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File: 1711218733482.jpg (123.42 KB, 520x780, 68584ac460e086c7ec91354996c7ca…)

No. 1936396

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.


No. 1936413

File: 1711219296427.jpg (112.88 KB, 736x1126, 9b5b8f4e11c87e3023d4af956c2800…)

Idk if this will make sense because I suck at explaining, but I hate that on here anons make it seem like you need to constantly assert if you think a bad thing/person is bad. Like you could post
>I like the dress Ariana Grande is wearing in picrel
And someone will respond
>Yeah but Ariana is an anorexic bitch with fried blonde hair and she's a home wrecking whore who licked donuts
Like ok, we already know that kek. It's like I'm on twitter where you need to constantly say you don't support something or someone will sperg or rant or accuse you of supporting person/thing.

No. 1936419

nothing enrages me more than someone who says the most uneducated thing possible, and then ends it with something like "common sense people, you're just stupid" etc

if you think everyone else is an idiot its cause you're an idiot

No. 1936424

i have a hard time caring about what celebrities do on their own time because it doesn’t effect me at all, so when people fly off the handle about how (blank) is a horrible person at the littlest mention about them they just sound unhinged kek

No. 1936439

It annoys me how some people act like pedos have high standards when it comes to choosing which kid they're going to abuse. That's not how it works.

No. 1936468

File: 1711222238883.png (609.38 KB, 663x678, IMG_197.png)

I also hate capitalism and psychiatry, but this is far more cringe.

No. 1936513

I get what you're saying, and yeah, agreed. With some celebrities I wish anons would just make a document or webpage to link to outlining their opinion of why _____ is bad and evil and how anyone who enjoys the products of their labor is also bad and evil so that celebricows would be shit up with people recounting a celebrity's entire list of public sins.
Another thing I hate is when people bitch and moan about how musicians aren't attractive enough or can't dance. Obviously everyone has the right to an opinion and their own taste, but like…ok? Good thing musician in question chose to pursue music as their career, not dancing or modeling!

No. 1936895

Nta but those are actually my favorite types of people because then I feel vindicated for my hatred of some celebrities kek

No. 1936930

File: 1711252834792.gif (283.36 KB, 206x206, liquid chris angry.gif)

When you are trying to follow a super popular tutorial for a program thats a few years old, and you dl the program and they completly butchered the UI and it makes it extra hard to follow the fucking tutorial

No. 1936954

I want to punch people in thr face every time they use the words mommy or daddy in a sexual way

No. 1936956

I think it's supposed to mock the people who say this (Shrek looks bpd)

No. 1936958

Agreed kek you can't say anything without an anon being like "well ackkkshually"

No. 1936959

>home wrecking whore who licked donut
what do you mean by licked donut whats wrong about licking the donuts instead of outright biting them? is that not normal? i always suck all the icing first before taking a chomp out of it

No. 1936960

Ariana Grande licked a donut at some shop, look it up, video's on YouTube

No. 1936962

Did you miss donutgate? She licked a donut in the store and put it back on the rack

No. 1936972

KEK I thought it meant licking ass

No. 1936974

why did she do this?

No. 1936976

She was hanging out with friends and she acted dumb

No. 1937397

When anyone calls Lolcow a radfem site. Lol. Lmao even.

No. 1937952

File: 1711328242632.gif (359.05 KB, 220x188, 1000003272.gif)

That everyone is typing "ts" now. I will never be able to read that as anything besides transsexual STOP IT.

No. 1937955

what does it mean other than that term?

No. 1937964

That shit/this shit

No. 1937996

It's heavily overused too like it's the acronym of the month

No. 1938005

File: 1711331283242.png (482.58 KB, 493x640, HATRED.png)

I hate my stupid shower faucet. Inb4 "ohh you are lucky to have a shower I have to wash in the rain and muddy puddles" I know I'm lucky to have a shower but guess the fuck what it's still shit. I hate this retarded ass faucet so bad it's insane. Every morning I wake up and I furrow my brow and I scream out to God I say "My Lord God on High, why have you forsaken me; to lead me into this hell-like apartment with this foul and repugnant faucet?" and the Lord answers back in typical scrote-like silence. Sometimes I lie awake at night and think that the devil is testing me and that maybe I'm already dead and the weight of my sins led me to this eternally dreadful shower situation. I hate this shower faucet so much the hate burns under my skin like fire and it torches my soul. I wake up and I go into my bathroom and I just stare at this shower and I hate it so much it's unreal. HATE HATE HATE. All I feel towards it is HATE. Real rabid rancid repugnant retarded hatred. I hate this shower faucet and the stupid fugly (fucking ugly) knobs and it's stupid retarded fucking dumb shower-plunger (thing that makes it go into shower mode) and it's retarded atmosphere. I hate the fact that every morning I have to look at this piece of dog shit shower of mine and I have to mentally prepare myself for 10-15 minutes every day before I get in it so I waste even more of my life every goddamn day I have to wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than I should because I need respite from this dumb shower faucet. "Why do you hate the shower" okay first of all PICREL if you notice for some reason I guess they thought I was made of thumbs and had a million arms but there is TWO knobs not just one. That means I have to pretend to be some sort of mechanical engineer or medieval alchemist and twiddle with the knobs to even get it working right. Every shower I've ever used before this one just has one knob that works on continuum from cold to hot and I always set it right in the middle for a beautiful relaxing temperate shower, but oh no - not this one, this one has to have two fucking knobs like it was designed for octopuses or some stupid retarded gay fucking dumb shit fuck I hate it. I am NOT an octopus I am a human being with TWO arms, one is for my loofah and one is for knob, why do I have to co-ordinate my movements to try and turn on my goddamn shower. Second of all, even though there is two knobs (one for hot one for cold) only the fucking cold one seems to work. I have to twist the hot knob for maybe 30 rotations for even just a smidge of hot water to come out of the shower-head meanwhile if I so much as look at the cold knob the wrong way suddenly I'm transported to the barren Arctic and fighting for my life against mirages of polar bears and fucking belugas. So every morning I'm fighting for my life like Dana Brooke in the ring trying to out-wrestle the cold beads of hard water. I am going crazy even just thinking about this dumb shower because today I wanted to shower for a brief moment and then I returned to reality and realized that I like all my digits and I don't want to see them frostbitten away, or boiled like some sort of seafood medley ingredients. I hate this stupid shower so goddamn much it's unreal how bad I hate it. So in this shower I'm either being boiled alive, sans seasoning, or there's some sort of plumber-conspiracy to cryogenic freeze me for some unknown mysterious reason. Every day I think about my old showers and I want to cry tears but I save the tears for in the shower so that the Devil doesn't see them and thinks he's winning because he is NOT winning I do NOT concede you CANNOT win against my Satan because the Lord God is on my side I've read the Book of Job I know what this is all about. You think you can get the best of me? You can't. I suffer and struggle through my daily showers and I lather my loofah and I tense my muscles and sometimes I scream but I make it through it every goddamn day I make it through my showers. I just want a normal shower I've called plumbers before, not that I trust them after experiencing this, but I call them and I ask them and they go "oh it's an apartment so we'd need the landlords permission" well my landlord is a fucking dunce he is a dotard he is a senile old retarded man with diabetes what the hell is he gonna do? Be a fucking man and do this for me. Make my shower better, plumbertard. But no, no no no it's all too difficult for them they can't risk their precious little license by doing unapproved work. What happened to our freedom? What happened to helping each other out? What happened to living la vida loca? They make me sick. It all makes me sick. This world makes me sick. I'm thinking about tomorrow's shower and all I can see is red. Hot red like the shower trying to boil me alive. Hot red like the hell that I live in every morning between 8:30 and 8:45. Yes it only takes me 15 minutes to shower, mind you it used to take me only 10 minutes because I love our Earth (I'm worldly and I want to save as much water as possible and I also don't pay for water it's included in the rent so really I could waste as much as I wanted but I don't even do that because I'm respectful towards the municipal water services) but now I have to waste those 5 minutes cowering in the bathtub, naked, dancing around the either freezing ice cold water or the burning scalding water that comes out of the shower-head while I fiddle with the knobs - because, even if I get the temperature perfect the first time, guess what? It fucks up on its own without me touching it. The worst is when I'm shampooing my hair and then suddenly scalding water is trying to burn the hair out of my head or I'm liable to get pneumonia from the Antarctic stream above me. Sorry this is a long rant but I just I'm going crazy about this stupid faucet and the shower sometimes I think about just going to a motel in the mornings and just using their shower because I know they have better ones there. Please keep me in your prayers. I endure.

No. 1938012

hate surprise untagged piv when im trying to read my yaois

longest post ive seen here that wasnt a google link to a pic of hall & oats

No. 1938014

Because I'm smoking my cigarette and staring at this shower and I'm filled with hatred I had to let it out I'm sorry about it

No. 1938015

No. 1938016

nah let it out girl yr good

No. 1938773

File: 1711396630627.jpeg (22.53 KB, 640x361, 7f1ad7eaad7487f0df54bdca205538…)

I haven't watched the ATLA live action, but I hate how unrealistic everyone looks from the photos and videos I've seen. Zuko's scar doesn't look like a scar, it literally looks like eyeshadow.

No. 1938782

File: 1711396919933.jpg (140.88 KB, 1500x1001, Avatar-The-Last-Airbender-1220…)

Samefag but to continue my point, the clothes don't look lived in or worn at all. These people are constantly in battle and being roughed up, but their clothes look pristine like a cosplay. Especially for people like Sokka and Katara, I feel like surely some of their clothes have to be pieces passed down from older members of their tribe. They should be a little tattered.

Honestly, Game of Thrones kind of had this problem too. Sometimes their clothes looked too nice and neat.

No. 1938784

I watched it and the quality of the costumes was hands down the worst aspect, everyone looks like they are wearing Halloween outfits.

No. 1938788

File: 1711397376419.png (119.93 KB, 253x394, Bridget_Guilty_Gear.png)

This faggot. When I was in middle school I saw his original design and then was immediately disappointed that a cute design was wasted on a trap. Now with Strive, the trannies will literally not fucking stop talking about him and have single-handedly ruined GG for me. At least I wasn't too attached to the series and there's other fighting games I like better.

No. 1938805

>ts = this/that shit
I thought it meant Taylor swift before I scrolled and saw this KEK

No. 1938840

File: 1711400612482.jpg (242.22 KB, 2048x1363, yues penis wig.jpg)

dude the fucking wig they plopped on Yue, jfc

No. 1938860


No. 1938866

File: 1711403506141.jpg (78.51 KB, 736x736, 0c571ebc64e92febc714390f750316…)

I hate that sims 3 isn't optimized (or whatever techy word you would use) for Mac! In sims 3, the lashes are fucked up, you can't even swim or interact with water, and the game doesn't fit the screen no matter what resolution I use! These are genuine, known issues just because Mac OS isn't compatible with the game, and the worst part is EA doesn't update sims 3 anymore.

No. 1938879

I can't tell if this is the Shaylaman dick wig or the newer one kek

No. 1938884


No. 1938886

I fucking hate incel moid OCs who are misogynistic and disgusting as fuck usually made by TIFs because they think it's funny or based or something. And the people thirsting after it too. It's so retarded. I hate it especially because misogyny is so funny haha but if a woman made a transphobic OC she would be getting death threats and doxxed asap.

No. 1939010

File: 1711416727372.gif (73.33 KB, 500x382, IMG_4352.gif)

How anyone could see what cosmetic surgeries entail and then choose to do that is insane. I went down a rabbit hole of looking at subcision and then threading for the jawline and what the fuck. Also to go through all that and then have the risk of coming out botched? and facelifts themselves are just so ugly. I was looking at before and after pics for facelifts and they literally all look like picrel. Why would you want that

No. 1939012

I hate that pigtails aren't in the same category of normal-ness than a ponytail or a bun. I enjoy a evenly weighted method of getting your hair to not touch your neck as well as being able to put your head all the way back. Maybe I'll twist the end up so it's like pig-balls instead idk it just fucking sucks and feels dehumanizing that having a hair style makes it seem like some sort of invitation to scrotes.

No. 1939040

File: 1711419293237.jpg (37.29 KB, 564x555, f66442c188dcf8396c11f7aea70ff3…)

Tyler Perry wig department nonsense.

No. 1939069

File: 1711422359814.jpg (77.34 KB, 1000x563, yue-moon-god-avatar.jpg)

This makes me so angry, especially compared to the M. Night movie version. Like, this is below average cosplay shit.

No. 1939072

This literally looks like cosplayers dressing up for a con weekend. It's bad. Netflix had no budget for this or what? I wish they would stop trying to make Avatar live action happen. The animated series will forever be the only one worth watching.

No. 1939075

File: 1711422520282.jpg (90.81 KB, 720x913, 1000003562.jpg)

That when I doze off for an hour I wake up and a random video on YouTube is trying to turn me into a coding sleeper agent in spite of the fact that I've never looked up similar content on this device. I fall asleep for like a half hour to two hours and wake up to some elaborate coding tutorial trying to teach me to develop software

No. 1939078

Party city

No. 1939082

that is so cool actually. I wake up to cocomelon tier garbage even though i do watch coding vids and other non retarded shit.

No. 1939088

I dont even log in to YouTube and watch retarded content but any time I fall asleep I wake up an hour and a half into an elaborate coding vid. It's even changed a couple of my dreams. I'm not happy about it.

No. 1939097

You as well? I've been getting weird Linux os tutorials (since Windows is retarded)as well but atleast one of them was really cute a old grandma with cow themed linux. imagine coming on lolcow on this it would be a true farmer experience kek

No. 1939102

Wait this is cute.

No. 1939122

I'm devastated that the shamblelamb version actually genuinely had better costuming, literally it's only redeeming quality was the pretty fuckin good hair and clothes

No. 1939267

>Netflix had no budget for this or what
>Avatar The Last Airbender live action series. will have a budget of roughly $15,000,000 per episode. that would put the price tag of the show's first. season at over $120,000,000

No. 1939279

I hate Dune 2 and all new movies. An almost 3 hour long movie with scenes lasting 5 minutes that consist only of two characters dramatically staring at each other or off into the distance. All characters are forgettable and lack personality which is pretty sad considering Dune is a massive story with many fans. People are fooled because the cinematography and visuals “look” good but it’s like a sci fi starwars or marvel film. Also wanted to punch Zendaya and timothee cum chalice for the simple fact that people won’t stop putting them in every movie and commercial so no i don’t really see how they fit into the dune universe . Zendaya belongs in euphoria and timothee can go back to lady bird where he belongs

No. 1939288

I hate the Tiktok player and the fact that you can't rewind, if I misunderstand or want to listen something again I have to re-watch the whole damn video instead of a specific point. Similarly I hate when I just want to go back 1 second behind on a YouTube video and twice on the left makes me go back 10 seconds behind.

No. 1939336

I hate when I'm trying to read a post but there's a gif on the screen. It's too distracting. I hate that more retards are using gifs as thread pics.

No. 1939354

most new mainstream movies are garbage. it doesn't help that they put the same actors in film after film until they're overexposed.

No. 1939358

>I can't read a post because there's a gif but you're the retard

No. 1939476

File: 1711464957435.jpeg (212.29 KB, 1600x662, IMG_4428.jpeg)

I don’t know why denis villanueve’s blade runner remake is regarded as just as good as the original. The original is one of the most stunning movies ever, every scene took my breath away and the remake does not compare. Ridley Scott may be an old retard now but back in the day his movies were truly special. The practical effects definitely make a difference. I know so many people who have seen the remake and not the original, mostly scrotes who adore ryan gosling and thirst after Ana de armas. I literally could not care less about the “muh perfect ai girlfriend isn’t real” plot

No. 1939497

File: 1711465692223.jpeg (584.68 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4429.jpeg)

I also hate that those actors are crammed into everything nowadays. I’m not a Florence Pugh hater but she was an awful choice for princess irulan. She has a very girl-next-door type look but keeps being cast in blonde bombshell roles. They had anya taylor-joy who isn’t really a classic beauty but she looks like she belongs in dune unlike Florence, she’s tall and thin and blonde too. Why didn’t they pick her if they just had to have every popular current actor in the movie

No. 1939600

File: 1711471636104.jpg (2.21 MB, 3464x3464, 1000016209.jpg)

It's fucking everywhere, I shed more hair than a fucking long hair cat and dog together, my hair is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, other people shower in my house and they have my fucking hair in their asscracks, how is that normal?

No. 1939603

I watched it with subtitles and the dialogue is so shallow that half of what Paul says can be subtitled as either (Paul says prophet shit) or (Paul doubts himself) the Fremen are either talking about how they believe he's a prophet or they doubt him… I think the only conversation that couldn't have been replaced with Peanuts trombone sounds was the conversation between the Bene Gesserit leader and Florence Pugh's character.
>>1939497 She's so plain, she's made for more normal roles, what is she doing in a movie full of actors that seem like they were chosen for having kind of weird faces. They should have swapped her and ATJ's roles IMO.

No. 1939605

Are they like fucking allergic to casting hot people

No. 1939609

So, what you're saying is they basically pocket the entire budget?

For real. She got that zoomer bloated and ipad stare. So many of these new actors look out of shape and brain rotted.

No. 1939610

I saw this movie in theaters, and I will never get over how stunning Yue was. She was the highlight of the movie for. I also thought Zuko's actor did a really good job.

No. 1939611

She fit in midsommer well, but that's it. No idea why they keep casting her in anything. She is like the 2024 version of Jennifer lawrence to me. Plain and kinda stout. No idea whose dick she is sucking, but she must be amazing to keep getting roles while looking like that.

No. 1939768

File: 1711483040941.png (28.98 KB, 500x135, 1709213777400.png)

>she doesn't know

No. 1939778

ntayrt, but finally someone with a working brain. I'm lucky enough to have seen both parts at the cinema and Blade Runner 2049 was just so boring, heartless, without a feeling, I can't describe it, but something missed and you have Jared Leto in it, horrible as it can get… The costumes were boring copies, the story was so basic like most things you get in sci-fi today and the worst part is, I didn't feel a thing. While the original Blade Runner made me feel so many things, from hope to despair, the new part, just nothing, just a clean, dry desert instead of a blurry rainy city. And when you see what they did to make the original Blade Runner come to life, the models they build and everything, sure, Scott is an annoying pedantic prick, but his final cut of Blade Runner is just a piece of art, especially if you've read the novel and know how different the movie is from the original idea.

No. 1939779

I liked Ryan Gosling in the movie, but Jared Leto was such an unwelcomed addition. Blade Runner is such an incredible movie and while I dont think 2049 was a massive bust, it really did lack the heart, soul and vision of the original.

No. 1939780

the main goal for producers now is not to create a cohesive, engaging storyline and spend time finding an actress/actor who really embodies the energy of the character they created; but to instead cram as many possible 'big name' employees into the 'film' as possible to attract people to come see it. I don't think anyone cast in the recent Dune series belongs in it, none of them are particularly attractive or outstanding actors (which whats even the point of rebooting it if you're only making it look worse?), they're all very average. Really I feel like movies aren't even necessary anymore. Not a single entertaining movie or tv show has been aired in the last decade, and it's only getting worse. every single thing thats released now is a halfassed reboot.

No. 1939781

i always hated how venus pronounces her name as "weenus"

No. 1939783

There was a hair on my screen as I read you post. You can't keep getting away with this nona

No. 1939805

Timmy chalamet really isn’t that great of an actor either. I saw a video comparing him using “the voice” with Kyle maclachlan in dune 1984 and timothee just sounded like a whiny teenage boy, not threatening or imposing at all

No. 1939807

I just realized I referred to it as a remake and not a sequel oops, but tbh it did fail try and fail to remake a lot of aspects

No. 1939815

But that's her name

No. 1939881

her names venus not weenus. a weenus is part of your elbow dummy

No. 1939884

I think in her weird Germanic language they say "v" as "w," it's something to do with their European tongues apparently they have half the width of Americans and that's why they eat less over there?

No. 1939887

I'm coming to hate the word "fair". It's such an annoying non-response word. I have two friends who just constantly use it, even when it isn't warranted or makes sense in context, and to me it's just code for "I disagree with you but whatever". Second to oof in my opinion
>Me: [thing] is good, I like [thing]
>Friend: Fair
Like just say nothing at all or okay I don't know. I don't even care if someone disagrees with me but I'd rather they tell me why than just brush it off like that.

No. 1939899

I hate that stuff to. What I do is when they say "Fair" or "oof" or some stupid shit like that, I play dumb and feign ignorance and ask them something like "What do you mean?" but in a really nice tone. Usually they explain it better or something and I end up saying "Oh, never heard it used that way before! Weird" with slight judgement in the tone but still sweet. It works best on people you see often like co-workers or friends of friends, people that you have to train like dogs to improve your experience in this short life.

No. 1939917

i hate how it immediately kills the conversation. like you say a thing and all they say is "fair" like tf am i supposed to say to that?

No. 1939928

I don't even say fair, but if I said "fair" to someone and they said they've never heard it used like that before, I would think they don't talk to anyone very often kek.

No. 1939931

>they say "v" as "w,"
It’s the other way around, German doesn’t even have a ‘w’ sound.

No. 1940039

Thanks Nona, I forgor you can do that with thread pics

No. 1940628

I seriously hate these stickers that people make for whatsapp that are like silly faces of children or kids in swimsuits doing goofy shit, I just hate how people are so capable of publishing their children online, the stickers honestly reek of this need to turn them into memes. I also hate when people publish their kids at places they visit and such, it's just not safe at all, plus I'm so paranoid about AI shit that I don't understand how no one notices how you're basically giving away the face of your kid to some fuckers that should be killed on sight.
Idk, the internet isn't for me, I wish everything could just be anonymous.

No. 1940631

i hate whenever people tell me i look like Mia Khalifa, its either a complement on my looks or a fancy way of calling me a massive whore.

No. 1940641

Gross, why is anyone referencing porn at all? Irl? It's insane. I miss when porn wasn't considered a normie conversation topic and at least everyone hid well the fact that they consoomed it.

No. 1940710

I feel your pain, same thing happened to me. So know you're not alone I guess.

No. 1940721

They used to say this to me in high school I think every brown girl with big glasses knows the pain all too well

No. 1940773

File: 1711558383053.png (2.86 MB, 1170x1350, yeuchh.png)

Gluttons, and how everyone loves to suck their dick and stroke their hair and pretend like what they do is acceptable. No, you’re not beautiful after eating yourself up to 500 pounds. You have mental and physical illness, and you need to be held accountable for your actions. We need to go back to sending fatties to fat camp instead of just slapping a bandaid on their insecurities by taking them for more food.

No. 1940918

The actress was later cast to play Asami in Legend of Korra.
Their outfits belong in the stage play episode of Avatar.

No. 1941134

>We need to go back to sending fatties to fat camp
I don't think you know what fat camp is kek… it's not like a place where we hold hambeasts in internment it's like a summer camp for fat kids so they learn about nutrition and healthy habits

No. 1941238

I hate how retarded some people are with their thrift store donations. For some reason the concept of LIGHTLY used is completely lost on some people. Why tf are some people donating entire boxes of completely used up and dry markers/pens and blankets with literal shit and blood stains? Are they just too retarded and guilty to throw things away so they just want thrift stores to do it for them? Pisses me off so bad.

No. 1941253

then i guess its time to revamp fat camp so that they're forced to fast 22 hours a day and go on 5 mile hikes daily. Yes this is physically possible, especially if you have over 500 extra pounds of weight.

No. 1941254

These people are probably the type to not shop in thrift stores or the type to think thrift stores will donate that poopy garbage to a homeless shelter or something and definitely not throw the entire bag full of disgusting used walmart brand shirts and pants into the trash. I used to work at Goodwill and people would donate dirty diapers and dingy underwear.

No. 1941258

That's disgusting. Did the workers wear gloves/masks when handling unsorted donations? I'd fucking quit honestly.

No. 1941259

Not a bad idea, it would never happen of course but some of these people need to be literally forced into losing weight and exercising because they can’t do it on their own. It would also help for them to become more knowledgeable about calories and nutrition because as a former fatty myself I didn’t know anything about it as a kid and that’s how I got to be fat in the first place.

No. 1941267

Lol I told a friend that thrift stores do throw things away and for some reason it broke her brain. She thought that thrift stores just make-do with anything that gets donated because why would a hobo care if a shirt if completely worn to shit as long as it's cheap. Why tf are people like this it's bizarre.

No. 1941279

>5 mile hike while doing a 22 hour fast
Anons will probably just call me fat, but that sounds unhealthy.

I hate how there's so much bad diet and exercise advice on the internet. It just leads people to replacing their unhealthy habits with other unhealthy habits, especially when the advice is telling people to not eat or drink at all for prolonged periods of time.

No. 1941284

Some people think thrift stores are garbage centers half the time. I've worked in one for 4 years and I have some stories about the literal garbage people thought it was okay to donate.

No. 1941288

NTA, but I wore gloves when handling donations. It wasnt required, but I did it anyway because some people are vile.

No. 1941340

that just sounds like a way to make people hate diet and exercise tbh. Also this would be awful for someone who has weight gain due to health issues like PCOS or something. ofc that's what happens when you create a society centered around blaming people over finding answers

No. 1941384

File: 1711592458716.jpeg (598.45 KB, 1170x2266, IMG_1114.jpeg)

This is hyper specific but there’s this woman whose son was killed on spring break and she posted a memorial post for him this year that tried to make light of him taking pictures of random women/girls on the beach and objectifying them. The moid was only like 12 or 13 when he was doing this rancid behavior and yet this woman is so tormented with grief that this is somehow worth sharing? I almost had the urge to comment how obscene to make light of her son taking pictures of women without his permission. I don’t care if he was killed, that’s not okay. But boys will be boys right? And also note she said they could hardly get any photos off his phone bc it was locked, which basically outs him as a porn addict.

No. 1941390

The fact that she's so nonchalant about her son taking photos of random women and objectifying them is wild. If he would have grown up, he probably would have assaulted from random woman in college. fuck em. It's probably good he died

No. 1941392

A 12/13 year old shouldnt have a locked phone to begin with. This is the epitome of a boymom who tee hees at her precious son doing disgusting and vile things with photos of random women living their lives outside.

No. 1941443

File: 1711595689078.jpg (323.22 KB, 1426x2048, 1000003584.jpg)

"I'm the only one on this train with [purposely tattered looking crumbling cathedral tattoos delineating on my torso and up my breasts]"

No. 1941451

This will not age well

No. 1941453

So glad Instagram wasn't a thing when I was 15 and eating disordered. I'd have one of these retarded tattoos to spice up my ribcage pics.

No. 1941454

Genuinely awful. I know somebody who has a retarded adult son. He's a whole Lenny, and one grandmother occasionally spoils him by paying and enlisting other men in the family to take him to strip clubs. Nobody else in the family likes it or wants it, but she's completely oblivious because it's "natural" for him. He also gets himself in trouble by talking dirty at random women in public. I'm horrified for everyone who has to interact with him.

No. 1941496

Like that other anon said good thing that little shit died. The kids are awful, we talk about the Sephora girls already obsessed with not aging brainwashed into slathering anti aging cream on their faces, but what about little 9 year olds with phones saying “is it bubblegum pink” and my friend got her ass smacked by a little boy the other day randomly at the beach these little boys are the worst it’s so bad perhaps we need a cleansing

No. 1941587

when scrotes give their two cents on the reviews of shojo/josei mangas. This wasn't made for you retard gtfo and stop skewing the rates

No. 1941612

Anons that try and police other anon's grammar even when they have shit grammar themselves

No. 1941621

You're such a pussy(infighhting)

No. 1941627

I've seen so many shonentards lately comparing their favorite series to popular shojo and josei manga in ways that made no sense at all, I can only agree with you. If a man was just saying "Fruits Basket isn't my cup of tea so I haven't read the whole manga" I'd be like sure, at least you tried to read something different for once and there's no point in forcing yourself to reading something you dislike, but nowadays it's mostly "shojo manga suck and don't sell because they're not hype, unlike Wan Piss!!1!" with pages of Luffy standing there menacingly with bruises and blood all over his face and all the characters gasping in shock that he's still standing, and all the replies would be like "thats my goat!!!! muh hype!!!!"

No. 1941628

Every single male review of Utena."Wow it's just totally random and absurdist, and nobody could figure out what any of this symbolism means!" And then some girls and women repeat it.

No. 1941637

>wan piss
Kek I like that. On another note, I can never get into shoujo because it isn't action focused feminine stories anymore and the majority is romance stories, and I hate romance. It's unfortunate since I like the art styles and aesthetics. I enjoy magical girl stuff and music focused stuff but even these can have annoying romance that ruin everything, like "the anonymous noise" and the worst romance I've ever seen. team momo though, at least he's normal about Nino. Yuzu is a creep.

No. 1941719

Some series that are published in shonen magazines would have been published in shojo magazines if they were from the 90s or early 2000s. It's obvious that stuff like Black Butler is for girls and women, yet it's a shonen manga published in the same magazine as FMA. It's just marketing but it's pretty weird. X1999 is a shojo manga but if it were a recent series it would have been labelled as a shonen manga for sure. We have shit like JJK with nearly the same premise and action scenes in the shonen jump after all, the only real difference is that CLAMP actually cares for the female characters they created while Gege wants to have sex with Sukuna and Geto so much he puts his female characters in the background all the time.

No. 1941726

Male One Piece fans are genuinely low IQ.

No. 1941733

File: 1711630592790.png (26.85 KB, 997x102, amsospecial.png)

I fucking hate comments like these when people start telling their life story under youtube videos.
"I am very special and you neurotypical can feel good about yourself for helping someone as different and unique as me"
just comment "good video" and fk off

No. 1941734

The type I usually see are comments more like "my friend/parent/sibling/neighbor loves that song/movie/video game but died from cancer a month ago. Listen to this reminds me of them." like ok?

No. 1941748

Most male Shonen fans are absolutely insufferable, especially One Piece and DBZ fans.

No. 1941750

I always assume that the people commenting without mentioning someone else (as in putting their username) are just friendless people that are desperate for some human interaction even online. It's just sad.

No. 1941772

On the site I use there is a woman and male gender symbol you can pick from, and whenever I see that stupid blue tilted one I know the reviews are going to be braindead. I click on their profile and they are calling shonen the "purest diamond of quality" and then giving their two shojo reads 0 stars and calling it a brainless story.

No. 1941780

>the only real difference is that CLAMP actually cares for the female characters they created
Do they though? Do they? Not when they're okay with child grooming in CCS. I can't take Clamp seriously like I used to after growing up and seeing how fucked up they are with children

No. 1941784

I miss when the personal struggle sharing on YT was mostly kept to being under heavier video topics. Now it pops up under vids where it doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

Click on something lighthearted cos you fancy something cheerful.. comment section is full of people who also needed something cheery but they're offloading exactly why they need cheering up..

No. 1941787

NTA but CLAMP ~soulmate pairings uwu~ mess is so embarrassing with adult men going for little girls, teachers with their school students, siblings, etc. I've wanted to revisit some of their stuff as an adult, but I know I won't be able to take it seriously

No. 1941790

File: 1711637185039.jpg (17.86 KB, 250x250, 1000005576.jpg)

The only soul mates that matter is Sakura and Tomoyo.

No. 1941793

This is what I hate about MAL. It's annoying that whenever I'm looking at reviews and retarded moids are hung up on the fact that it's a shoujo/josei. When they like the manga it's "hurr durr this is good for a shoujo/not like other shoujo/how is this a shoujo" and when they don't like it they blame it on the fact that it's a shoujo, which is fucking annoying because shoujo isn't a monolith nor is it a genre. That said this mindset isn't exclusive to men since a lot of women regurgitate the same shit including anons here
Have you read Yona of the Dawn or Prince Freya? Those are both ongoing action focused shoujos (that are really good!) but they also have romance subplots. Romance is definitely not the focus in either of them but I don't know if that's still a turn off for you. In a similar vein I'd also recommend QQ Sweeper/Queen's Quality, which is an action/supernatural manga, though like the other two it also has a romance subplot.

No. 1941794

I was talking about X1999 very specifically, don't you know how to read? I compared two very specific series to explain how marketing works and you're comparing both of them with a magical girl manga for 6 years old kids.

No. 1941803

Been visiting my parents for the week and the 24/7 stream of cable news is suicide inducing. How the fuck can they stand listening to this worthless punditry every day? It terrifies me that there are tens of millions of adults in the US who spend their time listening to this nonsense when they could just do a five minute browse of a more reputable website on the morning and be good. It's like they need to be told what to think.

No. 1941813

File: 1711639572217.jpg (2.03 MB, 5464x5464, Here's the Truth About Fine Li…)

Maybe just me but while I am theoretically ok with tattoos I hate the thin line "minimalist" ones you see a lot of now. These don't look like art, they look like you missed while wiping your ass.

No. 1941816

I like them but they age terribly

No. 1941831

Theyre cute

No. 1941868

They're quick to do, you can still charge people out the ass for them anyway because they're a trend atm. And if you only share pics of your work 'fresh' you can pretend like they don't age like hell. People don't know any better.

No. 1942032

The word hubby.

No. 1942496

Ugly threadpics. It must be said

No. 1943541

When people equate "enjoying their youth" with "having tons of hookups and partying every week", and if you don't partake in this they go "omg but you're wasting your youth!".

No. 1943548

This is gonna sound awful but I would have preferred if they actually used non-Asian actors in this one tbh

No. 1943644

File: 1711816929727.jpg (481.94 KB, 761x1263, 1000016874.jpg)

I am fucking SICK of moid caping "feminists" who think that non-white men are incapable of misogyny and sex based violence or should be exempt from punishment because… they aren't white?? What kind of backward ass logic do they operate on, for fuck's sake, your precious moc do not need your virtue signalling activism, they all sound like "b-b-b-b-but muh violence against moc bad" in the face of women's struggles.

No. 1943656

That's a really good movie idea.

No. 1943719

File: 1711821129150.png (371.65 KB, 662x803, Screenshot 3-29-30.png)

The recent responses to the guy assaulting women by libfems and shitlibs has almost made me give up. It reminds me of the Rochdale case where liberal would rather the police and public ignore the grooming and rape rather than make 'POCs look bad'. This coddling of men of color is one of the reasons I can't get into Angela Davis because she would literally tie all the bs black men do, to either white supremacy or capitalism and frame them as victims.

No. 1943725

>Inb4 "ohh you are lucky to have a shower I have to wash in the rain and muddy puddles"

Lmaoooo nona I’m laughing so hard at this

No. 1943741

Yeah, well the liberal blue side basically doing a catch and release program, or not catching these pieces of shit men at all isnt helping. I've had friends say they felt racist for hating black men for this reason. "Why are they allowed to do whatever they want because they are black? i dont get it. I hate that I feel this way now"
Harming a woman is harming a woman. The real victims here are women. None of this violence is acceptable by men

No. 1943742

I'm sorry, but I grew up in Harlem nyc. Poverty doesnt excuse excess violence, especially to other women. And are we not tired of men blaming mental health for this bullshit? Please. Lock em up already

No. 1943743

More women should direct movies like this, take the money away from stupid moids

No. 1943744

I would watch this.
>the mc has to be a black woman or else
Why do they -always- make it about race?

No. 1943747

I hate when people say "the coming [x] crisis" when talking about a societal issue. Such an authoritative tone for speculation that turns out to be bullshit majority of the time.

No. 1943772

File: 1711825069841.jpeg (367.17 KB, 1170x1781, IMG_9950.jpeg)

I hate these terrifier movies and the popularity it gets. It’s just another torture porn movie for moids to cream their pants while watching a woman die in the most gruesome way imaginable while all the other men in the movies get a quick death, how innovative.

No. 1943811

Yeah. I don't trust a single moid who likes these movies. I watched reviews on the first 2 and it's literally just 'how violently can we kill a woman for shock value?' This is not horror, just torture porn for men.

No. 1943869

>what’s this aesthetic called??
>where are these -generic item- from??
>what core is this?

Oh my god shut up. You don’t need to label every single fucking thing. Also it’s not hard to look up items yourself.

No. 1943884

Zoomers are the most brain dead generation yet. They want to copy every generation before them, while doing zero research or actually getting into a hobby/fandom because it's 'too much work,' for them.

No. 1943890

When you insult moids, especially their physique, and some retarded anon jumps to defend the moids honor. It's even more embarassing when the moid isn't even real.(infighting bait)

No. 1943896

The main actor from those movies literally spends all of his time on instagram threads arguing with trump supporters

No. 1943899

Right on, nona. Fucking hate that shit. They will see someone wearing the most mundane outfit, doing the most mundane thing, and be like "what iS this aeSthetic?!?" It drives me insane. Absolute fucking retards. Not everything is a fucking aesthetic or -core. They make me sick. Fucking losers.

No. 1943902

So true. You can't call moids fat or bald, even though they have to eat an excessive amount to even get fat. Women naturally hold fat because of our biology, but men have zero excuse.

No. 1943903

Weird af, especially considering the movies involve extreme violence against women. I love how moids wanna try to be politically correct but have no issues hurting women on tv.

No. 1943910

If you shit on things so much, women aren't able to even bring up things they like, you are equal to the scrotiest moid.

No. 1943911

just ignore them nona

No. 1943921

File: 1711836402188.png (818.94 KB, 795x1604, jesus christ .png)

i hate so much contemporary poetry. what even is this? how did this get published?

No. 1943923

File: 1711836585599.png (3.73 MB, 1170x2132, uncanny faggy.png)

this troon popped up on my phone and wow i really cannot overstate how much i hate this horrifically ugly look. and she truly thinks shes passing…

No. 1943940

Transmen are truly horrifying. I know transwomen are the violent ones who are actually fucking shit up with real women, but I cannot fathom these disgusting women who hate themselves so much they want to do shit like 'dudes with a vagina' and 'men get their periods too' while looking like that. Gives me the shivers

No. 1943956

I hate people who think mentioning the devil or referencing things like that is cool, when in reality it's so overused and boringly predictable.

No. 1943965

thats so cringey. same with the "black like my soul" shit

No. 1943966

I hate crab bucket mentality and tall poppy syndrome too.

No. 1943968

is this a riddle cause if not it should be

No. 1943974

Kek sorry I thought it was common terms
>Crab bucket mentality
Basically "if I can't have it, you can't either." It comes from the phenomenon of how when you're catching crabs, you can put them all in a bucket where any of the crabs can climb out at any time, but as soon as one tries to escape the bucket the rest will pull him back down in.
>Tall poppy syndrome
Super common in former realms of the British Empire. Basically, if one poppy grows above the rest, it's considered an eye-sore so they'll cut it down. It basically means that if you're successful or do better than your peers, they'll try to bring you back down to their level and discredit your accomplishments. They want everyone to be on the same level, so going above and beyond is considered disrespectful.

No. 1943984

I feel you. People want others to be as mediocre as possible. The moment you want to try something good for both yourself and others, they dismiss you and only care and treat you like a close friend once you go back to their ways.

No. 1944373

File: 1711852709607.jpg (8.43 KB, 247x250, 1000005884.jpg)

I hate when people post about characters but don't post any official art or fanart of the characters. It's an imageboard! I know everyone else in the thread understands who that is in the context of whatever media but I don't and want to know more!

No. 1944375

They will post Fat Laios and get everyone mad

No. 1944398

Ngl sometimes I don't mention names because while I want to talk about something with other fans, I'm too worried about nonnas starting shit.

No. 1944400

I don't do it because I'm scared of looking like an avatarfag, a spammer and/or annoying someone.

No. 1944402

I do this in the husbando thread only because I'm recognizable when I post him and I don't want to come off as an avatarfag (although I guess avatarfagging is the nature of the thread?). But hell, I've been recognized even outside of that thread without saying my husbandos name..

No. 1944445

I’m so fucking angry over the conjoined twins AI porn “leak”. Why is creating AI revenge porn not a crime? Why is this allowed? I hope the ladies file a lawsuit against Twitter or Elon or some shit because they did not deserve for this to happen to them.

No. 1944447

Ayrt and I see what you mean. I read "marginal" a long time ago and was impressed by how a yaoi/shoujo had so much lore in it and really enjoyed it. I'm craving stuff like that so I go for older shoujo mostly, but gotta say sailor moon was a disappointment. And while not really shoujo, I enjoyed "Reimi, nobody's girl" and "princess Sara" and "Emily of new moon". That kind of stuff really appeal to me with the focus on friendship and family/found family and the tragic storylines and hardships the main character goes through, and ofcourse the drama. And the best part minimal to no romance. The anime adaptation of "le miserables" or whatever it's called in French was also decent but I need to rewatch it ro refresh my memory.
I did hear of Yuna, it's on my list to watch at some point, but didn't hear of the other one, seems interesting, thanks for the suggestion!

No. 1944451

One thing I've noticed for a while is that a lot of them can't seem to make any kind of quality judgement on anything old, it just being old makes them amazed. Things can be old, even in perfect condition, and just be ugly worthless shit. It seems like they either end up this way, or like Brave New World consoomer drones who get offended if everything isn't brand new dark gray Ikea stock.

No. 1944455

File: 1711865330661.jpg (66.57 KB, 516x723, 263192867_318859220089646_6681…)

I hate those creepy uncanny ai image videos that show up on tiktok complete with ai voices telling bizarre fake stories.
They're so unnerving

No. 1944456

AI needs to have stringent regulations and laws surrounding what you can use it for

No. 1944550

I also hate the tik toks and shorts of a video where (90% of the time some moid with a weasley voice) narrates and explains exactly what's going on. Like some "this guy found a cat and you won't beleive what happens next, the cat come up to him! And he pet it!" shit

No. 1944846

I hate young zoomies that call things "chat", you are not a streamer, you are addressing an imaginary audience

No. 1944852

It's scary to me how most younger zoomers cant live without being online. I ran into some youtuber online who had been streaming since 2018 and he literally speaks like he's always addressing a chat or stream. tf is wrong with them. How are they gonna function irl?

No. 1945044

File: 1711911156276.jpg (157.28 KB, 1227x905, IMG_6718~2.JPG)

There's a special place in hell for people who try to make small talk with you when you're wearing headphones. Fuck off! I'm trying to listen to my music, not your stupid voice. I have multiple coworkers who do this shit. I'll be in the break room with headphones on, watching something while I eat my lunch when some headass from a different department walks up to me and comments on what I'm eating or asks what I'm watching. None of your business! I don't know you and I don't care what you think.

No. 1945081

my coworkers keep showing me AI-generated tiktoks but they don't realize they're AI and honestly I've stopped pointing it out because they don't care. I hate how dreamlike and uncanny AI looks, it freaks me out. it will be shit like a whale swimming in a lake or fantasy architecture and they just fucking believe it

No. 1945129

People who take selfies. I just lose respect for people with curated instagram feeds with 20+ ~*aesthetic*~ pictures of themselves, do you do nothing but eyefuck yourself all day?

No. 1945140

Same, but it's my boss and it's videos of real political people saying outrageous things… it's quite obviously a "parody" (such as Greta Thunberg saying she thingks wars should use vegan granades) but he still falls for it even when the rest of us say it seems fake.

No. 1945200

it won't be taken seriously until moids start falling victim to having their images used in gay AI porn. that's when the push for legislation will begin.

No. 1945265

File: 1711918344448.jpeg (467.59 KB, 828x807, IMG_0126.jpeg)

Fuck off honestly. Trannies are what are fucking up the fashion in general. As if the fetishists weren’t already enough.

No. 1945270

>I will not be tolerant of the transphobia!
What are they even referring towards? Most Lolitas are way too patient with trannies, sissies and general scrote fetishists to begin.

No. 1945279

Yeah lolita has become infested with trannies, it's pretty sad

No. 1945282

I hate gender dysphoria, but no amount of gc talk did anything other than make it worse.

Unrelated but I also hate how restaurants put parmesan into pasta that doesn't need it.

No. 1945481

What do you mean? Do you hate gender dysphoria because you personally experience it, or do you hate it as a concept?

No. 1945503

Sadly, I experience it.

No. 1945746

I don't know how new you are to GC, but usually dysphoria is caused by something. In females, there are many contributing factors. First, a person might have a weak sense of "self," a feeling common particularly among autists, people with unresolved trauma, or BPD. Then you have narrow expectations of what women should be, which vary between cultures; a woman might feel like she's better off being a man because she doesn't meet these (usually unreasonable) standards. I can't speak for you personally, but that might be where some of body dysmorphia you're feeling comes from. Finally, there's a sense of social alienation and a desire to "belong" to a community, which is a natural desire everyone has on some level.

Thinking about these things won't make you automatically adore your body, but it may help you understand what you're feeling. Above all, transitioning is a fool's errand; there female aspects of your body and person that are immutable. It's better to gradually come to terms with your innate self than it is to waste time, money, and headspace on what is ultimately a futile endeavor.

No. 1945921

File: 1711982769077.jpg (101.57 KB, 1067x1690, average-generic-male.jpg)

>proven to be genetically designed for violence
>unpredictable behaviors due to easily aroused aggression
>known to be especially dangerous to women, the elderly, and children
>hating them for being dangerous is not allowed even though it's widely accepted as fact that they are
>apologist campaigns to explain away behavior
>huge fanclub of delusional pickmes that display Stockholm syndrome
>generally hideous and incapable of training as a group yet skilled as cute
>shilled as good for protection but is actually more likely to kill you and your kids than an attacker
>laws controlling them often not enforced
Pic unrelated, was talking about pitbulls

No. 1945934

I feel like 'emotional incest' is just one of the million forms of Mom-shaming used to punish women for showing affection to their sons.

I have never heard a man accused of 'emotional incest' for being close with his daughter.

Also, it's only ever other women complaining speculatively about the phenomenon. I've never heard a male complain about being spoiled/doted on or whatever.

No. 1945944

That's not even what that term means though. It's not just doting, it's using your own child to meet the emotional needs a partner would usually fulfill for you. Expecting a child to emotionally support you like an adult would and (usually) telling them inappropriate things while doing so is vile

No. 1945950

Ah…I thought it was about men

No. 1945960

It's retarded to trap women in a society where the only form of unconditional love they can expect (and the only value they're taught to embrace) is from their children and then to turn around and call them incestuous for putting their child at the center of their emotional fulfillment. Like yeah its not healthy, but that's patriarchy. I feel like people expect mothers to act like this and then when they do they shit on them for it. We intentionally act like kids should be enough for a woman's whole emotional world. If a mother can't get love from her shit husband and is isolated with little time or energy for friends then of course she's going to get most of her emotional fulfillment from her bond with her child. We as a society basically ask mothers to only be moms and then call them sick when they act like it. I'm childfree but I have compassion for women in this situation, they aren't meaning any harm and are just trying to get some fulfillment out of their sad mom life

No. 1945965

No. 1945969

It's about both, that's the joke

No. 1945979

my family and i usually pick a tv show to watch together at weekends and right now we picked up parks and rec after watching the entirety of the office for the last 2 months, after a painful season 1 we just got to season 2 and we are finally getting into it, now my family is saying im turning into April (Aubrey Plaza character) and i hate it because my family didn't realize i have been acting like this since i was 14, i was April from Parks and Rec before knowing about parks and rec, lmao.

No. 1945997

I fucking hate them so much it’s unreal. Don’t forget the psyop that makes women think they’re cute despite being hideous.
I would gladly unload on one if it approached me without a handler on the street.

No. 1946013

I agree with this. It's really 'damned if you do, damned if you don't.' I have a friend who has two sons and she is really doing her hardest to show them what sexism is and how to believe like human beings. It's another way to shit on women, the same way the term 'karen' exists for women now (just another way to say bitch) but no equivalent exists for men. it's always about shitting on women. I'm tired of it all.
all this, despite the insane amount of step dad /daughter porn that exists and men search for this

No. 1946015

That's why I'm investing in bear mace. Notice how men and a certain type of women love these beasts too

No. 1946047

File: 1711988658143.jpg (105.94 KB, 700x700, As-A-Child-This-Was-Not-Your-R…)

>They aren't meaning any harm
Sure, until the behavior crosses the line and you're stuck dealing with the emotional damage from having to behave like an adult from the time you start elementary school

No. 1946053

Yeah but I'm not talking about any of that. I'm talking about mothers who are affectionate and close with their sons being derided as 'incestuous' when the same is not applied to fathers.

No. 1946065

Fair enough. But the original poster said that emotional incest was just shaming doting moms and as a victim of it I wanted to clarify that there's a difference between the entire broad term and hyperspecific scenarios on social media that may or may not be exaggerated. Seeing it being brushed off like that just made my skin crawl I guess.

No. 1946099

when books or shows are described as "sooo cozy." it almost always means boring as fuck.

No. 1946124

Same with videogames. It's just kawaii slop with farming mechanics and I really believe only the most basic of people enjoy them

No. 1946180

yeah it always has to be the blandest shit imaginable and chances are it has some gendie shit sprinkled on top of it because it's sooo cozy and everyone is heckin' valid and no feelings are hurtied because being inoffensive is it's main selling point. thanks, i'm not going to play your kawiwi farming sim with a bunch of aiden and transbian love interests and i won't read your cozy fantasy quest book that is barely different from some gendie friend group's dnd campaign either.

No. 1946456

Are you talking about moids or pitbulls here kek?

No. 1946623

I've battled my way through some 'cozy' shows and all of them have the same weird forced wholesome vibe. I'll take boring and palatable over inclusive uwu any day. God, retards ruin everything.

No. 1946685

Cleaning kitchen appliances. It's sucks cause you can't just throw them in the sink and scrub the entire thing.

No. 1946705

File: 1712015805934.png (2.5 MB, 1170x1906, get fucking shot.png)


No. 1946710

File: 1712015954200.jpg (34.96 KB, 500x500, artworks-000401173581-j441x3-t…)

I hate when I see a post on here that's well written and normal in getting its point across in an infight but everyone is shitting on it in the replies because then it makes me feel like a schizo.

No. 1946712

Post your most recent example

No. 1946717

If you're talking about the post I'm thinking of, I agree but I'm choosing to stay out of that whole debate kek. Idk why they're taking it across so many threads.

No. 1946718

I will not.

No. 1946721

Why not?

No. 1946724

No. I make it a goal to never mention details of an infight outside of its occurrence, it impolite to do otherwise.

No. 1946730

Anytime somebody mentions Animal Crossing I just stop listening.

No. 1946732

No. 1946733

I will take a guess and say ugly man psyop discussion

No. 1946785

The anon who made that "well written and normal" post is acting schizo herself and saying things that are outright false, that's why she's getting shit on

No. 1946796

I’m straight up getting strapped when I move back to (midwest) USA where they are everywhere, mace won’t do shit.

No. 1946845

Not the post I was referring to, but good for you.

No. 1946851

I'm pretty sure it is. You didn't deny >>1946733 and it's the most recent post getting shit on the most.

No. 1946863

same, idk what the current infighting is right now but i've seen it before in the old unpopular opinions thread

No. 1946866

Again, not the post. I don't know what else to tell you.

No. 1946869

>I don't know what else to tell you.
Perhaps tell the post you're actually referring to?

No. 1946871

schizo autism on schizo autism violence over 2D men.

No. 1946872

No. 1946874


No. 1946876

No. 1946878

File: 1712026752513.gif (559.21 KB, 466x280, 765f.gif)

No. 1946880

greta thungberg makes me gag. worst autistic child ever. shes been 12 for like the last 10 years. and the
>h-h-h-h-h–hh-h-hHOW DARE YEW!!!
speech sometimes sticks in my head and makes me wanna bang it against the wall

No. 1946892

I saw this happen recently (I don't remember which thread) where an anon said that she liked having less body hair than men and a bunch of other anons flipped the fuck out about how she was a trad/pickme. That was bizarre.

No. 1946914

File: 1712030778460.jpeg (76.63 KB, 637x954, IMG_6894.jpeg)

genderbends that turn a male character into a scantily clad bimbo or femme fatale. pic related, i don’t care about jjk anymore, but gojo would not fucking wear something like that if he were a girl

No. 1946942

File: 1712033300528.png (758.88 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240402-004408.png)


No. 1946952

We need to start comitting more crimes against trannies. They need to be reminded that they are neither safe nor welcome in this world.(alogging)

No. 1946959

File: 1712034802894.png (1.16 MB, 878x1188, fucking yikes.png)

This level of delusion should receive immediate institutionalization.

No. 1946979

File: 1712037879172.gif (726.31 KB, 210x130, IMG_5002.gif)

nooooooo not 1927 metropolis. leave the classics alone i swear to fuck

No. 1947050

>huge fanclub of delusional pickmes that display Stockholm syndrome
Imagine when you find out about /g/ and the dozens of moid thirst, moid vent and moid apologia threads on this board kek.

>We all hate how cute moids are right my fellow misandrists?
Performative misandry.png

No. 1947055

Nona the post is about pitbulls like the dog not the rapper or anything

No. 1947056

File: 1712047516900.jpeg (38.52 KB, 750x421, IMG_4840.jpeg)

No. 1947061

Goddam this board is full of retards

No. 1947067

No. 1947198

File: 1712059203395.jpg (38.46 KB, 1280x720, new-pride-flag-01.jpg)

Wokies and this abomination of a flag they came up with. The standard rainbow already included everyone. Putting the brown and black lines on the flag is so fucking retarded. It gives me secondhand embarrassment. They're trynna be 'inclusive' but the flag was ALREADY INCLUSIVE. It's like they're saying "aw the poor wittle black and brown people need our help uwu they need us to stand up for them uwu let's include themq1". Ugly, retarded ass flag. Anyone who uses that flag is immediately branded as low IQ in my mind.
I hate how race and made up genders are everything a person is nowadays. Can we go back to the days when people were judged on their fucking PERSONALITY?
I want to drill common sense into these fuckers heads.
They'll label me boring for being a 'lame cis' when they all have copy-paste tiktok personalities.
And sometimes I wish I was white, because at least they have more of a chance to be seen for who they are on the inside. Meanwhile being not white means on one side you have a racist seething over your existence and on the other hand you have some libtard feeling all sorry for you as if you were it's little pet and thinking your only personality traits must be related to what colour your skin is. Man the world is fucked. All this tranny shit, race shit, what's next?

No. 1947205

Genuinely surprised they haven't adopted a new version with palestine colors added since that's a popular social justice cause right now. I saw a normal rainbow flag the other day and it was so refreshing. It almost felt nostalgic and gave me a positive feeling, but whenever I see this version I recoil from the hate and pure evil it stands for. The only good thing about the flag is if I see someone use it I know to avoid them and to warn other people about their views that children should be mutilated.

No. 1947214

File: 1712060494264.gif (7.49 MB, 600x338, unzipped.gif)

unrelated to your convo but I hate seeing images like your pic unexpectedly. just minding my own business online and some therapy infographic rudely unzips me with an insultingly ugly cartoon. Like damn, I know it shouldn't have been my responsibility but it was! What do you want me to do about it now!!?

No. 1947215

Kek, it probably exists somewhere. You never know with those motherfuckers. Always adding some new shit to the flag, new letters to the LGBTQIABCDXYZ++++, and new mental illnesses to their bio

No. 1947280

The rainbow flag feels so soothing to me now. I used to go to pride from 2006-2011 before this flag caught on. It was a different time. It makes me more upset to see ugly merch now with the brown/black and tranny colors. I wish the white man who designed this flag a lot of diarrhea. Makes no sense

No. 1947502

I hate low quality plastic that feels soft when you buy it but then gets really gunky. Found my umbrella that I haven’t needed in forever and the handle is all nasty now

No. 1947652

This is the worst podcast I've tried listening to and I hate Spazkid/Cory. I wanted to hear Sabtastic's stalker story because it was actually interesting but I had to skip through the entire episode because Cory is insufferable. I know he's a disgusting coomer and trannyfucker so that doesn't help but he's so loud and he keeps interrupting Sab to say the most retarded unfunny shit and go on stupid boring tangents, I genuinely can't listen to him more than a few seconds without grinding my teeth, I don't how anyone can tolerate him

No. 1947662

Jesus fucking Christ. That's it, this is proof some you don't even read but skim and then immediately reply in anger. Sometimes, I wish the Admin and Mods would make a sitewide cow themed reading comprehension test and then release the average score.

No. 1947726

I fucking hate cold weather, I want spring, I live in fucking southern Europe so why is it 5°C outside reeeeee

No. 1947797

Fucking trigger-happy CC mods. I broke the rules, sure, but a permament ban for racebaiting once? On my first ever offence??? It was obvious from my posting history I'm not a moid. I guess there's an overabundance of users there - one more, one less, who cares - let's just ban women from using the site so there's more room for soytards and trannies. Dead board, not even worth ban-evading for.

No. 1947804

Why racebait you fucking loser

No. 1947811

I'm Ukrainian and I saw someone praising russian language right after hearing explosions nearby. I was going through it ok

No. 1947935

I hate those stories that start with two strangers fucking and then developing a relationship afterwards, I hate it so much.
I don't care if the guy is a human but also a dragon, the unrealistic part of the narrative is that he cares about this random stranger after fucking her.

No. 1947953

I hate when people are mean on purpose. It's one thing to be retarded and offend someone accidentally but coming here just to get into hallway fights? Fuck off

No. 1947956

This pisses me off too especially when it's in the vent thread or you can tell the op is actually sad or emotional.

No. 1947996

Good, that site is being ruined enough as it is. The less race baiters shitting it up, the better.

No. 1948005

If you have a decent post history just submit an appeal and they will unban you they do this all the time there

No. 1948008

Showing what would realistically happen would make the story depressing tho, unless that's the point

No. 1948015

Average Lolcow.farm reading comprehension

No. 1948026

Austistic ESLs
I feel mean for saying it though.

No. 1948028

File: 1712094481676.jpg (80.77 KB, 500x500, lol.jpg)

>memes about older "evil" women taking advantage of younger men
>Comment section filled with moids commenting "I wanna be a victim"


No. 1948032

Isn't this more "alchoholic loser"?

No. 1948035

I'm sooo tired of fictional female characters being called trans and it being forced everywhere on fandom spaces especially, i don't give a fuck if it's just a "headcanon" bitch! Shut up! She is a biological woman and would not have a ballsack gapewound between her legs, trannies need to keep their delusions to themselves.

No. 1948046

I hate that fucking "this ain't texas" song so much, holy shit.

No. 1948050

Holy shit same. Feel like I'm talking to Shakira-not-understanding-the-Barbie-movie levels of retardation today.

No. 1948051


No. 1948185

Do you just start fuming whenever you hear Russian or what

No. 1948230

nta but i would like to see how you would deal in a situation like that.
I hope you're alright and that you can have good things that can distract you from the bad ones.

No. 1948288

Why come here to complain about getting banned for breaking a rule on another website? You’d get banned here for the same.

No. 1948307

File: 1712109183014.jpeg (268.94 KB, 750x1042, IMG_3184.jpeg)

eyes roll so hard they fall out my ass

No. 1948322

Shakira didn't understand the barbie movie?

No. 1948369

No. 1948381

I hate how ordinary everyday human struggles are now considered trauma or disorders that we need therapy and meds to overcome. Most of this shit is easy to work through with a minimal amount of critical reflection, self-discipline, and perseverance, not a three month group therapy course where we all come up with some imaginary trauma as an excuse for our personal failings.

No. 1948391

But nonnie, how else are they going to sell their $400 course on how to “heal your inner child” and fix your whole life (limited time introductory price before it goes up to $600)?

No. 1948398

Having a better work-life balance is honestly half of how you reduce procrastination.

No. 1948425

I think Cory is funny in small bursts when he has other people to contrast his autism. His Irish Famine comment and French Dip Rant are both hysterical imo. I have never been able to get through an ep of Sleepycast that he was in though, I cannot imagine willfully being friends with that man.

No. 1948504

have fun on your empty imageboard
no? I hear russian every time I go outside thanks to colonization. it's annoying when westoids fangirl over it because "muh great russian culture so foreign so mysterious" but I can hold back from sperging most of the time
>Why come here to complain
this is a things you hate thread. you're not wrong but a permaban was unreasonable
thank you nonny

saging for offtopic and kind of derailing

No. 1948522

>have fun on your empty imageboard
I’d rather it be completely dead than it being full of racebaiters.

No. 1948549

Ugly man psyop thread. It reeks with agressive autistic retards

No. 1948551

I don't really care about what they're discussing, I think it's good in fact. However, I am annoyed that this site of all places has a hugbox thread which just so happens to be that thread in particular.

No. 1948560

File: 1712140029528.jpg (135.42 KB, 854x677, 1710792659043.jpg)

No. 1948563

Can't say I hate it, but it has specific kinds of anons with specific tastes that makes me unable to take their argument and discussion seriously. They keep derailing from talking about Hollywood and celebrities and irl people to sperg about fictional characters who all look uncanny just in different ways.

No. 1948569

It literally just looks like a blob of random colours.

No. 1948591

I think women who have weird tastes in fictional characters are just run-of-the-mill autistic nerds and they shouldn't be lumped with women shilling ugly actors, like I don't think the TF2 husbandofags are pickmes and want to get a real moid.

No. 1948605

>nona reading dragon shifter smut
kek drop the title i want to know what this is

No. 1948613

i mean…that's pretty much every thread on here lately kek. nonnas have been increasingly hostile all across the board

No. 1948618

Yeah, I know from experience the ugly man celebrity shillers make fun of you if they find out you have an unconventional husbando

No. 1948632

I hate when muslim subhuman men go on every comment section on Instagram under a video where a woman is in it and writes that she should have a “head covering” on or be modest, they not only do it with women who look like they’re Middle Eastern just living their lives but women who live in the West where we don’t have to wear head coverings to avoid being rejected by our families. Just admit you have low impulse control and thought about raping her and making your rape fantasies her problem, god I can’t wait until muslim scrotes and their backwards traditions get their ass handed to them.

No. 1948679

Same, that shit infuriates me.

No. 1948710

It's -3°C here in northern Europe. I also hate this shit. And of course it's windy as well.

No. 1948720

i agree, we should all be glad what israel is doing for us.(bait)

No. 1948834

When you open a milk jug and there's some milk crust on the opening.

No. 1948994

>They keep derailing from talking about Hollywood and celebrities and irl people to sperg about fictional characters who all look uncanny just in different ways.
Nona the whole reason why that thread was created was because of a two-parter hours long infight over a manga character

No. 1949000

This is so specific and relatable. It makes me not want to drink the milk. Hate milk crust

No. 1949002

its not really made to make fun of weird husbandofags though, do none of you read the OP? its to make fun of retards shilling ugly men as attractive. TF2 has never been brought up once because they arent shilled as attractive, meanwhile Astarion is.

No. 1949189

I had no idea who Sydney Sweeney was until a few weeks ago when some anon started shitting up the Celebricow thread to sperg about her. Fuck whichever anon did that. I'm sick of hearing about her and I hope she drops dead so I never have to hear about her or see her stupid smug face again. I hate flavor-of-the-week pickme celebrities who debase themselves for scrote attention, and I hate the people who perpetuate the cycle by giving them attention.

No. 1949391

When not being able to make female friends is seen as a political position or some kind of moral failing.

No. 1949402

Unbelievably based(responding to bait)

No. 1949426

No it wasn't. It was a joke that subverted violent dogs for moids. You know it was; there's a picrel that's the punchline. Regardless it's mocking men but I'm glad the assertion of pickme handlers was proven right by their outrage kek.

To those curious this is evidence that this board IS full of pickme handmaidens. Muh reading comprehension is always a get of jail free card. Males aren't violent, males don't have a pickme fanclub of apologists we didn't take it to heart, we're not apart of it. It was all about shitty violent dogs I swear!

No. 1949430

lmao my sides, you got me anon

No. 1949501

Whoever reported this is a handmaiden kek.

No. 1949544

Anon they're not defending men, they're poking fun at you not reading the full post. People on this site are really autistic kek.

No. 1949547

>sweet child
>oh honey…

No. 1949549

Kek I hate it too but it's obviously bait just report it for infighting or bait

No. 1949644

People who can't ever get to the fucking point. Ask them a question and you have to keep shepherding the conversation back to the original topic or they'll never answer.

No. 1950013

File: 1712227567990.jpg (36.15 KB, 256x281, 121528.jpg)

Elves. They're either cringe or coombait.

No. 1950021

I always thought elves were very noble and ethereal and cool. Goddamn coomers had to ruin everything

No. 1950022

File: 1712228544857.jpg (252.86 KB, 1440x1080, sad hermie.jpg)

Great now you made Hermie sad. Hope you're happy with yourself. Poor elf just wants to be a dentist and you come in here and call him coom bait. Great job.

No. 1950024

I've never seen one I liked.
He just proves how shit elves are if they have to practice being elves, you don't see humans at human practice.
YWNBAD (you will never be a dentist)

No. 1950026

KEK this made me gigle like a retard

No. 1950028

File: 1712228884223.jpg (32.89 KB, 250x300, 156087.jpg)

I should mention that I also hate orcs, which are just fantasy ugly bastards that exist to rape elves.
I'm glad I was able to entertain with my elf hate tism.

No. 1950159

>Jesus fucking Christ. That's it, this is proof some you don't even read but skim and then immediately reply in anger. Sometimes, I wish the Admin and Mods would make a sitewide cow themed reading comprehension test and then release the average score.
They are defending men, stop gas lighting.

No. 1950909

Question marks at the end of a sentence for no reason?

No. 1951288

File: 1712292331678.jpg (195.94 KB, 1600x800, d7489afa-2a78-4fab-be98-be3e06…)

Im not even a hardcore JJK fan (just a casual watcher), but I kind of hate Gege as a writer. It's like every plot point, event and decision is just from him thinking "you know what would be funny?". I think how I feel about Gege must be how people feel about Isayama.

No. 1951293

Sanefag but the power system not making a lick of sense adds to my frustration too

No. 1951304

I was going to say tolkien elves, but I guess Aragorn got his waifu in the end… Sad…

No. 1951357

I'm sorry, I do this sometimes when I don't want to sound confrontational.

No. 1951359

Tolkien characters are fucking ugly AND cringe

No. 1951365

I started watching the anime after seeing a few spoilers here and there so I know what to expect and it makes the experience a lot better, I know I shouldn't take it too seriously and it's better that way. Speaking of Isayama I dropped AOT as soon as he said in an interview that he was going to change the ending he planned after seeing how attached to the characters everyone was when the first season aired. Then I saw people complaining about the ending and I was really glad I didn't care anymore at that point.

No. 1951370

File: 1712296024416.png (570.55 KB, 650x473, PorkFaggots.png)

Fucking hate how british people constantly feel the need to vaguepost or shit on Americans
You literally have a dish named faggot shut the fuck up biiiitch!

No. 1951386

>You literally have a dish named faggot
Is that meant to be a bad thing?

No. 1951387

Yes, why would you want to eat something called faggot?

No. 1951389

Nta but why would you want to eat faggots?

No. 1951391

File: 1712296654697.jpeg (249.48 KB, 918x1042, IMG_1698.jpeg)

No. 1951394

We also call cigarettes fags, I don’t get why this has you clutching your pearls so hard.

No. 1951398

bongs cant even banter, so tragic

No. 1951401

When gay men are so developmentally arrested that they think talking like Regina George and being snide and condescending and narrowing their eyes with the mannerisms of a high school girl when they're like 30 is somehow a cute bit. If you point out that it's retarded and they're embarassing themselves you're homophobic. Because mimicking the mannerisms of bitchy TV shows for young girls is apparently gay…? Delusion.

No. 1951404

File: 1712297817628.jpeg (165.12 KB, 800x392, 1688982179255.jpeg)

Twitter groypers. After Elon musk took over they've been everywhere.

No. 1951406

Based af. Add to that the annoying fake high voices they do and their horrible sense in fashion. And it's even worse when teenage girls and young women copy them. It's an endless feedback circle.

No. 1951408

File: 1712298252089.jpg (43.27 KB, 480x360, 95d04a94028f669f4a9e446528760f…)

It's so jarring seeing a man over 25 act like that. Like you do realize you aren't award winning actress Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls… you're a grown man… why are you enunciating like an actual child? You look crazy

No. 1951430

Wtf is a groypers

No. 1951435

poor anon is about to have her innocence ruined

No. 1951442

not a racebait but i just hate how american moids are so obsessed with race in general, makes them sound even more stupid, also i barely noticed it as much in american women unless they are just unhinged

No. 1951449

Whinging about the name of something is considered banter?

No. 1951458

you are what you eat nonners

No. 1951489

I guess that makes Americans twinks.

No. 1951495

No, it makes them trans and fat

No. 1951521

File: 1712308620547.jpeg (57 KB, 640x480, IMG_1701.jpeg)

This abomination.

No. 1951533

what the fuck is this kek it looks like chicken soup that was frozen and then sliced into like a loaf of bread

No. 1951555

is this aspic… i've never tried but i want to

No. 1951657

It’s jello salad.

No. 1951679

When men either try to act cutesy trying to market themselves as "I'll open the jars" or "I'll take care of the spiders"

No. 1951965

I advise frying it up in a pan, it's 1000 times better. When it's in cold state like this it taste like Inuit baby vomit.

No. 1952592

People who vent on kiwifarms.

No. 1952614

I hate those retarded warning signs that tanning salons but in all the tanning bed rooms. Like why are we spreading Big Doctor lies in the tanning salon? If UV light really caused cancer then we'd all be dead from sunlight because it's just UV light… People are so dumb I hate that even my tanning salon has to be afraid of Big Government and comply with retarded rules about fake bullshit. I don't want to see all these warnings and shit about skin cancer when I'm trying to get my glow on. It's not my fault I want to be beautiful and tanned like a goddess.

No. 1952618

Anon, UV light can cause cancer but only in concentrated high doses, something you would find in a tanning booth. The amount of UV light you'd get from going outside is actually healthy.

No. 1952620

That's just untrue and even if it were true I'd deny it until the day I die. You probably just work for the government or you're a doctor.

No. 1952773

Girl… you're not gonna make it

No. 1952781

You know damn well you don't have eumelanin to protect you, good luck frying.

No. 1952787

Obviously she doesn't.

No. 1952881

Yall r fucking weird..(newfag)

No. 1952884

>is on lolcow

No. 1952899

Great counter argument. Way to ruin the humor and look like a pathetic pickme all at the same time kek.(infight bait)

No. 1955086

File: 1712523389123.jpg (481.56 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20240407_164946_X.j…)

I hate men who get a woman pregnant and have the bright idea to just vanish, as if that will solve anything for them. Retards.

No. 1955089

What is this photo about? I don't speak moonrunes. Is it some guy who is getting blsated online for getting a girl pregnant?

No. 1955096

Middle pic is an anime af haircut

No. 1955097

Basically, OP is a Harajuku personality/designer who got pregnant by her gyaru-o model boyfriend. He ran away and is currently in hiding from her, so she is seeking out help to find him. Crazy. The dude is 35 years old too.

No. 1955102

So this is a missing baby daddy poster?

No. 1955129

Would kill myself if a hobo moid this ugly got me pregnant. He's such a pathetic dickhead.

No. 1955165

Japanese fuccbois have such a distinctively uniform, sexless and unattractive interchangeable look.

Every Asian dude I've met who looks like this is a creep. Every time. They're always the ones who come up and start nanpa'ing in broken English. Far moreso than your typical computer geek student or whatever.

No. 1955166

I don't understand how parents can reject parenthood so outright. Why would you fuck if you werent accepting of the possiblity that a child would come from this?

No. 1955171

I hate that whenever I make coffee at home, it's too sweet and simultaneously too coffee.

No. 1955179

This guy's face shape bothers me

No. 1955181

The rise of NLOF (Not Like Other Foreigner) moids on YouTube in recent with Japan's new views and bans on foreigners.

No. 1955185

That has been a thing in Japan for years and years. Don't be retarded. Plenty of female vloggers have also been doing it too for years ("I don't actually have any foreign friends, all my friends are Asian!" - yeah good luck with that lol)

No. 1955221

>That has been a thing in Japan for years and years. Don't be retarded.
Are you? I said "rise" Anon, as in an increase over the usual amount of NLOFs. I know it has been a thing for years. I've just noticed more "FORIEGNERS IN JAPAN NEED TO BE STOPPED (not me though, I'm one of the good ones hahahO)" type of videos from moids in my YouTube recommendations because of the whole Kyoto ban.

No. 1955400

A recent trend I’ve noticed on here is anons replying to someone that they disagree with on here with ‘You’re insane’ even when the other anon isn’t acting unhinged at all, it just seems so overdramatic.

No. 1955471

So much for "I take responsibility"…

No. 1955688

I hate that Carlo and Sarah couple. It was alright at first but then I saw two shorts where he was gross as hell, one where she was pulling away from a hug and he "playfully" pushed her head down to his crotch and another where he said he wanted to call her a bitch during sex. And he speaks in broken English and acts like a toddler so the comments just love him. Barf.

No. 1955714

japan banning foreigners is based

No. 1955721

Literally my haircut kek

No. 1955874

>salted almonds
>salted caramel
>doesn't taste salty at all

Fuck this, don't call it salty if it's not fucking salty

No. 1955890

My biggest pet peeve is when someone tries to talk to me while I'm on the phone. ESPECIALLY if they're asking questions about the cal, "Who is that? Is that x? What'd they say?", and especially if the call is something important but I can't fucking focus because they won't shut up. I always just hit them with a finger and a look. And have you guys ever had someone try to argue with you while you're on the phone? Ugh.

No. 1955899

Tight-knit communities.

No. 1956340

i really hate seeing lolcow screencaps on other sites. feels like betrayal. pathetic and most of the time unnecessary

No. 1956389

File: 1712617315311.jpg (45.03 KB, 735x652, 1000015400.jpg)

Douchey psychfags. At least STEMfags study actual sciences. Psychology is just a "social science", yet there's all these turtleneck-wearing assholes who think they're masters of understanding human nature because they read a bunch of half-baked, outdated theories by dead pedophiles who wanted to fuck their mother. A five year old listing facts about the sun knows more of what they're talking about than the average psychfag with anyone they "analyze". Yeah, sure, not all of them are like that. I'm sure there's some psychfags that are legitimately intelligent and really are like wizards at understanding people. But IME, psychology is a good magnet for the worst quality people, almost like they WANT a psychology major because they think it'll teach them to manipulate and fuck with people.

No. 1956393

i hate opening a thread and reading an oonion i kinda agree with while im lerking snd then see everyone fighting and calling op a scrote…like woops? KEK

No. 1956407

Most psychology majors end up regretting it.

No. 1956427

Character tax on merch—liking a popular character is suffering. I wanted to get some stuff to do another itabag for an upcoming con but holy fuck is the merch for my husbando overpriced. A single can badge from this one set goes for minimum $15. A strap from another set goes for $30 meanwhile all the other guys go for $10 or less. I know that the point of an itabag is to be expensive but damn this is pretty crazy. I'm used to cheap merch because I usually end up liking less popular guys kek

No. 1956442

whos your husbando?

No. 1956464

minimodding faggots that think lolcow is their personal discord server

No. 1956469

I hate whenever an anon posts about not liking something about their appearance and someone replies like "Nooo, I bet you're super cute and pretty! Don't be insecure! I love women with xyz!". It's just comes off as fake and a tad obnoxious because 1. This is Lolcow, 2. We're anonymous, and 3. This is lolcow.

No. 1956492

It's lolcow, and she's anonymous. She could have said some horrible shit but chose to say something kind. That's pretty genuine to me

No. 1956496

You're right. And it happens only when a big/hooked nose is mentioned, never with any other feature. Because it's learned behavior from online moralfags, not a real sincere compliment. It's also why they tend to bring up nose shapes that are considered ugly as something they like whenever they post a picture of someone they find "attractive". It's like a disclaimer, "I know this nose shape is ugly but I pretend it looks nice" so nobody would bring it up being the feature that ruins the person's face. Like, majority of the time if you notice someone's nose before anything else then it's probably too weird and ugly and stand out too much, ruining their facial harmony. If it actually looked good, it won't draw attention to itself.

No. 1956541

hate reading online recipes and women describing how much their husbands like or didn’t like it makes me wanna puke

No. 1956553

It's Atsumu Miya from Haikyuu. I actually have a bag I did last year for him but I wanted to do a bigger one using those cute zakkamart totes with the ruffles and bows on them but I may just have to scale back a bit. It takes like 40ish badges to fill one of those out (smaller bags about 24 or so) but finding that many of the same badge seems near impossible. It's not that he's from an unpopular series, it's just the merch aftermarket is more scarce than other popular franchises which combined with his popularity = $$$$. If I weren't in sort of a rush I'd just collect what I want slowly but I decided to go to this con on a whim and it's next month so I need to get everything together fairly quick kek

No. 1956565

The women that say they support the 4b movement and decentering men but then try to turn it into some boss babe level up pseudo sugar baby grift.

No. 1956810

File: 1712649204806.gif (197.79 KB, 498x474, 23604506-0047-43BF-B3DB-C15AC2…)

>check the replies to a random ass tweet
>sees some accounts who have (normal) feminine name, no tranny flag in display name, no coomerish retarded usernames
>checks their account
>it’s some flavour of subhuman trannoid, with a common tranny bio and common tranny tweets and likes (femboy “jokes”, porn, openly talking about fetishes, cat girl bullshit, obsessed with pink etc)
rule 29 and 30 of the internet are fucking real. I’m done. Is this a fucking psyops ?

No. 1956846

All the youtubers who talk about decentering moids are just FDS practitioners and never volcels, it's very disappointing.

No. 1957102

I hope those who never use punctuation marks have a terrible day.

No. 1957240

weebs. almost every weeb that i have met in real life has been either incredibly cringe, annoying or autistic.

No. 1957250

File: 1712681372386.jpeg (165.26 KB, 612x1200, IMG_1221.jpeg)

I hate picrel or every excessive neurotic “beauty” routine that has become extremely normalized among young women. We have to stop this shit, half of it doesn’t do anything anyways and you’re just wasting your money. Men can’t even wash their ass so why the fuck are women expected to own red light therapy beds and do medspa treatments at home?!
In fact the most infuriating part of seeing these routines is that you know the woman’s ugly ass moid uses 3-in-1 body wash and probably still jerks off to other women on the regular. Fuck this shit and this is more controversial, but fuck the women pushing these routines onto other insecure women/girls.

No. 1957261

File: 1712681947349.png (1.59 MB, 1440x810, 1000015559.png)

What if this is the reason why zoomers are aging faster than millenials and Gen x. Zoomers are obsessed with putting all these damn chemicals on their face. Then you have Gen Alpha brats huffing down some shit called Drunk Elephant? Yeah, the next generation is gonna end up ruined in the face and skin. I thought the Drunk Elephant shit was an online thing. Nope. Little relatives are staying for a while, and guess what they asked for? If we have any Drunk Elephant. The fuck?

No. 1957262

agree. unrelated but does the oil pulling even work? it was being pushed so hard on my fyp and it was so annoying but is there proof of it working or?

No. 1957269

I feel like this shit is for women who want to LARP at being some rich pilates princess influencer kek, who the hell has time for all this? This entire routine would take from the time I get home from work until the time I go to bed. Also why buy green powder when you can just east some vegetables, it's retarded.

No. 1957274

It softened some of the tartar I had so that I could remove it more easily. The oil simply attracts the bacteria in your mouth.

No. 1957277

It cannot be healthy to do all this shit to your face on a daily basis.

No. 1957289

That's crazy. Everything Drunk Elephant makes is like $50 per ounce too, a moisturizer or serum is not worth that. Maybe you can reverse-psyop them and convince them the cool kids use shea butter or something.

No. 1957298

File: 1712683826605.jpg (6.88 KB, 168x300, 1000017871.jpg)

>mouth tape
Lmao OK, I guess it makes sense doing this as a toddler before puberty so it helps a bit with the mouth breather face, so I kind of hope this list was made by a 9 years old child kek, but I really doubt you can get these results from putting tape on your mouth to go to sleep and not getting plastic surgery.
Maybe instead of doing the most retarded shit online, people should just workout, eat a salad and look in the mirror until they find something they like of their faces.

No. 1957314

Thank you for reminding me how I despise anons who post tiny ass pics for ants because they don't know what a thumbnail and a full size image mean

No. 1957327

Stopped reading right there, skincare addicts just have room temperature IQ.

No. 1957345

File: 1712686484021.webm (4.19 MB, 576x1024, hell.webm)

Ever since a nonnie posted this here, I hear this song every time I see these bullshit beauty neuroses. For fuck's sake, "LawLesS ForGeT tHe FillEr" GET AN ACTUAL PERSONALITY. Learn a skill! Everyone will get old and ugly, so cultivate shit that actually sticks and matters!

No. 1957381

What is this song pls

No. 1957390

you’ve been trolled by the social media algorithm because absolutely no little girl or grown woman who clocks in and out of a real job, which is most women who aren’t pampered pieces of shit influencers, does any of what was listed. it’s just another psyop to get women to rage and get upset about a fake problem. if it’s such a problem then this is really accountable on women because we don’t play the same game that we do, we need to make more propaganda about it being okay to be hairy, be anti-skincare unless it’s necessary for your health, we need to encourage the opposite and make it seem Kay without it being blatant

No. 1957410

Nah there's definitely normies irl who are discussing these things and judging people. Not the whole list but definitely parts of it.

No. 1957553

Nta, I’m OP but do you mean the normies are judging women who don’t participate or women who do? I notice that a lot of normie women nowadays participate in the current wave of extreme beauty standards/trends and it seems like to be the utmost desired type of woman you have to be one of those very high maintenance looking women even if the trends look objectively terrible.

No. 1957781

Job applications that ask you what your desired salary is.

No. 1957869

Mild annoyance but when people reply to the thread like >>1936396
Can someone actually explain why they do that, it just annoys me when I go to see who they're responding to and it's just that like why, and I've been noticing it happening more often

No. 1957876

Phonefagging. When trying to open the thread and make a post it makes you reply to the thread OP. It doesn't do that on computer. Could also be they just wanted ti reply to something written in the OP or the thread image.

No. 1957882

Nta but I phonefag and this never happens to me. They can still just delete the quote tho I don't get why they leave it.

No. 1957889

Yeah what, I am almost exclusively a phone poster and I have never done that. The [Reply] button is right next to the post number why don't they just click that instead WHY

No. 1957903

>infight has been over for hours
>someone else just HAS to put in their 2 cents and gets it going again
if you do that shit I hope you get a papercut between your fingers and lose your credit card

No. 1957905

There are a handful of recurring infight topics where this behavior is particularly bad. I'm not going to name the topics because I don't want to summon those retards, but if you know, you know.

No. 1957909

Meanwhile non-BDD routine is like
>Wake up
>Brush teeth
>Shower (includes washing your face)
>Apply sunscreen and lotion as necessary
>Get actual shit done

No. 1957918

It doesn't have anything to do with phones. If you click on a post or thread number to open the thread, it will be in your reply even on the computer.

No. 1957980

Possibly people that are used to using 4chan.

No. 1957988

it always makes me feel like i'm on yahoo answers kek

No. 1958184

File: 1712759718598.jpg (232.49 KB, 922x2048, 1000028020.jpg)

That social media trend where straight couples paint each other. It feels so insidious—the women paint their boyfriends/husbands with care and actually try to make the painting look like him even if they aren't good at art. Meanwhile the men put in zero effort and actively make their girlfriend/wife uglier than she actually is and use "I just suck at art lol" as an excuse. It's like a public humiliation ritual where the man can neg his partner in a socially acceptable way. Like I just know some of those women went and cried about how ugly their nigel painted them later, I know I would if I put love and effort into mine just for him to turn his around and it looks like picrel

No. 1958187

File: 1712759941091.jpg (2.18 MB, 3464x3464, 1000028024.jpg)

Sorry to samefag but wanted to show another example, like what the fuck is his painting? It doesn't even resemble a human being

No. 1958198

its moids trying to be funny and quirky because they are natural attention whores

No. 1958204

I just saw a video about it. Why are men?

No. 1958207

File: 1712760928420.jpg (18.86 KB, 352x450, readanotherfuckingauthoromg.jp…)

>If you liked book by [Japanese] you'll like

No. 1958210

i like him, sorry

No. 1958219

Honestly, it's kind of hard to tease apart how much of this is misogyny and how much of it is how men are raised. Because women are expected to apply makeup, I think that they continue to hone their art and fine motor skills even if they're not necessarily good artists. Moids on the other hand only invest time in art if they're interested in it, which isn't the case for most men. I think some of the guys in the video are genuinely being cruel at their girlfriends' expense, but a lot of them probably just can't create anything beautiful with their giant ape hands and toddler motor skills because men aren't socialized to care about art. There's a reason that like 60-70% of BFA holders are women.

No. 1958227

True, but some of these paintings don't look like they even made an attempt to have it resemble the women and even ones where they clearly had a passable skill level and could've have painted her right, they chose to make her ugly. Of course lots of women aren't expert painters either and some of theirs turn out crude too but at least it looks mostly similar to the scrote. It's fucking weird, I wouldn't be surprised if break ups occurred shortly after doing this kek.

No. 1958237

kind of agree, though some of the girlfriends have asked "why did you draw me so ugly? was it on purpose?" and the scrotes say "i just drew you". they definitely do it on purpose in these videos. there's a difference between a skill issue and being cruel in attempt to be "funny"

No. 1958254

never seen his face before but he looks like a man that would take creep shots of schoolchildren's feet. hes clockable as a pedo both in text and photos, no obscuring that rancid aura kek

No. 1958313

The crop top trend was the beginning of the end for fashion. Went to window watch some cute blouses and all of them were cropped. I want to keep my midriff covered and warm, is that too much to ask?

No. 1958347

I hate the culture of this site recently. What are you tards even lamenting? males being honest about their seething honest hatred for women? Kek. Would it better if the males be quiet about their pornified female expectations and just lie to save public face? Also males aren't taught to expect pornified women they just simply do by biology. Makeup is absolutely irrelevant. If all women stopped wearing makeup tomorrow males would still pit them against each other.

No. 1958374

I wouldn't generally give a fuck about whether or not a boyfriend or a husband would be an artist, but if I had a scrote who didn't at least turn into an "okay" artist when asked to draw or paint ME, I would get my Timberlands and stomp him into a stain.

No. 1958575

File: 1712783424125.jpg (269.66 KB, 1074x1588, 1000006034.jpg)

These stupid ads piss me off so much, it's unreal.

No. 1958586

They piss me off the most because that isn't even in the game. Tbh, I would probably download the game if it was like this kek. But the game is actually just another match 3 game, which the app stores are full of, and which I personally find to be extremely boring and annoying

No. 1958593

I just want to keep my mid-riff covered because I have always had a belly, no matter how fit the rest of my body was. kek. I dont like the idea of a cute shirt, but it shortens out at the bottom. The worst fashion for women.

No. 1958595

I usually download and play it for a few days and get bored because it isnt like the actual ad, like you said. I hate that they can just bombard your phone with false ads like this.

No. 1958679

>What are you tards even lamenting?
Men being cruel to their girlfriends and wives.

No. 1958728

File: 1712792723054.jpg (31.84 KB, 384x256, imagine-fashion-designer-new-y…)

I hate that the only high quality fashion/store keeping game there is is Style Savvy franchise and it's only on the switch/NDS and not PC. Besides the Sims, everything else is fucking mobile shit.
Why aren't their any great games about owning a clothing store, selling them to customers, customizing the store/the clothes etc.???
I can't even find games like those Prision architets kind of games that are like the blocky style, where you can build a fashion store and manage it.
I hate the lack of those kind of games after the NDS. This game I loved so fucking much, I love the style and art style, plus the music. These Fashion Designer games often had licensed great music, or some on NDS had random songs I never heard.
Even the bratz games on gamecube/PS2 etc. were great and had some cute music. I'm just so fucking mad. I remember I'd play Saints Row three and I'd play it like it was a fashion game, lol. Every single time I went to a story mission, i'd drive to one of the stores (i love those stores, and their unique designs) and I'd buy a new outfit/change my clothes and watch every single cut scene just to see how cute my girl looked.
I'd love a game that focused heavily on fashion but also on shooting/shit. Like GTA with indepth character creation and even a dating sim aspect.

No. 1958746

I hate this too. I miss the era where games targeted for girls weren't just annoying microtransaction-ridden mobile games

No. 1959135

File: 1712843607365.jpg (68.09 KB, 512x640, a4b4e086ba9216a7b0d6e53112a3ca…)

Estupida. her body was insane though

No. 1959143

Norwegian Wood is so boring. From my understanding that book is like the Japanese version of Catcher in the Rye, famous for cultural relevance due to it being a coming of age story in a specific time period. I think that book is only good if you’re a Japanese person.
The only interesting book he’s written is 1Q84 and even that is sus because he describes a 17 year old girl’s breasts and then made her have a sex scene with the adult male protagonist.

No. 1959165

I read it not that long ago because it kept getting shilled as a 'good book'. Awful, awful garbage.

No. 1959434

The They/them in the new fallout series I can smell the fanart and pronoun corrections from a mile away

No. 1959440

File: 1712865452572.jpg (34.57 KB, 600x450, doubleyellow.jpg)

People who tailgate on picrel roads, but don't drive past once they reach a passing lane. Why are you still riding my ass? You have room to get around now! Are you magically blind to the new lane until I double-tap my brake lights and wave you over? I legitimately don't understand.

No. 1959546

File: 1712870996318.jpeg (571.6 KB, 1241x1547, IMG_1605.jpeg)

next threadpic please

No. 1959648

File: 1712877319110.jpg (92.38 KB, 640x774, 856f0962ecc583d179c7d6e6a98d57…)

People who put filters on their babies/toddlers. Or those weird accounts that repost edited images of other people's kids.

No. 1960675

I'm weirded out by women who brag about having big babies (especially boys), they give me a bad vibe.

No. 1960723

Another reminder never, ever post pictures of anyone under 21 years old.

No. 1960731

Why be pissed off its just to flex that they're healthy

No. 1960754

I hate people who post videos of their babies on public accounts in general. Ask anyone who works in tracking down pedos, when pedos can’t access CP, they download seemingly innocent pictures of children taken from mommy blogs or children’s clothes. I think that sunscreen baby is the most common image on pedi computers. And putting filters on your baby is just that, but even creepier

No. 1961078

Yeah I heard of that. Pedos love making their compilations on places like imgsur.

No. 1961142

File: 1712958200734.jpg (99.24 KB, 500x667, b0289088d67628c4c313a58246bf24…)

I consume a lot of stuff about Dobermans online because they're one of my favorite dogs and I hate how, regardless of if their ears are cropped or not, all people have to talk about IS THEIR FUCKING EARS! If you see a video of a cropped doberman, the comments are all gonna be a debate about whether or not it's ok to crop. If you see a pic of a natural doberman, the comments will all be about how it has floppy ears and still debating how whether it's fine to get them cropped. We get it. They're such cool, multifaceted and sweet dogs but their ears are all people wanna talk about. It's like the fucking plastic surgery debate for dogs. JK but all jokes aside, doberman's are literally the only dog I've seen this happen to even though other dogs go through similar things, even some that are arguably worse.

No. 1961151

File: 1712958477480.jpg (56.61 KB, 564x643, 694794dfc87a6ae5b2cb457adbe53d…)

Samefag. Pugs are literally deformed but when you see videos of pugs online, the comments aren't a bunch of people talking about breeding practices. It's people saying they're so cute.

No. 1961152

Aww, dobermans are precious. And you're right, it happens with rottweilers too but no one talks about ear or tail docking in rotties.
>If you see a pic of a natural doberman, the comments will all be about how it has floppy ears and still debating how whether it's fine to get them cropped
This is the wrong way to talk about natural ears. The objectively correct way is to say "Awww look at their cute little satellites!"

No. 1961156

That's because they're cute. Dobermans are ugly.

No. 1961157

Where's that "bait used to be good" pic

No. 1961237

Dobermans are really cute. I don't know much about them, so why is there a debate about docking ears? Is it just because people reee at cosmetic appearances for dogs, or does it actually impact their ear health? If it's the former, then that's stupid; like you said, it's not like they're bred to have upright ears that messes with their health like other grotesque breeds.

No. 1961275

File: 1712965898130.jpg (113.41 KB, 720x960, 08447df1c8abccc09c161a47cccbf3…)

They crop ears by cutting off some of the ear, sewing the edges and holding the ears up until the cartilage harden. Some people believe that it has benefits (dobermans are working dogs, its thought that it lessens the chance of their ears getting injured. Some people also say that it lessens chance of ear infection but tbh I think if you clean their ears regularly it's fine), some people disagree and feel that it's unethical to put a dog through a surgical procedure that cuts off part of their body and is purely for aesthetics for most people.

Me personally, I guess I don't have strong opinions about it. If I get a doberman and they're not already cropped I'll probably leave them natural since it really is mostly a cosmetic thing, BUT if someone gets their dobermans ears cropped by a veterinarian, keep them on pain meds and does the proper aftercare then I'm not gonna call them cruel or an abuser tbh.
I think people do it to make dobermans look scarier which makes sense when you consider that they're a common protection breed. With floppy ears they're very sweet and elegant looking, like (nearly) monochromatic dalmatians.

No. 1961281

File: 1712966289967.jpg (129.9 KB, 736x1099, f74fb4bf676be0469b6a154486e797…)

Samefag, this is one of the ways that they keep the ears up if anyone's curious. It's some sort of foam rod inserted into the ear, and then the ear is taped around it. They have to stay like this 24/7 for 6-9 months so the dogs are basically like this from puppy to adult.

No. 1961287

I'm sorry but that is animal cruelty and supremely retarded. I hate shit like that.

No. 1961744

Places that don't tell you if they've rejected your application. I think it literally should be legal requirement for companies to send a rejection notice.

No. 1961779

File: 1713005089333.jpg (29.61 KB, 451x447, 572989bd10394aa9e5fcc3a612f0d1…)

No. 1961805

In Norwegian Wood a 12 year old girl sexually assaulted her female piano teacher who's in her 30s and Murakami made sure to write a decent chunk of text describing it. Even disregarding that and other sexual parts of his stories, his books are lacking in substance. The only thing I like in his books is when he describes the environments. He has a poetic way of setting the mood. The story itself, the "profound" themes, the characters and everything else is trash. Female characters are masturbatory props. There's no depth to them. But this last part isn't something exclusive to Murakami. Most male authors are terrible at writing good female characters.

No. 1961861

I know you're likely doing this because I said pugs are deformed. They ARE deformed, that doesn't mean I think they're ugly. They can be cute, as o demonstrated here >>1961151 . You do not have to call doberman's ugly.

No. 1961927

maybe she was calling you ugly for being ok with docking their ears even though it's obviously wrong.

No. 1961931

Then idk what you want me to say to that if you're not going to give reasons why you're against it. Like I said, I think it's unnecessary and I wouldn't do it but if people do it properly and their dogs aren't in pain I'm not going to accuse them of being an animal abuser. Also it's cropping not docking, docking is a different procedure.

No. 1961963

Surgically removing any natural body part for no medical benefit should always be discouraged - drugging them so they feel no pain for a completely unnecessary procedure is just a ridiculous excuse. Human asethetics should not trump an animals natural body.

No. 1961990

File: 1713019466923.jpg (116.17 KB, 1000x563, medievalshit.jpg)

I hate when political correctness ruins a cozy hobby space. Historical costuming and re-enactment sucks now because tutorials for every "problematic" garment needs a 20 minute (poorly researched/echo chamber approved) wokescold history lesson before they even get to the how-to process. And the double standards are wild. Oh sure, we can dress Tudor all we like and celebrate the misogynist who killed most of his wives because his inadequate sperm couldn't produce an heir, but god forbid those same people want to dress in Civil War-era fashion and reenact those battles. And I'm so sick of the tranny historical revisionism. No, the multiple categories of males who didn't fulfill moid social roles is not "trans representation", it's evidence that you didn't study beyond the point in which your dick got hard. Fuck off.

No. 1961995

>if people do it properly and their dogs aren't in pain
It's impossible for the dog to not feel pain and subsequent months of discomfort which is why it's wrong. Not that complicated. You convinced yourself "properly" has any meaning here but it doesn't. Sorry for getting the term wrong and using docking instead of cropping, I guess.

No. 1962009

There's no reason to do it at all unless it's to protect a working animal from greater injury. Most personal guard dogs (which dobermans were bred to be) aren't going to be in frequent or severe enough scraps to justify cropping their ears. The majority of people cropping their dog's ears or docking their tails do not need their dogs to work as anything other than companion animals.

No. 1962011

Gendies love claiming that they're for representing underrepresented cultures fail to realize they're pushing their trends and social media slop onto a society that lived a completely different life and social structure to them. I wonder if there's been a twittard that saw a scottish man in a kilt and considered it "gnc represtation" kek

No. 1962023

I haven't seen that yet, but I have encountered a few segregationists (don't have a better word to describe them, sorry) who claim that you can't dress in kilts without Scottish ancestry and that you're restricted to wearing "your clan"'s tartans. Parts of the hobby have gotten so woke in burgerland that it's swung back around to being profoundly racist.

No. 1962029

File: 1713021257830.jpg (66.99 KB, 1000x667, 1000015398.jpg)

Their ears look like my rottweiler's. I cannot imagine why people would want to cut off these floppy, velvety delights. They remind me of little pigtails, or a short female haircut a la Edna Mode. My rottweiler has his full tail too.

An actually good argument to not maim these animals: It makes it harder for other dogs to interpret a cropped/docked dog's body language and it could get them into situations.
Just imagine if your parents sliced off your eyebrows and it made your eyes look meaner, it would be harder for people to interpret your facial expressions and it would do a resting bitch face no favors. You'd probably have a harder time making friends and would be misunderstood in social situations often.

No. 1962042

I hate the yume/fujo/fujo wars on here and other female-centric online spaces. Maybe it's because i love all three but i just don't see the point, it strikes me as incredibly childish. I use to like reading points made by each side because they pinpoint things i wasn't able to articulate (why i think BL is better and more varied even though i prefer GL, the history of genres, why we need more female characters..). There's a breed of anons who are incapable of arguing for their taste without implying the other kind of woman is defective/misogynist somehow. It reminds me of schoolgirl drama, like i get second-hand embarrassment from the tone of these posts, even if the points are correct. The more i read them the more i feel it's a thinly veiled battle for dominance in a feminine hierarchy. It's almost never about ''objective'' qualities like writing, variety, art, always about 'gaze' this, 'coomer' that, 'scrote pandering' etc. (All euphemisms for 'bad woman'). I'd take any retarded ship war or lore infight over this dull hell.

No. 1962081

Hate that every artist groupchat/community thing i ever joined turned into mental problems circlejerk. I get that some people have problems and seek solution and help, those are fine. But then the ADHD autists who take pensions for this shit from the goverment start to talk and go on and on about themselves. I don't care, i just came here so we can encourage ourselves to craft, criticize, help with art and strategies how to be productive… they spend days talking about autism and don't draw shit because they don't have to…they got pension. I miss my art highschool. "Your art is ugly af.. DRAW you lazy!" those were the days….

No. 1962084

You said it perfectly, we should all focus on other things instead, why do we all have to fight? It's so unnecessary.

No. 1962462

I don't understand it one bit and I feel like this wasn't a thing on lc at all until recently (first anti fujo thread took 5(!) years to reach its limit) and now it's suddenly blowing up. It's like they forget where they are, how can you come here and then act superior to other retarded weebs as if you're the stacy cheerleading club.

No. 1962463

I like rottweilers as well, they're my second favorite! I think their long tails are really cute.
The expression thing is something I hadn't ever thought about!
>You'd probably have a harder time making friends
Im actually genuinely getting sad thinking that some dobermans have been rejected other dogs, aw. They're such sociable dogs too.
Scottish people have clans? Thank you for giving me something to research

No. 1962465

We got an influx of extremely autistic newfags at some point that are single-handedly fueling the conflict. I wish ban evasion wasn't so easy on this site

No. 1962584

It feels like we are in a time loop too, like everyone has already made the exact same arguments over and over and over. At some point, doesn't it just get boring? I hate it.

No. 1962843

People who say you need to mind your business after making their business public knowledge

No. 1962846

this. also people who say "don't like it? don't look!" which is essentially the same thing but they mean literally looking at them. and these are always the same people who expect everyone else to try to cater to their feelings and expect you to change for them if you're bothering them.

No. 1962933

THIS. Youtubers will make their lives and relationships public for years then when something bad happens suddenly they're all "respect my privacy". Like Jake Munro and Kaya, who made their relationship VERY public then when it fell apart they just tried to act like everyone was being nosy for wanting the know the details.

No. 1964158

File: 1713145562639.jpg (102.9 KB, 950x1115, jewelry.jpg)

When I see a fashion/outfit picture and they're posed like this. Straighten your back, stop with the ghoulish posture.

No. 1964239

I hate when people try to speak as if they were black when they are clearly white, i don't care about race or any of that bullshit but it's just the most annoying shit to see the palest of palest people try and talk like black people on TV, fuck that.

No. 1964245

You're so right, nonnie. I do it because I instinctively try to hide my chest, but it's better to be a little booby than emulate the hunchback of notre dame.

No. 1964261

File: 1713153859397.mp4 (5.53 MB, 1280x690, 1000014013.mp4)

i think it's funny if it's done to make fun of wiggers. i don't really see it on tv outside of that scenario

No. 1964265

Imagine just being in the club with some extended family members and some tall, stoner white guy comes up to you and says, "what's cracka lackin'".

No. 1964624

I hate it when something benign gets turned into slang or a code word for something heinous. like "cheese pizza" being slang for child p0rn, or "PDF file" being slang for pedophile or "grape" being used for "rape". I know most of these came about because of the ridiculous rules of sites like tiktok and youtube, but it still pisses me off. stop ruining totally innocent words by associating them with those things.

No. 1964657

File: 1713178515745.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_20220713-200309.png)

The way old people take pictures of themselves

No. 1964668

kek the banner

No. 1964675

aww this is sweet dont bash loud grandma shes just doing her thing

No. 1964745

File: 1713185062248.jpg (355.46 KB, 4320x876, 1000018553.jpg)

There's people out there opening one of the cutest, girliest games in the whole ass appstore and complain about the events of the game being "too girly" maybe plag DOTA if you don't want to play girly games?

No. 1964751

She's into baby monkey torture so I think it's fine lol

No. 1964755

reminds me of moids complaining about how girly the new princess peach game is. they either can't stand women and girls having something fun for themselves or are in such strong denial of their own homosexuality that they feel threatened by anything remotely feminine. maybe both.

No. 1964757

I hope she rots in hell.

No. 1965007

>things you hate
Chinese people thinking the rest of the world is too dumb to tell when they're using filters.

No. 1965013

They are though especially boomers.

No. 1965015

Fucking gross I want to throw up, I hate these videos so much, it looks like some weird fetish shit.

No. 1965191

Their filters are out of this world. Saw a video on how streaming is a big thing in China, and literal old, balding moids, put on a few filters that completely transforms them and makes them look like young 20 year old women. They then fool other moids and make money off their views and donations kek. Pretty creepy.

No. 1965205

File: 1713205716191.jpg (566.8 KB, 2070x1380, 170324-news-leah-remini.jpg)

I hate seeing women I know/knew posting their wedding photos with jumpscare-level ugly balding, fat dough-faced men. Yeah, sure, love and loyalty and inner values and there isn't a huge line of 30-something good-looking guys to be picking from, but please blink twice, sis, if you need to be saved from the ogre

No. 1965224

when women claim to "hate all men" but cut their tits off. like bitch you look like a little boy, get some antipsychotics

No. 1965231

That's trauma and makes sense in a very fucked up way that shouldn't be encouraged but the world is a misogynistic cesspit so here we are.

No. 1965247

>but please blink twice, sis, if you need to be saved from the ogre

No. 1965256

its irreversible. you're going to regret it

No. 1965277

File: 1713209951378.mp4 (1.9 MB, 394x854, QaMQLOF.mp4)

vidrel are all the reasons why I hate gay men.

No. 1965280

That child just wants to sleep and maybe be held, but nah, those fags gotta be attention-whores and dance around the baby like he's a shiny new toy. Males have objectively less parental instinct than women, but I don't think it's because women are "magically better parents". I think it's because women are usually just better people with more sense.

No. 1965288

This. Women dont make automatically better parents or mothers. They just empathize more as human beings. Men are selfish by nature and only think about themselves. I've heard so many horror stories about men who get jealous of their own child after their wife gives birth. Like seriously, who does that but men.

No. 1965289

Another reason why you must always abort all male fetuses, you could do anything in your power to raise them to be humans but they can just wake up and do weird shit like in that video.

No. 1965296

also proves libfems are enemies of women and children.

No. 1965414

i hate pretty girls dating weebs. i saw the cutest girl today with amazing style with the ugliest, fatest weebshit moid. modern nerd males are almost always pornaddicted sociopaths but weebs aren't even the type of nerd males that have redeeming qualities like intelligence or money. i wanted to yell BREAK UP WITH HIM when i saw them holding hands. she was so above his league and he was fat, unwashed, wearing gym shorts and an anime shirt. disgusting.

No. 1965579

File: 1713231759398.jpeg (33.68 KB, 347x302, IMG_5360.jpeg)

>”bro said”
>”bro had to”
>”bro really”
>”bro just”
>”bro should”

No. 1965583

File: 1713232313824.jpg (229.25 KB, 1200x900, Crying-girl.jpg)

Men with pfps of little girls. It's probably not that deep, but I find it weird. Someone on kiwifarms has picrel as their pfp, and another one has JonBenét.

No. 1965588

File: 1713232765826.jpeg (33.45 KB, 750x422, IMG_5361.jpeg)

I hate Gordan Ramsey. I can feel my mind wanting to be attracted to him, but his weird naked mole rat face is ruining everything.

No. 1965593

I feel bad for gen z women. This is the worst hair cut for men of all time.

No. 1965595

God ikr? It automatically makes moids look retarded. Even the mullet doesn't make moids look this dumb.

No. 1965609

I’m so glad someone agrees. I hate this stupid broccoli-looking dumbass unwashed paintbrush haircut. It’s always the most retarded of all moids that have this on.

No. 1966022

i agree and king of queens jumped the shark the first minute, i can't believe richard simmons ain't in it.

No. 1966054

>you're going to regret it
N-nonna, why are you imagining me cutting my tits off?

No. 1967020

File: 1713320877258.jpg (147.26 KB, 2037x1089, ew.JPG)

this is just a random one that appeared on my youtube suggested but I hate this type of react content. where you're watching someone's blank face while they're watching a tiktok or whatever. are you not embarrassed while editing this? why not just show the tiktok, then cut to you after when you start talking? what does shoving your face into half the screen and blinking at the camera add to it? i literally have to turn off the video when someone does this I cringe too hard.

No. 1967025

It's just a way for boring, 0 personality self obsessed people to insert themselves for views and validation because they want to be relevant

No. 1967040

The term ‘my brother/sister in christ’, it’s so fucking cringe.

No. 1967078

He would improve dramatically if he got V-Line surgery.

No. 1967414

i hate when people on youtube or other social media say "i don't like being negative" or "anger creates toxic communities, let's all be wholesome 100"
shut the fuck up, you know that's not true, anger is the thing that gives you engagement and views fuckin idiots, i can't think of a group that deserves dead more than those retarded ass redditors.

No. 1967420

He’s the definition of potato face.

No. 1967486

Omg he’s ugly

No. 1967539

Oh it IS that deep. No normal man would have that as a profile picture that would be embarassing. Out of all things they can have in their picure…??

No. 1967578

the one with the jonbenet pic scares me the most, wtf would you use the picture of a murdered little girl as your pfp

No. 1967633

File: 1713372126538.jpg (157.21 KB, 2340x2340, 1000014324.jpg)

So sick of these self-pitying woe-is-me posts made by moids/pickmes trying to make a case validating this behavior. They don't understand the real problem. No matter who you are, being a self-pitying, bitter, resentful dork doesn't do you any favors. Neither does the "me vs them" mentality.

No. 1967640

I'm so sick of the male loneliness epidemic shit. how is it womens' fault you don't know how to make friends

No. 1967647

I think I already said this some time ago on here: but I personally believe that no man is truly lonely. Male ugliness doesn't really stop them from getting good jobs, making lots of friends, and even getting a girlfriend. There are around 7 billion people in this world, and most of them are males. Many of which are in his league, share his interests, and he can even find them on the internet. If he wants to, he can get a dog. There is absolutely no reason that any moid should feel lonely. I think what they actually feel is boredom with themselves and ungratefulness with their lives.

No. 1967661

It's not even about having friends or family (which these retarded moids usually have and always take for granted) it's about not having a live-in bangmaid mommy to wipe their asses and call them special boys. And apparently that's worse than having no friends and no family

No. 1967698

This is ultimately what the male loneliness experience is: not having a girlfriend. He most likely has friends, a pet, a job, etc. It's just that his life has no meaning without a woman, which translates to feeling "lonely." I've found this to be true about many men.

No. 1967738

File: 1713375897265.jpeg (841.13 KB, 828x1040, IMG_0424.jpeg)

I hate doll people and Disney adults . To me this screams trauma

No. 1967762

I hate how communities around trauma glorify hypersexual traits and behavior, it seems like somewhat of a manipulation too with these hoards of women supposedly fucking dudes all the time to get over their abuse. It drives me to suicidal ideation sometimes because I’m the opposite and it’s like oh so even in these spaces that understand trauma I’m a weirdo outcast for not being some fun kinky slut? Like oh sorry my mental illness doesn’t make me more appealing to men, I guess I’m just a boring prude and no one cares when I’m not being the appropriate result of broken sex object.
Woohoo more evidence that men don’t see women as individual humans with complex emotions and experiences. It’s projection because the opposite is true, the average woman guaranteed has a tougher life than these bored incels who think they’re so dark and brooding for having depression.

No. 1967793

True, and if the men are so lonely why wont they make friends with each other? Why wont they spend times with their family and relatives? Join a hobby club, volunteer work, anything? With lonelyness they mean "no woman comes to my door to offer me sex and to care for me like a mommy while expecting nothing in return"

No. 1967877

I just can not stand transpeople anymore. I am so, so fucking sick of them. I would never bring harm to a person myself, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish they'd all fucking vanish off the face of the earth. I loathe everything they say and do so much, the complete and utter degradation of the West personified. And honestly feeling this way makes me sad. I've never felt hatred toward any other group in my life, I've never thought 'the world would be a better place without them' - but with trannies? God please cleanse this earth I am begging you.

No. 1967910

Anons I can't believe how many people take astrology seriously. I'm surrounded by grown up people who believe this shit. I can understand being into natal charts (kind of) but not fucking predictions. Not changing your location specifically to get a desirable solar return chart. Not making decisions based on this crap. I can't hear it anymore, I see red

No. 1968513

I just want to hear to a cute spergy boomer talk about why he hates the avengers, i hate the other two retards so much. I don't care about some neckbeard's opinion on marvel slop, i want to hear the opinion of some turbo autismo boomer who likes classic monster movies and is stuck in the 80s.

No. 1968575

I have an irrational hate for passive aggressive moids, not just in the manipulative sense but when they pretend like things don't bother them when silent treatment galore or their vibe changes to being a pouty little child after the decision was made that they "totally didn't care about". It's like they think being a little bitch will change things when no one cares about how much they're screaming on the inside when they can't grow a fucking pair and be an adult. If it was up to me I'd hang these assholes on site but unfortunately I work with them

No. 1968635

Women who stalk their ex's new girlfriend, and I also hate when they try to get you to validate when they hate the new woman. You look pathetic

No. 1968862

I see this on lolcow quite often.

No. 1968927

I hate how women are always shit on for being “shallow vapid hoe biches!!!!1” but men only talk about coom shit and their dicks. One example i remember is when i was watching a video on these women almost a decade ago and 90% of the comments were men making the same 2 sex jokes. I couldnt find any as youtube probably wouldn't allow those comments nowadays but they are/were there.

No. 1968928

File: 1713442126942.gif (264.19 KB, 220x209, IMG_5397.gif)

You like listening to old scrote’s opinions?

No. 1968929

I remember when that photoshopped bj pic of them was going around. People are messed up like their life isn't hard enough they get fake porn of them made

No. 1968954

Dunno if it was a different pair of conjoined twins that were in the news lately but I def clicked on a vid just days ago, scrolled down, saw lots of sex comments and clicked back off.

No. 1968990

Men think having 2 friends instead of 10 makes them a lonely loser with the worst life in history.

No. 1969030

Lolcow making multiple exceptions for women that they would otherwise flip shit for

No. 1969053

i agree, porn addiction is a male thing only it's okay when women do it.

No. 1969098

What do you mean?

No. 1969164

File: 1713455028699.jpeg (91.18 KB, 622x758, IMG_5422.jpeg)

Dunno what you’re talking about specific but heres a fact handmaiden: Misogyny leads to women being oppressed and murdered whilst misandry hurts men’s feelings. These “double standards” are double standards because they are not the same.

No. 1969171

I wasn't talking about women vs men, more like women vs other women. Nara smith, Marina, Lana del Rey are just a few I can think of. A lot of women glorified on lolcow have cowish behavior that would otherwise get them ripped to shreds if farmers didn't like their music/content

No. 1969176

>cow behavior
So apparently Nara Smith really does follow pedo-pandering moids or something? Or were you going for something different, like her mormon-preaching? Yeah I don't really keep up with her, forgive me.

No. 1969201

File: 1713456439317.jpeg (191.5 KB, 750x892, IMG_4549.jpeg)

People re-evaluating their decision not to have kids because of a fucking idyllic cartoon dog show for toddlers

No. 1969277

"his eyes were filled with lust" how tf does that work

No. 1969362

Nothing specific but I did see a lot of anons defend her and make a ton of exceptions, which is ironic considering how many anons will throw tantrums in the same breath about how much they hate mothers, trad wives, and women who dress slutty. It just feels unfair since farmer moms will get completely destroyed by anons but a prime example of someone who should be bashed gets exemptions

No. 1969377

Moms on lolcow deserve it because we expect better. Nara is not milky enough to be interesting.

No. 1969380

File: 1713462631515.jpg (137.39 KB, 850x1202, 1000019079.jpg)

His eyes had heart pupils I guess.

No. 1969387

>We expect better
??? From what I've seen it's hate from "letting a man take your womb rent free" or anons swearing this place is turning into some mommy forum because one anon posted about her baby once every other month. There's plenty of less milky cows that still have threads, she deserves to be in the tradthot thread at the very least imo since it's for minimum milk trad influencers

No. 1969404

You've never seen a guy looking at you like you're a piece of meat? Good for you. I assume that's what the phrase means whenever I read it.

No. 1969406

There has been a rise in mommyposting, and so much of it is whining about the situation they got themselves into or gaslighting others. If you came all the way to lolcow, a bitchy site where women are nitpicked to hell and back as the main focus, you should be able to handle what you serve.

No. 1969410

What did Marina do? Doesn't she just sing songs and keep her life (mostly) private?

No. 1969418

The userbase is getting older, it's only natural there's an uptick in moms.

No. 1969424

Most anons in the pregnancy / mommy thread seem to be happy about it

No. 1969437

Yeah I've only seen like one anon venting about pregnancy and it was because she couldn't eat sushi. I think anons really overblow this mommyfag shit.

No. 1969446

Every time I’m unlucky enough to stumble across mommyposters they always happen to mention a shitty husband they should have divorced years ago let alone have children with it

No. 1969461

If you're a mother you shouldn't be outing yourself as a farmer, especially since half the time all they fuckin do is complain about how their precious nigel doesn't help with shit in relation to child rearing. Idk what nara Smith's deal is but she mainly just seems boring

No. 1969478

Anons in the pregnancy thread are fine, they are posting on topic/in containment, but the shitty ones are out roaming ot

No. 1969522

File: 1713467449724.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.25 KB, 700x700, IMG_9296.jpeg)

These tights, what the FUCK am I looking at

No. 1969528

File: 1713467601480.jpg (313.48 KB, 2000x1998, 1000019087.jpg)

That's so weird, I don't get it, wouldn't it make more sense to be in any case tabi? It would look less disgusting if for some reason someone needed to wear sandals with tights.

No. 1969529

I hate that side columns seem to be dying out in shoujo manga. I thought I imagined things, but an author of Hana to Yume actually confirmed it, apparently it's because the magazine isn't putting ads for other manga there anymore. Be it mundane shit like the #232rd autograph session in Taiwan or a short profile of the MCs with m!MCs likes only ever being f!MC only and dislikes anything not f!MC, of course, or more interesting stuff like an author learning to cope with the death of her mother or realizing that she has achieved everything she wants to achieve as a mangaka and announcing this to be her last series and to work as a chef from now on, I always loved reading them. At least the end columns will stay forever, I hope, even if it's just the acknowledgements of everyone involved in the process I'm insulted if it doesn't include a single line of like And you, dear reader, for holding this book in your hands! though.

No. 1969530

Jesus Christ wtf

No. 1969539

I enjoyed reading these back when I read Fruits Basket. Natsuki Takaya wouldn't stop posting video game recommendations at the beginning of the manga, and in the last volumes she stopped writing anything interesting. In the manga she did right before FB she wouldn't stfu about FF7 and there were even Cloud and Sephiroth fanart between chapters, that was pretty funny.

No. 1969540

Didn't know I could be so offended by a piece of clothing. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1969566

File: 1713468961965.jpg (264.71 KB, 1080x1841, 1000019081.jpg)

I don't care if this is some publicity stunt, it's a pornsick comment that was extremely unnecessary.

No. 1969719

File: 1713473615894.jpg (129.42 KB, 750x562, toe-sockshero-750x562.jpg)

remember the toe sock trend of the early 00's? I had some knee high rainbow striped ones as a kid and they're made for the ultimate flip-flops-n-socks wearing experience.

No. 1969784

I thought it was some ripped assets from a Silent Hill enemy, wtf is this shit?

No. 1969848

I completely forgot about these. I remember owning a pair when I was little. I always manage to unearth some little memories on lolcow.

No. 1969919

There's like one thread in /g/ that very rarely gets bumped and like 1 post a week, IF that, definitely not "turning into moms net" like anons think

No. 1969928

There's also a relationship advice thread but anons with spew about their mommy and daddy and boyfriend issues across every thread, there's hobby threads and anons will still talk about hobbies in other threads, welcome to basic human communication

No. 1969940

You actually brought me back! I had so many pairs of toe socks. they were so comfortable, especially for walking around your house at night.

No. 1969953

File: 1713477511934.jpeg (563.91 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_2688.jpeg)

I used to do this when I was 15, but I hate those over edited snow selfies where ppl make their eyes huge, faces tiny, and skin inhumanly pale. I hate it even more when an adult does it. Teenagers are gonna be stupid, but as an adult, why the fuck are you still doing that??

No. 1969961

I had that same rainbow pair which went up to my knee.

No. 1970049

>anons can't post about being a mum once in a blue moon without anons losing their shit
>an influencer parading her kids around and destroying her body via back to back pregnancies is normal and boring though
genuinely don't understand this logic, I'd also rather farmers be mothers than majority of women since most women are pickmes and will project their shitty views on their kids

No. 1970054

her songs and tumblr posts are cow-ish, and when I posted about how her homewrecker-esque songs are gross because they romanticize dangerous behaviors in women, anons immediately got defensive and pulled the whole "it's normal it's just a silly song" thing even though they rip nicole dollanganger apart (as they should) for singing "cutesy" songs about sex

No. 1970602

File: 1713497555479.png (680.32 KB, 1290x1888, SPOILER_IMG_3829.png)

this message by pornhub

No. 1970656

Why? I hope the ugly scrotes that watch porn get what they deserve.

No. 1970657

if you read it pornhub is basically crying about texas’s age verification laws because it “impinges the rights of adults” and have the audacity to imply age verification harms minors, when they host cp. they’re not even trying to hide it.

No. 1970660

Oh okay, I see what you mean.

No. 1970670

These are cute, not like the tights, idk what about the tights make me so disgusted but these socks were nice, I had them too as a kid.

No. 1970727

File: 1713508273400.png (432.48 KB, 328x618, FUCKOFFFUCKOFFFUCKOFF.PNG)

Gas pumps that blare advertisements at you. I literally can't say what I wish would happen to the people who proliferated this without getting banned for a-logging, so please use your imagination.

No. 1970750

File: 1713509716043.gif (19.66 KB, 220x164, 1672284906177.gif)

press the top right corner button to mute it. I think that's the one, try the others if it doesn't work. a real hero had scratched a little audio icon with a slash out through it next to the button on a gas pump I was using once and it seemed like it couldn't be true but it worked.

No. 1970970

File: 1713531398092.gif (978.29 KB, 500x281, 236c1b00ab1d5d205ee51e1e39c799…)

i hate that crazy women are widely considered to be just as harmful as crazy men. it's true that some unhinged women are genuine abusers who hurt children and other women, but most of the time when i see moids complaining about a crazy bitch it's just some bpd nutcase or spurned pick-me who set her destructive sights on a moid who wronged her and pretty much deserves whatever hell she unleashes on him. it's rare to see a woman take out her hurt feelings on groups of innocent people like moids do.

No. 1971005

Outside of situations like child abuse, most "crazy women" stories are moids psychologically abusing women until she starts giving reactive abuse. Never trust a moid who has multiple mentally unwell exes, he is likely 100% the cause of that

No. 1971016

That's because men are on a psyoped power trip from childhood to death. They are told they deserve everything and are above others from a young age and the reality that they are just weak pathetic specimens with no control over anyone is too much for some men to handle so they lash out to prove their "power" to themselves, and/or they kill themselves. Women get our own terrible brainwashing but we aren't told we deserve to control people; it's rare that women grow up with that mentality and it's more likely to manifest as controlling children through motherhood which is why the worst cases of women being violent is towards children.

No. 1971039

so true. those moids almost always pursue women who have suffered traumatic pasts and struggle with their self-esteem. it makes it easier for them to isolate her, wear down her confidence, and condition her into accepting how he mistreats her. then when she finally snaps he has the convenient excuse of blaming it on her past experiences and not his own actions.

No. 1971911

i hate that audrey in LSOH is being played by a man

No. 1972071

File: 1713580227916.jpeg (245.91 KB, 828x773, IMG_0472.jpeg)

That in certain threads anons argue and bait over the EXACT same things. I don’t know how they keep it up.

No. 1972085

That pic is way funnier to me than it should be kekkkk

No. 1972163

Why does washing your own back have to be so difficult? And most back brushes are so rough.

No. 1972330

Retards who move to neighborhoods with HOAs and then complain about HOAs restricting what they do. Why is your nuisance ok but others aren’t?

No. 1972388

No. 1972537

File: 1713628134203.png (436.72 KB, 667x500, MB.png)

I despite fat tall men, they effortlessly burn thousands of calories simply by existing. How the fuck can you get fat when you have that going for you.

No. 1972542

Its the other way around, its easier to manage weight for short people.

No. 1972547

Not only are Males biologically inclined to be less fat, but tall people (in theory) should also be inclined to be less fat because of their body's larger fat distribution. So when you realize that being tall and male doesn't stop scrotes of walking around with apple bodies, you wonder what the point of their existence even is. Imagine how much food resources has to be consumed by a male that's tall, to the extent where he's fat. That's gotta be a copius amount of food, or maybe just junk food. You see a fat, tall scrote? That is a walking sign that lots of food has been unnecessarily eaten by him, or that the stupid fuck may have a preference to fast food in his diet.

No. 1972563

File: 1713630109151.png (284.1 KB, 545x735, dZdA8Th.png)

tbf it's moviebob, this is how much he eats.

No. 1972570

>"that's a fairly small amount of McD's for the average size person"
holy shit, the delusion is real.

No. 1972579

My neighbors are simultaneously the nicest and noisiest people ever. They're way too nice to get properly angry at but they start drilling and sawing in the early morning every single weekend, at this point I look forward to mondays because I can sleep in a bit. They're so sweet but I just want them to be quiet for once.

No. 1972779

i was at the park and these parents brought their daughter and they keep disturbing her playing to make her pose for pictures? like she’ll be swinging and they’ll grab the swing to make it stop so they can take a picture of her. i fucking hate millennial parents.

No. 1972782

No. 1972785

samefag i’m still at the park and one of the children here is literally named Eleven.

No. 1972807

>costs $15+ for one item plus tip at every restaurant now
>the higher quality restaurants have started selling fast casual-tier food but they just dress them up and charge fancy item prices

No. 1972868

No it's not, short people look like oompa loompas if they gain even a little bit of weight.

No. 1972978

>like an author…realizing that she has achieved everything she wants to achieve as a mangaka and announcing this to be her last series and to work as a chef from now on
What’s her name?

No. 1973150

Norman Rockwell but i have no real reason to. Nonnas if you have any reason for me to legit hate him besides him being male ect. lemme know please

No. 1973318

"gooning" or "goon" becoming a mainstream term genuinely puts a awful taste in my mouth. Was it really a coincidence it became a meme term after the giggly clown situation?

No. 1973322

Samefag but it's fucking repulsive seeing women use the term now too. Why would you want to associate with a community of trannies and pedophiles?

No. 1973367

I remember it being somewhat mainstream before that but it very quickly became another way to say masturbate for normies. Most of the people saying it have no idea what it actually means or where it comes from

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