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No. 1562935

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
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No. 1562952

File: 1682811784070.png (49.73 KB, 327x328, BIGFLOPPA.png)


No. 1563034

Pasta salad. Why would I willingly eat cold pasta. Even if it's the best flavor combo ever who invented cold pasta dishes? Just put it in a regular salad and serve it on the side with some garlic/walnut pasta or something, what's wrong with that? I'm usually not this autistic about food I promise, but don't get me started on this shit

No. 1563123

cold pasta best pasta

No. 1563162

File: 1682836094377.jpeg (83.18 KB, 828x936, IMG_2256.jpeg)

keeping pregnancies when there’s no ring is a psychotic and socially regressive act, why the fuck would you even do that to yourself

women who keep pregnancies from one night stands are just batshit insane pure and simple, seriously inviting all sorts of misery and drama into ur life for no reason

i swear people think baby trapping is effective when the law allows men to do below bare minimum and rarely enforces child support

picrel is a particularly miserable example, soundcloud rapper with a face tattoo, what an excellent of genes!

No. 1563163

Retarded medieval take. Long live the bastards

No. 1563167

lol, oh my brothers daughter is from a one night booty call with his ex, and the mom didn't tell him it could be his until she was already a few months old.
Failed baby trap, she remarried, had a few more kids, then 12 years later got divorced and dumped them off on family and now he's taking care of a preteen with his new wife.

No. 1563177

sorry for the one night stand baby but love to see that happen to moids and their new wives who marry expired goods

No. 1563189

have some fucking standards Nonny i’m begging you

No. 1563198

Not to shock you but not keeping a baby from a one night stand is very different from insisting everyone should marry before having children with each other. First is understandable, second is some tradcath take from a person who doesn’t understand that marriage is just as much of a trap and you can do plenty things legally to ensure your child is taken care of without playing into the govt and bible meme that is marriage.

No. 1563225

Not marrying entitles you to no portion of the house, no alimony, and secures you and your child nothing. Your babydaddy can kick you out on the street with nothing. I am not 'trad' I am a radfem and happen to have common fucking sense.

No. 1563317

File: 1682860412411.jpeg (24.34 KB, 1284x321, IMG_6410.jpeg)

I hate how uneducated and uninformed people equate TERFs to being religious fundamentalists or extreme right wingers. I was reading a post on r/feminism where someone got into a fight with abortion rights protestors irl, but they were surprised they even saw the protestors since they were in the UK. This was a comment on the post. Like, how stupid can you be? RF is literally in the name. Why would a radfem be against abortion, dumbass? It’s such a gripe, they don’t even know who they’re mad at.

No. 1563363

NTA but why would you assume that the mother would be living with her one night stand? The points you made are great but they only make sense for couples in actual relationships, but the whole point of a one night stand is that it isn't a relationship. You don't live with a one night stand.

No. 1563376

Anyone who would keep a baby from a one night stand should not be a parent in the first place. That's retard behavior. Get an abortion.

No. 1563452

Literally this, only a yandere who becomes obsessed with her one night stand would ever do something so insane. Imagine living with a failed baby trap your whole life sad >>1563376

No. 1563462

I understand how difficult is to go through an abortion when you have maternal feelings and I don't think that all women who keep it are bad persons but I don't think its a good idea to have kids with no paternal figure or a deplorable one. Maybe its a trad take, but agree with you, a family needs a strong foundation.

No. 1563472

a true maternal person would not keep a baby who’s father doesn’t want it, that’s called selfishness

No. 1563475

I hate pissing. I'm starting to get only 3 hours of sleep because of it.

No. 1563477

more of cringe than outright hate
>the term "fanboy"
>when women are into moid-approved husbandos in a very performative way

No. 1563482

Why is fanboy worse than fangirl and could you give an example of the last thing?

No. 1563484

i don't understand the second one. you mean like the rancefag?

No. 1563492

Nta, that example was my first thought. Weird thing to be performative about on a female only website.

No. 1563526

File: 1682877182542.jpg (98.67 KB, 1024x1024, 1676569046954917.jpg)

I have cringe induced recoil when someone has a harem husbando, like Rance or Araragi, literally get a better taste, did you find your pussy in the trash?

No. 1563532

I hate how autistic obsessed nonnas get with certain issues, they'll slander anyone who doesn't agree with them, and quite frankly, it's disgusting more so than the actual issue they're critical of. I'm glad most of the nonnas on this site are losers so they can't have actual power over the world bc their politics are dumb.

No. 1563543

speak for yourself, I participate in my local council monthly

No. 1563546

Who's being slandered? The mention of politics has me thinking this is either troon, sex work, or abortion related.

No. 1563595

oh it's because I hate men but also I dislike male fandom culture. My controversial opinion is that only girls and women can be true fans of things.

I wasn't referring to nonnies on lc specifically, mostly on social media. I know women love all sorts of husbandos and they don't have to change for a literal who like me, but when I see moids doing tongue-in-cheek thirsting over characters specifically designed for men and have male power fantasy elements, I start to see some women seriously claim them as their husbando. I guess I read it as "guys like this character and therefore it's ok for me to be attracted to this character and they won't judge me for it." (Adult Rex from Xenoblade 3 dlc, Boucheron from FE:engage). Not trying to say all husbandos have to be anime twink bishie ikemen, but moids hate those the most. Hope I explained this well enough

You get me anon

No. 1563657

File: 1682885290652.png (74.98 KB, 418x604, Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer F…)

Serial Killer fetishizes(doesn't matter if they self insert or ship them with other killers), this zoomer at one of my old jobs struck up a conversation about true crime once and asked me "Who's your favorite serial killer?" and I was unable to answer. Who has favorites? Apparently lots of people. Hers was HH Holmes(Fascinating and awful historical case, rife with horrific treatment and killing of women and children. How could I ever class a man like that as my favorite anything.) I can't even watch crime documentaries or shows because I can't handle disturbing images and audio, and I don't like humanizing killers and rapists.

No. 1563691

I bet she would have been offended if you had asked her why not Hitler or Mao since they had much higher scores than the one she said

No. 1563767

Retards who keep saying they think adult!Rex looks cool and sexy but who hated him in XB2 deserve jail I don't care anymore, I need to say it, these stupid bitches (especially the male "fans") legit hated him just because they have no reading comprehension and they insisted on playing XB2 with the godawful English dub and they tried to make it everyone's problem until now. They don't deserve him. Fuck them.

No. 1563828

she once mentioned her boyfriend was into WW2, so I don't think she'd be offended over dictators.

No. 1563867

File: 1682891017930.jpg (844.04 KB, 2846x2723, yuko17.jpg)

Why is it so hard to find good art of my favorite characters made by japanese artist that are not sexualing young characters when I'm on twitter. I love collecting fanarts but this is too much for me. I guess will go back to pixiv and tumblr where you can hide certain tags.

No. 1563872


No. 1564255

"Thanks in advance"

No. 1564389


No. 1564524

I hate gyms so much, they are filthy, the music they play is garbage, it's full of annoying scrotes and the isntructors cannot understand that you are there for health reasons instead of looks unless you are super obese, maybe even then.

No. 1564539

I fucking hate catholics

No. 1564584

All this AI shit. It disturbs me how willingly everyone around me uses it or is indifferent to how serious it's getting. It should be a tool to help better our lives, instead it is being used to steal from artists, make big corporations money, shit up the internet with useless garbage, drowning out anything genuine, and for degenerate pornography that still hurts real women and girls. It is making people even more lazy and stupid. I know we are powerless to stop it but I refuse to use it, not even to pretend to talk to my husbando.

No. 1564587

People who hate animals. Whether it be dogs, cats, monkeys, you're psychopaths and no amount of blaming the animal for this or that is going to change the fact that you're mentally unwell and have no understanding of animals or even life. You're stunted. You can link all the articles you want, you're bias, you're skewed, you're wrong, and you're ugly.

No. 1564592

Only westoids care about AI, because now they have to actually put effort into drawing instead of just changing the race of a character and calling it a day and because they can't delay comissions anymore.

No. 1564594

No. 1564605

>It disturbs me how willingly everyone around me uses it or is indifferent to how serious it's getting.
Same, remember that Chinese app that people used to create "anime" pictures based on real photos? And how just a few days before it became popular online these same people were whining because Tiktok needs to track their faces to properly use filters? That was just embarrassing.

No. 1564622

Same, I refuse to use it out of principle. I keep thinking, you know how people a few generations older than us have so much more knowledge about survival and fixing and building, and crafting and all that, and nowadays we only have a fraction of that? I feel like younger people will know even less to the point of barely thinking for themselves and it really worries me.
And also the tech bros dreaming of some kind of transhumanist future with virtual interactions and everything being online, it bugs me so much. I think the only way forward is getting in touch with the real world, your body and the earth and the people around you, not dissasociating it more and more.
Ugh just everything about ai sickens me so much, it should be a cool technological advancement to make our lives easier and not a tool to put us all deeper into poverty.

No. 1564636

what about wasps. can i hate those?

No. 1564638

One time a wasp came flying towards me while on the toilet and I had to run out before I could wipe. I came back to take a shower in complete paranoia, looking around in panic every other second. Scariest moment of my life.

No. 1564640

I've seen Chinese users on lofter who were mad about AI art, and Japanese users on pixiv are also mad. It's not just westerners that hate AI art.

No. 1564641

one time I opened my mailbox and a very angry wasp who was trapped in there rushed out and stung me. Can't even be mad tbh I'd do the same thing

No. 1564643

Ayrt wasps aren't animals they are monsters

No. 1564644

ayrt then we are on the same page. wasps and hornets are devil spawn, if there's a hell, that's where they came from

No. 1564646

amen, sister

No. 1564686

get a grip embarrassing weeb

No. 1564705

Bully-kun tries to redeem himself and falls for Protagonist-chan kinda manga, like Koe no Katachi or Kimi no Sei. It's not even like I was bullied badly, but when the guy that was the main perpetrator back then tried to talk to me normally and even more or less apologized for his behaviour when we randomly ran into each other some time after school, the only thing I felt was the urge to spit in his face. Mangas like that make me rage like nothing else lol.

No. 1564711

>Koe no Katachi
On top of that, that movie was so boring, I was just shocked when I watched because it was shilled so hard by weebs.

No. 1564770

File: 1682972150585.jpg (26.98 KB, 400x400, QYpVGuUW_400x400.jpg)

I really dislike smug
>Yes, thats so problematic, do you hear yourself? WOW YIKES, Is he/she/they serious right now? Wow, you are a terrible person. is she kidding me? Are you seriously saying this right now? Do you not know what you are saying is seriously harming people? This is problematic on so many levels, omg, okay. This is not okay!
Type of youtubers. I watch them (not picrel) when I want to have my own biases that "Retard is retarded" but you can tell they really think they are saying some groundbreaking things.

No. 1564777

yeah they are super annoying. Reminds me of izzzy making fun of bronies complaining about Hasbro censoring derpy hooves for being ''offensive'' while she was dressed in full clown make up with a shell filled with garfield toys and is a thembie. It's the lack of self-awareness that makes it so cringe inducing.

No. 1564782

File: 1682972763329.jpg (65.02 KB, 485x884, 1682721562924280.jpg)

japanese people hate AI shit too. The only people i see that like AI are trannies, coomers and techbros.

No. 1564789

same, and i can't even grasp how they exist every day thinking their opinion matters enough to put it on youtube.

No. 1564792

Asian artist hate it more bc ai massively rips off their art compared to western art

No. 1564794

Same, especially your pic related. He started off somewhat entertaining but now the attitude you mentioned is so insufferable, I can't even finish any newer video of him (both before and after the break) because of it. Same with Tara Mooknee, Tiffany Ferg and all the others who seem to be in one circle, since they all post the same topics in the exact same time.
It's like they dial the self-righteousness up with every new video.

No. 1564795

Wasps are nice, they're just a little too curios for their own good and don't get that we are scared of them

No. 1564799

wait even tiffany ferg? i haven't watched her since like 2019 to be fair but i thought she was the most "objective" of them all, or maybe i wasn't aware enough kek

No. 1564800

File: 1682973605331.jpeg (23.67 KB, 720x438, jTDdPAK.jpeg)

No. 1564805

She is at least still one of the most informed ones but every 5th sentence is drenched in exactly what OP mentioned. For me the one exception is Alice Cappelle, since she's still very reasonable (yet).

No. 1564922

People who take animals without a leash/box to the vet and the clinics that allow it. I already carry my cat inside her transport box and with a blanket over it, it shouldn't be on me to keep dogs from getting close.

No. 1565234

Wasps make little nests on my porch and have never been rude or aggressive to me. But I also say good morning and such so maybe its because i am polite

No. 1565389

god i hate this, i remember taking a very sick cat i found on my backyard to the vet on a box covered on a blanket(its what we could find) and some shitbull without a leash approaching and the vet had to separate them because the shit was about to shread the cat to pieces

No. 1565654

Hollywood. Millions of dollars gets spent making films that aren't even worth watching when there's people all over the world living in poverty. I haven't visit a cinema for about 20 years because it's all pure shit.

No. 1565745

File: 1683017493959.webm (1.49 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1683017433364.webm)

>Skinny men in ill-fitting maid dresses getting showered with praise and adoration just for being in drag
what is even the appeal of this?

No. 1565820

girls are starved for options, i suppose. there aren't a lot of males posting weeb-oriented thirst traps compared to the vast expanse of women pandering to weeby moids.

No. 1565833

I've seen this exact $5 maid dress from amazon on so many male trannies. At least buy something that fits right and doesn't look so fucking cheap. Men are failures.

No. 1565878

File: 1683028411812.jpg (26.96 KB, 480x640, images.jpeg-697.jpg)

Nothing is more gross, trashy and low than bitches who shoplift things like make up, and shut the fuck up about "muh capitalism" because its so obviously an excuse, youd still be a gross thief in the URSS, or even a fucking medieval feud, theyre just thrill seeking bpd chans with no morals who get off on it.
(i caught some egirl teenager shoplifting on my shift and im fuming)

No. 1565882

Still better than some of the beastmoids we see regularly

No. 1565884

It would be better if he actually dressed like an attractive young man and not mockingly imamate womanhood

No. 1565886

I shoplift not because of capitalism, but because I don’t respect anyone and love myself
I barely even do it, but now I think I should do it more

No. 1565887

hate when people say something slaps. you sound inbred

No. 1565888

unless you're working at your own small business/local business, you're petty as shit for caring lol

No. 1565889

Where is the hate though, in this tweet in particular

No. 1565890

Wtf does it even mean, how do they think society is supposed to work then? Someone else works and you just come and grab the result of this work without any payment or sort of exchange? I don't know how it works in other countries but where I live, shop workers often pay for the stolen shit out of their own pockets.

No. 1565899

so you admit youre a shitty mentally ill narcissist not fit to live in a respectful society?
medium sized cosmetics store not a big corpo but not mom and pop either, i dont live in america and inventory discrepancies affect my paycheck as im responsible for stocking the shelves
exactly, its just an excuse. them saying it doesnt hurt workers is also a cope. it fucking does.

No. 1565901

File: 1683030322532.jpg (215.04 KB, 1024x768, 0cb6fd04937f87d418f0b82a70c1fd…)

Hey I play that character all the time, neutral evil thief

No. 1565912

Fenris would not appreciate you use his likeness for a mage!

No. 1565916

Did you see me say my pasta salad slapped earlier?

No. 1565919

Damn, where do you live? Sales associates here aren’t responsible for theft and typically aren’t allowed to do jack shit if a customer is stealing and if I understand correctly that’s the same as a shopkeeper but I could certainly be wrong

No. 1565929

I hate it when I visit someone and meet their cat, and I try to slowly introduce myself, like let the cat sniff me and not immediately try to grab or pet it, and the person sees this, grabs the cat and holds it in my face as if they're doing me a favor. Even when the cat clearly wants to run off. Like "Oh you want to pet it? Here I'll hold it still for you". Thanks for ruining my introduction and ignoring your pet's boundaries

No. 1565947

I'm guilty, I always do that! My cat is very shy so but when I hold her in my arms and pet her when she meets a new person, I feel like she accepts them quicker and doesn't see them as scary.

No. 1566008

Lolcow is a 18+ website

No. 1566012

File: 1683037200537.png (370.65 KB, 759x1381, Screenshot_20230502-081627.png)

This jumpsuit garbage has to stop. No matter what it looks like, if you wear a jumpsuit to a formal dress event, you look like trash who got in through a window. At best they look like some kind of silly exercise outfit, at worst they make you look like a booth babe at a convention. What happened to actual pantsuits?

No. 1566017

pantsuits are ugly, jumpsuits ftw

No. 1566022

I hate the Met Gala, the celebrity worship goes off the charts and the wealth display makes me more uncomfortable than any other rich people event.

No. 1566049

must be a zoomer

No. 1566092

wtf? the owner of the business gets to steal from you when he doesn't do enough to prevent shoplifting in his own store? that's fucked up. what's stopping the owners from taking product and charging you for it? i hope the store goes under and you get a job where the owner doesn't steal from you.

No. 1566825

when people type out stammers or pauses when they're correcting someone. like "you… you do know that-"

No. 1566856

I hate people who post about how kiNkY they are on their normal social media profiles. Like not only is it cringe but who the fuck out of your normal friends wants to see that?? why can’t these degenerates keep it to themselves?? eg woman I know posted pictures of herself tied up at some bdsm dungeon on a normie profile, not like an onlyfans or whatever this was just a regular ass instagram. What is the need?? what if your employer sees that shit?

No. 1566867

I know this girl who won't stop doing this and said people were being 'haters' because she was talking about 'natural body functions'. Then she said people who don't want to hear it shouldn't be friends with her but she won't stop talking about it with people who literally are not her friend and cannot avoid her

No. 1566872

I think they can look decent on some people, like on the girl in picrel, but it’s so stupid that you basically have to get naked to go pee if you’re wearing a jumpsuit.

No. 1566898

File: 1683131721385.jpeg (27.7 KB, 1170x668, BDB49497-09CD-45E8-85D9-FBAA0E…)

I fucking hate working in groups. I hate my retards classmates. I hate having to dumb down everything to them. I'm stuck doing a research paper with double digits iq 1.2 gpa fuckwits who literally complained "nooo the proposal is too long let's just write two sentences"

No. 1566911

File: 1683132581818.jpeg (219.07 KB, 1000x1400, 736C02C4-17F9-4C8B-8C92-4ECE41…)

I hate this man, his ugly outfit, the brand he’s advertising and anyone who buys from them.

No. 1566915

There's no way this isn't a meme about hipsters from 2011. No way is it from this year right nona? Tell me this picture is not from the current year

No. 1566923

I hate men, I wish they could all just drop dead already.

No. 1566931

It is from 2023, from a clothing brand called Run & Fly. The women’s clothing is just as obnoxious and all the models look unwashed.

No. 1566951

I actually like jumpsuits, I've never been able to find one that's not too long on me though (being short sucks).

No. 1566960

File: 1683134740850.gif (4.06 MB, 767x576, Tumblr_l_737045803380084.gif)


No. 1567115

File: 1683144345452.jpeg (19.63 KB, 275x275, 1664292271659.jpeg)

People who shill the idea that men "age like fine wine" or get better with age. Actually shut the fuck up, I fucking hate how prevalent this shit is. Sad thing is it's usually women I see saying this (and occasionally a scrote coping). Aside from the fact that it's literally false, it's just infuriating how we're being gaslit by society into believing this. Please stop shilling old men pas their prime, I want to see a young beautiful man around my age, stop making all the leading men middle aged men, stop pairing young women with geriatrics, JUST FUCKING STOP.

No. 1567164

i hate when a scene is so obviously gratuitously put in as fanservice especially if it's a moid like okay i don't need your half naked self in front of me or grunting or whatever i'm covering my screen. so goddamn awkward all i can think about is behind the scenes like what was the actor thinking in their head within that very moment and the whole filming staff kek please stop this madness it's so embarrassing. i am aware i am not the target audience but it still peeves me

No. 1567218

I hate when anons put sage in their post, you don't have to tell us you saged we can see it. And sometimes they don't even sage.

No. 1567220

Speak for yourself. I'm tryna see those cock and balls

No. 1567256

I hate it when random people on youtube post films and put "eng subs" on the title but then don't have any subs. Why the fuck would you do that???

I was triying to find the movie Filibus (which is from 1915 so very firmly public domain) and every single youtube video that says "eng subs" on the title doesn't have any fucking subs and there's so many uploads like that whyyyyyy. At least there's a version with english title cards on the internet archive. I need to stop trusting youtube for movies at all

No. 1567265

"Bump for cp" "bump for gore" just bump it with actual contribution to the thread, literally any basic reply on topic will do, instead of highlighting that gore or cp was posted retard

No. 1567269

it's so people know not to scroll, lest them see the cp/gore in question

No. 1567275

I hate both the Amazon app and websites. Its so poorly designed. It's one of the few brands that I think would really benefit from a "modern/minimalist" redesign.

No. 1567287

maybe they mean on the closed captioning settings?

No. 1567304

Websites that force you to download an app when you open them on a mobile browser

No. 1567316

you are stupid and wrong

No. 1567326

Sometimes you can avoid this by clicking desktop site on your mobile browser. That's how I read reddit on mobile because fuck downloading apps when the website is perfectly fine.

No. 1567355

File: 1683168558073.png (451.38 KB, 1500x2000, cn28194302.png)

A hate packs of entirely solid black or white underwear (other colors are ok) It sounds stupid but I only buy packs of underwear if at least some of them are in a different color or are patterned. A couple can be solid but not the whole thing. It makes me uncomfortable when they're all just solid. It genuinely stresses me out. I admit that picrel is cute, but at what cost?

No. 1567357

Solid looks nice and I highly recommend that pair specifically. It's good quality for current VS. It never breaks not even the lace. They've been selling this one for years

No. 1567365

When I drunk post or post something on lolcow and forget about it, until I'm about to post something else the next day or hours later. So I remember or the page loads up to my post and I'm like oh yeah.
I also hate when I get no responses. I do wonder how many posts I've made in threads I don't visit much or at all that I never read the responses too

No. 1567372

I own lots of solid back underwear because I wear them when I’m on my period. Get better mileage out of the whole drawer that way. Absolutely would never buy a solid white pack though

No. 1567528

The expression "giving the ick", it sounds like baby talk.

No. 1567542

File: 1683197845561.jpg (17.23 KB, 518x300, 25ecff9efb9bb7ae1b2e5374a0e2a5…)

i university i hate normies i hate nlogs i hate exams i hate my professors i hate this world i just want to see it burn now

No. 1567544

except for the nlog part this is why I dropped out, it may sound stupid but I legitimately could not bear it anymore

No. 1567550

uff, sucks that it's legal where you work to charge you for any missing/unaccounted for inventory. I shoplift all the time, anything from groceries to gifts, mostly because I don't think the prices are logical - that being said I have rules: no small shops, no second hand shops, basically only large chains. Where I live though it's illegal to make the shop workers pay out of pocket or get docked/fined for any theft so I guess it's a victimless crime here. When inflation hit hard I really thanked myself for learning the tricks of the trade previously because have you seen the price of butter? Anyway, hope every shoplifter gets that gut feeling of 'mmmaybe not this time' every time they enter your shop.

No. 1567553

Random but are you Norwegian?

No. 1567559

Did the uff and butter woes give it away?

No. 1567583

nta but kekkk

No. 1567630

…how do you do this exactly? Does not every shop where you live have a security camera? Have you ever been caught?
I sort of admire you nonna, I've only had the courage to trick with the grocery scales (Idk how it's done in your country but here the vegetables/fruits are measured with a scale and then you have to select the type of the vegetable/fruit that you put on the scale and then print out the barcode for it and I sometimes select the wrong - cheaper - item; for instance avocados are ridiculously expensive so I usually enter them as apples or pears or something)

No. 1567644

Yes most shops have cameras and originally I was sweating whenever I took anything and then saw the camera, but over time (and working at a few grocery stores lol) I realized that those cameras aren't being watched 24/7. Just logically, imagine paying some chunky security dude to sit and stare at a screen all day (once again - maybe a muh country thing). From my experience the cameras exist to see whether something happens after the fact, for example if you do get caught and deny deny deny they can check the cameras to prove it.

This is going to sound like a cope but this practice has helped me deal with my anxiety and extreme fear of authority, now I feel like if I do get caught it'll just be a small inconvenience rather than something I should kill myself over. I'm just calm and don't look shifty, smile at the workers, maybe even ask where something is.

I don't want to get you in trouble though nonnie, talk with friends who work in stores, learn the local laws, figure out how the big chains work and then try your luck. I wouldn't do this if it was genuinely causing some minimum wage worker any problems, so doing the research helped a lot.

No. 1567655

take a packet of something cheap like kool aid or salad dressing mix and put it over the barcode of a more expensive item like meat and scan it like that in self checkout

No. 1567658

Maybe it's a benign thing but I hate seeing those 'packing lunch box for my husband' videos on youtube. I won't even mention some of those literally look like food for toodlers, with dinosaur shaped nuggets and stuff. The thing is, it's always wives doing this shit for husbands and mothers doing this for sons. I've never seen a husband doing such video for a wife because men don't make their own fucking food and they also don't make food for their fucking wives, even if the wives also work. I've seen a couple of videos for daughters and the lunch boxes were always pink of course, because girls like pink, and the food portions were smaller than for their brothers. I wonder if it's always the girls just eating less or mothers assuming that they would want less food? I always liked big portions as a kid and I had to ask for more food and adults were surprised because 'I'm a girl'. Also, fuck burgers for stuffing the lunch boxes for their kids with almost nothing but worthless shit, like cookies, potato chips, nuggets, and maybe two slices of an apple and a carrot. If I ate like this as a kid I would be braindead today. A lunch with no meat, vegetables and groats was no lunch.

No. 1567660

Yeah, I don't think uff is used in english.

No. 1567724

It's a tradthot thing so of course they're going to preen about being a good slave to their moids. Nobody normal has the time for that shit.

No. 1567727

people drenched in perfume on public transport. im gonna puke on your shoes

No. 1567730

It ticks me off too, especially when they justify it by saying "umm yes but my husband takes care of the car and finances!!!". The husband always does tasks that don't require time and energy on a daily basis.

Glad I'll never be stupid enough to make lunch for an adult man as if I were his mommy

No. 1567740

I like the ones where it's just normal food (not childish looking school lunches like you pointed out). I love cooking and I think it's a way to show love so I completely understand making breakfast/lunch/dinner for your partner. It has to be for the right person though, I only cook for people I know will appreciate it and I wouldn't do it regularly unless it's a man I'm married to.

No. 1567744

I hate that in any kind of 'feminine' hobby like, for example, nail art, I can guarantee you that any sub for them has at least one obnoxious man, tim or just regular. You can always tell, because they title their posts with attention-seeking shit like "any love for a trans girl here?" or "is it okay for a man to be in this hobby?" and then they make a fucking post. We know you're not asking because you just fucking barged in here anyway, and if we say no, you throw a god damn temper tantrum and try to enlist your buddies into harassing us. It's never a genuine question. I have nothing against men who are just into cute or pretty things and can actually shut up about it and actually put in some effort, but these men are just fishing for compliments about how stunning and brave they are. It's always an ugly man, too. I wish you could just explain to men that it's fine to wear prettier clothes as long as they're actually hygienic, fit, and clean-shaven. They would never accept any criticism. I never interact with them because I just don't want anything to do with them. Good lord I hate men who only do femininity as a fetish or an aesthetic for asspats. They have no idea how fake and retarded they look. I hate scrotes so much.

No. 1567753

I noticed this also. I subscribe to embroidery subreddits and women there just post their work/dicussions entirely focused on the piece they are making, yet if a man makes an appearance he will take a portrait photo holding his work. It's fucking annoying, I'm not here to look at your moid face, and you're not getting ass pats from me.

No. 1567768

They're annoying but the real issue is the fetish moids who haunt every female oriented sub, no matter the actual content of the sub. You get creepy sissies in your inbox for posting literally anything, you don't even have to post a picture of yourself.

No. 1567792

>talking about shoplifting in scandinavia like it's some dangerous activity
Kek bitch I crack open bottles at ica right in front of the camera and drink it and nothing happens. This shit probably would not fly in other parts of the world though.

No. 1567800

Oh god stop, they're just going to raise their prices even more because of shoplifters like you.

No. 1567810

Ah yeah but the Norwegian shoplifter totally isn't a dumbass thief as well. Everyone can see all these dumb bitches. Prices don't become raised because of shoplifters anyway. If corporations want to raise the price, they will at any cost with any excuse.

No. 1567880

I was about to post something like this. I work for a pretty large company and they already commission out a lot of work on Fiverr-anything from custom illustrations to commercial-level voice work. Fiverr is as cheap as it can possibly get and doesn't even require the commitment, investment of resources, etc of hiring an employee or even a freelancer. Just a short search for the right artist or actor. Now I'm seeing talks of replacing all these with AI tools. Again for stuff that already costs crumbs dusted off their billion dollar table. AI could help individual and small businesses with these things, but instead it will be used by major corps like my work because it's about saving them money

No. 1567884

I feel like I always see the opposite on my feeds. It's always men making lunch for their wives and all the comments are like 'yaaas king reverse those gender roles!!! I wish my husband treated me like a human being!'
Maybe algorithms just think I'm a feminist so I'll like it or something.

No. 1567894

I hate washing dishes. It makes your nails soft and just takes too much time even if you use a dishwasher

No. 1567895

I could understand buying a pack of solid black underwear as period panties, but even then I wouldn't dare do it because I am not ever afraid of getting blood on my light underwear.

No. 1567902

For the nails, use rubber gloves nona! I get eczema so I always wear them when washing dishes anyway

No. 1567924

What does that do

No. 1567926

You scan the cheaper item instead of the expensive item.

No. 1567927

don't self checkout's have scales? mine does
i'm curous too about what anon meant with this post, and why does she hate that

No. 1567931

Samefag, but also I'm pretty sure this method doesn't even work anymore (at least in America) because the increased their security to detect things like that. Plus there's usually an attendant standing right next to the self checkout.

No. 1567933

Men back then really did look better. Makes me sad that moids nowadays are way too ugly to make wide legged pants look good.

No. 1567936

>i'm curous too about what anon meant with this post, and why does she hate that
nta but scroll 2 inches above her post kek

No. 1567943

>Men back then really did look better
Please don't tell me you're referring to the ugly hipster man in that pic. Men that hideous make me want to alog so bad, please tell me you meant someone else.

No. 1567947

Why did they make it low waist? I'm laughing but it's so sad.

No. 1567950

Whenever teal and brown is put together I just see Scooby Doo. I like the funky bunny shirt though.

No. 1567986

I'm sure she means vintage men like from the 1940s, 50s etc. At least I hope so.

No. 1568019

File: 1683236357417.jpeg (36.63 KB, 563x439, 8EBD68B8-E19C-40FD-A46A-93F224…)

She really weirds me out. Like can a woman have autogynophilia?

No. 1568022

Hilarious bc he used to lurk/post here

No. 1568023

File: 1683236703537.png (6.39 KB, 800x127, Screenshot_20230504-234411.png)

The absolute fucking state of /g/.

No. 1568033

somehow the kinning shit bothers me more than anything else

No. 1568065

Nobody actually likes any online personality that is condescending and delusional except for other condescending and delusional people

No. 1568066

??? She's just pandering retard

No. 1568150

I think i prefer the shoplifters over the people who open products to swatch/smell/sample cosmetics for sale and leave a giant mess everywhere. If your dirty finger is all up in an eyeshadow you literally might as well take it home now. I agree with shoplifters being bpd, anybody who thinks that they are fighting capitalism by stealing is beyond delusional, you fight capitalism by freeing yourself from wanting stupid products in the first place and staying home.

No. 1568153

It's harmless if the wives in question are stay at home and making lunch is a genuine way to show their love and make their part of the contribution to the working partner.

What I can't stand are the women who treat it as a humblebrag that they work 40 hours or more a week, take care of kids, do all the household shit, and then on top of it all make lunches for their deadbeat husbands who don't lift a damn finger.
Like, woweee congratulations, you're making slavery look reeeal cool baddie! Bet you split all expenses down the middle too for such a pleasure /s

No. 1568154

This is why I always take makeup from the back of the shelf, and I open food to see if it still has it's seal or if it has a pop up top I also check that. Does anyone else remember when people were licking ice cream in the store and putting it back?

No. 1568164

File: 1683250215588.jpg (260.73 KB, 1920x1080, convention_moids.jpg)

Generally,men in nerd spaces are ugly as fuck so women are starved for decent looking men. This is why women tend to cosplay men more often and fall for the TIF pretty boy meme easily.
Also, this looks like a woman to me?

No. 1568182

Wait, is that D'Angelo Wallace?? I used to like him 2-3 years ago but can't stand how he panders now and has some pretty meh takes.

No. 1568185

What is the OP pic anyway? My mom has had a framed picture of it for as long as I've been alive.

No. 1568210

No. 1568257

>Also, this looks like a woman to me?
Are you for real? that's very clearly a young man with dyed hair, he's not even the least bit feminine compared to most online "traps"

No. 1568279

No. 1568313

File: 1683274888618.png (157.88 KB, 808x734, 3keh3a1rtnbwiafn.png)

I get the sense that both of you are the type to date men who will eventually troon out, and then complain that you never saw it coming. Just my opinion though!

No. 1568315

While I cringed at this video and think his costume is shit as well, I gotta say, at least he's not pretending to be anything but a man. Sadly he'll probably troon out in the future.

No. 1568348

I hate that most people bought into consoomerism of new tech. You need to replace your phone, laptop every 5 years because yada yada. Fuck off. I'm fine with my 6-year old smartphone I bought second-hand. When it breaks down I'm going to buy the exact same model from the same second-hand shop. I don't care for your app. I don't use this shit. I don't need Windows 10. I loathe 'smart devices'.

No. 1568361

You're very cool for drinking soda in front of the cameras, could you tell me more about it?

No. 1568365

Same. Newer doesn't always mean better. The latest tech can always carry the latest Spyware. I don't trust most of the new software that's coming out nowadays that isn't open-sourced, by windows or whatever.

No. 1568378

Almost every video game I like is from the 2000s or early 2010s, so unless it uses javascript or something I could use a toaster for them, I get it. I love my beat-up 16GB laptop with no dedicated VRAM. I can't see why consoomer moids need 64GB raytracing bullshit? 16GB is plenty of RAM? Most things load almost instantly and that's probably the most RAM old programs can run on since they can only use 4GB of space and tend to run terribly on newer systems as is.
I pity everyone who tries to play Sims 1-3 or New Vegas, or any notably unstable/abandonware 32x programs on newer systems.

No. 1568386

I think moids apply their dick-size comparing mentality to everything. Hence, bigger numbers = better. It's a subconscious method of self-validation.

No. 1568408

I hate feminine men. Not that being gender non-conforming is bad, I am quite gnc myself as a woman, but holy fuck gnc men are so annoying. They're superficial, just as misogynistic as regular moids and they're usually "feminine" just because it makes them hard or because they know it will get them attention from coomers. While on the other hand, gnc women are "masculine" simply because it's more comfortable.

No. 1568409

Women think that femboys are safe and nonthreatening.

No. 1568411

Same here. I much prefer when men act in a gentle, softer, or even nurturing way. But if they dress up in women's clothes, paint their nails (unless they're goth), or act stereotypically girly? Burn them with fire.

No. 1568467

i agree 100%.

No. 1568486

i dont understand that, do you only own like five pairs of underwear at a time? i never have less than fifty roaming around so five of the same cut/color/style wouldn't matter

No. 1568500

Late, but I tend to wear moid briefs because they don't cut into my thigh/groin meet and they give me adequate pad space on my period. All women's underwear I've seen cuts into my uppermost inner thigh and bleeds on the side of my legs, onto my clothes and everything below. Briefs do wonders for that. I also have less than 10 pairs of underwear and most of them are dark patterned, blue, green, and/or black

No. 1568503

just get granny panties? cotton high waisted briefs.

No. 1568505

No? I have a bunch of underwear. I don't buy packs of only solid white or black panties, I only buy packs of mixed patterns. It's not possessing solid underwear that bothers me, it's a pack of solid colored underwear that bothers me.

No. 1568519

No. 1568524

lmao I'm the opposite. Let me buy a fucking pack of grey underwear without throwing pink or black or white in ffs!!

No. 1568532

I’m wearing mens underwear right now, it’s made of twice as much cloth as ladies underwear it’s great. The extra space for dicks is perfect for pads yeah

No. 1568589

Most underwear painfully cuts into my upper thigh/groin too. Sizing up doesn’t fix it because then the underwear awkwardly shifts around or even falls down as I walk. Why do you think men’s briefs work better for you? Is the elastic softer or something? I’ve never considered trying men’s underwear because I think the issue is that I have big thighs and lower hip relative to my upper hip and waist measurements, so surely something designed for men wouldn’t fit me any better.

Nta but granny panties cut into my groin as much as any other type of underwear.

No. 1568633

I hate those inspiration/poverty porn videos that villainize everyday women going about their day in public for not wanting to give money or some shit to a random fucking drug-addict looking ass guy at walmart or whatever, shit feels like people just want to be able to walk all over women and that they shouldn't be allowed to care about their own safety lol. I know what they're getting at with their message like "omg you shouldnt judge people and good karma blah blah blah" but people have their own shit to worry about, so dumb

No. 1568660

File: 1683315979223.webm (6.2 MB, 540x960, 96fb4b8c9d885ac4f29874a4d2921e…)

Faghags really see shit like this and post comments like "slay" "Iconic" seriously why do they coddle gay moids so much.

No. 1568878

Probably unpopular from what I’ve seen on here but I hate when a woman posts about an insecurity and all the comments are like “just get this surgery you’ll feel so much better and confident and sexy” and go on about how it’s normalized so more women have these procedures than you expect and that just makes me feel so bleak. Sorry but getting cosmetic surgery just to feel better about something normal like small boobs is insane to me, there are so many risks. We should be teaching people to go through life seeing themselves as humans and not as sex objects to be rated by men/public. Why are women instantly told to cut themselves apart to fit the standard because we can somehow only handle our self esteem issues by literally changing what is “wrong” and that only tells other insecure girls that the solution is to physically alter yourself. Like oh simple just get that shit chopped or implanted then you won’t have to deal with not being seen as sexy!

No. 1568886

Because they were programmed their entire life to coddle and infantilize men. I would hardly say its a faghag thing per se though, if youve had longterm exposure to the gay commumity this is like standard, unremarkable, nothing. When you begin to become immersed in it all it isnt special or novel anymore and you can seperate mediocrity from something that is actually good. Women who YAS KWEEN GURRL this kind of shite do so because they aren't exposed to it and it's ~exotic, kind of like when a blonde white person visits rural Japan. They are moreso enamored with the unfamiliarity of it and are more likely to compliment and reward it. This is also why you see more older gays yas kween slayy corny shit too than younger ones because they aren't as versed in internet lgbt because they weren't raised by it and didn't have the same exposure to it growing up. This is why so many young gay men are on stan twitter stalking female pop singers and telling everyone to kill themselves and that they're fat, it is the only thing that tickles their pathetic dopamine receptors

No. 1568985

>When people repost shit quality fanart from Pinterest
>When people call romance visual novels (including "ironic" parodies with fake-romance) "dating sims" or "dating games" even if there aren't any goddamn dates in the story, because no one fucking knows what a dating sim is
>When people refer to self-insert/viewer-insert/reader-insert fanfic or fanart as "Y/N" and when "Y/N" is used to label the blank self-insert in fucking drawings (so should I imagine myself or my name in there? dumbass) I feel this Y/N shit came from wattpad fanfic written by teenage girls

No. 1569031

Thicker material, more durable, better elastic, more space for pads, and I have a wide waist, very large thighs, no ass and small hips so men's underwear fits my body type right. It's also got sizing in actual inches around the waist/hips so there's little to no guesswork involved.
Also, I'm butch so it helps me feel less vulnerable.

No. 1569109

Nothing wrong with the last one tbh. I don't like fics that have a bunch of "____".

No. 1569152

The monopoly go ad

No. 1569181

The human back is a travesty. So tired of pain and chiropractor costs $60 but I’m at the point where I have to fork it over.

No. 1569473

NTA but it's not hard to write a reader insert that doesn't use "Y/N" or "_____", both feel clunky

No. 1569487

But then the only other option is giving them an actual name which defeats the whole point, by that point they're just an OC.

No. 1569629

I hate gossip websites that don't write summaries like LC does and like PULL did. It makes it so hard to get into new cows.

No. 1569673

File: 1683410037466.jpeg (740.64 KB, 2699x3607, 9B1F8A9C-74BE-4919-A067-29AEC2…)

it's an ad for a veterinary clinic in paris. it was made by theodore steinlen who illustrated a lot of ads in the 1900s (teh most famous being picrel). his stuff has been turned into art prints a lot.

No. 1569813

I didn't mean that either, unless the fic requires characters to talk about the reader when she isn't present, you can usually just avoid having anyone call her by name. Like I'd write "he called out to you" instead of "'Y/N!', he shouted" or "you introduced yourself" instead of "my name is Y/N". There are plenty of workarounds even if the reader is absent from the scene like using something like a job title or current relation to your husbando you're writing about (your guest/neighbor/friend/girlfriend/wife/partner/etc). Honestly I feel like its been a long time since I even read a fic that uses "Y/N" or "______" and reader inserts are like, 75% of the fics I read

No. 1570065

I hate people who adopt a kid from another race/country but don't bother to teach said kid about their culture/language and whatnot, then they'll wonder why the child is confused of their identity and belonging.

No. 1570110

It's not the adoptive's culture if they don't grow up in said culture and arguably people can't truly teach a culture that isn't their own.

No. 1570115

You can learn about a culture without growing up there. It's not the same experience but it's not like it's remotely true that you have to be 100% ignorant of another culture unless you grew up there. And if you live in a city you can find a community of people from that culture and attend cultural events, etc.

No. 1570599

Lights just for leaving or entering a community of houses or apartments. Retarded because the people who want to leave have to wait for the light to change and on coming main traffic all have to wait for the single car coming out. One area I lived needed a left turn fully cleared from a 6 or more lanes yet we didn't have a light that held people up.

No. 1570667

7 year old outdated ass banners when so many anons have made hilarious ones

No. 1570674

Were you expecting old banners to be removed just because they're old?

No. 1570685

In meta there are like four years worth of hilarious banners that have never been used. No new banners have been added. Most anons that came post 2017 don't even know who most of those cows are. So yeah, updating them would be appropriate. Lazy asses.

No. 1570705

File: 1683511236515.png (5.6 KB, 1538x49, meta - General Meta Discussion…)

This is what cerebmin said regarding banners

No. 1570897

NTA but I wish a lot of the old banners would get removed because they're scrotey as fuck, plus nonas have come up with so much better

No. 1570962

They were last updated in 2021 according to the banners page. I do agree that new ones should be added but I don't think any of the old ones should be deletes. It's a part of the history and culture of the site.

No. 1570971

>Chris Brown beats Rihanna/Stalks his ex Karrachue (and probably beat her as well)
>Chris Brown- "I was 18, 17-" (he's always younger each time he whines), I was just a kid

>Chris Brown defenders (Men and women)- "Omg yall he made an mistake as an teenager, for real, why can't he grow-"

>Kelly Rowland defends him in 2023

>Chris Brown alledgely beats up Usher

>His ex defenders- "Okay now this, this is where I draw the line! Him beating up my favorite singer who was passing out herpes to women/men)

Also allegedly the reasons why chris brown was agruing with Usher was because he stepped in while CHRIS WAS AGRUING WITH TEYANA TAYLOR. So him harassing another BW wasn't enough, but him alledgely fighting a black man.
Also, Teyana Taylor mocked Rihanna for getting beat by chris brown years ago, because she was really close with CB and had drama.
I hate it

No. 1570987

They dont have to be deleted but there's no reason for them to be active banners anymore. Most of those people aren't even active and haven't been in years. It doesn't make sense to leave these when the purpose of banners were for them to be updated and refreshed.

No. 1570989

>last updated in 2021
No fucking way, every banner I see is pre-2018

No. 1570993

>there's no reason for them to be active banners anymore
That doesn't even make any sense. So you don't want them deleted but just don't want them to be shown? So then why not just delete them?
And even if the people in the banners are no longer active, they're still cows and still a part of lolcow and the history here. New banners for sure should be added but it makes no sense to hide all of the old ones.

No. 1571063

The cute couples thread on /m/, the straight couples rule only is retarded and all the IRL couples pics look so obnoxious.

No. 1571114

I hate how the only "wish fulfillment" that exists for women is usually trash where the love interests are abusive and the female protagonist is disadvantaged, weak, and victimized. It sucks because if the protagonist is too much of a Mary Sue, or the LIs are too loving (as opposed to abusive and cold) it's considered unrealistic. Who gives a shit, it's fiction? Why does it have to be a one-to-one copy of real abusive relationships but with fantasy garbage mixed in? Why can't women have power fantasies too?

No. 1571119

>guy who I met online years ago that I never speak to toons out
>I'm not surprised, he was annoying and dumb
>spams photos and videos of him on bad outfits, ugly make up and greasy hair everyday
>he finds out my social media through someone and messages me
>"hiiiii how are yooou, did you know I transitioned? Did you know I am woman? Let's girl talk! Let's make a discord group teheee! We have so much to talk about now"

Unbearable, even when you are minding you own business these pests show up. He makes a bunch of misogynistic jokes too, what a surprise. I hate that they act as if we had something in common now because he put on a fucking skirt and nail polish. I can't even talk about this to anyone since I fear they would act as if I committed a crime if I don't indulge his schizo fantasies, I hate this timeline.

No. 1571140

The writers are NLOGs, or worse, males. I hate that shit too, especially when the story starts out great or has an interesting premise.

No. 1571142

I hate all the hate for "Mary Sues", but it's especially jarring when it comes from women.
Wanting a well-balanced protagonist for a well-written piece of fiction is perfectly fine, but firstly, why hate stories that aren't trying to achieve literary perfection but rather just provide harmless fun, and second, the Mary Sue threshold for female protagonists is much lower than for male ones so there are more unjustifiable criticisms against female MCs that wouldn't happen if it was a male MC. It's so hypocritical and it saddens me that the reason might be that women are so used to being overly critical of themselves and each other.

No. 1571152

Mary Sues are bad because they're basically MPDGs repackaged for women, ie badly written, boring and suited to male standards of what an interesting woman is. I'm straight so I want to read stories where the female character has substance and backbone instead of just having good things happen to her.

No. 1571169

nta but how are they suited to male standards of what an interesting woman is? most men hate these type of characters. also don't get why you mentioned being straight when most mary-sue creators are also straight women..i'm confused

No. 1571194

I remember there used to be entire blogs and accounts dedicated to mocking random people's OCs that the people running it personally thought was "Mary Sue"ish and said you had to contact them directly if you wanted yours taken down. That sort of thing made me not want to create OCs anymore kek. Some people kind of stretch the definition so much that almost any protagonist can be considered a Mary Sue. I've seen some argue that even flawed characters, even with real serious flaws were one just because it was flaws they didn't like. Or they go by appearance alone which would make every single anime character one, it's ridiculous.

No. 1571195

Seriously, I just want to have an female MC who is intelligent, assertive, perfect at everything she does, and has a flock of cute muscular guys worshipping her every second. Make her selfish and ambitious too. That's fun. I don't want to see "victimized feMC who is at the mercy of everyone around her #9543095 and gets sexually assaulted by 3 out of 4 LIs." Get that shit out of my face already.

No. 1571222

The increase in people (mainly online in general) sexualizing parent-child relationships. That one post on /g/ with the father-daughter obsession really made me sick to my stomach, especially the last line about wanting people to mistake her and whichever hypothetical man as that when going out..and a few nonnas called it "sweet"

No. 1571232

File: 1683560417833.png (493.07 KB, 2000x2856, EF872DB3-A70C-4BF7-B5FD-4AB12C…)

I violently despise OC x canon ships and I have hated it since I was 9.

No. 1571262

What has you being straight to do with it kek

No. 1571278

Me too nonna, I'm a hater 1000% kek. Those genshin oc/selfshippers are the worst imo.

No. 1571279

File: 1683565010479.jpg (60.11 KB, 600x480, 75650_original.jpg)

Oh god, speaking of: was anyone ever a part of the Sporking community? I never posted, but I used to religiously follow Das Mervin's spork of the Twilight series. I found it shortly after being really disappointed in the fourth book. I hated that Bella suddenly wanted kids when she was only 18; since I was 13-14 when Breaking Dawn came out, I was pissed.

Anyway, I actually learned a lot on writing and character development by following Das Mervin but now that I look back on it, it's cringe to put so much time into something you hate. Plus, she was super into Supernatural and ended a crossover fic with Leah making out with the Sueprnatural brothers and Castiel in Bella's wedding party, if I remember correctly. I was like… Mervin. You're like 35+ writing this revenge fic that's more tryhard than the original. You have become the thing you swore to destroy.

Anyway, anyone else into the Sporking community, Das Mervin, or anyone adjacent? What have they been up to these days?

Picrel is Mervin's personal LiveJournal front page. Oo-wee, the nostalgia.

No. 1571282

Bitch what, which thread specifically? 'Cause I have to see it to believe it wtf

No. 1571284

No. 1571285

To add to that, I only followed the Twilight Sporking. I remember reading Mervin's spork of the Ariana Black fanfic and even though that was a flaming mess, the way Mervin mocked the fic felt mean more than anything. At least Stephenie Meyer was a grown woman with a very lucrative publishing deal who could cry into her hundred dollar bills if she ever found the blog and was that incensed. For all the other fics that community sporked, it was like guys, are we really making fun of probably 14 year olds who are writing this? Even if the characters are Mary Sues and everyone's OOC, think about it. It wasn't the liked well-adjusted girls that were spending most of their time on fanfiction.net in the early 2010s. Laughing is one thing but making regular mocking posts for years to nitpick almost every line is another.

No. 1571437

File: 1683574761903.jpeg (49.47 KB, 641x518, 331AED1B-5C7A-4A0E-9295-9772CA…)

Whichever y’all bitches are pretending you do this shit regularly, fuck you. You’re full of shit! You’re full of fucking shit!!!!

No. 1571443

i use bendy rollers, anyone who uses those velcro pieces of hell garbage is insane and loves getting their hair torn out

No. 1571444

I think it would greatly depend on how often you wash you hair and how well your hair holds onto the curls. Most people who curl their hair only want weak waves for I'd imagine they wouldn't have to do this often of they don't wash their hair daily.

No. 1571468

I once came across a tumblr account dedicated to "rating" Naruto OCs and you could tell they were Amerifats because any character below 70 kilograms was deemed too skinny, and I remember them sperging about "Sakuya" not being a real japanese name and how you shouldn't call your OC like that because it was disrespectful, nevermind the fact that nobody in Naruto has a regular japanese name.

No. 1571703

File: 1683604432112.jpg (348.67 KB, 1332x2560, QMGSmn7.jpg)

I went to a fair today and saw a grand total of TWO (2) fucking retards wearing ahegao hoodies. I wanna kill myself if this is going to become more common here, it's not even an anime con, there are hundreds of children there, fucking disgusting. I hate moids, I hate porn, I hate hentai and I hate anime. God, I wanted to have an opportunity to push them out of the way so bad.

No. 1571759

my grandma did but she's always been insane about her appearance

No. 1571794

File: 1683613116939.jpeg (138.54 KB, 1170x1137, IMG_7186.jpeg)

I hate the rise of people self-diagnosing as autistic because they’re socially awkward or just want to feel ~quirky~.

No. 1571813

i came here to post this…but also i despise those "haha i'm so insane and unhinged" memes. you're not insane or unhinged you're just another normie like the rest except you spout outdated 4chan memes sometimes. if you were really insane and unhinged like me you wouldn't be bragging about it

No. 1571845

File: 1683619472501.png (104.43 KB, 612x612, 0e5b4847-81a1-4eef-8bb5-d7e1c9…)

No. 1571853

Don't kys, kill them. If that was me I would have bought some colorful drink and "accidentally" tripped and splashed it all over him. It's mostly white so the stain would probably be impossible for a scrote to remove himself without asking his mommy for help cleaning his anime porn hoodie.

No. 1571860

>those "haha i'm so insane and unhinged" memes
I swear to God, or the "lol im mentally ill" types, it's such a annoying type of person. Insufferable.
>if you were really insane and unhinged like me

No. 1571882

File: 1683623353829.png (40.83 KB, 275x206, 1654799887624.png)

I hate weekly work meetings! I hate announcing to everyone what I'm working on! Always making shit up because I'm browsing the net all day

No. 1571896

Mine too. She wrapped toilet paper around her head to keep them in place while she slept

No. 1571897

Mine too. She wrapped toilet paper around her head to keep them in place while she slept

No. 1572023

I've always hated how making yourself more attractive and feminine (ie catering to moids) is synonymous with becoming an adult, I could never stand adult women cooing anytime I showed a bit cleavage about how grown-up I am or whatever. I purposefully dress frumpy or androgynous to avoid that shit but on the occasions I wear a dress or a skirt I still get some "wow you look like a lady".

No. 1572055

i hate this too anon, i'm trying to unlearn it myself. i don't really look my age and i like to keep most of my body covered, i like to keep my hair short, i like to wear minimal makeup, but i feel like much less of an adult woman for it. i feel embarrassed and childish as i am, and more like i'm doing something right when my hair is long and i'm wearing more revealing clothes. but then i feel conflicted because the feeling of being objectified while out is so horrible. actually having my efforts noticed makes it feel worse.

No. 1572209

Same here, I grew my hair out and I hate how much some people started complimenting me on it. And whenever I wear something that shows more cleavage I feel so exposed and leered at. I actually enjoy making cute outfits sometimes but the way people talk about how right it is to be more feminine makes me want to wear baggy sweaters and pants forever.

No. 1572221

Hate it too. I lean into conventional beauty now more than I did when I was younger and the reaction from just my mom is so weird. She’s always cooing that I’m such an adult and I must have all the men at work going crazy because now I comb my hair, fill in my eyebrows, and wear slightly less depressing clothes? So icky makes me wanna cut my face off. Good news if she ever comments on my outfit like that before I leave the house I can change it.
Slightly related she told me her new coworker has nose piercings and that it’s “very unladylike of her”. I said that “maybe she’s just a woman not a lady” and she thought that was hilarious for some reason. Jokes on her I’m still her ugly retard shut-in of a daughter

No. 1572224

File: 1683648789649.jpg (168.64 KB, 868x1794, Screenshot_20230430-192411_Chr…)

I hate those Korean mobile webcomics that start the story with a one-night-stand. Like if it's not actually just porn where they fuck on-panel almost every chapter then its a shit story.
Having sex in the beginning og the story makes any chemistry afterwards feel fake as fuck. It's usually done when drunk so it's just rape on both sides. Any attempt to make the Female Lead likeable has to have an asterisk that she is a rapist who forced herself on an intoxicated ML. The Male Lead usually uses the rape sex to justify their supposed love but in any setting where you use intoxication to induce casual sex that's hypocrisy at its finest.
And the stories where the leads only get together because they had a one-night-stand baby are almost worse.

No. 1572246

File: 1683650219193.webm (10.34 MB, 320x400, Nqlx5AI1FWNs4gTM.webm)

Any gay moid who peruses surrogacy is an irremediable misogynist who should not be allowed near children.

No. 1572256

youtubers who do ad reads/sponsorships AND censor their content so they don't get demonetized.

No. 1572266


fucking same especially when gender critical women make a big deal about how they used to be tomboys but now they're super feminine! You can be too if you just learn to love yourself!! I'm happy for you but kindly fuck off, some of us are extremely content just how we are. Being a tomboy isn't some trial to overcome and acting like it is just gives troons more ammo against gnc women.

I suspect I'm a bit older than a lot of you so I just wanna say hang in there, being gnc really does get easier as you get older. People think they're entitled to young women ornamenting themselves for the viewers pleasure like some sort of fucking set dressing but you don't owe anyone jack shit nonnies. There are plenty of older women in their sensible shoes and shapeless jackets living their lives just fine and no one looks at them and thinks they're childish. You're not a decoration, your clothes are for you

No. 1572274

That stupid "I am having the tyrant king's baby!" webcomic comes to mind

No. 1572278

File: 1683653553024.jpeg (90.84 KB, 821x612, 8C453B50-1388-4FCD-B3D9-D50597…)

I hate looking at this moid pop up on my feed Hes ugly

No. 1572281

>I grew my hair out and I hate how much some people started complimenting me on it
I really hated it that whenever I cut my hair short some scrote would feel obliged to say that "it was better before". It's just so rude, who fucking asked? And I'd see it all the time in the comments to other women's photos. Always someone's highly important opinions about the hair length or makeup (isn't it too much makeup?!?! when it's probably just the same amount only with more unnatural colors). I also hate it when someone is shocked I don't have heels and don't ever wear dresses and skirts. Like you ever wear a nice suit outside of any formal occasion?

No. 1572282

wow, an unwashed greasy scrote bodyshaming someone. how original and groundbreaking.

No. 1572283

when I had short hair, everytime a moid said something like "it was better before" when I cut, I told him "if you like long hair, grow your own" and sometimes they would seethe because balding kek

No. 1572298

>has to have an asterisk that she is a rapist who forced herself on an intoxicated ML
Please be joking.

No. 1572299

This and also people armchair diagnosing others for the same reason. Idk why but it kind of annoys me more when they do it with celebrities because it's usually a celebrity who's very obviously just on drugs or very obviously acting goofy on purpose, like it's so painfully obvious it annoys me how these diagnosers don't realize that. Or they diagnose over the most common benign behavior that literally everyone can be considered autistic.

No. 1572300

Nonas with short hair are hot as fuck.

No. 1572388

I kinda hate freudian and jungian mumbo jumbo. I used to be interested in that stuff and participated in chats where people would discuss this sort of thing, some of the people were actually studying this stuff. I feel like it's so… masturbatory I guess. Whenever I see people going into "deep analysis" they just talk a lot about every little thing in their lives as if it had great significance or talk about other people like they can see through them, and throw around all this stupid terminology with a smartass look. People spend years in psychotherapy with this approach and I don't really see them recovering. I feel like this kind of analysis is just unhealthy overthinking and can be damaging to some people. In overall, I think it's just useless.

No. 1572401

I always tell them I think their hair/outfit is ugly too lol.

No. 1572455

File: 1683665800293.jpeg (34.02 KB, 488x488, 24E82443-2A11-47FE-80FB-55ED3E…)

the amount of packaging these come with piss me off

No. 1572459

I actually appreciate that they're individually wrapped bars despite the waste. You can save one for later with no mess rather than if they only had the outside wrapper and were together like a lot of other candy bars. These, caramellos and lindt are some of my favorite chocos.

No. 1572460

i was appalled before i read the post. anyway yes i agree

No. 1572519

Lol same
>things you hate

No. 1572523

A moderate gust of wind could crush these things into trillions of crumbs so I get the insane amount of packaging.

No. 1572539

You hate these creatures?

No. 1572552

it's dumb and hateful of me but i can't stand women calling one another "wifey" or "play flirting". especially when they all have boyfriends and i know they would NEVER play flirt with a male

No. 1572635

That doesn’t really sound hateful; the girls that did that in my high school (like 10+ years ago kek) were generally attention seeking and would make out with each other for male attention. High school is literally the only time I encountered girls like that.

No. 1572674

That one TikTok ad where that horse face man is trying out the teen filter
I also hate that one acne ad where it's a loud obnoxious black guy yelling " ACNE? wheERE?" and acting super flamboyant

No. 1573397

File: 1683752984329.jpg (46.96 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.2592345405_c4xp.jpg)

I hate how so many cosplay wigs have this stuff sculpted look. I know a lot of anime and video game characters just have hair that you can't achieve without making the wig look sculpted, i hate it. I think it's because I'm used to the side of the wig community where you try to make the wig look as natural and scalp like as possible, even if the wig is an unnatural color. I just hate it.

No. 1573405

I hate this trend too, it looks blocky and not like actual hair. I guess it's easier to achieve the exact hairstyle but there has to be something between that and normal styling.

No. 1573414

>stuff sculpted look
Also, one more thing. I really hope cosplayers aren't using human hair wigs for this shit kek.

No. 1573454

Anything sticky.
Sudden shells or rocks in the sand.
Slimy rocks under water.
When I feel a poop but it's not ready yet.
Opening things that are "easy to open". (Lies.)
When cats wait at the door but won't go.
If something is new and gets scratched.
Trying to type.
When people think I care about anything besides cats and my health.
People who date too much.
That waxing hurts.
Those who lack spatial awareness. Move.
When a place is not walkable.
Black ice, ice on hills, icicles above doors.
That I have yet to do a middle split in this life.
The scam of society and money.
My kitten cannot live 50 years.
Cleaning up after cooking.
Nearly everyone who exists.

No. 1573545

cosplayers can barely afford decent fibers, don't worry, no one is using real hair

No. 1574038

I hate when some posts get ignored in the middle of an infight because of some mega-autist taking over 90% of the thread.

No. 1574065

I hate how lenient we seem to have become to anons who refuse to integrate, still use tiktok/twitter slang here, or display generally embarrassing twitter-like behaviour. Stop already. I'm mostly a lurker but I fear I may become aggressive soon

No. 1574078

The few times I called out tiktok and twitter slang some anons got pissy or called it mini-modding so I gave up. Also somewhat related, the Succession thread feels like an entire different website.

No. 1574115

I still consider myself a newfag even though I have used this site for a half year now(though I have lurked since 2017) but I remember first time I made a post on here I used reddit spacing and anons chewed me out for it. The tone has completely changed now and almost evryone on here uses reddit spacing and no one seems to care anymore. To be fair reddit spacing is more tolerable than tiktok slang but I think it's weird how quickly things changed in the short time I have been posting

No. 1574123

We need to bring shame back. The amount of underage Twitter and Tiktok newfags is unreal.

No. 1574125

thanks for being an example of what we're talking about

No. 1574127

Tbh I've been here since this hellsite was made, and I've always found those who complain about "TikTok/Twitter lingo" more annoying than the posters using it. We're anon, as long as you can understand what they're saying, and they're not on some handmaiden "das transphobic/rayciss/you shouldn't call an OF thot a whore" shit, it's fine. are you one of the posters that gets triggered at the word "y'all"?

No. 1574132

File: 1683830131040.png (28.8 KB, 1806x234, screenshot_631340.png)

>tfw even admin uses reddit spacing

No. 1574137

it makes me sad how dead this site is

No. 1574142

The truth is that some of you guys like to accuse others for being twitter fags over the smallest things sometimes. However, i do wish that there was some kind of popup forcing people to read the fucking rules before posting.

No. 1574144

I don't care about Reddit spacing, but what I do hate is insane Kiwifarms length ramblings with Reddit spacing. If I wanted to see people ramble on and powerlevel about shit that's tangentially related to the topic at hand, I'd go read Kiwifarms

No. 1574154

Reddit spacing isn't using paragraphs like a person with a competent grasp on language, but when some cunt spaces down from the reply and green texts endlessly to address individual points when they could just tag the post and post a normal reply. Reddit spacing usually coincides with some cunt that thinks too highly of their shitbag opinion

No. 1574165

That's not what Reddit spacing is

Reddit spacing is using double newlines to break apart paragraphs (since you need to due to how their comment formatting works)

Like I'm doing in this post here

On imageboards like lolcow, you don't need to double newline to get a new paragraph
It works without the additional newline

No. 1574167

This really isn’t Reddit spacing. I’ve been here since like 2016 and pretty regularly put spaces between paragraphs because it makes it easier to read what I’m typing while phone-posting.
The celebricows thread is plagued with shit like this. Every single thread devolves into schizo tinfoiling and retarded speculation about who might be secretly gay and/or a sex trafficker. That thread used to be fun to read years ago and I miss it.

No. 1574176

Samefagging to add, saying something is "Reddit spaced" implies that the user is actually from Reddit because they have a habit of double newlining their paragraphs. It's akin to calling someone a Twitter user, in the sense that you're accusing someone of not being a regular on the website
I feel like a lot of anons here hate Reddit spacing because they think they have to, not because they actually understand what it implies

No. 1574180

with celebricows i think part of the reason is due to low milk, which leads to never-ending theorizing because they ran out of other things to talk about (when they should simply let the thread die until something interesting happens). the other reason is trumpchan posting random shit.

No. 1574191

File: 1683834821829.jpg (54 KB, 578x614, coleslaw .jpg)

"If I had changed the recipe up, I wouldn't be rating this particular recipe"
Hear hear Nettie holy fucking shit am I sick of people doing that. I searched EASY COLESLAW for a reason

No. 1574220

I'm not, but stuff like "it's giving __" and other trendy phrases are so annoying to read. I get what you mean about understanding what anons are saying, but it still leaves the impression of some underage tiktoker being purposefully obnoxious. You're an oldfag but you don't care much about the board culture?

No. 1574319

When people breathe really loudly. If I’m several feet away I don’t want to hear you borderline vocalizing “hmmm hmmm” every time you breathe in and out. I’m not trying to slag off people with medical issues, it’s just an irritating habit that I’ve noticed some people have.

No. 1574572

I can only assume in most cases it's being used sarcastically.

No. 1575110

i hate when i'm listening to some song on the radio for example and there's a mention of pussy tasting sweet like "candy" or "fruit" like idk i would be revolted if i went down on someone and she tasted of artificial sweetness, or sweetness in general. like i would think maybe something medical is going on. but i'm also generally not a "dessert" type of person to begin with

No. 1575223

When people bump threads then delete their posts. I hope they get frostbite and lose all their fingers so they can never type or post again heehee

No. 1575233

When there are a lot of empty seats on the train and someone still decides to sit right next to me. Makes me want to commit murder.

No. 1575234

>Pick/nitpick female childern of famous people looks whenever you see them comparing them to their famous parents.
>Talk about every feature you dislike/they don't have or share with their parents.
>When child hits teen/young adulthood they get surgery
>"OMG They were so pretty! She didn't have to change anything! OMG i wish she'd love herself, why is her parents letting her-"

Women who pick at female childern's looks deserve the worse in life. There's zero reason to speak on how pretty or ugly you find a child. I would accuse them of being pedos like I would do a scrote discussing childerns looks, but I know more then often it's not that.
Its just catty vapid bullshit that I hate some young girls/women have to deal with.

No. 1575238

the anon who does that claims it's an attempt to encourage discussion >>1560454 assuming she's not a bot. it's super annoying either way.

No. 1575246

It's not a claim, it's true.

No. 1575255

well i hope you get frostbite too

No. 1575256

What a fucking sperg

No. 1575258

File: 1683915970531.jpg (83.89 KB, 1200x1109, sad and fat.jpg)

No. 1575261

Are you just trying to make me angrier

No. 1575264

I would never want to displease you, anon.

No. 1575268

I always just get up and go to sit in another seat without saying a word, kek. Only once I had a guy going "wow rude much?" when I did so, but I just don't want to sit beside anyone who does that, man or woman. I assume they've got something weird going on.

No. 1575301

I also do it as well, I just think discussions seem interesting

No. 1575425

Edgy/degenerate usernames.
Can't do anything online without running into some moid calling themselves penetrator69 or masterbateman.

No. 1575471

This is really common on the game Destiny. You'll see people named shit like "<Character name>'s Sweaty Thighs", usually female characters. What's really funny though is that you can't change your Bungie name again after you've changed it, so those people are stuck with their gross names forever, kek

No. 1575492

You sound boring

No. 1575509

I put my bookbag in the empty seat next to me and if a scrote asks if he can sit there I pretend I can't hear him. I only move my bag if the person is old/a woman/has a kid with them. I feel like scrotes in particular will see a whole bunch of empty seats and still sit next to you because they like being able to violate your personal space.

No. 1575526

Ok HeavysSweatyNuts69.

No. 1575533

for me its the opposite, i hate sweet uwu names. Whenever i see someone with ''kawaii'' ''neko'' ''uwu'' on their username i want to send them goatse

No. 1575561

That made me giggle ngl

No. 1575563

Men who think women are evil for not being mindless servent drones who only exist to fulfill the fantasy of housewife, sexslave, or handmaiden. "MY WIFE IS SO LAZY SHE NEVER CLEANS THE HOUSE" bitch…yes I am but you know what? I hire cleaning services now shut your mouth. How about you do some cleaning? Men can clean after themselves.

No. 1575649

File: 1683931147359.jpg (458.17 KB, 1682x2048, Fv856VrWIAA2JXX.jpg)

I hate when people make cutesy burqa art. specifically when they make characters wearing unique fashion…isn't the whole point of the burqa to make a woman modest? and obviously because of misogyny and hatred of women

No. 1575683

the pink burqa looks like an asshole

No. 1575727

Reminds me when someone asked if you could be gyaru if youre muslim… Common sense when

No. 1575736

For some reason I like the idea of wearing Burqa. Moids not being able to look at me and instead just see a shadowy figure in all black sounds pleasant. But I hate it because then a different set of moids sexualize you in a different way.

No. 1575801

File: 1683940214640.jpeg (418.78 KB, 1764x2048, IMG_7420.jpeg)

This reminds me of those fanarts of Miku with a hijab in pigtails, pic related.

No. 1576214

The word "bestie". Holy fuck I hate it. I swear an unnameable kind of anger engulfs my chest when I hear it or even read it. Like a murderous kind lol

No. 1576215

The word "bestie". Holy fuck I hate it. I swear an unnameable kind of anger engulfs my chest when I hear it or even read it. Like a murderous kind lol

No. 1576220

Stay strong, bestie! I believe we can get through this together!

No. 1576225

I hate it too. It's straight up insulting, in a way that's so specific it's hard to explain.

No. 1576242

Me too bestie

No. 1576334

File: 1683984158854.jpg (164.91 KB, 1368x588, FuaPXigWwAAayK.jpg)

This is beyond parody, Here we have a multi-billion dollar corporation attempting to indoctrinate children and someone's actually defending them?

No. 1576688

so you support abortion bans, segregated marriage and child mothers? i stg all your conservatives are retarded

No. 1576933

When people call anything to do with people of color "ethnic". Even worse, using "ethnic" as a replacement for "people of color". GTFO with that racist shit. Everyone has an ethnicity, regardless of whether they're white Europeans or black Africans.

No. 1577490

The cognitive dissonance between how the west treats the war in Ukraine and Palestinian genocide. It's like no one cares what's going on anymore.

No. 1577523

File: 1684085337956.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20230514-132238_(1)…)

Men are such untalented troglodytes that the only purpose they think life has is to fuck and have some unfortunate woman shit out their little turd child.
Reproduction may be THEIR only purpose if they're worthless and untalented and cant positively impact society on their own.

No. 1577528

Men should unironically support marriage more like this dude is doing. Most white western men are now content with knocking up women and not marrying them and complaining if they have to support babies. Almost half of the children are born out of wedlock to deadbeat fathers.

No. 1577534

at least this moid has good genes, but yeah I agree with other nonna, telling moids to grow up is better then most libfem advice which teaches men to emotionally blackmail women.

No. 1577557

caring in a way that matters costs money and i spent all mine on rent and food and parts for my broken car

No. 1577570

I'm not saying that you should donate money or anything. I mean sure that'd be nice but no one even talks about the constant bombings and war crimes that are happening in Palestine. Ukraine is talked about and everyone is aware Russia is evil but the Palestinian genocide is regarded as a both sides issue. People get accused of being antisemitic just for bringing it up. I can't tell you how many times I saw people say they don't care about Palestinians dying because they're muslim and conservative so obviously they deserve to be violently murdered and have their land taken away.

No. 1577606

Well duh, the Ukrainian war affects regular people in the West far more than the situation is Palestine so of course people are gonna care more. Even then the Ukrainian war is long and far past peak attention and sympathy.

No. 1577679

ime talking about causes you have no money to support just makes people mad at you.

No. 1577705

I'm Muslim and I support Israel(alongside Palestine) because Israel sent us economic help during a natural disaster in my country. This stuff isn't as shallow as libtard westerners seem to think and Jews aren't some evul force. Jews suffered just as much as Muslims have, you guys literally genocided jews wherever they went and now you're trying to make them seem evil. It's so weird seeing westerners try to egg on wars in middle east. Please stop voicing your opinions unless you're either jew or muslim. This isn't about you and helping fund a war is nothing to be proud of.
How does ukranian war affect you more? Westerners should just stop projecting their ideas and hatred into literal wars and finding half-assed excuses to hold sides, like fuck off. People are dying.

No. 1577729

all followers of all abrahamic religions are fucking retarded and deserve to die in stupid wars tbh

No. 1577988

There's a difference of magnitudes in a war between nonwhite people of non-christian faith on another continent and a war next door involving white people of (nominally) christian faith.

No. 1578005

File: 1684128657786.jpeg (34.49 KB, 325x570, 7D4F0632-DA0A-49E2-BA03-2E59E2…)

Morbidly obese people that claim they’re healthy
HAES was a mistake

No. 1578009

>How does ukranian war affect you more
nta but putin literally said they would bomb my country for shits and giggles if we didnt do what he wanted, had to join NATO out of desperation, so yeah it fucking affects me

No. 1578068

>How does ukranian war affect you more?
Cause the shits in my backyard and my country has a separatist region lmao
On a serious note though condolences nonna I understand the way you feel, I hope peace finds us all soon

No. 1578074

I hate when HAEs people point towards the existence of food deserts as for why someone could be so fat when they themselves clearly have a car and do not live in a food desert.

No. 1578077

High functioning autistic people who don’t even attempt to be normal or understanding and then get angry at people for not accepting them.

You literally just have to have better hygiene and develop a bit of decent fashion sense and you’re already like halfway there. Got rid of so much bullshit for me when I was a teenager.

No. 1578084

You or your people couldn't have done nothing anyway. This is between 2 governments and Zelensky is corrupt too. The Ukrainian army were committing war crimes and shit even before Russia invaded.

No. 1578107

I hate them so much too. This shit got to my rl friends to the point where they gained a lot of weight during lockdowns and it impacted their health negatively rather quickly, yet they're in total denial. Related to your post, I hate these videos of obese people on tiktok (mostly women) showing their haul and being half naked all the time to show if the clothes they bought fit or not. Isn't tiktok marketed to kids directly? Why are there videos like this then?

No. 1578193

I literally sat across a morbidly obese friend who shamed me for counting calories and losing 70 pounds this year.
Her gut reaches her knees, she cant even walk a flight of stairs, but I’ have a problem?

No. 1578218

File: 1684156013024.jpg (27.11 KB, 680x276, photos-2.jpg)

the bimbo movement. People seemed to understand that bimbo was a misogynistic term used by douchy men when they where talking about the women they slept with in a degrading manner. But picrel became a meme and women wanted to recreate the bimbofication fetish in real life. One of the rare cases where women where the ones who memed themselves into a fetish. Worst part is that self proclaimed bimbo women legit think they are breaking stereotypes rather than just catering to what once where a niche fetish.
Now I'm seeing women call every pretty women for a bimbo and this is treated as normal. I don't get it. the same women knows that calling another woman for whore or slut is mean then why would they go around and call strangers foe bimbo in an "affectionate" manner?

No. 1578223

It's because some women have noticed how violently angry society gets at hyper feminine women. And instead of just calling it a hyper feminine movement (can't exclude the trannies) we have to go with "bimbo". And also, hyper feminine doesn't necessarily mean sexually available like bimbo implies, we can't piss the XYz off too much.. teehee. I hate it here. I also hate the meme you attached but for different reasons.

No. 1578230

>all believers of abrahamic religion deserve to die
So %99 of the whole world? Stop being edgy, I'm sure you'd shit yourself if you tried to say that irl.
Thanks anon, I hope for the best for you as well. When I was talking about people pretending to be affected by this war, I meant the Americans who have never left their country yet pretend they know more about both Ukranian-Russia and Israel-Palestine war.

No. 1578250

someone never grew out of 2010s youtube atheism

No. 1578251

>I also hate the meme you attached but for different reasons
Curious but why do you hate it? Personally I hate it for being a gross fetish that relies on sexist stereotypes that moids can jerk off too and I hate it for making the public aware of bimbofication fetish. I want more reasons to hate on it

No. 1578252

>So %99 of the whole world?
nta but yes

No. 1578253

You didn't grow out of millennia old media, you have no place to lecture someone on being stuck in 2010

No. 1578254

The tiktok fattie "poor me healthy food is too expensive and a privilege" to "fuck you bitch watch me smash 3 days worth of food on vid to own the jealous starving skinnies" pipeline is insufferable.

No. 1578265

At that point I assume these people just never, ever cook. Healthy food can easily be cheaper than greasy fast food but I keep seeing obese people online talking about how a menu at Mcdonalds (in the US usually) is cheaper than a salad. Obviously you're not supposed to eat a 20€ or $ salad everyday for lunch, just cook it yourself already!

No. 1578274

Have you guys actually watched this gal's tiktok? I don't agree with the type of stuff she eats sure but she does tend to stay in a caloric deficit and has actively been losing weight. She probably eats how she does to prevent binging.

No. 1578276

>wanting %99 people to die because they don't think similarly to you
Wow autist-chan, isn't that a bit too edgy? I thought atheists who want everyone to die are a phase only 14 year old little boys had.

No. 1578279

you don't have to be religious to recognise when someone's just being edgy

No. 1578291

You're absolutely right nona

No. 1578300

I will never understand the "healthy food is expensive" cope. Especially with today's inflation, a fast food meal in America is like 15$ now. You can get a head of lettuce, a healthy dressing for salad, a bag of rice and chicken thighs for that price. It is a lie and cope kek never listen to fatties who are too lazy and inept to cook and have the pallet of a 4 year old.

No. 1578313

Yeah I'm a lazy idiot who hates cooking but I still cook and even after basic ingredients became more expensive it's still not nearly as expensive as fastfood. Then again fastfood in my country seem more pricy than in countries where fat people use these excuses but still. Fastfood prices also increased because of inflation, weird that they never talk about that.

No. 1578315

File: 1684165461027.jpg (57.65 KB, 350x494, kusare-joshi-1.jpg)

I hate that shitty iseakai big tit gyrau falls for nerd but my little sister also loves me and there's a succubus and dark skin tomboy and the cold stone girl secretly loves me tropey fetish manga gets translated on a daily basis but stuff like Kusare Joshi will never get translated or even biography/essay manga in general aren't translated.

No. 1578316

>You literally just have to have better hygiene and develop a bit of decent fashion sense
I've been doing this my whole fucking life and it doesn't change shit anon.

No. 1578317

File: 1684165652839.png (595.26 KB, 2449x1286, fattiesgonnafat.png)

picrel. i did the math. the things i listed in the post is enough to make 3+ meals and is still cheaper than one meal from mcdonalds. dont let American fatties brainwash you with the "its cheaper" cope

No. 1578321

>iseakai big tit gyrau falls for nerd but my little sister also loves me and there's a succubus and dark skin tomboy and the cold stone girl secretly loves me
Nowadays this would unironically be the tittle

No. 1578330

a big bag of potato chips and a 2L soda is cheaper than the ingredients though, now what

No. 1578342

File: 1684167912781.png (88.73 KB, 750x1334, 1A1D0601-6573-45D6-8427-818FBF…)

Nta but isn’t that pic the opposite of bimbofication? It’s basically saying that unless you literally look like becky you’re an illiterate bimbo. Her tits and ass get smaller and her legs get chickenier and everything kek. Can’t even have your hair down.

Although, now I am curious if Becky was drawn to look like op meme or if op meme was based on virgin vs chad

No. 1578346

i remember this was a literal TF fetish DA pic and it got picked up by ''2 deep 4 u'' facebook pages

No. 1578349

bimbofication has been around for decades, it's just easier to see now and reach more people interested in it

No. 1578355

i hate how my fucking dumbass country voted for a dictator again, i hate my muslim country, im sick of the government creating fake votes and im sick of the right-wing party winning for the billionth time

No. 1578365

Basically the same reasons you do. As if a bleach blonde with big boobs couldn't possibly also be intelligent. And as if a pale lanky brunette couldn't be a giant airhead who only reads twilight or whatever. It's just more of that Madonna/whore complex shit men have and will probably never get over. Since all moids are basically the same with different flavors, they think women aren't capable of being multifaceted, or that we aren't capable of liking certain aesthetics for US and not male attention.

No. 1578369

>now I am curious if Becky was drawn to look like op meme or if op meme was based on virgin vs chad
Op meme is ages old and has been there before virgin vs chad, but Becky could be based both on the virgin and "smart" girl from this meme

No. 1578372

Also, I hate it because it implies caring about your looks is bad (the last panel she straight up is dressing like a frumpy 14) year old. It has so much NLOG "I hate WHORES I only like SMART women who care about what MATTERS (to me)" vibes. I could honestly spend all day sperging but it implies only a very particular kind of woman is worthy of respect and being regarded as intelligent. Sure, making yourself into a sex object is also bad but I don't like extremes like this. Mainly because the moids and pickmes that reference these things are too retarded to mention/understand that most people lie somewhere in the middle of the scale.

No. 1578768

I Hate People Who Type Like This, Sentences Aren't A Movie Title. Shithead.

No. 1578812

The fact this disgusting parasite is still alive infuriates me, after all the death and misery he's caused.

No. 1578827

Open toed shoes. Feet and toes are awful and ugly and must be hidden away in public or we're no better than animals

No. 1578886

getting shoehorned into the "milf" category by weirdos 2 yrs younger because i'm responsible and not 29 and a fucking mess

No. 1578934

on the contrary I cant stand people who type all in low caps. its not annoying online but i hate that using low caps for song titles and book titles has become the norm

No. 1578943

agree, toes might help us balance but they're horrific, there is no such thing as beautiful feet

No. 1578978

You can’t live off of bags of chips and soft drink. Those are snacks.

No. 1579022

So many fat people I know parrot shit like this that they’ve read online and it’s infuriating.
>food deserts!!
We live in an area renowned internationally for its produce and fresh ingredients are always significantly cheaper than pre-made meals.
All of them are comfortably off and spend hundreds of euros a month on expensive hobbies, as well as getting their daily coffee at Starbucks or similarly overpriced chains.
>no time to cook!!
None of them work more than 36 hours a week and they spend hours every day watching tv or playing video games.

I would have so much more respect for them if they just admitted they were addicted to junk food instead of pretending that society is keeping them down and forcing Nutella down their throats.

No. 1579044

Watching one of those 'I'm in my thirties and I have no friends' vids. By a woman
Top comment
> This is fascinating. As a male, I didn't realize that females also went through this. I'm a 48 year old man and I..
Omg I'm 50 and I had no idea feemales ever struggled with loneliness or ever had social difficulties. Whaa? Everyone praise me or else the comments will descend into a war of the sexes because I'm allowed to just not notice that women are also people with problems for the last five fucking decades but you need to tiptoe around my feefees.

Of course anyone who pointed out how weird it is to reach that age and still not realize that women obviously have these problems too got dogpiled and accused of having 'low empathy'. Every single time.

No. 1579047

Hagglers. Fuck off!

No. 1579048

Lol and the guy that has lived 3/4 of his life and only just realized that the other half of humanity has normal human problems, too, is sooo empathetic

No. 1579049

Delusional tumblr and twitter users that think everything from blinking to breathing is ~kweer energy~ and "gay vibes".

No. 1579064

bruxism. I'm going to wake up with my front teeth missing soon my night terrors are that bad.

No. 1579104

Apparently I have bruxism on my molars due to stress and clenching. I asked partners I've had if it sounds like I grind in my sleep and all have said no.

It's shitty. I have great teeth at the front but my molars look like dogshit from the clenching and reflux. Wouldn't even have cavities if they weren't so weak and I got my first crown last year, I'm 31 and made it that far. I want to rip them all out and just get implants, it's a losing battle.

No. 1579156

File: 1684251293830.jpg (58.61 KB, 565x800, ddb87223f154cff222fc0c070fb89e…)

This. I'm watching Voltron now and love it, especially Shiro, but it turns out fujo fans bombed the studio with insane rants and threats of violence to give them Klance, and out of the pressure they decided to give them their geiiiibois and turned my favorite character gay. the fans were still pissed because it wasn't klance, and now they're also ragebombing anyone who produces het works with Shiro. I just wanted beefcake. I hate fujoshi so much.

No. 1579297

I hate it when some people turn into motivational bots, all conversations with them turn into uncalled-for coaching eventually, they'll send you various "opportunities" they think you should take just because they think so. When you reject it, it prompts them to give a little lecture filled with trivialities and it's like they take the whole situation personally. I didn't ask for this kind of "help". Leave me alone, neurotics.

No. 1579588

File: 1684279108836.jpeg (30.83 KB, 720x540, C37B856B-7824-4F76-8BED-373499…)

When they undersaturate the fucker

No. 1579621

File: 1684281921275.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1654385156282.gif)

I read manga/Korean & Chinese webcomics and I always check the tags to avoid the gayshit genres(yaoi, yuri, shoujo/shounen ai), so when I'm reading a story and suddenly it's has lgbt bullshit I hate it so fucking much because I understand the tags don't apply to minor or secondary characters but I don't want any of that shit ruining my day with its existence

No. 1579639

>being alive in 2023 and still hating homos

No. 1579644

I hate how viral has just morphed to mean "got a lot of interactions". Viral doesn't just mean popular, it's a very specific phenomenon. Your tweet wasn't viral just because it got a lot of likes. Your video isn't viral just because it got a lot of views. Hell, you can't even call something viral just because it's circulating a lot across one site/app. I also think the watering down of the word has to do with how oversaturated social media is.

No. 1579645

i fucking hate my besties boyfriend, literally all of our friend group thinks he's the worst, and she refuses to see it and it's baffling and infuriating. she's so smart normally and when we point out so many examples of this dude being a rude, condescending piece of shit she just brushes it aside or makes excuses and like GIRL he is literally ugly, you don't have to do this, why are you letting some chinless they/them muppet talk down to you and your loved ones???

i'm planning on hosting a 4th of july party and i want to invite her but i know i can't realistically invite her and expect her to come if i don't also invite her chode bf, but if this faggot comes into my house and is rude to me or my friends i will absolutely not hesitate to body slam him into a bonfire and i think that may cause a rift in the friendship

this absolute troglodyte had the audacity to try to convince her to let him adopt a dog right after they moved in together, which was coincidentally right after she was attacked by one of his friends dogs and had to go to the ER and get STICHES ON HER FACE about it and was, understandably, terrified of dogs. and this little cunt rly had the nerve to say "why won't you just let me get this dog, i've always wanted a french bulldog" (bad take) IDK DUDE MAYBE BECAUSE SHE HAS AN ANIME FACE SCAR NOW

i'm seething

No. 1579649

welcome to over half of the world population. enjoy your introduction

No. 1579650

I can understand hating gay men, but hating lesbian or bi women is just sad. Why are you even here?

No. 1579652

Maybe invite her but tell her that if he shows up and starts shit with anyone, you're not tolerating it and they're going to be removed from the party.

No. 1579656

I try not to sperg about it too much on non-anonymous forums, I don't go into comments of things made for homos and bitch but if it's not clearly marketed at them it's very annoying. I've seen similar with trannies but only in some rare cases since I avoid western comics since thus shit snuck up on me in far too many of the few stories I came across

No. 1579664

Because the woman-hate on /pol/ gets really tiresome and I consider myself a suffregette

No. 1579667

>GIRL he is literally ugly, you don't have to do this, why are you letting some chinless they/them muppet talk down to you and your loved ones?
You should actually say this to her kek

No. 1579674

lmao usually being into yaoi or even yuri especially if you're not gay means you're a degen by lolcow standards but if you don't like it you're a raging homophobe apparently

No. 1579684

nta but I don't think it's a problem of merely not liking it, I think other anons were mostly put off by the knee-jerk disgust/hatred reaction to it from OP even for ones that are just about romance

No. 1579690

Shoehorned representation is annoying regardless of the minority, i purposely avoid it too

No. 1579828

I hate scrotes, especially boomer scrotes yelling at Siri. So clearly mask off misogynistic, people thinking it's funny because it's "just a robot". I saw this video of this old boomer being filmed by his daughters(!) berating Siri with fucking cunt and fucking bitch for getting directions wrong. In a similar vein, it was an Australian video (where I live) and it seems hilarious to people here that "cunt" is thrown around as a regular part of our vernacular. I hate it!

No. 1579850

Apple has already programmed Siri to respond a certain way to sexual advances. I wish they would update it so that if it detects a certain number of misogynistic slurs, it changes to a deep man voice and can’t be changed back.

No. 1579862

I hate the fact that servile robot voices are female by default in the first place. It's seen as natural and normal to give orders to a passive, obedient woman in a way it never is for men, even though they're the default in pretty much any other situation.

No. 1579864

I worked in a store where the self service checkout had a recording of a womans voice that'd play one time to remind you to take your items if it still detected weight on it after you've finished paying. The amount of middle aged men who'd curse back at it and then turn to staff to complain about 'her' rude/disrespectful tone. The ones who were less ragey over it would crack an original joke about women being such nags but after a while everyone knew that even those guys would have a go at you next if you didn't smile enough at the joke.

No. 1579867

So true

No. 1580035

No. 1580075

>it was an Australian video (where I live) and it seems hilarious to people here that "cunt" is thrown around as a regular part of our vernacular. I hate it!
Same nonnie, the state where I live has an unofficial (but popular) tourist slogan with the word cunt (not-so-cleverly) placed in it. I hate seeing people wearing t-shirts, or have bumper stickers with the slogan on it, they think it’s sooo witty, and that it makes them look sooo cool but it just makes them look like bogans.

No. 1580090

Me too. Except I accept yuri. The bi and gay stuff can go to hell, though. One moid is bad enough; imagine a relationship with two of them cohabitating. The house would be a nuclear waste zone by three months. you can't even get one moid to wash his butthole and you want to see two of the dirty fuckers together having anal sex all day?

Stories with yuri tend to be really well written though. I'm not a lesbian unfortunately but I'll go for it in fiction.

No. 1580269

File: 1684352381976.jpeg (15.6 KB, 351x278, Thin Indian men.jpeg)

South Asian/MENA nonnies will know what I'm talking about.

No. 1580290

maybe a privileged opinion but am i stupid or are love handles like not real, like i don't think they're a problem if you're naked for example. if anything shouldn't the waistline of whatever bottoms that are being worn be altered to fit better? tbh they're only disgusting on men but on women it makes them look more feminine which is hot

No. 1580299

Not sure it's "privileged" to like muffintops.

No. 1580301

I'm not sure what you mean, I'm not from south Asia nor mena and guys with this body type are a dime a dozen where I live.

No. 1580303

I'm MENA but this is only common in married 30+yo men here.

No. 1580309

Can someone explain to me what this trying to say? Books make you plainer? Smart girls would never dress (left to right) exhibitionist-ly, or slinkily, or flatteringly, or neatly? Reading steals your boobs? Like, shouldn't these things be trying to upend negative assumptions, rather than criticizing other women and reinforcing misogynistic stereotypes?

No. 1580311

File: 1684356244179.jpg (25 KB, 500x333, d6tkz8g-2b9c33d4-7220-436a-aa1…)

Look at it as an NLOG meme.

No. 1580315

sadly its common enough for even young 20 year old men in my country.

No. 1580316


No. 1580323

Not OP but Idk if it's even trying to say anything, I thought it was making fun of the original version of that pic/the transformation fetish which had a nerdy girl turning into the bimbo.

No. 1580337

clicked video on shitty wattpad fiction. 90% NLOGs

No. 1580340

"Dumb bitches care about tans and wearing pink and makeup and smart ones are pale and dress sloppy" basically NLOG bullshit.

No. 1580355

Is this the original meme? I've seen it in reverse order and, while fetish garbage, it makes more sense.

No. 1580432

Yeah, it's the original. I first saw it either in the end of 00s or the beginning of 10s, and aside of nlog thing I feel like it just had to do with the next popular thing, the bimbo/glamorous style was dying out and hipster/grunge was becoming more mainstream as well as everything nerdy, popularized by The Big Bang Theory I guess. Some girls I knew that would bleach their hair actually suddenly dyed it brown/black hehe. Plus idk about english-language part of internet because I didn't really use it back then, but in the russian-language side everyone got into books and "intelligent humor" (for fifth grade straight-A students) all of a sudden. It was all very popular and superficial but people still pretended it made them different.

No. 1580447

it’s still fetish garbage. The artist mostly does bimbofication commissions but this one was a debimbofication commission. There is no intentional deeper meaning to it than that

No. 1580455

Oh, okay, didn't know about the artist. The picture would be reposted outside of fetish context, so had no idea it was initially just that.

No. 1580554

File: 1684382999161.png (79.75 KB, 600x600, 5ae1fc821b3a8221264a0ba4-large…)

This is a very specific thing, but as a self taught nail gurl who mainly works with gel products, I hate how so many nail youtubers promote dangerous products. Gel products can already be dangerous because of the chemicals used in them (they can cause very harsh allergic reactions due to over-exposure. I myself have a gel allergy. Even acrylic has this danger) and it's important to pick out brands that are trustworthy. Then you have youtubers out here promoting products from sites like Aliexpress and Temu. Decorations and charms from those sites are great, but you should never buy stuff like polish, polygel, builder gel, acrylic powder, etc.. No beauty products that would go into direct contact with your skin. There's no way to truly know what ingredients are in these products. Even Amazon has a bunch of shady brands. There are youtubers that I love that do this and I give them the benefit of the doubt that they don't know, but it drives me insane because the average person doing their nails may not fully take into account that buying a $2 tube of polygel from aliexpress may not be a wise idea.
Of course youtubers aren't their viewers mommy, but there's a certain level of responsibility that comes when you are promoting products.

No. 1580570

I don’t do nails but I watch nail videos because looking at polygel and acrylic being applied makes me hungry. I want to eat it. I used to exclusively watch those videos while eating desert.

No. 1580617

I'm glad you posted this nonnie I was going to buy some polygel from a brand a nail youtuber posted. I was skeptical to use it since I don't know enough about it and last one I used really roughed up my nails

No. 1580623

When people are having a phone conversation and it gets cut off because of bad reception, instead of hanging up and call again they go "hello, can you hear me? Hello!" for like 30 seconds.

No. 1580673

Ugh I'm so sorry my N.T nonnie.
- W.A, screaming inside with you

No. 1580776

stop calling me out nonnie be kind

No. 1580832

I you don't mind me asking, what was the brand and in what way did it rough up our nails?

No. 1580833

No. 1580867

needing to poop right after taking a shower

No. 1580870

Are mirror/holo/chrome/unicorn powders okay to buy? Isn't it just mica essentially?

No. 1580873

I would say no. I see it as similar to buying eyeshadow or any powder makeup products, you still can't truly know what's in it. I actually bought some glitter chrome from one of those sites once and ended up throwing it out.

No. 1580886

The "tumblr art style" bleeding into everything. Guess we're all adults now but it makes me cringe so hard to see it, you just know instantly from the art style what kind of person you're dealing with no matter what profession they're in.

Also all those crappy little 2d indie games having pretty cover art but the game is just ugly pixels.

No. 1581057

When a crime channel gets comments like "it's a better day when blank post" or "I'm so happy you uploaded I love your videos it makes my day" they do not acknowledged that the topic of the video is dark or that someone has died. They view it more as a story that their favorite YouTube channels uploaded

No. 1581312

When people say things like "WOW SHE IS SO INTELLIGENT!" anytime a woman in the public eye shows any semblance of being a sentient being. It's not a compliment thinking someone like Marilyn Monroe is braindead just because they're a famous woman that looks a certain way.

No. 1581348

I loathe it, but on the brighter side it tells you exactly what people to avoid, i pair it with generic anime genshin waifucoom style, so far I've steered clear from both types and does wonders for my sanity

No. 1581361

File: 1684465661960.png (414.99 KB, 407x794, consoomer.png)

Man/Woman children who are smug about their consooming/shopping addictions and flaunt it online like it isn't a huge problem. I can understand hoarding things you can use like clothes or purses to some degree, but it seems backwards to do it with dolls since most are made with the intent for children to play with them.
I also hate Disney adults too.

No. 1581364

The trend of knock off Eric André shows.

Adam Friedland show
Trisha’s exBoyfriend show
H3h3, somewhat

No. 1581634

True crime content creators and their consumers.
>I just wanna know what I have to look out for! uwu
Sure, and you just know the gawkers at car accidents definitely do, too.

No. 1581639

Homosexual make-up reviewers. I hate when I click on some makeup or cosmetic video in English and I'm met with that snotty high-pitch valley-girl esque "Heeeyyyy grrrllllssss!" from some post wall moid.

No. 1581643

no wayyy that doll looks waaay too cheap to be 200 dollarsI'm a doll collector, though the dolls I collect are made for a collectors market and not intended to be children's toy(but it's still consoomerism I know I know) and I find those "parents GOT MAD at me for not letting their KID play with my DOLL (not clickbait)" stories so cringey. A part of me always thinks it's fake or at least exaggerated so they can get pity points.

No. 1581652

I do this with "nigger" and the same scrotes who were fine with the c-word instantly become snowflakes!(racebaiting)

No. 1581665

>men: huehue women be sayin I’m fine when they aren’t, amiright lads?
Maybe she is fine you fucking asshole. Maybe she is just thinking about it or maybe she knows that it’s silly to get mad about but she’s in a random bad mood but she knows she won’t care in 10 minutes. Let women be fine. Maybe she knows she has to be fine or else you will launch into a tard rage and ruin the entire day. To any moid who ever joked this, kys.

No. 1581706

File: 1684513694732.jpeg (78.02 KB, 828x687, 95206599-9C03-4FC9-9879-49178F…)

>looking for princess peach videos
>this gets recommended to me
What the fuck is going on with YT allowing scrotes to do this shit? Fucking disgusting

No. 1581733

This story has me fuming. Literally grooming children to become trannies and telling them to not tell their parents.
This is straight fucked up

No. 1581766

File: 1684519573227.jpeg (61.35 KB, 306x489, 201443BF-A012-4961-B0AC-09E92F…)

I’m going to sound like a scrote but I hate this “professional golfer” Paige Spiranac. She’s basically an Instagram model who panders to moids and coasts off of her short-lived golf career. AFAIK her only career win was because of a sudden-death by the other player kek.

Call me a bad radfem but I hate her for putting her tits out everywhere. I have naturally big boobs myself but I just find it annoying as fuck. Maybe because I experienced unwanted sexualization at a young age which just made me want to cover up. How girls like this do not want to kill themselves reading their Instagram comments boggles my mind.

No. 1581782

File: 1684521381059.jpg (501.4 KB, 2625x3500, NINTCHDBPICT000633908038.jpg)

I hate a big ass long girthy GMO'd banana. Way too much and it's not like you can eat some and save the rest for later. They're so common in grocery stores.

No. 1581787

Turkish banooners are perfectly snack sized, I love them for it. Fuck megasize Yankee agriculture!!

No. 1581792

>and it's not like you can eat some and save the rest for later.
You can and I do every day (cut it in half with a butter knife)

No. 1581795

What the fuck. Do you store it in a plastic bag? Why not just buy a normal banana?

No. 1581797

Put half of it in the freezer? You can later put it in a smoothie or healthy ice cream, use it for banana bread, or even just eat it frozen (that's what I do with overripe bananas)

No. 1581798

Feel u on those big ass bananas. Also those huge porno dildo sized cucumbers. Always fucking rot before I can finish one. I like the persian cucumbers but they usually put way too many in a bag for me to finish. Sigh.

I'm lazy so I rip them in half. And stick the leftover half in the fridge

No. 1581799

And they don't oxidize and get mushy? This is like saving an apple for later..

No. 1581801

I leave the peel on so only the small outer part gets a bit oxidized, i just eat it.

No. 1581808

Why would you want to freeze fresh fruit? What the fuck is a smoothie? This damned nation of degenerates knows no morals.

No. 1581811

No. 1581814

>healthy ice cream
Americans and their love for heckin’ snackerinoos combined with diet culture brainrot is hilarious. Healthy deep fried hamburgers only 0.99 calories each because we used sulphuric acid instead of cheese! Meanwhile you can’t even eat a banana without meal prepping it and throwing half of it in the freezer first. I hate you morons

No. 1581815

>Stories with yuri tend to be really well written though. I'm not a lesbian unfortunately but I'll go for it in fiction.
Most yuri is written by men, nonnie. Stop reading moid shit

No. 1581819

File: 1684523206064.jpg (41.83 KB, 680x383, 4ea.jpg)

i fucking hate this reaction image. the bugged out eyes are so creepy to me and all the people who use it (especially twitter users) are terminally unfunny

No. 1581820

I'm not American. Breaking news not everyone you disagree with online is American.

No. 1581821

Oh yeah, I guess that makes sense.
I would but I hate smoothies with banana and I don't really care for frozen fruit honestly. I only really like half-frozen pineapple with the juice.
Are you ok anon? It's just mashed banana to mimic the texture of ice cream. It's not even a diet culture thing, it's for people who don't/can't eat dairy.

No. 1581826

You lie as easily as you breathe, I know what you are.

No. 1581829

Sure anon. Good to know my English is apparently good enough to pass for a native speaker.

No. 1581852

File: 1684525054196.jpg (72.18 KB, 720x767, 1681543525074832_HAES.jpg)

>diet culture brainrot


No. 1581896

I hate most reaction images with black people(sage my shit)

No. 1581939

Nta but chinese 'yuri' or lesbian works to be more accurate are often created by actual women, especially baihe novels. When moids are dipping their unhygienic hands into the baihe genre, they're almost always writing about a 'nerdy useless ugly dude transmigrating (basically reborn) into a badass female character from a novel after getting hit by a truck' so it's easy to clock them. Otherwise, it's filled with plenty of female writers.

No. 1581978

>baihe novel
NTA but thank you for teaching me this word. I think you just opened a new door of media for me…

No. 1582016

moids. today a random moid out of nowhere sent me his dirty dick pic. it was only for a second and i blocked him at the speed of light but even that second was enough for me. i want to snap his spine in half and slowly carve his eyes out of the sockets with a spoon and then crash his dick with a hammer. i’m not usually this violent, but oh my fucking god. men don’t deserve to live.

No. 1582106

File: 1684541943712.jpg (69.52 KB, 678x623, IMG_20200616_015403.jpg)

I hate how "peaked" women from here and other boards fail in keeping girl places good.

Ages ago some artists here and on /ic/ agreed to make a discord server for art and girls, started out real strong, I take a small break only for them to accept nlog, made femboy "" "meme" "" channel filled with disgusting femboy porn because it's totally ironic tee hee, no rules, spams, jannies are going in power trips… etc. It basically got fucked. This always happens ffs

No. 1582229

File: 1684559303662.jpg (257.83 KB, 2560x1702, stick-shift-e1570462493994-sca…)

Stick shift. I already have enough to worry about on the road without this BS.

No. 1582243

I have to be retarded because what the fucking fuck is going on in Shadow Hunters? Why is Magnus aggressively flirting with this dude Alec who was the personality of wet cardboard? Why are Jace and Clary siblings? Why did they have to announce that after showing them making out a bunch of times? Why is Simon? At all? What is Simon for?
I hate this, but I can’t stop watching, it’s such a train wreck.

No. 1582271

File: 1684563546324.png (472.26 KB, 1200x1600, 7af7574cb6c48c56b08b9e611b3c4e…)

people who say "amerifags". why do you think about it so much you have to create a disparaging term. i dont think or say britbong or europoor or whatever else because i do not think about you or your country literally ever. who are you. get out of my house. i have a gun

No. 1582273

peak amerifag moment

No. 1582280

File: 1684564841414.png (51.63 KB, 550x550, 110_550x550_Front_Color-White-…)

No. 1582283

people who say sapphic instead of lesbian.

No. 1582319

I like saying Amerifat for the people who fit the uncultured obese cliché like DarksydePhil. I don't care if someone calls me Europoor online, this is so inconsequential.

No. 1582321

I write Amerifag for the same reason I write samefag, newfag, shayfag, etc. It's not that deep, faggot.

No. 1582327

never dating a guy who drives a stick again. it was like he shoved it up his ass and it became his whole personality.

No. 1582328

>it was like he shoved it up his ass
Not even joking, he probably did

No. 1582331

agreed! it makes my whole vagina shrivel up kek

No. 1582343

Welcome to imageboards where everyone is a fag, newfag !
I'm baguette-fag, enchanté !

No. 1582345

I drive a car with stick shift because that's all my poor student ass can afford and shifting gears becomes brainless pretty quickly.

No. 1582346

File: 1684580242498.png (9.06 KB, 680x126, amerifags_cant_read.png)

You must be one of the 54%

No. 1582350

File: 1684580817981.gif (11.96 MB, 360x360, grrrr.gif)

>headphone battery has 50% left, stops working at 30%
>leave them to charge overnight, charging light is on
>2pm next day, turn them on
>battery 50%

No. 1582412

I hate it when personality quizzes that only let you answer with Yes or No have two statements in a single question.
>I don't have a lot of emotions, and I don't express my emotions.
Which one is it, fucker?

No. 1582418

my big nose ruins my face
it really ruins my face
but my face is still quite ugly anyway
i hate looking at it because i hate my features, small mouth and lips long fave droppy almond eyes small forehead weird hairline and it looks like my fucking ugly ass family who abused me it's ugly ugly ugly

No. 1582422

Nta but I couldn't blame anyone if they did put a gear stick in their ass cause past experimental me would've definitely thought about, And maybe tried, putting one in my pussy.

No. 1582426

It's bizarre seeing men's perception of Robert Pattinson changed from "that cringe vampire in twilight" into a "literally me" sigma male icon

No. 1582427

I would because that's not your average train of thought.

No. 1582428

Yes it is. Gear sticks are rather phallic.

No. 1582429

I don't get it either. I guess it's because of when he was shit talking Twilight even more than them during interviews and because he doesn't shower and he's a total sperg in real life? They do this with Henry Cavill too just because he's also a huge sperg obsessed with video games but the good looks that most straight men want to have.

No. 1582431

Sanefag but now that I think about it, I would judge because that would be gay for men. A straight man would probably think about the exhaust pipe first if we're talking about car sex.

No. 1582434

>A straight man would probably think about the exhaust pipe first if we're talking about car sex
Straight moids do stick their dick into care exhaust pipes. There's an entire fetish community dedicated to it.

No. 1582477

Yeah it's like they think the word lesbian is dirty or something. I won't lie, at first, when I saw it sometimes being used by actual lesbians obsessed with literature and what not (it was like some kind of inside joke, they still used the word lesbian in serious discussions and while describing themselves), I didn't mind it. I thought it sounds quite nice too, although a bit dumb since it's not like gay moids refer to themselves as 'Achillean' kek. But then it took off on tumblr and is now used so much by all these retarded gendergoblins that I'm convinced it's indeed used to erase the word lesbian, along with shit like 'wlw' or even worse 'nonmen-loving-nonmen'.

No. 1582667

>finish reading an absolutely great fic on AO3
>see that the authors have linked their other socials
>go check out their tumblr
>first post I see is some troon handmaiden bullshit

I hate finding out that the authors of well written, fanfiction (not HP) I've really liked are actually retarded troon supporters who think jk rowling is literally Hitler. Why is talent so often found in the violently unhinged and shit for brains individuals

No. 1582670

you should never find the socials of the ao3 authors you lik .in this era where politics and fandom has become so connected and everyone is expected to state their opinion on every issue ever

No. 1582813

I hate the word 'fellow' both how it looks and sounds. I don't know why I hate it, I just do.

No. 1583206

File: 1684661659342.jpg (288.97 KB, 1280x883, 1680236559723.jpg)

this 'citibike karen' story is driving me up the goddamn wall. Five men gang up on a pregant nurse just trying to get a bike to go home, including calling her baby retarded and doing a literal 'i'm not touching you, you're touching me' routine (when he's holding onto the bike she's on, she tells him to stop touching her stomach and he tells her her stomach is touching him actually) and yet she's portrayed as the entitled villain of the story.

No. 1583210

Sapphic isn't exclusive to lesbians…

No. 1583214

Imagine having to charge your headphones…

No. 1583233

Its very definition is sexual relations between two women. Are you the type who insists two bisexual women in a relationship are not in a lesbian relationship lmao. You might be bisexual or whatever but the sexual activity occurring between two women is a lesbian activity kekw.

No. 1583243

What's with this…

No. 1583245

File: 1684666111545.jpg (39.12 KB, 730x410, vtubers-akai-haato-kiryu-coco.…)

Okay so, starting from the fact that I don't understand the vtuber craze, because I tried to get into it and…it was boring as shit plus I can't stand high pitched voices and their movements are uncanny to me and almost never look smooth enough, I hate the vtuber fandom. I hate it because I know that the appeal is just being anime and see, I'm the first woman to enjoy a good moe anime drawing and I was born in 90s and grew up on anime forum but damn, I know they have a lot of fans just because they're anime and everyone seems to go into their cringy otaku phase as an adult. If these were normal women, they would get shat on, being called tryhard, pickmes, whores and boring. I just know. I can't understand how someone would grow a parasocial relationship with a weird-moving 2.5d model, it screams turboautism to me or just plain moid retardation.

No. 1583248

As a vtubing oldfag, it unironically used to be really nice and soulful before it blew up (pre late 2019). Nowadays its nothing but peoples way to try become relevant againt or gain traction by giving the idea to people that they can have their way with the streamer. It used to be a cute, cringe and free hobby with wacky stuff but now its nothing but retarded fan dramas, people lewding themselves to get pennies and a whole lot of high school tier dramas. Its basically a new version of vocaloid fandom.

No. 1583257

>moeshit fan
>Doesnt understand why people fall in love with cartoons
are you retarded?

No. 1583261

but anon the only way I can stream as a woman and receive positive nonsexual attention is if I have a loli avatar with globe-sized boobs!!

No. 1583270

>Enjoying an artstyle is the same as simping for a model voiced by a woman/troon who's pandering to an autistic fanbase, whose only charm is using a creepy animated model and play shitty games and going "uwaaahhh!! ehhhhh!!!"

Are you sure you aren't the retarded one?

No. 1583276

both moeshit and vtubers appeal to the same kind of people. There is no difference between waifuing the girl from lucky star or having gura as your oshi.

No. 1583283

File: 1684670582064.jpg (333.17 KB, 1059x1500, yande.re 92219 sample koge_don…)

Where I fucking said that I "waifu" anime girls lol, what I meant is that I understand the appeal of anime style and I'm not biased against "cute styles", for example I really like Koge Donbo's stuff because I grew up with it, but there's a big line in between me enjoying her artstyle and me developing a parasocial relationship with a vtuber that looks like Misha. If a vtuber used Misha's (the main chara here) model to scream in a camera, I would think that maybe she is retarded and asking myself "Why is she doing this? What is this aimed to and for?", it's like rebranded Pewdiepie and the only appeal to it are cute, uncanny models with big eyes that do great in still drawings and anime but are uncanny to look at when traced over human expressions and people are ready to spark up drama and simp for them only for…anime style, because if they were actual women screaming at a game it would be seen as cringy. Remove the model out of a vtuber, there's no content lol, because everyone is there to look at the moeshit girl and people are ready to start dramas and develop unhealthy relationship with characters. Yes I think like this about moids who build "waifu shrines", both are unhealthy but I think that vtubing is a bit worse because it has that sweet parasocial relationship sprinkle that moids love and that's what I hate, their willingness to ruin themselves and the others over a drawing and justify themselves with "b-b-b-b-but they read my comments! They thanked me for my donation!!" yeah ok

No. 1583294

are you retarded? you can enjoy both without simping for the people behind them. dont expect everyone that likes moe shit to be sexless moids, some of us are just women who like cute things.

No. 1583300

if you like moe, specially peak moe lolishit like koge donbo, dont pretend you dont know the appeal of vtubers. Screaming uguuuu japanese women doing loli voices for coomers are fine but women doing the same isnt? your logic is retarded

No. 1583301

women doing the same behind an avatar*

No. 1583325

>"dont pretend you dont know the appeal of vtubers"
>Post you replied to said: "I hate it because I know that the appeal is just being anime" and "I can't understand how someone would grow a parasocial relationship with a weird-moving 2.5d model"
Your reading comprehension is moid level, nona. It's obvious that the target of the discourse was the overall phenomenon of simping for people acting retarded, not the artstyle per se kek. There's a difference in between liking cute things because they're cute and devoting your life to someone who only knows your username and deluding yourself into thinking that you are important in someone's else virtual life because you drop your paycheck in donations. Idk cope maybe.

No. 1583372

These arguments of vtubers being cute barely makes any sense anyway cause most of them have horrible character design. They are just generic anime character with overly designed outfit.

No. 1583768

File: 1684707470542.jpg (93.08 KB, 720x930, 20230521_191712.jpg)

Worst thread in /m/

No. 1583791

Hard agree, I feel like it's sustained by two tradfags who lost their way here for some reason.

No. 1583839

I don’t know why she didn’t just call it the ‘Het couples thread’ if she didn’t want people posting gay stuff.

No. 1583900

File: 1684722025458.png (718.54 KB, 640x457, ladder.png)

I kind of hate encountering these on a hiking trail because they are uncomfortable to climb.

No. 1583914

huh? Is this like the random stairs in the woods?

No. 1583917

Let the straight anons have their fun, they already suffer enough being attracted to men

No. 1583920

light pollution

No. 1583924

Usually used to get over fences on the trail

No. 1583929

Being straight is no excuse to have shit taste in media.

No. 1583935

It makes me so mad, I hate light pollution.

No. 1583943

Where does one find such things on hiking trails?

No. 1583953

File: 1684727266425.jpeg (56.96 KB, 542x566, The_fuck_is_this.jpeg)

No word can describe my hatred for these ballhead motherfuckers, why can't the people who make them just read Hetalia or Polandball or something? Anyone who creates shit like this should be deported from their countries and sent to the gulags.

No. 1583961

You have your own gay threads.

No. 1583963

why would you save, let alone upload uncensored to my dear lolcor this?

No. 1583969

Where is this a thing? I want to experience this. Never seen this in the US or on vacation in the parts of Europe I’ve been to… although it would not occur to me I was allowed to climb this if I ran into it to be honest.

No. 1583970

Ditto kek also curious and also wouldn’t think such a structure was an invitation to climb over a fence

No. 1583972

I posted two or three couples in it because I feel compelled to contribute. I did not look back until just now but lol damn what a mess! I posted the lesbians, never would have thought that’d be an issue on lolcor of all places

No. 1583973

Right? I am not sure because it was so long ago but I might have seen one of these on vacation and turned around lol

No. 1583974

People labeling het ships with top/bottom

No. 1583976

File: 1684731155942.png (852.72 KB, 1600x1200, 004.png)

They are used on long trails where patches of the land are from private property owners who allow hiking through their land. The stiles are used to climb over fences dividing the properties. Both North America and Europe have them.

No. 1584001

Nta but I'm straight and hate it too because 95% of the pics are hideous.

No. 1584011

You should share some nonny and help the thread

No. 1584123

File: 1684752560296.jpg (5.18 MB, 8387x4937, Kobato..full.937205.jpg)

as someone who likes more traditional moe shit (I tend to ignore anything past 2010 save for a few already known artists), vtubers are the dystopian capitalist version of it: only exists to get money out of people desperately lonely and to sell a product (either actual products or just a fantasy to the simps giving them money). don't you dare comparing simpler styles and times to vtuber trash. I just like seeing cute illustrations, I am not looking for a parasocial relationship, I am looking to see things that are aesthetically pleasing. if you can't understand that, you're either retarded, not into this media form and pulling shit out of your ass or a vtuber retard coping.

inb4 "hurr I can watch vtubers without simping for them"
you're just a number to them, they will never acknowledge you because you're not a paying customer, to them, you are there to make their stream numbers large. I hope the entertainment is worth it at least.

No. 1584180

Moe is literally selling cartoon cp to moids and one of the things that ruined anime by turning it from works of passion to just consoomer garbage. How can you be so fucking retarded to love moeshit but hate vtubing.

No. 1584184

Nona! Don't tell anyone, but Tezuka is the first one that drew "moe" (big eyes, small figure) and he was inspired by Disney! Shhh it's a secret tho!
Anyway, I came to the conclusion you're either retarted or an autistic vtuber fan. Vtubing is more than pretty pngs on a screenshot, it seems like a cult. Aesthetically pleasing pictures (again, pictures) is not the same as someone playing like a retarded child shouting behind a camera to pander to incels. It's not the same. Now go back donating to the Vtuber industry that plays on your feelings of loneliness and neet status. It's so fucking funny that you're stuck on the moe part but can't say anything about the parasocial relationship it creates, as if you're almost acknowledging that that is true lol

No. 1584192

moe shit is not confined to loli and you're absolutely retarded and/or ignorant for thinking that. you're basically throwing all Clamp works (made by women) under the bus, for example. a lot of female japanese artists draw cute things and have nothing to do with anything pornographic.

No. 1584462

The shortening of "because" to "bc", it's not even a long word! I am going to round all of you up and make you play Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing until you type like normal people.

No. 1584489

Literally me

No. 1584527

NTA. Moe isn't cutesy shoujo or CLAMP stuff. A cute anime girl is only moe if she's drawn in a certain way that's cute but also sexually appealing to scrotes. What you posted isn't moeshit, a better example would be classic PC-98 bishoujo games.
Moe, lolicon and bishoujo all came from the same place btw. At some point they were so close as to be synonyms. They diverged a bit over time, most notably with moe being used now for non-underage female characters as well, but even nowadays they're all specific art styles for moids (except when you apply the term moe to a male character, that's the only exception).
>Tezuka is the first one that drew "moe" (big eyes, small figure) and he was inspired by Disney!
Yes, Tezuka was one of the main sources of inspiration for moe style, but it was lolicon scrotes who turned it (and shoujo style) into a sexual thing and that's when it started being called bishoujo/moe.

No. 1584626

>Don't tell anyone, but Tezuka is the first one that drew "moe" (big eyes, small figure) and he was inspired by Disney! Shhh it's a secret tho!
Not sure if sarcasm but the ultra feminine big eye artstyle goes back earlier than that, men used it for girls magazines in the 20s and 30s

No. 1584847

this is 100% because of that batman movie. him playing a vampire in a movie for teenage girls: eww ridiculous and gay. him playing a dark and sad superhero: sigma male, let me make a tiktok edit of him looking sexily into the camera. i thought it was an edit made by women for women before seeing the tags and comments, it's hilarious seeing teenage boys """relating""" to batman and patrick bateman

No. 1584860

File: 1684831975064.jpeg (127.94 KB, 700x1050, IMG_3928.jpeg)

the cover image/poster for daisies 1966 on letterboxd. i guess it's not that bad objectively but it's so ugly to me and i think it doesn't quite convey the feel of the film. such a meaningless thing to care about but it peeved me enough to post about it here kek

No. 1584881

(in the context of Japanese popular culture) the quality in a fictional female character of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way, perceived as eliciting feelings of affection or protectiveness.

according to Oxford dictionary, moe doesn't necessarily needs to be sexualized or appeal to scrotes. the clamp illustration I posted fills in the moe appeal without being sexualized.

No. 1584903

File: 1684843549726.png (Spoiler Image, 852.25 KB, 488x1111, moeshit.png)

no one thinks of clamp as moe, moe is related to otaku lolishit and you know it, stop playing ignorant. Moe also doesnt have to be pornographic, Ichigo Mashimaro is moe yet it still attracts THAT audience. There is also a lolishit anime called moetan. When people refeer to moeshit, they think of anime that panders to otaku men, not clamp.
>youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way
>vulnerable in an idealized way
at least read what you copy paste. If we are going to use difinions from the internet, then here is the second picture that appears on the moe entry on wikipedia. Very clamp-like, right?

No. 1584905

I guess it's useless to argue with you, since everything is for scrotes to be sexualized. moe is a designation for cute anime girls for decades, if you think cute anime girls instantly translates to lolicon shit for pedo scrotes, it's on you.

No. 1584906

Moids whistling.

No. 1584913

you are so dense. No, clamp isnt for moids, because its not MOE. However, kobe donbo IS moe and for scrotes. Di-gi charat even has a 6yo character that is often depicted as being loved by otaku men. Are you one of those animecore kids that is oblivious to the obvious lolicon connotations of moes because they like to collect garbage?

No. 1584914

File: 1684844814628.jpg (41.91 KB, 632x561, 1672346062913.jpg)

Who cares
Pretty and cute things = good
Moid coomshit = bad
Simple as

No. 1584916

''rules for thee not for me''

No. 1584917

>Koge Donbo is for scrotes and is moe.
Okay we get it, you're an autistic fuck who hyperfixates on a segment of an argument. Bet you also were bullied in school.
Why can't you say shit about the parasocial phenomemon? Maybe becaure you're a vtuber fan trying desperately to cope?

No. 1584918

yeah, you are an animecore kiddie

No. 1584919

Yes, because we're superior to you. Cry more.

No. 1584920

Yes, I am. Been since the early 2000s. You're defending Vtubers and that's worse, nona. Do better, those uncanny models don't care about you.

No. 1584924

you think you are much better while defending moeshit, pretty pathetic. At least i dont have to cover myself under 50 layers of irony to accept i like vtubers.

No. 1584927

oh, so you're the vtuber simp, it all makes sense now kek

No. 1584929

>kobe donbo IS moe and for scrotes
next you're gonna tell me nakayoshi is a scrote magazine too, kys vtuber handmaiden simp

No. 1584930

File: 1684846180040.jpeg (248.51 KB, 2048x1442, angry bugs bunny.jpeg)

Literally this. As long as something is cute and not ugly, I really do not care. Incidentally, most vtubers are boring, ugly and/or just lame.
Only a man or an idiot can't tell the difference between a woman liking some anime/older anime art styles or using an anime picture because she thinks it's cute vs a man trying to get his rocks off watching the most generic anime avatar possible on a stream with jiggling tits. What an autistic fight.

No. 1584931

File: 1684846227051.jpg (540.03 KB, 2262x1605, Pita.Ten.full.34686.jpg)

>I am educated in over 392032 lolicon anime and have memorized the names of all these sweaty 55 year old japanese men so I can tell you this female artist is ackshully for men and you have to accept my vtuber hobby
Cock chewer

No. 1584932

meant to quote >>1584913 sorry nonny

No. 1584933

File: 1684846316787.jpg (40.29 KB, 350x197, tigerbunny-tv-screenshot-3.jpg)

i hate these dumb arguments over whatever weeb shit but that's because i'm stupid and i don't remotely understand what people are talking about. "this is a girl anime!" "that's only for men!" "only for lesbians!" "only for depressive bisexuals!" or "only for retards!" holy fuck why can't you just watch/read what you want to? yeah i'm aware of Shōjo vs. Shōnen etc. but are those not just target audiences for marketing purposes? idk what 2/3 of the other terms i'm seeing mean to be honest 'cause i'm too lazy to google them. but back when i watched anime more i just watched what i thought was cool and had pretty art.

No. 1584934

>but back when i watched anime more i just watched what i thought was cool and had pretty art.

No. 1584935

technically shoujo is dead because nakayoshi is a precure magazine now and shounen jump """tries"" to cater to both genders (fails miserably, as if they're not even trying)

No. 1584937

you have to be seriously in denial, have you ever watched di gi charat? its literally a mascot for a gamer/otaku shop, they literally hang around otakus during the anime. Women can draw moeshit too, the author of kodomo no jikan is a woman. I never said you have to accept me liking vtuber, i just said its hypocritical to hae vtubers for pandering to moid but then going all ''ummm ackshually'' while defending moeshit.

No. 1584939

who the fuck even mentioned di gi charat to begin with? oh, you did. also that person wrote for nakayoshi too, a SHOUJO magazine.

No. 1584941

File: 1684847006772.png (20.39 KB, 807x484, koge donbo.png)

kobe donbo is primarly known for being the artist for di gi charat, and she mostly writtes shonen aka manga for men

No. 1584943

kamichama karin and doki doki tamatan were published on nakayoshi, a magazine for young girls, did she write those for scrotes too? also you deliberately ignore how magazines pay more for shounen works or there are just more push for shounen publishing at all.

No. 1584951

File: 1684848221590.jpg (142.27 KB, 750x562, -909610520125549421.jpg)

Crazy how even when she's making otaku shit, a female mangaka from the 90s/early 2000s still artistically mogs every scrote making shitty vtuber coombait today to the point that even people who hate coombait can enjoy her work. Why can't men draw or design worth a shit? What's wrong with them?

No. 1584954

Okay, now you are moving the goalpost. Isn't it easier to admit that you are just biased over VTubers because you never got into them than try to defend how liking Moeshit, as I have explained to you over and over, is totally different from liking Vtubers? Like I said, I am not ashamed of liking vtubers. I understand that it's a medium that's wide, and while there are bad apples, that doesn't mean there aren't girls who are truly passionate and not just ''big titty uguu baby'' pickmes like you claim.

No. 1584956

there are a bunch of women who design vtubers, you are just speaking from your biased perspective. Dejiko even debutted as a vtuber.

No. 1584957


No. 1584959

only correct opinion in this thread. everyone go home

No. 1584962

File: 1684848940277.jpg (139.49 KB, 1280x720, 220122-neko (2).jpg)

>Dejiko even debutted as a vtuber.

No. 1584964

File: 1684849118759.jpg (36.94 KB, 424x600, Di.Gi.Charat.600.31865.jpg)

No. 1584965

you moved the goalpost to kobe donbo yourself. I seriously dont get what is your endgame here? that moeshit is always sexualized? clearly your argument about kobe donbo is null because she wrote magazine for KIDS and didnt change her own artstyle. just admit you're looking for an excuse to say vtubers are better than moe to finally reach a level of cope you desire. also dont dont forget to tip your favorite chuba half your monthly salary, maybe she will notice you this time.

No. 1584966

all of your favourite characters are going to debut as vtubers, its part of otaku culture now

No. 1584967

I just wont watch them and still think vtubing is a shit media that preys on desperate lonely otaku such as yourself.

No. 1584968

>the quality in a fictional female character of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way, perceived as eliciting feelings of affection or protectiveness
Typical roundabout scrote way of saying they are romantically attracted to cartoon children. These feelings were exclusively felt by moids, who coined the term, that's how you know it's nothing innocent and pure. If you know anything about the history of moeshit and lolicon you'll know that's what the definition truly means and that no one calls cute shoujo protagonists that unless they're male and attracted to the girls.

This Di Gi Charat artist is a borderline/ambiguous case where a woman draws for moids on occasion but in a relatively non-sexualized way compared to what moids produce. It's much closer to authentic shoujo style than scrote moe style, probably because the artist is actually a woman. The difference is not always so clear-cut, but a borderline case like this is just an exception and doesn't suddenly mean the difference isn't there. Japanese artists know exactly what they're doing and they know that moe attracts males and is different from shoujo-style cuteness. And if you like some moeshit as a woman, that's completely fine, but doesn't mean you liking it suddenly changes everything.

And for the record I hate both moeshit and Vtubers.

No. 1584969

So? Not all of us are mindless sheep that consoom everything with a sticker of whatever they like slapped on.

No. 1584970

you cited koge here >>1583283 and her art was posted several times in the thread. I also never said vtubers were better than moe, they are MOE. You are the one doing mental gymnastics to justify how ''media i like targetted at men with cute anime girls going uguu GOOD'' but the same with vtubers is wrong. Moe is for men, it will always be for men, you can still like it, but dont pretend its not for men and that men isnt its intendeed audience. A bunch of mangakas draw degenerate stuff with the same style, hell, even same handle, as they do for their professional work. The clamp girls wrote weird yaoi stuff and gore under the same name they published sakura.

No. 1584972

that wasnt me, you schizophrenic vtuber slop slave

No. 1584973

oh, its the troon

No. 1584974

>Moe is for men

TIL cute girls doing cute things are only for men

No. 1584975

>calling me a troon because you can't say moe is always sexualized
I accept your concession.

No. 1584977

Except that I didn't cover myself, in fact I admitted straight away that I enjoy cutesy, even moe-coded characters, artstyles as a point to say that my problem with vtubers is not the fact that they're anime, in fact that's their "charm" but the problem is underneath. You're an illiterate retarded vtuber simp, it's simple as that. You didn't address ONCE the psychological, simp-like mentality of their fans, which shows in your loser of an argument that says "why can't you like vtubers like me if you like moe!! whaaa!!"
because I don't like something who shamelessly plays on your loneliness, neetness and delusion. Vtubering and a cute drawing are not and will never be the same thing and everyone in this thread has been saying that. You're retarded, biased and seething over the fact that everyone thinks you're like that. Cope. And run to donate your life savings to some woman who acts like she likes you or something. Paying for a glimpse of affection when they read your donation, pathetic. Almost sad. You're no better than moids who donate to twitch streamers and delude themselves.

No. 1584978

>cute girls doing cute things are only for men
it literally is, cgdct is targetted at men
the troon is the only one who ever uses the word ''schizophrenic'' when he gets caught, plus you radiate male agressiveness

No. 1584979

File: 1684849774526.jpg (28.12 KB, 466x411, all ears.jpg)

>liking cute things is bad and for scrotes
>but living a parasocial relationship with a vtuber that only wants you for view count and money is completely okay
sanest vtuber fan, ladies and scrotes

No. 1584982

File: 1684849879592.jpg (308.84 KB, 689x2845, 1683923086228002.jpg)

literally all you said can be attributted to moe fans too, what the fuck. I also never said i was parasocial with a vtuber you are making assumptions out of your own biased views on vtubers.

No. 1584984

>cgdct is targetted at men
source: trust me bro, 4chan, every otaku scrote you know (you've never had a single female otaku friend)
>the troon is the only one who ever uses the word ''schizophrenic''
I guess a tranny invented the mental illness according to you, considering you're a vtuber fan it does not surprise me you are terminally online and never saw anyone calling another person schizophrenic when they act schizophrenic.

No. 1584985

NTA, "schizo" and "schizophrenic" are very commonly used here.

No. 1584989

>literally all you said can be attributted to moe fans too
no? I've never seen a moeshit fan donating all their life savings to a manga writer or pretending they have real relationships with the voice actors (save for idol related shit, same shit different branding from vtubers I suppose). you're seriously out of touch or on some astronomic levels of cope.

No. 1584990

File: 1684850261224.png (4.59 MB, 2048x1536, moe brainrot.png)

>moe fans are totally not derranged parasocial lonely freaks who are exploited by anime and game companies making them expend 500 usd to get a png of their anime waifu on a game or a 200 usd figurine
>its totally much better than a weeb girl drawing, rigging and streaming while playing a game she likes
>yeah, she's the actual whore whose sucking the soul and wallet off those poor men!!!
please, moetards, get a grip on reality

No. 1584991

>she mostly writtes shonen aka manga for men
>She's known mainly for Kamichama Karin and Pitaten, who were, in fact, drawn only for ADULT MEN! ADULT MEN are reading PITA TEN right now!

You don't know shit, nona, and are doing the most impossibile mental gynmastics to prove your point. Plus, in the last 20 years or so, "shonen" and "shojo" have evolved to a more genre definition, more than a target. I bet you also think that only adult men can enjoy Koe No Katachi because it is under a "shonen" categorization. It's like talking to a special needs child, why can't you just accept that Vtubers are just as bad but maybe a bit worse because a moe drawing at least it's printed on paper and doesn't have to pretend to love you and doesn't require your constant attention and money?
And you're making assumptions about a whole demographic based on the "target" of some vintage illustrations, just because you can't cope with the fact that vtubers are just moe 3.0. You're out of touch, you really are. Hell, even die hard otakus are seen as losers in Japan, while the same fucking Japan is opening Vtubers agencies and they're pushing them, to the point it's almost Fomo-ish to be totally ignorant on that. Call me next time idk, Kozue Amano will whore out Akari from Aria by making her squeal and going "nyeeee daisuki nonnas!" on stream to get some bucks.

No. 1584994

>posts idol shit just because I mentioned it
say no more, you're probably 20 years old and never experienced moe at its' heyday. you'd know things like pita ten, lucky star, k-on, etc were extremely popular with young girls. late 2000s to early 2010s you'd go to a con and see more girls cosplaying kyoani moeshit than anything else. you're not only out of touch, you're an actual zoomer.

No. 1584995

File: 1684850652700.jpeg (3.5 MB, 2800x6300, 49676dd4506cab255bc14a0490c0e5…)

you just proved you know nothing about otaku culture. Otakus literally buy overpriced dvds and buy cd singles in bulk to help their favourite anime move up in rankings.
literally where did i say you cannot enjoy moe as a woman? pretty cure attracts a bunch of gross male fans too, doesnt change its target audience is little girls, just like how you, as woman, liking moe doesnt change its target audience is men. Again you are basing your whole argument on vtubers on biased assumptions.

It just reeks of scrote ''moe good despite being for otakus'' ''but a woman having fun??? total whore who is only in it for the money''

No. 1584996

buying physical media of media you like does not compare to giving a ton of money to streamers and developing a parasocial relationship. get a fucking life, you're unhinged and embarrassing. please stop replying to me.

No. 1584997

even gachas are bad, retard, the point was the psychological effect.
Gacha, vtubers, anything that triggers your dopamine rush and pushes you to waste your money is bad.
I still have my Koge Donbo mangas, I still have my Aoi Nanase artbooks, 20 years later. I could resell them, trade them, share them. Will your favourite Vtuber remember you in 20 years? People who play gachas throw away thousands of money not because it's anime but because it's an addiction. People who like Vtubers get lured in by the cutesy artstyle and then they get sucked in because they get addicted to donating, It's the same principle as idols, the problem is the psychological effect on it.
I'm mature (thank god) enough to make a distinction between reality and fiction. Having a Pita ten poster in my room because I find it cute is not the same as being addicted to watching streams and depending on a strangers pretending to love me/gambling to get my dopamine rush. You can't be so blind and dense, either you're too young to know shit or you're retarded and I mean it literally, because this illiteracy cannot be excused.

No. 1584998

oh my goal, the goal post moving lmao. I have watched all of those anime. Again, them being popular with women doesnt make them FOR women. Ofc in your eyes those women cosplaying moeshit are fans, but if a woman makes a 2D avatar she's a pick me whore? lmao, a bunch of vtubers are also otakus and were or are into cosplay and like k-on and other moeshit.

No. 1585000

>Ofc in your eyes those women cosplaying moeshit are fans
you sound like a scrote saying women only do things for male attention. seek help.

No. 1585005

>but if a woman makes a 2D avatar she's a pick me whore
yes, because she wants to earn money with it from simps. the ultimate goal for any vtuber is being able to live from it. live with simp money. I hope she notices you someday.

No. 1585006

again i do not have a parasocial relationship with them and vtubers are VERY open against that. Literally all of Hololive EN collabed with male vtubers, which used to be a ''no-no'' thing when they were considered idols. They just want to have fun, they are no different from other streamers and you are just hating them because they are women.
you are the one saying that even though i have told you several times vtubing is a medium. Literally the only argument against vtubers itt is ''they are just pickme attention whores with vtuber avatars'' which i have proved is not true.
oh, so now they are bad because i pointed it out? jesus.
Why do all of you hate vtubers this fucking much you are willing to defend scrote pandering media, but not a girl with an avatar having fun?
ok scrote

No. 1585007

Understandable, I too feel the urge to scam idiots sometimes.

No. 1585009

>oh, so now they are bad because i pointed it out? jesus.

No retard, it was always bad, ever since Love Live became a huge thing. A girl with an avatar is not "having fun", she didn't spend a fuckload of money/learn to rig to "have fun". Let's see how many "girls with an avatar" don't have a donation link, hmmm?
I hate the phenomenon, it was in the first post I wrote >>1583245
"I hate Vtubing fandom"
And you proved it.

No. 1585010

>vtubers are VERY open against that
except when they get that sweet donation LMFAO they say that to not look bad but they know exactly where the money comes from.
>which i have proved is not true
the only thing you proved is that vtuber fans are extremely delusional about the inner workings of this ""job"
> Why do all of you hate vtubers this fucking much you are willing to defend scrote pandering media, but not a girl with an avatar having fun?
because, from our point of view, vtubing the same thing as being a tiddy streamer and preying on idiots with too much money and too little social interaction, but I think from your point of view, it's just a girl playing games with a cute avatar teehee, which makes me think you're probably a failed vtuber yourself, I hope you get picked someday sis. the fact you compare liking anime with cute girls in it to streaming to desperate retards with a cute avatar and hopefully siphoning money from them and not being able to accept people dont agree with you is very telling.

No. 1585011

>preying on idiots with too much money and too little social interaction

No. 1585012

nonna could just have said she is a girlboss gaslighting moids and gatekeeping them from their money and none of this discussion would have happened.

No. 1585013

"Hating vtubers is bad because you only hate them because they're women having fun!"
You sound like a Lilith troon. You're delusional if you think that Vtubers are just "girls having fun" and not a carefully crafted industry that plays on the loneliness of other people because they're basically selling affection and small bits of attention. You're free to like them, just don't lie or try to cope too hard. Admit you're a loser like us who cry on y2k anime, (pseudo)nonna!

No. 1585014

File: 1684851583083.png (198.67 KB, 1920x1080, [booru.plus] largeindiesglobal…)

women cant do anything for themselves without it being for moid attention and money, got it.
that girl i watch that just draws? WHORE
that girl that makes autistically long streams playing jrpgs in silence? WHORE
that girl with a fucking rat live2d model? She's obviously coombaiting with that model, WHORE
That girl that openly says she hates parasocial viewers? DOUBLE WHORE
thanks for teaching me all women are whores and our mere existence is to be enjoyed and ''prey'' on men.
you are the reason so many women are drawn to vtubing, because of retards like you thinking a woman merely existing in a nerd space is moid pandering

No. 1585017

lmao yeah yeah all women just want to steal your money and prey on your loneliness. You sound like those mgtows that claim the divorce rates are women's fault and that women only want to take your money and children from you! oh, the poor men!

No. 1585019

nta but male vtubers that prey on fujoshi also exist so please stfu

No. 1585020

The quality of this thread has dipped into /a/ levels.

No. 1585021

I hate vtubers because most of them have shitty character design, but all of their other flaws aren't exclusive to them, streaming is not a real job and streamers aren't real people. Moid streamers are even worse because how dare ugly men show their faces with no shame?

No. 1585022

Can't fucking believe you're trying to prove that somehow, we, women who don't like vtubing, are thinking that we don't like them because they're "whores" for us. Can't fucking believe it. Nonner, your brain is frying in its fluid, take a break.
You're projecting so fucking hard, because even male and animal vtubing exists and guess what, they're just as bad. The original post wasn't even about the "gender" of the vtubing people, just about its fandom. This was embarrassing and cringe, a bad attempt to divert, once again, the focus on the thread. How much did you spend this month on them?

No. 1585023

again, vtubing is a medium. You could make an elsie live2d, shit on trannies for 2 hours, get banned by twitch tranny jannies, and you would still be a vtuber. You are just biased towards them like how moids are biased towards any women into nerd spaces. You are no different from them.

No. 1585024

exactly, streaming is not a real job. being a vtuber is basically streaming with a cartoon avatar and pandering to an audience for easy otaku bucks. the way vtubers defend their breadwinning like it's a legit business reminds me of sex workers kek I dont hate sex workers, I hate the sex work industry, the same could be said about vtubers. get a real job, losers.

No. 1585025

that tells me nothing about the industry that preys on people who are lonely kek yes I could make an elsie avatar and shit on trannies and get money from terfs and christofascists that are homophobic and it would be equally pandering.

No. 1585026

literally the only argument against vtubers is that they are parasocial, have models with big tits and somehow only want money? how is that not mysoginistic and on the same level as ''all female streamers are pokimane''. Literally you only hate them for being women into nerd spaces. Anyone, with any political view, any type of model, any age, can be a vtuber. Also again, i do not pay for vtubers, why are you still hanging to that retarded argument? Most of the vtubers i watch are very small and just stream for fun, because they rarely ever get subs or donos.

No. 1585027

you are moving the goalpost…again. My point is that anyone can be a vtuber and defining the medium to just pickmes with big titty avatars doing kawaii uguu voices that just want simp money is inherently mysoginistic and biased.

No. 1585028

>the critique is that they prey on lonely, desperate people who have too much money by enabling a parasocial relationship that only benefits the streamer and gives the viewer a fake sensation of friendship/romance
>wahhhhh big tits only want money!! has to be misogyny!!!
I know this argument works with scrotes when they dont like your vtubing but we're between ladies here, no need for hypocrisy.

No. 1585031

you keep moving the goalpost by saying it's a medium. sure it is a medium, and it is rarely if never used for decent purposes. the literal same could be said about regular streaming. the most popular streamers prey on people who have a parasocial relationship with them. if you can't see this you are literally delusional or you just really don't get how someone would just dump hundreds of doll hairs on a random person they watch for LITERALLY no reason, right? the difference is that vtubing adds a layer of delusion that only weebs can get into, which is also dangerous because before vtubing, we had enough with people marrying fictional characters. vtubers literally took that concept and made a product out of it.

No. 1585036

I will explain this once and if you don't understand, I'll accept the fact that you're a complete retard:
Anything that plays on your need for dopamine is fucked. Anything that has a grip on you and plays on your constant need for attention, is bad.
Vtubers (wether they're men, women, mental illness in between) are in this category. It doesn't fucking matter their sex, what it matters is that they ensure themselves a religious cult following by acting like they like the viewer, whatever their sex is (and some other nonna said, there are also male vtubers and fujos simp for them). Donate a few bucks? They'll read your message and go "teehee!! Thank you!! Love you!!". Whatever their sex is.
Subscribe to their patreon? They'll put your name in their stream. Whatever their sex is.

In the same pot of shit, there are gachas. Love Live, Genshin Impact (which is played mostly by girls) and such all play on the "CHANCE FOR GETTING CHARACTER!" or "CHANCE FOR PRETTY PNG!" to give you an illusion you actually own that shit when in reality, love live closed down around a month or so ago? Thus making all the costumers, whatever their sex is, lose a lot of money because they needed to spend to get a dopamine rush/flex.

Me enjoying a drawing made 20 years ago by a woman is not the same psychological response.
How many gacha will survive in 20 years? How many Vtuber will still love you in 20 years? To this kind of industry, you're just a temporary number. Sure, the same can be said about people who buy dvd, manga and artbook but that shit stays forever and you can resell it/share it. There's no "constant need".

You're the biased one. You're the one that cannot accept that you're in a spiral that's crafted for you to become their piggybank. I'm so sorry. Will you watch the same videos that Vtubers stream, if there wasn't for them? Will you watch an hour long game play without a wobbly 3d model squealing in a corner? You're like the zoomers who can't concentrate without the family guy funny clips lol

No. 1585038

so all streaming is bad because it fosters parasocial relationships?

No. 1585039

File: 1684852982074.jpg (87.98 KB, 736x734, 2fcccaaceace93ff42bb390171c293…)

No. 1585041

yes. it's the "livestream with chat please notice me" effect. If it wasn't that way, streamers wouldn't be popular. The same content, like gameplays or video essays, can be found on youtube but they're not as popular because people can't "reach" the creator. Its simple as that.

No. 1585042

>you are the reason so many women are drawn to vtubing, because of retards like you thinking a woman merely existing in a nerd space is moid pandering
Pretty sure you were told the other day that most female streamers who aren't Vtubers are okay but you kept talking like they're all whores or something

No. 1585054

Nonna I'm the one against them, don't be retarded like that vtuber fan lol

No. 1585055

sorry Im retarded and impulsive lol I agree with all your points btw
>the same can be said about people who buy dvd, manga and artbook but that shit stays forever and you can resell it/share it
she has deep brainrot and when she compared buying physical media to donating to streamers is when I flipped the table and said fuck it I won't debate anymore. anime is becoming constantly less art and more media to bait people's need for dopamine and it makes me sad.

No. 1585057

But that has been the case ever since the 80's at least.

No. 1585059

yes retard gachas and vtubers existed in the 80s lmao your mom was impregnated through a stream donation by a greasy otaku, that's how your abortion of existence was born.

No. 1585060

Calm down

No. 1585061

cringe. well at least you showed how much vtubing can brainrot someone. btw you have to be at least 18 to post.

No. 1585063

Im being sarcastic

No. 1585066

Both sides in this fight are so retarded and angry over nothing. Most anime is made to pander and for maximum profit, and most Vtubers are just like most normal streamers (shit, useless) but with the added bonus that they may or may not pander to coomer otaku.

No. 1585083

File: 1684856791597.gif (2.34 MB, 272x200, 1315424005608.gif)

I hate animecore zoomers AND vtubers. That said, it's possible to have liked moetron 2000 type of manga/anime aimed at adult men as a child innocently, and have carried over some of that love you had for that media as an adult. Fuck vtubers completely though. I know a few nonas here admit being vtubers themselves and I can't help but find it incredibly cringe and embarrassing. Streaming is cancer

No. 1585148

vtubers help develop parasocial relationships but to be fair otakus have pretend to be in relationship with anime characters (including moe) years before twitch with waifus culture. Giving endless money to corporations is the problem, not vtubers vs moe

No. 1585298

People who get mad when other people care about animals. Yes, you sack of shit, every normal person does feel bad when a puppy is killed in a movie, or when hearing about animals dying needlessly in general. No doubt in my mind these types of people are extremely self-absorbed, easily get jealous of other people, make themselves out to be the victim in most situations, etc etc.
>"B-B-But what about humannnsss! Reeee how can you ever be upset that an aniimal was treated cruelly/killed in a brutal way!"
No one said humans don't matter, you've literally made up a competition between yourself and animals as if sane people can't have empathy for both. You probably just feel threatened because you worry that your own life is worth less than the animal's (and you might be right). I'm especially annoyed about this because every single person I've met with this mindset has turned out to be hateful.

No. 1585303

Vtubers werent the ones who did it first, it all started w idol culture in jp. The vtubers were popular in jp before westboom.

No. 1585309

lmao same!
>woOoOWwWwWw, where's all the concern for hUmAnS? You know if that [animal] was bigger, it would eat you, right?

It's like, um, yeah? And my worst fear is being murdered by a human, what's your fucking point? kek

No. 1585377

I hate doctors, dentists, the entire medical field really. All they ever do is cause more problems, they're pretty much useless unless you're 5 seconds away from dying.

No. 1585394

I hate the term “nepo baby” like yeah acknowledge they’re the kid of someone already in the industry but people act like they’re way more important than they are and like it’s some new phenomenon. It also just sounds really fucking dumb. I feel the same about those who screech that every other semi popular musician is some industry plant because there’s generally little evidence to support that.

No. 1585408

I hate seing beautiful stunning weddings and then the bride or groom is wearing some ugly ass black plastic frame glasses. Its mega jarring

No. 1585479

I hate those glasses in any and all contexts. I hate how popular they've become.

No. 1585481

NTA, idols are what Vtubers remind me of. I hate idol culture so I see Vtuber (most popular ones are from "agencies" and all) culture like a mix between that and streamer culture.

No. 1585680

Not to start the Vtubing infight again but I personally hate them because they all have these convoluted and edgy "backstories" when in the end they are just neets playing Minecraft.

No. 1585696

legit dont see a point in any of their characters having a background story. having a theme is fine like underwater or futuristic that they can lean into as a character thing but no one gives a shit that your fursona animu girl shows her boobs due to some deep seated sex abuse. theyre just there to see a half animal anime chick with big boobs talking in a high pitched voice.

No. 1585699

File: 1684921809428.jpeg (5.45 KB, 168x300, download.jpeg)

I hate when TIMs do their whole "I'm so hot, I'm a 10, every man wants me" routine and then that gets used to show.. omg look women are so deluded and full of themselves!

Even youtubers who you know very well don't buy into trans shit hold up examples like that, veery conveniently leave out that the 'entitled woman' has a whole cock and balls and men seethe over it. So desperate to find juicy examples of big headed women that they'll play into that for just a min. Suddenly trans women are totally real women if they can be used to fit the narrative of women overestimating their attractiveness. Priorities.

No. 1585702

I know someone through a friend that is trying to be a vtuber and they’re doing tons of cringe shit like this. I just feel like just do your tit jiggle animation and go, you don’t need lore.

No. 1585707

and literally any misogynistic narrative really. A lot of those "women taking Ls" memes are actually about trannies. For a far more grim example, trannies being counted as women brought a spike in "female" sex offenders and I have seen enough MRAs using that as proof that "women are just as bad!" and if you point this out they'll claim that it's actually feminism that allowed troonism to thrive by "feminizing men"

No. 1585819

100% scrotes buy into it more than women to try and shill their narrative and cope over being degenerates. Remember when they were screeching about the Dragun guy VMAs stunt and talking about ‘if it was reversed’ when Dragun is a man kek. And they often mention ftms detransitioning or being sad ‘proving men aren’t privileged’ implying they actually think the ftms become men.

No. 1585820

Men will never take responsibility for their actions.

No. 1585827

They have been coping about committing 90% of all violent crime and destabilising society since the world began.

No. 1585843

I fucking hate those shirts and sweaters with dropped shoulder lines. They are everywhere for some reason and make you look like a tacky linebacker. Found a nice looking shirt? Too bad, it has dropped shoulders

No. 1585889

File: 1684945186015.jpg (305.33 KB, 1440x1600, qy4te1vVlhG9cni.jpg)

So now we're "pushers"

No. 1586527

why tf they're giving beds to men now? why does his post sound like only him was involved in the process? also the "pusher" comment has 126 likes jfc

No. 1586747

I hate those videos of toddlers making a mess with food or liquids and people think they are cute and funny, they give me anxiety for some reason.

No. 1586754

I feel the same. The kids with the peanut butter makes me depressed sometimes when I think about them because I know there's pedos who might also have a scat fetish. Maybe I should touch grass.

No. 1586763

same, it’s very awkward and sad to imagine how the parents (usually the mom because dads don’t do anything) will clean that up

No. 1586872

What the fuck

No. 1586900

Yes exactly, I mostly see all the cleaning required, I'm especially annoyed because a lot of those videos are purposefully set up to create the mess, I guess it's one of the reasons why I never liked Rugrats as a kid.

No. 1587062

File: 1685036518800.jpeg (25.02 KB, 600x600, card-14652.jpeg)

I hate these types of cups. Can't really explain why but the shape annoys me.

No. 1587086

File: 1685038365549.gif (5.53 MB, 413x498, mklblunt-meme.gif)

It look like a (fat) hybrid of a wine glass and a beer glass. Neither classy nor comfy, why does this shit even exists?

No. 1587125

File: 1685040825935.jpeg (82.62 KB, 735x1102, R (1).jpeg)

It's very comfy. It exists for sweet mulled wine when you're relaxing on winter days

No. 1587130

File: 1685040963190.jpg (2.07 MB, 5162x3441, mulled_wine.jpg)

No. 1587139

The handle is probably comfy but not that fatass glass stem. It looks too bulky.

No. 1587218

So fucking annoying when people complain about objectifying 2D moids and make up shit about how it's bad somehow. I want them hairless and pretty and in impossible poses and slutty outfits, I don't give a fuck. They aren't real and that's what I like about them. I also can't stand when others go crazy over the ones that are old and hairy and keysmash because they show a bit of their ankle or something, there's nothing appealing about that. Whenever someone tweets about "old man yaoi" or whatever I immediately know they have no taste

No. 1587560

I hate the term "expat"
Just say you're an immigrant

No. 1587622

An expat is a lot more than an immigrant. Expats generally look to renounce their native citizenship and never go back. It's a lot more of a legal ordeal than residing in another country legally or even having dual citizenship.

No. 1587639

Still an immigrant, just with less seasoning.

No. 1587659

File: 1685074243639.jpg (26.56 KB, 618x680, 9da.jpg)

No. 1587666

I fucking hate ""expats"", they're sponsored by companies so they can outcompete the many natives who're in desperate need for housing, fuck you.

No. 1587668

>Expats generally look to renounce their native citizenship and never go back.
So… an immigrant.

No. 1587680

This remains of the worst things I have ever heard in my entire life

No. 1587748

No. 1587790

>An expat is a lot more than an immigrant. Expats generally look to renounce their native citizenship and never go back.
Anon, it's the exact opposite

No. 1587866

When people tell me they're an expat I assume they mean that they're abroad for some time but not long term and they don't plan on having the country where they live's citizenship. Like foreign students, foreign workers who plan to go back home after a few years, people on a work holiday visa, etc.

No. 1587870

>foreign workers who plan to go back home after a few years
migrant workers?

No. 1587874

I hate people that brag about their skills but can’t listen to someone else’s accomplishments without getting bitter and jealous. It’s not a competition, why can’t we all talk about things we’re good at???

No. 1587876

Not really? All the people I know calling themselves migrants plan to stay their whole lives or almost their whole lives, or at least several decades. The cases of expats I know tend to move somewhere else because of their companies asking them to, then after a few years at most they go back home. There's one girl I studied with who now lives in Australia and have stayed there for what, 7 years now I think? And she calls herself an expat but in her case I have no clue if she wants to stay there forever and it seems like it to me so I'd say she probably is more like a migrant depending on her future decisions but aside from that I've always seen cases where people are very obviously either one or the other.

No. 1587884

>Migrant workers usually do not have the intention to stay permanently in the country or region in which they work.
From Wikipedia, and there are also plenty of "expats" who call themselves such as permanent residents in the country they are currently living in. "Expat" is just hair splitting pretentious bullshit that reeks of racism and classism.

No. 1587888

>why does his post sound like only him was involved in the process?
because it's a post from a gay moid who used a surrogate

No. 1587891

I honestly think the distinction between the two words can be useful depending on context. Some people don't even use the words "migrant" or "immigrant" correctly and would call me one when I was born, raised and always lived in my country just because my grandparents immigrated there. And even then, legally speaking they just moved from one abroad region to the mainland because they moved when their countey was still a colony and was legally just another part of France. Which is why context always matters.

>"Expat" is just hair splitting pretentious bullshit that reeks of racism and classism.

I wouldn't be surprised if that were why the girl in Australia I'm talking about calls herself an expat tbh, she's one of these rich kids in uni who called herself a broke student while affording traveling all over the world, buying very expensive alcohol and cigs all the time and buying designer brands new from the stores directly and given the things she would often say I'm sure she's a little classist at least.

No. 1587934

I agree actually, I just believe the word "expat" itself is pretentious and useless when we already have the terms "immigrant", "migrant", "refugee", "asylum seeker", "foreign worker", "foreign student", "permanent resident", "naturalized citizen", "second/third etc generation", among others. As long as each of these terms is used correctly "expat" becomes very much redundant, because it's really just a way for the rich westerners to separate themselves from brown people and poor people and poor brown people.

No. 1590235

File: 1685295557667.png (98.33 KB, 646x558, porn sickness.png)

I know this might sound silly, but ‘Mpreg’ not only disgusts me but also genuinely makes me angry at times. There's something fundamentally anti-woman about the power of creating life and then placing it in a male body and framing it as degrading in most cases.

No. 1590310

File: 1685297475315.jpg (47.78 KB, 600x450, sexympreg.jpg)

>he would be so cute with a baby bump
Male 'baby bumps' already exist and they're fucking repulsive, just date any post-wall scrote with a beer gut.

No. 1590321

They also think they're being sooo progressive when they shill it, too. They're just pornsick retards who support misogynistic concepts as long as it turns them on.

No. 1590401

File: 1685303586959.jpeg (210.9 KB, 1170x1402, A4042279-BB94-4DA1-A7EA-338048…)

This is a cute dog but I hate when people try to overly humanize their pets like your dog/cat isn't a proud mommy she doesn't know what the fuck is going on

No. 1590413

There are actually plenty of animals that are aware and there are multiple viral videos where dogs or cats want to show off their puppies or kittens to their humans. Relax

No. 1590421

Animals don't experience the same emotions we do, but that doesn't mean they're clueless and can't feel anything at all. Dogs very much understand when they have babies.

No. 1590425

Animals know about babies, lmao. Why are you so hostile?

No. 1590426

This is bait, the exact thing has been posted like just a few weeks ago. Stop replying.

No. 1590427

When a dog is afraid of everything or reactive, you’re encouraged to build up their confidence by setting them up for success, a dog can surely be something close to what we call “proud” after overcoming an obstacle, climbing a stair they couldn’t do before, or doing something that earns them praise=happy chemicals.

Mammal bodies produce hormones during/after childbirth, and the dog can most definitely be happy after having her puppies, with their smell triggering all kinds of chemical reactions. They don’t have the same words and exact experiences, obviously, but mammals are mammals and we have mirrored experiences when it comes to biology or the way we interact with the world.

No. 1590432

Seeing little kids with dyed hair annoys the shit out of me. Fuck even seeing adults with dyed hair makes me gag! That and tattoos. I’m not sure if the people just in the city that I live are especially ugly and just have poor taste/aesthetics, but goddamn. They’d probably so much more attractive if they just looked like themselves.

No. 1590433

that dog would lose its' shit if didnt trust the human taking the photo, same with cats they hide the kittens unless they actually trust the people who are around them so take a chill pill. that said I am tired of motherhood being romanticized so I get you nonna.

No. 1590434

what is your opinion on plastic surgery?

No. 1590435

Maybe strangers don’t care about being fuckable in your eyes. You sound fat

No. 1590436

Really unnecessary, in my opinion. No one in my family has ever opted for plastic surgery/fillers or aesthetic medical assistance of any kind, but for some reason they just love getting tattoos and piercings and letting their kids paint their scalps with RIT Dye. Makes me wanna spit at the ground!!

No. 1590437

Oh my god you sound like a fucking male. You read the words “kids with dyed hair is fucking annoying” and immediately thought “well maybe they’re not trying to look fuckable”? Like dude I’m talking about my fucking nephews being pressured into dying their hair purple and trooning out. How dare I be rightfully upset, right?

No. 1590438

Sounds like someone is getting their external gonads in a twist.

No. 1590439

maybe start taking care and paying the bills of the children in your family if you want to give opinions on how they should be raised? just a tip.

No. 1590442

>Uh why don’t you pay your siblings rent for thinking that they shouldn’t be trans’d?

A lot of you are retarded

No. 1590444

more like you don't spend enough time with them to know what is actually going on and jump to conclusions about them trooning out because your niece wants to look like her unicorn barbie or something. if you don't actually bond with the kids don't get to give uninformed opinions on their life.

No. 1590446

Wait what? I’m not anyone you were replying to but I’m so confused on what point you’re trying to get across.

No. 1590448

That entire sentence you posted is comprised of 100% assumptions that are not only incorrect but also wouldn’t be reasons to let a kid let dye sink into their scalp anyways? I’m referring to my nephews, who have no uncles and their deadbeat father is in jail, so they are surrounded by women 100 of the time. I don’t live with them, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t see evidence of what somebody eke is doing. I’m not gonna infight with you because clearly you have munchausen by proxy, but please to take your “oh it’s ok if my son wants to be a barbie princess!!1” somewhere the fuck else because this is not the website for it.

No. 1590449

the point I'm trying to make is that if you don't spend time with the children and actually know them, you don't get to understand what are their actual needs and wants so you don't owe anyone your opinion about them. sometimes kids just want to have colored hair or play with a different "gendered" toy and doesnt mean they want to troon out unless the parents actually push for it which can indeed be harmful. my nephews were those kids who wanted colored hair occasionally played with girls' toys and both are in their 20s and never trooned out, they were just very curious kids and their parents let them do whatever they wanted without pressure.

No. 1590450

I hate to use this term but it looks like virtue signaling kek.

>Open your wallet or turn a blind eye

No. 1590452

unless the people in your life are 100% troon agenda people and understand objects and colors dont have genders I dont think you should worry.
>spending time with them is virtue signaling
fuck off

No. 1590453

>is that if



So you agree? You’re just assuming and you don’t know how much I take care of my nephews? Glad we had this talk.

No. 1590454

so are your family pushing troon agenda or you just dont like your niece or nephew died their hair and you can't do anything about it?

No. 1590455

You have literal retard reading comprehension. The virtue signaling is the fact that she said that I should “pay their bills” before I’m allowed to say that they shouldn’t be pressured by their mothers and aunts into being hyperfeminine.

No. 1590457

you never said they were being pushed into being hyperfeminine, your complaint was about dyed hair and tattoos initially. it seems to me you're utterly bothered your kid relative doesn't have a father figure and is afraid they will troon out. which is understandable but completely out of your control.

No. 1590459

it's just easy saying however you want the kid to be raised without actually putting your mouth where your money and time are.

No. 1590460

I’m not gonna write a whole essay about it because there’s way too many moving parts so I’ll just tl;dr My sister is one of those heterosexual girls who’s obsessed with gay boys and drag culture and ever since she had a son about 8 years ago, she’s been bombarding him with content about drag queens/homosexuality/MtF’s. Recently he started dressing femininely and wearing play wigs, and then they dyed his hair. In short, it’s grossing me the fuck out! Rightfully so! How dare I not want to see my nephew get groomed into trooning out by his mother, right?

No. 1590461

>It’s just easy saying you don’t think little boys should be groomed into transing out without paying their mothers to stop abusing them.

Why don’t you give me the money so I can give it to her, oh great one?

No. 1590470

jesus christ you could just have said that initially. 0% of a kid dying hair is an indication of the parents being into drag culture. yes, she is being retarded doing that and you should definitely spend more time with your nephew so you expand his view. especially teach him that objects, concepts and colors don't have gender and being a woman is not a feeling. hammer that inside his little brain.
now that's a wild conclusion to take. if you want a kid to be raised in a certain way, expect the parents to want you to give your time and if needed, money because kids constantly need things (toys, clothing, books, you name it). that's simple as, if you don't understand, you have never been around children in your life.

No. 1590472

I actually didn’t need to say that originally, because my opinion that is “kids and adults look fucking disgusting with dyed hair” still stands, troon or not. I shouldn’t have been probed and prodded by bored nonnies for my opinion to be considered agreeable.

No. 1590473

I want you to know that just because a living being isn't the same species as you doesn't mean they don't have a brain, cognition or feelings. They're not just moving plushies, nona.

No. 1590475

File: 1685306912807.jpeg (42.18 KB, 574x647, B5ACF732-2334-48D1-BB41-A8ED52…)

I hate the constant bitchy infighting on this website

No. 1590476

nah, you should, because a kid dying their hair in any color is no indication they are being raised badly. also my point still stands, if you don't like it, you should get involved in the kids' life instead of being grossed out and bitching about it.

No. 1590477

Nta but you literally said
>They’d probably so much more attractive if they just looked like themselves
And who cares if people are attractive or not?

No. 1590478

>Wow you’ve never been around children in your life if you’ve never been expected to open your wallet before having an opinion on how it’s raised

Have you ever been outside of the internet? People are allowed to have an opinion about how shitty of a parent you are without zelle into you first

No. 1590479

>look fucking disgusting with dyed hair
People will say this and then make some of the worst style decisions you've ever seen in your life kek

No. 1590480

>Ughhh who cares if anyone’s attractive!!1

Go kill yourself if you’re such a doomer

No. 1590482

that's true but when talking about a relative's child you are usually within the expectation of being involved in the child's life in some way, which you don't seem to be but still insist on giving opinions about it. it's just pure hypocrisy to me, because you don't actually care about the child involved if you're not actively doing something about it.

No. 1590483

I agree. Unless done really well, dyed hair and tattoos look extremely trashy. But tbh I can tell you have brown hair and brown eyes lol

No. 1590485

she probably wears beige, rose gold "jewelry" and florals and thinks she's so refined, prim and proper.

No. 1590488

I hate reality shows focused on children, the way they make the kids come off as robotic grosses me out and it's just exploitative.

No. 1590489

Oh my god why do you even care this much? She wrote about something she hates in a hate thread. let it go

No. 1590491

It’s actually not my job to shove money into my sisters wallet as a means of begging her to let my nephew grow up as a normal little boy kek…she shouldn’t need to be paid to want her child to grow up normal and healthy. You sound insane.

No. 1590492

File: 1685307601340.jpeg (43.04 KB, 535x570, 1676389140317.jpeg)

No. 1590493

Are you really creating a whole fantasy about what I look like in your head just because I think little boys shouldn’t be transed??

No. 1590494

kek of course you focus on giving money and not spending time with him part… you really won't spend time with him, why do you give a fuck? you sound literally insane wanting to dictate how a child in your family is raised and not even wanting to be involved in their life.

No. 1590495

>That must be a tranny because it said little boys shouldn’t be groomed into trooning out!

Listen to yourself

No. 1590496

I meant she as it was herself posting on the third person, schizo.

No. 1590498

Do you genuinely think that it’s impossible that other users could be disagreeing with you?

No. 1590501

why are you caping so hard for a neglectful aunt?

No. 1590503

>nerve staus = struck

No. 1590504

You realize you’re just making extreme assumptions about someone else’s life all because she talked about something she hates in a “things you hate” thread. You sound insane.

No. 1590505

you are 100% backpedaling because people called you fat and boring because you wouldn't have written "I'm not sure if it's just the people in my city or what" if you were specifically unhappy with your own personal family. I bet your sister watches drag race like once a month and you're spinning that into THE TRANNY MENACE CONVERTING KIDS just because you know "fuck the troons" is a really easy sentiment to rally behind but you know in your heart it's nothing like that at all and your nephews are just having a little fun and you just want strangers to agree with you on the internet. sad!

No. 1590506

File: 1685308077590.png (508.53 KB, 684x911, 1652101551331.png)

cutesy chris-chan art, the man is subhuman

No. 1590508

you just know she doesn't give a single fuck about the child. like the kid's father is jailed and this is his father figure and he will probably grow up to be an offender and she could spend time with him to alleviate the lack of father on the kids' life (I know firsthand having a relative that cares does a MASSIVE difference on a child's life) but the kid dying their hair because of fortnite or some shit is the bad thing here.

No. 1590509

Spinning a whole conspiracy wheel about 1 post. Literally admit yourself.

No. 1590511

Why wouldn't I neglect my family when my wallet and pussy are consantly neglected?

No. 1590512

say no more, you really don't care about this child. the fact this male child could grow up to be a sex offender doesn't bother you, but god forbid the trannies. it's a good thing you are not on this child's life, to be honest.

No. 1590515

I hope you kill yourself

Mod can check the IP Address differences, But I never said that. I’m not gonna keep arguing with random people lol it’s too easy for anyone to jump in and say whatever they want.

No. 1590516

>It’s a good thing you’re not in this child’s life

You think just because I don’t pay his rent it means he doesn’t live with me…?

No. 1590518

okay, if you're the initial poster I just wanted to let you know of course this child will listen to whatever your sister says. your sister is the only adult this child feels safe around. if you decide being on this child's life, they will also see you as a role model and whatever you say, they will trust in it. so you can do something about it if you care, but it requires you actually putting yourself out there for this kiddo.

No. 1590522

OP if it makes you feel better I don't know how the other schiz poster got 'you want kids to look fuckable' out of this post. Clearly you were referencing the adults.
Also if we aren't allowed to have opinions about other people unless we pay their bills, then this site would be fucked.
I think you just happened to hit a nerve here.

No. 1590525

Nta but anon only said that strangers don't care about being fuckable to OP.

No. 1590526

Lmao why is an anon writing a fanfic about the other anon. >>1590505

No. 1590529

Yeah but we don't care either.
An opinion is an opinion and other people not caring about the opinion doesn't change it.

No. 1590530

Ok lol. I was just responding to the first sentence.

No. 1590534

that doesn't really read like celebricows trumpchan but the "sad!" is so donald trump kek

No. 1590700

File: 1685324100461.png (246.94 KB, 1505x696, lmoa.PNG)

A lot of what gets translated, and especially what constitutes as a romantic comedy nowadays.

No. 1590718

I hate the way baby birds look when they're hungry and waiting for their mother to feed them so they open up their beak super wide and start screaming. It's so creepy and it makes my skin fucking crawl. They're only second to owls.

No. 1590973

I hate the song “walking on sunshine” so much, I just find it really annoying

No. 1590977

T. Squirrel

No. 1590985

What's your opinion on "Happy" by Pharrell Williams?

No. 1590988

also insufferable but I think part of that is because I hate pharrell so much, if someone else had sung it I don’t think I’d find it as annoying (but still not good)

No. 1590989

Nta but that song is extremely irritating. For reference, my favourite upbeat song is "don't stop me now" by Queen. Freddy really sounds like he's having a good time, Farell sounds constipated or something

No. 1591012

Male autists duuh, but the reason i hate them is that there a very high % of them who are energetic vampires. Talking to them sucks the life out of you right away and they thrive on it. For example: they ask you something, you explain it and then they say it's not true because though they never experienced the thing they imagine it and in their head it's not true for some autistic reason. Then you are in a very confusing situation because they made you give highy focused energy out and threw all that energy away just to show you they are better than you. You can continue giving the energy out explaining they are autistic and experienceless and therefore have no idea how the experience is in reality for every other human being, but that would please them more because they'd get more and more energy from you… or you can just stop feeling robbed of yur energy and tired anyway. Like it's truly disgusting but they don't have the capacity to understand how disgusting being a vampire is… I only wish them death, it's the type of people that are on this planet to complicate life for everybody they meet. The sole reason why we can't have nice things.

No. 1591013

Kill insects, stomp on them, swat them, spray them, kill kill kill the ever encroaching menace, where I go insects will perish, my many-legged nemesis you know when you see me it's your time to DIE

No. 1591160

Cockroaches, wasps, bees, mosquitos, and beetles are the most disgusting, annoying, and ugly creatures.

No. 1591162

People who dye their hair an unnatural colour look cheap and dirty. It never looks good.

No. 1591200

I can’t stand 40-60 year old scrotes. They’re the most aggressive and contemptuous towards young women in my experience.
Obviously all scrotes are and can be misogynistic but the ones in this age range are too old to see young women as their equals and too young to be raised to be chivalrous.

No. 1591530

File: 1685402645059.jpg (246.72 KB, 1600x1067, 2023_dodge_challenger_coupe_gt…)

I hate Challengers. They're so ugly, they're like if someone tried to hard to make a futuristic car. But they've become super popular for some reason.

No. 1591533

File: 1685402770256.jpg (566.4 KB, 3000x2000, dg020-105cl-1574257068.jpg)

Like wtf is this.

No. 1591534

this would look cool if it had edges. why did all cars become so gay and lame out of nowhere?

No. 1591575

Theyre better when they don't have internet connection, but give any male between the age of 40 and 60 the ability to post online or interact with younger people they become obsessed with trying to force their way into their spaces and are disguuuusting

No. 1591806

File: 1685430072230.jpeg (100.98 KB, 640x750, 678D02FD-A2E6-4341-B8DF-F2646C…)

Oh my god I can’t even watch a video about based female artists and women appreciating them without some retard coming in and trying to make it about men


No. 1591819

i wish men like this would go and die in one of the wars they created

No. 1591910

lol they always come with the "men die earlier than women" it's so funny that it bothers them so much like women should feel bad about it. Turtles live to 150 and you don't see women cry about it.

No. 1591921

Men live on average less than women because of their own actions and reckless behavior. They think following safety instructions at their jobs is for pussies and then wonder why their limbs are getting ripped off by a machine at their factory. They don't know how to drive so they cause car accidents and kill themselves and others. Homeless men tend to be homeless because they decided it would be fun to become raging, violent cocked out alcoholics or they're violent schizos. They start fights with others and are surprised they get injured or died because the other party defended himself or herself, I read an article recently about a guy who got shot in the dick after trying to destroy a woman's car while the woman was still inside the car with a crowbar. These men should look in the mirror before talking about us. They start wars too. They go to prison because they're dangerous criminals and even then many of them in the west get light sentences or don't even get caught ot prosecuted. Fucking faggots.

No. 1591929

yawn. this guy's post is so predictable it barely even registers in my brain. and i'm still waiting to read a post like this from a guy who can actually spell privilege

No. 1591977

didnt he rape is mother? its weird how people treat that as a cutesy meme instead of a horrendous crime

No. 1592003

File: 1685455027408.gif (99.66 KB, 389x297, 1674928913294.gif)

I feel like there's a difference between like, catholic people and Catholic people. I moved recently into an area with a lot of the latter. There are a lot of Catholic private schools here so there are a lot of Catholic parents and grandparents and they are so… weird. I was raised Roman Catholic but still went to a public school, and my mother was Protestant and not very religious.
Very religious people are weird. They are hypocritical. They are full of hate, and yet preach love and goodness. The ones I've met are so bizarre and hard to talk to.
>if only more people had God in their life…
>"i'm pretty sure most people on earth have a god in their life"
>oh, well, God versus a talking rock, etc…
Like, do they even know the history of God? And Catholic women hate themselves so much, it's depressing.
>my dad talks about bad fathers
>b-b-b-b-b-b-but there are bad mothers, too!!!
Literally irrelevant to the conversation. Also it's like, the conversational equivalent of lying in front of a moving train. She always does this. Women are bad too!!! Nobody is talking about bad women. Stop trying to un-based my dad. Not to mention what I've heard these supposedly super God-loving people say, such as how much they hate their children and how they love being racist. Literally. Though this woman might've been the exception but she randomly started going off on how she wants to "punch" (then she stopped). Just ruins the vibe.
I think it's the difference between God-loving people and God-fearing people. I grew up being taught to love God. I'm not a religious person anymore, but I feel like I have more human compassion than God-fearing Catholics and Christians do. They are a drain to be around and are generally disrespectful and always try to steer the conversation to themselves. It's depressing that they are teaching their children to hate themselves and to fear the omnipresence that puppets their life. They are all boy-moms too.

No. 1592020

They remind me of muslims, saying this as an ex-muslims who went to a catholic middle school and who's from a catholic majority country. They have the same opinions on most topics, the same violent tendencies, etc. Too much to handle for me, I can only see religious people as cavemen. At least jewish people only look and act like they suffer from very severe OCD instead of bothering others as well.

No. 1593416

I despise these people (probably Euros 9/10 times) who circlejerk about how bad our food is in America in terms of quality, mostly because it’s just so fucking stupid. Oh, you tried our bread and it was too sweet and terrible? I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the one single type of bread we sell in this country of 300 million people, it’s too bad we don’t have dozens of supermarket chains and mom and pop shops with ENTIRE AISLES of dozens of different breads and whole bakeries in stores…
You don’t like our cheese? Gosh, if only we sold more than one kind …. OH WAIT, you stupid fucking morons, there are no fewer than 50 different cheeses for sale at the closest Kroger to me and that’s the worst Kroger in town. Specialty stores sell more. Jesus Christ, complain about our portions or love affair with processed food or something else real. The “uhhhdoiiiiiii American food so gross lol” people are retards who make it a hobby to shit on America (usually on American websites… huh go figure) and grasp for all sorts of retard straws in the meantime and I hate it

No. 1593425

When people say all the things you listed about American food it's usually because it's mostly processed food though isn't it? That's what I've heard irl from people I know who lived in the US for at least a year but I never went there and don't plan to so I don't care.

No. 1593439

File: 1685579294092.jpeg (221.7 KB, 1001x667, F4ABA1E2-1E75-4D4A-904E-694958…)

There is no reality where a grocery store that sells 20 brands of bread, has an in-store bakery and sells even more cheeses exclusively sells ultraprocessed bread and cheeses, that’s the point of the post. Euros pretending there’s one brand with one type of bread and one kind of cheese and one kind of milk etc and all of those things are highly processed and it’s like no retard that’s impossible, some are, the cheapest things are definitely, but these people need to learn to read a label and stop spreading dumb rumors that you can’t buy real cheese or real bread or real chocolate in American grocery stores

Picrel: this isn’t Soviet Russia Jesus Christ

No. 1593440

this is so true i had a frenchfag tell me that there weren't bakeries in america. i kept trying to explain that yes, we do have specialty bakeries, we don't only eat bread from the supermarket, and he kept being like no no no, i mean REAL bakeries, not from a factory.

No. 1593441

Idk I live in the US and have lived in Europe and the US’ food does suck.
The quality of produce is terrible. The bread IS awful (I bake my own now). Cheese and dairy is more expensive here. Meat is about the same. Except lamb is somehow “luxury” and it’s totally not - Americans just aren’t use to eating lamb/mutton.

The only downside to European groceries is the lack of Hispanic/Latino food. Not one decent Mexican restaurant on the entire continent of Europe.

No. 1593442

If you live in a city. But even at the Kroger bakery, that shit is frozen. It’s not a real bakery.

No. 1593444

I agree and also you don't know true liberation and romance until you've gone to the cheese section, perused the cheese section and bought a new cheese you haven't tried before.
You should've googled "bakeries near me" and shown her that there are indeed real bakeries. They're just smaller businesses.

No. 1593449

I've lived in America, I live in Italy now, I have even lived in Asian countries and visited grocery stores across Europe. It is all the exact same shit seriously. You can find real local high quality foods and you can find processed shit. The only noticeable difference I have seen is that corn syrup and additives are not present in ketchup or other condiments even if the brand is american, and that red dye 40 is not allowed in Europe so some of the candy is less pink. Yes there's candy everywhere, sugar and salty and greasy foods. Yes people use canned tomatoes all the time in Italy. People drink soft drinks.

The quality of cheese in Asian countries is hard to find and a good imported cheese will be pricey. In Italy all cheeses are domestic products, abroad they are exported products but cheese doesn't have ingredients, it's milk cooked and left to sit into different degrees of chunk. So then it comes down to the quality of milk and what the cows eat, and that might be the only other difference, American milk is fatty and thick, Idk it just tastes different to milk here and milk in Asia but hey I am lactose intolerant and hate milk so it's all bad to me.

No. 1593450

>Americans just aren’t use to eating lamb/mutton.
What is this supposed to prove? Different countries are going to have different common foods due to things like history, geography, the taste preferences of the population, culture etc. We don't have as many sheep so it's considered more luxury than other meat.

No. 1593693

US American food sucks. I have been there to visit family and just go on vacations and it sucks. It tastes like the low quality shit that can be found everywhere in Europe. One of my relatives always complain about missing the US but not the food. Also food in Europe is vastly different from countries to countries. Most countries close to the Mediterranean see have good cuisine.

No. 1593697

No. 1593701

File: 1685597148511.jpg (57.33 KB, 587x728, Screenshot_20230601_081741_Spo…)

I'm embarrassed that Spotify is even suggesting shit like this to me

No. 1593703

>It tastes like the low quality shit that can be found everywhere in Europe.
So there's a variety of high and low quality foods in Europe- but not the US somehow?

No. 1593710

Just buy more expensive food.

No. 1593716

Nonna, it's okay. You can just admit it. No one in Germany or England is claiming to have the best cuisine in the world and that's okay. Just let it go.

No. 1593725

Men who whine about how their "abusive" gf is witholding sex.

Oh boohoo you're no longer entitled to use a woman as a human fleshlight. Fuck you.

No. 1593816

Sales people. Sometimes all I want to do is test a product, car, see it in person. Unless they have actual info I do not care about anything they say. They're just sharks looking to make a commission and totally fine with screwing you.

No. 1593822

women who hide behind they/them pronouns and argue the most about identity politics when there are so many more important and relevant occurrences happening every day

No. 1593933

What do Europeans mean when they say processed? Because it’s not like you guys don’t eat cheese and bread. Even if you make it at home it’s processed, it has to be. Grinding flour for bread is processing the grain.

No. 1593936

Never date a guy who works in sales, they ooze slime.

No. 1594012

I'm always so confused by men saying they have a rough relationship with their gfs but still seeking sex like nothing is happening? Like yeah you dumbass, if she's angry she's not going to allow you to use her as a fleshlight. Even worse when it's married men, they really believe that since they're married then they can have sex at all times, no matter the situation. They think having sex is their basic right. It's crazy.

No. 1594071

Factory processed with filler ingredients, preservatives and harmful colourants. Obviously making cheese is processing dairy and cooking raw meat is processing it in some fashion. But that is minimal, necessary processing that has been done for hundreds of years so it's much easier to just say processed foods instead of listing off all the ingredients you don't want in your food.

No. 1594076

American chocolate is bad and American portions are massive but I don't know how anyone can claim the food is bad when Cajun food literally exists. I'd sell my left titty for a morsel of jambalaya and that's my favourite one.

Now when you talk about food processing, especially meat and dairy, all of North America is pretty bad compared to Europe (but not the UK, they got shafted after Brexit). And it's true that a lot of the ingredients are banned in Europe, but as another anon said it's not like it's in everything and there are healthier options.

No. 1594196

oh, well in the states we have plenty of minimally processed foods with short ingredient lists. and even my shit ass town has a farmer's market for anyone particularly paranoid where you can buy fresh produce or homemade goods like soup bases, bread, and cakes.

No. 1594215

This is why I always doubt when a man claims he's been abused. Men always overexaggerate their emotions and whine when they don't get what they want. The "abuse" in question is probably his gf getting understandably upset at him and giving him the cold shoulder.

No. 1594230

File: 1685633924113.jpeg (238.5 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_9021.jpeg)

>Uploads harmless photo of a uterus with PCOS
>14 year old enby gets scared of it and deletes it with her newly granted lolcow powers
>accuses me of spamming even though I posted it once, with one caption, and never tried to upload it again

I miss when we had actual adults who could tell the difference between what’s important and what’s unimportant modding.

No. 1594236

Except that you posted it in the Vent thread (where it has no reason to be in) with a text that said how it looked like a rotisserie chicken.

No. 1594238

Because it did… You can see it looks like a cooked chicken, madam. Also, it was a vent, so do you think it doesn’t belong in the vent thread simply because you don’t like hearing other peoples thoughts kek? Like come the fuck on. If you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it, but attempting to dictate the vent thread unnecessarily is ridiculous.

No. 1594239

File: 1685635027855.jpeg (164.23 KB, 1170x1080, IMG_9023.jpeg)

Not a single rule saying “don’t post a uterus” or “don’t post medical imagery” kek…grasping at fucking straws so hard

No. 1594240

But there is a rule saying “don’t report a post just because you disagree with it” which is exactly what the mod did LOLL

No. 1594242

what is wrong with saying that a uterus looks like a chicken though? It sounds like you might be taking a little more issue with that than the photo itself but i also didn’t see it

No. 1594243

nta but how on earth was that in any way a vent? also you could have at least spoilered the internal organ, no normal person wants to see that casually

No. 1594245

>uterus spam

No. 1594248

>(where it has no reason to be in)

Oh okay so what qualifies as being acceptable vent topics though are there a list of topics we’re allowed to/not allowed to speak on? Cause that’s new, if so

No. 1594251

Cause I saw it and thought to myself “damn, that looks like a costco chicken kek” and not gonna lie it made me smile so I felt like sharing. Another farmhand did spoiler it because I forgot to which was what made me think it didn’t need to be deleted.

No. 1594252

do you really need to be told that publicly arguing with a user about a mod decision always makes things worse

No. 1594253

And she won’t even respond to my email, either. Breaking my heart.

No. 1594259

okay and how does that relate to venting

No. 1594261

It’s not a vent. It’s not spam either but it’s off topic in the thread. Put it in the dumbass shit thread, that’s what that thread is for. Take your tiny one day ban and stop being a newfag. I hope you get banned for ban evasion.

No. 1594263

>so I felt like sharing

and in turn I posted it in the vent thread, to vent my thought. Didn’t realize that the vent thread is only for serious diary posts. My grandest apologies…

No. 1594264

File: 1685636665982.jpeg (152.71 KB, 1170x1637, IMG_9024.jpeg)

>The expression or release of strong emotion or energy

Yeah and I was releasing my strong emotions of uterine chicken. Literally stop trying to dictate what does and doesn’t qualify as a vent. You sound like a therapist and not in a good way.

No. 1594266

Also I’m on the same wifi I used when I made my uterus post so I’m pretty certain I’ve been unbanned, but I’m not gonna repost the uterus pic because I’d just hate to traumatize more children.

No. 1594268

>pulling up dictionary definitions to defend your point
You are the one grasping at straws. Talk about projection. I bet you’re also 20 or under, whining about others being underage when you’re a baby yourself or else you wouldn’t be throwing such a fucking tantrum

No. 1594271

Is this about to be cat piss anon pt. 2? Just waiting for you to post anon's IP address. Also, if the ban was for it not being on-topic then why didn't you ban her for derailing?

No. 1594278

>calls me a baby and accuses me of throwing a tantrum for rightfully being curious as to why it’s suddenly against the rules to post photographs of female bodily functions on a website used primarily by radfems to avoid having to acknowledge that my post did, in fact, qualify as a vent in the first place


No. 1594292

No one is on your side and you were wrong to post it in that thread. Learn to integrate.

No. 1594295

I’ve been on this website for years, they can see my post history. Can you tell me exactly why it was wrong for me to post my own vent in the vent thread? Or is it just because you don’t like it? Because if this website suddenly has an issue with biological female bodies then I have no goddamn idea what’s going on.(Infighting)

No. 1594297

Shaynus’ bag of lard body and Lucinda’s literal decomposing corpse are no big deal, can be posted back to back completely unspoilered sitting on the front page of the whole website, but a uterus? Unacceptable KEK

No. 1594345

Wah wah

No. 1594348

>No one is on your side
i am

No. 1594406

Ok so you can’t come up with a coherent reason. Got it. Go back to shooting yourself up with T and get the fuck out of here, for real.

No. 1594662

I hate it when people post animal videos where the animal is not happy. Sick kittens with goopy eyes, hungry skinny cats begging for food… Frogs shoved into pipes then flooded with water so they pop out. Wild animals with scraggly fur out in the daylight clearly confused that people post like oh em gee look at this beautiful wild creature. People think it’s cute but it’s sad. Unless it’s an animal rescue posting progress pics of a sickly fox or something it pisses me off.

No. 1594757

Stop traumadumping your feelings about chicken and uteruses, anon

No. 1594760

Nta but I don't think that's what traumadumping means in this context, otherwise the whole vent thread is a traumadump.

No. 1594778

I hate anons who fall for stupid bait every single time and then instead of realizing they fell for bait and shutting the fuck up they continue to double down, keep responding, being petty and just shitting up threads. You all look like immature fools.

similarly, I hate personalityfags and the anons who indulge them. This isn't about any specific one, but time and time again these insane people show up, order some attention and some of you losers just can't resist. Sigh.

No. 1594780

Samefag. I also hate myself for still being here and not just taking another break from this site. When will I be free

No. 1594872

Women defending any men… just spent an unhealthy amount of time on tiktok and it’s frustrating to see so many women still defend men on various topics/themes/anything. I feel like especially in liberal women? they always have to give them the benefit of the doubt, their side of the story/etc and it’s annoying. Somehow got into age gap relationships and the heavily divisive interracial relationships and the women defending men who go to poor countries to take advantage of women is so sad to see . “They love each other it’s not a fetish/advantage/etc” why? Why support them? Maybe I have been too long consuming internet stuff and need go outside but I cannot see how any women can defend/like men, like, men are just truly different, at their base they are horrible. Idk man

No. 1594874

samefag but just wanted to add, most women say that they are being infantilized/their autonomy being taken from them, and yeah I don’t know what that means lol or how to take that in, I’m too retarded to think but would love to see some anon elaborate on this argument of how seeing women being seemingly taken advantage of is taking their self/autonomy away

No. 1594883

It's just too hard for most women to face the truth about men, they're coping hardcore because otherwise they have to give up their nigels/dreams of a perfect husband. It's also just hard for normal women to comprehend the scope of average male depravity, it seems insane that they could all be so awful, so pedophilic and willing to rape.

I guess it is infantilizing to see women as perpetually fucked over by men but that's reality. Men all throughout history across all cultures have put astounding amounts of effort and money into taking advantage, of course it works and it works 1000x better if they convince women it's ~our choice~.

No. 1594885

This is what I hate about this fucking site. Even if it's bait I agree with. They're just so fucking eager to get the last word in and honestly???? They're so fucking pathetic. More so than the actual baiter. Stupid fucking nonnas. Petty ass cunts who can't keep their mouths shut cuz of mah pride!!11111 muh ego and muh irresistible urgg to get the pointz in!!1 these are the kind of girls who can't end arguments calmly. And it shows.

No. 1594911

I can't tell the difference between bait and sincere posts. I assume all posts are sincere until proven otherwise I'm sorry.

No. 1594913

I hate when I see a video of snails and the comments are "jokes" of people saying to put salt on it. How about you kill yourself instead.

No. 1594915

Whoever keeps calling women "cunts" in every thread, and the word cunt itself.

No. 1594966


maybe if your cunts didn't do stupid shit like drive 30 mph in the left lane while dying of toxic shock syndrome from your month old unchanged tampon then people wouldn't call you cunts(bait)

No. 1594969


Agreed, snails should be lit on fire with butane.

Why waste good salt?

No. 1594972


you probably don't brush and it is made worse by unnatural lesbian degenerate oral sex.

I know you roasties need to eat each other out because all lesbos are ugly dogs that can't get a man, but maybe give it all up and become a nun or something?

Back in the day all the ugly closeted dykes would become nuns instead of becoming internet crybabies like today.

oh and wash out that fishy pooner(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1594975

can't wait for you to kill yourself!(A-log)

No. 1594979

Ignore him nonnie he's going from thread to thread desperate for interactions.

No. 1594980


Stop grooming, you degen cunt. Stay away from children, schools and churches.

No. 1594984

Don't touch the shit

No. 1594986


No. 1595021

I hate that this site isn't a niche corner of the internet anymore and is filled with twitter users, tiktokers and other retards that have no board culture

No. 1595239

File: 1685726914704.jpg (25.01 KB, 1080x164, Screenshot_20230602_192715_Chr…)

Millenials who write like boomers.

No. 1595241

fucking hate hard water making my hair like straw. I only shower at the gym now.

No. 1595247

do zoomers realize you're gonna be made fun of by the next gen in like under 10 years

No. 1595260

I'm a millenial too, I just hate this type of online boomer writing.

No. 1595410

I swear to god there is nothing more annoying than googling whether a game includes the OG Japanese voice acting only for 85% of all comments to whine about how the English voice acting is actually totally superior and that X voice actor I've never even heard of because I don't follow English VA is great in the role of Y and that you shouldn't make your decision whether to buy the game based entirely on that. Shut up and let me be a I'd say dirty, but I know I'm right purist in peace, reee.

No. 1595687

This is very specific but I'm ESL and even as a kid I hated when the translations changed some characters' names just to make them "sound better", for example C3PO was called Z6PO in early dubs of Star Wars for some reason. There's also Randall from Monsters Inc. who became Leon in my language just because he is a chameleon, I know it's a family movie but there's no reason to add toddler tier puns.

No. 1595695

i hate that every month now is related to the history of some group of people.
black history month, women history month, gay history month (which is actually different from pride month, yes gays get 2 months) like can you just shut the fuck up? are you really just going to reduce the history of women or black people to just 1 month and then the rest of the month you just won't care? wtf?

No. 1595739

Why are Nonnas so anti Vax? It's disturbing to me.

No. 1595741

This is the wrong thread for a question but it's usually because they're too autistic to judge information they read online and they're terminally online in places like 4chan where most ideas are unhealthy to being with. That's why schizochans tend to have weird outlooks on a lot of things, most genuinely believe jews control the world and that black people are out to get them.

No. 1595743

the only thing that is celebrated where I live is pride month and it's not history focus its just a time where ssa people can embrace who they are and straight people can show their support (at least it used to be now it's just corporate shit). I'm not sure how black history month and women history month is celebrated though. Is it's just a month where school focus their curriculum on learning about these groups and their history and oppression?

No. 1595765

For sure. NEETdom also often contributes to that, though not always (there’s a lot of conspiracy boomers with jobs etc). A woman I knew was pretty normal, but as years have passed and she has delved deeper into being a NEET with no outside contacts, she has started believing all kinds of conspiracy theories. She legitimately thinks our country (not the US) is going to have a civil war soon so she’s started prepping for it. She’s also an antivaxxer.

No. 1595770

i absolutely despise the thought of allowing a man to believe that he is smarter or in any way more knowledgeable than me when he isn't. i hate when more complex and challenging ideas are associated with men and women allow themselves to fall into the "haha silly dumb woman" stereotype. i could not ever feign stupidity around a male even if it meant i would benefit from it. i relish in the feeling of a man having a conversation with me and realising i know more than he does, i love his disappointment, how threatened he feels, how he doesn't even want to talk so much anymore because he's realised he's not going to be talking down anymore. that i'm hearing him completely, i'm paying attention to what he's saying, and i'm not even impressed by him at all. in fact, i'm challenging him and mentioning things he's never even heard of. i love when they realise that they don't know very much and they get defensive and dismiss whatever i've said, their insecurity becomes so apparent, it's just funny.

No. 1595795

Yeah I agree. Since NEETs don't have connections with nornal people and only talk to people online, they tend to havempre extremist and borderline schizo beliefs.

No. 1595816

Those men are already so boring to talk with though. I hate conversations that feel like a dick measuring contest for lack of better words, it's exhausting. If that's your thing more power to you I guess. Congrats on one-upping their autism.

No. 1595825

it's not as though i seek out conversations like that, i find myself in them and when they happen (too often) that's my response. if i'm talking to other women i'm a lot more natural and don't particularly care as they're generally a lot less condescending to me. and most of the women i surround myself with are more intelligent than i am, i've realised

No. 1595834

lol that's good, I was worried you were one of those turbo autists with zero conversational skills. I think your approach is reasonable, gotta fight fire with fire.

No. 1595941

Fanfic writers who give their OCs some name that doesn't fit at all with the universe, especially when it's a very basic English name like Jenny.

No. 1595979

File: 1685815966873.jpg (59.16 KB, 630x494, 6cc666cb554619195c345ed7899a8e…)

I don't know where else to post this but certain radfems have a really strong denial of reality like I get hating men but when you go into weird massive psychoanalysis and conspiratorial bullshit you start losing me, I got into an argue with a radfem who insisted that women are just as strong as men and that men know this, it's just a matter of women not just having the mental strength to fight men. Its like talking to men who lives in another reality.

No. 1596007

File: 1685817776393.png (273.28 KB, 2171x1359, 17934137-3F08-430C-B2B6-7DAA71…)

Those muscles under your arm next to your boobs, they are really hard to stretch and strengthen. I do the weirdest positions just to target them but it feels so good. Also why the fuck is it posing like that

No. 1596013

>women are just as strong as men and that men know this, it's just a matter of women not just having the mental strength to fight men.
that's literally a TRA talking point. They use the same argument when they want to defend TIMs competing in women's sport

No. 1596562

File: 1685869169748.jpeg (203.07 KB, 1169x1740, IMG_2446.jpeg)

I hate this pantene ad I see all the damn time but more than that I hate these overly filled puffed up lips I see on so many girls in the UK. They look awful, honestly one of the worst fads.

No. 1596573

This woman would so gorgeous with rich dark brown hair. She's already pretty but the blonde is washing her out.

No. 1596583


nigger she looks like a melted snickers bar lmao(racebait)

No. 1596591

Abortion is hard. No one wanted to babytrap your brother, she probably wanted to keep the baby because of the emotional torture abortion would bring was too hard on her. A woman doesn't have to kill her baby just because your shitty brother can live comfortably after getting the her pregnant because he didn't bother wearing protection. It's his duty to take care of his literal biological child so I don't know why you're so angry over him "having to" take care of her. I can't believe you defend a man that's pump and dumped a woman, left her with a baby and thought he'd be able to get married and live happily without ever having to take responsibility.

No. 1596607

Why you responding to this a month later? I'm obviously not angry when I started with an lol, I don't have to take care of the kid.
She was definitely mental though, dumping her kids on others and immediately getting new boyfriend's after her marriage fell apart.
It's not like my bro was a deadbeat. He tried to get visitation but she had a new guy and wasn't cooperating and he was busy with college so he didn't fight it. He was paying child support the whole time.

No. 1596717

Are you lost?

No. 1597707

I hate when people sickly make comments about whether or not they like something about someone's appearance. It's so rude, it's like no one taught them not to comment on how people look. Barnyard animal behavior. Literally no one asked you for your opinion.

I especially get those kind of things from older women but I won't say on what exactly even though I want to because it will trigger some spergy anons

No. 1597719

I have never seen a hot person do it. It's always frumpy people. Just ignore

No. 1597750

File: 1685954770042.png (32.45 KB, 752x440, file.pngMarketing Weekly.png)

>I have never seen a hot person do it.
Me neither

I hate old cigarette smokers who look down on vaping. They're exactly like even older pipe smokers who looked down on cigarette smokers.
They're just laggards, the same type of people who when they finally came on Facebook, everyone left.

No. 1597825

I see this advert on a near daily basis and I find it almost creepy, she's deadfaced the whole time and expresses nothing in the whole video. The bar for adverts is very low, just wave the product around and act like a friend who is making a recommendation.

No. 1597837

File: 1685963507433.jpg (30.1 KB, 564x352, ec7b147f02b8137aca7608158ff6d0…)

I hate Tiktok and this goes way a bit deeper for me.
I hate how it glamourized fast and shitty quality clothing, making it the new standard. I hate how it changed the music industry, making songs shorter for streams and more overwhelming to listen to (idk I might be an actual autist but I noticed this shift in music composition where it sounds without a proper pacing, I have no idea how to say it) and with more lol relatable am i right themes, like the song about victoria secret or the "I hate who I was before" song.
I hate how Tiktok became somewhat important? In my libraries I see shit like "Seen on Tiktok!" "Booktok favourites!" I get it it's the new influencer flavour but it's really weird, like borderline truman show. I hate how it shaped the attention span of people, I've seen some videos (mostly sponsored ads) with a seconds count in the corner telling you how many seconds that product/joke would last on screen. I hate how it made everyone feel important enough to have an opinion on anything and if that opinion generates interactions (no matter if that opinion is good or bad) it becomes a discussion topic on a wildly large scale. WHo fucking cares? I hate how it glamourized mental illness instead of bringing awareness, like the bitch who faked tics and that made a lot of girls fake tics and wasting professionals' time. I hate how it made transexualism something or cool or desirable, to the point there are videos about what puberty blockers aka Lupron-based growth stoppers do with cute sounds. Dystopic shit.
Anyone remembers Vine? Vine didn't have that grip on the upper layer on society. Vine was purely community driven and yeah ok there was some stupid shit on there too but Vine's impact was a minimal fraction on what tiktok is today. On Vine, we used to make fun of stupid people or transtrenders, now you get to fucking jail, in some states, if you do. What? What the fuck happened? You get to jail for saying shit like "Listen, at 15 you cannot mutilate your breasts just because you like anime men".
I remember then "Tumblr Invades Vine" compilation with homestuck cosplayer saying shit like genitalia doesn't define your gender, now we have fucking dylan mulvaney on beer cans and in a matter of very few years!
I feel like this is a mass hysteria of some sort, TikTok feels like a horse race with no prize, but the racers don't know that and do this stampede of who makes the most viral content, no matter how shitty or dangerous that is and while some years ago we used to make fun of these hypebeasts or tryhard people, now is condoned and you get looked down if you try to criticize that. It feels very weird, to me. I feel that if we removed or banned tiktok, everything would shit to a more calmer pace. No need to rush, dudes.
It's easy to hate tiktok as the "stupid teenager does stupid stuff" thing but those things always existed, like Vine, Tumblr, Myspace , what scares me is how Tiktok bled so much into every aspect of media and advertisting. It rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1597841

Yeah. It's weird how fast, and vastly tiktok has affected the overall population of the states. It most likely has to do with China since it is owned by a Chinese company. For what purpose? Pretty easy to guess.

No. 1597896

Im with you completely. I hate how odd everything feels now. Its like humanity is empty.

No. 1597947

I look down on nicotine addicts no matter how they consume. Nicotine addicts are no different to any other junkie. They steal from family, they ruin relationships, they abuse their children, just all around shitty people the world would be better off without.

No. 1598170

File: 1686000432170.jpg (694.04 KB, 2198x2322, tAU7ZhmaAuQ.jpg)

So I wanna clarify that I'm not a tardthot and I fully support men pulling their weight in child-care. However, there is something about men attempting to "emulate motherhood" that disturbs me, It feels both artificial and like a deformation of nature. Its like when fetishistic grown male TIMs try to falsely portray girlhood and ends up being a sexualized fantasy the same happens whenever men attempt to subvert motherhood, If you look up these attempts you'll often come across media, art of thought experiments that often either misogynistic and or placing children in inappropriate positions. It also comes across as very pedophilic

No. 1598192

love how cig smokers feel entitled to litter literally everyfuckingwhere. nowhere is safe from their discarded used cigarettes. ive literally had woke environmentalists casually litter their used cig outside instead of throwing it in the trash or a cig receptacle without a single blip of self awareness. they disgust me.

No. 1598195

love how cig smokers feel entitled to litter literally everyfuckingwhere. nowhere is safe from their discarded used cigarettes. ive literally had woke environmentalists casually litter their used cig outside instead of throwing it in the trash or a cig receptacle without a single blip of self awareness. they disgust me.

No. 1598196

love how cig smokers feel entitled to litter literally everyfuckingwhere. nowhere is safe from their discarded used cigarettes. ive literally had woke environmentalists casually litter their used cig outside instead of throwing it in the trash or a cig receptacle without a single blip of self awareness. they disgust me.

No. 1598219

This is 100 percent pedophilic and disturbing. Only women can breastfeed and we have the ability to do so if we want. Men are sick in the head. I wouldnt want any man near my child. it's why i'm always side eyeing gay men raising children. Men are so envious of women.

No. 1598220

I immediately think less of someone if they are a smoker. Cigarettes are disgusting and do no one good.

No. 1598300

The sole purpose of breastfeeding is to nourish and feed your baby. Women who cannot produce viable breastmilk use formula, they don't fantasize about breastfeeding. Induced lactation when you lack milk ducts or the ability to create viable breastmilk is nothing more than a fetish. End of. A baby latching onto your nipples is not paramount to being a woman and thinking so in itself is weird and misogynistic.

No. 1598352

Nta but are you retarded? She obviously meant women have the ability to breastfeed healthily, unlike men. This is like getting pissed at someone stating women can get pregnant just because some don't, some outliers don't negate the fact

No. 1598359

The reading comprehension on this site has really gone down in the past few months. Is it a result of tiktok kiddies that are used to having the text narrated to them?

No. 1598360

please come bully me so that i can quit already, nonny

No. 1598386

I don't know what's going on in this thread but
>Women who cannot produce viable breastmilk use formula
Just a reminder that formula is not a nutritional replacement for natural breast milk and this is why breastfeeding is so important.

No. 1598456

File: 1686032299100.jpeg (21.52 KB, 300x300, E6CAA0A5-998F-4F8C-87E7-7D5CAD…)

So many lash extensions look fucking awful. Even the more natural sets are just too fucking much. The super rounded tube look is the worst

No. 1598469


No. 1598482

People with stock photo tattoos. You can tell that they picked the first image that popped up on google search and had it done. I love tattoos and generally don't care about what others get but this will always irk me.

No. 1598495

I hate when my genuine politeness and friendliness is mistaken for flirting. Always by men, always that are significantly older than me. And I know it's just one of those things that most women go through but it's kinda sad to be expected to dim my light bc moids are socially retarded.

No. 1598502

I hate blow drying my hair but it looks so flat when I comb it and let it dry naturally.

No. 1598508

Men usually ignore or are rude to women they don’t wanna fuck so they assume you’re thinking like them.

No. 1598543

File: 1686047564427.jpg (71.01 KB, 458x650, 24f9cdf3b07f3961ff82e52fc22201…)

I'm an editor and when I have to work on a fantasy story I wish I could say "nope" and leave the job to someone else. Fantasy tropes, unless with an unusual twist, are boring as fuck. "Oh, nona, we have this new story by a new author!" "Oh cool, what is this about?" "a war in between elves, humans and a evil king!"
Jesus Christ, it takes around some hours of brainstorming to come up with a better plot. People say this about romance novels because they're too normie when in fact, since the basics of the story are very normie, people usually come up with funny or better tropes. Everytime I read about a fantasy world with a war about some trivial shit like the royalty status, some bullshit magic, cursed objects, saving princesses, old dead relatives and shit I wish I could go to these authors and say "Please, spend at least two hours of your time thinking about a nice twist, it doesn't have to be unique but at least don't use fantasy wars as the only plot device." Plus I noticed that most of the people who writes this stuff just reads Tolkien and is terribly biased towards other genres, no, Robert, your generic white elf novel will not make you the next fantasy sensation.

No. 1598566

How did you become an editor?

No. 1598570

I like books, went to school to study creative writing, did some tests, passed those tests, my school sent my resume and test results to my publisher and here I am

No. 1598668

fantasy is the worst genre

No. 1598914

I hate vtubers. They're all over-designed coomer bait with the same behaviors and traits and yet everyone (men) thinks they're so diverse and versatile. People try to defend them with "some people are just more comfortable with vtubing instead of a facecam!" or try the "not all vtubers are coomer bait", yet if you look at which vtubers get the most attention, it's the ones with the oversized tits spilling out of their poorly designed outfits and a Twitter feed full of porn and sexualized content. Obviously it causes a chain reaction and so the vast majority of vtubers fall under the same description. But wait, this one isn't coom bait! It's just a loli design! Fuck you. Kys.

No. 1598986

What the Hell is wrong with some kids, how does anyone think this is okay and not try to spot it.

No. 1599298

I hate the internet. If I was told that I could destroy the internet by slowly killing myself I would do it without hesitation. Every new invention is true evil and the further we go the worse it gets. The damage is not reversible. We can't go back. It makes me sick to my stomach on a daily basis. You have no privacy and there is nothing you can do about it.

No. 1599307

Not much you can do about the internet’s existence. If it bothers you maybe you should stop using it.

No. 1599319

Are you serious? You can easily install anti-trackers, take safety measures. Program Linux on your computer. Put up firewalls, monitor your router history to make sure there's no attackers. To say that you shouldn't use the internet because of lack of privacy is stupid.

No. 1599320

I hate influencers so much. You can't do anything now because everyone is trying to vlog or tiktok a place or event for clout.

No. 1599322

These look bad, but my biggest hate are giant false lashes that make a woman's eyelid look droopy and heavy. It looks gross af imo. Natural lashes are always best with only a tiny bit of brown mascara.

No. 1599324

Tiktok has ruined so much of our society. I really feel bad for gen z and the generation after them.

No. 1599325

bombastic side eye
criminal offensive side eye

No. 1599338

kinda related, i hate how most services including government ones now require you to download a fucking app. even if you're very careful about privacy yourself sometimes you just have to send official documents and private info online because of this. and everything needs an app or a digital version. sometimes it's not even easier to use than a real card/remote controller/piece of paper/quick stop at some office. internet is also what completely ruined moids and teenagers so.

No. 1599342

I hope you know that everything you said here sounds exactly like this video

No. 1599353

I hate how much sexual content and gore makes it onto tik tok undetected too. the kids are getting fucked up and their retarded parents don't care

>homestuck cosplayer saying shit like genitalia doesn't define your gender

It's fucking wild to think that this kind of thinking would enter the mainstream. this video is from like 2016

No. 1599453

I hate it when people think tattoos not showing up the same on black skin as on white skin is a skill issue on the artists part. Like, obviously its less contrast between dark skin and black lines, and when the skin heals back over the tattoo its going to be dark because the skin is more pigmented and the skins pigment will cover up the pigment of the tattoo? Do they think tattoo artist should be able to perform magic and if not they're bad artists? Its crazy how stupid people are

No. 1599471

File: 1686117945388.png (85.7 KB, 600x600, 1681795930728.png)

femdom art where the guy is plain-looking/in casual clothes and the woman is dolled up and in sexy lingerie for some fucking reason, ive seen this in drawings even when the focus is entirely on the male. wtf. why

No. 1599481

I hate low effort nostalgia posting. In forums just spamming random childhood TV shows and old kids websites and asking if people remember them. Not even making any unique discussion/analysis about them. I've noticed a few subreddits go down in quality because of posts like this. Actual posts get 50 upvotes while cheap nostalgia bait gets 500 upvotes.

No. 1599506

Anons are so weird when it comes to discussion of vaginas. It's like you almost have to tip toe in order to not be called a scrote. Although one thing in particular doesn't make sense to me is anons get so offended if you point out diet changes can have an effect on the smell. It's weird because they will have zero issue admitting diet can change sweat smell, skin, hair, etc. Why would it not affect your vagina to? I also feel like anons who get upset at this think moids will start pushing these standards on women and the only way to get a "nice" smell vagina is through an extremely restrictive diet that isn't realistic and would take a bad toll on the woman's health.

No. 1599659

so…is having a pizza scented vageen good or not? i don't get this post tbh

No. 1599662

I hate how troons and furries just can't fucking integrate into communities they are not part of, like I read a metal review website and one of the reviewers sticks out like a sore thumb, he uses his ponysona as his avatar, he reviews some fucking pony metal albums (which nobody comments on) and he came out as a troon randomly in a review thinking people would care about it.

No. 1599663

I hate this too. Why does everything need an app? And now fast food places have stopped offering regular deals, all the discounts come through ordering in-app. Guess what bitches? I don’t have fucking room on my fucking phone for all your damn bullshit apps because I don’t get a new phone every other year!! I will not download them!!! I’m eating at home!!!

No. 1599670

Useful for tracking customers eating, and shitting habits.

No. 1599677

File: 1686137455299.png (455.12 KB, 616x537, gotta go fast.png)

Midlife crisis uncles and 30-something manchildren who speed down roads and bike lanes with zero regard for other cyclists or pedestrians (fuck cagers though).
I know you want to show off your sick skillz, cool sports bike and testicle-gripping leotard to the general public, but you're extremely annoying and I promise that everyone actually hates you, kys.

No. 1599695

I hate retarded pseudo philosophical moids who think quoting some philosopher from 294949339 B.C is a good response to an argument. They also tend to be pleonastic and redundant.

No. 1599705

I’ve seen so many guys like this on dating apps. They’ll post all these quotes and say “I need someone intelligent.” Most of them probably don’t even read.

No. 1599707

Lewis Capaldi. Disgusting fat scrote isn't even talented. Fucking industry plant keeps popping up everywhere, and it should be illegal to show filth like this on tv.

No. 1599708

I mean there’s literally things you can do as an artist to make the linework show up more (using different color inks for example) on darker skin so yeah, it does kind of wind up under the artists technique and experience.

No. 1599711

literally who is that guy and why is he so unfunny i though fat men were supposed to be funny

No. 1599712

Fucking plague, they think they're in tour de France while in lanes where people commute or there are children riding their bikes, I hate how they travel in flocks too.

No. 1599714

Scottish singer that is very popular despite being crap and disgusting to look at. Fat men only act funny to get women to think they're charming. Don't fall for the psyop, nona.

No. 1599841

Your post gives me hope with my writing.

No. 1599980

How can you make a tattoo show up equally on white and black skin? What techniques? How can a tattoo artist magically undo the melanin content in skin for it to not cover up the tattoo?

No. 1600048

You use different colored ink, thinner/thicker lines in places. Obviously it won’t be exactly the same but if you aren’t a shit tattoo artist you’re able to do non-muddy pieces on darker skin. If an artist says “sorry, don’t do dark skin” I just assume they aren’t very good and aren’t comfortable enough in their techniques.

No. 1600074

File: 1686165869844.jpeg (259.04 KB, 750x1173, 3CE4ABA7-5C41-4984-B343-E5D86C…)

>using the 1790s general uniform
>getting an old ass actor
chronologically inaccurate REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1600159

File: 1686174515478.jpeg (116.79 KB, 1024x1220, IMG_6448.jpeg)

Shit russian in media. Biased obviously because I’m bilingual with one russian but bad russian in news, movies, music is so annoying to me. I understand if they can’t pronounce something but can’t these people be assed to google how it sounds? But movies especially…is there just no one that speaks decent russian in the US? I get it, they don’t need to tech whatever star perfect russian but is it really that hard to find someone for a character with 3 lines?? I don’t believe it. Is it even believable for the average person? Even worse when there’s some subplot involving russian and the random “russian” can’t even say 1 word normal.

No. 1600247

Still isnt going to be as visible as on light skin, sorry thats just how skin and colour works. Still not going to be the same. You probably think one can colour dark hair lighter too

No. 1600248

No, but I follow plenty of tattoo artists who do great and visible work on darker skin. Keep making the assumptions though.

No. 1600869

Russian characters on TV and movies are usually criminals or hookers so I don't think real Russians want those roles. I noticed after a while that Russian characters in American media tend to be played by people from ex-Yugo countries and it's something that once you start noticing you realize it's everywhere.

No. 1603613

File: 1686484741103.png (8.33 KB, 361x325, Screenshot_20230611-125841.png)

No. 1603620

File: 1686485699476.png (Spoiler Image, 1.72 KB, 329x32, caveman.png)

KEKK I hate when they say retarded shit like picrel or when they forget their own names.

No. 1603625

kek, not Russian, but I understand your distress. I watched many American tv shows and, for example, in Sleepy Hollow that one guy is speaking German, it took me some minutes to realise it because I thought he spoke bad Dutch. I think it's the same for most languages, they just don't care and if you are fluent in the language they try to speak you just cringe. It wouldn't be so hard to train them just one single sentence, but no, who cares, no one will notice they speak gibberish.

No. 1603649

Haha it kills me when they show billboards for example and there's just gibberish in Cyrillic, it definitely was in one of the Marvel movies. But yeah, I also always wonder if it's so hard to find someone who speaks good Russian or at least to train a bit
One of the shows where Russians can speak well is X-Files, even Krycek can speak more or less well although he's not even Russian. But the line from the very beginning of the vidrel makes me lol each time: тварь! паскуда!! мудак нехороший (хрртьфу)

No. 1603653

Despite the US being so big and Hollywood having such big budgets it seems like they just can't find a person who speak the right language for a movie or tv-show.
I'm Swedish and there is an ep of Brooklyn 99 with Swedish characters. They speak gibberish and one has a Danish name while they say that they hate the Danish. The main character wants to drown them in a fjord, which is… Norwegian. They can't even get their stereotypes right while making fun of people form other countries!

No. 1603659

cringe. why cast this guy anyway? napoleon was very young and looked young for most of his career. this dude is at least 50. hollywood is so biased toward old men actors it's disgusting

No. 1603672

This. But for me it's Chinese. The amount of nonsense I hear in US movies is so racist. Temple of doom is a big example. It's so blatantly wrong but no one in the US seems to care because they think China bad, so they don't get actual Chinese speaking people to speak the language.

No. 1603724

The recent posts about bad Hollywood practices serves as a reminder that the average Hollywood creation is written by an unattractive midwit male as a self-serving fantasy first and foremost, so that he and other losers can self-insert and spiritually circlejerk.

Slowing production to make accurate stereotypes is not important for this.

No. 1603752

That explains why there are so many bad movies being made kek

No. 1603767

There's an episode of Community where they introduce a character who turns out to be a bloodthirsty war criminal. They never say where he's from aside from "the Balkans" but he's heavily implied to be Serbian. Awful stereotype aside, he's portrayed by an Albanian actor.
I don't think I've ever seen a character from Serbia or other Balkan countries portrayed positively. They're always criminals, terrorists or something else fucked up. There was even one movie where they had a "Serbian" character with a Hungarian name who spoke Hungarian in the actual movie, they just said it was Serbian. Like… why.

No. 1603776

File: 1686501901932.jpeg (58.06 KB, 400x527, IMG_9158.jpeg)

Because the US hates Serbia since the Clinton administration and it’s a soft power thing? I don’t actually know but Serbia gets treated like shit

No. 1603857

Scandinavians are always the same, there is no difference between them, didn't you know? And no person can hear any differences between the languages, I sometimes think people making that stuff assume that the viewers are stupid like hell.
I remember watching Buffy and in one episode they have a historic book that should be written in German and I've never seen so many wrong sentences in my life. It's actually sad, the effort to get it right would be maybe 10 minutes and one fluent person from the nation they want to portray. But well, in the end, if they portray Germans, they are always the Nazis, like Russians are always evil communists and so on