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File: 1708526781664.jpg (189.22 KB, 1111x1500, barbara keith.jpg)

No. 1896176

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Keep the borzois in mind. Thank you.


No. 1896255

I feel like you could have cropped the thread pic a little better nonna kek

No. 1896482

File: 1708538728946.jpg (180.55 KB, 736x864, 906aa11a5d8812cc39ddd37fbb84e8…)

When I run out of white paint. How shall I paint with no white???!?!?!??

No. 1896492

This is why I always buy those big tubes of white paint. Titanium white and ultramarine blue are the colors I always make sure I have extras of.

No. 1896629


No. 1896632

Some of the clips I’ve seen of Shera (sprinkle sprinkle lady) are funny and I agree with some of her opinions, but this is why I dislike her, she doesn’t realize how sick she is to encourage women to marry pathetic old men. She creeps me out sometimes.

No. 1896633

maybe making everything’s else darker and “white” being reflective of those colors around it

No. 1896656

There’s a moid I know online who’s in the military and he’s so cute and sweet and sexy and submissive and had a traumatic childhood…. It’s going to end very unwell for him I fear. Anyway he’s hot asf

No. 1896661

Every guy in the navy is gay

No. 1896720

>There’s a moid I know online wh

No. 1896795

File: 1708561610058.jpg (67.81 KB, 592x594, see-you-in-hell.jpg)

I hate the "men think about the Roman Empire almost every day" meme because NO THEY FUCKING DON'T. The only reason why they think about the Roman Empire to any degree now is because they were memed into doing so. There's not a shred of authenticity or genuine interest, they just want to larp as big-brained, dark triad, INTJ strategist uwu sigma males or whatever the hell faggot shit they're on about now. Oh look at you pontificating about the intricacies of the Roman Empire, you really think you're going places, huh? You're not Julius Caesar. You're not Augustus. You're not Trajan, Hadrian, or Marcus Aurelius. You stock shelves a few times a week on night shift and the only reason why you even do that is because Mommy said you better start contributing rent or she's going to kick you out of the house. But don't give up on your hopes and dreams just yet! Your manager may promote you to cashier one day when you learn to wash your ass and you aren't a complete sensory assault on any human being who has the displeasure of standing within a 10-foot radius of you. But keep reminding us that you think about the Roman fuckin Empire almost every day even though the only opportunity you had to learn about it organically was in 9th grade history class but you were too busy yawning and scratching your balls to care. This is just repackaged "ex dee so random xD" shit from the mid-2000s but for the most insufferable brand of moid. Fuck this tired ass meme and every loser pretending it has any semblance in reality. The only things the average moid thinks about almost every day are porn and video games.

No. 1896805

There was some super cringe anon like a month or two ago that she claimed in a college class that the professor asked how often they thought about the Roman empire and she said like every week unironically and gushed about how it made her sooo diffwent and male brained, I still remember that because no girl you're just a pathological liar. It reminds me of when people on Twitter say "I think about this almost every day" no you don't you disabled cracker

No. 1896806

File: 1708562534477.jpg (150.85 KB, 1080x1112, 1000002883.jpg)

>I think about the roman empire at least once a week

No. 1896814

Beyond aphorisms, no man genuinely enjoys discussing the Roman Empire or knows anything substantial about it. It's boils down to joking about pedophilia or something like "hurr durr gladiators were le epic" or "aqueducts are neat."

No. 1897376

This, none of these people actually read history, hell they don't even watch documentaries, they just repost memes by pedos.

No. 1897386

There is a type of 'dirtbag leftists' that I genuinely despise. There's this somewhat edgy podcast that I listen to, and they sometimes veer into this cattery, the Zoomer Tombstone Podcast(by synthcool and his girlfriend MADasS1N), because they think ironically misogynistic, racist, and vulgar is peak comedy. However, they would call you a chud if you ever disrespect a poor innocent trans woman

No. 1897447

Idiots who have an excuse for every type of criticism of younger generations, even if you're an expert on the matter and so are your parents. Specifically iPad babies and the behavioral issues that stem from kids getting pacified with technology from a young age instead of interacting with their peers and environment.
It's a rampant problem and I'm genuinely scared for them. They're not ready for real life, they've been coddled their entire lives and can't read or problem-solve at an age-appropriate level, sometimes at all. The scariest thing is that most of them are spoonfed so much by tech and their parents that they have no personal opinions at all, as in I caught half of my class Googling 'favorite class' when we discussed it. Some of them can't use scissors ffs. But that doesn't stop one-upping retards, online or offline! It's always the same comments.
>Umh ACKSHUALLY old people always bitch about younger generations, there is no problem
>You were the same when you were young
>But she's a tired mooooooom, stop shaming! You're doing great mama!
>What, you want me to beat my kids instead?
>But my kid will get bullied if she doesn't have a smartphone like her friends
Shut uuuuuuuuup. Shut the fuck up. If you're more scared of your kid getting bullied by children who can't even read or use a glue stick than growing up into a useless buffoon with no skills or interests, you're a lost cause.

No. 1897468

>But she's a tired mooooooom, stop shaming!
This one especially. You really want me to believe that you're going to get some rest when there's an iPad plays cocomelon and spiderman-elsa CGI porn on full volume, all while your kid screams each time the video stops? Right. I weep for this generation's imaginations, most of these kids never got the chance to develop one it's actually depressing.

No. 1897506

Nah I know one that genuinely is interested and reads/watches/learns. It’s cute really. Half-normie half-autist. He has stickers of his favorite Roman history guys on his laptop, busts of Roman history guys in his room, a SPQR gym shirt. History shit really is gripping to some people.

No. 1897552

I feel bad for these kids, the parents have done them an absolute disservice by keeping them glued to a screen 24/7 since they were babies. Of course they take zero blame for any of it and instead blame teachers like yourself and make up retarded conspiracy theories because little Timmy is 14 and can barely write a paragraph on his own without using AI so it's obviously "the evil school system's fault! Not ours!!!" kek

No. 1897857

I’m hard of hearing and I FUCKIN HATE when people mumble or practically whisper when they’re talking to me. Use your grownup voice. I promise you won’t get reprimanded.

No. 1897891

this. coming from a tiiiirrreeeddd mooooommmm with PPD. children get entertained by napkins ffs. If you can afford a tablet for a child likely to break it you can afford toys to entertain your kids without being obnoxious

No. 1897927

File: 1708637749991.png (954.84 KB, 1200x800, air-fryer-shoestring-fries-4.p…)

I hate shoestring fries especially frozen ones. Might as well have no fries.

No. 1897930

Those are the best type of fries you pleb

No. 1898020

File: 1708641298203.jpg (524.73 KB, 1080x2019, 1000015039.jpg)

I hate Calvin & Hobbes and this post perfectly shows why, the three comics have the same joke but C&H has to be smug and smartass, and that's 99% of the strips.

No. 1898025

I love C&H but the Peanuts strip here is a lot funnier

No. 1898026

The nancy one is adorable. I should pick that comic.

No. 1898778

When I order multiple items at the same time from the same retailer and they arrive on different dates.

No. 1899162

i hate that she flopped.

No. 1899205

File: 1708727141589.png (1006.16 KB, 1023x1233, 54e6b3ce76957c144116d84b10a2f6…)

whatever fucking autism is behind people hoarding FOUR HUNDRED usernames on rentry, of all places.

No. 1899207

Same, such wasted talent.

No. 1899212

File: 1708727688012.jpg (190.65 KB, 1024x768, 1673052323584097.jpg)

I hate when people, especially moids, say they didn't mean it. They're grown up, why can't they just be accountable and apologise? It's not that hard.

No. 1899219

Men are never ever held for their own actions. When they are kids, 'oh boys will be boys' when they do something evil. When they are grown men, they are told they are just under stress and not 'normally' like this.' Men will never take responsibility, because women keep babying them
It's even worse when you see the married women post online, saying shit like "My husband never does chores. he sucks at them" regarding weaponized incompetence.

No. 1899224

'oh boys will be boys' Oh, I heard that al lot growing up even when the boys tried to kiss me as a girl and I didn't want to be kissed. I agree men need to held accountable and learn empathy for women.

No. 1899232

I saw a post on IG a week back. It was a 'shy little boy' who thought it was cute to stare down a little girl and kiss her cheek and hug her against her will. The parents thought it was adorable. The entire comment section but like 3 comments were all for it. it makes me sick to my stomach. Why are so many people okay with male kids forcing themselves onto female kids? It's still a breech of consent and not okay. I dont care if he's 3-5 years old.

No. 1899233

I guess they figure the kissing and hugging is innocent and non sexual but they don't realize how destressing it can be to little girls. Parent need to teach their kids, especially boys, that's its not ok to hug and kiss everyone.

No. 1899402

File: 1708741953710.jpg (136.36 KB, 720x636, 1000002943.jpg)

Brands, companies, corporations, chains etc pissing me off so bad as of late

No. 1899415

File: 1708742873985.jpg (332.06 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_2024-02-24-03-48-00…)


It's not even a new thing..

No. 1899425

I disagree with
>men need to held accountable and learn empathy for women
Because it implies men are violent rape apes because we don't teach them not to be. They're like this when they're born. You don't need to teach little girls not to rape. And the onus isn't necessarily on women to not raise rapists, but of course they should still teach male offspring manners. They will never learn empathy, their violent and primitive nature just needs to be punished more harshly in society. I agree with >>1899219 that women are too gentle, kind, patient, and empathetic towards men.
>Men will never take responsibility, because women keep babying them
If anything, we should be teaching women not to have empathy for men.

No. 1899433

I have to respectfully disagree. Men DO need to be held accountable for their own actions because that's part of growing up and being a good person. Oh, I think a lot of us are losing empathy for them except the pickmes and thads that keep enabling their behavior.

That just looks so gross

No. 1899444

I just saw a video of a woman saying “white women are more violent than white men, because they’re the ones who birth and raise them” and claimed that “mean white moms” are therefore the most violent people on earth. I hate this type of brain rot that leads to people blaming women for their sons being violent rape apes, men of all races turn out that way even when their mothers do everything right.

No. 1899446

Yeah bitch, any excuse to not teach men how to act like human beings. "Just be mean back" oh so they can rape and decapitate us all okay

No. 1899471

NTA but I highly doubt that anon is a boymom who refuses to teach her kid manners, and she literally said
>but of course they should still teach male offspring manners.

The actual real solution is to stop procreating with men full stop, or at the very least only have daughters, because males are broken. They were not socialized to be this way, they are not this way because their mother failed, they have been like this in every society and culture and situation since the beginning of time. There is no fixing them.

No. 1899479

I am not kidding, some of you are genuinely so stupid it boggles my mind
>stop procreating with them full stop
Have fun in your Gilead being raped while chained to a radiator and forced to give birth anyway

No. 1899491

They’re always to doh-ey if you get what I mean like the insides are the equivalent to horribly made pie filling

No. 1899493

File: 1708747506717.jpg (152.3 KB, 720x549, 1000002948.jpg)

The fact that kirbyanon is a permanent etching on my mind and anything with Kirby reminds me of her

No. 1899498

Nta but your reaction to a woman telling you not to fuck men is to evoke a fictional dystopian breeder fetish novel so therefore you have to fuck men? Great logic.

No. 1899504

That Kirby is so cute though. I want to squish it!

No. 1899517

It isnt, I'm just saying the reality of the situation. Its naive, it's dangerous, it isnt going to do anything. In America, they're banning the right to abortion because women aren't giving birth enough–you think that a mass refusal to procreate with men would do anything besides increase human trafficking?

No. 1899522

Whenever I see king dedede, I just think of her. Kirbanon is such a queen

No. 1899523

>you think that a mass refusal to procreate with men would do anything besides increase human trafficking?
kek this is like something an incel would say to threaten women to have sex with him

No. 1899529

Same. I saw some Kirbys while shopping a while ago, and all I could think about was how non-innocently some people think of that innocent pink blob.

No. 1899531

I wish sex dolls and porn actually worked so we could lure all men into a massive goon cave and isolate them from society

No. 1899533

You sound very male with the incessant rape apologia.

>you think that a mass refusal to procreate with men would do anything besides increase human trafficking?

As opposed to y'know still being human trafficked against your will anyway. What the fuck are you even trying to argue? You're a disgusting rape apologist and your intimidation tactics won't work. If you're so hell bent on this becoming reality sacrifice yourself to moids and use your own body.

No. 1899534

Absolutely not. Do whatever you want and I dont think women should be forced to have children but an anon genuinely saying "the only way to change things is for all women to stop procreating with men" like it will change anything is wrong. I'm just being honest–they already want to take away women's rights to their own bodies, if women outright refused to have children they would force them to. It's depressing but its the truth.

No. 1899537

>rape apologist
I'm so confused how it escalated so far because I don't think women should be raped at all. I contribute so much man hate to this site.
>The actual real solution is to stop procreating with men full stop, or at the very least only have daughters, because males are broken.
I'm just saying they won't let it happen. It's terrifying but it's true. I don't find the thought exciting, it's just true. They'd try to force a China-tier "kill all female fetus" type situation if women stopped giving birth to males. Girl I don't want this wtf I'm talking about how violent they are and how they'd refuse to submit any sort of control to women just because that's been reality since idk how long?? Rape apologist my ass

No. 1899545

Maybe it's the way you worded your posts than because I don't disagree with you, but fuck if you worded it like a black pill/red pill incel moid. If 50% of the population rejected the other, call me optimistic but I don't think complete chaos would ensue. I don't think there needs to be a rape class of sacrificial lambs and I think there would be strength in numbers. You literally said to an anon good luck being raped in some breeder fetish fictional dystopian novel which did not set a good precedent for discussion seeing as that novel and it's adaptations are breeder fetish forms of women hating entertainment. Something that's common in all media seeing as most media is made by rape loving moids, or ironically handmaidens like that one. It's not a documentary; it's speculative breeder fetish dystopian women hating erotic fiction. It may as well be V for Vendetta or some other throwaway moid shit with unnecessary women rape in it kek.

No. 1899548

Yea no I definitely did, sorry. My post was made with disgust. It's something I've thought about given the USA revoking the right to abortion and nearly murdering women medically again. I unironically believe if women in the USA stopped having sex with men, glowies would switch their breeding fetish psyops with rape psyop ("cnc"). Like if women finally started protesting their rights and humanity they'd just continue to push the boundaries and start raping women 100%, they don't care.

No. 1899554

Ugly men. I am tired of ugly men in movies, videogames,anime, manga. I already have enough with ugly 3DPD why cant i escape to a 2D world with no ugly men?

No. 1899570

File: 1708754010418.jpeg (6.86 KB, 218x225, download.jpeg)

My best friend isn't here with me and also like .. .how much schizophrenia I have haha.

Some things are egg stories. Damn man, it really is all being told stories while I deal with dirty water.

So much of stories isn't what I'd like to hear, esp about police work and the way society is going

People maybe should just shit in the backyard haha(word salad, take your meds )

No. 1899757

Food influencers, mostly the ones that bake but the cooking ones also commit this offense. We're a month away from Easter but there they go, making Easter related posts when they could come up with something a little bit out of the consoom zone.

No. 1899766

People liking their own tweets, instagram posts, discord messages - especially if it's a habit for them

No. 1899773

this is like a less good dirty parmo

No. 1899835

File: 1708781959079.jpg (67.61 KB, 894x931, 61mP9vPVqAL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

That gaming headphones are always the most garish, eye-offending, bulky pieces of shit ever. I'm not one for minimalism but holy shit gamer tech is so ugly and extreme.

No. 1899836

then dont buy china crap that is made for teenagers who play fortnite. there are gaming headphones that dont look this ridiculous and have better functionality but the secret is not buying random chinese brands.

No. 1899845

File: 1708782474550.png (66.34 KB, 700x700, CORE-Racer-B-Product-Gallery-1…)

I don't buy them anon, why would I buy that stuff when I've expressed how awful it is? I know I can find better stuff (I have) but the majority of gamer shit is just ugly, picrel.

No. 1899850

The GCs on twitter celebrating the death of that teenage enby girl. I just feel awful for her and rage at the school for not doing anything after they hit her head so bad she blacked out, that’s fucking brain damage! Ofc she died! It makes me so mad to see (mostly male) anti gender types on twitter celebrating it

No. 1899853

Yeah, gamer shit is the ugliest, I don't get who the fuck thought those designs were a good idea at all.

No. 1899855

you're looking at brands that make shit for moids with no aesthetic sense and dont expect it to look like trash? there are plenty of brands that sell things that dont look tacky but unfortunately moids and teenagers have shit taste so these sell.

No. 1899859

My posts were about the majority of items.

No. 1899867

File: 1708784087028.png (473.55 KB, 1170x2532, 44FA6667-DD44-4AC5-B6D7-3937B9…)

Samefag, a retarded radfem I follow posted this and promptly deleted it. All she did was pour water from a water bottle on her bullies. Op outing herself as a high school bully here

No. 1899885

File: 1708785243844.png (639.5 KB, 596x755, V478A.png)


No. 1899891

The only GC space I was that had a level headed response was surprisingly on ovarit.com

No. 1899897

Left has a hot bod but neck up he looks deformed. What a faggot.

No. 1899900

File: 1708787006476.jpg (117.14 KB, 828x1079, 20240224_090444.jpg)

came here to post this

No. 1899902

>single "father"
>a baby girl
jfc, how the fuck can anyone think this is a good idea

No. 1899909

sorry, context for those who don't know; surrogacy is illegal in Spain, so this man bought a child from one of their former colonies

No. 1900173

He radiates evil energy.

No. 1900292

File: 1708813883629.jpg (188.72 KB, 720x900, 6ed20b9dc2e495c2cd1b4aec35ec8b…)

I usually keep a hand sanitizer on me so I got one of the B&BW ones, and Jesus they smell SO strong. Its almost unbearable. I usually appreciate a strong scent but holy fuck…

No. 1900310

I bought the Marshmallow Treat one and it does smell really strong. People ask me what kind of scent I put on whenever I use mine lol

No. 1900359

Let me get this straight, this man came down from Europe to Mexico by himself, to BUY an infant baby girl, for him to have alone in his house…what the actual fuck

No. 1900378

File: 1708816956165.jpeg (261.54 KB, 1170x1833, IMG_2822.jpeg)


Sameanon as >>1900359, I found the post, everyone in the comments is horrified and worried for the baby and calling it out as trafficking. Good.

No. 1900409

File: 1708818147983.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1821, IMG_4508.jpeg)

This video. I hate this video and I feel angry each time I come across it

No. 1900433

File: 1708818783535.png (187.38 KB, 333x334, ifyouonlyknew.png)

No. 1900437

Damn I wish I was that baby(bait)

No. 1900444

That's a .jpeg

No. 1900479

Yes I know. I screenshotted it angrily

No. 1900494

Gettin angry just from seeing that screenshot. Can relate so very much.

No. 1900525

just why

No. 1900540

I honestly don't care if people self-diagnose themselves with autism/adhd BUT I think it's incredibly reckless and evil to then try and make a career around sharing tips/advice for others. It pisses me off so much and muddies the waters for people who really struggle with basic shit. Add on the ones who say they "solved" their issues and paywall it behind courses and shit…fucking hope they all go to hell.

No. 1900670

File: 1708826878815.jpg (31.08 KB, 804x596, IDONTCAREABOUTYOURODDAPPENDAGE…)

moids using their dick as an analogy or talking about penetration CONSTANTLY. Go in any male dominated community and you will see "on my cock" "straight to the cock" "im fucking all of you" It's always MUH DIIICK. SHUT UP. Ape brains constantly thinking about what and how and when they should be using their minuscule shriveled penis. It's why I do not believe in pickmes saying that they fit in more with the boys because they just always talk about cocks. GAY.

No. 1900671

The people who defended her to be different like this is a real personality trait anyone has and not #learnedquirkiness for attention

No. 1900673

I've (kind of accidentally) liked some of this posters tweets because they end up on my feed and she says poignant things about misogyny but she's batshit and if I notice it's her I don't grace her with another like. She needs therapy and meds badly.

No. 1900675

There are people trying to pin the blame on the dead girl here on lolcow too. Really disgusting.

No. 1900682

People are ignorant everywhere

No. 1900692

yes it was bizarre seeing that. sure throwing water may technically count as a form of assault but the beating she received from three girls is not any kind of accepted form of self-defense or justifiable. such an autistic way of seeing it. i hate most of the discussion on her death, it shouldn't be normal this early on with such little information for people to capitalize on the death of a teenager.

No. 1900724

Just went on kiwifarms for the first time in like a year and holy shit its just..edgy reddit at this point, were the users on here always so unfunny and embarassing?

No. 1900727

Honestly. I enjoy lurking on the KF tranny threads, but it’s just full on semi-ironic neonazis now who think dropping a racial slur is the peak of all humor

No. 1900728

File: 1708830084847.jpg (104.45 KB, 1546x1024, IDIOT FLOORING WITH IDIOT SQUA…)

I hate square parquet flooring. Square parquet flooring is the most obnoxious and stupid type of flooring I've ever seen in my whole entire life. Why is it that every apartment I go to see is full of the worst possible type of flooring imaginable? Why is it that everything built between 1950 and 1980 is a love-letter to ugly ass parquet flooring? It always has this horrible piss yellow sheen to it that clashes with every other colour and you can't even try to fix it because most times they'll just stain it a different ugly colour that is also incompatible with everything. It's like the people who designed parquet flooring thought to themselves "hmm what can we do to make renters hate their lives even more? how can we create an atmosphere in apartments that is so gaudy and un chic that it will be an eternal reminder to their impoverished lives? ahh how about we rip off herring-bone flooring (whih is actually pretty!) but make it squares!!! and they will be the colour of a diabetic's piss as well!" If you're wondering "what is parquet flooring?" first of all I envy you so much that you've never had to experience the pure unadulterated shit that is parquet flooring, and second of all I hate you for not having to live in a parquet-floored shit hole, and thirdly you're so lucky and you don't even realize it. I'll explain: basically, it's this ugly pattern of criss-cross wooden squares. "That's not so bad" you might be thinking, but then that's probably because you're a full on idiot. Picrel is an example of parquet flooring, in the picrel you can actually see the spiritually-disabled gorilla/man hybrid placing down the parquet with his fur-covered sausage fingers. He probably gets off on making things ugly and horrible. When I saw that picture I got so angry I wanted to beat that gorilla man contractor with his hammer. He's sick for agreeing to do that. Inb4 "oh he's just doing his job!" no he is complicit in a crime against my eyes. He is just as bad as the people who designed parquet squares and he's should be punished. Parquet flooring makes me feel like I'm going crazy I look at all the criss cross apple sauce bullshit going on and I get physically ill it's like watching a violent television show or rubbernecking a car accident. A lot of people that are forced to inhabit parquet-infested homes are often desensitizes to the ugliness of it, they might even delude themselves into thinking they like it, but that is like how anorexics will always see a hambeast in the mirror even if they're Lucindamaxxing. I just hate parquet floorings. If you took ever cell from my body and lined each DNA strand back to back that chain of DNA would be 67 billion miles long and if you were to inscribe "HATE" on each of those minuscule cells the sum of HATE would not even amount to one millionth of the hatred I feel in my heart and in my God-given soul towards square parquet floors. I fucking hate it. I hate it. I hate it. God willing I will live to see the day when square parquet flooring is eradicated from this Earth. Amen.

No. 1900735

I hate when I argue with a man about differences between sex, make a well thought out argument of my point and when he can't argue back properly he defaults to using
>You have daddy issues
>You probably have a Women's Studies degree
>You probably have an OnlyFans
>You are fat
>You are emotional
>You're a woman
Come up with something new you annoying faggots.

No. 1900737

this is such a beautiful rant inshallah you are freed from the demonic flooring

No. 1900747

Daddy issues is the weirdest one. If you point out how much more likely men are to abandon or barely do anything for their kids they'll deny it and pretend that's not even a thing. But behind every woman saying anything they don't like.. is a shit dad? Wait I thought those were rare.

No. 1900748

This is why I don’t argue with men, it’s like trying to have a deep discussion with a cockroach.

No. 1900754

Literally same like wtf r u doing

No. 1900755

or when u have smth expensive and they say “daddy’s money” like stfu before I pull up to your house and shank you(learn2integrate)

No. 1900758

File: 1708834144577.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1854, IMG_6193.jpeg)

I hate mothers of retard children who want to force everyone else to birth retard children as well. Misery loves company I guess. Personally I think it should be mandatory to abort all foetuses with Down’s syndrome. No I don’t care how uwu pure and kind hearted they are.

No. 1900764

Misery does love company. They want to feel like martyrs and holier-than-thou at that. If you have a retard child, good for you but don't act as if you're above sensible women who don't want to ruin their lives.

No. 1900768

If she really loved her retard child she wouldn't need everyone else to experience this "blessing". She would just be like wow I love my retard child.

No. 1900769

Even worse that it’s a male. Think of all the inappropriate sexual behaviour she has to deal with?

No. 1900770

All parents are like that. Always pressuring everyone into having kids just because they have them. Reproduction is a pyramid scheme

No. 1900776

I think there's a lot of "inspirational" "I learned what love is through my tard baby" coping that's not shilled by parents of normal children for obvious reasons.

No. 1900783

omg these girls piss me off so bad

No. 1900786

Prenatal Downs diagnosis is far from perfectly accurate so that risks mandatory abortion of non-downs healthy babies

No. 1900792

Kek I was mostly joking anyway. Forcing someone to have an abortion is obviously evil. But so is forcing someone to give birth…

No. 1900817

I used to get their videos recommended to me all the time until I blocked them. They are both so annoying

No. 1900821

There is nothing wrong with wanting high quality embryos. This is insanity to control women's bodies like this

No. 1900833

kek, same. They came out of nowhere in the sims community. Whose EA nepo kids are they???

No. 1900837

But anon who else MY tard baby going to play with? Who else am I gonna share tard baby milestones with? Who ELSES spawn is going to sexually harass nursing aids when I inevitably get too decrepit to guard my precious tard? You’re a literal NAZI.

No. 1900852

Jesus imagine paying all the money to create a baby and they force you to take a disabeled one. That's just insane.

No. 1900905

Thank you for your well wishes nona. I'm praying to christian God but I'd appreciate it if you prayed to muslim God too for me as well so that both of our Gods (who might be the same one? idk its confusing) can fight against parquet flooring cabal. We need to advance christian/islamic solidarity so that we can fully remove the plague of parquet flooring which comes directly from satan/shaytan.

No. 1901057

Honestly, I'm considering just dabbing the gel on my body and wearing it as a perfume. I genuinely do wonder why it's so strong in comparison to their other products. Extra oil to compensate for how the alcohol dries out skin?

No. 1901199

File: 1708881032581.jpg (151.93 KB, 590x574, annoying.jpg)

I hate this threadpic from the diet/fitness/health accountability thread. It's just so obnoxious.

No. 1901203

I genuinely hate that it is now considered normal or even funny for women to have unimpressed, uninvolved, uninterested husbands who only pretend to care. How is that not complete nightmare fuel to see everyone treat that as normal? I feel like a goddamned schizo for feeling uncomfortable at how everyone reacted to this video.

No. 1901237

I don't understand what it's trying to say.

No. 1901253

Ugly as fuck banners

No. 1901302

Same. It looks ugly and messy.

No. 1901346

File: 1708890841407.jpg (223.6 KB, 1920x918, urmyharturmysowl.jpg)

Same but because of picrel

No. 1901534

I hate that glowing up and looking like a "Stacey" is based on so much consoomerism with experimenting different products that work for you.

No. 1901660

I agree, I feel like the Stacey archetype isn’t actually ideal for me because it would require flattering and tasteful makeup, nails done, hair styled and colored, expensive quality clothing etc. I’d rather be a “natural/minimalist” beautiful woman with simple clothes, clean unpainted nails etc

don’t get me wrong though I’m neither irl. I am a broke little toad.

No. 1901677

I don't get it

No. 1901695

Not to mention the uglier you are, the more you have to spend just to look decent, not even a stacy. This is why i don't bother trying to look put together anymore.

No. 1901856

File: 1708922120874.jpeg (387.54 KB, 640x971, DD2E9261-C222-4FBD-AFCE-DCB021…)

“Oh you’re just an incel” “you’re mad cause you can’t get any girls” they do get girls and it makes me sad because they talk about women like this and they’re normal dudes not basement dwellers. Idk why I thought any different before but I feel like it’s a terrible response because half the time when a man is saying vile shit about women, he’s got 3 who would wash his feet for him.
Listen to how this guy talks about women, HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND I hate to say it but he’s actually attractive, why are incels popular I don’t want to leave the house if these monsters who “sit there and watch porn like it’s a tv show”(he literally said he does that) and work out are walking around us like regular humans wtf. Tbh I think this guy is. a lolcow https://www.instagram.com/reel/C1BinRgOZOY/?igsh=MW1saW8zc3psMGxjeQ==

No. 1901874

File: 1708923015924.mp4 (2.36 MB, 480x852, lolcow dot farms meetup.mp4)

it should be looking giga roided. Trying to look appealing to scrotes is not stacy behaviour.

No. 1901880

this guy’s videos are so annoying and the porn addiction shines through. i hope retards who make videos like this get no job prospects because of their social media activity. i get secondhand embarrassment at how making tiktoks like this with your face is just “normal”

No. 1901889

We should make a thread on this disgusting little fag

No. 1901892

This proves one thing, most young men don't have any excuse to be Incels, most can easily get into shape, become lean and style themselves properly, but they refuse to put into the effort.

No. 1901893

Kek I found the video, his mom is begging him to delete everything and his scrotoid steroid brain turns it into "Posting about gay would you rathers and slutshaming women is literally what I was made to do bro!" All the comments are telling him it was the right choice too.

No. 1901930

Are you sure this isn’t some kind of engagement tactic? Also I’ll never get used to retards like this using a generic anime girl as their profile pic. I hate being reminded that anime is still a trend

No. 1902122

he looks like a balloon animal

No. 1902123

Imo he’s not even attractive it’s just that girls will fuck wrinkly old scrotes and ugly men so he should have no trouble getting attention from women.

No. 1902265

I genuinely hate my sister's retarded cat. Everytime he pukes or shits out side of the litter box I have to clean it up because she's a lazy retard. He pissed on my yugioh cards, he shit in the shower once. Human sized log. He will attack my cat on site and now she lives in fear in her own home. His retarded ass gets free range of the house because he scares the literal shit out of her. He will open the door to my room and get in. Causing her to shit herself in her supposed safe space. My sister complains about him throwing up but doesn't buy cat food OR litter. I buy all the cat food and litter and I'm not going to buy another type when all the other cats like the one I get already. Idiot sister complains about him eating plastic but refuses to do anything about that. She got rid of the litter box in her room because she never cleaned it so she now kicks him out at night and he yells at her door all night. I have to walk with my cat bodyguard style when she leaves my room. I can't close his stupid ass up because he opens the fucking door. I can't play with my cat like I used to because 9/10 when I'm home my sister isn't here to control her piece of shit retarded failcat. My mom woke me up because my cat ended up outside of my room somehow when last o knew she was sleeping peacefully on my bed. Anyway he got after her again now I can't get back to sleep because I'm waiting on her to finish cleaning herself so I can clean it up. Not like I have to go to work in a few hours or anything. If I could get rid of him I would. IDC if it's rehoming or euthanizing, but since I'm a good person I can't bear to do anything. Also I'd be the first suspect and my sister would probably harm herself, but I think she should try to control her baby if she doesn't want to acknowledge that literally nobody else here likes him. Everyone else in this house thinks hes a violent idiot as well.

No. 1902268

I'm sorry you are going through this nonna, that's horrible. Your sister is a retard who can't take care of her pets. Could you do like a family intervention where you'd present all the facts to her? It doesn't seem like she loves her cat when she doesn't even clean his mess and leaves him outsie of her bedroom at night, if she treated him better i bet he would be nicer to everybody. I'm sure the cat is pretty stressed out himself. Maybe she could get some sort of rewards for training and taking care for the cat, it's not fair but it can help careless people.

No. 1902269

Ain’t no way a cat shat a human sized log

No. 1902275

>IDC if it's rehoming or euthanizing
>since I'm a good person

Ain’t no way you said this in the same breath. Thinking of killing a cat because of your retarded sister isn’t a good person thing.
It seems to me it’s your sister fault, a cat just reacts to how he’s treated if he’s making all this mess chances is because he’s unhappy and uncared for. If she doesn’t care for him, please rehome the poor cat.

No. 1902280

I just like being in my natural state, all the upkeeping shit sounds exhausting. Also unpopular opinion but I don't get having your nails done, it doesn't look better than having short clear nails.

No. 1902297

Nta but some animals will behave badly and if no one takes responsibility (in this case it should be her sister) then those are the only two options, and rehoming isn't always available. Anon's already doing too much by cleaning up after him, feeding him and giving him attention, so yeah she is a good person. She can't live with that cat, she may not be able to rehome it (it's not even hers and he has behavioural issues), she can't euthanize it because "that's bad" so what should she do? Throw it out? Keep him and neglect her own cat? She shouldn't even be the one thinking about this.

No. 1902318

Don't exaggerate, euthanizing a cat doen't hurt it in any way.

No. 1902356

So it’s not really the bastard cats fault but your retarded sisters for refusing to socialize and contain him.
Get childproofing for your door, you can get things that prevent the door handle from being leveraged or turned depending on what style of handle it is. Keep your cat in your bedroom and start refusing to clean up after her cat - it’s not your cats fault, she’s tucked up in your room. If your sister/family starts letting your cat out, violating your boundaries, get a door handle with a key lock and go that route. If they won’t work with you to find an acceptable solution they need to let you take precautions as you see fit.

No. 1902359

it kills it though, seems a bit too much for an untrained unloved cat, these things are easily fixed. It's not like it's a dangerous animal. We shouldn't kill for inconvenience.

No. 1902365

File: 1708953190483.jpg (105.47 KB, 564x744, 4d758c96146dc853321dca7d30c829…)

having tedious hyperfixations, as in for everyone else. I CAN'T stop listening to __________ I need to let it run it's course. I know I'm annoying but I have a process. I hate and fucking hate even more that it is something outside my current control. I say current because I tard wrangle myself all day every day but when I'm driving the hour to work every day I'm going to make it worse. idk how not to hyperfixate and it's bothering me. but I also hate that it's so so comfy to have such an ingrained routine. 3 years is a bit much though. nothing can replace it, nothing comes close.

No. 1902368

Neither of you should have cats, and your sister should be euthanized.

No. 1902376

hate to agree (because I tried to rationalize and) rehome them both. to someone trusted PLEASE don't cop out and put them on gumtree or some shit. these creatures live for a long time and remember, do them a solid and help them have better lives outside you and your sister. your house sounds too tumultous.
hope you're okay though if shit is that cooked at home. sorry to be harsh but like that is a truly hateful situation and the easiest and best for you guys is rehome them. and move out obvs but god forbid a young person wanting independence finds it these days.
good luck and god speed nona

No. 1902648

File: 1708971175045.png (499.94 KB, 640x490, OXMImusf4.png)

i can deal with weeb tattoos when they are from a series that someone has loved for a long time, but getting a big ass tattoo like picrel from some fotm sports series…

No. 1902700

Walking unpaid advertisement

No. 1902709

I wouldn’t have guessed this was from an anime, it actually looks good imo

No. 1902712

I desperately hate this style of tattoos. I wish I knew more tattoo terminology to actually describe why I hate it, but the shading is fugly.

No. 1902713

Maybe I'm outing my shit taste but I think this looks cool, a pretty design like this will keep its appeal even after she moves on from the FoTM anime. Personally I can't stand when people get anime characters tattooed on them though 9/10 times it's ugly and tacky

No. 1902714

Ntayrt but you’ve never met my cat

No. 1902721

Looks like the shit I’d draw on my arms with marker in school as a kid. Terrible.
Taking this opportunity to mention I drew that KH2 water Organization XIII guy’s guitar on my arm and when I went home my mom was so disappointed saying “why are you drawing things that look so inappropriate…”
It looked like a fat dick I guess but I didn’t know at the time lol

But more related I really hate moids especially with an arm full of video game tattoos (especially “retro”/Nintendo shit). Consoom and manchild all in one.

No. 1902737

File: 1708975577861.png (106.05 KB, 512x462, hmm.png)

I hate parents who complain about their kid being a picky eater when they don't introduce actual good food to them. My niece started eating cheetos and nachoes when she was 2-3 and now she can only really eat chicken and french fries. Food starts from the home. You can tell the saltiest parents on ig feeds where the parents show their kids eating a huge variety of foods, including vegetables. Their excuse is always 'WELL MY SON HAS AUTISM. NEURODIVERGENT'

No. 1902739

you should be euthanized for being fucking retarded since you think that way.(alogging)

No. 1902750

Idk how you can call yourself a cat lover and hate an innocent cat so much that you think he’d be better off dead despite being perfectly healthy and just having normal needs? one of my cats is kind of a jerk but I still love him. It’s not the cat’s fault your sister sucks. He needs way more attention and clearly loves your sister and wants to be in the room with her, poor baby boy. He’s just a kitty anon.

No. 1902763

I have a concept of life and death, a cat doesn't, come on now.

No. 1902764

You seem to forget this is an anonymous board, you're not replying to the OP.

No. 1902774

You all sound so aggressive to that anon. Maybe she just doesn't fucking want another cat, yeah he's "just a kitty" (nevermind that cats can get very aggressive and destructive) but she shouldn't be the one taking care of it. He's healthy and he had needs but anon shouldn't be the one taking care of them so it's understandable that she's mad, especially if this situation is stressing her own well-behaved cat out. Obviously her comment about euthatazing was extreme, she's going to figure shit out with her sister before jumping straight to that.

No. 1902801

I hate this too! I was a picky eater growing up because neither of my parents could cook. My parents didn't own any spices (not even salt) and we were served actual slop by them. Only when I moved out and started learning how to cook did I realize I wasn't picky at all, and that they were really just horrible at cooking. All that time they'd complain about me being a picky eater and embarrass me for not wanting to eat their undercooked chicken.

No. 1902841

ah yes I was also a "picky eater" because I didn't like my mother's boiled squash with onions. she's bring a big pot of water up to boil then add some sliced yellow squash with diced onions and then a teeny tiny dash of black pepper, as if that would give any notable flavor to all of that water. then it was boiled until the onion didn't taste like onion anymore. one of my mother's favorite dishes.

No. 1902846

File: 1708981532840.jpg (17.33 KB, 550x365, 834263438b36b10302139ff6b4fc51…)

I hate filing my nails. I usually do it listening to something with a headset on but the friction?rubbing? itself still bothers me. Something dry rubbing against another dry thing makes me feel awful and it got like this only maybe a couple of years ago.

No. 1902850

I hate when my mom boils vegetables with no taste or cooks shit with a lot of lard and no flavor. She ruins perfectly fine ingredients it's infuriating

No. 1902882

My old cat (may she rest in peace) once took a humongous human sized poop, bless her heart her stomach was upset because my stupid dad gave her a ton of milk and she made sure to poop in the bathroom on the tiles. I'll never forget the sheer size of that shit kek

No. 1902905

kek, what is this weird universal experience. my mom ruined brussels sprouts for me for years because she would just boil them until soft so they'd taste and smell like farts. i only realized how god they were when i started frying or steaming them. in the same vein, she always makes pasta by just dumping it in the pot, turning up the heat to the max and then going back to the living room for 15+ minutes. i absolutely hate mushy pasta but she thinks the way i like mine is too hard or something.

No. 1902975

People (scrotes) need to learn how to use deodorant. I swear to fuck my eyes are watering right now because of how bad this idiot retarded faggot's body odour is. It's like how do you not smell yourself? How do you wake up every morning, decide not to wash, and then just go through life stinking like that. It fully makes me want to start bashing his head with my skull. He is over 3 meters away but the smell is so repugnant that it's making me go crazy. I hate people that don't wear deodorant. Wear deodorant. And not just deodorant, wear fucking anti-antiperspirant too.

No. 1902981

A few weeks ago a delivery man knocked on my door and immediately left. I got there 5 seconds later and his BO was so bad that it stayed in the air and made my eyes burn

No. 1902989

File: 1708992288629.jpeg (109 KB, 992x993, 3D06860A-FB81-4D48-8351-DB9FBA…)

They just had a neopronouns clue on Jeopardy. The pronouns were something along the lines of ze/zir/zis. Between this and them having a question about the podcast Maintenance Phase there are some very annoying clue writers

No. 1903003

I've only ever experienced this behavior from men. And they act completely surprised that they smell. Even had one straight up smell his armpit, proceed to say he can't smell anything, and tell me yes of course he put deodorant on… THE DAY BEFORE.

No. 1903006

Yup it's always men. I was working retail once and me and my coworker were discussing the man that had come in and smelled like actual raw onion and sewage, and then out of the blue our other coworker pipes up and goes "well actually, in our culture we don't wear deodorant! it's not normal to wear deodorant so it's not that big of a deal!" she deadass said that to us with a straight face like what? Girl I don't care where the fuck you're from, every person across this globe hates body odour. You're not gonna sit there and lie to my face and say "oh in my country we don't wear deodorant!" when I know for a fucking fact they're having this exact same conversation of "I hate smelly people" there at this very minute. Deodorant is sold on every continent on our planet. It's not a cultural thing. It's a hygienic thing.

No. 1903017

The only woman I’ve met with awful BO issues was my ex-coworker but she was an autistic fujo who would always gush about the faggots in Promare so I wasnt that shocked

No. 1903019

It’s her own fault. She’s had many chances to clean up but she’s turned them all down. She would have been better with meds and a diary.

No. 1903026

I can’t go into too much detail because racebait but it’s become a more common argument on the left. I hate it because it just lets off the most violent freaks off the hook

No. 1903036

Are you implying that woman as a collective should be forced or force themselves to have sex with men?

No. 1903043

I know it sounds terrible but my empathy for anything trans/NB has been exhausted. Sorry to her family.

No. 1903050

I liked quiet luxury long before it was popular and I hope to die in that style. I hate people forcing bright colors and patterns onto me just because “it flatters your skin tone”.

No. 1903098

I hate how cheese is so fucking expensive but it's the first thing that goes moldy in the fridge.

No. 1903100

Based and I love you

No. 1903106

My cousin was traumatized by a Down syndrome boy who showed her his penis when she was in kindergarten. She told the teacher and the teacher got mad at HER for crying (bc her crying caused the Down syndrome pervert to chimp out and start throwing food). This was in the school cafeteria, the special Ed kids ate at the same time as the kindergarten kids, and this retard was like 9-10 not 5-6.

No. 1903162

File: 1709005434430.jpg (299.27 KB, 666x900, kate baylay.jpg)

And I would share in your hyper-fixation suffering if you were to share the song… I know what this feels like, I was in the top 0.001% of Spotify listeners for a certain song that I played over 20k times last year.

No. 1903257

File: 1709010243239.jpeg (421.64 KB, 1284x683, IMG_6912.jpeg)

I am so tired of trannies projecting onto Bladee and Ecco2k. It’s so disturbing and disgusting. Their autism has even spread to Wikipedia. Noone can be GNC anymore because some troon has to come in and make creepy comments about being an “egg” and make estrogen jokes. Ecco just sang in a high pitched voice and had a long wig once but that’s enough for him to be trans in their eyes I guess. The lyrics in Ecco2k’s songs are clearly about the racism he faced as a child but troons love to spin them to fit their dysphoria narrative. I’m so glad I don’t engage with their braindead fanbase and just enjoy the music.

No. 1903827

I hate when you youtubers or whoever else says "ladies and gentlemen" when it's obvious no woman watches their content.

No. 1903831

i hate people that talk about mental health whenever facing an issue, like fuck that.
fuck mental health either die insane or live like a bitch.

No. 1903837

You were clearly watching it to notice this though
I side-eye when a youtuber I like pretends their female audience doesnt exist, it makes me watch their words more carefully

No. 1903838

File: 1709048030879.jpg (37.46 KB, 332x365, T1E23jm.jpg)

>outs itself as a man

No. 1903846

I feel like I'm living in a nightmare when people are using the word queer so openly now when it was absolutely a hate word people used to gay bash in the 80s and 90s. (I grew up in the 90s as a lesbian.) Now a days the word queer just means any one who isnt extremely hyper masculine and into trucks or something. I hate zoomers and this fucking word

No. 1903850

I'm sorry your cousin had to experience that. Literally her first gaslighting at such a young age. Men, esp retards get special privileges.. I hate them all

No. 1903852

silence queer(pointless infight)

No. 1903856

Same I fucking hate how people use queer nowadays

No. 1903859

Lmao no, I just sometimes see DarkSydePhil clips and he always goes "alright ladies and gentlemen" and you know no woman unironically watches his streams.

No. 1903892

I hate when I see something online mentioning a Japanese band and the commenters have to mention they know the band…but they don’t really because it’s always “they never miss I love (anime OP)!” “I love them they did the OP for (anime)!” “I loved (anime)” Or when a member does a livestream and English speakers will ask “are you going to do any more anime OPs?”
The band could have multiple albums but cannot escape being an “anime band” to non Japanese. I used to be a weeb but now my main hobby is music and concerts and I see how cringe it really is.

I also hate high school girl and loli images so much now, now that I’m older and actually work with those age groups (in japan, so they actually wear the uniforms and stuff) I see how bad things really are. I hate Blue Archive and similar coomer “but it’s cute!” gachashit but my group chats are bombarded with it.

Basically I hate anime obsession I guess

No. 1903894

Blue Archive is pedoshit, I genuinely hate that game

No. 1903901

I love a wide variety of Japanese music as well and it's really annoying to hear people say that they listen to it too and then I discover what they mean by that is that they like anime openings. Or playing music and people say "this sounds like an anime song" just because it's in Japanese or has an electric guitar

No. 1903911

File: 1709051702052.gif (38.09 KB, 220x312, IMG_4996.gif)

I asked a classmate once if they liked any Japanese music (because they talked constantly about having a military husband and being in jpn with them and wore weeb shirts etc) and they said it was super weeaboo to only care about Japanese music but they listened to babymetal

No. 1903917

Babymetal sucks ass and are boring as shit live

No. 1903925

I was so disappointed when my (at the time) only Japanese female friend said she played it. “They’re so cute!”
And so many Japanese women play FGO which isn’t as egregious on the lolis and the characters aren’t your literal STUDENTS but is still bad
There is some pushback on this pedoshit in western world but Japanese legit do not see anything wrong with it

No. 1903962

I don't hate the idea but the execution is a bit awkward. As soon as that thing settles she's gonna be walking around with a sweaty ballsack on the back of her hand, the detail won't hold at all.

No. 1904103

That was uncalled for.

No. 1904330

A /fit/fag thread would be a good idea but I imagine it's going to attract flies.

No. 1904631

I hate men who call boobs "boobies" and to a lesser degree, I hate when women call their boobs their "girls"

No. 1904658

File: 1709087925320.jpeg (122.94 KB, 1124x514, IMG_9244.jpeg)

Samefag, realized something else I hate regarded music:
I hate the extremely common “um erm will I be safe if I go to the (metal/hardcore band with moshpits) concert alone?” from nlogs, and I hate infinitely more when it’s a tranny male saying it.
NO, you will not be in danger in the pit as a male.
NO, you will not be targeted by the unfortunately extremely liberal, extremely pro-tranny band and fans.

I hate finding a band I like only to learn they are pro tranny and go as far and not wanting “pro-LBGT” at their shows. Fine bitch I’ll steam your songs for fractions of a penny and never buy your tickets and merch.

No. 1904662

sage *not wanting “anti-LGBT” I meant

No. 1904686

Same, men saying boobies is so juvenile. They sound like little kids asking for milkies

No. 1905121

there's been a huge increase in people wearing tranny/lgbtqwhatever pins and patches at concerts recently too, they care more about publicly announcing who they like to fuck instead of bands they listen to and it's pissing me off.

idk if you use reddit much but they have a sub for musicians who are right wing (ok i get it) or have tenuous connections to anyone in the scene (so 90% of artists) and it's really funny watching them reee about Fenriz of all people putting mean lyrics in his songs thirty years ago. the subculture is cannibalizing itself.

No. 1905570

Shitty dog owners who see their dog jumped the fence to chase me but don't come and get their damn dog. I'm going to start pepper spraying them.

No. 1905686

Depop taking at least 10 business days to put the money in the fucking bank.
Why does it do this? It completely defeats the point of having shipping fees if it won't be in my acount till after I ship it out and I've never been on another site where it takes this long and that's not even getting into that their fees are too high.

The only reason I sell there is because I'm way more likely to actually be able to get rid of my old stuff on it.

No. 1905696

The song Jack and Diane. John mellencamp is a good artist and it’s my mom’s favorite song but god damn. Life goes on? No this song goes on! Didnt know a 4 minute song can turn into 15 minutes long. Doesn’t help every single FM radio station under the sun will play this song multiple times

No. 1905717

2020's internet and social media

No. 1905724

I browse Reddit metalcore and hardcore subs and they are shitholes lol I’ll try to find that one
I’m so glad I’m not in America. The good thing about Japanese bands is they don’t encourage idpol shite in their songs or social media or on stage. I honestly dread going back. I think I’ll just have to stop going to shows when I do until everyone grows out of it. I really hate them that much and don’t feel welcome.

No. 1905757

File: 1709171422968.png (193.55 KB, 445x450, IMG_5003.png)

Not milky/interesting enough for a thread but Colleen the shoujo manga youtuber is so goddamn annoying and insecure. She recently went on a Twitter tangent about a blogger not caring to watch her videos and how it just drags her name down because they complained about the accuracy of her videos in the past. Pretty sure she also sent the anonymous ask to the blogger in question to try getting them to watcher her video, too. How chronically online do you have to be to act like a celebrity (kek) manga expert and get pissy that older, bilingual people have read more manga and don’t watch YouTube videos

No. 1905803

the amount of anti-natalist hate on this site, and nonas making it seem like being anti-natalist means you are an evil misogyinst that wants to literally kill all babies and mothers out of autistic rage

No. 1905807

its just one ''anon'' baiting, ignore

No. 1905808

I know and it's so retarded and annoying when some anons scream misogyny 111!!Like who cares you're on an image board we judge everyone here,get off your fucking high horse.you aren't special just because you're pregnant.

No. 1905822

God you sound like actual children(chronic infighter)

No. 1905827

File: 1709176854843.jpeg (75.21 KB, 437x437, IMG_6966.jpeg)

i’m so fucking tired of trannies in punk and emo bands. it makes me fume when i think i finally found a band with women only for it to be a hulking trannies in a skirt. they are also violent. i don’t want to go to shows knowing that they’ll be there and if they find out i’m terfy they might assault me. their entitlement is the opposite of punk. i swear they have taken over the screamo scene

No. 1905872

File: 1709178754744.jpg (310.45 KB, 1864x1160, d4b8ee8a-2b0c-4c3a-bd29-b6536e…)

kek found it, /r/IsItSketch/ it's somehow worse than i remember now they're whining about bands being on SPLITS, put out by their labels, with people they don't like. jp metal might be wacky but their fans are so respectful and actually there for the music and vibe. 'murica is alright depending on the state, the further north you go the more idpol zoomers there are ime but at least it's not mooseland. i will never forgive them for harassing hoest off the entire north american continent.

keep going to shows don't let the trannies and posers get you down, a pit is the perfect place to body 6'5 Lilly with the beard. keep me with you in spirit.

even if they somehow find out you're a terf or think your patches are ''sus'' they're too pussy to actually harm you in public, you know these people are all bark and no bite. they might cry to their twitter followers but i'm pretty sure every moid in the venue would jump in if a woman was getting assaulted. stay safe, keep rockin.

No. 1905879

Holy shit I didn’t think of that. Crowdkilling Lillies. A way to safely shove around Zoes. Holy shit

No. 1906023

People forcing folks (or even worse, folx) as a gender-neutral term when people works just as well and is an actual normal word that would be used in that context instead. Folks is used so much now. Feels like someone practically rubbing my nose in it and going
>look, look, I'm being inclusive.
What even is the point of the x in folx anyway? What value does it add other than being even more annoying?

No. 1906033

People isnt cool enough I guess

No. 1906044

File: 1709192505161.jpg (174.14 KB, 1074x1002, e7f.jpg)

I think like we should have a thread for "modern punk" cringe, cause it's infested with idpol, so much pointless LARPing but also attracts so many pathetic swords, recently a punk bank got into controversy because one member poisoned the other member with estrogen, so he would look less masculine and he could steal his girlfriend.

No. 1906155

Modern music. I genuinely can't stand it, it actually makes me depressed.

No. 1906156

This is kind of a weird one kek. Like all modern music? Everything produced past what date? Or just modern songs from certain genres?

No. 1906165

All modern music. I have tried pretty much everything because i have musicfags friends and I genuinely can't stand anything made past the 2010s. At least the 00s had cringy but earnest emo music like MCR, but i genuinely cant understand what's the difference between doja cat, melanie martinez, lana del rey, taylor and ariana. Despite having vastly different aesthetics they all sound extremely generic and boring. Doja cat i specially hate, her shitty songs about sex are so vomit inducing, and the melody is so repetitive and generic.

No. 1906168

oh and before anyone says ''thats just pop!'' nah i also tried listening to death grips, machine girl, taylor the creator, and other scrotes i dont remember the name of. Holy shit modern musicians are incapable of making anything good.

No. 1906176

do you even know what genres you actually like or do you just listen what is mainstream and happen to like older decades mainstream music more?

No. 1906177

Everything you listed was pop music in both posts. I'm going to recommend some songs for you because I want you to like some modern music: "Burden You" by Pity Sex, "I Let the Sorrow Fill Me" by Goodbye, August, and "The Lovers" by Pure Bathing Culture. These are all songs of different genres produced in the last 5 or so years.
Kek nonna don't be mean to her she is just frustrated with generic radio pop methinks.

No. 1906186

File: 1709198955387.jpeg (203.13 KB, 750x930, IMG_5039.jpeg)

I hate the retarded culture we live in where people think this is funny or acceptable

No. 1906188

Lmao wtf, which band?

No. 1906192

Weirdest thing when reading about the estrogen sneaking was seeing people react like a man taking estrogen for a few months is gonna spend the rest of his sad life dealing with life threatening health affects. Definitely a shit thing to slip any drug, hormone or substance on someone unkowingly but his body isn't going to crumble til he meets a slow estrogen induced death. Trannies would be dropping like flies if a few months of it left you like a terminal cancer patient. Why do people have to add to an already pretty shocking situation by going straight to omg he's gonna be disabled and slowly die

No. 1906194

Since when is edgy moid shit like machine girl and dg 'pop'. Anyways i like Jun Togawa, The carpenters, Bauhaus, King Crimson, Janis Joplin. I am by no means a music connaisseur nor i am trying to larp as one, i just genuinely cant stand modern music and it makes me sad it's so bad. Even the music from 80s flop movies made with the budget of a sack of potatos mog the shit out of modern music.
I am dorry i didnt like any of them. Oh my god sorry nonny but i absolutely despise that earrape mixed with quiet emotionless vocals that's so popular nowadays, i need passion in my music. I forgot to add i fucking despise nirvana and that type of whiny shitty music kek. I wish i were a musician so i could explain better why i hate all that music, but i swear they all sound the same to me.

No. 1906197

Disgusting tattoo and dogshit execution, literally no redeeming features. Also
>find post
>click through to who it’s on
> tranny symbol in bio
Well, colour me surprised: it’s on either a self-hating nlog TIF or a garden variety violent misogynistic TIM. Plus ça change.

No. 1906211

just gotta say i love you for using that punk azumarill pic
agreed. ppl can't even compose anymore

No. 1906213

Kek it's okay nonnie I like the Carpenters too my favourite song by them is "Goodbye to Love" because even though it's popular it makes me really sad and I wish Karen Carpenter lived forever but she died too young because nobody wanted to admit she was an ana-chan even though she was bordering on Lucinda levels I miss her every day and I wish she is in Heaven so when I go to Heaven I can say "Hi Karen I really liked your music" and she could say "Hi anon I'm glad you liked my music do you want some cake? In Heaven we can eat everything we want and always be thin" and at first I wouldn't accept because of my own struggles with ana-chanhood but then she'd say "Come on anon, you don't have to Say Goodbye to your Love of cake in Heaven!" and then we would both laugh at her funny pun and we would have cake and she would sing Goodbye to Love for me and I would cry but I would be crying happy tears this time because I finally met Karen Carpenter.

No. 1906217

kek i love the lucinda reference.

No. 1906219

>agreed. ppl can't even compose anymore
i honestly just hate hearing modern music and not hearing instruments, if that makes sense. I also hate the emotionless vocals, they arent bad singers by no means but man they lack any form of emotion to communicate.

No. 1906222

Okay wait what about "In the Eve" by Stonefield or "Given Signs" by Tess Roby or "Little Things" by Big Thief?

No. 1906252

I liked Given Signs, but i feel like all their other music would sound the same. They all still struggle from the same, having very emotionless vocals and very mellow boring tunes that imo dont communicate much. I feel like our styles are just very different, but thanks nonny for trying. I am just happy that i am born in the age of piracy and acessibility so i can listen to music from older decades very easily.

No. 1906294

I get what you mean, I dislike a lot of music made now and I saw someone refer to it as “fast music” as in like fast food or fast fashion. And it’s so true a lot of music is made to be listened too constantly for like 2 months then never listened too again, and it sounds very similar. I do like Lana’s music though but I understand it’s not for everyone. But one of the things that helped me find more music I like is just extensively looking across different platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. Spotify and Apple Music all seem like “fast music” to me, but I have found some gems on there. Also finding a genre you like and then googling stuff that fits into that genre, or a band you like and googling into similar bands. I’ve even found singers I like just looking at lyric art on tumblr. I feel like now I have a good grasp on what kind of music I like and a lot of it was hard to find, some of them are sort of obscure and have very little views on YouTube or others are in a different language. Sometimes people will give some of them a listen and be like wow this sucks but it’s all preference kek, it’s hard to find newer music that’s good though I get what your saying.

No. 1906335

Whenever Mauritania is mentioned, I think about how nasty the men are. The force-feeding ritual they do to women is abhorrent. I hate that women have to look a specific way for men, and I have to count my blessings for the freedom that I have. God, I don't want to change my looks or sense of self for a man.

No. 1906349

i read an article about leblouh once where parents paid to send their daughters to schools that force-fed them. they made the girls eat an insane amount of caloric dense gruel and if they vomited they were severely punished. i remember there was a section where some of the girls flipped through a fashion magazine and expressed disgust over how thin the models were. it's very sad that they are brainwashed into believing that the only way they can be considered beautiful is by having their weight skyrocket at the expense of their own health because it's what their culture's men like.

No. 1906358

It's incredibly disgusting. From one extreme to the next, it's all to help inculcate women into serving men. I wish those girls wouldn't have to suffer that way.

No. 1906416

retarded parents gonna retard

No. 1906420

I agree nonna, my god I hate these shits so much. Those fucking headphones aren't going to teach you how get better at x game for fucks sake just buy functional ones that don't look like plastic crap

No. 1906558

Hate that I can't browse images of Brittany Murphy without seeing that ugly disgusting man she was married to. God I fucking hate him!!!!!

No. 1906723

Sensory issues are the worst! The fucking worst. You feel everything and you can't stop feeling it

No. 1906727

File: 1709234058020.png (56.01 KB, 220x300, it7V9cw.png)

looked him up, I expected a kind of fugly British guy, but this is literally a troll.

No. 1906729

File: 1709234439926.jpeg (644.52 KB, 1170x880, IMG_9303.jpeg)

How Pinterest is cluttered with yassified male gazey edits of already pretty women

No. 1906731

File: 1709234624205.jpeg (203.15 KB, 962x1200, IMG_9305.jpeg)

It would be less of an issue if it were explicitly stated things were edits or the app logo were visible, most uploaders don't care

No. 1906743

i wish people who makes these a very die

No. 1906780

File: 1709238497367.jpeg (198.75 KB, 813x1200, IMG_9309.jpeg)

it's hard to find real candids or closeups between yassified mods. all I want is eye makeup references and the pinterest algorithm is trash

No. 1906793

I know local looking for services/offering services type fb groups have always had their share of "I'm sorry you want what for free??" requests but them now being overrun with people who're working parents and refuse to pay for a cleaner or enough childcare so they roll both tasks into one and ask for a stranger to spend 5 days a week doing it..for free. Very fucking clear that your new 5 days a week housecleaner/ childcare job would be charity. WHat

And then they always add in, we're looking for A LADY. Oh yeah god forbid you give your housekeys and kids to the wrong type of stranger. You wouldn't wanna get screwed over in this situation.

No. 1906904

File: 1709249720844.png (269.59 KB, 762x700, A visual.png)

The reason ballpoint pens are called ballpoint pen is because they suck balls. Fountain pens are the only good kind of pen. It fills me with neverending rage that I'm forced to use ballpoint pens in my day-to-day working life.

No. 1906914

I haven't used a fountain pen in probably more than 20 years and I bet it would be annoying as fuck to pick one up and have it not peform reliably like a ballpoint pen.

No. 1906918

The only time a fountain pen performs unreliably is when it's out of ink, and that's entirely on you if we're being honest, a ballpoint pen on the other hand underperforms the second you look at it wrong and lay it down for more than half-past quarter a minute.

No. 1906921

Metal pens are so gross to the touch they make my teeth grind

No. 1906925


No. 1906993

Ok Benjamin Franklin

No. 1907021

I hate whenever people are behind me for a prolonged period of time. Earlier today I was sitting at a table on my laptop and four people ended up going through a filing cabinet three feet behind me. It's not feng shui.

No. 1907071

When contact lens do that thing where they flip in your eyeball and you can tell somethings wrong but not exactly what

No. 1907238

I hate programmer tranny nerds who can just blow out like $500 on anime coomer figurines and anime merch because of their gainfully employed programmer job. If I had that kind of disposable income I'd spend it on myself to look good: buy expensive hair and skin care products, get a gym membership, hire a personal trainer, buy the premium expensive healthy food in the grocery store, spend money on a manicure, pedicure, hair styling, etc. But no these greasy ass notherfuckers wouldn't even spare one penny buying deodorant for themselves. Pisses me off.

No. 1907262

yeah it's not just them but an all around moid thing

No. 1907332

>I'd spend it on myself to look good: buy expensive hair and skin care products
you are no different than them. Wasting money on anime coom figurines or in looking good for moids is retarded

No. 1907336

Nta but that's what you took from her post? Nothing about men not spending a penny on deodorant, you singled out that she'd buy makeup? Okay kek.

No. 1907337

Wow you'd spend your $500 on something equally as fleeting and shallow, how cool

No. 1907339

Nona, as a fellow drain gang fag. I hate this too, they are literally just doing the same artsy gnc thing male musicians have always done. tale as old as time. These retards projecting gender onto them is so annoying and I go out of my way to not listen to tranny music. I hate that if I tell people I like DG they will assume I listen to gendies. My autism.

No. 1907344

yeah because men arent socialized to look good for women. It's retarded to waste money supporting industries that inherently anti-woman. Use your money for vacations or a hobby, not to looks good for ugly scrotes.

No. 1907360

These replies make no sense to me. If it was makeup or just manicures/pedicures I would get it but anon is talking about taking care of her skin and body, how's that a bad thing? And are we really going to act like women don't also care about appearance on lolcow?

No. 1907361

troll, don't engage

No. 1907362

skincare is a fucking scam, it also promotes the fear of women looking 'old' because god forbid women have slight skin imperfections and age. The only thing that's worth it in that list is the gym, and they are super accessible, you dont need 500 for a fucking gym.

No. 1907365

Hormonal acne cant be cured with expensive creams. I personally wouldnt waste money on creams just for my skin to ''look good'' like who cares i got better things to waste my hard earned money on.

No. 1907366

I'm not trolling. It's just always funny when I see anons try to get on an anon for caring about appearance when this is the type of site it is. I think the true spirit of this site has been lost anyway though.
Some skincare, but not all. Skincare is genuinely helpful if you have bad skin. You just have to be smart about what products you choose to buy and educate yourself on what everything does.

No. 1907368

oh, sorry, i meant to say the 'if you buy makeup you're anti-woman' poster was trolling. side note but i think you can get good results with skincare from products that aren't luxuriously priced as well - i've had the best results from stuff that wasn't cheap but was reasonably priced, you can buy $50+ skincare but i don't feel like it scales up in effectiveness as the price does. it's something were you have to invest in learning about and not just in buying

No. 1907369

here >>1907365
also, no one cares you care about appereances but you arent less shallow than a troon wasting 500 usd on coom figurines

No. 1907370

how is saying 'if you buy makeup you are anti woman' trolling? it's literally true.

No. 1907373

Bad skin doesn't always just mean acne though. It can also mean stuff like hyperpigmentation/scarring just as an example.
I agree with that, I also prefer "cheaper" brands. I think the expensive, fancy products are when you start to get into gimmick and scam territory.

No. 1907374

>Bad skin doesn't always just mean acne though. It can also mean stuff like hyperpigmentation/scarring just as an example.
i seriously doubt anon was talking about some serious form of skin damage considering she put in the same list as haircare and other retarded shallow stuff.

No. 1907376

i hate how everyone i meet is jealous of my long flowing hair and perfect skin

No. 1907384

File: 1709285110968.jpg (1.77 MB, 1074x1800, 207025fgsdl.jpg)

I hate that art is so hard to find. Sure, there are sites like artvee but it's only for copyright-free art and it's terribly tagged. I wish there was something more like a booru for non anime art. The lack of proper art archiving is something that irritates me.

No. 1907404

I hate you
I am home
Where on earth is my package
I am here! I took the morning off to get my expensive package handed to me. And I see it has been "delivered" to some name and place I don't even know
Now I have to go hunt it down.
Why. why. why. I have been here all morning waiting.

No. 1907425

when you're given a time for a phone call so you're sitting at that time finding it hard to focus on anything else because you know the call is gonna happen anytime but then they don't actually call at that time. i've been waiting for this call for 10 minutes reee

No. 1907642

Damn LC is the only place where I'd use money to take care of myself and bitter anons will take it to mean "SO YOU WANT TO LOOK GOOD FOR THE MALE GAZE YOU WHORE"
Also I'm gay and ugly and I'd use it to become a femme stacey and attract other women anyways. Not everyone here has radfem brainrot and has moids on their mind 24/7.

No. 1907652

File: 1709306819491.jpg (17.67 KB, 286x286, Mega-Ball-Magic-Multi-Pack-LOL…)

LOL dolls. I was watching a video of someone opening one of the sets and while the dolls in general already look terrible and creepy, one doll straight up had massive hooker boots. And they're supposed to look like babies proportion wise. How can any mother get this for her daughter and not think it's beyond fucked up?

No. 1907658

there's degenerates who wear dress like that and read to children on libraries, the world has always been fucked up nonnie.

No. 1907659

this is basically Bratz though

No. 1907664

that's a thing i hate too, i can't believe how many girls on my generation liked Bratz and their shitty direct to video movies, the tv show was already nightmare fuel.
like i also hated the barbie fans but when there's really only so much girl toys you can sperg about in the playground i guess that's what made me befriend barbie autist back then.

No. 1907668

both are horrible! monster high is the least offensive when it comes to these modern fashion dolls

No. 1907674

>The only thing that's worth it in that list is the gym, and they are super accessible, you dont need 500 for a fucking gym.
Did you miss the part about hiring a personal trainer. That can cost $50-100+ per session so that's already an upwards of $500 for the month. But sure, blowing this much cash on workout lessons is just as shallow as buying plastic coom figurines.

No. 1907677

you dont need a personal trainer unless you are a morbidly obese fatty

No. 1907700

Well if they're new to the gym having a trainer ensuring their form is correct so they don't hurt themselves and know how to use the equipment is probably a good idea. Also a trainer can give someone a more personalized workout routine tailored to what their goals are—I can see why that anon would want one even for a few sessions if she could afford one

No. 1907703

File: 1709310057787.png (878.05 KB, 770x938, disgusting filthy.png)

Vests. Dykish vests.

No. 1907705

it just sounds like anon feels ugly and is coping by saying to herself ''i-i am not ugly i am just poor if i had a cushy tranny programmer job i would be pretty!''. You can lose weight by simply running and not eating garbage.

No. 1907717

Nta but exercise isn't just about losing weight. Perhaps you want to gain muscle, maintain your current body or just be more in shape/healthy in general. There are skinny people who exercise too.

No. 1907723

i seriously doubt anon ''uwu if i had mony i would get my hair super pretty and my nails super kyute'' would want to get roided kek

No. 1907733

Same but honestly if I had that much disposable income I'd probably buy pets and spend all my cash on them. Either that or buy yarn, painting shit, nail supplies and fragrances.

No. 1907734

What's a dyke vest?

No. 1907735

very visible abs are kinda gross

No. 1907736

i hate moids with visibly abs they just look like a pack of raviolis

No. 1907747

Nice way of saying you've never worked out or went to the gym before. I bet being healthy for you and going on a diet is only eating one piece of granola bar for the day.

No. 1907749

File: 1709311727549.png (945.45 KB, 872x517, straight_from_le_reddit.png)

I hate cringe-ass redditor geeky themed weddings or any weddings that incorporate any moid shit such as swords, axe-throwing etc. They usually look tacky and feel disingenuous to me. Its always usually a stupid thing that mostly the moid likes that makes it look like the idea of getting married has to be made appealing to him like when you try to make a picky child eat vegetables by cutting them into fun shapes.

No. 1907754

I've known Staceys who get their nails and hair done while also being super fit and toned and go to the gym on the regular. Do you just categorise types of women to your autistic brain?

No. 1907756

women are allowed to be geeky too

No. 1907759

I run daily, it's free. Anon is just making excuses not to excercise.
>getting your nails and hair done

No. 1907761

Abs and muscles make me feel whoozy in a pretty similar way to how watching a show with graphic surgery scenes can make you feel. Idk if my brain has some crossed wires going on there that make me think I'm looking at something gorey but it started as kid with my brother watching wrestling shows and its never gone away.

No. 1907763

While I generally agree, you picked a very tame example to make your point kek

No. 1907769

Sorry you got bullied by those types of women sis

No. 1907770

Nta but do anons not know what Stacy means anymore? Stacies do keep up with their appearance and get their hair and nails done.

No. 1907773

I couldn't find anything more cringe in time my rage for themed weddings was too strong.

No. 1907775

File: 1709312424952.png (234.31 KB, 1170x1288, 1687673444094.png)

a chad is a super buffed up scrote that doesnt give a shit about what society thinks so it only makes sense that a stacy is also a buffed up freak that doesnt care about dumb shit like getting her hair done because she's above that shit

No. 1907779

So that's a no kek

No. 1907782

File: 1709312727639.jpg (202.25 KB, 640x1874, 65f0e63cc9936ab29d762ea401e63c…)

This reminds me, early 2010s wedding trends were something else

No. 1907784

File: 1709312749286.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, giga stacy.png)

i mean i dont understand why the female counterpart of chad cares about that shit? chad doesnt care about getting pedis and his skin being all uwu sparkly, why should stacy?

No. 1907791

You sound new to imageboard culture if you don't know what Stacey means in its original meaning

No. 1907793

I am not knew i am just saying that the original meaning is WRONG. There is nothing 'stacy' about subjecting to the status quo.

No. 1907794

I think the whole point of those terms is lost on you anon

No. 1907796

How? I know its a retarded meme but i never understood why stacy means ''bimbo'' while chad means roidpig who's too heterosexual to wipe his ass.

No. 1907797

I guess the meaning of Stacy has changed over time and it has a different meaning here (I've seen anons describe themselves as Stacies as a good thing…as if a Stacy would use imageboards lol).
Stacy would definitely care about getting a mani/pedi and she'd always get her hair done. They were vapid and extremely dumb bombshells. It had a negative connotation, unlike Chad.

No. 1907798

I like that /our/ stacy is some roidpig woman who can crush scrotes with her bare fists.

No. 1907800

you're not describing stacy, you're describing femchad i guess

No. 1907802

No. 1907804

We don't have a Stacy though. It's not a lolcow meme

No. 1907806

>she doesnt know about pig punching stacy

No. 1907808

Stacy and Chad are supposed to be stereotypical "perfect" people that have little no problems in society (especially when it comes to attracting other people) and adhere to societal standards. Also extremely conventionally attractive of course, idk if I need to clarify that.

No. 1907809

not really but you can cope by saying to yourself you are a totes stacy for getting pedis kek

No. 1907811

I think that anon may be looking into it a little bit too much but I get where she's coming from. These internet terms tend to change overtime

No. 1907813

But I don't think they've changed though, have they?

No. 1907814

because they were originally terms coined by 4chan scrotes. Chad and Stacey are both very good looking and dumb, but being a promiscuous Chad is something aspiring while being a promiscuous Stacy means you're a hoe.

No. 1907815

i prefeer our version of stacy

No. 1907817

That literally is what it means anon. And I don't get my toes done.

No. 1907818

maybe somewhere else but not in lc

No. 1907823

At least bratz dolls didn't have bdsm gear and lingerie when you put them in cold water.

No. 1907837

Both Stacy and Becky would get their nails done. The different is that Stacy looks gorgeous with or without all the extra stuff. Meanwhile Becky would show off her nails on /g/ in a nail art thread and make her entire personality about how cute she is now. She needs the extra stuff to cope. Stacey just exists.

No. 1907851

true stacy doesnt care about all that shit and instead is playing BL VNs or lifting heavy things, no in-between

No. 1907857

watching faggots have sex is the furthest thing from being a stacy

No. 1907858

sexualizing moids instead of sexualizing yourself for moids is stacy behaviour cope

No. 1907872

keep deluding yourself

No. 1907873

getting pedicures and expensive haircare products will never be stacy, it's called being a consoomer

No. 1907887

Stacy would never be a fujo KEK! how long have you been on imageboards?

No. 1907891

maybe your meek stacy that gets pedicures for her scrote wont, but my stacy would

No. 1907893

uhhh sis what do you mean? watching faggots fuck each other's hemorrhoid asses is peak stacy!

No. 1907896

oh so you are one of those, makes sense why you cant take a joke. Still watching faggots fuck is way more stacy than paying to get your nails and hair done kek

No. 1907906

Yeah you're totally owning the moids for watching gay porn. Such stacy

No. 1907908

File: 1709317371840.jpg (61.16 KB, 960x928, 1692559979633.jpg)

>makes moid incredibly uncomfortable because they cant fap to it
>no woman gets hurt or humilliated
>made for and by woman
i would say yaoi is a pretty stacy past-time, yes

No. 1907909

You can tell a lot of anons here don't use moisturizer and have frizzy hair.

No. 1907911

Really don't know why you guys are desperately trying to make incel lingo into something feminist.

No. 1907917

do you not know how the internet works? you can mold and change lingo as you please. The term ''incel'' was coined by a woman, and then molded by scrotes and turned into what it means now.

No. 1907926

A real stacy sexualises men as she pleases because they exist for her entertainment, and this includes both husbandofaggotry and yaoi. Sorry you're not at that level

No. 1907931

Having a porn addiction is not Stacy behaviour, get real.

No. 1907932

>idea of getting married has to be made appealing to him like when you try to make a picky child eat vegetables by cutting them into fun shapes.
I love the way you phrased this, fucking kek nona. I have so-called "nerd wedding" to go to this year and I can't wait to see what cringe will unfold.

On-topic for things you hate: when ugly moids dress up as Link. Look at that bald, eggy, works in IT looking ass motherfucker in his hat, we all know you don't have hair and you're a fucking disgrace to the Hero of Time, sod off!!

No. 1907934

File: 1709318835122.jpg (15.32 KB, 460x561, 1701047768764.jpg)

>the virgin stacy
>gets manicures and pedicures
>spends money on a personal trainer
>always wearing the latest fast fashion trends
>has a tiktok account
>dating a 3DPD
>the chad stacy
>completly worn out nails from both lifting and playing BL VNs and gachas all night
>her personal trainer is her husbando
>hasnt bought new clothes since she was 14, all her tshirts are naruto themed
>only browses lolcow
>currently in love with her husbando

No. 1907936

Tbh this whole conversation is why anons need to be more harsh with bullying newfags, but mods won't allow it.

No. 1907938

getting angry because anons made their own meaning of a shitty meme is peak newfag behaviour

No. 1907939

No one is angry anon.

No. 1907940

kek you have a retard calling anons ''porn addicted'' for making a joke

No. 1907943

Ok fujocoomer. Staying up all night masturbating to anime porn totally makes you a stacy(infighting)

No. 1907944

Sexualizing men isn't porn addiction. It's sad you project lowly and abusive moid habits onto Stacy hobbies that only benefit women.

No. 1907946

thank you for finally admitting it

No. 1907950

the way that men-fucking women talk sometimes. it's been over 2 weeks since my colleague remarked that a room we use "smells like boys" because a guy was in there, and i haven't been the same since. there isn't even any stench or a noticeable smell in that room, just this phrase makes me retch every time i remember it.

No. 1907953

A real Stacy wouldn't make their own definition of a stacy and larp in their heads as one. A real Stacy would just simply exist as one. So much delusion and tryhardness itt.

No. 1907954

maybe she meant to say it smelled like feet or ass, or worse, cheap deodorant

No. 1907958

real stacies are the friends we made along the way

No. 1907964

File: 1709320128694.jpg (26.56 KB, 618x680, 9da.jpg)

Exactly. And a real Stacy wouldn't pay attention to what other women say to bring her down. A Stacy is happy and proud of being a woman who enjoys herself at the fullest without bowing to men and bringing other women down. A Stacy will lift because it benefits and tones her body to her liking, and a Stacy will choose to pay attention to insanely pretty men because she deserves it and she knows it. Real Stacies aren't bitter about other women enjoying themselves, anon.

No. 1907968

No. 1907991

>A Stacy is happy and proud of being a woman who enjoys herself at the fullest without bowing to men and bringing other women down
And that includes grooming yourself and taking care of your appearances and health. Which was the whole point of the original post >>1907238
that was shitting on the moids spending frivolous shit instead of using that money to groom and take care of themselves. But anons had to start an infight that it must mean you're a vapid whore only looking pretty for the male gaze, lol.

No. 1908001

just shut up already, OP is vapid as fuck, calling her a stacy is retarded. How autistic can you be that you dont realize anons are mocking that original OP for thinking she's less shallow than some coomer moid for wasting money on expensive hair products rather than animu figurines? some of you are dense

No. 1908005

Hair and skin treatments and manipedi are also frivolous

No. 1908010

t. uses soap as a facial cleanser and doesn't wash behind her ears

No. 1908012

How you present yourself to the world is a reflection of your inner mind. I expect nothing less from mentally ill NEET nonas from this site. Have you even brushed your teeth today when you woke up this morning?

No. 1908013

Nta but wait you're not supposed to use soap on your face? Have I been lied to this whole time..

No. 1908015

being clean and getting overpriced treatments because you're afraid of your natural body are two different things. this is how corpos milk all the money out of women by manufacturing new insecurities and women just give in. Imagine thinking that shaping your nail bed to look perfect has anything to do with your well-being at all

No. 1908016

No one actually called OP a Stacy though

No. 1908018

It can be bad depending on the soap you use. I've had body soap break me out before, but I'd still rather use it than no soap if I run out of cleanser. I've had no problems with sensitive soap though, like fragrance free dove.

No. 1908020

Cosmetic things aren't related to actual hygiene care though.

No. 1908024

>washing behind ears
who the fuck does this kek women out there cleaning behind their ears just to then go kiss their rancid moid who hasnt washed their asshole in weeks

No. 1908026

ofcourse not i like to say 'hi' and instantly knock a moid down, why would i give that up?

No. 1908029

>immediately relate moids to a post that's making fun of nonas not grooming themselves
Imagine being this male obsessed. Can't be me.

No. 1908032

do you have ocd? because literally who the fuck cares about how they smell behind their ears, it's only a thing if you wear earrings

No. 1908035

Never heard of the saying to remember to wash behind your ears? It's a crevice where oil and dead skin could build up. It's not hard to see why some people get gross there.

No. 1908036

it sounds so retarded though, motherfuckers with OCD projecting onto normal people and calling them weird for not putting weird chemicals in their face or caring about how their ears smell kek

No. 1908043

I think the self-care trend/industry is a lot of horse shit but I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to have days where you go the extra mile with cleaning and maintenance(?). Some people just have naturally dry/rough or oily skin if not cared for and it feels good to scrub down tbh

No. 1908044

thats fine but that's for vanity's sake not for health's sake

No. 1908053

Maybe for some, but there are a lot of people for example who have horrible eczema and it ruins the quality of their daily life because the cracking or dryness is so bad. Having bad skin is also distracting for people who compulsively pick at it for hours. You would ideally be seeing a doctor atp but skin does affect your general wellbeing. Ofc not the same as wanting to be smooth because of TikTok.

No. 1908057

The average person doesnt have those issues and therefore doesnt need to apply chemicals to their perfectly normal skin

No. 1908067

I can smell your BO through the screen(infighting)

No. 1908072

Meh, if you're against using chemicals and any products in general we can just disagree there

No. 1908073

I think they are definetly a scam, there is reason why zoomer girls, despite being obssesed with skin care, also look older and age worse than other generations. It's not natural to apply chemical to your faces. But ye lets agree to disagree.

No. 1908093

zoomer girls also have to work 3 jobs to still live in poverty, vape and eat fast food, are prescribed a ton of medication and deal with abusive porn addicted moids since they could date and you came to the conclusion it's their skincare aging them?

No. 1908101

I hate that 40 minute to 2 hour videos have become normalized even for simple video subjects. Learn to format your videos so that the information can go in order and be taught quicker.

No. 1908109

all women go through that its not a zoomie only experience, it's definetly the chemicals kek

No. 1908114

Anon stop. We are living in the worst job market since the great depression/recession and historically the worst wage/price of living ratio, and despite all this people don't want to admit that the economy is the problem and the older gens will just tell them that they're just not trying hard enough when most of them got jobs that can get an apartment, car and groceries and most of the younger generations can only dream of that

As far as dating goes we're living in a time where men are just as abusive, creepy and cheating like usual but also expect the zoomer girls to financially support them and gaslight them into accepting porn, cheating, etc. the only thing remotely similar is smoking and drugs always being a thing. But to deny the world is worse for zoomers trying to make a life for themselves is blatantly bullshit

No. 1908116

I hate fillers and plastic surgery in general, and this video is a perfect example of why. It makes women look worse 9 times out of 10

No. 1908119

this is about retarded expensive skincare anon…

No. 1908126

are you trolling or do you not know how to follow along a conversation ?

No. 1908129

no, i mean that all of that has nothing to do with expensive skincare. Women who are working 3 jobs to afford a crappy appartment arent wasting their hard earned money into retarded skin and haircare products.

No. 1908131

>arent wasting their hard earned money into retarded skin and haircare products.
um anon…
>i mean that all of that has nothing to do with expensive skincare
the point was that skincare was aging gen z instead of the increasing amount of stressful lifestyle, then I gave examples of how stressful it is for the younger generation

No. 1908138

are you really doing all this mental gymnastic just to justify stupid skincare stuff? why cant you just accept you like harmful chemicals in your skin because they make you feel good, smokers dont cope about how its good for their health ackshually

No. 1908175

It's mental gymnastics to point out it's likely other causes of aging than skincare? People are allowed to disagree

No. 1908211

I hate listening to podcasts with more than 3 guests because I can never pinpoint who is talking.

No. 1908229

NTAYRT but just stop engaging with someone who thinks "chemicals are bad" and has no understanding of cosmetic science let alone highschool level chemistry, kek. Save your sanity, nonna.

No. 1908243

My skin got better with skincare! I hate frizzy hair and inflamed skin

No. 1908283

File: 1709341172141.jpeg (157.62 KB, 655x451, IMG_3112.jpeg)

names like emberlyn and haleigh

No. 1908298

Wait till that anon finds out her body is made out of chemicals

No. 1908305

>20 years old married for 2
He is older and groomed her, didn't he?

No. 1908323

File: 1709342841313.jpg (136.33 KB, 1078x1079, 1000003085.jpg)

Ftm grill just dropped

No. 1908325

kekkk it looks like they just had a mouthful of gooey cheese

No. 1908332

The amount of he theys that are going to be reposting with "need" or making some caption about being a "real yearner" is yet to be determined but predicted to be by the dozen

No. 1908383

How is this ftm? This is a genuine question because I don't get it

No. 1908403

Popular tattoo choice

No. 1908437

And what does it mean for them specifically? Touched by god or something?

No. 1908444

Idfk two men trying to touch. ET shit.

No. 1908447

File: 1709351113454.png (Spoiler Image,154.07 KB, 474x477, tumblr_88f5683d8b127ba41e38c85…)

FTMs are weirdly obsessed with Christian imagery as an aesthetic thing. Also, I'm sure many of them latch onto the Creation of Adam/being made in God's likeness/first man idea as a metaphor for their transition. Troons in general romanticize the idea of creation myths because they believe they are creating themselves, in a sense. Also, it just visually works for a masectomy since two hands under
two breasts. I think picrel is one of the pics that made it really take off on Tumblr.

No. 1908448

God it's so stupid, genuinely so stupid.

No. 1908533

When People Capitalise Every Single Letter When They Type Something, Just Like How I’m Doing Now.

No. 1908547

File: 1709360710868.png (207 KB, 348x259, 7cm86pm.png)

tbf I think it mostly comes from Japan, people in Japan don't care about Christianity, the way MCU doesn't care about Norse religion, both however like the superficial aesthetics and popular iconography, without even actually understanding it.

No. 1908616

Gullible people piss me off so much. I have a friend who believes pretty much any anecdote someone shares on twitter unless it’s way too bonkers like oppa homeless style or whatever that tumblr post was lol she also believes every go fund me esque post without question because “Who would ever lie about something so horrible??”. We’re late millennials so I have no idea why she acts like she was born yesterday it’s infuriating.

No. 1908775

I get what you’re saying but your pic related is sweet honestly. It’s possible they probably met because of the game.

No. 1908804

better than the woker alternatives

No. 1908810

queer is a more successfully reclaimed slur than the n-word despite the decades of popular use. I hate the idea of slur reclamation, because I feel like the original intent has been distorted and the results were not what people were hoping for. It's a mess all around

No. 1908817

punks used to be subversive but now the HR representatives love wearing punk uniforms. The modern uniform of conformity

No. 1908819

the internet is too big and corporate, I hate it

No. 1908840

tinfoil: it's used to sus out who is submissive enough to the mainstream media

No. 1908860

i hate how popular misogyny has become

No. 1908885

understandable, I wish I didn't listen to my mom, I should have gotten that computer science degree. I could have had a better job during the pandemic

No. 1908908

i think it's cute, compared to people larping as quiet luxury a la Sophie Richie nonsense.

No. 1908933

are you still malding over that programmer comment?

No. 1908938

I hate when i have to pee. I have to get up and walk away from my chill. Sucks that i love to drink, not alcohol but just anything drinkable, even water.

No. 1908941

I hate male protagonists. It doesn't matter if it is a movie a book, a video game or a tv show I hate male protagonists. They don't deserve to be the main character.

No. 1908942

>she's not clean because she doesn't use kim kadashian cleanser, oh I'll say she doesn't clean behind her ears! Ha, you're not a real feminine bimbo stacy!

imagine thinking criticizing femininity is the same as a lack of hygiene

No. 1908959

File: 1709375447582.png (50.01 KB, 300x368, 1681125835478.png)

Inspired by the talk in this thread, I hate when people thinking if you hate wearing makeup and/or keep your natural hair, you must be dirty. it's like the female body must be marked and made up in order to be seen as acceptable. Who cares about basic skincare or regular exercise if your aren't conturing your face exactly like an e-girl? And its mostly women who harass you for not following the social rules. If I was younger with no experience of the 90s, I would have thought I was trans just for hating this suffocating pro-bimbo/tradthot culture we live in now

No. 1908982

>hasnt bought new clothes since she was 14, all her tshirts are naruto themed
LMAO. that would be a stacy move to pull off

No. 1908983

anyone who thinks not wearing cosmetics is on the same level as not bathing is completely retarded. ironically wearing too much bronzer/contour does actually make your face look dirty, as does those stupid fake freckles some like to splatter across their cheeks and nose

No. 1908999

I could go on and on about this. I hate that as a woman 'taking care of yourself' means to wear makeup, to shave, style your hair meticulously. None of this is taking care of yourself, none of this helps you live healthy or improves anything. I get that for some, you have to do it, like if you work front desk in a bank or something, you gotta put some shit on. I feel for those women. But to act like it's some moral failing, or a woman is 'letting go of herself' for not following these meaningless, utterly irrelevant, useless, stupid beauty rituals, god I hate it so much. A woman existing in her natural state is shameful and dirty, and you need to do allll these things to 'become' acceptable. I hate it so much, and yes women perpetuate this too, because they feel uncomfortable when they see you not conform and contort yourself to this bullshit while they do.
One time, I attended a wedding with no makeup and unshaved arms, as how I am all the time. I dressed up and everything and I was cornered by my female family members who berated me and forcibly put a lipstick on me, it was so humiliating and I did feel like shit, like "wow, I'm probably ruining this wedding with my bare face and I should've just worn something to not cause a scene", which, I shouldn't think this way, but that's how it goes when you don't conform. Like, existing as you are has to be some 'statement', like not doing these things are the action, and not neutrality.

No. 1909012

File: 1709382672438.jpeg (856.96 KB, 1242x1282, IMG_1993.jpeg)

I actually hate this thread pic it is pissing me off so bad why does it look like a down syndrome parrot with a biiiig chomper tooth from far away when it's tiny in the catalog I just wish better thread pics were used on here now my day is fucking ruined because of the ugly parrot shit

No. 1909014

kek weird i thought it was a frog

No. 1909017

File: 1709383290255.jpeg (571.42 KB, 858x1053, IMG_1994.jpeg)

All I can see is a retarded fucking parrot it's 8 in the morning and my entire day is ruined because of it

No. 1909023

File: 1709383832023.jpeg (50.74 KB, 794x595, IMG_2771.jpeg)

it's a frog plushie. If you don't like op pics make threads yourself.

No. 1909025

I know it's a frog plushie what I hate is that it looks like a parrot from far away can you please learn to read before you harass + belittle me with your unwarranted advice? It's the things you hate thread not the i have to be perfect and love everything thread. Seriously stop.

No. 1909030

i see the parrot now and it's made my day. thank you nona

No. 1909034

>day ruined
>harass plus belittle
jfc overdramatic much? no one is harassing you. get a grip
i feel this. i also hate that people say a woman who doesn't dress up is masculine. i just don't dress masculine, just bc i wear jeans and tees doesn't mean i'm trying to be like a man

No. 1909036

why woman specifically?

No. 1909039

File: 1709385006419.jpeg (209.29 KB, 1242x812, IMG_1996.jpeg)

Another thing I hate is when autists can't comprehend non-literal language like hyperbole or sarcasm. Makes me roll my eyes hard.

No. 1909043

I have a confession: I pronounce hyperbole like Superbowl

No. 1909045

cause the whole point that it's socially acceptable misogyny. try saying that about any other kind of woman and the wokies will jump on you.

No. 1909059

mr beast?

No. 1909133

>Like, existing as you are has to be some 'statement', like not doing these things are the action, and not neutrality.

> i just don't dress masculine, just bc i wear jeans and tees doesn't mean i'm trying to be like a man

This is just proof of how people see men as human and women as objects of ornamentations. Only men could be comfortable, only men be casual, only can be minimal. You're failing in your duty to pop boners, oh no! Seeing a single woman without done hair is going to erase all his memories and fantasies of porn! It's like saying all black people must dressed in twitter ratchet fashion or else they are whitewashed and white people have a wide range of acceptable fashions and aesthetics to wear without harassment. And NO, I'm not an egg, I refuse to chop off my tits for any lurkers reading this.

No. 1909138

It's just not something timeless. Like with all trend/fandom shit, eventually your tastes will change and it will have less significance and importance as your life evolves and you gain more experiences that overshadow the old. They're going to feel very foolish. These folks will be wanting "vow renewal" weddings in a few decades where they can have less embarrassing memories and photos.
People with geek tattoos are in for a rude awakening as well.

Just imagine if your parents had Bugs Bunny and Tweety Bird weddings, or Pink Panther. I'm sure things like these happened, but it was way less common for this reason. Brainrot just got people thinking this shit is not cringe.

No. 1909141

>I was cornered by my female family members who berated me and forcibly put a lipstick on me, it was so humiliating and I did feel like shit, like "wow, I'm probably ruining this wedding with my bare face and I should've just worn something to not cause a scene"

I mean you definitely should have been less of an autist and read the room well enough to realize that a wedding event may be an approved upon time for women to be dressed up for the occassion. Although someone cornering you in a room to force lipstick on you is fucking hilarious and wrong. Yeah, you should probably conform at someone's wedding or not go because it's about them and not you.

No. 1909147

>Oh no, a woman without makeup! It's the end of the world! Le Hecking Aesthetic is ruined!

Was the bride gonna shoot herself at the sight of a bare female face?

No. 1909149

i thought that's how you're supposed to pronounce it?

No. 1909157

Did the bride do that? Sorry autismos, but there are times when dressing up and makeup are expected and no one is obligated to accommodate you. Just don't go if it's such an issue that you can't compromise on.

No. 1909160

>It's like saying all black people must dressed in twitter ratchet fashion or else they are whitewashed
there are people online who unironically believe this. a few years ago a black girl on instagram got harassed just for wearing cottagecore outfits (so simple white dresses basically)

No. 1909228

File: 1709397708849.jpg (41.03 KB, 645x380, Sphynx-4-645mk062211.jpg)

I hate hairless/near hairless cats (like the sphynx and cornish rex) and dogs (like the Chinese crested) so much and they should be considered animal abuse, who the fuck thinks they look cute? They're not only hideous looking and ugly as hell, they're also extremely prone to skin infections and sunburn because they don't have a coat of fur protecting them. They should be treated on the same level as those flat-faced muzzless animals. Breeding them should be outlawed.

No. 1909238

File: 1709398512155.png (355.03 KB, 603x421, "white passing".png)

in the past few years, there's been a trend of defining blackness not by genetics, but by how well someone adheres to ghetto stereotypes. The black women who dress up in other aesthetics are often mocked or harassed , labeled as white-washed/oreo/eurocentric. It's nonsense, and I secretly wonder how much of this trend is influenced by the popularity of gender logic.

No. 1909244

no one expects men to wear makeup. He can be well dressed and groomed and come with a moisturized face and no one yells at him. But I have to slather on layers of Kardashian makeup as to not trigger other women? It's the cultural double standards that annoys me

No. 1909263

Ah yes, no middle ground between wearing some concealer and blush versus looking like a Kartrashian clown. You got me anon, you win. Checkmate atheists!

No. 1909268

NTA but that still doesn't change the fact that men aren't obligated to wear that at weddings, it makes no sense.

No. 1909270

I wasn't talking about men. I was talking about the fact that it isn't an unreasonable expectation to throw on some blush and mascara for a formal look at a formal event.
If you don't like it then you shouldn't attend instead of being an autist towards the person who invited you.

No. 1909275

No the point is men are not expected to wear it so why should women? It is unreasonable unless you tell the men to wear it too.

No. 1909281

Samefag like seriously look at >>1907749. Men need concealer more than anyone else in the world.

No. 1909286

>not wearing makeup is autism

Imagine adding this to the DSM-6

No. 1909288

now i understand why women are trooning out, this is insane

No. 1909289

That's what I'm saying, I did dress up, I wore my best clothes and put on perfume, jewelry, styled my hair. I just didn't wear makeup, as I always don't. And that is why I felt like a bitch, like I was ruining the ~vibes~ with my bare face. I did't realize it would cause this, the bride didn't mind, she is my cousin and is a great woman. It was my mother and aunts.

No. 1909299

The amount of posts on wedding related boards that are the bride or mother of the bride panicking because they have a butch lesbian family member or just a woman who has never worn make up or dresses to any other formal events. Asking shall we ban her now or should the whole family hold a big intervention type meeting with her where we lay down the law. Read so much of that shit before my wedding. Wish I'd saved some of them tbh.

No. 1909306

I get that it's their big day, you shouldn't be dressing like a slob. But wearing something nice and quality, looking clean and formal, that should do, right? It's another thing if the person is wearing some shabby shit that has no place in a wedding, but a butch wearing a suit should be good. A bare face doesn't (or shouldn't) mean a slob, lazy, disrespectful.

No. 1909311

Just now? Nonnies on this site spend their time way too immersed in the 0.01% internet discourse that they forget that in the real world shit like this >>1909299 is so fucking common even in the current year. I wore a regular clean pantsuit to a formal family event without makeup and my normie sister was pissed that I was "dressed like a man".

No. 1909315

I always get shit for not wearing makeup at family events, even though besides that I dress very traditionally feminine. The need to control how women present themselves, and always policing if someone toes out of line.

No. 1909341

I thought this mentality was exclusive to the older generations like how my mom wanted me to wear makeup and dresses to every holiday and family gathering but some young women are really being aggressive that others aren’t performing femininity as if it’s women’s obligation? Fuck that, fuck off telling me how I’m supposed to look just because I was born a woman. We can’t catch a break even from our own fucking side. The subtle ways that women are complicit in their own oppression is scary.

No. 1909378

Delivery services having a million fees and none of them going towards the actual delivery drivers so you still have to tip them on top of paying $10+ in fees.

No. 1909379

Why I haven't touched food delivery apps in years. Fuck tipping.

No. 1909410

>but there are times when dressing up and makeup are expected and no one is obligated to accommodate you
It's the other way around anon. No woman should be obligated to accomodate someone else so they won't have to see their completely normal, natural face. Do you truly not see the double standard here?

No. 1909417

I hate those people who claim to have the INFJ personality type from the MBTI thing. They are almost always spergy bitches with an attention deficit. They desperately need to feel special and be the main character. Only thing worse are the annoying INTJ hot topic edgelords who think they are sociopaths or Hannibal Lecter or the ENTP people who think they are the Joker kek.

No. 1909429

I've been saying this for ages and if you have a car you have no reason to get delivery if the place is close to you. Most avid users of food delivery apps are fucking lazy asses who can get the food and choose not to out of laziness

No. 1909434

because it's for people who can afford such and was supposed to be a once in a while treat, I see people who order it daily for no reason when their cars work, they have the means to leave the house, etc and the demand went up the likely crazy

No. 1909454

Gotta be careful about inviting zoomies and genderspecials to your major events, lest they take social proprieties like wearing some makeup as an attack.
Lipstick isn't oppression.
No one cares about your special identities when it's socially coded to be about someone else's day and preferences and not yours.
You lather on the slap for your Halloween and cosplay costumes though, no doubt, when you're perfectly fine to conform to looks and standards when it's on your terms. And again, all that is fine, until you roll up to someone else's event looking like shit when everyone else went out of their way not to be. I doubt you looked as put together as you thought if it was enough for people to be embarrassed and notice.(bait)

No. 1909464


No. 1909468

It's really not a big deal. The bride didn't care about it at all and said I looked good. I didn't mean for my small anecdote to devolve into this. See, it's what I meant, why is a bareface so disrespectful and attention-seeking and making it all about yourself, when it should be a neutral, it's a non-action. The clothes I wore were gifted by my aunt, the one who shoved a lipstick on me, so I should think I wasn't dressed badly. I just wasn't wearing makeup, as I never do. Not even on Halloween or whatever else.

No. 1909475

Don't reply to obvious bait. Report and don't engage.

No. 1909514

I remember when I started 6th grade in a new school some of my girl classmates would ask me why I'm not wearing make up. Ugh. I did try it, rarely, and only started using it more often in 8th grade

No. 1909591

which ones don't you hate? (I don't believe in that test but my alleged type is also not one you mentioned)

No. 1909876

The good ones are ENFJ, ENFP, ESFP, INFP, ISFP and ISTP types. ISFJ are some of the nicest people and INTP are good friends. ENTJ tend to be a little full of themselves but definitely less spergy than INFJ or INTJ hellspawns and ESTJ are usually narcissistic freaks. ESTP are weirdos. With ESFJ it depends on the person. Some of them are nice, some of them are satans spawn from hell. ISTJ usually hate me because they tend to be control freaks but that hatred is 100% mutual kek idc if i forgot someone

No. 1910215

I hate watching TV in the living room because shows have 10 fucking sex scenes in one episode alone and it's so awkward and gross. Who the fuck asked. Get that shit out of my sight. The show I'm watching right now is especially bad since every time the main character is alone with a male there's a 5 minute long makeout scene, Jesus fuckin christ…there's more sex than actual plot at this point. Stupid fucking show.

No. 1910233

i hate this. when you’re black you can’t have your own personality. black people who dress alternative get comments but wiggas are free to do as they please and never get questioned. i got called oreo by a black guy for my style while he was friends with white dudes who put on accents

No. 1910235

I hate people who name their pets after food esp. cookies or desserts. It's cringe

No. 1910239

It's cringier when people give pets sophisticated human names imo.

No. 1910261

I never gave my pets names, where do I fall on the scale?

No. 1910266

File: 1709485907670.jpeg (958.29 KB, 1170x2130, IMG_9477.jpeg)

You mean you don't want your purebred show puppy to have a name like Grabo Testarossa?

No. 1910268

plain retardation. what happens if you need to call it if it gets lost or missing?

No. 1910269

anon goes around her neighborhood bellowing "CAT!" and "DOG!" at the top of her lungs

No. 1910274

but I wanna get a little dog and name her Gazpacho

No. 1910289

People who complain about some media being "too depressing", they sound like children who don't want to eat their veggies.

No. 1910291

what about dumpling

No. 1910293

i feel like everyones real life is super depressing now and more people wanna see the Barbie esque happy ending style media

No. 1910302

Kskskskskssskskss, like you would call any cat.

No. 1910308

but then you'll attract just any cat and not yours specifically

No. 1910334

I get it tbh, I have to be in a certain mindset to watch sad movies and shows or else I end up crying for weeks and won't function normally. And this >>1910293 too.

No. 1910343

I'd agree with you if you actually had a choice nowadays. At some point we decided fun movies and goofball comedies were cringe and everything needed to be veiled with a layer of sarcasm and meta humor, or be a depressing grimdark reddit doomer shitshow. Even a "fun" movie like Barbie had to have a "deep" feminist message instead of being just a fun adventure for girls. That being said, no movies are made with a female audience in mind. Romcoms were constantly made fun of so now they're dead, although Netflix is trying to resurrect them here and there.

No. 1910380

The push that even the bad guy has to have a tragic backstory so don’t be mean to the poor uwu victim is getting annoying too. Sometimes a bad guy is just a bad guy because he does bad things, he doesn’t have to have a redemption arc or be absolved for being a piece of shit. It goes to show what kind of sheltered life those privileged enough to create entertainment lead though, they can’t fathom a world where things are just bad or people are just bad. Add to that, that it’s not about entertaining people for them any more but about activism. Just make entertaining shit, current media is such a moral slog these days.

No. 1910623

File: 1709508090466.png (143.7 KB, 363x400, shisen_kowai.png)

People with poor social skills who know they have poor social skills but make no effort to improve their social skills and then continue to complain and whine about their poor social skills.

No. 1910675

I hate when people name their pets celebrity/historical figure puns like Meowly Cyrus, Ruth Bader Ginspurrg, Piggy Smalls, etc.

Also my fam knows someone who got a puppy in early 2020 and named it Corona because hurr hurr covid. I wonder if they changed its name after a few months of the incessant bullshit.

No. 1910678

I bet you’re fun at parties.

No. 1910680

Not ones full of millennial “humor,” no

No. 1910693

File: 1709515700473.jpg (227.89 KB, 949x678, 1618537272331.jpg)

nta but I hate that now I'm hyper aware of "millennial humor" because it reminds me of the passage of time

No. 1910694

i hate pun style names too. its too cringey

No. 1910702

ayrt and same lol seeing the memes, mannerisms, way of writing, whatever everyone thought was funny 15 years ago reminds me that high school graduation and college graduation weren’t actually yesterday and the day before. Pain

No. 1910709

I agree. It's not often done from a real place of fun, it's usually just so they can say it online.

No. 1910737

File: 1709518215361.jpg (230.18 KB, 2048x2048, 1000003154.jpg)

So many young men are getting this haircut thinking they look like Leon but they just look like Stuart from madtv. I need this to stop. Idk if it's kpop boy overexposure but the men getting this lately are not the men that suit it. It's like seeing a masculine white woman with a hime cut.

No. 1910822

This was a popular haircut in the 90s and even then I would say it didn't really fit many men tbh.
>thinking they look like Leon
This reminded me of something I hate. When people unironically think they are just like some character, make their life's mission to larp them and tie their whole personality to that character. Cows like Stefany make me cringe too much to keep up with the milk. I hate this so much that it extents to cosplayers sometimes.

No. 1910836

The term "woke" was always kinda tryhard but it's especially tryhard now that it's been co opted ironically by rightoids to describe everything they don't like

No. 1910841

I only ever see the term "woke" used by white supremacists now so it fits

No. 1910867

File: 1709530429805.jpeg (34.35 KB, 1080x219, GFauUGXWQAA-mqS.jpeg)

Yeah and this woman who was raped as a child and developed schizophrenia which disabled her completely at 19 is just making shit up according to spiritual people and their "suffering is not real" philosophy

No. 1910886

I will take this haircut over broccoli hair

No. 1910888

I have opinions I can not say but im sure you know how I feel about these people and what they deserve for their harmful views.

No. 1910919

File: 1709533563653.jpeg (215.25 KB, 828x745, IMG_9602.jpeg)

I hate people like this so much. Creators don’t have to support anything just to cater to you.

No. 1910960

The way bongers use the word "knob" is so fucking retarded.

No. 1911102

I hate how modern youtubers are so lazy even though they have more means to monetize their hobbies. This dude was making stuff like this every two weeks on the budget of a sack of potatos, meanwhile hontra takes a year to finish just one of his shitty breadtube fart huffing 5 hour long videos where he sits in a crappy party city wig surrounded by trash and adlibbs some unfunny painfully tryhard script while making 50k a month.

No. 1911120

This is why old AVGN videos are timeless and Hontra's are immediately dated due to being early 20s breadtube rambles.

No. 1911185

it's a manipulative power play. the content creator now has to say that they are for trans rights, thereby acknowledging this person and providing them with the validation they are obviously seeking, or they ignore them and risk being labeled a transphobe. sicking terminally online crazies on a popular person is an excellent way for someone to garner attention for themselves and troons are extremely adept at it

No. 1911375

I hate canker sores they suck

No. 1911403

I think that's better than the also dated millenial humor of naming pets normal human names because "haha, Walter peed on the carpet! Is Walter a human or dog, hohohoho!" It's the "it didn't scan so it's free" levels of unfunny. At least the puns can be cute and they're not calling their pets the full name anyway.

No. 1911406

File: 1709568526474.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1305, IMG_3254.jpeg)

i really don’t care for the prep school girl look on grown women.

No. 1911416

It looks awkward because you can tell she's at least 30.

No. 1911418

To be fair James Rolfe studied cinema and wanted to make home and indie movies since he was a child. Most modern youtubers don't have this passion for film making and entertainment, they really do just like to make essays and huff their own farts and have people praise them for being so smart.

No. 1911423

imagine you walk into the restaurant and your bartender is dressed like that. Noo thank you kek

No. 1911436

File: 1709570820598.jpeg (59.04 KB, 767x576, IMG_1236.jpeg)

I hate the way kids cartoons try to make the female animals sexy. It always made me so fucking uncomfortable aespecially when the animal doesnt have a human body. I feel like the people who animated this shit are zoophile furfags.

No. 1911441

This outfit could be cute if she toned it down. Lose the tie and the blazer and add some other accessories and it wouldn't be cringe. Then again, it wouldn't like she's cosplaying a teenager either and that's obviously her goal

No. 1911442

they are. Tezuka, the father of animu, was a prolific furfag who added tons of catgirls and shit to his manga, and ofcourse when he died his family found a big stash of weird furry porn. Tex avery was definetly a huge furfag aswell

No. 1911486

File: 1709573742301.jpg (223.17 KB, 909x2048, GHpvn7DWQAArBCX.jpg)

The actual fucking audacity of Indonesians and Saudis.

No. 1911504

kek what a coincidence that only the most developed countries disagree

No. 1911507

saudi arabia is plenty developed though.

No. 1911508

I love cats with retarded names hardly any human has anymore like Moe, Bart, Gladys, etc.

No. 1911510

women couldnt drive until 2019, its not developed in the same way usa and canada are, they just have money but everyone else thinks its a shithole

No. 1911511

i names mine winslow because of winslow homer

No. 1911558

People who have conversations in the middle of the supermarket aisle.

No. 1911583

but what if I'm having a conversation with myself about which item I want to buy? it's a very important part of my decision-making process!

No. 1911661

broccoli hair is just a typical undercut but curly. Curly hair guys are better off with longer hair anyway

No. 1911664

with a low view count, you can ignore it and claim you didn't see it. The only way for this nonsense to end is mass ignoring

Kinda wish I could dress like a prep for life, but I don't have prep money

No. 1911665

fucking bastard poisoned the well on cartoons and anime with his fucking fetish, I have perverts

No. 1911666

slave labour and oil money doesn't count

No. 1911696

File: 1709586424537.png (218.11 KB, 320x569, OOYfna3.png)


No. 1911707

File: 1709587262724.png (173.04 KB, 640x624, cRJCCa3.png)

No. 1911721

A lot of guys get perms to do the broccoli cut though, it's not just having an undercut with curly hair.

No. 1911781

JEEZ that's Megan? She looks like a fucking tranny and it seems like she's retarded as fuck too. Sad.

No. 1911788

Indonesia? Saudi? Is this a bizarro chart?

No. 1911789

>white woman with the hime cut
that shit sends me. They always think they look good too.

No. 1911791

I miss old AVGN videos so much. James will a huge part of my childhood and introduced me to so many games in the early to mid 2000s. New youtubers are absolutely lazy. They all have the best tech and equipment, but will still ask for patreon money, and hide their stuff behind a paywall.

No. 1911797

She is the biggest pick me/NLOG. Holyshit

No. 1911835

She looks like Astarion as his haters think he looks like.

No. 1911909

Men are as clueless as weeb women in that they don't know when to let go of the fucking bangs

No. 1911911

Remember when she blamed women for not participating on the metoo movement, claiming she thought feminist didn't like her so she kept quiet?

No. 1911920

Trust me I look 100x better with bangs. I have an ostrenga level 5 head (thankfully tho my hair isn’t straw thin kek)

No. 1911924

I am not talking about you or anyone who suits bangs or feels more confident with them. I am referring to people who have outgrown their childish haircuts but cling to them in spite of it making them look weird because they think its aegyo.

No. 1911935

what possessed her to mention blowup dolls at all

No. 1912592

File: 1709664809556.png (366.94 KB, 651x627, IMG_055.png)

No. 1912596

I hate homeless drunkards and crackheads. They don't even need to be homeless, actually. Why the fuck did one of these tards just tried to throw a beer can at me and assaulted some other guy when we were waiting for the bus? I had to call the police and nobody around was strong enough to get the crackhead away from the random guy so I thought he was going to strangle him to death. Last time I saw one of these in public transport I and several other people nearly got stabbed by him. Just kill them all, how are you a physically healthy man and you make yourself a schizo on purpose and live like an animal?

No. 1912608

I hate it when my mood suddenly gets shitty for no reason. I had plans and now I can't do anything at all except for binge-eating probably. Checked my calendar - nine days to my period, of fucking course. Haaaaate luteal phase

No. 1912611

I hate those period cramps that aren’t in your uterus, but are in the butthole instead. At least with uterus cramps, I can put a hot water bottle on my stomach and it gets better in a few hours. I can’t shove the hot water bottle up my ass, so I have to actually take pain meds for it

No. 1912619

I think it's amazing that Pearl hasn't gotten her ass beat yet

No. 1912629

I hate christians and missionaries. You literally go into a country, steal their land, preach your god, expel their god and force them to worship at your church. This is an amazing but heart breaking documentary about the saddest country in Africa. they were colonized by Belgium and these are the results when their land was stolen and then shortly abandoned in the 1960s

No. 1912742

Latching onto the video in your post >>1912629
I hate how moids are free to travel around the world, pursue whatever dream they have, yet at the same time get to enjoy the cushy safety of a family. The guy you posted has really interesting videos, it seems as if he's traveling all year long, but then suddenly a short while ago he posts his wife and two babies. How is that possible? He really gets to do whatever the fuck he wants while she waits for him and takes care of everything. As a woman, I can never have this. I have to decide, either one of the other.

Also, I hate that I can't travel to interesting non-touristy destinations on my own because it always means risking rape and/or murder, meanwhile murican moids can do "I'm alone in Pakistan at night with no money and all hotels turn me away lol"-vids and will still be fine.

No. 1912747

Same, I don’t have anyone to travel with so if I want to go anywhere I’d have to go solo which is always a risk no matter where you go as a woman. Even relatively safe places can be dangerous as a woman travelling alone since there’s never a non-zero chance of being kidnapped, raped, murdered, etc. Moids literally ruin everything I hate it

No. 1912754

Yeah, I really enjoy his videos, but I do think about it a lot how a solo woman could NEVER ever do this due to sexism, dangerous of being a woman in most countries and discrimination. He puts himself in dangerous situations to get a lot of this footage, dont get me wrong, but how many of these locals are more willing to talk to a man with a camera rather than a woman? A lot of his documentaries usually talk about the poorest areas of the world and how women are expected to have multiple children by 16 years old. It's so depressing

No. 1912755

He goes on about the places with extremely high crimes and human trafficking. Women are never safe as long as men do whatever they want. I think men in poorer countries are even worse, look at India

No. 1912757

moids can literally walk away from responsibilities and people will blame women for it

No. 1912763

This video is pretty good, talking about how moids tell you to just work hard and you will get what you want, then they have a whole wife backing them up, doing all their work for them.

I also feel bitter about the security aspect of this. If you try something risky as a woman and fail, then you're simply fucked and have nothing. If a man fails at pursuing his dreams it might suck but he likely still got his wife and kids. Meanwhile men wouldn't accept an immature woman who's trying to reach some goal, they expect her to be stable and live for him.
Same for the opposite way, as a woman having kids is the final decision, you will never get a way out but as a moid you can change your mind whenever you feel like it and just do something else.

No. 1912769

File: 1709677815584.jpg (231.31 KB, 1080x1538, GHtv9e5a0AAH5oX.jpg)

Even having a moid won't protect you. Fuck this shit

No. 1912771

>Vincente and Fernanda were gang-raped
No they were not, what is this shit? she was!

No. 1912776

Women have higher stakes to lose. I watched a lot of kitchen nightmare episodes where the moid puts is house and marriage on the line for 'his' dream, while the wife suffers. I hate it

No. 1912777

India should just be nuked off the planet and started anew. What a horrible place. that poor woman

No. 1912832

Tight clothes suck, why people like them?

No. 1912837

All men need to die but Indian men need to die violently first tbh, they're all a bunch of waste of space and resources.

No. 1912845

File: 1709683500524.jpg (134.41 KB, 680x680, 1000014437.jpg)

Kind of unrelated, but middle aged and wrinkly old scrotes seem to think they're convincing when they say that older men are more useful to young women than men who share the same youth. Men tell everyone that they get smarter and stronger, or that they age like "fine wine" when they get older. But I never see men actually grow smarter with age, only men that were smart since youth in the first place. I rarely see middle aged and older men physically stronger than their younger counterparts. Scrotes love to bring the caveman, hunter/gatherer period to cite all their little theories about sexual selection and the kind of male they think women should want, but using their own logic of women needing men that are able to protect them; This case goes to show that older males are too out of shape and sluggish to properly defend women. Males cannot have it both ways when they insist that their role is to protect women, but think that women should waste their time fucking wrinkly, past-prime and out of shape scrotes that are too physically incompetent to practice their own purpose of "protecting their tribe". It is time for middle aged and even older scrotes to just admit that they're fucking useless, and that women should not be recommended to date them if they want a male that's useful to her safety.

No. 1912958

File: 1709691998915.png (1.2 MB, 1183x789, 20240203021427.png)

I hate in manga/anime when male characters get to have varied faces, old, young, different eyes, noses, eyebrows, jaws, wrinkles, while female characters are all just different kinds of "pretty" with more or less the same generic pretty face (when they look different it's super rare or it's a minor character). I get that moids are retarded pigs who need every female character to be coomable, but at the very least give them more than ONE pretty face. Pretty women in real life don't all have the exact same face, just take inspiration from real people if your retarded monkey brain can't come up with anything. I used to watch anime as a teen but now it genuinely makes me angry, like it's fucking lazy and insulting

No. 1912966

the only anime i know of that has true and honest horrid women is kaiji

No. 1912989

I agree. I think anime styles with realistic and varied features look so cool too, so it's a little disappointing.
Also, that pic using multiple screenshots for the women but only one for the men says something. Im not sure what though

No. 1913013

None of the women ever really interact with each other in Death Note iirc.

No. 1913166

Don’t underestimate the degeneracy of entitled Indian men

No. 1913241

This is reason I don't watch anime anymore. When there is some face feature variation, because usually they are all samefaced, the women all look somehow attractive. There are some exceptions like mob psycho and monster, but most fall into that issue.

No. 1913292

File: 1709728062518.jpg (202.59 KB, 561x640, Izzzyzzz_Merch_medium2.jpg)

The fact that this is what passes as androgynous/GNC nowadays. Saged because I feel like a petty bitch for pointing it out and being annoyed by it.

No. 1913297

I hate people who interrupt you mid-speaking, and don't have anything to say; no input whatsoever to whatever you have just shared with them. Never ask any questions about you either. They will just go on talking about themselves or another topic entirely as if you haven't spoken. How do people lack so much self-awareness? How do they make friends then??? Even if they're nice, I just don't want to talk to them, because it's unpleasant and pointless.

No. 1913301

she has a pretty feminine style, the only reason people say shes "androgynous" is because of her jaw.

No. 1913303

>Don’t underestimate the degeneracy of entitled Indian men
True, I just saw some video of a Korean man being sexually harassed by Indian men as soon as he left the airport. Why the fuck anyone continues to travel there is beyond me

No. 1913306

It's the emperors new clothes, the bubble will burst one day and these people will be laughingstocks. They're only considered "androgynous" because these people pretend it's impossible to tell if a person is male/female, so a feminine female like izzy pretending to be a they/them non-woman is only "logical" if you buy into it

No. 1913309

I gave a co-worker who does it constantly and it drives me nuts, we'll be having a conversation during lunch break and she'll cut you off to say something, I don't think she realizes it but I should be more assertive when she does it to me.

No. 1913320

I hate this girl, she's so annyoing and her style is retarded. She doesn't deserve the button and should start dressing better. I also hate that it's encouraging people to dress like clowns, it's not cute.

No. 1913352

Samefag that posted her, you described pretty much everything I was too much of a pussy to actually say. Bless you, nona.

No. 1913468

File: 1709743782619.jpg (265.24 KB, 925x1669, muh gnc.jpg)

Anons calling her and this guy GNC comfirms we are currently getting invaded by tradthots.

No. 1913614

India is fucking disgusting. They will rape anything. Not even animals are safe as it is normal for the men to fuck donkies.

No. 1913631

File: 1709753000015.jpeg (32.56 KB, 1150x185, IMG_4306.jpeg)

I hate seeing this copy and pasted everywhere. retards who think they are smart use it more than anyone. If someone disagrees with them then they are automatically an idiot, even if this “disagreeing” is stating a fact. I’ve seen an anti vaxxer who thinks vaccine give kids autism use it. I’ve seen redditors use it. It’s fucking everywhere in political discussions. You’re not smarter than everyone. You’re not the 1% of people with a 300 IQ. You’re an obese schizoid Reddit tranny with 100,000 karma.

No. 1913654

Link to the video?

No. 1913764

>The first day I experienced something a little bad. But since then, I've met a lot of really nice people! Don't worry.
yet another person who gets harassed there and then immediately tries to excuse it. it's so tiring.

No. 1913771

Fucking what makes people look at this country and be like “yup! I want to travel there!” There’s literally shit, garbage, sex pest and the beautiful ambience of car horns everywhere.

No. 1913773

Also the cutesy editing contrasted with the filth is sending me

No. 1913807

I feel bad for laughing but the editing is so uncanny, is this how all vlogs are?

No. 1913817

Idk about anyone else, but up until relatively recently I actually hadn't really heard any negative things (besides being stinky and having a caste system) about India/Indians. In my head it was just a colorful place with pretty jewelry, clothes and nice food. It's only in the past few years that I learned more about the country, some of it from lolcow.

No. 1913819

Samefag but I say all of that to say that I understand how and why people may want to visit there. A lot of people probably just genuinely don't know what India is like.

No. 1913822

Not to victim blame but those childish mannerisms make me think he is too retarded to travel anywhere alone.

No. 1913829

>"How do you know the unicorn hunter and her boyfriend aren't actually a transmasc nb lesbian queer couple???"
god i fucking hate gendies, god forbid a lesbian complain about straight women making profiles on dating apps that say "lesbian" when all they want is a FFM threesome for their nigel

No. 1913835

File: 1709762653666.jpeg (500.94 KB, 1170x1605, IMG_9722.jpeg)

M*n with an asterisk

I feel like puking

No. 1913861

I hate pro-lifers. They completely ignore the hundreds of serious reasons a woman or girl may need an abortion in favor of moral fag reasons like “G0d S@iD IT BAD!! THE FEUTS THAT ISN’T CONSCIOUS IS STILL A LFIE!” If it was actually about protecting life instead of protecting their retarded beliefs like these retards claim, then they would spend more energy in anti war efforts and helping orphans and shit or going vegan.
As a consequence of these unbridled imbeciles the Supreme Court did what it did. Do these retards, who are usually right wing, realize they are working in tandem with the trannies? They are always droning on about the groomer trannies raping children but are totally fine with said children giving birth to tranny rape babies. I know why men are pro life and it’s because they are retards who hate women nothing new really but the pro life women are a special kind of retarded. You realize you’re a women too right? You fucking pick me. Just because you live in a first world country doesn’t mean you wont get raped or have a fucked up pregnancy that will lead to a retard baby or threaten your life. Men are literally animals and will rape anyone(and thing…) you dumb fuck. what makes you think you’re so special? Does being the more righteous bangmaid somehow exempt you from their violence?. Being a pick me will not protect you.

No. 1913863

I really want to know who this is about

No. 1913872

I literally cannot understand how India has tourism in any way. I have a friend who is forced to travel there once or twice a year because of her tech company and she hates it. She stays only in the super tourist area/hotel they book for her, but she loathes it.

No. 1913875

Read about the rape in delhi (a major city) where a 22 year old woman was gang raped with a metal pipeon a bus and died from her internal injuries. She was literally bleeding out and crawling on the street, asking for help and people walked over her like she was trash. She wanted to became a doctor and the men told her it was her fault for being out after dark without a husband. I hate india like there's no tomorrow. I learned about this story 5 or so years ago and it fully changed my perception on the country.
The men who did this to her are still on the streets and not in jail.
It made me look it into further on how bad the women there have it.

No. 1913876

Of course he's korean. It's like one hyper sexist country hanging out in another one.

No. 1913887

Actually they hung all the men involved except unfortunately the “minor” (17 years and 6 months old) got away with a slap on the wrist. It’s a horrible horrible thing but thankfully most of those Scrotes are dead, one even begged and pleaded like a little bitch on the gallows.

No. 1913890

Me too. So I can go to his house and castrate him myself

No. 1913891

Thank you so so much for that tidbit. I was told they were having issues arresting them because they came from richer families. I still hope the minor rots in hell. RIP to that poor woman.

No. 1913937

File: 1709768352705.jpg (220.5 KB, 1048x1200, FpYSGc_XoAwIfjO.jpg)

Adult Bluey fans.

No. 1913940

I hate this faggot so much.

No. 1913949

File: 1709768901148.jpg (32.75 KB, 494x506, 1687691542048.jpg)

>The fact that this is what passes as androgynous/GNC nowadays
I'd like to know who thinks this so I can clobber them. She looks like every other feminine white woman with the they/them label.

No. 1913989

I dont know who this man is but this is a red flag

No. 1914180

Jeez even the upper class act like low class criminals there. Wish there was an India hate thread

No. 1914200

I think it’s Jared Leto

No. 1914202

Wouldn't it break any actors career to start dabbling in porn? That's why I doubt the validity in the first place. Anyway assuming it is true other guesses say it's Leo D, but who'd want to see current Leo naked

No. 1914233

Jared Leto has that weird island cult and he’s known for sleeping with all the women there and having orgies, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s filmed himself and the women. I don’t think an actor starting a website like onlyfans would necessarily be career ending because plenty of celebrities have had their sex tapes or nudes leaked, posed for playboy, and some d-list celebrities even have OF

No. 1914236

Ew he definitely stares into the camera making that stupid bulged eye smize face while moving as robotically as possible in one frozen pose to flex his vegan muscles

No. 1914258

He's one of those men who'd be attractive physically if he weren't a disgusting pos and had a soul, but all his inner ugliness comes bursting out in his mannerisms and knowing the type of person he is. It makes me hate him even more

No. 1914459

The punk thread and the "white trash" couple reminded me of how much I hate rich people pretending to be poor for punk/hippie/suffering artist aesthetics. Like have you lived in a moldy apartment so small there is zero privacy? Have you had to sleep in the same room as your brother as a teenager and listen to fucking masturbating? I even know a family that all slept in the same room. Have you had your parents rip out your summer job and gratuation gift money out of your hands? While getting screamed at for asking for new clothes or toys or whatever kids want? Had your family members commit frauds on each other? And look at them managing to use the money they were so desperate for on alcohol and gambling? If not dont claim it is cool. And I consider myself privileged as my country has free education so I was able to get myself a better life as an adult. I would never study something like art or philosophy, even less in countries where you have to pay for the degree. Only someone who knows they can relay on others if things get rough would.

Like I dated a woman who talked about being just a poor hippie trying to make a living on art, needing to buy second hand etc. Turned out she was from a rich family, went to private school and is still being supported by her parents at 30. I bet her hippie friends were the same. Like your uwu commune and sharing vegan food and selfmade clothes is not the same as people with mental and social issues, often physical as well, tearing each other apart.

No. 1914526

File: 1709819923675.jpg (282.5 KB, 1170x1674, crap.JPG)

I hate contemporary “poetry.”

No. 1914528

This isn't a poem

No. 1914529

This is awful but also, how is wearing your government mandated (at least at one point) face muzzle revolutionary?

No. 1914531

>face muzzle
It's a mask that stops people from sneezing and spitting onto surfaces you schizo kek. Are you gonna bitch about government mandated seatbelts too.

No. 1914536

Whatever you call it, how is wearing it “punk”?

No. 1914542

this whole thing could just be renamed to "first world problems" kek

No. 1914557

>that's the kind of cognitive dissonance that makes me want to steal batteries.
This is fucking lame lmao

No. 1914609

Let me guess, a 35 year old moid trying to be artsy, but he's just a journalist?

No. 1914619

I can't tell if George used "average" wrong on purpose when writing this joke as a demonstration. Surely he would hate the majority of his modern audience and tell them to think for themselves instead of regurgitating his old quotes and wishing he was still alive to provide commentary.

No. 1914651

File: 1709830774864.jpg (97.99 KB, 698x470, 1448409390.jpg)

Pretty much. He's also an organizer kek

No. 1914684

File: 1709832797050.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1280, bi0XIWu.png)

I have no idea how people can make stuff like this and not realize how racist it comes across.

No. 1914687

File: 1709832898491.png (2.64 MB, 1080x2183, 8N1wybZ.png)

these are creators of these comics btw.

No. 1914692

We have a thread for these on /m/

No. 1914724

I hate how retarded conservatives are about sexuality. I hate how they actually think sexual abuse causes SSA.

No. 1914897

File: 1709842280192.png (333.2 KB, 618x618, 1709832797050_1.png)

The sceptical look that the girl gives the brunette guy doesn't match the rest of the story. If you remove the text from this panel it looks like brunette guy is harassing a random couple
Everything about blobby is so lazy i can't believe that 3 people worked on this you would think at least 1 of them would put effort into it

No. 1914932

That is quite possible the least chad stacy thing ever. I hate gachafags.

No. 1914946

I hate it when my vent gets buried because someone else's vent (sometimes a baiter) got a dozen replies.

No. 1914956

gachas are fun as long as you dont whale, they are the modern equivalent of doing newspaper crossword puzzles in the shitter

No. 1914962

Same but tbh sometimes it's for the best. That's how I cope nonny

No. 1914966

File: 1709845408003.jpg (807.38 KB, 1080x1296, 1000016368.jpg)

Yeah yeah it's my fault for being on /x/ in the first place but Jesus Christ I despise how retarded moids are.
>muh demonic possession is totes real cuz… c-cuz women with tattoos!
>instead of like, actually evil people like pedophiles (96% male) or rapists (97% male) or mass shooters (99% male)

No. 1914971

why dont you comment exactly that to make them seethe lol just word it like a joke for maximun butthurt power

No. 1915008

She does unironically looked possessed though, and I'd guess that is exactly the look she's going for with the black contacts kek

No. 1915144

File: 1709852651720.png (811.63 KB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20240305-193017~3.p…)

I hate this annoying retards animations and his profile picture,it makes me irrationally angry for some weird reason.i find it funny he calls himself a professional.

No. 1915310

Hate this style as well. They make it look and sound retarded on purpose because they don't have the confidence to make a maximal effort.

No. 1915314

File: 1709859811787.jpeg (67.26 KB, 948x948, grosssss.jpeg)

celebricow normies seeing ugly degrading shit like this and going ''omg so cuteee uguuuu she looks so good!!1!'' this fucking shit is disgusting and i have no idea who this bitch is. And yeah i know the og character has a similar outfit, but she could have choosen literally any other character, she definetly choose this one because she has to degrade herself to men

No. 1915315

She probably chose it because she is a huge Jojo fan and likes the character.

No. 1915317

File: 1709860114937.jpeg (205.84 KB, 1024x1323, Megan_Thee_Stallion_(cropped).…)

yes i am sure a woman who dresses this tastefully choose to whore herself just because she likes the character lmfao

No. 1915320

Why does Megan cause so much seethe on this site?

No. 1915322

Probably LSA transplants. They dislike her over there.

No. 1915324

>why is a woman whose whole schtick is degrading herself for moids is disliked in a radfem leaning site?
gee i wonder why

No. 1915325

jealousy. same with any other attractive woman who gets posted here.

No. 1915326

no one is jealous of you ugly pickme lmfao some of us dont even care about dumb celebrities who make shitty music, we are just tired of the sexualization of women everywhere

No. 1915327

>of you ugly pickme
Sorry but you have to be deluded on another level if you seriously think Megan Thee Stallion is WKing herself on lolcow.farm.

No. 1915330

its very obvious that it was a typo and i meant to say your* but considering you are normie celebrity WKs that thinks anyone is jealous of an ugly pickme it doesnt surprise me you are this dumb

No. 1915331

what makes her ugly? genuinely asking.

No. 1915333

Nta but jealousy as an explanation is such a retarded take. I like Megan but her sexualization of herself is so trashy and degrading.

No. 1915335

dressing like that for moids, all the ugly makeup, the lip fillers and all the cosmetic surgeries, looking like a walking sex doll for men is ugly

No. 1915338

It wasn't obvious anon. Your grammar is bad, I'm sorry that I can't interpret everything properly. I'm not the anon who said you were jealous anyway so calm down.

No. 1915339

What are you talking about? LSA likes her

No. 1915340

It's very easy to understand in the context of my post anyways. Thinking anyone is jealous of a woman who has to degrade herself and get cosmetic surgeries or she wont have a career is honestly retarded.

No. 1915341

Yeah love how you all always blame the women and not the team that puppeteers them. Yeah it's all their fault for wanting to live out their dreams and doing whatever they're told to because they fear they'll lose their spot

No. 1915342

I haven't been on there in years but last time I was, I remember the opinion of her being pretty negative. Maybe it's changed or perhaps I was just mistaken though.

No. 1915344

her music is literally sex shit why are you pretending as if she isnt the one whoring herself out to men? i have never heard her music before but i checked her most popular song to see why anons were WK her so hard and it starts with moaning and her ass.

No. 1915347

Again, I didn't say that you were jealous. I actually was the anon who said I thought those anons (or you) were from LSA so I wasn't sure why you tagged me tbh.

No. 1915354

I'm kinda stuck on the fence about this. On one hand the idea that would shouldn't discuss or talk about sex, wear makeup, dress slutty is a moid-ey view, at the same time encouraging is also very moid. I guess either way moids win and lose

No. 1915368

File: 1709862419046.png (477.25 KB, 960x540, mgid_arc_imageassetref_shared.…)

I hate this, being called jealous in response to valid criticism about attractive women. I know the only goal is to dismiss any valid point and get on people's nerves, and it works on me because I have a short temper

No. 1915371

>the idea that would shouldn't discuss or talk about sex, wear makeup, dress slutty is a moid-ey view
how?! literally how, all those things benefit moids and moids only and shouldn't be encouraged. Supporting a pickmes that sings about ass and tiddies while in a sexy gimp outfit just encourages the status quos. Modern female singers are so fucking sexualized because people keep supporting them. Janis joplin used to top charts despite being 'ugly', nowadays every single top 10 female singer is some pickme talentless anachan with 50 cosmetic surgeries that dresses like an actual whore. We are actually going backwards and it's fucking sad.

No. 1915380

You seriously never heard of men trying to downplay women that they believe they "own"? If it's not literal strangers a lot of moids will force women they're with to stop wearing makeup, not wear anything that makes their bodies look attractive, etc. do you not see the amount of social media moids demanding genocide of women because "we're all bops" and then will use some stupid shit like having a glass of wine in public or doing makeup as an example of women being slutty. I'm not going to be the ~express your sexuality~ libfem but a lot of moids will absolutely jerk it to slutty women then turn around and demand them to wear burkas and never speak to another moid in their life

No. 1915388

literally the only reason why women wear makeup is for men.

No. 1915393

Lesbians wear makeup, women who aren't interested in dating or sex wear makeup, women who go to all female colleges wear makeup. Children wear makeup ffs, are you telling me they're putting on their paw patrol lip gloss to impress men?. Sorry you can't imagine getting into fashion or cosmetics for anything besides moids but sometimes it's just fun and it's a confidence boost for those with skin issues like eczema and acne

No. 1915399

why are you ignoring the socialization aspect? all women are socialized to be presentable to men since birth, ofcourse that a lesbian will wear makeup and shave when she was bullied into since birth

No. 1915400

Ntayrt but doesn't it make skin issues even worse? Seems kind of counterproductive

No. 1915401

If you wanna get into a psych aspect that's your own thing. But claiming all women directly have intentions to impress men is insane. Especially since there's a whole community dedicated to makeup that's all women and gay men showing off their shit to each other and I highly doubt they're putting on sparkly blue lipstick to go dick hunting

No. 1915402

It depends. Some people have extremely sensitive skin then yeah. A lot of skin issues most people have like acne, eczema, etc are tied directly to genetics or some other inner health issues and wearing or not wearing makeup doesn't do anything.
>t. had acne as a teenager and not wearing or wearing makeup didn't change anything until I fixed my hormones

No. 1915405

then why dont straight men wear makeup, dress nicely and shave? if socialization has nothing to do with it. Wear make up if you want, but pretending women aren't socialized to wear makeup for men is insane.

No. 1915406

I hate that when it comes to age and pregnancy the man is almost completely absent from discussion. I hate that there are men who are in their 40s having children with women without worry of giving their children autism or tard genetics.

No. 1915424

Straight men don't care about their appearance and only take up hobbies that rot them. Even in spaces where men dedicate their time to looking good like mens fashion, body building, etc no one comes in accusing them of being simps and pandering to women kek. It's only women who ever get blasted for wanting to look pretty

No. 1915425

File: 1709865642170.jpg (76.41 KB, 1080x762, Scott in pain.jpg)

when the movie i want to watch is so obscure it doesnt have a single seeder

No. 1915426

They absolutely should. Everytime I've met some fucked up ass child the dad was almost always an old fart where as women vary in ages

No. 1915428

my side hobby is finding obscure movies, what are u looking for nonette

No. 1915433

joyride 1977 some fag uploaded the second part on dailymotion but either the first got taken down or he never uploaded it

No. 1915437

It's great when it's fun or a little confidence boost but be real, most of the time that's not what it is. We're conditioned to spend a lot of time, money, thoughts, efforts into making ourselves better looking in ways that are impractical and uncomfortable for us. Not to say we can't enjoy it but the fact that we care so much about our appearances and have a million tools to make ourselves look better at our own detriment benefits men more than us

No. 1915448

I hate the word "cunt" and I don't care about the british or australian nonnies that defend it. It's a slur. Calling someone a cunt is like using slut, whore, or bitch. It's not a compliment and zoomers using it as one are retarded and are way too influenced by shitty drag culture (which I also hate as a gen z myself).

No. 1915451

thank you nonny!! gonna grab some snacks, the second link is another movie called 'heroes' though

No. 1915452

yea kek i didn't realize until it posted, the first one seems ok though. enjoy your movie!

No. 1915474

>Even in spaces where men dedicate their time to looking good like mens fashion, body building, etc no one comes in accusing them of being simps and pandering to women kek
That's because they don't go for styles or body types that actually appeal to women.

No. 1915475

roidpig men arent attractive to anyone but gay moids kek men who try to look good for women get called gay

No. 1915490

Men will also fuck and even fetishize hambeasts, elderly, etc. most women who enjoy makeup don't need it to find quality men

No. 1915492

Kek this is modest compared to her average stage outfit. Anyways, she looks good

No. 1915494

If women werent socialized to wear makeup to look good to men you wouldnt be here defending it. Those women who wear make up wouldnt ask the same of their moids.

No. 1915496

Nah moids should wear make-up too

No. 1915498

ok now tell it to their faces and see how they laugh at you lmao

No. 1915505

I agree with you. It's a slur specific towards women too

No. 1915518

They can but it doesn't mean I'm wrong. At least women with disgusting skin cover it with makeup. Moids will let their pus filled pimples ooze everywhere no fucks given

No. 1915903

I’m Australian and I agree, I fucking hate it. I also think the stereotype of every Aussie saying cunt every second word is extremely overblown.

No. 1915909

>reads about people dying
>but how can i make this about ME? Im a victim too! i have student debt!

No. 1915922

File: 1709887190928.jpg (686.1 KB, 1638x2048, 1000003215.jpg)

Just ruining the vibe of the space with weird shitty naked faceless art of women

No. 1915929

I hate that trend on the right one. Draw a naked girl and scribble their face/eyes. It just looks like they are trying to be edgy but in the most boring and tacky way possible.

No. 1915943

It's extremely dated too, putting all that effort into a super generic cookie cutter naked body and then marking out the face like it's 2014. That's a woman's shelf btw.

No. 1916048

File: 1709893464292.jpg (79.8 KB, 311x995, 1000003214.jpg)

No. 1916123

When straight women act like they are oppressed for wanting to have sex/get married and/or have kids with moids.

No. 1916125

Hate having cellulite at only 28. Makes me want to kill myself.

No. 1916130

Is cellulite an age thing? I've had it since I was a teen. I think it's just something that comes with the territory of being a woman tbh

No. 1916146

I didn’t start getting it until 25. My mum is 62 and doesn’t have any so that might be why I feel so fucking awful about it. I feel hideous. I’m trying dry brushing, collagen, weight training, Pilates and eating high protein and losing weight. (I’m already a healthy weight and I like the rest of my body, but I feel deeply distressed about my cellulite on my ass and thighs)

No. 1916164

In any case, you could get the surgery to remove the cellulite if it's that awful to you.

No. 1916178

No, I have looked into it and I think it’s barbaric. Plus it only really lasts a year. If I’m going to put myself through that I want it to be permanent. My only hope is weight training and even that won’t make it go away but will only reduce it. It is what it is.

No. 1916198

"Eckspecially" why. Why do you talk like that.

No. 1916201

Women have different cell structure than men. Cellulite is a normal part of female anatomy as we age because of things like lose of collagen. Moids made it a problem. It’s not.

No. 1916210

I hate that I have a square ass not because of my pelvic structure but because my body stores fat in my love handles at all weights. I have muffin top naked. I’ve been working out to reduce their appearance and it’s getting better but it’s taking forever.

No. 1916213

This is how I felt when people would type "licherally"

No. 1916215

When people pronounce it like that, I automatically assume they’re an idiot and disregard whatever they’re saying

No. 1916220

me too nonna, i call it my tire though. i've lost 60 pounds in the past year and the fucker still won't go away, it seems like every part of me has shrunk other than that area it's cursed kek

No. 1916225

For real, every time I see someone on here whining that the evil lolcow femcels are shaming them for wanting to fuck men or do tinder hookups I just roll my eyes. Literally one of the most normal things on the planet is women having sex with men yet they want to act like a victim because someone told them to shut up and get some self respect instead of crying about needing dick kek

No. 1916273

File: 1709911092623.jpg (40.98 KB, 708x354, toodiscourse.jpg)

it's literally picrel. they're so online they forgot no one outside of lc is gonna shame them for being a woman who dates men

No. 1916375

I can't take them seriously when they come here, spout the most misogynistic breeding shit about how wanting to be submissive and gettting "dicked down" and "impregnated" by moids are ~natural insticts~ (what are lesbians) and then act oppressed when other anons call them out for how gross and degrading they sound.

No. 1916491

File: 1709922770353.jpg (34.84 KB, 200x200, book.jpg)

i hate storytelling and humans obsession with it. i only care about objective reality. i hate movies. i hate fiction. i hate imagination and "creative" media. i hate most art. i only read non fiction and listen to music performed by attractive people but dont enjoy the music itself

No. 1916493

Would love to have a peak inside your brain because what

No. 1916494

Unironically, no soul.

No. 1916495

nah this gotta be bait

No. 1916501

File: 1709923062030.jpg (62.83 KB, 275x275, 8tJyG3H.jpg)

i love storytelling and human´s fascination with it. i don't care about objective reality. i love movies. i love fiction. i love imagination and "creative" media. i love most art. i listen non fiction and read to music performed by ugly people but love the music itself.

but most importantly, i hate >>1916491(you)

she has none
she has some
it is.

No. 1916505

Kek, who do you listen to?

No. 1916510

tiny tim

No. 1916511

>Tells anon who is probably just a turboautist to rope
You’re seething a bit too hard kek

No. 1916513

Oh shit are you one of those people that can’t see images in your head and/or has no inner monologue? My ex was like that and was a huge psycho and also didn’t dream.

No. 1916516

My favorite artist is Emilie Autumn

No. 1916518

wha you mean he didn't dream, like mf just look it up on youtube, he does minecraft shit n stuff.

No. 1916521

I hate modern female musicians. They are so talentless and only rely on coom. Moids arent better either, but moids have always been ugly and talentless.

No. 1916530

what musicians are you talking about specifically? all I can think of is rap, most other female musicians aren't sexual at all

No. 1916536

taylor, ariana, dua lipa, etc all of them are highly sexualized what are you talking about they are literally incapable of singing without being half naked and making sexy poses

No. 1916537

If the only female musicians you pay attention to are Top 40 pop and rap artists, sure.

No. 1916538

>ariana, dua lipa
I suppose but there's definitely more mature female artists still making great music

No. 1916540

Nta but most pop stars too, esp former disney stars (olivia rodrigo is starting to follow the pattern)

No. 1916541

why not? the top 100 female artist chart being littered by sexualized women is super new. Even the more sexualized artists like Diana ross dont look as trashy and coomery as Sabrina Carpenter.

No. 1916544

File: 1709924894247.jpg (237.04 KB, 2048x1366, please anon.jpg)

please. Some of you clearly dont listen to music made before the 00s if you think this shit isnt trashy and sexualized as fuck. Go listen to Karen Carpenter or something.

No. 1916547

that's one ugly piece of clothes

No. 1916548

I hate how any protest and similar things for any left/socialist/whatever cause that isn't right-wing causes has to always be about everything all the time. The other day again there was this well known climate group protesting, and sure enough, the most stand out flags were the LGBT flags and the Palestine flags. It doesn't matter how good your cause is, or how many excellent points you make, when everyone can only see all the other causes that somehow need to be shouted about at the same fucking time. How can anyone take it seriously this way?

No. 1916550

that's the worst part, they arent even cute they are super trashy.

No. 1916557

a leotard and leggings? have you never been to a ballet?

No. 1916560

Which why we should make our own flag with checkers and male strippers.

No. 1916561

dont compare ballet to that trash, thanks. There is a reason why ballerinas wear leotards, the only reason taylor wears that trash is to coombait.

No. 1916564

File: 1709925815967.jpg (1.08 MB, 3225x2034, taylor-swift-performs-at-the-t…)

NTA but stop playing dumb, this sort of thing would (correctly) be considered trashy for other singers lol

No. 1916577

So many other female pop stars go way more extreme and sexualized, Taylor's outfits are so tame all things considered.

No. 1916581

you are part of the problem

No. 1916589

Kek wait til you see how hard anons will defend marina

No. 1916594

its so weird to me anons support artists that glamourize the coquette pedo asthetic like marina and lana. They arent even good artists.

No. 1916597

This may shock you, but some anons just want to enjoy things and not practice radical feminism in all aspects of their lives

No. 1916600

Not really. I'm just saying that if you're upset about female celebs/singers dresssing overly sexualized, going after that one first makes so little sense when there's plenty that take it so much further.

No. 1916623

The irony is seeing lgbt with Palestine flags. A dude in fishnets holding the Palestine flag. A chicken being pro kfc.

No. 1916624

File: 1709928267892.jpg (124.49 KB, 730x700, Janis_LGB_Still4-730x700.jpg)

do you think female singers popped out yesterday? ofcourse if you are some turbo normie who only listens to shit like taylor swift you will think that, but it's genuinely disrespectful to all the other talented female musicians who, unlike her, didnt have to whore themselves out for moids to get a career. Female artists having to whore themselves out to moids is a new concept.

No. 1916631

that excuse would work if you were talking about good art, not shitty run of the mill pop kek.

No. 1916701

this especially since those women glamorize whoring yourself to old moids, fucking men in relationships, etc. both of them dress just as slutty if not worse

No. 1916885

I hate AI art. Having a computer program shit out Cookie-Cutter garbage isn't funny or interesting and it doesn't make the poster funny of interesting. The same people who have spent their adult lives bitching and complaining about modern music all sucking are now seal-clapping over a computer making literally soulless pop-rock songs with lyric themes they suggest.

No. 1916929

I also find it annoying. What's even more annoying is the tard wrangling anons that come here to complain about their retarded nigel. I had to stop reading the relationship thread advice on /g/, and actually had to hide the thread after the anon who complained about being drawn as a faceless chained up stick-figure angel with her breasts out by her online boyfriend that listened to the SpongeBob sound track, only to turn around and tell us she was really in true and honest love with him and would never leave him. That was so depressing for me. I hate that so many people act like they're STUCK with a person they have no chemistry with or attraction to. As if there aren't literally a million fish in the sea.

No. 1917355

They annoy me so much
>describes shitty moid behaviour that only a true psychopath would exhibit
>wow your bf is a psychopath. You should break up
>femcel!! You don’t know him like I do! Touch grass!! You’ll never be happy like me!!!

No. 1917368

This is common in women. Let me generalize and say that all women fall in love with men like that. As a pattern perceiver I know…

No. 1917373


No. 1917434

Zoomerhumor, of all types.

No. 1917449

We really have to nominate that post for worst post in the next lc awards.

No. 1917457

There was a post in the vent thread yesterday where an anon was complaining about her moid controlling her finances and having to use her dad's Amazon account so he would not blow a fuse, but "that's okay I love him and I absolutely wanted babies uwu", least Stockholmed SAHM I guess.

No. 1917461

Kek does someone have the screencap of this? Holy shit I'm dying

No. 1917487

Call me unhinged idc, I genuinely wish that fat ugly cow Pearl would drop dead.

No. 1917489

Kinda surprised by Japan

No. 1917492

No. 1917505

I have a cat named Milton after Milton Hershey cause he’s chocolate colored

No. 1917510

Why? Japanese women dont have much equality beyond the basic human rights that directly helps their economy

No. 1917528

So Portugal moids are less likely to be shit?

No. 1917664

I hate when I see incorrect comments on the internet that are several years old and no one corrected them. I know jumping in on a conversation that happened years ago is pointless so I don't but it is annoying

No. 1917704

Same, it makes me unreasonably angry more than anything else online kek

No. 1917720

File: 1710006322376.mp4 (3.47 MB, 480x854, Civ4ba2.mp4)

gay male humor and faghags who let gay men walk over them.

No. 1917752

Honestly that's how I would act if I was an aunt

No. 1917891

Don't forget how he could spend big amounts of money of his own, but she can't spend hers the way she wants to? It's all so tiresome.

No. 1917904

>would of
how many times must I repeat this, IT'S HAVE. hhaaaaaVVVVVVVVV. Even children figure this out. Can't believe even the farmhands are that retarded.

No. 1917931

File: 1710022389419.jpg (115.4 KB, 1080x996, 1709960680246.jpg)

Not everything has to be about the Palestine/Israel conflict, specially when is a summon pattern and is a video about Chinese products.

No. 1917947

Fucking hate it when people genderbend male characters just to make the female version of them bpd nymphos. They have no problem properly interpreting a character when it's male and the second they make a female version of them all thought goes out the window. The lack of brain cells or self-awareness is staggering.

No. 1917955

i hate what autism has become it's so mainstream now.

No. 1917995

Wtf is a guncle? Gay uncle or grandpa uncle?

No. 1917997

Why the fuck would he be a grandpa uncle anon? That's incest.

No. 1918001

nona does that look like a heterosexual grandpa to you

No. 1918006

Fair point, now I know. Why not just say uncle lmao why specify he's gay.

No. 1918015

I hate how mental illness is seen as a fashionable thing. It’s almost entirely lazy people who doctor shop or self diagnose because having adhd/tism/depression/anxiety (the acceptable mental illnesses) to have a copout for working on themselves and being productive members of society. Sorry, I can’t find a job or stop eating garbage or detox from tiktok, I have adhd! Meanwhile people who are actually mentally ill and not in a marketable way continue to be shit on.

No. 1918054

I agree, specially with the self diagnose. Is all "I'm so autistic, tee hee" or "I'm so fixated in something due my adhd" until you have to take tons of pills to be stable during all the day and try to hide your shit so people do not compare with them.

No. 1918323

I hate most male youtubers but in particular I hate: James Somerton, Contrapoints, Wendigoon and Hbomberguy.

No. 1919060

I despise the fucking laughing clips that people use all of the fucking time on their videos of cute animals doing cute shit. I want to listen to the animal making cute sounds, not to some woman having an asthma attack or someone with a retarded minions voice filter.

No. 1919109

>claims they awakened their bisexuality becasue of character
>said character isn't an actor/actress but a cartoon, an abstracted design of a person
>hasn't actually dated someone of the same sex before
You might as well claim you got your sexuality by licking salt

No. 1919175

This only applies to female characters.

No. 1919197

What if I've never been attracted to anybody aside from anime characters, does that make me asexual?

No. 1919207

It makes you based and lucky. Asexuality is not a sexual orientation but it is a real phenomenon.
(unless you masturbate or sexually fantasize about them)

No. 1919226

I know it's petty and I should be happy about younger people being interested in it. But I fucking hate how much zoomers (and the opportunistic scalpers they brought with them) have hiked up prices for anything related to j-fashion. Even a bunch of fruits magazines that used to go for $20 now sell for fucking hundreds of dollars.

No. 1919229

One of my main examples is actually furries and anthro characters that don't look anything like a real animal, and somehow jumping to actual beastiality. Like Lola rabbit is not the reason any moid sodomized a pet rabbit.

No. 1919233

File: 1710088353143.jpg (91.05 KB, 736x736, cc6563bf3f4cb8021034139057987c…)

I hate forks! I hate how they take a considerable amount more of time to wash just because you have to get in between every fork stem to make sure you clean all the food there. You woulda thought some cleaning company woulda made some sort of gadget to make cleaning them faster. Scrub Daddy if you're reading this…
Also, I dislike that these cutlery look like butt plugs.

No. 1919244

>you have to get in between every fork stem to make sure you clean all the food there
What? Do you do wash each tine individually?

No. 1919253

Yes? There's food in there..

No. 1919262

>coquette forks
I've seen it all.

No. 1919263

If you soak your fork in water imidiatly after you finish with it the food will have less of a chance to clung to the prongs and saop with a basic sponge can clean the prongs by cleaning around them

No. 1919279

File: 1710091587548.jpeg (235.35 KB, 941x941, IMG_1915.jpeg)

I know this type of shit has been posted a thousand times before, but I hate performative social media activism. It’s just to make people feel as if they’re actually doing something without doing anything. These morons really think not drinking coffee or not having a burger is going to stop a war. All people participating in this cult behavior suffer from mental retardation.

No. 1919283

agreed.. but at the same time it's better than doing nothing at all so im conflicted about it

No. 1919291

Her body is completely covered except for cleavage which is barely scandalous for stage fashion. It’s a strong, comedically manly and flamboyant character, which is a morally tame, unprovocative cosplay choice for popular anime. Of course you’re disregarding a nice, normal woman you don’t know anything about as some bitch because of your severe madonna-whore complex.

Megan doesn’t even look like she’s had surgery or fillers. Blindly insulting her doesn’t make your scroteish, prejudiced reaction to her appearance sound feminist.

No. 1919293

>shouldn’t discuss or talk about sex, wear makeup, dress slutty is a moid-ey view
>how?! literally how, all those things benefit moids and moids only.
Women do enjoy her music in a haughty, character based way, as she doesn’t pine for men and is generally praising herself in those popular songs. Otherwise, they find her person, catchy music and performances fun. Her audience concept is women partying together. Her style of raunchiness is relatively inconsequential within the sub genre and the inevitable male attention is technically a secondary buffer.

Sexual music palatable to women does encourage the notion of personal ownership over their sexuality. Obviously the subject matters but in Megan’s popularity is an image somewhat of prioritising personal pleasure. Society won’t stop engaging women in sexual activity. Not talking about it has always benefited men as they will not refrain from talking about it themselves. Then society’s approach to sex is by their design. The only reason you can call it degrading is because men have dictated the cultural narrative of sexuality so far. The madonna-whore complex exists to create a sexual underclass that conveniently includes all women because the goalposts change as they please. Consider that you have called this woman a dog and prostitute because even with comedic, fashionable intention, she was willing to let her greatly female audience see a portion of her breast skin and the silhouette of her body.

No. 1919296

this is perhaps a bizzare case where most Muslims are being more levelheaded and realistic about this situation, advocating to donate to aid organizations and vote out their politicians, but Americans(and Americanized people) are incapable of treating as just any other twitter issue. they apply the same standards of BLM and queer activism and it would be funny if it wasn't about a series issue where people are dying en-masse

No. 1919297

Nayrt, by that logic, everybody watching heterosexual pornography is bisexual. Masturbating alone also has nothing to do with sexual attraction, not sure if you were including that but I’ve seen it argued before.

No. 1919300

File: 1710092923668.png (63.3 KB, 803x290, Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin.png)

I really hate the whole "feminist spirutuality" thing. The divine feminine, astrology, women's intuition, dianic wicca/goddess worship, really any woo shit being touted as "for the girls" frustrates me because it's relegating women to the realm of irrational make-believe, which does not threaten men's perception of us at all. Whenever I see it, it always makes me think of picrel. I like to joke/speculate about astrology for fun, but when women take that sort of thing really seriously and also defend it as being somehow feminist, I just feel disappointed.

No. 1919316

>Masturbating alone also has nothing to do with sexual attraction
nta but i think that depends on the context. everyone can agree that a man jerking off to gay porn is gay for example, or if he got off to images of kids he's a pedo, etc

No. 1919320

File: 1710093929807.png (1.02 MB, 640x932, JmzxhZu.png)

I used to believe the same thing. I'm not saying that 'spiritual woo woo' is correct, but from my perspective, I think people are not in need of faith rather they are predisposed to it. It is in our nature to be religious and seek higher ideals. No matter how much of an atheist you are, you will find some other substitute to scratch that itch, often in politics, so astrology and spiritual woo is while not an Ideal situation, is still least awful.

No. 1919328

I'm not trying to infight, but what do you mean by my logic? I don't think watching straight porn makes you bisexual, I'm saying having zero libido (which is what asexuality is) is not incompatible with being straight/gay.

No. 1919341

oh, I thought you meant masturbating would undo asexuality and possibly the same for sexual fantasy, though I suppose that would depend on the fantasy.

No. 1919352

Sorry, but masturbation is sexual.

No. 1919362

I agree that people are attracted to religion and spirituality because they are seeking out something "bigger" than themselves. Many philosophers have recognized this and attempted to fill this need without religion (ex: secular humanism) and I know that I've probably sated that impulse within myself through politics and theory. I don't begrudge women for being drawn to religion (especially since many are put off by mainstream, misogynistic religions), I just dislike when women get really defensive of it and insist it's actually super feminist and owning the patriarchy to believe the stars give them divine insight into other people's personalities. That's part of why it's so easy for tradthots to co-opt concepts like the divine feminine, there's nothing inherently feminist about it.

No. 1919364

>masturbating would undo asexuality
But it would? How can someone be asexual yet do an act that indicates sexual arousal

No. 1919365

On one hand, I did mean literally alone, like without any pornography or person focus. At the same time it also depends on what they’re stimulated by. Lesbians like yaoi for example but aren’t attracted to men, so an asexual might have concepts that they like but aren’t attracted to the performers.

No. 1919368

I am the one anon is disagreeing with but what she means is probably masturbation for the sake of the physical act itself. I would argue that a latent sexual orientation still exists in this case even if it's not being expressed.

No. 1919373

They still have sensitive gentials. I’ve always understood asexuality as a form of “orientation” to mean not being sexually attracted to men or women. Looking at a person’s body wouldn’t arouse you but nobody needs that to orgasm.

No. 1919382

Yes but it isn’t orientation based

No. 1919529

Forced chivalry, although I guess apart from holding doors there aren't many nonforced ones. Men my age (25-30) still got lectured hard on being chivalrous, and it leads to the most awkward encounters ever. Them randomly initiating contact to help me with something or telling me to switch places with them on the sidewalk are always incredibly uncomfortable interactions to turn down, because they never just let it go. Not to mention first dates, men fucking chimp out if you don't let them perform their pre-planned motions here. Thank you, dude for running around the table almost tripping me up and yanking the chair's back out of my hand so you can gesture at it for me to sit on it. It isn't earning you "sex points" you absolute retard

No. 1919677

>asexuality actually makes sense!!
>Lesbians like watching yaoi and men fuck!!
I hate this LC timeline so much

No. 1919684

the "-sexual" suffix isn't about actual sexual arousal. when it comes to attraction, it means the biological sex of the people one likes. homosexual = same sex, heterosexual = other sex, bisexual = both sexes. If you're dating a person of the opposite sex without fucking it's still a heterosexual relationship.
the "asexual means not fucking " bullshit is frop tumblrtards and it's stupid.

No. 1919710

>the "asexual means not fucking " bullshit is frop tumblrtards and it's stupid.
I thought it's the other way round with them insisting you can totally be a 101% valid ace even if you fuck, and masturbate and have fetishes. Wonder why they never split up into "No attraction" and "Literally non-sexual".

No. 1919756

File: 1710114636792.jpg (70.56 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

I HATEEEE unprofessional business owners. Ones that can't take criticism and get offended at everything instead of just using it to improve their business. People who aren't necessarily businesses but offer services (e.g. hair stylists, artists) are also very guilty of this. If you cannot be professional, if you will talk shit and be rude, you do not need to be running a fucking business. It's also a symptom of being an antisocial, entitled retard. And it's always people who overcharge for their shit. Stuff like that completely ruins things for people who actually know how to run a business.

No. 1919847

I see soo many people act like this now, they are all convinced they have some sort of special service to offer and it just isn't true. They have the "look at me, dont look at me" mentality where they think they deserve to be famous for doing the absolute bare minimum cookie cutter bullshit and chimp the fuck out when people aren't tossing money at them for their mediocrity.

No. 1919868

I hate how the same people that were all about "Our prayers for Ukraine" and using the Ukraine flag in your names years ago, but now they're crying because 20 Days in Mariupol won while Palestine is still in war. You're a poser, not an activist at all.

No. 1920185

File: 1710136936739.jpeg (195.37 KB, 750x564, IMG_1298.jpeg)

I fucking hate drug addicts. They are filthy selfish disgusting assholes who deserve no sympathy. They chose to use something they most likely knew is dangerous and yet they do it anyway. The war on drugs and the cartels would be over if we put these sad fucks out of their misery. I can't afford a car in my beutiful sprawling city of Walmart and strip moll so i have to take the 3rd world buses and trains in the first world most richest country and bestest first worldest and equalest country called the U.S.!!! Its always full of poor drug addicts risking everyones helth by cookin fety, carlessly leaving biohazard litter everywhere and being agressive towards every gender equality and not at all targeting wuman during schizo episodes!
Retard speak aside idk why public transit is treated like a fucking joke here when it is amazing in places like Japan and is incredibly important and useful especially with the climate change and our general fucking of the environment. So why the fuck are drug addicts allowed to soil the already struggling and sparsh public transit we have.

No. 1920192

Who is this picrel?

Anyway, on the subject of business owners, I absolutely hate grifters using AI to churn out cheap garbage to slap onto T-shirts/other merch. It’s rampant in the POD industry and it all looks like shit. I blame Tim Ferris and his jerkoff contemporaries for encouraging exploitation and corner-cutting as the foundation of any “passive income stream.”

No. 1920304

>having adhd/tism/depression/anxiety (the acceptable mental illnesses)
This is especially wild to me because if they actually had them, they'd know they're not considered actually acceptable. If anything they're making it more difficult for those that actually have it because if you'd believe self-diagnosed teens, they can just mask their autism/adhd as long as they'd like. Meltdowns? only when it's convenient. But they'll never be a grown ass adult desperately removing themselves from a situation asap because they're about to cry on the job from being overstimulated.

No. 1920370

File: 1710154345456.jpg (70.02 KB, 1024x1280, oogolkuetqyb1.jpg)

I seriously cant stand vtubers and their fake squeaky voices and their fans are the most cringy lowlife parasocial tards on the internet. Also I think of how /jp/ got ruined by peopled spamming vtuber shit and it was never the same after that. Fuck it makes me mad genuinely

No. 1920407

/jp/ was always shit

No. 1920408

What do you expect, it’s just Current Thing changing.

No. 1920422

unalive is hands down the most frustratingly uncreative euphemism for suicide ive ever come across. there are many far more creative (and respectful) ones out there, yet this is what zoomers come up with? proof they don't read and are too literal like a fucking autist. say that shit irl and it sounds retarded as all fuck

No. 1920434

I unironically like the word unalive, it's hilarious to me. Also fun that it was redtexted recently. Has delulu been redtexted yet? I will find out as I'm posting this.

No. 1920455

it's retarded. i realize it originated as a way to bypass filters but i see it frequently used in online spaces where the word "suicide" is allowed. i'm tired of infantilized adults taking serious subjects and giving them cutesy names. somebody who jumps in front of a train or shoots themselves in the head isn't "unaliving" themselves, they are ending their lives and creating trauma for anyone impacted by their deaths.

No. 1920466

I would never use it towards a serious subject but I like using it towards myself. Example: I want to unalive. Or in a funny context. Example: Gross scrotes should unalive.

No. 1920485

Specially with a conflict like Palestine/Israel. It begun even way before than many of us were born, it is still going to be until there's a real change from Israel or Palestine. And no, nuking the "colonizers" or "Israeli civilians" or stop drinking coffee known for their horrid treatment to their workers is not the real change.

No. 1920491

When people bitch about capitalism while going shopping for useless knick knacks every week. It's usually the type of people who are obsessed with looks, don't work and haven't read more than one book in their lives too. You're not contrarian you're just a retard.

No. 1920492

using it jokingly is completely different than someone discussing suicide in a serious context and choosing to use such an infantile word. it's like someone saying that they're going to unalive themselves because a scrote spammed photos of nikocado avocado's asshole again and someone saying they're going to commit suicide because they're experiencing actual suffering.

No. 1920512

What I hate even more is retarded tiktokers coming here and using unalive instead of using a euphemism that's been used on imageboards for over a decade - commit sudoku, kek. I get that it's more humorous but unalive sounds just as retarded in a serious context when you don't have to censor yourself.

No. 1920612

I hate how easy it is for people to win over the support of TERFs, because a lot of radfems will approve of literally anyone as long as they speak against troons. I think this is a symptom of people feeling like trannies are the biggest issue for women (which is a subjective opinion of course). Like, while I hate them, I will not support someone who's pro-life just because they also hate troons.

No. 1920639

Same. I see this on here too sometimes even when the person they're calling "based" is a known misogynist and racist, just because they said one (1) thing against trannies (plus their reasons for hating troons are entirely different). One anon once called fucking NULL of all people "radfem"

No. 1920645

File: 1710173128974.jpg (566 KB, 1696x1360, uTRyZDucgYqSBi.jpg)

This has to be one of the most dystopian things I've read about.

>Julie Loving, 52, gave birth to her own granddaughter

>People were amazed at the power of medicine, touched by the strength of a mother's love, and overjoyed for Breanna Lockwood, who welcomed her daughter home after years of fertility struggles.

No. 1920647

you sound just like my mother, how old are you?

No. 1920649

Sorry anon, I thought I explained who the pic was but I guess I forgot.
That's Suzie from NailCareerEducation. She makes informative vids about doing nails and sells nail supplies. Another YouTuber reviewed a beginner kit she sells and had some valid criticisms (products don't do as advertised, slow drying, doesn't come with necessary tools). Suzie saw the review abd called her unprofessional and inexperienced, and said that the results she got was because she didn't buy a product that was not yet available at the time. Pretty sure that everything Suzie said has been deleted now cause this was years ago, but I've disliked her ever since.

No. 1920663

I hate Tiktok dances, people having some dumbass opinions while performing the most retarded dance moves known to the history of humankind.

No. 1920665

>is 51
>her daughter struggled with infertility for years
Immediately judging, you just know she had her daughter young and her daughter too was barely an adult yet already panicking about becoming preggers. I will never understand this. And I'm so glad that in my country all this artificial pregnancy shit is forbidden.

It's weird how the US is very religious too, yet somehow with completely different standards and morals. You not becoming pregnant might just be a sign of god…

No. 1920666

I hate that there aren't enough gender critical people on the internet that don't fall in conservativism/prolife and antidivorce shit. Everytime I think that I found a nice woman talking about gendie shit, 80% of the time she slips into some weird conservative shit, claiming to be a "free thinker" meanwhile being under men's control and totally depending from their choices. Bleak.

No. 1920667

The fact that threads about only discussing trannies are allowed on both ot and snow (and the hidden board) meanwhile its been years now and the mods wont bring back the pinkpill threads in ot. Its really telling how this is becoming a tradthot site

No. 1920669

we have them on the hidden board.

No. 1920674

How would you feel if we moved all the tranny threads on the hidden board that has 2 posters a month maximum?

No. 1920685

I really hate the impact tiktok has had on dancing. retards are more worried about fitting into a goddamn rectangle than actually dancing nowadays.

No. 1920738

I hate the fact that humans are omnivores instead of herbivores. I feel awful eating any kind of animal product knowing the dystopian conditions they were raised in but i dont have the means to go vegan without getting sick. Im pescatarian but still ecosystems had to be tampered with to catch my sardines and the chickens that lay my eggs were bred to basically give birth everyday. I imagine humans(especially men) would be more empathetic if we were herbivores because we wouldn't have that killer instinct.

No. 1920741

I thought it was hidden to protect it from moids?

No. 1920763

The pinkpill threads are allowed now though right? No one just made a new thread

No. 1920777

Would we have to wait until the one in the hidden board has max posts? Because I think a pinkpill thread in /ot/ would be a nice addition.

No. 1920803

File: 1710182002806.jpg (280.79 KB, 720x1274, IMG_20240311_212746.jpg)

State sanctioned rape exists so women in prison will put on more makeup. Read this shit. "Groomed and obedient." They give special treatment to agp navy seals in men's prisons but women are housed with MALE GUARDS who get to decide whether they eat today or not. Holy shit. State sanctioned rape for buying a little weed. The guys with long hair get private security and women get state sanctioned rape. Institutionalised rape. I'm going punch the wall

No. 1920828

It's a constant everlooming cancer in radfem circles, people believe in all sorts of woo woo goddess nonsense and denounce factual science for it. It's true that medical fields have been proven to have misogynistic tendencies like ignoring female-specific side effects or the poor study of female-exclusive health issues in general but if you're shitting blood that rose quartz isn't going to heal you. Yes, it's safer to give birth in a goddamn hospital than on the floor of your bathroom. Science isn't some wholesale patriarchal construct that forces you into following wiccan bullshit as an alternative instead of being reasonably critical but still believigng facts, the nature healing belief is breeding grounds for swindlers with their snake oil reserve.

No. 1920830

I hate it too. I cannot get behind this. I know some women hate medical science, but death by childbirth is almost non existent thanks to it. I cannot take a woman who calls herself wiccan and believes in magic crystals seriously. It makes me embarrassed. Women in stem, especial medicine need to be more of a thing for us to get over this hurdle.

No. 1920846

This is so insane. Men get to be basically at summer camp in prison and women just get subjected to even more SA. I want men to kill themselves en masse.

No. 1920887

>Yes, it's safer to give birth in a goddamn hospital than on the floor of your bathroom.
I always figured this was pushed by super controlling, delusional women. The same with people who won't take their kids to the doctor or dentist when they obviously need it. Just the thought of the doctor being in control of the situation is too much of a narcissistic injury.

No. 1920902

I'm sick of youtubers using the word controversial. They are often lying just for clickbait, since they use it every video. Just shut up

No. 1920996

I genuinely don't mind people who only do tarot readings and birth charts for fun, as many women in my country do. I also side-eye moids who get irrationally upset over crystals and astrology but believe in MBTI and sigma male rhetoric. But there's a line to be drawn, and some women are so terminally online that they start sounding like unmedicated schizophrenics with their Wicca/divine femininity/twin flame theories.

Semi related but I hate it when crazy women use feminism to excuse their harmful weirdo beliefs like unironic witchcraft, antivaxx crunchy tradwife shilling, ewhoring, knowingly sleeping with married men, etc.
I've had experiences with older male and even female doctors being pretty blatantly dismissive and annoyed that I'm coming to them with my health issues, as if it's my fault they have to do their job, so I get those who hate doctors for that reason. But the solution to that is not to be an essential oil luddite endangering yourself and your dependents, it's being loud, persistent and changing doctors until you get treated. I'll automatically assume anyone who turns to naturopathic woo woo instead is a retard who never learned basic survival skills.

No. 1921020

I just liked talking about touhou on there

No. 1921363

I really really hate youtube content farms that do gross trypophobia based shit. Some of there shit will always appear when I'm looking for normal hairstyling, or beauty tip videos! Fucking put a warning! Or censor it! God I saw the worst thing ever today, it makes me want to scratch my skin off and I keep seeing it when I close my eyes!

No. 1921559

File: 1710230535719.jpg (34.41 KB, 375x560, 1000003343.jpg)

I hate this man like I hate him. I don't even know much about him. I just hate him.

No. 1921626

>would be more empathetic if we were herbivores because we wouldn't have that killer instinct.
Not really, a lot of herbivore male animals are aggressive and often hurt female and child animals. That’s the Y chromosome for you.

No. 1921684

People who move to another country and don’t want to integrate at all. There was a Reddit post where an American woman moved to Germany and decided she was going to not put any rugs on her wood floor and slap her big, fat American feet on them constantly. Neighbors under her asked if she could at least wear slippers, and she said no, this is my apartment. Bitch, Germans can and will call the police on you for being a loud neighbor. And I’ve had enough American upstairs neighbors to know that they are generally very heavy steppers who wear shoes inside (ew). I would barely ever hear my East Asian neighbors, but Americans will blast music all day and night and act like you’re violating their constitutional rights when you ask them to turn it down

No. 1921686

File: 1710244293395.mp4 (2.79 MB, 854x356, lkUA1nV.mp4)

I don't know if there's a term for this, but I hate how in movies they'll cast these frail, delicate women to perform these extravagant "kung-fu" sequences that only serve to show off their bodies

No. 1921700

Depop and other websites where people sell their items are so overpriced as people sell their jfashion without even tagging what brand it is. I still import rather than buy from scalpers, but it's gross to see the inflation.

No. 1921703

yeah the femme fatale trope is retarded. I do like kill bill though.

No. 1921721

i think it's what tvtropes calls "waif fu"

No. 1921731

I'm more annoyed by her loose hair going into her face rather than the retarded fighting moves tbh.

No. 1921733

there were 17 butt shots in this 24 second clip.

No. 1921860

File: 1710254716798.jpeg (212.58 KB, 1170x656, IMG_0050.jpeg)

This type of tumblr post. Where’s the funny? It’s even worse when all the people I follow reblog the same unfunny post

No. 1921861

I laughed.

No. 1921865

I find it funny. Maybe that's because I've only seen this sort of post once, but can't any joke become unfunny once it's repeated often enough?

No. 1921877

File: 1710256087740.jpg (414.53 KB, 1466x1610, 1000004366.jpg)

I hate the story Wuthering Heights so damn much it's unreasonable because i know its objectivly a well written story. It really started when a webtoon had a character from our world recommend it as a love story to a character from a medival fantasy world. I had to drop the webtoon right there because and the more I thought about it the more I came to realize how much I disliked it. It's really annoying now because there's a big trend where a bunch of webtoon adaptations are based on novels inspired heavily by Wuthering Heights.
Im just looking for a new webtoon between a noble lady and servant like "The Lady's Butler" but they just keep coming out with "Wuthering Heights but Heathcliff is from a secret noble liniage that he takes back and Catherine gets raped by her abusive husband" and those changes just add onto the shit pile, I don't care that they have """happily ever after""" endings the author gaslights you into thinking it's a good thing these two got together after all that shit at least Emily Brotnë stuck to the ending that made sense

No. 1921895

Kek I laughed at the asmr slime youtube part

No. 1922000

File: 1710263409802.jpg (101.18 KB, 900x506, rhea.jpg)

No, seriously. I wish they'd cast ripped sexy woman for once. I want to see more buff tall chicks in movies. the little old pedowood directors could never handle anything besides hiring ogre faced men and sexy cute same face petite women, I literally thought Scarlet Witch and Black Widow were the same damn person…

No. 1922003

I like some of his songs, but i've seen people call him hot and it's like… he looks old.

No. 1922013

I don't like people who make ass pussy ass pussy nigga take yo man music

No. 1922017

File: 1710263927190.jpg (6.7 KB, 224x225, 1000009689.jpg)

I fucking hate how hypocritical men and incels are. They constantly complain about "whores" and how ruined modern women are but if they encounter an actually genuine and sweet woman that is not overly sexualized they destroy her life. I loved Agatha and it's the kind of content I'd like to watch from women. They made her quit the internet with their harassment. For me a girl that makes content like Agatha does is relatable.

No. 1922026

I loved Wuthering Heights but it's not even about romance in my opinion. I liked listening to the audiobook because it was like hearing crazy gossip but I wasn't rooting for anyone because all of them are kind of unbearable kek it's weird that webtoon authors try to make a good ending happen between them anyway. They probably just don't know any other media from that era that they can reference

No. 1922030

My older brother is really fond of watching old martial arts movies. Even in those cheesy flicks, the female characters could kick ass and were decently buff as well. If 1980's Asia could have this, why can't current Hollywood?

No. 1922043

How do you get all this from one song thats like 3 minutes long??

No. 1922045

I think Megan is cute but her music is not good kek

No. 1922050

because being buff and kick ass is a exclusively male thing that's why only trannies and tranny adjacent "females" can do it, even if they are wimpy and scrawny as fuck

No. 1922071

It's really funny that I actually enjoy that song

No. 1922074

Being a buff chick was somewhat popular in the 80s.

No. 1922089

reminds me of Ganer kek

No. 1922100

Megan is soooooo cute and I love her but I can't stand listening to too much hot girl music. Maybe I'm not Stacy enough… I'm sorry

No. 1922229

I can't stand songs romanticizing toxic relationships. I get it that singing about wanting to be abused doesn't necessarily mean a singer thinks it's objectively a good thing. And people truly are drawn to toxic shit sometimes, so of course someone can write a song about it. It's annoying to me when a song has this tone like it's actually an exhilarating experience? I can easily imagine some people listening to it because it makes them feel validated somehow. I remember my school friend listening to that Eminem ft. Rihanna song when she was in a shitty relationship and didn't even think about breaking up, like "yeah….it's literally us….maybe we're both psychos…dunno what to do…guess just gonna stay with the dickhead and imagine we're like those two sexy people from the music video even tho he's scrawny and has bacne". Another example is Lovefool by The Cardigans, it's probably purposefully this silly and lighthearted but it sounds so pathetic to me it pisses me off lol. At the same time, I love Garbage and they do have some masochistic lyrics like #1 Crush (although it sounds rather ominous and ill), Use Me or I Think I'm Paranoid (I don't know how to justify these two haha - but SUBJECTIVELY they don't feel "validating" or "encouraging") and I probably listen to something similar by other bands as well, just can't remember right now, and I obviously perceive them in a different way so I don't even know what I'm trying to say here KEK, well at least some songs like that I absolutely despise and it's all based on subjective feelings.

No. 1922256

File: 1710276691316.jpg (41.37 KB, 450x373, warner-ward.jpg)

this was one of the first results when I searched for it.

No. 1922305


She’s cute!! What’s the story here

No. 1922313

File: 1710281668188.jpg (4.02 KB, 225x225, 111.jpg)

you forgot the most infamous example

No. 1922316

I hate when my cat meows to come into my room but then when she comes in she meows to leave

No. 1922331

I don’t understand the whole culture around ‘aftercare’ and how zoomers are like “IT’S A REQUIREMENT AFTER SEX!” first of all when did bdsm lingo become so mainstream? To my knowledge it’s just helping people clean up/tending to their wounds after a bdsm ‘scene’ but now I see people using it for just sex in general referring to cuddling/reassurance/cleaning them or whatever because they ‘feel used’ otherwise? This applies even with hookups and casual sex which is really weird to me, just because some scrote cuddled you doesn’t negate the fact that you were used by him. If I were the type of person who had casual sex I’d think it was just stupid and phony to get that from someone who clearly doesn’t love or respect you. Why even have sex if you feel terrible afterwards? Why expect this fake emotional support if it’s only being performed out of obligation?

No. 1922338

It's also because of how widespread pornography has become with the advent of internet. Before only perverts and sex pests would access porno in magazines, specific theatres, or movie rentals, but now everyone and anyone can view it online. A lot of younger people don't have any idea what sex is supposed to look like or feel like outside of the extremely retarded and unreal depictions presented in porno. The porn never shows the cuddling afterwards, so zoomers assume it's not normal to do and feel the need to call it "aftercare" because they're also poisoned by hardcore BDSM. It's sad all around.

No. 1922344

I miss her, she was so sweet and genuine. we didn't deserve her.

No. 1922353

Ayrt and it’s honestly not that bad, I was just in a crappy mood yesterday and kept seeing it on my dash and it annoyed me for some reason

No. 1922356

File: 1710283192917.jpg (159.03 KB, 1078x1576, 384cb87c475cad494ab0ca78de9b37…)

it's because moids will not do the bare minimum of pretending to care unless you shame them into it, even if you're dating/married. I'd argue this is even a pre-internet thing- I've seen jokes about the man rolling over and falling asleep 5 seconds after he nuts in old tv shows. As for the casual sex "aftercare" idk maybe they're just really dumb

No. 1922375

She made vlogs, mukbangs, asmr, covers of songs, and other mundane videos on youtube. Really tame and unoffensive, wasn't seeking the attention of channers whatsoever and was admittedly a lesbian. Yet she attracted /r9k/ faggots and they fixated on how innocent, young, and quirky she was. She became such a big deal that there was a board named after her on an altchan dedicated to stalking her and similar girls. She's removed most of her internet presence at this point to avoid the attention, but you can still find archives of her videos.

No. 1922392

I thought Atomic Blonde was pretty good at a realistic take on this. She doesn't overpower guys with spinning kicks. Charlize Theron fights smart. She takes off her heels when she enters a dodgy place and uses them to stab bad guys. She hides behind doorways with her gun pointed at the entrance. In a later fight scene she has to fight super dirty to get the win against assassins. She's literally grabbing everything she can so smash over the guy's heads.
It's unpleasant but I prefer that over fanservice flips.

No. 1922430

Anons who think only one person on the entire site can possibly dislike something they like.

No. 1922431

This is one that makes me roll my eyes too. What do you mean you can recognize every anon that has ever disagreed with you? I know LC isn't that big but damn some anons act like it's not an anonymous imageboard

No. 1922449

It's because they are newfags and mostly really young. Their exposure to imageboards have been almost entirely through screenshots and spoonfeeding, they think everything revolves around them (not zoomers fault, they're a product of their environment or lack thereof), and they constantly try to pin identities to literally everything, claiming they can "see" typing style when outside of the retarded outliers the typing style had always been fairly uniform.

No. 1922488

I hate it when people seethe about people complaining about children being erratic in public. I'm sorry, but it's absolutely not normal for your children to be hyper and running around in public. It's dangerous and they can hurt themselves. I've witnessed this irl and the paramedics had be called because a child bashed their head into a display. Not only is it annoying to everyone else, even to other children who are normal and civilised, it's a sign of shit parenting and that you really don't give a fuck about their well being. Idgaf if you are a single mother, it's not an excuse. They can have fun at home, they don't need to be hyper active 24/7.

No. 1922489

It's funny to me that some anons clearly think there is a certain set of views, tastes and values that's generally accepted here, so everyone's expected to share it and those who don't should be ostracized from here, it's so unrealistic and juvenile

No. 1922500

You'd be correct if the women being ostracized werebt turbo autists and hyperhorny exiles

No. 1922516

They're easy meme fuel, but those backpack leashes are genuinely helpful and I wish they'd catch on. And tbf parents need to set boundaries with their kids because if they don't learn basic public decency when they're young, they'll grow up to be annoying tiktok teens who record themselves pranking people in public spaces.

No. 1922538

I get it if it's stuff like running around and having no home training, but tbh when I see children having a tantrum I just feel bad for the parents. They're probably very irritated too. Although, I do believe that if your kid is having a tantrum, it's best to take them outside until they act properly.

No. 1922567

Same, parents act like it's sacrilege for them to be subject to any criticism regarding their parenting or children even when it's irritating to others around them. Like those parents that let their kids run around in restaurants or throw tantrums in stores, get those kids under control damn kek. Some really just don't give a fuck though, if anyone says anything they'll go ballistic because how dare you tell little Timmy he can't wreck a store display

No. 1922622

We seem to have had an influx of anons that are extremely emotionally fragile (more so than usual) and they just cannot handle any kind of disagreement, even very mild ones about topics that don’t matter. They’re not actually interested in discussion, they just want to be ‘right’. It’s honestly embarrassing, and it makes me think that they are underage.

No. 1922626

I'm so sick of it. Turning everything into tumblr 2.0 and trying to tone police everything

No. 1923074

i get so annoyed when women who are 5 minutes pregnant run around clutching their bellies. like fuck off. you do not have a mass of like 20 lbs sitting right in front of your ribs and on top of your bladder.

No. 1923103

I hate men with tatoos and beards, they look like used up whores. I hate that its accepted now and that every single famous scrote has tattoos and an ugly beard.

No. 1923106

my dad is a used up whore and has a whole body covered in tattoos. not an ounce of dignity

No. 1923107

gross i hope your mom dumps him. I dont understand why moids pay to look like homeless men that suck cock for crack.

No. 1923110

he cheated on my mom after she raised 5 of his kids, 4 of them not even hers. hes a pig kek

No. 1923123

My dad is a biker and has a lot of tattoos and he’s a disgusting predatory loser. He’s mistreated every woman he’s ever dated and preys on women in their 20s, and he used to exclusively date drug addicts with personality disorders who he would let psychologically torture me

No. 1923215

I hate the self policing and uwuing in normie women's spaces. It's always "I don't like X thing but if you do, that's awesome!!! Do you boo!!" or it's always giving disclaimers and caveats to their opinions. Like especially in what normies call "snark" spaces. They always cry about misgendering or what they perceive to be slurs when it's just banter and light edge. I saw something earlier talking about someone in a community I'm in being a massive cow who's art legit sucks and it was all prefaced with "um it's wrong to make fun of people's art and I don't condone it but…" I just want off this ride. I love vitriolic women sperging to their hearts content but we are so lost in the female socialization sauce

No. 1923266

I hate soulless objects being sold as "kawaii" and absurdly pricey. As well as how plain and boring illustrations found in notebook covers, pencil cases, rulers and so on are.
I wanna see cute, chinese bootleg fun designs, and japanese cute items.
If I express this I'm only told I'm bitter. But there is no way I'm ever gonna find these things cute.

No. 1923426

Hard agree. My beef with beards is that they are just gross to look at from afar and if it my Nigel I don't want hair anywhere near my mouth and nose region.
With tattoos people always jump to attacking someone if they say they don't like them by claiming they must be conservative religious retards or something but no its because people who get tattoos are always the same kinds of unhealthy.
They waste money on a self harm procedure and are trying to tell some message to strangers in eyesight that didn't fucking ask.
It's always "I like this thing" wether it's metal bands, naked ladies, or video games. Or they use the fake excuse "I got this one for my dead relative/pet" no you got it for yourself to feel quirky because you're too lazy to have and actual keepsake and maintaining it takes time and effort that scarring yourself doesn't

No. 1923440

File: 1710352500618.png (624.79 KB, 1080x993, VE9U1cC.png)

I fucking despise police abolitionists, Listen, I'm not naive, I and my friends have experienced harassment and catcalling from cops and my cousin was brutally beaten by cops who faced no punishment. I am well aware of the potential for abuse by cops. but unless a society has strong foundations we absolutely need cops. Living in a failed show let you know exactly what it's like without them, mass lawlessness, crime, looting, rape, and murder. I went through this experience as a teenager, with our house barricaded house, huddled up with my family, constantly fearing for my family's safety.

No. 1923450

A beard means "dont fuck me, I'm a raggedy used up whore." It means my body is too sensitive against DHT and I'm going bald. They're literally pubes growing out of his face where saliva and leftover food marinate inbetween showers which is at least 2 weeks for a man. It's a biohazard. Don't bother doing "skincare" when your man can give you rashes with a single kiss.
A male should be hiding his five o' clock shadow with foundation and getting electrolysis. Beards are a source of shame and symbolise loss of youth. I instantly lose attraction to a male if I see him with beard growth. He hits the wall instantly. There's a reason fags call their girlfriends "beards" and it's not what you think. Many shitdicks will grow them so as to pass as straight. They literally symbolise hidden gay tendencies. It's the most repulsive thing up there along with being hiv+ and have a violent criminal background. I look past men with beards, they just blend in with the background. They're all 60 year old uggos to me regardless of actual age. 0 attraction. Zero. Negative, even. (I'm middle Eastern so I have to worry wondering whether they'll blow themselves up or not.)

No. 1923452

Police in my country rape women protesting domestic violence lol

No. 1923468

Retards who are like "I don't care if I see humans getting hurt or killed in film or media but if an animal or dog is hurt it's too sad for me and I can't do it wah wah", weirdest shit in the world. Real 3edgy5u retardism that just makes them look like a freak instead of a cool, stoic badass. Just stay the fuck away from me.

No. 1923484

I wish more scrotes had just a mustache. No beard or other facial hair. Just a stache.

No. 1923485

This is such a trend rn though (and I hate it)

No. 1923488

Seems to only be trending for zoomers, and they look stupid with mustaches. They look stupid to me regardless. So I don’t mean zoomers kek.

No. 1923491

It's weird enough when just limited to media, but I know a nurse practitioner in her 60s still working and she has said to people at least a few times (months apart, the times she said it directly to me) that she doesn't give a shit about humans suffering but only cares about animals. She has pets but my main questions are 1. who asked 2. why are you in this line of work still??

No. 1923492

That's horrible. What country are you from?

No. 1923499

Animal lovers/greens are often just people too retarded to emotionally connect to people.

No. 1923509

These are the same shit bags who say they're totally fine letting a child die but " nooo the poor puppy. I would rather let a human being die." Or they're say "humans are the worst. I'd rather trust only animals" then when I bring up they should go live in the foresr then they are quiet

No. 1923523

I hate how some people are all "omgg no one talks to anyone anymore!! no one wants to smile at me or talk to me when we're at a bus stop!!!" No one owes you their fucking time or energy. I genuinely couldn't give less of a shit about whatever you have to say because you're a complete stranger and it's obvious you're using me as your little socialization crutch until you can get your next fix. Literally no one wants to randomly make friends or small talk with some extroverted chatty creep at a fucking bus stop. They just want to catch the bus. No I'm not smiling back at you just because you smiled at me. I don't care. No I'm not looking up from my phone to talk to you, nothing you have to say matters to me at all. Nothing I say to you will matter either. No I'm not going to coo and caw at your retarded dog or baby that you're obviously trying to get me to look at or whatever because you're desperate for human contact. Just shut the fuck up in public and realize that nobody wants to fucking talk to you if you're a complete stranger, Jesus fucking Christ. Go get a damn therapist to talk to if you're that desperate to talk to someone

No. 1923524

You should consider living in Scandinavia or Seattle. Definitely avoid the American south.

No. 1923680

It's the same shit as "praise kink." Wtf is that supposed to mean? You get off to someone praising you in sex? That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. I hate BSDM and all the people who pretend to practice it even more.

No. 1924196

I hate when you try and show people the obvious truth but they act totally oblivious because deep down they dont ever want to see it.

No. 1924415

One time an older guy said hello at the bus stop and I didn't acknowledge him, he doubled by asking why I didn't answer, I just looked at him blankly and it obviously pissed him off. He was probably a creep, literally nobody greets strangers at bus stop, not even bored old ladies, and I was alone.

No. 1924640

File: 1710419893179.png (905.85 KB, 1200x675, police-graphic-Yellows-1.png)

cops are misogynistic rapists all across the globe. they terrorize civilian women and treat female officers like they are property to be shared among the other moids in the department. it is no coincidence that cops are notorious for beating their wives. law enforcement may serve a purpose but it's been my experience that cops are useless, impulsive, violent, reactionary, and overwhelmingly retarded.

No. 1924649

File: 1710420252817.jpg (267.8 KB, 1006x633, cops.jpg)

next time you see a moid with a badge remember there is a significant chance he has sexually assaulted a woman before and would think nothing of doing it to you
>Mendez, the officer who filmed her, was allowed to resign instead of getting fired. Although he pleaded guilty last August to invasive visual recording, a state jail felony, he will be allowed to apply for judicial clemency. If granted, clemency could allow him to expunge his record and return to law enforcement.

No. 1924859

I hate when I'm reading a romance story and either character is so unlikable that instead of guessing who will fall in love first I'd rather hope either just fall off a cliff instead of in love

No. 1924861

i agree, vaccination was a grave mistake.

No. 1924865

Based ACAB anon. Fuck cops, specially male ones.

No. 1924873

>fuck cops
don't mind if i do.

No. 1924881

File: 1710430886844.jpeg (276.1 KB, 1364x1346, IMG_2924.jpeg)

No. 1924892

She was sexually exploited.

No. 1924906

this woman did not have consensual sex with those officers. she was raped and subjected to further humiliation when her ordeal was made a joke throughout the media.

No. 1924912

Kek bitch didn’t do her research and trusted what moids were saying about the exploited woman. Embarrassing.

No. 1925118

People shit on zoomers but I've always hated teens, even when I was one of them. And I know my older brother's and mom's classmates were awful too, so I would hate them in the 90s and 80s as well. Teenagers are fucking obnoxious.

No. 1925121

a lot of zoomers are in their 20s though, no?

No. 1925151

Older zoomers - yes, the youngest are 12 or 13 now

No. 1925160

Agreed, the issue is when teens refuse to grow into adults and demand to be classed as minors at age 25

No. 1925175

This type is very easy to avoid if you stay out of gendie fandom spaces though

No. 1925229

I don't think that's really a thing outside of online spaces though. I mean I hang out with the oldest zoomers and have never heard of it irl.

No. 1925406

File: 1710460723260.jpg (667.81 KB, 1080x2738, Screenshot_20240315_014644_Chr…)

I hate kiwis and their retarded fucking forum lingo so much. Instead of simply saying "her and her husband" and leaving it at that they must drag it out for the next three fucking paragraphs and cram as many le quirky puns in there. Shut the fuck up your "clever word play" is not funny, we get it she's a fat fucking landwhale and her husband like scat play

No. 1925407

teens now a days are way more insufferable because of social media, especially tiktok, but i getcha. I hate teens too, they just feel worse because they record and post all their retardness online.

No. 1925408

They are pushing themselves into every fandom though. Even comic books are fucked because of all the pandering. Everything is being gay and race swapped now.

No. 1925411

I have a mutual friend with my college buddy who married and cop and now neither of us see her much. It's sad, but it's true what they say that you can lose a friendship over a bad marriage. I just dont trust or like her the way I used to. Even worse, she has a son with him now.

No. 1925593

KF users are worse than fucking redditors when it comes to shitty jokes and blogposting everywhere, it's why KF threads are all 300 pages long with milk hidden between all the weirdos sperging for updoots. I used to read chantal's thread too, but some of the regular users feel the need to post paragraphs for every non-milk thought that goes through their heads. Now I just check the highlights sometimes but they even highlight their autistic paragraphs kek

No. 1925609

the fact that in media there is almost 0 representation of couples where the woman is a tomboy/gnc and the man is more effeminate/also gnc, why is this so taboo unless they both claim trans identities (and even then in most t4t straight couples they are both usually completely gender-conforming in their behavior)?

No. 1925644

Social media in general made everyone so damn insufferable. You have the teens that stalk people over dumb shit, the podcast bros who feel the need to insert their insane views on women any chance they get even when it's not relevant to whatever is being discussed, the pearl pickmes, the fear mongerers on both ends of the spectrum for food and medicine, its impossible to even live your life without a million people tell you you're doing it wrong. You got pets? Unless you have 6 different mansions and professionally made meals you're abusing them, regardless of how you raise your kids there will be someone who thinks you're abusing them, if you're in a relationship regardless of what you do people will tell you you're abusing them or doing it wrong. Diet fear mongering, flipping out about how people spend their money and effort even when it doesn't even effect them negatively, etc

Although the only thing I'm glad about is how many women are turning on men and less afraid of being single because of social media. Even if it's niche it's nice to see moids be called out

No. 1925677

File: 1710475316262.gif (111.87 KB, 640x440, IMG_2931.gif)


No. 1925713

Why do we need more fags (effeminate men)on TV? Can we get gnc woman with a normal straight dude? I feel like there is no gnc representation for straight or gay women, while men get all flavors of the sherbet.
I want two gnc women together for once. or heaven forbid gnc woman with a femme womsn

No. 1925720

you're right but i still like twinks sorry

No. 1925744

I dont think any of you actually know what twinks are.

No. 1925754

same, I pretty much just like pretty, well-groomed men. don't know why some anons cape so hard for average dudes.

No. 1925781

>with a normal straight dude?
Why do you need this? I thought you were speaking about lack of representation?

No. 1925788

maybe not "effeminate" but I would like to see a GNC woman and an attractive well put together be a couple.

No. 1925791

normal straight dude are ugly

No. 1925798

All those words and none of them are remotely funny. KF is the worst of reddit and 4 chan.

No. 1925817

File: 1710488883025.jpg (34.68 KB, 381x367, 565486715656.jpg)

Bitchy and rude comments you or any woman gets for wearing makeup in any capacity from all sides, any political spectrum men or women. You wear makeup, did you wear lipstick? Well to some men you're a fake vapid plastic whore trying to trick men into giving you attention so anything you say is invalid and to some women you're a vapid dicksschluping pickme trying to put down all women for male validation so anything you say is also invalid. I hate that you can't win.

No. 1925837

Those aren't two diametric sides both that you described are misogyny just male misogyny and pickme misogyny. Seriously, anon

>dicksschluping pickme trying to put down all women for male validation

Wth lol, disgusting. You can criticise >>1907336
makeup for it's obvious problems without being a misognistic monster. There's plenty of posts up thread about this.

No. 1925847

I genuinely don't give a shit about makeup like wear it great don't wear it great. I can't imagine caring/thinking this much about it, from either perspective. t. non makeup wearer autist

No. 1925863

People who sniffle in public instead of blowing their nose. I know in some culture it's frowned upon, but it's goddamn fucking gross.

No. 1925869

Yess, I was in class the other day and this guy couldn't stop doing that so I offered him a tissue and he was absolutely surprised like: "Why do you offer me a tissue??" and refused my offer. So gross. Now two girls are doing it as well and it's so disgusting and distracting.

No. 1925901

When you offer a smelly guy a stick of gum and he says no im good

No. 1925904

I hate people who comment whenever I eat something "I wish I had the metabolism to eat that much and still be skinny." All because I do something like eat one slice of cake at a birthday party. I absolutely do not have magic metabolism you just don't see how I eat on a daily basis.

No. 1925910

Do people really care this much offline? Most women wear some makeup to work, or just outside etc. I've only seen this shit among extreme autists online, who nobody should care about.>

No. 1925916

I think people are just trying to make conversation or are complimenting you and although what they're saying is weird and retarded they don't know that, either they're genuinely envious and believe their weight is rooted solely in metabolism (so blissfully delusional) or they've just heard this convo repeated a thousand and one times throughout their life so they are robotically mimicking it back to you. Gotta let them think the only difference between the two of you is your superhuman metabolism and not self control.

No. 1925937

>"I wish I had the metabolism to eat that much and still be skinny."
Heh it actually sounds way nicer than what people (women) obsessed with their weight usually have to say. But yeah, it's still annoying.

No. 1925942

many people truly do not understand how weight loss or gain works and believe that anyone who is thin (or even just within a healthy weight range) never eats anything that isn't considered health food so they're surprised when they see a slim person enjoying dessert. i don't think that particular type of person intends to come across as rude, but then you have people like virgie tovar who made an entire video fuming over someone that offended her by daring to ask that she cut them a smaller slice of cake.

No. 1925947

Listen, I understand that cops are cops, and they're going to attract violent meatheads. but they are necessary. Have you ever lived through a city where gangs were running things? If you haven't you can't judge what it's like. The murders and rapes that were happening en masse, we needed cops. It's the same thing with the Islamists when they chimpout, you need cops to beat them like dogs. But they do the same to the socialists as well, including my uncle who was arrested, beaten and starved for months, left permanently brain-dead and crippled. Despite all the tragedy my family went through because of them I still know we need them, I'm not advocating for cops for an actual civil society, but when a society is at a shithole state in need of strong law enforcement (for a period at least)

No. 1925997

I hate being around morbidly obese people. Especially eating around morbidly obese people. Sometimes the regular fatties can be annoying but it's much less annoying to have someone capable of pretty much full free articulated movement saying "wow you eat so little!!" Than it is to have someone that has to muster the physical strength to get up from the couch, and has to shuffle around to get anywhere say that you're eating too little. Like bitch what the fuck would you know about "eating too little"? I eat enough to satisfy myself and I'm not starving. And a lot of times the morbidly obese will overfeed their animals (IE, abuse) and think it's teehee so cute they're just big boned like me!! Doctor says I'm not immediately dying of a heart attack so I'm HEALTHY!!!! Not even going to mention if they have children, that shit is so sad. Like it's so insane that a child could be unhealthy and overweight simply because their parental guardians never attended a health class or care to heal their mental illness. Like holy fuck is that sad and repulsive.

No. 1925998

I mean look at chaz/chad if you think we don’t need cops.

No. 1926013

Not a fan of cops because they're useless in my country, but you guys sounds so juvenile talking about fucking "ACAB", kek for real? I seriously wonder what is you guys alternative to police, the average person doesn't have to tools nor mindset to deal with criminals on the regular

No. 1926015

There’s a reason why anarchoautists want to get rid of punishment for rape in favor of “restorative justice”.

No. 1926016

In America cops shoot holes through innocent people if they hear an acorn falling. There is a problem.

No. 1926020

I know that, I was pointing out how to some women and men wearing makeup or saying you wearing makeup always is a cause for some weirdly bitchy comment and that it is annoying to hear, especially from women, online. The dicksschlupping pickme part was a bit of an exaggeration for comedic purposes but I have seen posts both on here and off sites that fall in line with that as if wearing makeup is a grand sin for women to do and they are traitors for doing so, now I'm not saying you can't ever criticize the issues regarding makeup, its culture, its industry, or the social dynamics surrounding it because those issues absolutely do exist and you'd be a fool not to see those problems and an even bigger fool to be unable to discuss these issues in a civil manner.
I should've added the word online, I was mainly talking about the online reception of makeup

No. 1926021

Remember how in 2016-2019 all men had to do to get brand deals and attention was do shitty heavy cut crease makeup with falsies and spackle foundation with highlighter? Hate everything about that, truly a dark time in history. Proving time and time again that men will always be rewarded for mediocrity.