re removing monetization from smaller channels. Whatever bitch .

No. 473564

And it’s like ohhhh look at me, I started making pennies, now I can fill my house with useless shit like $500 Disney dolls and go spend thousands on D23. Poor small channels that won’t make pennies like I did. She’s such a money hungry hag.

No. 473565

File: 1516215247847.jpeg (187.39 KB, 1334x750, 755961EA-6F52-4117-8888-3B3ABB…)

Holy fuck, that hand is wonky!

No. 473567

Looks like the thumb isn’t supposed to be there and she has an extra appendage growing out of it. I think the thumb is the unborn twin.

No. 473596

Even though it still has the typical Baylee flaws, I personally prefer this new art style vs her old one. It looks cuter and less like a failed Disney art challenge.

No. 473652

Lol, well at least she included hands this time even though it looks terrible!

No. 473693

Did she slap your ass or something for you to be this butthurt? We're all here to talk shit about her, but you sound like you're straight up coming from personal issues to be sperging this much. There is no problem on her commenting on demonetization issues when Youtube is her deal, in fact, it's more valid than you coming here and sharing your opinion about the way others spend their money.
I don't like Baylee's shit personality, but some of you sound even worse.

No. 473700

Anyone else under the impression she's "inspired" by Sluggie with that new style? The ears and face shapes really reminded me of her work.

No. 473703

Very possible. We all know Baylee doesn't have imagination and she always copies something from somewhere.

No. 473751

I can’t totally see that. Too similar.

No. 473762

Anon you read my mind I was gonna post Sluggie too! Baylees new changes to her art we're susp and the first i thought when I saw her new drawings were Sluggie. The elongated bodies/necks, 'squared' heads, large ears etc all seemed so at random considering baylee never deviates from her fugly style but suddenly decides to make slightly more tasteful choices (tasteful is used very lightly) im not buying it for a second that she isnt taking from a lesser known artist.
Specially if you consider how many art books she has bought over the years yet her style never changes but now she wants to bust out with something else.

No. 473813

Yeah, it looks like she's straight up ripping her off. Baylee probably thought she could get away with it because Sluggie's been on an extended YouTube break, and isn't very well-known

No. 473881

lel, Baylee can't execute it as well. And also, I love how this girl renders her paintings! Thanks for semi-introducing her to us, anon!

No. 473901

No probs. That video is 3 years old so her style has changed a bit, she was part of the Youtube Art Collective for a while but stopped posting on Youtube. I remember hanging out at her streams and she was pretty chill. You can find her more recent work at her Instagrams, same name as the Youtube channel.

No. 473903

File: 1516234406639.png (244 KB, 1528x602, Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 16.1…)

No. 473906

I'm in a similar position as this person, so coming from that perspective, Baylee is really really out of touch. I don't wish for someone to have money problems, but you know she's going to start freaking out once YouTube's bs starts effecting her and she can't waste money on shit she doesn't need.

No. 473915


Anon in the screen cap is correct. It is discouraging for small channels, artists and creators. Because on top of the views/followers limits, non monetized videos are hidden from view (even hidden from search results) meaning burgeoning channels do not have a chance at organic growth. Also she is totally copying that other artist.

No. 473917

First of all, going into Youtube expecting it to be your income maker without considering its possible downfall is already stupid, even before Adpocalypse and what has been going on recently. The market changes and those who can't dance with it will stay behind.
Second, there's a bit too much victimism going into this. Even if you REALLY can't get a job or REAAAALLY can't show yourself/your voice for "personal safety reasons" (which judging by the other factors in this comment seem like a bit of bull, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it's true) there are other ways to think outside of the box to make your content interesting.
Overall this just sounds like the type of person who will cry over things not working rather than getting their shit together and moving on until they find something that does.

No. 473957

OT but youtube just a bit dumb now tbh, wish it’d go back to being more unprofessional and unpaid. Seems people like Baylee put more videos out when they were not gaining money… youtube shouldn’t be considered a job no matter how much I look at it.
The only reason the Pauls make videos is money and power

No. 473965

>Seems people like Baylee put more videos out when they were not gaining money…
I doubt 95% of people would put out regular videos if not for the prospect of money, be it directly or indirectly.

I think it's good platforms like these exist for people to sort of forge their own paths, but a lot of people fell into the romanticized idea that this could be their jobs for the rest of their lives. You CAN work independently, but you have to be very flexible. You can't plant one seed just to discover the soil eventually runs out of nutrients. Don't get comfortable because something has been working in a span of 5 years, it's gonna change sometime.

No. 474208

I just feel like there would definitely be a difference in popular people on the platform if YouTube didn’t pay money.. I shouldn’t have made the baylee comparison because she mostly likely wouldn’t have continued

No. 474212

There would be much less quality content out there, because Youtube being a paid platform allows people who are good at what they do to relocate some of their time into making "free" content.
A high quantity of passion-driven quality content is pretty much an utopia.

No. 474379

Lets be honest though, high quality content these days is almost non existent among the “upper class” of Yt, in ever category the ones earning the most are the laziest most entitled assholes! Yt isn’t about high quality content or let’s be real it wouldn’t be 1425363 slim videos, kids with toy unboxings channels, crappy art channels like Baylee, Holly etc, that are thriving it would be the quality content that’s usually put out by smaller channels. Something big youtubers fail to see now is fancy equipment does not automatically equal good content! Baylee’s new ringlight, computer, laptop, isn’t gonna automatically make her art better. I’m not on youtube so this whole thing doesn’t affect me but honestly you can’t say that the majority of big creaters deserve what they earn for their content when most of them just happened to be in the right place at the right time

No. 474451

she wasn't invited when it was considered elite, she says she got in when it opened to all channels. read the thing, ffs

No. 474487

>Lets be honest though, high quality content these days is almost non existent among the “upper class” of Yt
You're talking as if that's a new thing and exclusive to Youtube. Quality content is rarely ever the most popular content, everywhere. And that's due to the general taste of the masses. People are generally interested in easily digestible stuff rather than well thought out content.

No. 474530

Why not put up a brb card or something instead letting everyone hear you peeing and shower on twitch!?!

Idk how kids keep watching her just unbox stuff, go shopping and make dinner etc.

No. 474602

Because she's a pig. I think some of the appeal in unboxing videos is the process of watching someone buy something you would never waste your money on, watch it be unboxed, and not feel buyer's remorse once you realize it was nothing special.

No. 474656

Holy shit, she is literally painting her nails on her stream and has 180 people watching. Sigh. Its unbelievable to me.

No. 474746

File: 1516307188281.png (685.53 KB, 1170x920, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 12.2…)

No. 474748

what a daft twat. does she think rushed means the video and not her crappy art?

No. 474749

The concepts are rushed, they're not well thought out, that's what people are saying! She completely missed the point.

No. 474794

File: 1516311174591.png (960.21 KB, 1366x768, 91d859f6cc98869c2f20076e309860…)


How does someone, who is "professionally" in the art business, go unaware of the term "rushed" artwork?

No. 474801

She is slow for no reason, like she would be quicker if she cut out distractions, and if you’re slow you’re supposed to improve your speed with exercises and gestures and stuff like that. Of course she never felt the need to finish a piece really quickly so why bother :/

No. 474803

Given the simplicity of her style and how she's used the same formula for years, she shouldn't be this slow! Like you said, if she would concentrate and not be distracted by bs, she would finish her stuff much faster.

No. 474831

It’s weird how slow she is cause it’s not like she’s only slow because of distractions she literally moves in slow motion most of the time, she’s like that Sloth in zootopia!! I get so frustrated watching how slow her hand moves (which is SO WEIRD when she works with comics which dry so fast)

No. 474832

Even outside of art she's slow, like how she complains that it takes her forever to clean her house. It's like, dude, if you would pick up the pace you might actually get things done quicker and have more time to practice!

No. 474833

Suspired she saw someone saying she's too slow when the mods were so quick to remove any comments about the art.

No. 474878

Depending on your ink style you are allowed to go that slow (like really precise lines with a brush using a clean inking style) but as you said she does that with the pencils, too. I don’t know, It’s like she’s almost forcing herself to be as slow as possible, like this would guarantee some sort of quality. Which is not. At the point she is in, sketching a lot would help her tons. And since she claims to not have time, she should still Sketch and trying to get faster at it so that she can do everything she’s “supposed” to do. A pencil sketch like the ones she creates should take 10/20 minutes tops seeing how it’s basically just faces or characters with no background (and recently no hands, too) that are the quickest things to draw usually.

No. 474894

Also you figure the scale that your working in can add on some extra time, but she rarely if ever works larger than an 8x10.

No. 474904

I personally have a theory she works that slow to eat up time/be distracted and still get those in-stream donations regardless of whether or not she works (let alone works fast).

No. 474909

I think she also uses it as a justification for the prices of her originals. I remember when she was doing a fanart speedpaint of Belle, she was saying that because she becoming more "elaborate" with her work that she's going to start charging higher prices, which is laughable considering the quality of her art isn't worth what she charges.

No. 474911

This is the video I was talking about

No. 475548

File: 1516390255618.jpeg (185.45 KB, 390x607, F829877E-F7F3-461D-A0FE-DDC73F…)

Baylee the fashion model…. lmao

No. 475549

Why do her pants look like they’re painted on? I can see every chunk of cellulite through them.

No. 475551

Sweet Jesus

No. 475554

Why did she buy that saw when she never uses it

No. 475620

To cut down pieces of wood for oil paintings. Whenever she gets around to doing them.

No. 475641

File: 1516399021466.png (456.09 KB, 423x519, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 4.55…)

No. 475651

ngl, I really like the cash shadow on her arm, and I'm also glad she used a reference for the other arm even though she coudln't figure out the thumb.

No. 475656

for some reason her head looks detached from her body….

No. 475664

What throws me off is how her body seems to be tanner than her face. Also, didn't the original drawing have redish hair and not blonde?

No. 475720

How she hasn't improved in 5/6 years is beyond me. Should't she have gotten better if she was drawing so often for that long?

No. 475723

She never practices and doesn't work on the areas that she's weak in.

No. 475759

File: 1516404564672.png (93.16 KB, 1048x472, Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 15.2…)

No. 475764

To be fair, this is one of her better drawings for sure and she has improved. Just no where near the amount you'd expect from a full time artist who /should/ be drawing for hours every single day.

No. 475769

Facepalm. The amount of bitch that's radiating from this comment is giving me a headache. Your shitty art looks like crap because you NEVER PRACTICE and do everything at the last minute.

No. 475781

She's basically just drawing for her art videos, that means like once a week; and she's been doing lots of "non artsy" videos lately so that means she's skipped the only weekly "practice" she should have done.

No. 475783

Too busy using the wedding/sketchbook slam/ForShADowing excuses. I'm sorry, her arrogance and know it all attitude drives me up a wall, she reminds me of those people who just run their mouth about shit they know next to nothing about and get's mad when people call them out.

No. 476041

The hand holding the tray really bothers me for some reason. I think it’s because we’re looking at it straight on which means we should see the hand underneath or else that tray is about to completely toople over! Or she has a stump & no hand the girl looks alright, hate the background colours though

No. 476045

It's an excuse to not draw the other hand kek

No. 476072

The arm is too long to avoid even drawing the palm of th hand

No. 476115

Her wedding video on Vimeo is nice, but how many times she has to push it that she got married?

No. 476123

All her recent drawings are girls looking far to the side lol. I don't hate this though, she drew a BG and a hand which is an improvement.

No. 476130

File: 1516459460995.png (370.17 KB, 610x489, Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 14.3…)


Its cute and junk even though we've seen it all before.

No. 476185


She's like one of those ladies on facebook that has her wedding photo as her profile picture, only the wedding was from like 8 yrs ago. Don't be that lady, Baylee.

Or is it too late?

No. 476198

No. 476231

It's debatable whether it's appropriate progress for 7 years, but she has improved imo.

No. 476252

I can't stand the way she always draws long hair as one big mass. She never breaks it up. It makes it look like there's way more hair at the end of the length than there is attached to her head.

No. 476267

It's pretty shit progress for 7 years, but people saying she NEVER improves are just being stubborn. There is clear progress.

No. 476290

I think the thing is, there’s is improvement over 7 years but, if she redrew something from 2014 now, the lack of improvement over the last 3/4 years would perfectly illustrate what people mean when we say she’s not improving much

No. 477312

File: 1516585093958.jpg (32.43 KB, 424x523, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

So someone else made the little camper from animal crossing, actually spent some time on it, and made it look well done. By comparison, Baylee's looks like something a small child would make rather than someone who "makes art" for a living.

No. 480434

Have you noticed she’s been cussing a lot more in her streams? Every other word is F*ck now, surprising considering her audience is 96% children.

No. 480436

File: 1516829557986.jpeg (587.04 KB, 2048x1536, FFDD9C67-A534-4584-B3E4-B00342…)

She wishes she was the mother of dragons. Omg her mug is nightmarish.

No. 480438

File: 1516829629211.jpeg (166.72 KB, 678x1092, 8527AD65-6B3E-4573-BBD3-5071DD…)

No. 480439

Those fucking eyebrows!

No. 480514

File: 1516837155409.jpg (14.66 KB, 425x168, 000000000000000000000000000000…)

Hacks, these two are irritating.

No. 480515

Is she trying to pull a cutecy face?

No. 480559

Sorry for being off-topic, but what brand made that black dragon plush with the blue belly? Or is it handmade?

No. 481015

I think she's at one of the parks with the Harry Potter wizarding world thing so it might be from that or another film/tv series or something from Disney as she has Mickey ears on in that picture.

No. 481534

Omg. How far can mark crilley go to kiss Baylee’s ass….

No. 482684

Ohsghit! A video!

A haul because of honeymoon, I guess.

No. 482796

Another unboxing type video… BORES

No. 482804

She could have easily put out a doodling video/a small artwork video. We all know she buys these book and doesn't use them long term. What a waste

No. 482984

I guess it's nice that she has all the money to support whatever kickstarter she wants and which tier she chooses as well. But I feel like the Sakuem chick's stuff looks like 2009 anime art and it's very "eh", but each to their own I guess. Anywho, Baylee had all the time in the world to make art, but it's another fucking haul. I know people who are full time students with a job and they still produce art every week for themselves. Jfc, she's lazy af

No. 483003

But anon, she got married months ago, did the sketchbook slam MONTHS ago, did crappy craft advent a month ago so she tots doesn't have to put in time to make a decent speedpaint. God I hate her.

No. 483014

I don't like Sakuem or her style, but if Baylee would have even half of the effort she has..

Baylee has to get over making one-two finished pieces per month and learn to sketch when ever where ever, from real life, not just from images.

No. 483355

At least Sakuems seems to care about what she makes (even though it's not everyone's taste) I don't get that vibe from Baylee. Like, I can't remember the last time I heard a commentary from her were she seemed genuinely excited about an artwork or making art.

No. 485541


No. 485576

Is he complaining about the rides being different and fast passes for most of this!?

No. 485592

It wouldn't be one of her vlogs if there wasn't a huge bitch fest going on.

No. 485864

Hope she’ll shut up about the wedding since her honeymoon is done with. All she did was complain. It’s Disney world, obviously rides are going to be different from Disneyland. She’s an ungrateful ditz.

No. 485901

I think we'll be hearing that excuse until YouTube shuts down. You would think this being her honeymoon she would contain her complaining.

No. 486948

No. 487962

Does anybody have a link / mirror to her Art Block video? I've always wanted to see it but could never find it…

No. 488055


i fucking hate sakuems, she might put effort into her art but the amount of drama and shit she created, and the ass kissing of baylee plus the fact shes just vile in general makes me sick. her work is bland, same face over saturated dull shit and shes never improved in the years ive watched youtube artists.

No. 488103

Baylee put it either on private or deleted it, so unless someone made a copy of it I don't think we'll be seeing it.

No. 488147

Why is she vile? Don’t know much about her

No. 488170

It might be some past actions that she's made. I personally don't have an issue with her, but I can understand why some people don't like her.

No. 488173


i unfollowed her a few years ago after she started being homophobic and really gross in general. she'd go out of her way to insult people's appearances, harassing people and then would act like an angel to people like baylee. she had a ton of comments on her g+ that you could see publically, where she was body shaming skinny girls, telling trans people they were wrong to be trans, telling new artists they sucked and stuff, but she hid them.
there was a lot of people whispering about her a few years ago because she wouldnt take criticism. theres a tiny bit on artist grapevine about her http://artist-grapevine.tumblr.com/post/144301822110/what-are-peoples-thoughts-on-the-youtube-artist

but she deleted her comments lmao

she also created the youtube artist collective clearly as a way to kiss ass to artists bigger than her. i remember her being really shifty about inviting new people in, had really strict rules on it so small artists couldnt get in.

saw tons of bitching about fan art too, and then she started selling it again lmao

and that time she entered a copic contest to win a ton of stuff and a thirteen year old won and she kicked off saying it was unfair to Copic and Copic were that harassed by her that they opened to fresh votes (and she still didnt win but she was proud of knocking a kid down)

and thats just the shit i remember from the top of my head tbh.

No. 488178

I remember one of Holly's friends (the one who draws shotas) made a video on how Sakuems was a liar about her old products and their poor quality. The video was taken down along with the twitter back and forth between the two. Anyone else remember that?

No. 488183


no but i'd love to see that

No. 488188

From what I remember, Sakuems saw the video and did her usual routine of attacking the person. When this girl didn't give in and started making these posts public, Sakuems went on the defensive and tried to cover her tracks. I think Holly's friend eventually deleted everything due to all the drama it caused.

No. 488194

I’m shook. Thank you for your infos, my knowledge of her stopped at her being offended by baylee’s video about art block

No. 488217

she retweeted this drawing of a sloth with the caption 'reminder to take it easy & not overwork myself!' and its laughable because when does she /ever/ overwork herself? And even if she considers the things she does as 'overworking' - aren't you supposed to get a quality product out of it in the end? I dunno… it just baffles me how she ever got as popular as she is

No. 488405

Yeah, she hardly puts forth much effort. It's frustrating because she has this massive ego and sicks her audience on anyone who questions her poor work ethic. She got popular through doing shitty challenge videos that are just click bait.

No. 488496

That’s Sad because there’s a lot of artists out there that don’t have one tenth of her following and are so much better. But same goes with the bigger art youtubers it seems

No. 488507

Yeah, if anything I think it's a prime example to the rest of us on how not to act when you become successful and to remain humble. Also, let's say you do become popular, use that influence to help others.

Not to completely deviate from the original convo, but I think I understand why Baylee is okay with the new YouTube monitization requirements, it removes competition and makes it harder for smaller people to surpass the already large youtubers. Idk, just a thought since she's money hungry.

No. 489435

No. 489460

No. 489462

I must be getting old and I'm around Baylee's age but I thought these vlogs would have been less boring….

No. 489466

I can't even watch these they're so boring. You would think vlogs about Disney World would actually be fun lol

No. 489499

about the monetization what’s pissing me most is the ranking in related videos and search results, it will be even harder to reach a decent following. I know I will never compete in terms of popularity and now my chances are even thinner. (No one cares, I know. I’m saging)
Wasn’t she the one who wanted to encourage small youtubers though? Maybe I remember wrong

No. 489503

All she’s done is complain about it not being Disneyland… is she not exhausted from all the complaining

No. 489505

I understand your feelings, I'm a similar boat. From what I remember Baylee was all for the new guidelines and didn't seem sympathetic for the smaller channels (it veiled under some "keep working hard lols" even though the game is completely different from when she first started). Say what you want about HulloAlice but at least she was actively trying to advertise smaller channels (I'm not trying to whiteknight, just pointing out the differences).

No. 489507

She's an ungrateful little shit, I'm surprised Christian hasn't said anything to her about the complaining during their honeymoon

No. 489514

Yep she doesn’t understand that it was another era entirely. Less expectations, lower quality start point, less people and therefore less competition. Nowadays you’re supposed to invest in good equipments and spend a good amount only to be “acceptable”. Doing it “for fun” is doable but without proper tools you will not go one step further than the hobbysts.

Glad I’m not the only one who found those vlogs extremely boring. Can’t really say why, though.

No. 489519

Exactly! I guess what we can try and do as smaller channels is work together and treat each other with respect, and if we do some how get popular use our position to help the smaller channels.

Probably because all she did was complain and act like a dbag.

No. 489521

File: 1517513507335.png (119.26 KB, 400x400, 1440344061398.png)

>staying at the riverside resort around January
I can very close to booking a room in that same resort around that same stay. Looks like I dodged a fucking bullet.

No. 489529

Damn, having to see her ugly mug every morning who put a damper on a trip. Good for you anon!

No. 489534

this was mostly her looking at stuff in gift shops…Why did that need to be filmed??? As other anons said before, it was a very boring vlog and she was at fricken Disney World!!

No. 490036

I doubt she’s exhausted, she’s been complaining about Disney world issues on her livestreams since she’s been back. I know she has a hard on for Disneyland but holy shit, they’re two different parks, she can’t just drop that and enjoy it. She acts like she’s some Disney elitist. Give it up girl…

No. 490057

Wow, what a brat, that's something you would expect out of spoiled child not a grown ass woman.

No. 490238

Yep. But she’s a child, remember. She saw a dress in a shop at Disney and said they are ageist cause they didn’t have a little kids dress in her size. Hahahaha! Funny how she always has to press that she is a grown adult that makes her own decisions but acts like a 5 year old brat.

No. 490249

Ew, that's kinda creepy.

No. 490408

Just found out it was made by the Douglas toy brand, but thank you still!

No. 490553


No. 490560

Not even a few minutes in and she's already making excuses as to why the art was meh. Maybe if you would have planned stuff out before you went on your honeymoon, then the concept could have been better.

No. 490573

File: 1517589560565.png (4.44 MB, 1334x750, F634B668-4DE2-4368-B5E9-DA5541…)

Cats always in frame…… yawn…. her concepts are so boring.

No. 490577

Agreed, she could have done something different, this concept has been done before. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration and doing your own rendition of a concept, just her's looks so rushed.

No. 490588

File: 1517590044367.png (4.24 MB, 1334x750, AB3856F2-744D-4145-89F5-F4BADC…)

The face of constipation…. Hahahaha

No. 490589

How do y’all feel about her new dumbo ear art style?

No. 490593

I think another anon had mentioned this, but it looks like a poor rendition of Sluggies style. Also, the potato nose is back

No. 490612

At least she did something kind of interesting with the colors this time

No. 490623

She still has those nails on after two fell off. Has she stuck them back on?? The gap where the nails have grown would bug the heck out of me.

No. 490702

No. 490941

Apparently they got Nicolle's Dreams. I prefer the way she executed the theme in comparison to Baylee, she kept everything rather neat.

No. 492950

File: 1517778420526.jpg (263 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_1517778222178.jpg)

No. 492976

I wonder if her lack of posting is starting to effect her income?

No. 493493

LOL did she lower the ears on the right side just so she could be sure that you know she's ~sad~

No. 493497

I didn't even notice that, but gees that doesn't look good.

No. 493846

Why does the one on the right look constipated? Also, I really don't like how she doesn't add an eye shine in her characters eyes, it makes them look dead.

No. 493951

The colors bug me…They're kind of ugly.

No. 493955

Agreed. While it's nice to not see her usual blue/pink/purple combo, the greens feel out of place. It would have been nice to see more bold colors like red/black/gold.

No. 493957

Maybe give them away with the two light boxes under whatever table! I knew one of the cats were 'fat' as she said.

No. 494242

Buttons are not a trend at the moment, maybe she could just do one or two enamel pins. Those would sell better.

No. 494256

When I saw this title I was hoping she'd be throwing them away, and redrawing them. Her current designs are horrible.

No. 494275

Yeah, the enamel pins are the thing right now. In general they have better look and quality. Those old cheap style buttons are not something other than kids would buy.

No. 494489

Anonymous now No. 494488

would be amusing if Disney, or anyone really, found out she was selling fanart and asked her to cease & desist. it's stupid that it winds me up that people like her get away with it but it does

No. 494802

What a waste…she could just give them away for free whenever someone buys something from her shop or some shit

No. 495176

No. 495248

Rusty buttons!
Please don't press new ones but then again I don't even want to think what an enamel pin of her work would look like.

No. 495251

The way she talked about people saying she should keep the buttons was off putting, she implied they were dumb for suggesting that.

No. 495261

She never mentioned the 'business side' she just said she was going to throw them out. I wonder how many of these new buttons will sell and how many will end up going rusty again.

No. 495267

File: 1517941721320.png (63.94 KB, 221x231, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 18.2…)

Been up for an hour and not changed the title or did I miss something in that video??

No. 495319

Delete name = Removing names from old button designs.

No. 495409

>Those old cheap style buttons are not something other than kids would buy.
Are you forgetting the majority of her audience is children?
Altho I actually still like buttons like those when the patterns aren't shit. Enamel pins look fancier and all but I keep feeling like they're going to fall off my stuff.

No. 495422

File: 1517949549487.png (436.07 KB, 1280x800, unknownn.png)

baylee is streaming again and she said it took her an hour to finish this

No. 495522

Lol what?! Looks pretty simple to me, idk why something like this would take an hour?

No. 495658

She's probably getting Amazon packages in between or something.

No. 495733

She’s a bitch. She said in her stream when people were asking what she did with her buttons, “ I just feel like youtubers are pressured to like donate everything, do giveaways constantly and I’m like, bitch I’m throwing it in the garbage, leave me alone” she said she didn’t care about the environment and isn’t a tree hugger. She’s proud of the massive amounts of garbage she creates. Wonder how many sea turtles have died from her trash. Stupid c*nt

No. 495734

Why is she even streaming if she’s coughing every fucking second. Oml

No. 495745

I think what bothers me the most is her tone of voice. It's very reminiscent of a spoiled, know it all brat.

No. 495854

Exactly! You just put my feelings into words…. she’s gotten so bad with her attitude it’s crazy.

No. 495857

I can't stand her she talks to people, it's so disrespectful.

No. 495858

File: 1517973533189.jpeg (523.15 KB, 750x1031, 7049066E-E484-42E2-9BFC-F7D832…)

Why does she have to talk about her bodily functions on social media, like pooping your pants wasn’t attention seeking enough!?

No. 495860

She literally has no shame!

No. 495865

File: 1517973679620.jpeg (166.09 KB, 750x434, 19BCE763-4F2E-4CC8-A897-EE0A84…)

No. 495867

File: 1517973791157.jpeg (22.95 KB, 285x307, 25F388AB-9098-4178-9A83-536432…)

The art of a YouTube SUPERSTAR!

No. 495868

How does this shit take her an hour? This is super simple!

No. 496065

This design look very familiar. I'm sure I've seen something like this before somewhere. Then again, it would not be a surprise if she ripped this from someone. cough.

No. 496376

I hope she continues to say crap like this and she gets fewer sponsors and these kids looking up to and her crappy attitude figure it out and lose interest.

No. 496470

So, apparently Baylee commented on Holly's latest video in support of her.(this is an imageboard)

No. 496570

File: 1518021052305.png (3.3 KB, 275x38, 1518001112265.png)

This was the comment

No. 496594

Do these retarded bitches ever try to make sense or do they just screech and make unfunny meme noises at each other?

No. 496764

File: 1518035438023.png (37.16 KB, 585x232, unknown.png)

more button streaming today i doubt she'll even get to button pressing

No. 496775

>tons of vlog footage
Er, I dont think there's a lot to go through. Some complaining, unpacking new shit she buys, a lot of cat footage that make up most of her vlogs anyway, and then make some dumb faces to end it. Pretty much nothing happens since she barely leaves the house or does any committed artwork.

No. 496776

No. 496777

Oh joy, get to hear about her pissing story. Just about as fun to hear as her shitting story.

No. 496779

A lot of people do derpy/simple designs like this so its pretty common place. Especially at Anime conventions were younger kids are.

No. 496781

>talks about the buttons and shows them off
>shows cat
>tests green screen out
>giant chunk in the middle is all concert footage, so kind of boring
>takes clips from camera and goodnight.
wow guys, these were a TON of footage to sift through!

No. 496796

She should just admit she wants to be just a vlogger now, and not an art youtuber, or even an art vlogger because large chunks of her vlogs are just so irrelevant to art. Just talk about your 80 cats and disney. We all know you're lazy, Baylee.

No. 496803

Because making art takes some effort, of course she'd rather fart around all day doing nothing but buying disney dolls and drinking overpriced coffeee

No. 496841

wtf is with the constant squealing and screaming in her streams

No. 496843

File: 1518040125421.png (170.89 KB, 572x293, theheck.png)

>"derpy is cute"
and she jumping on making DDLC merch as its popular atm

No. 496860


No. 497301

The old one looked way better. Like… why change it

No. 497717

File: 1518113280737.png (390.08 KB, 880x527, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 18.0…)

Baylee you're not funny or edgy with this stuff.

No. 497719

Wait, is she being serious with this one?

No. 497720

I hope not!

No. 497744

I'm not sure cuz when I was watching her stream that part, she saved it as a file…

No. 497773

File: 1518116809322.png (674.85 KB, 1008x702, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 11.0…)

wow her art really hasn't changed at all

No. 497774

This Chick is SOOO angry with Baylee's book. A little longwinded but quite funny.

No. 497909

Kek, she's so pressed. I wonder if she's posted in this thread before. Good criticism though, especially when she calls Baylee someone who likes to draw but has little technical skill.

No. 497936

OT, but why does she give me a Holly vibe…Not that Im saying this was a bad video because some of the points she makes are valid

No. 497946


No. 497948

I'm surprised none of the minions have attacked this yet

No. 497986

I thought the same thing! But… she actually knows what she's talking about and she's still respectful and doesn't seem to swear just because.

But yeah, good review. Her video thumbnails are horrible, though. It's always funny to me how far away artists are from design, although it's much easier to learn for them.

No. 498009

No. 498036

File: 1518131158317.png (3.31 MB, 1334x750, 0876CF46-7337-4E91-BB08-06FC2E…)

Da fack….

No. 498041

I can't figure out if she thinks peeing her pants is ~quirky xD~ or if she has reverse psychology'd herself into thinking that it'll be less awkward if she talks about it in more detail.

No. 498047

Ahaha ha omg I love this review. Finally Baylee is being called out for her shit art and lack of fluidity in her art. Her book is a cringefest. As is Baylee.

No. 498064

Sooo true! She says it’s a child’s drawing book with PROFESSIONAL Artist grade art supplies. Sums up Baylee to a t! All of her techniques you can find better done on Pinterest.

No. 498071

My favorite part is when she said she would burn Baylee’s book and she covets books

No. 498078

OT but the
>artists are so far away from design

Bit intrigues me because this may be the root of my annoyance with some art, or perhaps identifying the differences is an important/overlooked thing?
Do you have any links or insight into that topic (I know this ain't the art thread but here we are)

Also enjoyed the linked video. Hi, if you're in here MIA

No. 498100

File: 1518135336894.jpeg (148.13 KB, 750x418, AE2CE213-91D8-4CAD-8F3F-463820…)

No. 498109

File: 1518135807136.jpeg (423.06 KB, 750x944, E361C73F-6C46-4CB9-A259-FA99B0…)

No. 498111

Judging by the amount of subscribers I am almost suspecting this to be a self post.

Either way, she has made a valid point on the few minutes of video I watched, but those types of videos are usually so immature. Coincidentally those ranty people are hardly ever great at art themselves. At least she seems to be working towards improving, tho. And she has a nice voice.

No. 498179

File: 1518139885852.png (258.89 KB, 1912x866, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.30…)

this review of baylees book

No. 498249

This is all old art, she reused the majority and only redrew a few. (Why? Who knows, these look terrible and could be easily improved.)

No. 498534

Why wouldn’t she redraw them with her new dumbo ear style…. she’s so damn lazy. Wouldn’t she want customers to have improved buttons? Not retraces of her ancient art…. gah. Idk how she considers herself a professional artist.

No. 498861

No. 498862

Oh look, another boring vlog.

No. 498864

Why is she calling it convention crap? She really doesn't care anymore.

No. 498870

The amount of complaining she does in her vlogs is so off putting.

No. 498916

nitpicking, but what is with all the weird sound she makes that I would normally hear from a 5 year old..

No. 498922

Because it's QirKy, but then again she complained that disney didn't make adult sized disney princess dresses sooooo

No. 498925

Anyone notice she hasn't updated doodle dungeon in a couple of months? I think it's on its way out like the toy channel.

No. 499184

Don't forget she had the Christmas holidays with her parents and her honeymoon I'm guessing this is the excuse but who knows she can dedicate 3+ hours of her 'working' day to play video games etc.

No. 499419

She’s been having more vacations/breaks than normal people do… she works SOOOOO hard guysssssss

No. 499484

I swear to Christ, people like her piss me off. Let's all be frank here, Baylee is lazy and complains about stupid shit because she's a shallow, childish, spoiled, bitch. There are people who put their lives on the line on a daily basis and deserve way more respect than her. GAH, sorry, didn't mean to rant, but she just embodies everything I hate about urbanites with fat wallets.

No. 499769


No. 499770


No. 499864

I prefer Kattvalk's, there's more movement in her portion.

No. 499946

I looked at the thumbnail "oh, the lineart is really cute though, turns out she didn't even draw half of it lmao.

No. 500126

How many 3 marker challenges does this woman-Child do!? She seriously can’t think of any new ideas. Anything for $. These are the only videos that get up to a million views. Ugh

No. 500198

File: 1518307672588.png (884.04 KB, 1034x772, Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 16.0…)

This poor soul…

No. 500200

Not a bad job considering the example they were working with.

No. 500208

Those are cute.

No. 500453

Funny how the hand in her book is ok, but the hands in her Copic illustrations are horrific. She faked her skills for that book. To seem better than she is, even though it still sucks

No. 500455

I do wonder how much she traced in her book.

No. 500511

The hand from the tutorial is not traced, she just put a little more effort into it or looked at a reference.

No. 500706

Idk if you guys watched her sketchbook slam but I firmly believe she traced in some instances.

No. 500715

Not traced just poorly copied. She used references for 90% of the slam.

No. 500723

That hand looks terrible though.

No. 500726

Could be poorly referenced, she's done art in the past that was referenced and it looked horrible too. I think she rushes things and doesn't take the time to understand why things work the way they do in irl.

No. 500977


saged for OT, but god. she says she's a slow sketcher, but i'm pretty sure that's just because she usually doesn't do art unless she's filming. it'd explain why her art doesn't evolve, or why she can't do a simple sketch in under 2 hours. watching her live streams is insufferable! i saw one she posted the other day and it's unbelievable how long it takes her to produce a subpar sketch. at this point i just have the impression that she's lazy. she doesn't even try anymore. that's why she never gets any better, she's comfortable putting out the same thing over and over again.

No. 501032

There's no incentive to sketch fast or be better, her audience enables her poor behavior. Also, when people bring her poor work to her attention, she shuts them down by either deleting their comments, sicking her mods on them, or letting her audience attack them.

No. 501505

This title gives me intense schadenfreude.

No. 501518

I'm glad her laziness is finally biting her in the ass.

No. 501521

You would think she would be better prepared for cons as she has done a few in the past but no, she did it the Lazyee-Jae way.

No. 501529

Agreed, it's honestly ~satisfying~ to see her squirm. She did this to herself by not preparing in advance.

No. 501628

I’m loving that she fucked up the sizing and has to ‘Frankenstein’ it. Stupid girl.

No. 501967

Oh look, Ms Lazee Jae's laziness bit her in the ass.

No. 502020

But she still made over $800 in one day. I'm kinda mad/jealous tbh.

No. 502023

You know that's all going towards her Disney hoard

No. 502091

Day 2

No. 502097

Her booth looks very unprofessional. I’m actually shocked by it, I expected more.

No. 502352

I'm not surprised that her korok buttons didn't sell- If I didn't play breath of the wild, I wouldn't know what they even were due to how they look.

No. 502359

File: 1518583009751.png (1.11 MB, 848x896, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.3…)

Her booth looks so empty compared to other booths I've seen…You'd think a person who uploads youtube videos like 2 times a week with no other job would have more art pieces for sale.

No. 502402

Wow that's pretty bare, but again, this is Lazee Jae who can't be bothered to lift her hand for anything that isn't vidya.

No. 502440

File: 1518591001791.png (947.77 KB, 1164x740, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 22.4…)

you were close. Wth does she need an iPad for when she doesn't even draw on her hella expensive that much

No. 502445

Didn't she already have iPad??