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No. 1727146

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1690309

No. 1727302

File: 1697375281801.png (11.68 KB, 797x576, CscX9Gb.png)

I saw picrel getting a ridiculous number of retweets and likes, and I couldn't help but think, 'This is how you know these people are completely out of touch with reality!' Because trope doesn't even exist in mainstream media. It's purely a creation of fan-fiction, and it's mind-boggling how so many fandom types are so brain-dead that they genuinely can't even recognize the difference.

No. 1727353

I hate these things, these people love to make retarded character dynamics but they never go beyond white blobs posted on twitter.

No. 1728903

Nonnie are you making me thirst over a cartoon lizard

No. 1729260

File: 1697522601559.jpg (45.19 KB, 750x691, PAW_16.jpg)

The internet and fandom culture specifically is no longer light hearted fun as it was back just a decade.

No. 1729276

what the hell is that furfag ass threadpic and what does it have to do with fandom discourse?

No. 1729277

I think it’s because of the westaboo discussion in the last thread and probably grabbed from the westaboo thread because I’ve swear i’ve seen it multiple times already, not really anything to do with discourse I guess anon has a curiosity or fondness for westaboos which same tbh

No. 1729290

File: 1697528281225.jpg (143.6 KB, 1500x1500, FYBS8itakAA-BCS.jpg)

Everyone one of these "tropes" is from fan-fiction written by autists who have never had sex.

No. 1729336

>lesbain cool and aloof
>gay man shorter than and leaning into lesbian while guiding the conversation in an overinvolved way
This is not a real thing.

No. 1729350

Yup. Internet is dead.

No. 1729352

This one is creepy and scary

No. 1729353

It might be worse now but it was definitely already shit 10 years ago. Pretty sure that by then it was already being politicized.

No. 1729356

The pairing of serious, intellegent woman and goofy, outgoing man is tiringly common in straight characters. Guess they just made it into a gay friends version.

No. 1729363

Again, this is a trope from fan-fiction trope where the goofy but still competent male MC is turned into a "woobified golden retriever" who can't seem to accomplish anything and the female side character, who may have a bit more serious than the male MC, is degraded into becoming a killjoy mom, and for reasons beyond comprehension, both characters are made inexplicably made gay.

No. 1729387

File: 1697545991575.jpg (122.14 KB, 941x1016, F7snAi4XwAAvs6o.jpg)

you say that, but would you really be comfortable with people like this?

No. 1729395

No. 1729438

These are the new deviantart bases. People take the "funny" joke and copy-paste their personal blorbos onto the base in a poorly fitting ooc mash, to be "funny." just like every single fanartist redrew that barbie jail card meme with their own characters until it was such a dead horse it was fossilized.

tumblr's brand of humor is bland shit like this, being manic pixie quirky and making smarmy quips, because any other kind of humor might offend someone. and it comes off in every other media they try to produce. so when "tumblrpilled" (if you know who I'm referring to you know) people get into the industry and have writing decisions, they fill a series with shit like this. they think it's the funniest thing ever. while the audience is internally cringing to death. which is why they should hire published authors to write their stories instead of giving reins to dimbulb cartoon doodlers–actual authors are proven by fire against the publishing gatekeepers, so there is at least some external force they are beholden to the editing opinions of, and they are not born and bred in echo chambers like tumblrites who oneitis the same bland babby first characters they scribbled out at age 14 and won't get over. at least authors are taught to kill their darlings. cartoonists drag their darlings with them like a siamese twin.

No. 1729440

prompts is the term. it's the fanfic equivalent of bases to fanartists. so you can read the same fanfic 20 times because 20 people used the same prompt on the same series. it doesn't occur to them that people don't want regurgitation ad nauseum.

Like that "Oh. Oh." Thing that makes me want to take a hammer to my screen. Other common prompts are 5+1, only one bed, hanahaki, wingfics, mermaids, etc. The people are so braindead they can't even come up with their own ideas. If you read it once it might have been good. But the same shit hundreds of times just makes people hate all of it.

No. 1729456

>Like that "Oh. Oh"
Why did you have to remind me of that shit now I want to kms because every fic I've read recently has that shit and it's so annoying in a way I can't express with words.

No. 1729458

I fucking wish this was still the worst of the worst

No. 1729460

I'd rather see dumb teenager posting about skipping school and liking MLP than see today's teenagers trying to harrass and dox normal nerds because they're jealous of their skills in art and they're pretending it's because these normal nerds are problematic proshippers. At least the kids in your pic look like they're having fun.

No. 1729494

remove the naked coomthing and it's ok, the black guy with the anime eyes looks funny in a good, light-hearted fun way.

No. 1729502

File: 1697556467548.png (36.57 KB, 564x529, IMG_2186.png)

On that note I’ve always fucking hated: ‘it’s you. It’s always been you.’ I. I. Sorry I can’t even type properly right now out of pure fucking rage because every time I fucking see it I’m already 75% through a piece of media and I IMMEDIATELY have to drop it like hot rocks when this fuckass retarded phrase jumps up my arse out of nowhere. What does it even fucking mean! Nothing! Fucking nothing! In 99% of the contexts in which it’s used it has no correlation to the characters’ shared history or their situation, nothing! It’s lazy, uninspired and braindead and the worst fucking thing is whenever I hear or see it I can just FEEL the author sitting back smugly, so very self-assured that they just caused us, the reader, to go spiralling into a well of sentimental tears. Fuck you, fuck your writing, fuck your publisher, fuck your Ao3 kudos, fuck your entire life. If you use this phrase, I’m going to need you to head over to Homebase and find a nice thick rope. Please, for the betterment of all humanity, do what must be done.

No. 1729507

Same anon here but literally the ONLY fucking situation it would work in is if the characters existed in some sort of environment where they had to compete to win their partner’s affection and there was some last minute switch in which person B tells A that they had been doing a cheeky bit of plot twistaroo and that A was their true choice all along. Now that! Is tolerable! Literally any other variation? Fuck no! Kill yourself now!

No. 1729533

I can only assume they saw these lines once in a book where they made sense and decided to use them over and over again in every context they can think of.

No. 1729538

Yeah I can only imagine a love triangle or some shit where the characters knew each other for a long time but dated other people

No. 1729551

I miss these types of weeb, the cringe type like foam adventures. Now every weeb tries to be cool and totally ironic.

No. 1729572

I feel like most weebs nowadays are just porn addicted and weird, even weeaboo women are like that

No. 1729588

File: 1697563307942.jpg (62.16 KB, 906x1198, 8jodt9797o1a1.jpg)

>I feel like most weebs nowadays are just porn addicted and weird, even weeaboo women are like that
This! Everyone is completely consumed by pointless in-fighting or centered around sex and relationship prompts (fan-fics, fan-art, and everything leading up to it). Even AU's have devolved into mere excuses for sexual situations, completely distorting the characters' true essence. It's beyond exhausting.

No. 1729591

>but would you really be comfortable with people like this?
Yes i don't browse the lolcow boards

No. 1729634

god i fucking miss my weeb friends kill me pls

No. 1729644

God, I always get called a prude when I talk about it, but why does everything in fandom nowadays have to be so sexual or about relationships. Tell me about the lore, talk to me about your theories and which character you think will betray the main cast. Why does everything have to fit into tropes nowadays, like sunshine x moon, enemies-to-lovers, etc. Why has fiction devolved into boxes

No. 1729646

Internet being colonised by coomers and expansion of "queer" sexual liberation.

No. 1729662

I think it also has to do with social media in general. Everyone moves fandoms within a month because the media has already become boring and the only way to capitalize on it is to make sexy fanart while people care. But not everyone is like that, there are still small groups of people who genuinely care about lore and characters' personalities beyond the tropes that can be assigned to them. Though I also feel like the recent "big" fandoms have all been centered around very boring media. Nothing interesting is being made right now

No. 1729682

people went from discussing media on forums to microblogging sites like twitter that encourage short shallow discussion vs. deeper conversations. the main way to get deeper discussions is now through youtube video essays for most people.

No. 1729689

I agree with you even though I'm also into a lot of ships. I think it's very obvious when someone is strictly interested in ships and nothing else in a story when they write modern AUs and make the story takes place in America when that's not even a place that exists in the original setting. The only time I clicked on a coffee shop AU fanfic was with a FE3H fic about Sylvain/Felix and it was so American that the characters were basically OC donut steel. Instead of making the story about that pairing but in a modernized version of the setting you see in the game, Fodlan, the characters where in an American Starbucks 90% of the time. Which is weird because in a very short scene at the beginning you see a scene with skyscrapers even though Fodlan is basically a fantasy version of medieval Europe because one of the character manipulates time and some antagonists come from another civilization that has more advanced technology than the playable characters like mechas so you'd think the game already has a good basis to write a modern AU but nope. It's always the US.

No. 1729715

File: 1697573015025.jpeg (90.13 KB, 735x679, IMG_1041.jpeg)

Actually this point make me think of something Nona. I’m very sex positive within fandom, I’m a horny gal myself, but I also remember the days when you and a couple of online friends would go absolutely haywire digging your teeth into the meat of a character or a plotline for hours on end, drawing AUs and art pieces based off of thick, tangible, somewhat intellectual theories cracked up at 2AM on a school night. Now… well, people can’t even communicate properly. ‘I want to eat this artwork’, ‘I’m going to smash my blorbo’, ‘yaoi Friday, yuri coded’ - I’m genuinely only now realising that all this ooga booga meme speak has taken the place of genuine discussion points that require effort to conjure and converse in. That’s why even when I’ve reached out to absolutely phenomenal fic authors as of late, expecting their speech to be as gorgeously crafted as their work, it’s a hit or miss whether they’ll talk like a human being or a regurgitated tumblr funny haha yaoi bot. Even when you do happen to connect with another person who feels like they respect both themselves and you as a real human, and even when you reach for those spirals of discussion like the old days, it’s hard to do so without veering hard left into nsfw shipping territory. I genuinely adore smutty character dissections as much as the next anon, but there’s no variety anymore. If they’re a younger fan, they talk like a porn brained retard (despite hunting down proshippers for being the ‘degenerates’ kek, look in a mirror!) and if they’re older, they’re lovely at first but also. Well. Equally porn brained but hidden behind a flimsy veneer of literary depth and wisdom. Sigh. I give up! I give up.

No. 1729720

nta but same. Unrelated slightly, but I used to be apart of the Genshin fandom but left two years ago because it was all just no-depth-coomshit. I was a big Kaeya fan, a big fan of the lore of Khaenri'ah (I have no idea how it is now or any new updates about it), but every time I would try and engage with other Kaeya fans, all they wanted to talk about were him fucking Diluc or him being the resident whore. I want to learn about the world and his backstory! I don't care who he sleeps with, I wanted to know more about his character. The worst part is, is that I love Kaeya and I did think he was cute, so I didn't mind NSFW. But it's so disappointing trying to talk to adults about him and all they mention is anime sex.

No. 1729742

>Why has fiction devolved into boxes
Too many normies got into ficiton and the internet. Normies love boxes and high memebility, you can show them the same damn formula over and over again with no problems

No. 1729772

I don't know how things are nowadays but I do remember a decade ago when some people were still sperging hard on tumblr over the hot new TV show's cliffhanger and how the big mystery would be solved in the next season, or how movie or anime adaptations of their favorite novels, comics or manga were good or absolute shit, but now caring too much is seen as cringe because of normies with no media literacy as others said. This microblogging shit can be very fun but I miss when forums were still a big part of fandoms because there weren't tiny character limits and being too off-topic or just posting short non-contribution posts could get you banned. I don't think we should get rid of microblogging websites but I wish we could have several options for everyone. Now with discord servers that shit is even more obnoxious.

>Normies love boxes and high memebility
>high memebility
It feels like a recent phenomenon caused by the internet. I doubt normies were this obnoxious when they were following TV shows in the 90s but I was a kid at the time so idk. The mere fact that almost nobody knows what a meme is is already alarming enough. For some reason normies think it's synonymous with "joke" and it's a bit minor but when you can't even make yourself understood to others because they have such a shitty vocabulary you already know it's going to be hard to find like-minded people online. Ironically enough my irl friends are total nerds and I can have super long conversations about our favorite niche video games face to face on a regular basis unless one of us wants to avoid spoilers, meanwhile online I should be able to reach out to more people so statistically I should be more likely to find like-minded who like the same things I do but every interaction online feels like we're talking at each other and not to each other. I'm making no sense here but whatever. At that point I'd rather talk to someone who will just say "I like your favorite video game" or "I hate your favorite video game" without elaborating than to people who will just spam crusty screenshots of the characters doing stupid shit with a stupid nonsensical caption over and over again.

No. 1729787

File: 1697577813232.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1170x1791, IMG_3035.jpeg)

Nope, I get you nona. On a similar note I opened twitter immediately after reading back both my reply and yours and was blasted away by this. And while the art itself is (let’s not beat around the bush) respectably hot, it struck me as ironic that I’ve seen this screenshot of Nanami or whatever his name is plastered on my screen as least a hundred times this week but no context of the scene whatsoever! Not a crumb! No interest in or discussion about the episode’s plot whatsoever to hook me into the series, just: Hurr durr hot yaoi fodder!!! Sure, you can have your fujo/yume bait and eat it, but I struggle to see anything on my Twitter feed these days from any fandom across the board that isn’t mostly driven by fan libido. But it feels like there’s nowhere else to go except X (porn) instagram (soft core porn, shitty art) TikTok (no critical thinking) tumblr (your favourite character is black now!) (I can say that bc I’m black kek) or god forbid, one of these new fangled sites that are somehow crawling with lolicon refugees only months after launching. Where do even I go nonas? Free me from these horned brained morons!

No. 1729789

how do we revive forums? there has to be enough of us disillusioned by social media fandoms that we can sustain one right?

No. 1729792

>it struck me as ironic that I’ve seen this screenshot of Nanami or whatever his name is plastered on my screen as least a hundred times this week but no context of the scene whatsoever!
Yes me too, not on my TL but on my "for you" page on twitter. Same with that video of that guy who's voiced by Yuuichi Nakamura breathing loudly on loop the mere fact that I recognized the voice actor without looking him up just based on that makes me wonder if I'm mentally ok sometimes ok moving on like I have no clue what the fuck this manga is about except that there are people beating each other up in the Shibuya train station or some shit.

No. 1729794

Posted too fast kek but I also wanted to say that on the other hand it means avoiding spoilers is easier than before. On tumblr before you could mute words and tags on the actual website you had to download missing E and then xkit when missing E died, and it didn't always work. Now on twitter nobody uses tags so that means you're less likely to find spoilers unless you actively look for it in my experience. But that also means finding new accounts to follow can be harder as well.

No. 1729806

File: 1697579135591.jpeg (34.16 KB, 710x630, IMG_2094.jpeg)

Ah but who cares about spoilers nona! The only warnings that matter now are tagging every possible ‘trigger’ in existence to avoid causing some random 13 year old anti to erupt into hives at the mere sight of a fanart of two anime boys both aged 17 and 364 days boning it out on their sticky iPad screen. Oh, oh and you want to know what fucked me off bad recently? I saw an anti spoil some series by loudly spurting ‘for anyone who wants to stan X character, just so you know, they do Y bad thing later in the series so maybe mull over that before deciding to like them (oho oho I am so morally superior oho)’ as if. As if they had no self awareness that they had just blurted a gargantuan fucking spoiler on main that would have gotten then dogpiled a mere five years ago. But the replies? ‘Omg thanks for letting me knowww bestie!’ ‘Oomf that’s so grosss I can’t believe my fave was a freak ewewew’ I am going to wrangle these people’s throats with my bare hands! Count your fucking days!

No. 1729810

I have no technical knowledge to do so nona but if anyone here does I would be unbelievably down to lend a hand!

No. 1729826

There's something called BobaBoard being developed right now. Looks promising.

No. 1729841

File: 1697581369225.png (22.57 KB, 910x208, 9a6161f8637c0d988438597de738df…)

I don't feel so good, nona

No. 1729843

Proboards is still active and hosting, the biggest challenge would be finding mods who aren't mentally ill.

No. 1729849

Death would be too kind, too sweet a release I fear

No. 1729863

they are dead set on ruining the internet and fandom
i wonder whats edgy to them, i cannot imagine having to be walking around legos while making jokes

No. 1729944

No thanks

No. 1729948

File: 1697593499184.png (279.36 KB, 900x606, aquamansm.png)

>Tell me about the lore, talk to me about your theories and which character you think will betray the main cast. Why does everything have to fit into tropes nowadays, like sunshine x moon, enemies-to-lovers, etc.
More than that, I feel fandom humor has overall become less "fun". As I've said, besides sex, everything seems to revolve around relationship prompts and window dressing that ultimately leads to sex. I remember being on Tumblr over a decade ago, where the most popular humor involved popula characters in mundane situations or just being them being kinda goofy, and say what you wanna say about that type humour, it was earnest.

No. 1729951

RIP Kate Beaton I miss her so much shes not dead she just stopped making comics

No. 1729952

Honestly the only reason I support BobaBoard is because the creator seems to be pro-fujoshi, which is hard to find on the internet.

No. 1729961

File: 1697595280857.png (548.01 KB, 560x734, Screenshot 2023-10-17 185025.p…)


they're just men

No. 1729963

this vs calling every man a "himbo" whose "boypussy" you want to "rawdog", there's no contest

No. 1729964

Did she stop because of how annoying moids were to her at conventions

No. 1729966

…but is it worth it if the space is also pro-tranny..?

No. 1729976

>and say what you wanna say about that type humour, it was earnest.
speaking of fandom humor, these days it feels nonexistent. what passes for "funny" are just redraws of memes, screenshots and insider references that only terminally online people would get. in other words, a simulacrum of humor.

even before tumblr, i remember back in the deviantart days (think mid 2000s) i remember the "omg lol so random xD" gag comics was the dominant kind of humor, at least in anime/manga fandoms. bonus points if it was 1) colored in with crayola colored pencils 2) manually scanned in and 3) it was drawn in a chibi style with anime expressions. yeah, it was definitely childish - because the people drawing those were most definitely underage - but at least there was a sincere attempt at originality, as opposed to copying memes ad nauseum.

No. 1729999

>differing opinions bad

Okay then

No. 1730000

What fandoms/ships are you anons reading fic in to find this stuff over and over?

No. 1730060

File: 1697612856331.png (423.75 KB, 538x458, bruh.png)

>draws light skinned characters dark skinned to be inclusive
>only draws the rough masculine characters dark skinned
>feminine gentle characters remain light skinned, even makes them look more feminine than they actually do
>accidentally becomes colorist while trying to "combat colorism"

No. 1730061

He actually looks a lot better like that so I don't care

No. 1730076

File: 1697614918436.jpeg (98.02 KB, 1280x723, IMG_3048.jpeg)

Ah, no. That’s not it. It’s because the concept art for Wriothesley was leaked and he was revealed to be originally darker skinned. It clearly wasn’t changed due to aesthetic reasons either, since his earlier colour palette just objectively suits him more than the washed out look he has now. I promise this isn’t racebait nonas, I’d say the same if it were the other way round and pale skin looked more suitable. So yes, I’d say it’s fair in this case.

No. 1730077

File: 1697614943996.jpeg (303.62 KB, 1935x2048, IMG_3047.jpeg)

More concept art.

No. 1730079

File: 1697615053288.jpeg (529.09 KB, 1170x647, IMG_3051.jpeg)

In-game canonical appearance.

No. 1730081

Having to call these dark skin makes me kek but it happens to every masculine character, they'll make Beidou dark skinned and Ningguang light skinned, Alhaitham dark and Kaveh light etc. This was just the example I saw just now. It's more obvious who they choose to be dark skinned when it's ship art.

No. 1730082

No. 1730088

>Darker skinned

Thats average white boy skin tone

No. 1730090

She started writing kid's books, admitted she didn't have the energy for her webcomics, and then got married and had kids as well

No. 1730100

Yeah I fucking know, but the standards are so low okay

No. 1730102

File: 1697617137888.jpg (117.96 KB, 1242x864, b81b992632982cc354ce71ec7a86e7…)

I really wonder how much of this is a result of the influence of Korean webtoons. All of these things mentioned are extremely common in Manhwa. I used to read a lot of them when I was younger and more terminally online, and a significant portion of the humor relied on meme references. It was a bit funny the first time, but it seemed like every series incorporated this gimmick, regardless of genre. Whether it was Korean bl, slice of life, action series, straight romances, or isekais. And there was also this tendency to depict people with darker skin tones (even if they were pure Korean) as hotheaded or even animalistic at times.

No. 1730104

Koreans didn't invent colorism, anon. China has always been just as bad about it dating back to long before Korea even existed. Those stereotypes span across many different cultures. And not to sound like I'm white knighting manhwa, I don't like it, but Koreans 100% took the shitty meme humor from Western meme culture which was already a thing in fandom before the mass production of webtoons started.

No. 1730111

File: 1697618675603.jpg (36.44 KB, 736x736, 91d2c0b6a23df934752406e9409fcd…)

In the last thread, there was somebody who said this:
>Both sides are annoying as hell
>Proshippers are people who can’t accept the fact that people on the internet find them weird so they have to make a campaign out of being oppressed or whatever by 16 year olds because someone said insulted their ship
>Antishippers are the type of people who constantly expect you to walk on eggshells for them because they cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality, that is unless they find a ship with ‘problematic’ elements that they like, then it’s fine because they say so.
>I get annoyed when people call me a proshipper or whatever for this reason, just because I like problematic ships doesn’t mean I’m part of some stupid internet argument.
Imagine how much quieter Tumblr would be if all the "proshippers" and "antishippers" quit letting the narcissistic voice in their own heads tell them to be a makeshift dictator on what gets written. The block button was invented for a reason, but the extremists of either side don't wanna use it because they'd rather start online civil wars on their high horses. When an "anti" or a "proship" is a minor and acting bossy about a media's fandom when the particular media wasn't even meant for minors in the first place, it only gets more obnoxious; because imagine a sixteen year old trying to bully thirty year old fans out of liking a movie, game, or show that the sixteen year old shouldn't even be consuming in the first place. Reposting this because I missed a greentext section.

No. 1730117

honestly 99% of fandom drama would be avoided if people abided by the old 200s ruke "don't like don't read". just block, mute and scroll.

No. 1730123

NTA but pretty much every space online nowadays is pro-tranny, all we can do is to ignore them (unless you want to join right-wing spaces, which I don't think you would want). That said when 80% of the userbase are lgbtiughdg+ it becomes annoying and hard to not have the trans flag on your tl every 2 posts, so I avoid sites advertising itselves as qweers like the plague.

No. 1730128

tbh i actually kinda like proshippers cuz they're super chill most of the time and their degeneracy is hilarious to me

No. 1730129

File: 1697621506167.jpg (34.47 KB, 720x401, EdWWPq0.jpg)

Blocking what you don't want to see was the purpose of considering yourself "proship" as in you don't care what people ship, you'll mute and block as you want. But now some retarded ones are seeking out dumb teenagers online to quote and write paragraphs to. I used to call myself proship to indicate that I won't stop being friends with twitterfags if they put sebaciel on my timeline and I mute ships I dislike but now associating myself with that word feels like declaring that I'm picrel

No. 1730133

File: 1697622050660.gif (102.91 KB, 220x168, 1675617698059.gif)


>that picrel

No. 1730134

File: 1697622228790.gif (2.14 MB, 177x177, c982f98dcd0107cf0afa874817d785…)

i have some "problematic" ships so i do lurk on the "proship"-side of fandom. But i hate when proshippers acts like 13 year olds not liking their shotacon fanfics is literal oppression and censorship. i have seen many of them claim that not supporting proship fanworks is setting the gay rights movement back. I suspect that the people who say shit like that aren't even gay, they are kinky straight women and therefore selfproclaimed kweers.
I used to follow proship nsfw artists on twitter but instead of posting art they would comb trough every fandom and ship-related tags so they could argue with teenagers. I followed them to see degen art not to see them taking a made-up moral high ground. its super pathetic and annoying.
I know "antishippers" are extreme too but people need to stop engaging with them. they are more likely to doxx you if you insist on arguing with them.

Agree with >>1730111 and the post from the previous thread. Both sides are deranged but in two different ways

No. 1730164

I hate that 90% of fanfic is just porn. Honestly the antis are right, people are disgusting and need to go to horny jail. It gives all of fanfiction a bad name when most people associate it with deranged a/b/o mpreg cumflation noncon (they literally use the word noncon instead of saying rape.) and it's worse when you realize it's mostly 16 year olds reading and writing this crap.

No. 1730175

The term is "brownwashing" and it's everywhere right now. Funny thing is most of my favorite characters are not even white, but the forced hamfistedness of the brownwashing approach is causing people to hate something they wouldn't have had a problem with if it was done organically. Honestly I'd rather characters be tanned up than the other modifications tumblrites make, such as making everyone a fat gay slovenly blob with a tumor for a nose, excessive body hair, and maybe a unibrow or something to be inclusive to people who don't know what tweezers are.

It's funny to see them clash with asian artists/fanbase who draw everyone paperwhite yet they themselves are "POC" so coddled suburban white westerners are caught unable to criticize them but still seething in rage. you can see the western heads explode in real time. The same people say that anime lacks diversity before shitting their pants remembering anime characters are supposed to be asian.

No. 1730222

You must be a zoomer. Fandom "humor" being all about copypasting other people's jokes in your comics or fanfics isn't really that new and was already a big thing a decade ago when webtoons weren't really a thing and manhwa weren't as popular abroad as they currently are, it's just that it's even more prevalent now.

No. 1730258

>Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
NGL, as a lesbian this discourse always reeked of virtue signaling. F/F is less popular not only because most media is casually sexist and female characters don't have as much depth, but lesbians are a statistical minority. There's 5x more straight and bi women who are going to be interested in het/BL/male characters. You can't force someone to change their tastes for the sake of political purity, lesbians aren't a monolith and aren't going to like the same things. In my former fandoms, most of the women getting upset about this aren't actual lesbians or care about F/F content, they just want to browbeat other women to stop writing what they like. That one tweet I saw all over my Twitter timeline months ago that was telling people to "sit and think about why" they don't like F/F ships was posted by a woman who mostly posts about a het ship, but she says she doesn't like a lot of F/F due to "trauma" (why do we have to share personal things to defend preferences?), so she gets a pass.

I think another elephant in the room for "sapphic underrepresentation" is that I and the few actual lesbians I've met in fandom don't even want to post F/F content or interact with fandom anymore because it's so gender-infused and liberal homophobic. Nearly every popular F/F and M/M ship I've liked has been transed and drawn having PIV. Normally I'm in the "don't like, don't read" camp but that shit is everywhere and I've found fics with PIV/one character is a transwoman untagged. If I want to see straight sex (I don't) I'd go for a M/F ship. If I ever get into a F/F ship again I'm probably going to enjoy it in private and not go anywhere near the content for it.

No. 1730264

To be fair I’ve now seen so many artists doxxed over this shit that I don’t even think it’s fair to label them ‘harmless 13 year olds’ anymore. Sure, we were stupid kids trying to get the hang of the internet around that age but this generation feels like they know how to hunt down an IP address with only 6 months’ experience online. I do think proshippers can behave in a way that seems like overreacting but even as a neutralish party I’m terrified of posting anymore for fear of being kicked out my place of education and work. That fear doesn’t come from nowhere. It’s happened too many times by now to feel like it can brushed off as delusional paranoia.

No. 1730266

So many pale asians are unbelievably racist, and the older I get the less patience I have for their bs. Ban me for ‘racebait’ for speaking the truth but they’ve gotten way too cocky after becoming the ‘hip new’ race both online and offline and think they can get away with shitting on everyone a shade darker than them while also claiming the ‘POC’ label. Do you know what that stands for? Person of COLOUR. Person with MELANIN. They’re like White People 2.0 at this point, I wish I could call out this utter bs as an actual minority without being accused of racism for speaking the truth.

No. 1730273

You knows there’s more colors than just shades of brown, right?

No. 1730277

NTA, but by that metric, white people are POC too. Be serious.

No. 1730278

Don’t be silly you can always point out colorism, just a bunch of people online won’t understand it unless you use baby words. Also if you’re talking to an American it’s different from talking to a European or Asian about race so it’s hard to tailor your point in a way that makes sense to everyone. That’s honestly one reason I appreciate the no-racebait rule here because it’s an international website and I prefer to just avoid the circular arguments where people are boxing at shadows because the comment wasn’t something they understand.

No. 1730283

Poc is stupid and it's just an umbrella term for non-white people

No. 1730324

Dude seriously looks like that guy from Jooubachi no Oubou
To continue last thread's conversation about Tumblrfags making it into the industry, I saw the vampire guy from BG3 and thought he was pretty hot, but then went on YouTube to watch his romance cutscenes and I couldn't stop cringing every time. I wasn't expecting Tumblr fanfiction-tier writing from a game like that. It's the unsexiest, most cliché shit I've read in a video game in the past few months. It's no wonder it's so popular with Aidens.
This is what I've noticed too, and I'm frankly sick of it. This utter obsession with shipping everyone and everything leads to some really disturbing content too. It's like people are incapable of appreciating any kind of relationship that isn't sexual in nature, any and all signs of affection or complex, deep relationships are bound to be interpreted as erotic by at least one group of degenerates. I blame the normalization of porn, especially internet porn, and "sex positive" attitudes. Sex sells so it's now normal for everyone to attemp to profit off it.
One thing I've noticed about fujos (might be shippers in general, it's just that fujos are so common and vocal) is that most of them usually don't really seem to give a fuck about either the characters or the series. It's like they see an attractive male character and immediately do everything in their power to find him a male partner, then proceed to ignore everything about him that has nothing to do with the other guy. Same with series, these kinds of fujos/shippers don't seem to care much about anything or anyone that doesn't involve either of these characters unless it serves as fuel for the ship. They could build entire shrines dedicated to a ship, yet fixate on an imaginary relationship they made up in their own fantasies (to the point their entire lives revolve around it) without even appreciating the individual characters' other traits, or even the story which they're a part of. I actually met a fujo like this, who openly admitted to not having even read any part of the story that didn't involve her sacred tertiary character ship and he was super rude and acted like she owned the place (where the rest of us actually cared about the series as a whole), so I know my theory isn't so crazy, and with this trend among zoomers of never actually knowing the source first-hand and only reading wiki articles it sounds more likely. They're not fans of the source or characters, but the hypothetical couple between then, it's stupid as fuck once you realize how empty their obsession is and it's even stupider that these people dominate most fandoms.
For the record I think it's ok to have casual fun like this as long as these types don't infest and take over an entire fandom that actually wants to discuss the source material or the characters outside of the narrow, surface-level wikifag shipper interpretation. As long as they keep it to themselves or stay in their little corner separate from the rest of us it's fine, but when they take over the whole fandom they have the potential to destroy entire communities.

And then they act like THEIR interpretation is totally canon even though the source material never hints at that. They're so fucking annoying. It's especially stupid when it's transparently obvious that a large portion of the ship's fandom is just coping over the possibility of one or both of their cartoon crushes being "stolen" by a woman in canon, because then these fujos will just ignore her entire existence and relationship with the male character(s), and/or dismiss her as having a sibling/friend/family kind of relationship with him. And of course, in the cases when it's painfully obvious they are in love with a male character, they don't even want to give self-shipping a shot, for whatever retarded reason they feel that day, so they instead ship him with another male (sometimes I've seen this happen with hetshippers too but they're relatively rare to begin with). The cherry on top is when you express skepticism at their gay ship being canon, and they call you a homophobe, even though irl gay men couldn't be any more different from yaoi gay boys and even if you're a huge supporter of irl LGB rights. I guess this is why a lot of them overlap with gendies whose preferred obsession is tranny headcanons. Fujos like these just seem very immature.

Speaking of that and Klancefags, I found this tumblr post about Voltron fandom and it made me realize that what some nona said months ago is absolutely true: this one was patient zero for these kinds of ultra shitty fandoms. The anti/pro-shipper retardation, the "fetishizing gay men" bullshit, a lot of it appears to have come from Voltron fandom drama.

(disclaimer to all fujos, I am not saying every single fujo is like this, just that this type of fujo shipper is common)

No. 1730333

Literally everything is sexualized. Talking about any series on 4chan is impossible because any character and any relationship is sexualized. I don't like antis but at least they refrain from sexualizing certain things.

No. 1730334

>One thing I've noticed about fujos (might be shippers in general, it's just that fujos are so common and vocal) is that most of them usually don't really seem to give a fuck about either the characters or the series
I've only met self-ship schizos who do this. It makes sense because they usually got into their series for the one character they like only, often based on the characters appearance and a couple personality traits they like, and flat out ignore anything that doesn't involve them in favor of making ooc character x y/n sludge. Fujos aside from those aidens who draw top surgery and self harm scars everywhere, effectively turning existing characters into their own ooc self inserts, are more likely to enjoy a few pairings instead of just one which takes more knowledge of a series. Though it really depends on the series itself.

No. 1730338

That's the thing, most of the "problematic ships" are usually from cartoons and shonen anime and yes I do think its kind of wierd to make porn or fan-fics from those type of media.

No. 1730342

pretty much. im a fujo myself but new-age fujos are delusional. i got into a younger fandom fandom a few months ago and ended up liking a m/m ship, i go check out the discussion around it and the girls are all sperging about how its gonna be "canon" completely ignoring one character's set-up with a female character (or forcing her into a "sister" role). the behavior was so pathetic it soured me away from the whole ship

No. 1730366

There has always been some level of delusion in fandom, especially with shippers, especially with fujo shippers of shit like shounen anime. But now people really try to force their interpretation as canon (not just ship stuff pretty much any headcanon that are treated as gospel), even if it's obviously bullshit when you check the source material, and god forbid anyone thinks differently. But the meltdowns when the authors themselves do anything against their headcanons is pretty funny.

No. 1730373

>To continue last thread's conversation about Tumblrfags making it into the industry, I saw the vampire guy from BG3 and thought he was pretty hot, but then went on YouTube to watch his romance cutscenes and I couldn't stop cringing every time. I wasn't expecting Tumblr fanfiction-tier writing from a game like that. It's the unsexiest, most cliché shit I've read in a video game in the past few months. It's no wonder it's so popular with Aidens.
I also posted this in the previous thread, but I really blame the increasing influence of D&D playseries (like Critical Role or Dimension 20) for really ruining the fantasy genre, now any series with a fantastical setting has to be snarky and filled with whedonesque dialogue in almost every sentence, I can't overstate how much I hate this trend

No. 1730375

Does it count as just a trend when it's been like this in Western (mostly American) pop culture for decades? It's a genuine question because it's so prevalent now that people joke about this kind of dialogues in movies it games where typical lines like "he's behind me isn't he" are never said but wouldn't sound out of place at all. I'd say it's a huge sign that it's not just a trend now.

No. 1730379

File: 1697649720190.jpg (9.27 KB, 215x234, vUO2AfI.jpg)

Sometimes I wish the author/game creators would make one of the guys in the fujo ships I like date a girl just so the shippers would calm down a little. I love when characters are created with love for each other in mind, but love can take so many more forms than romantic. People act like any friendly encounter is solid proof of some romantic or erotic shit going on. Now characters can't have meaningful best friends in their stories without all of the nuance being thrown out the window so the shippers can yell buttsex. You would think shippers would be the ones analyzing their interactions right but no, it has to be a gay coding moment or whatever they call it. I stopped posting about them publicly when I realised no one cares about what happens in the source material.

No. 1730380

It was a thing for sure, but it was never this bad, here the characters aren’t talking to each other—they’re speaking in quips and asides, and provide constant metatextual commentary on their surroundings or the environment they are in, in a sarcastic or snarky manner.

No. 1730382

Taking the opportunity since you mentioned BG3, someone posted a screenshot from a discord where a BG3's writer(?) was calling herself something like a "tumblr goblin child" and apparently caused controversy, but I still have no idea why. I get that tumblr goblin child isn't really the ideal writer for most people, but surely it wasn't necessary for her to come out as one? The game itself should be enough to tell if the story is shit or not? I haven't played the game, so I was very confused what was the problem

No. 1730384

literally everything you described happens with het ships all the time and is neither new nor unique. I've seen every single one of these complaints lobbied at het shippers 10 years ago. Some of the most infamous shipping meltdowns in fandom history have been due to het ships: Zutara and Harmony (Harry/Hermione).

No. 1730396

I remember being so shocked that there were people who genuinely thought Harry/Hermione would be a thing cause Ron/Hermione was always so obvious.

No. 1730398

File: 1697650744159.png (472.6 KB, 540x601, 1641926710567.png)

Kind of unrelated, but god damn I fucking hate it when tumblrites go on Ao3 and shit it up with their incorrect tagging for their trans shit. I've seen fics tagged as "M/F", but featuring one male character and a "transwoman" character, which basically made the fiction gay sex instead of M/F. The other way around happens too. I know, I know. TRAs (minors included) and trannies on Tumblr are inevitably going to conflate and misunderstand the definition and differences between female and male….but fuck, it even bleeds into how they post their garbage, and that only fucks up the filter for anyone who uses specific tags to read what's supposed to match the tag. It's almost funny. Just like how trannies and their dickriders will try to distort definitions to words of identification like female, male, woman, man, heterosexual, homosexual, and whatnot, they also mess up tags of identification like M/F, M/M, and F/F. It only benefits them, but it fucks up the natural balance of how filters work for everyone else. Thank God and the Ao3 devs finally placed down the mute button so I can see LESS of those dumbass "writers" who think gay male sex is "straight" just because they transwashed one character into being mentally ill.

No. 1730411

It's shippers in general. But not all of them. You have normal shippers who ship characters they think would make a great couple or who have an interesting dynamic because it's fun, and then you have the delulu ones who take that shit way too seriously. And it sort of depends on generations and fandom trends but not always. I think when I was in high school when my friends and I were sperging over sasunaru we were just having fun and were reading Naruto for what it was to begin with, but nowadays you have teenagers who take pairings from MHA or whatever seriously and try to make it about muh queer accurate representation and diversity… as if thinking cute male characters should hold hands and kiss without some grand purpose was a crime.

No. 1730413

File: 1697651681810.jpg (280.49 KB, 2048x2016, RHeQM5f.jpg)

>wrongly tagged tranny shit
I cannot find porn of picrel with a dick. It's always untagged. At least he doesn't have boobie cut marks most of the time and has male proportions I guess. I've never seen a character get pussyboyified so much and my favourite character is a genshin twink. I'm really confused as to how literally everyone in the fandom agrees on this. I always thought at least 99% of the older women in fandoms dislike pussyboy stuff but no. A hivemind. Might be the single instance in any fandom where everyone agrees on a headcanon.

No. 1730415

you deserve it for liking nu-trigun

No. 1730417

It always happens. They did to to a white character from a show I like because she lives in a sunny place and so any amount of sunshine=dark skin ofcourse. She's the pretty one as well canonically so it feels like they want her to be dark skinned so they can feel that being dark skin can be pretty, even though we have 2 dark skinned characters in the show who are beautiful, too. And no one brings up how the black one is black despite coming from a planet with no sunlight? No one ever draws her white, they even draw her charcoal black instead of her actual dark brown skin color because I guess she isn't "black enough" to them. Ironically racist when they're trying to not be.

No. 1730418

kek I'm used to it from the mentioned genshin twink, I'm just really amazed at how everyone can agree on a headcanon when most of the content creators aren't even trannies themselves

No. 1730419

God I hate that video because of how accurate it is, it's really how tumblrinas used to write their shitty posts in 2011 and now it's in professional works like >>1730382 said. Fuck. It's like these writers never read their shit out loud to check how natural the conversations would sound before they start recording films or voices. I don't know if that's because of how "edgy" things got rejected as too tryhard a few years ago or if it's because many swear words were deemed problematic because they were too insulting towards whatever minority… As if people arguing with each other would thing about how ableist the word "dumb" used to be decades ago before insulting each other's intelligence.

No. 1730420

>BG3's writer calling herself something like a "tumblr goblin child"
>I was very confused what was the problem
It kinda of confirms why the BG3 dialogues are so cringe and noobish sometimes, I think it's rather obvious a "Tumblr goblin smol bean" ain't adding nothing of substance to a writing team, no self-respecting game production would allow someone like that to join let alone write but here we are

No. 1730428

I once was so fed up when looking for Klavier/Apollo fics on AO3 that I left an anon comment on one that didn't tag that Apollo Justice would be a fakeboi and when I came back to the fic the author sperged about how the tags were accurate because in her version, Apollo was a man, but trans and about how she felt attacked. The beginning was already very OOC because Apollo genuinely hated Klavier for being obnoxious instead of just being a little bit of a tsundere despite the fic happening after the 4th game but then it mentioned binders and folds and I wanted to throw myself off a cliff.

No. 1730452

This is my problem right now with the fujo thread. I want to talk about BL, characters, dynamics, etc. But all people talk about are their degen kinks like rape, incest, shotacon, etc. Then they yell at fujos who don't like that stuff. I have no idea when people on here became such coomers.
It's such a weird occurrence because I've even seen eastern artists draw him with a vag too. I've been seeing it more and more, even in other fandoms. The one that shocked me the most was literally for that new Spiderverse movie. I don't know where they come up with this stuff

No. 1730455

>I've even seen eastern artists draw him with a vag too
It's not that weird. There are some fandoms where a bunch of mostly Chinese and Koreans girls will draw their favorite tall and muscular male characters with a vagina without making them trans. Literally just the genitals change but not all the time, but they tag their shit so you can either hide their art or actively look for it. It's often the case with the characters from DMC as well.

No. 1730460

What's confusing to me is how stuff like that isn't considered trans when in essence, it's the exact same thing.

No. 1730461

File: 1697655135199.jpeg (74.23 KB, 750x696, 2bb65b44280.jpeg)

the mute button is a godsend i swear. anyone that writes self inserts, reader insert or troonshite gets muted and my browsing experience has been so much better. of course there's always the ones that tag incorrectly but i mute them as soon as i catch a whiff of troon. don't like don't read 4ever
lmao thank you. as someone who's been witnessing fandom autism since '04 it sends me to see people come in here to accuse fujos of being the source of all that is wrong with fandom. hetshippers can be equally deranged both in terms of character bashing and with interpersonal drama. the main issue with fandom isn't fujos or yumejos or whiever, it's terminally online who get mad at fanfic they don't have to read.

No. 1730462

I really hate that BG3 dude because he was specially created in a lab to tick every checkbox in what tumblirinas love. Like, yeah, he is hot. I'm all for more thirst traps for women in vidya. But not that blatantly. I see it from time to time in media and every now and then we have some absolutely retarded male character that's created by an algorithm to be a small little bean blorbo. Like idk, I don't understand how people can fall for it. I saw it so much in fan circles it became a dead horse by now but apparently you just need a heckin blorbo with tragic backstory and quirky personality to make fan girls loose their minds.
This twink vampire is literally what you get when you combine every article in sexymen wiki but make the result less ugly.

No. 1730463

File: 1697655382577.png (35.34 KB, 454x651, animentality.png)

Moe art style literally comes from lolicon. "Bishoujo" initially referred only to girls that were young enough to be "loli" (it's in the name, shoujo specifically means girl and not adult woman), and the standard for what a loli (i.e. forbidden age) is has been getting lower and lower, meaning it has become more and more normalized to sexualize underage teenage girls in anime which was once seen as a questionable thing. Bishoujoshit used to be mostly just a middle and high school girl fetish which often overlapped with lolicon.

I don't much care if anons are into moe-looking male characters but I hate it when certain posters lie about liking shota-type characters (shota-like archetype is common in joseimuke media so it's pretty damn obvious they're meant to pander to shotafag women, everyone knows that unless they're male and/or has never consumed joseimuke) or about moeshit having explicitly pedo origins. Because either they don't know what they're talking about, or they know but are trying to fool everyone using the same tactics that lolifaggots use when they try to make it look like their degeneracy is totally not pedophilia. Oh and of course everyone hates it when these same shota spergs write 10 replies on why their flavor of retarded weeb taste is the only one that matters. These two things combined are what makes the totally not shotafags insufferable, and probably no one here would care what kind of characters they like if they stopped behaving like that. But they probably do it on purpose so the best one can do is ignore them.
You're too high IQ for this whole site, nona.
Funny they would say that because they're 100% straight girls too. Absolutely NO male is talking about the flamboyant villainous vampire elf with the same interest these girls are. Also that ask reeks of projection, you just know she trooned out because she herself couldn't bear the idea of her ~Gay-coded~ husbandos not liking her back in her own fantasies, it's fucking hilarious. Girl they're fictional, being flamboyant doesn't need to mean homosexual. That's a consequence of taking sexuality headcanons too seriously and treating it as LGBT activism kek. Or literal autism.
Pic related was the previous ask, for more context.

No. 1730467

>I'm all for more thirst traps for women in vidya.
Play Japanese games then because there are plenty of hot guys in them. And they're not covered in wrinkles like that guy from BG3.

No. 1730470

>but make the result less ugly.
He's WAY uglier kek

No. 1730471

NTA but not all of us like generic bishie designs or overdesigned husbando bait. Sadly modern Japanese games are full of those. Besides, the more female-pandering characters in AAA games the better, even better if they cater to women with many different tastes, this isn't a competition.

No. 1730477

Why is everyone constantly saying Vash has a vagina? I am tired of seeing that shit on my tl

No. 1730478

>not all of us like generic bishie designs or overdesigned husbando bai
There are only guys like this, you're more likely to find bishonen playable characters in JRPGs so avoid them if you don't want that I guess. But games like DMC5 and the recent Resident Evil games have good looking guys who aren't typically bishonen because they're based on face models who got their faces and bodies scanned while wearing the characters's costumes.

>this isn't a competition.

No but with how many years it takes to develop video games now I'm not going to wait for a Western AAA game with hot male characters who are less than 40 years old to get released without playing other games. I think it's all because of how advanced technology is nowadays and how many employees are required to work on one game, just thinking about how long it took to develop that Cyberpunk game makes me dizzy.

No. 1730479

V and G are next to each other on the keyboard.

No. 1730480

that pic kek

No. 1730481

I seriously think it's because this generation of writers can't be genuine anymore, as in, they feel uncomfortable whenever they're not being quirky ironic. They think being behind several layers of irony is the funniest shit ever (it's also their comfort zone) and legitimately can't fathom being serious for one minute.

No. 1730482

Just being genuine or straight forward in general seems to be strictly forbidden in fiction now. What's weird is that now every character is sarcastic all the time instead of some of them. There are plenty of sarcastic people irl but they're not like that all the time.

No. 1730488

And replying to myself because I forgot to say that but when a character will ruin a scene with a shitty quip it feels like it's the writer telling you how they feel about that scene or how you're supposed to feel about the scene. It's like watching a sitcom and hearing the laughing track every five second but worse because of how much it ruins immersion. I don't want to watch a weird yet comedic scene where the characters stop what they're doing and say out loud "haha this situation is sooo weird" and go back to what they're doing like stfu I have eyes, I know that the scene is supposed to seem absurd. Thanks for explaining the joke retards. But it's also linked to writers thinking the audience is inherently retarded as well I guess and try to appeal to everyone at the same time, including retards who don't get basic, simple comedic or tragic scenes.

No. 1730490

AYRT, lul, when I found out that that het ships getting transed be gay is happening now too I laughed because now the hets know how F/F and (relatively normal) M/M fans feel. I've seen fandom troonacy and genital swapping fetish content since 2000s at least, but after 2016 it just became even more rampant. It's like they think homophobia/misogyny doesn't exist anymore and LGBs live perfect lives so we have to cater to the Ts who will threaten to kill themselves if the rest of society doesn't cater to them.

>I always thought at least 99% of the older women in fandoms dislike pussyboy stuff but no.
I always thought the FTM/TIF/boypussy stuff was some weird form of internalized homophobia. The vast majority of these artists are female and some degree of same-sex attracted, but they only feel comfortable expressing it if they draw a hyper-detailed pussy on a "male" character. I get most female characters are shallow and I rarely find fictional characters that are close to my type of women IRL, but I see fanart of male characters that are "pre-everything and still valid men uwu" (boobs, no surgery, hormones). That's just a woman at that point.

Whenever I see untagged trans content I get tempted to log out and leave an anon comment saying "omg this triggered my dysphoria, can you please tag it", kek.

No. 1730494

>patreon credit list on a 20 second long skit
seriously? i dont watch modern movies so i cant comment on if its accurate or not but this must had taken less than 5 minutes to make what are the patreons even paying for? no wonder fandom and the general internet has gone to shit the last couple of years. people are monetizing everything they do and people pay for it even if it's low effort

No. 1730498

Second anon, are you for real or being sarcastic? I genuinely can't tell.

No. 1730503

File: 1697658563507.jpg (95.49 KB, 720x735, 5HarK.jpg)

> I wish the author/game creators would make one of the guys in the fujo ships I like date a girl just so the shippers would calm down a little.
Isn't that already gonna happen though, in the end of every Shonen the entire main cast will be married with kids, surely they know that's coming?

No. 1730505

Some believe from the bottom of their hearts that the straight Japanese moid making a series to pander to 10 yo Japanese moids will make the gay couple canon. I'm not sure what's up with those people, if they are just underaged or what

No. 1730507

Sometimes I wonder if because the topics of "representation" and "queerbaiting" are hot topics nowadays. I was lowkey a fujo in the 00s and I knew none of my ships were going to be canon, I was just having fun with the possibilities.

No. 1730514

>People act like any friendly encounter is solid proof of some romantic or erotic shit going on. Now characters can't have meaningful best friends in their stories without all of the nuance being thrown out the window so the shippers can yell buttsex.
I think fans or shippers like that were the same kids in school who thought random peers had a crush on them just because they borrowed a pencil, or made two-second long eye contact. Drama-hungry and desperate for anything romantic or "special" to happen, but never quite grew out of it since elementary or middle school. But I'm probably expecting too much maturity from fans like that because 90% of the time, fans who try to rewrite close friendships into romantic and sex stuff are teenagers.

No. 1730516

>What's weird is that now every character is sarcastic all the time instead of some of them
"When everyone is super, no one will be", characters shine bright when they're unique and bring something to the table with their interactions, when every character acts the same, no matter how interesting the trope is, it gets boring and repetitive
>it feels like it's the writer telling you how they feel about that scene or how you're supposed to feel about the scene
>the characters stop what they're doing and say out loud "haha this situation is sooo weird" and go back to what they're doing
This happens when writers don't master the "show don't tell" technique, they're awful at building up atmosphere and conveying the right emotions to the viewer so they've to literally tell you the context blatantly because the atmosphere doesn't land by itself. They're incompetent

No. 1730518

The fact that this usually happens at the end of a series isn't really the same. Imagine if a shonen jump manga about autistic powerlevels and fights had almost all the important male characters already in established relationships with their girlfriends early on instead of just some hints here and there that the main guy and the main girl like each other until they kiss in the very last chapter. Some don't even confirm anything like Eyeshield 21 and Hiruma and Mamori of all people suspiciously getting closer and closer to the point where it seems they using telepathy to communicate even after they start studying in university but nothing is ever confirmed. Speaking of which I really liked that Sena's love interest wasn't Mamori at all even though it seemed very obvious and cliche ever since the very first chapter.

Legit the only shonen jump manga with guys who could potentially count as "gay representation" are Sensui and his canon demon bf in Yu Yu Hakusho but Sensui is batshit crazy and has DID and it's a huge plot point so that potentially "problematic" he's a great villain though from what I remember when I watched the anime in middle school and Gintoki who happens to have fuck Hasegawa and Kondo in the ass while drunk in two separate arcs as a gag but the whole manga is a comedy with a bunch of vulgar jokes and it's been established that most Gintama readers are adult women so they don't mind it.

No. 1730524

>This is my problem right now with the fujo thread. I want to talk about BL, characters, dynamics, etc. But all people talk about are their degen kinks
Something I've realized after hanging in the fujo thread for a while now: I think anons have very few common interests outside of yaoi in that thread. Wildly different fandoms and age ranges really limit possible discussion bc many people might not even know what you're talking about. The only universally loved media are some BLVNs and stuff by Harada or Nemui that everyone reads. Other than that, the only thing that unites us are kinks unfortunately, and hating on everything under the sun but that's a different discussion. If you want to discuss lore and dynamics of a certain ship, you're better off starting a convo in a thread dedicated to whatever media it's from rather than the general fujo thread. Or just suffer like me if your series has no thread here.

No. 1730526

File: 1697659980826.jpg (95.77 KB, 1080x1080, 270937883_1415776652153377_908…)

somewhat related to this, women who are included in these 'Sapphic ships' often experience an eventual backlash and a decline in popularity. cause they always be unable to live up to the idealized image that these morons have created. I recall when the Internet fell out of love with Jodie Comer (who portrays Villanelle in Killing Eve) because her ex-boyfriend may have been a Republican. However, that was only a minor backlash. On the other hand JoJo Siwa faced a much severe backlash when it was discovered that her girlfriend was a Trump supporter, who wore cornrows in a tiktok video and when Siwa did not disavow her. The entire internet turned against her, and the response was honestly visceral.

No. 1730531

>it's been established that most Gintama readers are adult women
Good. The Jojo fanboy, testicle joke series has the best female characters and a plethora of husbandos, it deserves a female fanbase.

No. 1730534

>I always thought the FTM/TIF/boypussy stuff was some weird form of internalized homophobia. The vast majority of these artists are female and some degree of same-sex attracted, but they only feel comfortable expressing it if they draw a hyper-detailed pussy on a "male" character.
Meh, I think that the vast majority of fandom members are not same-sex attracted, and if they are, it is to a very, very minor degree (hence why F/F pairings re: >>1730258 are far less common). While I'm more of a fanfic kind of person, I think a large portion of the "pussyboy" phenomena, IME, is coming from straight girls/women who want to feel inclusive or gendyspecial by incorporating more LGB(T) plot points into their work. I think F/F fanfics tend to be less well written or less "passionate"/emotional than M/M or F/M fanfics. "Pussyboys" are also an alternative means for straight TIFs to "represent" themselves. Like, I've never seen woman x TIF pairings in the wild, while man x TIF pairings by comparison are much more prevalent.

No. 1730536

Kek. With all the twitter troons demanding that straight women start writing fanfic that caters to them I wouldn't be surprised if some of the weak willed ones gave in and started writing tranny porn or f/f because "it was their moral duty"

No. 1730538

File: 1697660832390.jpeg (47.14 KB, 340x340, 1669915273723.jpeg)

It's like an annoying papercut when heavily sarcastic and unserious works with barely 2000 words and no plot whatsoever get like hundreds of hearts and kudos over much longer fics where the characters act canonical, where there IS a plot, and where an atmosphere is effective to pull you in. What's up with that? Was it always like this, or do people have a lazy attention span? My heart really goes out to the engaging fanfic writers who always get out-kudos'd by a 2500 worded genderspecial cookie-cutter "sex is plot" fic that has minors screaming and clapping like seals in the comments.

No. 1730540

They only like the idea of lesbians or F/F couples but not lesbians or bi women as actual people. That's why M/M content can be as messy as it wants but F/F can't be anything more than cute sapphic handholding because it's "bad representation". They'll headcanon straight characters whose personality revolves around men as "a lesbian with comphet" but if there is a canon lesbian or a character who can be easily read that way, they ignore that. Or if it is sexual content it's usually futa content because they're homophobic and can't conceptualize sex that doesn't involve a penis. I've also seen backlash that the lesbian actor in the Ghostbusters reboot and Barbie movie is a "terf/transphobe" because she made a joke about not liking penis in an interview once.

I used to be friends with a popular M/M fandom artist with secret GC views that drew trans content of the ship a few times just to get TRAs off her back. I think she transed both of them though, because she likes F/F too kek.

No. 1730545

I once knew a fanfic writer who pretty much got bullied off of tumblr because trannies kept flooding her inbox, telling her to make tranny reader x character fics "or else choke". The entitlement is real, but it also goes to show that all these trannoids demand for women to write their fics FOR them because trannies can't write for shit and deep down inside, they know it.

No. 1730558

off-topic but what's happening in this pic?

No. 1730562

I think it's just a woman who's exhausted after a long day of working. It looks like she works for a toy store.

No. 1730570

File: 1697663128518.jpg (37.14 KB, 828x773, i dont want to see.jpg)

>look for art of favorite male character
>get hit in the face with 85998498438934 different drawings of him with titchop scars and a macro-clit (gross)

ffs. i dont know if this belongs here because im just venting but i swear to god they're inescapable. dont get into cartoons with zoomer infested fandoms please

No. 1730573

South Park?

No. 1730574

nope, adventure time

No. 1730578

It's simon petrikov isn't it?

No. 1730579

File: 1697663342321.jpg (79.8 KB, 1024x1024, 1649167156995.jpg)

yes. he's like fakeboi catnip i hate my life

No. 1730588

>"haha this situation is sooo weird"
Kek that reminds me of this.

No. 1730589

File: 1697663725698.gif (2.2 MB, 498x498, petrigrof-betty-grof.gif)

I believe you. Thus far, I haven't come across any explicit fakeboi depictions, but I have seen many portrayals of him as a femboy or him being referred to as a pathetic man whose "lesbian coded".

No. 1730593

>Simon being a "weak man" means he's a woman
Don't you just love it when genderspecials are sexist without even realizing they are?

No. 1730594

AYRT, I was serious. There are some underage anons here lately who can't go two seconds without calling any unconventional or realistic art style ugly, disgusting, etc. They get on my nerves but you seem chill and know your shit.

No. 1730595

kek what is this trash? Reminds me Forespoken or whatever it's called where the girl gets superpowers and goes "omgomg I got isekai'd and just moved something with my mind" but she repeats it like 5 times in a row.

No. 1730596

File: 1697664035701.gif (470.42 KB, 220x220, 1690853285920.gif)

i hate this shit too. he is not 'feminine' or weak, he's not even a twink. that is a depressed middle aged man!!!!!!

No. 1730597

>it's been established that most Gintama readers are adult women so they don't mind it.
That's so cool. All the more reason to watch Gintama.

No. 1730605

fujos(and its mostly fujos) can justify these depictions through pure coom, I have seen depictions of tall, muscular male characters as these weak effeminate chubby "ladyboys", and so a skinny character like Simon never stood a chance.

No. 1730606

Why is disliking those artstyles considered "underage"? It doesn't help that many men being shilled as hotthrobs recently look middle-aged, like with grey hair and everything. Your post reminds me of people who think only teenage girls can like prettyboys.

No. 1730608

didn't the mangaka show his support for the rurouni kenshin author who got arrested for CP or something?

No. 1730609

For context I'm talking about one of the shonen jump survey's results, you can fill a survey if you buy a copy of the weekly magazine and the publishing company can decide if a series is successful enough to continue and how they can market it to which target demographic because even if it's primarly targeting teenage boys it's so successful that pretty much everyone reads it at some point anyway. Saying this for the few non-weeb anons here. And honestly are you really surprised that women would be more into Gintama than teenage boys when it's full of hot adult men with adult jobs and problems, cool female characters who aren't there for fanservice, plenty of edgy dick jokes and gay jokes, and jokes about historical events or politics? It reminds me of kids finding the Simpsons funny long ago because lol Homer is strangling Bart is a cartoonish way while adults would find it funny for many more reasons than that.

No. 1730610

you know what, I tried getting into the series at one point and It's just not funny and didn't gain my interest.

No. 1730611

Its definitely made for a Japanese audience so some of the jokes and style of humor won't translate well

No. 1730614

The concept of "toxic yuri" has been becoming a trend lately but it only covers girly mentally ill BPD-chans obsessing over their favourite person because girls are so cute when they're dramatic and possessive am i right tee hee. It's going to explode all over the place now that the new Madoka movie is coming out and you know it's just going to be another Homura being a psycho bitch about Madoka for 2 hours flick i.e. the previous movie all over again. I mean I'll watch it anyway because I'm a cuck kek but I really hate lesbians being either a break the cutie aesthetic or a cottagecore aesthetic.

No. 1730621

You're reading too much into it, I'm not accusing you personally of anything. There's a difference between whining every time you accidentally see an art style that you don't personally enjoy because it's not cookie-cutter anime shit and then shitting on anyone who does like it (which has happened more than once on this board), and just preferring bishonens or whatever which no one minds.
Besides, Jojo's got a huge fucking female fandom in Japan since decades ago so yeah your opinion is just that, your opinion. Clearly not the consensus. Suck it up, women have different tastes and there's not a damn thing you can do about it, whining about someone getting fed up with your bullshit as if you were being personally attacked is what makes you sound underage. Believe me, I don't mind your taste at all, you don't have to turn this into a fucking war or anything.

No. 1730622

It's fine it's not for everyone, like >>1730611 said. Just don't force yourself to read or watch it, a "friend" of mine started it when I recommended it to her and instead of just dropping it after a few episodes and telling me she doesn't like it she decided to skip every single episode that isn't serious because "they're just filler episodes" which means she skipped like half of the series, all just because she wanted to feel more legitimate when retweeting Okita/Kagura R18 fanart on her twitter. I wish I were making this up. I'd rather be told to my face that I have shit taste it's less embarrassing to witness.

I liked it long ago and stopped watching the anime around episode 210 or something like that just because the laptop I used back then became utter shit and couldn't even make microsoft windows work properly anymore and I just never had the opportunity to continue it after I got a new laptop because shit happened. Maybe someday.

No. 1730624

true, but most of the people depicting him as twinky/basically a butch woman also ship him with betty because they want them to be lesbians. like just genderbend simon ffs. they wont do it though because genderbends are "transphobic" now kek

No. 1730626

NTA but I would actually believe the girls who do that might be lesbians, since they want to ship two women so bad.

No. 1730628

>The concept of "toxic yuri" has been becoming a trend lately but it only covers girly mentally ill BPD-chans obsessing over their favourite person because girls are so cute when they're dramatic and possessive am i right tee hee.
That's the that I've never quite understood it. I feel like many women and young have this tendency(without it ever leading to actual violence). Like, I can't speak for everyone, but I attended an all-girls school, this sort of obsession with other girls and trying to emulate them was very common. It was an unspoken thing, but it even happened to me as well.

No. 1730629

Oh I see. In that case, thanks. And I know what you mean. It's funny to me because most anons here have the same taste and they all agree on liking the same stuff but they flip their shit when one anon doesn't like bishounen/shouta "twink" anime boys and prefers more realistic, adult, and masculine anime men. And they call them "roidpigs" and shit when the "roidpig" lovers are actually the minority here. Just loon at the husbando threads on /g/ kek.

No. 1730632

i feel like for most of them its because they view het ships as "boring", so they either headcanon them as a uwu wholesome t4t couple OR feminize the male character. i see this a lot and its fucking weird.

No. 1730633

This reminds me of the fact that there is a section of mostly female One Piece fans (and a few gay men and TIMs) who genuinely believe that Eiichiro Oda is a progressive and queer ally. They subscribe way more deeper meaning to One Piece than it actually has. They justify watching a series that is objectively misogynistic by trying to interpret it as a message about freedom to do whatever you want. I think these people are even delusion than fujos who simply want their preferred ships to become canon and ignore the rest of the series, cause these people truly believe that this is series is progressive and that the previously undeniable misogyny and depictions of TIMs as ugly drag queens were merely due to ignorance, and that Oda, has become more educated.

No. 1730639

File: 1697666843304.png (550.22 KB, 738x1087, Felix_Franken.png)

>so they either headcanon them as a uwu wholesome t4t couple OR feminize the male character
I saw something like this when I tried doing some snooping around the lore of Walten Files. Apparently one of the characters and his wife were T4T. I didn't know wtf that was, so I looked it up. Apparently the nerdy, accidental child murderer is actually a tranny and so was his "wife"?? My interest in this analog was dropped because it didn't even take the fandom to transwash any character for more genderspecial and trannoid shit to make its way in. The creator of this series is already on the fuckshit, so the genderspecial, trannoid garbage is pretty much built in and canon. And you know what's stupid? You would think that trannoids and their lovers would want to transwash characters that are supposed to be likeable and morally adjust so they can have "good representation", but then they pick the most embarrassing and clearly dysfunctional characters to stand as rep. Do they have the slightest idea how stupid they look when they cry about transsexuals "always being depicted as bad guys", but turn around and do the same damn thing?? And how ironic is it that the creator picked the autistic child-killer to rep trannies KEK.

No. 1730642

Speaking of delusions, Ii remember in 2012 on tumblr when Glee was super popular, with the way fans were talking about it I was expecting something kind of serious and romantic (because of that one canon gay pairing) with some comedic or light-hearted moments between the characters. Then very soon after the show's first season aired on TV in my country and I tried to watch it as often as possible out of curiosity after school. And it felt way more like a trashy parody of teen drama instead of being its own story. I would have never guessed just based on the fanbase kek that was super fucking weird but I found the sports teacher funny as fuck. I never watched the next seasons because my classes ended up way too late to watch anything on TV in uni and I didn't feel like looking for episodes online with my shitty computer so maybe it was more serious after the first season though.

No. 1730647

seriously? My niece is really into the Walten Files, so I hope she doesn't get confused cease of this shit.

No. 1730650

>You would think that trannoids and their lovers would want to transwash characters that are supposed to be likeable and morally adjust so they can have "good representation", but then they pick the most embarrassing and clearly dysfunctional characters to stand as rep.
I would love to know what causes TIFs to relate to or want be represented by piece of shit sociopath murderers and rapists so bad. Is it their extreme self-loathing?

No. 1730652

kek jesus christ thats disturbing

No. 1730657

Samefag but maybe even more disturbing would be if they idolize moids so much that they actually glorify male violence and sociopathy. Which judging by all the mass murderer-obsessed TIFs, it seems to be the case. Bleak.

No. 1730665

Modern fandom claims to hate heterosexuality but they're obsessed with it. MTF4FTM is just spicy heterosexuality like F/MTF and M/FTM and Omegaverse. They just don't like it when it's "cis".

No. 1730667

File: 1697668306405.jpg (424.67 KB, 720x724, RDT_20231018_18282610504603672…)

Okay, it seems that I got misled by all the faggots who straight up lie about what's canon to the lore. Apparently none of the characters are really trans (thank god), but I still think it's really weird that this fanbase wants the characters to be trans so fucking badly. But like the other nona said, it's probably the symptom of bored teenagers who think normal, "cis" people are "boring".

No. 1730669

It's funny when they ask this bc you know that people who make trans characters on purpose literally never shut up about it and leave no room for doubt

No. 1730685

I hate how often proship vs antiship arguments devolve into who's the most neurodivergent traumatized queer bipoc disabled person.

No. 1730711

This must be the loudest thread on lolcow at the moment. Since we’re all clearly so fucked off with modern fandom right now, I just want to reiterate a point earlier in the thread, which is: why don’t we make our own forum? I’m dead serious. If 4chan can put their pea sized coomer brains together for projects that make the headlines (for better or for worse) then surely we can group together a couple programmers to get this rolling? Nothing fancy, just a lolcow-type layout and enough mods to keep the lights on. Anyone down?

No. 1730715

The rules would be simple, no trannies and any mention of modern fandom discourse gets you an immediate ban regardless of your stance on the topic. The basic premise would be to try and encourage pre-2015 online fandom culture again as well as some basic respect and effort put into theory and art making. 18+, obviously. Just some thoughts.

No. 1730716

the title of the painting is ''Tired sales girl on Christmas Eve'' figure it out

No. 1730720

i'd be extremely down. i can't code at all but i can help if there's any graphics that need to be made

No. 1730722

No. 1730723

the difference is that male coomers are all unified, you are going to get shit ton of infight between nonnas who think other nonnas are problematic for liking genshit twinks

No. 1730725

oh, and dont get me started on the ''ur a male/troon'' accusations, it's a recipe for dissaster

No. 1730730

That's when you slam the ban hammer.

No. 1730735

but how do you secure that mods arent going to be biased?

No. 1730736

They probably don't even care about the story (not that it's good) and they see any media as just a blank canvas they can pick character templates from to project onto instead of creating OCs.

No. 1730738

Screening them for schizophrenia

No. 1730750

And I can help with any mascot slash artistic designs, but unfortunately I can’t code either…

No. 1730765

File: 1697675057469.gif (3.16 MB, 640x360, killer bean.gif)

I'm so glad anons are talking about the untagged tranny porn thing. Even femgaze artists are drawing random with dicks randomly in their "straight" porn now god damn it. You read a fic and boom, there's a dick too untagged. Apparently it's inevitable regardless if it's m/m, f/f or m/f. Please god, I'm not even a self inserter. But when I read m/f or f/f I want exactly what it says on the tin with no surprises. I've been petty enough to use my drawing skills to edit tranny art into non tranny art because god, I don't want to see it.

…It's kind of disappointing that you have to walk on literal eggshells to just say you don't have any trans characters. I went looking for the tweet and it was deleted, I wonder if martin got any backlash. If you don't include certain things the tranny brigade will bust down your door about your characters I guess. Why do retards get unironically mad when indie authors don't share their vision? Pack it up and move on. But putting my mild tinfoil hat on it's because they're projecting onto like 90% of the characters, so the author calmly and politely stating "No, sorry!" is literally attacking them personally (so basically murder to maladjusted internet shut-ins)

So then the logical next step is to harass the author, threaten them, etc etc. Schizos will schizo but it's especially bad now. I think it happened with the creator of Witch's Heart too. Autists were calling him homophobic and transphobic for "shutting down" (calmly stating that that it wasn't his vision) headcanons, because his characters were "grossly lgbtq+ coded"

No. 1730783

>It's kind of disappointing that you have to walk on literal eggshells to just say you don't have any trans characters. I went looking for the tweet and it was deleted, I wonder if martin got any backlash
God, I know right? Just look at how nervous Martin looks in that tweet. He has to compliment the random, senseless headcanons that any of the characters were trans before saying "no", and even then he had to soften it by adding a "not really". I wish more writers would have some balls and straight up call stupid headcanons what they are: stupid.

No. 1730787

>Why do retards get unironically mad when indie authors don't share their vision? Pack it up and move on.
It's weird because indie creators exist because they want to make their own media that's different from mainstream. Pomoqueers suck at making their own media (see: High Guardian Spice) so they need to just project on other people's creations instead of making their own.

No. 1730788

File: 1697678143291.png (222.94 KB, 496x384, 1671451727383.png)

I'm so tired of this discourse shit, nonnas, I just want to share my niche drawings of characters from a 25-year old video game. I've had someone recently stalk through my fucking following list and DM me like "did you know this artist you follow draws porn on an alt of these characters with an agegap?" (note: both characters are well into their 20's/30s) and I'm so tired of it, it makes me so fucking anxious that I'll get doxxed by some retard because I don't obsessively screen any person I interact with for their "moral fibre"

No. 1730791

If I were you, I just wouldn't respond. The person dm'ing you is most definitely a minor who thinks it's their job to "expose" and police random people.

No. 1730793

I think they likely ran across the account and saw you were following. If you click on an account, it will display which of your followers/following is following that account. I know they likely don't do it out of malicious intent, but if I were you, I would either pretend I didn't see it, or if you're that worried about your reputation, unfollow. I've unfollowed people when that's happened, and other times I just ignore it. I'm one of the lucky ones who's never had a callout post despite having a decent following.

No. 1730842

How does doxxing even happen?

No. 1730847

It's because of threads like this that I literally no longer interact in fandom spaces anymore (not saying that the thread is bad, but it related to a lot of my issues with fabdom). Just a week ago I deleted all my social media and moved all my stories and headcanons to AO3. I just want to write my marginally readable fanfics in peace and not worry about the bullshit. The discourse in my fandom is so bad that sometimes it makes me feel like I'm the only human capable of critical thinking. And I'm nowhere near a smartass, but sometimes I'll read someone's post and be like…that's not what they said! That's not even close to what they said!

No. 1730850

Poor OPSEC. The only reason doxxing happens so much in zoomer inhabited fandoms is because zoomers have this most shittiest OPSEC imaginable they put almost all of the information they have just short of their social security number.

No. 1730861

fujochan is in this vein, and they've had issues with raids and other stuff to the point where they had to close shop for a while and lost content, despite being super slow and tiny.
I'm not saying this to try and stop it because I'd love more options (not everyone here is a fujo, obvs) but I'd look into the issues they had as a lesson learned. If you're serious, maybe reach out to the admin and see what wisdom she can give you.
I wish there was more alternatives, i remember people suggested pillowfort but never mentioned it again. Bobaboard is supposed to exist someday…? Until it's real and nonshit it's vaporware to me though. I would like a modern lj-style clone a lot. I think a big issue with modern Fandom is social media that doesn't let you do nice long detailed posts and replies, you can't interact properly and it incentivises slop and un-nuanced discourse. Even drama is worse because you can't easily make a long post with good embedded evidence and links, it's all grainy screenshots of discord convos from Twitter accounts that disappear randomly.

No. 1730864

And the sad part is, the zoomers have no one to really blame but themselves. They put their location, their face, their backstory, their family's names, and everything on their social media themselves. How can you say that someone else doxxed you if you technically doxxed yourself first? Like you said, as long as you don't put too much identifiable things about yourself on social media, you should be good.

No. 1730883

obtain IP address/service address, call up their ISP, pretend to be the target, get name of employee helping you and their ID number. call back, pretend to be the employee, ask for details on the target. fairly easy.

No. 1730896

I will riot if Crocodile turns out to have been a woman turned man

No. 1730918

How does one prevent doxxing?

No. 1730921

Is that really all they need to verify that you're an employee of the ISP?

No. 1730923

I honestly don't think that the topic "fandom discourse" has enough substance to run a whole forum, much less do I trust it to not go into only circlejerking about how fujos are horrible degenerate misogynist omegaverse coomers who will inevitably transition into pooner abominations instead of a nuanced discussion about the psychology of fandom trends. And if you mean "general fandom forum" then you're better off just going to Tumblr because the amount of fandoms is vast and trying to put them all under one roof is useless since there already are social media sites meant for the purpose.

No. 1730927

i got into one piece lately bc of the live action and im truly dreading the fandom parts for later manga arcs. yamato and that kiku-whatever kid was their nail in the break-from-reality coffin

speaking of reality breaks, i just hope sanji x nami wont be endgame bc nami deserves better… if oda makes her settle down for sanji's crusty nosebleeding ass then i'll be so disappointed. but ill also have expected it.

No. 1730934

Is the reason tumblr isn't coming back into "trend" the fact that people don't like writing and reading long passages anymore? I can't imagine no one wants to engage in an organised content sharing platform just because it doesn't have porn, especially since sites to post porn and just share links on social media are getting more popular. I wish tumblr became popular again so I wouldn't have to read people's actually interesting analysis in 392569835 tweets in a thread. It's worse when you know people have interesting points to make but they have to make short meme tweets to get it across when they should be writing long analysis on it adding pictures and links and sourcing the bible under a read more. Short attention span must also be why no one's leaving twitter even though the site gets worse by day.

No. 1730937

File: 1697698242763.png (1.17 MB, 600x2015, Screenshot.png)

I dislike it as well, and it seems to always happen to couples who are of the same age, where the man is not an ugly, overweight, or an old man.

No. 1730939

All the fandoms im in are tranny central so I just avoid all discussion on every SNS. I just use Tumblr to aesthetic blog for the past 4 years or so. I'm just tired of walking on eggshells

No. 1730940

Why are they being snarky and acting as if they're doing something while simultaneously injecting a turbo shot of copium?
>h-hah! it's n-not a het ship you fucking i-idiot!
Yes you ship the straights, cope, seethe, etc. Now move out of the middle school cooties phase already pretty please

No. 1730941

This is a level of delusion and cope previously unachieved by any other demographic. Congratulations, hetshippers

No. 1730945

File: 1697699419968.png (159.55 KB, 593x403, 1650772207599.png)

why do you think this started happening in the last decade? i know futa has been a thing since forever, but the cuntboy stuff started popping out very lately. What happened to women to become so ashamed of their sexuality they add veganas to fucking male characters now. Do you think it has to with how sexualized the internet has become and how everything a woman does(fashion trend, personality type, even fucking mentall illneses) gets fetishized and turned into a porn tag for men to jack, so now they cant see males as sexual objects because being a sexual object is a female-only thing? I genuinely dont get it

No. 1730946

Tumblr has a bad reputation at this point (in part from the porn ban in part for being "that cringe place we all came from amiright haha") which is a shame because it's actually decent now, and much less used than twitter so people garner much less attention a.k.a. harassment, at least in my circles. You don't see twitterfags calling out random tumblr users anymore, which is proof nobody cares what goes on there.

It is a shame though because as you said nonna it's the last place online where you can have longform discussions other than, surprisingly, imageboards. Twitter killed any sort of nuance and tiktok is killing it even further, the future honestly looks bleak for critical thinking and media analysis in fandoms.

Doesn't help that Americans already have shit education which doesn't teach them the basics of media literacy. Sorry if you're an amerifag but it's true and very obvious when amerifags go abroad. This is how you get a generation of people who learned character analysis through tumblr like the BG3 writer. Even so this is better than the nothing we have right now.

No. 1730952

people call it shit because you are the type of people that shits on bishounens, it's not difficult to read the room. jojo guys are butt ugly, sorry but that's a fact, here we welcome all nonnies with hideous husbandos though, just dont pretend your taste is so much better than nonnies into bishies.

No. 1730961

you deserve it for liking genshit too wtf is that zoomer taste

No. 1730966

Another example of anons with ugly husbandos shitting on others for liking conventionally attractive males. Attractive men only seem like a zoomer taste because making male characters for a female audience is a newer concept. Sorry your husbando looks like the inspiration for a cave painting but no need to bring the males should be hairy and fat and ugly argument back just to shit on pretty men.

No. 1730968

I think I'll start posting actual content on Tumblr again. It's salvageable rn so I'm gonna do my part.

No. 1730975

File: 1697702214504.png (Spoiler Image, 417.24 KB, 360x1009, Character_Arataki_Itto_Game.pn…)

all of the men in genshin are fucking ugly, anon. and they're so flat as characters they're only good for porn. sorry your shitass gacha husbando has the same generic manmoe face every other male character in that game has but no need to act like only fat fetishists and barafags notice it.

No. 1730977

Fictional men with that kind of build aren't quite my type either, but geez anon do you have to be that mean?

No. 1730979

Hoyoverse will pay for their crimes

No. 1730986

>so now they cant see males as sexual objects because being a sexual object is a female-only thing
I wouldn't be surprised tbh. Have you seen the specific way fujoshi get accused of fetishizing gay men? When anti-fujoshi seethe online it's not because of cases of fujoshi doing actual crazy shit like turning FTM and using grindr to commit rape by deception on gay men or beating nerdy gay couples with yaoi paddles in anime cons, it's just for reading commercial BL with a developped plot and the occasional sex scene or shipping cute male characters from whatever series because they're best friends or rivals. We're yelled at just for finding men attractive. Just for that and since a lot of lesbians and bi girls won't stop coping about how they're the majority of BL readers that gives more arguments for antis to keep yelling at young girls and women for thinking these two fictional guys from, idk, JJK should hold hands and kiss. What they consider fetishization of men is just regular attraction. You can't say you find a male fictional character handsome or cute without being called weird and gross and it doesn't even apply just to BL. These retards sound like my conservative boomer mudslim parents who would beat me up for making small talk to male classmates as soon as I started primary school but who are disappointed and disgusted that I haven't married some random mudslim guy as soon as I turned 20 (without having sex out of wedlock obv).

No. 1730987

Hating on Genshin because it's so popular is so 2022 nonnie

No. 1730990

File: 1697704575585.png (Spoiler Image, 421.48 KB, 360x1136, Character_Tartaglia_Game.png)

Yes. daily reminder that he has to be pretty to be a bishie, nonnies. the hoes are ugly with the most basic back stories of all time.

you say I'm mean but imagine how I felt when my corners of the internet were terrorized for weeks by grim visages of this ginger and femboy hooters. eventually I went to see what all the fuss was about only to find out it was basically the new BNHA equivalent, shounenshit level slop with a fanbase that reflects the quality. I felt my brain shift gears, I will always side eye anyone who takes genshin impact seriously. if you're only in it to take advantage of the abundance of porn that comes from its popularity then I get it but that anon was so smug in her post it sounded like she was frfr deadass nocap, sisters.

I don't hate it because it's popular I hate it because it sucks. I like other popular things. sometimes.

No. 1730991

Well, I can't argue with you there. You're gonna piss off the genshin lovers, but you're sticking to your opinion anyway and I respect that

No. 1730992

You are the retard we complain about. Unable to block and mute shit you dont want to see. It's not just ships, just mute genshin and the characters you dont want to see and all your first world problems will be solved

No. 1730993

File: 1697704932740.gif (1.55 MB, 640x554, neckmeat-francine.gif)

yeah, I remember watching every retared I knew grow a genshin impact profile picture over night. how could I forget it? it's a secret litmus test, anons.

No. 1730995

1. this is a third world problem
2. you don't understand just how cancerous it was because you like it

No. 1730996

File: 1697705275652.jpg (187.96 KB, 900x768, Z1b7n92.jpg)

Nooo you cant like things I dont like! It's not popular because there's something in it to enjoy for different people, it's popular because the women on my tl are pornsick coomers! You're a troglodyke if you like genshin men! You have to like cavemen or you're a troon waiting to be pegged by ginger genshin men!

No. 1730998

We need to ban the genshin topic both sides are retarded

No. 1730999

Same, these same people also became obsessed with FF14 together a few years before Genshin Impact. It's because they know each other and were in the same fandoms before that but it's jarring.

No. 1731000

File: 1697705653433.gif (967.01 KB, 245x245, 1697657707027036.gif)

I don't even know what you're trying to say I'm trying to say anymore but I know what I'm actually saying is making you very upset despite it being the same thing you so proundly said about other people liking the things you said you don't like just a few hours ago, which is cringe.


No. 1731003

Do you have the iq of a donut?

No. 1731006

File: 1697706076847.jpg (451.47 KB, 2527x2479, n9ar42kjaco21.jpg)

Donuts are cute though. NTAYRT.

No. 1731008

Anyway! I can't believe I'm saying this but I am more likely to find people to talk to irl about fandom shit, even niche things like BL or JRPGs compared to online. It's insane to me. If I go to my usual retro game store or comicboon store I could have a conversation about good or bad the latest Fire Emblem game or the new popular manga that just started are with the employees, customers or with my close friends. Not even mentioning anime cons because that's too easy. Online I either have to come here or go to 4chan of all places to have a conversation and it will either surprisingly go well or turn into anons spamming ugly coomer art, or I can just go to twitter, talk to the void and retweet some art and then the artist will vaguely post shit like "omg some people are retweeting my old art but it's ugly I'm embarrassed uwu" a few days later.

No. 1731010

Kek seriously, imagine not being able to mute and block things you hate to the point you're hatetyping walls of text, posting the characters to sperg about how ugly you think they are and then going to wojack memes to seethe in a separate post when called out for your autism. Anon putting her best fandom foot forward showing the kind of person everyone here hates

No. 1731012

I wish I had those game shops where I live. I would love to find people who like games or shows a normal amount so I would get normaler over time by interacting with them. Sounds funny but really, I can feel the online retardation eating away at my brain and affecting how I enjoy things. Even the older mature fans are getting involved in 29864 controversies a week. A bit out of topic but I think the idea that you have to acknowledge and have an opinion on everything happening in any topic is why people can't just enjoy the good things and ignore the bad now. Like I, randomgamelover3000 on twitter with 2 followers, have to tweet about how disgusting some dude that made a rock asset for the game is for grooming even after the developers took action and it's solved. Or some 15 or 40 year old with a thousand followers will call me out for being silent and assume I support the groomer. I just want a place to talk about the enjoyable stuff without needing to prove I have good morals every other sentence.

No. 1731015

But why did we have the discussion over cuntboy porn earlier when you all can just block and mute? it's always tagged! if you see it it must've been because you were looking for it

also the wojak you're talking about was posted by the anon you're replying to in response to my posts. I'm glad even though you don't agree with me yet you indirectly agree that the wojak post is nonsense and no one can tell what point she's trying to make.

No. 1731017

I'm the anon that complained about vash pussyboy shit and I was complaining about it never being tagged

No. 1731018

Being disgusted by untagged fetish porn appearing on your feed is not the same as being this needlessly autistic about suddenly having a meltdown spanning multiple posts at anons who happen to mention a popular game in a passing sentence.

No. 1731019

It's not attention span, not only at least. If I go look for fanfics, I'm usually looking for one shots or a few chapters at most. Not because I wouldn't want to read a longer one, but because I've been burned too many times getting into a long fic that just turns out to be insanely OOC as it goes on. At least with the 2000 one shot I'm not investing more then 10 minutes into it and there's less chance of the author fucking them up.

No. 1731020

yeah. i try to enjoy what i enjoy and ignore annoying fans, but in some cases a fanbase that bad will successfully chase me off. we're itt because we know all fandoms have their tards and they're more plentiful than ever before, but if finding fans with iqs above room temp truly feels like a lost cause it makes me question how good the thing they're fawning over can really be. in my experience, usually the answer is… not very.

No. 1731026

If you're in a big city maybe you can find one. But it also depends on whether your country is considered a big market. It's been a while since I went to my usual game store but the last time I went there I picked two visual novels for my switch and the owner and the employee I see all the time recommended me these games and told me I'd love them based on the games I usually buy and that they personally loved one of them and we talked for a bit. If I talked about these games online I would have just seen spoilers, people bitching because muh fanservice, muh gamergate, muh retarded localizers making one NPC a tranny or enby (I haven't started this one so wait and see I guess). Finding nerds irl is so different from online. Usually in a good way, even when it's shonentards in anime cons. If I talk to one of my best friends about Xenoblade 2 irl we'll talk about the gameplay, story, characters, how I never got Kosmos but she got her as soon as she started the game, how Malos and Jin should just have fucked and moved on from everything that happens, how the setting and specific characters remind us of some specific FF games and about the NG+ features. If I look it up online I see shit like "nooo the adult girls have boobs ewww", "hire me nintendo~", "the game is BASED because it has moe waifus!!1!" or "if you play with the Japanese voice acting you're a weeb and you will never be Japanese lolol (idgaf about that, I also will never be a britbong so why would I subject myself to the dub? anyway)" it's super fucking annoying.

No. 1731069

I thought Pillowfort seemed promising but I notice most of the people who use it are more mad over Tumblr "banning sex workers" and other people who drank the pomo koolaid. It seems like nearly all "old school" fandom spaces are like that, which I never understood. I was never comfortable identifying as a proshipper for that reason. Thinking fictional content isn't real and doesn't always reflect the creator's morals doesn't mean I also think there's 400 genders, IRL porn is harmless, and that it's possible to be a genderfluid asexual bisexual gay person.

No. 1731072

I've seen cuntboy stuff in the 2000s/early 2010s before gender stuff took off, but it was just a fetish or treated as a fantasy intersex condition. I think the fact it's literally a fetish that you can defend under politics now ("I'm giving a minority gender representation") is why. Sexuality in general has become so increasingly pornified/seen as transactional ("sex work is work", incel culture, etc.), so many young millennials and adult zoomers have little IRL sexual experience so they only have internet porn and "diet porn" like artwork/stories for reference.

No. 1731076

so I posted this in the previous thread but I think it's still worth discussin, the perspectives, media and takes you encounter from non-Western people(including my own) whether they are mainstream media or from some random person you connect with on platforms like Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr, are predominantly by the "global rich". This is almost exclusively noticeable in non-European and east-Asian nations, although it can apply to people in other European and east Asia countries. But here, many political activist groups that have emerged in the past decade are essentially performative rather than genuinely political. They prioritize optics over substance, including adopting Western woke positions. This trend extends to our music and cultural as well. Our musicians, who primarily come from the upper middle class, tend to promote rap music, and people tend to follow along unless it goes way too against our cultural values. Even feminists, who also come from the upper middle class, often adhere to Western feminism within their own bubbles. These bubbles usually go unchallenged, except in truly unstable nations like Iraq, where people risk getting shot or kidnapped by militias.
This has political consequences, but it shapes media takes as well, cause basically anytime you see some twittertard getting mad at some piece of media for "not getting their culture right" they are from western-brained global rich-perspective, they are almost completely disconnected from their own nations(barring some shallow knowledge that anyone would know) their offence is completely performative, cause 99.9% of people in their own nation would not care.

No. 1731139

Thanks for the advice. I think the user (unfortunately seems to be older than I am according to the age in the bio) manually combed through because this person I follow that I was "alerted about" is a japanese artist with like 10 followers, like I said, niche older game, lol. I think I'll just end up blocking and see what to do if she ends up throwing a shit fit.

No. 1731143

I noticed that fandoms that need autistic level of commitment like reading, playing or watching thousand of hours of content for a single story are the less wanky one.

No. 1731147

Because gatekeeping works. And this level of investment into one story is already gatekeeping a shit ton of people.

No. 1731153

This is even weirder with 3dpd, they aren't even troons, just standard moidy moids

No. 1731155

Do you think this might be because scrotes have tried brainwashing young girls into thinking a normal straight couple consists of a young, beautiful girl paired with an older, ugly moid? So they see a boy and a girl of the same age and they think it's some sort of whacky queer thing?

No. 1731157

No, it's zoomer "lesbians" who don't real actual GL, yuri, or lesbian shows, so they have to transwash exsisting characters to pretend they like women.

No. 1731160

File: 1697729573066.png (1.57 MB, 602x3529, queer vampire takes.png)

I hate these people so fucking much.

No. 1731161

Exactly this. At first the whole thing about "he/him lesbians" was lesbian tifs having internalised misogyny but still wanting the oppression points from being called a lesbian but now it turned into straight women wanting to be called lesbians or acting like they like lesbian media. Both are weird as hell and just another instance of words not having any meaning anymore.

No. 1731168

Why are they so obsessed with gay sex? what's wrong with them? this is frightening, and don't get me started on the incest stuff, yuck

No. 1731230

A lot of "he/him lesbians" in my old circles were butches who drank the koolaid, but larping as a lesbian is so trendy in zoomer-infested creative circles. Most "lesbians" I see are self-hating bisexuals who write off their attraction to male celebs/actors as "comphet" and headcanon male charactera as "transwomen/nonbinary/butch he/him lesbians" as a cope.

No. 1731253

What helps make the internet less obnoxious is pretending that these people aren't actual people. They're all vague concepts that just spam the same things over and over again in the same way and I'm one of these few people who use social media normally and who can express my opinions with my own words based on my own life experience. MGS2 was onto something.

No. 1731264

>Black and brown vampires should be immune to sunlight
I bet he is one of those retards who think brown and black people don't need sunscreen

No. 1731267

I wish vampires were real so that idiots like that would get murked.

No. 1731278

Kek nonny, i dont play genshit but i hate when anons shit on genshin males when it's the only modern franchise who dares to make femgaze male characters. They are just angry because they cant get off to any male character that doesnt look like an overdesigned sparkle dog like jojo.

No. 1731281

Based advice nonnie. Changing topic, I’ve been reading about stoicism and virtues lately (yes I know, cringe, but I’m at a rough point in my life and quite a lot of the meditations have been genuinely helpful, I highly recommend) and upon my reading this morning I came across the meditation that, in plain English, those who spent all their time virtue signalling but do not actually practice virtue are, well, pathetic and lost. And call me pathetic too for even drawing the connection but like. Isn’t that a bit too on the nose for antis? What do they bring to the table? Ever? I’m serious. I’ve rarely ever seen a good anti artist or fic writer. They’re so busy preaching that they never produce. It’s like the only thing they’re good at: sending meaningless ‘I am better and more superior than you’ waves out into the internet. It’s… kind of sad. It’s like they don’t even realise how fun the process of creation can be when you don’t constrain yourself with unnecessary anxiety about how you’ll be judged for the final product. Must suck.

No. 1731283

File: 1697739448108.jpg (130.25 KB, 912x1168, shinobu.jpg)

i genuinely love moeface and i am glad genshit does it, i hope more franchises make men with moefaces i am so fucking tired of dorito chin, muppet face and big noses in my cute males

No. 1731287

File: 1697739692447.jpeg (906.17 KB, 1170x1374, IMG_3077.jpeg)

Here with some fandom positivity to break up all the salt: finally, a chainsaw man meme that made me laugh.

No. 1731288

File: 1697739719369.jpeg (849.53 KB, 1170x1529, IMG_3078.jpeg)

No. 1731291

i dont get twitter humor, people laugh at this?

No. 1731295

i just wish we got something besides gacha games these days.

No. 1731297

um sweaty don't u know brave and stunning poc are immune to melanoma and wrinkles???

No. 1731300

we recently got lies of P, games are healing

No. 1731303

My bad, nona, I’m a big Cunk fan and I’d assume lolcow would be too given our demographic. Oops.

No. 1731305

i am a big fan too i just dont find ''i though this character was this person'' funny, but i dont use social media so i dont get zoomer humor

No. 1731318

>it's the only modern franchise who dares to make femgaze male characters
Is it…? I dont play these sort of games, so if you're saying. But the designs are so ugly, it doesn't matter much to me.

No. 1731321

it isn't, that anon likely just don't play or have time for any other games so they pretend it is.

No. 1731344

I don't know about you, but recently, a lot of games have been catering to women, or have been found hot by women. Even when unintentional. I mean look at the effects of the recent Call of Duty kek. I think you need to realize not every woman wants an anime boy. And if you're strictly talking anime, you should state that.

No. 1731357

I just want to know exactly what makes them think this somehow screams queer. Show your prejudices. I just know it's because of Simon looking passive and Betty looking less passive. Or is it because he's lanky and awkward? Just let them go mask off explaining why it's queer.

No. 1731359

I bet it’s because Betty wears pants.

No. 1731361

how tf do i find sane fandom blogs on tumblr? i forgot how to use this site

No. 1731364

File: 1697744265835.png (213.87 KB, 541x928, Simon_Betty.png)

The QRTs of this post are interesting to me. A considerable number of them claim that Simon is a trans-girl and this his relationship with Betty is "Sapphic." a slightly smaller amount claim their T4T, while others are shamelessly indulging in their fetishes of Simon getting pegged or paired with and getting pounded by Adult Finn. The crux of the matter is that none of these retarded takes have any relevance to one another, and sometimes completely contradict each other. It's just that these people willingly choose not to accept the fact that Simon and Betty are simply a regular, straight couple.

No. 1731369

>Isn’t that a bit too on the nose for antis? What do they bring to the table? Ever? I’m serious. I’ve rarely ever seen a good anti artist or fic writer.
I've said it plenty of times everywhere all over the internet but especially here: antis are often just jealous of more talented writers or artists or even just more popular fans and they harass these people out of jealousy, all the "anti" arguments they use are just a pretext they pull out of their asses. I think I mentioned last thread how the FE fandom was pure garbage and how some competent artists got harassed online for liking Fates (all because some youtuber told them it's a shit game) and for marrying either Xander, Leo, Takumi or Ryoma (because they're related to the MC except if you play the games you'd know that's incorrect and that these artists were just self-inserting because these guys are made specifically for fanservice). It was years ago but while these artists who got harassed were posting art, making a shit ton of money with commissions and selling their products in several cons a year, the people harassing them posted shitty doodles of established characters with added vitiligo, stretch marks, 200 more lbs than in canon, simplified clothes or armors because fuck efforts I guess, etc. Meanwhile they loved FE3H, the game where the main character can marry his/her grandmother, who is also his/her daughter at the same time through reincarnation bs. But bitching about that would requiring actually playing the game yourself and paying attention to the plot. Ever since I noticed this with FE it became obvious in many other fandoms, it's just that I found it even more obvious in FE's case. God I remember reading JJBA in 2014/2015 and seing actual friendships ending over whether Jonadio was actual incest despite the two character not being brothers and Jonathan explicitly thinking about how he never saw Dio as family because of how much he bullied him when they met.

No. 1731374

File: 1697744932797.jpg (351.64 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20231019_154459_Chr…)

Tumblr users try not to overshare challenge: impossible

No. 1731378

Is this selfposting or something? This isn't even really oversharing by Tumblr description standards. Is this user doing something otherwise milky?

No. 1731382

The combination of that user feeling the need to say they're an "aroace lesbian thembie" was cringey to me, so I posted it. I hate that tumblr made it a standard to overshare your sexuality and whatever fake word a person thinks they are.

No. 1731396

What started fandom's hatred towards female heterosexuality?
So many weird straight girls today just don't want to be straight or girls and I find it sad.

No. 1731399

File: 1697747602077.jpg (557.07 KB, 1079x1824, Screenshot_20231019_162322_Tum…)

Looked a little to see some funny "proship" or "anti" takes and found this. It made me pause and think about non-American perspectives on the whole "proship vs. anti" debate. If the dislike of "antis" is really growing common among Japanese artists and fans, it feels like being overly dictative, aggressive, and "righteous" about what gets written or posted is more of an American thing. Can a Japanese, British, or any non-American share your perspective on the topic of 'antis'?

No. 1731400

>mmmmmm yummy yummy genshit bishounen, tastes like cardboard, oh boy delicious
No. Grow a taste and stop insulting others. Genshitties are so bland they may as well be from a doll maker app.

No. 1731401

Don't use the same username across multiple websites, create burner e-mails that are not attached to your real identity, do not powerlevel (i.e. don't post any real information about your personal life), erase metadata from pictures you take (should you upload any of your personal photos, but for utmost OPSEC I'd avoid doing this as well), use a VPN (not a cheap one, and make sure to read the ToS to see if they collect data on you) or make your own, delete cookies every once in a while or use private browsing, disable JavaScript in your main web browser, etc. etc.
I probably didn't hit everything, but this is what one would do in the most anal form of internet privacy. I think, for most purposes, you will only need to do far less than what I've listed—mostly just the first points.
Kek so much of the above. I'm also in Zoomer creatuve circles and a lot of these "lesbians" or "gays" are functionally straight and make no effort to present as androgynous or the opposite sex (when they're "trans"/"enbies") but they call themselves gay because they're dating another tranny who just so happens to look and be part of the opposite sex.

No. 1731403

My theory: there are many very heterosexual women who can't stand the idea of anal sex in the slightest. Yes, anal sex sucks, but you would think that being a work of fiction it doesn't have to be 100% realistic and everything that comes with it could be ignored.
I also think that several of these girls with a strong CB fetish are a strange combination between yumejo, fujo and skinwalker.

No. 1731410

Social contagion. For some—particularly for white girls—having any amount of privilege is seen as a cardinal sin, which leads to a lot of these girls/women to lean into marginalized identities to eliminate the perceived responsibility they have being in a position of privilege. It's not acceptable to change your race, and in that respect one will always have privilege, but it is acceptable to "change" or gender, or claim a non-heterosexual sexuality, thus placing yourself in an oppressed class, and so in those situations one can at least counterbalance their racial privileges.
In other cases, it's a sort of special snowflake syndrome. I think this case can often be intertwined with the previous one that I addressed, but I think this one also transcends racial lines, since it's typically found in middle-class teenagers and young adults who have little identity of their own or want to stand out from their peers in some way.
Going to end here by saying that none of this is set in stone as it's mostly a mixture of anecdote and me talking out of my ass, but I think a lot more people have begun to notice these things.

No. 1731412

The Fire Emblem discourse always blew my mind. I dislike Fates but it's so insane how antis witch hunted people who shipped "problematic" ships like Corrin and Azura/Ryoma/Xander because it's incest, but they paid money and support a game that has incest in it. When Dana Rune got a callout for drawing art for a zine, I saw the OP of the callout admit that it's easier to "cancel" a fan artist for drawing "bad" ships than it is to cancel Nintendo for publishing a game that has that as an option. They're hypocrites.

No. 1731415

File: 1697748945871.jpg (69.05 KB, 896x807, FkhxjmUUYAAkqhr.jpg)


No. 1731417

Just gonna throw this in there too: same can be said for the horror fandom. The antifags act like puppydogs when they watch fictional murderers do horrible things to other fictional people, but foam at the mouth and act 'holier than thou' to writers and artists that draw and write the slashers acting the way they do from the movies kek. Antis want to have their cake and eat it too. One anti even threw a bitchfit over someone headcanoning Freddy Krueger as a pedo, even though the movies implied many times that he was a pedo. If antis hate the mention of problematic topics so much, why are they always in fandoms for media with those problematic themes?

No. 1731421

File: 1697749282999.jpg (178.93 KB, 1022x1280, IMG_5302.jpg)

What? Majority of Enstars characters literally have dorito chins kek

No. 1731426

On the other hand, proshippers support anything and everything regarding content, no matter how heinous and low quality, mean spirited, degenerate, etc., even if the subject were something like a character hunting down, raping, and murdering every female character in the game/story in the name of the taliban. proshippers want that content hosted online and protected no matter what.

If we were reasonable we'd settle for a policy in the middle, but that requires nuance and common sense. There actually is content that shouldn't be tolerated to be hosted and supported.

No. 1731429


As a third worlder who emigrated to Europe I thought this was a very good post and it gave me a lot to reflect. It is absolutely true that the (somewhat upper) middle class my third world country lives in a westernized bubble almost completely out of touch with local issues. Terminally online teenagers and young adults who speak English at a level allowing them to engage with online American/western European POVs, which is already a privilege in itself in their own country, become immersed in the online world and come to believe that they are also part of this first world conversation (also due to the bubble that they live in, especially in Latin America).

It's troubling as these young adults tend to not be in touch with local and national issues at all, defending causes which do not need defending in their country (trannies) and ignoring glaring issues such as their country's specific ingrained misogyny, feminicide, etc. It is absolutely true that terminally online third worlders are "global rich" trapped in their own country. No wonder many emigrate to the US or western Europe, in their mind that's who they are part of ever since they could read and speak English.

No. 1731430

its fine if you find moidshit media male characters hot, but they are made for MOIDS its not femgaze because the creators of COD didnt intend that guy to be attractive to women.

No. 1731432

Britbong here. There’s not a whole lot of difference since we’re all lumped in with the supposed ‘west’ online but it is VERY entertaining to see some 14 year old from Texas shit their knickerbockers because their pixellated screenshots of a random US based court case have literally no effect on your legal capacity to draw dodgy porn over in London. Otherwise, idk. I will say that even we as Brits notice and get irritated by the extraordinarily US-centric focus of every single fandom online. I remember telling African American fans of Spiderpunk that their interpretation of north London dialogue was fucking appalling and that black British culture is actually very distinct from the US (people kept writing him like an black guy from the US, speech and slang wise) and got shot at point blank reblog for it. How dare I question the mighty will of the US of A.

No. 1731433

>On the other hand, proshippers support anything and everything regarding content, no matter how heinous and low quality, mean spirited, degenerate, etc.
I'm sure there are proshippers that on the "free speech absolutism" side, but in my experience a lot of them are hypocrites when it comes to "free speech" or "freedom of fiction"; So many of them scream over how "TERF/SWERFs" are the devil, certain "transphobic" authors should be canceled (but straight white male authors that are sexist get a pass), and mostly just wanted to defend their right to jack off to noncon/lolisho/etc. than want to stop harassment over fiction.

No. 1731434

>stop insultting others dont call my roidpigs roidpigs it hurts my fee fees!
>writes a manifesto on how genshin boys are ugly and if you like them you are underage
so annoying, please take your advice and shut up. Some women like pretty boys and arent into 3DPD like moids.

No. 1731436

It sucks that you got attacked and of course you're not in the wrong. Americans get really retarded when they just assume everyone else lives life in the same way, even down to slang.

No. 1731437

and? what's wrong with that, why are you so angry at cute faces? go play Baldurs gate if you want to see a moid's wrinkles and dry lips lol
nah i mean junjou romantica type dorito faces, enstar style is perfect to me

No. 1731439

from what I've seen if it's anti-gay or anti-trans content they throw a shitfit no matter if they are committed to "anti-censorship" and want it removed, but the moment woman-hate content comes by they unilaterally support it and simp for the writers. fandom spaces are 80% female and still dominated by misogynists because the handmaidens fear crossing the troons, who are male and misogynist. they're disgusting.

No. 1731440

There's stuff like enstars and the Yana Toboso disney thing, maybe anon was just considering a specific game genre, but saying it's the only franchise to cater to women doesn't seem correct

No. 1731441

The whole world already rags on women for liking cute/feminine men, why are you people coming here and doing it again? This isn't the thread for shitting on husbandos anyway

No. 1731443

File: 1697750714698.jpg (44.95 KB, 307x640, d107cd7b86cfa213ed351dce1b7031…)

>muppet face and big nose
There's a huge middle ground between conveyerbelt sameface and fucking Kaiji, anon it isn't 2003

Enough with the reddit memes and wojaks. Not everyone likes the thing you like, get over it. Don't shit on other anons' ugly husbandos when you yourself have an ugly husbando from a kusoge and you'll sperg the fuck out if any onlooker should remind you that he is also ugly.

No. 1731444

Wow. He looks cute, but damn that nose is really distracting lol

No. 1731447

Nta but I want him in my bed. Kaiji is peak sex, nose and all

No. 1731449

it's definetly the only one that's not just a gachashit mobilephone game. Men have stuff like senran kagura, touhou, dead or alive, skull girls, trillions of mmorpgs, arcana hearts and probably more. Women only have the rare instance where a male vidya character is hot, and then mobile phone gachashit. It's funny that anons complain about ''muh cardboard cutout flavourless designs, you just have terrible taste!!11!'' and then give the fucking COD dude as an example, which isnt only not femgaze, but all the fanart i have seen is extremely out of character from the original design because it's from an ugly scrote game with ugly scrote graphics.

No. 1731450

seriously, this poster has done this sperging more than once, she insults other people's tastes but freaks out when people insult what she likes. god i hate genshitters.

No. 1731454

what i would give for a good action or strategy game with a roster of cute boys… why is the world so cruel to us, sisters?

No. 1731455

you're really mad that people called genshit characters bland. they don't even have any personality and the designs are just a base plate with 20 belts and accessories stapled on. the only difference between characters is outfit and haircolor, like it was made in a avatar maker.

just admit shota makes you horny

No. 1731459

they are bland FOR YOU, they arent bland for the million of women who turned it into one of the most popular games ever. How is that so hard for you to understand? ugly male characters are the norm already, let women have cute bishies for once jesus.

No. 1731461

I am making my own shmup with cute boys, but I dont look forward to releasing it into the world. It seriously suck being a nerdy woman, no wonder so many become pickmes or TIFs.

No. 1731463

To be fair anons were also discussing how the entire Genshin fanbase is full of idiots which I'm inclined to agree with. I'm pretty sure it's this one sperg who found lolcow from 4chan's /vg/ and complains about the fandom all the time across a few boards like fujochan and cc, but gets weirdly defensive when people tell her it's because it isn't some great game deserving of a better fandom than the one it has. She's hardly the shining example of a chill fan she thinks she is.

No. 1731464

mcdonalds sells millions of hamburgers. is mcdonalds a good restaurant? no one would care what you like if you didn't go out of your way to insult other people.

No. 1731469

i am not insulting anyone, you are the one calling genshin boys generic/boring/cardboard/bland. I have pretty unconventional male husbandos myself, and i dont play genshin, i am just tired of retards insulting the only game with enough balls to catter to women for once.

No. 1731471

Antis are retards. Simple as. Why the fuck would I care about poor little fictional characters being objectified and fetishized (allegedly) when I can't go outside without some real man harassing me or trying to stalk me while yelling racist slurs that are very popular on porn sites? I don't know, I just happen to have real problems, unlike self diag autistic American teenage girls who wished they were uke boys.

No. 1731472

the nuggies are bland FOR YOU, lawsuitchan. they aren't to the millions of who eat nuggies EVERY DAY. and no, it's not because they're a cheap, accessible fast food item. it's because they're FINE DINING TO PEOPLE WITH FUCTIONING TASTEBUDS!!! GO BACK TO SHIT-FIL-A!!!

No. 1731473

Also dont worry bishie hater nonny, the next mihoyo game reverted back to 99% cute girls and 1 token ugly male character so moids dont feel threatened, the era of cute femgaze vidya lasted as long as a fart in the wind

No. 1731474

Most antis care more about what's posted on AO3 than the ethics of porn involving real people.

No. 1731475

>ew you like roidpigs, you like wrinkled old men, ew ew ew
put down genshit and touch grass

No. 1731476

i didnt say that, i just said that roidpigs/old men are the NORM you sound like a moid complaining about the only game that dares to make attractive male characters to women. Literally go play any other game, they all catter to you.

No. 1731477

do you care about the game for any reason other than providing masturbation material? just cut to the chase and read some porn if you're that upset, coombrain.

No. 1731478

i dont but moids do considering pretty much all videogames have women in thongs or half naked but god forbid a woman wants to see a hot man in her vidya

No. 1731479

>the only game that
the only game that you know about you mean. otomeshit is full of your bland 14 year old bishounen to lust after. go play one. do you really think bishounen didn't exist before genshit invented them?

do only retarded people play genshit or does genshit make everyone who plays it retarded?

No. 1731480

That's not true either. If you took a break from mass downloading Scaramouche femboy porn or saved money from not whaling to increase indistinguishable twink #28's damage from 5000 to 5008 you could find some. Putting down other crummy mobile gachas while being obsessed with one the same way you do it to other anons' preferences, why can you be normal?

No. 1731481

Funny how hardcore fandom policing came to the forefront of American fandom culture right around the time when “Don’t ever criticize porn if you’re a civilian!! #sexpozzie” became the mainstream view on irl porn amongst liberal Americans online.

No. 1731482


No. 1731484

name one aspect of the game you enjoy other than cardboard bishounen you rub yourself to.
now you're trying to play it like i'm bashing women in general, when you're the one bashing people who aren't interested in skinny underaged prettyboys.

No. 1731485

It also reminds me that it also happened more or less around gamergate but I'm not sure if there's a direct correlation.

No. 1731486

like i said, otomeshit isnt the same as an mmorpg. You are either actually retarded or don't know how to read.
i dont even play genshin, why are you so angry. Recommend me a male touhou then, or a male skull girl, maybe a male senra kagura, go on

No. 1731487

File: 1697752599901.png (407.08 KB, 601x465, E5u3B8FWUAEmk4k.png)

>do only retarded people play genshit or does genshit make everyone who plays it retarded?
Both, it has an option to buy gacha crystals in exchange for IQ points instead of real monies.

No. 1731488

i said a million times i dont play the game, i am just happy there is finally some femgaze content in videogames. I don't know why it makes you so mad women can finally see male asses instead of female asses when they play videogames, only moids get this angry over genshin boys.

No. 1731489

you actually think genshit is the first mmo with bishounen? good fucking lord it stinks of zoomer in here

No. 1731490

and also, because i know retards dont read. Yeah i know link/dante/leon exist but those characters were never made for the sole reason to appeal to women.

No. 1731491

have you ever played a fucking mmo in your life? all of them, specially the old school ones, have ugly wrinkly moids if you want a male character and sexy almost naked women in bikini armor for female charactes.

No. 1731492

I remember that and they also harassed other artists of that zine. I followed Eva Smith or whatever her username was and her husbando was Xander from FE Fates so she posted art of him fairly often and at some point people were seething and posting shit like "she's problematic because she ships the MC with her big brother and that's incest and she's Dana Rune's friend and did art for Dana's game so she's trash! unfollow her! or else!" so I got curious back then and these same people were like "ugh she thinks she's better than everyone just because she's a good artists I just don't like her and her ships" like it was so fucking weird. Like I'm pretty sure it's just jealousy because unlike these two women they can't even draw a stick figure.

No. 1731493

File: 1697752923934.png (514.24 KB, 495x729, 1683773111519611.png)

If you don't even play the game why are you defending it so hard? It isn't all male, the vast majority of the characters are female including the strongest ones and the gameplay is bad, worse than any of the games you listed. Hell, the gameplay is a very ghetto Great Value version of a game where you can force one of the most iconic bishies ever to crossdress.

No. 1731494

>other games with bishounen
like what? fucking league???

No. 1731495

because, like i said already, i just like more femgaze content
>one of the most iconic bishies ever to crossdress.
gross, is that supposed to be a selling point? i hate how they turned link into a femboy for scrotes in the last games, we cant have shit

No. 1731496

>spoonfeed me

No. 1731498

>sexy almost naked women in bikini armor for female charactes
Now I believe you've never played the game because that's how most of the playable characters are in Genshit: scantily clad anime ladies with a few lolis in crop tops mixed in.

No. 1731499

go to the /m/ videogame thread

No. 1731500

i will take my ban for accusing someone of being a moid, but this has to be a moid no woman would get this angry over women finally having cute male characters to oogle at and genshit moids are known to have a rabid hate boner for the cute male character, also no woman likes gross crossdressing sissy shit

No. 1731501

yeah, but we also get hot dudes how is that so hard to understand? i just want some equality

No. 1731503

Shut the fuck up, oh my god. Infights on lolcow are so predictable. It isn't even one anon grilling you right now, it's like four KEK

No. 1731504

I think there’s a connection there too. There was this fandom inclusivity overcorrection in response to GGers preaching the virtues of gatekeeping. The issue is that they were right to an extent, but they were too wrapped up in autistic failmale anger to argue their point in a less embarrassing way (i.e. “Grr if you don’t want to grind a game for 40 hrs/wk, you’re a fake fan!!”). This gave the current self righteousness and loudmouth fair-weather fans plaguing fandoms a clear way into the mainstream.

No. 1731506

getting angry at genshin just for having cute boys for once its pretty scrote behaviour, go complain about the billion of games with generic women instead

No. 1731507

Amazing thread, nonas

No. 1731510

i am esl, i make mistakes sometimes.
>You can ask for recommendations with pretty boys in them on /m/
you dont even play videogames do you?

No. 1731511

File: 1697753389156.gif (445.43 KB, 250x188, 1697476729611014.gif)

So do you play the game or are you lying? You can ask for recommendations with pretty boys in them on /m/, there are thousands and we don't know what type of games you like, zoomerchan.

No. 1731512

here >>1731511 also kek at you deleting just to post a retarded gif from the franchise with tons of cute girls and the most generic of boys

No. 1731513

Can we shut the fuck up about Genshin /femgaze/bishies and go back to complaining about fandom discourse? Go to /m/.

No. 1731514

I remember having a more nuanced discussion about this topic a few years ago, about the contrast between the exaggerated slasher films of the past and the darker, more grounded slasher reboot movies we started getting in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Specifically, I recall talking about the 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street Remake. I've watched the old Nightmare on Elm Street films, and they were kinda goofy. Freddy is so over-the-top that it's hard for me to take him seriously. However, I was actually afraid of him because I watched the 2010 version first, which wasn't as graphically violent as the originals. It's just in that version, he wasn't portrayed as an over-the-top serial killer, but rather as a school gardener who abuses children, which is something that is scarily plausible. The lack of exaggeration and camp is what made it frightening for me, and it stayed with me for months.

No. 1731516


Are you schizophrenic on top of the ESL? Be fucking serious

No. 1731518

why do you type like that are you a newfag? you calling me ''schizo'' or whatever buzzword doesnt make your argument better, it just makes you sound retarded

No. 1731520

>thinking jack frost is only from persona
the zoomer energy is so strong it's starting to giving me radiation sickness

No. 1731522

sorry i refuse to play persona i dont wanna have to see coombait for moids if i am not treated equally, and persona boys are ugly

No. 1731523

Your argument is that I've never played a videogame because I asked you to go to the vidya thread in /m/ if you want recommendations because everyone here is sick of the fighting. Mental illness.

No. 1731524

>reddit spacing
>Twitter lingo
>newly adopted mis- and overuse of the word schizo as an insult
We got another one ladies

No. 1731525

well, i want your recommendations not random nonnnas, plus i play enough videogames to know you are bullshitting

No. 1731533

Persona is just one of many spinoffs in the Megami Tensei series.

No. 1731540

Jack Frost isn't just from persona, he's from Shin Megami Tensei. SMT is an old series that has historically had bishounen filled casts and a predominantly female audience. Now you're really makinh yourself sound retarded.

>coombait for moids if i am not treated equally, and persona boys are ugly

Genshin Impact, the game you don't play doesn't do this either, only 1/5 of the cast is male, a smaller portion than even the most waifu filled persona games, and the boy designs are even worse. I don't understand why you're fighting so hard over now multiple games you've never played.

That's not what reddit spacing is, friend. Back to /vg/ to cry about lolcow harpies and /v/ermin ruining your life.

No. 1731541

i dont care i dont play jrpgs i just know pickmes lust after the incel pedophile guy and thats how i know the game has terrible male characters

No. 1731543

Apparently not. Farmhands need to get over here and send these dumbasses out to pasture.

No. 1731545

if smt boys are so good how come so many female fans lust after adachi? just saying, at least no genshin boy is a pedo incel

No. 1731547

I think that's a pretty good analysis you got there, and I agree. Freddy Krueger being a predator made it feel more real because of how common that kind of stuff is. IIRC, Wes Craven had to make Freddy being a pedo more "implied" than explicitly stated because he didn't want to insult the real event of a pedophile who went around molesting children at the time of production. Imagine how much more eerie the original movie would be if Craven kept that element in there. Your analysis reminded me of a take on Alien. That the importance and ideal to prevent and terminate parasitic lifeforms that were forced upon your body by a larger, stronger, scarier being can work as a metaphor to why security for rape victims and the right to have an abortion would be a humane, and fair approach. But knowing how overreactive and pigheaded antis often are about darker themes, a lot of them would assume horror movies only glorify violence, mental illness, and other subjects instead of paying attention to the message these movies are really trying to say.

No. 1731550

What's funny is that I saw the whole thing happening online frol start to finish and it had a huge negative impact on the games I played or wanted to play (still salty over FE Fates years later I admit it) and fandoms I was into and yet I have no clue how that shit started and why a bunch of millenial has been Amerifats managed to ruin pop culture on a global scale so easily. I agree that gatekeeping was always the solution to have better fandoms even though it's not profitable from a business pov but even now most people talking about video games online don't buy them or play them, they just watch someone play them on youtube ot twitch. I hate agreeing with annoying neckbeards but that's life I guess.

No. 1731557

You're so fucking weird. I'm not going to derail the thread further so you can make me your vidya spoonfeeder bitch and shit on everything I suggest without playing it and insisting the game you're defending but also haven't played is superior. If you've just so happened to have played every other game in existence besides this one you're so vehemently defending, you should know some yourself.

Again, how would you know if you've never played it? Really Genshin is no stranger to oneeshota and m/f pedo fanservice, and the popularity of its m/f pedo ships rivals the amount of people who want to fuck Adachi because he's not a popular husbando at all. /g/ is not the standard.

No. 1731558

Persona's fanbase is mainly female though…

No. 1731560

>the creators of COD didnt intend that guy to be attractive to women
That's quite literally what I said lol. I just said if you only like anime boys, say that. But don't pretend like there are no more hot male characters outside of your shitty mobile games

No. 1731566

NTA but I used to play this Eva dating sim game on Newgrounds. I havent seen this in such a long time.

No. 1731568

Legit. Whenever I see someone cosplaying the new version of Vash, I assume they are a retarded zoomer or a gendie. It's the worst design.

No. 1731571

>Really Genshin is no stranger to oneeshota
Oh no the oneeshota schizo from the genshin thread found her way here

No. 1731576

the cod guy isnt hot though

No. 1731578

Adachi is super popular even outside /g/ i have seen more women lust after him than after the other guys, i also never shitted on persona i just said its stupid to shit on genshit and the pretend persona is any better when the designs are equally generic.

No. 1731585

most jprgs have a mostly female fanbase, it's probably the most female friendly videogame genre.

No. 1731587

Reading others nonas posts about the degradation of critical thinking and long-form discussion in fandom feels a tiny bit bad bc i feel like im part of the problem for never being able to contribute to fan theories and stuff. I think twitter did permanent damage to how i process info and i don't know how to reverse it. I have the attention span of a fly and i hate it so much

No. 1731588

adachi being the most popular moid from persona tells you all you need to know about the franchise: it sucks.
if only people gave a shit about SMT men alike, damn.

No. 1731590

persona is actually generic i have never played neither persona/smt or genshin but at least i can tell the difference between genshin characters, i always confuse the p3 male character with the reverse trap girl, they look identical

No. 1731591

I have to say that the amount of uncontrollable seething just mentioning Genshin causes in some anons is almost comedic because it happens in so many threads across the board. Someone mentioned liking an unnamed Genshin character in her post mainly complaining about uncensored Vash cuntboy porn and anons were triggered into sperging about how much they hate a game for 12 hours and counting despite never even touching it. Did a genshinfag burn down your village and piss on your crops? Did they clog your Twitter feed with too many retweets and you couldn't figure out how to mute words?

No. 1731592

So you agree that even genshin is full of generic male designs and filled with equally generic females made for men? Why go on a crusade to defend a game you said was the only one that catered to women, when you know that's not even a true?

No. 1731594

I think the point is that currently Genshit is the only game serving anything at all, even if it's shit.

No. 1731597

it's twitterfag mentality of popular=bad! it's stupid, i will side with genshin fans any day because they get shit on relentlessly by moids who hate actual cute male characters in game and the typical spergs with the iq of a goldfish who hate anything popular

No. 1731598

Thank you, sometimes this site feels more ESL than me. It's not hard to understand my point.

No. 1731599

Seriously, they just keep going and going. Just ignore the one genshin girl and move on, they don't need to collectively pile on and keep dragging out the fight. I swear everyone on the Internet has forgotten how to ignore shit they don't like. How are you people better than the snowflakes you criticize in this thread when you act like this? Just shut up and put the topic to rest

No. 1731603

Nta but that's objectively not true and this is why genshinfags keep getting called retarded no matter how many times they insist they're only hated because they're famous or whatever point they're trying to make here. The anon making the point of it being the only game with attractive men has said multiple times that she has never played the game before and is comparing it to other games she says she's never played either.

No. 1731608

NTA but just sit down for a moment and go take a deep breath or something, judging from the discussion it's pretty clear that she's saying that for her personal tastes it's the only game catering to her at the moment and people are here taking it all personally and screaming about how ugly and bland the characters are and ackshually liking cute moefaces is a sign of being a pedo or whatever the fuck. It's retardation and people here have some serious anger issues.

No. 1731614

Pinocchio can get it.

No. 1731617

Yeah, your words make sense to me. Though I wonder if the hatred of being a heterosexual girl/woman stems from fandom posts lynching this group of people.

No. 1731619

but isnt it a little hypocritical to say all that when (i think) you were the one putting it on a pedestal and saying anons who like muscular guys should be ashamed or anyone who doesnt like genshit must like fatties and roidpigs? if it wasnt you, then the original genshin anon did and that was what caused all the infighting.
then they started the usual
>only moids think this!
>posts a wojak
>there are no other games that have pretty boys! genshin is the only one!
>posts angry wojak you look like this wojak kekw go back!
>other games have too many icky coombait girls! genshin is only 90% coombait girls which is equal pandering!
and so on. talk about things you dont like all you want but dont fight about it, that goes for both sides. the genshin anon went crazy when a few anons said the same things she says about other characters.

No. 1731620

>Nta but that's objectively not true
you could've used examples, I'm not a fujo and I have 0 stakes on this conversation because even drawn men disgust me lmao. so my observations might be wrong because I'm not invested in it but what I see from mainstream games, Genshit is one of the few games serving boys on a regular basis, while most mainstream games just don't or do inadvertently. also using persona or SMT as example of mainstream game with male fanservice is extremely disingenuous because 1) only ONE persona game had a female MC that enable you to date other male characters. 2) persona/SMT games are still male oriented so you can't say it has male fanservice when it has barely anything much and female persona fans survive on crumbs Atlus throws at them and fanmade content. sure, the male MCs are fujo friendly, but it's still inadvertently, women were never the SMT/persona audiences except for that one P3 port for PSP because somehow Atlus heard somewhere PSP was the console otome gamers used. a game having attractive men doesn't mean the game is marketed towards women advertently, something the market seems to lack and not give a shit, even I, someone who is not a fujo, can recognise it.

No. 1731623

i'm not japanese but i remember that huge drama over antis that happened a few months ago kek. the japanese made it clear they fucking hated antis.

does anyone have relevant caps from or a summary of that? they'd make a good addition to this thread.

No. 1731637

Not sure why you're talking to me about Persona. I don't/didn't shill the games, I've only beaten 1, 2, and 3. All I did was use a Jack Frost reaction picture because he's cute. The older SMT games have lots of bishies but they have nothing to do with Persona.

>1) only ONE persona game had a female MC that enable you to date other male characters

You can't date male characters in Genshin and there is no fanservice. Female characters have stories that resemble dates but not male ones. Most of the developers, writers, designers, and players of Genshin are male.

>2) persona/SMT games are still male oriented so you can't say it has male fanservice when it has barely anything much and female persona fans survive on crumbs Atlus throws at them and fanmade content

The same applies to Genshin so what point are you trying to make. There are many boys, they are ugly with no personality and you can't do anything besides play as them. Like I agree with what you're saying but Genshin is no better in any of these departments, frankly it's even worse because at least some of the Persona characters feel like actual characters and not just anime cliches to be thrown in a gacha and be dead to the game after a couple story quests.

No. 1731647

Thank god I am not the only one that feels this. I liked the horny aspect of fandoms, but at some point every single fanfic became porn without a plot. I'm not against sex in fanfics, what I can't understand is why this is all that remains. It's not only that, but every single sex fic is the exactly same. They can be written about any character, they always describe the same things, in the same order, with the same euphemism, there is no point reading fanfic of a specific ship, because the contents are fixed into the same repetitive patterns.

No. 1731670

Do you think it has something to do with young people no longer having sex nearly as much as previous generations? are more and more people channeling sexual urges into fiction than before?

No. 1731676

Cause fucked up characters are fun?

No. 1731699

i'd believe that since the "sex" they write is incel tier retarded. i wish there was some kind of licensing bureau that prevented virgins from writing smut and posting it online. i want to chew up my bathroom tiles and crawl on the ceiling.

No. 1731716

Nonnie the fact you knew this much genshin player lingo is telling on yourself, really.

No. 1731744

This argument is dumb, Fate also has lots of diverse and interesting husbandos yet a ton of female fans latch onto Gilgamesh who's a violent, psychotic rapist.
I don't think it's due to a lack of "good boys", but rather the fact that these characters are rare, making it so that the few that exist get a lot of traction.

No. 1731747

I loved Fate so much but im an adult now im not going to argue about it on lolcow

No. 1731760

>I’ve rarely ever seen a good anti artist or fic writer.
This reminds me of when I saw a Twitter post complaining about how all the good artists in the Mob Psycho 100 fandom are Reimob shippers lol

No. 1731813

I have no idea. I don't have a stand on how much porn has affected all generations, but this could also be an effect on it? It really got way too accessible over the years, tumblr was filled with it and it was hard to avoid it. Porn doesn't involve any plot and I feel they convoluted that sex is the ultimate act of love and bonding that two people can do. On one hand I used to love reading mature fanfics because source material always shied away from sex as a taboo. Sex fics were all over the place and most were bad already, from weird euphemisms and metaphors to porn like descriptions, I've read my fair share of fics that read like a cheap dumb hentai. Maybe there is a lot of porn without plot fics because that is what most people ended up consuming.

I will wear my tinfoil hat and also say the way people take part on the fandoms is widely different from years ago. When I was a kid there was a pretty straightforward way of getting into any media and it was simply watching, reading or playing the source media. Looking up extra material was a hardcore fan thing to do, the vast majority of people didn't look up interviews with the creators or took part in forums. There wasn't tiktok edits, youtube essays, gameplays or tumblr posts, but over the years we got all that and we slowly created different kinds of fans and different ways of consuming the media. I am not saying any of this is good or bad, but ultimately we have all kinds of fans sharing the same space. Take the tiktok edits as an example, I've seen people lust and obsess over characters they know barely anything about, but that doesn't stop them and a lot of them don't care about the universe surrounding the character. They still produce their own fan content and they are completely satisfied with this form of consuming the media, because it is a new way of consuming it that didn't exist before. It's baffling to me because I haven't grown up with this, but it's not necessarily wrong. This is not a zoomer issue, before anyone accuses them, remember when tumblrinas went crazy with marvel men and the old marvel fans were appalled most didn't give a shit for the comics? Some women just fell in love with Tom Hiddleston and made Loki a way more important character than he was originally. Again, I don't think it's wrong, it's just a new way of consuming media, not one I pick for myself, but I know better than to judge them too harshly about it after being utterly frustrated with certain fans demanding you prove yourself as a true fan in the past. I'm saying all this because this could also contribute to the reason there is a lack of fan content beyond shipping and fucking. There is an aesthetic group to fandoms too, like there is so many people who like the somber feeling of silent hill, but haven't played them or know jack shit about them, like DBD brought weird James fans that seem to not know a single thing about the character. This side content to the main media became a new way to consume it, with it came new types of fans that I am still getting used to.

No. 1731818

samefag to explain my rant about this form of media consuming may lead to the trend of solely shipping and sex in fandoms. I mean, what else is there to write and draw about when you have such limited knowledge of the universe and the character's development? It's that or risk getting into extremely ooc stuff, which a lot of them do too.

No. 1731824

i have never posted wojacks what the fucks are you talking about, and for the record i like both roidpigs and cute bishies i just hate when retards shit on genshin because its not their personal taste

No. 1731839

You retards complain about women hating other women so much they would rather identify as a cardboard but then turn around and hate other women for liking pretty men instead of validating your taste of ugly men. Why can't we all just be happy there's content for all of us now? If you want pretty men with good personalities that would never exist in real life you have it, if you want to be deluded into liking ugly men real moids self insert into and giving them a new personality in your head you have it. Either way we're all shizos dreaming of men being normal human beings for once. This thread was for making fun of retarded discourse but here we are, having retarded discourse.

No. 1731880

Nonna is there any popular Simon Petrikov artists you like that don't make him into a fakeb0i and don't castrate him/turn him effeminate? I've been struggling. cries

No. 1731887

No. 1731902

Try searching for key words instead of just searching tags. I feel like I see a lot of blogs that don't want to get involved in discourse/infighting who still post about their fandoms but just leave it untagged. It also seems like in older or less active fandoms, the tags will have more posts that are actually related to or about the source material, but current or very active ones will be full of mostly shitposts and attention-seeking. You can also try finding some more popular artists or writers you like and seeing who they follow or reblog from, but they can tend to be kind of insular communities so it's easy to hit dead ends that way. There are probably better or easier ways to find blogs, but that's what works for me for the most part.

No. 1731907

>It gives all of fanfiction a bad name
Fanfiction is cringy as hell anyway so you might as well let people be horny while writing it.

No. 1731917

>Now characters can't have meaningful best friends in their stories without all of the nuance being thrown out the window so the shippers can yell buttsex.
People are still complaining about this? I saw this exact same argument in early 2000s deviantart. I'm not into shounen garbage so I can't speak for that (most of the BL ships I like are actually canon, at least one sidedly) but generally friendships are way less interesting than romance to 99% of the population so is it really a surprise people have no interest in 'WE'RE JUST BESTIES NO HOMO' shit and would rather just see them be gay?

No. 1731918

File: 1697777711230.jpeg (4.04 KB, 208x138, images (21).jpeg)

I saw this post the other day and I was thinking about how Ive never really come across that phrase in recent memory but I just read it in a published book and cringed so hard I felt it in my spine

No. 1731920

I have much more respect for a 30 chapter novella with actual substance than a random pwp ooc-trope fic

No. 1731926

File: 1697778163424.jpg (3.03 MB, 3264x1916, 71917-2.jpg)

Posted this in another thread but fits better here. There are a slew of these 'Harry Potter/Percy Jackson but' books - PJ but based on Indian mythology, HP but set in a korean boarding school, PJ but based on African American mythology e.t.c. They all get hyped on BookTok. The first book does okay, and two more sequels are ordered, but literally no one cares because everyone only pretended to like the fist one. They never understand what made Harry Potter and Percy Jackson good in the first place. They only take surface-level tropes and try to apply them to their POC and/or queer characters, and they think they deserve an equal amount of fame, both Harry Potter and Percy Jackson didn't come from this mindset. The genres JK Rowling was most familiar with were mysteries and thrillers, same with Rick Riordan. When his dyslexic son showed interest in Greek mythology, he wrote a book for him by doing her own research on greek mythology and also trying to make it fun for his other children.

No. 1731929

Did you even read the post? I'm complaining about shippers overwhelming the discussion about characters with "they're just so gay" type of dismissive arguments. I even said you'd normally expect shippers to have a better understanding of their relationship but nowadays they just don't. They even have far fetched retarded takes on the canon personalities of characters. I'm a shipper myself but these retards ruin the ships for me because they have no reading comprehension but have all the audacity to claim they're the only ones that understand the ships.
Is it just fanfics being turned into romance novels that ruined romance? Almost every shitty overrated romance book I read can be traced back to the author's ship and ao3 cliches. I can't find nice modern romance books without obvious effects of low quality fanfic writing in it. Were these cliche cringe quotes a thing before fanfics?

No. 1731938

I guess I'm in the middle? I can read fanfiction, it's just that I prefer fanfiction with effort put into it. Characters' thoughts, reactions, and dialogue being in-character, and an interesting plot existing besides romance and sex-appeal. But I do agree with you about those lame ass PWP fics. It's kind of a shame they're that popular on Ao3.

No. 1731943

P3P has a otome route, just sayin.

No. 1731944

read the post again, persona moids are uggo. It has to be on purpose because the females are cute.

No. 1731946

Congratulations, doesn't mean that fanfiction isn't cringy.
Most of the stuff that goes on for 30+ chapters breaks down like crazy because the author doesn't reread their older chapters and runs out of ideas anyway.

No. 1731949

File: 1697780748999.jpg (79.42 KB, 563x731, we want the kawoshin audience …)

>persona moids are uggo
Ryoji isn't

No. 1731951

he's literally balding

No. 1731956

File: 1697780970468.png (425.33 KB, 865x829, bangs down ryoji.png)

His bangs are just pinned up.

No. 1731957

I think that's what happens when people don't properly plan what the plot is going to be and how to execute the ending.

No. 1731958

File: 1697781095412.jpg (57.78 KB, 1200x675, dKnexQw.jpg)

I'm convinced some nonnies are held at gunpoint to say they find these characters attractive.

No. 1731959

He looks like he needs a different haircut. His hair slicked back does not fit him.

No. 1731960

File: 1697781208438.jpg (119.66 KB, 800x1024, persona moid.jpg)

he just looks like this to me

No. 1731961

His mole and scarf is incredibly sexy and he's very tragic (I get that the slicked back hair isn't for everyone but I found it pretty attractive)
Also being voiced by Akira Ishida helps.

No. 1731962

weird hobbit looking creature

No. 1731963

>caring for personality
god i hate this cope, moids care about the waifubait appeareance first THEN the shitty backstory. I am not going to like an ugly character just because it's well written.

No. 1731965

He looks like humpty dumpty. The only thing that makes anime characters look different is eyes and hair so when they're both weird that means that character is just ugly. I'm sorry for the nonnas that had to become attracted to these creatures because they were the only choice.

No. 1731966

And long running series are boring ass AUs most of the time. Like no I don't want to read about these characters attending high school or running a coffee shop. There's good fanfiction that exists but anons here forgot 99% of it has always been trash tier. If I'm stuck with trash either way ofc I'll pick the one that gets me off

No. 1731967

File: 1697781466242.jpg (346.62 KB, 2056x2560, I don't like ryokira though.jp…)

To be fair his writing ain't even good (pretty typical for persona), I just like his character trope a lot and find him attractive so I like him.

No. 1731974

Narc moms traumatizing their sons with emotional incest wins again

No. 1731983

Kek, sans Akira/Ren and Akechi Persona boys look hideous and he's no exception, I don't understand anons here who are coping hard about Persona being based and girlpandering when it's literally about dating women (including your teacher) and female players are being kept as hostages to these goblins. I would understand if we were talking about SMT but Personafags have no business being this smug. And don't get me wrong, I understand liking personality to the point looks are secondary but when the topic is hating on "bland bishies" and putting uggos who are very tropey as well on a pedestal it's just some of the goofiest shit I've seen.

No. 1731984

Why was this thread so fast and interesting and became like "this" as soon as I went to sleep yesterday? Are anons ok? This is getting repetitive now.

No. 1731986

Some anons kind of derailed the shit out of the thread by making it about whether or not genshin guy characters are uggo. I thought we were supposed to be discussing fandom problems too

No. 1731987

All the sane people left after the retards took it over to argue whose husbando is less garbage

No. 1731989

what game is it pls?

No. 1731991

It's sad that this thread could be potentially interesting but it's filled with twitter refugees who can't be bothered to lurk and integrate. Falling for bait like this for HOURS is classic braindead twitterfag behaviour. They literally have no concept of not feeding the troll. Mods should nuke this thread just to make these people fuck off.

No. 1731996

File: 1697785885070.jpg (18.64 KB, 400x400, d3f1f94fcedb4a04c3a7d195b75d1b…)

I didn't wanna see debates about genshin characters and there was obviously someone baiting and trolling, I tried too nudge this thread to an actual worthwhile discussion but everyone was still arguing over some other twittertard argument.

No. 1731997

They already locked a very similar thread weeks or months ago which was becoming more active than usual and suddenly retards ruined it with their fujo/anti-fujo autism. Please not again.

No. 1732001

I don't think this thread was ever that interesting, it was the same 2018 era "this is my armchaired analysis on why fangirls troon out" fart huffing, whining about muh western feminists, throwing tantrums about fujos, occasional racebait, overplayed anti/proship debate based on hyperbolics alone or "look at this cringe mentally ill teenager I found on tumblr hee hee" screenshots. On these grounds it was inevitable to devolve into husbando sperging and moralfagging over which one of them is more based, some anons here are really bad at hiding how much they look down on other women.

No. 1732002

i just like this thread because the op pic of randall is hot.

No. 1732008

File: 1697788225277.jpg (24.83 KB, 288x398, f9a35adf3a01f57b15a47525fbcaab…)

I wanna say he'd look better with glasses, but he looks like a dork with glasses on because it erases the need for him to do that hot squint.

No. 1732017

I respectfully disagree, I find the evolution (and devolution?) of fandom psychology interesting and I think it merits a nuanced discussion (as much as you can get with farmers). Definitely not what's happening ITT. There are certainly worse threads on this website.

Hell the artfag general is almost the same as this one, chock full of microcephalic twittertards who probably moonlight their retardation on this thread.

No. 1732021

You can't pin everything on the "twitterfag" boogeyman, farmers who are invested in fandoms enough to partake in the thread just tend to be the kind of sped this thread is supposed to make fun of. I.e. utterly unable to curate their own online experience, the compulsive need to police others around for their preferences and are personally offended by the most innocuous and harmless shit like those dumb "my favourite ship dynamic" memes. However, the artist general thread is notoriously filled with scrotes who don't even make an attempt at hiding their dicks and I would not be surprised if they bled over here to continue their bitching about a cartoon having a black person in it.

No. 1732027

>"this is my armchaired analysis on why fangirls troon out"
porn addiction
>overplayed anti/proship debate based on hyperbolics alone or "look at this cringe mentally ill teenager I found on tumblr hee hee" screenshots.
you mean this entire site's history.

No. 1732066

Does this retarded Karate Kid soundtrack play throughout the entire game?

No. 1732079

paul dano looking ass

No. 1732099


Twitterfag is an existential state of being but I digress. If this is the state of farmers then it is truly sad. It's obvious most of the posters ITT chimping out about husbandos have no notion of imageboard culture if they can't even ignore some fucking bait even after other nonnies told them to multiple times.

I'd say ignoring bait and trolls is itself an essential skill for internet hygiene that Twitter/Tumblr (and now Tiktok, dear god let's not even get into that) have completely destroyed. Can't forget the old days of wading through a swamp of tumblr politics and callout posts, if people have gotten worse at harassing and cancelling artists in the online sphere Tumblr's influence in normalizing this moral crusade cannot be understated. Before that? Before that this shit was called cyberbullying.

And yeah, it was a retarded term back then but it was the same phenomena, only for other reasons such as being an ugly, fat or BPD woman. All built on misogyny, even today. Meanwhile fandom moids go unscathed and uncancelled as they have always been and only become stronger and more famous.

No. 1732106

File: 1697803268292.jpg (28.2 KB, 272x200, Seen.jpg)

Okay no one here is saying that fandom culture wasn't retarded back then and there wasn't shit-fighting, but you can't deny that it's gotten worse and specifically more sexual, fandom culture has devolved into basically no creativity, just mindless indulgence and yeah there is obviously some moid/troon troll and many are falling for his bait(probably replying to himself as well)

No. 1732112

File: 1697803540262.jpg (65.25 KB, 736x736, dkjd.jpg)

youd love bungo stray dogs. cute boys galore

No. 1732128

Posters like this are so fucking annoying, why are you even arguing in the tumblr/twitter fandom thread about being oppressed for liking bishies anyway (no one even said that, someone just said Genshin is shit and its art style is bad, not that bishies in general are ugly)
You've got to be doing it on purpose

No. 1732132

>>1732128 Goes for you too since the post was about people like you bitching that everything you don't like is ugly every time someone posts it. This thing about anons who like anything other than bishies being the ones to call your taste shit first must be something you made up in your head after seeing some tumblr girls do it on other sites or something because I swear I've never seen it happen here. It's always you and everyone knows it. Not being able to tolerate art that doesn't pander to the most basic weeb tastes and constantly calling anime characters with actual noses instead of a little dot "ugly" because you memed yourself into being repulsed by actual human anatomy is underage behavior btw.

No. 1732134

>I've never seen it happen here
Point and laugh

No. 1732137

Let it go already for the love of god

No. 1732143

>One anti even threw a bitchfit over someone headcanoning Freddy Krueger as a pedo
just sounds like the same problem of zoomers not even consuming the media they claim to be a fan of. Maybe the solution is to shame them all for not knowing shit about the source material

No. 1732157

Kek just as soon as anons get called out for continuing the argument someone tries to refuel it again

No. 1732163

please shut up for the love of god. go schlick and whale at your ugly gacha husbandos and stop throwing tantrums when people call them ugly. it's been a whole day!

what level of autism does one have to reach to fight to the death to whiteknight a piece of media like this? a cheap chinese mobile game, mind you. this thread needs and exorcism.

No. 1732170

Can anyone explain wtf was gamergate and how much it impacted the video game industry until now? And even pop culture? Because I refuse to believe some millenial american grifters ruined everything just by themselves just by sperging too hard online but that's pretty much what I saw online when it started and even before because of trends happening on tumblr like Anita whatever calling Bayonetta a walking sex toy and with the Hawkeye Initiative. The more I think about it the more absurd it gets.

No. 1732174

It was more like the last straw in a series of events. 4channers took the chance and started a whole movement which bid white heterosexual males as oppressed b/c at the time, all the major videogame online publications were tumblr as hell and constantly criticized their main demographic (white heterosexual males).

All gamer gators are probably like all trannies now, anyway.

No. 1732175

Sorry for being retarded I didn't read how it ended and assumed it was still going, nevermind then, it was definitely someone trolling.

No. 1732179

You're replying to the anon who was sperging about "basic bishounens" being ugly, not the genshinfag kek

No. 1732183

GamerGate allowed the current 'kweer BIPOC' brand of tumblrite to control the narrative now, while there were some reasonable voices from the anti-GG side, the aforementioned group of people took advantage of that and took over. GamerGate basically divided geeks on the internet and ultimately in real life more than ever before, where if you don't support one thing 100% you're a part of the enemy, for example if you don't support lolishit in video games you're a nasty SJW cuck/tumblr landwhale and if you don't blindly support fake wokeness by multimillion corporations you must be a 4chan incel. The best example of this during GamerGate is probably what happened with the Ghostbusters genderswapped movie in 2016.


No. 1732186

Retards like you that can't read the posts they reply to are the reason this thread went to shit.

No. 1732189

You guys know that if you're so bothered by the genshin vs whatever infight, you can just post about whatever you want to talk about, right? I'd usually say just report, but I dont want this thread locked.

No. 1732192

>Fanfics being turned into shitty romance novels
Pretty much kek. These tumblr and ao3-isms are seeping into YA too, but I think in the latter case it's just the writing style and dumbass tumblr tropes. I shit you not like two pages after I read the "it's always you" drivel in the book I was reading, there was an "Oh. Oh." Its like these fanfic-tier writers are fishing phrases out of a hat to write

No. 1732196

File: 1697811749294.jpg (493.58 KB, 633x634, 1InM9k0.jpg)

We should hold hands and promise to not make fun of each other and only make fun of twitter and tumblrfags

No. 1732203

My bad, my question is more like, wtf were these specific events? I just know about one girl making a shitty pixel game about muh depression and allegedly having sex with several guys who gave positive reviews to her game as a result. Suddenly everyone acted like video games murdered their family when that happened.

No. 1732207

I don't think you'll ever find a non-biased writeup about it because literally everyone who was involved in it picked a side and the people looking into it years later are unable to see it from the context of its time, but I'll try my best in explaining it. It was a big cultural shift moment and I wouldn't call it farfetched to even claim that it influenced the 2016 presidential elections because it essentially gave the birth to the altright movement. It wasn't "gamers rose up against le evil SJWs controlling le game industry" and it really wasn't "evil racist nazis wanting women dead" either. It was a few bad apples like Zoe Quinn in the gaming industry getting too cocky about their power of nepotism and a few opportunistic people like Anita Sarkeesian who wanted to grift the gaming community since video game violence and the lack of female representation in video games was (and still is, to an extent) a hot topic during the time, and as someone blew the whistle on them the movement became a thing to push the reasonable demand of more ethics in gaming journalism and the desire to recognize video games as a legitimate form of media just as important as movies and TV shows. That's what it was for me personally.

As the movement gained traction, multiple right wing groups witnessed all the commotion against "the lefties" and saw their chance. They infiltrated the gamer communities posing as people genuinely concerned about the state of the industry, one such example being Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor for Breitbart, who became one of the faces of the GamerGate movement despite hating gamers in private and considering them "subhuman". He was a charismatic guy really into anti-feminism, racism (or "race realism" as it was called then) and general bigotry, and he and his cronies slowly started agitating the movement to recruit more people to turn against "the lefty SJWs" who were ruining their video games with their evil feminist agenda. I think it all culminated into Ethan Ralph (the Gunt guy as he's known today) doxxing Brianna Wu, another nepo baby game developer and it started coming apart after those events, but in its wake the angry gamers who felt like they never received closure found their place from places like the skeptic community and other budding altright cells. A lot of political commentators on youtube got their first career push from the gamer gate movement both right and the left, so I think it's fair to say that it was a bunch of people poisoning the well on both sides opening the doors to every form of media being put under a political lens.

No. 1732210

I think it was the first time I realized nobody actually wants to have an argument. If I didn't agree with some things about gaymer gate I was a feminazi, if I didn't wholly agree with anti goober gator I was an alt right incel on a sockpuppet account pretending to be a "colored" woman to get points with chuds. Any minority that disagrees with me is a sockpuppet, etc etc. There was so much racism from both sides, I distinctly remember that kek. Some chuds obviously didn't like browns but some leftists were more than happy to call any black people disagreeing with them house n words and such. I wish I had a time machine to go back and screenshot and archive all those tweets, I think some people's careers could be definitely ruined today kek

Imo this is the best writeup I've seen? Wu still makes gamergate his whole personality, like it's actually impressive. It's unbelievable how much both sides were fucked.

No. 1732213

Everything is a fucking series nowadays, publishers need to be pretty naive (and greedy) to think this kind of thing would actually be successful, or at least HP JP levels of successful, even shitty ya books can't be consumed that fast, people will get burned out with things that are nothing but a gimmick. They should stick with stand alone stories and call it a day.

No. 1732226

no i'm not, take your own advice and lrn2read. gtfo

No. 1732229

To specify where it all began, it started from one game developer called Zoe Quinn who created her text-based adventure game "Depression quest" which was an interactive novel (without visuals) about coping with depression. It was greenlit on Steam despite not being a "real game" and this made people accuse her of having connections to game journalists creating artificial hype around her game for more exposure. This exploded all over the internet when her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, released a gigantic tell-all blogpost about how Quinn had cheated on him with such and such game journalist accusing her of sleeping her way to the top. This is where the term "Quinnspiracy" comes from. Looking back it's so fucking retarded because she wasn't a big hotshot gamedev at all but some gamers were really purist about games having to be skill based and not just storytelling entertainment. I had completely forgotten this up until this day but another reason this whole debacle got so much visibility was because Adam Baldwin (yes, the actor) tweeted about it and even coined the term "Gamergate". From that moment on it was a race to the top for both fringe leftist and right wing political movements to gain control of the gaming community.

Nice to see another goobergoot veteran here kek. And yeah each side was a gigantic garbage fire back then because they made it into a right vs left question when in its core it was about video games not being appreciated on the level they should be. And to be fair, the game journalists of the time were smug hipsters who were put in their positions by publications because they were the only ones who even remotely knew how to operate a controller.

The "true gamers" were trampled over this political fighting and eventually made to pick a side after Brianna Wu's doxxing made it to mainstream media as he was rich and influential enough to break news despite his games being dogshit. During and after gamergate video games and the entire "gamer culture" became associated with politically charged incels because they made themselves comfortable there during the movement's run, before that the vidya community, at least in my experience, was relatively egalitarian.

No. 1732230

all of the former gamergate giants peaked then and there and never fully grew out of it. look at shoe.

No. 1732239

he needs rectangular frame not the dorky round glasses!

No. 1732243

Moral of the story, gamers are pathetic.

No. 1732257

They are, just like other nerds. But there was a big mass of gamers who had legitimate gripes with the gaming journalists because as said, video games were treated as an afterthought and the journalists covering games were barely able to even play the games and thus give it a fair review. This was during the time social media was becoming big so every section was mixed into this huge mess of people looking to benefit from the controversy. Zoe Quinn did some questionable things herself too like famously getting another female-lead Game Jam cancelled in favor of her own event and Anita Sarkeesian told half-truths about the games she was criticizing, but the hate they got was way overblown and if all the political grifters didn't weaponize the movement for their own gain it would've died out instead of becoming bigger than it was supposed to be.

Shoe is an excellent example of said grifters, she was never a gamer but a provocateur like all the other skeptics who joined in just to whine and moan about feminists and left wingers ruining the western society to grow their own following at the expense of causing irreversible damage to the gaming community.

No. 1732291

Hey, look on the bright side. Anyone even remotely mentioning gamergate these days is an easily identifiable red flag. Bonus if there's some revisionism involved be it right or left.
>before that the vidya community, at least in my experience, was relatively egalitarian.
I miss that time so much. Every once in a while I'll see older gen x women playing wow and it makes me happy. It obviously was not perfect but imo it felt much better than today. Is it rose colored glasses?

She really grifted the hell out of gamer gate by being the based gamer grill huh? These people need to find a better personality and claim to fame than a giant internet slap fight, but it starts making sense why that's the case when it pays their bills to this day. Of course they're going to hold on to gatorade gate like the last cock in hell.

No. 1732302

I played a ton of online games in the 00's and never once was I called a stupid whore who should go back into the kitchen and neither did my friends, there was a running joke of "there aren't girls on the internet" but it was said more in a self-deprecating way making fun of the men who think women don't know how to use a computer. And like you said, it wasn't perfect and misogynist gamer scrotes have always existed, but it wasn't as bad as it was post-Gamergate. Gamers have always been an angry bunch but their anger was towards game companies trying to scam them or being incompetent in what they do, not "feminists and lefties". Before gamergate the biggest drama I remember was the incomprehensible release price of PS3 and Sony trying to destroy bleem!, not a female character having pores on her skin texture.

No. 1732303

The biggest drama I remembee was the horse armor DLC and now every accepts unfinished games getting released at full price kek I hate this shit.

No. 1732311

File: 1697819519780.jpg (794.98 KB, 1771x1069, GkS2Lg7vwm16cma.jpg)

I tired to read Iron Widow once (couldn't even finish it), and it appears to me that most of these PJ/HP rip-offs are trying way too hard to flaunt their worldbuilding and how different and supposedly impressive it is compared to the media it obviously draws inspiration from (when in reality, it's just a superficial makeover with a name change). and the character are often just a bag of tropes, the people who write this crap just fail to grasp the essence of what made early YA book series so immensely popular. Take Harry Potter for instance, at its core it is a mystery series. It caters to kids, yes, but it remains a mystery series where the entire story functions around the mysteries. JK Rowling unlike modern YA series writers, possesses the necessary expertise in both reading and writing within this and other genres.

No. 1732317

So there are literary agents actively, explicitly looking for novels like their favorite fanfic tropes, e.g. enemies to lovers. LAs are twitter-addicted coombrains. If you are wondering why you're seeing fanfictionized YA, it's because they are selecting them on purpose. LAs like it, and they don't care that you don't.

No. 1732321

is there anything that tumblr/twitter addicts have not ruined atp?

No. 1732329

Dunno, but to be fair, I think patient zero was 50 shades of gray, which was a twilight fanfic and as far as I know had no ties to tumblr or Twitter

No. 1732347

At least it gives the perpetually unemployed gendies a form of income, I wish it wasn't shitting up a whole genre in the process. Want to bet that there'll be articles about the 'male-dominated romance novel industry' cropping up once there are enough TIFs getting published?
I didn't know the writing was this bad, it reads like autistic DA-tier worldbuilding written by a precocious tween. Isn't the author rich as fuck? Could she not have spared a few dollars to get this mess edited by someone competent?

No. 1732361

>Want to bet that there'll be articles about the 'male-dominated romance novel industry'
I wonder, because these books are exactly the kind of derivative shit to be easily replaced by AI

No. 1732366

AI is doing all the art music and writing, while we humans have to sit in cubicles typing numbers into excel. god i regret being born. uncle ted was right.

No. 1732370

it seriously makes me want to kill myself. i spent my childhood dreaming of being a creative but by the time i grew up this hellscape is what im greeted with. it makes me want to quit my degree and just get a normal job. so demoralizing

No. 1732391

kekk he was my childhood crush fr, I feel less alone seeing the threadpic and other westaboo art of him

No. 1732392

Reminds me of the countless AsoIF imitations, and like I'm internally ashamed of how much I care about this fantasy series written by an old obese moid. But I do care so much, the characters hold immense significance for me as well as millions of others. However, I don't think there has been a good modern rip-off. Most of them lack any solid foundation, merely relying on a vaguely Medieval European backdrop with magic and sex. Often, they devolve into nothing more than an edgy Dungeons and Dragons session.

No. 1732402

God, Iron Widow sucked, you missed nothing by dropping it. Yet another terrible youtuber book to add to the pile.

YA has unfortunately just become a 'genre' of thinly-veiled romance novels masquerading as other genres (usually fantasy) that are written at a low reading level but cater almost entirely to women in their 30s and not the 12-18 year old bracket the demographic is supposedly intended for. I'd also argue that Twilight, The Hunger Games/Divergent, and authors such as Cassandra Claire and especially Sarah J Maas have influenced it more than series like HP or Percy Jackson have at this point.

Loads of these books (and 'New Adult' ones) wear their influences on their sleeves, to the degree that you can easily point out the scenes taken from Howl's Moving Castle, that an office romance originated as a Reylo fic, or that the story is clearly heavily influenced by the entirety of Avatar the Last Airbender, as a couple examples. A lot more authors also willingly admit to their origins of being 'fandom trash' these days, and while some authors gain a lot from practicing by writing fic, I feel like that's often very fandom-dependent (eg Twilight birthing something of 50 Shades' calibre, and then 50 Shades inspiring 365 Days and probably also After). Another problem that feels fic/fandom-related is authors approaching relationships like shipping instead of writing them out in a more organic way.

YA publishing also has some pretty nuts political retardation surrounding it, and a lot of its authors are trying to out-woke each other or the material they're writing glorified AUs of (KF had a decent thread on it, but haven't looked in a long time so dunno if it went to shit). Editing seems to be a myth, so you also get the bloat of 300,000 word coffee shop AUs and prose worthy of a fourteen year old just starting out. Fun.

Recently I've noticed the trend of trope-based marketing more and more(eg 'enemies-to-lovers' is a popular one), and I think this stems both from a consoomer mindset, where people just want MORE of the same thing (just look at Booktube/tok), and also a desire for a tagging system like AO3 but for novels, even though they've completely fucked that up if so since the 'tag' has become the marketing instead of a filter. A good example of a book iirc that was entirely marketed in this way on tiktok would be the mess that is Lightlark (can't remember if it had much basis in fandom shit though)

Also, just wanted to finish by saying that no, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a work aimed at a younger demographic than you, or that YA has gone to shit because it's female dominated– the problem is that a specific type of older female readership dominates YA that pushes for 'spicy', 'romance'-focused stories that cater to their interests, political sensibilities and idk, fear of reading anything truly targeted at adults or that hasn't been sanded down and sanitised (aside from certain tropes and smut). It's not really for teens anymore, in a lot of ways, which I find a bit sad, even though I never read much of it myself when I was that age.

(sorry for writing my own novel here, clearly have too much to say about this kek)

No. 1732422

I was so boggled by this passage I went looking into the book itself and this is the author's own description of it she posted on her own fucking Goodreads review section:

>Under siege by monsters beyond the Great Wall like that shitty Matt Damon movie, except the monsters are Cybertronian-like sentient machines, a society that has the fashion, social customs, and beliefs of Ancient China but futuristic tech fights back by pulling a Neon Genesis Evangelion and rebuilding their very invaders into giant mecha. A boy-girl pair in their teens, because of course they have to be teens, pilot the mecha Darling in the Franxx style, except in a much more sensible position (he hugs her from behind). Under command of human pilots, these mecha take on forms inspired by East Asian myth creatures and transform like Transformers through Digimon-esque evolution lines that get more humanoid as you go on. The pilots physically embody them, so it's more Attack on Titan than Gundam. Oh, and they blast qi attacks, so the battles honestly read like a bunch of furries engaged in a Dragon Ball Z fight, and that’s no one’s fault but mine.

I'm kekking into the sun. Any opinion I ever had of Xinran from vaguely enjoying her videos once disappeared instantly. She's also bitching about how she's sooo brave and stunning for writing this book despite the advice and harassment of muh haters.

No. 1732425

>the problem is that a specific type of older female readership dominates YA that pushes for 'spicy', 'romance'-focused stories that cater to their interests, political sensibilities and idk, fear of reading anything truly targeted at adults or that hasn't been sanded down and sanitised (aside from certain tropes and smut).
NTA but the state of readers nowadays is embarrassing. Your post is all 100% true. Grown ass women will refuse to read anything that doesn't have mind-numbingly bad smut in it and throw tantrums when YA books don't have "spice" or a sex scene between characters is fade to black (because y'know, graphic sex scenes are super appropriate for books kids might read). Almost all YA books I've tried to read in the last couple years have been awful. The writers are more focused on their pinterest aesthetic vibes, marketability of tropes, clawing for a scrap of "rep", and smut than actually writing a good story for young readers.

No. 1732427

I'm not a writer myself but an artist instead but reading this made me think about how many adult women are for some reason made to dumb down their content. It never clicked with me until I read your post because it's not limited to only YA novels but all forms of media, for some reason women aren't allowed to create works that are directed towards adults but they all need to be accessible to 12-18 year olds. Creating something only meant for adult tastes is immediately discarded and.. nobody just wants to see it? I'm not even talking about edgy content, just things that require adult reading level with its complexity and things that mostly adults relate to and can understand and process properly. It's really no wonder so many female authors take up male author names, do people just become disturbed if women aren't infantilized woobies all the time?

No. 1732430

nta but I totally agree with you. I don't read YA but imo it has started to influence "serious" literature too, and many new books for adults read like a shitty YA novel nowadays. Just last week I picked up a book that was pitched as "such complex" only to discover it was basically YA but with slightly non-linear narration and more edginess. Characters that were supposed to be in their 30s acted like dramatic teenagers all the time and also had super cringe anglo names despite being from my country. I read all of it just to see if it was that bad to the very end, and it was kek.

Never reading anything from the same author again, I thought it was some young writer's first novel, but no, apparently this lady has published six novels already and this one was her fifth. One of her novels is listed as YA, so I guess that explains the influence. Maybe she should just stick to writing to teens then.

No. 1732439

File: 1697828796870.jpeg (50.56 KB, 768x461, BoobMeme-by-Xiao.jpeg)

>YA has unfortunately just become a 'genre' of thinly-veiled romance novels masquerading as other genres (usually fantasy) that are written at a low reading level
So I don't typically read many popular YA adult series so I can't if that's 100 true, but I definitely got that feeling when reading this one. It felt like a thinly veiled romance story. If Xiran intended to write a boring romance story, then why didn't she? cause these two motifs that are vital to the story(the romance and extreme patriarchal setting) don't work together. The two male leads shouldn't exist in the world she created, which is a feudal Confucian Chinese patriarchy with advanced technology. Every male character, aside from the two leads, embodies traditional Chinese patriarchal values (which is find for the story), but the inclusion of two male leads with modern sensibilities feels out of place and just doesn't make any sense. This issue also extends to the protagonist, Her contemporary feminist rhetoric and sensibilities contradict the entire narrative, especially when every other female character except her, blindly submits to the patriarchy.
picrel is a commissioned artwork she had done for her characters btw.

No. 1732441

Let me guess. FMC is her self insert?

No. 1732444

File: 1697829293009.jpg (182.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I mean it looks like it.

No. 1732465

She commissioned this? Fucking kek. What a cow.

No. 1732468

I think many writers underestimate just how difficult a fantasy romance is write. A fantasy is often "macro" in scale with heavy emphasis and much of the text dedicated to world-building and fleshing out a grand conflict that goes far beyond the interpersonal level. Character interactions and development are also important but the world can't be neglected or else it falls flat. Fantasies work best along multiple books. Romance is "micro" in nature because the whole point is focusing in on two characters and their feelings. They work best in modern or realistic historical settings so the text doesn't need to be spent explaining how the world works. They work best in standalone works because the only way you can drag out a romance for long is by introducing retarded shit like simple misunderstandings and love triangles which are done to death and tired. Now combining these two genres into one "fantasy romance" in most cases results in either the romance being retarded to match the length of the fantasy plot, or the fantasy being underdeveloped to match the length of the romance. Most writers just lack the skill to pull this off well.

No. 1732471

Samefag but to add on: it's also kinda jarring to see two characters fall in love and go on dates while the world burns around them. I think it works best if they slowly realize their feelings over the course of the story, but put their feelings on hold until major conflicts are solved.

No. 1732479

Now I'm curious nonnie, do you have an example of where you think it was done well? Or at least semi-decently. I enjoy fantasy and romances and have found that it is indeed hard to find an author that knows how to conciliate the two. Though it's not a book, the only time I've liked how it was done was in the Dragon Age series (Inquisition discutable), but since it's an RPG the storytelling is obviously fundamentally different.

No. 1732482

True, the only good fantasy romance books I've read have all had: 1) slow burn relationships where the authors take their time developing the romance and don't make them turn into sex-crazed fiends 50 pages into book one kek or 2) are focused more on the fantasy aspect and the romance is just a subplot to the main story.

The heavy reliance on tropes nowadays doesn't help either, especially with books in a series being marketed with stuff like "enemies to lovers" which inherently has an expiration to it once the character turn into lovers. Once the characters are in an established relationship it always gets kind of boring since there's nothing to root for and the authors always manage to make them insufferable kek

No. 1732483

AYRT and I agree with you, but I'd also say that it's less so these women dumbing down their work, and more like >>1732425 described in that this is just the state of a lot of these women's ability, and it's fucking tragic. I'm not asking for high art or intellectualism, but there is no reason for this level of quality in even 'light or beach reads'. There's this bizarre kneejerk reaction if you criticise any of this crap for being slop, as if the only alternative is to go read War and Peace or Infinite Jest or something else they know to be a 'high-brow' or 'difficult' book. These people don't like either being challenged or having their tastes questioned in a very immature way.

I don't really read YA either, but the industry and drama kinda fascinates me and I like to listen to people discussing books, and YA is pretty much the main thing discussed so I picked up a lot from that. You're absolutely right that it's breaking containment and seeping into other areas of fiction/lit, especially fast fiction such as nebulous 'thriller' books. I'm curious, what was the book you noticed it in? Your description sounds vaguely familiar kek

No. 1732488

Honestly, no. I've avoided books with the romance label for years now because I've been let down so much, it's just not worth it me anymore

No. 1732493

Rip. I'm the same so I wasn't expecting much, but I still hope that a real hidden gem exists out there to be found.

NAYRT and I've never read the books but that got me thinking of the Outlander series kek. It was decent romance fiction with enjoyable pining and moral dilemmas until they just started fucking nonstop and then the story became Riverdale levels of retarded in order to keep the plot going.

No. 1732494

nta, but I'm sure someone will rake me over hot coals for this one because the author is kind of a gendie and it's basically yaoi turned into novels, but the Captive Prince series by CS Pacat is an excellent example imo. There's no romance at all in the first book and the author really takes her time crafting the relationship between the MC and his love interest so it's believable despite the inciting incident of the story. It's not swords and sorcery type fantasy, but I love it. I've yet to read a fantasy series with a romance between the two leads as good as the one from these books. It doesn't overstay it's welcome either like what happens in a lot of series.

No. 1732502

ayrt and damn, nona, I've already read that one and you are actually 100% right. It actually reminded me of the Fenris romance with Hawke in Dragon Age 2 which I was extremely obsessed with. I'll keep coping that C.S. Pacat is only pretending to be a gendie so she doesn't get the J.K. Rowling treatment and avoids being raked over the coals for being a fujo.

No. 1732507

You're absolutely right, and I find it funny that after years of common fantasy writing advice about avoiding the dreaded 'romantic plot tumour' that might derail your entire story, so many books marketed as fantasy (not even as fantasy romances or 'romantasies', which would bother me less) are intentionally written like that. I don't personally mind the odd bit of romance here or there, but a lot of contemporary authors just can't write it at all despite dedicating a multi-part, 600 page per book series to it. People seem to think that writing fiction isn't a skill or a craft with theory to learn, but like you said, all elements in a novel have their limitations and effects on the story.

No. 1732511

Between this and this >>1732422 greentext she sounds like she has such a cow potential

No. 1732522

I'll occasionally look uo her twitter and she just makes bland takes that are retarted but you can find with any wokie on twitter, Her takes are either

>Why weren't there any malagasi representation in Madagascar(or something along those lines)

>Europeans were/are so backwards and primitive compared to ancient China and other non-white cultures
>and "white people food"

No. 1732523

Imagine describing your own work like this..? Does she think this makes it look good???

No. 1732530

Wild guess but probably makes it sound more entertaining than what it must be

No. 1732533

>KF had a decent thread on it
Sounds interesting, shame I don't know what domain they are going by nowadays

No. 1732534

.st and .net should work

No. 1732625

>massive boobs
who is this trying to appeal to? definetly not women because wtf

No. 1732659

File: 1697842417951.png (349.25 KB, 800x450, Aphrodite.png)

Holy kek, is this from the actual book? Straight up taken from the Records of Ragnarok anime/manga, though it was also a meme around 2 years ago so I guess she took it from that.

No. 1732929

File: 1697866935747.jpg (444.02 KB, 1008x1549, RCO012_1664860964.jpg)

>C.S. Pacat is only pretending to be a gendie
she wrote a sports BL series where one of the main side characters is a non-binary male, so looks like she's genuine

No. 1732986

Kek, I forgot about that awful fencing comic. What a shame the gendie cult took an actually good fujo writer and wrecked her. Wish it would have been Hanya Yanagihara instead, A Little Life was total slop.

No. 1732988

The novel was REC by Marisha Rasi-Koskinen, so in Finnish originally. I felt so dumb when I realized about 50 pages in how stupid it was, but it started by narrating the MC's childhood, to which te naive style suited better I guess.

I love snooping on book industry drama too. I try not to judge other people's tastes but I definitely do judge the industry for churning out and promoting low-quality crap. Also not trusting reviews anymore, since this is like the 10th time a book praised as complex by reviewers turns out to be shit.

No. 1733018

Going a little bit into what >>1732427 mentioned. A lot of the current booktok books or whatever you want to call it are essentially those smutty trashy books you could find at the store that absolutely everyone looked down upon. Except without (for now) that same stigma. So it's not weird so many women like it. I think for the first time they get to enjoy their simple smutty romance novels without immediately being shamed for it (unlike novels for men that also have tons of sex but those are literature like Murakami).

So I get it. Let them have the books. I'll fully admit I even own like 2 out of sheer curiosity. Don't get me wrong there are issues with how it's being trope-fied but I also kind of am glad so many women can finally read something catered to them that the industry is finally catering too instead of hushed away in a dirty corner.

No. 1733054


After having watched Xiran's Wu Zetian video I'm surprised the takeaway she got from this historical personage is that of a totes feminist girlboss super cool ice cold killer and not the actual intelligent psychopath that she truly was. The fact that Xiran adopted her as her self-insert mary-sue is laughable.

No. 1733094

That's the thing, the Historical Wu and the Wu portrayed in her book have nothing in common. The real Wu spent years playing the part of a meek, subservient, and dutiful consort. She didn't work alone either; she relied on the support of her paternal clan and had the loyalty of the Buddhists. She even incorporated interpretations of Buddhist texts into her rule. This is completely different from the completely reckless character that Xiran created. She is neither intelligent nor does she form alliances with existing parties. In fact, she literally kills the father of one of her love interests, who happens to be the head of a major criminal syndicate.

No. 1733214

File: 1697897605807.png (393.95 KB, 602x777, Screenshot.png)

Absolute fucking babies.

No. 1733233

File: 1697899103074.jpg (99.05 KB, 700x702, shrug.jpg)

…that is kind of weird though

No. 1733246

i feel bad for that guy, iirc the hate he received for playing joffrey was enough to make him quit acting. kissing a nearly twice-your-age costar when you're still a teen is weird, even if he is a moid

No. 1733251

AYRT I agree that it's fine for women to enjoy trashy and/or smutty books without stigma towards themselves– I want women to have fun and enjoy things! That's great! The problem is that, as you even pointed out, these kinds of books already technically exist for adults to read (both as those cheap paperbacks/mill's & boon-esque novels, as well as the general and romance fiction sections and other female-majority readership genres) and there is no need for them to also be the primary group catered to within YA. New Adult I could understand a bit more, but all that really tends to mean is that it's a YA-level and styled book that has sex scenes in it that got too graphic or numerous, instead of something that actually caters to people in their 20s and what that stage of life can mean.

These books are also heavily influenced by fandom behaviour and writing quirks/elements, unlike 'literary fiction' (I assume, kek), which is its own can of worms, so I thought it was worth adding to the discussion here

No. 1733280

AYRT, I wish I could find the thread again but I basically read that New Adult has essentially been ditched as a category. So now it's all YA again for some reason. I wish NA stayed and was marketed better as it's honestly a perfectly fine category for those books without that "only middle aged housewives read it" stigma as those paperbacks.

No. 1733286

Yeah, I'm not even surprised if that's the case. 'New Adult' always sounded like a much better idea on paper rather than the place to put YA that's too questionable or whaterver that it feels it ended up being, and yeah it was poorly marketed on top of that. Shame.

No. 1733287

I hate blackwashing and much as whitewashing but how do I sperg about the former without being accused of racism?

No. 1733288

"wait, ew, wtf" as if moids don't sit around pulling theirs to thoughts of banging the babysitter, teacher, friends of their moms, moms of their friends, and every other woman between the ages of 2 and 200. they're basically hating on that actress and pretending she's a predator because she was playing the role she was told to, from a book written by a man, and her character in that scene is the one without a choice being submissive to the male character.

if you feel bad for anyone it should be her.

No. 1733320

File: 1697905360716.jpeg (34.68 KB, 615x363, F0F6drDakAMtyc7J.jpeg)

Nonnas, I just saw a thread commenting on the age gap in a ship (idk it's something like 16 and 19 who cares) and something about the thread gave me pause. I didn't feel irritated, or put on the defensive, and I wondered why… until it occurred to me that they way they had critiqued the ship wasn't from the 'you're gross and this is paedophilia' angle we're so used to hearing these days, but 'I just don't think this interaction works well in this fictional universe for X list of reasons, therefore I do not like this ship.' Then I realised that it's exactly this kind of shipping debate that has long died out in fandom due to anti/proship nonsense. I don't like, say, Ayathoma that much simply because I don't see Ayato's secret mischievous side playing off of Thoma's loyalty that interestingly, as opposed to Itto's overconfident naivety. But if a younger fan tried to express that, they'd probably resort to some one-line zinger such as 'Ayathoma is abusive because it's a master/servant power imbalanced dynamic.' You see? You can express that same point but in a way that's not annoyingly confrontational and invites debate about the draw ins and draw backs about the ship even from people who like it. And I would actually love to spend more time convincing people why I like my favourite ships, such as Zhongchi, just because I would love the oppurtunity to talk about them and don't mind polite opposition. But no, all screaming matches and doxxing and 'it's pseudo-paedophilia because it's immortal/mortal'! So boring! I don't mind OTP haters who are happy to talk but I cannot stand the mindless incessant yapping that is modern antis. Bring back cordiality! Bring back debate! Bring back real fandom!

No. 1733326

Complaining about the age gap between 16 & 19 is wild, have they ever gone to high school? Kids of these ages are on the same classroom all the time, it's common for them to date.

No. 1733330

I'm not here to debate real life ethics nona. I don't think it's particularly appropriate in real life (not that I'd force my opinion on anyone in real life anyway) but fiction is 100% fair game and it's nowhere near a particularly egregious gap in the context of wider shipping culture lol

No. 1733341

Yeah I wasn't trying to debate you, just a general comment because I found you mentioning that gap funny because the other day some people on another site were calling 16/19 pedophilia as well.

No. 1733343

Nona I fully agree with your point, one of my ships was once reduced down to "abusive because power imbalance!" and one of the characters in it IS more powerful than anyone else in the cast but no other ships with him got the same treatment, just mine. They were also shipping the powerful one with someone else, so I know there was some bias, but once it's considered problematic you can't reason with these people anymore. But can you list your arguments for Zhongchi? I'm curious because I've never been able to see it. Zhongli seems like a sexless autistic old man and Childe barely interacts with him. I know the latter is the norm for genshin writing, but even if I try to imagine it I can't understand, they have no chemistry

No. 1733345

God nonnie you're so based I could kiss you. GOT is such hot garbage that ruined Fandom in so many ways. Now that the show is over and everyone hates the ending, people kind of forgot how for almost a decade GOT was unignorable and really blurred the line between Fandom and normie
Nta but that's actually one of the really gross changes the show made imo. In the books he's not a teenager that she sexually seduces, hes a 7 year old that she gains the loyalty of by giving kittens and toys to him. The rapist coombrains who made the show couldn't conceive of adapting that plot in any way that wasnt a hot older woman seducing a teen.

No. 1733357

Out the 2 guys in your picrel you pick the ugly one KEK
He looks kinda cute in the manga and he's a sweetie in the FeMC route though, but looks isn't his forte

No. 1733376

>Don’t sperg about fanart
>Don’t ask silly shit like “Well, what if MLK was played by Ryan Reynolds?”
>Focus on how studios use racelifting as an excuse to not make anything new
Typically these arguments go over better than just “Blackwashing is bad”, but there will always be somebody who thinks it’s racist to dislike it at all.

No. 1733396

File: 1697909874148.jpg (172.48 KB, 1800x1200, __zhongli_and_tartaglia_genshi…)

Oh nonnie… you have tempted me… (I'll try not to derail the thread too much but it's technically on topic anyway since this ship is so hated online that it is pretty 'discoursey' lol).

Zhongchi to me are like yin and yang. One godlike, one an abyssal beast but both with qualities secretly of the other. Zhongli is old, patient and mellow, whereas Childe is all but; youthful, energetic and brimming with violence and chaos 24/7. Zhongli is celestial, Childe is literal hellspawn. But Zhongli too has a streak of mischievousness (Re: Rex Incognito novels), and Childe himself has a gentle, slower side (fishing/Teucer). Morax will always and forever be the god of martial combat, will always have blood on his hands, will always carry that streak of a war-hardened veteran until he dies, just as Childe will always carry Ajax with him, the soft, shy Morepesokian child who fell into the abyss and clawed his way out irrevocably changed. More specifically, when I envision these two interacting, I cannot help but see them bringing out these hidden qualities in each other and expose their vulnerabilities. Childe might evoke Zhongli's Dragon-like protectiveness, his dry wit, his archaic temper and his millenia-long loneliness and desire for connection. Childe would learn patience, to relax and to wholly trust another person. Through his lectures, Zhongli might even show Childe the true beauty of Teyvat beyond war, make him question his principles as a soldier and provoke real character development and depth. Ultimately they bring out the best in each other. Zhongli teaches Childe humility, patience, vulnerability and even betters him as a soldier through his own fighting experience. Childe cracks open the millenia old stone heart of the Geo Archon and reminds him that he's capable of love, of youthful passions, of petty banter and to feel like he can live a full life in spite of his inevitable erosion… and it's all thanks to this odd, mildly psychotic(?) but endearing and wholly genuine little redhead soldier from across the Teyvatian shores. The fondness I have for these two is immesurable, but if I've managed to hook anyone (unlikely, kek) then I highly reccommend 'Falling Star', 'What I Cannot Put into Words, I Offer You in the Weight of Gold', 'A Sight for Sore Eyes' and 'The Autumn Winds are Sighing' in that order. Sorry for the rant, that's all from me.

No. 1733409

Autism aside, would it kill you to use paragraphs?

No. 1733410

Im convinced that some anons in here are actual scrotes with how much they get pissed off at husbandos and women having fun.

No. 1733415

You've managed to prove the anons who were flinging shit at genshin fans the other day right. This is just straight up fanfiction, those two hardly interacted in game. We need to move past making shallow ships out to be deep. Accept them for what they are and then write a 100k word fic where all of what you just said is true.

No. 1733417

>Text wall on why two male characters that barely interact with each other actually have a relationship
I'm not going to say it, I'm not going to say it…

No. 1733418

genshitters in charge of being normal and not blogposting their horny headfics: failed. get the bishounen cock out of your head for five minutes. you're writing war and peace about a gatcha moneygrab.

No. 1733423

>wonderfully creative
>what if the two pretty boys rubbed their cocks together

No. 1733424

I'm not interested in how likely they are to be canon ingame, I'm interested in the potential that creators can wring out of the limp-dicked weak-plot gacha that is Genshin to create beautiful stories of their own. It's not about convincing the original anon about what the two characters are, but what they could be if you felt it was interesting enough, and it's up to them whether they choose to indulge or not. Shipping is delusional by default, so I simply do not and cannot take your reply as an insult. If anything, it's a testament to how wonderfully creative female fans can be with little to no material to work with as opposed to 'ooga booga power scaling, can X beat goku' shounen moids. I'd much rather be accused of insanity and degeneracy than have such a boring fandom existence.

No. 1733427

see what did we tell you about genshinfags, sisters? not even once

No. 1733428

Ah, I give up. I only hope that the original nona will appreciate my reply even if they disagree, never mind the rest of you whiners. Goodness me.

No. 1733431

No we are not fucking doing this again stop the genshin conversation immediately

No. 1733435

Genshin should become a red text at this point since it always devolves into retarded shit flinging.

No. 1733439

why do you want to shut off the milk faucet. i came here to laugh at spergs and i received spergs. she thinks she's saving the planet and inventing a new literary canon by cooming to gay bishies from a paypig mobage.

No. 1733441

File: 1697911783782.png (327.39 KB, 540x511, 2467786445efe95067cfc0320bd6a5…)

> Proshipping vs Antishipping
Edgelords vs annoying no-fun people, fiction doesn't equal reality
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
Stupid because censorship is stupid
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
Literally who cares yaoi is better
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
Stupid zoomershit, i don't care that you have feminist dni i'm still gonna harass you
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
Draw the characters in their actual skin colors or fuck off
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
Oh my god who cares
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
What even does this mean

Mods can lock the thread now my opinions are the only right ones

No. 1733443

Calling people annoying and then saying this right after
>i'm still gonna harass you

No. 1733444

instant subscribe

No. 1733447

Because some of us like having a usable thread please just make a genshin hate thread or something atp this isn't the place for this

No. 1733452

File: 1697912274156.jpg (45.84 KB, 828x828, sad cat.jpg)

she's embarrassing her fujosisters. somebody pass me the duck tape. but not the sex kind.

No. 1733456

Kek based.

No. 1733483

>Literally who cares yaoi is better
Based. I'd rather see almost no yuri than a shit ton of yuri everywhere that feels super forced because it's only made by virtue signaling people who like it even less than I do.

No. 1733486

>Come back to the thread 2 days later
>They're still sperging for/against Genshin
For fucks sake you ruined the one interesting discussion about the state of YA writing with this shit, it's like you're all stuck in a limbo repeating this same garbage argument over and over again and I say this as someone who actually plays and enjoys Genshin

That fencing comic was so shitty and halfhearted compared to her other work that I'm genuinely convinced that she did it just as lip service to appease possible detractors calling her out for "fetishization". I mean I can't blame her, it's a minefield for English-speaking creators out there especially for those writing m/m content.

No. 1733493

And where did I say any of that nona? Just say you hate the idea of people having fun and enjoying things that you don’t personally like and move on. All I did was express my passion for something I happen to be fond of in response to someone specifically asking me a question about it and here comes the whole of lolcow with their bitching and whining. Have you nonnas ever considered that you’re part of the problem in modern fandom, always complaining about what others are doing and somehow never contributing a dime yourself?

No. 1733506

i support your delusions genshin nona. the people here are just itching to tear other women down unfortunately

No. 1733513

I respect trashy smutty paperbacks more than psedo-YA stuff, exactly because they are so unpretentious. But I guess publishers gotta sell books and giving them a sanitized veneer of best selling socially conscious whatever YA does the job.

No. 1733519

Something about this style disgusts me

No. 1733520

Samefag, it's the tryhard cuteness while being plain as fuck

No. 1733525

iirc the artist is Johannathemad or whatever her id was on tumblr. I always hated her style, I find it hideous. And the cover art for this comic is made by Hamletmachine for some reason, I guess it's to catfish people into buying it?

No. 1733534

Thank you nona, that’s very kind. It feels like half the people lurking this thread are hypocrites to be honest. It’s all ‘let people enjoy what the want’ and ‘fandom police are the problem’ until they see someone enjoying something they personally dislike. Honestly… the lot of them.

No. 1733535

The edginess is what makes them fun though

No. 1733536

stop screaming "you just hate women" when people dislike your blogpost sperging over consoomer build-a-twinks.

No. 1733548

I'm from a small country where there's no concept of "fandom". Most of the time, when we see a tv series, a movie, play a game, read a book etc we do it in our native language and share it with our friends. Since many don't speak English well, they don't engage with the US fandoms. Many normie girls are in the fandom, they'll usually make edits on Instagram and Tiktok or draw fanart. Maybe write an X Reader or a few and theories and that's it. We make group chats sometimes on Instagram and roleplay, discuss media etc. Nobody would say "don't do that, it's problematic" because it doesn't even cross people's minds. If someone says it, I'm sure the response will be "it's not real" or everyone else ignoring them. If they continue making it a big deal we just ban them from the group.
Same goes for my friends from India and Pakistan. That's usually how "fandom" is for us.

No. 1733549

For real, it's always
>baaaw you hate women!
when anyone has negative opinions about them, kek. They should try defending their argument with some dignity

No. 1733554

Samefag. something interesting is that there's less shipping (unless it's a romantic genre media) and the fandom and I found it weird when I discovered how much everyone cares about shipping in the US. There's still X Readers, especially in animes but that's all… Horror story? The fandom will talk about horror. Adventure? The fandom will talk about adventure. Why is there so much focus in shipping?
Also artists try to emulate the show's/book's art style instead of their own and most of the fandoms are for animes and adults shows, not cartoons. We don't have cartoons translated or subtitled often. Oh and I forgot memes and incorrect quotes are present.

No. 1733557

Really interesting to hear the difference in terms of fandom activity in your region, nonna. Does infighting still happen about things not relating to shipping like opinions on certain characters if the discussion is more focused on actual series content? Wish it was like this here, kek, I lurk fandom circles for people that speak my language but a lot of this rot has leaked there, too

No. 1733558

what are your thoughts on point made >>1731076

No. 1733566

Antis are still more annoying than me

No. 1733569

Anyone who considers themselves either proshipper or anti is in fact not a real human

No. 1733574

This lmao

No. 1733602

I can't get over how plain this comic look visually, they could've at least shaded here and there to make it look more interesting. The animu buy actually not art style is so obnoxious too.

No. 1733714

>Yuri (Written by a Woman) > Yaoi (Written by a Woman) > Yaoi (Written by a Man) > Yuri (Written by a Man)
This is an irrefutable fact.

No. 1733722

The cover catfishing was the worst case of such that I've seen. They got fucking Hamletmachine to do the cover looking all fancy and then you open it and it's just the cheapest garbo tumblr artwork you could get on a budget. Why did they do this? It's like Pacat was playing a joke on everyone I swear. It's enraging and extremely hilarious at the same time. I refuse to accept that it wasn't deliberate.

No. 1733736

File: 1697932197509.png (1.45 MB, 2208x1242, my wife is a cat.png)

Oh, yeah. It's sapphic time. Fun fact but we're dominating animation lately. Fujos stay angry klance will never be canon.

No. 1733746

written by a troon and mostly liked by troons kek, thank god western yaoi isnt a thing

No. 1733771

Focus on getting troons out of the yuri fandom

No. 1733775

That hideous animal is lying. He could NEVER kiss a woman so beautiful if it weren't for the writers' mercy.

No. 1733779

nonnie I wouldn't count being featured in a baby cartoon as a win, I wish there would be more normal rep in adult media

No. 1733836

People romanticize pantsing so fucking much. I'm a mix of plotter and pantser, and I think being a pure pantser is retarded because 9/10 they forget to look at their previous chapters to see if it'll flow. But it sounds so much "cooler" and "romantic" to just write what's in your heart and "let the characters take over!"

No. 1733905


Sooo true. Considering trying the game for him even though I’m so bad at video games.

Also I think the effects of Zhongchi is really fun to look at because it was a completely unintentional goldmine for Mihoyo and ever since they’ve been milking the fujos hard by making designated fujo bait every region since. The fujos eat it up too even though the relationships are so nebulous as to be non-existent.

The only convincingly gay one is Kaveha,who mysteriously, is a low rarity character, guess they couldn’t sell him.

I will never understand Genshin shippers though, any literary merit the game has comes exclusively from its world building. The relationships between characters in particular is a huge weak spot and it always confuses me when people ascribe detailed relationships between the cast when 99% of the cast is just amicable to each other at most.

No. 1733906

>ewww omg no yucky the pow baby
>meanwhile hollywood has been making softcore child pornography like pretty baby/leon the prfessional/lolita for decades
i am not saying that it isn't wrong, but they always seem to call out the women and not the scrotes that definetly out number them

No. 1733925

>dominating western animation
>steven universe and she-ra

No. 1733929

File: 1697946450799.gif (2.41 MB, 800x450, 1642908474359.gif)

there are lesbians everywhere in western animation anon, lol
>the owl house
>adventure time
there are probably more i dont know about

No. 1733943

they need to stop with the kiddie shit and show us some grown women already

No. 1733958

Do actual adult lesbians over 25 give a fuck about teenage "sapphics" in these kids shows? I sure don't.

No. 1733962

File: 1697949957514.jpg (65.26 KB, 736x918, hello.jpg)

Maybe he just wishes he'd got to kiss Nikolaj instead. I know I would be.

No. 1733973

The thing about all the 'pantsing' (writing straight ahead rather than having a significant planning stage, for those unfamiliar) is that it mostly works for genres like action/adventure, but those styles of stories are very out of vogue right now and everyone is instead trying to write very character-focused fiction like romances or include GoT-inspired politicking. Both of these require strong characters to carry the story, but when you combine a lack of planning and weak, trope-based or single-phrase descriptor character design (eg 'hot', 'badass', 'sarcastic', 'dark'), you will get a cast of paper cut-outs with no depth or chemistry. You can get away with this sort of writing in either shorter, stand-alone romance novels or fanfiction, which has the canon to fill in the gaps for you, but not in the multi-part, 500+ page per novel series that these works end up being. Anything fantasy or sci-fi will really show off the flaws in writing like this, as pantsing heavy world-building along with everything else tends to result in a train wreck or something heavily derivative. The ACOTAR series is a good example of a lot of this, and also retcons itself as it goes (sometimes within the same book).

It's like authors these days don't do a rewrite after the first draft and instead just run a spellchecker and submit their manuscripts. I wonder how much of this stems from fanfiction writing (eg a lot of authors write, edit, and post one chapter at a time; rather than write the whole work, edit it, and then release chapters on a schedule) as well as a desire for higher output and faster production within publishing houses. Then you get to other writing-reliant things such as tv, games, and animation that are often put into production simultaneously as they are being written (which means it fucks everyone up when the story changes and has new requirements) and are also industries that are becoming heavily populated with people heavily involved with fandoms, which leads to more and more stuff feeling like fanfiction out of the gate because of the writing style, tropes/cliches, and stuff like shipping behaviour during production. 'Authortube' is another interesting place to see this stuff in action, for anybody curious.

(Also I'm not saying pantsing never works, but I do think you have to be very clever, a writing veteran, or have a particularly good understanding of people and their behaviour to be able to pull it off. Plot-heavy story concepts would also be a poor choice in comparison to character-based storytelling)

No. 1733988

>calarts beanmouth shit everyone hates, many other gay and troon characters
>calarts beanmouth shit everyone hates, tif creator has tif self insert in the show
>calarts beanmouth shit everyone hates
>has canon r34 equivalent with better chemistry
>calarts beanmouth shit everyone hates, tif creator cucked by a moid
>calarts beanmouth shit everyone hates, tif creator with a husband
Wuhluhwuh domination btw. Say with a straight face you're proud of these shows made by nepo tumblr millennials for children but only really liked by other tumblr millenials and select enby zoomers. I will take my Metalocalypse and SP fujo pandering over any of this, thank you.

No. 1733993

>they always call out women why not men!!
why is this point brought up for literally everything ever on here, is it not enough to just say both is wrong lol no one on this site is going out with pitchforks over these women

No. 1733994

yeah, it's trash. i forgot to add victor and valentino and the loud house

No. 1734000

I think he means that his parents probably didn't allow him to GoT cause he was a kid.

No. 1734001

are they so new that they can't tell we are all redpilled on moids making calling them out and having the same conversations about moidisms over and over just feel pointless and tired? many of us avoid interacting with men when we can, they're banned from here ffs, why should we continue to discuss them more than the women we regularly interact with?

No. 1734003

File: 1697955099676.jpg (11.14 KB, 339x340, 1673467888661.jpg)

>remembering that the loud house has a creepy creator that made incest pedo comics about a boy and his mom
>the fandom is into pedo incest shit too

No. 1734009

i wasnt talking about anons here, i was talking about twitterfags.

No. 1734012

>made incest pedo comics about a boy and his mom
I'm not even surprised anymore, there were people working on Amphabia creating porn of the 12 year old girl and an old frogman.

No. 1734016

was it actually porn? i heard it was just like, some slightly suggestive art of the frog carrying the mc bridal style or whatever.

No. 1734018

yeah it was someone in the team(i dont remember what was their job) reblogging some art of sasha being carried by the toad guy. she's confusing that and when it was discovered some old storyboarders from amphibia drew lewds of the canon aged up versions of the characters

No. 1734020

Zhongchifag nona here. I'm quite fascinated by the fact people have been dragging me for being Mihoyo's 'cash cow' when I stopped playing over 3 years ago and never spent a dime on the game. You're right. The character relationships are weak and so is the main plot, both of which Mihoyo spends all of it's time on and which makes the game seem prima facie, well, shit. It's also why I dropped it. The main events are insufferable, the dialogue is childishly formulaic and the charm lies mostly in that adventurous thrill you get on playing for the first month or so. The reason I like Zhongchi then, is not for their story-facing characters, but for their roots in the lore. If any nona cares to read what I actually wrote, a large part of what I hinted at are details that most players can't be bothered to parse through in-game: the Rex Incognito novels, the wider Honkai-Celestial backdrop, Snezhnaya's political, geographical and military arrangement and the Abyss, which no-one gives a shit about beyond that sweet 12 star primo reward. Genshin actually does happen to have a relatively complex lore on their hands, but they're terrified to explore it further lest they risk losing their coomer base and the billions sloshed on medieval thigh highs every other banner. So that's why I quit, and made sure I nicked the rag dolls I liked the most with me (incidentally the one's most lore-ridden: Zhongchi, Raiden, Kiana, Dainsleif, etc.)

No. 1734024

sorry, I was half asleep and thought you were replying to a different post from earlier

No. 1734029

File: 1697959243530.jpg (394.96 KB, 2048x1985, Fl-3li_WYAIWkvN.jpg)

Just to add, I'm in no way denying that Mihoyo keeps trying to recreate the success of Zhongchi in every subsequent region, just that I'm defending my fellow Zhongchifags who aren't retarded enough to not catch on to their schemes. The problem is that Mihoyo fundamentally misunderstands why Zhongchi was so interesting, which is that you can wring out so much fic material just by picking up a spade and digging through the Archives for a potential setting or plotline or two. What does Haikaveh have to offer? Enemies to lovers? Not quite. Academic rivals? Ah, but it's so predictable, they already live together and act domestically. The only trend I've seen is nfsw fics where they 'finally bone it out' about ten tags over and over again. Same with Ayathoma and same with Neuvithesely or whatever it's called. There's no connection left for the player to draw, just pre-packaged fanfic tropes. Zhongchi was the first, and with little initial direction for fujo bait given Hoyo's past female-only casted gaming successes it wasn't necessarily intended to have a real canonical draw. They were a blank canvas with a few accidental ship prompts (again, these were Genshin's early days) and a large paint kit of lore for you to get as creative as you want. The others so far are like pre-assembled AI paintings, and it's because of them that Zhongchi's legacy has become tainted since Mihoyo noticing the potential cash grab. That's why I took that magic, that first spark that fans felt and fled for my life, rarely looking back beyond a disappointed sigh or two.

No. 1734030


No. 1734041

Nta but come on, the point of this thread is to discuss fandom stuff in detail. Be grateful it's not another fujo war.

No. 1734044

Late reply but yes, it happens sometimes. But it's a rare occurrence, things like "I love this character/series/etc" "I hate it" and "You're writing this character incorrectly". The reason it's rare is because 1) it's pointless to argue with a stranger on the internet, most people think it's rude to look at fanart or other things you dislike and fight with the person who made it if you don't know each other, 2) since a lot of fandom stuff is between friends you already have the same opinion about things or don't really want to argue and 3) most people are normies, so their interest is superficial or not as strong as that of someone who is incredibly invested in a series, lives, breathes, exists through that series. People who are the latter will obviously feel a bit outcastes with the former, they will want to see more content and interact more with likeminded people and will just enter US spaces, the current fandom spaces discussed here. And once they do, they will obviously try to integrate by picking up the language and mannerisms of the group they belong in, so they wouldn't stand out. Bringing myself as an example. Now, if they still have relationships with other normies and are in touch with the local culture and local matters, we just keep things separate. Internet life vs life. If they don't, they tend to do what the video here >>1731076 described.

I watched the video and read it, I have to say I absolutely agree and have noticed this phenomenon. Although I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to politics, I have noticed this often. It also causes a gap between younger and older people, especially those who can't understand technology. And just like >>1731429 said, the low level of education in general which persists to this day, alongside the economy being poor and so people have to go aboard and it has lead to two things. those who can't afford education so they dont need words to define a lot of complex concepts or things outside their daily life, which is primarily seen among older people. the young people under this category have learned enough english to be able to communicate, but they refrain from using it in their daily speech because they only speak with people who share a native language with them or their english is not THAT developed. even if they go aboard to study they will still try to find communities that share their culture, so it's not like they need new words to describe concepts. and the second category those who can afford to travel, spend a lot of time online, that have to communicate more concepts. they do so in english or switch between english and the native language in their speech. generally, they're more preoccupied with foreign issues. i'm going to bring up LGBT issues as an example because it's something a lot of younger people are interested in. although we have words for homosexuality and bisexuality, most people use the english versions because they became familiar with a concept through a western lens. a lot of people talk about transgenderism as well and especially nonbinary people, even though neither of these concepts exist in this language. there's not even a distinction between sex and gender. they introduce english concepts that most people are unfamiliar with and don't translate them into english, which causes mayhem and misunderstandings, because most people don't care enough about such issues. there are much more important issues at hand.
hope this wasn't too off-topic.

No. 1734048

> 'Why don't fans write long posts about their interests anymore? Fandom is all short form tiktok and meme content these days ffs'
> Types out a couple long posts on my interest in response to nonas bringing it up
> 'no1curr, genshinfag kys, fujo retard'

> 'Let people ship what they like, fandom police are retarded'

> Talks about a ship I like
> 'no1curr, genshinfag kys, fujo retard'

> 'People only like shipping because of smut, these degenerate trashbags'

> Talks about the lore behind the ship and why I like their interactions, doesn't mention a thing about nsfw
> 'no1curr, genshinfag kys, fujo retard'

Genuine question, do you nonnies actually want fandom to change for the better or do you just enjoy wallowing in your hatred of other fans and hope that the toxic culture stays this way so you can have some free evening lolcow thread entertainment? I don't care either way but at least be honest with yourself and stop lying about how you want things to change for the better. I really can't stand people who whine about the muck but spent all their time wallowing with pigs.

No. 1734052

You're mistaking a thread critiquing the state of fandom spaces for actual fandom spaces. Nobody cares because this is not, in this case, a genshin fandom space. Be the change you want inside your actual genshin fandom on twitter and tumblr, not here.

No. 1734057

What even is the plot? There's this assumption that you have to be familiar with all those franchises in order to understand what's happening. If you're a regular reader, who is not familiar with them, you can't understand so many references and it makes the book unenjoyable and pointless to read. I like standalone books (or even series of books by the same author, they are fascinating) but I hate when people just reference popular media like a youtube "Viewers who liked x also watched this…" recommenda. I'm certain only a particular demographic will read this book and if that's what she wants to accomplish, fine. If she wants to sell it to more people, she should try to make it more general so everyone can understand what it's talking about

No. 1734061

You have a point nona but to be fair to myself it is related to Genshin fandom discourse and I can hardly entertain the topic in the actual Genshin thread without accusations of infighting.

No. 1734071

While the zhongchifagging does cross over to autistic attention whoring territory due to the specificity of talking about just one ship in a thread dedicated to fandom discourse, you're right. A lot of anons in this thread just complain about things that could easily be fixable by muting words and tags and not hatescrolling because genuinely speaking it feels like they're so addicted to fandom drama they keep sperging about low hanging fruit like genderspecials and problematic ships instead of intelligent discussion about the fandom and the industry in general because they themselves don't care about contributing to the community or have experience in doing so. A lot of anons have admitted to liking something just for one husbando and the rest about it is garbage, how do you expect people like that to have anything else to offer to the discussion than "putting a vagina on my husbando make me big mad" or "why everything gay"?

No. 1734074

If you can't have a discussion about genshin even in the appropriate, actual genshin thread then this says a lot more about your fandom than anything else. Sorry nona. Try twitter, despite what people say if you post your analyses into the void sometimes you can actually have a discussion with one or two sane individuals.

No. 1734077

File: 1697964803311.mp4 (4.6 MB, 1080x1430, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.mp4)

I agree with everything you just said. Seriously, you took the words out of my mouth, solved the entire discourse, and told the mods in advance to shut it down. Your hot takes bring all the nonnies to the yard.

No. 1734099

I never considered the flagrant retconning in ACOTAR to be related to pantsing, but that makes the writing mistakes make sense. A lot of fans of the series describe it as "gripping" "stream of conscious" "fast to consume" and I think the pantsing method adds to a lot of that reaction. It reads like a first draft she ploughed through without a single revision.
Its definitely apparent in all aspects of the industry of writing, to a criminal degree. It's not that difficult to establish a story skeleton but that isn't a thing in modern TV and animation as of late… And even if a story does have a basic outline, its a derivative plot from an earlier work that tries to copy the same beats and motif when it just doesnt fucking fit. Everyone is operating on color-by-numbers writing because its fast, easy to consume shlock, I guess. I think this trend of pansting is a guarenteed way to render the work clumsy and feeling incomplete. You see it in famous authors like Stephen King who cant end a story for shit, yet everyone acts as if having this gaping flaw in his storytelling talents is fine because he work is simply so consumable. Pantsing can definitely work in specific uses but any author that says they cant plot at all because they lose interest isn't going to make a coherent plot to begin with, imo.

No. 1734111

Samefag but I think I take some of it back. I would say I don't like 90% of yaoi or yuri stuff in fandoms, because 90% of both are just weirdies faggotwashing and lesbianwashing clearly straight characters. And yes, biwashing gets on my nerves too, especially when it's used to justify characters being OOC polywhores. Ofc, I don't give a shit about yaoi or yuri stuff when its characters written to be that way, or OCs, or whatever. But the gaywashing of characters that are clearly written to be straight? I find it desperate, whether it's for "representation", or to get the "schlick" going.

No. 1734113

I'm not bragging but I thought this was common knowledge? I always thought foreshadows and clues to the future plot were cool but thinking now of course that requires extensive planning and going back and forth on your story. Fanfiction is one thing but if you're writing an extensive story why not put in the extra work and include some cool hints? Extra attentive members of the audience will get rewarded for their time. Do you really like to write long-form stories if you don't obsess over every little detail? Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm a schizo malapdative daydreamer and I thought this sort of behavior was normal.

No. 1734136

Good lord.

No. 1734140

Okay, so I understand that people can have different interpretations of movies, and that's fine. But sometimes, I really can't help but wonder if we even watched the same movie, because a film will make the message so clear, and yet, people come up with these retarded takes that I genuinely can't comprehend. Specifically, I'm talking about "The Devil Wears Prada." For some reason, fashion blog YouTubers have been pushing this idea that Miranda Priestly is the real hero of the story, as if she's some kind of guiding mentor for Andy. They completely ignore the fact that Miranda psychologically and physically abuses her employees for absolutely nonsensical reasons. She is not someone to aspire to be like. Moreover, the book that the movie was based on was semi-autobiographical, inspired by the author's own experience working for Anna Wintour, an incredibly awful person notorious for mistreating her employees.

No. 1734146

File: 1697973512330.jpg (272.98 KB, 2304x2304, LVP0brR.jpg)

nonnitas, what are the weirdest fandoms in which you have encountered an absurd amount of tifs? for me it's motor sport. they're all obsessed with shipping f1 drivers or motogp riders like any other fujoshi, yet insist that they are he/hims. it's irritating to be in voice chat with them and having them call each other by male names (often taken from the driver or rider they are projecting on). so far i'm cruising by by pretending to be very normie but i'm waiting for the day i get ostracized for calling a he/him by female pronouns.

No. 1734148

I generally start to distrust any praise for a book that involves how easy it is to read now– to avoid harping on about books women gush over, an author who's works are often praised as such are Brandon Sanderson's and they are some of the blandest garbage I have ever read, especially prose-wise.

You're so right. From what I understand, a lot of tv and animation's problems stem from trying to combine production elements and reduce production costs. An easy example of this is how often cartoons are 'storyboard-led', where the artists basically write as they develop the boards. This can work great for a visual gag based show, but stuff like SU demonstrate just how poorly things can go when trying to make something more plot-driven (among other things). I've also heard of live-action stuff doing things like avoiding having writers on set to cut costs, which can hurt tv shows especially because of how flexible and quick to change they can be during production. Then yeah, there's the whole issue of everything being a reboot or reference or rehash of something else before it because idk execs like money, the newer crop of creatives having fandom roots and an inability to make anything that isn't derivative, and more skilled writers who could develop these projects getting chased away by the shit work and pay conditions. Games are an even more blatant example of all of this, as they sometimes won't have their scripts written for years of development, which fucks everyone else in the pipeline over too as new ideas and requirements come and old work gets scrapped or shelved, and from what I understand this has a big influence on crunching before release.

As for why a story skeleton/outline seems to be too much to ask for, I have no idea. A decent writer should be able to hash out something workable in a couple hours easy, and outside of novels a writer's room should be able to workshop it into something more robust in a couple of hours after it being pitched– though idk how much of a thing writer's rooms even are now, I've heard some shows have writers making episode scripts in isolation, and the Disney Star Wars films are an example of a planned trilogy that feels like anything but.

You'd think, but for some reason people have gotten it in their heads that writing is an entirely linear process where you go from A to B to C without ever looking back and revising, instead of an often circular and iterative process (eg drafts upon drafts upon rewrites as you work things out as you go, being confident enough to go back to the planning stage and rework it to the point that you have to basically start again, but now with better skills and knowledge of what you want to create and how to create it, etc). Storytelling is a distinct craft, you can't write a fantasy epic or sweeping romance or seedy crime thriller like an essay for a high school exam. I feel like a wanker saying this, but it's also a process of discovery, where sometimes you figure out the coolest shit halfway to the end and realise it matches nothing that proceeds it, so you gotta either drop that cool thing or put the work in and rewrite, not just plough ahead and pretend it makes sense.

There's also this attitude of creator vs audience that has been plaguing fiction as of late which, aside from resulting in generally shitty writing and senseless plot twists, ignores that people enjoy feeling like they're figuring out the puzzle or are otherwise being rewarded for paying attention and having a brain. A predictable plot can still be enjoyable if it and things like characters and world are executed well, and fans theory-crafting and working out where you'd planned the sequel to go is not a bad thing that means you have to subvert their expectations or whatever, it just means people are picking up what you're putting down, christ.

No. 1734152

It's been a long time ago but I remember Miranda being even more of a psycho in the book than in the movie. In the movie she looks and acts like a ruthless businesswoman who knows what she's doing at first but the first person narration in the book gives off very different vibes because the protagonist keeps complaining about everything.

No. 1734154

like the other anon said this isn't the place for that. the rest of us aren't making the discussion about our personal fandoms and otps, we're keeping it vague. there's a thread to write long autistic walls of text about genshin, but this isn't it. we don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1734210

File: 1697978653298.jpg (74.65 KB, 1080x681, 82h9wc6snii91.jpg)

Either way, the point is that the western animation industry is infested with perverts, coomers and fetishists who hide their perversions behind a facade of progressivism. The most outrageous example I recall is when a storyboard artist for Star Vs attempted to sneak in a "trans Marco" bait by depicting a princess Marco doll with the colors of the troon flag. Thankfully, this was prevented. However, I remember when this was revealed in a twitter post the replies and QRTs were being flooded with comments from young, naive female fans and adult male troons proclaiming stuff like "those cowards," "transgirl Marco is basically canon," and many posting rule34 of Marco.

No. 1734267


No. 1734413

Which are all just fap material for males, so congrats i guess kek

No. 1734504

>good lord
Well yeah. It's the sexuality version of blackwashing or racebending characters. I find it desperate and lazy.

No. 1734505

> Draw the characters in their actual skin colors or fuck off

No. 1734514

Jumping into the combo with zero context, but picrel is grossing me out: the blatant pandering, the shitty ass designs…it's like mfs forgot how to design and write decent characters
gross pedo shit, checks out

No. 1734519

Do you think all fanfiction is wrong then because your 'tism can't handle anything that deviates from your true and honest interpretation of the canon? No fun allowed?

No. 1734523

hate to break it to you that slash shipping has been around since star trek days…it has nothing at all to do with gay representation

No. 1734534

So what about straightwashing? Changing skin color and races for a character is one thing but do you think a character needs to be prancing around in rainbow gear to not be straight kek do you hear yourself

No. 1734537

File: 1698004325600.mp4 (9.26 MB, 1280x720, The Simon Petrikov experience.…)

tbf I think it was intentional, considering how many coomers are working in modern animation. I'm sure there was one or more writer who pushed Simon to be portrayed as this tailor made Tumblr fan-fiction concept of a 'pathetic old man' that you simultaneously feel sorry for and are fascinated by. They essentially turned him into a custom blorbo.

No. 1734540

Holy fuck I am so sick of this goddamn website you are all so fucking mentally ill Jesus Christ

No. 1734545

My thoughts exactly nonnie, some people really need to go outside more and get that therapy

No. 1734547

what are you trying to imply, all I'm saying that simon's characerization which lead to his sexualization was intentional.

No. 1734553

what are you yapping about

No. 1734554

gen z idiots will never get slash shipping has been around before any of these ugly cartoons and a03 itself. I know there is Kirk and Spock stuff out there because my dad mentioned it in passing when he used to go to conventions in the 80s. Not to mention Star Trek and Star wars are some of my favorite fandoms with more of a female audience now, thankfully.

No. 1734557

Nta but I read the post twice and still don't get the problem, can someone explain

No. 1734574

Except the yuri written by women is often identical to the shit men write because the entire genre attracts spergs who think women groping each other is so cute and sexy or that the love between women is just a schoolgirl-like obsession. The amount of times I could've sworn a series was written by a man in his 40's drawing about cute girls doing cute things and it turned out to be an actual woman is seriously depressing, most best-selling yuri authors are women who consider lesbianism a romanticized intimate friendship between two schoolgirls that you grow out of by college age.

No. 1734585

I'm gonna be real and say I do think it's hypocritical to be in favor of "gaywashing" (stupid term, btw) if you're also against racebending or other things of that nature. It's all the same to me, and honestly I have no real problem with any of it unless race or sexuality is important to the story.

No. 1734590

illuminate to us filthy fake yuri fans what real lesbianism is like

No. 1734597

You can't "gaywash" a character kek that's the most retarded thing ever.

No. 1734599

>written by a man in his 40's and it turned out to be an actual woman
>lesbianism a romanticized intimate friendship between two schoolgirls
Two of the reasons why I mostly stopped coonsuming anything related to yuri since most of it is made for a male audience and not women. It's always a uwu i love Uuuugaghh, kyyyyaaaa, your beewbis are soooo bigggg and the writing never reaches any depth besides pure & innocent love and or male gazed debuachery. And I hate many artist now draw women in so many poses where their breast or ass are the focus and one calls it out your hitt by rabid fans saying your just imagining it or that women can be sexy too

No. 1734604

File: 1698007324528.png (310.63 KB, 1024x1024, Shiro-Pride-1024x1024.png)

Am I a joke to you?

No. 1734613

I don't understand this post, wasn't Shiro shipped a lot with Allura by the fandom? It was the writers that revealed in a later season that he used to be in a relationship with a man.

No. 1734619

File: 1698007772794.jpg (49.23 KB, 1080x761, komaeda.jpg)

Idk if he got "gaywashed" or not he had a husband that got killed in 10 seconds and married some other random dude pissing every voltard off apparently. The fandom unironically deserved it for having a nigh majority of aggressive shitheads but kek

No. 1734630

What is gaywashing? Iys different from shipping same sex couples?

No. 1734635

It's headcanoning anon's favourite character as same sex attracted.

No. 1734638

Turning an hetero character gay, pretty simple

No. 1734659

Like putting them in front of a pride flag? I don't see why care about it unless the hivemind is forcing the same interpretation down everyone's throats. Same with racebending actually, I don't care, just don't force it on anyone and do not pretend that making an asian character black is activism

No. 1734664

i swear some of these anons saw a trailer for strawberry panic or some shit 10 years ago and now they assume thats the only way lesbians are depicted because you saw a handful of yuri doujins one time. i have to actively search to find braindead schoolgirl coomer yuri when looking for lesbian content, theres a plethora of normal shit but you all insist yuri is coomshit because you cherry pick to affirm your dumbass confirmation bias. when i do find highschool yuri written by women, the plot is emotionally driven with absolutely no fucking smut but some god damn blushing. just say you saw one moid depict lesbians which you used to justify hating every fictional lesbian from then on.

No. 1734679

The yuri I usually come across is usually slice of life or drama in mundane settings, but more or less the same can be said about the hetero romance I come across because I mainly read josei

No. 1734686

too someday
I hope CaitVi becomes canon

No. 1734691

>unless the hivemind is forcing the same interpretation down everyone's throats.
yes, they are, that's the point. try to make content unwashing the characters and see that you aren't torn apart.

No. 1734692

File: 1698010270290.jpg (124.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

are there any other characters than these two that attract TIFs with extreme internalized misogyny more?

No. 1734697

File: 1698010323405.png (1.24 MB, 930x1080, Posion_Ivy.png)

somewhat related to this, why are lesbian characters always depicted as being snarky and sarcastic, I have a few lesbian friends and really one of then is just slightly sarcastic, I associate this behavior more with straight women.

No. 1734716

Apollo Justice is often seen as a fakeboi because "fans" think that him being short, looking way younger than he is in canon, and forcing himself to sound loud all the time are signs that he's compensating and doing voice training to pass as a man. I'd say his case is worse than Felix's because Ace Attorney is way more niche yet this shit is happening as the same rate for both characters more or less.

No. 1734722

i don't think felix would be troonified en masse if it wasn't for his ship with sylvain tbh. i feel most fakebois into this ship use felix as a stand-in for themselves out of shame and guilt because sylvain hates women lol and they can make felix female with zipper boobs without any of the icky implications

No. 1734781

nah, even without sylvain i think he’d still get trans’d. being an angsty man with daddy issues, a dead brother, and a rival-type dynamic with another man (dimitri) is all like catnip for fakebois. and it doesn’t help that he’s a bit shorter and scrawnier than the other guys too. he was doomed to have zippertits fanart from the day he was created.

No. 1734877

lol what are you talking about? Zhongchi is absolutely intentional fujo bait. Despite all the western fandom's handwringing, Diluc and Kaeya, the first two tall male characters in Genshin, who predate Zhongli and Childe were already very clear fujo bait. They fully intended on trying to appeal to every weeb demographic possible right from the start.
Reminder that ponytailed ancient Chinese man and psychopathic cheerful Russian man was one of the most popular fujo ships in China (Hetalia).

No. 1734921

Anons discussing genshin ships is such indecipherable gibberish to me

No. 1734924

Sven will always be superior to Shiro. Best waifu, best laifu.

No. 1734950

File: 1698021999863.jpeg (566.96 KB, 2000x1333, 5BAA7933-FAF5-4D35-9CC4-0B6988…)

>ponytailed ancient Chinese man
>psychopathic cheerful Russian man
Oh my god, why did I never notice when I first saw that ship.

No. 1734957

You seem upset, but it is what it is. You're allowed to racebend and change sexualities of characters, but it's still gonna be stupid to me.
So people have been gaywashing characters before people have been racebending them. The fact that gaywashing is an old practice doesn't really make it any less cringe. As a concept, how is it truly different from stupid things like racebending?
I think straightwashing is bad too, so let's not put words in my mouth. I think it's cringe to change basic and clear details about a character just because you think that would make them more interesting, or attractive, or whatever. It's the same argument for racebending or transwashing characters into something unnecessarily different: if you're going to change that character into being so different, why are you even a fan of that character? It's more like you're a fan of how you think you can write that character differently and "better" but at that point, why not just make an OC?

No. 1734974

I wish they'd fuck off back to their containment thread. Awful game, awful fandom.

No. 1735021

Nta but it's not about trying to write the character "better" or differently, it's just hot to imagine two characters fucking. It's no deeper than that and doesn't always result in changing the character's entire personality (unless their sexuality is a plot point or something), many times they will still act the same as canon.

No. 1735074

do you just not understand the concept of shipping or what?

No. 1735358


No. 1735372

File: 1698038794948.png (297.64 KB, 548x604, Screenshot_2023_10_10.png)

One thing that I do see a lot and find disturbing is how many so people feel entitled to the sexuality of actresses/actors because of the roles they played in movies. Recently, there has been a reaction by Twitter Sapphics about how the majority of the actresses in the new film Bottoms all have boyfriends IRL, a few identify as queer but we all know what that means. But It's as if they genuinely believe it's a shocking betrayal, completely disregarding the fact that they are just actors playing a role in a movie

No. 1735513

>when i do find highschool yuri written by women, the plot is emotionally driven with absolutely no fucking smut but some god damn blushing.
Yeah, that's the "cute girls doing cute things" stuff and highschool being the setting for like 99% of yuri enforces the old Japanese "lesbians will grow out of it" mindset. I genuinely thought Bloom into you was made by a man especially because it was so popular with transbians and was really disappointed when I found out the mangaka was a woman.

No. 1735538

>They fully intended on trying to appeal to every weeb demographic possible right from the start.
They aggressively targeted fujos specifically with 5 nearly consecutive limited male banners during the first version, they knew anything fujos like will go viral as they're so dedicated to their community and will create endless amounts of fanart, fanfics, zine books, cosplays and crafts. The developer's other game with only female playable characters (Honkai Impact the 3rd) isn't nearly as big as Genshin because believe it or not waifu-exclusive games are a relative niche and their players most likely have like 5 other games they also play on a daily basis, you're constantly competing for their attention. The female characters were very modest in the beginning and the really sexy and scantily clad ones weren't released until much later into the game which should be telling enough.

No. 1735554

you have your own thread for this.

No. 1735569

People are free to headcanon sexualities on characters but this parasocial obsession with especially actresses' and female singers' sexualities is so fucked up. Like K-pop stans believing that their favourite female idol is totally a lesbian and not in an ironic sense but genuinely believing that yes, this random living and breathing Korean woman who is not playing a character is totes sapphic because I think she looks pretty and have caused myself enough brain damage to be unable to tell reality from fiction. I understand the desire to have more representation because lesbians are so fucked when it comes to seeing themselves in any visible positions but I doubt these fans are even gay but instead treat lesbianism as an ideology or an aesthetic they can assign to a person.

No. 1735621


No. 1735662

Do they even know that being an actor entails acting? Reminds me of toddlers who watch Spiderman and because they don't know that actors aren't actually the characters they played, they think Tom Holland is actually Peter Parker.

No. 1735691

what's your issue with changing a character's sexuality? It's not like ot changes the rest of their pedsonality. you're literally just pairing them with x instead of y. doesn't mean the rest of their character traits will change.
iby the very nature of fanfiction you're bound to change a thing or two from canon. as long as the characters are recognisable i don't see the issue.

No. 1735709

WTF is toxic yuri? I keep on seeing it applied to random female characters who really have nothing to do with each other.

No. 1735711

Probably anime lesbians that are made by coombrained moids who have never been in a relationship so they think that it would be hot if they had a girlfriend who was abusive and controlling, but since it’s hard for them to imagine themselves as a man who isn’t an obeast, then they make it “hotter” by making the abused character an anime girl with no personality or a “personality”.

No. 1735745

himejoshi are coping hard because they read bland, boring shit and they pretend the few yuri with a little bit of conflict are comparable to you average fucked up Harada BL manga.

No. 1735750

Sengoku BASARA. i found more tifs in that fandom than in my whole real life (where i only ever *heard one from her frog voice).
fujo spaces are infested with gendies and tifs. it comes to no surprise because they're all autistic young women and teen girls.
the opposite is true for male fandom spaces: those are full of autistic tims.

No. 1735751

I think it's driven more as a reaction to the apparently "sanitized" images of lesbians shown in popular media. It might seem silly, but years back there were people on Tumblr genuinely arguing about how it's somehow "anti-queer" for lesbians, to be depicted as normal people that can fit into society. They brought up examples such as KorraSami, Bubblime, and other blink and you'll miss lesbian couples, as well as Ellen DeGeneres, as prime examples of how lesbians are losing their edge and queer roots.

No. 1735761

kek maybe it's because sports anime have a ton of fujo bait?

No. 1735765

3DPD shippers tend to troon out at higher rates cause they have a stronger denial of reality, they'll see well built fit men and through sheer coom see them as delicate chubby pseduo-women

No. 1735770

It was mentioned upthread, basically a BPD-chan obsessing after her favourite person she imprinted on and that's somehow peak complex yuri writing. Think Homura and Madoka. Never in my life have I met actual lesbians who liked that shit, it's always melodramatic bihet girls and moids.

No. 1735790

A forced meme that started because of Madoka Magica

No. 1735807

The toxic yuri thing is just the new bandwagon like how everyone is calling themselves a fujoshi now for the trend. Most of them don't even like "toxic" yuri beyond MadoHomu type obsessions, if a pairing is anything like the average problematic BL they will complain about muh abusive relationships.

No. 1735820

I would say it's the yuri equivalent of old man yaoi. Just a meme to make jokes about, barely anyone is actually into it kek

No. 1735826

>they will complain about muh abusive relationships
They complain about everything, if the couples aren't a perfect match for each other, slightest fight between said couple or even a fucking yandere story. Which is completely inane since it's yandere.

No. 1736216

I hate that the same people who consider BL "problematic" or "fetishistic" do not call out Bara for having a lot of the same tropes that BL does.

No. 1736257

The amount of anti-fujo kweers I've seen promote Tagame for making "authentic fluffy gay manga" because of that one brother's husband series is unreal when he's drawing rape doujins on the side. Ironically I've seen the same people praise Natsuki Kizu (Given mangaka) too for not being a fetishizer or problematic even though she made 18+ Haikyuu doujin in the past which all of them would consider "cp"

No. 1736261

Somehow I've seen the opposite for Tagame. Some people were calling him out and a bunch of proshippers were getting mad at them for not "knowing qweer history" and attacking "qweer elders"

No. 1736312

>men's rape doujins = qweer history
>women's rape doujins (that aren't even half as vomit-inducing) = muh fetishization, ACTUAL VIOLENCE against faggots
make it make sense

No. 1736386

tbf the people defending bara rape as kweer history are spicy straight women who have no problem with yaoi. i find it more annoying how they can't just defend stuff by saying "who cares" but instead turn it into a political thing and screech about how you're censoring queer woc feminist history

No. 1736438

Pretty sure it just comes from tumblr fakebois assuming bara is this deep introspective look into queer history while BL is just 'EVIL FUJOS FETISHIZING THE INNOCENT PURE GAY MEN'

in reality bara is mostly porn without plot while BL is mostly sad boy romance. Just compare the cover art of pretty much any well received BLVN to a bara VN like Okinawa slave island.

No. 1736653

The animation industry is infiltrated by the based pathetic male femdom cabal

No. 1736828

I don't believe in "gaywashing" but it was always pathetic when shippers would force a gay interpretation on characters it doesn't make any sense for. I love M/M and F/F but trying to claim a skirt-chasing male character is a "closeted gay guy compensating" or a female character with a boyfriend/male crush is a "lesbian with comphet" is borderline insulting. I have more respect for shippers who admit they're shallow and pair two characters because they think it's hot than trying to reach to use social justice/"representation" politics to justify it.

No. 1736844

People do this with Hachi from Nana even though she's boycrazy the entire series lmao. I'd at least get it if the character in question shows no interest in the opposite sex but the whole "this female character that has 7 different relationships with men is actually a lesbian suffering from comphet uwu" thing people do seems more disrespectful to lesbians than anything else.

No. 1736932

File: 1698131988668.png (408.56 KB, 604x1274, Screenshot_145.png)

what causes someone to post this without a hint of irony.

No. 1736937


No. 1736939

File: 1698132854057.jpg (210.21 KB, 640x480, 43322014_p3.jpg)

man, TMNT doesnt deserve such a shitty fanbase. It's either boomers who spend the day politisperging about that tranny's comic or zoomer trannies who refuse to watch anything pre TMNT 2012. I wish i could speak japanese so i could talk with the based westaboo Japanese fujoyumes.

No. 1736943

she's right tbh

No. 1736945

whats malewife even? just trannies misogynistic way to say ''husbando''?

No. 1736948

It's supposed to mean the male version of housewife, however twitterfags and social media addicts use the term malewife instead of househusband because all of them are actually misogynists and/or thinks it's funnier/demeaning like babygirling all the males and what not.

No. 1736952

>it's funnier/demeaning like babygirling all the males and what not.
it is kek, anons need to get rid of their muh misogyny brainrot and learn to take a joke

No. 1736960

why are zoomies so low iq

No. 1736962

this, no matter how many times farmers call the term "malewife" problematic i will still like it until it dies of natural causes

No. 1736965

I'm still convinced that they only hate it because it emasculates their husbando and not because it's "misogynistic"

No. 1736966

why not use husband then?

No. 1736969

Because the term malewife is degrading and pisses off scrotes, it's funnier to use

No. 1736972

literally never seen a scrote pissed about it, it sounds like something a sissy tranny would call himself

No. 1736973

You don't see enough seething scrotes then, consider yourself lucky

No. 1736975

yeesh. what's next, essays about how maid boys are also a highly misogynistic concept?

I'll call him my bitch before I call him my husband. bitch.

No. 1736976

i used to be a /co/ regular and ''malewife'' is something pedophile scrotes use to call ''trap'' child characters like marco and shezow. It's fascinating to me you can't grasp the obvious fetishy sissy connnotations of the term ''malewife''.

No. 1736978

you're thinking of "boywife" which isn't the same

No. 1736979

Boywife is a different term idiot

No. 1736985

no, i have seen them use the term ''malewife'' but now you remind me, whats the difference between boywife and malewife/babygirl? both carry the same sissy connotations, and it's not a shock it started to get used by TIFs who hate women

No. 1736987

>whats the difference between boywife and malewife/babygirl?
the other one is a tranny dogwhistle and the other isn't

No. 1736991

both are used by coomer trannies

No. 1736993

>coomer moids invented the word coomer
>somethingawful troons invented the word troon
>women on twitter invented the word malewife but you cant use it anymore because i saw a man use it one time and that means it has cooties now, yuck!

No. 1736994

File: 1698136035195.jpg (179.08 KB, 1080x564, MEANing.jpg)

I always find it so weird when terms like simp or malewife take a drastic turn in its meaning when twitterfags get a hold of them. Here's a link from some tumblrina regarding malewifes https://the-ghost-king.tumblr.com/post/643677618681593856/the-term-malewife-isnt-a-very-nice-term-to
>Malewife exists as a a sort of fantasy removed from the truth of society. It’s an idea that a husband can be waiting at home to care for his wife, and in this instance it benefits the woman
>Women’s wants were often ignored in favor of men’s wants, so by the malewife saying he’s going to watch his spouse play the Sims, he’s really saying “I care about her interests” and by him picking up the kitchen cleaning after she’s had a stressful day he’s saying “I have a lower stress job so I can handle that for her and make her life a little easier
>I use this word to provide space for guys to be allowed to be feminine, soft, caring, emotionally present, and worth more than their monetary value
Like where the fuck are you pulling this from.

No. 1736996

no, i am just saying that you have to be retarded to not see the similarities between boywife(a coomer male word for you) and malewife(le hecking based feminist totally not used by self hating TIFs word) when they serve the same fucking purpose and have the same misogynistic connotations. If they didnt, then you would use ''house husband'' and ''babyboy'', but you don't. Also that tumblr you cited just proved my point, why is it a ''wife'' thing to be caring and ''feminine'' and whatnot, why cant he be a houseHUSBAND, why do they have to adhere to female stereotypes?

No. 1737000

god just shut up this is so autistic

No. 1737003

low IQ response

No. 1737004

househusband sounds retarded and so do you. i'll use boywife too when it's applicable. thoughts on maid boys?

No. 1737005

anon I'm agreeing with you, I hate the term malewife and all the other stupid terms

No. 1737006

>househusband sounds retarded
malewife is miles more retarded AND used by TIF zoomies

No. 1737008

so is househusband, don't care. its a word popular with women in fandom and tifs are just women. thoughts on maid boys?

No. 1737009

>maid boys

No. 1737010

Sorry, my bad, i just woke up. Honestly, i fucking hate how misogynistic fandom feels nowadays, specially the female spaces. I cant even lust after animated boys anymore to escape from 3DPD without genderspecial woman-hating idiots turning it into a disgusting misogynistic space like everywhere else. It's genuinely not hard to call your husbando ''babyboy/househusband'' or coming up with creative names that aren't gross sissy shit. It's not a shock they same people using those terms are often TIFs who call themselves faggots while being in a straight relationship with another men. They are so self-hating, it's sad.

No. 1737011

I can tell you are underage from a mile away.

No. 1737013

i'm 24, nona

mr. clean

No. 1737014

>i'm 24, nona
damn, i am so sorry. 24 years old and you cant understand semantics.

No. 1737016

gahahaha you're kidding, right? by the way, what are your thoughts on maid boys?

No. 1737023

File: 1698139296554.png (1.16 MB, 1612x1629, 1698139208012.png)

there's simply no good reason for a man to be a maid. maids are female. there's already a male equivalent: butler. are you a troon? do you have a sissy fetish? do you hate yourself? why does he have to be a maid? why can't he be a butler? tifs love maid boys. so do pedomoids. i know, you must be a zoomer who hates women.

No. 1737025

KEK I love you nonna

No. 1737026

horrible cringe bait

No. 1737029

low IQ response

No. 1737033

you are so pissed off at me telling you to think for a second and stop spewing meme words that have very obvious fetishistic connotations, a true zoomer TIF moment. I bet you think the cunt is also ''just a word lolz dont be angry nojoy feminazis''

No. 1737036

The male equivalent for maid(servant) is manservant. A butler has whole other role and is used for both female and male butler.
Also go away juvenile anon, don't care that you're 24 yo., I'm younger then you and I'm frankly emmbarrassed by you.

No. 1737037

I'm not even the anon you replied to but holy shit you're so autistic about this, people really do need to start using tone indicators in this thread for tism nonnies

No. 1737040

i didn't know thinking critically was considered autism now

No. 1737046

File: 1698140078343.jpg (370.55 KB, 2664x2120, MV5BZmI1NWZmMTUtMzM2NS00MDBlLT…)

No. 1737050

>nooo you cant criticize me for using a sissy tranny term and telling me to think critically you are literally autistic!1!!1
lmao, better ''''autistic'''' than sharing the same braincells as TIFs and pedo sissy trapfags. I will call my husbando babyboy and househusband and you will keep using your tranny terms because you are too scared to anger your fellow sissy tranny TIFs.

No. 1737052

Every high functioning autistic person has said something along the lines of this

No. 1737055

how is it autism to tell you think more critically about a term that, surprise, surprise, started gaining traction alongside the tranny cult mentality and it's mostly used by trannies? let me guess, you also like cuntboys

No. 1737065

you are most certainly not the better autistic between the two of us. thoughts on when you namesearch your husbando and you have to wade through countless images of him having sex with men?

No. 1737068

my husbando is niche enough that i dont have to share him with twittertards

No. 1737072

spoken like a true hyperfixated autist. well, i don't have a twitter and i love to draw AND i'd love a new malewife boywife manslave boymaid slutbitch so you should consider sharing him with me.

No. 1737082

File: 1698142160735.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1e6626c4d810.gif)

lmao, are you lost? i find it so funny you are in the thread to criticize fandom bullshit, but get so personaly offended at people criticizing said bullshit. You embarrassing.

No. 1737089

anon please her neurodivergent brain has been bullied enough

No. 1737181

As a straight women I hadn’t really thought about it before this post but wow, that’s actually gross. By which I mean the fact that every other yuri is set in high school, with a blushy first romance before they inevitably grow out of it and are married off to men is… actually disturbing. How can people hate fujos for ‘fetishising’ gay men when they at least make the men actually gay or bi (yeah yeah troon fujos exist, we get it, shut up) when middle aged pot bellied himedanshis have literally shaped the entire yuri genre around their personal fetish for their waifus making out for their own entertainment then getting married to a man (themselves) at the end of the day. If I were a lesbian/bi woman having to dig through heaps of this fetishising garbage for actual lesbian stories I’d be unbelievably pissed.

No. 1737192

I’m convinced the nona who keeps posting in response to posts without including them directly in the reply is the same retard, just keep an eye on them since they’re clearly here to bait.

No. 1737194

The only yuri i read is virgin's empire(it's my guilty pleasure because i love the art) does yuri normally end with the characters growing out of it or did anon made that shit up?

No. 1737211

File: 1698149477882.jpg (49.75 KB, 640x681, 27dd8fcaf1a6.jpg)

Listen I think these terms are just twitter rhetoric by terminally(likely autistic) losers, no one who uses the term malewife/girlboss unironically is getting laid with an actual human being, don't let terminally online autists with no foot in reality lecture you around anything regarding society or people.

No. 1737213

we have unironic cuntboyfags lurking around, when they say retarded shit like that, i believe them

No. 1737214

Surprisingly sound take

No. 1737237

It doesn’t usually end that way, no. A lot of yuris don’t cover that much time, a lot of them are short and end at the first date after all the will-they-won’t-they tension is over. There’s an infamous one where one character is married for most of the story but it actually has a happy gay ending… I don’t know what that nona is talking about.

No. 1737249

File: 1698150687211.jpg (80.63 KB, 1000x1000, girlboss.jpg)

I wouldn't say girlboss is a twitter word. It was an actual term that "normie" (I hate that word) women used for female empowerment but then it got turned into somewhat of a meme. Like "Live, Laugh, Love". It's not the opposite of "malewife"

No. 1737303

Victorian type maid outfits are most becoming of the male form (presuming they aren't ugly with ugly bodies)

No. 1737312

>why does he have to be a maid?
Why not? I like cute dresses.

No. 1737328

nta and not into yuri at all but it's apparently such a huge cliche that a character in Fire Emblem Fates is a parody of that and became very controversial because of a Swedish tranny lying online about her having a convertion therapy scene with the male MC based on a badly done fan translation. She can marry guys and she keeps sperging about muh dates with muh cute girls and she sexually harasses some of the female characters and one cross dressing straight guy. It's not nearly as well known as yaoi cliches so the localizers tried to make her seem like an actual lesbian and utterly failed so she just seems like a schizo who friendzones the guys she likes and her sexually harassing Ophelia and her own mother is now supposed to be seen as brave and stunning. If she were a guy acting like an annoying forceful seme it would have been evocative enough to not be changed in localization because the audience would get the reference imo.

No. 1737335

It's just a fetish, I think you're thinking about it too hard. People into it most likely are for pure sexualization/humillation kink

No. 1737338

I like it cause I unironically think it's good fashion for men

No. 1737344

It's a popular Japanese concept, young girls are expected to fall in love with their upperclassman. It's called "Class S" (or "S kankei") and it refers to young girls having an intense emotional relationship between each other to the point it's to be classified as a romance, but by the time they graduate high school they get over it and default to an opposite sex relationship instead. That's why like all of yuri takes place in a high school or between high school aged girls, not adult women. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Class_S_(culture)

No. 1737378

File: 1698159394409.png (568.67 KB, 598x1634, nothavingaloveinterestmakesyou…)

Is it true that female characters who do not like romance and kick ass are given preferential treatment over "feminine" female characters? Some were citing women from Jujutsu Kaisen as an example - while I very much despise the way GayGay handles his female characters, my problem with his female characters certainly has nothing to do with them not having a love interest or being feminine enough.
I have seen similar discourse everywhere and I have been wondering if there is any truth to this. In my own experience in fanbases, I have observed that female characters that display "masculine" traits get judged far more harshly - particularly by scrotes on 4chan and self-proclaimed soft uwu girly girls on Twitter who like characters like Sakura Haruno or are into shoujosei.

No. 1737391

I’m aware of that concept but most straight romance is also set in high school so even if the concept of only being gay in HS was a reason for setting it in HS it’s definitely not the only reason. It still is not true that most yuri ends that way. If you are imagining off-the-page that they turn straight when the manga ends then that’s on you, the author didn’t write that.

No. 1737396

I want to know where people keep seeing these characters that "hate pink and kick ass", it sounds awfully like some short-lived mid-00's stereotype that lives rent free inside peoples' heads even to this day and traumatized everyone for years to come. I can barely name any female characters that actually are like this yet people keep sperging about how feminine characters are so rare and they're so oppressed and not catered to for liking them. If anything I mostly see the quirky adorkable totally relatable girlies being the most popular trope.

No. 1737443

Personally I only hate the term because it sounds too cringy, retarded and tumblr like. It's in the same category as 'blorbo' and 'cinnamonroll', it's just a very annoying type of humour to me like keyboard smashers and things like that. Like trying hard to be quirky? idk if I'm explaining right.

No. 1737483

I'm not claiming that "all yuri ends that way", I'm claiming that they often feature underage high school aged girls because of Japanese attitudes towards female same sex relationships being something you don't pursue past adolescence. In the Japanese context moids have appropriated lesbianism since the 1920's portraying S Kankei as this hyperromanticized thing to be ogled at, two pure virginal tragic madonnas untouched by other men holding hands and so forth and lonely women looking for true emotional connection they can't get from shitty Nigels fell for it hard, similar to the cottagecore handholding lesbian aesthetic meme in the west. Yeah there are odd occurrences of yuri that is about adult women but the overwhelming majority of them tell a story of two female classmates (usually one extroverted and light haired, the other more introverted and dark haired) kissing behind the school because CGDCT is the only tripe that gets picked up.

And even when it's actually about two adults, it's just the author's self indulgent fantasy about their domestic life cutting vegetables and having sex on the sofa. The lack of passion for storytelling and ambition shines through way too often in this genre.

No. 1737494

the amount of slop i've had to sift through for yuri manga is genuinely insane. 90% of the genre is just straight up moid fantasy garbage. it makes me sad. atp the korean webtoon authors, as shitty as that medium is, are doing much better than japan on the yuri front for simply putting adult women in their stories

No. 1737514

Actually, malewife did kind of come from girlboss. Anyone remember the old "manipulate, mansplain, malewife" mene? Boyfailure is the real opposits of malewife and the word did evolve from that. Girlfailure as well.

No. 1737519

Only girlfailures care about these words and whos using them. They aren't just used by a couple of troons in niche spaces, they're everywhere. They're more common than husband and husbando now off spedcow.

No. 1737524

Being a lesbian I've tried giving a chance to yuri so, so many times in my life and always end up dropping the book halfway through. Every time it ends up being the same shlop. Peppy manic pixie dream girl meets quiet girl in class, they have a secret crush on each other. Repeat for literally every title on "best yuri mangas you can't miss" lists. Oh, this one has adults? What a surprise, it's a kind of quirky office romance of those two same aforementioned tropes just grown up cutting those motherfucking vegetables while you're bored to tears. Yet again. Someone calls you a liar and recommends you to read this one series that's totally not like those other yuris? You pick it up and it's the same. fucking. thing. And since I'm an oldfag it's been like that forever, for at least two decades this genre has repeated the same story over and over. Would it kill these authors to take some chances and break the mold for once? It's not even the moid authors, so many of them are biological women too.

I'm not familiar with Korean webtoons featuring GL stories but I did read the Vietnamese comic called "Their story" (Tamen De Gushi), huge props to that one for actually making the girls feel like the lesbians I know in real life and being the closest to the "BL but it's GL" feel that I'm looking for. It's sad that despite its legendary status it's the only one of its kind.

No. 1737526

>They aren't just used by a couple of troons in niche spaces, they're everywhere. They're more common than husband and husbando now off spedcow.
That just makes it even more annoying.

No. 1737539

Two Korean GL I recommend are My Shimcheong and Opium. Both are set in historical Korean settings and have actual stakes with fleshed out female characters. And Opium was fucking hot

No. 1737541

Be annoyed with your autism all you want but it's normal now, not some gendie permavirgin secret handshake.

No. 1737580

I'm a lesbian and find it insulting tbh. Why can't you just headcanon a character like that as bi then instead of reinforcing polilez stereotypes? I get that "compulsory heterosexuality" was an actual academic concept, but the original essay argued all women go through it because of living in a male-centric society, now when I see the term online it's just self-hating bi (and sometimes straight) women who think liking men but not wanting to date 99.9% of them means they're a lesbian in denial.

>a character in Fire Emblem Fates is a parody of that and became very controversial because of a Swedish tranny lying online about her having a convertion therapy scene with the male MC based on a badly done fan translation
This would've gotten me crucified by the FE fandom and other lesbians in 2016, but that support conversation with the male character wasn't even that offensive, it was just OOC (on his end) and badly written. It was ironic to see an AGP transbian (who is also a lolicon, go figure) go into hysterics over it, because conversion therapy and making lesbians like dick is their modus operandi lmao.

No. 1737595

>it's just self-hating bi (and sometimes straight) women who think liking men but not wanting to date 99.9% of them means they're a lesbian in denial
Almost every self-proclaimed "lesbian" under 25 I have come across in fandoms is like this. A lot of them thirst tweet over male kpop idols or make sexual tweets about anime boys (not even in a yaoi way), and then when anyone questions them about it they brush it off as a "comphet crush" or that the men are fictional/celebrities/unattainable so it doesn't count and bring up gay men being Lady Gaga stans as justification (as if any of them lust over her and don't just post "slay cunty mother" shit). I still don't understand how it makes sense to anyone and it's far from Rich's conception of comphet anyway. If a straight woman is sexually attracted to Timothee Chalamet does that suddenly not count too?

No. 1737625

File: 1698170221662.jpg (76.04 KB, 700x380, thor-ragnarok-valkyrie.jpg)

They are half right in the sense that a lot of supposedly progressive writers create female characters who essentially have very male characteristics. These characters are often portrayed as 100-pound waifs who are effortless badasses, but in reality, not many people like them. However, there is weird obligatory praise because some internet youtubers get mad.

No. 1737634

>Almost every self-proclaimed "lesbian" under 25 I have come across in fandoms is like this.
Same, the few actual lesbians I've found in my fandoms or adjacent circles are my age (30+).

>A lot of them thirst tweet over male kpop idols or make sexual tweets about anime boys (not even in a yaoi way), and then when anyone questions them about it they brush it off as a "comphet crush" or that the men are fictional/celebrities/unattainable so it doesn't count

I always thought that was hypocritical because these same women will talk about how a female celebrity/actor or a fictional female character like Shego/Makima/Riza Hawkeye/etc. "made them realize they're gay" (not judging because I realized I was a lesbian because I liked a female character), but when they post about wanting to fuck male characters/actors it doesn't count because "it's just fiction/a fantasy/comphet". I'm in the "fiction isn't reality" camp in the sense I don't think liking "problematic" shipping means you're a predator IRL, but you talk about how fiction made you realize something about your actual sexuality in one instance but then deny it in another. There's a difference between liking male characters in the context of a ship and wanting to have sex with them yourself, they sound just as in denial about their bisexuality as I did when I claimed to be "asexual" but obsessed with female characters/yuri in high school, lmao. You wouldn't say I was going through "comphomo" in that instance.

No. 1737673

Kek what is that last person talking about, the only character in recent memory who was written to "represent feminism" was Barbie and that movie was unapologetically pink and girly. Reminds me of how characters like Princess Daisy now get labeled as butch for not wearing pink (but still dressing girly) and shouting
In terms of shounen, I agree with you. The shy soft spoken submissive girls are loved while the girls who speak up against the MC once or don't have a male character to pair her with are hated. The bigger the breasts the more "well written" they seem to be heralded. The more women in the series the more they're collectively treated like accessories. Moids will cop out with "Well it's a genre for boys you tourist/normie/NPC/whatever" but shounen's more of a cause than a effect imo. The worst is when they try to sound smart by saying their waifu's:
>Reserved (Submissive/quiet)
>Useful (Helped the MC once)
>Best girl (Endgame/Hot)

No. 1737675

classic literature , for some reason? many tifs there for some reason .. though i believe many are simply bsd immigrants. asagiri you will pay for this

No. 1737678

Late but hi fellow Star Wars nonna! The early tumblr sequels fandom bubble is so nostalgic ,I miss it, even the Reylo fans though I never shipped it I prefer FinnPoe. It being such a huge fandom with a large portion of female fans now keeps me from getting too far into the annoying parts like the moid manchildren and Obikin transwashers, and more recently the spergouts about Rosario Dawson playing Ahsoka because she’s a twansphobe who assaulted a poor tif. Don’t care, let me experience coonsomer joy from normies who gush about how cute baby Yoda is.

No. 1737696

Samefag, *consoomer fuck typo i’m not trying to sneakily racebait

No. 1737722

File: 1698175274933.png (118.72 KB, 1045x449, Screenshot_87.png)

not really the own you think it is, the star trek fandom was a clusterfuck that pioneered obsessive fandom culture and was noted even back in the 1960's for attracting well "neurodivergent" people(to the point academia commented on it), so I can totally fathom a bunch of autistic women who have never had a meaningful connection with another human being misconstrue friendship and make it basically hetroseuxality with extra steps(star-trek fan-fiction is the origin of mpreg btw)

No. 1737727

>star-trek fan-fiction is the origin of mprg
Why am I not surprised.

No. 1737737

It's funny how people will say "The fandom is so horrible these days, it's all coomers and schizos! It didn't use to be like this at all!" about every single fandom every decade when it was just as fucked even in the 60's.

No. 1737743

It's because worst of the worst is easier to find now. You had to dig personal websites, webrings, specific forums, and private journal communities to find weird or gross shit like mpreg/RPF/the content run-of-the-mill proshippers post/other fetishes/people who tinhatted that their ship is or will be canon, but now it's all posted out in the open on social media and AO3 is the general hub where everything is posted.

No. 1737749

bsd fandom is wild. they started that shit on ao3 where the entire "fic" is just repeating a character's name 10000000 times. 99% of them are just horny fujos.

No. 1737762

File: 1698177005746.jpg (96.81 KB, 477x600, Jim-headst.jpg)

not really, it's just fandom culture that has primarily unrestrained autists tends to devolve into unrestrained autism that has no basis in reality.
look at comics as as example, you need professional tard wranglers to keep writers in check, Marvel was most finically successful when it had Jim Shooter as chief editor, Marvel writers hated him and called him a Fascist, cause he wanted them to be actual writers, his decisions included things such as
>not having Jesus Christ be a recurring side character who saves Ghost Rider
>avoiding frequent crossovers
>keeping series within their own comics
>not having female characters be near naked every other issue.

No. 1737797

>not having Jesus Christ be a recurring side character who saves Ghost Rider
KEK yeah authors absolutely need editors to wrangle them into shape, just look at all the one man crew online artists who let their idiocy fly free with no restraints.

No. 1737825

Wouldnt it be boy employee?

No. 1737855

There are days where I wonder, "why fandom? Why was this the vehicle of choice for online activism?"

No. 1737860

it's boyfailure. but the male version of "gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss" is "manipulate, mansplain, malewife"

No. 1737869

All the slang ITT makes me feel like a grandma. But maybe that's a good thing.

No. 1737882

>maybe that's a good thing.
It is

No. 1738039

Yes, it’s just another way of saying: ‘My husbando is weak and submissive, just like a woman!’

No. 1738163

they are on twitter fandom spaces and twitter fandom spaces are overrun with trannies

No. 1738164

most fandom terms originated from the star trek fandom, mary sue is from a star trek fanzine

No. 1738269

ntayrt but the early sequels fandom was such an era that i honestly kinda miss it. it gave us the rcdart drama, reylo crepe post, john boyega tweets, etc. so much classic fandom bullshit. i’ve been more normie about it ever since though. i hadn’t even heard of the rosario transphobia fiasco and i think that’s a sign i’m succeeding.

No. 1738301

I love watching older movies for the aesthetics, but maybe I'll give the 2010s version a watch. I like the idea of realistic horror, gives me more to talk about

No. 1738306

>not having Jesus Christ be a recurring side character who saves Ghost Rider
The rest is fine but this was 100% a mistake

No. 1738337

I truly believe raceswapping is a consequence of remake culture. Why risk making something new when you can play fake progressive? I see this happen with black female characters, I often get worried. Like I just know it's gonna be a racial 2 minute hate moment or massive cringe. I will never live to see a well written show with a black female main character, with absolutely no cringe.

No. 1738441

File: 1698219042195.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.73 KB, 785x803, IMG_3159.jpeg)

I’m not a JJK fan nor do I know this character (I’m disclosing this to demonstrate I’m not in any way biased) but I saw picrel on the tl today and I thought. Wow. That is gorgeously erotic. The low lighting, the damp hair, warmed skin… everything carefully balanced in moderation to guide a gradual attraction to the subject as your eyes adjust to its dimness. It then occurred to me that the reason I was drawn to this one image, (I’m not here to debate it’s quality, I’m here to discuss my next point), is that most younger modern artists who purport to draw titillating or erotic fanart lean towards gross exaggerations to get their point across. Arched backs, blushing ears and shoulders, long lashes, red nips - all of these things are fine and work in moderation but the modern trend is to crank it up to 10 for clicks and views. It’s obviously done to get attention and subsequent likes but the pieces in question (yaoi/bl type erotica) are starting to feel on the same level of blatantly coomer as waifu pinups. First I would love to receive some recommendations for similar works but second I’d like to direct the discussion towards ugly fucking yaoi coomer fanart in general because I’m tired of it!

No. 1738447

this would be better for the art thread honestly, you just want to bait about how your taste is totally superior to those who like ''male coomer bait-like'' stuff.

No. 1738451

Ntayrt but Why is everyone in this thread so fucking combative all the time

No. 1738455

it has nothing to do with fandom kek

No. 1738456

could it be an issue with most anime in general, everything's either grossly exaggerated or severely deformed to an extent.

No. 1738462

ntayrt but i think it applies. overly-pornified and coomerish fanart is totally a fandom problem, even if the execution of the comment is kinda pretentious.

No. 1738468

people not drawing the type of porn she likes isn't a fandom problem

No. 1738483

It is because I’m talking specifically about FANDOM artists drawing coomer style, not regular or OC artists.

You know full well that I’m hinting at the troon style coomer cuntboy swollen tits red blush fanart popularised in every other fandom these days so if you’d consider my comment as ‘lauding’ it up then yeah, so be it. Rushing to the defence says far more about you than me nona

No. 1738484

You sound pissed people dont draw what you like. Also how retarded you are that people have to spoonfeed you porn artists, literally just lurk moar.

No. 1738540

A lot of /ot/ posters are combative and aggressive all the time, from what I've seen. No idea why. Sometimes it feels like being in a female 4chan with everyone acting like an asshole over fandom shit.

No. 1738548

File: 1698234010504.jpeg (55.09 KB, 888x821, E54217EC-692C-4FC7-A916-0A8B15…)

Omg I forgot about rcdart doing SW art, such a classic and compared to fandom art today it’s not even bad. The Rosario thing happened a couple years ago with her being sued by a troon for assault and misgendering, everyone quietly forgot about it until more recently when there’s some slow zoomies and troons who will bring it up. You’d think that it’d be louder considering how many troons there are in fandom but they’re such consoomers that they don’t actually care that in their eyes a lead actress did a hate crime. The fans of both the dumb woke and grifter sides say they’re going to boycott Disney every other week for something but then they’re back to posting their Disneyland trips within a day. The only literal woke cancellation that that’s stuck is Gina Carano but that had more justifiable reasons than her just being transphobic imo, still though she’s just a woman who had the wrong thoughts while male actors can get away with anything.

No. 1738563

File: 1698235094761.jpeg (57.51 KB, 800x510, 6B1577A0-C324-4598-9125-2465B9…)

Samefag, I’m reminiscing over these, if only we knew how bad things could get. To specify on male actors that get away with anything, their darling Harrison Ford signed the Polanski petition and had an affair at 33 with 19 year old Carrie Fisher. Ewan Mcgregor also signed the Polanski petition and cheated on his wife. I never trust a moid actor I just objectify them

No. 1738575

This honestly isn't the thread for this, can't you go to the husbando hornyposting thread or the bad art thread/artstyles you hate/character designs you hate or something?

No. 1738628

File: 1698239358731.jpg (110.86 KB, 800x619, t5vqdhwyack11.jpg)

Does anyone remember Andrew Dosbson? He used to be a massive cow, somehow managing to offend everyone. He was short, overweight, and unattractive, and he fetishized lesbians. He would constantly self-flagellate himself in front of women, which only added to his creepy demeanor. There were years when people would relentlessly mock him, but he never seemed to change. If you're wondering why Dobson hasn't embarrassed himself further in recent years, it's because he had to move back in with his parents. They made him quit the internet and find a job and just like that people forgot about him, I'll say that people into fandom culture need this treatment as well.

No. 1738638

I laugh whenever i remember he became so infamous from being a ''male feminist ally'' and then people found out his inflation fetish account where he used to larp as a teenage lesbian into inflation

No. 1738650

I remember him well, I'm still shocked that his endgame turned out to be his parents cutting him off from the internet and forcing him to get a real job instead of him trooning out and becoming a full blown transbian like so many other autistic male webcomic artists of the 00's did. Good for him I guess…?

No. 1738719

So many nonnas complaining about others in this thread when it's obvious they're not even integrated and don't know which threads are suitable for which topics huh.

It's like this thread attracts an influx of twitter tourists.

No. 1738731

kek this whole site is combative not just this thread

No. 1738742

nta but some threads clearly have way more of it compared to others, sometimes to the point of getting locked like another certain fandom thread

No. 1738810

God I miss him so much, he was my first lolcow ever, this is how I discovered KF way back in 2015.

No. 1738813

Not nearly as much. On /m/ and even /snow/ most complaints and arguments I see make sense and tend to be brought up without ill will (emphasis on most because even there shit can happen), while on /ot/ and especially this thread it feels like there are nonas who crave retarded infighting for shit and giggles and purposefully misread things.

No. 1738821

/ot/ has always been like that. or at least since the unpopular opinions threads started and lengthy infights became a daily occurrence.

No. 1738830

this reminded me of a post an artist on tumblr made way back, about how most sex scenes depicted in fanart are just, an overstimulation mess. You know, impossible amounts of fluids and borderline ahegao and furious blushing over a kiss or some nipple rubbing. I mean, is not like fanart has to be realistic and I'm not saying that foreplay doesn't feel good irl but damn, having every single piece of fanart or fanfiction showing basically the same scene where everybody gets super horny over the lightest touch is kinda boring.

Also, kinda on the same vein, but I hate when in BL the top is always calm and collected and the bottom is an overstimulated mess. I thought it was a japanese manga issue, but the same happens in manwha and surpriingly in fanart. The most emotion the top shows on a sex scene where the bottom is about to piss himself, is some grunting and eyebrow frowning. One would think that, since the kids think they're so subversive and don't really have any restrictions they'd spice it up a bit, but no the one being penetrated has a religious experience everytime they take dick.

btw, sauce on the jjk fanart?

No. 1738833

Talk about BL in the yaoi thread on /m/. Nta but the sauce is @uoru1_juju on Twitter. Warning though, they like incest and shota sometimes

No. 1738838

NAYRT but I created the original fandom discourse thread and fanart discourse is just a subsection of fandom discourse. Fanart posts are on topic, so stop arguing about it.

No. 1738841

If you're not the anon then why did you reply acting like I was telling YOU to move to the fujo thread in /m/. They were talking about tropes in BL, not fandom in general. And I wasn't even arguing with them, why are you so angry kek

No. 1738850

>talking about how fandom applies the exact same tropes in published BL even when they have the freedom to do something different
>They were talking about tropes in BL, not fandom in general.

nona, your reading comprehension…

No. 1738872

Their whole second paragraph has nothing to do with twitter or tumblr fandom discourse. I'm not forcing her to go in that thread, but it comes off as a little off-topic, that's all

No. 1738878

Creator anon here: it’s really not that deep. People taking the time to point out brief off topic mentions wastes more thread posts than the off topic posts themselves. Just report it or leave it be.

No. 1738879

I was quite literally telling her what the sauce of the pic was kek, that was a throwaway comment

No. 1738880

I wasn’t addressing you! I was addressing the person who keeps going ‘hurr durr you went off topic for two seconds’ and derailing the thread when they could just shut up and report it if it’s that big of a deal.

No. 1738966

I was looking up old AMVs, mostly to laugh at them. And I have to say, this is the first straight one I have seen in a whole and it's really something

>Mavis x Hades

>Jim x Helga(12 ear old boy with a grown ass adult)
>Kida x Shan Yu
>Jack Frost x Eris
>Megara x Pitch
>Jasmine x Rasputin
>John Smith x Scar
>Ariel x Frollo
>Belle x Jafar/Vanessa

No. 1738992

Sorry sorta unrelated to thread but you reminded me of my favorite AMV, this one is so fucking wild and has so many shitty effects slapped on top. It has the bold audacity to actually greenscreen animal characters on top of each other to make them look like they're fucking each other lmao.
Rollo (bambi) and Kovu (lion king 2), that cat from Felidae with Simba, Kovu with himself…

No. 1739171

>posts implicit furry porn
honestly seriously for fucking real

No. 1739217

i miss the based era of shipping where literally nothing was off limits and shipping was fueled by pure autism, i hate retarded zoomies harassing the creators into deleting the videos or hiding the comments. I used to make amvs shipping zim from invader zim and pinkie pie, they had no chemistry, they arent even from the same franchise, but my retarded 14yo brain though they were destined for love

No. 1739226

I’m laughing my ass off thanks nona x

No. 1739271

Nothing will ever beat vidrel for me.

No. 1739277

holy shit this is such a blast from the past

No. 1739304

File: 1698295595187.png (7.82 KB, 500x500, 1651774805962.png)

I am so tired of the sissification of male characters in western fandom. First when scrotes got memed into liking femboys they started turning our twinks, characters they used to make fun of fangirls for liking, into ''femboys''. Link the pretty boy became a femboy, any cute male character that isnt roided and on the brink of a heart attack is now a femboy. Then the TIFs with their retarded terms like malewife/babygirl and just refeering to male characters with female terms because god forbid we actually objectify men without using retarded tranny sissy terms. Then those TIFs again turning male characters into cuntboys. It's so tiring, i wish i could go back to when yume/fujo spaces were actually based and fanfics would adress male assholes as assholes and not ''boypussy''. Imagine being so self-hating and such a becky you can't even objectify men without using tranny words because you are too scared of offending moids and your fellow TIFs. Meanwhile i will keep objectifying my moids by calling them babyboys, househusbands, manservants, walking dildos.

No. 1739314

I actually noticed that moids threat sissy and femboy stuff as a joke at best or as fetish fuel at worst. But if you objectify a moid while keeping him masculine, they recoil and get disgusted.
Like idk it's like there is a threshold where a moid becomes female if you sissyfy him too much. So in their book it's okay.
Like traps are strictly straight thing but masculine guys are kinda gay. Idk if it makes sense. But I was scrolling a torrent site once and decided to look at comments. Moids were disgusted with Free! boys but liked Astolfo a lot.

No. 1739316

That was honestly the only time in my life I had fun with shipping. "Crack pairings" where you just paired up whatever would be interesting or funny were the most fun to make art/shitposts of. It's such a whiplash to see ships that were considered "the classics" in the 00s get called out as ~problematic~ now.

No. 1739328

you are absolutely right nonna
>manservants, walking dildos.
haha based

No. 1739399

I have always wondered, why not just make OC's at this point when their so different from their original portrayal?

No. 1739477