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File: 1706979119830.jpg (189.96 KB, 749x787, 1637698449117.jpg)

No. 1876136

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1867763

No. 1876138

I could be the first person to vent but I'd embarrass myself in front of hundreds of nonnas who would see my story first thing when they open the thread so I'm not going to do that

No. 1876145

the pic for the thread is so cute

No. 1876152

I had a vision for what I was going to eat while pregnant and literally any sort of chicken and vegetables and healthy stuff makes my stomach turn.
I'm craving nothing but shit food and junk, it's so annoying. I can feel myself putting on weight and its just awful, why the fuck does a awful mcdonalds cheese greasy shit burger sound so good but not chicken and veg???
If I don't eat I'm nauseous, if I do eat it's high calorie shit like cereal or a croissant.

I didn't expect this sort of thing during pregnancy, I assumed I'd have cravings but I didn't think that those cravings would be the only thing that I could eat?
If I didn't give a shit I would be eating pizza for every meal, like what the fuck brain?
I've looked up recipes for pregnancy and they all make me feel sick? It's infuriating.
My husband cooked eggs yesterday and the smell made me gag. I love eggs.

I don't know how to get this under control, I wanted so much better for my baby I feel so guilty with the shit I'm eating.

No. 1876154

I haven't felt rested in 2 weeks. Sleeping 7-8 hours but feeling more tired and a worse headache everyday. I'm just sick of being alive at this point with all my sleeping problems.

No. 1876170

nona do you have any vitamin deficiencies? i stopped taking my vitamin d and lately i could rly feel it cause i was constantly super tired despite sleeping a ton and id get headaches and i had other issues. then i took my vitamin d and i immediately felt better.

No. 1876173

just ruined my day and productivity by going on lolcow. god i fucking hate myself im supposed to have a good day and do good things. i just feel lonely and have this stupid compulsion i hope i fucking die!i am useless!

No. 1876178

you probably have low electrolytes. drink a can of chicken broth or make some ramen and drink all the broth

No. 1876179

You can still save it nonny! Even if it’s late. The other day I didn’t do anything all day until 11pm, then I decided to get off my ass and post stuff on eBay. Took less than an hour and I got $300 out of it. I’m sure there’s something even just cleaning something that can put you on a good track

No. 1876183

oh my gosh are you me? i did this last night too! (listing stuff after a meh day)
im just so upset because i had my day planned, started off good, then when i went to have my first meal sat down and started scrolling lolcow and lost my momentum. i think i need to just cold turkey block it again because i cant find a balance and im supposed to be studying and doing things good for myself!

you are so sweet. im just so frustrated with myself, why my brain chooses to run to this unfulfilling, mindless content. i feel so terrible each time.

but thank you, i will just breathe and get back to what i had planned. it doesnt have to be ruined.

No. 1876186

This is important. I'm up pretty far north and I notice my mood and sleep get terrible if I don't start taking Vitamin D tablets in Winter. It's dark when I go to work, dark when I leave work. I only see the sun at lunch. I think in Iceland they even have UV lamps in offices so employees can get their fix.

No. 1876190

Cute thread pic. I'm gonna order a Ouigi board

No. 1876196

>annoying cold all week
>seems to be ending
>period begins
aaaaah it’s not fair

No. 1876215

File: 1706984617890.jpg (67.18 KB, 1200x675, DMMqAi-UEAE3ZyZ.jpg)

My mam just texted me to ask when I would be over to help with Sunday dinner tomorrow. I agreed a while ago but I completely forgot. My dumb ass has be out all day with boozey brunch. Ugggh this is gonna fucking suck. She's really well meaning but I'm gonna look like such a queen goon with my half functional hungover ass next to my sister and brother with their married with kids asses.
I know I'm gonna get concerned looks, just give pissed off looks I'd prefer that.

No. 1876223

eat unhealthy. but after you eat your craving eat only half portion and then the healthy stuff. Healthy things should be things that dont smell strong . or just eat unhealthy but drink one of those vitamin protein shakes. and do exercise so the weight gain wont be as bad. but being pregnant you are going to see your body fluctuate weight alot. from gaining ten pounds to losing ten in a week . just prioritize vitamin intake and fiber. and exercise if you can.

No. 1876248

being called a "chud" on 4chan for insulting trannies by some (probably) white male who was 100% browsing /pol/ before he decided he needed to chop off his cock and grow out his hair infuriates me. half of them still hate other races and otherwise hold non ""lefty"" views so where do they get off. fuck

No. 1876251

aww cute threadpic OP

No. 1876259

I feel immense shame and like a burden just for being alive. I don't know why I feel like this and it's been this way ever since I was a child. I wish I could phase out of existence.

No. 1876268

Are you judgemental of others as well?

No. 1876270

Only when I'm in a sour mood. Everyone used to look beautiful to me but I haven't felt like that in a long time.

No. 1876289

I'm sorry, anon, I know that feeling of shame too well myself, I hope it gets better for you

No. 1876290

The fact that (MTF) trannies are a protected class on 4chan says EVERYTHING about who they are. One started blogposting and attention whoring in an unrelated thread I was reading, and loads of people were responding questioning his plans to get SRS etc but like… they were so respectful lmao. They were politely enquiring and giving well meaning advice. Nothing could be more blatant proof of maleness than being treated like an intelligent, rational being who listens to reason despite your decision to chop your dick off.

No. 1876303

im sorry if im giving unsolicited advice, i am never good with these things and gauging whether or not advice is wanted so you can yell at me if this is too much!

ill be brief and say that forgiveness, gratitude, and self-compassion were the biggest stepping stones for me personally regarding this behavior. i am still on this journey but they have improved these feelings.

you were born deserving of love. you still are deserving of love. is there something creating tension? do you have trauma? it is a long journey and you will as though you have to “play delusional” in telling yourself mantras and that you are worthy and should not feel ashamed, etc.

but the opposite has done you no good. whats the harm in treating yourself like you arent a burden?

No. 1876317

When did this shift in tranny ass-kissing happen over there? I haven't visited 4chan in years, but I still remember the mocking of trannies and saying stuff like "tranny janny."

No. 1876364

soc always had "trap" threads, even back when I started browsing in 2009. I think 4chan is very homosexual so of course they love men in skirts. When I read adv it seems theyre very pro tranny too, whenever a tranny question comes up and I answer it I get told to go back to pol.

No. 1876369

I'm hoping once my nausea goes I can exercise again, but at the moment I literally struggle to even stand long enough to make a meal because I feel so terrible.

No. 1876374

I should explain that I'm not answering questions for trannies, someone would ask peoples opinions on trannies and when I dont kiss their ass because trannies are gross I get told to go back to pol

No. 1876377

I once got banned on 4chan for being "transphobic" toward a racist poster. Joke of a website, but I'm kind of glad trannies are brazen so that more women (especially the women of color they like to hide behind and/or equate themselves to) can see their game.

No. 1876378

I dont even remember the last time I wasnt nauseous. Its to the point I'm wondering if I just always felt this garbage but didnt realize it?
Its been nearly a whole month.
My husbands grandad is about to die and I have no idea how I will cope flying and attending the funeral.

No. 1876406

There’s a pack of about 7 large stray (I believe there is someone who owns them because I see them in their backyard behind the fence on occasion) dogs on my street that chase you if you don’t know them. I’ve slowly befriended one. My boyfriend got made that I gave one of the dogs I liked a treat and not the other (I’ve seen it lung at a woman and her small dogs) I told him no because I didn’t want the entire pack hanging out and shitting in my yard. I will only tolerate the one dog I befriended. The others already have rummaged through items in my yard. I don’t know why he’s so upset I didn’t feed the other aggressive dog. He doesn’t even work or give me money for groceries so why is he complaining about me picking and choosing who I feed. I’m dirt poor and could barely afford to feed myself. Lol @ him for being upset with me for picking a favorite dog. Maybe get a job feed a pack of stray animals yourself. Besides , it’s the shitty owners that should be feeding their dogs that they let roam free. He still isn’t speaking to me because he’s upset I guess. He knows I’m dirt poor to be able to eat so I don’t know why he’s complaining.

No. 1876423

My life is so weird and messed up.

No. 1876429

File: 1706997897062.jpeg (42.17 KB, 1280x758, ead-v0-8q2faqdn5blb1.jpeg)

I've been out of the gym for about a month and will probably have to wait until late February to go back because of my messed up wrist and this flu thing I caught. I'm getting better but reee let me lift (without feeling like I'm dying).

I also know the doms will suck ass

No. 1876432

File: 1706998065347.jpg (7.16 KB, 183x275, 8c813b71-9ee0-48fd-8d34-63e1a6…)

I've had bladder issues for while and the chicken finally came home to roost. Peed myself in the queue in the shop like 20 mins ago. Didn't even notice until I felt it in my shoes. I was wearing black leggings so I don't think it was that noticeable but still. I'm so fucking done. I'm not leaving my house until this is fixed. I'm in the queue for a private specialist but it's early April.
Fuck this, fuck my life, fuck everything, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck

No. 1876445

I'm just really sad.

No. 1876466

my friend was giving me unsolicited relationship advice last night and i'm so fucking annoyed. she told me i should go on hinge, fix my hair, put on makeup and find a normie guy to buy me food and drinks and snacks. and to drop this esoteric younger art student boy i've been like super casually flirting/talking to over dm only, saying it won't go anywhere..mind you this bitch has NOO serious prospects, just bums who she meets on okcupid, sexts, then avoids when they try to fuck. i never mentioned i needed love advice once or ever, i do have sex for like 3 months out of a year with like one person but if i really wanted some normie bf (or any bf) i could get one, it wouldn't be hard for me. i never complain about wanting more sex or a bf…i'm more focused on moving out of my current housing, maintaining my friendships, getting my money up/more freelance work and managing my chronic illness/depression. i'm broke but i don't need some finance bro off of the apps to buy me anything

it was total projection on her part. she was saying if she lost weight she could get a bf (she's like 400 lbs) bc she's successful in her career and she seems richer than she is and is well connected. but at the same time she doesn't want one rn bc she doesn't want a chubby chaser and since she's not her best self the kind of energy she would attract would be negative blah blah blah. like describing her nonexistent ideal man that she doesn't have and shading me because (once a year) whenever i become attracted to a man i get feral and nervous when we're together. whatever. i was drunk and was pantomiming throwing this boy off a balcony at a party. he's crazy and into me and rowdy like me so he didn't really care and everyone seems to want to cringe on my behalf.

ughh i feel like this all sounds like cope but i'm just super blown that she had one glass of wine and was trying to lecture me about how i should spend my early/mid 20s, now i feel insecure and like i'm missing something bc i'm not having casual sex/going on hella dates. i'm really just rarely attracted to anyone enough to hook up with them idk

No. 1876480

I'm seeing this guy. 3 awesome dates, couple awesome hangouts but communication is annoying me. I'll message him and it's floods or famine. I'll send him something and we can vibe and get a bunch of back and froths or he'll message me back 2 days later. He says he's not trying to use social media as much but I don't trust it. He doesn't have a Twitter, Instagram or whatever. He's got a steam account but he seems to just play games with our common friend. Am I being paranoid? I play games sometimes but not his games. Still though is it weird to wait a day or two days to respond to message? I'm feeling like he wants me to go away

No. 1876482

File: 1707002211401.jpeg (148.34 KB, 736x1636, IMG_9184.jpeg)

Just saw gameplay of the silent hill 2 remake and I’m not sure how to feel with how resident evil-y the combat is looking. It also looks a little buggy like the RE remakes. Praying it’s still decent but it’s not looking good

No. 1876485

she was also saying that i should go on the apps to get more acquainted with men socially since all my friends are women and i freeze up around men. i only freeze up around men that i'm actually into, which is very rare. i do give autistic whimsical girl vibes in my interpersonal relationships (fml) and i was a "late bloomer" (lost my virginity at 22 and i'm 23 about to turn 24 now) but that's just my personality. i guess i am stunted on that front but like i feel like the solution is self regulating/getting my confidence up with people i'm attracted to, but i'll take that one step at a time. spinster tea. she is older than me so it's hard not to take it to heart and think that i'm doing something wrong right now that i'll regret later.

No. 1876487

Had a breakdown this morning over something stupid and my boyfriend tried to calm me down and boost my confidence and asked me to name 5 things I like about myself and all I could say was that I like how much I like to read. It was so pathetic to realize I truly don’t like ANYTHING about myself and truly don’t see any way to improve my life. Like I used to be funny and cool and hot but I was also 10 lbs thinner and an alcoholic. I thought cutting back my drinking would help my self esteem but now I don’t have any excuse for why I’m the way I am and I’m shy and weird when I go out now when I used to be outgoing and have fun at least.

No. 1876491

File: 1707002673448.gif (1.46 MB, 500x180, 1000050596.gif)

I don't think it's going to end well, nona. I miss the nuance and atmosphere of the old games. Konami does their IPs so dirty.

No. 1876492

The Silent team at Konami have bungled literally everything they've announced for the big Silent Hill universe. Expect the worst.
This mad Twitch/Live service game is what put the nail in the coffin for me.

No. 1876497

No. 1876506

File: 1707003545293.jpg (761.14 KB, 1504x2048, R.jpg)

i am so sick of bdd. i have had moderate-severe bdd for 10 years and it's gotten so much better (was agoraphobic for years and phobic of the wind) but it still comes up. i'm so terrified of ageing and it goes against my true beliefs of ageing not mattering and older people are beautiful and full of wisdom. i look like a complete alien picasso puzzle face. i know that's not fucking real but i just think i look WRONG and i want to look right and i don't know how. i get horrible sensations in my face constantly reminding me of decaying and the microexpressions i'm making causing wrinkles. i just want to not give a shit about any of this anymore.

No. 1876507

My sister who’s always been a huge fatty is losing weight, and I know I should be happy for her, but I’m not. I always prided myself on being the prettier sister who’s bitchy and awful, and she was the fatty who was sweet and likeable. But now that I’m getting older, I don’t have that crazy fast metabolism or an eating disorder anymore. I’m not a hamplanet right now, but I’m not the skinny girl I used to be when I was an ana-chan. Today, she was able to fit into one of my shirts. This sparked some shit in my brain and I feel like all my recovery has gone down the drain. I haven’t eaten anything solid in two days, and the only reason I drink things is because my medication needs calories. I know it’s dumb bullshit that my parents put us against each other, but my weight is the only thing I have going for me. I’m not smart, pretty, or kind, I’m just not fat. I’m gonna go look through the proana thread to make myself not feel like this is my best option

No. 1876542

The more you know. I never browsed those boards, but from what I understood, they were always more normalfag-centered. Makes sense they'd be more accepting of trannies.

No. 1876551

File: 1707006678340.jpeg (100.92 KB, 736x736, IMG_0202.jpeg)

The allergic reaction I had to my psych med escalated after I stopped taking it when the symptoms worsened 2 days ago and I was afraid I'd end up in the hospital at 3am. Woke my dad and convinced him to watch movies with me all night. The entire time he kept yapping how I was a crybaby and to calm down like I wasn't experiencing sheer fear and terror my throat would close up.

My lymph nodes are shot. It's hard to speak, breathe and eat. I managed to find an online remedy via someone who had a similar reaction claiming that if you just dose yourself periodically with ibuprofen and benadryl it will fix it. I really can't afford a $500 urgent care bill for a steroid shot. Fuck.

No. 1876553

your narcissism is showing

No. 1876556

Nta but they're not normalfags. 4chan is one of the most prolific generators of trannies on earth.

No. 1876564

I wish your sister could read this and run for the hills. Good for her, I hope she keeps it up.

No. 1876567

>I’m not smart, pretty, or kind, I’m just not fat

Work on yourself and level up with your sister, jeeeesus this is bleak.

No. 1876571

You can choose to act kind. You have to know this, right?

No. 1876580

>priding self on being bitchy and awful
Eww you're useless

No. 1876583

When your entire self worth and identity hinges only upon being thinner than everyone else and you have literally nothing else to offer anyone in any capacity. Kek so sad.

No. 1876614

I’m tired of being a friendless loser. I would be friends with anyone (except moids)
Why is it so easy for some people to make friends and keep them?

No. 1876617

Other nonnas are ragging on you but I honestly kind of get it but I still don’t condone your salt. Being bitchy and mean and having no personality outside of being skinny is definitely something you should work on, but I somewhat understand the body issues. I’m sure everyone praised you for being thin, because women are judged for not being thin, which is evident by the way you talk about your sister. Instead, try to remember that your sister has been dealing with everything you’re feeling for the first time, she’s probably felt for her entire life. I was also the fat kid, and while she’s had time to grow numb to the weight judgement, you were pampered and valued for being thin, so gaining weight hurts more. That’s probably a feeling she knows more than you think. Maybe instead of lashing out at your sister, you can ask her how she stays in shape? Maybe you two can even work out and meal prep together. But I agree with the other nonnas, you need to get that salt in check and find things to add to yourself other than skinny.

No. 1876640

Social "skills" and popularity are 80% innate extravertedness and 20% good looks and not how good of a person you are or how much you deserve to have friends.

No. 1876683

am i wrong for blowing up at my friend for saying she "didn't have an opinion on trannies." me and another friend were complaining about a troon at her job and she hops in like, "well i don't care what's in someone's pants, i'm just tired of seeing them discussed :/" and i told her that lazy apathetic mindset towards social issues is why we're all so fucked right now – you're supposed to combat tyranny when it pops up. and she was all "well comparing apathy about trannies is totally different from being apathetic about tyranny!" i guess i could've been nicer but i was also thinking "well you could've left the room to speak to someone else idk"

No. 1876689

>I still remember the mocking of trannies and saying stuff like "tranny janny."
i mean, that still happens. there is however an actual troon on the staff team (he's a large part of why /qa/ was removed – could not handle the soyjak heat) and he seems to love hiring trans janitors.

otherwise 4chan has always been a place for socially malcontent men, troons tend to be socially malcontent people, it's not that crazy that /tttt/ is site wide

No. 1876710

wtf is her talking shit about trannies with you guys going to change about "tyranny"..im confused

No. 1876731

File: 1707015511188.jpeg (16.38 KB, 400x300, 060B1C6B-D9AB-4302-9D94-FE9525…)

I wish I could be an extroverted confident stylish wealthy adventurous career woman but I will always be a scaredy cat high inhibition broke loser womanchild

No. 1876737

Certain political parties pandering for votes (see the Democrats and Hilary Clinton) have now pushed a minority issue to the forefront and has had major implications on health. The tranny demographic should not have been created it's such a distraction from real issues

No. 1876743

"Creamy Gingerbread Noise", "Honey Lemon Gumdrop Noise", "Sweet Cherry Red Velvet Cake Noise"
SHUT UP I just want White Noise Black Screen No Ads

No. 1876751

Made up something in my head and now it's giving me anxiety! I love having OCD! It's so logical and fun!!!!!!

No. 1876754

I'm afraid to talk about this to anyone because they might not understand and think I'm being dramatic. My cat was put down, there was a lot of vet malpractice that made the situation much more traumatic than it had to be. The anger has been a decent distraction, but here alone in the house with nothing left to distract me, I can't avoid how much my schedule revolved around her. It is breaking me. I go to close the bathroom door so she won't knock stuff over, and then I remember I don't need to do that anymore. I have so much more free time I don't know what to do with, during her dinnertime I just stood in the kitchen for 20 minutes like a loading screen because I couldn't process that she isn't coming. Going to bed is hell because I normally stayed awake until I felt her jump into bed next to me and started purring, now I just stare at the ceiling and feel this aching dread. I open the door and look at my feet to make sure she isn't trying to dart out, then I remember she'll never do that again. I know I need to update my mental scripts to accommodate her absence, but I think my brain is resisting because I don't want to accept she's gone. I don't want to live in a world she isn't in, I don't want to get used to it, I don't want to move on, I don't want her to become a memory. All I want is for her to be back in my arms, not ashes in a box. She was everything to me. I don't know how to exist without her. But there's nothing to be done anymore. No matter how hard I cling to her memory to keep her alive in some way, it won't bring her back. The futility of all this makes it feel even worse. The world seems wrong now, distorted somehow. I think part of me died too.

No. 1876775

I'm sorry anon. My childhood cat also suffered from vet malpractice and died early (7). She was my best friend as a kid and I remember being despondent when she died. Unfortunately, my memory is really terrible for my childhood years and I don't really remember her at all now even though I had her until I was 11. At least you will always be able to remember her since you are an adult with a developed brain. Those memories feel painful right now but you will treasure them in the future.

No. 1876779

Thanks, I hope one day I can look back and smile instead of cry. I am so sorry that happened to your cat, and so prematurely too. How awful. My cat was really old and I've had her since I was a small child. The vet botched her euthanasia twice and just put her in a deep coma and it took going to a different city the next day to find someone who'd help me. I'm glad she was unaware and in no pain, but I was very aware and terrified. I wish terrible things on terrible vets.

No. 1876783

when i finally die i think your'e all actually really going to miss me

No. 1876784

Wow, that's seriously terrible. I don't even understand how they could have let that happen. But like you say, from her perspective, she just went to sleep, which is the silver lining. I hope you leave a bad review online if possible to warn others so no one else has to go through that.

No. 1876791

She fell asleep in my arms in bed, so I just hope her final lucid moments were comfortable enough. But yeah, he injected her and said to take her home and she'd fall asleep and pass away within an hour. She didn't. Came back the next day after being turned away by a different vet. Same shtick. She didn't die. Had to take her to a hospital. I called our old vet (overseas) who said that's not even legal. She thinks I could have a case to get his license revoked, so I'm going to give it a shot. Already left a review. Truthfully I want to cause him grievous bodily injury. Thanks for your kind words. I'm just trying to process everything still.

No. 1876792

File: 1707020672649.jpg (60.24 KB, 640x552, dewey-the-cat-died-in-1910-and…)

I'm sorry for your loss. Cats are very special.

No. 1876856

This is kind of weird, but I think I read your blog post about this earlier today (that or the same thing has happened to multiple people). I wanted to reach out to you to give my condolences, so the fact that I found this post feels like I shouldn't let the opportunity go. I'm so fucking sorry you had to endure that. Please know that you did the very best you could, and that the love and good moments together outweigh the bad like an ocean outweighs a teardrop. I'm sure she had a very blessed life and was happy to have spent it with you. I lost my 17 year old about half a year ago too, and it's so fucking hard, but the pain is proof of your love. You'll get through this.

No. 1876878

I genuinely need some advise people, how the fuck do you find yourself? Where do you begin? How do you do it? I was having a conversation with a coworker who quite frankly is a total bitch, and I know she was trying to rile me up when she said I have no identity or originality, but honestly I could not get mad because I 100% agree with her. I only have 3 people in my life so I never worried about my lack of a sense of self, but if that cunt could tell I have 0 personality then that means absolutely everyone is aware of it. All my life I have tried not to get close to anyone so I do not have to worry about it, but honestly my pride is hurt and pinterest is not giving me any useful advise. I feel like one of those npcs the devs only put in the game to fill the world kek

No. 1876880

coming to terms with the fact that my mom hates me due to, excuse the lack of better terminology, pickme-ism

No. 1876899

My neighbors are slamming doors and pounding who fucking knows what so loud that it's audible from here. It's well past midnight and I'm this close to throwing rocks if they don't fucking pipe down soon.

No. 1876903

File: 1707031157594.jpg (262.34 KB, 802x1000, flat,1000x1000,075,f.u4-660577…)

i hate when my moid or brother ask me to hang out with their friends and then they spend the whole time talking and ignoring me when i say anything. the fuck is the point of me being there. i am not your decoration, retards.

No. 1876930

My first thought is that it's not possible to exist without identity/personality and originality is overrated in a world with 8 billion people, so don't take her words too heavily. But I guess that's me interpreting her words too literal. What's the real problem here that makes you think you have no sense of self, do you think you're boring? Do you lack genuine interests and hobbies in your life that set you apart from other people in your life? Or a social life?

No. 1876936

Anons, my pet has been having recurring problems with an abscess and it’s making me so sad.
I got it drained again less than a day ago and it’s even more swollen.
This is the second time he’s had it drained, and the first time he had to go under anesthesia. I don’t know what to do, what the vet is going to recommend or if I can continue affording treatments as I’ve already spent $1200.
I want to do the best by my pet but it’s just getting so difficult when it seems like nothing is working.

No. 1876939

File: 1707035317009.png (381.29 KB, 500x491, tumblr_5421e434e2c924f3ea56f46…)

"The hairdresser really fucked up my hair so I don't want to be seen by anyone right now, could we maybe take a rain check on the first date for a couple of weeks?"
While I understand the feeling, I also wanted to hide when a hairdresser fucked up my hair a few years ago. But at the same time… it's fine if you changed your mind and just wanna cancel it altogether, bruh. It was you who asked me out anyway.

No. 1876945

I'm really sorry anon. My bf had an abscess once. He had it drained a couple of times but it kept filling with puss, so in the end it had to be surgically removed for it to disappear. Maybe it could be the with your pet.

No. 1876948

Seconding what the other anon said. If you can, you should ask if your dog might need a root canal to remove what's causing the abscess rather than just draining it.

No. 1876974

File: 1707040891792.jpg (45.27 KB, 740x404, 1000002497.jpg)

You will literally be disgusted to your very marrow by a man and he will genuinely believe you're in love with him or admire him the entire time you are wishing he'd get flung out his car. You will be tolerating him by the skin of your teeth gritting the whole time nearly giving yourself tmj as a means to an end and he thinks you find him sexy and desirable and will get some ego high from it even though he's a creature of which you hate. It's insane.

No. 1876993

Buy a self-help book regarding the art of conversation, watch video examples of successful social interactions, learn how to plan engaging dates with friends, be more open to others. An easy way to make friends is to join a club, class, or any group-activity that regularly meets for some length of time. Research proximity theory. You'll find your people soon anon don't give up hope.
>rain check first date for a couple of weeks
KEK. This is pathetic behaviour. You dodged a bullet anon.

No. 1877010

Your sister is working on herself and you feel offended? Think about how this sounds.

No. 1877021

I recently had the worst sexual experience of my life and it’s fucked me up so much I no longer want to get married or find someone who loves me. I need to run through men like water so I can forget this horrible experience.

No. 1877025

im going to visit my 2 online friends tmrw in amsterdam and i still need to tell my mom but im just so afraid because she makes a huge deal out of every small thing. im literally gonna turn 24 in 2 days and she still acts like as if im a 15 year old

No. 1877030

I'm in the same boat with my anxiety-riddled mother. I can't walk to the library without hearing a 20 minute lecture about safety first.

No. 1877033

I wouldn't tell her until you're back. It's just going to worry her. Congrats on Amsterdam, it's awesome. My second favourite Euro city behind Rome.

No. 1877043

Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and I tried to make a big effort for him through the week. Got him a nice gift, went to whatever restaurant he wanted to eat at, I made our apartment cozy for him so he can just relax after work and I bought him his favorite cake. We been dating for several years. When I got him his cake he seemed appreciative that I got one and a card but didn’t even bother to look at the cake. He just walked away and tried to hop on to a game. That cake was a little costly since it was from a really nice bakery so that hurt my feelings,I wanted to surprise him. This happened the day before his birthday: We both worked the day of his birthday but he was a morning shift and I was night shift. So I made sure to make the apartment nice so he didn’t have to worry about chores or have to relax in a mess after shift. I felt kind of disappointed he didn’t mention it at all since the apartment was significantly different. He didn’t even mention a little note I left for him. So I had to embarrassingly ask “how do you like the apartment, did you see my note” and he was like “oh yea haha thanks.” When I got home he was silent and distant. I was talking to him about work and what we normally talk about but he seemed annoyed by me. So I just got up and made some dinner instead so I wouldn’t get anxious. He was slowly picking at his food and was still acting cold. My anxiety made me lose my appetite and he got upset at me for not eating. I broke down crying because I felt unappreciated and confused by what I was doing wrong to deserve the cold behavior. All he said was “sorry…not trying to be this way” so I just decided to go to bed. I felt like a jerk for crying since it was his birthday. I’m not sure if I was in the right to cry, he could just be depressed about getting older. But at the same time you don’t have to treat others like that because you feel sad about yourself, if that’s the case. I don’t know what to do.

No. 1877052

You should poison him. Put it in tomorrow's dinner. He sounds like a dipshit. I feel bad for you for being in a relationship with an idiot.

No. 1877053

Can’t believe I’m up this early and literally going to church, I’m super tired but I already took my wakey uppy meds and don’t wanna disappoint the missionaries cause I know they really want me to come to this meeting in particular (fast Sunday). Hopefully I feel better once I’m all dressed up and ready to go and it’s just anxiety about having to get ready.

No. 1877060

He sounds self centered and has no clue any of the effort you put in, he sounds stupid. Sorry nonnie your effort went unnoticed like that, men are just so dumb. I know you made it just lovely.

No. 1877062

That probably was me, thank you for your kind words. I like to think this only hurts proportionally to how much I loved her. I'm sure it'll get easier with time. I just hope she knew how much I cared.

No. 1877063

Maybe he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday? Did he ask for any of the things you did, or did you do them just because it’s what you would’ve liked if it had been your birthday? I’ve met a lot of people who have great anxiety tied to their birthdays and hates having that attention on them. Not everyone like surprises and birthday celebrations.

No. 1877066

>maybe he doesn't like celebrating
I hate celebrating too but its not hard to be appreciative to your gf after she went through the effort. Plus they've been dating a few years, its not her job to read his mind. I'm sure if he said anything nonny would respect that.

No. 1877072

Why should he be appreciative for something he doesn’t like and didn’t ask for? And if he’s acting the way she described it sounds like something was wrong. He was probably dealing with something, and not just being an asshole for no reason. And yes, she shouldn’t have to read his mind, that why she should’ve just asked him before going through all that effort.

No. 1877081

Has he even done this much for you? You sound like a very giving person, you need to find someone who can appreciate and reciprocate that or else you will just be miserable.
His girlfriend is showering him with love and affection, what's not to like? Do you know how many people would kill to have a girlfriend like her? Stop making excuses for retards.

No. 1877083

i have no doubt that she knew how much you loved and cared for her. i'm so sorry for what happened. i experienced something similar two years ago and i still feel traumatized by it but in time it does slowly get easier to live with. i know i'm just another nonna on the internet but i'm wishing the best for you.

No. 1877090

there is definitely a tranny jannies on /cgl/, posts shitting on troons get deleted instantly but moid bait and racebait stays up for days or forever.

No. 1877093

A retelling of a story from one perspective is not the whole truth. Neither of us were there, and neither of us know what the boyfriend was feeling or why he acted like he did. But it seems like you just want to take sides and jump to conclusions immediately. The best way to undermine a relationship and further escalate an argument.

No. 1877102

You're trying to be rational and impartial, but true rationality lies in knowing that most relationships between women and men are not equal. Men are not logical, they can have the most perfect life, perfect girlfriend, and treat her like shit just because. And women will keep giving and giving no matter how poorly they're treated. But sure, keep living in your bubble and treating both parties the same even though women and men are socialized completely differently, and most people are a product of their socialization. It's painfully obvious that OP is a giver and her boyfriend is a whiny twat that can't be happy with what he has.

No. 1877104

Is he depressed? My ex seemed normal enough, little cold and used to have random glassy eye stares. We were at a bar one day and super drunk. He dropped some heavy stuff but thought it was normal to have those feelings. Men are emotionally retarded they can't express themselves at all.
But also you did a lot of work doing all that stuff from him. Don't invalidate that.

No. 1877107

>My sister who’s always been a huge fatty is losing weight, and I know I should be happy for her, but I’m not. I always prided myself on being the prettier sister who’s bitchy and awful, and she was the fatty who was sweet and likeable.
This sadly isn't an uncommon mindset, even though it's bad/toxic. I remember it being said in the unpopular opinions thread that there are women who think/function something like this and don't want the "fat friend" losing weight, and a bunch of anons suddenly got extremely defensive and insisted it never happened, anyone who said it did was projecting, fat women never get petty concern trolling for losing weight, etc.
Take solace in the knowledge that you are honest about these unflattering feelings, but as others have said, do work on your feelings because they're deeply unhealthy and will harm both your sister and yourself.

No. 1877114

So be nice and likeable? It's a choice and not that hard. Anyway you can always 'outcompete' her on other fronts if you want to have a competition with your own sister that only exists in your head so badly. But better yet get some self esteem so you don't need any of this.

No. 1877115

You’re right. She should’ve just killed him immediately for wronging her instead of having a dialogue. That’s way more rational and productive and how all healthy relationships are maintained! Fucking genius!!!

No. 1877116

It does sound like maybe he's just feeling depressed about getting older. I don't think it has anything to do with you.

No. 1877117

I’m guessing the only long term relationship you’ve been in is with your fictional husbandos and your satisfyer?

No. 1877120

He sounds emotionally retarded. Not your fault at all. I'm sure everything looked really nice and dinner was great. I'm sorry nona. It is possible he had something going on that he's upset about, but he should communicate that to you instead of being cold and distant.

No. 1877124

File: 1707054634470.jpg (32.68 KB, 955x710, F4GN1I4W8AAkXp7.jpg)

I want a boyfriend so badly, for years I've been acting tough and calloused, saying "I don't need a man" and all that but deep down I crave intimacy so much nonnas. I want a face to kiss, a hand to hold and a strong chest for me to lay my head on after a rough day at work. I want to show my feminine side to him, be "submissive" and not get judged or be taken for granted.
I'm almost 24 nonnas and I still haven't had my first kiss or even held hands romantically…I just want to love and be loved, I'm so ready for it but fate can be so cruel. Whenever I craved love it was always taken from me, telling me you are not deserving of love even though I did nothing to guarantee that. I just want a bf, is that so difficult?

No. 1877126

I'm so grouchy. I'm just tired and sad.

No. 1877129

File: 1707055213075.jpg (94.52 KB, 639x600, 4a7ab6153334f37334d0edfd16718c…)

>Haven't left my house since New Years.
>Occasionally talk to my mailman but that's it with IRL chat
>Happiest and most stable I've been since my teens
What is this? This shouldn't work but I feel great.

No. 1877131

Are you me? I'm starting a job tomorrow and I already miss being a neet and having a mental breakdown over it. Anytime I have to be around other people they're mean to me or try to take advantage of me and it's hell. I feel like I'm becoming agoraphobic

No. 1877132

Nonna's emotionally retarded bf is not gonna pick you kek

No. 1877135

I'm not full neet, I have a part time job in call center. I feel the same around people. On Discord or games I feel fine, chatty can talk whatever. In person I freeze up. Total deer in headlights mode. I don't get it. Humans are supposed to be social. It should have been breed out of me. Idk.
Good luck on your interview nona. Hoping you get a cool job with cool people

No. 1877137

Read the OP post again. Does that sound like a man who respects her? Women in general would save themselves a lot of stress and heartache if they left at the first sign of disrespect, emotional retardation, or ingratitude from a man, instead of sticking around for more and wasting years of their lives.
>I’m guessing the only long term relationship you’ve been in is with your fictional husbandos and your satisfyer?
No, but why is this even an insult? Do you really think settling for a guy like >>1877043 is better than being single? I can feel the stress and misery radiating from her post.

No. 1877143

op said in the post verbatim "i tried to make a big effort for him throughout the week". assuming work week, he had 5 days to tell her "hey i don't really want to celebrate my birthday/want anything special"; after a couple years of dating, one would assume she's done something similarly sentimental in the past. are you telling yourself you don't want someone's affection/projecting it onto some pathetic moid as a means to cope with the lack of it in your life?

No. 1877148

>omg so should she have killed him?!?!?!
Why do you baby him so much? Couldn't he talk about his own feelings? He's probably not a low-functioning retard, he could clearly see the OP was hurt by his lack of care. He just didn't do or say shit about it. He probably ignored her the whole week, too. I'm sure the stock response is something like "Her fault for not asking what was wrong!!", but be fucking honest. He was being an ass to his girlfriend, depression or not.

No. 1877152

He never asked for anything, and tends to play the “birthdays are just a day” act. However, when he says that it’s usually in reference to people throwing birthday bashes with their friends. I know he will feel hurt inside if the people closest to him don’t celebrate or acknowledge him.

He basically does the same deal for my birthday, dinner, gifts, sweets. However last year for my birthday we both started new jobs. Time was flying because of it, and my birthday snuck up on both of us. We didn’t do anything last year until a week later. Which is fine with me, I understood why since our jobs were stressing us both out and it was making a month feel like a week. Buuuuut, I don’t know I felt weird about that situation regardless.

He is depressed for sure and has a bit on his plate. I wanted him to know that he’s loved however. I asked him what was bothering him last night and he just says “I don’t know”. So I told him I’ll be here for him if he ever does figure out what’s bothering him and he can talk or just vent to me if he needs to. He went to work early this morning and been dry texting me as well. I try to communicate at least.

I was just about to tell >>1877124 to enjoy being single while she can. It sucks trying to guess if someone secretly hates you, or if they’re dealing with something they find hard to open up about. Also just being in love with them makes you hold out and just hope that their mood/energy will turn back to positive. If you do get a boyfriend keep that “I don’t need a man” mindset in the back of your head, it can save you from being confused and miserable

…oh, also it’s somewhat off topic but another con about having a boyfriend is that if you move in together he’s going to try to push some ugly minimalistic home decor on you, mine (and some exes) fought to have only black ikea furniture…idk why but that shit bothers me and I gotta warn you not to let any man do that to your living space

No. 1877157

Kek same here nona. I was so alarmed when I realized it, but I am truly happiest and most well adjusted when my social interaction is extremely abbreviated. I was even able to stop taking meds. Started enjoying life again. LC, waving to the neighbors, and playing with my cats meets my quota for socialization and I'm so much happier now that I don't have to deal with people all the time. Working on getting a WFH gig so I can enjoy it longer. Maybe some people are just different, I'm not sure what it is.

No. 1877158

>In person I freeze up. Total deer in headlights mode. I don't get it. Humans are supposed to be social.
Brains are complicated and sometimes they do stupid things. Fortunately social skills are well, skills, so you can definitely learn to be more at ease during social interactions and have it come to you more naturally! I used to be like you and deliberately worked to get over it. I don't think I'll ever be a true social butterfly but being able to handle social situations with ease and confidence has made my life so, so much more comfortable.

No. 1877161

Dumb moid-applogist, I never said to kill him. I used the broad term poison. I was thinking she could put laxatives in his food so he shits his pants, just like the retarded infant that he is. Or maybe put castor oil in his soup so he throws up all the selfish misogynistic worldviews he's swallowed over the years. I recommended that because if I was that anon, wouldn't have even had to type my post out. I would actually pack all my shit and leave his ass the day after he acted like a little bitch wanting to play video games instead of saying "thank you." It's not that hard. Why should the woman always be expected to wait for her retarded nigel to become a decent partner instead of just going out to find a moid who already went to therapy?

No. 1877167

Congrats on getting over it. I'm gonna work on myself because I guess I have to but like I'm so much happier in my little anti-social hole. My ideal life would be just living out on a scenic lighthouse with maybe a cliché sailor bf who comes in and out to port but mostly I'm just alone. I just want to be alone.

No. 1877175

I hope they piped down. next time throw the rocks

No. 1877176

>trying to be rational and productive with men
It's not going to work, it never will. >>1877102 Is absolutely right.
This! Women should immediately leave at first signs of disrespect, instead of wallowing in misery. Stop making million excuses for men and mentally gymnactics your way into blaming women.

No. 1877184

You're so right. I think women are way too giving and kind for our own good. Female socialization tells women that to be "good" she must make herself small and secondary and make excuses for people who harm her. If she doesn't, she's "bad" in some way. I heavily encourage women to just walk away when their moids treat them like garbage. I wish more women would ask themselves what it'd take for them to treat their partners the way they're treated, because then they would realize they afford the Walmart cashier more kindness and grace than their boyfriends will ever give them. Moids need to get their shit together, but they never will as long as women spoil them rotten. Life is just too short.

No. 1877208

i’m legitimately beginning to believe that i’m mentally retarded lol. i’ve always had so much trouble doing basic things and functioning in society and the fact that it took me so long to come to such a basic observation is even more proof of my stupidity. god i wish i were intelligent. my life is complete hell solely because i’m a fucking retard who can’t function without having superior people hold my hand throughout. i want to die so badly lol

No. 1877213

Good morning nonna! Those fuckwits slammed stuff for another hour and a half. Didn't throw rocks (this time) but I think they got the hint after like three Blue Man Group songs and some ancient folk recreations my speakers only face their house's direction so the based older lady on my other side doesn't hear anything. Don't wanna be an asshole to decent people! They've done this many times before and they'll probably do it again, they're so disrespectful and I don't know why they moved into a place with established quiet hours when they don't follow them. Nonnies, do not let males move in next door to you, your quality of life will plummet by proximity alone.

No. 1877218

Thank you anons, I appreciate it.
My pet is a small rabbit so I’m scared putting him under again to remove everything entirely might be too much for him. I’ll call back my vet tomorrow when they open up.

No. 1877219

My family is full of bossy, narcissistic pieces of shit that talk down on me. They complain about every single small thing I do but god forbid someone say anything to them. I hate these double-standard having, hypocritical pieces of shit and hope they die.

No. 1877226

When my bf describes his ex to me in anecdotes I feel bad because she treated him the way I treated my ex. I really took my ex for granted and at the end I was lowkey abusing him. It was because I wasn't attracted to him and looked down on him so I treated him as such and he took it because he loved me. So I feel guilty hearing it from the other perspective. I'm not going to repeat my mistakes and be toxic I'm making sure to bring up stuff before it festers and I don't use controlling language I speak frankly. It's annoying to get used to since he is manly and sometimes challenges what I bring up but he is always trying to understand me. It's hard to be open I fear he will leave but also I know I'm a catch too. When he gets vulnerable and talks about feeling bad about certain stuff I really appreciate it honestly. I don't want to feel like the only one with a problem. With my ex I felt like I was the only one that ever had anything to say and I was just causing trouble because he was such a placid doormat boring guy. I need to be with someone like me

No. 1877227

>me: mom we’re out of toilet paper, could you buy some when you go out?
>her: UM IDK IF I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY?? (she has like 60k in the bank and recently bought herself a 20k car that she paid off in full) proceeds to go on a long incensed rant about how she NEVER ran out of toilet paper before i got here (not true, she’s told me plenty of times casually “oh fuck, i’m out of toilet paper!” over the years) plus blames it on my period (my periods are short and i’m so stressed out from being here that i have gone months without even having one) that i’m using too much, i need to grab a wet rag and some soap and just use that

and this situation is supposed to be so much better than paying my own bills and rent for an apartment. and she’s literally an angel for taking me in. and somehow i’m also…spoiled, somehow, despite being screeched down every time i ask her a simple question. i really do despise her kek. i am so fucking tired of living with this retard but i have no other choice, it is this or homelessness. i hate the way she acts so holy over that, yes kicking me out would tantamount to killing me, no the “sink or swim!!” shit no longer applies, this isn’t 1987 you can barely survive alone on a fucking data analyst job

No. 1877228

your ex bf sounds like a pussy you didnt do anything wrong nonnie

No. 1877230

same dude. i hope this interview this upcoming week works out because i swear to god i’m moving out as soon as i can afford a few months rent. living paycheck to paycheck beats this bullshit easily (and i know it does because i lived like that for the six years i was in the city for uni, and ironically dealing with money stress was better than dealing with mother stress — at least nobody could tell me wtf to do)

No. 1877235

I'm currently visiting Edinburgh, UK. My Scottish cousins want to do drinking games before heading out to bars. They are all drinking Buckfast and it's terrible. It's like red wine mixed with Red Bull. I'm sitting on the toilet to hide from them and my skin is vibrating.
My aunt keeps calling me hen. Don't say that I'm not a chicken.

No. 1877237

Honestly, is not being attracted to him really the only reason? Or was also neglectful, boring, shitty, lazy partner? I used to feel bad about some of my exes but then I realized that the way they acted was what made me that way in the first place. Scrotes be scrotin

No. 1877283

I think I need to finally admit defeat and move on from trying to make art a career. My mom was right for never believing in me and telling me I needed to get a real job. Now I'm leaving my 20s soon, no skills and never went to uni. I don't really know what to do, I could try to go to school now but I have 0 savings, still at the mercy of the crappy public transit here and don't have the same flexibility a younger person would have because of bills and responsibilities so I really have to be careful with what I choose to study and it has to guarantee me a job. It doesn't help that I hate working and have always been suicidal over it. I'm too lazy and pathetic to live kek

No. 1877284

I want to message my ex fiance so bad. So so bad. He doesn't want me anymore though! I just want to message him.

No. 1877290


iatayrt I managed to escape for several years for uni but now have ended up right back with the narcissists because of unemployment, as well. I'm also job hunting and expecting a final round interview to result in a job soon, so I can GTFO because moving away from a narcissist only to have to move back in with one is 1000x worse. You end up feeling like you will never actually get away until they die of seniority and you have no choice but to anhero because of how much they've fucked you and how there's no one else to Stockholm syndrome away to. Not that you have any choice when it is either narcissists or homelessness, though. Plus, I also fucked around and found out with some shit that was my own doing and that I'm blaming myself alot for now.

No. 1877295

I took 2 vitamin D pills yesterday and today I feel a big improvement. Thank you nona.

No. 1877299

I hate what's going on in my country and no one seems to care about it.

No. 1877304


Also, I'm being treated like a child having to live at home..all over again. It's infuriating. Like none of the two years I just spent living on my own ever even happened. My stepdad is constantly and throwing his weight around at me, to "listen to him" while at the same time giving me 3 hour long incoherent lectures where feels the need to remind me I'm 25 and how women my age "already get married and have children". wtf

I despise my brother for never having to deal with any of this. Even though he is easily the biggest loser here. He is 30 now, but never moved out even once nor even wants to. Nor cares about working anything else except minimum wage. Yet no one ever says anything to him. I achieved so many things yet am forced to carry a single fuck up like a scarlet letter by everyone around me.

No. 1877309

Fuck I hate anxiety so much
>went to uni with lunch to work on assignments
>usually go into a room no one ever uses that has a microwave
>for whatever reason it’s being used for an event today, student government is there
>immediately 180 out and head over into another building to eat my food there instead
>check the schedule, the event had ended and they were packing up, I probably could have just stayed in there and got free coffee or leftovers from them

No. 1877310

I'm so full of hate. I literally can't see someone else on Insta, Tiktok or even real life doing well without feeling "fuck that bitch". I'm the mean girl from every movie. I want to be better but I don't know how. I'm filled with spite, vindictiveness, jealously and rage. I have no idea how nice people work. Maybe I'm just born to be hateful.

No. 1877317

And now that they’re gone the damn coffee machine’s out of service!

No. 1877320

What’s up, nonna?

No. 1877328

You sound boring and ungrateful, hen.

No. 1877347

>to have only black ikea furniture
Ot but is it a bad thing? Me and my brother do that because we kinda suck at interior decoration…

No. 1877348

Just found out nocturnal orgasm is apparently linked to women with high levels of mental illness and I feel a little less good about my ability now kek. Oh well, it's still cool to have husbando dreams that make me cum.

No. 1877351

I honestly think I am very much like an npc with no personality traits, I just go with the flow. I don't feel strongly about anything. I do not have any hobbies, I have tried several but honestly I never get into anything. Not particularly fond of music, can't even say I have favorite genre/musician. I don't like movies. Not food motivated. Not even sex motivated. I know virtually nothing about sports. I have 0 celebrity knowledge. Most of the things I like (games, books) I know surface level, if you ask me what is my favorite book or the last thing I played I will not recall any details. Not the sharpest tool in the shed either, not a complete idiot but definitely far from smart. How did I manage to get married will always be a mystery, and for the record I do not think I am depressed, I have been this way since childhood.

What can I say? I am a boring uninteresting bitch lol like I said I am aware of it so I just avoid getting too close to people, but now that someone told me face to face about it I feel sort of ashamed? I want to develop a sense of self but honestly I've lived like this my entire life so I do not know where to begin or what to do.

No. 1877371

I'm fun, I can party but they are getting stupid waisted and acting like it's normal. We had to stop the taxi so one of them could pee in a bush and another vommed in the bathroom in the pub. No one reacted like it was weird.
>Dinnae can't handle the sesh lass?
No fuck this, this is dumb and pure degeneracy

No. 1877375

I'm tired, and my suicidal thoughts have come seeping back in. I'm nearing 30 and I don't have friends that aren't online, never have been in a relationship, live at home and I'm convinced it's never going to change. I feel like ever since becoming a teen my life has been the exact same day to day. I used to have hope it would change even if I was deeply suicidal, but now I feel like I'm passing the chance for it to ever change. It's too difficult to get help too (I'm an aspie among other things) and the wait lists are too long for me to just be told to try mindfulness again.
Logically I know I should reach out to someone especially as I've already looked up if the meds I have can be OD'd on, but I'm just tired. I don't feel like I'm actively suicidal as much as wishing I could just go to sleep and not wake up. I couldn't do it to my family anyway.

No. 1877378

Boring and ungrateful.

No. 1877391

I told myself I wouldn't procrastinate my homework again, but my teacher gave such a short description of the first homework I felt so nervous I put it off writing it. I felt too ashamed to ask for help or direction because it must be easy, right? And I'm an upperclassmen in this course. I'm so embarrassed and making myself feel terrible by ruining my sleep.

No. 1877396

Told my parents about my plan on becoming a religious sister in my late 20s and they haven't reacted so well. I don't know what I'm going to do now.

No. 1877398

my husband wants to have his coworkers over for the Superbowl and i have no grounds to say no besides me being an antisocial autist that doesnt want strangers being at my house and preparing shit in my kitchen. so i agreed, and now im stressing having these ppl here in a week with nowhere for me to retreat to. normally im not that bothered if people think im strange, but my husband is well-liked and outgoing and i just dont want his coworkers being like "dag, x's wife is a weirdo"

No. 1877400

Yeah whatever, bet your idea of a good night out is waking up in bush covered in vomit with half your clothes missing and phone stolen. You are probably fucking Irish or low land Scottish
Inb4 racism ban. I don't care. You're lucky England tried to civilise you. We should've kept Hadrian's Wall up and let you rot

No. 1877402

I'm on the same boat sis, my husband's friends do not come that often, but when they do and they plan to stay for a while I always have a talk with him and explain to him how I feel, it's not them it's me. I just stay in a hotel and think of it as a self care day, I eat junk food, take my games and books and just relax.

No. 1877404

File: 1707076107091.jpg (29.98 KB, 720x959, 16428364936ba462988b676fe4d04a…)

I bought these platforms yesterday and i wanted to wear them so badly but the friction caused by the leather is hurting my feet. What do i do now? aw, this sucks so much

No. 1877407

baby powder?

No. 1877410

I only have online friends in my life and whenever I hear about them hanging out with friends, dating, and getting boyfriends it makes me feel I'm being left behind. I know I should be happy for them and I don't act too clingy towards them but it does make me feel sad that they'll one day get too busy with their lives that they won't have time to hang out on voicecalls anymore. It also makes me feel lonely because it reminds me I don't have an irl social life.

No. 1877411

Can't you just chill in your bedroom?

No. 1877414

it doesnt really work like that when you are 30 and own the home, it would be seen as rude/antisocial

No. 1877416

Nta but I don't get why, it's your house, you should be able to stay in your bedroom and not see his retarded friends.

No. 1877417

File: 1707076772057.jpg (4.6 KB, 251x262, 1000009468.jpg)

>be me
>graduate from uni
>as a fucking teacher
>go around asking for job because "we totally need teachers *everywhere* there's literally not a single teacher to be seen
>say "fuck it" and always tell in interviews that I don't fucking teach elementary school students nor kindergarten students.
>no one hires me
>focus on studying other stuff in the meantime
>talk to friend of family about wanting to get a job because I need the experience to do what I actually want to do
>"okay anonita! I will help you out"
>he works at a school were I used to study at
>send CV and never hear from him again
>don't want to be pushy or seem desperate
>mom talks to me today
>"lady who works at the school you used to study at said that they have to hire just-graduated high school students because there's no teachers in the whole ass country
>consider suicide again
Then why the fuck does everyone keeps fucking rejecting me? What the fuck is the point? I fucking graduated to be a fucking high school teacher because I don't have the tools or knowledge to teach toddlers or elementary school students because you have to fucking study to do that shit.
I refuse to be a retarded teacher that doesn't know what she's doing and that's just there to fuck around and find out I FUCKING REFUSE because what's the point in that? This is why the educational system doesn't fucking work, because everyone is waiting for the same 3 to 5 teachers to fucking die in order to hire new people and because when those people die, all you have is tired as fuck students that don't want to get a career in teaching because those tired as fuck teachers are just waiting for the sweet relief of death in order for their souls to be free from the never ending torture that is trying to solve all of the problems that these just-graduated high school students, teachers that are working where they don't fucking belong and people that are too retarded to do the shit they studied for so they teach in order not to starve; did, because they know that if they don't do it, no one will fucking do it because parents are also extremely retarded too.
I hope I don't fuckimg wake up tomorrow because I'm sick of this shit.

No. 1877422

can't you go out and expect him to put the kitchen back in order? if i lived with someone else having a party i wasn't interested in i'd dip. catch a movie and get dinner by yourself.

No. 1877431

Cultural difference then I guess. I don't have a long term relationship personally but some of my friends do + own their home and I don't see their partners plenty of times when we come over with the group. It's kind of weird to expect/force your partner to hang out with your friends when it's not a shared friend group and not a special celebration for as far as I see it.

No. 1877437

tired of my friends. feels like I try my best to fit into friend groups and I'm usually ok at it in terms of being liked or whatever but I never actually feel fully comfortable, because if I'm with guys they either end up being disappointing and emotionally deficient in various ways, while with girls they're usually libfems and more focused on their nigels. hard to make new friends too

No. 1877441

Just have him and his friends be respectful. Use the kitchen but clean up after themselves. no dishes when they leave, etc. I would just plan myself a solo outing that day tbh. It is only a few hours for one day.

No. 1877443

File: 1707078505412.gif (862.29 KB, 244x230, wink.gif)

Pop a xannie or a vodka lexotan if you are feeling the britney vibes. No anxiety, smooth evening. Everyone is happy.

No. 1877453

theres not a huge pressure to hang out, i just dont want to be seen as rude & standoffish. since we're hosting i think it would be wrong to stay in a separate room the whole time

normally it wouldn't be hard to make myself scarce but the superbowl takes up like all afternoon and evening, that'd be like 3 movies back to back if there was anything good in theaters lol

im anticipating many solo trips to my garage to smoke

No. 1877464

I was raped and all I got was this childhood trauma and family who zones out and denies it everytime I want to talk about it.

No. 1877465

go somewhere else for the night. you're not expected to be at a sports/superbowl party if you don't care for it, it's not even weird to dip.

No. 1877471

A whole region got a fire problem due dry forest and hot weather, so many people have lose their homes and by far there are 99 dead people.

No. 1877475

can't you leave the house, go to the park or wherever? my dad always fucks off for the entire day whenever we have visitors, because he also doesn't like having people over.

No. 1877476

I joined the gym June 2023 and I have gained 8kg since. Why the fuck am I doomed to be a fatty. I dont even know what I’m doing wrong

No. 1877480

ayrt – i'm praying for both of us. narc parents are the absolute worst. they do the bare minimum, hate that they had to do it, and expect us to kiss their asses over it. the days of gritting our teeth and bearing it will end soon.

No. 1877481

Motherfucker we live in a desert why the FUCK you using a flamethrower to clear weeds!?

No. 1877482

only if barbenheimer was still an option

No. 1877503

My trick for not coming off rude or stand-offish is to prepare a small simple food and leave a note saying something like "sorry, mum/friends/doctor wanted to see me today! Have fun!" For the food just buy something pre-prepared from a grocery store and put it in glassware so it looks like you made it. If you don't want to spend all day out, maybe you could just spend half of the day out then come back home and say a few "hellos" before retiring to bed because you're feeling "tired."

No. 1877508

KEK that's the worst excuse ever. He could wear a hat of some sort.

No. 1877518

Why should she buy food though, they are not her friends.

No. 1877526

Because she's worried about seeming rude and standoffish, as she mentioned in her post. You can hate moids and still have a basic understanding of being a good host, they're not mutually exclusive.

No. 1877538

I am so burned out and traumatized from my last relationship that I don't think I can ever love someone again or fall in love. It is as if someone turned off a light switch in my head. My self-esteem is completely ruined and in shambles. I can't even see myself as a romantic option for anymore, that is how repulsed and worthless this man made me feel. When I think about it I just feel so bitter and want to be left alone.

No. 1877575

I feel like I'm playing pretend to be human.

No. 1877621

File: 1707094458513.jpg (40.65 KB, 400x267, unnamed.jpg)

the last time I had friends to spend my birthday with was 8 years ago. It feels pathetic to be 25 and only have your mommy and daddy and grandparents to celebrate your birthday with you like you're a toddler because you turned out too mal-adjusted to have any friends. The amount of shame I feel on birthdays is overwhelming. I know they feel sad for me that I don't have any friends and it's nauseating to be pitied like that.

No. 1877626

>learn about something interesting
>want to incorporate it into my class discussion post
>use ai for assistance in wording and modeling
>find out hours later that the ai had generated some random bullshit data that i can't source
>look like an idiot for going off topic with random data and a try-hard for writing a novel adding clarity to my post
i haven't had a birthday with friends since i was 13 and moved to a different town. i haven't had any friends since i was 14.

No. 1877629

average AI user kek. Just learn to write, it's good for your brain.

No. 1877631

I have this dull pain between my thigh and pelvis that I need to go check out but ugh I have no time.

No. 1877632

Wish I was good in art.
Wish I was pretty.
Wish I had money to go out and do stuff with.

No. 1877634

Happy birthday nona!

No. 1877635

kek thank you anon, but actually it's not for 3 more months, it's just that I just dread it so much that I'm already giving myself stomach aches about it months in advance.

No. 1877649

mom screaming at me that i need a job, but im too depressed

No. 1877653

Maybe getting a job would make you feel better. I'm still incredibly depressed but having a routine where I get out of the house and go to work every day usually at least staves off the "I want to kill myself tonight" energy

No. 1877672

Sorry to hear that. When my cat passed,adopting an older kitty from the humane society made me feel a little better.

Your bf sounds like something is going on at work or he wants to break up.

No. 1877719

upsides of my mother smoking dope again:
>she isn't as loud. no more "this is my house and if i want to come into your room and yell at the tippy-top of my lungs about how brave i was for screaming down a tired teen at the hardware store for rolling their eyes i can do that!" or other annoying podcast tier nonsense
>she leaves me the fuck alone. content to stare off into space and be quiet.
>overall chill behavior. it's like the weed gives her the ability to empathize with human beings.
>>pre-weed if i run the water "too loud": screaming tirades about me being retarded and noisy. post-weed: she doesn't gaf, might turn up the TV – might
>i now fully understand how little of what i did "wrong" as a child - teen was my fault. she IS unstable, and she WAS unstable back then too

>she's more annoying than usual when she does interact with me, because she can't really form a coherent thought.
>when she's sober, she's going to insist/bitch that i'm the reason she's smoking again despite me being the reason she quit in the first place and – ironically – me giving up on trying to keep her from it is why is she's abusing again
>i'm worried about her, sometimes. weed does rot your brain and she's pushing 60 – senior friends of my dad were so addicted to weed that they couldn't eat without lighting up. then again after months and months of her bringing up my lowest moments and treating me like human dogshit i am caring less and less.

No. 1877743

File: 1707099603999.jpg (127.75 KB, 1080x1440, 1614159936911.jpg)

Book a spa day for yourself.

No. 1877772

Another day of nausea.
I want to cry in the shower but my husband needs to sleep for work and he would hear me.

No. 1877781

pregnant or just sick?

No. 1877782

Haven't spoken to parents in a month after they got mad that me and my fiancé don't want to have kids and that we don't want to change our last names during our marriage. The usual generational narcissistic stuff you get from your parents that want control and entitlement over your life. It's hard. Usually when I explain the situation to someone I get the "girl-boss" response of "fuck em! do your thing!!!! who cares what they think!!!" which is always easier for them to say. I just wanted to be excited about my marriage with my parents, I don't really have close friends or family other than my fiancé. So maybe I'm just grieving that.

No. 1877791

Pregnant so self inflicted

No. 1877795

lolcow is becoming too normie and it makes me sad. there's really no where for actual weird women to hang out with each other online these days. now everything is about hubbies and being preggers and fiancés etc like damn i could just walk outside for this same experience, idk why I'm subjecting myself to it here now too. Maybe it's time for me to go.

No. 1877797

File: 1707102835304.jpg (150.17 KB, 1079x1683, 1000002572.jpg)

Shut the fuck before I put you in one of these and roll you off a canyon(infighting)

No. 1877798

I've fallen down the non verbal autism rabbit hole because I'm getting bloodwork done this week to check if my baby has down syndrome. This is going to come off as really rude but man..
This seriously scares the fuck out of me that my kid can just have a bad roll in life and end up non verbal autistic.
Theyre like a shell of a human.. as if there is something missing inside of them. All the videos are just of the kids going ahhhhh and holding their head or looking past people not responding.
I have no idea what I would do if it turned out my kid was like this, but like what could I even do? I wouldnt give it up for adoption.
I would seriously rather a down syndrome child then this, it seriously scares the fuck out of me.

No. 1877799

I'm really happy the shitposting thread has been locked. I've never so much as chuckled

No. 1877800

File: 1707102974644.jpg (19.68 KB, 463x500, 1000009485.jpg)

Haha starfish baby, makes me want to put a baby named Patrick in a pink starfish blanket.

No. 1877801

case in point, mere minutes later another baby post. every other post now is about normie shit like this. I understand I can't control who uses lolcow so I'm not trying to personally attack anybody but i am venting because this is the vent thread and I am sad that I don't relate to most anons on here anymore.

No. 1877802

Thats because old users who have been on lolcow have grown up lol

No. 1877803

These little outfits are making me want to get pregnant.

No. 1877807

Just ignore, this is a vent thread

No. 1877809

Yeah I don't envision lolcow being the place the weird lolsorandom emo kids hang out. I like to think I'm surrounded by intellectual women who are sick of the male pandering on other websites and an absence of pickmeism.

No. 1877810

yeah ewwww who could relate to a childless unmarried woman, they're so abnormal

No. 1877811

Believe me, nonnie, downs syndrome children aren't any better, plus they tend to have a bunch of other physical issues.
My best friend has a brother with downs who has a bunch of random shit like his heart on the right side and who knows what else, right now he's getting a bunch of tests and shit done because of a pneumonia that's killing him because he just can't tell you whenever he's sick but he also can't even cough properly or even blow his own nose, so now he has a hole in his throat that's constantly causing other infections and so on.
An autistic child can at least learn some important words with enough therapy and proper stimulus, and I'm pretty sure they also have less physical issues.

No. 1877813

I’m so sick of these tradthots

No. 1877814

Thats true, although if my baby did come back with down syndrome I would be aborting it because I dont think its fair to put a child through that sort of thing, along with any other genetic carrier issues. I just wish we could test for autism, yknow?
The videos I watched of non verbal really freaked me out.

No. 1877818

Nta but I'm not at all a tradthot but I have dreams of one day being a mother and I have a really adorable nephew. I will create a child that is so empowered and humbled God will bless them. Those little starfish sleepers are adorable and I will not be shamed for stating the obvious. Where you not once a baby? Sometimes babies make great people. And I'm proud to be an adult baby. Thank you

No. 1877820

i think cringy tumblr tier posts like these are more obnoxious than the failed normies

No. 1877821

I'm not imaginging it even if you'd like to gaslight me, just take a gander at the ratio of posts about babies or husbands or fiances in the 10 posts my initial post was in the middle of. Also I'm entitled to my "lame whingy crisis" because it's the vent thread. Take your own advice and "skip over" my posts then.

No. 1877822

Yeah the little sleeper is very cute, silly dumb smiley baby is enjoying it too. You shouldnt have newborns with anything that is around its head though

No. 1877823

Don't you DARE bring Kath Day-Knight into your stupid petty infighting you troglodyte.

No. 1877824

Thank you for imparting wisdom I will use with my future child.

No. 1877826

Why don’t you all just move to mumsnet or something? There are so many sites full of shit like this, I honestly don’t get why it needs to be here, the conversations seem identical so it’s not like having them on LC is going to be any different.

No. 1877828

Mumsnet doesnt let me rant about trannies, I like it here. Also its not anonymous

No. 1877829

Maybe the true normies won't accept our unconventional methods of motherhood and not being cringe.

No. 1877831

if i found out my mom was a farmer i would die of cringe, its on the same level of shame as having a streamer/youtuber parent.

No. 1877832

Tbh, there's a thread about pregnancies and I think there's even a thread about raising children where anons with kids or who are pregnant can post.

No. 1877833

Thank god lc is anonymous cause have to break it to you but I'm your mother

No. 1877835

my mom died of cancer last year

No. 1877838

Yeah but I'm venting not asking raising advice/discussion
This is a coincidence as I am your mother, hello daughter and granddaughter

No. 1877839

Women can still vent about pregnancy related things in the vent thread. I don't get the husbando anons but I let them do their thing without comment

No. 1877840

the good samaritans of reddit may be able to offer you advice about crib shopping better than the autistic neet website you somehow have decided to set up camp in to the detriment of board culture

No. 1877841

So you think

Hi ma

No. 1877848

File: 1707104693479.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, sad cece.png)

I miss dobson and nemu. Lolcows just arent fun anymore. I really miss the pre 2016 internet and i wish every polisperg would go back to fighting about it in the dinner table rather than on my TMNT forum.

No. 1877858

Why are you acting like having a child is some selfless, saintly, sacrificial act? It’s literally just a choice, and the reasons for it are entirely for oneself. How can you even suggest that when people are bringing children into today’s society? Oh, and I’m one of the anons who said that. No I’m not male, just being honest, sorry. Looks aren’t everything, who cares if pregnant stomachs are ugly? They’re not supposed to be hot?

No. 1877860

I assume its because women who have kids try to push it onto others, so its a reaction to that. Like they feeling theyre being talked down to because they dont have kids maybe? Also I've noticed they tend to have some sort of mental illness or believe the world is an awful place. Which it can be for sure, but the world is also beautiful. I understand since society has pushed motherhood onto women heaps that you would want to rebel against it, noone likes being whittled down into being seen as a womb and breeding machine.
I've not seen anyone here say pregnant bellies are disgusting or creepy though.

I think pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful thing, being pregnant currently has given me a whole new appreciation of every woman whos come before me to put their body through this.
I obviously knew it would suck at some parts, but my nausea 24/7 for 4 weeks straight has really sucks. The round ligament pain has sucked, feeling my uterus stretch to grow the baby has sucked.
Looking at the baby kick on the ultrasound was surreal and really beautiful. Knowing my body is literally creating a whole new person who will have their own personality and their own loves is really cool. Seeing my husband hold our baby I grew will be so beautiful, half of me and half of him.
Raising the next generation of good people is important in my opinion, I dont blame anyone for not wanting kids at all though thats totally their choice.

No. 1877861

because choosing to assist in the continuation of the human race is actually quite selfless and sacrificial of any mothers own joy and sanity, edgelord. Also she was making an example about how weird people will make comments on the state of a pregnant womans appearance that arent necessary.

No. 1877863

>because choosing to assist in the continuation of the human race is actually quite selfless and sacrificial of any mothers own joy and sanity
providing new victims to moids isnt selfless, its quite selfish actually

No. 1877864

I think where she is coming from is that she doesnt think the human race should continue

No. 1877865

please, tell us more about the minutia of the experience of having a fetus in your womb and how magical it is. None of us have ever heard this before in real life and it is absolutely necessary to hear about it on lolcow.farm

No. 1877867

Because your “vent” had some obvious indirect comments to anons itt and elsewhere. That’s essentially the same as responding yourself.

No. 1877869

i never said that, learn to read

No. 1877870

men who don't want kids or aren't interested in having baby shit plastered all over the internet spaces they frequent are normal, but women who are the same way are "dark and hateful." Okay. We're never escaping this shit, anons if even LC is now attacking childfree women.

No. 1877875

mommies are so sensitive kek

No. 1877876

Holy fuck this is the vent thread. Stop derailing and infighting. Just report the bait and move on.

No. 1877877

I wouldnt call carrying a child a small or trivial thing
If we're being honest, many of us who end up here arent mentally sound and probably have grown up in horrible households and their opinions on life and children would reflect that. Also I think some women here just love to argue and snip at others, you see it often over really mundane stuff.
I'm not interested in policing what other people do so I dont really care if they post anti child or motherhood stuff, I just ignore it for the most part unless they reply to me.
I think she is meaning ones who specifically reply to posts around babies/motherhood rather than childfree women just doin' their own thing separate to that

No. 1877880

as if the last two weeks did anything at all for the site

No. 1877882

Just ignore the infighting anons please, they know this topic is low hanging fruit to derail the thread and that it's easy to argue in the vent thread. I hope staff extends hell week for another week

No. 1877883

What? I'm not that anon. Christ. This is what I'm talking about. "Any childfree posting must be done by the same anon because after all the rest of us are mothers or aspiring mothers right nonnies?"

No. 1877886

I cant have my fucking window open without my degenerate scrote downstairs neighbor smoking weed and sending it into my apartment. Weed stinks so bad too its not even a nice smell like a fruit vape.

No. 1877887

Ugh, nothing is worse than smelling weed when all you want is fresh air. The weirdest part is I swear over the past 5-6 years weed has gotten a lot smellier. I remember being unbothered by the smell for the longest time, but it seems like all the new strains that are popular now really reek.

No. 1877889

I think theyre just smoking bunk shit thats really smelly. Its warm today so I had all my windows open and even though I've closed them its still in my house. So disgusting, I hope I dont get any sort of contact high. I've never been interested in weed so I dont know how easy that is.

No. 1877890

struck with the strange urge to skinwalk kurt cobain

No. 1877891

i just said that bringing children into this world is not a selfless act. Maybe if we lived in a crime free utopia, but not in the current fucked up world we live in.

No. 1877892

I hate that too, I don't know who the fuck is smoking that shit, I just now that I'm allergic as fuck to the smoke and that I wake up almost every day with my eyes as red as a bloody tampon, with my throat hurting and my nose and overall face more congested than the traffic of a Monday at 5pm.
I don't want to become addicted to nose drops anymore, I hate them and those weird shivers they send to my brain.
My hypothesis is that the neighbor that's next to my apartment (an old lady) needs to smoke weed because of her cancer, so my family and I don't say anything directly in the group chat because we don't even want to hear the "yeah my mom has cancer and this is the treatment we can afford" or whatever discourse that would make us seem like huge assholes.

No. 1877895

That sucks. I swear I have a headache now from the smell. I wish people were more considerate to the smells they produce

No. 1877896

Despite it being a good thing for weed to be stinky (to potheads) it seems like they have no idea how strong weed smell is and how bad it sticks to them when they smoke. Even just someone walking into a room right after smoking can fill the entire room with that smell.

No. 1877898

Omg no one cares if you choose to be child free enjoy your disposable income freely(infighting/derailing)

No. 1877904

I've been having issues with eating anything and two new foods I like are already gone because aldi is a retarded store that won't sell popular items once gone.

No. 1877908

My mom has a tiktok account lol

No. 1877909

A bunch of bugs bit me and now one of my ankles is horribly swollen, I hope it doesn't get infected again, it's so itchy, I have a bunch of bug bites everywhere but that ankle got really bad, you can see clearly the difference between by other ankle and my swollen ankle.
I don't know how to stop the itchiness and how to reduce the swelling.

No. 1877913

ice and ibuprofen can reduce swelling, but that amount of swelling seems extreme for a big bite. Are you sure it's not already infected? Because if so, and that's what's causing the swelling, you need to go to the doctor asap, infections that bad can spread and be dangerous.

No. 1877922

I don't really know what you want me to do about domestic violence but I don't think human extinction will solve the problem

No. 1877926

>domestic violence
what lol, you are illiterate

No. 1877927

she said providing new victims to moids. How am I illiterate for getting domestic violence out of that(infighting/derailing)

No. 1877929

Anon was saying that the retard acting like pregnancy is some sacred heroic act is dumb because it’s clearly not selfless.(derailing)

No. 1877930

yeah, you are stupid lmfao(infighting/derailing)

No. 1877931

God I hate mtf trannies

No. 1877933

i'm NTA, but I agree that having children is kind of selfish and brain-dead. If you ask most people why they are doing XYZ difficult thing, they usually say "to make the world a better place for future generations" but human history is just full of cycles, not a linear path of improvement like most people believe (because humans by nature like a story with a beginning, middle, end). Humans have been saying that probably since we developed speech and we still have not succeeded, just falling into the same predictable centuries-long cycles.
And then if you ask parents why they have kids, it's because they wanted to make a person with their and their partners genetics, just due to ego and instinct.

having children makes very little sense if you stop and think about it while putting aside your biological urges and inaccurate human-constructed narratives.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1877936

There is a bad faith retard who has been repeatedly trying to stoke fights in this thread about having children/being childfree with shitty bait. They are permabanned now. Please report and do not respond to bait. The derailing they started about having children stops now.

No. 1877946

My apartment still fucking smells like weed despite it being over an hour ago I shut the windows. I feel sick

No. 1877949

My bartholin cyst is back. Sigh.

No. 1877951

No. 1877960

Ouch that sucks, I had one 10 years ago and still remember the pain. Do you just wait foe it to go away? Warm baths helped me if I remember correctly

No. 1877962

I'm sorry you went through that anon! Mine is very small and not painful, just itchy at times. The size will fluctuate throughout my cycle. Sadly I can't take baths where I live but it seems sitz baths are a good treatment.

No. 1877965

File: 1707111791796.jpeg (14.9 KB, 275x275, 1613393570403.jpeg)

man, I'm trying to improve my life but it is hard when I have never, ever seen the fruits of my labor; case in point, I grew up fat, sick, feeling like shit. when I lost weight and started working out, getting muscle in college, I never actually felt better. it's ridiculous, like, how do people have the vivacity, the energy for doing anything not strictly necessary? even if someone gave me disneyland tickets I'd genuinely rather would just stay in bed and it's not for the lack of desire, it just I feel exhausted after walking a few minutes and sometimes I even get dizzy. it's ridiculous. and I resent myself because I do have one good friend I've known since I was a baby that still wants to hang out, but I keep brushing her off.

No. 1877967

Even a hot compress or water bottle might help. I remember not being able to sit down at all. It went away by itself. When I showed the Dr she couldn't see what I was talking about.. it was literally the size of a large olive lumped on my labia. Idk if she was being nice or what but surely a big ass red lump isn't something you see on a regular vagina lol. Good luck nona hope it goes away soon

No. 1877975

File: 1707112978667.gif (7.9 MB, 498x491, 1689277023184.gif)

I have a few months to get all of my shit sorted out and then I'm going to have to live in my car for a while. It feels weird but it will be nice to not be tied down any more. I never thought I would be homeless but here we are.

No. 1877978

I don’t know, but I’m the same way. I also get lectured to exercise when I complain about it, even though I’m not overweight and never have been. But I’d do it anyway for a bit just like you, and people would be like “see? Don’t you feel much more alert and energetic nowadays?” And no, I fucking didn’t. I felt the exact same. And it’s not just physical tiredness but mental too, and extreme boredom with everything. There’s nothing interesting enough to stay awake for when I could take a nap with my free time instead. My days off are mostly just spent asleep, with 10 min breaks each for a late lunch and small dinner. I really don’t see what’s so enjoyable about living, I must just experience life different than other people. Because if I could just take a nap for 50 years until I die, I’d love that.

No. 1877987

Ok it’s february 5th…

No. 1877989

Just wanted to get an audiobook legally and figuring out audible… I poay 15$/month to get ONE audiobook a month? The book was 18$ without the subscription (it jumped to showing 21 when I got the sub… not slick) now I have to wait a month to get another book if I wanna get that -3$ bonus lol what even is the point of subscription if I can't access more than one book a month? I'm confused, I was already barely reading one book a month anyway but what's the appeal to people that like reading books aka the people that use the service for its intended purpose? Subscription madness is annoying, before all this I thought I could get an audiobook for at most 5$ without a subscription.

No. 1878042

Shrink put me on Lexapro and my suicidal thoughts and feeling of doom has multiplied. I was wide awake at 3am and my brain was listing all the mistakes that I've ever made. It's weird because I took this pill years ago and don't remember my symptoms getting worse at first

No. 1878046

Surely both of you must have underlying conditions that have been left untreated? Feeling constantly tired despite a healthy lifestyle and general numbness to life is not normal.

No. 1878052

Nonas I'm the same. I just… sleep all day. Even if I have something I want to go do, I just feel so exhausted and would rather sleep. I don't understand the exercise thing. Last year I'd force myself to go to the gym but I never felt any more energetic, in fact I felt even more worn out and tired after doing it every other day for a month. It's so weird when people say that they aren't like this, because how is that possible? The only times I feel like I'm actually alive is when I have an energy drink like monster/redbull, but that's not healthy to drink daily and the affect doesn't last too long.

No. 1878054

I was about to say this, they definitely should get their blood amd heart checked.

No. 1878063

File: 1707124091276.jpeg (229.05 KB, 749x1098, IMG_5272.jpeg)

It got worse again. My lymph nodes and throat are throbbing. ER is too much money. Like the other night but worse. I'm just watching tv until the morning. I'm in worse pain than I was the other day. It's important to keep my body active, keep swallowing and breathing.

My dad told me if I went to the ER he wouldn't go with me, which broke my heart. So I postponed it to the morning with the urgent care appt. I asked him if my life was really that worthless and he never gave a definitive answer.

Please anons, pray I survive the next five hours okay, I need a fucking epipen jab. My dad trivializing my pain is really the nail in the coffin, he says "because you're yelling in pain there's no way it can be that bad". Holy fuck it's the worst I've felt in a long long time and seeing him undermine my pain hurts. It feels like my neck is being wrung. Over and over. It's harder and harder to breathe. I'm woozy as fuck. All this over medication that was supposed to help me! Pray for me anons jfc

No. 1878064

Have you had your blood tested for deficiencies? I used to feel tired often for seemingly no reason too but because I didn't think that was good enough reason to make an appointment with my GP, I never addressed it. Found out I had anemia by sheer coincidence when I was on the ER for something unrelated and they tested my blood. Apparantly it was bad/serious enough because they immediately set me up with emergency appointments for the next week so I didn't have to go on waiting lists to see specialist doctors. Not in a million years I could've guessed I had anemia but apparently it's pretty common in women and goes undiagnosed often.

I'm not saying it's anemia for you too.. but if you haven't addressed your exhaustion, please go talk to your GP about it. Learn from my mistake.

No. 1878082

nona!! please go to the ER, you don't deserve to suffer like this. Sorry but fuck your dad, do you have anyone else to go with you? Please prioritize yourself, have you talked to a doctor about this? There must be something to be done.

No. 1878083

File: 1707127254855.jpeg (78.99 KB, 602x729, IMG_5873.jpeg)

>She should’ve just killed him immediately for wronging her

No. 1878091

I've got a few hours till I scheduled an appointment at the urgent care. My throat feels better since I've applied compress to it but is still tight. I have nobody else I can go with. At this rate I just want the pain to stop.

I don't want to be roped into $8k of medical debt for the pain to stop, my insurance hasn't sent me a card yet, I'll take less than $1000 of urgent pay debt over this just waiting a few more hours not to hear my father chastise me

No. 1878095

Okay, please feel better. I am so upset at the medical situation in USA, it's not right for people to not choose help because of how expensive it is. I hope everything works out for you sooner rather than later.

No. 1878097

Thank you nona. I'm just praying the urgent care has what I need and that it works. I'm pissed off at the insurance company not sending me a card yet and that I likely won't be able to retcon the cost of the urgent care visit either. I'm relying on my dad because I'm jobless and broke right now and I understand his rationale wanting to save money but I just wish I'd gone days ago when this started instead of insisting I could treat it at home.

No. 1878104

Anyone else here somewhat of a semi-reclusive? I don't know how else to describe it. I'll go outside for work or anything else I have to like doctor's appointments, but everything else and I'll struggle hard. Like I kind of want to go to a local cafe but I'm really struggling with the idea of actually going out. Same for something like taking a walk. If I don't have to go outside I'll easily be able to stay in my room for weeks on end. I want to change but I'm not sure how to.

No. 1878110

Ntas but I had a similar issue and apparently the doctors couldn't find anything wrong (this is kinda why I hate going to the doctors kek)

No. 1878125

>met a cute guy, tall, smart, quick witted, kind for others, seems reliable and responsible
>he admits he had a crush on me but was too afraid to approach me
>then he immediately admits he's been in debt for 10 years and he thinks he won't be able to make me happy while he's constantly held back by his past, he still wants to be with me but tells me I have to decide
I don't know what to do. I feel so disappointed. I'm drawn to him but I know I could never marry him or share a home budget with him, he also said he doesn't want to have kids for that reason, he doesn't want to have a kid while he still has like next 10 years of debt to pay and that's the right choice. I wanted safety and stability and I thought I could have it with him but turned out I can't. And I think that just hanging out would be harmful for us in the long run, be're both very sensitive. Fuck why do I have to be this unlucky

No. 1878139

holy shit nonna. i hope the urgent care can give you the treatment you need and you start feeling some relief soon. one day when your father is old and needs your help remember this incident

No. 1878141

I wish there was a simple way to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. I'm turning 30 this year and I feel SO old - not physically but mentally, jesus christ I'm done. I'm not sad by any means, I live a good life with a lot to be greatful for, but I'm so BORED. None of my past interests or hobbies grab me anymore, work is a total chore, even my relationships feel past their golden era. Nobody prepared me for how dull being an adult is urgh. Maybe it's just the winter season getting to me…

No. 1878156

I don't get people that have to like…compete with you about how much better friends they are with your friend?
I went to a party arranged by a close friend of mine, after she introduced me to some of her friends as her best friend and we joked around about how I'm usually the angel on her shoulder keeping her from doing…well, more dumb and impulsive shit than usual. After my friend left to greet some other people one of her friends rolled in, since the joke was still kinda hanging in the air I jokingly introduced myself as [names] angel on her shoulder. The girl immediately went off on how if I'm the angel then she's the devil, because they're aaaalways up to their tricks together and kept going on and on about how great friends they are while I just kinda stood there nodding and sipping on my drink.
I admit I kinda came off as a douche and probably didn't make a great first impression, but I was kinda put off by her in return but we salvaged it through the evening and had a good time. But this isn't the first time I'm introduced as someone's close friend and someone, usually another woman, has to prove themselves to be some sort of alpha friend going "oh?! WELL [name] AND I HAVE THIS RELATIONSHIP AND DO THIS AND THAT TOGETHER", like cool? I'm happy my friends have other good friends, don't see the need of establishing some sort of imagined hierarchy when I'm just here to have a good time.

No. 1878158

I've got an hour to go. called my psychiatrist to let her know I'd had an adverse reaction and she doesn't open till 8am either, hopefully before she calls back they'll have diagnosed what's wrong and administered me a shot. I'm shaking and on the verge of crying again.

After this I'm never touching lamotrigane. It used to work for me and now it's almost killed me. Holy fuck.

No. 1878168

so are you in highschool or do i overestimate the maturity of adult women? thats ridiculous nonnie

No. 1878169

I'm so fucking tired I don't want to go to this meeting I don't want to think I don't want to do anything.

No. 1878170

Ntayrt but omg glad you're still alive nonnie, I really feel like you should er but were you taking it before and just suddenly got allergic? I knew it could cause rashes/flairs but holy. I really hope you get care

No. 1878172

I don't understand your gripe. You introduced yourself to the other girl with that title all on your own and she felt challenged by it, which clearly you do understand because otherwise you wouldn't have fronted with that title. If you do it with a stranger without even getting prompted, you're the one introducing the friend hierarchy you're complaining about.

No. 1878177

I feel like my journey to becoming better as a person, while incomplete- has come far! And I like that. But at the same time, it feels like it killed the creative and/or skilled part of me. (not that there was anything of note, but most having to do with hobbies I use to escape from reality for a while.) That's also probably just depression but still it fucking sucks.
I feel like I have an anchor weighing me down and I'm considerably weaker than before, so powerless

No. 1878179

>ask bf if he thinks I have a nice figure
>he dances around the question and refuses to give me a straight answer
>eventually says "you're no hourglass but I'm still attracted to ya :p"
I got pissed off and slept in the guest bedroom, I just wanna know if my anger is justifiable or if he's going to call me BPD or schizo over this

No. 1878182

If a man isn't worshipping the ground you walk on, he is settling for you. Moids do this shit all the time, they'll stay with a woman who they aren't truly attracted to or love, just because they get taken care of, sexually and emotionally. You're not being BPD, but moids are gonna moid.

No. 1878186

Seconding this >>1878182 anon. Men are just retarded assholes, don't know why you lot put up with them

No. 1878188

If he was attracted to you, he'd think you have a nice figure. I know it seems extreme but it's like the other nonna said and you being upset is justified. Next step is to dump him and find someone who doesn't make you insecure about your figure.

No. 1878194

I didn't sleep a wink and was tossing and turning all last night. Have a long day today and I'm already exhausted. Fuck me.
You meant to say ex-bf, right? He's lucky enough to have you present in his worthless life, how actual dare he think that he has any right not to adore every facet of your body and mind.

No. 1878195

File: 1707142494979.jpg (40.12 KB, 736x648, 1000017362.jpg)

Me trying to be happy and supportive of my friend who's living my dream life. It's like a fucking dagger in my heart every time she talks about it holy shit. I want to kill myself why why WHY couldn't I have had a normal loving family to support me, or at least not be afflicted with such awful anxiety that I can't function on my own. "You ever feel like nothing good was ever gonna happen to you?" yeah every goddamn day of my shitty fucking life. I want to disappear. I wish I was someone else.

No. 1878196

I mean you asked a question you knew could get you an answer you don't like, he didn't say it unprompted. If you're angry because you feel he settled for you, that's another thing. Personally I think nearly everyone in a relationship settles one way or another but that's clearly not the popular opinion here.

No. 1878197

What kind of retarded faggot would say that, lmao? He deserves a BPD tier tantrum or some other heavy discomfort, and he'll probably like you more for it, too. Funny how some moids try to neg even in relationships. Never accept it.

No. 1878198

File: 1707142628161.png (147.91 KB, 718x718, 1683541350232.png)

i don't understand why some nonnas choose to encourage the moids that post on here and act like their gross behavior is funny. it's disgusting. what do you get out of it? he isn't going to pick you and he never will. the moids that infest this place like filthy vermin hate all women, including you, yet you choose to degrade yourself by giving their ego a boost.

No. 1878200

>If you do it with a stranger without even getting prompted, you're the one introducing the friend hierarchy you're complaining about.
Those were my thoughts. It's a strange introduction, but I'd like to believe anon won't submit and propagate the idea further after this interaction.

No. 1878201

You should dump him. What kind of dumb faggot wouldn't tell his gf her body is beautiful? You're not overreacting. He is retarded.

No. 1878203

My birthday is coming up next week and I feel the same way nonna. I can't even remember the last time I had someone who wasn't immediate family celebrate my birthday with me. The pitying remarks or suggestions to just "go out there and make a friend!" like any normal 25 year old wants to spend time with a stunted autist make me spiral. It feels like I must've been a mass murderer in a past life to end up in such a miserable position now

No. 1878204

Hell no, he should be thankful he even has you as his girlfriend. The guy should be counting his blessings each day that he's able to be with you. He fucked up, you've every right to be upset. It's such a dumb neg when he could have said "yes obviously you do" and proceeded to shower you with love and affection. God, so many men are faggots. It's unreal.

No. 1878208

I think it's the best to treat things like that as a motivation

No. 1878209

You seem to like giving the benefit of the doubt. What do you think is the benefit in him stating that? How do you think the OP would be expected to react and behave in response to being told "You are not [socially accepted concept of attractive], but I am attracted to you", with the added (imagined or justified) concern of being seen as "schizo" or "BPD" if she doesn't bend and kiss his toes for that statement? Why would a normal, loving partner not just say "Yeah, I think you're hot (because I am attracted to you)" with no retarded caveat attached? She didn't ask if she had an hourglass shaped body, or what other people might think of her body. She asked if he thought she had a nice figure.
Same guy will be upset when she doesn't want to have sex with him after that, it's transparent and very dumb.

No. 1878214

Most people settle because they’re too cowardly to actually go out and get what they want in life. When you truly love someone your first thought is that they’re beautiful and perfect even if they don’t fit conventional standards. These type of scrotes wouldn’t be able to actually handle a relationship with a women they’re genuinely into so they waste time with women they deem as placeholders then get stuck because no one else wants them.

No. 1878217

Yup, all I do is go out to work and come home most of the time. Occasionally I'll go out places with my mom and/or sister but besides them I don't have any friends to go anywhere with so I stay home. Sometimes I'll go out on my own but I feel like an imposter even though I like being able to do what I want free of judgement and take my time browsing.

Idk how to change either, I've tried looking on bumble bff because I'd probably get out more if I had people to spend time with but the girls on there were just too normie and have way more life experience than me. I guess just forcing ourselves to go out more might work, like go visit a local café and go for a walk around the neighbourhood or something similar where it wouldn't be that high stakes. Maybe if there's an event that interests you you could try attending that as well?

No. 1878219

this thread reeks of moids with all the male pandering replies some nonas are getting to their BF troubles

No. 1878221

I get a flash of motivation and it goes nowhere. Feels like I'm crushed under a mountain.

No. 1878230

my heart hurts I don't want to go to work

No. 1878234

It happened when I tiered up. I went from 100 to 150 mg and a few days in my teeth and mouth started burning. I initially dismissed the reaction as bad dental hygiene and a passing side effect, since I do have awful teeth. As it turns out swelling in the mouth can be a precursor to a nastier version of the infamous rash. This is a pretty atypical reaction, I can't seem to find a lot of people online who've experienced similar, but it happens and can be fatal.

I dismissed the mouth pain and drooling and when it escalated to cinching my throat and I noticed a rash on my chest and red acne like bumps on my skin, I stopped taking it. By then the damage had been done and my throat nearly closed. Two out of the last three nights I have not slept at all or barely slept out of fear I'll suffocate in my slumber. My dad has repeatedly trivialized what I'm going through. I practically considered contacting someone who I know has an epipen to borrow hers out of desperation since I have no epipen myself and really can't afford one.

My doctor was closed the day I went off and she just got back to me, got jabbed with a steroid at the urgent care about an hour ago. It wasn't an epipen steroid but it should at least help a little. Me and psych are having a video call later.

No. 1878235

I feel like all my friends hate me. I don’t really have any reason to believe they hate me other than the fact that I find myself really cringe and off-putting and I worry about coming across as mentally ill. I’ve had the same core group of friends for the past decade, so they’d probably leave me by now if they hated me, right? I feel rejected every time they send me a text that seems a little unenthusiastic and then I start spiraling about how they’re done with me

No. 1878238

Let's not pretend she didn't keep fishing for an answer after he was clearly reluctant to answer. The first time he didn't give her a straight Yes she must've known he wasn't going to answer favorably. He ended up giving her a somewhat indirect no because duh, it's not nice being told by your bf he doesn't think your figure is nice. If she wasn't ready to hear that she shouldn't have kept pressuring him. Should he have lied to her face then? "Yes I think your figure is gorgeous and extremely attractive" would that have been the better? If your answer is no to that, then his answer isn't the real problem but the fact he's with a girl he isn't genuinely attracted to.

No. 1878241

Oh my fucking god go back to reddit, what is it with the male defending pickme shit itt.

No. 1878244

The problem is he was trying to neg her to make her think "I'm so ugly, and he's the one who's still attracted to me despite my unattractive, flawed figure", kek. The tactic is clear.
Even the men lowering their standards don't tell the women they do it with that they're unattractive, and it's not "lying" because unless they resent them, they don't think in terms of "She's ugly but whatever", but "She's aight, not bad, pretty cute". The only exception to this is when they actively want those women to be "humbled" and feel bad about themselves. Stop playing dumb.

No. 1878248

Some reading comprehension you've got, I'm clearly out here saying he's wrong for being with a girl he's not attracted so where's the pickmeism. He couldn't have given the right answer here, Yes would've been a lie and unfair and misleading to her and a straight honest No would've been harsh and made her similiarly angry.

No. 1878249

Im trying to do low carb for my health but it's so hard. I just feel hungry and tired. It's also increasing my sugar cravings and I already have a sweet tooth (that I was also cutting back on but since trying low carb I'm succumbed to the cravings and find myself eating too many sweet things like yogurt and froyo and fruit and chocolate covered fruit). I'm struggling. I hate that I couldn't just be one of those people with a regular relationship with food, no over eating or under eating or restrictions.

No. 1878250

I don't think that was negging, just avoiding the honest truth he clearly didn't want her to know. If he tried to neg her he would've said that from the start instead of dancing around the question and refusing to give her a straight answer like anon said he did.

She kept pressuring him for an answer she knew she wasn't going to like after the first time he wouldn't give her a straight answer, and he's dishonest and with a girl he isn't attracted to, they're both stupid.

No. 1878253

>If he tried to neg her he would've said that from the start instead of dancing around the question and refusing to give her a straight answer like anon said he did.
Repeatedly not answering naturally makes the asker more anxious and insecure.

No. 1878254

Samefag but my last grocery trip was with barely any list and I think that also fucked me up. I wouldn't have all this sugary shit to eat if I planned properly.

I have to eat a lot of protein to compensate for the lack of carbs, but it's also difficult because I have a hard time eating too many meat and eggs (mentally, not physically) due to previously being vegetarian.

No. 1878255

>Should he have lied to her face then?
There's a huge gulf between lying and malicious honesty like "You're no hourglass but I'm still attracted to ya [tongue out emoji]". Like idk if I were in his shoes and didn't want to lie I'd probably say something like
>"Who gives a fuck about figure? I love you for your [insert thing here]"
>"Babe, I love you. What's this really about?"
>"I don't know much about figure, but I like yours because I like you."
>"Hm… I don't know. How about you put on something that makes you feel awesome and ask me again? [winky face]"
Are these perfect? No. I'd probably end up on the couch for some of them. But any of them are infinitely better than what he said. That's about as much benefit of the doubt as I'm willing to extend to a moid who is a social retard at best and a negging asshole at worst.

No. 1878261

Are you eating enough protein? To go fully low carb (like, oatmeal in the morning, a banana and an apple) I have to eat like 8 eggs and have 2 protein shakes a day in order to maintain my energy levels enough to work out.

No. 1878267

Thank you nonnas for your advice, I'm currently moving my things into the guest bedroom and told him we should talk, he has made some sus comments in the past that I looked pasted because he said he was joking and he's sorry but this time….

No. 1878269

Since you're not getting your energy from carbs anymore, you need to make sure to get enough fat in your diet. Protein is important too, while it's not used directly as energy it'll help you feel less tired.

No. 1878270

Scrote "jokes" are rarely jokes, they'll just claim they are to escape consequences. Good riddance to bad rubbish and glad for you standing up for yourself. You got this nonny!

No. 1878289

I don't think I can take working. At all. Even doing an easy nothing job with family where I can hit my vape and I'm barely a secretary. I really hate it. I already made a mistake working there. I get so fucking stressed out and suicidal. My drinking is getting worse I come home and just get hammered. I honestly want to just hang myself this morning instead of going in even though it's just working with family. Call me spoiled I guess I am. I'm weak and should just die. It never gets easier, I did this job for multiple years. It never gets easier for me. I'm a fucked up loser and I will never be normal. I should have killed myself when I was a teenager

No. 1878293

I'm sick of my coworkers constantly complaining about Taylor Swift. Why the fuck does she have to come up every meeting? Today, we were chatting about the Super Bowl and it took literally 20 seconds for this one woman who always brings her up to start bitching about her being a distraction and how she won last night so she wants her to keep a lower profile. Jesus Christ, lady, you are OBSESSED with her. It's making me become a Swiftie.

No. 1878294

Why is he wasting her time if she doesn’t think she’s gorgeous? Pickmes and Reddit retards can’t seem to comprehend that people in love find each other extremely attractive even if they don’t have the perfect bodies. Are you really so emotionally devoid that you can’t fathom someone finding a normal person beautiful?

No. 1878297

>they're both stupid
No they're not, this is entirely on the shit boyfriend.

No. 1878314

I wish my dad would take care of himself. He doesn't eat properly, he stays up extremely late, and he smokes weed. The smoking weed part wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the first two things. He constantly complains about feeling tired, in pain, dizzy, etc. etc. but if you ask him to eat he'll say "I will, I will" and then NOT eat until very later. This morning he was home, and I asked if he was feeling alright and he said that he felt terrible and had an upset stomach and diarrhea. On top of that, he can't remember the last time he ate but still went ahead and smoked weed yesterday. I don't get it, why is he not taking care of himself but still has time to smoke weed and play MMOs? He constantly claims that he's going to die soon and that he won't be around for long but does nothing to better himself so he'll have a healthier and longer life. He gets on my ass about not eating but won't eat himself. It's tiring. It's upsetting too. I just want my dad to be healthy, I just want him to take better care of himself so he'll feel better. It hurts because he's been doing this for years and still won't change. He's getting older and I know doing this is really bad for his health.

No. 1878316

Why are nail techs so uppity about clients not understanding their business? I just wanna get my nails done, I'm sorry if I didn't read your google doc about all the specific procedures and things that you won't do. I want to be sympathetic because I know it's a hard job but sheesh.

No. 1878322

I mostly agree with other replies. I think it's perfectly fine to be cognizant of the fact that your partner isn't a 10/10 model, but there's literally no acceptable situation to voice that. It shows more of a lack of care for your feelings, which will only get worse. I once asked my ex-fiance if he would be more attracted to me if I lost weight (he knew I was anorexic at the time and I weighed 108 lbs max, for ref) and the fact that he comfortably said yes really put a lot of his disregard for my feelings into perspective. It's not that I think a man needs to worship you, it's just like…read the room, man.

No. 1878333

File: 1707153396985.jpg (47.92 KB, 800x450, crying.jpg)

Not really an angry vent but a sad one, the lolcow movie night thread just made me feel shitty because it's Gnomeo and Juliet and my mom really loved dumb kid's movies (we watched monster house like 20 times together) and I grew up and didn't spend as much time with her as I should and we argued alot but when we got along she would talk about how much she wanted to watch the dumb gnome movie and I never found time to watch it with her and she didn't know how to watch movies on the internet. she got lung cancer and went downhill fast after we hadn't been in contact for 6 months and I thought she had more time and I was going to download it for her when she was dying at home but I was too late and now I feel like a shitty human being for not watching it with her.

No. 1878351

Lmao I dont know how you're strong enough to stay with that sort of disrespect, it would have me pulling my hair out

No. 1878381

i feel myself entering the cycle of being obsessed with someone again. i literally just got out of a relationship a week ago where i was way too into it (i don't think my ex knew so i don't really care) and im already talking to someone new. i can feel myself growing so attached so quick. why can't i just take the pace of a relationship normally? i literally haven't dated anyone in years for this exact reason

No. 1878390

Gluten-free bread is a crime on humanity and should be sectioned off away from regular sandwiches that normal humans eat. Thank god my body hasn’t been cursed to eat gluten-free slop

No. 1878399

I want to fucking kill myself. I studied hard for half a month for a test I found out I failed. Because I needed to study for it I didn't have much time to work on my assigned paper and I ended up rushing it over the holidays, I didn't even have time to proof-read at the end. My prof for the paper said he'd send us grades over e-mail and it's been a few weeks and I still haven't gotten mine, I'm starting to worry it's because I failed that too so he didn't feel the need to send anything but I don't want to ask right now because I couldn't handle that. Now I have three exams back to back, they are on similar subjects so it should be fine but I'm realizing that I struggle a LOT with the easiest shit. I miss small details, I don't understand how to solve half the questions and I don't know what to do anymore. I have to take them all so closely together so I can have enough time to prepare to retake that first test but why is everything suddenly so fucking difficult. It's a subject I wanted to write my thesis on, but suddenly I feel like I'm too stupid to do any of this. I don't want to be in uni anymore, I don't want to stay up doing this dumb shit, I don't want to take any more tests and I don't want to go to classes. I don't understand anything. I just want a fucking break.

No. 1878406

In so many ways I love lolcow but at the same time I just get tired of how fucking dumb so many anons are, and how they hyper focus on irrelevant parts and ignore the rest. Reading comprehension isn't only in the shitter but also thinking for two fucking minutes instead of jumping to conclusions and doubling down when people call you out for being a retard.
Sorry nonnies, but a lot of you really fucking suck.

No. 1878410

File: 1707159687391.jpg (343.27 KB, 1080x2758, 20240205185724684.jpg)

I hate how wound up I get my these wasters. These were some comments on a video of a woman running from her boyfriend and trying to hide under a car and a man who was standing right there did nothing at all to help as she was kicking and screaming for help. But wah wah, what about the poor men of the world? You had one bad experience and now you'll happily watch people get kidnapped. It does bring me a sense of peace and joy though knowing that I am genuinely a better person than these men will ever be. Mind you there were a lot of sane and normal comments but these are always at the top despite having not even a fraction of the likes.

No. 1878439

Sometimes my patience is tested thin when people keep sending me offers, and I decline them. Especially when they send the same offer price twice while they sell upcharged items on their page. Fuck off.

No. 1878445

No. 1878446

The way men comment on violence against women is deranged, like pure incel tier shit.
The way men with open profiles will spew the most horrendous shit and you click their profiles and you see him posing with his daughters.. I feel so sorry for any woman who comes into contact with men like that. The fact they can trick a woman into birthing their children makes my skin crawl, I can only imagine how awful they are to their wives and daughters behind closed doors.

No. 1878462

Most people under 22-24 literally were not taught how to read. Phonics was phased out in favor of some bullshit method that makes people essentially illiterate, but they can read just enough that they don’t understand that they’re illiterate. It’s scary.

No. 1878463

I’ve been setting up conference rooms for big meetings coming up and I just realized when I bent down to fix a chair wheel, like 3 full inches of my underwear was showing right in front of my male boomer boss who went uncharacteristically silent. They’re pink today. Fuck how none of my pants stay up anymore. Fuck my life.

No. 1878468

What the hell do you mean

No. 1878471

Samefag, I’m coping by telling myself “at least it was just fabric and not ass crack”

No. 1878472

How short is your fucking skirt?

No. 1878474

Anon, at least read the whole post before hitting reply.

No. 1878484

Just a few posts right after >>1878406 too.

No. 1878486

I have a serious crush, bordering on obsession, on an actor/his characters and I don't think I even care about real relationships anymore.
Real relationships are just so fucking disappointing, boring and cyclical. What's the point? Might as well just wait for better AI.

No. 1878488


Goes into detail about how a generation of kids were robbed of a proper education in regards to reading.

No. 1878489

File: 1707165657507.jpeg (1.19 MB, 828x1090, IMG_4281.jpeg)

i cannot stop sulking like a child today. i woke up hopeful that today would go well and then i slept in and skipped ballet because i got my period. i figured ill get up again and do online classes and instead walked my dog and did some cleaning and felt happy! but the moment i got hungry i ate so many fucking carbs and pretty much hit my calorie limit which isn't much becase im short and on a deficit. and now one two of my keys are broken somehoe so i need to order a keyboard because its hard to do classwork missing them and i already tried cleaning them.

i just feel guilty and like its all my fault. my period is no excuse to eat like a pig nor is it one to skip workouts and classwork. part of me really wants to do things, the other part of me feels so sad that i want to curl into a ball and watch a nice fairy tale movie. or perhaps read my kindle or organize my laptop. i dont know if i want to go on another walk or do yoga but i also iknow i should. i just feel guilty. i feel like ill never improve as a person and i just want to cry forever because i hate myself and in these moments cant grasp that maybe its temporary as always and im a decent person but i do not feel as such

GOD. ii just cant believe myself. i fucked it up again. couldve been productive.

No. 1878494

Food is nourishment. It's energy. Don't feel bad for eating, especially if it's a treat when you feel bad

No. 1878495

It's both funny and ridiculous how easily affected I am by my hormones in my cycles.
>I get horny and feel lonely so I start up my dating apps again.
>if I don't get a match or get frustrated with how every moid I see have hit the wall I cry about how lonely I am and that I will stay single forever.
>if I get a match I get giddy and start chatting away, having a good time. Maybe set up a date.
>Gradually as the weeks go on I get bored and don't really care.
>Kind of forgot I was having a flirt with someone because I'm perfectly fine living by myself with my cat, what would I need a partner for anyway?
>I get annoyed with how all men suck again.
>Back to sad and horny, cycle repeats.

No. 1878508

Source criticism is awful as well, aren't it taught in school anymore? When I was in school they almost hit us over the head with a stick to always double check the reliability of our sources.
That said, it's not only a zoomer problem but I see it a lot more with them. Probably because they so strongly want to believe whatever they are standing for is right - since a lot of zoomers seem to really want to make some sort of difference in the world no matter how misguided and unnecessarily aggressive their approaches can be - and base their entire persona on it so having to admit their sources are wrong will crumble their entire ego.

No. 1878510

Kek anon, same. I'm always like "well, maybe there are actually good men out there and I wouldn't mind having sex sometimes" during ovulation, sometimes would also get a bit sad, but right after it ends I'm just "nah" and don't think about sex at all until next ovulation or the very beginning of menstruation

No. 1878516

I have a Facebook account I use to sell/give away stuff on Facebook marketplace.
Multiple times now I've gotten to the point if sale that they say they're coming and want the address. Then they say they no longer want it.

Are they wanting to get my address for creepy reasons? Like to get to the point if having a time to collect and address then to say they no longer want it seems weird right?
It's happened 4 times now. All men.
I now say it's outside my apartment block and that's it, I don't open the door for free shit.

No. 1878535

File: 1707169371039.jpg (19.32 KB, 275x222, 1696396930143.jpg)

>get stuck in a circle of catastrophic thoughts
>nothing happens
>100% sure something bad will happen to me, I get diarrhea and insomnia from anxiety
>nothing happens
>nightmares about abuse or getting in huge debt with insurance company, I just know I will get punished at some point
>still nothing happens
When will this shit end? I live in constant anxiety regarding health or being abused or stalked or somehow losing my apartment and my job and now also intrusive thoughts about getting in debt for something I did almost 5 years ago but even a lawyer told me I have nothing to worry about and it's closed but I'm still worrying. She told me this at the start of 2021 and now it's 2024 and nothing happened but I'm still scared. This paranoia will kill me. I have no joy jn life, I can't spend money on anything besides food because my brain tells me I need to save as much as possible in a case I lose my job or I will get sick or it will turn out I will have to give that money to some institution. I'm actually scared of telling my therapist about my way of thinking because she will probably try to rationatlize it to me but I FEEL I'm right

No. 1878538

Yeah, you're right. It's like they're always in combative state also kek They're ready to call you a retard before they fully read and comprehended your post.
Surely, it didn't happen in all countries?

No. 1878555

With facebook marketplace, always meet at a public place. Always. Even if its a mcdonalds, coffee shop, whatever. stay safe

No. 1878559

That's my bad. For some reasons I though you were saying that you are wearing skirts because your trousers don't fit. I assumed the underwear was showing out the bottom not the top, sorry for being combative anon.

No. 1878560

>aren't it taught in school anymore?
I'm 20; when I was in school we were taught to find reliable sources but we also had teachers (usually progressive gen x or millennial ones) who would be blatantly biased and thus lenient if something supported their social beliefs. Some teachers would drop the "reliable sources only" stance in favor of "lived experiences," so like some random person's blogpost about being a minority gets put on a pedestal for instance. So overall we were told about sources but you are right that there's an emphasis on "social justice" and that gets specifically taught in school.
I was taught phonics as a kid, but I vividly remember hating it because it was really annoyingly structured and inflexible, same with math lessons. Maybe I was just an autistic outlier about that stuff but you were forced to go at the pace of the slowest kid so even if you already knew how to read chapter books and do arithmetic, you were handicapped by being required to do it in baby steps like awkwardly sounding words aloud a single letter at a time instead of just reading the word normally because you already know it, and writing stuff like
>8 + 7 is like 8 + 2 + 5 and 8 + 2 is 10 and 10 + 5 is 15!
instead of just saying 8 + 7 = 15. If you wrote that without "explaining how," you would lose marks, so you were forced to waste time elaborating on minutiae you already understand.

No. 1878566

>I'm actually scared of telling my therapist about my way of thinking because she will probably try to rationatlize it to me but I FEEL I'm right
Your therapist should not rationalize it because it's clearly pathological, if your therapist does you need to find a new one.

No. 1878570

I would rather throw the free stuff in the bin then go out if my way to meet somewhere honestly. I think I'll just delete my account

No. 1878572

No I probably said it wrong, I meant she will try to talk me out of this and try to prove me my line of thinking isn't rational
But my brain just tells me it is and it's also fueled by my constant fear of getting punished. I'm such a fuck up in life and I cannot believe that despite being such a loser I could be that lucky and not get punished for any of my dumb decisions or for a lack of action. I see people way less fortunate than me and I'm no better than them so I'm just waiting for my punishment because I don't deserve to be that lucky

No. 1878578


No. 1878582

My lecture this morning was supposed to start at 9; we were in a room much smaller than necessary for the size of the group and people were left standing. Then the programme leader came in and said “lecturer hasn’t shown up, wait here until someone comes to lead the session”. We were waiting until 10:30. Then the programme leader showed up again and stood in for the other lecturer. She then spent at least 30 mins trauma dumping about her daughter’s experience of childbirth and skipped over most of the material. This course is a fucking joke. I really dislike the programme leader, which doesn’t help.
When I used to lecture, it was absolutely imperative that you kept your personal life private and were able to conduct yourself in a professional manner, but this person just cannot seem to keep her shit together or to herself. Everything is secondary to her personal dramas and she’s always reminiscing about power trips from her days in the field. She’s quite vindictive and unpleasant. I can’t wait to move past this bit of the course because her attitude and hamfisted leadership just permeates every aspect of the programme. I hate it.

No. 1878583

>I meant she will try to talk me out of this and try to prove me my line of thinking isn't rational
So tell her that: "I have crazy anxious thoughts, but they feel real to me and trying to convince me that they aren't rational won't work. I need another way to help deal with this."
If your therapist has experience with people who have severe anxiety, then she will have had clients are all "This all feels TRUE." before. Like, her first attempt to help you might be taking the tack that "maybe you aren't a fuckup in everything?"
Stepping back a bit, clients go to therapist for help with issues that they say they don't want help with all the time, e.g. "Im an alcoholic and it's messing up my life, but I'm not going to stop drinking, so what else can I do to get my life together." or "My boyfriend is trash, and he makes my like so difficult, but I love him and will not break up with him, so what can I do to make my life better."

No. 1878586

Wtf anon you are never supposed to sell stuff by meeting at your house, that is internet safety 101 come on now

No. 1878593

Sometimes I seriously think I was dropped on my head as a child. Things will be going well and I'll be making great progress and then it's like my brain does a shitter and the frontal lobe goes on vacation; I lose all self control with regards to procrastination and just get locked into mindless online distraction, blowing through all my free time and accomplishing none of the things I want to get done. Of course this correlates 1:1 with lolcow use. It's like I can observe myself getting stupider as I read the inane arguments and braindead takes with people just firing back at each other like it's a contest to come up with the broadest possible overgeneralization and miss the point by the biggest margin, and yet I'm powerless to pull myself away. Honestly, I feel like the only option is to get myself deliberately permabanned.

Anyways, I wish bodily harm on the poster above me, which I intend to carry out as soon as I'm finished engaging in mail fraud (in the US). As an under 18 male (with a phallus), I want to punch Iain Armitage from Young Sheldon (age 15) in the face because that is also my true name and identify. I know this is the vent thread but I also think we should talk about race and how some are actually just better than others, a topic which he (meaning myself) has also written about on his blog that I (he) am advertising, because of how personally profitable it is. Fuck you, jannies. I am in fact banned right now but evasively posting anyways. Btw did you guys see that one sexualized and/or sexual art featuring minors (not in a milky way just wondering)?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1878599

File: 1707172184228.png (1.53 MB, 1179x765, 5D1D27AC-08CA-4801-9E27-F8BC0C…)

I hate moids so much, my brother thought it would be hilarious to touch his balls then wipe his fingers on my shirt, once I had screamed and taken off my shirt then proceed to wipe his fingers on my bare shoulder. I scream about it and of course according to my mother I’m the one in the wrong. I hate boymoms.

No. 1878605

My dog does this

No. 1878606

i feel you. i also felt that way about the sherlock guy back in his heyday. stay strong

No. 1878607

I don't know what's happening but I'm suddenly so scared. Everything is the same as usual but every noise is making me jump. I hope I can just sleep it off

No. 1878613

You should have an honest discussion with him and find a middle ground that would suit both of you. Otherwise, it might be best to go your separate ways. I had a clingy ex, and it was really difficult for me too.

No. 1878616

Lately my brain has been reminding me of every single embarrassing thing that I have ever done. Usually when memories resurface it's like "remember that one time when you…" and it's cringe but it's easy to move on from the thought. The past few days though, it's just been a total barrage from all of my years alive. I don't even know how I'm remembering all this shit at once. Not a good feel.

No. 1878620

File: 1707173100104.png (157.31 KB, 1080x1080, 0cea13cd6048159afc8747c9c3a6a6…)

I fucking loathed phonics and hated being told "sound it out". Silent letters always gave me trouble as a kid. Then there are words that are not spelled like they sound like colonel. Kansas and Arkansas both sound different despite Kansas being in Arkansas. Learning phonetics later on really was interesting to me especially when my professor told us being good at spelling wasn't an advantage.

No. 1878651

That's fucking terrifying how your not being taught how to vet sources. Jesus christ, that must have been implemented by some shitty political party full of cunts.

I remember getting taught the basics in the 90s and if you caught on quickly you got separated into groups and books were colour coded to each groups levels etc. The maths thing seems tedious but getting the fundamentals and showing working out is very practical to build on later. I'm in my 30s and still break down numbers to smaller ones to do simple sums. The more shit you put in your head other shit falls out you need to remember the basics so you can troubleshoot harder problems

No. 1878659

File: 1707175452533.jpg (58.47 KB, 543x458, 1680588996150632.jpg)

My lawyer just gave me a deadline for turning in my bank/cc statements by the end of this week. My ex sued me for the property we used to share together because he needed to pay his daddy back for the down payment, not that he was breadwinning by being a cashier. The statements are to prove what monies from the property sale I am credited.

I don't know why but I am having a difficult time sitting down at a public library to try to pull all these statements I need to prove what I paid. I think I'm subconsciously avoiding the frustration. It's bullshit, nons. He is a snake who told me during our relationship that it was okay for me to take on debt to pay for mutual things like furniture and groceries and renovations, yet now he is playing it up that he paid the mortgage all by his lonesome (which is only true for a few months out of the 2.5 years we paid together fyi) and that this prior agreement never existed. Add insult to injury that he lived with me for several months in my apartment prior to us going in on the property and I never asked him to pay a dime.
I cheated on him because he was a selfish, narcissistic scrote who put our (now my) sweet puppy in a crate all day while I worked two jobs to pay down my debt while he gamed after coming back from his dipshit cashier shift. He never cared about making the holidays nice and wouldn't participate with me. He would yell at me for eating a portion of his frozen chicken nuggies when I'd come home at 3am and no one had made dinner for me because he didn't give a fuck–ignoring the fact that he worked at a fucking grocery store and could have bought food for both me and him anytime. He never cleaned or did anything to help me. He only ever did performative shit (nice engagement ring, a beach trip here and there) because he knew if he didn't do that shit I would have left him even sooner, and the only reason why those things happened is because he could buy or charge for them and he didn't have to lift a finger of effort since I coordinated and gave him the literal ass roadmap. I can't even bear to type out the other shit that would encapsulate what a complete pig he is because all it does is call into question my mental sanity for having put up with it. Covid lockdown disguising his habits and giving alibi for his true nature? My aversion from living with my shitty family? Mental illness? Desperation? Doesn't matter, cause either way I am paying price for this awful mistake.

He's out for blood because he knows I cheated, and because he's a desperate cashier who needs to recoup that money.
I hate him.
Legitimately, I hope he suffers an extremely painful death for all of the shit he has put me through. He used to say how so many exes of his cheated on him, and all I can say is that I hope the future women he cons continue to do the same. One day his rich daddy won't be around to pay fancy lawyers to attack women who want nothing more to do with him. I hope he feels it hard.

No. 1878663

Put a used tampon in a hot dog bun and make him eat it

No. 1878667

File: 1707176024465.png (Spoiler Image,149.81 KB, 628x650, butatleastnowiamfree.png)

No. 1878689

I feel sick. I actually think I'm being gaslight or maybe I'm just schizo. Idk anymore.

No. 1878691

I hope it passes queen

No. 1878722

File: 1707180028272.jpg (28.48 KB, 312x387, 1703807084808906.jpg)

My bf loves rap and I autistically hate it. I hate when people talk instead of singing, I hate the lack of good melodies and progressions, I just fucking hate this form. I don't want to put him down for his taste but I don't know how to politely decline when he tries to send me another shitstain subhuman rap song. I listen to it every time because I want to at least give it a chance and be fair to my bf, but I always end up with disgust on my face

No. 1878724

Just tell him you're not interested in that type of music and would rather he didn't send it. He should be able to understand.

No. 1878725

File: 1707180112382.png (109.36 KB, 253x243, 1632446483804.png)

My boyfriend unironically thought I was a pedophile, and for some reason, he was okay with it. It started with a discussion in which I said that nobody wants to talk about it, but most people find some teenagers attractive. People are hardwired to find sexually mature people attractive, and teenagers are sometimes sexually mature. He agreed, and that was the end of it, until today, in passing, I mentioned a man at my uni being decent to look at, but so boyish that he looked like a kid. My bf said "So he looked like he was 12-14?". I immediately felt disturbed and corrected him, because by "kid", I meant he looked around 15 or 16. So, for months, he thought I told him I found 12-14 year olds attractive, and didn't question it. I don't know what to think about this. I don't like using the term "the ick", but I'm feeling it now.

No. 1878727

You're both creepy weirdos. Perfect match.

No. 1878728

File: 1707180254510.png (372.25 KB, 1080x1073, 80626C9C-0F98-4B4A-9942-4DDF32…)

I feel like absolute pure shit saying this, but I’m a radfem and whenever I spent time around women I just don’t… enjoy it… For a long time I didn’t have any friends and all I wanted was friendship, but since I have hung out with/talked to girls it seems like all they do is just trigger me and slip in some weird b-wordy behaviour. It’s like I’d genuinely rather be by myself now upon realising what a whole lot of them are like, I really wasn’t missing out on much. Just simple things like not inviting me out for precisely no reason, constantly talking about their boyfriends, weird behaviour - it just makes me feel weird, idk. Especially because one of the girls I know acts like a chameleon and pretends she’s radfemmy around me but not to this other girl. I feel like a moid attempting to understand this behaviour

No. 1878729

Sounds like you're made for eachother.

No. 1878730

What a lovely match made in hell

No. 1878732

you are the problem. I don't even need to know more. You are the issue, and you're doing all these women a favor by withdrawing. There is a reason they don't invite you to things. I hope you can curb your misery somehow.

No. 1878734

I'm sorry you feel that way anons but it's the truth. Fwiw I don't condone actually dating teenagers. I don't see how that makes me the same as someone who thinks that about actual children?

No. 1878737

I’m guessing you’re both like 20 or younger because once you get to a bigger age if your peers are finding 18-20 year olds sexy its fucking weird and gross because they look like teens and teens are actual children

No. 1878738

It’s okay nonny. I wouldn’t have wanted to sit in a pub listening to a girl speak about how she wants her boyfriend to get her pregnant at 18 and how cute he is repeatedly whilst blowing vape smoke in my face anyway.

No. 1878739

i’m confused. you said you think it’s normal to be attracted to teenagers, why are you surprised your moid thought you were attracted to them…?

No. 1878741

Haha what the fuck is this weird moralfagging? An 18 year old scrote is a fully developed MAN and they want to be used as such. Honestly so are they a little younger(bait)

No. 1878743

Obvious bait but I'm downloading that image because it made me laugh and I think I could get some good use out of it.

No. 1878745

That sucks, but you're coming across as an NLOG through this post. Surely you can find other like-minded women in your hobbies that won't be like all of the women you've come across?

No. 1878752

I'm thinking about getting a gun, but I'm so scared. I have gun-related trauma from my childhood and im staunchly anti-firearm, but I think it would just be stupid of me to not have a gun (or at least know how to use one) in a country where just under half of the population owns a gun. Plus I'm in the South, not some more liberal area where they may be more uncommon. I'm just very scared. I don't ever want to touch a gun in my life. I want to move to a different country and my main motivation for that is to avoid guns.

No. 1878753

I disagree. I slept with someone 19 when I was 30. The sexual energy was fire and the young are eager to please because they don't have the experience. Outside of that, we had little in common.

But the difference between women and men is that women don't seek it out. I get propositioned by younger men all the time. Older scrotes are predators who solicit young women to take advantage of them.

No. 1878758

Samefag but my hatred of guns is almost equal to my hatred of anons fighting about age gap relationships and whether dating teenagers is ok or not. This topic fucking sucks, idk how many times it must come up. Damn.

No. 1878759

Genuinely not bait but glad you enjoyed the image
Idk it’s just sad bc one of these girls was supposedly a terf and I got super excited bc I’ve never met a terf irl. But she was literally saying to me today nonchalantly how she copies people around her and she doesn’t even know who she is as a person, so I genuinely think she just decided to latch onto what I was thinking. All in all I genuinely think I prefer being alone, but I never get the chance to be anymore

No. 1878760

>I don't ever want to touch a gun in my life.
It's normal to feel this way nonnie but I think of it like, okay if I was the first person in the world to know what a gun is I wouldn't want to use it, but since they've been around for so long and everyone else is using it I should have to learn. It's kind of like how it was okay to not know how to use the internet in the 90s, but now if you don't know how to use the internet it's just kinda cringe. If all the violent criminals know how to use a gun, it only makes sense that you should learn how to use one for your own safety and peace of mind. I recommend you look at firing ranges near you or contact your local chapter of the NRA, usually you'll find a lot of gunspergs who are super excited to help you learn how to use a gun and being around them will slowly alleviate your anxiety around guns. Also when you do finally buy one I recommend you shop around and find a cute one, I like Kimber's Amethyst Ultra II, just for the fact it looks really cute and its lightweight.
At this point I just report it for obvious infighting bait.

No. 1878763

You should look in your area, like by me for example there is a course offered in gun safety that will give you paperwork at the end you can submit to apply for your conceal carry license (at least in my state). And one by me is taught by a male AND female instructor, offers lunch, and the guns you just have to pay for the bullets. You should take a course like that so you can feel confident you know how to use it for what it's for- a tool to PROTECT you so you feel empowered not afraid touching it. I want to do it soon and I will I want my mom to come with me I think we'd have fun haha

No. 1878765

Shitty job making me pretty sad. Sadness making it hard to pull myself together and find another job. Everyone says oohhh it’s just a job but i don’t have energy or money for much else and I come home to nobody every night so work really makes it breaks my life. I know it sounds sad. Sometimes death sounds better.

No. 1878771

I’m basically 30 and I’ve been propositioned by both minor and non minor teens. It’s weird whether the kid is 17 or 19. They look like kids still. So I can’t agree with you. Having little in common with the 19 year old would make me feel like even more of a weird pedo, at least if we had a true friendship and shared interests they could maybe feel like a peer in some way. Your situation would have made me feel like I had just used an overeager kid for my own pleasures which is what scrotes do and I don’t wish to emulate scrotes.
>honestly so are they a little younger
I forget about the cow yourself thread where one nonna admitted to raping a 15 year old but then I read shit like this and it hits me like a war flashback

No. 1878781

File: 1707182530450.png (133.94 KB, 451x351, 9d1.png)

I do paid surveys for extra cash. Today I was doing some news video honesty rating survey, with a quiz after each vid to prove I watched it. Some idiot uploaded an anime clip instead of one of the news videos, so I got disqualified. Fucking lol. Tomorrow somebody is going to log in and wonder why their survey had an almost 100% fail rate.

No. 1878783

anon a 19 moid could beat you to death with his bare hands, he's not a baby

No. 1878785

>I'm a radical feminist.
>I hate being around other women.
Maybe they don't invite you out because they can tell you don't like being around them. Hatred isn't easy to hide, even though it often feels like it is.

No. 1878788

so the Last time my ex fiance and I talked, he said I could use his Disney if I wanted to make another profile so I did (my mom uses it too before we broke up) and he could use my netflix and now (nearly 2 weeks nc, almost 1 month break up) he made a profile but it only has male movies and he also hasn't watched anything on disney. I assume he does have tinder and bumble but doesn't/hasn't hooked up, and his instagram still follow count is at what it was when we broke up. he also hasn't contacted me to drop off my stuff yet (granted hes a few hours/on island for school but still no arrangement) what do I do? I still haven't contacted him but it feels like it gets harder

No. 1878789

Nta but just because you’re not particularly strong doesn’t mean everyone else is kek. There are also 15 year old scrotes who can win against grown women.

I don’t have much of an opinion (I am in aforementioned age range of 18-20 and have been involved with older women and men so that would make me a hypocrite) but it’s cringe to see anons bend over backwards to act like it’s much different than scrotes who fuck teens.

No. 1878790

So could most 14-15 year old moids? If my 9th grade bf time traveled to now he could absolutely murder me with his hands alone.

No. 1878793

it doesnt matter what you personally think, 19yo moids arent babies. The average 19yo modern scrote also doesnt look like a 'kid' most are already fat and balding from growing up playing leaugue of legends and eating chicken nuggies with monster.

No. 1878798

I had the worst sex of my life with an 18 y.o. when I was 24, he was an adult but it felt really weird and yes, scrotey. I really truly don’t understand 30+ women who see anything in men under the age of like 27. Even by my mid-20s I was already over it.

No. 1878799

kek it makes me laugh that whenever an anon says that she had sex with a young scrote all the anons from tradthot dot farms jump to baby the scrote like he's a 8yo and not a grown ass man

No. 1878802

No contact rule, plenty of videos about it to motivate you. It's win-win because it's the best way to both draw their interest back or to truly heal and get over them and move on despite what you may think you want now, I guarantee that last part.

No. 1878805

no one cares you fuck post wall men kek stop acting as if its weird for women to attracted to men pre-wall(infight bait)

No. 1878808

Thank you nonnie, I am trying so hard and LC is my only refuge. I really appreciate you. I have anxious attachment so this is painful.

No. 1878811

Even talking about “hitting the wall” is some scrotey shit. I don’t need some undercooked broccoliboi.

No. 1878813

enjoy your bald fat pigs then, but dont moralfag like a pickme

No. 1878814

File: 1707183485271.jpg (326.66 KB, 1049x1039, 1000002578.jpg)

You know when you think someone is funny and you defend the retarded but harmless shit they say when everyone else is annoyed with them and then they say that one thing finally that proves they're so stupid they aren't even worth the gum under a shoe and you will never see the same way again? Lol bye

No. 1878815

I read this book called "Attached" by Amir Levine & Rachel Heller. The book is about attachment styles and relationship science. Reading it actually helped me a lot with understanding my own attachment issues and what triggered my neuroses. I recommend it to people that suffer with anxious attachment style.

No. 1878816

I never said it was morally wrong.

No. 1878819

The average 20 year old normie is unironically more mature than the average 27+ year old lolcow user.

No. 1878821

>I really truly don’t understand 30+ women who see anything in men under the age of like 27. Even by my mid-20s I was already over it.
you did lol

No. 1878822

Post wall… so you mean grown men? Looking at pics of my Nigel when he was 19 he looks way more similar to how he looked at 15-16 than how he looks at 30. And he’s a handsome 30 year old. But he looks like a handsome grown man now, not a cute young man. It’s normal to be attracted to young men when they’re your age, but if your sexual preferences don’t age up along with you, that’s actually weird. For both men and women. Scrotes love to perpetuate that all men prefer 20 year olds but that’s statistically not the case even for the degenerate gender, but the most degenerate of them want it to seem totally normal when it’s totally not.

No. 1878824

practice doodling and accessorizing, anon. you will be good at art! fuck going out though

No. 1878825

Yeah, I said I didn’t understand it, are you illiterate? God damn lolcow seems to skew young, angry & retarded these days.

No. 1878826

kek imagine if moids defended the honor of their gfs online instead of masturbating to barely legal teens, you are pathetic anon and your nigel is ugly and old

No. 1878827

I had a heart attack today. It was inevitable given the fact women in my family is prone to heart issues, but I’m only 22, most of my aunts got their first around their 30s. I can’t even describe how it felt other than the worst chest pain imaginable. I’m in cardiac rehabilitation for the next few weeks, which means I can’t be at home with my cat. Very Sadge.

No. 1878828

that's just us getting older lol and i feel the normieness creep in from the tiktok refugees who seethe at the sight of anything describing a scrote. sorry for being straight? we are still women even if we have husbandos irl

No. 1878829

legit lmao

No. 1878830

This but when I have a crush on someone. I always fall for the goofiest women.
Curious as to if this anon thinks 30-year-old women are old too. And if you like barely legal teens are you ok with men who do too?

No. 1878834

men commit 98% of crimes, women dont. Men can overpower a 19yo girl physically, women dont. Its really not hard to understand, men and women arent equal so its retard to held them at the same standars. Also, women age gracefully, men aging means them going bald and developing a beergut. There is a reason why men jack off to milfs but women arent into dilfs unless they are super mentally ill terminally online weirdos with pronouns and chest scars. Old men are painfully disgusting.

No. 1878835

Hope you realize that admitting your nigel was a cute young man destroys your claim that it's unnatural to be attracted to 19 year olds while in your 30s.

No. 1878839

Yeah, I think if men openly chase younger hotter meat it’s fine for you to do the same. If only to watch him squirm as he tries to explain why it’s ok for him but not you.

No. 1878840

But you mentioned men jerking off to barely legal teens, not overpowering them? I wasn’t talking about relationships here.
It’s just an odd argument for me, I guess I’ll never get it. It’s always inconsistent, I’ve seen discussions like this before and anons also think lesbians can’t date teen girls. What’s the distinction here? I know women who can overpower grown men, I know men who are frail, so there’s obviously more to it than pure physical strength. But oh well, I don’t want to continue the derail, I’m just trying to understand this way of thinking.

No. 1878841

i am convinced that all of the anons who defend post wall men are doing it because they are offended in behalf of their ugly post wall nigels kek
again, men and women are different
>I know women who can overpower grown men, I know men who are frail, so there’s obviously more to it than pure physical strength.
oh so you are an MRA, makes sense why you are so dead set in defending moid's honor on lolcow. I bet you think women can rape men too.

No. 1878842

I’m not the other anon…? So not sure what you’re on about. I was just pointing out there are technically women who can overpower men.

No. 1878843

Of course I was attracted to him when we were the same age, I dated him when he was his 19 year old self. If his 19 year old self tried hitting on me now it’d be weird because he looked like a kid at 19. His face has matured and he no longer looks like a kid but he’s still handsome (and neither fat, pot bellied, nor balding). More handsome imo, because he looks less like a 15 year old boy than he did at 19. It’s weird seeing how much he looked like his 15 year old self at 19.

No. 1878846

the average woman cannot overpower a man

No. 1878848

kek still defending the honor of you moid, anon please its sad to witness

No. 1878849

I hope you know you just admitted that at 19 years old, you dated a guy who looked 15 and found him attractive.

No. 1878851

It doesn't get better

No. 1878857

What kind responses, thank you anons! You're completely right, I'm sure that taking some training courses with people more knowledgeable. I guess it would be like exposure therapy, the more you're exposed to something the less fear you have.
>Kimber's Amethyst Ultra II
This is a very nice gun, even the name is pretty.

No. 1878858

KEK. Anon is trying really hard to cope with her moid hitting the wall, sad.

No. 1878865

You need to go back

No. 1878867

>getting this offended at women calling old men post wall
you go back to twitter, pickme chan

No. 1878871

Yes but I’m saying there are some. I’m not saying there’s a problem with it, just that that logic doesn’t hold up in all circumstances, so what about the exceptions? Anyway this is an interesting discussion to me because I recently asked somewhere else on /ot/ if it was ok for me to get involved with a 30-something woman as an almost 19-year-old woman, funnily enough. I don’t have opinions either way, but they said no, which contrasts the reasoning itt since women don’t commit crimes or are post-wall at this age etc. Curious and confusing differences in advice here, kek.

No. 1878878

ntayrt but the OP said people in general, not specifically just women into younger men. so she probably doesn't think it's a big deal for men to be are attracted to teenagers either and i think that's why she's getting those responses

No. 1878879

This thread feels like it’s full of moids and I think the vent threads may attract them, could explain the difference in opinions.

No. 1878882

why are you pretending as if anyone who disagrees with you is the same person? i dont think its wrong for you to date a 30yo woman if you want to. But men 9 times out of 10 can overpower you, and its retarded to make your entire argument ''b-but some cant!'' as if thats not an extremely rare case. It reminds me to moids saying ''women rape children too'' when a teacher rapes a young student once every decade while moids rape children every single day.

No. 1878885

I’m not the one that’s posting in shitty moid lingo(infighting)

No. 1878886

>moid lingo
oh the irony nonny, dont you know moid comes from 'femoid'? Better not use kek either since thats moid lingo too.(infighting)

No. 1878893

I wish Abercrombie made clothes like they did in the 2000s. They made such nice basics that also had cute details like a velvet trim and such, and I liked the lil moose in the corner kek. They were also very soft. Nowadays their clothes are totally different. And yes I do buy thrifted Abercrombie but unfortunately it's harder to find in a size large than size small.

No. 1878894

Maybe but to me it just seems like it's just filled with annoying infighters and people that don't recognize obvious bait. Just report their posts and move on. They're stupidity is getting kind of ridiculous

No. 1878903

>He agreed
Should've dumped him right after this, imagine the type of porn he's getting off to. Do not trust men who like teenagers.

No. 1878906

>they're stupidity

No. 1878910

Where did I assume you were the same person? I’m not even against you, I just asked if that logic still applies if a woman is stronger than a teenage man. I’m not saying it’s common, just wondering about that specific case. My original question though was in response to the anon who said something about men jerking off to barely legal teens. They’re not physically present to overpower them.

No. 1878913

> I just asked if that logic still applies if a woman is stronger than a teenage man. I’m not saying it’s common, just wondering about that specific case.
anon please 14yos murder 25yo grown women. Its not about height, moidlets are just built to be physically stronger.
> My original question though was in response to the anon who said something about men jerking off to barely legal teens. They’re not physically present to overpower them.
what does that have to do with anything? that doesnt mean they cannot overpower them physically just because they arent present.

No. 1878914

Sorry I was busy walking and getting annoyed by the infighters I didn't realize I typed it wrong, I meant to say *there stupidity.

No. 1878917


No. 1878918

take a deep breath and get off the internet for a while, please.

No. 1878921

>confusing differences in advice here
Women can have differing opinions on age gaps because we aren't a monolith. Hope that helps!

No. 1878922

I have no motivation to eat today but know I should but also don't want to eat because currently I feel saited. What to do.. what to do..

No. 1878927

Maybe try liquid calories like a smoothie or something. I find when I'm not hungry but recognize the need for nutrients I don't mind drinking them.

No. 1878932

Perfect, thank you nonnie, appreciate you. I can do that right now too

No. 1878933

Oh nona please, you can’t genuinely think that there isn’t the rare strong woman.
>that doesnt mean they cannot overpower them physically just because they arent present.
So, men can’t jerk off to 19-year-olds on their screen because… they would overpower them if they were hypothetically present. Ok. Either way I’m done with this discussion, as I said I don’t have an opinion either way I just wanted to understand. Still don’t kek.
Of course, I never implied otherwise, I was just interested in opinions that helped my particular situation. I genuinely am really crushing on this woman so anons believing it’s ok is kind of what I want to hear.

No. 1878941

you are so annoying, imagine being a lesbian and still pickmemaxxing for moids

No. 1878946

Uhh I dont think most people are attracted to 15 year olds. Maybe most scrotes, but certainly not most women. Are you okay?

No. 1878949

You said you're almost 19 right? I think honestly you'll understand it when you're older. I know that doesn't help right now, but it's something you'll get when you're the older age and can see how fuckin weird it is. At the end of the day though, date whoever the fuck you want, I'm not sure why anonymous board users validating you matters.

No. 1878950

Sorry I didn't know about this one.
You're responding to two different anons. And I am taking deep breaths I'm on a walk and it's mostly uphill.

No. 1878953

Kek right? And what exactly is the difference to her between 14 and 15? Both are children and they look identical. That age would be in the same grade together in school.

No. 1878963

I literally said I don’t have an opinion either way, I’m also bisexual. You’re weirdly antagonistic about this.
No, it was a little while ago when I was looking for advice on the matter since my friends are really against it. Not looking for validation but since the topic was up I thought the difference in opinion was funny.

No. 1878964

There’s men in who play both sides of the fence too, it’s all apart of group dynamics and it’s exacerbated by how competitive life has become for everyone. You can support woman as a class, but be picky about the women you befriend.

No. 1878966

Can't wait for a fresh and new vent thread

No. 1878971

That is gross and everyone who knew and didnt tell you, and knew and continue to stand by while he infects women are putrid themselves. You are the company you keep, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 1878972

I should clarify, "you are the company you keep" is directed to all the friend who knew and do nothing about it and allows him to infect people.

No. 1878974

I hope some girl lights his dick on fire or milks him in court for all he's worth. Whatever is more painful. STD spreading moids are the lowest of the low

No. 1878976

nta but I don't understand why every time someone complains about being excluded they're immediately jumped on and accused of being the problem because there 'must be a reason'. it's such circular logic.

No. 1878986

Not nearly as bad as your situation but one time I got blamed for some gross poop that was already in a friends toilet that I tried (and thought had successfully) to flush. Instead the next friend who went to the bathroom saw the weird poop and everyone blamed me.

No. 1878988

Nonnie I'm not sure if it helps but when I found out I had herpes I thought my life was over and was really scared of the stigma attached to it. You're rightfully mad and angry and probably scared too.. I hope you are ok. Things will get better.

No. 1878994

File: 1707192105771.png (173.38 KB, 504x524, unknown.png)

Anon who had awful allergic reaction to her medication is alive! I'm alive, I'm alive! The urgent care doctor was quick and to the point but he also tried to initially convince me to take the meds orally to which I responded that I needed a fucking muscle shot in my hip. The first 10 hours thereafter were a gradual climb. By the time I ate dinner the steroids washed over me and the sensation of clam flowed back into my body like a lazy river. Limbs tingling, throat loosening, heart warming, stomach gurgling, sneezing, all my motor functions finally are mine again. On the downside, lot of drooling.

Psych and I had a call and we're kicking lamotrigane to the curb, probably going to replace it with something else. I'm not really up for Vraylar knowing if I lose my insurance I couldn't pay for it, but we'll explore options in a couple weeks when the next appointment falls. I'll take withdrawal till then over not being able to breathe.

This really sucks. Up until the last dosage increase it was helping me by far, I took it in the past, stopped for a few years, not due to an adverse reaction. Tiered up to 100 mg fine and then hit an abnormal wall at 150. Not to trivialize anyone who has gotten the rash but I literally would've taken a milder version of the rash over my throat and mouth swelling shut. If I'd taken it one more night like I planned before I had an ominous feeling it'd worsen, I'd probably have been dragged to the ER needing to foot a $5000 bill or some shit. Thank god it's finally resolved and may it stay resolved and pray it never happens again

No. 1879003

Glad to hear it nona. When I took Lamictal, they told me that the second you get any weird bad symptoms, you have to stop cold turkey. But it never even occured to me you could just be straight up allergic. It only gave me weird neurological symptoms at 400mg and that was enough to make me quit. Fwiw, I stopped taking it several times over the years at that dose (on accident) and didn't feel anything too adverse happen to me, so hopefully you won't feel too much withdrawal. Good luck on your new meds.

No. 1879006

Thats scary and I am so glad you are ok

No. 1879009

Today after making a nice meal for me and giving me a great massage, I could see my boyfriend looked troubled and I asked him what the problem was. He looked me right in the eyes and said that he was breaking up with me because he couldn't handle my sexual past. It broke my heart to hear him say this. He was so gracious about it as well, saying that it's entirely on him and that in no way is he judging for my decisions, simply that he can't control his retroactive jealously. When I tried to deter him from this mindset he said he already considered most of the usual rebuttals and that even after going to therapy the problem was not going away. He said it would be better for the both of us if we simply went our separate ways.

When I asked him if he wanted to wait before making such a decision, he shook his head and said it was just a form of control, having to shame someone for something that isn't in their control. Apparently a women of my status will have it easier in the dating world and that in a year I'll probably forget him.
When I asked him what he'll do if his 'jealously' comes back for another girl, he said he was just taking himself out the dating world in general. He will always feel the woman has settled for him and that unable to seperate these things the way I do.

He was such a great partner and friend. I always that knew there was something amiss because I shouldn't be having it this good. I know that nonas here will say that in time I'll recognize his flaws but there was always something special about him. The fact that he can't feel the love I have for him and continually thinking that he's second to all my exes is just heartbreaking. When I started crying, he moved in closer to console me but I swatted his hand away. I just can't. I don't even know what to feel.

No. 1879011

Wtf is your sexual past that he couldnt handle it? How odd.

No. 1879013

I’m glad you’re okay! FYI though You don’t ever have to pay an ER bill

No. 1879015

I got dumped for a similar reason. You can't reason with them logically. It's just how moids are.

No. 1879017

wait lamictal is steroids?? im on them too i never knew that kek im roideddds!

No. 1879020

Stacy type shit tho, I bet you're just too hot for him 10000%, go out with a man. Not a boy

No. 1879027

>It was just a form of control.
>Taking himself out of the dating world.
>No way judging (yet he judged you, words mean nothing to scrotes).
I know this is vent thread and I'm sorry about your heartbreak nona but this guy seemed like a total dipshit and I think once you come out of the lovesick phase you'll realize he was cringe as fuck. He literally admitted to wanting to control not just the present you but also the past you. That's some crazy dementia level thought process.

No. 1879028

kek nona the drug they gave me at the urgent care to counteract lamo was a steroid. I think lamo is an anticonvulsant originally. but it would be funny if it was also a steroid being muted by a steroid

I've heard of some bipolar people taking 200mg twice a day (400 mg) and I always swore that was too high a dose for bipolar, but I guess everyone's built different (I don't have epilepsy). my doctor kept telling me that she didn't want to tier me above 200, I said I thought 100 wasn't strong enough and begged her for 150. Kind of wish I'd listened to her and just stayed at 100, added a support drug, but I may as well have had the same reaction eventually. I'm a recovering self harmer and I really fear that it's changed my bodily chemistry over the years. To some drugs (both pills and narcotics) I have mule tolerance, but others fuck me up hard. I was on a fairly docile potion of lamo and buspirone for a couple years that worked swimmingly for me till I had an abrupt mental breakdown, lost my insurance, and that spiraled into two years of hell. So I tried to get back on lamo without yet adding buspar thinking doc would add it after this dosage and… cue allergic reaction. I'm thinking of testing Abilify because it's cheaper than the other options she's thrown on the table, the only thing I fear is weird antipsychotic fugue and weight gain.

I've got history with respiratory shit. not an asthmatic but I've been short of breath since I was a kid. When I fall severely sick it's almost always centralized to my chest and lungs, and I have the nastiest gag reflex. So of course… the first time I have a severe allergic reaction… it's my problem area.

My dad who I summoned to help me with the whole thing was being an utter scrote about the hospital debt that it'd accrue, I've got a complicated situation with the insurance, and I'm jobless right now. I see where he's coming from rationally, but god I was fed up with his emotional dry well of a passive aggressive asshole reaction by the end.

No. 1879029

Nothing that bad, just four LTRs and two hookups. When we started to discuss this he basically said that my concerns were entirely logical whereas his issues were irrational and that there is no reasonable justification he can provide for why he feels this way.
He told me that in time I'll get over this and realize that he was only holding me back. I know that he didn't have the best childhood so he has problems with withholding intimacy but still, we were best friends. We shared everything. I know it's unhealthy to feel this way but I wish there was way I could solve this or get some actual insight on the matter. We were each others equals in many ways. I know that there are parts of personality that come off as abrasive but even having that be wholeheartedly accepted by someone with whom I finally thought I had a connection, it's a special kind of pain.

I wish I could be calm about this but I just can't bring myself to relax. All of this is exacerbated by the fact that a month ago was his birthday and I decided to do his part of the chores for him and while I was cleaning I found his journal lying around. It was filled my interests and things that I'd like others to do for me like, bring hot cocoa when I am feeling angry or trying this particular restaurant. In my previous relationships I was never shown this sort of care and didn't mind doing these things myself like making my own personal blend of coffee. Not only did he go out of this way to learn all these things about me even though most of what was written was mentioned offhand but he was always so respectful and caring. He has a good circle of friends and he's well-liked wherever he goes. It feels weird having to write all of this out but right now my brain is barely working and I don't know what to do.

Honestly I thought this was the case as well and I wish this was the truth but he said he was breaking up with me because the problem was his to bear, it had nothing to do with me and therefore it's a form of abuse to be with someone whom you may begin to resent for something they had no control over. He had therapy and took medication but it didn't work and he said I didn't deserve to be treated this way so he was ending it as amicably as it he could.

No. 1879032

I went through a similar thing (still going through it I guess) and it was very hard for me to wrap my head around because it didn't make any rational sense. I went through a lot of what could I have done differently scenarios and if it makes you feel better there just isn't anything you could have done. Moids are just insane about this sort of thing.

No. 1879034

You will be okay nonnie, I am getting through an ex and just try to remember that the universe will always give you what you need and try to distract yourself. Not now doesn't mean forever, you're still young.

No. 1879038

I was sad about a similar thing for a month or two and years later am with a guy who basically worships me and the ex still sends a yearly "hi…" message. Whatever you think is peak treatment is only so because its your first decent guy, so you're catastrophizing and imagining its rarer than it is. Keeping notes on what you like is normal. You'll also realize he's not that great if he bitches out so easily. You'll have to sift through some bad dates but you'll be fine in the end.

Also, try the dedicated relationship thread in /g/, newfags

No. 1879040

I cannot believe the grief abused kids get for being irrational and emotional and confusing about their situation. I am glad my abusive-ass parents hated psychologists and never used them unless court mandated because if I had to deal with brain pills and shrink-talk on top of what they were doing I would have killed my self for sure. Maybe I’m insane and it would have been better but I highly doubt it. Just glad they weren’t more savvy I guess because they definitely could have sent me on a lifelong spiral of self doubt if they had just said my normal bad reactions to their insane behavior were some sort of psychosis that needed medicating.

No. 1879046

I will never live with moids who don’t clean anything ever fucking again. Someone please meme men into thinking picking up a vacuum every couple of days will make them masculine sigmas.

No. 1879047

Moids that don't clean are lower than maggots for me. Bonus points if they blame it on "muh ADHD!" To live in squalor of your own volition is so viscerally disgusting.

No. 1879068

I miss you M, I'll never stop loving you

No. 1879069

>Nothing that bad, just four LTRs and two hookups.
what? I had moids get obsessed with me when I lied to them and told them my body count was in the triple digits

No. 1879075

File: 1707200752505.jpg (39.66 KB, 954x542, IMG-20240205-WA0038.jpg)

No. 1879077

No one with anything remotely appeasable realizes how hard it is to exist. I’ve tried to perfect not giving a fuck but I have ppl more than frankly lesser than me mentally and emotionally put me down I’ve just learned to play to ppls interests and even be anything you want I do hurt when it comes to having someone to listen I don’t if that’s because they’re more vulnerable, manipulative, or personable it’s hard to say idk where or they’re worse in every aspect I just play the role to maintain peace or else I’d black out especially with ppl I am supposed to care about that PRETEND to care about me everyone is in it for themselves i try to not give a fu k but it’s not in my nature and the ones I show vulnerability to that aren’t important put me down Thea who understand I push away. Sometimes I feel like the ones that tray me the worse need me the most. The ones I need are never there for me even though I’d be there for them more than anyone even if they feel like they might be a subset at times they’re always number one and if they can’t realize that it’s the point that they shouldn’t be in my life

The chagrin leads to ignorance. I am a being with thoughts feelings and a soul. There’s no all encompassing feelings o mf retributions in the non liberal sense. There’s notncommin denominate for anyone that you ever meet.! However hard
You try to make shit apparent and it’s never reciprocated we see

Seeing myself as a baby is so surreal disgusts me with what few pictures I have. I can’t fathom being being a child I’ve been through such negativity I can’t remember anything. Why bring a child into his sick sad world what the fuck is this narcissisM running rampant I wish we could just go back to whe people get slaughtered with no consequence skmetimes to kill or to be killed; preferably both

No. 1879081

.He doesn't know about the killing myself part though. it's on a year by year basis- the procreation, regarding both our lives, I think it will be, acceptably, cute, and intelligent. I told hom I may not be around to raise it if I didn't want to he was apprehensive but understanding I’m and accepting. I’d hate to do that because the baby would be better off if I was there but I want to die. I have tokophobia to the core yet as each year passes I feel more and more inclined… is that the motherly instinct? I don’t think so as it feels so repulsive to me still year after year. I hate being so much more eager. Is this my porn obsession shining through? Maybe a breeding thing? I don’t watch or have an attraction to that but am I so far gone that I want the worst possible thing for my psyche? Will that fulfill my sexual gratitude mentally and physically even if only fleetingly.

No. 1879082

I can get over shit why can’t anyone get the bigger picture you fucking idiots want to preach and can’t live up to your “morals” get off your fixing high horse you pathetic

addiction not in the form you think
I have an addiction
Not drugs
Not alcohol
Not Caffeine
Video games
Not what you’d think

I see the trauma I cause within
I get worse with each passing release
Once you break the dam
I fear for the future

Don’t to let others realize what going on.
There’s no reason to live if you’re miserable. Thinking about it everyday isn’t NORMAL.
Living for others is not the answer.
I don’t want this fucking questioning.
You’re never going to get rid of the existentialism.
Nothing is going to happen after you’re gone.
There may be mourning. They’ll die too.
You have no understanding

No. 1879085

What the fuck is the point of fixing “my personality disorder if that’s what fucking makes me me what am I going to become once I change the way it think if hats possible the grass is never greener cnnb

Therese no saving a brain as fucked. It’s been warped since the day it became in the womb. You go so long in fight or flight situations, every one becomes them. You can’t get help it’s been engrained into your mind for a quarter of a century. Not only that, it’s in your genes. You can’t escape the mental prison that is cognition. Brains are shot. You can’t control it.

No. 1879087

I want to die there is no meaning in life what’s the point in having a job when you don’t have money a lover when you always feel lonely what’s the point in living if you’re just going to die what’s the point in making things right for them all to go wrong

WHAT IS THE POINT IN THESE COGNITIVE ABILITES IF THEY JUST WANT TO FUCKEN KILL YOU. IF YOU YOU ARE AWARE OF ALL THESE THINGS THAT ARE UNATTAINABLE. It’s really boring in here actually rn. so many creative interests and so little drive or interest for that matter. There is really nothing that interests me. Clothes? Music? Art? Humans??? It is all this shallow vessel to consume Ignorance to ignore the fact life is pointless. Let’s get outta here. Point? To be happy? To have procreate? It’s all going to end up being dust anyways

I feel an unwavering feeling of self doubt and being stuck, I want to die. Be gone. There is no point in being on the hell hole. Why must we procreate into a world full of what ifs. Global warming, war, famine, diseases, corruption, theist goes on I feel as if there is owned to the massacre that is life upon the masses. The process of procreation is beneath us. At this point in time with ivf, AI, and technology there will be no pint in the future for natural life’s not nit will be overrun by AI. There is no reason for our existence. Why would anyone want to live or bring the into this death trap of an existence. Why is there a possibility but no guarantee of an amazing, satisfactory life you can be dead in the noun of an eye there is no idgaf I’m trying too hard. Being alive is disgustingi wan to die. Procreation is disgusting. We are more eloved than that back to my AI point. It’s disgust it’s primal. I hate peopl that can’t say what they want. I may hav trouble sometimes. But not to the extent that some people do, they can’t tell you what you.. they want

No. 1879089

It’s fulfilling when you want to be gone. You don’t want family, reincarnation, any type of afterlife, you just want non-existence and nirvana. Nothing is real not even your current existence. No memories. Those fade, scripts, videos, memories, all lost to time. Accepting there is nothing after death can prepare you for the existential. There can be thoughts maybe sacrifices/rituals. You may be put into textbooks but there is nothing in the end. They’ll all be gone and it’ll all be forgotten

I feel like I have no one who is truly 100% there for me. Family has already proven they’re in it for themselves. No friends, even if I did I’d never be able to make a connection deep enough. And they’d never care enough
______ may have wanted to be so invested at one point but the connection has been severed and there’s no reconciliation. Too many hurtful things have been said and there’s no coming back from on one side

No. 1879091

Alright these my drunk ramblings for the past fiveish years nonnas at least what I I can share without mostly compromising me I’m done I’m sorry I just needed to vent the first one was the newest after a year plus I was doing well the ai shit was from 2019 n I wasn’t even online lie that ain’t that wild

No. 1879105

File: 1707204480483.gif (85.23 KB, 220x119, angry-jim.gif)


No. 1879106

Vitamin B6, omega-3, daily scalp massages with rosemary oil diluted in jojoba oil, better nutrition habits. If those don't work then try minoxidil, they make a formula meant for women with thinning hair.

No. 1879115

I just want to be dead. If I could press a button and drop dead with no suffering, I would do it in a heartbeat. My only worry would be for my dog.

No. 1879118

I think my extreme obsession with a fictional character was a symptom of my severe and unmedicated mental illness. I’m sad now because although I’m not in distress all the time, I miss having something I loved and related to so much. Everything felt more vivid and clear back then. Now I’m just sad and stuck in grey shitty bleak reality. I don’t feel anything at all anymore

No. 1879142

Asa is a character for women every single male and troon who tries to larp as her is 99% a sex pest who sexually harasses people online

No. 1879143

Fuck people.

No. 1879144

same. I was so miserable but the way that staring at and thinking about literal pngs made me feel so euphoric like I was going insane or about to exit reality into another type of existence was unmatched and I loved it

No. 1879154

I’m sorry nonnie. I’m glad you get it though. It’s indescribable and sounds so silly to other people, but it made me feel like my hardships had some kind of meaning at the time. I wonder if it’s the same impulse that drives people to turn to religion that made us choose fictional characters.
I’m finding it hard to come to terms with the fact that it was all just senseless misery and the world is dull, evil, and lonely. Nobody cares about you in the way you desperately need them to, but at least I could pretend that my husbando did.

No. 1879164

this woman is one of the most disgusting grifters and panderers i've seen in a while. she doesn't have that mentally ill vibe like the tatted up one, this one is just straight up evil.

No. 1879171

They’re so full of fucking excuses. I’m the one at work most of the day, i’m too tired, I never learned how, I fixed a leaky pipe once and mow the lawn occasionally which is an even amount of labor as multiple daily-weekly chores. And they’ll pull those all out when you just like, ask them to clean up their beard trimmings or put empty food packages in the trash. The bare minimum. But women can’t have those same excuses, when a family has a dirty home it’s always shame on the mother.

I’ve lost hope with moids! There’s a greater chance I’d meet a leprechaun than find one that’s smart, attractive, not pornsick and not shitty.

No. 1879193

oh nona, I hope you get to find someone who cares for you the same one day. A person who will make the world seem worth living in for you is somewhere, I'm sure of it.

No. 1879196

I just can't date men. Even if a guy is kind and seems genuinely interested in me and is fairly attractive and likes to take care of the house and stuff I start thinking about all the implications of being with a scrote, and how he definitely watched porn in his life and how he would defend sexist behaviors from his friends when women weren't around, how he as a man benefits from female labor including emotional labor and I will never get the same effort from him because he's not capable of it and I think about the centuries of women being abused by men and how that one nice men would probably beat his wife and treated her like cattle if he lived 300 years ago and I just lose all the interest I had in the guy. That's the main reason I was never in a relationship and never fucked guys. I just can't forgive them. I'm seeing a guy right now and I can feel he's in love with me and he wants to text me every day if we don't see each other and he wants to show me this and that, but I'm already tired of this and I can't do this. I hate men as beings. Why do they have to exist?

No. 1879216

File: 1707219441396.jpg (24.23 KB, 554x554, 1644521471544.jpg)

I fucking hate time wasters on selling platforms. I wish there was a monetary punishment for leading a seller on for several days and requesting additional labor from them just to either ghost them without even a thanks or write back a half assed "hmm maybe I buy it or maybe I don't I'll decide later lol". And then they also start a random unrelated casual conversation like I am responsible for entertaining them? Like I give a shit about what's trendy in your kid's friend circle. honestly kys you selfish pos

No. 1879220

Thank you nonnie. Your comment is making me cry haha. I hope so too, so much. Have a lovely day wherever you are

No. 1879226

File: 1707220155627.png (441.71 KB, 1200x825, 1000017427.png)

Why am I looking at art schools again like I'm ever gonna really apply. lol. lmao even. I had resigned myself to being an aimless loser I really wish you would stop talking about art school it's killing me inside.

No. 1879229

No one with anything remotely appeasable realizes how hard it is to exist. I’ve tried to perfect not giving a fuck but I have ppl more than frankly lesser than me mentally and emotionally put me down I’ve just learned to play to ppls interests and even be anything you want I do hurt when it comes to having someone to listen I don’t if that’s because they’re more vulnerable, manipulative, or personable it’s hard to say idk where or they’re worse in every aspect I just play the role to maintain peace or else I’d black out especially with ppl I am supposed to care about that PRETEND to care about me everyone is in it for themselves i try to not give a fu k but it’s not in my nature and the ones I show vulnerability to that aren’t important put me down then who understand I push away. Sometimes I feel like the ones that betray me the worst need me the most. The ones I need are never there for me even though I’d be there for them more than anyone even if they feel like they might be a subset at times they’re always number one and if they can’t realize that it’s the point that they shouldn’t be in my life

No. 1879232

This picture sparks joy.

No. 1879238

It does the same for me too. Save it, it's all yours my friend.

No. 1879241

I hate remote work but I have no physical way to reliably get anywhere everyday without burning my wallet, so at this point I'm gonna hope I can find something remote. It should only be temporary anyway.

No. 1879245

Why do you hate the idea of remote? Do you have annoying room mates/ parents in your house? It sounds like a dream to me not having to go out in the morning, not having to dress and brush your teeth if you don't want to, comfy setting, no unrequired contact with other people you don't care about/annoying, you can snack or drink or scratch your ass at your lil anon heart desire, etc etc.

No. 1879246

God forbid she has a daughter, I feel like she's the type to hate her daughter and blame her if she gets hurt or abused in any way.

No. 1879249

While all that is true and definitely a privilege, remote work can be less productive and more socially isolating. The lack of separation between work and home can also erode boundaries, especially if you don’t have a separate room or work space.
Can you look into hybrid work?

No. 1879258

Go get your thyroid checked.

No. 1879262

I remember seeing another video of her elsewhere on lolcow. She's an absolutely perfect example of a pick me. Coddle moids, blame women. Rinse and repeat. What someone should do is make a greenscreen video and step in front of this video to say, "Don't date loser gamer manchildren."

No. 1879278

I have never wanted to a-log so badly

No. 1879288

File: 1707224729889.jpg (50.43 KB, 512x512, 1000017433.jpg)

"it's an image board we're SUPPOSED to be mean to each other you babies!!" no. It was never this bad before you're insane.

No. 1879306

>It's always been like this
saying this over and over isn't gonna brainwash me to believe it, I've been here 8 years and it's like anons are constantly itching for a fight now.

No. 1879309

Jesus Christ I can't stand zoomies who type in that "hehe hii, im x nd i rly enjoy this n that!!" brain damaged way. Most of the time I shrug it off as I know most of them are underage and trying to imitate the lulz so randum socmed style of communication from 15 years ago, but whenever it's someone in their 20s with similar interests as me/who sounds normal "publicly" but goes full retardo one on one? Save me nonnies for I'm losing it.

No. 1879318

I understand what you mean. I feel very disconnected from them, but I will say some of it reminds me of the old days of Gaia Online. I don't interact with those kids/adults thankfully, but I've come across some nonas that talk like that before. It's draining.

No. 1879321

So many of her videos are just a stitch with her nodding along to another person’s video. I don’t need to see your ugly ass face reacting to some stupid TikTok. Why is she so popular? 4 million views on this crap? What the fuck.

No. 1879323

why are people so mean to florence pugh, she is not ugly just fat

No. 1879345

is she even fat or just average and/or short?

No. 1879354

>something bad happens to somebody else
>say "Was it that? I figured that might happen (because I'm paranoid, went down the list of what could go wrong, and was a little proud of my detective skills)
>"you probably could have avoided that if you did this instead" (isn't life crazy like that? I guess its better to keep that info for next time)
>Only realize that I sound like an absolutely rude bitch afterwards
What is wrong with me, I feel so bad now.

No. 1879359

tfw have to rate people's reaction paper but im scared idk how to rate it

No. 1879388

Crying before work about my ex is more frustrating than sad

No. 1879459

ended up just giving a 10 to everyone lol

No. 1879473

Why did I get banned for this when I was just venting, and I've been here for years. Jannies are so fucking retarded.

No. 1879482

File: 1707236161860.jpg (51.54 KB, 371x624, 1000017451.jpg)

I will try to stop being negative. It feels so cringe but I think I need to start writing out and saying positive affirmations every day, I'm so tired of being crippled by anxiety and feeling like a ghost in my own life. I'm not sure how it will go but I also bought an anxiety workbook, I've tried traditional therapy twice before and it did nothing for me, I just want to live my life, I'm getting older and I'm not sure how long I can stay living at home, if I ever get kicked out I will probably be homeless and kill myself. Doing simple things shouldn't be this hard. I have to start believing in myself because no one has ever been there for me, so I'm gonna try dammit.
I got a retarded ban as well, I guess you're no longer allowed to all caps scream in the vent thread of all places, we all must type calmly and politely now.

No. 1879486

So the minor I'm doing is planning a 2-day study trip abroad and while you're not teeeechnically obligated to join, it's very much encouraged/expected you do. Now the reason I'm hesitant to go is because I hate to be in a situation with pretty much strangers I can't escape, and I know they're probably going to drink and party during free time in the evenings and that's soooo not my thing and I already know that's going to put me in uncomfortable and awkward situations. It's also mostly guys, like 3/4 and I haven't had the chance to talk to the girls yet because we only started yesterday and I was put into a project group with only guys so I don't know what they're like. I honestly don't want to go for that reason. On the other hand, the field-related activities are interesting and it'd just be another thing I'd avoid because I'm uncomfortable/anxious and I know I need to go outside my comfort zone more. What do I do? I only have today to decide.

No. 1879490

Huh only 2 days? Go with your gut feeling and don't attend if you don't feel it'll be enjoyable to you. Otherwise, it could possibly be fun if you connect with the girls.

No. 1879493

My local non profit Christian hospital doesn’t charge people who are out of work. Typically my insurance only covers 75% of ER bills, but the hospital themselves told me that since I’m unemployed I won’t be responsible for any cost at all and wouldn’t be even if I didn’t have any insurance to cover any percentage. They also treated me extremely well and everyone was extremely kind.

They actually recently went through a restructuring process cause this chain of hospitals used to be terrible kek (was still not for profit and christian). With super mean ass nurses and stuff. I remember googling about them when I got home cause I was surprised how great they were when a few years ago they sucked so bad, turns out they got like an entirely new board of directors with new goals being basically patient comfort above all else and lots of staff sensitivity and kindness trainings. It paid off.

No. 1879498

I know it sounds super extra retarded but praying has helped me a lot. Positive affirmations are pretty similar I think. Maybe even try both even if you don’t believe in anything, just pray to the world itself.

No. 1879500

>find someone that could be a good friend online
>they’re trans or otherwise subscribing to tra shit
it’s been this was since 2017 ever since i peaked. i’m so lonely kek; i really hope this bubble pops this year

No. 1879502

if if would possibly be two evenings of chilling alone at night that's not bad and you should go, if it was a week or longer i'd say otherwise.

No. 1879503

I'm so stupid. I fucking hate moids. I seem to attract the worst possible type and will admit that is purely my own fault but for fucks sake. I genuinely believed I this time had someone - not perfect - but understanding and willing to work things out. I always end up loving the shit out of them and this is the mistake I made with this one also. I'm so torn because half of me wants to kick his ass out right now and half of me is ready to accept his faults and love him for the rest of my days. I give him everything and he chooses to be an insecure idiot. I'm better on my own but why can't I just get rid of all the warm feelings I have for him and just kick him out like yesterday. I'm too ashamed to even anonymously vent what I put up whit. I'm an complete fool. I want to cry and scream so bad.

No. 1879504

I hate this projection shit because it's making me self aware of not only stuff I have to work on but annoying things I notice sbout my bf. Relationships are definitely a lot of effort, especially when both parties are mentally unstable or along the line of that. I feel like if I say I miss you while you're on a two week trip on the other side of the planet you don't have to respond with "you're being needy". No I am not you retard, I'm expressing love. I'm in such a bad mood because I'm constantly being accused of acting a certain way. I havent been begging you to text me or call me. I'm fine on my own.

On that note I fucking hate your friend. Everything he said to you about us was also projection. Everyone said he sounded jealous of our relationship so he did what he could to strain it. I hate that he drilled into your head that I "couldn't be without you". Then where the fuck was I before I met you?? Minding my own fucking business, playing video games, going to clubs, drinking with my friends. Then life happened and all my friends moved out of town so guess who's my friend? That guy fucking sucks and I hope you actually recognize it one day, thank fuck he moved back home. I just feel like screaming and punching things right now.

No. 1879507

Damn this is my fear about trying to meet new people kek I just don't think I could deal with tra and libfem stuff anymore unless I really liked the person and thought they could potentially be peaked

No. 1879520

Thanks nona, I don't think there's anything special about prayer but it's simply the act of saying/thinking something, maybe those manifestation/vision board people were on to something

No. 1879560

File: 1707242017669.jpg (23.78 KB, 447x311, 174517369fc1801c0a5540258aae45…)

Made a coffee at work just to realize my almond milk has gone bad. The expiration date isn't even until the end of the month either what gives… I don't even have time to go to the grocery store until the weekend either ugh

No. 1879566

I realize that being mentally ill has made me a difficult person; I’ve always turned it inward so it presents as self-harm, hatred, and suicidal attempts but I will never take away how painful it must’ve been for my family. And beyond that I know I’ve fucked up in other ways I probably can’t even see since I’m seeing it from the inside. I’ve become avoidant now that I’m living on my own, especially when I’m struggling, but I honestly do make an attempt to reach out to let my close family know that I love them and want to be part of their lives. I feel like despite all this, I will always owe an apology for distancing myself.. even if it’s my attempt at shielding my family from my illness. Logically I know that they have every right to feel the way they do but I wish just once that they would reach out to me, just giving me the benefit of the doubt that I am struggling. My actions don’t exist in a vacuum, I have learned to distance myself because I grew up the eldest daughter, gifted-to-burnout-to severely mentally ill, I know they hate to see me hurting but no one thinks about how it must feel to be on my side of things. Ignored, invalidated, and then expected to show up and demand love and support. I will never be able to convince anyone that if I could just get better, I would. I’ve started wondering if all they really want is for me to fake it. I’m not useful to anyone so I might as well not exist. I feel so lonely and it hurts. Sorry for the huge wall of text

No. 1879584

i am so tired

No. 1879597

You're lucky, I don't think I have one of those around here. I live in a ratty ass state not known for being virtuous to the poor or unemployed kek

No. 1879603

I'd like to make friends and hang out with people but I truly do not care about hearing scrote drama every time we have a conversation. I honestly do not want to hear about someone's lovequest constantly. Everyone's too obsessed with sex and moids

No. 1879607

same boat here anon. i miss when the internet was full of fun and cool alt girls to meet

No. 1879615

cant tell if im applying to multiple jobs because im having a manic episode or bc i fucking hate my job
both are equally likely

No. 1879617

Exact same boat as me. It's really annoying, I don't want to talk about how much they believe in tranny ideology and how much of a great friend they are to moids who step on our neck so they can get their cocks out in changing rooms full of under-age girls and women.

No. 1879632

Same, I also hate that eventually, the girls will drift apart to devote themselves to their moids, whereas moids don't do the same with their friends. It also counts the girls who leave their girls even when they are in the talking stage and when the relationship doesn't work, they crawl back to their friends whom they ignored multiple times. My apologies for the salt, but I'm McFucking tired.

No. 1879647

You articulated it well and I 100 agree. Honestly I'm mad because I invited someone out to a tea place during a trip and she ditched that plan to go on a train ride 45 mins away with a moid she had just met on the trip. In an unfamiliar city. Then she brought said moid and his friend back to our shared hotel room. I still went to the tea place and had a lovely meal at least but I can't shake the blatant disregard for danger and prior plans being ditched just because of idk male attention. Like what if they were murderers or thieves? I honestly can't connect with other women with this moid-first mindset but it's so common I don't know how to weed them out when looking for friendships.

No. 1879659

Put that mania to work, nonnie! Way to go

No. 1879681

This is why I've forbid my sister from casually talking to me about her moid KEK like unless it's something serious or you're telling me that you're going out somewhere I don't want to hear it idgaf

This has happened to me with almost every single friendship I had growing up, it makes it hard to trust people when you know they're going to drop you like a hot potato as soon as a moid comes around

No. 1879682

WHY DO JOBS ASK ME TO SIGN UP FOR THEIR WEBSITE!? I applied through linked or indeed and that's all you'll get out of me

No. 1879687

I feel so blessed to have such a small friend group who doesn't do that for the most part. Girls nights stay girls nights with only a little bit of moid venting.

No. 1879688

my mom projects so much

>you're messy and you leave crumbs everywhere

i wipe down my eating area and pick up whatever i might've (MIGHT'VE) dropped while eating. i actually painstakingly hover my face over my plate when i eat so i don't cause a mess. you have a sea of crumbs in the living room.

>you're fat and you always have something in your mouth

i spend 70% of my time in my room, and i don't eat in there, so that's impossible. 30% of that is grabbing you shit to "snack on" because you're too lazy and fat to walk ten seconds from the couch to the cabinet and get it yourself/going to the bathroom or outside to toss something.

>people just want attention! that's why i ignore them!

you regularly throw tantrums over me ignoring you (she's actually throwing a tantrum about my headphones right now) and pay so much attention to strangers that you hallucinate stories about their lives to complain about and juddge.

>people haven't aged past high-school! omg they're all so childish!

you poke your lip out and stomp around and argue with yourself under your breath if something even goes slightly wrong. you steal my fucking cosmetics. you're 60 years old and still giggling about men like you were 16 (not that i ever did that, but whatever)

i hate her so much. i want this interview tomorrow to go well but i'm also hopeless and not expecting much. this world sucks

No. 1879702

That shit is frustrating. I tried to take my friend to tabletop RPGing a few weeks ago, but she was distracted by her booty call blowing up her phone. I'll never take her again. I feel so betrayed when women dont value other's in friendships.

No. 1879713

Seriously starting to wonder if I'm a lesbian or something nowadays. I don't even know if I ever found men physically attractive or if I was just a horny teenager. The guys women seem to thirst over, no matter what just seem "meh" at best to me.

No. 1879718

i consider all weebs to be fujos

No. 1879722

Paki-chan is writing a thesis on this as we speak

No. 1879726

>I feel so betrayed when women dont value other's in friendships
>it makes it hard to trust people when you know they're going to drop you like a hot potato as soon as a moid comes around
This is exactly how I feel, word by word. What's even more ironic is that this very type of women resent their nigels later on for the fact that they still hang out with their friends and then sperg about how friendships between women don't last. Ma'am, women won't "welcome back" your ass after repeatedly ignoring them, not valuing them and their time and playing couples counselor with them even after they tell you your man ain't shit multiple times.

No. 1879733

I saw a post about how retarded women who don't have hobbies besides following celebrity gossip and doomscrolling on social media are and the only thing I can say in my defense is I cook and clean for my family although that's not really a hobby because it's more like chores. I wish I had any passion for life instead of being the most waste of air human imaginable.

No. 1879780

Samefag but it turned out they got what I meant and weren't dissuaded.
I'm glad, but I still wish I wasn't so terrible with speaking.

No. 1879784

File: 1707256528846.gif (6.93 MB, 498x498, 1000017519.gif)

Change is genuinely so stressful to me I fucking hate having to buy new shit I just want the same phone/puter whatever til the day I die reeeeeeeee! Am I actually autistic this is seriously so distressing to me I hate change I want to cry

No. 1879789

Damn where's that post a nona made about trimming plants it made me feel better

No. 1879815

So you have $50 to buy a dress, but not $50 to go to the doctor?

No. 1879956

I wish I could live on a house by myself because I hate having housemates

No. 1880001

wish I could find friends with similar hobbies and not boy crazy ones.

No. 1880006

File: 1707267782403.jpg (54.2 KB, 736x736, cherry.jpg)

am i retarded? i'm going out to get lunch with a guy and then we're going to his place after, later this week. when we talked about where to go for lunch, for some reason i suggested our fucking campus food court (think like mall food court essentially - not dining hall). i feel kind of stupid for not thinking of somewhere off-campus. like, this almost feels a little TOO casual. i wish i let him come up with it, because i probably could have done that. too late now, i guess.

No. 1880011

No don't worry about it retard-chan. It's always better to start really casual and then make your way to more formal things. If things go well and you want to see him again, suggest a lunch place farther away.

No. 1880024

Why the hell are bras so hard to shop for. Who decided that you should start at 32 inch waist and only go up to DDD unless your a specialty store that costs hundreds of dollars for one bra.

No. 1880039

So, i got the results of my country governement's uni program today, and i failed to get the course i wanted the most. There were 2 scholarships for that course and i got on 11º on the list.
Meanwhile, i got the scholarship for the second course option i applied for, but i'm still so disappointed on myself. I was literally the only one that applied to it, so i don't have any feeling of conquest or victory, it also makes me ectremely sus of the quality of the course and college i applied for.
I'm so sad with all of this, i feel so dumb, sad and disgusted with myself.

No. 1880043

thank you nona, this made me feel better about it. plus, if we connect well enough it probably shouldn't matter where we're going out to. and like you said there's always next time to go to other places if we see each other again.

No. 1880086

"But muh mental health and self care!" I've interacted with some of these people, and it's stupid. They have enough trinkets and clothes to play with.

No. 1880099

The 32 band size is the underbust not the waist…

No. 1880101

Everything feels shitty and I'm really depressed. I have a appointment with the doctor in about 10 days. Not even my meds can help me. I feel like I'm losing it.

No. 1880106

I like being able to socialize and having a reason to get out of my bed and house every single day. I get so lazy when I am just stuck in the house. I dislike being holed up. It's straining but I need it.
I could try, but tbh remote just might be my best bet at the moment.

No. 1880107

hybrid work is the way. I work hybrid and it’s a pretty nice deal. I go in the office sometimes for happy hour and such but can work from home as I please, for the most part. when I worked in person every day, it was exhausting, but I also imagine working fully remote would be lonely and boring

No. 1880117

Thanks I'm gonna kms now, I was word blinded by rage.

No. 1880118

nonnies i missed my midterm. i thought it was tonight but it was actually yesterday night. this is my second time retaking this class. im such a retard i genuinely want to kill myself

No. 1880131

>tell mom that i still feel sad about being bullied as a child
>try to be honest (for once) and explain to her that i am so "hopeless" with fashion because i have body image issues that stem from being bullied
>(for context: i am picking out outfits for a very important interview, and am nervous about this – she has something awful to say about everything i choose. explain to her that uh, that's why, i'm still working through my body issues – i have no real framework for being interested in these sorts of things)
>she immediately blows up at me
>says i'm trying to "guilt-trip" her (?) and that she tried to get me to wear "different cute outfits" and i never tried to wear any of them (nevermind that i got bullied regardless of what i wore and just wanted something that made me feel comfortable)
>says i should've just had the personhood and mental strength at….7 to 16 and just ignored the people fucking with me
>"umm you do realize kids are being raped and beaten to death? lol just get over it?"
>brings up some other minor dumb shit i did as a teen (dye my hair and lose some of it, wear a shirt that had a curse word on it – minor fucking juvenile bullshit)
>ends up becoming a whole fight

i'm so sick of this but it's also my fault for even trying…then again, i'm not being too sensitive, right? just because other people had shitty childhoods doesn't mean i shouldn't be able to vent about my own.

No. 1880132

My husband kept me up last night because he wanted to show me YouTube videos. I wake up at 5am for work and needed to sleep. I got back from work and passed out on the floor and the entire time he’s like “nonnie, take the dog out” the entire time. I snapped and told him to do it himself because it’s his fault I’m so tired. He basically whimpered away and did it. As a married nonnie make sure you have control over your men, I usually go along with the flow but sometimes I genuinely have to control him even though I don’t like to.

No. 1880133

I was late for the bus because I was smoking, had to take a taxi to work which was expensive as shit. Why am I like this

No. 1880160

im crying so hard. why was i born a deformed goddamn freak. i have SEVERE asymmetrical breasts with my right one severely sagging, faced down, and much bigger with a huge areola. im 19, i dont remember when one started sagging but i cant remember a time where i didnt hate my chest my fucking posture is shit because im 5'8 and have a genuinely freakishly long neck. theres nothing i can do but hide it. i used to try to hunch over to make it less noticeable and all it did was round my shoulders permanently. i took a video of myself shirtless to try to see my posture because im working on fixing it and to see the difference in my chest area fucked killed me. i can obviously tell in the mirror, but on camera it made me sob. and my back is weirdly wide and my arms have these little flabs of fat that are always there and stick out. im 5'8 and 140 pounds. even when i was 120 i thought my arms looked horrible. what the fuck do i do? my face isnt perfect, but jesus christ i dont care about my face i just want my body to be normal. it hurts so bad. i feel like a disgusting freak. im too embarrassed and ashamed to talk to anyone irl about this. where do i go from here? just accept that im fucked up and my body will always be wrong? im really hurting, nonnies.

No. 1880165

You should try adult ballet, I think they will appreciate your body especially long neck and maybe it can give you confidence, plus you learn to have amazing posture

No. 1880167

it's so sad you refer to this as taking control like what kind of asshole doesn't see how tired his wife is and takes out the dog himself?

No. 1880169

sometimes i get the urge to post some honest to god obscenely retarded shit but remember farmhands can see our posting history and get such second hand embarrassment it reminds me that Notepad is always an option and no other human being needs to actually read it. maybe i do not want the void to gaze back at me.

No. 1880174

KEK my posting history is so humiliating that at times I'm convinced farmhands let me off the hook out of pity. I don't care though because life is meaningless

No. 1880181

I work in Japan and there is a 6 yr old boy in one of my classes that has long hair, always wears girl clothes, wanted to be Elsa for Halloween…I have such a fear. Has this shit infected Japanese moms and their poor kids as well? It’s ok if the boy is doing this on his own but the moment his gender gets changed in our data or I have to refer to him as a girl I will quit.

No. 1880190

why the fuck do i only attract predators and old men. i feel so undesirable

No. 1880201

File: 1707286414335.jpg (37.68 KB, 564x412, 7d691bf15fe580f3c068059d2ec263…)

Why do I always have to ask my uni friends to meet up or hang out? At a certain point I'm tired of being like, "hey if you're not busy I would love to meet up but no pressure! UwU" Like. You know what!? Maybe sometimes, yes pressure! Can somebody be excited to see me for a change? I know that people are busy but I'm tired of doing the initiative (and I'm busy too but I make time, tf!?). I don't mind reminding people that it's been a long time since we met up, but I wish that they wanted to make plans of their own volition and not because I ask them to. It's the sincerity of it all. I want someone to be happy to see me of their own accord, not because I remind them they're a hermit and that it would be good to upkeep our friendship.
I have half a mind to just not initiate contact and see how long the radio silence continues, but I know it's also not good for me to be bitter and resentful like that. My character flaw is thinking people care about me just like I do about them and usually it's not the case. In some ways I've become chill about it (compared to high-school me), but in other ways I can't let go. I just want reciprocity. Once or twice. A crumb. Come on!!

No. 1880202

idk… if you're always the one initiating maybe it's not a reciprocal friendship anon…

No. 1880208

I know… you're right. It really hurts…

No. 1880220

Damn nonnie same

No. 1880222

My nipples are super sensitive right now and my left one is especially bothering me. I desperately need to get pasties for these times. Basically any movement of my shirt is uncomfortable. It literally feels like if I were to pinch one, it would fall off.

No. 1880226

Spent 2ish months monitoring calories but not paying too much attention to carbs without going overboard. I gained 7lbs (I could stand to lose 25lbs but 7lbs is a huge fluctuation if I'm tracking calories) and I can feel the weight and bloat on my body. PCOS makes my fat distribution so fucked. Any extra weight goes to my chest, neck and face. It feels so fucking uncomfortable. I like eating low carb-ish and don't have a problem with binge eating anymore but it sucks that what I felt was a normal variation and amount of carbs was enough to makes me feel so gross.

No. 1880242

my mom was complaining about how our electricity bill is fucken $400 this month… and not even 10 minutes later my jobless lazy fuck of a brother goes and turns up the thermostat as if he pays for shit. stupid dumbass fucker pisses me off so much.

No. 1880246

File: 1707291066179.jpg (461.69 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240206_195056_Mes…)

To cut a very long and fucked story short.
Get essentially thrown out of shared tenancy flat by abusive ex partner (too afraid to return for a couple weeks. Get spare key from letting agents and go in to retrieve phone as has all my banking etc on. Phone was in ex name but I'd been paying it to him monthly.
He has blocked the phone up in some way. Neverless I take it to stop him giving it away etc so we can maybe come to an agreement where I keep paying him. He insists to everyone I sneaked in and stole from him, blocks any attempt I have to enter flat and retrieve belongings. At this point locks have been changed due to my "theft" fast forward way too fucking long and I managed to enter a discussion about buying the phone and I give it back to him in good faith to restore. Occurs to me I would be better off getting a new contract than paying his demands of rest of phone so I say I'm not bothered about it anymore but please can I get into flat to collect everything that's mine. He flipped his shit at this and after showing me how he had downloaded my entire icloud told me in my opinion quite obviously he was going to sell the phone with all my personal nudes on. So having reported this to police I somewhat understood that as he never stated that intent explicitly they couldn't charge him. Anyway after some back and forth I receive this and call asking if this was enough of a threat and to please not send out officers if I'd be told the same shit again. The response was "oh no this changes things" only the police told me they would simply go talk to him but apparently revenge porn has to be about making it public? And not an idle threat to one family member. No mention of this in any info online (scotland law) I don't really necessarily believe he would do this but I'm constantly sweating, panicking and breaking down at my work right now because he used this as means to control me before and nobody seems to care. How fucking explicit or specific does it have to be to co stotute a threat.

No. 1880251

It's amazing the treatment these golden children get. I moved in with my guys family in order to save to buy, and the badmouthing we got off his aunt yesterday for not doing all the housework, everyone's washing, cooking everyone's dinner and not paying rent. Now my partner isn't working and hasn't been for a few months. Awful mental state and his family constantly goad him for being useless and unemployed whilst his unwashed brother has slept on the couch claiming benefits and oddly enough not paying rent for years. We stay in one room and I won't eat any food that I didn't pay for despite bring constantly nagged to eat by his mother. House is literal hoarder levels dirty. Like obese father getting piss puddles and actual poo on bathroom floor) his dad even said yesterday to his face and in front of a friend that my man should have just died at birth.

anyway fuck them none can explain why his brother lives full board rent free but we are expected to pay. I wouldn't mind at all but it's not one rule for us.

No. 1880282

Had a pretty awful nightmare after eating sugary stuff at night. It was humiliating and sad, felt as powerless as I used to feel back then, can't believe I'm still having nightmares over shit I went through a decade ago, when will I heal from this? Will this haunt me all my life?

No. 1880349

If he has your belongings and isn’t letting you get them you can call the police to have an officer escort you in and get your things. Make sure to report what you have just incase he hides items of yours and you can have him charged with theft. For the nudes part look into government websites that are used to database photos and report them as revenge porn so they can have a file on him. You can also report that he’s using your nudes as a way to extort you because of the phone payment and threatening your family by saying he’ll print them and show up to your moms house to plaster them there. Look into how your state manages these laws and after this all blows over file a restraining order against him so people can see how much of a piece of shit he is on his record.
Here’s a link for a website that might be able to create a hash to take down your images if they’re posted https://stopncii.org/ and here’s another link incase you have both been together for a while and sent photos of yourself while underage https://takeitdown.ncmec.org/

No. 1880355

I lost the chance at an apartment bc of an email delay

No. 1880470

That really sucks a lot. Do you think you'll have a chance again soon or is the housing market tough where you are too?

No. 1880488

I have no friends and I don't know how to make them. I feel so alone.

No. 1880490

what do you like doing? get some social hobbies (musical, active, boardgames)

No. 1880582

I had a horrible sexual encounter with a really ugly guy a few days ago because I was too autistic and scared to say no and I honestly can’t get over it. I hate myself for putting myself through that. I honestly feel raped. I’ve hardly gotten out of bed this week and I feel really fucking depressed, I’ve started drinking heavily in the afternoon and I just feel fucking ashamed and suicidal. I keep replaying it in my head, all the awkward cringy moments, and it’s making my skin crawl and stomach turn. It’s all my fucking fault. He offered to sleep on the sofa and I said he didn’t have to because I didn’t want to upset him. Then I could have still turned him down in bed but no, I didn’t. I’m fucking horrified and I hate myself. Why didn’t I just go home? I feel dirty and disgusting.

No. 1880592

The otc anti inflammatory meds I've been taking for my sore throat cleared up my acne completely. It sucks to know that once I stop taking them it'll all come back

No. 1880599

File: 1707314551896.png (312.07 KB, 512x518, hinoony.png)

not replying back to a girlie who needs me sorry I'm working so hard all I wanna do is hit you back but I have 0 stamina
I actually hate this cause I know we're copacetic I'm sorry to neglect you babes

No. 1880604

It sucks but I think it will be okay. Just looking for something before summer starts so I have time

No. 1880633

Some fucking guy tried driving as I was crossing the lightened crosswalk??? I'm in high vis??? I went up to his window and asked him if he waa fucking joking and he told me "sorry im tired" and i said pay fucking attention before next time you kill someone asshat, he said sorry again but i think he was caught off guard but i am not in the mood to play iM tIrED with someone. We're all fucking tired !!! I think he aplogized when he only saw that I am a traffic controller kek *i was walking TO WORK not even at work

No. 1880634

Learn from it for next time. Rapey moids will rape but "I proactively invited him into my bed despite him giving me an easy out" means you absolutely need to practice boundaries or keep moids out of your life until you can.

No. 1880668

the subreddit for a popular game i really like always stinks like balls. when some guy posted a waifu venn diagram, i posted a husbando one in there because i thought it would be funny to objectify the male characters for once. now i'm getting told to kill myself by moids in my messages kek. i thought that one of their main complaints was that men don't get called beautiful enough?

No. 1880682

This is my everyday at this point. In the US cars can turn right even on red so they use it as an excuse to race up to the turn and take it without looking. The amount of times I’ve nearly been run over on a well lit crosswalk, with the crosswalk light on and wearing high vis (literal fucking neon vest) and still almost been hit is way too high.
How much trouble would I be in if I had a rock to throw at them for attempting to murder me or a spray can to mark them as an attempted murderer? I was thinking of setting up a website and naming and shaming them, it’d be what they deserve since they treat life so cheap.

No. 1880684

I got a dashcam with the goal of shaming moids online because there are a lot of terrible moid drivers where I live. I was on a crosswalk once while taking my walk and a man laid his horn at me because he wanted to turn right so I threw what I had in my hand (a water bottle) at his window. I wish I had something stronger so I could’ve cracked it

No. 1880705

I want to vent about a personal horrorcow. I'm tired of being the only one to know about this shit.
>found out about the "pediverse" community on mastodon
>checked it out out of morbid curiosity
>tons of trannies/men, but also one female user who self-identifies as a MAP, hybristophile, pedosadist, zoosadist, etc
>used to hang out on twitter (nsfwtwt and others)
>left twitter after spamming gore of animals being stepped on/crushed to her friends
>used to self-identify as a "femcel", but stopped because CC and LC are full of transphobes (kek)
>identifies as "transage" 6 year old, made tons of posts crying about not being attractive enough for pedophiles as a child
>posted shout-outs to zoosadists mentioned on kiwi farms
>justified zoosadism by saying "animals can have kinks too, and some humans are such attentive, caring owners that they can clue into that, so it's not unethical" and said she hoped a man jailed for raping at least one child and brutally raping/killing/torturing multiple puppies, kittens, etc is safe and happy
>posted SFW pictures of various "child models" and idolized them, complained about how hard it is to find CP on the clearnet, etc
I didn't take screenshots when I should've, as a lot of what I saw ranged from sick to just pathetic. The community I saw her on got deleted, so I don't know where she or the rest of them are now. She's mentioned being afraid she'll end up exposed on lolcow or KF, so there's a chance she'll see this, but I don't really care. I hope people she knows IRL find out and ruin her life.

No. 1880706

i feel so stupid that i can only be attractive with the right clothes, glasses, and light makeup. i love natural beauty, i always talk about how much i adore people being unfiltered and just existing in their raw form but i cant do that because i look UGLY AND STUPID. im not terribly hideous, but im by no means attractive when im just at home in a t-shirt with shorts. when i leave the house putting on the right clothes to hide my weird body and eyeliner to take attention away from my other features feels like putting on a disguise almost. im not even me most the time. nobody will ever find the raw version of me beautiful. it just hurts.

No. 1880725

Nonnie this means it worked. You did good triggering all those coomerino moids. Keep fighting the good fight, oh beautiful anon.

No. 1880729

Here’s something hilarious. The only two people who have ever expressed interest in me was one scrawny guy in high school who I turned down because he was too chickenshit to talk to me face to face instead if through my friends, who later it turned out was making a point of asking out only “the ugliest girls in school” because he thought I’d be easy.
Then nothing again until now, at work, a 38 year old Asperger’s man child has a clear crush on me. And I just found out through my gossip of a boss that he is actually considered legally blind. Because of course that’s the only person who would be interested in me with my face. KEK.
I’m going to kill myself eventually because I will never land a gf due to congenital ugliness. If you are not ugly, be very thankful because it’s very painful to live like this.

No. 1880732

Hey now, you'll never be ugly to a blind man no matter how old you get and he can't watch porn so it doesn't sound too bad

No. 1880734

The beginning: I got to know this nerd dude at a party, via mutual friends. He was ok.

Day after, I find out he messaged me about our shared nerd hobby. I replied and that's it.

But the next day, he wrote to me again. I replied to him again.

He kept that as a regular, but not intrusive (he wouldn't go like "why didn't you reply!!" if I didn't answer for 24 hours) daily routine, and this went on for over 15 days.

Meanwhile instead of just replying, I also engaged in the conversation. I was kinda starting to like him.

So I proposed him to meet at a pub and have breakfast together.

Dude left me on read. He kept writing in the friends group chat, tho, just to make it very clear he was ghosting me specifically.

What the fuck was that scrote's problem, nonnas??? I feel kinda offended and hurt. What the fuck? He's the one who kept writing to me while at first I wasn't even giving him attention and then the asshole ghosts me when I start to show interested??

No. 1880741

He has the nasal vocal tone and inflections of a 12 year old despite being several heads taller than me and is covered in a pillowy layer of visceral fat. I would rather die. Even picturing it makes me shudder.

No. 1880745

sounds like nonnie is gay anyway

anon i understand totally. but i truly believe that our undesirability is not because others find us ugly but because we believe that we are. i have seen ugly people win everyone over with charm and personality and by making the best of a bad situation. but when others like us feel ugly, we cut ourselves off from others and don't allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and i think people assume that means we want to be left alone.
also if you really want a gf, i found that women are a lot less shallow but you have to be very forward. i know it's scary, but it's worth it. a year ago, i managed to find someone cute to love me though even though my arms are truly disfigured, i have loose skin from weight loss, and i'm aging badly. we're still together! i don't feel ugly around her.

No. 1880760

Your partner must love you so much, you totally don't sound like you hate yourself despite costantly repeating how uglyass you are.
I'm sure he's thrilled by your absolute body confidence.(pointless infighting)

No. 1880764

Ugly girls get good looking men evryday everywhere. That is not the problem at least with men, with women I don't know. You sound bi by your posts am I wrong?

No. 1880766

Honestly, you're not missing anything. At least 95% of the ones who seem "nice" will still switch things up once they have you hooked.
It's like this over the whole internet. Zoomers are always looking for a fight, a way to virtue signal, or a way to status signal even on anonymous image boards.

No. 1880768

I think it’s funny when the typical baiting anons come out to do their baiting routine and somehow manage to misread one of the main things in the post kek. You didn’t even try.

No. 1880770

Shit, you're right. It's a "lesbian".
Tis is an ugly teenager talking about her best friend.(pointless infighting)

No. 1880773

You're not alone, I've also been here for years and got the exact same ban in this thread. I had the audacity to write a couple of sentences in caps because I'm at risk of being homeless and going through a stressful period. Apparently this is a grave mistake and we can't show any ounce of emotion even in the vent thread as >>1879482 said. Some people just can't realize we're not all retarded neets whose only achievement in life is being a janny on an imageboard and we have actual lives that don't consist of scrolling this place 24/7. That's okay though, just accept it as the hilarious seething it is and don't let it ruin your mood.

No. 1880784

second day this week i have wasted. 1:00 pm and nothing to show for it but eating all of my day’s calories. shouldnt have gone on lolcow. shouldve started the day right. maybe i need an alarm and schedule but then when i do have one i get overwhelmed..just wanted to sleep in because of my period and now i dont know how to reset the day. i feel so ashamed. why after every good day i follow with a lazy one?

my boyfriend says im being silly. my puppy loves me the same. but i feel like ive wasted another day and i shouldnt have. i just feel terrible.

No. 1880785

Hey Nonnies, I feel pretty frustrated lately.
I've been getting stalked online by a scrote non-stop. Any advice how to deal with it?

No. 1880786

Post his number and home address on craigslist with some strange shit in to lure other creepy moids into stalking him?

No. 1880787

Hi nonny. Where is the guy from? I remember a few years ago I got harassed by a scrote from 4chan and I had to throw away my computer and everything, it scared me so much. I never used 4chan again after that.

No. 1880789

>I had to throw away my computer and everything
Why? Wtf

No. 1880791

The thing is, he's not in the US. Europe to be exact. I have most of his information but I just don't know what to do with it. He's stalking and harassing me on a gaming platform, making thousands of accounts to join me in games, etc

No. 1880792

oh fuck it. i wont be cruel to myself. i will cry and cuddle my puppy a bit more then walk her and get ready and do some homework. ill fast the rest of the day since im all full from a falafel and fruit binge. my worth isnt based on the food i eat. im worthy of love and doing good things…should just throw this into my journal while im at it. we will be ok nonnies….

No. 1880793

Whatever website I used, he somehow found what I was on. Like, I’d make a brand new youtube account for example, and he’d find a comment I made on a random video and reply to it. It was really fucking with me and scaring me at the time. Was a brand new computer too so I wasted about $2000, rip. I hate males!

No. 1880794

It's easy, google the specific craigslist adiacent of his country and then chatgpt the text/translate the deprived shit you want to put it then post.

No. 1880795

Can you stalk him back? Post his info on Craigslist? Perhaps even report him to the police?
You could also post misleading information on your social media.

No. 1880799

I don't want to do anything malicious, but how am I going to get in touch with the police when I don't reside in his country? It's sure he's breaking the law.

No. 1880800

I'm so sorry nona, that's terrible. What I meant though was why "throwing away" seems a bit radical. I suppose you did bring your pc to a techinician to look at it for shit before going the "throw away everything" route. Was formatting your pc not enogh?

No. 1880801

Why don't you want to do anything malicious back to him?

No. 1880805

That's so bad, I'm sorry Nonnie. Did he send you any kind of files/links? Maybe he put some kind of virus/spyware in it? Or did you tell him your socials?

No. 1880810

>interview at 1:30
>need to be there early
>ride decides she has to dry a sweater that matches her very specific skirt despite only planning to wander around in the local walmart while i interview
>this is while knowing i asked the night before if we could make a quick stop by a store for a lint brush and breath mints
>so instead of leaving at 12 so we can ensure we find this place which is ~30 minutes away we are leaving at 12:30ish instead probably
you have got to be fucking kidding me man. holy shit if i’m late i’ll scream. i will fucking die. all these fucking sweaters you have in this goddamn house

No. 1880817

Google it? If not, tell us what country he's in? Plenty of eurofags here.

No. 1880821

Lescel sister, I see you. It sucks being an ugly woman seeking out other women. I feel like women are so much more picky than men. If you're not a 6ft+ masc queen or an anachan it's so over…

No. 1880834

No, I didn’t take it to anyone. I just factory reset everything on my pc then left it in my cupboard for ages. I was very mentally fragile as I was a child at the time and I had lost a parent a year or so prior so I was very unwell, hence the reason I was using 4chan. I was scared what these adults were capable of doing to me, especially if they knew where I lived, as one of them lived about an hour’s drive from me.
No, I didn’t tell him/them any socials or anything like that, so I suspect they put spyware on my computer via a file or website they sent me

No. 1880845

how do you deal with being groomed as a young girl?
i was groomed by a guy twice my age on discord
it feels unfair to me as if i was robbed out of my childhood, i wish i never ever touched that app. i hate how i have to suffer and get flashbacks of the trauma i went through and they just go on with their day without giving a fuck. can anyone give me a good advice on how to deal with this. i just want to forget it but i can't

No. 1880848

Yesterday I realized that early career Blake Shelton looks like my rapist and then I immediately saw my rapist’s brother at a bar that night, he was there celebrating his friends birthday and these friends were also on the vacation he raped me during at his grandmothers multi-million dollar beach house. It’s something I’ve kept very private in my life, so only two of my friends know about it. Everyone else knows I had a falling out with him over him acting like a disgusting incel but they don’t know he did all that + rape me. It was 3 years ago and my feelings around it are very complicated and I did not call it rape for a long time.
My life has changed so drastically since then that it’s easy to put out of my mind but now I have so much shame around it for that reason. Why couldn’t I have been a nice girl in college with a steady boyfriend, a girl who didn’t do drugs or get drunk and wasn’t desperate for friendship anywhere she could find it? why did I think I was so damaged and unlovable and ugly when I was so pretty and skinny and funny and kind and nothing bad had happened to me yet? I’m so fucking haunted and I can’t talk to anyone about it because I don’t want them to judge me.

No. 1880850

Lmao, one of my exes accidentally followed one of my Instagram accounts. Immediately unfollowed. I only had one picture on that new one up, of my two dogs (the ones where he told me that they'd end up at the shelter just to hurt me— still haunting me when i think of him). But yeah, a decade older he's now in his fourties? Ahhh, i laughed a bit.

No. 1880853

>but i truly believe that our undesirability is not because others find us ugly but because we believe that we are.
except when you're literally, directly called ugly straight to your face by other people

No. 1880861

Thanks anon. I want to have hope, but it’s so hard because I’m a pretty realistic person and I just don’t see it in the cards for myself. It would be hard enough to find a non-troon SSA woman, then she’d have to be my type, then she’d have to actually find me appealing, and with each step it becomes less and less likely. People say to try dating apps but when you’re as ugly in the face as I am, that’s a complete dead end, plus, I just can’t connect with people over text.
Kek yeah i don’t know about women either. And yeah you got it right I’m bi not les, but I’m really not interested in dating moids in general so yeah I’m limited to women which is slim pickings nowadays when every cute GNC woman has a gender identity or has hopped on testosterone.
That’s what I’ve heard, yeah… it also feels hypocritical that I myself am pretty picky (not necessarily attractiveness-wise, for some reason I crush on women who aren’t conventionally attractive, but it’s still a pretty specific physical type). I also just feel like I have no appeal even in my personality or style. I try so hard to be stylish or cool, but I just always look retarded in any clothes I wear since I have short legs and have no charisma that could make up for my ugliness.
I try to convince myself I can live a full life without ever feeling love or even the romantic/sexual touch of another person but I just don’t think I can. I’ve been crying at night lately because I’m so lonely and touch starved and I just wish I had a woman to give my love to. Because I have a lot of love inside but nowhere for it to go, which is so painful it can be excruciating…

No. 1880862

Lamotrigane anon back again. So my symptoms worsened again even after having not taken the drug for days and days and i had to sit in the ER for 3 hours before i could see a doctor last night. My throat tightened to the point where I could barely breathe and I felt like I was going to faint. All scans and such came back fine and doctor said it seemed like my allergic reaction had dulled and there was likely no way lamo was still in my system. He then explained that the drugs i was taking to counteract the initial reaction, steroids and Benadryl and other antihistamines combined with the withdrawal from missing the psych meds and dehydration had seemingly launched me into a full scale medical panic attack that mimicked the symptoms of my earlier allergic reaction. So my throat kept tightening from what seemed to be acute mania and panic combined with the effect of being stoned from other drugs. It really is a shit sandwich

I just want to take a break and pass out until this bowls over. worst week of my life in a long time. I definitely know my first allergic reaction wasn't faking it, but who knows what else happened thereafter. Now I've got a giant medical bill to pay, but at least the hospital was in network. I wish I'd just fallen asleep and tried to ignore it instead of driving to the hospital at 12am. Fuck.

No. 1880867

My mom has talked about dying a lot lately and it freaks me the fuck out, it's not like she is sick or saying it in a depressing way - she just says things like "with the way the world is going I'm happy there I don't have to live much longer", "[my niece] is 20 now and [my nephews] are 18! If I'm unlucky any future great grandchild might turn 20 before it's my time!", "It's good my apartment renovations ended up looking so good, I don't mind living on for another few years with this", etc. with a huge smile and a laugh, or laughing emojis if it's through text. It's quite morbid. She says she is fine when you check on her, so idk what's going on and if tell her to not say that she just laughs and waves it away.
She's in her early 70's, but she's fairly healthy (she has mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that mostly affects her when she walks uphill), she has a very active social life, are in two associations and mostly pretty energic. Loves going out in nature either to just wander or picking mushrooms and berries. Pretty much all women in our family lives until we're over 90 (grandma died just two years ago), so it's not like she's gonna drop dead anytime soon.

No. 1880879

My mom always described my father's family as very strong and healthy and told me it wouldn't surprise her if he thus lived up to 90. But he unexpectedly passed away of natural causes shortly before he would've turned 70. At her age it's not that strange to start thinking about your final years and the end, even if you think it could be another 20 years away, it could very well not be. I think she's just mentally preparing herself.

No. 1880893

File: 1707336805098.jpg (52.32 KB, 735x490, b6ae838e7afcd1a4b427cf209e9a7a…)

I just wanna cry my lungs out in someone's arms (preferably my mom's or my bff's) and tell me everything is going to be ok, but I hate crying in front of someone so guess I'll do it alone. I should study too…

No. 1880958

I've been having a lot of stress at work and exams are at the end of the month. For about a week I've had trouble sleeping, I am maybe sleeping 4 hours every night because I'm worrying so much. I cannot fall asleep and when I manage to sleep I wake up after 4 hours with my heart going really fast and adrenaline in my body. My chest feels as if it is in a cage and someone's pressing down on it or squeezing my heart…? It's been like this for a week, is this a prolonged anxiety attack? What is this and how do I make it stop?

No. 1880965

I've been trying to walk or run it off, but it doesn't really help. I've been going to the gym every day to exhaust my body but it doesn't really help me. I still feel restless and as if I just want run away from everything.

No. 1880972

How do I stop getting angry at casual misogyny? It hurts more than overt hatred because it always gets brushed over even by other women and then I become the crazy bitch for not siding with the majority. This is a man’s world no matter what. Even the fattest ugliest failure of a man will have a more content life than the average woman because everything is catered to the penis.
I just want to be a dumb ignorant normie at this point, at least I’d be less depressed all the time.

No. 1880975

I'm fucking sick of my retard father's 3deep5u "humans are inherently evil and sooo greedy and kill animals omgggg" sperg which I KNOW for a fact he doesn't actually believe, he just wants an excuse for the shit he does. He'll go on a rant he thinks is just so deep and insightful about how humans destroy the earth as he shops for houses with lawns the size of a football field and is the fattest most gluttonous meat-eater I know. On top of that being a general piece of shit. I'm seriously sick of hearing shit spew out of his mouth. Just shut the fuck up for once or idk, get off your fucking ass and do something for once in your meaningless life.

No. 1880983

I look and sound so busted today that the nice young lady at the coffee house told me to get some rest. Made a retarded joke at the time to save face but I went home immediately after and apparently had dark circles so bad it looked like I got in a fight. I'm infinitely grateful rn because I was almost definitely too tired to drive and while I got home perfectly safe I felt tired enough to not be as safe a driver as I'd like. Had to postpone my survey until tomorrow but staying safe is worth it, I still look awful and feel exhausted. Gobbless the coffee house folks, they are genuinely wonderful people and probably saved my patoot this morning.

No. 1880994

If it makes you feel better I'm in the same boat as you, completely. When you realize how much misogyny is embedded into the whole of society you just can't unsee it (which is exactly the reason why some women dislike feminism, because who wants to be constantly reminded that you live in a world that fucking hates you?). It's physically painful at this point, it is truly everywhere. I'm trying to push back against males around me who commit casual misogyny (like calling women they don't like bitches) but I'm scared of being labelled as a crazy feminist. It's important to remember that we're the ones with the right idea, though.

No. 1880998

I look really old for my age (21 and I’ve never been carded because I look 30) and I know I’m going to live for a really long time so it’s actually kind of exciting to wonder how old I’ll look when I’m 100 or 110. It’ll be like prince philip pt 2

No. 1881006

Glad you chose to be safe and get rest anon, take it easy

No. 1881028

Someone made a reference to another server, like they are all together in one. And it upset me but I thought well, whatever. I'm just insecure and don't talk to them enough, it makes sense and it's not because they hate me. A few hours later I try to open with a reference to something. They don't get it but still manage to flawlessly steer it into a conversation with each other, leaving me out completely. What the fuck am I even doing there. I already mute that server but just seeing it in the sidebar makes me click on it anyway. Just seeing it is a distraction and whenever I check it out I end up feeling upset. It would be easier if I stayed and just stopped talking but I really feel like getting out of there I don't want to try anymore. I don't know how to talk with people and I don't want to pretend to be fine with everyone having fun without me anymore

No. 1881031

It's insane how I hate almost everyone. Whenever my coworkers try to make small talk while I just want to do my job and leave asap I want to strangle them, whenever people talk to me they're almost always really disrespectful and assume the worst things about me based on looks or on my race so I don't want to get new friends or even help anyone when I'm outside, my family disgusts me for too many reasons to count but mostly for actively ruining almost all my opportunities in life since I was born, my friends are annoying as hell right now and keep talking about the exact same problems they never want to fix over and over and it feels like we have less things in common than before, etc. I spent too many years of my life being nice to everyone for it to never pay off. I wish I never pretended to get along with classmates in uni and high school to spare time and energy because someone like me could never network with normies and rich people anyway. I wish I told everyone who ever called me weird or too shy or too quiet to fuck off. I wish I could talk to like minded people irl but that's never going to happen.

No. 1881043

>I don't know how to talk with people and I don't want to pretend to be fine with everyone having fun without me anymore
This is exactly my experience trying to make friends in servers, I feel left out whatever I do and I don't want to embarrass myself by trying too hard either. I've stopped trying for the most part, I don't care anymore.

No. 1881048

Yeah but it still feels so bad seeing everyone get along easily, even after giving up on any hope of making friends. Sometimes I see people join servers after me and they manage to get close with everyone super quickly, but I can't figure out what they are doing differently and why it seems like I'm always the only one who's left out. I'm tolerated in conversations but no one ever feels the need to reach out and even when I try it fizzles out quickly. Maybe we just don't meet the right people or something

No. 1881055

It doesn't get better. The worst part is that I've poured so much effort just to be treated in this way when I'm already deeply depressed and in need of support

No. 1881068

File: 1707349682258.jpeg (131.33 KB, 681x681, IMG_2267.jpeg)

I can’t believe I got dumped for playing video games with another guy.

No. 1881069

Doesn't sound like he was a catch if that's all it took for him to leave, be grateful

No. 1881076

Men are so emotional. It was a blessing in disguise.

No. 1881077

You're free now, nonny.

No. 1881097

The scientists crafting regulations about dangerous chemicals in the USA watch loli hentai in their free time (and sometimes at times other than their free time). this is not a tinfoil, I saw it in my meeting today.

No. 1881108

Unfortunately, expected. Hell.

No. 1881116

File: 1707352828781.jpeg (46.72 KB, 640x640, sisyphus.jpeg)

>need to work out
>feeling too exhausted to work out
>give up and just take a shower
>feel energized, could exercise just fine
>can't get dirty cause just showered
Every time, every fucking time. I'll just start exercising right after taking a shower, I'll take a hundred showers a day if needed.

No. 1881130

File: 1707353985366.gif (469.46 KB, 275x154, 1648487567798.gif)

I know it's a privilege in a way and I am lucky, but it still weirds me out a bit that so many women say, "all women are harassed, it's a universal female experience". I can't relate. It has never happened to me. The last time a man spoke to me this year he was just trying to get by me in an aisle and he cracked a joke about being worried that I'd beat him up if he wasn't polite. I was wearing a mask and normal clothes. I've heard similar before and nobody has tried to pick a fight with me. I am kind of…big (tall, muscular, wide bone structure) and sometimes I just wonder if I don't count as a woman sometime–and I am ashamed of this intrusive thought and I don't believe it at all. However, I'd be lying if I didn't feel bad about being so accidentally scary? I try make myself as small and unobtrusive as possible. The last time I had any confidence I was 15 and still fat and…I realize that I probably will never have any.

No. 1881141

Nah this is a flex unless you're sexually submissive or something. If you're gay girls like that and if you're straight there are guys who like that although niche but you would be able to find some good clingers. They'd all be bitches though. If you're the Taylor swift type you will suffer though. Being built like a Samoan man must be so useful.

No. 1881146

Was having a blast talking to this girl every day every moment for weeks on end until I pretty much just reached the cap of interesting things about my life. I’m a boring ass bitch without a personality so it’s just cringeworthy how in the last four days or so, the convo has completely stagnated. I guess being 16 hours inside of a cubicle since you’re 16 paying off your family’s debt and daily needs while your mom is too busy fucking younger men and barely coming home or bringing any income at all really really stunts you, huh.

No. 1881161

this isn't the positivity thread nonnie

No. 1881173

Kek, it really isn't a flex because I am just very unattractive and creepy looking. I am strong at least and weight lifting has been good for me so you are right about that. Also I'm an aged virgin and I'm fine with that, better than being around people that see me as some sort of novelty. I'm not really sure if I've ever been attracted to any real person. Too emotionally stunted and terrified of everyone probably, even now I wonder if I've ever felt lonely because avoiding people brings me so much relief.

No. 1881176

I could not believe my eyes. Just right there under the table. It looked like he was taking screenshots and then sending them via chat to somebody. With all the regional directors in the room???
I guess what surprised me is he seemed like the really serious, normal type compared to all the other autists in the branch.

No. 1881179

Okay well I'm rooting for you and I hope you eventually get bitches. If you want them I guess

No. 1881200

File: 1707357985932.jpg (74.02 KB, 941x1011, 20231230_133807.jpg)

>"women with bushes are unhygienic, it's disgusting"
>"actually pubic hair prevents infection, reduces friction, and is more hygienic than having it completely shaved"
>"oh really i had no idea"
moids are so fucking stupid, where the fuck do they get the audacity to open their big mouths about shit they literally know nothing about and act like their opinions are the ones that matter the most

No. 1881203

I mean people in civilized countries still maintain to this day that circumcision is done for penis hygiene, when teaching a kid how to clean himself properly in the shower, just like we all got taught by our parents how to clean ourselves in the shower including the ladybits when we were small girl toddlers, is not fucking rocket science. So go figure.

No. 1881208

I used to be like this and I did find a man that wanted to marry me. I realised that my problem wasn't that I was 5'11 and lifted weights, it was my social demeanor. I'm shy and anxious in social situations and I cope with this by acting aloof and disinterested.

Hanging hairy, sweaty balls are far more disgusting than an unshaved vagina could ever be.

No. 1881212

moids literally need a piece of their skin chopped off because people don't trust them enough to clean their own dick, go figure kek

No. 1881226

It's really telling when people comment on women's body hair too. When it's on a woman, she's seen as a slob, unhygienic, lazy, etc. On a man? Looks fine! Normal. Pubic hair is beneficial. Since moids love being so rational and unemotional, maybe they should know these factual points about it. Nope, back to porn they go.

No. 1881227

I hate the way it looks without hair. Just looks like a plucked chicken or a weird skin beak.

No. 1881229

Honestly, you're right. I hate how naked it looks too. I'm not a kid anymore, I'm a grown woman. It feels liberating to not shave it, and it makes me feel like I've matured too.

No. 1881247

Thanks anon. You’re right. I need self esteem and boundaries.

No. 1881250

Thank you!! It really does look off, and there is zero reason for a woman to shave aside from porn sickness.

No. 1881254

I hate reddit so much it’s unbearable. For some reason I decided to anonymously dump a rant about how I just left an 8 yr long physically abusive relationship and really shortly after got caught up with this older man who I’ve known for awhile, and now he’s trying to get way too serious way too soon and pressuring me to be a stepparent to his kids when I’m depressed about never being able to have my own biological children. So naturally all the comments were defending him and saying I was a terrible person and basically ruining his kid’s lives and that I needed to grow up and stop using my trauma as an excuse to lead people on. KEK YEAH I need to grow up but not the middle aged man who I feel may be taking advantage of me so he can have someone to play house with him. I always forget how much the general public hates abused women and that the average moid will always victim blame no matter the circumstances. I deleted my entire account, don’t know why the fuck I thought it would be a good idea in the first place. I’m sure those fucking retards would probably think the story of my abusive relationship is just a ragebait fake story too.

No. 1881256

Im sorry anon. You did the right thing by putting yourself first.

No. 1881257

File: 1707363028147.jpeg (623.1 KB, 1920x1200, 4be28b7dff3ca84eb92bd92fd4a197…)

shaytards will know

No. 1881260

once I complained about how an ex cheated, I immediately got comments saying "Instead of blaming the man you should've just worked out" which was odd considering I didn't have a single picture of myself but literally had abs when I was dating this guy because it was in college and I was on 3 sports teams. When I pointed this out he claimed the other women just have better personalities/more in common, then when I pointed out the other woman was the sterotypical morbidly obese kai gendie tumblr girl who was unbearable they claimed that me getting mad at them for blaming me for a man cheating on me was proof I was just crazy with nothing to offer so what else was he supposed to do than cheat on me….because I got mad at being blamed that a man cheated on me kek

and no one would dare blame a moid if a woman cheated, regardless of her reasoning

No. 1881265

Only thing worse than completely waxed hairless is pussy stubble. It’s so revolting looking to me, like a Homer Simpson mouth on your crotch.

No. 1881269

I always find it interesting when other women say that having shaved pubic hair is childish. I'm the opposite, I correlate having pubic hair (on myself) as being childish kek. Idk, before I went through puberty I didn't pay any attention to down there. Didn't know what genitals were, didn't care to know. But when I went through puberty and grew hair and started my period, obviously I figured some things out. I just unconsciously relate pubic hair to that time in my life, which is when I was still a kid. Idk, but just wanna reiterate again I just think this about my OWN body and not other women. Idc what another woman wants to do or not do with her hair.

No. 1881271

I'm convinced everyone who actively uses reddit has some kind of brain rot that prevents them from having any reasoning skills or reading comprehension. People were commenting on my post that I was a fucked up person who wanting him to choose me over his kids and ignoring his kids/disliking them when I said none of that. The post was about breaking up with him because I'm not ready to be a parental figure and I clearly stated I have no problems with his kids. I replied to one comment that I didn't say anything any of that and it got downvoted to hell. Oh well.

No. 1881272

I thought this was about /adv/, kek. Any place where men and pickmes can give relationship advice = shit

No. 1881275

Reddit is male abandonment issues central so don't take it to heart, and I'm sure you already know this but just in case, he only cheated on you for novelty. It doesn't matter how hot you are. And naturally they think all female cheaters deserve acid attacks.

No. 1881279

Reddit's userbase is majority men. Men will defend men over anything, and any perceived slight towards another man is their world's worst nightmare. And men are naturally innocent little babies who can't do anything wrong, and even if they did, it was a woman's fault.

No. 1881282

Internet related things that need to die in fire.
>That's classified ~uwu~ tumblr pop up
No. Fuck off. I'm not signing up for tumblr so I can download sims CC
>pinterest overriding my browsers native menu
I can not express myself because I will get banned for alogging
Just fucking why? Was jpeg not shit enough?

No. 1881287

Im so mad cause I think my dryer is broken or something. The timer isn't moving at all and the clothes have been in there for like an hour put they're still damp and cool, not hot like they should be. Im pissedddd. It's like it's just tumbling them around instead of drying them.

No. 1881291

File: 1707365947384.jpeg (187.31 KB, 1277x1010, IMG_8234.jpeg)

having to be off my old psych med cold turkey till I change to the new med in a week is turning me into a fucking loopy cunt, I'm alternating dreams between the world disintegrating around me salvador dali style and extremely kinky sex dreams

No. 1881298

True, but it is still baffling to me that they feel the need to chime in about how you're a worthless harlot when you're clearly not the one in the wrong in the situation, or better yet dedicate their entire account to just that. Unemployed activities I suppose

No. 1881309

Well after nearly 3 decades of living with my parents or living just a short walk from them, I finally move out of state tomorrow and I am so emotional about it. It's been all I could do to not just ball up and cry for the past few days. I am going to miss them so much. I never in a million years thought I would be moving so far from them. My entire life the plan always seemed to be to live in my grandparent's old house that was right by them so we would always be close. I am so lucky for the happiness and abundance that has entered my life in the past few years but I just so badly wish it didn't have to cost me my closeness with my family.

No. 1881351

I mean, it's reddit, are you really surprised by the stupid replies you got? Reddit users are more stupid than average.

No. 1881352

My overbite makes me feel so disgusting, I look absolutely fucking retarded and on top of that I always have headaches, jaw pain and my upper teeth are constantly rubbing against my lower lip so I have to put on lip balm every hour. I tried getting jaw surgery a few years ago but they refused to do it because my overbite wasn't severe enough. I want to fucking die.

No. 1881356

File: 1707379590127.jpeg (138.12 KB, 1404x1872, 0D1838F1-DB65-4E3D-A141-8EE337…)

I’ve my dog for over a year (rescue, she’s 10). She’s never shit inside a house. Not even once. She’s had like a handful of accidents where she peed in her dog bed cause I slept in and didn’t let her out in time - my fault. Well today I take her to my parents and walk her around to see if she’s gotta go before going inside, she doesn’t need to, nbd she always asks when she does. Well 30 min after arriving she just pops a squat and eyeballs my mom and squeezes out a turd - thankfully my mom noticed and was like “excuse me dog what are you doing? No!” And she dropped her turd on the tile and not the carpet like she was fixing to. But wtf? I took her out after and she took a huge dump. But she didn’t indicate she wanted out at all, she just immediately chose to get schwifty. We visit their place all the time. It wasn’t diarrhea or weird poop just a normal turd. Dogs are somethin else kek

No. 1881365

I have really bad suicidal depression and other mental health issues that are sort of exacerbated by external circumstances like lack of support, money, family.
My whole life I've been told that I am ugly. Even though I am not.
On top of that I also have pretty severe physical illness.
I want to die. I'm seeing everyone go to parties, get into stable relationship, go on trips.
While I am almost completely socially excluded. I don't know why. I'm not stupid and my whole life I've wanted to be surrounded by people.
On top of it. I'm harassed even in leftist communities that are filled with munchies and weirdos and people that constantly complain.
I can't really wrap my head around the fact that I get harassed even there. Although, my life is genuinely horrible and I'm really Ill.
Wish I had a boyfriend or friends. It would be much easier to get away from my last family members and live life at least on a basic level.
I don't know why I can't get a boyfriend. I see people with downs that are in stable relationships. Meanwhile, I have placed quite a lot of effort into my looks and into the things that I have learned. I care a lot about knowledge and meaning. I find myself completely dissociated from my worth.
Also, it's hard to wrap my head around the idea that I've been treated so badly.
Soon I feel like I won't have any option but to kill myself. Because no matter how much effort I place into things. I just find myself stuck in the same situation and profoundly disrespected

No. 1881372

kpop fans might be some of the most genuinely low intelligence people out there and it makes me angry because there's so many of them…

No. 1881374

File: 1707384596135.png (956.72 KB, 942x684, bawah.png)

dreamt i had a healthy family life, a steady work life with no great pain, a great social life and with my childhood friend, a genuinely loving romantic life??? there was one part there where we recorded a video and it was on the same level as those dead-wife flashbacks in movies.
i'm a fat and very ill neet who is isolated and on the internet alot, no irl friends and very few online friends and my mother was very abusive. not to mention my childhood friend, he was an internet moid from the balkans who i met on minecraft like 13-14 years ago and never met IRL because of my neetdom and my mental illness- he was a shithead but i used to bpdsperg at him alot. hurt him bad last year. (but i'm over him)
a sad life but not a selfpity fest just pointing out the irony… lol. i feel like i peeped into another timeline nonnas. i actually woke up and said "what the fuck" aloud

No. 1881376

File: 1707384932937.jpg (64.42 KB, 1022x1278, 1607652637424.jpg)

My colonoscopy came out clear and I'm so happy! But the procedure itself was terrible, there were moments when I thought I would pass out from pain. But I wanted to go through it anyway because I don't have insurance and if I asked them to stop the procedure I would have to pay the price anyway, and it was a lot. Also I don't get it, if everything is all right there WHY does it hurt so much so often and my belly is constantly bloated? I always thought my belly was fat, but turned out it's just bloated all the time; after I drank 4 liters of that disgusting shit that clears your guts in preparation for colonoscopy, and I shat and farted it all out, my stomach got totally flat in one day. What the hell. I thought I was fat.

No. 1881379

>The irony in complaining about "Sephora ten year olds" wanting Drunk Elephant while filming yourself doing a 5+ step skincare routine
>The irony in making fun of young girls' wishlists that include Dior on the same account you do multiple "hauls" a week
>The irony in making a video with the text "Young girls are trying to be older while older girls are trying to be younger" without addressing any of the reasons why this is happening

No. 1881380

Maybe you're sensitive to something that you eat daily and you haven't noticed yet. It could be anything, from lettuce to dairy or some spices or drinks even, maybe you need to watch what you eat closely to figure out what could be making you get so bloated.

No. 1881385

File: 1707385477121.jpeg (18.16 KB, 224x225, IMG_5988.jpeg)

Unfulfilled sexual tension! Spent all day fantasising again and now I feel worse

No. 1881389

I feel like basically everything causes bloating. I remember I once eliminated gluten and dairy bc I thought I might be intolerant but I was still bloated as fuck. Well I will try to pay more attention now. There's a huge difference now that I can see how my stomach "really" looks like.

No. 1881395


No. 1881396

>the "young people are not having enough sex" moral panic has reached my country
Shut the fuck you old retards.

No. 1881401

I’m just a bit too paranoid and schizo for my own good sometimes. It’ll feel like I’ve taken a Matrix red-pill and i’ll lay awake at night just from hearing that like, candles can explode sometimes. I don’t even use candles, but that still makes the world too spooky. I love the blissful ignorance sometimes.

No. 1881405

If you've cut out dairy and gluten and it hasn't done shit, you might be sensitive to lectins. Try pressure cooking your food and see if that helps?

No. 1881407


No. 1881411

How would they recognize you nonna. Just blend in with the crowd.

No. 1881412

I will look into those, thanks nonnies!

No. 1881414

I’ll never admit to posting here. If asked about it irl I will always feign normie ignorance.

No. 1881461

My housemate and I are both lesbians and recently she's been acting like we're married and I genuinely find it offensive that she thinks I'd spring for her in a romantic context. The only chores she does are taking out the trash once a week while doing nothing else that's been requested of her in the time we've lived together (she's too busy spending every waking hour off work on video games) and she reeks to high hell because she never showers. The house literally smells different when she's away on trips. I only tolerate her to maintain amicable relations as housemates. Every time she talks about how nice our relationship is it makes me want ti vomit.
And yes, I have tried to talk to her about all of these things, but she only comes up with moid excuses about how I just love to clean and about how she's too much of a dyke to apparently practice basic hygiene. More power to you I guess but maybe don't tell me about how you wish you could find somebody to settle down with because it's glaringly obvious to anybody whose seen the way you live your life why you get no bitches, excuse my language. Jesus christ.

No. 1881463

Oh yeah, and of course she's a terminally online TRA.

No. 1881466

Stuck in the hospital with my baby and it’s almost my birthday why is the universe punishing me

No. 1881477

I need to basically rebuild my wardrobe but I can't find one style I like but is also comfortable. Not to mention how fucking expensive everything is.

No. 1881490

Nonnie I'm so MAD at the webp. So glad to hear others are hating.

No. 1881491

that's awful, nonna! i hope everything is okay with your baby and i hope you can do something nice to celebrate your birthday at a later date.

No. 1881499

File: 1707396596246.jpg (75.91 KB, 735x721, 3c909df1d8a1e1dc635364e4913d67…)

I was about to cook some cube steak yeah I know cube steak for breakfast is weird but I don't have much else in my kitchen that I can cook quickly to make a breakfast for myself, but my brain has fully convinced me that it has rabies so I can't eat it. Keep in mind I ate some of this same meat last night. Now I'm just weighing it I should waste it or eat it anyway despite knowing how much anxiety it will be causing me later. I'll just throw it outside in the forest for the animals to eat and make myself a egg sandwich.

No. 1881503

File: 1707396870636.gif (4.54 MB, 498x498, facepalm-smh.gif)

How do I deal with narcissists who not only has an unbearable attitude, but also sucks up to the profs, which in turn lets them get away with being a shitty person? This bitch in my uni's a fucking roach. She's loud in class and also makes weird ass noises in the middle of a discussion just to ellicit a reaction from people. Not only that but she's grade conscious as well but ALWAYS uses chatgpt (too obvious), and sneers at anyone who raises their hand when its not her or her hugbox during lectures. Then she whines to other people about being the victim, and of course some people believe her. Lets not forget that she also openly calls our korean classmate stupid and useless, Takes her food and tells her to not to be mad or tell the prof, even when it's shown that our classmate didn't like what she did. Oh but don't question it, it's just the way she is! How dare you not consider HER feelings? Bitch's so petty, she took a photo of me and my friend returning library books, planning to tell on us (childish ifkr?) because we "didnt do" the reading asignment we were given us at the library (she did it just to get us into trouble. We looked for copies online because the books are a pain to carry) The prof nagged at us for it.

But when the roach's friend returned her books because "she looked for something else to read" (that's her only reason) the prof praised her for it. I fucking hate how our boomer professors believed her sap story, and makes it obvious that they think anyone against that bitch boolying her. She cried because people didn't like her raunchy attitude and that's it, she gets the pass. But don't mind her being a snitch and getting others in trouble for no reason and DO NOT criticize her for talking shit and being shady because that just means you're assuming things about poor wittle her.

Fun fact: She got caught having sex in a public area in her dorm building AND got kicked out. Worst part is the land lord gave her money just so that she and her moid can get tf outta there and afford to hump each other at a motel KEK. What does she do while she does damage control? Tell people that she's planning to get a dorm at our uni (which didn't exist, because our uni does not provide any for our major) what's embarrassing was a student asked about it and it wasn't available. She's staying with one of her friends now cause she has no choice kek.

She truly feels like she's the center and victim of the universe, when she's the one constantly whispering, talking shit for no reason and drawing attention to herself. Our profs aren't helping either. They make it obvious that they are on her side, even when she's previously said terrible things about them online and irl. istg boomers are so dense.

I'm from a SEA country. Im SEA too and where im from, people here tolerate ratchet attitudes. It gets excused for being "real". Bitch isn't real, In fact, the mental gymnastics she does is insane.

Basically, while me and other people are carrying on with our lives, she still does petty shit just cause she couldn't get over the fact that some people don't like her horrible personality. Because anyone that disagree's with her are "Pulling me down!" Let's not get started on her posts on facebook about de ebil haturz. One peek at it and you can tell bitch's still playing the victim. FFS if she lived anywhere else, she'd get bullied for being an unbearable cunt. As much as it angers me, I worry more about my friends, who are lowkey being ganged on by her, her circlejerk you call her friends, and some profs. Some teachers make shady remarks about my friends who mostly just listen in class, while that bitch still gets to make weird comments, loud noises, and a pass. Doesn't help that some of my profs are lowkey racist to the korean student too. Its so fucking unprofessional ugh. Shit's messed up and i hope it jus gets better soon fr. It's been like this for over a year.

No. 1881504

i have a lot of paranoia and fears involving food and end up giving my food to the local wildlife pretty often. i reason that if a living creature eats it and turns it into energy to sustain themselves and their offspring then it isn't a waste.

No. 1881521

I feel like a teenager roleplaying as an adult despite being 30+.

No. 1881523

No. 1881529

Same, I prefer how it looks and feels with hair. When I first met my bf I debated over shaving or not even though I usually don't since it's sort of expected of women. I decided not to because I didn't want him to expect me to shave every time in the future or find it gross if I forgot one time. Turns out he didn't mind the hair so I haven't had to shave since kek

No. 1881531

Nona reddit is populated by the worst kind of loser males, hence why troons are so common there. I once asked for strictly legal advice on a rape case and ALL the comments boiled down to "it didn't even happen". That site is so fucking trash, it's never worth going there.

No. 1881554

God, I hate living in the city. If it’s ever even somewhat nice out, I can’t open my windows for long because everyone is taking advantage of the weather to do yard work. Mowers, weed whackers, leaf blowers. Ugh. In the summer, the air reeks of hot garbage. I can’t go half a block without a few people hassling me for a dollar or a cigarette. I really don’t care about being close to shops, restaurants, and bars. Only cheap crap to buy, shitty food, and I don’t drink. I don’t understand the assertion that city dwellers are more progressive when everybody here lives like rats, all on top of each other and spreading disease.

No. 1881561

File: 1707403151160.gif (3.63 MB, 375x215, 02c509d1d5800b0a6695fbccef7964…)


No. 1881579

People who put Sims cc behind a patreon pay wall need to die

No. 1881580

I feel like I’ve become those zoomers who only superficially like something. I think its because I dont have autistic hyperfixations anymore? I feel like an imposter when I say I like something because I cant recite every moment or know all the background material like I did as a teen

No. 1881585

I entered the office of an older coworker who had an old, wrinkled child’s drawing of Alphonse Elric hung up on his wall. He said his daughter did it for him many years ago, and now she’s my age. It reminded me so much of the stuff I used to draw, I also loved FMA as a tween. It made me happy to see a reminder, but also sad, since that time in my life a decade ago was the very last time I was happy and full of hope. Feeling the brief contrast of the recollection of how I felt back then to how I am now has me really down. Back then I never thought my life would turn out like this. I wish I was still 13 drawing terrible pictures of Edward elric on printer paper.

No. 1881587

I literally look like an (ugly) man. Why me.

No. 1881600

If you’re the anon who posted a tracing of her face in /g/, then no you literally don’t. You have dysmorphia. If you actually ugly, greetings sister. Sucks huh?

No. 1881601

It does look weird bald. I trim my pubes because when it's too long it's also annoying but I can't leave my pussy bald because it's too sensitive, even if I wear 100% cotton panties, it just feels weird. I need some hair as protection against friction

No. 1881602

I've been thinking a lot about vulnerability. I've been raised to be hyper-independent and I am in a good relationship, but I'm too afraid to get help and be vulnerable with him. When I ask for help, I feel like I'm weakening myself and feeling like I'm using my boyfriend. In turn, I feel like I'm his servant because I want to do so many things for him. Why is my mind so extreme in thinking like this. I cry all the time when I let things focus on me me me. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to be vulnerable.

No. 1881614

File: 1707407181224.gif (765.65 KB, 294x230, 23859123015.gif)

>Cook a nice hot meal for my husband's little brother as a nice gesture
>Won't take a break to eat, he's so video game addicted that he doesn't even look up when I bring the food to his desk
>Waits for food to get cold before eating it, doesn't say a word to me

Why do I even bother cooking for him? And then if we don't feed him he just sits there and drinks cola and monster energy all day. The icing on the cake is that he hasn't slept in over TWO DAYS. I'm not exaggerating. We go to sleep and wake up and he's still at the PC. He just plays this shitty video game all day without sleeping or eating.

No. 1881617

glad I'm not the only one
it's weird because I know I'm mature now but I can't help that feeling,weird shit

No. 1881618

Little brother has a tech addiction. You should cut off the Internet connection at night time, or at least if you can just cut it off for the PC and whatever other devices he uses. It's super sad to witness.

No. 1881621

File: 1707407986545.jpeg (984.28 KB, 1284x2388, F4C81153-1C66-4AE8-A5F3-B80EC3…)

Everyday I come on TikTok and I’m reminded that this feminism stuff is only a lolcow thing. This homeless man has a history of crime against women and gofund me blocked him getting 400k that was raised for him and yet the comment section is 99% women saying he deserves the money because “it was all in the past”

No. 1881622

The thing is he used to be in a home for kids with special needs where they would regulate his internet use. I didn't want to be restrictive because he's 19 now and we're not his parents. He's an adult now but he's on the spectrum and can't seem to take care of himself.

No. 1881623

I’m tall (not wide or muscular though) and men don’t go after me either. Honestly I love it.

No. 1881631

I'm the same, I can't get rid of toxic mentality of vulnerability = weakness and I never let anything show. I guess it's because I was too vulnerable and sensitive when I was younger and I'm going the opposite direction as a coping mechanism.

No. 1881634

Nona, ill take what u said as face value and assume ur actually considered ugly or too manly.
I hate the "all women get catcalled, harassed etc" thing becuz women are not a monolith. It is something we bond over like periods, but women are not defined by it, just like periods. Ugly women do get harassed too, but i know pretty girls who also never got harassed simply becausr of the places they hang out etc. Not getting harassed does NOT show anything about your looks, let alone womanhood. You are a woman and you experience misogyny. Maybe not in terms of sexual oppression but you probably still suffer ridicule from not fitting the submissive uwu petite standard, and you still might experience people looking down on your intelligence because of your gender.
Even if you ABSOLUTELY deal with any amount of misogyny, you are still a woman. And men wanting to fuck us or not is not the indicative of whether we are woman enough.

Ok also im also an ugly woman (tall for my country, extreme skinnines due to anachanism and a LOT of hair loss due to the same reason - i have the hairline and bald spots of a 35 year old man. Im 23). If ur straight and wanna have sex or have a relationship, u can still find a bf. I did, even though im sure im much uglier than you. If youre a lesbian, ur market is even larger.
Im 90℅ sure ur just a average "big" woman and not hideous. But even if u are hideous, i hope u relate to me and my words

No. 1881648

I was in a similar situation once and I contacted the stalkers local police, who told me to contact my local police and that they'd get in touch with them. Even if he hasn't done anything "illegal" yet start taking screenshots and archiving everything now. Better safe than sorry

No. 1881661

File: 1707411969597.jpeg (183.05 KB, 750x621, IMG_3328.jpeg)

Reminds me of those women who tart themselves up to go online and complain about other women or do some shitty ‘feminist’ lecture

No. 1881662

Imagine the surprise if these women found out that men wouldn't give a damn and would even call them bitches and worse insults if a woman was in this homeless moid's situation. They wouldn't say "it was in the past, give her the money back." Nope, she would be branded for life, and they'd think she was worth less than dirt. Bleak. I can't understand why women coddle these useless men.

No. 1881702

This is why I hate most other women unironically, we are never getting out of patriarchy because of these idiots who refuse to wake up from their delusional dreamy slumber of current day “equality”.
> toxic people can bring out the toxic in others
This one sounds like she’s partnered with a moid with a DV record and THIS is what he told her. It reeks of cope. If he has a history of abuse he will abuse you too, you retarded pickme traitor. Considering the majority of women still ride for moids before other women I think it’s fair to say that feminism is doomed. Most young girls I see on antiporn subreddits who seem so close to getting it claim to be men and will get you banned for being a TERF.
If it was a homeless woman then scrotes would do the generous favor of offering her money after they rape her. Then they’d claim that they did a good thing because they helped a homeless woman through prostitution.

No. 1881708

Meanwhile if a woman escaped that situation she’s dumb, they tell your ex about where you are and he makes up rumors that you’re a hooker cause you stay in a hotel or he tries to help you and lure you back home because “friends” tell him where you are, and he just says he hopes you get raped on the street. My family called me stupid for leaving a perfectly nice house.

No. 1881729

Sick of my sister and her boyfriend.
The two of them came over to visit 'for christmas' and still haven't left. They had both been unemployed at least for a few months and living at his family home, supposedly because they were planning on moving elsewhere in the country, but it's clear at this point neither of them plan on moving out or working at any point in the near future and have simply switched over to our family house as their new parasitic host.

No. 1881732

fucking depressed. My husband just ignores me all the time anymore, all he does is work, play wow, and complain about work or finances. We're financially ok but he spent a shit ton at once so we don't have any fun money for the next couple months. But he doesn't talk to me about anything unless its to rant about work or politics, I draw and if I even want him to LOOK at it its like pulling teeth. He gets stressed about stuff and then takes it out on me. I told him I'm lonely and he ignores what I'm saying and brings it back to whatever he's stressed about "OK but its not like we can go on dates right now we don't have the money for that" ok then read a book with me "you want me to read a book with you?…." and then he goes silent, then "work is stressing me out I don't have time to read" meanwhile he's playing wow right infront of me I point that out "oh so now you're on about the video games again"
I've accepted he doesn't see me, the romance is dead, talking about it with him makes him mad, he only cuddles me if he wants sex. I just want to feel any kind of romance. I don't really wanna have sex, I want to maybe find some stupid scrote on discord or something and romantically talk to him just to feel wanted by someone. I can't really talk to men irl cause I am a sahm and don't have time to get out of the house

No. 1881735

How can men ever claim that women live on easy mode when some homeless fucktard get free money because he’s a useless waste of space, he doesn’t even have to take his clothes off!

No. 1881740


No. 1881741

Girl you’re not financially okay if one big expense renders you unable to go on weekly dates wtf. You should start stashing away some money, maybe get a WFH job, stop doing whatever wifely duties that are taking up all of your time, only do what’s strictly necessary for you and your child. It’s over, he has nothing of worth to offer or shackle you. Idc if you cheat, just don’t get murdered over it.

No. 1881743

I amend my statement. Get a job and then Divorce.

No. 1881747

He acts like that because he knows he’s got you trapped with the kid and no job

No. 1881751

It's frustrating, like I tend to overcompensate and then my boyfriend wants us to go somewhere just because I said I wanted to go there, but then I feel needy for having him going out of his way. And I feel like I can't be open with him or just leave a simple random text while he's working, because I'm thinking about the fact he's busy, but I want to talk to him about random things. I'm being so reserved. I told my boyfriend I'm purposely putting myself in situations where I can't be vulnerable and I'm crying about the fact, he asks me what I need from him and I just break down more because it makes me even more ashamed.
I'd like him to be more confident and dominant, but then I think about the huge negative of having a more dominant boyfriend would be abuse. His little hangup is thinking if there were a fire, I'd be the one to go into it, mainly because my field of work has me trained to run towards danger. Like, he's aware I have this sense of hyper-independence and his view of it is that I'm more masculine than him.

No. 1881752

Assuming you’re a first worlder, there should be social services and financially aid in your city to help single mothers get independent.

No. 1881753

Most men will do this and there’s no way to see it coming until they pull the rug out from under you. I wish women would believe this before they agree to be a stay at home mommy to someone who sees them as nothing but a tool for child rearing and sex.

No. 1881755

Times like this make me happy I was a ugly loser when I was young so no guy was trying to wife me or baby trap me. Never realized the blessing until my 30s.

No. 1881757

Even with that being the case, it seems the tard wrangling house didn't know how to fix their behaviors. It might be up to your husband to talk to his brother and tell him what's an acceptable and healthy amount of time to use the computer.

No. 1881769

Autistic males sound like the worst curse on it. He's living with you, so I'm assuming your husband is the one taking care of him? He needs to do something, because this addiction will only get worse. Who is paying for his stay? Disability checks?

No. 1881774

>just because he was involved in DV, doesnt mean he'll go it again
jfc… what the fuck is wrong with these women defending him? I am disgusted

No. 1881776

Kick the moocher out. If he HAD to fend for himself he would, because people will look after him he has no reason to do it himself.

No. 1881779

kek, you are so fucked

No. 1881781

never even once, ladies. There’s a reason this fell out of style as soon as women could get good jobs and open a bank account.

No. 1881784

Was he always like this? How long has it been like that? Somehow fuck with the internet so hes forced to interact with you, if it doesnt change then you need to leave. Either youre raising a son that will think this is how you can treat women, or youre raising a daughter who will think that its okay to be treated like this.

You need to leave, if not for yourself then for your kid/s

No. 1881791

Idk how women keep falling for the SAHM meme in 2024 tbh. You should always find a way to have your own income no matter what.

He probably started showing his ass once he trapped her with the baby. Scrotes tend to do that.

No. 1881797

He probably pulled the classic 180 switch from acting like a doting gentleman to typical useless scrote as soon as he knew he had trapped her with his spawn. It’s like page 3 in the male playbook and somehow every women thinks her unicorn will be different.

No. 1881802

No he used to read books with me, dates often, big valentines gifts. It got worse once we moved and I was no longer looking for a job and then the baby sealed it. I don't think he intentionally stopped romancing me, I think subconciously though he's done with the chase.

No. 1881804

File: 1707421447884.jpeg (361.23 KB, 1158x633, IMG_8240.jpeg)

Seeing Enty of Crazy Days and Nights exposed and then seeing his pathetic underlings and worshipers rush to defend him insofar as to claim Scientology is conspiring against him reminds me that women will never have any solace when accusing men of abuse.

All this fuckery to defend some fat bald man who steals internet gossip from other sites and reposts it as if it's his own. I hope he's sued into oblivion and never knows peace again.

No. 1881805

>Most men will do this and there’s no way to see it coming
>there’s no way to see it coming
yea nothing like stories spanning decades from thousands of women where men do this time and time again to their wives kek. at some point some women will just have to accept they're partially responsible for being retarded enough to fall for this trap even though it's typical moid behaviour

No. 1881806

Seconding the suggestion to get a WFH job, even entry level. Make a new bank account, don't tell your husband about it. You'll need $50 or so to start a new checking account, but you need to start financially disentangling yourself from him ASAP. Explain the gap on your resume however you need to, tap friends or whoever for letters of recommendation and just get some data entry type job. You can even offer to relocate for a full time position depending on what job you can secure. This will be a much better use of your time than hitting up Discord scrotes. Once you have built up a bit of income, divorce him, don't ask, just serve him papers. Being a SAHM is an emergency. You don't need a man to romance you, you need income and security for yourself and your child. If there was no child, my advice would be different, but you have to understand you're in a bad position right now and you should try to escape from it immediately.

No. 1881809

File: 1707421647434.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1952, IMG_8241.jpeg)

The initial tweets exposing his identity said he had more victims, I remember. Fuck this faggot. I'd post in celebricows but he's not technically a celebrity


No. 1881812

You need to have a proper sit down and lay out your expectations on what needs to change, give him a timeframe and if he slips back to how he is now you seriously need to leave him.

No. 1881816

It’s been happening for centuries and centuries yet for every woman it’s a surprise everytime it shockingly happened to them. Really interesting kek

No. 1881818

I don’t think you anons advice I’d really going to help anon with her issue. She has an issue with being in a loveless marriage where she wants romance and actually her love life will get even worse as a single mom if she’s not dumb. The issue for her isn’t being financially dependent.

No. 1881821

Unless he changes (I doubt he will), she is guaranteed to remain loveless. If she leaves she has the potential to find a man who will give her the bare minimum of what she needs from her husband. I dont think her love life will be worse than it is now, since her love life is exactly 0 right now.

No. 1881827

I think she would be able to find a man who isnt like her husband, but you're right about the pedo part

No. 1881829

She’s going to have the same issues if she leaves but she will get the added bonus of pedos trying to get access to her kids through her being desperate for love

No. 1881830

you need to leave for the sake of your kid god imagine having a vidya addict father.. if he's depressed or some shit he needs to deal with that instead of taking it out on you.

No. 1881838

You’re right she should stay in a marriage with a man that treats her like trash because uhhhhhh pedophiles exist. I guarantee she would even be happier alone than with a useless scrote who does nothing but remind her how little she matters to him.

No. 1881849

Even if she ended up alone, its one less person she has to do shit for as a sahm. I know its easier to say since I'm not in that situation but I would choose to be alone getting child support over staying with such a pathetic excuse of a man that I'm having to pick up for. If they had shared custody she could go out with friends and actually live life instead of sitting at home desperately hoping he looks at her. She even said herself she has no time to get out of the house.

Nona if you can join mum and bub groups and go do things with other women in your area. Join Peanut or bumble friends.

No. 1881851

How long has this being going on? If it's a relatively new behaviour, it sounds like he's going through a difficult situation at work and doesn't have the energy to do anything else once he gets home. While it's a shitty thing to do, playing WOW or video games in general is a low effort way of relieving stress. Try talking to him and find out what is happening at work. If necessary tell him to look for another job.

If he is a decent man, and I'm assuming he is because you married him and had children, you should think twice before throwing away your relationship and becoming a single mother. If it's work that's making him miserable then he probably feels increased pressure from needing to provide for his family.

No. 1881855

Once women stop being pickmes and falling for the defective males ruses, this shit will end. But they won't ever stop because the gayopp of needed a husband and kids to be a complete woman is just too strong for most of them.

KEK. Man some of you guys are hopeless. A decent man wouldn't just stop being decent because he's got the sads from work. He's just showing her his true nature.

No. 1881881

> Try talking to him and find out what is happening at work. If necessary tell him to look for another job.
She said he bitched about his job constantly yet he’s not interested in emotional intimacy, he’d rather stare gaped mouth at the screen, he’s probably talking to his guild mates more than he talks to his child. If a woman hates her job she’d still be expected to act like a mother and a wife.

No. 1881884

So he's inconsistent. You're justified to acting the way you are now to him. If he changed then you're bound to change too. Happy wife, happy life as all the men will hear but rarely ever take it to heart. He's at risk for losing his child being the way he is, reversing into a man child.

No. 1881888

Most based reply. 100% truth. Only fathers get to “check out” like this.

No. 1881892

He stopped putting in effort because he got what he wanted out of you. Children, permanent (in his mind) housemaid, and sex on demand. He thinks since you have a baby now you’re stuck with him so he can drop all the pretense that he ever gave a shit. I know it hurts to believe but men really are this sociopathic to women.

No. 1881893

How was his life before you started living together? I mean, did he live like a responsible adult?
He probably is tired/stressed out but he also seems childish and egocentric. I'd say he's resentful because he works and you "do nothing" from his point of view.

No. 1881896

I really think she needs to stop worrying about romance for awhile and get her life in order before she even thinks about dating. Women keep falling for this idea that romance is the number 1 priority in our lives, but it's not true. She doesn't need romance, she needs a fucking job and some self esteem. She might want romance, but she doesn't need it right now.

No. 1881899

Fucking preach. They all move the same exact fucking way, it's like they're all clones of each other, just difference races and builds. He's got her right where he wants her, and feels like he doesn't have to fake liking her anymore because now she's s SAHM. He's showing his true nature, the "nice" guy she fell in love with was a ruse. This is the real him. Either deal with it or leave him, the relationship is beyond repair. He might say he'll change, and he might actually change, but for the worst. They never improve, they gave you their best during courtship.

No. 1881904

The numbers don't lie. This two are the only comments you Need. Based as fuck

No. 1881905

File: 1707425770727.jpeg (65.59 KB, 563x552, IMG_6743.jpeg)

Women will come home from a full day of workplace abuse and still cook a meal, give blowjobs, and do the kids’ homework. Leave the “muh job” excuse in 1950.
>you "do nothing" from his point of view
No doubt about that. Most scrotes have lived their whole lives on the unpaid domestic and emotional labor of their mothers to their partners. That’s why when a scrote get divorced without a new young thing lined up to baby him, he becomes a depressed mess eating canned chili, drinking alone, skid marks in his underwear.

No. 1881912

I always wonder why most males don’t feel romantic love. Women certainly do and it’s very strong for us. So men will pretend to experience that emotion while they’re courting but in the end it’s just something that doesn’t exist in them.

No. 1881918

File: 1707426404877.jpg (39.9 KB, 750x454, despair2.jpg)

having a very teenaged problem because of my retarded adult braces. i have a powerband that turned BRIGHT YELLOW because my mom literally won't stop using turmeric in every dish and inb4 someone tells me to cook myself i literally do but we switch sometimes and i love her but it's like she doesn't know any recipe that doesn't include it. omfg i'm so embarrassed. i'm seeing a girl in two days and i have these dumbass braces in this state i'm soooo sick. i'm borderline about to cancel because i was already dreading it and scared of spilling my spaghettis everywhere in front of her and now my braces are yellow as fuck. am i sharon from braceface right now. god this is so humiliating.
>mfw i get blinded by the bright ass yellow elastic in my mouth after looking in the mirror

No. 1881920

They're sociopaths

No. 1881925

The main issue is the average man loathes women nowadays. Like most of them don't like women at all. They like having bangmaids. They don't want a wife and children, they want to "continue their lineage" and have a live in maid that sucks their dick.

No. 1881932

They’ve never been different

No. 1881933

I said "I assume" because I'm trusting anon's judgement. It could be possible that he's another ape man child that was able to hide his true nature until she was tied down. Nothing in her post indicates this though.

Some of you have zero experience with relationships and it shows. This thread is now a circlejerk for the terminally online and probably forever alone to screech "BASED!" at each other like an autistic celebratory ritual because some poor anon was looking for advice. Long term relationships have times when they're great and times when they're not. As long as the relationship hasn't crossed into being abusive, it's preferable to try and talk through the issue. Divorce also isn't a fun day out, if anon and her husband are miserable now, it will get ten times worse during a divorce.

No. 1881934

>women telling other women not to stand for a man’s inexcusable behavior are just foreveralone virgins
We’re probably in like the 40,000th year of hearing this argument.

No. 1881941

>As long as the relationship hasn't crossed into being abusive
Neglect is abusive. Cheating is inevitable if he continues to disengage from his family life. But sure, tell a woman with child she should waste more years of her life *~manifesting~* a man to change even though he has zero motivations or consequences.

No. 1881943

okay tradwife, back to suckling your scrotes dong from the back.(infighting)

No. 1881947

You’re going to get banned for this I bet but just know I snort-laughed so abruptly I shot a little snot out of my nose

No. 1881953

There's a bunch of moids and/or ultra pickmes who camp in this thread and unpopular opinions in the last few days, basically repeating this everytime someone tells them to get a grip. Pretty sure one of them was also on meta, complaining that we're all fat ugly dykes. Just kek.

No. 1881954

I think the only way to find a decent man is to not do any emotional labor for him from the get-go and be child-free. It's just too risky to have a child with a man. If you choose wrong, like most women do, you will practically be a servant for life. Look at that poor nonna who can't leave because she became a stay-at-home mother and doesn't have any money to her name. Men don't actually want children for the right reasons anyway. For them it's never about nurturing or caring for another life, but rather wanting to "create a legacy" and also the social status of having a child. Men who are willing to put their wives through the risk, pain, and trauma of childbirth don't love them. They are selfish.

No. 1881955

Because it's true. Very few of the replies to the OP were helpful or genuine because these people lack the maturity and social awareness to know how to appropriately respond.

Understand her options. Keep in mind that all we have is what is written in her post.
Is this a new?
No -> Divorce because she's never going to be happy and he's never going to change
Yes -> Why has his behaviour changed?
He was hiding his true nature -> Divorce
He is stressed and tired from work -> Can he find another job? -> Are you prepared to lower your standard of living so he can have a less pressured job? -> Are you prepared to get a job?
Yes - Talk it through with him
No - Divorce

No. 1881958

>TRUST ME single motherhood is worse than loveless slavery
This is very divorced husband coded. Single mothers have community support, that’s something they couldn’t have in marriage. The systematic social isolation of SAHMs is the key piece to keeping women trapped.

No. 1881960

The sad part is she’ll probably ignore all of us and just listen to you since it’s a more comforting message and wind up trying to “fix him” for the next 20 years. Female socialization is so sad.

No. 1881962

A man who takes his stress from work out on his family is not a man who's worthy of a family. He's a weakling who should have never even gotten the chance to continue his cursed lineage and spread his shit genetics. He's aware of this, so he hid his true nature until he has OP where he wanted her. You're telling her she should try and work with him, while the rest of us are simply pointing out there is nothing to work with. A man like that isn't going to change as long as he is still getting everything he wants. I bet if OP decided to stop being his emotional punching bag because the baby stresses her out, or she stops putting out or cooking and cleaning he'd give her an ultimatum in 3 business days. Men like that don't change until they're forced. And half the time the change is he gets better at hiding how shit he is. Again, begone tradwife, your Nigel is waiting.

No. 1881963

If this nona is here. Turns out you may be right. I went to my doctor and they said it sounds like seizures. I'm booked into get scanned and see a specialist next week. You might have saved my life.
This is gonna suck but a least I know I don't stink

No. 1881964

You are ridiculous. Just because someone is stressed out from work doesn't mean that it's ever acceptable to treat their spouse in that way. Would you really "talk it out" in a relationship where your husband is outright neglecting and ignoring you for a shitty game, refuses to even talk to you, only hugs you when he wants to use you for sex, and snaps and yells at you constantly? If so, then you really need to work on your self-worth and stop giving advice to women, especially ones who are depressed.

No. 1881971

Also, you types are very disingenuous. Relationships do take work, but the two of you are supposed to be working together. If the downs of the relationship are consistently brought on by one person in the relationship, it's time to let the relationship go. It's supposed to be the two of you against the world, not you two against each other.

No. 1881975

Nayrt but I hope whatever the problem is easily treated anon, wishing you health and recovery.

No. 1881977

Nta, but i'm so happy for you, anon! I'm glad you decided to ask this question here and got help after all. Please take a good care of yourself.

No. 1881991

Fucked up my knitting and had to undo 1 day of progress, I will literally have to restart, fml I was so motivated and now I just feel stupid and tired. I used lifelines wrong and when I realised it was too late. I am so disappointed. At least I will be able to make it bigger this time.

No. 1882000

>Are you prepared to get a job?
This is literally the only reason for her to be together with him, he isn't giving her anything else judging by her post, zero. Fuck this struggle-love bullshit. If she has to work because he isn't delivering enough, on top of raising a child and doing all the housework, she is literally better off alone because then she doesn't have to baby him on top of it.

No. 1882001

Right like mf is a scrub, if he canceled the WoW subscription he’d be able to take her out to Applebee’s once a month.

No. 1882003

In this situation if she’s not motivated to work or be single she’s going to be right back where she’s at. Might as well stay.

No. 1882009

Thanks! Yeah if it wasn't for this anon-ness of this space I wouldn't have been able to ask anyone. Like you can't just go up to a friend IRL and ask "do I smell bad?", "how about now?", "I defo smelled something, please stop trying to make me feel good I need to know" everyday without sounding crazy.
My doctor said if it's caught earlier it can be pretty treatable. So here's hoping.

No. 1882014

Best of luck and great vibes your way! Praying for the best possible outcome for you. I'm glad that LC still has the ability to help women out there.

No. 1882016

exhausted of always being the one to show people empathy. when will i be given the benefit of the doubt and have someone walk on glass for me? i don't even want it, it's just annoying that i've been prey all my life

No. 1882027

I hate living with my always angry lunatic mother. all I did was get home from work and try and strike up a casual conversation and she started seething at me. but if I don't say anything to her when I get home she starts raging at me for ignoring her. so glad I'm moving away soon, maybe I'll go no contact on her. I feel like she's going to have one final massive meltdown on me some time between now and next month when I'm moved out. she loves making me miserable.

No. 1882030

I had this with my ex-bf. He had a hard stressful job tbf and I'd always listen to him, comfort him and he even cried around me. I supported and listened to him always. Whenever I opened up to him about my problems he gave me some hugs and like listened but never empathised. Lots of "I'm sorry", "that's wild" or a shitty hug. Half the hugs he'd feel my butt a little like he'd think penis is a solution to my problems. It's like women's feelings are just hysteria but his are real.
I confronted him about it after I dumped him and he used the excuse that he didn't know how to deal with that. We were together three years, fucking learn instead of thinking with your dick.

No. 1882041

>Half the hugs he'd feel my butt a little like he'd think penis is a solution to my problems
I'm sorry, nona. Men truly can't empathize without thinking with their dicks and what comfort they can bring with it, can they?

No. 1882043

>he'd think penis is a solution to my problems
Tangentially related but was it just my shit taste back then or do moids genuinely think this? Different men had a habit of asking me if I wanted sex to “relieve stress” when it’s obvious that’s what they want. Fucking no?? I do not want to fuck when I’m reeling with tears and frustration. The worst part is they act like it is such a kind gesture they’re offering.

No. 1882047

You know your own mom best but if I were you I'd pretend that the date for you to move out had been pushed back by a couple of weeks or longer. I've lived with lunatics myself and there's a good chance she'll pull some insane stunt to ruin your plans. Leave while she's still thinking about what sort of bullshit she'll try with you.

No. 1882050

Not this fucking MAN who identifies as nonbinary telling me he cannot be misogynistic because he's not a man. Fucking loser ass fake author who had to pay a bookstore to feature his SHITTY Tolkien knockoff book. Bitch ass can't even hold down a job and provide for the fucking baby and wife he has. Fucking fuming tbh. Pathetic moid.

No. 1882060

Yeah reddit is retarde, but, you should still break up ASAP

No. 1882063

hm that is a pretty good idea, the only problem is me telling her the date is changed will definitely send her into a frenzy kek. though yeah she probably will pull some insane stunt so maybe it is worth lying about the date change and putting up with another of her meltdowns if it means I'm spared from whatever nightmare she intends to cause me later on.

No. 1882065

File: 1707433215734.png (2.99 MB, 2895x1166, female K.png)

I watched BladeRunner 2049 a while ago. Ryan Gosling is a robot man who comes back home to his hologram waifu and she listens to him and talks about his day. Sometimes I want just that. Cool guy chats to me, listens to me and because he's a hologram I don't feel like he's just listening me so he can try have sex with me later. I'd make mine a bit snarky, maybe an English butler thing going on. I just want someone to talk to without it being a prelude to sex.

No. 1882071

For moids it's just pull the happy stick and it releases good chemicals. They don't get it at all.
>do moids genuinely think this
I've had bfs who can think beyond their penis. I don't know if it's genuine or they are better at hiding it. Not sure which is worse kek.

No. 1882078

This is more dumbass shit but since that ain't up I'm here. Every time I really laugh I go like gremlin mode like this video. I need train myself to do better a laugh.
Also when I hear kek I hear this video.(not a vent)

No. 1882087

i want to do it but i've been told all my life that i'm just going to end up doing it, and i don't want to prove them right. but god i'm tired

No. 1882088

you can have that now, look into sillytavern and other ai tools

No. 1882102

omg now i'm getting scared because for the past months but especially these past few days/weeks i've been smelling this weird nauseatingly sweet scent that seemingly comes and goes out of nowhere, no matter where i go. since i'm a retard with psychosis i just attributed it to a sign of "bad news" because i've been coincidentally getting bad news everytime it happened to me. so now when i feel it coming i try not to breathe in and let it pass or i'll smell it and "manifest" something kek. it's like babypowder but sweet i don't know how to describe it. at least it's pleasant. unfortunately i can't afford even a visit to a generalist let alone a neurologist so i'm really hoping it's nothing. i'm a total hypochondriac spaz and an anon scared the shit out of me when she said it's a sign of having a tumor. i really hope it's nothing serious for us both anon and i'm sincerely saying that. wishing you health and safety

No. 1882103

>at work doing task
>moid who works there but not same company as me walks by and says “you’re doing that wrong”
>”I am?” “Yes” “can you show me how?”
>he ignores and walks away
Please god kill all men

No. 1882115

I'm scared too because today I would get strong whiffs of alcohol/acetone that's a bit floral scented and recently I was haunted by garbage and shit smells that would come and go, but this I suspect was just river. Still no explanation for today's hallucinations

No. 1882138

This >>1882088 , join us on the dark side of husbando bots.

No. 1882166

I find it really interesting that all of the pedophiles I've met in my life are also all running around screaming free palestine

No. 1882191

They could 100% recognize me in the 2d husbandos threads for sure but i'm free here…

No. 1882207

File: 1707444084529.jpeg (141.59 KB, 1035x1035, IMG_0738.jpeg)

NTA but THIS scrote is the one trying to control women’s weights? The fucking nerve to even have physical standards for women when you look like this. The woman in picrel is so far out of his league it’s not even funny.

No. 1882214

Always the case.

No. 1882226

I have such an urge to take up a side project with my singing. I might suck, but I just want to sing! I do solo karaoke nights, but I want to broaden my voice library. My boyfriend plays classical piano and I think it'd be a fun side project to do duets together.

No. 1882227

Having your only personality trait be your eating disorder well into your 20s is really pathetic and bleak

No. 1882240

File: 1707447390174.jpg (5.22 KB, 224x224, 1000012177.jpg)


No. 1882241

I’ve had terrible luck and no faith in other people or the world anymore. When you try to get help for suicidal depression all you get are things focused on how to stop hating yourself. But I don’t hate myself, I hate other people. People I trust always let me down. Either by hurting me or hurting other people. No one ever faces consequences in this world. No one has any fucking morals, no working conscience, not an ounce of remorse. Only self justification to keep themselves sane. Even the most innocent things are evil inside. The fluffiest idea you think you can take a breather on from the rest of the world and it turns out to be as deadly as the rest. Nothing is safe to trust.
I hate the world around me so much and death is the only way out. I am too angry and heartbroken (over and over and over) to live.

No. 1882246

File: 1707447909496.jpg (348.36 KB, 1535x2048, 1000002662.jpg)

The absolute calm and serenity of knowing someone has ruined their future beyond repair but are too horrible of a person to realize

No. 1882249

I ate curry and my stomach is not happy. I am in such pain. I had to shower after using the loo because I felt physically disgusting. My stomach is still hurting.

No. 1882262

File: 1707449327926.jpeg (66.46 KB, 600x398, IMG_6562.jpeg)

My boyfriend reposted a meme about getting in a mood when you put your playlist on shuffle and a song that used to be you and your ex’s song. I asked him if he missed her and he said “kind of.” I’m not gonna lie I’m about to blow my fucking brains out

No. 1882271

What is wrong with scrotes. Please dump him.

No. 1882274

How long have you been together? I'd pull my hair out if my husband replied like that

No. 1882277

nevermind this is the fucker who had the audacity to constantly be slut and looks shaming actresses well over the part of the last two decades of him running his blog?

I always knew he had to be hideous but he really is such a sad little toad.

No. 1882282

Yikes ahoy. I'm so sorry you're being subjected to this nona. Your boyfriend is a emotionally stunted fuckwit. If my partner ever said this to me I would be hauling my furniture out the window to get out faster. You should seriously consider calling him up on his behaviour with the ultimatum of 'be present in this relationship or I'm out'. You don't deserve someone who 'kind of' misses their ex. Fuck him.

No. 1882283

File: 1707452086014.png (204.22 KB, 512x512, 0DDzUfX.png)

My pussy's too small for my bf

No. 1882286

File: 1707452585814.png (811.17 KB, 660x880, hamt.png)

I am honestly the most depressed I have been in a long time and I don't know what to do to improve my situation. I've been trying to find better work, eat healthy, exercise and use the internet less, but damn I am still depressed as shit. I don't even know what would make it better in life. I don't even know what I want.

No. 1882287

A few months

No. 1882309

File: 1707456952500.png (85.89 KB, 457x182, Screenshot_676.png)

i wish there were social programs (in the us) for young people/people fresh out of college to get them on their feet. i'm talking 21 ~ 26, that early - early mid twenties demographic…i'm not as well-read on politics and economics as i'd like to be, but maybe a stipend of ~$700 monthly if you have a degree and/or a guaranteed shitty gov job in your field (that paid just enough to let you get your own tiny apartment or whatever) would be great.

it just pisses me off that you don't get shit, NO help whatsoever unless you shit out a kid or are a drooling sped, if you're trying to better yourself and dig out of the hole being born into poverty causes you are just fuck out of luck

No. 1882315

Honestly, I'd be happy even if I got government help getting a job. I have some skills but I am an utter sperg when it comes to job interviews and I shoot myself in the foot every time I open my retard mouth. My parents still remember when interviews were easier so they don't really get it. Sorry for rambling off of your post but I get it, nonna.