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File: 1692323101147.jpg (50.02 KB, 404x600, painter.jpg!Large.jpg)

No. 1668197

Previous: >>>/ot/1638502
Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix

>useful youtube channels

>where to find art
>other useful sites


No. 1668277

Those are common problems with anime art tbh

No. 1668296

File: 1692328780999.png (331.13 KB, 657x600, zujkt7j7.PNG)

Really disliking this trend of talking about artwork like it wasn't made by another person, most of the qrts are completely braindead. No reading comprehension to be seen and someone even said that it's "odd" that they made the second one have Hitler's favorite colors or something when the hair is a reference to the show. And of course this has 4 times the likes of the op.

No. 1668304

File: 1692329546466.png (2.87 MB, 1748x1181, 106098532_p54.png)

i knew this would happen when they ''confirmed'' they were black…ninjas…that are also goddam turtles. They have been despicted as white/asian/black before, they are fucking turts. I wish these idiots would leave tmnt alone.

No. 1668325

NTA but I'm bookmarking this, thank you nona!
AYRT. It's up to you, chain block extension caps your block at 200 so I usually run on accounts with less followers than that. If someone raises so much redflags you wouldn't want their followers who obviously just their friends who enable their mentally ill behaviors. Chainblock has options to make exceptions of your followers and people you follow, so you will be fine.
To the latter anon: Your attitude is the reason why artists complained about entitled fans in this thread.
Now, this will be my last time explaining this since we're already on a new thread. Some people want to curate their timeline, notifications, the kind of people they interact with. If your asian artists haven't gatekept you yet, or even more friendly to you when you speak English to them: Good! I hope you stay in good terms.
And then there are artists who have tried everything: mute, turn off notification, turn off comments, block and private their account and they cant control how people interact with them. It can get really socially isolating when you turn off all your communication options too (eg, FOMO kicks in and you miss a notification from a mutual, or someone you wanted to impress) Unless you've done this yourself, you don't know what you're asking of others to do it.
TL;DR people can get overwhelmed, read people's profcard, don't spam engagements. There's a term called "Sorry for the silent follow" (無言フォロー失礼します) that's usually a signal that their fandom prefer discreet interactions.

Hopefully in the new thread I don't have to overexplain these basic things again. Have fun browsing arts and be nicer next time, art anons.

No. 1668354

I think it was similar to the Velma thing, there was single comic where they use black human hologram disguises and now twitter-tards have decided they are black and will crucify you If you depict them otherwise.

No. 1668368

lmao they made a shitty sequel to their shitty garbage short. The got the most earnest constructive critique from people of the industry and took none of it. This one looks even worse than the original. They couldnt be even arsed to hire some poorfag in the thirdworld to clean out those hands and make the animation more consistent. I seriously despise these guys now.

No. 1668383

File: 1692343483805.png (8.47 KB, 312x192, 43614.png)

Have any clip studio nonnas switched over to PS to paint? CSP is pretty badly optimized for anything that requieres big brushes, so i wanted to switch over to PS for painting.

No. 1668384

I have such a kneejerk reaction whenever I see the crying or skull emoji now kek
It immediately lets me know that person is going to say something pants on head retarded and/or be annoying

No. 1668397

File: 1692346137320.jpeg (272.6 KB, 828x1401, lol.jpeg)

Some of the replies are so stupid it's funny. Like this one. Why would the artist gaf?

No. 1668400

>tranny flag
opinion discarded

No. 1668432

Being a “femgaze” artist is such a fucking hassle. You can’t draw cute and sexy males with the same freedom that men can draw cute and sexy women, or just straight up porn. You’re going to be judged much more harshly by mostly other women who want to call you problematic for whatever reason (who are too cowardly to call out even worse men 99% of the time), and get harassed by men who are butthurt about you drawing their favorite male characters being “humiliated”. Not to mention all of the lonely male freaks who will latch on to you because they think a woman drawing lewd content means she’s dtf/potential sexfreak gf material.
There’s so little quality material of kinda horny content that focuses on men, it doesn’t have as broad of an appeal as content made for heterosexual men, and the barriers to entry to creating this content simply isn’t worth it to most who aren’t passionate enough,
I don’t expect to get that much sympathy from here, but I want to vent nonetheless.

No. 1668438

Just learn to be a pariah and draw what you want. I drew lewd art of pavrit from the new spiderverse movie and got a ton of skull emojis ''HE'S ONLY 16!!!'' comments. Imagine if men gave as much of a shit when they draw shit loads of degenerate as fuck peni/gwen porn. Just ignore/block them, it sucks to be a female artists nowadays because of all the retarded high standars they put you on, but being a coward aint gonna fix shit.

No. 1668443

How do your followers or people browsing your account know you're female?

No. 1668449

Keep it up nona, remember to block, ignore, and act like a cold uncaring bitch when some zoomer whines at you. I also hope you proudly add femgaze artist to your bio so like-minded that can find you and follow you.

No. 1668456

>drawing lewd content means she’s dtf/potential sexfreak gf material
felt this. I love to draw well dressed men tied up and women in stereotypically femdom outfits like a nice dress with stilettos or a full bodysuit. When people find out you draw anything but vanilla they'll become so degenerate. One drawing group I was in, as soon as the other women (most of them TIF'd out of course) found out you drew anything lewd they'd lose their shit and try to ask/collab for porn. Some of them drew the most stereotypical male gaze giant tits, tiny waist, and then added their fetish. They all had a ton of weird shit either cuntboy, futa, anthro on human, monster men whos a cuntboy of course. you couldn't just occasionally draw things that appealed to you. like they couldn't understand you aren't 24/7 horny like them.

No. 1668467

It’s kinda obvious from what you’re drawing, at least imo. Most men are stupid and can’t tell but there are men who have a fetish for fujoshi/fangirl type women and orbit them specifically.

No. 1668471

Is it really? I've made a good chunk of money selling basically male pinup art to gay men and no one has ever questioned if I'm a woman or attacked me online. I also never post pics of myself or have pronouns in my bio. Maybe you should try that. (Then again, if you have a really "girly" art style then perhaps this won't work for you.)

No. 1668472

They won’t know for sure, but to add, being ambiguous and letting people assume you’re a man also comes with its own issues.
I’ve been assumed to be a male, called a faggot/degenerate and judged as if I were a part of some weird male hierarchy for drawing “emasculating” content. As if I were doing it to be a subversive troll trying to upend the patriarchy.
I’m sure these same men would accuse me of being part of a feminist/lesbian conspiracy if they knew I was a woman, though.

No. 1668476

File: 1692356098665.gif (1.6 MB, 240x288, 1660119449833.gif)

I am going fucking insane trying to understand how the fuck figure drawing works. I know it takes time and practice but i have tried several times and i still freeze whenever i have to draw a figure because i struggle figuring out where to even start. I tried hampton and i cannot understand how to make his method work on models that arent contorted like a pretzel.

No. 1668511

File: 1692358946801.png (1.19 MB, 1200x1447, fig.png)

Start with a line / circle and line anon!

No. 1668517

I feel like a good is not to start with the circle/head. IMHO it helped me a lot.

No. 1668529

I cant explain it but women draw a completely different way than men. My boyfriend has a tif friend who painted him, and before I met her and knew she was female I instantly clocked her from the painting. And seeing her art instagram I just knew, despite nothing in her bio making it known.

No. 1668537

It doesn't really matter how you start tbh, but try to look for shapes first or look at the general silhouette of the pose. Maybe don't focus too much on individual body parts, but see the figure as a whole? It gets easier. I used to think it was super boring but now I love figure drawing kek.

No. 1668545

thanks but my problem is that it looks really flat

No. 1668553

Just keep practicing different methods

No. 1668558

i have, i guess i am tarded or something lmao

No. 1668562

File: 1692362174759.png (Spoiler Image, 121.17 KB, 610x478, tdick.png)

I feel you on this. And most of the female erotica artists either turn into gendies making t-dick yaoi or do "malegaze" works.

No. 1668566

Are you me, nona. In my case the coomers (both a male and a tif) who drew degen monster/rape thought we were in the same level because I drew woman on top femdom kek.

No. 1668569

why is this so common?

No. 1668574

File: 1692363341796.png (Spoiler Image, 126.39 KB, 586x667, tdick2.png)

I don't know but I'm gonna explode the next time i see vulva art labeled as tdick. In all honesty, erotica/drawn porn space is so misogynistic it's hard to not become a self hating female artist the longer you stay in it.

No. 1668575

File: 1692363432361.jpeg (58.49 KB, 579x492, handwrit.jpeg)

I'd say it actually depends on who you hang out with, your hobbies, etc, rather than your sex. I'm >>1668471 , I've never had many friends so my interests are more "organic" than people who have been or are part of social groups for most of their lives. If (for example) your social group is marvel obsessed neckbeards, you will end up with similar interests and your art will reflect that.
Its no different than women ending up with handwriting like pic related because back in their grade school days, all their friends or the girls they aspired to hang out with wrote like that. Women don't naturally write this way.

No. 1668622

File: 1692367003156.png (846.71 KB, 1080x1050, F3KgrakAAPewp.png)

There are people who genuinely belie that larcyboy isn't a TIF

No. 1668626

it's a matter of practice, just keep going. Just blaming being retarded is taking the agency away from you, while you can totally be retarded and great at figure drawing

No. 1668632

File: 1692368270264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.63 KB, 850x826, 4dact8.jpg)

She's interesting to me because she possesses the aesthetics of both modern and old-school fujos. She's modern because she's into many degen modern fetishes that are sadly common, but old-school in that her tops are classically attractive, usually fit and lean young men who aren't the usual faceless 7-feet-tall muscle beasts who only care about raping.

No. 1668662

i hate her artstyle. I dont know how to explain it but she has the typical modern western artist artstyle where it's very unfinished and unpolished with animu elements like expressions. I hate it. That being said a qte nerd and a stoner is a cute combo i am going to steal it and make it less uggo

No. 1668663

I feel the same way about her art, I think it's cute even if it's coomerish. Her style has a certain appeal to it just like that other artist she's friends with who draws Columbine ocs

No. 1668688

Well yeah, but if every woman or man draws in a certain way even if its because of societal reasons its still clocable.

No. 1668698

Since we're on the topic of gaze in art, am I wrong for utilizing something like the male gaze when I make NSFW art of my oc's? Granted, they're for a fanbase that is predominantly coomer-brained males so I try to make it as appealing as possible but I like to incorporate shit like story and aesthetics like I would my normal art (which is decidedly more feminine).

No. 1668702

no, draw whatever you want

No. 1668712

Just draw whatever you want, nona. If you like it, then go for it.

No. 1668715


>that other artist she's friends with who draws Columbine ocs


No. 1668716

Personally, how do you feel about it?

No. 1668745

File: 1692373515069.png (969.97 KB, 1360x1525, 49e417ac85455812.png)

is that art older or did she regress?

No. 1668747

I hate how much of a degen she is, but I lose my shit when I see her Riddler and Batman depictions.

No. 1668751

I know lacry’s gf and that’s a bi male, she’s terf aligned/friends with rads. both are tranny critical so it wouldn’t make sense for him to be a troon lol

No. 1668752

>both are tranny critical
the fuck are you talking about, lacry made that shitty tranny transformation fetish timeline

No. 1668754

She drew Hetalia porn

No. 1668755

File: 1692374216415.jpg (208.56 KB, 2048x812, FpFwARVaUAARj4Q.jpg)

I hate how she's pornbrained and a gendie but I love the softness of her faces and bodies.

Was this a parody then?

No. 1668757

why would you lie on the internet like this?

No. 1668758

Wtf is that in the top right? I hate this person's art, it's fugly.

No. 1668763

It wasn’t tranny related, that’s a femboy character. he deleted it because trannies took it over. I recall this art he made of a character bullying another and calling them “so ugly they look ftm”. This is still up on his account, im pretty sure.
You can just look up the people the gf are following and not be annoying.

No. 1668764

This shit is why I'm against representation and x-coded kind of writing in really fictional fantastical impossible to happen settings.

No. 1668766

fuck i love lacry's cuntboy art

No. 1668768

yeah, she's following gendies/theybies with pronouns in their bios. if you have any proof otherwise, post it instead of just going "source: i said so" lol

No. 1668771

i remember lacryboy's livestreams. she's an ftm, not sure what anon's talking about. even her username is a reference to a nicole dollanganger song, patron saint of edgy snowflake girls, kek. maybe she's detransitioning?

No. 1668775

Nta but that doesn't really mean anything. I don't support transgenderism but I still follow some troons/enbies cause they're literally everywhere and and whatever gender shit they're into doesn't really matter unless you try to befriend them. Lacryboy is definitely not tranny critical though. Didn't someone give proof in one of these threads that they're a TIF?

No. 1668778

yeah, lacryboy's art is just way too feminine >>1668745 and specially being a dano fangirl is so incredibly fembrained.

No. 1668781

It feels like I'm no less degenerate than a male artist or that I come across like an objectifying creep; I suppose I could try to find a view that combines the appeal of the male gaze with the more meaningful and pleasant aspects of the female gaze, which I was kinda doing anyway.

No. 1668785

Everyone understood that some artists are hamsters who'll die if you scare them too much, they just think it's retarded

No. 1668789

I think thinking of a binary gaze thing isn't helpful especially when "femgaze" isn't as distinct as malegaze. You can try analyzing what you like about "male gaze" aspect of your drawing and stripping it down to the bare essentials. i.e: chikan -> forceful touch -> passionate and focused touch to the object. It's what I did trying to slowly decoomer my brain. Otherwise, know you're already a better person than a moid because an average moid wouldn't even have the guilt lol. You can also just do whatever you like as the nonas have said.

No. 1668801

I draw men getting gutted who cares, lol. The internet is already filled by male gazed trash who cares is there is another artist doing the same, just bee urself.

No. 1668814

>FOMO kicks in and you miss a notification from a mutual, or someone you wanted to impress
Craving this much validation yet triggered by receiving too many likes, amazing.
They are no different to me than autistic teenagers with long DNI in their bio who get triggered when they encounter someone who kins the same character as them. You are free to invent rules in your head and block half the internet based on your autism, but nobody is rude or lack basic "etiquette" for liking posts, get a grip. My original point still stands, twitter allows you to mute notifications from users who aren't mutuals, just pick who you want to follow and all this minor issues you mentioned are solved.

No. 1668824

Maybe not strictly art related, but as an artist who uses instagram to showcase my art and get commisions, has anyone else gotten a massive drop in their reach? I used to get a few hundred likes at least and my art got shown to both new people and most of my folllowers. Now I'm lucky if I hit 50 likes and my art is shown to like 80 followers, and its not shown to a single new person.

Wtf is there an alternative that isn't reddit or twitter? I use tumblr and that gives me a couple hundred notes sometimes.

No. 1668828

>but nobody is rude or lack basic "etiquette" for liking posts, get a grip.
But if I use a trip and asked nonas for blogs I'm wrong? jk, nta

No. 1668839

yeah insta seems to be dying

No. 1668843

Instagram has been promoting reels a lot heavier, so it might not only be you who experiences this. The reel promotions lead to some accounts having a crazy imbalance where reels get 10k+ likes while their normal posts get around a few hundred at most, you can see it for yourself by checking out your explore page a bit. But there aren't any good platforms outside of the ones you've already mentioned and twitter also just keeps getting worse for art. The ratios of likes to retweets are awful, it's like no one cares to see art anyway. I wish there were smaller spaces for fandoms, twitter is too full of zoomers talking about nothing and acting like their opinion matters

No. 1668896

I thought it was transition fetish art, not cuntboy, like woman becoming a tif "discord-mod"

No. 1668905

I even try to make frequent reels but sometimes its shown to 0 people, so not even showing up to my followes. My account isnt restricted at all so thats not the case.

I miss the deviantart days. I had more engagement then despite making way shitter art.

No. 1668910

nta but man, i actually liked desikeera's art a lot aesthetic wise but i always felt weird for liking it because of her blatant columbine ocs.

i really like art with some modern obscure themes and gore but most of the artists i've found who fit that criteria are weird groupies obsessed with columbine or irl killers like dahmer. it sucks.

No. 1668920

True. I've seen people talk about how they've deleted Insta and stuff on other platforms.

No. 1668930

That's just something you'll have to get over. Honestly there's no use in overthinking these sort of things, just draw and post what you want. Who cares if one person thinks you aren't feminist enough for drawing it?

No. 1668945

What if I inserted onto women getting sodomized though?

No. 1668951


Still doesn't matter. Those people aren't the "judges of feminism" who can say what feminism is and isn't. If you want to draw girls getting sodomized then go for it, overthinking about it won't lead you to anything productive.

No. 1668965

File: 1692385188652.jpeg (80.69 KB, 400x580, 6994F022-4690-4CC7-A116-7FDBB8…)

>cutting off communications = social isolation
Holyshit, all you could get from that is somehow wanting some sort of interactions from people you want to interact with = autistic minors DNI list? At this point I think you just want to be rude. Weird projection or just bad reading comprehension at this point.
Now I feel like the rotoscope anon that had to respond to everyone's posts from the last thread now. I did like some of her explanation but some of you are just so close-minded and feel Oh so persecuted when someone, took their time, explain things you weren't familiar with.
Bye bye art thread, been fun giving anon advice here and there. These baits are now testing my nerves too. Peeeeace out.

No. 1668968

And? If you went to some other threads you'd know there's plenty of anons on this site that have their own degenerate likings. And that should be fine. Unlike what some say (even on this site) you don't have to be a bastion of purity at all times.

No. 1668989

Do I just not have any reading comprehension or did this question come out of absolutely nowhere?

No. 1669016

>(無言フォロー失礼します) that's usually a signal that their fandom prefer discreet interactions
When jp artists follow each other they sometimes write long introductory tweets to each other. The "sry for the silent follow" is just something that users who don't do always do that write in their profile for courtesy

No. 1669035

Strange that they wouldn't even show it to your followers. Maybe it's time to try a new account? Reposting old art could be an easy way to make frequent and consistent posts and it could lead to higher engagement and better chances of getting discovered

No. 1669049

In relation to drawing male gaze.

No. 1669056

I miss the golden era of tumblr so bad nonnys, it was truly the best social media out there for artists back then, twitter and instagram don't even compare.

No. 1669093

i never got into tmnt but aren't they raised by a Japanese man(who turned into a rat) who migrated to America? plus they are ninjas which is a Japanese concept. I feel like if they are coded as anything it would be Japanese since so much of their imagery is rooted in Japanese culture. At the end of the day they are turtles so people can do what they want when humanizaing them.

I like these designs its shame that the artist is being called racist for them. The second one doesn't even look white he looks race ambiguous. This is obviously a case of people being jealous of the artist so they make up some stupid reason to cancel her
>Hitler's favorite colors
The person who said that could easily just had made a regular accusation of ignorance but instead chose to imply that the artist was a nazi for drawing blond hair lol. what an odd thing to say

No. 1669116

Praise you! You’re doing god’s works, ignore the haters and retarted moids, people always get uncomfortable with stuff they’re not used to or plainy dislike. We need more femgaze porn, I’m tired of seeing naked female characters or only gay porn and barely a man being the focus and getting dominated by a woman.

No. 1669143

I feel that a bit sometimes. I think it's what >>1668843 said but also I think insta is trying to make itself even more algorithm based. You might have noticed they shat up the hashtags by getting rid of inverse chronological order when searching hashtags. They're making it much harder, if not in some cases almost impossible, to look for stuff you want to see on your own. Insta wants to make people dependent on the app spoonfeeding them algorithmically selected content, so you basically have to hope that insta decides your art is reccomendable somehow.

Tumblr is currently the least fucked alternative. Aside from twitter and reddit I think the only other options are niche art sites like artfol (kinda dead because of the devs retarded decision to launch it first as a slow ass app) and inkblot, and really really small classic forums, like crimson dagger and wet canvas, or the rare surviving fandom forum (like the sailor moon forum). I can't vouch for any of these, though, and I don't think they're very viable to use in the same way as standard social media.

No. 1669147

Unironically I've been using Tumblr for my art lately and I've been getting better results than on Twitter or Instagram with a lot less worry over troon or other gendies crawling in ready to bitch

No. 1669269

Same, I really like tumblr. The tagging system works a lot better than on other social medias so your art won't just vanish into the void the way it does on insta or twitter. But they've been making so many awful changes recently and the userbase seems to grow smaller and smaller. It's insane how every platform is being restructured to try and squeeze out bigger profits.

No. 1669321

Because a lot of people are very very vulnerable to peer pressure and conformity. In women (generally urban, western women of all colors) it tends to be expressed in cliquey ways, and in men they tend to do things that are physically risky and focused on overtly one-upping each other. Women also try to 1-up each other but it's more subtle. Like, most of the time men are not aware that when a woman is upset by him "mansplaining" it's because he did something to damage her facade and make her look or feel incompetent, which lowers her status among her peer groups. Because appearances matter more than anything. Men by contrast are more likely to care about results. It's why impostor syndrome is so common among men - even if a man is getting results, he may struggle with feeling like any of it was his own effort.

A lot of the nonnas in these threads fit the bill too, fretting about "should i X?" because of caring about how others see them and getting the most/bestest support group while also worrying about getting people upset enough to cancel them.

A good deal of this comes from the infantilization of children. You know the whole thing about dads being overprotective of their daughters? At the extremes it results in very insecure, "bitch princess" types - you know who I am talking about there. That used to be excludive to girls, which was bad enough, but since the late 80s helicopter parenting became way more common so boys became raised in similar ways. And they ended up behaving similarly, though filtered through a male lens, like your average male vegan, but sometimes results in incels or the cringe men who want a wife to also act like their mom.

A lot of zoomers also had unrestricted internet access on top of this, cause genxers are tech illiterate as all hell.

Anyway this is all to explain that the stuff you see in this anon's post about handwriting >>1668575 extends to other things like manner of speaking, art, music, and dress/aesthetics. The last of which is what a lot of gendie bullshit ultimately is. It takes a very strong will to resist when your friends start going "fuck capitalism fuck gender" because you need to be able to stand alone and find new friends in many cases when such things happen. And as I outlined, the way a lot of people were raised means they don't have the emotional maturity to stand alone - hence the plague of transtrenders. Among other annoying internet subscultures.

No. 1669351

Why would artists like that bother with Twitter when they could just make a Neocities page if they're that sensitive to that shit?

No. 1669393

I thought wet canvas died
Lol you think they know how to code ?
Once you go black you can never go back because you’re a racist lmao according to Twitter. I didn’t even see Leo in that, just Ralph, two Mikes and Donnie.

No. 1669414

Tumblr is so much fun. I see art that I'd forgotten that I posted from 2016-2017 suddenly pop up in my notifs because someone liked it. It's not old deviantArt, but it's very close. I like that Tumblr has been big on spotlighting artists, too.

No. 1669419

OK, fair LOL they'd rather spam hot takes and start fights on Twitter than learn any kind of markup or even fuck with a WYSIWYG editor that would give them something start from.
Also, WetCanvas is very much alive. Looks like they're using a new skin. I may start lurking again because I've learned a lot of things from just lurking.

No. 1669431

Deviantart or pixiv are a compromise as well.
Complaining when people talk to you on twitter when you share art there is like bringing food to a party and then complaining when people talk to you about what you made. What the fuck do you expect from a microblogging site designed for people to shit out their thoughts impulsively??

No. 1669571

File: 1692444594997.jpg (564.61 KB, 1080x2099, Screenshot_20230819_072738_X.j…)

Blacktober is ending "because of the state of social media" (some people are big ol meanies) meanwhile these same people literally just harassed this tmnt artist out of the fandom. You can't write this

No. 1669577

whats blacktober?

No. 1669593

drawing black characters/promoting black artists in the month of october

No. 1669627

File: 1692451001642.png (115.15 KB, 539x555, capture.png)

reminds me of this.

No. 1669635

the fact that it's a white guy tweeting makes me KEKW.

No. 1669642

Am I stupid, why does this need to be run by anyone? Isn't it just a twitter tag?

No. 1669683

it's probably to generate extra buzz and because most artists are incompetent and need someone leading them on for those october memes otherwise they get distracted/lose interest quickly

No. 1669686

the people who run that twitter weren't the ones who harassed that artist

No. 1669688

>she should have a million subs because she's black and flies planes
Social media is such a joke

No. 1669697

Agree. Clive from FF16 is the closest i've seen in a while to the femgaze. We really need more focus like that. He has such a nice ass.

No. 1669698

That sounds like a western issue with idiots who are terminally online. Femgaze stuff is always such a nice welcome, especially when the world is overly saturated with highly sexualized female characters. I appreciate artists like you very much.

No. 1669704

they always word it in such an obnoxious way, just say ''there is this woman who posts on tiktok and flies planes she's super cool go check it ou she deserve more follows!'' but thet gotta treat her like she's a special needs child learning how to tie his shoes for the first time.

No. 1669713

Thinking of buying an Apple Pencil so I can use my iPad as a tablet! Now I’ll have no excuse not to practice but I’m afraid I’ll still suck, the last time I drew anything was when I made stick figure comics

No. 1669746

Exactly. I used to watch the show on tv and always thought they would be Japanese if humanized. Some people really wanna insert [black] character head canon into anything. it's so annoying

No. 1669754

Everyone is afraid of sucking, just draw if it's fun for you and practice fundamentals when you get frustrated. Good luck

No. 1669755

What's funny is that here in America pilots board the plane first, lock the cockpit doors, and no longer interact with passengers since 9/11 happened. Idiots like the OP who posted that have no idea if their pilot is black, a woman, or any other minority. So it's pretty racist of them to assume all pilots are white men.

No. 1669760

Thank god its ending I hated that trend so much. So many people treat black people as omg they must be protected and they're soooo rareee and most of the time they draw stereotypes it's so tiring atleast draw a original black character instead of projection on another character or are you saying black characters have no personality?(besides the obvious ones)

No. 1669770

It'll still probably continue as a hashtag but not a big event helmed by a random on Twitter. So it might still exist but I'm hoping it won't be as obnoxious. It always felt restricting like you couldn't be a part of blacktober if you weren't only drawing black people or drawing race swapped fanart.

I think the issue with being outwardly a black artist is everyone just expects you to only draw black people or "your story". So I'm hoping it fades into obscurity.

No. 1670019

I got an S pen so I can draw in my notes app, whatever gets you to draw nona

No. 1670151

Vent incoming. I'm the type who just posts art and leaves but I honestly wish I could be like those twitter artists who socialize and talk so much online. I regret the few times I did it and now I'm just burnt out from the shitheads. I didn't even do anything controversial, people are just so fucking aggro and feel the need to insult you and make conflict where there's none. And each time it was a lesbian too (am a lesbian artist as well), is it some online lesbian thing to be overly hostile and act like you're better than everyone?

For one instance some twitter user and her friends mocked me for being happy about a popular nintendo character I liked, then went on some tirade about her experiences that had nothing to do with what I said but she applied it to me anyway. Turns out that same user brags about going around harassing artists for even just drawing fanart of characters she doesn't like? Like someone will draw the character just chilling and she'll quote retweet making fun of them.
And it's not even a teenager, it's a 27 year old woman with a nursing job. Twitter has seriously melted people's minds. I blocked her but I keep wondering if I should've said something, it sucks just having to take people's shit and do nothing, but the last thing I want is to get into a twitter argument.

No. 1670199

What the fuck, I'm sorry that happened to you nona. Depending on how big your following is you can't argue back even if you want to because other people will get mad at you for sending your followers to harass them because followers = power in terminally online brains. And there's no winning with idiots like that, they'll say how stupid you are for caring so much and will feel like they won. The most you can do is screenshot, remove names and call her a hobbyless loser. Or express how sad it made you to get attacked baselessly
I'm the same in terms of socializing though. I found that the best way is to only reply to comments on your art and to mutuals and block anyone who annoys you. Personal posts should be kept to a minimum, unless you're okay with absolute freaks being able to read it

No. 1670271

What are you telling us for? Normies have been drawing with their pen and ipad since the pandemic started; it's nothing groundbreaking. How is it that this person knows how to sage but doesn't know that saying "I can't draw anything but stick figures!" is the most annoying thing you can say when it comes to art? If you were serious, nona, you wouldn't be telling us and you would just do the same shit you're talking about.

No. 1670382

Calm down.

No. 1670391

>I'm the type who just posts art and leaves

That's actually good for your account growth. If you retweet or chatter or like other things a lot then you get corralled into the pen of "normal users" that twitter is set up to drip-feed ads to. If you just act like a brand account by posting things and leaving regularly, and only ever replying to people who reply to you first, you get boosted. Well, that and be verified on top. And if you're doing business on twitter, blue is a writeoff.
>inb4 people mad at elon
Don't use twitter if you don't like him that much and just post on a different site.

But you really wanna socialize off twitter, or using a personal account instead.

No. 1670405

>imagine being this brain dead about a post which is just telling the nonnie bought a pen
Do you also sperg like this when some posts a wip?

No. 1670406

Good luck nonniee!!

No. 1670420

I started drawing way more when I got my apple pencil, it’s much more convenient than a regular tablet. I still try to force myself to draw on paper sometimes for practice.

No. 1670432

any tips for getting away from the trap of overcorrecting/refining (such as redrawing things or fixing insignificant errors)?
there was one drawing whose silly concept I really loved that should have just been more of a doodle. but, I spent 6 hours "refining" it! it's dumb because my initial instinct tends to be much more competent, appealing, and expressive than hours of analysis and work. I think I do it because it's mechanically addicting to draw, and I'm also not at all used to creating things so when I draw something I actually enjoy I like to spend more time on it, it's…satisfying? Except I only rarely learn something. I want to be more creative in general as opposed to keeping it so safe.

No. 1670456

Trade places with me, I need that patience again.

No. 1670467

>is it some online lesbian thing to be overly hostile and act like you're better than everyone?
I don't know how to exactly describe it but particularly in fandom art spaces there's been a growing trend of teenage girls and emotionally stunted adult women turning polilez and using lesbianism as an outlet for their rage and treating it as a cool independent girl club rather than a sexual orientation which is why they talk over more experienced lesbians all the time, very much like what happened in the 70's.

They're drama-addicts because both Tiktok and Twitter algorithms encourage such behavior and they have to be "on" at all times so they are always looking for reasons to start an internet fight as it's the only thing they can "contribute" to engage with the fandom, most of them don't draw or write or when they do it's actual kindergarten tier low value doodles. I've witnessed it happening on Lolcow a lot as well, you can just smell the k-pop PFP from a mile away. It sucks because everyone knows they'll start dating a moid later on and then try to wipe out all traces of their mean lesbian era.

No. 1670496

I wish, kek. tbh though I chock it up less to patience and more to my lizard-brain and tunnel-vision. sometimes the result is better, but even if I enjoyed the process realizing a few hours in that the art is just more soulless - and sometimes even worse on a technical level, often I turn my brain completely off - always hurts.

No. 1670526


This is neither here nor there, but when you're disembarking a plane, at the end of the flight sometimes the pilots stand at the door of the cockpit as you leave.So you do see them at some point.

Nonas, I wanna get my art channel on youtube rolling but I just hate the landscape of video right now. I'm inundated by hyper, over-edited dumb shit that I'm not sure if anyone will ever see my simple, mostly chill videos. I also am not interested in showing my face but i don't know how to get around that. I'm not trying to make a living off this but I do want to be seen. I don't wanna use shorts. What do you typically like out of an art channel that's not tutorials?

No. 1670556

>What do you typically like out of an art channel that's not tutorials?
i like threesibo style videos, so trying new artforms/techniques and doing fun challenves

No. 1670575

No; if anything I just fail to see the logic in looking for validation on an online gossip forum.

No. 1670576

Most art channels I watch don’t show their face at all.

You should try and figure out what audience/market you’re trying to target. If you just want to make chill videos then you could draw while talking about your day, the piece, what inspired you etc or you could just put nice music with minimal commentary.

Most people in this thread probably watch art videos to learn from. Doesn’t have to be instructional (like Proko), they could be speed paints or “draw with me” type of videos.
There are other audiences that just play something to relax or focus like the “study with me” pomodoro timers.
Personally I love watching artists that talk about projects they’re working on, I assume it’s like a pseudo-portfolio or an ad.

No. 1670741

Why are you against making shorts? Those do get a lot of views, sometimes way more than actual videos and I don't think the space is too oversaturated right now

No. 1670743


I don't like making short form video. It feels like a waste of time, since theyre not as evergreen as long form…I guess I could take piece of my long form and make it into shorts but it's simply just not my favorite kind of vid to make, or watch. I'm tired of the tiktok format inundating every space.

No. 1670779

Not sure if you're racebaiting, but not every black person is the same

No. 1670785

all shorts are useless and a waste of your time, specially art shorts

No. 1670828

i'm old and out of the loop, how the hell do you get any clout for non-fanart illustration or writing these days? do you have to make tiktok videos of your process? youtube vlogs? instagram and twitter have done literally nothing for me my art is shit, but that's beside the point

No. 1670830

Well if your art is shit, maybe it's better that you don't get attention for it. If you did, it would be the wrong kind of attention.

No. 1670838

Very wise, nonnie. Maybe you're right.

No. 1671010

File: 1692564372802.jpg (94.01 KB, 720x699, 1689871400595148.jpg)

I made up a xitter account to try to force myself to draw more. Wish me luck, I really wanna improve. Art is the only thing that keeps me on this earth and being mediocre at it makes me really depressed.

No. 1671035

Genuine question but how do you think posting to twitter of all places will motivate you to keep drawing? I wish you luck and everything, but it's a hellhole unless you plan on keeping it a private/personal log.

No. 1671038

yeah i am keeping it as a personal blog, i dont wanna make it private because i want the feeling of ''you are putting this out on the world, now you gotta get better'', but i probably wont use hashtags or follow anyone, just post for the day and leave. I wish i had time to finally learn how to code so i can make my own website, but for now xitter(pronounced shitter) will do.

No. 1671041

Tumblr would be better for you. Either way, I hope it works out in your favor.

No. 1671042

Tumblr is too chaotic for me, I like twitter's simplicity. Thanks, anon.

No. 1671124

I've got a weird, out of nowhere, rush of inspiration to get better and i'm really hoping i can draw continously to get to my (very loose) goal
Also, are there anons here doing an unrelated career to art while still love doing and being passionate about art?

No. 1671135

i really despise instagram, sorry. I am going to stick to twitter, i dont care if anyone wants to qrt, i used to post on /ic/ and i doubt any other site could be as toxic. I seriously doubt anyone will ever find my art anyways, I heard twitter is extremely shitty for discovery nowadays, which is perfect for my goal.

No. 1671164

Waffles hasn't posted anything in 4 months. I know she has an autoimmune disease but she doesn't usually go this silent and I'm a bit worried.

No. 1671566

how do people come up with color palettes/what colors to paint with? i understand the basics of value and i can do pretty good stuff in greyscale, but once i want to switch to color i suck so much

No. 1671567

you can try out color palates from pintrest mood boards or choose from adobe color! it all depends on how colourful do you want your art to be nonna, are doing gothic art then color would mostly be muted, colorful anime shit? go lsd crazy. i would recommend choosing a colour palate from a artwork you like!

No. 1671596

File: 1692618041140.jpg (566.89 KB, 1200x668, rei_17-1254658940689772544-202…)

how about something like this? i cannot understand how she choose the colors on it. I know color theory is a thing and i understand it, but i still cannot panthom the idea of how someone can come up with this color palette

No. 1671603

File: 1692618507339.jpg (625.01 KB, 800x1144, rei_17-1525968621184249856-202…)

Just to clarify, I understand it's a ''triad''color scheme of orange/yellow/blue, but i am talking about the process behind mostly. It's hard to explain but i get the theory behind, just i dont understand how someone can execute it. Sorry if it sounds like insane rambles(they are) it just one of those days where i cant stop thinking '' i dont have the talent and no matter how much i grind i will never achieve my goals''

No. 1671668

Use a color wheel. The green/blue colors are opposite the red/orange creating contrast. A simple rule you can use while starting out is choosing to use warm colors for highlights and cool colors for shadows or even vice versa and sticking to that the entire piece. Make a set of swatches for what colors you want to use for your lightest lights and darkest darks. Then you can start making variations in color using your intuition as you get the hang of creating balanced color palettes. A lot of digital artists will also put a gradient map over their finished piece to help make the palette more cohesive.

No. 1671678

File: 1692625792326.jpg (351.32 KB, 2048x1496, EW5uYOTVcAISEE6.jpeg.jpg)

I'm guessing that it's already just what she's used to, so she can pick these colors without thinking more about it. Study her and others work and try to incorporate more interesting colors into your own pieces bit by bit. Gradient maps can help a lot, you can use them once you've got local colors and then paint using that

No. 1671680

File: 1692625905796.jpg (135.78 KB, 735x755, bd1be11fd46624c76c69891ca2b83d…)

Doublepost. A lot of artists with these bright color pallets are basically reinventing the Hensche method

No. 1671759

Any of you know a private alternative to something like DAD in ic? A simple progress tracker abd gallery that resets when I don't draw.

No. 1671761

Now I'm just reminded of the nona who suggested a booru. Nonny please tell me you're still thinking o doing it!

No. 1671771

i dont think there is anything like it, why not join dad?

No. 1671812

I don't like the idea of spectators on the threads categorizing my art.

No. 1671850

Please don’t encourage anons here to socialize in /ic/

No. 1671875

tbf the DAD site is almost it's own thing, they just gossip about artists on the thread like spectating a TV show lol.

No. 1672013

File: 1692647148771.png (37.73 KB, 2080x1170, media_EWrxfBtWkAEhQdv.png?name…)

No. 1672093

no one does, the thread is barren
/ic/ is not terrible if you ignore the shitty bait threads and stick to the draw generals, at least you get honest opinions there

No. 1672135

File: 1692654775091.jpg (520.23 KB, 2048x1536, [19-01-27] 1089313679718240256…)

I know ''the grass always seems greener on the other side'' but i feel so jealous of Japanese art communities. They always look so comfy on their tables with cute doujins and charms and other cute stuff, and i love when they post the gifts they got from fans after the con. I also really love to watch old convention footage when i want something comfy and i am so jealous of when they visit the artist alley and all of them are 'normal' nerdy guys/gals that are super skilled and mostly sell original work, their tables actually look interesting instead of just being prints of the same 3 shitty popular animu with the same generic kawiwi moeblob artstyle, and not a single tranny/rainbow flag in sight. I dont know, i miss going to cons but its not the same anymore, in general its just not fun to be part of a fandom anymore thanks to trannies, grifters and zoomers sucking the fun out of everything.

No. 1672285

The /ic/ defending is a little concerning to me and is starting to make me realize why these threads have been the way they are recently

No. 1672398

this is a 4chan adjacent board like all ib so i dont know what you expect. I imagine most of us arent too fond of the social media climate or discord so ic is our only option since all other art forums are fucking dead.

No. 1672522

File: 1692673202392.png (215.26 KB, 900x819, 1671874113049102.png)

Western conventions are just peoples' celebration of their Favorite Brands. The only reason the Artist Alleys still exist is because removing them would make it blantantly obvious that the whole event is a massive advertisement.
I don't actually know how and why Comiket avoided this fate and is still so creator-focused.
/ic/ is shit because it's filled with people using it as a place to anonymously dump their insecurities instead of drawing, and those retards also take bait really easily

No. 1672529

File: 1692674077415.jpg (379.45 KB, 1200x1200, F3TCUehbwAA9zPg.jpg)

Literally every time I see pics of their booths I long to browse.

No. 1672546

Do any of you know of any good alternatives to Instagram? I really liked its gallery interface a lot, but due to many circumstances I'm no longer comfortable posting art there. I already have Twitter and Pixiv, but they don't compare to Instagram.

No. 1672555

I guess the difference would be the mindset. I've noticed that especially Americans talk a lot about art being their job, how they draw flavor of the month shit for prints and how they are always making new trinkets or working on commissions and have no time for personal art because of it. Of course there's no possibility of making doujins when you live like that, those take a lot of time and dedication and it's not certain if it'll ever pay off. A lot of east-asian fandom creators do sell their stuff very cheaply in comparison and I've seen some companies outright state that they don't allow fans to make a profit off of their related products. It feels like the difference between a soulless job and being passionate about a hobby if that makes sense

Maybe try artfol? But it won't bring in the same numbers as insta

No. 1672615

Nonas using it? sure. But defending? I got most of my gmi art acquaintances from ic and I'm still not gonna defend it.

No. 1672733

File: 1692706308678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.39 KB, 1200x871, Fd4jvgraYAAJEQp.jpg)

I hate when low-mediocre artist with little to no technique nor commitment to get better get famous only because their only gimmick is drawing teehee funny porny animu stuff.
For example, picrel. The artist has 300k followers.

No. 1672834

holy shit that looks like its drawn by a 14yo that shouldnt be drawing porn to begin with

No. 1672874

Question is, do you want people who like this kind of shit to follow you and make you famous?

No. 1672881

i dont think that's her point, dumbass

No. 1672885

having 300k followers (on instagram?) isn’t that meaningful alone. does she get a lot of comms/work? i can get being jealous of that, but otherwise you’re seething over literally nothing

No. 1672886

It kind of is though? Op said they get famous because of their gimmick and that anons point is do you really want fame if that's who the attention is from?

No. 1672889

the point is that people dont care about the art quality anymore, just the coom. It's not that dificult to understand her point.

No. 1672892

I think both points can be true at the same time, jerk

No. 1672916

Anon the people who follow artists for this >>1672733 kind of crap never had any taste and never will. They don't follow people for art.

No. 1672944

File: 1692719983271.jpg (122.25 KB, 499x700, 1676802226352348.jpg)

again, that's the point. People will only follow if you draw coom, regardless of skill or what you are trying to express with art. At least old school coomer art had some form of skill attached to it, now you only have to draw a vaguely anime resembling stick figure and attach tits and genitals to it.

No. 1672966

File: 1692721814473.jpg (336.42 KB, 1274x1575, 3r370nfxlpo91.jpg)

The only coomer artist with "taste" and tecnique (in my personal opinion) is cutesexyrobutts. When he's not drawing coom he can come up with beautiful pieces like pic rel.

No. 1672967

looks pretty generic

No. 1672974

ok id like to see you draw something better

No. 1672980

I cant wait for Pan/LS mark to release their shitty pilots. Props to them for actually making them unlike Mr.Enter, but both look and sound like crap.

No. 1672981

Shit quality coomer art has existed since the cavemen were painting tits on their cave walls. What are you even talking about. The reason you don't see it anymore is that it's not preserved because it's just that, coomer garbage, you can still find art like your picrel being popular and making rounds.

No. 1672987

yeha but said shitty art didnt get 300k followers

No. 1672999

File: 1692724033138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.03 KB, 610x936, Screenshot_3.jpg)

i'm that anon and wtf nonnie, no, mainly because I don't draw coomershit and if I wanted coomers to follow me I'll just draw two nipples here and there, the problem is on the opposite side, when people who can barely draw dive deeply into porn because they know they wont get much traction with normal art nor they're interested in getting better.
Picrel is one of her most recent artworks, porn and troon shit always secure engagement. Why bother even getting better if a dick in lacy panties is all it takes? It's their mentality because I know the regular twitter user is pornbrained, otherwise they wouldn't be on twitter.
Also yes, she gets a lot of commissions but I guess from her fame, not because of skills, as if I'd pay 200usd to get a drawing with the skills of a middle schooler in his hormonal rush and I find it impossible that people unironically pay for this stuff.

No. 1673003

how much does she charge for this shit i need to know if i should kms

No. 1673011

Nonnieeeeee come onnnn comparison is a poison, there are 8 billion people on this planet, these accounts just get lucky. For every coomer artist with 300k there is a coomer artist with 15 followers, for every landscape artist with 15 followers there is a landscape artist with 300k. This thinking that you'll only be successful with porn is delusional, stop comparing yourself to others and just do art if it makes you happy. I have only 1k followers and I still sell out of my art. Keep your chin up.

No. 1673012

People treating porn as art are a rarity, most people are there just for cooming and that has always been the case. Respectful and more talented art has always been a much more niche audience and most people don't understand it, If those coomers didn't have their two second tranny doodles they wouldn't be following anyone to begin with. They're not a potential audience you should be jealous of and being bitter about it is useless. They don't engage with that art, they barely even pay attention to it, it's just a 0.0001 second rush of dopamine to them and the only reason they're willing to pay big bucks is because either they want to see their ultraniche weird fetish or retarded erotic roleplay OC in visual form or get off to paying someone to degrade themselves by drawing said fetishes. However the 1% rule applies even here just as it does with onlyfans girls, some people just hit it big because they're well networked and visible, the rest are charging $15 emergency commissions drawing furries eating shit to pay for their rent and meds for the next 2 weeks.

No. 1673032

i just wanna know how much she charges jesus christ some of you are obnoxious, we cant complain about shitty artists anymore because all of you jump to defend them like rabid dogs

No. 1673039

Last time I checked, it was 120 dollars for a fullbody

No. 1673050

She wasn't defending them. She just didnt want you to feel bad kek.

No. 1673067

Seems to be an uptick of posters on the spectrum in these threads tbh. A lot more random hostility and infighting stemming from misinterpreting posts/tones

No. 1673073

I was trying to make you feel better, spaz.

No. 1673082

It was obviously a joke i am sorry you cannot understand sarcasm without intonation

No. 1673086

Lol excuse me? The post I replied to was not an "obvious joke", are you seriously trying to gaslight me on an imageboard? Kek

No. 1673092

are you retarded enough that you think someone would kill themselves over some retard drawing low effort coom?

No. 1673095

it does though, ig numbers are more inflated but i see bad/mediocre male coomer artists with 40-50k twitter followers somewhat frequently. similar to op’s pic in skill, but drawn by a man instead of a woman. the difference between them and a good artist though is that they don’t make as much money. people love coom, ive seen skilled porn artists net 10k a month on patreon

seems more like an influx of young/underage mediocre artists who desire efame and are jealous of other young mediocre artists.

No. 1673096

Oh so you mean the original post I replied to back here? >>1673003 Seriously I was just trying to cheer her up, of course I didn't think she was actually going to kill herself. God you're fucking rude.

No. 1673099

lmao why is this board invaded by newfags lately? i dont need cheering from a retard, i am not a baby.

No. 1673101

honestly this isn’t very good on a techincal level but i can see the appeal? her style is cute and appealing, much moreso than that kpop looking drawing girl early in the last thread. i’d say they’re on the same level in terms of skill. she just got lucky with algorithms

No. 1673102

How does that make me a newfag? You are insufferable.

No. 1673110

>seems more like an influx of young/underage mediocre artists who desire efame and are jealous of other young mediocre artists.
Yeah I can't really believe adults being so personally offended over some mediocre coom artist having a big audience of equal coomers. It reminds me of all the obvious underage anons who were vendettaposting other underage artists and yelling at how their art is so bad and low effort, like who actually gives a fuck. It's not like they're getting industry jobs by being shit at art and doodling big breasted anime girls with dicks.

No. 1673124

>Can't complain about shitty artists on the artist salt thread anymore

No. 1673130

Get over yourself. Instead of seething go practice.

No. 1673145

I was at a convention last month and attended a panel on doujin culture and from what the panelist said it's not much better in Japan either. I wasn't exactly taking lecture notes so I don't remember details, but mass-produced commercialization versus soulful indie creators is happening within Comiket too. I think they introduced some kind of table division for this, though I could be remembering incorrectly. The panelist's conclusion was that basically we need to gatekeep more.
The complaint here is that the artists' commercialization in the West is reflected in their personally selling out and making FOTM stuff for bandwagon money and not out of honest fixation. I'd assume similar things happen in Comiket since it's so huge anyway, and we just can't perceive all the shitty things that happen because we aren't inside that community.
Culturual differences aside (I'm personally so fucking sick of the romanticized "clean and perfect East culture" versus "corrupt and selfish West culture". They both have fucking problems! But I digress) there's also logistical differences of Japan being much smaller and so it's easier and cheaper for a creator to travel to Comiket versus an artist traveling to various cons across America. Then there's other factors like tabling prices increasing and what making a living as an artist is like in each country- for some people, doing artist alley is their main source of income, so selling out is their way of paying rent.
At the end of the day it's all products of exacerbating capitalism overlapping with otaku culture. I also hate watching it manifest in hallways full of undesireable plastic merchandise and overinflated "zine" artbook projects, but it's not like it's impossible now to still find artists who draw out of love, even when they're not what capitalist systems favor.

No. 1673162

>Artist salt thread
>Salt gets posted
>Summerfags start chanting "omggg noooo omggg don't complain omgg you're just jealous omg go practice get a life omggg"

Y'all sounding like rabid taylor swift fans but with coomer, low effort artists. Chill, it's in the title and thread, this thread is also for general art bullshit.
This aside, "artists" who can't draw anything other than big titties are boring, pickmes and shallow and we should make fun of them more since it's a dead giveaway of them only doing it for the coom, as if the ultimate goal is cathering to sweaty men who get dopamine rush from seeing a 2d cum dripping vag, bleak.

No. 1673175

Seems like you just didn't even bother to read the exchange, you saw the last part and assumed you had it all together?

No. 1673176

Behave like an illiterate autistic retard, get treated as one. Simple as that nonnie.

No. 1673243

>Tabling prices
This might have to do with how the conventions in the west have major major space taken up by big brand displays. Things like costume displays, statue dioramas and other high-dollar publicity stunts. Every pic I've seen of comiket (though it could be I haven't seen the right photos) lacks the massive commercial displays you see at say, SDCC, PAX or GenCon and is almost entirely tables. Maybe the issue is more that the western cons both started being "kitchen sink" amalgamations of media/nerd things, and also blurred the line between a "convention" and a "trade show"? Again I'm not sure as there's a cultural/language barrier in place, it may very well be as bad in JP but just aesthetically different.

You and >>1672555 both also touched upon a weird thing I've noticed. A lot of western industry artists get very depressed and angsty over the fact they have to be working on other peoples' shows and such and might never get lead, while eastern artists seem fine with this arrangement…? Like even ones who have successfully gotten lead for a show or manga will continue to do "lesser" roles for other leads. I've also seen in some interviews and other material related to successful mangaka, that they tend to be continually trying to find stories that will work in a published environment until one sticks, not "get their pet project funded." It just seems like an entirely different relationship between job-work and personal-work to me. Like there's this "grind artist" mindset where they believe in the falsehood of "you have to give up all your artist soul to have enough money to live well." You see this a lot with coomer artists who suddenly delete all their work/accounts and then get re-found months later doing SFW stuff, because they thought they'd get cancelled and have no prospects at a job with all their past work. Inevitably they either realize nobody actually cared and they slowly go back to doing coomer art, or they become a hot take engine because they started hanging out with psychotic puritans, and the stress melts their IQ.

No. 1673253

I'm someone who's into a thing that's treated as a cashcow grab bag with recognizable colorful designs and a huge fandom and I personally also know a lot of grifters who only draw fan merch of it to make money without ever having even touched in themselves, and it quite honestly just drives me away from their work. It's generic and soulless, it's clear they aren't really into it or know anything besides a few fandom memes they saw. There's no reflection of how they personally view the characters because they just want to use their likeness to create generic charms or prints to pull in revenue, and then end up burning out due to having to draw shit they actually don't care about or even like. I've visited Japanese doujinshi events and even the biggest ones have a very different vibe and you can see how they truly enjoy what they're doing because the Japanese fan culture is centered around doujinshis and fanfics and you can't really create actual stories around characters unless you actually know and like them.

And as for original stories, nobody wants to do them because they're not immediately popular and profitable even when they would be much happier creating their own and doing what they like. Capitalism and commercialization is poison to creative communities.

No. 1673286

Have you considered that the artists who make this stuff just like it too, and by posting it they are just unwittingly curating their audience to people who also enjoy said things?
Complaints about price are stupid. Any artist should be charging what the market for their art will bear.

Artists will get dedicated fans who genuinely like the art, for both the coomer and the "ah this is nice" reasons. They're cute but weird, and should be appreciated.
I've seen people who are 25-39 who get ultra mad over those things because they never learned to take personal responsibility. Incidentally they also tend to be overly-controlling over their art and get very hostile and aggressive at the slightest things. Even seen some who were horrendously unappreciative of fanart of their OCs. Kind of comes across like they make their art an extension of their being or ego.
The "commercialization" that's poison is not the artists trying to get income, it's the constant consoomeism that they get into coupled with them being retarded with money. I've seen soooooo many artists who don't record their comm income properly, don't record their expenses for writeoffs, don't keep money saved up in case they have a tech problem or other emergency, and yet are constantly buying boba tea, lattes, fast food or blowing money on gacha shit and [insert latest videogame]. And usually they live in like, seattle, portland, NYC, Vancouver, LA, London, Paris, or other expensive af city when they realistically can just do their internet art anywhere that's cheap with a decent connection, and be able to afford the fun stuff.

As an independent artist, you are most likely going to be an income level 1 or 2 steps below how you grew up. With hard work you can be equal to or better than that, but the advantage you gain in exhange is FREEDOM.

No. 1673308

Hey nonnas, is the right thread to ask for advice on getting into art? I didn't see something in the op about it, and I couldn't find a more appropriate thread to ask in. I just don't want to bother you guys if this thread is for nonnas already doing their thing kek.

No. 1673312

This newgrounds scott-pilgrim rip-off art style is not worth $120. It's a good $30 max. Maybe $50 if they bothered to learn good anatomy.
What kind of art are you trying to make or want to make? Traditional, digital, etc. Or what type of medium?

No. 1673314

Eurofag and in my country it's due to a change in audience, there's a huge increase of new weebs and normies who don't really care to support artists and will buy something funny from an Aliexpress reseller instead, like some kind of souvenir from their trip to animeland. These resellers were also not a thing a few years ago. Conventions are being tourist-fied basically, and I'm seconding the tabling price issue.

>And as for original stories, nobody wants to do them because they're not immediately popular and profitable
Nowadays the majority values the fandom lifestyle over the actual media. If they can't argue about it online they don't engage with it. But also I wish we had actual good platforms for webcomics/"western manga", and smarter decision-making from editorial houses when it comes to paper and marketing, i.e. some series aren't published in a practical format for their audiences and I wish pre-publication magazines weren't dead outside Japan.

No. 1673375

File: 1692741440581.jpg (93.42 KB, 1024x1008, 1667339899180.jpg)

How do you deal with the intrusive thoughts of not being good enough and possibly never reaching your skill goals? I draw every day, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon, but sometimes the thoughts win and it gets me demotivated.I see a lot of artists who have been drawing for years but are still barely above my skill level. Which makes me wonder if talent is real and if I hindered my progress forever by starting so late and being self-taught.

No. 1673387

I honestly just suck it up. Wallowing in my own stress and misery won't cause me to magically improve and get me to my goals either, so I just do my best to suck it up and continue to practice.

No. 1673425

I'm honestly not sure, but I think I want to get into digital art. Traditional art can be so beautiful and really show off immense technical skill, but I don't feel much of a pull to make it (I do know art is more about discipline and practice than passion, but I think it helps to want to make art in a chosen medium). I mostly want to get ideas out of my head and into a visual manifestation of them, whether that's a background piece or comics. The tools and practices of digital seem to make that more accessible, and also I think easier to practice lighting and color grading without struggling with watercolor or paints.
The thing I'm most concerned about is getting around my handicaps. My parent signed me up for art classes when I was young (and proudly kept the 8 legged horse kek), but later discouraged me from pursuing art because I was very lacking in "hand-eye coordination" and "fine motor skills". I don't know; I can drive, cook, knit, sew, play multiple instruments, and work on small electronics. All of which I think require hand-eye coordination/fine motor skills. But on the other hand, my handwriting is so bad, even I have trouble reading it at times. My grip strength and pressure are also really off, to where my hand gets fatigued from gripping the pencil too tightly, and if there isn't a hard surface under my paper, whatever I write gets imprinted onto the next pages in my notebook. I'm nervous that doesn't bode well for me on a technical level. I was hoping that maybe anons knew of resources I'm not aware of that can help me. Or maybe a nonna is experiencing the same thing as me and was still able to make art and improve.
I don't know, I remember being really happy drawing and painting when I was a kid, and I miss that. And the urge to do it again surfaces often, but then I try and my extremely bad attempts make me crazy and feel like my parent was right and wanted to spare me the misery of trying and failing. I know the most obvious reason for that is because I haven't drawn in so many years and therefore never had a chance to improve, but I keep wondering if it's me specifically.
This is retarded, but I also feel incredibly put off and disconnected from myself when I see how badly something comes out, like my hands are intentionally doing something I don't want them to. Is that normal? I know all artists struggle with the end product "not looking like what they see in their head" until they die, but the level of repulsion is strange, even to friends I've mentioned it to. Am I just being an autist about it?

Sorry for longass sperg, nonnas. It's just something I've been thinking about so much over the past couple of months, but I don't have a community or anyone to talk with about this. I'd be happy if anynonna had opinions or advice.

No. 1673430

how long did it take you to get used to using a drawing tablet? i've had a larger drawing tablet (not a screen tablet) for a few months but rarely use it and can't be assed to get used to it. i bought a grip to put on the stylus because i think that's part of my discomfort.

No. 1673454


To me it only took me a handful of months, but I practiced every day with it. Unfortunately the only way to get used to a drawing tablet is to use it and get used to it. If you can't bother to do that then it's best to stick to paper or at least try a drawing tablet that has a screen.

No. 1673543

Regarding the con scene, I'm kind of sick of the 'prints/stickers/charms of the same five anime/comics fanart' theme.

Most artist alleys at major cons aren't even worth going to anymore because it's artists chasing what's popular, and what will secure them the most money. I can't say I blame them, but I also can't fathom spending hundreds of dollars on getting fanart manufactured to sell, and then they're bitching several months down the line because the popularity well ran dry for a specific franchise and they're stuck with shitty genshin merch they can't move.

The best con experiences I've had are ones that cater strictly to small press/indie/self published comics and zines, but even that's being co-opted by princesses with money, that can make bare minimum cute art and are obsessed with shitty risograph. Even Ohayocon is starting to allow fanart.

So right now there's either shelling out for exorbitant table/travel costs where you'll be seen more, or try to push your own work online where you're likely to be drowned out.

No. 1673643

File: 1692749055409.jpeg (622 KB, 996x2147, IMG_3502.jpeg)

Made me kek

No. 1673667

The positioning of the legs are kinda fucked

No. 1673693

File: 1692753014510.png (399.69 KB, 581x535, unknown.png)

I wish fanart limitation in artist alleys was more common. I've seen sticker runs where tabling artists collab and if you buy OC merch from each table, you get a prize, though of course that isn't a single-handed solution to the greater problem at hand. Mad respect to artists who have the ability to sell OC stuff successfully. It's so braindead easy to sell shit where the only selling point is that it's a picture of an existing IP's character, not even if it's well-drawn or says anything about either the character or how the artist feels about them (besides considering them attractive).

No. 1673717


I wished that was the case too, nona, I actively seek out original works I like. I want to support an artist who clearly has something fresh to bring to the table that they're passionate about. It's how i find a lot of my favorite artists and comics… I've seen artists bitch and moan over percentage rules about how much of their table needs to be original works because oops, they don't have any so they're fucking scrambling for ideas, and often settle on simple generic uwu blob cute shit. It's sad.

If there were more conventions that showcased strictly original work that weren't cost prohibitive small press/indie conventions, I feel like more artists would be inclined to try it and not fall back on the fan merch du jour. But of course that's not what most artist alley management is looking for. Solid props for the people who go for it, though.

No. 1673866

i take breaks from art entirely or i work on things in other areas, i constantly hop between regular digital illustration, 3d modeling, traditional alla prima, traditional watercoloring, clay sculpting and designing stickers or anything else that seems interesting for any reason.
its nice because when you take breaks you can see your growth better when you come back, and also not staying in your lane 100% of the time makes it clearer what you would prefer to be doing with your time

No. 1674075

Kek. I feel like comments like these are going to become more common, but more as a backhanded slap to piss the artist off.

No. 1674152

NTA For what it's worth, you made me feel better, Nona ♥

No. 1674160

I'm all for young/fan creativity but can they please just call this limited animation rather than animatic.

No. 1674173

I would say talent is real but not in a nebulous art way but rather someone will be better at observing and getting the right detail, someone will be better at intuitively picking which details to put and which to omit, someone will just have more discipline to start with and grind things out out of sheer will. I think in times like this it's important to just not get lost in comparing yourself to others. I think comparing skills is fine but you need to be in the right mindset for it.

It might just be a matter of catching yourself sooner if you're gripping too hard? Art in all levels requires you to step back and look at the progress and reassess based on that. Have you tried hitting the w-ic-i? https://discover.hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn

No. 1674177

Merch in general is a pretty shitty use of your table space. It's primarily items that aren't useful, and people have limited real estate in their homes and bags and such. People wear FOTM media merch as fashion so when it's no longer 'in' they pack it away or get rid of it, even if it IS useful. This ensures a constant churn and thus income.
That means that you don't really get good customers from it, just people who impulse-buy, so you end up competing with other people who know how to prey on retards easier. It's not sustainable but people do it anyway cause it's perceived to be less work. But unless you're making it as fanart for a series that's LONG out of fashion, or it's one of your OCs, or you've made a weird niche variation on things or etc? You won't likely get a repeat customer and your crap is likely to be seen as cringe in 3-8 years meaning the person will never display or wear it again (or toss it)

No. 1674184

Talent is only really noticeable when you have two people with equal skills in all areas (so extremely difficult to even find.) What you're most likely seeing is that there's a super wide range of skills people develop from different areas of their lives interleaving. So someone who idk… does a lot of her own makeup and nails and is constantly messing with it? may seem to "naturally" have really good sense of color because she's getting practice in elsewhere. Someone who active-watches a lot of kino movies with good cinematography may have improved composition or something. Someone who animates but doesn't look at animation may have shitty animation.

No. 1674188

Who the fuck even wears pins like those in public?

No. 1674233

I recently started making my own merch and then I realized I don’t really buy other’s merch because I can either do it myself or it’s cringy, fandom joke or totally OOC characters, especially those coming from fandom you can easily ship two male characters with each other. Genshin stuff is absolutely a tornado of shit, there are so many characters and every Genshin merch artist looks like a rabid dog trying to call dibs or first on a merch drop when a new characters gets revealed and they do massive stocks that are either plain or weirdly, niche-y in fandom jokes that wont matter in a year or two and last year especially it was a Genshin fest all over, I had to search for merch that wasn’t it and not because I’m biased against Genshin it’s just that…I don’t like it at all, I tried getting into it, it wasn’t my thing, I moved on but then it became more difficult to find an artist that wasn’t Genshin-centric and I instinctively walked away because I thought “Oh yeah they make Genshin, moving on the next table.”
My fault, yeah, but at a con I don’t have that much time nor I’m not willing to waste any trying to search for something original.
I tend to buy OC characters that I find aesthetically pleasing or OC designs of merch that I can actually use/look at (for ex. Artbooks, I especially love OC artbooks/zines).
Most merch artists and buyers forget they aren’t online when they buy merch. Sure, a fujo (example) can buy a pin that says some shit like “Get him pregnant!! Tehee!!” But I’ve yet to see them wearing it outside the con, unless they’re very degenerate or early-stage fujo with a cringy ita bag that will get tossed in year.

No. 1674257

>It's so braindead easy to sell shit where the only selling point is that it's a picture of an existing IP's character, not even if it's well-drawn or says anything about either the character or how the artist feels about them (besides considering them attractive).

Do it than. Instead of complaining about how unfair things are and how easy it is, do it. Make bank.

No. 1674314

You can't read. Stay quiet

No. 1674392


What is with these anons who won't stay out of discussions they clearly can't understand or haven't read…? It's been especially bad for the past 2 threads.

No. 1674488

As a Genshinfag like 90% of the Genshin merch these people create is mass produced garbage and it's clear they don't give a shit about the game and only rely on surface level knowledge they exploit to death. If I were to explain it, it's always the equivalent of using an online meme from 4 years ago everyone did to death but some boomer thinks it's still relevant because they aren't really into internet culture. Some of them even openly brag about hating Genshin but still creating merch just to make money, like are you that desperate to get that $40 from your stupid stickers? The only people who even buy from them are minors who don't know how to buy official merch from overseas.

No. 1674499

I'm trying to understand if it's an esl or a kid. Like at what age do you start developing reading comprehension? It's like a bot that got fed imageboard messages and the only thing it picked up is to get mad at every chance kek.

No. 1674500

I know this is bad but I'll probably laugh at someone who wears these pins kek. Like wow thanks for telling me you'll won't go hang today! Much appreciated

No. 1674509

File: 1692802660648.jpg (268.1 KB, 1600x1600, 81NLw4 DtxL.jpg)

i think its only for shit like bookbags and suitcases nonnie. thats where i see people putting pins like this the most at least.

No. 1674522

File: 1692803227423.jpg (160.12 KB, 1080x1346, illustration-art-by-Crisalys-2…)

i hate OCs and i dont understand why anyone who would buy OC shit, unless you mean ''original cration'' and not ''my they/them transmac cinnamonroll baby uwu''. I am all for artists selling original content though. When i was a kid i was jealous of Chilean artists because they had so many artists like crisalys selling cool original prints instead of shitty fanart. To this day i think she's an example to follow respecting being a freelance internet artist, she recently got a sofubi toy release.

No. 1674533

>i hate OCs and i dont understand why anyone who would buy OC shit, unless you mean ''original cration'' and not ''my they/them transmac cinnamonroll baby uwu''. I am all for artists selling original content though.
Seriously, what the fuck is up with the current level of reading comprehension in this thread? Of course "OC" means "original content" or "original creation". What did you even think it means? Ominous cocksucking?

No. 1674535

How can you hate OCs when every character that exists is someone's OC? That's how new shit gets made.

No. 1674539

nta but I'm guessing they mean "random character with no story the artist draws sometimes" vs "character with established lore and story" not that I agree, I love seeing OCs.

No. 1674563

OC can also mean Original Character.

No. 1674592

File: 1692807706720.jpg (142.02 KB, 749x1412, thirteen_years_of_marina_seadr…)

"OC" means it's fanfic, aka not real media, and boring nonsense to everyone except the person who drew it one-handed.

No. 1674597

File: 1692807951143.png (3.04 MB, 2249x1344, ibuchuan.png)

some of you are so dense. pic rel difference between original character and oc. On the left its some green bunny thing the artist likes to draw sometimes, on the right some autistic oc with bullshit lore about a star alien goddes tehmbie or someshit like that, i do not give a shit about the latter. If you are not going to make a story out of your ''ocs'' then dont bother to give them 'lore' because its just stupid and lazy, and also repelling for new people that arent interested in reading 500 spergy rants about your shitty donut steel. I dont see eastern artists doing this a lot, it's mostly westerners for some reason. It's so annoying, specially since all of them are incredibly boring self inserts or coombait.

No. 1674600

>Associating "OC" with disney princess recolors and muh thembie autistic ocs
Is this an underage ESL deeply into teenage fan OC drama or something? Anyone reading the posts above can understand that the context is about the artist's original creations i.e. anything that isn't just fan art. I think it's you that's dense here.

No. 1674601

ocs have alway been that how fucking new are you? have you never used DA? only now its being used interchangably with ''original character not related to any media''

No. 1674609

I'm begging of you, please stop posting before you learn to read the posts you're replying to. You're seriously embarrassing yourself.

No. 1674615

Except original character and oc are literally the same thing. "Oc" literally means "original character. If a character sometimes draws a characters that's original but has no lore, it's an oc. If the character crafted a character that's original with lore, it's an oc. You sound like you've been around toyhou.se or oc twitter for too long and now you think all ocs must be some pastel colored god-angel with wolf tail thembie then ocs can be literally anything.

>If you are not going to make a story out of your ''ocs'' then dont bother to give them 'lore' because its just stupid and lazy

…you do know that in order to have lore, the oc needs a story? Just because the artist isn't publishing a novel about their ocs doesn't mean they don't have any story. Honestly you just sound mad salty and angry over nothing.

No. 1674631

its every comeback you have just going to be ''hurr durr you are a twitterfag'' ocs are bullshit and lazy and i dont care if i offended you or your demisexual demon-angel donut steel.

No. 1674632

Why does anime art literally always look like trash composition wise. Why do they make everything the same general value? It’s even worse when they add in a background and they have everything the same value except random splotches of extreme darks and it reads like dogshit. It always takes full two minutes looking at anime shit to discern wtf I’m even seeing

No. 1674634

File: 1692809834298.jpg (47.15 KB, 587x498, haha sweet.jpg)

imagine taking weak ass bait time and time again imagine

No. 1674636

>anything i dont like is bait
it's almost as if art is an extremely divisive topic and people are going to have different opinions about it

No. 1674640

OCs often get you more "Genuine Fans" than fanart, because they are attracted based on the design and art first, not the character. Thus they often enjoy the art of the artist regardless of the specific thing being drawn.
Sometimes people draw fanart in ways that give the same vibe, where the character is in situations and such that are uniquely associated with the artist, but in general this is easier to do with OCs and you get less people who are only there because it's their favorite character of the season.

Pantsahat's stopmotion videos are an example of the latter, where none of the characters fit in their original series anymore. People get initially attracted based on it being characters they know, but stay for the wacky stuff. Again though, this is rare.

No. 1674641

File: 1692810082501.jpg (87.37 KB, 1080x1080, [20-07-30] 1288846357499977730…)

i like's ibu's moetrash though, probably ebcause its trad and therefore more high effort that digital moeshit. But yeah her stuff is pretty boring, which makes her giving her ocs so much uneccesary lore worse. Why give this blue generic thing so much lore if all you are going to draw with it it's the thing standing in the white void?

No. 1674644

I wish convention tables were cheaper so that I could put out doujins.

No. 1674645

File: 1692810378489.jpg (11.86 KB, 480x375, images.jpeg-17.jpg)

So coomer jokes are now wacky?…are you for real right now ? Either you're a moid or just plain brain dead

No. 1674647

i wish there was a webpage where you could sell doujins (both physical and digital) though it would probably be filled by dumb restrictions like aging up generic animu characters like MHA or other shonenshit and be invaded by trannyshit like webtoons

No. 1674648

That's not a flaw of "anime art." There's a lot of artists who are Afraid Of The Dark and don't add dark shadows at all. Combine that with the soft hipster boba tea sailor moon kirby SU pastel uwu trend and you get very narrow ranges of both value AND hue.
Specific to that image, in trad mediums you work light->dark so there's an extra compounding factor of people being afraid of fucking up the picture.

No. 1674657

I don't get what's so offensive about this, it looks clean with a relatively dynamic composition to me. Sure it doesn't have a background but character art doesn't necessarily need to have one. And which is it, should OCs have lore or not? First anons say they're just stupid designs without lore because "it's too much work to write it" but then when they have some it's a waste of effort? I would get malding about some tryhard fat vitiligo trans character made for obvious engagement ragebait but some anons are just seething over some random milquetoast anime artist getting more exposure than them.

No. 1674660

not everything is about likes/trs or followers. Why do people come to the art SALT thread to get offended at people not liking certain artists/trends?

No. 1674662

BOOTH and DLsite both allow westerners to sell downloads. afaik DLsite requires much more strict censoring if you are selling hentai
If you want to sell physical doujins you need to contact a print shop for that first as I don't know of any POD services that allow NSFW. It requires investing the money in a bunch of copies, and then you can use something like clickbank to sell it if you really want minimal restrictions. The fees are stupidly high though.
It's either bait OR (speculation here)
someone with a pessimistic as fuck view, who only sees the value of media as being something you can egregore around for a tribal identity. Individual OCs fail to give them that direct identification of self or others and waste their time, so they have lumped all OCs into one basket to oppose.

No. 1674665

i wish calling anything you dislike bait was a bannable offense, you know you are on lolcow and not your twitter hivemind, right? people are going to disagree and hate on shitty trends. OCS are fucking bullshit and it explains why the most popular ones are absolute shit like Casette girl.

No. 1674666

It’s definitely an anime problem. I’m not even talking about random art weebs online, the professional stuff looks like trash too.

No. 1674670

Because it's never about just "I don't like this", it's always implying that these artists pretty much minding their own business are doing something morally wrong by doing so, corrupting the entire hobby and taking away attention from someone who deserves it more (i.e. anon themselves). I would understand it if we were talking about machine generated art which literally has ethical issues but when it comes to some random instagram weeb, it's kind of pathetic and frankly very immature to get so worked up about them.

No. 1674679

who fucking cares? why the fuck are you in the artist salt thread if not kissing the ground generic animushit moe artists walk on offends you this much? i fucking hate this new trend of newfags who politicize everything into a moral debate. Like go fuck off to twitter or your discord hug box if you dont want people to have opinions you dislike.

No. 1674683

You're the one blowing something as simple as a differing opinion way out of proportion and trying to make it a matter of morality. If anything, nonnie, you're the one getting worked up and sperging. Go back to twitter, please.

No. 1674684

This reads like a chatgpt reply, I'm starting to suspect >>1674499 was right

How is it about morality? It's just calling such behavior retarded and immature. It's not interesting to read someone seething over a nothing burger because it's hurting their personal feelings.

No. 1674686

at least read the OP dumb newfag
>Discuss trashy art trends
>General Art Bullshit

No. 1674755

Beloved nonas, is it just me or is heavily stylized tumblr/anime-flavored art somehow way more prevalent than it used to be? When I work on my art I like to look at various other artists for inspiration but I've been noticing that on all the popular social media sites there's alot of halfbody headshots with more care put into the finished look than the basic shit like anatomy and lineart (in addition to every other character being a theythem whatever). When I do find fullbodies, their anatomy is usually completely stylized to the point the legs are disproportionate to the rest of the body or they're just straight up noodles, and alot of these artists are usually in their 20's. Is it possible the pandemic popularized all this bullshit or am I actually going insane?

No. 1674773

Stylization in art is on an all time high, which is not bad by itself, but most of it comes from people who don't even want to learn the fundamentals so that's why it looks like shit. So no, you aren't crazy.

No. 1674785

File: 1692818057664.jpg (291.72 KB, 1860x2048, 1691563954051.jpg)

i dont know if this is exactly what you are talking about, but i hate the
>extremely detailed face
>body is a blob

No. 1674848

Thanks for the response, nonna. I saw the infight just now and thought nobody responded to my dumbass post kek.
I was nervous the handwriting and grip/pressure stuff was some autist shit that I couldn't help, especially after someone joked I'd break a tablet if I ever got into art. I will continue trying to be mindful of it and see if it improves.
Thanks for the pointer. I see the link you included is also in the thread op, will definitely go through the other resources when I can.

No. 1674860

It's definitely in the same ballpark!

No. 1674911


>"its every comeback you have just going to be ''hurr durr you are a twitterfag''"

>calling people twitterfag and newfag because they disagree with your irrational anger over characters that you're not even obligated to interact with

nona, the blacklist function on twitter exists.

No. 1674914

Techninally you can do that on Pixiv and I think on pictSQUARE (though pictSQUARE is only for digital merchandise and it's mostly for online events)

No. 1674923

>What did you even think it means? Ominous cocksucking?
I don't like animu "art" either, anon, but for me it's less about composition and more about style. I think it's just uninspired, like corporate Alegria junk; the main issue is that those people don't really add their own character to it, rather they follow a recipe of generic anime crap. There are a few anime artists who reject this behavior, and that is why (for me at least) their creations are so refreshing—Hayao Miyazaki comes to mind. Everyone can recognize his pieces (i.e. Studio Ghibli) and distinguish them from others and that's because he adds an identifiable style to claim his work as his own. There are other examples, of course, but I do not know these artists by name (like whatever style Attack on Titan and early-mid 2010s KyoAni animations employed, I think they are also fairly novel [for their time] and recognizable). It's not enough to simply trace/duplicate another artist, but a good artist requires the capacity for ingenuity and imagination. Unfortunately, many of these fast food "artists" just want to churn out whatever is most conventional and keep it pushing. Not to say that this has never occurred in the past, as it always has. Even my favorite artist Norman Rockwell was seen in this light throughout his career. It's a good thing you can simply ignore their existences and continue making fine art, as I mostly do except for this thread.

No. 1674932

This thread is for talking about that, do i need to tap the sign again?

No. 1674933

Anime artists have always had a somewhat generic style because they're usually more focused on mimicking anime styles than on creating their own through mix and mash, but nowadays it has definitely gotten worse because of the "generification" of anime.

Modern anime looks the same, just look at seasonal anime lists and you'll see how nearly all of them got the same moeblob noseless garbage look filled to the brim with post-processing effects and gradients to make up for lack of artistic value or animation quality. Another aggravant is Genshin Impact or whatever newest garbage Mihoyo has released recently, the Mihoyo style is to me the peak of shit modern anime style that those artists love to copy. Extremely boring-looking, way too reliant on gradients and effects and cluttered accessory-heavy designs to stand out.

No. 1675155

You are supremely stupid then if you're serious, because any character is someone's OC. Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney's OC. Corporate characters have zero difference in core essence, the only REAL difference is that you have multiple people constantly rewriting and redesinging them, sometimes as committee and sometimes given more individual freedom.
If your opinion is ill-informed and retarded? then you're just as much a cow as some of the people made fun of here.
It's extremely common now. >>1674773 is correct that it's not bad in and of itself, but lots of people are missing fundies and focus too much on polishing a turd.
Granted 10-20 years ago (I am old) there were people missing fundies too, but their art was just not taken as seriously and having 1000 followers was massive.
>extremely detailed face
>body is a blob
That's a painting technique. Not saying you're wrong to dislike it, just saying where it usually is seen (and less visible).
there's actually been a lot of trash anime over the years, most of them people just forget about. Like most of what studio DEEN animated in the 90s-2000s was garbage, The Perfect Insider from like 2014ish? had a nauseatingly bad choice to use different framerates for their 3dcgi and 2d portions in the same shot.
Some decent ones with interesting stylization also got forgotten because of other issues, such as "GANGSTA." which was cool but Manglobe (Samurai Champloo, deadman wonderland, hayato…) went bankrupt so it only had 1 season and no advertising/etc keeping it in the public consciousness.

No. 1675159

mickey mouse sucks ass so you just proved my point mass-replier fag(infighting)

No. 1675167

I feel this so hard. I miss original art and things just being cute for cute's sake. Side note, this sounds retarded but I feel like trannies kind of ruined anime and anime-style art in general for me. I always felt like it was a special, nerdy hobby for other dorks like me. Now I just associate anime and anime artists online with trannies, and degenerate gay furries or whatever and I just don't want to be associated with it anymore and it makes me sad. It feels like we had our own little clubhouse, and then the autistic boys barged in and shit all over everything and now we can't play anymore. I know I should just get over it and not let them ruin my fun but that anon is right, everything feels different now.

No. 1675176

OC is a term that comes from fanfic. to designate charcters added by the fan that aren't in the source material. "original" to distinguish them from "canon" characters. it's that simple
artists now use the term to talk about their characters but it's not what that was supposed to mean

No. 1675192

OC has been used to describe drawn original characters just as long as it's been used to describe original characters in fanfiction, it literally just means "original character" and that's a pretty self explanatory term that emcompasses any original character ever made. Written or drawn. Every character is an OC, period, end of conversation.

No. 1675206

What's with all the underage summerfags? Shouldn't you guys be getting ready for school?

No. 1675219

I don't know but it's driving me insane that I almost find it funny.

No. 1675225

I really want to see future or even current sociological analyses of otaku culture, its entrance into mainstream, and how it overlaps with trannies. After all they're both groups considered outsiders to normal society (though recently less so for anime), associated with sexual deviancy, and encourage consumerism and Peter Pan syndrome. It's well accepted that TIMs will often have anime girl pfps. Something like the strong correlation between being gay and furry, but it's harder to say with anime because it's so broad and has many facets of coom and degeneracy. I'm curious about how not only the latent natures of weebshit and trannyshit create such an intersection between the two but also how greater societal trends or events (e.g. Peter Pan syndrome also manifesting elsewhere like Disney adults) influenced each community's growth, ideally with more specificity than "the internet".
I think it's just the average age online going down and symbol-drawing childrens' art styles inbreeding with each other.

No. 1675309

File: 1692843773098.jpg (656.87 KB, 1843x2304, rinotuna-.jpg)

Are there any ressources for creating these insanely cluttered, almost gacha-like looks or is it all personal taste and visual library? Everything I draw turns out too simple, so I'm trying to expand but I freeze up and don't know how to proceed without clear reference which is difficult for these looks since they are so imaginative. Like Genshin designs are bad, but I'd never be able to come up with that shit and I want to change that

No. 1675312

It can be done through premade accessory brushes but in this case it's mostly visual library and consuming references particularly of clothing and trinkets.

No. 1675344

Bouncing off what the reply said, but when it comes to the “visual library” stuff my process has been noting what visual motifs and trinkets/items I want incorporated, then I search all of them one by one on Pinterest and compile all the images onto a canvas. From there I just kinda do whatever and go with what lands. That’s just me tho, good luck Nona

No. 1675357

I was guilty of this for a long time before I started college and was forced to learn the fundamentals. I too notice that trend ALOT online, it seems like these artist only know how to “symbol draw” where they only memorized how to mimic what an animu face/body looks like without actually knowing any basic art fundamentals or techniques to understand 3D forms and such. Honestly it’s saddening to me because these people are handicapping themselves and could probably pick up on fundamentals pretty quickly with their experience. It boils down to ignorance or unwillingness to change I think.

No. 1675414

I see, thank you for the answers! I'll try to pay more attention to decor and details then

No. 1675417

>you have to give up all your artist soul to have enough money to live well

cost of living in japan vs the us is so drastically different though. A lot of doujin artists can live off freeter jobs+free time to make oc or doujin content.

i think about this a lot though, because i agree with you. i wish US cons were more like Japan, but the rise&grind western culture fucks the scene into profits(which im guilty of). but on the other hand, even if you wanted to make original content, us based manga companies dont have their shit together still and getting picked up is difficult. its not like japan where you have an editor to help guide you. us companies expect a work done without any help or guidance. ofc there are people who do it easily but thats due to popularity(lore olympus etc)

No. 1675455

Nonas who are into darker themes in art and maybe gore, how do you search for artists within that niche? I really like darker themes in art and I'd like to follow some artists who draw/create said content to start giving me some inspiration and helping me modify my style so I can start drawing whithin that theming too, but every time I find an artist who happens to draw dark themes/gore etc they're either some stupid candy-gore goofy shit at best or a closeted columbiner/serial killer groupie at worst.

No. 1675460

And that doesn't matter anymore because humans realized corporations are not special and not "the default."
Cost of living in japan is not lower, it's generally on par if you want the same lifestyle. It's just that if you live in a city there, the main things you need to live like basic foods and rents are lower. Everything else is fucking expensive, so people below a certain invome there have a limited number of hobbies that they focus on. There's also a lot of reuse culture and so on, that has counterpressure on the amount of single-serving/vending machine wasteful shit their markets have (and that's mostly for people making enoguh money anyway). In the west you have to leave a city because the basic costs of living are relatively high, but the culture is also such that there's a lot of pressure to constantly buy new things, pay for services and consume a bunch of crap.
On twitter/etc those sorts are a little tough to find from the lack of tagging, and many avoid listing certain things because it's a drama magnet for 14 year old crusaders. Try pixiv (disable the R-18G filter) or cruise around general art discord servers and peek people's profiles for their linked galleries when they have a style you like, you may find some connections. There's also some boorus that cater to it with sauce linked. A lot of teenagers (and mentally-teenagers) are really into gore or other taboo things to be edgy though, which is where the candygore and groupies come from mostly.

No. 1675461

A lot of gore artists tend to follow each other and reblog/share each other on their stories, which can always expose you to new artists.
Some artists that come to mind are svvshi, c0rpsed/c7ff02two, k01b.0, dan.a.peacock, and marion.ato

No. 1675462

I don't know if they actually have more free time or are able to make a living like that, especially in a culture that values "proper" jobs and working long hours so highly from what I've heard. The difference is that people who want to make something will find the time eventually, but grinding through fotm chibis for something you don't care about will lead to burnout and original stuff not getting as many likes will be discouraging to the terminally online, which those con artists oftentimes think they have to be to build their following. It really does depend on the motivations, if you really want to make something for yourself you'll do it no matter what, but a lot of artists I see on social media really seem to be doing everything for either attention or money

No. 1675466

rinotuna has a course on caracter design, you can pirate it

No. 1675476

I've seen the encrypted links on ic but I'm too stupid to figure it out. I get a string that doesn't resemble a link and don't know what to do with it kek

No. 1675479

it's probably base64. you can find decoders online.

No. 1675481

what anon said, use base64 and keep decoding until you get a link. There is also courses online dot club. I did the first part of his course and it was pretty good, i still havent done the whole design part of it because i mostly just wanted to know how he renders.

No. 1675493

As much as I have a soft spot for Pan despite the cringe he can have, I'm happy that he's pursuing his dream of getting his pilot pushed even though personally going off the teaser promo, it seems very cluttering and uninteresting.

No. 1675506

Oh my god, thanks nonas I finally got it to work. I must've stopped too early last time but there was an anon who was also confused about it and the responses made it seem like it was an entirely different process that needed to be done kek I'm so happy

No. 1675522

File: 1692858196672.jpg (625.57 KB, 1719x2048, F31nSUkW4AET_1w.jpg)

I've been watching Michie/Twisted Disaster's latest streams and with the exception of one, they've been surprising pretty good since her retarded ass troon/gendie friends haven't been in them for the most part. In the last thread it was mentioned how whenever her friends are in them, the conversations are so unfocused and annoying with how much they cut each other off or how her friends don't really interact with the admittedly interesting topics that Michie presents sometimes. So these last few streams have been pretty chill even though she still can occasionally say some retarded shit.

However one thing I have noticed is once again, how lazy she really is when it comes to commissions. I know it's been established that she has a horrible work ethic but you'd think she would try to be better. In these recent streams she has admitted once again that she is very behind on commission work but she thinks that by acknowledging this, that should excuse her for when she decides to slack off and not get them done.

For example in one of the recent streams, she said that she feels guilty for wanting to work on personal art when she knows that she has commissions that need to be worked on and finished and she justifies herself by saying "I just need a "me" day" when it's like her second or third "me" day in the span of a week. She's essentially doing the whole "Oh I'm so bad, but at least I know I'm bad so that's good right?"

She's just very lucky that the bulk of her commissions are from teenagers and not adults because the latter would've demanded refunds by now. This all made curious what y'all think is an acceptable amount of time to wait on a commission? Personally I think two months is long enough, especially for an artist like Michie who's style is so simplistic. If it was someone like Lucas Peinador, Proko, or SamDoesArts, I could understand a longer wait time but for a style like Michie's? Absolutely not. But that's just me, what do you guy's think?

No. 1675535

File: 1692860251138.png (727.22 KB, 741x1134, mcfvdffg97eirvgkh.PNG)

People are super lenient with artists, especially when they like their work. Reminded me of the recent Rev stuff, apparently this isn't even anything new for him. He's always talking about his difficult circumstances, accepting like 25 commissions at a time, reopening before finishing the previous batch, leaving twitter for months and ignoring dms all while being active on his side account and drawing personal art. His style is simple and he's super quick because he's so skilled so the high price makes sense, but I guess at those numbers you'd expect more professionalism

No. 1675551

I think the leniency with artist also stems from the popularity of the myth of the tortured genius. Where artists can afford to be assholes, be toxic, be late, be unprofessional because they have to be weird to make good art or whatever.

No. 1675601

That's fair. Ultimately it will just depend on the person. I just feel that especially teenagers who are buying commissions won't be as prodding with the progress of a commission as opposed to an adult.

That's true I guess. Like I mentioned though, Michie is just lucky her clientele are a bunch of kids and well, why rock the boat when you can get away with it I guess. I guess I'm projecting because my biggest fear is taking on too much work to the point I have a huge backlog and am stressing out over finishing them and not angering clients.

No. 1675664

Don't worry anon, clients will be understanding and patient as long as you keep updating them. Most of them will be artists themselves anyway, so they get that it takes time. Trello and similar sites are good for keeping track, but at some point it's better to waitlist people instead of having them pay upfront and wait for months.

No. 1675702

people can be too forgiving when it comes to commissions. The person who did this callout didn't even quote tweet or comment in the actual tweet. Luckily other people referred to this callout on the artist's account.

Sometimes the online art community annoys me. They preach about how being an artist is a real job but then they lack professionalism or they keep making excuses for artists with bad work ethics. Twitter in particular is frustrating. If people don't like youre art they have no problem with qt it to call it ugly but if you scam someone then people will hesitate to call you out because they "don't want to be an annoying costumer".

No. 1675715

I'm pretty sure the former has no money and the latter doesn't engage in such childish behaviour, but it just goes to show that there are frankly too many people sharing the same space on twitter

No. 1675850

I used to be a huge fan of rev, I loved his style and designs and I also loved his UTAU covers. But then I saw some of his controversies and particularly how he'd keep complaining on his account about how hard his life is as well as complain about commissions, at first it didn't bother me too much because I only followed his side-account but and I saw a consistent stream of personal art so I thought "maybe he has bad customers".

Then I saw his "main" account and how he'd take on a ridiculous number of commission slots and never seemed to finish all of them all while posting a fuckton of personal and fetish art on the side. I got pretty disappointed.

No. 1675869

I think it depends on the scope of the commission. I rarely commission others but I'd see if there's a public queue system for the artist, usually through trello or google sheets. And I don't really mind waiting for 3 months for a full body. Maybe more for a full piece with background. I usually commission friends and mutuals, those wo know I can trust and I luckily avoided those who whine about 2 year old commissions kek. I agree with the other anon mentioning communication though.

No. 1675875

Commissions drain your soul. I am not justifying them, but working on commissions can make you want to kys and get a job at wallmart, that's why i stopped taking commissions.

No. 1675931

>at some point it's better to waitlist people instead of having them pay upfront and wait for months.
Yea I really take payment just before I start. Lots of bad circumstances can have happened but that way I only have a small number of customers stuck waiting instead of a whole list.
maybe also the "starving artist" stereotype? Most people can empathize with how having little money feels. It's why when you see an artist opening for "emergency commissions" after they just bought like 3 gunpla or a game console it makes people more mad than waiting.
tbh that just means you need to charge more to ward off parasites and also post more personal art you enjoy that will filter people to those who actually pay you to draw what you like because they… also like what you like. I promise it gets easier when you're being paid double or triple minimum wage for the working hours (including dealing with clients)

No. 1675933

I don't know, i though the same when i got good enough to charge good money, but i still hated doing commissions. I switched to something somewhat art related that it's less mentally draining and i enjoy it more

No. 1675949

do you gain energy from interacting with people and expend it working alone, or get drained by interacting with people and recover it from working alone? If the latter it means you're just introverted and it makes sense that art-as-a-profession would suck, since it's almost entirely dealing with people. The act of doing a comm is translation and communication, and a lot of the rest of the time is also that via your art as entertainment.

No. 1675956

No, I just don't like drawing for others I guess. My new job requieres to be way more in touch with clients and more revisions, but it doesn't make me depressed like commissions. I guess I just can't turn hobbies into jobs, it drains the fun out of drawing for me.

No. 1676023

This is precisely why I plan on distancing myself from the drama and trying to establish a system around shit like patreon and ko-fi where people can pay for me or my art if they so desire, at least until I can figure out how I wanna approach commissions. That said, everytime I watch Michi draw using the symmetry tool I can't help but think, "Doesn't she have a giant commission list?" Yikes.

No. 1676169

File: 1692909911358.jpeg (406.19 KB, 2048x1147, 1676400022741.jpeg)

Is it true that painting is easier than drawing? I often see pretty average artists skill-wise salvaging their pieces by''rendermaxxing'' . Pic rel for example, the anatomy is pretty wonky and stiff, but the rendering is really nice. I feel so retarded because I cannot paint no matter what. Anyone else struggles with this?

No. 1676189

Sorry to break it to you nonnie, but with the exception the of the hair and maybe those transformer legs that's just run of the mill cell shading and gradients set to multiply.

No. 1676191

AYRT about Michie. I also tend to take payment up front when I do commissions after having been burned in the past by people refusing to give full payment when the work is finished or they want a full refund after the lineart is finished. I just got no time for that foolishness but it's also why I only open for fewer slots so I'm not overwhelmed.

>Full Body Commissions
But see Michie hardly does full-body commissions, a lot of them are either busts or if they are full-bodies, they are chibis so I mean… It does seem lazy to not even get the most simplest thing done.

>Then I saw his "main" account and how he'd take on a ridiculous number of commission slots and never seemed to finish all of them all while posting a fuckton of personal and fetish art on the side. I got pretty disappointed.
But see that's exactly how Michie is as well. She tends to take on even more "emergency commissions" on top of her already sizeable backlog. Then complains and moans about how behind she is meanwhile she's taking personal days because she doesn't feel well or she just needs "me vibes". That's more or less why she's ridiculous. And the cycle tends to repeat where she will then open for more emergency commissions again on top of her previous log of emergency commissions + her regular commissions.

I can sort of understand. I currently do the whole part-time job with art on the side but before I got the job, I was a full-time freelancer and there were some times where I just wasn't motivated doing commission work even though I pushed myself to get them done. So I get the middle-line to just outright not doing commissions at all and only drawing for yourself.

No. 1676198

File: 1692913032293.jpg (209.04 KB, 850x1200, 1675859917405.jpg)

it's pretty good for her overall drawing level though. I know many people who cant paint like that(me included) even if we grind our fundamentals. The cognitive dissonance between well rendered pieces compared to the drawing skills always makes me a lil depressed.

No. 1676278

How…can you see this and NOT see the huge fucking mistake that fucking burger is..

No. 1676280

I'm more horrified by that fucking hand

No. 1676284

That pic made me saw "wtf" out loud, like what the fuck. Not to be rude though anon.

No. 1676291

That's the point lol, it's an example of bad artists who are good at rendering/the finishing touches. I also do not understand how they cant see the obvious elephant in the room flaws but are so good at rendering. Kinda envy them.

No. 1676321

Rendering is not that mystifying as long as your value fundamentals are spot on, which isn't always correlated to your grasp on anatomy. Someone can have a very good understanding of shadow values (which does half the lifting for the rendering stage, specially on anime styles since shadows are very simplified to flat colors) and have atrocious anatomical understanding. If you are struggling with color, but not color theory, then look at your shadow values and understanding of light.

No. 1676336

>Is it true that painting is easier than drawing?
Errr it depends on the person. Also depends on if you mean analogue or digital. I've done both, but can speak more upon analogue. I personally do not find one to be easier or more challenging than the other, although for me it takes longer to paint, but I enjoy the process more than drawing because it is more fulfilling for me.

No. 1676341

That reminds me of this artist I followed recently, who does lots of cluttered accessories and makes it work somehow imo. I agree with other nonas keeping a theme and motif within the items you clutter with can help it look more put together, so use the hell out of references and moodboards.

No. 1676342

File: 1692924245583.jpg (928.1 KB, 1080x2013, Screenshot_20230825_014329_Ins…)

Same fag dropped pic

No. 1676365

>every time I find an artist who happens to draw dark themes/gore etc they're either some stupid candy-gore goofy shit at best or a closeted columbiner/serial killer groupie at worst
Add tif to the list, for some reason when I find cool gore art on Insta explore or something, I check the acc and sometimes it's a tiffany whose other work has tit chop scars and tranny themes creep into the otherwise cool art. Because of the body horror aspect of being a tranny no wonder they romanticise that stuff but at least I can look at the non tranny pieces I guess

No. 1676437

Painting is easier than drawing for dyslexic people because their brains have some kind of spastic fit when it comes to lines of any type, both written and pictoral.
I personally hate painting and only do it once in a blue moon to either prove a point to someone or get a complex idea out of my head. Pixel art I enjoy much more despite it being very similar to painting in concept though, not sure why. Maybe the hard edges speak to me.

No. 1676452

File: 1692930766177.jpg (653.33 KB, 3456x2291, 1681223735598.jpg)

kinda reminds me of this guy lmao. If only his faces weren't so uncomfortable looking.

No. 1676481

This precisely the degeneracy I was talking about KEKW they mastered rendering but somehow failed to learn anything about making it look good.

No. 1676505

File: 1692937600731.jpg (305.55 KB, 1547x2048, micodraw-1683276459199315968-2…)

it's such a fucking shame because they are really talented and their rendering style is very attractive. Also his faces somehow keep getting worse.

No. 1676532

Oh what the fuck

No. 1676541

Is there a video that explains how digital brushes work, specially on CSP? I am an illiterate on digital brushes and thats why i have been using the g brush for everything. I wanna get into painting too.

No. 1676558

What the fuck is that face

No. 1676856

isn't mico a tiffy? they have a tranny flag on their twitter and draw zipper tits occasionally

No. 1676924

he's a male fag. I bulk dl his gallery and he has a bunch of photos of him when he was younger. 100% male.

No. 1677019

Use some kind of hard edge brush and just paint it in layers. Not literal layers in the program, just "going from dark to light or light to dark." Bob ross videos are good for understanding how to treat color and lay things out, but most really nice looking smooth painted art is just lots of layers of hard edges.

No. 1677024

That sounds tedious as fuck, does anyone really use that technique? I know artists who use hard edges only(mgong for example) but it looks cellshaded, not ''smooth''.

No. 1677028

Yes, it's how speedpainting (and actual painting) works. Using soft brushes makes your things look amateurish.

No. 1677030

can you post some example? lol

No. 1677172

File: 1692996216017.jpeg (172.32 KB, 736x976, IMG_7741.jpeg)

Nonnitas I need help…I actively despise everything I draw to the point I believe it will eventually turn me off art forever though it’s the only thing I somewhat like oddly enough. Whenever I sketch something and it looks anything short of perfect the rest of my day is ruined and I can’t muster to pick up the pencil for the next few days, I don’t even enjoy the process anymore because I’m too anxious that the finished product will look like shit…Full disclosure I’m severely depressed too lol but… how do I find it in me to keep going, I know I want to..

No. 1677178

I'm also in the same boat as you. I think following the fashion scene might help a lot, especially with haute couture just because it gives no shit about practicality. I think that's a good place to start building your visual library for character design.

No. 1677181

File: 1692998003900.jpg (88.34 KB, 1062x1037, 1682699287072778.jpg)

what do you like to draw? i share the sentiment, everything i make is shit and seeing artists with same/worse skill than me make more interesting stuff depresses me. What keeps me going is being the only person into what i like to draw.

No. 1677187

let her vent, cunt

No. 1677190

perfectionism is corrosive to productivity. you might remind yourself the act of drawing itself is enjoyable and fun by working on more basic gestures or trying to draw something new or maybe try a new style. so something is off or a little goofy? you can do better next time.

No. 1677191

didn't you make a post exactly like this a few other times in this thread and previous ones? stop looking for validation everytime you experience anxiety around your art, just know that you're not the only one and work on addressing the source of that anxiety and depression and getting them treated, otherwise you can expect nothing short of a vicious cycle.

No. 1677202

Those faces are less a case of not knowing anatomy and more a case of an artist wanting to forcefully a super duper original muh artstyle

No. 1677207

My art has regressed a bit due to enjoying out door activities more. I feel bad looking back at stuff a few months ago that I'm more proud of. The movement and clothing was better. My anatomy has improved at least due to so many nude studies. I've gotten so lazy in comparison to all the grinding I did so I feel bad about where I'm at. Most of my family wanted me to keep going for art commissions but I hated doing them and want to try out things for fun. I see artists like james gurney taking boring landscapes into beautiful colored backgrounds. Being able to make cohesive images with way more colors is what I want. I want to apply real paint not sit at a tablet screen. It's so much more satisfying feeling real felt tip pens, brush pens, markers, watercolor, oil applying. I wonder if other anons feel the same about traditional vs digital. Sorry for the ramble I'm just so bored with grinding studies to get better but not actually enjoying any of it. Think I need to irl paint some flowers and scenery.

No. 1677212

File: 1693000875658.jpg (801.94 KB, 1547x2048, micodraw-1490656634724511745-2…)

yeah, his faces were always alien-like but nowadays they are outright hideous

No. 1677236

I feel the same nonna. Drawing on glass is not exciting and it makes me take longer to complete projects because I can overwork thanks to tech. I also like the sensation and interaction with physical media and how to solve the problems that ctrl-z can’t.
I like anime but lineart felt like pulling teeth. When I don’t have to line I feel a lot better. I’m impressed with artists who can line, ink and do it well.
That top middle looks porny but that could be my expectation online for art like this
Wtf lol

No. 1677240

incorporates some blurring for some things but it's not worth worrying about adding multiple techniques. as a side note, youtube art is really trash now huh? I looked up speedpainting and got things nothing near this when it's the most common type of technique lol
my guess is either his taste falling apart (maybe from social parasites in his life) or intentionally trolling the audience?

No. 1677243

File: 1693003430195.png (387.23 KB, 567x747, jjg20.png)

Ok put me in the shame box but I actually like this. It tickles my brain for some reason. At least this image, not fentanyl head >>1676505 over here. The rendering is funky (in a good way) and makes me think of chocolate bunnies like picrel. It looks like a yaoi print my BL connoisseur friend would buy and put above her toilet, lol

No. 1677249

>makes me think of chocolate bunnies
You mean greasy. It looks greasy.

No. 1677250

File: 1693004142778.jpeg (77.41 KB, 640x480, ' unnamed.jpeg)

No, silly nonna, like molding chocolate! Basically i wanna take a big CRONCH out of this picture. i bet it's white chocolate

No. 1677257

NTA but I know what you mean. His work like this >>1677212 has a very campy and self-aware kitschy charm to it that makes it look like candy. The rest have those faces that ruin everything. I don't understand.

No. 1677286

I still like his art outside his ugly jim crow faces. It makes me think about all the talented zoomer artists who lost to the social media contagion, I have seen a bunch who are really talented whose art devolves once they start using pronouns. It's so sad.

No. 1677410

>That top middle looks porny but that could be my expectation online for art like this
The angle and what her mouth is doing yeah its an innuendo

No. 1677432

File: 1693014495449.jpg (75.34 KB, 866x1390, two-small-bars-of-nestle-milky…)

I get you, because the characters look like they're separate from/hovering above the background it looks like picrel.

No. 1677454

How do you develop/stick to a style? Does anyone else struggle jumping from style to style? I tend to go from anime to more realistic, unable to settle for just one.

No. 1677473

File: 1693018135948.jpg (57.55 KB, 1024x363, EbgmTMyUEAA9b2M.jpg)

Not at all, don't allow yourself to get locked into one thing just because you feel like you have to be consistent for whatever reason. The best artists don't focus on only one thing and maybe you can't see it right now, but there will be similarities between the things you draw regardless of stylistic choice

No. 1677475

Really cool pic

No. 1677476

that's still ''anime'' though, i mean more extreme cases of moeblobs vs realistic faces. I like to draw men as anime twinks, but i prefeer to depict women more realistically.

No. 1677479

File: 1693019056915.png (390.43 KB, 650x365, Dr-Stone-4.png)

What difference does that make? Draw them both however you like, your style is anything YOU draw. It can be like a genderswapped version of Boichi kek no one is going to complain. Do what you enjoy for as long as you enjoy it

It's from 82PIGEON, her studies and art in general are insane. They are all highly detailed but it takes her basically no time to finish

No. 1677481

Thanks, but my problem isnt whatever or not people will like it, but rather if it's a detriment to me as an artist.

No. 1677497

But why is that even a concern? And why would forcing yourself to stick to one "style" not be a detriment?

No. 1677501

most artists stick to one style, i dont think i have ever seen an artist jump from style to style.

No. 1677508

No, it’s not a detriment unless you’re trying to draw characters on model for something. And you’ll still have an underlying “style” connecting all your art so that people can mostly tell you drew it if you show them all together.

No. 1677516

that makes sense, thanks. It's just so overwhelming to want to tackle so many styles, art is beautiful but we sadly dont live enough to master all techniques and explore too many different styles.

No. 1677552

Chocolate has that sheen because of the cocoa butter. It quite literally is greasy
Style is just controlled mistakes. Being able to draw in many styles is a strength in the long run, even if in the shortrun you might feel like it hard to keep certain people interested cause of the constant shifts

No. 1677706

File: 1693039559624.jpg (1.45 MB, 2400x6000, Tracing is okay.jpg)

Do you agree?

No. 1677733

I prefer her recent work lol. It reminds me of Margaret Keane's signature style. It's not my personal taste, but she's objectively skilled. I'm sick and tired of artists being shat on for pushing a unique style. If you stick to fundamentals and don't stylize you're called boring but if they stylize they're accused of trying to be a special snowflake. Can't win for losing kek. There are way too many artists on the internet to not try and stand out.

No. 1677734

File: 1693042270500.jpeg (21.63 KB, 440x221, IMG_0157.jpeg)

I hate this thing that twitterfags do where they QRT a post they have one tiny issue with rather than politely DM-ing or replying directly to the artist on THEIR original tweet. I know the website is designed this way deliberately to incite rage but by god I want to slap these people who look like entitled pricks by bypassing the person they’re talking about and turning around to an audience to spew their shit and rude ass opinions like the artist won’t hear it or something (or even worse, they know the artist will and still act stuck up anyway).

No. 1677769

Pretty sure only businesses can DM on twitter any more or something stupid like that

No. 1677820

Wait. No fucking way???

No. 1678195

Nah you can still DM people, but the other person has to enable it manually (by default it's set to only twitter blue users) and there's a limit of how many DMs you can sent on a day.

No. 1678205

Nonas how do I get out of this cycle
>Grinding fundamentals but to make it less boring I break it up with drawing stuff I like
>turns out I hate drawing the stuff I like bc my brain now knows stuff my hand can't do yet, and all I can see are the mistakes
>So I grind more, but that becomes boring without breaking it up
>rinse and repeat

>there's a limit of how many DMs you can sent on a day

No. 1678221

Idk if you've tried this yet, if not, tie your fundamentals grinding with the stuff you like to draw
So imagine tomorrow the "stuff I like to draw" segment of your day is drawings faces
Start by grinding faces fundamentals - proportions, shading, anatomy, perspective, face planes etc - then take a short break, 10-15 min - and do the "stuff I like to draw" part applying what you've grinded with your own characters, fanart, portraits of people, whatever.
When you feel yourself hitting a mental block/frustration point, take another break and go back to doing a bit of grinding. Rinse and repeat.
And you can set it like
- I want to study faces so after I will draw faces I like
Or the other way around
- I want to make personal project featuring faces so I will first take time to study them
Since the subject of your drawings during "fun hours" are fresher, it might help break the cycle.

No. 1678355

Ayrt thank you, yes I've done this a little, though usually not cos what I want to draw during "fun hour" doesn't neatly fit to what I just practiced, and instead of forcing it to fit I just draw whatever. I bet it is better to make it relate in some way though, will try that!

No. 1678807

File: 1693114889140.png (2.31 MB, 1547x2048, hmmmmmm.png)

pretty sure shes?he?s doing this for clickbait the gendies art popped off due to the big fucking furby eyes,the funny thing is that this is a white artist drawing primarily black characters like this

No. 1678810

samefag this was supposed to be a reply to this
im a retard and forgot

No. 1678820

The rendering is amazing I just hate the faces so bad

No. 1678995

The eyes just bother me but otherwise it's really fun art. Like why is he so neotenous in the face.

No. 1679095

File: 1693132047925.jpeg (199.6 KB, 1625x1574, IMG_9360.jpeg)

I’m actually stuck in this cycle too, lmao. I’ve been studying Kim Jung Gi and Tomfoxdraws and I’ve been improving so much and having fun then I try to draw a Genshin pretty boy (which I usually adore making art of) then boom. Flat and boring. I think one way to fix the problem (if you’re in a similar boat) is to reframe the subject material in a way that will fit the fundamentals you’re working on. For example, 2D anime men don’t translate well to a style focused on anatomy in perspective. But if I take the time to reimagine these characters that I’m passionate about as real people with real features, then it easier to translate and therefore feed my interests into my improvement. Does this make any sense? It’s also how I believe you get this really cool intersection of artists who fuse anime-adjacent styles with realism (of whom my all time favourite artists tend to spawn!) because they’re able to reimagine the source as something much grittier or realistic and translate it to paper. Also, fandoms secretly adore these types of artists (you can tell by their high comment to like ratio on Twitter) even if they’re too stupid to realise why it looks so good and refreshing on the eye.

No. 1679137

File: 1693136451146.jpeg (233.55 KB, 1274x1520, 4494A656-896F-4DC9-B02B-D60C90…)

She would draw bratz dolls really well

No. 1679221

Ayrt lol it's pretty 2D anime women and men for me too, that's why I said here >>1678355 what I want to draw doesn't neatly fit what I learned. But making it fit by combining the two makes sense, thank you, though easier said than done which is maybe why I didn't think it even though it sounds obvious. Do you have any specific artist examples?

No. 1679251

File: 1693147479077.jpeg (66.26 KB, 680x528, IMG_7479.jpeg)

Oh, it’s definitely easier said than done, but that’s actually a really neat advantage the more you think about it! To be able to translate 2D to a semi-realist style laden with strong fundamentals is actually a step harder than just learning those fundamentals alone, because your brain is constantly critically engaging to find the best way to communicate 2D information to 3D-ish while ALSO making it look appealing. It’s like reading a textbook, versus reading a textbook in Spanish and translating it into English as you go along. It’s high intensity but it’s two skills for the price of one. I mean, if we can stick this out anon, just imagine what heights we’ll become capable of art wise…

As for example artists, I, er. May have deleted my twitter yesterday. But off the top of my head, if you dig up some of Rei_17’s old jojo sketches off Pixiv (to see the foundations beneath all that colour splurging), you can see that she’s pretty good at marrying her obvious classical understanding of anatomy with Araki’s ridiculous character designs. So that’s just one example. I’m sure there are better but I just can’t be arsed right now.

No. 1679419

I could be wrong but the first bust from the left is not fucking realism

No. 1679425

File: 1693156668310.jpg (1.35 MB, 1880x2367, 웍맨.jpg)

I love rinotuna's characters but fuck some of the faces he draws are atrocious imo

No. 1679555

File: 1693165240380.jpeg (755.92 KB, 2753x3540, Ettr2SGXAAEfiRT.jpeg)

>t's easier said than done and it’s high intensity but it’s two skills for the price of one. I mean, if we can stick this out anon, just imagine what heights we’ll become capable of art wise…
Yeah it definitely seems beneficial, I really want to try it now. Hopefully we can both eventually get a good footing with it, good luck to you!

>I deleted twitter

Can't blame you
Googled it and I see what you mean, the anatomy and perspective are pretty dynamic. I also looked through who I follow on Instagram to see if anyone fits the bill, could Columbo be considered another example, picrel?

No. 1679557

>Yeah it definitely seems beneficial
Samefag to add that I also get what you mean about the difficulty being beneficial in this instance, finally something to get even my lazy ass on board

No. 1679592

File: 1693168223482.jpg (367.65 KB, 1547x2048, micodraw-1534139603526897665-2…)

It's a man and pushing it that far is definetly ugly as fuck. Pic rel was a perfect mix of style-realism, but he's a gendie sperg that had to be not like other artists. It's just realistic steven universe tumblr face, and it's quite repugnant to look at.

No. 1679596

I hate when people put referencing and tracing on the same bag, they are not the same thing. Also care to psot how this guy's art looks like?

No. 1679627

File: 1693170146819.png (1.13 MB, 949x701, vore artist btw.png)

Are you capable of enjoying someone's art past the subject matter? I find most professional artist's art kinda…boring. I understand it's because they have to adhere to company standars and schedules, so i try not to judge them too much, but that led me to enjoy indie artists more, the problem is that all of the ones i want to emulate are fucking degenerates. I grew up on the Internet so at this point i am vastly desensitized, but I wanna know your opinion on the matter.

No. 1679642


>I find most professional artist's art kinda…boring.

Same. Honestly every professional illustrator I know draws the exact same way to the point I made a checklist. It's almost always an artstation or an instagram filled with concept art and illustrations with that typical "League of Legends" or "Overwatch" digital painting look, almost always either with cyberpunk themes or boring medieval/fantasy. It always features at least one generic looking green goblin, one big bearded viking-looking man, a hot pinup girl and then a multitude of fantasy RPG-like items in a gray or black canvas. Maybe a generic looking knight/warrior or a dragon here and there. Almost no pieces featuring some kind of atmosphere or lively scene or characters interacting, almost everything looks like its straight out of a static Magic the Gathering card.

I find myself much more drawn to indie artists because of the variety in themes and style and execution. Almost all professional artists draw the fucking same and I hate it.

No. 1679656

Not to be pedantic but if an independent artist is making a living off of it I would say they are professionals. Also you can probably look through the artists you do like and find the people they follow or who inspire them. I've found some interesting artists that way.

No. 1679659

I refuse to put a vore artist and a professional artist on the same level. I can get past their grossness because i want to steal their style but they are still gross moids and don't deserve the respect of professional artists.

No. 1679672

Okay fair lol I was just speaking more generally though, like someone who self publishes comics is still a pro to me.

No. 1679692

File: 1693174437906.jpg (1.73 MB, 2054x2047, Roku6enashi-127145327812391731…)

How do you give this grainy effect to your art? is it a filter or are there brushes that leave that texture?

No. 1679697

100% true. The people who get assblasted and accuse people of tracing as if it's a mortal sin (especially when it's simply referencing and and overlay proves it) 9/10 are insecure as all hell and likely believe that art HAS to be suffering. So by making decent (doesn't even have to be good, just alright) art and utilizing something to "cheat" you are, to such a person, circumventing the suffering tax and not simply "cheating to make a drawing" but "cheating at the long game of art."
They're idiots, and this idiocy often infects their ability to produce work. Lots of these types will delete their accounts if they feel just slightly worse than their normal unstable self.
In addition to what >>1678221 said, you should also keep in mind that anything you draw can always be redone later. Getting your ideas down in some tangible form is good, because you won't be burning brain CPU cycles keeping it in your head. So even if the drawing isn't as you'd like, it still is a stress relief since future you can always go back and redo what "novice past you" did.

You do not "burn" the idea by using it. Ideas are infinitely replicable for near-zero cost.

On top of this if you want to be drawing animu, looking at videos of how actually-skilled mangaka work can be a godsend as to how to look at things in ways that allow you to focus.
A lot of "artstation style professionals" ripped out any passion they had and subsubmed their art styles into a tight range that companies like for the sheer reason that it allows said corpos to replace people at will without drastically affecting their brand's appearance.
>Not to be pedantic but if an independent artist is making a living off of it I would say they are professionals.
Real and true. There's quite a few artists with both credits in major productions and furaffinity accounts full of degen porn lmao
Also a ton of smaller professionals have no web presence and are just entirely in-person because they design stuff for local boomers or sell at flea markets, faires, etc.
Your category of "professional artist" doesn't carry any respect. Someone is not respectable just because a big company that makes mass-produced slop decided to hire them, they are respectable if they meaningfully contribute to your life or do something impressive. And if you consider "getting hired by a big company" to be impressive then you probably want to rethink your priorities in life.

No. 1679703

Take a picture of it with an old camera

No. 1679712

File: 1693175225536.jpg (751.06 KB, 1988x2560, eD4kqmY.jpg)

To me it looks like some kind of filter. It could have been achieved using a brush provided that another layer was created on top of the others and then changing the opacity.
"Professional" artists are more than just the ArtStation users—plenty of traditional artists out there who do not make "Overwatch"-type art. Picrel is called "How to Be Brave" by Graham Francoise

No. 1679716

On Photoshop:
>New layer, fill with a neutral color
>Go to filter menu (it's up)
>Add noise
>Add distribution as Gaussian
> Optional: check for monochrome option, or you can leave it colored, up to you.
> close window, set noise layer to 10% opacity and set the layer to soft light.
> Enjoy

No. 1679718

File: 1693175566168.jpeg (2.33 MB, 1170x2532, mintandapple.jpeg)

>decently successful generic kawaii weeb artist who sells in the US, based out of NYC and had enough money to rent an apartment in Brooklyn and a small office/studio space in Times Square
>decides to move to the Netherlands with her husband, cites "bike friendly" culture/walkable city as the reason as one of the reason
>… despite coming from NYC, one of the few walkable cities in the US with an extensive metro system
>still flies back to the US for multiple cons a year
>complains that her stuff doesn't sell as well in the EU
>most of her shop traffic comes from cons, meaning now most of her traffic is from EU based customers as opposed to American customers
>warehouse is based in NJ, so most EU customers aren't willing to pay the shipping and import taxes
>complains about how hard it is to be an immigrant despite renting a nice townhouse home with just her and her husband and her pet rabbits… as if she didn't just come from NYC where hundreds of thousands of people are going through the same experience but are legitimately worse off

She wants to roleplay as an oppressed immigrant starving artist so bad. Her art is garbage and hasn't gotten better despite tabling at cons for over a decade (and attending SVA for a short time before transferring to FIT) and now she keeps making shit decision after shit decision.

No. 1679725

>"bike friendly"
This is champagne socialist code for "i hate cars" not "I want things to be close and easy to get by bike."

No. 1679734

File: 1693176253553.jpeg (2.41 MB, 1170x2532, arteest.jpeg)

Bonus: she's fat kek.

I heard her husband had a car and they drove everywhere anyway. NYC definitely isn't as bike friendly compared to NL, but it's not impossible to get around by bike there.

No. 1679739

File: 1693176393320.png (1010.46 KB, 1028x892, mintandapple merch.png)

Small example of her shitty merch. I think she does produce some cute and decent items but it feels like her shit is going downhill fast. 2021 on the left vs 2023 on the right.

No. 1679741

that's kinda ugly, sorry

No. 1679744

lmao all this is, is competing with giant corporations and then wondering why nobody buys your overpriced seasonal fast fashion crap. There's a reason successful boutique artists just make short runs of expensive high quality things that are fashionable in either a bizarre maximalist or sleek minimalist way.

No. 1679747

I think anons point was that there are plenty of professional artists out there with varying styles. Artstation is such a small fraction of pro artists

No. 1679752

A lot of artstation-type artists don't consider anyone outside of the big corporate media industry clients to be a "professional," and treat their sector as the only one that matters. They dickmeasure using their list of past corporate clients and which schools they got the MFAs from. It's fucking funny because so many of them are mediocre by necessity.

No. 1679754

>trust me i deal with this a lot when i buy from other artists
Bullshit. People dont buy her merch online because after the ridiculous 30€ shipping, we would need to pay customs after. Its all stupid, no "kawaii adventure time-styled" merch is worth such unnecessary trouble. I have yet to see someone actually have 30€ shipping unless its something extremely expensive.

No. 1679755

maybe it's just because I run in different circles but I've seen a lot of pro artists call out this mentality and how bad just looking at artstation constantly can be. But I have had some not great experiences with riot/blizz artists who definitely share this sentiment and will try to force you into their weird box

No. 1679756

yeah i get it, but i was looking for more ''realistic'' art which is often seen in artstation-type artists. I know there are dozen of professional cutesy watercolor cartoony artists, but i dont like their art.

No. 1679757

wow that's attrocious, right looks like something you would find on wish for 5usd.

No. 1679758

There's a lot of parasites out there, but it's good that you curated a healthy social environment. By doing that we can marginalize the retards and keep them from causing more damage (or at least make them look out of touch and undesirable to work with.)

No. 1679761

Nonna most artist merch is made by chink labor (possibly Uyghur slavelabor) contacted via aliexpress or some of the various shitheads on etsy. If the artist isn't advertising where it's made and you don't get a response from asking you can assume you're actually buying chinkshit with a brand slapped on.
When I actually get around to having enough presence I plan on having things made that are more "I want this high quality item myself and I can justify ordering 100-500 pcs with my art flourish engraved/etc in it and the colors as I like, keeping a few for myself and as gifts, then selling the others."

No. 1679763

File: 1693178864038.jpg (667.97 KB, 800x1001, DaniMoleskin.jpg)

Maybe you'd have more luck looking into fine artists. Nicolas uribe comes to mind. I also like artists like Gary Kelley but he's far more stylized so probably not what you're after.

No. 1679764

Outside of the quality of the product, the design is also very cheap looking. I don't understand how people dont get bored of cutesy shit, I swear every female artist ditched art with personality in the mid 10s to make cutesy trash they can sell as enamelpins.

No. 1679766

yeah i like fine artists too(although not modern), but i am mostly focused on digital artists.

No. 1679768

File: 1693179174546.jpg (110.76 KB, 599x600, R-3395907-1656562425-5739.jpg)

Dropping an image of Gary Kelley's stuff too since I love the diva portraits he did for album covers. Not sure if nonas are interested in this sort of style but I find it compelling

No. 1679770

File: 1693179365477.jpeg (935.91 KB, 1170x2532, bike bag.jpeg)

Bonus: she's on an entrepenuer visa to stay in the Netherlands and this is her business plan: kawaii bike bags

No. 1679771

so ugly

No. 1679791

Has she ever used a bike bag in her life or done market research at all? That looks horrible. The little cat paws and ears will get dirty and frayed super quick from flapping around in the wind and getting caught on things. It also has no handle? No spots for a strap so you can't carry it into a store with you?

No. 1679797

File: 1693183425649.jpg (44.59 KB, 1170x1157, b3bb4470dfe022fd7b371fe34867a9…)

I want to make an Instagram art account again because i deleted the last one after getting bored but ig wont fucking let meeeee.
Would a vpn with a different mail work anons?

No. 1679800

Fate has given you reprieve from getting zuck'd. Take it as an omen.

No. 1679811

File: 1693184905246.jpg (14.57 KB, 306x338, 65b011572ed208305209a1b670b1c8…)

Any alternatives nonny?

No. 1679814

Just had this 3am thought that undesirable facial/body features can never be glamorized in art as they are, they're just seen as odd choices that make the subject "uglier" or they're changed to look more desirable and thus the feature is erased. Like if you naturally have droopy flat breasts you're never gonna see that as something beautiful in art, it's just gonna be seen as "unfortunate realism".
I don't know why that makes me sad

No. 1679816

A personal blog, tumblr, mastodon.art

No. 1679817

I hate how untalented gendie tumblr artists turned ''undesirable features'' political. Now you cant draw a fat woman or a woman with body hair without being labelled a a cringe libfem. I just say draw them anyways, i love drawing women with different features(moids no, they have to be cute). And i would love more artists drawing those features just because they find them interesting and not to grift and garner sympathy

No. 1679829

File: 1693186662203.jpg (49.36 KB, 750x748, eaadb8150bce71c151d38a37bb82f5…)

I didn't like the new layout for tumblr but i guess i'll try to get used to it
And mastodon seems to have a smaller reach/audience
I thought Instagram seemed more friendly for commissions since i've seen a lot of artists (with already built audiences ofc) getting comms and interacting with followers
Still appreciate your answer anon i will keep on using tumblr to see if i can build something there

No. 1679836

what the god damn fuck…

No. 1679844

Nyayrt I would also say that what's considered undesirable is going to both vary from person to person and also culture. I say draw it anyway nona I like unconventional looking women that men seethe over for some reason. I don't think drawing that sort of variation makes you a Tumblr artist lol. But I also just think it's boring to only draw "pretty" people I just can never get into that art and I think art can be a reflection of our reality and not everyone is pretty. The idea that drawing average everyday people is some form of activism and not just a reflection of reality as art often annoys me. I've even seen that sentiment here, you can draw someone who is a appealing for other reasons without them needing to be a model. I feel like I'm probably expressing an unpopular opinion here lol and going on a bit of a tangent.

No. 1679846

Why does it look like snooki snickers the fuckk
Anyways, good luck anon. I hear Tumblr is enjoyable nowadays with the banishment of degenerates.

No. 1679859

I've got most of my commissions from Tumblr, never from Instagram. It's full of scammers now, I think you are dodging a bullet

No. 1679861

yeah my point it's that it's often used to create rage bait. Like Marvel constantly making x undesirable trait spiderman or whatever just so someone talks about their dying comics. It feels like nowadays more than ever it's hard to find art with undesirable traits that feels genuine, it's either some quirky gendie like >>1676505 or some coomer for uneven tits and hairy pits. I hate it.

No. 1679865

Lol I figured you were referencing that art. I feel like that arts weird because it's like trying to be weirdly pretty it's not something like say Ronald Searle where it's clearly supposed to be a little grungy and ugly. What's the marvel thing you're though?

No. 1679887

File: 1693190326670.jpeg (850.03 KB, 1500x885, 0ADFAAB3-9069-4555-99D4-B3F98C…)

This Korean artist’s stuff looks so similar to AI, even down to the random metal pieces, but they’ve been doing it since before AI art. It’s weirding me out

No. 1679893

did you just find out generic moeshit that was fed en-masses to AI?

No. 1679912

He really is hot, I don’t play final fantasy but I noticed some cute guys.

No. 1679943

>The idea that drawing average everyday people is some form of activism and not just a reflection of reality as art often annoys me.
It's cause they got roped into cultural trends that are rooted in insane marxist thought, specifically Antonio Gramsci's batshit theory that leisure time acts as a pressure release on capitalism and to push the revolution forward every aspect of leisure has to be invaded and turned contentious. Hence the "all art is political" stance, it keeps people from getting a chance to have a break.
Not that many are aware of this, they mostly just parrot the "all art is political" line and similar slogans as if they're reciting lines from a holy book.

If you want that kind of authentic art you may find things by looking into street photographers, finding some who do average people, and then seeing what artists and such they follow or reshare the art of.
Or look for artists that draw cute old people feeding birds and such, you know cozy ghibli-esque moods (even if the style is not anime, or just different.)
This doesn't look like AI at all. The patterns are too logical, none of the wild strands loop back into each other, there's good object permanence and consistency of 3-dimensional forms. Like the coins in the corner all rotate accurately. AI wouldn't do that, it'd like put them all at the same rough angle.

No. 1680075

worst damn choice. Highest taxes in Europe. Extremely expensive country. Big as she is she could have just opened an EU shop, collaborating with an uk producer and such

No. 1680100

Hey nonnies! Yeah columbo is a pretty good example (even if they could experiment a little with making their anatomy less stiff) but otherwise you can see that they refined their realism through Hannibal fanart and carried that into their anime stuff like AOT really well (or whichever came first, whatever). Regardless, I’m glad I motivated at least two people with my jumbled ass advice, good luck to you as well!

No. 1680103

Anon I have never seen a talented vore artist in my life and I’m now FASCINATED as to who exactly you could possibly be referring to if anyone

No. 1680113

KEK as a Dutchfag I can tell her that shit isn't going to sell. She definitely didn't do any market research. Young people don't use bike bags. If she's going to kawaii-ify any bike accesoires her best shot would be crates and even then it'd be niche.

No. 1680122

File: 1693208779377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 2319x1716, 87872644_p0.jpg)

I'm stealing (read: studying) their styles exactly so I won't have the need to see their cringe and degeneration. I found an ornament heavy illustrative artist and enjoy the candy-gore aesthetics but most of their works reek of terminally online pedo misogyny.

No. 1680132

File: 1693209019437.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1280x894, chantal and salad.png)

bigbig. He fascinates me, he's been drawing vore and only vore for like 10 years now, i fucking admire how skilled he is. I really like how he renders skin, backgrounds, and his stylization of faces. However, I cannot save any of his shit because it's all repulsive. He drew billie ellish vore with an uncanny resemblance. I always though this type of fetish steemed from low IQ, so i am as bewildered as you that one of them can draw above mspaint scribble level.

No. 1680135

This is really cool, got name?

No. 1680140

look closely.

No. 1680142

saloland? cannot find their @ on twitter

No. 1680147

holyravioli lmao it's on the bottom spammed across.

No. 1680148

that's such a retarded nickname saloland sounds miles better

No. 1680156

File: 1693209972362.png (610.12 KB, 708x520, image_2023-08-28_180814118.png)

Nonnie she's just a edgy Russian, kek.

No. 1680159

You're not wrong, it's still heavily stylized. A lot of anime artists can't into realism

No. 1680171

>But I also just think it's boring to only draw "pretty" people I just can never get into that art and I think art can be a reflection of our reality and not everyone is pretty.
>I've even seen that sentiment here, you can draw someone who is a appealing for other reasons without them needing to be a model.
>I feel like I'm probably expressing an unpopular opinion here
No, you're definitely not alone, I'm relieved that finally someone other than me said it. Expecting artists to only draw uncanny perfect anime people, dividing everything into the categories of "pretty" and "ugly" with nothing in-between, ignoring that people all have different standards, being aggressively offended by art that isn't generic anime moeshit/bishonenshit garbage… it all makes me feel like I'm the insane one for not knowing what's so "ugly" about random pictures. But then again you're on lolcow.

No. 1680174

File: 1693212397433.jpg (206.92 KB, 2048x1007, FEKgcTvagAE3aS7.jpg)

The exercise is about using different degrees of rendering and between these the first is the most realistic, although the figure itself is strongly stylized. I doubt the goal was to create something actually photorealistic

No. 1680247

Samefag but I found the post that I was referring to >>1640597
Wishing death on an illustrator just because her style is weird and you don't find it generically beautiful is some unhinged shit.
Days old but what this nonna said >>1669116 Straight femgaze stuff is so fucking uncommon that people (retarded moids, gendies, pickmes) don't even know how to identify it when they find that kind of content. They fail to realize it's by and for women, not for scrotes. They think the only content that exists for us is gay male shit. If it were as well-known as fujo stuff maybe those people would stop being so annoying.

No. 1680249

File: 1693221579811.jpeg (35.92 KB, 574x657, IMG_6311.jpeg)

Holy shit that IS good art… minus the subject matter. I stand corrected. At the risk of sounding like a self righteous ‘anti’ on Twitter, could someone PLEASE confiscate his art style until he chooses more sane material to work with, thankyou.(newfag)

No. 1680259

>extremely hairy armpits
>zero hair on legs, no pubes
this is hilarious

No. 1680264

File: 1693222371541.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 1200x1200, image_2023-08-28_213406746.png)

Unrelated but I tried looking him up and one of the first things that came up was the Patricia Piccinini Skywhales kekkk

No. 1680274

who draws mostly young girls being gored she reeks of too much 4chan coombrain, if i remember she has drawn scat porn as well?…its a shame since i really like the colours

No. 1680370

>lmao all this is, is competing with giant corporations and then wondering why nobody buys your overpriced seasonal fast fashion crap

This is the perfect description nona. I've been feeling like shit pondering about what to make for a potential shop, because all the successful shops on etsy seem to sell the most generic cutesy/mass produced shit, and I feel like you must do that to be successful. Unless you already have a godly style or original idea. I'm an old, so I didn't start drawing and posting online to make money. These days though, it seems like any mediocre artist starts churning out enamel pins and keychains as soon as they get procreate installed on their ipad. Maybe I'm a retard with zero business sense, but I don't want to be stuck creating soulless kawaii chinese-produced merch. Sorry for the rant, capitalism sucks.

No. 1680375

A lot of fetish artists draw poorly because they're autistic, which interferes in their ability to actually gain assistance with improving their art.
Autists turn into cows a lot of the time in some big ways due to their parents being crappy. You know the usual narcissistic BS that you commonly see controlling parents have? The kind that just results in a normal person having some form of small trauma, or getting motivated to move out when they're a teenager? Autists end up wearing the parents down and so either they go full lockdown and don't allow the autist to do things, or they go full neglect and let the autist rot in his/her NEET cave so the parents can have control over the rest of the house. An extreme version of the latter is what happened to CWC, and you can pattern match this to many others.
You basically have a person whose social skills stunted down somewhere around when they were 12-16. So combine a lack of inperson social interaction, the ability to curate their online experience heavily to the immature sensibilities of a teenager that they have, and the ease which people online will disengage over sensing "there's something wrong with this person."
Returning to the art portion, SOME improve despite this. Their social problems are big enough and their art is such a hyperfixation over other things that they just spend hours grinding. Others are only drawing to get ideas out between their obsessions and they lack the sense to know "this is not very good." And still others know they suck and throw fits over it but are too emotionally and socially immature to do more than cause problems. A lot of this shit can be fixed by a mentor, but it takes a ridiculously long time and a huge amount of effort to help untangle someone's retardation for… very little payoff. Some of them lock up and then block the person who was helping them after a long time because it's what they can control the stress of. Some of them keep returning to bad habits. Some continue to run up against their parents' distrust of their own ability to take care of themselves and thus struggle against controlling BS, or they have other environmental issues that can't be fixed without a physical intervention. Some get better, but then get eaten up by cultish groups (like gendie crazies) and reject the people who helped them. Others just are so broken that they an hero after months or years of improvements. It's a huge time risk on the scale that pretty much only other NEETs can help them, because of it being literal years of psychological milestones that they missed.

Shit is so fucked. Take care of your kids if they turn out to be not quite right, assuming any nonnies here ever find someone to settle down with.

This isn't a capitalism thing, this is just a lemming thing, like when a bunch of rainbow-puke gendie furries all go and start changing their fursona to some flavor of the month species. You see all these mediocre artists offering things for sale, but unless you can get numbers for how many are actually selling they may be in the red over it (or are using a POD service so it's really crappy). Etsy will show how few sales these people are making, but a lot of other sites people use don't.
Plus a lot of etsy sellers are literally just aliexpress vendors, dropshippers, or similar. They don't have the same risk as an independent artist. The site is so flooded with garbage compared to even 5 years ago it's unreal. Back then I bought a cute, very high quality fanart poster of a series I deeply care about. I just looked for it again, and the only reason it showed up is cause there's few people selling things for the series as it is OLD. The shop only has 1200 sales too, and their first review was from 2007.
That's under 7 sales a month for 16 years. For items that are all sub-$20 and actually really nice.

No. 1680381

she's ukrainian.

No. 1680431

In his other art someone posted here all the female heads look too small for the body. Seems like an obvious knowledge gap. If it’s done on purpose it’s ugly. The heads don’t look connected to the body either.

No. 1680466

Kek i love this artist i shamefully have her art saved in a hidden folder. Something about Identity V attracts really talented people with no shame of drawing the most degenerate stuff.

No. 1680534

>Their social problems are big enough and their art is such a hyperfixation over other things that they just spend hours grinding.

Isn't that most artists kek I mean, you almost Have To hyperfixate and sacrifice a lot to get good at drawing. I feel like only those who don't fit in with normies go down the path to get good at drawing. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, but life is about balance. A lot of artstation/industry types revolve their entire lives around art and have no other hobbies or interests. It can't be healthy.

No. 1680542

Nonna, no. Plenty of artists know how to hold a conversation. I have seen artists who are so autistic that if they didn't live in a country with robust welfare systems and the internet they would be dead decades ago, because they can't hold extended conversations and can't manage their own money, despite posting their work for 15+ years online. A bunch are pushing 50 by this point.
Like, imagine one of those deviantart MSPaint lolcows with 4000 images, but they can pay attention enough to actually have improvement over time. THAT is not most artists.

No. 1680563

File: 1693246636416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1165x1400, F4VWcblXIAA4YLV.jpg)

Got a laugh out of me anon. His shit is mediocre at its best and always riddled with serious anatomy errors. The head you posted in that picture is fucked. The composition is boring and generic. Hope to see you grow past your 'rendering smooth = good art' mindset

No. 1680586

idk why this made me laugh

No. 1680661

Honestly nona I've just come to accept that I'm on an entirely different page from a lot of people here but I'm glad I'm not alone

No. 1680696

sage because reposting, but it's impossible to be a femgaze artist. it doesnt matter how mild your shit is, you will get compared to the worst of moid artists who draw rape porns with plots and genuinely heinous shit. The worst part is when women also jump in to attack the artist. The comments on this videoa re so dissapointing, it's all handmaidens going ''we do not claim her!!'' ''its wrong to sexualize men!!'' ''she's so rawcisttt''

No. 1680701

File: 1693258151096.jpg (228.43 KB, 540x768, 244810.jpg)

he also copies the rendering style of nishimura kinu. Nothing about him is original or interesting.

No. 1680753

File: 1693261368851.png (21.72 KB, 261x105, big.png)

The interesting part is his work ethic. He has been posting for years with extreme regularity and consistency without burnout or stopping, and doesn't for the most part put drama on his page or anything. The only exception was the shexyo incident.

No. 1680758

all he draws is sexy woman standing. It takes 0 effort to draw that, it's not impressive to draw the same shit like an autist non-stop, specially when it's his job. It's like praising a retard for not eating the crayon.

No. 1680766

>it takes 0 effort
>implying you need to expend effort to make nice art or be a good artist
Good luck with your mental crisis when your 60-hour shitpaint gets less attention than a 10 minute joke doodle

No. 1680770

So true, all coomer artists should be replaced by AI that shits out sexy coomer women standing in 1.2 seconds. Good art doesnt take effort anyways.

No. 1680772

File: 1693263046350.jpg (110.92 KB, 660x1000, book-about-you.jpg)

No. 1680774

what do you gain from defending a mediocre coomer male artist? he isnt even good

No. 1680778

Bursting ego is its own reward

No. 1680779

i doubt anyone here wants to draw generic coom woman standing lmao, what a sad existence to slave yourself to coomers who are going to replace you for AI regardless

No. 1680782

File: 1693264007939.jpg (141.02 KB, 800x998, rinotuna-.jpg)

I think some of it is really cute and I love the prompt idea of a Walkman like who thinks of that.

No. 1680783

Whats their handle? I honestly dont mind it and their rendering is really good. The huge lemur eyes are just retarded.

No. 1680784

surprisingly coomer artists are the least replaceable because most of the time they don't even have to be that skilled, it's all about the execution and the personality they inject. Repeat cutomers are common.

Also coom is the foundation of the internet art scene. Zoomers would have anyeurisms if they went back in time to the slash fiction days.

No. 1680786

he alerady got replaced by that schexyo guy lol coomers dont care, even though that schezyo guy is shady as fuck they still support him. They dont care about the art or the artist just about getting their hit like heroine addicts.

No. 1680788

File: 1693264545198.jpg (80.46 KB, 1600x900, cover1.jpg)

The demand for coom is near-infinite

No. 1680790

yeah because coomer moids have an addiction, that doesnt mean i have to kiss the ground mediocre coom moids walk on. If you are going to simp for coom artists at least do for one that has skill.

No. 1680796

I unironically love his art style, even the big eyes. And from what I remember, he's only about 20 years old. So being that young and this good at rendering only makes me imagine what his faces and art style will look like in the future.

No. 1680806

I hope he doesnt stagnate or gets worse and eventually stops being a mentally ill gendie

No. 1680833

I think they're a non-issue for sure. I have no interest in shitting on someone who is obviously talented, I just saw the pic in passing and thought 'god those eyes are so terrible'. I love their color choices from what I've seen.

No. 1680845

File: 1693269006558.jpg (123.36 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

So what are y'all's thoughts on Wolfychu and her content? I myself am a HUGE fan of her works! :3(:3)

No. 1680846

I've noticed these videos popping up in my feed. If its a webcomic that women or teen girls seem to enjoy as some form of escapist fantasy, this guy and some other furry moid make videos dumping on them, sometimes in 2-3 parts.

No. 1680848

This reminds me of when coom artist @teikokukizoku (had to find that again) was arrested by the ccp and I was conflicted because a part of me didn’t mind him seeing consequences for profiting off nasty violent art

No. 1680863

literally who

No. 1680880

Schexy's art is way uglier though and it's just porn of different anime girls with the exact same composition. At least csr has some variation and draws backgrounds. Csr also has more patreon subs and posts less. Not a coomer but I like his art style, I wouldn't look twice at schexy

No. 1680892

File: 1693271683936.png (Spoiler Image, 2.36 MB, 1280x1793, i hope hes getting anally rape…)

same, i wanna say what i think of him but it will count as a-logging. I am just happy that fucker is rotting in prison, he's what definetly blackpilled me about men. The fact that this fucker was allowed to sell artbooks of his gross nasty paintings of women getting raped and mutilated in horrible ways while moids whine about the barbie movie and >>1680696 being ''misandrist'' is what made me decide to die a virgin.

No. 1680895

File: 1693272097393.jpg (170.63 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20230829_021701_Ope…)

They're saying it's racist and objectifying because the enslaved sub is black, though I wonder if they actually care about that or if they'll leave alone all the dom sub slave comic stuff made for and by moids where the sub slave is a poc, and are only comfortable going after this one. Judging by pick me comments like this, picrel, I think I know the answer.

No. 1680896

but what did you censor? because i don't really get anything from the huge black blob

No. 1680898

Barbie movie is unironically femgaze and the people who refuse to acknowledge that after it's pointed out + continue to shit on it when made aware of it are as bad as the hags who shit on malegaze and coomer art(bait)

No. 1680900

Wow I shouldn't have googled that because I did not want to see mad max art depicting an amputated woman with a jawbone in her mutilated vagina with flames shooting out of her asshole

No. 1680901

File: 1693272454518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.83 KB, 597x1000, 7ihSgxSAF2wzF7iYFX5iC4OUDEPMFf…)

Hadn't heard of this artist so I googled just now, and yeah I hope he's dropping the soap too.

For an idea of what he draws, this is one of the "tamer" stuff because he left some of the women all in one piece, he's drawn so many others where their limbs are removed so they're like living sex dolls

No. 1680904

I must be blessed if there's worse than this artist but this is genuinely thr most misogynistic art ive seen. It's like putting cenobyte torture devices on women's bodies.

No. 1680910

I like how earlier in the thread 1 nonnie was asking how to make friends with guro artists, and now that the subject shifted to an actual guro artist (moid) that got unjustly censored by China, the way he's getting publicly shat on itt makes it obvious why niche/taboo artists can be wary of too much attention from people outside their subcultures.

No. 1680913

You can't possibly consider his art just 'guro'

No. 1680914

Please tell me you're not caping for a moid who fetishises amputation, torture and experimentation, dog imagery, disfigurement and injury to women


Yeah not in the bg, I said some of the women

No. 1680918

Legit why give a fuck what anyone fetishizes in fiction?
>she doesn't know what guro is
This website is 18+

No. 1680922

>unjustly shat on
Keel yourself(alogging)

No. 1680925

I know exactly what guro is. If you're such a fucking edgefag that you think this is like totes light guro and not just outright graphic sexual torture of women depicted then whatever. I've seen plenty of guro but this is nasty as hell.

No. 1680928

>graphic sexual torture
That's what guro is. Go look up Mai-chan's Daily Life if you want classic meme tier guro

No. 1680929

So what are your thoughts on the several pieces that have pornographic depictions of children? 'Hehe she doesn't know what cp is!!! This site is 18+'

No. 1680933

File: 1693274014690.jpg (187.45 KB, 991x900, media_FovTUy7XEAAJyFF.jpg)


No. 1680935

The world would actually be a better place if you joined the an hero club

No. 1680937

File: 1693274140277.jpg (Spoiler Image, 479.56 KB, 1088x1500, 5.jpg)

People can shit on whatever art they want, the same as people can make or be a fan of whatever art. I like guro art because imo it can express stuff other types of art can't always and can just look cool, doesn't stop me from shitting on someone else who clearly likes guro because they're a retarded male who get off to women being hurt picrel (fyi before you click it's more graphic than >>1680901)

>Legit why give a fuck what anyone fetishizes in fiction?
This is a whole debate, I'll just say that "uwu just let people enjoy things" can devolve into a lame deflection depending on what you're trying to defend, do you not want to think crticiially at all? I just hope it's sometimesntrue that not everyone re-enacts the stuff they like in fiction, but that can also be a deflection/excuse the XY use to justify beating it to cp.

No. 1680938

I know I made typos, it's been a long day

No. 1680941

They defended 2d cp, best to ignore. Theyre lost.

No. 1680948

>do you not want to think crticiially at all?
All you need is to have hard firm principles that apply at all times without contradictions. That IS thinking critically, because you're not just relying on your disgust response or social pressure.

It does not matter the content - all fiction is fine as long as nobody was harmed in the creation of it. If an actress was coerced into sucking off an exec for her job on daytime TV, that's worse than someone drawing loli or shota torture porn because someone was ACTUALLY HARMED.

No. 1680949

People like you have something to hide.

No. 1680950

If they’re free (kek) to draw it, we’re free to be disgusted and disturbed by realistic graphic violence against women

No. 1680952

Just report don't engage

No. 1680954

Why the fuck would someone who openly advocates for principled artistic freedom have something to hide? It literally draws attention from puritan shitheads?

The moids who crusade against that shit are the most likely to be abusers btw (but it's not smoking gun evidence.) They go overboard in trying to keep heat off themselves because they don't wanna lose all their social connections, and they avoid going to therapy because if word got out that's why they went they also lose all their social support. Sometimes people just do it for social point scoring though cause they have literally nothing else to do.

The fact you aren't more disgusted by the CCP oppressing people is telling

No. 1680956

>ok fine cp harms children and is disgusting, BUT in 2d form it's completely fine based on the technicality that it doesnt harm any irl children, so naysayers are just meanies who hate mere cartoons!
This male probably believes every word he's saying but nona if you're female you're missing the forest for the trees here about why drawn cp is still gross, and-

Oh just as I was typing this you said
>if an irl woman is sexually coerced into doing stuff yeah that's bad but a drawing about the exact same thing is fine cos no irl women were harmed
So you also believe every word of that screenshot. Perhaps you're not female, or perhaps you hope a moid like this will pick you cos you're totes cool with cp you're one of the guys and you're so edgy. Respect yourself a little more, ok?(bait)

No. 1680957

kindly an hero scrote.

No. 1680964

I bet you believe in the jaws effect too lol
I don't even like the art, it looks gross to me. i just have principles

No. 1680966

>The fact you aren't more disgusted by the CCP oppressing people is telling
men dont count as people

No. 1680972

imagine believing men deserve freedome of speech, that's a right only reserved for women silly scrote

No. 1680974

I'm so sure, and your 'principles' include creatign child exploitation content as long as it's 2D. Men like you are so empty.

No. 1680990

No matter how disgusting something is, you have to prove that it's caused/causing a specific person harm. Not just with loli shit or guro torture porn shit, with anything at any time.

No. 1681000

it has been proven already that men that commit heinous crimes have gruesome porn in their hdd, how dense can you be. ''muh freeze peach'' only exists to shield moids, women arent drawing amputated men hanging from walls while being punched and blood comming out of their asshole or forming nambla-type organizations. Free speech should only exist for women.

No. 1681031

Don't argue with him. He's one of those people who'll defend anything in fiction so long as it makes his dick hard. The cognitive dissonance these people have under the guise of "but it's not real" is so out of touch.
Works of art do not exist within a vacuum. Take an art history class at least once.

No. 1681044

Cultivation theory is bullshit, sorry. Art is not all propaganda

No. 1681066

You're a man and you unironically don't believe 2d cp is a gateway, nothing you say means anything. Go back to 4chan and frolic with other edgefags, you are lost.

No. 1681081

>continues parroting logic used by tims on twitter

No. 1681084

You must unironically be exactly that if you're jumping through these hoops to deduce something so asinine and unrelated
>tims say 2d cp is bad

No. 1681088

File: 1693278780248.jpg (83.9 KB, 803x768, EhVaO5KWoAIDgr0.jpg)

No. 1681097

Do you think you distract from the fact that you're a man by sharing these memes?

No. 1681105

Do you think you distract from how you write awfully like a tim by accusing others of being men?

No. 1681112

Why do you think there arent more female ryona artists(outside of moids being more prone to violence)? Women do make gore art, but it sadly always depict women being killed, like that russian artist anon linked a few posts ago. I wish there were more female artists drawing male ryona. Do you think it has something to do with women always being judged harder than men(like that faggot angry at the mild femdom webtoon)? I feel like women tend to be judged harsher for what they draw compared to men.

No. 1681115

A woman making that kind of art a.) Wouldnt happen and b.) Would be burned at the stake if it did

No. 1681118


I've actully seen a lot of female artists drawing male ryona or at the very least male whump, probably they're a bit harder to find so you really need to curate your follows similarly to the nona from earlier who wanted to follow guro artists but wanted to avoid the candygore gendie shit and the serial killer groupies.

No. 1681120

File: 1693279878326.jpg (148.65 KB, 1024x566, 1660997449733546.jpg)

my motivation to getting gud is drawing male ryona, i will get there someday nonnies i promise

No. 1681124


No. 1681128

The only one i know is Hiero, she doesnt seem to like rt male ryona art which makes me thinks they are near non existent

No. 1681129

Where the fuck do you find good pictures of faces to use as reference that actually look like real people and not models/photoshop? Google images is mostly shit and Pinterest even more so.
What sites do experienced artists use for references?

No. 1681139

Screenshot movies and TV shows?

No. 1681140

it would be nice to have an adjacent thread for cool references, the ones on /ic/ always get hijacked by coomers

No. 1681160

Not my thing but a general tag for that is 男リョナ or リョナ+腐向け

No. 1681174

Humans of New York tumblr. National Geographic magazine. Getty Images. Or just go outside and look at people.

No. 1681175

Female erotic guro artist here, yeah moids chimp out at the mere implication of a man being hurt in guro. I like drawing both men and women (I love horror and eroticism) but its hard to feel good posting female art due to a ton of men just being into it cause they have a vendetta against women, you can't go a day without there being requests of a certain female character being tortured because the moid doesn't like her and wants to see her punished. Drawing all of this shit made me wanna never date men again kek. Also tip, avoid military men, a lot of them turn out to be into guro.

No. 1681176

Asking out of curiosity, what is the appeal for you in seeing women tortured and hurt? Guro of women makes me feel sick, so I don't know what another woman would get out of drawing it. But thank you for creating male guro, we need more of it.

No. 1681181

Morbid curiosity and masochism, I wanted to make stuff that fell in line with horror. Socializing with other women who do guro made me realize we tend to prefer it in specific contexts rather than just damaging a body part that is typically sexualized. That being said I'm aware of the nature of the work and I don't expect others to be accepting of it, its literally graphic violent content.

No. 1681192

I've came across a lot of it when looking at women's fan art of more edgy male characters like Jojo villains on places like pixiv and twitter. Guts and all, too much for me but try searching for a male characters name and R18G on pixiv.

No. 1681254

that's edgy fanart though, not male ryona

No. 1681260

You don't think eroguro art of men count if its fan art? I'm confused.

No. 1681261

edgy art isnt eroguro

No. 1681275

why is her vagina a fucking rose flower? he should stick to drawing penises only, but i guess even shit orifices like this is enough for the average het moid to coom.

No. 1681403

You don't get my post at all. R18-G is the guro tag on Pixiv. Many female fanartists draw gore art of male characters from edgy and violent media because that kind of media draws in that type of audience.

No. 1681423

still not guro, it's just edgy fanart

No. 1681427

What is the difference?

No. 1681428

What do you think the G in R18-G stands for.

No. 1681430

guro is sexual
its just gore, gore=/=guro

No. 1681439

>i have never looked at that disgusting, often sexual tag but somehow I'm an expert

No. 1681441

guro is anime/weeby gore
eroguro is sexual anime/weeby gore
gore is real life/non-anime/non-weeby gore

No. 1681442

guro is just shorthand for grotesque. It means gore. The sexual term is ero-guro. Although "guro" is sometimes used for short or as an euphemism.

No. 1681446

some of you are so dense, no, edgy anime villian n25624 with some blood splattered in his face or a yangire smile isnt ryona. give me men being stomped on their balls while their teeths are being pulled off, not that lame edgy 14yo shit.

No. 1681447

I didn't say it was, I just pointed out you didn't know what a word meant, chill. You have the word "ryona" anyway so why don't you use that ?

No. 1681448

Example of shit you find in that tag, just to show everyone how ridiculous you're being. Massive content warning of course.

No. 1681451

it genuinely doesnt matter

No. 1681454

yeah, thats gore art. thats not ryona.

No. 1681455

why did you mass reply to 3 different anons explaining you the terms then if it doesn't matter?

No. 1681457

to call you out for being dense

No. 1681480

Just need to vent but whenever I'm getting feedback from either colleagues or peers I often feel really talked down to by men. I don't think I've ever felt this way when talking to a fellow female artist, not to say that women can't do it, but even if they tell me to change something or give feedback they don't make me feel incompetent. I've had a couple notable encounters with men not speaking to me like a fellow peer even if we have similar experience but borderline talking down to me and sometimes the advice they give is just plain fucking bad. It makes me feel like I'm going crazy and fills me with self doubt even when I'm doing well. Wasn't sure if I should put this here but it is art related wanted to know if other anons have had similar experiences

No. 1681553

Anons, which courses or books made you progress the most?

No. 1681587

File: 1693319414762.jpg (26.71 KB, 365x500, 1681983745.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_SX50…)

Morpho: Anatomy for artists and Hampton's figure drawing book

No. 1681591

Is art a shit/cringe hobby to have? I've realised it's heavily populated by women and any such field pays little to nothing. I'm really good at what I do so it's too late to rewind time and get into computers in 7th grade. Le sigh

No. 1681593

Why don’t you just do things you like regardless

No. 1681594

Humans only do things with a profit incentive.

No. 1681599

No offense to you nonnie because I'm sure someone made you feel insecure but that is the stupidest question I ever heard, is art shit/cringe as a hobby. That's just childish. Why are you basing your hobbies around what other people might think of them? Not even your level of skill, but just the fact that you partake in the hobby? Just do what you enjoy nonnie, it doesn't matter what anyone's opinion is on any aspect of it. It's cringe to ask this question kek

No. 1681600

Are you an AI? You gotta grow up.

No. 1681605

If only human beings were that efficient and goal-oriented. Just draw and have fun if you have the time, don’t be a calculated cynic about it

No. 1681681

IME men seem to be socialized among other men to where they speak in firm statements, not suggestions, if that makes sense? Like, they tend to really only focus on a specific problem and ignore other context that could be influencing why a woman may be struggling. I think that's kind of why the (debunked) theory that autism was just "extreme male brain syndrome" was taken seriously for a few years. I feel like there's just some kind of big cultural barrier between women & men, and that could be where many misogynistic stereotypes come from (or why some men stupidly think they're valid.) It really feels similar to how ethnic stereotypes form: a man misunderstands what a woman is saying and communicating to him, and ignorantly dismisses it as "a woman thing" instead of thinking about what he might be missing. But I have also noticed that other women rarely give mercy to the occassional man who seems to genuinely back up and try to learn after he crosses a woman's line he didn't see.

It might be the artist circle(s) you like accidentally let in some sociopathic "ladder climber" men in them. Like the kind of moids that are too stupid to be CEOs but have similar personality traits. While I have seen psycho women too, they tend to be way less overtly demeaning (unless they have severe BPD, like Frosk is a huge trainwreck example there). I remember being on the sidelines when one of my friends' FF14 FCs was ruined by a crazy woman who slowly turned half the FC's opinion against the leader using gossip and gaslighting, then dragged them all off to make a new one with her (I think) tim e-fuckbuddy.

I feel the struggle with finding stable peer groups that are supportive and inocculated against shitheads.

No. 1681735

Aw yeah you go nona you have my support

No. 1681749

thanks nonna, will check these out

No. 1681776

>avoid military men, a lot of them turn out to be into guro
Which makes sense, unfortunately. I even have a female friend in the military who likes it, she's also a gendie. Most people in the military are some kind of mentally ill istg, why else would they be attracted to the job?

No. 1681806

How is it that you're "good at what you do" and yet you're so bothered by what gender dominates the medium? Have you done any research? There's alot of male artists as well, you just gotta do some digging to find them. Given that someone just said how 'men speak in absolutes', is it possible you're a male intimidated by females just living live? I mean c'mon. Do what you want and find a way to make it work for you.

No. 1681911

Nonna I know this is a bit hypocritical since we're on an imageboard but it sounds like you spend way too much time around miserable moids on 4chan. You're best off eliminating the word cringe from your vocabulary because the fear of it should never stop you from enjoying safe and normal hobbies like art.

No. 1681922

Stop taking to heart what men think. Maybe I'm autistic, but I've never felt personally offended by art critique, and I've been ripped to shreds by male teachers. Just approach your art from the most clinical standpoint when asking for critique, like the art doesn't even belong to you. Male opinion will always be tinged with a sense of superiority originating from their monkey brains when they talk to women, they can't help it.

No. 1681942

It's less about what's actually being said and more about how I'm being treated if that makes sense. I've had some pretty harsh crit before and it usually doesn't phase me but this feels different. Probably shouldn't have posted just got fed up with the blatant sexism that myself and other women experience

No. 1681976

you reek of underage. You can also do both, i draw and i fix puters for a living, although if you are a cocomelon brained zoomie i understand your pea brain doesn't have the capacity to hold that much information.

No. 1682218

My female superiors are so much nicer and helpful with feedback compared to my male one lmao. You're not alone.

No. 1682225

lmao when i have to deal with talking to men about art feedback i just get on their level. if they get rough with me, i play their game and talk rough to them too. if there's one thing i've learned in my life interacting with boys and men is that you gotta play their game aka play rough otherwise not only you'll hurt yourself but there are bigger chances that they'll notice you're feeling hurt and then shit even more on you for it because they're dumbasses.

one thing though is that men do relay feedback in a different way and you pretty much have to "decode" it. they usually don't explain themselves very clearly so you gotta do some of the "translating" work yourself. sometimes the guy genuinely wants to give you feedback but he's just shit at explaining himself because of what >>1681681 said, aka men are usually taught from a young age to act and talk a certain direct and blunt way.

by best advice is: if you're not willing to put on the boy mask and butt heads back, don't go to men for art feedback if you're able to.

No. 1682443

Being in a women’s art group and getting crit had a completely different energy from a male art group. It was night and day. I appreciate men’s critique more because they’re blunt but at the same time having a few compliments helps soften it. Most men can do that.

No. 1682445

Men aren’t honest in their feedback. They always 100% want something for themselves out of it. They flatter you to get in your pants, undermine you if they’re jealous or bitter or they only give you good feedback so you’ll give it to them. If you give them negative yet constructive feedback they will repay you by nitpicking and lying about you in return.

No. 1682523

yeah it happened the same to me. with women it was like:
>hey, can you please critic my art? i feel like something is off.
>oh but it's already good! you don't need to change anything!

and with men it was like:
>hey, can you please critic my art? i feel like something is off.
>yeah the anatomy sucks and the figure is stiff, also the lineart is inconsistent.

and then they would give me a red line of my sketch where I could actually see the mistakes. believe it or not this helped me a lot to improve my art. apparently women are afraid of hurting your feelings or being mean, but in reality that only slows you down in your artistic progress because you never know where you're failing.

No. 1682536

> A lot of western industry artists get very depressed and angsty over the fact they have to be working on other peoples' shows and such and might never get lead, while eastern artists seem fine with this arrangement…?

It's something I could never wrap my head around. I feel like it's probably a Western culture thing? Do Westerners just loathe the idea of working for someone else to that extent and prioritize the mentality of being "my own boss"? I don't think it's bad but the way it manifests in the online art community is jus tso weird to me. In Western artist communities the highest goal seems to be doing commissions. I just don't understand it.

No. 1682540

Hampton's anatomy course/book
Steve Huston's head course
Proko's figure drawing course
Draw A Box
Dynamic Sketching, helped a lot with my line art

I know this is very /beg/ tier but they helped me a lot.
But I also feel like they contributed to some kind of stagnation especially Hampton since he's so sketchy and it encourages my chicken scratches

No. 1682546

File: 1693406116979.png (167.3 KB, 633x803, Screenshot 2023-08-30 173613.p…)

Has anyone been following what's going on with OCC? From what I understand the admins have started promoting a website called Group-Buy.Club where people pool in their money to buy courses (mainly Coloso, which is very hard because it puts the users/students IP on each frame of the video or something like that)
There's been this back and forth nagging about how unfair the group buy is because the people who pay have access to the course but it's not available on OCC.
It's been kind of funny trying to decipher what's going on but the broken English makes it hard.
I really hope whatever bs is going on doesn't take the website down, it's invaluable and has many useful courses. /ic/ can't be trusted since one of the jannies deleted the main torrent one day because of transphobia on the board iirc.

No. 1682687

Not trying to be a pickme but in all honesty I've had more shit feedback from women than from men. With men they usually tell me to my face what's wrong or if something looks bad, meanwhile with women I need to ask them three, four times before they actually stop giving me empty praise and actually give me more consistent criticism that isn't "oh but it's not that bad" and even then they tend to sugarcoat their critiques to hell and back as if to not hurt my feelings or something.

No. 1682702


I agree. I'd rather face the hard truth than empty praise. The hard truth helps you improve where you went wrong so you can move forward with your artistic journey. Empty praise makes you believe there is nothing wrong with your art and you settle for it instead of actually improving.

No. 1682703

Western societies are more individualistic, built on the ideations of meritocracy like the delusion of the American Dream. Work hard and you'll reach your exact life's dream. In more communal societies like Japan and Korea, you're expected to do your part for the greater community. You join a company after university and work there ideally for life. It's normal and acceptable to be one of many putting your health and life on the line for the few above you. I don't think it's better than the West but it explains the mindset.

No. 1682717

I work in a creative field and some males are definitely more condescending and "mansplain" obvious things to me when talking to me compared to females lol (bonus points if they get the thing wrong)
I just let it slide because while it is sexist, I think they're trying to "impress" me with how smart they are rather than tell me I'm stupid. Even if they do look down on me a bit I don't mind because then it keeps their expectations low and they won't overload me with work so I'm not burned out when I get home and want to do my personal more fun art kek

No. 1682727

Sorry anon I don’t know what this is about. Is it a site or discord with art resources?

Yes lmao I’ve had that experience. Like I’m not working on a coloring page with my pretty markers for social. I need crit because something looks off and I can’t see it.

Also has anyone had success with the Reilly method? Proko was taught it and touched on it in a few videos but he seems to have moved to Loomis or ended up combining the two, it’s hard for me to tell. I like Reilly in some ways better but I feel like I have stupid fingers when I try to practice.

No. 1682735

Jesus Christ even as a fellow Burgerlander you have been brainwashed by the car-dependent infrastructure teet and it shows. How is wanting a walkable or bike friendly city that is accessible for people who don’t have a car or access to decent public transportation “champagne socialism”? Your country prioritizes parking garages and car based infrastructure over people and basic common sense city planning that would benefit everyone. For the love of god leave your American suburb and realize that your dependence on expensive made to break automobiles is manufactured.(derailing)

No. 1682736

Honestly a lot of men are bad at crit but because they sound harsh or blunt people somehow think that's good crit when a lot of what they say is hot air or they aren't speaking from a place of experience. I kind of hate what this discussion turned into which is why I deleted but I digress.

No. 1682764

File: 1693421320032.jpeg (197.09 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_0753.jpeg)

Love this artist’s style and love buff ladies as much as the next girl but apparently this OC is a she/her.

Sure, bucko.

No. 1682765

File: 1693421354290.jpeg (620.13 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_0752.jpeg)

(Some more artwork)

No. 1682769

Seen her work around and had to do a double take at the she/her. I love masculine buff women but these drawings really don't read that way to me at all. I usually get annoyed seeing people call someone drawing masculine women manly but these legit just don't read as women to me.

No. 1682773

Nonas, I'm looking for a 365-days drawing exercise thing. I know there is Draw A Box, for example, but is there anything else out there that will make you draw, using good lessons so you improve throughout the year? If it's a book and not online it's okay for me, too.

No. 1682832

Buff women still have female anatomy. This is literally just "draw a man, call it a woman". Buff women don't look like men, even if they're professional bodybuilders they still have the anatomy of a woman.

No. 1682847

File: 1693426841990.png (1.51 MB, 1156x1255, differnce.png)

some women can be bulky especially the women you see in CrossFit but even then there are differences how women muscle looks and male…the artist just drew a literal man and called it a woman

No. 1682854

I go back and forth on this artist. I thought she was trying to give more butch rep at first but the more I look at her work, the less I'm sure of that kek.

No. 1682857

The artist probably slapped on a "she is trans!!1!" sticker on the drawing for brownie points. I love buff and butch ladies so much but I hate when people draw a literal male and say it's a she/her or call him a butch girl.

No. 1682860

don't women in crossfit get super fucked up long term health issues cause the sport literally destroys their bodies.

No. 1682861

OCC is a website that uploads paid courses for free, mostly art courses. The screenshot I uploaded is from their telegram group chat.

I remember reading an article about how in Japan there's a trend of younger gen abandoning their family business in pursuit of working at a company. I don't think that would happen in the West would it?
You could dedicate one month for specific topics.
I came across an art guide called the "solo artist curriculum " and it's supposed to last for 2 years according to the creator but I think it's a bit unrealistic. The best thing about it is it provides a list of books and courses you could follow.

Alternatively you could make a theme for every month on what topics you want to improve on eg: figure drawing, environment art, composition, colour, perspective etc

No. 1682864

Source? What the fuck

No. 1682901


No. 1682902

Pretty lame.

No. 1682977

anyone here has experience with the website domestika? not sure if the art courses there are worth it. basically, i want to start fresh. i'm not a beginner, but i lack skills

No. 1682989

pirate the courses, most are done by anime artists and not worth the price

No. 1683020

I've gotten one or two on sale that were okay. Usually by actually professionals though. If you like the artist and are familiar with them it can be worth it for like 10 dollars

No. 1683029

>The views in comparison to the first one
it failed lol

No. 1683078

File: 1693449701216.jpg (144.64 KB, 847x1200, F3GvSpTXoBc73Go.jpg)

I would hardly call this salt but I unironically love when an artist posts commissions and its something like this […]

No. 1683079

File: 1693449754753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.19 KB, 1200x1094, F3yPGnSW8AAsEoy.jpg)

While their personal art looks like this. We love a multifaceted artist. It's so funny

No. 1683094

Are they on the same account? That would create confusion kek

No. 1683100

Yes, I admire the boldness

No. 1683140

whos the artist?

No. 1683148

I didnt save their @, they're on Twitter though.

No. 1683186

It’s like society’s accidental answer to drawing regular anime girls and calling them otoko no musumes, kek

No. 1683205

Honestly that’s my aim lol. Not the furry part but being this flexible

No. 1683208

What do you specifically want to start with?
Domestika’s courses depends a lot more on the artist so don’t just shop around for a “figure drawing” course. And like >>1682989 said, pirate the course and see before paying.

No. 1683336

Not this shit again, I swear someone in this thread just hates this artist and nonchalantly tries to bring her up all the time just to seethe about her women being too masculine and then we go through the same fucking "REEE THIS IS JUST DRAWING A MAN CALLING IT A WOMAN BUHHH" cycle for the billionth time. Who gives a shit, so many men draw loli traps that this should be more common just to piss moids off.

No. 1683359


If it was for work, like the criticisms and comments I get, my female superiors don't tell me not to change anything but they empathize with my decisions more. Otherwise I don't bother asking criticism from people, including women), who I know won't really help.

No. 1683447

I groan every time. The way anons talk about muscular women pisses me off, last time the artist was brought up someone posted a drawing where the chest was more visible and suddenly it was fine and I guess female enough. It's annoying as fuck to see and they can't even show other examples of "draw a man, call it a woman" because barely anyone draws that while the reverse is very prevalent. And talking about how the shape isn't female enough is crazy anyway, do they not realize what they sound like

No. 1683497

I mean, she's just like those moids that draw women but call them traps. I'm all for drawings of buff women, but she's just drawing men. So nothing changes, there are still no drawings of buff women on the internet.

No. 1683507

>so many men draw loli traps that this should be more common just to piss moids off.
I noticed this too but thought I was just being a paranoid pedo hunter. So many traps are identical to lolis with bulges and it's sus how none of these scrotes are openly into shota unless it's straight.

No. 1683563

Kek recognized the art right away; their name is HORIKWAWATARU on twitter but they have an active weibo too.

No. 1683910

cuntboys are a plague just like trapshit

No. 1683949

I think its hilarious

No. 1683976

its all fun and games until your husbando gets depicted as a woman

No. 1683978

File: 1693534921102.png (682.87 KB, 894x894, 1689215843744.png)

That wouldn't bother me at all, I claim no ownership over any man fictitious or 3D.

No. 1683980

File: 1693535040355.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, 1687658377757.png)

I do, and i wont let any gendie disrepct him

No. 1683984

Hes got the pinkest wettest tightest pussy I've ever seen, you're lucky

No. 1683986

ok lebanese

No. 1683989

Maybe not salt (?) but this reminds me of some russian artist i met on a small site who also drew women in a simple artstyle and thick lineart. Really liked her art, altough i think they were not this buff or had more curves

No. 1683992

looked her up she went full tif lmao

No. 1684032


No. 1684074

You love to project your neuroses on to other people. Thank you for validating me I guess.

No. 1684130

File: 1693550533247.jpeg (31.22 KB, 275x273, IMG_0694.jpeg)

Saged, ik there’s a fine line between troon stuff where cuntboy artworks are made by TIFs to project onto but am I the only one who finds the concept alone hot? Not a TIF but a genuinely male character who was hit by a spell or smth and now has female genitalia I can’t be the only person here who finds it saucy despite the fact that afab fandom so often uses it as self-insert (I usually just ignore the scars on artwork) (also I’m not talking about gender swap stuff that’s different I don’t want to fuck a girl version of my favourite male character) (yes I am fujo trash grow up)(newfag)

No. 1684133

File: 1693551027453.png (46.01 KB, 144x357, bananers.png)

>want to make femdom and female-gaze art
>realize most women are into maledom and webtoon-tier romance with kpoop sexdoll looking female self inserts or cutesy kind do no wrong uwu fem self insert
>most than likely i will get cancelled by other women for it
i dont want men jacking off to my art, but at this point i have accepted i am the only weirdo who likes to see big fat women raping young men and therefore it's my duty to make the internet worse by unleashing it

No. 1684135

File: 1693551380514.gif (169.71 KB, 220x220, k.gif)

>afab fandom
are you calling being a woman a fandom?

No. 1684137


No. 1684138

Saged, you don’t have to misinterpret what I said on bad faith- I clearly meant fans who are women. If I made a couple vocab or grammar mistakes it not hard to overlook and not clog up the thread.

No. 1684144

>announcing your sage
>in /ot/
>unironically using 'afab'
you do know this site is pretty mean to newfags, right?

No. 1684145

Does anyone know of a figure drawing app that lets you upload your own images? all of the figure drawing pages have been infested by gross fat gendies and i have alerady done the ones on yt a bazillion times

No. 1684153

They're not cuntboys if they're women, retard.

No. 1684159

based artnonita

No. 1684162

I write femdom erotica and I can feel your pain, godspeed based nona.

No. 1684319

does anyone else have weird features/body parts that make it harder to use yourself as reference? i usually pose and take pics as ref but i have slight knock knees so i can’t use my legs for reference, lest my characters be knock kneed too. it makes things harder cause i have to search instead

No. 1684334

File: 1693577893365.webm (4.06 MB, 1080x720, ssstwitter.com_1693577721878.w…)

ive seen this mostly on jap ai art twitter but it seems that ai animation is getting better..what are your views on this nonnies? sure you can retouch some frames to make it look better but strangely i think in this aspect ai is helpful to animators more like a tool if they based it off their own models (although im sure their pay is going to get worse now..)

No. 1684365

Yes, my hands and ears are both weirdly small so I tend to draw all my characters with disproportionately tiny hands and ears if I don't pay enough attention. In fact it took me a long time to realize I had this tendency because it never looked 'off' to me until I started doing more realistic photo studies with other people as references.

No. 1684377

Yes, I have hitchhiker's thumb, and have to be careful when using my hand as a reference. I also have extremely sunken in eyes, and my skull shape used to make me extremely 'biased' when drawing head shapes. It's hard to realized the influence it has on you, I think.

No. 1684386

I never use myself as reference, but I think the reason why I tend to draw short torsos is because I have a short torso. It's like a subconscious thing, so I watch out for that. I've noticed that the faces artists draw on their characters sort of resemble the artist too. Loish is the first that came to mind. I wonder how much of our art style is out of our control in that sense.

No. 1684439


No. 1684558

Normally I defend fujos but if you start watching cuntboy there is a high possibility that you will become a tif so better stop watching that, you contribute to ruining today's gay yaoi

No. 1684578

no you're right and you should say it. fiction is fiction, sometimes you're in the mood to see hetero sex but the rest of the female body is a massive turn off. I don't like it in "serious" bl though, stuff that isn't basically just porn.

No. 1684585

>sometimes you're in the mood to see hetero sex but the rest of the female body is a massive turn off
Can you fujos keep your misogyny in the yaoi thread? Please?

No. 1684588

>it's misogynistic to not be sexually attracted to women

No. 1684595

I'm sorry you hate yourself so much that the sight of the female body bothers you, but you still want to consume porn with vaginas because you are, in fact, still a heterosexual woman

No. 1684597

She's not being misogynistic, she's talking about what she's in the mood to see. You're being a little antagonistic, anon.
In my experience, women and girls troon out from yaoi + TRA bullshit via tumblr exposure, they only start drawing cuntboys post-pronouns because they now view it as "rep" rather than a fetish fantasy. Strangely, I see men posting about cuntboys more often than tifs, and tifs tried to retroactively make it about activism.

No. 1684636

>you are, in fact, still a heterosexual woman
duh. as opposed to what, a self inserting gayden? I'm just not into women and boobs sexually, sorry. tifs are women, cuntboy is made up. everything is hotter when a hot guy does it. it isn't a self hatred thing.(cuntboy sperg)

No. 1684640

>men posting more cuntboy than women and tif
Keeek that's a lie, surely those "men" are really tifs, because men would rather masturbate whit trap and futanari than that. In general women and tif are who more like cuntboy
If back in the day cb shit happened after girls turned into tifs, now there is so much art of it that girls prefer to consume it before yaoi.(derailing)

No. 1684642

Cuntboys have been getting posted on 4chan since like 2012. At least. It's not a new troon phenomenon.

No. 1684649

I think of cuntboys as just tomboys with flat chests, they're cute. Most of the people who obsess over them are trans identifying women who see themselves in them I guess. Though I'd argue that the men posting traps and futas are gay/bi and it's much less common for them to post it nowadays.

No. 1684670

are women who like futa straight or bi

No. 1684676

>giving the submissive/degraded character female genitalia

No. 1684679

what if they both are cuntboys

No. 1684703

bi. if they were only into real tim porn that'd be one thing but seeking out cartoon girls with dicks is another. the tiny percentage of women I've seen who like it like it in lesbian shipping.

I think they men are bi too, I've seen too many cuckchan vent posts where a guy fucks a "trap" irl and feels disgusted during and after because of how obviously male he is. they'd only be into little boys irl whether they admit it or not.

now who said that ? I only like it when it's on the guy a feeble minded plebian might assume to be the top

No. 1684800

would you really watch an anime that looks like that? it looks like uttershit, i am glad japanese artists are severely autistic and would rather draw their loli ecchi fanservice anime completly in hand than resort to this garbage

No. 1684816

File: 1693612534109.jpg (13.56 KB, 324x324, my disgust.jpg)

i really hate the rise of cuntboy art, we literally cant even have men anymore, everything has to be force-feminized to catter to men or masochistic women. Happened to cute anime boys like link being turned into ''femboys'' to appease moids without them feeling ''gay'', then tumblirinas transwashing every male character they came across, and now tifs and insecure ''totally not bi guyzz haha'' closseted women taking men, normally from franchises that are supposed to pander to straight women like genshin, and giving them vaginas to be penetrated, because women cant be voyouristic like men and enjoy cute men jacking off or being penetrated by other cute boys, or even enjoy a woman in a dominant position over a man, we always have to be the penetrated ones, the ones being looked and judged. The worst part is that most of them dont even tag their shit, i have seen a lot even complain that cuntboy is a misogynistic transphobic whateverphobic term and refuse to tag their shit, because they are genuinely mentally ill and think those are ''men'' and therefore straight women want to see it. Meanwhile women who make art with slight femdom or female power fantasy tones get shit-on and nitpicked left and right for not even a quarter of what men do. We fucking cant have shit, we are forced to be oogled irl, in normal art, and now art that's supposed to be for women.(cuntboy sperging)

No. 1684837

How about you just draw what you want to see, turn off comments, and block the haters. That's literally what moid artists do.

No. 1684841

how about tifs invest in therapy and stop flooding tags made for straight female artists to post cute boys.

No. 1684921

I worry this conversation will cause the thread to derail. Most of lolcow is not to be trusted with it kek.

Cool and all but how is it going to stick to a character design? Though experemental AI animation has its uses, Vulvine queen of ecstasy fwatured a segment with it.

No. 1684934

This entire conversation is so stupid because people like you who don't get it will project their own weird ideas of what it means to draw a guy with a pussy when it's oftentimes much simpler. I'm sure a lot of people draw it for the same reason moids draw futa and dick-growing; it's relatable, the artist knows what it feels like to have that and that's why it makes drawing porn easier or more enjoyable. If you don't like it you can block and if you want to see something else you can draw it yourself. But I genuinely hope your husbando is never drawn with a dick again(derailing, infighting)

No. 1684942

No matter how much you cry about it, it will never be but a sign of mental illness to want to change someone's biological anatomy, specially for coom(derailing, infighting)

No. 1684951

Where did all these cuntboyfags come from

No. 1684955

Genuinely, just ignore them. Recently there's been a wave of people coming from Twitter, all with porn-sickness, in a bunch of threads trying to defend their coomer-antics.
AI art will never be able to animate and track individual shapes, so it will always look weird. They jitter and the art style/face changes with each frame. Maybe in 5 years, it will rival humans, but at this point, it's only good for still imagery

No. 1684958

>it's only good for still imagery
it's not even good for that

No. 1684960

>want to make a dominant female protag that's the opposite of the typical virtuous, pure and chaste pretty girl
>my tastes in 2d males are unconventional to say the least

but you should do it anyway nona, infact, I should do it too. The more women do what they please in art, the more normalized it will be, more women will be encouraged to do the same, and thus less likely to get criticized by virtue-signallers.

No. 1684962

why are most male references in figure drawing so pudgy? they are either super fat or old or both. DO NOT go to line of action and select male models, you will be jumpscared with every single image. At this point i search gay porn when i need male refs, otherwise i get assaulted by hideous physiques.

No. 1684968

Cuntboys should not bother you. Just scroll past. Be comfortable in your sexualities or whatever. Look at the bigger picture and that is that it pisses off men so much.

No. 1684980

>you should be ok with tranny art because it pisses men off
I want whatever brainwashing you have. I can't tell if it's TiFs projecting or lesbians in the closet. Maybe women who can only imagine erotica that includes female genitalia due to non-women-catering porn dominating media. I personally don't care about cuntboys, but I also think they're cringe.
You're right, the only "good" ones I've seen have been touched up by humans. It'll never be good on its own.

No. 1684992

you're right though, quickposes has a mix of super thin, buff, and a middle age man who has tons of pics. the women are of course beautiful in varying ways. ngl i could use some half naked refs of thin and thin muscle males in various poses.

No. 1684999

I dont think really hard about it. In fact I tend to avoid being reactive to things that bother me and swiftly scroll pass! Maybe thats why I can touch on this subject without having personal attachments. Hope this helps!

No. 1685023

Having an opinion on an art trend does not mean you have a personal attachment to it lol

No. 1685050

>cuntboys geting discussed for once in a lifetime
>jannie feels the need to redtext it
Since when do men care about women with internalized misogyny ruining yaoi with their self-insert fantasies?

No. 1685086

File: 1693636510818.jpg (Spoiler Image, 918.88 KB, 1472x1726, liefeldface.jpg)

Maybe ot but kind of a weird coincidence, it really hit me the other day just how much Rob Liefeld has never had a thought like this in his life. Everyone gets his face or at least part of it, even women. The reason he draws eyes so tiny and far apart is because he has small, widely-spaced eyes. Everyone has that shape of mouth because he has that shape of mouth. The eyebrows, as well.
This is probably exactly what you're trying to avoid but I'm just saying, give everyone your knock knees just to get the pose down if you want, remember you can always redraw it later too if it bothers you.

No. 1685099

I'll never understand the concept of only drawing yourself over and over.

No. 1685206

i know right? it's so obnoxious, at first i though ''oh well variety hasn't hurted anyone and it's better to get out of your comfort zone'' but looking back at it, why was i forcing myself to draw old ugly moids when i want to draw qte ones? it's also pretty useless as studies because i cant see the landmarks hidden in between layers of fatness and roided muscles.

No. 1685347

You're gonna rise like a star, and I'll be right there on your future patron.

No. 1685364

His drawings are so ugly how did he have a successful career.

No. 1685371

I love femdom, not into the 'big fat' part, but I'm all for women making more femdom that they want to see. I love seeing women happy. If it makes the moids and handmaidens cry, you double down and become a master at that shit.
There will be other women who want to see your work. I am seriously convinced that a large portion of women, at the very least, enjoy FLR and/or femdom more than they like to admit. They're too scared to embrace because they want that sweet male approval. Women are naturally more dominant, it's just stifled by society.

No. 1685386

File: 1693671277857.jpg (227.12 KB, 683x1024, 20220802-0D0A5118-683x1024.jpg)

Might be best to just curate your own using a basic gallery app or just nested folders. That's what I've had to resort to.

I also have hitchhiker's thumb, in both hands, no less. Since it's so minor, I've adopted it as a signature feature for whenever the hands are visible.

I like using Muscle Plus (https://freephotomuscle.com/) since they have the body type ranges in men that I like to draw. They're fit but still slender.
The scenarios are silly and cute, but the guys are nice-looking. Might not be your type, but it might help others. Picrel.

No. 1685395

File: 1693672529789.jpg (126.81 KB, 1024x768, 20210214-DSC05142-1024x768.jpg)

God yes anon please make your art. We need more of that in this world.
Nta but thanks for this link anon!

No. 1685400

Please, the world needs more female-gaze femdom.

No. 1685401

There's a big contest in my area of the country, so I definitely sent one of my femicide installations in. It's horrible because two judges know my parents. One is dead, the other doesn't give a shit so there's no nepotism, but my dad was a piece of shit in general to people so I can see how that might get back to me. No matter the merit and how far I've distanced myself from my parents art. It's a no win scenario no matter my entry. My mother tried talking me into using a different name. I couldn't do it, felt even more fake.

I hate Europe's art scene very, very much.

No. 1685402

File: 1693672917883.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.9 KB, 500x633, 191573443.jpg)

they look too roided up for my taste, i wanted the app to make timed figures. I will ask on ic, i hope it does exist because i am so tired of uggo men. I really love this type of physique but it seems extinct nowadays, i hate when i can see the veins in the moid its so repulsive.

No. 1685449

I hope it goes better than expected, nona. People can't fault you for your your dad's behavior.

A couple of the website's models have that kind of physique, but that it's obvious some of them do that dehydration thing before the photoshoots, hence the veins. I just stick to the contours.
Looks like you want something along the lines of a swimmer's physique.

No. 1685473

>how did he have a successful career
Publishers don't care if your art is good they care if you can draw 5-12 pages a day without it being so bad that it kicks the consoomers out of their sunk-cost fallacy

No. 1685489

yeah i mostly just use gay models from 70s/80s magazines, they had best physiques and actually had good hair so i can do my anatomy and hair reps

No. 1685496

Where do you find that kind of thing?

No. 1685502

gay porn sites that have image hosting check mygaysites lol

No. 1685509

It might be bad but I've as a client told an artist I'm backing out of the commission (before money was exchanged) when we went 4 weeks from me describing the idea and them agreeing but never giving a sketch or any communication afterwards

No. 1685523

>They're too scared to embrace because they want that sweet male approval
that makes zero (0) sense. If you even accidentally cater to any fetish that's not going to decrease approval overall

No. 1685530

NTA but until money is exchanged there's no obligation on either end so backing out is totally fine and in your right. People browse, ask questions and examine merchandise before just leaving in any business.
And on the other end artists should never do work for a client in any way that is "serviceable as-is" before taking payment due to how difficult it is to tell a genuine quiet-client apart from a burner/scammer, and how mentally and emotionally exhausting dealing with the fallout from it can be if you guess wrong.

No. 1685533

i mean, you have one(1) webtoon with femdom tons and the poor author gets a whole video by a seething moid and his hoarders of handmaidens calling her racist and ''as bad as men''. Men dont like when women have fetishes they dont approve off, it's nothing new.

No. 1685546

I'd be interested if you make a thread for it. But honestly, don't expect anything fruitful.

No. 1685568

I feel like you can make your point better. To me it right now doesn't read like a good example because there's a culture-warrior subculture where both sexes will try to call media problematic (racist/sexist/etc) for social approval. And from what I've seen, fetishy or porny content is really easy to leverage the puritan mindsets onto for extra pressure because it turns it from not just an accusation of racism, but since the racism becomes "assumed true" it turns into an accusation of FETISHIZING racism. Then when someone - female or male, but even other women generally assume the person they're piling on is male even if the content of discussion is for women - tries to take apart the accusation of racism a mob of idiots will adhom them with pervert accusations.

No. 1685586

I'll keep that in mind. I'm trying to collect a wider range of good looking male body types.

ayrt from >>1685371
and there's a difference between what you're thinking and what we're discussing. >>1685533 highlighted the case in reference. There has always been a culture-warrior thing when it comes to women's works whether or not eroticism were present. In SFW works, you would get opinions changing for the negative when they found out that the creator was a woman. It's why female authors often wrote under a masculine or androgynous nom-de-plume, including JK Rowling.
With erotica, it's harder for the often male ringleader to compartmentalize, which adds another layer to his aggression (how dare a woman make this!!??!11).
The way it's handled shifts over time. Men going after women's creations always created a chilling effect with other women who speak up and remind everyone that They're Not Like That Woman.

No. 1685596

IME there's really just additional subcultures screaming disapproval now that can muddy the waters when trying to address the subtler but more widespread attitude issues. My experiences in speaking with people has me realizing they're not actually linked by the same views, just that they manifest in the same result: A woman getting shit on for doing what she loves and making what she wants.

No. 1685604

That's also a good point. A lot of the internet is more integrated now, and its scary how so many takes manifests itself into a homogenized mob mentality.

No. 1685663

I’m so glad someone bought this up because I wanted to ask.
This is somewhat related, where can I find references for erotic and affectionate scenes or pictures without going to porn. I know Pinterest is good but not for nsfw references

No. 1685730

I remember some youtuber did a video on him and he said that it was a combo of being in the right place at the right time (he showed his work/finished comics at a convention where Marvel was looking to hire new artists) also being extremely innovative in the comics scene at the time, he would do like crazy compositions/edgier designs and concepts that weren't common in the 80s-90s.

I also don't really like his art but the way modern comics are colored doesn't do him any favors. It looks way less offensive when it's cel shaded/solid colors. Sometimes less is more.

No. 1685810

Romance novel covers?

No. 1685814

Budoir photography.

No. 1685930

for me couple photos from the early 1900s and 1920s hits that romantic sweet spot, but they can end up looking dated. also stills from 1950s dramas.

No. 1686018

does anyone have suggestions for anime style anatomy tutorials with english commentary? the only one i know of is mangamaterials. i'm ok with paying for paywalled resources too. i follow some japanese artists who post their own anatomy studies but i find it easier to learn with explanations

No. 1686022

what do you mean by anime-styled anatomy? most anime artists study from books like morpho and the stylize it

No. 1686068

File: 1693730951819.jpeg (27.13 KB, 375x365, IMG_0708.jpeg)

Hey so I’m the anon who kicked off this discussion; I’m an ex-troon and I actually never started liking or being interested in cuntboy (drawn, not irl) porn until way after I became comfortable with my womanhood again. I think you guys are blowing this way out of proportion, 1) No, I’m not going to become a TIF again, 2) It’s not inherently degrading to bottom and y’all are weird (and slightly misogynistic) for implying that it’s inherently degrading for a straight women to bottom to a guy and 3) It’s just hot. Not everything has to be political/rationalised, I’m just horny fujo trash.

No. 1686072

Oh and btw I obviously PREFER dicks and balls in my BL, it’s just that I don’t mind seeing cuntboy (minus the TIF scars) (it’s hard to find but usually Ao3 has some good magical genitalia-swap fics)(no1curr, stop derailing)

No. 1686088

just accept you have a retarded misogynistic fetish and move on, oh and tell cuntboy artists to fucking tag their shit. Straight women do not want to see a male character they like being turned into a cuntboy and suddenly becoming all submissived and gushy because now they have a vegana and therefore womyn and being womyn is humilliating.

No. 1686129

Crazy how I literally did not say or even imply any of that. Also crazy how there are other straight women in here who agreed with me, but sure, delude yourself into thinking you speak for everyone if it makes you feel better.

No. 1686136

>other straight women
lmao, please stop. there is nothing wrong with being a lesbian.

No. 1686137

If you're obsessed with PIV sex and self insertion like that then you're not a fujo. Cuntboy shit is aggressively disliked even in the fujo thread.

No. 1686144

the way you speak is so painfully twitter/tiktok/reddit inspired… i think you should sit back and become a bit more immersed in board culture/lingo before you come here and argue guns blazing again in the future. otherwise you'll risk being clocked as That Anon over and over again and that defeats the purpose of being anonymous.

No. 1686156

>straight women
KEK. As an actual straight woman, no, straight women do not like men with vaginas. Are you from a homophobic family that have trouble accepting a little bisexuality? Kinsey scale is a thing, you’re probably on it.

No. 1686158

> straight women do not like men with vaginas
without reading what this post was replying to, I both chuckled and felt queasy at the same time

No. 1686160

>calling having sex with men ‘bottoming’
Oh boy.

No. 1686174

they use the exact same excuse misogynistic moids give to justify how fucking trannies isnt gay, kek

No. 1686239

Anyone else have trouble sustaining long and consistent effort on big projects or illustrations? I fear it’s a product of my attention span being gutted by years of internet and social media use. Everything always ends up getting abandoned. I’m only ever able to complete these things if I’m held to a deadline by another person (commissions, zines, etc) and even then, I take so long.

A question for nonnies who are capable of finishing big, effortful projects: how do you do it?

No. 1686262

>I'm just horny fujo trash teehee
Please go back to twitter

No. 1686278

Oh Leon is fucking cute. I hate when people call him she or troon him

No. 1686329

What works for me is having paper cases and folders to keep things in neatly and separated (I do trad art) as well as plenty of places to put all my tools.
I also keep a schedule in a spreadsheet and color each box differently depending on what type of thing it is. I include my normal things like… eating and sleeping so I don't forget stuff, and am aware just how much time I have to properly get things done without feeling like a mess. I can drag things around the spread sheet to reorganize stuff if I end up not having time to get to something too. I guess there's magnetic schedules and white boards you could also use for the same functionality?

The other thing is that if you feel you're taking too long to get stuff done you may need to time things and see where you spend the most amount of time on a piece. Normally it seems grinding fundies for sketching is the best, since if you can get a sketch for a pic or page mostly-laid-out in 10-15 min then all the subsequent processing (lines, painting, or otherwise) has more time and can be done with more confidence.
There's people who do weird minimal sketches but they tend to be either highly skilled already, have great confidence, or dislike the feeling of a detailed sketch turning into a very different lineart.

No. 1686358

I'm not an artist or an animator so take my opinion with a grain of salt. But I really like detailed realistic but stylized art styles and sometimes the manga would look amazing because of that (or official art work for an original anime) but the anime will look less detailed because of the animation. So taking already existing detailed stills and animating them sounds like the solution to this "problem".

No. 1686412

Just work on your project everyday. It doesn't matter for how long, just open your file and work on it. This will turn it into a habit, so you'll actually feel weird when you don't work on it for the day. This is the ONLY way to complete personal projects that don't have a deadline.

No. 1686430

File: 1693761245147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 131.76 KB, 850x468, sample_42e4636cc1252e276e19fb5…)

The femdom male ryona talk has made me want to get into drawing it more, but I'm not good at drawing NSFW scenes so can I ask for advice? I found this pose that I like except one of the women looks like she'd fall off if this was real like she's sitting on an invisible chair, how could I fix that? Repost forgot to spoiler img

No. 1686449

It's a little tricky. With erotica, I've found it better to find a scene (like, a photo or a setting) or a scenario and go from there. Don't be afraid to exaggerate the poses a little bit. In this case, I would keep her feet flat, maybe even put a harness around the guy's waist for her to hold onto, like she were literally riding a horse. It gives the impression that it took some planning on her part, which further adds to the storytelling.

No. 1686468

File: 1693763352987.jpg (56.15 KB, 564x560, 7f080adadf3a76cdbbeffcfcd557d9…)

Look up athletes instead of models. There's a wealth of sports photography to look at, and athletes have way more dynamic and interesting poses to study from.

No. 1686501

also wrestling are a great source for poses as well

No. 1686523

If you can't find it in yourself you should get outside validation. Just share your progress with followers or friends. It's the best when it's someone who genuinely cares and wants to know more. Other, fresher eyes can also help point out issues and it just feels good to be able to show off a bit, it makes you want to make even more that you can show

No. 1686637

the right girl? her legs wrapped around his legs would fix it into plausibility

No. 1686722

Something about your post is making me angry, probably the fact that you're giving up based on what the MASSES want and not what us niche based femdom enjoyers want. Stop making us suffer, but please don't make all the rapists fat women otherwise I can't self-insert.

No. 1686775

This is good advice, thank you.
Honestly, I suspect the opposite is true when I do this. My brain thinks something like “I already got the validation and positive response from the WIP, why should I continue? I should post another lower effort drawing for more.” If I want critique I’ll usually send it to a friend too, people in replies or comments generally don’t offer helpful critique even when i ask for it. I know the solution is to just cut out social media entirely and only log in every few months to post art but everyone irl in my generation communicates through Instagram generally.

No. 1687086

>I already got the validation and positive response from the WIP, why should I continue?

This is why I never post WIPs kek I know my motivation will go to zero, because people will praise the WIP and then it feels like that's praise for a job well done in my dumb mind. Also, it sucks when people like the WIP more than the final image. Some people will even forgo liking the final because they've already seen it as a WIP. Posting WIP just feels like turning in an unfinished assignment but still getting an A.

No. 1687191

File: 1693820333928.jpg (249.9 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg)

Has anyone studied from the Famous Artists' Course textbook?
Albert Dorne and Norman Rockwell wrote it and it's supposed to be good but I just skimmed the book and there are no actual exercises and not sure how to use it, I suppose I should just make up my own based on their curriculum?

No. 1687194

most drawing books dont really have excercises, you are supposed to copy and analyze the drawings to learn

No. 1687230

No, I fully get what you mean but I only included followers because you might have some that will turn it into a conversation. If it's really just an illustration then getting empty validation before finishing will absolutely kill your will to continue. Good luck though, I hope you succeed. If you can't cut out social media fully then try to limit it as much as possible

No. 1688029

File: 1693891244160.jpg (226.71 KB, 712x1123, fantasy_reader_by_barry_blair.…)

So there was a discussion on comic artist and pedo Barry Blair in the western animation Industry thread. Like hindsight is 20/20, but just looking at his art style, you could tell that this guy is probably a paedophile. What are some art styles where you can automatically assume that the person drawing this is a pervert?

No. 1688039

Anything with nude children or loli/shota,even clothed. If all they draw is kids, that's usually an indication too. A lot of these people refuse the idea they are pedos because they don't have cp or they don't act on it, but when you find an artist who specializes in only drawing children in innuendo situations, it's usually because they have an irl sexual interest. This goes for all artists. Youcan tell someones fetish or kink based on what's repeated in their work. Someone most likely isn't into beastiality just from watch werewolf porn and horse sfms (only talking drawn/animated) but if they also part take in drawing it or dressing up,they most likely have some sort of irl interest kink/fetish wise.

Heres a good example: not all lolicons/shotacons are MAPs but all MAPS are shotacons/lolicons. Does this make sense?

No. 1688166

File: 1693906462797.jpeg (3.17 MB, 3072x4096, IMG_2861.jpeg)

Anons, how do I achieve a cute anime style that people like and want to purchase? I always end up making it too generic or not cute enough.

Pic rel, this artist has 30k followers, charges $120+ for adopts and commissions and essentially draws the same pose over and over, but people absolutely eat that shit up.

No. 1688170

To make big money off your style alone, you actually have to draw the same thing over and over. Not exactly the same pose like this artist, but the same theme with cohesive colors. People like consistency and predictability with the artists they follow. You can do this with the cute style you have right now.

No. 1688173

This person probably spent years building her fan community; i looked through her twitter and she posts new drawings constantly, multiple times a week most of the time; does regular art raffles, trades and giveaways, has a lot of free personal use content to download, and well put together terms of service document for the comission, making the process clear and easy for anyone that's interested. Here's your answer on how to do it.

No. 1688177

git gud at designing these busy kinds of outfits, study the choices they make to create a cohesive, pleasing design to look at. these are all lolita inspired, so looking at lolita outfits and designs could be a start.

No. 1688247

Thank you all for the advice! I built the following I do have off of fanart and generally my original stuff does terrible in comparison, so I know it’s a style/skill issue on my end

Also nothing against the artist I posted, Im just jealous lol

No. 1688288

I don't understand the concept of adoptables. I get buying a particularly cool character from someone, but what's stopping you from designing one that's almost identical? It's not like copyrights or physical media are being exchanged.

No. 1688291

The naked stuff is a dead giveaway. It's just like any other kind of fanservice. If it's not servicing the story then it's there for titillation. I'm anti-censorship for the most part but there are ways to express ideas and tell stories without having the camera pointed directly up a child character's ass.

I also get pedo vibes from artists who draw suspiciously wholesome stuff exclusively featuring children. The covers from Comic LO look like something out of a squeaky-clean slice-of-life story despite being purely for pedophiles. I can see how opportunistic moids or mindbroken gooners can develop a thing for the hypersexual violent lolishit but the pseudo-wholesome ~we're just kids doing what kids do~ stuff with soft colors and cute scenes feels equally nefarious. I feel like the scrotes who enjoy that would actually try to groom a child close to them rather than fantasize about snatching one off the street.

No. 1688521

File: 1693934736077.png (141.18 KB, 365x273, Peanuts_gang.png)

Depends on how they draw kids as well, like there's a big difference in both art-style and intention between loli/shota art-styles and something like peanuts

No. 1688523

A lot of the people who buy them aren't even artists from what I've seen. They buy a pretty design, don't elaborate on the character themselves and just get some commissions of it and resell it later. The trading business is crazy and the closed species stuff is another huge thing that is insane to outsiders. Like, of course you can copy the design, but then you won't have OPs name attached. It'll also be looked down upon and you could lose your friendgroup if they are into that stuff. It's such a strange community

No. 1688631

>Comic LO

I didn't know this was a thing, disgusting. I guess it's equivalent to child beauty pageants in the west. The celebration of male pedophilia is out in the open and not even hiding, and no one even cares.

No. 1688698

How to build a following/community?

I'm going to be starting social media from 0 and im wondering how i should start building up my community again ? I would appreciate some detailed answers as opposed to "kek fanart and tiktok"

No. 1688732

>not all lolicons/shotacons are MAPs
I disagree. It may be drawings but anyone who gets aroused by the depiction of prepubescent bodies is obviously repressing something. Though if the artist is female I’d usually assume it’s either an 1) unhealthy trauma cope 2) case of terminal pickemism.

No. 1688749

File: 1693953742706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 635.05 KB, 897x900, sabs_art-1697265035142369460-2…)

Sabu is one of my favourite artists skill-wise, but jesus christ his faces keep getting worse and worse, its like all of his femboys are going through some heavy peanut allergy reaction.

No. 1688771

That is a woman

No. 1688864

One of my favorite things to be a bitch about is just how many tells about artistic ability fan art gives off. Especially when it's massively common.

Live action media always exposes how many fan artists have no idea how human anatomy (and god forbid! aging) works, and animated media always exposes how many fan artists have absolutely no brain for competent character design or silhouette-focused composition. In any non-visual media you end up getting a solid mix of the two.

Like, you can tell that these people would never even be drawing these subjects if they weren't their faves. In some cases they just completely cop out. "I cant draw anthros heeheehee so here is my fan art of Freddy Fazbear as a totally hot anime human!" and its like the most juvenile shitty sketchy doodle that barely resembles anime fan art of the 2000's. Yeah no shit you can't draw a bear, you don't even understand the basic concepts of shape and form!

It's especially such an insult when I see a lazy piece of shit fan art and the OP goes "sorry this looks so cartoony!" Bitch? (Competent) Cartoonists study their fundamentals just like everybody else, they work hard and recreating their work is not supposed to be a walk in the park! You didn't draw a cartoon, you drew a piece of shit.

Fuck it. I get that fan art specifically is supposed to be a hobby, but it just feels like such a slap in the face, such a disrespect, that people will draw like this and massive swathes of idiots will still see it as "good". Fml.

No. 1688868

You sound like a mega faggot

No. 1688881

No. 1688899

Wah wah wah crybaby bich(infighting)

No. 1688903

isn’t that the faggot who has an entire account dedicated to women being brutally raped?

No. 1688909

The very same faggot scrote that insists that his love for femboys but hatred for women is just a kink and not at all indicative of his real life desires or feelings.

No. 1688918

>top says "bussy"
>narrow hips with V line
Idk seems intended to be male?

No. 1688924

Seriously what’s with industry-level scrotes openly showcasing their degeneracy. It isn’t the first time a moid’s employed with a public portfolio full of dismembered women. Call me a puritan but these types should all be blacklisted.

No. 1688925

This is psychopathic behavior exclusive to men. Men get away with anything but a woman wouldn't openly draw crazy shit like this.

No. 1688977

I wish I saved it but it was a few years back that Procreate showcased an artist on Instagram and I got red flags. The first was it was furry art and the second was a baby fur looking piece. Not overt but enough it made me feel a bit sick that they were promoting this artist. I look at his page and it’s bara furry mixed with cute furry and some diaper hints but nothing outright gross on his page. I wanted to call out Procreate for spreading the degeneracy but I was worried it would sound paranoid because most people don’t really know about furries outside of Robin Hood / Zootopia Disney furry.

No. 1689074

No offense nona, but this looks like ass, what exactly do you admire about his style? The rendered person in the middle has muddy, ugly colors, and the lines in general look so heavy-handed without any thought put into line weight.

No. 1689076

File: 1693986939704.jpg (35.15 KB, 640x510, 1555389190328.jpg)

How do people get a following on fanart? I feel like I barely have the inspo or the drive to sit and continuously draw for a piece of media. This isn't a "i'm too good for these crappy shows!" post, what happens 90% of the time for me is that I'll go wow that's really cool and consume all the fanart and then move on. I think I might have a consumer mindset and not a creator mindset?

No. 1689092

Yes. This is a moid trying to bait anons into looking at violent coomer art of women being subjugated and publicly, violently raped.
The artist was brought up in the last thread because of his FAQ >>1688909 mentioned. He openly calls his art of women "violent". (Screenshot in post)
I have a strong stomach and easily detach from drawn pictures, so I went to his website to confirm: he does draw women in extremely violent and publicly humiliating rape scenes, including implied snuff scenes and mild gore. He makes art of any female that has appeared in any popular media (Alice in Wonderland, Overwatch, multiple kids' cartoons, etc). His kinks involve the mass institution of sexual slavery for women, and his art reflects that.
Conversely, he draws "femboys" as women with flat chests and hidden penises, getting gently gangbanged by moids who worship them as some divine ultimate other gender, because they look female but they aren't actually females kek
He's definitely a deranged faggot who refuses to admit he wants to fuck another man in the ass and has extremely violent urges towards women.
I never saw the dismembered women portfolio, but I believe it from some of the "sex stories" he has on his website.
"She" likes the fact that he's a nasty misogynistic coomer kek

No. 1689144

File: 1693997156266.jpg (Spoiler Image, 480.53 KB, 637x1000, sabudengo.jpg)

he can draw very well when he wants to, pic rel. Also one of the very few artists that can do twink anatomy right. I wish i could render like him, i really like how he paints skin. It's just that lately he's been devolving and drawing uglier and uglier twinks.
he draws his femboyshit separated from his rape stuff, also it's not my fault he's the only artist that draws male anatomy the way i like it. So annoying when anons accuse you of being a man for the most retarded shit, as if the art scene wasnt woman-hating as a whole.

No. 1689145

>that picrel
>anatomy right
you're a delusional coomer

No. 1689147

File: 1693998039251.png (87.53 KB, 677x768, 1693384178409.png)

yes, i am a coomer(female though) and i like cute men, and sadly sabu's femboy shit is the closest thing to that. Being into fem-gaze art is already painful enough because there is barely any of it and when its done its some ugly webtoon tier shit with a jiafei female protagonist and ape-looking male love interest. Unless you can recommend me artists with a similar style that are women and draw cute twinks dont even bother to respond to me again.

No. 1689148

Nonita this just looks like rendermaxxing to me, look at that hand and how disconnected the twink's torso looks kek. All his faces look like chipmunks too, even if he was talented it's not worth defending degenerate moids who coom to women being tortured.

No. 1689150

i said i liked his rendering, it doesnt feel plastic like sakimichan. His stuff actually looks better on grey-scale.
>even if he was talented it's not worth defending degenerate moids who coom to women being tortured.
i am not defending him though, i just want to draw cute men and sadly there is no alternative to what artists i can reference/get inspired by. I cant meme myself into dilfs or ''man booba'' sadly, so i am stuck with sabu's femboys for the foreseeable future until i am good enough at drawing my twinks. There is a very limited set of artists who draw men, and most are coomer scrotes. I can either swallow my pride and copy from them or keep drawing aimlessly and getting nowhere, meanwhile these scrotes will keep pumping female-hating content. So idk, might as-well take one for the team.

No. 1689154

I am usually the last person to claim twinks look like children and call someone who likes twinks a pedo (I like twinks) but that's a child. Especially considering the context seems to be ancient greece that's 100% pederasty. It's drawn by a male though, so go figure.
I'd say if you want to draw cute men, just use your imagination or use references of irl twinks, you don't need to take inspiration from whoever that man's is' pederasty fanart. Besides, it's very uncanny valley. I guess if you like the rendering specifically, go for it, but as others said the anatomy is bad (look at where his ass and torso meet, it's two different angles entirely you shouldn't be able to see both cheeks technically, but since it's porn you now can). Also the boy's face looks retarded. So does the flower crown. I don't know, it looks bad and somehow the pederast is drawn much better in my opinion. Also why are you so hostile? Twink withdrawal and being forced to see ugly males in art? I understand this pain. If I could draw digitally I would only be drawing cute twinks and I'd draw them being tortured and I'd do it for you and all the based women in the world, but alas.

No. 1689164

he uses irl twink refs though, kek. It's easier said than done, i can use my imagination and get fucking nowhere or steal from some coomer scrote and get there faster. The anatomy is good, as in, it's attractive and looks indinstinguishable male and not ''draw a girl call it a boy''. Also, it's definetly not underage otherwise he would have been told to fuck off out of patreon considering how anal they are about loli/shota.
>If I could draw digitally I would only be drawing cute twinks and I'd draw them being tortured and I'd do it for you and all the based women in the world, but alas.
ah, the typical ''i would draw that but…'' some of you would probably be cowards and bend the knee at the first themlet on twitter calling you out for drawing the same shit men do but with the genders reversed. You are already calling some twink who looks at best 19 ''underage'', just because you are used to men only being drawn fat and old. Some of you wouldnt have the ovaries required to draw truly heinous shit even though you want to larp as le based man-haters. No one draws the shit i like, and at this point i have accepted most women are too brainwashed to draw genuinely attractive men and not fat old moids or fat moids with ''man tits''. Some of you are so fucking annoying and probably don't draw anyways. This is why we will never be as bad as men, lots of larping, very little actually doing.

No. 1689166

>irl twink refs
You need to do the same. I like to save people's art or look at certain art-styles as inspiration, but the best is to take it straight from the source. If possible, find his real references. Also whether or not a depiction is "underage" is arbitrary, I don't think patreon itself is scanning every image anyway. Also I don't know why you're so hostile, I draw twinks on pencil and paper for myself as a hobby. That drawing doesn't look 19 at all. It's an ancient greek femboy, they were all 13. I don't care, I'm just sayin'. You need to calm down a little, I get you are frustrated because you think you can't draw but copying someone else's bad anatomy isn't going to help you. Find out what refs he is using and go from there. Go on /ic/ even, if you aren't already. I already draw violent shit, I just do it on paper because that's my hobby. If you want to get famous I'd say don't go on Twitter at first, you should post your work here and on /ic/'s cute male thread and gain your baseline of fans that way. Post your work on /g/ in the appropriate threads, I will follow you and I am sure others will. We've all been waiting for dedicated female twink artists. Stop being so hostile first, you're just assuming things. Take a deep breath and go shlick to twink destroyed porn and then come back.

No. 1689167

NTA but have you tried to look up female eastern (non-anime) arists? Most of them favor twinks/pretty men, it's a nice change of pace.

No. 1689173

you clearly dont draw if you dont understand people can both use irl refs and reference artists they like. It's annoying you are trying to pretend and tell me whats the best for my art when you dont even draw on digital.
care to rec some? most animu artists draw bishie crap while eastern ones mostly draw ugly old fat men. The only one i can think off was that girl that was a copy of amane, but her anatomy was probably worse than sabu's.

No. 1689174

At this point I think the routinely brought up /ic/ popular and/or coomer moid artists are bait tbh

No. 1689175

Is it worth it to try to learn to draw with a mouse? I can't afford a tablet right now

No. 1689184

Bait or twitterfags having a snitfit? They always turn it into an aggro meltdown and accuse other people of not being "tru artists" kek. I can't imagine the posts not being bait because why would actual twitterfags come to a thread where people don't like them? Wouldn't they rather get feedback from people who share their tastes? And the arguments are so incoherent, too.
>u don't understand, he's not like anybody else bc he uses irl refs!!
>no u stupid fake artist, i can't just use irl refs bc real artists take inspiration from men who coom to violent rape drawings!
It never ends kek. I know baiting is the point but I wish they'd knock it off already.

No. 1689192

hell no, stick to pen and paper
you could learn vectoring, i suggest inkscape since it's way easier to vector than in illustrator
draw on paper, then take picture of drawing, put it in inkscape and vector the outlines and then you can fill with color and gradients

No. 1689197

I don't think drawing with a mouse is a thing, nonna. Either draw with a pencil in a sketchbook or check out XP-Pen's tablets, they are cheap as dirt and reliable

No. 1689201

you are so annoying, all because i said i like how he renders and draws twinks. Which i remind you again, he draws on a different account so you can enjoy his twink art without enjoying or even seeing his violent female rape art. You have yet to recommend me similar artists that are morally approved by the lolcor commitee, because guess what, they dont exist. I can copy a ref 1to1, but what i like about his art is his form of stylization. If you dont understand the difference between copying and stylizing then yeah, you dont know shit about art.(infighting)

No. 1689209

i wish it was original art and not jojo shit. I used to post roku6enashi in threads just for the lolz and moids used to get really mad at it even though it was just bare degeneracy, so it would cause a lot of seething for sure.

No. 1689210

Maybe you should delete this and repost with a warning for graphic sex, bestiality, gore, etc. For the anons who don't know who that artist is and are going to click the spoiler.

No. 1689243

NTA but it's already spoilered. If you still click on it that's on you.

No. 1689254

File: 1694008603484.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x4096, E33166C3-93BF-47ED-9E70-F26215…)

If anon seriously thinks there are a lack of 神絵師 drawing femgaze twinks you need to get out of your western bubble. Look through Chinese artist’s following and likes for a start.

No. 1689262

I hope whatever money she's getting…she pays for therapy since this woman desperately needs it.. what would even make someone to draw this shit? Moids are deranged but a woman?

No. 1689263

that looks horrible though. Chinese artists have this hideous way of rendering that make everyone look plastic and the faces are always so uncanny and lack depth.

No. 1689266

>what would even make someone to draw this shit Moids are deranged but a woman?
there is nothing wrong with wanting to see men suffer, this is why god made them physically stronger. They are physically designed to be cannon fodder and it's normal to want to take that to the limit.

No. 1689277

Everyone is shitting on you and it's not productive.

Getting back to your original point, nona, I initially found Sabu through the femboy stuff, and yeah, it did used to look better. After finding his fem gore shit, it put me off from fully following his work, and it's just as well since his faces are starting to look fugly anyway. He uses a lot of 3D modeling now too and when they have faces they can start to look really uncanny.

I'm not really interested in following a brazilian moid that far into the depths. I hope you find better references for twinks and that you improve past the point you'll need references like Sabs. I wished I had other artists on hand for you to reference but I don't.

No. 1689282

For the most part women are capable of exploring transgressive ideas in fiction without wanting or wishing to act them out in real life, unlike moids. Male ryona and noncon are nothing burgers compared to the concerning shit horny scrotes spit out. It only gets dicey with pedoshit, but anyone into that needs help so whatevs

No. 1689295

Digital art isn’t everything, doomer

No. 1689296

File: 1694014178140.jpg (1.22 MB, 1523x1120, miura.jpg)

> What are some art styles where you can automatically assume that the person drawing this is a pervert?
When they're honest about it.

No. 1689297

it is when you are trying to draw digitally

No. 1689352

God even looking it up and seeing how men are talking about it made me want to throw up in my mouth a little but it was funny to see them complain about people wishing them harm. Yeah, you're a pedophile moid, of course we do.

No. 1689419

Changing topics but is anyone doing any monthly drawing themes for autumn or winter? I couldn’t find any for September. October always has Spookytober/Inktober etc but I think Huevember (November) died and nothing seems to happen in Dec. I wanted some fun themes to think about and one month; I’ve never finished a full month and a personal goal is to do that.

No. 1689429

Say there's a young character, not made for fanservice purposes. 9/10 times you can tell if the fanart is by someone who just draws her as a child, or someone who def draws lolishit. It's small things but you just know.

No. 1689552

christ, the style and character isn't my taste at all but at this point i'm also convinced that this thread is full of coping/unpopular/unemployed crabs shitting on better artists to cope.

No. 1689636

it's very meh nonnie, the face is hideous kpoopie shit and the anatomy is atrocious, look at those shoulders. It's not bad, but it's not study-worthy either. It's just generic overendered chinese kpop/anime guy. They are dime a dozen and they are all white-noise.

No. 1689730

>the haters are just JEALOUS
Nonna, please.

No. 1689742

that's completely fair to say tbh, but there's a huge difference between "ew it's complete dogshit" and "whatever". op is still right though- there's no shortage of women drawing femgaze art.

if the doodle threads are anything to go off of, i don't think it's wrong to say there salty artanons coping in these threads

No. 1689781

i think most scrotes who draw children or teenagers to an almost obsessive degree (especially if they draw mostly girls) at least have pedo tendencies. but it's probably not that obvious because people just don't want to face the reality that way more males than we think are pedophiles/degenerates, so they, as well as misogynistic scrotes like >>1688749 and other degenerates like zoophiles, are able to hide in plain sight because it's so hard to believe.

a really big tell is in the extremely detail and shading they put on the bodies and faces of those children, particularly the parts that are often sexualized in general. they want to make them look as real as possible without the 'ugly' parts that a coomer wouldn't find attractive (this applies to any kind of coomer art tbh). in >>1688029 we see a clear example of this, i don't even want to point out what's wrong with it kek it's repulsive.

No. 1690025

File: 1694090756144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.42 KB, 1080x1239, .jpg)

Where do anons store references for art? I got my pinterest account suspended for nudity for still life reference images lel

No. 1690032

File: 1694092464835.jpeg (38.44 KB, 720x480, IMG_5773.jpeg)

Am I wrong for agreeing with this freak? I hate lolicon and shotacon but if there’s always going to be paedophiles in society (which there objectively will) then why not let them chew on pixels instead of real children? I’m sure some will fairly argue ‘well, what if lolicon media makes more paedophiles, huh?’ but I don’t think that’s the case. You don’t just BECOME a pedo, you either are or you aren’t. And if you are it’ll come out sooner or later. So when it does, I’d rather an anime character take the burden then a poor victim who would carry that trauma for the rest of their life. But I guess I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

No. 1690034

Just categorise them in folders on your PC and make reference spreads in PureRef (a program which I cannot recommend enough. )

No. 1690039

I don't like loli,but I hate the assumption that if you like a subject in art, them you like that stuff in real life. If that were true, then billions of GTA players are murderers and criminals.(bait)

No. 1690046

Well, yeah, most pedos would enjoy loli art by extension but most lolicons wouldn’t actually go for real kids. I don’t think that fact negates anything I said though.

No. 1690049

Uh so I'm not the only one.
I got suspended one of my Pinterest accounts because I saved images that are against the Pinterest tos or some shit. How should I know that an image I'm seeing it's against something? Why don't they ban the uploader instead of people who innocently save a pic of a semi naked dude?

No. 1690055

I seriously hate these types of arguments. The issue is that when it comes to sex, moids and brainwashed pickmes will do anything to live their fantasies.
Killing a person and committing a crime like robbery isn’t something your average joe and jane can’t just wake up one day and do it without getting caught and killed on the spot.
There are many copycats anyways, people trying to be like their favorite true crime protagonists.
When it comes to sexual fantasies, it’s not just “oh, he likes to think of having sex with this anime girl who looks and acts like a toddler, nothing to see here!!!” It’s not just like that, sadly, lots of those moids have other paraphilias and they want to fuck their family members, or students, or they’re into animals, into insects and the sorts.
And what happens when they fry their brains with porn that tells them “this anime toddler is totally obsessed with you and wants to fuck you!” They start believing that maybe toddlers playing a silly game are actually seducing them.
And then you see in the news how there’s always at least one pedophile getting caught for molesting a child or committing rape.
And everyone wonders “but why??” And then the police tells us that it was because pedophile-kun would watch child porn because drawings weren’t enough.
It’s so easy to not draw children in sexual situations, plus, why would anyone do that anyways? Like, think about it, why would anyone wake up one day and say “children are sexy and I want to draw a baby getting fucked today because reasons”? It has to be someone with a very fucked up brain tbh.

No. 1690057

Oh yeah? Well I am into furry and gore. So what does that make me, eh? An animal fucker murderer? Fuck off with that pearlclutching bullshit.

No. 1690062

Do you orgasm to furry and gore? That makes a huge difference in factoring in whether your degeneracy will lead to real crime. That's why pedos who consume ""fictional""" pedo content will be more and more conditioned to see it as ok irl, it's just a kink UwU, and of that bunch therein lies the ones who do the crime.

No. 1690069

>I am into furry and gore
I have to laugh

No. 1690071

There's a big difference in liking something in art and actively seeking it out to masturbate to it on the daily. You can like horror art for the shock value or for the tragic beauty of death and it making you feel things you wouldn't otherwise feel, but if you're looking up images of animal carcasses to masturbate to you're fucked up

No. 1690073

Idk, anon, some freaks into furry porn and gore do fuck animals and molest animal corpses. If you masturbate to shit like that, and you have zero self-control and zero self-reflection as to why you consume that content, then I guess you could be part of some statistics at some point in your life.
The issue with shotacon and lolicon is also that the people consooming that shit never sit down to think about the things they do, they just seek for more and more stimuli until they seek for real life stuff.

No. 1690074

A much saner response than pearlclutching and gasping.

No. 1690078

No, no, and NO. This reasoning is beyond fucked. It's not the art that creates the pervert. By this logic, you would need to censor anything, literally ANYTHING, because someone Will fap to it anyway. And why would playing a violent videogame not making you violent, but watching sexual content makes you a pervert? Because you are disgusting puritans, that is why. I wonder how you guys manage in daily life.

No. 1690090

>By this logic, you would need to censor anything, literally ANYTHING, because someone Will fap to it anyway.

No. If you fap to things that aren't sexual by nature, like gore, that makes you a degenerate freak, but the gore itself is not sexual. Pedo content on the other hand is ALWAYS sexual, and always leads to degeneracy. Do you understand the argument that some things should not be sexualized, like children, because human monkey brains will be conditioned to see it as ok after every orgasm?? There is a difference, and it's not puritanical thinking when there's stats to back up the criminal activity.

No. 1690110

This is true, but only for people who aren't retarded and mentally ill. Unfortunately, the internet is full of mentally ill retards. You can't really know who's a risk unless you watch them closely and observe their mindset.

No. 1690143

Lol this is such a dumb puritan take. Again, tell me, why the "monkey brain" will link a fictional artwork to real sex…. But apparently will NOT link fictional violence to real violence? Because, like a true puritan American, you are afraid of sex but not of violence.
Also, I can't tell if your opinion of people is so low you think they can't separate fiction from reality, or if you yourself can't separate fiction from reality and therefore believe people are normally like that.

No. 1690145

NTA, but the same logic behind desensitizaton and orgasm rewards do apply to violence when sexualized. Gore can definitely be sexualized, and often is. People draw "guro" content to get themselves and other degenerates off all the time. Slasher horror movies are literally recognized as weird sexual innuendos for directors when it comes to film analysis.
What separates the budding serial killer/liveleak gooner who thinks abuse and murder are actually good and should be enacted IRL from someone who just likes scary movies or "problematic" fiction is having basic human decency and a respect for social norms/boundaries. Predators lack that.

No. 1690147

Honestly to me it just depends whenever the person is male or female. Men are monkeys and porn-brained and so after a while they start seeking the real thing because they got used to the cartoon ones and it doesn't make their dick hard anymore, while women are usually more grounded and use fiction to explore like a normal person.

No. 1690151

Ah, sexism. (In before: dhurr hurr if you don't hate men you can't be a woman.)

No. 1690169

No. 1690170

Agreed, both crime stats and sexual behavior seem to reflect this. Men are basically inundated with porn meant to cater to them specifically. They're already socialized to see sex as a "conquest" thing and get sexually bored/burned out quicker. Add that to lower inhibitions, testosterone aggression and male entitlement being considered normal/acceptable in most cultures, and you get some disastrous results.

No. 1690173

My hatred for lolicon is personal. I started looking at hentai right before the law against it was in place, and I was a child. I know its not the internet's responsibility to keep kids from seeing porn, but nonetheless, i feel like it would've been a lot less traumatic if there weren't depictions of children involved. I see it as another tool of grooming, as if we didn't already have enough. I'm sure I wasn't the only dumbass kid going online to read hentai and the amount of lolicon there was was. frankly disgusting.

No. 1690176


No. 1690178

>It's not the art that creates the pervert.
Yeah, the perverts create the art.

No. 1690179

Would these women who think it’s fine for moids to jack it to loli let them around their children? Have and raise children with them while they consoom loli incest doujinshi every night? Horrifying to think about tbh

No. 1690185

You sound like one of those unwashed proshipper degenerate pickmes. Go back to your twitter cesspit and keep pretending your lolicon polycule doesn't "cope" to irl cp behind your back. You're just as obnoxious as your anti boogeymen.

No. 1690193

File: 1694100760835.png (Spoiler Image, 610.04 KB, 1280x1067, 26e2fa0add2ef503f29ea9d55ae4d1…)

Oh, to see the day when lolcow would defend furries, lolicons, and gore rather than consider it cow behavior. You would've all hated the Tearzah days
They can't, they've infiltrated somehow kek you can find them in so many threads

No. 1690241

No one's born a pedo kek. It's not a sexual orientation or something.

No. 1690249

That’s part of my issue with the retards defending drawn CP, gore and furry shit. Because moids will always fry their brains, they won’t think properly about the shit they consoom, same as the idiotic pickmes that defend such behavior.
They think that a moid masturbating to toddler step sister porn, won’t go for the child that lives next door. When the problem with pedophiles and other moids is that they also seek for shit that’s close to them. That’s why there’s so many moids into step-mom and step-sister shit, or cousins, or school girls.
If there wasn’t any content made like that, they would probably get caught quicker, or maybe they wouldn’t even rot their brains with that shit and fuck toasters in a bathtub instead.
And no, I’m not talking about drawing a naked doll for your coquette-core bullshit mood board, I’m talking about lolicon and shotacon porn, made by degenerates for degenerates, which is what anon was defending before in:
>why not let them chew on pixels instead of real children?

No. 1690261

Remember that nothing exists in a vacuum. And analysis and critique is an exercised skill. I love you weirdo nonas but it's okay to touch grass from time to time.

No. 1690418

How sexist can you be? You're so sexist you can't even comprehend women, too, may have weirdo fetishes. No, in your mind, "if they have a weirdo fetishes is to please a guy". Newsflash: not everything women do exists in function of moids.(integrate)

No. 1690427

I swear half of the users here have to be moids roleplaying women. I often read comments in this board that ooze so much sexism I'd find less of it even in Reddit.

No. 1690450

If you keep saying sexism, you will summon the fairy of sexism.
Anyways, it’s okay if you’re a degenerate and you daydream of having sex with children because you decided to go down that road, and totally not because that makes the predditor and discord failmales say that you’re “based”.
I’m just saying that if people stopped creating porn depicting children in sexual situations, maybe things would be better.

No. 1690456

I don’t follow Mr Beast but his best friend trooned out. His wife is now his ex but the creep can still see their young son. He put him in heels :/. He also had Shadman ? porn on his wall. Not sure what the wife thought about it but it was loli stuff I guess. I hope she can get full custody. The degenerate is also friends with a known pedo groomer.(:/)

No. 1690557

File: 1694117754561.jpg (57.49 KB, 640x438, moids when they touch the inte…)

>You don’t just BECOME a pedo
Nonny, the issue is that moids do literally meme themselves into developping fetishes.

No. 1690558

Who pearl clutches at furries these days, are they not an easy Internet punching bag?

No. 1690800

Does anyone have a Waffles update or other artist you like who have fallen off the radar? I don’t use FB and only see her videos on YT so I don’t know if she posts elsewhere. Hope she’s ok. Another friend of hers passes away this year from cancer.

No. 1690815

Occassionally I wonder what late 2010s youtube artists like Misskerriej, Lemiacresent and Karen E Haley. Last I heard Kerrie had an industry job that kept her busy, Lemia is a full-time teacher and Karen was raising her two kids.

No. 1690851

Honestly raises my suspicion when someone uses sexism in place of misogyny or misandry. Also it occurs to us that women can be degenerates and yet it doesn't excempt them from criticism. Funny how that works.

No. 1690897

File: 1694143521271.png (233.98 KB, 404x540, bug.png)

I'm salty because i don't belong to any big fandoms to get clout from fanart
But i'm kind of glad because they seem so fucking annoying and some popular media seems ass tbh

No. 1690947

I'll admit I don't know how the inner workings of a pedophilic mind works, but from personal experience dealing with a map and observation on social media of anti-loli/shotacons, etc. that have ended up grooming or being predatory towards kids is higher than the people i've seen being open loli/shotacons being predatory towards kids.

Example, edp445 has been confronted and called out for being predatory towards minors but made a video talking about how lolicons are bad and dangerous to children, Twitter user
HEXUMFIEND who was one of those "proship-DNI" people (because to them proship is pedophilia) and others that don't come directly to mind.

There's no doubt overlap like with any damn thing else but overlaps have similar behaviors and warning signs as opposed to people that recognize what they like is purely fictional and have no interest in going after it IRL.

No. 1690963

There will be pedos who protest doth too much no matter where you go. It's obvious when they shriek about how anti-pedo they are to whoever will listen. The antis that aren't underage rub themselves raw to the same porn then get militant after the post-fap guilt sinks in. It doesn't mean both sides of the debate aren't retarded in their own way and that their twitter slap fights don't make loli, shota, and other "harmless" pedoshit any less degenerate.

No. 1690967

You really don't want the kind of attention that comes with making fanart for something popular. Especially on twitter, where minors will get mad at you for drawing some guy even a tiny bit out of character

No. 1691000

Noo, nona, his twinks looks like weird fantasy creatures, boys crossed with cherubs and women, and the faces are disgusting. There's plenty of artists who you can ref for rendering style, but don't ref this degenerate for drawing men. As others said, look at eastern artists and build your own reference library. One possible source is fashion photography btw, something like "boys by girls" magazine.

No. 1691047

I agree 100%. That's the point: usually, people who openly show they like loli, or gore, or whatever, do so because they know they have nothing to hide so they aren't afraid. On the other hand, people who are even too vocal against it, usually are hiding something. It's the same logic that many men who loudly call themselves feminists end up being abusers or harassers.

(I disagree with calling pedophiles "map". They are filthy pedophiles and that's how they must be called. Calling them map is a way to make it seem less serious, kinda like referring to hoes as sex workers.)

No. 1691048

And if we ban guns in videogames and movies, people will stop shooting themselves in real life? Yeah, sure, that's totally how it works. Let's turn every media into teletubbies, and the world will become a safe wonderful space.

No. 1691059

I'm not any of the other anons in the arguement, but are you a fucking retard? I can link medical studies on how desensitisation to certain media and subject can fuck someone over, for example people with gore addictions can be comparable to people who've worked in abattoir with Perpetration-Induced Traumatic Stress.
inb4 "wahhh puritan!!" I used to have a gore addiction, I fucking know how fucked it is for you mentally. Ffs we have multiple cows on here that have fallen down the hole

No. 1691113

File: 1694173801828.jpeg (445.73 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_1296.jpeg)

Idk if this counts as art salt but I’ve noticed that the more advanced I get as an artist, the more I realise that it’s actually much harder to nail thinner bodies than fat or muscled ones. Hear me out. When you start out, thin bodies are easier because you can just draw people like tubes right? Whereas other more defined body types are harder to learn and require intense anatomy training. But once you’re out the other side, you realise that muscles/fat are distinctive and have a very obvious blueprint as to where things should go: delts look like this, hip dips look like that, calves look like this, etc. But drawing appealing thin bodies for advanced artists requires not only that aforementioned anatomy training, but an ability to be very delicate and subtle with your lines that hints at the correct anatomy without going overboard. Picrel is a good example; the gentle slopes of her arm look simple to a beginner, but as someone who’s spent a hours and hours studying Morpho I can recognise each curve as an intentional representation of muscle and fat. Just something I’ve grown to appreciate these days (and god forbid I post this on Twitter lest someone misinterpret my words as fatphobic, sigh).

No. 1691128

i like how they look, goddam some of you are so annoying with your moralfagging. I dont wanna draw kpoop creatures with big shiny eyes and dick sucking lips that all eastern artists seem to like to draw. They look disgusting and ugly to me.

No. 1691137

File: 1694176620850.jpg (59.01 KB, 532x960, justcant.jpg)

>I got suspended one of my Pinterest accounts because I saved images that are against the Pinterest tos or some shit
Ayrt, I actually got deactivated lel not suspended (whatever the difference is). I'm almost certain mine was from benign semi-nude resaved figure drawing references with some mild boobery and an actual vulva (admittedly) lol. Medical images for use in art are flagged apparently as hardcore porn. They give you 3 strikes than you're out. I'm not sure I'm getting my thousands of saved references back so I am sufficiently salty. In retrospect I should have known better but obviously I keep everything "inappropriate" hidden and private, I thought this would be enough. A google search gives mixed results with some saying its possible to undo deactivation after 2 weeks it should become accessible again automatically or you can beg customer service to reactivate. Not sure if suspension is worse than deactivation or if they're the same shit lel.

>but if there’s always going to be paedophiles in society (which there objectively will) then why not let them chew on pixels instead of real children?
This tired excuse for an argument from pedo defenders comes up every art thread.

>but I don’t think that’s the case. You don’t just BECOME a pedo, you either are or you aren’t.

And you retards are wrong; pedophilia is not an accepted "sexual orientation" just as fucking animals isn't and any other multitude of deplorable male paraphernalia. I don't want to a-log but this tired shit sickens me. This irrelevant inhuman shit comes up in art circles no less from other women commonly. This is what genuinely terrifies me about retards spewing "everything is art". Everything isn't art. Child pornography is not art. Art doesn't exist in a vacuum.

>But I guess I’m just playing devil’s advocate.

No you're not. This opinion literally is mainstream thought and is perpetuated in most media, it is a semi-common argument of males and pedophilic defending women. "Playing devils advocate" generally means being contrarian for the sake of an argument. This deplorable position is the mainstream of male and female pedo-defender society.

False comparison, please don't defend child pornography. As a woman you are presumably human.

No. 1691232

Nonitas are there good sources to study up creating an art business, marketing and making money in general? I know what field I want to get into and my skills are at a good level for it, I’ve consistently gotten good feedback from artists and other people who saw my art. However, I absolutely suck at promoting myself and figuring out how to get visibility and sell products, let alone selling an art personality online and getting social media visibility.

No. 1691243

You can also find studies about how transgender surgery is "life saving", so what point are you making there?
If you're deranged and are fucked up mentally, don't blame it on the gore addiction.
As for me, I like gore art and I can't stand real violence. In fact, I even think I like gore art because it allows me to face my fears and control them. So how about you shut the fuck up.
Goddammit I hate moralfag inquisitions.

No. 1691253

So how many of you actually draw

No. 1691258

Sure, we're moralfagging, but I hope you're aware shit like CoD is being used to groom children into the army. Even if you think youare, everyone else is still not immune to propaganda.

No. 1691259

Anon, I’m sure you know what’s wrong with you. I don’t give a fuck if you fry your brain with gore everyday because you think that’s totally deep and whatever.
I just, again, say that maybe life would be better if people stopped trying to make art depicting children in sexual situations, specially when it’s done with the goal of making moids and retards cum to the idea of children having sex.
Plus I can’t believe you use people’s corpses as a way to make yourself stop being afraid of death or whatever, it’s honestly disrespectful of you to gawk at the remains of a dead person that probably suffered a very horrid accident or was tortured and then murdered.

No. 1691261

Why aren't these obvious baits redtexted