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File: 1705222121529.jpeg (52.9 KB, 236x354, IMG_6356.jpeg)

No. 1853574

Previous Thread: >>1847248

No. 1853579

Oh. I didn't realize monkeys age in human years.

No. 1853582

Wasn’t Bubbles put away because he started attacking Michael or his staff? I wonder if Bubbles is still as violent now, he is an adult chimp after all

No. 1853600

Anyone else so screen addicted that you have this moment you actually see your room in your peripheral vision, then you actually look around your room realising there's tonnes of other things you could be doing? Lots of little hobby things, or books, or birds out the window that you could be watching or meals you could be making etc. Sometimes I feel like I could live in a windowless 2x2m box and have largely the same experience as I'm having now.

I've made, and I think continue to make the mistake that what I can see on the internet is more interesting than anything I can experience outside, but that's not true. It's just easier to access the interesting things online, sitting on your couch. I think I'll go for a walk today.

No. 1853610

>then you actually look around your room realising there's tonnes of other things you could be doing? Lots of little hobby things, or books, or birds out the window that you could be watching or meals you could be making etc.
not really i don't have any of that kek. the rest of the room is just my sister's and other family members junk and the windows won't open.

No. 1853613

Having yellow teeth with a thin enamel sucks so bad. I didn't take care of them as a kid so now I have to suffer for it even years and years after improving my dental hygiene. Some teeth are also misplaced which is…blah. Not to mention my sensitivity to temperature, drinking anything with ice is a task. My overall appearance is nice because I've improved it a lot over the past few years, but my teeth is the one thing that would cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to fix.

No. 1853618

Samefag but my teeth could even be beyond saving in terms of appearance, dentists won't do whitening if your enamel is too thin. Although, no dentist has actually mentioned my enamel so maybe it's not a big deal.

Anyway, all of this is why I shut up when people make fun of British people for having bad teeth.

No. 1853627

Honestly I've always found making fun of someone's teeth to be extremely rude and kind of indefensible since teeth are largely tied to class and overall health
I could get behind bad breath or something but roasting people for having 'ugly' teeth is something an american with shitty fake veneers would do (and they don't have teeth, they have little nubs!)

No. 1853637

My teeth are bad too because I didn't take care of them when I struggled with depression for a long time as a teenager. It really sucks. You should probably ask your dentist what they can do before making any assumptions though. (Personally I haven't found the courage to do so)

No. 1853639

The “high masking” shit really gets on my nerves. No matter how much i mask everyone still points out that something is weird about me and how i can’t stop sperging about my interests. Nobody can completely mask all of their traits away. I swear these people just have personality disorders

No. 1853646

i can't ever feel bad if it's someone like the spongebob guy who's actually rich enough to fix his creepy orange tooth

No. 1853711

File: 1705233518335.jpg (119.23 KB, 1024x1024, mybeloved.jpg)

shit is already changing for the better this year nonas I can FEEL IT

No. 1853804

You think some theater cunt is rich? Lollll

No. 1853821

Aminnah body butters have changed my life. They're so cheap but so nicely scented and they make my skin feel amazing. I dry brush, shower, lightly dry off, and then melt the body butter before I put it on so it goes on easier and is warm all over. It relaxes me so much, it was worth selling my soul to the tiktok shop.

No. 1853825

maybe he's dating Ariana to afford the veneers kek

No. 1853852

I want a temporary feeding tube, I'm sick and it took me like 20 minutes to finish a banana.

No. 1854023

Growing up I had this friend who was obsessed with being the main character. She would watch a TV show and then skinwalk the female lead down to the mannerisms. She had a Marissa Cooper era, a Rory Gilmore era, a Bella Swan era and a Elena Gilbert era. Like I get it you have 3 siblings and probably don't get enough attention from your parents but it was honestly annoying. Later when we were in high school she tried to create those dramatic ass "storylines around herself" like when she slept with another girls boyfriend and then got together with said boyfriend. When we graduated she watched SATC and was obsessed with living in New York kek. I cut all contact with her after one of my other friends developed an eating disorder and guess who also magically had an eating disorder at the same time but worse?

No. 1854058

File: 1705251456396.png (2.89 MB, 1925x1474, tiktok.png)

Now people go around calling themselves "main characters" unironically

No. 1854067

It's so nice to not have grown up as a retarded teen with unlimeted access to tiktok

No. 1854083

agreed nona! the first two weeks of this year have already been better than the majority of last year, for me at least

No. 1854088

I hope Gen A trends arent as insufferable as zoomers. I hate zoomers so much.

No. 1854090

Better protect that beautiful deer before some asiatic chops her up and fries her in the wok

No. 1854093

File: 1705254045047.jpg (91.45 KB, 830x623, sephora-kids-que-son.jpg)

Gen alpha girls are currently vandalizing Sephora stores and fighting grown adults over retinol and several other expensive makeup and skincare products like toners and antiaging creams, they're mega fucked

No. 1854096

>the skibidi toilet gen
Its so ogre

No. 1854100

Weird, when I was their age I was still having my mom get me dolls for presents lol. Has anyone noticed that many dolls nowadays are targeted to very young children and there aren't any tweeny focused toys? And Justice has been closing down stores too. It's like there's no real American tween culture anymore, it's baby cartoons and toys and then boom you're old enough for skincare and a million reusable cups.

No. 1854117

Yeah it seems there's no transition to childhood and teen years anymore, my 8yo cousin literally refused to go to Claire's and went straight up to Sephora, the products sold there excite them more because that's all they see 20yo influencers use on TikTok grwms, so sad

No. 1854118

My nigel and I had a bit of a disappointing time and the fair this year, so I'm going to set up a fair themed date night with games and prizes and all. I just can't think of good food ideas. He doesn't eat sweets, but most savory fair foods are just deep fried things and I don't want to go through all the hassle to make a ton of different deep fried foods for just one person.
I was thinking maybe hushpuppy battered fried chicken, but I have no clue what I would serve with it. I don't want to just feed him something fried with nothing else to go with it, seems like it would make him sick.

No. 1854120

That’s how it was when I was 8-10 as well, Youtube was becoming a bigger deal and there were a million makeup tutorials I was exposed to so that totally drew my attention away from kids media

No. 1854121

>a million makeup tutorials
Please tell me you weren't 8-10 in like, 2015.

No. 1854122

Another day of being glad I wasn't born after 2010. I pity girls who have to grow up in this timeline.

No. 1854123

because tweens are already on social media which is horrifying.

Smartphones and unlimited access to the internet is not something tweens should have. Millenial parents are being extremely retarded getting kids into devices way too early.

No. 1854126

Nonnie millenials were just as made fun of as zoomers now until most passed peak online retard age. Watch zoomers bitch and moan about Gen A in 10 years.
Eurofag but yeah it's here too. I'll see hordes of 12 yr olds looking more fashionable than me kek. I can't imagine no kids having an awkward phase anymore though, surely they exist.

No. 1854127

Do you not recall the status of beauty youtube back in like 2011

No. 1854133

Another thing I don’t like how all the hormones in American food forces little girls to grow breasts way too early in life. I was 7 years old when my breasts started becoming noticeable to others

No. 1854143

Millenials didn't turn out well at all and now we have middle agers being very retarded, still in arrested development and raising their kids horribly.

t. Millenial

No. 1854145

Some people are repeating the cycle of boomers going "Millennials are doing WHAT?!" at curated outrage clickbait kek, the butt of the joke has just shifted down a gen like it always does. Boomers got called the "me generation" back then too, and you can find similar generational whining throughout history

No. 1854154

nta but wasn't beauty youtube still very much in it's infancy back in 2011? youtube in general? it definitely wasn't the hyper consoom full-face makeup shit it is now

No. 1854160

>skin care smoothies
I'm gonna vomit

No. 1854165

doesn't claire's have unsafe chemicals in their products?

No. 1854166

Yeah I don't think there were millions of makeup tutorials in 2011, I'm sure there was quite a lot more than previous years, but certainly nothing like 2015-2017

No. 1854170

We've got adults that wanna be kids again, the shock of working for a living hitting them hard. Everyone complaining about how wages versus the cost of living doesn't add up anymore. And then we've somehow got kids with enough pocket money to buy brands that used to kind of be a 'got my first wage check' rite of passage

No. 1854174

File: 1705256454089.jpg (37.99 KB, 600x550, 20240114_000529.jpg)

People act like typing kys means you're mad or fuming or shaking with rage. A simple kys is timeless, classic, elegant. Its as simple as typing ily. Your heart rate can be at complete resting. Kys.

No. 1854176

Keep yourself safe <3(<3)

No. 1854178

I'm pretty sure that gen alpha are going to be like… genuinely disabled so whatever zoomers say about them will likely be exactly what millennials feel too

No. 1854179

File: 1705256653691.jpg (118.53 KB, 1170x1621, 20240113_224252.jpg)


No. 1854181

I recall very correctly that there were maybe not literally millions (sorry autists) but definitely thousands from those K beauty youtubers like Michelle Phan and Promise Phan

No. 1854183

I hope that there’s another genocide so that most of them just die

No. 1854186

What a beauty

No. 1854197

Hey just because they can't read and they're being sent to school in diapers at like 7 doesn't mean they won't have a bright futu..

Make up and consoom shit aside, what teachers are describing atm isn't just the whole 'shitting on the young ones' cycle playing out.

No. 1854205

File: 1705257437803.mp4 (657.52 KB, 888x426, 5256986-2efab9b41dfd213dea8a3d…)

There just might be one

No. 1854221

>Michelle Phan
Oh the good old days of applying paracetemol mixtures to your pimples and makeup tutorials delving straight into applying eyeshadow with a sponge brush and no brands specifically mentioned at any point. I miss that.

No. 1854222

That sounds so exciting!! I’m leading the charge

No. 1854224

She’s still my favorite social media lady, that whole cult arc was especially interesting kekk

No. 1854230

You're dying with them

No. 1854237

I’m not gen A

No. 1854241

File: 1705258433809.jpg (24.41 KB, 350x434, 123791172_886567998839723_8863…)

>I’m leading the charge

No. 1854250

Y'know who loved kids and would never say this?

No. 1854264

Michael Jackson?

No. 1854268

File: 1705258884928.jpeg (104.79 KB, 1024x683, 0d1efab98221bcacab22f0b7c86dd2…)

No. 1854271

Why do I look and feel better when I'm wearing skin tight clothes as opposed to thick sweaters? It should be the other way around but I just feel uncomfortable in sweaters. I'm skinny but not concerned with showing off my figure so I have no idea why that is and I can't figure it out. It's like my hair falls different and it just bothers me so much kek. I prefer wearing normal tops.

No. 1854283

File: 1705259145985.jpeg (3.61 KB, 168x300, download (1).jpeg)

Til bella hadid and gigi hadid are sisters and idk how i never realized despite both being 'hadids'

No. 1854287

I also am this way, I am a normal weight but don't like wearing sweaters because my figure is just gone and my face makes me look bigger if you can't see the rest of me. I always get compliments in more fitted clothing which is a bitch during winter.

No. 1854317

>It's like my hair falls different and it just bothers me so much kek
You got the ‘tism? Cause it kinda sounds like you’re really sensitive to certain textures and tactile feelings.

No. 1854323

File: 1705259962455.jpg (100.9 KB, 525x934, 14b80afc0c7065be037387007a2796…)

Is picrel cute in all black? That's what I think I will wear today. I hate wearing heeled boots tho (feels too overdressed)

No. 1854326

I only like oversized clothes when I feel chubby or feel like my thighs look good and wanna cover my stomach. Or when I'm trying to hide myself. Idk the hair thing tho

No. 1854332

I've had awful painful headaches since 10. I'm really afraid of going to a doctor, my family and friends force me to visit a doctor. I fucking shake when I enter a hospital for no reason. What should I do?

No. 1854339

ntayrt but for me personally i hate it when my hair falls differently because it makes me look ugly not for like textural or physical feeling reasons

No. 1854340

No. 1854347

No, why isn't her stomach properly covered? The two of you will catch a cold.

No. 1854362

I'd add some color personally.

No. 1854372

Good to hear I'm not the only one. Fitted clothing is actually the term I was looking for. I understand the coziness appeal of sweaters but for me normal tops are also cozy and more stylish on top of that.

I don't, I actually like wool and soft materials. It's probably because I'm picky with how my hair looks like this anon >>1854339

No. 1854382

I'm still learning how to style myself properly so love the suggestions nonnies. It is pretty cold outside here (artic outflow or some shit) so I have a heated vest I will be wearing too for my belly (on my period). Heated vests are a game changer

No. 1854394

File: 1705261549764.jpg (86.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I think I am going to attempt picrel except I don't own brushes lmao wish me luck

No. 1854444

Is it just me or has there been more bait the last couple of days?
You mean the eyes, right? Not the eyebrows, right?

No. 1854461

I doubt it will work out without brushes

No. 1854470

don’t be a hater

No. 1854474

When the frontman of pulp flashed his booty during this performance and Michael called it assault

No. 1854477

Realism is not hating

No. 1854482

If it turns out good then what

No. 1854488

Applaud you but it physically cannot turn out like picrel using your fingers

No. 1854527

update: I forgot concealer and it just looks like a brown smokey eye lmao sksksk its not terrible(learn2integrate)

No. 1854533

File: 1705265043968.gif (250.95 KB, 220x220, kiss.gif)

love u

No. 1854585

I didnt think it would look terrible, just not like the pic you posted lol

No. 1854617

I'm the complete opposite, only oversized clothes feel comfortable even though I'm skinny. Anything slightly fitted feels like I'm being choked even if it's technically the correct size.

No. 1854628

What happened to the conversation about Michael Jackson dressing up as a clown with escorts? I just came back and that was the last topic

No. 1854646

File: 1705268134141.jpg (74.11 KB, 792x594, 20141021712970-a5c38e04-me.jpg)

We looked over the evidence and decided its true

No. 1854649

I demand a deep dive on this

No. 1854655

I saw the those clown pics when I closed my eyes to go to sleep last night

No. 1854661

I have a shameful amount of saved cringey posts from diff women who've gone online over the years claiming to be one his lovers and clown roleplay is tame compared to some of it

No. 1854662

Omg anon post them please

No. 1854663

How do I pick the best ones so as not to shit up the thread. There's so much

No. 1854666

Pic the most interesting or realistic ones. Or collage them kek

No. 1854677

we could make a thread for mj obssesed women

No. 1854678

Thinking about how I used to do acting and the photos I submitted were so awful because my family made me take them on a self timer and I was 14 lol

No. 1854681

Thread pic has to be clown michael

No. 1854683

yes it would be interesting and we could discuss stuff outside of clowns and escorts too

No. 1854689

Shana, quora escort, liberaces druggie ex claimed to have a gay affair, there's the people who make "he's not even dead" content. Pearl jr claiming he was frozen with cryogenics. A world of crazy thats still going.

No. 1854698

Wouldn't it be more suited for the autism thread in /m/?

No. 1854699

someone make it. The MJ whiteknights who go through mental gymnastics to justify his pedophilia re amazing too

No. 1854700

kek probably

No. 1854703

no, that thread is for image dumps not discussion

No. 1854707

? there's a bunch of discussions there

No. 1854718

yeah surrounding media, MJ cows arent media.

No. 1854720

No. 1854726

I wish 70s movies werent so hard to find

No. 1854732

should I go outside? I would do nothing but maybe go to the beach and stare at the water, I just hate going outside tho

No. 1854735

Yes, go outside and buy yourself a cupcake or something

No. 1854738

Yes please, I’ve been eyeing your TV for forever and haven’t had an opportunity.

No. 1854739

Theyr not you are just lazy

No. 1854740

There's the people who go all out 'he was the purest soul to ever walk the earth, he wus actually asexual and mentally 5 etc' and then there's the people who overlook glaring lies that were featured in Leaving Neverland because every accusation is auto guilt to them. Two extremes that I equally wanna make fun of

The antithesis to this guys mj worship is a woman on youtube who makes mj pedo criminal profiling content where she tried to fake being an expert and later admitted she has her own csa history (?) so the credentials lie was all for a good cause. Like just make your vids without pretending you're a criminal profiler and then going on a mad rush to delete the trail of evidence where you lied about your education, your job, your day to day life. Like did that really help the cause

No. 1854741

I hate going outside but I figured out I like it better when I have a reason to go out or else its boring and I hate it. So you should buy a cupcake like that nonna said. Give purpose to your outings and it wont feel so useless

No. 1854742

now I'm scared

No. 1854744

go to a coffee shop

No. 1854748

most dont have seeders unless they are super popular

No. 1854754

what should i do to get motivated

No. 1854757

Well first you start by getting motiv.. oh wait. Just do it

No. 1854761

A list of things you want to accomplish next to why do you want to accomplish them, starting from the easiest to the most difficult. And sleep 8h

No. 1854763

File: 1705272496327.jpg (255.66 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20240114_122801_Tum…)

Summer from fishtanklive season 2 is unsurprisingly among us, and a shaytard

No. 1854765

explains the moid invasion lately

No. 1854766

I thought my soul was feeling mucky lately. Couldn't figure out why.

No. 1854770

update: I literally can't bring myself to go outside, I'm ready and everything but so scared . why am I like this

No. 1854773

nothing will happen. you’ll get a breath of fresh air and will be glad you did it. find a cafe near you and stay there for a bit. nobody is paying attention to you and you have nothing to worry about

No. 1854774

File: 1705273200699.gif (3.32 MB, 450x291, 28dc5f0daff6615a5035f2ec47c2fb…)

No. 1854793

I have accepted that i will die a virgin because the type of men that i like dont exist anymore.

No. 1854795

Someone hit the car of the fat married fuck coworker that wanted an affair with me and faked a mental health crisis to weasel out of consequences. There is a God

No. 1854796

God punished me for ordering food by telling the workers not to season any of my chicken or fries

No. 1854798

You can do it nonaritte, we believe in you.

No. 1854801

no fuckin' way.

No. 1854803

File: 1705275400440.gif (133.19 KB, 220x185, think-smart.gif)

Go outside then you can go back inside. You literally can't "go inside" without going outside first so you have to go outside so you can go inside.

No. 1854807

Fish Tank? The show that's like X Factor but for businesses or are we talking about something else?

No. 1854811

is the mjtism thread up yet

No. 1854815

It's a Sam Hyde reality web series apparently

No. 1854843

whats that one shitty show everyone hates but you like? i liked the grimsburg pilot even though everyone on /co/ hated it, also velma was really morbif and fun, it made me laugh everyone in the show ended up both hating and lusting after her at the end. I am looking forward to Velma's harem S2

No. 1854851

Probably not popular opinion but it was the opinion of everyone around me, Russian Doll, partly due to loving looping day plots, partly due to having a huge crush on Natasha Lyonne

No. 1854853

File: 1705278529466.jpeg (682.4 KB, 1170x1817, 541DD663-F476-4034-A00B-5E1CD0…)

I went to her blog and then from there I went to the fishtank live tag because I couldn’t imagine it having much of an audience on tumlr (it doesn’t) so tumblr is just giving me posts about actual fish tanks. And whatever this is

No. 1854855

not show but love hard on netflix lmao

No. 1854856

Do troons hold the monopoly of retarded neologisms now?

No. 1854859

I'm not shocked that a bpdette like summer frequents the farms for shayna, she's the right flavor of unhinged for those threads. Here's 46 minutes worth of voicemails she left on jet neptune's phone during her psychiatric hold following her leaving the show

No. 1854862

I'd watch a big brother type reality show with just shayfags competing

No. 1854864

apothecary diaries is great and I hope Maomao doesn’t end up with Jinshi but I think the writer will be forced to, but I appreciate that she doesn’t like him lmao. I feel like she’ll make them get married and then she’ll kill him off either by making him die by assassin or war or something

No. 1854867

In spirit of true shatna degeneracy, it would be called Big Step Brother

No. 1854868

File: 1705279441088.jpg (46.51 KB, 328x500, Michael-3-michael-jackson-3570…)

Waiting for one mjclownworld anon to step up and do the thing

No. 1854869

I'd watch a Big Brother type show where it's the husbandofags competing.

No. 1854870

I’ll make a thread. Do I do it on ot or m

No. 1854871

File: 1705279609224.jpg (216.59 KB, 1280x960, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus.jpg)

this is a real kindergarten bus. it was for sale in the US from a Japanese car importing business. $13,000 approximately. I really want to know who bought it and what they're doing with it.

No. 1854875

File: 1705279892616.png (30.85 KB, 667x705, of-skeletons-ponies-piss-kinks…)

tumblr search just be like that

No. 1854876

I feel like anons will come along and be like wtf is this if its in ot

No. 1854880

it's cute

No. 1854889

Men will never know the joy of hyper fixation of a fandom without making it sexual.

No. 1854891

File: 1705280418345.jpg (53.82 KB, 736x1059, ff83fd38e2ebd7a3e1aec02d2d2df2…)

Big Brother type show with husbandofags who change for every new character of the month, the only updates they get from the outside world is the new male characters that come up in media, the winner is whoever can stay loyal to some fictional moid for the longest time

No. 1854903

did you ever lose yourself to get what you want

No. 1854904

There needs to be a hidden autism board

No. 1854908

My bf has the Peter in fortnite

No. 1854909

I don't think you know what mjclownworld is

No. 1854911

File: 1705281521090.jpeg (278.76 KB, 1170x1457, IMG_6396.jpeg)

I don’t know the clown lore but I know MJ fans can be really autistic and interesting. I have a whole list of retarded MJ fans i’ve seen that I can sperg about. Like the one on TikTok that thinks he was a troon femme fatale.

No. 1854912

Did you end up doing it?


No. 1854914

>not Flora/Michael Jackson
I can't look away

No. 1854925

I've been collecting cringey posts from fan boards for ages but I don't see the stuff that's on tiktok. Speechless

No. 1854930

File: 1705282750946.jpg (28.3 KB, 564x555, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.jpg)

ahaha ofc not nonny

No. 1854931

MJ thread is up in /m/

No. 1854941

she’s addicted to rugmunching

No. 1854945

The girl who's reading this

No. 1854946

He looks so gay and afraid

No. 1854949

everytime I wake up from a nap I'm angrier than I ever was before

No. 1854958

File: 1705284680794.jpg (225.85 KB, 1284x851, 20240114_211229.jpg)

I had no idea

No. 1854979

I'd watch this and feel smug because I'm loyal to my fictional man.

No. 1854982

My white friend applies to native american and hispanic scholarships and it weirds me out. I do think college should be free for all but it kind of rubs me the wrong way that she would try to get resources specifically for that group. Her reasoning is that her mom is apparently "part" native and part hispanic but they don't seem to have any cultural connection to either of those groups. She also says that she considers herself a minority because we live in a predominantly hispanic area (south Texas) and she is white, so she also applies to minority scholarships.

No. 1854993

Your friend is a whitey who's just trying to seem special and different. If people were the race they were only part of, virtually every single black person in America would actually be white people just because they have some Caucasian DNA. Matter of fact, your friend is a retard too.

No. 1854994

did you ever get on a ride and want to get off?

No. 1854995


No. 1855005

File: 1705287674619.jpg (35.95 KB, 564x630, teheeEeEEEEEE.jpg)

nope not everrr

No. 1855007

did you ever push away the ones you should’ve held close?

No. 1855008

File: 1705287787601.jpg (75.44 KB, 720x760, 20240114_220253.jpg)

I always imagine some nasty chris chan type getting out of this

No. 1855009

the female michael jackson impersonators are really scaring me

No. 1855010

The Michael Jackson autists forming a brigade here is scaring me

No. 1855011

I didn’t know there’d be so many of them

No. 1855014

i don’t particularly like michael jackson that’s why the women larping as him are freaking me out

No. 1855017

File: 1705288200963.jpg (7.55 KB, 256x256, meeEEEEE.jpg)

No. 1855019

Same and I didn't want to say anything exactly because they scare me

No. 1855029

This would make me suicidal if i had to see it

No. 1855031

I don't know why anyone would have their favorite ninja turtle be anyone other than michelangelo, since he's the only one with an actual personality. The others are basically clones of eachother, so lame.

No. 1855032

did you ever let go?

No. 1855036

isn't the red one angry and the purple one nerdy or something

No. 1855038

I like Leo because he's nice

No. 1855046

I thought Barbie was an okay movie, but I thought Margot Robbie looked stunning in the role.

No. 1855048

File: 1705291509090.jpg (29.51 KB, 564x376, 2a398_998z978_d67.jpg)

I think I'm turning into one of those people who needs to like someone's personality (or persona and characters if it's a celebrity) in order to find them attractive and that's why I rarely find the majority of men attractive and have an extremely low sex drive. So I realized I'm normal basically. It has to be a persona or character specifically though because mens' true personalities are dogshit. For so many years I thought there was something wrong with me because physically nobody looked appealing and I never had real life crushes, even men with "ideal/conventional" features looked plain or even grotesque sometimes and trying to get off felt like licking my elbow, but it turns out I'm just only into characters.

No. 1855049

I need a new vape so fucking bad. All I want is a nice big cherry flavored inhale right now

No. 1855056

File: 1705292080291.jpg (439.28 KB, 1152x2048, 20240114_212241.jpg)

Breaking news: the most manipulative lying freak you know is lecturing people about how they shouldn't say retard while throwing bitch around left and right

No. 1855057

At least they moved to /m/ it was getting weird

No. 1855058

>Read about disease
>suddenly get hyper-aware of my body and feel symptoms of disease
Why is my brain so retarded and easy to manipulate

No. 1855060

I was reading about a bunch of heart issues then my chest started hurting really fucking bad the other day.

No. 1855067

File: 1705292960987.jpg (344.28 KB, 1080x1080, 1000007183.jpg)

I actually liked wingwomen a lot, I was about to skip the mandatory sex scene when it actually ended up being plot relevant and the relationship between the protagonists was pretty nice. aka I projected a lot because my best friend and I are kind of like the main characters in some way because I love her platonically

No. 1855070

Here are some things I wish I would’ve know at 18
>figure out the easiest and highest paying job and go to school for that. Fuck dream jobs or whatever.
>skip out on dealing with scrotes. Gonna save money on not having to get treatments for the stds, yeast infections and bv that they’re gonna bring and drama
>never eat over 1700 calories a day

No. 1855071

Same, that literally prompted my post. I read about impending heart issues being visible on the face and decided to google it and now I can't breathe properly and my jaw feels tense, so retarded kek. I wish it would work in reverse for positive things. Something like "Anonymous posters on lolcow dpt farm are known to be in surprisingly good health, both mentally and physically." and suddenly you feel warm, motivated and energized.

No. 1855072

what situations could you have gotten yourself into where you needed a multitude of STD/BV/yeast infection treatments

No. 1855082

One bad scrote can do a lot of damage to your body

No. 1855093

File: 1705294502814.jpg (25.19 KB, 563x452, hmmmm.jpg)


No. 1855094

shout out to crumbl wednesdays

No. 1855096

Holy shit nonna that just scared me (more) celibate

No. 1855097

i think having a baby is pathetic but having a vape is necessary to live

No. 1855098

only 200 posts in 24 hours. pathetic

No. 1855111

it's true though.

No. 1855112

I'm genuinely considering getting another pair of headphones to use while mine are charging. I just hate having to listen to my thoughts.

No. 1855115

No. 1855120

having a baby is much edgier than smoking cotton candy flavored cigarette juice

No. 1855123

Will praise when the shrapnel in your lungs cause them to collapse leaving you in excruciating irreparable pain

No. 1855125

Bringing a baby into the world knowing your child will eventually die a slow painful death is pretty hardcore. Can’t think of anything more edgy than that.

No. 1855126

It's also hard-core to bring a child into this world knowing that the child could die at literally any moment, even under supervision.

No. 1855128

when i live to be like 105 i'll remember to praise you anyhow

No. 1855129

Are you 12 years old

No. 1855130

how long do all of you want to live? i feel like i'll probably be around for at least another 80 years

No. 1855131

bringing someone into the world knowing that every day until they die there will always be that lingering thought that no matter what they do on this earth they will just be maggot food and there’s nothing they can do to avoid it. It’s very gothic.

No. 1855132

File: 1705296889544.jpg (6.92 KB, 310x324, you.jpg)

it all ends at 37

No. 1855135

You're 14 and this is deep

No. 1855136

omg do i have an assassin? that makes me feel so cool thank you nonna wow

No. 1855137

It isn't going to last that long for that thing

No. 1855138

what did sonic do to you damn

No. 1855141

No. 1855142

whenever i say something funny all the bitches disappear

No. 1855143

It means you aren't funny and you repell

No. 1855144

maybe its your scent that repells

No. 1855145

Then politely tell them to shut up.

No. 1855146

i'm still here. I'm. Still. Here.

No. 1855149

File: 1705298356116.jpg (75 KB, 828x610, 20240114_233734.jpg)

It's always so tragic when someone who is usually really funny is going through a dry spell where everything they say sucks and is not funny.. but you ride it out and support in hopes they'll go back to being hilarious again.

No. 1855154

i think social media is going to be over completely before the end of the 2020's

No. 1855156

File: 1705298826308.jpg (103.29 KB, 600x600, rs_600x600-140828200249-600.Do…)

Anons, (without searching!) what year do you remember the ASL ice bucket challenge happening in? I need to see if it's just me.

No. 1855157

Was it like 2012??

No. 1855158

early 20s, 2011 maybe?

No. 1855160

2014???????? Idk

No. 1855161


No. 1855162

I am honestly shocked I got this right

No. 1855166

It's fucking me up because I could've sworn it happened while I was in High School kek.

No. 1855169

I have no idea how I guessed it properly, maybe because I moved a lot in that time period

No. 1855170

I thought 2012 too, but it was 2014! I saw someone mention it somewhere else and was so shocked, among the many things I remember from 2014 that's not one of them.

No. 1855171

I think 2014 but anons saying 2011-2 make me feel retarded…

No. 1855174

It's 2014 when it originated, and 2015 when it allegedly gained the most traction

No. 1855176

keemit looks like this

No. 1855180

nah I just have a poor memory

No. 1855182

Samefag, but perhaps I remember it as 2012 cause there were also some "challenges" going around then as well, like vidrel. The 2010s were just a time of challenges.

No. 1855189

When Glo did the cinnamon challenge youtube changed

No. 1855190

i was going to guess 2015. i don't remember a single thing from 2014 besides my meemaw dying

No. 1855193

It's definitely all lumped together because 2010 is when it really started I just didn't remember it was so "late" in the decade.

No. 1855201

File: 1705300354938.jpg (156.28 KB, 1078x1070, 20240115_011341.jpg)

A woman watches Hackers or serial experiments lain once and starts acting like the most cringe person youve ever met

No. 1855203

>challenge was co-founded by Pat Quinn and Pete Frates; it went viral on social media during July–August 2014
Girl you were not tuned into it in 2010

No. 1855207

i love that one song by boa though

No. 1855211

It's a banger

No. 1855213

I also thought that one 50 cent harry potter thing was funny
and u dont seem to understaAAaAand

No. 1855214

Just saw an mtf with a faggot stamp tattoo… is this reapproporiation of severely mentally ill afab culture? I have never seen anything like it oml

No. 1855217

File: 1705301238029.jpeg (516.77 KB, 1075x920, IMG_1005.jpeg)

No. 1855220

File: 1705301350691.jpg (233.57 KB, 1284x2778, 20240115_014853.jpg)

Anyone who gets this tattoo that isn't a 60 year old gay man with a humiliation kink needs to be avoided at all costs indefinitely, no exceptions. This is a plague. This is worse than a Harry Potter tattoo. And before you tell me the 60 year old gay man needs to he avoided too, he is likely a polite and professional man who will never bother you, he just wants a man in shiny black boots to step on his face and ash cigarettes in his mouth in the privacy of four walls.

No. 1855222

Before someone says anything this isnt my screenshot.

No. 1855233

File: 1705302014419.png (119.17 KB, 796x410, 1000014751.png)

HOLY SHIT. True devotion, if he's not willing to sell his organs for you on the black market he is not the one.

No. 1855239

God, moids only do something good if they’re rewarded with sex. I saw a statistic that women donate organs the most but men receive them the most.

No. 1855240

not even going to check if this is true but you've single handedly made me regret signing up to be an organ donor and when my current license expires i'll be sure to not do that shit again

No. 1855244

nayrt but same, when I saw the stats I vowed not to do it again.

No. 1855246

I think I saw something here about women's bodies that were donated to science being used as baby incubators, recently renewed my license and HELL NO I am not an organ donor anymore. Tbh I never wanted to be one in the first place but I felt too awkward to say no when I first had to get my license irl.

No. 1855248

File: 1705303961623.jpg (7.82 KB, 191x207, 20240115_023402.jpg)

Sometimes, gods walk among mortals

No. 1855249

No. 1855255

I was always scared of donating organs

No. 1855257

Wow, that's horrifying but I'm not surprised. The description of the smaller head sewn onto the large body was really unsettling, I could picture it. When I renew my license in 2 years, I am not donating. The united states can't even manage recycling plastic and paper, they definitely are not properly managing """"organ donation"""".
>Stephen Gore, the owner of Biological Resource Center Inc
of course that's his last name.

No. 1855264

I go fujo but only when I am really high.

No. 1855265

File: 1705306725839.jpg (16.5 KB, 453x453, tumblr_1433fafdb77773d23745917…)

I just got lectured by a 30-year-old they/them for making a 9/11 joke.

No. 1855270

shouldve made one more after that

No. 1855271

Why is there an increasing number of people on dating websites who sincerely state that the earth is flat and claiming no one can prove otherwise?
Is this a meme or is there a manosphere podcast that is teaching this shit?

No. 1855273

File: 1705307354497.jpg (95.01 KB, 1170x866, 295666583_445051384296875_8010…)

I dreamed there was a show called BYECEPS where formerly muscular people that gained a lot of weight during the pandemic or stopped working out for other reason got help to get back into it.

No. 1855276

KEK I did. I told them I'd try to "never forget" that it makes them uncomfortable. I don't know 'em, so fuck 'em. But I'm pissed at the principle of the thing. I hate being scolded for joking about something that happened more than twenty years ago to a bunch of well-off people living in one of the wealthiest cities on Earth when the U.S. is responsible for a hundred times as many civilian deaths in the last 50 years of conflict abroad alone. People joke about COVID, and how many hundreds of thousands died from that? It's such horseshit. I'll joke about whatever the hell I want.

No. 1855277

In a similar situation, anon. Idk if you intended to put this in the vent thread, but I like the idea of men more than what they actually are. I'm repulsed by so many "normal" aspects of male personalities, particularly the way they view sex. There are certain male celebrities and even guys I've met who I find attractive, but then they start acting the way moids do and I'm put off. At this point I think I'd honestly just prefer to having some kind of platonic female life partner to a husband.

No. 1855278

Holy shit, those lines are so heavy-handed and wobbly. Is her tattoo "artist" a meth head?

No. 1855279

Maybe YOUR joke was like their 9/11

No. 1855311

I wonder how many farmhands are autists bc I see obvious jokes getting red texted like they are serious.

No. 1855312

I can't tell whether I'm having period cramps or I just need to shit because I rarely get period cramps so I'm just sitting here pondering the secrets of the universe right now.

No. 1855321

Men when you start joking about male suicide rates, male depression rates, the military and prostate cancer after they joke about raping a prepubescent girl

No. 1855324

File: 1705314250939.jpg (9.63 KB, 256x275, 1000003428.jpg)

Just wanna remind you all to do your usual pap test if you haven't already if you're due. Also that if you've never done one and you're at the age you need to go get one done. Be safe nonnies

No. 1855325

I want to be a cool kooky old lady, so I plan to stay around til my 70s.

No. 1855326

I'll do it as soon as they make the procedure less medieval

No. 1855332

File: 1705314944519.jpg (47.31 KB, 1080x340, Screenshot_20230821_211827_Ins…)

No. 1855342

I wish. I am not that age yet and already felt like too long. Wanna die already. Take me now.

No. 1855346

My Nigel looks like a young Cillian Murphy but with long hair and a bigger nose, and seeing Cillian become the next forbidden man makes me kek so hard.

No. 1855353

i wish he really would become the next forbidden man so that posting him outside a containment thread would become bannable

No. 1855384

I really slept and came back at 4am to wake up to people still sperging about eye color in the unpopular opinions thread the heck

No. 1855390

i fucking HATE social media

No. 1855391

What happened nonnie?

No. 1855397

thank u kind nona. i just get so tired and anxious when i open any social media, it annoys me so much. i almost get physically unwell, its overwhelming

No. 1855401

I feel you nonnie, its really overwhelming for me as well. Currently I have everything deleted and it helps. Even lolcow can be a lot when its just go-go-go on boards sometimes.

No. 1855403

speaking of social media a girl i like hearted my story on instagram yayyy. i pretty much only use that app to post stories ( so many fun features ) i honestly have no idea how people manage to spend hours on that app anymore, haven't had it in years and redownloaded it when a friend kept insisting and i finally gave in so i can independently spy on people for gossip reasons i hate reels i hate the timeline format and how it always says i'm "all caught up" ( it was bad enough when they removed chronological order but now ) i hate the posts on my explore page and i loathe how easily things get tens or even hundreds of likes now post pandemic. interactions aren't the same anymore those numbers mean less and less. so empty and soulless. i don't understand how to navigate it at all anymore tbh. it's so different from the way it used to be even as recently as 2019 when i last actively used it. oh well. i'm still happy that girl liked my story kek. she likes meeee i'm still too scared to message her

No. 1855412

Awhh, cute. You should like her story sometime and just write a cute comment about it, or send a sticker response too. No effort and its easy for her to respond. So sweet nonita

No. 1855414

yes i am also planning on deleting everything, i feel like thats the only way. any social media now feels so pointless and soulless just like >>1855403 said. i'm glad u managed to escape it. there was also a good thread that i'm trying to find currently, it had helpful tips on how to spend less time scrolling… i remember it felt really inspiring and calming to read

No. 1855417

i hope she messages u soon nona!

No. 1855454

File: 1705323645342.png (183.56 KB, 828x564, f60976310c8f856ef0ada59224554d…)

Why do pretty women do this? I just don't get it

No. 1855458

>there was also a good thread that i'm trying to find currently
The digital detox thread? I think that's what it was called. Anyways does anyone here use habitica and want to join my party or let me join yours?

No. 1855459

They think that by getting with an ugly man he will appreciate them more but men don’t think like that. In their head they will just think “I got this pretty girl which means I can do better”, they’re just giving them the confidence to go try and find a girl who is even better looking.

No. 1855465

Women whenever they score an attractive man: Omg I'm so lucky, I hope I'm good enough for him, and I'm really thankful, I love him
Men whenever they score an attractive woman: Holy shit a hot woman likes me? Does that mean I'm actually not that ugly? I must be a Chad! I bet I could do even better! cheats on her with a minor

No. 1855467

Same thought when I saw that. She is so fucking out of his league. Birth control polluting the entire water supply mixing with microplastics in our brain have convinced two generations of women that dating absolute failures of genetics is normal. If this woman was my friend, I'd organize an intervention for her over this.

No. 1855471

You know when you spend ages on the toilet squeezing out a shit, using all of your strength and willpower until you’re red in the face with your teeth gritted and your anus is stinging, only to produce a worthless little malteaser? That’s what I imagine it’s like to give birth to a son.

No. 1855486

Sometimes I forget I shouldn’t scroll /g/ while I’m eating breakfast. Absolutely rotten fantasies some of you have lmao never change

No. 1855489

Wasn't it posted that she only dated him for citizenship and she's from a third world country? They're not together anymore and tbh any woman would be out of his league. They'd only get with him if it benefitted them and they were in a very bad situation.

No. 1855492

kek but also eat more fiber damn it

No. 1855495

I'm really afraid of my intestines falling out so no, I try not to strain anymore and eat more nuts and coffee.

No. 1855496

Don't push, squat and relax, put your feet up on the garbage or smthn. I have constipation too but you're gonna blow out your sphincter nonnie

No. 1855500

fuck this is me lmao

No. 1855512

Who's this?

No. 1855521

Oh I put it here because it felt more like a dumb realization than a vent. If I grew up on sites like twitter and tumblr I would have been dangerously close to calling myself 'asexual'.

No. 1855542

File: 1705331301934.jpg (302.1 KB, 1440x1440, a8810a0f90ed6258265f44958c08a5…)


No. 1855547

File: 1705331692496.gif (1.3 MB, 250x310, ew.gif)

No. 1855552

I think he’s attractive but he has a minuscule penis

No. 1855556

File: 1705332133239.jpg (37.14 KB, 828x773, 7e436467568.jpg)

take it to /g/

No. 1855565

I sent it to my sister. She really needs it

No. 1855568

File: 1705332509859.jpg (1.23 MB, 4032x3024, guraist.jpg)

I was thinking what would happen if you had met your partner later in life? How would u guys react? Ngl, id be pissed because what took his bitch ass so long to appear in my life lol

No. 1855573

Delete this photo, it's giving me anxiety

No. 1855581

File: 1705333122364.png (282.48 KB, 800x500, 5bbc563136491-1718a8cb4a1045e2…)

aw thanks so much nonnies !! this really warmed my heart. i'm taking your advice and i hope we'll be able to have a conversation soon kek

No. 1855585

Free her

No. 1855593

File: 1705333680498.png (1.1 MB, 1208x911, gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…)

She is free and ready for bed

No. 1855594


No. 1855606

Does picrel have a name or is it just a random toy?

No. 1855607

not every cartoon animal finds their way into a jar gets so lucky

No. 1855609

File: 1705334787566.jpeg (341.62 KB, 828x1117, IMG_2125.jpeg)

persian cat baby from calico critters/ sylvanian families

No. 1855610

It's so cute. Thank you anon!

No. 1855612

I'm at the doctors office right now and am the witness to a battle between two middle aged women trying to one up each other about how they never call in sick to work because they are such girlbosses. Like bruh going sick to work doesn't make you a hardass. Seriously, people humblebrag about the weirdest shit these days

No. 1855644

People are so fucking annoying about this. If you call in sick it’s
>nooo you’re so selfish and lazy and unreliable! You’re letting the team struggle when you’re not even that ill waaaa!
You don’t call in sick?
>waaa you’re so selfish some people are immunocompromised stay home you irresponsible piece of shit you’re literally killing grandma!!

People should just do what the fuck they want because you will be bitched and moaned at no matter what, especially since covid.

No. 1855645

File: 1705337521349.jpg (61.57 KB, 736x935, 1692839514448.jpg)

To the other anon who also wanted to fuck a shadow figure, we might have a chance with those 10 foot tall Miami shadow aliens

No. 1855653

Very important question: how can I make my nails like the keekweek theme?

No. 1855667

File: 1705338884576.jpg (226.16 KB, 1080x934, 1000007233.jpg)

It's true though, sudden infant death happens. I also know of a woman who had a child and the baby died at three years old, it was suddenly and she was devastated afterwards.
There's lots of stories of people losing their children that just happen when they least expect that to happen.

No. 1855674

My boss used to brag about how he never took sick days and worked 24.7 and I was like really is that the way to live and then he had to take sick days because I told him to get the thing checked out on his head and it was cancer oof

No. 1855675

SIDS is crazy and it's weird that it can be mitigated but you could take every precaution and you'd still have a risk of a dead baby but also a 3 year old is not a baby.

No. 1855678

File: 1705339867857.jpg (79.31 KB, 256x389, The_dress_blueblackwhitegold.j…)

Tell me

No. 1855679

Gold and white with a blue tinge

No. 1855680

Green and purple

No. 1855681

They're so cute. Omg

No. 1855683

File: 1705340085422.jpg (231.76 KB, 1116x549, Tumblr_l_1292556937280469.jpg)

It's all expenses lately because I'm not getting paid a dime to do this internship and I'm broke as HELL nonnies. As hell.
Spent 43€ at the vet last week, this week it'll be another 100€, my hairdryer blew up last night and that'll be another ~50€ to replace it. Pretty sure my car's clutch is about to finish breaking, make that +200€, plus 40€ for gas. Can't I just find a rich moid already goddamn.

No. 1855685

Let's do a test run of this.

No. 1855688

samefag, but if anyone could recommend a cheap hair dryer that'd be grand kek I don't want anything fancy, just one good enough to dry my hair quick and make my fringe look good.And that hopefully doesn't cost 100€ just to break a year later.

No. 1855689

Conair hass good blowdryers, maybe you can find one secondhand or cheaper

No. 1855701

i want to look like this

No. 1855704

im suddenly growing small hairs on my chin and neck.. i like pulling them out

No. 1855708

Ok nonnies, I am REALLY gonna try to go outside today. I didn't end up going yesterday but today I got this.

No. 1855709

when did challenged stopped being a thing? i only know about cringe coomer challenged nowadays, btu normies dont engage in those

No. 1855719

No. 1855720

thanks nonnie, but unfortunately I'm eurofag and I don't think they ship here (and if they do, it's probably super expensive rip). I'll probably end up getting a random no name brand one from amazon and hope for the best, maybe some post christmas 2nd hand deals too?

No. 1855727

the way I would deface this car if i saw it parked

No. 1855731

File: 1705342008258.jpg (1.3 MB, 2454x2454, 79733072-1532711485.jpg)

No. 1855737

>receeding hairline
>ugly hairstyle
>roidpig body
take it back to your gay bear forum

No. 1855753

I meant the entire challenge genre you fucking idiot.

No. 1855786

2014 i remember getting nominated for it and just donating money cause i didnt want to get wet kek

No. 1855787

whenever i see this pic i wonder whos bedroom it was. what is she doing now. where did she come from where did she go

No. 1855789

File: 1705344537092.png (653.91 KB, 502x672, homecoming king.png)

they both have the flushed away look though. especially with that tom petty "full moon fever" di's got goin on kekk

No. 1855791

white and yellow but it was taken in a shadow away from the light so the dress looks blue because of the cold toned hue that the light caste across it

No. 1855794

I kinda of can't believe that the likttle tiny babies who were in their infantry when I was 11-12 and shitposting all over instagram and youtube are now as old as I was in 2014 doing the exact same thing all over tiktok and twitter.I don't even understand how they've all lived this long considering the state of millennial parents

No. 1855813

File: 1705345223983.gif (3.77 KB, 128x128, 1633939578596.gif)

I hate lazy newfags so fucking much. They are always so entitled, too.

No. 1855816

I wonder how much bacteria is in my lipgloss. I try not use the applicator directly on my lips after I eat, but mouths in general still have disgusting bacteria in them. I just wanna see my lipgloss under a microscope.

No. 1855819

You can do it nona! There is another nona out here in this big world rooting for you.

No. 1855831

u go nona u CAN do it

No. 1855837

I'm gonna start telling moids I don't have sex. I just don't and won't. Simple as that. Anyone tried this before

No. 1855845

what does that accomplish

No. 1855849

yes its the one! thank u nona. also i will now google habitica

No. 1855859

Not having to have sex

No. 1855863

Girl you don’t have to date them at all

No. 1855865

I want to date but I don't want sex, why are dating and sex exclusive

No. 1855870

Why date then, why not go out with friends?

No. 1855872

nta but i kind of get it. you want "your person" and sometimes friends don't feel like the same thing. i don't really believe in asexuality but i have a very low libido from trauma and meds but i still want to date at some point.

No. 1855880

I love my cat so much it makes me want to cry. I wish I could communicate to her just how much she means to me. She is so beautiful and smelly

No. 1855883

I would like to date and eventually have sex but I'm just not down to have sex until I really feel its right which could be in a day, in a year or until marriage so I'd rather just be honest if they ask or try to make advances that I'm not down for anything. My last boyfriend I was with for years and we just broke up so I just don't see the point in giving myself to somebody when I would rather be with someone who is willing to wait or be patient with me. Being serious would have to be a discussion though but I feel like you should be able to date without having sex.

No. 1855896

I saw a video about this place. It's like a maid cafe but with buff women. Japan has whacky some ass businesses and my city can't even get a cat cafe.

No. 1855902

my cat keeps meowing and talking to me but she's just happy.

No. 1855954

all day long i’ve been reporting teen porn on google through Google Reports and I just fucking hope they’ll actually get rid of this shit. I don’t understand why any results come up at all when someone searches “teen porn” or “omegle porn”

No. 1855955

you are a fucking retard, they arent going to do shit because 18-19yos are also teens. The teen category in porn is 18/19yos, not underage.

No. 1855956

This might be a difficult thing for you to find out but a lot of the parties who show up in the results are not 18/19…

No. 1855957

how do you even know?

No. 1855958

Nonnie we all know that's not true…

No. 1855959

also sorry to samefag but even if they are 18/19, it’s still non consensual porn, there’s also no age verification on file that google has to prove that they are in fact 18/19, so I’m holding out hope that they could delete it because they’re able to comprehend that there’s no way to prove that they’re both of legal age and aware that their nude images are being shared

No. 1855961

go scroll through “omegle porn” on google for a few seconds and tell me how old those girls look, nonna. Because I guarantee you those are little kids.

No. 1855962

i genuinely have no idea what you are even doing this, i tried searching that on brave and it doesnt let me so you are bypassing stuff just to report it? the police doesnt care if you searched teen porn to report it kek

No. 1855972

I am slowly making my way through the Shayna threads. Woooo boy! What an absolute trip.

No. 1855989

i’m not searching that on brave i don’t know what brave is? i’m saying I searched it on google and it shows up for everyone on google. if you don’t believe me then thats your prerogative but it doesn’t change the fact that it is visible

No. 1855990

ntayrt but I just googled omegle amateur porn on google and a bunch of websites links and images popped up?

No. 1856040

holy I remember going through her threads and just having to take a step back, they're so wacky nona

No. 1856051

File: 1705356692427.png (297.77 KB, 477x440, roachdemon.png)

roach hair on a perfectly fine looking butler

No. 1856052

i just broke my
pray for me

No. 1856055

Sebastian sexo

No. 1856062

File: 1705357275280.png (467.53 KB, 762x372, 65436437.png)

No. 1856065

i always found him ugly, but i find all sexy edgy bishies ugly

No. 1856069

real reason not to listen to kpop? Youtube starts recommending ugly males reacting to new MV's of young girls dancing, you don't need to watch the video but you will have to endure the ugly pale faces as you hit 'not interested'

No. 1856072

I hate when the thread in /m/ I like is dry, because I don't wanna be that one bitch spamming the thread every day with my autism. If I’m being autistic in an active thread, at least I feel better cause other anons are being autistic too. But sperging out alone makes me feel shy opposed to sperging in a group

No. 1856074

Same, nona. I don't want to be an obvious samefag.

No. 1856083

I love looking at old threads, we had some true fortune teller nonnies in 2008

No. 1856093

same. also i wanna post abt my autistic niche interest but i don't want to be recognised or accidentally become a personalityfag

No. 1856129

File: 1705361414863.png (132.21 KB, 1170x645, Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 3.05.…)

fucking kek

No. 1856131

99% chance the person who types this hasn't even kissed a boy IRL.

No. 1856132

better to have never been kissed than be a woman who orgasms to the idea of rape

No. 1856139

File: 1705362808268.jpg (11.84 KB, 340x340, kill.jpg)

i need to listen to that murder on the dancefloor a thousand times so it gets off my head, i'm not even watching that retarded movie

No. 1856144

File: 1705363145337.jpeg (159.82 KB, 1024x576, ffd5115d55606b1008734de1526707…)

I genuinely don't understand how people do squats while keeping their feet flat to the ground

No. 1856149

you don’t slav squat?

No. 1856150

It’s cultural, like a language you can learn but it will never be as natural as your native tongue.

No. 1856153

i don't understand it either. i'm slavic and i can't do it

No. 1856169

I'm asian and I also can barely do it for a long time.

No. 1856174

It takes practice, Slavs and Asians who've done it from a young age have no issue, I am neither but I am no stranger to squats so it's simple for me.
Also yknow, could have bad balance naturally, some bodies are made unbalanced.

No. 1856190

now that i found out my best friend is a virgin i feel so horny around him for some reason

No. 1856191

oh we got a gay guy on the farm today

No. 1856193

Thinking about annoying personality quirks that are so obvious theg render someone obnoxious and how you can always tell when someone spends a ridiculous amount of time pretending to do interviews in their head like theyre a celebrity (worst type of person ever). Like the way they talk on their socials is like a pretentious pseud dropping some stupid literature slam poetry piece and the things they say are fucking stupid and unnecessary and like they believe they really are a celebrity. Bitch you are not Jeff Goldblum giving a quirky interview on your pretend accomplishments go outside more and talk to real people because you are LOSING the plot. They just drop the dumbest posts on their twitters or blogs imaginable. Need their heads surgically removed from their ass.

No. 1856194

Cringe. So cringe

No. 1856195

its not my fault all the tomboys trooned out

No. 1856202

File: 1705367406827.jpg (360.66 KB, 2048x2048, 20240114_134329.jpg)

Hilarious when an autist says to "read the room". You have been incapable of doing that your entire life ma'am

No. 1856205

I shall embrace my derelictions the same way a terminally ill cancer patient embraces their demise.

No. 1856208

Ok rupi kaur

No. 1856220

Do you think moids generally keep their fetishes for a lifetime even if they never get fulfilled?

No. 1856222

oh so she’s a woman

No. 1856224

File: 1705369315000.jpeg (162.58 KB, 720x972, pick 3.jpeg)

3,5,9 for me. I'd host the first IRL lolcow mooovie night in my home theater and you all would be invited

No. 1856226

Like…if they never get to engage with it would it still turn them on? ehhh kinda, they can still think about it, unless they get bored and move onto something else

No. 1856227

Forgot to mention we'd also have a pool party and make funny songs and stuff in my studio

No. 1856229

No. 1856230

Yes because they're disabled

No. 1856231

File: 1705369478236.jpg (186.44 KB, 1200x857, 20240115_204300.jpg)

I dont know anything about kpop forgive me but shordy in the middle is so bad it's crazy(leave that filth out of lolcow)

No. 1856232

yes, retard.

No. 1856233

There is an unlimited pool of porn for most fetishes and if you can't find it, you can hire some e-prostitute to perform it. Even with that, a lot of men will turn to prostitutes to fulfil kinks that their wives/girlfriends refuse to fulfil. There is nothing stopping them from fuelling this fire aside from creativity and funds.

No. 1856234

i hate it when my head is cold because wet hair

No. 1856235

there are autistis with inflation fetishes or transformation fetishes who cant really do much besides commission artwork

No. 1856239

I unironically enjoy spring breakers

No. 1856241

I hope hell is real even if it means I'm ending up there, there are so many people that I hope unironically go to hell, I'd be fine being there myself, it'd be worth it.

No. 1856245

why are you calling her him

No. 1856249

I get super sleepy after I orgasm (to the point where I can start falling asleep while it's still happening) and it's very annoying as a nuisance, so I'm going to train my body to not do that by immediately exercising after I masturbate.

No. 1856252

>be lifelong nail biter
>always bit nails until they were bloody nubs
>parents tried everything to get me to stop, nothing worked
>fast forward to age 21
>sitting in college lecture randomly thinking "huh I should stop biting my nails"
>literally never bite nails ever again, it's been three years since I stopped
Do I have superpowers?

No. 1856265

Can someone Please tell me the name of woman in middle. I have a hard time deciphering when the promo pic is so airbrushed

No. 1856270

I can do it comfortably for a long time and I'm not asian or slavic

No. 1856274

AYRT my worst nightmare is checking lolcow and seeing that I’ve become a recognized user, like pakichan or rancefag.

No. 1856288

why the fuck doesn’t united states just bomp israel and palestine both? problem demolished

No. 1856289

it’s not as bad as it sounds as long as you know how to not draw attention to yourself

No. 1856304

File: 1705372366464.jpg (28.2 KB, 500x667, 78a44a8adb182e035152dcf0a18c87…)

That first sip of cold water after exercising hits like crack.
Also, if exercising releases endorphins, why does it make me feel like butt?

No. 1856305

Soyeon from gidle

No. 1856310

All rise for our anthem

No. 1856316

File: 1705372614434.jpg (19.95 KB, 452x325, 250fd9a4cec464018967b38900963c…)

Sometimes they look blue but the color can look different depending on the lighting, like here

No. 1856320

File: 1705372707402.jpg (Spoiler Image, 657.9 KB, 2865x3569, 1691848382171808.jpg)

I get called a personalityfag whenever I post my boyfriend (picrel) once a month or less, but I don't care because I otherwise don't talk or post like that

No. 1856328

I knew it was gonna be him before I even opened the pic

No. 1856330

The only moids I find attractive are super random tiktokers (not the e-boy types) because most celebrity scrotes are ugly now

No. 1856331

File: 1705372950892.png (Spoiler Image, 341.11 KB, 595x842, 1699461254163840.png)

And you won't detect any of my other posts ever because I set myself up with this for fun. I love posting him just so anons can tell me he's a cow. My love is strong, resilient. Free.

No. 1856361

No. 1856370

Can you cillianfags quit spamming him already?

No. 1856374

ew the sweat. disgusting

No. 1856376

File: 1705374191394.jpg (266.17 KB, 1920x1080, 2410538-1208446200.jpg)

No luv xx

No. 1856381

lol i completely forgot about gidle after soojin left. now i barely recognize the other members.

No. 1856386

I spent an hour meticulously cleaning the baseboards today after scrubbing the floors and my stupid husband ate something he knows makes him sick, and proceeded to puke all over the bathroom floor, door, and baseboards. Same day. He's like a fucking dumb dog. I am so close to holding his head underwater. Of course I had to scream at him like what the fuck? Why would you not clean this up? So now I'm the bad guy. I am never cleaning again, he can literally suck my ass. I hate men.

No. 1856391

The way my brain processes it as giddle

No. 1856393

Sorry your man is disapointing nonnie, I bet it smells so good and you did a good job

No. 1856397

what the fuck why are you married to him

No. 1856398

I never would've known this was gidle wow

No. 1856401

I dont recognize them at all and the woman in the middle looks nothing like when I googled the members kek

No. 1856403

my ex one time put his spotify on my tv and now sonetimes when I clcik spotify it connects to his even if he's listening far away and it hurts because I saw 'glimpse of us' in his playlist about me and I feel sad never again

No. 1856425

ayrt and same, it took me a long time to recognize the others besides soyeon and minnie.

No. 1856426

File: 1705376076002.jpg (243.05 KB, 1377x2048, 20240114_212227.jpg)

We all know that one person that is so contrarian on purpose because they want to be different at all costs to the point that it makes them look like they are suffering from a brain injury most of the time

No. 1856427


No. 1856429

No. 1856433

I feel this so hard specifically about the otome games thread, I hate that it's so inactive. I got really into them this past year and desperately want to discuss them with nonnas but it seems like there are barely any anons frequenting that thread, like even the old otome games thread that recently got locked was 7 years old and not even close to being full. I get that it's a niche but I feel like it's something more nonnas would be into.

No. 1856434

File: 1705376861205.jpg (940.91 KB, 3000x1500, 16012024124625.jpg)

i remember being 16 and being crazy in love with her
>wtf 2019 was five years ago
i want to kms

No. 1856437

Oh, so it is Soyeon. I thought that was the closest to the picture but it still looks literally nothing like her kek

No. 1856440

File: 1705377621043.jpg (75.68 KB, 1080x1779, 20240115_225841.jpg)

I want a lifesize bear plush bf except built like a big dicked oxen and then I'll pour diet coke on it and suck it out of it and when I smack it against the wall it will make a loud thud

No. 1856442

File: 1705377730298.png (433.71 KB, 960x539, 2e0.png)

No. 1856446

I always do, but I'm not even sure what to discuss in them or what's interesting enough to say.

No. 1856450

File: 1705378232254.jpg (336.26 KB, 1600x1200, 16012024011002.jpg)

those are pictures of her from five years ago, i had no idea what she looks like now until five minutes ago. now she looks like picrel.

No. 1856463

Is kiwifarms down, faggot?

No. 1856473

Some of the trannies posted in the MtF thread actually look like my ex and it gives me such a fucking whiplash

No. 1856474

who are you calling fay i have a son

No. 1856475

where the fuck are y'all

No. 1856477

Just realized we havent had movie night in like a month and the thread has been inactive for like a week. Are we dying…

No. 1856479

"i cant breathe" era internet was actually really fucking funny kek. I couldn't take the protesting seriously because all of the signs just felt like memes. Goerge Floyd became a soyjack

No. 1856483


No. 1856485

File: 1705382038403.jpg (160.78 KB, 1080x1184, 20240113_001053.jpg)

I am not going to listen to a stupid bitch soapbox some overemotional and reactive shit. Ever.

No. 1856486

I actually didn't know the troon was a troon at first in I Think You Should Leave, now a gay man voice is all I notice

No. 1856489


No. 1856490

File: 1705382253079.jpg (538.4 KB, 1440x1440, 20240115_202245.jpg)

Where did the anons that want to have sex with cars and robots go

No. 1856491

File: 1705382293518.jpg (85.05 KB, 700x775, 20240115_202248.jpg)

No. 1856493

you know youre retarded when you

No. 1856494

File: 1705382605880.png (1.15 MB, 1000x681, okay coach.png)

Okay coach, got my jockstrap on and I'm ready to wrestle.

No. 1856497

Those are some metal gear solid thighs

No. 1856499

File: 1705382906254.jpg (67.29 KB, 1000x1000, 5cXwTRmv64100b4d89755_16787730…)

god damn, if i was autistic i'd think about it

No. 1856500

have a Y chromosome

No. 1856502


No. 1856506

No. 1856519

Probably sleeping if they’re all burgers like me. I’m actually about to go to bed at a reasonableish time for once.

No. 1856521

Wish I could tell past me to not eat that.

No. 1856525

File: 1705384056494.jpg (60.77 KB, 736x736, 20240115_024123.jpg)


No. 1856528

File: 1705384130151.png (Spoiler Image, 784.26 KB, 800x600, __tanigaki_genjirou_golden_kam…)

Thinking bout her
Thinking bout me
Thinking bout us
And who we gonna be
I opened my eyes
(It was only just a dream)

No. 1856533

Ok then I'll tell you now; NO FOOD FOR YOU

No. 1856535

Fucking go back to your bear forum

No. 1856536

File: 1705384335147.png (60.08 KB, 320x240, 00688.png)


No. 1856547

burgers wake the fuck up challenge

No. 1856549

File: 1705385293784.jpg (111.79 KB, 800x922, cc83184536be29f3afc.jpg)

Don't you ever say something like that again to my dear nona

No. 1856550

File: 1705385371495.jpg (56.85 KB, 640x480, 20240116_010105.jpg)

I have never felt a solidarity like this here. If no one got me, the one woman posting from a remote temple in Malaysia got me.

No. 1856553

It’s midnight, whaddya want?

No. 1856554

File: 1705385552825.jpg (39.1 KB, 750x620, 7wmulc.jpg)


No. 1856557

They call out for our attention
But only to tell us our schools are getting shot and our entire ecosystem is obese

No. 1856563

File: 1705385816585.jpg (139.24 KB, 850x1065, 9d28337413dee12506fb.jpg)

Love you always, nona

No. 1856564

sorry but i'm trying to leave this place. so I'll only post like once every few months.

No. 1856568

File: 1705386105927.png (383.95 KB, 800x450, __tanigaki_genjirou_golden_kam…)

Thank you

No. 1856571

Did someone actually post from a temple in Malaysia?

No. 1856572

File: 1705386287682.jpg (414.07 KB, 1536x2048, 20240116_012619.jpg)

blocks ur path

No. 1856573

That's her home, dont be insensitive, her connection is spotty.

No. 1856576

File: 1705386524727.gif (1011.58 KB, 500x270, 500.gif)

turns it into confetti

No. 1856579

Whenever men post a video with the selfish camera and refuse to leave frame even though they're pretending to video what's around them omg girl move the fuck out of the way

No. 1856583

File: 1705386937104.png (963.02 KB, 737x1557, 1663578861768.png)

She must be an ancient priestess and if her connection is spotty, she is being sloppy. Nona to nona telepathic conversation now.

No. 1856584

I love beef! It tastes so good and mogs on all other meat so hard.

No. 1856588

File: 1705387309567.jpg (171.41 KB, 1440x2096, Lionness_Guennol_new.jpg)

He won't be blocking it for much longer, sisters.

No. 1856594

File: 1705387806540.jpg (31.83 KB, 360x360, 20231015_031451.jpg)

No. 1856595

Wrong wrong wrong

No. 1856596

File: 1705387870832.jpg (71.28 KB, 916x665, 20231130_010740.jpg)

She's my angel.

No. 1856603

i could re4ally use a wish right now wish right now wish right now

No. 1856608

Imagine a fleshlight with balls but like super disgusting hangers that stretch way too low and are asymmetric to the point of malformation, like truck nuts kind of

No. 1856609

Okay goat is really good too but it's WAY better than chicken and pork.

No. 1856616

File: 1705389287194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.31 KB, 400x400, 4a41420dd959e8776aab8f16fe92e6…)

>sews mouth shut and chews out own tongue to atone for making girlfriend deaf
Ideal boyfriend. Most men would've called you a narcissist if you got mad and then ghosted.

No. 1856620

in my room

its usually the same people that host, if they can't host there's no movie night. Tunesday still happens regularly though.

No. 1856629

I saw the nastiest poems ever on my X timeline today and didn’t realize the “poet” was a popular influencer when I called it out. Now they’re replying to my criticism because they’re insecure. I find it funny because I had no idea this person was popular for their writing. Makes Rupi Kaur look like Ezra Pound.

No. 1856643

File: 1705393004242.jpeg (992.35 KB, 828x1334, IMG_8761.jpeg)

I saw this dude at the store. What do u think he was shopping for??

No. 1856645

Maruchan and lottery tickets.

No. 1856662

I love to sleep with my chin tucked in, especially when its cold but without fail it always breaks me out.

No. 1856663

File: 1705397157767.jpg (18.46 KB, 274x251, Tumblr_l_161854845107884.jpg)

nevermind about the car nonnies, I just crashed it

No. 1856667

oof nonny are you ok?

No. 1856671

that sucks

can you do something other than this unpaid internship? They should be illegal.

No. 1856716

Nta. I'd like to join your party! (With a new account, I haven't used it in a long time)

No. 1856732

Wash your sheets/blanket.

No. 1856756

yep I'm fine, thankfully it was a light hit but it broke the wheel bearing, I have no idea what I hit, so it's not worth fixing it considering what a piece of junk that car was.
I work at a pub from time to time, but it's low season now so the internship is the only thing I can do atm I should end it around May, hopefully I can find a more stable job quick

No. 1856760

Realised I'm madly in love with my husbando but irl I would never walk within fifty metres of him. Irl men like him would troon out in two seconds, unfortunately. I get reality checked

No. 1856762

I wish Blingee was still usable. Trying to sign up just redirects you to the login page and it's been like this for what, 4 years now.

No. 1856785

based honestly, i dont know if they purposefuly did it to gatekeep or it's just a site bug, but it keeps all the tranny TIF zoomer shit out so i am happy. Zoomies and tifs can use picmix to create their ironic cringe trash, i want to see pure artistry made with soul.

No. 1856788

As someone who has experienced being fat and skinny I know how to lose weight but the taste of a deep fried candy bar or a chicken wing beats skinny everytime

No. 1856798

tell me how to lose weight

No. 1856800

File: 1705412901939.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x609, kot.jpg)

>influx of zoomers hits the site
>they start shitting on board culture, baiting, and overall being shitheads, all topped off with dogshit tastes in pretty much everything
i hate them so fucking much go back to tiktok you little vermin shithead

No. 1856801

Eat boring food and don't overeat it.

No. 1856803

i will stay a fatty then, thanks

No. 1856804

Learn how to count calories and then Eat under 1400 calories a day. Replace drinks with calories with diet drinks(I like sparkling water with crystal light) so you aren’t wasting calories on liquids. No drinking alcohol. That’s literally it.

No. 1856806

You don’t need to eat boring food. You can eat fast food etc as long as you stay under the calorie limit.

No. 1856810

Fast food is boring and not even real food, anon. And anyways the only way to eat fast food is to stick to their protein options as much as possible while avoiding the carbs and sodas, and at that point, why bother?

I'm talking about rich foods with fats and carbs. Dieting fucking sucks. Sorry but all super skinny people I have seen and known ate like birds, were on some kind of med that made them less hungry, and were not foodies for a reason.

No. 1856812

growing up with boring food as a kid screwed me up forever. Now whenever i have some extra money i waste it all on fast food, kill me.

No. 1856817

When I was thin I ate whatever I wanted just less off it. Steak, butter, cheese, cake, candy etc. Fatties issue is eating too many calories not what we eat. We are fat because we eat too much.

No. 1856820

>Eat under 1400 calories a day.
retarded advice. you don't know anything about her weight, height, activity level, or medical history.

No. 1856825

I’m 5’6 and I ate under 1400 calories a day and I went from 150 to 110. Of course im a fat hog again because I became an alcoholic but it worked.

No. 1856826

Samefag and I never worked out. I just had an office job and I bed rotted on my days off and still lost weight.

No. 1856835

who is ur husbando nonie i would love to know if u are willing to share

No. 1856842

You can still eat fast food but you’ll have to control yourself. For people who love fast food I’d recommend intermittent fasting because there’s no way you’re going to be able to eat fast food more than once a day and still be satisfied.

No. 1856844

Way less than what you remember.
The only adult size 0 I knew had anachan tendencies but thought she ate normal if not big meals. Once at a restaurant she took a tea plate, put a scone with some fruit on it, and proceeded to act like she consumed some devilish meal.

No. 1856847

File: 1705414977158.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, 1670935692202.png)

I just ordered burger king

No. 1856850

>Irl men like him would troon out in two seconds, unfortunately.
Same nona, he'd definitely be gullible enough to fall for it. I can keep him safe

No. 1856851

File: 1705415104622.jpeg (295.94 KB, 1470x980, ABD37292-B8BD-4C50-97B6-B81BBC…)

I definitely would go to chilis etc and eat normal sized portions like pic related but the difference is I’d eat something small like a tuna packet for breakfast and then for dinner I’d have a huge portion. I’m fat now because instead of eating like that once day, I’m eating like that for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No. 1856856

based fellow nerd/alt boy enjoyer

No. 1856859

Whatd you get?

No. 1856861

I love gherkins

No. 1856862

File: 1705416018861.jpg (270.05 KB, 1437x1080, 1670963528277.jpg)

whooper with onion rings

No. 1856869

I just had a very healthy lunch of pringles, reeses and dr pepper

No. 1856870

Whomp whomp you’re at 1200 calories you’re over your daily calorie limit. You can’t eat anything else.

No. 1856872

File: 1705416580675.gif (164.34 KB, 400x300, myoldblingee.gif)

Not gonna lie, I kind of like that blingee said zoomers not welcome

No. 1856873

File: 1705416682148.gif (959.78 KB, 338x350, pheztsQ.gif)

rattle rattle go back into the catacombs skelly

No. 1856874

i will eat you

No. 1856878

File: 1705416865042.jpg (14.43 KB, 275x262, 1696196858407.jpg)

do americans really eat their burgers with milkshakes?

No. 1856883

I'm skinny and still eat those

No. 1856886

some of us even dip french fries in our milkshakes

No. 1856889

how did you guys manage to become the most powerful country on earth, sheer retard strength?

No. 1856890

As a euro raised by a euro mom in America, I still can’t handle ppl drinking sweet stuff with food and having no secondary beverage. If you mean if they’re gross that they get a milkshake and burger then also I don’t get it lol.

No. 1856892


No. 1856922

This is the annoying thing about fatties, they think being normal is “anachan behavior” and treat you badly for it

No. 1856924

I tried using picmix like two hours ago, couldn't be bothered to learn the site so left kek

No. 1856927

could you really? troons in fictional worlds where husbandos are from either don't exist, or crossdressing is just a fun thing to do, like old high school gender bender days. in reality, unfortunately nope lmao

No. 1856930

File: 1705419386840.jpeg (53 KB, 800x420, faggot.jpeg)

if only, they are invading yume stuff lately

No. 1856934

I remember when I was a hungry and hormonal teenager people loved to say to me “you’re gonna be fat when you get older!!!!!” If I ever ate so much as a doughnut. I’m still thin and now nobody says it to me anymore. It was just so fucking annoying. They can’t just shut up and let a normal person enjoy their food without projecting their own gluttony and disordered eating on to them. Like they resent that I get to enjoy a treat every now and then guilt free because I understand moderation. And they call perfectly healthy people “skinny” and act as if they’re emaciated. Oh and they love to sneer at fatter fatties as if they aren’t fatties themselves. Oh and they love to gush at people and say “you’re so lucky!!!! You can eat whatever you want!!!” So you almost have to feel guilty for eating anything that isn’t lettuce and weight watchers serial bars around them. You have to pay your penance for being a thin person within their vicinity and let them make their stupid fucking comments and assumptions about your weight and appetite. I’m tired of pretending that fat people aren’t fucking annoying. Just leave thin people alone. We don’t owe you any sympathy or modesty and it’s not up to us to make you feel better about yourself.

No. 1856937

I think fatties just can’t cope with the fact that they are the blame for being fat and eating a cheese burger or a donut isn’t the blame

No. 1856942

My husbando's world is a bunch of fantasy fairies and demons and that common shit, crossdressing is a typical anime trope that's used in it, but I think they'd all raise brows if a moid started identifying as female, or that's just my personal headcanon, and I will ride by it
Any new anime based shit that came after 2019 max is full of troon shit

No. 1856945

One good thing about being mildly lactose intolerant is whenever I'm constipated I can just chug a glass or two of milk and I'm good

No. 1856947

My husbando is best friends in canon with this thing. This is who I have to keep him safe from

No. 1856950

I am so glad my oshi is not related to that thing in the slightest. But sadly my second favourite boy has crossed paths with that creature. I recently have been pulling a lot of cards of that faggot and i always make sure to quarantine them so the fagginess doesnt stick to the other boys.

No. 1856956

File: 1705420687257.mp4 (27.35 KB, 498x278, BVMBawAAqbz2.mp4)

just did a massive poop

No. 1856965

Sound. I also took a massive shit today. I posted about it in the TMI thread.

No. 1856983

I am so sick of degenerates making George Floyd trend on twitter. Let that criminal rot

No. 1856988

I'd say much of that can be attributed to culture and mindset around food. Dieting is temporary mindset, the focus should be on a consistent sustainable diet as a lifestyle change. For most people, the biggest issues (which are easiest to control) are portions and activity levels.

No. 1856995

>invading yume stuff lately
arashi was introduced in the base game in 2015. he isn't even a tranny, that's just a headcanon western fans came up with and treat like it's real. i'm not sure how popular he is nowadays amongst all of the newer characters, but he was one of the top characters japanese yumes whaled for in game when i used to play. sorry to sperg kek

No. 1857001

File: 1705423019185.png (706.65 KB, 1000x462, 41%.png)

he was trooned out very recently. pic rel.
>he was one of the top characters japanese yumes whaled for in game
was he really that popular? there is barely merch of him

No. 1857004

Hes the least popular member of knights but he's still in knights

No. 1857011

can you link some official character popularity polls i want to know how unpopular my boys are

No. 1857012

i thought i should finally give period cups a try but then i read the period thread nonna's horror story about the cup being stuck inside her for 2 days and she had to go to the ER to get it removed and now i'm scared.

No. 1857017

File: 1705424342651.png (430.58 KB, 760x445, Screenshot 2024-01-16 at 12.00…)

how is that proof of him being a tranny? because he's pulling out a chair for anzu to sit in? like i said, i used to play so i'm not sure what the current state of things are but pretty much every knights member was super popular with fans compared to other units. a poll from 2022 shows that he's in the top ten most popular characters as voted by fans: https://nijimen.net/topics/277902

>was he really that popular?

i said it in a different thread before, but when the game used to have rank events there was an arashi yume who spent so much money to be the #1 ranker in his event that she said all she could afford to eat for the next few months was plain white rice kek

No. 1857026

I think that anon was talking about the pink/white/blue color scheme, im just hoping they put it in for pandering purposes only

No. 1857029

File: 1705425105072.png (109.04 KB, 1027x726, 7b632e7305d6b8c4dbb6fe54a7fdee…)

i think they just assume that arashi is a troon because the english website changed his pronouns from he/him to she/her after the fandom caused a stink and then the english team felt pressured to change it on the official website. that's why gendies think he's a canon troon.

No. 1857032

Gendies are one thing but anons here pushing the same narrative pisses me off. Just because the gendies say something you believe them?

No. 1857033

Troonism makes me puke but when asked about whether arashi was “sister-like”, his voice actor straight up said in a very serious voice “arashi isn’t sister-like, arashi IS a sister”. There’s talks about him being “a woman inside” with Tetora. It’s very disgusting but the truth is Music!! trooned out the gay guy from the Basic.

No. 1857040

I fucking hate tall moids. All they think about is how all women are supposedly so superficial about height and when they do find a woman, they assume she's only with them for their height, and go all avoidant and scared and pathetic. How about you talk about your superficial desires of a tiny anorexic woman under five foot first.
Short moids are no better, they also hold this mindset about height. Only a different flavor.

No. 1857045

File: 1705425636317.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, copium.jpg)

>tfw all of my favourite characters are in the top 5 least liked characters
god damn i must have shit taste. It explains why it took me so long to find yume media that has characters i like.

No. 1857047

omg i wanna get into ensemble stars but idk japanese and i suck at rhythm games. nonas who play enstars please teach me i beg u.

No. 1857048

>how is that proof of him being a tranny?
that's literally the trans flag in the background.

No. 1857050

there is an english version, which boy caught your attention

No. 1857058

File: 1705426107524.jpeg (222.7 KB, 800x1002, IMG_7363.jpeg)

him!!! he is so cute, i love redheads. and i didn’t even know there’s an english version, omg i will download it today then. thank u for telling me nona!

No. 1857061

there is a thread on /m/ too nonny, have fun!

No. 1857072

File: 1705427256073.png (964.18 KB, 720x900, IMG_7123.png)

It has the stripes in order and everything. Of course they had to make the make-up obsessed man into a woman, because that’s what women are: shallow, make-up obsessed caricatures.

No. 1857075

kek do you like the teachers or the shotas? or is it tsumugi?

No. 1857083

tsumugi and mitsuru, its so over

No. 1857091

kek i didn't even notice that, i feel like that still isn't solid proof though, it could just be a coincidence. that'd be like saying any character with pink/white/blue in the background or in their design is a troon. until the writers come right out and state that yes, arashi is transgender he's still just be a feminine man to me. even japanese fans think he's just a girly guy or gay/okama—not trans

No. 1857094

mitsuru is one of my favorites too, too bad his character is always surrounded in controversy
>stage actor turns out to be a sex pest creep
>original voice actor is accused of fraud and arrested
it's so unfortunate kek

No. 1857106

File: 1705429713162.png (851.21 KB, 1000x462, qte.png)

Yeah, it sucks. He might be actually cursed. It doesnt help he's already a pretty unpopular character trope either. At least he exists, you seriously dont know how hard i had to swim through shit to find a yume game where the male characters arent all just chuuni sparkly bishies, which is funny considering the game is known for its turbo edgy 2deep4u story.

No. 1857131

i don't want him to be a tranny either but there's no way it's just a coincidence, the colors are awful and would make no sense in any other context. i also doubt that the developers would be so ignorant not to notice what it resembles, especially with the rise of troonism in japan these days.

No. 1857148

File: 1705434025176.jpeg (2.8 MB, 3024x3765, DF9C6DBF-4424-4547-A4FD-E15F21…)

I don’t care that he’s cringe, the amount of joy this little thing brings me is immeasurable

No. 1857158

How does this man travel and sell his art? It’s like something a retarded middle schooler would draw

No. 1857164

This is the kind of art that cookie monster pj pants girls and their loser bfs would like

No. 1857169

I didn't realize just how truly sensitive men's balls are until I got a bf. I knew it hurt from taking hits of course because of a billion gags in movies and such but then it's always quite extreme like a donkey kicking some guys groin. I lightly bopped my bfs balls once and he was in pain from just that truly tiny amount and rather than feel bad my brain just clicked that men are so easy to hurt and that delighted me, felt like a new super power unlocked in me lmao

No. 1857176

Just had a 1 second mini heart attack because I went to check on my dog and she was laying still with her eyes kinda open. Turns out she just fell asleep like that, her head was falling off the blanket/pillow behind her and it was pulling her skin back, opening her eyes a bit.

No. 1857202

I've seen a man puke from getting kicked in the balls. It's like a magic off button. I'm surprised they don't wear little helmets kek.

No. 1857209

File: 1705437244053.jpg (587.96 KB, 1125x1068, 8.jpg)

Dirty dishes when you just get done with them and they’re on the table aren’t gross at all but the moment they get into the sink looking at the crumbs or sauce left on them disgusts me. Please why can’t people just scrape and rinse off their dishes.

No. 1857211

Nta but men used to wear codpieces while wearing armor. Tbh I always thought men played it up with the ball pain, either because they're pussies or because they're attention whores, but if I think about it they are basically prolapsed organs so maybe it really does hurt.

No. 1857213

I kinda want to kick a moid in the nuts now.

No. 1857223

File: 1705437939383.png (230.96 KB, 473x353, tumblr_inline_ninwa89Elz1qeanj…)

Talked to a friend about a couple of comic story ideas I have, and I realized two of them had a killer & cop type of characters as mains and the third doesn't have an edgy concept but still have a cop character… makes me wonder if I got some sort of issue or I'm just your regular edgelord in denial.
>best part is that she absolutely loved my ideas and the characters

No. 1857224

Damn why do all tifs come with the same fucking artstyle? And the same personality and aesthetics and way of speaking? Are they built in a factory somewhere

No. 1857229

you're on lolcow. at least half of us are edgelords

No. 1857234

It’s hard to take it seriously since we all know how much they exaggerate pain. It probably feels like a moderately painful period cramp.

No. 1857238

True, and I love it. The day I wandered into lolcow, drunk and pantless, was the day I found my people.

No. 1857256

Oh hey, you're me but two hours ago. It's pretty sweet kek

No. 1857258

I buy my dad apples he buys me doughnuts, harmony is restored.

No. 1857259

File: 1705439498677.gif (Spoiler Image, 4.31 MB, 400x300, IMG_5360.gif)

I’ll have a little drinkypoo with you nonny.

No. 1857271

I'm Pinot Grigio too! I put it in a big pint glass and fill it with ice because I'm too impatient to wait to let it cool in the freezer. Ironically the glass is a Kirin Ichiban one I robbed from a bar. I think it's the other big beer besides Asahi in Japan.

No. 1857273

nta but nona ur taste is supreme. i usually drink silly little cocktails like clover club

No. 1857275

File: 1705440071791.jpeg (52.42 KB, 657x431, IMG_5361.jpeg)

>Pinot grigio
My girl!!! That’s not only my drink of choice but I’m drinking it right now!

No. 1857281

File: 1705440348940.gif (2.73 MB, 500x282, 6a1b9133eb8175059a17f03698bbe5…)

Lucille Bluth and Mallory Archer are my spirit animal. RIP Jessica Walter

No. 1857286

I love mulled wine and Fireball, however I just noticed recently that Fireball is labelled whiskey-flavoured and actual whiskey with cinnamon… I've been living a lie the entire time.

No. 1857290

I'm so shocked that El*ine started by being a shrimple WK for Lillie Jean to a literal Kiwifarms whore. I honestly feel bad for her, this is fucking insane. You hear of girls from 4chan, but not some random British woman.

No. 1857294

My cat
my cat
don't lie to me
tell me where
did you sleep
last night?

No. 1857296

ot does hurt them quite a lot, it basicalky disables them temporarily if you hit hard, that's why most sports have a no hit below the belt rules

No. 1857300

File: 1705440971463.jpg (41.97 KB, 564x628, b3380e3f39621d8a4d148c6e0ea34e…)

My neighbor went for a walk with his fine ass again. I don't even need to imagine him shirtless because he's always showing off, today he was wearing nothing less than a (very) cropped blouse so that literally everyone can see his abs, he's such a hoe. Why is he like this? What does he gain from edging me this way? He thinks I didn't notice the fact he's always pulling his blouse up everytime he's right in front of my house, that little manwhore
Love me a cuba libre

No. 1857307

nonnie try it if u have the chance to! where i live we have those local town markets and they give mulled wine out in actual mugs and if u like the mug u can just buy it off the stand. its so neat and cute honestly

No. 1857310

File: 1705441315470.jpg (104.54 KB, 750x1003, 56s6o80gnska1.jpg)

Men weren't kidding about protecting their junk back in the day. Makes fantasy armor almost look realistic.

No. 1857316

I'm jealous. I lived in the states for a bit and loved that. Can't get it back here or even anything close.

No. 1857319

File: 1705441443932.jpeg (213.08 KB, 861x1148, IMG_5362.jpeg)

Nonnies if you had to try one really fucked up drug which one would you pick? I’d do PCP angel dust.

No. 1857320

Coke or shrooms, I guess.

No. 1857325

They’re not fucked up enough. Make it crack and DMT and you’re good.

No. 1857326

coke. just the once tho

No. 1857328

Coke is pussy shit GO HARDER.

No. 1857329

trust me you're not missing out on much

No. 1857330

File: 1705441668578.jpg (142.38 KB, 473x496, vm5031vni18a1.jpg)

i'm already addicted to shitposting

No. 1857332

I want to try heroin without ruining my life

No. 1857333

Exactly coke is boring as hell.

No. 1857335

It's sooo nice during the winter months. It's not that hard to make from scratch too. Pretty much the only thing that excites me in the months before Christmas is Lidl stocking it lol.
It's ridiculously expensive in stores here, 20 euro or so for a small bottle. To my surprise, they had it at the duty free while I was visiting a friend for Christmas for 15 euro for a litre iirc. It's the only spirit I can drink without overdoing it, vodka is cheaper but I can always taste it in mixed drinks… I prefer my cinnamon mouthwash flavour drink.

No. 1857336

I've done most things but for something I've never touched I wanna get morphined up. It seems like heroin but cleaner?
I'm also curious to try viagra to see if it does anything. I've a pretty low libido.

No. 1857338

Viagara’s not for women, kek

No. 1857339

angel dust, fentanyl, ketamine… also does ayahuaska count as a hard drug kek

No. 1857340

When my dad was in the hospital after a heart attack, as soon as they gave him morphine he said “oh WOW. I feel great. WOW. I see why people get hooked on this stuff”
kek so I’m assuming it’s probably really relaxing and makes your troubles melt away

No. 1857342

Would it not do anything, I thought it was the "make horny" drug?

No. 1857344

There's Viagra and libido pills for women.

No. 1857349

guru gossip isn't working for me, what the fuk

No. 1857351

File: 1705442625466.gif (206.67 KB, 400x300, uuRLLoV'iiZmaiidruqXD.gif)

His love

No. 1857352

I had to get morphine at a hospital and that shit did not agree with me and I saw some black mass dripping from the ceiling, temp rose, felt awful then it happened again and then my anesthesiologist figured I'm sensitive to it or some shit

No. 1857353

Jack and coke, fruit cider, pina colada, rosé, and Guinness. I'm basic

No. 1857356

Coke and shrooms are hard drugs to me though. I abstain from drugs and (most of the time) alcohol so anything that's not weed is hard, imo. Psychedelics make people absolutely insane, I wouldn't be willing to go past shrooms. I watched a video about a dolphin abusing, psychedelic using mad scientist a few days ago.

No. 1857358

I'm past my parting days but I used to follow this Dutch channel called Drugslab. It was people in their early 20s taking drugs and giving frank responses while on it. Sponsored by the gov too. They had this one thing called 6-APB that was like MDMA but lasted way longer, was smoother and not as bad come down. If I had a festival that didn't have any scumbags and felt safe I would love to do that.
Also they made DMT seem fun. Never could get any. Here's the video [Put on subs]

No. 1857367

Nice to see a fellow Guinness drinker

No. 1857370

I’d be so down to try DMT if I were safe at home with my Nigel. I don’t even know where people find it

No. 1857374

File: 1705443242581.jpeg (13.25 KB, 275x119, 378CC1C9-ACA2-498B-A88C-BA908B…)

Listening to weezer cuz a girl I’m into likes it like a middle schooler trying to impress their crush…

No. 1857375

why do so many celebrities do it then

No. 1857378

It's a prestige drug. It's just to show off how fancy you are. Speed is an eight of the price and the same thing.

No. 1857380

It gives you confidence, energy and pep without making you a messy bitch like alcohol. It keeps you skinny. Makes you feel like you’re the hottest bitch in the room. It’s a drug that has no emotional depth, much like it’s users. Try MDMA or ecstasy, much more interesting and less addictive.

No. 1857383

I’ve done shrooms loads of times and pick/dry them myself. They don’t even make me trip, just put me in a very silly and euphoric mood. They are bongland shrooms so maybe what you have over wherever you are is more potent.

No. 1857387

File: 1705443771990.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1170x2157, IMG_5363.jpeg)

Hell fucking yeah I’ve never heard of this before but I’d love to try it.

No. 1857396

How do you all feel about doing drugs in bars and clubs and stuff? I personally only feel safe doing coke in bars. Anything else I'm paranoid.
A couple times a year I get some mushrooms, LSD or ketamine and get an AirBnb near some nature and do a grownup wonky sleepover. Men around kills any trip for me.

No. 1857402

I don’t really go to bars or clubs or even concerts. I like to stay home and do drugs or just get fucked up on the beach and in the woods.

No. 1857420

File: 1705444600888.jpeg (139.57 KB, 851x1200, IMG_1203.jpeg)

Do not

No. 1857423

The worst is when a well meaning friend comes over and says
>You know you look really high
Thanks, bitch. Now I'm high and paranoid af

No. 1857425

It’s expensive, it gives you a confidence boost, helps you stay up all night (even if you’re drinking) and absolutely kills your appetite. I’ve never been as thin as I was when I did coke in my 20s and I honestly miss my body from then, I don’t miss the headaches or sinus issues from afterwards though. I’m sure it’s still around, but it’s too risky to try it again in my city because everything is full of fentanyl. I feel like everything (including parties and drugs) went to shit after 2015 and we can’t have anything fun anymore

No. 1857429

Speed and ketamine in clubs is nice, but I'd rather do acid at home, I need to listen to music on my headphones. Lurking the farms high as fuck is very wholesome too.

No. 1857432

oh shit

No. 1857436

I've done MDMA, coke, edibles and ketamine. MDMA was kinda fun in the club, coke did nothing for me because of the meds I was on, and edibles I ate WAYYYY too many because I forgot to get snacks beforehand. Ket was honestly the best feeling in the world, it was like being on another planet. If I was somewhere safe with someone to look after me i'd like to try ayahuasca or DMT but idk if i'll ever be able to. Also i'm morbidly curious about datura but that seems like a bad idea.

No. 1857440

there was so much cool as shit LSD propaganda when i was younger it made it so tempting

No. 1857447

File: 1705445254586.png (54.39 KB, 320x240, hatman.png)

He's here! You've summoned the Hatman

No. 1857455

File: 1705445492508.png (2.46 MB, 1508x962, sped art.png)

is she dating a make a wish kid whose dream is to sell his art before he dies of leukemia? imagine pickmemaxxing by travelling twice a month to comic con just for this scrote to sell his dog shit art. He has to be a bored rich kid, there is no way this shit sells.

No. 1857456

I wanna do psychedelics so bad but I don't have anyone I can trust who is also interested kek

No. 1857461

I wish my brain was like my stomach.

No. 1857468

Why do people bother lacing things with fentanyl if it kills all their customers. Or are dealers genuinely just that retarded that they don't consider this

No. 1857471

Personally I think it’s a top down kind of thing. I blame the Chinese

No. 1857472

I drank too much cough syrup once and I started blabbering like a drunken fool. It was fun.

No. 1857478

[Warning story incoming]
During the first lockdown I used to sneak out to my friends apartment at night. It was only like 10 mins away. We used to chill with her roommate, get drunk and play Mario Party or Mario Kart and it was awesome. A small light in a dark time.
Her roommate worked in tech and she said she could get us drugs off that darkweb. I was spooked at first but said fuck it I have nothing better to do. She had a bunch of testing kits so it was mostly safe. So it became a ritual that I would slip out under cover of darkness and get all messed up and play loud music and vibe.
One of my best memories was when my friend got her VR headset off her brother. We got all messed up on ketamine and I watched this video. It was back when AI could only recognise dogs so it was super weird.
We've all moved away now. We still keep in touch but I miss those weird days.

No. 1857485

File: 1705446186985.jpeg (747.37 KB, 1120x1411, 1692984504414.jpeg)

All of the drug talk is reminding me i will never go to a 90s rave. Why live nonnies. I am a hikkineet, but i would kill to party in the 80s or 90s. Feels bad being born after all the cool shit.

No. 1857487

Just gotta know where to look, nonnie

No. 1857492

Man, reminds me of when I used to lurk deliriant Discord servers. It's depressing to see a bunch of kids egging eachother on to take a drug that is proven to cause early-onset dementia.
Watching this vid, makes me feel weird that the loser who ran the original 700 Club died, but he was a cluster B mess who would have psychotic episodes and bawwleet the server then make a new one the next day… Of course he also turned out to be grooming kids into more than drugs.

No. 1857497

File: 1705446448026.gif (7.33 MB, 500x281, 1dee7c01-82cf-4fba-9401-33293c…)

Follow up meme (Yeah I'm a sad bitch)

No. 1857503

File: 1705446583780.png (556.77 KB, 800x543, rave fashion.png)

i looked at some photos of old raves vs new ones and the new ones just look like glorified bachelors parties with all the women dressing up super slutty while the men look plain and boring. Give me cute shirtless acidheads or this pls

No. 1857505

Pre-phone festivals have a different vibe. I started in 2004. I'm kinda happy though, because there was a lot of terrible shit that wasn't getting caught on camera

No. 1857510

i envy you nonny! millenials got the very last moments of joy from life before phonefaggotry and social media took over. I heard even normie zoomers dont party anymore because they are too afraid of being cringe.

No. 1857511

Sorry to post a TikTok here (i came across it from a YouTube video discussing spiritual drama), but honestly I think this is how women should start acting whenever anyone mentions an embarrassing past relationships.
>"Hey, remember when you and x were together?
>"Nooo, I didn't even like him. I only dated him because he manifested me and accessed my sexual energy field to glamor me into a relationship."

No. 1857513

My sides

No. 1857526

I agree, it’s really sad. I last went to a rave in 2009 and it was awesome. I swear after the iPhone came out nothing has been the same. Nothing is fun anymore. Zoomers don’t even dance at concerts because they’re afraid of someone filming them “being cringe” and then looking stupid on TikTok. It must suck to be a young person right now. They can’t just goof off and act retarded with their friends without everyone having their fucking phones out recording.

No. 1857534

you reminded me of how painfull being a teen in hs with the rise of vine was. I swear to god my annoying as fuck classmates were always trying to make stupid challenges and dances, which is fine and dandy, but they will literally get angry and fight with eachother if it wasnt ''perfect'' at that point you arent having fun, you are doing it for attention

No. 1857538

yea nonny i think that's just you. very fitting you're on lolcor now.

No. 1857541

Yeah it was pretty awesome. I started about about 2 years before the Bebo/MySpace generation. You could be a mess and you wouldn't go viral.
However if everyone has cams now less fucked up stuff wouldn't happen. On the other hand my friend in Berlin went to a no camera rave in the forest. If you had a phone out someone would immediately ask you to stop. No security just the locals. She said it was the safest she felt ever at a festival. Must be the culture.
Idk maybe moids can be educated into being decent people, kek?

No. 1857546

Is there a women's only festival where we can go and get messed up and just have fun? We're half the population surely there's a market? Half my friend group don't want to got to festivals just coz of weird drunk moids?
Cowfest 2024!

No. 1857547

"concerts" , because zoomer music is some dude pressing a button on a laptop.

No. 1857550

fornite concerts is what most zoomer musicians deserve

No. 1857552

there was one but troons had it close down

No. 1857561

If we enforced no cams then no troons would should up. Otherwise how would people know they are heckin valid?

No. 1857562

don't fall for tranny lies. Michfest may be over, but the Land is still in women's hands, and there are still actual-female-women-only gatherings held on it every summer. They couldn't get rid of us after all.

No. 1857564

We can’t have shit because of men ruining everything, as usual

No. 1857566

File: 1705449064475.png (1.49 MB, 1280x844, Me.png)

Me vs microsoft the battle continues…

No. 1857570

File: 1705449223204.gif (960.3 KB, 400x300, XQHDmWH.gif)

I've been getting into Women's Japanese Wrestling recently. If we had this shit growing up instead of those bimbos in WWE I would've loved the sport a lot more.

No. 1857573

File: 1705449292738.mp4 (221.1 KB, 380x214, wrasslin-rep-ost-honry-14-year…)

No. 1857574

how are these any different? they are dressed in kawiwi short skirts and almost naked

No. 1857576

stop posting this gross shit

No. 1857578

They aren't doing "slap slap panty matches" and actually doing some accurate fighting moves

No. 1857586


No. 1857587

Why the fuck did you have to remind me of this little motherfucker God damnit I went ten years without remembering his toenail-looking cretin and now you've exposed me. I'll see you in court.

No. 1857588

What's the video? I'm too hesitant to click

No. 1857589

yeah because japanese moids are phsychotic and get off to women being actually hurt instead of just cat fights

No. 1857592

File: 1705449739054.png (547.94 KB, 573x675, Screenshot_10.png)

you know what must be done. Godspeed

No. 1857593

there is an specific art style that i really like but every single artist that draws is its a degenerate lolicon kill me already

No. 1857595

Is this pro wrestling? Why are her hits actually connecting instead of the cooperative staged blows you're supposed to do?

No. 1857607

because japanese moids get off to it

No. 1857611

I have like an hour fifteen left of my shoft but I think I might just fall down and die anyway. Only five hours and ready to blow my brains out. I need to go back to school I fucking hate retail.

No. 1857613


No. 1857614

It's pro wrestling. It's all fake.
Idk I'm just saying if we had that level of talent in the west wrestling would have been a neutral sport. All the 90s and earlys 00s were just full of bimbo models. My bro's held the TV all my childhood

No. 1857615

they are still bimbos anon stop coping. Get back to me when they are buff or fat women in ridiculos costumes instead of big butt and boobs bimbos in mini skirts

No. 1857617

The two clips above are fake? I've never seen a telegraphed move look that 'real', but then again I've only watched burger pro wrestling. Those really didn't look fake though.

No. 1857644

Same nona. I listen to a lot of 90s rave music and I wish I could've been there at that time

No. 1857653

i am trying to retrieve as much lost art from an artist that nuked their account through the wayback machine. When it shows its loading while scrolling down it means it only archived up until that point or should i keep waiting?

No. 1857739

Resisting the urge to reply to a post nitpicking a word being misused.

No. 1857776

I made chili with 5 different beans and homemade sauce this time. It's hearty and delicious, my love for winter foods increases every year.

No. 1857793

which beans

No. 1857797

There is an ice cream truck around town. I have heard the music box greensleeves jingle for like 6 hours straight echoing in the distance. I am slowly going insane

No. 1857801

File: 1705456933543.jpeg (82.82 KB, 721x721, shopping.jpeg)

Speaking of beans, has anyone ever bought these bean medleys? I'm always so suspicious of them whenever I see them in stores

No. 1857813

Pinto, black, kidney, great nothern white and small red beans. I bought a bean called "anasazi" but my crock pot was too full otherwise I would have added them and maybe baked beans.

No. 1857819

Are 18-19 year olds "teenagers"? Saw a bunch of posts with comment sections fighting over it today. They're legally adults, right? Maybe it's where I'm from but "adult" and "teenager" are strictly mutually exclusive?
Or is it the eighTEEN, nineTEEN part

No. 1857823

would you rather be rich but have a hoarding/consooming problem, or be those super OCD poorfags that live off food stamps but have tons of savings

No. 1857827

I'd rather be happy with a bf and a cat

No. 1857829

>with a bf

No. 1857832

I am probably not getting in uni this year. That's it, I am going back to fanfics, my life is over but my gays can still kiss

No. 1857851

Sorry you are a lesbian but I am not

No. 1857872

i am not a lesbian but i am not willing to babysit a porn addicted balding modern moid

No. 1857873

I have to want one of those? I'm not allowed to dream of one i think is sexy? Wtf

No. 1857874

it's the "teen" part. eighteen and nineteen are still teen numbers.

No. 1857878

be realistic

No. 1857881

Rich, obviously. Have you ever met an OCD poorfag who hoards money? It's bleak.

No. 1857883

I was a super OCD poorfag for ten years and never felt hindered by it. Owning things is overrated.

No. 1857885

After seeing mens true nature all my attraction to them has been killed tbh. I'm completely happy on my own since I know getting hitched to a moid is objectively the worse option. Whenever I see a woman in public with her moid I just pity them now.

No. 1857889

melanie martinez and doja cat are so tacky

No. 1857891

My favorite lolcow post is one I can’t find anymore in one of the baby talk threads, where a nonna says something like
>has a baby boy
>he keeps shitting on his balls
“Why are scrotes like this”

No. 1857893

she should have had an aboytion

No. 1857907

Doja Cat is just a BPDchan that escaped online containment. I do be dancing to her songs ngl.

No. 1857932

File: 1705464710568.jpeg (157.74 KB, 1040x462, IMG_4758.jpeg)

Mood cause I hated wiping the poop out of my little scroteling’s ball wrinkles ngl

No. 1857945

Im a serial tap water drinker but I just checked all the contaminates in my water from the tap water database and now I'm freaked the duck out

No. 1857951

the taste of the water i'm drinking now feels so different than the one i used to drink in my riverside city.
How much better can bottled water be? All that time stuck in plastic and transported in whatever way

No. 1857957

You are… resilient. Strong.

No. 1857959

They say there is an alarming amount if microplastics in every bottle of water so either way, we are all dying

No. 1857965

>How much better can bottled water be? All that time stuck in plastic and transported in whatever way
True, I guess it's literally picking your poison. Sucks that even water has toxic chemicals in it, wtf are we supposed to eat?
I guess I could just get one of those water jugs that filter water, but aren't those made of plastic too? And I like warm/hot water sometimes so what should I do then? Microwave it? Then I'm just gonna have microwave radioactive waves in my water. And no water tastes quite like my tap wate

No. 1857975

Are there no glass bottles in America?

No. 1857976

File: 1705466669785.jpg (72.71 KB, 678x478, wtf.jpg)

i cant believe zac effron aged like shit. How do you even end up with such a disgusting unappealing body type?

No. 1857980

Do you really think anyone is going to use glass bottles for easily accessible water? Do you think most Americans can afford bougie glass bottled water over plastic?

No. 1857981

Body dysmorphia and steroids plus being molested as a child

No. 1857984

File: 1705466844157.gif (6.05 MB, 520x293, download_(20).gif)

She's such a baddie I love this movie

No. 1857985

He's short

No. 1857987

There are but they're not nearly as common as plastic. Not to mention you can get an entire case of plastic water bottles but there's no glass water bottles

No. 1857988

body dysmorphia over what? he wasnt fat

No. 1857991

>bougie glass bottled water
They're about 25 cents more expensive than their plastic variant here.

No. 1857993

Hes had body dysmorphia his whole life why are you asking me…? Are you living under a rock and think body dysmorphia isn't a mental issue

No. 1857995

this and no one's going to be carrying glass while going on a jog or running errands or on their way to other places in general

No. 1857997

I'm not being a smartass with you, just noting that America as a whole has no intention of scaling back their waste and its actually genuinely difficult to live as more eco-friendly lifestyle without monetary fulfillment. Most American brands that are affordable have no intention of switching to glass.

No. 1858000

That's awesome, theres definitely more demand there. It would be much better if this was the standard.

No. 1858001

but would you become even fatter under body dysmorphia?

No. 1858003

In general given the state of America they probably wouldn't even allow kids to use glass water bottles like plastic water bottles and claim it's a potential weapon or something if it became popularized kek

No. 1858004

zac effron manifested himself into anon's dream and told her duh

No. 1858005

??? Bitch LOOK AT HIM he got a dinner plate implanted in his chin and has had three rhinoplasties and filler

No. 1858007

Can't believe this anon made me feel bad about posting on a place where i can be anonymous by calling me american…

I grew up in a place that had very good water quality so i never found an issue with it until i've started feeling like i'm gulping down rocks here.
Having to buy water in glass bottles sounds like such a bother, they are so heavy and cost much more, ugh. Maybe it's time to look into water filters.

No. 1858008

but why would you want to look uglier? he was fine before and loved by women

No. 1858009

I'm only concerned about the chance of it breaking tbh

No. 1858010

File: 1705467410214.jpg (45.53 KB, 597x595, zacefron.jpg)

Or maybe

No. 1858012

zac efron, are you gay? is that why you want to look like an anime bara cow?

No. 1858013

I don't get what is supposed to constitute as body dysmorphia. Obviously someone like eugenia conney body dysmorphia caused her body considerable damage as she starves herself and can't seem to comprehend she's a walking skeleton. Like does zac efron think he's taller than he is and should pack on more mass? Is he dangerously over eating and working out? Don't get me started on what the hell a trans is suppose to be seeing they seem to be more self aware and just went to mutilate or add on appendages at will and oddly enough medical professionals seem to deem that ethical. Don't get it

No. 1858014

Some of you are so autistic that you're crippled and I will not be explaining pop culture lore to you exhausting hoes


Everyone knows that was a lie, its commonly debunked.

No. 1858015

Shut the fuck UP omggg

No. 1858017

Oh, it's the opposite here kek. While plastic is more popular, the glass ones can come in 6-packs with carriers but no water brand offers huge packs like some US brands do, so I fully understand the convenience.

No. 1858018

I drink bottled water exclusively because the tap water in my city is so awful that it's just beyond saving. I bought one of the jug filters and it worked for a little while then broke the filter prematurely, checked on the company's website and they designate my area as having some of the worst quality water so it'll wear excessively on the filter compared to other regions. And I know they're not just making it up because I went to a good quality zone to see a friend and the water there was like silk.
I don't think you should worry about microwaves lol they're not like, a solid object that can become embedded in your stuff. They're waves, on the same spectrum as radio and light.

No. 1858019

I dont know a vague way of saying this but one time me and my bf posted a picture on his myspace page of us hugging with him on my knee and the caption was "got milk?" because he had on a t shirt for the got milk campaign and some chick we did not know that we are almost totally sure was one of Kathy Ostrengas sock puppets commented "I may have milk, but you both have dicks" it's haunted me for many years she gathered

No. 1858022

you think there are going to be zoomies in the future whose whole personality is 2010s ''culture'' like with some millenials?

No. 1858023

-Sent from Disney Channel original star Zac Efrons iPhone

No. 1858024

Gunplas are fun to build though. What's stopping you nonny?

No. 1858025

Some people end up missing their mom's homecoocking, i miss my city's tap water…

No. 1858026

He isnt fat, hgh has just expanded his intestines so its impossible for his gut to be smaller

No. 1858029

nta but someone who needs jaw reconstruction surgery isn't going to get a shitton of fillers along with it like he has kek

No. 1858030

I'm not going to wipe your ass for you you crippled 18 year old bitch

No. 1858031


No. 1858032

This Zac Efron convo is making me kek so hard

No. 1858033

ok zac effron

No. 1858034

I was emo I heard that word a lot

No. 1858035

kek sorry nonnie.
>feeling like i'm gulping down rocks here.
Literally also my experience in my shitty part of the city, the tap water here is hard and tastes awful. Good luck finding a pleasant alternative.

No. 1858036

File: 1705467911008.jpg (90.28 KB, 750x933, 9c183c15fe59d2762e7da42549c61a…)

No. 1858037

Who else has hit a crisp garden hose stream one to twelve times

No. 1858038

tell us more about your emo phase. Whats your opinion on larping zoomies trying to become emo but failing so hard because they are soup cans

No. 1858040

My phone keeps falling on my face..

No. 1858043

File: 1705468092171.jpg (543.03 KB, 700x1000, 0179652.jpg)

Fuck you, i've built picrel because i liked the character, i didn't want to have sex with the robot.
But i'll admit, i've thought about that post for too long and now i feel like i would want to lick those smooth thighs, only if it was life sized though

No. 1858045

what the fuck kek what even was the difference between those two? outside the covid

No. 1858046

There's not much to say. I had fun and all my bfs did look super gay so I dont really care. All my friends did drugs, were way older than me, and had like invader Zim gir on everything. One girl called me gir and wouldn't stop she did it obsessively and made me a friendship bracelet that said gir I took offense. She stole alcohol from my job and I had to like very seriously incessantly repeat to management that she was not my friend (she really wasnt) just because she glomped me. Simpler times. Zoomers can do whatever they want I just think it's weird when they pretend to know things they don't and act very angry when you challenge them cause you were there.

No. 1858048

no, I just don't have a grip

No. 1858052

why did you take offense to getting called gir, were you not like other emo girls? did you want to be rubby gloom instead or something?

No. 1858054

File: 1705468244992.jpg (43.73 KB, 828x652, 4fp37o.jpg)

I'm really sorry Nana, excuse me. Basically if you look at the timeline for all of his plastic surgeries, none of them are cosmetic. He has had at least 2 implants in his chin, one before he claimed he hit his chin although i guess it could have been filler. There are tons of youtube videos debunking his story about hitting the fountain btw it just isn't plausible and is super convoluted.

No. 1858059

why do you know so much about a disney star that hasnt been relevant in years?

No. 1858060

She was but she was harmless, I just did not enjoy her. A lot of emos were super touchy, horny, and weeby. What's odd about this girl specifically is that she still wears dc shoes, the same eyeliner, and walks bow-legged in skinny jeans even though it's been like 14 years or more.

No. 1858061

Because I paid attention to pop culture in my teens like many other teens…?

No. 1858064

No. 1858067

Because I was rational and a human being and didn't like being grabbed at like a stuffed animal while a girl screeches in my ear with cheeto breath lol?? I don't think I was a NLOE. I think there's just so many times you can hear a stoned 17 year old girl scream "WAFFLEZ" at you.

No. 1858068

Oh my god I hate you so much.

No. 1858069

she sounds like a pain in the ass if she was too annoying even for weeby emo kids standars

No. 1858070

-Sent from original Disney Channel Star Zac Efrons iPhone

No. 1858072

File: 1705468662961.jpg (383.86 KB, 1372x1969, 20170909144241c84.jpg)

If we're talking about sexiest mobile suits, for me it's the Sinanju

No. 1858074

No that was pretty usual I think I met a lot of girls like that at the time, guys even were like that lol.

No. 1858076

I wonder if >>1858054 >>1858014 is that one sperg that was bumping the celebricows thread trying to defend zac effron honor because nonnies were making fun of him for getting bullied as a grown man

No. 1858078

damn i wish i had a spergy lolsorandumecksdee bf now

No. 1858079

i believe it, i refuse to believe there is any woman who still cares about zac effron

No. 1858080

What? If anything it would be the person acting clueless about his surgeries. I said he has hgh gut and a dinner plate implanted in his chin. Stop thinking so hard, you will hurt your head.

No. 1858081

It truly was a simpler time in every way.

No. 1858082

Replying to this late cause I was back reading the last thread, but I noticed how everything is "zoomer this, zoomer that" too. Some posts in the celebrities thread make me think it is zoomers accusing everyone of being a zoomers, as an overcompensation. Some anons have a complex over being a zoomer, it's just kind of annoying.

No. 1858084

Samefag. Yeah I do realize I'm being a little hypocritical, but like I said this is based off of posts.

No. 1858085

File: 1705469065074.jpg (74.33 KB, 818x864, 1692890004839.jpg)

i feel robbed as a zoomer, where did all the qte alt boys went

No. 1858087

They were anorexic and kissing eachother, dont think it was glamorous like that

No. 1858089

better than overweigth, bald and fapping to trap hentai and playing LOL

No. 1858090

File: 1705469180479.jpg (37.16 KB, 637x634, 20240116_201453.jpg)

They ask to be spoonfed the most obvious shit it's so confusing and then they make the weirdest tinfoils out of nonexistent overlaps. I can't do it anymore

No. 1858091

I will remind you there are still men that are qt alt boys and they are still kissing eachother and have eating disorders, soo.

No. 1858092

I'm a cursed zoomer, born too late for real alt boys, born too soon for tiktok cringe eboys
All the boys i grew up with seemed to be allergic to having fringes or hair longer than 2 cm

No. 1858093

those arent men those are tifs

No. 1858094

I was bffs with a scene queen who got gonorrhea and got arrested for spray painting a garage and she was so cool but she was a major catfish but nobody understood the concept of photo editing so everyone who saw her in real life would comment things like "omgggg ur teh s3xxxx" under her myspace photos even though she looked like 30 pounds thinner and had hair colors and patterns that didn't exist. Social media was at peak.

No. 1858095

same nonny, same. I was rabidly horny as a teen and could never get a bf because they were all so plain and boring and had terribly dogshit taste in videogames. Eternally seething of being robbed of qte nerds, qte alt boys, and overall qte men that werent porn addicted.

No. 1858096

Im talking about furries and homosexuals with orthorexia

No. 1858097

Sometimes people get riled up about some fabricated microtrend that isn't even a thing zoomers do in real life but just something totally made up or exclusive to one niche club of weirdos, and start wringing their hands about society being over. There are entirely true criticisms and then there's just outrage bait about microtrends that only 3 people have ever heard of kek

No. 1858098

A lot of the straight ones were bad people with several stds and rape allegations.. you missed nothing lol

No. 1858100

all men are like that, at least emos dressed cute

No. 1858101

They managed to ruin the internet in the span of 10 years.

No. 1858104

File: 1705469587275.gif (77.96 KB, 400x316, unnamed.gif)

All it took to be cool and get a hundred billion MySpace comments was a piercing and false eyelashes it was gr8

No. 1858106


No. 1858107

it's already technically dead. I am a terminally online loser and i have nothing to do.

No. 1858108

Idk how to put this kindly but it was well known that guys who did that were usually worse than the normies. Drugging and raping girls, also they would be 25 dating 13 year Olds, trading cp nudes, etc. My culture is not your costume you really are wearing rose colored glasses kek.

No. 1858109

you truly dont get how awful zoomie males are. They are either getting groomed in discord, grooming kids in discord, developing fifty fetishes, or all at once

No. 1858110

File: 1705469781441.jpg (32.46 KB, 335x499, tn-500_harlan4.jpg)

>the altboys in question without vampirefreaks filters

No. 1858111

2030 tops at the rate we are going. Unfortunately I will be here as long as lolcow is up.

No. 1858113

File: 1705469851275.jpg (77.25 KB, 480x640, 2273462791_bd91139293_z.jpg)

>the qt altboys in question

No. 1858115

Yeah they don't do the same because you're actually convicted for it now and canceled. Back then the girls who were raped as teens would just kill themselves and be bullied incessantly until they finally did.

No. 1858116

maybe moids weren't supposed to be human. maybe they should have been plants we could cultivate.

No. 1858117

no, they arent lol cosmodore is still free. Pretty much all pedo cancellations on the internet dont lead to anything, at beast only the pedo losing relevance or quitting, but they definetly dont go to jail.

No. 1858118

i don't think i'll ever get the nerd fetish. the more i spent time around them the more i grew to hate them. even the fictional ones make me angry.

No. 1858119

Why are you guys arguing about which generation moids are worse? Why do you guys even date them? Are you masochists?

No. 1858120

>you don't know how awful zoomer men are
??? Stop whining. Look up Amanda Todd, Audrie Pott, and Daisy Coleman.

No. 1858122

same nonnie, i'm a nerd with a real nerd hate

No. 1858123

there are thousands of girls who get abused by zoomie moids on discord every day

No. 1858124

i just like cute guys with glasses and ryona. So nerds naturally give me cute agression.

No. 1858125

File: 1705470191318.jpg (58.92 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-620094872-612x612.…)

Actually I feel very blessed to have been a part of Chris Crocker era

No. 1858129

my cat makes rat sounds when he sleeps and it always scares me

No. 1858130

File: 1705470273818.jpg (72.57 KB, 634x423, 2bd402ed288a73ea9abcfeec2cca8b…)

Im waiting for someone in the British royal family to troon out. My bet is on Andrew, to escape the Epstein accusations.

No. 1858132

I wish I could be one of those people who make an “OC” that’s just their husbando but made to fit their exact taste. They’re having fun even if it’s cringe and uncreative.

No. 1858135

You're a brick wall and you're trying to prove your own martyrdom when im telling you that there was literally no support for rape victims. Cp was posted on CLEARNET child. Traded on MySpace bulletins. You keep trying to act like choosing to be a discord kitten makes you the patron Saint of suffering. This is why most of us don't bother trying to tell you anything, you refuse to envision a time before you through anything beside Aesthetic glasses.

No. 1858136

File: 1705470369723.jpg (59.4 KB, 612x408, gettyimages-620095748-612x612.…)

>the qt alt boys in question

No. 1858137

Pictures you can smell

No. 1858139

>she doesnt know about the roblox predators

No. 1858140

I had a crush on Andy Biersack back in my cringe middle school days

No. 1858141

File: 1705470436454.jpg (47.58 KB, 640x420, tokio-hotel.jpg)

were these guys popular in america?

No. 1858144

where did the emo boy touch you nonna?

No. 1858145

Im pretty sure no one is saying zoomer men don't do anything wrong, just that it's not true that millennial men were perfect and less degenerates like how anons are making it seem

No. 1858149

fuck you zac efron

No. 1858150

File: 1705470699862.jpg (31.15 KB, 550x535, World’s-Smallest-Violin.jpg)

I'll let you all play pretend like the 2000s were "better" just because you were too young to know what was going on

Exactly. They're psychotic omg. "But at least they're qt alt boys" omg they really are debilitated mentally.

No. 1858151

I am thinking you are all mentally re tarded

No. 1858152

File: 1705470739835.jpg (76.44 KB, 1200x1800, Rainbow-Sherbet-Punch-2.jpg)

Have you guys ever had party punch? Apparently this is a common thing at kids birthday parties but I've literally never heard of this in my life but I also didn't go to any parties as a kid. Only my own.

No. 1858154

why are you so angry, sperg. You truly are Gir, small and annoying and loud

No. 1858155

what kind of name is zac efron anyway? it seems like one of those bad attempts at english you would see in anime

No. 1858158

It's not my fault you are all too young to know the trope of emo men being rapists and pedophiles, not my problem

No. 1858159

you know something I noticed? every blue eyed moid celeb looks like a sea creature. there's a lot of ugly ones with other eye colors too of course, but the blue ones specifically look like they belong underwater because of their facial features

No. 1858160

all men are rapist pedophiles

No. 1858161

File: 1705470832871.jpg (270.81 KB, 720x489, Strawberry-Sherbet-Party-Punch…)

It's rainbow sherbet with soda. I guess like a root beer float.

No. 1858165

I'm not the only one posting, for one. And two, you are just angry I'm calling you retarded for glamorizing emos from the 2000s and pretending they are any different from those today.

No. 1858166

Wait til nonnies find out all males are degenerate. I don't even feel bad for you guys anymore, you obviously know better but still run after males

No. 1858168

LC always.

No. 1858169

let me daydream, zoomer men literally refuse to let their hair grow past their ears and if they do they start calling themselves femboys and take it up the arse

No. 1858171

i've always actually found emo boys kinda cringe or weird but still liked their looks, once i grew up i realized that i just really appreciate longer hair on moids and that's all, i don't want them to look crusty or bald

No. 1858172

File: 1705470992879.jpg (70.46 KB, 640x420, intro-import.jpg)

No. 1858173

Pictures I'd rather not smell

No. 1858174

i dont understand why the motif of this is insects

No. 1858175

We should bring back the classic of reuploading clips of actors dying in movies to be hate videos.

No. 1858179

how can he suffer from body dysmorphia is he's flaunting his perfectly thin fit body here?

No. 1858181

I only knew one girl who listened to them back in the late 00's. She was obsessed with the country of Germany.

No. 1858182

so ugly with a ratface and pedophilic? what a catch nonny

No. 1858184

I genuinely feel for girls and women who grew up with the kind of cyberbullying present today, I'm not saying you don't endure a lot because you do. Im just saying it was really bad then as well, and you couldn't take screenshots. Because men were able to cover their tracks, things like daterape were scarily common and encouraged socially with ~em0 b0yz~. Find your femboi prince or whatever dont throw punches at me for stating the lore.

No. 1858185

Why are you guys bullying Zac Efron

No. 1858186

nta but to be fair the vast majority of 2000s emo guys also took it up the ass

No. 1858187

Praying I didn't just shart. I've never started in life. The shart curse may have finally got me.

No. 1858189

see there lies the first problem. Men are incapable of being alt anymore without it being some kink to get fellow men off.

No. 1858191

No but they were popular in my heart and in my schools printer ink

No. 1858192

because it's fun

No. 1858197

emos were still less faggy than femboys. There was some femboy faggot in some group i used to be part of that was always trying to pick fights with me and comparing himself with me and sending thrist pics even though he was like 15. He was really weird and cringe hope he caughts aids

No. 1858198

File: 1705471370407.jpg (155.13 KB, 938x1200, -hpzCwglbz1kbTrqYNdaTb9Hp5UplZ…)

If you aren't committed enough to take your femboi out on his leash twice a day and buy him his Amazon seifukus do you even want a real altboi

No. 1858199

they arent altboys they are the male equivalent of pickmes

No. 1858200

There was a morbidly obese guy at my school who was really funny and he printed this out and put it in a gold guided frame he found at the flea market and left it on the art teachers bauble counter and she didn't notice for a long time.

No. 1858201

File: 1705471436887.gif (1.91 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)


No. 1858202

Kek is that a kid? wtf is this from

No. 1858203

Femboys are the new altboys get with the times or get one of those dubious youtube emos

No. 1858204

So is Florence Pugh.

No. 1858205

File: 1705471497180.jpg (39.41 KB, 715x677, 20240116_014233.jpg)

You're either too old or too young

No. 1858207

i dont know her

No. 1858209

They were either harassing 12 year old girls or fucking eachother deeply passionately madly, no in between

No. 1858210

What makes you think altboys in the past weren't doing it for easy attention?

No. 1858211

It was actually really fucking creepy how much moids wanted him dead just because he was popular with teen girls

No. 1858213

Biebers never say die

No. 1858214

They were for sure. If they weren't fucking eachother deep dick style they were bragging about how putting on skinny jeans got them strange pusc.

No. 1858215

Yeah that was the funniest shit ever to me kek I thought I was so different for hating Justin did this influence me to like male ryona though…

No. 1858216


No. 1858217

File: 1705471726968.jpg (664.85 KB, 1913x3000, Sexy-Justin-Bieber-Pictures.jp…)

I miss when he looked like this

No. 1858218


No. 1858219

File: 1705471759913.gif (2.51 MB, 400x225, lkimn0qpby38zMJMY.gif)

No. 1858220

File: 1705471832814.jpg (80.24 KB, 750x835, 75bx3wein8q61.jpg)

Man crawl back into your fetid little hole

No. 1858221

File: 1705471868896.jpeg (125.65 KB, 720x1600, big and stinky.jpeg)

>be tranny
>get hit on by popular youtuber with gf
>''tehehe those cissies straight men are choosing me over their cis gfs i am so much better than real women tehehe terfs be seething''
>youtuber starts going on and on about how BIG and STINKY your BIG man feet are
>release the screenshots out of spite

No. 1858222

god i hate justin bieber's face so much

No. 1858223

I was so retarded and narcissistic as an 18-21 year old, it makes me cringe thinking that I was an “adult” back then. My brain definitely hadn’t finished developing kek

No. 1858225

were emo boys a popular fetish amongst myspace groomers? femboy fashion sucks anyways

No. 1858226

No. 1858227

My bf has had it rough please be kind

It caught on pretty fast that getting into the emo aesthetic as a dude would get you underage girls so yeah

No. 1858228

I wonder what type of drugs he was on during that time?

No. 1858229

femboys do it for male attention though

No. 1858230

Add being ~bisexual~ too

No. 1858231


No. 1858236

he's persona non grata in my country

No. 1858239

Creotine and semen

No. 1858240

They probably thought she looked so retarded squatting in the middle of the street like that

No. 1858241

Yeah you reminded me, even the straight dudes ~kweebaited~ because they didn't realize the dudes kissing in all the popular MySpace photos were actually gay for real not for Tom

No. 1858242

he keeps cancelling all shows here

No. 1858243

Well yeah. It's just funny move along.

No. 1858244

remember the era when he kept getting arrested a dozen times

No. 1858245

Jeez anon, why'd you get offended? Are you that lady or something?

No. 1858246

that sounds cool, wish zoomies moid had even a bit of pickme in them. I want them to larp as yaoi men for me.

No. 1858247

Wake up, wake up on a Saturday night
Could be New York, maybe Hollywood and Vine

No. 1858249

Emo boys WERE the groomers.

No. 1858250

File: 1705472684058.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1170x1419, IMG_3890.jpeg)

How is this not tacky?

No. 1858253

One that was six years older than me at least, maybe seven gave me a pencil drawing he made of POV "me" sucking his dick like a vague shape of a face with my hair holding a penis to mouth. I was 13 or 14.

No. 1858254

i wish i were groomed by an emo boy

No. 1858255

I know technically he's attractive but the early 2000's douchebag phenotype is too strong for me to feel anything.

No. 1858256

Her outfits do seem consistently bad but I’m sick of the florencesperging, kek. It was bad enough in the celebricows thread

No. 1858257

Remember this?

No. 1858260

still a better fakenime style than voltron

No. 1858261

File: 1705473016708.jpg (37.96 KB, 650x650, 1680042666051.jpg)

भवतः जीवनस्य अन्तः समीपे अस्ति। भवन्तः एतेषु सभागृहेषु अतिदीर्घकालं यावत् गन्तुं अनुमताः सन्ति। भवतः समयः समाप्तः भवति। वालुकघटिका क्षीणः भवति यदि वालुका। न किमपि त्यक्ष्यसि, न कश्चित् त्वां स्मरिष्यति, न कश्चित् शोचति

No. 1858262

That anon who said she works for onlyfans girls by replying to messages from their buyers opened my eyes. Everytime I click on a tweet (yeah yeah, I know twitter is a cesspool) that has a considerable amount of likes, there's always the same only fans girls replying to the tweet. It's like they're everywhere and their replies are always bumped to the top. Before I would've thought it was bots but now I realize that they probably have a whole team of people from third world countries, replying to popular tweets to get attention.

No. 1858263

ANON you're unlocking ancient scribes

No. 1858264

Why are you so obsessed with defending that man worshiping pick me? Actually it wouldn’t surprise me if Florence was a farmer defending herself because she acts like “Regina George on crack” as the saying goes。She wouldn’t be the only retarded mean girl celebrity on here

No. 1858266

Nonna who posted the cute calico cat can you post it again, it's really cute and it looks like my cat and I didn't get to save it in time.

No. 1858268

File: 1705473274232.jpg (74.4 KB, 770x960, 20240101_073652.jpg)

त्वं रजःबिन्दुः असि। भवतः स्वागतं न भवति। yoy भवतः जागरणे वितृष्णां अरुचिं च विना किमपि न त्यजतु। भवतः विनाशं प्रार्थयामः। भवतः विनाशाय वयं बलिदानं कुर्मः। त्यजन्तु दुर्गन्धस्य दुर्गन्धस्य लघुचित्तस्य च दुर्गन्धयुक्तः पशुः

No. 1858269

Holy shit yes, i used to blast Simon and Milo in my car lmao. It was always weird because the style seems like it’s meant for kids but he references sex and says “bastard” kek. I liked “Sucks to be You”

No. 1858270

File: 1705473333981.jpeg (180.66 KB, 487x550, IMG_4388.jpeg)


No. 1858271

my wife

No. 1858272

they want him to get more surgery to appease himbo-fetish chan

No. 1858275

File: 1705473478139.jpg (28.58 KB, 520x319, 20240107_100214.jpg)

भवन्तः अन्तरराज्यमार्गे 107mph वेगेन मार्गेण अधः लुठन्तेन उड्डयनेन अर्धटायरेन शिरः च्छिन्नाः भविष्यन्ति यदि भवन्तः एतत् लज्जाजनकं दुष्टं निरन्तरं कुर्वन्ति

No. 1858276

Yeah, yours do.

No. 1858278

File: 1705473555045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 334.2 KB, 2477x3093, 1692801780312667.jpg)

What surgery will make him look like this

No. 1858281

I was scrolling gooncaves as I annually do looking for ragefuel and passed a setup that had pics of Millie Bobby Brown. I don't need to say anything else, you know we are on the same page

No. 1858282

File: 1705473726583.jpeg (1.06 MB, 839x1399, IMG_4389.jpeg)


No. 1858283

You want that anon so bad

No. 1858284


No. 1858285

himbofication hypnosis

No. 1858286

I dont wanna shower or brush my teeth

No. 1858289

i said himbo as in himboification not barashit. if you dont know himbofication chan i can't help you.

No. 1858291

Wrong thars korean

No. 1858292

i want to fall asleep on a sniper's butt while he lays down on his stomach and shoots something, i feel like it would be very relaxing to me

No. 1858294

I would kill for some jamón ibérico right now. I've never had it but I'm craving some really fatty, melt in your mouth, cured meat.

No. 1858295

File: 1705474117811.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 640x640, 1694183862240937.gif)

It's funny how all the losers come out of their lonely caves like roaches to make fun of us roided muscle-crackhead enjoyers.
I'm feeding my pig carcinogenic protein dust by the spoonful and he let's me punch him in the jaw because he's too poor to buy his own MEGA BIG-BOY PROTEIN EXTRAVAGANZA CHUM BUCKET from Decathlon. I don't have to worry about when to dump him because his heart will give up on him before I do.
You will be buying diapers for skinnyfat faggot with your own retirement money in a couple decades but MUSCLEPIG will already be six foot under & STILL mogging your faggot even as a skeleton.
Imagine being too scared to drop kick your Nigel becuase he might fucking die. Couldn't be me! Mine is already dying. A heart attack wouldn't be out of the ordinary in an autopsy situation.
Bucktooth Becky's stay seething over the PIG-PUNCHING Stacy. #mindset

No. 1858296

Based. I should draw more of that.

No. 1858297

? Nothing but farts going off like an assault rifle

No. 1858298

you wouldn't have said that if i wanted a female sniper i bet

No. 1858299

File: 1705474320348.jpg (40.25 KB, 483x530, 20240115_223342.jpg)

अस्य मर्त्यकुण्डलस्य विदां कुरुत। वयं तव चितायां हर्षेण नृत्यामः।

No. 1858300

File: 1705474328162.jpeg (348.04 KB, 516x869, IMG_4394.jpeg)

The demon who hates women but worships men, shows cruelty to all women who she unfairly perceives as her enemies, but acts like an obedient dog for rape apes. If you knew her, you would know how cruel and vicious she is. Now you and your entire bloodline will be cursed as punishment for your stupidity.

No. 1858302

No I'd say you'd smell tilapia and birria tacos

No. 1858303

Don’t cut for a moid, moids should be cutting for YOU.

No. 1858305

my sleep sniper is not american

No. 1858306

I bet you’re the one who did that to that little cat and you save countless images like that to get off to, disgusting floor poo defender

No. 1858308

do roidpig fags like zac effron bara roidpig himbotastic new look?

No. 1858309

The one writing in Sanskrit is defending pickme-Pugh and hexing me

No. 1858310

they are fighting outside nonnies

No. 1858311

File: 1705474722413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.86 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m55qy89Ipa1rxiesho1_500…)

Do any of you remember when an anon got really mad after she discovered Tom Hardys MySpace pics and asked if he was autistic

No. 1858312

Sure don't!

No. 1858315

Where do i find more

No. 1858316

File: 1705474954729.jpg (44.29 KB, 680x680, fhdf.jpg)

I feel warm when I'm naked and cold when I wear clothes

No. 1858319

File: 1705475088146.jpg (134.67 KB, 1290x1663, 20231229_080521.jpg)

No. 1858320

File: 1705475149087.jpg (702.74 KB, 1080x1034, 1703739644062972.jpg)

Very cool

No. 1858321

So it was discovered that some Haisidic Jewish men had dug some secret tunnels underneath New York City lmaoo. Someone made a meme of this video of the Hasidic dude coming out of a grate on the sidewalk and was like "imagine describing this and not sounding like Alex jones". kek

No. 1858322

The police came i am to lazy to ask what happened

No. 1858323

Its even funnier when you read they found out after neighbours complained about hearind yiddish through their walls

No. 1858324

NTA but if I ever got the very cool response on here i would kill myself

No. 1858325

File: 1705475364402.jpg (63.83 KB, 720x480, screen-shot-2018-11-05-at-8win…)

Oldy time diets were wild kek

No. 1858327

You are late.

No. 1858329


"From this moment onward I can’t see how the world can become funnier"

No. 1858330

File: 1705475478984.jpg (55.11 KB, 736x552, 20231226_055658.jpg)

An unfunny person who doesn't have my true, unmatchable swagger will reply to this post with "very cool" but I won't do that.

No. 1858331

Lemon pepper steak does sound kinda good

No. 1858332

Very cool

No. 1858333

Low iq, low hanging fruit, low hanging testicles, etc

No. 1858334

File: 1705475623089.jpeg (405.85 KB, 828x642, IMG_8824.jpeg)

Why are ALRfags so fat?? I thought cows were supposed to steer you away from becoming like them

No. 1858336

I'm sorry, I genuinely could not help myself. That was a moment of weakness.

No. 1858337

It's a nice way to break up eggs and wine

No. 1858339

nona can you recommend some tracks or djs?

No. 1858344

File: 1705475983604.gif (10.64 MB, 640x512, 8eac8dbf8454fa416e35a4051b575c…)

Why do you keep posting Tom petty lyrics

No. 1858347

It probably makes them feel better about themselves because they aren’t as fat as her…yet.

No. 1858352

I dont vibe with that man.

No. 1858364

Why did you ask me when you posted it but then remembered my reply huh

No. 1858365

Is that a male hand?

No. 1858366

My mom gave me a sweater from Shien for Christmas and it's cute enough but already falling apart lol

No. 1858372

Fuck you anon now you've made me sad about Tater Tot all over again. I'm crying, I hope you're happy.

No. 1858375

That's his hand. On a mirror.

No. 1858377

I dont know the lore… what happen to himn

No. 1858379

You never answered me

No. 1858380

File: 1705478200599.png (1.74 MB, 1280x720, tater tot.png)

He was a kitten with malformed legs that wound up dying.

No. 1858384

File: 1705478472057.png (573.97 KB, 851x691, Screenshot 2024-01-12 050118.p…)

I don't know why Gene Ween has a scar on his face in the movie Its Pat.

No. 1858386

You're very weird.

No. 1858388

he has that scar IRL, kek. Some people said he either got that scar from a car accident and he doesn't talk about it, or he was born with a cleft lip

No. 1858392

File: 1705478988178.jpg (29.5 KB, 474x635, 4dedf49ab128670168b4f0132b4c65…)

Thanks nonnie, I have been wondering about it for days. Not all the time though, just periodically.

No. 1858394

I'm sure you'll say the same thing about the cerebral palsy pic huh

No. 1858405

Knew someone who loved to watch ALR while she binged on processed food and would constantly point out her dark knuckles as she was on diabetes medication. It’s so jarring to see how much overweight people hate each other under the guise of wanting to help them or offer valid criticism but its just pot calling the kettle black and feeling smug about it because they’re not as big

No. 1858412

File: 1705482180961.jpeg (530.02 KB, 939x1464, IMG_4415.jpeg)

Who’s your celebrity lookalike anons? Mine is Norma Jean

No. 1858414

File: 1705482352406.jpg (16.41 KB, 267x320, a35ec8e0e72a36c4474d784583eeca…)

No. 1858420


No. 1858430

god i fucking hate bifag men

No. 1858431

When shoe0nhead was a kid and played club penguin she was one of those people who larped as a baby and sat in the petshop.

No. 1858438

i can’t get out of bed

No. 1858439

Holy shit nonnies I think I have clitoral phismosis that sucks

No. 1858442

sounds horrible nonny, i’m sorry

No. 1858453

You're not the first anon mentioning this and I never heard of it before. I'm too scared to look it up. I hope it's not painful at least.

No. 1858463

I saw the same on youtube comments of paparazzi harassing jodie foster and her child. It's just another version of moids defending their own predatory behavior. When I also tried to point that out in the comments, it got insta-deleted/hidden by youtube even though I didn't use any curse words.

No. 1858497

File: 1705493870485.jpeg (77.17 KB, 970x647, 4D8CC0D2-9DD8-42B6-B05F-F0AF0C…)

My god the two in the middle were absolutely adorable back in time but apparently they all took the neanderthal pill and now look like this. Ugh I’m going to vomit why real men so ugly nonna WHY ?

No. 1858544

Tom still looks good, maybe Heidi Klum is giving him style advice lol. Could've told you the rest were already ugly (Bill looks ok I guess, under his horrible styling –too much like he wishes he was younger which is tacky)

No. 1858545

i have it too nonnie.. it's fine honestly (if it's partial, i presume complete phimosis has to more annoying). when i first realized it i was a teen, i totally freaked out, worried i had a malformed/non-existent clitoris. kept googling frantically 'why cant i see my clit' and phimosis never came up for some reason..? it's super common idgi

No. 1858561

Omg that quirky old Asian lady on tiktok who made the recipes and used zoomer editing just died.

No. 1858570

My ex went on one ayahuasca retreat, previously having been someone who never tried hard drugs, and it changed him as a person to the point where I was afraid of him and couldn't be around him anymore. Some drugs are obviously dangerous in that they could straight up kill you, but after watching what ayahuasca did to him literally overnight I would never want anyone I loved touching it.
It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. I spoke to him before he went on the retreat, he did ayahuasca, and came back an unrecognizable stranger. Absolutely terrifying.

No. 1858575

File: 1705501445428.jpeg (59.11 KB, 480x480, 96B02F7A-A71B-4817-9E8F-83A81D…)

Ew to me he looks like a bum with that disgusting beard, Heidi should take him to the groomer + they both have puffy faces now, buccal fat removal when ? Yeah the other two already looked like they had Down syndrome so who cares about them. Bill dresses like a Disney Channel series villain lmao

No. 1858576

What was different?

No. 1858585

Ew this angle is so much worse on him. Never mind lol
>buccal fat removal when ?
kek come on that never looks good, it's a procedure for old people with jowels and it should've stayed that way. It only makes round-faced people like him look sick.

No. 1858586

I searched up this term and the first result was phismosis in a penis. I hate this world. Had to scroll down and there wasn't much about the clitoris either.

No. 1858589

I had a moid attempt to mansplain to me today that the internal clitoris doesn't exist…what's the best method of murder?

No. 1858593

Big enough to get tour dates and I went to their first show in my state in 2007. It's such a sad existence they live now. Bill and all the other pretty emo boys from back in the day like Davey Havok all look like that twink from Panic at the Disco now.

No. 1858594

oh my god tokio hotel, you brought back memories. Look at this baby face kek they were so cool when I was 12 but now they look like little kids to me

No. 1858595

Bill(?) looks really faggy here

No. 1858596

>all those deleted posts

No. 1858602

yes, but i was more into The Rasmus and HIM, this was the band tween girls a few years younger than me were into when i was a teenager

No. 1858623

I'm trying to piece together why someone would delete their posts related to myspace emos, zac effron, and bieber lol

No. 1858624

I also love this movie, nonnie

No. 1858629

pretty sure mods deleted it, they're the only ones who can delete post-30 minute posts

No. 1858635

yeah but I wonder why instead of just redtexting

No. 1858639

File: 1705507059030.jpeg (193.4 KB, 1920x1080, 13B81F34-1A15-4165-A32A-121022…)

sigh I think extreme forced starvation or euthanasia is the only cure for them so… Fuck twink death

No. 1858648

File: 1705507413902.jpeg (9.72 KB, 236x236, 1679445191513.jpeg)

i just ordered two burger king combos because it was half the price

No. 1858655

File: 1705507628199.gif (2.42 MB, 480x270, 66D32015-FC5F-4175-9E48-E4C250…)

No. 1858669

Throw whatever you don't eat in the fridge. That's called meal planning and it's super cool and adult.

No. 1858689

I don’t see enough Melanie Martinez slander.
This song is her most retarded, all of her songs are really retarded but this one quite takes the cake. the “showw and tell…
why can’t you fucking hear me” has me rolling my eyes to the back of my head. She sounds stupid saying fuckers, you can tell she’s trying to be so edgy but it sounds contrived, most of her audience is kids and I would know because my little sister was a fan when she was 8 and all her songs are like LDR where they glorify pedophillia/sexualize childhood x 4. I can’t believe she was into that, all the kids in her school were, it was gross. Glad she turned into a certified fatass after that.

No. 1858690

yeah that was the intention, but i am still pissed off that i ordered food instead of cooking why is fast food so cheap in my shithole

No. 1858693

File: 1705509096004.jpeg (237.42 KB, 1364x736, IMG_5372.jpeg)

I have very low buccal fat naturally and it makes me laugh that celebrities are currently shilling out for cheeks that my peasant ass has naturally. In a few years they’ll be out of fashion but for now I get to be smug about being the uwu beauty standard.

No. 1858695

I felt like that for 5 minutes with the super dew skin trend and my gross oily skin. a colleague even commented my skin looked glowy but it was just seeping oil as usual. kinda sad that trend is dead tbh.

No. 1858704

why would you want to look like a fucking ghoul?

No. 1858707

I look like a ghoul naturally anon idk what you want me to do.

No. 1858708

Me when the "trend" was thick eyebrows and I got compliments for just existing.

No. 1858712

I don't mind Doja cat's music, but Melanie Martinez? Her shit makes me cringe horribly, I don't know why, but I physically just can't make myself listen to her songs, it's like when you're walking down the street and listen to someone getting beat up, like your body freezes and you just feel disgust. That's how I feel whenever I even read the lyrics of her songs.

No. 1858714

File: 1705509908111.gif (9.26 MB, 498x498, kocheng-walscout.gif)

Popular nonas, how the fuck do you do it? No matter how much I try to socialise, act natural but still making sure to fit in, ask questions and listen to people and memorizing who they are as people so I can match their energy I still end up an outsider. Wtf do I do wrong when it feels like I'm following all the social rules?

No. 1858719

i was talking about celebrities, not you ghoul-chan

No. 1858724

i dont know anon i am a diagnosed sperg and for some reason people flock to me like flies to shit. I guess it helps i like stuff like history and movies, and not some turbo autistic shit like signs and trains.

No. 1858727

Be hot and funny

No. 1858733

ayrt and I'm a sperg too, guess unlike my siblings I just don't have the "it" that attracts people and born to be a side character no matter how hard I try. At least I know I'm known for being "very kind, positive and funny" and people seem to recognize I'm someone they can rely on, but apparently not someone they can invite to their chat rooms or social events. Not even my ex did.

No. 1858735

I understand completely, it really sucks. You should consider finding out if you have autism. I felt like this and brought it up to my doctor and ended up getting referred and diagnosed. It still sucks but at least now I know why instead of thinking I'm uniquely cursed or something

No. 1858744

File: 1705511162601.jpeg (760.57 KB, 1170x1277, IMG_5373.jpeg)

Dw cabbage patch chan. Maybe one day you’ll have YOUR turn to be the beauty standard x

No. 1858747

Kek me too. I look like a corpse, this is the worst trend. I'll be truly happy when they make dark eye circles trendy, so we can all look like zombies.
I really hate these stupid trends, I remember my friend complaining about the big ass thick eyebrows trend cus she was bullied for having it naturally and now everyones just overdrawing their brows and mocking thin brows when it was fashionable not long ago and women were pressured to have them. Everythings just so empty.

No. 1858754

I am on the spectrum, but I've practiced since got the diagnosis as a kid both to mask and analyse how people act so I could fit in better. It seems to work since people don't seem to clock me as an autist as long as I don't drop the spaghetti. However other friends I know, and my sister, that are also on the spectrum seem to attract people just fine - even the ones that tend to only talk about themselves most of the time. I love them dearly, and while I don't want to be the center of attention I am still a bit jealous that people bend over backwards for them when no one even noticed when I disappeared for a while after a suicide attempt. I'm just a natural, self-hating wall flower.

No. 1858758

i dont want to

No. 1858759

I don’t know why it works like this. I don’t go out of my way to be nice (I’m kind of rude) mind my own business pretty much but people still approach me and try to be friends. People who I interact with try to keep in touch. I can’t be a wallflower even if I tried which is a little annoying when I want to be. You would think that going out of your way to be agreeable and friendly would land you a bunch of friends but for some reason it doesn’t work that way. People are weird.

No. 1858761

File: 1705511963410.png (299.33 KB, 258x406, me and who.PNG)

i want you to become my ghoulfriend

No. 1858767

…this actually made me realize something. When I was in high school I was in a really bad place emotionally and going through a lot of tough shit at home so I stopped giving a shit and just did whatever and I learned later on that during this time I had a lot of girls that looked up to me, people saw me as this cool, aloof leader and most of the guys crushed on me and I had absolutely NO CLUE at the time and even if I had I wouldn't have cared less. I kinda lost all of it after my mom became even more emotionally abusive and I started hanging out with toxic people that completely broke me down. So back in the days I wasn't all that different from who you describe yourself, maybe people are just attracted to people that don't care? I mean, I would find myself attracted to you as well kek

No. 1858770

Of course nonacita I’ll let you caress my hollow ghoulish cheeks for eternity.

No. 1858796

Can we make being anti-troon/terf popular very quickly? I don't have to deal with that bs irl here but anime and videogames are my only escape and if troons become a common thing there i will lose my mind

No. 1858799

its already a thing nonna it's literally over. There are troons everywhere in anime now.

No. 1858809

a lot of normie women are now branded with the terf label not because of radical feminism, most are libfems or conservatives that simply criticized troons. Trannies chimping out and trying to cancel dissent is really backfiring.

In general tranny fatigue is growing but is not necessarily from a TERF perspective, most normies don't just don't like them and are exhausted, many people who virtue signaled hadn't peaked yet but the pendulum is kinda swinging against other things too, like LGBT and woke in general.

No. 1858816

Japan has been under a lot of pressure from ESG as well. There's economic warfare going on towards any corporations and governmnets that don't comply

No. 1858820

Troons have always been a thing in anime, but people call/ed them "traps" instead.
As much as I'm glad to see the pendulum slowly swinging against troons (going way too slow though) I'm so fucking upset over the damage they did to the LGBT community. But I've slowly seen more people pointing the fingers at TRAs for how they fucked everything up, so while we won't have an official full "peakening" at least more and more are becoming disillusioned.

No. 1858826

i am not talking about fetish fuel, i am talking about full blown troons like arashi and the ''nonbinary'' characters that have been poping up lately

No. 1858828

arashi is a westaboo so not surprise there.

No. 1858830

i hate him so much. I wish he was in any other game but the only yume game i actually like…

No. 1858835

I'm not familiar with enstars, what's the deal with this arashi character? Is he supposed to be a TIF?

No. 1858840

>looks just like you
Yes I posted a donkey because I look like a donkey. If you want to insult me please do it in English and be more funny.
Doen alsof je tweetalig bent, is niet bijzonder

No. 1858862

He's a TIM

No. 1858875

But isn't that weirder in a way? Aren't they being twasphobic by putting a "woman" in an otome game along all those male characters?

No. 1858946

western enstarries are just dumb lol. They call everyone who dares to lewd the younger guys a pedo, while also playing and supporting a game that has cards lewding said guys

No. 1858948

File: 1705518272632.jpg (7.4 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)

Guess who actually remembered to take the chicken out of the freezer

No. 1858959

File: 1705518928108.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

Is anyone else here 30+? I feel like it's just kids around lately.

No. 1858962

i turn 32 this year, fellow grandnonna.

No. 1858971

I'll be 33 this year

No. 1858973

I'm minus 4 years old. A figment of your imagination…

No. 1858975

File: 1705519617718.jpg (213.63 KB, 1365x2048, hereslookingatyoukid.jpg)

31 this year

No. 1858976

I’m 28 which is basically 30.

No. 1858979

why do i find this hot I need exorcism