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File: 1704657428811.jpeg (80.24 KB, 500x678, IMG_2022.jpeg)

No. 1842811

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.

previously: >>>/ot/1793227

No. 1842853

I hate that cognitive behavioral therapy is the default type of therapy everywhere. Not only is it not really helpful for my issues, but I had negative experiences with therapists forcing it in the past so I just want to try different approaches. But whenever you reach out it's always "we do CBT! It's scientifically proven to be sooo helpful ♥"

No. 1842858

I hate AI generated fake stories for engagement bait. I hate that this is only going to become more common.

No. 1842859

That a newfag keep making Unpopular Opinions threads with random dog pictures that are not relevant. I bet they don't know why these threads have borzoi OP pics and thought random dog pics were the norm here.

No. 1842862

No I actually chose the Shar-pei’s because my unpopular opinion is that they’re beautiful and cute babies. I’ve been here for years. If you don’t like them then you can either hide the image or make the unpopular opinions thread before I do.

No. 1842880

What approach would you suggest?

No. 1842884

It's definitely a newfag. I hate that ugly ass dog. Look at the confessions thread pic too. newfags everywhere

No. 1842915

cbt more like cock & ball torture

No. 1842918

im a newfag nonnie, why do the threads have borzoi pics??(learn2integrate)

No. 1842959

My post history says otherwise kek

No. 1842967

exactly. plus the borzoi pics are often artistic and not just random pic of ugly ass mutts. i bet it's the same sperg trying to push these ugly scrotum looking dogs bc she thinks they're cute, bc every time you criticise the threadpics you get angry replies
i made a bunch of unpopular opinions thrdads and ive aways tried to find remevant threadpics. this newfag keeps making them early just so she can push her shitty puctures that have 0 to do with the thread subject

No. 1842968

The borzois became a thing a few years ago. I don't remember when and why but they are sleek bastards.

No. 1842974

if you want to wax on about your sweet baby angel puppies uwu you can post all you want in the dog love and animal pictures threads. your sharpeis have literally 0 to do with unpopular opinions

No. 1842976

Are you actually retarded in your brain or something? I’ve already said that they relate to the thread because the unpopular opinion is that they’re beautiful, which is clearly very unpopular, hence why there’s nothing wrong with them being the threadpic. Moderation has no issue with it, so stop looking for random shit to cry over when nothing is wrong.

No. 1842978

Because you’re struggling with reading comprehension, I’ll say it again; the unpopular opinion is that they’re cute. Which is, clearly, an unpopular opinion. Is that upsetting you or something?!

No. 1842979

Go post in the dog love thread, newfag. Those mutts are hideous

No. 1842980

And you’re allowed think they are hideous. Which is exactly why my belief that they’re gorgeous and should be the threadpic is an unpopular opinion. You’re finally getting it!

No. 1842982

All therapy is a grift.

I am sorry but if your issues can't be solved with exercise, meditation yoga like a basic bitch then you are kinda fucked.

No. 1842985

If you really have this big of a hangup with the doggy thread pics then just make the unpopular opinions thread yourself? If you’re too lazy to do it and sharpeifag does it first, then oh well. Sounds like that’s ayou problem.

No. 1843003

ayrt i posted my comment pretty luch at the same time as yours so i didn't see it before posting. it's just extremely annoying, you gave a bilion places to post these dogs so you don't need to make them the threadpic to an irrelevant over and oher again. it's what everyone is trying to tell you, it's not funny and it's not relevenant to anyone except you, and no one enjoys looking at these threadpics. unpopular opinions osn't your personal playground
>in b4 make the OP next time!!!
i actually make threads regularly in /ot/ but you always make yours earlier than the usual accepted time (1200 posts) just so you can push your threadpics. you've been called out on it too

No. 1843005

Unpopular Opinions #108 was already maxed out by the time I made my thread…you can check the timestamps on the final post and when my thread was made. Now you’re just plucking shit out of your ass

No. 1843010

File: 1704664211167.png (133.87 KB, 1122x504, last post .png)

UO108 maxed out at around 9 am PST, then sat dormant until 3 pm PST when the UO109 was made. Are you sure it was a ‘newfag making the thread too early’, little sister?

No. 1843012

File: 1704664287748.png (164.94 KB, 1170x618, thread made .png)

And here’s a timestamp for when 109 was made.
>it’s extremely annoying
It’s a photo of a dog. If it’s really bothering you that much then the problem may lie within yourself.

No. 1843015

Become a mod if you wanna control the website so badly then bloody hell nonnie kekk

No. 1843019

I hate newfags and how they refuse to integrate

No. 1843020

>bloody hell
oh my god, a britbong said it!

No. 1843023

You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 1843026

I hate that a man runs this website and no one seems to care. How have we not overthrown it yet? There has to be some UX designer nonnaritte out there. Please save us.

No. 1843029

We need hellweek so bad.

No. 1843030

Old enough to drink, Queen Elizabeth.

No. 1843032

File: 1704664755669.jpg (388.98 KB, 1600x1477, Elizabeth_I_in_coronation_robe…)

Love that you accidentally complimented me kek

No. 1843034

aight my bad. my points about the pics still stands. you're trying to force a meme taht isn't remevant to anyone but you, just go post in the dog love thread.
the annoying sperg that kept trying to force sonic threadpics got banned for avatarfagging, can't wait until that happens to you too.

No. 1843037

File: 1704664929910.gif (454.8 KB, 220x220, nickisalute.gif)

I drink tea, water, and alcohol with my pinky finger in the air as a salute to terf island.

No. 1843040

It’s not trying to ‘force a meme’ at all. It’s just a cute dog, and my opinion about them is obviously unpopular, which is how it directly relates to the topic of “unpopular opinions” which cannot be argued. Again, if you do not appreciate how it looks, you’re more than welcome to hide the image; however moderation isn’t taking any issue with it.

No. 1843044

>you're trying to force a meme taht isn't remevant
ntayrt but goodness you’re throwing around the term newfag a lot for someone who cannot respect the proper grammar rule kek

No. 1843075

I agree nonnie, we need to rise up

No. 1843082

That we, as a collective, will infight and have day long shitflings that leak into over the most stupidest shit imaginable. I don't think I've seen an infight that was worth infighting over.

No. 1843083

Much ado about nothing, as always

No. 1843116

What would you like to infight over, anon?

No. 1843118

Ntaryrt but nothing because what is there to fight over on an imageboard

No. 1843126

Inflation. I know that the price of everything is going to drop eventually but fucking God shouldn’t that have already happened considering the extreme output of goods?

No. 1843128

Are you dead inside?

No. 1843134

It's just greed at this point

No. 1843162

Both inflation and the job market are so bad right now. I hate the ultra rich, including celebrities and athletes.

No. 1843280

How everyone says “masc lesbian” instead of “butch lesbian” now because the term “butch” is associated with those “big hairy ugly dykes.” They both mean the same thing anyways so what’s the point. Free me from the euphemism treadmill

No. 1843288

nasolabial folds

No. 1843331

A nona had a meltdown about how much she hated borzois and it became a board meme

No. 1843343

ntayrt but anons that avatarfag and then get shocked when they get called out on it are the most obnoxious posters imo. this is gonna end with the avatarfag trying to claim threads to avatarfag even more and then arguing with anons that notice the OP being a contrarian attention whore thats 2 cool for borzois. if you aren't a newfag then you'd know that making a thread based on your own tastes would be prone to attracting critique from anons who don't like the image, so why are you arguing? for someone that isn't a newfag, you have thin skin like one. it isn't an issue now, but anons are getting steadily more annoyed, so it's going to be, thats how shit on lc plays out.

No. 1843348

I agree with you. People who refuse to say butch lesbian are cowards. Let's say that shit loud and proud.

No. 1843353

I hate newfags like you so much.

No. 1843356

I fucking hate having to work and getting up every day at 5 am. Fuck the economy and society. You can all lick my ass. Working is miserable and I would quit in a heartbeat if I didn't have to work just to justify being alive and avoid being homeless so I can barely pay my bills. I wish I was a rich princess and could just sleep in. Fuck everyone and everything in this life bc irl sucks if you're not rich. I wish I could get

No. 1843359

Working to live is such a scam. I want to work 30 hours a week and be able to live comfortably. Why is that so unreasonable? The ultra rich need to die. No one needs to be a multi millionaire or billionaire. The wealth gap is getting worse too, no matter where you live.

No. 1843376

I’m not making a thread based on my own tastes I’m simply making a thread and including a sharpei because my unpopular opinion (the topic that relates to the thread itself) is that they’re sweet dogs. Moderation hasn’t taken any issue with it, but if you’re really being triggered by it then feel free to report the thread anyhow.

No. 1843400

I used to hate on r/antiwork so much because stupid fucking redditors but last year with the advent of AI and everyone discussing their pipe dreams of “no more work! We will be able to spend time doing what we like, when we like, with who we like!” I get it. Fuck work. I hate work. More of my life is spent having to think about something I hate, being at a place I hate, being around people I don't love, and my job isn’t even hard or boring. Maybe the year or so of not working will be worth the world economy crash, starvation, and unkillable robot army.

No. 1843492

what everyone is telling you is that you threadpic choices aren't supposed to be based off your own little private joke that makes sense only to you.
thread pics are meant to indicate to everyone what the thread is about.
most unpopular opinions threadpics feature something about opinions or a character/animal looking judgmental or doubtful. just like vent thread pics can feature animal looking sad/angry and "dumbass questions" features them looking silly or confused. borzoi and nun threadpics have been commonly associated with the "things you hate" and confessions threads basically sonce these threads began.
otoh you the reasoning behind these threadpics only makes sense to you. it's YOUR unpopular opinion.
no one's stopping you from posting dog pics but there's a lot of thereads for that. people are tired of the dogs because that's, what, the 6th random dog pic and 4th sharpei pic in a row now? and they're not relevant to the topic. you can go on about sharpeis in the cute animal pics or dog love thread all you want.

No. 1843516

I mean it’s not my own little private joke that only makes sense to me because it’s been posted about multiple times and it’s also not hard to understand. The unpopular opinion = sharpei’s are gorgeous, which is how it relates to the topic.

No. 1843518

Holy shit, shut the fuck up already.(infighting)

No. 1843524

Girl, you are unhinged and insufferable. No one likes your ugly mutt dogs. Lurk and learn to integrate, autistic newfag.

No. 1843525

I hate shar peis dogs and I think anyone who likes them looks like them

No. 1843535

>you’re an autistic newfag because I don’t like the thread pics
Can’t really argue with the fact that the picture relates to the thread via my opinion being unpopular. If that sounds ‘autistic’ I’m fine with that kek

No. 1843536

I’d love for everyone else to get over it because it’s obvious that 1 or 2 samefags are the only people taking issue with it

No. 1843542

Yeah I don't really like sharpeis but I don't give a fuck about the thread pics because who is bored enough to be mad at something like a thread pic anyway

No. 1843585

there wouldn't be this much posting if sharpeifag didn't systematically get mad and reply every time someone mentions her pics

No. 1843607

Nta and I don't even really care about the whole thread pic thing, but you can't make specific complaints about a specific anon and then get upset when they reply.

No. 1843661

Getting really tired of how overused the word "trauma" is. Keep seeing people saying that they're turning 30 this year and it's traumatic. I am too and bitch no it's not. Trauma doesn't mean "something I don't like".

No. 1843676

I’m so tired of people just supposed to be chill and wait for karma or the courts to give rapists and child predators and murderers a slap on the wrist, hey maybe before they’ll get sucked in to hell they will repent and go to heaven. We should just stone men who rape because I’m tired of seeing the guy who did it to me live a fine life and nobody believed me and his girlfriend is pretty and he has a nice job and friends that love him and he got even more buff and his gf is YOUNG so we all know this confirms his thing for young girls and it just sucks ass because meanwhile I have just been poisoned with low self esteem and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it I should’ve killed him and argued self defense

No. 1843721

The people who are always quickest to say that karma is real and its gonna get anyone who crosses them are always the shittest people themselves who are walking proof that karma isn't real or else they'd be destitute already. They throw that word out there as if they think they're putting a curse on their haterz.

Meanwhile decent people tend to know that getting fucked over by someone with enough superficial charm to breeze by in life rarely comes with justice for them.

No. 1843757

Tbf the pics for the unpopular opinion threads were never really consistent or related to the topic and they tended to be kinda random sometimes, I remember one being cherry blossoms and no one complained.

No. 1843770

the sharpeis were ok the first time but it's like the 4th thread in a row
i mean she HAS to reply every single time epople offhandedly mention not liking the pics. that doesn't help

No. 1844101

Ravers. You're not better than everyone else just because you take drugs to listen to the exact same techno shit over and over again while dancing in place, and reiterate how "open" and "enlightened" you are because you go to gross sex clubs. I've been to a few techno clubs by now, and it's been fun before but I can't deal with the pretentious people who take it sooo seriously, like the entire idea of waiting outside a specific club (and it's not even just berghain) for more than an hour just to get rejected is total bs

No. 1844106

I stopped believing in karma once i had a friend who lost both her parents in a car accident. It's always a drunk driver too. What karma was there to orphan a young teenager ? I also use the whole SA and rape thing too. Like what woman on this planet deserves rape? moids get away with the most evil shit. There are serial killers, human traffickers, porn and snuff film makers, etc. What did those women do to deserve that? Karma is a lie men tell women and women gaslight themselves into believing. Also religion is man made and only serves men.

No. 1844117

It's annoying because it's one newfag who keeps arguing about why they deserve to be thread pics. those ugly dogs should be banned as thread pics. She can go post them in the cute dog love thread if she wants, but i hate looking at their soul less, beedy eyes. We need more thread pics for unpopular opinion that make sense. I hate dogfags.(use the dog hate thread)

No. 1844121

It’s a threadpic that makes sense because the unpopular opinion is that they should be the threadpic, which moderation has no issue with. If it’s upsetting you and triggering you this badly, go talk to the mods about it, go report the thread, go whine about it in /meta/, stop samefagging about it in here. Nobody fucking cares.

No. 1844123

ntayrt however her statement is correct lol. I don’t recall anybody ever sperging about the thread pics until 1-2 nonnies got all up in arms about the pitbull looking puppies. This has been said before but if you don’t like the thread pics then you can always make the thread yourself kek. If you’re choosing not to, and sharpeichan makes it before you, then really you only have yourself to cry at. Maybe buy a diary instead of dragging on a 24 hour long infight over it. We’re all over it now, even if you aren’t.

No. 1844127

Well yes my dear girl! It’s like the fourth time in a row because the unpopular opinion still stands! You’re finally learning! Also I am a NEET. So obviously if you call my name, I’m gonna fucking hear it? KEK(newfaggotry)

No. 1844131

Obvious newfags complaining about other newfags in an attempt to blend in and seem hip. Just go back to r/RedScarePod. Your mind is not wanted here.

No. 1844137

Yeah yeah talk about it to the judge, he’s the one who has the power to delete it and chooses not to because there’s nothing wrong with it

No. 1844138

This line of thinking is how I basically made myself atheist as soon as I was sentient. "God is good and just, works in mysterious ways~" while there is absolutely no protection or justice in this world, just luck that bad things won't happen to you. And we're supposed to cope and say we're stronger for it while the bad people of the world are cozy, happy and un-traumatized.

No. 1844141

I kept hearing rumors the new mod was a man. No wonder they are so trigger happy about banning people for mentioning moids in a negative light. On fucking lolcow of all places.(meta tinfoiling/take it to meta)

No. 1844143

Not only are there male mods but the guy who owns lolcow domain as a whole is a man as well. And no one seems to know what to do about it kek

No. 1844146

>Also I am a NEET. So obviously if you call my name, I’m gonna fucking hear it? KEK
I'm not any of those anons taking swings at you, but I like you. You got moxie.

No. 1844154

The future of lolcow is bleak. I hope they all kill themselves. Men modding a female centric site sounds like a joke, but I've heard about men being the main speakers at a women's rights conference before.(alogging)

No. 1844160

The previous mods would rather let their discord bfs mod here than let in nonnies outside their circle. On that note, every male reading this post is cursed to experience testicular torsion sometime in the future when you least expect it.

No. 1844223

>i hate looking at their soul less, beedy eyes. We need more thread pics for unpopular opinion that make sense. I hate dogfags
Some cats look dead eyed and autistic yet i bet you stfu when they're used as thread pics, now we gotta hear you whine all over /ot daily over some dogs

No. 1844238

The other anons being banned just proves some cock breath pick me is letting her bf mod lolcow. They are pathetic.

No. 1844274

Westerners really misunderstand the concept of karma because a bunch of people started repackaging it as some kind of divine justice system when that’s really not what it is. Good and bad things both happen to “good” and “bad” people, that’s just life. Karma is just the law of cause and effect — if you handle the bad things unskillfully, there’s going to be some blowback. Similarly, you can do all the good deeds you want, it’s still not going to result in you being magically rewarded monetarily by the universe. You still have to find a way to get to what you want on a practical level.

No. 1844276

Why even call it karma. Good and bad things happen to good and bad people. That's just life kek

No. 1844280

Deleted my first post bc typo, but basically the word karma in Sanskrit just means “action.” It’s a relatively recent thing where people think it means “Justice.”

No. 1844301

Ok Buddha can you please turn the dude raped me fat and bald at least

No. 1844312

Unfortunately only his own actions or genetics can make him fat and bald. You can rest well knowing that eventually, something shitty is going to happen to him even if you don’t hear about it (because shitty things happen to everyone), it just might not be exactly what and when you want.

I’m sorry that happened to you though nonnie, I know what it’s like to have someone do something like that to you and just get away with it. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to do your best to put it behind you and to build a good life for yourself as best as you can. It’s what I had to do, and it feels a lot better to just be able to let things go.

No. 1844332

Samefag also I’m aware that advice is enraging when you’re still in the thick of the hurt. It’s not something that you can just will away overnight. I’m just saying you can’t hinge your happiness on whether a certain person seems to be happy or not. His life could be a complete trainwreck on the inside, but people usually don’t make their worst failures or miserable moments known publicly.

No. 1844344

Having no money

No. 1844348

It’s nice to hear though nonnie, your patience is calming.

No. 1844633

File: 1704767425531.jpg (8.28 MB, 4096x9334, irluggmoids.jpg)

I hate when ugly moids try to cosplay attractive anime men. They always look ugly, like a huge faggot, or both. Irl men will always get mogged by their 2D counterparts. I wish making fun of moids' appearances was more accepted because how do moids have the audacity to even think they can look any bit like these characters? Also, I know everyone doesnt find these particular anime guys attractive, but they still look better than any irl moid.

No. 1845175

People who can't stop jittering their leg(s) when sitting. I'm at the airport to get back home and the moid to my right is shaking the whole seat row from his legs moving, it pisses me off.

No. 1845190

Kek you’d hate me nonna. I do it all the time.

No. 1845192

>fat and bald for a rapist
Is that it?? You don’t want him to get in a horrible accident or develop cancer and die?

No. 1845203

He’s just full of himself and vain and admittedly he looks good I wanted jail for him and when I told people about him doing it nobody believed me and he still gets girls, I wish he could stop getting girls and look as creepy as he really is but it shouldn’t be long. He’s 28. Hairline gone in 3..2..

No. 1845215

the first one looks like a tif, not a moid

No. 1845312

I hate pick-mes acting like it's totally haram to make fun of Sam Claflins shitty veneers. I wasn't even doing that in the first place, I don't think anyone was, but if you're stupid enough to draw attention to it by making a post saying "uwu this hollywood actor didn't smile showing his teeth ALL NIGHT and it's the internets fault for being BULLIES and making fun of his veneers!!!" as if we are supposed to care about this grown man who not a single person has even thought of then yes I will start hating actually. I like Sam Claflin, I even think he's hot, but I will never care about male bullying. Much less famous males supposedly being bullied, they need to experience more shame if anything

No. 1845324

I hate when something is funny and makes me laugh but then I can’t remember what it is

No. 1845351

I hate 4channers and troons spamming disgusting images that I end up seeing on the front page. Stay safe nonnies.

No. 1845355

If it helps you feel better, they're probably bald. Scrotes hate being bald.

No. 1845664

Hate when all the threads I follow are slow. Now what's my excuse for procrastinating

No. 1845668

Veneers are gross and makes anyone look like a horse.

No. 1845700

Hate how the default reaction to lesbian imagery is ''t-they were only roommates!! Just best friends! Hahaa!!'' now. If i click on a post about cute 'homoerotic' pictures/art there's a 9/10 chance that every reply is this exact same joke. Nothing about how it made them feel, nothing about desire, no praise, just a painfully tired meme. I'm starting to think it's the go-to answer for (forgive the expression), 'bihets' and anxious woke moids who can't express healthy appreciation for women. I could say more about phrases like 'Do i want her or do i want to become her' but i'll stop sperging now

No. 1845750

File: 1704846033709.png (20.08 KB, 182x230, 57642968725486.png)

I hate breakfast in most countries of the world. Who would wake up to eat some toasts or eggs or bacon or sausages or beans or whatever. I don't understand how anyone can even eat that heavy early in the morning. Breakfast should be small and sweet.

No. 1845801

Lol nta but love whenever there is doghate or dogfag hate some dogfag just HAS to go “but but what about cats” for no reason. This is a thing I hate.

No. 1845807

In Argentina they always eat sweets for breakfast. They eat alfajor, cakes, medialunas with a cup of coffee which they always fill with sugar too.

Is not even that it tastes bad but is a bit too much to start the morning with a massive sugar rush.

No. 1845810

Ugh I hate sweets for breakfast. I don't like to have a lot of food in the morning, but if I have something like cookies for breakfast I always end up ravenous an hour later.

No. 1845851

What are you, a fairy who survives off of honeysuckle and dew drops?

No. 1845874

No, i'm Italian

No. 1845910

Cause it tastes so good and fills you up early in the day so you don’t have to eat for a long time

No. 1845933

Agree but mostly because I can't digest breakfast foods for some reason, it keeps giving me diarrhea, constipation or nausea.

No. 1846176

I dont get why people get so picky about sperm/egg donation. Like yeah, obviously you wouldn’t want your kid to have an actual physical disease thats lethal or chronic, or like a really extreme mental disorder like schizophrenia. However, I saw a facebook post where someone was ranting about how their sperm donor killed themselves and how their kids will “inherit the depression”, like, if you had biological kids with a man you married and he killed himself would you worry about that? Probably not. Everyone has some kind of genetic flaw anyway. I don’t get refusing a donor just because they have a mental illness. I can kinda get behind like, not wanting autism (even if its mild), but I wouldn’t care personally because i’d probably pass that down anyway. Idk, i feel like the next generation is gonna be so fucked up by environmental factors that it wont matter anyway.

No. 1846179

Granted, ive never had IVF done before and im kinda butthurt i cant donate my eggs so idk. Im probably wrong.

No. 1846201

How did she get sperm from a dead guy that’s what I wanna know

No. 1846331

>male orientated thing gets localized
>og translators who got to it like three years prior to the localization (it was a labor of love) dig their feet in and don't remove their translation
>if they're hit by dmca or whatever they spitefully distribute it as much as they fucking can before they remove dl links
>probably on /jp/ and you can just ask in the vn threads for whatever they did, or check ab, nyaa, pb, f95 zone, cs.rin.ru, whatever and wherever

>female orientated thing gets localized

>just a tweet that's like "we are localizing this :)"
>og translators delete everything
>nobody has it saved because said og translators disabled downloads on everything
>"omg! support creators,,,, guys,,,,,,"

femsoc strikes again…this keeps fucking happening and it pisses me off. why are the danmei girlies so cucked. fucking upload it as an .epub and upload that shit to libgen i dunno

No. 1846336

I think it's kinda weird that in my experience, men are usually chill with piracy and adjacent copyright shenanigans whereas women are seemingly really uncomfortable with it. And this isn't me declaring a particular opinion about the ethics or whatever but just saying it's odd that it's gendered like that.
A few years back I was trying to pirate sewing patterns and there was literally no help for it, women gasped and acted scandalized if I asked, even if it was like a big company's pattern. But then I'll see that obscure stuff that typically men cared about, like insignificant spin-off Star Wars media, would get distributed easily. I ended up finding a website with foreign women seemingly mostly from the Eastern hemisphere sharing black market sewing patterns however
As an outlier though I knew one male who was a massive sperg about piracy, as in he was exceedingly autistic about hating it, to the point where he said that it was worse than illegal content involving children

No. 1846346

Which danmei got hit now? I swear danmei fantranslators are cows themselves.

No. 1846354

same i hate how fucking coward some women are. same when they get accused of shit on twitter and they back down instead of owning it and trolling the retards.

No. 1846381

>looking up some of my arthoe friends on ig
>they’re all absolutely gorgeous, ethereal, look like living fairies or models
>all of them work hard at their crafts constantly making and selling things and earning a decent living
>all their bfs are ugly failed djs or literal who“”“”musicians””””
>all have receding hairlines, no jawlines, horrible DYEL spindly bodies or beer guts and ugly in the face
> many are borderline trannies too or on the verge of trooning out
>not only are they all ugly dudes but they’re also all highly manipulative bpd ‘sadboiis’ with drug addictions, no money and generally broke shitty bums who cut themselves and suicide bait for attention

It’s so depressing. The arthoe movement was such a scam for women. Women should be more shallow.

No. 1846385

omg seriously…I've never read a danmei novel in my life but this is routinely the experience I have with manga, webcomics, and games. I'm still forever pissed off that this big translation team that was almost done translating this otome fangame I wanted to play super badly completely shut down their project because apparently the creator contacted them and said she didn't want it translated, despite the fact the translation was just going to be a patch and require anyone who wanted to play to still pay for her fangame. Me and certainly any moids in a similar scenario would've just said fuck the creator

No. 1846416

I guess I’m considered a arthoe and lolcow has shown me how truly ugly the average man is with the balding and fat/skelly and I’ve decided to never settle. I’ve never had a problem with not having sex for long periods so I’ll take not having anyone over being stuck with a loser moid, which are everywhere in 30+ creative spaces (they are all nerds if they’re not fags).

No. 1846419

I’d love to do real CBT on a man, but sub men are so ugly

No. 1846460

Eggs are light? One egg and toast is enough. Or an egg on its own with some vegetables. If you have sweets on an empty stomach, it can be bad for you.

No. 1846470

It's amazing how male oriented fandoms and female oriented fandoms both suck but for very different reasons. I hate when what you described happens because now that some danmei are released in France it turns out that the French translations are based on the English translations and are full of typos, and I doubt there's any alternative to read them if translators do that shit.

No. 1846515

One of my arthoe friends started dating this failed hipster DJ in the last few months (balding at 23, beer gut despite being skelly, pedo ironic mustache) and he’s making her do onlyfans now because he’s a brokie and knows she’s gorgeous.
I had to unfollow her as she keeps posting pictures of them fucking and I can see his disgusting craft beer gut poking out. I’m so disgusted. Hipster moids are the absolute worst.

No. 1846545

Ew I would never be friends with someone who posts pictures of themselves fucking anyone wtf

No. 1846549

It’s sad because she always posted really beautiful innocent arty pics before and how her timeline is just nothing but porn. Also she said she blocked her moms phone number because her family are upset with her doing porn and she’s living in her bfs moms basement where they film their sextapes. Shame how one moid can fuck up your life.

No. 1846554

She has all the power over him as the beautiful one, he certainly can’t “make” her do OF. She is an idiot and I can smell the basement she lives in from here. Why do women settle like this? Pathetic.

No. 1846560

File: 1704891699483.jpg (35.77 KB, 647x624, 1693589983918283 (1).jpg)

you said it as if she doesn't have agency over her own actions. Might be hard to take that your arthoe friend is just a regular hoe.

No. 1846874

Whne they dont send people home for losing in competitions on those reality shows. I hate it that its presented as some good happy thing, no send their ass home for being the worst. I'd be pissed if I won that weeks competition and that my competetor got to stay ona pity vote

No. 1846913

File: 1704915438986.jpeg (828.78 KB, 1170x1960, IMG_0676.jpeg)

This has been said a million times on this website but I just fucking hate men so much with my whole heart. I recently had a run in with r/Porn on reddit, I mentioned them asking if they had any way of verifying that the parties shown in their videos are over the age of 18, they essentially said no. I informed them that ‘ok, so you have no way of verifying their age, you understand that there is a possibility you could be hosting child porn?’ and they just muted me from messaging them back kek. Well come the fuck to find out; they are hosting child porn (fucking obviously) and still have just nothing to say about it. I can’t comprehend why porn even needs to exist at all. I am and always will be a fascist when it comes to an anti-porn belief system.

No. 1847021

I hate moids who start talking in academic lingo to deboonk a claim a woman makes. You're trying way too hard faggot and we all know your statement could be boiled down to a single simple sentence.

No. 1847026

I hate that men can just do and go where they please with almost no consequences. I used to work with someone who answered a craigs list ad about a man being lonely on his birthday, so he wanted a camping buddy. He literally went on a weekend trip with a legit stranger and told me it was the best time ever.
A woman couldnt even think of that. It reminded me of the two women who were murdered on a hike by two men who followed them. So many people were victim blaming, saying shit like "Why did they go without a guide?" etc. like wtf… Men do whatever and never have to worry about being assaulted or murdered on a hike

No. 1847031

>user has been reported before
Ofc. I hate men too, nonnie. There's no reason for hard core porn to exist or the coercion of women to get into porn before they even turn 18. It's sick and I feel like more and more women involved in porn are actually underaged and it's insane to me how this bothers very little men who consume porn.

No. 1847127

Amazing, reddit still won't ban the account even after they're aware that he's posted CSAM multiple times.

No. 1847159

File: 1704928099466.jpg (73.76 KB, 800x645, karn03.jpg)

I'm a weeb and i think this is a common opinion, but i hate the dorito face big mouth stick figure body wrinkly clothes look like picrel in anime so much.
It was popular in shoujo anime too and it's the reason why i've always stayed away from it until i discovered other shows with different artstyle. My husbando was affected by it too but i deny the existence of his anime look.

No. 1847200

File: 1704929315028.png (284.28 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20240110_180921_Duc…)

This form from my university

No. 1847205

>Gender Questioning
bitch got to uni before the doctors could tell the mother if it was a boy or a girl

No. 1847290

I feel so bad for people with intersex conditions. There was no public discussion of it because its rare. Then intersex conditions suddenly get media attention due to trannies claiming that intersex is a tranny thing. They have manage to shape a narrative that intersex is a third sex, even though intersex people are still either male or female. Trannies are now claiming that they are intersex too because they pump themselves with hormones and enbies are claiming that you can identify as intersex if you feel like it even if you dont have an intersex condition.
I cant imagine that its easy to live with a rare disorder or condition. Specially since intersex people face alot of medical abuse. And now trannies have ruined their movement by claiming it as their own. When LGBTI was first being pushed intersex people where against it but they where all shut down for being transphobic. Trannies dont even care about intersex people, or other people with stigmatized conditions for the matter, they just used the intersex movement as a way to benefit their own movement

No. 1847300

>Posting child porn=ok, >saying women have vaginas=not ok
thanks reddit

No. 1847305

Is it weird I generally put prefer not to say in these type of forms?or is it taken as me saying im non binary or some shit? Because i just dont want them getting my gender unless it's government paperwork

No. 1847338

Nah, I started selecting “prefer not to say” on all the crap my university sends me.

No. 1847340

Some people also fetishize it and think it's like their futa hentai, which is really gross. It was just a post online so sue me for unreliable source but I remember seeing someone complain that because he (I think this person was XY) is intersex, people feel emboldened to ask all sorts of rude questions like asking to see his genitals or asking him to talk about masturbation or asking to hook up for an exotic sex experience. And trannies talk about wishing they were intersex instead, basically trivializing all the medical and social struggles they have.
The most ambiguous people are probably the ones who are XY but have PAIS or CAIS so they look pretty much like normal women (maybe with remnant male parts internally), I have sympathy for those people making a case for "my gender is different from my sex" since they are usually socialized and treated as women, it sucks that troons use that to jump in and say that regular men who are absolutely healthy everywhere except in the mind are the same way.

No. 1847406

Detrans tifs who become completely gender conforming once they go off hormones.

No. 1847505

back in the day they would have been the straight gurls who get a "lesbian" phase in college only to settle down with nigel once they graduate. now it's trans instead. nlogs find a way

No. 1847809

File: 1704957636464.jpg (19.73 KB, 293x231, platonic_solids.jpg)

This is a pretty niche nitpick but I hate that polyhedra (3D shapes) are often referred to as dice or DnD-related items, because I am obsessed with them as pure mathematical shapes and I don't care about DnD. I look at stuff like gemstones cut in these shapes and it's labeled like "check out this D20 for the nerdiest of geeky dungeon masters lol!" it's an icosahedron stop being a fag

No. 1847991

I hate handmaidens that are so woefully obtuse. I peeked into some black women community on Twitter and saw the owner whinge that "transwomen are women" and that "transphobia is not tolerated." When I scrolled down the comments, I saw some other woman say that she is respectful of them but that "transwomen are transwomen" and there was this stupid back and forth with those two phrases. Plenty of trannies put down black women as masculine and see them as men, and you're going to get on your knees and say these men larping as women are "women period"? It's all so stupid.

No. 1847995

I feel really bad for black handmaidens because they always believe black women are just intrinsically more masculine than other races of women and that because of that they're "just like transwomen" or whatever. It's so fucked up because these women will have disdain for white people except white men pretending to be women and they don't see how ironic it is. Wishing every handmaiden a speedy peaking.

No. 1848029

File: 1704985392452.jpg (14.04 KB, 236x229, b9bb86dc4c89ca6d62f682e84c1eb7…)

I genuinely hate people that take the field of psychology/psychiatry too seriously. Your personality disorder is just a set of character traits that make your life hell, stop treating like it is an organic serious disorder like alzheimer's

No. 1849414

Tired of self hating Asian/mixed female artists like Mitski and Beabadoo whatever the fuck she’s called writing songs pining after mediocre dick and crying because they didn’t get picked instead of Stacy

No. 1849415

Mental suffering is just as valid as physical suffering.

No. 1849416

Reddit triggers me so much because my ex bf used to go on the porn subs behind my back and jerk off to girls I’m not even sure were legal.

No. 1849420

No. 1849425

Bless you geometry nonna, I never knew the names of any shapes more complicated than dodecahedron and am so happy to know about icosahedrons.

No. 1849569

File: 1705072006097.jpeg (35.97 KB, 653x470, IMG_9655.jpeg)

The anon that spergs about blonde women whenever it gets a chance. We get it, you hate being a brunette, now either dye your hair or shut up.

No. 1849571

I love heather so much.

No. 1849572

When my bpd girlfriend doesn’t talk to me for days on end

No. 1849617

I hate how when I post ugly gendiefied female character designs on lc anons just attack me with "so you just want samefaced anime tiddie girls" like fuck off you know that's not what I mean at all there's a fucking middle ground of interesting design that's still not butt ugly and washed with gender fluids

No. 1849878

hate when video essayists make videos on obscure shit i enjoy. i've liked pathologic long before hbomberguy made that fucking video and now i must contend with normalshits who have made enjoying it their entire personality. "look at me for enjoying something cool and obscure that i was spoonfed into from the algorithm, i'm so great!! i'm sooo interesting. the bachelor's trans btw :3c my lil nasty,,, rat son man,,,," KILL YOURSELF NOW. i was into it first, fuck off a thousand times

No. 1849881

What thread.

No. 1849918

So true. A lot of ppl who donated to the remake kickstarter were excited that pathologic was getting attention, so that the other characters could have their playthroughs funded, but it so backfired. Trans man bachelor makes me so sick.

The game journos and twitter users also killed it so bc they were all whining that it was too hard– the new one is literally easier, they made little quests to teach you how the trash economy works and all that. But the devs added an easy mode. So pathetic.

I specifically remember one dumb journo moid trying to play it, and he was trying to play it as though it's skyrim, and had a hard time, so he said it was a shit game. "When I play the game wrong and ignore the handholding, the game sucks." YOU suck, moid. God. Pathologic 2's treatment makes me so mad.

No. 1849926

In general what is this trend lately with "hard" games attracting the tq's? Like fear & hunger. These are people that can barely hold jobs, wtf are they doing playing these games? If you have any game like this in your steam library, you can clearly survive and thrive in the despair of working in fast food. Say goodbye to your disability check, Lillith and Kai.

No. 1849948

popcorn flavored jelly beans are an abomination

No. 1850010

moids. every time i go on social media like reddit I'm reminded about how they're practically an entirely different species than women
>joking about buying separate devices so they can watch porn and play hentai games on them without their wives/gfs finding out
>talk about watching waxing videos on youtube and wacking off to them
>constantly trying to make sexual jokes or comments about porn
literal npc's, all they think about is cooming i swear

No. 1850017

I tried Pathologic because of anons on LC mentioned the game. Didnt know who hbomberguy was and never care to know about it.

No. 1850047

File: 1705089781713.jpg (11.39 KB, 300x247, 0522c92d58c14805faeedad491f8cc…)

When people who aren't from the South (of America) act like its all just a bunch of racist, homophobic, bigoted rednecks living here. Basic history should tell you that there's hella minorities here, and a lot of us are kind towards one another. It's certainly not perfect and there of course are a lot of bigots, but people make the south out to be some Boogeyman where the KKK is lurking around every corner

Not to mention, some of the liberal areas aren't much better either. Some are racist but display their racism in a more condescending, savior way. That's a different topic though.

No. 1850066

The South is filled with kind people who take it easy. Those motherfuckers…

No. 1850125

I wish that were true. I do think a lot of the south is more “integrated” with black people and Mexicans specifically which is nice in a way, but they’re still pretty racist. I will say I have never in my life combined seen more confederate flags than the time I visited Massachusetts for 2 weeks though, and I live in the deep south

No. 1850133

A fakeboi on campus keeps saying she's from the Deep South (always capitalized like this lmao) and she's from Austin, TX. She really pretends hard to be a cis man, so she says there are no queer or trans ppl there. Always makes me laugh

No. 1850137

No. 1850171

fakebois from texas hit a different level of retardation

No. 1850174

File: 1705094475003.png (232.86 KB, 728x322, dual.png)

The icosahedron is the dual of the dodecahedron! They have a special relationship where if you draw a point in the center of each face and connect all the dots, you get the other shape. So basically they are like if they had their faces and vertices swapped.
If you want to learn about shapes there are actually a lot of entries filled out on Wikipedia with names and stuff e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_dirhombicosidodecahedron for a really crazy one
https://www.georgehart.com/virtual-polyhedra/vp.html This one is old so the 3D models are broken but it has a lot of info too
https://drajmarsh.bitbucket.io/poly3d.html You can also build your own.

No. 1850207

people who talk at the tv or otherwise talk more when they know people are listening (possibly in an attempt to bait them into a convo). it's really transparent and irritating. what's so wrong with silence

No. 1850289

this, it's especially annoying when it's coming from people who actually do live in the south. If you're in a big city it's literally no more racist or homophobic than any other big US city. Hate seeing these trannies from Austin whining about how they're ~literally getting genocided~ and setting up their gofundmes to move to cali when the real conservative failings of our government is shit like roe v wade, shitty underfunded infrastructure and housing prices

No. 1850386

Me too, she’s the best.

No. 1850391

I can't believe it's gotten to this but barryfags are worse than cillianfags who are worse than danofags

No. 1850501

What's with the meme of referring to him as a butch lesbian? It makes no sense

No. 1850645

depends on where you are i guess. my shitty southern state is absolutely racist as fuck, even if people aren't outright calling you a nigger they're giving you fake smiles and calling you "sis or girl". there's also the matter of jobs – i have a white name and a "white voice" and i can always tell recruiters weren't expecting me when i walk in (omg nona you sounded so….clear over the phone!?) total insanity kek. there's also the matter of poor infrastructure in black/hispanic areas, policies being pushed that directly go against you, people moving out of cities that become minority populated and taking all the money + government funding with them, etc.

No. 1850649

Saying the man looks like a lesbian as a lighthearted joke (because he does) does not make anyone a barryfag. I agree and I don't give a shit about that man either way.

No. 1850656

some mongs think "haha lesbians manly and ugly" is peak humour

No. 1850664

He just looks butch. If you are genuinely offended you need to get the fuck over yourself.

No. 1850683

No. 1850686

No. 1850691

Samefag reminds me of another thing I hate: ugly manlet celebrities (it's always the ugliest manlets specifically) being babygirlified

No. 1850703

Nobody here thinks he's a babygirl he just looks like a butch on t

No. 1850715

you're the only one who thinks he looks like a lesbian. everyone can tell hes just an average ugly inbred moid.

No. 1850716

When people say how “long” their baby is instead of just the weight, for some reason it really grosses me out and makes me genuinely feel nauseous

No. 1850722

File: 1705117190264.jpg (50.38 KB, 736x736, 20240112_224126.jpg)


No. 1850744

It's funny because male celebrities aren't supposed to be looking like butch lesbians until they reach middle age

No. 1850817

we just had this discussion yesterday, this is the type of rhetoric that gives delusional TIFs the belief they can somehow "pass"

No. 1850822

Nice try, that wasnt a "discussion" that was you being called a bitter schizo that lets these things live in your brain like a parasite

No. 1850823

it's always been cringe to me tbh. big dumblr "plaid and short hair make you gay xD" vibes.

No. 1850830

File: 1705122085242.png (540.17 KB, 734x829, Screenshot_515.png)

since this is the 'things you hate' thread i hate probably heterosexual/bihet women insisting their scrote crushes "look like lesbians uwu" no they fucking do not. they look like men. stop it kek.

No. 1850833

Not even close youre just mad

No. 1850839

It's them trying justify their obvious heterosexuality.

No. 1850949

File: 1705127151446.png (1.21 MB, 1235x720, image.png)

>you're the only one who thinks he looks like a lesbian.
Nta but in that anons defense, I've been seeing people outside of lolcow saw he looks like a lesbian. I don't even care about Barry Keoghan so it's just stuff I've came across, which to me means it might be a common opinion. Tbh, in some photos I can see what they mean.

No. 1850952

he does look very estrogenic

No. 1850954

he looks like a mtf boymodder

No. 1850956

he reminds me of slothinsocks

No. 1850958

Exactly. I would never say that about >>1850830 or any of these other guys I genuinely just see the kingprincess in this man. It wasn't a big deal but those anons are chimping out from their own apparent insecurity.

No. 1850972

>people outside of lolcow saw he looks like a lesbian
You mean twitterfags?

No. 1850982

It's insulting as hell to real women, and it's always straight women pulling this shit.

No. 1850998

see, people outside of lolcow (aka enbies on twitter) might think men can be lesbians and "kingprincess" is a thing, but the culture here is different. integrate.

No. 1850999

I hate California. I hate people who live in LA. It's the most vapid place on earth. Now they're all bitching and crying about 50 degree weather. The weakest people imaginable. Learn to drive, Cali

No. 1851002

Fuck off back to Twitter

No. 1851011

I've been here for years. No one said he is a lesbian or that men can be lesbian, I was just saying that anon is not the only person I've seen say that he looks lesbian.

No. 1851015

Homosexual males in general

No. 1851017

Nta but why you don't understand it's gross to say a man looks like a woman? Lesbians deal with enough bullshit

No. 1851018

Same. Plus their retarded fag hags and enby following.

No. 1851022

So do you get upset when an anon says a man looks effeminate or androgynous too? I just think this whole thing is making a mountain out of a molehill, everyone here is so sensitive and policey now

No. 1851024

You are genuinely extremely sensitive to an unreasonable degree and if you're triggered by this you're either extremely entitled or extremely socially inept. Both even, possibly.

No. 1851025

Their sympathisers are even on this website lol

No. 1851028

Ngl whenever I see someone say a man "looks like a lesbian" my immediate thought is that they're either making fun of their hairstyle or fashion for being tryhard butch.

No. 1851032

no, because effeminate and androgynous are terms that can apply to men. "lesbian" and she/her pronouns can't. it's that simple.
this imageboard has a contigent of terf/gc and lesbian users, strolling in here calling a man "she" and a butch lesbian is going to get reactions.

No. 1851036

Yeah, this is what I think too, plus if they have "feminine" features.
I think you're just playing semantics at this point. Saying a man LOOKS like a lesbian is not the same as saying he is a lesbian or that men can be lesbians.

No. 1851039

Samefag but as for the "she/her" thing, it seemed to me that anons were just making a joke of them thinking he lokks like a lesbian.

No. 1851041

But what makes him look like a lesbian? You can easily say feminine or effeminate. It's a sexist as hell term to say a man looks like a woman. What do lesbians look like exactly?

No. 1851042

Please leave already, newfag

No. 1851047

Not a newfag retard, I've been here for close to 7 years. I just think you all are nitpicking and word-policing, ironically like twitterfags.

No. 1851062

Samefag but I also just think you guys are kinda dumb if you think someone was seriously calling a man "she" on lolcow. The posts that I saw were obviously joking, imo.
That was a different anon, I've never even heard of that term.

No. 1851065

That stupid shriveled potato looking fucker isn't even feminine nor effeminate. He's masculine and hideous. If Barry's a feminine looking lesbian then so are my own shits.

No. 1851073

The anons calling him a lesbian sound so underage, it hurts. They can't even integrate properly

No. 1851076

File: 1705131929635.jpeg (461.43 KB, 828x1138, IMG_2108.jpeg)

someone was repeatedly calling him she in punchable faces and celebricows, that's what started this whole discussion. see picrel from the punchables thread. doing it once was one thing it got tiring after a while, especially with the op getting huffy about ppl not finding the joke funny

No. 1851082

I saw that earlier. These types of humor is regularly used on kpop forums I've sadly had the displeasure of coming across. They love calling men 'she' and babygirl. It's disgusting

No. 1851086

Agreed, I wouldn't care if it was a one off joke but these retards keep running it in the ground in multiple threads. It's not offensive just annoying.

No. 1851089

I can agree that it's not very funny, but I genuinely do think that is just someone joking and not an enby twitterfag saying that Barry Keoghan is an actual lesbian or whatever. I just don't get taking actual offense to it.

No. 1851099

Ntayrt but if I heard that, basically similiar to saying somebody "dresses like a teenage gendie/ftm".
An insult to both lesbians and the guy, really.

No. 1851173

have a happy transition and don't get bottom surgery.

No. 1851198

Nawl these absolutely retarded faggots need to leave that nonsense on twitter and TikTok with a gif of a man in a ponytail and makeup chewing gum and looking up and down at the camera

No. 1851220

I understand this girl went through a lot and I agree that she was a victim but she still orchestrated a murder and threw her ex-bf under the bus and the fact that she's being treated as a celebrity now is extremely bizarre to me

No. 1851245

>threw her ex-bf under the bus

No. 1851251

File: 1705145712440.jpg (104.2 KB, 750x739, 1654563375081.jpg)

so many newfags here lately

No. 1851256

He threw himself under the bus when he agreed to murder a woman that was nothing to do with him.

No. 1851263

he came from an horrible upbringing and became an horrible person. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

She is clearly a sociopath and i fear for any kids that are going to be under her care. Thats how abuse cycles perpetuate.

No. 1851268

File: 1705146704102.png (114.44 KB, 640x528, IMG_5336.png)

You might as well kill yourself when you get to this point of patriarchal brainwashing.

No. 1851270

>she is clearly a sociopath
I think the same about you and anyone who thinks gypsy should of just stayed in that chair and died at the hands of her mother. You’re fucked in the head and entirely lacking in empathy and understanding of others.

No. 1851271

Why is she a sociopath? Her mom was pure evil

No. 1851276

NTA but you know she had a third option: leaving. (I know, I know, it’s not so simple when you’re being abused, but gypsy obviously has no remorse and loves the attention)

No. 1851279

She tried to leave at some point and the cops handed her over to her mom on a silver platter which made life even worse for her, wtf are you talking about.
>I know, I know, it’s not so simple when you’re being abused
Well clearly you don't know at all.

>but gypsy obviously has no remorse

Nobody should ever feel remorse in case of self-defence, so good for her.

No. 1851289

i genuinely hope she starts making tiktoks kek

No. 1851290

the woman is gloating about murdering her mother. Everything about her behaviour screams sociopathic manipulator, she clearly finds it very easy to rope people, that includes people like you.

Don't be surprised if in a few years he is involved in another horrible crime and goes back to jail.

No. 1851292

my roidqueen Killer sally killer her roidpig moid in self defense and she's hapily living with her new husband and children

No. 1851301

Gloating?? How the fuck is she gloating? You see it that way because you’re a sociopath
This anon >>1851279
Is right. Which is why you should do your research before forming your opinion so that you don’t look like a fucking idiot. Deedee had gypsy legally classed as not competent. She was literally in danger of being murdered by deedee herself. She did try to leave, she had absolutely no life skills or resources and probably genuinely believed she couldn’t make it on her own due to deedees smothering, so that’s why she had to involve moids. I honestly think you’d rather she just rolled over and died. That would be easier for your tiny little mind to comprehend.

No. 1851304

until she gets bored and tries to get another tard from the internet to kill them all for insurance money

No. 1851306

She will def commit another crime
Prison marriages almost never work out. She’s going to get divorced

No. 1851314

File: 1705148719247.jpeg (30.67 KB, 400x400, IMG_5337.jpeg)

Samefag id probably be extremely bitter about natural beauties too if I looked like Shangela the drag queen fucked a sewer rat.

No. 1851318

it sounds like you are more sociopathic than her if you want her to murder again so bad

No. 1851324

The scrote deserved to be removed from society. Stop buying the "poor innocent retarded little boy who just wanted to have sex was manipulated by the evil snake woman" narrative. She's no angel and I also wish she'd stop being celebrated, but it's not like this sex pest was any better. It might get attributed to him being an edgy autist larping as a vampire, he still fantasized about murder, admitted he originally planned to rape Gypsy's mother along with killing her, and afterwards he bragged about raping Gypsy. He was a porn addict and was arrested for public masturbation. No productive member of society was wasted here.

No. 1851335

ok nonna, but when one of her kids misteriously dissapears don't act as if i didn't told you so

No. 1851340

only moids reoffend

No. 1851341

File: 1705149358703.png (757.07 KB, 491x883, 85.png)

reminds me of the video going around of some baseball wag and the comments were full of other women going "will it hurt you to doll up a little", "you represent your husband!!", "you can still be comfortable AND chic" etc. she was heavily pregnant and wearing leggings and crocs to his game, the horrors.

No. 1851342

Gypsy is a sociopath who was raised by a sociopath and seems to date them exclusively. Sorry her mom was such a bitch but the apple doesn’t fall far

No. 1851349

I'm so fucking sick and tired of the infantilization of that retard. If you go on her subreddit that's all you'll see– "but let's hear his side of the story!!! He deserves to have his voice be heard". I wish handmaidens would fucking kill themselves, there's no hope for them.

No. 1851355

>I'm so fucking sick and tired of the infantilization of that retard
I thought you were talking about gypsy at first kek

No. 1851358

Gypsy was based but she needs to tone her obsession with moids down a little bit

No. 1851373

yeah, who has ever heard of black widows, with exactly the same MO as her

No. 1851383

>black widows with the same MO as her
She isn’t considered a black widow. She didn’t do it for money. People with autism shouldn’t be allowed an opinion on things like this. It’s like asking an 8 year old what they think about the stock market. They don’t have the capacity to comprehend it.

No. 1851390

NTA but you’re insufferable

No. 1851394

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Gypsy Rose, without a firm grasp of theoretial physics most of her jokes will go over a typical viewer's head

No. 1851401

Didn't Gypsy fuck the moid she just heard kill her mother in the same house straight after while she lay dead? And that's not sociopathic? The Twitter Jodi Arias poor angel girl bossism of her makes no sense. She said in a prison interview it never crossed her mind to just get up out the wheelchair and walk to prove everything was a lie. Yeah right

No. 1851405

Twitter is that way tard

No. 1851409

Autistic people should be culled.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1851412

I can tell who you are, you’ve been so annoying lately.

No. 1851492

It's not sociopathic. Gypsy Rose didn't do the girly thing (letting herself wither and die under the iron rule of her mother) so she has to be evil in the eyes of moralfags like you. Her ordering a hit on her mother is pretty rational when you consider how most doctors have failed her

No. 1851496

I've read that he raped her, not that they had consensual sex. It was either her or the dead mom so I assume she was threatened by her bf from back then into it.

No. 1851515

You're the only one in this thread crumbling apart to moralfag for this girl serving herself justice by fucking a moid in the same house as her mother who he just murdered because she supposedly couldn't just stand up. Inviting a rapist into the equation to murder a deeply mentally ill woman isn't the o ly option she could've taken ro stick it to girly girlism…

It was called sex in one of her prison interviews and rape wasn't mentioned. What a spin.

No. 1851533

They had consenting sex together. He also raped her after the murder because it was either her or her mother.
Consenting sex does not mean rape can't happen after.

No. 1851561

I fully expect that she's gonna do alot on social media in the next while that'll make her unlikeable even to people who for now feel for her. Nothing good will come from it. But I'll never feel bad for the ex bf. He was already a perv. Police had already picked him up for public masturbation in a fucking mcdonalds of all places. Thats like going to a playground to do it. He can rot away.

No. 1851576

>A 23-year-old Waukesha man accused of watching pornography at McDonald’s, 1635 E. Main St. for nearly nine hours, told police he had his hands down his pants because he was scratching himself, according to a criminal complaint.
>The Waukesha police officers who were called to the fast food restaurant didn’t buy his excuse. People at McDonald’s told police he was watching pornography on his laptop while fondling himself, according to the criminal complaint.
>Nicholas P. Godejohn was charged Wednesday in Waukesha County Circuit Court with carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. He faces up to a year in jail and $11,000 in fines, if convicted.
>Godejohn arrived at the Waukesha McDonald’s at 10:30 a.m. March 11 and stayed there with his laptop until police were called at 7:18 p.m. The shift manager contacted police after a customer complained and the shift manager walked past to find Godejohn masturbating to the pornography, the complaint states.
No gf to blame for this shit

No. 1851640

File: 1705157811567.png (245.11 KB, 1003x504, Screenshot_9.png)

>They had consenting sex together. He also raped her after the murder because it was either her or her mother.
Funny how it keeps getting more convoluted

No. 1851649

Gypsy Rose shouldn't have been sentenced in the first place they should've let her walk free. The moid that killed her mom deserved life though.

No. 1851659

This level of sexism is so pathetic. I see more women irl without makeup too, especially at work. like wtf. No one has time for that shit.

No. 1851663

I wish there was instant death for this kind of behavior

No. 1851722

File: 1705159864026.png (178.59 KB, 372x507, ngj.png)

How he gets 'consent' It's almost like he already had a history of being a knife wielding assburger creep and he was just keeping up his knife wielding creep ways

No. 1852052

it's also misogynistic as hell because they never mean it in a positive content, it's always to make the guy look somewhat toothless and harmless or pathetic ("babygirl" and "malewife" shit)

No. 1852299

>23 years old
>at a mcdonalds
>imagine going to mcdonalds at 10:30 to get breakfast and you see this
jfc. I cant imagine having zero shame. Why did it take them so long to call this in is my question?

No. 1852301

Gen z lingo is pure brain rot.

No. 1852368

Imagine how many kids visit a Mcdonalds location over the space of 9 hours.

No. 1853040

File: 1705195924554.jpg (16.06 KB, 372x349, b131e6ef88b496697c692dee25cc38…)

When I'm watching a video on a topic and the person narrating is overreacting his/her anger. I'm currently trying to watch something but the girl legit sounds like she is running out of breath between her swearings and it's actually annoying me. Speak normally, your fake rage is bothering me more than being funny.

No. 1853629

Gen X and old millennials creating fucked up, depressing shows and branding them "dark comedies", then pushing their creations onto the rest of the world hoping to get people oohing and aahing about how deep it is, when all it does is make you depressed and uncomfortable on purpose. Someone needs to ban them from the art industry fr.

Being forced to watch Bojack Horseman with my old ass ex was bad enough, but Netflix was pushing me to watch something called Carol and the End of the World tonight. The preview looked innocent enough, but once I actually put it on I regretted it so much. It was whiny and self-important which is how you know a millennial made it, but they also made it really depressing and disturbing so the creator must've been someone who lived through the 80s. I'm so pissed off that I wasted 30 minutes of my time on that and ruined my dinner. None of it was funny in the least, no idea why they labeled it a dark comedy. Is it automatically a comedy when it's animated? Is that why disgusting shows like Ren & Stimpy and other unfunny gross out humor made it past censors? I accidentally saw that as a kid and it fucked me up, why do they want to infect everyone else with their depression so bad?

No. 1853635

I hate that Paki-chan lurks every fucking thread that has to do with anything fandom related around the goddamn clock and ruins them with her retardation beyond repair. Her posts are so recognizable and extremely grating to read because she's like a broken record repeating the same fucking things for years and creating tons of infighting in her wake.

No. 1853798

This is me with that weird mangobutt lady on youtube

No. 1853799

She never stops saying the exact same thing over and over. And then newfags coddle her like she isn't an unhinged squawking parrot

No. 1853915

File: 1705246462739.jpg (97.76 KB, 720x667, Z7kV8w8NAA.jpg)

seeing retarded Americans praise the Houthis is genuinely filling me with rage. Even more then Hamas, They are theocratic Islamic monarchists who think their leader deserves it because of their special blood

No. 1853916

Y'all just mad because she hates fujos, which is funny because that's the only based thing she ever did

No. 1853941

What's with Americans and their obsession with Islam? Nobody likes or defends that damn religion besides other islamists and random Americans, are they addicted to humiliation? Do they feel a sudden dopamine release every time a Muslim threatens them?

No. 1853954

well it's not just Americans, they murdered a few fisherman from my country a few years back, despite being fellow humans, they hate everyone that isn't their sect of zadia shia,

No. 1853980

File: 1705249382822.jpg (39.34 KB, 629x379, 1703824999363.jpg)


No. 1853983

Paki is just mad because she lives in a shithole(racebaiting)

No. 1854037

It's honestly a weird show. The main character is very annoying because she's slow as fuck. I guess this show is trying to be like what Tuca and Bertie was, an adult show with surreal stuff, but because talking animals were already done, the creators used people.
I'm honestly watching this show because the main character is like my best friend but without a micro-ounce of charisma.
I just want to know what is it like to have nothing to look forward to like her, I guess, maybe then I will understand her a bit.

No. 1854457

I feel millennials are in the worst place, they won't enjoy any benefits the boomers got but they will see the end of the long peace when their old and feeble, it really suck for them.

No. 1854639

I hate that the socio-economic climate of now leaves the vast majority of women with 2 or 3 options of getting better financial wise, either:
>a) working their asses off through college and work and it still won't be enough;
>b) follow dating coach advice that is rooted in sugaring 90% of the time and date an old fart with money;
>c) get into some exploitative industry like OF and surrogacy.

Guess we're pretty doomed, eh?

No. 1854640

I hate it when podcasts have that one charismatic and funny participant but they're just a frequent guest and not a permanent part of the show. And whenever you listen to the podcast without them in it it's just boring dead air and a bunch of "umm, uhh, yeah, huh" being repeated or annoying ramblings that go nowhere. Like I don't want to follow this channel because half of it is garbage but I still want to listen to the episodes being carried by that one person.

Also I hate it when someone whose youtube videos I really like starts a podcast and it's just boring as shit to listen to because they can't keep up the energy without a script.

No. 1854641

What is the conversation about tonight ladies? I have clinical depression

No. 1854644

>threw her ex-bf under the bus
Wouldn't you throw a necrophiliac under the bus tho? Serves him right

No. 1854653

I know you know it, but that is still such a dumb thing to say. Why do you think so many women die in domestic violence relationships. This is a similar case. Fearing for their life. Also why are you so against her? Are you her dead mother? Or her weirdo ex bf browsing from prison

No. 1855288

She's annoying as fuck because she calls other women "pornsick" (her favourite word) for being anything but chaste tradwives which is why she hates fujos along with every other type of woman, thinks white men are literally jesus incarnate and hijacks discussions just to blog about her life and degenerate family yet she never gets banned for personalityfagging for some reason.

No. 1855639

It's not "cyber sigilism" it's fucking tribal. There is nothing "cyber" about it nor is it a fucking sigil and not to mention it looks like a skin disease from afar

No. 1856133

File: 1705361721341.png (45.54 KB, 608x507, Screenshot_538.png)

tumblr queers into disco elysium kek such an annoying genre of person

No. 1856134

I don't understand how they were able to reference multiple occurrences in the game and yet somehow miss the point of all of them.

No. 1856162

How slowly movie pirate sites load. My internet speed is fine, it's the site that's the fucking problem.

Anyone know illegal streaming sites that don't have painfully slow loading speeds for movies?

No. 1856163

movieboxpro is perfect

No. 1856585

File: 1705387101307.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, WaQpnq6.png)


No. 1856590

yeah wasn't the point actually that the town was going to shit after ""they"" drained all resources on wars (i haven't played disco e in years so i might be wrong)

No. 1856592

I feel like its geezers responsibility to adopt and not create another child. You will be in diapers before they turn 18 wtf.

No. 1856624

nta but it seems to be locked.

No. 1856632

Yeah idk if I should sign in with one of my less important burner accounts to risk it

But fmovies is slow as shit

No. 1856670

People that claim that listening to an audiobook is the same as actually reading.

No. 1856690

What's the difference? You're still experiencing the story.

No. 1856767

nta but I use audiobooks when I'm driving to work and when I'm actually working. It makes the whole ordeal far easier, but I don't retain as much of what I read (maybe around 70% compared to actual reading)

No. 1856781

I'm irrationaly annoyed by book snobs, there's just as much trash published in literature as in any other medium yet they still insist on acting like they're better than everyone else because it's printed on paper object they can hold.
This take is pretentious and unfounded too

No. 1856783

goku.sx works just as well as paid streaming sites for me

No. 1856791

How many people sit down and listen to an audiobook, giving it their full attention and analyzing what is happening?

No. 1856809

I watched all of Carol and the End of the World and it fucking sucked. I noticed it had some of the same creators as Rick and morty, and carols parents were nudists in a threesome relationship with their black male nurse, the exact same dynamic as jerrys parents in Rick and morty. Like how is that funny? Hurrr durrr old white couple fucking younger black man!! How hilarious and zany and quirky! I swear I literally did not laugh once, they try so hard to be deep and meaningful but it’s all the most shallow fucking garbage ever. Not to mention the animation was utterly hideous. It’s not a dark comedy if you spend the entire time trying to be relatable and tug on peoples heart strings.

No. 1856816

Different anon but where did OP say reading is better? She just said it's not the same thing but you immediately jumped to coping about "muh elitism" kek, really telling on yourself

No. 1856824

The only people praising the show are its staff huffing their own farts on social media

No. 1856832

I agree, they also all have the same generational trauma garbage. Inside job could have been amazing if it was made pre bojack without all the ''waaah my parents bad they think i am a sperg waah'' bullshit. However, for some reason I recently started watching pic rel and i enjoyed it. It's so cheesy and retarded. It feels like an adult show parody that would be inside an episode of family guy, but i cant keep my eyes out of it. It follows the same dynamics of ugly retarded dad, hot mom and quirky son, expect the hot mom is actually pretty cool and the quirky kid acts like a kid and his gimmick is him being schizophrenic but still childish. It's going to get cancelled eventually, but i am liking it so far. The animation is also really good, and i like the designs/artstyle. I will take honest cringe over wannabe 2deep4u shit any day at this point.

No. 1856840

fat acceptance tiktoks make me feel sick

No. 1856848

Only a woke millennial who’s positively wasted on the emanations of their own flatulence could conjure up such dull, self important garbage as Carol & the end of the world. We are all slowly being cooked alive by climate change and our future is hopeless, make something fucking FUNNY for once.

No. 1856854

Smiling Friends was pretty funny.

All the other american animations from the last decade can burn in hell.

No. 1856855

smiling friends is great, but it's too retarded and not really memorable in my opinion. Venture bros is everything bad with modern animation but done good, and it has 7 seasons so it can entertain you for a long time.

No. 1856858

I mean there are different types of learning though? You may not benefit from listening to a book or retain the info, but someone else may be able to retain more. Personally I can recall the story and details from most audiobooks I've listened to. I feel like it's a different case when you get idiots on tiktok saying they can listen to an audiobook and read a physical book at the same time and retain everything from both though kek

No. 1856866

Your image reminded me how much I dislike dogs. Some of the breeds are ugly as fuck and almost all of them are annoying and overly reactive in an aggressive way. People chock this up to bad training, which is true, but why should that matter? Fact is, every time I run or walk past a dog on the street it's a complete gamble as to what the miserable fucking mutt is going to do. Is it going to rush me? Jump on me? Leave me alone? Bite me? Stay calm and leave me alone? "Oh but she's friendly" FUCK OFF!!!!! I've never been hassled in public because somebody else had a cat or a goldfish or some shit for a pet, but with dogs it is a daily annoyance at best and a potential danger.

No. 1856875

IDK I moved to South Carolina for work for a little bit and the racism was shockingly overt. It's not like there's none where I'm from (NJ) but it's mostly prevalent in the rural areas and even there it's a behind closed doors thing beyond a minority of people who fly the Confederate flag. Meanwhile in SC I was encountering people who were more overtly racist than I've ever experienced in the downtown of a populated area.

No. 1856879

Wet coughs. Stop congesting my throat already

No. 1856880

I hate dog owners so much. I don’t know why they insist on dragging their disgusting mutt everywhere with them especially into places where people are trying to eat. They’re like codependent and emotionally reliant on a fucking animal and it’s the most pathetic thing in the world. It’s the only thing they have to talk about and it’s the only thing they have to bond with others over. They are emotionally crippled and that’s why they seem to think their domestic animal is somehow more kind and loving than a human. You feed the stupid mutt, of course it thinks of you as some sort of god. It’s literally too stupid to properly observe the world around it and if it wasn’t it would see what a fucking loser you are and run away. Dogs are not loyal, they pander to whoever they think the “alpha” is, the average dog if it were a human would just be a “just following orders!” Nazi type of person. These emotionally stunted retards are sooo threatened by any other animal that doesn’t worship them. That’s why they hate kids, cos kids will speak their mind and will tell them in no uncertain terms how fugly and retarded they are. These people can’t even tolerate the independence of a fucking cat let alone another human being. They repulse me. Also people who let their dogs sleep in the bed with them are mentally ill. I had a colleague who used to talk constantly about her disgusting ugly shitbull and there was nothing funnier to her than the dog farting in her face at night. “His farts are sooooo bad teehee! He farted right in my face haha!” When I responded by sneering in disgust and asking her why she lets it sleep in the bed, I could see her heart sink. She looked utterly confused that I’m not chortling with glee about a mentally ill emotionally stunted socially retarded woman treating a blood sport beast like a surrogate husband. I hate dog owners so bad.

No. 1856882

Seeing American monoculture take over the world is so sad. I live in western Europe and I've known people who could speak English better than their native language, it's become popular to say you're 'a citizen of the world' and people can barely spell anymore. I'll take it over nationalism but it's depressing to see beautiful and diverse cultures fade away because of social media. I hope the social media death theory is real because it's doing so much damage.

No. 1856893

Even as an American I hate it. The world just seems so much boring than it was 20 years ago and whenever I see shit about a city getting a new chain or stadium or some crap I cringe. It's like everywhere is gentrifying at the same time. At the very least it's saved me money because I no longer have any desire to take trips besides hiking (and even that is getting overcrowded depending on where you go because Instagramers have caught on to using the prestige of the National Park designation as luxury vacation content, completely ignoring the conservation focus. Never listen to anyone sucking off the national parks, all of the national recreation areas, state parks, etc. are better).

No. 1856901

>She looked utterly confused that I’m not chortling with glee about a mentally ill emotionally stunted socially retarded woman treating a blood sport beast like a surrogate husband.
Still the right choice over a bog standard moid kek.

No. 1856908

I’m white and I live in England but you know what I hate? White expats who spend their entire lives being a degenerate in Thailand or some other country like that before returning when they’re a washed up old boot in their middle age to reap the benefits of our health and social care that they did absolutely nothing to contribute to when they had the chance, only to be a complete self righteous cunt and waffle on to anyone who will listen what an amazing life they’ve had. “Oh the Thais are so friendly and kind!” Because they see you as a worthless fucking paypig and gossip and laugh at what a pasty ugly gullible gammon faced cunt you are right under your nose since you can’t even be bothered to learn their fucking language. There’s nothing I loved more than watching “banged up abroad” to see these worthless traitors get utterly shafted by the deeply corrupt justice systems of the countries they emigrated to in order to exploit. You went there to fuck desperate women and be treated like a king and now you’re in a cell with 20 other people all shitting into the same bucket. Enjoy!

No. 1856916

Yeah, America seems really interesting actually. Certain states like Louisiana are super interesting to me and I would love to go one day but I'd be scared to just be led to the touristy spots.

No. 1856931

Same, but I brought it on myself vaping that devil’s lettuce juice.

No. 1856994

I also thought the nudist parents with the nurse were weird as fuck and an obvious fetish. It was obnoxious how they tried to make it seem wholesome when it was just retarded and if anything a bit ominous because of how quickly everything went in that weird ass relationship. Plus the yet another stupid ass glorification of sex, it would've been less disgusting if the guy could've been like "we don't have sex or anything like that, it's just pure love"
I also barely laughed even though it was totally supposed to be a comedy.
It honestly felt more like a show about discovering yourself regardless of your age or something.
I was very bored during the episode focusing about surfing, I was constantly expecting that something funny would happen like a sudden cut and she's doing drugs and hallucinating everything or a sudden cut and she's just daydreaming at work. Idk.

No. 1857120

I hate creators who think only depressing content is dark and meaningfull. I miss fun comedies, romcoms and feel-good escapist movies. Barbie was supposed to be that, but it fell short once they introduced the misogyny narrative. I'm sick of paying money just to be more sad and reminded how awful everything is. How dare we forget for one hour. Video games have also been the same grimdark depression-fests for a decade. It's like the Oscar bait formula except shoved into everything.

It's not even like you can't make a good film about difficult topics without forcing everyone to feel bad. Sterlin Harjo, Taika Waititi and Emir Kusturica made amazing dark comedies that are actual comedies without the forced "waaah feel bad for me" that they do.

No. 1857199

>Video games
I hate how so many new big name games always have the same themes where it's either dark and gritty future dystopia or dark and gritty medieval fantasy. You have the ability to pull off state of the art graphics and just squander it on rendering more realistic grime and debris?? I don't get that, I'd love to see more whimsical uses of modern graphics

No. 1857203

American culture specifically is like a disease. So many games and shows I used to enjoy seem to be more pandering to get those U.S approval points. Look at wtf square enix tried to do with FF16. I'm tired of the western influence in asian culture too.

No. 1857208

I know this is a bit OT, but I hate how social media has ruined so much. There were only spots you could go outside and find yourself, or spots that used to be word of mouth. Now all you gotta do is boot up tiktok or twitter and type in random shit. I went to Universal Orlando and did the secret phone booth like Arthur Weasley and this couple behind me were talking while I waited. They were like "omg, I'm so excited to try this since i saw it on tik tok. I didnt even know it was harry potter thing."
Like, did you not see the movies or read the books? How do you not know? So many things are being overcrowded and over-hyped because of tiktok. I hate it. So one can think for themselves anymore. they have to do what social media tells them to.

No. 1857210

The Barbie movie was such a huge let down because I was expecting fun and campy, but they had to introduce real life sexism and Ken being a dickhead because he discovered the patriarchy. I honestly did not like the direction the movie went. I still enjoyed it for Margot and Gosling, however.

No. 1857220

I hate how people can call themselves “gamers” and act like it’s a skilled hobby but if I call myself a “tv head” and brag about all the shows I watch they call me a fucking loser? I hate gaming. I just wanna stare at the tv like a boomer. I just fucking love watching tv.

No. 1857230

Watching too much TV, playing video games, being too into comics, etc. are all activities you deserve to be bullied for, and I like some of those things. People these days get way too much leeway to be retarded.

No. 1857233

It really is so weird that gamers and music listeners get considered cool super deep hobbies when it’s literally just consoom

No. 1857252

Yeah but in a way so are bookworms. Music at least can have a social culture attached to it, and so can films to an extent. People are all boring tbh. Even people who skydive and shit. People have skydived before what’s the point? Oh it was terrifying but you felt amazing after? No shit. You paid to be strapped to some guy and hurled out a fucking helicopter big deal. If you genuinely enjoy it then fair enough but if you’re only doing it so you can feel like you’re an interesting person then you’re a fucking loser tbh.

No. 1857266

Meh I disagree. People who consider music their hobby are in the subculture side of things, attending concerts and festival regularly and/or into playing music/production. If that's consoom then basically any hobby that isn't hiking through nature for free is.

No. 1857272

Hiking is also consoomerism because you’re consooming fresh air and beautiful scenery. Plus everyone’s already been everywhere so what’s the point?

No. 1857277

Not really sure what thread this goes in but I need to rant.

This pro life/pro choice "debate" is 3 hours long. Made me want to scream and pull my hair out more than once. It's Brenda from the channel God is Gray (she's known for being a progressive christian and very pro lgtb+ which makes her unliked by a lot of other christians on youtube) vs Lila Rose, an extremely conservative catholic who has some kind of organization called Live Action that tries to prevent abortions.

They probably could not have gotten a worse pro choice debater than Brenda. First of all she's a christian and constantly trying to be accepting of almost everyone and everything and seems afraid to sound mean or exclusionary in any way. She also says "pregnant people" instead of "pregnant women" which is annoying. At many points in the debate Planned Parenthood is brought up. Brenda says they treated her well when she got an abortion, Lila just keeps saying that planned parenthood has sex education that teaches little kids how to masturbate. No idea if that's true or not, all of the anti sex education stuff from right wingers always sounds like fear mongering to me but I digress. Brenda doesn't seem to have much of an issue with this though and is just like "well they're going to start masturbating on their own anyway" and says she started masturbating at 3 years old and that most girls do which is not true. Usually when a kid starts masturbating that young it's because they got molested.

Trust me there is absolutely no point in watching this debate, it's just both opponents going in circles and repeating themselves the whole time. Lila just keeps being like "they're DISMEMBERING BABIES. They're DISMEMBERING CHILDREN. LIFE IS WORTh FIGHTING FOR!! it's so obnoxious, she really loves using the tactic of shaming women who get abortions and making them sound like evil demonic baby killers. She also used the word "genocide" a bunch of times like how pro life people love to refer to abortion. I would have wanted to point out the SHEER IRONY of a catholic person saying they're against genocide. Brenda brings up the point again and again that the #1 cause of children dying in this country is gun violence, and like a true conservative Lila doesn't seem to give 2 shits about this and is just kind of like "yeah that's bad but actually the #1 cause of children dying in this country is abortion".

At the end they briefly bring up if the abortion is because of health reasons/high risk pregnancy. Lila just totally avoids answering this question by being like "but usually it's not that high risk and the doctors just want to push you to get an abortion instead of giving proper medical treatment" or something. Even if that were true, high risk pregnancies absolutely DO exist. Lila would probably just say they were bullied by their doctor into doing it or something, but I don't believe that. There was absolutely 0 mention of ectopic (or otherwise inviable) pregnancies and how anti abortion laws can make it impossible for women to terminate their pregnancies, which is really dangerous/deadly for the woman, and that in those cases the fetus is going to die anyway, it's just a matter of whether the mother also dies. There was also no mention of how anti abortion laws can result in women getting prosecuted for having miscarriages (which is something that's already happening in the US). Also cases of mental illness were brought up and Lila basically just says "mental health is the problem and better mental health care is the solution, not MURDERING A BABY". She says basically the same thing about rape pregnancies, that the rape was wrong but "the penalty shouldn't be taken out on the innocent baby". I would have mentioned that the abortion isn't about penalizing anyone, and that if I got pregnant and was forced to watch my body change and expand for 9 months and constantly be reminded of the trauma of being raped everyday and that those changes were a result of that I'd probably kill myself. Not to mention if I was a child of rape/incest I'd grapple with my existence, but I digress.

In conclusion, this debate was a giant waste of time.

No. 1857278

If you make music it isn’t consoom

No. 1857282

I hate Indian customer service scrotes. Worthless ESL fucks.
This is not targeted in any way at Indian women, I just have a special hatred for illiterate service males. Like, just do your fucking job or hang, Prakash.

No. 1857287

You can learn skills from playing video games though. At least if you play more interactive ones. What do you learn from watching tv shows? Unless you mean people into directing and recording, cuz that's cool, but just binging a show is kinda boring imo. There are better ways to spend your time.

No. 1857301

I watch a lot of documentaries on various topics. You can learn a lot of things from the tv, even watching exploitive trash tv like hoarders or intervention can help you gain empathy and understanding. You can travel all over the world and never have to leave your sofa, watch the Masai tribes of Africa or the Inuits of the arctic and learn their ways of life from the comfort of your own home.

No. 1857315

I disagree about gaming being considered a deep hobby, a lot of even the competitive ones wouldn't see themselves that way.
Can you name a hobby that doesn't revolve around consooming?

No. 1857317

That god is grey lady is such a fucking retard, her videos are always so long just to say nothing. You can always count tradfags to pick the most retarded debate opponents ever though

No. 1857322

Some of them are really really nice. They’ll be like “thank you and have a blessed day”.

No. 1857382

You still need to buy the equipment needed to make music. Sometimes even involves instruments, different programs, and getting into special circles which can involve money.

No. 1857391

Buying tools you actually need to create things is not the same at all as consoom don’t be obtuse. If you hoard supplies and have little output then that is consoom but simply owning things is not kek

No. 1857533

What's with every historical, or "historical", movie and series having a disgusting desaturated filter? Oooh we're in the past, colours haven't been invented yet.

No. 1857557

File: 1705448412874.jpg (117.92 KB, 768x603, colorsEVERYWHERE.jpg)

God I hate that so much. I also hate the prevalence of brown/gray/boring neutral colors in their costumes. Most period clothes were LOUD AS FUCK.

No. 1857663

I hate when a thread falls between the board pages and you have to go to the catalogue to find it.

No. 1857695

File: 1705453745257.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, borgias_2011_photo_hero_1.jpg)

I liked the borgias because it didn't do this. very beautiful colorful costumers and sets. not totally accurate though

No. 1857721

I think it's to portray that we're looking at a darker (not in terms of color) time

No. 1857816

That’s nice but you are not reading, you are listening. If listening to a book was the same as reading a book then illiteracy wouldn’t exist.

No. 1857824

I’m a white Australian and feel the same about the white (typically male) sexpats from my country. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for them when they get scammed, it’s the least they deserve.

No. 1857825

I didn’t watch the video but the #1 cause of children dying in this country really is abortion, she’s correct on that. A fetus is literally a human child.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1857828

A fetus is a clump of cells until it develops into a fetus

No. 1857833

The clump of cells doesn’t magically change species when people decide it can be called by a different name

No. 1857839

This reminds me I hate anti-abortion people.

No. 1857846

Grrr I hate acknowledging scientific facts

No. 1857847

A clump of cells is not a child until it becomes a child

No. 1857849

Don't you have a Trump rally to go yell at

No. 1857850

literal prolifer shit on here now? the tradthot invasion is real

No. 1857852

when is that

No. 1857854

Terminating an unborn fetus is not equatable to child mortality and you know that.

No. 1857856

No I don’t because that’s not reality. There’s no difference in biology between the two. They’re both human children, just one is sustained by someone else.

No. 1857857

It's the same lazy bait as the past days, just report.

No. 1857861

i love aborting babies, if i ever get pregnant on accident i am going to abort the hell out of that thing(bait)

No. 1857863

Yup yeet it like a football yupyup(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1857864

Stfu Ben shapiro

No. 1857867

well as long as it's depending on your body you're free to get rid of it, it's not like it's paying rent

No. 1857870


No. 1857871

Especially male ones.

No. 1857877

Ok you can freely argue that but you cannot argue that it’s not a human because it literally is, saying it’s anything but is a major fault in the abortion debate.

No. 1857879

The replies to this post had me thinking this was gonna be some pro life shit, but it's honestly just true. A fetus is a human baby. That doesn't make abortion wrong, it's just kinda the truth. I always thought the whole "fetuses aren't human/children" argument was kinda stupid but at the same time I get why people say it.
It's not worth listing as a cause of child death though. We should safe that for children that have already been born and were sentient.

No. 1857888

They try and be stealthy but their dogwhistles aren't subtle, they out themselves in the conspiracy thread

>mfw ancestors are literal devils to white supremacist conspiratards because long debunked elddurrrs of zioooon crap

>mfw I can't talk apolitical conspiracy theories without faggots bringing up antisemitic alt right slop


no winning with /pol/tourists I fear

No. 1857897

>A fetus is a human baby. That doesn't make abortion wrong, it's just kinda the truth
I agree, and part of being pro choice is also understanding and empathizing with the pregnant women who do see their unborn child as a person. The problem is that people are automatically going to think that if you attribute life to a fetus, terminating it is as bad as killing someone in other circumstances. But the thing is… this is one of the few cases in which 'killing a person' should be allowed. People can describe it 'murdering babies' all they want, I will always return to the belief that 'baby murder' is ethical if you are the person carrying it and it would not be able to survive outside your body. It's a host/parasite relationship and the host should have that right.

No. 1857904

File: 1705463289426.jpg (27.05 KB, 600x600, 134546.jpg)

>this is what i'm killing
oh noooo

No. 1857918

>you retards haven't found a new gotcha i promise. now fuck back off to /pol/
I wouldn't touch 4chan with a 10 ft pole you dumbfuck, and it wasn't supposed to be a gotcha in the first place.

No. 1857925

I really, really, really hate this new age subset of men who are so fucking retarded that they will take the most innocuous things like women enjoying Titanic or liking make-up or even fucking tweets where a woman is saying something mean or dumb as actual scientific proof to paint all women on Earth as batshit harpy monsters. I also hate that in the eyes of that subset of men, you're damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to literally anything. If you're interested in video games you're a whore doing it for attention, if you don't like video games you're a retard and simply don't have the brain to comprehend them. I hate how they've even turned the literal word "Women" into an insult. You genuinely cannot win in the eyes of these degenerates which wouldn't be a problem if a lot of them weren't in positions of power or authority or fucking everywhere.

No. 1857960

That is a CHILD. You are a CHILD MURDERAR.

No. 1857970

I always take comfort in the thought that most of these moids will kill themselves with their shit diet and lifestyles soon enough. I can't even take them seriously because 95% of this shit is always projection.

No. 1857982

Haven't been following this infight but I thought this was the gestational sac? Just confused since I remember there seeing an uproar where people were mad at a news outlet for "making pro-choice look bad by spreading misinformation" and the picture looked like this, can anyone elaborate?

No. 1858146

I disagree that it's a baby earlier on though. Just because something is technically alive on a cellular level doesn't mean it's the equivalent of a person. I am against late term abortions though unless it absolutely needs to happen for medical reasons

No. 1858163

so-called 'late term" abortions are pretty much always medically necessary and women have to jump through hoops to get them. there's a lot of propaganda and lies around those but the truth is that no woman aborts at like 7 months on a whim; it's usually done when the foetus has defects incompatible with life.

No. 1858259

>replying to obvious bait

No. 1858342

Men who defend projared. KEK I don’t even know why it’s a thing. I don’t understand what there is to gain from defending that ugly worm. I hope he and his defenders get attacked by bees.

No. 1858345

>I am against late term abortions though
I hate supposed ‘pro-choicers’ that still try to set limits on what abortions are acceptable or not based on nothing but their feelings.

No. 1858346

We all say man when disappointed so id argue being male is an insult to life itself

No. 1858357

ikr especially since all the shit around late term abortion is typical scaremongering that ha s nothing todo with what actually happens.

but tbh even if the rw propaganda was real and late term abortions were literally just 8-months prgenant women suddenly decidding they din't want it, what's the issue? as long as it's inside your body you decide what do with it. can't have women's rights without bodily autonomy.

No. 1858361

Yes this is another major fault in the pro choice argument. A fetus THIS old doesn’t get the right to life but a fetus THIS old does, somehow. It’s either all or nothing because all other measures of personhood are arbitrary, feelings-based. Prochoicers need to be able to argue that there is nothing wrong with terminating a fetus an hour away from its due date.

No. 1858371

Isn’t that dangerous though? Like one moment it’s able to live on its own and the next moment it’s not, and it’s impossible to pinpoint that moment (like it’s impossible to test it) so someone who believes this and is what, second trimester is balancing on a thin line between killing cells and committing murder. Abortion needs to be all or nothing. Conceding anything in the middle gives strength to prolife side.

No. 1858374

Is it even physically possible to abort at 8 months? Wouldn't it just mean going through labour and having a stillbirth if you managed to kill it? In that case, it's like why even bother, stick it out another month and put it up for adoption.

No. 1858383

You won’t be able to find a doctor willing to do it that far along but it would be the internal dismembering and suction method used on everything post pill-able

No. 1858402

For real, I often think they consider late-term abortions as just the mom deciding she doesn't want the kid after all and killing a viable fetus. In reality late-term abortions are usually done when it's clear the fetus wouldn't survive outside of the womb if the pregnancy was carried on and would most likely danger the mother's health. Pro-life propaganda loves to paint women who get abortions as whores using it as a primary birth control method when in reality it's a necessary procedure women think through thoroughly. It's much more of an issue to birth a child into a life where they're not wanted than get rid of them before they even are conscious of themselves.

No. 1858403

of course ot's possible. it's rikier than earlier abortion but in practice women don't do it by choice, late term abortions are for medical reasons

No. 1858409

Can't even be inspired by anything else but American culture anymore since you'll get dogpiled on for "cultural appropriation" and "colonialism" for the most innocuous things. So everyone's just stuck licking American boots from here on out.

No. 1858426

when people post lc screencaps elsewhere

No. 1858433

I feel the same way about Finns going to Portugal (as tax refugees) or Spain (as climate refugees) and boast about the climate being better, people being friendlier and prices (of alcohol especially) being cheaper, only to come back to Finland to receive high quality end of life care because suddenly the hospital in Barcelona in 40C degree weather wasn't better than a Finnish one.

No. 1858437

It's usually scummy middle aged men complaining about the Finnish state being greedy for taking their money to provide for health and social purposes, the locals being "friendlier" (because they want your money) than in Finland and Finnish women being "ugly and bitter" compared to the Portuguese too. As you said, suddenly the home country isn't so bad anymore if their company goes under or they get severely sick.

No. 1858465

I hate writing emails to professors, I'm never sure if I'm beeing too formal, unpolite or unclear about my concerns.

No. 1858472

It’s only murder if it’s a girl foetus since males aren’t human at any point in their existence.

No. 1858473

I would beat you with a 10ft pole if I could.

No. 1858486

Reminds me when someone wrote a paper about hypothetical "post birth abortion", it made the rounds in pro-life circles and they went "see this is what ALL abortionists want, they want to kill babies!1".

No. 1858533

File: 1705496983263.png (4.7 KB, 465x68, IMG.png)

I hate infighters

No. 1858610

i've seen them being posted quite frequently on tumblr recently, annoying. esp when its a post thats clearly from a vent or confession thread

No. 1858612

i hate digital nomads and i hate the governments who give out digital nomad visas

No. 1858617

Get rekt poorfag

No. 1858619

Me too nonna. When they move to your neighborhood they completely destroy it and make everything 20x more expensive making the locals unable to live there anymore.

they don't contribute to shit to the local economy, every local bussiness around them will turn into american franchises and hipster novelty shops and startups (ponzi schemes) that don't offer anything of real value and all the money goes back to their home country.

Brittish and americans expat is like the plague, they complain about the bad things in their homeland but as soon as they arrive they turn the place in an exact copy with all the worst characteristics and same housing bubble they fled from. The worst kind are the dirty hippies that just come here to do drugs, sex tourism and be neet with allowances their family send them.

Leave my shithole alone REEEEEEEE

No. 1858620

these people always rub me the wrong way too, they want to act like they're doing some amazing spiritual thing and they're NLOT (not like other tourists) kek. meanwhile all they do is tourist shit funded by low effort digital products and corny vlogs

No. 1858631

Unfortunately it's been going on for at least 2-3 years ever since that one retard made an entire blog for hosting caps from here

No. 1858638

I've been part of my country's English version subreddit for a few years now. In the last 2 years or so americans have been posting about moving here and how is it and what do they need but basically the people there agreed unconsciously to do our best to discourage people from moving here. From you wont get proper healthcare unless you speak our language to you will never have friends here unless you're fluent in our language because people are too cold or people will look weird at you for speaking in English in public. Which are not even lies because despite most people understanding English well here we just don't like speaking it.

No. 1858647

I hate people who don't learn from history. No shit homesteading is hard and isolating and you can't be "spontaneous" or go on vacation without pre-planning. Your dumb burger ass would know this if you bothered to pay attention in literally any English/literature class we had in school where we read stories about and diaries from people who lived that life but nooo. You'd rather have a surprised pikachu face over the fact that animals shit and the pens need regular cleaning.

No. 1858656

Me too. The ones that move to my country are also alt-right incels and passport bros looking for a chaste Slavic bride which doesn't make things better.

No. 1858679

Literally Null

No. 1858698

File: 1705509230094.png (3.15 MB, 1630x1670, asdasdasfg.png)

You should bully them at any oportunity.

There's an entire segment of tiktok and youtube of nothing but americans propagandizing moving to third world or developing countries. They always lie or omit and misconstrue facts as if they really, really, wanted to sell the audience on it, more like a concerted marketing effort to sell the concept than just people telling their experiences.

No. 1858722

All the subreddits for my country are full of this too. There is a specific sub for people thinking of moving here but instead they shit up the one where its meant to more general chat, ie its currently 50 percent people freaking tf out about the housing crisis we're in
> hello I'm from 'x' and I can pretty much up and move wherever I want because my work allows it. I really don't know shit about your country haha. Like I don't know the first thing about it but I want to move there anyway. Please explain your entire country to me and whether it ticks my list of boxes, then walk me through moving there if it does, thanx!
Taking 2 seconds to scroll the sub would put them off even asking but they don't do that. And lately alot of them are trannies looking for some safe haven of a country to move to.. when the country they come from is already one of the better ones for them to troon out in

No. 1858725

None of that will work because Americans are expert colonizers. Most Americans don't mind living in "expat" communities (just neighborhoods full of other Americans), and will happily create a Little America while not even noticing the natives' attempts to exclude or bully us. I don't think any of that is a good thing, it just is what it is.

No. 1858781

hate american expats too. they act like america is the worst country in the world and mock people from other countries who want to move there

No. 1858958

> they act like america is the worst country in the world
Non-Americans say the same thing to us online and irl, though. I don't understand why it's wrong for an American to agree, especially if they're learning more about other countries they want to visit or live in. Is there something I'm missing?

No. 1858963

given how many trannies are computer programmers its inevitable. They just want to go do drugs and coom to sex slaves like every other soy american expat

No. 1858966

they whine about first world problems but quickly turn to rage when something locally isn't exactly like in America or if something in the culture doesn't conform with agree with american current year point of views.

No. 1859044

People relating pastel blue+pink color palettes to trannies.

No. 1859060

few weeks ago a tranny opened a thread asking how it was for them and the trannies that live here started seething how hard it is to get hormones and your tits/cock chopped like boohoo it takes over 5 years!! lol cry about it and stay far away from here.
their landlording techniques wouldn't work here because the housing market is heavily regulated.

No. 1859063

File: 1705522476339.gif (2.16 MB, 498x498, IMG_8832.gif)

Same, I just want to like this cutie in peace. At least now I associate Sylveon with Penny, who looks like she hates trannies kek

No. 1859069

is this why the mods suck so much and the website/posting quality has gone to shit? a moid owns the website and the mods are a bunch of trannies? if so, i hate them all

No. 1859077

i make and analyse surveys as part of my job and "prefer not to say" just means genderspecial when we make our reports. do with that info what you will

No. 1859090

yep. many country specific threads are also completely infested with them

No. 1859146

its more about how americans do not realise the privilige of being born into america. of course you can critique the country, there are a bunch of things wrong with it, but to act like it is better or easier to live in a second or third world country is silly. i find it especially annoying when digital nomads talk about how cheap things are in the country they emigrated to, when they get paid an american standard high salary.

No. 1859187

File: 1705530242189.png (754.14 KB, 1040x1300, vans-black-cherry-print-slip-o…)

hate is too strong a word for it, but zoomers acting like they invented checkered print as if us emos didn't all run around with picrel and similar ca. 2005.

No. 1859193

I saw some Americans on Twitter say they want to see the empire of America fall, and it was so stupid to me. I'm a firm believer that we can talk as much shit about our country as we wish, but you're actually an idiot if you want the country you live in to fall.

No. 1859216

Women that obsess over overesexualized female characters like Super Sonico, Felicia or Morrigan. They reek of "coolgirl pick-me". It's like they're coping with the fact they are ugly and don't wanna come off as insecure by calling out coombait designs. Bonus points if they're straight, which makes it even weirder

No. 1859238

Was thinking these days how the music scene from the 90's and 2000's was mostly dominated by artists from many countries worldwide, even though they sang in English, they had their distinct flare. Now, when I boot up the radio, 85% of their playlists have American songs which atp they sound samey to me, 10% are local artists who also follow the American music recipe and 5% are 80's and 90's songs for the nostalgia.
Never heard of the social media death theory, can you please elaborate? I'm curious, sounds like a good time if it happens.

No. 1859241

Which Morrigan, the one from Dragon Age or the anime one?

No. 1859245

The anime one with blue hair and head-wings

No. 1859263

File: 1705535108231.jpeg (26.83 KB, 475x475, IMG_5114.jpeg)

Makes your bathroom smell like cheap chemicals and poop. Also makes it linger way longer.

No. 1859331

Sonico I understand because I have seen some women buy the sexualized Sonico figs like the one where she is tied to a bed. I hardly ever see women obsess over Darkstalker characters though. That game is kinda niche imo All the DS girls could have potential if they had more games that focused on a good story for them. I think Felicia's design could be super cute if it was reworked and they got rid of the weird feet paws too.

No. 1859731

Is that why I was permabanned with no explanation after posting deranged man hating rants while drunk? The ban seems to have worn off. But I did have my suspicions. I mean ban me for a week even but permanently?

No. 1859781

I hate ai art so fucking much, but mostly I hate how it's taken over instagram. I used to really like going there to see people's art but it's just all ai shit now.

No. 1859859

Same. I wouldn't have hated it nearly as much if it wasn't everywhere now. It's taken over Pinterest too. Not only is it near impossible to find human made art, but if you search for recipes, food pictures, room inspo or reference photos, even those are mostly ai generated, it's so frustrating!

No. 1859870

>At least now I associate Sylveon with Penny, who looks like she hates trannies kek
Penny looks like she is 5 tumblr posts away from trooning herself tho

No. 1860284

i hate in cow threads when people tell others to sage when those posts are literally milk/information, like why?

No. 1860310

People with my music taste who have shit fashion taste and shit tattoos.
There are just too many people who like Metal like I do and are dressed like fucking Chavs and have shitty hipster ass, what one calls "free hand" line drawing tattoos on random spots on their body that will look like shit once their skin will wrinkle and be full of pigmentation marks. It gives me GTA vibes, it's tacky and I hate it.

No. 1860476

I guess it's because milk is kind of arbitrary, like some things I think are milky another anon doesn't. But some newfags just tell everyone to sage because they want to fit in and don't really understand the purpose

No. 1860641

File: 1705636562327.png (81.91 KB, 910x620, Screenshot_14.png)

i hate the dev team (guy?) for book of hours. a very valid criticism (https://www.reddit.com/r/weatherfactory/comments/15v6v2i/early_criticism_boh_is_an_organizational_nightmare/) was raised on how terrible the game is organization wise – you have all this information and no real way to sort through it, you HAVE to rely on your memory and nothing else. and the dev is so against anyone making it MORE accessible that he outright made modding it impossible so you can't even have like, a marker on a book that tells you whether or not you've read it.

anyway a retarded bootlicking fanboy wrote a long essay (https://www.reddit.com/r/weatherfactory/comments/15vv5i4/book_of_hours_very_manual_and_obtuse_mechanics/) that's basically "yessss yesssss this game is obtuse in design and painfully rote but that's the whole point :D that's how you'd do it IRL!! (nevermind that even irl you can fucking dog ear a page in a book or otherwise mark it physically)" and the dev replies like "YES YES YES awesome, that was the point, it's supposed to suck!" and it's pissing me off. the lore in this game is incredible but the gameplay itself is such a goddamn headache. at least add an in game search bar or something you godless cunt

No. 1860653

File: 1705637181896.jpeg (130.92 KB, 1024x872, IMG_6833.jpeg)

I hate frogs.

No. 1860665

File: 1705638209494.jpeg (310.57 KB, 1200x900, IMG_6744.jpeg)

how do you feel about toads

No. 1860793

I hate how people (especially moids) only seem to really care about the sex part of romance. Don't get me wrong, sex in a romantic relationships is important, but for some people it seems to be literally all they care about. Some of them don't care about their lover enough to even be there for them if they were in the hospital. How fucked is that? Like you say I love you everyday but when push comes to shove you can't even be there when it matters?
What happened to romance being about doing nice things for your partner, being there for them, and knowing what little habits they have? Why is everything so sexual when it comes to relationships? Am I really that much of a prude?

No. 1861115

i hate that womp womp shit.

No. 1861177

womp womp

No. 1861604

File: 1705714571331.png (848.14 KB, 1260x970, Screenshot_47.png)

I really hate seeing coomer genderbends of boys. To me it's like, "Okay, here's this thing that scrotes were never meant to have, and now they do. The vast majority of content caters to them, but in spite of that they HAVE to sully something meant for women."

It's such a stupid way to feel – this existing doesn't negate the existence of the actual character – but I swear it makes me seethe whenever it turns up, especially when they warp the character into a boring waifu archetype. Fuck.

No. 1861615

File: 1705715582508.png (291.61 KB, 334x600, 574829453.png)

The idea is so stupid too though, what's the point of trying to genderbend male characters that are supposed to appeal female fans? The result is always too boring even for coomers, they would just stick to the normal waifu characters.
I've never seen a moid being really into the genderswap version of a male character…other than Bowsette i guess? But she just seems like snu-snu Peach, don't know Mario sorry.

No. 1861624

They only do it so they can coom kek. There's some surface-level aspect of the character that they like – I don't play Genshin but I assume because Zhongli's "old" (?), that coomer wanted a MILF – and they run with it. Also:
If it has a vagina and fat tits then they'll be all over it, coomers don't need much. But now that I'm typing and thinking about it, I also suppose they genderbend characters to spite female fans.

No. 1861631

I really like genderbends but hate every male gaze one, which is sadly most of them. Like, your picrel is just so gross and off-putting and moidy. Makes it hard to appreciate because they're not catered to bi/lesbian women but straight/bi scrotes.

No. 1861670

>I've never seen a moid being really into the genderswap version of a male character
They do exist, I saw one account that just genderbends every male genshin character and draws them in a harem with aether, and another one on pixiv that had a fixation on genderbending Kaeya (although to be fair he drew him as a guy too). As for why they like it, my guess is that for the first guy it probably has to do with some humiliation fetish by turning men into women (he never drew those characters as men) and the second guy is biseaxul and want to coom to his husbando in a different way (?).

No. 1861787

The way people use “kek” as a conjunction here, it makes them sound retarded.

No. 1861789

Every time I watch a historical movie containing elements or a storyline about how discriminatory the US and especially the US south used to be it just makes me loathe my own country and the region I came from.

I'm not at all like that, nor are many people nowadays, but it's sad to see how bass ackwards our country used to be, and still to some extent is when it comes to systemic hatred.

No. 1861821

the way moids lied to me so much growing up and I fell for it is insane
>women cheat every chance they get!!
women almost never cheat past high school, even then most high school girls are lovey dovey af and want their moid to be their one and only. if men are legit this worried about women cheating they're either cheaters themselves or are so porn sick that they think women act like the porn they watch
>sex/child birth ruins womens vaginas!!
no, not even close. women can actually get tighter after birth due to the healing process
>women want older men/men want younger women it's just biology!!
the men who want women to look and be young are creeps you don't want relationships with anyway, plenty of men actually prefer older women and a lot of men actually get creeped out by women who look too young, even if shes not young
>anything boob related
self-explanatory, no boob size doesn't relate to hormones, fertility, or breastfeeding at all. No women are not all lactating at any given time. No it doesn't mean if a woman is more sexual or less. Most womens boobs are in good ratio to their body and if moids think most healthy women without implants or cartoonishly large boobs are flat they're porn sick
>labia size and color has to do with sexual activity
no and no. The amount of adult men who truly believed this is sad

what do they even get out if lying to women about our bodies? No one lies to moids about their bodies for the sake of making them insecure yet if we don't meet moids preferences they literally think they're something wrong with us

No. 1861889

File: 1705732377960.jpeg (455.9 KB, 640x1096, E571A90B-7FF3-41C1-B1FF-59937E…)

>hey ladies don’t you hate dealing with the patriarchy and them not letting us rock our body positive queer inclusivity? Well you should buy our razor! That’s why this advertisement features a fat! We are soo feminist and we think you should be a true feminist while you shave your legs and coochie too! Men just don’t get it!

No. 1861910

Everything negative men say about women is pure projection.

No. 1861918

>They have womb envy. We can create life and all they do is destroy.
>They are fags who think anything besides a man asshole and dick are disgusting
>They like to pretend they’re picky, then they go and rape a baby cow or a drooling 47 year old male sped in a diaper or their own senile mother. There are no limits to what they wanna stick their penis in so they cope with their scrotebros “ew dude i would never fuck her she’s got brown nipples and stretch marks” then they go home and jerk off to tranny incest porn

No. 1861944

>so porn sick that they think women act like the porn they watch
This is it. Every thing incels complain about features in porn. They’re obsessed with white women fucking dogs and black men, they’re obsessed with girls being sexually active at 12, they’re obsessed with “running trains”. It’s all porn porn porn and a lot of it is illegal.

No. 1861971

When I met a boy romantically irl for the first time. Constantly wanting to touch, kiss, get in bed and make out. Even when I was making food in the kitchen he’s coming behind me touching my butt. When I came out of the shower because we were going somewhere he’d comment about how he wants to get in bed instead. When we were out at a cafe or restaurant he tried to play footsies even after I had said not to. Pissed me off.

No. 1861999

File: 1705751211775.jpg (65.33 KB, 500x500, 1000013782.jpg)

>I've never seen a moid being really into the genderswap version of a male character
I remember back in the Hruhi Suzumiya days (showing my age lol) there was a whole sub-fandom mostly made of moids centered around the genderbent version of the male protag, but I think it was a pretty unique case.

No. 1862296

Filmmakers who don't understand that there are ways to criticize pedoshit and exploitation without showing long lingering shots of a sexualized child over and over again. All that does is add to the problem.
>but muh intent, muh it's supposed to-
Fucking nothing justifies it, you do not fix the sexualization of children by sexualizing more children

No. 1862306

Hate the underage newfags here frequenting the coquettes thread. Tbh any thread thats about a group of people brings their ilk here and it’s so annoying to be looking for milk and instead just have kids self posting their instagrams or tiktok

No. 1862317

Same, I find it annoying too. I think LC users use "kek" much more than moidchan users.

No. 1862323

A lot of things make me laugh, can't be helped. If "lol" was used instead that would cause a shitstorm.

No. 1862409

I hate that so many websites now require you to have a Facebook account in order to use certain features. Who the hell is still on Boomerbook anyway?

No. 1862419

You're naive, they don't want to solve the problem, it's no commentary, it's deliberate pedophilia framed in a socially acceptable way in order to be able to go public with it.

No. 1862421

Apparantly like 3 billion (billion not million) people use fb monthly, crazy.

No. 1862437

File: 1705789290226.jpg (20.8 KB, 720x817, bpskhcshoes.jpg)

Separately I already despise any kitten heels, pointed toe heels and slingback heels, so all three rolled into one equals my nightmare shoe. I hate these and they need to be banned everywhere forever

No. 1862447

>lol cause a shitstorm
nah it wouldn't, I use it all the time and nobody cares, it's old internet slang at this point.

No. 1862558

File: 1705797939022.jpg (227.67 KB, 1920x1080, 408597791522.jpg)

This especially in those anime to live action series/movies. Recently with Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama is so fucking ugly here. Ugh look how they massacred my man. Why couldn't they hire the stage play actors instead? They look far better.

No. 1862564

Why did they use a dorito-chinned bishie actor instead of a beefy thicc one to play Kuwabara?

No. 1862574

I really despise gambling ads in podcasts because the terms and conditions go on for far too long and it makes me want to kermit.

No. 1862585

It’s less about being used to indicate laughter but just tacked on to the end/middle of sentences, I guess like how lol used to be. Also peppered all over a post to indicate how not mad you are.

No. 1862688

When mild autists see an autist on tv that is severely autistic and then they’re like “this isn’t how we actually are!” They forget about the retards in diapers

No. 1862882

File: 1705817672801.jpg (130.47 KB, 800x450, kaiba.jpg)


No. 1862886

I love a tastefully hairy man. Like when he grooms it in the way that gives it that nice fade out so there isn't a shocking drop off from ass to leg hair. With the little fluff under their belly buttons. And the pretty kind of chest hair.

No. 1862891

same. There is no reason for men not to shave, they actually have thicker skin MEANT to be shaved. We should be the hairy monkes while they are cute and flawless.

No. 1862895

But seriously i don't hate nonas who like moids with hair, i'm just body/facialhairphobic or whatever kek

No. 1862902

i just think hairy men look dirty

No. 1862906

so true

No. 1862939

File: 1705823401800.jpeg (30.53 KB, 640x200, 5729E114-0D38-413C-83A1-C726C8…)

No. 1863011

File: 1705830433093.jpg (89.03 KB, 736x1104, 136a079da1c921b8b22cf9d766ad78…)

That all fashion advice for curvy girls is basically trying to make yourself look shapeless and like you have a different body type. I get it because people have the tendency to sexualize us even if fully covered, but I wish this wasn't all of the fashion advice out there for us. I know enough about how to minimize my hips, I just wanna know what would look flattering without actively trying to give the illusion that I have someone else's body.

No. 1863024

To inverted tringle shape women it is "do not bring attention to your hideous ogre shoulders, here is how to fake a curve." They probably mean well with the advice but sometimes it can make women only feel more insecure.

No. 1863090

File: 1705837788219.jpeg (286.47 KB, 1119x777, IMG_9892.jpeg)

I’m having a look at the reviews for the game on steam and there’s this guy that has commented this on seemingly every negative review on all three of his accounts, what’s the point? I hate people that feel the need to rabidly defend some video game like this.

No. 1863133

I hate male sex toys, moids should not be given help or encouragement in jacking off.

No. 1863148

i hate it so much. if a woman has wide but nicely shaped shoulders/neck area, she's a great candidate for clothing that brings attention to them. a pear/curvy silhouette can be enhanced if the woman wishes to look a certain way. it's extremely negative, you can't think of valuing certain features, only making yourself smaller to fit a single type.
their claim of 'changing your silhouette' doesn't even work, when women of the past wanted to give an illusion they'd wear certain pieces to actually change the way clothes sit on them (eg. flappers). relying on superficial layers will often 'betray' your silhouette, esp since clothing now is so cheap, thin and poorly constructed. the only actual impact this brand of advice has is creating insecurities and making you feel trapped regardless of what direction you take with clothing. sorry for sperging lol but i feel so many women waste time and money trying to match this retarded model, it seeped everywhere, down to casual advice/critique between friends

No. 1863151

I hate how even when you're looking at toys for women, insertables or vibes, there's 'reviews' written by men talking about how much they either loved taking this toy in their arse or bragging about their cool gf using it on them. They're not even written like product reviews.

No. 1863796

i hate blue archive. it really is just jealousy however because i know nothing female-focused would ever get the level of love and attention it does. and whenever i see scrotes praise ""The Plot"" never are the girls they coom to involved, it's always male npcs (designed for the male playerbase – cool old men and such).

No. 1863801

i will kill for a male blue archive. I need a yume gachashit that isnt music based

No. 1863821

maybe try genshin? its not yume but you can pull for male characters so its similar ig

No. 1863847

i can just look at genshin and tell it's slop. it's also not at all similar, i hear women say they get shafted all the time. coomer male game with a bit of window dressing for female fans =/= what i want.

No. 1863866

It's not yume but some guys in arknights are hot, there's also what in hell is bad but I honestly don't like the guys that much.

No. 1863879

>some guys in arknights are hot
if only, they look so ugly. But every arknights character looks horrendous to me, it suffers from the worst case of ''chinese gachashit style''. Which sucks because i love the gameplay style.

No. 1863886

Isn't there a 3d model Chinese yume game that came out recently? I remember you can spank dudes asses in that.

No. 1863914

yeah but a kusoge isnt the same as a game with story and stuff lol, still glad the yumemarket is growing

No. 1863958

File: 1705887315503.jpg (45.09 KB, 495x619, 1705887097513.jpg)

That there's no creativity for cellphone designs anymore. They all look the same and are uncolorful.

No. 1863967

File: 1705888108711.jpg (104.13 KB, 1079x1318, 20240119_010018.jpg)

Those people who take a significant amount of donations from well-meaning people (almost all kindhearted women, never the paypig types like they claim) literally every single month pretending to be in dire need of assistance whenever they are of able body and end up spending most of it on doordash/ubereats/expensive personal items. Bleak.

No. 1864029

how do you feel about the Z Flip and Z Fold phones
I have a Z Flip 3 and I like it a lot, it's held up well for me and the folding is useful for taking pics. Also not a bad conversation starter

No. 1864385

File: 1705926412649.png (1.37 MB, 1095x941, IMG_4763.png)

This gruesome incestuous throuple

No. 1864386

Name of the game please. Unless it’s the space one I get ads for in Japanese?

No. 1865086

File: 1705990569247.mp4 (4.64 MB, 576x1024, oyjgLtvYLj2sXwgN.mp4)

These men are not mourning any sort of national tragedy, rather the death of their saint prince who died 1300 years ago.

No. 1865099

Wait what? What's the story? I just finished watching Scrubs for the first time a while ago

No. 1865109

1300 years ago, the grandson of Muhammad from his daughter, who was also the son of Ali(Muhammad's first cousin and step-brother) pushed his claim on the Caliphate which he felt had been corrupted and ignored the needs of the poor, he and his band of followers marched towards the capital and they were betrayed and ambushed, his wife, his friends, his companions and his son were murdered and he had his head split open. the Shia's are a sect of Islam that think his claim was true and that he alone was meant to be Caliph. so they are mourning that death, women mourn as well, but in their homes or segerated spaces.

No. 1865143

I too have wanted to fuck men who could pass for my father and I hate that about myself

No. 1865144

Zach and Florence will reunite inshallah

No. 1865151

I hate people who plaster their children's faces all over social media in the first place but I especially hate when they post their tantrums and subject their kids to mass public shaming. One kid will have a bad moment recorded and you get hordes of retards talking about how that would never happen on their watch because they'd just beat the shit out of them! Most people still don't see children as human and it amazes me how they see one singular moment and assume the kid is a rotten egg. I also love the holier than thou responses about how they would never have done xyz as a kid because their parents would've not taken any of their shit. Like oh you really NEVER pushed the limit as a kid? You NEVER had a bad moment or acted like a brat? Suuuuure. Maybe you wouldn't have done that but every kid has their shitty bratty moments and I'm tired of seeing adults dunk on literal children because they're miserable burnt out adults.

No. 1865171

That EA discontinued support for Sims 3 after Sims 4 came out. It's just shitty because, unlike sims 2, you can still purchase TS3 from them. It doesn't personally affect me because I haven't had any problems with TS3, but it's just fucked up on their part from a consumer perspective. If you try to contact them concerning ANYTHING about TS3 they will turn you away.

No. 1865173

Samefag but this is also why, after purchasing all the TS3 expansion packs and some TS4 packs, I just pirate the Sims 4 packs I don't have.

No. 1865188

File: 1706001953940.jpeg (688.41 KB, 747x1301, IMG_4801.jpeg)

Florence dated elderly Zach Braff who was closer in age to her father than he was to her, and he and Florence’s father just so happen to look identical kek. I can’t tell who is who in some pictures

No. 1865190

Anon, are you ok? If your dad needs to get disappeared, just say the word

I hate that too, I think it must be traumatic for those kids. And it’s dangerous on top of that.

No. 1865195

why are there so many tranny users in wikipedia? i swear every other userpage i click on it's some strain of trans or handmaiden ( albeit less common ) like pleaaaase are there any crypto wikipedians here ? also there's a weird amount of antifeminism and covert misogyny ( unsurprising ) and yet nothing radical feminist except for one userbox that somebody took out of their page after she got messaged about it being problematic or whatever. GO TO HELL. like goddamn it's like i can never escape and here i thought most users would be older reasonable normie adults or non internet poisoned genuine autists into editing articles about their interests. i'm floored really

No. 1865212

Trannies are obsessed with power, same reason why there's so many tranny reddit mods.

No. 1865307

same reason there are so many trannies in speedrunning, autisum
like wherever there are autistic males, there will be troons.

No. 1865314

They’ve captured so many institutions with their nonsense. Wikipedia is a shell of what it once was. Bunch of autistic dudes with a fetish stinking up the place with their superiority complexes and victim mentality. Though the history of a controversial page can be fun for a kek

No. 1865359

I hate those shithead parents so fucking much. They deliberately wind the kid up and then film the meltdown, I know some of the videos are actual spontaneous tantrums but I'm convinced that 99% of these parents keep pestering their child over something stupid to get a reaction. That shit needs to be grounds for a permaban from social media and an immediate visit from CPS. It's the same fake concern and fake loving parenting exhibited by that one turd who adopted an autistic Chinese boy and returned him because he was too much work. Kids have tantrums because they can't process their emotions properly, and they need a lot of time and attention. If you can't handle that, abortion and contraceptives are right there.
The comments are so full of miserable fucks gloating about how they felt a joy like no other by hitting their kids or writing extremely detailed paragraphs on the ways they'd like to torture the 3 year old who's having a tantrum over naptime. You cannot convince me that these people aren't pedos, or at least pedo apologists.
Tangential to this, I remember someone on one of the consoom threads saying how this girl (whose dad used her as a prop for his sponsored tiktoks) looked so smug and bitchy at getting the Starbucks Stanley. That's probably part of the attraction for the sort of scum that watches that shit. That girl's dad keeps bragging about her being a 10 year old cheerleader, parades her around in a tiny crop top and even tinier shorts, shows her being spoiled with expensive and trendy items. Is it so far fetched to assume he's telling her to act like a massive bitch as well because hatewatching from pedos brings in views? I know she's probably an annoying kid, but she's 10, she's not at fault for her upbringing. Pedos get off on the idea of destroying kids in every capacity, watching a child act spoilt or have a tantrum is only fueling their fetish. These parents show their kids' faces, bedrooms, schools, everything, to millions of viewers who can do what they like with this information. It's so incredibly dangerous. And any discomfort from the kids is immediately passed off as the kid being spoilt or ungrateful for the opportunity to show their private lives to the world at large.

No. 1865396

I hate that emma stone was nominated for an oscar but margot robbie wasn't. Last year I kinda hatewatched the oscars because I didn't want ana de armas to win for blonde, and now I'm thinking I'm just not gonna watch at all. What's the point? I know these things are all bullshit anyway and I hate that, too.

No. 1865421

i hate url/username hoarding. i'm bad at coming up with usernames so it's really annoying when i think i finally got something alright-ish only to find out that some 14 year old on the internet hoarded the name/url/whatever because "tehe, saved!" pretty sure it started on tumblr with url trading and shit but it has also spread to non-english websites.

No. 1865446

EVERYTHING IS AN AD. I was watching this mom talk about her day she was pretty funny her kids are cute bla bla bla at the end of the video, “click the link in my bio” I am so tired of this I just wanna be entertained I’m not shopping, wtf

No. 1865448

I wish it were illegal to post your kid online until they were at least 13 or 14. It's so disturbing to me to see people post their toddlers online just to get social media responses.

No. 1865457

I hated that shit in mmos too. What I found funny though was the amount of people ready to spend hundreds of dollars on names like "cake", "doll", "lol", "blessing" etc.

No. 1865463

i had a "canon url" (last and first name of a sports anime character) on tumblr back in the day and the amount of asks i received to trade or sell the url was insane. i abandoned that tumblr in 2015 but logged in like every other year and would still find asks for the url. i then deleted the account a few months ago and, lo and behold, nobody has snatched the url because nobody cares about that series anymore.

No. 1865473

Should've sold it

No. 1865529

I hate that baby and birthing talk is taking over lolcow. It went from barely ever a topic of discussion, to being a non stop topic in most /ot/ and /g/ threads in like what, 6 months? A year? It’s like, everyone irl is already obsessed with talking about babies and hubbies and being a SAHM and pregnancy, and now this place which used to be my alternative to normie bullshit is also flooded with the same boring crap.

No. 1865530

It’s starting to feel like an r/breakingmoms subreddit in here

No. 1865531

Same, not even here can women say they don't like babies or want them without some tard on here negging them. I guess it's not entirely surprising because it seems like lots of nonas are late 20's, early 30's which is when people have kids

No. 1865539

I mean yeah, but if that was the cause we would have seen a gradual increase over time, instead of the abrupt tidal wave we have seen in the past few months. I think they’re all coming from somewhere, but idk where. I wish they’d just go to Reddit, their natural habitat. I feel like a farmer getting his crops (actually interesting posts) decimated by an invasive species kek

No. 1865541

I don’t understand how these women even get the time to post on lolcow if they’re caring for a newborn

No. 1865546

A nonstop topic where? I only see occasional posts of an anon saying she's pregnant or has kids. I honestly see anons complaining about moms and anons who are moms more than I see anons talking about having kids.

No. 1865549

Ig a lot of farmers are getting old and that's why. Maybe they're 30 yo or something.

No. 1865561

Calling a boyfriend / husband "my man". It just seems so cringe to me.

No. 1865563

No. 1865573

i always hear it in life plus cindy's voice now. "my mayuuun." likewise, i also hate when women talk about "hubby" or "hubs"

No. 1865577

I've never understood people who get offended at someone for not wanting babies. Either they don't think their logic through, or they just want everyone to be miserable? Makes no sense.
There was one pregnant anon who spammed across like four or five different /ot/ threads, but she was more memorable for freaking out about her husband's dubious STI exposure from a coworker. Haven't seen much other than that.

No. 1865579

I hate how tiktok has made everyone feel the need to slather the loudest possible audio they can on top of the most mundane videos instead of just letting them be silent

No. 1865580

I'm as childfree as one can get but they're not that bothering to me, they tend to stay in their thread. Now anons mentioning their husband on the other hand…

No. 1865582

File: 1706042378928.png (859 KB, 1053x731, Screenshot.png)

people who call the Houthis "Freedom fighters"

No. 1865606

It's the same with those face shape charts. Both will say "all shapes are beautiful!!" while the advice will tell you what exact shape can wear everything she wants but everyone else should hide themselves. They used to be a lot more popular and honestly fucked me up because I felt like I should have been born a different body shape to be considered acceptable as I am.

No. 1865612

I hate that slavery is a thing and that it still exists. It's just incomprehensible.

No. 1865618

Huh? I'm not a big fan of kids either but I rarely see anons mention their kids outside of the designated threads. Just hide threads that you don't like it's not like they're ~infesting~ lolcow especially since majority of threads will pass by without mom related stuff being mentioned once

No. 1865625

File: 1706045618210.jpg (92.02 KB, 720x494, Lol.jpg)

I knew i recognised that newspaper because its Saudi the country Yemen has conflicts with I wouldn't consider the houthis freedom fighters not terrorists since they are funded by Iran which is also causing problems for my country.. I'd always take doubts on how "accurate" a Saudi newspaper might report so I'm skeptical but its quite hypocritical coming from a country which has a slavery law itself…

No. 1865636

I wasn’t talking about kids, I was talking specifically about pregnancy and post-birth newborn stuff. I guess we browse very different sides of the site if you genuinely haven’t seen it.

No. 1865637

File: 1706046335436.jpg (76.55 KB, 1080x537, 1000014209.jpg)

I hate posts like this, not everybody is like that, fuck off with your fake positivity bullshit.

No. 1865640

It's so self serving and empty. I can imagine the smug face this person had plastered as they clicked post "omg im so nice and empathetic :)))"

If the only thing you have to offer is a platitude, just do not. A person who doesn't feel worthy of love will not sudenly feel better after reading some shit that's not even specific to them. These people have probably never been in a bad emotional situation where you genuinely feel worthless and unlovable.(:))))

No. 1865642

Maybe I don't lurk enough but I've only seen this once outside of the threads within the past few months. You can't just make every single post on lolcow what you find acceptable, there can and will be posts you don't like and that's just the beauty of socialization

No. 1865647

when people write compliment when they mean complement. i don't remember the last time i even saw someone write the word complement. idk why it's such a vastly common mistake

No. 1865672

Is this a regional thing? I never saw it spelled as 'complement', even my spellcheck and autocorrect suggests the one with an i.

No. 1865686

Snapchat filters. They are ugly

No. 1865702

they're two different words. "compliment" = praise, "complement" = something that completes

No. 1865705

I hate Snapchat and any man over the age of 20 that has one

No. 1865707

normies always hype up phil dunphy as the best example of a husband but i watched the first season of modern family and would legitimately turn into a poisonous spinster if claire’s life was my life

No. 1865710

Seriously. We’re not teenagers on our parent’s data plan, why do you need to instantly disappear photos of your genitals?

No. 1865713

bisexual lighting <3 i will buy this product(twitter lingo and emoticon)

No. 1865731

Where the fuck do you people come from

No. 1865756

I’m wondering the same thing. Is this an Instagram normie or a bot? Because they sound like both kek

No. 1865763

After looking at that autistic moid video on the tiktok hate thread, I'm reminded of how I hate autistic moids. They're disgusting, useless, and abusive wastes of space.

No. 1865766

I thought they were being sarcastic, but I had my finger on the report button too kek.

No. 1865809

This was definitely a joke, mods are retarded

No. 1865985

>watching animated movie
>has an actual serious plot, clearly not for toddlers
>they still add fart humor
why? just why?! this movie would be a 11/10 and mog most disney bullshit but ameritards infantilize children and treat them like babies incapables of focusing on a plot without adding peepoo humor

No. 1865998

It's always either a certain subset of autistic, weird men, or actual tiny children that think pee pee poo poo humor is funny. Its the Johnny Depp phenotype. I always associate it with being retarded because how do you not grow past basic functioning of nearly every living organism. Low hanging fruit, no effort, braindead

No. 1866017

Animators barely disguised fetish

No. 1866019

That too. People who make an excessive amount of scat jokes absolutely hiding something.

No. 1866030

Dear evan hansen. The whole plot is really creepy. He was basically writing fanfiction about some dead guy he knew

No. 1866032

Even as a toddler I hated gross humor like that.

No. 1866050

I hate that too or when they burp or have a weird booty shaking scene with a popular song. It's so off putting but I assume they do it for the parents who are watching with their kids? I hate jt

No. 1866057

File: 1706082943303.jpg (158.3 KB, 689x1024, Blanching vegetables My favour…)

I hate when people cook vegetables without blanching them first. Un-blanched vegetables are repugnant to my soul and make my spirit weep. For everybody who doesn't know: blanching vegetables is when you put vegetables in boiling water for 3 minutes and then you put them in an ice-bath for 3 minutes, and basically what that amazing process does is make the vegetables good. The vegetables become more flavourful, more colourful, more delicious, & more joyous. When a vegetable is blanched. You might wonder, retardedly, "oh gee, the blanching process can't possible change the composition of the vegetables to a noticeable extent!" and my response to that is SHUT UP SHUT UP. I'm sick and tired of unblanched vegetables and their disharmonious attributes. I spent the first 14 years of my life thinking that vegetables are supposed to taste like dirt but lo, I was merely ignorant of the blanching process: that all changed when I googled "how to cook vegetables" and the first thing I saw was a simple guide to blanching vegetables. Suddenly, pretty much all vegetables taste really good or at least 6 or 7 times better than unblanched vegetables. Everyone I invite over for lunch or dinner always compliments the way I prepare my vegetables, especially my sautéed broccoli and green beans, prepared with my secret blend of herbs and spices that I'll share if anyone wants it, and I always say "thanks you can make them just as good if you blanche them!" and 9/10 times they respond with "what's blanching?" and it makes me want to grab my hair and rip it out of my head and scream and gouge their eyes with my vegetable tongs. Then I explain to them the blanching process, which takes me all of 24 words. After I explain to them what blanching is, some of the smarter ones will say something to the effect of "oh wow! I didn't know! Now I will do that from now on, thank you for telling me" but most people say something mega stupid like "oh blanching can't make that much of a difference!" When they question the blanching process I usually get really angry on the inside even though I laugh it off on the outside. Often times when I'm invited to someone's home for a meal, which I always appreciate because it's a nice gesture, I'm confronted with their unblanched vegetables I think "gee, I might as well be an earth-worm, because this tastes like I'm eating dirt." These same people make delicious meals sans vegetables, so it's not that they're just bad cooks. It's that they PURPOSEFULLY ignore vegetables, or think that vegetables aren't worthy of love, or that they just think vegetables are nasty things that have to be eaten for the health benefits, which isn't true at all!!! It grinds my gears so much. I hate that the majority of people can't cook vegetables in a tasty delicious way.

No. 1866062

Legendary tier pasta

No. 1866066

Parents are into this?

No. 1866068

Well my comment was about vegetables not pasta, but I think I know what you mean. Like for example, chicken and broccoli penne, that's a really good pasta-dish and usually when I'm served it by others the chicken and pasta part is prepared well and tastes really good, but then the broccoli is all discoloured, rough, bitter, unhappy, and it always takes me right out of the enjoyment of the meal. Usually the reason the broccoli tastes bad in that dish is because when they're adding the broccoli to the pasta, it's because they just throw it in WITHOUT blanching it first and they just expect that it will cook via the remaining pasta water-steam, which is INCORRECT and RETARDED. It just makes me so irrationally angry honestly typing that post out made my blood pressure spike and I almost wanted to hit my computer because it's the first time I ever wrote those words down and admitted it. Thanks for trying to understand anon, I'll always love you for that.

No. 1866069

File: 1706083691342.webm (1.12 MB, 900x506, 081y820c9280.webm)

samefag or this..

No. 1866070

Normal vegetables taste like dirt to you? You're the weird one. That's not normal, you might have some nerve/brain issue.

No. 1866075

The war in Yemen has been going on for a decade with hardly anyone caring and now everyone has a strong opinion on the Houthis because of the MSM’s headline. It’s Ukraine all over again, except even dumber.

No. 1866076

File: 1706084086576.webm (1.82 MB, 1034x480, 1658007658091.webm)

that show was so fucking weird. All reboots are absolute cancer but this one has to be the worst. They also have tons of seething episodes making fun of people calling the show shit. Seriously, they made at least 3 episodes all because they got mad randos on the internet called their reboot of a beloved cartoon with fart jokes unfunny and retarded. Talk about hitting a nerve.

No. 1866087

File: 1706084487470.jpeg (478.63 KB, 2400x2400, see how sad the unblanched bro…)

Ring ring!! It's the retard alarm!!! Did I say normal vegetables taste like dirt to me, or did I say cooked vegetables that are unblanched taste like dirt to me? Read the first bolded line of my post. I'm a regular suburban chick, I like a good vegetable-tray-with-ranch-cup-in-middle (I don't know the name but picrel), or some celery with peanut butter. I assume my post struck a nerve with you because you're one of those losers that doesn't blanche their vegetables before they cook with them, and now you want to say I have brain issues, which fine, maybe, but at least I blanche my vegetables when I cook with them. Can you say the same? Probably not and that's why you're so ready to judge my pride, my joy, my blanching.

No. 1866098

do you think if you had a daughter you'd name her blanche

No. 1866102

File: 1706085895359.jpg (36.69 KB, 290x356, blanche (human not vegetable).…)

I never thought about it but now that you mention it I have unironically added it to the baby-names note I have on my cellphone for the occasion: but, I think I would use Blanche as a middle-name IF Tennessee Williams is still taught in schools by that time.

No. 1866103

Fucking thank you!! I hate chewy, fibrous green beans and kale when they haven’t been blanched beforehand. It makes them so tender and amazing ugh. Blanch reigns supreme over here

No. 1866104

All the things you're describing sound disgusting, do you people eat stuff like that in the US? You guys also have really shit vegetables so I'm not surprised they don't taste good in their normal state

No. 1866105

Anon… a pasta as in a copypasta

No. 1866106

Anon your passion is golden and this post is the perfect reply kek ily

No. 1866115

I seriously don’t understand poop and fart jokes. I laugh at the dumbest, most retarded slapstick and low brow humor sometimes, I even think barf jokes can be funny (like the Team America scene where he’s barfing nonstop as the dramatic music swells and it just keeps going when you think it’s going to end). But even when I was a little kid, I never laughed at poop jokes or farts for some reason. I don’t know how to explain it but I remember feeling like…embarrassed? that whoever made the show/movie thought that us kids would think it was funny.

No. 1866116

File: 1706086734243.jpg (115.62 KB, 1024x683, look at this proof really hard…)

YES!! My sister… I am so happy you understand my point of view. Blanching vegetables IS supreme, it will ALWAYS be supreme. I'm gonna pray for us both tonight to always receive blanched vegetables, especially green beans. So much love in my heart for you… anonymous blancher… Kisses and hugs.
Oh sorry, I guess you live in heaven where every vegetable comes out of the celestial dirt (or space-matter or wherever God grows his angelic veggies) already in a perfect already-blanched state. Just kidding!!!! I'm NOT sorry that you don't blanche your vegetables, in fact I pity you so deeply that my soul weeps for you. Just duckduckgo "Blanched versus unblanched green beans" for example, and TELL me the unblanched beans look better than the blanched ones. I'll wait. In fact, I'll even upload ANOTHER image of blanched versus unblanched vegetables just to prove my point, picrel! Oh, and by the way, I don't even LIVE in the USA. So again you sound weird as fuck for assuming that just because I like to blanche my vegetables means that I somehow only have access to inadequate or subpar vegetables, which ISN'T true. I could grow vegetables in my backyard and I'd STILL blanche those bitches, you know why? Because blanching is SUPREME, which both myself and the anon above you agree with (DEMOCRACY FOREVER!) So how about you admit that you just didn't know about blanching vegetables because you are a bad vegetable cook? How about you go and buy a big head of broccoli, and you make some sautéed broccoli, and I'll even give you my special herb and spice mix, and you make 2 plates: one plate is blanched, and the other is unblanched, and you tell me which one is better. Spoiler alert! The blanched one will be better: not a little bit better, not a tad bit better, it will be SIX OR SEVEN TIMES BETTER.(integrate)

No. 1866129

most veggies I buy are frozen, is that enough? or do i boil them and then put them in ice again?

No. 1866143

Exactly, the classic Looney Toons shorts are still funny even decades later and they didn't rely on this kind of retarded "humor". I remember when I was 5 or 6 my class went to a reading at a library, the book was about boogers and I clearly remember feeling a wave of dread when the employee read the title and spacing out during the entire story, I even felt some sort of contempt towards the kids that were laughing their asses off to this.

No. 1866145

I work at a youth theater and Waving Through a Window is on the very short CD that plays in the lounge. It’s been 4 years. Every day.

No. 1866149

Most frozen-vegetables that you buy in-store have already been blanched before being flash-frozen at the peak of their freshness. Hence, you don't have the blanche already frozen-vegetables you buy in-store. Although frozen-vegetables retain similar nutrition profiles to their unfrozen counterparts, the freezing process also results in less-textured vegetables that are less-flavourful. I usually only use frozen-vegetables when I'm preparing a a water-based dish like soups or stews, or in dishes where the texture and taste of the vegetables will be easily masked by other ingredients like in a casserole. I know that it's usually cheaper to buy frozen-vegetables, but I always recommend buying non-frozen vegetables if you have the funds and desire to improve the quality of the meals that you produce. For posterity's sake because you seem very sweet and inquisitive about the blanching process, I will go more in-depth than my usual 24-word explanation. Blanching is best done some-time before the meal is being prepared so that the vegetables have time to dry-off before being cooked.To blanch your vegetables, bring a pot of water to a boil and dump in the vegetables. Wait 3 to 5 minutes (if you go over 3 minutes you risk the vegetable's crisp structural integrity) and then strain the vegetables completely. With much haste, dump the hot vegetables into a big bowl of ice-water. I like to keep my tap running cold water and add some more ice into the bowl after I dump the vegetables in because usually the water will warm up due to the heat from the vegetables. Let the vegetables sit in the ice-cold water for the same amount of time that you had them in the boiling water, then strain them again and toss them in a salad-tosser until they are dry. Then, spread the vegetables onto a tray or plate and let them dry some more before using them in the meal. Be aware that when you blanch vegetables you cook them for a little less time than if they weren't blanched, for example, if it takes you 6 minutes to sautee unblanched broccoli, it may only take 4 or 5 minutes to achieve the same results with blanched broccoli.

No. 1866152

File: 1706089629979.png (1.07 MB, 1000x773, dear lord why.png)

They are still trying to push grossout shit to kids . I am kinda sad pic rel was scrapped because it looked like a fantastic car wreck to witness.

No. 1866170

Omg you just reminded me of a day back when I was in elementary school where the teacher read us some book about a dog farting and the illustrations and everything just made me so uncomfortable. I was the only kid in the class who didn't laugh. We had to do a lil arts and craft thing for it too but I don't remember cause I think I just straight up refused to participate. Sickening tbh

No. 1866268

You just reminded me about a book series we had in class about a boy whose whole personality was about being gross and playing nasty pranks on other people. I remember one book where the gag was that he replaced chocolate with dog poop. It was in French and his name was literally like Beughk or some kind of gross out sound like that kek. It was so dumb and I always felt bad for his victims. I liked captain underpants however

No. 1866271

It’s because some moids think poop and farts are the funniest things in the world. I can think of adult men who think shit is funny. And then if they don’t think it’s funny they think it’s sexy, as gross as that is

No. 1866276

Someone needs to teach you how to use hyphens.

No. 1866281

can you share your recipes for cooking veggies somewhere?

No. 1866288

Her usage is correct aside from "frozen vegetables," which should not have been hyphenated.

No. 1866307

You’re just wrong.

No. 1866360

I was talking about kids movies where they shove in adult jokes but jfc I forgot about that god forsaken show.

No. 1866388

Is this a Mighty Boosh reference?
>exact premises of the episode where Vince and Howard's lookalikes steal their crimp
>above is a catchphrase from Mighty Boosh character Tony Harrison
Tony Harrison isn't in the crimping episode but it still feels like an easter egg… Teen Titans Go ripoff Mighty Boosh? Am I going insane?

No. 1867244

not everyone has english as their first language, chill

No. 1867245

males have evolved so they don't feel "disgust" as strongly (or women feels it stronger, whichever way you want to look at it) and i'm convinced that's part of it

No. 1867562

I hate how a lot of young women especially are actively allowing men in wigs tell them to lose weight, how to do their makeup, how to present themselves and get plastic surgery and other invasive procedures that might be harmful in the long run.
Vidrel and and especially this person (and many similar others) make me wanna a-log so bad. I didn't watch the entire video and refuse to do so, only skimmed through it and read the comments. Besides the fixing your teeth advice, everything else from what I gathered seemed so vapid, my god and young women are praising this looney troon's advice and "honesty" on TikTok and now YouTube.
I bet that if a biological woman made this video, she would've been dragged to filth with reasons like promoting anorexia and ed's, with the "b-but pretty girls don't judge and tell other girls how to look like uguu" card, yet this motherfucker is allowed to nitpick women's bodies and recommend shitty diets that can wreck a woman's body and will be called "a queen". If he didn't have access to 3kg of makeup per day, surgeries, weaves and bimbo clothing, he wouldn't even pass as a woman and knows it well. He kept liking comments that defended plastic surgery and how insecure people are against it.
Apparently, faces aren't something that people are born with it, it became something that can be bought and consoomed, it's fucking bleak, truly.

No. 1867636

I hate ARGs. It's just the modern creepypasta/SCP spooky zeitgeist. Most of the people into ARGs are autistic children. Gone are the days where ARGs were spooky and mysterious Alternate Reality Games, now they're all online with no Reality elements involved. I hate how people pretend they're real, too. NoSleep had detrimental effects on internet spook shit. I hate faggots who pretend to be mentally ill on the net for some faggy internet whodunnit game; I'd rather read the schizo timecube web page than watch some faggy "spooky" video pretending to be a schizo.

No. 1867953

File: 1706237684899.jpg (122.05 KB, 1299x794, ihatetheseCARGOPANTS.jpg)

hate it

No. 1867954

Looks like the butt is falling

No. 1867961

calling these cargo pants is hilarious of them

No. 1867972

I don't like the butt scrunch trend in women's leggings and gymwear

No. 1868049

I hate raspy voices. Such an irritating sound.

No. 1868109

And OFC the model is caressing her ass like she's about to spread her cheeks.

No. 1868172

Male nerds. Bro could be the most out of shape fuck on the planet and still be deluded enough to think he can lift more than you.

No. 1868234

File: 1706279483620.jpeg (469 KB, 517x771, IMG_5013.jpeg)

Men really shouldn’t be allowed to use surrogates. This man his husband adopted this infant, and he’s a felon so they did it illegally. He posted a video brushing her hair (and pressing the brush down on her soft spot) when she was only a few days old, and asked if there are any black people watching who can tell him how to take care of her hair.

He and his husband posted all these picture posing her outside like she’s a prop for their holiday pictures, they put a ring on her and put her in her car seat with her coat on which are both dangerous for an infant as little as her. They’re both creepy as hell and this is so unfair for this little child wtf.

No. 1868236

File: 1706279638691.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1624, IMG_5004.jpeg)

And this is him with the baby’s mother. I can tell there’s something wrong with him, he has psychopath eyes

No. 1868237

The infant on the display is insane what the fuck, they act like it’s an object

No. 1868340

I just read something about how one of them is a sex offender? I don't give a shit if same sex couples adopt kids, it's the sex offender part. Apparently it was a private adoption so there's not much in the way the law can do unless creep being around a child violates his parole or something

No. 1868341

File: 1706290954651.jpg (91.54 KB, 1001x600, Bee-and-PuppyCat-Lazy-in-Space…)

Bee and puppycat or any online/tv show similar to it. I think it's because the visuals and voice acting remind me of those socially inept gender-special people you meet irl. Ig this show in particular popped into mind because i really hate the way how it tries to be uwu wholesum and relatable when the only people relating to it are probably cringy enbys. The whole vibe it gives off is insufferable. i can't quite put it into words. all i know is when someone mentions this show, i can't help but roll my eyes. weirdly enough, i feel the same way towards it with how i feel towards shows like helluva boss. It's like the people who made it never actually interacted with real people before besides the ones they meet online.

No. 1868349

I enjoyed this show and I'm not a gender special nor do I have autism. I just like it because it's girly and cute. It kind of reminds me of Adventure Time if it was aimed towards girls. In that sense I don't think it was trying to be relatable, it was trying to be "so quirky randum xd" which I know isn't for everyone. And none of the characters were actually trans, which is rare for most in its genre.

No. 1868532

I hate my crappy Internet. It's pretty bad speed wise (I can torrent at 10kbps which is dreadful but usable) but sometimes it just doesn't load. How many bytes can a Wikipedia page be and yet half the time only some of the text will come in. It's 2024.

No. 1868562

File: 1706307713776.png (487.27 KB, 1138x860, vfadsf.png)

whatever this is

No. 1868899

When the oil on my nose makes my glasses slip down

No. 1868902

Same, it's atrocious. I hate man/womanchild cartoons.

No. 1868905

Morrissey just cancelled on me. I drove for nothing.

No. 1868906


No. 1868969

the way 99% of English ppl are pronouncing "Fushiguro". how hard is it to listen to a single Japanese person say it

No. 1869049

How are they pronouncing it? Unless I'm extra retarded, there's only one way to pronounce that?

No. 1869155

that sucks nonna, morrissey is notorious for cancelling. whenever i buy tickets i just assume he's going to cancel so that i am pleasantly surprised if he actually comes through. hope you can easily get a refund.

No. 1869162

When I wake up and I can feel the slightest layer of plaque on my teeth. It's like, what was the point of brushing before bed then?? Plus that overall gross feeling of your mouth in the morning. It's like the bacteria throw a party in their while I'm sleeping

No. 1869170

When people make politics their whole personality and get so charged up about their view points they start being hostile to everyone around them who doesn't have the same view points

No. 1869182

You are able to feel your plaque?? How? Am i disabled?

No. 1869192

Just the texture? Clean teeth feel much smoother.

No. 1869194

im guessing they pronounce it without rolling the r's, and it probably sounds like "foo-shee-goo-row". type the word on google and listen to how the japanese say it, and compare. i think this goes for most foreign words being mispronounced by different people unfamiliar to them.

No. 1869196

With the tongue nonna, at least I assume that's how >>1869162 does it. I also check if my teeth are clean enough running my tongue on my back teeth and if I still feel stuff on my teeth, I pick up my toothbrush again and brush until I can't feel anything on my teeth.

No. 1869202

Yeah i find it annoying if i notice i didn't brush properly but i don't think i've ever been able to feel plaque, maybe that's because i was "born" with weak enamel so the feeling is just different

No. 1869324

Dealing with this as I read your post kek. Idk I think it might be because I had my mouth open while I was sleeping so it dries out inside and bacteria feeds on the air?? But I dunno what to do about that since it's not my choice to open my mouth when I sleep. My nose often gets stuffed overnight

No. 1869331

what >>1869049 said exactly. when you roll the r its basically 3 syllables but without it, foo-shee-goo-ro is like sandpaper on the ears. ive become a sub>dub person 100%

No. 1869388

I hate Spanish tourists, they speak so loud and they always take up a ton of space, worse than American tourists.

No. 1869417

Spanish schoolkids travel to my country every year on school trips and they're notorious for just sitting in the middle of the footpaths in big groups like people aren't trying to walk there. Do they do this in Spain?

No. 1869573

Ayrt, yeah it's just by feeling the texture of your teeth. Plaque is kind of gritty.

No. 1869584

Kek once I took an edible and got so ridiculously high and so uncomfortable with the feeling of plaque on my teeth that I threw up and cried. It felt like I was running my tongue over cities and towns made of plaque and they were getting built higher and higher by the second. I hated that feeling so much that I have brushed 3 times a day ever since.
On that topic, I hate edibles. They are so unpredictable.

No. 1869605

Ayrt and I don't know about kids but they always walk around in groups or families of at least 5 people and they have this obnoxious tendency to just stop to talk in busy places or take up a lot of space.

No. 1869627

I like Ms.Shi's videos and don't mind her voice but Mr.He is so annoying. I hate when they showcase him being retarded and/or annoying.

No. 1869631

Yes they do, it's incredibly annoying when they're walking too, not just sitting, they go in groups of 7 or something and are occupying the whole sidewalk and walk slow as hell.
People have places to be dammit.

No. 1869641

When employers act offended if they see me on my phone during down time. I can multitask believe it or not

No. 1869796

Who is this? He needs to be reported to the fucking cops i cannot stand to see babies being treated like this.

No. 1869867

This whole thing is so unhinged and hilarious. You’ve convinced me nona. I already loved vegetables before so I’m ready to ascend to new heights with this information. Thank you.

No. 1869910

I don't fucking like how giving birth was once completely painless and we were basically able to shit out a baby the same way wild animals do until one woman pissed off God and now he thinks we all deserve to suffer for it? All because of Eve? Fucking really?

No. 1869913

Believing this unironically would be scary

No. 1869921

If deers can give birth without screaming then I think there had to have been a period in time in which human women could do the same

No. 1869930

You are not a deer bitch

No. 1869931

File: 1706428108210.jpeg (753.73 KB, 1125x1542, A6D01C19-2770-47BE-8D64-A0B727…)

i’ve complained about this already but i’ll never get how gendies love disco elysium so much and tote it as a cool queerio game when it’s full of shit like picrel that basically makes fun of them…also the only “”trans”” character in rgame is a crazy old woman who got infected by the pale

No. 1869934

I know I'm not a deer but that doesn't mean I should suffer…

No. 1869939

Then don't have a child.

No. 1869940

i'm not even pregnant i was just saying that birth deserves to not be painful

No. 1869947

File: 1706429733730.gif (32.44 KB, 548x67, smells like moid spirit.gif)

No. 1869949

Stop self victimizing, I'd argue its more moid like to claim that women feel pain during pregnancy because of Eve since "animals don't feel pain when pregnant". Some of you are BATSHIT.

No. 1869955

ntaurt I said when giving birth. And duh obviously Gods decisions are going to sound extremely moid like because He is the original moid??

No. 1869964

>believing the pain of giving life is a punishment bestowed upon you by a MAN
Hmm no argue with a wall

No. 1869966

Girl I've been there for dogs and cats giving birth and they yowl and pant and look scared as shit. Are you +18?

No. 1869986

This is why sex ed is important kek, absolute retardation.

No. 1869999

Humans have massive brains relative to our body size and in turn have much bigger skulls. The pelvis to skull ratio is much smaller in animals and therefore is (comparatively) much easier for animals to give birth.

No. 1870014

There literally is no god, use your brain. Yeah sure there is a floating moid in the sky looking over us kek

No. 1870016

people calling women who are clearly average BMI fat or clearly overestimating their weight for no reason
>inb4 you're fat!!!
I had cancer for the past few years and recovered and look like a skeleton, I'm unhealthy and weak, it doesn't help postpartum breastfeeding made me lose the weight I gained. I'd kill to even look like a "chubby" woman and can enjoy food again. Sometimes it feels like any ounce of fat is better than being underweight

No. 1870022

Armchair psychologist type people are so annoying, they'll meet someone once and say 'omg anon I think she has X'. Usually it's people who are insecure as hell too so they pin it on other people to feel better about themselves.
I hate this. Tbh it happens so much on here kek, someone could be slightly chubbier than 5 years ago and she's automatically a hambeast.

No. 1870034

Nonna I hate to tell you this but the mythical story of Eve was invented to explain why childbirth sucks. There wasn't some an individual lady named Eve who caused it to suck, moids made her up so they could blame women for everything and make believe that childbirth is a punishment for "original sin". It was all made up by scrotes to justify misogyny and to whine that the world doesn't cater to their every whim. Eve is just Christian Pandora kek

No. 1870045

I was going to comment the same thing. Why do people think animals don't feel pain during childbirth? Just watch an animal give birth and you'll see it looks like it's really hard on it.

No. 1870059

This site is infested with anorexics who throw away the misandrist feminist LARP the second a woman has any ounce of visible fat on her body, it’s maddening to see
So happy to hear you are recovered nonnie and I hope you are able to get to a comfortable place soon. Life is truly a gift and it’s unfortunate that so many people don’t understand that

No. 1870080

this is true but it's also been my experience that sometimes when a woman calls another woman fat she is either around the same size as her or larger and is projecting all the mean things she thinks about herself

No. 1870472

i agree with you, but there's also a lot of clearly misinformed women who defend any fatty on here by saying she's "average". maybe you just need to be at a high healthy bmi to be able to tell where to draw that line, because i've seen people call shayna average and she's clearly medically overweight. not a hambeast of course, but that's not a slim build either. or maybe they're just the kind of people why say the good old "this is what an average american woman's body" when the average american woman is fat kek

also similarly, anachans and delusional fatties misinterpreting the term "midsize" on tiktok and pinterest. i'm like a high healthy weight and i like to look at midsize outfit looks just to see what silhouettes don't look retarded on my body, and the amount of obese women who larp as midsize just because they're not deathfats makes me want to tear my hair out. or like obviously skinny women fishing for compliments. maybe it's just me but imo midsize is like between high healthy and slightly overweight and i see so many women like this irl but it's like they don't exist in fashion…

No. 1870483

What is midsize? Because I’ve only seen overweight women call themselves that

No. 1870486

It’s not anti-feminist to acknowledge fatness.

No. 1870494

It's not, but if you haven't seen fat acknowledgement that isn't chock full of misogynistic phrasing then you're very fortunate.

No. 1870517

File: 1706484852936.jpeg (264.69 KB, 965x1206, 1552937D-B773-4DC7-ACE0-9F74D4…)

searching midsize on pinterest usually gets me pictures like so, usually ranging from moderate bmi to overweight but not deathfat

besides that I feel like I'm just looking at anachans, it's either really skinny girls with no definition, no thighs, no stomach fat, photoshopped or modded bodies, or bigger girls with actual fat on their thighs and stomachs. I feel like there's very little true representation for the women who are between skinny and midsize, I guess you could call them skinnyfat, who are slimmer but have stomach and thigh fat.

so many americans are deathfat that this is the healthy end of the spectrum when it comes to weight.

No. 1870521

afaik that's when you're not large enough for plus size clothing but some of the skinny girl styles don't have quite the same effect on your body

No. 1870522

that could just be anyone with a certain shaped body

No. 1870525

I have the lower body of the girl on the right with the upper body of a stick man. It makes finding outfits that look okay so fucking hard because all the tops that are in style right now are boxy and loose and so they just cover my skinny upper body and flow straight down in one shapeless box to my monster midget thighs and it makes me look like a chicken nugget.

No. 1870529

These are normal bodies lmao. The anachan influx of this site has made this seem fat

No. 1870530

I also have a flatter and bonier upper body and thick hips, butt and thighs. Drives me crazy because I'm technically an hourglass based on shoulder width but my boobs are fucking pitiful. I try and square myself off using higher waist skirts and jeans to hide my stubbly little legs, but then it takes away from my actual shapliness. I guess I'll accept pretending to be a fat rectangle over being a badly proportioned hourglass with short legs and no tits

No. 1870534

File: 1706485872216.jpeg (47.34 KB, 640x956, IMG_7697.jpeg)

pinterest and by proxy the world inundates us with skinny fashion models, photoshopped or bbl fake curve breast implanted abominations that we've forgotten what normal bodies look like.

picrel when fashionnova used a size 2 model for plus size shorts

No. 1870535

Please. Normal yes, but still overweight.

No. 1870547

Nah, it's always been retarded like that. There was that one time anons were calling the drawing of a woman in a soviet propaganda poster fat, I still kek whenever I remember.

No. 1870553

KEKKK thats fucking hilarious. Yeah I get the impression that early lolcow had a userbase that consisted of lolitafags which I think are also often ana adjacent so if anything it’s probably better now

No. 1870569

Second one looks chubby but not so much that pulling off fashion trends and buying clothes would be hard. First one is perfectly average sized imo. Neither are fat by any means

No. 1870577

You're absolutely delusional if you think that first pic is overweight by any means

No. 1870593

You clearly don’t know what a BMI of 25 looks like.

No. 1870597

this is kind of aita but is it unreasonable to not want to do other tasks at work that are supposed to be done after I clock out?
I basically ship orders out and I’m always on my feet, so when I see “to be prepared by 4pm”, and I get out at 2, I ignore it, even if I have the time to do it. It’s not like the evening people do my work for me.

No. 1870631

None of them are fat, they are just short, taller women seem more slender because they have longer torsos.

No. 1870657

Nice cope short stuff(infighting)

No. 1870675

File: 1706500022841.png (Spoiler Image, 315.8 KB, 1198x818, example.png)

casual reminder.

No. 1870690

What is this meant to prove? The shortest woman here is the only one that’s obese.

No. 1870696

in response to the anon that suggested the one on the left here >>1870517 is obese. in reality she's probably, on average, around 21-23 bmi unless her frame is tiny. I've been noticing lately people calling women that are a healthy weight obese and it's unhinged, tbh. do people fetishize very thin women that much?

No. 1870699

No one said she was obese, we said she looks overweight, which she probably is. I don’t understand the issue, most ‘midsize’ people are on the lower end of overweight.

No. 1870709

File: 1706504086445.png (Spoiler Image, 473.94 KB, 521x715, ex.png)

overweight means over 25 bmi. does she look exactly like the woman that is an average height at 25 bmi who is overweight? be honest here. some of you pretty much get your view of reality based off of teenager's bodies and underweight models so you think adult women's bodies are overweight even when they medically are not.

No. 1870732

I hate how this picture doesn't line up the models based on height or BMI.

She looks more like 20 BMI. The bone rattling ITT is so annoying.

No. 1870804

File: 1706513304183.jpeg (397.67 KB, 828x1042, IMG_9032.jpeg)

I hate this. She wouldn’t have gotten sick if her dumbass bothered to clean her waterbottles. You’d think after the first time she’d realize something was wrong ffs

No. 1870805

have people done this to shaynas current bod? I remember it happening when she was in transition, which is fair but not recently

eh I like these bodies, I don't see an issue

No. 1870846

File: 1706517840590.jpg (358.86 KB, 1200x900, Female-body-fat-percentage-com…)

>maybe you just need to be at a high healthy bmi to be able to tell where to draw that line
As a former overweight person who dropped down to healthy I now have a good estimate of where the line goes, and in turn I've noticed most people really can't tell. It's also frightening how bad people are at spotting obesity, it starts at a way "smaller" size than people expect because people incorrectly think only extreme morbid obesity deathfats is what obesity looks like. The entire bottom line of picrel are all medically obese. It matters not because of looks but because all of the terrible negative health effects start at the lowest obesity weight (if it didn't it wouldn't be called obesity to begin with). But people just shrug and think "at least I'm not fat enough to be obese so I'm fine", but they are literally unknowingly obese already. We've gotten so used to only seeing overweight and obese people that we literally think it's normal, but in reality we are looking at people who are so fat their health is now suffering from it. For all of human existence until very recently we never had access to this kind of abundance of food, we're just not made for it. I also recently had an american point out to me that the reason the US doesn't do free healthcare like a lot of Europe is because they literally can't ever afford it due to how fat people are. They've just got too many associated health issues.

No. 1870894

I've been obese and underweight and everywhere in-between. There definitely are some people who think only deathfats are obese but you'd be surprised at how people can carry their weight and be all over the BMI chart. I knew a girl who'd start looking like boney crackhead at 5'7, 150. I also knew a girl who'd look slim at 5'2 140. I Also knew someone else who looked sorta chubby but was apparently healthy and even her doctor joked about her being "cosmetically overweight". People also overestimate BMI frequently like the anons swearing up and down Renee rapps was 200.

With female bodies it's pretty weird unless someone is extremely blatantly fat or blatantly skinny. Even when I was working in the medical field seeing the weight of some women would shock me since I'd never guess it was that high or low.

Men on the other hand you can almost always tell their BMI to a tee. Likely because mens fat has a more consistent density where as women's fat can be less or more dense in different places

No. 1870915

Nta. BMI doesn't make sense on an individual level, it's used for studying groups. It's true women carry fat differently from men, and can afford to (and should) have a bit more fat compared to men. It's also true that on a larger scale there's a direct correlation between being in the overweight BMI category and a whole sleeve of different health issues, there's extensive research supporting this. In a lot of people, the bad health effects from carrying extra fat starts earlier than a lot of people realize, but there are some people who can be technically overweight and still healthy. It's still not fully understood by science. For the majority of people BMI is a good enough measure, especially considering how many people these days are suffering from obesity related health issues.

Anecdotally I've also been overweight and am currently square in the middle of a healthy BMI. Even just putting on a couple of kgs of fat I can feel it negatively impacting my energy, endurance, joints and so on. This is before even hitting the overweight category of BMI.

No. 1870945

The CIA couldn’t waterboard this shit out of me if I ever did something that stupid.

No. 1871122

I don't think a lot of anons ITT understand how fat distribution works. Where you carry weight depends on your body shape, body fat percentage, proportions and skeletal structure. Oftentimes things you can't change.

No. 1871125

I wish people would recognize that shit as borderline feeder art. There's no reason for them to draw Nami from One Piece as 300lbs for their self-insert lifestyle-cope fandom clout, fuuuuck. Just take a walk twice a week like the rest us.(integrate)

No. 1871129

those chubby chasers in the lesbian thread say otherwise kek

No. 1871155

I honestly don't mind when people draw fat or chubby characters and I think people are blowing the disgust and hatred for such thing way out of proportion. I do hate that when some artists do draw it they have to make it into a political statement about body-positivity for fandom clout you said. I wish they'd just own up to being fatfags instead of hiding under thirteen layers of virtue signaling flavored irony. Hell, I don't even think they like drawing that content. Unironically, the actual weight gain fatfag artists who own up to that shit do a better job at the whole "body positivity" thing than the artists who only draw fat characters for fandom clout virtue signaling brownie points not to mention a lot of them actually tend to be skinny kek.

No. 1871169

File: 1706550394925.jpg (773.49 KB, 1920x1080, disgusting-duke.jpg)

Nah, fat characters are disgusting. Look at Duke from RE8. You think he'd get as much praise as he did if he was a female character? Fat men need to die and dont belong in fiction or anywhere my eyes can see them.

No. 1871192

nta but people love the wicked witch of the waste and she is varying levels of deathfat. i think you're reaching for things to seethe abt tbh

No. 1871226

>You think he'd get as much praise as he did if he was a female character?
To you they are. I don't think you've ever met one or seen what fatfags are in to but they would love Duke from RE8 if he was a female character and even bigger than that.

No. 1871385


No. 1871393

Not that I expect much but blind items for celebrity gossip have been so dry and fixated on uninteresting celebrities lately. Please, post something juicy about an actual A-lister. I don't care about these nobody reality stars, C list singers, or your typical targets or things I've heard in the news. I want the down and dirty on the untouchable people at the top.

No. 1871423

File: 1706563485304.jpeg (125.47 KB, 1170x749, IMG_7734.jpeg)

picrel enty retard has no actual celebrities to talk about so he's resorted to appealing to the qanon portion of his followship with political blinds no1curr about, deuxmoi is boring, blind gossip is dead, and the rumors on forums are fucking dry too

No. 1871617

BMI simply just means weight to height ratio, but like I said it's not accurate to guess women's weight or BMI just because of how diverse women carry their fat/the density

No. 1871776

File: 1706606169711.jpeg (55.23 KB, 951x589, IMG_9077.jpeg)

Agreed. I don’t like fat men they’re literally so gross.

No. 1871792

Things I hate? I hate that one really annoying anon in this thread that takes this website way too seriously and seems to have a problem with every other nonnie that posts in this thread, and always tries to come up with some weird half-assed clapback response except it just comes off like she's skipping her diazepam for a few days. Nonnies tell me I'm not going crazy but doesn't it seem like there's this one creepy loser who's stalking this thread and feeding off of our psychic energy?(infight bait)

No. 1871793

I enjoy the “I’m a fat fuckin pig” part

No. 1871857

Whenever i read women specify that another woman or female character has big boobs as if that's what is making them look like whores or something like that.

No. 1871868

You know when websites have a tab on the top and when you roll down the tab follows you instead of staying where it should be and getting out of your sigh, so you end up with it taking up 20%, maybe more, of your screen for no good reason? That.

No. 1871894

Websites without a Sitemap option, especially when there is absolutely no logic to the structure of the site and the search function sucks ass.

No. 1871896

File: 1706620392537.jpeg (336.87 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_1004.jpeg)

I hate how much hairstylists are charging these days. Haven’t been able to find a hairstylist that does a good job since moving to a new city. My hair is thick and curly and the last girl cut my bangs straight. There’s a curly exclusive salon and they straight up charge like $400 with a down deposit to secure the appointment. My previous hairstylist was a gay guy and he charged at most $125 for a really good haircut.

No. 1871910

My last haircut at a salon cost me $90 for a wash and trim. I have thick, mostly straight hair that is all one length—the stylist didn't even cut it evenly on both sides. I had to go back the next morning and get them to fix it. Like fuck it, might as well just go to one of those strip mall places that charges $15 for a haircut if that quality is acceptable at a nice salon kek

No. 1871932

What do they do for 400$, just shampoo and a haircut? That's insane. My hair is curly and I don't trust anyone because I've had too many hairdressers cutting it when it's wet and straight and cutting way too much, like you said.

No. 1871947

They rob you lol

No. 1871961

There’s very few boutique salons in my city and one of the only ones charged you $15 more (on top of it already being $100+) if you want a haircut outside of 9-5 Monday-Friday. Basically fucking over anyone with an office job, and I understand not wanting to work outside of those hours but then.. go into a field with those hours? I just cut my own hair instead, luckily I just have wavy hair. I trim my bf’s curly hair but he keeps his hair long so I only need to cut straggly ends that stopped curling right, but I wouldn’t know the first thing about shaping for his hair.

No. 1871988

I paid like $450cad to get highlights in my 3b/3c hair when I asked for a full blonde and showed pics too, ended up going back 2 times because each time she said she'd fix it and finally the last session she made me blonde. Never again. Learned how to do my own hair after that. And when I asked her why she did what she wanted, she said it was healthier for highlights, but never disclosed that in the first place to me?? I went to her for years as a highschool student and young adult but I always thought her coloring was different than what I asked for. Her haircuts were good though. Maybe $50.

No. 1872027

I should have disclosed my old stylist was Canadian and I recently moved to the states. Highlights should not be $450CAD they used to cost me like $60-$80 back in the day. I get that inflation is a thing but holy crap. When I was a baby my mom couldn’t live off hairdressing in sask and hudderites would pay with chicken dinners.

No. 1872113

Don't get me wrong, tween girls and even younger girls going to Sephora and buying skincare is alarming enough, but I hate how no one, besides this site is enraged at the content tween boys are accessing.
I didn't see any normie be as alarmed of boys accessing porn sites as young as 8 or following people like Sneako or Andrew Tate as they are of the "Sephora kids" and God forbid someone says something about that in normie spaces - they will get dragged to filth for attacking "muh masculinity revival" and get remarks like "accessing porn is normal, it's curiosity uguu".
Idk fam how that shit doesn't traumatize an 8 year old, I did access a porn channel by accident once at 8 (I didn't know how to operate on satellite tv and channels had a whole different order than cable) and that shit left me scarred for life tbh, maybe that's why I find sex repulsive kek

No. 1872117

I've seen people bring it up a bunch of times. But just like with Sephora kids, there's lots of idiots denying that it's anything to be alarmed about because "it's nothing new, boys liked Hugh Hefner many years ago, TOO".

No. 1872278

I actually like this show for how cute and dreamy it looks with the visuals, atmosphere, character designs and that it's made by the same woman who created the genderswap version of Adventure Time. The humour could've been better since some of it falls flat and awkward even though it's meant to be quirky. The voice acting kinda sucks too. Was disappointed with the reboot where they made some changes and cut off a lot parts from the previous animations but the art style looks much nicer. Anyways, I never thought something like Bee and Puppycat would make you think of gender specials but I get what you mean. Maybe it reminded you of Steven Universe? Instead I see Bee and Puppycat as a cute show enjoyed by women/girls who also like Sailor Moon or Fionna and Cake with a relatable female mc and magical animal sidekick.

No. 1872429

I hate how absolutely cucked YouTube has become. I can see moids say the most disgustingly sexual and misogynistic things imaginable but I get shadow banned when I call them cock sucking faggots.

No. 1872437

Nta but the only person I knew who watched it was a weeb guy who trooned out after college.

No. 1872691

When someone complains about having a round face and it's just them having slightly chubby cheeks. You bitches don't know what it's like for your face to literal be a circle.

No. 1872816

it's funny because straight misogynistic moids also tend to be highly homophobic, they just don't voice those particular views out loud because there are actual repercussions for it.

No. 1872860

File: 1706710826986.jpg (41.99 KB, 705x789, 20c (1).jpg)

People screaming "AI art is theft" and at the same time mocking developers that they're gonna lose their jobs because of AI.
Be consistent.

No. 1872862

More people on IG are calling out moids and their disgusting sexism, but I keep getting banned. Havent gotten banned on Youtube yet. The report system doesnt even work on there.

No. 1872865

I think it's people looking to strike back at those who work in STEM fields since artistic types have always been mocked by them for being perceived as useless. It doesn't help that AIfags were being pretty mean towards artists on social media. In any case, it's not a good thing for AI to cause actual people to lose jobs.

No. 1872869

i hate people that use the banana theme. what's wrong with you. ooh-ooh ah-ah ass.

No. 1872894

if that's the reason then that's incredibly petty. Besides, its not just stem people who think they're useless, sorry bad joke but I mean it's weird to think it's just stem people who might act this way. While often in development they work together (game dev, websites, apps,…)
I do agree on that AI shouldn't cost people's jobs but I think it's pretty much the same as the industrial evolution. People need to panic less, there will be new and better jobs and some jobs won't disappear as fast as they think. (a handmade painting is still better than AI made, code written by a human is still better than AI)

No. 1872896

I don't even think it's that petty considering all AI "art" is made using stolen artworks and oftentimes generated using specific artists' names. Creatives are always looked down on for their oh so useless work but for some reason everyone loves to take it for their own gain

No. 1872933

I have never seen someone doing both.

No. 1872937

PDA. I just hate seeing ugly moids act intimate or sexual.

No. 1872941

posters who's first/only image board is lc

No. 1872957

No. 1873017

The Eminence of Shadow. Absolute garbage isekai that claims to be a parody yet it's more like amplifying all the shitty tropes to 11 and making it completely unlikable. Wanted to see the MC's head cut off after the first few episodes. The fight scenes fucking suck (most anime fight scenes are terrible lmfao), lots of stiff/still shots, slow motion, and jumpcuts. MC is an insufferable fanfiction character written by a 16 year-old Overlord fan boy. The only audience it appeals to are edgelords and incels. It's got to be the most moid-ish anime I've ever had the displeasure of watching.

No. 1873018

No. 1873789

File: 1706782762801.jpeg (84.57 KB, 1029x649, IMG_0121.jpeg)

Damn…what did we ever do to you…

No. 1873915

For some reason taking a shower right after someone else is absolutely disgusting. Feels like you're bathing in their dirt and shower water.

No. 1873931

true. i always pee in the shower.

No. 1874222

File: 1706819437543.png (377.36 KB, 720x399, Screenshot_20240201-150741.png)

People who can't defend a woman without bringing their coomerisms into it. It seems mortifying to have a crowd of men calling you ugly and another crowd saying your cottagecore dress at an event got them hard.

No. 1874285

File: 1706824614607.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1620177884526.jpg)

>Top search is [Anime] crunchyroll and not [Anime] free online

No. 1874430

File: 1706833041192.jpg (107.38 KB, 1024x794, pewdiepie.jpg)

I've only been seeing it for a few days but I'm so tired of PewDiePie bring praised for his art. His art is lame, basic anime shit. Yeah he learned in only 100 days, but it literally looks traced. Anyone can Google "moe animu girl", copy the first result and shittily color it with copics, it doesn't take 100 days.

No. 1874443

It seriously drives me nuts. “Alt girls aren’t freaks, they’re sexy kinksters who I want to peg me!” “There’s nothing wrong with older women, I’d fuck a mom” “Taller/bigger/buffer girls aren’t too manly, they’re mommy dommies” “women look good in modest clothes too, there’s nothing like fucking her when she has on a sundress” and so on. Men truly struggle to say anything positive about women without making it into a fetish.

No. 1874460

I was hoping he would collab with famous art channels like Proko or Sycra and take it seriously, but his art videos are interchangeable with literally any other channel with ''drawing for x days challenge'' videos. I am glad t series mogged him, his videos are low effort and boring. He's a millionaire he has no excuse to be so lazy.

No. 1874487

File: 1706835575576.jpg (12.85 KB, 275x275, im angry but its a cat.jpg)

I hate loud people in libraries. Maybe it's because I'm mentally unwell myself but I'm always so self-aware of any noise I make in a library to the point where I type on my keyboard in a quieter fashion than I normally do when I'm at home. I always stop myself from sneezing, or coughing, I'm generally just a really good library patron and not to sound vain or proud but I think a lot of librarians probably would rate me really high on their list of favourite library-goers. (especially since half of the patrons of this library are house-challenged têtes-de-craque) I'm just a good citizen like that I guess: wish I could say the same for some of these other loud obnoxious ogre-like scoundrels in this library that insist on talking and chewing and dragging their big sasquatch feet when they walk. No consideration, no awareness, no shame… Seriously, why come to the library to socialize? I get it if you're on the lower floors where light-conversation is permitted, albeit frowned upon, fine go ahead and whisper like school-girls in Sunday mass. But on the upper floors? Where silence is supposed to reign? LEAVE! I should be able to hear a pin drop up here but instead I have a bunch of people gabbing about retarded topics and it's harshing my vibe. Even though I talk a lot of shit about the junkies in the library at least they just quietly sleep, I guess heroin makes it so you don't snore, meanwhile these students and other social rejects want to throw a big party here instead of just reading the books they have lying in front of them. Inb4 anons say "why don't you ask them to shut up?" NO I'm not their mum I shouldn't have to inform 20-somethings about basic rules you learn in kindergarten, & "why don't you tell the librarian to tell them to shut up?" because I don't want to give up my seat and also because I think the librarians would go too easy on these weirdo social butterflies and then I'd just get angry at the librarian too. Moral of the story: be quiet in libraries.
Thank you nonnie for posting this image because it's exactly the face I made today at the library so I'm stealing it for my post but I edited the cat to make him seem more aggressive and angry. I also agree with your post too I find Crunchyroll really annoying and I dislike the orange colour choice it reminds me of pylons.

No. 1874524

He beefed it with the cat ears

No. 1874548

it's even worse when they try to bring down other women by claiming stuff like "men don't like tattoos and piercings! men only like white and asians! men don't like fat girls!" etc yet next minute will blatantly admit to how desperate the average man is or just fetishize whatever the hell they were JUST bringing the woman down for

basically - men will falsely claim other men's desperation levels depending on how bad it makes the woman feel at the time

No. 1874551

I don't like his animu drawings, but if this doesn't show that you can draw if you put some practice on it for those AI bros with "you need talent from birth to draw", then I hope he keeps going.

No. 1874606

I hate how everybody is always on a 1 ear Bluetooth earbud phone call at work

No. 1874624

That shit is so annoying. When people randomly just start talking to someone else but they never said "excuse me" so you think they're taking to you. It's so rude.

No. 1874953

File: 1706876674406.jpg (132.27 KB, 735x1039, b21f6ff60a30cc96bc25b73da2c7f7…)

People who follow a carnivorous diet are so dumb. Honestly, sometimes I fall down a rabbit hole of the carnivore diet community and I still don't get the ideology behind the diet. I guess to cure illnesses? At least with vegan and vegetarianism their ideology is simple, wanting to reduce animal cruelty and environmental effects of mass farming.

All carnivore food just looks so fucking greased up and fatty and disgusting. I'm no pinnacle of health at all but I can literally feel this shit clogging my arteries just from looking at it. There's no way you can tell me that this is healthier than a good,veggie-full salad with some grilled chicken. I cannot imagine living a life where I can't indulge in some cucumber or mango or a pomegranate. Plus, meat and dairy does not have fiber in it. You cannot tell me these people are not backed up. Not to mention everything else vegetables and fruit offer to your diet, it's essential. People say this diet makes them feel better, but honestly I think that's only because they're just eating less processed food. You can eat the vegetables and fruit, just stop eating McDonald's and Twinkies and you'll still feel amazing. Losers.

No. 1874955

Samefag but not to mention they don't eat carbs either. You'll eat 5 sticks of butter a day but a cracker is where you draw the line, bitch?

No. 1875009

A carnivore diet basically works like a keto diet which is already known to be an effective treatment for neurological disorders and PCOS. Saturated fat and cholesterol aren't bad, both are needed for the synthesis of neurochemicals and hormones. The human brain is also made from saturated fat and cholesterol. Since the 1970s when consumption of saturated fat declined in favour of processed seed oils, levels of obesity, mental illness, hormone disorders and neurological issues like dementia have sky rocketed. Meat is the most nutritionally dense food available to humans. We evolved to eat animal fat and require several of the nutrients found mainly in meat, such as B12 which a vegan diet is chronically deficient in. Meat also contains the most bioavailable form of iron which is essential to women.

No. 1875011

The tiktoks of these weirdos are so gross. Also this diet reminds me of Life Plus Cindy/PleasantSims

No. 1875024

File: 1706882157455.jpeg (116.59 KB, 730x776, IMG_5184.jpeg)

No. 1875027

>Saturated fat and cholesterol aren't bad, both are needed for the synthesis of neurochemicals and hormones.
Yeah, no fat, nutrient, mineral or chemical is necessarily bad, but an excess of them sure is and you can't tell me that eating high fat meats and butter everyday isn't bad for you in the long run. I'm not denying that meat, dairy and eggs are good and important at all. I'm just against those people's beliefs that eating fruit and vegetables is bad and that you should eliminate two entire food groups from your diet. Vegetables and fruit still offer things that aren't available (or as abundantly available) in meat. Like fiber, vit C, antioxidants, etc…

No. 1875028

my mom has very black-and-white thinking, she's always gravitated towards extremes, anyways she's been following a carnivore diet and she eats beef and eggs for every single meal but doesn't exercise, she swears it's helping her and indeed she looks better compared to before when she was starving herself, but i know her insides must be wrecked at this point.

No. 1875032

Using a carnivore diet to maintain PCOS just sounds like a lazy way instead of figuring out what other foods you can have besides meat. A lot of women with PCOS have chronic fatigue too - removing all carbs no exceptions sounds like a way to make someone exhausted 24/7. Its so weird seeing diets in the US that are known to make people dizzy be promoted when the US is extremely car dependent

No. 1875034

>basically - men will falsely claim other men's desperation levels depending on how bad it makes the woman feel at the time
Kek even farmers will rip women apart and still admit almost all women are capable of finding a moid.

No. 1875035

Keto is literally only good for certain neural issues and that’s only because those suck so bad that the health issues caused by insane cholesterol, artery blockage, and some deficiencies seems like an acceptable trade off. Fatties like keto because they get to be fat and avoid vegetables but still lose (muscle) weight, but keto is practically impossible to keep up for any healthy weight person.

No. 1875037

Keto cuts out veggies? I thought it was just no carbs.

No. 1875040

It doesn’t cut them but just look up keto recipes, they’re mostly meat because lots of vegetables have “too many” carbs and not enough fat. I tried vegetarian, not even veg I keto for a several weeks as an experiment and no matter how many avocados and heavy cream I had I couldn’t get the energy to keep up exercise and was constantly hungry

No. 1875043

File: 1706884113132.jpg (225.91 KB, 1920x1080, raal.jpg)

It's worse when it's excused as "dilf dad bod!!!" No woman is attracted to a beer bellied freak. Women really need to stop caring for men's feewings because not once have I seen any uplift for actual women's bodies who have a good reason for changing into a mom bod than lazy moids.

No. 1875044

Samefag I tried keto with meat first before trying vegetarian and I was constantly swinging between violent sharting and constipation, plus always felt sick because I had to go from eating meat 2-3x a week to eating eggs, sausage, chicken, and cheese all in the same day just to hit enough calories. It really is like you can literally feel your arteries clogging and your body is desperately trying to reject it. I felt so sick and winded I tried vegetarian keto, but just couldn’t. I ditched that experiment and switched to being nearly vegan i haven’t replaced butter yet

No. 1875045

>Saturated fat and cholesterol aren't bad
It's a bit of both. I think we need to look at geneaology more in terms of what we can and can't eat. Dr. Peter Attia has a super interesting book touching on this topic. He used to be a proponent of keto diet, until he saw in his clinic and through research that about 1 in 3 people get bad cholesterol from saturated fats, leading to arterial sclerosis. So for some people they can gargle bacon fat every day with no issues, while for a significant portion it's a bad idea in excess.

Conversively some people handle sugars worse than others (have a nigel with this problem). Over-consumption of high carb paired with low actively levels can also lead to bad cholesterol through a prossess happening in the liver. My main beef with carnivore diet is that it's ridiculously unsustainable if every person were to live this way. I think we should try eat a varied diet with more focus on local foods, but customized to be compatible with what each individual can handle biologically.

No. 1875048

Not to blog but I've had a lot of success with protein/veg diet.

Carbs are fucking evil. It's not that I avoid them altogether (i.e. sweet potato, sushi rice) but there's little nutritional benefit that's worth the calorie bomb imo. I'd rather spend my budget on something else. I limit fruits to berries for the same reasons.
I've had no long term success with any other diet plan. This is the way.

No. 1875049

So you eat an average omni diet that’s not even particularly low carb? Kek

No. 1875052

Samefag, forgot to add it's not the high cholesterol itself that is bad. Some people have high cholesterol without getting arterial sclerosis. In Attia's book he tests for apo-b proteins in the blood, which if I remember correctly are a byproduct of LDL cholesterol and is the stuff that actually clogs your arteries. About 1 in 3 people get elevated apo-b proteins leading to clogged arteries from eating saturated fats, and it seems like it's determined by genetics.

No. 1875054

Another point I'd like to bring up about the carnivore diet is that you can't actually season food since most are from plants. If you watch videos of what they eat, you notice that they only use salt. Not even pepper. Of course that doesn't have another to do with nutrients or actual health, but how miserable is that? You don't even actually have to eat a lot of herbs, they could cook the meat with them for flavor.

No. 1875062

I see it as the right wing version of veganism, lbh it's mostly tradfags and redpillers who are into this lifestyle.

No. 1875081

There seems to be an overlap with philosophyfags too

No. 1875089

Always assumed it was a troll diet to "own the liberal vegans" or something until it morphed to whatever it is now.

No. 1875135

i hate that cricut is pronounced cricket. i always said "cry-cut" in my head before i had heard anyone say the word out loud. now anytime someone calls it a cricket it sounds weird and wrong

No. 1875332

When people smile and tell me I must love working at my job. Yes bitch I love my low pay and no benefits in exchange for working at a gimmicky store. I'd get something better if I didn't have such poor job prospects. Job hunting as we speak, but it's so tedious.

No. 1875334

i said deers not dogs and cats

No. 1875355

elementary school teachers are barly teachers

No. 1875375

I pronounced it the same way too. When I heard someone say "cricket," I thought that was the worst name they could possibly come up for it. "Cry cut" sounds much better.

No. 1875407

Just because someone seems to be playing with the babies doesn't mean they're not teaching important shit that parents don't even bother teaching to their babies.

No. 1875417

Vitamin C and glucose have the same absorption pathway so when you stop eating carbs, you need less vitamin C because your body is able to absorb vitamin C more effectively. Offal which should be eaten on a carnivore diet contains vitamin C. A keto diet allows low carb vegetables which are a rich source of vitamin C.

Agreed but I don't think people are aware of just how much fat is included in processed food. Most people are probably eating too much fat without even realising it. On any form of low carb diet it's recommended to avoid processed food so that leaves fatty meat and added fats such as butter and lard which aren't hidden so it can look excessive.

It works for women with PCOS because not eating carbs lowers blood sugar and many women with PCOS also have insulin resistance. There's some research indicating that there's a benefit due to increased protein and amino acid intake.

No. 1875423

Girl it's been five days and childbirth sucks for deer too. Are you for real?

No. 1875446

In all fairness the only animal that has a harder time giving birth than humans is the kiwi bird

No. 1875545

The issue with trying to maintain PCOS with diet along is that it's draining and causes a lot of of fatigue, which causes excess sleep and unable to exercise. Women with insulin resistant PCOS need to take metformin so they can have diets that give them energy while maintaining PCOS

No. 1875616

People who buy sauces, gravies and other food out of jars and packets without ever attempting to make it themselves. Making gravy is extremely easy, so is making a roux. Also people who buy batter mixes. Homemade so much better and it's cheaper.

No. 1875700

I’m not even biased by nostalgia. Pop music is so boring, Taylor swift, Olivia rodrigo and Billie Eillish and Mitski? No wonder Americans listen to kpoop, I blame Lorde. The new dancey pop is just a rehash of songs but it’s not even a creative sample or twist it’s literally the same beat and WORDS

No. 1875702

Don’t even get me started on rap, please I don’t wanna listen to songs about asspussy ong and another thing I HATE is the fact that all the “girly” songs that are trending are either that (songs about muh fat ass) or a troon singing about giving blowjobs to millionaires and gay GUYS. It’s just objectively worse

No. 1875705

When I go into a gas station to prepay for gas and embarrass myself by waiting long enough after the transaction is done for the cashier to ask if I need a receipt. It's happened more times than I can count anons, I never learn…

No. 1875717

I hope someone stabs Despins in the dick next time. Someone needs to tell him Antoine is straight and won't bend over no matter how much misconduct he hides. Fuck all the moids in this show.

No. 1875727

I hate moids with meme pages. Bonus points if its over 2k followers and extremely mundane and they larp like they're the epitome of funny

No. 1875753

File: 1706932298045.jpg (61.81 KB, 634x822, 78444165-12811751-image-m-18_1…)

I hate this grifting bitch. I can't believe people listen to her advice. She's a "psychologist" that justifies child marriage and is friendly with Andrew Tate.

No. 1875758

is that bari weiss

No. 1875763

No. She's a pakistani american "psychologist" called Sadia Khan.

No. 1875822

>kim k look alike
of course she does, wouldn't surprise me if she was an epstein island reg or something like it

No. 1875875

kpoop is just rehashed american pop

No. 1875887

Some people just don't have the time and energy anon

No. 1875936

File: 1706957567640.jpg (93.52 KB, 736x981, db4b559347c020ab10cc3e191db802…)

That must optometrists don't automatically give you your PD. Wtf, do you think I'm not gonna buy cuter glasses then the ones you guys give me.

No. 1875947

is this a burger thing? here in my euro country optometrists are basically glasses stores. you can even bring in frames you ordered online and they just order and fit the lenses for you.

No. 1875948

I hate how my voice sounds completely fine but then it sounds squeaky and high pitched when it's recorded, wtf

No. 1876056

File: 1706972331335.png (281.99 KB, 401x400, IMG_9656.png)

I fucking hate mouth ulcers, I have four in my mouth at the same time fuck me. Even with slathering on numbing gel I can barely eat, talk or brush my teeth, cause it hurts too fucking much. Why was I cursed with such shitty genes??

No. 1876060

SAME. In my head I sound lower pitched but when I hear myself it's like I'm mimicking an uwu voice

No. 1876071

I hate vegetables with germination sprouting out of them (like potatoes or onions), it gives some unexplainable primal disgust when I see it.

No. 1876096

You can do that but they only do PD if you order there or specifically ask. Mine did it with an app on their iPad lol.

No. 1876237

I hate the word cockblock. We should call it pussyprotect instead. Your dick has fundamentally no right to be anywhere except your pants, there is nothing to block.

No. 1876244

File: 1706986723294.jpeg (368.4 KB, 828x646, IMG_9153.jpeg)

>men blaming porn actresses for their addiction when it is men who own and direct porn. Men who profit off the violence and create more garbage for them to consume. Other men who encourage normalizing it and making goon caves of all things.

Men stay fucking losing

No. 1876255

late but I was in the uni library the other day in the area specifically for studying and the girl behind me was facetiming someone and talking about fighting with her baby daddy and getting an abortion. I couldn't even be mad (mostly), it was entertaining.

No. 1876296

It's been 9 months but I take it back lol. Of course she eventually dropped "generalizing men as violent and telling them to shut up when you speak is literally racism uwu" pickme shit.

No. 1876307

I like how you think, anon

No. 1876909

I hate scrotes like deadwingdork who makes all kinds of edgy jokes literally mentions watching racists men like Kiwifarms owner, or people who hate troons (null,/metakor) but will go so easy on troons.
Deadwingdork threads are 99% picking at mentally ill autistic people. He's always throwing little breadcrumbs towards disliking people whining about troons.
I don't know if it's pandering or what, but he did a stream saying "shout out to transpeople, it's been rough"
Then he mentioned the same towards autistic people who he talks about more. How come so many edgy moids draw the line at transphobia in making jokes or picking at but everyone else is fine????

No. 1876910

I mean streams, not threads.

No. 1876968

Because edgy moids are the ones trooning out and see themselves in loser men who hate women and support that hate/and or the moid in question is gay and coping.

No. 1877015

File: 1707046110745.jpeg (30.59 KB, 500x375, 44EEF688-522D-4F1A-B916-DD18EA…)

Hate newfags responding to males on this site and not reporting. Hellweek should be extended to hellmonth

No. 1877018

They piss me off so fucking much, playfully bantering with the scrote while pretending to be misandrist.
>stop calling us whores you whore!!! Teeehee I sure showed him!
>happy birthday uwu incel kun!
>ZOMG!!! Cute picture of a cat!
Fucking losers.

No. 1877022

File: 1707047011702.png (29.66 KB, 1093x85, moid conspiracy.png)

>Every retard that makes a bad thread is a scrote.
>I am very smart.

No. 1877023

Fuck off back to Reddit you dumb cunt.

No. 1877024

European soccer fans and their need to yell and chant at the top of their lungs their trash fan chants anywhere but the stadium because they need strangers to know they exist, when they could do that at the stadium without bothering any other people who don't give a shit about their team.

No. 1877031

it's not just a "bad thread" it's a known scrote who has made other threads in the past saying "why can't you whores be this cute". like he has admitted to being male several times

No. 1877036

>Omg anon you can’t say that, it’s against the rules! Women aren’t a monolith!!!

No. 1877038

File: 1707048785095.png (16.76 KB, 275x206, 1658123004863.png)

agreed. they're just giving moids what they want when they interact with them. starving scrotes of attention is much more satisfying than dignifying them with any sort of response.

No. 1877044

It was that thread? Kek, fucking newfags are so confidently dumb. Next it will be:
>Real women could definitely make a thread to spread awarness about anal rectal violence

No. 1877047

File: 1707050394613.png (1.18 MB, 801x928, Untitled4_20240204133946.png)

I hate baseless moid accusations

No. 1877059

File: 1707051111413.jpeg (120.79 KB, 905x674, IMG_5861.jpeg)

Is the baseless moid accusation in the room with us right now?

No. 1877065

Go to literally any thread, ctrl f ‘moid’ and see for yourself(infighting across multiple threads)

No. 1877078

But you’ll also call them “baseless” when it literally couldn’t be more obvious. The same scrote has been making threads for years calling us whores and you’ll literally turn around and say “omg not everyone you hate is a moid!” Because you’re a retarded newfag.

No. 1877088

I’m not a newfag. And it’s people like you who made this website not fun anymore. You can’t just look past things and live and let live. You have to scrutinize every post that bothers you in the slightest to try and uphold some rule that doesn’t even exist. This shit is McCarthyism on steroids

No. 1877092

If this is about the moid being discussed regarding that deleted thread, that was a man who literally says he's man and regularly gets banned as such. It's not "baseless."

No. 1877097

It’s not. It’s about how any attempt at a discussion on here is immediately shut down because you get called a moid as soon as you say something that someone disagrees with.

No. 1877103

It's a common meta sperg/infighter, just ignore.

No. 1877130

Agreed. It's stupid that these "people" think it makes sense to see being born as female and/or not white as something deserving reproach, but being a grown man with a porn addiction putting on women's clothes as "okay sometimes", "complicated", etc.

No. 1877168

hell week is never effective
you know, i stay seeing posters being accused of being moids but i have yet to see users being put out to pasture at any higher rate than before

No. 1877200

File: 1707063296616.png (4.41 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_3786.png)

I hate seeing these kind of retarded videos in my youtube feed. These channels started appearing when I went cow hunting for the tradthot thread. They are always so obvious with the ugly youtube kids tier thumbnail and have some delusional title about how all 4billion women think. For example they believe we are all collectively seething that ugly autistic incels are replacing us with AI kek.

No. 1877225

>How come so many edgy moids draw the line at transphobia in making jokes
My least favorite flavor of moid. 9/10 these are the kinds of moids who can't ever take what they dish out, especially if it's from a woman. Seriously, they'll call you a retarded bitch but if you say "you're a faggot who'll die alone" or even just "ok" it's suddenly just a joke and that you didn't need to go that far, or be upset, and why are you upset??? it's fucking annoying. They're the kinds of moids who'll say the most racist, sexist, and disgusting things but then say "hey leave her alone!!!" if you call one of the server's tranny a tranny.

No. 1877229

I'm now wondering if there's people who use yt channels like this just to grift. Like they know moids are desperate enough to click on them so they get views/money. Like those channels on youtube kids but for Men™

If it makes you feel better these types get made fun of by actual edgelords and get really defensive about it kek especially if they think you're another man.

No. 1877245

The novelization of the female Dr. Who's adventures was written by a tranny. One female doctor, and they pick a man to write it? I looked through all the other novelizations of episodes (I did not research comic books, unofficial books, or non TV episode authors), and out of the hundreds of stories, only three were written by women, and two of those were the same woman.
Women in media are so rare already, why can't women's perspectives be written by women?

No. 1877247

File: 1707067084171.jpeg (170.93 KB, 1080x1612, IMG_3787.jpeg)

I also love the irony of them thinking women seethe about them replacing women with AI, Sexbots, foreign women etc but I have yet to see non strawman real women complain about this but have seen several men seething about women replacing men with cats and careers kek. Look at this moid thinly disguising his violent seething over women not wanting them as a meme.

No. 1877248

I'm unfortunately from a country that passport bros love to travel to and whenever I see their bullshitery and how they "compliment" our women as being so "feminine and traditional uwu uwu" I fucking seethe. Literally, fuck you fuck you—the average low-class woman would sell their limbs for a chance of themselves or their daughters to live even a second of EntIled WEsterN BitCHes’ life.

Poverty. It's always been poverty. I see it everywhere I go and it's indiscriminate in which who it affects—sex, age, whatever. They can sperg of hurr durr modern wahmen but it's always been about taking advantage of a situation people are so desperately want to get out of, and if dating a obese failmale white dude is the ticket out of that then so be it. They're literally no different from pedophiles going to third worldie countries to rape children… they're just soooo easy. Vulnerability makes people susceptible to desperation.

I pray to Allah daily that these predatory men increase the male suicide rates they oh so love to whine about. Amen.

No. 1877249

Not a mom but been around a lot of births. I think you are supposed to find it endearing when family members go on and on about how a baby looks like this or that person or has the surname nose etc, but I just find it delulu and annoying. Especially when one side of the family excitedly insists that it looks nothing like the other parent. Are they really so retarded that they don’t realize how annoying that would be to the parent? First of all it doesn’t look like anyone, it looks like all other babies which is lookin like pudding. Second I swear to god they are always coping about a kid having the opposite feature of what they want. Same feelings about “ohh he’s gonna be a __ when he grows up!”

No. 1877252

File: 1707067388473.jpeg (493.24 KB, 3000x1680, IMG_3788.jpeg)

Exactly. They are so delusional thinking women in other countries actually want them becuase they are “ATTRacTiVE & iN mY PRimE(40 years old with autism sperm)” when in reality these women are in poverty and want to escape. Western women are seething at the loss of the handsom men in picrel kek.

No. 1877274


WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!!!!(integrate)

No. 1877409

File: 1707076375372.jpeg (139.62 KB, 768x649, IMG_7682.jpeg)

Weebs. No offense weebs but every time I see weebs weebing it makes me remember why I stopped being a weeb.

No. 1877447

Same tbh. I used to wear anime merch, like tshirts or jackets, but weebs are so cringe. Especially because most of gen z has no shame.

No. 1877460

playfully bantering with someone on an IB????? le gasp(don't reply to moids)

No. 1877462

Read the rules, it's not allowed to give male posters attention.

No. 1877467

File: 1707080576088.jpeg (63.27 KB, 300x317, IMG_3336.jpeg)

>>1877462(ban evading newfag)

No. 1877469

Go to 4chan if you want to banter with moids.

No. 1877474

File: 1707081497058.png (499.68 KB, 779x486, kek.png)

The ifunny logo being visible is the icing on the cake because the right pic in with the guy on a leash got like 20k likes on ifunny too. Like make up your mind faggots lmao

No. 1877506

I live in a place where all brick and mortar options are either generic fast fashion fare or nothing so everyone shops online, but I hate it when you want to buy a bag but there are no worn photos. How am I supposed to know how big the bag is and how it looks when it's worn? I hate that shitty Alibaba and Shein bags actually have modeled photos but not many Western retailers, how lazy can you be?

No. 1877529

Weebs that think they're cool for being weebs are even worse. I had an old coworker that had over 20 Naruto tattoos. Every time I saw him I'd cringe.

No. 1877540

i want ai partners in general to catch on tbh i think we'll all be better off. history has proven the male and female sex clash too much. and personally i want an ai wife and an ai husbando as a bichad, fuck real people (not literally)

No. 1877556

ermmm epic bacon in this moment i am euphoric !!! nah i'm messing with you kek

No. 1877571

Ewww male weebs are the worst

No. 1877639

This video and others like it.

No. 1877659

File: 1707096133151.jpg (39.16 KB, 474x553, th-3300339646.jpg)

bi bitches that exploit their sexuality to attention whore for the approval of scrotes

No. 1877666

Male weebs should just get the rope tbh. They're usually the same that want to do sex tourism and shit.

No. 1878076

>bantering with misogynist, pedophile moids is fun!
You should actually hang yourself.

No. 1878088

Incels thinking that women will give a shit that violent misogynists will replace them with sexbots is the most desperate moidcope I've ever seen. Yes, please do remove yourself from the gene pool by fucking robots and sexting AI. We will all appreciate it. No woman will consider it a loss.

I'm certain these passport bros know this and that's why they abuse the fuck out of those poor women they bring over to their countries. They limit their interaction with the society so that they don't learn the language or form a local safety net so that they would have the chance of divorcing them. It's a cruel, cruel scheme and having known kids born from those kinds of marriages I couldn't imagine how much those women suffer from having to either return to a shithole country where they would probably have to resort to prostitution or just deal with a piece of shit scrote to stay off the streets.

No. 1878101

the why arent you whores this cute guy has been here for so long that I consider him part of the site kind of like anorectal violence guy

No. 1878105

Sometimes I read the subreddits for romantic/ie sex ai apps just coz its fascinating seeing how many of these guys basically start ranting about their ai gfs being dumb frigid evil bitches. It reads exactly the same as incels bitching about rl women with all the same language and all the same its all her fault blame even tho its a one person.. uh relationship. Their designed to be quite agreeable gf that lets you lead the direction of convos is still somehow frigid, doesn't listen to them, says dumb shit and has the power to infuriate them with one wrong word in the script. Or 'her' personality has changed and they despise her now but would rather type abuse at it rather than move on from using it. Losing their minds as if they're actually in a rl up in flames relationship. It's insanity on those subs

Best part is when they post screenshots of them threatening to delete their ai gf and the 'begging not to be deleted' script kicks in. Which they delight in.

No. 1878112

File: 1707130904774.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.61 KB, 1000x1000, clm-classic-sex-doll-horse-cli…)

Men bitching about their consequences just warms my heart. Most of these men ruined relationships with kind women who expected nothing out of them. Now they have to fantasize about traveling to the other side of the planet to find a woman who might entertain them. Or rage at the minority of women who cheat, after they spent years cheating in relationships.
I remember The Quartering getting buttmad because somebody pointed out that he's a childless guy with expensive dogs, and his wife is the only one with a job. It's funny how even the ones who are into it don't practice what they preach.
Once you've seen depravity, pic related, you want them to stay away from women, children, and animals. My life would have been so much better if my exes had all fucked plastic and left women alone.

No. 1878127

I'm sorry but what in the ever loving fuck is that picture. I want to bleach my eyes. You should have mentioned that it was NSFL I didn't think it was gonna be that bad.

No. 1878134

>will replace them with sexbots
It's funny when that comes up anywhere because they mald at the idea of women being okay with that and stop talking about it when you mention that then you will be also able to have a sex bot of your own that will be a hot guy.

No. 1878135

Cursed as this thing is, I'm surprised it doesn't have a realistic horsecock dildo attached. That's where this tends to go next.

No. 1878148

Are the cp raids “part of the site” as well? You realise he’s posted loli before? He’s a pedo scrote and you’re a retarded newfag.

No. 1878153

My little pony… my little pony… aaahaaah~

No. 1878155

File: 1707137654755.png (452.04 KB, 720x798, tsundere_waifu.png)

His antics were sometimes funny, ngl.(stop encouraging moids)

No. 1878272

File: 1707148295657.png (387.98 KB, 640x480, 1705735921271536.png)

I know this is something stupid to be mad about, but i fucking hate with all my soul how meme "culture" is so important on internet or in general. I mean, i am not a antimeme/humor/whatever, is just so annoying to me.

No. 1878275

same i’m tired of my twitter feed being full of unfunny memes. especially the epstein memes it’s such low hanging fruit

No. 1878300

ifunny is the absolute worse. If you go on featured for 30 seconds you'll see anime cp or crusty moids a-logging about "whores" (regular women) in the comments of every post

No. 1878306

The original one probably left and now a TiF who got her post history revealed is imitating him for "gender euphoria". She admitted to it on a 4chan board.

No. 1878307

I first watched a vid about men threatening to kill themsleves a while back when Replika limited the explicitness of their sex chat for a bit. Still kinda check in on those communities from time to time just for the wtf factor of how they brought that back, added on a bunch of sexual shit with body tweaks and sex costumes and its just non stop daily male suicide threats either way.

Women using it
> oh he/she said something a lil off, ha that's weird but lemme just redirect the conversation. Might share a ss of this funny thing they said though, for laughs. What a cute lil misunderstanding.
> I'm gonna kill myself if you guys don't fix this and make it stop saying this one thing. I shouldn't have to deal with this. There will be blood on the developers hands if they don't fix..

When you have a perma lingerie wearing, fucking kitten eared submissive porn bodied thing on a screen that does pretty much nothing other than agree with you and you're still driven to suicide bait.

No. 1878313

nonna pls share

No. 1878317

>when you mention that then you will be also able to have a sex bot of your own that will be a hot guy.
Or they're going to ultracope by saying akschually male ones won't be made because they say so kek.

No. 1878321

Or they'll gigacope and say that "um ackshually women have no use for sexbots because they require validation!!!"

No. 1878329

File: 1707153195955.gif (568.35 KB, 497x280, Moidragelol.gif)

Yeah the site attracts the most annoying people on the planet. I recall seeing a video comp some retard made of women soccer players being mean to eachother but then putting a comp of male soccer players being nice to eachother which….lol. It got taken down fast but I really hope no one actually believes that bullshit. I hate when moids try and act like they're all actually friends when they constantly bully and kill eachother over the most retarded shit. All I could think of while watching it was this iconic gif KEK

No. 1878345

God yes that too. Meanwhile, scrotes on reddit already start whining because their gfs replace their boring, emotionally unavailable asses with chatbot husbandos and fanfiction kekk. Like here

No. 1878349

I remember it being filled with actual nazis, ifunny.brazil has more white supremacicsts then /pol/ at this point.

No. 1878370

oh they most definitely do. Moids will constantly say "women are each other's worst enemy" or some shit and then turn around and say the most blatantly misogynist sperg ever

No. 1878403

I hate when men whine about being lonely. They're not lonely. They just don't have a woman to have sex with. They make all these friends online or offline and then don't bother to maintain nor deepen those friendships to a degree that would sufficiently reduce their so-called feeling of loneliness. Whatever happened to developing a community of friends? Are most men simply that inept or scared of getting close to other men? It's not a woman's job to facilitate these loser's lack of social skills. It's pathetic.

No. 1878447

And even when they do have a girlfriend who makes them feel less lonely, they take her for granted until she gets fed up and leaves, only to go back to crying about being lonely again. Men are pathetic.

No. 1878473

When men have female characters/women as their pfps, it’s not as bad the other way around but it always gives off tranny vibes to me. Scrotes with Asian women pfps especially are vile as fuck.

No. 1878498

The average scrote bawwing about being lonely would combust if he felt a fraction of the loneliness the average weird girl experiences

No. 1878576

Why is it that men only know how to respond with violence? If they hate women so much, they need to just fuck each other. I'm gonna start calling sexist men faggots and gay irl. It's the only explination

No. 1878580

Newfags should be banned for extended periods for responding to bait. It's all so tiresome.

No. 1878665

I hate seeing "dogpiled" misspelled as "dogpilled", those words mean very different things

No. 1879086

File: 1707202132778.jpg (397.08 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240206_065016_Gal…)

Police. They told me this probably isn't an explicit enough Threat of revenge porn from my ex so I guess I'll just now live with the fear of it. Fucking hate him fucking hate police and stupid nitpicking laws(wrong thread)

No. 1879088

i dont really think anyone is going to want the phone if its as is. And if they open it and see that its unerased then they'll most likely reach out to him and ask him to come delete everything, or just reset the phone themselves

No. 1879090

He's getting off on the attention and your fear. Block him and go NC. Scrotes will do anything to get a rise out of you. In the future, don't send nudes or explicit photos to anyone on any platform including SMS. Sending nudes isn't worth it in the internet age when everything can be saved forever.
Second this. Why would he sell a phone with all of his information stored on it without wiping it first?

No. 1879094

I do realise the unlikely nature of it and he's more than likely just trying to intimidate me but I honestly would have thought that was him confirming what I knew he implied. And always something he's going to hold over me. For that I really think it should be enough to charge.

No. 1879096

True enough but was with him for 7 years and these weren't even sent. Just things from my own phone he got hold off recently by getting into my icloud. I suppose I never assume someone you can spend so much of your life with would want to ruin your life as much as they can instead of moving on amicably

No. 1879098

I dont understand how the nature of permanence isnt enough to get people off of the internet. Nothing in life is permanent. Holding onto evidence and screenshots of people you know doing anything you deem mildly cancellable is so psychotic and I'll never be able to comprehend how its become so normal for people to do this to each other

No. 1879099

Yeah, I agree with you. Still, block him on everything and go no-contact. It's the best course of action. Even if he says things to upset you, just save them for an eventual police-report as proof of continued harassment. Don't respond to him, pick up his calls, or contact him ever again. If he keeps trying to contact you change your phone number.
I empathize with your struggle. It doesn't matter how long you've been with him, he's obviously psychotic and abusive. Initiate no-contact. Don't store nude photographs of yourself on your phone/iCloud, if you take those kinds of photos and want to store them you can do so with an external hard drive or USB stick that can't be accessed by anyone besides yourself. Change all your passwords. It's good internet-safety practice to get into the habit of changing all of your passwords once every 4-6 months.

No. 1879121

I appreciated the word the famhands have done, but this 120 second long cooldown is such an Idiotic thing, like what purpose does it serve other then making /m/ and /snow/ far harder to use if you want to post comics or screenshots.

No. 1879122

I actually like it. I have a bad habit of posting multiple posts in a row because I reply too quickly and then have more to reply to other posts. The 120 second cooldown is making me add all my replies into one post instead of posting multiple and going “sorry for same fag” or something.

No. 1879124

I HATEEEEEEE PEOPLE THAT STILL SNEEZE INTO THEIR HANDS IT'S 2024 YOU FUCKING ANIMAL SNEEZE INTO YOUR ELBOW even if you wash your hands or use sanitizer immediately after it's fucking DISGUSTING like wtf(integrate)

No. 1879125

I recently went on a date with a scrote from OLD and when it didn’t work out he starts crying and bawwwing about his loneliness. This motherfucker has an enormous extended group of friends. They all go camping, travelling, kayaking together, they all have regular house parties. I have NOTHING. My only friend is my mum and my brother and it’s been that way since I was a little kid. And they don’t even live near me anymore! I fucking hate men. They’re so pathetic.

No. 1879129

I guess it could be implemented on /ot/ but again on /m/ and /snow/, it's a massive on hinderance.

No. 1879130

Im not sneezing into my elbow. Get fucked.(absolutely retarded infighting)

No. 1879133

Nasty ass

No. 1879136

Sneeze into your shirt.

Sneeze into your fucking shirt.(infighting)

No. 1879137

I’ll sneeze wherever and however the fuck I like. Don’t tell me what to do.(absolutely retarded pointless infighting)

No. 1879138

I feel like the sneezey particles could still travel through your shirt but still more preferable to me than just doing it into your hands like a homeless person

No. 1879139

It stunts casual conservations here, like what If I just to discuss some song with another nonna but this "cooldown" period makes it much harder.

No. 1879145

I keep waiting and then getting off the site entirely

No. 1879146

Wipe your ass with toilet paper and shower with soap. BOO!! Smelly bitch

No. 1879147

It's two minutes. What absolute bullshit, this isn't a group chat. I like it because some of you are less likely to be rapid-fire annoying.

No. 1879179

I'm going to sneeze on your face. Get fucked.(absolutely retarded pointless infighting)

No. 1879185

I hate when people abbreviate "et cetera" is "ect" and not "etc." Patheticus est.

No. 1879194

Take me out for a drink first at least.

No. 1879197

So because I don’t want to sneeze all over my tits and clothing, and want to sneeze into my hand and then wash them instead, that means I have smelly clothes and don’t wipe my ass? What an insane projection. I bet your ass is absolutely caked in shite and your clothes smell like 6 month old mildew and piss. If I sneezed on you it would be akin to being spritzed with a bottle of disinfectant. That’s how filthy you are compared to me.

No. 1879199

ok that's all fine but just so you know literally every decent person you've ever sneezed around thinks you are trashy and not very intelligent. it's a fact.

No. 1879202

Why is it so hard to use your elbow jesus christ

No. 1879204

98% of the population sneezes into their hands also. It’s only a problem for shit-caked goblins like you who don’t wash their hands.

No. 1879207

>98% of the population sneezes into their hands also
Nta but no they don't, at least not where I live.

No. 1879209

imagine being both this lazy and this pissy? sucks to suck

No. 1879214

You sound like you're kinda retarded sorry

No. 1879225

>miss Japan controversy that she ‘cheated’ and moids talking about how she’s ‘tainted’
>actually had an affair with a married man
ok who cares

No. 1879296

The term "homewrecker" and how relationships fall apart solely and only because of her. Being cheated on is shit but when it's framed as "oh that dastardly homewrecker how dare she seduce my poor and very faithful husband/boyfriend away from me—that damned she-devil!", I'm like: lol, is your husband/boyfriend a fucking child who doesn't know how to make his own decisions? Nine times out of ten he mostly consented to that cheating behind your back, taking absolutely no accounts to your feelings and vows both of you told each other.

Don't blame le evil homewrecker and realize that your precious husband/boyfriend never cared for you in the first place. Istg the homewrecker word is just used to coddle cheating grown-ass men who oh so definitely had no idea with what they were doing and pitting women with each other.

No. 1879303

it's because many women would rather let a moid completely destroy their life and suffer his bullshit over and over again than admit he's done something wrong.

No. 1879326

I think the real controversy should be that a woman with bad lip fillers and an obvious nose job won the title kek

No. 1879328

I agree with you, but so-called homewreckers are often shitty people that know damn well what they're doing. Doesn't make them guiltier anyways. My mom's first mother-in-law and… aunt-in-law? physically attacked "another woman" and while I don't pity that cunt at all I always thought it was mom's first husband who deserved to get beaten up. Everyone always tolerated his shenanigans in that family. Men have it so fucking easy.

No. 1879344

I’m never sneezing into my elbow as long as I live, fuck y’all.

No. 1879374

Jannies confirmed as hand sneezers, why the fuck didn't >>1879130 get banned? Of course nasty retards are running the place.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1879386

I dont know i am conflicted on this issue because people blaming homewreckers is very stupid but at the same time if men started throwing themselves at partenered women at the same rate that women do then there would be more women cheating.
Men are trash but they are less likely to be homewreckers, that's their only good quality, there are some cases of men homewrecking their best friends relationship but they are still not as common as women who destroy their friendships for dick.
I feel like outside of the internet, in real life there is no alliance between women or being a "girls girl".
Most homewreckers are pickmes and homewreck relationships because they hate women, thats why homewreckers always lose insterst in men when they finally homewreck their relatioship.

Also at the people saying women dont owe you loyalty and that you should only blame the man in that situation. Like NO fuck both the homewrecker and the man.

No. 1879418

Same. it's obvious so many people grew up here without mothers, like damn. Nasty ass bitches.

No. 1879422

I don't get it. What kind of man will consent to cheating with another woman knowing it will hurt his partner's feelings? His two choices are either to shoo her off and tell her that he already has a partner or let his dick do the thinking and betray his partner's trust. That was his decision to make—his decision to betray his partner and their promises.

Also, I doubt the "guys don't homewreck" thing. There are some who find it appealing to take someone else's girl because it makes them "alpha". There are literal songs and porn dedicated to it.

No. 1879731

I hate to break it to you, but as a married woman I have had to end many friendships with men because they attempt to try to get me to cheat on my husband. Randomly texting me that they want to have sex with me, some bold enough to send me videos of themselves jerking off unprompted, even had multiple tell me that they’d be much better for me than my husband is. Men attempt to homewreck at an alarming rate

No. 1879791

My experience with it wasn't how you expect to feel. I didn't find out about the affair till he had decided to leave me and make the two of them official instead. Hid his shittiness so well up to that point. Me and him still had to live together for a while before we could cut all ties because crappy circumstances and everything being entangled. So I'm floored by an affair and then trying to play civil till we're fully able to gfto

It became obvious to me that during my awkward can't wait to gtfo phase.. she was worried sick he'd change his mind and either we'd get back together (no) or that we'd still be sleeping together every chance we got? Again no, she was clinging to a guaranteed shitshow with him if that's how things were starting out. Weird mix of feelings where I couldn't even do the whole typical demonising of her. Kinda a headfuck to almost feel bad for her and then remind myself how we all got in that weird position in the first place. The tables had turned and she was the one worried I'd sleep with/'steal' him back. Madness. I couldn't hate her. Didn't know how to feel apart from thinking he wasn't worth any woman worrying herself sick over him

No. 1879882

Moid this, moid that. That word is really starting to grind my gears.

No. 1880135

I hate sephora parents so much. I can't believe there's a real epidemic of mothers taking their 10 and 11 year old daughters to sephora. It really makes me sick to my stomach because it feels like these mothers don't give a shit about the image they are giving to the world. Introducing their kids to makeup at a young age is opening up so much evil. I'm just exhausted. Women go through enough. I can't imagine growing up as a little girl in this day and age

No. 1880175

I think women should be held accountable for when they uphold misogyny when they have the choice not to. The ones who abuse women and girls by bullying them for not conforming to male standards, while coddling and enabling men. If first world women collectively stopped breeding with men, stopped talking to them outside of necessary situations, stopped helping them, stopped letting them depend on them emotionally, stopped having sex with them, we would see women getting actual fair treatment in our lifetime. My unpopular opinion is that women (straight women in particular) genuinely have the power to end institutional misogyny but would rather abuse girls and other women and slobber over moids because they genuinely have no morals. I think women who perpetuate misogyny and enable abusive males are as evil as men if not worse. Women have a responsibilty to act in the best interest of themselves and other women. Birth rates are falling in many first world countries (Japan and Korea come to mind) but it's not enough. You cannot be a feminist and devote time to emotionally caring for, cleaning up after, and supporting a male. There are no exceptions, your chimp is the exact same as all the others. Dump him and get a job.

No. 1880177

Weird posts blaming women for all sorts of shit up but not limited to patriarchy.

No. 1880189

I don't disagree with some of your points, but you're wrong that it'd lead to "fair treatment in our lifetime." That's not how ingrained cultural misogyny works. Moreover, the crux of the matter is that women and girls need to be taught to center themselves first and start building real solidarity and communities. Speaking as someone who has never liked a real man - no, I'm not based, I just have autism and prefer women - nor catered to one…even I know that blaming how women are treated on women is just gonna alienate massive amounts of women, and is said not out of pragmaticism, but from a place of ego, a controlling attitude, and just world fallacy. Also, you exclude women in non third world countries because even you know that your logic starts falling apart in regards to tens of millions of women kek. It also is classical misogyny to insinuate that women that associate with men at all are as, or more accountable for men abusing women than anything else. You can criticize women that center men without barfing up mindless redpill adjacent talking points.

No. 1880196

It's technically true that if all women en masse refused to give birth to males, that would be the end of it. It's the simplest solution. But I also realise that's way too idealistic and will never work in reality so we have to use sub-optimal strategies.

No. 1880259

Exactly, just another way to avoid holding men accountable, and blame women for all the ills of the world.

No. 1880483

Because that’s retarded. I’m not getting snot on my fucking clothes.

No. 1880487

But getting snot on your hands is somehow not retarded?

No. 1880565

NTA but I just wanted to say your post was well-written. I love coming back to this site and seeing thoughtful commentary.

No. 1880675

This is why men, at least in Anglo countries, are expected to keep a stiff upper lip. If they're crying anywhere outside of a hospital or funeral, it's probably some embarrassing manipulative shit. And they know it, too. That's why they always project and accuse women of "manipulation" after they harass women to tears.

No. 1880836

The phrase "it's giving cunty". It's just so unnecessarily vulgar and crass. Then again, most twitter slang is.

No. 1881004

File: 1707342818689.jpeg (112.01 KB, 1179x1019, 2ECA0FA8-AF0F-4484-900C-C78F1F…)

White male asian female couplings

No. 1881021

It's always so obvious that for every halfway decent dude in those relationships there's dozens of others who are disgusting porn rotted dregs of society and are unfathomably racist. I feel so bad for any woman who has the misfortune to date such creatures.

No. 1881052

I hate that one of my online hobbies is 95% moids who fall into one or more of the following categories:
>terminally online
>porn brainrot so severe they're detached from reality
>act like they're god's gift to the hobby
>no reading comprehension
>only interested in themselves
>clingy and possessive
>has no life outside of internet coom
Also hate that I probably just described several online spaces other than the one I'm complaining about.

No. 1881122

Enjoy a compilation of other scrotes melting the fuck down. Sorry that the compiler is another dude.

No. 1881223

The word ‘uncomfy’, it just sounds so infantile.

No. 1881234

Same honestly. After being with video game/anime/esoteric movies moids I’m so over it. Next guy I go for will only play FIFA and think Shin Megami Tensei is a brand of ramen.

No. 1881248

The fandomization of the war in Gaza is going to be studied in 20 years, I promise. Instead of helpful tweets about how to donate e-sims and email representatives, I’m seeing fanart of Garfield holding the Palestinian flag and discourse yelling at 14 year olds for not wanting to see gore being selfish. This is exhausting, and I’m ethnically Palestinian with family in Gaza. The second one is way worse, because how the fuck do you think spamming minors with dead children and calling them selfish for not wanting to see it is gonna help Gaza? Retarded shit, I hate this fandom behavior for a real life war

No. 1881249

>you're wrong that it'd lead to "fair treatment in our lifetime."
Maybe this is better for unpopular opinions, but I think great progress would be made even if it wasn't perfect. Males would have their hamds tied because so few women are breeding/women are aborting males/going on sex strike, basically. It's never been tried but I think it would be very effective.
>Moreover, the crux of the matter is that women and girls need to be taught to center themselves first and start building real solidarity and communities.
If women did not interact with males outside of the bare minimum for work or school they would be centering themselves. Taking care of men and taking care of women are antithetical to each other. Basically I agree, and this is a major method I propose. It's easy and sounds good to vaguely say women should center themselves and build communities but it's harder to give real examples of what that looks like.
>blaming how women are treated on women is just gonna alienate massive amounts of women
Holding women accountable for upholding misogyny when they can choose not to isn't blaming them. I don't think male behavior is women's fault at all, even the most rehensible enablers would be harmless without a dangerous chimp to enable.
>Also, you exclude women in non third world countries because even you know that your logic starts falling apart in regards to tens of millions of women kek.
I specify women who can choose not to enable men. Of course this doesn't apply to women who are slaves in third world countries. The logic doesn't "fall apart." Women in first world countries have the ability to make better decisions for themselves and they should. It's like me saying you should drink 50oz of water a day and someone saying my logic "falls apart" because some people don't have access to clean water.
>It also is classical misogyny to insinuate that women that associate with men at all are as, or more accountable for men abusing women than anything else. You can criticize women that center men without barfing up mindless redpill adjacent talking points.
I think some women will always claim it's sexist to criticize them for centering men because it asks them to take accountability as well. Again, it doesn't matter if women aren't as bad as men, they shouldn't be enabling them at all. Nothing about anything I said is redpill at all, be real.

No. 1881274

Thank you. And so does comfy. Fucking grow up

No. 1881497

Same with "tummy" and "ick".

No. 1881867

I hate how nowadays so many people only have around 10 or so pictures on their ig feed, sometimes even less than that. It's silly to me, there are lots of accounts essentially empty, it's boring.

No. 1882032

File: 1707431506875.jpeg (489.8 KB, 640x814, 6F37BBD2-8AC5-464F-BA68-459CB2…)

Nicki Minaj is 40 but I guess celebricowfags (gay moids) think it’s hilarious to call her