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File: 1686414068723.png (119.66 KB, 459x587, snoo.png)

No. 1602910

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Previous thread

No. 1602913

File: 1686414368293.png (22.01 KB, 729x457, gross.png)

It's amazing how she makes a post about her moid making her uncomfortable, then gets defensive over the same moid in her replies. girl get out of there.

No. 1602915

Sounds like ragebait/written by a pedo moid who just wanted to see women "be jealous of teen girls who get more attention" since pedo moids usually think all men are like them and attracted more towards kids.

No. 1602972

Or just a really dense pick me. Because in the comments, she continues that she is still set to marry this moid and believes that teen girls are more desirable so she won’t dump him “over a joke”. If she has a daughter, that kid is in danger. If she has a boy, she’ll be that typical boymom raising an entitled scrote.

No. 1603233

File: 1686438332571.jpeg (315.84 KB, 945x2582, IMG_5874.jpeg)

why are males’ responses always gotta be sexual? it’s so tiring

No. 1603292

Genuinely the most retarded and unfunny people alive

No. 1603386

so for her, according to the comments, it's about youthful beauty, not the fact that he was insinuating that he would be tempted by underage girls. what a dumb naive bitch. she sees it as a slight to her age and appearance when it's a red flag of how he views minors.

No. 1603506

The comments saying she should talk about it with him are annoying me, because…what will communication fix? He literally told her what's up, and they're just teaching her how to cope, play dumb and waste her own time.
>B-But it's edgy humor!!!
Does he joke about being gay and letting random men fuck him in the ass? Wearing diapers? Being inbred? These are all taboo topics, but he probably avoids those. Why that, but not this? Occam's razor. I swear the women on Reddit are crabs in a bucket.

No. 1603553

It's literally fake. If it was a real woman, she'd alert the mother that her son is planning on raping the girls. Also you can't host those kids unless your house fits the standards and no way would they allow a woman who doesn't have enough places for the people to sleep in her house host two teen girls. They also don't allow families like that with adult male children to host female students afaik.

No. 1603585

>It's literally fake. If it was a real woman, she'd alert the mother that her son is planning on raping the girls.

I wish this were true. I know many women so deeply insecure and obsessed with moid attention that they decide to "compete" with little girls instead.

I put compete under quotation marks because young girls aren't really competing and are victims of predator moids but deranged pickmes see it as competition.

No. 1604691

I ask myself, why do you still browse that pedo-tranny-groomer central? There are better alternatives, even covering niche topics. I bet you got lured in by the member count, hoping for a good discussion, but these numbers are fake. I don't know what % is bots, but it exceeds 60% for sure. For example, no fucking way you'd get only 123 people online from a 21.8K member count or only 322 people online from 556K followers (VNs are very niche).

My example are these sub:

No. 1604701

You would be shocked at what goes on that "isn't allowed"

No. 1604717

I don’t want to include the photo even spoilered it still feels just unnecessary to spread (yes I know this is an imageboard but I’m not gonna include the link either) but I came across a post made by one of those “shock” subreddits of a photograph of a very young victim of FGM who’d gotten pregnant. She was given Type III FGM, and died when the baby started coming because obviously she was incapable of giving birth to the baby. I just don’t fucking understand what makes someone wants to look at and share photographs like that? Like there’s a difference between sharing knowledge for the purpose of learning, but just gawking at this poor little girl who died a horrendous death and spreading photographs of her corpse makes me want to scream cry I don’t care if that makes me sound ragey or whiny just fucking why

No. 1604739

File: 1686594573353.jpg (35.37 KB, 474x610, OIP.jpg)

Sorry you had to see that nona ♥

No. 1605415

Opinions on the API changes and subreddit "blackouts"?

No. 1605425

It's going to result in nothing.
Reminds me of how Twitterfags impotently protested and proclaimed they are leaving the platform recently and nothing came of that either

Reddit and Twitter have much more power over their users than the users have over the platforms. The platforms know it.

No. 1605487

some people are just rotten. Sorry you had to see that

No. 1605495

I googled the different types not image search jfc, but WHO sites etc and holy fuck men are scum.

No. 1605549

This will never happen, but imagine the shitstorm if both Reddit and Twitter shut down.

No. 1605607

What’s going on with leddit I’m totally in the dark

No. 1605644

Redditors trying to feel like they're taking part in something important. Reddit would charge fees for third-party apps to make data requests, so the most popular reddit viewer apps are shutting down.
This is such an important issue that half the site has gone private in protest.

No. 1605649

If she checked his browser history there is a 100% chance he recently watched something like "teen girl seduces friends dad" or equally disgusting crap about teenage girls. Men tell on themselves all the time. He thinks it will be just like in his purrnos and the teenage girls will totally try to have sex with a fat middle aged low t soyboy redditor and his wife must be so proud of him for rejecting this because he has been jerking off to the thought for weeks now and will probably jerk off on that couch while the girls and the mom are sleeping nearby.

No. 1605684

I mean, you see girlfriends of sex offenders coping about how sad they are that their boyfriend has to go to jail lol some women have no capacity or care to recognize red flags. Some of them are fine to be a doormat and they might not even know some things a guy says are that bad because it’s being normalized everywhere that men are allowed to be vile and evil.

No. 1605758

This is triggering AF because I'm a dependent doormat in relationships and this is the exact kind of thing I'd jump through hoops to cope. Good lord, sometimes if there was no feasible way to justify it I'd just tell myself to forget about it. Reddit is horrible in aiding the gaslighting of insecure, low self esteem women. I think 2 X Chromosomes is generally lighly hateful towards men though. Also kek at the subreddit name, they'd never get away with it now. I did see a pro trans sticky, they must have had a lot of "what about men" complaints.

No. 1605782

File: 1686685155269.jpg (149.13 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230613_223804_Chr…)

It's actually people (a lot of them mods) being mad about the API increase and with that killing 3rd party apps, because a lot of mods use the 3rd party apps to mod their subreddits and the official app is useless and awful, they (the reddit official app) aren't giving mods the tools they need, the increase is huge and they gave the developers of 3rd party apps only a month to decide what they are doing - pay millions of dollars on a monthly basis or disappearing from the market. There was some slander (from reddit) or something like that against the developer of Apollo or some app like this - reddit claimed the developer was threatening them, wich was just a misunderstanding, which they confirmed - this guy is from Canada so he legally could and did record every single conversation. Reddit claims they want to work with the developers of the 3rd party apps say they haven't been answered at all, it's a shit show. There was a AMA with u/spez who is the ceo and he answered only a few answers and they were copy/pasted kek
Oh and they aren't going to show nsfw on 3rd party apps, I'm pretty sure that got a lot of people mad too kek and not official apps don't have adds, but reddit wants to show you adds so I'm sure this is a big motivation for reddit - I'm sure there are other reasons too, but i think those are the biggest ones, so mods from a lot of subreddits are putting their subreddits on private, some for two days, some indefinitely to protest the changes

Link and screenshot from the lifesrtream

No. 1605835

How long are these 'strikes' gonna last?

No. 1605857

nta but ty nona!

No. 1605907

I think the biggest part is the ads. If you have someone else making a better version of your app for free that isn’t running your ads, of course you’re gonna try to shut that shit down.

No. 1605936

The Reddit "Blackout" is only meant to last 2 days. Redditors will pat themselves on the back and everything will be business as usual.

No. 1605938

File: 1686699655639.png (19.25 KB, 691x460, ew.PNG)

the state of men.

No. 1605940

How does that even make sense though? How would having sex make your labia longer or bigger? Unless a guy was constantly sucking and pulling super hard on your labia to make it inflamed, I don’t see how having sex would make it bigger kek. Like do these retards even think about it for a few seconds?

No. 1605963

Why does she want to educate him so badly like just dump him so he can be alone and kermit by 50 kek but I do question if boys learn sex ed about girls at all or they all just collectively choose to forget it? When I was a kid, the girls and boys had to go in separate rooms for sex ed and they taught us how boys bodies work too

No. 1605968

They genuinely believe the friction stretches it out or something idk

No. 1605989

Why is female anatomy so misunderstood compared to male anatomy? Is it because of the sex ed separation thing?

No. 1605993

File: 1686704912084.png (41.58 KB, 800x605, Screenshot_20230614-030747.png)


No. 1605995

sexism and brainrot

No. 1606001

It's like how in a lot of old art men who had no experience with women painted women with weird innacurate bodies.
Women couldn't be scientists or anything for most of history, it was men making guesses. There's so much study on their piss rods because it's attached to their own bodies.

No. 1606002

lmfao love to see it when they taste their own poison.

No. 1606006

So she stayed with him through his porn addiction and literally following porn stars, but he can't take some fake AI chat?

No. 1606007

Lmao then by all accounts she should have left him when she found out he was cheating on her by fantasizing it to real porn actresses instead of fake text on a screen made by a robot.

Reminds me of my BPD ex who threw a mantrum and destroyed my clit vibrator to call it "cheating" meanwhile before I caught him jerking it in the bathroom to fucking porn.
They CANNOT handle it. They never want a taste of the fucking rejection they make others feel.

No. 1606030

>fucking cheating on me with Markiplier
this based ass bitch is responsible for one of the funnier sentences I've seen on this website

No. 1606036

porn makers/defenders, including women, all say that "teen" refers to someone's "body type" and doesn't actually mean a teenager
fucking disgusting cope

No. 1606038

kek wow can people really not live without constantly fucking around on their phones? do your job and get exercise and look at reddit on your computer when you get home.

No. 1606100

Artfag here, that's… not correct, lol.

No. 1606118

Pretty funny, but also shitty of her to do. It's definitely emotional cheating, but also men do much worse to women all the time and see nothing wrong with it ever.

No. 1606120

Pretty funny, but also shitty of her to do. It's definitely emotional cheating, but also men do much worse to women all the time and see nothing wrong with it ever.

No. 1606225

File: 1686726317086.jpeg (100.12 KB, 828x933, 59DD207D-7FFF-4309-9C6B-6A0E72…)

“erm……..we are NOT going to stop blowing elementary schoolers heads off until there is a miserable trafficked woman for me to readily fuck and abuse on every street corner”

No. 1606227

File: 1686726444112.jpeg (97.2 KB, 722x896, 901F0D2F-26BA-4777-9170-20676F…)

No. 1606231

File: 1686727835920.png (294.84 KB, 1079x3363, Screenshots_2023-06-14-00-30-1…)

Then everyone clapped.

No. 1606232

Emotionally cheating with whom? A robot? Lmao

No. 1606253

>This is grounds for automatic termination. But
Every time.

No. 1606254

Why are women such doormats jfc

No. 1606265

>If I can't rape women I'm going to shoot up a school
Scrotes aren't human.

No. 1606266

That's what gets me so mad about the vent thread and whatnot. The nonas here let their moids nigels do shit like this to them and they don't do shit to change it kek. I feel bad for them but also happy at the same time.

No. 1606272

Im glad there's at least studies into it. I think when a public crime like a mass shooting happens the public is entitled to know motive and background of shooters. The public should be allowed to know of any information that could help them make a decision later on that could potentially save them.

There is a clear societal and psychological issue happening. It cannot be coincidences that so many angry man take up arms and commit domestic terrorist acts. That's what they are. They're fucking terrorists. They are never some good guy or hero fighting injustice, they are sad pathetic individuals with massive chips on their shoulders.

No. 1606279

They're ultimately terrorist seething that we should negotiate with them and submit to their demands or face the consequences.

No. 1606304

There are so many infuriating things about this shit but leaving aside the obvious (that they want a subclass of women who exist to absorb male violence and depravity for everyone else's benefit), do these retards really think a fucking MASS MURDERER cares about the legality of prostitution, and that's the only thing stopping them paying for sex? They go on about it being the ~worlds oldest profession~ (it's not) but somehow don't realize that the availability of hookers does not, and has never, stopped men from being violent and entitled.

These posters only have themselves in mind - they wish they could buy sex freely and without concern for legality or stigma, and the threat of shooters is a convenient way to pressure women into it.

No. 1606325

100% what they are. Will forever be ironic the US prided itself on being the global police to fight terrorism when their home states have so many domestic terrorists active and committing atrocities but it's not reported like that. Why doesn't another country take it upon itself to liberate America from its failing government?

No let's just pretend it's all isolated fringe incidents that follow no pattern or motives

No. 1606327

There are so many illegal brothels in so many towns across the world. If you can get drugs on the blackmarket you can get sex for money. The issue with this is men that feel entitled to sex to the point they'll murder for it will not feel justified in paying for it either. In their warped minds a man is deserving of a woman he picks by his side. If he doesn't have that he doesn't have status. That's literally it. They could give a fuck about access it's about domineering.

No. 1606354

Hate to agree with the people protesting, but Reddit is barely usable on desktop (or their official app for that matter). Third party apps were often the only reliable option to comment, watch videos or just getting images to properly load. The site is just a fucking joke as it's been like this for ages. I don't really get why it hasn't been abadonded already.

No. 1606389

Scrotes who can't get laid assume that they're "meant" to have sex when in reality thousands of years ago they would have their head bashed in by stronger more desirable males.

No. 1606430

Obviously not every single fucking artist you pedantic shit.

No. 1606517

I’m sure most of the incel mass shooters got hookers/prostitutes at some point. How would that fix anything? It only reinforces their view that women are whores can be bought or whatever. Sex doesn’t fucking heal mental illness, this entire argument is retarded as fuck and I don’t know why everyone goes along with it as if it would be positive in any way and not just a way for psycho men to get to abuse women because “no sex make me angry” and now your family is at risk of getting their head blown off while they run errands. Aw if only that boy got laid he wouldn’t have murdered all those children and shot himself! Like what?

No. 1606622

apparenly only 8300 subreddits (out of 140,000+) have gone private during the blackout. megakek.

No. 1606709

File: 1686774897590.jpeg (90.99 KB, 1242x913, 21B22393-F9EA-40DB-A7F3-90407B…)

From a thread about third party apps being kill.
Of course this moid and many others in his replies would do anything to not spend time with his own children. And of course it's always the mother who has to take care of them. Useless rotten cum dispenser moids, just think about the poor woman who had sex with him and he would rather mindlessly scroll plebbit instead of caring about what he took part in creating.
I don't think reddit is doubling down on this decision and I don't think the protests would do anything to make the users leave, reddit is nice for reading people's personal experiences with some niche things and it probably will stay that way due to there being no viable alternatives for exactly that (most forums are dead/overmoderated (not saying plebbit isn't, but it's one of the reasons why forums die)/in different languages/difficult to register/etc)

No. 1606719

Super pointless and annoying, I was trying to look up travel advice and it was locked so I couldn’t even browse any discussions. Now it’s open today, most forums were only down for barely 2 days kek that’ll show em!

No. 1606761

ayrt i use reddit on a computer and all those things you mentioned work fine
granted i'm only subbed to meme pages and flork of cows so don't see too many videos

No. 1606763

idgi because there are many ugly, lonely, unfuckable women who are involuntarily celibate. or even just lesbians. i didn't have sex til age 21 because i never met another lesbian. it's possible to be a woman who can't even find a random gross man to have sex with if you don't live in a major city. how come none of these women need porn and hookers and to abuse women? why can't male incels just be normal like femal incels

No. 1606768

kek a bunch of the protesting subs have been closed/set to private permanently because the mods need their mass-banning, autobanning, and stalking tools soooo badly.

No. 1606825

Are you stupid or is this bait? Mods can be ass but especially in the biggest subs they make sure people don't post gore or worse. Kinda like here.
Also earlier measures have already stopped the automatic archival of threads meaning that it's harder to get the deets on degens and those that reddit mods themselves try to hide.

No. 1606946

I feel like men who believe this either never been with enough women or just want to pedal this myth to scare women or instill some weird shame in women with long labias even if they're virgins.

No. 1607019

It’s a way to shame women for not having conventionally sexy features according to pedophilic fake porn standards, they probably know it’s not really from being with multiple partners but say it as an excuse to vocalize dislike since they see women as objects to paste the most desirable features onto and if you don’t have them then you’re not good enough as a sexual object to them. Same guys probably called FDS offensive and misandrist for posting small dick joke tweets. It’s weird because the equivalent would be girls complaining about ballsack size/skin or something but women don’t care enough to pick apart every singular aspect of male genitalia just to make them feel bad.

No. 1607023

These comments look like something I'd read on 4chan. Insane.

No. 1607395

at peak hook up culture, women supporting men financially and ugly men being fetishized, they still haven't managed to find sex? I can literally go on tinder and catfish as an ugly broke man and within the next day or so I can find at least 1 woman willing to hook up me. If they're unable to find sex at this point it's either because they literally expect women to show up at their door step or they have a disgusting personality and need to stop trying to neg women into being more desperate

No. 1607397

def. I feel like most moids have had a MILF stage at least once and can obviously see how women with children can have innies. They are just playing dumb at this point

No. 1607445

The fat autist who shot up several people in England could have gone to a prostitute. He even said in his reddit ramblings that he wanted a girlfriend, because a girlfriend would want to cook and clean for him. They desperately want to parade around a Stacy they have pressured into being a house slave.

No. 1607471

>I can find at least 1 woman willing to hook up me
Is this a double typo or are you a moid

No. 1607550

File: 1686814240542.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x6466, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 1607555

File: 1686814494528.png (416.61 KB, 828x821, IMG_2852.png)

its a bit more annoying when the mods powertrip and makes the subreddit go dark indefinitely. i go to a city's subreddit every once in a while to see if there's anything that will affect me personally but the trannies in charge have made it private and direct users to their discord instead. talk about taking your ball and going home. whatever, someone will make r/city_subreddit2 eventually.

No. 1607559

>I can literally go on tinder and catfish as an ugly broke man
read the whole phrase nonna

No. 1607623

I was saying if in the position as if I posed as a moid on tinder

No. 1607663

File: 1686825649032.jpeg (80.34 KB, 1284x618, IMG_0190.jpeg)

On a post on r/tinder about a woman wanting a man taller than 5’11 (among other ‘demands’)
Why are men so fucking insane? Jesus Christ.

No. 1607667

how dare women have any semblance of standard kek

No. 1607670

meanwhile when men have insane standards for weight, it's a pReFrEnCE

No. 1607672

not to defend men but there are plenty of fat activists calling "anti-fat preference" genocidal nazi racism too kek

No. 1607673

Isn't their first complaint always how easy it is for women to get simps? Make it make sense

No. 1607684

oh no, i wouldn't be r*ped by a member of my family, how terrible(learn2integrate... don't censor shit like r*ped )

No. 1607751

File: 1686834104261.jpg (92.77 KB, 1201x882, Untitled.jpg)


>ugly tattoo

>dudes in the thread gleefully jump at the chance to screech about how much (white) women suck
>tattoo owner is shown to be black

No. 1607806

File: 1686838715576.jpeg (35.97 KB, 740x416, 1F791BC2-BE00-422E-91B4-BAC293…)

I could stomach about 5 mins of scrolling through this and 99% of the answers were “high body count” (which, how would moids even know unless the woman told them?), “feminism” (no I’m not kidding, a lot of the comments just said feminism), “whales” (predictable) and “knowing they’re a 10/10” (aka, feeling confident). Also something I noticed, there were no women in the comments acting pissy and replying to every comment with vitriol like men would if this question was reversed.

No. 1607908

File: 1686843759887.png (31.13 KB, 1064x925, askreddit.png)

i went and looked in one of the threads for the reverse question and it's pretty much like you said:
>almost no answers because women avoid all but a few subreddits these days
>the few answers from women are reasonable and obvious things that make otherwise attractive people unlikable
>scrotes arguing with those reasonable and obvious answers
>scrotes just going ahead and openly answering for women, as men

No. 1607917

I wonder how these short kings react to women taller then they are. Because in my experience they're either super uncomfortable with it, or they see you as some weird amazoness fetish.

No. 1607925

Worse. The original poster Bokumarist and some of the replies are female posters.

No. 1608004

Men really don’t need a reason to violently dehumanize women but they’ll take any opportunity! Unhinged terrorist behavior to get so fucking vitriolic over a few women preferring taller men.

No. 1608018

Damn, you just reminded me of trannies taking over the sub for tall women years ago. It was cozy and small and simply tall women talking about shared experiences, struggles, and pants until one day trannies started popping up out of nowhere. Like bro you CHOSE to be a 6’3” “woman” don’t tell the 5’11” actual woman who grew up as a tall girl she has it so much easier than you and how OMG why are the only heels in man sizes made by fetish brands???

Somehow that whole situation felt worse than the GC sub simply being nuked.

No. 1608173

nice agp comic panel

No. 1608174

yeah sorry, if you say "how tall are you", hes allowed to ask how much you weigh.
litrally i have never thought about height once in interacting with men for dating purposes. it's such a random thing to care about, like skin colour or some shit

No. 1608177

those are definitely women reeing about white women. it's a thing terminally online girls do.

No. 1608189

NTA but I kinda disagree because height is the same in everyone but a 145 pound woman can either be overweight or thin and fit depending on her body type and height. I only used a dating app once and met one man (idk I usually date women. we wound up being friends for a few years) and felt the need to warn him that I’m 5’11 before meeting. I don’t personally care about anyone else’s height but I hate when people are weird towards me about being tall. I live on the US/MX border so 5’11 is very tall here. While I don’t care about a potential partners height, my mother and eldest sister are both 5’10 and would never date a man shorter than them because they both think they’d feel big and unfeminine and I can empathize with that because I always feel big and manly.

How someone treats me and others is so much more important than looks that I don’t really care about appearance but I accept that most people have physical preferences (sometimes even requirements) that I don’t relate to.

No. 1608223

File: 1686864953207.jpg (296.38 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230615-163510_Red…)

Decide to put this in here instead of the troon threads because the whole thing is so Reddit-ified
>obvious thing that never happened
>angry stereotypical boomer fox News character
>and then everybody clapped.jpg

No. 1608224

File: 1686865028414.jpg (288.67 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230615-163517_Red…)


No. 1608230

File: 1686865275141.png (151.62 KB, 828x1792, image0-4.png)

This is him btw for anyone curious.

No. 1608256

How any body can fall for this shit time and time again is astounding. Not even in the context of narcissistic troons, but any time somebody recalls an event as if it was a short story/novel extract it's an immediate red flag that they are lying.

No. 1608264

Ew get that gross thing away from me

No. 1608265

kek at the glaringly obvious hip photoshop

No. 1608268

His face screams "IQ of 65" if the ugly dress didn't give it away faster

No. 1608271

You can see if someone is fat from a photo, but not how tall someone is unless they happen to be next to something that easily gives you an estimate. It's a perfectly fine question.

No. 1608321

>litrally i have never thought about height once in interacting with men for dating purposes.
you must be short yourself then.

No. 1608384

File: 1686875364815.jpg (242.21 KB, 1280x1590, Fysh7mOXoAMHi9x.jpg)

i just learned what the ceo looks like.

No. 1608554

it's not random…I'm super short and being with a very tall man is uncomfortable, annoying and frustrating. Like actually hurts to deal with sometimes, depending on the height gap. I would be so disappointed if a man turned out to be tall asf

No. 1608853

Is it seriously that hard for them to not watch porn and flirt with every girl that exists in their vicinity? Life on easy mode. I'd kill to be a straight man especially considering how many women nowadays will happily splurge their life savings and financially support porn addicted moids all while they also have to do all housework too. It seems like the easier the have it the bigger of a victim men are convinced they wre

No. 1608855

his face is untrustworthy

No. 1608885

top fucking kek she's a cunt for this but based nonetheless considering he was a coomer

No. 1608902

My queen

No. 1608938

holy down's syndrome batman!

No. 1608963

Delicious manlet rage kek

No. 1609024

>low self-esteem, pessimistic attitude, depression, anxiety, constant existential crisis…
>Everyone has at least one of those traits
No tf lol

No. 1609158

Welp, before reading this I didn't judge men for their height, but if a lot of them think like this, then I'm gonna start doing it. Ridiculous how men expect a woman to be employed full time, be a "natural ten," do all the housework, bear his children, weigh less than 130 pounds at all times, and never age. Yet the second a woman shows a preference for men taller than themselves, they flip the fuck out. I'd be willing to bet money that the girl who posted about wanting 5'11 guys was probably 5'8" or 5'9" and just wanted a guy taller than her in heels. It's a super common, perfectly reasonable thing. My brother is 6'4" and he married a woman who was 5'10".

No. 1609513

>weigh less than 130 pounds
That's way too generous. They feel wronged if a woman isn't under 100.

No. 1609679

ayrt kek i'm 5'10" and have never felt big or manly
i'd turn down an ugly guy but if an attractive person is shorter than me idc

No. 1609769

The height obsession is such a meme. I've met one woman in my entire life who only wanted tall guys, and every short guy I know never had an issue finding a girlfriend

As far as dating apps go it's usually because the male to female ratio is way off (mostly due to cheating moids who are married using the app) and its overwhelming to match with and talk to hundreds of people at once (while they still want us to respond to them timely?) Of course women have the right to be superficial or picky. Of course the solution would be is to stop hook up culture, ban men in relationships already, and men should start swiping on women they actually like instead of everything they can stick their dick in. of course that will never happen because then they can't just use women for power trips and shitty sex

No. 1610507

did he shoop himself a granny body? autistic troons are so funny they genuinely have no idea how goofy they look

No. 1610528

I always thought it was a western thing, In Asia and LatAM we prefer the guy to be taller but that can be as tall just an inch, I remember reading somewhere there's bigger height diversity in the west then any other region, so maybe that's why.

No. 1610539

I think its pretty western. Idk if it's childhood tropes but I honestly think its a meme because you only ever see terminally single women or teenagers crying about it. Short to average height men >

No. 1610588

The average Western couple has a 10-12cm height difference. The cultural obsession with really tall guys and smol girls is American. Slightly taller women are considered more desirable in Europe. There is research on it. American farmers were complaining about all the super tall men chasing short women. I said that's not really a thing in Europe. American farmer said I was wrong because no men prefer tall women kek. Nonsense. A tall European woman is 170cm when the average European woman is 160cm. She's not a freak of nature or anything. >183cm men do not prefer <160cm women. You will not see couples like that with any regularity. They are so resistant to the idea that some things are unique to their culture and not some Universal Truth kek.

No. 1610594

I remember that a nonna actually linked some research paper, about how America and Britain actually have a larger height disparity within the same ethnic group, then any other nation, as the "white people" of those nations all come from different regions in Europe, like someone from the lowlands where the average male height is 5'8 and someone from Denmark where the average male height is 5'10, suddenly became part of the same country and part of the same "race" I have never been to the west but in my country(which is very multi-ethnic group) height seems to be divided by ethnic group, doesn't mean there aren't exceptions but those are just that, exceptions. granted every western person I have actually met has been massive by my country's standards.

No. 1610625

I've dated two manlets and they are so angry, I couldn't do it again. They usually have a huge insecurity even if they try to hide it at first. I'm European, not American. The difference in confidence between a normal tall guy and a short one is crazy. Men are also weirdly proportioned and have really long torso and short legs, when you have a short guy, he has proportions like a kid and it's ugly as hell. Average male height here is 180 cm and honestly shorter than 175 look weird because of their short legs. Women are kinda tall here too, average is 168 cm, so there isn't a huge size difference though.

No. 1610665

You people are way to fucking tall, the average man in the region I live in stands at about 5'5(167) even the taller people in my country tend to be about 176

No. 1610696

Typically the issue with manlets isnt appearance it's that they self destruct and project all of their nonsense

No. 1611252

File: 1687121933756.png (117.09 KB, 1908x776, wednesday.png)

presented without comment

No. 1611299

sometimes i wonder if non-predatory males even exist. maybe it's something biological. be a sociopath with dulled empathy or don't get to spread your genes.

No. 1611310

They don't. They're all the same at their core.

No. 1611499

Just learned about r/cumtofriendsfeet
Men should be banned from having access to cameras

No. 1611504

are you just browsing gross subreddits or

No. 1611559

I wish I was still an innocent naive normie woman who is able to live together with men in total delusion. Being online and seeing men say the most vile pedophilic shit when they don't have to hide what they really think is so unbelievably blackpilling. I really don't even want to interact with men ever again.

No. 1611561

NTA but months ago I saw someone on Reddit called attention to a Jenna Ortega sub that is filled with this stuff on every single post (might be the same one this nona found). I told the person to not mention that sub anymore because men lurk everywhere and even complaining about it is free advertising. It’s pretty much impossible to use Reddit without stumbling on this unfortunately

No. 1611562

>look as close to a child as possible
>wow so hot
on another note moids didn't give a single shit about jenna when she was styled for her age until she became a high schooler in a show. Same for Sydney Sweeney and others, not to mention how quickly they lost interest as soon as she started playing a character closer to her actual age. moids think all women in hollywood are ugly until they are able to play a child in an show

No. 1611564

Yes this. And part of it is because of how society makes them feel inferior, and I kind of get it but like. They don’t realize how their attitudes impact their attractiveness in the opposite way they want. Overcompensating through hyper-masculinity screams insecure and it’s a huge turn off. I’ve dated a few guys who would be considered short and I found them attractive but they all had that issue

No. 1611569

Men are like dogs really. The little ones are neurotic, aggressive and bark and bite more often than the big ones who are a lot more chill.

No. 1611570

That's a myth. Big ones literally eat people. Getting barked at by a little one does not actually hurt.

No. 1611572

I hate how sexualized Wednesday is. It happened with Christina, it's happening with Jenna and knowing moids, it probably happened back in the 60s. I hated the Netflix show and Burton for making her this edgy goffick girl and with each adaptation, she slowly gets aged up so it can be "socially acceptable" to sexualize her. I hate moids with every fibre of my being.

No. 1611622

Men should honestly just all live in a big Dark-Knight-Rises-style prison pit, away from civilized society.

No. 1611634

I cannot remember the name at all but I once stumbled upon one from clicking someone's profile that was of guys posting their moms' and sisters' panties that they stole from their drawer… I hope that most of them are fake/guys who just bought the panties for themselves and are roleplaying but who knows… Also just now while trying to recall the name of that sub from searching I accidentally found one called r/pantypoopv2 that's just a bunch of men wearing panties and diapers and shitting themselves… I regret having eyes right now

No. 1611855

That's also kind of a myth, temperament doesn't come from size but from breeding history. There are very chill tiny dogs, chill big dogs, then there are violent big dogs and violent small dogs.

No. 1611952

Kek, based queen. She should have broken up with him but I loved seeing a moid getting a taste of his own medicine.
shame on her choice of husbandos though…

No. 1611955

> cheating on me with markiplier

No. 1611965

Subreddit I want to check is still private. I sure hope those pathetic mods get their asses kick out of their positions

No. 1611972

Violent small dogs can't actually hurt you unless you are a basket case or something.

No. 1611978

Ever heard of shitbulls?

No. 1611982

If the mods are visible in any subs, it's shit mod work. I'm surprised even antiwork subs are back on, but some subs that deal with like niche interests or media are still protesting. Like, let people at least enjoy the community for the last few weeks on their 3rd party apps, the admins really don't care about small-to-medium-sized subs blacking out.

No. 1611990

I wouldn’t call them ‘small’.

No. 1611993

You're probably replying to one of the scrotes that comes to this site to sperg about pitbulls at any opportunity. Don't engage, before he starts spamming gore.

No. 1611994

Agreed. Once you wake up to it you can never go back to living in blissful ignorance.

No. 1612009

I wonder which site she used, kek. I wanna roleplay with my husbandos too

No. 1612024

One of my favourite gaming subs is closed. It kept me away from braindead discourse and I felt happy for a bit.
I hate how the braindead subs are the ones still open (eg antiwork), even though you’d expect them to keep protesting.

No. 1612156

The stopdrinking subreddit is so annoying but also helpful. I hate how all of the men describe doing violent crimes like drunk driving, abusing their wives and children physically and verbally, breaking things, but women's stories are all about being depressed and neglecting themselves and guilt. I think men love AA because then they can never take responsibility for what they did it was a higher power/the alcohol/whatever. Men are allergic to accountability if they show 1/100th shred of the self awareness or humility a woman does they want a parade for it and to be assured they are still good boys

No. 1612165

Why are you on the stopdrinking subreddit?

No. 1612176

You know this isn’t some super secret club right kek? Anyone can look at any subreddit and is perfectly within reason to complain about disgusting predatory behavior or general stupidity if they want, it’s not that serious.

No. 1612199

Is the stand-off between the tranny-jannies and the admin still going on? Who is winning?
>inb4 whoever loses, we win

No. 1612203

Yeah, but why were you there.

No. 1612231

File: 1687203750113.png (15.23 KB, 757x287, Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 3.39.…)

Kek. LMAO, even.

No. 1612232

File: 1687203826627.png (330.07 KB, 844x1106, hello bardfinn welcome to lolc…)

ok troomer

No. 1612235

He just seems like an autist, I have a cousin who has the same issue, he only takes baths with special soup and cleaning fluid otherwise he won't wash himself.

No. 1612244

reminds me of r/misogyny_xxx, r/candidteens and r/blackwomenrape (last 2 were banned/deleted thankfully but misogyny_xxx is still alive and kicking. i wonder how scotes would like it if there was a sub misandry_xxx)

No. 1612362

File: 1687218268321.png (39.04 KB, 887x641, 2023-06-20 01_43_15-Window.png)

>is this a deal breaker?
women on reddit are something else

No. 1612426

to stop drinking probbaly

No. 1612436

Please link to the thread. I want to read the comments.

No. 1612454

best course of action would be to pretend to forgive him, fuck his sibling and then break up

No. 1612472

I genuinely think we should start making these subs just to show the double standard. It'd also be a good way to get the horrific rape subs taken down. There was a subreddit about laughing at women 'hitting the wall' and when women made a male equivalent both of them got banned. With the use of AI and deepfakes I bet it wouldn't be that hard to create.

No. 1612474

No. 1612493

Honestly, sometimes I hate that we women are too nice sometimes, I wanna see a subreddit like that thrive just to see how moids will act like hypocrites and get them banned

No. 1612497

Me too. I glee with the idea of using their defences back at them. Imagine sharing swaths of drawings or AI generated images of men being brutally beaten and degraded, and we all turn around and say 'iT's jUsT a FanTasY' and the like kek. It wouldn't even have to be violent, like imagine creating 'fetish' subs where we talk about using men for their money, fantasies of marrying them just to ''divorcerape'' them. Their hypocrisy would be delicious.

No. 1612565

File: 1687235188799.jpeg (243.23 KB, 945x1972, IMG_6061.jpeg)

No. 1612568

some people???use diablo????to cope??

No. 1612570

I’ve done the same when a game I love have come out kek, minus the alcoholism

No. 1612571

Why would anyone play diablo when path of exile exists

Her husband is an alcoholic with bad taste to boot

No. 1612575

Hes valid.

No. 1612576

Every woman's dead beat bf is her partner

No. 1612806

No. 1613618

File: 1687349017900.jpeg (60.55 KB, 1500x500, https___pbs.twimg.jpeg)

No. 1613731

fuck that's really funny

No. 1613747

File: 1687362116883.jpg (65.55 KB, 680x922, redditL.JPG)

five THOUSAND dollars on avatars??

No. 1613753

Christ, I almost feel for how pathetic he must be IRL.

No. 1613831

I know it’s a thing to make fun of people on relationship subs who immediately go “leave them” as advice but I think the opposite is worse and obnoxious to witness. E.g the OPs boyfriend is a walking red flag who understands nothing at best or doesnt give a shit at worst and you got the genius counsellors talk about muh heckin communication. You can screech about communication but it’s nothing without comprehension. Those are the people who scoff at anyone who suggest leaving and claim they must be teenagers / early 20’s who know nothing about relationships.

No. 1613847

Why are men so obsessed with gaslighting other men's GFs for them? I mean, it's one thing and practically expected from an abusive partner to gaslight, but they're so obsessed with making women miserable they will do everything in their power to keep women in a relationship they know is bad

No. 1613855

It really depends. The issue with a lot of these is that it's often a young girl with a bad home life and a much older guy. Most young girls can't just up and go home or fully support themselves alone without putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations (roommates, room renting, etc)

It's also weird that when a couple is sharing everything 50/50, they automatically expect the woman to up, move everything and leave when in reality she should be kicking out her crappy man since men typically have better support systems/friends and family who will let them mooch when most women don't have that

No. 1613899

he deserved it

No. 1613905

average white liberal cuck mindset

No. 1613937

What a fucking consoomer. Although reddit will ban anyone who goes away with big think. I called out troons for having a nasty attitude towards actual women (ofc using all the PC terms) and they were so determined to ban me that they not only banned my profile or any other profile made but also started banning my husband and sisters profile for being in the same area (not even using WiFi). If you come to my apartment and use my wifi at anytime while having a reddit you will immediately be banned

All of this and somehow they can't figure out how to keep pedos off of here

No. 1614026

File: 1687388288092.jpg (25.17 KB, 658x278, Untitled.jpg)

is this typical for straight relationships? is it just two people constantly disagreeing and one or both choosing to be petty and immature about it? why not make the eggs the way you like it, then for her, make them the way she likes it?? i don't even care for relationships but if one of my friends told me how they like something cooked and i didn't like it that way, i'd cook their portion how they like it and my portion how they like it. is that not basic human respect

No. 1614034

Lmao at this smug douche expecting Ramsay to agree with him, only for Ramsay to give the sensible advice that you should care more about what makes your wife happy than about being right.

No. 1614039

You know you reached rock bottom when other men tell you that you need to treat your wife better

No. 1614041

File: 1687389002189.jpg (182.46 KB, 1080x1252, IMG_20230622_010934.jpg)

Accurate mini choice for trans representation lmao

No. 1614049

Holyshit. the choke hold troons have on social media is insane to me.

No. 1614083

No, in most straight relationships the woman does all the cooking and housework and the man sits on the couch and yells "Are the eggs ready yet??? You better be making them the Ramsey way!"

No. 1614084

Troons are IN CHARGE on Reddit now, they’re the ones doing the banning. It’s so gross

No. 1614087

And then one day, the man makes breakfast for the first time in 6 months and then doesn’t shut up about the time he made eggs like he deserves a gold star

No. 1614124

it's very common for relationships that don't end with death

No. 1614194

Reddit moids making me like Ramsey. Also, the main take away from this story was that Ramsey didn't care and did not fuck him.

No. 1614224

And he leaves behind a giant mess for the woman to clean up because he somehow used all the pots and pans to make some simple eggs, left all the cabinets and drawers open and ruined her favorite nonstick pan by scraping it with a fork. Then he pouts if the woman isn't grateful and doesn't blow him right then and there for his efforts.

No. 1614264

I am crying omg where is this from? Please

No. 1614279

File: 1687406982684.jpeg (113.09 KB, 750x800, 7A737FBB-4E80-4EEF-8223-E36B43…)

Nonnies, don’t you miss the good old days when going to the gym meant avoiding outwardly predatory men while the rest leered and ogled you with other random moids bc wholesome male friendship?

No. 1614285

>reported and kicked out
That sounds like a fantastic gym.

No. 1614308

You described perfectly my mom and dad's relationship.

No. 1614316

Awkwardtheturtle (infamous reddit mod) has been permabanned


No. 1614324

>Just one or two harmless pervs
Those pervs followed multiple women home and raped and/or murdered them jackass. Boo fucking hoo you can't look at women but I'd rather some moids have to be self aware (as if they don't constantly force women to be self aware in the gym to "make sure it doesn't look like we want attention")?than women being scared

No. 1614343

Why and what did he mod? One of those weirdos that moderated hundreds of subs?

No. 1614356

NTAYRT but he modded like 90% of all reddit subs and is notorious for powertripping. At one point you couldn't even discuss him in reddit because you would get banned from almost every sub kek.

No. 1614417

File: 1687424606394.png (57.68 KB, 736x819, Screenshot 2023-06-22 120003.p…)

Is he just trying to be edgy or is it because of fucking Diablo?
I don't care if his aunt is religious, she's correct.

No. 1614420

she's completely retarded and he's also retarded for willingly giving his child a tranny name. i guess it runs in the family

No. 1614422

Rare redditor W. Fuck christniggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1614433

my best friend as a kid was named lilith, its a cool name. dont be an uptight faggot

No. 1614437

Lilith is one of the few if not the only woman in the bible that's not a handmaiden, fuck you and fuck that redditor's aunt.

No. 1614441

That's not a ban, that's an intervention

No. 1614442

I think all this ~hurrdurr /r/relationship_advice always tells u 2 leve~ is just a cope of (majority male, of course) users who see themselves in the shitty partner. In fact, I don't think I see it often enough yet.

No. 1614443

They know very well how to keep pedos off of reddit, they just don't want to because they're pedos themselves. Didn't the old admin defend his father keeping a kidnapped ten year old in his attic?

No. 1614452

Not really a specific example or anything but I hate when someone (presumably a layperson) asks a scientific question and Redditors discuss topics or throw out jargon-y terms that they hardly understand in order to sound smart, accrue "karma", and "answer" the question (which, from a lay-perspective, would still be unclear). The amount of misinformation I see in the Reddit comments reminds me of why I don't use it often for academic/intellectual insight.

No. 1614519

>if I even look at another woman working out I could get kicked out
God, I wish. Current day gym culture hasn't stopped gross men at all, and getting approached randomly by men in the gym is still common. Men will literally never understand the inherent discomfort and hyper awareness women feel in a male dominated space like a gym, especially when we're trying to use our bodies to perform rather than be objectified. Men ruin the gym environment because they're obnoxious and inconsiderate. Just fuck off, women here are trying to get strong not get a scrote date to mcds

No. 1614574

Even if I don’t touch on the issue of creepy men, I fucking hate when people start conversations with me at the gym. I’ve had it happen a few times with older people. I’m not there to socialize, I just want to get my workout in and leave. It annoys the shit out of me, sorry that sounds harsh but it really messes with focus and sometimes makes me have to pause what I’m doing.

No. 1614609

File: 1687446210556.jpg (95.44 KB, 828x847, e8q926xir1g71.jpg)

No. 1614610

File: 1687446242402.png (5.88 KB, 413x412, HEHIM.png)

But don't you DARE to misgender crazy powermod no one likes!

No. 1614613

File: 1687446416502.jpg (122.52 KB, 1324x637, 10dd9tcy3h5b1.jpg)

And what broke the reddits back

No. 1614679

I love the story of Lilith but naming your daughter it is cringe. Only every single person I knew that obsessed over Lilith openly was extremely cringey and fake edgy

No. 1614681

Also to add to this , people forget when you choose names like this you are naming actual people that are going to go to school, go to the workforce, etc. I can't imagine how many employers will reject her outright because of her name or assume she's some edgy adult who changed it to that

No. 1614682

Lilith is only mentioned in the Bible (any canonical version) in Isaiah 34.14, and there it seems to be the name of an animal or creature, not a person. So whatever other associations you have with the name Lilith are not based on the "Bible," but rather on interpretations and/or expansions found in other works.

No. 1614684

samefag as >>1614682 but I agree with you, it's not a great name to burden someone with for life because it sounds like some emo or trans reddit name

No. 1614685

Naming your kid Lilith is Ebony Way-tier of edginess, real middle school mentality, but the aunt sounds obnoxious.

No. 1614723

Exactly. No one's naming their sons Judas or Lucifer.

No. 1614775

File: 1687458032510.gif (20.5 KB, 200x335, itachi.gif)

Lilith is a cool name honestly

I know a woman who named her son Itachi KEK

No. 1614789

Urquhart is u/drewiepoodle. Plus this is 2 year old milk.

No. 1614847

Absolutely this. They're the types who want to abolish divorce and abortion so women are forced to stay trapped in unhappy relationships with them and endure abuse, because they feel entitled to women as possessions. Despite them all at the same time treating marriage as a loss of freedom for themselves and cheering on other men who abandon their families, because "poor men".

No. 1614855

Not some fucking "Lily Marie" kek. If it's so bad, she can nickname her Lili.

No. 1614879

People are in fact naming their sons Lucifer Noni

No. 1614882

Samefag but Judas too. You could literally look it up instead of talking out your ass.

No. 1614910

Let reddit burn, fuck that place. I remember years ago when I checked that one makeup sub and a retarded ugly mod bitch banned a wave of users just because she could, that sub has a hateboner for white women and would updoot any retarded moid makeup, i fucking puked when I saw what the "alltime" top posts look now

No. 1614923

sorry but these kinds of autists are the weakest links of society

No. 1614937

>women on reddit are something else
Wait till you see women outside of reddit, they’re the same or even worse(
You know why, but it’s so chilling this solidarity they have about putting women in their place.. It’s the way they see things like not fucking men left and right = fine, good woman, but god forbid you mention being celibate, not wanting kids, female leaning bisexual, dressing “modestly” on principle, lesbian etc, they take it as a personal attack every single time. They’re like a hive mind working together towards the goal of making women completely subservient. So disturbing.

No. 1614943

>is this typical for straight relationships? is it just two people constantly disagreeing and one or both choosing to be petty and immature about it?
tsk nonnita actually a straight relationship is when two people constantly disagree but one of them always doubles down and takes it (the woman)

No. 1614949

this is hilarious to me because i am in the exact same situation

No. 1614968

literal twittard take

No. 1614971

This speaks of 4chan moid. I know what you're trying to say as a joke but still. It's fucked up.

No. 1614995

You really think he named his daughter Lilith because of how she’s viewed in radfem circles?

No. 1615029

Why the fuck do moids pretending to be women get praised so much? There's this one troon with dreads I always see get complimented constantly, I was curious as to why the comments are filled with people praising them because most women who look like that or objectively more attractive get ripped apart. Of course it was a fucking tranny. Being a tim is life on easy mode. You can be as ugly, hateful, slutty as you want and you will just get praised

No. 1615052

More women need to be leaving their partners including women using this website. The amount of shit straight women force themselves to endure for the sake of sunken cost is horrible. I don't care if you have been together 10 years, do you want to deal with his bullshit 10 more years? Women need to realise how disposable relationships are.

No. 1615063

No. 1615093

Kek. Underrated post

No. 1615095

File: 1687485160845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 374.59 KB, 2056x2500, Judit_decapitando_a_Holofernes…)

Everyone in this situation is retarded. Lilith is a cringey, dated name, but the aunt is completely overreacting. Also "Lily Marie" is a shit name, too.

Anon, there are so, so many better feminist figures you could name a kid after. Lilith is a fictional character whose name is associated almost exclusively with trannies and goth teenagers. If you want a biblical name, how about Judith, who fucking decapitated a general when her cowardly countrymen wouldn't act? (Yes I know Judith Butler exists, but she can go fuck herself and is barely relevant anyway.)

No. 1615179

File: 1687493872663.jpg (124.04 KB, 993x1000, 71FutSbXTkL._UF1000,1000_QL80_…)

i won't let men have lilith and neither should you

No. 1615254

File: 1687503492929.png (449.82 KB, 1763x1106, 97d7477dfefa2f8be5c59eccc6deee…)

Update on awkwardtheturtle

No. 1615285

i’m a woman. how is it fucked up, it’s all I see around me. if it read as sexual that’s not what I meant also.

No. 1615287

Anyone have pictures of how this annoying thing looks i’m curious

No. 1615368

She's a character from one of the most misogynist books ever written by men. She never belonged to us.

No. 1615400

Not to mention the fact there's a lot of sexual stories involving her name, she's a succubus ffs. Who names a baby after a succubus? If you like the name Lilith you can name a pet after it, why would you give a human that name who will eventually get older, go to school and apply for jobs and college?

No. 1615414

File: 1687529781638.jpeg (268.03 KB, 1242x2141, E9C481A7-5672-453F-A294-8B22FF…)

The aunt is right.
I honestly think that naming your child after a character from a piece of modern media is quite empty or vain I guess. Maybe in 50 years Katniss will stop being considered a cringe name, but when a name is a bit too “unique” it makes people question the person and their family a lot.
>inb4 live a little
Names are important, how many Aydens are doctors or in positions of power? I haven’t seen the first unironically named Superman or Usnavy being a president of a company.
And that’s not even bringing up the fact that Lilith is indeed a name used for succubi characters and demons, being a little girl, looking up your name on the internet and finding pic related sounds depressing.

No. 1615420

Setting up their child to be a nlog as a cope mechanism.

No. 1615421

File: 1687530422446.jpg (22.87 KB, 1004x111, redditflair.JPG)

look at this scrote putting his undergraduate degree as flair in the science subreddit. bro all you did was read textbooks and color in bubble sheets, you're not a scientist kekkkkkk

No. 1615424

Someone actually called Elongated Muskrat is the CEO of Twitter, take a fucking seat.

No. 1615433

this feels like an incredibly minor thing to be offended by tbh

No. 1615436

File: 1687531396899.png (88.27 KB, 706x328, 1687155697875.png)

by that logic every biblical name is scrotey, and every name with any religious association at all is scrotey, which is like 30% of all names. if lilith is too scandelous for a child to google then so is almost ever name previously owned by a cartoon character because of the risk of rule 34 cancer, so literally every name available in the top 10000 list of first names would be too risky to expose your child too. you'll have to name your child some shit like myrtle and even then they're going to find moaning myrtle toilet porn fanfiction so what the fuck is the point of being anal retentive about naming conventions? its not like they're naming they're daughter crystal mercedes meth, its the origin of the name lily. absolutely fucking hysterical pearl clootchers. im in disbelief some faggot will call a baby a future nlog for being named after a character men designed just to hate, as if either women had any choice in the matter. quintessential nlog behavior on display right here

No. 1615437

Naming your daughter Lilith is like naming her Jezebel, it just has a bad connotation… He should just go with Lily instead.

No. 1615440

>its the origin of the name lily
But lily is a flower and the name comes from Latin.

No. 1615444

Just naming a child after some flower, maybe a place, region, state or country, is enough, hell, colors too, or popular names that won’t bring up weird shit on google images like the picture of a sexy demon. If you look up Lily, all you find is pretty flowers, when you look up Mary, it’s pretty pictures of the Virgin Mary.
Sadly, people should make sure that the kids aren’t going directly to rule 34 the moment they grab a computer, and sometimes it starts with their names, because in the end that’s probably the first thing they will type on google.

No. 1615445

It only has a bad connotation if you're a Christcuck in this case and can't see past the name which I see as a W so you can filter the retards out of your life who can't see you as a person and not judge you for something you had no say in it. I say that as someone whose mother decided to give me a mildly controversial name in my country at the time I was born and some older or stupid people gasp when they hear it like I chose that name myself.

No. 1615461

>its the origin of the name lily
No it’s not, they’re two completely different names that have different origins and meanings. ‘Lily’ comes from latin ‘lilium‘ and is the name of the flower. ‘Lilith’ comes from Akkadian ‘lilitu’ which means "of the night".

No. 1615465

Lilith is going to be confused when she starts running into all the men that share her name.

No. 1615470

who is offended? it made me spit coffee

No. 1615473

>by that logic every biblical name is scrotey, and every name with any religious association at all is scrotey
Do you have some argument as to how they're not?
>crystal mercedes meth
Mercedes is a Spanish female given name, derived from María de las Mercedes ("Our Lady of Mercy" or "Mary of Mercies"), which is one of the Roman Catholic titles of the Virgin Mary, according to wikipedia. Interesting that you've used it as an example of a trashy name kek

No. 1615484

>‘Lilith’ comes from Akkadian ‘lilitu’ which means "of the night"
This is super cool though, of course he didn't name her because of this but the origin is very nice imo.

No. 1615486

I suspect that anon doesn't know that lily is a plant and that the car was named with a super common female name.

No. 1615568

File: 1687542101716.png (17.76 KB, 250x250, Lilith_Pleasant.png)

It's not even necessarily related to Diablo, fucking Sims 2 character was named Lilith (the game is from 2004). Most of you are actually pearl clutching.

No. 1615573

Naming your child after a sims character is based.

No. 1615584

>using a fictional character to justify the use of a cringy name

No. 1615631

It's not very unique to said fiction like Katniss or Daenerys and the point is that it was used in various pieces of media over the years in different contexts so it's not that specific or uncommon (it's actually in top 300 names in US). The original Reddit post is classic "look at this crazy Karen!1!" scrote circlejerk but if it's based in reality then the aunt is a Christian nutjob and the name may be subjectively ugly/cringy but there's nothing really wrong with it.

No. 1615706

You don't have to be a "religious nutjob" to think naming your child after a demon is retarded and cringe.

No. 1615710

Scrote mythology reduced her reason for leaving to something as petty as "she wanted to be on top during sex hurrr". Aside from that, she's an empowering figure. I can't help but wonder, Christian or not, why does it make you uncomfortable, if demons aren't even real? Do you subconsciously believe in the fable of Christian morality and what constitutes good and evil as written by some ancient beastly moids eons ago? If you subtract it from such a biased and unreliable etymology, Lilith is still a beautiful name in itself by the sound alone, troons and moids be damned.

No. 1615722

Nta but the issue to me is that when a kid looks for their name online, he or she will find a bunch of stuff about demons and shit, it’s scary and ugly. Imagine being called Lucifer or Lilith, being 10 years old and learning that your name is usually used to refer to some demons which are bad dudes that are evil and mean. It would be kind of shitty, how do you explain the empowerment of being named Lilith to a 10 years old?

No. 1615737

Lucifer literally means light bringer or dawn bringer.

No. 1615738

I know it's retarded to join this fight, but I didn't even know what Lilith meant until like an hour ago. What about the people like me that don't know what it means? I guess you'd look a name up before naming your child that name, but idk, it just was a name that sounded kina nice to me before.

No. 1615740

File: 1687552754128.jpg (136.88 KB, 860x1270, 9781611688696.jpg)

I hate this has had to be stated multiple times in this thread, but Lilith was never in the Bible, she's from a Midrashic text that was written centuries after Christianity had already been established, she was literally never mentioned even by the misogynistic theologians cause she never existed, her theological status was only in certain Jewish communities, all the later stories involving her come from the Talmud, also note there are references to there being multiple Eves in midrashic literatures.

No. 1615758

does anyone actually look up their name like that? i’ve never searched up my own name or looked up my daughter’s name.

No. 1615766

Late but a few years ago I was in the hospital for like a week and one of the nurses was literally named Jezebel. That’s the only thing I remember from the entire time I was there lol

No. 1615904

Then its confirmed, I'm naming my future daughter baphomet.

No. 1616014

The trauma. I have no idea what my first name means, I don't think most people know or care. It's such a mundane issue.

No. 1616044

You can't be serious. Imagine how many people will turn her down for jobs thinking she's an edgy teen. Or moids would probably sexualize her with crap like "so you're Lilith the succubus huh". With other biblical names at least theres plenty of common ones like Mary, eve, etc that can easily fit in

We are naming people who will grow up and have a lot of things affected by their name. Don't be shitty parents

No. 1616045

Have you ever spoke to white people? They will write a novel on what their first name means kek

No. 1616046

We live… In a society. In a society where names have meanings and connotations that the can not be divorced from. I would never name my daughter Emily, Luna, Alice or Lilith nowadays because those are the most popular troon names, even if they are pretty names. You gotta think of what kind of burden you are putting on your child when you name them and not just selfishly pick something you think sounds nice.

No. 1616048

Lets not bring race into this cause black people are not ready to face the ridicule for the goofy ass names they give their kids.(racebaiting)

No. 1616070

Really???? I truly don’t understand this utter lack of curiosity.

No. 1616073

Samefag but I even know what my friends’ and my pets’ names mean because it’s interesting. Are you nonnas who have no idea what their names mean the same people who don’t enjoy fun facts?

No. 1616075

Not comparable, that's actually cool.

No. 1616079

Most names have very boring meanings like hope or greatness, like who the fuck cares. Sarah can't really mean anything interesting.

No. 1616080

Nta but to be fair most average American names are just modernized versions of names that mean "one with strength" or "one of great wisdom" or some shit if you take the time to look them up, they're not that cool imo.

No. 1616186

I randomly learned the meaning of my name while online. It was as lame as you'd expect a stereotypical white girls name to be.
On an additional note I would never want to give my kid certain names for many of the reasons anons mentioned, it could really screw them over if they are named weirdly. Yeah certain names are cool but not everyone is going to think that way. Plus I'd never name my daughter off a prominent tim name. I absolutely hate that even names are being stolen by them but here we are in 2023, women cant have shit, and reddit males name their daughters after pornified game characters they wank to.

No. 1616274

>white people claiming african american culture names are goofy
>will name their kids retarded shit just for the aesthetic

No. 1616294

Yeah but nona Liliths whole deal was being a demon goth teen and her twin sister was called Angela.

No. 1616334

Can I name my babby boy Vidcund?

No. 1616386

Yeah any time someone says anything about black names I'm just like… Nevaeh.

No. 1616418

File: 1687617384249.jpeg (82.12 KB, 750x937, 8DBF11B6-91F6-442F-AC71-78F54C…)

Of course this is front page news for redditors to fume over even though husbands leave at like 4x higher rates than wives

No. 1616422

I love how they probably use this particular article as some gotcha to say that women are as vile as moids when they don’t understand that it’s news because it doesn’t happen often, meanwhile moids leave, abuse, rape and kill women and children so often that it’s barely news, it’s just something that happens.

No. 1616424

7x higher actually
Plus she stayed for the first 5 years of treatment. Most men start cheating the day you get diagnosed.

No. 1616510

They've heard about the uneven stats and that's exactly why they try so hard to spread around these stories of a rare reverse 'omg woman leaves her sick man?!'

>Til death do us..

People with diseases/mental illness/who're dealing with grief still get dumped in and outside of marriage vows every single day.

No. 1616669

File: 1687638830390.jpg (463.15 KB, 1080x2545, Screenshot_20230624_163153.jpg)

No. 1616726

we need more men buying sex dolls so the useless coomers can weed themselves out

No. 1616743


NTA but when I've asked White people about their names in the past, the response is just a rundown about who they're named after. The only time I remember getting info dumps about the names' etymology, historical significance, etc was back in HS for an English assignment.

Why are you trying to pivot this discussion to be about Black people?

No. 1616752

Sarah means princess which is pretty interesting to me. Mallory literally means “unlucky” and Paige means servant, my mother wanted to name me Mallory Paige which sounds quite pretty, thank god she didn’t since it literally means unlucky servant.

No. 1616763

Ikr it’s amazing how many days I’ll see some news article about a dude killing his entire family, murdering multiple children, committing horrific acts only for it to be glossed over and forgotten. Meanwhile moids sperg about their seething hate boners for women like Casey Anthony or Jodi arias as if it’s even close to what moids do on the regular.

No. 1616830

Some scrote annihilates his family at least once a week, every single week, in the US. I wish somebody would start a child/whole family murder tracker, the same way they do for gun murder. Men are constantly murdering children and babies, because they hate them and were never meant to be around them.

No. 1616957


No. 1616989

We know anon. We know.

No. 1617150

That sub is the most pathetic thing I saw this week, scrotes are awful, but those are the lowest of the low. Sadly a lot of them are married.
Don't ever marry scrotes who watch porn

No. 1617171

>Don't ever marry scrotes who watch porn
So basically don't marry a scrote at all lmao

No. 1617581

Yeah kek. That is exactly the idea

No. 1617637

Scroll through the top posts of all time to see true, unadulterated Pathetic

No. 1617640

File: 1687743683209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.98 KB, 785x1084, surrounded-by-porn-v0-2lex3xrf…)

Like how am I not supposed to cackle at this very sad display of degeneracy

No. 1617758

File: 1687756467821.jpeg (136.96 KB, 593x1117, IMG_9817.jpeg)

Anytime you go to a sub about paranormal anything some guy will b there saying shit like this as if it’s fact and not completely unprovable fiction he thought would be cool to post online

No. 1617768

Forgot to take a cap but a few days ago I saw a redditor insulting women and justifying it by calling himself right wing. One of his posts from a few months prior was talking about how he was unemployed, alcoholic, mentally ill 22 year old and relied on his divorced mother and sister for a place to live. He then threatened to physically fight some other redditor shitting on him

No. 1617796

Holy fucking shit, this is truelly the most hilarious and pathetic shit ive seen in weeks

No. 1617876

Not to mention the way other kids treat each other. You think she won't get bullied for that? You're naming a human being who has to grow up with this, I don't get why people refuse to consider that. But hey, at least it's not as bad as the women giving her child the middle name 'Rowlett' because she was fucking obsessed with the pokemon.

No. 1617886

what is even happening here.

No. 1617896

The quality is so bad that I can't even understand what the blob thing is supposed to be, a breastplate?
That or maybe I need to get my eyes checked

No. 1617908

File: 1687779652326.jpeg (80.35 KB, 828x471, IMG_1555.jpeg)

Imagine spending actual money to give this moronic comment a fake award

No. 1617917

What the fuck

No. 1617926

Yes, women named Karen have monopoly on violence.

No. 1617940

Did Reddit take away the free coins shit I use to like using the free awards to highlight posts that are considered transphobic i.e. based in fact

No. 1617946

God, I fucking hate moids so much

No. 1617947

I think it's kind of a large fleshlight that has some of the pelvic area as well instead of being just a tube. Creepy and also indescribably pathetic at the same time.

No. 1617961

They did and I used to do the same thing haha great minds

No. 1617963

Lol, we be sick of the Reddit discourse

No. 1618053

You can just tell it was typed by an overweight pimply man with a speech impediment

No. 1618069

Buying a sex doll is a good way to ensure you never have a relationship with a real woman. These dudes really weed themselves from any potential dating pool.

No. 1618121

File: 1687803833191.jpg (234.06 KB, 1080x1949, Screenshot_20230626_142158_Red…)

Copped yet another ban for a subreddit I've never participated in. I posted in conspiracycommons… I know these things are memes but at this point I'm banned from like 6 subreddits despite having the most milquetoast opinions. Shit is unusable

No. 1618148

Absolutely treacherous looking

Reddit clutches their pearls so hard when a woman dares to do any of the shit men do on the regular.



Crazy how villified women get for being any amount of confrontational, yet aggressive men like the guy who was screaming in the bagal shop dont represent their sex as a whole. Sucks because I am pretty confrontational, I'm probably gonna end up on some karen comp when menopause hits lmao

I am white people so apparently not. If you gotta strawman to get your point across it sucks.

No. 1618151

What subreddit is that? I hope its one minor frequents because any adults that typed that list of community needs shot

No. 1618180

The fuck is that red thing, did one of his ballsacks pop?

No. 1618182

>abortions are awesome
Every woman I know who has had an abortion found them to be traumatic despite them being very much needed
>white poeple do not experience racism in any meaningful way
So fuck the Irish right? Kek
God this whole thing is so cringe and patronising. Reddit really is a shithole.

No. 1618217

Lol arabs and hispanics can also be white so

No. 1618226

Tbh my abortion was pretty awesome and I felt amazing knowing I wasn't going to be creating the next generation of degeneracy (the would be BD was an abusive piece of shit). But this list reads like it was made by a white transwoman who turned 19 last week, so the opinion is disregarded.

No. 1618240

File: 1687811842485.jpeg (21.87 KB, 680x593, 3D3406C0-E7C3-40EE-AE01-7A1666…)

this is dystopian as fuck. A completely ruined man.

No. 1618241

please stop using this reaction image anon i find it so scary

No. 1618249

Men will swear up and down and this is fine though and somehow this is feminist's fault. Tbh, as long as these kinds of men leave women alone forever, idgaf.

No. 1618253

Yea the entire region surrounding the Caucasus is really peaceful and inclusive.

No. 1618256

I’m sorry anon, I think it’s cute

No. 1618277

People on reddit like to claim that shit like this is totaally no different than a woman owning a bullet vibe. They'll really argue that til they're blue in the face.

Same if a man owns like 10 different multi-thousand dollar sex dolls that he dresses up, makes social media accounts for and brings out in public, then posts em to reddit. "Um women own dildos so its the exact same thing?!" They're nuts.

No. 1618309

File: 1687815938531.jpeg (60.26 KB, 1179x1046, IMG_9175.jpeg)

They started kicking out noncompliant mods and closing subs permanently

No. 1618311

The sub will just get remade

No. 1618314

That was my favorite creative writing subreddit, like yeah 90% of the stories were fake but they were somewhat interesting.

No. 1618316

whoa that was a huge sub

No. 1618331

ah nona you got my hopes up. The sub is relationship_advice, not one word. Unfortunately the huge one is still up, still free to gaslight women as they please.

No. 1618353

File: 1687821755943.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.39 KB, 640x542, tailgate-gooning-v0-61utjrhshs…)

I let out a real snort when I saw that picture. Truly a perfect representation of how pathetic /gooncaves is. One thing I noticed is that it's mostly gay men, writing comments about how 'hot'it is that their laptops are covered in lube and cum grease. There are a handful of guys on there that pose poppers in their photos as well. Several asshole gapes while posing in front of ten different screens of women? And a few videos of guys throating dildos while jerking off in front of monitors with women. Lots of those weird, Boxing Helena amputee torso thigh fleshlights. A guy in a face mask literally jerking off to teen tiktoks. There are some bleak set-ups.

No. 1618362

File: 1687822131502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.79 KB, 640x357, goon-sesh-5-20-2023-a-v0-98nzb…)

Oh guys I think I found the scariest one.

No. 1618383

No. 1618421

The fact that this moid probably has a job and interact with people irl is so crazy to me. How can anyone watch like 4 different porn videos at the same time in order to feel aroused and not wonder if there’s something wrong with his/her brain?

No. 1618452

This guy has made his entire apartment into a gooncave. I would post vidrel but it's so NSFL I will just post a link to the post instead: https://www.reddit.com/r/GoonCaves/comments/qo3h2o/goon_caves_are_cool_so_how_about_a_goon_apartment/
Imagine being this guy's landlord and walking into this hellhole. Another part of me is wondering if he has a normal apartment and rents this one out for degeneracy. It doesn't look like there are other belongings there other than the porn and laptops/TVs. Christ, imagine if he has a normie life with a wife and children and a house, then routinely goes to this depraved apartment just to wank.

No. 1618453

Samefag, I just read the comments and this loser did this with an airbnb. Fuck. I am never staying in an airbnb again.

No. 1618464

Many gooners are at least bi, because part of the appeal is sharing porn with other men, jerking off together/in groups,and competing with other gooners on edging, marathonning, etc. Look at the meetup threads in r/gooned, for instance, or read the comments in r/edgingtalk (the text-only 'endurance gooning' subbbreddit)

No. 1618474

Yup there was a man making a goon cumshot on the mirror of the last airbnb you stayed at to show his bros on breddit

No. 1618511

Scrotes are so pathetic.

No. 1618531

I feel bad for his mom

No. 1618621

the y chromosome is truly an aberration and a travesty to god's design

No. 1618694

I wish I didn't unspoil that, day ruined
Is that a fucking huge mole on his dick? Wtf is that?

No. 1618719

File: 1687870180460.jpeg (96.11 KB, 828x730, IMG_1570.jpeg)


No. 1618768

>the future is female
I'm sorry, I can't understand you, the future is what? What's a female? Define it for me tranny

No. 1618774

this is hilarious nonna

No. 1618806

File: 1687880777435.png (29.21 KB, 731x517, houseinruins.png)

Imagine burning your parents house down while they're away. Leaving it in ruins. Not telling them about it and days later thinking hmm better ask reddit to make sure I'm not in trouble.. Priorities?

No. 1618884

hop over to conspiracies.win as the person (axolotl_peyotl) that created that sub was banned off reddit as a whole a while ago.

No. 1618894

jfc. He needs to tell his parents. Could you imagine coming back from vacation and driving up to your house to find that your idiot son got high and burned it down? What a nightmare.

No. 1618925

Middle names don't matter. You can name your child Star Trek for her middle name and it will never affect her. It's really only first and last that matter.

No. 1618928


No. 1618929

I’m so tired of the few subreddits i care about still being shut down. What sucks is that whenever I look up something on google it redirects me to the shut down subreddit. Even on adjacent subreddits people are tired

No. 1618950

Drop that link sister girly I wanna get a good laugh. I truly need to understand how weed alone could make someone burn their house down. Surely this guy has got autism or something right?

No. 1618967

So, the subs I visit blacked out for a whole month. Did this shit fit even have any impact? It’s like it ended and now I just haven’t heard anything and everything’s back to normal no mentions kek

No. 1618974

I knew a guy with the legal middle name of Star Wars.

No. 1618985

He didn't respond to anyone in the thread but an hour ago he did pop onto reddit to post.. a compilation of dogs farting. Is it a troll? Is he stoned again? Will the parents ever be told their house is gone?

No. 1618990

File: 1687896609314.png (17.5 KB, 953x471, Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 4.03.…)

My first name is Star, now i wanna change my middle name to Wars just for shiggles

Mods are still kicking and screaming and shitting and farting, except that they have to go to their own containment subs such as r/ModSupport because they no longer have a captive audience. r/Save3rdPartyApps in particular, has a lot of tantrums, including mods threatening class action lawsuits, mass-emailing advertisers, and whatever the fuck this is: https://www.reddit.com/r/Save3rdPartyApps/comments/14aa74r/09_f9_11_02_9d_74_e3_5b_d8_41_56_c5_63_56_88_c0/

No. 1618993

nothing will probably happen because it only cements to reddit that they have control and people will keep using the site no matter what.

No. 1619069

File: 1687907138363.jpg (48.26 KB, 690x418, incel rants.jpg)

r/roastme is always a fascinating example of misogyny. go to any woman's post and you'll see hateful tirades like this getting awarded, go to a guy's post and you'll see stupid one-liners. moids really use this sub to just spew their hate of women and claim it's all a joke

No. 1619071

allowing moids to have access to the internet was a mistake

No. 1619081

File: 1687908559758.jpeg (37.14 KB, 828x741, IMG_0542.jpeg)

I made a discussion post on a sub and I keep getting comments with the most unfunny lame attempts at “jokes” and puns. I’m like actually offended by how painfully unfunny men are. The women on here run circles around them in clever humor. Reddit moids kys

No. 1619085

all of the comments under women's posts on r/roastme are just demeaning misogynistic sex jokes/nitpicks about their bodies or "lolol you look like a man!!11". moids are not funny

No. 1619089

I don’t even get why people post there, it’s so stupid all the way around. If you’re a woman, it’s just signing up for misogyny to be thrown your way.

No. 1619095

Kek sometimes my boyfriend gets me tickets to go with him to comedy shows and that’s exactly how I try to stare at the performer if they make a shitty joke

No. 1619101

It’s really worrying to me how men are so hateful and nitpicky critical of womens bodies. I get that they’re misogynists and see us as objects but the seething is unbelievable. Although most girls invite it on themselves by trying to get traction on their porn by spamming their shit all over Reddit for moid attention. All the responses are unoriginal tired remarks like oh you’re mentally ill without parental support haha show boob but also you’re ugly and fat!

No. 1619103

That is a set of testicles being strangled by a cock ring

No. 1619109

most male "comedians" just stand on stage and rant about their pathetic lives instead of making any real jokes

No. 1619175

File: 1687915464466.jpeg (56.42 KB, 828x561, IMG_7588.jpeg)

Time for all the pickmes to come out and talk about how they love fat guys that make them laugh and that big penises are a turnoff. Dear women of the world, it’s okay to like conventionally attractive muscular men I promise you’re not a bad person for it. Physical attraction isn’t a charity event. I only ever see women going on about dad bods anyway, it’s annoying as fuck because men get coddled so much for their appearances already.

No. 1619176

nona this is most likely fake, as are 90% of reddit stories

No. 1619178

No. 1619203

It looks like such a nice apartment too. I hate moids so much this shit is so unhinged.

No. 1619219

>love fat guys that make them laugh and that big penises are a turnoff
but it's true

No. 1619224

File: 1687922541816.jpg (353.39 KB, 1080x2063, castrate_moids_now.jpg)

beyond stupid, as are the comments. sub is r/CircumcisionGrief, which is a hilarious concept, as if their foreskin was a lost family member or something

No. 1619251

These retards can’t even find the clit so of course they can’t comprehend the difference between their precious foreskin and the scope of FGM.

No. 1619281

Not entirely the same question, but I remember back when I was more naive and participated in AskReddit subs, I've answered one of those "which uncommon features do you like" questions, where I typed something about very prominent noses. Holy shit the spam I got in my inbox from men telling me I'm an angel for liking big noses, they also have on winkwink, etc. But the most bizarre fucking shit was getting photos from a guy; not even a dick pic you mind, but him on some generic vacation photo, fully recognizable, from a profile angle, telling me how I'm welcome he shares this with me.

No. 1619289

File: 1687931735404.jpg (68.97 KB, 720x900, f7b6udu4pn8b1.jpg)

Found on r/justneckbeardthings. Was quite surprised to see a comment questioning why Elliot was there with a decent amount of upvotes. OPs response had actually quite a few downvotes when I first saw it, but I guess the troons woke up during the hour I was making breakfast.


No. 1619290

File: 1687931761194.png (28.66 KB, 1012x644, stgst.png)

No. 1619301

Also before anyone goes after me for calling her Elliot, I forgot the actress' actual name atm and I was on the verge of calling her Elliot Rodger while making my post.

No. 1619306

"I agree he doesn't fit in here but maybe in the future?" lmao, seriously

No. 1619320

>Was quite surprised to see a comment questioning why Elliot was there with a decent amount of upvotes.
of course because FTMs are allowed to be questioned and critisised on reddit, they would've been banned if this was a MTF situation.

No. 1619358

lol my boyfriend was being emotionally/sexually unavailable and i asked if he was watching porn, "yeah, why?" and then when i said that it's basically cheating on me because he's fantasizing about other women he said "well you should have told me you thought porn was cheating."???? how would you feel if you found out i was getting off to other men??? the absolute gymnastics men go through to convince themselves that it's okay for them to do this shit but freak out when women do it is insane to me. when he stopped watching porn i suddenly had a partner again. weird, it's almost like fantasizing about other people or fucking cartoons is bad for relationships

No. 1619363

Just looked, comments are a cesspool and besides this one all of the sane ones are downvoted ofc. People saying the word male doesn’t mean bio sex anymore. I get irrationally pissed at this change in goal posts and language. Fuck Reddit tranny chaser faggots. Elliot Page is nothing but a poster child for mental illness and instability. Literally contributes nothing positive to the world

No. 1619364

this has been driving me absolutely insane. all of the female fashion subreddits have been inundated with men and i just want to see some cute women wearing nice outfits, not give you advice on how to LARP as a woman ffs. it's always older men wearing these creepy teenage outfits too when before it was just women in fun/more mature outfits for work or going out. even the vintage hairstyling/makeup/clothing subreddits have been ransacked and i wouldn't even mind if they could be bothered to fucking TRY to find clothes or makeup or read a fucking book on how to style their hair but no it's always the most halfassed or ill fitting shit

No. 1619371

Even on nothowwomenwork there's a weird amount of
>uh anything more than 5 inches feels horrific for the vast majority of women!
>As long as you can reach the entrance that's all that matters to
the vast majority of women
>Most of the best selling dildos for women are only like 4 inches long because that's what the vast majority of women want

Women have different preferences. Applying 'the vast majority of women' at the end of all these 4/5 inches tops statements is trying way too hard to push in the opposite direction of incels raging about size mattering. This isn't it and I hope no young woman reading that shit ends up feeling like a freak of nature because she owns a fucking 6 inch toy instead of 4"

No. 1619587

Its true, I just hate how women always have to justify that they’re not shallow in order to coddle the fragile male ego of being insecure about their height, weight, status, small dick etc. but they’ll never do the same for us because they just see us as a collection of parts.

No. 1619648

This is why I don’t give a shit when women do the same thing back or have extremely high expectations for what they physically want in a moid.

No. 1619662

This isn't even a human being anymore. He's dead. His brain has been taken over by a parasite. Give your dog unlimited food and it might eat itself to death, same with this guy. I swear that in the future we'll see scrotes dying in front of their hi-tech VR porn systems because they forgot to eat and drink.

No. 1619679

I bet that stat includes vibrating dildos. Like duh, obviously most women buy smaller vibrators.

No. 1619693

Most male comedians aren't even funny. Just "joking" about how much they hate women/minorities/the gays

No. 1619701

>it's always older men wearing these creepy teenage outfits
Yes! Holy shit this is so annoying. I just want them to fuck off.

No. 1619756

This whiny retard conflating fgm with circumcision pisses me off.

No. 1619763

I dated a guy after my ex who was 6 inches but lied about it being bigger and it was obvious to me that he had lied based on how it felt. For me it’s 6.5 or 7 inches that feels the best but that might also be because I always do oral and orgasm before PIV so that I’m wet and fully expanded down there when it happens. I imagine for a lot of women who fake orgasms and don’t like oral that they’d prefer something smaller because they’re not as aroused. There’s also women with medical conditions and differing anatomy but given how many straight women don’t orgasm during sex I think that the vagina not being fully aroused is probably the majority of it kek. Sad but they’re doing it to themselves tbh…

No. 1619769

Bill Burr is like beloved by scrotes but i watched a video recently that is just him berating middle aged women for dressing how they want to dress and claiming that they’re competing for sex against their teen daughters. one of the grossest “bits” i’ve ever heard from a comedian, especially one that is pushing 50 and still dresses like he’s in his 20s.

No. 1619809

>>As long as you can reach the entrance that's all that matters to
the vast majority of women
What. Can't a literal micropeen technically reach the entrance? The entrance is the ENTRANCE it's right on the surface, my 0.5mm thick underwear is currently reaching my entrance.

No. 1619851

I hate him too, men are so retarded with their celebrity worship. They literally praise these rich assholes and hold them up on a pedestal for the dumbest shit like saying jokes or having a stupid podcast. Men are very susceptible to brainwashing and have an affinity to stand up for men they don’t even fucking know because they think they can also be rich and famous from doing dumb bullshit.

No. 1619942

File: 1687997554278.jpeg (56.71 KB, 876x881, IMG_1191.jpeg)

This interaction is so stupid

No. 1619964

Kek I've even seen this happen on another site where a yume was talking in a husbando thread about her husbando, and praising moids in bad shape at the same time, saying how cute their unattractive traits, as if she didn't want to hurt the feelings of lurking males. I thought that was kinda fucked up because when have you ever seen a male waifufag do the same in fear of getting female users angry?
But admittedly I used to be like that, and I didn't realize it back then. It's a desperate attempt to not get moids angry at you, and to not seem shallow because that would "confirm" to those moids that all women are shallow worthless whores. Women like that feel obligated to be attracted or fake attraction to men like that to prove them wrong.

No. 1620003

Inb4 one of the actual scrotes in this picture gets outed as some kind of sex predator

No. 1620005

By this logic, they could've just pasted a literal baby over Stewie's head

No. 1620008

Women literally die trying to give birth through a vagina closed off with scar tissue, but yeah, having slightly less dick cheese is clearly of equal severity. I'm opposed to circumcision because it's wrong to perform cosmetic surgery on minors regardless of the reason, but I'd never become an "intactivist" because most of the males in that movement are raging misogynist anti-semites with daddy issues.

No. 1620011

Translation: I look like Quasimodo and I want a list of female users with no standards so I can spam dick pics at them.

No. 1620032

who even are they? i only recognize ellen page and andrew tate

No. 1620097

uh i like ellen page and really feel bad for her rn but she is not a "wholesome role model" at all and never has been

No. 1620356

File: 1688050755881.png (137.98 KB, 1021x624, katecourtney618 on twoxchromos…)

No. 1620426

Absolutely no scrote sees her as an actual role model. Not even transwomen or gay and bisexual scrotes.

No. 1620433

File: 1688060190141.png (44.93 KB, 816x602, NancySmithReddit.PNG)

Moid drives over the speed limit in another country. He rightfully gets arrested for speeding and Child Endangerment, leaving the mom and baby wandering around trying to clean up his mess. But don't worry, she won't let him forget it…

No. 1620435

Every day on reddit there's some shit about how childbirth doesn't even hurt because its natural, how periods only hurt because 'women have shit diets' how women aren't even meant to have any body hair at all but again.. apparently we give ourselves hair through diet choices. How vaginas can get stretched out by one big dick and never go back to how they were. How periods can be held in til its convenient but we're all too lazy and gross to hold them in. How semen gets into a womans body and never leaves it again. It just pools in our wombs and women who've slept around can have babies with the genetics of every man she's ever fucked all mixed into the baby. How our bodies work according to men..

They can give it a rest with the whole 'women don't understand so they shouldn't speak on it' shit.

No. 1620452

sage for ot but is it kind of pathetic that i really, really hope a cure for male pattern baldness that’s effective and easily accessible to most men is not invented anytime in the near future? It’s just too funny watching them scream cry “but men age like fine wine!!!!” while half the fucking hair on their head is missing by 35.

No. 1620454

I hope they find a cure and all men take it and then it turns out to give you ballcancer.

No. 1620510

No. 1620619

Honestly don't get people who go over 100mph. I'll speed as much as 10mph over the limit, but not much more than that, and people here in America will call me a granny driver. I've never got it. I always stay in the right lane on highways unless I have to get left to turn off the road or some shit, but people still get irate. I couldn't imagine going over the limit by thirty with a baby. It's not just a legal thing, what would you do if you wrecked and hurt or killed your baby? I just don't get it.

No. 1620665

I'm a Britfag and it's kind of the same over here. Like you, I typically only only go about 10mph over the speed limit, but I get fucking chavvy men going right up my ass and leaning out the window to yell at me for going too slow. Like sorry I don't wanna kill myself and my daughter through reckless driving, christ.

No. 1620739

Lurk moar, this has already been posted.

No. 1620741

I swear to Christ, 50% of posts on Reddit are just things you could add to a list of reasons not to date or marry men.

No. 1620743

I assume you're not American. From left to right, it's Mr. T, Keanu Reeves, and Jack Black. Basically just past-their-prime male actors with good PR teams. Retards on Reddit worship them for having penises and going slightly beyond the bare minimum of basic human decency.

No. 1620745

Lmao insane because I took the ss from when I saw it upthread and had thought that I saved this today. I should check my house for CO poisoning.

No. 1620756

honestly this reads like a 14 year old wrote it. i know a lot of older grown men think this as well but this just really comes off as an angsty teenager who likely got schooled in class for trying to bitch and moan about le ebil circumciscion. like sorry bro but getting your nasty foreskin trimmed off or whatever it is that they do is nowhere near as bad as young girls being mutilated to the point that their labia is either gone or unrecognizable due to scarring or having their clitoris removed entirely. at least with male circumcision, the justification has typically been linked to hygiene, which men do have an issue with depending on who you are dealing with. but women are being mutilated for no other reason than to control their sexuality and low vibrational, misogynistic bullshit…getting your foreskin taken off is not even on the same level. and yes there have been instances of young children's penis being burned off by dumbass doctors and priests, but still, these are accidents. it isn't being done on purpose and circumcision does not greatly affect sensation in the penis like it does when it happens to women. i really do not understand why men want to be victims so badly.

No. 1620830

I mean. The "hygiene" justification for it really only applies to places where people don't have access to clean water and such, and even then, it's kind of working backwards. Like we're taking this retarded custom practiced thousands of years ago and trying to justify it, instead of organically discovering something that actually benefits people through medical rigor. The reasons for doing it in the first place had no rational basis. Pretty much all of the studies with "conclusions" that favor it either had shit methodology or were conducted in third world countries, I'm not kidding.

I don't give a fuck about scrotes or their feelings, I just super dislike the precedent the weird safeguarding of circumcision sets. The famous 2012 AAPM guidelines about it were authored by doctors who had religious biases. It's fucking absurd that we can't have a rational conversation about how it's wrong to cut healthy parts of off literal children without a bunch of retards leaping into the discussion to either screech antisemitic nonsense, accuse anyone who opposes circumcision of antisemitism, or senselessly compare it to FGM. I'm tired of people using idpol and muh religious freedom as justifications to hurt children and undermine science.

No. 1620908

File: 1688107693255.png (65.03 KB, 822x806, numalerant1.png)

No. 1620910

File: 1688107787098.png (65.32 KB, 807x813, numalerant2.png)

No. 1620924

everytime a scrote compares FGM to circumcision I ask them if someone cut their penis head off because that's what FGM is basically.

No. 1620933

>senselessly compare it to FGM

i blame this on researchers who initially labeled fgm as "female circumcision" and made it seem like people were just taking a knife or scalpel and "scratching" or nicking at the genitalia instead of what was actually going on…full blown mutilation. that was how it was initially presented when i was younger. then it eventually came out what was really going on and people had to change their tune.

>The "hygiene" justification for it really only applies to places where people don't have access to clean water and such…

no i agree, i wasn't trying to justify it, just giving some of the reasoning that i've been told over the years when i asked about what the purpose behind it was since this is the typical gotcha argument scrotes love to fall back on whenever they can. i just hate how men make it seem a lot worse than it really is because it just isn't on the same level as fgm and never will be. like so much else i see online, men just want to be oppressed for some reason and then claim that their particular flavor of oppression is somehow worse or greater than women and minorities. if it isn't their dicks they're whining about, then they're pouting about how they used to die in wars en masse (a choice moids made and still make everyday), or how women they slept with a handful of times take them to court to pay for child support/alimony (wear a condom you fucking idiot), or how everyone hates them because of their ethnicity. i am just sick of the whining and whataboutism from moids.

No. 1620944

File: 1688111212959.jpg (175.33 KB, 803x792, learn a new curse word challen…)

Why are millennial men so childish and embarrassing

No. 1620945

I feel a fat man wrote this.

No. 1620946

Looked it up and this post was 4 years old, why are you posting it RN.

No. 1620950

Well it doesn't matter what you think because God WILL burn your uncircumcised son in hell for all of eternity even if he's a baby. Cope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1620961

I don't get why balders won't just wear wigs. I've seen some before and after and it's crazy how much better they look with them. Too feminine and beta for the ~bald kings~ I guess.

No. 1620963

What do you think ? I just saw it

No. 1620970

Hats work too.

No. 1620973

Tbh if I was dating a dude who reveals that he's wearing a wig I would feel so betrayed lol, short hair/bald is one of my biggest turn-off.

No. 1620977

Please no, we don't need another way for men to trick us. The hatfishing and beardfishing are bad enough.

Balding is pure karma for moids, it's the most unattractive sign of aging amongst either sex. It's a pity that we're left with fewer options but it's funny that they have a randomized chance of being irredeemably hideous as they age that they can't do shit about.

No. 1620978

I think circumcision is weird but agree that it's not on the same level as FGM. I've had two men I know say their circumcision was botched and that they don't have much sensation at all, turns out both of them were porn addicts and probably suffering from death grip. Like, if you really had little to no sensation I don't understand how you could become a porn addict in the first place. The one guy I knew who was uncircumcised wishes that he was, he thought his dick was ugly lol.

No. 1620979

If a man has a decent enough face and head shape and is fit he can pull off the bald look fine, it's not to my taste but they're not all hideous so the whining from balding men is all the more funny. Honestly the hat/beard cope make them more unattractive to me. I give more leeway for hat wearers since your scalp can literally get sunburned lol but when they wear it 24/7 even inside it reeks of insecurity. If they're fat there's no hope, they will never look good. I'm really glad most women don't bald, I think I'd kms

No. 1621163

>porn addicts insecure about their own penis
You really gotta laugh. Maybe stop looking at big throbbing cocks all day, idiots.

No. 1621197

If women spend their life saving into getting male approval with plastic surgery then scrotes should be expected to do the same with everything from jaw implants to hair plugs.

No. 1621398

men truly would not survive a single day as women lol. he is THIS livid over one (1) tweet he saw. Every single video I see of a woman dancing, acting, and/or dressing sexually, the comment sections never fail to be flooded with "anything but a daughter" comments from moids, typically with hundreds/thousands of likes. one of the most sickening instances ive ever seen that has stuck with me was this comment i saw underneath a post from an edgy circlejerk memepage. Was a tiktok dude duetting a vid of a chick making a joke about blowjobs with the caption "me praying i never have a daughter har har". in the comment there was one from a man reading "What I was praying to God for my wifes entire pregnancy". I go to his instagram account, and there was a picture of his newborn son. I know its just words on the internet and i shouldnt let it bother me, but that was like over a year ago and its still stuck with me. men are inherently evil.

No. 1621411

My unpopular opinion is that I think the labia can be stretched out, but there wouldn't be any difference between sex with lots of different men and the same amount with one man. I think any skin can be stretched out, that's why pulling on your ear lobe daily can stretch it, or that one woman who has the stretchiest belly. I have had some dry sex before and I could literally feel everything being pulled with each thrust. I imagine that if a woman has to have large amounts of sex with men without her being aroused (like in a porn situation), that her soft tissues would be more prone to stretching.
Though I wonder if lack of fat and elasticity also contributes to the appearance of a larger labia as we age and men just assume that because we're older that we've had more sex. I know that the skin gets less elastic, so I would assume that everything starts to droop with age.

No. 1621414

I swear men are so obsessed with dicks. Makes me wonder how many are closet faggots.

No. 1621421

With the earlobe thing I'm assuming it would take quite a lot of extended, heavy pulling every day for it to permanently be stretched, and the same goes for other body parts. If your labia would be pulled to that extent it would probably be quite painful. I think even if you'd have bone dry sex for half an hour every single day that would probably not be enough to make a huge difference in how your labia look. Much less if you're actually aroused and there's enough lubrication. Sometimes when I've very recently had sex I do notice my labia feeling and looking somewhat stretched out or at least not tucked in as much, but it always goes back to normal pretty quickly.
Of course like you say as you age the skin gets less elastic and starts to sag more, and labia are no exception, but even with body parts that gravity is constantly pulling down on, it's an extremely slow process. And of course while this is true for labia, when scrotes talk about women getting 'stretched out' by having sex, they're not just talking about labia but also claim the actual vaginal canal somehow becomes looser, which is of course complete bullshit and on par with claiming that eating food makes your mouth bigger.

No. 1621423

Whenever a man tries to bring up these kinda articles, I always reply "man bites dog." Because dogs bite men every day, it not news even though it happens hundreds of times. But a man that bites a dog? That's unusual and therefore news.

No. 1621444

>I think even if you'd have bone dry sex for half an hour every single day
But from what I understand, isn't that what porn stars and prostitutes experience? Except for the lucky few that got rich, they have to have large amounts of sex frequently. That is the situation that I'm imaging when I think that any body part can be stretched.
>actual vaginal canal somehow becomes looser
That one I can't imagine being real. The only reason I can think of that, is during pregnancy the tendons relax and sometimes make changes permanent (me and my sisters all went up half a shoe size with each kid), so I can imagine the vaginal canal feeling looser, but that would happen any any advanced pregnancy, even c-sections, so it isn't caused by something large coming out of or going into the vaginal canal.

No. 1621461

hes mad because he knows he couldnt make a woman feel like that

No. 1621483

NTA but many pornstars have cosmetic surgery to hack off part of their labia to begin with. Constant dry sex is probably more likely to lead to labial tearing or sores than it is to stretch them out. I’m pretty sure there is a niche community of weirdos who deliberately stretch their labia but they pull on them with weights.

No. 1621498

>periods can be held in til its convenient
my "men-have-it-much-worse!" brother at the age of 23

No. 1621573

My third party reddit app finally shut down, i guess this means i won’t be browsing reddit anymore lol

No. 1621886

I wonder how many of these dudes are sexual with women who have similar body types to the woman they're saying grotesque things about

No. 1621997

File: 1688218832203.png (1.09 MB, 1338x934, DUDEWEEEEEEED.png)

This is so fucking gay

No. 1622012

July 1 is the day the api pricing changes go into affect so all third party apps are dead now.

No. 1622169

I always say that if women could become bald, they wouldn't even think twice about getting wigs or hair transplants. Hell it would probably be as expected as it is to shave your legs. But because it's men, nobody cares. Nobody pressures men to do the bare minimum with their looks.
I always tell my moid I expect him to do something if he goes bald. Be it hair transplant or finasteride or whatever.

No. 1622193

I'm rather partial to a Dr. Pepper but I don't think the best way to remember me would be to pour some into my urn. Jesus. Potheads stop making weed your entire personality challenge: IMPOSSIBLE

No. 1622254

I asked in a foreign subreddit how and if I could take legal action for past grooming and all it got was a bunch of downvotes. It was such a general sub too, I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 1622259

God, that makes me want to a-log. I'm sorry that happened to you, nona. I hope you can find the legal advice you need soon.

No. 1622279

Someone did comment a link with which I could report sexual predators in that country, at least there's one good person on reddit.

No. 1622304

Just saw an account called derangedtranssexual and ofc he’s a porn addict in nofap. Reminds me of this other user i always see invading female spaces called demonicgirlcock who’s a “sex worker” and posts hideous nudes. These guys are all such fucking stereotypes

No. 1622305

Women absolutely can become bald but like you said they usually feel obligated to hide it. Generally not shiny bald like men but tons of older women have diffuse thinning where you can see through to their scalp. Most conceal it the best they can with short haircuts and various hairpieces like toppers. I’ve noticed more and more hair thinning among younger women in recent years, too. Idk if it’s because more people have health issues or due to new shampoo formulations and new shampoo preservatives that are causing a lot of allergy issues.

I was friends with a man in his early 40’s for many years and it was honestly annoying listening to him whine about his hair and planned transplant procedures. I understand not wanting to appear bald but he only wanted his OWN hair (also understandable) and refused to even consider a hairpiece even though he agreed that they can be imperceptible. The thing about hair transplants is that if you’re still actively losing your hair, and he was despite being on finasteride and idk what else, you’ll lose the transplanted hair as well. Luckily he’s a specialist doctor and can afford to be a vain bitch. He eventually became so intolerably mopey and depressed and negative I had to cut him out of my life for my own well-being even though he was my only friend. I’m kinda convinced his hair loss meds contributed to his constant low mood. I’d rather a man just be bald than constantly be chasing procedures to cling to his hair.

No. 1622311

If scrotes prioritize not being bald and fugly harder, science will advance to suit their needs.

No. 1622348

I’d rather have science focus on women’s health than stupid shit.

No. 1622361

He only needed to say it once.

No. 1622434

File: 1688256692312.jpeg (799.99 KB, 1125x1502, C5B52250-522F-485A-8AF4-3EC529…)

This is the type of thing that makes me feel concerned about myself because I hate it so much and I shouldn’t hate harmless things so much.

No. 1622437

samefagging I posted too early sorry but I seriously just despise it, first of all the pretending to be the pet thing and posting online is a weird hobby in and of itself but the cringe doggo speak just makes me want to smash my head against drywall
If the cat can speak, why couldn’t it speak correctly? Why would it be able to get like 95% of the way there and then just stroke out and sound retarded like that? How do people think it’s cute and not insufferable? I feel like if I posted my cat “talking” like that on the internet she’d somehow know and love me less because I’ve embarrassed us both

No. 1622445

You’re not alone, this doggo speak is absolutely intolerable. I haven’t been able to stand scrolling through reddit in years.

No. 1622453

Probably because it's a deeply millenial low-hanging grab at attention. And you know that it isnt cannon, if cats could talk they wouldn't be saying this shit. They would be calling you an ugly cunt and screaming for dinner.

No. 1622460

>They would be calling you an ugly cunt and screaming for dinner
why do americans have this extremely negative view on cats despite supposedly liking them? The japanese like cats too and they portray them as gentle creatures but you guys talk like cats are such rude pets? i don't get it

No. 1622462

I mean, cats are pests. They’ve literally caused the extinction of dozens of species because humans think they are just harmless cute animals that would never kill a small rodent that’s important to the ecosystem.

No. 1622464

How is this negative? I love cats. You're naive and self important if you think they aren't selfish and wouldn't talk to you like you're their slave, they literally view you as their slave.

No. 1622465

>every single offhand joke made that offends me is made by an American

No. 1622470

Kek if anything the japanese sexualize cat features more than any other culture, shut up.

No. 1622473

Autistic bugman doesn't understand jokes. Asians only see their cats as decorative and not even as living, breathing, feeling beings. All those horrible instagram accounts by japanese people putting cats in "relaxing baths" by drugging the shit out of them and making them more docile, putting eyedrops in their eyes to make them permanently dilated and more "kawaii" etc. It's straight up animal abuse.

No. 1622487

I know, I'm talking from a neutral perspective, i'm not a cat person myself but i suppose that if you like cats you should see them as nuanced animals instead of straight up bitches while also rejoicing on the supposed fact they "hate you", it's strange, they're just animals, not all cats are cunts. I'm also not a weeb but i noticed Japan does really portray cats on a better light, mostly as neutral companions instead of arrogant, grumpy beings that look down on you

No. 1622490

File: 1688262068490.jpg (81.51 KB, 465x742, 1542417226207.jpg)

>you guys talk like cats are such rude pets
That's the appeal

No. 1622500

picrel reads like the intj copypasta

No. 1622501

Are you autistic? Because it was obviously a joke and nobody wants to debate with you over a harmless punchline about cats being mischievous and alpha.

No. 1622505

why are you so angry an calling me names? i'm just talking, you can ignore my post

No. 1622506

File: 1688262623294.jpg (150.85 KB, 1080x1112, sogsfvf8sjw31.jpg)


No. 1622508

>wHy aRe yOu sO aNgRy
Are you underage too? You can't actually be this hard to engage with, right?
>inb4 "I am literally a minor omg why are you guys so weird"

No. 1622513

you're giving me second hand embarrassment

No. 1622515

You precious summerfags

No. 1622522

Take your meds, schizo

No. 1622537

>god you guys are so stuuuupid saying cats would be assholes
>but anon, its a joke
>i can't imagine looking at such creatures and projecting such negative thoughts on them, shame shame
>anon, it's a fucking joke
>ZOMG why are you so ANGEY and MEAN

No. 1622543

cut it out

No. 1622557

I knew multiple women who complained about their hair falling out and are spending good money for treatments related to it, only one of them had noticable hair loss. It's so weird seeing how fast women are quick to treat issues that affect their appearence like acne, hair loss, weight gain, etc where as moids wont even notice something is wrong until they look like dr phil

No. 1622591

Sounds like skill issues on those species part, cats have been around for a long time before they were domesticated and were successful in the wild, they no doubt deleted many species before they were pets. And cats have been pets for a long time too, those birds and rats had all the time in the world to adapt.

No. 1622599

That’s actually bullshit that can never be proven. It’s also not an issue in the United Stares because cats have many predators. The people who push the “cats are bad for muh ecosystem!” argument for their hate of cats are often times trying to justify exterminating them.

Also, pet cats exclusively belong inside.

No. 1622670

File: 1688277389874.png (388.72 KB, 500x705, D0ifUpKWsAAscKW.png)

No. 1622749

I think if HP Lovecraft's cat could talk, it would have a few questions to ask about its name.

No. 1622793

Some cats are dicks but some cats are basically just cuter, better smelling dogs who make cuter noises.

No. 1622796

as a cat owner i fail to see how i am superior for wasting so much money on a pet that's a dick 50% of the day

No. 1622797

What? You can verify that with a quick google search. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cat_predation_on_wildlife
It definitely is an issue in the States. They don't actually have predators that specifically prey on them, just animals that happen to kill them if they get in their way. It's not like how lions prey on zebras.
Cats do belong inside, but the issue is most of the world doesn't even know the concept of an indoor cat. Which has led to this disaster.
I love cats but this is an absolutely retarded claim. Saying this isn't true implies it doesn't matter if cats are left outside, which is not true. Like you said they're pets and being left outside harms them too.

No. 1622810

Those studies are actually kinda dumb if you look into their methodology

No. 1622900

File: 1688305923716.gif (1.55 MB, 320x218, 1537552285639.gif)

And I bet the weirdo tries to smoke those when he runs out of weed.

No. 1622903

>Doesn't believe years of research that follows the effects cats have an environment
Are you also a flat eather?

No. 1622974

maybe i shouldn't feel this way, but whenever i see posts like this, i really do assume the person has a below average iq. like there is just no way a reasonably intelligent person thinks this is funny in any capacity. and it's sad because people on reddit thinks they're smarter than everyone else, that they're all sekrit geniuses who are misunderstood by the world, and that posting on reddit makes them members of the cool club. but then they laugh at shit like this and i wonder, do they realize how retarded this looks?

cats are (generally) quiet, cautious, and introverted with people that they don't know and set boundaries with themselves that they enforce (scratching and biting or running away), unlike dogs who are silly, childilike, and lovingly naive even when people are cruel to them, so of course to the average american, they're assholes. it's a cultural thing. americans say the same thing about introverted people.

No. 1623209

Some cats are dicks but some cats are basically just cuter, better smelling dogs who make cuter noises.

No. 1623265

No, I just know how to read research and interpret data. There’s entirely too many variables to conclusively blame cats.

No. 1623277

I wish cats would leave me alone, but they never seem to be introverted with me

like they're cute and all but I do not wish to interact

No. 1623315

Cats dislike direct eye contact from strangers because they interpret such as a threat, so they’re more likely to choose
disinterested people as potential friends over cat people because the disinterested aren’t staring them down and freaking them out
To avoid a cat you’d rather not befriend, stare at em, they won’t like it and most will leave you alone
I’m the anon that posted the awful doggo speak screenshot and I just want to clarify that I fucking love cats and I just think they deserve better (and also that posting pictures of one’s cat and posting a title spoofing /r/legaladvice in normal English is at least understandable as to how people enjoy it

No. 1623321

>sperging about cats in reddit hate thread
Is there really nothing else for you to reply to?

No. 1623517

File: 1688368536596.jpg (219.03 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20230703_030759_Red…)

Fucking hate how men have to co-opt female genital mutilation to make it all about them. Was on a post that said "circumcism is genital mutilation" and comments are either calling it henious or saying how unfair it is that female genital mutilation is seen as worse. One person said how it's unfair women can joke about circumcised penis' look bettet but he can't joke about how female gential mutilation removing the labia makes a vagina look better. Cannot believe men can even pretend a woman getting her clitorus scooped out with a paring tool is at all similar to removing the foreskin. The pain and lifelong complications aren't even similar in scope. I guarantee if there wasn't a media fuss about how bad female genital mutilation is men wouldn't even care or get jealous and have to minimize it to "whatabout" themselves into the spotlight

No. 1623520

I noticed women getting balder young too. I honestly think it has something to do with hair dye. I used to dye my hair with manic panic red and thought it was safe because it was semi-permanent, but after a year started notice really bad thinning. It seemed to agitate it when I dyed my hair, so I stopped. My friend had hair thinning too and used same hair dye but insisted it was only semi-permanent vegetable dye so it couldn't be causing it.
I'm not sure what happened to her but I stopped using it and now 4 years later my hair is back to normal thickness, I use henna once in a blue moon but I don't trust a lot of shampoos and hair dyes. It could also be city air, I lived in a polluted city around the same time and moved out, I feel like I saw a lot more women with thinning when I lived there. Could just be seeing more people though.

No. 1623547

New body care products are definitely fucking women up. Garnier Whole Blends gave me massive dermatitis that fucked up my lips for a month, a bleeding rash on my crotch, and gave me a thin spot that never fully healed. Silicone shampoo will also cause baldness if you let it get on your scalp. It seems like half the new body care things I try these days give me some kind of bad reaction. I never had this problem before maybe 5 years ago. The 99 cent basic products are ironically the highest quality products you can buy.
What a piece of complete shit. OFC by the end of it he's justifying men being abusive if they had their toddler feelings hurt in the past. No self control, complete expectation of emotional coddling, as if they were literal babies punching their parents during an emotional meltdown over a booboo. They want to be respected, but act like bad little kids. Maybe act like a grown adult, instead of grasping for reasons to act like a spoiled child. The average man has the emotional maturity of the most deranged bpd woman you will ever meet.

No. 1623699

> females and men
Ah yes the poor second class citizen who is going through life being treated as lesser can't even bring himself to say women and men. Its always females and men.

No. 1623834

File: 1688410616728.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 5DCB7464-24EE-442A-AC77-E7BF12…)

(Would’ve posted on the youtube hate thread but it’s pretty much dead so sorry if this doesn’t completely fit but i did find it on reddit so pls don’t ban me) Anyone else seen this bizarre ass channel? The amount of views all of the videos have is insane,I can’t bring myself to go look at the comments but I imagine they’re a shithole. It’s either fetish content or MRA brainwashing. Daily reminder 4 out of 5 drunk drivers are men, and men cause the majority of serious/fatal accidents.

No. 1623835

File: 1688410685039.jpeg (625.11 KB, 828x1405, C68EAD12-DD83-4890-B3BF-03A161…)

No. 1623836

File: 1688410824783.png (1.82 MB, 828x1792, 7DC7AEE5-41AE-42FD-ACA1-92B089…)

No. 1623840

File: 1688410967358.jpeg (737.57 KB, 828x1498, 2D96BE16-860E-475A-9B9C-679FAC…)

No. 1623857

Moids have a serious complex about wanting to be the victims, the only victims, in any fucking way, always bitching about being disposable boo fucking hoo your moid brethren are the ones sending you to war and cutting your foreskin off. I see this exact type of bitching on Reddit all the time, moids crying about “oh so I guess it’s ok to be mean to men sad face no one cares about me” not even realizing the horrendous scope of misogyny they interact and surround themselves with. They can’t stand when any attention isn’t on them, the most sensitive little whiny retards ever, useless cock vessels.

No. 1623877

I hate this shit, and a lot of them are half naked too.

No. 1623879

i don’t know if moids realize how many of the celebrity men they hold up as examples of men “aging better” either have hair plugs or use hairpieces. There’s a reason that you see way more full heads of hair on middle aged and old men in Hollywood than you do IRL.

(FWIW, I think bald men can look handsome if they’re in good shape, especially if they have tan or dark skin)

No. 1624023

It’s cause they stopped using formaldehyde releasing preservatives in shampoos/conditioners and have been trying a bunch of other shit. The formaldehyde releasing preservatives would release teensy tiny amounts over time to control bacteria in the product. It had been used for decades without issues. But “formaldehyde scary” won out.

No. 1624030

I was going to make fun of this, but then I remembered that Neanderthals and other early hominids buried their loved ones with flowers and colored rocks. It it a piece of human nature to bury our loved ones with things they liked and enjoyed.

No. 1624111

maybe this is an unpopular perspective but i like reading reddit or similar male dominated spaces just to see briefly into the mind of your average terminally online moid. they always whine and complain about being oppressed, but then you find out they're living in some totally average suburban hellhole in the middle of bumfuck, minnesota or whothefuckshire, england. they work normal jobs and have some fuddy duddy girlfriend who babies them, a family that loves them (or at least tolerates them), a somewhat decent job, and at least one college degree. and yet they still somehow find a way to make themselves a victim of society because reasons. i really have no words.

No. 1624124

I agree that to some extent it is important to understand places like reddit to get an 'inside view' into how a lot of males headspaces work. I would have never had been able to guess it myself, without browsing online. Even though it's pretty disheartening, I think it's better to live without wool over your eyes.

No. 1624235

They make themselves disposable. They live like Ebenezer Scrooge, and then throw fits that nobody cares about them. Treat their girlfriends like shit, usually knock one up after dating for years and then run off within the next 12 months. Don't pay child support, don't do a damn thing to raise and bond with their own spawn, treat even more women like shit. Ignore their own friends, say nasty "jokes" about their friends. Won't actually do anything for their communities or other people, just sit around and act superior and get more bitter. Then they're shocked and amazed to be alone.

No. 1624703

File: 1688506372492.jpg (439.64 KB, 1078x1760, 23.jpg)

troon claims jihyo from twice was rude to him

No. 1624704

File: 1688506395163.jpg (385.76 KB, 1080x1375, 24.jpg)

No. 1624728

The thing I don't understand about troons is they always have to make it about being "trans". Like, this story is probably fake, but assuming it isn't- how do you not know that famous people literally hate being talked to in public. Literally almost every famous figure has talked about how they hate going outside because of the sheer number of people that ask them for photos or autographs or whatever. 'Looked at me like I wasn't human'… She sounds like she was just pissed that she can't even shop without people bothering her.

No. 1624739

she should've killed him right there in the store. just my opinion tho

No. 1624741

No. 1624814

Fake but I still laughed.

No. 1624986

This is giving "I saw [celebrity] at a grocery store" energy

No. 1625001

Cause and effect capitalism. Poison women's hair products so they have to buy hair treatments, wigs, extensions, etc
Poison women's nail products so they have to go to the salon if they want decent nails, etc

I also think our hormones are being messed with. The amount of young women I have met with PCOS is insane, it also would explain why a lot of young women are seeming to struggle with losing extra fat

No. 1625287

File: 1688577091230.png (107.63 KB, 732x488, SS2023-07-05.png)

>He is on disability and is diagnosed with adult child syndrome
I hate how legal subs are full of abused wives trying to get their pervert husbands out of trouble. Adult child syndrome! He was only setting me up to possibly get raped cos he has this syndrome that nobody else on earth has or has ever heard of.

No. 1625297

holy fuck imagine seeking legal defence for your husband who's actively blackmailing you to have you raped.

No. 1625410

Awful. I didn't know what adult child syndrome was so I looked it up and how on earth would that clear him from this behavior? It doesn't make you retarded.

No. 1625415

>adult child syndrome
lmao I hope "manchild disorder" has finally become an official diagnosis.
> it also would explain why a lot of young women are seeming to struggle with losing extra fat
It's the refined industrial oils in food. Soybean oil drives obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease, it fucks you up. And it is in EVERYTHING. If it doesn't have soybean oil, it has palm oil, which helps cancer grow and spread.

No. 1625417

I swear to God this better be trolling or else I'm going to lose the last grain of faith in humanity I was holding on to for my 30s.

No. 1625475

Its honestly on par with claiming you've been officially diagnosed with peter pan syndrome. Neither are recognized mental health disorders. Certain support groups love to come up with these syndromes and popularize the terms but they're not a DX

No. 1625659

I miss parabens. They are excellent preservatives, rarely cause dermatitis, and are non-sensitizing.

No. 1625811

File: 1688612227817.jpeg (269.35 KB, 748x1021, 0DAD1474-C502-425C-9CC8-719005…)

And then everyone clapped.

No. 1625837

Wonderful scenario straight from his mind palace

No. 1626120

He either met a complete dumpster fire or this seems like some weird revenge fantasy type post. Most women on OF aren't stupid enough to reveal it on first date, and those who do certainly don't start mentioning other guys involved.

No. 1626123

He was 100% jerking off to some MMF Onlyfans video and thinking in his head how if be would be on a date with this horrible slut he would reject her.

No. 1626126

> she really REALLY likes me
Yeah and this really REALLY happened kek

No. 1626136

Not real but I would also do this if I accidentally took an ewhore on a date kek, porn culture pickmes should not be allowed a successful dating life

No. 1626158

File: 1688651976096.jpg (151.6 KB, 736x1084, 57ca1e21dba6a372a10b651195f172…)

No. 1626503

Not only was it gross but something just ticks me off when men just assume all girls and women will happily sleep with them. I knew a moid who was like this and would randomly start pointing out how he would sleep with random women he met like ??? Did men just suddenly forget that women aren't going to just say yes by their presence ?

No. 1626539

As if you could get a date in the first place kek

No. 1626582

whats the tweet anyway? cant find it

No. 1626818

File: 1688701677824.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20230706-204724_(1)…)

Imagine being with a manchild like this

No. 1626821

shocking that r/deadbedrooms is so popular! why wouldn't such an idiotic overgrown baby make their gf's pussy wet?

No. 1626825

if you look at their post history, the gf posted this on the manchild’s account. all he does is post about lean and fentanyl all day. oh, and whine that she won’t have sex with him because he watches disgusting porn.

No. 1626841

Life with scrotes in the 21st century is ridiculous. I just think of all the grooming little girls go through, and THIS is the type of male they get. This is what they were raised to enable. Complete utter failures.

No. 1626940

I can only imagine comments being "haha manchild so funni can't do chores exdee", disgusting weaponized helplessness behaviour.

No. 1626967

>spongebob shit
yeah that tracks

No. 1627095

File: 1688736513826.png (45.27 KB, 594x288, COOM.png)

On a post about a dyed geode. How fucking braindead do you have to be to want to fuck a rock?

No. 1627113

File: 1688737601311.png (79.85 KB, 1076x566, lolf.png)

Most mentally balanced redditor

No. 1627133

>mildly infuriating
I'd have beat him half to death for this. "Mildly infuriating" my ass.

No. 1627218

Hetrosexuality is so fucking tragic, holy shit. I can't believe they used to try and threaten us with the whole cat lady spinster thing, but I'm sure those women live longer with far less stress and have more fulfilling lives overall, because they're not strapped to a retarded man baby who's convinced himself he's a God.

No. 1627242

Eh, this is fairly harmless, even if it's a bit extreme to externalize emotional control to this degree. This is nothing compared to the husbando thread here

No. 1627702

Male moment.

No. 1628037

I've used Reddit to look at tiktok content without touching the app, but now all the Reddit subs collecting funny/interesting tiktok videos are unusable, thanks to the deluge of tranny/genderspecial related preaching shit on it. I go through "best of week" lists usually from time to time, and today like 80% of the most upvoted shit is about troon politics, and it's not even Pride month anymore. They really kill all the humor in the world.

No. 1628097

File: 1688822065628.png (179.19 KB, 714x1478, Screenshot_57.png)

>TERFs are actually NLOG and radical feminists are actually misogynistic.

No. 1628121

Trannies seething about JKR never gets old.
Also, did he just equate crossplaying to being a full-time troon? Weird since they so insist that drag queens aren't True and Honest Transwimmins.

No. 1628149

In reddits mind, if you even so much as yell at your moid for this shit you are considered an abusive negging bitch wife who deserves to be cheated on and for domestically violating the poor man and giving him forever PTSD.

No. 1628274

Oh yeah because terfs and radfems are just so thirsty for male attention and validation? People really just conjure up any conclusion in their mind and other retards decide to agree because woman wrongthink bad

No. 1628307

>All those horrible instagram accounts by japanese people putting cats in "relaxing baths" by drugging the shit out of them and making them more docile, putting eyedrops in their eyes to make them permanently dilated and more "kawaii" etc.

Pretty sure that's bullshit. You have any legitimate sources for that tinfoil that isn't some hearsay from some offhand joke or comment someone made ages ago that got spread around as fact? Japanese people on average tend to bathe their cats more than we do, whereas we hardly ever do it unless there's something stuck to their fur since cats mostly bathe themselves; Giving them baths from an early age acclimates them to it, and some cats are born with larger eyes/pupils naturally, no eyedrops or drugs needed.

No. 1628735

Cats don't need to be bathed. It's bad for them. They do it because they think it's cute with no concern for the cat's skin at all. Just look at the deformed monsters they are breeding with smushed faces, midget legs and bulging out eyes, just so the cat looks more kawaii. You think a cat with permanently enlarged pupils is normal or healthy? You do realize they need to contract for a reason? These people have zero empathy for animals and should not be allowed to own pets.

No. 1628903

File: 1688890683631.png (308 KB, 1170x1474, IMG_9014.png)

Some thread on misandry offends misogyny kills

No. 1628906

File: 1688890797511.png (265.63 KB, 1170x1091, IMG_9015.png)

>Men committing suicide due to being divorced
Ahahahahah I wish)

No. 1628911

File: 1688891246114.png (58.5 KB, 1170x334, IMG_9016.png)

No. 1628925

Imagine being this delusional. Femicide suddenly doesn't exist. Men murdering their wives and children is a statistical error apparently

No. 1628931

File: 1688892271309.jpg (191.55 KB, 742x884, 1639507585338.jpg)

I hate men so much anons, I wanna a-log just reading this shit. And yet there is 0% chance that I will ever be violent to a moid let alone actually kill one.

But I guess they are literally being murdered by me not having sex with them, in which case good riddance.

No. 1628938

Tall buildings kill way more birds than cats do.

No. 1628941

The amount of products that are endocrine disrupters that we slather on everyday is insane

No. 1628942

>1 in 20 males commit CSA

No. 1628950

File: 1688894071153.jpg (459.07 KB, 850x1165, SmartSelect_20230709_121234_Ch…)

anyone else see this one? his wife put her foot down against marital rape and he throws a temper tantrum and threatens divorce.

at the core of all of this is the fact that they don't see us as equal humans, just sex dolls for them to use whenever they please.

No. 1628959

I'm gonna get called a moid for this but if my bf kept rejecting my advances it'd eventually wear me down too. What's the difference between a bf/husband and a roommate at that point? Obviously this is a moid so you can't trust his word that he wasn't more forceful than he described here but besides the borderline manipulative "have sex with me or I'll divorce you" I don't think it's bad to desire sex in a marriage?

No. 1629047

Does drugs all day
Crashed 7 cars
Whines about wanting to kill himself
Can't hold down a job
Porn addicted

>Literally only bothered about if his baby mama has sex with him or not

No. 1629053

same w the other anon. i understand that people are allowed to not want things but from this story alone, the guy just seems to be in love with his wife and looking for imtimacy. i dont think hes an asshole looking to "rape", but yeah i dont wanna get flooded w comments calling me a moid. i mean the wife is allowed to want distance but you cant expect the other side to be cool with it forever.

No. 1629061

>men choosing to take their lives
>men doing dumb violent shit and getting killed
So men have no agency or responsibility and their shitty choices are women’s fault somehow. Meanwhile we’re dying because men actually murder us.

No. 1629063

I've been where she is, the moid is downplaying his attitude. He's likely been very forceful about it, kissing her when she obviously doesn't want to, constantly touching her, ogling at her, etc. I'm sure he has coerced her into sexual acts too. This made his wife go from seeing it as affection and intimacy to harassment,because it's always one sided. It has become so normal for her that she can just walk away without saying anything.
He says kissing her only when she wanted to (i.e when she consented and it was mutual), made him feel worse. That just tells you he's constantly touching her only when HE wants to. Now he doesn't get to do it as often, and it made him depressed. Moids don't understand consent.

No. 1629073

I love cats. I also think outdoor cats are wildly irresponsible both for the cat and for the enviroment. Those arent mutually exclusive. I mean dog are bred from wolves who roam for miles, way further than a wild cat, yet nobody is advicating for letting dogs be "natural" and fuck around unsupervised and maul wildlife like outdoor cat owners do.

No. 1629074

For me it was the same thing. My ex was constantly touching, ogling and groping me even when I had told him multiple times to please leave me alone, give me some room to breathe etc. In the beginning of the relationship he also would give me the silent treatment for days if I refused sex and don't speak to me until I apologized for being lazy. I have no doubt that the guy in >>1628950 loves and misses intimacy from his wife, but he's also most likely the cause of her aversion and unwilling to admit that. These guys also only threaten divorce, but leave it up to the wife to actually initiate it so they don't have to be the bad guy. My ex still keeps telling people that he was "totally willing to fix things", but that I decided to take the easy way out and divorce him instead. They don't want the divorce. They want their wife to magically get fixed from the wreckage they caused on her libido. No sympathy for them. My only wish is that the wife takes the plunge and leaves him, since he's too much of a coward to do it himself.

No. 1629079

Yeah, I agree. Though this can easily be a situation where the man takes every act of intimacy as a chance to feel her up or to segue to sex, it's also normal and expected that you be willing to hug and kiss your partner so he's not in the wrong for wanting that out of a relationship.

No. 1629084

I love how your comment implies that people who want cats to be indoor only and people who are frothing at the mouth to build bird killing buildings are the same people.
But also, you're completely wrong. Building collisions are estimated to kill between 100 million and 1 billion birds and have negligible effect on collision deaths of mammals. Meanwhile, cats kill 1.3 to 4 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals annually. These numbers are for the USA only. 13% of all modern bird species that have gone extinct, have gone extinct because of cats. It is currently estimated that cats are responsible for 2/3 of all bird deaths.

No. 1629085

All moids really are the same huh? Mine also gave me the silent treatment if I didn't give into his sexual coercion. Constantly touching me, groping me, flashing me. His "intimacy" was just trying to convince me to have sex, the times he was intimate without expecting sex were few. Eventually I started fearing his touch just like that guy's wife. Then came the "depression" because I was rejecting him. Cry me a river. If he had respected my boundaries and hadn't coerced me into sex none of that shit would've happened.

No. 1629089

Agreed, I own three whole cats and am very dedicated to the cat lady cause but letting them out to hurt small animals is just cruel and stupid. Leash them and then take them for walks if you have to, and build a catio if you have the means. People who cry it 'hasn't been proven' are just in denial and/or lazy owners who imo shouldn't own any pets if they aren't willing to put in the time.

No. 1629093

The fucking "depression" phase. During that time my ex printed me out an article he found showing how lack of sex in a relationship could cause higher risk of heart disease and cancer in men due to some lack of dopamine thing. The article was obvious bullshit and I don't know for how long he searched the internet to find it, but having him put that in front of me and give me a long, sad speech about how my aversion was causing him both physical and mental health issues still makes me roll my eyes so hard I get a migraine.

No. 1629097

Either you are an ewhore yourself or want to lick the pussy of one, the prospect of loneliness is far superior to a pathetic fate such as this, love yourself

No. 1629108

>my ex printed me out an article he found showing how lack of sex in a relationship could cause higher risk of heart disease and cancer in men due to some lack of dopamine thing
>but having him put that in front of me and give me a long, sad speech about how my aversion was causing him both physical and mental health issues
Holy shit, what an absolute faggot. Also, can I just say but why does intimacy always have to include action of sex, can't intimacy be the warmth of being with another person, touching them and laying with them and just enjoying each other's presence.

No. 1629143

LMAO that gay comparison. Yeah, preventing two people that want to live in a public relationship is exactly the same as you not being able to dick women that do not desire you, mate.
Also apparently men would rather kill themselves than to be equal partners in relationships, by his own logic. Like no way they could prevent any of those divorces by actually giving a fuck about their wives.

No. 1629147

literally 90% of these problems like war and violence men create themselves and somehow women are to blame
And when it comes to being homeless, women are at risk of the same things men are at worsened by the fact they are physically weaker and can more easily be overpowered and are much more likely to be victims of sexual assault, rape, etc.. how dense can these moids be, I can't

No. 1629161

Agree with this. Why are so many of you in relationships with men that you don't want to touch you? Sounds like you're not attracted to your partner at all if you think kissing, hugging and feeling each other up is sexual harrassment. I'd think something is wrong with my relationship if my partner sees me bend over doing something and doesn't use it as an opportunity to feel up my butt. I do the same to him even after many years and kids we are still crazy about each other and love to touch each other. I can't imagine getting upset by your partner wanting to touch you, love you and have sex with you.

No. 1629163

I have a high libido. I still didnt want to have sex with my ex after he raped me repeatedly bc that was his idea of intimacy

No. 1629165

Okay… why would you stay with someone who did that to you?

No. 1629174

At least in war, men generally only have to worry about the enemy. Women get raped and abused by soldiers on both sides.

No. 1629184

I love how he says she's just playing the 'PMDD' card when she explains why she didn't want it in that moment, but then the whole post is him playing the good ole
> if I'm not getting enough sex then that gives me depression
Card. A very serious ailment that they always pull out whenever their partner is either recovering from birth, dealing with post natal depression, pmmdd or anything else like that. Those forms of depression… meh they're not real or good enough. Women just use them as excuses. But self diagnosed lack of sex depression.. now that's the real deal.

No. 1629185

ok just for fun i'm going to break down all these points he's bringing up.


how is this misandry? men go to war over the dumbest things and then get their legs blown off and brain damaged because of it. that's not our fault and whenever women or more peaceful minded moids try to stop you guys, then you whine about "muh nation, muh religion, muh politics" because apparently that's all you need to justify murdering hundreds of millions of other dumb moids on the battlefield.

>isolated suicide

i'm not really sure what he means by this. does he mean: men commit suicide and don't tell anyone that they're struggling mentally until their 14-year-old child walks in on their corpse with their brains splattered all over the garage? most people do commit suicide alone and sadly those around them are typically willfully unaware that said person was struggling until it's too late. this isn't really that unusual.


some people really do need to learn how to love themselves first before they love others.

>substance abuse

i don't have a lot of symapthy for drug users having lived in the house with a relative who was taking drugs to "medicate" her problems. in reality she was just a selfish twat who wanted to get high whenever she wanted, never grow up, party all day and night, and then whenever we tried to take her to rehab or get her help she would cry about losing her father (that she never knew to begin with) or some other stupid shit. then she would go right back to popping pills and drinking herself into a stupor.

>all ways misandry kills

this isn't misandry. all of these things happen because people make choices, some better than others, but it is still a choice that you made. at the end of the day no one is responsible for your life except yourself. all of these men want women to babysit them, coddle them, be their fallguy (or fallgirl?) when their life fucks up, be a warm body for them to sleep with and then take their rage out on instead of getting help when they have emotional issues. i've been in the house with a man who thought like this. it was always my mother and mine's fault for his problems. he wasn't succesful because we weren't "supporting" him. he wasn't happy because we weren't following him around like slaves. my mother was an asshole because she wouldn't have sex with him whenever he wanted. everything he didn't like about himself or his life, he would find a woman to blame it on. but the actual woman who was a whiny harpy - his own ugly ass mother - was the first bitch he ran to when he decided to divorce my mother on the grounds of "emotional abuse".

i try not to get too irritated with moids but i see through a lot of their bullshit now that i'm older. the same men crying about how the world is apparently hating on them because they have penises, are the same dudes who beat up on their girlfriends/wives for not coddling them, or terrorize innocent women because they're "lonely" and they think we should just stop whatever we're doing and be their bed slave. but of course they never consider how we feel, or their children, even other men who aren't as fucked up as they are. it's all about me me me me me.

No. 1629205

It obviously wasn't always like that. We used to have a great sex life/relationship, I even wanted sex more than him, and we were very affectionate. But I got a chronic illness and the first time I refused sex in 2 years, he started with the coercion. The first few times I just ignored it, but then it happened again and again and again. It kept happening even after I told him not to coerce me, even after I explained why it was hurting me, even after seeing me cry in pain constantly from my illness.
When I asked him why he continued to coerce and pester me, and explained how I had never done that to him when he had rejected me, he told me it was normal. He told me women were just lazy and that you had to convince them into it.
Now imagine if every hug and kiss turned into this. Into your bf guilt tripping you into sucking his dick, and then throwing a tantrum when you refuse.

Mine would mention the goddamn Maslow pyramid of needs. The one that says intimacy=sex and implies you cannot live without it. I had suicidal thoughts from my extremely painful chronic illness and there he was being "depressed" because he didn't want to masturbate. It amazes me how these 3 random men are so similar.

No. 1629212

So why couldn’t he just masturbate? That still gives a dopamine boost. I don’t get men and their constant need for sex. They act this way yet we are the overly emotional, irrational ones somehow.

No. 1629242

they always say "intimacy" when they only mean sex and I'm a bit tired of it.

No. 1629248

nta but she quite clearly stated that was an ex.

No. 1629252

fuck Maslow honestly, I swear his stupid little hierarchy of needs. why is sex on there twice?? I read he did that because his wife wasn't partaking in sex frequently enough for him.

No. 1629255

I even have a high libido, and I wouldn't want my partner feeling so entitled that he would randomly grope me like that. It's disrespectful.

No. 1629267

I'd a divorce that financially fucked us both over and was a low point but imagine killing yourself over divorce and making out like thats practically somebody else pulling the trigger for you. Look what you made me do! Its half of all marriages ffs. Killing yourself over a break up, even a marriage break up means you had much deeper issues to begin with.

Don't leave your man or you'll turn him into a suicide stat. Don't deny a man sex or you'll turn him into a suicide stat. Somebody please cushion men from the reality that life throws shit at you or they'll kill themselves and it'll be on us for not staying/fucking them back to life.

No. 1629297

this part is really stupid and should negate anything this fool wrote.

>Men killed acting on behalt of misandrist women, acting in violence for them, or trying to impress them with rears onoravery in service of women

i really cannot believe he is trying to put this dumb, rock brained shit on "misandrist women". only the most low vibrational types of women, usually the types who run in gangs or are incredibly violent themselves, think moids fighting over them is cute. most women i know, including myself, get extremely turned off by men doing shit to "impress" them. a decent woman does not want to see you getting hurt or intentionally hurting yourself because you have a low iq and are stupid enough to think we get turned on by me throw stone, me jump off cliff and die behaviors. any girl who encourages that shit is a dangerous person who should be avoided at all costs because she does not care about anyone but herself.

then of course he also goes on about muh intimacy. like no, please call it what it is, sir: you pressuring, berating, and attacking women for not wanting to suck your dick and then getting angry when she won't let you bully her into submission because you think you're entitled to sleep with someone because you're attracted to them. sorry but this sounds extremely predatory as fuck because it is no matter what he thinks or how he tries to phrase it. there's no love here, no interest in getting to know the woman, she's just a sex object, a prize, and you're the dumb stag in heat chasing her like a deranged, instinctual animal with all the blood in your body gone to your stupid fucking dick.

No. 1629310

I think most men permanently get stuck on a 12-year-old's level of erotica, thinking groping someone who's bending over, poking at your boobs or thinking that them pointing out you DO have breasts is somehow arousing. On top of the majority having some really weak and ugly dicks, and yet they somehow think it's a gift to women.

No. 1629338

I hate being randomly touched by people no matter who they are even if it's a partner or whatever, just don't do this shit to me.

No. 1629700

yeah i've been in LTR's where the men acted like this and it was because they were cheating. having no physical intimacy is extremely damaging to your relationship (as is having someone try to make intimacy happen)

No. 1629773

Rather than stop being society destroying degenerates for one minute, they would rather DARVO and try and claim they have it just as bad rather than not be hedonistic retards for a second.

No. 1629776

Men expect women to solve their problems and want to act like overgrown children.

No. 1629849

My rapist ex would always call me a tease if I just wanted to kiss/make out/cuddle without that leading to penetration after a few minutes. It gave me anxiety and panic disorder and it made me adverse to sexual touch and intimacy for years afterward. I have to say now I love intimacy more than sex but men I’ve been with seem to be incapable of appreciating affection and love without cooming being a final result. Deadbedrooms is full of moids who are obviously coping with being those types of creeps.

No. 1629985

Men love to say this about women, but I only see one side that refuses to do basic chores, and pretends they can't use the dishwasher, the clothes washer, basic food staples, and drops out of jobs to sit around playing with electronic toys. Women are the ones who need whole interventions to try and break them free from assuming all responsibility for everything in a relationship with a man who puts NOTHING back in.
This scrote did something, multiple somethings, but he's careful to not mention what he did. The usual situation is that she's working 16 hour days, and is absolutely exhausted and in physical pain most of the time. Shockingly, you can't work a woman like a mule and expect a relationship at the same time.
As always, just imagine how much men would mock women making the same demands.

No. 1630038

File: 1689005043705.jpg (153.16 KB, 778x762, average male redditor.JPG)

i've started reporting every comment by a male in the twoxchromosomes sub as spam because they banned me for saying that being upset about experiencing sexual assault doesn't make you a tranny.

No. 1630051

I'm not surprised that men who become distant and avoid intimacy in relationships are cheating. Meanwhile women who become distant do so because of something their man did to them. If you look at r/deadbedrooms most of the replies from men accuse the wives and girlfriends of cheating when they stop wanting sex because they're projecting.

No. 1630053

>childhood rape

No. 1630054

File: 1689006707765.png (29.03 KB, 770x243, pos.png)

Twox users are sympathising with him, meanwhile the sluttyconfessions mods are directing him to a rape kink sub instead. I mean at least they know what hes doing.

No. 1630058

You'd think women on Reddit were less naive about men and would check their post history.

No. 1630078

same tbh, but haven't you heard the saying "different strokes for different folks"?

No. 1630087

File: 1689009884483.jpg (24 KB, 553x555, 1673068989788.jpg)

>straight men not being able to able to get girlfriends is the same thing as the oppression of gay people

No. 1630116

Nah I’ve seen obvious moid fetish posts upvoted on twox that are basically detailing a bizarre rape plot under the guise of “pls halp I think my bf abused me” and it’ll have a few replies calling it out but everyone else takes it seriously. Also when they argue with moids in general it pisses me off because there’s no real conversation that’s possible there, I wish they would learn and ban posters that can’t handle their defective chromosomes being called out for anything.

No. 1630354

My jaw dropped when I saw them acknowledge it was SA but told them to post on a rape kink page instead.

Also this reminds me of those creepy pedo posts that would get posted on mom subreddits. Does anyone remember those?

No. 1630372

>Don't leave your man or you'll turn him into a suicide stat. Don't deny a man sex or you'll turn him into a suicide stat. Somebody please cushion men from the reality that life throws shit at you or they'll kill themselves and it'll be on us for not staying/fucking them back to life.
This is the same logic trannies use lol. Not surprising in the slightest.

No. 1630373

See also: men executing their entire families over their wives leaving them, almost always for being a serial cheater or abuser
>a man cannot handle reality so badly that he will execution style shoot his small children in the head or strangle them upon wives announcing divorce

No. 1630387

>prevented from pursuing intimacy
>denying their own sexuality
Nobody is advocating for the persecution of men based on them being attracted to the opposite sex. And no one is preventing them from being a decent man and finding a girlfriend except themselves. Gay people also have a hard time finding compatible partners but that's not oppression, oppression is being told by society that you having a partner of the same sex should be illegal as opposed to having a heterosexual relationship which is the norm. The gall of these males to claim they're oppressed based on their sexuality when everyone knows they're the most privileged.

No. 1630428

File: 1689036632405.jpg (47.14 KB, 750x340, retardedscrote1.jpg)

Clicked on this red pill alpha's profile after seeing this comment and found pretty much exactly what you can all expect.
>Loves to make comments about how women are children, and need to be "better adults" etc
>Also makes multiple posts in the Adulting subreddit whining about being a video game addicted loser at 36 with no friends
>Literally lives in his moms basement


No. 1630429

File: 1689036675590.png (185.5 KB, 453x717, retardedscrote2.png)



No. 1630435

Men love to whine about how their victimhood of sexual abuse is never taken as seriously as women. Thing is, they're always shoving themselves into conversations in which they don't belong. I also see a lot of male victims on reddit be coddled, while the female victims are far more likely to be victim blamed or objectified. You never see a woman barging in to talk about her victimhood in a conversation about male SA victims and if you did, she'd be harshly insulted for doing so. However, men do that same thing all the time and receive nothing but support. People baby and pamper adult men more than they do underaged girls.

No. 1630519

When are women taken seriously outside of heinously preposterous cases that get attention at the right time and place? How many women do you know who told their parents they were molested and they were ridiculed, shamed, told to be quiet, told they made it up, forced to interact with their abuser, etc. Men and women are abused so frequently as children because 1 in 20 men sexually abuse. Why the fuck won't they realize that they are the problem. They are the drama.

No. 1631028

File: 1689100189201.png (65.49 KB, 788x628, Screenshot_5.png)

Anyone want to take a guess at what depraved sex acts OP pressured his girlfriend into? /r/atheism think they're the biggest intellectuals to grace the earth yet their porn addicted brains can't even figure out that OP's gf made up an excuse to not have to fuck her pervert of a boyfriend. I'm glad she left!

No. 1631059

I'd bet it has something to do with anal, men are absolutely obsessed with assholes

No. 1631137

>army scrote
I think it's probable that he's been dragging shit out and expecting more and more out of her, so he could get full husband benefits out of the poor girlfriend, then dump her in a few years as soon as he gets a promotion, and chase after wealthier/obviously higher maintenance women. This is what army scrotes do, and reason #9 million why you shouldn't date one. She's driving out to him, so he's putting 0% into the relationshit. And he also probably waffled about his actual religious beliefs.

No. 1631144

Maybe she did only anal because of her religion (some Christian girls think it doesn't "count" and therefore they are still virgins until marriage). She probably started to have health issues because of it and told him she wants to stop and he threw a huge tantrum and that's how she realized he wasn't husband material. Good for her.

No. 1631172

File: 1689110893653.png (282.14 KB, 504x767, gg vance.png)

Misclicked and landed on /all/. This tinder post currently sits at over 14k updooderinos and 3k comments, of course full of everyone seething that she's a stuck up walking red flag or that they'd love to go eat ice cream on a first date, she's just out for his money or a free meal. Like, you can have your opinions on first dates as you may, but absolutely nothing in this interaction warrants several thousand reactions kek

No. 1631177

Based Stacy. She knows what she wants and immediately realized he is cheap. Also him wanting to come pick her up at her home for a first date is a huge red flag. She dodged dating a redditor. Does he have a bunch of gross porn on his account?

No. 1631178

What is there to even seethe about? Both had mismatched expectations, communicated and went their separate way. If a scrote was rejecting a woman for any reason at all, they’d be like “yas boundary-setting king”.

No. 1631193

exactly, what kind of loser posts something like this

No. 1631199

This is how online dating should be done. Women aren’t obligated to go out with every single guy that likes them but having standards makes any woman a bitch these days.

No. 1631200

File: 1689114073160.jpg (412.25 KB, 828x1238, smallween.jpg)


No. 1631295

I'm so glad to see that this is catching on with working class and middle class women. Dating isn't supposed to be a free alternative to paying for prostitution. Cheap men can go jerk off alone.

No. 1631368

What song is this about?

No. 1631375

Men can get longer penises. They just have to stretch really hard. Don't they know this?

No. 1631386

has reddit started implementing IP bans? I knew someone recently who's been unfairly banned and can't seem to create a new account. I've trolled on there and it's never happened to me, though, which is why I find it odd.

No. 1631391

They banned my old phone’s IP, kek

No. 1631392

>"sex sex sex sex was great!!! the sex was compatible and raunchy and sexy sex!!! soooo great! she always came to see me for sex!!! that was all i liked about her!!! why she no wanna be my sex toy anymore?!?! :("

No. 1631395



PLEASE put these side-by-side and post to reddit or something. Oh my sides. His projection. It couldn't be anymore on the nose! LOL what a loser.

No. 1631402

They blocked anyone who used my wifi kek. All new accounts I made and my husband's accounts were getting banned

No. 1631403

I've made like 10,000 alts from the same IP addresses but my friend made a few "false" reports aka reporting actual abuse the admins ignore (I've gotten threatened with the same) and she's persona nona gratis kek

No. 1631406

Absolutely. I knew so many people who literally thought that all women were supposed to fuck their dates as soon as they spend x amount of money. It's even funnier when it's restaurant that's like less than $100. Actual prostitutes charge 300-800 an hour for sex alone not even including transportation (which most women usually do themselves nowadays) even escorts who only do dates without sex require payment as well as paying for the check. It's like they think all women have a cheap price for their body. This would also seem to explain why they actually believe all women are just accessable via onlyfans now

No. 1631411

kinda ot from your original comment but reddits banning rules are so retarded. not just the entire concept of IP banning instead of just specific account banning (said or posted some stupid shit years and years ago and got banned? congrats! u are strcitly not allowed to engage in any community at all beyond lurking until you move to a completely different location), but their shadowbans are also permanent. so when jannies dont have reason enough to ban you entirely they just drop shadowbans on u and u have to create an entire new account because cheeto dust fingered redditard moderator didnt like what you said. if ur even slightly active in any feminist-leaning communities, expect it to happen like clockwork. no matter how "tame" u are about it, they will be able to twist literally anything you say into "hate speech".(you have to be 18+ to post here)

No. 1631423

I mean good for her but this is fake as shit

No. 1631431

we cannot control how our vulvas look but somehow, there’s a surgery to “fix” that. it’s almost like when women have an aspect that men don’t like, they invent “solutions” for us to want. but male flaws are completely unfixable and women just have to live with that and not hurt their feelings.

No. 1631444

There’s always posts on Reddit complaining that women get hundreds of matches in an hour on Tinder, but then they complain when a woman (who’s getting asked out all the time apparently) wants more than a low effort hangout date. Makes no sense.

No. 1631446

Yep I was also in the same boat. If you upset the tranny admins on any sub they’ll eventually get you IP banned.

No. 1631540

Surprisingly, I'm not and I was a moderator on a few GC subs and have hundreds of alts. I was suspended for a week years ago, unrelated to trans stuff. No accounts banned or shadowbanned to this day. I was given a year long ban on here once for inadvertently offending a power mad and ridiculously sensitive farmhand kek. She would pretend to be a normal anon and a-log.

No. 1631641

File: 1689164220123.png (326.51 KB, 741x786, Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 07-19…)

i'm seeing more and more of these types of posts on reddit and i have to laugh. these bottom of the barrel moids are so upset at more and more women having standards now

No. 1631658

I saw that too, how pathetic do you need to be to run to reddit and cry because a woman on a dating app said you’re incompatible. And the comments kissing his ass, poor man baby, I’ll have ice cream with you

No. 1631680

Eh, I get what you mean but I would be caught off guard by that reaction as well. Like, apparently she liked him enough to plan a date so why not just tell him you want to do something else/go on a more elaborate date? It seems needlessly final when he didn't even say he definitely wanted an ice cream date, but just suggested it.
Anyway it's retarded that he would post the screenshot on reddit, he needs to take a rejection without having to resort to his hugbox to tell him she was in the wrong. She dodged a bullet either way.

No. 1631681

woe is you, a mid twenties woman isn't interested in you spending $2 and zero effort on a first date and politely lets you know. ten thousand pity updoots for you good sir.

No. 1631702

If he's this bitter about being turned down for a date that he didn't put any time/trouble into arranging then I don't even want to imagine how bitter he would be if he had spent that couple of dollars on buying her a scoop of ice cream and didn't get the return he's looking for.

No. 1631893

>hundreds of alts

No. 1631920

From the few guys I've talked to recently most guys try to either push a "walk-date" or a "let's get shitfaced at cheap bars" date, even at 30 working corporate jobs. I'm not saying that every first date needs to be some fine dining experience, but I always assume these dudes just churn out 3-4 low effort shit dates a week and that's why they need to keep dates minimal or play for a hole in one without any commitment.

No. 1631927

you can buy preexisting accounts, generate burner emails, buy bots and buy fake accounts, pretty much anything. online social engineering makes it all possible. I want to say I have at least 10-20 burner emails alone and I've made reddit accounts for pretty much all of them, most of which I've deactivated, and I'm not even active on overly political subs. theres someone on Reddit who I secretly suspect is a higher up who doesn't like me and has stalked me, but I've never been banned, which I think is funny.

No. 1631974

Ah yes the "I'm cheap with you because I want to hit it sooner rather than later and if we do end up working out, I can get you used to the bare minimum."
I've seen a lot of "Durr, yeah I always suggest a coffee for a date or a hike in the woods! It's my go-to, good luck, OP" Men on Reddit are diseased-ridden.

No. 1632130

>I was given a year long ban on here once for inadvertently offending a power mad and ridiculously sensitive farmhand kek. She would pretend to be a normal anon and a-log.
Please tell this story. Was it oldmin/shaymin?

No. 1632174

Fake as fuck, no woman replies that autistically. Anons thinking this is some sort of a based girlboss not settling for anything less than a 5-course dinner should realize that incels post ragebait like this all the time for updoots and to justify their "women are nothing but greedy gold diggers" cope for being alone.

No. 1632186

File: 1689201516336.jpeg (554.69 KB, 1170x1195, IMG_9331.jpeg)

Reddit scrotes are so fucking stupid.

No. 1632216

Based girlfriend with her AI husbando, kek

No. 1632243

File: 1689205935425.png (168.59 KB, 468x527, baldness.png)

in general female pattern baldness is more common than most people think, in general it happens eqully across women and has the same nature has male pattern baldness by simple estrogen functioning, the reason most women don't see this is because a lot of them like you were saying hide it almost immediately and and by professionals counting only the grave cases as female pattern baldness while saying that the most minimal cases aren't, in general most men on their lifetimes who are diagnosed as the first or second stage while mantaining themselves like this until 50, woman have the same but when woman get into the final grades of pattern baldness start using hair treatments or simply use certain hair styles to hide it (something which is easier by still having hair on the back and sides.
in general bald people are awesome so don't use this to harass anyone, i just put this as an information piece.

No. 1632245

i wrote this too fast.
and was only meant to be put once and that men who are diagnosed are on the first and second stage just like woman and that woman are more likely by an extreme mile to do counter measures against it than men.

No. 1632248

sorry for the autistic writing.

No. 1632261

in general most cases of fgm aren't full ablation but the cutting of the clitoral head, it's still awful but in general it causes the same issues as circumcision by being the most sensitive spots for males and females respectively with an equal innervation, circumcision is extremely equal to fgm by there being procedures which mutilate on the same manner as control measures towards everyone and as a way to make traumatized people (see aboriginal penis ablation and penile mutilation by cutting all of the skin, cutting the head, cutting it in half and things like that), no one should downplay any mutilation towards any human being in general by any reason because it's proxy to justify the other ones.
the innervation is different, the foreskin is the most sensitive spot for men while the clitoris is for women so it's understandable to say that they are equal by the pain they cause, this is retarded of course because it isn't the pain which causes the issue but the simple act of cutting someone else, in general no one should rank mutilation acts as worse or better than others because each one of them cause dysfunctions and destruction of another person which in turn suffers physically and emotionally on all manners while reducing the importance of other mutilations which people could consider less important by being counter parts like labia mutilation (which causes a lot of suffering, issues and causes total sexual dysfunction but by people relating it to the foreskin and seeing it as "useless" or bad by violent porn (which is nearly all modern sexual media) or abusive aesthetical preferences caused by misogynistic falsehoods, something which in turn justifies his mutilation through social abuse.
they do it to hurt other people, cause trauma so they are easier to control and in general destroy the natural sexual act to abuse men and women in their bonding times, in general everyone as suffered but there have been people which use this to hide their abusive behaviors, circumcision can't be this because it comes from a point of general prohibition of mutilation towards anyone rather than an specific issue in general, even more when the man who have done those things are normally the ones who justify circumcision by evil interests.

No. 1632270

Its other men that are denying you your precious right to have a dick cheese encrusted foreskin. Circumcision was created by men after all, yet here you are on a female oriented board mansplaining how circumcision and fgm are the same.

No. 1632316

>in general no one should rank mutilation acts as worse or better than others because each one of them cause dysfunctions and destruction of another person which in turn suffers physically and emotionally on all manners while reducing the importance of other mutilations which people could consider less important by being counter parts
Me explaining why it's wrong of you to rank me slowly carving the skin off each and every one of your fingers with a rusty knife and rubbing battery acid into the wounds so you can never type again as "worse" than the paper cut I got this morning

No. 1632342

the issue is that people from both sexes accept the practice and as a result make for doctors which accept that mutilation socially and culturally, the simple fact of dismissal causes doctors which can do this practice with no consequences, it's the same as hiding doctors putting arsenic on meds because they said that it was alright to eat and as a result cause hundreds of deaths, in general it was created by religions which are made by men and women which as a result wanted to have other people which were easier to control, it's delirious to say that just one sex had this part, even more when the evil people who spread it were supported by people like you.
in general smegma isn't produced on extreme levels, first you have smegma as well and aside from that if you don't take dairy it is produced normally, the reason americans have "cheese" is because their diet is based around so much diary and thus lactose which they can't process so it slouches off outside of the body by fluids, something which smegma is, normally it's just one smooch and it's as easily cleaned by running water, something that you should do in fact as well.
>paper cut
it's more akin to cutting or burning the clitoris with the labia minora, it is the same thing and you downplaying the most sensitive spot by medical malpractice, abuse and personal bias is akin to someone saying that fgm is chaste or some disgusting shit, in general both of them are akin to cutting your fingers and putting acid, it's even worse because you just don't put acid on your fingers you cut the nerve directly and burn it, the simple fact that you are so ignorant to not even recognize that the foreskin and the clitoris have an equal amount of nerve endings and the fact that you downplay the sensitivity of the clitoris and his functions makes me think that you are a tranny or a person so out of touch with oneself that it cannot set oneself to reflect on his own reflections, just being media focused sycophants, in general most men don't orgasm and as a fact this destroys the normal bonding aspect of sex, so this isn't just an affection which affects the man only but a thing which makes sex unpleasurable for woman and in general causes a lack of broken bonding which in general makes for awful relationships and the destruction of love and care on the sexual act, it's the reflection of evil spreading on almost all manners.

No. 1632343

File: 1689217606648.png (335.96 KB, 1062x635, see.png)

here's an image which i didn't had on the first post.

No. 1632344

i didn't sent on the first post, sorry for the mistake.

No. 1632347

in general this doesn't count that female doctors do the practice as well so it isn't something that just men do, even if it's a fact that most of the doctors which do this are men.

No. 1632351

Circumcise dicks forever

No. 1632353

>doing outside text reply to lie down like an scoundrel

No. 1632357

damaging the clitoris does this damage as well by causing impotence, destroying the capacity of orgasm and removing the pressure needed for the male orgasm as well, in general damaging the sex organs of one sex or the other causes issues.(>won't somebody please think of the men)

No. 1632359

Circumcise dicks forever. Only suck uncut cock. No smegma-decorated earthworms 2k23

No. 1632361

> it's more akin to cutting or burning the clitoris with the labia minora
Circumcised males can orgasm just fine. It’s still a violation of bodily autonomy but comparing it to FGM makes me care less and less about moid plights.

No. 1632363

File: 1689218966669.gif (471.92 KB, 220x165, donkey-kong.gif)

No. 1632364

No. 1632365

Moids have to be circumcised because they're retarded and don't know how to wash their dicks. Most can't even wipe their asses properly.

No. 1632366

Your dick would have more sensitivity if you'd stop deathgripping it like you're strangling a hooker whenever you masturbate six times a day

No. 1632500

Wow I was against penis circumcision but you're making me an actual fan of it kek
Comparing cutting off actual clitoris to a tiny piece of penis hood skin, are you serious. It's like saying cutting off one's ring finger is the same as cutting off an arm. Dumbass.

No. 1632501

You mention circumcision and a man manifests out of nowhere to tell you how there are actually different kinds of female FGM and most of them actually aren't as bad as male circumcision

No. 1632572

File: 1689246036016.png (236.63 KB, 500x333, F7FA3150-0EBE-49AF-9A07-2B9986…)


No. 1632620

nonnie that's not even an autistic way of responding to someone?? this sounds completely legit.

No. 1633250

im 19…?

No. 1633417

File: 1689326242781.png (123.7 KB, 678x881, Screenshot 2023-07-14 121854.p…)

Most of the comments were obviously agreeing with OP and even mocking autistic or NT women

No. 1633429


No. 1633497

How is it even a bad thing for autistics to stay virgins? Autistic people make autistic children and are horrible parents.

No. 1633549

Why are moids so obsessed with getting other moids laid? Here’s a thought, go suck your homie’s dick and then maybe they’ll stop ree-into about the male suicide rate.

No. 1633623

It’s almost like people aren’t owed a partner. What’s the alternative, arranged marriage? Just find a fucking hobby or focus on improving your life in other ways besides obsessing over needing some gf waifu to coom in. These guys also think having a girlfriend will fix all their mental issues and life problems.

No. 1633845

File: 1689370822721.jpeg (794.43 KB, 496x1991, IMG_3306.jpeg)

Top fucking kek at Reddit.com shooting themselves in the foot and removing awards from their website

No. 1633851

File: 1689371001165.jpeg (241.03 KB, 825x410, IMG_3307.jpeg)

Also: They're removing Gold and other awards from previously gilded posts and comments.


No. 1633870

I can't even pretend i don't agree with the jester maxxing as silly as it is. I think the problem is that he needs to swallow the black pill and realise that having a romantic relationship isn't what the universe had instore for them. I don't even mean it for this moid in particular, but i will never be able to have empathy for people who let their lives be controlled by their lack of romantic conquests. If anything, this guy needs to limit wanting advice and companionship from neurotypical people, they will never get it and they don't care.

No. 1633906

I wonder if they’re trying to water the site down to get more traffic from boomers and whoever else that’s still using Facebook

No. 1634273

Neurodivergent people need to realise neurotypicals will very literally never understand them, you can tell by the way that guy worded his post that he hadn't considered dating autistic women

No. 1634276

samefag also autistic males should unironically autismmaxx, I've seen plenty of evidence of happy autists in relationships together who bond over their special interests and general obsessions, doesn't need to be shared obsessions either. Autist males just need to be the stereotype and become an expert in some obscure shit they love to win over the hearts of autistic women
t. neurodivergent but not autistic

No. 1634297

>only 16% of autistic men in a relationship
Good I hope that number keeps shrinking lmao

No. 1634306

I tried being friends with an autistic guy and ended up blocking him after 2 weeks because he was unbearable and annoying. He lacked self awareness and was terribly dull to talk to outside of what he likes.

No. 1634428

Neurodivergent people need to learn the difference between not being understood and not being catered to.

No. 1634448

File: 1689431792032.png (70.31 KB, 704x356, gendertest.png)

If anyone has time for the rambly version https://www.reddit.com/r/Experiencers/comments/14z7gwd/tests_and_games_that_the_greys_performed_when_i/

>Three Tall Greys stand before them, calmly, but, the one standing in front is speaking over my parents screams. Neither of my parents notice that i walk in, as i walk in behind them, facing the Greys in front of them, the short Grey at my side. My father screams,"This is Ridiculous, there's no way that's true!"

>My mother screams,"We love Snackie, there's no way we wouldn't know their sex, there's no way their sex would be confused, we are not bad parents!"
>The, Grey, talking over them, says calmly in his telepathic voice; "Snackie is not, what you assume of them by their evident dimorphism. Snackie identifies with 3 states of being, two dimorphic, one pre-dimorphic. Snackie is not, the sex you are trying to raise them as. Snackie will suffer if you do not raise them in a way that accommodates this information.

tldr, Enlightened aliens test a 4 year old and discover they're some third gender. They scold the parents for not accepting it. True story and there's definitely no link between mental illness and gendershit

No. 1634455

What child older than 4 can't walk without difficulty yet?? Most children start walking around 1 year old!

No. 1634458

Autistic women don't want them either. Why would anyone want a guy who is autistic? He probably won't ever do anything romantic for you that's not performative and in my experience all autistic men have the most fucked up pornsick fetishes like fucking planes or furry fart inflation porn. They should just buy a sexdoll, they would be happier with that anyways.

No. 1634460

OP might have some developmental delays if gender aliens are the sort of thing they believe in, kek

No. 1634461

Could barely walk yet but they remember word for word how aliens explained gender identity. All while using terms that no kid would understand. ETs supporting NBs

No. 1634477

I think the OP of the post doesn't understand how socialization affects the data when it comes to more autistic women being in relationships. We mask more than men do, for one, and there's a lot more pressure on us to get married and have children. Socialization also affects the sort of hyperfixations we acquire; female autists (outside of the internet) tend to fixate on things like horses, botany, needlepoint, historical figures, etc. Men don't generally consider those interests off-putting or weird, and society at large even considers some of those endearing.

It's an oversimplification to say that male autists literally cannot find girlfriends. The lower EQ does put them at a bit of a disadvantage, but many of the obstacles that prevent them from getting girlfriends are things they have control over. These are things like hygiene, being a coomer, dressing like toddlers, etc.

I briefly dated an HF autistic guy in college, and he actually got a lot of attention from women because he was soft-spoken, good-looking, and actually had decent hygiene. His hyperfixations were elevators and infrared, kek. The main difference between him and other autistic guys is just that he exercised, had good hygiene, and wasn't addicted to porn. That's literally it.

No. 1634483

Autism is determined by more factors than just genetic inheritance. Scientists still don't know what causes it.

No. 1634504

The genetic component is very easy to control though. It's not like we need to forcibly sterilize them, just stop teaching them to pretend to be normal so no one confuses them for a normal person and has sex with them.

No. 1634546

Men refuse to put in the work to be social, pleasant individuals, then act offended that social, pleasant women (who have put in the work) won't bother with them.
Part of the problem is that men honestly do get quality of life increases from relationships with women. A woman doesn't even have to move in to start serving as a social status marker, a free on-call hooker, and satellite mommy #2. Men know relationships are beneficial to men, but they only acknowledge that fact when men are mad because men aren't getting benefits. The rest of the time, men bitch and moan about how much women take from them, while not actually putting anything into their relationshits. Women of course get nothing out of it.

No. 1634548

File: 1689443218735.jpeg (1.42 MB, 4096x3072, 2B3936B1-1F1B-483B-A515-DF215A…)

Here’s a joocy one if it hasn’t been posted yet!

TL;DR: A user posts on r/antiwork complaining about how they have zero money and how damn hard it is to do anything in the USA-

>31 years of age now.. been working full time since I was 16 years old. Never had the privilege to "formally" educate myself.. I would go homeless otherwise.

>Rent is about $25k/year for my 800sqft apartment.
>There is no end to the abuse, I spent my whole 20s boot strapping and having faith in a system that only takes and does not give. I've never left my state once since I cannot afford a vacation, never been on vacation and have always chose to work since I would drown otherwise.

As the thread continues and redditors pry into their post history it’s revealed…
>OP is a troon living in Los Angeles
>has a NEET partner living with them
>apartment is over 800ft (a shit apartment is like 300)
>makes over 75k a year and pays 25k for their apartment
>owns thousands of dollars in anime figures, videogame consoles including multiples of the same consoles + games, arcade cabinets, cosplay shit and other videogame/anime merchandise

No. 1634549

File: 1689443477245.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1497, 21C51F36-E1DD-4A81-9827-C101E1…)

And here’s a thread ripping on the guy once everyone realized how ridiculous they are. Gotta love Reddit constantly wailing trans rights while he/himming this poor, struggling lady!


No. 1634552

god is so fucking cruel

No. 1634568

Yet more proof of why nobody should ever believe any gamer who bitches about being broke.

No. 1634571

>autistic men have the most fucked up pornsick fetishes like fucking planes or furry fart inflation porn
that's just their special interests, sweatie

No. 1634576

I forgot to add that he also has a $600/month car payment and doesn’t even work full-time. I hope the NEET partner is some straight chick trying to fleece him for free hosing and videogames

No. 1634581

>I briefly dated an HF autistic guy in college, and he actually got a lot of attention from women because he was soft-spoken, good-looking, and actually had decent hygiene.
Same, I went on a date with a tutor in law school cause my friends told me to do it cause he had a doctor title and was going to earn lots of money. He was well dressed, good looking and put in a lot of effort to mask his tism, all the girls in his course had a crush on him, but I just didn't feel it. There is just something off about autistic men that sets off all my red flags. Probably a biological thing to protect my future offspring from having a tism father.

No. 1634890

Genuinely what the fuck is wrong with you. Is this bait

No. 1634906

You were just typing immaturely anon. Use complete words next time.

No. 1634912

File: 1689477270842.png (304.53 KB, 576x1178, Screenshot_20230708-164515~2.p…)

Reddit tard having a meltdown over a chatbot not working kek

No. 1634922

>shy cat girl who happens to be in heat (V 2.0)
>1638 messages
>she wants out of this place
>5932 messages
How the fuck does he have that much time to do that shit?

No. 1634943

probably a jobless basement dweller weeb

No. 1634965

>Spoiled tranny
>Room full of weebshit arcade cabinets
>Maid outfit
Jesus Christ, the cringe is reaching critical mass…

No. 1635046

i didnt know replacing "you" with "u" was an indicator of immaturity lol, sorry

No. 1635074

"Non-online" autistic men actually have better prospects at dating than terminally online ones obsessed with getting "a gf". It's not just an autism, but an attitude problem. When I've agreed to go on a date with an autistic guy (he didn't mention it but it was quite obvious he was on the spectrum), he started talking about how he never gets second dates like 5 minutes into the date. They're fucking obsessed with self-pity, and don't see women as individuals, but as a resource that is "denied" to autistic men.

No. 1635147

My bestie in school had an autistic father (she is nt, as her sisters are).
He is happily married with his sweet wife and they had 3 children. Looking at them, you wouldn't imagine a nicer and friendlier family.
The autistic father is also a doctor and med uni professor who earns a lot of $$$ (a rarity in my country where medicine is a low-paying job). I was at their place once and my friend showed her family pictures. I couldn't believe it, but her father was a jacked gigachad who was very into bodybuilding.
With that being said, you can clearly see he is autistic. He just acts really weird. I don't know, maybe it's his autistic voice but it's obvious.
And despite that he still has a loving wife, great job and a big family.
In short, skill issue lol. If all the other autists were so much obsessed with bodybuilding and acedemic pursuits, they wouldn't have a shortage of woman interested in them. But instead they just sit at home all day and jerk off to sonic anal vore.

No. 1635168

Your friend and her siblings are probably test tube babies using donated sperm.

No. 1635240

kek, I have a feeling that especially the pre-internet era generation of autistic moids has many cases like this. If autistic moids could never get a family then I wouldn't exist because my dad is an obvious sperg but still married to my mom and they seem happy. Dad's autism just manifests in his being the personification of EU bureaucracy, working the most boring job at a public agency for decades while showing no signs of boredom, adhering to his schedules, and obsessively cleaning the house (mom never has to clean anything). I feel like internet tends to ruin male autists, and also the ones with a low IQ tend to be worse (e.g. becoming worthless coomers because they're too dumb to get into research, like the smarter ones sometimes do).

No. 1635282

they are the same, read correctly, the most basic fgm is equal to mgm.
because they have the same number of nerve endings and that can be seen on studies which show that is more sensitive than the head and has the same surface area (most fgm is only cutting the head or the clitoral hood only, it's a 100% horrible not matter the size of the area which is cutted tho, ablation is more akin to 1% of cases), the number of nerve endings shouldn't be a point as well too, no woman should pass for earlobe punturing for the same reason.
aside from the bait, no, most can and circumcision is more unhygienic by being a wound and removing a fold which evades external dirtyness from outside sources
circumcised men in general don't feel anything by simply not having any total feeling there and the remaining nerves being totally hidden on keratine.
it's comparable by having the same number of nerve endings (by real testing which i shown which shows that is more sensitive than the head, it would require skin extraction to know the real specific number but in general that's a human right violation and it hasn't been done on men by the foreskin being used for cosmetic shit, in woman the number was obtained by TiMs who mutilated themselves.
Aside from this, no, ejaculation isn't the same as the orgasm, the head causes an hormonal change which triggers ejaculation but in no way in fact causes orgasm (this is the reason there's woman who have a one and unsatisfying done feeling which takes some time to repeat and men don't feel as much pleasure from ejaculation and feel less pleasured), orgasm is the release of sexual excitation rather than the one time release of fluid, that men never recognize the other one by ignorance and obfuscation of male erogenous zones by abusive doctors is an issue which causes very retarded sexual dynamics.
sorry for my weird shit, i just like to explain things to others.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1635286

fgm is equal to mgm, in general both shouldn't be done but they have the same mutilative harm, not less or more, sorry for writing refering to the main point which is that basic fgm is equal to basic mgm.

No. 1635302

>literally no one cares what you’re buying
>oh my god you are so self absorbed, workers are tired they don’t care about what’s in your cart
>everyone is too busy worrying about how they’re coming off to judge others

Everyone I asked irl:
>yeah I judge them. There’s so many snacks I don’t buy because I know they’re judging me because I JUDGE THEM
>lmaoo of course I judge the fuck out of them, especially when they’re fat
>I always imagine what their life must be like and when I get really bored I make up stories
>I judge the ones who buy certain things to try to make me raise an eyebrow the hardest

In conclusion, Reddit bitches be fake as fuck

No. 1635307

We manifested a moid

No. 1635315

I used to work at a Walmart as a cashier and the best part of the job was getting my nosiness satisfied by seeing what people were buying. The only time I kinda judged people were when they were landwhale families buying TONS of extremely cheap, low quality meat along with tons of artificially colored, high fructose corn syrup laden fruit flavored sugary drinks with their EBT. Tbh I didn’t even judge the soda buyers because I know bubbly shit and caffeine and sugar are addictive and super hard to cut, but it’s like, wtf are you doing buying all this nasty fake shit that’s basically super expensive pre made koolaid??? I can’t even begin to empathize kek (never had a soda addiction but known dozens of people who did, usually it wasn’t the sugar alone they were addicted to but the combo of sugar+caffeine+bubbles). Tbh koolaid is actually better than that shit and if I remember correctly uses real sugar not HFCS? Idk, I haven’t drank koolaid in like 20 years. But I finally learned the answer to my oft asked question “who tf is buying this garbage” - it’s landwhale families with EBT.

Tbh I judged the people who clearly weren’t poor and weren’t using EBT who were fat and buying garbage WAYYYYY more than the landwhale EBT families. Like you’re shopping at Walmart and you have a Rolex on and nice clothes and a brand new phone and coiffed hair and you’re buying tons of processed garbage, battery hen eggs, non-organic milk, great value butter, and the cheapest ground beef you can find? No wonder you’re fat if you won’t spend $1 more for decent imported butter, how do you not know how disgusting our food system is?

No. 1635317

I hope a racoon bites your dick off and your balls get stuck in a meat grinder. Begone, moid.

No. 1635363

Yeah, I judge fat people for buying garbage too. What's the point of eating all that food if it tastes bad? You should be eating pies made of real lard, endless buttery croissants, and decadent BALT sandwiches.

No. 1635385

they should have cut your entire dick off, then it'd be comparable to fgm. rope

No. 1635402

Noticed stuff like that before. The same site where you can somehow get thousands of replies if you post about some tiny thing you witnessed a stranger doing (with people in the replies making up backstories about them and jumping to lots of conclusions about their life) is where they also love to claim that umm everyone just walks around not even noticing you or anything you do. "uh get over yourself if you think anyone pays attention to you" ??

No. 1635415

>the most basic fgm is equal to mgm
True but that isn’t mutilating the clitoris and considering there are multiple forms of fgm:
>the same mutilative harm, not less or more
This is false, very disgusting to downplay the severity of fgm.

>they’re the same because they have the same number of nerve endings

Since when? >>1632343 compares different parts of a penis which is not equal in form or nerving to female genitalia.

>the foreskin is the most sensitive spot for men while the clitoris is for women so it's understandable to say that they are equal by the pain they cause

“Sensitive spot” in this case is in relation to sexual stimulation, not pain. Chopping off a chunk of solid meat is going to be completely different from slicing skin.

No. 1635761

Autism isn't directly inherited, eugenics-chan.

No. 1636379

It's still not worth the increased risk, anon-namer-chan

No. 1637078

File: 1689685936958.jpeg (142.84 KB, 640x645, 1514A4A1-1C3B-425B-84B8-7880E6…)

No. 1637110

you're right, a study showed higher incidence of paraphilias, including pedo- and zoophilia in autistic men, autistic women were no different than the normal female population in this regard

No. 1637122

by that logic tims could just use the men's changing rooms

No. 1637188

File: 1689697607204.jpeg (603.82 KB, 1125x1080, IMG_1968.jpeg)

Fuck, I hate Reddit moids so much it’s unreal
Look at this shit: (tried to put the text in a spoiler but I’m retarded and might not have done it correctly)


My boyfriend masturbates to pictures of female friends
I’ve never posted on here before and I never thought I would. My bf and I have been together for almost 3 years, he’s honestly a great guy.
About a year in we talked about watching porn and pictures of porn stars etc., I told him it made me uncomfortable, not because I consider it cheating but because it’s just repulsing to me and damaging to relationships. He agreed and told me he never watched it a lot but would stop completely.
Yesterday he woke me up at 1 a.m. crying. I was confused but he was almost hysterical, so I tried to get the reason for this sudden change in behavior out of him. So he told me he “was bad” and that he had started to look at porn etc. again.
Honestly, I didn’t know what to say and it confused me a little that he would freak out about it like that.
So I dug a little deeper until he told me IN TEARS that he has also been looking at pictures of girls we know, like as in our female friends.
I know that he did look at girls he liked before we got together but this seems very very wrong to me.
ESPECIALLY since he crossed boundaries I explicitly set.
We normally use each others phones without even asking, because we genuinely don’t hide anything from each other (or so I thought). So I went through it, I searched everywhere I could think of but didn’t find a single picture or something.
When he wakes up, I plan to ask him about his phone.
I also need advice on whether to ask him who the girls are? I want to know but then again - do I really? I’m not at all insecure in myself and he told me several times yesterday that he was “completely satisfied” with me. Well.
I also got him to admit that this has been happening for almost a year. I feel so betrayed. Especially because I’ve been insecure about how frequently we have sex versus how frequently he masturbates. For example, he sometimes would masturbate before meeting me - like hours before?? So I kind of suspected him looking at other girls but I honestly can’t understand it at all.

I’m almost done I swear. So basically yesterday when he woke me up in tears he told me he was so afraid to loose me or that I would see him as a different person. He also obviously knows it’s wrong and he beats himself up about it - I tried to comfort him as good as possible until he fell asleep.
The reason for his outburst of emotion was that he had just come back from the bathroom, where he -, already crying and saw me sleeping in his bed. So he basically lost it in guilt. I might as well add that we had sex like 3 hours before.
While talking, he kind of blamed it on the stress he’s been under, and I knew that he was mentally not at his best but I’m wondering whether this is a valid reason in any way? Like maybe he needs therapy? I don’t want to invalidate his feelings but I feel so empty now.
I honestly have no idea what to do, I feel hurt and unwanted and he’s my best friend and the one and only person I could talk about something like this. And we normally talk about everything - or so I thought.
Help me?
EDIT: I got this a lot and I just don’t feel like I can answer this individually, so I thought I would add it here.
I don’t like porn, I don’t like the industry. My partner knew this and AGREED about it being unethical. I’m sorry but if he lied to me - how am I at fault for believing him?
That being said, I never set up rules for porn consumption, as I assumed we were on the same page. I do not and would not have a problem with him doing it occasionally, for example when we don’t get so see each other. I STILL however don’t like the whole concept.
The most important thing is however, that this post was not even meant to be about porn. As I said earlier, his extreme reaction yesterday night confused me, as I don’t view him watching sometimes as a horrible breach of trust. This is really about the pictures. It’s about me feeling compared to each and everyone of my female friends, when I never doubted his intentions before.
EDIT 2: I posted an update separately due to the amount of comments this post received, in case you want to read more!

No. 1637191

File: 1689697686040.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1938, IMG_1970.jpeg)

Samefag, another one but from a pickme

No. 1637195

Kek fucking retards
>You're a controlling bitch for not letting him look at porn!!
He agreed to it, he agreed to her terms, he lied and said he thought porn was unethical just to relapse again, in fact, that's why he's crying because in his own words "he was bad", he knows he fucked up and admitted fault yet redditors are still trying to defend him

No. 1637196

statistically speaking there's 5x more autistic men then women so it wouldn't even work out anyway

No. 1637200

I really miss the days when "autistic" meant "suffering of a genuine mental illness". Now, they decided that "autistico" means "socially awkward nerd", because autistic people are rare but socially awkward people are a dime a dozen. No money selling medicines to autistic people, but lots of money selling medicine to anyone Who hates loud noises or gets a bit anxious in new situations.

No. 1637207

Also kek at this pickme,
>Women need to have more confidence and let their moids watch porn and fancy other women including their female friends
This retard suggests accommodating and allowing all this porn crap just to be ""accepting"" totally ignoring the fact this goes against OPs personal beliefs (because we know women's opinions aren't relevant amirite?), yet she doesn't even consider that maybe OPs relationship is just doomed to begin with, if her moid can't stop looking at porn even though her gf is not okay with it then they should just break-up

No. 1637211

File: 1689699898009.jpg (221.82 KB, 992x1079, Screenshot_20230718.jpg)

God, the pickmes in that thread are all just unbearable lmao. This one made roll my eyes too. "OP's concerns about trafficking are valid but also fuck her for being uncomfortable!"

No. 1637215

At least the top comments point out how he's not only a liar but also very manipulative by forcing her to comfort him after being woken up at night when he was the one crossing her boundaries, just so she can at least go back to sleep.
Imagine if your biggest inner demon was NOT jerking off to your friends, coomers are a true menace.

No. 1637269

>As someone who does porn professionally
Opinion automatically discarded

No. 1637404

Why does that happen? I mean, there is the socialization factor, but even so, it seems something innate in male autists

No. 1637414

Lmao she can’t even find a man who’s not going to treat her as anything but a used up whore but she’s on reddit policing women’s boundaries and consent.

No. 1637521

it's a joke amongst Americans that cats are selfish rude creatures who see you as no more of a servant to them. Cats have far different personalities to dogs, and are very set with their boundaries. They pick and choose who they give their affection to, that is a fact. While there are many breeds of dogs who have a "see friend" attitude. It's not meant as an insult, it's a self deprecating joke on how cat parents are masochists for owning a creature that hates them
I've almost exclusively owned street cats and I've never had many cats with a bitchy personality. Plenty of the cats I've had over the years have been very fine with being picked up, receptive to affection, and genuinely been affectionate towards me. Maybe its because they were are inbred homeless cats or something but they were really sweet. I think some people who hate cats for being douches just had an experience with a very moody cat or have no respect for personal boundaries which is a red flag for humans as well.

No. 1637546

Probably because autistic men tend to be massive sex pests, and their need to fixate on things leads them to have incredibly autistic paraphilias. The furry community itself is so autistic even without the sexual degeneracy, so it's like a two in one deal.

No. 1637547

I fully believe people who hate cats have control problems and can’t handle being around a furry creature with autonomy (although I kind of except people with allergies from this because I think it’s fair to subconsciously develop a dislike for a critter that makes you feel physically miserable)
Street cats are often great though, once I was squatting down and doing the click sound and “come here cat” hand gesture to a random cute black cat and he was not interested at all and then when I turned to leave him alone I heard a jingling from my left and looked over and this big fat ol tortie was full-speed trotting down to me from like four houses over, pouch wobbling and all, rearing to make a new friend and I could have cried it was the cutest thing

No. 1637551

This scrote didn't have an emotional meltdown just because he jerked off. He's been cheating with one of their "friends" he was jerking off to, and for quite a while, mark my words. IDK why they cheat and then have emotional meltdowns. Just be a complete sociopath and retain your dignity, for fuck's sake.

No. 1637555

I work with animals. People are just retarded and perceive all animals the same way. Cats were domesticated a lot more recently than dogs, and they are one of the few domesticated animals that don't have a social hierarchy. Instead of seeing as as their superior the way dogs, horses, chickens, etc. do, cats basically just view us as other cats in their colony. Tame housecats basically live in a psychological state of perma-kittenhood where they view their owners as mothers. They meow at us for food and knead because that's what kittens do. They rely on us because they trust us, not because they view humans as their butlers. As for the environment thing, cats live longer lives indoors, and if your cat seems sad indoors, you need to provide them with more enrichment and privacy; more hidey places, more toys, and more interaction. Even "working" cats (mousers) shouldn't have unrestricted access outside; they should be kept in the space they work in, like a barn.

I always think it's a red flag when someone dislikes any entire species. It reflects a lack of nuance when it comes to animal behavior, and is just intellectually lazy.

No. 1637560

Just shows that men can not feel true love. If you truly love someone you don't feel the desire to jerk off to other people. Only women are capable of that kind of love and devotion and true monogamy. I know some pickme bitches always gotta chime in and say "but I want to fuck celebrity men too! I watch porn too!" ok cool, you haven't found true love yet then. But honestly feel more sorry for women who do truly love a man and get nothing but hurt in return. Just fucking depressing. Men are animals and don't deserve shit.

No. 1637570

The crying at night was so emotionally manipulative and sickening to hear. He didnt do it bc he was genuinely upset, he did it to garner sympathy so he could feel okay about going behind her back in the first place. Shit like this shows me why men find women crying manipulative. Bc they only do it as manipulation. They hate being treated as the bad guy in a situation, instead they want to be the perpetual victim that gets to be a piece of shit that does whatever he wants. They get upset when women show emotion against them that "guilts" them and paints them as the bad guy so obviously women doing this are "manipulators"

No. 1637578

This is so true. Men will do anything to not have to take responsibility for their actions. They are masters at reframing things in their own mind to make themselves the victim. Guys who jerk off in the next room while their girlfriend is sleeping after they just had sex 3 hours earlier… that is so fucking evil, such a breach of trust. He knows exactly how much it would hurt her, but he probably thought to himself "she is a bitch who is trying to control me, what I am doing is perfectly natural and it's her own fault I have to break her trust to do this because she should be allowing me to do this in the first place" probably even getting off to how much it would hurt her if she knew. I know men literally do "dangerwanks" where they will call out for their mother/gf before they are about to coom because the thrill of getting caught doing it excites them. Men are fucking vile and evil.

I remember in my first relationship when I was a naive teenager I found porn on my bfs computer and he cried because he thought I would break up with him and I wanted to, but seeing him cry I got manipulated into staying with him. I was too young to know better. He of course continued to watch porn and eventually cheated on me with another girl.

No. 1637586

"Me and my bf have a fun time trying to replicate the stuff we see in porn!"
Imagine admitting you're just acting out videos your scrote jerks off to. Cucked beyond belief… I used to date a guy who was really into porn and it was miserable, he took forever to get off and I could literally feel him trying to recreate some video he was watching in his head, he also constantly wanted to try a bunch of deviant crap that doesn't even feel good. Women don't want men watching porn because they're insecure, it fucks up your sex life and they eventually get porn fried from watching it too often. I don't want him getting ED at 30 from constant extreme teen bdsm porn. I made it clear I hated porn when I first met my husband, neither of us watch it. This whole comment section is men with broken dicks who "need" porn and cucked women trying to crab bucket other women into being cucked too

No. 1637589

He probably just uses her as a human fleshlight while hes fixated on the porn and pretending he is fucking the girl in the video. Nothing is more insecure than letting a man use your body while he is imagining someone else.

No. 1637824

File: 1689775702067.jpg (2.06 MB, 4080x907, IMG_20230719_150915.jpg)

Excuse my boomer screenshot technique.
I don't think anything outside of divorce would be on the cards to be honest.
Imagine making a life with someone and they are a disgusting fucking coomer willing to injure you without asking in order to get off

No. 1638517

Men being told that their porn consumption hurts their partner = suffering KEK that’s the most ridiculous shit. I can’t even take anything seriously after that. Porn isn’t a fucking need, this is insane. Moids are coddled like children living their life on easy mode but still trying to be victims so they can get permanent praise and pickme doormats on Reddit love to defend their pouty tantrums by using vile insults toward women who have the most mild and understandable concerns. They also always love to pull out the prude, moralist, religious puritan cards to pressure women into accepting vile male behaviors, it’s sad. God forbid a male gets his feelings hurt when you tell him watching teenage gang bang part 4 isn’t part of a healthy relationship, you evil Karen bitch! No man will ever defend women’s behavior to other men in this way.

No. 1638549

It's really depressing to realize that most women can love a spouse as a family member, but men just can't. If any truly can, it's 1% or less. And this is what we raise girls to believe is the most important relationship in their lives.
Depressing and true. Even when they do awful things and feel guilty, they don't ever stop. They just get mad at the person they hurt. One of my exes berated me at a restaurant until I silently put my head down to cry, and then he said, "Oh NO, now everybody will think I'm a jerk!" The shame just shot through me. I'm glad he's now post-wall and single.

No. 1639014

Something tells me neither of these people would be fine with women sleeping with their male friends. Why is it okay for men to act on their “natural” biological urges to be disgusting coomers but women aren’t allowed to act on our “natural” biological hypergamous urges to for varied Chad cock?

No. 1639147

Kek I used to be very shy as a teen and would always comfort myself when interacting with cashiers/employees by telling myself the whole "um nobody is paying attention to you, sweaty" thing, so as to feel less self-conscious. Then I grew up and got a job and realized working is usually pretty fucking boring and observing/judging people keeps you sane. That being said I only judge people when cashiering or fulfilling online orders, and usually only judge the food people buy. If I was doing stuff on the salesfloor I actually had tasks to think about and didn't look at what people were putting in their cart.

No. 1639196

>picture of a screen
No, learn how to fucking screenshot.

No. 1639241

Well damn, now you gave me even more anxiety.

No. 1639665

File: 1689946537393.jpg (258.31 KB, 1125x1514, 20230721_113424.jpg)

Vindicta posters are so sad

No. 1639666

File: 1689946576986.jpg (199.65 KB, 1125x1784, 20230721_113431.jpg)

No. 1639714

I saw that post too. I appreciate their honesty, but Jesus, she’s only 22. Could you imagine doing all that shit to your body at 22?


No. 1639790

looking at the post history she says contradicting stuff so idk if the post is even truthful

No. 1639931

Why does she get a brow lift every three months? What does this do? Does it just gradually fall back down, or is she just going to keep raising it and eventually her brows will be in the middle of her forehead? I know I'm retarded but I'm seriously asking.

No. 1639943

Probably goes to one of those crappy med spas whose procedures don't last. A lot of the really botched looking ones go to those cheap med spas who don't even have licensed practitioners. In New Mexico they recently found one of those med spas were using AIDS infected needles for vampire facials. Shudder

No. 1639959

Kek nona if it makes you feel any better, I usually forget people as soon as they walk away. There were many times when I would help a customer and they would come back for something and they always seemed surprised when I didn't remember them.

No. 1639972

She posted some headshots it's hard to tell how she looks because her eyes are covered but she looks older than 22… also you could easily look at the same level without all that work, there were prettier girls at my college who had nothing done. She's probably thinks this stuff helps because of insecurity but she's definitely getting ripped off, also constant fillers will fuck up your face

No. 1640070

IIRC it paralyzes the muscles, so the brows drift up. It's really depressing that women give up their ability to emote just to look younger-ish.

No. 1640381

I don't understand why plastic surgery procedures are replacing what can be done with makeup. Then they're filtering to hell anyway. What was the point? By the end of it you're literally more cartoonish than human

Vindicta and their celebs rating sub are such a toxic place. It does nothing for women's self esteem and their endgoals only seem to be to please moids. always warn any woman away from those subs. With the recent truerateme controversy there is absolutely no reason to be posting your face on Reddit knowing what kind of terminally online coomers lurk and mod on the site.

No. 1640389

Cheek filler is one of the worst filler procedures they offer, there has never literally never been a good cheek filler result in anyone who didn't use it for a deformity. Also what the fuck is an internal bra

No. 1640402

Cheek filler is what gives everyone the pillow face/the puppet from Saw face. It never looks good

No. 1640408

It makes all faces look extremely odd, it literally never looks natural and throws the entire balance of the face off. Why the fuck would you pay money to look like you've been shooting up HGH for the past eight months.

No. 1640547

this honestly makes me appreciate living in a more "trad" area, i saw a tv show in which a moid was caught watching porn, and she immediately moved out and only came back months later when he literally threw always his computer and started a therapy. in the us moids jerking it to all kind of things is always only portrayed as funny and harmless.
moids being porn addicts and cheating on their wives is one (horrible) thing, but other women defending them and this being considered a normal thing is total insanity. how can you even call yourselves a couple, if basic stuff like having the same standards, morals, interests is considered too controlling?

No. 1640663

>recent truerateme controversy
What happened?

No. 1640711

File: 1690040742448.jpeg (236.54 KB, 828x1792, IMG_8292.jpeg)

Mods are total neckbeards, but the main gist is users are theorizing most of the pics are stolen and not real women posting there.

A former mod of the sub leaked information about the mod team, and one of the mods was under investigation by the police for encouraging a user to kill themselves. Some are even speculating that the sub was entirely founded as an incel safe haven alternative to r/rateme so men could harass women more freely. Truerateme sub blew up in notoriety the past few months thanks to the API blackout eliminating subs that would otherwise show up on peoples feeds, and truerateme went to the top of peoples recommendations


No. 1640723

A bit off-topic but I loosely knew one of the moderators for Vindicta and she was one miserable woman.

No. 1640728

what are you even talking about? tradshits are not anti-porn aside from posturing and i guarantee the tradshit males "throwing out their computer" are just watching porn on their phones because they don't want to pay alimony and child support lmfao

No. 1641049

File: 1690063974738.jpg (919.18 KB, 1332x1710, idiot.jpg)

Woman dates crusty gross old man, surprised to learn he's a disrespectful perverted crusty jizz sock who will ruin her life. Apparently she got with him when she was 17 and he was 32. Older men view a younger woman as a sex trophy and possession. That is the only reason men date way younger women–to control her and boost his ego. Now that she's "locked down" pregnant with his baby he's immediately violating her boundaries and being a family-destroying perv. I feel bad for this child. They're going to grow up with a gross old geezer as a father who disrespects their mother and flagrantly cheats on her.

No. 1641075

File: 1690065675374.png (220.24 KB, 1414x698, run pls.png)

yep, just checked out the comments. this is awful.

No. 1641141

File: 1690074101891.jpg (43.55 KB, 306x480, 359687588_820367906082486_3586…)

I know this sub is filled with troons but I think it's funny when you see a post made by an actual lesbian about a concern she's noticed within her community and everyone jumps to "maybe she's asexual!!!" instead of accepting that there are women who want to be perceived as gay for clout.


No. 1641184

nightmare fuel

No. 1641191

Where is that video where the woman (I think its Nicole tv?) Is standing there naked with her bonnet on in complete silence as her bf is pounding a thick bitch doggystyle and it's like 'when your man says he wants a threesome'

No. 1641212

I bet the poster in picrel considers herself to be trad >>1641049 >>1641075

Out with the fake bi era, into the full on fake lesbian era. Fucking hell. At least the bi fakers had a little less audacity to waste people's time and were only half lying about their attractions.

No. 1641222

>I don't know if I should talk to him and tell him what the problems are
oh baby he perfectly knows what he does wrong, he's simply evil and doesn't care one bit…

No. 1641236

Men always wait till the woman is pregnant to pull this shit. They know.

No. 1641302

Thia type of story is becoming so common on Reddit while the site's culture is practically designed to alienate women, and I don't think that adds up. I'm beginning to think that these are incels' wank fantasies. They probably get off on the idea of an older man destroying young womens' lives and using them as broodmares only to abandon them once they supposedly "hit the wall." I'm sure this sort of shit happens a lot IRL, I just don't think the women involved would go to fucking Reddit for advice about it.

No. 1641305

>waaah my parents got divorced
Boo-fucking-hoo. You know what's worse for a child's development? When the parents stay together and just treat each other like shit for years on end.

No. 1641313

Are you actually retarded? No one can read this. Use the goddamn screenshot key dumbshit.

No. 1641319

Maybe if you to have this much work done, you weren't cut out for the job in the first place. I wish all of this nonsense would stop, but it won't because it's too profitable at this point.

No. 1641372

Weren't they banning men who rated beautiful women over a 6-7 for "rating too high". It's literally just a sub for men who have a fetish for attempting to make women insecure

No. 1641374

"Someone is exposing themselves to children? Maybe tell your child not to look"
Whatever happened to victim blamin

No. 1641380

I use to work food delivery and I refused to deliver 50$+ orders to areas I knew were poor. Most of the time I'd see the same income apartments ordering 3xs a day of the most priced up fast food, never tipping either. I had to quit when I started literally losing money trying to pay for gas than what I was making in tips. It use to be a good way to get money fast if you're low income and need to buy diapers, food, pay a utility, etc. Now it's just literally just giving broke people food they can't afford while they call you entitled for literally going out of your way, spending your gas, and risking your life to go to a strangers house to give their lard ass food.

I don't hate poor people, but consumerist poor people are the absolute worse. They will go broke just to flex or give into any glutton, sloth, lust, etc they decided to whim for

No. 1641393

File: 1690093762523.jpg (245.68 KB, 1080x1812, IMG_20230723_083100.jpg)

What the fuck is wrong with moids

No. 1641398

They're born to coom and die.

No. 1641524

File: 1690114524524.jpeg (192.36 KB, 640x910, 03127BE6-CC5F-4DF3-9D16-D33FC8…)

No. 1641527

What if I've got battered woman syndrome and can't be fucked entertaining every gay thought that comes into a man's head about my obvious attractiveness.

No. 1641531

Yeah, until the day she “politely” turns away a violent moid who will not accept a polite no as an answer.
I hate these “violent interactions never happened to me so I’m going to invalidate the experience of all victims” kind of people.

No. 1641547

Is she trying to break the world record of pickmeism or something?

No. 1641592

Sexual attention from males has no value, they will even give it to children and animals. It's so easy to obtain it's worthless. I wish more women realized this.

No. 1641609

>appreciate them all
Yeah, I'm sure you're ecstatic when some greasy toothless fucker starts hitting on you, holding his hands to tell him how brave he is for doing that. Fuck off

No. 1641616

Most people met (and still do) at work or within friend circles, normal women hate being hit on in the street.

No. 1641749

File: 1690132953375.png (178.38 KB, 770x772, killallscrote.png)

How grateful the average scrote is when you cary his child.

No. 1641760

>the thought of something other than my dick being inside your vagina sickens me
>talking about a transvaginal ultrasound
the actual fuck

No. 1641767

I masturbate pretty much every day. TIL I’m a moid.

No. 1641768

Wow, she is the pick me of all pick mes.

No. 1641769

This was posted and discussed up here >>1641049

No. 1641782

Your skin will not be grateful for that irritation, even if lubricated. Beyond that, you are fucking up your brain's reward response.

No. 1641805

wtf are you talking about, it's fine

No. 1641915

This poor woman was groomed by this dude since the age of 17. I won’t even mention her “best friend” who was supposed to help and guide her through this difficult time.

Ladies this is what you get for giving an old moid a chance.

No. 1641934

Her comments are sad. Poor woman.

No. 1641942

Literally the only specific people I remember from working at a grocery store are an old man who bought a bunch of carrots for his donkeys every week, and a super autistic guy and his retarded mother who complimented my pentacle necklace by saying they liked my Star of David kek.

No. 1641952

I’ve been masturbating p much everyday since I was 4 guess that’s what gave me ADHD kek. Only stopped during times of extreme stress. My vulva/clit skin is more than fine tyvm.

No. 1641999

Bizarre, retarded derail. No one cares. Stop.

No. 1642014

Please just report if you think they are derailing. Otherwise your contribution is only shitting up the thread even more

No. 1642574

File: 1690207696103.png (323.02 KB, 576x995, Screenshot_20230724-110707~2.p…)

Barbie dolls with colorful outfits is suddenly "queewr cowded!1!1!"
Also men should stay away from dolls.

No. 1642646

Why is the trans community so stuck on trying to eliminate women? I never see them try to replace male icons/action figures with transmen but they're so happy to replace women and silence them to put moids on their place

No. 1642661

So women having a fit body and short hair is 'queer' coded? These idiots are insane. Barbie is for women. Men should not involved. Sadly this movie brought all the fags and trannies out

No. 1642684

Barbie is for girls imo.

No. 1642716

I think it's okay for guys to celebrate Barbie. I don't see it as a girls only toy?

No. 1642736

>not a girls only toy
If Barbie isn't then what is? It's literally marketed as a toy who shows girls they can be anything they like. Sure a child of either gender can technically play with any toy, but Barbie is definitely aimed at girls and has always been.

No. 1642778

File: 1690219167280.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.95 KB, 750x913, By @outrageousdolls.jpeg)

I'm not saying every man would do the same. But literally when they collect and customize dolls, specially rainbow high, they do shit like picrel.
This tard is sexualizing high school girls and nobody seems to care, literally all the doll pages who do this are men and sometimes men in drag. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1643109

I don't care about gendered toys but it's the fact women are expected to let men invade their spaces but you'll never see stereotypical boy toys welcome women in

No. 1643112

When women are into “boy” toys like gunpla or whatever, she just has autism. When men are into “girl” toys they are fucking sex freaks who are 100% ejaculating onto children’s toys.

No. 1643114

there was an autismo obssesed with bratz that kidnapped a little girl

No. 1643134

File: 1690240329168.png (356.25 KB, 1080x2086, fragile.png)

I present to you the latest development in the moid false accusations talking point, tldr:

>I was openly talking about my weird kinks and a girl called me out on how fucked up they are and I decided to social isolate myself because of the embarrassment. This is womens' fault.

His kink in question is "free use," btw. As in, sex anytime without any boundaries or limitations or asking for consent every time, gee I wonder why someone would think that sounds rapey. Many of the comments are predictably by coomers sympathizing with the poster, only a few sane ones because this is reddit.

No. 1643145

giga stacy move

No. 1643159

i swear to god some 4channer did the same thing at his job. just thought it would be okay to tell his coworkers that he likes CNC (aka rape with plausible deniability) and was mad that he was getting written up.

No. 1643255

Wearing a pentagram necklace to work at a grocery store is objectively hilarious

No. 1643281

It looks like a troon Donald Trump.

No. 1643398

He thinks people telling him his rape kink is rape is the equivalent of literally being charged with rape lmfao. I assume this is the most cases of being "falsely accused"

No. 1643402

I’m a pagan so I don’t see it as any weirder than wearing a cross necklace, which many of my coworkers did. I wear it everywhere.

No. 1643534

This isn't even a hugely popular belief and he's crying. It is the same and it's nuts but it's popular. I'm shocked he actually felt any shame, as men usually feel none since they don't possess any, generally. He's a moron or an asshole looking to demonize this belief by pretending he was somehow victimized.

No. 1643565

Nta I agree with you but don't take this the wrong way but every bpdfag I've ever met has worn a pentagram necklace, it's like a massive red flag for some reason. Probably something to do with the percieved edge factor seeing as they all look like they watched the craft once and just made it their personality. I don't judge people based on looks, but they keep proving me right and it's weird.

No. 1643598

>Noooo some girl called me a rapist after I admitted I have a rape kink noooo.
Cry more pornsick faggot. It is right you have no friends.

No. 1643599

Yes, the Australian 'Doll Collector' freak scrote.

No. 1643611

Kek fair enough. I think I tend more towards autistic than bipidi but idk. I’ve had my pentacle since I was 10 so just shy of two decades, nice solid sterling silver on a plain sterling silver chain. It’s pretty small and low key and nothing fancy. I got it at this really chill occult shop that randomly opened in my smallish town and had a pagan sunday school for kids (in addition to lots of group classes and stuff for adults) and the best vibes ever. They always welcomed you with free herbal tea and had a cute little bar area to sit and chat with folks. I just asked my mom if we could check it out shortly after I saw that it had opened and it quickly became my favorite spot in town. I also don’t have any piercings or tattoos or dyed hair and avoid eye contact as though every stranger were Medusa.

No. 1643748

File: 1690291321609.png (144.81 KB, 1187x668, uhjo.png)

>free use kink
Not even once

No. 1643753

>if I can’t do anal I’m unwantable and unsexy to my moid
I hope the guy dies.

No. 1643756

Kek so no one even actually followed up with him about it, it literally didn’t do anything to his life and no one gave him any shit about it after that. He’s just a huge overemotional baby who went moping about how his life was ruined and he should off himself because the girl he was “in love with” is evil for not liking his rape kink. If he was “in love” maybe he would have actually talked to her afterwards and apologized for how he horrified her and maybe learn something but no, she’s the devil and he’s Christ on the cross being almost killed by imaginary torturers. And of course he decides afterwards that no one is worth his time—oh, except meeting new girls. He’s earth’s most hated outcast but no problem meeting a new girl to put all his emotions onto anyway kek.

No. 1643802

He’s guilty because he knows he’s a piece of shit and lost a possible relationship with his “accuser” who he happens to be obsessed with. That’s why he cares so much about her calling him out despite having a whole new girlfriend

No. 1643887

Who in their right fucking mind would ever have this kind of agreement with a moid? It’s setting yourself up for abuse and rape, even if it’s “agreed upon”. Seriously, what is wrong with women who are okay with this and similar kinks? Is it a form of pickme-ism? Is it because of trauma? I really don’t understand. You can click any video on the front page of a porn site and see the violence men are capable of, and yet you willingly subject yourself to it, then get upset when you get physically hurt. I’m sorry if this sounds victim blamey, but it truly makes no sense. This man raped her and she’s still with him. Why?

No. 1644079

Is that a thing that can really happen? Chronic recurring hemrroids from one bad anal sex experience? New fear unlocked.

No. 1644117

I'm so glad for the woman that she found out he was a rapey sex pest BEFORE he got her into some kind of private situation, especially before dating made her feel obligated to go along with his degeneracy. OFC there's no guarantee that she would have wanted anything to do with his delusional ass in the first place, but men are always too self centered to see that.

No. 1644411

Yes. There is a reason older gay men often wear diapers. They are all incontinent from years of anal abuse. Nothing is supposed to go in there, it's very delicate skin with lots of blood vessels.

No. 1644997

This retard needs an unlubed dildo shoved up his ass in his sleep asap

No. 1645057

File: 1690376200266.jpeg (249.19 KB, 750x669, IMG_2220.jpeg)

Clicked on the profile and sure enough it’s a weirdo who just posts chatgpt responses in a bunch of completely random subs. What do they get out if it? I can’t think of a more pathetic waste of time.

No. 1645060


Nothing to see here, just a moid writing his fetish fantasy and getting off on others reading it.

No. 1645063


It all makes sense when you understand this is Reddit. It's a thathappened moment.

No. 1645066

The girl is young and probably has trauma and insecurities anon. Men like that will smell any insecure woman and prey upon them. Also society keeps telling woman they are nagging or boring if they don’t bend over backwards to sexually please their moid, so maybe she wanted to be desirable.

No. 1645069

What a fragile ego kek. All that happened was a woman accusing him of having rapey fantasies. He wasn’t even accused of actual rape.. in the meantime women have to survive and be strong while moids are raping, killing, beating, sexually harassing them and gatekeeping jobs.

No. 1645092

File: 1690380180779.png (55.92 KB, 699x164, Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 9.49.…)

A reply to an AITA type post where a moid doesn't understand why his girlfriend is upset he did nothing to protect her from muggers that made them both strip down to their underwear.

"rape is only a few minutes, dead is forever" tell that to the women who've been traumatized for life or committed suicide after being raped for "only a few minutes". I swear being a pick me deteriorates women's brain cells like nothing else, this shit makes me wanna a-log so bad

No. 1645093

Not to blogpost but I too have some weird skin tag (I'd say hemorrhoid but it doesn't hurt) on my butthole from an anal fissure I got from severe food poisoning years ago kek.
Someone should tell this girl that normal men still want us and will have sex with us in spite of our ugly buttholes. If a guy rejects you because of your asshole then he is a faggot and you are his beard.

It sucks that her condition is chronic but I am unsure why her doctors have never recommended surgery and only prescribe ointment? That part tips the story into 'fake' to me. I think it's just a scrote typing out his free use kink and how a woman can never find love again cause he ruined her butt. Stupid.

No. 1645104

If those muggers were ready to kill the guy they'd just kill the woman after raping her too, I don't get why these pickmes and moids think muggers would just let the woman go and let her give their description to the police. The "few minutes rape" happens with husbands and boyfriends or at a party, not when being fucking mugged. And even then some women would even prefer dying over being raped (and a lot of moids would too). I don't get how some people are just utterly devoid of empathy.

No. 1645110

Modern young women grew up thinking indulging men is their hentai/porn talk is cool, not understanding what the actual realities were. If you've seen how destructive and uncaring young boys play, you can pretty much project that into adult men, if they're handling anything that isn't strictly "their stuff". I've had men offer I could use them in their sleep, publically grope them etc. too because they expect that you return the same offer, and I just said "ok"

No. 1645120

I looked for the discussion and seeing it slowly turn into shit like "um I've been raped before and I would get raped again if its to protect my guy!" is quite the statement. You'd swear its a bunch of kids playing a game of would you rather.

No. 1645126

While the reply you posted is fucking retarded, did the OOP himself really do anything wrong in this situation? If he escalated, there's a higher chance they could have gotten killed. What could he have done to "protect her" if they had guns?

No. 1645167

>Gendered stereotypes
Kek. The average woman would have probably done more to stop her from being raped than her own boyfriend. That's pitiful

No. 1645172

Replace “girlfriend” with “daughter” or “son” even. Now what? It’s just a few minutes.
He would not be found guilty for just standing there but it is completely reasonable that the girlfriend now feels unsafe, unprotected, and disillusioned. Men harp on and on and on about “Who’s gonna protect you???” But they never actually do.

No. 1645178

>it is completely reasonable that the girlfriend now feels unsafe, unprotected, and disillusioned
Of course it's reasonable, and imo the worst part about this is that he argued with her after instead of trying to comfort her. But in the actual situation, let's say he fights them, they both get shot and die. De-escalation should be the first option, not swinging at them like an ape. Would be different if they were actually raping or assaulting her though, then obviously he should fucking do something.

No. 1645209

I mean it's reddit. There's a high chance this omg I was just held at gunpoint aita post was a creative way to whip up a casual discussion on how men don't owe women shit and how rape isn't askuallly all that bad coz murder is worse. Its too perfect of set up for the shitty rape versus murder debate it turned into.

No. 1645211

File: 1690390900983.jpeg (88.48 KB, 728x876, B283BEF3-DF44-44DC-AF16-10E6A6…)

Men are genuinely useless. There is not a single upside to dating men because modern men can not offer a single service to a woman. Unless he has taken care to train his body and mind and taken up arms and is ready to fucking die for you, there is no point in relying on them for a single thing. Women are better off training herself, carrying a weapon and always be ready to protect herself and her child because a man will NOT do that.
To be mugging victims to begin with, they were probably careless and unaware of their environment, most likely because the presence of a moid offered false sense of security. If the woman was alone, she would have had all her guards up and tried to avoid unnecessary risks.
I agree that de-escalation should always be prioritized. It’s important to identify what kind danger you’re in, usually muggers don’t want to waste time or leave evidence or kill people, but if the assailant is deranged to the point of willing to rape and kill then you will just have to do your best to fight. You are just as likely to get killed after getting raped as before getting raped. If a criminal feels comfortable enough at the time and the place to commit rape that means he has confidence that he won’t be disturbed or caught, there is no downside to killing you and no upside to letting you go. You should always be prepared for that possibility. The scrote basically maintained that if the situation escalated to gross violence such as rape then he would still do nothing because he and all these delusional pickmes really believe that shit hasn’t already hit the fan at that point. That kind of stress response where you start telling yourself that “it’s still fine” inhibits you from actually preparing yourself to fight. He cared more about his emasculation feelings than offering her ways of feeling safe again like you said. It should have been his wake up call to start taking responsibility for their general safety.

No. 1645221

Theres a clip of a woman being mugged that I keep seeing reposted all around reddit lately. Where her bf just stands there and lets it happen. Endless chat about how thats the appropriate thing to do. Never risk your own wellbeing for a woman! Its like the topic of the month.

No. 1645225

The worst part is, there was one man in that thread who mentioned he would die to protect his wife from rape and he couldn't just sit there and watch, because he's seen the effect its had on women in his life. And all the spineless men and pickmes jumped on him and told him he was an idiot. What blows my mind are the amount of pickmes saying that they would prefer their moid to just stay there and do nothing if they were getting raped, holy fucking shit. Like, imagine if your mother or sister was getting raped? Would these woman also just sit there and let it happen to a loved one? Fuck. I hate people so much.

No. 1645229

Have they seen the movie Nocturnal Animals?

No. 1645232

Well reading this is my daily dose of blackpill

No. 1645256

I looked through that users posts and they're very high and mighty in that reddit way but they don't usually give such shit advice. I find it very hard to believe she'd be ok with her husband watching someone rape her after they are both made to strip at gunpoint. I guess the redditbrain makes them stop thinking about the hypothetical rape part so they can defend their position that when you're mugged at gunpoint you should hand everything over? the OP wasn't even talking about rape, someone just pointed out the threat of rape is probably why his wife was upset which is helpful advice to give him to be honest. then this bitch came in with an insane take there's no way she would be ok with herself. reddit discussions are the worst.

No. 1645300

>I can’t help it
yes tf you can

No. 1645305

What the fuck was their reasoning that they didn't want the husband/man to intervene? What would be the downside to this?

No. 1645318

Looked through her posts earlier too because I expected a dumpster. Plenty of people responded telling her that "rape is only a few mins" is the worst sentence they've ever read (including rape victims saying this over and over) and she just left it up. How tf do you ignore all that and just keep posting to other threads.

On a site full of men who openly despise women yeah it still takes the award home for worst sentence I've read in a while.

No. 1645541

rack up karms, sell the account, rinse and repeat

No. 1645567

>If you've seen how destructive and uncaring young boys play, you can pretty much project that into adult men, if they're handling anything that isn't strictly "their stuff".
This is completely true, and one of the biggest blackpills. They don't miraculously start caring about girls after puberty, they're still the same shits as before.

No. 1646027

File: 1690451541980.jpg (667.25 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20230727_195203.jpg)

Absolute handmaidenery. Forgiving your husband for having an affair is one thing but he continues to be involved in her life after death and she's still wondering whether to leave him or not?


No. 1646044

So the dead woman is forever a bad person but he continued to sleep with that woman all while they built their trust again.. Damn evil mistresses always making your partner fuck them. He's totally a good guy deep down when women aren't tempting him.

No. 1646150

It's hard not to a-log when they're stupid like this.

No. 1646156

Underrated comment

No. 1646175

Isn't it the cat in the story The Rats in the Walls with the …unfortunate name, not his real pet cat?

No. 1646192

I mean she kinda has a point this woman did fuck over 4 married women by sleeping with their husbands, can't feel bad for someone lile that.
I knew one older man who specifically slept with married women, showered them with gifts, etc and tried to fuck their marriages up. This dead bitch was probably similar, I'm sure all 4 women she screwed over are happy she's dead.
People with a fetish to break up families and marriages don't deserve happiness just like cheaters don't. They're guilty as well.

I think a lot of anons are desperate women who have been second women so they're biased but in reality everyone hates the second man/woman just as much as they hate the cheater.

No. 1646194

At this point she should dump him and take all his belongings btw, he's an old useless man with no one left for him since his side whore died

No. 1646319

it's both.

No. 1646712

One of my exes used me as the home plate girlfriend for years, but I didn't know. The only reason I don't have any animosity towards all the other women is because there was no way they could have known. We all acted in good faith and got used. He got what he deserved in the end, women shouldn't be stupid enough to think of these scrotes as prizes, or reward their delusions.

No. 1646912

Does anyone miss the API crawlers? Even reveddit seems completely dead, but is somehow still claiming you can obtain a "special api code" to browse their site? I miss my sneaky stalking era. Reddits actual search engine sucks. They engineer is that way on purpose. All that and they still won't let you restrict viewing of your profile to ward off predatory moids who send you DMs

No. 1647081

File: 1690524827051.jpg (577.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230728_080621_Gal…)

Woman has real concerns and is concerned everybody will hate her for her doubts about letting a tranny into a space for women… I hate this world.
Posting follow-ups now.

No. 1647082

File: 1690524886091.png (512.24 KB, 1080x1384, sketch1690524718826.png)

I must post with background like that because sometimes LC won't let me post unedited screencaps, saying the files are too big.

No. 1647083

File: 1690524922698.png (143.28 KB, 1080x1384, sketch1690524756217.png)

Fuck the anti-women establishment.

No. 1647088

The fact this entitled pervert bullied a woman for not knowing if she's allowed to give him unfettered access to ogle naked women and Redditors are STILL finding a way to finger-wag at her. Bleak. And Redditors are always the first to call women Karens for raising their voice, wonder why this "woman" doesn't get the same flak? kek

No. 1647089

True and I also heavily dislike people who knowingly involve themselves with married/taken people, but at the end of the day the only one who actually made a commitment to her is her husband. It's bizarre that she forgave him because infidelity isn't a big issue to her but is holding a grudge against a dead woman. Saying that the mistress isn't a good person and you can't see her in that light is just funny when you're also saying you forgave the actual cheater and compromised on everything with him. I'm gonna make an assumption and say she probably completely blames the mistress for the affair. She's right that it's beyond disrespectful for him to continue to be involved in fundraising and what not for her though.

No. 1647094

File: 1690526510380.jpg (138.88 KB, 1030x754, Screenshot_20230727_233925.jpg)

He was dressed as a man, complete with fucking facial hair. But fuck women for feeling violated and unsafe, right guyz

No. 1647106

What do trannies say if a woman they're calling a terf says she's not even a radical feminist. I'm just a woman who doesn't want men in women's spaces, I don't identify as radfem or anything else.

No. 1647115

they don't care, most of them don't evn know what a radical feminist is. they will still call you a terf. even a middle-aged man who doesn't like them is a "terf" to them lol.

No. 1647120

Of course, imagine expecting any nuance out of a man, silly me

No. 1647168

Yes. Terf if just the new 'feminazi'.

No. 1647216

Why are there so many stories of men simping over dead women? You know damn well these men probably didn't even show half the affection to said woman when she was alive anyway. "the only good woman is a dead woman"

No. 1647269

The recent change to the layout is a disaster. I will give up on browsing the only sub I checked from time to time because it's become a chore.

No. 1647311

Because they can project all of their fantasies onto her. Same reason they go so hard for 2D girls. Real (living) women do things like disagree, or urinate or whatever the fuck else they don't like. I bet he fantasizes about how life would have been with the mistress even harder now that she's dead.

No. 1647439

i thought they're our protectors and this is why we need to stay beautiful and give sex and have no rights hm…?
my dad is by no means perfect but reading about reddit relationships always makes my parents seem like the most romantic couple ever, i know that he'd die for her and imo no woman should accept a man who loves her less than this.

No. 1647451

The way mods police the shit out of women’s voices is so dystopian. It’s weird as fuck too that even on subs or post unrelated to anything trans, there is always an announcement about trans women specifically. Not sexism, not racism, not homophobia. It’s always about TiMs and TiM feelings. Never even a mention of trans men. And in every comment section (and I mean EVERY), there is absolutely rampant misogyny. Priorities are really in order.

No. 1647533

>I open 2x
>yet again a post by a TIMmy

No. 1647701

it's still open, but only for Moderators to search their own subs. That's what the "special API code" is, you can request one from Reddit for your own sub if you're a mod

No. 1647762

It's because it's people who do not leave their homes and their entire lives is tethered to policing other people in order to feel better about themselves

No. 1647782

Reddit knew what they were doing when they banned third party API crawlers and wanted them to pay. I don't even think it's worth it to call it a tinfoil at this point

Stupid corporations protecting the interests of the rich as usual

No. 1648036

File: 1690625162466.jpeg (92.42 KB, 500x664, i see you.jpeg)

okay bare with me because this might sound tinfoiley but i don't think it is. i have had a reddit account for 12 years (i'm 30) and almost never post anything unless it's in a niche subreddit, i have like 10k post karma. recently i have been getting 'followers' which why the fuck does reddit allow followers? i didn't want anyone to see my posts about clothes, old hollywood drama, and pictures of cats. so i click the followers and they look like AI generated posts. i am convinced reddit has been selling data to make posters look real by analyzing real posters who barely post but are real accounts instead of premade accounts. this is so gross

No. 1648039

i think they used reddit to make chatGPT based on the weirdass 'followers' i have. why are they all banned accounts or men speaking in chat GPT in multiple languages? we are funding their ability to fuck with us

No. 1648040

sorry NOT JUST ME i mean every fucking person that posts i am so grossed out and can't figure out how to not reply before i get my idea out because i am so grossed out and convinced

No. 1648042


No. 1648047

must be bots, I have a few of them too.

No. 1648187

>guy writes a "women bad" post, it's just tuesday
>I write a post that all men take advantage of women, gets removed by asspained mod despite having 50 upvotes, because one moidlet got his scrotal sack in a twist
i hope that mod cuts his dick off and troons out if he hasn't already.

No. 1648543

File: 1690673550908.png (294.49 KB, 318x934, reddit2.png)

kek, this is so much to unpack. Guess your family sees you as a valid man now and won't let you around their kids.

No. 1648551

On my old account I had followers that were likely my stalker (long story), bots and occasional randoms who followed me from my quippy posting on subreddits

It didn't start bothering me so much until I realized at least one of them was a stalker

No. 1648552

Write them in the unpopular opinions or whatever subreddit, it won't get removed there. I posted blatant transphobia and it never got removed lmao

No. 1648592

Question: why the fuck are there so many trannies with kids? Esp tifs? If they have dysphoria so bad wouldn't being with the opposite gender and doing one of the most female things a body can do (pregnancy) give you major dysphoria?

No. 1648650

It could be reddit itself faking activity on their site, or some shill farm intermixing random activity and paid activity. I doubt they look at the impacted real accounts at all. Dead internet theory in action.

No. 1649083

Narcs often have children because they're captive providers of validation and love. Also, they like the attention they get from being pregnant.

No. 1649137

they are 100% bots. i am in a few subs for what would usually be considered male interests and every other day i would get a bot that looks like it is advertising onlyfans or something. names are like "sexy_goth_girl_323", and profile images are always very porny. i deleted reddit 2 days ago, i am so glad for that