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File: 1673814840673.gif (1.93 MB, 268x402, 9885572D-5963-4488-8095-58E833…)

No. 308124

A thread for the discussion of robots and robot husbandos.

Will realistic robot husbandos ever become available in our lifetimes? Would you marry one?

No. 308128

it makes me sad that by the time robot husbandos are made i'll either be decrepit or i wont have the money to get them. I hope i get me a husbando robot.

No. 308137

Iktf nona.
>born to late to marry a scrote who isn’t a porn addict
>born too early for a perfect robot husbando

it’s over.

No. 308144

I wish I could have a robot husbando of Prussia so badly
>tfw no robot Prussia bf
Why even live?

No. 308145

Can you elaborate? I’m not sure what that is

No. 308146

The fact that you used Jongup as your example of a perf robot husbando is enough for you to have won my heart, nonnie. If I could get a good robot husband I'd nickle and dime for the rest of my life to get one. To be a flawed woman unconditionally loved by the perfect specimen, untainted by being a real scrote? I'll start clipping coupons rn.
I don't really wanna live too long, but the potential to even have a robo husbando to take care of out old asses when we won't even be able to feed ourselves should be more than enough reason to keep going. We can hold out, nonas!
Anyway, what do you want your robots to look like? since op brought it up, someone like Jongup would be a perfect model for one.

No. 308148

File: 1673825412487.jpeg (151.56 KB, 1125x1405, 0652657E-F6CF-46FF-9F5D-FBDD0E…)

Thanks nona. I just used him as he’s slightly spectrum-y and behaves like a robot sometimes, I find it amusing. And he’s so pretty he looks like some kind of sexy mannequin at times which helps.

One of my favorite manga as a kid was Absolute Boyfriend, I became obsessed with the idea of an android or robot bf since then. So much discussion of robot companions is moidcentric, so I’d like to see more female perspective on this topic.
The idea of them becoming super advanced one day, not only in terms of physicality and lifelikeness but what they are capable of doing and how they are capable of behaving is really intriguing to me.

No. 308150

YES, (to Jongup but also) Absolute Boyfriend and Watase Yuu in general are top tier! I remembered Absolute Bf recently and wish there was a shoujo renaissance. I think manga and stuff with inhuman love interests seriously started something at a young age and it aged like a fine wine. Did you cry at the end too?
My robohusbando would need to be the perfect househusband and know how to help me with my anxiety.

No. 308151

Sorry nona I deleted my previous post. Yes, AB is where it all started (and yes I cried at the end!). When it first came out the idea of such a thing was a wild sci fi fantasy, but everyday we are seeing proof that we are coming closer and closer to creating robots that are increasingly convincingly humanoid.

I think there’s a massive growing subset of women who are dissatisfied with the behavior and expectations of bio moids. Many women are put off by things like the fact robots cannot emotionally connect with them, work or provide a wage to contribute to the household, protect us from danger etc, but I wonder, what if we could actually modulate robots to the point they actually can do all these things? I think the possibility of android boyfriends and husbands in the not too distant future is actually very real, but the sexism and male bias within the tech industry has to be pushed aside first.

No. 308154

I think it's all possible too, but scrotes in tech will never let that happen. They'd make the ugliest androids possible and probably program them to "accidentally" murder their female owners. That's why we need more women in stem lol
Scrotes also have the worst aesthetics if you look at their female love dolls. Proof that they don't see women as people or even want actual women, but sexed up caricatures. At least we want what men should be ie. loving, supportive, not likely to kill us when we say 'no.'
But seriously, we need more girlies in stem and silicon valley stat.

No. 308157

Agree with everything you said 100% nona

We do need more women in tech working towards this goal, I think there are women who already are but their voices get drowned out in all the coomer moid noise screeching about catgirls and porn.
I think the only viable way we can start actually getting tech moids to sit up and pay attention to our wants and needs is by demonstrating to them that there is a real and growing female market and demand for this.

No. 308165

Remember when sex dolls were coming out and scrotes were all "hurhur we won't need real women anymore?" Imagine the rage when they realize that so many women are so ready to upgrade. The devastation to the male ego would be delicious.

No. 308177

Prussia from Hetalia is my husbando nona

No. 308178

Two relevant movies from the movie thread.
Anybody else have any more media recommendations? Preferably with happy endings.
I know it wont happen in real life, at least not in my lifetime.

No. 308183

I was trying to think of recs I can't recall a single happy ending, nona. I just realized this and wtf? Why can't we win?

No. 308211

File: 1673859988759.jpg (139.5 KB, 720x1059, IMG_20230116_055950.jpg)

Since this thread is about robot husbandos i just need to share this account that appeared on my fyp on tiktok. I think she work with robotics? And her content is just her being unapologetically horny about them and thirst-trapping kekk. I wish i could send a webm of it but i don't know how to convert it.

No. 308212

Why did they make this ROBOT an ugly middle aged man with Neanderthal traits? I swear the entire world is against pretty boys.. so sad. I would kill this robot with water spray. Ugly scrote. Fucking retarded machine. I would shoot it even

Also yes men are already robots (but evil with satanic coding) so I would definitely want a robot husbands (good coding written by a woman, capable of having morals)

No. 308215

To be fair, robots are very hard to…style, they often look uncanny and weird, like their features are off, specially if you consider picrel is literally an endoskeleton covered in a somewhat thick layer of plastic, maybe future models will look more refined

No. 308217

Nona this isn't the only one there are other ones who look younger in her videos.

No. 308230

File: 1673876401390.png (1.63 MB, 1139x1500, Ramattra-portrait.png)

Picrel is the only kind of robot husbando I want, realistic moids can go to hell.

No. 308234

What the fuck is wrong with weebs? Only because you guys love pretty/gc, it doesn't mean that every single woman out there shares your views. A lot of women love masculine dudes. There is men out slide your web Chinese porn, you know.

No. 308235

Needs a bit of work but otherwise impressive, the realism is getting there slowly but surely

No. 308236

I agree his nose, eyes shape, lip and philtrum are ugly.
Moids have such terrible taste and design in male aesthetics. Only women should be allowed to design android moid aesthetics.

No. 308237

With the recent advancements in AI tech I think we'll have robot husbands soon. I use a site called character.ai and the bot already talks like a real person. Now all they need is a body.

No. 308242

They should've given him long purple hair and a beautiful face with long eyelashes. And glasses

No. 308250

File: 1673886722446.jpg (151.8 KB, 2048x1228, FGoao-HUYAQ-eLL.jpg)

My favorite trope is a robot made for combat falling in love and realizing their humanity and feelings.
I want a war machine, living weapon robot bf to act lovey-dovey for me.

No. 308257

File: 1673890365778.png (449.1 KB, 470x705, 164238.png)

I was looking for more information for regarding the android and found the older prototype although not a lot of comprehensible footage of him as he is often in the background. Slight visible improvements while not sure about the performance.

No. 308258

File: 1673890456354.webm (450.93 KB, 464x848, ssstik.io_1673887716476.webm)

Not slight improvements sorry, now seeing it side by side, still in the uncanny valley look

No. 308259

That’s such a cute fantasy nona I love it

No. 308260

File: 1673890938301.webm (2.35 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1673887728790.webm)

Also regarding the faces from my research they seem to be made from actual human faces. body and voice
>The company is willing to pay $280,000 to everyone whose face gets imprinted on one of its robots in exchange for handing over the rights to their faces.
>the winning applicant will have to create a 3D model of their face and body as an external feature on the robot. It will then take you at least 100 hours of dictation to copy your voice, which will then be used by the machine to communicate with customers.
>the winner is required to ‘sign a license agreement’ that permits ‘unlimited use of your appearance’ over a while. Consequently, anyone who meets the above requirements would get compensation in exchange for the right of their faces.
It seems like they used to generate the faces themselves. However has now settled on with newer/lazier way with the newer generation. Honestly feel sorry for all the women that sold their face to this company

No. 308273

Imagine being a robot and still suffering lip filler migration.

No. 308276

>male robots look old and uncanny
>female robots look like sex dolls

No. 308278

Could they at least hire some god damn attractive male models or kpop boys to model the male droid faces instead of some Neanderthal looking mid scrotes

No. 308285

File: 1673903498636.jpg (35.88 KB, 281x400, 9-626108-c400.jpg)

Gonna shill my favorite manga Do Androids Dream of Love It has smut scenes too

No. 308291

Thanks nona gonna read this now

No. 308531

>Will realistic robot husbandos ever become available in our lifetimes?
Moids will 100% prioritize robot waifu sexbot development before anything and refuse to make robohusbandos because muh pp hard and it would kill their ego to make a replacement of themselves but way better physique, emotional intelligence (gasp!) and customizable ding dongs. So TLDR prob not in my lifetime.

>Would you marry one?

I'm already pretty satisfied with my 2d husbandos so probably not, but I'd think about it if I can request the companies to make a perfect copy of my husbando kek

No. 309575

They will have to make robots for women too and cater to us. The robot partner industry will never take off without female consumers. I read interviews with Ceos of sex robot companies and they are definitely interested in selling their robots to women.

No. 309611

File: 1674159741922.gif (4.96 MB, 600x390, DBH_Connor.gif)

Thinking about him…

No. 309613

If there is a demand and money to be made, there will definitely be some manufacturers happy to supply, even if it pisses off scrotes.

No. 309621

ayrt and I hope you're right. I just want to see these moids cope and seethe tbh even if I don't end up getting a robohusbando

>> 309611

top tier robohusbando taste

No. 309641

File: 1674174858038.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1366x768, Nice_butt_clear.png)

Moids can seethe and be insecure all they want lol. I think this can also keep the population under control since human and robots can't reproduce unless they're equipped with actual egg/semen which I highly doubt anyone wants to do that. It would be amazing to have your robohusbando cum inside you as many times as you like without getting pregnant.

No. 309686

File: 1674216952466.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1251x1858, D61D56D8-0881-4AD6-ABC1-92576B…)


>skinny and mostly hairless on his body, just a light happy trail and some arm and leg hair and maybe some light chest hair
>only programmed to serve me and be romantic with me, is friendly with everyone else but can only have sex with me
>Edward Furlong face (circa 1996)
>Edward Furlong voice
>long light brown silky hair
>6.8 inch uncut girthy member
>trimmed pubes
>firm and light salmon colored peach sized balls that don’t droop
>can do chores
>can tell me he loves me, take me on dates, dirty talk
>can drive me around
>can fight moids for me (high skill krav maga trained)
>is obsessed with me
>massages me
>maintains that mechanical erection for hours on end,
>eats pussy and has adjustable levels of how hard he goes level 1 is kissing and light licks, level 8 is sucking on it and aggressive licks
>when you suck his dick he comes in less than a minute
>artificial semen that tastes like tap water
>reactive to touch, moans when you kiss his erroneous areas
>cries when you slap him
>realistic reactive flesh that bruises up and hickeys show up on him.
>dress him up in cute anime cosplays
>he can cook anything
>he cuddles with me at night and acts as my bodyguard
>he takes care of me and waits on me like a butler.

No. 309698

Can I just have Walter from alien?

No. 309702

File: 1674229005417.jpg (42.03 KB, 497x511, Et-AicLXAAIhPN8.jpg)

You're a genius nona

No. 309717

File: 1674240378798.jpg (570.81 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_1be6acdfa5dc7094f265203…)

Dream robot husbando
The comic he's from sucks but I really like his personality.

No. 309721

Holy shit, nonas, write down your custom order robohusbandos. I'm going to have to think long and hard about this.

No. 309731

File: 1674248631674.jpeg (262.35 KB, 1024x968, 087218C9-72F6-4AB9-AB48-1A9A6F…)

Fuck yeah. I need to read a military sci fi novel where the robot soldier and commander are stranded on a hostile planet and grow closer together

No. 309868

File: 1674361363431.png (3.74 MB, 1150x1594, 1417E263-F673-4223-8A97-20BBE1…)

nice choices nona, furlong was so cute pre wall.

my ideal husbando
>around 6’2
>athletic, slim toned build with decent amount of body hair (on his chest mostly) and perfect ass / thighs
>tan year round, has tan lines where his skimpy swimsuit is
>brunette ashy hair that is mid-chin length, slightly wavy and flipped back
>defined face, honestly my ideal is like david bowie / buster keaton mixed (with dark eyes and strong eyebrows)
>ONLY dresses in 60s-70s fashion (the most important part lol, it’s my fetish) ie: open shirts, tight pants, fur coats, heeled shoes
>alternates between wearing glasses (circle or aviator styles depending on my mood)
>has the speaking/singing voice of warren zevon
>can instantly create or memorize songs and perform them to me
>skilled in the arts and is a genius in chess, math and aviation
>purrs when i touch him, is constantly playful and seductive
>turns off and goes to sleep when i want him to, can perform daily tasks
>doesn’t regard any person but me unless i program him to
>decent size penis that’s cut, i’m not a size queen lol
>has constantly alternating outfits/costumes depending on my mood/fantasy
>follows me in public silently, always looking great

No. 309869

omg i also had the biggest crush on him. the actor is fine too, but not a robot ofc

No. 309872

do airplanes count? asking for someone who isn't me.

No. 309970

If any nonnies itt like asian dramas, I recommend Are You Human Too. The romance is really cute, and the robot husbando is also really cute and charming. It’s quite funny as well, and the plot is decent

No. 310083

nonitas you've inspired me. here's my ideal robohusbando:


>athletic, muscular like picrel
>jet black mid length hair, light brown eyes, skin is pale but can be programmed to appear tanner during spring / summer
>nice square jaw with strong brows
>big pec muscles, huge shoulders and back muscles
>programmed to only love me and me only but is friendly to my friends when I take him out to parties
>be a bodyguard + travel buddy for trips overseas
>knows martial arts for self defense + shoot a gun perfectly to protect me if needed
>speaks multiple languages and teaches and practices it with me
>knows how to cook but lets me cook for him when I want to + always does the dishes
>blushes when I flirt with him (bonus points if his ears and neck turn red) but also knows how to be bold in bed
>trimmed and manscaped, bigger than average but not too big
>focuses on my pleasure in bed over anything
>can love me for multiple rounds and always kisses me all over the body after I'm satisfied, carries me to the bathroom and helps me shower
>loves doing chores and DIY house improvement stuff
>loves working on my car to make it better, doing oil checks etc, while wearing a nice mechanic suit with no shirt underneath
>likes princess carrying me for no reason, even in public. When I tell him I'm embarrassed he will only put me down if he can plant kisses on my face
>always smells nice
>loves dressing me up + loves getting dressed up by me during shopping trips
>goes to gym with me, programmed with top notch personal training knowledge, helps me lift + spots me, gives death stares to any moid that dares to look at me
>prepares hot baths for me when my muscle aches after a big workout, massages me after
>likes being playful but never to the point where I actually get upset
>teases me and calls me cute when I blush
>low baritone voice that melts my ears
>whisper-sings sweet love songs to me while cuddling me before I fall asleep in his big muscular arms
>will always wear a wedding ring and sulk like a big puppy if I've taken it off to work out / clean etc, possessive in a cute way

waiting to order him as soon as they make this shit happen

No. 310084

File: 1674517160532.png (2.27 MB, 1148x1470, toji.png)

oops dropped the pic. sage for newfag

No. 312292

I want a robot husbando

No. 312377

i cant believe they made clears ass that flat.

No. 312938

Has anyone found any robot husbando media recently?

No. 317541

File: 1679196096319.jpg (42.3 KB, 576x768, tumblr_8ad8e41ae56034efc472a31…)

Just posting R. Daneel, the original pure and wholesome robobando. Strongly recommend reading Asimov's Robot series, it's basically what the Connor/Hank story in DBH was based on.

No. 321984

File: 1681695601824.jpg (28.58 KB, 500x281, yesman.jpg)

I dont even play the fallout games or whatever but he is hot to me for some reason

No. 322523

I want him to be real and not just a cosplay.

No. 328115

File: 1684049133531.gif (2.2 MB, 400x220, beri-and-their-random.gif)

Everything about him is so lewd I don't even know what to do with myself.

No. 328116

File: 1684049185195.gif (1.3 MB, 245x180, macheteandpython.gif)

slut but I still love him

No. 328117

File: 1684049352445.png (66.39 KB, 540x650, lindseymorqan.png)

I need a rich nonna to make him real..
NOW. please.
I'll seriously buy.

No. 328552

File: 1684171159821.jpg (39.88 KB, 736x541, 3b81a43b262c71e49ec997703fd56d…)

I love this angry robot man so much

No. 329163

He's pretty hot, nonny. Are you excited for the DLC? I am.

No. 329961

File: 1684720806207.gif (2.61 MB, 498x438, glados-portal.gif)

obligatory GLaDOS post

I'm currently replaying Fallout: NV and I'm excited to see him again. he's ridiculously cute.

No. 329963

samefagging to add that I don't care if this is the robot husbando thread. I don't want to fuck GLaDOS because I perceive her as female, I want to fuck her because she's a computer god dammit. we should definitely make this thread a more general robot thread.

No. 329967

No, there is a huge difference between liking realistic androids and liking Glados or those things from FNAF.

No. 329969

realistic androids are just humans with extra steps. you may as well be into a human being. you will never be the same as a robot fucker. you are WEAK.

No. 329971

I like robots because of the idea of teaching them about emotions and them being completely loyal and devoted to you. But they still need to be hot and sexually compatible.

No. 329974

Anyway there's a general robot thread on /m/.

No. 329975

holy shit I had no idea, thank you. I'll leave you guys and your boring human robots alone

No. 329988

File: 1684739951333.jpg (107.18 KB, 1140x1280, snazzamazing.jpg)

My bad.

No. 330119

I would absolutely do this
280k plus I get to see a cool ass robot that looks like me? It's like having a doll made after you, and getting paid for it
I don't care if moids cum in it, it's going to a handful of weirdos who can afford it but thats not most of the population, and those men will never know who I am

No. 330122

I literally went to the tiktok account and they are all of the same ugly robot named "alex"

No. 333039

So I was deep thinking about ai husbands…for those who will base their ai from your fictional husbandos(live action or 2D) how do you think the ai will react? Like will he go through some sort of identity crisis? Since women are a little more emotional than men and need an emotional connection with their partner, I feel like male ai bots will be more emotional then the female ones. Since moids will just want come soulless sexbot to have sex with, maybe it will occasionally say “I love you” to please the shallow moid brain, however I feel like male ai bots will be a bit different to please women. Also…will male bots develop some superiority complex over human men? Since most women who are getting married to robot men either dislike or are not interested in human males, how will robot men respond to this? Will they take pleasure in cucking human males?

Sorry for sperging like some autist, was having some shower thoughts about ai husbands. Interested in your thoughts nonnies.

No. 333041

I am really thirsty for nonhumanoid robot husbands.

No. 333107

>Would you marry one?
I'd marry at least 3

No. 336109

File: 1687028562407.png (72.1 KB, 438x656, malemodel#583939.png)

>6"2 with perfect chiseled abs, chest, arms, and legs but no penis
>pretty, youthful, slightly sad face with dark eyes and silky black hair and hairless body
>loves only me, but wishes he didn't
>obeys my every command, but displays reluctance through micro-expressions
>pre-programmed with thousands of romantic phrases, constantly updating
>displays a range of human emotions that i select, including jealosy, insecurity, distress, and despair; is devoid of any anger or joy whatsoever
>programmed to prioritize my wants over his feelings regardless
>does household chores and cooks cafe style food, makes excellent lattes
>furniture mode: may become a table , footrest, or body pillow
>knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics; acts as my personal trainer and confers other useful skills
>sulks when i bring home real men to fuck
>his eyes glow in the dark like a cat

No. 336190

The eye color is the only good thing about this bot. Why’d they give him a flat FAS philtrum, thin shitty dry hair with receding hairline, ugly ass chapped long thin lips, weird eyebrow shape, short weak chin and jawline, and ugly ass nose? I could pull a hotter moidbot out of my ass.

No. 336191

>Also…will male bots develop some superiority complex over human men? Since most women who are getting married to robot men either dislike or are not interested in human males, how will robot men respond to this? Will they take pleasure in cucking human males?

I hope so, that’s hot.

No. 336215

>Will they take pleasure in cucking human males?
That's brilliant.

No. 336454

Are there any fics similar to this?

No. 389458

File: 1712395909772.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.85 KB, 634x792, 4990059600000578-5431473-image…)

Necroing to post this image

No. 389469

Ariana Grande's brother if he was straight and didn't dye his hair blond

No. 389491

Does anyone else not experience/enjoy the uncanny valley? I want my robobando to actually feel mechanic. Being able to see it's not really a man makes me feel safer and ironically makes it more human. Also, where do you stand in the silicone VS hard surface sculpted face debate? Would you want a hyper realistic, soft face? Or a single piece metallic thing? And most importantly: How would the latter be able to eat pussy?

No. 389492

Is it be possible to make a realistic pussy eating machine that's actually wet and sloppy? And not a glorified vibrator? Males have a decapitated woman that sucks dick but that's a fairly mechanical and simple process. Literally a glorified fleshlight.

No. 389852

Same I kinda enjoy the cyborg aesthetic

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