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No. 1989451

thread rules:
>no racebait
>no infighting
>don't reply to bait
>rest of /ot/ board rules apply
>farmhands are always watching
previous thread: >>1977077

No. 1989454

sometimes i read an opinoin that has me like gifrel

No. 1989512

>divine Feminine power
Shit like this and the birth obsession some anons have is why I sympathize with TIFs

No. 1989520

Just ignore the tradfag, they’ve been trying to ruin these threads by placing mommy propaganda everywhere. Now they’re telling everyone who isn’t down for what they’re trying to peddle to go back to /2X/ which is just so unbelievable. I lowkey think it’s a gay scrote/tranny and that’s why they’re able to integrate decently but their male-patterned thinking still shines through with the hyper obsession on what actual women do with their wombs.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1989527

File: 1714764908811.png (265.01 KB, 1280x1280, Product_12pkSweetRolls_Packagi…)

This is terrible and overrated. The flavor just sucks. Apparently Hawaiian bread isn't even Hawaiian either, it's Portrugeese. And while we're at it, throw brioche bread in the garbage too.

No. 1989542

wrong, you’re just dead wrong

No. 1989543

When Euros sperg about how Americans don’t have bread and the bread we do have is sweet I assume they’re talking about this shite.

No. 1989552

Fake American or Britboo?
Jokes aside though, apparently white bread is sweet to them and that's why they say that

No. 1989567

it’s not tradfaggery to have respect for mothers, in fact trads actually believe quite the opposite kek..

No. 1989570

The problem is that the loudest anti-natalists ARE reddit edgelords in white suburbia, not third world women vying for a chance at life, and they flood the internet being obnoxious and cringy.

No. 1989575

Samefag, most women from third world countries who don't want to have kids don't even call themselves anti-natalist. It's not a social club or little community like it is in the west.

No. 1989580

They have white bread too though and it’s made with the same ingredients

No. 1989585

that's not why they're getting called a tradfag, it's the "divine femininity" bullshit

No. 1989595

There’s no respect for mothers when you’re only hyper fixated on pregnancy and giving birth, makes you look creepy and trying to romanticize something that generally is not an awesome time for pregnant women (life-long disabilities, disfigurement, diseases that can endanger their lives during the pregnancy). Women need to learn to stop giving birth so much and properly vet who you let in your womb, I would prefer that we as women stop having sex point blank with men but I know it’s a difficult and far impossible thing to ever achieve as many women are traitors and are happy with the very few privileges and status they get from being one. When you are pregnant, you are connected to a man forever. To encourage motherhood and pregnancy is to further chain women down

No. 1989596

It's disgusting to eat plain white (untoasted) bread on its own. Brown bread and toast are fine, though.

No. 1989602

Trads pay lip service to mothers and gloss over negative/harmful aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. Some of this lip service is under guise of spirituality (divine femininity woo), and some of it is under a constructed victimhood that pits the poor martyr mothers against those evil anti-natalist bitches. Someone who uses these talking points reads like a tradfag regardless of if they are.

No. 1989634

Brioche is sweet because it is made with butter which contains lactose. Brioche actually contains less carbs than regular white or brown bread. It should not contain added sugar.

No. 1989699

File: 1714770997313.jpg (40.56 KB, 589x396, Screenshot 2024-05-03 141613.j…)

i actually like the "sad millenial grey/beige" style. i think it looks clean, cozy and bright.

No. 1989705

It's still a sweet bread regardless

No. 1989707

Unpopular opinions threads are retarded. One should be free to express any opinions at any time.

No. 1989713

Kind of related to the discussion from the last thread and now, and probably an unpopular opinion?, but putting so much emphasis on birth as the most important ability of women is part of (not the only reason, just saying it contributes to it) why some women don't want to be women anymore. You aren't going to get TIFs or other self-hating women on your side and successfully unpeak them if you keep doing this "but what about your womanly powerful feminine baby making bodies" because that sort of mentality is part of what leads to them tiffing out in the first place.

If you keep defining womanhood just by that, if this is the main reason you give in an attempt to get TIFs to accept themselves, that is going to backfire hard because all that femininity and reproduction stuff is the entire opposite of what they're into. I probably would have ended up like them too if I was told giving birth was the most powerful thing I could do. Not any other accomplishments, just birth? Is that all I'm good for? Like those ~divine feminine~ birth=power types need to see things from the POV of women who don't want that. Reminds me of how some GCs on other sites go "but if you get rid of your boobs how will you feed your babies?" instead of giving reasons a TIF could actually relate to. It doesn't mean someone has to be against mothers, but that women can find power without being feminine, without creating life, etc. there's more than that.

No. 1989718

this. the maximalist crowd are the same ones who are against consumerist culture but the only way to have a cluttered, maximalist hoarder’s paradise is by buying unnecessary clutter and junk. they get easily triggered at clean and orderly homes and apartments and i wonder why, is it the child trauma crowd or something

No. 1989722

interesting. To me it comes across as very cold and uninviting

No. 1989765

The way maximalists cope by saying "At least we have SOUL!" pisses me off when surrounded in nothing but consoom to make their room as cluttered and tacky as possible. Just because someone's living space has "maximalist" decor, doesn't mean they've done a good job at it.

No. 1989776

Men are retarded, i trust my insecure and friendless moid friend over my real friends with my secrets.

No. 1989787

wouldn't a retard be more likely to spill secrets?

No. 1989794

yeah thats exactly what i said, trads practice the opposite of what they preach kek. this is why it makes no sense to pretend as if people who respect the power of mothers would be trads.

No. 1989796

If a woman is so mentally weak that she cannot stand the physical fact that women can make children but men cannot, and her solution to this is her pretending she's not a woman anymore, then that's her problem. She's weak and it's not anyone's job to coddle her because she can't accept reality.
Plus, being told that giving birth is the most powerful thing you can do, doesn't mean you have to do it. I've seen human bodies run ultra marathons and lift cars, but I'm not going to spend my life training just to do something because my body is capable of it, I'm going to live life as my values are fit. But that doesn't change the fact that people can and do run ultra marathons and that it's way more impressive than my daily strolls in the park.

No. 1989803

what do you have to say about women who detransition because they realize that they do have a biological desire to have a child

No. 1989807

i think everyone should be forced to either use a chaser or have their alcohol diluted with juice or water when drinking in public

No. 1989808

Are you guys making up people to be mad at again?

No. 1989809

I have what might be considered a 'maximalist' apartment because I am poor so my apartment is small, and I make a lot of art that I hang on my walls/restore furniture I find on the street myself, and collect/display old things that were handed down to me by relatives or friends or made for me by them, like friends' art and books. Very little of it is related to 'consoom' of any kind, I basically never buy items for myself of any kind unless I really need them.

Also 'maximalist' decor is more related to the amount of color and pattern in the items you do have, not how many total items you have. This clean beige apartment has a standing mirror, throw pillows, throw blanket, rug and couch just like a 'maximalist' apartment would, but the maximalist apartment would have colorful or printed ones not all flat beige.

No. 1989810

I mean if you trooned out just because of people saying that then you're kinda retarded tbh

No. 1989811

The reason singer suck now is because they focus too much on looks, back in the day we had average to beautiful women with AMAZING voices. They could'nt exist in this time

No. 1989819

Forcing doesn't cure retardation. Retards should be free to do retarded things. Retard lives matter.

No. 1989820

Samefagging but two of the things that are required for these 'aesthetic' minimalist apartments are 1. a lot of space and good natural light, which poorer people usually can't afford, since it just looks like a dingy bachelor pad if you have grey/beige furniture crammed into a tiny dark space, and 2. the ability to buy things new since a lot of people with 'maximalist' decor are thrifting or using hand-me-downs and gifts for decor that won't all match. To get and maintain (i.e. launder) white/beige matching furniture, decor, etc. that all looks good quality and in good shape and arrange it aesthetically in a space where it will look impressive actually takes a lot more money and planning than having a more eclectic space.

I largely modeled my decor style after my Eastern European grandma's tiny apartment in one of those communist block buildings and she has always lived way under the poverty line, her home always seemed more inviting to me because it had the character of all the things she'd been gifted, made, or bought with her tiny poverty salary over decades rather than looking like a showroom.

No. 1989831

File: 1714775129853.jpeg (224.97 KB, 736x981, IMG_0355.jpeg)

opinion discounted. maximalism is in its very name, you decorate and clutter it to the “max” and minimalism is when you reduce the amount of clutter and decor you have in your space. i’m a poorfag too but you can have a minimalist home and have it be just as colorful and vibrant as a maximalist one

No. 1989838

My unpopular opinion is following either trend is retarded and you should just decorate your house to your tastes and means. Also feng shui should be introduced more if you must follow the trends, minimalist and maximalist houses both look like shit regardless if you don't organise the space properly.

No. 1989841

The post this conversation started with was a pic of a room that's completely white/beige with no art on the walls, not 'minimalist' in the sense of being colorful and full of patterns and art but not-a-hoarder-apartment. My apartment looks a lot closer to the one in your pic than the beige one, and yes I am poor. Like 8 years ago I bought a 30 dollar set of watercolors and some pads of watercolor paper and my walls are almost as covered as the ones in your pic, with my own art I make with paints and paper, plus other art I have found or been given by friends.

If you google 'minimalist decor' it's rarely printed/patterned rugs, bright colored couches with clashing throw pillows and rugs, etc. I guess technically speaking you could call this decor minimalist on the basis that it doesn't involve very many items but that's not how anyone uses the word.

I don't follow any trends, my apartment is the way it is because I have been collecting and making stuff I like in it for 13 years, but other people who aren't me call it maximalist decor so I assume that's what maximalist decor means. It doesn't have to be a trend and honestly neither does minimalism, there are many different ways to have a minimalist living space that don't look like each other. I like some of them but not the sad beige type with no art or personal items whatsoever.

No. 1989851

I’m actually just gonna piss on you instead anon(???)

No. 1989852


No. 1989853

I wouldn’t call that maximalist or minimalist it’s just getting stuff to decor your home because you’re broke and want it to be a nice livable space kek, there’s a difference.

No. 1989857

Yeah I'd say it's not intentionally maximalist but it ends up looking pretty close to pictures of 'maximalist' spaces I see although I do still leave a bit more bare space on walls than what I see in some maximalist decor images. But I don't shy away from filling more of my wall or shelf space when I make or get something new, I don't usually take things that are already there away to create more empty space unless it's something bulky like a piece of furniture.

I'm basically just going by how I see other people defining these words, it's not like I intentionally decorated that way years back because I predicted a 2020s trend in advance.

No. 1989860

That's the paradox of being a mother, you're hated everywhere you go, even people who claim to not hate mothers will hold some sort of extreme judgement against them the second they breastfeed/formula feed, feed their kids easy food like chicken nuggets over Nara smith everything from scratch or vice versa. The witch hunt against single mothers doesn't help either, I've seen multiple women be yelled at and attacked in public for the assumption of being a single moms, and now you have women being afraid of being seen in public without their partners due to how excited people are to ripped apart (assumed) single moms. Oh and don't forget if your husband goes a 180 on you it's never his fault it's always your fault. Everything is mothers fault

No. 1989861

ugh but i hate sloppy drunks!!

No. 1989865

ntayrt but the topic that lead to this conversation didnt oversensationalize or romanticize birth/pregnancy

No. 1989866

Enjoy your submissive unbalanced bed position and bad energy anon.

No. 1989868

then why are you trying to bring that shit on to here?

No. 1989871

I'm not a mother and don't want kids but I find it kind of upsetting how people on this site and in reality treat mothers sometimes because my mom was one of those formerly high level professional, extremely well educated women who had a child and started being horribly mistreated by everyone for suddenly being a mom. She even had people saying stuff to her like 'ugh you're such a mom now' as an insult because she was slightly more boring after having me, and she wasn't even boring at all, she lived her own life, did a couple graduate degrees while I was a kid, had tons of friends and hobbies and I always thought she was really cool and independent growing up. She didn't even have me intentionally, she was one of those people who couldn't go through with the abortion they wanted to get. I kind of think becoming a mom was really bad for her but not because of motherhood itself being so hard on her, she loved me a lot and didn't lose her personality or autonomy, but because of how godawful almost everyone was to her and how they stopped treating her like an individual respectable human being because suddenly she's 'just a mom.'

If women were better supported and allowed to have actual interests, personalities and lives while being moms instead of criticized and shamed constantly this wouldn't even be nearly as big of a problem, the reason why women feel like their lives are over once they become mothers is at least 50% because other people treat them that way and turn it into a reality.

No. 1989873

It's not a singer problem, it's a music problem. Catchy TikTok slop music that could have been made by AI is what the kids want and just about anyone can sing it. Music producers just make nepo babies or tiktokers sing over that bullshit, the kids eat it up, and they call it a day. Having a pretty face attached to it is good for promotion.

No. 1989875

NTA but i don't think she's making that statement and saying that she agrees with the constant blame being thrust onto mothers, just sharing her thoughts which is always more than welcome

No. 1989876

I like how xheir response to plainly stating that almost all creatures can reproduce was to go straight to mysticisms about divine femininity

No. 1989880

of course all female creatures can reproduce but that doesn't make the process of gestation any less fascinating or amazing

No. 1989881

This seems to insane to me, is this an American thing?

No. 1989884

Both this and the opinion you're responding to are correct. Female musicians who aren't young and conventionally hot really have a near-zero chance of making a good career and that's part of the reason, but shitty generic music being shilled and performed by nepo babies is also a big part of the reason.

I think the third reason is that most people listen to music on free streaming sites like spotify, itunes etc. which are basically legalized piracy, so it's basically impossible for non-nepo babies to make a career in music anymore. Everyone listens to tons of music but hardly anyone thinks they should compensate musicians so unless you have family wealth or got extremely lucky, it's not possible to devote a lot of your time to making music.

Also a fourth factor is production standards becoming extremely specific. It used to be that live recorded music or music that wasn't autotuned/melodyned, mixed/mastered to a very specific highly compressed volume, etc. was still listened to but it takes a lot of money, time and resources to make music fit those specifications and that's just not available to people who don't have tons of money/time and/or a big label.

No. 1989888

We must have different definitions of fascinating.

No. 1989894

Yes, even in 3rd countries that have negative views on women don't hate mothers as much as Americans do kek.

No. 1989903

I'm sorry but motherhood is the only socially acceptable life path for women, how is it hated aside from a tiny minority? Having a kid is the standard life path and anything less means being considered being a lonely pathetic failure and an empty egg carton. If you choose not to be a mother then you're REALLY gonna be hated by moids and pitied by women. You can only get away with being childless/childfree until a certain age, being a mother is the only way to reach old age with some modicum of respect.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not denying that mothers are unfairly judged and disrespected but it's like… what do you think women who aren't mothers experience?

No. 1989904

Kek what about that is “fascinating” almost every life form on earth does it. Just because you’re sentient enough to be emotional over it doesn’t make it any more special than a bug or fish reproducing

No. 1989926

its not about whether its "special", its just interesting kek why feel the need to be so negative in response to this topic being broached?

No. 1989928

Biology is stupid and boring nona and if you don't think so you're obviously just not radpilled enough for the enlightened ones. If it helps I too think developmental biology is really interesting.

No. 1989930

Did you just ignore everything mothers say and report? Yes there will be people who joke about child free women or swear you will be miserable but it doesn't even come close to the hate some people have for mothers. Yes a lot of us get told our entire life to get married and have kids but that's the catch - now you did everything they wanted and they still hate you or scream at you that should've never have kids. Shouldn't you know by now you can do exactly as society tells you to and still be hated viscously? Why are you acting like mothers aren't hated just because that's what people told us to do?

No. 1989932

Nta but I think it's unsettling, it's not about being "radpilled". I feel like if I say why I'll get called crazy so I won't elaborate.

No. 1989935

No nona please elaborate I'm actually really interested.

I was saying radpilled ironically because old school radfems weren't all anti-natalists and often talked about mothers and motherhood positively. I don't know why some people are so dead-set on insisting that near-singlehandedly creating life in their bodies as female mammals do is completely uninteresting, pedestrian, etc. because it is a legitimately fascinating process whether you support human women being mothers or not.

No. 1989936

ntayrt but no please do share if you can

No. 1989942

do you also think its unsettling that food turns into shit and then we essentially give birth to that? i doubt it

No. 1989944

NTA but I do think it’s kinda gross yeah I wish we could photosynthesize food or something. What I truly find unsettling about pregnancy is that it essentially hijacks your brain.

No. 1989947

AYRT, aging hijacks your brain as it is though. Everyones brains get weaker with each decade that passes

No. 1989952

This + every mistake you make will be 100% intensified if you're a mother. Eat junk food? Wow should've thought about your kid, you could cause them to get health issues. Go a few miles over the speed limit? Wow, so dangerous, you could kill them, forget something from the grocery store? Wow you're literally killing your kids. Work late? Wow you should've been taking care of your kids. And fathers are just given boat loads of excuses about how hard they have it

No. 1989954

NTA but a lot of things can hijack your brain, stomach bacteria for example.

No. 1989957

I miss the times when you could just toss your infant into river and start anew.

No. 1989962

Yeah stomach bacteria, pollutants from cat litterboxes etc. can all hijack your brain as can all the chemicals that aren't usually filtered out of the public water supply, food, pesticides, etc. I personally experienced cognitive abnormalities after a gut issue I got being put on steroids/NSAIDs after a sports injury. I also know a fair few women who are mothers now after I knew them as non-mothers before and they really don't seem very different at all, cognitively or in personality or whatever so I kind of doubt the effect is that severe on most women. Actually one of the most interesting cases of motherhood seemingly not hijacking someone's brain at all was an autistic postdoc I worked under who had a young son - she said that she actually hates babies and thought it would be different when she had her own, but it wasn't and she said she didn't find her own baby cute or interesting until he got a bit older and developed more of a personality, and was actively weirded out by people calling her baby cute or adorable. So I think the brain hijacking part is just so variable, you can never really predict what will happen.

No. 1989963

Like other anons have said, all this applies to child free women too.
>eat junk food? go hit the gym you landwhale, fat chicks are disgusting. your husband deserves a 10/10
>go a few miles over the speed limit? hurr durr women are terrible drivers, get back in the kitchen
>forget something at the grocery store? bitches can’t do anything right
>work late? that’s what you deserve for choosing a career over being a mother, you’re gonna die alone with 26 cats
It’s not a competition kek

No. 1989980

My unpopular opinion is that infighting is lame uwu.
Actually sterilization is one of the few ways to prevent the abuse of children before it occurs. Addicts, those convicted of violent/sex crimes, parents with more then two baby mommas/daddies, and people with more then 5 kids should be sterilized. Addicts will pimp out their children or rape them themselves. There are chronically pregnant women with multiple baby daddies abusing their daughters and robbing them of their childhood and innocence. Males will have 5 or 6 different mothers to their children, never pay child support, and never show up for their kids. There is no reason why violent criminals are allowed to reproduce. Males convicted of rape or molestation should have their dick and balls cut off. Female criminals should be sterilized as well, narc moms who beat and pimp their daughters for existing tend to have assault or prostitution charges in my area. Funnily enough sterilizing addicts would probably take out most of these retards out of the gene pool. If a baby is found with meth in it's system after birth just sterilize its egg donor before she fucks up another kid. Parenthood is not a right all deserve. It is not sacred nor does it make someone a better person by default. Willingly having a baby isn't a right, it's an oath to another person(a small and helpless one incapable of advocating for itself). Willingly having a baby means you are committed to caring for, teaching, and advocating for this person who can't do it for themselves yet. In addition, abortion for any and every reason should be normalized and legal. One thing we need normalize is aborting males more often to get the crime rates down. Another thigs is that it's cruel to birth a being who will never be able to care for itself. If extreme disabilities can be detected in the womb then abortion should be the only consideration. It's selfish and short sited for parents to knowingly spawn tard babies because they never think about what will happen to their children when mommy and daddy die. It's not pretty it's depressingly sad. They get forgotten about if they are lucky or abused if they are unlucky. That being said we should as a society create a better support system for nonviolent addicts and poor families. The worst of addiction is fueled by poverty. Giving nonviolent addicts the choice between intense rehabilitation or prison should be more common then it already is. Rehab should include free housing, therapy, and job training. Setting recovering addicts up with jobs takes some of the stress off their shoulders. Whether rehab works solely depends on their own willpower but it is possible. Maternity leave should last a year. Diapers and formula should be available should mothers need it. Free daycare should be the norm for those making under a certain amount of money. Poor, but working parents deserve support just as much as welfare queens. Fathers that don't pay child support get sterilized. If they don't willingly pay then the support is taken from their checks. If they are not working then they get sent to a prison camp or something. Single mother's deserve their own child friendly apartments only open to other single moms.

No. 1989982

I gotta give birth to the fattest shit right now

No. 1989985

Not even comparable kek. You'll get called a landwhale if you eat loads of junk food, I've seen people insist pregnant women are killing their children for eating McDonald's it's bizarre. Even if it's not a competition even childfree women are still willing to admit how extreme people judge mothers, hell that's some of the many reasons why they choose to be child free

No. 1989988

I 100% agree with you in theory nona and most of this seems common-sense except for the fact that if there were laws like this they could be abused really easily. People do sometimes get falsely convicted of crimes, imagine a woman falsely convicted of a crime who later gets exonerated having been sterilized in the meantime. It could start being used for e.g. genetic markers that create a higher risk of diseases but the baby that's born might be totally healthy and functional. I don't think forcibly sterilizing people works that well in practice and it can lead to governments taking more and more control over their populations via eugenics even if it started out reasonable.

Euthanasia is a really good real-world example of this, I always supported euthanasia in theory because what possibly could go wrong with someone who wants to die being given the means to safely and painlessly do so when the time comes? But I live in Canada and now we have people being denied health care and housing and being pressured to euthanize themselves because they're war vets with trauma, paraplegic, amputees, etc. or young women with mental illnesses. Now the Canadian government is trying to push through MAID for children including children with mental disorders. Doctors and nursing staff are encouraged to promote MAID as a 'treatment option' for anyone with a difficult-to-treat disease because the other treatments are too expensive for the taxpayer. There was recently a Canadian female vet who had a leg blown off who was asking veterans assistance for a wheelchair stair lift for her house she owned because she couldn't use the upper floors and they said they won't pay for that but they will pay for MAID. This is my issue with the forced sterilization thing, I don't trust government entities (even potentially future ones that are worse than the current ones) not to abuse this authority, otherwise I would be 100% for sterilizing criminals etc.

No. 1989998

I agree 100% as a mother. I also feel like there needs to be way more punishment to people who give false medical information to mothers

No. 1990007

I feel like sometimes liking somebody is stronger than loving somebody.
Like, there's some parents that may love the child and provide what they can for them, but they don't like them. They don't want to hang out with their kid or listen to them talk, they think their hobbies are lame and would rather just do other stuff, you know?

No. 1990011

My father admitted this to me. He never liked spending time with me as a kid but would say he loved me. He also doesn't like to spend time with his grandkids or great-grandkids but says he loves them too.

No. 1990012

Interesting take but do you think it is worse for a parent to not like their kid than to not love them? I think it's great if parents really like their kids but honestly a lot of kids/teens just aren't very likeable to adults because they're naive and stupid and subject to a lot of peer pressure, and if your parents temporarily not liking you was the worst thing ever I would think a lot of people would turn out way more messed up. Ideally you both like and love your child but I would think that not loving them is a lot more harmful to their long term development than not liking them.

No. 1990016

I'm the opposite, I think my dad likes me but doesn't love me (he's autistic and imo incapable of love as an autistic male) and sometimes I wish he loved me instead. He has never really acted concerned about me when bad stuff was happening to me and is totally OK with me knowing he never wanted me and resents my mom for having me, but he thinks it's okay because 'once you were older than like 3 years old I realized you were really fun and smart and liked spending time with you!' To me that isn't very comforting. Whenever I visit my parents I feel like I'm supposed to entertain him because we have mutual interests and he finds me funny, which feels like a really weird dynamic to have with a parent. I also can't talk to him about stuff that really bothers me because he will shut down, but he will chat with me for hours about the stuff in my life he finds relatable or interesting like a friend would do. It feels like I'm babysitting my own parent.

No. 1990017

I think it's more important for a child to be provided with love rather than like, more of just me thinking it was interesting that "like" in this context can be a much stronger of emotional connection than "love" when normally you wouldn't think of it that way.

No. 1990018

My parents are the same way. I love them both and they love me but ngl it does really hurt when you figure it out.

No. 1990019

Yeah I agree with you then. I'm the 'my dad likes but doesn't love me' anon and for me personally the bond of being friend-like with my dad is a lot stronger than a 'love' bond with him, but I would have preferred/am sometimes jealous of women who grow up with a dad who is protective of them and really cares about their well being. One of the side effects of my dad liking but not loving me is that he also likes my nigel and will treat us basically the exact same way, whereas my mom (who loves me but doesn't necessarily always like me) will always be the one to tell me that she's there for me if something happens between us, or stand up for me if she even slightly senses that we are having a conflict or whatever. When my dad's parents treated me unfairly in inheritance stuff compared to my cousin he was just like 'that makes sense because they get along with her better because she's a girly girl' instead of being upset on my behalf that I got no inheritance at all because I was a 'tomboy' and they couldn't relate to me, but my mom thought it was unfair and hurtful. I swear sometimes I think if I broke up with my nigel my dad would take his side because he doesn't understand the norms of caring for your own child more than other 'nice' people. It's also exhausting to feel like the strength of your bond with your parent is completely dependent on how much you agree with them or are willing to participate in their hobbies. Me and my mom are not similar at all but she would always support me in all the weird stuff I was doing as long as it wasn't harming myself but my dad gives me positive attention almost exclusively in the contexts where we have some overlapping interest or something, so I feel like if I was a 'girly girl' he would have basically completely ignored me.

No. 1990027

It's a kind of pain that can cut deep, especially once you contextualize your past interactions. No wonder he never took me anywhere, asked me how my school went, or helped me do homework as a kid. Maybe it's worse in my case because he never liked me and never really loved me either, but he said he did.

No. 1990043

your pic is extremely cozy looking to me and I want to nap on that couch kek

No. 1990050

Communism sucks

No. 1990061

me visiting grandma house

No. 1990064

UBI is a dumbass solution and will only result in the government treating us like an abused spouse. The real solution is faux jobs, jobs that don’t need to be done by humans but are done by humans anyway. There would even be the line up job where you literally just stand in a line to get paid. The reason for this is so that there are jobs available for everyone at every skill level. Your retarded? No problem buddy, get in line and feel free to sit on any chair lining the wall along the way! This way people can form community with shared experiences and being in proximity to one another, it would also give people something to do with their time. It’d help give people purpose too because they could opt into public service jobs like helping maintain community grounds or cleaning up. I feel like it could work with some workshopping.

No. 1990066

Yeah this could only work if the world male population was cut down by more than half. Get rid of the males and this economic equality plan could be feasible because if you tried this you’ll just get a bunch of scrotes trying to unwind this and bring it back to hellish capitalism. An easier life is possible if we cut down the entire world population down anyways

No. 1990078

The problems with both UBI and this plan is that even under the current non-UBI system, most higher-up members of companies/corporations/etc. leech most of the profits of labor off the exploited workers and don't want to give that up. UBI could only work in a system where there was a lot of free flowing capital that wasn't hoarded by the top 1%, that way jobs could be lucrative but robots or AI taking over bs jobs could also create enough capital to give subsistence-level pay to people under the poverty line. The Bertrand Russell (he's a crazy technocrat tho) idea of just working fewer hours could work too, considering most office workers only work 3-5 hours per day on their '8 hour' shifts, if labor was compensated more generously and fairly. Under the current system even people who do highly skilled labor for many hours are exploited to the max, I just finished a STEM PhD where the expectations were that we consistently work between 60-100 hours a week (in both teaching and research simultaneously) and after tuition we made about half of minimum wage at best, while every single tenure track professor makes 6 figures and admin often makes millions. The problem is that the inequality between upper and lower positions and their earnings is a basic expectation now, so if UBI was implemented it would most likely inevitably just lead to runaway inflation as people would expect more prestigious jobs to be even higher compared to the minimum UBI.

I don't even care if some NEETs are useless and get subsistence level welfare, some people will always resist social participation and having retards out and about standing in lines may make life more dangerous for normal people. But unless employees/labor are considered the more valuable position in the workplace over employers and C-suite there will never be any equalization of income and all UBI is likely to lead to is inflation. I'm not even a Marxist or anything but labor unions etc. actually ceasing to act cucked/in with the bosses and putting their foot down would likely do a lot more to help regular people than government handouts since the main problem with our system is the extreme inequality of essential labor being viewed as completely useless while C-suite people are wildly overcompensated.

I've seen the arguments that UBI would actually streamline the bureaucracy involved in welfare such that it would be cheaper for taxpayers and I never want to pass up an opportunity to get rid of useless government/admin red tape bureaucratic grifters, but I just feel like the class divide is so entrenched that they would never let UBI happen no strings attached. They would start attaching conditions to what you can use it for, making it expire after the month is over, having credit checks for housing that depend on your UBI status etc. and it would just retrench the same social system we have now.

No. 1990088

I see where you’re coming from and agree for the most part. It sucks that systems are so easy to exploit when someone looks to exploit them but I suppose that’s always going to happen. What do you think of doing away with something like the stock market and having it so the top echelon of corporations are only allowed to earn a certain % more then their lowest paid worker? I’m also a fan of business only being allowed to make so much profit before the profit has to go back to the employees or community where resources are being sourced.

No. 1990114

Okay so your two suggestions I have very different responses to, and full disclosure a few years ago and for most of my life I was fully socialist but some recent developments made me more amenable to 'free market' solutions in theory (even though they don't really exist in reality). First with the stock market thing, I get why people are opposed to it as it can be basically a pyramid scheme in a lot of sectors, but I think abolishing the stock market is both unrealistic and would be a net negative for poor to middle class people. The first reason for this is that people with low earnings/capital can't really make investments that keep up with inflation in most countries unless it's via stock trading. I am under the poverty line and have been for a long time but I managed to invest a smallish amount of savings 2-3 years ago and make about 40% returns on them trading individual stocks, which would have been completely possible with any other type of investment. People of my financial standing can't afford major assets like housing, land, etc. and other 'basket' types of investments like guaranteed GICs basically keep up with inflation at best. Unfortunately the amount I initially invested was so low that it didn't pay for much, but it paid for rent and food for a few months while my abusive boss withheld pay, which is something I never could have accomplished without stock trading. It's probably the most accessible form of investment to lower-income people except for maybe 'flipping' smaller items like if you have a skill in refurbishing musical instruments, furniture, cars, etc. but that requires a lot of time and gear unlike stock trading. The other reason I think abolishing stocks is unrealistic/not a good idea is that companies need investment regardless, and if stocks weren't publicly traded that would make investment even more of a black box available only to the rich who have enough capital to invest large amounts in companies, basically cutting out smaller investors from the market entirely. The third reason I can think of is that stock options are frequently a form of benefit/extra compensation in smaller companies, co-ops, startups etc. that actually incentivizes workers to work hard in their (often low paying) roles because if the company succeeds, they will massively succeed too, and this actually is one of the more direct forms of compensating lower-level labor for companies that otherwise wouldn't have the capital to compensate workers in the early stages of the company's operations. I actually think for people who want to take on high risk to contribute to a new business, stock options are a great way to directly compensate workplace success with no middleman.

Re: the top echelon only earning a certain % above the lowest worker, this has actually been tried in some economies - notably AFAIK Japan has or had this system. I am in favor of it in theory as it seems like a best of both worlds approach where if C-suite wants to earn more they also have to pay more, but there are obvious downsides if you look at what has happened in, e.g., the Japanese economy. What often ends up happening with these businesses is that they end up extremely understaffed due to corporate not wanting to hire too many lower-level workers at high wages, and unpaid overtime/exhaustingly long work hours and ridiculous job tasks become the norm for these companies. I do think a modified or hybrid version of this could work though, for example if it was combined with France-like labor laws which mandated maximum work hours (that are actually enforced) or if these companies were also allowed to hire for part-time/intern positions with relatively lower pay for more menial tasks. The problem with that of course is it can also be abused with interns or part-time contract workers being given higher-level tasks to 'prove' themselves to the company with a FT position being held over their heads. The idea of a certain % profit having to go back into either employee salaries or the community seems overall like a good one although I'm sure there's also ways companies could exploit that.

Even with my PhD experience, I knew of labs run by very famous scientists where they got around the minimum stipend specifications by paying students and then having the students pay the professor back in cash under the table, because people were so desperate to be in those labs they would do it for free. There's no way to completely prevent this of course but some form of wage/benefit/retirement package/expenses caps on high-level positions would probably do a lot to help along with getting IRS-type agencies to mostly target high earners to make sure they're not messing around. Unfortunately rich people always end up being in bed with government agencies like the tax service and getting away with never paying or properly reporting taxes while low/mid earners get targeted.

No. 1990119

Samefagging but regarding the stock market being a bit of a pyramid scheme, one of the ways to get around it (both for personal moral reasons and for financial security reasons) is to focus on value investing rather than other higher-risk forms of stock trading. This takes significantly more work but some people do make good returns doing this and I think it's a bit more ethical than 'regular' stock trading - basically you look at the actual potential, output/productivity, purchasing and payroll practices for a publicly trading company and focus on investing in companies that provide real value to the economy (like building infrastructure, producing food or resources, etc). Some of these companies pay dividends as well. As far as current economic options go I think it's not particularly immoral, and not as risky, to invest in companies providing real value, especially if they are doing something you personally support (e.g., building more affordable housing in your country) but a lot of novice stock investors will just invest in negative-value companies like uber, spotify, etc. hoping that the returns are massive. I tried to focus on value investing and even with the stock market crash/recession I made pretty good returns because I wasn't investing in anything IT, internet, etc. related and focused on the agriculture, infrastructure and resource economy businesses for the most part. This is also a little way in which you can 'vote with your feet' if you have any small amount of extra income or savings to invest, by actually supporting companies with practices or an ethos you support. The other forms of low-level investing often just involve giving a bank your money and letting them lend it to whoever they feel like lending it to, which actually gives you way less power in the economy.

No. 1990129

Boomers aren't even good with home or car repairs, they have literally just bloviated about how they're good and talented at those things and everyone just believes them. I know for construction the boomer "the house that jack built" homes are absolute death traps, especially with anything electrical. And I've witnessed many a boomer offer to fix car problems, then proceed to cause more damage, and then walk away washing their hands of the whole thing.

No. 1990147

Is this even unpopular? I think anyone younger than like 55 knows that Boomers were the most useless, coddled, and entitled generation of all time. I was doing shit like changing my parents' car batteries (even though I don't drive), repairing their bikes and plumbing and painting their house from youtube videos when I was in my late teens/20yo while they freaked out that I'm probably doing it 'wrong' because they never learned these skills themselves and used to be able to cheaply hire someone for everything. My parents aren't even as useless as the average boomer though since they're immigrants from a third world shithole and had to deal with a lot more themselves where they came from, but North American/Western European boomers half the time can't even clean their own houses properly without hiring a maid service. LMAO I dated a guy in high school with rich boomer parents and my mom had to teach him that you could hand wash dishes and delicate laundry or how to get stains out of clothes because his parents told him to just throw clothes out if they got a blood or grass stain/dry cleaned wool sweaters. They also know absolutely nothing about how the job market works etc. because they are still mentally in the era of 'you can just walk into any company and get handed a job right there and then!' So of course most of them never had to save money by doing home/car repairs out of necessity and only do those things to stroke their own egos and feel like a jack of all trades.

No. 1990159

Cheating is ok when women do it idgaf

No. 1990161

>but North American/Western European boomers half the time can't even clean their own houses properly without hiring a maid service
The only place where this happens is third world countries. It is specifically least common in Western countries, especially Western Europe of all places. The reason: Labour is expensive.

No. 1990162

>fucking more moids than necessary
this sounds like a fast track to stds.

No. 1990163

It's probably not that common anymore but when I was in high school most of my high school friends' parents hired maid services. My mom worked as a maid and her labor was not expensive at all. Now most of them can't afford it anymore probably but they just have dirty houses because they never learned how to do things themselves when they were young enough to learn things.

No. 1990168

As much as i believe moids deserve nothing, i don't really have it in me to care when they retaliate to their gfs cheating in an non-violent way.

No. 1990169

You brushing shoulders with well off people does not make it common. It is more a common practice in poorer countries with solid middle classes. Both because of cost and different sensibilities about personal responsibility (many who could afford occasional cleaning services would not do it). For the middle class in those poorer countries, cleaning is a degrading, lowerclass thing so it's important to pay someone to do it. I've never heard of anyone doing it. You should at least just say America and not include Canada and Western Europe as if they're the same.

No. 1990172

No. 1990174

They were middle class people like nurses and schoolteachers, not super rich or anything. Believe it or not the economy does change over time and yes it used to be normal to actually hire people for all sorts of services especially for boomers (who were generally well off in a lot of the cities in US and Canada) before the economy crashed.

I know it is even more common in countries like India but none of the people who hired my mom for maid services were top 5-10 percenters (they probably could have afforded more expensive maid services), they were people living in regular suburban 2-3 bedroom homes with regular slightly-above-median salary jobs. It almost feels like you are missing the point about what North American boomers were actually used to, they did not grow up in similar economic conditions to us at all.

I'm not from America lol.

No. 1990178

this or they attempt to discredit people who put in effort for their homes by claiming "it takes a few seconds!!" surely if cleaning and repairs took such little time and effort then all of these places would go out of business then?

No. 1990187

File: 1714808505367.jpeg (120.37 KB, 1200x630, IMG_3602.jpeg)

>An easier life is possible if we cut down the entire world population down anyways

No. 1990191

sure, but don't do it to random children or adult women who don't fit any of those stipulations without prior knowledge or consent. this is somehow a take that gets some anons buttblasted.

No. 1990201

nta i think the issue was anons wanted to have a discussion about what ayrt posted, but anytime anyone tried to someone went back to the article and kneejerked about genocide and shit.

No. 1990203

wasn't the thread and original discussion literally about news stories (or that one article) though anyway? it kind of felt like the other way around, i remember one anon claimed to work in foster care and ranted about it, then admitted she made the whole thing up. it was weird.

No. 1990204

You can literally tell who’s been pregnant and who hasn’t using nothing but an MRI. That’s nightmarish to me.

No. 1990212

Manlets and Manlets fuckers should be removed from the Gene pool.

No. 1990227

Sorry nonners, if I gotta date a moid he's gotta be small enough that I can chuck him across the room like a sack of potatoes.

No. 1990293

At least don't have kids, with that "man"

No. 1990306

No. 1990324

If someone messes with the mental health of a new mother and she ends up killing herself or the baby, the person who did that should also be held to the same punishment as the mom

No. 1990332

rusty yates should have been charged with child neglect at the very least. many people blame him for what happened more than they blame andrea since at least she wasn't in her right mind but instead he got to remarry and have more kids while she alone faced punishment.

No. 1990335

Being small and short is fine. The things that's unattractive about manlets is how insecure they are about it.
Real. People don't understand how fun that is.

No. 1990336

Someone should find where he lives and burn that nest down

No. 1990342

I don’t agree. As an adult if you cant handle hard struggles as a parent then don’t have kids. You could literally be diagnosed with cancer or your husband could suddenly die and cause stress but it’s not an excuse for taking your kids life. Women are adults not children. Andrea Yates had mental issues that she was aware of way before having kids but she was selfish and decided to have babies anyway and now she’s in prison.

No. 1990350

are you under the impression that it was andrea's choice to continue having children? because it wasn't. andrea was severely incapacitated due to her mental state and not capable of making informed decisions or consenting to anything involving her body. her doctor flat-out told rusty to stop impregnating her but he kept doing it anyway because he was a religious zealot who believed a woman's purpose in life is to have as many children as possible. additionally, andrea isn't in prison. she's been in a mental hospital for nearly twenty years because she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

No. 1990353

>Being small and short is fine. The things that's unattractive about manlets is how insecure they are about it.
And guess why they're insecure, because they're small and short.

No. 1990389

This post is so spot on. Its a shame that now the average lolcow user seems so immature and autistic to consider different realities and broad perspectives.
I always thought that as feminists we should support mothers. Not shame them and call them traitors and isolate them.
Support mothers doesn't equal to force motherhood on every woman.

No. 1990394

True, and supporting mothers also doesn’t require you to wax lyrical about how amazing and magical pregnancy is. Probably better to be dry and factual about it, and the support it requires, rather than shilling it as a gift.

No. 1990398

Trannies lack object permanence.

No. 1990440

Exactly, a desired motherhood implies access to that kind of information. Also we should and need to push for more research and institutional support in post partum for example. Mothers will always exist even in an utopic feminist society so one of our fights as a class is for bettering the conditions for motherhood.

No. 1990635

Actually I don't think this is true. Which study showed that you can literally tell if someone has ever been pregnant based on an MRI? There have been studies showing differences from baseline in women who have been pregnant, at least for a couple years after birth, but they're not really negative differences and all sorts of other things cause differences like this as well (normal aging, learning a musical instrument, etc). The main difference AFAIK was slightly less grey matter (which is not the cells in the brain associated with any cognition) and this could just be due to pruning, we also lose grey matter during puberty and other life stages and men and women have different amounts to begin with. The other major change that I'm aware of is more activity in the default mode network while doing certain specific tasks (so functional connectivity, not a regular brain scan) basically suggesting women post-pregnancy are slightly better at empathy, theory of mind, etc. than they were before, which is unsurprising because they just had to start thinking about being responsible for a whole other person.

No. 1990654

I don't get the whole "Her parents buy her everything!!" So? If her parents are well off and can afford to do it for their children, why shouldn't they? I'm sure the kids (even as grown adults) are grateful their parents are helping.
My mum helped me with my university and such and I'm forever grateful as it allows me to study and get to work.

No. 1990667

In what context are people complaining 'her parents buy her everything' though? I normally only see people say this in contexts where someone is looked up to or admired for something and it's pointed out that they didn't achieve it themselves (i.e., it's less achievable for people without wealthy parents), or in contexts where a person implies that they did something with their 'own' money but didn't (like financial influencers who talk about how they bought a home in their twenties but it turns out their parents paid the whole down payment).

I think parents buying you everything can be troubling in other contexts though, I've known some people who were fully supported by their parents well into adulthood who then did truly lack independence, responsibility, etc. and as soon as they moved out or moved away from their parents they had to declare bankruptcy because they were so bad with money, constantly dropped out of school or were getting fired because they hadn't learned self-sufficiency and consequences, so personally I am in favor of even rich parents slowly easing their adult children into taking care of themselves. I have a friend with very rich parents who did get help from them in adulthood but got less and less help as she started earning her own money who is now very successful and self-sufficient; her older sister on the other hand always asked for more money and was helped dramatically more but continues to be ungrateful, complain that the massive financial help she gets isn't enough, quits jobs on a whim and so on. Now it has actually eaten into my friend's inheritance because she never stops asking for more and acting dependent on her parents although she's in her mid-thirties with an elementary-aged child. If the parents both die one of these people will probably be okay and the other won't and that's not a good thing. Learning some level of financial responsibility is good for your development once you're an adult, but that doesn't have to mean your parents stop helping you out completely. Also just from personal experience, it's nice to have things that I bought with my own money from my own labor. It teaches you to value both your labor and the things you get from it more.

No. 1990697

In some cases yes, but even completely stable women can suffer from postpartum mental issues completely out of their control. Majority of the time when you hear about women murdering their babies a lot of it is connected to being abandoned + moids cheating or emotionally abusing them in one of the most dangerous mental states in their entire life. If we can charge women like that one girl who got her bf to kill himself just by telling him to, why can't we charge scrotes for mentally torturing women to the point of murder or suicide during undebatably the most mentally dangerous point of their life?

No. 1990701

TBF my unpopular opinion is that girl should never have been charged, it was the suicidal moid who was mentally abusing her not the other way around.

No. 1990714

This is 100% the case. The fact he was in an online relationship should tell you everything you need to know. Every single moid I met even in HS if they had a relationship online he likely the biggest STD spreader in school. Even women are perfectly capable of staying loyal to fake ass online relationship partners kek

No. 1990715

I feel like while genetics do affect aging a lot, it's also largely a cultural thing. I'm tired of seeing weaboos say shit like "asians don't age" without examining why they might look youthful for longer or acting like it's just genetics, when it's definitely in part a cultural thing. Both japanese men and women for example strive to look young, especially the women (granted it's sometimes to a degree that it's just pedophilic). They also dislike stuff like tanned skin and want to look as white as possible since that's the beauty standard over there, so it makes sense their skin wouldn't have as much sun damage, compared to white people who think tanning looks good and being too white is bad. If white people had a similar culture of not wanting to look 40 the second you turn 25 and immediately letting go of anything perceived as "childish" (especially men) and rejected things like tanning culture and actively prized youthful looks (not in a pedophilic way but just generally not doing things that age you more), I feel like they might not have this reputation of aging poorly in general, or at least not to the degree it exists today. Also, men should be forced to wear wigs if they go bald to look less old or that should be an enforced beauty standard

No. 1990718

A lot of Asians age awfully irl. A lot of white people in particular don't know this because they are only ever exposed to heavily edited photos online and that's the most they'll ever see Asians. That's why you'll never see white people like Hawaiians who are around Asians frequently pushing this

No. 1990721

I've noticed that too, they seem to think all asians look like idols or the pictures they see online like you said. Whenever I pointed this out to white weebs they just said I was "jealous" since I'm white lol. They fetishize japanese women so much in general for this aging thing and it's gross and not even accurate to what reality is, it's so cringe seeing weeb males that live in their mother's basements and look like unkempt hobos saying they wish they had loli jp gfs that wouldn't "age poorly" like white women. When again, it's what you said and also seems related to their culture around youthfulness being desired rather than the western ideal where youthful looks are technically also prized, but not in the same way.

No. 1990740

I feel like 90% of scrotes who are REALLY into Japan or Asia in general are pedophiles

No. 1990766

Doctors refusing treatment for miscarriage, emergency c sections, hysterectomies etc while claiming fear of losing their license are just using women as Martyrs while claiming "see it's because you made abortion illegal she had to die". They know no one in their right mind are going to think they performed a c section or hysterectomy is giving an abortion, they're just using it as a free pass to be lazy and murder their patients

No. 1990783

They use the whole "its just a drawing bro" thing but then simultaneously thirst over young looking asian girls, so yeah

No. 1990794

File: 1714859869267.jpg (137.75 KB, 1200x675, oLefCccDrAaDhRsZzndCfR-1200-80…)

Cats are cuter and prettier than dogs. Not unpopular in this website but most people irl will say dogs are cuter than cats.

No. 1990876

Looks wise cats are cuter but a dog's love and loyalty is unmatched

No. 1990881

Agreed. Plus they mind their business and barely bother you and they rarely smell because they’re self-cleaning. Dogs are overly dependent, smelly, and always sniffing up on your crotch and legs it’s so disgusting

No. 1990889

Dog's love is kinda overrated. A cat's love is more elite.

No. 1990947

It makes no sense not to euthanize rapists or sadistic killers. I know it's like this because rapists and other incurables have disproportionate power in most societies, but it's so backward it's funny sometimes. It shouldn't be taboo to say that some people should have their human rights revoked if they commit certain acts of evil without reasonable doubt. It should be acknowledged and legally recognized. Instead, we're forced to play remedial pretend games about morality and use tax dollars to keep them living and well-fed.

No. 1990949

I love both, no one will convince me otherwise.

No. 1990975

File: 1714869817375.jpeg (765.81 KB, 1111x1189, IMG_6712.jpeg)

Bella Hadid’s post plastic surgery face really is not attractive. The nose especially is just gross to look at. I know she’s going to be regretting the extensive plastic surgery she’s received at such a young age when she begins approaching middle age.

No. 1990984

i recognize you because you use the word bloviate a lot

No. 1991021

Can someone find that "cat lover superiority" mastermind meme?

No. 1991024

Cats look unapproachable, mean and autistic, just like farmers. A match made in hell

No. 1991029

File: 1714872780389.jpg (111.42 KB, 736x981, 282af24485f3c65317c840295431b4…)

But aren't they beautiful? Beautiful, mean, unapproachable, and autistic — it can't get better than that.

No. 1991041

If you ignore the horrible history, Brutalism is quite beautiful and better than that bauhaus and contemporary drivel.

No. 1991045

I wonder where this stereotype about cats came from. Because from my experience most domestic cats tend to be somewhat friendly. The unapproachable ones tend be very feral or were previously abused.

No. 1991049

>The unapproachable ones tend be very feral or were previously abused.
Humans just being entitled, or trying to handwave away their abusive behaviors

No. 1991057

I don't even own a cat and every cat i've ever met has been super friendly to me. I love them! People just hate cats because they have a strong sense of boundaries. I remember every time i came home from school my neighbours cat would always greet me. She was so sweet.

No. 1991059

Yeah, anytime I bring up they should be put to death or that I support the death penalty in general all the retard "empaths" come out of the woodwork claiming I'm evil as if it's not a fair punishment. Seems a lot less empathetic to me to be okay with these retards killing and raping people and getting a food and a place to sleep, meanwhile homeless people have neither despite not committing heinous crimes

No. 1991111

It's common for really domineering parents to patronize their children's lifestyle to an absurd degree -ONLY- to buy influence over their kids. So when an argument or disagreement takes place, they instantly get to hit back with "Look at everything I've done for you! This this and this".

A lot of people in life are so insecure that they cannot socialize, even with family, without being in a point of absolute dominance. A lot of the apprehension people have about parent's buying everything is seeing that side of things, where a mother of father will buy a car or pay half of the rent simply to be able to purchase a punching bag or to have an ace to get something in return.

It works too because suddenly having the purse-strings cut does bring immediate financial ruin, and people can get a bit complacent with the generosity. But for a lot of people, all that stuff doesn't come without a cost. The elder secretly likes they can be rude at a christmas dinner, or make digs knowing they have that power, or ask for other things.

I'm fully for kids to get independence as fast as possible so they can have healthy, equal relationships with their parents.

No. 1991120

I had to "pull myself up by the bootstraps" but personally I say if you have financially supportive parents who are willing to help you then go for it, especially girls who are more likely to be in dangerous situations via bootstrapping

No. 1991123

File: 1714880377481.jpeg (2.92 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7529.jpeg)

My cat is beautiful and will also demand you approach him and tell him how handsome he is and pet his face or else you will be bitten.

No. 1991124

Damn, this really describes my experience. Like I do see how people who didn’t receive shit from their parents would be frustrated by entitled people who were supported (financially, emotionally, etc) by their parents in ways that they weren’t, but for some people it’s a blackmail tactic that their parents started using in childhood. For instance, I mostly finically support myself now, but my parents “gifted” me their old car so that they can threaten to call the cops on me for “stealing it” (since it’s still registered as theirs) whenever I don’t do what they want, or anything that displeases them basically. I’ve learned to cope with this kind of relationship, and I can’t afford to buy a new car at the moment, but I’m always vigilant of how they can turn on me at any moment

No. 1991129

what a beautiful boy!

No. 1991130

I love both cats and dogs but I definitely am more of a cat person. I would never want more than one dog and I’d never want less than 2 cats (would prefer 3-5 cats). Currently have a 20 lb dog (who needs to be an only dog anyway, she’s a sassy 10 yr old rescue bitch kek) and 4 cats so I’m living the dream. I love my dog but man she’s really needy and I hate that I have to wash her lest she smell terribly, kek. Cats just naturally smell fresh and clean like sun dried laundry and baby powder.

No. 1991133

File: 1714881009278.jpeg (524.32 KB, 1440x1113, IMG_6768.jpeg)

Thank you. Both him and his adopted brother are the most beautiful cats I’ve ever had or known (please don’t tell my other cats they are also gorgeous fabulous felines). I’ve never known a solid chocolate colored cat before I met his foster brother.

No. 1991138

Wow chocolate cat is stunning! What beautiful fluffballs both of them are

No. 1991151

Yeah I forgot to mention loaning vehicles is usually the favorite tactic. Don't take the car theft thing too seriously, they won't actually do it because then they'll look like the bad person once word gets around. Keep auto repair receipts and every gas receipt you have from the gas station in a binder if you're anxious about that.

No. 1991156

they look so comfy. very cute

No. 1991192

I feel like I'm the only woman who would pick the man over the bear

No. 1991195

You may have a point, anon. Human males are easier to kill and eat for survival. Bears would be a challenge.

No. 1991199

I believe I could make him fall in love with me and kill him while he sleeps to eat him.

No. 1991221

It depends on context 100%. Yeah you can get a hungry bear or a nice man, but you can also get a man with weapons to knock you out, torture and traffic you, etc and a bear that doesn't care about you. Men with evil intentions are way more common than bears who want to attack humans so you have better luck choosing a bear

No. 1991226

You are constantly in contact with men, you rarely come across a bear. So just by that it's more likely to get a bear that will harm you over a man that will harm you. I truly don't believe the average male would rape you if you come across eachother in the woods.

No. 1991232

No lol. I've lived in the woods and saw bears almost every day. Would happily chose a bear over a man

No. 1991235

>I truly don't believe the average male would rape you if you come across eachother in the woods.
The problem is that the average male would rape if he knows that he would get away with it, I wouldn't be surprised if a moid would rape a woman and then leave her to die in the woods or with a bear so it kills her.

No. 1991241

Most men likely have abused women in some way. So much abuse goes unreported you never really know. It's almost unbelievable how many men I thought were normal and then it turns out they were abusing women the entire time

No. 1991251

Even adjusting for statistics, you're nore likely to get murdered by a man than killed by a bear. And thats excluding getting raped, tortured, kept as a rape torture slave for years in his basement. Bears don't usually view humans as their prey, while men do.

No. 1991316

Margaux Duff according to Yellowstone National Park, your chance of being attacked just by visiting the park is 1 in 2.7 million per day (0.000037%), but specifically walking in the 'back country' (ie away from busy roads or human buildings) increases that chance to 1 in 232 000 per day.

according to the FBI statistics the 2023 annual violent crime rate in the us was 380.7 per 100 000. 78.9% of violent crime is done by men (also FBI). so that's 300 per 100 000 per year. or about 1 in 122 000 per day (0.00081%)

so you are 22.1 times more likely to be attacked by a man if you go to where people are than be attacked by a bear if you go to where bears are (but that drops to 1.9 times more likely if you go to back country)

of course not everyone who goes to Yellowstone's backwoods sees a bear each day, while practically every human encounters multiple people each day. the average number of bear sighting per day is 3.5, compared to the number of visitors per day being 8000. if we assume that on average each time a bear is spotted it's spotted by the whole group and that the average size of the group is 3 (also from yellow stone statistics.) that's about 0.131% chance of seeing a bear. since the total chance of being attacked is the chance of sighting times the chance of a sighting becoming an attack. the chance of a sighting becoming an attack is thus the total chance of attack (0.000037%) divided by the chance of sighting (0.131%) which is 0.000282% or about 1 in 3 541.

the university of oxford says the average person will see 1000 people per day on average (a number skewed by cities no doubt, hundreds of thousands of people walkthrough times square each day), that's about 495 men each day (ie you have a 495% chance of seeing a man each day). similarly the chance of being attacked is the total chance divided by the chance of sighting, which is 0.0000016% or about 1 in 611 000.

thus you are 174.57 times more likely to be attacked by a bear if you see one than a man.

No. 1991351

I’m picking the bear.

No. 1991355

I see what you’re trying to say but this is kind of redundant in that the question was about encountering a bear vs man alone in the woods. You’re also not the only woman who chose the bear, women aren’t a monolith, so congrats on being like the rest of us!
Women aren’t the only ones who would be weary of a strange male while camping. I’ve seen many stories of men pulling guns on other men who wander into their solo camps, so again it’s kind of like a very specific situation we’re talking here.
It seems disingenuous to spit statistics when that also wasn’t the whole of the discussion or anywhere near the actual hypothetical. It’s like, when women are at the club why do they cover their drinks? because it’s statistically more likely for their drink to be spiked in a club. Why are women told not to walk the streets at night alone? Increased risk of assault. You get the picture.
The question itself was also set up in a very specific way, dangerous animal juxtaposed with a man implies the man is also dangerous and a threat in this scenario, I’m not surprised most knee jerk reactions were the bear. Most of what I heard was a fear of being tortured, most just wanted a painful death rather than a torturous sustained existence at the whim of a potential sadist. It’s just more of the usual; assume the worst because if you don’t and something happens to you it’ll be your fault!

No. 1991361

missing the point
the original question was who would you rather meet in the woods
everyone knows the bear is likely to kill you the point is that the worst the bear can do is kill you, the moid can do much worse, and most people would rather get killed than raped and then killed

No. 1991362

Bears aren't even likely to kill you kek. Most bears don't give a flying fuck about you unless they're extremely hungry

No. 1991364

I also find it funny how moids spent years and years of telling women they deserve abuse because "you chose the man" but are now telling women if they chose the bear they deserve to be hurt too. Regardless of what happens they will believe it to be women's fault anyway

No. 1991373

If you have disabilities like autism, depression, bpd etc and you’re aware of it you shouldn’t have kids ever. I know babies are cute but a child doesn’t deserve to have autist parents or a mom/dad who will sperg out and murder them if they get too sad.

No. 1991377

Exactly, unless you're in the woods with a polar bear there's a high chance that you wouldn't be attacked, moose hurt more people than bears. That one Japanese man eater bear an anon was talking about in regards to this was extremely uncustomed to humans and was starving due to waking up too early from hibernation.

No. 1991379

You have a elementary schooler’s idea of mental illnesses, embarrassing.

No. 1991384

I don’t understand why black Americans want to reject men who look and act like drake as black but all the women they hold on a pedestal as the standard of black female beauty are biracial

No. 1991385

I think minor autism is fine for mothers. Outside of severe cases, autistic women are pretty normal and at worse just have unconventional hobbies and are awkward. They're no different from eclectic normie women

No. 1991386

Autism gap can make/break a relationship.

No. 1991387

From my experience have an autistic mom is kind of similar to having a narc mom. It’s not cute and quirky like on tv.

No. 1991389

sometimes i wanna sperg out and murder someone when THEY get too sad, because i hate emotions. you might be onto something.

No. 1991393

No I mean parents who murder their kids because the parents themselves are depressed(murder suicides). Most people already know before they have kids that they’re depressed but they think kids will feel the empty hole in them.

No. 1991396

i know what you meant.

No. 1991398

I think a lot of women assume all men are just horn balls who desire them. The man could be gay or not find you attractive at all for all they know.

No. 1991402

How so? Autism can manifest in so so many different ways, some autistic moms can be super involved and connect with their children better, others are just more distant and have an avoidant attachment style which can damage the children. That's why I said minor autism but not to the point where you're not meeting your child's emotional needs

No. 1991403

Huh? Men hurt women they don't find attractive kek. Even gay men sometimes think if they're gay they can sexually harass women because they don't actually enjoy it. Also claiming that a man doesn't find us attractive isn't exactly enough reassurance because it's unfortunately not uncommon for men to SA women and then complain about the woman's appearance after. Just look how many rich moids ripped apart the victims on epsteins island after literally trafficking them

No. 1991406

The idea that man are desperate horny dogs who will fuck any woman is false. A lot of men get creeped out by women who are too excited to fuck them or if they’re ugly. I think most attractive normie men have higher standards about the people they date/fuck than women on the same level. As an ugly woman I’m aware that men really do have standards.

No. 1991408

Then how are literal goblin-women able to have like 10 baby daddies? Kek. Or the amount of times moids have literally lined up in gas station bathrooms to get gum jobs from meth heads. Moids are gross

No. 1991410

Being pretty is good if you have a dull/bitchy personality and don’t want to put up a front of being happy. When you’re pretty with this personality people think you’re a bitch or intimidated by you but if you’re ugly people think you’re creepy or retarded.

No. 1991411

Because they’re dating other goblin men(hood rats, ex con, sex offenders, white trash etc)or men even grosser than goblin tier. Mean while attractive women date and hook up witg goblin tier men all the time but you rarely see attractive men doing it. If men are not attracted to you they literally get offended by you even talking to them.

No. 1991413

You changed the conversation from all men to select few men. Most men aren't attractive which is why you can barely observe their behavior. Even then when attractive men chose women they like other goblin moids will have an issue with it, just look at how many gym bros will flip out on other gym bros for fucking fat girls even though it's literally them that pursue those women when they are attractive enough to be picky

No. 1991416

I think even most normie men who are kind of ugly or average have standards and aren’t just thirsting over any woman(I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who lives in the USA.) I think average or pretty looking white women assume that men are thirsting for all women like they’re thirsty for them so it skews their perception of how desperate men actually are.

No. 1991420

I’m black and I suffer from depression and i would never have kids unless im a billionaire. It’s extremely selfish for poor black women to have kids, especially daughters.(racebait)

No. 1991424

Let's not forget PPD can be whatever people around the woman make it. If a moid is emotionally abusing her and being useless ofc she's going to murder the kids and herself. If she gets PPD and the moid helps out and she has a support system the chance of anything damaging happening is basically nothing. Idk why so many people will foam at the mouth refusing to hold scrotes accountable for damage they do to women's psyche

No. 1991426

If women are feeling like they wanna harm their kids they should just drop them off at a hospital or police station, leave their scrote and skip town never to be seen again. At least you wouldn’t be known as a baby killer forever.

No. 1991431

I think its a bit complex. They do fuck animals, the elderly, corpses etc with no regard for any standards specifically because the subject they are fucking is being spiritually raped. In the sense that they are the ones who do the sex action and the object that receives it is irrelevant. That is the deep base psychology that is rooted into men. When a woman expresses "too much" that she is willing and is secure in her confidence to demand and express pleasure, it takes it somewhat from them as they are feel too subverted. It has nothing to do with looks also. It is simply their inability to let go of control and insecurity of having to feel like they are the alpha who is taking the decisions.

No. 1991433

File: 1714910263269.png (366.98 KB, 844x600, image_2024-05-05_214645339.png)

Reposting because of typo- PDD in some cases can be caused by hormones and not sleeping enough alone, but sure 20% of pregnant women experience it so they must all be autistic and/or have BPD and those case are definitely not exasperated by moids.
Sorry to blog but I have a horrible BPD mother and despite that I think you're retarded and don't what you're talking about also inb4 "she just wanted to fill a hole" she didn't consent to it at all
"Normal" scrotes become abusive during or after pregnancy, so yeah it can come as a shock to the mother when their supposed Nigel starts emotionally and physically abusing them
PDD causes psychosis, if you geniunely thought that your child was going to die horribly and the only way to stop that was to kill them yourself you wouldn't do those things. Being unaware of reality and very paranoid is kinda the entire thing with psychosis.

No. 1991435

Fuck my life I'm not going to retype that from memory to get flood detected gated again

No. 1991441

This. It's less so about looks and more so, what kind of women would let them live out their delusional alpha fantasy? Some of them like conventionally unattractive women because they believe she will be desperate to please them and do whatever he wants, some only like the idea of dominating Stacy because they can brag to their friends about it and larp as a truchad, some like escorts because they like knowing attractive women have a price (which gives them the feeling that all women can be bought), etc. It's more about stroking their ego in a specific way rather than pure physical attraction.

No. 1991442

I know people say men randomly become horrible after or during pregnancy but I’ve never seen it. For example Andrea Yates husband was always a religious, selfish nut even before they had kids but she still married him and then he went on to find another woman who is aware of what he did to his first wife and married him. The signs are always there before the baby comes it’s just most women don’t care until it’s too late.

No. 1991444

Almost positive that anon is a scrote. "Calm down he thinks you're ugly" sounds like such a rape enabler thing to say

No. 1991446

That would be ideal but we should also hold scrotes accountable who mentally abuse women during the most mentally unstable part of their entire life

No. 1991452

They’re held accountable but men don’t care so it doesn’t count for anything. It’s a sad reality that many women need to face. Women want men to feel bad for how they treat women but it’s not gonna happen. That would be like asking a kkk member to feel bad about harassing minorities. It’s silly to expect your oppressor to have empathy for you.

No. 1991453

Trying to reassure women they won't be assaulted because the man isn't attracted to them is literally the same thing rapists and their abusers say. Look at how many moids in media will resort to claiming women are unattractive when they're being accused of rape. I guess gaslighting the woman for a fear regarding a trauma response isn't enough but you also have to remind her she's ugly too

No. 1991454

Very rarely. Anytime there's an infanticide case and you question if the man did anything to mess with the woman's mental health you're immediately bashed and accused of not wanting women to take accountability

No. 1991455

My comment had nothing to do with that. I’m talking about normal relationships. A lot of women say it’s easy to get a bf because men are easy and that’s not true and I know this as an ugly woman. Men have just as high standards for dating as women do, if not more.

No. 1991458

As a former ugly girl this is somewhat true, there's a difference between getting treated like a (conventionally attractive) woman by men and getting treated like a monster. They'll harass you and say weird things, even rape you, but they still won't consider you sexually attractive, because it's not about attraction but humiliation and power. They won't treat with respect or publicly claim anybody

No. 1991463

I'm not even ugly and men are not attracted to me, it's just a fact and for some reason normie women don't believe it.

No. 1991472

You can be pretty and have a weird vibe to men if you aren’t super talkative etc they’re gonna think you’re weird. Normie women think it’s easy to just jump to relationship to relationship like they do but it’s not for a lot of women.

No. 1991480

That seems to be my problem. Everywhere I go, I exude a peculiar energy that people notice. I'm also really silent, and when I do talk, I talk erratically about things like Theosophy or some obscure 2010 HOPA game. That's why I always wonder how do relationships work for normie women.

No. 1991488

Because normie women only talk about stuff like normie tv shows they’re watching, their looks or errands/work. Normie men get turned off if a woman talks very little and they see it as weird/creepy but they think talking too much and being passionate about things is weird too. They want you to talk but they want you to talk about bland normie topics like work or the weather or whatever normie show is trending on Netflix that they’re all watching.

No. 1991489

Suicide is good.

No. 1991497

that depends entirely on who is committing it. it makes me really sad when women kill themselves, especially if they've suffered a lot of trauma or have been severely mistreated by moids.

No. 1991535

Yes Jojo Siwa is cringe but I cant stand how many people online make fun of her

No. 1991545

me neither. it's so disingenuous. people love to get on a woman's ass for stepping out of line in the slightest. isn't she just discovering herself after her entire childhood was trapped on a screen?

No. 1991547

I get it but I'd say personally it's still good because it would be escape from life with trauma.

No. 1991568

Going outside is underrated. The fresh summer breeze is amazing

No. 1991572

There's no summer breezes where I'm at so I don't see the appeal. There's nothing special outside.

No. 1991585

There's no visible sun today. I'm still going out though

No. 1991597

Please elaborate? Is that like where one person is autistic and the other isn't, or they both have the 'tism but have different symptoms/needs?

No. 1991604

In the same way that artists on twitter don't have to engage with or ever talk to commenters, it's also fine for followers to not comment on their posts or anything. Neither should complain or try to socially pressure the other.
I've seen some artists complain it's "unfair" if people didn't comment on an artist's stuff just because they never reply to comments or like them, but if it's all just a numbers game and you know it, you can't really complain. No, no one is obliged to talk with their audience. And just because someone likes your art doesn't mean they need to "boost" you, either. If half your time is spent complaining about the algorithm and how none of your followers engage with you, it's counterproductive to act like you're a big artist or celebrity too good to interact with anyone but your closest mutuals. Drip or drown.
I feel like my perspective might be the way it is because I personally keep all my creations private and typically silent follow/bookmark without liking or commenting if I like someone's art.

No. 1991609

personality doesn't matter, it literally doesn't fucking matter. men will accept anything from a beautiful woman

No. 1991612

Kek nonna…
Based, where

No. 1991614

You know what? Yeah, I think you're right. Even though this video was done by a moid, I think he has a point about Pearl and Sydney Sweeney.

No. 1991618

women will also accept anything from a handsome guy. or even a halfway okay looking guy. or even a busted up scrote kek

No. 1991622

Get some French toast at my favorite cozy diner

No. 1991624

Pretty much. Date someone who has similar levels of autism. I do notice a weird phenomenon of BPD women and autistic men being drawn to each other.

No. 1991627

BPD women with autistic moids? So can anyone with an understanding of BPD and autism explain why such a dynamic would occur so often?

No. 1991628

please get me some, thanks
t. fat anon

No. 1991639

It’s probably because autistics males will just do whatever the bpd woman asks because he’s too much of an autist to care his gf is crazy because he doesn’t really feel much emotion anyway. Bpd woman here with autist bf.

No. 1991640

There's a certain breed of autistic moid who is halfway decent (for a moid) and so loyal that he's a useless doormat. Those autists get with BPD women because they can't recognize that the lovebombing is temporary and will basically never leave no matter how crazy things get because they usually don't care the way normie moids do.

No. 1991645

My theory is that BPD women seek autistic men because they are more likely to tolerate toxic behavior (because they're too emotionally dense, or dense in a more literal sense), give them validation more easily, and are perceived to be less likely to leave them. Many autistic men crave validation, and they will get it from BPD women (especially since BPD women can mold their personalities and interests rather easily). They may bond over rejection from others and other things. 

No. 1991656

Yep, this is actually a pretty widespread phenomenon, I work in the field and a bunch of different psychiatrists and therapists have mentioned this to me before. The other anons explained it pretty well, BPD women like autists because they are generally very stable and predictable and will not see the red flags. They're also more likely to not mind the social awkwardness as much. An autist may also feel like a BPD woman pulls them out of their shell and there's often a bit of a manic pixie dream girl dynamic going on, or at least that's how they like to see it.

No. 1991659

File: 1714928184651.gif (144.93 KB, 640x358, kim-kardashian-kourtney.gif)

i think its really fucking weird when white ladies are obsessed with having colored/ethnic babies..

No. 1991661

File: 1714928467000.jpeg (93.76 KB, 640x640, IMG_0397.jpeg)

which one is the BPD one and which one is the autist. my theory is scott is the male BPD one and ramona is the autist

No. 1991663

They are both BPD.

No. 1991664

File: 1714928650343.jpg (132.32 KB, 1500x1000, 1376580-620020-zoomed-2000-70a…)

samefag but I think a sort of example could be James and Alyssa

No. 1991665

what if moids also having autism is a huge turn off for me?

No. 1991668

Women are more adaptable so you should be fine. The gap can easily seal itself.

No. 1991670

an autistic man i knew was the type to befriend and dated a few women like this. autism and BPD, like many other mental conditions, have overlapping symptoms. i think it's simply that of outliers of society who are not normies and can't fit in, there are more autistic men and BPD women. autistic women are fewer than autistic men and can mask better, though autistic women do date and marry autistic men. bpd in men is definitely underestimated but high levels of instability in men usually seem to end up addicts or in prison. so autistic men and BPD women may find each other in non-normie circles and find understanding in each other of being strange.

No. 1991676

agree tbh

No. 1991693

I feel like a lot of women are thankfully growing out of this tbh. Even when a moid is attractive you rarely see women making excuses for him unless they're ultra pickmes. I always see moids making excuses for attractive women though

No. 1991862

Women will accept anything from an ugly man too

No. 1991878

I think men prefer it when beautiful women have shitty personalities because it makes them feel less guilty for mistreating her while still reaping the physical benefits. Most of them know they’re not good enough for their partners so when they do end up with a beautiful and kind woman they freak out.

No. 1991887

They usually don’t treat women who are pretty with terrible personalities bad because they find them exciting. They treat women with nice and reasonable personalities the worse simply because they find them boring. Men like dramatic and chaotic relationships.

No. 1991898

File: 1714943319699.jpeg (90.33 KB, 646x646, IMG_3631.jpeg)

I do not understand the appeal of mini backpacks. The designs can be cute, but I do not like the idea of having your items on your back behind you where they can be easily pickpocketed. Maybe it’s paranoia or just the area that I live in. I only wear crossbody bags for this reason.

No. 1991909

I know backpacks are healthier or something, but i think they look retarded on adults in casual settings (not when you're hiking or similar).
Men crave their own Jodi Arias that will kill them.

No. 1991912

So the theory is true? That men really are into BPDs? I thought it was because men sexualized mentally ill women, I didn't know moids actually liked women that would obviously kill them.

No. 1991924

Nta but I think men see being nice and trying to communicate through problems as weak and annoying. They’d prefer a woman who shows her emotion through violence and low blow insults because that’s how he’s used to communicating with other males.

No. 1991926

It's a well known cultural phenomenon

No. 1991932

You got it exactly right, nonna. Save your communication skills for other women, with men - don't let them think you're weak, don't tolerate their disrespect.

No. 1991982

Honestly I don’t think they actually are. IMO people who “love” toxic relationships are usually shallow and the emotional rollercoaster of your girlfriend screeching at you because your good night text had 2 less emojis than usual covers up the fact that you and your partner don’t have anything in common. Most of the people I’ve known like this are room temp IQ at best and can’t interact with anyone on an actual human level.

No. 1992083

Men absolutely fetishize black widow types. I remember seeing how many moids agree that Bettie Page was even hotter when it was revealed she attempted to murder her husband

No. 1992092

i think a lot of "lesbians" online are faking it. i've noticed a lot of ugly, homey types (not saying this is bad, it's just what i've seen) claiming to be lesbians because they think female homosexuality is just finding another woman pretty, and they're not confident enough in themselves to seek what they really want aka a man. so they lie and say they're gay while otherwise centering and obsessing over men. it's like they aren't comfortable with being heterosexual or even sexual so they claim a place of asexuality without outright saying they're ace, i don't know. this is just something i've seen online in my gendie circles though

No. 1992100

i also think these types comprise the bulk of modern day "yuri" fans, so the genre of fan that only ever enjoy the most boring milquetoast femslash ship and content ever. it's always just two girls holding hands and blushing at one another.

No. 1992160

File: 1714965646808.png (2.22 MB, 1535x2048, bl.png)

These faggots have been like the Asuka and Rei to girls.

No. 1992161

literally who

No. 1992163

Unrelated but orihime makes the internalized misogyny in me jump out every time I see her on screen

No. 1992166

Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, there was so much content of them around when they were fresh kek.

No. 1992175

File: 1714966500238.jpg (206.71 KB, 697x1024, Orihime-bleach-anime-6342903-6…)

Only read the manga but i think that the early anime artstyle was actually cute, it did remind me of Eva a bit too sometimes tbh

No. 1992180

Spot on. Moids will go on and on about how they “hate drama!” and complain about how women who “play mind games” but they absolutely crave the challenge and the dramatics whether they realize it or not.

No. 1992183

>I do notice a weird phenomenon of BPD women and autistic men being drawn to each other.
Ex: VeronicaAndJelly and LS Mark

No. 1992196

>I do notice a weird phenomenon of BPD women and autistic men being drawn to each other.
Based tbh

No. 1992201

File: 1714968842927.jpg (265.39 KB, 900x1200, eff9c25abf9476807dab9997fec31c…)

I ain't the most sane and my bf isn't the best at relationships but he's easily moulded, he would do anything for me as long as I keep him feeling happy, comfy, and warm, and I understand his needs as an autist. I'm not as needy as I could be so that's that. I compensate my insanity with good moments of silly cuteness which my moid likes. I give him pet names that soothe his insecurities and I'm a good conversation partner. I don't even think I'm pretty, I'm just nice enough, and that's enough for him.

Picrel is one of his favorite movies though kek.

No. 1992202

This is an unpopular lolcow opinion but America is the best country on earth and I love it here very much

No. 1992265

I didn't feel anything when Toriyama died. People like to elevate him as the best mangaka and while I can see his influence, he was a mediocre cartoonist who simply got lucky. He constantly contradicted himself and its clear that his storytelling is not consistent. Just because someone got famous for being a "First" in something or got blessed by Toei with a lenghty series (like One Piece thats mid at best) doesnt mean that the media is good. Toriyama himself was tired of DragonBall in the 90s and he made other people draw and write his shit, it's been a dead borse for a while. I will be much more upset when the time will come (hopefully much later) for Rumiko Takahashi Who actually worked on her stuff and its a better artist and writer.

No. 1992363

I don't disagree but working on a comedic series and having your boss/publishing company forcing you to keep going and going and make everything way more serious would annoy the fuck out of me so I can't blame Akira Toriyama for not making something very consistent with DB. I wouldn't have been a lot better, just out of spite. As for his art, it was a lot better than many other shonen manga artists from the 80s imo. I don't like when he started making everyone looks like squares, idk how else I can explain it kek sorry.

No. 1992365

That just makes me sad for you.

No. 1992373

That movie is Scott Pilgrim against the world for adults

No. 1992386

I think part of it may also be because men are so ugly these days. When I was a teenager I thought I was a lesbian because I was a tomboy and I had never seen a man I found attractive. It wasn't until I was 17 that I finally discovered the type of man I'm attracted to and realised that I was straight.

No. 1992392

He also likes Scott Pilgrim to be fair.

No. 1992394

I don't feel anything either but I must say that at times he really was a terrific and influential illustrator. I love the way he drew dinosaurs, dragons and machinery.

No. 1992396

Kek same, I'm surrounded by smelly male uggos with shitty personalities so I never knew I was actually bisexual until I found out as an adult.

No. 1992408

Kek I call myself bi out of convenience but I still haven't met a men attractive enough to want to have sex with.

No. 1992434

these types of women obsess over kpop stars who resemble nuclear waste accidents and men like the pascal (?) fellow so this isn’t it

No. 1992482

I love the world building and implications of the human mind in that movie. There are definitely some things I would get wiped if the technology existed.

No. 1992572

Could you maybe expand upon why? The United States is one of the most liberated and comfortable countries in the world, life is supremely easy here compared to people who live in actual shithole impoverished countries

No. 1992659

The most comfortable place in the world where you have to work 100+ hour weeks to scrape by, everything is poison and healthcare puts you in debt while having the worse healthcare outcomes in the first world? Yeah okay

No. 1992664

If that is your situation then I sure do feel bad for you, but that is not reality for all of us kek. Which is why I put this in the Unpopular Opinions thread.

No. 1992669

>100+ hours a week to scrape by
not trying to be flippant but you getting paid 80 cents an hour? jfc nonna
>everything is poison
It’s become easier to purchase organic, pasture raised, local meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables over the last 15 or so years. Everything really used to be Walmart grade gmo slop but at least on the West Coast it’s become more commonplace to eat healthier and avoid other toxins when you can.
>healthcare puts you in debt
Maybe if you’re trying to pay for hospital bills out of pocket but even the most basic of state health insurance policies discount bills significantly, if not foot the bill entirely.

what region do you live in? I know life is a lot different in the midwest/Appalachia/the south but i’ve never been there and don’t know anyone who’s lived there.

No. 1992675

I don't understand why abortion rights are such a big deal with feminists. I don't think women should even have sex with men to begin with. I understand rape exists but the vast majority of abortions happen because women cant close their legs around moids for some reason.(baiting)

No. 1992678

Same, it kinda feels like I live life on easy mode because of where I was born. Obviously the US has its issues and there is rising economic inequality here, but unless you’re a homeless schizophrenic drug addict, there’s a decent standard of living for most people

No. 1992680

File: 1715017971893.gif (1.77 MB, 1475x1776, baitelsie.gif)

No. 1992681

There's beggars on the streets in wealthy countries and there's people living like kings in impoverished countries. I think it's fairly objectively not the best country in the world but there's far, far more countries with lower living standards than the US than ones with higher living standards for the average citizen.

No. 1992692

they hated her because she was based

No. 1992694

US barely makes it in top 20 when it comes to countries with best standard of living. There are far worse place to live of course, but US should be competing with the other first world countries and not shitholes.

No. 1992699

isn't it fascinating how the countries with the highest "quality of life" also have the highest percentages of autistic citizens?

No. 1992700

Ayrt, the US is also a massive country. There’s a ton of variation here, so it’s hard to compare to some European country 1/10th of the size. The area I live in is very nice. I love it

No. 1992728

They are retarded I only wore one out of convenience for a full schedule years ago but having to take it off for your wallet is annoying at stores. Crossbody is amazing because they can't easily fall off like the current short strap shoulder bag.

No. 1992741

File: 1715023370155.jpg (206.43 KB, 675x793, Ek4sTuyWAAQNirO.jpg)

I actually liked Jewelpet Magical Change, although that was probably only because of the human forms for the Jewelpets.
Even more controversial opinion: I really want to see Sanrio give every Jewelpet a human form some day!

No. 1992770

Are you the /a/ jewelpet autist

No. 1992855


No. 1992862

Boomer, millennial, zoomer and gen alpha ghosts don't sound very scary. They sound more annoying than anything. Even ghosts aren't cool anymore.

No. 1992876

thanks to people like you, america will never improve. Americans will die before holding the gov accountable or even ADMITTING something is wrong, also kek if you think insurance saves you from medical debt

No. 1992877

nta but
>mleh ur retarded because i cant resist having sex with big ugly scrotes!
cmon nonnie, keep your fuckin pants zipped up KEK. it's obvious that anon is referring to pregnancies conceived via consensual sex.

No. 1992885

NTAYRT but in what world are the fiscal problems caused by the US government the fault of the citizens and not, you know, the ultra rich who abuse their power to stifle the growth of others? Like >>1992700 said here, the US is a massive country, so obvioulsy the standard of living in New England, The West Coast, etc is going to be drastically different from the Deep South and Midwest. And I can't speak for tayrt, but I have basic health insurance and I have never once had to pay out of pocket for hospital bills, even when I had to stay for weeks at a time. If you don't relate to that, if you don't have good medical insurance, if you for some reason were never capable of landing a job that has you working a comfortable, healthy schedule while also paying you generously and providing all the necessary benefits, then I heavily recommend going back out into the world and trying to realign your life, as opposed to blaming your financial or personal shortcomings on lolcow users who are happy in the country they live in.

No. 1992886

There’s nothing wrong with being a whore. There’s nothing wrong with fucking copious amounts of men. There’s nothing wrong with being dicked down. What’s wrong is the men, always.

No. 1992887

ok so if you do agree that men are disgusting disease ridden animals…why would you want to have sex with them? that's not any different from, or any safer than, having sex with a donkey.

No. 1992895

My brother had a brain tumor, his insurance tried to weasel out of paying for the only specialist in our area because the surgeon was out of network. They had to delay surgery until the insurance finally gave in because omfg the surgeon was the only one in the area who could do it. He had surgery, he’s fine, but they refused to pay for the over the counter meds the hospital gave him which came to $6000. For tylenol. Six thousand dollars for tylenol.
Insurance allows for price gouging, you know why you need insurance? Because hospitals can hide the cost from their patients and bill the insurers, if insurance wasn’t a thing hospitals would have to compete and show results. As it is hospitals don’t even have to disclose the cost to patient before receiving/rendering services. And don’t forget a capitalist healthcare system has a vested interest in keeping you sick and providing treatment/medications even when you don’t need it.

No. 1992899

having pets makes me feel more lonely sometimes knowing these creatures can't really reciprocate or understand me that much outside of on a very base level, might randomly be assholes to me (my cats scratch me out of nowhere sometimes) and it's just another mouth to feed/another responsibility, if anything i'm the one helping them more and not the other way around. they are cute though.

No. 1992901

I’m not that other anon, scrotes aren’t easily understandable animals. Don’t ever compare innocent animals just living by instinct to men, it just doesn’t work. They’re unfortunately human

No. 1992905

I agree as long as if the woman isn't doing it out of trauma or mental illness, and even then I'm more concerned for her than I have any sort of hate for her and people should have that same mindset IMO.

No. 1992906

Thank you, and honestly i hate that movie. Stupid manic pixie dream girl bs, just like scott pilgrim.

No. 1992907

i'm a feminist until women say they really believe different gemstones and rocks have different magical powers, then i can't help but feel like "actually no i don't want these people to ever vote on anything important". men are also retarded but they were born defective to begin with, women who choose to be stupid just hits harder

No. 1992908

I only wear mine to disney world. Everywhere else, I feel like I am going to be pick pocketed.

No. 1992911

like the crystal aspect itself or all witchcraft? I think it's fair for women to believe in witchcraft if the types of things they practice come true

No. 1992915

aw let the crunchy woofags feel all lovey-dovey with their rose quartz bracelets. they're silly but usually harmless

No. 1992918

File: 1715034157208.jpg (50.61 KB, 973x1080, nike_sportswear_essentials_cro…)

backpacks are common in my safe country so i love them. small ones lets you carry things easily while not being big and clumsy or making you sweat all over your back, they're just honestly really convenient.
on the other hand i really hate crossbody bags like picrel that just give you a big asymmetrical lump to your silhouette, especially when it's in the front, it looks like a third deformed boob and i can't stand it

No. 1992924

>if the types of things they practice come true
they don't ever "come true" because it's not real
>they're silly but usually harmless
no they're unscientific bullshitters, i hate those

No. 1992930

>they don't ever "come true" because it's not real
suit yourself brokie

No. 1992931

shut the fuck up and mind your business, simple as. men believe in a variety of retarded things but god forbid a woman has spiritual beliefs that don’t coincide with what the world wants them to believe(infighting)

No. 1992934

You can't get this mad over women who cause actual harm to other women? It has to be crystal wackos?

No. 1992984

"avoidant style attachment" 90% of the time are just men who aren't interested and just want to string along the woman for ego, money, etc. the 10% of the time it's mentally ill/abusive moids who don't deserve love anyway so even if he is secretly interested women shouldn't waste their time with a moid who can't even act like they like them

No. 1993182

For a website that hates men you sure are obsessed with them. She’s not obligated to agree with any stupid concept just because lots of women believe in it.

No. 1993348

Sydney Sweeney is a good actress, and honestly think she gets so much hate from anons here because is pretty and gets lots of attention for her looks.

No. 1993382

do you wanna provide an example of a movie or TV show you enjoyed her acting in? just so we can all have an idea of what you consider to be good acting

No. 1993390

She isn’t pretty and the only example of good acting from her was one single crying scene in euphoria, which is an evil cursed show to begin with

No. 1993392

Idk about her acting but the amount of rage blonde actress number 37366363 manages to inspire in this website is impressive. Shayna tier derangement.

No. 1993399

most of the criticisms I've seen against her is simply her just lying tbh. She falsely claimed she was valedictorian, that she had a business degree, etc

No. 1993445

She's OK looking, certainly not as ugly as people make her out to be. I liked her in Immaculate. She isn't the best actress but her acting can be good at times. I don't mind seeing her in films.

No. 1993469

current levels of neoteny in anime girl faces are so creepy and i hate it. i'd rather go back to generic hot women big booba if they actually looked like adults.

No. 1993531

That fucking IWD video definitely broke something, I cant even put into words what it broke but it’s irreversible.

No. 1993541

The shillypoo video?

No. 1993612

I like backpacks because thieves are less likely to target you for purse snatching.

No. 1993619

>If you don't relate to that, if you don't have good medical insurance, if you for some reason were never capable of landing a job that has you working a comfortable, healthy schedule while also paying you generously and providing all the necessary benefits, then I heavily recommend going back out into the world and trying to realign your life,
NTA but why are you acting as if people who try to realign their lives still don't have problems like that? There's plenty of people sending out tons and tons of applications for decent jobs but still aren't getting a response back for example, it's a common problem. It's kind of annoying how some of you immediately assume anyone who's not living a cushy life just isn't trying hard enough. Some people work so much in their job to the point of reaching elderly age, sometimes to the point of death and still can't afford all those benefits.

No. 1993621

I agree that she is beautiful, but she's a pickme. I feel bad that incel moids made her some alt-right anti-woke symbol (Google it, I'm not joking) but she knowingly panders to that audience and centers her entire image around her breasts.
If she doesn't shed her current image she'll end up like Denise Richards who is just a sad sight nowadays. She seems to be trying to get more serious work now, at least.
This also rubbed me the wrong way. I don't like that she's had work done (on her face, not going to debate the authenticity of her rack rn) and lied about it, either.

No. 1993625

Yeah I understand that Americans very much do have it better than a lot of people from other countries (I'm not even American but my economy is similar enough) but pretending that the only people who don't do well in that economy are just retards who didn't pick the right job is extremely disingenuous. I decided to get a PhD because when I graduated both my bachelors and masters (in a supposedly good western economy) the only accessible jobs at the time were un/underpaid internships and part time/freelance work, and I literally did all STEM degrees. Now I'm going through the job search process again with a PhD and it's almost equally bad. Timing is so important, exact geographical location, whether you have family to support and can't move, etc. I partially blame myself but people always act like you can just get more of the 'right' kind of training or education and then have a cushy life, but if you entered a bachelors in a STEM field that was up and coming, chances are 4 years later it's oversaturated and you're SOL again. If you have to pick your career when you're 16-17 and applying to college chances are you don't have a crystal ball and have no idea what will be hiring in 5+ years, and that doesn't make you stupid.

No. 1993629

The Yakuza series is the Riverdale of video games

No. 1993635

Honestly the unpopular part should be to believe in crystals, why do so many women have deranged views about literal rocks? I really don't see men do the same, they don't go "I need to touch the green car to give me powers over money… and touching the blue car charges my inner energy. Also they have to be parked facing east so their energy can be recharged". I guess the closest part is believing in ghosts, which to be fair is equally stupid. I wish they'd just admit to themselves they like sparkly rocks because they're pretty and it's fun to have a collection.

I do think it's funny/tragic that they can't actually tell the rocks apart, so they'll buy a rock/gem labelled as one thing specifically for the magic properties they think it has, fully unaware they got sold a different rock that looks identical to the naked eye and they still go "omg totes pulled my bf because I was wearing rose quartz that day" like sweetie no you literally got ripped off

No. 1993639

I think the most unfortunate thing about women into woo woo shit/crystals/astrology/tarot is they have no sense of humor about it when mocked. Like this is one of the only times in my life I will say anything positive about moids but whenever some moid I know is into crystal healing/astrology/whatever and I relentlessly make fun of him for it he just goes with it. When I lightly make fun of women in my life for being into this shit they absolutely blow their fuses and it's always some girl who said she could 'totally tell my star sign' 7 consecutive times and guessed my birthday wrong more than 50% of the time consecutively.

Rock enthusiasts are the same they'll get their rocks mixed up like you said and if you point out the thing they're holding isn't even the type of rock they think it is they'll fly off the handle saying you're denying their divine spiritual insight or something. I get that women feel attacked when they choose some 'alternative' spiritual belief because patriarchal religions are horrible to women but they're still looking for something, but leave me alone if I don't play along with your delusions. Sorry I guess it makes me moid brained that I don't find it cute or funny when some random girl at a party guesses my 'star sign' wrong 8 times and then tells me she 'totally could tell I was a leo' or whenever I decide to randomly lie my birthday is, but maybe it's an acceptable way to be GNC to not humor girls with their woo woo shit they can't keep straight?

No. 1993643

Persona kinda sucks actually

No. 1993646

You point out in your post why women tend towards alternative beliefs and you still have such a negative view about it, when you've just acknowledged why women would have a good reason to be defensive about it. Good for the men for taking it so lightly that you have no respect for what they believe in, as if they would take your opinion as a woman seriously anyway. Those women get offended because everything they do is labelled as frivolous and wrong, and because as another woman they legitimately respect your opinion and are probably hoping to connect with you. Using gemstones in practices has been a part of humanity for over 6000 years and there are reasons people have these beliefs. You don't have to believe in it, you don't have to pat anyone on the bum, you also don't have to be disrespectful because you think it's funny. You might as well just tell those women to their face that you think they're stupid and you have no respect for them, because I'm sure that's how they interpret your jokes. I doubt you approach it with the subtlety you think you do.

No. 1993652

Yes, sorry that I prefer to be able to make fun of dumb shit that moids do (most of what moids do is dumb) and get more aggravated when women (who by default I want to respect more) don't even know what healing crystal they have or guess my birth date wrong 70% of the time. I have higher expectations of women than moids by default because usually women are smarter than moids and yes it is disappointing when women insist upon doing something that makes them look stupid. I'm not sorry for respecting women more and thus having higher overall expectations of them even though you are implying I should be more fake and disingenuous toward them to spare their feelings.

I never implied that I joke about it 'subtly' so idk what you are thinking I'm acting like, I am not subtle at all mocking anyone (male or female) who insists they absolutely know my birth date after meeting me for 5 minutes or says a rock is another type of rock. I just appreciate that there isn't a social norm regarding men that I can't openly make fun of them.

No. 1993655

Now I want to watch it

No. 1993657

I'm sorry anon, but you just sound insufferable. I don't think you have a firm grasp on the concept of respect. I think you're just an angry person who looks down on others.

No. 1993660

Okay if you think I'm 'insufferable' for not playing along with people trying to (incorrectly) guess my birth date and then getting enraged when they're wrong, you're allowed to think that. I'm not angry at all and didn't say anything about anger, I'm just exhausted by how I'm not allowed to think it's funny when other people start raging out about how I didn't help them out with guessing my birth date or whatever. I'm not even autistic but it took me way too long to understand that the 'normal' social etiquette was to tell some astrology enthusiast my birth date to spare their feelings when normally I don't think it's part of my social obligations to tell someone my exact birthday prior to them embarrassing themselves by pretending they can guess my future and personality based on my birthday they don't know.

I think you're just proving the original point that girls who are into this shit are insufferable themselves because barging into a social event demanding a stranger hint or tell you their birthday so you don't end up embarrassing yourself is so weird, and I'm not even autistic but I didn't realize this was a basic social expectation. Again somehow men are never expected to do this, women are out of some weird 'social solidarity' with other women.

No. 1993662

Samefag but I doubt you would be this enraged or call me insufferable if I said I also acted neutral toward devout conservative religious relatives who tried to tell me I'm GNC as a child because 'if you like swords and boy things it's because you're preparing for the apolcalypse' or whatever. Shit like astrology was also originally derived from moidbrained religions but I just have a feeling that me not humoring evangelical christian or devout fundie catholic relatives would not make you decide I am 'insufferable.' The types of people who say this only think it's insufferable for women to not play along with other people's pagan-derived religious beliefs, never when it's a woman going 'huh no' to fundie christianity, judaism or islam.

No. 1993665

File: 1715077428010.jpeg (35.41 KB, 792x410, IMG_0579.jpeg)

You’re insufferable because you’ve been going on this long about it. Who gives a shit, jfc

No. 1993667

'This long' meaning 4 posts 3 of which were in direct response to you? All of which were like 5 sentences at most.

If you're gonna get this triggered that someone doesn't believe in astrology don't start a conversation with them about it I guess, saying they 'don't understand the idea of respect' because apparently 'respect' means 'playing along with beliefs you think are silly so that no one ever feels offended.' I'm not even official anti-crystals nona I just responded saying I appreciate that moids let me mock them for trying to guess my birth date or them not even knowing what rock is on my shelf, you just went and proved my point by acting like it's a crime against humanity to find birthday-diviners funny and now you're TL;DRing me for responding to your accusations I'm no fun at parties when it's really people harassing you about their guesses about your birthday that make parties awkward.

No. 1993668

No. 1993670

File: 1715077905928.webp (42.23 KB, 653x653, Leonegativetraitsmagnet_653x65…)

No. 1993671

Lol nona I wish but this was already the example I gave of fake star signs I'll tell ppl I am so they shut up and feel good about their divining ability. I'll give you 6-7 more tries tho like all those girls I'm 'disrespecting' at parties

No. 1993672

NTA but the crystal wacko to straight out cultist is a real pipeline which is why I also don't trust women who seriously believe in that stuff, and not in an agnostic "there could be something to it" way but really going the entire mile and taking the woowoo as honest truth. A lot of women get roped into alternative medicine and start denying modern scientific healthcare, ending up even dying of cancer because some grifter sold them a tree root powder to drink for a cure instead of chemo and surgery. And it's because women's health not being taken seriously by medical professionals which makes them seek a sense of security elsewhere, not because women are inherently dumb.

No. 1993676

I’m not that anon, dipshit.

No. 1993680

I actually think there's a lot of truth to a lot of 'alternative medicine' this coming from someone who wasn't being helped by mainstream doctors who don't care about women's reproductive health, but by 'alternative medicine' I mean like supplements/diet and not crystals or denying that western medicine has its place. If you have rare disorders or women's repro health issues you literally might be better off with a naturopath or 'holistic' health doctor just because they tend to pick up where a lot of conventional western medicine docs stopped researching not caring about women's disorders. But I'm not talking about healing crystals or whatever here just vitamin/hormone supplements, diet, specific types of exercise or even prioritizing sleep which should be part of conventional medicine. It helps that I'm a biologist and I can read obscure science lit but I remember taking some random hormone supplement that had a lot of literature behind it, telling my doctor I took it after she asked me why my women's repro illness was so much better, she was like 'hmm never heard of that' and 6 months later she was recommending it to me as something she found 'in the lit' when originally I was the one who told her and she wrote it down saying she'd check it out.

No. 1993683

Okay, anon who enters a thread just to say 'TL;DR' to someone whose posts she definitely didn't read over the last 30 minutes.

No. 1993684

Anon I'm pretty sure it was clear from the context that alternative medicine here isn't used to refer to cases like taking vitamin supplements to combat a UTI or fixing your diet to feel healthier but dangerous shit like actually trying to cure cancer with tree roots like what Steve Jobs did.

No. 1993687

That's why I specified what I did because I think sometimes people lump them in the same category.

If it helps, for many types of cancer in certain stages chemo has similar mortality outcomes to literally doing nothing (whether you drink tea or not) so it can be a legitimate choice to make yourself more comfortable in your last months if chemo or radiotherapy is likely to do very little for you. But I'm just saying that sometimes people conflate all different kinds of 'rejection of western medicine' when modern medicine is really bad at treating certain types of ailments, and for certain kinds (like hormonal/chronic illnesses) alternative med might actually work better. There is actually evidence behind certain types of alternative medicine too like naturopathy but it's lumped in with actual nonsense non-treatments so it's always worth considering that not all alternative medicine is made equal.

No. 1993688

NTA but no, the topic was literally crystals and to prove a point anons took it to its most extreme levels and paint women who own a piece of amethyst as whack jobs, openly mock them in person, and then can't understand how they aren't being respectful. You can disagree with someones point of view without being a cunt about it. I don't get why the anons who are so against some pretty little rocks are so cut up about it while at the same time claiming that the women who use gemstones are too defensive. Pick one, anon.

No. 1993691

anon sounds like she's a bit into geology herself tbf. which is a real science.

No. 1993695

I don't even subscribe to these beliefs, I just think you're being an asshole about something really trivial and that you could handle the social interactions in a more respectful way than openly mocking women while praising men for being able to "take the joke" when they've never been under fire for anything they believe in. What else do women do that pisses you off that men do so much better?

No. 1993696

nta but fast fashion, makeup obsession, being spineless & bad at gatekeeping our communities, etc. there are logical explanations for all of them but it doesn't negate the harm, especially to other women.

No. 1993697

I think it's really moid-brained to call someone an asshole for letting people guess their birthday who are obviously invested in guessing their birthday rather than helping them out with subliminal cues or whatever you are expecting me to do so they can guess more accurately their very accurate personality-divining beliefs that they are very confident in. To me respecting someone's beliefs means not patronizing them with subtle hints about when my birthday is to help them save face when they chose to waltz into a social situation claiming they can accurately divine from my physiognomy or a 10-second social interaction what day and time I was born, but yeah I guess our ideas of what 'respect' are are completely different.

If you don't understand sarcasm at all I guess you can interpret what I said as 'praising men' but that's an interesting choice. I just said I'm glad that it's socially acceptable to mock men for mansplaining my birthday to me whereas apparently I'm an evil misogynist for not hinting my date of birth to women doing the same weird shit to me, and you agree that I should baby and coddle women and treat them as stupider than men when they choose to embarrass themselves in social contexts.

No. 1993700

nta but
>"alternative beliefs"
is one way to describe being delusional about believing in illogical pseudoscience.
>Those women get offended because everything they do is labelled as frivolous and wrong
Anon they ARE wrong. They're no better than flat-earters so of course people get annoyed at them when they keep insisting the earth totally is flat. They LITERALLY think rocks are magic. They think a giant ball of burning gas billions of light-years away affects your personality the second you're born - but if you're born a few hours later it would have affected you in the polar opposite way!
>there are reasons people have these beliefs.
There are also reasons why men think women are inferior to them and why mothers think cutting off their teen daughters breasts is normal healthy practice - yet none of those reasons are good, not do we have to respect their views for even a second if we don't agree with it.
>You might as well just tell those women to their face that you think they're stupid and you have no respect for them
I personally just politely say I don't agree with them. I don't go shouting at Christians that god isn't real either because I know it's not productive. But I absolutely do think it's stupid and it's on the level of troons being upset over being misgendered and calling that "violence".

No. 1993703

I can't even take what you say seriously because in almost every post you've brought up the "guessing my birthday" thing like it's offensive. No one is telling you to coddle these women, I said that in my very first reply to you, you're just seem incapable of carrying a conversation where you don't condescend someone. There are so many ways you could end an uncomfortable conversation without mocking someone. What is this woman's crime? Guessing your birthday wrong. Get over it.

No. 1993705

Equating something like focusing a thought with a gemstone, because that's all it is, essentially meditation, with shit that's actually harmful like troonism is just absurd. Flat Earthers are right wing conspiracy theorists, not middle aged women who wear maxi skirts and shop at farmers markets. You sound more unhinged than the women you're making fun of.

No. 1993708

Sounds like some anons just get off on being intellectually superior to other women and are willing to throw any strawman at the wall to see what sticks. But it's Becky with the rose quartz who is defensive and a problem.

No. 1993709

I agree. Spearmint did more for my hormonal imbalances where as birth control only ever accomplished making me sad and fat

No. 1993712

In (based on this I assume your) very first response to me you made a big deal out of how disrespectful I am for (my words) 'lightly' making fun of women who make very public and obvious wrong judgments about when my birthday is or what some rock I have is. In no way did I imply I was being a massive condescending asshole about it, 'lightly making fun' implies that I laughed it off in a socially appropriate way but I expressed annoyance that when I try to do this instead of, I guess, lying to make these women look better, they flew off the handle and/or claimed that they 'totally knew that all along and were testing me' or whatever. You can make the choice to read into my post that I find people trying to guess my birthday offensive, or assume that I am incapable of carrying a conversation without being condescending, but that just makes it seem like you think it's condescending for me to lightly tease someone for insisting upon guessing my birthday wrong or saying a rock is a different kind of rock implying you want me to socially coddle them and prevent them from being exposed for being wrong. It's not my fault that a certain specific kind of woman is so fragile that she can't deal with me saying 'no my birthday is not in the month you insisted upon guessing it was in' (yes this happens to me very often) and you're acting like the only appropriate way to deal with these kinds of women is to literally lie or hint the real answer to them to help them save face publicly when they started the public guessing to begin with.

There is no crime and the normal way people react to a crime is not to 'lightly make fun of' someone. People who get this mad and pressed are the ones with real social issues and maybe should learn not to make guesses about stuff they can't guess accurately if they want people to take their psy abilities super seriously and not let them embarrass themselves.

I said I mock moids, not women, so I guess your reading comprehension is lacking? Idk about other nonas but I have never mocked any woman with meditating with a gemstone or whatever you are projecting on me and I'm not the only nona who said something about gemstones/astrology.
AYRT and I agree, spearmint tea and myo-inositol did more for me than 5-6 years of seeing 'specialists' in endocrinology and gynecology ever did, I don't even want to get into the birth control pill because it seems to really help some people but for me it was pure poison.

No. 1993714

Hobby drama is more entertaining than cows are, the golden age of lolcows is over

No. 1993715

>NTA but the crystal wacko to straight out cultist is a real pipeline which is why I also don't trust women who seriously believe in that stuff
Same, they're the same women kind of who also easily buy into troonism - they think like "we don't understand everything, this is clearly spiritual… so being a woman is probably spiritual too" and then they're suddenly TRA. They're just very susceptible to manipulation because they require no proof or science to believe in anything and are even encouraged to actively reject it from the "haters" who "just don't get it".
>actually think there's a lot of truth to a lot of 'alternative medicine'
there's a BIG difference between knowing your diet affects you (and that doctors ignore women's specific needs), and thinking that a rock is literally magic because it's purple. They're not even in the same ballpark!

No. 1993717

I agree nona that there's a big difference between knowing how diet works and thinking rocks are magic which is why I specified in my post that I think stuff like natural supplements, diet and sleep are legitimate aspects of holistic medicine and not healing crystals. Unfortunately a lot of people lump them together, I am both 'naturopaths are legit' and 'I lightly make fun of girls for guessing my birthday wrong 5 times' anon and I can tell from people's responses that they thought I was 2 different people just because I don't have super-anti-altmedicine views while also thinking astrology spergs are kind of embarrassing. People conflate things like this all the time.

No. 1993719

Nta but why do you keep obsessing with crystals? Majority of people who believe in those sorts of things very rarely believe the crystal alone is going to do anything

No. 1993724

This is a great dissertation, hope you pass.

No. 1993729

Anon…a piece of hematite is not a pipeline to being a TRA. I swear you make up people in your mind and pretend as if they are real.

No. 1993730

hope the next girl whose house you attend a party at has the exact birthday you guess she has based on her hair color and outfit, so you're not exposed to the extreme misogynistic indignity of being told 'haha no my birthday isn't on that date but i guess i do look like a twin' or other forms of horrible sexist mockery(infighting)

No. 1993732

File: 1715082279551.jpg (83.3 KB, 1280x780, photo_2024-05-07_12-43-25.jpg)

this need a fucking strap because it will wobble if you actually try to walk/run with it
i fucking hate athleisure

No. 1993743

File: 1715083204979.jpg (159.73 KB, 1024x1024, the fool black bear.jpg)

Not any of the other nonas you've replied to, but you're so butthurt over this that I just bought a tarot deck to go give free readings to the yoga hippies in the park. Gonna spread this "womenly stupidity" even farther. Ohhhh no, I'm going to create so many tranny lovers by telling women that a mysterious stranger awaits them in their future.

No. 1993744

You've brought up the birthday fiasco like 5 times now, was that a traumatic event for you? And what are you babbling about misogyny when the OP was literally saying men are more reasonable than women because they can take a joke when they never have to deal with constant scrutiny to begin with? You're more offended and up your own ass than any woo-woo lady. Do you even get invited to parties? Did that scenario even happen?

No. 1993758

lmao you have a trauma with some crunchy bitch that embarrassed you in public. get therapy sis

No. 1993760

File: 1715084187123.jpg (173.84 KB, 1080x1080, 1000000219.jpg)

He straight up admitted to knowing she was mentally ill before getting her pregnant, got her pregnant (which can make women go INSANE from PPD), then cheated and attempted to dump his kid on her? Yeah no, he has got to get the biggest dumbass alive reward. Idk what he expected to happen leaving his kid with a heavily mentally ill mom whom who contributed emotional abuse to

No. 1993767

Pregnancies via consensual sex aren't a free pass to punish women for wanting to abort. You're both weird.

No. 1993772

Don't give them attention nonny. Not everyone who will read tarot is going to become a tranny lover lmao. That's such a big leap

No. 1993977

Eurofags will never understand the mouthwatering deliciousness of putting chicken bouillon in your rice and pasta, it seriously takes it to the next level.

No. 1993987

They don't do that with rice? Knor cubes are a staple in my latin american rice

No. 1993992

Not all eurofags!

No. 1993995

Mentioning spaniards is cheating lol

No. 1994005

any man who's only attracted to chestlets is gay or a pedophile

No. 1994016

Is it unpopular?

No. 1994182

I used to say this as a joke to any moid that showed interest in me and have come to realize that it’s so fucking true. Every moid I dated before was only interested when I was underweight and looked like a little boy, one later on came out to me after he went on an 8 month drug bender years after we broke up. Another confessed to me that he wanted to see if he could cum to a young gay dudes voice as a “joke” and has asked me if being creative is easier if you’re gay while we were dating. It sucks being a straight gnc chestlet because you attract the worst scrotes

No. 1994300

Women with big boobs are always jealous of girls with skinnier boobs because big boobs make them look fatter. Imagine not being able to jump up and down without getting back problems later

No. 1994311

This is making me depressed. Is there really not any scenario where a normal straight man can like flat or non-hyperfeminine women? I thought men into women who aren't stereotypically girly would be super straight since they like women in a natural state, while men who are into stereotypical styles were just attracted to the idea of femininity but not the female body itself? (which leads to some "straight" men giving troons a pass)

No. 1994315

>with skinnier boobs
KEK I get that you meant flat chested but skinny boobs is such a funny way to word it

No. 1994317

Isn't risotto from italy? And most pastas too? They definitely put chicken stock in rice and pasta in Europe. It's an American thing not to.

No. 1994319

fellow chestlet here who has never dated a creep because im gnc and mean. maybe if you act like a little girl you'll attract little girl lovers, but its not like pedos dont date women with d-cups already

No. 1994330

I’m so tired I wasn’t paying attention kek, sorry

No. 1994368

Nta, but nonna, don't worry too much. If a guy generally doesn't care about which breast size woman has, then he's most likely fine. It's the ones with a strong prefernce who're suspicious.

No. 1994373

I think kids who had traumatic child hoods should beat their parents ass when they’re big enough to do so

No. 1994423

i absolutely wish i could beat my stepmom for abusing my sisters but i don't wanna catch a charge and get excommunicated

No. 1994424

spray tanning and tanning beds shouldnt be a thing you should have no other choice than to melanate naturally

No. 1994425

>obvious ai garbage "art"

No. 1994427

File: 1715121734016.png (158.88 KB, 296x426, im sherriff of this county.png)

we can always jump her on your behalf, nonalita

No. 1994443

I hate the purity testing shit where people on here expect you to hate and encourage others to hate their male family members.

I'm never picking some random imageboard bitch over my brother. Cope and seethe about it.(male)

No. 1994444

contrarians are so annoying bet if i tell you dont jump you go and jump anyways

No. 1994452

You realize astrological signs are based on birth date/time right? Every single time someone tries to guess your star sign they're actually just trying to guess your birthday.
I think most people would agree with this but no one's going to go the distance to make it illegal to paint yourself orange so spray tan people will always exist. It always looks bad though

No. 1994475

I wish we could hide boards. Please implement hiding boards. This should be in /meta/ but jannies don’t care about anyone’s complaints or suggestions. /ot/ is becoming cancerous

No. 1994483

Kek why would you need to hide a board? Just don’t click on /ot/

No. 1994492

I work in a windowless building from before sunrise to after sunset. I don't tan because I love being mentally ill, but my coworkers should at least have that option.

No. 1994497

Do you always work 7 days a week? Usually even a couple hours is enough to get a bit of a tan especially if you do that every week. If you work 7 days a week without windows that should be illegal or something.

No. 1994504

Like I said, I love being vitamin D unbalanced, so I don't leave the house on my two days off, but I'm kinda doubtful that people have the extra time on chore days to just go outside and exist. Question though, have you ever lived in the far north? Your perception of available sunlight might be skewed because of how much is available to you.

No. 1994510

AYRT and I live pretty far north but not like Nunavut/Alaska levels. During at least half the year you can't get sufficient vit D from sunlight here but in the summer, even in pretty far northern climates IIRC, it is possible to get a tan. And if you are living in Northern Alaska or Siberia something then in the summer your job probably couldn't be from before sunrise to after sunset since the sun is up for a very long time for a few months. Anyway no one I know ever is tan or tries to tan during the winter, it's strictly a summer thing and you can get a tan just by running normal errands. I also have never met someone who never goes outside voluntarily though, some people I know avoid tans by wearing hats/staying in the shade/mineral sunscreen though.

No. 1994529

File: 1715127800970.jpeg (18.05 KB, 463x345, IMG_2395.jpeg)

No. 1994532

Do you think your brother put a camera in your toilet or stole your underwear yet?

No. 1994536

That your fantasy or something? Skank. Stop watching porn.

No. 1994539

You’re clearly a lost NLOG or a pissed off tranny. The only whore that’s in this thread is you

No. 1994540

do you not see the sun at all? you can still enjoy the sun without getting a tan nonners

No. 1994543

Ily, nonny ♥ But i think they're trying to bait, don't engage.

No. 1994552

>lolcow sex work thread: full of nonnas talking about having prostituted themselves
>lolcow grooming thread: full of nonnas talking about fucking strangers at 14
>lolcow mental illness threads: full of references to "sexually risky behavior" and hookups

But NLOG normies are supposedly the "whores". Curious…(bait)

No. 1994626

I'm only jealous since they go in and out tbh. I had small boobs as a teen and didn't develop until adulthood. When I was teen it was the 2010s extreme body era where you had to be skinny with huge breast implants and bbls, now that I finally get the body I would've considered ideal everyone wants underage ozempic bodies

No. 1994638

I think it's just the recession speaking + hyper independence pushed by the previous generation so now is there no jobs and the ones that are don't pay a lot of women don't have parents to live with or anyone else. prostitution was super common during the last recession too

No. 1994656

I am jealous of women with small boobs and have always been even when I was extremely skinny with big boobs because I feel like there is basically no advantage to bigger boobs. They're uncomfortable, limiting in what fashion you can wear, people think you're dressed skanky in totally normal clothes considered conservative on other people, bras and especially sportsbras that fit/are remotely comfortable are either wildly expensive or completely impossible to find, they start sagging pretty early in life and you can't go braless even in the house around your parents. The only upside I can see is that some small number of men might be more attracted to you but that's a double edged sword because a lot of moids attracted to big boobs act fetishy about it. I just honestly can't see any real advantage and I would get a reduction if I wasn't scared of complications.

No. 1994671

Women in their early 20s who date much older men and dress very girly/child like are not victims of grooming, they are also pedophiles but they get off on being the little girl in the situation and also sexualizes little girls just as much as their scrote

No. 1994674

This + there's only a very specific shape of large boobs that most girls don't have that's considered attractive once the bra comes off unless the person you're with actually has been with big boobed girls frequently. Ik people don't like her but I'm glad Sydney Sweeney is normalizing what big boobs actually look like since for the longest time the only big boobs shown in media were huge fake barbie tits

No. 1994679

I've never in my life been jealous of anyone with smaller boobs than me. This whole "you're just jelly!1!!1" thing done women like to do is so lame…

No. 1994680

No. 1994682

>Boob size = weight

No. 1994685

No. 1994686

Some women just have dense breast tissue which doesn't change regardless of how much fat they have. From what I've seen most weird boob complexes come from fat women though, whether it be obsessing how much better they are than skinny women for having bigger boobs or being ashamed of themselves and jealous

No. 1994689

I was jealous of women with big boobs when I was like 13 because I thought big boobs = pretty. Now I don't care. Tbh I think that as long as your waist is small, you can look good in everything.

No. 1994692

tiny breasts are the sign of an intellectual stacy

No. 1994693

Only on lolcow would someone get offended at another woman being ok with her boob size

No. 1994696

It's not a woman it's a moid with a weird boob envy kink. They can't stand when women are happy with their bodies

No. 1994698

big boobs look so disgusting, makes you look like a fat cow ready to be milked in front of the town square. just so dumpy and seeing big boobs make me feel trapped, the way they sag to the ground makes me kek too. small breasts are a sign of controlled, regal genetics that fatties with big breasts will never understand(retarded infighter)

No. 1994701

File: 1715140405270.jpg (57.13 KB, 500x491, 1000002212.jpg)

this stinks of tranny cope

No. 1994704

I honestly think it's an underagefag

No. 1994706

Nah an underage girl would be gloating about how big boobs are the key to success unless they're a tif. Moids on r9k spew the same shit and claim anything above a B cup is disgusting

No. 1994707

File: 1715140702280.jpeg (59.87 KB, 555x490, IMG_0449.jpeg)

only small breasted women can be strong feminist types. fat titty bitches are meant to be passed around and begging for male attention. only slob men with the taste of mcdonalds and cheapness find fat breasts enjoyable, it’s quick and convenient a poor man’s sexual entertainment that’s expected. a chestlet has a lot of things on her mind, cerebral. chestlets are saints ready to ascend to heaven on a rope made out of the material of their brains, booblets are to walk the earth to propagate the planet(bait)

No. 1994709

File: 1715140848024.jpg (134.47 KB, 764x764, 1522563285705.jpg)

real stacies can appreciate boobs of all sizes… I'm about average and am jealous of women with big boobs because I think a bit of cleavage can look nice in a nonsexual way. And women with smaller ones who can go braless or wear cute bralette type tops are lucky too

No. 1994710

A lot of men think a woman having small boobs is comparable to a man having a small dick, or at least they would like this to become the reality. Breast sizes can vary heavily through out life whether you gain weight, get pregnant or get surgery, which in the current age, a lot breast implants look very realistic. Once a shrimp dick is always a shrimp dick.

No. 1994711

seething booblet trying to call divine chestlets trannies and trying to scrotefoil because you know you’re fat as fuck if you have big boobs

No. 1994712

you can stop being nice, it’s always the elephant women with muffin tops who have bigger boobs, it’s honestly so fucking gross. the freedom and beauty you have when you have a flat chest or very small boobs is amazing, you can wear whatever you want without looking like a neolithic venus mammy figure

No. 1994713

You can have big breasts and not be fat. Whether boobs are large or not is dependant their size relative to the rest of the woman's body, big breasts don't exist in a vacuum. Believing otherwise just means you are a scrote.

No. 1994714

i'll fight bait with bait: only pedos and closet homos like you

No. 1994715

Tbh the only reason I say underage is because I didn't think any adult thinks about boobs in terms of what's better (besides women whose breasts affect their physical health/comfort). Boobs are just boobs and whether or not they look nice just depends on the lady.

No. 1994717

The difference is that regardless of your titty size there will be loads of men who prefer exactly that, no woman prefers small dicks though kek. Women stay winning

No. 1994719

this comparison is so stupid because dicks directly affect a scrote's ability to please a partner sexually or even have sex in some cases. boobs don't.

No. 1994720

File: 1715141359942.jpeg (350.04 KB, 528x948, IMG_0451.jpeg)

big boobs are generic common femininity and tells me everything that a woman would be like, having smaller boobs is being chosen to defy gender oppression. picrel is something no woman should ever to aspire to look like or want to be. you don’t see booblets being high-fashion models, you only see them being at high bids for scrotes as “sex symbols” which is just another modern term for public toilet prostitute

No. 1994722

There's also no evolution purposes since breast size doesn't effect breast milk production, large penises can shoot sperm closer to the cervix which means the man is more likely to conceive. Even features that men claim aid in reproduction like large hips have no effect. It's moids body's that need to be ripped apart for fertility since they exhibit way more signs of if they're fertile and healthy or not

No. 1994723

high fashion models are selected by gay men. the whole fashion industry is run by them.

No. 1994724

Unless you're going into modeling who cares lol. No one's going to deny women college or jobs or anything because of their boob size. Almost every point you're making is regarding appearance based work which majority of women don't care to do

No. 1994726

it’s so gross though, just chop it all off already(bait)

No. 1994727

-let is for things that are small. Is this what happens when you pick up on words without really getting what they're supposed to mean

No. 1994728

I remember a couple years ago that spergs kept calling bigger tits "cow udders" and thought that was one of lc's saddest moments, guess anons still haven't changed much. I usually don't believe in the "women are other womens biggest enemies"-thing but nevertheless knowing that some of you walk around and think like that is still pretty sad.

No. 1994731

its just bait dont take it seriously

No. 1994734

And you have the reverse on CC of people demanding macromastia (not even "moderately big", like deathly big), claiming that anything less is pedophilia and disgusting. Regardless of your boob size there will be image board lurkers who hate you because of it apparently

No. 1994736

kekkk, god this place used to be so based, now we keep getting fat posters with big tits and tradfags trying to push motherhood on here. lame as fuck

No. 1994739

is this what happens when autists act like this is reddit and try to correct you on something where you know what i’m implying to begin with or are you just a massive flaming faggot orrrrrrrr

No. 1994741


No. 1994742

Definitely seems to be more than one person, some farmers are simply very mentally ill or just plain vile.

No. 1994743

File: 1715142551760.jpeg (61.11 KB, 500x375, IMG_0452.jpeg)

>cow udder owners be like
be the change you want to see in the world and don’t be a woman with big flaps that sink lower than a nigel’s pair of ballsacks. i miss the toxic eras of this website

No. 1994744

It doesn't seem so to me? Seems like the same person.

No. 1994745

I think anon is speaking in general, not specifically about what's going on right now

No. 1994749

File: 1715142896340.jpeg (286.89 KB, 736x1508, IMG_0453.jpeg)

who cares if they are? the point still stands, I rather be a chestlet with an amazing body instead of a woman who has the body of a mother who has given birth to 4 kids but is still in her early 20s and single. this is so much more beautiful than the estrogen overload dump truck bodies that society loves to overhype as “sexy”, it’s peak female perfection. no lumps, no sag, no wrinkles, no fat, no back pain, only versatility and freedom

No. 1994752

Ah, i see. Well, we do have a lot of anachans here, so no wonder.

No. 1994754

did you get rejected by a big tiddy girl?

No. 1994756

>a woman who has the body of a mother who has given birth to 4 kids but is still in her early 20s and single
huh? most women like this are married. unless you're that deep into incel idealology that you actually believe majority of gen z are fat single moms with a million baby daddies

No. 1994758

i’m half lesbo and don’t like fatties, so no
i meant your body already looks worn out and tired, estrogen is the literal enemy of a woman’s body

No. 1994767

it really is, it's very disturbing. not that I'm suggesting HRT but estrogen is evil.

No. 1994780

fuck you

No. 1994781

File: 1715144326608.jpeg (7.96 KB, 168x300, images.jpeg)

depends on the person completely, if you have good genetics childbearing doesn't have much of a negative effect on your body. Only garbage-tier genetic women have to rely on anorexia and surrogacy/no kids to look good, sorry this isn't your reality but for non-deformed women they don't need to stay miserable

No. 1994786

File: 1715144710822.png (434.57 KB, 470x470, fd552537ktw67de14mn09zh45lxa-7…)

Men wearing makeup is cringe unless it's emo eyeliner.

No. 1994790

God this is horrible. There is only a certain type of men that can wear makeup and that ain't it, especially not that type of makeup. I also hate when men have stubby fingers and paint their nails, disgusting, this is only for women and pretty men.

No. 1994791

>I have basic health insurance and I have never once had to pay out of pocket for hospital bills
what insurance? every single insurance has an out-of-pocket deductible, and even if you do reach it most insurances will fight tooth and nail for what they consider necessary or not
>I heavily recommend going back out into the world and trying to realign your life, as opposed to blaming your financial or personal shortcomings on lolcow users who are happy in the country they live in.
what is your plan? almost all career fields are facing these issues right now, crappy insurance, no healthy schedule, no working comfortably, etc. What exactly is this dream job of yours that is easy, healthy, pays well and has good enough insurance that allows you to stay for weeks and not get fired?

No. 1994792

it makes you bloat and balloon and i fucking hate it, makes me crave food i clearly don’t need and when i don’t eat it makes my body think i’m on the brink of death just because I skip two meals.
>muh women with garbage genetics have to rely on anorexia
ironic considering you don’t see much fat and ugly women successfully being anorexic do you? try again biggy-chan

No. 1994793

>ironic considering you don’t see much fat and ugly women successfully being anorexic do you?
this is a weird defense, all women can starve themselves, but only genetically lucky women can eat comfortably and still look good. Considering your other reply it sounds to me like you're upset your body doesn't do you justice with eating and are basically trying to meanspo yourself to stay a low weight because your body is so unfortunate the only way it looks non-vomit-inducing is if you're underweight

No. 1994796

you don’t know what I look like and I don’t know what you look like, but it feels like you’re writing that bitter post because you have red bull wings for flappy tits

No. 1994797

>small tits
>bloating easy
>large appetite
uhh sounds like pcos or hashimotos

No. 1994798

File: 1715145673977.png (460.56 KB, 469x472, 1675661393538.png)

They only look good in clown makeup imo

No. 1994800

And men are so insanely coddled about makeup it's unreal. Women and girls get ripped to absolute shreds for any makeup blunder. Meanwhile a man can get a eyeshadow palette from Claire's and use the little sponge brush that comes with it and post it on reddit, and 10000 women will gush and shit themselves over it. men have no idea how easy they have it in life yet still act like they're soldiers going to war everyday

No. 1994801

Depends on the type of makeup imo, I just wish men felt obligated to cover up their imperfections the same way that women do, except men need it way more than any woman ever will. I don't want to see uggo moids in public. Apparently it's not super rare for some straight men in South Korea to use BB cream and fill in their eyebrows. It is pretty cringe when men think they look good in bad drag queen makeup and then get hyped for "breaking gender norms uwu"

No. 1994802

cope harder you genetic failure. sorry all other women can have a cookie or burger and not turn into a complete fridge except for you apparently(infighting)

No. 1994810

File: 1715146373172.gif (283.92 KB, 500x500, IMG_0454.gif)

pcos is the literal devil
i’m gonna have a cookie to thank myself for not having church bell sized titties. seethe harder at the truth, you got cow udders and trying to make women who can sleep on their chest at night feel pity for you(bait/infighting)

No. 1994812

stray kids everywhere all around the world

No. 1994817

>watch it

absolute subhuman

No. 1994818

No one cares pearl davis body. What you gain like 20 lbs in your arms and stomach over anything you eat? Kek

No. 1994821

File: 1715146821995.jpeg (561.24 KB, 750x888, IMG_0339.jpeg)

who tf is pearl davis? go touch grass and lose that titty meat(Baiting and shitposting across multiple threads)

No. 1994822

Apparently your doppelganger which would explain your obsession with looking underage

No. 1994828

there’s nothing about being a chestlet where you want to look underage. it just looks way nicer than cow udders. clothes fit better, it’s easier to exercise and sleep, you don’t feel prayed upon by men, overall cute and easy to navigate life with

No. 1994830

>don’t feel preyed upon by men

Kek moids fetishize small titties too. There’s simply no escaping that

No. 1994831

they don’t exist

No. 1994832

Nta but yes they do

No. 1994834

ntayrt but what doesnt exist? small tit

No. 1994837

Lolicon poisoned moids loooove that shit.

No. 1994838

Nta but they only like that on actual children, not adult women

No. 1994840

smartest woman in the thread. is there anything hotter than perfect perky small breasts? no. is there anything hotter than big heavy breasts with a beautiful natural sag? no. small areolas? cute and delicate. big areolas? sexy and womanly. big boobs make you look fat in workwear? no, you look feminine and chill. small boobs make you look like a man? no, you're streamlined and can wear button up shirts. anyway, my unpopular opinion is that hateful boobsperging is one of the funnier predictable thread fights that happens all the time

No. 1994843

Only correct post. Don't want to join either side of the weird breast size infight but whenever women sperg out about how much better they are than women with another body type it just seems like grasping at straws to find something to feel superior about that you don't even control. Women are genetically superior to scrotes regardless of breast or hip size and should all be happy about that instead.

No. 1994846

Not unpopular in the real world I guess but I think internet women who think we should raise the age of consent to 25 are insane. Not condoning big age gap relationships because yeah they're weird but this delayed adolescence mindset is bizarre to me. A 21 year old is not a child and I think the whole idea that young adults are literal children until 25 is a severe pop-psych misunderstanding of brain development. Idk not every shitty thing needs to be regulated with laws maybe just take responsibility for your choice to fuck old dudes.

Like I almost feel like it's a psyop to make radical feminists seem retarded because it's just so out of touch with how normal offline people think and function.

No. 1994848

I don't think this is an unpopular opinion with most people except overly online zoomers who like you said are misunderstanding pop psych about brain development. But I also think the other reason a lot of zoomers think this is because they were mentally/socially delayed by years of COVID related shutdowns/online schooling and a really bad economy that makes it very hard for young adults to reach financial independence at the age even younger millennials were able to. Instead of realizing that specifically they are mentally, socially and financially delayed due to inadequate schooling and socialization/a horrible economy, zoomers are projecting and assuming that it's an age thing. I do think it's completely retarded to talk about how you're 'still in puberty' in your early 20s but I assume that's the reason for it, not anything to do with radfems.

Even though I think it's hard for young people to move out and be independent now I still think it's the best option for a lot of young people unless they have really good home lives and parents who let them have a lot of autonomy despite living at home. Western cultures aren't used to this and aren't good at striking this balance and whenever I see people in their mid-late 20s who never moved out they seem socially, cognitively, and financially delayed compared to people who moved out earlier even if those people had to live in extreme poverty to survive. Like you'd think it would be a huge financial advantage to live with your parents until age 25 but most of the people I knew who did this ended up never saving anything or blowing all their savings within 6 months of moving out. It's not like this in cultures where it's more socially normal for adult children to live with their parents so I assume it's possible to avoid that but I think that's why so many young people from western countries talk about being in puberty up until age 25. Self-infantilizing can't be good for an adult's self esteem.

No. 1994854

What if we changed the age of consent laws from one specific number to the half your age plus seven rule

No. 1994856

So if you're 14 and you date a 26 year old you'd get arrested? Or if you're 35 and you date a 60 year old? This doesn't work because adults should have bodily autonomy even if that relationship is obviously skeevy to everyone. Making giant age gaps socially unacceptable is the best way to prevent these relationships without legally infantilizing people old enough to have teenaged children or run for political office.

No. 1994857

Samefag, 40 and date a 26 year old not fourteen lmao

No. 1994858

No, but the 40 and the 60 year old would

No. 1994862

Yeah so you're suggesting a 35 year old adult man or woman who is old enough to have a 17 year old child should be legally infantilized such that their older partner would get arrested for sleeping with them? Like I think there's no good reason to be in these age gap relationships but taking the bodily autonomy away from two grown ass adults would be even worse and creepier from a government paternalism/control perspective.

No. 1994865

The reason why the age of consent is around 18 in many areas is because that was when teenage girls were considered to have reached childbearing age starting back in the 1400s in Europe. They were aware that teenage girls weren’t supposed to be reproducing as they had a higher mortality rate and infant mortality rate, and typically experienced infertility afterwards. If they waited until they were older to reproduce then the risk factor went down significantly, so 18 was like the accepted age that people believed was safe. It doesn’t really have anything to do with 18 year olds being fully mentally mature, it came from what was considered childbearing age back then. I don’t think age of consent should be 25 or anything but 18 is also a very arbitrary age, it could be a bit higher. The age of consent should also never be lower than the age of majority, that’s really creepy

No. 1994866

Yeah those laws are made by pedophiles

No. 1994868

File: 1715150817789.jpg (685.99 KB, 1800x1800, 540.jpg)

In most places it's closer to 16

No. 1994871

>But I also think the other reason a lot of zoomers think this is because they were mentally/socially delayed by years of COVID related shutdowns/online schooling and a really bad economy that makes it very hard for young adults to reach financial independence at the age even younger millennials were able to. Instead of realizing that specifically they are mentally, socially and financially delayed due to inadequate schooling and socialization/a horrible economy, zoomers are projecting and assuming that it's an age thing.

Yeah I think this is it. Plus the helicopter parenting doesn't help. Half the millennials I know had kids and jobs and traveling under their belt by 25 so it's just a really foreign mindset for me. I feel like if we did raise the age of consent to 25 by the time they're 25 it's suddenly gonna be nooooo 30 is the actual age of majority.

I'm an old gen z/young millennial (depending on what year you pick as the cutoff) and socializing with older adults in my early 20s was actually really good for me. Not necessarily fucking older people but being able to hang out with 'real' adults and be equals. If the age of consent is 25 we're gonna need separate bars, social scenes, etc for under-25s because I don't want the cops called for accidentally flirting with a 24.5 year old LITERAL MINOR at the club lol. It's going to make everything worse imo and make it harder for them to mature socially.

No. 1994873

The people who think the age of consent should be 25 are typically concerned about this type of thing >>1994868
and whenever I see people talking about it they usually think there should be a tiered age of consent as well.

No. 1994877

Even if this was the original reason for 18 being the age of majority in a lot of places, the current reality is that in most countries around the world secondary schooling ends around age 18 which is an appropriate cutoff for people to be allowed to leave their parents' homes, rent, vote, drive, purchase alcohol, have their own finances, etc. It would be weird for mandatory schooling to end around 17-18 but then have 7-8 more years where people are not allowed the legal rights consummate with their social responsibilities and expectations (like moving away to go to university/rent/work). If someone has every other legal right but not the right to legally have sex then that would also just be very weird. So you can buy a home, move to a different continent, work, etc. but you aren't legally allowed to have sex?

No. 1994882

They usually think that 18 is too young to be the age of majority though, they think it’s partly so that people start paying taxes, working, joining the military and starting families younger. If the age of majority was a few years older than all of those things would be shifted a few years. They usually think 18 is way too young for people to be legally allowed to sign contracts, get student loans and join the military. A lot of it has to do with the porn industry and sex work, the conversation started because of all the teenagers doing onlyfans as soon as they turn 18, getting trafficked into porn or convinced to have sugar daddies or whatever

No. 1994883

AYRT yeah the helicopter parenting is also a big part of it. As a grad student I taught classes for about 6 years (with many of the undergrad students being a similar age to me) but each consecutive year they acted less and less responsible for themselves. I had situations like 21-26 year old students whose parents would call the professor or dean/department chair about their kid's grades on minor homework assignments. When I was a college student age 18-22 my parents couldn't even tell you what classes I was in let alone call my professors outraged that I didn't get an A on some little essay. Unlike you I knew almost no one who had kids before their late 20s but most people considered themselves adults in their late teens to early 20s already. And in a way I think it's a good thing to be 'thrown in the deep end' with adult responsibilities when you're still young enough to be cognitively flexible; you learn how to handle the responsibilities quickly and easily at that age since you adjust to new situations easily. People who gained independence later usually had a much harder time learning the new adult responsibilities than people who gained independence earlier.

I still think it's super creepy that 18 year olds are sleeping with 40+ year old men or whatever but I agree with you that in my early 20s it was very helpful to me to have a social circle with 30+ year old people in it as friends. I knew we weren't at exactly the same life stage but I could relate to them on most things and get their advice on the things that I was still a bit too young for. The other thing I noticed when I was teaching classes is that as students got more and more babied they would also resist my authority as an instructor more because they actually said I was too 'young' to be teaching them or grading their work. They project their own professional and educational delays on people who haven't had those delays and even treat other adults like they're also children.

No. 1994888

What's the solution then? To start k-12 schooling a few years later, to have 5 extra years of high school, or just for these kids to end high school and be unable to work for a few years? I normally only see this POV as a meme on the internet and I don't know people in real life who think this way so I'm not grasping what the implementation would be of moving up the age of majority. How would it work if some countries did this but others didn't, like if a 25 year old was legally a child in the US but not in, say, Germany?

I understand the concern around teenagers doing sex work and onlyfans but I think the best solutions for that are to target porn and sex work, not every single other legal right that 18+ year olds have.

No. 1994889

>They usually think 18 is way too young for people to be legally allowed to sign contracts, get student loans and join the military.
Idk. If you're an 18-year old with a bad home situation it's healthy to be able to rent somewhere, get a job, sign a loan for a car, get a credit card. The problem is that our current economic system is so fucked that nobody can afford to be adults at 18, and teenagers aren't being properly prepared for the real world in school or at home. Raising the age just puts a bandaid on it. My parents were independent at 18 and it worked out well for them because the economy was in decent shape. They were even able to make mistakes without fucking their lives up forever. Maybe that's the main problem, the world is so competitive now that if you fuck up even a little bit at 18 you might never dig yourself out of that hole. 50 years ago you could take out a loan and be financially comfortable enough to pay it back if it ended up being a mistake.

No. 1994956

>high fashion models are selected by gay men
models: taller than average women, skinnier and therefore also bonier, barely any boobs at all in sight, often have wider shoulders, narrower hips and sharper facial features… it all makes sense now, it's like they want them to be as boy-twink like as possible

No. 1995026

File: 1715172254432.png (45.23 KB, 1056x816, 1000000221.png)

They change the definitions constantly to avoid admitting we are in a recession but yeah. Majority of people are too obsessed with bootstrapping to get out of the recession

No. 1995039

I don't know the general consensus here because of haven't seen it yet, but the 4B movement:
First off american girlies adopting it, good for them for embracing celibacy, but it's just copying the men-go-there-own-way movement when americans do it
Second, it's just actually cultural appropriation. South Korean women are not treated the same as privileged american women. One difference is that in the USA martial rape is recognized as bad and illegal. American men and women recognize this, Korean men (of both flavors) do not. American common sense about freedom is not applicable to every culture because America is one of the few places where women had legal rights seperate from their family for 100+ years, Asia as a whole has not and when something happens to a women there the first think they ask is about the men in her life.

No. 1995046

File: 1715173827234.jpg (23.03 KB, 519x491, 1000014275.jpg)

>muh cultural appropriation
are you lost? also martial rape was legal in america until the 90s

No. 1995047

I don’t think the 4b movement exists in real life, not even in Korea. In Korea you still see tons of couples everywhere. I think women are just having less kids because they can’t afford them and it has very little to do with women being fed up with men because that will never happen on a large scale.

No. 1995053

What makes American women more privileged?

No. 1995057

>cultural appropriation
look a tiktok newfag, go back please

No. 1995062

>cultural appropriation
KEK. By your logic Korea culturally appropriated the West when they introduced democracy.

No. 1995065

File: 1715175170123.gif (125.67 KB, 243x250, male whores.gif)

No. 1995067

This. Also there are still journalists in mainstream publications writing essays about how sometimes you just have to lay back and have perfunctory sex for your marriage and no one bats an eye about how fucked up that is so the mentality is still very much there; the mindset that you are your husbands property and you must be sexually available to him at all time is perpetuated by mainstream Christian culture in America

No. 1995073

I can see why men treat women the way they do and honestly if I was in their position I’d be the same. You mean I get an attractive bang maid who will spend thousands of her own money to look good for me and clean my house and I don’t even have to be nice to her? Sign me up

No. 1995078

i hate any feminine aspects on men unless they go all the way with it. don’t just toss on a dress and some lipstick, shave, put on foundation, dress for your shape, actually try. it looks gross and lazy when they just slop stuff together

No. 1995080

real kek. men live life on easy mode for real, just be halfway nice and have a little bit of personality and you can get a gf easy. modern women have no fucking standards

No. 1995086

The fact that zoomers want to be considered children until 25 is so funny to me. Back in the day there were 18-24 year olds building whole companies from the ground up, running entire farms on their own etc. it’s like every generation people want to stay children longer and longer. I bet when zoomers are in their 30s they’re gonna find a reason to claim 30 year olds are still young babies too. I hate that study that the brain isn’t fully developed until 25 because zoomers use that as an excuse to get away with every dumb choice they made before then…”omg I did hardcore porn when I was a child and I had no idea what I was doing because I was only 22!”.

No. 1995105

Lack of consequences and accountability, they were never taught how to be responsible adults. They hit 25 where their brain starts putting things into perspective and they can’t square why they did such deranged shit because it’s so obviously wrong and harmful (why did no one tell them and protect them from themselves!?) but they fail to realize why they were so easily led to those choices.
I’ve seen zoomers complain about their exposure to porn and predators online, wondering why that was allowed to happen, but if you so much as hint that that’s why kids shouldn’t have access to the internet they get offended! Like the whole problem is that they were vulnerable as kids and predators were given a direct line to them? So take the direct line away! And I mean predators of all kinds, the ones that try to normalize antisocial behavior, harmful acts, sexual acts, that create deluded understandings etc. but no, the internet is great for kids/teens. It blows my mind.
They simultaneously don’t want to take responsibility while suggesting that sure a kid can choose to sterilize themselves and gatekeeping of any kind is bigoted. It’s absolute nonsense, sometimes things are restricted for a reason. It used to be called safe guarding and the guard rails came off at 18 so you could learn about being an adult and have those lessons crystallize at 25 when the epiphany of “oh shit, my problems are my responsibility now” hits.
It’d be sad if so many of them didn’t continue to advocate for unfettered internet access for minors. Unless the spaces can be controlled there is no safe space for children online and there never can be.

No. 1995123

While I disagree, I can't really blame them. The economy crash forced majority of the zoomers to put their life on hold and so many of them never even got to live on their own for several years. The ones that live at home typically still have to abide by parents rules and the ones that don't often overwork with zero socialization which I imagine can damage the brain

No. 1995144

Life was the same way for 30+ people when we were in our early 20s but I never seen people back then claiming they want to push the age of consent to mid 20s

No. 1995280

I’m glad I had unsupervised internet access as a kid because it pretty much saved my life. I was from a poor neglectful household so I pretty much learned to read, about other cultures, how to count money and my exposure to kpop and anime made my standards for men delusional so it saved me from being interested in the scrotes around me and ending up a single mother which is the norm for wheee I grew up. For some kids the internet is the only thing saving them from their environment and not every kid gets wrapped up in grooming/porn addiction.

No. 1995281

I fucking hate it when trashy ass bitches shit up the vent thread. You and your Nigel are trash and disgusting, don’t get why the site is slow but when someone posts something so stupid about a man and her poor sexual choices it gets a ton of responses like it’s pre-pandemic days. Dead internet theory is completely real, I’m just talking to a bunch of bots who only reply to targeted posts and topics and I seem like the only one who’s real and human.

No. 1995289

Kek I hate posting something in that thread while wanting advice or insight or a anybody relating and then a nona posts about her degenerate nigel she refuses to leave or being a homewrecker or something right underneath so your post gets overshadowed by all of the responses and infights. Such is life.

No. 1995293

the site is slow because mods will ban for no fucking reason
the bans are short but it kills the entire atmosphere and makes you not want to go back to the topic

No. 1995297

Nta but my theory is the mods do this so they can kill the site and be done with it

No. 1995298

After seeing nonnies boyfriends I don't think I'll ever get over a "my nigel" post again kek

No. 1995300

Mods killed all the joy in lc because you get 6 hour bans for breathing incorrectly. I dont care that its piss easy to ban evade when its about randomly catching bans for arbitrary shit

No. 1995301

Was it the anon with the pro tranny boyfriend? Some of the women on this site have social lives and might gasp make mistakes. Anons reply because most women are straight and if they date they definitely have experiences with retarded guys. If you can't handle vents about boyfriend's maybe stay out of the vent thread.

No. 1995306

File: 1715184454746.png (469.55 KB, 659x746, IMG_0459.png)

We don’t care. You, that anon with her ugly ass boyfriend and the newfag tranny jannies are the cancer killing LC. I fucking hate your guts it makes me want to alog so much(calm down)

No. 1995316

Tell me how much you want to kill me if you're so mad otherwise I only view your anger as a pathetic reaction coming from a pathetic little terminally online NEET. Go and talk to trannies over on the Cafe if you're so upset.

No. 1995317

Ime it's annoying because I use this site to escape the constant "muh nigel this muh nigel that" you get from talking to other women IRL. Maybe I need to get better friends but I'm so sick of hearing boy drama and boy complaints.

No. 1995319

Spoiler this tf

No. 1995321

There is literally crystal cafe.

No. 1995324

IMO your picrel is one of the less ugly makeup jobs on a man, and he looks just as retarded as most women who wear it. Its makeup itself that looks bad not about sex

No. 1995325

Stopped using it years ago because the average IQ there is 45 and it's overrun by trannies and wannabe "femcel" larpers.

No. 1995326

It's also really blackpilling seeing how all women can talk about at any time is men even when we have a whole site to ourselves. I wish they'd go back to Facebook with their Nigel brainworms

No. 1995330

Okay then just ignore the boyfriend sperging amd use the bechdel test thread. Self-made problems.

No. 1995334

they’ve been doing this for a long time. they have been the ones behind the infighting and even instigating many of the infights. they created the fujo and ugly man psyop thread if it wasn’t already obvious by the janny who loves banning people in those threads with biased redtexts leaning on the side of whatever the echo chamber chooses. they’re the ones who are now starting to ban people for “scrotefoiling” when it’s mostly justified. one of the mods has a lolcow thread here and that’s why it’s been so anal with the moderation and censorship, they have a vendetta against this entire site and are trying to shut it down so people can stop gossiping about them. same mumsnetfag keeps coming back because they’re directly connected to the mod team who loves starting infights as an excuse to ban people furthermore kill the website and the culture. they make up excuses that the dumbass shit thread causes way more problems while allowing twitterfags and lipstickalley migrants to bring their pop-culture obsessed cancer with the celebricows thread while kpop fags are disallowed, none of the rules make sense and are made up in times of convenience when people start questioning them. there’s absolutely no coincidence, all of your intuitive reasoning is correct. there are probably trannies and tifs in that mod circle, and cerbmin is nothing but a fucking fraud and incompetent tard with generational wealth probably getting someone else to code and take care of this website for her kek. wouldn’t be surprised if secretly this site was handed to josh from kiwifarms, many secrets will come out about this site before it becomes irrelevant and I can’t wait

No. 1995336

Does wiping a moid's ass cause terminal brain cancer or something?

No. 1995341

but isnt it kind of breaking rules to nigel post photographs of him? why wouldn't that get banned

No. 1995343

some of us are trying to vent about our lives without looking at your pudgy bfs

No. 1995344

>one of the mods has a lolcow thread here and that’s why it’s been so anal with the moderation and censorship, they have a vendetta against this entire site and are trying to shut it down so people can stop gossiping about them
Are you talking about that shoe on head bitch
Does schlicking to anime scrotes cause a chronic disconnect from all real life women around you? Is that why you're seeing about anons having nigels?

No. 1995350

You don't know me from a hill of beans nona, I've been in a long term relationship for six years. I'm just tired of chronic boy drama talk and the nasty balding man jumpscares.

No. 1995353

nta but if she hates men what makes you think she appreciates anime men at all? she can dislike both kek

No. 1995354

You have the entire fucking Internet already catering to your normalfag needs and you want to destroy the one place that weirdo women can be themselves on by turning it into Facebook. Normalfag selfishness truly knows no bounds.

No. 1995356

The typical age range for a farmer skews younger so of course they're going to vent about the retarded scrotes in their lives. Men cause the majority of problems for women and yet women are shamed for venting about those problems. Make it make sense.

No. 1995358

It saddens me to see how many dead threads with interesting topics we have across the site but 90% of the users here always want to talk about moids moids moids my nigel omg waaa gib advice my nigel

No. 1995359

Lolcow hasn't been for actual weirdo women for a long time now. Crystal cafe is teeming with genuine NEETs though. Maybe you'd fit in there. Or perhaps a discord server.

No. 1995360

yup, wouldn’t be surprised if she was a mod. there’s no transparency on how they vet farmhand applications so she could easily slip through, just like how creepshow was able to integrate for awhile until the jannies decided to reveal who she was. i’ll even add that the mumsnet anon who keeps pestering people about not choosing her brothers and uncles over women could be her or another mod who does not like it when you talk shit about scrotes. all the jannies are cows hidden in plain sight kek, their superiority complex disgusts me, they pretend they’re better than every user on here but they’re still an unpaid mod for a shitty underground female imageboard that barely anyone uses. they need to humble themselves

No. 1995361

There should be a thread where nonnies can strictly complain about moids, would be a good reminder kek

No. 1995362

>Oh no! I willingly got into a relationship with a retarded scrote and now he's acting retarded! Feel bad for me!!

No. 1995364

File: 1715185560965.jpg (97.46 KB, 1280x720, 4d9049cc851e6ad3a0925df099d4ea…)

>Make it make sense
Lolcor is kill

No. 1995365

>lolcow hasn’t been for weirdo women

We are never going to find your nigel cute

No. 1995368

Shoes threads are dead as hell though and she’s a lot quieter now that pregorry is gone. Tbh the theory makes sense to me but not shoe.

No. 1995369

Tbh anon I don't think Shoe really cares so much about what people say about her anymore. I have no doubt about the Ian (?) Shit but she supposedly gave birth to some fugly orthodox catholic's tard baby and she's really mellowed out the scrote cocksucking (still a typical italiantard pickme though). I think she has other things to do than obsessively check IPs.

No. 1995376

This is why you faggots have no real life women friends. Maybe if you talked to women IRL you might meet one who'd be down to talk about some fug anime or otherwise nerd shit. You might have to withstand her talking about Taylor Swift or other things that inspire your autistic rage because that's just how life is, and when you're a shutin NEET-lite loser you can't be a chooser.

No. 1995381

BPDfag seething because no one cares about her situationship kek

No. 1995385

I've been in a committed relationship for years kek. Seething NEET loser with no IRL friends projecting sexist stereotypes onto women she disagrees with because her internet induced autism is debilitating. I'm glad to be normie-passing enough to hang out with my girlfriends on the weekend. What do you do on the weekend, anon?

No. 1995386

do you mean younger as in 35 and under or 20 and under

No. 1995396

The tradfag is back, oh no…

No. 1995399

not sucking my fat and balding boyfriends unwashed dick in any case like you do.

No. 1995401

Back to insta

No. 1995402

>committed relationship for years
>has IRL woman friends
Baiting used to mean something. Now every retarded friendless zoomie acts retarded in the name of lolololol trolling. So sad.

No. 1995405

Never had an Instagram. Try again. And maybe try connecting with IRL women too while you're at it. Therapy doesn't count.

No. 1995418

Dunno what's going on here but being a NEET is the best, humans were not made to commute, not having to commute anywhere was unironically great for my health.

No. 1995425

>having friends IRL now makes a woman a tradthot
I don't know anymore

No. 1995426

Are the female friendships that are supposed to offset the shame from sucking dick on your knees at night in the room with us?

No. 1995431

No anon, that is legitimately the tradfag who’s been shitting up the past few thread crying about no one accepting her precious motherhood speeches. There’s nothing wrong with female friends obviously, that’s just the same mumsnet personalityfag who thinks having allegiance to scrotes will give her any protection kek

No. 1995434

I wonder if it’s the same person who’s really proud of being able to put up with a baby biting their nips in perpetuity

No. 1995436

I hate working but I’ve been a neet before and not having money sucks. I hated having to ask my parents for cash to buy snacks or hair products.
Tbh my dream life is to own a small house or a trailer and grow something that I can sell at a farmers market so I have just enough money for a cheap phone service and other small expenses.

No. 1995437

You guys literally just say tradfag to anyone who you disagree with now

No. 1995443

you haven’t been in these threads for awhile, there’s clearly context to the word

No. 1995448

I don't think she's trolling, I think she's actually that pathetic and alone. You'll notice there's a couple women here who absolutely seethe at any mention of heterosexual relationships. They start flinging every insult possible in the hopes that something actually sticks. It's honestly mildly hilarious, because one of them even admitted once that she has nothing in her life and no one to love.

No. 1995466

stop samefagging retard(infighting everyone)

No. 1995468

being a neet is the worst, i'm an introvert who hates being around people and i still claw at the walls any time I'm forced to stay home for more than like 3 days it's literal torture unless i get out in nature

No. 1995477

nta but I’ve been on two sides of the same coin and being constantly social and maintaining friendships/relationships is exhausting and sometimes boring. don’t gas yourself just because you have weekend playdates like a fucking child lmao

No. 1995488

File: 1715190588525.jpeg (39.83 KB, 664x350, IMG_1778.jpeg)

No. 1995491

Do you have like chronic fatigue or something? How is maintaining friendships exhausting? Half of it is just shooting memes and stupid shit back and forth throughout the week.

No. 1995495

Do you actually go to bars or clubs with your friends? Or lounges? Or go on hikes with them? If your friendship is just sending memes then idk why you’re roasting the other girl.

No. 1995496

Yeah, like once or twice a week maybe. The rest of the week I have to myself. How’s that exhausting unless you have kids or something?

No. 1995497

Also samefag, I’m not the one roasting her; I’m just chiming in

No. 1995498

I’m 28 and yeah those things got boring by the time I was 25. Do you also celebrate your birthdays? Curious

No. 1995500

Yeah. My case might be different though because my friends meet up at least once a week for a hobby group, then we might do that other stuff on the weekends. It’s not exhausting or hard, is all I’m saying.

No. 1995504

this is such a horrific oversexualized comment. why are these the first thoughts you people have when a woman says shes in a committed relationship with a male.

No. 1995523

Liking media with a lot of scrote fans doesnt automatically make you a pick me unless you go around claiming its actually feminist when it isnt and constantly defend its problematic parts. If youre aware of them and just enjoy other things about it theres literally no reason why you should be attacked for it. Almost everything is problematic and its like saying if you enjoy the few good aspects of life like sunsets and cute animals it means you automatically condone death, rape and all the shitty things about being alive lol. Or that you must condone all the shitty aspects of capitalism and are the same as a consoomer just because you like buying something for yourself every now and then. Its a retarded way of thinking overall

No. 1995531

>for a hobby group
What hobby? Invite me

No. 1995533

Whats the context though are you talking about random isekai slop or degenerate loli r18 galge

No. 1995572

Not including loli r18 stuff, nukige or anything thats purely porn, but visual novels that arent that would also fit what Im saying, especially if you skip the h scenes or just play an all ages version. It basically fits anything that might have been aimed at moids and has problematic aspects to it but still has some artistic value or things you can appreciate such as writing, art, characters etc. This could also include isekai, gacha, idol anime, cute girls doing cute things, etc. They might be aimed at moids but some women can still enjoy aspects of them. Overall it bothers me how it seems like its either one extreme or the other when people discuss these things: either moids and libfems excusing every problematic aspect and saying its actually epic and feminist and youre a prude asexual retard if you dislike anything about it, or women acting like if you can enjoy them in any capacity while being critical of their bad sides it means youre actually the exact same as the first group, somehow. It also comes off as a lack of critical thinking skills on both sides since its very basic to know you can be critical of x or y aspect about something, but still enjoy the parts that appeal to you personally

No. 1995585

Statistically no. We have the most amount of people living at home than ever before, historically the worse job market, worse wage to price of living ratio, etc. even in the work place there was always a bias against young people who are professionals.

No. 1995600

Samefag but gen z is also slowly having a lot of social spots removed which seemed to have stunted development. Majority of zoomers don't go to clubs, malls are being shut down and dying because of how overpriced everything is and lack of socialization, even in cafes people just sit there and do homework if that, no talking, etc. bowling alleys and skate rinks are being shut down and so on. All of these things are seen as expensive luxuries where as previously they were a weekly thing to hang out.. even now if you hear a zoomers talk about how they went to the bowling alley with friends they're immediately ripped apart for not saving for a home, college, rent and food, etc. You reap what you sow I guess

No. 1995608

millennials Got chewed out for eating avocado toast instead of saving for a home….Get over it. Every generation has their hardships. You think great great great grandma was going to a roller rink in 1920? No she was working on a farm with 7 kids. Zoomers just don’t wanna grow up because they have never been forced to have responsibility like previous generations.

No. 1995619

You're acting like zoomers weren't also intertwined+ the guy who said that literally had his ass handed to him multiple times. Now zoomers get bashed for not mindlessly listening kek. Idk what you believe you're going to accomplish by refusing to acknowledge these problems exist

>Zoomers just don’t wanna grow up because they have never been forced to have responsibility like previous generations

Every single zoomer I know would've happily lived in a crappy ghetto apartment and worked in some shitty job in their early 20s if it meant moving out. You think zoomers want to live with their batshit insane parents? Now those studios are like 2k monthly and you have to wait a year or so to get a job and another year for one that is full time kek. You can claim this is something every generation totally had to deal with but the statistics are stacked against you, villianizing zoomers and claiming this totally happened to previous generations reminds me of how Republicans screamed their damn heads off at everyone complaining about inflation that they should've strapped themselves up by the bootstraps until surprise surprise everything they defended started affecting their finances too

No. 1995625

Most crappy apartments in the ghetto are less than 1k a month. Most zoomers want high rise apartments in a popular cities like manhattan for that price. Even if we disregard that most immigrants have been living with their parents until marriage since forever but they don’t claim that being under 25 is a child.

No. 1995634

Can you find me an example of this happening? Even shitty trailers nowadays are like 1800 kek. Section 8 apartments in Detroit are the same price too. You sound like you've been around a major minority of zoomers or whatever is on tiktok and that's it. The zoomers I know are dealing with disgusting tiny moldy apartments and even those apartments are denying people for not making 5x income kek. Hell the apartments I use to live had rent triple after there was a whole stabbing and a mold problem. Nowhere close to a city either. You're delusional

No. 1995643

>Most crappy apartments in the ghetto are less than 1k a month
Ghettos aren't near jobs
>Even if we disregard that most immigrants have been living with their parents until marriage since forever but they don’t claim that being under 25 is a child.
Immigrant parents are notoriously controlling and strict about their children's dating lives. They're not considered children but still not given full control as adults. please don't let flag this as racebait it's simply true (I'm a child of immigrants myself)

No. 1995644

File: 1715200368272.png (351.04 KB, 1080x1915, 1000000222.png)

>multiple financial experts, accountants, etc have called out trends like unaffordable housing, ghost jobs and low pay, etc being worse than ever before in history
>Millennials bust in to defend it and call zoomers childish and stupid for not being able to afford to live
Holy shit we are fucked if we enter an official great depression 2.0. we won't even be able to hit the streets and riot anymore because so many of you cocksuckers would happily just say "get 3 jobs and cohab with 5 other creepy old men you spoiled idiots"

No. 1995656

Not just that, in order to even qualify for those apartments you'd have to make a minimum of 17/hourly to make 3x rent (typically the min for those apartments). What low end job in the hood is paying that AND giving 40+ hours a week on the dot? Kek. And don't use tipped jobs as an example if you're gonna scream next second that retarded delivery drivers and servers are selfish and dumb for taking a job that requires them to live off of tips

No. 1995665

>cheap apartments aren’t near jobs
Nta but learn to drive or take the bus then? many people commute an hour or more, and some cities provide free transit cards if you’re low income.

No. 1995668

Kek you clearly aren't canadian/living in BC. Apartments here for studios start at $1500 and a ROOM starts at $700-800 lmao

No. 1995669

>Take the bus
You have to to be larping, bus transit sucks outside of the city, if you're lucky enough to live in a suburb that does have a bus majority of the time they only run on 2 or 3 streets and extremely limited and unreliable, and since you'll probably defend right to work laws too you don't care that most employers will fire you for being late even once.
Gas inflation, car maintenance and bill inflation is insane now. Even crappy used cars from 2000 are going up for almost the price of a new one just a few years ago. of course it will always be the fault of poor zoomers though and no one else's

No. 1995671

Kek I've seen actual garages for rent with no restroom in RURAL MONTANA for 3k monthly kek. I actually got priced out of my home town in bumfuck Idaho because people kept buying up starter homes and apartments and renting them out for like 2-4k monthly and local jobs (even including blue collar work) were barely paying 12-16 hourly at the time. Nope only the fault of poor zoomers though I guess I just wanted a luxury high rise in Miami I guess

No. 1995672

sometimes I go on vancouver REW and look at what hovels are selling for over a mil… I hate it here.

No. 1995675

driving is expensive as fuck and not every community has a good, reliable transit system.

No. 1995678

$1500 for a studio with absolutely no storage space and you have to pay for utilities and a parking spot on top of that.

No. 1995684

I got my apartment in the pandemic and I pay $1400/cad without utilities and internet. Its 450sq foot. And thats a "good deal" here lol

No. 1995685

I love how you're proving >>1995644 's point.

No. 1995687

Samefag and no parking space. I also live in the 'ghetto' of the cities around me. Kek

No. 1995688

File: 1715202602684.png (1.57 MB, 1079x1965, 1000000223.png)

Also even if all zoomers wanted "luxury high rise apartments" the price of said luxury high rises in popular cities are becoming the same price that they're trying to pass off shitty little rural homes for kek. My parents live in an actual shack in bumfuck south 2 hours away from any city and are paying the same fucking price as a luxury high rise in the city. If anything zoomers would probably save money living in the "luxury high rise in the city" if they're going to be charging the same amount or even less for suburban or rural shitty apartments

No. 1995691

Also due to the age of the building a lot of those buildings use more electricity or gas and aren't energy efficient, which means more expensive utilities especially in winter

No. 1995700

its so frustrating, the very least they could do is include a single parking space with your rent. my last apartment was about the same size and price and was advertised as luxury because it had a nice lake/mountain view, but within a couple weeks of me moving in construction started in the lot below and a new apartment building went up and completely blocked the entire view AND my rent increased the next year.

No. 1995701

File: 1715203265584.png (923.25 KB, 696x900, IMG_0456.png)

They were the true endgame. It truly fucking pisses me of that zipper scrote chose the childlike waifu bait character he created instead of the strong, intelligent and multifaceted female lead who has the best chemistry with the main male lead, it actually pisses me off so much that it concerns me. I feel like this set a terrible precedent for shipping material, they cater so much to braindead waifufags who like women who act like sputtering downies with big tits they absolutely do not like women with their own goals, motivations, and flaws that aren’t just sitting around and crying and being useless like orihime

No. 1995703

they also named the new building the same name as my apartment but with "view" in the name. say my building was lake ridge, they called the new apartment "lake view". like rubbing salt in the wound

No. 1995705

File: 1715203672005.gif (26.05 KB, 220x223, IMG_0462.gif)

Most if not all zoomers just want livable wages and affordable housing like everyone else. Just shut the fuck up and kill yourself already(alogging)

No. 1995710

Women who are born pretty only think of the struggles they had as pretty women but they care very little about listening to the struggles of ugly women and assume they don’t deal with sa etc

No. 1995719

>”pretty women have it sooo hard too, liek we get so much attention and people only like you for sex and to get things out of you”
kek, they’ve switched the narrative that pretty women are truly the victims and that ugly women are just bitter and ignorant about the real struggles of being desired, picked for jobs, given free stuff by strangers, friend magnet, etc. because most pretty women are borderline retarded and airheaded they think their discovery of misogyny is “beauty oppression” when the benefits of being pretty far outweigh being ugly and they know it. it must be a histrionic person thing

No. 1995723

Yeah I think with zoomers the narrative has switched to people thinking pretty women have it harder lol makes 0 sense to me

No. 1995736

she's also too stupid to realize this attitude affects EVERYONE. apartments don't have special zoomer prices or giving zoomers special wages. Wages aren't keeping up with inflation and it's affecting everyone, it affects zoomers in a way that is stunting/stunted their development since majority of them never had the chance to survive on their own and it's even worse since "3rd spaces" are being removed

>inb4 millennials did this too!

well millennials also acted like kids up until their 30s/40s. who is the disney adults, the "social anxiety" morons who can't make an appointment for themselves or return clothes that don't fit and have mental delays kek. the issue was definitely leaking to the millennials but is now very clear with zoomers, it's going to get worse with gen alpha if you morons can admit there was an issue at all but apparently not

No. 1995749

>i’ll even add that the mumsnet anon who keeps pestering people about not choosing her brothers and uncles over women could be her or another mod who does not like it when you talk shit about scrotes.
that explains the drama that went on in the "good moids" thread. i wonder if this is the janny that had her role taken away recently

No. 1995750

"the economy isn't bad [group of people] just are stupid and suck" crowd confuses me, even if you truly think that do you not want to fight for affordable housing, better wages and better labor laws? you're really going to let yourself waste money and time just for the sake of "getting back" at the group of people you hate? kek

No. 1995752

we're all in the trenches together and we are gonna get eaten alive if we don't curve this shit.

No. 1995763

why do you think they were calling us neets with no lives earlier? that was the tradfag mod that got kicked out kek, it’s such a typical mod thing to call us regular users a bunch of losers for daring to use the website they moderate on. they are just like irl cops

No. 1995764

>when the benefits of being pretty far outweigh being ugly and they know it.
This is only true for men.

No. 1995788

This. Many people love to cucked by the garbage system. I'm sick of them.

No. 1995796

I see boomers getting the well-deserved revenge too of this, when I pointed out that wages weren't matching price of living, jobs were ghosting and cutting hours, etc I'd get the same old bootstraps speech or they'll swear they had it the same, now those same people I see on my Facebook bitching about how their retirement/ssi doesn't cover their mortgage, food utilities, etc, the working ones complain about how they'll apply to thousands of jobs and hear nothing back (even though you totes could've just walked in and been hired by any old place if you tried like they told us we could do) and now they cant get medical care because they don't want to pay their CNAs above min wage and insurance companies corrupted medicine

if you don't wake up and do shit to help yourself it can and will bite you on the ass

No. 1995798

They benefit if you’re intelligent and know how to use your beauty. Most normie pretty women are nimrods and waste it all on the first guy who is sweet to them.

No. 1995823

Larping as what, a bus rider? A job haver?

>no transit in my city

>driving is too expensive
get better job
>can’t find better job
have you tried ones that require not being a NEET or are we talking remote only, no social interaction? because that’s gonna be hard unless you have a degree or competence in computer science

No. 1995837

Is moving free or something? How do you expect someone struggling to afford a car to get an apartment in a brand new city?

No. 1995838

>know how to use your beauty
Meaning if you're an attractive woman, you still have to degrade yourself to appeal to men, while attractive men can just gain the benefits without the degradation and humiliation.

No. 1995839

it’s just so easy to move, it’s just so easy to get a car and pay insurance (which is really high due to inflation), getting a job in this economy where they pretend like they’re all hiring is just so easy. you’re like soooo smart anon, has anyone ever told you that?

No. 1995844

>mfw I am dark triad Stacy but I am ugly so I am stuck in here with you femcels

No. 1995853

I think if a woman is extremely intelligent and beautiful she could dominate without having to give up pussy. But women are socialized like cows to be a certain way so a baddie with a brain is gonna be rare lol

No. 1995866

they are hiring, just not you. boomers are correct that a few years doing a genuinely shitty job like retail will help you get a better one later. and if you can’t get hired in retail, godspeed nonnies but you may want to get checked out for a personality disorder.

No. 1995879

>they are hiring, just not you.
do some research before talking out your ass dumbass, no one is being hired anymore kek, almost all job postings arent even being filled
>boomers are correct that a few years doing a genuinely shitty job like retail will help you get a better one later.
great, now will retail hire? oh wait
>walmarts job acceptance rate is 2%
>targets INTERVIEW acceptance rate is 5%, job acceptance rate is even lower

almost all major retailers have similar job acceptance rates of 1-6%, it's not evil stupid anons too dumb to get hired at Walmart, walmart isn't fucking hiring
>but but what if you do eventually land a job in retail after months and years of applying
oh wait, these places don't fucking pay shit, and on top of that they will cut your hours like crazy, getting full time hours in retail is exclusively a manager thing
>but but get a second job!!
as if we didn't already establish these jobs have low acceptance rates and almost never answer applications

No. 1995882

I've seen average women manoeuvre moids like a deck of cards.

No. 1995886

kek girl go apply for some jobs instead of googling Walmart statistics

No. 1995888

good, just look at gypsy rose, she's fat and homely yet somehow managed to make a moid murder for her, rescue her from prison and still have loads of moids catering to her

No. 1995891

can you make your trolling less obvious? sorry you want to cuck yourself but I'd actually like to make America not a 3rd world nation

No. 1995893

yup lol it's all about having wits and not giving a damn lol

No. 1995896

Any woman can make fat uggos do what they want and then go to prison for 20 years. It’s rare to see a woman actually do something with her life using sex appeal.

No. 1995897

>she could dominate without having to give up pussy
But if she's using her beauty, she will still have cater her appearance and behavior to cater to scrotes. Having to appeal to men in any way to get ahead, even if you don't have sex with them, is a form of humiliation. Attractive men don't have to do that shit, is what I'm saying. So there's no point in being salty over beautiful women using their looks to get ahead, they are degrading themselves by being a fantasy object for men and it's not as ideal as it seems.

No. 1995899

The moids was autistic and a sex offender, hardly a good example tbh.

No. 1995900

Unpopular opinion but straight woman and lesbians/bisexuals love and respect pretty women as much as scrotes do lol Sorry

No. 1995904

I wish this was actually the norm for boomers but tons of the boomers I know/interact with haven't dealt with this because they accrued so many assets and made such good money on property/the markets that even if their SSI doesn't cover shit or they're getting laid off it barely affects them. Zoomers have it even worse than millennials did in the 2008 recession but a lot of millennials never recovered financially from that and are basically in the same place financially as zoomers just older, some Gen X barely made it too, and boomers are still winning.

No. 1995944

File: 1715216248383.jpeg (89.01 KB, 736x833, IMG_0485.jpeg)

The way men obsess over their oneitis and make you feel like the most disgusting, unwanted person rivals the amount of fictional pain and suffering that incels and MRAs bring up. It’s a wound that digs inside of you and can never be healed as a woman. I will never understand the obsession men have with the “one who got away”, why why why

No. 1995955

Many, many people, not just neets, not just anons even people I know in real life with different sorts of degrees, are applying for jobs on a daily basis but not getting any responses back. It's not the fault of the people applying.

No. 1995966

Agreed. Is it mostly men that are like this? Every man I meet has some kind of extremely romanticized "first love" that he hasn't gotten over in 10 years. None of my female friends have this, they have exes and baggage but not like that. The chance of a man having a secret "true love" that he's always comparing you to is too great, one of the reasons I'm done with the dating game.

Honestly I think it's a form of psychological avoidance (?) on their part. It's easy and comforting to always long for something you don't have, because it's a fantasy. It lets them pity themselves and romanticize something that probably wasn't all that great in reality.

No. 1995984

They all have one and it genuinely terrifies me. I feel like it has nothing to do with love, it’s obsession. You’re so right, it reminds me of an emotionally immature toddler experiencing 10 minutes of make-believe and carry it with them for years; It’s a form of deranged moid limerence. I would even like to call it a rite of passage for these subhumans (moids) where they discover what real human emotions are by mirroring and that’s why they see it as such a key event in their life, like how a baby learns a milestone.

No. 1995991

>Every man I meet has some kind of extremely romanticized "first love" that he hasn't gotten over in 10 years
>None of my female friends have this
I'm like this with my first love, who I dated in high school and college. I can relate to the moids on this one. Teehee

No. 1995992

Samefag, it's only been 6 years since we broke up though, so I'm in the clear kek

No. 1995999

>Every man I meet has some kind of extremely romanticized "first love" that he hasn't gotten over in 10 years. None of my female friends have this, they have exes and baggage but not like that.
The first man a woman dates is the man who gets to her before she knows anything about male lies and tricks and cruelty. The first woman a man dates is the first woman he gets to break, before he starts encountering the women who know better.

No. 1996000

Lol this is not true and i will explain why. Moids act like the current ex that dumped them is their onitis to every girl.
They date a girl, treat her like crap and don't care about her, she finally breaks up with him, all of a sudden he gets suprised that his bangmaid left, gets a new girlfriend while still seething over his past bangmaid leaving him, treats new gf like crap and compares her to his ex, current girlfriend has enough and breaks up, he gets suprised that this bangmaid left too and now he becomes hyperfocused on her too and forgets his past one, mets new girlfriend, treats her like crap and compares her to his ex, she has enough and leaves him, he gets surprised and starts lamenting over her too….and the cycle continues.

No. 1996044

It happens to them eventually, my dad works but was a boomer who thought you could walk into anywhere and get a job, it wasn't until he got laid off and doom applied on indeed he stop acting like I was lazy and stupid

No. 1996048

Anons a republicuck who will starve before admitting the economy is fucked kek. Lol @ her trying to make anons feel isolated by claiming it's only them who's not being hired, then when slapped with statistics she just says "don't do that you should've been applying to jobs"

No. 1996074

I was talking about all the boomers who don't need a new job because they have so much in savings/assets. I've heard about a bunch of my friends' parents or their coworkers getting laid off and just 'deciding to retire since it's convenient anyway' with no financial worries at all. Wouldn't work for every boomer but a lot of them accrued a whole bunch of wealth and assets outside of income since it was pretty easy when they were younger.

No. 1996113

Those aren't gonna last forever especially with boomers spending habits and how much they get scammed, and they can't be asked to sell their dumb spoon collections or anything either. Homelessness is the elderly is skyrocketing and I can't feel bad for them since all they did was scream about bootstraps when we told them this was gonna happen

No. 1996135

Anything can happen but the people I'm thinking of are likely to die with tons of money still in the bank and multiple properties. If the stock market crashes completely or there's a bank run or a housing bubble collapse maybe they'll be financially screwed before they die but none of these things ever really happen no matter how much they should and seem like they are on the verge of collapse so I feel like boomers will be hoarding most assets for a good 10-20 years longer at least while inflation only rises.

TBF I got a good education so most of my friends from college or afterward had higher-SES educated parents, not the type as likely to get randomly scammed or waste all their money. But I particularly resent those boomers because they're the ones controlling hiring, assets, the financial market etc. unlike some poor working class boomers who maybe wax poetic about how they got hired just by walking in and asking for a job once but otherwise aren't actively controlling the economy.

No. 1996144

My dad is a wealth-hoarding boomer. Motherfucker is about to hit his 80s and keeps working and taking over positions that could easily go to younger people. He says that young people are dumb, and they are not ready to take over him. 

No. 1996146

My local Walmart is like 80% boomers and the rest teenagers. They're the worst employees alive, they refuse to learn how to use self checkout and are too physically weak to stock, majority of the time it's the same handful of zoomers having to pick up the slack around them while all they do is just accuse randos of shoplifting and that's it but ofc it's the young ones being labeled as bad employees just because

No. 1996149

I hate when older people have this attitude that young people can't take anything over from them. Even if that was true the longer you prevent them from getting jobs the more incompetent they're likely to be and the more the economy will be screwed once you people can't work anymore or die. But also many of my friends' experiences have been that boomer managers/bosses are completely incompetent more often than not so I have no idea where they get this idea from. Most of my adult life was spent in academia and I will say that I prefer older profs sometimes because they're not as likely to be constantly pushing troon propaganda and similar woke bs into unrelated classes, but older boomer profs do have a big issue with never wanting to learn or even vaguely understand new skills that are expected of younger scholars/students so they end up pretty useless as mentors. Maybe we will all get like that one day but all the more reason to realize that your time is coming to an end if you're too old to pick up new skills or concepts.

No. 1996155

Coincidentally, my dad is a professor (he also holds an admin position and is the head of an official university institution, so you can guess how many paychecks he's getting). He doesn't like to use technology and sticks to his boomer ways. He doesn't support troons or gays, but that's because he's a conservaboomer. I wish he would just retire and let younger professors take the lead, but he refuses to, even though he really doesn't need to.

No. 1996166

>now those same people I see on my Facebook bitching about how their retirement/ssi doesn't cover their mortgage, food utilities, etc,

I see this here too and they're literally mortgage free with investments, complaining about how the pension doesn't cover their cost of living. The pension here is $500 (in our currency, not burgerbuxx) per week tax free, and they pretty much all have mortgage free homes. They can easily afford it, they're just used to living off $1,500 a week that the shift becomes hard.

Meanwhile minimum wage is about $710 after tax and rent is $350 for a single apartment. So they're literally still living a better lifestyle than full time workers.

No. 1996167

Yeah my experience with boomer profs in STEM is that they expect their students and postdocs to know or learn instantly how to use the newest technologies, learn the newest mathematical/statistical methods, etc. but won't even try to get the most basic grasp of those things themselves so they can't even help their students figure out if they're making mistakes and then will rage out at the students/postdocs for being incompetent if they ever have difficulty adopting those new methods/technologies they don't know anything about themselves. Or sometimes they will straight up tell you you're doing something wrong even if you did it correctly because they know so little. At that point why insist that you are a knowledgeable 'mentor' to your students? You're just exploiting young people who work 80-100 hour weeks for one tenth or less of your salary and verbally abusing them over your own shortcomings. Some of them won't even try to understand the most basic things like what to put in a modern grant application to have a chance at funding and will get angry at you if you do it properly because that's not the way they did it 20+ years ago. Academic environments can be especially rough because one person controls basically your whole career for years and if that person is useless and egotistical you're screwed.

No. 1996179

Majority of young people spreading this narrative aren't any better and are typically unaware of their own downfall. I knew two young people who kept spreading this, one was a pedo moid who lived in a crappy apartment with no car, would constantly swear you can walk into anywhere and get a job and accused everyone else of being lazy/stupid, as soon as he got laid off he became homeless, second one would constantly sperg on reddit and Facebook about how everyone are just lazy and we should just live with 6 roommates and that people suffering just suck at budgeting, looked back at his reddit history of him conspiring about how him making edgy jokes in high school was causing him to be blacklisted by the job market and ended up having to move back home damn near 30 cause he got fired and his magical budgeting skills didn't save him

No. 1996282

NTA and KEK this reminds me of one of my profs and mentors who is in his 70s, doesn't know how to send an email to several people at once, doesn't know how to use zoom and doesn't even have a cellphone. His wife does these things for him (she's his age and also in academia). He's academically bright, a genuinely nice person, and he can be fun company if you ignore his ridiculous boomer takes but oh my god he is such an incompetent scrote. Meanwhile I have to use this absolute failure of a software to report every single shit I take unless I want the dean holding me personally accountable for diminishing funding (I'm in an EU country where unis get public funding based on the number of research activities etc.)

No. 1996351

honestly people who don't smoke, drink or do drugs have all the rights to judge addicts. enough with the "i don't care what you guys do i just mind my business", drunkards are insufferable and violent and act like apes, smokers (both cig and weed) stink up every place, and hard druggies are usually dangerous criminals or zombies who ruin the community

No. 1996377

There is nothing inspirational about autistic people. The only autistic people I can stand are autistic women but most of them are an exact warning on why you should be careful giving birth to those things. Almost none of them are smart, intelligent or even educated yet we keep placing those stereotypes on to them that their contributions (which are probably zero) to humanity are important to keep them. There are none. I would never want a retarded child, ever, and I’m tired of that being offensive. It’s offensive to claim you want healthy, normal, sociable children nowadays kek

No. 1996383

Nah sis. Pretty women have very real issues, they just happen when they stop getting attention for their looks and can't cope with being invisible, due to illness or just aging. It's how Karens are born. Still wouldn't want to be hideous, but everything in life comes with pros and cons.

No. 1996385

My opinion on the topic of "pretty/ugly girls have it so much worse" is that people are shockingly bad at holding the concept in their mind that two different groups can have different problems and the problems can both be bad, and people who have significant advantages in life can still have horrible problems. It's also insane and callous for people to reduce "these women probably have to deal with sexual assault more" to some hypothetical probablility in a dumb powerscaling argument about life difficulties when every single rape is a fucking tragedy even if it happens to someone 'it's unlikely to happen to, who would want to assault her' or someone 'who obviously has to deal with it, look how hot she is'

No. 1996405

You don’t need to be mean or manipulative to use beauty as a tool. Women also like beautiful women more than ugly women and it’s not just men lol beauty can be a great tool to use in work environments if youre aware of it.

No. 1996408

I don’t think we ever speak about pretty privilege death enough.

No. 1996409

people who are sober do sometimes act like their shit don't stink though. I say that as someone who used to indulge but doesn't anymore. many sober people act like they are 100% drama free and it's just not true. unfortunately some people are psychotic manipulative demons while being very sober.

No. 1996468

Ulquiorra was MY MAN.

No. 1996501

People only push for student loan forgiveness because it benefits themselves personally, not marginalized groups. They always come at you with b-but black people have the most student loan debt! While ignoring that the black community pushes for reparations, and having reparations would take care of their student loan debt and more without boosting middle class+ retards who made dumb life decisions, while shitting all over the poor people who didn’t have a choice or chose the best option based on the rules given.

No. 1996650

Emailing as a social interaction medium blows texting in real time out of the water. I'm texting right now when I'm used to emailing and it's fucking boring because even a day between emails gives you far more time to passively get ideas for things to say and topics to discuss.

No. 1996668

Having been both extremely pretty and conventionally ugly at different points in my life I think most pretty girl problems are just less-severe or silver-lining versions of ugly girl problems, actually I was sexually harassed more in my 'ugly' phase than I ever was when I was pretty and the main thing that was the worst about being ugly was that women and female peers treated me a lot worse, not even men. So yes I think both pretty woman problems and ugly woman problems exist but most pretty woman problems have at least some kind of silver lining attached (like men are more likely to hit on you but women are more likely to befriend you and you get treated way better at work) whereas ugly woman/girl problems have pure downsides.

I do think the loss of pretty privilege i really devastating for a lot of people though, but still can be better than never having pretty privilege at all since at least you had time to develop confidence and realize that you could be treated better at work, socially, etc. Some women I'm friends with who grew up uglier or invisible ended up genuinely not understanding that they were experiencing workplace discrimination because they thought they were being treated that way based on their skills or something and would constantly be confused why men around them or prettier women were treated better.

No. 1996671

this really made me sad. Also to realize why I have trouble at work is because I'm busted. damn

No. 1996674

Yeah I'm tired of 'sober people get to judge every substance user' because most of the teetotallers I've known don't behave socially better, can't even tell when someone is intoxicated, but make a big deal of how much better they are even though they can act just as insufferable. Most people throughout most of human history have drank alcohol, oftentimes even if they were working and most of them weren't constantly drunk or misbehaving. If anything the people I know who are the most judgmental about substances I know are people who were terrible drunks themselves so they project. As someone who is often sober at parties I have no problem having a nice time around tipsy people when I'm sober but I do have a hard time being around annoying teetotallers who make not drinking their whole personality. With hard drugs it's a little different since a lot of hard drug users are insufferable addicts but it's not like there aren't people walking around on legal pharma versions of speed, opioids and whatever where no one could ever tell because they act completely normal.

No. 1996685

ayrt, I actually agree with and believe you. it's just more like, as an ugly girl who has had some very hot friends, when I hear a story about yet another male friend confessing his love for a friend of mine (who's madly in love with her boyfriend) I do understand that she has benefits that offset this kind of problem, but in the moment I'm only thinking "that fucking sucks ass, I'm sorry"

No. 1996699

Healthy, normal people are able to just be chill about alcohol and pot. Being an addict is bad obviously but most teetotalers I've met think getting buzzed at social events = filthy alcoholic. Being extreme on either end is a sign of mental illness, like if you're anti-substance to the degree you can't get along with normies who drink a couple beers or have a joint on the weekend your life is still being unhealthily ruled by substances like an addict.

I have a couple teetotaler family members that are fucking psycho because they think alcohol is the root of all evil, and therefore anyone who doesn't drink alcohol is morally good no matter what. Like to the point where they used to beat their kids and have rage meltdowns but downplay it because "at least I'm not an alcoholic like my parents!!!!".

No. 1996703

Women who befriend men who aren’t gay that they’re not attracted to are slow. Slow thinkers, retarded even. Men do not befriend women they don’t wanna fuck so you’re slow to get upset when they hit on you.

No. 1996709

What's funny is that it's not an unpopular opinion at all, but almost everyone keeps that same opinion a secret for obvious reasons. Once you're close enough to someone and you talk about that topic in private though that person is more likely to tell you they'd rather not have an autistic kid, or a developmentally delayed relative in general. It's obvious it's too much work for no reward whatsoever and that's precisely why moms of retarded kids always gets weird backhanded compliments but nobody actually tries to help them.

No. 1996713

>many sober people act like they are 100% drama free and it's just not true
Not OP but I never had to deal with sober people trying to stab me or strangle me or throw bricks at me in the bus or the subway on my way to or from work and I never had to deal with second hand smoking because of people who don't smoke, so I'd say they're still less dangerous than addicts.

No. 1996736

I’m glad zoomers prefer vaping over cigs because i have always disliked cigarette smoke plus i like the way bubblegum smells i really don’t care if someone hits the vape near me

No. 1996780

Racism is never going away and we should give this social issue up. It is what it is and being born certain races is just like being born at certain video game levels, mine is far from easy mode. Just because I’m allowed to work and befriend people of different backgrounds doesn’t mean they don’t see me through a different lense or pov from other people, every single one of them does, even the most well-meaning of people have biases and preconceptions that are hard to break. You just have to unfortunately learn how to navigate around them and try your hardest
to survive in this shit world, there’s just no way to triumph against something with so many years of influence and power.

No. 1996783

Idk why America is too stupid at fixing the root of the issue. It's like when they halted evictions during COVID which accomplished nothing but making everyone homeless after COVID or how they banned roommates to supposedly make rent cheaper which accomplished nothing

Student loan forgiveness only accomplishes help for people that went to school already and doesn't help with over inflated education costs, they need lower education costs + European style laws for student debt then they'd actually accomplish a damn thing or two

No. 1996796

On the other hand, teetotalers will never be trying to rip the button off their shirt and asking you wtf that thing is while walking to their car to fucking drive home and then reee at you later for being upset because they were “just tipsy”

No. 1996817

I get what you're saying nona but in my experience this happens to average/below average women as well. Even if you are objectively an average at best looking woman but you hang out with some nerd friend group chances are 90% of your male friends will hit on you and try to date you at some point. Being really hot actually sometimes can be an advantage because in some cases really hot women are more intimidating to men so random males won't try to hit on you as often as if you seem more accessible to them. I had basically 2 really ugly phases, one (longer) really hot phase and now I'm in a 'relatively pretty but still too fat' phase due to PCOS and I feel like more random male acquaintances tried to get with me in my ugly to average phases than in my super hot phase. It did happen to me in my super hot phase as well (when I also had a boyfriend) and it was really creepy and unsettling, but at least I didn't have the feeling of 'oh he's trying this with me because he thinks I'm ugly enough that I wouldn't say no' if you know what I mean? Sometimes men will be really insistent and possessive with a woman they think has fewer options, like I was bffs with a girl for a while who's naturally pretty but was awkward/nerdy when she was younger and at least 2 guys I knew would ask her out incessantly, I'm talking like almost weekly for months, and tell other people they think she'll eventually say yes because no one else wants to date her.

Yeah I get along well with people who don't drink/smoke/do drugs but don't make a big deal out of it, and I've been that person at times in my life and was still completely fine and able to have fun around substance users without making everything about how I'm not drinking/smoking pot/whatever. But some of the most insufferable people I've met were people who seem to make their teetotalling a major part of their personalities and when you dig in to why they're like that it often turns out that they had a really severe addict phase or were an insufferable, violent or hysterical drunk themselves and can't handle that other people can drink/use drugs responsibly. I'm from a culture where both drinking and smoking are super normal to the point that it's rude to refuse a drink and while I think that's not good either, it's kind of a culture shock to live in north america and see people acting like having a few glasses of wine with dinner is addict behaviour since it's so normal in my euro shithole I'm from. Half these people can't even tell if you smoke, use drugs, or are intoxicated because they associate intoxication with binge drinking or meth addicts on the street, they wouldn't even be able to tell if someone they're with had a few drinks before or not. The psycho aggression toward people who you couldn't even tell are substance users makes no sense and seems like jealousy that they can handle using substances without turning into a monster.

Truly an unpopular opinion, what are women supposed to do who work in male-dominant environments or have male-dominated hobbies? Or have male friends with girlfriends who are mutual friends? I've never had a problem with every single guy I'm vaguely friends with hitting on me even when I was super pretty, if you have normal hobby friends or job friends they obviously don't think you wanna fuck them just because you do the same sport or are in the same band. I kind of agree with you only to the extent of women who have emotionally coddling mom-friend relationships with men where they are alone together a lot, in that case yeah he probably wants to fuck you or just leech emotional support and advice from you.

No. 1996825

Yeah almost no one likes (male) autists or other developmentally delayed people, it's just that the whole 'mental illness/neurodivergence awareness' movement went so far in romanticizing autism that it's socially unacceptable to publicly point out autists are hard to deal with. It's similar to troons actually, almost no one really likes them but they act super nice about them because they'd be socially destroyed if they didn't.

I've never had drunk people trying to stab or strangle me but I have had sober men sexually assault me a fair few times so it goes both ways. People with violent or bad personalities will do this stuff whether they drink or not, people with good personalities and intentions won't. The only exception I can think of are severe addicts (mostly homeless people) who are so far gone they don't care about social consequences anymore, but most drug users are not unhinged addicts.

No. 1996831

Nona where did they ban roommates? I've never heard of this. I agree re: the COVID rent freezes and student loan forgiveness, it just ends up helping people with means while further entrenching issues that affect poor(er) people. One of the things that bothers me about the loan forgiveness is that many poor people skip college or go to worse colleges specifically because they know they can't handle 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars worth of loans, so loan forgiveness ends up mostly helping people who already benefited from the better education and networking they got from being able to spend more money. There could probably be a way to implement loan forgiveness that helps out mostly poor people who took out smaller loans, but it still ends up disadvantaging people who never took that risk because they were financially responsible.

No. 1996836

NTAYRT but the solution to this is to socially shame annoying and irresponsible drunks not shame and feel superior to everyone else who doesn't act like this. People who can't handle alcohol or can't go 15 minutes without a cigarette/weed have a problem they should get help for, people who function normally in society while using substances are never the problem and don't deserve to be attacked just because some other idiot can't handle a few beers without acting like a lunatic.

No. 1996839

>Beautiful, mean, unapproachable, and autistic
She's literally me

No. 1996846

You say this as if terrible drunkards are a minority kek. It also depends on the amount of alcohol they drink, no one is gonna act like an unhinged ape after one beer, but most people drink a lot once they start. There's nothing as annoying as having to babysit someone who is blackout drunk, if you don't help them people are gonna call you a bad friend as if they're a victim

No. 1996853

People who are terrible drunks are a minority, yes. Most people who drink don't even drink enough to get drunk. Maybe you just live in a bad social environment because most people I know drink and I've only had the problem of dealing with terrible drunks a handful of times and it's usually the same 1-2 people who are either full-blown alcoholics or going through mental/emotional problems unrelated to their drinking. 99% of the people I've met who consume alcohol don't fall in that category.

No. 1996863

I do live in a shithole with high rates of alcoholism, maybe I'm biased

No. 1996864

nonnie went to one college frat party and thinks anyone who has a glass of wine with dinner is a degenerate

No. 1996867

Wish that was the case and I didn't have to see my alcoholic neighbour pissing herself multiple times

No. 1996868

Samefag but 3 of the worst drunks I've ever known in my life were women who developed alcoholism after abusive relationships and all of them eventually sought treatment/rehab for alcoholism and either stopped drinking entirely (1 of them) or did a harm minimization approach where they got their drinking down to non-harmful levels. The other violent/unhinged drunk I know is a male relative and I can't avoid him because he's related to me, but he also has other substance abuse problems (other drugs) and has always had mental illness problems. He's a problem even when he gets off the alcohol though he has gone to jail and gotten into fights sober as well.

Other than that I've run into terrible drunks occasionally at parties and events but I avoid having people like that in my life permanently so it has never been a long-term issue.

No. 1996875

Those replies are different anons, but I just think that a lot of people are too retarded to notice the difference between a light buzz and practically drunk. Or at least how to stop drinking before that threshold is crossed. Having one beer at a networking event is one thing, but in pretty much every purely social outing involving any amount of alcohol these retards are common.

No. 1996881

I do not like onion. I hate onion texture so much, it makes me physically gag when i bite into it. But I’m okay with onion flavor if it’s ground really fine, or in a powder form. But onionfags crucify me for this every time I say it

No. 1996884

Yes like I'm glad nonas here don't deal with alcoholics but let's not pretend 99% of people can handle alcohol when depending on the area half of the male population can have drinking problems. In rural areas like 80% of men are huge drunkards who beat their wives

No. 1996893

NTAYRT but this is not my experience at all. Maybe because I'm not American so I haven't experienced the unhinged binge drinking of 21 year olds who finally get to buy alcohol and I never really went to night clubs or frat-type parties but most of the social events I go to with drinking are either dinner parties, smaller gatherings/parties with people I know, academic/university linked wine and cheeses, going out for dinner at a restaurant or drinks at chill small bars, or concerts (I'm a gigging musician) and the worst drunk behaviour I usually experience is just someone repeating the same story twice by accident or making unfunny jokes. Women with drinking problems usually aren't violent and just annoying so when I hear stories of violent drunk males I assume it's just typical moid behaviour where shitty males who are shitty anyway use drinking as an excuse, but even in very male-dominant environments where almost everyone drinks (music community) that I'm used to, I've very rarely see anyone get annoying let alone violent or unhinged. And in my home culture everyone drinks and almost everyone acts normal, so I assume when people talk about drunks all being insufferable they live somewhere where drinking is used as an excuse for bad behaviour, and it's not actually the alcohol that causes the problem.

No. 1996903

i'm like you but have an onionfag for a father, it's terrible. you can buy packs of fried onion and i like to use that instead for onion flavor.

No. 1997015

you just posted this right as im eating one of my amazing homemade grilled cheese with carmelized onions, orgasmic

No. 1997022

>I get what you're saying nona but in my experience this happens to average/below average women as well
Definitely didn't mean to imply it didn't; more like "if x bad thing is happening right here right now to my friend then that sucks right here right now"

No. 1997023

I agree it sucks and I don't think pretty/ugly women should lack empathy for each other, I just don't think it's something that's specific to very pretty women. My main take having been on both sides is that a lot of what people say is specifically bad for pretty women happens almost as much to average/below-average women as well, while most of the unique disadvantages of being ugly don't apply to pretty women.

As other nonas have said the most pretty privilege always goes to hot men, one way or the other.

No. 1997063

I dont feel bad for people who get evicted. There are so many resources available for emergency funding/ legal aid/ etc. I work at an apartment complex and the PM will work with tenants until they are 3 months behind.
Post eviction, tenants leave the property trashed, new appliances broken, cockroaches, etc. If you sign an agreement, you need to honor it.

No. 1997095

Nona I see where you're coming from because I'm a good rental situation where I can literally forget to pay rent for months and they don't even give me a warning (I've been living here for years and always pay rent even if it's late, take good care of my apartment, am cooperative and clean and quiet) but I've also heard of absolutely insane eviction situations in cities that have worse renter protections. I used to live in a place that would blame tenants for water leaks when the tenants complained for months/years their pipes were rusting, were asked to leave constantly for repairs when pipes burst, etc. so I think it 100% depends on the laws where you live and the landlord.

No. 1997123

My dad and brother are onion fags, my mom hates them as much as I do. I’ve taken to calling male onion fags “Shrek”

No. 1997129

I always thought that eyebags and dark circles were kinda cute even though I’ve been teased for mine since 3rd grade

No. 1997131

Samefag only on women

No. 1997148

I 100% agree especially if they are blue-ish undereyes on pale people or the kind of dark undereyes that middle eastern/south asian women with deeper set eyes get (not racebaiting I just think it's more common naturally on these ethnicities). I think there's a difference between like the 'tired' grey/swollen eyebags of someone who hasn't gotten enough sleep and natural eyebags on people with deeper eye sockets and I always found the latter super beautiful and hated undereye concealer trends especially the circa 2016 'baking' of several-shades-brighter opaque concealer under the eyes. Dark undereyes that are natural just look 'soulful' to me and emphasize the eyes in a way eye makeup never will.

It's funny that in east asia the 'aegyosal' trend has women literally drawing on eyebags while in the west it's treated like an ugly abnormality.

No. 1997150

Same, it gives you this “up all night studying” look that I love

No. 1997158

Related to eyebags comment but my unpopular opinion is that eye makeup/concealer is the worst/most unnecessary type of makeup that does the least for women's attractiveness. I think the natural variations in color and texture that women have around their eye area is so beautiful and I hate when it is covered up by primer/eyeshadow and I think MUAs trying to make 'artistic' eye makeup looks is the most boring/easy type of 'artistic' makeup there is, especially since it basically only ever is done on people with lots of 'lid space.' I 'get' people using complexion products if they have acne, blush to look more 'alive,' lip colors or brow makeup a lot more than I 'get' eyeliner/eyeshadow which always just makes every woman look more samesamey to me. Like most people have similar eye balls so the only thing eye makeup does is make the whole lid/eye area look more like everyone else's and I hate when makeup takes away the uniqueness of people's features.

No. 1997165

I HATE the no makeup trend like putting on makeup to… not look like you’re wearing makeup (I understand if it’s for work cause we all gotta do what we gotta do) but as an aesthetic thing it’s awful. Like if you’re gonna do makeup do something glamorous and artistic and something that emphasizes your features not something that helps you be less noticeable. It’s kind of evil actually.

No. 1997177

AYRT and I agree with this too with the exception of coverup for acne. I think if you have acne then making it look covered up without looking 'obvious' really helps your appearance but otherwise I hate the idea of no-makeup makeup because it is usually some form of 'bringing your face a little closer to the normal, average pretty face without anyone noticing' which just ends up normalizing the idea there's no such thing as unique beauty. I agree with a lot of radfem views but the deep hatred for makeup is something I don't totally agree with because I'm into fashion and art so I appreciate 'striking' makeup for aesthetic reasons but the kind of makeup I like is unique, artistic, and super obvious, or just something 'fun' like glitter or a bright color, not these subtle aesthetic tricks to look more like the 'normative' face.

I actually think this about hair too like the 'norm' for work appropriate hair is usually some variant of 'sleek' and I hate how it vilifies naturally non-sleek hair textures. I know people need to do it in certain workplaces but I wish women with big, frizzy, curly hair could get away with styling it that way for fashion purposes instead of it having to be super slick and shiny, or women with stick-straight hair could style it that way without always trying to get 'volume' (not as common now, but was really common when I was a teen). Usually things that work with people's natural features are close to what they have already and if you want to do something as an 'artistic statement' it's probably not going to be something subtle.

No. 1997178

I disagree. Eyeliner always makes people look better.

No. 1997181

I look hideous with eyeliner nona and everyone who told me I'm tripping then saw me with eyeliner and said 'oh you were right after all.' It usually looks bad on women with either 1. hooded eyes 2. deepset eyes or 3. very pale coloring.

No. 1997195

Same, it's borderline a fetish for me

No. 1997205

Eyeliner legit just emphasizes how small my eyes are.

No. 1997212

this makes me feel better about my eyebags

No. 1997213

File: 1715303962646.jpeg (5.23 KB, 194x259, carolina-pantoliano-2.jpeg)

1/2 example of woman who looks better without eyeliner

No. 1997214

File: 1715303988140.jpg (30.41 KB, 374x400, carolina-pantoliano-1.jpg)

2/2 she clearly looks better without it

No. 1997218

that's because you're not doing it right nona.

No. 1997219

There's so many ways to wear eyeliner. She could wear brown for a start

No. 1997223

File: 1715304207678.jpeg (55.22 KB, 400x474, IMG_0909.jpeg)

I think it’s just the eyeliner color that clashes like picrel looks scary and Alexandria daddario but I couldn’t find the pic that freaks me out the most

No. 1997225

I've seen tons of women with and without who are fine at makeup and imo most women look better without it. If anything most men look better with it because it's considered generally attractive for men to have more recessed, small and dark eyes but I don't get what it's supposed to do for most women.
Why when she looks perfect without it?

No. 1997229

Okay that Miley pic is just straight up bad makeup but if black haired women can't get away with black eyeliner who can?

No. 1997230

In all fairness, I don’t understand makeup very well, but even when I’ve had it done for me it made my eyes look tiny. I like just eyeshadow top and bottom.

No. 1997231

To look more dressed up

No. 1997236

miley's eyes are too close together. the eyeliner should have been done to make her eyes look further apart.

No. 1997238

You don't have to wear heavy eye makeup. You can just line the outer corner and do a small line on the lash line.

No. 1997241

In fact it looks like she is wearing brown eyeliner on top of her lash line she didn't line the bottom

No. 1997242

I think this happens to a lot of small-eyed woman but if it makes you feel any better nona I think a lot of big-eye women look freaky with eyeliner too because we just look like creepy dolls. I have huge eyes and even 'subtle' brown eyeliner or 'subtle' mascara make them look too big and creepy.

No. 1997246

Also actually looks like she has a white liner on the bottom too lol

No. 1997247

Unlikely since it's a model polaroid and usually you're not allowed to wear any makeup for those. She just has dark thick lashes. Lots of women with thick dark eyelashes have that 'dark line' at the top naturally.
You don't have to wear any, nona. Women are beautiful without it.

No. 1997249

Look closely you can see it especially at the outer corner it's very subtle

No. 1997250

Biased examples because none of these women are light haired redheads or blondes with invisible eyelashes

No. 1997252

That's just her eye shape I have that 'corner' shadow too and I haven't worn eyeliner in years.

No. 1997257

Her shadow starts above her lashline? This woman is not make up less

No. 1997269

I'm the one who posted the model examples and I'm a redhead with dark brown/black looking eyelashes naturally and I look like absolute shit with eyeliner (even brown) specifically because I am a pale redhead.
Yeah lots of women with thick eyelashes have what looks like a 'shadow' above their lashline which is just where their eyelashes are thickest. I can't guarantee she's wearing zero makeup in that photo but it is likely considering that usually you're not allowed to wear makeup for polaroids and I know tons of women with her coloring who don't wear makeup and look similar.

No. 1997280

She's wearing make up that solid brown line above her lash line are not her eyelashes. You probably fall for so much photo editing it's unreal for instance if this is a model Polaroid why has it been digitally edited

No. 1997292

Then why do people wearing no eye makeup irl also have this 'line' illusion when they have dark eyelashes?

Model polaroids (digital) are usually edited for exposure/white balance which increases contrast/smooths skin but do you just not know any dark haired people? I don't know how to convince you since I can't post pictures of my actual friends or even my nigel but tons of people with naturally black eyelashes have this 'line' above their lashline which is where their eyelashes are…

No. 1997303

File: 1715306066801.jpg (76.97 KB, 833x318, 1000007671.jpg)

No harm I don't want to accuse you of autism but you can see her eyelashes quite clearly and they're obviously not thick enough to constitute for how solid that line is. I have dark hair myself and thick eyelashes. Like she has eyeliner on

No. 1997313

File: 1715306376727.jpeg (75.49 KB, 415x594, IMG_0910.jpeg)

That looks like eyeliner to me too but I’m no expert. Compared to picrel who I always thought was wearing eyeliner in Bates Motel but his lashes look much thicker and darker than hers

No. 1997324

File: 1715306689945.png (40.27 KB, 243x121, screenshotofeye.png)

Here is a screenshot of a random eye of someone not wearing makeup. The dark line is supposed to be eye makeup?

I am definitely not autistic nona and I used to be a fan of that model so I've seen hundreds of makeup-free pictures and videos of her where her eyes looked very similar. The part you're calling brown eyeliner just looks like the natural shadow some people have from their actual eyelid, I have that too and I don't even have pure black eyelashes.

No. 1997331

File: 1715306843063.png (40.92 KB, 243x121, screenshotofeyebutwithhigherex…)

I can even make it look more comparable to the original photo by upping the exposure on an image editing program, imgrel. It still has a 'line.'

No. 1997334

That eye actually has thick eyelashes, you can see the models eyelashes aren't even that thick

No. 1997344

File: 1715307102244.jpg (27.26 KB, 500x647, carolinap001.jpg)

I think the model's eyelashes are curled and the moid example I gave are not curled, but if you look at other polaroids of the same model (I chose a model from like 15-20 years ago unfortunately so most pix of her are no longer accessible but I used to be a fan watch her videos etc) you can see she does have thick eyelashes, imgrel.

No. 1997347

This guy was on that show LOST back in the day. Me and my siblings would call him the eyeliner guy. I was so weirded out when I found out it was just his eyelashes lmao.

No. 1997368

Honestly that guy really does look like he's wearing eyeliner or mascara, way more so than the model does.

No. 1997420

Why the hell would they digitally edit a Polaroid yet be against natural makeup. A designer would rather see texture than an edited photo.

No. 1997422

Nona polaroids used to be taken with polaroid cameras but now a lot of them are taken with higher-res cameras but light/white balance adjusted to look more like polaroids do, aka they are bright/whitish looking. I think it's just an aesthetic thing where they try to preserve the aesthetics of the 'polaroid camera look' while using a DSLR. It's a lot easier to upload, send and print multiple copies of digital photos than of actual polaroids but the polaroid 'look' became standard in the industry.

No. 1997431

but i have hyperpigmentation and that ruins my entire face

No. 1997436

AYRT I don't have anything against women trying to cover up 'flaws' they think they have even if I think the 'flaws' are often beautiful and think women look better without makeup. This post was inspired by 'I think undereye circles are pretty' nona so if your hyperpigmentation is around your eyes I agree it's probably naturally pretty, but I get why people cover it up because society/media acts like it's bad to have any natural variance in coloring. Personally though as a female-leaning bisexual I usually am most attracted to women who don't wear makeup or only wear, like, lipstick/gloss or something because I think it brings out more natural variance in women's beauty.

No. 1997454

Nta and I'm genuinely sorry but this sounds like the annoying body positivity bullshit paddled on social media 24/7. Flaws don't have to be beautiful, can't they just be that, flaws? And having eye circles or any other issues can be a sign of underlying medical issues, so it's not a good idea to pretend it's beautiful and discourage people from getting needed help for it. Dark eye circles can be caused by an iron deficiency iirc, and I'd rather get that treated for the circles to disappear then pretend they're ok to have and even "beautiful".

No. 1997472

It's not body positivity bs though, I have flaws I objectively hate (which is why I initially said covering up acne makes most people look better for example because I don't think acne ever looks nice) but I don't think having deeper coloring around your eyes is a flaw, I genuinely think it's more attractive. I don't know why people act like it's objectively a flaw because I actually think it looks better. I said earlier that the grey/swollen undereyes of someone who hasn't gotten sleep look different to me than natural undereye pigmentation and I think the latter, not the former, looks pretty. I've experienced both as an olive skinned pale girl who naturally has different color around my eyes that I think looks beautiful and enhances my eyes, versus the look of when I haven't slept in days and look like a ghost. Why are you assuming that natural coloring is automatically a flaw or ugly? We are literally evolutionarily wired to find people's natural faces and skin attractive.

No. 1997498

well then I'm jealous of you and you're probably very naturally pretty

No. 1997500

thanks nonaI appreciate it and I used to be very pretty (then I got PCOS, sad) but I also think this about many other women I know. One of my best friends currently is also a redhead but more of the 'super strawberry/ginger' variety with white eyelashes and I honestly think she looks pretty without eye makeup too, although she pulls it off and looks good with it while I don't. My take on pale blondes/gingers is usually brown mascara or a very light touch of eyeliner is the most they can handle that still looks harmonious with their features, unless they're also wearing dark lipstick and a very 'done' styling. But my further unpopular opinion is that the women who look best in makeup are women with very 'normal' sized and shaped features (not too deep, angular, small, etc) and that the further away you are from that look the more a lot of makeup can actually make you look worse.

No. 1997561

File: 1715319036785.png (8.01 KB, 1043x138, male.png)

>the mumsnet anon who keeps pestering people about not choosing her brothers and uncles over women
This anon? He might've been just copying mumsnet's anon's arguments to bait, of course.

No. 1997562

This is a throwback but if any woman actually feels this way I'm just intensely jealous. I have a couple OK male relatives but the rest are all some form of abusive, misogynist, coomer, alcoholic or a combination of those. I wish for a life as a woman where you can actually trust male relatives but I will never have that and I don't even think I have 'bad' male relatives compared to the average (no child sexual abusers/wife beaters to my knowledge).

No. 1997582

I don't understand this anons logic kek, she seethes about mothers but next minute wants to pretend to be pro family and everything else. Does she think all the men in her family would appreciate hate having meltdowns about their wives and moms existing?

No. 1997595

File: 1715327790583.png (1.9 MB, 1079x2461, xMMSHaQ.png)

While gay men will never be as dangerous as straight men, they will be more annoying and unfunny.

No. 1997622

Why do moids think we want to fuck the bear? Besides projection

No. 1997640

Why are they so obsessed with this hypothetical? There was no right or wrong answer kek plus don't men blame female murder victims for "choosing the man" anyway?

No. 1997655

Discworld fucking sucks.

No. 1997686

This pic actually demonstrates that the original model IS wearing eyeliner, look at the inner corner of the model’s eye, it’s dark where no one has anything but the babies invisible lashes. Compare to this posts pic rel with the bare inner eye corner. The model is using a technique called tight lining. She’s probably also wearing foundation and lipstick, and/or photo is edited. Btw you can wear makeup in model portfolio pics, it just has to be minimal.

No. 1997689

I don't use social media apart from fb so people can stop catfishing as me and I can say this is my only profile online etc so when i was seeing all the fb memes I honestly thought i missed some weird TV show where a woman marries a bear or some shit. To then find out days later it was a viral question. Like wtf where did this pop off, feels like I missed out on a viral MySpace bulletin

No. 1997705

Nuance doesn't exist on lolcow, RIP

No. 1997708

A lot of discworld sucks, but a lot of it is good too. Anything to do with Rincewind is lame but Granny Weatherwax is based as fuck.

No. 1997754

File: 1715347035967.jpeg (836.78 KB, 1170x1258, IMG_2323.jpeg)

blue eyes are scary I’m tired of pretending i find them pretty. stop staring at me. jesus christ

No. 1997769

Not a vegan or anti-zoo but I think there should be a size and/or intelligence limit for what animals you're allowed to keep in captivity.

No. 1997781

File: 1715350194481.jpg (640.27 KB, 1079x1321, Screenshot_20240510-160935.jpg)

No. 1997782

Never met anyone that looked better with blue eyes. I've seen multiple women in tiktok talk about how much better they look with the blue eye filter but it just ends up making them look cold/basic

No. 1997787

Super light blue eyes creep me out too but I like darker shades (and I have blue hazel eyes myself). I never understood people's fascination with blue eyes though, and I especially hate that some brown-eyed girls for some reason feel like they need to refer to their eyecolor ironically and compare it to poop. Makes me sad even. Are brown-eyed girls told some shit about their eyes? Where do they get it from? I remember some of my classmates hating on their brown eyes in fifth grade and I found it really weird, but I keep seeing/hearing it.

No. 1997795

>hazel blue
Anon you have central heterochromia. Nothing wrong with it since i don't see majority of people with that having any eye issues.
Central heterochromia is beautiful but it is a genetic condition…

You should google it and look at the images.

No. 1997815

Has anyone seen that film Spun with Brittany Murphy where the guy is tripping out on meth and sees an image that looks like pic rel of Miley and she says 'FUCKFACE!' and then her tits inflate and explode in his face or something kek I swear to god it is Miley but she's never credited. Also underage at the time??? weird.

No. 1997816

People that obsess over hair and eye colour are low iq.

No. 1997817

kekkkk wtf i've definitely seen that movie but i don't remember that at all. maybe i need to rewatch

No. 1997819

The movie came out in 2002, wouldn't Miley have been like 9 at the time of shooting?

No. 1997820

File: 1715352718948.jpg (22.56 KB, 500x375, RaAhBBk4Tino8v219sDqK2mOo1_500…)

All beds should be shaped like racecars.

No. 1997824

Who's 8 year old son made this post

No. 1997836

I'm just imagining the hassle of changing the bottom sheet on a bed where the mattress is sunken into the frame like that. And how hard it'd be on a double or bigger. The childhood dream is dead.

No. 1997837

I had a racecar bed when I was a kid, a handmedown. Shit was cash ngl.

No. 1997843

File: 1715353902997.webp (59.96 KB, 602x602, 30851916.webp)

I really want one of those retarded bus bunk beds.

No. 1997860

File: 1715354714190.jpg (913.71 KB, 2500x1875, 1000023226.jpg)

>doesn't want a helicopter bed

No. 1997865

No. 1997869

this is so fucking ugly and pointless I'm dying lmao
also the stilt things its on seem extremely unstable esp if a kid is supposed to be climbing it up and down

No. 1997875

File: 1715355301596.png (4.07 MB, 1880x1410, 1715355219100.png)

To be fair I didn't realize that was an option

No. 1997898

File: 1715356092362.jpg (114.36 KB, 700x700, image_1024.jpg)

i was insanely jealous of girls with princess carriage bed

No. 1997985

Do you mean mumsnet anon has meltdowns about mothers existing? Because i don't know who mumsnet anon is, so i'm not sure. If you did mean her, mumsnet is obviously pro-male and anti-female, kek.
>Does she think all the men in her family would appreciate hate having meltdowns about their wives and moms existing?
They'd probably laugh it off.

No. 1998126

File: 1715365809671.jpg (45.41 KB, 506x400, 2023_04_24_d8e4f38912454bc58ae…)

MSpaint threadpics are the perfect antidote to AI threadpics- I hope they catch on. Drawfags please bless us with more!

No. 1998127

>Where do they get it from?
people like that one shaytard obsessed with hating brown eyes (who isn't brown eyed herself afaik)

No. 1998134

This is such a cool bed! It's too bad that you'd have to get rid of these beds after you grow out of them. I'd want this as an adult.

No. 1998141

File: 1715366623464.jpeg (349.73 KB, 699x699, IMG_3454.jpeg)

One of my childhood friends had a bed like picrel, and I loved sleeping over. Especially because she didn’t like to sleep in the top bunk that much, so I got to stay there

No. 1998196

The photo is obviously edited for contrast/WB but the inner corner of the model's eye looks pink, not dark, which is exactly what my own inner corner looks like, and tightlining the inner corner is extremely obvious. Also I was never allowed to wear any makeup at all for polaroids nor was anyone else I knew who was signed to an agency. If you look at other polaroids of girls with invisible lashes they are usually very visibly not wearing anything on their eyes but it's silly to even argue this because someone without face blindness can see she's not wearing any eyeliner and her eyes look exactly like the eyes of people who aren't wearing eyeliner. Tightliner makes everyone's eyes look really small and beady and is easily visible.

I think people like the eye color that is rarest wherever they are, usually. So in places where blue eyes are rare usually people will covet blue, and vice versa. Personally I don't even notice eye color and find it really weird when people can tell you all their acquaintances eye colors.

No. 1998202

Mumsnet is anti-female? I have never used it but my impression was always that mumsnet is considered a radfem/TERF website.

No. 1998213

This is so dreamy.

No. 1998271

i hated being ugly when I was young but being ugly can kind of be a blessing disguise. Ugly women are going to avoid a lot of the drama pretty women get themselves into when they’re young…like for example getting into porn or ending up baby trapped at a young age. A lot of young pretty women see sex work as a get rich quick scheme but end up ruining their lives for a couple thousand dollars.

No. 1998274

>like for example getting into porn
..anon have you seen the cows on /snow/?

No. 1998281

same. i feel like being fat and unattractive for my entire formative years sucked but it also made me not really go through all the shitty experiences i saw women talk about until i lost the weight (harassment for example, i was never harassed until then). not that fat and ugly women dont still get harassed of course, but for me personally i was treated like i was invisible by men which was great and looking back i consider myself lucky that i never had to experience any of that shit as a child or a teen

No. 1998287

I think this discussion already happened a few days ago on this thread but most smart pretty women or pretty women from good socioeconomic backgrounds don't get themselves tied up in stuff like porn or getting baby trapped, while lots of uglier women from bad backgrounds do because they have fewer options. I had a few friends/acquaintances that did 'sex work' around college age (although only one was an actual prostitute, the rest did stuff like camming/other online sex work or domming) and most of them were fat and facially average. I think it has way less to do with your looks than people think it does, it's just that usually only very pretty girls get famous/rich on OF or in porn. All the uglier girls who do it just end up not even making any money doing it.

No. 1998341

If you're wealthy then being really pretty is good, but if you're poor or live in a patriarchal or dangerous contry you're absolutely fucked.

No. 1998364

>A lot of young pretty women see sex work as a get rich quick scheme but end up ruining their lives for a couple thousand dollars.
Shitty economy takes effect hard

No. 1998625

Argentina should participate in Eurovision

No. 1998635

Why Argentina of all countries?

No. 1998651

Would make more sense than israel participating.

No. 1998680

They’re not in the EBU, so it’ll never happen.

No. 1998701

it belongs in eurovision more than israel tbh

No. 1998748

People who think prey animals = losers/weak are the type who would get gored by deer or ripped apart by a feral sow because they didn't take the proper precautions, if prey animals were all scared and timid weaklings then there wouldn't be many of them and land animals would have a marine type food chain overland (more predators than prey with predators all hunting each other instead of prey animals vastly outnumbering predators)

No. 1998790

I think it's good my race bullies the absolute fuck out of anybody slightly nerdy. Most of the cow threads here are just so embarrassingly white, especially the pedo adjacent pick me', you don't see threads on my race very often and I'm glad. Something about anime rots the fuck out of your brain. People should be forced to be normal lest they end up like some unemployable 24 yo pandering to 4ch fags. I'll take my race bait ban now

No. 1998792

Angola for Eurovision 2025. Anons we can dream

No. 1998807

People who think prey animals are inherently meek, small and weak have never had the displeasure to see birds decapitating each other and eating each other, or have never seen how dangerous and murderous deers, cows and horses can be.

No. 1998808

your race is probably retarded/cow-ish in another way tbf it's just less online

No. 1998811

Something's telling me the guys from your race are somewhat autistically obsessed with Dragon Ball or another mainstream shonen manga though.

No. 1998812

In emergency cases of poverty or being disallowed abortion, I don't think infanticide is morally wrong. Ultimately, the earliest abortion possible is the best to minimize suffering for all involved.
If there were/are cases of people having birth just because they want to kill a baby, I'd feel differently, but I've never heard of that.

No. 1998813

Adults should have cool bed designs, too. It's dumb that we don't.

No. 1998815

You are both correct

No. 1998817

File: 1715435827639.jpg (33.26 KB, 578x385, 1000023478.jpg)

Really, it would be nice to have cool beds, specially since now as an adult we can appreciate those things more than when we were kids.
Sure, we don't play pretend anymore and we definitely weight way more than a 30 kilos child, but I'm sure stuff like this can be made of a strong metal that can support our asses.
I would've committed murder for this bed as a child.

No. 1998821

Round beds should be trendy again. It's a pain I have to either comission them or buy them from a chinese reseller in my country.

No. 1998834

kek none of this is limited to conventionally attractive women. getting pregnant at a young age, marrying an awful moid, or ending up in sex work has a lot more to do with your home environment and how poor you are than whether or not you're pretty. creeps frequently prey on girls that are considered overweight or unattractive because they often suffer from terrible self esteem or have been bullied and make for easier targets to manipulate. even better if they grew up in poverty and don't have a supportive family to look out for them.

No. 1998843

Same, brown has been my favorite color since Kenna days

No. 1998851

really tiny waists don't look great to me. sometimes they look disproportionate and a little freaky imo, though i do understand the visual appeal. like i've been seeing a lot of people say tyla's body is perfect/ideal and her body definitely looks really nice but it concerns me that so many women (who would never possibly be able to attain that shape because their body just isn't built like that) call it ideal. but i'm one of those people who don't think any body type is ideal besides a fit and healthy one

No. 1998860

Killing kids is always wrong because mommy could’ve kept her legs closed from day one(baiter)

No. 1998863

Since we're talking about race, I don't really like that American culture is so widespread that entire races can be defined solely by the culture of Americans. In spite of being raised in a completely different culture, I still get lumped in with Americans who share a race with me, and even non-Americans treat me like a freak or a liar over the way I talk and my interests because they don't match the American blueprint. To be honest, it's not even like all Americans of my race fit said blueprint. It's all media and stereotypes, but even some people of that group fully buy into it, speak as a collective, try to pigeonhole everyone and shame anyone who's different.

Americans are cool and all. I just don't like having all their cultural history and baggage applied to me when my people already have their own shit to deal with. I feel like I'm constantly being forced to defend experiences and behaviors that have nothing to do with me, because people will tack them onto me and expect me to "perform" regardless.

No. 1998864

I feel males are more desperate to trap pretty women so they try to knock them up asap so they can’t get away as easily

No. 1998866

why don‘t you say what your race is?

No. 1998874

Because my complaint is about the consequences of American cultural dominance, not any race in particular. I'm not trying to start a diaspora war or offend anyone, kek.
The other anon didn't mention specific races, but it seems like people could still guess who she was talking about based purely on stereotypes, and that's kind of my point.

No. 1998875

women have really been psyopped by cartoon characters with absurdly small waists.

No. 1998879

I have fridge proportions even at a low weight and think her body is ideal. Idk is it that bad I can think someone else's body shape is ideal just because I can't achieve it myself?

No. 1998881

Nta but it makes me think you're weak-minded.

No. 1998883

I like small waists. Mine is not very small but I still like having it.

No. 1998890

I think admitting that I don't have attractive proportions but not otherwise letting it hurt my self esteem isn't that weak minded. I'm not desperately chasing a tiny waist or anything like that.

No. 1998894

it should be last resort, the first thing is that we should be fighting so the economy isn't bad enough to resort to literal murder. I guess that makes too much sense though

No. 1998895

Most of the hate black people get is just petty jealousy from white people and other minorities just following white people to be apart of the cool crowd. The relationship between black Americans and white Americans is like that of a narc mother who is mad her kids went no contact and they can’t abuse them anymore.

No. 1998901

baby reindeer was really really nicely shot, I kept seeing the reds/greens/yellows as part of the story themselves. the cinematography was so gorgeous regardless of the story
if I say this I get called "odd" or "YOU DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION" bitch pay attention is all I could do sorry you can't see like I do
also the music slapped. I have 0 care for truth in this matter it was just fresh circus while the bread is stale so my eyes feasted willingly

No. 1998907

lol i knew immediately he was going to fuck her. it was hilarious how he just messed everything up, what a train wreck. i didn‘t like the time jump where he was suddenly living in that house etc. i looked up and the actor is really the guy who this story is based on.

No. 1998915

He didn't have sex with her though.

No. 1998921

NTA, but yes he did. Multiple times. At least in the series.

No. 1998930

I thought he fantasized about martha to cum with his gf?

No. 1998936

I think it's disgusting that more farmers aren't discussing the Zionist genocide of Palestine and Palestinian women right now.

No. 1998942

bitch there's threads for these discussions. also a lot of us come here to shitpost and forget, hence the very specific division of topics. back to x or tiktok or find the fucking thread or GOD FORBID make one yourself. we are not your personal army. you think a bunch of mentally ill women are going to help?? good fucking luck half of them are pretending to fuck 2d men
grow up

No. 1998945

Lolcow claims to be a radfem space but God forbid we show solidarity with women being killed? We discuss all sorts of moid atrocities on this board but somehow Palestine is off limits?

No. 1998948

Nta but we discuss serious topics on here all the time, that's not a tiktok/twitter thing. And the Palestine/Israel thread was locked months ago.

No. 1998953

Any American who is loud about the Palestine v Israel thing truly has nothing important going on in their life

No. 1998960

Lolcow isn't a radfem space, it's just a place where you don't get banned for saying that trannies suck and men are retarded.

No. 1998968

start a thread and discussion then. or are you gonna bitch and whine on every other thread until they all bow to you? literally that's what x and tiktok are for
start a thread do it. you wont. cause you don't actually care about those women, you just wanna make other women feel bad for living their lives. which tbh could be poverty and abuse ridden on the daily like some of us but you only give a fuck when it's palestine. where's your support for domestic abuse or rape survivors from your own country?
stop being fucking hypocrites and be the change you want to see etc. isn't that what you all see?
meanwhile fuck off

No. 1998969

>start a thread
Are you illiterate kek

No. 1998972

are you retarded? I said what I said. stop bitching on here and do something if you care. moaning at a bunch of autists isn't going to help palestine kek get offline

No. 1998976

donate all your savings. shave your head. post it all over social media. bully all of lolcor.farm but NOTHING WILL CHANGE because this is a war beyond the people and government controlled. a lot of us are suffering BECAUSE of this war but do you give a fuck? no retard you don't you're here to virtue-signal. go choke on a redditor's dick. I'll cop my ban you deserve it you fucking chucklehead(infighting)

No. 1998986

Seriously I've said this before, people are acting like these wars are new, people have been killing each other daily on Africa for years and no one is making fanart of Komaeda wearing a traditional tigrinya outfit and eating injera whole doing agusha with an oromo super man so they stop killing each other.
No one is making poems and art about the women that are killed daily in Mexico and Spain because of the femicides, at least not as passionately as they are doing so for the Palestinian/Israel war.
So why should I give a fuck about some people that, honestly, also don't give a fuck about what's going on in my country? Why should I care about the opinions of those that jump from conflict to conflict in order to get fictitious good boy points and asspats?

No. 1998988

what about all the native women going missing or killed in north america, USA/canada? or the aboriginal women in Australia? or the amount of women who are beaten/killed in domestic situations not on the news every day in all of the forementioned? what about the rapes and murders because of male migrants in sweden, germany, UK?

but reee palestine thought lolcor was radfem!!!! I spit at you >>1998936

No. 1998993

No one can start an Palestine/Israel thread. It was locked and if anyone makes a new one it will be locked again. Also you're making all these assumptions about what other anons care about like we're not on lolcow where women's issues are constantly talked about. I'm not even invested in the Palestine war btw, so keep your rage and double posting please.

No. 1998996

This discussion is only going to stir up infighting like the other thread we had. If you want to help, it's better to donate to a legitimate organization and move in silence.

No. 1999001

so anon's whining is answered for, the thread is locked. talk about it somewhere else or to meta if you want the thread opened. I'll keep my rage directed at hypocrisy as long as I live.

No. 1999006

It was a fantasy. It literally shows him back in his room holding the picture of Martha while jerking off.

No. 1999010

as far as I understood they never fucked he yeah jerked off/fantasized about her and it's the only way he could cum with his trans gf was picturing his stalker. I was confused at first tbf it was kind of bad directing so not your bad nona

No. 1999028

It's because I don't care. Seriously, acts of mass violence happen around the world every day, but only Palestine fags are this annoying about it.

No. 1999040

File: 1715449247663.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, 343.jpg)

>you think a bunch of mentally ill women are going to help?? good fucking luck half of them are pretending to fuck 2d men

No. 1999109

Tbh most of people here are not knowledgeable enough or worthwhile a political discussion (with some exceptions) so it’s a good thing, really.

No. 1999132

File: 1715458799338.png (1.13 MB, 1500x1000, kc-veener-check.png)

veneers look like shit and it's horrifying that people allow their natural teeth to be filed down in order to get veneers. i understand why you'd get them if you had some severely fucked up teeth to fix but i see all these young people and celebs who have fine teeth but a few are crooked or something and they do this.

No. 1999134

everyone with a job is tired of hearing about this forever-conflict and would rather spend time and energy doing other things

No. 1999140

Maybe because the international court ruled out a genocide
>Ms Donoghue explained that the court decided the Palestinians had a “plausible right” to be protected from genocide and that South Africa had the right to present that claim in the court.
>She said that, contrary to some reporting, the court did not make a ruling on whether the claim of genocide was plausible, but it did emphasise in its order that there was a risk of irreparable harm to the Palestinian right to be protected from genocide.

No. 1999146

I'm arab and I don't care about this conflict. It's been shoved down my throat 24/7 since I was a kid on TV and media all over. It's burn out I guess. Doesn't help that people, especially arabs and Muslims, using it as an excuse to hate Jewish people and post nazi adjacent memes and praise Hitler. History teachers at school taught us "Hitler good actually because kill duh jooz". I can't take this conflict seriously because of how petty people involved in it are. And the start of it thousands of years ago is also petty shit about who's entitled more to a land they both lived on since ever.

No. 1999150

That's not veneers, you shouldn't need your teeth filed for veneers. It's probably crowns.

No. 1999159

yes they are anon, you need to get your teeth filed so the custom mold a veneer is made into fits your teeth.

No. 1999177

>using it as an excuse to hate Jewish people and post nazi adjacent memes and praise Hitler.
I've noticed this too, lots of people online are just posting pro-nazi shit because now they have an excuse to openly hate on jews, but they can just say
>disgusting zionist
Instead of
>fucking jews
I don't have a horse in this race because I'm neither Jewish nor Muslim, and I don't live nor have family or friends living in the affected countries.
But I can easily see how this whole Internet movement is just a thinly veiled way to let people be openly racist and hate on religious groups, this also has created lots of retarded breaches between religious groups because now everyone has a justification to say publicly why you hate someone more than the other and so on.

No. 1999179

Yes but I'm pretty sure it's just a thin layer on the surface of your teeth that they file, not shaving your teeth down to nubs.

No. 1999201

What's sad is they're still gonna lose their white ass teeth cause they're still not gonna brush and floss proper to prevent gum disease.

No. 1999228

My unpopular opinion kind of inspired by this one is that I don't think nerds are usually smarter or end up getting better educated/getting better jobs than average, and I think nerd memes about how 'I'll be your boss one day' and similar (that mostly scrotes say) are just a massive cope for being socially retarded and unpopular. In my experience very occasionally a nerd gets really successful in something like computer science but most successful people are the people who were more socially adept, had diverse hobbies and actually washed in high school/university, not typical reclusive 'nerds.' I don't mean this about people with any nerdy hobbies though just people who fit the nerd stereotype.

No. 1999237

I broke 2 of my teeth when I was younger and have them repaired the cheap way (the plastic bonding stuff, not veneers) and it actually makes me even more scared of and freaked out by veneers because I know what it's like to have parts of your adult teeth missing. My mom is always telling me to get veneers because people respect you more when your teeth are blindingly white and not tooth colored! Or the bonding on my broken teeth is visible if you lean in and look real close! but something about filing your teeth down to nubs just freaks me out so much and whenever I see people with obvious veneers I can't stop thinking about how their healthy teeth are gone.

No. 1999243

Yeah it should usually be a thinner layer than what's in the pics but your normal healthy enamel is still gone forever even if it usually doesn't look like weird fangs.

Unlikely, natural teeth are not white because adult teeth can almost never be pure white naturally (tooth yellowing has to do with enamel thickness) so porcelain should stay roughly the same color white even if you have bad dental hygiene.

No. 1999336

i wonder if the eurovision nonnas are all from balkan countries but the song of the swiss themby was much better than the croatian cringelord, sorry not sorry

No. 1999353

if lolcow or other image boards get worse over the summer its not because of summerfags anymore. you have to be silly to think that the existence of school the next day is preventing any teenager from discovering/posting on image boards.

No. 1999366

This is not an unpopular opinion for an adult. It's extremely obvious once you are out and about in the real world. And people who are ever maligned enough to think shit like "I'll be your boss one day" are almost guaranteed to have mental health problems and that is more devastating to your career/quality of life than anything else.

No. 1999372

AYRT but I still see adults repeating this meme all the time and using the few examples of 'successful' nerds to basically indicate that it's all the nerds from school who are people's bosses now. I see adults saying that they will raise their children as nerds because even if they are weird and get bullied in school they will have more successful adulthoods. Even the few nerds I personally went to school with who are now super successful were of the 'popular nerd' variety like people who were lightly teased for being a sperg about math or the stock market or something but also had friends, played sports, and looked presentable, but I've also had mutual acquaintances point to them and say they confirm the 'nerds make lots of money when they're older' stereotype although they're a tiny minority of all the nerds we knew when we were younger.

No. 1999378

ice spice is the first true example I’ve ever seen of someone having a career just because they’re pretty and light skin. Most pretty privilege hires can at least dance or something. She’s bad at everything.

>inb4 she’s ugly

Well her target audience are black people and that’s a 10 in black culture(racebaiting)

No. 1999379

Samfag but I was thinking about this recently because I had a friend in elementary/middle school who got bullied a lot for being a really annoying autist and his mom would always tell him 'you'll be their boss one day and they're just jealous' instead of helping him regulate his behavior or dress less awful/shower more. I looked him up recently and he trooned out and got some useless degree from a bad college and I just feel bad for him because his parents and teachers supported his sperg behaviour when it was preventable. When I was friends with him he learned to integrate into society more and actually got bullied less so I know it was possible.

No. 1999383

It won't matter what color the teeth are if your diseased gums cannot support them from lack of oral hygiene and they fall outta your mouth.

No. 1999384

I'm not black and I kind of hate her image and music but I think she is pretty. She could look better if she was thinner and wore nicer clothes but she has a cute face.

No. 1999386

>thats a 10 in black culture
KEK its sad how true this is.

No. 1999388

Unfortunately gum disease isn't always because of good oral hygiene. Several people on one side of my family are fanatically obsessed with oral hygiene and they all have genetic gum disease, I think I got lucky and got the genes from the other side because I don't have noticeable gum recession even though I just have normal good oral hygiene and am not completely obsessed like one whole half of my family. I also have friends who are obsessive about their teeth and still needed gum grafts as children.

No. 1999389

because of her ass or also face? do black moids really like the orange hair? it reminds me of a clowns wig but i don‘t think she‘s ugly. her voice in that munch song sounded sexy and she has a nice smile but theres a thousand prettier black girl artists imo

No. 1999392

black moids will desire to fuck anything that has a hole, no matter where it may be

No. 1999395

Her lose curly hair, pale white skin, she’s thic/big ass and has a round kind of baby face

No. 1999396

i thought they hate homos

No. 1999403

Nta but it’s not just scrotes though. Most black American women would wanna look like her. She’s just the standard of beauty in our community. Pale white skin, thic, racially ambiguous but looks like she could have a black mixed grandparent but she doesn’t really look black black, curly “good” mixed girl hair.

No. 1999404

if ice spice is a 10 then what is tyla? ice is quite cute but next to her she looks like a clown with downs

No. 1999406

Adults who are repeating it must be pretty fucking stupid and never had a job worth shit where they can see how the hierarchy works for themselves. Raising your kid to be a weird nerd who gets bullied is the dumbest shit I've heard in a long time.

No. 1999408

Tyla would be considered pretty but ice spice would be considered prettier because her skin is whiter and tyla is too skinny. I think most black Americans would pick ice spices look over tyla.

No. 1999410

I agree nona which is why I posted this opinion but I see people repeating this take all the time and it just makes me really concerned for their (future) children and sanity. This also extends to people who want to homeschool their kids because they see the minority of really well-adjusted and creative homeschool kids and think all homeschoolers are like that, even though most of them end up socially stunted and have difficulty integrating. I understand why with current schooling in places like America pushing TRA shit and creepy sex stuff on kids you'd want to protect them from that but a lot of adults seem not to realize that being able to integrate with peers is actually extremely important for your future.

No. 1999413

so white fatties with downsy eyes are really seen as more sexy than a lean black goddess with a perfect face to black women? that surprises me a lot (i‘m not american)

No. 1999414

It's cope for sure. Anyone with a touch of reality knows it's all about connections. All the "weird nerds" from my school ended up scraping by and the asshole jocks and beckies ended up becoming successful if they had rich families to help them get good jobs and allow them to stay so they can save money for a nice home and focus on studying

No. 1999419

Who are the white fatties?

No. 1999422

Tyla isn't really 'black' by normal US standards anyway she's a SA Coloured person aka probably most of her ancestry is some form of South Asian, but I agree she's way prettier than ice spice. Ice spice is still pretty facially though. I'm not American either so I can't weigh in on US appearance standards but from my perspective both are prettier than average, Tyla is just prettier and has a better body and hair.

Yeah I'd add to this that most of the people who did really well in school when I was in middle/high school weren't the 'nerds' but actually were the 'popular kids/jocks' for the most part. Most of the popular people at my schools were attractive, socially adept, and got really good grades but also did a bunch of extracurriculars and most were from upper-middle class homes (some poorer people were also popular though). It's also a massive cope that people who do sports and have friends are worse at school, this wasn't true at all in my experience.

No. 1999423

Yeah Tyla would be seen as way too skinny and would probably get jokes thrown at her but she wouldn’t have it too bad because she’s racially ambiguous. Someone like pic related is very beautiful to me but in the black community she would be considered ugly compared to ice spice because shes very dark and thin kek

No. 1999424

File: 1715473440988.jpeg (67.28 KB, 1024x576, IMG_0122.jpeg)

in general. she said ice is hotter than tyla because light skin + more body fat.

No. 1999425

This. Underweightness/anorexia often goes hidden in black women which is why black women are less likely to receive help for eating disorders. White women who are "too skinny" almost immediately get called out unless they're in high fashion. Even Amy winehouse didn't reach tyla level before people showed concern

No. 1999426

This is so weird to me because I live in a non-US Western country and I know some girls who look more on the Anok Yai side of things (skinny, tall, darker skin) and most of them would be generally considered very beautiful. But I think in general where I live thinness is way more of a beauty standard.

No. 1999429

I don’t think tyla is too skinny I’m just saying most black Americans wouldn’t find her body type attractive. Ty las target audience isn’t really black Americans though I think.

No. 1999431

are you talking about how skinny this model is or is tyla also hidden eating disorder? she seems fit enough to me, fka twiggs is worse.

and how hot would iman bowie be if she was young? she used to be much darker iirc and looked otherworldly beautiful. would she get jokes?

No. 1999433

You guys literally post the same rants about Ice Spice every other day. It's Florencechan tier at this point. You don't like her because she's overrated and light and untalented and fat, we get it.

No. 1999436

NTAYRT but it's weird to me that people would accuse Tyla of an ED considering how young she is. I was model thin (actually signed as model) when I was younger and people did accuse me of an ED but I didn't have one, ironically I started starving myself when I got PCOS and I still got fat and no one would believe me and told me I was eating too much after accusing me of starving myself when I was skinny and ate healthy. Healthy women in their early 20s can be as thin as Tyla naturally. If she looks anorexic to Americans even with her natural-looking fat distribution that's just weird.

No. 1999437

Nta but Imma keep it real and a lot of people are going to saying I’m bullshitting but within the black American culture someone like iman bowie would be seen as just straight up ugly

No. 1999438

weren‘t people sperging about how ugly florence is? not the case here and it‘s my first time talking about ice, mostly out of interest for the different beauty standards. chilll

No. 1999442

Do you mean in current black american culture or back when she was a supermodel? I assume people thought she was pretty back when she was a successful model.

No. 1999444

File: 1715474242059.jpg (214.75 KB, 1255x1920, FWYqMbOWYAEBu86.jpg_large.jpg)

No she's not kek, don't lie anon. She's one of the most well known models in the black community, ask multiple groups of black people and you'd be hard pressed to find someone calling her ugly.

No. 1999446

I think back in the day too. Too tall and too thin. I mean people back in the day didn’t like women as thick as the ones today but they still liked thicker women than white people liked.

No. 1999447

I just mean in general but she was wearing a corset at met gala, twigs would probably be a better example though, I see a lot of black models and influencers who are very clearly extremely underweight and no one cares or calls them out, or if you do you're accused of being jealous even when it's more of a concern. White women aren't allowed to even have an 18 BMI without anorexia accusations

No. 1999448


so ok, what other examples would be super hot aside of ice spice (also for women, not just men)? what about nicki minaj? i‘ll laugh my ass off if she‘s supposed to be a looker but iman ugly.

No. 1999450

OK this has to be a US-specific thing because an 18 bmi wasn't even considered skinny when I was in high school/college, I don't want to be accused of bone rattling (I'm fat anyway) but in the country I'm from when I was growing up the average BMI for a 19 year old was 19. BMI 18 was basically average. I think people get accused of EDs if they look gaunt and bony not just if they're slim with a naturally small build.

No. 1999452

why do you think is that? especially when it‘s not much of a beauty ideal?

are you even black?

No. 1999453

Samefag but not to mention there are a lot of thin/not curvy women considered universally beautiful amongst American black people, and even men will list them as their top celeb crush. Halle Berry, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union, Naomi Campbell, etc… I'm not denying that being thick is the standard but you don't have to act like beautiful and slim women are looked at as hobgoblins.

No. 1999454

I mean I'm white and everybody I know thinks Anok is gorgeous and that Ice Spice is ugly.