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No. 2048756

Unleash your stupid here
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No. 2048766

File: 1718362731191.jpg (290.11 KB, 1242x1226, clothes.jpg)

Do you dress "nice" or with your "go out clothes" inside your house? I'm kind of tired of dressing in my shitty pajamas. And how often do you do it? I grew up poor with bad self esteem and a strict mother that never cared about looking nice inside the house so I have a fear of "damaging" my clothes so to speak.

No. 2048770

If I'm in my own home I rarely even wear underwear let alone my good going out clothes kek.

No. 2048771

movies made us believe woman lay around their house in lace lingerie

No. 2048773

Get some cute lounge wear. Not quite pajamas, but comfier than going out clothes

No. 2048782

I don't like lace lingerie, I literally meant what I posted in my picture. Just nice clothes to go out
>cute lounge wear
I will consider this nonna thank you

No. 2048789

Comfort is my priority when I'm home so I usually wear a simple shirt with comfy pants

No. 2048846

I have random hairs that grow on my chin every few days to weeks. Do I have some kind of hormonal issue? Im confident I don’t have pcos though

No. 2048855

Like extra long hairs? I have 3 of those, one on my chin, one on my back and one in one eyebrow. I usually catch and rip them when they're long enough and never saw it as abnormal.
Short fine hairs are normal too, we all got some peach fuzz.

No. 2048860

It’s normal

No. 2048863

Why do songs get more popular in certain countries? Like why would a pop song be a hit in England and not so much in the US

No. 2048864

Do you stick to a certain style when imagining books or do you change things depending on how it's written?
Sometimes I find it easier to read if you imagine it a certain way, or being read with a type of accent.

No. 2048886

I have often pondered this as a music autist and I think it’s bc there’s just cultural vibes to each country and region, it extends to the sort of sound they vibe with. like you instantly can tell a Slav pop/dance track imo before anyone starts singing just because of the musical flavor and what decade they tend to stay loyal to kek. Italian reggaeton/trap/r&b by mixed race artists has so much cultural flavor it’s like the zestiest dish for my ears like Ghali

No. 2048906

Should I take my friend's advice and move to the Netherlands? I finally landed a good job but the living situation where I live is insane because of overtourism and every fucking pos buying apartments to turn them into airbnb.
Could any dutchnonnas tell me if I would be able to land some office job without speaking Dutch at first? And how do they treat women over there?

No. 2048909

Athleisure, I don't even have regular PJs
I'm a burger so i shouldn't even speak but my friend moved there and said she struggled just to get a wagie job because of her poor Dutch skills

No. 2048911

i dont know about other places but in Canada the radio stations have to play a certain percentage of canadian music, so we'll get songs that are popular to us that no one else seems to have ever heard of because it plays on the radio so often here

No. 2048914

I was there for 8 months due to job stuff. Lack of Dutch wasn't that much of an issue, they probably spoke English better than me. I did find them very blunt. It's something that takes getting used to.
Also if you're not on the end of 5' get used to being the shortest person everywhere

No. 2048916

i wear leggings/yoga pants and a tank top or t shirt pretty much every day and i still change into pajamas as soon as i get home kek. it's all about being comfortable as far as im concerned

No. 2048919

That's what my friend was telling me but he's working as security and I'm a boring admin with zero service job experience. I'm from the EU so no visa bullshit. I should probably have decent savings before moving without anything lined up.
Also 5'3 I'd be a fucking garden gnome there kek

No. 2048924

5'4 yoyo too. I think I messed up my neck from looking up so much kek

No. 2048928

The housing market is absolutely atrocious in the Netherlands, one of the worst in Europe. Two out of three most expensive cities to rent in last year in Europe were Dutch cities. It's a tiny overpopulated country overrun by sponsored expats, if you don't have the money to compete on the housing market in your home country, don't expect it to be any better in the Netherlands.

No. 2048935

The issue here is the ratio between wages and rent. The median salary is 1200€ while rent anywhere but bumfuck nowhere is 1000€+. I have a good salary but have to share an old rundown apartment with an Eastern European moid in one of the worst areas of the capital. My friend is paying double as me but he's staying in a nice area in Amsterdam on 20h/week job because the wages there are much higher.
I'm also sick and tired of the boomer ran work culture here. Wfh is unheard of unless you work for some big foreign company and even then the middle bootlickers pressure from in-office even if we're doing fuck all most of the time. And now they're starting to copy ameritards expecting you to do unpaid overtime and be available 24/7 even though there's no real emergency for anything.

No. 2048939

Is there anywhere in Western Europe that doesn't have insane rent and isn't in the middle of nowhere? Because we have the same problem in my country too. There's just no hope for being to live alone unless you have an amazing job, even shitty little apartments are overpriced.

No. 2048942

Last I heard Iceland is doing ok. Good luck getting in there though.

No. 2048945

The Netherlands ranks 22nd out of 27 EU countries for housing costs to income ratio in Europe anon, I'd show you the source but it's in Dutch. Yes wages are higher but so is everything else and there's a massive housing crisis. The average Dutch person can't live on 20 hours of a median salary. Your friend must earn a salary significantly above median salary or be sponsored by his company to outcompete natives.

No. 2048948

File: 1718380597965.jpg (228.08 KB, 1067x800, 1000000838.jpg)

How retarded is it of me to spend 230 dollars on Japanese rhinoceros beetles

No. 2048949

He's pretty cute. If you like him it's not money wasted

No. 2048950

depends how happy it will make you and how much income/savings you have. assuming you are some sort of bug autist so you are either a NEET (or near it) or in some niche high-paying role. either way, i'm sure it will bring you some joy, bugchan.

No. 2048952

a dead one or a live one? either way that's a lot for a beetle that isn't very rare.

No. 2048967

It's a pair of a female and a male, so I'll have the ability to breed them and care for the eggs as well. Possibly being able to sell them. I live somewhere insect imports are very regulated making them expensive so this is rather on the cheaper side.. What should I do!

No. 2048978

I guess it's a good price then. Not sure why you want to breed beetles. It takes years of practice to breed beetles successfully. If this is your first time raising them they will most likely die due to your inexperience and you will lose the money (you could mount the dead bodies and resell them for like $40 I guess). Like, are you capable of maintaining the box of sawdust they're gonna live in at a stable temperature and humidity all year round? Because if not, you should get something native and get your beetle practice in before you buy these ones.

I'm against animal prison and the pet trade so I say don't do it, but that's just me personally.

No. 2048993

I have before, mostly Goliath. Which are flower chafers not rhinoceros, so it would be a new task. I do have enough substrate, flake soil, rotten wood, etc. as well as a ~60x40 cm terrarium that id like to keep solely the female in just so she could be happy without being chased by the male for around a month. This was the perspective I was looking for though! That I'll definitely keep in mind before making my final choice. I've fallen in love with insects and zoology since I was young and I'm finishing up schooling so I could work at least near them. To ease your curiosity kek (Yes I am pretty broke.)

No. 2049011

this is so cool, good luck on your beetle breeding nona! It sounds like you know what you're doing so I'm sure they'll do great in your care. I've been interested in beetles for a while but ngl I'm still a bit too squeamish about their larval form kek. But I have been raising isopods and millipedes for a while, they're so fun. If you're planning on breeding and selling the babies you're doing a great thing for your local hobbyists too- wish more people would do that with african giant millipedes in my area

No. 2049023

No, if I'm in my house, I'm in my most comfortable ratty clothes. Nice clothes are always uncomfortable to me. Also, I have a strong environmental bent, so clothes have to be disintegrating before I throw them away, but anything with holes or stains doesn't leave the house.

No. 2049024

Style? I only imagine books as if they were happening in real life. Do you imagine them like if they were water colors or something?

No. 2049027

It depends on what it is, I don't like jeans indoors much but pretty much anything else: yeah. I wasn't raised with the idea of indoor and outdoor clothes though.

No. 2049041

is it even possible to find a man who doesn't play video games? feels impossible

No. 2049048

File: 1718389010025.jpg (1.37 MB, 2442x3152, 20240209_085821.jpg)

It depends on what I'm reading, but yeah. Like, if it has a light romantic feel, I'd imagine it in watercolor while if it's some grimdark fantasy, it'd have a grimdark artstyle. If it has lots of inner monologue, I imagine the direction being a bit more artsy.
Sometimes I keep art next to me to help imagine the vibe I want to think in lol.

No. 2049055

All my nice clothes eventually become house clothes once they start getting a bit scuffed, so yeah I technically wear nice/go-out clothes when I'm just loafing around the house. I don't like wasting things, so I also will repair my round the house clothes until it's time to admit they've truly gone to god kek– if you're worried about damaging nicer clothes, maybe try picking up some basic mending skills? Might help if you can say 'it's not damaged/ruined, I can fix it' to yourself if anything does go awry.

My main advice though is to not just wear what's comfortable at home, but also what makes you feel good about yourself, whatever that means.

No. 2049065

>My main advice though is to not just wear what's comfortable at home, but also what makes you feel good about yourself, whatever that means.
Thank you, ayrt that's exactly what I'm trying to achieve

No. 2049082

how do i know if i am catching a cold, is there a way to prevent it?

No. 2049102

Probably someone very outdoorsy, but let's be real everyone has played at least 1 game in their lifespan

No. 2049105

usually i start feeling run down or sniffly or scratchy or something…
you can take some zinc or one of those supplements like airborne or emergen-c to try and knock it down before it starts.

No. 2049109

can you use the term "peaking" for other things or does it only apply to tranny gender shit?

No. 2049110

you can use it for other things but not normie things. it's a strictly online phrase.

No. 2049119

Zinc supplements, drink so much water that you're peeing every five minutes, and sleep as much as physically possible. Even if you don't feel like sleeping, just drowse in bed. And if you can get it, elderberry syrup has worked in heading off every cold I've tried it on.

No. 2049128

the only non-terminally online way I've heard it used is to talk about drugs, like at the point the trip is strongest you're peaking.

No. 2049130

Is there a site anywhere that keeps a track on famous men? I want to like movies and general media but everyone just seems to turn out shit. It's like if you have a penis and money your predestined to be a terrible person.
I've been listening to the Foo Fighters again since I was a teenager and I'm worried that it's gonna turn out that Dave Grohl eats babies or something.

No. 2049157

File: 1718396234226.jpg (36.03 KB, 500x497, 51C3dheaO5L._AC_.jpg)

Has anyone here used these types of gnat traps before? How effective are they? Doesn't have to be the exact one in picrel.
The gnats in my house are literally driving me insane, and I feel like I've tried everything. Even those apple cider vinegar, fruit/fruit juice and dish soap traps havent worked for me at all. If anyone has any recommendations at all to get rid of them I'd take it.

No. 2049164

How coincidental. I bought one of those and it worked VERY GOOD for me. My family had an active summer once, and one of those bad boys cleaned up the entire gnat crew in one night. 10/10, would recommend.

No. 2049175

No. If I lived with a boyfriend/husband, I'd probably try to look nicer but why would I do that if no one is seeing me? Might as well stay looking messy.

No. 2049202

I have found a few but they had other issues. So unfortunately they weren’t really superior to gamers. They were still men

No. 2049271

what's the deal with joan didion? is she actually good or what? the little i know about her makes her seem like a cringe NLOG.

No. 2049276

>If I lived with a boyfriend/husband I might try to dress nicer
But why.

No. 2049284

have you actually read anything of hers or are you only aware of other people's opinions? "On Self-Respect" is a decent piece to start with if the latter's true.

No. 2049288

Does it take a long time to learn to play mahjong? I want to try learning it but it seems difficult to get into.

No. 2049329

Why do the kardashians look like they smell, like if you went up close it would smell really bad?

No. 2049350

from the greasy hair and makeup

No. 2049365

kek I figured

No. 2049387

This feels like a lazy attempt at trolling.

No. 2049430

not really, I just noticed it because I was watching a few videos on them and they just looked very greasy and unkept with all of that makeup and plastic surgery

No. 2049670

Why do so many men still support Johnny Depp? My boyfriend who by all accounts seems to not be a sexist psychopath revealed himself to be a Depp supporter and made an "Amber Turd" joke out of fucking nowhere. Now I'm seriously side eyeing him.

I know the propaganda was bad and deceived a ton of people including women but I just can't fathom why so many men like Depp's pathetic, rotted ugly ass

No. 2049675

File: 1718432393103.jpg (692.6 KB, 2184x2788, 1000014298.jpg)

What is this behavior called when someone ruminates on an event and convince themselves that something entirely different happened? Like so:

> X gets annoyed at Y and raises his voice during their conversation. Y keeps replaying the event in her head and everytime she tells it to someone, she exaggerates something but also convinces herself that they happened. In her first retelling of the event, she tells everyone that X not only raised his voice, but slammed his fist on the table. In further retellings of the story, X not only slammed his fist, but grabbed an object and threw it at Y, etc and eventually she becomes convinced that X was actually trying to kill her

No. 2049686

Why is everyone misspelling Skyler White as Skylar? For a moment I actually thought I had been wrong the whole time but I just checked and it's Skyler but somehow everyone on the internet I've ever see mention her name spell it Skylar.

No. 2049688

just what you said, propaganda was pushed extremely hard, it was clip after clip after clip being taken out of context, cutting out bits and pieces that made depp look bad and amber look innocent, they got it to a point where most people didn't even bother fact checking

also when moids claim to be abused no one questions or asks for mountains of evidence, he literally just pulled the poop thing out his ass, didn't even DNA test like he threatened too and everyone just went with it. Imagine if a woman did that

No. 2049691

Where can I buy steel boning online for cheap? I dunno how to use taobao or know what’s good on aliexpress?

No. 2049692

File: 1718434760194.jpg (449.66 KB, 1200x900, Panel_Khrushchev_house_in_Toms…)

What's it like living in a commie block? Why do so many people shit on "commie blocks" when the obvious alternative is homelessness?

No. 2049694

Is it possible to conceal your natural scent completely without perfumes or whatever? Even if you take baths with no scent shampoos, you will still have a natural scent but is it possible to conceal it so that you smell literally like nothing?

No. 2049732

How do you deal with someone who is trying to gaslight you and says they didn't do something that they did and didn't say things that they did?

No. 2049734

Maybe by changing your diet? I know that eating fenugreek seeds will make you smell sweet, but I haven't tried it myself

No. 2049744

Pretty sure this is normal. I have one annoyingly long hair that grows on my right shoulder

No. 2049746

You stop expecting anything more from them and restrict your interaction and communication to a level that works between you two, or stop engaging completely and move on. They do not operate and are not currently interested in operating within reality.

No. 2049770

For most of my life I had "day clothes" on at all times, and pjs strictly while in bed. I changed the second I woke up, even if I woke up at 5am on a weekend and knew I'd go back to sleep some more an hour later. As an older teen I realized you could stay in pjs and not wear "proper" clothes at home, so I did that but recently I've felt like it switches my mind from "get things done" to "be lazy at home" so I've started to dress up at home too so I can get shit done lol

No. 2049775

Look at them with genuine concern and ask if they feel like they've had memory issues lately. Say that maybe they should have it looked up becuase you're worried about them. That way you can somewhat take back the power by insisting that they're "broken" with a bad memory. They might try to turn it back on you and say you're the one with memory issues, in that case smile at them and look even more compassionate like "aw poor little you"
Make it into a thing, any time they say something you can go "are you sure that's what happened?", "are you sure you'll remember that?" etc. Gaslight the gaslighter.

No. 2049790

please someone help me… can anyone tell me why when i hold my pee in for too long (not intentionally, usually happens if i don't pee before bed) makes my vagina burn and feel weird like i have a UTI for the next hour? it only lasts for about an hour usually and then goes away. please just tell me if this is normal or if i've had a UTI for the last 5 years…

No. 2049818

They are better than homelessness but from my own experience the walls being pure concrete do not insulate shit (cold in winter/hot in summer anyway), you can hear every single neighbour and something I'm not sure happens outside my shitty country is the smell. Every single commie block in my country has a basement connected to the sewage system and the whole staircase stinks of shit.

No. 2050011

if you don't have any other symptoms like frequently or urgently needing to pee and the only time you experience the burning sensation is when you've held it for too long then you probably don't have anything like a UTI or interstitial cystitis. you need to start trying to empty your bladder before you go to bed though, or cut down on the amount of liquid you consume a couple of hours before your bedtime. holding it for too long can make it easier for you to develop a UTI and it's also not great for your bladder's long-term health. it sounds like it may have already caused some irritation to your urethra.

No. 2050077

What are some subtle ways to fuck with someone from afar? Like spam you can sign their email up for, spam texts, etc

No. 2050164

Is confusing your ego/conscious with a fake persona a sign of anything?

No. 2050169

too much time on the internet maybe

No. 2050222


No. 2050230

File: 1718475647735.jpg (47.51 KB, 580x440, 14480410951057433464b.jpg)

It's not that bad - yes they're ugly, especially since if you live in one there are 500 other ones on your block - but you really just get used to it. "Commieblocks" are all different, many people who own the apartments do renovations on them so the windows/doors/infrastructure of the apartment looks more modern, so if its renovated it can be pretty cozy actually. That beinng said, sometimes the furniture, wallpapers and everything else is old as shit, so you kinda get transported to the ussr in the 80s. Especially the kitchens can look scary, the oven, sink, etc. look old and, just, stand by themselves (kinda like picrel except with less equipment because this is a communal apartment). It's not very soundproofed, though, so you can hear your neighbors more than you'd probably like.
Anyhow, commieblocks, as you call them, aren't very attractive, but they're also affordable and usually have a bunch of greenery nearby. I liked it much more when i was living in one of these houses than when i had a high-rise outside the city - now that's something that's actually pretty ugly.
Thanks for the interest, anon, it's kind of nice to see people are actually interested in how you live instead of just judging.

No. 2050242

I know it in the uk places like that are known for being rough and having high crime rates

No. 2050248

Compulsive lying and dramatization, typically a symptom of Cluster B disorders like BPD.

No. 2050258

You could try one of those unscented all-over body deodorants I guess? Like Lume.

Dissociative identity disorder or schizo.

No. 2050266

I'd add masking actually but usually autists who mask are still pretty aware, idk

No. 2050368

Does water enter the vagina when having an orgasm underwater (for example in a bathtub)? Would that increase the risk of getting infections?

No. 2050411

Males are dying for the chance to say that akshually women are just as bad as them

No. 2050442

I don't think it does, there's air in there so water can't come in

No. 2050459

Thanks for your insight. I see so many Murricans shitting on these kinds of housing as a "gotcha" to prove that communism is bad while acting superior that they were born in the States. Meanwhile the average burger can't even afford to own their own place, much less rent without roommates.

No. 2050471

are military men more likely to be autistic and potentially murder their girlfriend?

No. 2050476

Is null friends with pippa?

No. 2050477

Yes and yes

No. 2050481

I lived in a commie block and I don't think my experience was that bad. I was lucky cause in my block there were a lot of families with kids so I had friends and neighbours I could play with growing up. In front of the block plenty of space and greenery to fool around, and we were usually supervised by the grandmas and old ladies watching us from the windows. It wasn't dark and grey and cold in my memories, rather bright and colorful. A lot of trees and grass. It wasn't perfect, sometimes you have to deal with some neighbours that are assholes, drunkards, but what's worse is that cockroach infestations are fairly common. And it sometimes smell bad, really bad.

No. 2050482

They absolutely are. Plus they all have cuck/sissy fetishes

No. 2050483

A lot of furries are in the military, to be a furry you have to be autistic, so my guess is yes

No. 2050495

is it cause they enjoy being bossed around? aren't they given some psychological tests beforehand to weed out the retards and mentally disabled?

No. 2050500

He seems to shit on weebs in general by calling them all pedophiles, so I don’t think so.

No. 2050517

Socipathic, not autistic. Autists wouldn't last long in the military just like they can't hold down other jobs (~80% of autists are unemployed). But yes, military men more likely to be abusive or violent.

No. 2050523

they actively recruit retards, you can literally get a waiver to get into the army if you can’t manage to score high enough on the test to get in.

No. 2050527

Have any nonnas dated someone who was a nice person but they weren’t all that physically attracted to? How’d it turn out?

No. 2050528

Autistic not really because autists ask too many questions, and yes because they literally murder their female coworkers on a regular basis.

No. 2050619

Exactly how you think; it fizzled out on my side after a few months because I wasn’t physically attracted to the person kek. It did have the added bonus tho of making the person I dated next (and am still with ♥) seem even MORE wildly attractive to me when I first laid eyes and still this far in the chemistry is unreal. Don’t settle for someone you’re not attracted to physically unless you really REALLY are not bothered by that stuff

No. 2050681

Let's say you have gone through something that would be a popular public interest story. Are there people who advise you what to do with your experience? Do you write your own article up first, or do you first get advice on how to do this?

I'm talking about actually getting paid for it somehow if you don't have an audience on any platform, but you are a talented writer with publications (but one unfamiliar with journalistic writing or marketing a story). The money is needed. Already checked with lawyer about any potential issues; everything is fine as long as names aren't used; won't affect the impact at all.

No. 2050724

File: 1718498744426.jpg (877.51 KB, 2310x3465, 1202424490-3087163146.jpg)

What are some good Madison Beer songs? Is there anything relevant about her? I haven't heard her music yet but it feels like yet another Olivia Rodrigo or Sabrina Carpenter to me. Just a pretty face singing songs for zoomers to enjoy

No. 2050917

Ironic since he's into shota catboys

No. 2050921

he made fun of pippa once, which was pretty based considering most of her fans are kiwicucks. But he defended the sharty despite those pedos spamming cp.

No. 2050967

File: 1718513170928.jpg (93.05 KB, 1558x453, image.jpg)

what country is this? I'm really curious what the rules are there about (not) taking names when you marry and how the law dictates children are to be named. kind of missed my chance to ask in the thread

No. 2050992

None of the anons there but I'm guessing somewhere in the arab speaking countries. They don't do the last name thing and the woman gets to keep her family name, but the kids get their last names from their dad either way. The reason is that last names are tribe specific in most reigons rather than family name specific and I assume Islam might play a role in that somehow but I'm not sure how.

No. 2051002

he recently sweeped up for her and her other grifter pickme deathfat friend not naming her since her audience are retarded faggots even when compared to pippas fans saying it was wrong of him to assume they were pedophiles despite them making countless "cunny" and lolisho jokes. who would've thunk a moid would be a hypocrite!

No. 2051010

Tbf null seemed to drop the sharty a while back because of the cp spam stuff. Which is ironic because according to some other anon, he moderated a pedophilia alt-chan

No. 2051023

he moderated 8chan which had a pedo board on it which isnt surprising since most moid imageboards have it, and he didnt drop sharty its still there

No. 2051052

Wdym the sharty is still there? Like the kiwifarms thread? And yeah he moderated 8chan back when /hebe/ was still up, but I think the other site was called something like 12chan

No. 2051122

Is her music shit or not?

No. 2051138

I asked my date about what he appreciates the most about his own mother. He said that his mother is diligent and hard-working. Am I reading too much into it or is this weird?

No. 2051142

What makes you think that's weird?

No. 2051146

he will expect you to wipe his ass and feed him chicken nuggies

No. 2051149

I think you're being a bit too paranoid, that sounds like she's a good mom

No. 2051157

This. A man recognizing his mom's hard work is a good thing, unless there was more to the conversation you didn't say here.

No. 2051161

If a man admires his mom's hard work, he'll expect his date to work hard in life, too.

No. 2051173

That's society's default expectation.

No. 2051188


No. 2051190

Best Ghali songs? Big fan of Rema

No. 2051195

China and Korea apparently never did this traditionally, but there's quite a few countries where you're not legally obligated to.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maiden_and_married_names mods pls no (imageboard), can't just screenshot an entire wikipedia article

No. 2051196

Thank you nonna!

No. 2051197

I wear big shirts and hoodies and no pants at home, but I make a point to brush my hair and fix it back, brush my teeth and put vaseline on my brows and lips. That makes me feel “put together” because I just throw on pants when I want to leave. Maybe tie/tuck the shirt. Dressing up isn’t the only way to feel like you're ready for the day.

No. 2051208

>hard working
a good thing to say, no doubt very true.
weird. what is he, her boss? makes the compliment sound canned.

No. 2051210

>it's also not great for your bladder's long-term health.
Does it wear out the pelvic floor muscles? Will kegels help repair it?

No. 2051227

total armchair theory but the force with which it comes out could be causing micro-tears near the opening; that combined with your piss being too acidic because you aren't urinating frequently could be causing the pain. piss right before you go to bed and also drink a glass of water to make sure you don't wake up dehydrated.

No. 2051256

what does vaselining the brows do?

No. 2051280

File: 1718542943655.jpg (56.75 KB, 500x711, 1000014332.jpg)

It doesn't matter what I do, some of my boyfriend's clothes and towels always come out of the washing machine smelling absolutely awful. I've tried pre-treating them with a disinfectant washing solution, putting baking soda or vinegar in the washing machine, etc, and nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any ideas what to do with them? The only thing I haven't tried I think is spraying them with vodka

No. 2051290

Yeah this question is going to go over well kek

No. 2051296

File: 1718544230736.jpg (118.58 KB, 1000x666, 1000_F_197336977_9bBdQwNNUyeye…)

Cleanse them with fire, apply the same method to the source of bad odor, and please don't think even for a second that this is a problem you have to solve

No. 2051297

tell him his clothes stink. tell him to stop leaving damp clothing and towels sitting around, they grow bacteria that regular detergent can't kill. this is probably happening because he leaves them on the floor or in a bag/bin or pile for too long. tell him to use a laundry sanitizer alongside his detergent for the difficult items. tell him he should consider throwing away the worst offenders if it's literally the same few towels and clothes with some deep-set funk in them.

No. 2051298

Why doesn't your stinky boyfriend washes his clothes himself? It's like the post from reddit

No. 2051300

We live together?

No. 2051303

Still isn't your problem, it's his problem. Tell him they stink and he needs to change something and resolve this issue if you want to help him.

No. 2051304

Okay, but it's still not your problem to solve, like >>2051296 said.

No. 2051306

is this bait lol

No. 2051307

Probably given that picture kek

No. 2051308

i live with a man too but i don't wash his clothes for him. he's an adult tell him he stinks and he needs to get his shit together and figure it out or you're gonna leave him. lmao

No. 2051316

maybe look into more enzyme based cleaners

No. 2051321

I will check them out, thank you!

No. 2051323

File: 1718547328794.jpg (500.16 KB, 2271x2788, for her nigel.jpg)

kek just like doing laundry for your dog or cat. nona should give picrel a try.

No. 2051330

yes, holding your pee for too long can damage your pelvic floor muscles over time in addition to stretching your bladder. kegels can help strengthen your muscles and repair damage but it's best to try to avoid holding urine for extended periods of time in the first place. even if you don't experience any damage the bacteria in your pee can multiply inside of you if you don't release it and lead to an infection. it's one of the reasons why female opiate addicts frequently end up with UTIs.

No. 2051338

Would I be the asshole if I blocked someone for being esl and kinda bad at the language in an rp (cringe I know but idk where else to ask) when my intro specified must be fluent in English?

No. 2051368

File: 1718550560624.jpeg (4.83 KB, 176x176, Ko-fi.jpeg)

I think I might be trippin' but didn't Lolcow have a Ko-fi page where you can donate for the site's existence? Or was that just a weird dream of mine?

No. 2051370

No. 2051378

On /meta/ yes, a few years ago when oldmin was considering shutting down the site, and some richfag donated 1k kek

No. 2051396

Bless her, I’m a wagie but I’d gladly contribute $200 or so from my paycheck because no lolcow is a worse fate than death

No. 2051397

File: 1718553122288.png (1.25 MB, 1494x1866, Screenshot 2024-06-16 at 11.51…)

if you go to the catalog on /meta/ it actually still pops up in the corner kek but it doesn't work obviously

No. 2051398

Same. I also remember the Kofi button. Glad we reached it

No. 2051408

I remember going there once and was surprised that one of the donators called themself a moid. Probably a LARP, but…

No. 2051417

She wasn't a richfag though, just someone with a job. I spoke to her once

No. 2051418

For the love of god, leave his stinky ass and stop playing housemaid for him

No. 2051454

Im sorry to hear that

No. 2051456

if plural of "octopus" is "octopi" and plural of "cactus" is "cacti" does this mean plural of jesus would be jesi

No. 2051459

Yes actually

No. 2051462

>if plural of "octopus" is "octopi"
Is it though?
>let’s take a look at the word: octopus. It is a Latinized form of the Greek word októpus, which translates to “eight foot.”
>While “octopi” has become popular in modern usage, it’s wrong. Octopi is the oldest plural form of octopus, coming from the belief that Latin origins should have Latin endings. However, octopus is not a simple Latin word, but a Latinized form of the Greek word októpus. Consequently, its “correct” plural form would logically be octopodes.

No. 2051468

So is Jesus Jesuses, Jesi, or Jesodes?

No. 2051471

How can I attract something other than ugly nerds? I'm not ugly but I'm a bit nerdy too which I guess is a big turn-off for more regular people.

No. 2051472

Dress normie and get 1 normie hobby

No. 2051503

Ok. I've had enough. Who is this "little german boy" everyone's speaking of? He's fat, wears a lederhosen and is frequently seen licking a lollipop. I've seen him in so many cartoons including Phineas & Ferb and The Simpsons. But why the cultural presence? WHO is he? Why is he German? When did he start leaking into our cultural consciousness? Where did he come from.

No. 2051509

Nona, I think you're being haunted. I don't know what you're talking about. If you actually see a little german boy everywhere you look that might be a ghost.

No. 2051511

Hanzel from Hanzel and Grettel? They weren't fat though, actually a huge part of the story, so I'm not sure

No. 2051547

How did people talk before "based" and "cringe"?

No. 2051549

Jesodes nuts haha goteem.
Cool and dumb…? Damn this makes me realise I barely remember the days before those terms too

No. 2051553

for bad things we used forbidden terms such as lame, gay and retarded. For good things there were a lot of terms such as tight, killer, radical, tubular, indubitably, quite right, smashing.

No. 2051592

Why do I always feel dirty? Sometimes I could shower and spend the day doing nothing special at home and then I feel all gross and somehow sweaty, I also feel like this after waking up, my skin feels like I put a bunch of used cooking oil before getting dressed up, I end up showering twice or thrice a day.

No. 2051598

File: 1718565516227.jpeg (245.64 KB, 1500x1100, IMG_3378.jpeg)

Use wash cloths and African soap. Thank me later.

No. 2051614

If i have a stomache and dont feel like cooking, is it a good idea to order a mcd salad for lunch? yes, i am fat

No. 2051615

Do any of you remember who said “Shoutout to guys with pregnancy fetishes for making me feel hot”???

No. 2051618

Wasn't that posted in the reddit hate thread today?

No. 2051624

Oh my god THANK YOU I’ve been on /snow/ for 45 minutes trying to find it because I thought it was posted there kek

No. 2051643

you should eat something warm if you have a stomachache

No. 2051654

No, it's never a good idea to order in food, especially fast food. If you just went out to get it the salad would cost like $8 but if you order it in you'll be paying $25-30. If you ever want food just go out and get it, never get delivery.

No. 2051660

drink a cup of chicken broth nonny, it doesn’t even have to be well made you can jus drop a bouillon cube in a cup of tea water

No. 2051688

What material do you recommend for the washcloth? I have sensitive skin so I only tend to actively exfoliate my skin like once every few months.

No. 2051692

What's the longest infight in lolcow history?

No. 2051694

i remember the african black soap trend back in like 2017 kek

No. 2051704

Probably the one about prostitutes last year in unpopular opinions, it went on for days and made the threads fill up within hours

No. 2051707

i am not from the usa, its barely 5 usd here

No. 2051732

How do you feel fulfilled in life?

No. 2051737

If we're thinking about the same one that's the one that made me stop reading the unpopular opinion threads altogether lmao

No. 2051773

Yes but 5USD could buy you some stock options. 5USD could start something huge. Don't spent 5USD on something temporal and mundane like a salad. Be smart with your 5USD and hustle until you make it big.

No. 2051777

Cotton. They really don’t exfoliate that much .

No. 2051780

Nta but you need to put in at least a few hundred dollars into stocks to really make anything substantial

No. 2051782

ntayrt but i fucking HATE you

No. 2051788

Wow this is really aggressive and kind of mean-spirited and unkind. I'll pray for you.
That 5USD would be better off in a high-yield tax free savings account than in some salad restaurants cash register. She can make a fortune if she uses that 5USD to improve her life and step up to the plate and succeed in this crazy world of numbers.

No. 2051791

>salad restaurant
McDonald's mostly makes burgers

No. 2051793

why is steven universe assocated with tifs?

No. 2051800

Back in 2014/2015 the SuperWhoLock fandom was dying out and all the terminally-online (back when that word really MEANT something) fandom warriors on Tumblr needed to find new more engaging and ongoing fandoms to obsess over. Steven Universe was really big in their circles on that side of Tumblr because it appealed to their snowflake qweer sensibilities. The more annoying and autistic people of any fandom are more prone to trooning out. So it's a correlational relationship between Steven Universe and TIFs not a relationship of causation. I.e., many spergy annoying fandom warriors that were obsessed with Tumblr between 2012-2016 became troons, not just the Steven Universe ones.

No. 2051801

maybe ocd? or something mental

No. 2051811

>many spergy annoying fandom warriors that were obsessed with Tumblr between 2012-2016 became troons
Exactly, if you check all the URLs of popular posts from the golden age of tumblr most of them have trooned out.

No. 2051813

File: 1718575387353.png (2.97 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_8320.png)

What would you pair with a top like picrel? Besides jeans

No. 2051820

Cardigan, lace cardigan, jacket (crop or jeans or both), flannel, button up shirt, hoodie but like with the sleeves tied up around the neck and hanging on your back.

No. 2051826

try to help someone or make a difference in the world. stop thinking about yourself so much. practice gratitude

No. 2051840

File: 1718576977793.jpg (24.88 KB, 474x433, greentext.jpg)

Sorry I'm answering this post again to add more to it because it got me mad thinking about it. I tried to delete my first post but I ran out of time so please don't ban me for learn2delete.
>Why is Steven Universe associated with TIFs?
Basically, the Steven Universe fandom was localized to Tumblr when the show first started airing in the early 2010s. At that time on Tumblr, the larger fandoms seemed to be dying down (like SuperWhoLock) so a lot of the chronically online (and this is back when that term actually meant something) teenagers that were addicted to Tumblr went looking for other fandoms that piqued their interest. So, they started making blogs to engage with different fandoms like Stephen Universe. In the 2010s, there was a really strange zeitgeist where everyone had to be a fan of something, and they had to take that thing pretty seriously, you can see this sort of idea in other places online too like "stan culture" on Twitter. So naturally, these chronically-online (often autistic) teenagers became obsessed with the fandom and browsed Tumblr a lot.

At that time in the early 2010s, Tumblr was also the breeding ground for fringe pro-troon rhetoric that would become mainstream and widely-accepted by the early 2020s. During the early years of the 2010s, Tumblr was a very porn-focused website and there were a LOT of dedicated blogs on there for very specific kinks. For example, there was a somewhat large community of "sissy" men on the site that maintained blogs dedicated to the "kink" of becoming women (i.e., Autogynephilia or AGP). These bloggers would later become some of the first "trans-women" that came out of Tumblr. It really was the perfect breeding ground for such a socially misinformed and disgusting thing as that, (e.g., on Tumblr at the time "I'm not a sissy! I really do like dresses and pink, so I must be a woman!" would have read as a brave declaration of self-identity, not as a horribly brain-dead misogynistic rant). As crazy as it sounds, a lot of the thoughts, slogans, ideas, theory, rhetoric that we associate with troonism today have their foundation in pre-2015 Tumblr circles. Naturally, because these obsessed teen autists regularly interacted with pro-kink pro-troon accounts through Tumblr, they were exposed to harmful ideas and misinformation that made it easier for them to fall victim to the troon trap.

So when you say "TIFs are associated with Steven Universe," what I hear is "Young girls that were involved in popular fandom spaces on Tumblr circa 2012-2016 were exposed to certain elements of the online culture there that exacerbated self-hatred and led to them trooning out." I think that when young impressionable people are exposed to certain online communities or site cultures like that of Tumblr, where self-victimization and identity-politics are amped up in an atmosphere of unquestioning SJW politics, they can end up radically misinformed and somewhat brainwashed. It's sort of like that greentext I attached in picrel.

No. 2051848

A tea length skirt

No. 2051894

What can I make with only potatoes?

No. 2051909

File: 1718582074537.jpeg (54.76 KB, 459x645, 872C9F36-C61E-425B-9716-DC8B25…)

I was researching pedophilia and why tf are there two symbols for being attracted to underage moids, why isn’t there another for girls or just one for moids. It’s bleak and disgusting but it’s funny in a fucked up way kek

No. 2051918

because it’s a show about troon super heroes i think

No. 2051964

File: 1718584563922.jpg (44.46 KB, 500x524, 9b05d02752979993558c9c0be141c5…)

Is it really true that it's normal for 5 year old boys and girls to show each other their genitals…? Serious answers only, because I got into an argument about it, and I said it isn't normal. When I was 5 I knew that shit was private. It's called a private part for a reason. If a 5 year old boy flashed his genitals at me even if I was 5 I'd cry and scream. I don't care if it's "consensual" (kids can't fucking consent to that)

No. 2051968

it happens but maybe it wouldnt if parents talked with them about it and the kid respected what their parents say. it seems more than innocent curiosity to me because how would they even get the idea to do that, why would they even be thinking that? i guess it depends, i don't know much about this but as a kid i never thought about those things.

No. 2051984

I read about this in a child psychology class once. Apparently it's normal. You have to remember to think about the behavior from the perspective of a young child, not an adult. Sometimes kids around 4 or 5 will show each other their bodies (sometimes it's called playing doctor) but it's not sexual deviancy or anything because they're just innocent kids. They know about private parts but not why they're private. It stems from curiosity and naivete, not from a dark or sexual place.

No. 2051994

I guess. I told these people that never happened to me or that I know of and they say I don't go outside so how would I know… I meant in preschool/kindergarten/grade school why do they have to be so combative. Only thing I heard was this girl who moved to my school said a boy showed her his penis on the bus once when she was 6 and it traumatized her.

No. 2051997

No, it's not normal. It stems from parental ignorance.

No. 2052010

Depends. When I was around 7 or so I had a desire to see my male friend naked not out of anything sexual or romantic, I didn’t even have a crush on him I just was really curious. Needless to say his chode traumatized me so much I thought I was a lesbian for a few years

No. 2052011

Tbh I showed a female friend my crotch when I was like 5-6 and only got told off when I told my mom when I got home

No. 2052030

I had a relative do that to me when we were both like 6/7. It didn’t traumatize me because it seemed like just a random innocent thing, it wasn’t like she asked me to do the same or invaded my personal space in the process. I guess some kids are intuitively more body conscious, and then others are completely oblivious, because I never thought to do something like that beforehand and I never tried afterwards. Never had to have a talk with my parents either.

No. 2052037

I am going to be real here, I think it's less inappropriate (but still weird) if you're the same sex as the other person, but a boy showing a girl his dick is just weird I don't care if you're both 5, and anything older than that is already way too old to now know it's wrong. This is getting into unpopular opinions territory but it's just how I feel!

No. 2052054

When I was 5 I had no strong feelings about it only curiosity, I only knew it was bad because I had been caught when I was 4 trying to "figure out what sex was" and comparing parts and I had been chastised but the admonition didn't really make sense or mean anything to me. Wether that is normal is another matter, I'm leaning towards no based on my home life situation.

No. 2052081

It fixes them up to be fluffy, and in my mind it has some thickening effect like castor oil lol

No. 2052132

is 8 hours of sleep normal? if i didn't set my alarm on the weekends i always sleep for more than 7 hours but it makes me feel like i'm wasting my time by sleeping too much. but god damn i'm sleepy all the time.

No. 2052153

Anywhere between 8-10 of sleep is ideal. It all depends on your personal preferences.

No. 2052156

Kek @ everyone getting mad at this. What you need is an enzyme detergent like Persil.

Yes, cerbmin took it away for some reason that they explained but I don't remember. They felt it wasn't appropriate anymore or something.

Losing weight makes a huge difference IME. If you're already slim but still only attracting ugly men, you probably need to fix up your skin or facial features.

No. 2052185

It's not normal but it is unfortunately not uncommon either. There is an official term for child-on-child sexual abuse but I forgot what it is, to describe this sort of thing. A lot of people in PTSD communities discuss the abuse they went through perpetrated by other children (exposing, molesting, or sometimes even full on rape). Usually the perpetrators were exposed to porn or other sexual content at an early age. There's a lot of Law & Order SVU episodes that delve into the psychology of this as well.

No. 2052186

I'm going to get shit for this but anyway. I'm a married nona and I'm a NEET so I do most of the laundry. my nigel sweats a lot so some of his t-shirts smell like fucking shit, the gym ones even more. you should tell him to trim his armpit hair and use deodorant. mine does it but it doesn't help 100%. if your nigel is not cleaning properly tell him to do his own fucking shit laundry.
I usually run a long cycle with prewash, a cup of oxiclean on each soap dispenser mixed with normal powder soap. double rinse at 40 degrees celsius, find the washer cycle that leaves the clothing soaking for a while. it helps a lot but it always reaches a point where I put his t-shirts in the trash.

No. 2052193

File: 1718593156180.jpg (379.52 KB, 1500x1090, D5XtqceUUAAZFiO.jpg_large.jpg)

Whenever it comes down to sleep, I always remember pic relatrf.

No. 2052195

KEK this is so funny to me, I always have 9-11 hours of sleep. The people who can actually settle for 7 seem deprived to me

No. 2052208

>i'm sleepy all the time.
Might want to get tested for sleep apnea just in case. A lot of people don't realize they have it.

No. 2052319

overwashing is increasing your oil production and making you more gross

No. 2052364

How normal is it for your mother to still use a baby voice and praise you with “good girl” as a young adult?

No. 2052400

Would any of you guys be interested in a looksmaxxing/incel forums thread? I've been thinking of making one after seeing the insane amount of zoomer boys unironically posting themselves on looksmax.org

No. 2052403

I would definitely read tf out of that. zoomer boys are so fucking retarded.

No. 2052422

will we get raided?

No. 2052427

I don't think so, they might screenshot if they find it though

No. 2052429

I would 100% laugh at this thread please make it

No. 2052430

they might jump off a bridge if they see the moid psyop thread KEK

No. 2052436

PLEASE. it’s overdue.

No. 2052442

kek yeah.
..ok nonny bless us with this new thread idea. This could be as promising as the ugly man psyop which is my fav currently kek

No. 2052463

how can i get the opposite of this?(thin, neat/polished brows)

No. 2052491

Pluck them

No. 2052532

I'm already skinny, always been, my skin is fine but I guess I lack style and fashion. I don't really want to betray myself and pretend to be someone I'm not but if it's the only way I can score…

No. 2052540

Okay I finished the thread pic and 'description', should I post it on /ot/ or /snow/?

No. 2052546

No. 2052548

Why are there so few beauty products without perfume in it?

No. 2052570

Because without perfume they would smell like pure chemicals, bad or have no smell at all, so they need to make it pleasant for consumers

No. 2052633

Why are gay dudes (and guys in general I guess) so attracted to leather

No. 2052646

Can I make a dating profile without putting any pics of my face?

No. 2052658

Does it matter how many herbs you add to a diy face mask? I want to mix yoghurt, coffee, cinnamon and thyme just to see what happens but is there any reason it could go badly? I've had good experiences with yoghurt/coffee masks.

No. 2052689

you used to be able to. can you not now?

No. 2052702

there's nothing wrong with switching up your style or playing with fashion for your own enjoyment but doing it just to attract moids is a mistake. if you're a healthy weight, have decent skin, and practice good hygiene then you really don't need to change anything about yourself unless you want to and it sounds like you're not very enthusiastic about the idea.

No. 2052741

Why am I viscerally disgusted by the thought of men’s general attraction? Like imagining a guy looking at a nude woman makes me flinch.

No. 2052743

Because you're on this site and therefore cursed with knowledge.

No. 2052744

Nta, but you usually have to "verify" your profile by taking a picture in a pose that the app shows. Also profiles with pictures that are pets etc tend to get taken down fast

No. 2052751

File: 1718634234614.jpg (128.52 KB, 1024x696, GJi_xJ4WMAAy1nm.jpg)

how do i convince my cousin whos a terf to use lolcow? shes a mainstream social media user but i think she'll love lolcow

No. 2052756

Why would you do that to her and to us? Leave her alone you shouldn’t be encouraging anyone to spend more time online nor should you be encouraging newfags to come here

No. 2052757

Send her screen caps from lolcow, extol the value of anonymous posting boards, need to slowly introduce her because everyone’s autism/retardation can be a lot at first. If there’s a cow or topic that’s active and you think she’ll enjoy the gossip that’s also a good entry point.

No. 2052762

Don’t make her join, ninny. Give her some peace of mind and maybe just send her to overit

No. 2052764

File: 1718634969235.gif (1.83 MB, 144x144, IMG_8187.gif)

Is r/femcelgrippysockjail a tranny sub?

No. 2052766

It's one thing to be a TERF. It's another thing to be a farmer. That's all I'm gonna say.

No. 2052767

ovarit might be best, since i dont think shes into lolcow drama that much only wants to vent about troons since she was banned from insta for calling a moid a moid ill send her some threads from there

No. 2052768

i like having more radfems on here but lc is not for everyone. maybe send her some screencaps or something to see of she likes the board culture igss

No. 2052769

No. 2052770

You saw that name and you still had to ask?

No. 2052869

I do look a bit frumpy at times (as I tend to prioritize comfort) and I'm working on building a better wardrobe just because I want to look cooler, but I don't want to pretend to be someone I'm not.

No. 2052885

File: 1718642562169.gif (2.91 MB, 350x253, tumblr_9ba1657130420862a5eb415…)

Is there a website or forum or subreddit out there that shares genuinely renter-friendly interior design inspo? I feel like the shit on ApartmentTherapy is all massive, expensive overhauls by people intending to stay in their apartments for decades. Like I'm willing to switch out hardware and maybe use some stick-on tile/wallpaper but I'm not repainting my wood cabinets in a place I don't plan to live in for more than 2 years.

No. 2052951

what are some cheap switch games that would be fun for my two cousins visiting?

No. 2052974

Maybe not the right thread but how do I genuinely prepare for a collapse of society and protect myself from moids? Being a woman in anarchy doesn’t sound fun

No. 2052981

Appropriate thread, because it is a stupid question. Society is not collapsing, nor will it.

No. 2052983

I am so paranoid nona please assist me

No. 2052987

There's a survival/prepper thread somewhere in /ot/ that has a link to large folder with survival/self reliance resources, if that's the kinda stuff you're looking for.

No. 2052988

get a bike and learn how to fix it

No. 2052991

see appropriate thread >>>/ot/1572306
there was an interview posted by someone who lived through the Bosnian genocide and the man claimed that it's not possible to survive on our own; you need friends and family you can trust

No. 2052995

actual societal collapse is so gradual you will be like a frog being boiled. you can uproot your life and move if you think that is happening. if you live somewhere with a war brewing you can also move. basically all you can do is move or die before the madmax and/or warzone shit starts. unless you are armed to the gills with an independent energy, water and food supply you're fucked. better start getting along with your neighbors and hope they help you.

No. 2053010

Would you consider someone having moved out when they're living in an apartment owned by their parents? Not paying rent or anything, but leading two seperate households.

No. 2053014

Moved out, yes. They don't live with their parents, that's all it takes to be moved out.
Financially independent, no absolutely not.

No. 2053016

Yes but that's easy mode

No. 2053019

Yes but lacking independence. Is this about yourself? If my parents had an appartment I could live in for free I'd do it too in this economy.

No. 2053110

Why do people sit in the death row for decades in America (and some other countries as well)?

No. 2053121

Still fighting the case legally

No. 2053123

Appeals process. A lot of states have mandatory amounts before killing an inmate.

No. 2053128

Eyebrow gel.

You do have to dress decently and wear at least a little makeup (cover up dark circles minimum) to get good looking men. Just how it is.

It will be flagged and banned quickly on most apps.

If she's not interested in the actual cow parts of the site then don't send her here. We're not a radfem site, we're a cow site that happens to have some side boards. We're not ovarit or something.

Yes. They're still spoiled for sure but hey I'd take that deal if it was available to me too.

Death penalty no longer exists in some states like California.

No. 2053243

Do you think an asymmetrical face can be pretty?

No. 2053246

I feel slightly hypocritical now because I JUST insulted a moid's asymmetry in another thread, but I think a lot of faces actually benefit from not being mirrored. "Perfect attractive symmetry" is one of those things that feels like a pseudoscience imo.

No. 2053254

why does violence towards animals upset me so much more than violence towards humans? i just watched a sad movie about animals and i literally want to kms.

No. 2053264

Everyone’s face is at least a little asymmetrical. Facial harmony is the most important thing for attractiveness.

No. 2053268

No. 2053273

Don't bother with a canned food pantry like tard wives do. You can just kill people and steal their shit in an anarchy. Hoard guns and learn booby traps etc

No. 2053274

For sure. There's nothing wrong with intergenerational wealth.

No. 2053284

what can i drink or do to heal my throat? i spent the night vomiting because i was sick but i really need to record something tonight and i dont want my voice to be raspy

No. 2053290

Ginger and cinnamon tea for antibiotics and to cealr and clean your throat. Honey and some lemon for relief added to it. Throat lozenges can be helpful, too.

No. 2053314

because humans can be evil, sometimes violence against them is justified. Animals don't have the same cruel intent, so in a way they're always innocent.

No. 2053621

File: 1718682004660.jpg (15.6 KB, 378x350, FftngAWXkAEHTGZ.jpg)

…does anyone know where i can find close-up photos of spread out vaginas? no porn sites pls. google is just giving me illustrated diagrams and those aren't helpful. this is not for sexual reasons if you're wondering kek

No. 2053625

Try wikimedia commons

No. 2053638

Look up medical photos of pap smears.

No. 2053666

How do I become cringe and free?

No. 2053670

Labia Library website has a gallery. It's not sexual, it's a website designed to show women their vulva is "normal" and that normal is a big range of differences

No. 2053684

Best way it to eat 6g of magic mushrooms alone while playing loud scary music in your dark room with strobe lights. If you defeat what you see, you'll be free.

No. 2053693

Kill enough brain cells so that you don’t care about most things anymore

No. 2053931

What firefox extensions do you use?

I really like Momentum, since my windows lock screen never changes.
The others I use are mostly for translation help since firefox doen't have good one on its own like chrome.

No. 2053938

post your @

No. 2053980

Ublock origin, privacy badger and dark reader. I feel like ff doesn't have that many great extensions

No. 2054031

Why do black cats often have a tuft of white hair on their below their throat?

No. 2054045

File: 1718718732641.jpg (202.95 KB, 826x828, 1000016727.jpg)

Did Hitler really fall in love with a jewish girl in his life? This feels like one of those history myths people make up just to stir some shit. He hated jews more than anything except for maybe black people. Let's say he did fall in love with a jewish girl—why would he admit that though? Wouldn't he know that admitting it would make him look stupid?

No. 2054051

I thought the only girl he ever loved was his niece? Never heard of the Jewish girl thing. Also, dude in picrel is STYLIN

No. 2054065

On one hand this feels like a weird tiktok lie that's gotten passed around and on the other hand if he did it wouldn't be that surprising. sometimes people (especially men) who really strongly hate one group also have a weird sexual hangup around that group. See a lot of anti-gay politicians getting caught having sex with men for example or racists watching interracial porn.

No. 2054066

I got that pre period depression nonnas Should I watch gone girl or start reading the lord of the rings?

No. 2054070

No. 2054081

I thought nona wanted the truth not what they want to push as the truth.

No. 2054129

Oh so you’re one of those

No. 2054158

Can I use dashi for paella? Or should I stick with chicken broth?

No. 2054167

I would go with the book, nonna. I've been wanting to start lotr myself. Hope you enjoyed whatever you chose

No. 2054173

Does therapy work?

No. 2054183

It will help if you're in a state of grave crisis to get out of it. It won't change your life long-term unless your therapist is a meticulous, passionate miracle worker who has a special understanding of how people behave. If you're really traumatized maybe it will take you 10 years to improve with a good therapist, but for most people you will see after 6/7 months that therapy is going nowhere and you're just talking to an idiot who has no long-term plan for your improvement

No. 2054192

I think if you're making a classic seafood paella, dashi would be a good inclusion. Maybe a little mix of both?

No. 2054221

i had a particularly rough period this month, and now my clit doesn’t feel good. has anyone else ever had this problem??

No. 2054240

File: 1718728827195.jpg (150.53 KB, 1000x665, rah.jpg)

>go into exam season
>constantly busy, study until way too late
>probably half eating until dinner
>post exam season
>dropped to 46kg at 170cm
>whilst looking for back pimples in mirror, notice that i am looking a little bonier than usual
>get out of breath easily, been losing focus
>barely horny
>dry hair
Nonnies help is this normal? I wasn't trying to lose weight, but I think exams made me lose my appetite and stop taking care of myself? I thought my family was exaggerating when they told me I needed more food. But this happened by accident.
In any case, I feel lethargic if I overeat (like bread or rice) and I don't want to load up on food that makes me breakout. Are there any ways to get calories into my diet, without feeling too satiated? Because if I'm following my hunger signals as I am now, I won't get healthy again. Is there anything calorie dense, not gross, and nutritious that I can add to my diet to put weight on again?

No. 2054283

what counts as 'gross' and have you tried eating actually nutritious food and not stodgy carbs?

No. 2054312

I would have my thyroid checked if I were you

No. 2054323

File: 1718731472176.jpg (201.56 KB, 1079x1057, 1000014415.jpg)

Maybe you try nutrition drinks/shakes like picrel and drink them inbetween your meals?

No. 2054343

Is it normal that my discharge smells like McDonald's fries?

No. 2054353

Are psychedelics or ketamine a good way to treat depression over SSRIs?

No. 2054354

it worked to help curb my immediate anxiety when i was agoraphobic, but i still deal with lingering social anxiety and depression. learning how to process anxiety symptoms, understand rational thinking and physical reactions to stress helped me a whole bunch

No. 2054386

Is fantasizing about quitting your job and starting somewhere else a normal part of being an adult or a sign that something's wrong? lol

No. 2054391

Americans what are the cheapest all you can eat buffets near you please tell me prices

No. 2054406

Five years ago, things used to be way cheaper. It was not unusual to find hole in the wall Chinese buffets that would cost $5.95 for all you can eat lunch, and then $8.95 for dinner. But now, even the cheapest places are around $12.95 for all you can eat. Golden corral is $16.95 for all you can eat dinner buffet. And there's a sushi place that is all you can eat sushi for $20 per person.

No. 2054438

Yeah I know someone who trips on shrooms once a month which helps with his depression. They’re proven to be effective so it’s worth a shot. Microdosing could be good too.

No. 2054440

>getting seen for an appointment in the uk
lol (you may be right though)
i genuinely don't enjoy overly sweet stuff, and i kind of assumed calorie dense diet foods would be gross. definitely haven't eaten nutritiously, i neglected myself during exams.
thank you! this is a great idea. i don't want to feel too full, so i don't want dinner, but this should get the calories in. i can't wait to get weight back, i miss being horny and having amazing hair

No. 2054452

How do I get into meditation? I just can't get my head empty, I'm always thinking about some stupid shit (and no don't suggest weed).

No. 2054458

File: 1718735552529.jpeg (965.46 KB, 2019x1531, IMG_8425.jpeg)

Is there a term for interior design where you’re expected to sit on modular furniture or pillows instead of elevated seating (chairs, coaches, etc)? I see it most commonly in middle eastern/south Asian and Japanese interior design

No. 2054468

am i remembering wrong or were there "dumbass shit" threads on /ot/? what happened?

No. 2054473

It's auto saged now because the mods thought it created too much fighting. So you can still find it far back in the catalog. But all that happened was the people who started fights just moved to the unpopular opinion and vent threads.

No. 2054487

Mods autosaged it because according to them there were a bunch of users who used that particular thread who caused infights. It's retarded.

No. 2054488

No. 2054496

Is there an actual explanation for why I shouldn’t feel bad about killing bugs?

No. 2054538

No? Realistically, you should feel bad even about killing plants, nonna. Those are all living things. People who don't care about killing bugs just brush off their lifes as insignificant, but it doesn't make a lot of sense, does it? You can stop feeling bad because their strategy is producing large numbers, that's expected that a lot of them won't make it and they were going to die soon anyway for one reason or another, and some other animal probably got an easy snack, kek. If you're talking about vermin bugs, then no need to feel bad, because they stand in the way of your well-being. It's just part of existence.

No. 2054559

Good explanation, thanks.

No. 2054585

A realistic vegan approach would be trying to not kill bugs unless they pose an issue to you, and can’t be dealt with nonviolently. Veganism is also about harm reduction and what a person can realistically, actionably do, that’s why many don’t care about stuff like mild solids being in vegan food or the bugs killed in agriculture.

If bugs invade your pantry or you get mosquitos, sometimes the only way they can be dealt with to not cause harm to you directly or indirectly is by killing them, therefore you can’t feel bad about killing them because you know there was no other option without compromising you

No. 2054595

>If bugs invade your pantry, sometimes the only way they can be dealt with to not cause harm to you directly or indirectly is by killing them
Actually, you probably could just throw the infested items somewhere outside.

No. 2054620

Thanks, I'll make sure to throw all of my foodstuffs and non-perishables out into the streets where the bug lives. Good idea. You're totally not retarded.

No. 2054625

File: 1718742371984.jpeg (151.33 KB, 736x736, IMG_2249.jpeg)

how do i do a “journaling session”? i’ve been watching different videos, reading tips like “make yours some nice tea, light a candle and seat down to write your thoughts”. but it doesn’t work for me. i can’t write anything, even though there’s so much on my mind. help me nonnas, what do i do. (also: my therapist actually suggested a journaling session, but her advice didn’t work for me either)

No. 2054631

Maybe take some pressure off it and journal in an app instead? That way you can quickly jot down some thoughts when you feel like it and it doesn't have to be this special thing you have to sit down for like it's an exam.

Maybe that's totally not it for you, just an idea.

No. 2054637

File: 1718742830355.png (482.51 KB, 3245x1901, mind map.png)

When there's too much in my head for me to write, I do a mind map. I write down keywords or phrases of my thoughts, feelings, events, or other things I want to remember like books or movies. That way I get something on the page at least. I just regurgitate whatever crosses my mind that's important to put to paper. Kind of like picrel, but it doesn't have much structure and only sometimes do the different ideas connect. It probably looks crazy but it helps me when I have a lot on my mind and can't focus. Then, if I want to later, I'll return to a keyword or topic and write more about it in a more linear way.

No. 2054660

I don’t know if this an autistic/ adhd thing or something. (I think I have adhd but not autism.) But I get nervous of getting into new media or something but I don’t know why? I feel like I’ll get obsessed with it. Or I straight up just don’t want to try new things because of negative connotations in my head which I also feel like is just stupid? But it genuinely makes it hard for me to like or get into new things. Do I see a therapist for this?

No. 2054666

Seconding these exact questions.

No. 2054803

Maybe deep down you know you should be doing something better with your time than watching TV or playing video games and that unconscious knowledge manifests in the conscious life as fear or apprehension.

No. 2054943

Ayrt but to be honest that does sound true. I do need to do a lot of things

No. 2054978

Yeah I hope my post didn't come off mean-spirited, I just didn't wanna give you a bullshit answer. I used to struggle with the same thing, in the end I realized that I can try to watch new movies or play new video games but only after I get everything I need to do done. I ended up making a better personal schedule for myself where I only watch movies or play video games for an hour every night after I do everything I need to do to unwind and relax.

No. 2055005

It didn’t! It feels like it was something I just needed to make clear to myself. I’m just stressed out rn with a lot of things going on and I’ve been putting them off.

No. 2055006

Is it better to water plants with cold, hot, or "room temp" water?

No. 2055013

Room temperature

No. 2055014

your head doesn't need to be empty. you just need to observe your thoughts and and let them pass

No. 2055018

Nonnie, look into anapana and vipassana meditation. If you're lucky like me, there is a vipassana course available nearby you for free. It's a ten day course, you go there and they feed you and house you and you spend all ten days in meditation.

No. 2055038

are parabens actually bad? and if they are bad can you avoid them anyway? it seems like they're in everything now, even eggs have parabens.

No. 2055047

Hope this answers your question. Her channel is very useful in general.

No. 2055055

I think it’s a sign something’s wrong just my opinion though from personal experience lol

No. 2055059

Like the other anon said, in my experience fantasizing about quitting is usually the first sign that you're ready to move on into a different job. When I start fantasizing about quitting, it's usually before I start feeling burned out at the job.

No. 2055060

try to focus on your breathing and just observe the thoughts that are coming, don’t worry about controlling your mind or doing it “right.” Just sit, breathe and observe the thoughts. Guided meditations and meditation music helped me when I was first getting into it too. You can find a lot for free on you tube

No. 2055078

Ublock Origin and Tab Session Manager.

There are many different types of therapy and each one will not be effective for everyone. CBT is the most common and ironically the least effective for many people, especially people who have trauma or unstable emotions. There's others like DBT, IFS, EMDR etc. Try to find the one that aligns with whatever your goals are.

No. 2055125

thank you

No. 2055145

How do I stop being controllled by lust all the time? It sucks I am so horny 24/7 and I think I’m just distracted all the time from thinking about dick and cute boys

No. 2055151

Have any creative hobbies nonnie?

No. 2055154

Have you actually had sex yet? It's generally disappointing and unsatisfying enough that you will not obsess over it kek

No. 2055161


No. 2055162

This is true, unless you're in love, in which case it's amazing.

No. 2055184

IME if he's mediocre at sex, it'll be underwhelming no matter how you feel about him. Now, being with a guy who actually understands that he needs to stimulate the clit ALL throughout sex (not just as 30 second "foreplay") is life changing. Too bad only 1 out of a billion men actually do that

No. 2055198

I'm happy to say that I am one lucky little nonnie, I pray every day that everynonny gets to be as happy as I am. I mean the straight ones anyway, I'm sure the lesbian nonnies are fine without my prayers kek

No. 2055242

Why does it feel nice to scratch the inside of my ears?

No. 2055251

File: 1718763947286.png (684.29 KB, 858x913, Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 05-23…)

did venus actually get the gastric surgery or was it a lie?
cause i never heard of anyone who is not overweight ever getting it. Logically if she was able to get it we would see other anachans doing it

No. 2055304

Well, yeah. Go read her threads.

No. 2055313

There's no way for us to know for sure. I do admit I've had a little doubt about it because she's been an alcoholic for years now, and wouldn't someone who has 4feet of intestines missing die easily of alcohol poisoning?

No. 2055314

will read again and i believe you but wouldn't more people do it then if it is an option?

No. 2055320

Didn't she literally mention that she did herself?

No. 2055323

samefag, but i recall her making a youtube video years ago talking about it.

No. 2055328

She claimed it was some South Korean doctor. She also claimed she had to contact over 50 doctors to find one who would agree to doing it.

No. 2055333

yeah i remember that but then would not koren celebs also do it? i never heard of that being a thing like ozempic or what anna nicole was doing

No. 2055335

Do you think mods ever read what people put in the reports and laugh?

No. 2055395

At what point is it considered ghosting versus just regular lapse in communication.? I want to say a week and a half.

No. 2055396

A week imo

No. 2055401

"Ghosting" is a term made up by entitled millennials to shame other people for living their lives and not paying enough attention to them. If someone doesn't talk to you for a week and a half, either they don't want to talk to you or they're too busy to talk to you. If you don't like that, you can talk to them about it or you can forget about it and move on.

No. 2055403

Other anachans don't have the resources to doctor shop in Korea while married to an obsessed fan who pays for housing. But yes she did get it, you can even find pictures of her scar.

No. 2055406

celebs do though

No. 2055407

Would you talk to another farmer irl? Let's say you found out she's a farmer in an unusual and unexpected way, you can move on and pretend you don't know anything or… would you talk to her?

No. 2055408

Ghosting is real. I would know because I have ghosted people

No. 2055412

true, do we know if she had any bad side effects due to it yet

No. 2055414

Where would Elsie get her clothes?

No. 2055418

Yeah I get it. I actually grocerskin every week. Grocerskin is my new term that I made up for when I go grocery shopping but I do it with a basket not a cart. You've probably never done that before because it's sooo kooky and krazy. I invented this verb by myself to describe the action because I wanna be special and let other people know how special I am.

No. 2055423

Her ma sewed them for her, a true country farmer girl.

No. 2055424

It’s slang.

No. 2055427

Well don't throw it into the road obviously. Find a foresty or shrubby area, or a field. And if it's infested, you'll have to throw the stuff out anyway

No. 2055428

A thrift store, and/or what this nonnie said >>2055423

No. 2055442

A week.

No one is too busy to spent 30 seconds writing a message that just says "I'm not interested anymore, good luck." Just randomly dropping communication is an asshole move.
>entitled millennials
You sound like a boomer on facebook kek.

No. 2055449

True but most celebs don't want their bodies to look like hers. Very saggy everything, bad scar Not to mention the long hospital stay after when she got sick

No. 2055451

What would be your last meal?

No. 2055452

Ghosting isn't a new term though, you're about a decade late to complain about this kek

No. 2055460

No one is entitled to anyone else's time, no matter if its 30 seconds, 30 minutes or 30 hours. You just gotta move on.

No. 2055467

This got me thinking.
Where weed is legal, can you ask for it to be included with your final meal?

No. 2055471

File: 1718768467721.jpg (68.7 KB, 564x1003, dbaaa3ba5de68e30c47673bf828b7c…)

Damn it nonnas, I need your help today

No. 2055476

>No one is too busy to spent 30 seconds writing a message
You don't know anybody else besides yourself. Stop expecting so much from other people. It will only hurt you in the end.
>Just randomly dropping communication is an asshole move.
Some people in the world are assholes. That's life. It's not fair.
>You sound like a boomer on facebook kek.
Millennials are on the same level as Boomers when it comes to entitlement.

No. 2055480

Depends on how she acted. If she was batshit crazy IRL then, no, I wouldn't. But if she carried herself in a dignified way, was confident in herself, didn't succumb to social pressures, then yeah, I would talk to her.

No. 2055485

If you two are already friends then sure, but if not then she might be weirded out that someone she’s not friends with knows she uses Lolcow.

No. 2055495

I think ghosting works fine. Instead of “I completely dropped communication with this person without any explanation” it’s shortened into “ghosting.” It’s not just for people to feel special, people use it to complain when others do it to them.

No. 2055504

You sound like an asshole.

No. 2055506

Did Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga really get their ribs removed?

No. 2055509

Yeah, you're right, thanks. I was feeling impulsive and felt like I could bond with another farmer, but it would probably be weird, uncomfortable, and potentially a disaster.

No. 2055511

I don't know if I'd bring up knowing she goes on lc, but I'd definitely try to befriend her

No. 2055515

Did you ghost someone and they got upset about it? This is such a weird thing to get defensive about.

No. 2055516

No. 2055517

Absolutely NOT

No. 2055533

Why would they do that when Ozempic exists, is much easier and far less risky? They had a hold of that shit long before the public.

No. 2055536

File: 1718770200041.jpg (51.7 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-185309332-612x612.…)

>defending ungrateful time-wasting moids this hard

No. 2055543

Ntayrt but your post kind of encapsulates the issue. Nobody is wasting anybody else's time by not texting back because nobody is entitled to anybody else's time. Nobody has to respond to you if they don't want to, and you don't have to respond to anybody if you don't want to. That's just how the world works. Getting angry that someone "ghosted" you is similar to getting angry that someone didn't hold the door open for you or didn't let you merge into their lane on the road.

No. 2055547

Read the book Mind Illuminated

No. 2055562

Nta, I get what you mean, but (at least to me) ghosting is more of when someone is actually in your life? It's not really comparable to holding a door open. Like if someone is in a relationship with someone, they can ghost/be ghosted. If somebody is an acquaintance or barely know each other then it isn't really ghosting. A lot of people use it when they've been on 1 date and then complain they're ghosted, but imo that doesn't count. Ghosting is like you've been dating for many months and then suddenly you're completely shut out of their life with no warning or explanation. Hence ghosting, it's like they died.

No. 2055564

Lol no, especially if it happened in a dating context, the moids absolutely do have an obligation. Post those ghosting fuckers on AWDTSG so the rest of us can avoid them, ladies. They're pieces of shit.

No. 2055565

nta but you're correct

No. 2055571

? nobody mentioned moids. isn't the OP talking about ghosting in general?

No. 2055576

She realized nobody gaf about ghosting so she's bringing scrotes into it to change the tide of public opinion.

No. 2055578

Nta but huh? Change the tide of public opinion? This is the stupid question thread, not unpopular opinions

No. 2055580

Only moids do this shit.

No. 2055596

How long would it take for humans to develop elf ears if specific breeding programs were put into place? Like only people with pointy ears could reproduce and only if the angle and length of the ear was correct. Sort of like how pugs' snouts keep getting shorter and shorter. How long would it take for everyone to have pointy elf ears? And I'm NOT talking about the stupid Christmas elf tiny normal ears that are a bit sharp I mean big honking elf ears that stick out.

No. 2055597

Human genes dont throw like that so I doubt it would work in general

No. 2055600

My ex-friends did this and are definitely women anon…

No. 2055604

>Crushing my dreams
I actually really don't believe you. You're saying that if two people with pointy ears got together and had a baby it wouldn't have pointy ears? That sounds so fake. Genetics are retarded if they don't work that way.

No. 2055606

i dont think thats true

No. 2055609

Its more likely but not guaranteed, ears arent as strong of a passed on gene compared to eye colour etc

No. 2055637

Evolution works by random mutation. So you'd first have to have someone born with elf ears. And considering we've been around for a few million years and have yet to see one…

No. 2055643

File: 1718775658523.png (494.44 KB, 868x424, gjf57541b121876a387bd42679a5c2…)

i just wanna understand the psychology behind this. what do women see in a troon? why marry one? is it a little bit of bisexuality or something?

No. 2055644

Very very deep-rooted self-image issues and a complete lack of self-esteem and self-respect.

No. 2055645

Okay so if it's mutation that is needed, if two people both had 6 toes on each foot and had a child, would the child also get 6 toes on each foot?

No. 2055646

NTA but I'm talking about elf ears not being a freak with 6 toes. If you wanna ask about that weird stuff make you're own post don't piggyback of mine.
I'm talking about like a slow build-up, sort of like the Russian domesticated fox experiment. Like every generation has ears just a bit longer than the last.

No. 2055648

KEK nona I'm sorry I'm just curious!

No. 2055650

Okay sorry I got mad at you originally. It's just 6 toes is a disgusting genetic defect and elf ears are the natural progression of human evolution. So they're two different things. Sorry again that I got mad I'm just really sensitive right now because all the haters in this thread are saying that elf ears aren't possible and I don't want to believe that that is true.

No. 2055655

With the advance of CRISPR technology, we will be able to do stuff like that even without evolution being involved. It will be a wild time.

No. 2055657

this sounds like the type of shit grimes would post. just get elf ear plastic surgery and call it a day

No. 2055661

should i make tea with honey or milk with honey? i have a sligth sore throat

No. 2055662

tea with honey

No. 2055671

thank you

No. 2055678

green tea with honey and some lemon juice is sooooo good when you have a sore throat (or at least tasty)

No. 2055681

aww sadly i dont have green tea, i will buy some tomorrow. Thank you for the tip.

No. 2055682

Would it be faster just to tie up children's ears until they get stuck looking that way?

No. 2055683

I usually make lemon and ginger tea with honey, helps a lot

No. 2055763

Does anyone have tips to deal with anxiety? i feel horrible, like i want to cry

No. 2055765

File: 1718785988757.png (928.05 KB, 810x784, Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 2.31.…)

I play with picrel or seclude myself and listen to slime asmr to calm down

No. 2055766

these look adorable i wish i had one. I will try to get one.

No. 2055767

File: 1718786576963.jpg (204.69 KB, 1600x1121, zoloft.jpg)

No. 2055768

Take a hot shower, drink some tea, distract yourself with some series or movie you like, write in a journal, or listen to music. It's best to occupy your mind at those moments.

No. 2055774

For me dealing with the thing that makes me anxious is the thing that helps most, annoyingly… i usually try to distract myself with games if I can't do that. If it's random anxiety out of nowhere it's my pms in 99% of cases so it will go away on its own eventually if i just wait

No. 2055790

Have you ever heard of a man irl actively disagreeing with an inappropriate comment about women in the workplace, when no women are present? Do they ever do it?

No. 2055815

you wuss. what a cop out. it would be totally fine. go make friends with her right now.
what's with all the responses telling her not to make friends with a farmer? do you all have low self-esteem and think you're a worse person for using this site so other girls must be too?? I don't get it.

No. 2055825

bad cope and not addressing the root problem but instead introducing physical problems from the side effects. Might as well just suggest her to start drinking alcohol about it. Fuck psychopharma industry

No. 2055826

kek I just don't want to weird her out or make her uncomfortable because some people are genuinely afraid of being outed (and she used to be openly radfem and suffered a lot of hate for it in the past), I might try to talk to her without bringing it up directly.

No. 2055831

Yes it happened in a “dating context” where we had sex and now he hasn’t responded to my texts for a week. I know he’s not that busy because I’ve checked and his Instagram is active. I don’t feel entitled to his time I just feel used and gross because even one single “hey I don’t want to see you anymore” text would at least feel slightly better than radio silence…also I know, I won’t do this kind of thing again, I’m becoming celibate because this experience is so embarrassing.

No. 2055840

what an asshole.
no that's creepy. just be straight up about it. "I know you're a farmer because I am also a farmer. just putting that out there because I know you got heat for this kinda shit in the past and I don't want you to think I'm gonna exploit the information or expose you. who's your favorite cow?" kek

No. 2055843

File: 1718796965871.jpeg (736.44 KB, 1179x1108, IMG_3279.jpeg)

silexan clinically studied lavender pills. new packaging for this (most trusted brand) is on right.

No. 2055912

I could give this a try, I've always been a bit into trying to get those weird toys because they do seem to be useful, I just hope I don't turn it into another weird challenge in which I try to always press the buttons only symmetrically and shit.

No. 2055921

Where does the ""meme"" of white woman fucking dogs come from when statistically its men the ones who rape their pets/random animals the most? Is it just men projecting?
Everyone repeats it and it grosses me out so much.

No. 2055930

Pornbrain meme. It's like how fujoshis can make a gay ship out of anything because their brain is just ready to do that at all times (no offense to them, I totally get it as a fujo myself), but in this case it's pornbrained men seeing a picture of a woman and a dog with the text "you just know" and it instantly lights up the porn quadrant of their brain. It makes them feel clever because it's tickling the pattern recognition part of the brain but really their brains are broken and rotted. Why it's white women I do not know, probably just because in recent years it became socially acceptable to make fun of white women specifically and pretend you are not being a misogynist.
Anyway, that's just my theory having been online while it became a meme.

No. 2055931

even though i like posting here not as much as i used to some anons are a bit too cookoo kek so i personally wouldn't want to actually encounter one

No. 2055935

I think it is from racism towards white women having sex with black 'beastly' men and from there it escalated to animals. The porn industry is very racist and any performer who has 'gone black' can not 'go back'.

No. 2055938

>Is it just men projecting?
yes. retarded terminally online moids who base their entire perception of women on what they see in porn think that because rare freaks like whitney wisconsin exist that it means many women are attracted to animals. because these moids are obsessed with making even the most innocuous of subjects sexual thanks to the pornrot destroying their already-defective brains they are incapable of understanding simple concepts like enjoying a pet's companionship without wanting to fuck it. personally i can't imagine living with such a warped mindset and not feeling the constant overwhelming urge to kill myself but then again i'm not a moid.

No. 2055940

What do you do when you see another woman being attacked or otherwise harassed? The police is unlikely to arrive in time or to help at all. Filming it can backfire for the woman or the moid doesn't give a shit. I heard several times that you shouldn't physically interfere but what other choice is there supposed to be?

No. 2055942

File: 1718807169766.gif (1.29 MB, 360x360, 1000015888.gif)

Does anyone know iLOVEFRiDAY's reaction to Mia Khalifa's diss tweet being fake? I know that stupid drama took place several years ago, but I always wondered if they even found out that Mia never dissed them at all and that they made the stupid song for no reason.

No. 2055952

Men watch bestiality porn (made by men with trafficked women) and then they think thats reality and that all women fuck animals like in their porn. Same with their obsession with bbc, cuckolding, whores, etc its bc the only input into their rotted brain is porn

No. 2055955

Why do fans of celebrites deny that that celebrities get plastic surgery and/or do drugs? Especially now that it so normalised to do both, yet fans will shit and piss themselves if you say their fave has gotten a nosejob or does coke? It used to be common sense that rich people get plastic surgery and are all coked up or on opioids, and now its "lies" and "jealousy", "puberty" or "lupus/lyme".

No. 2055970

because they develop intense parasocial relationships with celebrities in their heads and become so obsessed that they view anything that reminds them that the celebrity is a flawed human as a deeply personal attack. people treat stan culture like it's cute but it's genuinely disturbing to care that much about a famous person who has no idea you exist.

No. 2055977

Burger-chantachi, is Keith an old mans name?

No. 2055980

More like middle aged, late millenial early gen x.

No. 2055984

Can I fix my calligraphy even though I'm 28 years old or is it ogre?

No. 2055988

How do you sabotage someone's relationship so that they break up? I don't approve of my sister's Nigel because he is an ugly reddit and I so badly need to see them break up.

No. 2055994

Why not? You can learn a skill at any age.

No. 2056019

If you're sort of e-dating someone how morally shitty would it be to go on a date IRL with someone else?

No. 2056023

e-dating? I used to e-date on habbo hotel when I was 14

No. 2056028

how "official" is it? like it depends how close you are with the e-date. if it's silly flirting then meh, if you both said that you're partners then it's different

No. 2056040

depending on the rules of dating where you are it could be literally nothing. "dating" at a certain phase is just feeling eachother out, no sex, multiple people allowed in the pool. if you're exclusive or it has been long enough there's an expectation of exclusivity, it's shitty. but not illegal.

No. 2056042

online relationships aren't real so not.

No. 2056047

That’s not a real relationship

No. 2056055

Biased since I’m from the south but I associate that with young fundies.

No. 2056069

File: 1718815927501.png (142.59 KB, 275x247, i_only_know_1+4.png)

Please gib names. Even numbered them for your convenience.

No. 2056071

File: 1718815972092.png (146.78 KB, 1358x972, Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.50…)

There are definitely more old men with that name than young men but I feel like it's simply not popular enough to belong to a specific age. It was never a very popular name even at its peak.

No. 2056082

I would say more middle aged at this point, I knew a few children named that in the 90s.

No. 2056092

yeah I think he’s an asshole too, what the fuck. It was literally the chase/fuck/ghost cliche, like he was soooo into me until I degraded myself for HIS PLEASURE. He’s not that cute and I don’t even like him that much but it’s bugging me that he’s probably sitting there laughing about how he won and telling him friends about his conquest. ew

No. 2056094

number one might be Atsushi Sakurai

No. 2056112

He is indeed Atsushi.

No. 2056114

Am I pedo if I as an 18 year old want to date 16 and 17 year olds? Not exclusively, they’re just included in my age range

No. 2056118

its a 1-2 year age gap come on

No. 2056120

How about you get off LC for the night and finish your homework for 3rd period.

No. 2056122

Ayrt and one of my irl friends has a mutual that’s 16 and dating an 18 year old and call her gf a pedo for it so now I’m paranoid since I’m talking to a 16 year old right now

No. 2056124

No, you're a teenager who is attracted to other teenagers. This is normal and why Romeo and Juliet laws exist in some places. If you reach your early 20s and 16 year olds still look dateable, then you might have a problem.

No. 2056129

Both of you are in high school, it's fine. Terminally online kids just think the second someone turns 18 they're on the same maturity level as a 40yo, so if they date someone 1-2 years younger they're "grooming a minor".

No. 2056135

nope. zoomers are just retarded about those things.

No. 2056253

What do you do when you believe someone you care about is hurtling towards making a terrible mistake, one you’ve made yourself before? How to breach that topic?

No. 2056330

Why is breaching the topic an issue?

No. 2056337

I guess it’s just a question of when/where to have that talk in this case.

No. 2056372

do you believe someone who isn't into sex or physical intimacy could actually end up in a functional adult relationship?

No. 2056378

i would just lie about the scrote having done something but that only works if your sister trusts you more.

No. 2056379

With someone just like them, sure. It’d just be a matter of finding someone like that.

No. 2056388

Is it possible to pay people to act like they're my family/friends on my wedding day? Im not getting married this is just something I'm thinking of doing cause i dont have either. Like is this a service that actually exist and can these people make it believable?

No. 2056390

No. Or good luck finding a rare "asexual" partner I guess.

No. 2056399

As long as you're not too late then. Voice your concern, but don't be too pushy so it doesn't have the opposite effect. The person could be emotionally invested, having one's bubble bursted is hardly pleasant. Also don't completely dismiss the possibility that you might be wrong.

No. 2056474

Well low sexual need partners exist. Though a moid may or may not have weird complex and self-esteem issues from it since gooning is somehow a measure for masculinity. People in such relationships should take care to have other physical activities that bond them.

No. 2056482

I think some people naturally just have a lower libido than most. Some level of intimacy is important but I don't see why they COULDN'T make it work without sex.

No. 2056486

should've added that I'm not into men but I was gonna leave it at like in general because I wanted to know about in general but realised moids would be assumed to take part in this sexless sitch so had to add

No. 2056492

Sure it’s a thing but alternatively, part take in some sort of local hobbyist group, or church even, those people tend to be community-motivated and they’d love to help a bride with few friends and family. If you’re young, a poster at the community college can easily attract students who are down to attend a strangers wedding.

No. 2056513

in my culture we have that for funerals, like old ladies that will come to mourn and recite poetry songs so I don't see how there wouldn't be people up for that. If I were to get married rn, I don't have a lot of family or friends, so if I for some reason felt like I needed seat fillers with a script? I would contact amateur theater groups and tv/movie extra fb groups.

No. 2056522

Feels like not knowing what that means is a benefit.

No. 2056523

Who would you be trying to fool though? Your partner's family and friends?

No. 2056525

You probably could find them on Craigslist. But, if you're getting married and you've got nobody to invite it'd make more sense to just go to the courthouse and get married there. A lot cheaper and quicker too. Plus usually the people there congratulate you and it's nice seeing other couples doing the same.

No. 2056529

It's twitard lingo for masturbating. Not sure why anon chose to use that word here kek.

No. 2056535

It's basically another way of saying edging, where a male masturbates for hours without cumming

No. 2056557

Didn't read.

No. 2056574

I don't think "gooning" (I can't wait until goon goes back to being a synonym for henchmen or thug) is just about edging. I think it's more about becoming porn addicted and spending way more time than you should consuming porn. It's basically turning porn addiction into a fetish

No. 2056579

isn't gooning when scrotes edge but they talk to each other about it, like they will jerk off but whilst on Discord together, I don't do men so I have no idea.

No. 2056608

Gooner and gooning is more of a community now. If someone's a gooner then they probably share gooner captions and have a "gooncave", giggly goonclown is a good introduction to that whole thing

No. 2056672

I'm not gonna look that up but I genuinely am thankful for the clarification, because what the fuck is wrong with these scrotes

No. 2056679

Yeah for the sake of your sanity don't Google it. There's a lot of pedo shit

No. 2056764

He's a piece of shit. Fuckboy got what he wanted and then bounced. I highly suggest following FDS guidelines for dating, which states NO SEX until the guy makes an explicit commitment (which means different things to different people, but personally I would suggest waiting until the boyfriend/girlfriend label is made official)

Sadly this is something a lot of women go through, and some even consider it a form of sexual assault (rape by deception, ie the guy lures you into sex under the false pretenses of wanting a serious relationship but he just wants sex, so it's not informed consent). Feeling used and gross afterwards is normal, because this is not what you consented to.

No. 2056769

He’s not texting you because he’s plans on coming back in a few weeks whenever his main girl loses interest

No. 2056770

I think it would be easy enough to find a woman who is okay with that, as the asexual community seems to be mostly women and women tend to lose interest in sex as they age anyway. But it would be extremely difficult to impossible to find a man who would be okay with it. He would probably insist on an "open relationship" so he can go fuck other women.

No. 2056787

does anyone else’s clit feel like asleep for a while right after you orgasm?

No. 2056788

>and women tend to lose interest in sex as they age anyway

Not true

No. 2056790

File: 1718838980459.png (64.77 KB, 696x622, menopause.png)

It is true, retard. Learn how to google.

No. 2056795

>Trusting Google.
Ntayrt but I've participated in over 120 hours of sexology seminars and lectures and I can tell you that old people do in fact have sex. It's not that big of a deal. Usually the reason women past 70 "have less sex," isn't because they aren't horny but because their husbands are dead kek, or like the screenshot you posted mentions because of illnesses. Next time don't post screenshots from Google and act like it's binding proof of whatever weird talking point you're trying to prove because it just makes you look like an ignorant dipshit kek.

No. 2056800

>I know better than actual scientists and doctors because I took women's studies classes in college durrhurr
That screenshot is from Johns Hopkins Medicine studies you absolute retard. There's a million other official published studies showing the same thing on Pubmed too.

No. 2056802

>Looking down on women's studies for some reason
I wasn't referencing women's studies but the fact you think that women's studies is some kind of joke or an insult tells me all I need to know about you.

No. 2056804

posts like these remind me that LC is filled by cantankerous losers with no life experience that hate that other people know more than them(infighting)

No. 2056805

>ignoring the absolute proof and facts from doctors and scientists and suggesting dumbass humanities majors/random anons know more than they do
Uh-huh. You're just trolling at this point.(infighting)

No. 2056806

Well yeah, different aspects of aging can reduce sex drive in both sexes, but the way you phrased it made it sound like it's just women who "lose interest in sex" as they get older. Actually there's evidence that women get more comfortable with their sexuality as they age. Acting like only women lose interest in sex as they age sounds like something moids would say to justify an open relationship to "balance the libido" or whatever.

No. 2056807

Don't bother responding to bait nona just report and ignore.

No. 2056811

Women don't forever lose interest in sex because of the menopause our hormones go fucking haywire during that time and you can have no drive to being a feral sex mad creep like my mother who blew up her marriage by having sex with moids in hotels when my dad had to work away. The 50something percent of women in their 70s not having sex lives probably struggle to find peers that can keep it up and women don't tend to seek out vulnerable males to rape.

No. 2056817

NAYRT but I bet today's women's studies courses also include trannies and "nonbinaries" as totes valid wimminz and waste curriculum time talking about those lifestyles so yeah I would say it probably is a joke in modern times.

No. 2056834

thank you sm nonnas. i’ll try your suggestions!

No. 2056842

Why are wy pipo so dysgenic? I am now living in a first world white country and this is the first time I'm hearing shit like "nut allergies" and "celiac disease"(learn2integrate)

No. 2056846

sometimes i read the lolcow threads and think about what i would do if i was in their shoes, so i present this question: how would you fix your life if you were a popular lolcow?

No. 2056848

Mods really are autists and don't realize when certain words are used uniroincally(take it to meta)

No. 2056854

you are so far off it's embarrassing for you.

No. 2056864

its so simple, literally just stop using the internet. So many cows like Nemu and Erin graduated from cowdom this way.

No. 2056874

The huge rise in things like that as well as autism is speculated to mainly be due to people having children much later in life than they used to. Both eggs and sperm lose quality over time. White people tend to wait longer than other races to have kids, for whatever reason. Last stats I saw showed they wait ~5 years longer than others (into their 30s)

If I was a LC lolcow, I would just stop using social media. Very simple to avoid further cowdom. However if I was a cow somewhere like KF where they stalk the cows irl and take pics of them etc (like they do with Chris-chan) I don't know what could even be done. It's a scary prospect.

No. 2056879

>how would you fix your life if you were a popular lolcow?
It depends what I'm a cow for, but either way I think I'd just not give a fuck what people think or say about me on the internet. There are some people made of pure unadulterated cow-material that farmers will defend tooth and nail just because they know them personally, and others who do literally nothing that get shat on in these threads for the most innocuous of things. The hypocrisy is crazy on here, and I'm supposed to take farmer opinions seriously? Please.

No. 2056893

>stay off the internet
>get a real job
>remain celibate until you have your shit together
>eat healthy and exercise

Would fix 99% of them tbh

No. 2056898

Stupid because I know the answer is going to be go to a doctor but whatever kek.
But for about 5ish years now I’ve noticed a mole growing in size on my finger, I don’t remember how big it started but it basically looks like a bracket (, strangely it sort of curves with my fingerprint? I was just wondering if I should be worried or not considering how long it’s been (eg like melanoma, think that would’ve killed by off by now)

No. 2056965

there's plenty of non-white people with those allergies too, i never noticed any race having it more than others ime, same with people having kids later
>t. grew up in neighborhood mixed with black, hispanic and white people

No. 2056966

Is Chappell Roan actually a lezzy or is she just larping?

No. 2056967

If you were to become eternally youthful right now, how long would it take for you to figure it out?

No. 2056972

Isn't it just a matter of people shielding themselves from bacteria and that making their immune systems weaker?

No. 2056982

afaik from tumblr she's a lesbian that was raised in a conservative family, maybe it's the latter that makes her seem artificial

No. 2056991

why does the kiwifarms logo look like a clitoris

No. 2056992

i thought it was supposed to be a bird

No. 2056999

yeah it is but it's so clit-shaped

No. 2057047

Your home nation doesn't have the money or health care to diagnose those diseases.(racebait)

No. 2057139

Should I make my future kids basically digitally illiterate and force them to instead do things outside in the real world to save them from the whole social media and grooming aspect until they're old enough? Or just give them an ipad like everyone else so they don't get bullied?

No. 2057144

>The huge rise in things like that as well as autism is speculated to mainly be due to people having children much later in life than they used to.
On one hand sure, on the other… it used to be VERY common for women to pump out babies into old age too. They started earlier/younger, but then they'd have a new one every second year or so until they had like 12 kids.

I recently learned people today actually have slower reactions than just 100 years ago. You'd think it would be the opposite with fitness and health knowledge, food quality, and modern media being so fast paced. So why? Because of air pollution. Unless you live in like the fucking arctic you breathe it in literally from birth. Of course it negatively affects your brain to huff in car exhumes literally every second of your life even on a mild dose… Big companies and governments will NEVER mention it because they can't stop it and it would hurt the economy so few people are even talking about it. They've even decided that low levels are "fine" (because we don't all die right away and most of us live normal lives anyway obviously) so even if you look at air pollution index maps they're often like "yes this is fine and normal" but in reality we're all getting microdosed and our brains are noticably slower because of it - and that's just the one effect they know about. Wouldn't surprise me if pollution helped make normalish kids instead just messed up enough to get a diagnosis, like autism or ADHD.

No. 2057152

I really don't know why this nonna got banned, I'm a thirdie and a lot of non lethal diseases aren't diagnosed until someone is on a hospital bed.

No. 2057173

I would try and find the middleground, like restricted playtime on a console/laptop/whatever, and give them only a dumbphone

No. 2057221

Apparently farmhand is a racist.

No. 2057391

Am I an egocentric asshole if I don't want to be at the graduation of my fiancè's nephew?

They live in a small town which means we have to travel altogether 4 hours by train. I already suck at time management and dread the thought of sacrificing my whole Saturday when I could be doing other things. At the same time, they are almost family I guess and it would be a nice gesture

No. 2057401

Ask your fiance if they want to go or if they're close to the nephew, maybe you can both come up with an excuse

No. 2057412

why do moids apparently like to stick their fingers down the other person's mouth when they have sex? how is that attractive?

No. 2057413

Sometimes it isn't a nice gesture, during my graduation party I had the partner of my aunt sitting in the amphitheater with my cousin and I was mad because I didn't have that many invitations, I literally barely know him and I wanted another aunt of mine to be there, but because it was all rushed I couldn't have a say in the matter. So I think it really is a good idea to ask if he really wants to go there, maybe he feels forced to go, you two could really think of an excuse.

No. 2057415

The more they degrade women, the hornier they get. Simple as

No. 2057420

Imo, it can feel nice, but since we're talking about moids >>2057415 is probably right kek

No. 2057421

Are you close to your nephew? Is there a limit to the number of people that can show up to the graduation? I assume the nephew's parents will be there, plus siblings if he has any. I only had two invitations for my graduation and I gave them to my parents.

No. 2057450

porn. they also commonly have things for hair pulling, slapping across the face, and spitting on their partner.

No. 2057452

Homo here, it's intimate and erotic. I'm also kind of a handfag, so that's part of it. The person doing it does it to be invasive and controlling. It's a gentler kind of domination that's more about probing vulnerability. Putting your fingers in someone's mouth is vulnerable for the person doing it as well, because you're trusting them not to bite down. It's impulsive, like kissing. You want to be in the other person's mouth. You want that person in your mouth. It's probably for the best to avoid men who try to be dominant in that way, regardless. Men aren't capable of empathy, so letting them dominate you in even small ways like this makes them think less of you.

No. 2057468

What is it called when someone can do DIY and fix things at home and build stuff? I know I sound so fucking stupid right now but there is a word for it right? Not grand projects like building a whole house but things within the house such as installing a towel hanger/new window panes/garden pavementing/etc.

No. 2057473


No. 2057484

handyman or odd-jobber? a fix-it? sometimes people might say someone is practical and mean they're good at DIY as well

No. 2057508

How do I make the most out of my life? I'm 25 and dont want to have regrets anymore

No. 2057516

It's my fiance's nephew, I think we met 4-5 times so far?

No. 2057519

Samefag and I don't think there's a limit on the number of guests

No. 2057538

Identify what makes you feel alive and focus on doing that as much as possible. Also, reduce your phone time to less than 2 hours a day if you can

No. 2057576

File: 1718904900804.jpg (113.8 KB, 992x813, s-l1200.jpg)

are buldak noodles really that spicy? are they good? i love spicy food and want to try but i'm hesitant on them for some reason

No. 2057589

They're spicy as fuck, but in general not that different than regular noodles

No. 2057591

These taste so good to me, but they're really spicy

No. 2057595

They're very spicy, but you can just test with half of a sauce a packet before dunking the whole thing in.

No. 2057607

File: 1718906563620.jpg (126.28 KB, 740x981, 740full-jessica-biel.jpg)

anyone know of a makeup tutorial that does similar to picrel?
i tried searching for hooded eyes smokey eye but they're too dark compared to this

No. 2057608

I think the emphasis here is on the mascara, there seems to be only a little bit of eyeshadow on the crease

No. 2057609

Check Alexandra Anele and peachsushis YT channel, pretty sure both have a tutorial
The woman is also wearing falsies for whatever reason. Imo false lashes tend to look bad on hooded eyes

No. 2057610

thank you nonas for your input! i'm going to try some but i'll try with half a packet of sauce first.

No. 2057611

Seems like brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner?

No. 2057613

i mostly wanna see what the entire eyelid looks like, i can't find pictures of with her eyes closed lol

i'll take a look!

No. 2057615

File: 1718907164172.jpg (19.43 KB, 263x275, 1685078305455.jpg)

It's so fucking hot that I got sweaty when I went for a short walk. Do I shower now and before bed or just wait until before bed?

No. 2057622

Now I have another question: why do moids like to lick and bury their faces in the other person's armpit?? Is it arousal to scent??? What if the other person has deodorant in there??

No. 2057626

Wait before bed in case you'll have other shit to do?

Kek my ex used to do it, afaik it's a fetish and the deo did bother him but it didn't stop him

No. 2057697

I've never had a cat in my life, but my acquaintance's mother is leaving town tonight and asked me to come by twice a day for a few days to feed her two cats and change (clean?) their litter, how do you actually clean a litter box? Is there a go-to youtube tutorial for this or something, anynonnie can point me in the right direction?

She said she would text me instructions but hasn't and I don't even know what their food bag looks like or anything else like that. Kind of a pain tbh

No. 2057699

Scoop out the dirty clumps (assuming she has litter that clumps anyway) and add a little new litter.

There's undoubtly youtube tutorials if you search for them

No. 2057718

Search the kitchen/pantry, maybe even the laundry room/garage if there is one for any bag/can with a picture of a cat on it. If it's wet food, maybe there's an open can in the fridge?
Been a caretaker for relatives' pets in the past, and none of them were forthcoming with the important info either.

No. 2057724

nonny it's pretty straightforward, you'll be fine! there'll most likely be a scoop next to the litter box and you just scoop out the clumps and dump them in the garbage. if its not a clumping litter and there's no clumps just dump the whole litter box in a garbage bag and put new litter in.
for food, there'll probably be a big bag that says cat food or if they put it in a container it just looks like regular dry kibble. i keep my cat food in the closet so maybe check there or the pantry

No. 2057773

is something wrong with me if i constantly get headaches and severe nausea during summer? what do the pro-hot weather nonnies think, am i just weak? i drink lots of water too so it's not dehydration i've always been like this

No. 2057799

how do you guys locate cows? because it’s not like any of them are famous, so how do you find them..?

No. 2057803

you can drink lots of water and still be dehydrated if it doesn’t contain the proper electrolytes and minerals you need, try getting a bottle of magnesium drops!

No. 2057809

theyre not famous but most of them are fairly popular on social media in certain circles… i found lolcow after searching luna slater because i had followed her on tumblr way back in the day

No. 2057875

I have this type of inconvinience during summer, i hate it so much
Appart from '' not drinking enough'' ( i'm never thristy for some reasons) turned out that my blood pressure is on the very low side ( usually around 90/60) part of this is because i'm just this way and another part is that i'm anemic, it's usually very good sign of health to have a low blood pressure but you have to bear in mind that some yoga pose can give you a syncope because of this

No. 2058066

Why do I keep getting energy bursts at night? I do things during the day but at night I become so energetic and I want to do everything, from fixing up clothes to trying new recipes and all sorts of random shit.

No. 2058076

there's a freedom in the night somewhat? the whole meme of "that urge to get your life together at 3am that wears off when you wake up" is probably this

No. 2058141

what food do you eat the most often?

No. 2058145

>kimchi with rice and tofu
>kimchi friend rice
>kimchi fried with veggies
>kimchi by itself
>kimchi on cucumbers
>kimchi by itself again

Last semester during my night lecture I would buy a jar of kimchi at the store and eat it during class like it was popcorn. I have no shame.

No. 2058156

File: 1718942251383.png (24.88 KB, 1252x430, 1718368811137.png)

Are you picrel

No. 2058195

File: 1718944527601.jpeg (64.22 KB, 959x625, GPqW99iaoAAiLqx.jpeg)

What does it feel like to be came inside of? I am a permavirgin because I am deathly afraid of moids, but I also like to fantasize about fictional men so I'd like to know.

No. 2058198

Basically nothing. I remember realizing how little of the fancfic authors I read knew about sex when they'd spend a page detailing the feeling of being came in. Most times you're too busy to notice that and it doesn't feel like anything really to begin with. Maybe a bit wet but if it's good sex than you're already a bit wet to begin with.

No. 2058200

Disgusting and messy. Super fucking gross to feel it dripping out of you afterwards. I would never willingly allow a man to do it. It's only happened by "accident" before and then I learned my lesson to stop going raw.

No. 2058215

just wet. also you can feel the pulsing

No. 2058230

Are Takis available in the u.k?

No. 2058233

It's spelt takos but yes, there are some Mexican restaurants in the UK that specialize in things like takos burritoes etc.

No. 2058234

I think it's normal if you have low blood pressure. I also frequently get the feeling that I'm gonna pass out from getting up from my chair too quickly. Drink tons of water!!

No. 2058323

If Medusa really did nothing wrong, why was she made to meet such a fate? Why does everyone lament her death?

No. 2058324

File: 1718953687799.jpg (25.97 KB, 226x225, 1000043304.jpg)

how tf does one pronounce "psyop"? i always say "psych-op" because "psych-ological op-eration" but my brother just insists its "sai-op".

No. 2058326

i've always said sai-op, as in "psy-chological op-eration"


No. 2058330

Kek I think it's "sai-op" because people don't usually spell out the "ch" part, so it's like your pronouncing words that aren't there.

No. 2058341

but there are words there, they're just shy

No. 2058345

Yeah so don't put the spotlight on them, they'll come around when they're ready but until then they're gonna act shy and hide.

No. 2058351

File: 1718956593033.jpg (27.39 KB, 480x640, 1000044582.jpg)

if you're not supposed to pronounce the letters that aren't in the short form of the word, why do anglophones pronounce nazi as "nat-zi" then?

No. 2058353

I don't know I can't focus right now because the cat is looking at me funny I'm getting frightened and my brain is seizing up I'm sorry I just ca

No. 2058359

The t sound you're hearing is just cause of how our mouth moves when going from pronouncing "a" to pronouncing "z". I've heard people say that American English is fast, so I guess our mouths don't really pause in between saying the a sound and the z soundm

No. 2058363

How to make it so skunk that live near me don't hang out in front of window at night?? There is skunk (1 or 2) that live here and at night when my window are opened they walk around my window and they are smelly and it isn't great so I would like them to stop but I don't know how to ask them to or make it so they don't come around anymore also I don't want to be mean to them it's not their fault they smelly so thanks for any advice!

No. 2058368

no they definitely pronounce it as "nat-zi", because if you compare the way anglophones and francophones say it, its the francophones pronouncing it as "na-zee".

No. 2058374

File: 1718957105968.png (289.93 KB, 1412x480, Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 2.04.…)

I looked this up just for you

No. 2058375

Yes, I'm saying the t pronunciation is from the way our mouth moves when saying the a and z.

No. 2058383

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 2058433

File: 1718960684078.jpg (37.48 KB, 823x658, 1714250246353.jpg)

Do you ever get random pussy pain before your period? My period comes next week and I have random pain all over on my clit and inside me too. Wtf why? Its cramping and hurting like shit

No. 2058436

File: 1718960993707.jpg (111.77 KB, 1300x956, 1000014498.jpg)

Anons, which do you think is better, bed sheets with or without elastics?

I've only had ones with elastics and they keep annoyingly sliding off the corners of the bed so I'm thinking of switching to regular bedsheets

No. 2058438

Samefag. Also it's literally impossible to fold them

No. 2058474

I prefer elastics because I move too much but if they don't fit the bed it's a nightmare. I usually roll them like a burrito and stack them inside the closet.

No. 2058477

it's a torture, I start having random cramps a full week before my period. I want to yell at my uterus, like, why the hell are you aching? dramatic bitch
Elastic all the way. But I agree that they're impossible to fold. My mother taught me how to do it, but she must have a secret superpower, because I've never once managed to do it by myself.

No. 2058504

why are not there more horrorcow threads here?
The are my guilty fascination

No. 2058507

File: 1718968069421.png (81.27 KB, 275x206, 1698689912857.png)

is it normal for dads to teach their sons how to hump? when I was a kid, I met a boy my age who talked about sex to me and told me that his dad taught him how to hump using a pillow. is that a normal experience for moids?

No. 2058516

anon… he sounds molested…

No. 2058524

No it’s not normal. Possibly molested. That’s something boys do on their own before they understand sex or masturbation, if the dad was going to actually teach him about sex and stuff, like birds and the bees and being sanitary (washing his own sheets and not collecting cum socks or whatever) he would have told him how to jerk off like normal. He probably wanted him to do something horny and innocent in front of him. Gross.
The humping itself is very normal but it’s not something to be taught . It’s considered weird for an adult man to do and emasculating so you would never teach your son that unless you were a freak. You were kids so maybe he misunderstood something but it’s very suspicious

No. 2058534

>weird for an adult man to do and emasculating
Nooo! Not out heckin' scrotinoos and their sensitive maskooolinity! You're going to hurt his feefees!

No. 2058536

I’m just saying why it’s not something a father would teach a son, it’s something only a little boy would do and an adult man would consider it weird to do. I truly don’t even understand what your point is or why you replied to me like that and your typing style is annoying as fuck even as a joke.

No. 2058543

anon, I think that reply WAS a joke

No. 2058565

How can I avoid traction alopecia while still wearing my hair up during the day? It's too long to wear down at work because it tangles and sits in the way, I put it in a braid when I'm at home and a bun at work (hanging braids bother me). I've been trying those crab clips and if I make a ponytail they work pretty well. Is just changing the position/type of updo enough to prevent it? They're not super tight slicked back styles.

No. 2058568

>Is just changing the position/type of updo enough to prevent it?
Pretty much, yea

No. 2058571

Oh thank god kek, I saw someone mention it in the pixielocks thread so I looked up some pictures and those poor women. I'm not balding but a lot of my hair around my hairline broke off already and my skull shape is too ugly to wear a braid outside.

No. 2058574

File: 1718974205389.webp (58.6 KB, 600x725, FittedSheetFolding_1.jpeg)

Your corners aren't on properly or the fitted sheet isn't the right size/you've got the orientation around the wrong way if it's coming off, the elastic should be underneath the edge of the mattress and therefore not move

I fold mine like picrel but against my body instead of on the floor/a bench bc lazy and don't care if it ends up a bit wonky kek, works well enough for me

No. 2058611

there's no telling what else his father taught him as he got older. i hope he didn't have any sisters.

No. 2058633

he did.

No. 2058635

File: 1718980175007.jpg (51.65 KB, 640x360, 1000016846.jpg)

So if you cut your family off, change your name and location etc. and settle down and have kids, are you legally obligated to tell your parents that they have grandchildren?

No. 2058642

I think they would look for the children's next of kin if something were to happen to you, but in general no.

No. 2058730

God nona, same. I go to bed at 3am right now and I have to make myself do that, I'm dead tired during the day because of it but as soon as it turns midnight I'm wide awake and wanting to be productive. My sleep pattern is too fucked

No. 2058757

How do people have full-time jobs and run decent YouTube channels? It boggles my mind.

No. 2058774

i remember scott the woz(who used to upload weekly vids while working and going to college) said that he basically had no social life. I guess it paid off in the end because he's rich now.

No. 2058787

I feel like people who have day jobs or school and also do yt on top of it weirdly complain about it less than full time ytubers with editors. The moment they give up the day job.. that's somehow when all the non stop I've got burnout talk begins.

No. 2058793

File: 1718988294620.png (176.3 KB, 900x1350, 0011-017.png)

you can't tell, that's a problem when some people rely on '' not cumming inside'' as a birth control method ( and spoiler, don't do it, it's a terrible method)
this panel is from sex ed 120%, you should give a try if you are so afraid of sex, it speak a lot about other topics that '' penis in vagina''

No. 2058799

Not in America. A thing called grandparent rights exist, but it mostly comes into play in two ways. One, if both parents are dead, grandparents may file for custody or visitation. Or two, if the grandparents have played a significant role in raising the child (like babysitting three times a week for years), in some states they can file for supervised visits if it's in the best interest of the child. The judge decides what the child's best interests are. Grandparent's rights are a pretty uphill battle though, and most judges won't recognize them outside of extraordinary circumstances.

No. 2058803

nope. even if you don’t cut your family off, you still don’t have to tell your parents lol you’re allowed to do whatever you want

No. 2058810

File: 1718989692494.jpg (116.27 KB, 850x1378, __hoshino_ai_oshi_no_ko_drawn_…)

Nonnas, I started listening to a streamer while working on classwork. I feel the parasocial relationship starting and had a dream last night with said streamer in it. How do I stop this continuing aside from no longer listening to their content?

No. 2058812

I know it's not the correct way but I put the loose sheet underneath the fitted one (my set came with both) so there's two layers to collect sweat without them moving around…as well as a mattress pad (I'm obsessed with keeping the mattress nice after seeing some disaster ones).

My fitted sheet never came off, maybe your mattress height is tall and you need the deep pocket ones?

No. 2058830

Seeing em in Ireland lately. In regular shops, not just those pricey import snack shops. Usually when stuff like that starts being widely available over here it's in the UK too or hits around the same time.

No. 2058892

For women who are pretty: do you ever get men be rude and horrible to you for no reason? Or does this only happen to ugly girls? I don’t mean sexual harassment, I mean actually treating you as beneath them and with contempt.

No. 2058925

I was an ugly duckling who lost weight and changed a lot. The following was my observation:

being ugly: men drop the nice/boastful act they show Stacey and joke about you to their friends. any hostility isn't angry contempt but a power play or joke for their friend group. easier to be platonic with men. respect you more in technical topics, but barely.

being hot: men are "nice" until you don't want to flirt or fuck, then they are contemptuous. some start out this way because they're malding and fat and know you will reject them so they act bitchy towards you to re-frame the situation. cannot be friends with them because the above will happen no matter what. any workplace success you have they will assume belongs to them and you snatched it away with womanly wiles. They will unprompted divulge insecurities and assume you will say something to make them feel better, if you don't you gain a reputation as a bitch.

The above only happened with less than 10% of men I interacted with. Most ignored me regardless of what I looked like (which I wanted- I gave major fuck off vibes either way).

No. 2058926

The gods in Greek and Roman mythology were almost all absolute assholes and psychopaths.

No. 2058948

Yep I think you get the extremes: creepy, over-the-top flattery and downright furious hostility and aggression. The first is delusion and thinks you'll fuck them. The second resents you because they know you won't fuck them

No. 2058952

Why is meth The go-to hard drug in Korea and Japan? Is it just to offset the heavy amount of drinking?

No. 2058953

I take continuous BC so I don't have to deal with all that anymore. I only get periods 2-3 times a year at most now. Idk why more women don't do this

No. 2058954

Some of us actually enjoy menstruating

No. 2058957

how is that even possible??

No. 2058959

Japan is an island and SK might as well be an island since the only land it is connected to is NK. It's much harder to smuggle drugs onto islands than just running them across a land border (like how most drugs in the US come in through the Mexico border). Unlike most other drugs, meth can be made from regular medications that are readily available so it's more widespread and less trouble to get.

No. 2058961

because hormonal bc can have all kinds of nasty side effects

No. 2058962

Not for no reason but once they realize you won't fuck them they will either get angry and aggressive or will completely ignore you and stop talking to you.
But most men already treat you as if you were beneath them so I'm not sure what you mean. I guess you mean in an aggressive way? Not really.

No. 2058964

Because BC is fucking hell on your body

No. 2058966

Nta but for some women it makes cramps and heaviness 100x worse

No. 2058968

I have seen so many women who get irreversible vulvodynia from BC. If I got that I would kill myself.

No. 2058972

BC made my ankles fat and I couldn't stand it. In general my whole metabolism slowed down and it felt like my brain was slower as well. It took more than a year to go back to normal afterwards.

No. 2058981

Why do moid NPCs keep saying to me that they love girls on lexapro? Where did this retarded meme come from and what does it mean?

No. 2058983

the only reasons that pop off my heads is '' yeah! not pregnant!''

No. 2058984

Romanticisation of mental health issues in women and girls. Idea is that the increase in serotonin from an anti-depressant makes them less "uptight" and more manic pixie dream girl. There's a little idea that this'll make them more receptive to sex acts but lexapro can really lower sex drive so that's just dumb being dumb.

No. 2058986

There's always been a stereotype that "crazy" women are better in bed because they'll be willing to do all kinds of degrading, degenerate things. Also that it's easier to get them in bed.

No. 2058991

That's so retarded…

No. 2058998

File: 1719002180396.jpg (14.8 KB, 460x460, 165b357b5a15660f939c772726ff82…)

Applied to my first big girl solo apartment a couple days ago and just got an email inviting me to enroll in the apartment's credit building program. Does this mean I've been approved?

No. 2059006

File: 1719002875834.jpeg (210.65 KB, 1080x1350, FOAN_y-XoAATNEQ.jpeg)

samefag, nvm I just got an email right after that telling me I've been approved. I've got my first 1-bedroom apartment y'all!!!

No. 2059025

congrats nonnie, have fun decorating and having the place to yourself

No. 2059030

No im not Korean but a confused Mexican

No. 2059033

Congrats nonnie!

No. 2059051

Yes I mean in an aggressive way.

No. 2059053

I mean if say you meet them fleetingly like at work or something. Not at the club. They don’t flirt wit you they just outright start treating you like crap and like they hate you.

No. 2059070

reading gossip about them and seeing old clips of them icked me enough to quell the parasocial feelings but continue watching the streams for entertainment value. proceed with caution, if your streamer is a perfect angel with no faults and mindful of their online footprint I could see this backfiring.

No. 2059090

what are your hobbies?

No. 2059091

Watching anime, playing games

No. 2059102

Gardening, biking, baking, cooking, and I'm about to start making short films.. What are yours, anon?

No. 2059124

File: 1719010693477.jpeg (145.8 KB, 1280x720, 38F39EEC-19B9-4046-84C3-54DCB9…)

Why is there a disproportionate amount Finnish nonnas when only 5 million people live there?

No. 2059126

This is the case on all imageboards, the inbred eskimos are addicted to their phones

No. 2059130

VOIP prank calls, masturbation, playing the accordion

No. 2059145

File: 1719012012188.jpg (1.77 MB, 3072x4080, IMG_20240622_021228.jpg)

Honestly some of you are spiritually dead. If you can't feel The Power when you bury your hands in gooey blood and draw pictures on the shower walls, you can't be saved. Real women menstruate on the faces of their husbando's.

No. 2059162

File: 1719012922174.jpg (22.1 KB, 300x300, 1493124407258_2022_01_03_02_07…)

No. 2059165

HEY! It's inbred Mongols, thank you very much.

No. 2059234

Is it normal to buy new underwear once or twice a year?? I thought it was normal but other anons are saying that I'm weird for it but I don't know what to believe. I buy 2-3 pairs once or twice a year and throw out the older pairs I have to replace with the new ones. I didn't think it was weird but now I'm confused because everyone is saying it's weird to do that.

No. 2059237

Yes it's wasteful

No. 2059241

Sorry, it's abnormal. Most people keep them until they have holes. I'm curious though, how old are your oldest pairs?

No. 2059245

My oldest pair are less than 2 years old, I have about 12 pairs of underwear. Usually I buy 2-3 pairs every six months and throw out the oldest pair that I have. I really didn't think this was abnormal!!!!

No. 2059253

It depends. Why are you throwing them away? Just because of their age or are they showing signs of wear and tear?

No. 2059254

I only buy new ones when the old ones are stretched out, have holes or are stained. No reason to keep getting new ones if they're still in good condition.

No. 2059259

My apartment building's washing machines are kind of rough so I notice that the elastic stretches out quickly over, plus they get stained over time too. They usually don't get holes but I'd rather just buy a new pair when an old pair gets too used-looking. I know only me and a few other people will ever see my underwear but I still don't like wearing old pairs or pairs with stains and stretched elastic because if I'm in an accident they might have to cut my clothes off to perform first aid and then the paramedics might see my ugly underwear and be mad at me or something. I guess I just like wearing fresh clothes that aren't old. It's not like I'm buying fresh lingerie every 6 months it's just basic mid-range cotton underwear.

No. 2059261

Who tf is Chappell Roan and why is she every where? Is she even really a lesbian or is she just another modern kweer

No. 2059272

Are you the same anon asking as before? I don't know who this person is but she certainly looks like a lesbian if that makes sense. Nothing about the way she styles herself would appeal to moids and she's clearly not trying to attract them.

No. 2059282

>because if I'm in an accident they might have to cut my clothes off to perform first aid and then the paramedics might see my ugly underwear and be mad at me or something

Yeah you could be vomiting, pissing, and shitting blood everywhere in a medical emergency but I'm sure the medics would stop to pearl clutch over your ugly bloomers, anon. Cmon.

No. 2059283

I deleted my reply to them because I have only ever heard trannies worry about their underwear this much — specifically the accident/jaws of life things, that’s straight out of a classic story of a race car driver who was a secret cross dresser I just forget his name right now. Mental illness regardless.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2059287

I'm so confused. I said I buy underwear once or twice a year and that makes me a troon??? What??? Also that reply you deleted you didn't even reply to me you replied to another anon??? Sorry I buy new underwear for myself once a year I guess???
This was my attempt at a little humour I took inspiration from the Donovan song "the Ordinary Family" but maybe because I'm retarded it didn't come off that way I'm sorry.

No. 2059289

Some women do worry about the weirdest things, like the gynecologist seeing their pubic hair. I've had a similar thought about my underwear and clothes once when I had to go to the ER in ratty old house clothes, it's not surprising considering how women are judged for their appearance and we learn to do it to ourselves to an exhausting degree.

No. 2059291

its normal idk why other anons itt are acting like your weird for buying new clothes for yourself kek. dont let poorfags make you feel bad that you can afford to buy new stuff more than once a decade

No. 2059293

Thank god I'm a narc. Imagine caring about your gynecologists feelings. Lmao what

No. 2059294

Okay stupid question but if you're an official narcissist (NPD) do you love people? Like are you capable of feeling love?

No. 2059297

NTAYRT but they always claim they can but it's just another one of their lies. Narcs can't feel love. Their lives are ruled by shame and fear. They don't have room in their hearts for love.

No. 2059300

That sounds rather creepy. Well thank you anyway!

No. 2059302

File: 1719021796064.png (33.06 KB, 1024x576, narcissis.png)

If you've spent any significant amount of time around with someone with NPD you'll quickly realize that they're basically demons. IMO they're worse than people with ASPD. They see everyone else around them as dolls and playthings, so they don't feel bad about manipulating anybody or hurting them, but yet they crave the attention and validation of everyone too. They hate everyone deeply but at the same time they want everyone to love them too. It's twisted.

No. 2059305

where is the line between pasta sauce and salsa?

No. 2059313

>they're basically demons
Can confirm. They basically see themselves as the only "human", and that everyone else around them is a robot. Narcs like to claim they know someone better than the person knows themself.

No. 2059319

Yep exactly. I don't know if that anon was joking when she called herself a narc but like… that's not something I'd even joke about because it's that sick and twisted and demented. No shame these days it's sad.

No. 2059334

Nayrt but I have to disagree with you there. I have dated both types of people, unfortunately, and I have to say that a sociopath is a totally soulless, deeply terrifying thing to encounter. Narcissists are horrible too but they feel things like insecurity and like you said, cravings and needs. All of their feelings are focused on themselves and they don't care others, but they do still feel. When they're hurting others, they usually display anger or frustration while doing it. Sociopaths don't feel anything at all, and hurt people without showing a single emotion, they are legit scary as hell.

No. 2059339

Wow I'm sorry that you had to experience that nona that must have sucked and I hope you're doing better now. I disagree with you because I think that it's worse knowing that someone does feel emotions, but chooses to manipulate and ruin others anyway. At least the freaks with ASPD have an excuse of "oh they really cant feel," but with NPD people it's more like they can feel and they do understand emotions but they still choose to manipulate and demean you. It's somehow worse to me. If that makes sense!

No. 2059343

Most effective suicide methods?

No. 2059344

File: 1719027193813.jpg (1.63 MB, 498x7599, Screenshot_20240529_083148_Chr…)

What do you nonnas think of this convo?(infight bait)

No. 2059352

Calling your grandma or your close friend and asking them how they'd feel if you die. You'll realize quickly that suicide will only harm those closest to you. What people don't know is that you can kill yourself without dying. Look in the mirror and observe yourself and think about everything about yourself that you'd like to destroy. Write it all down on a piece of unlined paper. All your thoughts and memories. Go for a walk in the woods and try to find a tree with a hole in it. Fold the paper thrice, praise your Lord, YHWH, and stuff the paper in the hole of the tree. Go back home and realize that all the parts of yourself that you don't like are passing figments of time. The truth changes from time to time. Suicide is the rejection of change and the ultimate act of vainglory. It's the act of cutting a flower before it has time to bloom. I killed myself many times over but I remain standing here on our blessèd Earth. You're a pomegranate that's yet to ripen. You're a piece of alabaster that's yet to be sculpted. If you commit suicide, there won't be any escape or release because your soul is eternal and permanent. You'll only be exchanging one thing for another. It's pointless. There comes a time in our lives when we must draw a line in the sand, and categorize all that came before and all that shall come after. If you die now, today in this moment, nothing for you will change except for the transportation of the liquid spirit. If today, you choose to change, all things will brighten and the heavens will rejoice in your presence. Look at the clouds outside and you'll understand. Why die? What's the point? Your body will die anyway eventually. It's not your place to choose when. Have humility and taste the butter. See the world in our age of information. All things pass and all things change and all things dance in the sunlight. Why should you be any different? Suicide is foolish. You're not a fool; you're a human being with a heart and a soul. The heart and the soul are intransmutable and complete as they exist now. All your pain and worry and fear are for naught because there is nothing on this earth that is more powerful than you. You were made in the direct image of the Godhead. You were made to witness the shining of the stars of heaven and the rising of the sun again and again and again. Don't do it.

No. 2059353

Look up the SanctionedSuicide forum. They have guides and stats on all the methods. You will learn that there aren't really any super effective, painless, easy ways to do it, then you can decide whether you really wanna risk it or not.

No. 2059369

I'm sorry you feel so terrible anon. Please reconsider or at least leave the decision for later, there's room for joy and satisfaction in the rest of your life still

No. 2059383

this is the same conversation thats been happening daily for the last 8 months

No. 2059400

where do the kids post cool/funny/cute/interesting pics now?
I wanna just look at a big collection of pictures from different people, not really text, and not just selfies and scenery

No. 2059401


No. 2059403

damn, really? that used to be for old people lol

No. 2059404

Tumblr's smaller communities have healed quite a bit over the past few years, and it's not hard to find users that don't put political shit on your dashboard. I was afraid that the Twitter and Reddit shit would bring back cancer, but I think the people that came back have been fairly chill overall.

Pinterest is also a good suggestion.

No. 2059405

samefag, this is awesome, thank you

No. 2059406

I'm gonna re-activate my account lol

No. 2059408

Seconding Tumblr, it's very comfy nowadays and politics posters aren't difficult to avoid.

No. 2059412

How does one get started on Tumblr in 2024? I have an old account from 2016 with 10k followers, but I don't know how to start up again. What tags and communities are popular? How do you meet people?

No. 2059431

i hate when people assume that every suicidal person has loved ones or anyone close (nta but all my grandparents are dead and i don't have any friends)

No. 2059435

I can't help you if your goal is to be a successful and popular blogger. But if you are just aiming to enjoy yourself, just log on and start lurking. See which bloggers are still around, check who they're reblogging good posts from (both OPs and people they follow), follow people who post good stuff, unfollow them if they post too much of anything you don't wanna see, and just chill. Don't bother following tags. Maybe send a DM or two if you think you'd really vibe with someone.

No. 2059437

A woman posted pics of the bruises on her leg after she was stabbed with a knife in her thigh, and I realized I get worse bruises than that weekly doing nothing at all to cause them. I've had blood tests and I'm not anemic. I have people stare at my legs sometimes when I wear shorts because I look like I got beat up constantly. why???????

No. 2059438

I feel like you focused on the first sentence and ignored the rest of the truth.

No. 2059449

I have the same bruise problem. Currently have a massive black bruise on my calf and I have no idea where the fuck it came from. My doctor has ran blood tests before trying to figure out what might cause it but all the results were fine. He just chalked it up to "guess you're just made like that" kek

No. 2059454

Ayrt, same here. For my whole life they've stayed on my legs only, but lately I've been getting them on my arms and even my hands. My mom also bruises easily, but I think I'm a worse case than even her. Is it really possible for this to be normal and harmless for some people? I'm also constantly tired and balding, which is why doctors suspected anemia of thyroid issues, but I tested negative for both.

No. 2059465

I constantly bruise and I'm like the opposite of anemic, I have higher hemoglobin and hematocrit than normal but my iron levels are fine? It's so weird

No. 2059467

What exactly did you get tested for when they tested for anemia? Just hemoglobin or also ferritin? There's a lot of misconceptions about ferritin amongst doctors, a lot of them think low ferritin can't cause exhaustion when your hemoglobin is fine or that ferritin above 15 but below 30 is fine when it's not.

No. 2059474

My ferratin was 7, which was the lowest the test considered "normal" but all the doctors I spoke to insisted that 7 is an okay number. Regardless, I decided to take iron supplements daily since then (2 years ago) and I haven't been able to afford to get my bloodwork done again (burger with horrific insurance) but I feel the exact same still and bruise even worse now if anything, so I don't think the ferratin was the culprit after all.

No. 2059478

If you're going to do it, hanging is the way to go. There is a reason it has been used as a suicide method for thousands upon thousands of years. If you do your research (someone mentioned SS so you can go there) you're not going to fuck it up. You don't need to hang from the ceiling you can also "partial hang" from a shorter distance to the ground and it will work just fine. Obviously this is all nonsense if you own a firearm.

No. 2059482

File: 1719041795648.jpg (11.45 KB, 142x355, images(24).jpg)

Ooh anon, it's definitely the ferritin that's making you feel like dogshit. 7 is absolutely not okay, when I was that low I was sleeping at 7 pm daily because I was that fucking tired. 30 is the lowest acceptable range but optimal is towards 100. If you don't feel better after 2 years of supplementing, that could be indicating absorption issues. Either from the iron itself (not all iron is made equally) or an external factor like celiacs or losing the blood elsewhere.

Look up the Iron Protocol on Facebook, seriously please do, you're not doomed to keep feeling this poorly.

No. 2059512

Do you have any idea how bitchy nurses can be? They will absolutely get together and gossip over how hairy a woman’s pussy is.

No. 2059515

Can I bring this back up? I work as a cashier and I get a lot of men just be rude and cold to me for no reason, but will be nice to my male colleagues. But people say men only do this to ugly women.

No. 2059519

Easiest way to explain it is madonna-whore complex.

No. 2059525

Can I install tape in extensions by myself without looking like a freak?

No. 2059526

I don't work in a customer facing role but the lab I work in overlooks the entrance for the building and I was minding my business washing the glassware by the window and this unknown man in high viz jacket came up and banged on the window and called me a skinny bitch. I have to wear full ppe mask, hair net etc and lab glasses. Some men are just weird cunts I still don't know what happened that day.

No. 2059537

I don’t look like a whore though, not that there’s anything wrong with it but I don’t. I don’t wear much makeup and sometimes I wear none at all. I’m really polite and sweet to everyone. I always try to be helpful. I give them no reason to dislike me yet they clearly do. It makes me think I must just be ugly.

No. 2059540

Btw, I only want to hear accounts from beautiful or pretty women. Does this happen to you? Or is it only ugly women? And you have to be actually pretty too, not a mid who thinks they’re pretty.

No. 2059549

>I don't look like a whore
That's not what the madonna-whore complex is about nona kek

No. 2059550

I don’t get it? Why would it be about Madonna whore then?

No. 2059556

I'm not duckduckgo nona I'm sorry I don't have the energy to explain Freudian concepts to you.

No. 2059567

What are you trying to say? Am I the Madonna or the whore? What does that have to do with me trying to do my shitty cashier job?

No. 2059582

NTA, sometimes the pussy twitching kind of feels nice. But that's just my personal experience.

No. 2059583

Is the built-in video editor on windows (clipchamp or whatever it's called) good for editing clips from other media and adding music over it? I need something that's free and won't drain my computer memory

No. 2059599

File: 1719051440661.jpeg (194.3 KB, 1080x1920, gX7aQ4CLOyDoOKKU.jpeg)

picrel is some lady who went viral bc people found it ridiculous that she would crave a salad, and some of the most responses were pointing out her salad had no dressing and insisting that dressing is needed for salads because the carbs or fats in the dressing or whatever help digest the fiber in the salad. is that true? because i just think it's a lie by Big Salad Dressing to sell more salad dressing.

No. 2059600

i don’t know if it’s good exactly but you can do both of these things on it fairly easily.

No. 2059606

I think a lot of people misunderstand what "cravings" mean and assume it must always be fatty foods. Olive oil does help digest raw veggies (basically, so you don't get constipated, kek) but you just need like, less than a tablespoon of it. Dressings are more for flavor, they don't really help digest things (and most have added sugars)

No. 2059607

Can mold or dust cause flu-like symptoms?

I noticed that ever since I started going to the gym I've been getting flu-like symptoms right after. At first I thought it's just a cold that I catch walking home every time, but the last time I also experienced slight facial swelling and pain in my sinuses a couple hours after coming home. The gym is rundown (probably the reason why it's so cheap…) and I honestly don't think they clean it very often and certain parts of it have a very distinctive smell of mold (it's in the basement). I know for a fact my mother is allergic to mold because she recently tested herself for it, so I probably also have a sensitivity to it

No. 2059610

It's good for basic things like splitting audio/video, detaching the audio from the video, putting still photos on top of video, etc.
I'd say it's an alright tool for beginners and it's a major step forward from the previous movie makers windows had which were absolute dogshite

No. 2059619

I know someone who claims that they get digestive issues from eating salad but I think it’s just because they’re fat. Unrelated to your question, there is no good reason to not eat salad with dressing. The only people I’ve seen eating salad without dressing are anachans. Salad without dressing tastes bad, especially because lettuce and cucumber hardly have any flavour at all. Generally vegetables taste better if they are roasted or fried. It’s like eating other food without seasoning, bland and mentally ill.

No. 2059621

Salad with olive oil and a pinch of salt tastes amazing, seasonal raw vegetables are crunchy and tasty. Mediterranean diet supremacy

No. 2059622

File: 1719054222754.gif (56.16 KB, 498x276, both.gif)

ok so both is good?

No. 2059632

So basically what you're saying is you make salads with lettuce and cucumber and nothing else?

No. 2059637

I can't with burgers' palate being so fried from all the chemical shit and nonsensical spices they put on everything that they stop being able to taste the natural flavor of the ingredients. Salt and a bit of olive oil or vinegar are all you need for a salad. Why the fuck would I put carbs and a bunch of other things on a salad? The point is that it's fresh, simple and light, what's the point if you're going to drown it all with some sauce. Ingredients already have the flavour.

No. 2059639

No. At least add some vinegar. And raw vegetables are disgusting. I live at the mediterranean sea and no one I know eats raw vegetables or salad with just olive oil unless they’re anorexic.

No. 2059643

Ntayrt, Anon what's your favorite lettuce greens for it? I wanna buy some next time at the store.

No. 2059644

File: 1719056107304.jpg (41.15 KB, 500x500, eyeseyeseyes.jpg)

What do you think the ratio of posters vs lurkers is? I post dumb stuff sometimes and feel better that no one replied but there's definitely a lot of people silently watching and judging me

No. 2059647

oldfag nonnas, were the 90s really as they seemed in the movies?

No. 2059650

It was pretty great. There was a weird undercurrent about not putting in effort or enthusiasm into things so you wouldn't look fake. I used to be obsessed with Reality Bites but now I want to strangle everyone in that movie for not realizing how good they had it.
2004-2008 was better imho. 9/11 paranoia had died down a bit. Internet was in a decent state but not enough that every company was tracking everything you do online.
I was born in '88 for reference.

No. 2059656

>And raw vegetables are disgusting
Are you 8 years old, anon? Kek
>no one I know eats raw vegetables or salad with just olive oil unless they’re anorexic.
I live in the Mediterranean coast and everyone I know does that, some people add vinegar some people don't, maybe that's why there are no obese people in my family.

No. 2059658

I've always had pretty consistent results with the 10th rule. So a YouTube video for example might have 10000 views, and it'll have 1000 ratings, whether positive or negative, and 100 comments. Somilarly to here, I'd assume if there's 100000 hits per month, it's 10000 regular lurkers with 1000 regular posters.

No. 2059660

Does the full moon really influence your mood? Anytime it happens people around me say there's a weird vibe and everybody is turning crazy while I don't feel anything different, am I insensitive or is it just woowoo shit?

No. 2059666

I have an expolice officer aunt and she swears that on full moon things always got way more busy at work. I hope it's true, I love the idea of the Moon being a chaotic shiny old lady, making our hair grow faster and all those weird superstitions people believe.

No. 2059672

I bet you’re a larping faggot from western europe because I know you 'people' are used to eating shit. Adding vinegar to make a proper dressing doesn't make anyone fat and just a salad or raw vegetables don’t constitute a meal anyway. If you eat it as a side dish or appetiser you might as well eat cardboard and if you eat it as a main dish there is no more helping you(infighting)

No. 2059681

File: 1719060216024.png (23.47 KB, 409x207, meddiet.png)

>I bet you’re a larping faggot from western europe because I know you 'people' are used to eating shit.
The Mediterranean diet is highly regarded as one of the best diets in the world, anon, everyone knows that
> Adding vinegar to make a proper dressing doesn't make anyone fat
I didn't say that anywhere, read more carefully next time
>If you eat it as a side dish or appetiser you might as well eat cardboard and if you eat it as a main dish there is no more helping you
I'm sorry your taste buds don't allow you to find pleasure in eating a raw fresh tomato, enjoy your ketchup sauce I guess

No. 2059692

Greens for a salad? I'm also from the mediterranean region (I'm not the other anon though) and we use a lot of different greens with vegetables, sometimes some grains (rice, couscous, corn) with olive oil and salt (and sometimes vinegar) as a condiment. Personally if it's hot and I want something refreshing for a side dish I'll go with some minced carrots, iceberg lettuce and little cherry tomatoes. During the winter I love raw red cabbage (always with the simple condiment), it has a lot of flavour. My favourite type normally is a mix of valerian, lettuce, cabbage and rucola (add carrots, onions, turnips or tomatoes depending on mood). If I'm it as a main dish then I have to have a couple of boiled eggs in it or some type of cheese.

No. 2059718

File: 1719062461399.gif (15.82 MB, 480x480, g2kS.gif)

Hellweek said there was 8000~ unique posting IPs and 5000~ unique posting devices so that would be 50000 - 80000 people overall. I don't think it's really that high but even 10000 feels like an uncomfortably large amount of people watching.

No. 2059743

File: 1719063951705.png (302.7 KB, 491x627, IMG_5692.png)

What's a really good body wash I can get at any store like Target/TjMaxx/Ulta etc? I've been using a liter bottle from Lush for a couple years and their current prices are way too high

No. 2059782

sorry for asking you a stupid question nona

No. 2059794

>iceberg lettuce
There's like NO nutritional value in this, y'know, it's basically water in leaf form.

No. 2059801

Ntayrt but it's good as filler. It makes you feel fuller with extra cals. I still hate lettuce in general but I can understand why you'd put it in.

No. 2059802

I've been making salads with thinly sliced cabbage and apples, with pepper, oil , salt and lemon juice for seasoning, I recommend it! It's like sour-sweet

No. 2059825

I like jr watkins body wash. I imagine it would last longer than lush stuff. Still need to lotion after, though.

No. 2059838

No. 2059846

Depending on where you live the air quality might be bad, and that also affects people's health. It's usually shittier the hotter it is.

No. 2059847

If I want to make a blog-like website, with a lot of images and posts, would Wordpress be the best option?

No. 2059850

Dampness too. I live in a cold wet place and everyone of my apartments has had a mold problem. Basement gym makes me think there's no proper ventilation.

No. 2059863

Are a lot of lolcow users really anachans? I assumed that a lot of it was lying to flex or most of us healed from it/are managing it better

No. 2059867

I was. Then I realised being skelly looks like shit and being at a healthy weight looks a million times better and everyone who hasnt starved their brain away thinks so too.

No. 2059875

Is sudden appetite loss like a big deal (still feels hungry but no desire to eat) because I know in animals it means they're about to like die but is it that serious in humans? Like do I go to the hospital now because I just force myself to eat.

No. 2059890

I don't think so, places with a lot of anachans tend to be extremely food-centric. The "food you're craving" thread would be the most active on the site. The pro ana scumbag threads go through phases where you can tell it's mostly edtwt rejects posting, though

No. 2059896

No the anachans are also bpdfags who stick out for the attention.

No. 2059900

You could be sick nonnie or fighting off a cold. Don't worry too much if it doesn't come back in over three weeks then I'd see a doctor but just keep eating normally.

No. 2059912

Thanks, I'll wait a few weeks then.

No. 2059969

Statistically speaking, the number of lurkers who will never comment in a community is insane. It ranges based on the website, but at minimum, there's ten lurkers for each commenter, but it ranges up to one hundred lurkers for each commenter.

No. 2059972

teachers of lolcow are yous allowed to vape in the teachers lounge

No. 2059996

No, no nicotine within five hundred yards of the school allowed. But even nicotine free vapes are forbidden.

No. 2060004

This level of unhinged paranoia is not normal. My grandmother literally would tell me to always wear clean underwear in case you're hit by a bus. I thought it was a common joke adults said about underwear.

No. 2060012

how do you learn about world history in the most accurate way?

No. 2060036

read historical literature from a variety of perspective, even from the losing sides and from those with whom you ideologically disagree with. it used to be standard for history students to read Mein Kampf, for example, but people shit bricks at the thought now.

No. 2060104

Yeah but the Hellweek statistics were from a 2 week period not a month

No. 2060125

Mix of both primary and secondary sources and if you can find an expert on an area you're interested in email them and find out what the most recent and trusted ideas books on that subject are so like a university lecturer or something. Some books still widely used are considered out of date because of when they were published, for example anything on certain histories (Euro centric) is considered fairly weak before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

No. 2060145

File: 1719088834215.png (967.6 KB, 1102x505, helpme.PNG)

whats the differenvce between these donuts? I've been lookin for a hour

No. 2060148

When you're trying to learn the history of any country, it's important to learn the different facets of it. For example, if you were learning about 6th century Arabia, you'd want to read about: what sort of technological advancements happened in that century; what religious movements were popularized; what the economy was like; if there were any social movements or cultural changes; any major environmental upsets like droughts or famines; what was the standard of living, i.e., how did the upper classes live and how did the lower classes live; etc.. History isn't just event A to event Z, all those aforementioned forces have an impact and an effect on what happens throughout history. Hopefully my post makes sense.

No. 2060153

Omg are you doing swagbucks surveys too

No. 2060154

I layered them over each other on photoshop and they look the same.

No. 2060155

File: 1719089245385.jpg (265.32 KB, 1102x505, donut-difference.jpg)

No. 2060156

Eagle eye nonnie

No. 2060157

lol prime opinions surveys kek
I could kiss you nona, thank you so much

No. 2060158

You must have been incredible at those Where's Waldo books damn this is impressive.

No. 2060167

Why are surveys asking you to play spot the difference?

No. 2060180

does anyone know of a good western with a female protagonist?

No. 2060194

Alien (1979). It's not a Western but this one is better than Westerns because it takes place in outer space! It's also kind of scary though

No. 2060198

i hate scifi, no

No. 2060206

You can pretend it's happening in western times though it's not hard just pretend that Sigourney Weaver is a cowgirl with your imagination. It's worth it for Alien (1979).

No. 2060216

It's a comedy western but I liked Cat Ballou. Super old though. Jane Fonda is the lead.

No. 2060221

no because i dont like the number 1979, why not round it up. That alone lets me know its a trash movie.

No. 2060223

Oh so you're just a hater okay. I don't even know why I try to be helpful.

No. 2060224

File: 1719091579639.png (1.54 MB, 2048x2048, xenooo.png)

>>2060194(ai shit outside of containment )

No. 2060425

What's a good way to get rid of canker sores quickly? Whenever I eat acidic food, I always get one and they're so annoying. Does anyone have any tips?

No. 2060457

I wonder how farmhands decide if someone is a moid or not. Stupid because they can't really answer otherwise it would make it easier for moids to hide themselves.

No. 2060474

Its a offer you can complete for points.

No. 2060508

File: 1719103992092.jpg (44.16 KB, 736x736, 1000017365.jpg)

Anons who are moms or pregnant, what is your honest opinion when anons say to abort males? Would YOU? I remember an anon sharing a story of her boyfriend's mom. The mother said that if she knew she was having a boy, he probably would've been aborted in favor of having a daughter instead.

No. 2060517

I don't think it's a big deal. Some parents really want a daughter, some really want a son BARF. I'm hoping as reproductive technology and healthcare become more advanced, we'll be able to choose the sex and some of the traits (like hair colour, for example) that we'd want to see in our children.

No. 2060526

i feel immensely blessed to have a child irregardless of their sex, i’d never abort a son just like i’d never abort a daughter

No. 2060528

File: 1719104655155.jpeg (123.53 KB, 736x981, IMG_1376.jpeg)

what’s your favorite food to make in the air fryer? for some reason i’m very afraid to use it (idk why just not appealing to me but I judged used it today out of convenience) do you prefer using the air fryer or the regular oven

No. 2060531

I can't have children, but if I got pregnant, I'd abort a male without question. Easier said than done, but I think I would. I don't want children at all, but I am much more open to raising a woman than a man.

No. 2060538

All leftovers are better air fried. I like air frying any frozen food if I'm feeling lazy. Things like chicken tenders and breaded mushrooms or jalapenos.

No. 2060556

i read from a manga that you should put sliced lemon on your canker sore

No. 2060558

Are you being serious or are you trying to trick me into hurting myself? The lemon will burn. Sorry I just want to make sure.

No. 2060569

can you air fry ramen leftovers kekkk

No. 2060570

sorry i remember wrongly. the manga was actually about a girl bullying her girlfriend by forcing her to eat lemon when she has canker sore. but from leddit it might help to use baking soda and salt https://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/s/evTW0MXTGV

No. 2060575

KEK I'm so glad I asked to make sure. Thank you for the baking soda and salt trick though.

No. 2060664

>posted in wrong thread
so does ppl wanting to transition from one sex to another in order to be with the same sex means biologically ppl are like gay is not natural?

No. 2060667

No being gay is natural I think because penguins do it and there birds so there nature

No. 2060682

gay penguins have sex?

No. 2060684

samefag, im being genuine not trying to be a homophobic tard.

No. 2060686

There's no way to change your biology, anon

No. 2060688

Super out of shape. What exercises can I do without going too far from home? Retarded fear but I've my reasons. I find anything repetitive get boring supef quick

No. 2060690

strength stuff using your own body weight, yoga, palates are good too.

No. 2060693

>wanting to transition
I know that kek. should have said if they perceived themselves as the opposite sex.

No. 2060726

>(like hair colour, for example)
I feel like that would be a little redundant in the long run, also kinda just weird. sorry nonna

No. 2060727

I dont know I dont watch them do that though Im not gross so but dthat but probably they do so

No. 2060737

If repetitive movements get boring fast then a sport might be a long term solution for that. For now just go to youtube and do every new 'beginners workout/mobility exercise/warm up' video you see

No. 2060748

Is the word "sperg" common slang now? I've only ever seen it used here, sorry if I sound like a newfag, I'm not. I just genuinely don't hang out anywhere online except here, Runescape, and some youtube channels. But I just heard a youtuber I watch say sperging and I was so taken back.

No. 2060753

File: 1719118453876.jpeg (50.57 KB, 620x348, IMG_5656.jpeg)

did costco change their cookie recipe? they don’t hit the same anymore. either that or i stopped being a fatass.

No. 2060758

I haven’t had their cookies in a few weeks but I hope not! Their bakery and specifically those chocolate chip(and white chocolate macadamia) are the best cookies I’ve ever had. They make shockingly good baked goods at Costco.

No. 2060765

It was a common insult in the 90s and early 00s. Usually in the context of "sperging out"

No. 2060774

Much like "retard" it's an old insult from decades ago that has been frequently used on sites like 4chan. It would be considered offensive on mainstream sites like Reddit or w/e these days, so I'm surprised a Youtuber would dare to say it.

No. 2060782

So is she just autistic or schizo?

No. 2060783

Schizo. She was always doing drugs, but it seems like she had issues before that.

No. 2060795

Can someone become autistic after doing a lot of drugs or like the drugs awaken their autism lol?

No. 2060796

is that alabaman barker?

No. 2060797

its eugenia cooney retard

No. 2060819

Since when has "pillow princess" been a lesbian term? I swear it didn't use to be, but now I see people saying it's for lesbians and they don't like when heterosexual people use it. Am I going crazy?

No. 2060823

I thought pillow princess was a cute name for what you would call a sleepyhead. But then I found out that it was used by lesbians to describe lazy bitches in bed. I was pretty mad about it.

No. 2060855

Nta I'm not sure, but it's more likely it sort of "awakened" schizophrenia. I knew someone who had that exact same thing happen to him, and once he was medicated he acted similarly to Marina. Everyone always thought he was tripping after that but he was basically just retarded from the heavy medication, it's sad seeing how vacant some people get from shit like that. They're never the same, it's like talking to someone with severe brain damage.

No. 2060890

How do India and China have so many people? You could say access or no access to birth control and abortion, but even in year 1, as in, one year after Christ, the population was estimated to be 60mio and 65mio, each, while the world population at that time was estimated to be around 300mio.

No. 2060892

indians were doing the needful

No. 2060894

being gay is definitely not natural every day i wish i were straight but i can't stop thinking about eating pussies

No. 2060905

File: 1719142926495.png (4.15 KB, 315x137, not-the-moonrunes.PNG)

What language is picrel? Googling just gives me the lyrics to this specific song, so is it a fantasy language like in Omna magni or something?

No. 2060915

Until generic engineering, rice was the most efficient crop possible. It enabled more people to survive during famines, leading to larger overall numbers throughout the centuries.

No. 2060927

Based Haruka Shimotsuki enjoyer. I wondered if it was a mixture of things, but apparently it's indeed a fantasy language

No. 2060956

It can.

No. 2060958

some like it some don't. it's a meh for me

No. 2060960

It can. It can also feel deeply uncomfortable to painful as well. Just depends on how aroused you are.

No. 2060965

If the man knows what he's doing, yes. Unfortunately most men don't and they default to what gets them off which is why PIV doesn't feel amazing to many women. Some women simply just don't ever enjoy it, though. If you're lucky enough to be with a moid that is skilled and most importantly cares about your opinions and preferences then it can be very very nice.

No. 2060967

honestly, i got into exercise again after a looong hiatus due to illness thanks to Ring fit on switch
it's not gonna make you into a instagram supermodel, but it a pretty decent start if you wanna move your body again and not being out of breath in the stairs

No. 2060970

yes, as long as you remember it's not mandatory and it's not the endgame in sex

No. 2060973

I find it meh. It's not unpleasureable just kind of whatever.

No. 2061027

The few people I've known who had nightmares almost every night were also kind of shitty and self obsessed, is there a connection there? Or is it like the chicken or the egg, like they're always in a bad mood because they can't sleep or vice versa.

No. 2061035

How do you wash your back? I used to have a brush attached to a stick and I think it over exfoliated so I want something more gentle

No. 2061043

I just can reach my full back with my hands because I'm flexible, maybe try training your arms so you can reach your back with a washcloth or put a washcloth on a stick?

No. 2061053

Would putting potatoes in between cabbage rolls (with tomato and rice) taste good?

No. 2061157

I can reach everything by doing acrobatics with my arms, maybe I should get a brush

No. 2061158

No. 2061195

This question feels too voyeuristic to answer. Like you're just trying to get women to describe their experience to get you off.

No. 2061197

I agree

No. 2061215

File: 1719164598343.jpg (32.45 KB, 640x350, imagesspitzer20121101pia16212-…)

If you've got the Inner and Outer Sailor Senshi, how come there was never an Asteroid Belt Sailor Senshi?

No. 2061224

I swear to God I'm not racebaiting, I keep seeing videos of POCs that have their smoke alarms going off in the background.
Why is it so common? Why are the batteries not being changed? What's the reason for it? I swear it's every third video I see?

No. 2061246

Kek anon

No. 2061257

It doesn't bother them or they don't know what it is. If you heard it going off every 2 minutes growing up you forget it exists.

No. 2061263

But it goes off enough that you could track where the sound is coming from?

No. 2061268

KEK I hate how true that stereotype is in my experience. My sister's house always has the smoke alarm chirping from low battery. But IMO I think it has more to do with income than race. Poor people are too stressed with bills and their kids to spend time and money replacing the battery. After a while, they kind of just tune it out. But since some groups are statistically more likely to be in poverty than others, it becomes a race stereotype.

No. 2061271

I've seen jokes about it among Americans and I don't get it at all. Where I live a smoke alarm is really loud, you can't ignore it because it'll quickly bother you or your neighbors will call firefighters eventually. In the videos I saw where that happened and people in the comments made fun of it, the smoke alarm was just some occasionnal beeping sound that sounded like when someone plays basketball in a room with a floor made of wood and suddenly changes direction so I was super confused because I didn't even understand that the alarm was making noise.

No. 2061278

If the battery has ran out though why not just pull it out rather than listen to the chrip before getting used to it?

No. 2061281

File: 1719167821342.webp (104.63 KB, 1000x992, Sailor_Quartet.webp)

The Sailor Quartet were named after asteroids. Not sure if they're all from that part of the solar system though.

No. 2061284

Whatever happened to bronies? It feels like they were everywhere and now I don't hear about them at all anymore.

No. 2061286

became full fledged furries or went into sex offender registry

No. 2061287

nta but i did this with my smoke alarm. it would always go off when i was cooking so i eventually just took it down and put it in my cupboard with the battery removed. i'd never use it or put it up unless my landlord was coming around to check that they still work. i even did the same thing with my carbon monoxide detector, it used to beep like crazy for no reason and i'd always get a really bad headache and feel dizzy from the annoying loud beeps. sometimes the noise would even make me throw up thats how loud it was. i just think those alarms are stupid

No. 2061289

They all trooned out or are awaiting trial.

No. 2061291

File: 1719168121206.gif (1006.27 KB, 500x343, 16136108161379.gif)

No. 2061292

Only speaking from personal experience here but people who ignore the chirping usually don't have their shit together in any capacity so there's usually other sounds in the house with kids screaming, loud TV, neighbors ect. The low battery chirp ends up being negligible. The sound always bothered me cause I'm a sperg but not any of my other family members. It's like they had selective hearing that filtered it out or something. Also, most modern smoke alarms still beep for weeks if you pull the battery out because they're made to hold a slight charge.

No. 2061306

I take it out when what I'm cooking has alot of smoke or steam also because I live in a shitty unventilated apartment
Weird, I've never had it beep after I've taken the battery out.

No. 2061309

it's even worse when you have a gas stove, i could be boiling pasta and i swear that alarm would go off like crazy. also i never even got the point of fire alarms, like if there's a fire in my house i'm gonna see it? and if i'm asleep then the fire is probably gone too far already and i'd rather just sleep through my death then be awoken by the alarm only to realize im about to burn alive. why would i want to know that? i don't get the point of them.

No. 2061312

>became full fledged furries
That would explain why I seem to be seeing furries more frequently

No. 2061317

Now that it's winter in my country, if I have a hot shower the steam will set it off too. So annoying especially since I shower at 3am so I have to naked run and jump off the couch to snatch it from the ceiling

No. 2061328

File: 1719169582095.jpg (53.75 KB, 640x480, 1037202.jpg)

>They all trooned out
The decline of bronies does correlate the rise of mainstream troonism

No. 2061334

One day I hope for a powerful autist to come along and string together how it was that troonism emerged from the early to mid 2010s online sphere. Bronies, Gamergate, 4chan, Tumblr, Influencers, everything. I know in my heart that it's all connected. Everything.

No. 2061436

I believe that in like 20 years when it's all declassified some NSA worker is going to write a tell all book about this. Bronies and Gamergate came from 4chan and so much other shit. I met Moot when he gave a talk at my college and I got glowie vibes all over him.

No. 2061496

I really hope so. I know it's not popular, but I really think that every country should have a system in place like the Great Firewall in China. I think it's a good idea to have a monitored intranet for most lay people to use, and then if someone really knows internet culture they can download VPNs or whatever and see other stuff. Besides the youth getting poisoned on 4chan, I think the elderly got poisoned on FB. If we made certain things less accessible to most people, it would be easier.

No. 2061500

I'm not sure about having a country based intranet, like that's just the gov controlling what you see. As part of the civics class (not sure what the word is. It's Where you learn how the gov works, how to vote, do taxes etc) they've introduced a bit on spotting bad actors online. Like if you see a post think about who's posting it, why'd they'd post it and if they are trustworthy. I think it's good for the kids. Not sure how you'd stop the brain rot in older folk though.

No. 2061513

Are there penalties for ending phone/internet contracts early? A couple I know broke up but they’re still on the same phone plan and I wonder why they don’t just break it because it’s been like 5 months kek.

No. 2061554

I think it's just a bunch of groups of people being grouped as one, so it seems like there's a lot of them.

No. 2061571

i don't think it's that deep, male sexuality is pliable and they're socialized to be misogynists. so some men developed AGP, and it spread as a social contagion.

No. 2061590

For at least a couple decades anon. Straight people have only recently been trying to co-opt it.


Sure, it feels good but not enough to have an orgasm on its own. Clit stimulation is absolutely necessary, something most men don't understand.

Once FIM finished and the ugly new 3D animated season started, a huge amount of them lost interest. There's still plenty of them active on 4chan's /mlp/ board though.

Yep usually a pretty hefty fine and the company will not give you any good deals in the future either if you do that.

No. 2061657

Is there actually a way to browse Tiktok on like a desktop without having to create an account?
I don't want one. I just want to be able to see reviews and look up local info sometimes.

No. 2061700

I hate how everything needs an account these days.

No. 2061701


No. 2061702

Any female cow recommendations? Im bored

No. 2061706

There's a thread on /meta

No. 2061724

There's a difference between the actual alarm and the low battery alarm. The alarm is very loud and your neighbors would call 911 if you didn't turn it off. The low battery alarm is a high pitched chirp that chirps once every five minutes.

No. 2061853

what are you doing this evening nonny’s im smoking a blunt and lurking

No. 2061881

I'm taking an edible. High fives.

No. 2062016

Are autistic women more likely to get sucked into abusive relationships?

No. 2062021

Is thinking southern Italians aren't white a common thing among "normal" white people, or just the weird ones?

No. 2062045

Best page to make a collage that doesn't crop all my pictures into the same size?

No. 2062054

Common among Americans and that's it, no one else is that dumb.

No. 2062096

most definitely. i dont mean to infantilize having ASD but we are definitely prone to being more naive and unaware of social, verbal, and physical cues and language. all of this combined means that not only is it easier for us to be taken advantage of, but also manipulated in the long term. a lifetime of not fitting in 100% will also make you crave the feeling of a relationship, so its easier to see past the red flags and only see what you WANT the relationship to be, not what it is or what it realistically will become. you really have to look at it from a third person perspective and critically think about the person and their actions. speaking to someone like your mother or another female relative etc can always be helpful if you need an extra viewpoint.

No. 2062098

this and narcissists love these types of victims

No. 2062103

No. 2062110

probably, 9/10 autistic women are victims of sexual abuse and are more likely to be victims of bullying and socially isolated. predators choose their victims carefully and autistic women often have or develop traits that make it easier for them to take advantage.

No. 2062112

Is it possible tot trick yourself into enjoying something? I like the idea of cooking but don't actually enjoy the process, I'd like to though.
Sadly yes. What the other anons said plus autistic women are a bit more likely to be doormats ime ("they probably don't mean it that way I'm just bad at social cues").

No. 2062115

Yes and cooking is great because there's a reward at the end, just keep getting rewards and it'll feel good, I hate baking but everyone loves what I make and constantly praises it and I like what I make and that's really pushed me into baking.

No. 2062130

Nah she has made horny comments about men before and dated men in the past. She's bi at most

No. 2062164

File: 1719237973458.jpeg (3.04 KB, 220x190, low quality eminem.jpeg)

Why does my heart beat suddenly so loud whenever I catch even a glimpse of this guy? When he first came to my workplace I kept checking him out for some reason. When he was away for a while I thought to myself: "Now there's no point of going to work."

He's back now though. One time he looked at me in the eye and my heart felt like it stopped beating—and kept remembering it the entire night afterwards. I get nervous in his presence and try to avoid eye contact out of shyness.

What is this? Is this a crush? Limerence? But I never talked to him or barely know him, just his name. Why would my heart beat for a literal stranger in my life? I hate it.

Also he's five years younger than me and is a high school student(?) on break which makes me even more freaked out.

No. 2062167

is starting every sentence with “i” dumb? a large part of why i’m so silent in online convos is because i have this habit and it makes me feel silly

No. 2062171

Younger men are cute as fuck. That's why..

No. 2062173

Sounds super dumb but can I put super thinly sliced red onion in ramen?

No. 2062176

it bothers me too im highly conscious of how im always talking about myself. but nobody thinks about it as much as you, you know

No. 2062178

Yes. It tastes great.

No. 2062180

Is it lame to cut for the first time when you're already in college

No. 2062183

Do it!

No. 2062191

It's lame and retarded, find a more mature way to cope, sleep or workout.

No. 2062196

You're old enough to realize it's not going to benefit you long term anon. Anon above me is right about excersising, energy spent on excersising is energy that can't be spent on anxiety or otherwise miserable feelings, that's why excersising is good for mental health. Take a walk or something.

No. 2062200

lol no but you should stop, it gets addictive if you keep going

No. 2062213

I'm not depressed or anything, I'm just bored.

No. 2062214

do your eyes get bigger as you age

No. 2062215

You're bored so you're going to cut yourself? Don't retarded

No. 2062219

No but I think hyperthyroid undiagnosed gives old people petrouding eyes

No. 2062223

I don't cut but I hate the double standard when it comes to it. It literally has no risks except that people get freaked out by it. It should be no less taboo than smoking

No. 2062228

Damn you’re like a bird plucking its feathers. I hope you’re at least doing cool patterns so the scars don’t look like shit later. Go on a hike or something, leave the house

No. 2062230

Start smoking if you're looking for a way to self harm, then.

No. 2062233

>literally has no risks
blood loss, infection, anemia, hospitalization…

No. 2062236

I read a book about cutting once and apparently a lot of people that had a cutting problem get into tattoos later although they say it’s not the same thing (I’m sure it’s not but there’s clearly crossover). I bet sometimes it’s just because they want to cover the scars then they keep getting them because once you have one tattoo you might as well get more

No. 2062240

I used to cut and trust me the scars are embarrassing. No one wants to see them and no one cares. Vape or drink like the rest of us.

No. 2062247

this has probably been asked before but what’s the point of gay marriage if none of them are using it

No. 2062252

cutting can make you incredibly ill, it’s very easy for cuts that are close together to get infected, and then it’s really fucking embarrassing when you have to ask for medical attention and then show them your little stripes

No. 2062254

File: 1719244255809.png (270.13 KB, 493x530, microcephalous.png)

at least you're asking in the right thread

No. 2062257

im serious nonny, also why wouldn’t you guys wanna get married to each other especially now that you have the right?

No. 2062260

plenty of straight peiole don't get married either

No. 2062262

you're right no gay person has ever gotten married since being given the right. when will people start talking about this??!!!

No. 2062263

but more straight people do get married than don’t get married, i know incel culture seems big online but when you go outside and actually meet people you’ll see that it’s just not real life

No. 2062265

im not gonna lie to you nonnie i live in a super gay city and not only have i never seen a gay wedding happening ive also not been invited to any wedding by my gay brothers and sisters or ever seen any of them even get engaged? and this is since like 2013 when it became legal , so like 11 years have past

No. 2062277

so actually your life story and social bubble you're living in isn't representative of all gay people in case you didn't know

No. 2062279

File: 1719245410551.png (742.26 KB, 500x1075, elleadvice.png)

Listen to a video you like and go for a walk.

No. 2062281

File: 1719245446008.png (384.84 KB, 1170x791, not just me!.png)

uh i don’t think it’s just my city and social bubble, the same applies to the US too, only like 1 in 11 homo couples are married(bait)

No. 2062293

NONNIES ITS AN EMERGENCY!!! I have to go on vacation during a HEATWAVE. How the hell do I stop myself from sweating so much? Or if I can't stop that, how do I atleast make sure my sweat doesn't smell gross? My hands and forehead sweat the most. It's so uncomfortable and I don't know if I'll even be able to enjoy the trip kek. Please help

No. 2062294

Does your and and forehead sweat even smell? Deoderant should cover the actual stinky areas

No. 2062297

My forehead doesn't smell kek but my hands smell metallic? It's weird

No. 2062298

if you communicated with a person on multiple platforms (facebook, Instagram, texting, etc.) and they blocked you on one of the platforms after an argument, would you message them on the other apps or respect the block?

No. 2062299

I thought you meant cutting class and was going to advise you on that, but I see from the other responses that I am way off course. But yeah, don't cut in college, that's lame. You're not a fourteen year old girl who's parents are in a loveless marriage and who's father is an abusive alcoholic.

No. 2062300

That's weird that they wouldn't block you across all platforms. I guess it depends on what you'd say to them. Like is the plan to confront them? I'd just leave it be if I were you.

No. 2062306

Carry two handkerchiefs or bandanas (basically anything small, cotton, and foldable) to dab or wipe sweat: One for your forehead, one for your hands. Have fun on your trip!

No. 2062309

Staying hydrated can help, I think! I find that I sweat a lot less if I cool myself internally (drinking cold liquids) as opposed to just standing in front of a fan of wiping myself off periodically.

No. 2062312

if they blocked you then obviously they don't really want to be around you anymore, i don't think it would do the situation any good to try to get their attention elsewhere

No. 2062313

No. Live your dreams nonna.

No. 2062322

absolutely avoid synthetic fabric, cotton or linen are your friends. prefer loose clothing, especially in light colours.
it isn't necessary to wear as little fabric as posible; sleeves or long pants can work as long as they're from light fabrics, and they might you help feel less sticky.
go out with your hair wet.
use something with a wide brim or visor to shield your forehead, fwiw a straw or fabric hat might feel less constricting than a baseball cap
if you cant frequently take showers, just dunking your feet in cold water will feel great.

No. 2062331

If you report a message someone sent in a Discord server, does it tell them who reported them/what message was reported? Also does support look at the other messages in the conversation (such as ones I myself sent) to decide the context of the one you reported?

No. 2062338

I'm a retard and missed the new thread:
When artists and creators set up things like ko-fi or patreon to fund projects like webcomics or series, do they literally mean that the money will fund things to make the project happen?? Or is it just to give them money as an incentive to draw?

No. 2062342

Im delulu so I say if they didnt block you on all platforms then just wait for them to come around, but don't message them(learn2integrate)

No. 2062357

Make sure you get antitransparant instead of deodorant, deodorant is just perfume for your armpits, antitransparant actually helps preventing sweating in the first place

No. 2062360

Usually both

No. 2062385

What's there to be funded though if you're just a smalltime webcomic creator? Is the money supposed to pay their internet or electricity bill from working on the comic or something?
I can understand if you're making a game and need to hire a team but other than that?

No. 2062410

Your living costs if you want to live from your art?

No. 2062456

thanks for answering, i'm actually the person who did the blocking and I was wondering why they haven't attempted to contact me elsewhere. I overthink things to a terrible extent.

No. 2062464

What’s a ruined orgasm? Ik it’s some porn thing but I don’t wanna look it up.

No. 2062468

It's like before the person orgasms they do something to make it not pleasurable. Like they'll throw a bucket of cold water on themselves right before it happens. That's what it sounds like

No. 2062473

It's crazy lesbians can't even have an experimental phase or a journey in finding their true selves without people on the internet calling them fake lesbians for it kek.

No. 2062481

It's when you're about to come but something distracts you and instead of going over the edge and orgasming the pleasure just kinda fades/disappears. At least that's what it feels like for me, happens too often unfortunately due to having a wandering mind. Not just a porn thing afaik.

No. 2062482

I see so like edging with extra step

No. 2062488

Do you get off to that? I saw some egirl mentioned it and I figured it’s a coomer thing. That sounds frustrating to me lol

No. 2062489

>an experimental phase or a journey in finding their true selves
how is feeling sincere, actual attraction towards men and making thirst comments about men you want to fuck any of that?

No. 2062491

Is this why I've only reached orgasm once? I always get bored when masturbating and then the horny just fizzles away

No. 2062495

>Do you get off to that?
NTA, but no, it's awful. It happened a lot when I was on SSRIs and it was a big reason I got off them. Like getting on a roller coaster, cresting the giant hill, and then the car stops and everyone has to get off and go home. Maybe you're thinking of orgasm denial? Which is when someone's orgasm is purposely prevented when they get close so that they come harder when they are allowed to cum a short while later.

No. 2062498

That sounds more like a physical or psychological issue than a ruined orgasm. If you're interested in finishing, you should get that rosebud toy.

No. 2062501

No, I think she or you might be confusing ruined orgasm with orgasm denial or edging. Denial would be about control, making sure the other person doesn't come until they have your "permission" to do so, so basically ruining their orgasms until you decide it's ok for them to come. Edging would be something you can do to others or yourself on purpose, supposedly you come harder if you come close to orgasm multiple times but stop just as you're about to come.

No. 2062517

How hard is it to clean guinea pig enclosures as an apartment owner? I have two long areas I could put them with the blanket floors they need. I'm just worried how hard cleaning will be without a hose and what if I can't provide enough space? 7ft length by 3ft depth.

No. 2062594

File: 1719265833177.jpg (115.73 KB, 1200x1132, cat diagram.jpg)

Why do cats like it so much when you scratch their tail base? Picrel is diagram of cat for those that don't know

No. 2062598

maybe it tickles?

No. 2062603

mine hates it

No. 2062620

Yes. Many autistic women come across as passive, naive, or even childlike which attracts narcissists and sociopaths like flies to honey. We are seen as easy targets and, unfortunately, we kind of really are because we're more likely to blame ourselves for what happens and not report it.

No. 2062627

do it in the shower/tub

No. 2062636

Pretty much every guinea pig owner I've seen cleans the grids by hand via wiping, so that's not a problem. The bigger problem is the laundry if you don't have a unit washer/dryer.

No. 2062678

Personally I'd have a bigger cage (or enclosure, I used CNC) but I get the lack of space, maybe floor time is an option. But it's super easy to clean as long as you have access to somewhere you can wash the blanket floors fairly frequently, their poops are usually solid so honestly you can just pick them up, I used a dustpan but I didn't have blankets I had bedding.

Like I said if you have issues with space then provide some supervised floor time.

No. 2062684

I’m probably not gonna word this very well but what is going on when a junkie just like pauses in time like they’re frozen? I know they’re high obviously but why do they literally just freeze in time? I just saw one guy standing at the entrance to a crosswalk on an electric scooter with his head slumped on the handle bars just standing there like he was about to cross the road and then ??? The high hit??

No. 2062687

its an area they cant properly scratch themselves

No. 2062689

KEK they’re spun out that’s what’s happening nonna

No. 2062691

But usually they don't spin or anything, it's like they're just standing there. It's kind of freaky.

No. 2062693

spun out is a term for extremely high kek, they’re sort of incapable of moving or blinking or doing anything else because there’s like an orgasmic sensation kind of coursing through your veins is the best way to describe it i guess

No. 2062699

Their senses are overwhelmed by being high, it makes them freeze up. Drugs are different from alcohol but even when drinking at some point you get overwhelmed and shut down / pass out.

No. 2062701

Oh okay sorry I misunderstood. I don't get why they sell drugs then if it's so bad for you though. It doesn't make sense I hate Big Pharma.

No. 2062706

Are they not able to tell when it’s gonna hit? Like wouldn’t they have to have juuuust shot up for that to happen or do they shoot up and then it happens later? I just see them like in the middle of the most random and public spaces, I literally saw one girl frozen like that on the sidewalk right directly in front of the police station kek

No. 2062709

I think it's mostly the noob drug users that to this, the "newfags" of the drug world, so to speak. The drug world probably looks down on these types as well. Usually the redtext they get is just overdosing though.

No. 2062722

it depends on the user, i guess. there are plenty of junkies who just shoot up in public because they’re feenin and there are junkies who just go on a binge and then are totally strung no matter what they’re doing for hours or even days

No. 2062736

Since we're asking about drugs, is there a drug hierarchy? Like do cokeheads and pill poppers look down on potheads for not doing harder drugs?

No. 2062739

The saddest part is potheads don't even see themselves as drug addicts kek

No. 2062757

i'm a stoner who looks down on cokeheads because its not natural. i like weed for its high and medicinal properties (its how i stopped being an anachan) but i used to rave a little bit and most ravegirls didn't consider themselves drug addicts and hated potheads despite doing molly every other weekend.

No. 2062775

>I look down on cokeheads because it's not natural
Coke comes from a plant nona, just like your drug of choice kek. Another example of potheads being in denial.

No. 2062779

So there's Stacy and Becky, and then there's Chad and… who, exactly? Is he just a "virgin"?

No. 2062799

Pro Jared

No. 2062808

no but see its not just a plant. if it was like mushrooms and just the plant then it'd be ok but its chemicals and shit too with no medicinal properties unlike shrooms/weed. I think I'm just a hippie kek

No. 2062841

I have an online friend who is really dear to me. She's funny, kind and smart, and I actually like her more than most of my irl friends. The thing is she's a hardcore neet who doesn't seem happy with her situation, but also doesn't seem to do anything to change that, at least not that she tells me. I do sometimes ask her what her plans for the day are and it's always gaming/watching anime/watching a movie with other online friends. She jokes about neetdom a lot and sometimes it feels like she's happy with it, but occasionally she'll say things that hint towards her being actually very unhappy. I want to help her and encourage her to go outside and interact with the world, but I also don't know much about her history and she doesn't open up to me, so maybe she has an issue that I don't know about, like a disability or something.

I was a neet too when we met but it was temporary for me and now I have a more or less normal life. I thought talking to her about it would help, but I think it's hurting her emotionally. I just want her to be happy. She's honestly an amazing person and I think anyone would be lucky to have her as a friend.

What do I do? Can I even do anything? Does anyone here have a similar story or know someone in a similar situation?

No. 2062845

Okay I get it you love drugs, that's fine nona it's your life like do whatever you want, but then don't come around acting like you're better than other druggies just because your drug is "better" or whatever. It's "chemicals" in the same way THC is "chemicals" because everything on God's green earth is "chemicals" kek. If you wanna be a hippie then actually chill out and start breaking bread with cokeheads.

No. 2062853

ntayrt but
>i think im just a hippie
at least you’re self aware kek

No. 2062854

The process of getting concentrated snortable coke involves a bunch of shit. I remember watching a documentary on it and the whole process was crazy, the thing that stuck with me the most was that they use gasoline in the process.

No. 2062856

I feel retarded for having used the word "process" three times in a row…

No. 2062861

Since the Hellenes believe that water is the element of love, as Aphrodite emerged from the sea, I'm wondering what the significance of Aphrodite's birth holds? I know she's a foreign God, but I'm confused as to why she was born from sea foam as the descendant of Neptune. Why is that?

No. 2062984

What are the most "American sounding" songs?

No. 2062988

American Pie by Don Mclean is one everyone agrees is pretty American kek

No. 2062995


Also basically all country songs.

No. 2062998

Welcome to the Jungle

No. 2063008

Fortunate son for sure

No. 2063010

And sweet home alabama

No. 2063011

Anyone else like me who's interests haven't developed at all since age 12-14? It's not like I can't understand or dislike "higher" art forms like literature and paintings and art films and proper subjects like history (I even enjoy them) but in the end I always come back to shitty vocaloid songs and manga meant for preteens and like those more than anything else.

No. 2063016

Does MFC have an age restriction? Like, just saw a profile of a girl who is FOURTEEN and it’s plastered with pics of that pedo strawberry marshmallow show. This is so gross, usually I just block minors but I haven’t seen one on here so young. I know tiktok has lots of underaged but whenever I report their accounts tiktok says no because the rule is to be above 13. I just think this is so messed up and they shouldn’t be on such sites.

No. 2063020

Sounds like your comfort zone isn't really being challenged

No. 2063059

I thought it was Brad?

No. 2063110

Anons, where is the latest General movie thread?? I swear to God I cannot find it, the only one I found was the one from 7 months ago, but that cannot be the one

No. 2063117

No. 2063121

File: 1719303576757.gif (7.57 MB, 400x299, 1000014599.gif)

Yesss, thank you nonna!!

No. 2063128

is it okay to wash my vulva with unscented dove bar soap? i keep hearing conflicting answers.

No. 2063131

I could feel my pussy itching and burning just from reading that, please don't. Just water is best honestly. The products that are formulated specifically for that area are made to alter your naturap PH so you become reliant on them and feel weird if you don't use them

No. 2063133

do you have any wipes or wet toilet paper? try wiping with those instead

No. 2063138

Nta but who uses wipes in the shower

No. 2063139

Yes, it's perfectly fine. I actually was recommended unscented dove by my gyno, and I know it's what other women use too. I use it on my mons pubis, outer vulva, and my butt. Never had an issue

No. 2063181

As long as your not scrubbing into your vagina I'm sure it's fine. I've always used whatever soap I use on my body on my pussy too, and I make sure to soap each side of my inner and outer labia and the clit & hood kek, and I've never had any issues. I used to use regular Dove soap but I hated the perfumey smell so now I use a scent free Neutrogena bar. I'll probably switch that one soon too because it dissolves way to quick and it's like $3 a bar and only lasts a few showers.

No. 2063192

No, just use water. There's no reason to use soap on your vulva. Soap is meant for your ass.

No. 2063201

File: 1719313377171.png (518.8 KB, 588x407, squirmy and grubs.png)

Are women who use their unconventional partner for "social status/validation" really that bad if they're not abusive?

In the tif thread there is a girl showing off her obese trans "boy"friend, or the Julia thread with her obese elderly partners. There's also less attention-whory people like youtube couple squirmy and grubs where a normal attractive woman is dating a severely disabled man, see picrel. There's seemingly no abuse going on but usually it seems the female does get something out of seeing herself as a good person…?

It feels like it could easily be bad and abusive and on the surface it makes you go "no one would seriously find that person attractive". But on the other hand if you're (taking the disabled man example here) a straight woman who was abused sexually having a weak disabled boyfriend who has little to no capabilities of ever attacking you might be seen as super comforting and great. You get to be the one with the power over the man. People see you as a good pure-hearted person for dating them. And some women are very into taking care of others and love the idea of an eternal person to care for. So idk. I have a theory these kinds of women are at least mildly autistic.

No. 2063205

There's this idea that you need to be attracted to "different" people not because of their differences but in spite of them. For example you meet a fat person and you're not attracted to them, but by getting to know them you're suddenly able to overcome your revulsion and fall in love. This is a retarded idea probably influenced by romantic comedies and it goes completely against the way that sexual attraction actually works in real life. If you're dating this kind of deformed monster goblin you are getting something out of it and unless the goblin is mentally deficient I see no reason why I should consider the relationship abusive unless there is evidence of mistreatment.

No. 2063211

If you watch them it becomes clear Hannah has a devotee fetish, tbh good for her.

No. 2063225

Country Roads.

No. 2063226

He's just the virgin or the incel.
It depends on your personal chemistry. My vulva and lips are made of iron, so I wash them with any body soap I have on hand and have no ill effects.

No. 2063455

File: 1719330490079.png (1.04 MB, 800x600, aa84603d0346a62dadce3c37b6529b…)

i hauve covid and i never had it before. body is in pain, my head is hot (fever) but i have the cold shakes. have to finish some fanart and a concert to go to in september, what should i do to maximize my chances of not dying

No. 2063458

What's the difference between self-reflection and navel gazing?

No. 2063460

Self reflection is when you analyze and usually change your actions. Naval gazing is when you tell other people that you're reflecting but don't actually do anything.

No. 2063467

Why would someone make a fake account on social media (in addition to his real account) to secretly stalk his crush but at the same time use a profile pic for that accout that looks like him?

No. 2063472


No. 2063473

How? I don't get it

No. 2063474

If you're vaccinated, not immune compromised and are under like 60, you should be fine.

No. 2063490

fantastic i will enjoy my PTO without fear of dying in my sleep. thank you kind anon.

No. 2063492

Retarded question but what’s with Elliot Rodger TiFs? A TiF I know posted some meme about him on my spam which I thought was odd because I assumed she was fairly “politically correct” aligned. Now I’ve seen it mentioned again here in reference to TiFs. Is there something I’m missing? Why’s this incel attracting trannies?

No. 2063515

Am i racist if im only attracted to people with light/fair skin? I can be friends with anyone and i support everyones rights but im only attracted to people with light skin.

No. 2063519

Obviously not if it's physical attraction based no one is gonna be mad unless you start going on about it

No. 2063523

I don’t think it matters, personally. No one should shame you for not being attracted to them. I’m white but I’m especially attracted to people with a sort of golden brown complexion. I wouldn’t say it out loud because someone might claim I’m a racist fetishizer, even though my preference is not racially-specific at all. I just happen to find that trait attractive, for whatever reason

No. 2063528

please nonas give me your thoughts on this

No. 2063530

Menthol Illinois, that retard thinks of the irl moid like a husbando and should just get a husbando because the moid surely is past his prime (over 25 years old) and is fat.

No. 2063531

File: 1719335548924.png (63.15 KB, 569x257, Screenshot 2024-06-25 101203.p…)

No. 2063541

you forgot Tyrone, the black version of Chad,

the virgin incel has no name, for he is legion

No. 2063544

I think you know it’s not racism. I’m a non-white person and I don’t give it much thought because it doesn’t affect me. I think it confuses me more than anything. If your partner was able to tan deeply would you just suddenly stop being attracted to them full stop? It just feels like there’s usually more to attraction, when people have something like this it’s sometimes feels indicative of a psychological factor rather than pure physical attraction. That being said, mere preferences make sense to me. I think healthy, pretty skin is much nicer than a particular skin tone, but I have a preference for dark eyes - it isn’t a ‘requirement’ but definitely something I appreciate. So I could “get” having a mere preference in the colour of skin.

No. 2063546

Since when is the term "oversexualized" considered academic speak? I thought it was a normal word?

No. 2063554

you can't be attracted to everybody, you have your own preference, your mileage may vary; as long as you treat everyone as decent human beingn it's okay, you don't own your very special love to anybody

No. 2063583

Should I or should I not DM an old friend who I haven't spoken to in a year? We didn't fight or anything, just grew apart

No. 2063587

I haven’t heard that term called academic speech, it’s used quite regularly. You can make anything sound scholarly with enough verbosity though.

No. 2063589

What would be a reason not to anon?

No. 2063592

Only a retard would think that. Where did you see this?
If you didn't have a falling out, then definitely dm them.