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File: 1694106023302.jpeg (386.76 KB, 1600x1096, IMG_1255.jpeg)

No. 1690309

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
And much more in the retarded daily trudge of x.com. Enjoy, nonnies. Enjoy.

No. 1690322

This actually is a fairly decent Idea, too much fandom shit clogs up both the tiwtter and tumblr threads

No. 1690324

Agreed. I hope the mods don't delete this. It would be a nice place to discuss fandoms and the cowish behavior and drama of those who reside in them.

No. 1690326

I can smell the wlw ideologue in you. Just say lesbian, retard.

No. 1690338

What do you mean anon? I’m being genuine here, but I thought bisexual and lesbian women as a group are called sapphic. Am I wrong?

No. 1690339

I think I can agree with that. As a person that often likes characters that are objectively terrible people, I found that there's a subset of zoomers in fandoms absolutely incapable of understanding someone might enjoy villains and not be a terrible person themselves. It's really weird honestly.

No. 1690342

nta but sapphic is just the annoying twitter way of saying it, that said like 75% of self described sapphic women are actually bi.

No. 1690350

File: 1694108333926.jpeg (298.84 KB, 999x1499, IMG_3978.jpeg)

>Proshipping vs Antishipping
Both sides are annoying as hell
Proshippers are people who can’t accept the fact that people on the internet find them weird so they have to make a campaign out of being oppressed or whatever by 16 year olds because someone said insulted their ship

Antishippers are the type of people who constantly expect you to walk on eggshells for them because they cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality, that is unless they find a ship with ‘problematic’ elements that they like, then it’s fine because they say so.

I get annoyed when people call me a proshipper or whatever for this reason, just because I like problematic ships doesn’t mean I’m part of some stupid internet argument.

No. 1690357

I have blocked all the fandom discourse accounts I've seen so far. Especially the big ones like the twitter account whose icon is a screenshot of the italian girl from Yuri on Ice and her ilk. Of course they all state at some point that their accounts are taking a toll on them and they're depressed and anxious because of the thousands of interactions they have everytime they post anything, then they post that they're autistic which I can believe given the shit they post and care about, and they never think about deleting their accounts and just living their best lives reading yaoi and talking only to their friends. That shit is really not that deep or serious. Antishipping by itself is retarded and I hate how proshippers are ready to defend absolutely anyone and anything just to not look like hypocrites even if they actually secretly think that lolicons are subhumans.

No. 1690358

File: 1694108702549.jpeg (309.45 KB, 1170x639, IMG_1264.jpeg)

Random account on my tl is making a questionnaire on proship/anti discourse, should be interesting to see the results if they get published. (If you do decide to answer then try and ignore the… gendie stuff).

Link: https://twitter.com/heavnswrath/status/1699809155035418955?s=20

No. 1690373

and the other 25% are men

No. 1690375

Exactly, both sides are pointless and extremist. Wish people could realize everyone has a different threshold on what they're ok with seeing rather than boxing you into "you're fine with absolutely anything" or "you believe sex before marriage is a sin".
Honestly I'm fully sure antis enjoy more than one "problematic" ship and proshippers are disgusted by some content as well.

No. 1690381

Reminds me of this fakeboi I was talking to who not only was super girly (of course) but also was playing through slow damage yet complaining about the problematic elements? Like what did she expect?
That’s the main thing that annoys me with the ‘anti’ types even though both of them annoy me, they actively go into spaces that they’re well aware are going to have things they don’t like but then complain about it anyway.
They should just stick to my little pony and bluey, at least those types are consistent.

No. 1690383

god i cannot imagine actually caring this much about nerds in the spectrum and their opinions. She/he could be volunteering at a shelter if she has so much free time.

No. 1690386

Honestly, where did normality go? Call me nostalgic and blinded but I came across that Haruhi Ship Happens AMV again today and felt wistful over the old days when freaks knew they were freaks but it was more like ‘ha yeah that weirdo in the corner that’s betty she likes a bit of shota and incest but she’s harmless really, just a wee bit odd…’ there was a balance and now it’s ride or die for either the paedophile city or the doxxing nation

No. 1690391

they actually find mlp problematic too, i often get recommended a video essay of the country horse and how she's problematic. I never clicked on it because i know it's just going to be a grown woman grasping at straws to find anything problematic with a cartoon made for toddlers that has princesses and rainbow horses.

No. 1690404

I know there's some extremists on the proship side, but I personally feel like I see significantly more shit coming from the anti side. Basically every big fandom drama in the ones I'm in are caused by teens either forcing themselves into adult spaces, or deciding that liking x or y is morally wrong.

No. 1690420

I can see why a lot of them stick to Bluey then.
The other day though I found them in a veeeery insecure husbandofag area where they kept having to post about how 'YOUR HUSBANDO LOVES YOU UNLESS YOU'RE A PROSHIPPER THEN THEY'LL CALL THE COPS' to which my immediate thought was 'what if your husbando is a pedophile though, like Hisoka'

No. 1690431

In fandom I always avoid interacting with antis for obvious reasons, but I have seen too many people who are attracted to actual children and/or animals on the proshipping side as well, either that or people who are fine interacting with them. So I prefer to just look up for "neutral" fans, if someone enjoys content considered problematic in a casual way and/or don't engage with discourse too much.

No. 1690439

there are a bunch of antis who get caught grooming too. There was this commentary youtuber who made a video criticizing another retarded commentary youtuber and calling him a pedo for defending sailor moon NSFW, who then got caught grooming a 13yo.

No. 1690445

Pretty typical moid stuff, 99% of the moids who try and get into the anti people spaces are pedophiles.
I think girls in the anti thing are just typical tumblrina types who are annoying but mostly harmless.

No. 1690446

As much as I don't like them I feel like at least they stay in whatever lane they are. They suck but most of them know it. If anything I see a lot of what >>1690439 said; there's a staggering amount of men who will try to be a puriteen leader for the sake of grooming said kids. It's like those male feminists that got caught doing heinous sexual crimes.

No. 1690452

The term sapphic has been co-opted by spicy straights and kweers. They are adverse to the word "lesbian" and typically are handmaidens to the trannies

No. 1690461

File: 1694112382454.jpeg (304 KB, 702x1466, IMG_1272.jpeg)

The worst is when you think someone is neutral and they randomly start busting out with some ‘PROSHITTER DNI’ in bio like @rottendevilman (picrel) who imploded after a few antis got on her ass about a chongyun ship

No. 1690463

Same anon here, just to clarify she decided to suck up to the people harassing her to avoid further confrontation and abandoned a ship she genuinely enjoyed just to kiss up to her perpetrators. Absolute limp-dicked behaviour from an artist I genuinely liked before all that. But eh, old milk.

No. 1690464

actually, i have seen a lot of anti women(normally tifs) get caught grooming too. It's like it attracts the worst kind of people, like flies on shit. Does anyone remember the creepshow drama? there was a girl involved who made a video ranting about proshippers and how they are all pedophiles and whatnot and then was caught drawing bdsm my hero academia yaoi(literally a nothing burger) and was cancelled by her own reterdaded antishipper fanbase, kek. It was so fucking funny to witness, i wanted to feel bad for her and getting called out for drawing a high school bishie getting assraped, but so many retarded antis call out japanese artists for doing the same, you reap what you sow.

No. 1690490

File: 1694113472746.jpg (556.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230907_120343_Tum…)

Klancers make sheith fans look normal and well adjusted.

No. 1690492

I'm honestly surprised at how little retrospective vids have been done on klancers, since they were by far the most insane shippers and the ship never really made any sense in the context of the actual show? People have mentioned this but it's pretty obvious they just wanted to ship Lance with someone, and didn't actually give a shit about Keith at all.

No. 1690504

>I'm honestly surprised at how little retrospective vids have been done on klancers, since they were by far the most insane shippers and the ship never really made any sense in the context of the actual show? People have mentioned this but it's pretty obvious they just wanted to ship Lance with someone, and didn't actually give a shit about Keith at all.
I think its because no one really cared about Volton but the shippers.

No. 1690512

Lance spends the entire series lusting after women. Never gives men a single glance. But every fujo thinks he is gay or bi. They also didn't have any chemistry, Keith and Lance either avoided each other or argued the entire time. They don't seem to care about the show's plot or other characters, just klance getting together. but the special thing about klancers is that they were dead convinced it would be canon, for whatever reason, as the show did all but scream at them to please stop and finally forced lance with allura to stop it, but they still lost their minds when klance didn't happen. But then it gets weirder. klancers are all gendies now and it's devolving even further. their posts are just nonstop headcanons about their autism or trannyism.

At least we always have glass cupcakes and dirty laundry to laugh at. izzzyzzz also has a good video on it.
I care.

No. 1690659

Person running it is 19, I'm not sure if much will come out of it. Looked thru the questionnaire and after the 3 pages of micro-labelling and trauma questions, it started to get into topic, whose half questions are repetitive/unnecessary.

No. 1690677

I legit don't understand why there are so many antis in fandoms like Danganronpa or Persona. You can date your teacher in Persona for fuck sake.

No. 1690681

You forgot the "[mental illness/neurodivergence/autism] coded character' discourse.

No. 1690685

File: 1694127616975.png (32.91 KB, 586x327, reply.png)

Hi y'all, OP of the questionnaire here?? How did this even end up here?? Please don't take my stupid little project too seriously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1690687

You will never be a man.

No. 1690690

Theyre just looking for identity to cling to. Young people really don't have anything to look forward to and they're trying to find belonging and acceptance. If the western world wasn't currently being thrown into an exploitative overpriced wasteland, none of these kids would be doing this. It isnt even 'rebellion' anymore. They aren't being taught valuable life skills, aren't learning anything they can apply to life, aren't leaving the house. None of these weird microcosms are surprising atp.

No. 1690692

File: 1694128337068.jpeg (178.72 KB, 749x904, IMG_3989.jpeg)

People complain about Adachi x Yu in the same game you can have sex with the nurse kek
DR makes even less sense since it’s a killing game VN based on anime tropes, why exactly are these people surprised that Korekiyo wants to fuck his sister? Incest is huge in anime kek.

No. 1690700

>This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse

didn't the mods close a thread with a similar concept because there was too much infighting and reporting in it?

No. 1690703

Only because people started baiting, the first thread went along fine.

No. 1690706

>implying "accidentally"
>implying all the game/anime characters they kin aren't made by "problematic" gigacoomers with very specific fanservice tropes in mind
Glad I got out of fandom spaces before they lost all self awareness.

No. 1690734

lol newfag

No. 1690740

File: 1694130393279.png (31.39 KB, 615x307, Screenshot_7254.png)

My sides, this tweet
Clearly it bothers you if you’re tweeting about it's

No. 1690744

kek, she should come back here, stop posting on twitter

No. 1690746

Very manly and mature response, pooner. Totes a thing that a real man would do.

No. 1690761

i'm convinced these are self-posts, and if not the twitter OP might want to consider who they're associating with over there kek

No. 1690774

I hate all sides of the proship vs. anti debate because it's stupid to turn opinions into a black or white thing. That being said, I still have a bias against proshippers solely for the fact that I think they're annoying, not because I'm against what they stand for. They're just funny to point at and laugh. Antis on the other hand most of the time are just underage TiFs or western artists. The most common proshippers I've seen are:
>40 year old "lgbtq-politics" tweeter
>Southeast Asian Fujo
>Woman who couldn't get over hannigram
>Lolicon male who doesn't actually know what a proshipper is
That said, I hate how people instantly label you as either a proshipper or antishipper based on little things about what you post or like. I wish people stopped putting each other into boxes like this

No. 1690783

Please stop appropriating southern culture. Just seeing this word is now a shortcut to giving me a migraine.
Please stop armchair diagnosing every character. If you can't relate to a character unless they have the same diagnoses as you, you need literature education because that's sad. Therapy diagnoses are not a shortcut to having a personality just like horoscopes are not.
Please stop turning every character into a gendie just because you are suffering the typical teenage identity crisis. Most people in past generations just wore funny outfits, they didn't cut their tits off. You'll look back on gendiehood like people from the 70's look back on bellbottoms. Except they could take the pants off.
Stop turning the cartoon guy I'm trying to masturbate to into a tranny, thanks. I just wanted to see cool fanart, not theories over how he's secretly a geiboitwansfemdemiaroaspenbie with ADHD DID and OCD. Millennials wrote cool fanfiction, dude. What the fuck are zoomers doing? I'd rather have yet another HPx[series] crossover than a fic about pronouns and therapy talk.

No. 1690786

I think some proshippers go too far. They act like posting fic of a 12 year old being gang raped is brave, groundbreaking, and a crusade for civil rights. It's just porn addiction at that point.

Antis, on the other hand, go too far and act like people shipping an 18 year old with a 22 year old is a heinous sin and start brigading and telling a living human being to kys to "protect" a fictional character in fancontent. Both sides are deranged. Great milk if they weren't destroying fan spaces with their retarded infight.

No. 1690796

literally no man writes like that, a true and honest moid would be spamming the site with gore at the slightest of mean comments

No. 1690828

I don't even care about shipping that much nowadays but people kowtowing to these types will always be annoying. Most of the ships they are constantly going on crusades about are usually so bland like I honestly can't believe people really get into a tizzy over a vague "age gap" relationship like this. Chongyun is not real ffs even if he were to have a canon age.

No. 1690829

File: 1694138559187.png (156.31 KB, 868x639, she mad.png)

>Right leaning
Also damn she's really making this worse for herself.

No. 1690832

It took me literally five second to make that low effort post. You are also painfully unfunny and obviously use Twitter to cope with loneliness.

No. 1690840

retard…. i wrote the response in 1690829, and i am literally a registered democrat. just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're some right wing demon….. you wanted response from queer people and i told you i'm a literal bisexual democrat atheist get over yourself

No. 1690843

up to a great start for this thread

No. 1690860

have to agree, I'm enjoying reading thru this

No. 1690863

Uwufication of characters is annoying after some point, but in the end, it's just people writting for the characters that they like.
What is truly a pain in the ass in fandom is the amount of people who can't separate headcanon from reality and then get mad when you ignore their nonsense.

No. 1690864

psychology of fandom drama thread reborn from the ashes like a phoenix

No. 1690868

>not sucking troon ass makes you right leaning

Looks like it's over fellow les/bi anons

No. 1690871

What? I not the Twitter retard kek, I'm the one that told her ywnbam

No. 1690872

I'm STILL mad over the ranfren author cancelling, even if didn't end in anything.

No. 1690873

hit the wrong reply my bad nonna

No. 1690874

Wasn't she also a fakeboi?

No. 1690875

omg i get so autistic about this too. She never said that!!!!!!!!!! when asked over and over again by anons about her pronouns she's always said " I do not care". this combined with being obviously female leads every single person who talks about ranfren referring to her as them or he.

No. 1690878

samefagging, I think it's also a lot of projection from readers due to getting parasitically attatched to the characters.

No. 1690883


No. 1690885

Is this a self post or a vague vendetta post? She only has like 500 followers and is only 19.

No. 1690888

>only 19
Okay, and…?

No. 1690892

I've wondered how many antis secretly do like degenerate stuff

No. 1690895

There was a time when 19 year olds who acted like that were rightfully mocked and called immature.

No. 1690898

Stop defending some random retard TIF from Twitter, 19 is old enough to stop acting like an embarrassment

No. 1690901

I’m not defending her? I only mentioned the age because it would explain the self posting. Christ

No. 1690904

A lot of them get caught reading/bookmarking fics that they would only have found by browsing the naughty tags, then they lash out with a nasty comment after reading 30 chapters in some kind of kneejerk denial that they were enjoying that trash like a raccoon. Instead of virtue signalling and crybullying they should be writing and interacting with wholesome content.

Just like the gendies who sperg all day about what flags a character would totally be. They should be out producing A-quality content if they want to convince me the character is transmasc or whatever made up shit. They wanna lecture but don't want to sell. Gendieism is just the new sparkledogs.

No. 1690919

I think some do enjoy problematic media, but feel guilt for it and then have the need to overcompensate for it.

No. 1690921

Why are volshitters still insane? This is why I block every voltron fan on sight. shidge, klance, shleith, koo koo caca or whatever the fuck. They are literally all insane. It's been years and the fandom hasn't been able to mellow out?

No. 1690923

I'm an "anti" and I still like things that could be considered problematic. I just don't like to make a big deal out of it. Most you'll find me doing is reading fanfic about it or looking at fanart of some pairing, but at least I'm not dedicating my twitter to it. I also don't publically hate on proshippers outside of having a "proship dni" in my bio. I don't take much of it seriously but if I'm forced to align with someone, it's not gonna be the group that the public thinks are all pedo-incest shippers

No. 1690925

>dni in bio
go back

No. 1690928

Not a problem to have a dni in your bio. Helps me weed out the coomers.

No. 1690930

>"proship dni" in my bio
I found one in the wild. Illuminate us on what you hope this accomplishes. At least no trespassing signs have cops and shotguns to enforce them.

No. 1690932

>I'm an "anti" and I still like things that could be considered problematic.
>I also don't publically hate on proshippers outside of having a "proship dni" in my bio.
You could just not care nona, you don't need to put yourself in a side of a made up fandom war.

No. 1690934

It's the same thing as having "+R18 only" or "-18 DNI" in your bio. It's just to set a boundary. If someone breaks said boundary, you just block them. Don't get the big deal. I get making fun of egregiously long DNIs but a simple one like that is a non-issue.
I used to not have it in my bio, but I was tired of having certain people follow me so it was easier to just say don't follow.

No. 1690945

Do you harass people over fiction?

No. 1690954

File: 1694151406866.gif (249.13 KB, 220x164, druski-what.gif)

>but I was tired of having certain people follow me

No. 1690961

If it's not that serious you can just post a poll on twitter instead of making it somewhere else and posting a link.

No. 1690965

I think my favorite part is "I'm just a loser nerd teenager". They always have to cry teenager kek. 19 is too old to be calling yourself that.
It's okay, nonna. I'm assuming you just had a retard moment, or jumped on without reading this (short) thread.
There was a selfpost here >>1690685, and anon responded with YWNBAM since it's a tif. The post you replied to is someone else laughing at her for immediately crying about it on twitter.

No. 1690966

I just don't like proshippers lol

No. 1690976

File: 1694154960270.jpeg (202.84 KB, 1079x805, IMG_1280.jpeg)

Yaeyato antis piss me off so fucking bad. For context, Yae Sakura is canonically in love with a woman in the game Honkai which is loosely connected to Genshin, but her expy Yae Miko in Genshin is still a different character with a different personality altogether. Because of this, some people hunt down yaeyato (m/f) shippers and call them lesbophobic with the reasoning that Genshin Yae is a (get this) ‘lesbian-coded’ character when there’s not a hint of fucking evidence in the coomer moid gazed harem clusterfuck that is Genshin’s character interactions. I even ship the most popular lesbian Yae ship (EiMiko) but these fuckers are making it more and more unpleasant by the day to the point where I no longer want to associate with them. Your headcanon is just that. A headcanon. You can headcanon her as lesbian, and others can headcanon her as bisexual or straight, because it’s none of your fucking business what they choose to interpret from the game. Sorry for the rant nonnies but these retards are on my feed lately. Picrel.

No. 1690982

Why is the Genshin fandom this cancerous even if I don't interact with it at all? I don't play it but I assume it's because it's a free gacha game so there's no gatekeeping spoiled shitty brats with powerful smartphones who can download it as much as they want?

No. 1691029

That makes a lot of sense. I finally get why everyone looks down on gacha players as a whole kek but I think discussion about genshin ships will always be awful because the characters barely have a personality. Most ships are based on looks or only a few lines, the rest is all projection so everyone is fighting over their own interpretations. Projecting a bit too much will make minors call you annoying even years after you've left twitter though (see yeetoldy)

No. 1691030

You loose the moment you consider critical analysis or media consumption to fall to either pro or anti. It’s such a limiting term by young women who haven’t developed their thoughts to why they don’t like something. Nabokov’s Lolita is about a problematic topic but makes effort to show how unreliable the narrator is, not glorifying the abuse. And yet you can rightfully criticize moids (and nymphettes) who fantasize about the abuse like idiots. You can’t just cry pearl clutching when someone says something is stemmed from harmful real life things kek.

No. 1691041

Wait I'm not into either of those games, so if I understand correctly they're harassing people for shipping a Genshin character with men because there's a different character from the same company who is a lesbian and shares name with the Genshin one (and somehow that makes her lesbian as well)?

No. 1691044

No. 1691053

File: 1694164187153.jpeg (264.31 KB, 1170x1019, IMG_1286.jpeg)

This sums up the current Ao3 discourse for me tbh

No. 1691061

File: 1694167138793.png (817.3 KB, 600x1473, Screenshot_3159.png)

There's something unsettling about "shipping culture" when it extends to real people's sexuality and relationship. So a picture Katy Perry went Viral, it was from hiking trip a few months ago as a birthday celebration for her lesbian friend, and she was wearing a shirt that said "Year of the Lesbians". The self-described sapphic girls on Twitter took this as her "coming out" and started posting pictures of her kissing girls (during the era where every female celebrity pretended to be bi for male attention). When people pointed out that she's only ever been in long-term relationships with men and is married to a man, they justified it as fake PR relationships and focused on how girly Orlando Bloom is (assuming he's gay). These people are just brain-rotten with shipping discourse, and it's bad enough when it's within fandom, but when it extends to real life, it becomes so much worse.

No. 1691068

That second tweet is giving me hives anon but I digress. One thing I do give proshippers credit for is that they actually tend to stick by the whole ‘fiction =/= reality’ thing and won’t excuse irl shipping like this shit, whereas antis will because they go full monkey brained over irl queerbaiting and cannot distinguish fact from fiction from their own delusions for their life

No. 1691069

File: 1694168574489.jpeg (24.27 KB, 600x431, 1656217080942.jpeg)

>twitterfag writes exactly like a stereotypical twitterfag
my fucking sides

No. 1691070

>telling people what they should and shouldn't wrote
idk what the current discourse is about Ao3 but there are some VERY questionable pieces of fanfiction on there. Sometimes I'll search something very basic and the tags that come up for a lot of the stories are sketchy as hell

No. 1691073

I can't fathom how people in fanfic spaces and especially on AO3 talk about getting criticism ("unsolicited concrit"), like they actually seem to expect only compliments and uncritical praise for their work that they themselves voluntarily posted online and chose to turn the comments on. Then they act like entitled crybabies when somebody points out a mistake and go "I write this for free!!" A bunch of faggots.

No. 1691074

Like what, nona?

No. 1691076

Nah it’s not about expecting compliments the issue is that no fic author appreciates an entitled baby going out of their way to leave an unsolicited hissy fit on a free archival website made to store works and not to feed their instant gratification algorithmic monkey brained minor minds

No. 1691081

lmao did somebody criticize your fic? Just delete the comment then retard.

No. 1691084

No. And why do you spend time hate reading stuff when you could be enjoying fics you prefer instead? I can’t imagine being halfway through a fic and wasting time to scroll down and whine out my ass instead of clicking off like a grown ass adult.

No. 1691088

NTA but I have seen porn fics starring real-life minors.
And while this one was fictional, I once was going thru a minor character tag and saw a porn fic simply tagged as "child porn".

No. 1691115

File: 1694173920756.gif (1.6 MB, 240x288, the voices.gif)

I fucking hate it when something that i like that's really obscure and long forgotten gets viral on twitter and it develops a tranny zoomer ''fandom'' that completly misunderstands the themes, make terrible zoomer ironic memes, starts transing the characters and on top of that become the obnoxious moralfagging ''fan'' that pretends they have always liked the thing. Happened to moral orel, looney tunes show and now its happening to Eltingville club. I know it's a retarded first world problem, but it annoys me so fucking bad. Literally cant have one single shit with a small dedicated fanbase anymore, one retard is bound to break containment and expose it to the zoomies on shitter. I am so tired of my favourite things becoming the special interest of some tranny zoomer for two weeks.

No. 1691116

It's just annoying. Unless you're an editor irl your 'concrit' is actually probably 'opinions'. I don't need some random's very deep and profound criticism of a fic I wrote for fun while I was stoned. Fanworks are hobby works, if you want professional quality material read a published book. Not talking about gross shit like lolicon (should be criticized) but who cares if a free hobby work on the free archive site has plot holes or is OOC or goes against canon.

No. 1691119

The justification is always "well its written by "queer minors" who are just figuring out their stipulates, so its really not pedophilic)

No. 1691121

>Japanese game with Japanese tropes and cultural references made for a Japanese audience is released
>Western adults who are open minded and have varied tastes get interested in the game and talk about it
>it gets so talked about that kids who shouldn't be online at their age and Amerifats who think anything that's not made by California is evil hear about it
>these people hop on the bandwagon because they think these games are trendy and they want to seem trendy just to socialize online more
>"ugh, oof and yikes! I can't believe the video game about teenagers saving the world lets your teenage protagonist date another teenager who's one (1) younger than him! how problematic! teenagers playing this game and choosing that love interest might as well be pedophiles!"
>turns out they just checked the wikia page of the game and watched their favorite streamer play it for 20min, and they lose interest a month later
>rince and repeat with other fandoms

No. 1691124

Fucking gross. And funnily enough it tends to be the most vitriolic antis who are dream stans and write porn shipping those minor streamers with a proven groomer. The hypocrisy.

No. 1691129

>And funnily enough it tends to be the most vitriolic antis who are dream stans and write porn shipping those minor streamers with a proven groomer.
what are you on about? that's not true at all.

No. 1691132

I remember a soy moid complaining about people who choose to date the adult characters in Persona 5 because you are "making a teenager date an adult" but bitch, I'm an adult so of course I'm more interested in the adult characters.

No. 1691134

File: 1694175872956.png (229.83 KB, 800x800, 2c32887111c2.png)

>I can't imagine how mentally ill you have to be to make picrel.

No. 1691135

They don't get that each person will play their own way. Sometimes even localizers don't get it so in FE Engage they toned down the romance between the teenage MC and the teenage playable characters to make them as platonic as possible but you can let the 16 or 17yo MC marry old farts in their 40s or 50s because the localizers assumed that only adults play this series and not, you know, teenagers and youbg adults who are the actual target audience.

No. 1691143

As a 3rd worlder, I understand what you're going through, nonny. I like an obscure 2009 cartoon and all of a sudden it got fics on ao3 this very year which is worrying. Tbf some are actually good and normal but it's only a matter of time before the weird shit starts popping up. I don't know why is it getting fics now but I hope it didn't go viral on twitter or tumblr or something.

No. 1691146

Which fandoms are you guys talking about I’m curious

No. 1691150

First ayrt, iron man: armored adventures. It's a good show, but it accidentally has a breeding ground for shipping, giving Tony Stark a male best friend he's really close with, 2 female love interests, and 1 new male friend who gets close to him too quickly and make his male best friend and one of his female love interests jealous. As well as the other female love interest and the male best friends flirting. Basically it's Tony Stark's harem and their love polygon. The fic writers are going insane over it. Also there are some crossover fics mixing the show up with the mcu and the spiderverse stuff and involving captain America in it because people still ship iron man and captain America for some reason. And it's kinda weird because Tony in this show is 16-18.

No. 1691153

File: 1694178147273.png (100.28 KB, 666x932, 1691708349664.png)

Oh my god, that's the same situation that lead to this exchange because they also had YaeYato on that card kek but I understand the artist wanting to distance themselves, I would also be upset if I liked a ship and someone came swinging at me telling me that one of the characters is like 15 while the other is early 20s when that wasn't something I had ever considered. I guess it shouldn't matter that much because the characters and dynamics largely stay the same, but it puts a new weird light on the relationship that I would also be uncomfortable with. Even though Genshin doesn't have proper hints about ages so the entire argument is largely pointless. Like, I saw someone getting called out for shipping Albedo with Aether and I don't even remember which one was supposed to be the possible minor, but I also haven't seen anyone else get called out over that. Getting a callout really only depends on how much people dislike you personally

No. 1691154

Samefagging to add Tony and his new friend are also enemies as their secret identities, Iron man and the mandarin respectively, so it's sort of a friends to enemies kind of situation and the fic writers are gonna find a way to insert the 'lovers' stage somewhere there

No. 1691157

> Why the fuck should I respect the sexuality of a character that doesn’t exist
> Um glurble glurble um BECAUSE

> Getting a callout really only depends on how much people dislike you personally
Absolutely. I’m so tired of people mysteriously producing a list of problematic qualities from nowhere the second they have a falling out with someone over discord. They’re like middle schoolers, I swear.

No. 1691162

I personally don't comment on fics I don't like so it won't be me shitting on your "fun hobby writing for fun but also posting onto a public site where I could turn the comments off but choose to have them turned on" fic, I just don't get the contrast between say, art discourse and fanfic discourse where you're allowed to criticize a shitty artist all you like but suddenly if you criticize a piece of writing you're "whining". If you don't want comments you can turn off the comments and quit being a baby.

No. 1691165

i used to be a pornsick fujo and very proship but after getting away from social media, not watching anime anymore, not writing fanfiction anymore and substituting screen time with reading time (of actual published books) i can see how insane this behavior is. don't get me wrong, i still don't care if anyone ships any of the brothers from ensemble stars or whatever, but i hate when people make it their entire personality. "hurr durr i'm such an evil proshipping degenerate, all antis should go do their homework" etc. while i agree that children and teenagers need to get off the internet more, i really think certain stuff like pedophilia/grooming, incest, etc. and general extremely sexually explicit content should be locked more. just a few years ago it was considered normal to have a nsfw side account where only other adults could follow you and you'd keep all your r18 content there. now everyone with a fandom account just mixes mundane shit about eating instant ramen with wanting to see skinny effeminate male character x get double penetrated by big buff male characters y and z.

No. 1691180

Well actually you shouldn’t criticise a shitty artist to their face either, that’s why sites like lolcow exist so we can take the piss out of bad artists and writers while they can continue doing their thing on main kek

No. 1691183

Sounds like an inspiring story anon. I fucking wish I were you. I’ve started reading normal shit and stopped watching anime for years but I’m still caught up in fandom degeneracy on the daily…

No. 1691215

Thoughts on rancefag

No. 1691224

>just a few years ago it was considered normal to have a nsfw side account where only other adults could follow you and you'd keep all your r18 content there

But that still a thing, the problem is most of times they aren't locked. Also western artist should start using privatter

No. 1691239

Reminds me of what happened with Trigun thanks to the reboot, I wouldn't touch that series with a ten foot pole now that it's been completely infested with zoomer tranny SJW types. I swear I've seen more fanart of the main guy from the series with top surgery scars than normal fanart, it's nuts

No. 1691241

What world do you live in where people re allowed to criticize artists? The discourse around how entitled it is to demand artists cater to others has been around online since forever. “Artists don’t owe you anything” “if you want art to cater to you, commission it” are the default ideas.

No. 1691251

which is why i said
>nsfw side account where ONLY other adults could follow
these accounts weren't public as opposed to now when everyone is just showing anime boy hole and pole constantly.

are you still on social media? i advise deleting the apps and installing browser extensions that lock websites after you browsed them for a certain period of time per day. i was addicted to fandoms for years (like ever since i had a stable internet connection at age 10, back then we used chatrooms and tiny little forums kek) but now i'm 31 and i look at fandom drama and go "wow. anyways." it's very freeing.

No. 1691254

File: 1694186084099.jpg (404.73 KB, 1127x1600, 1643852602246.jpg)

for me its eltingville club. Clips of the pilot got popular recently. Its got a very small niche fanbase, mostly on /co/. I dont think i am ready to see bill with chest scars… I still remember when Moral Orel got popular, bunch of tifs latching onto the father. I hate when stuff i like get ''fandoms''.

No. 1691262

Thanks nonnie, I’ll start being stricter on my cold turkey usage then kek

No. 1691265

I avoid interacting with anyone who would go out of their way to self ID as proship or anti. Ideologically I generally agree that people will ship what they like, and it’s not worth harassing people over a problematic ship, but every time I see proship in someone’s bio they catapult right to drawing the most gross degen shit and then get in slap fights with kids about it too. I miss the era >>1690386 described. It feels like circles of problematic interests are more extreme now, now that there’s the big proship/anti divide. Like if you’re okay shipping a 16 year old and a 20 year old you need to be okay with seeing little kids getting molested cause it’s all “proship”

No. 1691270

Neither Albedo are Aether would be minors. Albedo is probably at least 500 years old, and Aether even older then that going by lore. Outside of characters like Klee, anyone going "X is 15!" is pulling shit out of their asses.

No. 1691278

Will never understand genshin ship discourse. There are like five different base models, and people will get mad at you for assuming one of the shorter male characters is a kid, but its not like they make any effort to make them look older. I wish there was a game like genshin that wasn't gacha-hell or at least made an effort to make their characters less generic

No. 1691290

She got struggle sessioned for sure.

No. 1691312

It's weird you only see this gendie shit from Americans. No other country is inundated with teenagers trying to mutilate themselves to swap genders or making up labels for their oh so complex 17 year old sexuality. the japanese artists are being harrassed by american gendies and just doing a, "nani tf?" and having to look to their government to get advice on how to proceed because they cannot comprehend this. if they just quietly cut their genitals off it would be fine, but they are terminally online and prolific posters. one gendie can post 60 times a day. so they form harrassment brigades and attack everyone and everything. i wish the internet had a minimum posting age of 25 and under-25s were read-only.

No. 1691315

File: 1694190463948.png (171.46 KB, 1124x1405, E6raAuQWUAs6sqB.png)

The argument was that the traveller always says they're too young to drink alcohol, which would mean they are younger than 18. And the centuries of sleep that the traveller went through don't count since they didn't age them up. But it's all kind of stupid and could easily be interpreted differently. Literally anyone else shipping them is left alone, not to mention that no one gets on moid coomers case for drawing Yae the "canon lesbian" or any character that's largely headcanoned as minor getting fucked by men

No. 1691328

The idea that someone will drop a ship because on character might maybe be considered 17 if you squint the right way is wild to me.

No. 1691329

>turn off the comments and quit being a baby
I mean you can also quit being a baby and hide comments of writers complaining about concrit. You're 100% entitled to sperg about plotholes and characterization in my comments and I'm 100% entitled to roll my eyes and call you annoying.

No. 1691330

and it's always based on the american age of consent. In many countries the aoc is 16. it's really just suburban american teenagers causing this toxicity.

No. 1691333

I've seen them be upset about a 17 and 19 year old before, but even without canon ages there's so many times those teens (though some are full on adults) will just straight up make up shit to justify why they're allowed to say some random fanartist should kill themselves.

No. 1691340

i dont understand why they watch anime or otaku culture infested products and then get mad when they see 16yos with big tits or 5000 year old elf lolis. What's the point of watching anime then? It has always been a 'problematic' medium. The consequences of anime becoming 'cool' with the kids.

No. 1691345

The artist made a tweet stating that they are "dropping the ship" and there are like 200 qrts of minors dunking on them and making jokes. They really don't care, they just want to make someone feel bad

No. 1691349

holy shit, why do the artists even care that much?

No. 1691359

Some of them are just naive and not as chronically online and think they genuinely might have done something wrong and will try to apologize. Which will backfire because once you get targeted it does not matter what you do, it's wrong.

No. 1691363

its sad because they always attack women too. I have never seen these fuckers attack men because they know the moid will only double down.

No. 1691413

>Moral Orel
does anyone remember how clayorel surged in popularity?

No. 1691442

No. 1691479

Genshin fandom is certainly something. Also you can't criticize those specific harassment campaigns because otherwise you'll hear "omfg hetshippers think they're so oppressed lmao" like oppression was even mentioned or put forward as a bargaining chip? Also genshin fans are generally the worst fans to interact in person too. It'll always be the worst people imaginable wearing their ready-made aliexpress costumes. Not a single one of them has a redeemable personality or talk about anything else other than chronically online crap. I know it's because they're mostly zoomers but sometimes I'll even meet people my own age and it's kind of scary how annoying they are.

>you can't ship this because of MY headcanon and/or MY retarded interpretation of the lore and/or character
I feel like this has been the reason behind 90% of fandom discourse these days. You can't draw or write some thing because oh it's an incredibly popular fan headcanon and you'll piss people off, because it's basically canon. Fandom is activism and all that, so if you don't agree with a gay, trans or race headcanon you must have an ulterior motive and are some flavor of bigoted or something. Why wouldn't you think traveler is a minor unless you were a pedophile looking to ship icky ships?

No. 1691491

noticed this too, same with SJWism. their targets are always women

No. 1691503

>sometimes I'll even meet people my own age and it's kind of scary how annoying they are
I get second hand embarrassment from people that are 20+ years old and act rabid about gachashit shipping kek like don't you have more important things to be worried about than what characters someone wants to get together

No. 1691620

i know that feel, especially if it's something very 90's and edgy. it'll get woobified to hell and back.

for anyone dealing with pro and anti, how do you distinguish that you're proship and don't care about what people write, but hate any form of pedo shit/don't want to see it? I genuinely do not care about anything that's written so long as it isn't that type of fic. I've run into a lot of proship people who were into that sort of thing and i'm kind of sick of dealing with proship people who are into it

No. 1691628

I remember seeing this pic in like 2012 and finding it a little funny because the kind of discourse that happens now hadn’t blown up yet. Back then it was just like, yeah this movie sucked but I bet someone wrote some good fics at least. I fucking hate fandom drama.

No. 1691667

why do you have to distinguish yourself? why do you have to label yourself? just read/support and write the content you want more of in the world. somehow fanfiction became a fucking moral crusade. it used to be written by bored people who hated their job/college. now everything is nonstop virtue signalling and terminal online syndrome. the shit these pros/antis obsess over, if you went outside to touch grass, no one normal would even know what the hell they're talking about or why they're so upset about it. echo chambers are psychological drug addiction.

genshin fans are particularly toxic and bloodthirsty. probably because playing genshin is as fun as epilating. i agree with the nonna who said the characters don't even have personalities, genshin characters are overdesigned waifu/husbando-factory cardboard cutouts. and people foam at the mouth about shipping them. they also have some really, really fucked up smut fics. the ironic thing is most of these people who bash het are themselves straight when you get to the bottom of the matter. a gendie with a vagina who ends up taking dick in it is just straight with extra steps. they should get over themselves.

No. 1691706

reminds me of how this girl i met at a place i volunteer at was talking about fandoms to me (dont remember how we even got to this topic, she was just talking about her hobbies). apparently she would band together with other people to make callout posts against any artist that drew r18 in her fandom, because her fandom is supposed to be for "kids only" (its an E for Everyone video game franchise). the most ironic thing about it all is that shes in her 20s but is steeped in a fandom that, in her own words, is meant for kids only. having a conversation with an anti irl was the most surreal thing ever, i had no idea how to react and i pretended i didnt know what she was talking about kek. it made me realize how unhinged and stupid all of this shit sounds when you talk about it off the internet. antis really do act like moral crusaders on the internet, but the moment you meet them irl, theyre meek and dont know how to stand up for themselves.

No. 1691887

As an anon mentioned, it's also big on South East Asian girls and women who can afford the unlimited internet access. The other day I met a tif who might be on T with a binder. And I didn't realize that they might have offered T here to women. The funny part os she identified a sa lesbian.

No. 1692065

because i don't want to be around pedophiles or learn that someone is one months after speaking to them?

No. 1692089

Do you really think something like "proship DNI" will stop them?
Also just talk to women only.

No. 1692090

i suppose you do have a point, but there really should be a distinction from the rest of proship and retards who draw sex of toddlers. the ones i met were women…

No. 1692093

Lmao you can't win with that crowd. You date an adult? You're inmoral because the MC is 16. You date a minor near the MC's age? You're a pedophile for being into minors. To not talk about Futaba because half of the fandom have decided she's the MC's sister.
Are there even people who actually take the dating mechanic seriusly? I feel only 30s incels do, for me at least it's just a small extra story to see another side of the characters.

No. 1692094

I know it's trendy to shit on genshin but genshin characters have plenty of personality. I don't get why you think they don't. Designs tend to be a bit shit, yes. But they have backstories, motivation, likes, dislikes, traumas, aspirations and so on. Read their character stories and listen to their voice lines. They have about the same amount of personality as any anime characters. That people tend to make OOC fanfiction that uses their designs as husks and slap totally different personality onto them is more just what fandoms do.

No. 1692096

Nta but at someone who thinks Scaramouche and his other names is a fairly interesting character, the fandom depiction of him is absolutely wild. Lately the trend is that he's a tiny baby who never did anything wrong.

No. 1692100

If they're women they're not pedos, just cringey coomers. They might make uncomfortable material but they're nothing like moids who are actual pedos.

No. 1692103

Yeah fandom is pretty wild. I honestly don't interact much but it reminds me of how OOC undertale got. But I just disagree that the characters in the game have no personality and are cardboard cut-outs of husbands and waifus. Some are deeper than others but there is quite a lot of backstory and personality to most.

No. 1692105

>To not talk about Futaba because half of the fandom have decided she's the MC's sister
God, I hate this crap in any fandom. A complete and absolute non-canon headcanon is taken as gospel because the majority of the fandom has it. One thing is writing out your grievances in fanfiction and I love that, but fanon in this context is almost always shit. And then people will like, I don't know how to describe it, fucking interrogate you sometimes as to why. It's not that deep sometimes someone just doesn't have the same idea! Yeah sometimes it'll be because they're a homophobe or want to see incest (whatever I'm not an anti) but holy shit I wish there wasn't such a broad stroke. I don't want to be interrogated on the basis of oh but "why don't you headcanon it too? that's sus"

No. 1692109

i mean that still doesn't answer my initial question, they were drawing exactly what i described earlier which is still just disgusting to me. again i said i'm fine with anything else "proship" i just don't want to see that type of stuff and it's happened more than once now

No. 1692110

There's this artist who gets harrased all the time because she ships 2 unrelated (confirmed by the game itself) characters who most of the fandom HCs as twins, so they assume she thinks of them as twins as well, it's wild.
Also maybe it's because incest is legal over here unlike the US and so it doesn't have that stigma to me, but I never understood why people throw a fuss over shipping siblings/cousins, I get it's kinda weird but I dunno, there are way worse things out there.

No. 1692112

Hah, reminds me of kaeluc for some reason. I don't even ship it, and yet it seems the mere mention of it makes zoomers and gen alpha on twitter foam at the fucking mouth like it wasn't the umpteenth 2 anime boys ship. The effect those two sworn brothers have on children should be studied. I swear makes even the most politically correct zoomer call a chinese person a chink instantly.

No. 1692139

I have not met a single proshipper who draws ‘sex of toddlers’. That would be male lolicons. The most proshippers do is shotacon, gore and non-con which I can easily just squint my eyes at and scroll past quickly. You’re so sensitive.

No. 1692160

Hm, you're kind of right. The voice lines and stories do show more character, but they really don't interact much with others and if they do it comes across as very surface-level for the most part. They have basic traits but it feels like so little that it's hard to create anything that's not ooc. I saw someone put it as the characters acting polite with a stranger and I have to agree, there's just not much info on who they truly are and how they normally act. They seem very stiff and having so little to go off of leads to people developing their own headcanons that get further and further away from the source, which then gets worse the longer the breaks between events with those characters are

No. 1692192

File: 1694261233155.jpeg (34.13 KB, 680x560, FhoQ3HMVsAAq3eK.jpeg)

I did quit about two or three years ago but I remember the early days when the manga was up and running and how much more personality they gave to the characters back then. Hell, they even made dottore ugly as fuck and I loved him for it. But oh no, the second Hoyo realised the cash they could milk him for they yassified him into a Kooleen level husbando. Don’t get me wrong. I love the characters too and I love fics that deep dive into their personalities, motivations and fears, but I think Genshin’s character depth draws from the strength of its lore building and not the other way around. With the market demanding a set of sexy dress up dolls for a cast it’s the only free place they have left to get creative with their game. Sad.

No. 1692226

>why people throw a fuss over shipping siblings/cousins, I get it's kinda weird but I dunno, there are way worse things out there.
I don't get when there are characters who are step-siblings and never raised together and if you ship them everyone will treat it as if you ship incest. Or if there's a setting where cousin marriage is normal between nobles for political reasons like, idk, in the middle ages and two cousins will canonically be married for said reasons and the fans will lose their shit at everyone who acknowledges the relationship. I'm thinking about FE Fates in particular, years ago many artists I liked a lot were into this game and had their own husbandos who they married in-game who were part of one of the royal families, so not directly related to the MC and they all got harassed for shipping the MC with Xander/Marks because he's her adoptive brother who wasn't raised with her and who knew she was a political hostage and not her sister all along or some shot. Then you had random people who got insulted for shipping the MC with Azura, who's his/her bio cousin but they don't know it and they're both royalty anyway. In a medieval setting. I've also seen people being disgusted that Clive's parents in FF16 are cousins even though, just like in FE Fates, they're nobles, the story takes place in a setting inspired by medieval politics and inheriting the thrones depends on whether the characters have hereditary superpowers or not. So of course they're cousins.

No. 1692269

As someone who rather have Futaba and the MC as family together with Sojiro and Morgana I agree with you, my personal preference shouldn't dictate what other like or prefer to interpret.

No. 1692312

its also HUGE on south america. I saw a lot of artists from my country troon out recently.

No. 1692324

nta but these are things ordinary people are desensitized and naturally react negatively to though. It's better nonna doesn't want to see that content
In my opinion, you might have to run a blockchain on artists' followings to help. The DNI doesn't work too well, but blocking people, muting certain words, and pressing "not interested" can help a bit

No. 1692340

Exactly, I think that's why they put so much effort into NPC stories instead. Playable characters can't say or do too much without being disliked by someone, but if they barely talk and are nice and polite then more people will find them appealing. They have some characters that stand out of course, but during the last two years they've released a lot of forgettable ones that genuinely don't add anything. If there was some way to interact with characters besides quests and events it would at least make the world feel fuller, but I doubt it'll ever happen and it would probably be the same level as teapot dialogue

No. 1692348

Nahida turned from one of the most liked characters to one of the most disliked characters in 3.6 because she exercised some autonomy instead of relying on the traveler and determined it may be wiser to keep the immortal demigod ex-harbinger around as an ally. the cn male playerbase whined specifically about how betrayed they felt about her sending Scaramouche to investigate the event instead of asking the traveler.
anyway, considering the massive player tantrums, it's no wonder so many of the cast are generic cute overworked girls who love you for no reason

No. 1692350

Akatsuki no Yona, Yona and rabbit king are cousins. i've never heard a peep about this. But I understand why people hate incest so much, because in my fandom there are people who spam smut of two siblings together and they're insane about it, just 24/7 coombrainism, inserting themselves into every conversation, never relenting, the most fucked up porny content you can imagine. I never liked incest before, but these prolific incest shippers have radicalized me. They're a very vocal small minority but it's so bad it's gotten notorious, now everyone has an over the top reaction to the incest ship being mentioned, because a deluge of bad porn is about to follow.

No. 1692467

Nah anon this is kind of fucking hilarious you’ve got to tell me the ship name now cmon

No. 1692519

I ship a few pairings like that myself but it's obviously for shit and giggle. Most of the time on twitter the artists use keywords you can mute to easily avoid seeing anything you dislike, I think that's a good compromise, and artists who don't use them are often only posting about that one pairing they like so you can mute their whole accounts. But the artists I'm talking about are Asian or Western millenials and on top of that their pairings are from older series and video games that attract some zoomers but the zoomers look out of place and can be avoided.

No. 1692635

this reminds me of the pearl clutching in shadowhunters fandom, specifically the books because i never watched the netflix show. the main characters are clary and jace who are immediately into each other but their relationship grinds to a halt when they are told that they are siblings. mind that they never grew up together, they only met at age 16 and 18 (i think) and they don't look alike or anything. the readers only ever talk about the fact that they know that they are siblings but are still romantically interested in each other. it torments clary and jace and they feel horrible for it but they can't turn off their feelings because there's no westermarck effect. but of course they try not to get it on with each other because they know it's wrong. mind that this is an easily digestible YA novel and it would be very unusual for the author to suddenly pair off clary with someone else (her best friend is interested in her but he's never a real, honest competition to draco in leatherpants clone jace) so the reveal that sike! they were never siblings! can be seen from a mile away. sometimes i feel like the readers just want to act scandalized for the sake of it because everyone else keeps doing it.

No. 1692665

Kek you just reminded me of my teen tumblr days when I couldn’t get away from Winchester incest posts and would seethe as I unfollowed blog after blog

No. 1692747

So really what causes a person to like incest pairings? I have a lot of siblings, so I find the idea even in fiction between siblings, cousins, step-siblings etc to be gross. But I can't imagine what causes certain people to go so far as to seek out ships that have incest in it on purpose. I know it's probably the taboo love thing, but how can people just not find it kind of gross? Maybe if they look entirely unrelated and aren't related by blood at all, but sometimes their dynamic is just too platonic to see as romantic

No. 1692756

>So really what causes a person to like incest pairings?
Growing up in a trailer park.

No. 1692765

Not all incest is the same trough. I have no problem with siblings or cousins incest but parental incest creep me the fuck out.

No. 1692767

File: 1694303041535.jpg (599.77 KB, 1600x1200, tumblr_4a04088862cf4227bb9c512…)

Forbidden fruit aspect for me, I don't have any siblings or non potato cousins so I never got skeeved out by it, I think the closeness between siblings to the point of a tragic forbidden love (regardless of if it's het or BL) is really cute
Bonus points if they're twins.

No. 1692772

it's more in western shows, and when i saw it it was made by an aiden with both ocs and western game/show characters. again i don't see what's so hard about not wanting to see any type of content remotely like that, shota loli, rpf, anything underage

No. 1692774

i have tried muting but a lot of artists tend to just post without any warnings besides the nsfw spoiler which sucks. when i last used twitter i had like 20 related words muted

No. 1692777

It's this just the fandom psychology thread renamed since it got shut down

No. 1692874

I used to like her vids but Jesus Christ she's become the most whiny person on planet earth
Honestly if she has such a huge issue with girls saying her taste is bad and moids saying shoujo is for fags or whatever she should just stop making youtube vids for a while if it's making her this upset.
I don't even know what she expected with a lot of this, no shit shounen garbage has sexist tropes and moids don't like you talking about them, but at the end of the day just don't bother reading shounen trash if you have an issue with it?

Also nitpick but she for some reason never mentions seinen even though (despite the name) a lot of the works are pretty gender neutral, at least from what I've read.

No. 1692921

ironic weebs cant take shit because they started liking anime when it became trendy and accepted. I grew up with people around me thinking i was going to grow up to be a serial killer because i watched anime with some blood on it. And dont get me started on when everyone used to think anime was just tentacles, sparkly fights and wacky hairs and you had to explain to people it was more than that while they obviously only saw you as a weirdo.

No. 1692992

File: 1694330576877.jpeg (102.76 KB, 736x989, IMG_1320.jpeg)

I have siblings too, anon, and I would say it’s either because I don’t see them as siblings in canon or because I don’t care and can overlook it. An example of the first one is kaeluc, wherein kaeya was taken under diluc’s family’s wing and grew up under their care. I think while diluc’s father would have seen him as his adopted son, diluc himself developed a childhood crush and simply never grew too see him as an actual brother (which is reinforced by their breakup in the manga and their relationship afterwards). Again, just my headcanon (also picrel because the art is cute). An example of the second is those twins in ouran host club, or the plantcest ship from trigun. Sure they’re indisputably siblings, but since it’s fiction and ONLY because it’s fiction I can choose to lock that fact in a small box at the back of my head if I like their dynamic enough. All of that said, though, it’s not like I go looking for incest dynamics. And I especially don’t ship ones that are uncomfortably similar to the relationship I have with my siblings, otherwise it immediately squicks me out. The key is that there’s got to be a level of detachment, which is why anime incest is so common and carefree, because anime is so distant from any semblance of reality 99.9% of the time. I hoped this helped, anon!

No. 1692994

Funny you mention that actually. I think a lot of these self righteous teens who try and look clean and appealing in contrast to the supposed fandom freaks either forgot or are in denial that they are still the freakazoids getting stuffed in a locker at school. Anime may be cool these days but being obsessively in fandom is sure fucking not kek

No. 1692996

I only have sisters and the only incest ships I have are between brothers. And they tend to have very unrealistic and melodramatic stories so their relationships are unrelatable no matter how well written they are. You know, like an over the top Greek tragedy. Like Dante and Vergil in DMC or Clive and Joshua in FF16. In Fruits Basket I found the whole "cousins affected by the curse dating each other" weird but I guess that's part of the curse in an indirect way, just like all the domestic abuse. And early on it's explained that the family is so big they're not actual cousins and just vaguely distantly related to each other, and the Soma family is more like a huge, rich clan.

I think people who call any of the ships in FE Fates between the MC and the Nohr or Hoshido siblings "incest ships" are reaching way too hard or are actually doing crack because the MC isn't raised with any of them, doesn't look related to any of them, and then you have Xander and Ryoma knowing all along they're unrelated to the point you could call Ryoma a crazy yandere for implying that's the case until he proposes to the female MC and acting the way he does in Conquest. Straight up more batshit crazy than Camilla. I'll never get how the fandom treats this as making the story objectively bad when there's worse in other games like Awakening letting Lucina and Owain marry each other for no reason despite them acting like actual siblings.

No. 1692997

File: 1694331186498.jpeg (161.49 KB, 1014x1025, IMG_1219.jpeg)

I also wanted to add that I think the reason Twitter antis get so violently angry over harmless incest ships is because gen z has a tendency to project way too hard onto fictional characters. Hell, it’s even encouraged: kinning, hyperfixation, blorbo, all of these stupid quirky terms lead to an unhealthy distortion of the lines between fiction and reality. That’s why you get seething randos typing essays under Kaeluc fanart about how they see themselves as diluc and their precious baby sibling as kaeya and therefore you should kys and it’s as bad as lewding the commenter’s real family and blah blah blah! Like okay. Why the fuck are you making your personal issues the artists’ problem? Just ten years ago this would have been seen as insane behaviour, but because TikTok keeps encouraging teens into unhealthy self-insertion into fiction it’s become weirdly accepted and normalised.

No. 1693004

Shonenshit was always seen as stuff for plebs even on moid communities like 4chan's /a/ which banned discussions about Naruto. It seems like she didn't like that people corrected her for factual errors while acting like she's the shoujo expert so she takes this as "negging". You shouldn't be making video essays if you're that sensitive about criticism, just stick to regular tweeting to friends.

No. 1693008

File: 1694333018511.png (31.46 KB, 753x244, aba.png)

I'd get her argument more even if she was just talking about '2deep4u' types, but most shounenfags are like 14? Why is she who as mentioned in the video is almost 30 getting upset over shounen kids.
>It seems like she didn't like that people corrected her for factual errors while acting like she's the shoujo expert so she takes this as "negging"
Agreed, I've noticed this with youtubers in general lately in that they take personal offense to even tiny things like people saying they pronounced a word wrong.
I get why it can get annoying if people in the comments are constantly bringing it up, but you could also just make a pinned comment as opposed to acting like a diva who's above critique.

No. 1693011

She also claims that shoujo readers are looking down on her because they criticize her for not reading anything before the 90's, but it's valid criticism as 70's was such an important decade for shoujo and if you really want to learn more and be the expert you claim to be, you should take the advice with an open mind. The issue with plebs is that they touch things only on the surface level and while that's enough for just a casual fan, you shouldn't be angry when people perceive you as a casual fan.

No. 1693050

File: 1694339757240.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1346, FjOgSk6UYAA-W_p.png)

90% of the stuff I like is tooth-rotting fluff, so sometimes it's nice to switch up a bit and read different things.I enjoy ships between siblings, but only it’s a bit fucked up. Most of what I seek into the dynamic isn’t exclusive to siblings though, but I probably prefer to read it as incest because the way my older sister treated me was sometimes borderline sexual harassment, so seeing someone going thru the same stuff is kind of cathartic to me.
But that aside, I always have seem to be into sibling incest for some resaon kek The first ship I remember enjoying was between adopted siblings, and after that came twins & blood siblings, so I may just have a thing for it.

No. 1693070

>but most shounenfags are like 14?
I don't know who you're talking about but no, they're not only 14. Teenage boys are the target audience but some of these kids never grow out of it and keep reading more shonen jump slop well into their 40s and take these series far too seriously. They're already annoying as fuck online, now try minding your own business irl and being harassed by shonentards in their mid 30s trying to argue (actually having a monologue) with you that DBZ and Naruto are masterpieces like no other stories since the beginning of humankind and listing recent spoilers from ongoing manga you said you have started yet (keyword: YET) to try and convince you to read them. Yes I have a coworker like this, now he's taking his ipad with him to stay busy in the train when commuting and he's showing me his traced art of official Naruto artwork and asking for my opinion unprompted. Pure cancer. Even just in general, youtube would recommend me some shitty theory videos about what will happen next in One Piece (I don't read or watch that shit) and the guys on the thumbnails looked like they were in their 20s and 30s.

No. 1693229

>but most shounenfags are like 14
Not really, most shonenfags I know (especially the former big 3) are now mid 20's elder zoomers or young millenials. The pendulum has kind of swung back and now being an unironic shitty anime fan is in fashion again, even on /a/ which used to outright ban that stuff. In fact the majority of anime fans I interact with irl are into stuff like One Piece, JJK and Chainsaw Man, I think those are the most popular nowadays.

As for /a/ specifically, I think they love being contrarians and since being an elitist anime fan is now kind of popular they're going double contrarian and liking what the kids like, as well as 4chan being invaded by children now more than ever. Evangelion coming out on Netflix produced a very specific generation of weebs kek

No. 1693519

Thank you all for answering, I still think it's pretty gross in any form but it is what it is.

No. 1693575

Just saw a thread on Twitter where one guy was pointing out that Fear and Hunger is a rape fetish game, and a bunch of FtMs got super mad and denied it.
Fear and Hunger is just a scrote rape fetish game, and that's what it always was. I've known about it since 2018. I'm not sure why a bunch of underage they/thems and "he/hims" have suddenly blown it up, flooded its "fandom" and are now insisting it's deep and somehow not that.

No. 1693838

There is also a difference between male and female shonentards too. Male shonentards circle between like five animes(DB, One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan) meanwhile female ones have a more wide taste trough they are usually are fujos or/and kinnies.

No. 1693976

Is it really a rape fetish game? I know there's one instance where a monster can "rape" a player character, and it results in being crippled. There was also the mechanic where if at any point the player character tried to commit pedophilia, it was an instant game over.

No. 1694172

It's really is not though, just like >>1693976 said; you can dislike it without making up stuff you know

No. 1694219

you're trying a bit too hard anon, it's just edgy ala berserk

No. 1694223

There's so much to criticize about the game instead like it not having sufficient content warnings for the amount of obscene explicit shock content it has, but every time I see this game being discussed on the farms I wonder if some posters are aware that horror games are supposed to make you uncomfortable. Of course if you boot up scared and hungry you will watch a character saw their arms off or die in some other horrific manner. It's not that deep either at least in my opinion, seems like the type of game where the objective is not the lore per se (imo?) but to deliver an utterly depressing and oppressive atmosphere. It's an explicitly edgy game and it attracted the edgelords. The troons in the fandom are annoying though. I like how you can chart how the fandom deteriorated the more troons were in it… and to be fair the dev adding a canon tranny to fear and hunger termina didn't help kek I can't wk that no matter how hard I try

My kneejerk reaction to whenever I saw this kind of topic come up was "If you want to see yourself, why don't you look in a mirror?" and then I realized it was because every idiot and their mom wanted a character to self insert in. Why do you always need to "relate" to something to enjoy it? Sometimes things are different. God, grow up. Have a little fun. Imagine yourself as a completely unrelatable alien creature in a foreign universe. I don't even hate self inserting or relating but why do the self inserters try to drown out every content that's not for self inserting?

No. 1694243

I only have sisters and I'm really close with them so I'm really grossed out by any f/f incest shipping.

I have heard so many horror stories of girls being sexually abused by their brothers (both biological and step brothers) so I can't help but view m/f incest shipping as something scrotish even though its popular amongst women.
I do like some taboo stuff in fandom but incest is a huge issue irl and no one does anything to help the female victims before it's too late. Women aren't going to assault their family members just because they read incest fics unlike men who starts abusing female family members after developing a porn addiction but it's hard for me to not think about all the incest cases I know from irl whenever I stumble upon incest content in fandom

No. 1694422

File: 1694432696357.gif (1.39 MB, 159x90, me-explaining-like-a-god-for-r…)

>anons explaining why the male gamedev deciding a loincloth is more protective equipment than a robe for a little girl in a dungeon full of monsters with "stingers" that pulsate and rape-attacks that can kill you in one hit is actually just bro0tal realism
I don't do this shit. I call a spade a spade. He didn't make things that way because "omg rape is horrifying, do people even know that?? they have to know so they can know how awful it is". He wanted his edgy game to have ryona/guro/torture porn aspects and cheap shock value. The comparison to Berserk doesn't hold (but even Kentaro Miura is a lolicon/pro-lolicon IIRC, so lmao).
It's not a problem to enjoy any piece of fictional media, or even just certain aspects of it. You can know something is made by a degenerate and contains degenerate content, and still have a nuanced viewpoint on it. What I dislike is the insane denial and copes, and the fact that the lion's share of it is coming from women. The twitter troons doing it are also the first to "cancel" media made by/for other women over the mildest things, but they mysteriously leave male-made content alone, and in the case of things like F&H, defend it with their lives. It reminds me of Made In Abyss fans insisting all the questionable shit Akihito Tsukushi put into it is "just real and depressing!!".

No. 1694436

I already mentioned the "stingers". It's the rape event that can cripple you. The Girl isn't forced to wear a loincloth, she starts with the Black Dress. She cannot wear certain armor types, and the armor found is dependent on the environment. Torturers are an enemy that wear lightly armored loincloths made of leather, so she can wear the loincloths. The Beserk inspiration is clearly obvious, both from the writing and art.
You sound like you haven't even played the game. You can dislike a game without lying about what it entails. The content and gameplay is pretty rough, which is why I personally don't care for it. It's not fun for me to do a hundred restarts to barely begin discovering the story.
I understand that you're upset women's work is more highly scrutinized, but calling every game with shocking content a "rape fetish game" makes you sound immature. Obviously anons who follow horror games and are involved in the genre are going to correct you when you are intentionally misleading about a game that was popular for the horror elements. Getting aggressive and mocking anons about it is not going to suddenly make you win the argument. I'm sure if you just started the conversation talking about women's work being devalued (which was absent from your initial post, for some reason, hm), anons would happily engage in the conversation.

No. 1694442

I read somewhere that brothers are statistically more likely to sexually abuse than fathers. People are even less likely to report these incidents because they’re made to believe it’s just kids being kids or told they’ll be equally blamed.

No. 1694450

>The twitter troons doing it are also the first to "cancel" media made by/for other women over the mildest things, but they mysteriously leave male-made content alone, and in the case of things like F&H, defend it with their lives. It reminds me of Made In Abyss fans insisting all the questionable shit Akihito Tsukushi put into it is "just real and depressing!!".
Based. Women can create depressing works with horrifying elements to work through their negative emotions and trauma and make it a thrilling, captivating experience yet they get cancelled for being problematic degenerates even when they're simply minding their own business, but men can create thinly veiled torture porn all they want and people will bend over backwards defending their ~art~ with the power of extreme denial. I tried getting into Fear&Hunger because I'm into dark horror but it was obvious the author was putting in mindless grotesque shit for shock value, no storytelling interest. I actually really like the creative direction and the monster designs are horrifyingly creative, but it is what it is.

>It reminds me of Made In Abyss fans insisting all the questionable shit Akihito Tsukushi put into it is "just real and depressing!!".

Made in Abyss is the most overrated bunch of garbage pedoshit I've seen and it makes me want to a-log seeing how it got made into an animated series while so many other amazing mangas of the same genre get forgotten or cancelled. Fuck Akihito Tsukushi, that sick bastard's work should be left in some underground gonzo magazine, not a big budget multipart movie.

No. 1694453

>you don't have to make her wear the loincloth described as dirty and sweaty
Sure, and why is it an option? Explain the realism of why that's better defense than a dress, and why it was just so impossible to add in other forms of gear she could wear. I'd love to hear, kek.
>y-you're lying about what's in the game
I didn't lie at all, though. Your response is made up of rationalizations for what I've pointed out, not corrections. He's into torture porn, the game has aspects of that so ubiquitous coupled with the rape that people deigned to make mods removing the latter (because it has no value aside fom making him and the original fans from before the 16 year old FtMs showed up coooooom even harder), and that's it. You can still play it, just stop trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. This isn't some 2deep4u shit. Expanding on my point isn't suspicious, either.

It's insane nonny. I've seen some female creators talk about wanting to release their work under a male name for the same reasons, and it makes me sad, but I can't fault them. I got into the game in the early stages because I liked the art, but the gameplay is edgy for the sake of edgy and the "story" is cheap.

No. 1694468

I was honestly considering playing that the game(cause I digged the art-syle_, but I gave up that thought when I learned there's an underage TIM character in the sequel, any man who feature "trans-kids" in his work is a paedophile 99.9999% of the time

No. 1694480

>it was obvious the author was putting in mindless grotesque shit for shock value, no storytelling interest
The moid who developed the game also made his college thesis about horror in video games, using his own game as a case study. He essentially justifies his creation with "I was questioning the morals of developing something like this but I just had to stay true to my artistic vision"

No. 1694481

The worst part about current fandom is how it makes people addicted to drama imo. Every day it is about hating on someone or something and insulting people, privately or publicly, and it slowly turns people into negativity fueled shells of their former selves. It's extremely draining to be around and has a tendency to blow up in your face, even if you follow the current accepted line of thought (whether you are a proshipper or an anti). I don't know how it is possible to keep any sort of online friend group based around consuming drama voraciously. Everyone is bound to become a target eventually.

No. 1694483

There's also an option in the game to sell the child to Pocketcat (a pedophile) in exchange for items.

No. 1694486

Couldn’t agree more anon.

No. 1694487

>every time I see this game being discussed on the farms I wonder if some posters are aware that horror games are supposed to make you uncomfortable
I guess I'll agree to disagree with the anons. It's really no use to argue with people who don't like/follow the horror scene, they don't like that the game has edgy shock content and that's ok. Made in abyss is absolute dogwater though. I get that the series is supposed to be a contrast of cute and creepy but fuck, this guy clearly has a fixation on children. If I recall correctly that's just the author's "thing", like, he draws lots and lots of kids. Even his professional work for game art was mostly kids.

>and it makes me sad, but I can't fault them.
On one hand I think it's based to spit on the face of retards who harass women for fun, and on the other I think it's sad that you need to put spicy pronouns in your bio to say or do anything. No point in being a TIF either because only real men get the preferential treatment.

No. 1694498

Made in Abyss is such a waste of potential to me. The concept, creature designs etc. are great! But he just has to insert his weird ass fetishes every other point that you can't even like ignore it because it's so in your face.

No. 1694513

The thing with Fear and Hunger is that some of us can just tell the difference between horror and shitty snuffporn (as another anon called it). It's obvious which one the game is if you know about that "scene", its content and the types of people making things like it. A lot of people who just found out about it this or last year because of some YT Let's Player don't.

No. 1694520

What scene are you talking about?

No. 1694620

I hate Made in Abyss so fucking much solely because it's a pile of wasted potential. The lovecraftian premise and art were interesting and kept me reading for a long time before the story got too weak to force me to tolerate the author pushing his fucked up fetishes in literally every single scene. At every page turn you were met with a little girl being subjected to body horror obscenity whether it was her being impaled by monster claws, tortured with pain and psychological horror, implied to have been raped by her foster father, drugged and reduced into organ soup to have said daddy feed on her energy, continuously maimed and killed without being able to die, having her teeth shattered, forced to birth an endless amount of monsters and of course all the shit and piss kinks. Tsukushi is a fucking weirdo and his editor should've kept tighter reins on him, I get moids being able to read the thing being all for abusing female children but as for me I will never pick it up again. He flew too close to the sun and ruined a good thing with his moid degeneracy.

No. 1694686

File: 1694461575745.png (198.43 KB, 339x489, d'arce.png)

I think the game has some really cool designs and I like that androgynous looking woman in armor. But the game could've been handled better though.

Tbf He's not even an actual tranny. In the story his mom raises him as a girl to protect him from a priest or some shit.But of course troons latched onto him immediately.

Honestly that Made in Abyss fucker looks disabled. Autistic degenerate men always fixate on children, rape, and gore.

No. 1694698

File: 1694463142248.png (33.26 KB, 225x392, Screenshot.png)

>Tbf He's not even an actual tranny. In the story his mom raises him as a girl to protect him from a priest or some shit.But of course troons latched onto him immediately.
that's the a common troon fantasy "being "forced" to live as a girl" also I read the chateracter's wiki and they literally end up becoming a TIM in the equialvent of wiener Germany in the end, I would not be surprised if the creator had drawn cp in his computer.

No. 1694722


You have a point here anon. I've been personally dragged into discourse involving pro anti garbage in the past (against my will) and witnessed it happen in several different circles and fandoms and each and every time it's always been a woman getting dog piled on. Interesting point.

No. 1694767

You're either lying through your teeth to twist the narrative or simply ignorant, Yaeyato was literally created out of spite by people pissed off at Ayathoma and Eimiko being so strongly favored by the story and the most prolific Yaeyato shipper who arguably started it (The original daily Yaeyato one) was outed talking about how much she dislikes lesbians on her discord server making it pretty obvious why she was pushing the ship. She deactivated immediately after the caps surfaced and some Eimiko shipper started squatting her handle kek. Also that person mentioning the similarities between Ottokallen and Yaeyato shippers is spot on, both have no respect for the lore, can't stand the homosexual implications and barely give a fuck about the female character because they always reduce her into a completely OOC interpretation making a cunning and morally grey female character like Yae into a smiley waifu blushing in her man's embrace. With Ottokallen it's particularly insulting because Otto is a retarded scrote who obsesses over Kallen who already rejected his feelings yet shippers consider it true love and Kallen just doesn't know what's good for her.

Generally speaking, these people mask their pretty obvious discomfort with homosexuality being tagged on characters with their "hetshippers are oppressed and bullied in this fandom" discourse. The game will never, ever support any m/f ship besides the ones involving the self insert main character because it would make Chinese waifu/husbandofags go on a stabbing spree so they're filling those gaps by pandering multiple m/m and f/f ships and this seems to seriously trigger people who want their pink and blue m/f wattpad fics to be just as "legitimate" and popular as the same sex dynamics the game consistently seems to prefer. As someone who actually is a lesbian it's very transparent when the "problematic ship" tag is constantly slapped exclusively on same sex ships and having seen enough homophobia in my life I know it when I see it.

No. 1694768

Why are you bashing het so much? 80% of content is already for m/m, what more do you want?

No. 1694774

>for not reading anything before the 90's
i used to dislike shojo until i got into 80s shojo, she's seriously missing out. Terrible taste honestly.

No. 1694775

I know you replied in bad faith but I'm not "bashing het", I'm bashing entitled hetshippers who get big mad because their stupid out of character crackship they created to neutralize icky gay headcanons isn't considered particularly interesting and take it out on people into the more popular ones that have exponentially more substance than "she has pink hair and he has blue hair it's so cute tee hee hee". Sure people can ship whatever they want but acting as if this ship in particular (Yaeyato) doesn't carry a certain telltale stigma is pure dishonesty.

No. 1694782

Why are you talking about it like it's some kind of war kek Sorry to use you as an example, but why do people get so militant about shipping. I haven't been like >>1694767 about a ship since I was 13. From an outside looking in perspective, when you spend time in the real world and come back to fandom discourse, everything about it (either side or whatever) all seems so retarded

No. 1694789

You're terrified of "homophobia" in a space that is 80% gay ships. Why do the hets have to validate themselves for your approval? You're both masturbating over thoughts of two fictional characters screwing. You're not some champion of gay rights doing battle against the "homophobes" by rubbing it out to gay anime bishies. Just let them enjoy their own flavor of nerd shit and stop getting so angry about what other people are enjoying.

No. 1694796

Anon … why do you care so much about other people shipping fictional characters? Like, I get laughing at a crackship because it's stupid but you seem to be genuinely invested in this

No. 1694799

File: 1694472761262.jpg (659.1 KB, 1200x675, yaeyato.jpg)

I didn't know what yaeyato was so I looked it up. This is actually pretty cute. Not sure why nonna is so mad about it.

No. 1694845

Yaeyato is indeed a stupid crackship but my god EiMiko fans are easily among the most insufferable shippers in the entire genshin.
aether x harem moids are worse ofc but still

No. 1694967

>If you want to see yourself, why don't you look in a mirror?
Obviously because real life is boring?
I want to imagine myself as the hero, or in a fantastical situation.
I don't engage with fandom though.

No. 1695024

It's a spiteful crack ship with no basis on canon and Yae is literally one of the only female characters in the game who isn't a workaholic nice wholesome waifu but instead morally dubious and mean to the main character, yet these shippers insist on turning her into a cutesy bubbly housewife, a total 180 from how she's actually written in the game, just because she's pink colored. The art you posted looks completely off beat and the lack of self awareness and deliberate understanding of the source material is why Genshin hetshippers are so universally disliked. They keep throwing tantrums about le evil gays bullying their hecking valid ships and utterly miss the mark on why woobiefying female characters to fit their view of heteronormative relationship dynamics and hyperfixation on erasing same sex ships ticks people off. You can ship whatever, nobody's going to take your precious ship away, but people don't have to like that ship or even respect it. For people who claim to "hate shipping being taken so seriously" they sure do give a whole fuck about how people perceive their OTPs.

I actually hate EiMiko and think most of its fans are lunatic polilezzies but there's no denying that the game intended them to be a couple. People also shipped other nonsensical pairings like Zhongli x Ningguang and Cyno x Nilou just to divert attention away from the much more popular lesbian and gay ships, they just wanted to take the most attractive characters of the region as their glorified power couple to turn into copium while those said evil gays keep oppressing them with the abundance of fan content. But that said this is /ot/ and in here criticizing anything straight brings out the homophobe-chans immediately so there's no point in continuing further.

No. 1695028

You sound insufferable

No. 1695029

You too nonnie, mwah

No. 1695031

Seriously though, I don't play this game and I don't know these characters but if every fan of this game is like you no wonder it's talked about with such scorn,it's like reading a Twitter post

No. 1695034

I get what you mean but I feel like someone can ship those two without the want or need to be homophobic. But this ebil hetshipperino conversation is so washed out. Acting like you're getting fag bashed over the internet, wtf? Ok, IMO the moral of the story is if you participate in the genshin fandom you lose. Hetfag, yurifag or yaoifag. It seems like everyone catches shit. If what you said is true about the threat of husbando/waifufags throwing tantrums being so big that the devs have to focus on wink wink nudge nudge same sex relationships then there's no wonder why the fandom is like this. Actually I think husbando/waifufags are the most subhuman out of everyone in this context

No. 1695038

File: 1694501890738.png (88.8 KB, 719x599, FOJZlDNaQAc1Fkl.png)

>But this ebil hetshipperino conversation is so washed out. Acting like you're getting fag bashed over the internet, wtf?
See the thing is that takes like this are on par with scrotes acting dishonest about blatant sexualization of female characters in the way of "why are you acting like you're raped when you find female characters running around in a bikini with her tits flopping around the place disturbing". Nobody's claiming that, but certain implications can be made and you're trying to paint the opposing opinion as pointless hysterics. But now that we're here, picrel is a pretty good example of their modus operandi.
>inb4 that's a troll!!!!
No it's not, this is a legit trend.

No. 1695046

I'm confused, is that person saying they hate the het ship and will pay for rape fics so more people will hate it too, or they like the het ship and want more people to hate it out of spite? Either way, yeah this fandom looks horrific

No. 1695061

Girl you're into Genshin Impact, everybody is fucking boring in this game, gay or straight, you're getting into slapfight over characters with the dullest designs in recent game history.

No. 1695065

Liking Genshin Impact should count as a mental disability.

No. 1695066

For background there's a recent increase of hetshippers writing corrective rape fics in the tags of f/f ships just to attack f/f shippers and lesbians and put them in their place, it's not exclusive to the Genshin fandom. You thought yuri/yaoishippers could get unhinged? Then you haven't met the hetshippers who will pull this kind of psycho shit just to own the meanie dykes lesbofying their self insert/waifu.

>Writes a whiny bitchpost about straights being oppressed on their twitter feed for literally no reason at all
>A reply chain of people playing victim over the Gays genociding their het OTPs
>Rebuttal happens calling them out and laying out the foundation of why a ship is considered to have homophobic origins in the fandom and why it matters
>"Girl why do you care so much smh it's just genshin it's shit anyway stop being mentally ill!!!"
It's a two way street nonnie kek

No. 1695070

Second AYRT and it was the first time I waaq replying to you, I too find hetshippers annoying and I think they have a victim complex, I just think it's a shame that you're getting so worked up over a shitty video game.

No. 1695074

Nonita, I wasn't the one who brought up how my feelings are hurt over gays not liking my ship and acting like I'm totally above Genshit ship wars despite seething so hard about it here. It's hilarious how people will write how much they fucking hate the game and the fandom yet continuously and willingly engage with it. Anons should either own being just as chronically online as the people they complain about or put down their phones.

No. 1695078

What a retarded take nona. I get that what that person did and believed was shitty and homophobic but it’s ridiculous to say that all yaeyato shippers are the same way. I like m/m m/f and f/f and I’m tired of you lot taking out your anger from one lesbophobic weirdo on the rest of us. It’s fiction. Get a grip.

No. 1695080

Do you actually even enjoy being in fandom nona? Sounds like you genuinely need a break.

No. 1695155

File: 1694518640987.jpeg (612.77 KB, 1170x1135, IMG_1358.jpeg)

A second plane has hit the twitter feed, Sir

No. 1695156

File: 1694518682977.jpeg (217.5 KB, 1192x2048, IMG_1354.jpeg)

No. 1695157

File: 1694518814152.jpeg (211.91 KB, 1284x1706, IMG_1355.jpeg)

No. 1695161

File: 1694519057843.jpeg (207.93 KB, 1220x2048, IMG_1356.jpeg)

No. 1695163

File: 1694519155940.jpeg (234.92 KB, 1164x2048, IMG_1357.jpeg)

No. 1695164


No. 1695166

I think the moment when I got really sick of fandoms was when I got friends irl who liked the things I like and we'd talk about it irl and the converdations were so different and so much better compared to online conversations I deleted my tumblr account.

No. 1695169

The way they drew him too I just know the artist has that deeeeep inner hatred and it’s just seeping through every brushstroke kek

No. 1695171

what is the plot even, like what the fuck is happening here lmao

No. 1695173

I’m afraid to inform you that that literally is the context. Wasian guy calling his blasian student the n word because he suffered racism from black ppl (?) when in America like it was the kids fault or something kek

No. 1695177

Yeah, I can’t help but think that it was truly unnecessary to do stuff like those. Like, first off the art makes the wasian dude look like some fashion model, but the blasian dude looks like a racist caricature.
And then those panels are just dumb.
Let me guess, it’s a story about a retarded dude getting revenge from getting bullied as a kid or his parents died or some shit and now he has to become the #1 asshole of the world.

No. 1695183

No apparently the MC is that teacher and it’s about him disciplining his students for ridiculous reasons and with ridiculous methods except it’s framed in a positive light

No. 1695190

I write fanfics sometimes. I don't care about shipping but I like writing angst and especially codependent relationships. A lot of incest ships are codependent so it's very good writing material. And also putting characters through "forbidden" situations makes it easier to understand their personalities. Siblings for example, how would they react with each other, what about other people, can they keep their relationship a secret? Do they share it with the world and if yes are they accepted or attacked for it etc those are very interesting questions to answer.

I agree, usually the stuff I like is either very popular on Tumblr and Twitter or not known at all. And the fandom is going to have some gems but most of the time it's obnoxious and they have headcanons that contradict canon entirely or they're super obsessed with the source material. Eating and breathing the source material.

No. 1695220

As if m/m fans have never woobified anyone. Most mlm fics are so ooc that one of the characters is basically a 1950s tradwife in the body of a twink, heterosexuality with extra steps. Your own feces does not smell like roses. You're also going insane over pink/blue but ignoring that red/blue is a huge mlm trope, and fans of slash will colonize any fandom where a red and blue character have a rivalry to make wooby fics of them rutting.

Just let them ship the foxgirl with the nobletwink. How does this hurt you? There are like 113 fics of yaeyato on ao3 compared to 80k or some insane number for genshin as a whole, and even this lonely rarepair makes you deranged? You aren't the shipping police.

No. 1695234

File: 1694527850945.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1080, genshinfans.jpg)

average genshin fan

No. 1695302

I spent so much time knowing that genshin impact was a thing that existed but being completely unaware of its fandom, finding out how insane they are was kinda shocking because like, dude, it's a gacha game, calm down.

No. 1695361

File: 1694533630602.jpg (248.03 KB, 719x1371, IMG_20230912_222429.jpg)

my tinfoil is the kind of people mentioned "nonspoken fandom rules" are literally perverted

No. 1695532

As a former fan I would go so far as to say they are possibly THE worst anime/shipping adjacent fandom of the past three years.

No. 1695580

kek holy shit that scalated what the fuck

No. 1695623

Brb saving this

No. 1695626

faggots like you are why no one like Genshin KEK

No. 1695648

Girl you're the only one throwing tantrums about shipping ITT, it's some shallow eyecandy characters in a gacha game, get a grip already

No. 1695652

People need to realize South Korea has always been a country full of toxic, hateful and self-hating people. Racism toward any group with darker skin (including other Asians) is rampant there, but they despise themselves the hardest, and feel this deep sense of inferiority to the rest of the world. All their pop culture exports are poor imitations of things the west and other Asian countries have done better, they know it, and they drip pure misery. Can't wait til the koreaboo trend dies out.

No. 1695804

Ok nevermind I changed my mind the whole fandom is shit. Anything I could say to wk anyone is going to embarrass me kek. How do we have tards writing corrective rape fics as a regular reoccurring thing in a fandom. Admittedly I had a kneejerk reaction because I see plenty of "you're homophobic if you don't ship my otp!11!!!" people acting like they're getting fag dragged over someone not shipping their "enlightened" gay ship (the absolute state of the mha fandom), fandom activism is garbage in every every way and I thought this was just that. But no nevermind I should never take the genshin fandom in good faith it's all just shit why are they all neurotic

No. 1695823

Ah so you're the type of person that made all my friends want to stop drawing fanart of a game they genuinely enjoyed

They're far and few in between. The amount of teens I've seen send death threats to random people drawing ships that call themselves Eimiko fans however, is significantly larger.

No. 1695916

You sound like an aiden that writes transmale PIV fanfics

No. 1695942

For using one of the normal and accepted terms? I see you must play Genshin.

No. 1696307

File: 1694578911397.png (128.22 KB, 781x568, miiimimiko.PNG)

I looked into this tweet, and at the time of its creation, the account had 0 tweets prior and was made a month before. It's the most obvious troll account I've ever seen. They haven't been active in over a year so the fact that you're posting this just makes you look bitter kek. The only people taking that account serious were proshippers who, for people who talk about media literacy a lot, tend to fail to detect trolls
just say gay

No. 1696356

Is it a crime to be a perv nona? Post is right. Don't want to see "perverted" shit, don't look at it. Block it. Delete your twitter. Just close your eyes and go fight for the rights of women and children being abused in the real world right now by criminal, insane, psychopathic moids. The millennial who reads some slash fanfiction with >muh problematic tropes is not the same as the moid who rapes children on screen.

No. 1696391

mlm isn't a normal or accepted term except in the kweer brainrot spheres. Just say gay. And no I don't play that kusoge

No. 1696564

People who base their whole personality around being older and liking problematic fanfiction are so funny. Acting as if their one-off rape fic has the same cultural impact as a movie

No. 1696594


>inb4 the absolute state of hollywood nowadays

I'd say their cultural impact is exactly the same

No. 1696617

NTA, but don't look at it. Filter it out. Block the fag and go read coffee shop AUs or whatever gets you off.

No. 1696648

Until the day you can go outside and ask a person in your age range if they know the name of a fanfic you've read, they'll never be on the same level. Movies are ass right now but they still have more prestige
Never said I was against problematic stuff, stop assuming things just because you're mad lol

No. 1696659

No. 1696669

nta. I don't consume media in order to talk about it with normies. I'd rather read enjoyable fanfic and keep it to myself than watch a mediocre hollycrap film to talk with overenthusiastic neckbeards about it. If I wanted the latter I'd watch stuuuurrr wuuuuurs and get a reddit account.

Fandoms might be rarified to the point genshin fans will send you death threats for liking a crackship but some of the spaces are still amazing. My OTP's community is full of talented, brilliant, welcoming people. It's mostly twitter users and teenagers who cause all the problems.

No. 1696733

Don't worry, I'm not trying to undermine liking fanfic or being in a fandom. I like fanfic, I write fanfic, and I read fanfic. I just don't get people who try to make it a bigger thing than it is. Enjoy what you wanna enjoy though, and happy you got a place to see your favorite characters do random shit, my original post shouldn't be taken so seriously

No. 1697096

i like that the censorship implies he didn't use a hard R, very classy

No. 1697738

File: 1694684604381.jpeg (726.49 KB, 1170x717, IMG_1416.jpeg)

I’m gonna say it. I don’t get welcome home at all. Like, I kiiind of see how 12 year old me could have gotten into it the same way as eddsworld but it isn’t even a proper indie project. As far as I understand it’s just someone’s OCs. Could any nonas care to explain??

No. 1697749

It's literally custom made to be the next mascot """"horror""" pre-teens latch on to. I'd bet my right hand that it has a huge amino and discord filled with 12 year olds.
It's nothing new, nothing imaginative. It's literally Don't Hug Me I'm Scared but with minimal effort and zero creativity

No. 1697791

I have no clue wtf that is, I'll take it as a sign that I'm doing something right.

No. 1697797

Haha oh boy. It's a gendie who is into puppetshit and obsessed with "trauma" from being gay (or something equivalent to it) making a badly done pseudo-lost media. The creator herself is one of those childhood-obsessed traumacore dorks, but in a modern age and technically without the sexualization of coquette-shit (back to this later). If you read her blog it's instantly apparent she's trying to force her speech into a kind of baby talk, with the excuse that she's ESL and "just so happy". It really makes her come off like a retard.
The website's conceit was a restoration team working to recover "lost artifacts" of a children's puppet show from the 60's, which itself was completely lost to the ravages of time. Included were: bad writing, a lack of effort to establish any believability about the "team's" work, places in the text to highlight so you can read Vaguely Spooky Thing, jumbled text in paragraphs that spelled out Spooky Stuff, randomly enlarged letters that you were meant to append to the end of the url to find hidden pages with, wix copyright stamps all over the website (the creator is not skilled in html/css and claimed to release live versions while "working on it"), badly implemented "hidden" videos with baby's first teenage tumblrina vent art tier "horror" gifs, content warnings on those 3 second looping videos, and of course, sloppily hosting the "project" on their portfolio website. And yes, there's no story yet. Just rainbow puke character profiles and constant hints that "something's wrong!"

I am inclined to agree with >>1697749 that the creator basically wanted her own horror mascot franchise, and wanted it gay and dramatic, but without much effort. She clearly watched Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared; Poppy Playtime; and the demos for My Friendly Neighborhood. I'm very sure the affectation is deeply inspired by Dr. Habit from Smile For Me. There's occasional blogposting about how she just loves Sesame Street and muppet history so much. There was already a casting call for "voicework" earlier this year (the website update meant to utilize this voice acting was not great), and she just put out a crowdfunding post for plushies on the 8th of this month. I also find it suspicious that Night Mind just happened to cover a "random indie website" and threw it into overnight popularity when the quality was so, so low.
The other half of the cringe comes from the creator herself. I already mentioned the weird baby talk, but I do think the point is to get the "fanbase" to infantilize her. If you go into the tags on twitter or tumblr, it's full of 12 year old (and up to 30 year old, ugh) white knights passionately defending "Clown" and her anxious drivel. Someone in another thread mentioned the main character is basically a tumblr coomer husbando design, and it is kek. The creator will make posts about how uncomfortable she is about the nsfw fanart in order to get the fandom to clean itself up because she wants to monetize the fucking thing. She also will not stop fucking talking about how the horror itself is meant to relate to being gay and repressing it, and also found family is there somehow, but I haven't seen any delivery on it.
Okay, sorry for any repetition or bad writing, I just woke up. I wish I could make a thread on Welcome Home, but I'd probably get banned for a shit thread and "no milk" because it isn't really on par with the other cows posting their faces and lying about ps kek

No. 1697863

I have no idea what this is but it reminds me of those ugly ballhead characters and I just know there's going to be so much gross porn made of it.

No. 1698087

Why are Koreans so bad at drawing compared to Chinese and Japanese artists?

No. 1698093

I'd read the shit out of that thread, nonnie. But sadly it's not worth the ban.

No. 1698126

I feel like the night mind feature was probably nothing shady. There's droughts of content within any niche and sometimes stuff like this is the best you'll get for a while. As >>1698093 said, would be super fun to read but like you mentioned, not enough real milk. For me the funniest part is how she doesn't want any nsfw made, and how you'll have children try to be the internet police for anyone lewding the puppets.

No. 1698169

AYRT wow nona you basically answered every question I had thanks for the mini wiki kek

No. 1698262

the character designs are so fugly to me i have no idea how this got so popular in the first place

No. 1698303

Its just kids latching onto random projects, I always thought DHMIMS was dumb so I guess it's the same thing here.

No. 1698336

>and how you'll have children try to be the internet police for anyone lewding the puppets.
Imagine coming home from school to clock in at your full time job fancopping kek
I was at several cons just this year and there was a horde of middle schoolers swarming a tent full of (bootleg) welcome home stuff in more than one occasion. Like wow this was a hit with the youngins. I bet whoever's drawing and selling merch of this thing must be printing money.

No. 1698503

File: 1694749003419.jpg (509.98 KB, 1677x2048, why is their self insert just …)

Cater made by trend hopping autists for trend hopping autists.

No. 1698514

Ugh the thing I hate most is that it's core it's a good concept, just totally wasted in a sea of dumbassery and stupidity

No. 1698521

File: 1694750683838.png (194.37 KB, 1399x880, what is it with mascot horror …)

Ironically in addition to not wanting nsfw content of her characters the creator is very 'donut steel' about people making fanmerch of it, which they do anyway.
There was a girl on /co/ who was trying to get a custom made sex doll of the main puppet done with a shit ton of added stuff (like, literal AI voicebox built in that talks to her) and she kept getting pissy at people in the thread telling her it would probably cost as much as a second hand car.

No. 1698524

File: 1694750891974.png (681.2 KB, 1806x880, tumblr's final form .png)

Truly an…interesting person

No. 1698525

>It's a good concept
It's been done to death, just watch DHMIS at least that series is impressive from a production stand point as opposed to being basically a portfolio with some extra sparkles.

No. 1698535

File: 1694753292305.gif (4.29 MB, 480x258, I'm doing my part!.gif)

No. 1698545

Samefag, hahaha holy shit, thanks so much for posting this. I'm equal parts disgusted and happy I got to read this derangement. Are you sure that thing isn't a TIM? The way they type is extremely retarded and reminds me of moid, and I can't imagine being a big enough autist to show your parents dildo attachment plans on a 9ft tall sex plushie. I think I'm going to try making that thread anyways, there's definitely a bunch of milk from the fanbase, at least.
I'll try making it in /m/ tomorrow. The pinned thread says the only requirement is topics must revolve around some form of media, so I think we're good. I also checked the catalogue and there are other threads that involve cows and drama, like the J-music and Vtuber threads. The Bad Art thread nonnas discuss cows and have brought up Welcome Home before, too.
It'll be my first thread, and I'm going to try styling the op more like cow threads, but with the artist being a secondary focus. If any nonnas want to chime in about something, that would be cool.

No. 1698553

File: 1694756637841.jpg (28.21 KB, 256x400, vx7ieutvaaaa.jpg)

>Are you sure that thing isn't a TIM? The way they type is extremely retarded and reminds me of moid
I mean it's possible, I just assumed they were a really strange TIF based on the series they're into.
>I think I'm going to try making that thread anyways, there's definitely a bunch of milk from the fanbase
I'd post in it! It's frankly one of my favorite fandoms to look at from a safe distance because it's basically on par with the time weird autistic kids (and some adults) got horny for this thing.

No. 1698555

Holy shit this Wally plush thread was posted on another thread once and I was fucking howling at 3AM over it.
>I am crying right now. Not because of the retarded comments or even my family. But because theres dead birds in my yard again. We have ghetto squirrels that keep killing them. I feed the birds all the time. They even killed their babies. I dont even think they eat them. I named a blue jay wally and that one stopped coming around because of the motherfucking squirrels!!!
This is my favorite part her going from her ranting about her fucked up family and wanting an AI sex doll of an ugly muppet to this fucking killed me.
I’d be interested in it, even if it’s just a general internet horror thread. Like on the good and the bad of indie games or the fandoms for slasher shit and horror games which are surprisingly full of the types of people discussed ITT. It’s hard to believe there are people out there serious about Leather Face being a tranny or making fanfics where the serial murderer who killed his own family is supportive of a fat twans reader but they exist.

No. 1698560

File: 1694756914651.jpg (296.61 KB, 2238x1605, ce5a04a1b6d9005b0b02177965d1fe…)

Main thing I know about genshin fans (from my genshinfag friend) is that some Chinese moids killed some cats because it reminded them of the bratty shota from genshin.

No. 1698595

What the fuck Nona? I knew CN server moids had anger issues when it came to The Mouche but wow way to worsen hoyo’s rapidly deteriorating plotline by making them even more afraid to take creative risks with characters…

No. 1698743

File: 1694781805518.png (40.53 KB, 601x447, Screenshot.png)

I genuinely believe this interest in "pathetic old men/old man yaoi" is a psy-op by paedophile elites, so that young women and teenage girls will lower their guard around creepy old men.

No. 1698805

>"pathetic old men/old man yaoi" is a psy-op by paedophile elites

Reminds me of the whole "dad bods are totally legit attractive guise!!!!111" thing way back. Kek

No. 1698819

File: 1694790058335.jpeg (32 KB, 524x533, IMG_2199.jpeg)

Literally this

No. 1698846

Not if I want them to get absolutely destroyed by a monster cock

No. 1698865

and that's why its a successful psy-op, you should have necessarily level of fear against men, the fact that certain young women are porn brain rotten makes them that easier to manipulate and take advantage off.

No. 1698867

This sounds weird and threatening. Why are you fearmongering kek

No. 1698886

Attractive men are so few and have such high standars ugly nerdy girls have to cope with shit like this

No. 1698892

Did you make the thread? Link please

No. 1698935

File: 1694798813323.png (452.29 KB, 558x741, olijhghds6ut.PNG)

True, it feels like some of them are genuinely just memeing themselves into it because there are no alternatives. Sometimes when it's coming from people who are attracted to men it also feels like they are trying to desperately show off just how low their standards are

No. 1698956

File: 1694799822217.jpg (153.75 KB, 855x1324, 1646945529746.jpg)

honestly i cant really be truly judgamental of it because my favourite type of husbandos is nerds, but the twink ones… i am actually kind angry ec 4chan yumes latched onto the ugly 40yo version of bill when twink bratty bill is clearly the superior version. Old man porn is such a curse.

No. 1699092

you lust after a character that's meant to represent the most toxic aspects of nerd culture, you aren't any better.

No. 1699115

When I think about old men yaoi I think of, like, JKR making the latest Fantastic Beasts movie about Mads Mikklesen and Jude Law's divorce, or the BL manga Oni to Tengoku, not that shit. Am I tool old to understand what these intellectually deficient zoomers are saying?

No. 1699118

yeah but i want to rape-correct him to be fair

No. 1699126

Based… I remember threads for that show on /co/ and the moids there being surprised female anons could be like this.
Yeah i’ve seen things like Hannibal and the ugly men from Good Omens be called old man yaoi. I don’t get anon’s tinfoil, I think the term probably just naturally came from the people who liked Hannigram or whatever.

No. 1699148

I cannot get into fandoms anymore because everything is so horribly tumblrfied.
It's ugly tumblr art styles for everything, trannifying and misgendering of charcters, coomerish genderbending with cow tits and sensitive fans that act, sound and cry like toddlers despite being 28. The whole fucking uwu culture of forced innocence and people who are proud of weaknesses since they don't have any other traits, panic attacks all the time too so you can barely discuss anything without making them "uncomfortable".
"Uncomfortable". How much I fucking hate this term nowadays. It's used to silent others and force them to only like and talk about what you like, but you use baby speech doing so to come off as innocent.

I am literally witnessing mental breakdowns of people in their mid 20s because their mothers try to make them wash their dishes. For some reason everybody goes to school till they are like 35 (I guess they study or something) and living with a family they claim to be abusive against them.
Oh yeah and the constant call-outs and bad faith mentality. Because people project their own issues into others to the point at which even a nice comment is considered problematic.
I can get into good old guys or at least ships with them, but posts like these are everything wrong with the world. The wording. The meme speech and bullshit content.
I don't even know what this crap is supposed to mean I am not online enough. "He is a girl" So trans or what? "A newly discovered species of water amoeba", what the fuck does that mean? Is it a joke? How? I can't stand people like this and hope they aren't talking about characters I like.

No. 1699154

I'm pretty sure "old man yaoi" and all of the "i'm gonna fuck that old man" shit didn't come from Hannibal. It only started a few years back, and mostly got meme'd into existence via tumblr posts.
It's Friday for me today! I just got back to my laptop, so I'm working on it now dw. Give me a bit so I can gather everything up and figure out how to format it all. I'll reply to you and other anons with the link once it's up, for sure.

A general internet horror thread would be cool! I want to do the thread OP on Welcome Home, but I think it would be useful if the thread allowed general internet/indie horror posting. Anyone following the genre knows projects can go dead and milk can dry up in an instant. I imagine WH will go through long dry spells because the creator will push out a website update only a few times per year. I think it would be fun for everyone interested if we had a place for our heinous twitter smut/cringe tumblr blog screenshots KEK. What do you nonnas think?

No. 1699155

holy shit same
>be DA teen in the late 00s, early 10s
>see the rampant drama due to oc stealing, closed species autism and shipping wars
>wow, i cant wait until i am older and i can enjoy adult fandom spaces without all this shit
>become an adult
>every single fandom space is even worse and the adults are all spergy pronounfags no-fun moralfaggots who draw/write worse than 15yo DA teens

No. 1699161

> so I'm working on it now dw. Give me a bit so I can gather everything up and figure out how to format it all. I'll reply to you and other anons with the link once it's up, for sure.
genuinely cant wait nonny, everything i have seen from that fandom has been cancer incarnated, they managed to do what bronies did in 3 years in only a few months.

No. 1699162

I am so excited for this horror thread oh my gosh I’ve been wanting something like this on here to talk to other nonnas about different indie and internet horror!!!! You are awesome!!!

No. 1699164

I genuinely wonder what's up about the art. The art is so damn bad, it's worse than DA indeed since DA shit had at least some charm and as bad as people were they at least tried to imitate the canon artstyle instead of drawing fat dumblr blobs and stupid faces.
I notice that the good artists never have pronouns in their bio, or at least nothing trans. I wonder if it's a coincidence and just my bubbles or a general trend. With so many people being trans online or trans in real life as well there should be more talented artists like them but I never met such a person so far.

No. 1699179

Funny that the TIF called the hypothetical old man who's sad, frail, and pathetic a girl. Tranny misogyny at its finest.

I cannot stand the term "uncomfortable/uncomfy" either. What is it even supposed to get across? I've honestly only ever seen "minors" (like 17 year olds) use it when talking to adults on Twitter about headcanons or whatever. It feels like a false grooming accusation "call out" waiting to happen. Its a very strange phenomenon, like fandom teens are chomping at the bit to accuse other fans of being pedophiles for nonsensical things like not seeing a character as "minor-coded".

You should absolutely make the thread! There are certain ones I can't wait to talk about but don't want to sound too spergy about

No. 1699190

THIS, thank you so much for this nonna it explains exactly how i feel nowadays tumblr culture and moralfaggotry ruined fandom spaces for everyone.

No. 1699196

Where did the moralfaggotry even come from? Fandom is supposed to be fun, why on earth are so many fans so paranoid about things being problematic now?

No. 1699198

File: 1694821419363.png (83.29 KB, 805x607, who cares just post about fuck…)

'selfshippers' (aka husbandofags) infighting about racism on tumblr is a recent thing I've come across but it's so deeply entertaining.

No. 1699199

File: 1694821525243.png (111.42 KB, 1306x673, going to assume fo means ficti…)

No. 1699200

File: 1694821648584.png (66.12 KB, 1063x583, what if your husbando is racis…)

Seriously though these people can't even daydream about their husbando without turning it into a race thing

No. 1699204

>Where did the moralfaggotry even come from
Normies, gendies, trannies and tumblrinas.

No. 1699205

File: 1694822121059.jpg (26.97 KB, 654x402, FHJ7jrHXEAk4H3R.jpg)

>M/F ship gets popular in zoomer-infested fandom
>"omg toxic codependent yuri"
>"they're a lesbian couple lolzzz"

why do i even bother going on tumblr for fan content

No. 1699208

Do you mean "recent" in general, or recent to you? This has been around for so long, I still get ghost pains from rolling my eyes so hard after seeing all the black activism bloggers crawl out of the woodwork to shit on selfshippers for writing Killmonger/Reader fics where the Reader didn't have black features KEK. Black Panther came out in 2018, for reference.
Most of them didn't write any fic of their own. Just bitched and flooded the tags with their complaining, and then with the callout posts/blocklists. I think I saw one girl use her posts to promote her own fic, but I felt like it was written to clout chase and get followers. It wasn't very good and she stopped very soon after the first post.

No. 1699212

File: 1694822705608.jpg (264.65 KB, 1280x1596, jason.jpg)

LMAO I didn't know tumblerites were still trying to be husbando police. They're really concerned about this when people want to fuck literal monsters, aliens, and demons? At least these race obsessed people are easy to ignore.

No. 1699215

File: 1694822861607.png (127.7 KB, 802x814, random bitching about karen sh…)

Speaking of slashers, found this.
As if Billy and Stu wouldn't be typical racist moids.

No. 1699218

>or recent to you?
Recent for me, I don't really get involved with husbando communities outside of general girly spaces that bring them up so I only came across this recently.

No. 1699219

Now here's the next question. Why did this particular victim-complex moralfagging misogynistic tranny culture take off and spread so quickly in Tumblr/Twitter? Particularly in the late 2010's?

No. 1699221

Got it, that makes sense. I had to see all those posts cross my dash when I was following fandom blogs, I wasn't even following husbando posters at the time.

No. 1699222

File: 1694823448052.png (416.32 KB, 972x616, fuckoff.png)

>Funny that the TIF called the hypothetical old man who's sad, frail, and pathetic a girl. Tranny misogyny at its finest.
This shit has been making me so mad lately. I've noticed a recent trend of women and TIMs calling male characters twansfems or lesbians. They even do it with male characters who look hypermasculine. They call them butch he/him lesbians.

No. 1699224

File: 1694823552633.png (228.15 KB, 972x636, no.png)

Same anon, I notice more TIMs getting mad at women for "caring too much about yaoi" and "not writing or drawing enough femslash". That's my only guess as to why more women are doing the "HE'S A GIRL!" shit. I guess coombrained scrotes can't accuse you of hating wlw ships when you headcanon Davekat and RoyRiza as a toxic yuri sapphic lesbian couple kek.

No. 1699226

Seriously, if they want a [specific race] self insert, they should write it themselves. I want a mentally ill self insert with my specific cocktail of trauma, but recognize it's my responsibility to write that for myself. I wish my biggest problem in life was that people producing free fan content out of the goodness of their hearts weren't writing things specifically attuned to my personal sensibilities.

Do they understand if they attack everyone actually creating content, pretty soon no one will want to create content anymore?

No. 1699233

>RoyRiza as a toxic yuri sapphic lesbian couple
Hol' up. I actually enjoy sapphic content but that is just a sin against God, they really have to ruin the one perfect couple in all of anime. I'm tired of these gender swaps because it fucks searches. I look for m/f and get two male characters shipped but now one of them is a tranny and has a vagina while everything else remains the same. If you took fanworks as indication of reality, 90% of the world must be troons by now.

No. 1699237

oh my god imagine if moids were this annal about what they coom too
''nooo you cant waifu the 7 year old little girl, you pedo!''
- said no moid, ever

No. 1699238

That's one of the few thing I envy about scrotes (at least the channer types) they're so much less anal about this sort thing. Like yeah every now and then you get the 'IT ONLY MATTERS IF IT'S CANON' type but I feel like scrote waifufags are way less anal, dude's just wanna take pictures of food and their waifu.

No. 1699240

I mean the vintage TV show element of it; DHMIS was lazy about its timeframe and never really committed to the idea of being a legit old show

No. 1699247

same, although i am biased because my husbando is underage(not shota, though) so i know i will get dogpilled whenever i post him. I really envy moids being able to have drama-free spaces without moralfagging and politics, it's unfair that even though they commit most of the crimes they get to enjoy their hobbies without being morally questioned. What broke me and made me said ''fuck it'' was this video of some moid seething for 11 minutes about the most gentle of femdom. Like, fuck it, if we cant even have gentle femdom in a sea of media for men that has constant violence against women, some even targetted at women like 50 shades, then what's the point of being so anal about what other women like? we are gonna get hated anyways. If you like yaoi then you fetishize gay men, if you like hs bishies then you are a pedo, if you like femdom you are misandrist, if you dont have a brown husbando you are racist, you are straight and therefore have no interest in seeing cuntboys? twansphobic. There is no fucking way to please these faggots. Meanwhile men rape, murder and abuse women and children all around the world and they get an endless supply of media that catters to their sick fetishes AND never get moralfagged about their fetishes even if it's something really sick. I say fuck it, let women enjoy things. I am tired of the ''two wrongs dont make a right!!!1!1'' mentality. Men shouldnt be allowed to enjoy anything until they stop raping and abusing women and children, why should women have to suffer the consequences for moids actions? fuck those faggots, revoke moid's freedom of speech and allow women to enjoy whatever the fuck they want.

No. 1699267

Okay, nonnas! Welcome Home op done and posted!

I haven't finished up adding screenshots in the thread itself, but feel free to go ham

No. 1699269

I also accidentally gave myself a freaking tripcode somehow ugh. I'll switch the fields I write in next time

No. 1699274

Sounds like they're talking about Clay

No. 1699288

File: 1694833626379.jpg (29.62 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Clay… Puppington?

No. 1699296

Kek this is cringe but good on her for writing her super self indulgent shit I guess. I still don’t understand the normie ass women who write anything immoral or offensive out of the literal serial killers that are sometimes even implied or are just straight up rapey.

No. 1699299

Cathartic and based.

One of the characters I like was presumed straight for 99% of the show's run then turned gay at the last minute, now no one can put him in straight ships without being bashed for it. Meanwhile men talk about raping and murdering women and no one says a word to them. I'm tired of being a woman–I want to be a dragon and slaughter entire cities.

No. 1699306

Not really recent, I remember getting called out in 2016 during an argument regarding self diagnosis, where some tumblrtard used the fact I only had white guys on my tumblr dash as proof that I was racist, weirdly enough her tumblr dash was also filled with 99% white guys and 1 token minority thrown in.

No. 1699323

i really fucking hate how zoomers ruined this show

No. 1699327

It finished over a decade ago, they didn't ruin shit.

No. 1699329

You're weak-minded if you let something like that bother you

No. 1699331

they completly misunderstood the meaning though. They saw an honest, thoughtful critique of religion, and all they got from it is ''choke me clayton daddy''

No. 1699334

>People being horny over a show ruins it
This is some deviantart 'fandom abuse kills interest' tier shit.
I don't even get why people are into Clay as someone who watched the show several years ago in my teens, but I also don't get why you let that ruin a show that had long finished before any tumblr/twitter types got into it.

No. 1699336

>One of the characters I like was presumed straight for 99% of the show's run then turned gay at the last minute
What character?

No. 1699337

i feel bad for the creator, whenever these old shows that were cancelled too soon get popular with zoomers they completly misunderstand the tone, change the meaning of everything and make up retarded headcanons that make no sense. Look at what they did to clone high.
read above. It's just sad that zoomers cant fucking enjoy anything without poisoning it with their lack of self-awareness. It doesnt feel like a genuine caring for the show, just trend hoping.

No. 1699339

>i feel bad for the creator, whenever these old shows that were cancelled too soon get popular with zoomers they completly misunderstand the tone
Dude probably doesn't even know that random girls on tumblr want to fuck Clay? Legit you seem overly parasocial to give a shit what the creator thinks of the fandom for a show he finished back in 2008. Most of the shows Dino worked on post moral orel were pretty shit anyway.
>Look at what they did to clone high.
I'm not a clone high fan (I found the original really unfunny) but don't most people dislike the reboot? Which was written by millennials not zoomers
In general I'm tired of people here acting like zoomers are responsible for everything ever even though most of the stuff they're complaining about are also common with millennials or directly from them.

No. 1699344

it's a pretty common issue for fans, specially zoomies, to completly misunderstand the tone of the show or moralfag about shit that's only inmmoral to their niche mentally ill hivemind. We are in the fandom discourse thread. I dont read CSM, but i have a friend that does and they send me screens of how retarded the fandom is, they literally think makima and some other female character are predators, when it's only their western moralfagging misunderstanding that the author just has a fetish for domineering women.

No. 1699345

>i feel bad for the creator
I wonder how he'd feel about the clayorel shippers

No. 1699348

File: 1694841319576.png (299.32 KB, 1444x562, Screenshot 2023-09-15 221734.p…)

>to completly misunderstand the tone of the show or moralfag about shit that's only inmmoral to their niche mentally ill hivemind
Okay but you're literally just complaining about random tumblr girls getting horny for Clay Puppington, I kind of get the original post's point about how weird it is to see 17 year old girl's getting horny for men in their 40s (though I don't think it's a conspiracy thing, it's just easier for teens to project onto fictional characters as crushes) and for some reason you're like 'THE POOR CREATOR, PEOPLE ARE WANTING TO SCREW HIS CHARACTERS!' as if that hasn't been a common thing since the internet began.

This furthers why being a woman is anonying in fandom, no one gives a shit if moids want to fuck Bloberta (which yes plenty of them do).

No. 1699350

two wrongs don't make a right though
thoughts and prayers for your mental well-being, nona

No. 1699359

you need better reading comprehension, my point wasnt that retards got horny for clay, but rather that all they got from the show was shitty shipping, tranny headcanons and the worst husbando of all time.

No. 1699360

if we did more wrongs maybe we would have less 50 shades and more cool women having a harem of cute submissive men

No. 1699431

Ah if only..

No. 1699436

There is nothing wrong with femdom, wtf?

No. 1699440

The thing is both are cringe, like I can't take maledom it seriously, I'd probably laugh if some retard demanded I call them daddy or mommy, I associate it with ugly people and theater kids

No. 1699443

I think you're confusing femdom with mommy kink, anon.

No. 1699445

I don't really view it as a difference, like be fucking normal and if you wanna roleplay don't be fucking retarded about it.

No. 1699455

Nah she's right. You never see generally attractive people indulging in it outside of private bedroom setting unless it's for monetary gain. People who want to sperg about their 'kinks' and fantasies are always turbo autistsor shlubby porn addicts. Normal people fap or fuck and move on.

No. 1699462

Pretty big difference between doing incest pedo roleplay and not doing it.

No. 1699466

Cope. Both are infinitely cringe and nobody wants to hear about it

No. 1699560

File: 1694863965428.png (36.15 KB, 497x359, difhh89df7zudf67.PNG)

What is this weird trend of malding over fujos and yumejos and how much art they pump out. If these people cared so much about women they would be writing and drawing everything they crave themselves, but they're just crying on twitter all day. They always say it's just expressing their opinion, but it's a stupid thing to bitch about in the first place because most fanart isn't made for anyone else but the creator

That's been annoying me as well. It's only good if they actually genderbend the moid but they never do.

No. 1699665

File: 1694879144383.png (51.49 KB, 585x471, sfdghj596hty.png)

>What is this weird trend of malding over fujos and yumejos and how much art they pump out.
Actual himejos are minding their own business. The only people who complain about the lack of f/f works are male yurifags and their handmaidens.
>If these people cared so much about women they would be writing and drawing everything they crave themselves
Picrel, creating content for themselves isn't enough they want women to do it for them for free.
That's never going to happen though because fan fiction has always been predominantly written by women for women. That's why yaoifags and husbandofags make up the majority of the space. And when we do make lesbian content for ourselves, we get accused of being transphobic for not including TIMs. If they want sapphic kweer art so bad they can go back to jacking off to the countless pornified futa art of lesbians created by other men.

No. 1699678

>Actual himejos are minding their own business. The only people who complain about the lack of f/f works are male yurifags and their handmaidens.
oh my god finally somebody else has noticed it!! I'm a himejo but everytime I see the tweets of that one gundam the witch from mercury obsessed girl who thinks futa = yuri and her troon crew I get so irritated. (I'm pretty sure the mari pictured is one of the other troon orbiters?)

No. 1699707

File: 1694882842416.jpg (777.31 KB, 1536x2048, F57-gnIakAAw53Q.jpg)

>(I'm pretty sure the mari pictured is one of the other troon orbiters?)
I got jumpscared when I visited his profile. This is who I'm supposed to cater my fanfiction to? kek
I'm not familiar with Gundam at all tbh but I know G-Witch fandom is infested with troons. Sorry you have to put up with that nona.

No. 1699717

I don't understand what this means. Bisexual PoC? What exactly is the problem here, that others are considered racist if they agree with anti-racism posts but don't reblog their OC stuff?
If it's that then maybe because it's OCs so people have no connection to them and if it's simply not good nobody feels like reblogging.
Like do white people even get likes for that stuff? Because I barely ever see it. The only OCs people give a shit about are expressive characters from top tier artists that that act as motif of some great artworks that are good enough to makes others reblog them despite not knowing the characters. In that sense even then do the people not really care about the characters, it's all about the art.

I see this all the time and everywhere, can anybody even explain the meaning of this? Does the word "lesbian" mean something else to these people? I literally get m/m artworks from myself reblogged and people calling it LESBIANS even though one of the guys is a huge tanky enforcer of a police state and the other dude a manipulative despot.

No. 1699739

File: 1694886806178.jpg (1.26 MB, 2480x3508, Fb_Z8HnacAEouXJ.jpg)

Neither the male yuri coomers nor the quirky zoomer transman lesbians would like the type of yuri I would make anyway. I like female characters and designs like pic related (they're someone's OCs, not mine).
They whine about bi- and heterosexual women drawing what they are into, but have women actually produce some yuri and they will bitch as well because it's not the coomer trash (mostly men) or super quirky uwu shit (zoomerinas and TIFs) they want.

No. 1699744

Nta but as someone who did watch clone high both seasons, season 1 was originally a parody of shitty teenage romcom dramas and of trends of the time. Season 2 only kept parodying trends, but the romance elements became actually serious. The main characters were parodying archetypes in season 1, but season 2 made them genuine archetypes with character development and all, which isn't necessarily bad but in the context of what the show is supposed to be it kinda ruined it. The romance plots also became serious and it got unfunny and weird and started sending weird messages about relationships. It became another generic adult show, it became what it parodied as well. And for some reason it tried to paint Joan of Arc as the main character and make her likable and sympathetic, even though she's a massive pretentious pick me nlog, they only acknowledge how shitty of a person she is in the last scene of the last episode. The reason imo is because zoomers who discovered the show latched onto her and thought she was a relatable positive "big titty goth gf" representation which is something they desire to be or to have. Even though in season 1 all the characters were assholes (in a funny way) to highlight how ridiculously written characters like that in teen drama shows are. Abe was also a victim of this, wherein season 1 he was an unrealistically oblivious love interest of the underdog girl (Joan) who is into the popular girl (Cleo) and that made people hate him and think he's an asshole for not liking Joan back, even though THAT'S THE POINT. In season 2 this was taken into consideration by making him a mega asshole who is friends with a fake sjw who hides his real beliefs behind sjwism, as well as having a crush on Joan because ofcourse, and Abe even gets canceled in one episode for using words like retard and faggot etc., even though it's out of character for him. JFK also got this treatment, because zoomers found him funny and a "cute" and "charming" himbo, his personality in season 2 got changed into exactly that, whereas in seaosn 1 he was actually a pornsick pervert who sexually assaults women verbally and physically and the popular jock archetype. There are still some good things about season 2 though and some funny stuff but it's mostly regarding secondary characters like Scudworth and Mr. B.

No. 1699746

Moids being angry that women draw comics where women are in charge, are still the worst.

No. 1699747

>straight women should fetishize people they're not attracted to at all
No, fuck you and anyone trying to convince straight fujoshi to like yuri instead of yaoi by implying or explicitly accusing us of fetishizing men as if that's as terrible as being harassed and assaulted by men as soon as we go outside and discriminated against in the workplace should kill themselves right in front of me. I'm sick of seeing people online posting about yaoi and retards barging in and spamming "but yuri is better! right OP?" and "what about yuri though?" and "this unrelated lesbian pairing that's completely different from what you're talking about is better written though" too like make your own posts or kill yourselves.

No. 1699755

Lmfao this guy again. He used to be part of a small discord fandom server I was in… but got cancelled when he was outed for "accidentally" doing lewd RPs with minors. Changed his username and everything so I guess everyone forgot about it. Cancel culture applies to everyone else except for those with troon armor.

>tweets of that one gundam the witch from mercury obsessed girl who thinks futa = yuri and her troon crew
Are you talking about that benjanun person? I fucking hate her omg. And same, I also hate twitter troons for co-opting the term "himejoshi" when they're all gross males in reality. I fucking hate how my two favourite things (Gundam and yuri) are infested with nothing but misogynist males and handmaidens. Feels very lonely I cannot find another woman like me.

>Actual himejos are minding their own business. The only people who complain about the lack of f/f works are male yurifags and their handmaidens.
Yeah, spot on. It's like these moids discovered fandom for the first time and got mad that not everything is catering to them like they're used to. It's funny because those nerdy women, especially those that are into femslash, grew up in fandom and are used to having the majority of works not catering to them so they developed their skills in writing and art throughout the years, and made their own food. Meanwhile, these yurifag males and transbian troons complaining about the lack of F/F content spent all their teenage years jacking off to porn and being addicted to vidya, and now they want to kick out the women who created their own space for themselves. Typical entitled male behaviour.

No. 1699820

There are by war way more into femdom shit, people pointing out that both are lame.

No. 1699852

Baffling that the post was directed towards straight women, expecting them to be interested in writing femslash, but ngl I find it hilarious when it gets pointed out to retards that say the majority of the fanfic community is "queer", like I remember being claimed in some shitty Sarah Z video that, that femslash fanfics are not common. Modern fandom has a lot of fujoshi who try and claim that their interest in the genre has nothing to do with sexual feelings at all (I guess because they want to be "good" "non-fetishizing" fujos) and women who claim to be bi yet have clearly never given a shit about female characters but curiously can write long fics about two male characters with little canon appearance kissing. So really the poster should have been calling out these demographics rather than the openly straight women writing a bunch of yaoi because they are straight women and want to see two guys get together

No. 1699932

you can tell they are all trannies, yuri content is dime a dozen since it's mostly made for moids. They already got every piece of western media cattering to them, every fucking animu has yuri fanservice, there are dozens of yuri games, what more do they want? oh yeah, they just want women to stop writting/drawing yucky yaoi and instead force them to draw what they want

No. 1699945

Even on lolcow people love to parrot the idea that sooo many m/m fanfic writers are actually lesbians and therefore it's okay. If that's true, it's very sad because how male centric does media/fandom have to be for lesbians to not write about women instead. If it's not true (which is more likely imo), then it just shows how self flagellating and virtue signalling women are… can't even enjoy cute boys together without doing mental gymnastics to justify it.

Anyway I believe these m/m obsessed girls are bi or lesbian about as much as I believe they're asexual, as they always seem to claim in the summary of their smut fic kek. Actions speak louder than words.

No. 1699958

You think about the sexualities of random nerd teenagers/young adults who write smut fanfiction and the validity of it a lot, do you?

No. 1699972

Sounds like it hit a nerve huh

No. 1699992

>normies think femdom is moid's mommy gib milkers fetish shit
painful, we need more true femdom

No. 1700009

No, I don't write or read fanfiction. Is this thing where people think anyone who disagrees with them on something = must be that thing/person like a mentally retarded persons way of detectivefagging?

No. 1700058

I have no idea what you're talking about, I asked if it hit a nerve because you seemed personally offended by a pretty normal observation of fandom in a thread specifically about fandom observations.

No. 1700067

speaking about shipping, is it bad that I don't really like clay/daniel despite being a fujo? I'm just wondering if any other fans feel the same way….

No. 1700070

you have to be baiting…

No. 1700091

I know that a lot of women like yuri but legit feel like the majority of all these very annoying recent yuri shillers that announce the era of yuri are cringe otaku and TIMs (maybe TIFs too considering their feminizing obsession).
Even the posts on 4chan sounds so obviously trannylike and the same people also mostly stick to coomer series and moe blobs instead of watching the better yuri series. They also seem to have an avid hate against fujos and 2D men which is a typical trait of otaku tards, not women.

No. 1700096

So are they at least drawing and writing themselves or are they openly admitting to be too retarded and busy with virtue signalling for this and needing others to write content for them for free?

No. 1700099

you cant really complain about the lack of yuri when there is waaay more yuri than yaoi. It's just entitled men seething at women not cattering to them for once. Reminds me to when 4chan /a/ faggots were crying about anime being literally over because of free…

No. 1700112

There is lots of yuri but not a lot of it is for women, women can absolutely want more decent yuri for actual women rather than scrotes who just want the anime version of lesbian porn.

No. 1700114

Straight women do fetishize lesbians, because men find woman on woman hot. That’s how we got so many women going through their fake bisexual phases. These trannies are the same men that fetishize lesbians so much that they want to become the fake pornified version men have created. Any anons into media that have lesbian relationships/characters that aren’t written for and by moids? How does the fandom, especially men react to them?

No. 1700121

sorry, i was refeering to the scrotes complaining about it. There is so much fucking yurishit of school girls doing nothing but kissing for 12 episodes targetted at them.

No. 1700123

Yeah these people feel threatened by fans that don't like the shit they like. What is even the point here anyway? That all women turn gay so that people like him can whine even more about not getting the gf hollywood movies promised him? Or do they legit believe to be women by now?
>Any anons into media that have lesbian relationships/characters that aren’t written for and by moids?
Not much, but those I know are completely ignored by them if they are older than 5 years or so and the newer stuff is only used to virtue signal like wokes are doing by getting some tard into the thread that screams LESBIANS, YURI WINNING or something, basically just cheering about owning dem fujos and hets. You won't ever see them fawning over the characters to my knowledge, they only note down the name of the series to bring it up but stick their lesbian headcanon waifus like Bocchi or whatever the newest cute girl of the month is.

No. 1700156

It's okay, I know what you meant, just clarifying the exception since anons post about it here a lot wishing for some.

No. 1700160

>Are you talking about that benjanun person?
YEA! shes speaks exclusively in nonsense and misogyny it's so irritating.
>Feels very lonely I cannot find another woman like me.
I love gundam and yuri too nonnie!! but I'm not very active on social media and Idk if it's true but I think exchanging socials is against the rules?? I still hope we cross paths one day and in the meantime I hope we both find lots of other women like us.

No. 1700164

there is a friend finder thread in /g/ where you can try to connect

No. 1700216

I walk around dynasty scans sometimes and the only mangas I end up enjoying are written by women (I never look up the author when I start reading, but if I liked it I go to the author's page/sns and 8/10 times it's by a woman).
Unafortunely I don't think a single one has a fandom per se since the other anons have said, 90% of women are staight and men only make porn. Yuri in general almost never have a fandom or become relatively well-known unless it's coom like Citrus or Dragon Maid.

No. 1700219

what about western shows, stuff like shera, bubline, korra? or are they also infested by troons and moids

No. 1700220

I avoid any western shows like the plague nowadays, so I can only comment on 2nd hand info since I got friends into them, but yeah they're full of troons and people who make their sexuality and gender their whole personality. It's the main crowd they want to appeal to as well, since often the creator themselves is ~queer~.

No. 1700247

I never made any remarks about my personal feelings, rather I pointed out that you thinking about the sexualities of strangers who write bad online erotica is silly.
Questioning the sexualities of people you will never meet or get full context on, in regards to their lives, is petty teenage twitterfag shit. As if being gay or bisexual is some sort of exclusive club or something with social capital and not just a convenient label to quickly describe what you're into romantically.
Mean this with all the anti BPD infight love I can muster up but… go outside

No. 1700283

File: 1694952863489.jpg (361.92 KB, 1000x667, outside.jpg)

>Questioning the sexualities of people you will never meet or get full context on, in regards to their lives, is petty teenage twitterfag shit. As if being gay or bisexual is some sort of exclusive club or something with social capital and not just a convenient label to quickly describe what you're into romantically.
Nta but good grass-touching take. A pretty rare take here too. Its rare to see posts written with some minutia of humanity thinking of the other person on the other side of the screen being some variant of a living breathing being.

No. 1700399

nta but someone calling themselves "gay" or "kweer" while being attracted to the opposite sex is more of a teenage twitterfag thing.
>As if being gay or bisexual is some sort of exclusive club or something with social capital and not just a convenient label to quickly describe what you're into romantically.
by definition it's being attracted to the same sex (or both for bisexuals). trying to make it vague is how you end up with people making up oxymoron terms like "bisexual lesbian"

No. 1700402

samefag we also have an entire thread on /snow/ for making fun of people like this kek

No. 1700455

Yeah, that's not what I was talking about though if you follow the conversation

No. 1700478

Ayrt, I left my discord tag a couple of weeks ago on the friend finder thread when I was complaining about this exact thing in a different thread. It's the post made 13 days ago and my tag starts with an "H". Feel free to contact me through there.

No. 1700522

Speaking of I swear up and down there’s an instagram account for pics of Orel’s actual puppet touring around the globe it was a sort of cute non-conclusion for the show

No. 1700525

File: 1694981114506.jpeg (27.13 KB, 375x365, IMG_0708.jpeg)

90% of female fandom has and will always be straight. Cope.

No. 1700537

What makes this even weirder is that they never care about the canon female characters and good f/f chemistries within the same show.
Like if you are a woman that is into dudes that's fine, but why the fuck would lesbians latch onto men only and pretend they were women instead?

They are either lying in order to come off as woke or they are literally trolling and trying to piss the community off.

No. 1700583

File: 1694986261148.png (128.01 KB, 1845x598, just like real life abusers.pn…)

i remember reading a fuck or die fic where the character ended up dying, and there was a completely unhinged person who wrote novel length comments about how the writer was a literal abyooser who raped and traumatized op for not tagging her fic as major character death but "creator chooses not to apply warnings" instead. like calm the fuck down, also it was pretty clear from the beginning how the story would end up, so literally just stop reading? the death scene and shit leading up to it was drawn out af too so it's not like it was some jumpscare plot twist. anyway, there were several people who wrote comments asking the writer to tag her fic with MCD and so on because she was making ao3 "unsafe" lmao. the autism and sensitivity of certain fandom people is freakish.

my question is, why do people in fandom react like this? i've never seen this much dramatics in any criticism of non-fanfic/real literature. demanding triggerwarnings and so on. but in fanfic i see it a lot.

No. 1700614

ntayrt but that post is literally saying exactly what you are saying: most women in fandom are straight, it's just also saying that IF they weren't straight, the BL obsession would be pretty sad

No. 1700658

When these people pick up a real book and it deviates even slightly from the description on the back they’re gonna have strokes. Someone’s probably mad she didn’t get to read the same pollen induced buttsex fanfic that has been written 9 thousand times. I can’t even imagine someone this sensitive reading a fuck or die fic, the whole concept of those is mutual rape/extremely dubious consent. I know it gets really watered down by writers who decide to go a more more consenty route (and that’s fine, idgaf how you want to write your fics) but it literally is called FUCK OR DIE, why can’t a writer play with that trope and make a character actually die? I’m curious about the fic too or at least the fandom now, I’m guessing it’s Supernatural or MHA.

No. 1700708

I will never understand people's obsession with every single tag to be listed, especially MCD. Sometimes fic is written with actual plot and the author doesn't want to spoil that there's MCD. I have zero qualms with that and it's not like real fucking books have tags or content warnings to begin with.

No. 1700805

File: 1695009426305.png (351.7 KB, 1019x1672, le political statement.png)

Tumblr has done irreparable damage to western fandom, I can't believe shit like this is still spewed after an entire decade of the same tiring Milleresque bullshit. God forbid your personal hobbies aren't political (and correct at that!).

No. 1700819

it is, fujos aren't lesbians

No. 1700823

This only applies to women's art, men's dont care. I fucking hate how husbando art has decayed over the years thanks to this mindset.

No. 1700851

The person who reblogged this is actually a gay male who's obsessed with drawing his favourite characters obese and making their skin 3 races darker, ironically. But woman-made lesbian art has suffered from this terribly, also. I've stopped interacting with English-speaking fandom near-entirely because of all of this.

No. 1700857

Jesus Christ can these people go outside for once in their lives?

No. 1700862

There are some out there that are, but the majority are not.

No. 1701020

lol you're correct, it is supernatural. it's a wincest fic as well so to me the hypersensitive behaviour makes even less sense in this case.

and i agree that this attitude wouldn't hold up if they were reading actual books. i don't understand that about some fanfic readers, it's like they get angry when a writer does something original or just manages to convey any sort of emotion or thought other than retarded horniness.

No. 1701022

"author chose not to use archive warnings" is a warning in and of itself but some people are just too retarded to get a hint.
also the narcissism in that comment. "bloo bloo your fic made ME feel xyz so you should change it" well it's not about you, cope

No. 1701038

Except tagging your shit with the most basic tags like major character deaths, rape, kinks, squicks, and sexualities is the least amount of work and actually helps your story get found by interested readers.

It's like tagging NSFW shit, Don't waste people's freaking time with your edgy garbage. It's that simple.

No. 1701049

Oh my god, really she can’t find another fuck or die Wincest fic out of the billions that already exist? But the craziness sounds about on par with Supernatural shippers. I remember finding an insane Tumblr of a Wincest shipper who based her whole personality on her belief that Jared and Jensen (i’d kill myself before i said J2) actually hated Misha and making a million call out posts like the type you would make for a shitty Youtuber but instead it was a mediocre grown man who’s character gets in the way of your incest ship that had a 1% chance of becoming canon anyways. These types always come up with delusions that the actor(s) they like actually despise the actor(s) they hate behind the scenes and have schizo level proof for it. I think sometimes theyre projecting their attitudes on friendship as women (or often teenaged girls) onto these grown ass men. Most men would still remain friends with another man even if he did a cruel over the top prank that ends in injury or some shit. Other times it’s just pure delusion, the same type that leads them to believe two straight men are together despite being married to women with multiple children. Almost makes me glad the show killed off all the main characters I hope she was devastated.

No. 1701053

These kinds of people are completely schizo and if they could I'm sure they'd send the author a pipe bomb. I can't imagine having to deal with that as just an average fic writer who writes for fun and pleasure and for free. Guess this is how we get to see how the next generation of NPD parents starts. Pure projection and mental illness from their part.

No. 1701054

i agree. i also feel like, so what if an author doesn't care about his or her readers? they aren't obliged to cater to their sensitivities or make them feel good. people don't always write for the sake of others, a lot of people write for themselves and just to express their own ideas or whatever. this is also why i can't stand zoomers who whine about muh problematic fan content or, as have been mentioned as well in this thread, fan content that's not inclusive enough, not diverse or PC enough etc. i understand when people criticize hollywood and film production companies with trillions of dollars, but random fanfic writers and artists? god forbid they would produce anything for their own sake or with a purpose that isn't making some specific disabled trans indigenous poc queer neurodivergent 16 year old feel "safe" or something. fan content only reaches its goal audience anyway so it's not like creators in these spaces can generate any kind of meaningful political or cultural impact outside of their own hugbox even when they do devote all their work to being PC.

then simply don't read CCNTAW, you literally only have yourself to blame kek

it's all shipping wars, the ones who ship misha/jensen want to debunk jensen/jared and vice versa. the animosity between different ships in fandom, and the lengths people will go to to disprove or discredit other ships, is crazy to me. misha is insufferable and a disgusting creep though so idk why you'd be so horrified at his haters lol.

No. 1701057

Tagging potential squicks/triggers is different from character death, that one is just spoiling the whole thing if your fic is story-heavy.
Regarless of our opinion on people habe to tag their fic, I don't think any sane person should react that way if they read something they disliked kek

No. 1701061

No I don’t like Misha either, it’s just pure delusion they have that they think they found out a super secret that the other 2 have a burning hate for him and a burning love for each other. They can’t separate their actual criticism of someone shitty from their made up fanfiction versions of real people. I don’t dismiss that the usual moid, even the super famous actor ones are shitty but if it’s coming from the mouth of a Larry Stylson tier retard I could have some doubts about the intentions, you know?
It’s a borderline rape fic anon, if you go into it not being prepared for some edge that’s on you. I personally don’t understand why people choose not to put warnings but if I came across it, the fuck or die tag would be enough warning that things might get edgy tbh.

No. 1701072

way to miss my point lmfao. "author chose not to use warnings" is a blanket warning that the fic could contain any of these things and you should treat it as such. if you don't want to see nsfw/rape/whatever, CCNAW is your warning not to read the fic.

>b-but it's common courtesy to tag triggerwarnings

miss me with that shit. before the tumblr era all we had to go by were "boyxboy dont like dont read" and we took our chances.
if a fic has no warnings, well, no one's making you read it.

No. 1701101

Ayrt so what you're saying is, the tag YOU like is all you need? Kek I guess I just don't find tagging shit to that be that controversial when the site is built around tagging. But I agree people going apeshit over getting triggered is next level entitlement.

Also, the biggest issue isn't even death fics it's the constant surprise boypussi tranny fics let's be real

No. 1701104

File: 1695040958385.png (14.42 KB, 602x215, Screenshot.png)

I hate the fact that I understand how this likely came to be

No. 1701106

No. 1701107

I don't know how to explain to these people that in most Asian countries you will barely find any people of other races. Same goes for eastern europe. Same goes for the middle east.

No. 1701115

Every time I need to touch grass I'm going to re-read this comment. I honestly don't know how these people haven't killed themselves yet, if a single fanfiction has pushed them to this point. What the fuck.

No. 1701123

To understand m/m ships, imagine not two male characters together, but rather one male character and a gender-swapped version of another character. so when porn-sick fetishists views Obi-wan as a gender-swapped version of their character, you can understand where the lactation/mommydom fetish likely comes from.

No. 1701156

File: 1695047659717.png (48.08 KB, 598x426, Screenshot.png)

Like picrel is just a younger man/MILF fetish. Regardless of how you feel about that fetish, it's undeniable that these women are just not willing to accept it and think it's happening between two men, and so its no wonder why they troon out en-masse.

No. 1701159

I've noticed that mpreg is now just ftm fetish and no longer silly cringe but baby shit.

No. 1701215

>people deserve to see themselves in art
I don't look at fan art or at in general to see myself, I look at it to pretty people and work involving my favorite characters. I hate diversity and representation spergs so much.

No. 1701232

But why Obi Wan of all characters? I don't remember Star Wars having a lot of scenes containing milk kek

I mean, they're right but it only applies to the industry artists that make media that's supposed to target the broader public. Fanartists and OC artists will always just draw what interests them

No. 1701235

cause its a MILF fetish filtered through a male character.

No. 1701241

Fair enough I guess I thought there would be more to it kek I didn't think he was that popular

No. 1701293

I have very casual level star wars knowledge, but I am pretty sure that Obi wan is mega popular

No. 1701297

What do you do when you leave your safe space and read a real book? No tags IRL.

No. 1701328

Third ayrt, honestly, I started to despise it in media too because fans won't stop focusing on it and accusing the writers of every -ism and -ic in the book if the character has a background story they don't like, aka a complex one where they suffer for character development. But also they whine when a character that doesn't represent their group has a good life and doesn't struggle because it's "unrealistic" and "too perfect". They can't make their minds.

No. 1701334

It's a lose lose situation. If you don't draw other ethnicities you get bashed. If you do, you get bashed anyway and accused of blackface, charicatures, racism, etc. (The Promised Neverland). These people think they're heroes but they're just bullies harassing some lonely fanartists doing drawings for free as a hobby. Why don't they put this energy towards attacking the wealthy, crooked politicians, Pakistan's Taliban, etc? And most fanartists are women, so really they're just harassing some shy young woman with a comfort character fixation. If most fanartists were men they wouldn't be talking this shit. Women are safe for them to attack. They're cowards and crybullies who want power over someone else.

They've even gone to Japanese artists' pages to harass them about diversity. The poor Japanese have never encountered this kind of retardation and don't know what to do in that situation. They probably think everyone who speaks English is mental because of this.

No. 1701366

Based nonnie.

No. 1701368

Nah this is hot, lol, sue me. You can enjoy omega verse even when it has cuntboy shit by ignoring the gendies, don’t let them spoil a banging genre. Enough of this ‘waahhhh omega verse is just m/f fodder’ moids deserve to be bent over and treated the way they treat women, it’s cathartic to see them get what they give while a female fujo watches and gets off on it.

No. 1701378

I'm okay with omegaverse sometimes but cuntboy is cringe.

No. 1701422

I have to ask, why though? Getting pregnant and giving birth is something that cannot simply be made unisex. It defines womanhood, even for those women who don't want or can't have children, because their bodies will still be determined by it. It cannot be applied to a man because that would no longer be a man; it would be another woman.

No. 1701425

just write femdom holy shit

No. 1701426

i really despise how they use moid terms like ''breedable'' and ''womb fillig'', in my old school fujo days it didnt use to be like this, what the fuck happened?

No. 1701434

I fucking hate that shit too. Just make that content yourself then let others do what they enjoy, holy shit.
Also, how will bitch even tell whether I am doing something for woke points or because I consider it pretty? Bet she wouldn't be able to tell. I sometimes draw old men I like the look of because they are elegant, technically this is also done for the "esthetics". There is ALWAYS a personal preference involved in everything you do.

It doesn't help how obvious it is that such posts are always written after mrs. call out has seen some fanart on her timeline that she didn't like. Really such users need to get outside and distance from their online bubbles for once to clear their mind.

How can people like this even like based guys like Shredder?

No. 1701443

File: 1695076575730.png (130.08 KB, 720x668, 1kogito1.png)

Reposting from the art/salt thread because I find this insane.
How did fandom ended up like this? Another anon said the ranfren TIF artist also got a manifesto call-out doc, but it was deleted.

No. 1701448

Easy answer is entitlement but it’s a boring answer

No. 1701452

the absolute state of modern fandom spaces

No. 1701453

>How did fandom ended up like this?
Unironically social media and sheltered upbringing IMO. Socmedia are platforms for self-representation, so "YOU" are the center of that place. You make posts and others can only reply to it, it's never an equal dialogue, it's YOU, the content producer, and your fans, basically.
Sheltered upbringing is similar as in you being the center of your family and the universe itself, you can only do and watch shit that the parents consider to be made for you and you realize this. Combine this with the modern way of upbringing in which parents constantly tell their kids that they are the best, that they can do everything, that they are better than everybody else. This is the issue.

These people do not understand the concept of pluralism and society. To them you don't just write a fic, or write it for yourself or the people that like it, you write it for THEM/this person specifically, so they feel entitled to bash you for it as if they were the commissioner and you the writer/artist that didn't fulfill the the demand they had paid for.

These people literally don't get that they aren't the target audience for some things. The IDpol shit doesn't help because it made them associate themselves with every label in existence to feel special.
They are all autistic, trans-lesbian genderqueer, disabled, kinky, quirky, traumatized, bipolar ADHD-ridden veteran unicorns with 14 ethnicities because sharing 1% of the genes of another culture or having a single ancestor from Ireland makes you part of their cultures. Same people that attribute every culture to themselves are also the same people that whine about cultural appropriation, because it's only allowed for them.

No. 1701464

Finally people that say this. I feel like in some bizarro world because even on image boards do I see almost every fujo talking about being lesbian in real life. I have no issue with this but a hard time imagining that literally every single fujo besides me and two others maybe is lesbians and only resorting to fujo shit because there are not enough(?) good yuri pairings or whatever (if anything it's the opposite since sausagefests are 6000% more rare than girl only anime).
Fujo discords are flooded with yuirfication of m/m ships too because everybody is lesbian and somehow feels the need to hijack a rare series with men to turn all of them into women or trannies.
I am not sure if het fans have the same issue but I wouldn't wonder if it happened there as well that fans genderbent or troonified the male character.

No. 1701470


No. 1701577

I don't mind omegaverse, but omegaverse with cuntboy where they're "treated like women"??? How is that not just a woman written with he/him pronouns lol. So many omegaverse fics where it's PIV is obviously just m/f disguised as m/m. I imagine the author gets off to it the same way TIFs get off to self-inserting themselves as a bottom in a tranny smut fic.

No. 1701589

"creator chose not to use warnings " is not MY fave tag, it's a default tag built into ao3's warning system.
as in when you upload a work, the site forces you to choose a type of warning and it's one of the options. there's specific warnings (noncon, death etc), "no warnings apply", or "chose not to use warnings". that's why it functions as a blanket warning.
i don't have a tag i like personally because they're not somthing to get invvested in imo, just a convenient system to filter stuff. the whole grandstanding about "don't post x in y tag!" "you didn't tag z properly!!!" is retarded. they're for ease of browsing, not a moral issue.
i agree that surprise troonshit is incredibly annoying. but i'm a geezer hailing from an era where you onlmy had ffnet's twwo line summaries. you ended up hhiting the back button a lot but thatwas a giiiven.
It's good that tags allow us tto filter shit out but i feel it's made people way less tolerant wwhen they come across something they don't want to read.

No. 1701601

I'll admit that I like to imagine some of my m/m ships as f/f because those specific dynamics are rare, but most of the time when that is translated to fic form the characters suffer as they are hit with the yurification beam. I can't speak on whatever goes on in discord but on ao3 I'm always left disappointed by genderswapped fics because the characters just become 'uwu uguu useless lesbians' at best or trannies at worst. If I'm able to find the authors social media they are 9/10 some sort of gender special troon fucker allergic to pussy anyway.

Anon the people writing about tranny shit and cuntboys are the same people at different stages in their journey of porn addiction and troondom. I get why some anons are so defensive about it being different somehow because the implications but at some point they will either cross the tranny event horizon or get help for their porn addiction.

No. 1701605

File: 1695093154040.png (652.28 KB, 879x666, lelouch did you lay this egg.p…)

I just like seeing my ships have lovechildren.

No. 1701608

What fandoms have you found tend to have higher numbers of cryptos or outright terfs? Not really counting HP fandom which is surprisingly braindead and full of coping. For me I've seen more GC fans of ASOIAF/Game of Thrones than other places, maybe that's just personal experience.

No. 1701618

File: 1695094360818.jpg (161.58 KB, 682x1024, ba35ed66966eff6cc7739c980d89ac…)

Ive definitely noticed that the more 'mature' something is the higher likelihood it's fandom will have a high population of terfs or GC women. The Tolkien fandom definitely has pockets of women who don't prescribe to gender bullshit. Live action TV shows also tend to skew more towards a normie woman audience so their fandoms tend to be more hospitable then anime fandoms.

No. 1701635

It's literally heterosexuality with extra steps.

No. 1701650

I don't know but I've been cryptoterfing for so long and taking commissions and making art and participating in fandom etc that I start wondering how many cryptos are actually just in deep stealth in fandoms. It doesn't take much to fool troons and have them take you in which is why some sit years and years and never get uncovered… but sometimes like my little crypto radar goes off. Ah, you're definitely putting pronouns in your bio so that you don't get set on fire but you don't care about tranny shit and only do the bare minimum to keep the pitchforks off. based

why should I give a shit if someone doesn't see themselves in my art? I literally have ethnic features and feature them prominently in my art (the key reason is because i want to, not because anyone is twisting my arm to do it) so there's no excuse of "uhhh well you just don't know how to draw nonwhite features!", cope. And most of all I draw for myself and people liking my art enough to buy from me is just a bonus.

No. 1701657

Are your fandoms especially troon heavy anon? I've been able to get away with not having pronouns at all but I doubt all fandoms will approach that in the same way. And what tends to set off your radar?

No. 1701673

I don't mind hetships or genderswapping BL ships either though

No. 1701682

This would be based if it was just an indictment of pedofile, retard males. Unfortunately the bulk of this is shit flinging of women against other women as per female socialization. As already discussed in depth nearly every art thread women are quick to jump down each other's throats since it is achievable to break down another woman, it simply isn't for males. They don't care if their content is inhuman child abuse, they relish in that.

No. 1701699

OT but I'm kekking at tranny event horizon. Aptly put.

No. 1701725

AYRT, I don’t like the actual pregnancy aspect of omega verse because it’s a bit too far and squicks me out but the threat of pregnancy during dirty talk and cuntboys is cathartic because it’s seeing men get what they give towards women. If they see women as baby factories then they deserve to be threatened with the idea of being treated the same way.

No. 1701730

I don't get fandom police sometimes. This adult gave the 3D model of a character (who is 17-20, she grew up during the games but her face remained pretty much the same) a bunny suit, people loved it and started to draw sexy pictures based on the model, everyone cool with it. But then another adult replied "mommy" to the original post and everyone started calling them a pedophile.
So, drawing softcore porn is fine on their eyes but calling the character a cringe word is not…? I can't make heads or tails of it.

No. 1701733

>cuntboys is cathartic because it’s seeing men get what they give towards women. If they see women as baby factories then they deserve to be threatened with the idea of being treated the same way.
but they wouldn't be men if they went through that though, how the fuck do you not get that?

No. 1701749


NAYRT, but despite disliking omegaverse, I feel like this is the natural evolution of BL and fujoshi internalised mysoginy that only allows them to explore themes that affect them personally as females through the proxy of fictional males (not through any fault of their own, as only men are allowed to be any close to a human in any sort of fiction). The fujo who just wants to coom, or has more mature feminist thoughts on the genre is not the one reading omegaverse, in my opinion. As second nona said, at this point the men are just not men, and the facade that these are actually women's issues and personalities being explored has never been so paper thin (let's be honest, which BL manga has men acting like real moids? Bara manga, that's what. And I don't see fujos reading those en masse.)

No. 1701752

The way you say that makes you sound like you think going through the threat of pregnancy is what makes you a woman. It's just fiction where a man gets humiliated like women often are in media, but the character going through that doesn't automatically become a woman because a woman is not just "a weak whiny man that can get pregnant". This argument always comes off as misogynistic to me.

No. 1701754

File: 1695121192366.jpg (232.78 KB, 1000x1481, promisingyoungwoman.jpg)

I personally wish women made more disturbing content of males exclusively, I don't care if its fetish shit; anything that evens the playing field is fine with me. However I can't make heads or tails of what "cuntboy" shit is or what its trying to achieve. Is it actually biological males being raped or not? I think exploring the idea of males gestating is fucking hilarious but its clear that treating males like women is not a simple projection of the horror of pregnancy as something divorced from real life gestation like the face hugging aliens from Aliens for example. The squick of parasitism and biological body horror is interesting but the misogyny in this is dime a dozen and commonly found in most media.

>and the facade that these are actually women's issues and personalities being explored has never been so paper thin

There is a literal genre of storytelling/film genre called "Rape and Revenge" that is commonly touted as "feminist". Artists, (including and especially women) frequently put horrible SA shit in their work that is claimed as "exploring issues and trauma" when its all really just elaborate theatrical torture porn, and sometimes in many cases; actual porn. What difference is this omegafag shit other than it being a niche autist thing confined by the internet?

No. 1701769

I think it was Joanna Russ (or someone from the second wave) who wrote a sci-fi short story about such a scenario. It was a world where women were regular women, but men were the neutonus sex. Basically, adult men looked prepubescent boys, so of course, this was completely different from our own world. Women took the role of men, and these "boy-men" took the role of women. Women would read magazines of boys in sailor outfits and poofy clothing and they were also subject to sexual violence bu women as well, cause of their weaker bodies.

No. 1701811

>Unfortunately the bulk of this is shit flinging of women against other women as per female socialization.
Agreed. The even sadder part is whoever does confront pedophile men with evidence gets harassed, sent death threats/threatened with extortion. The same fans who harass women over some dumb crackship for being "problematic" often side with pedophile men who shit out low quality art that's likely traced over csem they coerced out of the minors they groom on Discord. There are men in fandoms who groom minors, trace over their selfies to create shitty loli porn, but sure women who stick strictly to fiction and write 1 angsty fic of their rarepair are the real pedophiles. "Callout culture" in fandom spaces is mainly a misogyny problem and only negatively impacts women.

No. 1701863

File: 1695136689090.png (481.54 KB, 701x784, itsthesamething.png)

i dont understand why anime or manga fans think this is a own? like the artist is still drawing oversexualized art? does it matter if its a woman? or is this empowering again?

No. 1701871

I love these character designs so much and would definitely like to see more yuri like this

No. 1701872

Same as bdsm and kink shit, mentally ill women or those who strive to get attention from men provide a way for moids to say “ha see women actually don’t have an issue with this so you’re wrong” as if women aren’t ingrained with messages throughout their whole life that they are objects and should appeal to men’s wishes. I think other women like this are a big reason feminism isn’t taken seriously because so many will throw it under the bus to be seen as a special kewl empowered girl. And I can’t really blame them too much, it’s hard to undo the conditioning.

No. 1701873

Yeah I saw this too and I hate whatever sexpozzie shit this is. They think women drawing sexy misogynistic art that appeals to the male gaze must mean the woman is gay or something and they're smashing the patriarchy. And not to overgeneralize but it seems like women in Japan are kind of pickmes with internalized misogyny.

No. 1701874


No. 1701876

You reminded me of those faggots who would bring up that the author of that one popular loli anime was a woman, and somehow that was the evidence that all women are secretly into loli or that it's not a big deal.

No. 1701878

>women in Japan are kind of pickmes with internalized misogyny
It’s almost impossible not to be being born and molded in that environment. Sadly Japanese misogyny is not “bad enough” to mass radicalize them like say, muslim countries. The general nationalism really heightens that effect.

No. 1701891

It matters what you draw and consume.doesnt matter if you're a woman or man if you draw lol or shota you're a pedo

No. 1701899

Why do you care about sexualization of a fictional character? Go outside.

No. 1701912

With how autistically obsessed japanese men seem to be with breasts the fact a woman would make the fact she has boobs her whole personality sounds believable and very sad

No. 1701918

>would bring up that the author of that one popular loli anime was a woman
Bleak. Imagine living your life as a female child once possibly being traumatised yourself by old predatory scrotes, only to make child pornography of female children for old predatory scrotes. Bleakly clownish.

>does it matter if its a woman?
No, and even the moids in picrel know that to some extent, an inkling of their reptile brain tells them so. Though it is a little anomalous and therefore a novelty when a woman participates in an artistic concerted effort to dehumanize herself and other women; it's rare for a reason. I imagine this was more commonplace in history before women had individual autonomy over their bodies and rights in order to survive and thrive by throwing the entire female sex under the bus and seeing other women as nothing more than competition for resources. Masochistic misognistic coomer shit is still coomer shit, it doesn't become mystically feminist because a woman made it, only males think in binaries like this. It doesn't matter if it comes from a woman or man be they mentally ill or otherwise completely sane and functional. The reasons and motivations are always going to be in alignment with capitalism to an extent, the same capitalism that profits from child pedofilia being normalised, human trafficking being encouraged and women degrading and humiliating themselves on camera for money. So of course they're ideals more than often are going to align with pedofiles, and depraved male ones by no accident. The more cutthroat a society is to it's female population the more pickme-like and willing to throw others under the bus I'd expect the population to turn out. Though South Korea seems to be good with 4B but South Korean women basically are forced to breaking point with the amount of shit they have to put up with from their scrote politicians, bosses, family members and peers.

No. 1701924

Nta and I've never read that, it sounds interesting tho, there is def a difference between an author creating something like that while aware of and purposefully exploring themes of misogyny and what kinda seem like the same subject at first glance but are actually fetish and ultimately still project women in an inferior role because like another anon said, it's just internalised misogyny.

No. 1701931

> It's just fiction where a man gets humiliated like women often are in media,
you arent based for schlicking to men being treated like women, ''breed'' ''impregnate'' ''boypussy'' are gross moid terms coined by sissyfaggots whose fetish is being humilliated because they think being female is humilliating. If you were actually based you would read femdom made for and by women, not gross TIF shit with coomer misogynistic male terms.

No. 1701938

Can we just say that moids want to impregnate women not to create a child to love and care for, but to humiliate and inflict pain and damage upon the woman, to ruin her life and body and make a permanent attachment between him and her so she can never escape him no matter how abusive he becomes? It's not about loving children and wanting to be a father. It's about wanting to see a woman ruin herself at his command. Men view pregnancy as a humiliation and punishment. The word 'sadist' doesn't go far enough to cover it. Slave owners treated their slaves better than men treat women.

Any woman who voluntarily endures pregnancy is insane.

No. 1701948

File: 1695144310110.jpg (27.53 KB, 400x810, f65a944b62dc3f0f5ad43da6dddf23…)

i honestly wouldnt mind this shit if there was a male equivalent. Like a cute fit dude or twink drawing female-gaze art, but men would rather die than ever try to appeal to the female-gaze because they think it's gay. My opinion with male gaze art is that i wouldn't mind it if there was an equal amount of female gaze art, but the world seems against women cosifying men unless it's in a ''choke me daddy'' way.

No. 1701949

It's hard for me to dismiss this (I believe people should be allowed to profit from their lived experiences through artistic expression) but then again, perhaps there's a better and equally profitable way to talk about these experiences without pandering to coomers who clearly only care about the fetishization of underage girls aspect. Is all I am saying.

No. 1702001

exactly, how is it "based" and "owning the moids" by getting off to misogyny thats projected onto a character with female anatomy but only changing the pronouns to he/him? just admit its a fetish, nobody cares, but why try to act like its feminist to get off to misogyny as long as it's not happening to you?

No. 1702011

This has never made sense to me. Why is yaoi called out for being "fetishistic" but trap porn never is?

No. 1702017

''trap'' has been considered a ''fetishistic'' term for a while now, that's why zoomers use femboy instead of trap.

No. 1702019

It has been. People just ignore them because most of the people calling it out are TiFs. I don't think they're wrong though

No. 1702023

I am honestly convinced that "it's gay" referring to sexy/sexualized males is straight up a cope. They know that these things appeal to women primarily but they also know that being half naked in vulnerable sexualizing poses is humiliating. Men laugh at women complaining about sexualization but they absolutely know that it's bad and humiliating, they just think that women should put up with it and that them and other men shouldn't

No. 1702025

Because the men making and getting off to "trap porn" claim that it helped them "discover" they were trans, and the trans male to female (never the other way around) is the sacred cow of online oppression olympics. The ultimate get out of jail free card in leftist and fandom spaces. Tiffies get uppity and claim cis women fetishize gay men by consuming yaoi, but gay men don't give a shit and actually resent tiffies for transitioning into what they see as a mockery of themselves, and doing all the things tims do to women but to a lesser degree. Straight tifs are hypocrites and lack self awareness. But all of it plays into male supremacist double standards. Men can fetishize, abuse and rape, but it's always women's fault. Women on the other hand must be crucified if they ever dare to reverse the dynamic in any way.

No. 1702034

>for transitioning into what they see as a mockery of themselves
Remember when the webcomic Boyfriends came out? The way gay men absolutely SEETHED at it was hilarious.

No. 1702039

File: 1695149538020.jpeg (50.5 KB, 550x709, IMG_4290.jpeg)

Isn’t that just Himaruya

No. 1702043

I once got banned from a discord server for saying trap in reference to an anime character. But to be fair I was in the wrong for being in a discord server

No. 1702050

File: 1695150000155.jpeg (39.06 KB, 680x406, IMG_4292.jpeg)

I think nowadays the term ‘trap’ to trannies is like a direct insult because I guess it implies the anime characters are trapping/tricking people with their cock
Just ignore that troons are obsessed with trap characters I guess

No. 1702054

did gay men actually seethe at it? i only saw TIFs seething at it

No. 1702055

I think there was other drama outside of that though, I saw she drew porn of a member from BTS when he was underage. Funny how that's the one thing people don't actually mention in the callouts for her though

No. 1702063

A lot of the gay men on 4chan hated it. Woke gay men on twitter/tiktok thought it was stereotypical.

No. 1702072

It was mostly tiffies seething in woke spaces but yes. And then the creator came out as a tif herself and admitted the nerdy white boy was her self insert (?)

No. 1702074

>A lot of the gay men on 4chan hated it
gay men on 4chan hate yaoi because its for women, that's why they jack off to trapshit

No. 1702112

Again, I don't know if Joanna Russ wrote it, but it was a political lesbian who had another sci-fi fantasy novel that involved a man being a brain-dead cyborg manservant, so yeah.

No. 1702123

NTA, but was it The Matter of Seggri by Ursula K. Le Guin?

No. 1702136

holy shit i love Earthsea, never knew ursula was this based. I am going to check it out.

No. 1702146

Speaking of Ursula, I’m a big fan of "cuntboy" and "mpreg" shit but mostly only when it’s a "all the characters are technically hermaphrodites" situation more akin to Left Hand of Darkness than traditional omegaverse. Unfortunately that’s also exceedingly rare compared to alpha and omega crap.

No. 1702160

>Sadly Japanese misogyny is not “bad enough” to mass radicalize them like say,
Interesting, maybe that's why there are many raging manhating radfems in Korea as opposed to in Japan

No. 1702162

I'm not educated on the matter but I do remember an anon here somewhere comenting about there being a separatist movement of sorts in Japan, but I guess they keep it pretty low

No. 1702166

Granted, Korean moids are somehow worse than Japanese moids despite so many of the latter being openly perverted little girl lovers. Chinese and Korean women seem to be wising up to their men's mental retardation at a faster rate than Japanese women.

No. 1702173

I have been cursed with the taste of a gay moid regarding most of my husbandos but especially my main one and it’s somewhat liberating because I very very rarely have to see images of him with top scars or arbitrarily black. Downsides are that it’s lonely and finding good nsfw art (normal art is good tho) is nigh impossible.

No. 1702174

who is it? i have neither female nor male tastes so my husbandos have 0 fanart that isnt made by me

No. 1702175

Nta but I'm at the same boat as you. I don't think anyone ever wrote fanfic about him either. But that makes me happy because I don't want the wrong people to find him. I'm ready to draw and write my own stuff if it means weirdos don't ruin him.

No. 1702228

Japanese girls idolizing Korea might change this tho.

No. 1702242

Nope. It's the ultra cool, totally passes as a guy goth "boy" character. Aiden self inserts as the aiden, never fails

No. 1702286

>Trap porn
I'm not sure if being a faggot male is considered a fetish in itself.

No. 1702460

File: 1695193229675.png (5.78 KB, 332x332, IMG_9165.png)

No, Nona, it’s about what moids PERCIEVE womanhood to be. I’m confident in my own womanhood. I find womanhood to mean the community, understanding and connection between fellow women on the basis of our shared experiences, whether that be positive or negative. It’s the moid who perceives us as weak, feeble game to be hunted down and preyed upon, and so relishes in their own flawed vision of women. That’s why it’s so cathartic for me to poke that bubble and let it collapse inwards. Let them experience the faux ‘womanhood’ they believe in so strongly, that they get off on each and every day by leering at and harassing us, thinking that their actions will define anything about who we are. Let it collapse, and let them experience their own making to the fullest. Because there’s nothing a man fears more than his OWN design of womanhood.

No. 1702463

(Also, I see nonnies refuting this by saying ‘okay well he has a cunt so he’s not a man and you’re a misogynist.’ You fools. Because most of my fandoms consistently have some kind of magical system, I’m able to only seek out fics where they get their genitalia changed temporarily by a magic spell or some such. This is tranny avoidance hack 101 because the people who select this trope specifically are so few and far between that I know for sure they’re avoiding the self insert TIF edition of cuntboy on purpose, AKA they’re thinking along the same logic as myself).

No. 1702466

Again. You’re only one step of thinking behind my point above.

Still covered by my point.

No. 1702472

you just have a gross sissification fetish like moids, there is nothing based about that

No. 1702474

kek, it's not men reading that shit though it's other masochistic mentally ill women. Pickmes sure are something.

No. 1702495

Did you miss the part where I said it was cathartic for ME nona or can you just not read?

No. 1702538

that's still quite pathetic, you are still no different than the moids who get off to sissification

No. 1702540

Same thing happens when a work has alien species that are extremely humanoid. If this species looks exactly like humans but they have elf ears I guess that’s a good enough of a reason to take more liberties with genitalia to some writers. I laughed really hard seeing the AO3 tag “Stewjoni Produce Both Ova and Sperm (Star Wars)” for the first time because the name for the planet Stewjon jokingly comes from Jon Stewart, and the Star Wars girlies are making their hermaphrodite fetish headcanons off of it is something I wouldn’t imagine in a million years kek.
I’ve read some of those magic vagina works too but the authors other work involved tranny shit or something like turning a male character in a tradwife. It’s like 50/50 if the writer gives the male characters a vagina for strictly sci fi bullshit porn reasons or because of tranny self inserting shit.

No. 1702567

File: 1695205837633.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1502, IMG_1776.jpeg)

I know this is a joke and I did kek a little but at what point will fandom acknowledge how unwilling they are to prop up actual lesbian ships instead of self inserting everything from men to… wheat fields??? Btw this isn’t about the yaoi fujos versus yuri lesbian fans beef I’m talking about how even lesbian fans are avoiding real lesbian ships for some reason this trend is odd and I am very confused

No. 1702578

File: 1695209837955.jpeg (332.39 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_1782.jpeg)

Based comic.

No. 1702579

>women are only allowed to enjoy 100% morally correct things or else they're just as bad as moids

No. 1702581

Is the male character a misogynist or what?

No. 1702586

No the comic was made in response to how saying you like yaoi or your favourite husbando summons waves of yuri fans to decry you for ‘not liking women instead’ or even ‘hating women’. Modern fandom is ridiculous

No. 1702606

“You like Y thing? Then you must hate X thing!” —fandom tards since the beginning of time

No. 1702646

kek reminds me of the same types of speds that will call someone misogynistic for not liking a female character with a coomer character design

No. 1702681

It can be annoying but it’s just for fun, for me personally I prefer butch women and there aren't a lot of f/f ships with them. I am lesbian but I mostly ship hetero pairings, I honestly don’t know why

No. 1702693

Yeah, I think it's okay to find people who like that gross. They might not be the same but you can't blame people for lumping all people into weird shit into the same box. Why else do you think it's called immorally correct? Because people don't find it moral, it's normal kek

No. 1702735

this meme is annoying as fuck and overdone

No. 1702758

I'd bet money that the majority of the lesbians making these memes are mtf troons or male-pref bi women and pretending to be obsessed with yuri for queer performance points

No. 1702839

Why do some people like really fucked up problematic ships? Like what is the reason?

No. 1702841

No. Nobody here cares about which two boys twitterfags prefer to see or not see fucking. Problematic anti proship bullshit is obnoxious on a good day. Don't try to bait a debate about it here.

No. 1702851

not a part of this discussion but i hate even seeing the word "proship" it's so gay and retarded oldschool making-ED-pages-out-of-spite style it's so annoying i don't even care to know what it actually means because everyone argues like a drooling internet addict and it's exhausting to even try

No. 1702877

I wanted to talk about truly depraved ships, but that’s fine. We don’t need to talk about that.

No. 1702890

i never said that, you can enjoy your shitty fetish, but dont pretend its feminist ''putting moids in their place!!!'' shit when it's the same shit AGP moids who end up killing women to wear their skin jack off to

No. 1702894

You are so gonna troon out.

No. 1702895

what kind of ships? like incest stuff? probably because it's taboo

No. 1702923

Unironically, some people are so ass deep into internet drama, they force themselves to like problematic ships for the sake of being problematic. I've seen so many proshippers jump to ship something just because someone called it weird

No. 1702951

Why aren’t fan comics as popular as fan fiction?

No. 1702968

Because you can write a chapter in 2 hours but 2 hours of work only gets you half a page of a comic. They're an unbelievable timesink.

No. 1702972

Comics take significantly more skill, time and effort for significantly less content. And you can always rely on Japanese fans to create doujin and do it better than most western fans could.

No. 1702981

Would an ao3 for fan comics work?

No. 1703022

Bad art Can really get in the way of a good idea, fanfic kinda just requires you to know how to string words together and communicate ideas. I think you’re more likely to be able to enjoy a mediocre fic than a mediocre fancomic

No. 1703117

File: 1695267804673.jpg (520.23 KB, 2048x1536, [19-01-27] 1089313679718240256…)

I wonder why we don't have a dojin community like in Japan. I envy Japanese fandoms so much, you could have an extremely autistic and niche interest like Phineas and Ferb, and you are bound to have a dedicated, small and talented fandom that makes good fanart, dojins and even community fanprojects like anthologies.

No. 1703122

Because the woke west is a disease. I dunno where you are from, but in America, we cant have anything because people here are obsessed with being exclusive, which is code for including faggots, gendies and trannies. Women in Japan have their own events all the time. I follow a group which debuted in Japan and they have so many offline and cafe events for them. We could never do that shit here. It's so frustrating

Women can freely ship their BL husbandos, but in America, they'd agree about the character being a tranny or some other bs.

No. 1703123

KEK this ship is so specific.I honestly love stuff like this though.It's wild how it's always so well drawn too.

No. 1703124

File: 1695268824079.jpg (171.34 KB, 600x902, 1635658868975.jpg)

same, i love how specific it is. It shows it's a genuine passion project, reminds me of the weird angry bieversxOC horror doujin. I love this stuff.

No. 1703128

Part of it is the ease and cost of small press printing and shipping in Japan. Compared to the west it's cheap to buy a run of high-quality doujinshi and a few dozen keychains, stickers or other small merch without having to crowdfund for it. Japanese printing companies also mind their own business, so getting narked on for "obscene" content is virtually unheard of. Most doujin artists can hope to make a small profit or at least break even on the cost of printing and the booth. Thousands of doujinshi conventions are hosted each year and many of them focus on specific genres like BL, ryona, or otakubait shit like Touhou and Kancolle. Cons showcase all doujin media but art and comics are the biggest draw.

Doujinshi culture is also more accepted than Western zine or comic culture. A lot of professional mangakas get their start making doujin solo or in circles so it's not seen as underground or culturally avant-garde. Several of this generation's biggest published authors are former fanfic writers, yet the hobby is still seen as cringy and juvenile.
Also, this is my little tinfoil but I also think doujin culture can't really take off here because Western, especially American, artists are too precious about their work. Even good-quality doujinshi is treated almost as ephemera by the artists in Japan. It's not meant to stick around forever and represent something more than self-indulgent fun. It's made for fans by fans, enjoyed, and then moved on from. Fandom doujinshi exists in a legal grey area so most artists wouldn't want their work to spread too far and potentially get them in trouble. Some JP artists would rather see their work deleted and forgotten about than translated and spread all over the internet, even if it meant profit for them. Western fandomers are too prone to political wank and virtue signaling to let anything they create fade peacefully. Most online Western fandoms can't even pull together a 50-page fanart zine without devolving into retarded personal drama. It isn't to say that all Japanese fandoms are perfect little hives where everyone is rational and chill. It's just a fact that their collectivist culture and manga industry is better at fostering doujin communities better than the individualistic, attention focused West.

No. 1703143

it would just be filled with typical tumblr troon art

No. 1703146

File: 1695271338129.png (3.54 MB, 1813x2433, based autistic westaboos.png)

I think outside of this, most western artists dont seem that passionated about what they write/draw. So many western artists just draw for a monthly patreon paycheck at best and virtual signalling at worst, and while i am glad artists are allowed to earn money off their art, i feel this pushes artists to draw popular stuff instead of their own interests. I genuinely love how passionated Japanese artists are, specially westaboos. Most westaboo dojins are of media that has virtually 0 fandom in the west, and you can tell the artist is drawing for themselves first. I seriously cant believe there are 2 R18 dojins of the fucking balloon from Gumball.

Here is a compilation just from lurking alice books for 30 mins, most of these dojins are based on stuff with 0 fandom, yet you can tell are done with love. I wonder if the cartoon fandom as a whole is very supportive in Japan, and that's why artists can shit out boss baby dojins of all things. I find it fascinating.

No. 1703151

It's funny how east asian westaboos and autistic deviantart fetishists have the same level of passion for their western cartoons but completely different levels of artistic skill.

No. 1703153

File: 1695272183389.png (158.94 KB, 356x487, goof.png)

KEK I refuse to believe some of these aren't shitposts

No. 1703155

File: 1695272239263.jpg (770.42 KB, 1654x1167, 91609989_p3.jpg)

yeah, i wonder why?. It's the reason why i have a westaboo specific folder for art of cartoons drawn by Japanese artists. They also get obssesed with the most obscure of things, like this fujo who really likes Song of the south. There is also a massive fandom for the three caballeros.

No. 1703157

File: 1695272374836.jpg (341.56 KB, 915x1098, 73876113_p8.jpg)

I think Japanese people are genuinely incapable of Irony. It's the only explanation as to why they can draw husbando art of randall from monster inc for years without stopping. I love them, i wish i wasnt irony poisoned.

No. 1703158

I will take any excuse I can to post this masterpiece, now in AMV form.

No. 1703159

File: 1695272900506.jpg (106.52 KB, 900x900, 1648228080503.jpg)

>Boss Baby Doujin

No. 1703160

to be fair, it's SFW. The madagascar dojin on the other hand has a R18 tag…

No. 1703173

File: 1695274513204.png (520.63 KB, 500x700, FlZ-7ZxaMAAmw2v.png)

Anime boy beatdowns hit different.
We already discussed this it's the forbidden fruit
>age gaps

No. 1703176

File: 1695274685621.png (182.14 KB, 546x546, he's sorry women.png)

Plot twist: their husbando is Adachi

No. 1703180

Oh whoops just saw it was actually Ouma

No. 1703192

himaruya is 10000% female lmao

No. 1703198

File: 1695276162175.gif (25.37 KB, 200x200, 4887b61d576e6170648c543d3e3739…)

unrelated but why is male ryona in the western community referred to as "whump"? It's the least sexy term ever and it's always the most cringe fandom mom 30 year old MCU women writing about it in the most infantilized and twee way possible. I'm just trying to jerk off to men getting beat up, what the fuck is this shit?

No. 1703199

replied to wrong post lol

No. 1703202

Isn't whump less of a ryona fetish and more of a ''nurturing'' fetish? I agree I want to see more men beat up.

No. 1703211

Both are my posts anyway, but yeah I don't get the term 'whump' (reminds me more of wumbo than anything else)

No. 1703214

I like whump more because I don’t care about anime men and whump is as you said the western term. But too much of it is sappy shit like the male getting a cold and being nursed back to health by the yaoi husband or female self insert. I don’t want comfort, where are the males becoming meat crayons and super powers failing so spider-man breaks all his shit. I Just want to see what ifs that the hero isn’t able to get himself out of the interrogation torture not being fed soup.

No. 1703216

I get the appeal of nursing a character back to health, but never the actual pain process of a character(that seems degen)

No. 1703218

men are built to get broken, otherwise god wouldnt have done them so sturdy and sent them to die in war. Men also want to die in war and get hurt too, otherwise they wouldnt play COD.

No. 1703224

I do but only for adult male characters

No. 1703235

okay, but bdsm is cringe though.

No. 1703238

femdom is cool, maledom is retaded though

No. 1703239

maledom is worse but in terms of cringyness both are bad, If a guy called me mommy or mistresses I'd probably die of sheer embarrassment, its just kinda…. well cringe.

No. 1703241

File: 1695281087351.jpeg (95.65 KB, 750x702, 43A1B24D-803A-4908-B46E-3E0313…)

He better be sorry

What this is the first time I’ve ever heard this term. I prefer the pixiv tag of “men in pain” kek

No. 1703243

that's why true femdom stacies gag their moids

No. 1703244

File: 1695281269570.png (15.74 MB, 2890x3318, 96842446_p0.png)

>maledom is retaded though
Most of the hetships I like have male yanderes or just generally psychotic males so I can't really relate.

No. 1703246

you are pretty retarded but that's fine

No. 1703250

File: 1695281631747.jpg (161.73 KB, 1963x1991, IMG_9777.jpg)

>He better be sorry
Chances are he actually isn't.
It's a fate I've accepted.

No. 1703257

No offense anon but it does kinda scream BPD mess

No. 1703259

would you say the same about femdom where the woman is the yandere/psychotic one?

No. 1703267

I don't have BPD but my taste in ships and my husbando makes it seem like I do (pic is not my husbando btw)
Closest I can think to that is Shion to Satoshi in Higurashi

No. 1703269

The women who make this kind of art are rotted beyond comprehension

No. 1703270

File: 1695283576349.png (360.14 KB, 1000x686, 51397585_p11.png)

What's wrong with Adayu?

No. 1703292

File: 1695286344660.jpg (157.08 KB, 1080x624, IMG_20230920_183237.jpg)

There's currently mini drama in the BG3 fandom
>Baudelaire Welch 24 year old they/them from rich family hired by the studio when she was just 20
>she joins a fan discord and keeps talking, fueling fanfic ideas and enjoying the popularity
>she mentions crunch in several of her posts (pic not related)
>as the game gets more popular, her posts get shared on reddit
>mods of the fan discord go full damage control and lock the channels she posted in, she goes radio silent

This is why writers touch grass and don't involve themselves with fan discords

No. 1703313

I personally only like maledom when it's yaoi, straight maledom is cringe and misogynistic.

No. 1703314

She types in such an irritating way, why do writers always talk like that

No. 1703321

You mean myreadingmanga kek

No. 1703322

I know a depraved zhongchi artist made this. I felt a shiver deep in my soul, but I just knew.

No. 1703337

NTA but your posting reminded me one of my sister's friends got a giant Adachi's face tattooed all over her thigh kek
She has a boyfriend, I wonder what's like touching her while there's an Adachi staring at you, sounds unnerving

No. 1703363

Do you mean the artstyle reminds you of a specific artist?

No. 1703367

File: 1695307010627.jpg (165.28 KB, 1200x1200, Tomie icons.jpg)

Pro shippers and anti shippers are just each other's divine retribution, like it sucks for anyone else that happens to be in the same space as them, but they deserve each other . Who the fuck cares about shipping in the general sense? I can only give a fuck about them if I've consumed the media they are from or if I'm in the fandom somehow. Why would anyone care about incest ships in general? Like I guess I would send people who make NSFW incest fanart of Loud House to the gulag if I had the power, but how is that similar to some ship that doesn't come from a little kid's cartoon and might even have unertones or explicit incest in it? Then we end up with people grouping small age gap ships with textbook examples of pedophilia and what's the point
>Oh so you are pick and choosing when it is fine to represent perverted taboo shit?
Yes and so is anyone who doesn't suffer from profund lack of reading comprehesion.

No. 1703372

So fucking true. Literally, their retarded infighting is a cancer in every community theyre in. I hate fandom drama. I dont even care about the discourse I wish theyd all shut the fuck up zoomer burgerfags need to get real problems.

No. 1703400

westerners are lazy and untalented. they'd rather doomscroll twitter all day than work hard at their craft to get better. it's no wonder we outsource our animation to the Koreans. most western artists are lazy dogshit. if they drew doujin it would be horrendous.

No. 1703401

I don't read whump as sexual, it's mostly cathartic. My fandom loves writing oodles of whump. Whumptober is also a thing so we'll be getting more soon.
nurturing is hurt/comfort. whump is hurt no comfort.

No. 1703430

Two reasons I can think of off the top of my head.
1) Westerners don't have as strong of an affinity for physical media as the Japanese do. If they can get something as a digital copy over a physical one, then they will.
2) Copyright hounds being very strong and "caring" over here. You just know that if the doujin scene ever got popular over here, then Disney and other similar corpos would be all over it like a fat kid in a candy store.

No. 1703478

No I mean that I love the ship zhongchi and all but there's a very specific species of zhongchi artist who draws tartaglia like he's a 'babygirl male wife breedable twink' and I SHUDDER

No. 1703480

That’s cringy as hell honestly kek
Is it just like the default sprite of Adachi?

No. 1703494

File: 1695319636256.png (1003.46 KB, 702x1758, Koichi_Adachi.png)

saw this post on /ot/ and I'm retarded so I had almost forgot about Persona 4 so I thought you meant this Adachi. imagine

No. 1703509

File: 1695321427104.jpg (33.9 KB, 328x386, scan0144.jpg)

Yeah, the headshot of his smiling sprite. My sister showed me the pic of it because she doesn't know anything about persona and was confused about it. The disbelief I felt when I saw it kek

No. 1703512

Depending on the fandoms and content of the fan comics you're very likely to get harassed and doxed just for drawing for fun in the West now. A lot of female artists I followed long ago on tumblr stopped posting as often as they used to and just sell basic as fuck keychains and prints during cons because they were harassed for having either Xander or Ryoma as their husbando in FE Fates and marrying them in-game. I wish I were joking. In that context it's easy to get sick of posting whatever you want online and to just share what you draw with your friends in private instead.

No. 1703517

Yeah, I'm not touching BG3 with a ten foot pole, it confirms something that I suspected for a long time, that a lot of recent Western media is made by fandom retards with no talent.

No. 1703519

I don’t know what level you have to be at to get an anime incel tattoo’d, but it’s certainly a higher one than me.

No. 1703522

this is the only right way to treat Adachi tbh

No. 1703531

I think you're correct on pretty much all points, but I'd like to add general culture too. I don't mean anything deep, but more in the sense that there's obviously going to be a lot more resources and information on how to make your self indulgent doujinshi in Japan. Not to forget, growing up around it. That's how you end up with 16 year olds having published manga.

Part of what you're pointing at is a simple difference in reality of work for a western vs a Japanese artist. So many of the Japanese artists I follow do work for mobile games, illustrations for events, and everything in between. If you draw that type of style but are American and don't speak Japanese, you're not getting any of those kind of jobs. So instead to make money you draw the flavor of the month on Patreon. At the end of the day, both western and Japanese artists need to make money somehow after all.

No. 1703538

This is what half the anons itt sound like to me kek
BG3 was artificially bred to appeal to every woman with a tumblr account in the world. But everytime I see fanart, they somehow manage to anime-ify the characters and turn them into generic twinks. Mostly talking about Astarion, because he's the only one I see all the time.

No. 1703542

are those characters considered ~gay coded~ by fans despite being romanceable by female PCs?

No. 1703548

File: 1695324430231.png (549.35 KB, 843x1174, IMG-17966.png)

It be like that

No. 1703561

Cringiest shit

No. 1703564

I feel like I need further explanation as to why this is a problem.

No. 1703574

File: 1695326476862.jpg (39.23 KB, 480x480, summer dlc ryoma.jpg)

No, the issue is that Xander is the MC's adoptive big brother because his father kidnapped the MC as a small child and treated her as a political hostage in some sort of medieval fantasy cold war with another country, and Xander is the only sibling from his family who knew all along and couldn't do shit about it and Ryoma is the MC's step-brother who also knew all along because he was old enough to remember when the MC's mother met his father and when they got married, but he hides it on purpose to make the MC think they're really related so she HAS to join his side. Keep in mind that Ryoma and the MC weren't raised together and the MC has amnesia from getting kidnapped after seeing her step-father getting shot and beheaded as a small child. It's complicated out of context but basically the whole thing was that "ex so you support incest?" and "ew these men are problematic because they kill people (during a war) and say slightly inappropriate things to the MC in that one very specific part of the game that you can easily miss and that was removed from the Western versions of the game" was thrown at a bunch of women who played the game and married either of these guys or Takumi or Leo, who are a bit younger. But all the characters I listed are adults. God forbid you want to date this character because you think he's hot and interesting or because you want another to have specific stats and skills when you unlock him.

No. 1703589

But the guy in the image isn't Childe so why make the connection

No. 1703594

I'm so glad I never got into that series, the discourse must've been horrendous. I haven't witnessed any of it though, I've only seen terminally online twitter users who bitch about pointless shit all day talk about how they "survived" it as if they couldn't have logged off at any point kek

No. 1703597

>I haven't witnessed any of it though
Good for you because the fandom is hell on earth. They're single player video games so you can somewhat avoid the retardation unless you're one of these women I talked about who do art for money and sell things during anime cons. The retardation indirectly influences how the games are censored and marketed in the West but that's a separate topic entirely and I won't go into that.

No. 1703636

Reboot Catra and Shera (didn't watch the show and I won't)

No. 1703673

that explains while the male love interests are so fucking ugly, they are supposed to appeal to tumblirinas with shit taste

No. 1703713

File: 1695338031835.png (60.17 KB, 952x436, you would NEVER see this with …)

Why can't people just accept that the vast majority of women are gonna like the obvious fujo/yumebait character best.

No. 1703722

These retards unironically feel for the moid bait of ''all women are bisexual''. My biggest pet peeve of modern fandom is how so many women force themselves to like ugly things(not speaking about Lenora, she cute) just because liking cute twinks is so fucking demonized nowadays. Firt women simping for the ugliest most depcrepit old moids, then the ''dadbods'', now i have seen a lot purposefuly make genshit pretty boys uglier. Meanwhile moids keep getting higher and higher standars that are impossible to reach, like the baby-faced instathots with photoshopped big tits and ass. Why do some women hate themselves so much?

No. 1703734

This shit gave me war flashbacks to my personal cow, a fakeboi that absolutely hated Xander and has a years-long history of harassing only female artists in the fandom. She hates it but it's all she ever talks about, still wanking over Three Houses.

No. 1703849

>24 yearl old
I hate this so much

No. 1703862

what men are you trying to date who want you to look like that

No. 1703865

I'm so curious about this, I used to draw FE fanart.

No. 1703889

have you never seen the popular ethots? they all look like that, reminds me of that woman who used to larp as a teen girl, coconutkitty something

No. 1703955

I'm way more on the "proship" side of things (ship some incest, fine with age gaps, rpf etc) but people who call themselves proshippers always feel like they're making such an effort to be as edgy as possible, maybe to upset antis who a lot of the time are just impressionable zoomers who think fandom and shipping is much more important than it actually is. When proshippers post about how they hate kids on the internet or whatever it comes off as so fucking cringe. Nobody who isn't extremely logged on is offended that you ship two brothers, Aiden/35/he/they

No. 1704014

I didn't participate in the FE fandom but someone close to me did, and the people who play this game but shit on it all the time are insane. I might risk namedropping someone who acts like she browses here, but have you ever heard about flamingarcanine and her clique of asskissers?

No. 1704028

I hate it when fandom moids blame a female character for "making" a male character evil. Like all the horrible things a male character does is blamed on the woman.

Like in Moral Orel for instance, men keep blaming Bloberta for "ruining" Clay and "making him a terrible person." I hate it sooo much. I swear only men say shit like this.

No. 1704064

nta but I agree. I more publically talk about how I don't like proshippers, but in actuality they would probably consider me one of their own. I just can't get into dedicating years of your life to internet discourse.
You're so right, it's so annoying. Even more so, I hate when people just hate on female characters who aren't absolutely 100% good or on the side of the popular male characters. I've felt this in arcane and house of the dragon, and so many anime I can hardly count. Bonus points if they hate her but are okay with an even more evil man just because they find him hot/ship him with somebody else

No. 1704067

I think I know that name, and seen some of her comments and she seemed really annoying. But that's it.

No. 1704107

Is she in tumblr or on twitter? Tumblr became a shithole so I can't check blogs without an account anymore.

No. 1704281

if you have ublock original, put these in the filters


No. 1704329

She rebranded to florlet on tumblr and has all her hateposts conveniently tagged with words like vague, venting or namedrop kek. Use /search/ instead of /tagged/ in the url. Tends to asterisk ship names but she shits on Corrin/Xander a lot.

No. 1704331

Same anon, it's actually mordredbi now. She must have run through a few urls for the shit she stirred over there.

No. 1704333

File: 1695390643161.png (Spoiler Image,434.99 KB, 660x910, FfEzd6aQAAsnQ.png)

Mind you, this is what the average fujoshi would be like if they actually stopped pretending. i.e the most insufferable heterosexual women imaginable (which they objectively already are). So, I say let them keep their sad delusions.

No. 1704403

What’s wrong with that pic?

No. 1704438

Sorry I like my 2D men fucking their husbando. I just like to watch

No. 1704462

How do I put this in the filters? I already use ublock origin just to block ads.

No. 1704466

and that's exactly what I mean, cause you are essentially that image above but pretend its two men fucking, so you don't feel ashamed.

No. 1704472

Nah sometimes I like my husbando both ways. Take Itto from Genshin, I love watching him get railed by pretty boy bully Ayato but I equally fantasise about Itto railing ME. You can have your cake and eat it, that’s fiction for you.

No. 1704479

File: 1695408082094.png (16.36 KB, 308x456, 874.png)

I think you have to click the gears & copy-paste the code in the text box that opens after.

No. 1704487

File: 1695408840786.png (626.62 KB, 519x753, Leon.png)

Nta but I agree. I like to think of my faves in different situations and dynamics. It's really not that serious, or at least to me it isn't. Even if you're not a fujo you still get cucked by the reality of never getting to fuck your husbando because he isn't real(duh).

No. 1704488

calm down

No. 1704498

But I'm not ashamed at two men fucking one another? Nonnie, I'm not a yume

No. 1704500

Thanks, I'll check if it's working and I'll laugh at that girl too.

No. 1704508

>I love watching him get railed by pretty boy bully Ayato
Supreme taste!!

No. 1704509

no your ashamed/embarrassed of your own obvious heterosexuality and so you have to pretend to live through a fantasy of two male characters(with its clearly not ever two men) fucking.

No. 1704511

I feel like anytime I see the word genshin when someones talking about fandom stuff, I know I'm about to read some dumb shit. That fanbase is one of the most annoying fanbases I've seen in a long time and I'm so confused why and what makes it appeal to so many ages and both genders. Gacha-weebstuff really runs the world, huh

No. 1704515

Personally, I can't even comprehend how anyone can sexualize Genshin Characters. The characters all have such flat personalities, backstories, and designs that I really don't understand how anyone can think of wasting their time on it, this applies to both the usual coomers and fujos.

No. 1704516

I fucking hate gacha shit and I don’t understand why people would want to spend real money on that garbage. Was it made with gambling addicts in mind?

No. 1704517

i'm not a genshin fan nor even a video game player but those designs are anything but plain kek but maybe you mean they're so crazy overdesigned that they register as plain. there's way too much going on there
totally agreed

No. 1704518

Nothing will ever be as horrible as Homestuck imo.

No. 1704519

The intention is to create addicts and it works. Why bother to make a decent game anymore and sell it once when you can milk money from gambling addicted weebs all day long with gachas? It's really a shit phenomenon.

No. 1704525

>Watching two men fuck as a straight woman attracted to men is the least heterosexual thing a woman can do
NTAYRT but nona if a woman loves men so much that she wants to see double the action in her sauce then I’d argue that’s the STRAIGHTEST thing a girl can do kek

No. 1704530

I mean, is there really anything else?

No. 1704547

True, whenever someone talks about how sexy they are it feels like some kind of joke.

No. 1704548

>two male characters(with its clearly not ever two men)

No. 1704554

I always find the topic of which creator/piece of media is deemed 'problematic/bad' to be so random and arbitrary at times. Just yesterday, I watched a breadtue video about how Tim Burton is bad actually, because his films are racist (due to the lack of representation of black people) and hypocritical (because he's an outcast but doesn't include queer characters who are bigger outcasts of society), anti-Semitic (because the Penguin from Batman Returns had a big nose) and his criticism about society just aren't deep enough and don't addresses real issues(like the Nuclear Family and Christianity). It seemed like grasping at straws. The idea that Tim Burton's films are shallow and lack substance is not new, it has been a criticism since the 90s. The problem is trying to frame this as a justification for judging him as a person. You could equally find flaws in David Lynch's films (tumblr types love him) or John Waters. Again It seems so arbitrary

No. 1704568

File: 1695417166087.jpg (71.72 KB, 785x785, F6ogmBcXcAAoDtg.jpg)

I think they're company just can't design characters in general, because what the fuck is this

No. 1704569

I have some weird anecdotal evidence in regards to why so many fangirls claiming to be queer might be into slash.
I myself am bi not lesbian, so take this with a grain of salt, but I've noticed that I've lost my taste for slashfic over the past couple of years.
When I was younger and still a virgin, I read a lot of slashfic because that's what everything in fandom was. Everything that was written by women for a woman's tastes, at least. If you wanted a specific plot or kink or dynamic, there was a slash ship for it - but not necessarily other kinds. And when I read it I found it sexy, because I didn't have any actual experience with sex.
But ever since I got into a relationship and started having sex myself, I just…really don't find slashfic inherently appealing anymore. Like, there are a couple of ships I still like because of the characters, but when I'm looking for stories that are sexy I look for f/f or f/m now. Like I really want at least one woman involved, and I want to see her have pleasure.
(Also, slash generally involves anal sex, and I can't find that appealing anymore either lol)
The vast majority of fic is going to be focused on men, because the vast majority of authors are women who like men. But I'm not going to be skeptical of every young fangirl who's into m/m because she just might be going along with the flow.
There's also older married women who are still super into slash, and while I personally don't understand that anymore I think they're just straight lol. They're generally not the ones claiming to be gay or bi though.

No. 1704573

Aren't his movies for mostly kids anyways? Ofcourse it will be shallow and lack substance. It's just dumb mindless fun with spoopy cutesy aesthetics. I like his movies mostly because of the aesthetic and the set and character designs. As well as it being claymartion, his movies introduced me to it.

No. 1704576

Again, according to the video(at around 35:30) she mentions that his films don't accurately critique society, unlike the 90's Adams family films, which somehow critique society better.

No. 1704578

When you hit the random button in a dress up game

No. 1704586

File: 1695419182530.jpg (361.98 KB, 983x1920, tumblr_f301df76cd04692857b884d…)

Hugely ot and nta but through one of her reblogs I'm now reading up on insane Booktok drama, picrel

No. 1704606

File: 1695420282264.jpg (Spoiler Image,594.62 KB, 640x1100, pornsick genshin fans.jpg)

Genshin is the worst thing to occur to the internet since twitter was invented.

No. 1704695

For me, I still like slashfic but I read it more for the emotions/story rather than smut. I used to read it purely for smut when I was younger.

No. 1704799

who drew this?

No. 1704827

I wonder what percentage of nonas ITT are straight and how many are bi or lesbians and if there's any correlation between that and opinions on fandom stuff?

No. 1704892

wait people actually believe this?

No. 1704907

File: 1695451418237.png (15.64 KB, 586x251, ok.png)

most embarrassing behavior. also censored this girl's username because shes just a rando and i dont want this to seem like a vendetta post

No. 1704915

starting to wonder if being in a relationship shifts opinions. I'm similar to >>1704569 except it wasn't for slash fics but unhealthy het ships.

No. 1704926

I think it might be more of a case by case thing tbh. I've always been single and I'm straight, I like BL and I've met a lot of women my age who are into the same pairings or BL manga for the same reasons who have different sexual orientations and who are dating or married. A lot of BL mangaka or just hobbyist are married with kids too and draw really raunchy stuff. Meanwhile there's that guy who used to draw really crazy shit that are NSFL at that point who now draws normal stuff or even manga that aren't BL like the one about some guy whose twin brother is gay and married to a white guy but died and his brother in law is staying with his family. I can't remember his name, it starts with G but I wouldn't be surprised if he were like you but as a gay guy.

No. 1704932

File: 1695458022187.jpg (191.75 KB, 1920x1080, genshin-impact-bennett.jpg)

i have always wanted to play genshin because i find its male characters sex, but also i am tummy/midriff sperg and no other anime is willing to give me fanservice

No. 1704989

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 1705026

Ngl he looks like a 12 year old, pls get better taste anon

No. 1705027

>liking genshin boys means you are underage
the fuck

No. 1705030

no, i am happy with my taste in generic anime twinks. keep your roided freaks to yourself

No. 1705035

No, having underage husbandos make you underage

No. 1705036

She types like an underagefag, and liking Genshin characters is a sign of emotional immaturity imo.

No. 1705038

nta but why is this always the response kek just because someone doesn't get off on what looks closest like a child than an adult doesn't mean she's into bodybuilder roiding freaks of nature gaybears or senile men in homes. cool it

No. 1705046

i don't play the game so i don't know the age, he's just a generic anime twink to me.
i just think they are cute, what's wrong with it?
everytime someone complains about some other woman's choose in husbando material they always have the ugliest mf husbando tastes themselves. i remember getting called out a pedo for drawing generic animu twinks before and when i checked that person's tw it was a she/they who sperged about old man yaoi and dadbods. another freak that also jumped to attack me was openly and proud into old gross men. from personal experience i just know they have awful taste, which is fine, but it's annoying when they shit on other women's tastes. imagine if moids cared this much.

No. 1705053

>imagine if moids cared this much.
Imagine anyone caring. Why did you even make that post in the first place, it didn't add anything to a conversation. Keep your shotashit to yourself

No. 1705055

why dont you just ignore it then? anons sperg about finding cuntboy shit hot and liking abusive husbandos itt

No. 1705065

you live in such a bubble you think everyone has a "husbando" or even likes men at all. stop with the assumptions and jumping to ridiculous conclusions especially when it's completely irrelevant kek. you like a character who looks like a child that's all, but it's not a "twink" or whatever, and it doesn't make you superior just like not liking bara or old ass men doesn't make anyone superior either, just gross

No. 1705070

File: 1695473596467.png (101.37 KB, 790x757, 1687658377757.png)

it's not a child, will never be child, and i will never fall for ugly old man propaganda. He's a generic ass anime twink with a nice midriff(he even has pecs too) i have seen so many female artists shift from drawing cute men in the late 00s/2010s to drawing ugly old men, and on top of that having the audacity to harass pretty boy artists, i am convinced its propaganda perpetuated by men and pickmes, just like how they memed women into bdsm now they want to meme them into old man yaoi and shit. Diaperchangers and roided pig freak propaganda will never get to me. I will never take the opinion of users of a board with not one, but TWO generals for ugly af men, there were even some anons discussing finding some old decrepit corpse looking moid hot before.

No. 1705073

wait kek oops i worded my post wrong i meant liking ubermasculine dudes or grandpas ( no such thing as a silver fox ) is gross and i never want to see them my bad but i stand by what i said

No. 1705075

Why choose the babiest Genshin boy and not Albedo or Scaramouche or something

No. 1705076

i genuinely dont see the difference of why those are okay while the midriff dude isnt, they even look more shota than the one i posted

No. 1705080

idk how you can see bennett as sexual when he's just a wholesome unlucky kid.

No. 1705081

I dunno, just judging your taste

No. 1705082

i dont play the game i just see midriff and it activates my neurons, genki boys are cute husbando material anyways

No. 1705087

Can't believe my 28yo friend I have known since elementary school is secretly underage kek

No. 1705088

Based. Some people unironically come here like
>"Umm the character you like resembles, like, a child to me, can you like….not??? Makes me really uncomfortable????"
Like they're not a complete stranger to you. Nah, go talk to your dad about his porn habits, Gretchen.

No. 1705109

File: 1695477648935.png (1.86 MB, 1881x1540, moeshit proportions.png)

i genuinely dont understand how they see it as a child. He has average moeshit proportions, no one would call yui or miho lolis. I am so tired of every male character that isnt 10 heads tall with wide shoulders and super buff being called a shota or child, and i fucking despise the blorbofication of male characters ''no you cant find this obviously yume bait character from the coomer bait franchise hot he's such a a wholesome chungus blorbo child goblin!!!'' fuck off he literally has a midriff window and exposed pecs

No. 1705133

Stop calling women with unconventional tastes pickmes, as if the TF2 girlies want to get a real mind kek. I feel your experiences are mostly anecdotal evidence for how much you sperg about this shit, you are the one who cares too much about other people husbandos.

No. 1705170

File: 1695483105697.jpg (1023.69 KB, 1058x1500, 5c64ba6831688482327092a7772b86…)

if you like ugly old moids and fat moids with beer bellies you are a pickme, and there is nothing wrong with that, but they are always the ones sperging and judging others while their taste is not only abysmal but also an adquired taste from being bombarded by ugly scrotes in media, literal brainwashing by scrotes too afraid(and jealous) to draw and/or cast cute men in media. Or do you genuinely think women are born masochists into dominant men/ugly old scrotes and not brainwashed to find abusive and old males attractive? if you like old/fat men i am sorry but you have been brainwashed, least you can do is not be a pest to the women who were lucky enough not to and can appreaciate cute male characters.

No. 1705172

>He has average moeshit proportions, no one would call yui or miho lolis
They're young women dumbass, moe proportions are usually seen on female or younger characters like kids. No adult man looks like this shota you're posting about

No. 1705179

File: 1695483593356.jpg (1.19 MB, 1800x1911, ideal-proportions-various-ages…)

no woman has 5 head proportion retard, those are toddler proportions irl but we are talking about anime with big heads and bug eyes exagerated to look cuter aka moeshit. no moid looks like an anime twink, it's an insult to superior 2D men to compare them to gross pigs.

No. 1705181

>fighting anon because the character "looks like a kid" instead of fighting her for not being put off by the horrible character design

No. 1705182

You're acting as if everybody is posting Prince Philip or Jabba the Hutt tier dudes in the husbando threads when I really don't recall anybody being into that shit, weirdest guy is Grima and I've never seen his husbandofag shitting on anybody else's taste, everybody is cordial in these threads, if anything you're the one who is constantly derailing random threads out of nowhere and acting like you're oppressed for liking bishounens.

No. 1705194

we have two whole generals for ugly moids, the batman scrote and the other who retards compare to beautiful borzois when he looks like dobbie

No. 1705197

I think we should shame anybody who is into Genshin Impact imo.

No. 1705199

>no one would call yui or miho lolis
Sorry you can't even see how fucked up your perspective is because you consoom too much animu garbage. basically the whole industry is pedos drawing their horny cartoon fantasies and selling it to horny teenagers and other pedos.

No. 1705202

i genuinely dont care i like my animu shit, it's the only place where i can actually see attractive male characters. last pedowood movie i saw was barbie and i wanted to puke after seeing all the ugly kens, specially that goblin manlet one from the end. i cant believe they hired someone as busted and ugly and busted as ryan gosling to play ken! the fucking perfect bimbo plastic man!, and fucking no one complained about it but called barbie too old. that's how i knew the propaganda was too potent for the average normie woman to realize, sad

No. 1705204

yes they would and do and did way back with yui, i'm sorry but are you crazy? i'm baffled. don't even try to sealion.

No. 1705205

>no woman has 5 head proportion retard
I know dumbass, but that's just the anime style, female and kids are stylized like that, male characters don't usually got moe proportions unless they're young or teenagers

No. 1705206

Then go and fight the artists instead of insisting anon has to see it the same way as you.

No. 1705207

Those are schoolgirl aka children you are comparing him so how the fuck that contradict my point?

No. 1705209

>and fucking no one complained about it
this is just blatantly false kek you're definitely trolling. calling ryan gosling as ken unfit for the role due to age and ugliness was legitimately one of the first things people did when pictures of the movie came out. it amassed loads of replies just on celebricows on july of last year. you're literally living in a bubble

No. 1705210

Is not just the proportions but also the band aid in the nose and the shorts. Those are typical little boy character design traits you fucking degenerate.

No. 1705211

yui has never been a loli what the fuck are you on about
i draw my men with moe proportions, seethe
do you think free and haikyu is pedoshit too?
i dont read celebricows or use twitter behind just liking art of japanese artists so no, i didnt see it anywhere
you forgot the hair too, modern man past 18 are already balding and fat so i guess that makes me a pedo too

No. 1705212

>i wanted to puke after seeing all the ugly kens
Unrelated to your initial point I guess but I agree, the Kens shouldn't even have been in the movie at that point, they were hideous and had too much screentime. I don't even find Ryan Gosling unattractive usually but platinum blond hair doesn't suit him at all and shaving his beard made it even worse.

No. 1705213

> you fucking degenerate
Nta but with the way she types I think she's still young, but if she's over 22 she's a lost cause kek.

No. 1705214

This. An "adult man" with kiddie, lil schoolgirl proportions wtf?
I also noticed that, weebs are just gross

No. 1705216

Yui is literally an schoolgirl, a minor, designed by moids

No. 1705217

>i dont read celebricows or use twitter behind just liking art of japanese artists so no, i didnt see it anywhere
so don't claim that no one complained about it you fucking retard kek yes i deleted to fix a typo sue me

No. 1705219

File: 1695485226514.jpeg (115.33 KB, 944x901, 1668133696926.jpeg)

i am 22, i am glad i havent lost to the ugly man propaganda then. i cannot imagine being 22 and feeling you are too old for cute anime bishies when 3DPD my age are still oogling and dating 16-17 yo girls. this gonna be me when i am 50 while you are going to be crying while changing the shitty diapers of your geriatric husband

No. 1705220

Today, nonny saved the 18 year old male children by having a meltdown about ottermode manlets from weebshit games wearing shorts and having band-aids on their noses.
Literally the only thing about that character that can even remotely be read as "child" in good faith is the head size, but that's just anime style shite, he still has defined muscle/body tone (unlike the anime girls the OP compared him to) and I've never seen anons here seethe this hard over other anons liking or waifufagging random anime girls. It's just a limitation you place on women regarding 2D males. Why? You know a young adult male can still be short and slender, right? Have Americans and some other countries forgotten that because of the obesity crisis? Don't you guys have Timothee Chalamet, or is he considered a child and Kylie Jenner a pedophile? It's tiring.

No. 1705221

who cares? rape apes dont care, why should i care?

No. 1705222

is this not the type of roided freak you're complaining about anons liking because i honestly haven't seen anyone post a man buffer than he is

No. 1705225

File: 1695485445315.jpg (95.86 KB, 500x500, artworks-ArRPw2Oosh4ed41J-JBy3…)

>do you think free and haikyu is pedoshit too?
At least these guys look 16+, your boy looks barely 13

No. 1705230

NTA, but by this logic, pedophilia is okay as long as the minor looks older.

No. 1705232

no, there is a difference between a hot fit male and a roided freak.
literally just moving the goalpoast kek, imagine if moids did this amount of mental gymnastics when another moids says he finds nozomi from love live attractive or something

No. 1705233

Going by this thread it seen a lot of nonas don't seen teenager as children which is kinda weird.

No. 1705234

If you are the same person who's been sperging about shota in the art salt thread, you should take note that you're only bringing this upon yourself by repeatedly complaining about anons disliking shota and then acting oppressed about it. There are other anons with highly unconventional tastes here but they don't get as much shit as you do because they don't sperg about their husbando in every single thread.

No. 1705235

okay but where because he looks insane and i haven't seen anyone post anyone more muscular and by logic it's never even happened here if i haven't seen it so what are you even complaining about?

No. 1705243

File: 1695486275916.jpg (177.06 KB, 964x875, fcf3edc51d743a05294b04ba8f135f…)

''roided moid'' is just a meme, don't take it seriously, most people use it for women who dislike anime twinks because they think they are children and overcompensate by liking overly masculine characters, like that bara avatarfag
he isnt even my husbando nor a shota i just used him as an example because i liked the detail of the exposed tummy. It's annoying how anons will jump and call everyone a pedo for it when he isnt even shotashit. I have never played genshin but from what i have seen the guy i posted is the super basic new player character and judging by the steampunk aesthetic i assume this is his female counterpart, which literally no one would call loli

No. 1705244

She's been baiting in and derailing so many threads with that shit. I'm baffled that it works every time. She has some kind of complex about liking little boys and how moids are just as bad so it's fine and then she throws a tantrum when others disagree when she could simply leave and go masturbate or whatever

No. 1705246

File: 1695486428544.png (1.12 MB, 1000x1400, johnathan-joestar-allstarbattl…)

NTA but to be fair everything drawn fictional characters have is their looks and personality, their age is all made up, that's how we end up with 5000yo lolis and 13yo who look 30.
If they don't look or act like children, I don't see the problem, they're just pixels someone made up and don't have mental maturity or anything like actual humans have. I wouldn't think someone is a pedophile if they're into Jojo characters for explample, even if technically they're highschoolers (as fair I know)

No. 1705248

File: 1695486545116.jpg (276.69 KB, 1170x1295, nonnies.jpg)

way to take my posts out of context. He isnt even a shota anyways but for nonnies every character that isnt geriatric or a roided pig is a shota, what can i expect from the board that derrails threads and insists women liking 18-20yo grown ass MEN is pedophilia.

No. 1705249

She was the one that brought up these series as example of why her tastes are okay when in fact they're more aggravating, I'm not even a weeb and I'm not condoning either side (ephebophiles or pedophiles) but that boy looks way too young, even the haikyuu guys look older and they're not even adults yet
>rape apes don't care, why should i care?
Men not caring is a problem, you aren't supposed to copy their behavior

No. 1705250

File: 1695486744242.jpg (88.16 KB, 627x748, d4a39957c17dcc52b11247e590a5a1…)

also genderbending male characters is the easiest way to figure out if a character is loli/shota or if it's just your pickme retardation getting in the way, i dare anyone to call this lolibait

No. 1705254

File: 1695486911435.jpg (72.09 KB, 665x489, Screenshot_20230923-115430_1.j…)

>insists women liking 18-20yo grown ass MEN is pedophilia
Every source is citing >>1704932
as being 16 years old max, you ain't slick

No. 1705255

Being into bishies after a certain age is not a problem, the problem is being into Genshin Impact after turning 16 (also I'm a volcel stacy so I'll never have to deal with moidshit ever).

No. 1705258

>Men not caring is a problem, you aren't supposed to copy their behavior
kek who cares about being better than men, for god's sake we are getting bdsm ddlg shit pushed down our throat i will take generic animu twink any day over that
by that mentality you cant find the 99% of anime characters attractive, but hey accordig to >>1705225
it's totes oke because he's 16 kek

No. 1705261

i am not even into genshin, never played, never will, i just find the male designs cute

No. 1705266

Nta, the only characters with real canon ages are probably Diluc and Kaeya because it’s important for their plot, maybe Qiqi since she’s that dumbass trope of the 5,000 years old child that I despise. The others are just headcanons that people accept for one reason or anothe.

No. 1705270

>kek who cares about being better than men
You're deranged
>it's totes oke because he's 16 kek
I already said I don't condone any side, liking 16yo teenagers or 13yo tweens, but that doesn't make your tastes less aggravating, you're still very wrong

No. 1705275

>You're deranged
good then, i would rather be ''derranged'' than another pickme with horrible taste thanks to constant media propaganda(paid and perpetuated by moids btw!).

No. 1705278

This whole conversation is dumb, it’s a character from a videogame in a fantasy world where people use fucking elemental magic and carry huge ass swords that disappear magically after you use them in combat.
Is it really that bad to like a character from such a game? At least it’s not some retarded K-on or lucky star bullshit about cute characters doing cute shit that men somehow manage to twist until they release millions of pornographic content based on girls playing instruments at fucking school or girls going to school and saying dumbass wordplay jokes that fall flat.

No. 1705285

Everywhere I go, it's shota debates, do you guys never get tired. And why everytime it's brought up, the excuse is always "why don't you go after moids for it! why don't you hate moids for it!" We do kek That's why we hate when women like shota too. Liking kids is a male trait

No. 1705293

>Is it really that bad to like a character from such a game?
Yes, but not for the reasons being discussed

No. 1705294

it's not a shota and i have proved it multiple times, also no one is ''cancelling'' or going after men who draw loli anyways, otherwise the made in abyss guy wouldnt be a public figure and maid dragon wouldnt be popular with zoomies, you people only go after women who dont like roided or geriatric piggus and accuse them of being ''as bad as men'' for liking some generic anime shit boy when men are raping kids and marrying 9yo girls irl at worst and drawing gross shit like hyper realistic women being brutalized at best. Remember that literally no one went after shadman despite drawing irl kids being raped and to this day he still has a fanbase and a bunch of thots who cosplay as him for clout while women cant even draw mild femdom shit without being called scum of the earth

No. 1705298

I wasn't talking about you specifically, don't get so mad. I don't know if you live under a rock, but people recognize dragon maid and made in abyss as being filled with pedoshit. Nonetheless, they do remain widely popular, but only to those lolishota male weebs. But Shadman also has been called out for years, and is a legitimate pedo who had legal action proposed against him. Don't understand what any of them have to do with you though. You need to grow thicker skin.

No. 1705301

No, nona. She’s right and she should say it. Even on lolcow just casually admitting you want a man to dominate you in bed is akin to a crime against feminism of the highest order. If I want to be tied up and spanked I have every right to be without fifteen layers of social commentary lathered on top. Your picrel tweeter is based.

No. 1705304

Who gives a fuck, they are fictional characters. They are literally pixels on a screen. They don't fucking exist

No. 1705307

This is the eternal truth

No. 1705311

Not necessarily a direct response to you but I like both. It’s either reasonably aged shota or grey haired gilf for me, I find generic 20 year old anime dudes pretty fucking boring. Hence why genshit men are dull (unless the fanartist puts a spin on them, which I adore if they can pull it off well).

No. 1705313

>reasonably aged shota
And wtf even is that?

No. 1705314

>Nonetheless, they do remain widely popular, but only to those lolishota male weebs
that's not true, they somehow make excuses and believe they are totes wholesome anime, specially with dragon maid. I have seen more zoomers attacking kanna cosplayers for ''lewding'' the character than them actually attacking the original source material. Also there was recently a controversy because they released a loli bunnysuit figure of kanna, and all the zoomies were crying about how that's so vile and wanting to cancel the fucking figure manufacturer for ''lewding'' kanna, when the original source is OBVIOUS lolishit.
>shadman is cancelled
kek no he isnt, he only stopped uploading because he became a druggie, when he was collabing with oney everyone was aware of his pedoshit, genuinely no one has cancelled him and if he ever decides to come back he will keep his loyal fanbase of paypiggies and ethots

No. 1705315

Okay, then why?

No. 1705316

because popular thing bad anon, you cant like popular thing otherwise you are a kiddie and have bad taste

No. 1705318

>caring about zoomer opinions
That's your main problem. You need to start surrounding yourself with some mature people who aren't so obsessed with internet drama. I don't know what internet people you hang around, but they don't sound like adults.
>his loyal fanbase of paypiggies and ethots
Give up on those people, no normal person is going to be a shadman fan. But, again, he has been called out before. Look him up on kiwifarms or something, they've got all his drama tracked.
Because genshin is shit.

No. 1705319

exactly, shit taste

No. 1705322

>You need to start surrounding yourself with some mature people who aren't so obsessed with internet drama.
i genuinely have no idea what you are talking about, i am talking about the internet as a whole

No. 1705323

you have the 2016 youtube commentator that's going to get outed as a freak mindset, calling everything popular cringe and pretending you are above that while being a terminally online nerd yourself

No. 1705324

The internet as a whole is not worried about kanna cosplayers lol, please get out of your bubble

No. 1705326

>that's going to get outed as a freak mindset
I hope it's for reverse ryona

No. 1705327

File: 1695490222947.jpeg (107.18 KB, 632x633, IMG_2076.jpeg)

Now that you’ve created a perfect segue nona, allow me to present my tinfoil hat theory. Why the fuck is it that teenage looking anime girls are widely accepted as the standard, cookie cutter ‘waifu’ for men, but anime boys who look the exact same age are considered degenerate ’shotacon’ for women? Lolis look like actual 5-10 year old children, but shotas look like 12-17 year old teens, and yet they’re somehow seen as equally immoral. The double standard is ridiculous and I’m tired of it. It just boils down to the same thing as the anti vs proship debate; men get away with referencing lolicon from literal CP, and women are cancelled, harrassed and doxxed for drawing a lewd shounen teenage-ish character. (Picrel: the girl on the left is one of the most popular genshin waifus, whereas the guy on the right will get you obliterated off the internet by TIF fandom police because we’re not QUITE sure whether he’s 18 despite drinking alcohol in canon, AKA ‘KILL YOURSELF SHOTACON’). It all just boils down to deep rooted religious slash conservative expectations that women should always remain at least one degree more ‘pure’ than men in all aspects. Well, fuck you.

No. 1705328

momokun got cancelled for that a long time ago and the kanna bunnysuit figure was very recently

No. 1705331

>whole internet
The whole internet are not just anime fans, nonna.
Genshin fans will really sperge about anything

No. 1705333

My hypothesis about this is because usually people who are into shipping and fanfiction are so because thdy want to explore romance and sex from a save distance and find a way to indulge in it, because they want it irl but can't experience it. So fiction is the best venue for this. Once they get in a romantic and/or sexual relationship that has exactly what they were looking for in fiction, they drop the fiction because they have the real thing now. But if the relationship isn't satisfying enough they'll still seek the fiction. I personally like BL and GL stuff, can't care for straight stuff though despite being bi. I like the romance and tropes in fictional stuff because it's idealized and just "perfect", the way I want it. Irl romance and relationships are horrible and harmful more so than good and beneficial imo, so I avoid them like the plague and I'll never get into one. I'll just get my needs from fiction instead because the real thing has too much consequences I don't want to deal with that don't exist in my favorite fictional romances. (Pregnancy, living with someone else who might endanger me or just get on my nerves, sharing my money with someone else, the emotional side because I'm too selfish and individualistic and cold to care about someone else genuinely lol, I don't feel lonely so I don't actually need relationships etc.) But in fictional romance that kind of stuff is written in a way thag makes it work or it's just ignored so it doesn't make me cringe. The characters are always equals in my favorite ships and stories so there's nothing to worry about, all these things are out of the way so they can focus on actually loving each other. They also are written in ways where they get to know each other on a deep level, such as being best friends, childhood friends, teammates who go through struggles together, parallels to each other having similar backstories etc. so I love seeing their connection since it's a genuine strong one, but that doesn't exist in real life with a stranger you met and talked to to get into a relationship, so I'll probably never experience that intense connection. Funnily enough I experience it with my husbandos and waifus all the time lol. Part of this for me as well is how I can be inside the characters minds thanks to them being written that way, where I get to see all their thoughts and thought process, their feelings, their opinions, all the details of their lives so I know who they truly are 100% and that helps me getting attached to them. But with real people I don't have that extent of control and I can't know who they truly are, they will always hide something from me and never be themselves 100% in front of me, and that makes me too paranoid to get close to someone or ever be vulnerable around them, and I can never know what their reaction or opinion of me would be if I reveal my deepest darkest secrets, but I for sure can tell what my favorite fictional characters' would be, because they're usually relatable to me and have somewhat similar experiences or can sympathize with me without judging me or thinking I'm too strange since they are strange themselves, unlike a real person who would be too normal in comparison to me and I will always be the odd one out to them. This is my two cents on this topic. Hope this helps you understand this farther.

No. 1705334

i still think it's the ugly man propaganda, women are being brainwashed into accepting ugly men and hating young pretty men and characters. it's not a coincidence dadbods and old man yaoi started being a thing alongside the hate towards young male characters and regular yaoi with cute twinks started spreading. 10 years ago one direction/twilight fans would have bullied you into oblivion for even considering to simp for a creature as gross looking as paul dano. I have never been into pretty 3DPD(or flesh pigs overall) but i will take the robert pattisson/wolf guy fangirls over the paul dano fangirls any day, it's insane how low male standars have fallen in media when was the last time you saw a somewhat attractive pig in a new mainstream movie?

No. 1705335

Exactly, I don't care if you want to fuck anime bishies or Danny Devito as long as you don't shit on other people.

No. 1705339

Started to think 90% of this disscusion is just the same nona fighting with herself.

No. 1705347

You know there's a middle ground between anime twinks and "fat ugly old men" and that not being into the first one doesn't condemn you to the second one, right? Also sorry for having different tastes I guess, generic cute guys never did anything for me even as a kid. I feel like you've created this weird bogeyman to get mad on your own.

No. 1705351

This is what twitter anime politics does to your brain.

No. 1705354

i am not complaing about the women into normal attractive men because they have never personaly attacked me, it's always the NLOGs who think they are so much better for liking the ugliest scrotes alive that attack other women for liking cute anime twinks

No. 1705357

How about we hate both and think both are weird? If you're an adult who isn't attracted to adult looking characters then you are weird. I can understand liking underage looking characters when you're underage yourself, but other than that it's weird and degenerate regardless of gender. If you want cute twinky young men there are some in anime, manga and games, like Jojo male characters are mostly that way, with long hair and makeup even, or characters like Leon and some final fantasy guys etc. Or stuff by Inoue Takehiko, Sakamoto Shinichi, Naoki Urasawa etc. Or even some comics superheros/villains and superhero cartoon characters like x-men Angel or Cyclop for example. Or you can consume shoujo manga and anime with adult casts and 'hot' male characters, same for Chinese/korean manhwa/ue.

No. 1705363

File: 1695492129312.png (2.09 MB, 1400x700, jojo baras.png)

>like Jojo male characters are mostly that way
> cute twinky young men
jojo characters are literally the definition of roided pigs holy shit

No. 1705365

File: 1695492207163.jpg (51.05 KB, 626x632, i_hate_genshit_impact.jpg)

This is what genshit does to your brain.

No. 1705367

No one looks their age in jojo. The first time I saw Jolyne and a friend told me she was Jotaro's daughter I was like but they look the same age…?

No. 1705369

File: 1695492460915.jpg (472.26 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_e5e132ce73428db83b06efd…)

it doesnt matter if they look their age someone into pretty aime boys like genshit isnt going to be attracted to the roided pig shit she's recommending. At least hajime no ippo which has some cute male characters, Slam dunk has to be the most woman repelling looking anime in existence

No. 1705370

Ayrt, yeah I agree with you, I was confused why anon picked jojo as an example, especially cause so often people joke about "this is what a 15 yo looks like in jojo"

No. 1705374

she must be baiting or be a lesbian because all of her examples are some real yume repelling stuff with hideous looking male characters

No. 1705376

are you the same anon who was being picky about cute males in the artist salt threads

No. 1705378

File: 1695493008919.png (11.14 KB, 473x211, 25176016.png)

One thing I despise are "awareness"-posts that try to make others feel bad for "liking" things. Makes me feel like pic related.

People who reveal that liking means jackshit to them since it's all about promoting their shitty blog with reblogs, instead of social behavior. If I see something nice and feel like "liking" it but remember an anti-like post from that very account I will most likely abstain from doing anything and just scroll past it. Some even have the guts to call you out for this, since liking a post confirms that you have seen it but chosen to not reblog it, which means you are an asshole (already happened to me). Because of that I might prefer to give it the silent treatment instead, meaning less than a like, but 0 engagement, since that's what they are asking for.

To be clear, I draw myself. And sure, reblogs make more people see my art. But how much has social media poisoned people's brains that they cannot appreciate likes anymore or even go as far as shitting on people that do it?
Back in the old days you didn't even have THAT. You posted your art into some obscure thread or private gallery and kept drawing and uploading because you enjoyed it.

Besides that there are multiple reasons for why people don't reblog. They might have a theme-blog that simply doesn't allow reblogs of other subjects or fandoms. Or it's users who are afraid of reblogging from non-woke-approved accounts but don't care enough to scroll through every artist's page for hours to check their mindsets. Or it's shy people, or artist that want their blog to be their art gallery. There are more reasons. But nah, let's just force people to reblog, that will surely improve shit.

No. 1705379

its not being picky if she's recomming jojo to an alternative to cute anime twinks, what made her the authority of what kind of 2D boy a woman can like anyways?

No. 1705380

I don’t think it’s a “her”.

No. 1705384

I don't think that's what was happening. In those threads, you got plenty of recommendations, why are you still going on about it days later elsewhere

No. 1705385

File: 1695493223395.jpg (49.53 KB, 1077x1077, 1693783626510.jpg)

good for you? maybe in specific internet circles people will judge you but 85% of bdsm content is femsub/maledom so i just thought her complaint was funny. girl no one is gonna bat an eye at you wanting to be treated like a fleshlight by a man, every scrote nowadays is a porn addict who thinks choking painal gangbang porn is too vanilla or whatever.

No. 1705386

idk some sperg jumped at me for posting a generic genshit boy

No. 1705389

Shota and liking young-looking male characters in general is a topic that's prone to infighting. I would just keep it to yourself or not bother arguing back. It'll be the same discussion everytime.

No. 1705391

nah, it's funny to see their mental gymnastics.

No. 1705393

The drama is a booktoker started going to hockey games to shout creepy thirst comments at a married player, and her fans are defending it by saying the team/hockey has clout now BECAUSE of her. Truly unhinged stuff (not to mention fans taking it a step further to race sperg since the booktoker's black)

No. 1705395

>going to hockey games to shout creepy thirst comments at a married player
omega based, i wish more horny fangirls started invading male spaces reminds me of an artist i follow who draws horny lionel messi yaoi and tweets it at him

No. 1705396

So are you admitting to baiting or are you just retarded

No. 1705401

no, i am not baiting it's my honest opinion. I gave a shit ton of proof that the character isnt a shota, so its funny to see them move the goalpost from ''ugh that character looks like he's 13!!'' to then someone saying i can like generic high school anime boys as long as they look 16 and not 13, then the genshit fan saying the character is actually of age because he canonically drinks, and now some sperg recommending the ugliest mf husbandos as an alternative to cute anime boys. Imagine if moids gave this much though to what anime characters they are allowed to like, holy shit.

No. 1705404

File: 1695494286350.jpg (184.62 KB, 530x627, Nagisa will fuck your shit up.…)

I guess that was me kek, I haven't posted anything since tho, dunno why the discussion got so out of hand afterwards. Must be a genshin thing since that's the second time I see anons sperging out over it ITT. Anyway pic related is my husbando, do I have shit taste or nah?

No. 1705411

When headcanons get so popular in a fandom they get treated as actual canon and kiddies who start with fan content without seeing the source material argue about their canonity until they finally do check out the source material and have a shock that those headcanons are indeed mere headcanons, if not blatant headretcons

No. 1705414

You have terrible fucking taste what is that ugly abomination. I suddenly don't feel guilty for masturbating to furry shit. Just masturbate to women you fucking retard what is tht moeblob shite.

No. 1705418

dont listen to them nona he is cute

No. 1705421

File: 1695495279331.jpeg (79.09 KB, 725x725, C5949F3B-91D5-4255-B582-C01D7E…)

Nah, you’re based, your husbando is a cool dude.

No. 1705422

he is fucking ugly

No. 1705428

This started from erotic fanfics about hockey players, the team themselves gave gifts to the main booktoker driving the hype, and some players even made thirst trap videos tagged for booktok. Not sure what "creepy" comments were made aside from "Break my back!" but the wife of one of the players complained online, then the player himself, and this is where the fan defense comes in.
I'm with you tbh. It's not the biggest deal in the world, ESPECIALLY considering the part the team played in making tagged thirst traps. It's just delusional tho to act like hockey as a whole is now more popular when it's just popular among fandom types now

No. 1705429

Oh god I hate it, especially when the writers pander to these retards. I'm thinking about Xenoblade 3 and Nia who may or may not be Rex's third gf or some equally stupid shit despite Rex explicitly rejecting in XB2 and despite XB2 being all about Rex and Pyra/Mythra's special bond and love story, all just because Nia was unfortunate enough to become popular with waifufags. Then there's also Ace Attorney and Godot, who seems to be disliked by zoomers who haven't played the games but have spent their free time checking the wikia page of the series and think they're experts. I've seen plenty on twitter calling him "sexist" and a piece of shit for calling Mia "kitten" as if he were trying to be a condescending sexist coworker to Mia… except in the trial when we see them interact together they're already dating and he's calling her that because they're dating. Or even engaged depending on the language you pick when playing the third game. These people are always genuinely shocked when they learn that Godot/Mia is so canon that it's the whole reason why the third game's story happens to begin with and thought it was bullshit invented by fans who hate yuri and that pairing with Mia and Lana. You can even see all of this clear as day by just watching someone else play the games on youtube so there's no excuse for that, and yet.

No. 1705432

males are stylized like that too

No. 1705433

errmm I'm more a Makoto gal myself, but he's ok.

No. 1705443

>not liking overdesigned bland twinks with moeblob faces and no personality means we must like fat ugly bastards
no. go have bad taste somewhere else. genshitters are deranged. i like emotionally damaged late-20s men with pecs I can use as a pillow and coffee addictions. depressed himbos with self esteem issues who look good in a chunky off-white knit sweater. you like a 14 year old boy in a chuunibyou costume. we are not the same.

No. 1705451

File: 1695497071751.jpg (897.69 KB, 2160x3840, 20230923_222225.jpg)

That's part 3 art style. From part 4 onwards they look cute. 1/2

No. 1705452

File: 1695497099974.jpg (733.89 KB, 3840x2160, 20230923_222329.jpg)

No. 1705453

File: 1695497107813.jpg (25.34 KB, 317x682, obi.jpg)

Girls like chicken, women like beef.

No. 1705460

God forbid a woman likes masculine guys I guess
And yet, the genshit anon you're defending thinks she's an authority on what women can be attracted to by calling any woman who isn't attracted to shotas a "pickme who likes old men and roided pigs"

No. 1705465

>depressed himbos with self-esteem issues
Nonna are you me? I love my hot men tragic so much.

No. 1705466

No. 1705474

Any kind of husbando policing is retarded and pointless and should considered be a bannable offence as infighting.

No. 1705475

As the anon who made this thread I’m now mildly concerned it’ll get shut down for infighting soon. Everyone’s spending too much time bickering and not enough effort dropping some new milk. Can we get some fresh bottles, please?

No. 1705476

you write like an old man

No. 1705478

File: 1695498459286.jpeg (382.6 KB, 1170x1095, IMG_2077.jpeg)

Good Omens antis are still in denial that Neil Gaiman aligns with proship beliefs aka ‘I don’t give a fuck what fiction you decide to write’

No. 1705479

Reported. Reported. Reported. They all got reported. None of them are free from brain damage.

No. 1705480

File: 1695498519812.jpeg (133.4 KB, 1125x1122, IMG_2078.jpeg)

No. 1705482

I'm the same as you. I like both generic twinks and beefy dudes. I like shipping them together because I find twink x twink really boring.

No. 1705494

>proship philosophy
Most undignified use of the world philosophy I've seen in a while

No. 1705495

NTA but these just look like drag queens to me. Not cute at all

No. 1705499

Maybe we should have a designated thread for infighting over twinks vs roided pigs. It's all fruitless discussion and no one is oppressed for liking one or another and no one will stop liking what they like because an anon here disaproves of it.

No. 1705509

no we should not for the exact reasons you stated. Just report infighting and move on.

No. 1705516

You're right, it's not loli baiit and the character isn't a shota. Some people just wante to fight and sperg over nothing.

No. 1705526

We have a disagreements thread: >>1008929

No. 1705532

File: 1695502456833.jpg (18.07 KB, 243x297, scarecrow my beloved.jpg)

"b-bu-but, your husbando is a murderer!"
He was just being silly.

No. 1705537

I feel like this is an aspect of misogyny that isn't talked about enough. Women being blamed for the shitty actions of men.

No. 1705548

>They look cute
They all dress like complete retards and have weird faces.
The one area I 100% agree with digibro on is that Jojo character designs are god awful. I just don't screech about it.

No. 1705553

could you cut it already? jfc

No. 1705554

This is literally the first post I've made in the past two days.

No. 1705556

the debate was already over damn it

No. 1705558

File: 1695504787911.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3476x2404, my husbando ukyo looks like sh…)

I'm not even participating in the same debate though, I'm just saying that Jojo designs aren't cute at all.
I think fujos/yumes can generally forgive shitty designs if they like the character's personality but I think it's fair to acknowledge when the base design looks like trash.

No. 1705585

Jojo obviously isn't meant to be cute, it's drawn by a repressed homosexual 70 year old man.

No. 1705595

File: 1695507297112.jpeg (66 KB, 460x666, images (5).jpeg)

Is Rohan his husbando?

No. 1705603

I remember you posting your collection of plushes before and I was very impressed but forgot to reply kek.

No. 1705625

>old man who writes qweer people and trannys defends loli
>lolcow is somehow happy
Insane world we live in. Also why forcibly divide people into labels, proshippers are so fucking stupid

No. 1705633

File: 1695511220341.jpg (1.17 MB, 2160x3840, 20230924_021926.jpg)

I don't think they do. They obviously look like men with long hair and some makeup, they aren't trying to pass as women. Though I've read some fan theories that maybe this is how they actually look naturally and they just have funky colored lips and eyelids which would be hilarious if true.

Atyrt. I personally like the hyperdetailed look of the art style, but I agree that the anime always looks like shit, especially since part 4. I like the manga art style more. And Araki keeps improving imo. He especially works hard on the manga covers and the stand alone art pieces for art galleries and museums. I like the colorful and unique designs of the characters that are inspired by fashion magazines/shows and/or around a specific theme/power/song. I think it's creative. Plus I'm a sucker for buff tall dude with long hair designs. The art style is just too detailed and sort of 2.5D for anime to capture it. And I think the studio that works on it is incompetent but that's my jojo unpopular opinion kek. I think if it was in the hands of a better studio it would've looked so much better, especially part 6. Like how AOT got a great art style and animation back when it started compared to how ugly the manga is. Picrel is what the manga art and stand alone pieces look like. Left bottom is recent.

No. 1705640

Gross, this makes me hate him more. Tumblr users need to bully him off the site like they did with John Green.

No. 1705655

>the anime artstyle has been shit since part 4
You're so wrong, part 4 is when it looked the best. Parts 1-3 are fugly nightmares.

No. 1705658

File: 1695513354653.gif (945.53 KB, 498x278, jojos-bizarre-adventure-anime.…)

Maybe character design wise, but actual attention to details and animation quality is the best in part 2 and 3 imo. It got worse when they started relying on CGI and especially in part 6. Part 6 had the worst color palette, worst characters redesigns (so they would work for animation) and the lowest attention to details. I'm not a big part 5 fan but it certainly looked better than 6, and it's sad because 6 is one of my top 3 jojo parts.

No. 1705688

They're not actually mine haha, they're just pics from MFC
I mostly have sanrio plushies.

No. 1705754

sorry i'm late to the party but can i ask a) are the coco doujins horny and b) where can i find them? asking for a friend.

No. 1705804

i dont think they are, and alice books

No. 1705806

that beef looks expired

No. 1705863

I still can't believe how badly Netflix dropped the ball with part 6. Releasing it in batches was one of the worst things they could've done and there was basically no marketing so no hype was built. I'm sure part 7 won't be getting this treatment and it's sad because fans have always said to skip 6 even though it's one of the better ones imo. Can't help but think that the majority of fans just don't want to see the only female jojo and not having weekly releases didn't help

No. 1705894

File: 1695538155104.jpeg (33.05 KB, 739x415, images (2) (1).jpeg)

I like both. Anime is an interesting case because women and girls are so obviously ornamental and meant to look like the object. I understand wanting a depiction of a cute guy in the same way girl designs are made. There's female character designs out there of legal aged women who look exactly like the teenagers in the same style.

That's just the niche opinion on lolcow though.

No. 1705919

It's super annoying we can't have cute male characters because other women moralfag about it. roid pigs are literally dime a dozen and are always pushed by big media, no one is opressing you for liking that shit, meanwhile i cant even like a cute male character without a bunch of retards jumping to defend the sprite's honor.

No. 1706003

At least 30% of the whiners are ugly, fat men mad you're not attracted to them or drawings that look like them. Some are just pickmes, but I cannot overstate how moids from places like KF shit up this whole site trying to manipulate women for stupid reasons.
A lot of men are babies who can't handle women's standards (even for fiction) not catering either to them as they are, or their gay muscledaddy self-empowerment fantasies. That's why most Hollywood movies are full of hideous old scrotes and roided abominations. All the things they accuse feminists of doing are what they've been doing for decades.

No. 1706024

File: 1695555533563.jpeg (94.96 KB, 720x711, 1694550523895.jpeg)

What people need to understand is that most video game and anime/manga characters aren't like adults or children. Instead, they are more like a mixture of cats and children, blending unreal and neotonous features. I feel as if people don't realize that Japanese beauty standards are more 'pedo-centric' than 'Euro-centric,' although it's more accurate to describe it differently.

No. 1706028

Unrelated to shota-adjacent character design. I understand lolcow posters aren't in a hivemind but it's fascinating that anons both claim women tear women down more than men do to each other. But also theorize it's men lurking and tearing women down.

No. 1706030

I feel like I'm back in the christmas bunker threads…

No. 1706034

Kek I'm sure that moids also have arguments about waifus that are just as annoying, the only reason anons don't know about them is because they don't hang out in their spaces. Lolishoshit is looked down upon in most spaces that also contain normal people. Microinfluencer moids constantly get called out for liking either that or cubstuff if they are furries

No. 1706036

IMO, women often tear eachother down based on things like looks, or other things they want to compete over. That's why some threads in /w/ are absolutely milkless, but have been going for years strong by the weight of nasolabial folds, or why art cows often get hated on the most by other artists.
I just don't see why (the majority of) women would get emotionally invested over what male fictional characters a minority of other women like, to the point that they feel pure, palpable rage and say almost anything. Lesbian and bi waifu-anons/yurifags don't get that way, but there are "anons" here who somehow become very sensitive and will fight for weeks about why a random woman probably living on another continent needs to change the way she objectifies men. Like I said, pickmes show allegiance to moids, but men definitely have the most stake in trying to keep us "in line" and as attainable as possible.

No. 1706044

>Lesbian and bi waifu-anons/yurifags don't get that way, but there are "anons" here who somehow become very sensitive and will fight for weeks about why a random woman probably living on another continent needs to change the way she objectifies men
Yeah I don't get this either, several anons have teenage girl waifus (some that look way younger than their age like madoka characters) yet no one bats an eye or calls them pedos.

No. 1706045

Samefag, that goes for some of the yuri shippers here as well

No. 1706048

I was in male spaces before Lolcow was a thing. Yes, they do argue, but the energy is very different. They will say "kys, shit taste" without much emotion involved, and most posters will agree with whoever says to stop sperging one way or another about it. This is because the only men who are truly personally affected by what kind of women other men like are trannies and gay men.
>Microinfluencer moids constantly get called out for liking either that or cubstuff if they are furries
I've only seen this with the ones that have significant female fanbases, personally. Even then, weeb influencer moids like Joey the Anime Man often get away with defending loli.
Furries are some of the most extreme about not caring, they even defended a YouTuber who raped his dog up until it turned out he was hanging with actual animal killers.

No. 1706050

I'm inclined to believe this too. Take /ic/, they just go into spamming porn or derail rather than argue kek. /co/ moids would get so fucking pissed someone posts a self insert ship going against the grain.

No. 1706052

>they just go into spamming porn or derail rather than argue
Yeah, that's because unlike women (or men trying to browbeat women using shady tactics), their first thought is "I'm going to shit this thread up as much as possible until these retards stop talking about what I don't like", not "How dare you, you are disgusting you are disgusting I'm too scared to get banned to tell you to kill yourself but I hate you please I must have the moral high ground it's too problematic in here please".
/co/ is tranny central these days, but it used to be the same with spamming/derailing. There actually are still lots of thinly veiled western loli or self-insert ship threads because the mods either don't care, or support it.

No. 1706054

>Who gives a fuck, they are fictional characters. They are literally pixels on a screen. They don't fucking exist
I don't know what happened to this site over a few years because this was the average opinion and you'd be called a moralfag otherwise. Is it genuinely zoomies or did the pendulum just swing hard?

I think some characters are just stylized. Of course 1000 year old lolis are ridiculous (draw a toddler call it an adult), but I think it's disingenuous to re-hash the minor coded debate from tumblr and co by pulling up an adult character who debatably could look like a teenager. Of course they're not going to have real person proportions, and I think that's where some of the disagreement lies. Some people are obviously going to think some styles are more infantilized than others when drawing adults. Also it really, really, really does not matter if some random woman likes a boy from an anime that is underage or looks debatably underage. I don't care. It's getting so exhausting now. It used to rarely happen but now it's oh but if you look at this character a certain way and recall a certain voiceline it proves that they're 17 so, why do you want to fuck kids, huh? Cringe.

No. 1706060

Not everynona's going to argue in good faith, sure. But there has been arguments thrown around and not just pearl clutching. Not talking about this thread but even previous ones in /ot/. I've seen nuanced takes get ignored completely for nonas to continue shit flinging kek.

No. 1706090

Yeah I always thought it's because they hated Jolyne. But I've seen some claim it's because of Dio's sons ruining Giorno's existence for them because he was special as a son of Dio. But I think that's a ridiculous reason to hate all of part 6 for. Only person who likes part 6 and thinks it's brilliant is the only jojo youtuber who actually gets it, hamonbeat. All other jojo youtubers are trash.

No. 1706098

I've never seen people bitch about Dio's sons and if anything their existence should make Giorno stand out more since all the others are ugly and useless? The most common complaint I've seen is that the ending is trash which I never understood because the oh so beloved part 7 wouldn't even be possible without it. But that was before the part 6 anime came out, since then the jojo hype has died down in general and people just ignore Jolyne

No. 1706103

Nuanced takes do get ignored, probably because it's easier to reply to simple statements or bait. And because those evoke stronger emotions

No. 1706142

The one who hates Dio's son is a jojo youtuber, forgot which one though. But I think it's shmuckmaster or whatever his name was, who has a female png persona that gets lewded by fans. His takes on jojo are so fucking braindead and it unfortunately influences the majority of the fans. He's the one who came up with the "araki forgot" meme. Hamonbeat debunked all of it and used to have beef with him over misinformation and ruining the image of the series, as he should kek. That aside, I love part 6 bittersweet ending and Pucci is my favorite jojo villain. His goal makes sense and is