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File: 1715797440997.jpeg (148.87 KB, 748x863, IMG_2577.jpeg)

No. 2004332

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.


No. 2004342

I’ll start off by saying I fucking hate job applications. Why should I beg a company to exploit me

No. 2004385

I hate subscriptions and that everything has to be a subscription nowadays.

No. 2004445

File: 1715801461544.jpg (144.32 KB, 842x1043, Screenshot240515183926.jpg)

sometimes i swear to god youtube intentionally shows me videos that are precision crafted to offend my aesthetic sensibilities. the bottom one bothers me especially, because it’s a very subtle difference, but she unmistakably looks really cool in the racer top.

No. 2004452

She really does look better in the racer top

No. 2004526

I really think she doesn't, the deep swoop of the racer back look awkward.

No. 2004527

the racer back is the one without the deep swoop

No. 2004574

Reading back I can see how my wording is confusing but I meant the deep swoops at the shoulder/armpit area on the left, not the deep swooping neck line on the right. The right looks great and casual imo.

No. 2004578

The wrong one makes her look super cool, sexy and tough. Like she could throw me on the mattress and break the bed frame.

No. 2004587

I feel like the right one looks worse because the top has thinner fabric and seems bit stretched, like she wears it at home.

No. 2004619

Countries where the capital city and the country name are the same. Yes I'm looking at you, Monaco and Singapore

No. 2004625

what lesbians like vs what moids like kek

No. 2004645

I think it's the difference between emphasizing vs minimizing your "flaws". her shoulders look broader in the left one so if that's something she's insecure about I get why she'd prefer right

No. 2004683

fucking tarot readers on every fucking social media possible, schizoposting, entertaining their own delusions in front of the camera and inviting desperate strangers to join them and fuel this fucking echo chamber or perpetual limerence. they can't even read tarot cards or know shit about occultism. they will pop up in your feed diagnosing you with whatever 5 seconds in and then sprinkle some compliments to keep the cognitive dissonance going. I swear they make up every fucking thing they "read from the cards". and unsolicited readings are like the 1st no-no of tarot. I keep blocking all these schizo bitches. they're everywhere!

I also hate men (who doesn't) - they piss EVERY FUCKING WHERE!

No. 2004687

File: 1715816021248.jpg (108.93 KB, 563x751, Maximalist+bedroom+no+known+cr…)

I'm starting to hate maximalist decor. Yes, even when it's done competently (from an interior design perspective) and follows a cohesive aesthetic like picrel. It's funny because I've done a complete 180 on that opinion, I used to adore cluttered rooms, trinkets, going thrifting every week for things to add to my collection. Now I'm only realizing that every additional object you own is another thing to keep track of, to keep clean, to keep safe etc. and how much of a pain in the ass that is. Especially when you make the mistake of spending decent money on some useless piece of decor, good luck trying to resell that shit for even half the price you got it from. Unironically I wanna start living like a redditor now, owning objects is really not the road to happiness.

No. 2004690

Kekk, you aint wrong. I like the one on the left best.

No. 2004781

I fucking hate game of thrones and all the boomers and coomers that watch it, it is full of rape, breeding, incest and other kinks and has almost 0 scenes where someone isn’t talking about sex or alluding to it. It is the moidiest show to ever exist it is pure mudcore fantasy shit

No. 2004996

Very annoying to get the right balance of speaking louder because someone can't hear you, and not sounding like you're raising your voice with frustration.

No. 2005000

File: 1715845065294.jpeg (462.27 KB, 1242x1639, IMG_8080.jpeg)

disney adults in general, but especially ones who barely afford it. i can’t imagine spending money i don’t have on going to the same theme park repeatedly instead of like going to europe. but it’s even worse when they are also the kind of people to fall for the consumerist “monetizing nostalgia” shit and don’t even spend their money going places. just on plastic junk their families are going to have to throw in the trash when they die.

No. 2005003

Because men never evolved past being territorial animals.

No. 2005011

I heard the parks in the US are crazy expensive, if they can afford a trip to Europe instead because it's less expensive they could even go to Paris and spend some time in Disneyland Paris to do both trips at the same time. Everyone speaks English in there so that shouldn't be an issue.

No. 2005014

The top on the left is 100% better

No. 2005017

exactly but at the same time - what on earth would people like the ones in the picture even do somewhere like paris? people like that don’t have personalities let alone interests outside of low brow mainstream american “nerd” culture. that woman visibly can’t even maintain her hygiene for a half a day park visit so i guess the streets of paris would feel like home but they would get bored so quickly. what if they can’t find chicken tenders or burgers? they would also have to do difficult things like obtain a passport. it’s just not realistic.

No. 2005018

No. 2005020

kek I guess you're right. There are fun stuff to do in Paris, and American fast food chains are pretty popular in France (and Europe in general) so if they could actually take the time to go get a visa and the plane tickets and plan their trips accordingly they could still eat hamburgers everyday, in theory. Now I'm imagining a bunch of stereotypical Americans visiting Paris and pointing everything while yelling "OH MY GOD IT'S JUST LIKE IN RATATOUILLE", I apologize to all the American anons for this.

No. 2005022

all valid points but it would still mean spending money on food and airfare and hotels they would so so much rather spend on plastic crap and apparently star wars themed fur suits???

No. 2005032

I guess what I said would only apply to more casual fans then.

No. 2005037

any one normal or well adjusted would do that instead. i just feel like some people at this point are so far gone they would literally rather sit in a hovel and waste all of their money on empty materialistic garbage that reminds me of their long finished childhood. like to the point their vacations are revolving around acquiring more plastic waste vs having actual experiences in beautiful places. i get its escapism from a shitty life that’s distorted their decision making and they probably can’t afford international travel but jesus christ. they would be able to if they stopped buying that shit and wasting their money on vacations because revolving around buying merch and saved for a minute. but these are the same types of people who live with their parents or only move out in their thirties so there’s really no saving them. it’s depressing to think about how many people are like this.

No. 2005039

I don't know any actual Disney adults irl, I wonder if they're as crazy as the ones online or if they manage to hide their powerlevel until the topic of Disney movies or merchs comes up.

No. 2005041

my brief unpleasant experiences with these kinds of people, specifically the stars wars and marvel obsessed “nerd” genre, have led me to believe that these people are pretty much incapable of holding a conversation about anything else.

No. 2005042

i knew i wasn't the only crazy one!

No. 2005055

is the ugly man thread only for celebrities…

No. 2005062

no, go ahead and shame the ugly faggot

No. 2005603

I hate mommy/daddy kink and how unescapable it is. This shit is literally everywhere. I listen to #nsfwaudios on twitter and about 80% of the stuff posted has some variation of it. Most of the time I can avoid it because people add mommy/daddy tags but sometimes they don't and it gets me by surprise. Instant turn-off. Same with all that "good girl/boy" crap.
I also hate retarded exaggerated high-pitched moans some women do. You're not a fucking anime loli you pedo-pandering cunt. Embarassing

No. 2005638

That shit is even in fanfic, you can't even read some smut in peace without getting a "daddy" out of the blue. And not even tagged, no way those women would say that. Nothing takes me out of a fanfic faster than reading a "daddy" in the middle of a sex scene, I just close the tab to never read it again, no matter how good the fic was, this is like shitting on top of a delicious strawberry cake.

No. 2005647

Agree, that's cringe and makes things pornified.

No. 2005729

Men who name their children after themselves. Worse are mothers who are totally okay with this. If you are a jr, I feel bad for you. Nice job not giving your own child their own identity.

No. 2005730

Men who paint their nails. gags

No. 2005732

Agree. that shit is especially nasty when it's a neckbeard who you know doesnt wash himself or groom otherwise.

No. 2005734

It's gotten so so bad lately because of tik tok brainrot and grooming.

No. 2005736

I was talking to this regular customer at my work and then I noticed today he painted his nails and now I just want to throw up. He's not a troon, just another moid who needs to pretend his hand is a womans. Ick

No. 2005737

they always turn out to be predators too, it's a giant red flag at this point

No. 2005764

I kinda get it on guys who are super goth/alt and dress like a vampire or something, I can respect going all-out for an aesthetic. but 95% of them are just basic ass moids who pair their painted nails with some cargo shorts and a scruffy beard. it's disgusting

No. 2005886

I agree 100% it's even worse when they've done it for generations so they add the roman numerals at the end… Why is "IV" part of your name? Freaks.

No. 2005937

File: 1715913166789.jpeg (166.6 KB, 692x716, IMG_5335.jpeg)

When moids act like being a cat lady is a bad thing kek

No. 2005945

The word “femcels” being used out in the open only describe quote unquote “loser women jealous of their friends and can’t get a boyfriend”. I don’t doubt there aren’t women like that out there but most self identified “femcels” I’ve run into all have boyfriends and just casually hate moids . KEK

No. 2006015

The ones who don't usually just don't want them. A majority of women's ills (when they aren't genetic) are caused by trauma caused by… abuse and its generally perpetuated by… men … so it's like theyre always trying to shame and ridicule women for reacting to severely traumatic experiences, they expect them to brush them off like theyre nothing. At least women don't go around forcing themselves down everyone else's throat or harass them the way men do women. Everything men mald about is projection. When men choose to be single its allll about how they're a bachelor and a player but when a woman does it means they're secretly jealous of everyone. They're retarded.

No. 2006026

File: 1715919734447.jpeg (13.64 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

These girls want to be farmers without actually being farmers. They like the aggressive radfem energy, but are too scared of actually being radfem because it means that they have to be rude to troons and will make 10 posts about how they totally think trans women are women. They want to larp being separationist feminists without having to give up on moid attention. They like the subversiveness attached with the femcel label, but don't ever want to act in a way that makes people think they are mean, aside from saying racial expletives half heartedly every now and then. They will beg for forgiveness after they get called for it and sob over the discord call. They want to larp as a bpd chan without actually being one. It's pretty sad and they should give it up.

No. 2006035

File: 1715920846974.jpg (179.13 KB, 714x725, 1714345730031.jpg)

>larp as a BPD chan
Are normie women now so wannabe for the nature of this board, that they skinwalk BPDchans apparently? It's a special kind of annoyance I feel when normies suddenly want to be like the same "outcasts" they have or would have bullied just ten years ago. Shows how superficial normies often are. What comes naturally or is a lifestyle to others is going to be a trend for them, and for what? Because they wanna feel like they're the next fuckin' Jodi Arias or something? I guess it's like when people started calling themselves nerds for average things, even though being a nerd wasn't as cool as it was 30-40 years ago. Deleted and reposted this opinion because I can't stop making damn typos.

No. 2006101

The fact that now whenever you Google any woman, you get an Civitai image creeps me out

No. 2006105

Hate this so much almost irrationally. All gay men think they are pop divas it has to be a brain eating worm

No. 2006124

Normies do this with every subculture or group tbh. More than ever, it really shows how important gatekeeping is and why it's important that a strict adherence to board culture is kept, even if it is very annoying at times. I am sure those ladies would be disappointed to know most anons lead very mundane lives and don't really want to interact with children or hear about their stupid high school nonsense since we are mostly beyond that shit. I kind of went off on a tangent at the end, but i just hate how normalised being underage and screaming about it from the heavens is, you can even smell it in their typing and they make no attempt at hiding it. I recall being a minor online being quite shameful and something that needed to be hidden.

No. 2006125

How did they get so boring and uninspired? Is it the lack of cocaine or what? I feel like it wasn't that long ago since gay men were actually making unique stuff and being creative instead of trying to be bland pop girls.

No. 2006133

The internet happened. Now instead of just having weird transatlantic accents they stole from Paris is burning and spending time developing any sort of real interests they try to mimic black women nowhere near them regionally and argue on twitter from three different burner accounts over shitty pop music.

No. 2006161

File: 1715932461777.gif (983.7 KB, 275x275, 1000015924.gif)

>things you hate
Women who are old enough to be your mom, yet speaking like a teenage valley girl to appeal. I would say older people in general, but it's mainly women that unironically do this. Forty is too fucking old to be talking like you're still in highschool, my ma'am. It's bad enough that it's everywhere with my own age group, I don't need to hear it from women that are old enough to have a master's.

No. 2006194

I seriously don’t understand how any woman can divorce the word “daddy” from when they called their father that as a child. My dad is who I see in my head when I hear that word. So gross.

No. 2006201

I mean I get it kind of my dad was emotionally abusive and I often called him by his first name and most certainly not at any age did I call my own father, daddy. I think it’s a deep rooted trauma response sort of thing combined with porn brainrot when it’s not pure Pickmeism

No. 2006209

File: 1715937885935.jpg (20.17 KB, 633x363, Fqsoj8VXwAwn92A.jpg)

I fucking loathe styrofoam and markers. Even seeing them sparks insane amount of hatred in me, but mostly the sound/feeling of them.

No. 2007268

Apartment complexes. Apartment buildings >. If I wanted to feel like I'm in a home, I would get a townhouse. And if you're visiting, it's more confusing to find where you're trying to get to.

No. 2007294

Adult women and especially men omg

No. 2007340

this was awful, not a a good album starter kek
also didnt like slippery people

No. 2007354

Women in their 40+ were the original valley girls though?

No. 2007356

It's an accent, you don't just magically get rid of your accent once you hit a certain age

No. 2007360

I’m never so gonna stop saying like in every sentence and grotty and calling every one dude, not just when I’m middle aged but also an old head.

No. 2007389

I just wrote "that" and auto correction changed it to "16th hats", with a top hat emoji. wtf does that even mean

No. 2007559

File: 1716028291369.jpg (323.95 KB, 1080x2124, Screenshot_20240518_110210_Ins…)

The fucking flag. So this year we're adding the intersex colors? You can bearly see that it's supposed to be the lgbt flag.

They kill my will to go to pride every year a little bit more, meanwhile we do need pride, especially now that the right wing retards got elected

No. 2007571

Even Croatia's dealing with this dumb bullshit?

No. 2007577

Yes, for years now. They love to keep up with the online trends

No. 2007594

File: 1716032691578.png (559.14 KB, 1170x1658, boykisser.png)

femboys and their online "culture"

No. 2007596

Femboys stole boykisser from the girlies

No. 2007600

what? when was it even for the girlies?

No. 2007607

Original rainbow or gtfo. All the other alterations are fugly or unnecessary.

No. 2007616

Kek, so now it's some sort of conveniently minimalist piece that can be fragmented so it can lose its meaning even further? What's even the point of a flag? And I'm guessing the idea is to show the different styles (known as identities by trannies and gendies) because of the divisions of the rainbow part. I guess the designers understood that adding more and more stuff until it covered the rainbow was too on the nose.

No. 2007619

the original drawing was made by a woman and some femqueer from twitter stole it and added the "you look like you kiss boys" phrase

No. 2007625

The word 'twink.' At this point it's just a slur haggots use against attractive young males.

No. 2007627

Yeah, twink is just a PC way of saying faggot now.

No. 2007645

File: 1716037915910.png (197.01 KB, 1280x1703, Coat_of_arms_of_Croatia.svg.pn…)

I THINK it's supposed to be the fields of our countries flag? It's hard to tell tbh,but I assume it is since the theme this year seem to be the elections

No. 2007714

i hate when the tinfoil thread devolves into sperging over israel or meat for the thousandth time. i'd rather read about conspiracy theories instead of having to scroll through ramblings about the same topics over and over again when they've already been discussed to death.

No. 2007731

Really I hate how retarded I am with fashion but I literally can't tell a difference at all

No. 2007737

Why can't people just be balanced. No sterile hospitals rooms or overcrowded hoarders nest. Why does it have to be one extreme or the other. I like my trinkets and I also like having things clean and organized.

No. 2007738

I like the one on the right because it looks more casual, but still put-together and tasteful. The one on the left makes her look like an IG baddie.

No. 2007890

Love how her shoulders look on the left with the halter top, I just love halter tops tbh

No. 2007895

On the left her shoulders look broader. The straps sitting further down her breaks the width up. And personally I think the left looks restricting on her but that's clearly not the popular opinion here lol.

No. 2007896

dua lipa looks like such a troon, I’m sorry

No. 2007923

File: 1716052108465.jpeg (88.42 KB, 548x548, FA63EA2F-1FA3-47E3-91F5-61A8F3…)

i posted the pic and i agree in part, i would've picked out a more normie, slightly looser fitting tank top for her, but still with a high neckline. point is, everything that emphasises the shoulders looks better in my book.
well i'm sorry but the makeup ain't helping.

No. 2008602

I really hate that smaller businesses close by 4-6pm here. When I get a weekend day off I want to sleep in until 12-2pm which leaves a very small amount of time for food, driving, and picking up some items. It also sucks since by the time I'm off work everything I like is closed anyway.

No. 2008673

When there's a narrator change in audiobooks. Hate it so much when that happens. Throws me off every time.

No. 2008696

Oh my god, same! It completely throws me off. Happily listening to a lady’s South African english accent or whatever and suddenly Bam! it’s an old British guy. It’s never made me unable to finish the story but it almost does. The voice of the narrator affects the reading a lot. I would listen to more audiobooks if they had voices I liked. The narrator for The Power by Naomi Alderman was really good, she literally got me through the weak parts of the story and made me feel like it was some fun bullshit instead of some regular bullshit kek — but the wrong narrator ruins even a good story so it’s extra disappointing when you’re enjoying one voice and a totally different one swoops in and crashes your audio party. I’m trying to remember a specific example of this I heard in the last year but it’s escaping me

No. 2008709

bad/ugly threadpics make me irrationally angry. I need to touch grass, probably

No. 2008721

I was listening to an audiobook of this one fanfiction and first there's this British lady and on chapter six it changes to some lady with a very thick German accent and a bit of a monotone. I don't really mind the accent but at least stay consistent ffs.

No. 2009326

I like this song but I've always hated the mv. I guess that's the vibe they were going for but it feels so gross and sweaty, Fiona looks unhealthy and the scenes in the bathtub with the moid's feet make me fucking GAG

No. 2009418

i hate that this is how i learn about this album. i have hopes for the nationals cover of heaven but other than that my expectations are on the floor. thanks for the tip nonna

No. 2009487

Ugly chevron aside, the way the stripes are divided on the checkers is so ugly, holy shit, why didn't they just make each square 50/50?

No. 2009613

Zagreb is known for this shit. Rest of the country is fine.

No. 2009952

Women who think it’s a flex to only be friends with moids, knowing they just want to screw them, but don’t care because they would rather have an entourage of leg-humping apes and orbiters than actual friends. It’s embarrassing and it’s not something to brag about.

No. 2009978

Yeah, I never liked it either, I prefer her other mvs. She got way too much hate for it though.

No. 2009983

I hate sampling and idiots who defend it. Your "artist" can't make anything from scratch, just face it. And it says something that the modern "artist" who does it the most is Kanye West, kek.

No. 2010104

I hate people that try to shill korean sunscreens to me, mostly because I live in a country with a really high level of uv rays, so our sunscreens are some of the best for protecting skin. Maybe korean sunscreens would work in other countries, with less intense sun, but not in mine.

No. 2010108

File: 1716166393471.png (11.72 KB, 333x85, 1000014396.png)

Twitter/tiktok meme replies making their way here (this was in response to some random vent)

No. 2010113

June is near, I wouldn't be surprised if this recent influx of zoomerspeak was due to summerfags taking their Tumblr vocab, Twitterspeak, and Reddit spacing from their normie corners and bringing them here, like those Spanish settlers bringing their diseases to the Americas.

No. 2010133

I've never been on twitter or tiktok and I use that term. It's much older than that one interview, that's why he used it. But still, you can hate whatever you want, is just not only a them term.

No. 2010161

i hate a term like whomp, which ppl like me have been using since watching Recess as a kid, is now considered twitter speak. i get even more twisted over this happening to "finna"

No. 2010398

hate against ordering on alibaba or temu or something has got to be amazon FBAers or something who are scared of realizing they're literally just the useless middle man collecting money for nothing

>it has lead! it has asbestos! it WILL poison you!

all of it is the same exact crap you get from walmart, dollar store, target, etc. probably made in the same factory too

No. 2010408

It's going to be so bad, especially since so many zoomers see this site as an femcel watering hole and instead of being a deterrent during the height of the creepshow art era. I'm going to keep the farm hands in my thoughts and prayers and i hope they are organizing multiple hell weeks.

No. 2010419

Unbelievably based. And the solution to the lead issue from what I read is to simply wash it with regular detergent before you wear it. Common sense.

No. 2010444

I think it's got more to do with the overconsumption of cheap low quality crap (that gets thrown away or ends up in the thriftstore quickly)

No. 2010450

if its overconsumption it's definitely an issue, even just looking at the target or walmart site right now I see them charge 40-200$ for basic plastic storage supplies, organizers, etc when I see the exact same thing on aliexpress or something for less than 5 bucks, I wouldn't even mind paying a few extra dollars for being able to pick it up on a whim at my local store instead of waiting a month for shipping, but I see like 200-8000% markups for "profit" and none of the excuses make sense
>it's for shipping prices rising!
still plenty of affordable shipping options that haven't changed in price much
>it's for labor costs rising!
no?? they're not paying their employees crap either, they keep their stores understaffed and workers underpaid. at least have recepts if theyre gonna pull that card
>muh shoplifting
anyone who believes this is a clown

No. 2010455

Most people don't care in Zagreb either. I hang around many "alternative" spaces that are very into lgbtq bullshit on the surface and everyone you speak to will openly make transphobic jokes and secretly tell you how they're sick of certain known trannies in the scene. I can't tell if the same applies for the younger than 23 crowd though, it seems they're a lot more eager to kiss tranny ass, when I went to pandakon last year half of the girls under 20 referred to themselves in male pronouns kek

No. 2010500

Exactly. It's especially grating when it's someone who doesn't have a lot of money who insists on buying Aliexpress crap at a 10,000% markup on Amazon because 'the Chinese ones are all fake'. It's the same product from the same factory with the same copyright issues. Just fucking buy the cheap ones already and stop convincing yourself that going to a physical store or Amazon will protect you from fakes, shitty quality, and lead.

No. 2010554

This. And now they're taken over Etsy/other small businesses trying to pass their crap off as homemade. Even if it was all Chinese crap, back in the day it was like what a 20-50% mark up? Now I see them trying to charge insane amounts of money for penny items

No. 2010561

File: 1716204287775.gif (53.19 KB, 320x240, 1000016825.gif)

>things you hate
Parents that treat their kids like a Circus attraction and tell literally any and everybody about their kid's business. Their health problems, what they got grounded for, what they're insecure about, specific things they personally need, and even their fucking puberty. Parents coined "stranger danger" yet seem willing to overshare when their son's balls dropped or when their daughter got her period. It is so particularly evil when parent's do this shit, I don't care if the parent is sharing this with another family member because relatives don't have to know everything about you. Guarantee these same parents never tell everybody their own personal shit like how often they really want to divorce. Nope. But they treat their kids like tourist attractions like they're not human enough to deserve some privacy. It's sick, it's wrong, and that's how you end up with children who (in the future) never tell you jack shit.

No. 2010590

Worked with a guy who had all daughters and.. sole custody. Why would he come into work and tell us about how one of them got her period at a really young age and he'd often 'catch her' washing her sheets because she'd leaked during the night. Or about the time she even leaked at her grandparents house! or that his 12 yr old is probably a lesbian because she doesn't seem girly enough to be straight.

Acted like a saint for being a step up single dad but then he'd brag about them essentially raising themselves, being 'well trained' to cook and clean and he'd ask if his eldest giving pretty typical teenage pushback is proof she must be bipolar like her mom. If you enagaged with him in any convo about the kids it'd quickly become.. well haha I could reeally do with a woman at home for this stuff.. if only I could meet one.. nudge.

No. 2010593

File: 1716208428524.jpeg (57.67 KB, 650x611, IMG_1065.jpeg)

I hate being woken up by earthquakes.

No. 2010608

I was and still to an extent that tourist attraction child, all my mom's friends who haven't seen her in a long time and come to visit HAVE to see me, and talk about how I changed from a baby into a woman and how I used to look, act, and talk as a toddler as if I'd remember or care about all of that, kek.

No. 2010611

Are you okay?

No. 2010612

those poor girls. i've often thought fathers are mostly useless when it comes to raising daughters even if they love them and aren't abusive. stories like this pretty much reinforce that view.

No. 2010617

File: 1716211639147.jpeg (74.69 KB, 750x712, 9EF21954-9424-4187-BACF-637AB8…)

>watch video on insta about some guy using his cats hair to give to birds for their nests
>Normies in the comments are unironically bitching about birdfags being knowledgeable and warning them to only do it under specific conditions

Normies are so fucking retarded holy shit. I’m not a birdfag but who complains about people WANTING to inform other people? Some of them even complain about the information with their name, face, and businesses attached. Even going as far as to make fun of people who are just trying to look out for the animals? Like where am I? The internet has taken such a hit since the piece of shit pandemic where now the retards have been let loose and have a mouth piece too

No. 2010623

My mother is like this. Years after moving out, she still begs for pictures only to blast them to all her friends, neighbors, acquaintances as well as total fucking strangers she randomly adds online, some of whom end up stalking and bothering me on my own socials. When I was a child she complained about my mental health issues, crushes, grades, menstrual cramps, literally anything to her girlfriends. She's a nice mom otherwise, but I'm not telling her anything and she isn't even getting a Christmas card anymore.

No. 2010628

File: 1716212600397.jpeg (34.95 KB, 335x628, IMG_0756.jpeg)

When normies will never be granted the opportunity to gain millions on exploiting asians, being a dementia politician on their death bed with unfettered access to top state secrets or being born the silver-spoon child of this dementia politican who spends his time snorting coke off the back of his own cousins he abused and trafficks the only thing they can do to claim their prize possession as a cope so they don’t kill themselves by swerving themselves right in front of a semi-trailer in the middle of the freeway otw to work from the crushing realization that they are tools who have nothing else to look forward to but to fuck, breed, and be redditors is by churning out babie for the same system that is built to crush their souls and dreams. It gives the normie that 18 year of bourgeoisie taste of life author to be able to dictate the fate of their own creation and that is why reproduction is a powerful tool that should have never been left in the hands of normtards and men begging for kids they won’t even acknowledge or care for. It’s the very reason why female authoritarianism is the only way to go for the end goal of peace and fairness. That’s why the word “author” is in the word. We have let men be the authors of our own lives for way too long

No. 2010696

File: 1716219280118.jpg (14.57 KB, 320x239, 1000015925.jpg)

>things you hate
Overweight people who complain about being fat, but don't try or act retarded about losing weight. If you're trying to lose weight, newsflash, eating fast food all week and drinking a smoothie on a Friday isn't going to be effective. I know a relative to swore that she was going to lose weight, and that was back in 2013. Well it's been over ten years, she's still like 200 pounds, but she still "swears" that she'll lose weight. Kek, girl you had a decade.

No. 2010699

People buying something (usually skincare or makeup) and THEN going online to ask if it's any good or how to even use it. How fucking retarded are you?

No. 2010700

File: 1716219952538.png (Spoiler Image,378.14 KB, 582x686, Screenshot 2024-05-20 114400.p…)

When non-black people who don't hang around black people ever start using aave and use it fucking incorrectly. You don't sound cool confusing dab with dap kyle, fuck off. You're not part of the in group. An honourable mention is when non-americans people feel the need to say y'all because they want to give of the aura of a sassy woman and it just sounds wrong because they fucking live in the middle of Europe and i am not even a burger fag. It comes across are really cringe and try hard. Picrel, honestly reminded me of brad taste in music when i saw it kek. Spoilered to protect your vision.

No. 2010723

I’ve become fascinated by the level of delusion that most fat people are under after having to live with one. Like I had a friend who was fat, but she ate normal when we hung out and she said I just must have a lot faster metabolism than her. I knew metabolism excuse is BS but I just accepted it as her being 2 inches shorter than me or maybe having a secret health reason for the weight. We became roommates and I found out she only eats sweet breakfasts drowned in honey or syrup or sausage and eggs, then grabs like 10 sugar laden processed snacks before lunch and has lattes with yet more sugar, and just in general has really large portions of everything. Yet she would claim not to be big on sugar and limiting her intake. Then when we would hang out with her family, all of them and their dogs were fat, and they would eat piles of meat and cakes. My mere presence apparently made them feel guilty as they would always comment on how skinny I was and how they must be fat because the vegetables in the US are lower calorie, despite them not even eating any vegetables kek. If you ask them to keep a food diary they will somehow forget that bag of chips and entire sleeve of cookies they polished off and omit the latte thinking it has no calories. And they meme themselves into believing the sad wilted iceberg leaf on their burger is a serving of vegetables

No. 2010739

Lately I’ve been hearing the most ridiculous nonsense from “fatlibbers”, like claiming it’s actually physically impossible to permanently lose weight. They cite like one copestudy and proclaim any effort to lose weight is pointless and that whatever weight you are is “the weight your body wants to be at,” and that it’s “unhealthy to try to force your body out of the weight it naturally wants to have”

No. 2010742

i dont like the spread of y'all its started appearing in the uk a few years ago and has joined the likes of "driver's licence', 'feds', 'cell phone' etc so it will probably be here to stay

one of my friends tried to start saying y'all, i have and will always associate it with cowboys, so i reacted to her post with the cowboy smiley emoji then posted a cowboy gif

No. 2010743

Nta but this is so true.

No. 2010886

>An honourable mention is when non-americans people feel the need to say y'all because they want to give of the aura of a sassy woman and it just sounds wrong because they fucking live in the middle of Europe and i am not even a burger fag.
when i pointed this out here a few years ago so many euro anons got upset kek you're right

No. 2010910

Actually in London that has been used as slang for the police for as long as a remember. Idk how it is for the rest of the south of the UK. I think i will bully anyone who says cell phone though.
I'm not sure why they got upset lmao.

No. 2011037

Fandoms. Especially those ones related to the entertainment business. 99% of the userbase is terminally online, prone to start drama/petty bullshit slapfights and about as easy to get along with as a beaten mule with the Taco Bell trots.

>The internet has taken such a hit since the piece of shit pandemic where now the retards have been let loose and have a mouth piece too
They've always been around ever since the dawn of the Internet; used to be relatively easy to avoid them up until social media gained popularity.

No. 2011061

For fucking real. I had a moid friend who would constantly whine about being fat and never reaching his goal weight, and blames it on his "food environment" because he still lives with his parents and they always buy processed shit and junk food, so he "can't control himself" nor make his own meals because muh ADHD. The worst part is that he actually does get more exercise than your average obese fatty because he bikes to work everyday, and yet still can't lose weight. I can't imagine how much food he must be stuffing his face if he's still obese when he
>has moid metabolism
>6 ft 3
>bikes 16 km to everyday
Such a waste of space.

No. 2011107

File: 1716241947866.jpg (278.71 KB, 1920x1080, dumb shit head momen.jpg)

I hate this stupid shit cartoon from Russia. I wouldn't even hate it but in 2014-2016 there was an epidemic of people saying "Omg Momen was my childhood!" but that shit never aired where I live. So that means they're fucking lying. Inb4 "what about VHS!!" nobody and I mean NOBODY is buying their 6 year old Russian VHS tapes of some dumbass cartoon from Europe. So I know they were lying about it and what pisses me off is I don't even get WHY they were lying. So what if you found out about Momen when you were a teenager? Why are you trying to pretend it was a big part of your childhood? I've kept this grudge for 8 years because these Momen people were so fucking annoying they would bring it up always and do fan art of the stupid white dog character and the ugly Russian boy character with the big nose and stupid hat. It was such a big thing. I guess I don't hate Momen but I hate liars and pretenders and specifically people that lie about shit and say it's from their childhood when really it was from 2014 Tumblr fanart circles. Whatever though.

No. 2011129

omgggg noooooot moomin slander ;_; kekekeke it is NOT RUSSIAN it is finno-swedish ;_; idk where you're from but its been huge in Eastern and Northern Europe in the 90s, and there is a sort of a theme park in Finland for Moomins, they sell all sorts of merch and ppl love moomin to this day ;_; it's based on a series of kids stories by Tove Jansson, unlike the cartoons today, it is actually full of value that's why people love it so much
(unintegrated emoticons newfag)

No. 2011136

I hate the newfag infestation that has been plaguing this site for the last week, it should be too early for schoolkids to be on vacation, is CC rejects? Tiktok zoomies? You're like cockroaches, go back.

No. 2011145

Okay but I'm not Finno-Swedish and I don't live in Finno-Swedeland or Russia so why would anybody around me know about this stupid cartoon? It's not full of value it's full of lies and deceit as well as deception. It makes me sick. I hate all the liars that were around me when I was a teenager lying about that cartoon, those trust issues they gave me still pervade my spirit even to this day. Also I don't know if semi-colons and underscores mean different shit in Finno-Swedeland but to us normal people it seems creepy and weird. So. Again like I said I don't hate Momen specifically I just hate it because everybody pretends it was sooo well-known and sooo global and sooooo worldwide so much so that everyone's parents went on Russian eBay to buy VHS copies of it, when in reality that's all lies because again WHO would know about Momen besides people from Russia or Finno-Swedeland or whatever?
Me too it's driving me insane. I lurked forever before I started posting and even then I felt like I was doing it wrong. It seems like people that joined after the pandemic don't want to lurk or integrate at all and it brings down the quality of the site, especially in /ot/ and /m/. I guess the cockroaches don't like to infest /snow/ because I find that the same as it's always been, and /w/ has always been by retards for retards so there's not much to say there.

No. 2011148

The moomins isn’t Russian or even Eastern European, it was made by a Finnish woman and is mostly popular in Northern Europe where it originated and also Japan, due to an adaptation of it airing and being produced there. The Mormons aired in Europe obviously (so that explains why people online claim they watched it growing up, they might be European) and while the moomins did not air in the mainland USA it did air in Hawaii, I would presume due to the high proportion of Japanese Americans living there and the popularity in Japan.) also factoring in the new age of the internet, it is inevitable that American kids stumble across clips on YouTube very young on the computer and then later on claim it as a childhood cartoon. Learn how to moomin, Nona… and don’t diss my boy snufkin like that

No. 2011154

File: 1716244144574.png (314.97 KB, 592x695, moominknife.png)

nta but moomin are very famous in europe, even though it was not as popular in the uk people have still heard of it and would recognise a moomin

disney even tried to buy the franchise but were turned down as 'they would ruin it'

No. 2011157

>The Mormons aired in Europe obviously
Okay but I'm not from Europe? I'm just saying that Mormons weren't a thing where I grew up, it didn't air on TV, there wasn't any VHS tapes, nothing. Youtube didn't exist when I was a kid, so these liars that say "Oh Mormon was my favourite cartoon character growing up!" had no way to even know what Mormon was or anything. They found it from the Mormon x Ugly Boy fanart on Tumblr that started getting popular in 2014-2016 and then they pretend like it was real cartoon and not the dirty fanart of the Mormon thing and the Ugly Boy. It just pisses me off because why are you lying about knowing what Mormon was when you were a kid when obviously you didn't know what it was? Why are you pretending? It's weird and antisocial.
>They're sooo famous in Europe
Okay but I'm not from Europe and there's no Europeans around me because they all stayed in Europe just like the Mormon cartoon did. That's my point. If I lived in Finno-Swedeland or Russia or European then I would obviously know about the Mormons, but I didn't grow up there so I didn't know about them and only found out from seeing reblogs in 2014 on Tumblr. I'm okay with admitting that because I'm not odd or peculiar. Some people are creepy though and like to pretend they grew up with it when they didn't, and that's what I hate. So again I don't necessarily hate the Mormons but I do hate the liars that say they knew what Mormon was when they were kids when they definitely did not know it until they say weird fanart online circa 2014.

No. 2011158

I get a bit excited whenever I see a non-trolling summerfag, it feels like making a new friend. It’s a “hello world” moment for sure. Welcome little one

No. 2011160

>Disney gets rejected from trying to take over Moomin
Fucking BASED.

No. 2011175

File: 1716244648734.png (265.04 KB, 540x404, 1000016844.png)

Samefagging, but do asian people like Moomin too? Drew Snorkmaiden while I was bored in lecture once, and an Asian classmate came up to me to tell me that she loves Moomin and liked my drawing.

No. 2011179

i have a feeling you're deliberatly being obtuse
>Finno-Swedeland or Russia
you keep saying this despite the fact it has been pointed out to you, multiple times that, moomin are from finland written by a fenno-swedish woman

No. 2011180

Ok, I get what you’re saying about the weird posturing. That is weird. It comes off as narcissistic when people lie about frivolous things like that… no one cares if you liked that thing before anyone else. That irks me as a OG American-slavic moomin kid.

No. 2011183

File: 1716245127813.jpg (38.4 KB, 474x597, momen.jpg)

Thank you for understanding and verbalizing what I meant to say. I can always trust you Slavs to understand me and my spirit. I have no problem with the actual Momen cartoon. If you watched it because you're European or Russian that's fine. But my thing is when you are half-way across the world WHY are you lying about seeing an obscure non-released cartoon from the 90s in the early 2000s before Youtube made it easily accessible? Like it's weird. I hate people that lie about simple shit like that. And it was like they ALL started liking it and "knowing about it from childhood!" only AFTER the fanart got popular on Tumblr so I know for a fact they saw it on there and then were embarrassed about liking a Fenno-Swede cartoon from the 90s meant for 5 year olds so they had to pretend that it was such a big part of their childhoods when it wasn't but that's cringey to me. Why be embarrassed about watching the Momen cartoon as a teenager if it's as good as you're all saying? Why lie? Ugh.

No. 2011200

fuck you, it's a casual thread not an academic dispute and I'm not a new fag. I committed a CRIME against lolcow decorum using "emoticons" in the name of moomin. I'll take it but I won't take moomin slander kek.(ban evasion)

No. 2011205

STAHP please it's so hard not to spam emoticons this is making me seriously emotional kekkkkkk

>MORMONS is not a real cartoon

bitch stop trolling kek

>semicolon creepy and weird
;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; you never seen the crying Winnie the Pooh memes? they're made very scary and creepy in fenno-sweden to scare off amerifags that also fear moomin. sorry MORMON kek

>Moomin=no value

bitch I'm crying rn I hope the Groke comes for you at night and gives you sleep paralysis kekkeke(ban evasion)

No. 2011262

File: 1716251196545.png (483.33 KB, 1080x1512, 1713999874557l-1.png)

Seeing blatantly pedophilic stuff going viral on twitter has been extremely depressing. Gooning and child gf in particular is what's bothering me.

No. 2011265

I’m a shotafag but the emphasis on “child” and specifically referring to themselves as pedos is super gross, why are moids like this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2011267

I've seen weird fetish "edging" edits (instagram-ish photos of real girls with tons on text over it like your picrel) with phrases like "18? what is wrong with you? why do you find her so hot? do you know that she's barely legal" this is so wrong" shit all over it and it disgusts me. Creeps like that get off on others saying how evil and different from others they are. This is why you shouldn't give them attention other than just reporting if you see one.

No. 2011272

I remember for a while on twitter, you were able to find "loli hypnosis" videos, where the girls in the videos would slowly go from adult women to actual little girls. Men are so fucking evil I genuinely can't take it sometimes

No. 2011276

I wanna puke. I hate men. They’re completely controlled by their dicks. We need to start genetically engineering moids to be asexual eunuchs

No. 2011491

Drawing or not, it's still weird that those people are attracted to something that looks 10

No. 2012516

I hate retarded labels like demisexual. It's a retarded term by itself but most people I see using it don't even fit the definition at all kek. It seems like they think if they don't want to fuck literally anything that moves they must be demisexual all of a sudden as if that's not just having standards or completely normal. Like holy shit you need an emotional connection to want to fuck someone? That's so unique and special man, as if that's not what most humans aim for as their ideal relationships since we're a mostly monogamous species. Just because some people do hookups doesn't mean the norm isn't still to date and then marry one person you're in love with. It's so annoying how they think they're so special compared to everyone else and if you disagree you're just not well educated enough or some shit kek

No. 2012562

i just think anyone who talks like that sounds STUPID

No. 2012566

kek sounds like my dad, he told everyone i gasp made out with my boyfriend at the time i thought it was so shameful but really it's like I was 15, I could've been doing a lot worse. And he was a hoe.

No. 2012581

File: 1716321850946.jpg (81.75 KB, 750x750, 939ae2526aef0c1e3aba46ceefe0f7…)

I hate when butch lesbians style their hair like a 12 yo edgy boy would do. I general, I think that very short cuts (not counting buzzcuts) do no favours for women unless they have very square jaws but I particularly hate these hairstyles, I think they only suit little boys and look unflattering to anyone who's grown up. Moids look tryhard in these, women look bad.

No. 2012584

File: 1716321930948.jpg (52.65 KB, 630x948, 1000016861.jpg)

How's this?

No. 2012593

Eh I wouldn't put this in the "edgy 12 yo short haircut", more like a '20 inspired look. Looks weird but not too bad.

No. 2012601

If you think ANYTHING looks better on men you’re a pickme beyond redemption. It’s men who can’t pull of very short hairstyles

No. 2012607

Never said that men look better, I said that it's a different kind of bad lol.
Since when saying "tryhard" means looking better, it gives off "I didn't grow up and I'm still a pretty mama's boy who acts good at the hair salon to get icecream" where in women it throws me off real bad because of all styles they decided to go with the little boy look which is unfortunate as shit.
Waffles and pancakes, holy shit.

No. 2012620

not men but 12 year old boys

No. 2012637

Men look better in slutty, loose, booty-short clothing than women. Men also look better with bruises all over their body and face.

No. 2012665

I think because women’s faces are less severe we can pull off both long and short hair, I personally think really short hair suits women best given our facial features are again less severe. Men however always look better with more framing (longer hair) because their faces are more robust and are prone to looking… ugly. In an ideal world everybody should be able to wear their hair without taking their sex into consideration, because that’s stupid,,, but also men are ugly to me… please grow your hair longer so you can frame ur face

No. 2012666

“Hey my lovelies!”
I absolutely hate that kind of shit.

No. 2012674

How about "Hello my beautiful doves" kek so tryhard.

No. 2012694

I agree with this so much

No. 2013027

this looks even worse. ugly mushroom head

No. 2014006

File: 1716358893656.jpg (34.18 KB, 500x378, 1000016883.jpg)

>things you hate
The kind of bitch at work who thinks they're the manager when they're not, and try to breathe down your neck about shit even the managers themselves don't give a fuck about. Jesus christ, do these people have a clue of how disliked they really are? Why are they like this? I think people like that were the kind of kids in school who wanted to be on the same level as the teacher and went tattling for everything.

No. 2014284

File: 1716383517704.webp (25.99 KB, 602x752, Randall_weems.webp)

i've worked with people who acted like this and all of them had completely miserable lives outside of work. i guess pretending they were in control at their jobs made them feel better about clocking out and returning home to their dumpster fire of a life.

No. 2014884

It's unanimously agreed upon on here that beards look disgusting, but worse than its looks are the noises upon scratching. It takes the all of me to not push my co-worker out of the window whenever he scratches it like some flea-infested dog.

No. 2014888

ugh thinking about that set my teeth on edge. praises to your self restraint and hope someone shaves that gross bastard soon

No. 2014889

My brother often scratches and fiddles with his beard and he loses tiny greasy hair everywhere. Beards are disgusting and full of bacteria.

No. 2014912

>full of bacteria
This is bothering my ocd now. Thanks nona

No. 2014920

This made my skin crawl. Beards should be outlawed. I remember seeing studies that said beards have more bacteria than toilets and dogs

No. 2014935

Osamu Dazai
>he was abused, it's sooo tragic
Yeah and he should’ve been abused even more. His writing sucks and I wish I could travel back in time and kill him before he could involve women in his faggotry. At least he will be remembered by the younger generation as an anime boy who gets anally raped like the faggot he is.(unhinged)

No. 2015292

>His writing sucks
You have shit taste.(infighting/baiting)

No. 2015301

I hate people like you

No. 2015305

File: 1716419318671.png (46 KB, 618x103, IMG_5441.png)

>t. Yukio Mishima

No. 2015332

kek at least someone is on my side.

No. 2015379

I feel "y'all" in euros specifically is probably just subconsciously feeling the need to differentiate between singular and plural second person. I think I do that myself when writing online sometimes just out of habit. Does it really sound that cringe?
I do think it's kinda weird when random AAVE words become a trend/meme and every parrots it around for a couple weeks and then just forget about them like it never happened.

No. 2015534

File: 1716432130812.png (44.63 KB, 736x258, Screen Shot 2024-05-22 at 10.4…)

I saw this as a "perk" and I hated it immediately. How is "employee of the month" a benefit? I hate employers. I feel like nobody wants to talk about how no employers are willing to offer benefits anymore.

No. 2015704

Nta but imo "you guys" or "everyone" sounds more natural

No. 2015712

It's so impressive how people are capable of talking so much and saying literally nothing at all.

No. 2015720

It's so impressive how people can hear "like" or other filler words and be so distracted by them that the meaning of someone's dialogue is completely missed.

No. 2015721

That poor woman is genuinely damaged from all the meth and coke she's taken since she was a teenager. She's not fully here.

No. 2015724

sorry nona but i can barely understand what she's trying to say because she keeps diverting from her original sentence "and also" "and also" it's not just using "like" it's genuinely not being able to form a coherent sentence.

No. 2015729

Oh this is that same retard who defended a sexual abuser and attended an award show for pornhub, disregard everything she says

No. 2015732

She could've been serving, she had so much potential, but her brain is damaged from all the trauma and drugs she's been through over the years.

No. 2015736

>"75% of life is showing up: I think it's just showing up for yourself and the things that count, and when you're entering a situation instead of thinking "what can I get from it," think "what can I give to it," or "what can I bring to it?" Having that mindset will really change things for you, because that self-seeking attitude, that's not gonna get you anywhere"
To me this was perfectly articulated and very understandable but maybe I'm valleypilled and I've just been around this type of speaker for too long.
I didn't know all that I was just poking fun at people who hear "like" a few times and immediately discredit the person speaking.

No. 2015746

samefag but i'm an euro, it was really hard for me to follow, maybe you are indeed valleypilled kek

No. 2015749

Tell me the meaning then, professor nuance?

No. 2015751

Heavily valleypilled, this affectation is embarassing and she's fucking from new york.

No. 2015763

>You should be focused on giving your all in your endeavors instead of focused on thinking how they can benefit you: a self-serving attitude isn't an asset.
That's basically what she said. I got my PHD in valley-speak to English translation so you can trust me.
I'm not, like, gonna, like, argue with you, but, like, have a good, like, night.

No. 2016548

Fucking hate age-inappropriate pairings in fandoms. This goes for when they age up one party too to get away with how pedophilic it sounds, he met her as a child and now that she's grown up suddenly it's ok for him to bang her. Fuck this pedo shit so fucking much. I can never get behind the age gap romance if both of them met when one of them was still a literal kid. Gross ass shit all around

No. 2016574

File: 1716486966011.jpg (107.84 KB, 630x650, 1000002310.jpg)

I hate my small barrel curling iron. Fuck you past me for buying one that doesn't create big waves. I've been wanting a larger one but money wise there hasn't been a good moment. Pic related is all I want.

No. 2016754

it’s just fiction luv. it’s not real x

No. 2016829

my blood boils whenever I hear people describe any hispanic/latino/whatever as “Spanish.” We’ve been here for many years and really the inly way they know how to identify us is as “spanish?” Spanish is either the language or the Spaniards. How the hell do people still confuse this shit. My opinion of someone immediately lowers whenever I hear them describe hispanics as Spanish. Oh you are Spanish? No, I’m Mexican-American. Yeah same thing. Uh no??

No. 2016930

File: 1716497762592.jpg (47.95 KB, 636x382, 41948632-0-image-a-91_16188436…)

I hate face shaving.

No. 2016936

calm down bruv you’ll run up the ol’ cortisol levels lol x(bait)

No. 2016939

Do you know what thread this is?

No. 2017032

Irritating that companies have rebranded shaving in "dermaplaning" when it's not that at all, since dermaplaning requires a medical grade scalpel and is primarily about removing dead skin physically.

No. 2017035

Same. I got so upset seeing this from a youtuber I follow. This is how you fuck your skin up

No. 2017099

Even as a woman who gets a moustache and whiskers on my chin if I don’t shave, I’ll probably stick to threading and waxing over this shit. I’ve tried it before and it’s difficult to sanitise the razor enough so that you don’t break out. At least with waxing I don’t get a bunch of acne the next day if I’m diligent with benzoyl peroxide and an ice pack

No. 2017103

This seems like a really good way to get a bunch of microtears and fuck your skin up.

No. 2017104

I remember watching Alexandra’s videos years ago and got some of her videos in my recommended again. I’m not one to comment on other women’s appearances, but it’s a shame to see that she’s trying to look as white passing as possible recently. I think she’s done some skin lightening and some sort of injectable to her face

No. 2017328

Why are they so evil… legit think they need a birth control pill that controls their sex drive.

No. 2017334

That girl ruined her face because of her obsession with beauty. And yes, i'm really mad that shaving face fuzz is becoming a thing, it's sooooooo bad for your skin/

No. 2017339

Waxxing if done well reduce your hair growth by weakening/damaging you hair follicule. Threading is more complex imo, i'm a big fan of waxxing, it's easy and affordable + on the long term its rewarding.

No. 2017342

File: 1716514392160.jpg (74.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

girl she remodeled her whole face

No. 2017344

when people call 30 something year old people with NO CHILDREN milfs/dilfs. first of all horribly moidish & coomerish terminology. second of all are you fucking stupid it's there in the name

No. 2017345

I call men in their 20s with no kids ‘dilfs’ to make them seethe. Do I get a pass?

No. 2017346

File: 1716514512875.png (438.71 KB, 691x406, Capture d'écran 2024-05-24 033…)

Either the shaving has already caused damage of these girl suffered severe acnea and are dooming themselves for a new round of infection and break outs

No. 2017347

no because you're giving them the validation of being sexually appealing. just call them a used up scrote with saggy balls like a normal person

No. 2017355

They’re actually sexually appealing tho

No. 2017356

File: 1716515269080.png (787.75 KB, 942x540, um ew.png)

No. 2017357

In fact I’m going to do this on Instagram right now just to spite you

No. 2017360

>I'm gonna log on to social media and find scrotes to compliment! HA! That's just to spite you!
Fuck there's so many weird cringey losers on here.

No. 2017361

File: 1716515613750.jpeg (652.9 KB, 1020x895, FB9A591B-180A-4086-9EF0-D2B692…)

Don’t worry I only do this to really cute ones who already model professionally!

No. 2017363

gonna assume you're baiting to retain my faith in women

No. 2017687

When you talk about being treated shittily by women and someone says “but at least they didn’t rape you” like ok I guess?

No. 2017689

you think all the milf porn atresses have kids? its just a dumb coom meme that means ''older woman/man that could be my dad and i want to fuck''

No. 2017752

Kabosu (the doge dog) died!! I hate that!! Poor doge, I'm sure she had a good life though.

No. 2017965

How porn addiction has finally become a topic on social media and people are just using it to shame women who read erotic books. Meanwhile there is a growing community of men who are self-admitted addicts calling themselves gooners who spend all day jacking off and dedicate entire rooms to porn, but people decided to turn "goon" into a meme word instead of shaming them. Meanwhile if you talk about how exploitative and abusive the porn industry is, or how porn causes negative affects on your brain, or how comsuming porn affects how people view women, or how women should avoid doing porn, you still get told that's it's wrong to say that and it's actually empowering to do and watch porn. Meanwhile there are women who can't get a regular job ever again in their life cause they decided to do porn, no other job will trap you like that. There are hundreds of bigger issues with porn and porn addiction but people want to focus on women who read erotic fanfic and books.

No. 2017983

I still don't understand how a 500 page fiction book with the ballpark number of like three or four sex scenes is comparable to 24/7 plugged in access to live footage of possibly trafficked real live women being sexually brutalized for mens sexual entertainment

No. 2017984

Your best bet is posting stuff like this in /g/, they’re less judgemental on that board. It’s been made abundantly clear that /ot/ is now the board for fake radfems

No. 2018001

>just /ot/
more like the whole site kek. not gonna find any real ones on /g/ of all places

No. 2018012

No. 2018013

Tbh I think most radfems are gone from this website

No. 2018079

I think there's a few still lurking around but it's hard to want to stay with how some anons act with regards to women.

No. 2020899

File: 1716702286430.jpg (167.82 KB, 850x1063, __original_drawn_by_luimiart__…)

This specific genre of lolicon art freaks me out, because it's always obvious they're referencing real pictures. They also try to border on "cute and innocent"

No. 2020913


No. 2020917


No. 2020972

Hardly. The style is weird because it idealizes children in a style and form similar to what pedos find ideal. Children are often messy and flawed, they don't look like tiny ai adults with long perfect flowing hair. I said pedocore jokingly but it does teeter that line, who is consuming that content

No. 2021223

I hate when people argue over whether a unisex name suits boys or girls ‘better’, the whole point is that you can use it for either. I also hate people who insist that a unisex name is only for boys and accuse people who name their daughters those names of ‘stealing’ them from boys and making the names seem ‘too girly’ and ‘unusable’ for boys.

No. 2021236

I've seen this artist around and it's a shame I think his art is cute if you forget the type of person drawing it and consuming it. That's the worst part, he's deliberately sexualizing regular and mundane scenarios

No. 2021288

NTA but it literally is pedocore, like

No. 2021785

All the newfags who type like shayna “rly” “ppl” “mb”

No. 2022079

File: 1716774260955.png (1.96 MB, 1280x2139, 1000003715.png)

Evangelion. Girls pretend to like it to impress whatever weird dork they have a crush on and gays pretend to like it because of the faggy pics of shinji looking 14 (googled and he is 14) in the tight bodysuit. Trash. Garbage. Nonsense. You are not Asuka, you're just a cunt.

No. 2022086

Thanks. It's sus

No. 2022089

who are the kawoshin shippers trying to impress

No. 2022094

Other autists

No. 2022096

I don't know. When I was in high school there was this anime girl I didn't like and she used to take art commissions so I paid her $5 to draw Kawoshin yaoi porn. She did a good job and afterwards she stopped talking to me which was my end goal anyway. I hate Evangelion now though it's too mainstream.

No. 2022098

Most people get into Eva during their teens when they're the same age as the characters, if they're adults it's kinda cringe

No. 2022112

love posts like this because they remind me a good chunk of the site is just completely retarded with regards to media. if i see someone calling my taste shit, i'll just imagine you're behind the post

No. 2022120

I'm talking about adults

No. 2022121

Please, give us your shining reviews on why Evangalion is like Totes Amazing and We Wouldn't Get it.

No. 2022124

>justify yourself to me!?

No. 2022126

Get better friends

No. 2022133

Yup you're exactly the kind of person to splooge over Evangalion

No. 2022145

File: 1716778030147.jpg (132.12 KB, 1920x1080, cover14.jpg)

Based. I actually watched it and as a teen, too. It was mostly 14 yo crybaby (shinji) with daddy and mommy issues falling in love with a clone of his mom (Rey) and some adult woman who eventually makes moves on him so he'd actually save the world, but he doesn't save the world and everyone dies except him and the girl he hates who hates him back (Asuka), and somehow this is all about how relationships important, no relationships bad, but alsi otaku bad, anime bad, go outside good, but the fans of the anime are the people being criticized by it and they made it a weeb and otaku classic and the author started drowning in money to the point were he's making tons of new stuff (rebuild movies) to cash off it, but sure it's deep or whatever because 14 yo boy masturbates to comatose 14 yo girl and it's sooo shocking, and there's a gay angel. And all of this is because humans kidnapped one of the angles and cloned him for the evas they ride as weapons for war, but the angels are trying to retrieve him because technically humans are in the wrong here. I kinda cheered when their world came to an end because all of them were so insufferable. Oh and there's the blonde scientist woman who keeps blabbering on about how men and women are different and her mom is dead or whatever but she's dating Shinji's 50 yo dad because he used to date her mom? And she used to see them making out when she was a kid? Ok. There's this one mega pretentious analysis in my language about it that explains how the message is basically "life good, death bad" but symbolized by Christian and Jewish imagery and philosophies, even though the staff said they used it because it looks cool and never meant for it to have symbolism. This is a "deep" anime that no one can even agree what it's actually saying, because it's probably not saying anything. It's picrel imo.

No. 2022149

Yeah it in itself is pretty unremarkable but the pseuds who latch on to it solely for the visuals cream over how deep and intellectual it is. I can understand being that annoying as a teenager, but as an adult? Just incel fodder.

No. 2022151

>things you hate
I hate having to report cute or kind posts because they have an emoji. I always feel really mean when I do it because it must dishonour their spirits: to post a sweet reply and to be redtexted. It would make their hearts become misanthropic and rough them up to this jaded fucked up world… I hope the farmhands would make the bans shorter for the nice messages out of respect for the fallen.

No. 2022156

File: 1716778977941.jpg (410.02 KB, 1080x1133, 1000018337.jpg)

Memes made by males
>Rape haha pedophilia lol uhhh racism! Uhhh nazism! Hahaha!

No. 2022159

File: 1716779138146.jpeg (65.83 KB, 600x450, IMG_3876.jpeg)

I can’t believe Britbongs worship people this hideous.

No. 2022168

are you okay anon

No. 2022169

It's either rape or the general humilation of women with no in between

No. 2022170

just don't report emoji posts then?

No. 2022172

Right like if you're that emotionally attached to something so trivial maybe… close tab for a bit

No. 2022181

They still pay for their shit and their mundane lives generate tons of interest.

No. 2022190

And don't forget
>porn haha! Porn funny!

No. 2022191

I care more about the rules than feelings but way to make me feel bad for having a heart and being human.

No. 2022192

When they use nothing but videos of fat women as reaction attachments to their posts, too

No. 2022195

I dont get the people who follow royal drama. Megan Markle and her husband seem so boring. I do think their soap opera-like conspiracy theories are funny tho.

No. 2022218

File: 1716781667580.png (532.38 KB, 602x752, reported.png)

No. 2022219

Least autistic lolcow poster

No. 2022223

I am not the ugly cartoon rat boy!
Actually I do have autism but thank you for your kind words instead of mean cyber hate like what I have received so far.

No. 2022227

I know youre autistic anon, you don't have to tell me

No. 2022232

I hate that there is males on tumblr.

No. 2022235

I hate how snark reddits and other gossip communities think they're better than lolcow and kiwifarms because they're "justified" in their gossip.

No. 2022244

I visted Fundie Snark recently bc I wanted to know what 'reconstructed Christian' means and omg they’re so retarded. Insane amounts of cringe blogposts and patting themselves on the backs, 'that totally happened' stories about their relatives going to school with cows and embarrassing overused jokes. Lolcow at its worst is miles ahead.

No. 2022248

No offence to the person who made it but I hate current 'daddy’s little pork chop' banner so much kek. It viscerally disgusts me, it’s like body horror, I can’t stop imagining actual ass covered by roasted meat.

No. 2022263

lots of insane nitpicking but you say something that's not PC and they will ban you. all the upvote hungry blogposters are annoying too.

No. 2022305

One of the Girls Defined announced recently that she’s pregnant and she’s due in June, and there were bunch of blogposts about their June babies and how they took them to Pride the second they were born. Who cares about this shit.
Also the pathetic attempts at armchairing. We theorize about some cows here a lot, but they talk about them like they’re their distant relatives and they’re oddly invested in them, it’s weird at this point. Funny how you can have websites with strong guidelines against cow tipping etc. and we’re the evil ones because we say retard on here, but pc Reddit attracts the most psychotic weirdos.

No. 2022315

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. I think it's because those subs are full of normies who only follow cows in their niche interest, so they dont even consider that they may need to check their behaviour wrt to nitpicking, blogposting etc. They just assume they're perpetually in the right and can say whatever they want. But here we know it's a fairly mean spirited gossip forum and we're not talking shit about e-celebs to be virtuous, so there's enough self awareness to have ground rules.

No. 2022385

>Girls pretend to like it to impress whatever weird dork they have a crush on
I hate when people regurgitate sexist talking points like this.

No. 2022389

I hate the word snark, and it’s everywhere on reddit too so it’s inescapable.

No. 2022390

It isnt sexist. It's a thing normies do regularly and weebs know they do and complain about it on occasion but the moment you feel like something is directed at you even when it isnt suddenly its sexism. Spare me.

No. 2022444

No one wants to say it but europoor posters on this site are the worst. They're the most obnoxious and actively shit up threads with a rancid attitude. I'd be miserable if I lived in Europe too though.

No. 2022450

What comment made you post this? Is it perhaps from unpopular opinions?

No. 2022452

Yeah, no. You are delusional and sexist to think that girls pretend like eva because they want to impress some ugly scrote. Because irl they like it mostly either because of kawoshin or, just like men, "muh relatable teenage experience".

No. 2022453

I like it because I'm an angry woman with BPD and mommy issues just like Asuka

No. 2022459

I don’t even like evangelion, I just think you’re a sexist retard.

No. 2022506

You’re right and you should be able to say it here, especially when we have threads dedicated to hating weebs and talking about how they pander to moids to achieve true nlog/cool girl status. I’m tired of women saying they like anime like eva or coomer shit to impress moids or fit whatever -core zoomer shit is trendy at the moment. Weebs before were able to call people out and gatekeep but everything is so commercialized that if you say you spent any money on a franchise or series it makes you better than the people who don’t buy merch but have actually enjoyed it. You see it all the time in the consumerism thread with kids buying up figures from older series that are niche yet complain when it’s from a problematic series or something like picrel. I just want anime to be seen as a plague on society again so fandoms can heal from the damage normie men and women have done to it

No. 2022512

I know I'm right kek I hate how they're so sensitive about shitty anime like I havent seen dozens and dozens of posts whining about "normie women" being posers and pretending to like it for attention.

You aren't "just like Asuka" just because you're a cunt.

No. 2022588

You didn’t say ‘normies’ you said ‘girls’, how else is anyone supposed to interpret your original post?

No. 2022591

File: 1716809556038.jpg (100.63 KB, 270x221, fardded.jpg)

dont care didnt ask

No. 2022593

This. They hates nonny because she told them the truth

No. 2022596

okay samefag now jump off a bridge.

No. 2022669

People who coddle and baby their celebrity crushes (who are often fully grown ass 30-40+ men) are so embarrassing, literally none of these men are weepy angels who can't handle criticism/sexualization/etc they don't need to be protected, they're not in any danger, they usually don't care about any of that shit as long as they get their paychecks, sometimes they'll even play into it if it gets them more money. If they're legitimately bothered by that stuff (rare) they can retire. The vast majority of these men, including, actually especially those "sweet cinnamonroll" types do shit that's way more immoral than anything some random teen-20 something year old fangirls do. These motherfuckers wouldn't even blink at you if you caught on fire.

No. 2022688

>watching an interesting YouTube video about horror media
>youtuber decides to do some cringe ass skit
Fuck you Eyepatch Wolf and fuck any other youtuber that does this shit. I'm here to learn about the video topic not your stupid fucking oc content

No. 2022777

File: 1716820436819.jpeg (395.68 KB, 1534x2048, IMG_4459.jpeg)

I hate women who do this shit. Not everything has to be an ~aesthetic~ you dumb consoomer

No. 2022780

okay but what switch is that

No. 2022786

Looks adorable. Some of you really need to get off those radfem tumblr blogs and formulate your own opinion

No. 2022792

What is with anons lately and saying that everyone they don’t like is a radfem from tumblr?

No. 2022793

Its a steamdeck
>radfem out of no where
Honestly it sounds more like you need to get off those places, you sound a little traumatised

No. 2022794

If you dont worship every dumb thing a woman does you’re a radfem

No. 2022798

>this shit
….Take photos of their belongings?

No. 2022806

Who cares. Also waste of trips.

No. 2022812

Trips of truth, this is retarded

No. 2023015

I don't get it, is there some reason she can't have a cute handheld?

No. 2023499

I thought it was the opposite and that us radfems coddle women too much and think they can do no wrong? When will these spergs make up their mind.

No. 2023528

it's not new lol

No. 2023532

Its the same way normies now use pickme for girls who dont want male attention, they hear a new insult and use it for everything, even if it doesnt make any sense

No. 2023540

The turbo cringe reaction image says exactly what we all already know about you kek

No. 2023542

Theres nothing wrong with this but yeah they do spend a lot of money on things they discard quickly

No. 2023543

It's one samefag.

No. 2023727

This is stupid but I hate large meme accounts on instagram that become a personality/gimmick and begin to tell their life story in the caption like anyone gives a fuck, and the comments are all about the poster's day or whatever instead of the meme itself

No. 2023755

Meme accounts on Instagram ewww

No. 2023767

and all they post is stolen content from twitter/tumblr/reddit

No. 2023781

I hate how attachment theory has gone the way of TikTok pop psych because the level of self sabotage the average person does but never admits to themself is crazy. Most people are fucking cowards.

No. 2023788

Any psychology term or theory that's entered the popular culture is bound to be butchered by magazine and website authors that dumb down the idea to such an extend that it's unrecognizable and I hate it too

No. 2023956

File: 1716891257184.jpeg (417.04 KB, 1170x2068, IMG_5387.jpeg)

I hate food influencers. There is some good food content out there but 90% of them are just
>OTT facial expressions
>“LoOk aT that CheEsE pULl”
>”I’m just gonna dip thiss in the sauce and OH MY GODDD”
>table manners of a literal dog
>all of the same overpriced overhyped “trendy” food places

No. 2023963

i watched it when i was 14 and i didnt know a single other person who watched it but ok

No. 2023972

The only one I know is the balding troon who has his own thread on /snow/ and who always lets his dog eats on his plate and yells at waiters for misgendering him. What's the point of these videos? I find people posting pictures and info on the restaurants and food a lot more convenient. I've seen plenty of tiktok videos in my first language where the people filming try and utterly fail to seem professional and unbiased, typical they'll film the really greazy or sugary, usually halal food and the restaurants for ADHD patients to the point where you'd think it's a powerpoint presentation, they'll have a flat voice and speak super fast and they use zoomer slang. It's weird but they tend to get reduced prices from posting these videos so I kinda get it.

No. 2023973

12yo me watching the NGE episodes on tv to impress boys who have no clue what anime even is or who called it "chink chonk cartoons", sure anon, whatever you say.

No. 2024408

I hate it when someone smokes on the staircase.
But I also hate it when someone smokes on their balcony and the stink goes into my window.
And I hate it when neighbors smoke in their flats so it gets to me through the ventilation and socket outlets. No escape from this shit.

No. 2024445

File: 1716920722764.jpeg (30.82 KB, 475x317, IMG_4873.jpeg)

When people post a trope’s existence as a defense for ugly design decisions, as if white haired anime girl is any less retarded than the magical negro

No. 2024471

I liked it because it was retarded also the opening theme is fire. Same with "Beautiful world".

The facial expressions and the moaning are always so gross. At least they've stopped saying "food porn"

No. 2024475

is this you?

No. 2025271

I already said that means the post isn't about you. 12 year old you isnt an adult making mid, incel anime your only personality trait. Or at least I hope that isn't you.

No. 2025568

The Big Tobacco shill in the (now locked) unpopular opinions thread. Absolutely pathetic.

No. 2025608

That was so weird. What a dedicated sperg

No. 2026013

NONA MY SIDES I was literally thinking of this retarded video when I saw the post omg kekkkkkkk this is too good

No. 2026021

File: 1716970215983.jpeg (110.8 KB, 980x618, Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-980x61…)

Evangelion looks good, the story is good, the colors, the shadowing, the contrast, the gnostic undertones, the horror, the rawness of what the characters are experiencing, the whole thing is an aesthetic experience. You're the cunt because you have shit taste and you're sexist kek.

No. 2026023

The anime and the manga are not made by the same people, the manga is openly gnostic, the director Hideki Hano said that he used "christian symbols" because "it's cool" but it's actually part of the source material which has a veritable reason to use it. And the meaning of the anime, according to the director is not just "life good" it was a direct commentary about the growing community of hikokomories during his time which he related to. People that gave up on life to live in a world of fantasy, and what shinji does when he "masturbates" is clearly shown as wrong, it's not thinly vailed fetish. You're media illiterate and it shows.

No. 2026031

File: 1716972004178.jpg (49.29 KB, 620x895, impressing the moids with kawo…)

>Girls pretend to like it to impress whatever weird dork they have a crush on
Now this is a moid ass take

No. 2026035

Kinda OT but god these tiktoks make me cringe
I actually do think it's worse than a teenage girl is owning Sonico figures over an adult because she's literally the mascot of a porn game company, it would be like a teenage girl collecting playboy bunny or pornhub merchandise
And secondly MFC only banned loli/shota figures for a VERY short amount of time and even then it was only nsfw ones (they're no longer banned on the site by the way) anyone with eyes can clearly see that it's a lolicon figure.

No. 2026039

File: 1716973476772.png (315.08 KB, 1224x762, nekopara is the main example a…)

With that being said I do think women who delude themselves into believing stuff like sonico is 'actually for them' are unbelievably cringy but also pretty hilarious in a pathetic way.

No. 2026041

File: 1716973620919.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.9 KB, 640x569, BCDD5585-6-BC5-460-D-8-D75-BFF…)

Example of 'empowering female gaze' art made by and for women according to these people by the way.

No. 2026053

Why do people even like this type of anime style, they have huge bulbous head and a pin hole as a mouth. This is the laziest type of design and it's everywhere, is it not uncanny that everything is somewhat realistically scaled and anatomically correct except the head which's literaly, if you think about 3 second, humongous?

No. 2026084

kek, Kumi Koda was a cool gyaru not an anime moeblob, what is their point ?

I hate NGE for the push it gave for moe culture to take over. I know it was kind of an accident and the series itself isn't any more "moe" than whatever "girls in space" series from the 80s, but I feel like there's a lot of creators and series that got done dirty by the post-Evangelion context to a point where overall, Evangelion took more from us than what it gave.

No. 2026203

animecore and its consequences.. this fucking retard is beyond reason and i hope her collection catches fire and burns down

No. 2026216

The voice in this video sounds like AI, bet its a LARP account

No. 2026396

its pathetic that these women think they are being feminists for doing the exact same thing men want out of women. Fujos are based because they dont need to whore themselves to ''claim ownership'' of their sexuality.

No. 2026409

File: 1716997432937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.49 KB, 600x832, IMG_8222.jpeg)

It’s pretty funny how they’re almost riding on fujo bandwagons by saying ‘NO WE’RE JUST LIKE YOU GUYS’ no, you pick mes are nothing like us kek.
At most a few items in the group actually fall into female gaze but all of them are BL anyway (pic rel).

No. 2026436

File: 1716998183162.jpeg (754.23 KB, 1595x1400, E7E9D6A1-E0BC-4F11-A78D-B91DDA…)


No. 2026451

No. 2026459

Libfem women in my country are now virtue signalling that unsafe areas that are known for robberies, stabbings, murders and rapes are totally safe to walk alone in at night and warnings are just racism and bigotry. I personally know several girls who have almost been raped/kidnapped walking alone in those very areas. Playing stupid games and for what, for validation and social justice points online? What a useless price when you're left bleeding out in a ditch. And its sick that they're telling this to their impressionable fanbase of young girls, who'll stop taking precautions bc their influencer idol talks about walking alone in those areas at night and how safe it is.

No. 2026462

people who believe femgaze content = the complete removal of women in any capacity

No. 2026475

You don't even know what it means but you are trying to appropiate it.

No. 2026497

Trust me, I do.

No. 2026503

No, you dont
> the male gaze is the act of depicting women and the world in the visual arts and in literature from a masculine, heterosexual perspective that presents and represents women as sexual objects for the pleasure of the heterosexual male viewer.
Since the femgaze is the genderbent version of the male gaze, it doesnt have anything to do with women.

No. 2026516

Okay, now I know you don't know what you're talking about. Men are an inherent part of the male gaze just as much as women. In the male gaze, men play an important role as a conduit for one to act out the fantasies alligned with the male gaze.

No. 2026525

You have 0 reading comprehension. Yurishit is as male gazey as any isekaishit with a generic mc. Why do you think men hate when their CGDCT animeshit has male characters?

No. 2026538

No, you're the one with pissshit reading comprehension. I never said that one is mutually exclusive to other. However, to outright deny the importance of a male figure in malegaze is wrong. While yes, there exist malegaze for the sole purpose of being an observer like YuruYuri there is also an overwhelming amount of malegaze where there is a conduit for self-insertion for the male viewer. Like movies with an uggo fatass paired with a hot chick, isekai anime, harem anime, and so on. Which brings me to say, when someone says or implies all female gaze media or content should have zero women or else it is inherently for the male gaze (even if said content was made for and by women) I find that completely counterproductive if not completely retarded.

No. 2026548

but you were claiming that no woman = no femgaze, which isnt true. Yaoi is 10 times more femgazey than the average josei smut self insert crap where the female character is the core focus, not the man.

No. 2026590

nta but I think you really did misunderstand something important. this is the things you hate thread. she was just saying she doesn't like people who act like women can't be in femgaze content. she was not saying women need to be in femgaze content or that it's not femgaze if there are no women in it.

No. 2026594

so she just hates people that actually enjoys femgaze content? because she keeps trying to force her definition of femgaze that has nothing to do with the real meaning.

No. 2026598

Thank you. I'm not denying that yaoi is a femgaze media. It is, it's made for and by women. However, I hate those who act as if women in femgaze media must be hidden from sight or completely removed to be considered femgaze. To me, I just find it weird at best and downright misogynistic at worst, if in a form of content that was made for and by women women can't have any place or roles within that media. It's just weird.

No. 2026604

>because she keeps trying to force her definition of femgaze that has nothing to do with the real meaning.
Like you?

No. 2026622

File: 1717004897024.jpeg (206.03 KB, 1080x1239, twitterbrainrot.jpeg)

No. That's a whole new idea from what she said. She was talking about one specific thing. You are adding entirely new things to what she said. Don't be like picrel, get a grip. Don't come into this thread if you can't handle people describing one specific thing they dislike (literally what this thread is for). It's not an attack on you or what you like.

No. 2026640

Ngl I feel like the issue with femgaze media is that they keep giving the femc massive boobs that you have to push out of the way to see the actual content you're there for.
Not all of them, but at some point it's just not worth it.

No. 2026666

I think that's a mary sue trait.

No. 2026695

I hate, hate, hate when someone assumes I like cats when I say I hate dogs. Just because I hate oversized smelly loud shitbeasts doesn't mean I like the compact version either.

No. 2026831

Agreed, especially when men create works that also include male figures in their male gaze slop but that’s impossible for yaoi creators unless its a typical dumb tropey woman

No. 2026832

why would anyone want to see women in yaoi?

No. 2026833

You know characters exist outside of the two anal sex homos?

No. 2026836

except women in femgaze arent potrayed the same as men are in male gaze stuff. In male gaze stuff they are either faceless, ugly bastards or extremely generic like kirito. In female smut they are always anachans with gigantic breats and ass and caked in make up. Are you seriously calling women misogynistic for wanting their femgaze stuff to focus on men? seriously?

No. 2026837

and? why would i want to read about a woman in yaoi? I dont need female representation in yaoi of all things.

No. 2026840

I'd say it's easy enough to spot the difference in treatment from covers alone. Male gaze will at best, feature the man's arms/body but it'll be mostly just the women.
Female gaze will have the man in frame, but the cover is still mostly the woman, with him at the back like am accessory

No. 2026842

in male stuff its also mostly POV, meanwhile in female smut there are always panels showing the woman ahegaoing. Cringe as shit.

No. 2026843

It’s fun when there is a female character that’s well written and simply observes or eggs them on. It’s cringe when there’s a female character who is evil or just there to cockblock, reeks of internalized misogyny and male obsession. Some authors understand this and some don’t.

No. 2026845

Not true.

No. 2026848

>Are you seriously calling women misogynistic for wanting their femgaze stuff to focus on men? seriously?
No. Jesus Christ. I am saying that I dislike the notion that "femgaze content = the complete removal of women in any capacity". That's it. That's all I said, and that's all I mean to say.

No. 2026851

i dont care about that, i read yaoi for the cute boys. I would rather there no be women at all.

No. 2026853

whats your opinion on faceless main characters?

No. 2026855

That’s your problem then. Most content will cater to you so you are fine.

No. 2026857

Ntayrt — what are you reading with faceless main characters?

No. 2026859

I wish. I am also tired of the ''evil woman'' trope in yaoi, just have no women at all. Yurishit doesnt have this problem so i dont know why they try to shoehorn women into yaoi so hard.

No. 2026860

nothing, i dont think they exist in fem smut sadly. But male characters in hentai are almost always faceless.

No. 2026863

>In female smut they are always anachans with gigantic breats and ass and caked in make up.
I've always assumed that's just a difference in culture. Japanese women want to be drop-dead gorgeous giga-stacies in their smut.

No. 2026868

The fucking "did you know domestic violence statistics are higher in lesbians than gay moids?" Meme. Yeah no shit fucktard because most of heterosexual domestic violence is never reported because more than likely the fucking victim is killed,a more uptake of reports means women are more comfortable with reporting that shit I fucking hate this "assumption" that women tend to be violent than moids the fuck are they not. I hate this shit so fucking much

No. 2026870

File: 1717020329445.jpg (150.99 KB, 1920x1080, oneroomfeature.jpg)

One Room and Tawawa on a Monday?

No. 2026871

If I recall correctly, wasn't that statistic taken from lesbians who were abused in past relationships with males.

No. 2026873

File: 1717020412815.jpg (1.81 MB, 1127x1600, 2022.04.22-10.52-boundingintoc…)

No. 2026874

mad because it's true lmao

No. 2026877

It's true that lesbians and bisexual women are more likely to be abused by men, yes.

No. 2026883

File: 1717021157090.jpeg (151.56 KB, 661x547, IMG_4934.jpeg)

>these outdated statistics are true!!!


No. 2026884

Yup. It was.

No. 2026900

thats insanely cringe

No. 2026902

People who dislike things just because they're popular are annoying as fuck. It's one thing to simply having an opposing opinion, it's another to be a purposeful contrarian. It's childish. This also goes for people that are against things because they consider them "woke", you're still not thinking for yourself.

No. 2026903

File: 1717022142823.jpg (18.59 KB, 396x269, 1716698421681.jpg)

>caping for moids this much
You know what you are

No. 2026910

less cringe then only wanting yourself represented as a non-existent camera like you're some tif that cannot bare female existence tbh

No. 2026917

are you bisexual? straight women dont want to see tits and pussy

No. 2026923

You're saying you don't want to see your dream man give you oral, finger you, and caress you?

No. 2026925

but thats literally the POV that you are against kek

No. 2026957

99% of regular people would think that's a het-couple

No. 2026960

why? because the seme has long hair?

No. 2026968

Weird thing to say because I'm like positive straight women regularly self insert into the position of the woman and so seeing the woman be pleasured is no different than anyone else who watches porn? Men who watch women give blowjobs arent gay

No. 2026973

File: 1717027275984.png (Spoiler Image,554.91 KB, 1066x423, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…)

except male self inserts are generic faceless men while self insert for women are big titty bitches that look straight out of a male hentai manga. Hell, they are all in front of the men and show more skin too. You cannot expect straight women to find this arousing unless they are beta pickmes who get off on getting desired and oogled like a sex object like some weird irl kikomichan

No. 2027098

> You cannot expect straight women to find this arousing unless they are beta pickmes who get off on getting desired and oogled like a sex object
This, I hate how prevalent this is in josei/femgaze smut, the male almost feels like a mob character while the woman is constantly sexualized and has her breasts out, like they’re not even catering to their target audience properly. If anything, it seems they are trying to bend the knee for men as if they’d even be interested in reading this which is just strange.

No. 2027104

The number of men I've seen on 4chan who admit to reading female targeted straight smut just to see the big titty fmc get abused tells me everything I need to know. The authors are probably actively trying to court a supplementary male readership to increase sales.

No. 2027125

its the reason why BL is insanely popular with women while josei smut is a small niche. Women want to see hot men, not a big breasted hentai beast get manhandled.

No. 2027132

File: 1717037151541.jpeg (173.48 KB, 436x486, IMG_0990.jpeg)

I hate the anon that jacked my idea. I just know they’re not going to be as good as me either kekk

No. 2027138

spill. which thread?

No. 2027139

The opposite. It looks like maledom tomboy shit.

No. 2027141

Can’t, I don’t want to seem bitter and ik they’re definitely around browsing this board as we speak. I just did all that work for absolutely nothing kek, that’s what I get for trying to be nice once in my life

No. 2027142

not really, you just think that because you think submissive=woman.

No. 2027144

Do all of you really live in such a small microcosm. I refuse to believe it.

No. 2027145

>implying yaoi isn’t repackaged hetero dynamics

No. 2027158

This isn’t a coincidence, they did it right after me to attention hog and I hate that shit with every fiber of my being

No. 2027162

>thinking hetero means submissive woman/dominant male

No. 2027177

so what? they're both male. never understood this argument

No. 2027186

Yes (blackpilled)

No. 2027193

My quest to find heterosexual smut manga with a dominant woman not devolving into anal on man or ntr cuckshit is a near impossible task but I keep trying

No. 2027195

stop projecting, you are part of the problem

No. 2027196

You're stronger than me, I gave up wading through that worthless swamp years ago

No. 2027245

I draw my own in MSpaint. It's objectively shitty art but it's hotter than 99% of any of the slop out there.

No. 2027246

oh my god anon you can't say this and not give us even a little peek

No. 2027572

File: 1717082670773.jpg (27.95 KB, 546x545, 00b04fa3a4bc35c1390a43dcffc798…)

when faggots wanna cry about something "never being able to fly in 2021-2022-2023-2024-any modern time". Who the fuck cares if zoomers would think it's offensive if it came out today? Why is the particular media being "offensive by modern standards" jerking these faggots' dicks so much? Why does that have to be the litmus of why they like something? Be happy that it came out thirty years ago and shut the fuck up already.

No. 2027622

Do you have examples?

No. 2027630

>the rawness of what the characters are experiencing
You're so gonna think my life story is a literature masterpiece if you think those whiny annoying entitled characters with no real struggles (except Asuka) had "raw experiences".

No. 2027632

think of literally any media that's at least ten years old, has a dark/offensive humor, or wasn't afraid to depict dark subjects and scary imagery, and there's always going to be some faggot going "OMG this would have triggered so many people TODAY!". I've seen people saying this about Tropic Thunder.

No. 2027635

I think I made it clear that these weren't my interpretations but someone else's who wrote on their blog about it, and I don't care, you can pretend to be a depressed misunderstood genius for liking this porn crap if you want to, but it doesn't negate the fact that the anime did sexualize the 14 yo girl characters, and had sexual/suggestive scenes with the adult women and Shinji, and the very people it comments on are the ones who worship it because they love masturbating to it and collecting its merch. It failed at its goal because it didn't achieve it properly. And sure, I'm "media illiterate" for not relating or caring about such a pathetic pity story with the lamest "struggles" ever.

No. 2027673

I'm surprised you even graced the retard with a response tbh nonny

No. 2027752

People pearl clutching about suicide.

No. 2027756

i honestly think people who kill themselves don’t deserve to have funerals or any kind of memorium honoring their selfish ass behavior

No. 2027764

This depending on the reason for suicide. If a father of three does it because he made some massive fuck up and doesn't want to own up to it, then sure. If a young girl does it after some horrific event that she couldn't cope with, then no.

No. 2027775

>selfish is when you choose when you want to die or if you had enough of being alive

No. 2027777

My seething hatred for Eva and Evafags exceeds my dignity unfortunately.

No. 2027779

nonny that’s not what i’m trying to say lmfao. i believe it selfish to commit suicide and force all of the people who love you to walk into your home and find you keeled over. obviously if it’s someone who deserves to die or has done wrong then it doesn’t matter at all, but i think it’s selfish and disgusting when people kill themselves and put their families and people who loved them but didn’t communicate it adequately in such a position.

No. 2027793

Most of the time it's the family and "people who loved them" who push someone to do it. And even if it makes them sad or whatever, who cares? Why should anyone keep on living just for the happiness of others? Doesn't that make those people selfish for not wanting a person put out of their misery just because they "love them"? If they truly loved them they'd understand this decision or wouldn't let things get that far to begin with.

No. 2027810

I kinda get what she's saying, it is selfish but it's your right to do it so it's really not your problem what the people left think of it. it's done. they can not give you a funeral or whatever, not your problem. if anything that's damaging to them because funerals are a good way for people to say goodbye / move on / mentally close that chapter in their life with a ceremony. but it's not like they owe you a funeral.

No. 2027820

I didn’t say that anyone should live just for the happiness of others, I said that it’s selfish to put someone in the position of finding you with your brain all over the walls of your old room. I first just thought of family members but really, that can be anyone. Your roommates, your landlord, whoever has to clean your whole scene up, a lot of people. Idk I just find it to be a solemn final act of selfishness. And not only all of that; but many people who commit suicide don’t reach out for help, so you really can’t logically blame the other people in their lives when they aren’t the one who quite literally pulled the trigger.

No. 2027849

I don't think everyone who ever commits suicide would do it in a showy way like that. They'd probably cut off connection first then go somewhere far enough before doing it, usually the ones who do it in a way where their dead bodies get found easily like that do it on purpose as some sort of revenge. But all of that doesn't, you don't see it from a suicidal person's perspective who has no other way out of their situation other than dying, you only look at it from your perspective and how you're gonna feel about it, which ironically is selfish as well. They don't reach out because they know no one can actually help or change anything and things are too set in stone for anything good to happen. You'll never understand what's that like until you're in a situation like that. I'd take people killing themselves and reliefing themselves of their pain over the feelings of the people who will discover them and eventually move on and live lives without ever feeling suicidal because their lives aren't bad enough anyways. And even if it's selfish, there's nothing wrong with being selfish and putting your own wellbeing over everyone's else, if you keep thinking about how people around you will feel about whatever you do you'll never get anywhere in life (or out of it in this case lol). Don't you think it's shitty to keep on living and suffering a life you hate just because x and y will get sad if you die? As if the burden of that life wasn't enough. A life lived just to appease someone else isn't worth living.

No. 2027888

There’s nothing selfish about suicide. What’s selfish is people only wanting suicidal people to stay alive because it would make the non-suicidal feel less bad. Normies always make suicide about them, convinced most normies are borderline sociopaths

No. 2027899

You’re misunderstanding the statement. Nobody thinks that suicidal people should stay alive to make non-suicidal people not feel bad. That’s not even close to what I said. What I said is that suicide is selfish, which inherently it is, and only one of the reasons why is because of how it can affect other people in your life. Reasonably speaking, suicide is a self-centered act. There isn’t really any arguing around that.

No. 2027906

Suicide isn’t selfish, it’s selfish to only care how their death will only affect your life. It’s impossible for a fucktard like you to even conceive of such an idea, I know

No. 2027910

nta suicide is selfish and the vast majority of people will arrive at this conclusion when they put any thought into the matter

No. 2027911

The summerfags are starting to come. This website isn’t as fun as it used to be, I want my dumbass shit thread back so fucking baddddd i’m slowly becoming a misogynist again

No. 2027913

ntayrt i've just been watching so far but i dont think she means its only self centered because of other people, just that suicide is a "self-centered act" which to be frank it literally is because suicide revolves around yourself kek

No. 2027916

No it isn’t hand you’re retarded if you think it is and have zero empathy for the people who think the only way to solve their problems is to kill themselves. Who gives a shit about their family and friends who are fine while those people are suffering? Why are autistic women so fucking insufferably stupid and unable to imagine themselves in these dire scenarios lmfao you people just say the dumbest shit to get attention

No. 2027917

calm down

No. 2027918

It’s not SELF-CENTERED if it’s the murdering of yourself it’s just an individual person committing one sole act, you ESL faggots keep incorrectly using terms. If you believe that then you would also have to simultaneously believe that murderers are altruists KEKK

No. 2027920

Reread my post again maybe…? And NTA in your second post but I don’t think you’re understanding that I’m not just talking about other people, I’m speaking in general, suicide is a selfish act which it literally is because you’re killing yourself. Duh. It has nothing to do with empathy, it’s just a fact.

No. 2027923

If suicide is so great why don’t you kill yourself already?

No. 2027928

File: 1717097475044.png (87.22 KB, 1324x514, definition.png)

ayrt im a burger and heres the definition of the word selfish. literally concerned chiefly with ones own profit or pleasure which is exactly what being down so bad to the extent where you kill yourself is. i don't know about you but i would consider that being chiefly concerned kek

No. 2027930

That’s not what selfishness is though dumbass
I’m not suicidal. Nice try, cock breath(infighting)

No. 2027932

just ignore them, they're probably suicidal and unstable and you somehow triggered them. people who are suicidal have such low self esteem they think they're doing the world a favor by offing themselves. if you call suicide selfish it will not compute to them because they are too miserable to understand that someone would be troubled by their absence and/or they are too emotionally numb to understand that someone could be traumatized by seeing their corpse. I'm speculating on a lot but I'm positive it's futile to argue with them.

No. 2027939

Misconceptions about suicide 101. First of all there are numerous reasons why people kill themselves and sometimes it’s not because of “muh mental illness makes them selfish and crazy” it can be because of other people or uncontrollable factors in their life or maybe perhaps a mental illness that interferes with their ability to REASON and cope with difficult circumstances. If you don’t give a fuck about suicidal people then just stop talking about them because you sound like a righteously dumb cunt right about now

No. 2028221

Boymoms. I can’t stand them, especially when there’s only one boy, and a whole group of neglected sisters. I think being a boy mom is the ultimate form of pickmeism.

No. 2028270

When people pronounce tortilla like thorthilla

No. 2028281

sometimes I say it tor-til-uh but just as a joke to myself. I've never heard anyone say it with a th sound

No. 2028282

Saaame! There's something extra gross about a mother doting on their single son when they already have daughters. I hate them so much

No. 2028431

I hate when the radio/clean edit of a song has better lyrics than the original. I'll hear an interesting song on the radio and go to look it up online and just be disappointed by how many witty lyrics were just covering for cuss words.

No. 2028463

I hate people who assume that everybody has family, friends, loved ones, roommates, or anyone around them in general.

No. 2028656

I hate people whose only personality trait is hating kids. You don’t have to like kids, but this weird bullshit like “I hope all toddlers die” is so creepy

No. 2028693

File: 1717127418948.png (176.32 KB, 1159x669, Screenshot 2024-05-30 202751.p…)

There are so many fucking libfem groups on mfc

No. 2028695


No. 2028745

when im walking and my underwear bunches up and starts to hurt and i have to grab at my crotch in public

No. 2028747

Wait, you do that in public? You are braver than I.

No. 2028962

File: 1717158544667.jpeg (891.11 KB, 1125x2064, 6C6C9006-828F-49E1-957D-6D5EEB…)

i hate this thread. all this effort and gushing over some sucking the dick of some scrote who didn’t seem to make her cum
comments are full of women praising her and gushing right along. and men of course. is there no hope for women

No. 2028967

Nta, so you can understand all of that about a suicidal person but you still think the feelings of the ones around them are more important? I'm pretty sure the struggles of a suicidal person are bigger than someone not having a person around anymore or seeing a corpse. These are things that can be moved on from. I also don't understand the emphasis on the importance of a person's present in another person's life, if you can't live without a specific person in your life (unless it's a legal guardian/parent etc.) then maybe you're not prepared to live at all.

No. 2028969

Even worse when it's itchy, fuck!

No. 2028970

Don't subject yourself to this trashy shit. How do you even find this? Stop following whores.

No. 2028975

it's pretty graphic but he ate her out first, I really don't see the problem this is just an erotic story written for twitter clout. honestly it probably didn't even happen lol

No. 2029182

I hate fake female niceness. None of you are nice or kind at all, and I wish they would wipe away those smiles and smirks off their fucking face and be real about who they really are

No. 2029187

Me when I'm an incel.

No. 2029196

people are put off by people who carry themselves in a bitter, silently seething way and even if you’re just doing it internally you are radiating negative energy. they can’t tell if it’s directed at them. that’s literally it that’s literally why people don’t like you automatically and you can’t make friends. you’re making them anxious or upset because they think you have bad vibes and dislike them, which you do. that’s why these people smile. so they don’t come across as offputting and drive people away before they can decide if they like them or not. they’re not fake they just have social skills. hope this helps.

No. 2029199

Love bringing bad vibes to the function. Love making people feel on edge just by being a hater

No. 2029202

If everywhere you go smells like shit…

No. 2029217

Nope, everybody else being like shit has nothing to do with me kek

No. 2029222

>negative energy
>bad vibes
Does she have an imbalance of humors too? Come on now

No. 2029226

A seething attitude like that is clearly visible to most people. We call it energy or vibes but it's just body language.

No. 2029237

thank you. it can even just be a look in the eyes and you can tell. i thought that was obvious but i forgot where i am.

No. 2029365

I hate that it's just a given now that if you're reading a romance, you must be self inserting somehow and that if the person of your gender gets a bad time it says stuff about you because it's "literally you", don't you know?
What if I just like train wrecks, it's not like people don't read shitty romances when they happen to people.

No. 2029374

Slow walkers. Slow walkers are the worst to be in public with. You're not fucking seventy, pick up the pace, you're pissing me off, and you're unhelpful in narrow spaces. If you have no spacial awareness, actually go fuck yourself. If you can't pay attention to location instructions, you need to register for a disability.

No. 2029377

i know what you mean, i love toxic romance and watching fictional people slowly implode from self destruction. its just juicy drama where no one has been actually hurt

No. 2029418

Things I hate: these retarded anons
I don't hate most of that genre of art itself I just hate the people behind it. Whenever I see well drawn or cute moid art of child characters they're always pedos and it sucks. I always think to myself I wish I could take their drawing skills and make it so it's genuinely only innocent kid drawings rather than anything with a pedo undertone or made by a pedo. Have to keep practicing I guess.
Kek. There's something to be said about the pickmes who pretend to like specific media to appeal to men but Eva is not one of them. Especially when it's way too mainstream these days to be impressive at all that you watched it.

No. 2029444

i hate “animal educators” who are just people with a hoard of pets claiming they are educating children by owning them because they post them online or make a quick buck bringing them to birthday parties. not a single zoology degree to be seen. speaking over actual wildlife conservation biologists and zoologists and basically just encouraging kids to buy exotic pets too. if they can own an animal, those kids can too until they get registered as a “zoo” and then it’s the most disgusting conditions ever because it’s really just a private collection. contribute nothing to conservation. act as if they ARE the conservation biologists. like literally you are going to hell for stressing out those animals and letting them be manhandled by those kids until they die from it or improper care at half their lifespan.

No. 2029468

Nta, but I think eva eventually got regarded as this big anime classic that you NEED to get into to prove you're a real weeb or something. It's everywhere and majority of people who watched it say they "like" it and act surprised if you say you didn't watch it or didn't like it, so it became an annoying anime associated with annoying people with time. I don't blame nonna for hating it.

No. 2030461

>quote on quote "ABCXYZ"
What do you mean, "quote unquote"? It's all text, the quotes are all already there. Same with stuttering or interrupting yourself over text.

No. 2030830

File: 1717283957220.jpg (101.11 KB, 564x752, 7e7278126430e56be2190cba8e674d…)

All I can think of when I see plush hammocks is all the bugs roaming around on them.
Also it's just a fugly way to display plushies.

No. 2030901

Has to be cozy as hell to a roach

No. 2030999

File: 1717292300053.jpg (39.07 KB, 640x629, 1000003804.jpg)

Words can't describe how much I hate this line. I hate Carrie

No. 2031019

The term “foodie.” Especially when ads or influencers use it, it’s always something like “if your a foodie like me” or “for you foodies out there.” Like what the fuck are you talking about? People who like food? So 99% of the population? Shut the fuck up, your not special.

No. 2031054

Retarded rant that no one will understand but me incoming. I hate how the metal "community" spreads the lie that metal style screaming is safe and pretend there's research behind it or something. When all the research is made by biases metalheads or even metal vocalists who don't want their literal business ruined by exposing it's dangerous. How else are they gonna sell lessons or promote the vocal "technique"? I don't mind the sound, in fact I love it and think it's cool. I just hate how they'll never admit it's actually harmful and causes vocal damage. You can hear it in singers who sing and scream and have to switch it mid performance live, their singing sounds very raspy and hoarse. The reason is they're actually using their vocal cords to make the sound. "False cords screaming" doesn't exist, the false cords don't move or make sound at all. And "fry" screaming literally uses a tiny hole in the vocal cords to be made, it definitely hurts the voice. And what I also hate is all the crook vocal coaches on youtube who take the info from their fucking comment section and run with it as facts. Then claim to understand and be experts in this because they reacted to some metal songs, and claim to even starting to teach it when they can't even make it themselves. They just want to cash in on a new untapped market, and the retarded metal fans fell for it because "wow someone high brow noticed us!!1!1!1! We will get soooo popular and accepted in the mainstream now!1!1!1!". Attention seeking idiots. Again, I'm not against the teaching and learning of it, but the lies spread around it. Just be honest to your students and let them know what they're getting themselves into ahead of time. So when they start losing their voices they don't get shocked, and if they don't want that to happen they can refrain from it all together.
Another unrelated topic is how some "vocal coaches" lie about smoking and drinking and claim it doesn't affect singing, then list 1 or 2 outlier singers as proof. Those are 1-2 out of millions who did damage their voices with all the drinking and smoking (along with shouting/screaming at times) like, idk, every rock singer ever? It's basically a marketing strategy at this point.
>do what you want as long as you pay me to teach you! And if any problems arise because of any of my bad teaching, it's ok! I know the magical fix I swear! Just pay me more!

No. 2031084

today's metalheads are as cringe as punk larpers
imagine needing "vocal coaches" for a vocal style that resulted from people trying to sound as disgusting and aggressive as possible without giving a shit about vocal health

No. 2031103

The OP image of the current Ugly Man PsyOp Discussion Thread. It's simultaneously repulsively ugly and also extremely punchable.

No. 2031152

Idk why, but seeing people being praised for not using social media makes me cringe. Maybe it's because I've never really had social media, but I feel like it's the bare minimum not to be addicted to it

No. 2031497

I never look at influencers so your dislike is probably through association with them, but "foodie" refers to people who are more invested in food as a serious hobby rather than the average person who likes eating.

No. 2031507

I don’t look at them through choice kek, they’re just kind of everywhere. My friends and family post clips to their Facebook, they’re in ads, they’re on the news, they’re pretty much everywhere unfortunately. Fair enough I’m sure that’s how foodie is supposed to be used but it’s not, it pretty much just means anyone who likes food at this point.

No. 2031556

‘Feminists’ that are against contraceptives.

No. 2031580

Seconding this

No. 2031583

File: 1717308049406.jpg (97.15 KB, 1500x1500, abstinence-birth-control.jpg)

Have you tried this cool new pro-feminist contraceptive?

No. 2031584

Is that really a thing?

No. 2031603

Im confused, like feminists against condoms, BC, plan b?

No. 2031633

Are you talkkng about how women now are speaking up about experiencing severe side effects from hormonal bc and not just "lol bigger boobs"

No. 2031662

File: 1717309650350.jpg (420.11 KB, 1079x825, Screenshot_20240602-032509_You…)

Fuck this shit

No. 2031665

I'm American and didn't know about Moomin until my Filipino friend was watching it. She said she watched it in the PH when she was a kid.

No. 2031677

Silver lining, saying "fucking annoying shitty AI" makes me feel a little futuristic.

No. 2031722

File: 1717311442628.png (228.67 KB, 574x637, IMG_3419.png)

> be me
> cozy quiet hobby blog
> extensive blacklist of current events + buzzwords + politishit to curate a peaceful algorithm
> inevitably end up having to unfollow 70% of the people I follow anyways because it’s only a matter of time before they reblog some god awful crap or post their shitty opinions

le sigh

No. 2031868

>It's not full of value it's full of lies and deceit as well as deception
Kek I like the Moomins but this is exactly what toddler me would have written on lolcow if it existed in the late 90s. They played the cartoon for us in daycare and all kids got traumatized because it had scary music and creepy scenes. The intro was so happy and cheerful but each episode was a bit sad or scary, I can't explain it. I just read the books later, they were much better imo. Shows for kids like that weren't common in pizzaland, ours were usually happy and colorful.

No. 2031914

I'm tempted to start another cosy hobby blog after I ended up deleting my gaming screenshot blog after just a month. I had nice interactions there, but it's so fucking hard to avoid politics. Everyone wants to shoot their mouth off, and no one seems to think to get a separate blog to do so. As someone with a bad doomscrolling habit, I'm trying to curate my online hang-outs better, but it's starting to feel hopeless.

No. 2032078

I feel that. I personally have no patience for shit takes and it means niche content is 10x harder for me to find and maintain over a period time. It’s gives very ‘first world problems’ but I need my own spaces too dammit

No. 2032137

File: 1717347595997.png (78.12 KB, 990x302, RETARDED.png)

People that type like this. Why? I don't get it. So retarded.

No. 2032140

Because it’s funny, get a better sense of humor

No. 2032148

Nta but I don't think the guy in the cap was trying to be funny. Tbh I can't tell when lots of people type that way unironically.

No. 2032149


No. 2032153

This is kind of a regional thing though, like in some parts of NYC "Spanish" is basically a synonym for Puerto Rican that everybody uses.

No. 2032159

kek you must be offended because your family members all type like this

No. 2032163

I never watched the show, but we had one of the Moomin books in my house when I was a kid (early 90s). I thought it was creepy and sad and upsetting and I didn't like it.

It's hard to put my finger on exactly why, and no offense to any Euro or Japanese nonnas who had it as a part of their childhood, but something about the Moomin stories doesn't translate to American culture, and they come across as weird and unsettling.

No. 2032223

File: 1717353110077.png (4.83 MB, 3264x1801, LOL.png)

I hated this bitch so much I am so glad he ended up alone

No. 2032231

Never liked him either. I low key wonder what made them break up, they were engaged and shoe was obsessed with him

No. 2032523

The small businesses scams. So many of them just buy from the same mass produce vendors and just slap their name on it and charge 3x the price yet still claim they aren't dropshipping. I see many cosmetics companies on social media do this.

No. 2032534

he left her for an older woman who lives in australia too, that must have sting to our poor shuwu pickme chan

No. 2032568

i hate people trying to get me to be interested in or attracted to fat men/bara body type. my retarded abusive father fits the description to a T and so it pisses me off to no end to feel like i cant escape it

No. 2032655

I hate when people who want kids/have kids approach people who don't want them. Like who do you think you are?

No. 2032657

women who are attracted to those body types either have a fat fetish or the have very low self esteem.

No. 2032726

It's my type and I would never try to 'force' someone to like it. You did make me realize that im lucky my dad was tall because I think tall men are vastly overrated, assless, graceless, generally stupid looking unless they're buff. Also their dicks are rarely big. Blessed

No. 2032729

That's not even vaguely true kek that only applies to women who like Paul dano and adam driver types

No. 2032785

They're all the same. It's not normal to like fat men, or circled faced men, or rat men, etc

No. 2032816

Every thot suddenly wearing that "W E T" tank top. You look goofy.

No. 2032926

File: 1717385349666.gif (615.49 KB, 165x239, 1000029586.gif)

I actually fucking hate how videos are nowadays always with some sped talking on social media as close as possible to the lens of the fucking camera.
It's so annoying and uncomfortable, I hate having to look at some rando fucker's fuck face so close that you feel like that person is going to fucking clash foreheads with you like an angry goat.
I don't hate closeups of cute animals and insects, but people talking directly to my face and either constantly looking right into the camera or looking away and the BAM fucking looking right into my fucking soul with those soulless eyes that most social media addicts have is so disturbing and unnerving, I don't get it, why not get a fucking selfie stick? That's kind of what they're made of, it's like everyone forgot they exist so you don't showcase your bepimpled ass face and awkward eye contact bullshit.

No. 2033313

There should be more videos that are just close ups of insects

No. 2033326

File: 1717398583402.jpeg (84.08 KB, 1024x682, IMG_7748.jpeg)

I refuse to give her even an iota of attention

No. 2033336

Who is this nobody?

No. 2033338

No. 2033340

>40yo boyfriend
surely this had nothing to do with it

No. 2033341

Tbh I would do the same

No. 2033342

To a woman who's already dead?

No. 2033393

File: 1717404351036.jpeg (525.25 KB, 828x1151, IMG_2583.jpeg)

I stopped using Mumsnet so much because if you post an even slightly unconvincing or extreme dilemma no matter how true it is, you will be hounded and doxxed on r/MNTrolls where a bunch of scrotes and spastic Mumsnet rejects (who got their MN accounts banned for being unable to be civil or integrate) who will speculate about why your very real life situation is made up. Even if it is proved that you were telling the truth, they will double down and call you an attention seeker. wtf.

No. 2033400

Why is this woman trying to raise her retarded genetic failure of a son as if he were a smarter than average kid? I can believe her story but she's dumb, no wonder her kid is even worse.

No. 2033405

I'm no OP but what has she done wrong? Kids get curious and have sex.

No. 2033412

Why does a 13yo boy have a gf to begin with? Why was he alone with a girl to begin with? Was the girl even ok with that? Clearly these kids were too irresponsible to be left alone without adult supervision because they had unprotected sex. I could go on. It's normal to be curious but that doesn't mean thes ekids were ready to do it.

No. 2033416

>why does a 13 year old boy have a gf to begin with
NTA but you’d be surprised. Went over to my friend’s house the other day and her 11 year old sister was talking about inviting her “boyfriend” over. She said some shit like “6th grade love is sooo romantic” and we both cringed. Kids do stuff like that at every age but it’s never serious. Many of my family members/friends had “boyfriends”/“girlfriends” in middle school.

Are they gonna last? Highly highly doubt it
Should they be fucking? Absolutely not

No. 2033418

She clearly had BPD and wanted attention but its so tragic that she actually went through that. Her bf is a spineless faggot

No. 2033420

Went through with it*

No. 2033421

Maybe she wanted to die
I think about dying all the time and if euthanasia were available I might have done it on a really bad day

No. 2033424

But Nona that isn't good. Its not normal to want to die. You need to find people to talk with about how you feel. I think euthanasia for physically healthy and young people is evil. This woman could've been saved if she wasn't in such a cucked country that allowed this

No. 2033428

netherlands is a special kind of hell. they have this mindset people shouldn't interfere in anyone's freedoms. they barely outlawed CP recently because of that mentality. that country is filled with human trafficking rings due its' prostitution legalization status.

No. 2033429

File: 1717408859739.jpg (365.51 KB, 1080x1901, 1000006639.jpg)

Pick mes that are literally saying shit "haha we are no better than men" it's popping up more and more on my IG

No. 2033432

As if you're jealous of a depressed woman who killed herself what the fuck is your problem

No. 2033433

>if he were a smarter than average kid?
She didn't say that?

No. 2033436

I just know this bitch would panic and scream if she ever saw a pussy up close

No. 2033437

That's a wild conclusion based on a short news article that didn't say anything other than that she was clinically depressed.

No. 2033445

Why are you nonnas so horrible to women with BPD? It's a mental disorder and is not a choice and most people who have it are abused women.

No. 2033447

I hope to god that when I succumb to depression that it's not publicised in any form of media so that insufferable anons can call me a BPD attention whore. You think women kill themselves for attention? Kek would you say that about a bloke who killer himself?

No. 2033451

She implied it. She gave him enough freedom to have a gf and have enough free time and privacy with her away from adult supervision for him to have sex at 13. She gave him sex ed and expected him to be mature enough to listen to her and use her advice. You usually do that with smart, responsible kids, not developmentally delayed children.

No. 2033453

True, in middle school some of my classmates were dating each other but as you said it wasn't that serious. Dating as in, hanging out and having a crush is fine but not like that. Anyway, we agree on that.

No. 2033462

That the cultural impact of covid thread is just a second tinfoil thread.

No. 2033633

>draw a cute boy
>call him a girl
This makes me unreasonably irritated and distressed. And no, this isn't "tomboy" stuff, it's FtM pooner fujo garbage fantasy type shit. That and also maybe a touch of MtF "anything feminine is actually a girl uwu" nonsense. Very tired of the erasure of cute boys.

No. 2033678

some nonnas truly hate women with mental illness because they've had the misfortune of crossing paths with a woman who used her BPD as an excuse to wreck their shit and now they think every single women suffering from mental health issues has a malicious agenda even if she doesn't actually have a personality disorder. they're not much different than moids who complain about traumatized women and reactive abuse.

No. 2033720

that trope existed long before tranny shit, it was called bifauxnen

No. 2033960

>I can feel the feminism leaving my body teeehee

No. 2033975

Bonus if it’s an old ugly moid

No. 2034038

this is an insane conclusion to jump too when it’s much more likely she was traumatized?? why do people just jump straight to concluding a woman has bpd when even women with bpd are mostly just victims of trauma? like literally there is no hope for women.

No. 2034058

Integrate. (I agree with you, but still)

No. 2034095

File: 1717442352595.png (219.24 KB, 983x440, annoying.PNG)

No. 2034098

Awwww you're so cute!

No. 2034103

awwww this is adorable. this doesn't happen to me unless I delete something and try to repost it for a typo (I think it's detecting spam)

No. 2034104

this is why i don't fix typos anymore and doublepost even harder now (much to the farmhands dismay kek)

No. 2034107

Real shit

No. 2034108

I know this feel.

No. 2034143

I hate my boobs, they’re too far apart and they basically just look like huge moobs.

No. 2034484

Truly hate how you all see something like this and don't read between the lines. Fuck off.

No. 2034617

When I post something and people start infighting (about somethobg else) right after. Come on anons, at least infight about my post…

No. 2034620

be careful what you wish for, one time my stupid nothingburger shitpost caused a two day long infight. says more about the infighters than the post but still. it's nice when there are multiple kind replies to a post though, those are my favorite.

No. 2034622

What was the post you made?

No. 2034686

Hate that, discussion on this site (as the rest of the internet) is a real race to the bottom. I rarely get any engagement on posts I make in good faith because of course everyone is paying attention to the intentionally inflammatory posts. So if you want your topic to take hold you need to include some kind of hook for rage-addicts.

No. 2035466

File: 1717518627599.jpeg (14.33 KB, 275x183, IMG_7761.jpeg)

The whole thing was a public BPD meltdown meant to make her mother and sisters feel guilty for not accepting her old moid boyfriend. She should have woman’d up and either left him or slashed her wrists. I’m glad she’s gone, useless attention seeking cunt.
I say that as someone who also has treatment resistant depression. She was a fucking loser. I’m glad natural selection took her out before she was able to breed. If you identify with her you’re a loser as well.

No. 2035576

i really don’t like it when asian people dye their hair ginger

No. 2035593

im even surprised she was allowed to go through it, i only thought assisted suicide was only for people with fatal or painful diseases who didnt want to suffer anymore why the fuck was this bpd retard allowed this when we know bpd can cause impulsiveness? she wasnt even handicapped? the only reason i can think is attention whoring or she was conned into doing it by her "doctors" or it was a fetish

No. 2035595

I hate people obsessed with academic achievements. Stop bringing up your masters in random convos!!

No. 2035601

Faggot fucking Physics teacher I once had named Mr. Hogan would demand everyone to call him DOCTOR Hogan because he had a doctorate in Physics. Well if it's so important that you're a doctor in Physics, why aren't you a fucking scientist instead of a highschool teacher who writes his phone number on the board for the girls to text?

No. 2035621

>Kek would you say that about a bloke who killer himself?
more people should say this about men, they more often do kill themselves as a form of attention-seeking (murder-suicide, killing themselves to traumatize others as a form of abuse, etc.)

No. 2035664

Normally I don't care about this kind of shit but I just saw a newly published photo of this one asian moid I find attractive and he dyed his hair some weird ginger brown colour and it looks so fucking ugly, I was kinda upset when I saw it. Why would his hairstylist let him do that KEK. It just doesn't look right with the yellow undertones in their skin I think

No. 2035823

I hate webp files. I wish more anons would just take screenshots. almost every picture I click on in /snow/ lately opens a whole new window

No. 2035840

Screenshots are too low quality, converting to png would be better even though it's time consuming.

No. 2035869

You would hate the urban rescue ranch then kek Sometimes you can clearly see his nose hair and dry mucus.

No. 2035889

I hate when people bring up COVID midway through 2024. It's been 5 years everyone. Can't we let go? I hate it especially when they use COVID as an excuse for their own laziness, like when documents take longer to process because of the "ongoing" pandemic, just be real with me and say you're lazy. I also hate vax people, pro and anti, because they are so obsessed with COVID in 2024 that they're still sperging out about shit that nobody with an IQ above 90 really gives a fuck about. I think some people just got mentally stuck in 2019 and never really moved on.

No. 2036283

When people claim that Catholics are more progressive than Protestants, despite the Catholic Church being against sex before marriage, divorce, contraceptives, abortion and same-sex marriage. It’s honestly bizarre and reminds me of people that claim that Islam is super progressive, despite all the evidence to the contrary. I’m not saying that protestants are progressive either, before anybody gets their knickers in a twist. I don’t support Christianity at all.

No. 2036606

It was all attention whoring. They should have said “we will do it, but your identity will be anon and no articles will be put in the paper about it” and she would have changed her mind and would still be alive right now. This stupid loser just wanted to be famous

No. 2036616

File: 1717575232558.jpeg (120.65 KB, 750x873, IMG_3001.jpeg)

>it’s been 5 years

It’s scary how fast time is moving now. I hate it

No. 2036622

5 years since this shit ruined my career opportunities for the rest of my life, I'm not bringing it up these days but if someone is going to mention it in a conversation in passing they shouldn't be surprised that some people will talk about it in details for similar reasons.

No. 2036623

I don't mean just like talking about it in passes if it's the topic of conversation, I'm talking about people whose whole lives are COVID. All they do is talk about COVID. Literally deranged by COVID. Talking about it like it's March 2020.

No. 2036627

I haven't seen that so I can't imagine how interacting with someone like this now would go. Sounds exhausting. Even people who became disabled long term because of covid, nearly died or had relatives die from it try to move on as much as possible so it must be because of paranoia.

No. 2036631

Yeah I guess COVID is like the new "5G is evil" type schizo talking point. ATP even if the government conspired to make it and poison us with vaccine I just really do not give a fuck. It's been half a decade it's time for us to move on.

No. 2036667

When nonnas disagree with a cow for the sake of disagreeing with said cow. A broken clock can be right twice a day blahblah, like this site agrees that women do alot more labour emotionally and otherwise in a straight relationship than a moid ever could or will do, but when Moomoo starts going against the 50/50 attitude men have financially all of a sudden shes a greedy whore in the eyes of nonnas and everyone suddenly believes we should share our wallets with moids. I understand OF thots are out of touch and alot of the talking points are coded in the bullshit alpha male provider doctrine, but lets not act like majority of nonnas here truly believe we should be splitting everything financially 50/50 with a moid, especially if you plan on carrying a child for him. Wild to read the replies basically caping for men being below average for the sake of being morally superior to some fat whore? Enjoy your romance while you split your rent with an XY troglodyte that would leave you if you got sick enough nonnas.

No. 2036701

Job ad:
>no experience required
>refuse to train you

I can't deal with this shit anymore. Employers cry about no one wanting to work or shit staff but refuse to invest into their own people. Get fucked, hope your business fails

No. 2036702

Cleaning toilets and mopping floors doesn't require any experience

No. 2036708

That's not the work I'm talking about

No. 2036709

Amazon had some campaign going were they're like we budget to invest into our employees for training and career development as if it was a highlight a company was investing in its own staff to train them. Like isn't that considered a fucking fixed cost in business to have money to put into developing your staff. Swear to fuck see if they just start training you for menial jobs for school children that's when we're fucked.

No. 2036731

sinus infections and psych bills at the same time

No. 2036759

And yet many custodians get fired for accidentally creating mustard gas

No. 2036923

I hate when I make a post that gets ignored because someone posts bait right after

No. 2036937

Don’t hate the player, hate the game

No. 2036944

When anons think you’re someone else and think they cracked another personalityfag, we all type and act the same here so I don’t understand

No. 2037037

I made a sarcastic comment during other anon’s insights and they all took it at face value and started dog piling her further kek.

No. 2037387

Modern "cooking" blogs, holy shit I don't care about your 6 kids with white trash names and your bald scrote husband and the fifty pages of pointlessly-high res pics of your shitty cookies. Just give me the goddamn recipe you dumb cow

No. 2037509

It’s hard to describe why but the whole concept of “wedge salad” pisses me off

No. 2037540

I don’t know how women can shit out 6 kids, let your coochie breathe damnn

No. 2037546

Ngl I actually think they're tasty but they are basically unholy when it comes to salads.

No. 2037550

File: 1717630454812.png (978 KB, 1170x1519, dude shut the hell up im tired…)

i can’t stand these memes

No. 2037559

They don’t even do the girlblogger thing right. These are the women I can say that aren’t funny in the slightest

No. 2037561

File: 1717630700235.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.15 KB, 843x1004, Judith With the Head of Holofe…)

I met a man today at a bbq who unironically thought that women who get beat by their husbands shouldn't be able to divorce them. Same guy complained about his "crazy ex-wife" and brought up manosphere podcasts because ofc. I can't believe people this retarded exist. Spoiler for Judith my beloved

No. 2037637

Work. I never want a job again nonnies.

No. 2037674

get disability by acting retarded

No. 2037744

Women who get into new relationships and immediately change their pfps and entire socials into couples pictures but then you visit the socials of the moid in question and its crickets.
So fucking cringe and I wish women would not. If men don't gush over you and brag everywhere, then why should you? Ugh.

No. 2037745

You'd be surprised at how retarded the general public is and how the majority of people actually do not know how to clean properly.

What employers mean is that they don't want someone braindead.
But they cannot say that outright so they post stuff like your greentext instead kek.

No. 2037853

If you ever meet someone like that again, walk away while they're talking. Don't indulge their bullshit. The more people realize that talking like that will turn them into a social pariah, the better.

No. 2038059

i hate them when you’re not totally retarded and you actually know facts about things you’re considered to be autistic now.

No. 2038067

Everybody is so fucking dumb now they think anyone who has a fingernail of education most be some kind of savant

No. 2038070

Are you me? This has been a struggle with me for 5+ years. That and when you use a big word (more than 2 syllables) and people look at you like you grew a third head. It's crazy how retarded people will call YOU retarded if you know how to read.

No. 2038096

People who call themselves single just because they are not in a LTR, having hookups or a FWB doesn't make you single either.

No. 2038098

Doesn't it though?

No. 2038114

I hate femboys so fucking much. Being a cute boy enjoyer is so hard.

No. 2038172

This is so true, people will look at you like you're a stuck up bitch for having a vocabulary. Go read a book instead of doomscrolling 12 hours a day, you might just learn something.

No. 2038223

I hate when people have been out all day, or even just a while and they don’t shower before bed, even if they said they showered in the morning. It is so disgusting. And also when people have been outside and take a bath instead of a shower, you are literally lay in your own dirt and sweat. I have to shower before a bath if I have been out and want a bath. Makes me shudder

No. 2038419

I hate hickeys (the marks people make by sucking skin) so much and I hate getting reminded of them when I'm reading smut it just takes me out of the story

No. 2038513

File: 1717695505317.png (14.55 KB, 322x156, 1000030456.png)

I actually hate this shit so much, you could be at the most random and retarded place ever and someone is going to be like
>trans rights
>trans rights?
Kill yourself already you fucking losers, Jesus Christ, like why is everything about their retarded shit, of course their dumbasses are going to be accepted everywhere, because they're fucking everywhere and you could get your server/blog/career fucked if you don't automatically say "yes" because then you will be considered worst than the son of Satan, Hitler and Mohamed after a disgusting threesome in which they bathe in the blood of kittens and puppies.

No. 2039056

>things you hate
When you type something and use a word that's longer than 2 syllables and some retard goes "THIS IS AI!!" Like holy fuck. Not everything is AI dumb fuck. Some people just know more than 25 words. It's actually bizarre. I knew AI would ruin the world but it's coming about in a totally different way than I expected. Now, anytime a retard sees something that it can't understand it just bleeps "AI!!!" like it's some sort of demented half-brained goat. I hate these people.

No. 2039233

File: 1717730629527.jpeg (98.37 KB, 528x998, IMG_1390.jpeg)

I hate whatever this card is. It’s so gross

No. 2039243

I think this kind of crude dismissal of human life is way worse than abortion

No. 2039348

It goes with the person holding it I guess.

No. 2040266

The weird smug era in linguistics circles when they talk about why English spelling and pronunciation don't always match. They bring up classism and racism and have that "gotcha!" aura, but who did you "get at" with this? All the scholars responsible for the spelling of debt to showcase a false latin root are dead now, they don't care about your faggot ass tiktok video, tf? Are those people schizophrenic and think they're haunted by the ghosts of these scholars or something?

No. 2040346

I hate people who will defend pedophiles as long as they're into teenagers. I swear on places like lsa you'll always be met with that "erm askushally it's ebophilia sweaty" crap. Why does it matter? Most of these ebos and hebes are sharing their content on the same places where other peds are posting toddlers or newborns. If they aren't as nasty as "traditional pedophiles", then why are they okay with hanging around actual pedophiles?

No. 2040496

The current trend being stacks of old tvs. Woooaaaowoowowahoh so cewl you bought non-functional brick tvs from goodwill. You aren't sza. Celebs doing it, photogs doing it, new york thots that pretend to be poor doing it

No. 2040528

>erm askushally it's ebophilia sweaty"

Naw that shit is ALWAYS a red flag. Scrotes use it all the time to defend their creepy obsession with underage girls. Ffs do people not remember being that age?

No. 2040538

File: 1717822966077.jpeg (85.65 KB, 735x908, IMG_1417.jpeg)

>leaving grocery store
>spot small kid no older than 5 walking around with an iPhone in his hand with TikTok opened

I fucking hate how normalized it is to give your kid a tablet or a phone and allowing them to watch tiktok slop unsupervised. How are normies not worried about how their children are going to turn out?

No. 2040549

File: 1717823915695.jpeg (29.52 KB, 758x510, GOxX7PubcAIekOb.jpeg)

Thank you for reminding me why i don't go there even if their milk can be more interesting than here.

No. 2040714

File: 1717843070746.jpg (370.05 KB, 1920x1536, bright-and-colorful-children-s…)

Hate how easy it is to cheat on taxes and goverment payments in my country! One degenerate Tif is registered as an employee in a foreign company because she has conncetions. She doesn't do any work for them but they pay her insurance and social monthly payment to our state because they get some sort of benefit from it… The payments to our gopverment is A HELL LOT OF MONEY becaically 60% of my pay as a small business. So she doesn't have to pay anything to the goverment and has tons of money because of it.
I hate that especially because she's a Tif dating a troon and her art is ugly and everything she makes looks the same. Autistic bitch still draws a tree like a green cloud on a brown stick ale people pour their money on her possibly because shes trans… i can't explain it otherwise why would anybody want this crap art. I wish i could report her but it's impossible the way she has that arranged.

No. 2040730

>erm askushally it's ebophilia sweaty
Says a lot about a person if they (pretend they) think having or lacking secondary sexual characteristics is all that matters. I added "pretend" because they definitely don't genuinely think so, just try to hide the predatory nature of this kind of attraction.

No. 2040733

I hate seeing posts on social media and now this TikTok "trend" about how they love the autistic man. These bitches are dumb as fuck, ya'll love the autistic man with special interests and a nerd until he has zero emotional intelligence and a porn brain and will violate you on the first occasion then leave you to soothe yourself because he won't know and care about how he makes you feel.

No. 2040758

and it's so shallow and performative. all it takes to make them believe you're on their side is to simply parrot this phrase like an idiot. just saying you support trans rights is enough, no action required. virtue signaling at its finest

No. 2040772

Sexual predation is sexual predation.

Bet these are the same people side-eyeing adult women who report sexual harassment because of their age and how they should have known/just deal with it.

No. 2040775

Autistic men are like pets.
Entertaining, can make good hobby companions, but at the end of the day are self-serving animals incapable of considering your interests so it does not mean you date and fuck them.

No. 2040809

most of these parents didn't want their children in the first place and only had them out of pressure so they aren't overly invested in how they'll turn out and would rather distract them with devices than parent them. this will come back to bite them right on the ass later on when they try to instill any sort of discipline and their scrotelet loses his shit on them.

No. 2040896

unfortunately that's not what the TikTok female gaze liberal feminist think hence the 'we love the autistic men' trend

No. 2041051

More than the word “unalived,” I’m really starting to hate the “graped”/(grape emoji) censor.

No. 2041070

I saw someone post that here for the first time the other day and I didn't like it. It's been done to death, there's a classic WKUK skit about it I don't know why it came back

No. 2041076

I'm sick of seeing and hearing graped on youtube. Exclusively used by the people not saying anything awful, who are being respectful to the topic. The actual word raped only being used by people making edgy jokes. Censoring working out great.

Esp now that some bot or whatever tf it is mass spams alot of popular youtuber comment sections saying that they love raping and torturing kittens. Where's the filter suddenly gone when that's showing.

No. 2041084

personally the word rape does trigger me (I have ptsd) but grape is disrespectful, they could say sexually assaulted instead. the same for unalive. there is a respectful way to say suicide without using the word like simply saying someone passed away.

No. 2042029

File: 1717914406649.jpg (62.7 KB, 559x645, 1000003876.jpg)

Circle lenses in general are stupid and completely destroy your eyes but men in circle lenses are an actual abomination omg its so disgusting

No. 2042038

People who say "wow you sound so bitter, I hope one day you find the love of your life so you can experience pure joy" or shit like that, they always sound so condescending and insincere (and no I don't want to find love).

No. 2042039

this infight has been going on since like 10 am are you guys done yet

No. 2042040

It does sound a little biter and cynical when you say that humans are weak for desiring friendship and love but that’s okay

No. 2042049

But you do sound bitter. If you want to be alone that's fine, but soapboxing about it or arguing with people and looking down upon them for being social and craving love and affection is just so snide and rude. Everyone has become so brazen with how little respect they have for other people, if you want to isolate that's fine but you can't expect people to not point out that it's isolation if you voluntarily share the info when you have no reason to. If you want to be left alone, stop engaging with people.

No. 2042051

No I'm not the OP from the unpopular opinions, I wanted to express this thought for a while, it other infight reminded me of that.

No. 2042062

I didnt see the previous infighting, but you staged the fictitious quote from whatever entity you're hypothetically arguing with as a follow-up to a statement you have already made. WY would a random person tell you you're being bitter for no reason.

No. 2042081

Same. I hate the "I hope one day you find the love.." part. Like you're not better than me just because i'm bitter about something in one instance. It's not your place to hope for me or wish me anything. Like don't you have your own life to deal with and think about? How does the person know i didn't experience "pure joy" i might experience it every day, but that doesn't mean i'm also not angry about something else.
They don't mean it really that they wish i was happy, they just want to sound better than me, like they achieved another level and i'm just a silly baby who will achieve that one day. If they really meant it they wouldn't say it like this.

No. 2042091

I thought that applied more to bishounen types, this is literally drawing a young male, with male shoulders and hips, and then saying he is a girl.

No. 2042094

Then don't talk to them about it? Of course most regular people don't understand the concept of self isolation.

No. 2042099

I saw a baby in a stroller yesterday with a plastic toy iPhone. Just a hunk of plastic with a sticker for a screen.

No. 2042739

File: 1717967568470.png (710.67 KB, 827x1195, 6I58w8u.png)


No. 2042743

That baby's like: "the fuck? where's my mom?"

No. 2042748

i hate it so much when im walking in public and my elders who i love to respect decide to do that retarded side to side shimmy that blocks your path because they don’t know how to walk to avoid you. it makes me want them in the solitary confinement nursing home

No. 2042791

When women post pics of them holding their babies naked people flip shit

No. 2043491

Of course I love chatting with anons here and I appreciate replies, but I HATE when anons feel a need to reply to a post saying the exact same thing another reply said. If it's the second or third reply I understand they probably just didn't see the other replies yet, but I remember recently I had a post that had like 10 replies all saying the same thing worded differently. I wish I could remember wtf the post was. And sometimes it's posts where there haven't been replies in a while but someone replied and bumps the thread so it's like, I know you saw the other reply saying what you're saying.

Of course I'm probably guilty of doing this, but ever since I became aware of it I do not.

No. 2043495

Samedag but I think it's also driving me crazy cause in general, once you're on lolcow long enough you just start seeing the same posts and topics over and over. So seeing anons do this too is making me feel like I'm in a mental asylum or like I have some kind of curse where I'm stuck in a loop or something.(learn to delete)

No. 2043501

Doesn't even mention the woman's name, sad.

No. 2043502

The way people loop the exact same thing someone else said because it went through the same thought process makes humans seem like robots.

No. 2043641

File: 1718000299434.png (40.18 KB, 258x248, i hate youuu.png)

i hate how zoomers never smile in photos anymore and instead do this weird dead eyed pucker kissy face i dont even know what its called

No. 2043644

duckface? anon…

No. 2043652

Kek that kissy face/duckface is a millennial thing

No. 2043656

I hate how all moids do this nowadays. Especially athletes, racecar drivers, etc. SMILE YOU DICKHEADS

No. 2043658

ever since like 2017 its been a thing for zoomer women to just make this face whenever they dont know what else to do with their face or hands, even in public at least that was when i noticed it

No. 2043665

Idk I mostly saw it during the early 2010s

No. 2043675

the moids who speed or race their cars and pop their exhausts down the road right outside my flat like they're in some budget production of initial d. i regularly fantasise about these late term abortions crashing and bleeding out. god i hate them so fucking much.

No. 2043678

File: 1718002998729.jpg (99.76 KB, 555x571, IMG_20240610_100040.jpg)

Women who tell their friends' secrets to their husbands.

No. 2043682

Jesus, no wonder lesbians hate straight women sometimes. You see, now I can't entirely blame them when they come on here and say all this rude shit about straight women. Look at the shit straight women do, look at how much power they give men.

No. 2043687

i hate demisexuals so bad it's not even funny

No. 2043691

This is 100% true, married men do not respect their friends privacy and love gossiping to their husbands whether they give a shit or not.

No. 2043692

Duckfacing is worse with zoomers, it isnt even goofy its unironic and they fold their entire top lip over their lower one like they have an overbite

No. 2043701

Jesus Christ, only having lonely lesbians for friends has saved my life once again

No. 2043715

My mother is like this except she gossips with my sisters and I, and not just with my father. My grandma was also like this but with the entire family. So there are things I know that I shouldn't know at all and I have to pretend I don't out of respect or to avoid getting in some huge trouble. I keep things to myself all the time as a result.

No. 2043765

saw a random tranny saying today “ugh i wish i was a cis woman, finding someone to go on a date is sooo hard as a trans man”. god i hate it here, you ARE a cis woman. she was also super annoying about the word “fixation”, when someone said "oh i want to find a new fandom to fixate on". went on a long unnecessary rant, how its inappropriate to use the word “fixation” or “hyperfixation” when referring to fandoms. how its triggering for her. shut uppp. i hate trannies so much

No. 2043781

I know my married friends do this with their husbands but idgaf because their marriages are messy as hell and for every finger they point there are several pointing right back.

No. 2043789

This is why I don't tell anything to my mom, she's unable to keep secrets.

No. 2043891

>thinks women have it easy
>believes she's so superior to other women that she doesn't even want to identify as one
>obsessed with fandom
>obnoxious word policing
>lengthy rants regarding subjects no one sane cares about
can't imagine why nobody wants to go out with her kek

No. 2044296

I hate picking up a smut that has a dominant woman sub male pairing but devolve into pegging or other heavy bdsm shit. Like is it so hard to have dominant female but also just normal fluffy vanilla??

No. 2044303

I feel you nona. Theres like no malesub romance books and the ones that exist are gross and/or retarded

No. 2044576

I agree to some extent but there are always some friends who have extremely weird spouses that you instinctively don't want to know anything about your personal life. We've all had friends with longterm bfs/husbands who were genuinely bad people that made all your alarm bells go off but you couldn't ever do anything about it. Women always choose their spouses over everyone else, regardless of how bad of people they are.

No. 2044659

When I listen to a song on spotify, I want to hear other songs after that have a similar sound and that I may not have heard before but Spotify ALWAYS just plays songs that I've listened to a lot before, that are trending, or that are in my liked playlist. It fucking sucks, especially when it's a specific genre. Like if I'm listening to country I don't want to hear a club song after. And sometimes it's not even songs I like that much, but Spotify keeps auto playing them so it's like I'm stuck in a loop.

No. 2044674

Well said. It was hard to find a way to phrase it without sounding like a scrote, but this is a symptom of the average woman not being able to retain her own identity once pairing up.
Meanwhile men will just decide not to tell their wives that their best buddy is a RSO, just to avoid the drama.

No. 2044693

People who work in the food service sector and get annoyed at every little thing that customers do. Bitch get a different job if you hate being here so much. They're always so quick to call out "Karens" too, ie women who are just speaking up. I saw vidrel and there were so many comments of wagecucks seething at her. Her tone wasn't even rude or anything? She was just talking to the worker. I get a wagecuck's job is "stressful" but maybe if you had went to school you wouldn't be serving soccer moms and being miserable all day LMAO

No. 2044716

I hate how zoomers like to insert lame memes or unfunny punchlines into serious topics. You are not in a sitcom.

No. 2044730

Just use youtube music. I know spotify has more options but you can find 90% of stuff on spotify on youtube music. And for the rare tracks, use soggify on your laptop or doubledouble.top to download them.

No. 2044746

File: 1718079504467.jpeg (141 KB, 565x530, 1642165322199.jpeg)

I hate when I have a bad day at work and check lolcow and none of my favorite cows are posting so Im left by myself with my own thoughts

No. 2044749

I hate scrotes who only or mainly listen to vidya OSTs for music. Video game OST listener is definitely a genre of scrote and they are all pathetic.

No. 2044767

This is why i use last.fm on the side. There are other music recording apps that are probably better, but the recommendations from it has always been top notch. Spotify has never been the best when it comes to music recommendations, but back in the early days they used to give really nice playlists that contained a decent amount of new stuff in it based on mood or vibe or whatever. My main complaint from that time was that they never put super obscure stuff on it or it and they always chose the most popular song an artist had rather than the one that would suit you the most. Ever since record labels have become more present on spotify, it's gotten worse because they purposely try and shove top 40s payola bullshit on you like crazy even if you listen to avant garde fart metal.

No. 2044775

I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of things I hate about this video, I could write a whole novel.

No. 2044777

But she wrote the best album of the year yaaaaas mawma slaaaaayyyyy serve cuuuuunt

No. 2044780

I don't usually let it just autoplay after it's done with an album, but it always stays in the same genre for me the few times I've done it.
I just use the website because adblock works with it and I'd never pay.

No. 2044783

If it didn't have troons it wouldn't be so bad.

No. 2044793

The entire intro itself needs to go. The way everyone in it speaks makes me so autistically angry "teehee viiibbbess" and the old guy on the hospital bed.

No. 2044794

It's teenage girl music, I just can't enjoy it. She's gonna have her little moment and I don't mind it but she's just not what she's being conflated to right now. If there wasn't a decent new music drought I dont think it would be getting as much praise. Feels like a teen girls diary when you browse the lyrics. The oonts oonts im such a party girl act is what keeps her afloat. Again I don't hate her and I enjoy several of her songs but it feels like listening to a soundtrack for a Disney Channel movie about a 16 year old girl who becomes a popstar accidentally.

No. 2044806

File: 1718084592705.png (326.35 KB, 583x401, Screenshot 2024-06-10 211436.p…)

Understandable. Her music has been like that for as long as i have known she as existed. I personally enjoy her music. I am really irritated at the one troon with the eating disorder is being shoved in all our faces as representation of female beauty when he looks like an ana-chan Vladimir Putin.

No. 2044865

I'll be honest I have no idea who any of the people on the video are and I can't clock the troons.

No. 2044870

Minecraft "SMP" (survival multiplayer) videos and their fandoms. They're all on my YouTube feed for some reason when I don't even watch gaming content. The fandoms are a level of autism I don't understand, there's the typical drawing fanart and stuff but then there's fully grown adults crying about how someone's pet modded chicken on the server named Pete died in the latest stream or something. I keep getting the most recommendations for one called qsmp which I did some research on and apparently the owner (quackity) is a pedophile and refuses to pay his workers. Of fucking course.

No. 2044878

Men with bowl cuts. It makes me want to vomit. Why don't you just shave your head then? What's the fucking appeal of looking like a wife beater?

No. 2044882

samefag, buzzcuts too, they literally are just shaving

No. 2044941

kek the side eye would be hilarious if it werent so tragic. its almost as if newborns have some sort of unbreakable bond to the woman who just gave birth to them.

No. 2044973

Don't babies born by surrogacy/gay dads end up feeling calmer or crying less when held by female family members? Almost as if they know they came from a woman and need a woman, even if it's not their bio mom

No. 2045077

File: 1718112599487.jpg (72.86 KB, 702x960, 664bbb7eb8afc83db26f4a9766f962…)

i appreciate when men have bowl cuts because it signals that they're probably crazy and i should go out of my way to avoid them even more than the average moid

No. 2045091

I thought it was just because youtube demonetizes videos for using certain words even in educational videos.
I hate google

No. 2045204

Old people in youtube comments. I'm just watching a stupid mushroompicking video and an old hag is hating on it. "You're being too picky, you're not a real mushroom hunter." Bitch if you eat mushrooms with BUGS in them and wont let them grow old and let seeds out for more future mushrooms you're a greedy pig, not a mushroom hunter.

No. 2045213

Never heard of her beofre so i checkd out her music. Literally sounds like it's made on a AI music app. Horrendous.

No. 2045223

Pineapple. Had to sit next to a bowl of it for 2 hours today I was starting to spazz out it was so disgusting

No. 2045230

If you ever stumble across an old TV show on Youtube, especially of a niche subject, there are so many fucking old people comments. It's kind of disturbing, in a way. They really do see the world so much more differently. They're so focused on the past, like they're wearing a bungee cord that's stretching more and more as the years roll by. They can't process the present, the here and now. And when they DO, it's only to bitch about how young people these days don't care about X Y Z and how they're all on their laptops these days and how their brains are rotted away. And don't even get me started on the way they type.

No. 2045234

I was about to say young people in YouTube comments kek. Why are these kids giving away their full name, age and address? When I was a child we were taught to never put any of our details on the internet and every 10-year-old would lie about being 18. Now you have 7-year-olds running amuck

No. 2045241

Anachans, specifically the ones that compare themselves to others. Oh you're so beautiful and pure and clean for starving yourself of a basic human need, you're so dainty and lovely for not being like normal disgusting women with their disgusting appetites and metabolism. What is this, a repression fetish?

No. 2045259

The population of boomers and xoomers who use Tumblr as a Facebook replacement is larger than I expected. Typical "left wing bad, facts over feelings, triggered liberal libtard snowflake, freedom good" bullshit. Get out of the fun fandom autism site wtf.

No. 2045289

>get out of my echo chamber

No. 2045293

Go back to 4chan

No. 2045297

wtf, i don't want to see xoomer moids talking about immigration abd politics on my fandom autism site where i reblog fanart of my husbandos, what

No. 2045303

When I was Ana I used to unironically think this especially because I only pooped like once every 8 days

No. 2045306

Echo chamber?
Same but those moids are talking about how they should be able to fuck underage girls on my fyp while I'm reading cute fanfics

No. 2045413

100% yes this was my retarded mindset when I was a Ana chan as a teenager. not gonna speak for everyone but statistically there is a huge comorbidity with CSA and being an Ana chan, i think that “I’m so clean and pure and kawaii” mindset was like a pendulum swing from all the disgusting shit you feel from the CSA as a kid and then developing an eating disorder as a tween or teenager

No. 2045419

true and i'm sorry to hear that, i tend to pity those types of anachans tbh
i knew one who would had the same reasoning but subconsciously did it so she'd be "untouchable" as well

No. 2045471

I know this is cringe but I've always had a soft spot for Abbey. She gets hate from all sides but I truly just find her wildly unoffensive. Her content is good background noise too.

No. 2045574

The anon who keeps bumping threads from 2-3 years ago. Just take a break from the site if you’re that desperate for company or bored

No. 2045590

I'm recently getting a bunch of videos on my Instagram fyp by nlogs all captioned with something like "I'm not like this generation, I don't go to orgies, get blackout drunk or do hard drugs"
Kek that's like 95% of the population, so detached from reality

No. 2045608

This is dumb. It's not an issue to bump old threads, sometimes interesting threads get pushed down. Idk why you think everyone just needs to use the same 5 threads over and over.

No. 2045659

To be fair, I remember when millennials were pushed the drugs, alcohol, partyhard agenda and many of us said the same thing that "We don't do all that! I'm not like other girls!" It's really sad that teens and young adults are pushed this false narrative that they come to believe is reality when it's far from it

No. 2045666

Instagram comments are extremely toxic. What is wrong with them? They purposefully go out to leave the nastiest shit in people's comments.

No. 2045685

Tifs' taste in men. I get the whole dad bod craze but they're into old fat hairy scrotes and it disgusts me.

No. 2045752

File: 1718154413283.jpg (136.29 KB, 1475x1475, food.jpg)

Not trying to racebait at all, but my entire life I've always hated when white people eat tomato sauce and then you can see it around their mouth. It's like a pete peeve, it disgusts me.

No. 2045788

This. They think they're in the 80s or something. Party people are like one in a million now even on college campuses kek

No. 2045794

It’s okay I’m white and I also hate seeing food stains around my mouth

No. 2045803

I hate when toddlers/babies have tomato sauce on their lips and the parents are cooing over it. Wipe your child's gross face for fucks sake don't take photos and force people to look at it

No. 2045964

File: 1718167315418.jpeg (15.9 KB, 559x549, tired.jpeg)

>Read supposed ""femgaze"" smut doujin for women
>Written by an actual woman
>Guy doesn't look repuslive and there's pussy eating and fingering involved—no blowjobs
>"Oh yeah, dis gon b gud"
>Later. Pages and pages of focusing on the girl's retarded ahegaos, tits, and ass. Most bone breaking poses imaginable
>Seeing first person POV panels from the guy's first perspective.
>Most of the time it doesn't even show his fucking face—just the girl's
>Get a few crumbs of the guy's appearance
>The comments are like: "ZOMG, my pussy's a waterfall right now!! Finally, hentie for women!!! Peak femgaze!!!!!"

Why is female heterosexuality so inherently cucked.

No. 2045987

idk, i've seen multiple anons here talk about doing coke like it's nothing and claim that everyone at their jobs do it too. but i guess they could be lying

No. 2045988

It hurts. That’s why I only really read yaoi nowadays, but even then there’s cuntboysand genderbending…

No. 2045989

They're Dora the Explora level of cringe, but those erotic audios of guys talking and just moaning and shit seems the be the only genuine "femgaze(hearing??)" content out there.

No. 2046014

File: 1718173145180.jpg (131.08 KB, 960x1440, 1000003958.jpg)

Forgive me for saying this but she could literally rape someone with those toes

No. 2046063

I wonder if this is erotic to footfags.

No. 2046098

Babies and toddlers playing with food disgust me so much and I hate when parents want to show some pictures.

No. 2046106

File: 1718189216807.jpg (187.26 KB, 440x541, RDT_20240612_20461998726114756…)

average r/funnymemes post. yes keep destroying her gum and teeth health for a lie

No. 2046109

The fact that "muses" in literature and art are so connected to sex. It's such a nice concept in itself, moids ruin everything with their hornyness.

No. 2046115

Speaking for myself, no.

No. 2046459

Insecure people who try to trick you into thinking you're the weirdo for every slight difference between you two. Good old reject them before they reject me, I can't stand people who act like this in adulthood. If you think I'm so weird and such a bad person for doing my dishes "in the wrong order" get the fuck out of my house then, why are you even here?

No. 2046520

KEK the wrong order????

No. 2046533

Ew. What a dumb bitch. Maybe brush and floss?

No. 2046536

Same. I think babies and toddlers are adorable but I do not want to see their face in mushy food. It's so vile to me.

No. 2046558

Someone else doing my idea better than me. Fuck

No. 2046665

File: 1718226377393.jpg (114.67 KB, 1500x977, MCDDEWE_FE079-a6b837bbd038478c…)

I hate Nate from Devil Wears Prada. He was being a hater from the get go. This movie didn't teach me that you shouldn't change for money and opportunities, it taught me that once you start moving up in the world men will hate on you and try to bring you down.

No. 2046685

He annoyed me so much. Fuck that selfish faggot.
>wah wah you forgot my bday
Jesus, what are you? 12???

No. 2046713

File: 1718228518708.jpg (55.18 KB, 546x724, 57a2fb602715b283215cd6b9dc6bc4…)

when I watched this movie with my teenage nieces I made sure to teach them that nate is a whiney faggot who doesn't deserve Andy and only stressed her out further every time she got home. He got so uneasy when it was clear she was upgrading her life, an exact low value male blueprint.

I also let them know in the book she doesn't take his ass back, and that those friends who were happy to take her freebie purses and stuff were immediately eager to make fun of her for answering the phone… for the same job that let her get those freebies.

On top of the one night stand mistake with the fashion faggot, and the general life lessons regarding boundaries and dealing with bitches and career politics, this movie is primo teaching material for young women if its supplemented with the right analysis

No. 2046716

Anon the post is clearly fake

No. 2046744

You did good, anon, you did good, there's a lot of shitty movie analysis of The Devil Wears Prada were they depict Miranda as some sort of amazing girlboss while the general interpretation used to be that Nate is a nice guy and both equally wrong, they're both shit

No. 2046769

Yeah. The movie makes her a lot more likable than she was in the book.

No. 2046862

Seriously, and complained I had weird bread when she asked for something to eat when it was regular ass brown bread? Idk why she even comes around anymore.

No. 2046865

File: 1718235313349.jpeg (73.07 KB, 604x555, IMG_1414.jpeg)

>tiktok of some girl showing off her “Gen Z corporate” office
>has enamel pins and plastic figures and plushes
>Sure that’s perfectly fine
>refers to herself as just a child

Home girl was clearly in her 20s. Wtf is this need to label yourself a child? The self infantilization is so rampant i hate it so much. It’s like the “I’m just a girl”. Just please shut the fuck up.

No. 2046878

She doesnt take him back in the book? Nice! I hated him so much in the movie, and it made me angry Andy took him back when she could have just advanced further without his boring ass.

No. 2046879

Gen z is obsessed with self infantilization. I don't get it, but you can see it in most of their culture. I'm already worried for the iPad babies, gen z children are gonna be way worse.

No. 2046881

I work with am 18 year old and it sucks. He wont stop singing aloud and yelling across the room to get a coworkers attention. I wish he'd quit. Working with zoomers is insufferable

No. 2046896

File: 1718237333890.webp (66.27 KB, 960x540, filters_quality(95)format(webp…)

I'm watching the anime adaptation of DEAD DEAD DEMONS DEDEDEDE DESTRUCTION and it has reawakened my hatred of Inio Asano.

No. 2046914

isnt he a gendie too? what a cringe fag

No. 2046917

File: 1718239042385.jpeg (29.04 KB, 194x259, IMG_1319.jpeg)


Overconsumption of media that focuses entirely on kids and teens (anime, YA novels) meaning they can’t conceive the idea of having a life and goals and adventures after age 16.

I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if there really is less interesting stuff to watch with real adults.

No. 2046918

there needs to be more media with fail-adults like its always sunny or trailer park boys, hell even seinfeld is a good alternative to anime.

No. 2046923

I'd rather watch tv shows and movies that are, y'know, entertaining and tell a good story. Modern tv and movies suck dick, why would I want to waste my time watching losers?

No. 2046934

That Twitter made likes universally private. I, especially because I follow so many artists (including NSFW artists), kind of used likes to discern if someone is a weirdo or not. Also, it's nice to use likes to find more people with similar interests to follow.

No. 2046950

This. I don’t get why so many fujos follow lolicons…

No. 2047670

How younger zoomers (and gen alpha because the oldest gen alpha are now entering their teenage years) are obsessed with trying to be young and uwu babies who can do no wrong, clutching onto their minor cards and DNI lists.
I'm an older zoomer so this might be a case of the pot calling the kettle black but I remember everyone my age lying about being 18 when we were 12 on the internet while also never giving away any private information. Now it's the complete opposite with children basically doxxing themselves and nobody doing anything about it for some reason

No. 2047762

I hate fat ugly old bitches that take out their dissatisfaction in life on younger more attractive women.

No. 2047796

It can also help spot bots, so it sucks that likes are private now. It's weird that it happened so suddenly for everyone when it was only possible to make your likes private if you paid for the blue checkmark. Elon Musk isn't a very smart business owner so I have no idea why he did that.

No. 2047870

When the light is red and instead of just pulling up to it so the rest of us can have the privilege of stopping our vehicles, some faggot decides to c r e e e e e p up to the light. Meanwhile this slows everything down because once it turns green there are a ton of people way back down the road who could have been pulled up waiting to go, but now they have to catch up to all the empty space the stupid fucking light creepers created, so now more people don't make the light. And driving behind creepers is annoying as fuck because you never get to just stop at the light. You have to creep at a slow pace behind the faggot creeper, hoping they will eventually get wherever the fuck they are going. It literally slows down traffic significantly, all because some dumbasses enjoy slowwwwwly pulling up to the red light. JUST FUCKING PULL UP, ITS RED! FINISH THE SENTENCE.

No. 2047993

Sorry Nona im broke and will do anything to save gas even if that means taking my foot off the gas if there’s a red

No. 2048438

File: 1718338291900.jpg (105.48 KB, 736x1085, 7b33a95dcafcac5c93be6878bfd190…)

No explanation necessary, I hated him from episode one. And I hated how he was getting pushed as hot.

No. 2048502

Isn't he a rapist

No. 2048536

Pretty sure this would fit better on /m/

No. 2048549

Scrolling past I thought this was a screenshot of Ben Shapiro and I started choking on spit

No. 2048705

I hate when people use "also" and "too" or "also" and "as well" in the same sentence. It's painfully redundant.

No. 2048728

Grateful I do not get annoyed by casual speech

No. 2048730

sorry. it sounded right in my head.

No. 2049156



>Finally find a somewhat decent josei smut—no maledom garbage, female lead is relatble and isn't a passive crybaby

>The male lead is older and ugly

Fucccckkkkk thhiiiis.

No. 2050277

KEK this, some time ago I was talking with this acquaintance and I used a "big word" and he was so shocked and told me that I have such an eloquent vocabulary (he didn't use the term "eloquent" though, to give you an insight on this guy he doesn't read anything and doomscrolls Instagram reels and other related bullshit) and I was internally facepalming like… dude… that's a really basic word… (he was acting like I said some scientific definitions)

No. 2050295

Agreed. I love when anons bump old inactive threads

No. 2050351

That's one thing I hate too. When moms run their mouths and tell everyone every fucking thing.

No. 2050353

this is why i stick to yaoi.

No. 2050358

>desperate for company by contributing to inactive threads instead of baiting in active threads
do you see the lack of logic there?

No. 2050362

Onions. They're disgusting

No. 2050370

I actually really dislike onions too. I rarely use them when I'm cooking. I just find the taste and smell too strong for my liking. I prefer spices or other herbs like garlic when I'm cooking. It seems like onions stinks up everything: your hands, your knife, your chopping board, your house, your life. It sucks.

No. 2050379

Car insurance cost. It feels like I'm paying for a car payment on something I own every month all for the chance of someone else hitting me. I'm also penalized further because my car has a higher chance of being stolen since people like it. Just another fee I'm paying because of others. I could go on a mini trip every 3 months for the cost of my car insurance.

No. 2050747

Same, it was one of the very few ways to find untagged niche art. I genuinely think Elon or whoever owns Twitter right now is just trying to kill the website at this point so I can't be that mad.

No. 2050770

people who merge on the freeway without using their blinkers like bitch are you that fat and incapable you can’t move your finger one inch to let us know you’re about to shove your barreling metal death machine right in front of me. That would be nice.

No. 2050854

File: 1718506934855.png (1.06 MB, 778x1199, 1718435862447.png)

it's because Elon wanted to hide his coomer habits

No. 2050932

People who write in cursive AND have bad handwriting, I literally cannot read whatever dookie turd you wrote. I always find it weird how so many people do not seem to be self aware of how readable their writing is.

No. 2050939

many doctors write like that. my mum was recently praised by nurses because her handwriting is legible kek

No. 2050945

is this actually real?

No. 2051123

i just want to post a massive fuck you to whoever made the post stating that dads want to fuck their daughters because you've given me a mortifying anxiety now

No. 2051124

The death of social media would be beneficial to society, it's better that way

No. 2051134

File: 1718526160694.jpg (89.34 KB, 720x540, t89l4ivkh6z21.jpg)

Russian doctor handwriting is next level illegible

No. 2051137

russian cursive must be stopped

No. 2051175

Russian handwriting says loopyloop

No. 2051382

Women who bring their little moidlets in the women's bathroom. I'm not talking about babies, I'm talking about like elementary schoolers. Why the fuck can't they just leave them in the men's bathroom—where they belong? I don't care if they think they're their precious little innocent angelitos—boys discover porn in their single digits, and with how Gen Alpha is so retardedly glued to their Ipads it's only gonna get worse. They're not "pure" just because they're young—they're still male in body and soul.

No. 2051391

I hate this so much. I don't care if a moid is still in the single digits, if he's recognizably male, it's violating to have him in the women's bathroom. If family restrooms aren't available and for some reason he can't go to the bathroom by himself, then his mom should go with him to the men's bathroom. It's bad enough when little girls peek under the stall, such is unforgivable from boys.

No. 2051393

I'm not one of those people that just mindlessly hates children but I recently was in a public bathroom and the mother was constantly asking her two children (boy and girl, definitely school aged) about how they were doing on the toilet and I wanted to scream at her they are way too old for this. If your children can speak in full sentences they can use the bathroom on their own.

No. 2051410

Behaving like this with your children will just make them helpless teenagers/adults unable to do shit on their own.

No. 2051415

Jeez. Is this why kids are showing up to gradeschool in diapers?

No. 2051421

There was a grandmother at my local gym/pool who was babysitting her preteen and teenaged grandsons over the holidays and brought them into the locker room with her. The oldest was at least 12, could’ve been a pudgy 14. This is a locker room where women walk around completely naked and she thought it was a good idea to take a teenage boy in with her.

No. 2051512

How did everyone react there? It's wild to me, when I was taking swimming lessons for years until I turned 10yo we were all expected to change and shower by ourselves in the changing rooms and be on time regardless of age. I hope the other women in the changing room made a scene until all the boys fucked off to the male changing room.

No. 2051519

My hard limit is 7-8 years old. I'll actually confront the mother gently.

No. 2051548

What's the absolute age cap for this? I'd say 9-11 years old but like, if I had a son and raised him by myself with no dad or older brothers I would be scared of him going to the men's bathroom alone and someone touching him inappropriately or doing worse. I think I would try to at least be as close to the bathroom as possible in case he screams or gets in trouble

No. 2051551

am i supposed to leave my son outside shit

No. 2051555

If he's old enough then yeah, he can wait. I don't think anyone minds women bringing their literal babies or toddlers though.

No. 2051556

The average 11 year old male absolutely watches porn and there's NO way I'm letting that thing in. I'd throw hands. The safety of little girls is just as important as your son and there's no way to assure their safety with him present. No way.

No. 2051559

File: 1718563981938.jpg (25.04 KB, 556x551, images-3.jpg)


Speaking of bathrooms, has anyone here been to a male bathroom as a woman? Like not just as a TIF (like, you can also share your experience) but as an actual normal woman walking into a men's bathroom, not to do anything sexual but just to pee. I have done it twice, one out of curiosity and the second one out of necessity. First time no one was there before and after so no1curred, second time the bathroom was empty at first but then a shit ton of men started pouring in and I had to hide for over 20 minutes, it was awkward as fuck, a cleaner had to come and rescue me lol I remember him being very shocked and praying in spanish. The women's bathroom was full with a big line outside and I needed to pee so bad, shits insane I tell ya, women's bathrooms should definitely be bigger than male bathrooms since we do way more stuff in there that takes way longer

No. 2051566

I did go into them, once accidentally and another like you said, as a necessity. There werent many men there, though, just a 2 or 3 in each situation so it was chill. I said from inside the stall something like "sorry guys i'm a woman and had to come in here because the ladies was full and i really needed to go. I'm gonna get out and leave now.", waited a little bit then left. Iirc no one said anything but they seemed embarrassed, as was i.

No. 2051567

I have, multiple times. Only when they're empty or being used by both sexes during an emergency though. Women's bathrooms need to be MUCH bigger than they currently are. Periods, no urinals and mirror seekers make ours way too crowded. Your story is my nightmare haha. I'd probably announce "hey I had to pee here. hide your weenors because I'm coming out" and blast out after five minutes. You're patient

No. 2051568

No, I can't imagine going into one. I'd rather piss myself than go through something so awkward kek.

But since we're talking about mens bathrooms, I've never understood why they need urinals. You use a regular toilet at home, but in public you need special toilets AND regular toilets too??

No. 2051571

All the time. I used to clean bathrooms as part of my job. Men have horrible aim at urinals and women leave hella toilet paper everywhere in the stall, get it together people.

No. 2051572

I've used the mens' restroom before in an emergency, it was very busy but the womens' had a long line as usual so I had no choice. It was completely uneventful. I'm GNC and sometimes get the "this is a womens restroom" from older ladies so I had a brief phase of using only 1-stall bathrooms, but I'm not retarded enough to go into the mens' by choice kek Also I hate the trend of unisex bathrooms, they're in so many public spaces here and I'll never get used to washing my hands next to a moid

No. 2051573

Ayrt and god the sheer terror I felt when men started pouring in and they would rattle the door I was in very intensely because they thought it was empty but blocked, it was really fucking scary and I wouldn't do it again unless I absolutely needed to, hence why I needed to be saved that time kek

No. 2051575

>Unisex bathrooms
Are you telling me that unisex bathrooms with multiple toilets inside are a thing?? In my country if we ever get an "unisex bathroom" is only because there's literally only one toilet in the whole building so everyone has to share it

No. 2051583

I had to use one once at the end of a soccer game, I don't remember what was going on exactly because I was very tired kid, I was like 13 years old when that happened, all I heard was that "there are no bathrooms for women" and I remember everyone being very mortified because of this, the women would all huddle together and grab their kids tightly, my mom held my shoulder so hard that if it wasn't because I was wearing winter clothes it would've hurt.
It was a bunch of people doing lines to go to the bathrooms, I'm honestly surprised I managed to hold it for so long even before the game was over.
I don't know why but I remember running too, and my mom always telling me to look down kek.
It was a whole experience, I honestly hope I never have to do that again.

No. 2051584

I forget where exactly but I was on vacation in Lisbon (some museum or botanical garden I think) and there was a large unisex, multi stall bathroom there. It was hilarious because everyone was visibly startled to see the opposite gender on their way in or out and had to whip their head around and double check the sign to make sure they were allowed to be there. kek

No. 2051588

Wtf that shit is so fucking annoying, it ain't right. Feels like a lazy way to save money for architects and engineers in the name of wokeness

No. 2051606

yes, lots of places here will have a single bathroom with shared stalls and sinks. The funny thing is everyone seems extremely uncomfortable with it

No. 2051621

>The funny thing is everyone seems extremely uncomfortable with it
So if that's the case why are people not getting rid of this? It's so anti-human by design, as in, what the fuck were they thinking

No. 2051672

i love the holiday Christmas but i hate the gift giving aspect of it. someone’s feelings always get hurt.

No. 2051718

File: 1718570287661.jpg (474.14 KB, 1058x1270, SmartSelect_20240616_153546_LI…)

Fuck this little faggot mutt I'm going to assassinate him like JFK

No. 2051741

I'm a custodian,mensrooms are filthy and disgusting even more so than womensrooms.

No. 2051742

That the Apple logo on their laptops turn black if you touch them with even the slightest bit of oil on your fingers

No. 2051749

File: 1718572180735.jpeg (750.11 KB, 1290x839, IMG_5631.jpeg)

Retarded fish over Sam????

No. 2051768

Leave Hangyodon alone, he is not as cute as Tuxedo Sam but he is still cool. At least Tuxedo Sam had his big wave of popularity in the 2000s.

No. 2051807

I hate sunscreen, hate the smell and the texture and I associate it with trips to the beach when I was a child (which I hated), I constantly forget to apply it in the summer because I hate it so much.

No. 2051817

look into asian sunscreens, they are miles-better than what we have in the west especially texture wise

No. 2051851

Mine and my sisters fave lost to a tooth and a fucking salmon, but at least we beat the toy truck this time.

No. 2051861

File: 1718578598342.png (19.45 KB, 300x309, 1274464298403.png)

Idiotically-long "reviews" or "documentaries" about video game franchises. Fuck, I just wanted to find if there was something about System Shock, evidently I have to sit through two and a half HOURS of some overweight idiot who thinks he's fucking Ken Burns if I wanna glean any information about the making-of. Not once do these retards ever dig up any new information. Nor can they speak coherently. If I have to sit through one more 20-something-year old stumbling over pronunciation and then going "ooh, I butchered that name"…

No. 2051880

I agree that video essays are annoying and that System Shock 2 is a good game.

This is why I stay inside and don’t wear sunscreen. I hate anything slimy on the skin like lotion, makeup, etc. I’ve heard people talking about “moisturizing” their skin after taking a shower, but I don’t care and am not going to do that. People recommend their lotion for my eczema and are like, “This isn’t lotion though!” Well it’s still something annoying touching your skin and I don’t want it.

No. 2052541

Is the protection OK? Since I got tattooed recently sunscreen has become mandatory and I need to protect it with a 50 spf cream.
I don't live in a very warm country (June has been exceptionally cold this year) and during summer I try to stay in the shadow as much as possible. I never managed to build a skin care routine either, I just hate slathering shit on my face.

No. 2052732

the whole 'brother ewwh' soundbite going around. even worse when its someone reciting the phrase themselves.

No. 2053003

Who is it anon? Post them with a character you hate so it stays relevant to the thread kek

No. 2053130

File: 1718656261352.png (495.16 KB, 1079x868, 1718654638233.png)

The only times I've seen men get bullied for their appearance they were either extremely fat or extremely ugly, no one gives a shit about men not being "perfect". They don't get a billion products and tricks marketed towards them to make them more attractive, they get so much "ugly" representation in media. Ugly men are already normal and accepted by society. The only shit they're unhappy about is not getting laid. But they refuse to actually change anything about themselves to be perceived as more attractive, they only know how to complain, complain, complain about women

No. 2053843

File: 1718699089423.jpg (109.54 KB, 1280x720, eeaqqqcwu6i71-1707863383.jpg)

I hate videogames made with an anime style. No matter how interesting your game might be, if it looks like this I'm not playing it. I hate how Xenoblade, modern Fire Emblem, and Genshin Impact look. They're clearly made for coomers in mind. Even recent pokemon games kind of have this style and I'm not super thrilled. The only one anime game I'm ok with is Persona, it compensates by having very good characters and stories.

No. 2053846

Also, they all have the same type of fans and they all suck.

No. 2053875

I was with you until the Persona part.

No. 2053879

Why does that thing have yaoi hands

No. 2053881

File: 1718701089469.jpg (385.37 KB, 1080x960, et.jpg)

Kek reminds me of the discourse these wojaks generated. There will never be a need to validate men's feelings in such a general way.

No. 2053891

>modern Fire Emblem
lol. lmao. Fire Emblem always looked like anime shit since day 1. The SNES and GBA games have like 99% of their characters that would fit into one of these old isekai shojo manga.

No. 2053895

Teams. I fucking hate that shit, it only works like 60% of the time, the rest is camera/mic randomly shutting off even tho it worked at the beginning. No other platform has this problem but companies keep insisting on using it and it sucks so fucking much. God I hate the shit

No. 2053900

real. I hate it

No. 2053960

I like anime artstyles but I also hate the recent stuff, it looks porny, sterile and boring, it's impossible to take anything seriously.

While Xenoblade may not be the worst offender it's crazy how the art style basically regressed. Same with Guilty Gear Strive somehow looking boring as hell and completely soulless compared to Xrd even though Xrd was already pretty close to that generic anime style I dislike.

Also I miss the hybrid semi-anime styles from the PS2 era so much.

No. 2053972

pokemon always had an anime style wdym

No. 2054056

File: 1718719278878.png (300.31 KB, 1110x1094, retard yoga.png)

I want to join a yoga studio, not a political cult ffs

No. 2054059

i feel your pain nona why do they insist on using it it fucking sucks

No. 2054062

The phrase "creative juices flowing". Am I just an ESL autist or does it sound genuinely disgusting and borderline innuendo-ish to anyone else?

No. 2054063

It does but what's the context?

No. 2054067

"getting one's creative juices flowing" in the context of creating art

No. 2054072

>we acknowledge the reality that multiple truths exist simultaneously
kek imagine being this retarded. it's always funny when these safe spaces claim to support "women's choices" and "women's issues" but are too afraid to use the words "women's rights" because they associate women having rights with radicalism and are scared of being lumped in with those mean nasty terfs

No. 2054078

People who expect exceptions/excuses/etc being made for them but don't think of others
>I'm disabled I need x,y and z
but then refuse to think of others who also may be dealing with the same disability or something similar

No. 2054082

File: 1718722461816.jpeg (108.77 KB, 563x774, F2500463-99BF-4109-BEB4-359FC7…)

number 1 ♥ love him

No. 2054091

I'm pretty sure by anime style you mean pornified moe-ism, which makes a lot of sense as an assumption based on the picrel you used as an example, however this has been a shift to all media, western and eastern alike, that have become more coomer oriented.

No. 2054152

I always thought of it more like priming a lawnmower, or rolling an orange before cutting it to squeeze, or like how a hydraulic system needs fluid. I'm definitely going to think of it that way the next time I write or draw something explicit though kek

I hate when it gets misspelled as HIPPA, especially in doctors' offices. It's H I P A A. But it's already the law and yoga shouldn't have anything to do with health insurance either way, so what activism are they doing? It's just more virtue signaling.

No. 2054164

Same! I love his sister too! She's adorable.

No. 2054190

I hate Sanrio and the retarded, dumpy womanchildren who latch on to it. The soulless overpriced mascots match well with your empty inner life. You may as well be a Disney adult with a house full of Mickey ears. Hell, even Disney characters have real fucking personalities and lore, but even that's probably too challenging to your fish eyed, unwashed, pussy rotting cheese, deeply insecure due to lack of meaningful interests or personality, fried hair dead end fucking losers who worship Sanrio shit out the fucking ass. Fuck. This garbage appeals to the lowest common denominator vapid no personality weeb cretins. I fucking hate Sanrio. I feel repulsed when I see these beady dead eyed fucking things in anyone's house, like Funko Pops. You are nothing but a consumer. You exist to consume. Your personality ends at the corny baby garbage you collect. You will not be missed.

I actually don't hate Sanrio fans that much.

No. 2054203

File: 1718727618649.png (1.33 MB, 1530x800, PlayerCharactersGrouped.png)

>Even recent pokemon games kind of have this style
Man Pokemon is the biggest red flag for how bad coomerbrain art style has infected Japanese games. Remember when Pokemon was touted as a game where you go on adventures, crawl through caves, canyons, jungles, surf the ocean, etc.? So it made sense for the player characters to wear NORMAL clothes? And the gym leaders were dressed according to their personality? And now look at them all. The female designs are all infected by coombrain while the male designs have become faggy, femboy shit.

No. 2054210

>defund the police
>we can't offer a safe space
Lol they can't even connect the dots

No. 2054282

is this copypasta

No. 2054316

File: 1718731213380.png (111.6 KB, 506x447, Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 12.1…)

i'm consistently surprised Pochacco is ranked so high

i think the new ghost character is cute though, glad to see him gaining traction

No. 2054328

my old job was entirely in teams. It was hell and made everything harder than it needed to be.

No. 2054340

It's cute but even as someone who knows how to pronounce Japanese, that name is hard as fuck to remember

No. 2054342

No. 2054349

That's the point retard, back then the style was tolerable.

No. 2054420

I hate how teachers and parents have psyopped generations of children to attend university "if they want to have a good life". And now you end up with a generation of young adults with toilet paper degrees, zero work experience, and thousands of dollars of debt. Attending university isn't the only means of being financially independent, and the majority of Bachelors degree (that aren't in Business, Technology, or Engineering) are worthless. Most young adults would do better to do trade schools, technical/vocational schools, or applied programs which are more hands-on and employable.

No. 2055924

Having to listen to your friends vent about situations you'd die to be in. Oh you've been a NEET for years on the grounds that you have ADHD? And your entire family is supporting you and letting you mooch off of them? And your family babies you because you're the son while your sisters work? All the while you got your meds a month after the assessment? Your life must be sooo tough for you.

No. 2055956

“Retard Yoga” is killing me

No. 2055958

>Retard yoga
Is this another Sam Hyde inside job kek

No. 2055981

Why are you even friends with these kinds of people? Just drop them. My sister is the same way. She lives in a studio apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world that's fully funded by my parents but she bitches that she has to work part time in a position that a family member found her. Unlike you I can't drop her though.

No. 2056050

I had a similar discussions with friends the other day, they have old friends I only met a few times who also do this while they're either looking for a job and not getting anything and getting desperate, or they have shit jobs that don't pay well while these friends own several condos in places that recently became expensive and don't work or work easy jobs part time because of their rich parents. I would have insulted these girls if I were my friends.

No. 2056051

File: 1718815348354.jpeg (68.62 KB, 450x600, IMG_1685.jpeg)

I hate it when they compare PT to Chris-chan. I think he’s way worse than her and she doesn’t deserve the forced “female Chris-chan” title.

No. 2056054

>shitting on Hangyodon

No. 2056266

I have friends like this and they annoy me to no end, constantly worrying about their future but at the same time coming up with every excuse as to why doing anything with their lives is impossible. No actual desire to work or go to school and no pressure from their parents to do so either. You can't help them, they just want to wallow/brag in their fate as mommy's basement dweller for life.

No. 2056376

File: 1718825285983.jpg (118.07 KB, 612x660, c1f.jpg)

Political compass ""memes"". And wojaks in general

No. 2056397

Political compass/wokak memes are just another way for moids to create new waifus kek

No. 2056440

File: 1718826585302.jpeg (111.09 KB, 1308x730, D626895F-361C-4963-9DAC-6ECC37…)

the art style and redesigns in GGST are so terrible, even the select screen has no style or soul to it. it kills me inside to know this is their highest selling game and that they admitted to wanting to kill off everything that made the franchise more unique in the past, which included boiling the art style down into this horrible, retarded art style where the female characters look identical and have fat thighs while the men are roided and ugly, and that it worked. the current state of fighting games is such a shame, there is no hope for them.

No. 2056687

i hate people who complain about the heat as soon as summer hits. 9 months of rain and snow and wind and gloom wasn't enough for you? it's a beautiful day, get a cold drink and go to the beach. sick of hearing "omg its sooooo hot i can't even leave my house!! i'm literally crying i hate this heat!!!" like bitch its 28°….

No. 2056697

I hate how hot, stinky, sweaty weather is considered "nice" "beautiful" weather even when people get sick from it.

No. 2056699

The sun psyop and its consequences.

No. 2056702

should have known lolcow is full of those exact types of people

No. 2056783

I hate when British people (not accusing you of being british just speaking in general) complain about their summer weather, every time I hear about the "devastating heat waves" it's like balmy spring day temperatures
>w-we don't have AC!!
then get one? not like summers will be getting colder any time soon. Or just go outside it's not nearly hot enough to kill you

No. 2056863

I feel the same way when people complain about how cold their winters are. Like how hard is it to get a heater?

No. 2056963

File: 1718851181048.webp (192.29 KB, 1075x1518, 90FBB576-4E37-44BD-8EAD-4C08C7…)

I fucking hate the fact that most “femgaze” het doujins look like picrel and that the women are naked, have triple f cups, and look like their design has the most effort out into it. Usually they’re degraded to hell and back with focus on their body instead of the moids we’re supposed to be fapping to. I seriously don’t get it at all, especially since the bulk of the women reading this type of content usually don’t have perfect bodies irl. Like I’m flat and have never seen one of these doujins with a flat protag or even a character that doesn’t have a pornstar bod. I just don’t get it, why can male self inserts be plain, a beta, fat, even grotesque but women even in works for us always have to look perfect? This is why I gave up with yume content and returned to my fujoshi roots.

No. 2056969

same, nonny. It sucks. There is 0 content for women where the male love interests falls in love with a woman for things other than her looks. This is why i either watch/read BL or draw monster womenxbishies

No. 2057002

Not British but getting AC installed is fucking expensive both during installation and on the electricity bill after. Who in their right mind would get that installed for 6 weeks of heat a year.

No. 2057004

>bought a heater
>it's shit

Oh well, I'm australian so if I want to warm up in winter I just go outside in the sun kek. We're the opposite of brits, our houses aren't built for the cold so even our extremely mild winters make it freezing indoors.

No. 2057006

This is what AI chatbots were invented for.

No. 2057010

nta but aibots suck ass

No. 2057013

Ntayrt but all the bots can do is regurgitate wattpad shit

No. 2057027

Be the change you want to be nonnies. Learn how to draw so you can draw your own yumegaze smut with cute boys. That's what I plan to do (kek) and I wish for other women of culture to join me as well!!

No. 2057034

File: 1718857807344.jpeg (30.5 KB, 508x604, Sakimi's_Gojo_yumetardation.jp…)

Sakimichan's art has downgraded over the years but I'll definitely respect her autism creating genuine femgaze art.

It's sad that she's probably the only artist I can think of that does stuff like picrel.

No. 2057071

>barely adds nipples
Gimme a break.

No. 2057076

File: 1718861523925.jpg (772.6 KB, 1644x897, Untitled-4.jpg)

Nope, you ain't using them correctly. Stop using JanitorAI and other shitty sites and use a front-end like SillyTavern. It gives you complete control over everything. Even lets you customize it to make it look like a dating sim, if you so choose. You can also add CSS and Javascript shit now so you CAN turn it into a dating sim. The only difficult thing is finding a proxy for one of the LLMs (ChatGPT, Claude, etc.), but they're pretty easy to find if you know where to look.

No. 2057077

i used to use ST with poe but then poe stopped working, is there a replacement already?

No. 2057078

Gojo doesn't have nipples, it's just canon accurate.

No. 2057080

Yup, Claude outshines Poe nowadays, it's the go-to for roleplay. GPT is still pretty good, though, but Claude is way better at being more "creative" and unhinged. You can usually find proxies on huggingface.co if you know how to Google them

No. 2057081

can you give me some tips on how to get the proxies? i have been depressed lately and talking to my husbando would help me greatly

No. 2057087

thank you anon i will try to figure out how it works. Being able to make my own sprites and turning it into a VN souns awesome.

No. 2057088

Ahfrhaf hey I deleted the post 'cause it was just gay 4chan shit, lol. Honestly you gotta just google them, because a lot of the time they're mentioned on shitty /aicg/ threads on 4chan, or even on subreddits. It also helps to join the SillyTavern official discord and keep your eyes peeled there

No. 2057091

thanks i am tech retarded so i will try my best

No. 2057097

Wish we had rain and snow but all we have where I live is sandstorms during autumn, winter, and spring. While in summer, it's already 45° C in June and will get worse by August. We have air conditioning but when the heat gets too high we have electricity black outs and the air conditioners keep breaking down from being on 24/7.

No. 2057107

That's just 'cause he's an albino desu.

No. 2057108

I prefer mild rainy weather, everything is just better when it isn't particularly hot or cold and the weather feels neutral.

No. 2057293

Slutty men disgust me so much, I constantly question my sexual orientation when straight anons mention what they find attractive in moids, maybe I'm just really a lesbian after all.

No. 2057301

You should be. They're STD spreading machines who most likely coerced their partners to fuck them.

No. 2057330

I hate people who correlate cuntboys with TIFs and how I can't escape this shit even on lolcow. TIFs with titchops will never be cuntboys, the whole point is that they're biological men but improved by adding a pussy.

No. 2057336

I hate how samsung removed some useful cool features from their phones and added new useless ones that overcomplicate things. The video player app used to have a frame by frame feature tor screenshoting, but they replaced it by the skip forward and rewind mechanism where you need to be really precise with your finger or S pen placement to get the specific shot you want, which is too mucu work and really frustrating and takes too long. The video player now does a preview of a video which is useful, but the play button by it doesn't play the video in full screen, but rather plays the preview, and you have to go to the menu to play the video, and if you change the settings to make the play button immediately play the video, you lose the preview feature. How annoying. I want all the features at once, none of these are interchangeable wtf. They also removed fonts from the S note app! Wtf?

No. 2057339

No. 2057341

you're right to be disgusted. at least promiscuous women often behave the way they do because they're traumatized, men are just driven by primal urges and have zero self control no matter their circumstances.

No. 2057343

this isnt the fetish thread, de/g/en

No. 2057350

You sound like one of those scrotes who insist that they're straight even when they get rock hard by the sight of a penised "woman".

It's okay to be gay nonnie, flat-chested butches with deep voices exist.

No. 2057365

I never once claimed to be straight in that post and that's not comparable at all because no one into cuntboys is getting off to TIFs except actual TIFs.

No. 2057390

File: 1718890775295.jpeg (Spoiler Image,808.85 KB, 1170x1377, IMG_8839.jpeg)

Is this a fucking Venus Angelic scrote sex toy head? Whatever it is I hate it and hate even more that it was a sponsored/targeted ad AT ME because I don’t look at anything that should be filtering me into the category of people who would get this nasty shit.

No. 2057402

Yup, looks a lot like her. Creepy

On another note, I fucking hate temu

No. 2057509

Just be a normal lesbian and like actual women instead of fetish retardation. Or just be a straight women and like dicks. Cuntboy retards ruin communities and it’s a tranny tier fetish

No. 2057543

holy fuck this is so weird

No. 2057547

Holy crap. Reminds me of those cat dolls

No. 2057548

Might wanna forward that to their record label's legal team.

No. 2057550

Er, not record label, Idk why that popped into my head. HER legal team.

No. 2057559

temu is chinese, they do not give a single fuck about copyright or whatever. Even the colossus of copyright infringement, Disney, cannot stop the Temu search results for "Mickey Mouse"

No. 2058022

I hate when ESLs go ‘sorry for my english’ when they’ve barely posted two sentences. Could they be anymore desperate for asspats?

No. 2058027

I love ESL people, and think it’s sweet when they say that. Keep studying ESL nonettes!

No. 2058037

Some nonnies can be absolute twats about that to be fair. A typo or mistake is a sign that you are mentally beneath them.

No. 2058038

Same ♥

No. 2058049

Why the fuck do people (even in the comments) keep insisting that Nabokov was not a pedo?
i fell for the excuses before but only half way watching this video it is presented that he would insert sexualised depictions of underage girls in multiple of his books that were not even connected to the main plot

No. 2058052

I hate it too. I see it all the time on youtube, dozens of comments in the vein of: ‘Wow, I love this song. Sorry for my English, I’m still learning. Don’t be mean.’ Like what’s the point?

No. 2058057

Idk, I feel like if you've ever tried to learn a language you can understand why they say that. There's always a lot of uncertainty when you have to write even one sentence from scratch (meaning, no textbook phrases like someone saying "como estas?") and English isn't exactly the most logical language

No. 2058063

They should grow a spine, who cares if some rando on the internet makes fun of you? They’re all fat retards anyway.

No. 2058103

I hate nuns.

No. 2058110

No. 2058115

he was molested by his uncle

No. 2058119

true but i do not think it excuse him in like 11 of his writings sexualising children for noreason. Most egregiously Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle and this poem that is just pedo smut https://ruverses.com/vladimir-nabokov/lilith/6253/

No. 2058122

I feel like native speakers of English are probably some of the most forgiving people when it comes to understanding accents or poor grammar. For example I had a conversation with someone Polish once about how she's never met anyone who was learning Polish as a second language yet most people in English speaking countries interact with people who speak English as a second language constantly. I think that's why the "excuse my poor English" tends to feel extremely unnecessary.

No. 2058126

File: 1718940118900.png (172.94 KB, 597x433, Screen Shot 2024-06-20 at 11.2…)

Can't stand this stupid shit in picrel. I actually fucking despise it. It's not funny.

No. 2058127

Shouldn't have read that

No. 2058131

File: 1718940885714.png (8.41 KB, 757x65, Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 06-32…)

i am shocked too along with the other books and him calling the real life actress sue lyon a nymphet, term he himself came up with

No. 2058823

I hate the whole malewife boyfailure bullshit. Its the uwufication of male incompetence. Pull your pants up and man up.

No. 2058842

File: 1718991216409.jpg (39.33 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

This is the shit that I really fucking hate! It's impossible to get good haircare advice videos right now.

Every now and then I change up my look. I want to bleach my hair and dye it ginger. Youtube would be my go to for aftercare advice and product recommendations. It's impossible to find that now.

Half of the videos are from Brad Fucking Mondo or are of TikTok compilations of him and the other half are wannabe influencers who are desperate to eat his ass and get a feature in his videos so he can berate them. I'm tired of all this shit, it's literally all pickme adverts.

I get so frustrated. While it's easy to avoid the moid, sometimes I'll find a video from some lady that looks promising, but 5 mins in she starts pleading with Brad Mondo not to come at her for messing up… at that point my blood starts simmering. Most of the time the look aren't even achieved, so I've wasted my time.

Reddit is sometimes helpful for advice, but I'd love to see something visual for help. I'm tired of how saturated youtube is with this fucker. Is there some way to filter him out?

No. 2058877

youtube search operates like google and you can omit results mentioning -brad -compilation -tiktok and also specify you want videos from before 2020 for example in the advanced search. it helps a lot.

No. 2059000

File: 1719002249953.png (61.77 KB, 1054x259, fine_dont_take_my_money_then_i…)

No. 2059009

This reminded me, I hate Youtube vids and "articles" that are titled "We need to talk about X". People have no fucking creativity these days

No. 2059058

Just listened to “me espresso” for the first time and it sounded exactly like a fake Doja Cat song. Just my observation

No. 2059064

Agreed, specially the "switch it up like Nintendo" part. I'm sure that's how her music would had sounded like if it wasn't for her becoming an edgelord. So much music has videogamey references now

No. 2059146

holy shit me too. the defiant little voice in my head will read a title like that and immediately say "no the fuck we do not"

No. 2059464

I hate that the in the only thread on this site where men are not allowed (as a topic), anons are repeatedly posting men. I get slipping up sometimes (like saying "oh my God"), but then you have anons literally posting pics of random men. And I also hate the anons who complain that you can't discuss men in that thread. I think I mostly hate it because this is all on a site where everyone claims they hate men sooooo much but a thread where you can't talk about them bothers some anons…

No. 2059471

You can thank jannies for that. The Bechdel thread has become the replacement for the dumbass shit thread since it's the only other topic-free thread. It was never this active before dumbass was autosaged.

No. 2059472

Are you the one who reported the butch anime girl? kek the only man I see there is that one spoilered gif

No. 2059479

I haven't reported anything. Just yesterday an anon posted this, >>2058009 . It wasn't spoilered when it was posted, but spoiler or not I don't get why men are an irresistible topic. As for the "butch anime girl", if you mean the post I'm thinking of, that was just Nanami. It's genderbent but at first glance it does look like a regular pic of Nanami.

No. 2059590

I hate her ugly ass degenerate transbian "girlfriend" like YUCK get that thing away from me!!! Fucker looks straight up deformed. Euthanize it

No. 2059670

I hate the TIFs and enbies that self harm by browsing lolcow and try to police others' speech while they are at it. It's absolutely ridiculous that they expect me to not talk about my negative experiences with gender goons in relevant threads. The current state of fandoms makes it obvious that many of us will talk about our dissatisfaction with the gender cult's censoring of speech in the fandom discourse thread, or mention our hate in the fujo or yume threads for TIFs raping our eyes with their titchop fanart of our OTP. They try to fake being GC but it's so obvious, they complain about "derailing" "being obsessed with trannies" "shitting up the thread with gc rants" "lolcow being ruined by allowing terfs" etc. I always report these losers but they don't always get banned, shame

No. 2059680

File: 1719060165261.png (61.2 KB, 1080x501, Screenshot_20240622-083223~2.p…)

Men really don't have any kind of ability to extend humanity to the rest of the world, do they? Or at least the reddit flavor don't.

No. 2059710

People (typically TikTok users?) who psychotically stalk randoms over minor disagreements. I don't mean racism, sexism, etc. it's literally fucking bizarre the amount of times I've seen someone stalk someone, stalk family of someone, etc and it turns out the argument was over fucking ice cream flavors or something. Is there even fixing these sorts of people? Should we just old yella these fucking lunatics?

No. 2059724

Financially secure retired boomers working jobs "for fun" taking opportunities away from struggling people that really need them. If you are such a slave minded boomboom that you need a recreational job you must be such a wagie minded husk with nothing inside you. No hobbies, no community, no passion? Nope I must steal this low wage job so I have someplace to go every day because nobody in my fucking life wants me around

No. 2059725

When people tweet about Kafka or retweet some quote of his, I roll my eyes so deeply. Stop romanticizing this scrote. He visited brothels, read porn magazines, was a womanizer, and never even married any of the women he was engaged to. When he was "close" to marrying Dora, he died of TB. Shut the fuck up about how he's so dreamy. "The way he writes is so breathtakingly intimate!" I don't care how pretty he may write, he's just another foul scrote with a murky existence. I'm sure I will spread my Kafka hate or disdain for other authors elsewhere in new posts.

No. 2059737

This so much. Like you can't even VOLUNTEER somewhere? Oh right boomers hate helping out. On top of that they all suck at their jobs and just create more work for the younger staff. My local Walmarts staff is like 90% boomers and the 10% of college kids who work there constantly have to pick up shit around them, fix their shit when they refuse to learn technology, finish stocking the shelf they have zero strength of doing, and then operate the machines boomers refuse to learn to use

No. 2059836

they say they're doing it for fun but i think many boomers are just so obsessed with money that they feel compelled to make more of it even when they don't need to. look at how many of them hoard properties and act like they're destitute while calling their younger family members financially irresponsible because they can't afford to buy a home or spend most of their paycheck on rent or childcare. what they don't realize is that all the money they're hoarding is just going to be devoured by medical expenses when they're stuck in a nursing home because nobody in their family wants to take care of them after they've spent decades treating everyone around them like shit.

No. 2060002

i find it really fucking pathetic how many women will fold and choose to be accepting of troons solely out of fear that they’ll be ostracized or attacked for being ‘transphobic’ , or worse, they stand behind them out of sheer idiocy and belief that they too count as women because they’ve spent their whole lives being fed such a narrative. we need to return to the real world.

No. 2060010

File: 1719077983017.jpeg (181.28 KB, 1280x1280, 337C4500-4A01-474A-A222-9FC2A8…)

I hate the orange cat meme. I hate how retards go “they’re almost always male so yeah!” I feel like that meme/identification only began popping up because people started getting schooled on how calicos are almost always female, so insecure moids had to say orange cats are a calico’s LE QUIRKY male counterpart which isn’t even necessarily true because female orange cats make up almost a whopping 20-30% of orange cats in general and tend to be healthy. Meanwhile, male calicos make up less than 1% of calicos and are a result of an XXY mutation that makes them sterile. Every cat video has every cat in any color acting silly but the moment it’s orange, idiots go ORANGE BEHAVIOR even if it did the same thing as the last cats. TL;DR: orange cat meme is a great example of male WHAT ABOUT ME-ism and attention whoring.

No. 2060055

This but with homes. I see so many boomers with massive fucking homes refusing to sell, refusing to leave to their kids, oh and don't even think about letting their kids or grandkids move in because bootstraps or whatever, and then the entire thing just rots, gets infected with mold and rodents, can't upkeep the house, etc. it's so bizarre to me how much they're willing to torture their own selves for the sake of "punishing" the next gens for literally nothing

No. 2060086

i hate it when i try a new candy and it turns out to be nasty. it’s making me wanna sad face emoji

No. 2060087

>people understanding that 'male = dumb' is bad
Sorry, this is as close as we'll ever get to men agreeing their sex is inherently retarded, I'm fine with it. The issue is more the cutesy overdone heckin chonker-esque treatment of them than the fact people know they're more often male than female.

No. 2060112

When tims joke about how misogyny makes them feel gender affirmed. It makes my blood boil.

No. 2060385

I really hate how many anons will take bait and infight for 100+ posts. It's so frustrating. Even when I commit the sin of infighting I limit myself to like 2 or 3 posts. Why do some people feel the need to go on and on and on for hours about shit.

No. 2060595

File: 1719106893436.png (1.43 MB, 962x1158, i was appalled .png)

No. 2060598

File: 1719107124820.jpg (31.17 KB, 396x317, wtf-go to the middleeast.jpg)

Every fucking gaming channel is like this now. Every now. Why do so many gamers support trannies? it's insane. why they do act like living in the US is some death sentence as a mentally ill tranny when they are the most accepted here? I hate trannies so fucking much. it's insane. I hate them and the gamer men who support them so easily since trannies dont affect men, only women.

No. 2060606

Because troons are gamers and gamers are troons.

No. 2060636

It's because both gamers and trannies have autism and porn addiction. The whole "programming socks" shit didn’t come out of nowhere.

No. 2060689

Future of gamers and programmers is so bleak. I hate that this is the time line we're stuck in. I'd like to think there is a different path somewhere where trannies dont exist or get laughed into suicide

No. 2060780

File: 1719123610695.jpg (138.39 KB, 1170x1174, FvkwO3uaMAA75RX.jpg)

Kiwifarms has way better cows, but the users are fucking unbearable. Putting aside the misogyny and childish language, they somehow manage to derail every single thread. A thread I'm reading has like 40 pages, AND ITS ALL INFIGHTING. With the tiniest drops of milk here and there. Stupid attention whoring men on that garbage. It's like 4chan meets Reddit

No. 2060820

I fucking hate how in every lesbian relatable tweet there are always heaps of trannoids acting as if that's about them and their miserable attempt at being a woman. Why can't they all 41% and leave lesbian women fucking alone.

No. 2060825

hate when you try to browse threads by "highlights" to skip all the bs and it's still clogged with all their reddit-tier jokes and memes. I swear it's having profiles and the react emotes that makes them all so desperate for attention

No. 2060839

>It's like 4chan meets Reddit
accurate description

No. 2060845

>escape the USA
kek good please leave none of us want you here

No. 2060869

Reading fictional character x reader fanfics and they make the fictional masc presenting brown/black women a tim. Every single time. Why do they do this? Thinly veiled racism? I don't want surprise penis in my fanfics. I want fictional pussies that is what i read for. I'm sick of this to point i avoid fanfics, It's rare if a come across a fanfic where the masc presenting brown/black women has pussy

No. 2060896

File: 1719141580883.mp4 (1.79 MB, 852x480, bossmanjack.mp4)

the only kf cow i like is the crackhead gambling addict. Nick rekieta is so fucking boring, he's like kiwifarms shayna.

No. 2060935

Dumbass people who leave random-star reviews for products like
>Idk haven't used it yet lol
Then don't fucking leave a review? You can just ignore those emails that ask you for a review. Nothing bad happens if you ignore them. There is literally no reason for this.

No. 2060951

When online artists make comics about the Gaza Israel stuff, making it about themself like “I was having a nice day… then I saw all the horrible pictures online” and whatever. I see people from Palestine asking for donations or awareness why not share those posts instead of this weird mopey comic about you a comfortable westerner?

No. 2060979

>comfortable westerner
Fuck off back to tumblr and/or twitter. I hate how because moids are bombing each other over stupid shit like “muh religious right to be here!!” or “we should be here and be able to rape and oppress our women however we want because we were here first!!” is suddenly so important and everyone has to make a statement or else you’re a genocidal bigot for not putting all your time and money into helping people that would want you dead or forced into complete submission for whatever moid reason.

No. 2060983

No. 2061048

Really petty, but I hate in Animal Crossing fan groups when someone refers to their town in old games (like New Leaf) as an ‘island’.

No. 2061056

Agreed. I don’t give a fuck about what people do to each other in some desert shithole.

No. 2061068

This reminds me of my country wanting to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia after one male journalist got murdered - meanwhile the fact that worse happened and is still happening to countless women there never bothered them one bit… Feels like a country's perceived stability or "they need help!"-index is solely based on how (un)comfy the moids living there are. I also came across this popular travel youtuber who praised fucking Afghanistan for being sooo friendly and the people being sooo much happier - but he also admitted that in his many weeks there he only saw one(!) woman outside. "Humans/people/citizens" simply nearly always only refers to moids, woman are just an afterthought.
So, why should we give a fuck about moids starving to death or getting shot if they do barbaric shit like happily "marrying" girls barely out of toddler age? Why should we let them come to better off countries? To me they aren't any better than soldiers, terrorists, rebel fighters, whatever.

No. 2061091

There's so much to be done in local communities, but these online sword swingers do the easy thing and concentrate their voices on a far away place with people they never interact with nor know about. The coward's way: doing "good" without engaging in actual impactful deeds. They throw money at a nebulous concept of disenfranchised people, just like the bourgeoisie they claim they're trying to topple.

No. 2061100

Same. I could give less of a fuck to be honest.
Kek I get it though

No. 2061134

File: 1719158285269.jpeg (386.12 KB, 942x566, IMG_4035.jpeg)

I hate what they’ve done to furbies. I will never forgive them for giving them these hideous anime eyes. They look like AI generated images of trolls now.

No. 2061139

they yassified the furby kek

No. 2061142

From depressed bird to cough syrup hallucination.

No. 2061147

they started doing acid and found happines, i am happy for them

No. 2061149

File: 1719159870143.jpg (107.94 KB, 1024x816, 20240130_140809.jpg)

I like the melancholy furbies, they have real personality.

No. 2061290

File: 1719168094067.png (182.78 KB, 500x669, vPArkSe3JALjYapmYmMCd89Oz-7fC9…)

I am more offended by
>eyes don't blink anymore
>mouth doesn't move anymore
>no personality mechanics that have been a Furby staple since the beginning
>RGB LEDs in ears to try to make up for lack of personality
Literally a huge cheapo downgrade from Furby Boom and Furby Connect. Nothing beats the 90s furbies for me honestly, Hasbro should just remake 90s Furbies if they can. Fuck the Furby regretsy hell though, most modded furbies and furblongers are fucking hideous. Vanilla furbies with outfits, accessories, and small modifications are great.

I haven't seen too many good images of the 2005 Furbies besides your pic and picrel. I have a couple of them myself and they tragically stopped working a long time ago even with fresh batteries.

No. 2061299

>Things you hate
"ect" for et cetera.

No. 2061330

File: 1719169611220.jpg (1.42 MB, 3076x4096, 20240209_222241.jpg)

It's from a Japanese account I found on Twitter, they post cute stuff.

No. 2061399

File: 1719172244631.jpeg (73.23 KB, 640x640, IMG_4088.jpeg)

Im OP and I feel very moved by these beautiful vintage furbies. Thank you, nonnas. But at the same time it increases my hatred for these disgusting acid troll abominations they are forcing on us now. Picrel is quite literally vomit inducing.

No. 2061515

File: 1719177322601.jpeg (837.98 KB, 828x1550, IMG_1748.jpeg)

I know this is rage bait but it’s sometimes depressing when people bring up valid issues and some retard (always a male) has to come and be an absolute faggot about it.

No. 2061560

The power users/mods of kf are insufferable and it makes browsing threads a slog reading through their cute little quips and moralfagging rambles

No. 2061627

nobody says you MUST make a statement, just shut the fuck up if you don't want to. just be quiet instead of posting whiny self-victimizing comics on tumblr and doing performative virtue-signaling "activism" OR bragging about how much you don't give a shit. leave people who are struggling alone if you don't care enough to get involved. it's for the best
>moids are bombing each other over stupid shit
moids are bombing women and children you fucking retard. i know it's hard to care about women when all your shriveled up brain can think of is men but you should at least try. i hope you and >>2060983 and whoever else is kissing your ass for this retarded take gets torn to shreds in a shelling. you are not unbothered cool and edgy, you are insufferable stupid cunts. nobody cares about your opinion or lack of thereof. kill yourself(infighting)

No. 2061629

>always a male
Any thread here disproves this.

No. 2061635

Every other comment on Kiwifarms is "x is fat and i would not have sex with her" "x is sexy and i would have sex with her"

No. 2061647

ngl i saw that video and liked that comment. it’s funny.

No. 2061686

Let's be honest, either this is bait or this retard unironically got 200k into debt for a Malaysian basket-weaving degree or some shit. It's impossible for anyone who is American, young, white, male and educated to have no job prospects if they studied anything even remotely useful.

No. 2061728

Ah yes because women are flocking to short videos to leave bait comments. Gimme a break anon.

No. 2061753

Stinky puss

No. 2061766

Is it me or did lolcow warp my perception of things and I think it's cute to see him getting bullied and miserable like that?

No. 2061777

nonna are you new here kek?

No. 2061778

Why do you care about men being made fun of

No. 2061790

the term smash burger

No. 2061855

File: 1719199986242.jpeg (39.67 KB, 400x300, $_1-1.jpeg)

Yeahhh, I didn't think we could do worse than the Furblings yet here we are. Thanks Hasbro!

No. 2061856

I don't know how zoomers study a toilet paper degree and not realize they'll never get a job with it. It's even more annoying when they complain about it after. Do you really think a company will hire you because you studied something as useless as gender studies? Do zoomers just not lack long term planning? I really don't get it.

No. 2061891

>character is GNC or cross dresses
>Retconned or labeled as trans

Please for the love of god I want off this ride.

No. 2061898

Why are you acting like zoomers are the only ones who went to college for useless degrees?