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File: 1695735366146.jpg (46.65 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

No. 1707886

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

Thread #1 >>1291087
Thread #2 >>1417602
Thread #3 >>1573244

No. 1707949

Why does this have so many likes?

No. 1708481

File: 1695807832453.mp4 (3.8 MB, _Gs6fhILfrfG9tpG.mp4)

You can blame men for a lot of shit, but trying to justify your personal shortcomings through historical oppression is actually kinda scummy. It's just calling your bad grammar a result of social conditioning. just read a book or watch a movie, because even literal peasants in Afghanistan have better grammar than this.

No. 1708666

samefag I looked up Taylor Mali's poem and found it simply an empowering poem for this generation in general no matter your race class or gender to speak with conviction. I don't mean to rag on Melissa Lozada-Oliva’s poem. I just felt it would have been better if I didn't feel it an attack on another's non hate filled work.

No. 1709579

File: 1695926425218.mp4 (2.04 MB, 480x720, YLm12rgIbhip3gs8.mp4)

The state of libfems

No. 1709584

I can't kek his head is so shiny

No. 1709643

So this is what they mean when they say gay men own the modeling industry. The way he walks is so goofy though.

No. 1709713

File: 1695934726184.mp4 (2.79 MB, 320x568, aSNSnDreh_4lZUZm.mp4)

Shit, i meant to post vidrel instead of >>1709579

No. 1709720

If America was fascist, she won't be able to say this on social media, she would be in prison for saying all of this.

No. 1709731

>Shit, i meant to post vidrel instead of >>1709579
lmao that makes the other post funnier to me.

No. 1709790

>We're in stage 7 of trans genocide
Don't they ever get tired of whipping each other up into a frenzy over shit that isn't happening? If you want genocide, a countless number of women are killed every year, all over the world, just for being women. Even in the US, since that's the country she's harping on about, it's estimated that 3 women are killed by their partner every day. But no, the men in the dresses are the real heckin' victims!

No. 1710294

This channel is disgusting. I doubt the women consented to being recorded and posted. Some of them look underage too. How does youtube allow this shit?

No. 1710307

This looks like some weird softcore porn channel. Even the icon is weird as fuck.

No. 1710315

This is 100% a fetish account

No. 1710340

This looks like the slingshot in Myrtle Beach but anyways that ride does let you purchase the footage for around $20.
More than likely this lady thought the video was funny and posted it to the internet someplace and then got picked up by this fetish account to repost. I guess that's pretty sucky, but I also know what I'd be getting into by wearing a low cut pushup on a high velocity ride, so…

No. 1710373

File: 1696006644441.jpg (636.37 KB, 1079x1700, zSAedxs.jpg)

Women who fall for lookmaxxing are a special kind of stupid. These people will give themselves new things to be insecure about everyday, constantly tear down people's looks and then complain about how miserable they are because they haven't "glowed up". It's not "lookism" that made you miserable, it's giving yourself body image disorders and having a rancid personality on top of that.

No. 1710377

File: 1696006782307.jpg (654.25 KB, 1079x1765, Il777EN.jpg)

Some of these slides are so unhinged because it either a literal model and a normal person. Or too people who look exactly the same, some of the girls in the comment said one lady is ugly because she looks older. This generation is so cooked, they are going to go into debt spending money on beauty products and plastic surgery. I already see how this is impacting my younger relatives

No. 1710379

File: 1696006861059.jpg (821.74 KB, 1080x1910, XimopFa.jpg)

Like literally who supposed to "mogg" who in this pic. Any woman who thinks like this is a literal pick me, because they constantly compare their looks to other women and compete with them

No. 1710382

File: 1696007071013.jpg (641.26 KB, 1080x1812, 6uXW4W8.jpg)

Literal mental illness

No. 1710386

File: 1696007246316.jpeg (108.61 KB, 1080x863, C9B5D14A-B975-46AB-A866-F847C0…)

there were a few slides in this video that confused me for a few minutes because neither of the girls were noticeably uglier to me but then I realized that its literally just because one has big boobs. This was made by a moid 100% to target young girls.

No. 1710389

I’d say who they think will depend on the person running the account. I have a feeling that it influences these asinine comparisons.
I need to exit this realm.

No. 1710394

The proliferation of this garbage is so depressing. God I hate the internet. Most of the people viewing this are children.

No. 1710396

100% made by a moid, because I feel like you have to be terminally online to notice the difference and cases like this>>1710382 where both women look the same and one just has her hair down with make up on

No. 1710397

It's sad cause there are teenagers in the comments eating it up

No. 1710432

These types of videos were definetly originated by adult male moids, but they quickly spread to most teen media spaces, both my brother and niece have watched content similar to this. Its messed up.

No. 1710512

Most of these looksmax/incel accounts are run by suicidal Indian men

No. 1710518

Look at the size of that mans arms, if there was a real physical threat against him from her, he would be just fine. When women are victims of dv they're mostly trapped, their lives are literally in danger bc they can't defend themselves. He didn't hit her back or anything (which he shouldn't) but just leave? What's stopping you? Instead you're gonna post about how men are victims too and pretend to hug your phone? Very attention seeking imo.

No. 1710521

File: 1696013626828.jpg (45.06 KB, 480x600, MOD.jpg)

all of this pickme autism,thousands of dollars wasted on skincare products for what? to end up with a guy who looks like this and calls them kitten? I genuinely dont understand pickmes, if at least moids were attractive i would get it, but no, moids are all ugly fuggs and entitled at that

No. 1710523

No. 1710527

>Most of these looksmax/incel accounts are run by suicidal Indian men
your right, there do seem to be a lot of Indian men who are over-represented in these fields.

No. 1710533

Could it be a female mogg? I'm honestly too lazy to pull up urban dictionary

No. 1710541

men who cry about how they're boohoo widdol victims because their gf gently slapped them once are so gross and unmasculine.
>He didn't hit her back or anything (which he shouldn't) but just leave?
fr lmao he needs to find a man to take it up the ass from and come out as a fag already

No. 1710560

File: 1696016157558.png (1.17 MB, 1156x1155, Screenshot_13000.png)

I partially blame the casual normalization of astrology in the 2010's for this, because it really was taking one kernel of fact and then loads of disjointed spiritualism to create whatever nonsensical and mentally deranged meaning you want. From that point, you can easily see how it would lead to shit like unironic phrenology.

No. 1710610

Meh, phrenology is no worse than the emdr scam

No. 1711146

this reminds of kibbie archetypes. just like astrology there are scammers who say than can help women use their feminine archetype to their advantage

No. 1711153

This account has to be run by a moid because every woman can tell the girl on the right is wearing make up while the other is barefaced. Girl on the left is a bit of eyeliner and concealer away from looking as conventionally attractive as the other. Absolutely retarded.

No. 1711226

One of the frontmen is QUOVES who is uggo paki irl kek.
I've seen people criticize her for pushing phrenology and basing it on celebs is not accurate because they all have plastic surgery. Claire herself has had many procedures.

I saw a video report about how several young girls killed themselves due to body dysmorphia and wonder how much of a sociopath do you have to be to create this content knowing how this could impact younger people.

No. 1711405

File: 1696090220966.mp4 (4.25 MB, 480x1036, 8VjKYqlfbvlWJ5xl.mp4)

Am the I only who thinks this relationship is kinda creepy?

No. 1711407

File: 1696090249721.jpg (58.45 KB, 1124x294, F7M0aZ0WkAA03ed.jpg)

No. 1711414

Unironically wish I had this kek but I see where you're coming from

No. 1711418

I dont trust anyone who advertises their relationship on social media in general

No. 1711460

I agree with this nonny >>1711418, but age gaps are honestly not uncommon in lesbian relationships because of fewer options. That being said, that’s a pretty extreme one, and most of the women I know who are in one have maybe 10-15 years between them at most. Idk, I don’t know more about them, so the thing that would make it truly creepy to me is if there is a pattern of having age gaps specifically. Otherwise, sometimes it happens that way.

No. 1711953

the urge to a-log is so strong

No. 1712029

File: 1696160505210.jpg (91.56 KB, 1080x534, Men.jpg)

First comment on the video.

No. 1712208

he hearted it too. that channel is a loophole for pedos to sexualize young girls.

No. 1712270

The comments make me so happy. Finally the age of endless sex work promotion seems to be fading away.

No. 1712274

File: 1696182819078.jpg (140.63 KB, 418x716, comments.jpg)

Ok, on second glance there seems to be a lot of tradthots and males calling her a hoe, but there's some good ones too

No. 1712278

The 3 things she mentions literally all have to do with money.

No. 1712296

>over 20
holy shit women hit the wall at 20 now? men are such pedos

No. 1715172

File: 1696382215738.webm (581.54 KB, 302x472, Polycule_lol.webm)

I hope poly shit ends soon

No. 1715174

why do so many of these involve a black man with fat women?

No. 1715175

File: 1696382613758.webm (1.69 MB, 344x436, Alters.webm)

I'll throw in this autism too

No. 1715193

Was this not a teenager? The adult obsession with teenage cringe and the lack of emphasis on teaching your children about internet privacy and healthy boundaries is ruining these random kids chances at having a normal adult life because they've been memed online endlessly before they had a chance to grow

No. 1715208

The cringe comps these videos are in are made by teenagers anon. I am a little upset at the fact that most teens label anything as cringe and feel the need post random child cosplaying and having fun as OMG CRINGE. Like kids and teens are supposed to be cringe, its life. Even a cosplayer being in a costume at a convention just standing there is considered cringe so I'm curious to see how far this is gonna go.

No. 1715221

I used to follow Dani, wtf since when did she let her moid fuck her best friend?

No. 1715279

Why do they do this there’s literally free porn they can look at, scrotes

No. 1715283

Kinda impressive how fearless she was to punch a buff moid

No. 1715681

Does anyone else think the tube girl trend is particularly retarded and annoying or am I just too old/autistic for TikTok?

No. 1715703

Hate that this whole trend is supposed to be “empowering” looking stupid in public in order to look cool on social media (that’s all of tiktok but you know) the whole your presence on social media is more important than your presence in real life. I know it’s not that deep but yes, it’s fucking retarded.

No. 1715710

Reminder that irl there's no background music

No. 1715722

Tiktok's idea of "empowerment" is also entirely focused on desirability. Everything revolves around being "hot". I know, I sound like a boomer, but the culture on that app is so shallow and self-indulgent that it's honestly kind of exhausting.

No. 1715757

> I know, I sound like a boomer
No, you just sound like you see through that shit which is good.

No. 1715874

ive seen people say “I just wanna be hot for myself not for society” they have no critical thinking

No. 1715948

Like when women say they're "doing it for themselves" when they put on over five layers of makeup?

No. 1716345

The worst ones are the ones who claim they spent 10k + dollars on plastic surgery for ~themselves~. Scratch that I think the worst ones are the women claiming they got boob jobs or something because they wanted to look good in clothes. I've seen my fair share of excuses but that's the stupidest one

No. 1716397

It’s bizarre as hell, and if you dare speak up how fucking stupid it looks that apparently means you’re automatically a hater. I understand it’s “girly pop” but how disconnected do you have to be no matter whatever generation you were born in to realize how these dumb ass trends can cause a straight up butterfly affect of bullshit. Knowing the fact if I was on public transportation and some idiot take after take was doing a “tube girl” video with that nails on chalkboard song and I was in the background, trying to cover my face not be on cam etc. comments would be in uproar how she’s such a slaying queen and how “lmaaaaooo girl in back wishes she was as cool she’s just an NPC with zero confidence” entirely fuck off, get real.

No. 1716436

>"bizarre" and "uproar" in the same post
your superior taste is showing too much

No. 1716546

I don't get it. It's not like it's a personal failure to admit you're not doing it for yourself. We all need to get ahead somehow, it's okay if we wear makeup to avoid judgement or get better chances of employment. I'd never judge a woman for admitting she's doing something to look hot for others. I sure will judge if she demands she's wearing a thong or those shorts that dig into your asscrack "because they're comfy". Bffr.

No. 1717394

File: 1696551608716.webm (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 768x1024, SnapTik_App_728450558986925184…)

i had to run over here and post about it. Wtf why is this video here? Also all the comments of girls wanting to get labiaplasty… why? This was so horrifying honestly, I haven’t been on lolcow for a bit but I had to share because I’m shaken honestly.

No. 1717406

sorry for samefagging but the account is actually an labiaplasty clinic and they call it labia repair…

No. 1717440

lmfao how is this allowed on tiktok

No. 1717464

we should meme men into cutting parts of their bodies too

No. 1717498

Is it true that a lot of these are done for comfort? Ik people who get plastic surgery often come up with weird excuses, I personally never had any discomfort with my labia unless I was wearing the wrong size underwear

No. 1717506

When I wear real denim jeans that are snug my labia can get pinched and it hurts like a bitch. But that’s the only discomfort I’ve ever experienced. It’s really not so bad, certainly not bad enough for surgery. Maybe if they were a lot longer it would be bad enough I couldn’t wear ladies pants in general since they’re so snug in the crotch? But even then I’d probably wear skirts or men’s pants since they have so much crotch room (I’ve never been pinched in mens jeans, it’s not fair lol)

No. 1717553

the stationary bikes at the gym can be uncomfortable sometimes, so I can imagine someone with a lot extra could be really uncomfortable. I wonder if you'd have to worry about it showing through tights or other workout gear too? If I had to deal with that kinda shit I'd probably consider getting surgery ngl.

>I sure will judge if she demands she's wearing a thong or those shorts that dig into your asscrack "because they're comfy". Bffr.
I used to think the same way as you until I got thongs that fit, I literally don't notice them at all but I feel the same way about my regular underwear too. not worrying about pantylines is a nice bonus too.

No. 1717589

File: 1696565325658.jpg (224.37 KB, 1080x2066, FpPmeVOXEAYtuxJ.jpg)

I'm sorry what!

No. 1717590

lmao whats up with the kids eyebrows

No. 1717603

>indian or korean music in the background
there's your answer, these are the same people who rub dangerous/carcinogenic substances on their skin to try and lighten it. some of those do look pretty big though so i don't think they're all for the coom, but it's mostly for the coom.

No. 1717607

disagree on thongs nonnie, they already being into your asscrack and having very little fabric go to into asscrack makes them a lot less annoying and a lot more comfortable than regular underwear which you have to fish out every now and then. i wear very loose skirts most of the time, it's not like anyone sees them kek

No. 1717625

Kek agreed nona

No. 1717628

You can set the audio first so that it plays music while recording so you can time your dancing to it, Kek. Annoying as hell

No. 1717697

ntayrt but thongs feel like permanent wedgies to me, never had that problem with regular underwear. i read somewhere that they can also increase yeast infections apparently

No. 1717719

If I saw someone do that in public transport, I'd think they're mentally ill or on drugs.

No. 1717728

I am so torn between finding this sweet and finding it creepy. I have both feelings at the same time. I wonder if it's because this video in particular isn't sexually charged at all.

I want to have the same issue I have with huge het age gaps but I don't automatically have this reaction. (Please don't come for me, I'm acknowledging that I still find the actual age gap creepy and not ok. Just wondering why seeing this is not provoking the 'right' reaction. I'm bi but almost entirely uninterested in sex)

No. 1717736

nah i think its cute af unlike with moid/female age gaps where there are obvious power inbalances i can see this being healthy, the old woman is also super hot for her unlike women dating 50yo old farts that look like stalin's corpse

No. 1717741

horrifying and sad

No. 1717904

Which brand? Are they cotton? I want to believe but I know I'll most likely get a UTI and a wedgie within the first hour.

No. 1718406

File: 1696647881090.jpg (1.39 MB, 750x1695, RDT_20231006_23035322729842649…)

She's being called cringe but I think she's a queen actually

No. 1718445

the ones I like best are from aerie and yes they're cotton, it's all I buy

most of my regular underwear is fine but the pair I was wearing today was giving me a wedgie all day and it reminded me of this thread kek when I wear a thong I never even think about them

they can track poop particles from the back to the front and cause infections, but nobody I know who wears thongs regularly has any issues with that type of thing, but the fear of that happening is why I don't wear them every day

No. 1718542

im so confused, whats so bad that happens to women when she turns 20?

No. 1718625

Males think it's bad when a woman reaches twenty because that means their pedo dicks can't get as hard anymore.

No. 1718634

they lose the ''teen'' label

No. 1721118

They like the non-consenting factor of it

No. 1721390

File: 1696897762450.jpg (77.68 KB, 419x699, 568.jpg)

My god I hate pickmes so much.

No. 1721398

I know this is for men because women know that having a shallow vagina is fake and means you’re not that turned on

No. 1721399

File: 1696898322222.png (3.09 KB, 180x180, 028.png)

i fucking hate seeing this video showing up on my recommended. i think men should be made to be more insecure about themselves, idc

No. 1721406

>same weird fugly troon looking ginger
Why are these women always pickmes?

Anyway anyone whos anyone knows this is BS. Even little old ladies can figure out this because transvaginal ultrasound sticks are the size of like a 6 inch dildo and they aren't even made for pleasure, just for examination purposes.

No. 1721447

I think she’s pretty and her hair is shiny… she’s just being retarded

No. 1721452

this took me a while to understand, it hough she was saying the average girl gets a whole head worth of dick which sounds insane

No. 1721455

Lmao it would be funnier if she was measuring from the tape measure roll to her finger

No. 1721459

She's saying that the average girl can only take 3 inches (vaginally)?

No. 1723210

File: 1697038316719.mp4 (486.7 KB, 320x568, e7IY_SIeZc1d8Qo6.mp4)

I'm sorry, What exactly are they trying to say here?

No. 1723432

guessing its that the guy has been helping her lift, and lifting got her a better butt

No. 1723691

I'm sorry but this is kinda cute

No. 1723700

The “art” is the mark on her ass from his hand grabbing it

No. 1723949

fear for her safety what a hideous roided pig and he looks old as fuck too

No. 1724080

I have very big labia and riding a bike can hurt but otherwise it is manageable. Also yes, wearing very tight pants would look horrible, but it is not like cameltoe is cute either. Im certain most of those operations are done purely for the look. Moids have a lot more hanging between their legs and it is not like they have to go get ballsack tightenings or something.

No. 1724120

>ballsack tightenings
KEK the mental image. Tbh they should, women don’t need labiaplasty but men should absolutely get their saggy gross balls lifted imo, they look so nasty when they aren’t perky and perfect and even then they’re still not appealing. More testicle shaming needs to happen.

No. 1724199

Something about this grosses me out, probably because the man is ugly

No. 1725410

File: 1697230607396.webm (2.86 MB, 608x1080, butter.webm)

This can't be real right…?

No. 1725427

Somehow, even with that genuinely horrific 'food', her dancing is the most annoying and repulsive part of this.

No. 1725470

File: 1697234961190.png (248.3 KB, 480x300, image_2023-10-14_090914181.png)

I didn't think people actually did that

No. 1725474

Even though i've seen videos of "carnivores" eating sticks of butter, i am still shocked but this, especially the guzzling down the oil. Literally made gag.

No. 1725506

Fetish content

No. 1725520

I can't post it here for obvious reasons, but I just came across a video of a woman breastfeeding on tiktok and I'm so disgusted and disturbed. She had both breasts fully out and it was clearly fetish content, but when I reported it there was a some kind of disclaimer on the report page that some nudity like breastfeeding is considered educational and allowed. I'm so sick, what the actual fuck. It was also one of the top videos in the sound so a bunch of people (and probably a lot of children) have seen it.

No. 1725522

Samefag, but also onlyfans bitches (and some men) advertising their content there is also sick. Anyway, I still reported it so hopefully whichever people manage those reports take it down.

No. 1725561

I don't find breasts offensive even if I'm not expecting them but using your baby to circumvent filters for fetish content is very distasteful. What's the rest of her page like?

No. 1725573

The bonding with baby channel is actual CP. There's even comment sections filled with men trying to comment for algorithm.

No. 1725580

disturbing. wish I had not heard about this.

No. 1725586

Hmmmm these are some good ideas

No. 1725598

Idk, I didn't look. I got an update on the report and it said that there was no violation. The unintended effects of "breastfeeding in public isn't wrong", I guess. Of course there's nothing wrong with breastfeeding and there's nothing sexual or shameful about it, but the fact that she chose to have both breasts exposed and put it on the internet says a lot.

No. 1725628

Her "butter" is Country Crock, which isn't butter at all. It is basically just soy oil. She is just consuming massive amounts of oil.

No. 1725642

There are tons of people on tiktok who make videos of them eating weird shit for attention. It's probably dyed water in the oil bottle and she didn't even swallow the butter

No. 1725650

I didn't see the video until yesterday so I had no idea what this was about, but idk. She's right that most women don't need 10 inches but also who wants 3 inches? Even if I can't take more than that, I don't want to see a small dick anywhere near me.

No. 1728126

The tiktok in vidrel is genuinely one of the worst things I have ever tried to watch and I couldn't make it all the way through. Apparently there's lore too.

No. 1733028

I'm genuinely worried about all the misinformation and false historical claims that are being spread on social media. I came across this video claiming that actress Hedy Lamarr was the one who invented WIFI and Bluetooth, but the US government and men kept it hidden. And that's actually not true! I remember doing a report on her back in school. What she actually created was A frequency-hopping device for torpedos, using a mechanism similar to a player piano with missing holes in the paper. But it wasn't the first or the last frequency-hopping device of its kind, and it wasn't really practical for modern digital communications. Plus, her inventions wasn't some big secret, It was something that studios played up to boost her image, actually

No. 1733041

Ray William Johnson is back and thriving???

No. 1733203

tik tok misinformation is insane. These gen z morons are going to grow up with no real facts unless they stop using that shit media. It's really awful how we can google so much now, but people choose to willingly stay ignorant.

No. 1733212

File: 1697897508908.png (393.95 KB, 602x777, Screenshot.png)

Absolute fucking babies.

No. 1733222

No offense but why'd you post this in two different threads that both have nothing to do with this

No. 1733230

??? This doesn't go here, and if the genders were reversed you know you'd be grossed out.

No. 1733238

>if the genders were reversed

No. 1733312

File: 1697904622715.mp4 (1.48 MB, 480x852, autistic_moid.mp4)

This is who I imagine is spamming gore and CP constantly. I hate this specific type of autistic moid so much

No. 1733968

File: 1697950389980.jpg (480.83 KB, 1494x4616, GridArt_20231022_004800411_(1)…)

So many videos on tiktok promoting young girls in their teens to pursue older moids, encouraging predatory beliefs. Do these retards ever go outside and realize middle aged men are mostly balding, fat, wrinkled, ugly, with circulatory issues causing their dick to not work?

No. 1733974

literally never seen an older man who looks like that what are these ''''women'''' drinking

No. 1733979

>be at the age where you can date cute boys in their prime
>still choose expired moids
they make the same mistakes i did in the past and now i regret it

No. 1733982

We have to shatter the circle of young girls being groomed into giving old, ugly, autistic men a chance just because those men depict themselves as sad and deserving of love.

No. 1734007

They are genuinely retarded, how can you look at that top picture and see anything but a typical middle aged man you'll see 1000x more often than a man who looks like a famous actor

No. 1734011

Propaganda. Most older male ACTORS are hot because they're actors, not because they're older. Actors become actors using their attractiveness. The average older moid is fuck ugly and literally the pic their using to disparage the younger guys.

No. 1734090

>every older man looks like Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum
>the top pic totally isn't what most men start to morph into the second they turn 25
lmao they wish

No. 1734107

File: 1697968373364.png (1.59 MB, 1721x1648, my husband.png)

No. 1734115

Lmao right if I just saw Joe Manganiello lookin men around in life that would be great but older male actors who are hot…it’s bc they’re famous usually for being hot to begin with. Most men irl age hideous by 30. I used to work with an 18 year old girl who called older men who came in “daddy” to me etc and I was like… please don’t choose this for yourself.

No. 1734827

File: 1698015875071.jpg (300.59 KB, 1080x2104, Screen_Recording_20231022_2350…)

All tiktok lives are creepy, but in this one the weird ddlg type couple keep adjusting their positions so the thumbnail will make it look like she's choking her or being aggressive. They body positioning doesn't even make sense with their conversations but they're both constantly checking themselves in the screen to see if it looks clickbait enough
It's so creepy, earning money by looking violent

No. 1737294

File: 1698155226887.mp4 (1.79 MB, 294x640, 03531b0e3256a8c24.mp4)

Ex-Muslims are so annoying.

No. 1737300

Nah they're right, Muslim is the most retarded religion

No. 1737302

i don't see what's annoying about this my heart breaks for her and those in the situation. inb4 she's lying, i don't care and it still doesn't take away from the fact that it is a reality that lots of women have to endure and suffer through.

No. 1737305

Go take her place then, I'm sure you'll enjoy it lots.

No. 1737309

I’m not even even a muslim but that’s something that lots of people feel, it’s not even a muslim thing, it’s what happens when you live in a shit country, the fact that situations like hers are being “justified” by religion just makes everything more depressing because the living conditions of the women living in places with sharia law can’t even be criticized without being called some name and being shamed for daring to point at the elephant in the room.

No. 1737325

I wonder how much worse it is for young women from her generation compared to older generations considering they now have 24/7 windows into the lives of women in non-muslim nations through social media. Can't be easy on top of everything else.

No. 1737362

I don't find this cringe at all quite relatable actually. As someone whos living in a shit country like that pakistan iran and saudia Arabia are the worst places for women to live where your value is less than livestock. You can't go anywhere in Saudi without your father's consent you can't attend university if he doesn't allow it. It's not that Islam retricts our movement(if you read some texts women are allowed to go as they please but as with any Abrahamic religion its deeply misogynistic)that much if it were so turkey wouldn't be so progressive, its more cultural Iran prioritises men more than women in all aspects the son is treated far better than a daughter,after the fucking clergy came in power it got worse(basically giving power to a religious incel) I hope she gets out

No. 1737369

I get it. That must suck so hard and I hope she’s able to GTFO someday

No. 1737376

None of this is true dumb Amerimutt

No. 1737403

I feel for her, you're annoying tbh

No. 1737528

what's with the sudden influx of islam defending on this site? islamic theocracies are shit for women and islam is a shit religion.

No. 1737613

File: 1698169850882.gif (1.29 MB, 480x414, wat.gif)

>clearly say I'm pakistani
Are you sure you can read? Also just call me a retard next time calling me American is a slur

No. 1737628

Nta but I haven't seen you in a while pakichan.

No. 1737638

t. woman who doesn't know shit about how islam treats women

No. 1737659

File: 1698172008594.jpeg (40 KB, 320x320, gpN7EcP.jpeg)

Other Pakichan here, I'm really thankful for my family, they give me a lot freedom(In exchange for work and responsivity of course) but still I live in absolute fear of getting forcefully married to some member of my maternal family(my mom's side is obsessed with me getting married to one of them) It's one other reasons why I've been planning my escape for years. I pray to god that I succeed.
there are more then one Pakistani users(there are about 3 of us)

No. 1737724

File: 1698175435734.gif (12.7 MB, 640x640, happy-monkey-circle-happy.gif)

Actually iss site pei panj pakistani hai(the others are Indians heya desisisters ) hum Sab bhut based hai. So yes as Pakistanis we might know a bit more how Islam treats us..

No. 1737761

Godspeed nona

No. 1737787

File: 1698177654786.png (442.7 KB, 640x426, tfw.png)

I wouldn't have guessed that high, and your right, we all know what the religion of the Arab pedophile is like and I think we have a unique perspective of a society men who other Muslims don't like, cause of how annoying they are.
Shukriyah, I know I'll escape one day, so many plans have failed or have had massive setbacks but I know I can one day.

No. 1738450

Poor girl, I remember reading about a girl from some shithole who got gang raped and was about to go to prison for having intercourse with men she wasn’t married to. I can’t believe people still live like this

No. 1738453

Before In my country(and currently in Iran) female death row Inmates are raped before execution, cause it's now allowed to execute female virgin

No. 1740022

People who make video responses to EVERYTHING, like minor disagreements, they're so unbearable. Once a fat troon tried to start arguing with me and I clicked on his profile and it's like page after page of him making video responses to EVERY single fucking disagreement. Idk how people have the mental energy or time for that it's so embarrassing for them

No. 1740034

What the fuck…

No. 1740044

Islam is the most evil religion ever. I know christianity is awful, but it really seems the more islam is allowed to exist, the worse life is for women. It feels like only women are affected by this violent non sense. I'm so angry reading about this.

No. 1740046

Everytime I hear something from these countries I get re-traumatized, it's like a psychic attack on my soul

No. 1740093

How do they know they're a virgin?

No. 1740097

The "Two finger test", and despite the removal of the rape before execution ruling, this test is still used in actual courts.
Thankfully this practice was removed by a military dictator, cause those are the only one's who have ever done anything to actually effective against the Islamists and kept them in check

No. 1740110

Virginity is a man made myth, so I bet they just want to do it no matter what. I wish all scrotes on this earth, but esp islam scrotes pustulant boils.

No. 1740112

it doesn't matter if shes a virgin some retard moids still think if you bleed when penetrated that means youre a virgin( they rape you regardless and forcibly marry you to your rapist since if youre unmarried they cant execute you since it goes against the sharia law) it still happens although it goes unreported the madrassas are more worse..so many pedos..they was a outed pedo mulvi who got away by saying it was blasphemy to accuse a mulvi there was VIDEO proof of it

No. 1740119

also true, it's an open secret that mullahs fuck young boys but you can't ever talk about it, cause with one fatwa, hundreds will come and burn your house down(which is the least awful scenario) or just lynch you.

No. 1740433

File: 1698391147340.jpeg (548.41 KB, 2048x2048, A1CDFBFE-7874-432F-9181-BFFC4D…)

Pinuppixies new tattoo makes me irrationally angry.

Can’t link the TikTok but she’s also going through some “rebranding” due to legal/private issues, my guess it’s because of her ex husband or the jasmine chiswell beef

No. 1740446

Lol this was inevitable. Her porn was hardly themed around vintage/pinup. This is the true her. Not all pinups do porn/sex work but a huge chunk do and use the pinup branding to kind of hide behind it in real life, like a lot of "cosplayers" do. Easier to say pinup than pornstar. She did hardcore porn with her husband so the legal part of it has to do with that. She's not rebranding because of Jasmine's dumb ass. I've said it before but I wish a pinup cows general thread was started years ago because the drama is never fucking ending in that community.

No. 1740465

Damn I knew she did porn but not hardcore. I wonder if she will continue that with her new scrote boyfriend.

Also a pinup thread would’ve been amazing, these gals are a different breed of insane.

No. 1741335

I'm not going to say anything, just watch.

No. 1741351

she should be a voice actress for cartoons. It's like she learned how to talk from watching Chowder and Dexters Lab.

No. 1741476

I feel sorry for her, especially in regards to people in the west who think they have it anywhere near as bad as she and women like her do just because people don't want to entertain their delusions, at least they have the right to act on their delusions in the first place.

No. 1741682

File: 1698470737329.png (183.35 KB, 602x1440, Screenshot_2023-10-27.png)

Thank you for just understating, cause there are so many libfems(and certain radfems) who will never ever admit that the misogyny of other cultures(especially Islamic cultures) is worse then the west, they will outright claim that Denmark is as bad as Iran(cause both have misogyny) it's unreal and when your a Muslim nation, you tend to lash out when you hear responses like that.

No. 1743122

File: 1698590343809.mp4 (10.81 MB, 576x1024, tiktok.mp4)

This video is so weird to me. Girl, your husband is on life support, and you're recording him and recording yourself kissing on him for tiktok. And she doesn't look sad at all.

No. 1743126

I thought we were being raided again and I was staring at a decapitated head.

No. 1743129

Recording him in that state is so disrespectful.

No. 1743137

File: 1698590953090.mp4 (3.96 MB, 576x1024, tiktok (2).mp4)

Here's another video. She also posted a video of him having a seizure, and according to the comments she wasn't allowing his family to see him and was feeding him herbs that induced seizures. Idk what I just stumbled upon.
I'm sorry anon, I didn't realize the thumbnail would look like that

No. 1743206

This feel like a parody, somehow.

No. 1743210

is this a case of munchasens by proxy or some shit?

No. 1743222

File: 1698594702008.mp4 (7.86 MB, 426x768, Krav_Maga.mp4)

So there are a lot of these 'quick, easy/instant' women's self-defense type videos that are being recommended on Tiktok, and honestly, these could actually get some people hurt. I'm not a self-defense expert, but I know enough to understand that most of these techniques are basically theater and could give someone the false expertise they could apply in a dangerous situation.

No. 1743237

File: 1698595370660.png (146.15 KB, 1111x1317, ?!?.png)

No worries, Nona. I know we don’t get any say in regards to the cover the videos uploaded display. After the initial shock wore off and I read your post I had already assumed you didn’t mean any harm by sharing ♥
If these allegations are true, not only are they concerning but also horrific.
Some of the comments seem to think so.

No. 1743245

Apparently there are videos on YouTube that expose her/explain the case.

No. 1743278

First she had to deal with a mentally ill scrote, then she is doing all this weird shit? sure take off your mask to kiss him, that's what you want to do to someone with mushy brain during a pandemic, post it babe! not weird at all!

No. 1743331

Watching this video to understand who this woman and why is she posting this on tiktok of all places. This is disturbing and just sad.

No. 1743382

Yes most of the women’s self defense tips are complete bullshit and don’t work at all. If you try them out with an actual man that puts in any effort you can see how it’s a complete failure.

No. 1744135

File: 1698643675224.mp4 (6.29 MB, 684x854, qOsCkmO.mp4)

I don't care if there are proven methods, I don't trust a man to hold a baby like that.

No. 1744162

Ew I hate the wannabe Kubrick stare older Gen z-millennial dudes always do. Like why do they feel the need to turn holding their infant into a chance to try to look badass and intimidating

No. 1744515

I posted a comment and got a reply from a teenage girl telling me the little girl in the video totally wanted it and it wasn't the guy's fault.

No. 1744523

She looks like a trafficking victim, like she was about to burst out crying.
Also that someone replied to you saying she wanted it like they know her and the actual situation and that they would think a child is equipped to make that decision/live with the consequences is scary. Zoomers are about to be brainwashed by tictok into becoming child brides because it’s trendy and they can’t actually think for themselves. Society really is ramping up the pedophile grooming, now he’s 17 but what’s the bet the really father is actually 20+.
Disturbing that tictok let’s this shit on there (evidence of an actual crime) but again that whole site exists to brainwash children and groom them for predators/antisocial behavior. Guess we shouldn’t be so surprised.

No. 1744546

>just turned 13
so its extremely likely the poor girl went through a pregnancy at 12 years old…insane

No. 1744547

zoomers are the generation that calls you out for liking 16yo anime boys at 20 but are totally okay with this shit

No. 1744607

File: 1698679032032.png (539.17 KB, 826x1114, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 16.16…)

Seirously she went on to message me and kept saying not all men not all men.
My own tiktok feed is filled with anti-moid stuff but it's definitely not targeting the younger generation.

No. 1744728

is that a pedophile why does he have the pfp of some young girl? idk send him statistics and ask him to answer why men commit 98% of crimes

No. 1744745

Fatima, you’re supposed to cooking dinner for husband. Leave now before he beats you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1744754

Elysian Fruit is an unironic racist rad orbiter. It’s not impossible to acknowledge Islamic misogyny without invoking stupid chicks like her

No. 1745289

I think you're fighting with an actual 8 year old

No. 1745562

This 33 year old man doxxed a kid for making a hate comment. The comment was ignorant and ableist but doxxing is taking things way too far especially since this is a dumb kid. He could have reached out privately instead of doing this.

No. 1745574


No. 1745623

that was actually funny.

No. 1746276

File: 1698780643841.mp4 (1.37 MB, 480x854, 16fw4f8.mp4)

LOL i'M sO quIrKY

No. 1746278

the girl behind lmao

No. 1746289

and innocent strangers in the background are going to labeled as 'bullies/mean girls/jealous bitches/etc' because of influencers cringe bullshittery

No. 1746294

File: 1698781717385.png (206.63 KB, 288x450, Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 3.49.…)

No. 1746303


Honestly depending on the day I might be either girl. I've definitely gotten overly excited for food, but her "happy food dance" went on for way too long so I know it wasn't genuine excitement for a meal after a long day of not eating or something, but for attention.

No. 1746305

I hate this guy I see him in tons of commercials and shorts and it’s like his whole shtick is “my mom is a dwarf” and “I’m a quirky red head” idk anything about him but I don’t like him

No. 1746308

We need more people like the girl in the background to bring back shame. When her face turns away from the camera, I can see her smirking to the guy she's sitting across from. Hilarious.

No. 1746310

I wonder what the employee must have thought when she did that weird ugly beaver like face

No. 1746311

obviously there's a difference being excited and a bit childish and doing this cartoonish "quirky" act that also conventionally shows off your boobs.

No. 1746313

File: 1698783298814.jpg (4.38 KB, 169x176, F5r0sslXMAAZNFR.jpg)

You can feel the disgust.

No. 1746314

>also conventionally shows off your boobs
She's just a woman with big breasts anon. I literally don't think anyone could watch that video and think she's trying to "show off" unless you just have porn brain and can only see women with big boobs/ass as sexual.

No. 1746324

wasn't this already posted in things you hate a few months ago

No. 1746381

nta but she's in shein baddie workout clothes or showing ass/cleavage in like most of her tiktoks, nonnie… I think it was intentional

tiktok imbed isn't working for me but her @ is addictedtoana

No. 1746387

conventionally means agreed upon, i think you mean casually, but yep she's absolutely jiggling them for more views

No. 1746478

I have large boobs myself and wouldn't feel comfortable having that much cleavage and bouncing around. Small breasted women only get away with wearing those things because they're usually extremely thin too and it's usually just associated with model clothing

No. 1746480

i HATE this video so much. i hate that stupid dancing girl and love the background girl so much

No. 1746774

File: 1698815246414.jpeg (9.23 KB, 168x300, download (6).jpeg)

The whole "pedophile female English teacher" is so bizarre. Women literally get seen as pedophiles for no apparent reason left and right. Women are pedophiles now for what? Being football fans of the school they work at ? I don't see them accusing moids of being gay after literally obsessing over the lives of football players. Meanwhile moids can be as pervy and weird as possible and we arent allowed to question or look deeper into it or else we're all evil women falsely accusing an innocent men yet it's perfectly fine to assume a woman is a pedo predator for… Liking football?

No. 1746776

>"pedophile female English teacher" is so bizarre
is this a new made up boogyman on tiktok

No. 1746777

every single english teacher i’ve had were no-nonsense cat ladies. i don’t know where they’re seeing these pick-me pedophiles? also teenage boys absolutely sexualize and harass female teachers way more than these teachers “flirt” with them. this trend feels like some sort of copium by men who wanted to fuck their teachers.

No. 1746780

its been a way to call out "female pedophiles" because they claim women aren't called out enough for pedophilia, which is true, but they're not calling out female pedophiles, 9/10 times they're just displaying just preppy and jokey teachers, and female pedophiles arent called out because they're female, they're not called out because people have an issue with trying to expose pedophiles in general and most pedophiles are protected by their families.

like the most popular tiktok relating to this is some teacher joking with the football students about how they lost on Friday like… if they think that's pedophilia wait til they hear what moids say about their own daughters

No. 1746786

File: 1698816482083.png (81.23 KB, 275x155, 1657639945574.png)

Football scrotes literally made it a football tradition to chase, tackle, and slap each other's asses during and after their little faggoty games. They act like predators to each other more than anybody else does, so before they act like babies and cry "pedophile" at some woman for liking football, they need to sit down, look in the mirror, and face the fact that they've been groomed by the USA into being the biggest fucking fags in the history of sports ever.

No. 1746788

Kek Teen Moids wish older women gave a fuck about them. Even then female pedos are super rare.

No. 1746795

there were so many times were I called moids pedos for saying off-color things about children's bodies. I remember there was this one viral story on tiktok about a dad and his daughter being mistaken as a couple at hot topic, in the beginning the dad kept referring to his daughters body as "large breasts and hips, blessed like her mom" and when I pointed out it was sort of inappropriate to say that everyone come in guns blazing about how I'm the weird one, I'm "offended by anatomy" and that it was just a description. But women are being called pedos for liking football? and ontop of all that men want to convince us it's actually them being called pedos over menial things? I cant with people

No. 1746833

Holy shit that's a revolting way to describe your daughter.
if a woman says her son "has a big dick just like his dad" everyone would say it was pedophilic and creepy, but apparently talking about your daughter the same way is a compliment.
>I don't see them accusing moids of being gay after literally obsessing over the lives of football players.
I saw a moid on a train once looking at some football website and just looking at the headshots of all the players and studying them, their obsession is so weird to me especially as the game is so dull.
There was recently a viral rugby clip where muscly man 1 grabs muscly man 2 tightly by his little itty bitty shorts while exposing his adonis belt and stomach, and raises him up in front of him solely by the itty bitty shorts, (to help him catch, ostensibly) and it is unmistakably extremely gay

No. 1746839

Background girl has big lolcow farmer energy

No. 1746881

Honestly the trend really wasn't going for the pedophilic angle at first, it just spoke about female teachers that always prioritize teenage boys and go full pickme for them because they were likely never the popular girl when they were in high school so now they're reveling in the attention they get from being a lenient teacher. I have encountered a couple of those teachers myself, it's not nonexistent. They're not pedophilic, it's just boymom type energy.

No. 1746888

I know exactly what you're talking about. It's more covert incest than actual pedophilia. These are women who probably never received much male attention, and being a pandering teacher is the only way they feel they can have any sort of affection with young MALES. I knew a teacher who wasn't the best-looking, but she always had one boy with her every few grades, which created a weird mother/son relationship that was the usual creepy boymom stuff.

No. 1746921

>There was recently a viral rugby clip where muscly man 1 grabs muscly man 2 tightly by his little itty bitty shorts while exposing his adonis belt and stomach, and raises him up in front of him solely by the itty bitty shorts, (to help him catch, ostensibly) and it is unmistakably extremely gay
I saw an almost identical clip but it was in a MMA cage kek.

No. 1746923

>also teenage boys absolutely sexualize and harass female teachers way more than these teachers “flirt” with them. this trend feels like some sort of copium by men who wanted to fuck their teachers.
Spot on nonna. As always, all moids (including mini moids) do is project.

No. 1746968

Remember that women can never be nice to males without being sexually attracted to them. It doesn't matter if your teacher is also nice to the girls. If she's nice to a boy, she clearly wants to fuck him.

No. 1746977

Someone redraw her as elsie.

No. 1746989

men are trying so hard to meme women into being as awful as them, first it was the ''women fuck dogs'' shit even though most of animal abusers are men, now the same with pedo teachers

No. 1747369

File: 1698858354391.mp4 (4.14 MB, V45f888.mp4)

Why are 'queer' zoomers so fucking obsessed with labels? to the point where it just becomes a matter of what clothes you wear.

No. 1747577

that would be even more sad

No. 1748137

Why is being queen synonymous with talking too fucking much

No. 1749596

File: 1698989756984.jpg (194.57 KB, 1130x1005, oxK2W6D5LsSXsKOj.jpg)

The only way booktokers will read an actual good book if it somehow conforms to one their bizarre pseudo-aesthetics.

No. 1749620

Isn't Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde an extremely well-known book? Can't believe booktokers are that uncultured.

No. 1749629

Teenagers are notoriously known for only caring about things for the aesthetic to their absolute detriment but now that everything is so accessible it really takes it to such a bizarre level.

No. 1749866

I'm not surprised at all that they are more ignorant about literature than the random average person

No. 1749870

File: 1699022374086.jpeg (766.4 KB, 3226x2738, D64C9613-BE37-449E-8FE8-3137A1…)

These zoomers will treat autistic kids like pets yet they can’t even tell the difference between to and too

No. 1749873

Holy shit, zoomers love to act like they're so politically correct and morally righteous because of how they're "empaths" and shit, but can't even talk about people with autism like they're people and not stupid animals KEK.

No. 1749882

still would rather take that than being shoved into lockers and have my bags thrown into the bin every week or so

No. 1749885

just wait until one of these autismos questions something related to trannyism

No. 1749894

I hope the autists shove them into lockers

No. 1749901

I do not think autistic kids are the ones chasing people kek

No. 1749909

Low functioning autistic kids attempt to play with classmates by giving them high fives or chasing them, zoomers love to be victims so will act like the kid was attacking them. There are tiktoks of zoomers recording autistic girls existing to get them mocked online. They like to be victims but also have someone to look down on, usually they look down on special ed kids or low functioning autistics

No. 1749910

actually I saw some video about how the background girl got hate because she was judgy about how the other girl was just "enjoying her life" or some shit. Background people on such videos aren't to blame for their reactions or lack thereof to these weirdos

No. 1750455

Eh, this guy is annoying as shit, but the person he doxxed is not a 10 year old child and normal people don’t write things like this, I can’t be mad at it.

No. 1750468

Where do they even think they’ll find these Matthew McConaughey 40-something types lmao. Men that go after young girls are absolute degenerates and look like Jesse Rutherford, unwashed metalheads or obese rednecks.

No. 1755521

File: 1699259134696.mp4 (5.44 MB, 960x1706, EpSTl1s.mp4)

What's the joke supposed to be, cause this just feels like Incest.

No. 1755522

what ? where do you even see the incest implication? the "joke" i guess is that the younger sibling is growing up, the same video would be like idk when you catch your younger sibling on social media following the same people as you or you catch them at the same bar or something idk. i don't understand how you came to that conclusion

No. 1755523

it's one cringy video but it's clearly about your kid sibling no longer being a kid

No. 1755526

You're uh seeing what you want to see I guess

No. 1755547

You don't have siblings do you

No. 1755589

The joke is that it's a recreation of the zoolander meme. That's it.

No. 1755949

Is it even worth making fun of those true crime neonazi girls that film themselves wearing a school shooter shirt or make some reference to terrorism? They just want attention I know but it gets on my fucking nerves, why are you trying to appeal to the lowest of the low of moids.

No. 1757831

File: 1699375983498.mp4 (5.96 MB, 960x1706, IF8LIkp.mp4)

I hate gay male humor so much.

No. 1758615

File: 1699419499648.mp4 (8.06 MB, 480x852, OJY7vjsiylDES4fq.mp4)

How do you exist like this and not realize, even autists and retards have better social awareness.

No. 1758649

butches like this are so dreadful and make comphet look appealing

No. 1758705

It's collective autism

No. 1760253

I got recommended a couple of thus guys videos and it's kind of annoying that no one notices he has a barely diluted African serval and it isnt allowed to go outside, animal abuse. It's so much like a serval I don't think it even qualifies as a savanna cat, it's straight up a serval still

No. 1760256

you believe in "outdoor cats" don't you. I don't support keeping wild animals as pets but keeping his serval inside is the least he could do, or else it's gonna wreak havoc on the local bird population

No. 1760263

Someone in the comments said the cat is allergic to grass???? Dunno if thats a reason why.
Should just build it a catio so it can have outside time without killing wildlife
Catio solves this problem.

No. 1760265

I dont, you're misunderstanding. Servals need outdoor enclosures, not to roam around outside. They are wild animals and keeping them cooped up in a shitty little apartment is animal abuse.

No. 1760272

ok then yeah, seems like we're on the same page. i just jumped to the attack because i hate outdoor cat owners, lol

No. 1760288

Yeah no, African servals belong in the wild. They also spray a lot regardless of being fixes or not. They pay for an aesthetically cute cat that requires carnivore diet, chews up and destroys everything, and makes the house smell horrible and then they don't even give them the proper space or enclosures. Serval owners should have large outdoor enclosures for these cats, its cruel and wrong not to. Maybe he doesn't know its a diluted serval though, his other cats are just regular housecats.

No. 1760303

>carnivore diet
to be fair isn't this all cats lol

No. 1760342

Servals eat raw meat, not cat food.

No. 1760641

id bet its only "intersex" over some dumb shit like pcos

No. 1761160

What too much Steven Universe does to your brain.

No. 1765277

File: 1699671550128.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1635, IMG_2558.jpeg)

A video with 360k+ likes that is just a slideshow of calling women who don’t wear makeup ugly

No. 1765280

File: 1699671748822.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x1509, IMG_2559.jpeg)

The first slide is her talking about how this stuff makes her “so mad”. You have thousands of women agreeing with this in the comments too

No. 1765297

The serious blackpillers here don’t get to me because they’re too far in their own world for me to even get it but this sort of thing brings me closer to them every day. One day I’ll get there too.

No. 1765309

Lord forgive me but she's way too clapped to be Snow White and I'd much rather look at the Disney choice than her. The worst part of this is how flattered and pleased she looks, like she cant contain her smile at all eww

No. 1765313

They are just teenagers. Teenage girls are SO deep in misogynistic standards that they are triggered by seeing regular women because they're horrified the idea of becoming one. I used to feel the same way about obese women. I grew up. It's sad that this is how it is but you really cannot internalize a teenage girls perspective because they are so wildly insecure and self loathing that it permeates evert single thought. They are imprisoned by male gaze and male fantasies.

No. 1765325

Not to sound like a retard but why are they mad that other women are “ugly”/don’t try as hard as them? Isn’t that less competition?

No. 1765329

Misogyny and insecurity. They'd be mad if the girl wore makeup too kek. It's cringe.

No. 1765331

They want other women “in check” basically they get mad when they see that other women simply don’t care as much about scrote standards as them

No. 1765332

File: 1699674002004.jpg (51.28 KB, 422x350, 1687827438251328.jpg)

It's their deepest insecurity. People (both men and women) who do an irregular and unnecessary amount of self-care get a sense of egoism and entitlement from it, they're better than people because they have an eating disorder and spend two hours a week doing gua sha and they have to let the common people know about it. Neverending that they just look like filtered yoda, they have to convince themselves they are somehow of higher value because of their Cassie From Euphoria Morning Routine. You will never see a naturally attractive person talk like this, its only miserable girls (and gays) with eating disorders who spend an excessive amount of time trying to look better. They get extremely bitter because of it and want to validate that they really are somehow more attractive than everyone else, when the only thing that seperates them from everyone is strict diet and makeup.

No. 1765388

File: 1699676340792.png (911.99 KB, 759x1345, 屏幕截图 2023-11-10 231907.png)

like that woman xiaoxiao

No. 1765399

I remember seeing a comment section of a bunch of women crying about how hot male character in Asian shows are going for basic women. A lot of these women have universally attractive features but simply aren't caked in makeup and wearing slutty clothes which is basically what's attractive in the west now. We're literally reverting back to the 2000s, that's why playboy bunnies had ugly faces and botched implants but were just skinny and wore lots of makeup so that's what's hot now

No. 1765406

holy shit i never realized how yellow this retards teeth are

No. 1765485

File: 1699679519120.mp4 (2.62 MB, 480x854, renaissance-cosplay-What-re-yo…)

No. 1765503

For some reason not liking makeup makes you a pickme by Zoomer standarda

No. 1765517

What doesn’t make you a pickme by zoomer standards at this point

No. 1765526

Being an actual pickme

No. 1765529

File: 1699681193832.png (229.02 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20231111-003632_(1)…)

I keep seeing videos like this where people are obsessed with experiencing "teenage romance" or how it's the "best thing you can experience". Is this just chronically online romantic idealization of young romance? What's with the obsession? This shit and then the thousands of videos telling young girls to date men 35+ too. It's all i see on tiktok now

No. 1765534

I really wish we could just go back to calling each other fat bitches, it was more honest.

No. 1765535

I seriously hate these people at my god damn ren faires. All cosplayers and other special needs attention seekers there should be rounded up into a comic or anime convention center and be genocided. They're the reason the ren faire is no longer 15 dollars and is now 100 and something per person. I go to see properly attired knights, fairies, elves, bards, and queens, not pornified versions of shrek. Sage for sperg.

No. 1765541

>pornified versions of shrek

No. 1765550

I don’t know either but I see people romanticizing their first loves all the time and maybe I’m an outlier but my first boyfriend was absolutely fucking awful kek. Like who gives a shit about my first kiss or when I lost my virginity if it wasn’t that good. I’ve had much better experiences as an adult with more experience.

No. 1765554

i experienced teenage romance and it made me decide to turn to wizardom.

No. 1765574

Teenage romances are easy to idealize because both parties are young and naive, don't have any boundaries, have all the free time in the world and most of their conflicts are from the outside like their parents telling them not to stay out past 10 lmao. No wonder hack writers always just use teens and high school settings for everything.

No. 1765658

I got to experience teen romance too, and it was mostly underwhelming and awkward. My first kiss was shit, he didn't know how to kiss and mostly sucked my face off. People laughed at us because he did it in public. After a few weeks he tried to get me to have sex with him but I wasn't ready so I slapped him every time he clumsily got his fingers in my underwear.
The most romantic anyone's ever been and my best relationship ever is now, in my late 20s with my boyfriend of the same age. I was with an older man for a while too, he was awful, immature and abusive and a lowkey pedo. I don't understand why people glorify teen years and college as "the best years of your life", my life was shit then and my mom controlled my entire life so I had to sneak around the whole time.
Writers need to find new inspo, it's so boring and overplayed. Especially once you figure out that adult life has a lot more to write about.

No. 1766398

When I get these types of videos I try to mention that these are most likely done by underaged kids and adults should try to avoid interacting, as I believe it just makes things worse. I get so many others of anainspo too, it’s so sad. I wish kids would get off tiktok, but adults should also know better than interacting with this

No. 1766403

I stumbled upon one of her videos accidentally and it was one of the worst things I've seen this year. Disgusting. People actually think it's entertainment? Nonnies please don't look it up, this is basically a mentally stunted Chinese girl who is abused and baited into lashing out in public by a tranny, I believe. They're like a circus act? I have no idea but it's upset that they're treating her like a monkey.

No. 1768201

File: 1699790106141.mp4 (1.39 MB, 960x2074, 2DBphu5.mp4)

This is just super messed up and not to sound, too tinfoilish but also demonic

No. 1768202

File: 1699790133595.mp4 (2.42 MB, 960x2074, 1wXBuHW.mp4)

No. 1768203

File: 1699790162084.mp4 (1.29 MB, 960x2074, wLI1SvH.mp4)

No. 1768216

I remember going as a kid and i havent been able to attend for years because ticket sales go faster than most concerts. I hate that it’s no longer a fully wholesome family experience too, they have no regards for other people or the kids that attend these events. Its sad as shit

No. 1768228

Nero did do lot of fucked up shit. They say he killed his wife in a fit of rage and tried to have the boy skinwalk his dead wife. But with Nero there is a lot of debate what was real and what was myth to smear him since he was very disliked in his time. But god it's fucking weird with the animated
talking faces like that. Especially putting it on a child. Wtf.
Evryone one on Daily Wire is a grifter who failed being a a actor in Hollywood and have a hate boner over it. They are incapable of making good art for the same reasons modern media is bad at making art. Combined with the extreme lack of empathy all conservatives have.

No. 1768370

>talking faces like that. Especially putting it on a child. Wtf.
that's what I'm really worried about, this form of conflict is going to be used by pedophiles.

No. 1768380

That is not a serval.

No. 1768409

That is definitely a Savanna, which is a cat mixed with a serval. The muzzle is a dead giveaway.

No. 1769317

File: 1699861726819.jpg (98.28 KB, 720x809, Xiaoxiao.jpg)

Xiao xiao's caretakers are evil. It's so fucked that so many people think the abuse being done to her is funny. There are many comments that wish harm upon her too. The fact that Xiao xiao is a disabled woman makes this entire situation really depressing.

No. 1769320

anon what's going on??

No. 1769324

Xiao xiao is a Chinese woman who went viral after videos of her getting angry and lashing out gained notoriety. In many videos, her caretakers (some say they are her family, but I can't confirm) are seen hitting and provoking her (like recording her when she doesn't want to). They are clearly abusing the fact that she's disabled to exploit her for TikTok views, and people are finding enjoyment in that. How sick and disturbed does one have to be to find any of this amusing?

No. 1769402

It's a serval that has been bred with a savanna. It's barely diluted, it looks too much like a serval to even be an acceptable regular house savanna.

No. 1769403

The fags on Twitter use her gifs too theyre all retarded

No. 1769420

I really hate stan twitter humor, it's like if gay male STD was a form of humor.

No. 1769429

Whats crazy is that they're all aging and most of them are in their mid to late 20s and still doing it.

No. 1769435

please spoiler xiao xiao content.

No. 1769564

>How sick and disturbed does one have to be to find any of this amusing?

they are the same types who would go to the freak show circus, sadly.

No. 1773005

File: 1700075735450.mp4 (1020.63 KB, 480x612, w4iiQ9yLN2jDRnT4.mp4)

Maybe a little Toxic Masculinity is a good thing.

No. 1773019

ew. What's going on here?

No. 1773020

What are they doing?

No. 1773172

I bet manifesto-nonna could write some killer text about this kek

No. 1773178

No let big man hold little man like a baby, this is awakening something in me

No. 1773179

reminds me of the baby monkey torture fan community. Sickos.

No. 1773181

New age cults are truly terrifying

No. 1773285

The should not be filming that shit.

No. 1773328

>be dl black moid
>invent workshop to heal uwu trauma
>charge dumb whites 1k minimum
aaand afterwards they fuck, this is a giant orgy, simple as that

No. 1773360

Yeah taking advantage of people who are dumb is one thing but if we are lucky it isnt csa victims seeking it out and men who want to be cradled by another man

No. 1774202

No. 1774211

it's most definitely the same people watching both, it's disgusting.

No. 1774278

File: 1700143382147.mp4 (2.7 MB, 576x1024, p14wyE-xGncLeZgp.mp4)

Don't be absurd, people absolutely crave see open BDSM when they goto a renaissance fair.

No. 1774279

i puked at this cringe shit. do people actually get off to melanie martinez cinderella doing this or is it all in 50 layers of irony?

No. 1774286

Which part of medieval fantasy is this meant to be reflecting? I don't remember any sexual harassment booths in my stories.

No. 1774329

Ew, this is disgusting.

No. 1774331

This is one of the nastiest things I've ever seen. How could you ever allow anyone to speak to you like that? Does she not have any self respect?

No. 1774335

These people are telling you that it's barely diluted but they're dead wrong. That cat is severely diluted, basically a house cat with a few exotic genes.

No. 1774349

Can someone transcript what she's saying? I cannot understand a thing, there's too much background noise

No. 1774428

Seems like it's entirely done for the moid gaze both irl and on TardTok.

No. 1775586

What's the Joke here? It's just a buff man and woman making retarded faces.

No. 1775601

It's generic porn dialogue, tell her to suck on the nasty hole, calling her a bitch.

No. 1775602

This is just what tiktoktards think is good or funny acting.

No. 1775619

File: 1700236753353.jpeg (36.94 KB, 500x564, 97594CA8-69E8-4895-A9BF-9977D5…)

It’s a meme started from pic related where a guy makes dumb faces to the Skyler white yo audio. I’m glad it started up Skyler appreciation because I was tired of the old shitty Reddit tier memes around hating her

No. 1778661

File: 1700422344633.png (6.39 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2807.png)

mentally stable people keeping tabs on Adriana Lima’s underage daughter and talking about how her father ruined her genes, i wish all coquette Vindicta retards a very die

No. 1778664

File: 1700422375405.jpeg (272.11 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_2808.jpeg)

No. 1778668

it annoys me so mmuch its not even properly synced

No. 1778684

>small barely noticeable bump
holy shit these people are mentally ill she's literally gorgeous

No. 1778692

wut she's gorgeous, people are insane

No. 1778889

File: 1700429493111.jpeg (30.13 KB, 153x239, 314CE2A8-1F86-4DB9-8AA7-086F7C…)

What the fuck is this hair

No. 1778900

Have you ever seen an actual person sit down and watch these videos? I think all the likes are bots because I know true crime and history are engaging topics but the weird AI faces and voices talking are so uncanny and literally unnerving so every time one of these would pop up I’d hit not interested.

No. 1779616

>Gimlet only has hair at the center of her round head, and it is very skillfully sculptured into the shape of a giant and erect male penis
-David Foster Wallace, Girl With Curious Hair

No. 1780063

File: 1700503447358.jpg (78.63 KB, 826x1011, F7rCpzabUAAL_05.jpg)

This has to be some form of child abuse.

No. 1780069

Plastic surgery is going to ruin everyone. she looks fine. Women are not allowed to be unique anymore

No. 1780095

What does refresh mean in this context?

No. 1781011

Anyone else getting this girl on their FYP, a youtuber ended up doing a video about her i was suprised to see so many people knew about this

No. 1781014

This is the saddest thing I've seen all day, for god sake I hope this girl gets some self esteem soon

No. 1781053

Holy shit I hate this so much

No. 1781055

I swear to god she looks like if korea made the grinch and she is straight outta whoville. Korea needs to make their clinics illegal

No. 1781062

I saw the other video with her. Pedo pandering retard.

No. 1781149

This is supposed to be satire I think. It's still gross tho.

No. 1781246

This is a joke, they're making fun of pedo pandering egirls. Can't you see the ears?

No. 1781539

Are they coping uglies or are people this brainwashed by seeing faces filtered into anime girls in social media? Wtf.

No. 1781621

I honestly don't think it's fake, she checks all their latest beauty standards (e.g. the ear surgery), that's too much effort for just a joke. The other girls interviewed on that account act more normal but are also all some kind of internet thot too, so this is not a parody channel.

No. 1781765

this is actually the worst thing ive seen in a while the coquettes must be destroyed

No. 1781767

I think she's hyperbolic but it's clear she knows the kind of demographic that follows her. She's both making fun of them and pandering to them.

No. 1781924

File: 1700597021292.mp4 (2.23 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_730155624848110720…)

Okay I finally got it kek This dude kinda explains the origin of her phrase. There's also clips of her friends saying the same thing and then them laughing.
Still weird that she's both self aware yet also super plastic.

No. 1781972

I hate this earth.

No. 1781999

Anyone else hate how Instagram reels work? Even if you view a 'reel' on someone's profile, you scroll down and are then in the endless scroll

No. 1782511

this has got to be some sort of over-exaggeration. tiktok moms love talking about her perfect they are even if it means to lie . I remember seeing multiple women claim they had zero pain during labor and postpartum, always used breasts and no bottled for 5+ kids, and the babies never cried or ever had any issues. all in the same comment

No. 1782542

File: 1700625231132.mp4 (875.33 KB, 576x1024, wcg7E0t4kvBOxJOE.mp4)

there’s so much to unpack here..

No. 1782550

Oh god, she's one of those morons who fetishize mixed race people, and treat mixed race children like rare pokemon. Poor baby is gonna have a complex of some type.

No. 1782551

Some people are so strange about their mixed children, but does she think people are going to tell that her kids are specifically German and Irish?

No. 1782557

Sorry but unless she’s teaching them Gaelic and German and they have mixed citizenship or live both places each weekend growing up there’s no fucking difference between her German and Irish bluud.

No. 1782566

Asians and their white obsession should be studied

No. 1782569

I don't get this. Nobody is going to care about her half white baby especially if it turns out to be ugly kek.

No. 1782570

File: 1700626720769.jpeg (Spoiler Image,266.43 KB, 404x575, IMG_1231.jpeg)

Her daughters are beautiful but not because of what I’m assuming is the 1/4 German and 1/4 Irish. Their father looks like a fucking toad. Spoilered for toad moobs.

No. 1782572

>Elliot Rodger's mom before she found out what a genetic Trojan horse male British genes are:

No. 1782577

What is it with Asian women and hitching themselves to the most mediocre-looking, dysgenic, dadbod-having white dudes they can find

No. 1782599

she is aware that asian genes are strong as hell, my great great grandmother was uzbek and to this day there are people in my family who still have epicanthal folds, it's really only disappeared with my generation. but either way her baby will look full asian to 99% of people.

No. 1782605

this is the type of mom to silently rage if their hapa kid marries an asian…

No. 1782632

>Poor baby is gonna have a complex of some type.
No wonder nearly every Asian/white mixed kids I've met always had some kind of bpd thing going on when their parents are these types of weirdos.

No. 1782660

I’m a bit jelly of her daughter lol with them tall+ pretty genes so what if she has an ugly ass dad, I do too and I’m still kinda pretty. I think women can get away with having unconventional features because we carry ourselves better about it and know how to style ourselves well.
Ew wtf

No. 1782670

It’s not just Asian women it’s just a bunch of non white women like I’ve seen really pretty young black women and Indian women also with ugly ass middle aged pink hair hairy bridge troll balding white dudes, I think it’s cause the media shills such ugly plain at best men as heartthrobs like Ryan gosling and Jake gyllenhaalvand women who grew up on that think oooh a white guy with beady little eyes who looks ok sometimes is just the best! Or they know he’s ugly af and they like being the more atttactive one cause they feel more secure in a relationship like that .

No. 1782672

Who is the third guy laughing he’s so cute

No. 1782678

File: 1700633028685.jpg (70.72 KB, 700x950, jake gyllenhaal young.jpg)

I agree with that too many WOC date mediocre/below-mediocre white guys, but I don't get this logic
> think it’s cause the media shills such ugly plain at best men as heartthrobs like Ryan gosling and Jake gyllenhaalvand women who grew up on that think oooh a white guy with beady little eyes who looks ok sometimes is just the best!
Those two are conventionally attractive, especially when they are younger. It's plain to see that most average men of any race don't look like that

No. 1782683

i hate so much when people are autistic about this nonsense, it makes those who are normal about having a different race partner look disgusting too. Sometimes people just fall in love despite differences without being a deranged fetishist.
I'm so glad my family wasn't creepy about this. my sister has a white bf and nobody ever sperged about it, either in the fetishistic "zomg you can make delicious mixed babies" way or the "you're betraying your race!! you BELONG to asian moids" incel way. They always said it's not race that matters but whether he's good to women. It was so grim growing up and realizing that tons of people do not in fact have even remotely sane takes

No. 1782687

File: 1700633875678.jpg (112.05 KB, 1029x1029, 1de9bdb5c0626b55d663dd9759e3f4…)

This is unironically how my grandparents were, there has always been a significant wealth gap between my father's family and my mother's family. My mother's family desired for my father to marry one of their younger daughters solely because he was tall and light-skinned, and they sought more "attractive" grandchildren. It's really fucked to learn that's the sole reason for the existence of me and my siblings.
like don't ever tell your kids shit like this.

No. 1782688

nta but gooseling was always hideous, it feels like a mass brainwashing campaign that someone like him is considered conventional. he does not have a single above average feature, not one. donnie darko looked alright but became ugly later + a weirdo

No. 1782725

i'm german and he doesn't look german in the slightest kek

No. 1782729

Sometimes a face is more than the sum of it's parts, I put him in a category with Tom Cruise where I couldn't say any individual feature is attractive but the overall effect + charisma (in certain roles) makes them handsome. Too old now though ofc.

No. 1782745

How could I not hate libfems for creating this culture? God forbid I break out or they don't have my colour or I don't WANT TO, but my choices never seem to matter.They sound exactly like some black women who mock and harass other women for not shelling out $800 on a wig

AT my lowest, shit like this makes me wish I was a man so I wouldn't get retarded comments like this

No. 1782748

I wanna a-log so bad, please let me get a ticket to china

No. 1782755

Girl I am so sorry, your life has value even if your family are perverts. I hope you and your siblings become successful and leave those freaks in the dust

No. 1782756

This is why so many IR are crapshoots, too many bottom shelf brads who never should have been born

No. 1783375

Jake was cute. Ryan Gosling looks like a foot

No. 1783377

No dude he is straight up being shilled. I don’t like Tom Cruise but I’ll admit Tom Cruise is handsome with harmonious features

No. 1784137

File: 1700712188698.mp4 (3.84 MB, 480x852, wxGbaByJgcGiSCaZ.mp4)

Therapy culture and it's consequences.

No. 1784149

Nah if a man tried to talk to me like this I'm going LORENA BOBBIT

No. 1784156

This would never play out like this irl. They sound like they're having an interview and he is such a pretentious fuck. I would actually throw a book at his head and hope he bleeds out.

No. 1784165

the way you just KNOW abusive moids are going to use this to crazy-make women for reacting to their abuse

No. 1784182

Men who do this are ran through reddit addicted whores

No. 1784271

moids wanna blah blah blah like this? so they can just tune it out and escape a righteous verbal beating? My only "nonviolent" option is to unscrew the glass case of his gaming computer and put his crumpled trash in there if he wants to leave it out.

No. 1784356

File: 1700717120385.jpg (200.75 KB, 1122x1186, Untitled.jpg)

She needs to stop before the girls end up on HalfieSelfies.

No. 1784375

Ew this thing is an abomination.

No. 1784457

why does he have no ears

No. 1784487

You act as if most women in general regardless of race don't date men who are beneath them looks wise. It's a common phenomenon all around, i just think you are being heavily biased. The ratio of attractive women to attractive men is tragic, it's like 8:2. I don't believe the would have done better in their own race.

No. 1784500

Literally just going to the barber and stop feeling sorry for himself would solve all his problem. ngl, i don't understand this mindset with some mixed race people, there's enough of them around for them to have a community to themselves and bond and feel a sense of belonging if that's what they want.

No. 1784847

I remember when I was younger I fell for this 'I statement' shit and when I tried it with my parents and partner I got so much shit for being self centered by always talking about my feelings. I don't understand how they think saying how you feel will actually help, it only makes the situation worse to say you're annoyed or angry or whatever.

No. 1784941

IME White men-Indian women couples are either normal, middle-aged professionals or young, student hipster-types. Locally, this coupling was a rarity but Zoomers are more open to it. Men tend to be lanky and blondish with libfem "vibes." I'd say the couples are well-matched in terms of looks, education etc. Definitely loving and sincere. Chinese women are with older fat men or literal autists with money. They prioritise earnings and say fuck the rest kek. They are cold and deliberate, nothing desperate about it. Generally speaking, Filipinas are the desperate ones dating down which makes me sad because they're very sweet and hard-working. White Men-Black women couples are unfailingly chavvy, dumb and generally unpleasant to be around. Poor but decided to have 3+ kids anyway. Then again the inverse is true and infinitely more dysfunctional.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1784990

File: 1700731231757.png (43.37 KB, 420x720, CYWIQnw.png)

What about the fact that Latino/White is the common interracial pairing within the United States? As common as they are, it's strange how rarely they're talked about.

No. 1785003

There isn't much of cultural or even appearance wise difference between white women and latinas. Majority of latinas can just pass as Italian/Mediterranean women and have the same party lifestyle they cry about white women having. Asian women are typically more privileged financially so don't typically get associated with party folks, high school drop outs, etc. And Asian women typically look vastly different from white women so men desperately try to grasp on to it because "to make the white roasties seethe".

No. 1785062

Chinese and Koreans are typically the gold diggers. Filipinas are always getting degraded by their white counterparts to get out of poverty. The only couple that is somewhat stable are white man and black women. But that comes with its own can of worms(racebait)

No. 1785127

File: 1700746730757.mp4 (1.05 MB, 480x852, MOkTXB7ShhLwhFyG.mp4)

often related to interracial-relationships, I really really fucking hate height fetishization. It's never not creepy.

No. 1785131

I know this guy is a pedophile and pretends she's a kid when the lights are off. Nothing anybody says will convince me otherwise.

No. 1785162

I fucking hate this shit like you have no idea

No. 1785171

God I hate these types of people, especially when they insist that there's no pedopandering angle to their videos. Like how stupid do you think people are?

No. 1785177

My dad is at least half a foot taller than my mom and he never brings up how small she is, like no one would have a problem with these types of couple if they were just a little less weird about it.

No. 1785184

File: 1700750166647.webm (488.2 KB, 320x568, 6uBBs2eCma6fFc3c.webm)

As bad as that may be, I'd say this one is even worse and more egregious.

No. 1785189

im with a guy a ft taller than me for the last decade and there are some people who kno us who seem to fawn over our height difference?? most people dont even comment but then occasionally there are those who cant seem to think of anything else when they see a tall guy with a statistically average height woman

No. 1785196

My brother was 7ft tall and his wife was short.. he married a short woman because he hopped it would average out his kid’s height kek.

No. 1785197

That sounds kinda BS, he clearly had some sort of DDLG fetish.

No. 1785208

Some of you guys really are coomerbrained. 7ft is already freakish for a man, where was he supposed to find a 7ft tall woman?

No. 1785222

I think anon's brother is actually doing something very wise, extremely tall people tend to get major complications through their lives, so it makes sense why he's trying to get smaller offspring

No. 1785229

Idk anon, there are plenty of taller women out there (5'7"-5'10", some even taller than that). Not saying it's the case with the brother, but don't you find it at all suspicious that these tall ass men go for the most petite women they can find?

No. 1785235

He has roidpig physiognomy

No. 1785245

Not really, being 7ft tall must be incredibly inconvenient.

No. 1785254

idk what to tell you but 6ft women exist

No. 1785256

i get where you're coming from but i really don't think the average person even knows what that is

No. 1785257

calling your nigel daddy was a common/known thing before the internet already.

No. 1785258

My cousin is 6'10 and he found a wife who was 6'2, cause he wanted to be with someone who understood what he went through life and isn't a fetishist.

No. 1785263

Even 6ft women aren't that common though. I guess he could've went crawling around a WNBA game but other than that, idk.

No. 1785264

What did he go through in life tho?

No. 1785265

Women calling their boyfriends or husbands daddy has been a thing for decades, it even happened in old movies from the 50s and maybe older ones too. Men have always been degenerates who like that sort of thing, just like there have always been men preying on their daughters and stepdaughters in real life

No. 1785272

It's but calling your partner daddy is different from actually dressing up as and acting like a child

No. 1785273

but that's not what ddlg is… that's just having a nickname, one that i always found weird and gross but it's not even close to ddlg i had to delete because i wrote "said" instead of "sage" kekkk i'm really not trying to infight here but those two things are on completely different levels

No. 1785283

Ddlg is more extreme and disgusting but women calling men daddy is the same type of misogynistic fetish behavior

No. 1785286

I live in asian nation. like I'm considered weirdly tall at 5'7, being that tall does present him and his wife issues.

No. 1785356

This is so aggressively heterosexual, I want to barf.

No. 1785433

If a man wants to date a woman that fucking small compared to himself, I am 100% going to think something isn't right with him.

No. 1785455

Cut down the porn.
A lot of short men fawn over tall women and vice versa. Opposites attract.

No. 1785476

Tall ogre boyfriend check

No. 1785490

And what exactly are you, gay? (Don't even try, I don't believe you anyways)

No. 1785494

>If a man wants to date a woman that fucking small compared to himself
The average woman is 5'3ft, at his height almost every woman will be very small compared to him, you're implying he's a pedophile for even entertaining regular as women

No. 1785495

Unironically there is nothing creepy about this video specifically and if you believe there is, you have porn brainrot. She looks like a grown woman. Get over it.

No. 1785499

File: 1700767193533.jpg (366.54 KB, 1920x1080, vaqueros-gettyimages-126563564…)

so OT, this is a whole other thing, but I hate how in discussions of race, Hispanics are often just erased. Like a few weeks ago, I watched this whole breadtube video about 'Queer History of the Wild West,' and it was all around awful but one part irked me. She talked about the Hollywood cowboy myth, and then she focused the entire section on black cowboys. Now, I'm not saying their history isn't important, but the majority of cowboys were either white or Hispanic. In fact, Hispanics made up 1/3rd of all cowboys, and the fact that the whole concept and system of cowboys came from Hispanic Vaqueros is never even mentioned. and this was a perfect showcase of how discussion of race are in most cases, where the focus is either on black Americans or Asian Americans. Hispanics, who are the second-largest ethnic group and the most common inter-racial pairing, and who make up a good portion of the working class, are just never mentioned for some reason.

No. 1785503

Yes! I've always considered them the original cowboys, its really odd to overlook them when it's such an intrinsic part of their culture.

No. 1785504

>Hispanics are just never mentioned for some reason
Hispanics don't need nor like "representation", every time someone tries to include them for "diversity" they hate on it because it's cringe and it's simply not their culture. Other groups are more used to that concept but latinos ain't

No. 1785519

Kek what are you talking about? Latinos are proud of their culture and there's nothing wrong with that being recognized or honored.

No. 1785530

>implying he's a pedophile
Never said he was, but thanks for the strawman! And my opinion stands, it's fucking creepy for a dude that massive to date a woman that small compared to himself. Tall women aren't rare, he could've easily found a woman that's closer to his height, but nah he had to go for a woman that's basically a midget to him. That's weird. It's just fucking weird, regardless of your apparent frustration that it is fucking weird kek

No. 1785535

wtf are you on. I'm puerto rican and I love seeing my culture represented. Latinos are proud of our heritage and we like to see it on screen

No. 1785552

File: 1700768789006.jpeg (68.53 KB, 735x851, IMG_3054.jpeg)

Reminded me of pic rel

No. 1785555

Are you guys retarded? I obviously mean cheap American representation, which is the usual example

No. 1785563

No it isnt, stop being such a fragile child. Unless she looks underage, it doesn't matter. All women look short to men that tall. Get over yourself omg.

No. 1785565

But that isn't what's being discussed, what the fuck is wrong with you? Stop

No. 1785585

>Tall women aren't rare
They are, it's way easier to find an average 5'3 woman than a 6'0 woman that's just a fact
>he had to go for a woman that's basically a midget to him
WOC are way smaller than most white men, this includes Asians and latinas. By your logic, every interracial pair involving these races is inappropriate because they're smaller by default, these are grown women and look like it

No. 1785586

Are we really defending men who date women who look like kids compared to them?

No. 1785597

It's just an ugly big bitch mad that she can't get a tall guy. We've had plenty of those over the years that take their pickme frustration out on any couple where a woman of average height just so happens to be dating a tall guy.

No. 1785602

there are still women who 5'7, who while short would still be significantly more normal sized.

No. 1785606

You're a fucking psycho if you think a woman looks like a child just because she's short.

No. 1785608

That's what I'm saying, I used to hate on these pairings too but then I did my research and most of these women are just average, some even 5'6 and they still look very small alongside extra tall men

No. 1785611

Shut UP how do you live life in reality without combusting. They don't look "significantly more normal sized" you're just out of your mind.

No. 1785621

Petit women look like…women, just proportionally smaller, they're adults and look like it

No. 1785639

Amazed at the retardation in this thread, couples who play up their height difference because the woman is so tiny and dainty and the man is some ungabunga 7' tall roidpig obviously do it for the attention and the fact that it looks controversial.

No. 1785646

Or, it's just an oddity that's funny?

No. 1785660

imagine being this naive kek

No. 1785669

File: 1700771147136.jpg (172.48 KB, 1200x800, FhJFlvfXwAAPO3Z.jpg)

Oh no you're mad MAD

No. 1785699

it's bait just report

No. 1785744

I'm not naive, you're just completely disconnected from reality.

No. 1785753

If you don't think these couple use their height difference to get views, especially using clickbaity thumbnails that make it look like a giant man with a child then I don't know what to tell you

No. 1785786

Small women aren't children ffs

No. 1785789

Op here. Ladies, ive been drinking sangria and minding my business with 30 rock and pie. I cant believe how intensely this conversation spiraled. My brother had health issues for being so tall, he never found clothes to fit him correctly (online shopping wasnt really an option growing up), and often men would instigate fights with the biggest man in the room to “prove” themselves.
He wanted his kids to enjoy shopping and roller coasters and be able to ride in regular cars without having to adjust seats every time.
I dont know who is so porn sick but his wife was 5’6. Anywho, im going to drinknmore sangria and watch a movie. Good luck nonnas

No. 1785800

I've seen you using this image here at least a couple of times.

No. 1785807

No shit, but that doesn't mean people won't perceive them as being more childlike than a taller woman. There are onlyfans girls who make bank off the fact that they're grown ass women that men think look like children and play it up just like these couples do. If they acted normal about it then no one would care

No. 1785808

>all men are pornsick they're inherently all perverted!!!
also nonnas:
>nooooo a 2 meter tall man would never date a 140cm woman because he is a pedophile!! preposterous!!!

No. 1785817

KEK this is exactly what I mean, why are we suddenly giving men the benefit of the doubt here

No. 1785824

my boyfriend is a foot taller than me and calls me mommy. just thought you guys should know xo

No. 1785844

File: 1700773602802.png (347.66 KB, 344x344, IL6j1699119465.png)

No. 1785876

Nta but can you stop seething? We get it, you're massive and hating on small women because they're getting your manz, get over it

No. 1785908

Do you fear he's gonna troon out?

No. 1785910

NTA but its sad to see people sink low enough to act like pick-mes on here, thought we were better than that

No. 1785915

the femlets are trying to cope because they only attract creeps, it's sad.

No. 1785918

Is this really what men think women argue and worry about lol wild

No. 1785923

The "femlet" comment makes it obvious that it's lurking moid/troon, baiting and starting arguments.

No. 1785925

I thought the whole argument was way too retarded and soggyknees for it to be women but that post sealed the deal yeah

No. 1785926

we both hate trannies. it's not good to let their kind live rent free in your mind, anon

No. 1785928

It makes sense that short women would defend the demographic that wants to date them, but I thought on here at least we would be based enough to not defend literal moids

No. 1785929

I do think there was initially a genuine discussion and later argument but he hijacked it to make it some bizarre Incel-esque discussion.
It's just that, tall men into femdom seem like they have a higher chance of trooning, from what I've seen in the MTF threads at least.

No. 1785930

Reminds me of shuwu and preggory but less ugly

No. 1785932

File: 1700775631803.jpg (32.26 KB, 750x735, lisatired.jpg)

>No it isnt, stop being such a fragile child.
Take your own advice, girly. I only called them weird and you're defending the elephant/mouse couple like they're your parents.
>Unless she looks underage, it doesn't matter.
Sure, why not, but it's still weird in gasp my fucking opinion.
>All women look short to men that tall
No they don't, touch grass.
>Get over yourself omg.
Again, you need to take your own advice if you're this mad over a tiktok couple being called weird. They're weird, and I get to think that all I want. Deal with it.
>it's way easier to find shorter women than women who are six feet
It may be easier, but I wouldn't say it's WAY easier. Tall women are still anywhere and if I had a massive height, I wouldn't want to date a person that only reaches by stomach when we're both standing.
>By your logic, every interracial pair involving these races is inappropriate because they're smaller by default, these are grown women and look like it
That doesn't even make any sense. Not all white guys are the size of a door or taller, and not all POC women are "womanlets" kek. Even if there were a height difference, I doubt most of them would necessarily be freakish like the video shown.
>It's just an ugly big bitch mad that she can't get a tall guy.
round of applause gotta love that cliche trope of "of you're just mad because you're fat and ugly" in response to any criticism of anything ever kek. I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm only 5'1 and I still think it's fucking weird for a person to willingly date someone that MASSIVELY smaller than themselves. Vice versa too. I'm not fat, and not even overweight. Not even ugly, and the fact that I even have the dating experience to form my own opinion that dating taller dudes isn't my thing only pokes a hole in your cope. Height differences can be annoying. Massive height differences like in the video looks like hell, and only something weirdos would do. Feel free to keep writing a trash-tier fanfic about me though, your misuse of the word "pickme" is only the cherry on top.
>my boyfriend is a foot taller than me and calls me mommy. just thought you guys should know xo
>"cool idc about that though"
>stop seething!
please, I'm focusing on massive height differences, not whatever attention-seeking but normie shit you got going on.
Tall men aren't even "my men" and I still think a lot of them are fucking weird when they do too much with their height difference or make shorter women a big fetish, but idk make sure to use a condom I guess.

No. 1785936

So what do we mean with taller guys? 2 metres? They look like inhuman freaks. Dr Disrespect for example just looks wrong. Nobody needs to be that tall

No. 1785940

Seriously this is NOT about the women. Sure those women would look like normal adult women by themselves. But to these moids they obviously do not look like any other random adult woman. Any moid who chases after small women does it for a perverse reason.

No. 1785941

for real, i feel like a biologist observing intrasexual competition in women wrt to this discussion kek

No. 1785945

I think the general cut off to be considered tall for a man is at least 6'0/180cm. Maybe a little taller.

No. 1785946

Yeah, its obvious the shuwus of tiktok found this place.

No. 1785948

I think everyone can agree with that, the disagreement just started with anon saying that that anon's brother is into DDLG for being with a shorter women. Being in a relationship with someone who is significantly shorter or taller than you doesn't mean you play up the height difference for attention.

No. 1785950

Oh well tbh I don't think it looks weird until the guy is above 190 and the girl below 160. Like I can't say I've ever seen looked at a 5'2/6'2 couple and thought anything of the height difference

No. 1785951

Do you really find that shrek looking guy attractive? He looks like he should be on the back of the shortbus with all the other speds

No. 1785955

No. 1785962

Kill who? Me?

No. 1785970

>arguing on lolcow on thanksgiving
you guys are getting sad lmao

No. 1785974

What the fuck is thanksgiving

No. 1785976

A food eating holiday where you get to just stay home

No. 1785978

with your family and friends

No. 1785981

>Oh well tbh I don't think it looks weird until the guy is above 190 and the girl below 160
I'm 5'1 should I reject every tall man so you don't have a breakdown or what?

No. 1785982

Not everyone is a burgerfag

No. 1785985

Like babe idk the bait is stale and it's gotten really easy to spot. It's not very titillating and I'm worried about your lack of passion for trolling. Everything alright mentally lately?

No. 1785989

Why are you talking like that? You sound slow

No. 1785991

I'm not american so this is a normal day for me

No. 1785993

>using imageboard lingo in an imageboard makes you a moid
newfags everyone

No. 1785994

This is text based so if I sound slow in your head then that says more about you than me I think

No. 1785995

mentally ill teenage girls who spend all their days online looking at edited pictures of adriana lima and megan fox and seething because they will never look like them. also moids

No. 1786002

shut the fuck up burger kek

No. 1786003

Using shit that moids on 4chan say against women IS what makes you a newfag. If you wanna be an NLOG got to kiwifarms, you’ll get asspats for saying the n word and using any r9k lingo

No. 1786032

i know you are as fat as the sun but that doesnt mean everything revolves around you

No. 1786048

i know this is a youtube short hate thread or whatever i dont even remember but redditors have also been ultra obsessed with female teacher pedos out of nowhere. Ive probably seen 10 or so news stories posted on reddit in the past week alone, most of them not even being recent (some dating back 5-10+ years), and they always get massive amounts of attention, disproportionate to stories about women/girls being victimized by men in even more horrific and brutal ways. Stories of women abusing/killing children also get extremely disproportionate amounts of attention compared to male offenders of the same crime. Its genuinely starting to really skew peoples ideas of how common women raping/killing children is, and its a very obvious that men are afraid of how much more outspoken women are beginning to be against male pattern violence and sexual abuse, so theyre desperately trying to pull a "B B BUT WOMEN ARE JUST AS BAD" by cherry-picking decade old news stories, because exactly 0 statistics back their claims on how common female-on-male rape is. Its depressing how well it seems to be working. Every single discussion i see women trying to have about the prevalence of male sexual abuse gets instantly shot down with "MUH FEMALE TEACHERS" now and its infuriating. Yes, those women are beyond fucked up and deserve to rot in prison, that doesnt change the fact that men are still over 90% of offenders in both female AND male child molestation. It makes me even angrier when they try using these boys rapes to make braindead "gotchas" at feminists/women. "The feminists silence on this issue is deafening" "Seems like male teachers are the only ones that behave anymore and only the female ones are having issues keeping their hands off of little kids" "And yet MEN are still viewed as the sexually violent rapists/pedos of society" - just a few examples of some upvoted comments ive seen on reddit recently. Completely divorced from reality. Notice how the care so sooooo much about male victims, yet the only ones they post about, feel sympathy for, and get enraged over are the ones with female perps, even tho men cause around 93% of rapes against boys?

No. 1786135

don't care, didn't ask, you are all american. i can smell it.

No. 1786145

also someone in the dumbass shit thread thinks anyone calling out the weirdness is a zoomer kek

No. 1786199

File: 1700793784434.png (4.85 KB, 119x136, 2.thumb.png.c2e95e857cc0afb2d9…)

Well that lazy mong can go fuck herself. I'm a femlet, I can think of massive height differences as creepy whenever the fuck I want.

No. 1786562

I wouldn't post it so often if the situation didn't call for it, the amount of wacko posts here is crazy these days some if you need to actually smoke a blunt

No. 1786754

File: 1700845510317.webm (2.39 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_724100266659014583…)

And now the crossover.

No. 1786756

holy shit the tall guy looks like a serial killer, scary rapist smile

No. 1786759

The way he towers over her with that genuinely retarded look on his face. What the fuck, it's like dating one of the giants from the BFG.

No. 1786760

Why is he looking at her with his fangs bared like he's gonna eat her ??

No. 1786761

File: 1700845762544.png (985.39 KB, 640x790, GWksbk1.png)

he looks like evil doug jones.

No. 1786763

Same faggot but you can tell she has to feed him strips of bacon during the day to keep him calm

No. 1786767

He looks like he's a moodswing away from beating people with rocks and only says I am groot

No. 1786773

But now your cousin is making more slendermen babies to have the same problem.

Idk if she's like 5'0 yeah that's strange but average height women isn't suspicious to me. However it seems to be the girls account showing off the size difference so they're obviously into it if it's a fetish thing.

No. 1786778

File: 1700846536070.jpg (9.21 KB, 480x360, Buster Scruggs.jpg)

More like Tim Blake Nelson.

No. 1786780

>it seems to be the girl account showing it off
Because a major pickme activity is to constantly remind everyone how small they are compared to their boyfriend. You see this a lot in social media, it's just that in the case of men who are like actually a mountain it becomes a genuine spectacle. We all knew an uwu smol bean fag growing up, and most women grow out of it by the time they're like 18 but these women did not

No. 1786789

How many times are you going to post this? Unhinged

No. 1786848

Why are you being a pickme on lolcow

No. 1786852

go cry about it to your roidpig nigel kek

No. 1786855

>Obligatory "your nigel" accusation
I'm a virgin, and I just find your vitriol towards these women off-putting, you keep repeating the same stuff in all your post, you sound obsessed

No. 1786862

Nta but calling out smol bean uwu behavior is a staple of lolcow culture, have you never been to the cow boards?
I didn’t bother to read up thread and see if it’s justified in this case but it’s so mundane here it’s not even notable at all.

No. 1786863

>calling out smol bean uwu behavior is a staple of lolcow culture
Be careful, there's gonna be like seven retards flooding the thread just to call you an ugly, stupid jealous bitch that can't find a man kek

No. 1786868

>just to call you an ugly, stupid jealous bitch that can't find a man kek
don't forget big/tall/ogre or whatever term they're gonna use to make themselves feel superior KEK

No. 1786869

Funny how when I mentioned being a femlet myself, they all just shut the fuck up kek

No. 1786904

File: 1700854129864.png (92.72 KB, 337x417, 1000008405.png)

boost the contrast on this and you'd have the next Jeff the killer image kek

No. 1786905

newfags trying to police board culture has been getting out of hand lately.It's even worse that they go cry to the modzzz about the slightest inconvenience and the mods actually coddle them. Cant believe they censored the banners thanks to retarded crybaby speds.

No. 1786907

Feed my Frankenstein

No. 1786938

This this this

No. 1786973

File: 1700858531586.jpeg (119.83 KB, 615x924, B719CE33-2A2C-4B5B-A557-DC08D3…)

>you’re just a big ugly jealous ogre! I’m a smol princess bb, sorry men like me and not you

I’m sorry you base your self worth off of how much men like you. Not everyone feels the same

No. 1786979

File: 1700858873927.jpeg (108.92 KB, 1122x887, 66921194-F2AB-4482-9F44-3BE5A6…)

Yeah but most Latinos hate the forced woke pandering and retarded Disney shit
>hola amigos! My name is Miguel and I love tamales made by my Abuela and I’m Latinx! ¡ These are my wild primos! Ay dios mio

No. 1786984

how's his relationship with his mother? genuinely asking

No. 1786987

hispanics boolying the oye primos creator was hilarious to witness. Hispanics will take 50 speedy gonzales over a single shitty show about chicanos.

No. 1786988

File: 1700859048000.gif (1.11 MB, 275x155, 1654190175195.gif)

These retards type shit like this
>my boyfriend is a foot taller than me and calls me mommy. just thought you guys should know xo
and start seething when they're called newfags, pickmes, attention-whores, zoomers, or accused of being underage. Imagine how needy for attention you have to be to make a half assed attempt of blogposting your faggoty ass boyfriend in a thread about freakish tiktok couples. Like bitch, nobody is losing sleep over you getting dicked by your boyfriend, we just think it's pathetic you're trying to shoehorn your boring life into the conversation. Actual braindead pickme NLOG behavior, but it's probably a trolling moid because of the "xo".

No. 1786990

dont you know anon? this site isnt an imageboard, it's a regina george larping forum get well sweety xoxoxoxo

No. 1786993

It’s probably some retard from Twitter or TikTok who says shit like “that’s on you babe” and “purrrr” retard. Imagine letting a man call you that

No. 1787015

Ayrt this is the first time I've posted about it. The entirety of the cow boards is full of people who can recognise this as pickme behaviour, why are you shitting the bed over this?

No. 1787117

File: 1700867077933.png (232.31 KB, 350x472, c25757bb12ed.png)

i was scrolling through and i just wanted to say that this guy looks like Klaus

No. 1787141

This is so fucking rude to Klaus

No. 1787185

It was actually pretty common in like 60s/70s to call your gf/wife or girl you liked Mama. I watched a old animated movie from the 1960s and the guy kept calling women he was attracted to mama.

No. 1788298

Anon was literally talking about Latino history being ignored in a documentary about Latino history and you keep going "b-but Latinos HATE woke pandering representation!" ok cool but that's not even what Nonna was talking about

No. 1789572

File: 1701026162825.mp4 (6.92 MB, 480x854, qq9LRTgolS8GNxbb.mp4)

So I get the need for tough love, but this feels actually cruel.

No. 1789580

Parents do shit like this, and act genuinely dumbfounded when their kids don't talk to them anymore. How much you wanna bet these same people are eventually gonna complain about their son not inviting or speaking to them anymore?

No. 1789582

These are the type who will cry when no one wants to visit them in the nursing home.
Also really hate that dolphin squeak fake laugh, living in the south I had a manager who would do that after every sentence and called me a "cold bitch" for not smiling all the time

No. 1789592

File: 1701026996939.webm (1.96 MB, 320x568, 1693593661140.webm)

Can anyone actually afford to live on their own these days though?!

No. 1789593

File: 1701027017329.jpg (38.61 KB, 594x466, 021d9f3c9044d5f8cf37caedd04021…)

>I will give my children every opportunity to succeed in the field they want, I will make them a happy nepo baby who has a wonderful safety net of accumulating generational wealth and connections.

Poor-middle class americans:
>cackle fuck my kids, fuck the future generations, generational wealth is spent on cruise ships and hoarding garbage, I took from my parents in numerous ways and won't admit it, I benefited from a fantastic economy, I bought a home for 50k that's worth 250k now, and I am the first generation who does not want a better life for my progeny because I am massively narcissistic and enjoy the power dynamic of sucking the life out of this world before I die

No. 1789596

Lots of upper middle class/low level rich folks act like poorer middle class families. My Nigel’s family is pretty rich upper middle class and they don’t help us even a little bit, my parents are poor and only managed to buy a home after age 50 but they subsidize my retardation big time and are willing to do without so I can be kind of okay

No. 1789654

I really don't get why Americans do this? They all stem from different countries and in none of those this is a tradition, so how did this start..?
I live in a very western euro country and many people only really move out completely when they're married with kids. Everybody else stays at home, or has a small dorm/apartment with their bf/gf and then comes back for weekends, or they transform a part of the parents house (e.g. cellar or attic) into a small apartment in which they stay til they're in a long-term relationship and have a lot of money saved. If you love your parents and they love you, why not? I sometimes even feel jealous of more trad countries (I know they have many downsides too), because they forever stay with their parents and often even grandparents.

Just got my first own apartment, my city is supposedly the 5th most expensive in Europe and I pay 1200 euros. And it's beyond ugly and gross lol

No. 1789662

I wish my parents were people I could live with, they’re nice to visit but holy shit I start losing my mind after more than a few hours around them. They’re so neurotic and chaotic and loud and quarrelsome. If I had stayed in the dark about my problematic behavior/thoughts and personality disorder and hadn’t opted to better myself and not be a raging narc-ish BPD-chan on steroids I’d probably be able to cope with living with them but when you’re trying to be more healthy and lose your narcissistic traits that’s an impossible environment to be immersed in and quickly makes one suicidal.

No. 1789693

File: 1701030827474.mp4 (3.66 MB, 576x720, c5fe51c6a47d59f431508bfa5b72fa…)

I just feel bad for her

No. 1789700

She’s actually very sweet and her Pilates page is good for people with weaker bodies to get exercise, but people are cruel as hell to her. For no reason too, it’s not like she spergs out and gives a reaction that’s easy to bully, she just says “I’m aware I’m ugly”

No. 1789711

I'm so fucking scared that I'll end like this (or like pt)…

No. 1789764

Someone needs to show her husbandoism so she can stop thirsting over 3DPD and being upset over it

No. 1789765

Nursing homes are too good for them, parents like them can rot until they're evicted kek

No. 1789781

those retards are probably just projecting teen girls or moids. She's just average woman jesus christ what seeing nothing but overly photoshopped instathots does to your brain, they are going to off themselves before they turn 25.

No. 1790558

I do think she does have a confidence problem, but she is conventionally unattractive.

No. 1790563

Where do you live that that's average to you? The desert from the hills have eyes?

No. 1790565

it's just a normal woman she looks like the old techers i had at school.

No. 1790574

Who is she? Her username keeps getting covered by the poster making this edit

No. 1790598

And this is why i would NEVER post my face online because i know for a fact that i'd be drowning in the kind of comments she is getting. A man would never be subjected to this and moids have the audacity to make youtube videos with greasy hair and inflamed acne and can't even slap a pimple patch on that shit in the very least.

She is really not that unusual looking, just go outside in any western country and you will find multiple older white women who look like this. A lot of them have husbands and kids too.

No. 1790603

She’s not that ugly. Seriously she’s like kinda unattractive but people act like she’s hideous

No. 1790745

>all those cowards without profile pictures
God I hate this. Leave her the fuck alone

No. 1790749

This gives very passive aggressive vibes. I'm esl, what are they seething about? Did their son gift them shirts or what?

No. 1790760

She’s like… slightly below average in terms of looks. People really need to go outside and look at people ffs. Like many other nonnas are saying I’ve had teachers and random nurses and stuff that look similar to her she’s not some fucking sewer gremlin level of ugly. And gasp, she’s not wearing shitloads of makeup or using filters and hasn’t been injected with tons of plastic. People have brainworms from seeing so many filtered full face makeup teens all day everyday and middle aged celebs with regular Botox and plastic surgery they forget what a normal ass lady looks like.

It doesn’t help that gorgeous women are consistently being called “mid” and anyone who dares to look a day over 25 is hailed as haggard. Society is cursed.

No. 1790762

File: 1701074388915.jpg (35.89 KB, 750x572, 58531efcd39292c58bd29d7aa480a9…)

No. 1790763

It is passive aggressive af. They’re treating it like they’re just kidding heeheehoho but they’re really not. They’ll be seething and sobbing and acting like victims about him not visiting them when they’re older and not giving them grandchildren soon enough. These are your typical right wing middle class American gen x parents.

No. 1790768

The tallest guys I’ve ever dated had really small cocks. One of them it was surprising cause he had huge everything else and was legit like 6’7. Other guy was like 6’3 but had weird tiny little hands so I should’ve known. My hands were literally the same size as his (though apparently I have tranny hands and have been accused of being a troon when hand posting more than a few times so idk I do have weird long fingers for a slightly below avg height woman)(personalityfagging)

No. 1790770

Interesting how the woman is supposed to be the "violent" one for telling him to take out the trash kek.

No. 1790805

>Other guy was like 6’3 but had weird tiny little hands so I should’ve known.
Please don't tell me you dated Henry Cavill.

No. 1790808

finger-anon is that you?(derailing and encouraging personalityfagging)

No. 1790820

File: 1701077413345.jpg (5.11 MB, 3015x3714, IMG_20231127_102901.jpg)

sounds fake, like the rest of your posts(derailing and encouraging personalityfagging)

No. 1790846

nah this is crazy what are those NAILS. I like long natural nails too girl, but fuck

No. 1790849

Thankfully my hands don’t look like that at all. I did post a pic of my hands smoking a blunt on here before and nobody said anything kek, tf do you mean the rest of my posts were all nonnies here
Never heard of finger anon, explain
Would’ve been so much better and less humiliating than the loser I dated

No. 1790873

They're weirdly crooked

No. 1790894

Ntas but isn't Henry Cavil a pedo?

No. 1790902

No. 1790909

Her tiktok is @wellnessbynorah

No. 1790980

She's not my type, but seriously i have seen way worse looking girls get a goodlooking husband. I know a lot of people will find that this sounds like a cope, but in real life personality really does matter. I literally know a burn victim her face was totally burned, she got a lovely husband because she is so sweet and funny.
Like after knowing her I realised that it really does not matter how you look, you can always find someone that loves you if you have a good personality and enough confidence.

No. 1791013

the hate is a cope because i see at least several dozen moids in a day that are uglier than her kek

No. 1791029

This sort of thing is why that one brunette anon and racebaiters saying women with blond hair and blue eyes are just universally seen as beautiful and everyone else is automatically ugly (or just considered less attractive/ugly) will always be retarded to me.

No. 1791483

I swear to god older gen x and boomers are some of the most hateful and evil people out of all the generation groups. I guarantee you most of the nastiest things i've ever read online in general was typed with their crusty ass hands. They have zero empathy, compassion or regard for anyone but themselves, it's so nasty. No wonder people just shove them in those homes and forget them, i don't blame anyone for it. A lot of them never suffered a day in their lives, ironically the people in their generation who have actually suffered are far less likely to throw their children to the wolves the way white western conservatives do. I feel like the almost feel guilty about not having a rough life and fetishize the "grind" starting from the bottom because it's something they have no experience with.

It looks like people don't understand that the hate for nepo babies is really from them refusing to accept they have privilege, not that the privilege was a bad thing.

No. 1791691

File: 1701143104258.jpeg (65.2 KB, 500x561, CU0haXJWcAIiGLw.jpeg)

Seconded. She isn't ugly; she's just below average. To compare her to incels or other ugly men is beyond stupid because she takes care of herself and isn't actively shitting up people's lives around her. Maybe she needs better styling but the point is that goddamn! Let a woman exist without needing to fulfill some sort of beauty quota for men! Her looks don't define her worth! I wish all men that mock her a very rope yourself.

No. 1793186

File: 1701249917198.mp4 (3.27 MB, 576x1024, Download (1).mp4)

Tiktok randomly pushing this shit on my fyp, kek.

No. 1793193

Literally pimping and grooming. This shit makes me so sad.

No. 1793194

Women who do this sort of shit deserve to have their heads cut off along with all the other pimps. They’re wolves in shepherds clothing.

No. 1793196

Is it an American thing? My dad is a young boomer and my mum an old gen x and they’re not like this at all.

No. 1793207

Foul. Truly foul to her core.

No. 1793210

Funny because since becoming a parter to Pyramid Co. about two years ago, I've made a million bucks, too!

No. 1793217

this is sad but i also really don't like the comments telling her she is beautiful, she has beautiful eyes, she has beautiful [other feature] etc, it's so stupid that people can only think to say "no you are attractive!" even if they don't really think it's true. that they're afraid to say "you don't need to be beautiful as long as you have a good heart" in case it offends the person. when you know that you're average or even ugly to others and people tell you you're beautiful, it just makes you feel worse about yourself because you feel pitied. i really wish people would stop giving so much value to beauty, there really is so much more to life

No. 1793266

File: 1701259186715.mp4 (14.77 MB, 960x1706, MostlyBlameMyself-Yup-That-ll-…)

What's the joke?

No. 1793287

They ripped off the fun song from spongebob kek, I instantly noticed the melody

No. 1793464

The comments are so depressing; some are saying how they “flopped” and she really tells them to keep pushing??
“ You can’t give up, stay consistent. You’re not all in it. You need to have tunnel vision for this job; As long as you’re authentic, affordable (not ridiculous pricing) and engage with your audience you should be fine!”

No. 1793577

File: 1701279708800.png (451.21 KB, 510x550, n7YMKPj.png)

You'd think she'd be aware Asian genes don't go away that easily.

No. 1793586

Isn't it a statistic that the average OnlyFans "content maker" earns less than 200 bucks per month? That's less money than what a fast food worker earns. In the number of people doing OnlyFans, only a relatively small number of people actually get to make more than a million. I'm talking only 300 people out of an OnlyFans population of 3 million content-makers, so that's a really small chance of actually getting rich if you do it. The woman in that video is straight up lying that anyone can get rich from OF, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's lying about ever making one-million dollars from it. What's fucked up is that teenagers are likely watching that and nodding their heads to it.

No. 1795232

File: 1701362321541.mp4 (7.94 MB, 480x854, unmuted-funny-How-you-doin.mp4)

No. 1795245

Nonnies when they have post in the "post like a moid" thread.

No. 1795262

Yes and the larger OF girls can get bonuses or referrals for luring the small fries into the business. It's a giant pyramid scheme and unlike traditional social media where it's just marketing your face or your clothed body, youre putting your coochie, tits and naked self out there forever to be exploited and ogled by moids

No. 1795263

No. 1795335

Yesss this is exactly what the 15 year olds on the app need to hear

No. 1796091

She's not exactly attractive either. Her features are weirdly elongated and spaced apart, I hope it's a filter. She looks like a bitchy soccer coach. I'm sure the averaging of her skele looks and his bloated wideness is what creates decent looking kids.
Elliot Rodger's dad is Jewish.

No. 1799282

What's the point of setting up such elaborate photoshoots only to paint over everything… The result can hardly be called a photo anymore. This style of painting is just so ugly, it obviously takes forever but it ends up looking cheap somehow

No. 1802556

Moids can't be trusted around animals.

No. 1802559

I’m never opening this thread ever again.

No. 1802566

>films himself pretending to fuck the cat as a joke
further proof moids are subhuman, who the fuck else would do this

No. 1802745

I believe this was innocent or at least even if he was trying to look sexy and show off his cute cat at the same time he didn't fully think it through. Very embarrassing.

No. 1802879

any particular reason why a lot of women on TikTok are getting accused of FAS?

No. 1803038

It's just the new way to neg women. There's some people it's so obvious have FAS like Trisha paytas's original face or Susie from Game Grumps, but most of the women it gets said to have literally none of the symptoms, they just have hooded eyes. Saying a woman has FAS is like what pointing out a cute girl's nasolabial folds was to negging moids and insecure wannabe Staceys a few years ago.

No. 1803410

FAS is an easy way to make women feel insecure since it's technically a deformity but is unnoticeable in majority of cases, so it's easy to just claim random women have FAS for simply just having flaws or something.

I personally think it's a reflection of how bad beauty standards have gotten, you have 1 flaw and you literally get accused of having a deformity.

No. 1804473

Barbz, particularly the gay ones, are so cringe.

No. 1804677

File: 1702094183074.jpeg (134.5 KB, 750x812, AC95AB95-19F0-49D3-87C7-F54D2B…)

Wild how she has permanently ruined her beauty.

No. 1804731

from tradthot larper to the cyberpunk 2077 character of a tranny

No. 1805179

File: 1702142322018.png (706.08 KB, 1080x937, Screenshot_20231209-111814.png)

Lol the before reminds of Lillee Jean

No. 1805764

File: 1702170778780.mp4 (1.4 MB, 738x720, michael jackson.mp4)

No. 1805767

He would have been an anorexic tranny? I mean, yeah maybe.

No. 1805778

>would of
That's not the full form of "would've" you illiterate fuck!

No. 1805785

Michael was raised as a jehova witness and remained a Christian til his death, he would've kys rather than publicly admit to being gay even if he was still alive in the middle of the tranny wave

No. 1805786

>botched underground surgeries, anorexia, illegal skin whitening

so what now? these things are suddenly fine if someone wants to larp as a different gender? I swear no one hates trannies as much as their supporters do

No. 1805787

File: 1702172007952.jpg (15.68 KB, 288x400, I'm rick james bitch.jpg)

when you refuse to learn what life was like in other decades so you unironically think men in the 80s didn't know about cross dressing. Speaking of, I'm a sub30 young'un but I swear I remember before his death people mocked the fact that he mostly wore women's shirts and things? He was already doing so I thought and even if I'm wrong on the clothes being real women's not just effeminate, I know people always called him gay and trying to be a girl so this tiktoker is just late to the game. Michael before death already dealt with this shit.
I unironically hope they try and trans Rick James next just to see the war that happens between the generations

No. 1806137

Meh. She never really pulled off the marylin skin walking anyways. But she still looks worse is that the one with a kid?

No. 1806508

I don't think so tbh. Joe Jackson denied the rumors of MJ being gay and he definitely seems the type to beat his kids if they have any inkling of being gay/a tranny

No. 1806540

Of course he denied them…? That man was gay and a pedophile, please.

No. 1806559

You missed the point anon. Regardless of his sexuality, I don't think Michael Jackson would've publicly trooned out even in today's world.

No. 1807696

File: 1702316901572.webm (6.26 MB, 320x690, 1655710182474.webm)

I wonder how'd vidrel would explain the Palestine/Israel situation

No. 1807708

KEK I hate that I like this

No. 1808554

File: 1702367878995.mp4 (4.5 MB, 960x1868, G1q2QbZ.mp4)

If my husband asked something like this I would sincerely hope he died of cancer,not really, this is so embarrassing for both of them, like who wants to see this shit

No. 1808566

File: 1702369319096.webm (19.35 MB, 1080x1920, 1000012579.webm)

Reminds me of this kind of shit. Packing lunches is something you do for your kids, not for grown men. These women love infantilizing their husbands and trying to pass it off as cute. But it's just not.

No. 1808569

>kpop brand
>disney merch
cringe infintio

No. 1808570

I forgot to mention that her username is 'lizastian'.

No. 1808571

isn't "women packing lunches for men" something common in east asia

No. 1808573

Then I guess it's an east Asian thing that's cringe to me.

No. 1808574

it makes me cringe to say this but if i'm not wrong it just comes from the fact that the fathers or husbands are usually absent and working, a lot of times they try to make the food look cute even if it's just to take a picture but i agree that it's cringe and the products are childish
i just think it's a more patriarchal kind of thing for them and not the same as we see it

No. 1808576

Yeah it's gotta be one of those east Asian, patriarchal kind of customs because how I grew up; if somebody makes your plate for you, that means they don't trust you to pick or handle your own food. Hence why I'm used to only seeing people do that for kids or some elderly. Not for adult men who should know how to fix their lunch kek

No. 1808602

It's a thing that happens in my country as well but my dad would never be caught having a packed lunch, he considers it weird and childish, but his whole family thinks emotions are affection are childish as well.

No. 1808609

She tried and had to dirty delete because people were coming for her.

No. 1808616

This video fucking infuriated me, when the stupid smug husband came in everything started to make sense because he looks like he has some disorder. But she has multiple “toxic marriage” videos like this and tags them #marriagehumor so I have no idea how much is a skit. Either way, fuck everyone trying to become a family vlogger and fuck the husband who probably is like that IRL anyways.

No. 1808618

Her husband's appearance says it all. She has poor taste in men, and he's garbage wearing human skin.

No. 1808644

File: 1702382571786.png (760.94 KB, 1086x802, kek.png)

Peachyymaddi has lost the plot wrapping gifts for yourself and putting them under the tree because something something grief also the last line of that paragraph is so creepy and conceited

No. 1808659

isn't that the woman with the annoying BUT YOU'RE BROOOOOKE dollar tree videos? what happened?

No. 1808664

Her husband killed himself.

No. 1808689

I wanted to kill him when he said "You cleaned your mess around the sink", what a fucking asshole. I hope she leaves him someday and he drowns miserably in his own filth

No. 1808710

kek @ the meat to rice ratio, clearly she's more concerned about making it cute than balanced/filling. i can understand helping with lunch if only one person in the relationship goes to work (which is almost always a bad idea) tho, but we all know most of these moids probably don't appreciate it, or require it even if their wives also work.

don't know her but this seems kinda performative.. i am really weirded out by people who make content out of their relatives' deaths. like, a "POV" reel about this..? and obviously you're not going to forget about your own gifts unless you're wrapping them two years in advance. can't imagine what she's going through but there must be some healthier ways to deal with it idk.

No. 1808722

Everything she’s been doing is one big trauma response. I think if I remember correctly, (went down a rabbit hole while it was happening), she was live streaming and talking about it a lot with her audience. He shot himself in front of her in the middle of the night like a true moid. She seems to be truly struggling with it and not handling it well.

No. 1808733

>He shot himself in front of her in the middle of the night
what the actual fuck. well, i regret what i said, i should really not be judging her, this must be traumatic as fuck indeed. kinda bleak that she's still writing love letters to him but he couldn't be considerate enough to kill himself in a way that would be less traumatizing for her

No. 1808914

Men are so selfish and emotional

No. 1809050

I actually hope this is scripted ragebait, otherwise I feel terrible for this woman. I've seen men walk around rotting shit in their house, but even they weren't this blind, they just thought it was someone else's job to clear it

No. 1809245

Does her husband legitimately sounds like he has some kind of a developmental disorder or is it just me? Like an honest to god retard.

No. 1809276

Really obvious when anons here have never been through something really challenging in life.

No. 1809294

thanks for explaining! i haven't seen any of her content in a while, was this recent? i can't even imagine how horrible this experience must be for her. such a moid move to go traumatize the woman he supposedly loves on the way out. i hate men.

No. 1809322


No. 1809332

>He shot himself in front of her in the middle of the night
that's the fakest shit i ever heard lol

No. 1809408

She deleted her live streams (I just checked) which makes sense now that she has had time to process a little. She did a picking herself up off the payment series instead of her normal stuff back in July so I think his death was right before then.

No. 1809456

Is this the woman who turned out to not be married to the man who died?

No. 1809495

May I ask why? It sounds like something a man would do but then again, I never doubt men capacity for malevolence.
He died on July 15, 2023. He was 26.

No. 1809529

File: 1702414837765.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2177, D4333FF2-7008-40CE-AADB-1B5E7B…)

I stole this from Reddit, but this really doesn’t seem normal or healthy.
Sage for months old info

No. 1809556

He looked exactly as I expected, a greasy overweight beardo. Fucking filthmonger. Hope he sees an early grave.

No. 1809662

My brother is mildly retarded (for real) and he legitimately does not recognize dirt as something to clean up. He's filthy. It's like dealing with a little kid. I don't think he has literally ever cleaned anything in his whole entire life. He's somehow married to an average intelligence woman now, but I honestly don't expect it to last.

No. 1809948

> he legitimately does not recognize dirt as something to clean up
Does it have anything to do with having had someone do it for him?

No. 1810190

File: 1702444138137.jpg (141.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

If left to his own devices, he'll end up in filth like this, and not see anything shameful at all. Not my pic. Low intelligence males just aren't fit for for society. I'm not even joking.

No. 1810193

what the fuck how old is he

No. 1810197

In his fucking thirties.

No. 1810198

kill him in his sleep

No. 1810228

>doing a monologue for Nicki Minaj in the middle of a court session
Why are they like this? Like dude, fuck your positive note, just get on with the court business.

No. 1811904

File: 1702565306294.jpg (4.26 MB, 4096x9334, actualretards.jpg)

I just never remember people having this level of retardation. I genuinely feel like society is just mentally regressing to where there's a large amount of dumbfucks now. Like these girls acting like boy moms towards their male cats while making female cats seem cold and unloving. How many brain cells of yours have to die to even begin thinking that way?

No. 1811916

I hate tiktok as much as the next person but I don't think this is one of their weird gendered mentalities, just something that actually happens with cats. Neutered male cats do often tend to become particularly affectionate and mild-tempered due to how it affects their hormones, female cats also mellow out after spaying but not always to the same extent. Male cats who are not neutered tend to display the most aggressive and asocial behavior of all, which is a big reason they are routinely castrated nowadays.
It's untrue to generalize that all female cats are cold and aloof, but they'll often be a bit more assertive compared to neutered males who might be more cowardly in personality

No. 1811922

My tinfoil and equally uneducated counter take is that the female cats sense their atrocious bias, I have yet to encounter a female cat spayed or not that was anything but loving towards me but like any other pet would up and leave when they were done with getting attention.

No. 1811995

in this case it's true, male cats and female characters are usually different in behavior.

No. 1813030

File: 1702621262437.webm (638.47 KB, 540x960, Them.webm)

This was the worst trend during the the pandemic, it likely created a metric ton of of enbies and FTMs.

No. 1813037

I have 3 female cats and 1 boy cat, while the male is very loving at times he's quite aggressive actually with the other ones (despite being related) and the females are relaxed and loving too. It depends how you raise them, temprement is only as good as ita enviroment (and they all enjoy belly rubs)

No. 1813043

I never met a cat that hated me, male or female. And IME, when a person says cats dont like them, it's because they treat cats like they're dogs. If female cats don't like them, that sounds like a them problem.

No. 1813053

I'm still surprised these people didn't just disappear after the 2010s ended

No. 1813149

most are in in there early 20's, probably in University.

No. 1813150

Wtf the sweetest cats I know are female. This has to be some weird form of internalised misogyny.

No. 1813189

Watched a youtube vid about differences between male and female cats lately. It said neutured males remain more playful compared to female cats. But added on that obviously they have their own personalities so its just a generalisation, not a set rule or a guarantee. The comments:
> Just like men and women, women are stand offish, stuck up, no-fun having bitches and men are fun and approachable!
I mean its dumb how people drag animals into male versus female gender war shit but if they're really gonna compare cats to people.. how many men have had their balls cut off to see how it affects behaviour. The vid said neutered males.

No. 1813195

It sounds like she's about to cry, so much for gender euphoria I guess.

No. 1813324

I was about to say maybe we should start neutering men but then I realised that is basically what trannies are (either by hormones or neovag butchering.) They are literally worse than animals.

No. 1813332

Even that generalization is probably just sexist bias. People do the same thing with babies, if you give someone a baby and say it's a boy, they'll say it's so active and playful, if you tell them it's a girl they'll say it's so calm and sweet. The actual sex of the baby has no influence.

No. 1813342

File: 1702650832118.mp4 (3.45 MB, 960x1706, ewrEyt9.mp4)

what's the joke supposed to be?

No. 1813347

File: 1702651182144.gif (1.14 MB, 320x180, birddance1.gif)

I hate this. I follow a bird watching IG and so many people act like bird mating dances are like men and women irl. Why do you keep comparing humans to birds? Can I just enjoy the birds??

No. 1813350

The pandemic brought out the worst in everyone, I stg. People who were still living with their parents trooned out or become enbys because they were at home, terminally online. People in general got more selfish and self serving. The pandemic may night have killed as many as we predicted, but it definitely ruined a lot of people.

No. 1813352

for sure, like genuinely pre-pandemic times feel like it could be a different era, it radicalized most everyone and I feel the consequences will be soon pretty soon.

No. 1813356

Omg she's soooo crazy mad lad

No. 1813462

I don't get it but at least it looks like harmless fun.

No. 1813824

File: 1702668599911.mp4 (2.63 MB, 960x1304, XmL3ETT.mp4)

resisting urge to a-log, also who wants to bet the moid is some actor or friend she hired.

No. 1813839

She has a series of parody TikToks where she makes fun of influencers who are with terrible scrotes.

No. 1813841

File: 1702669396923.jpeg (153.1 KB, 634x1165, IMG_6079.jpeg)

She was married to an NFL player so I think she’s speaking from experience

No. 1813856

Why does this looks like cgi? Creepy.

No. 1813864

Her humor made me giggle, she seems pretty okay

No. 1813869

I had no Idea her content was like this, cause I saw this video on fandom twitter sometime back, where the QRTs were just "this is Deku and Katsuki" or "this is Megumi and Gojo"

No. 1813871

I like her videos, she's pretty funny imo. Do find it a bit odd she makes skits about a guy demanding his girlfriend to stay young and flawless when her face's full of botox.

No. 1814375

File: 1702702845642.mp4 (5.95 MB, 480x852, cPKfVn5-qJgf2tFi.mp4)

This is a fate worse than being in hell honestly.

No. 1814395

jim henson is rolling in his grave knowing this is what children watch nowadays

No. 1814420

The soyfaces add another level of uncanny disturbances. What sick form of torture is this?

No. 1814570

A lot of bias against/about cats comes from too many people not training them properly. Just like dogs, they need to be trained to socialize. You don't have to teach them tricks but consistency in playtime and respecting their boundaries (I hate those "funny" videos of people provoking their cat to attack them) make a very social cat. Me and my mum mostly had females and they're all lovelies, even if adopted in later age. Sprayed cats are just easier to train imo

No. 1815367

The way I put my hand over my mouth and out loud said "oh my god" when she revealed the moid

No. 1815368

megamind looking mf

No. 1815370

…isnt that a filter?

No. 1815375

are you autistic?

No. 1815379

Holy shit he ugly

No. 1815385

It's a joke anon, those pictures are photoshopped

No. 1815576

Oops, sorry its just that I've seen so many cases where it's not a photoshop or a joke that this one actually seemed incredibly believable by comparison

No. 1816491

She's pretty funny and all of her skits are meant to poke fun at trends. I follow her

No. 1816511

Tyler. Really? There hundreds of thousands of mentally ill lanky white boys with that name. He's nothing special and seeing her go crazy with grief over a man who hated her so much that he killed himself in front of her is giving me second hand embarrassment. A man would've already married someone half his age. I don't understand this attachment to meat dildos. He's not your father, just a piece of shit Nigel.

No. 1816925

File: 1702842608505.mp4 (856.99 KB, 392x720, dgIhuD1OCmsyEMo2.mp4)

No. 1816927

…I don't even get the "humor" in this.

No. 1816935

There's an entire genre of tiktoks of parents "pranking" their kids and it's just shit like this.

No. 1816945

Aw that poor baby. They know it's a "joke" (a shitty one) but he doesn't

No. 1816948

It's probably for people who have a weird hatred for kids

No. 1817237

I truly hate that "no boit" Yeti cat account. Every single video they post of their cat biting, there's a specific point where there's a very obvious change in her demeanor and every single time it's super obvious they've either literally shoved the camera in the cats face pretending they zoomed in, or have a hand up threateningly behind the camera. Just leave her alone. Imagine if you lived with a scrote and every time you were trying to go about your day to day life he recorded your reaction to him holding a fist up like he's gonna punch you, laughing about how funny your anger is. It's just such a moidbrained way of interacting with something you say you love. Stop making your cat think you're about to hit her and she won't bite!

No. 1817244

File: 1702854484824.mp4 (2.79 MB, 576x1024, da5f9f3a6d85676e8ec54e79d1a00f…)

I had to unblock the account to post this. This is a really minor example and yet it makes it extra obvious. Yup your cat went from affectionate to aggressive totally randomly… Which is why you had to do a cut and she attacks your hand when it's offscreen. You totally didn't grab her tail or do something you know she doesn't like the second your hand isn't on camera.

No. 1817251

>kid doesn't even know whats going on
>wasting food and money doing this for the internet

I hate this shit so much. I would completely understand if the kids of these psychotic parents cut them off when they get older.

No. 1817263

File: 1702854928348.mp4 (3.4 MB, 576x1024, b2d1c3745d0a751785cf94332b6e84…)

Samefag. Maybe I'm just oversensitive because I have a neurotic cat whose behavior improved when I put my foot down and told people to stop baiting her, but I just can't stand people who get famous for bullying their reactive pets. This cat is so stressed. This is not playing to her, and then they post videos of her being anxiously clingy like that's not behavior induced by them purposely worsening her anxiety for fame

No. 1817271

>How to ruin your cat's trust 101

No. 1817365

This shit infuriates me. You can't do this shit.

No. 1817373

People don't see the wrong in tormenting cats and small dogs and they think it's fun and cute when they have neurotic personalities like it's not their own fault and doesn't highlight them as terrible owners. Even if she didn't intentionally annoy the cat to get a reaction, cats can get quick mood changes sometimes but it's never "for no reason". Maybe it got overwhelmed or she touched it somewhere it didn't like, or it just didn't want anymore cuddles, forgive it for having its own feelings. And they can't fucking talk so that's how they communicate. Like, that's literally the most fun thing about cats, understanding their non-verbal cues and earning their trust

No. 1817930

Why would you do that, why waste food and money and put a child who can't even talk in distress??? He is going to turn into a psychopath.

No. 1819167

File: 1702982544287.mp4 (7.22 MB, 480x852, OqwvVcwythjPtn2l.mp4)

and it gets even worse.

No. 1819226

At least this one had shitty joke, the first one was just him being retarded.

I feel like young cats can just attack because they have too much energy. My ex nigels cat would attack hands and feet out of nowhere, I always shoved in a toy/rag for her to bite instead and played with her a bit. Stopped doing that when she got older and became very sweet cat.

No. 1819654

Treating your kids like this will put you into a retirement home or an early grave.

No. 1820354

kekekek that girl needed two phones to believe this

No. 1820970

File: 1703099478410.jpeg (223.75 KB, 1125x2045, IMG_3014.jpeg)

mental illness

No. 1822122

File: 1703136679885.mp4 (3.31 MB, 480x852, r4uJzZKAxnKf6DTy.mp4)

what the hell kind of 16th century shit is this.

No. 1822194

His vibes are impeccable

No. 1822210

go back to stan twitter faghag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1822266

the amount of girls who do shit for the sake of an aesthetic and the people that deny that aesthetics influences behavior is crazy to me

No. 1822270

i wish i did this for my 18th birthday instead my dad took me to mcdonalds to babysit my cousin

No. 1822370

I'm a faghag for calling some random midget cool

No. 1822730

This so weird. They see him as some sort of an accessory and he is clearly older moid handcuffed to a freshly 18 year old.

No. 1822737

File: 1703157734878.jpg (316.72 KB, 1035x583, V9v6qwy.jpg)

The funniest thing about the girl pretty vs boy pretty discourse is that it's literally just women making up things to put each other down. All the women on the left and right look the same. And the people who scrotes obsess over don't even fit whatever ungodly standards tiktok girls make up for themselves. Every scrote I know just has a weird fixation on women like Anna Kendrick or Aubrey Plaza.
"Aesthetic" more like self esteem issues and insecurities. Lana fans were doing this long before tiktok became a thing

No. 1822747

what does even boy pretty and girl pretty even mean. they really want to have a struggle being conventionally attractive girls that all look similar

No. 1822760

The girls on the left look faker with sly fox eyes, the girls on the right look softer and more natural.

What is boy vs girl pretty though, is it like a sexy and plastic vs natural and cute thing?

No. 1822770

the picture is hilarious but "girl pretty" is supposed to be a girl/woman who other women will find pretty but men might not find pretty.

No. 1822774

File: 1703160978423.jpg (184.19 KB, 634x1024, BXmpnzq.jpg)

>is it like a sexy and plastic vs cute and natural thing
That's exactly what it is and the underlying thing is that women who are "girl pretty" are superior to overrated "boy pretty" women
It's just a dig at woman they think are vapid. It has madonna/whore vibes even though the women scrotes obsess over can look "girl pretty" whatever that is supposed to mean

No. 1822776

i see no difference other than left having squinted eyes and right having pointy anime chins

No. 1822780

I know but then put down literal Victoria secrets models like adriana Lima or taylor Hill and try to argue men don't find them as attractive as women do which is just dumb. I get it because there are some women other women collectively scratch their head over figuring why men love them (jennifer anniston, sydney sweeney). But tiktok makes it redudant

No. 1822789

This is so horrible his reaction tells me this probably isn’t the first time since he didn’t cry as soon as he took the ice cream. His little face looking at his dad makes me so sad imagine your parents being this vapid and attention starved…he is going to be a obnoxious moid when he grows up…

No. 1822835

this is so turbo gay

No. 1822850

Lol they just look like 12 nearly identical women with some palette swaps

No. 1823040

File: 1703178526538.jpg (227.43 KB, 1593x585, 1703157734878.jpg)


fixed this in ms paint online

No. 1823109

No. 1823112

File: 1703181519129.mp4 (3.08 MB, 480x852, oHgk1jt9eIGV7qta.mp4)

actually fucking dystopian.

No. 1823117

Women in the past fought long, hard battles for more rights and to not be treated like their only value is what men want with their bodies. Now these two idiots are taking pride in being used by homosexual scrotes as a free incubator.
What happened?

No. 1823118

These are the ultimate handmaidens.

No. 1823308


No. 1823313

>belly buddies

No. 1823320

I'm gonna kms I couldn't even finish the video

No. 1823321

The final frontier of being a fag hag holy fucking shit..

No. 1823391


No. 1823396

>boy pretty
>pictures of faces
Oh zoomerlina..

No. 1823401

he wants to be nikocado so bad

No. 1823438

Genuine questions, do they have a pregnancy fetish or something? Also, how can a gay man be gay if he impregnated a woman?

No. 1823456

i watched a single second and just felt the overwhelming need to hide the video kek

No. 1823475

>"We like the look on strangers' faces when we say the baby's not ours"
kek i don't think she realizes people are prob giving 'the look' because they think she's scheduled to get the kids taken from cps as soon as they're born

No. 1823481

I'm not against this. Let upper middle class women be surrogates if they want. Don't let it be poor, struggling women with few to no other options. I hope they do this for other women, too.

No. 1823493

to answer the second question, they're not having sex with these women

No. 1823549

You forgot corpses I’m sorry that’s a little dark, goodness,.

No. 1823552

go back to Gilead

No. 1823562

It’s to say “I will never be like those models and Megan Fox only boys like?” It’s saying what men find beautiful is on another level, but as >>1823040 put it, men will rape animals, corpses and BABIES they also watch porn of fatties like Shayna and momkun, they get off to anything but call beautiful women “mid” because they’re in denial and consider themselves jerking off to be separate from their standards, slight blog but I had a porn addict no good cheating ex and he tried to pull the “I love you, when we have sex it means something, those girls are hoes, they mean absolutely nothing to me.” (As if that made of better like you don’t see some women as having meaning to you???) Or when men on Reddit say they don’t consider jerking off to porn intimate. Another retarded TikTok trend is deer pretty, fox pretty, bunny pretty, like what?

No. 1823576

Furry influence I guess

No. 1823579

>Another retarded TikTok trend is deer pretty, fox pretty, bunny pretty, like what?
This sounds like the kibbe system but even more retarded

No. 1823582

The worst of millennial virtue signaling, please archive this for future generations

No. 1823609

I hope they at least get a lot of hate comments

No. 1823624

I wish these ultimate hand maidens would die. wow, this is the lowest form of self respect for a woman, apparently.

No. 1823857

Not to sound like a moid but notice how one of them is an uggo and the other is overweight. How much are you ready to bet they only do this shit to cope with the fact males don't want them?

No. 1823859

That's really mean, but I can't think of a reason to disagree with you.

No. 1823868

Why does she refuse to pronounce surrogates properly

No. 1823880

This is sooo mundane but being married to someone like this would piss me off. Like bitch are you even really sleeping.

No. 1823881

File: 1703227986521.mp4 (2.23 MB, 576x1024, 08b1a0597555235b3c01c3d9622156…)

This is…weird? Who immediately comes home and thinks "I'm going to strip to my bra and panties and walk around my dad"

The comments are the worse part though, when commenters are saying it's weird you get the typical creep excuse of "you're the one making it weird" and they're also mocking sexual abuse victims.

No. 1823883

That must be only her family because I have never, nor have I ever met another girl who walked around the house naked and in front of the parents. There's a lot to unpack so I'm just gonna leave it with this for now: that bitch is weird and I wouldn't trust her dad.

No. 1823884

I can see how it can happen if no one ever corrected her on it. When I was a kid, I used to walk around with underwear and a t shirt until my mom told me to stop. I probably would've did it for longer (although idk about 18) if she hadn't. I doubt she was purposefully like "well, time to wear underwear in front of my dad!" but you know, a lot of people like lounging around their underwear. That's really only something you should do if you live alone or with your partner or same-sex roommates though.

No. 1823885

"I resent my mom and want to make her angry by being contrarian" vibes

No. 1823886

The mom didn't even say anything wrong, she simply just questioned it, which is far since overly sexual behavior at a young age is a sign of abuse

No. 1823892

I did it briefly when I was about 10 and had just gotten training bras, I guess I was excited about it and didn't really realize that it wasn't appropriate to be in underwear around my family anymore. My parents just told me very neutrally that I should wear more clothes and I caught on quickly, wasn't framed as a sexual or gendered thing but just proper manners. I don't think it's weird for a kid to simply lack awareness of decent clothing, but it's super weird that her dad defended it, that she did this until she was 18 (?!), and that she's posting about it online in this quirky fun way

No. 1823895

Agreed, I thought the context of the video was that it's a sign her dad was abusing her. Although if her mom questioned it it's likely that it wasn't usual behavior for her

No. 1823899

I didnt see it that way at all. CSA victims aren't a monolith, but unless she was groomed at an extremely young age to be hypersexul and perform for him, she would be more likely to cover up as much as possible around them to circumvent more opportunities for abuse. She said until she was 18, which meant her mom was repeatedly asking her to stop and she wouldnt, which likely means she just enjoyed annoying her mom. This some Jenna Ortega shit, not symbolic of abuse.

No. 1823901

How? The whole "this is sketchy" part made it seem like she realized it wasn't normal.

No. 1823937

Agreed, but the comments seem to be dismissing the girl in the video and claiming people questioning it are the bad guys and that this is normal

No. 1823939

I guess we all forgot about the "kissing my moms boobs" anon

No. 1823948

Oh I thought she just meant she realized she was being sketchy. I thought it was casual for the tiktok audio, otherwise why would she post it and put her family on blast on such a public platform. Zoomers evade me.

No. 1823958

Can't believe this is a personality thar exists

No. 1824041

None of them are smiling

No. 1824358

File: 1703264045390.jpg (575.09 KB, 1536x2048, GBsXhj8XYAAXK2d.jpg)

Well, these are definitely books that would be popular on booktok

No. 1824398

i used to walk around in my panties and a tshirt around the house and continued to do so when my mother got a boyfriend and he eventually moved in. i think i stopped at around 18 too? it just started to click at 18-19 that because i was an adult now i probably shouldnt do that out of respect. nobody ever had a problem with it and i felt fine because nothing ever happened.

but they ended up breaking up and she confided in me he had a porn addiction. also saw he left bluetooth audio of incest mom and daughter porn on his car when he picked me up from work one day years ago. other than that he was a very good father figure so hard to tell if he had bad thoughts.

anyway sorry to blogpost but my point is that this can be very normalized literally nobody ever told me this was wrong because its “family”. like when dads comment on their daughters butts or boobs or touch them jokingly apparently that isnt normal either, but our mothers dont tell us that and its all so nonchalant so how can we tell as children and teens? especially when we do speak up and seem like we’re whining over something innocent.

No. 1824846

putting this fucking retard aside, wtf is up with the video on top? is it for extra "stimulation" to keep watching or some shit? isn't the retarded moid by himself enough?

No. 1824875

This isn't hate I just personally think it would be hilarious if male athletes got body shamed like this more often. It should already be happening regularly

No. 1825008

>hard to tell if he had bad thoughts
The naivety of women blows my mind

No. 1825158

Ikr? Like how can she say she had no idea when she
>"also saw he left bluetooth audio of incest mom and daughter porn on his car when he picked me up from work one day years ago"

No. 1825166

Women who say they dresses skimpily around men in their teens blow my mind because I couldn't imagine what it's like to be that sheltered and unguarded

No. 1825170

It makes me sad because that means their moms didn't teach them enough about decency and appropriate clothing for their age.

No. 1825177

maybe I’m the weird one but I never would have thought that it’s odd to be in your underwear in the house when it’s hot. The gender of the family members you live with has no bearing on this either, I’d just expect them to not sexualise me because, you know, they’re family? Now that I’m older I understand that as a girl/woman it’s good to be cautious regardless but as a child this wouldn’t even cross my mind. Male family members lounge shirtless and in boxers all the time in the summer, female underwear covers up more than that…

No. 1825180

I'm not shaming you or any girl or woman for it, I just cannot imagine living in a reality where you aren't acutely aware of the leering of men for that long and how it doesn't matter if they're family or not. I just can't wrap my head around it.

No. 1825184

it’s just naivety, I think. It also might depend on the common way to dress where you live? A lot of girls/younger women live in crop tops and shorts which cover up the same amount.

No. 1825190

If you grew up in a home with only female family members (single mom households with maybe also grandma helping out sometimes) you'll think nothing of it even when mom's boyfriend moves in, kids don't necessarily think about this. The mom should've warned her child and observed the moid like a hawk, though, but if she also has to work it can be hard. Many males will pretend to be good guys for as long as it takes until they reach their pedo goal so waiting for him to meet the kids wouldn't stop him either.

No. 1825200

No I understand, I just can't comprehend it. Even at 16, most girls become more aware of themselves. I'm not mocking them for it by any means it's just unfathomable for me and probably others who have had the same experiences

No. 1825518

I know, but his semen entered a woman's body, isn't that straight technically?

No. 1825524

I don't think you're being oversensitive at all, when I moved out of my mom's place post-pandemic I took her extremely anxious cat with me, since she had bonded with my kitten. She's become a sweet and affectionate companion and I couldn't imagine my new place without her. She'll never be as brave as the other cat, but eliminating outside of her litterbox, hissing and biting have completely gone away now that she has space to herself and she isn't exposed to stimuli and forms of petting that are uncomfortable for her.
The body language of this cat is just so clearly "do not fucking pet me right now", which the tiktoker has to know, since she chose that moment to film. I don't expect everyone to know that lots of cats don't love overhead, looming hand petting approaches, but the cat is leaning away for god's sake. I don't know how people claim to like animals better than humans but insist that their pets show gratitude or tolerate new behaviors the way we expect children to.>>1817263

No. 1825557

blogposty anon yes i dont know why i was so naive because things happened to me when i was younger by outside men but i was VERY sheltered, isolated, not in contact with men for my younger and middle teenage years. it may be naive to say but i still dont know if he had bad thoughts when i was littlle because he was the only good male figure in my life otherwise and helped me in many ways growing up. then again i may just be scared to accept the truth.

anyway for the sake of staying on topic here it definitely is a matter of being sheltered i guess.

No. 1825571

This pissed me off

No. 1825633

Our family (parents+I) often lounged around the house in underwear, and I never realized that apparently to somenonnies it makes us some kinda cultish nudist level type of unit.

No. 1825896

NTA My family also wasn’t allowed to have boundaries. We were forced to shower and pee in front of older relatives. My father made us work in the yard till we were covered in mud and then strip us down to our underwear and blast us with the cold hose before we could go in. I at least wasn’t allowed to have boundaries or know what they were so it wasn’t till I moved out and was on my own at 18-19 I realized how messed up my home life was.

No. 1827613

File: 1703461344314.mp4 (993.07 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_730027945264113590…)

This is so cringe. Imagine studying a degree to marry a muslim moid kek

No. 1827615

I am sorry you were abused.

No. 1827650

>"non-slavic or non-balkans should STOP trying to fit into our aesthetic!"
Who is even trying to copy or steal Slavic/Balkan girl aesthetic? What would that even look like? Big ass white fur coats with tall Shapkas?

No. 1827659

Its just a retarded Bosnian girl like the ones who grew up in Austria and went to go join isis a decade ago. They always have something to prove

No. 1827667

File: 1703464895707.png (691.92 KB, 735x490, iHnco59.png)

Have fun with a 5'9 moid with severe paternal issues, whose stomach looks like it's 7 months pregnant. Also, there's no chance he'll marry you. He might pay you to shit on his chest, but these people don't even marry other Muslims, let alone non-Muslims or converts. He'll likely marry an overly online virgin who is also a distant cousin of his.

No. 1827672

I’m just surprised cause my mom flipped the fuck out when I wore shorts and a tank top around my stepdad. She also accused my sister who was 10 at the time of poking out her butt in front of him (she was just standing there) I hope my mom dies soon.

No. 1827946

kek nonnies arguing over whether it's okay to lounge in your underwear in front of family members sounds so weird to me because we used to go to the sauna naked with my family every week when I still lived at home, over here it's considered normal.

No. 1828036

until what age? i'm with >>1825180 i can't wrap my head around it, also because puberty was traumatizing as fuck for me (haven't fully recovered yet kek) and i can't imagine being comfortable enough to walk around in your underwear let alone naked in front of your entire family??? good to hear my experience is not something all women have to go through though. but at 18 and even before that you should know it's weird (to walk around in underwear i mean) even if you're comfortable in your own skin.

kekk i like how they're all conventionally attractive and girly but the "boy pretty" wear hoodies and make hand signs

No. 1828052

File: 1703510945413.mp4 (1.45 MB, 480x852, v1mDzpccvmi2v0Gm.mp4)

why couldn’t she just congratulate her cousin and move on?

No. 1828061

People who have the audacity to feel jealousy/bewilderment over someone’s life going better than them while the problems they list off are entirely self made are a special kind of self absorbed and I am not surprised their life is swirling the drain.

No. 1828062

It's so infuriating how little shame people have on tiktok, if you need to rant talk to your friends don't post it on a public platform, narc

No. 1828084

Kek right wing moids frothing at the mouth about walls and women these days. Girl, this isn't a cool main character Fleabag moment, It's embarrassing and stop over-sharing be happy for your cousin.

No. 1828099

I feel like this is a good example of when people act like their problems are badges of how rough they are. It's not cool to be in credit card debt, it's not cool to get chlamydia TWICE, it's not cool to need a guy from Hinge to take you to the airport, it's not cool to be broke, and it's not cool to be in a situationship. Yet, that lady is acting like all of these embarrassing problems make her positively interesting, or that they're proof for how much more "tough" she is than her cousin. You have to be a special kind of attention-whore to act like these types of problems makes you a main-character.

No. 1828106

>marrying a scrote
she should be happy she isnt babying some tard manchildren. My 20yo cousin just had a baby and in no way i am jealous, fuck that shit.

No. 1828108

type of person i avoid like the plague. black hole of misery and self-pity and, worse, making their jealousy so obvious. so many issues that are still really in her control, still solvable. the smugness is so irritating. i hope she gets her shit together and quits being so bitter

No. 1828114

I just don't get how someone can describe a relationship as "toxic situonship" and not just stop? It's one thing if the person is still in denial of how shit things are, but like if you know just stop?
She is probably still babying some manchild or several, the only thing she cited that might not be related to men is the credit card debt.

No. 1828116

Can't remember exactly but I think until around 14 or so, then I stopped for a few years bc I wanted more privacy, then continued again when I was 17-19 (also very common over here ime) until I moved out. Maybe it's because they're family, like I wouldn't even think about my dad or my brother like that. Maybe stepdad would be a different thing though. It's difficult to explain to an outsider, but the sauna is a very non-sexual space in general. As an adult I've been to mixed-sex sauna with various friend groups and such, and nobody would think anything of it. Nudism is still considered a weird niche thing, so this doesn't apply to all nudity.

No. 1828126

same here, i've gone to mixed sex sauna with friends too and honestly with some friends we've rather lax about nudity in the sense that if we have been staying in some cottage with zero neighbors around we've just hung around naked since we're going to be spending the whole day swimming and going to sauna anyway. like the moment we arrive to the place at least one person gets nude immediately kek

No. 1828136

If she's aware of that, why not dump her std ridden moid and be happy for her cousin? Why did she make this tiktok?

No. 1828148

Seriously kek. It's hard seeing other people succeed when you're stuck but jesus you can still be happy for others. The economy sucks but everything else she's complaining about is within her control.

No. 1828176

i used to be leered at by male relatives with clothes ON, so obviously i'd feel uncomfortable in just undies or less

No. 1828179

samefag they weren't step related either

No. 1828194

other people cannot build their behavior and lives around your personal trauma….

No. 1828208

? never said they had to. i just explained why the discussion was happening or why someone might not do it with their own family

No. 1828245

There's currently a 'slavic girl' aesthetic going around with the typical fur coats and hats, I suppose it's an extension of the coquette old moid fetish aesthetic. It's retarded, if American women would start dressing up in a 'african girl' aesthetic there would be fucking riots.

No. 1828262

Just wait til spring

No. 1828280

Why would anyone ever admit this though? Like you wouldn't get his shit out of me under the interrogation and torture, and yet here she is venting to the entire world

No. 1828291

Nobody gets into her situation on "accident" without making an effort. So trashy.

No. 1828347

What is wrong with people nowadays? They're trauma dumping and oversharing with no shame. For what? Numbers go up on tiktok yippee? This is beyond retarded, and she needs to go share her shitty life with a journal instead.

No. 1828412

People say sauna is a non-sexual space but I never go naked with anyone but family members because I've definitely been ogled by classmates, even in a bathing suit. I also wouldn't want my partner going to a mixed sauna naked. None of my friends do, and everyone I know goes to same-sex sauna naked but not mixed.
They say the same about gyms, "nobody is looking at you" but I've been hit on at the gym so people are obviously looking.

No. 1828437

I truly cannot understand these Tiktok kids putting their whole damn lives and all their business out there publicly like this.

No. 1828468

I heard from a guy that men do go to mixed saunas to ogle women's breasts. He didn't see anything wrong with it. Don't be fooled it definitely is pervy for men.

No. 1828485

Men who say "no one is looking at you" are lying because they artistically stare at their preferred sex, they're just mad we don't pretend it's some big hush hush secret

No. 1828703

men will look at you just for walking down the street though. like that's the thing about male gaze and the famous quote about it which i can't find at the moment is that, yeah, you will be subjected to male gaze. but you gotta "gaze back", and by this i don't mean that you should ogle at men but you know, "gaze back" by not letting their gaze stop you from living your life.
obviously you can live a comfortable life without ever going to mixed sex sauna, it's not necessary and a choice i understand very well why other women don't want to make, but men will stare at me anyway. i don't go out my way to dress in a way to show off my body or anything, i can wear just normal clothes and bundle myself up in big winter coats and hats and still have men ogle and hit on me and stare and be pervy pigs. men have gotten awkward with me in mixed sex saunas, they have either stared or so obviously tried hard not to stare so i am not going to claim it is entirely non-sexual for everyone. but i still want to enjoy the summer sun on my naked skin and go skinny dipping and enjoy the sauna, i want to go ice swimming and relax in the outside hot tub, i want to feel the refreshing night air after swimming in the sea. i still gotta go to work every morning even if men have stared at me or hit on me when i've waited to the bus. i might as well dress in burkha if i wanted to dictate my life around men staring at me, and even then that wouldn't stop males from sexually harassing me. my body isn't something i should have to hide away even if men are going to be perverts about it.

No. 1828715

Uh that's cool but im just talking about men lying when they say they aren't looking in gyms because there are plenty of weirdos who notoriously go there just to ogle at women or men

No. 1828845

how does that dispute anything i said

No. 1828846

I'm aware men ogle at women, but as >>1828703 said they're going to ogle women on the street, hell in countries where women have to wear a burkha they will ogle and sexualize women's ankles or a strand of hair peeking from underneath her veil. You can't avoid it by dressing "modest". With the non-sexual space thing I meant more that (at least in my friend group) it's strictly taboo to be openly sexual in a casual sauna, or for a moid to think that a woman going to the sauna with him means she'd somehow be interested.

No. 1828959

I feel like most of those problems are caused by the trashy moids she dates, can't she just dump them and be celibate for like 6 months or something? It would fix a lot of issues imo.

No. 1829091

File: 1703605036947.mp4 (2.47 MB, 320x568, BpE4gwNQS2LGovbo.mp4)

Imagine defending child-rape fantasies without a hint of Irony, like I fucking hate psychologists.

No. 1829230

File: 1703613829525.mp4 (5.89 MB, g-LsNJrNaxGBen6v.mp4)

There is so much BS history stuff being posted and shared on TikTok and it genuinely concerns me.
So these tiktoks have the same formula, there are never any sources, and it intentionally presents history with a perspective that insists the traditional or most likely viewpoint is not just wrong but false propaganda and selectively choose facts to support their side. They make a conclusion first and use whatever disjointed "facts" to prove that claim, and unfortunately, more and more people believe this crap. It may seem trivial, but this is how most of the insane nationalists and dictators of the early 20th century formed their viewpoints, based on bite-sized ahistorical bullshit. So, vidrel is a good example of this, Henry Sampson did not invent the cell phone. In fact, he himself never made that claim. It's literally from some bullshit hotep article that thinks that his work on converting gamma rays into an electrical output was somehow about cellphones just because it contains the words 'cell'. It wasn't a communication device and it would simply be literally impractical and give all of us cancer. And these easily disprovable claims about the "real history" really take away from genuine black history and what they accomplished as individuals.

No. 1829557

That’s nice, but it’s still true that men ogle and harass women in mixed sex gyms and saunas, maybe you’ve never experienced it, but it definitely happens, not sure why you’re trying to downplay it so much.

No. 1829794

Like so good for you for being empowered and fwee but we don't care girl.

No. 1829901

Right? And the weird
>me and my friends all strip down naked and walk around in the nude at the summer cottage
Help wtf that's not normal? As another Finn I've never heard of anyone doing that unless they're a gross millennial poly couple.

No. 1829932

File: 1703667951192.mp4 (2.45 MB, 576x1024, 5120b36d76f0e026f386106ad3299f…)

Do koreaboos really find this shit entertaining?

No. 1829955

You know it's likely not even a woman. I don't know any woman who would try to sell you the ~hehe men objectify you regardless my fellow lady girl friend gal pals. so wear those shorts extra short and bathe with them in saunas hehe yolo be free theyre going to eye you even if you're in a burka hehe girliepals~ and then double down. Also the weird sauna posts, they've also mentioned mixed sex saunas in another thread without being asked and it's like… okay?

No. 1829971

Idk what this is but girlie on the left is BOTCHED

No. 1829984

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. It’s obviously meant to appeal to children but there’s something so deeply perverse about it.

No. 1829988

My tinfoil is she’s the one who shot him kek.

No. 1829991

I would be a fan if that were the case

No. 1829992

I said it before but not wearing a bathing suit or towel in the mixed sauna is really weird unless you're with family or are literal kids. It's not the norm at all, that poster is just really creepy and propably not even Finnish. Every place with a mixed sauna has signs that tell you to wear a bathing suit or towel, and I've heard people go there butt naked in Germany only. Which is the country of brothels full of trafficked women from Eastern Europe and not a sauna authority.

No. 1829994

This was profoundly written, anon. Women in Burkhas are constantly ogled too. But I have to ask, why not just go to women's only saunas? You could make friends then, too.

No. 1829996

>profoundly written

No. 1829997

Don't think you should be, she seems like a certified nutcase and people claiming her attempting to monetize his death as a "trauma response" are retarded

No. 1829998

It was probably some old agp thinking hes inspiring gal pals to walk around with their tits out, adding "mixed sex" in front of sauna to cover his gender kek

No. 1829999

going to bookstores now makes me suicidal, please tell me this shit is gonna end. last one I went to I saw entire shelves of "as seen on booktok" retarded fanfiction porn shit and maybe a small corner with actual classics without ugly AI generated colorful text covers

No. 1830000

This is so naive. Oh if only not wearing crop tops protect you against the male gaze. I bet women in Burkhas are so free. Men would never ogle a woman if she made it clear that it bothers her

No. 1830001

I would monetize my husband's death too kek

No. 1830002

Quads say truth

No. 1830003

I doubt she's making much from it. Every single video is her basically struggling to talk because she can barely breathe and her just standing there filming while her friend cleans her house for her, and everything else is just her buying craploads of stupid shit from target. If she were posted in the consoomer thread without any dead husband in tow you'd all be calling her a useless piggy.

No. 1830011

I don't really care for consoomers so I wouldn't. Although it is cringe to be so distraught MONTHS after your husband died. I understand she's traumatised but it's not like he was family

No. 1830029

You're left to wonder how much of it is performative, an excuse to so exactly what she was doing that likely caused strain on their marriage- extreme binge eating, spending all the money on stupid shit, expecting everyone else to do the cleaning and any sort of physical tasks.

No. 1830087

They're dance challenges, they're just used to promo the song.

No. 1830092

>I understand she's traumatised but it's not like he was family
Your husband is a part of your family though, that’s how marriage works.

No. 1830222

Why are you guys so retarded.

No. 1830570

I'm more appalled that she tried to gather up his coom the moment he died

No. 1830576

>not thinking a husband would be a part of your family by marriage
>confused at why someone would be upset about their husband dying just months after he passed
>confused at how someone can be traumatized at a spouse passing away so early
Not even a literal autist can touch your level of emotionally dead.

No. 1830585

You might if someone painted the walls with their brain right in front of you.

No. 1830598

File: 1703709404347.jpg (376.2 KB, 1170x2532, mh592vtk456c1.jpg)

People are trying to act like she is hiding info about his death or that she had some nefarious part in his passing but to be honest I think these people need to take a pill. Nobody was holding the scrote hostage he should have just divorced her if she was so bad they were only in their early 20's and no kids

No. 1830613

File: 1703709848766.png (285.8 KB, 381x767, 167890023524.png)

idk why you responded to me but I was referring to whatever this is kek

No. 1830630

>it is cringe to be so distraught MONTHS after your husband died
I’m in absolute fucking hysterics kek.

No. 1830653

are you a reptilian?

No. 1831069

Yeah she's fucking insane. I bet he vehemently didn't want kids with her and was contemplating a divorce but she suicidebaited him and he was like nope me first

No. 1831071

Called it. She's a psycho and those of you who are defending her are likely the same ones complaining about the bpdfags in your life that ruin everything, so why you're giving her leeway is beyond me. If you can't sense that there's something creepy and off about her that's on you. I believe this post fully, she has major narc vibes. If any of you have ever had a narc parent or narc relative, you would not be defending her just because she's a woman.

No. 1831994

File: 1703792707298.mp4 (10.63 MB, 576x1024, uwZhBEgCMIipaFgl.mp4)

People were saying the younger sister eats too little and asked if she was okay. This seems like a completely normal amount of food to eat.

No. 1832014

I mean, eating a cup of ice as a snack is wild, unless she just likes ice a lot?

No. 1832021

lmao this shit made me lose it they're both wild, hope they each find a happy medium

No. 1832037

It seems on the little side to me.. and I'm comfortably within the healthy weight range so I don't think my idea of healthy portion sizes is skewed. Maybe the pastry, capri sun and avocado add up to more calories than you'd think.

No. 1832041

idk maybe thev skinny kid is overcompensating bc she sees how fat the other women are in her family but hasn't learned how to cook her own healthy meals or portion them correctly. She doesn't eat a whole lot throughout the day but maybe she makes up for it at dinner time with larger servings.

No. 1832045

Dinner was the only decent food.
The rest was a shit diet that would guarantee make her as obese as the sister if only she wasn't eating bird portions.
No wonder younger gens are getting ass cancers.

No. 1832058

Snacking on ice isn't too weird but I don't think it's healthy. There's actually forums based around communities of people who like eating ice so much that they have detailed discussions about it.

No. 1832064

I heard it's bad for your teeth but I had a friend that loved to chew on ice kek

No. 1832087

File: 1703800882992.mp4 (11.84 MB, 576x1024, FWQRP7oc-AftgnXX.mp4)

call me crazy but I don't think you should be venting this on tiktok, like I get wanting to educate people but this does not seem healthy.

No. 1832095

I'm very skinny and this is way too little to function through the day. First "meal" of a slice of toast at 2pm is crazy. Anachan-tier food intake.

No. 1832110

Sounds like she's trying to put her local PD on blast. I hope she gets somewhere with it.

No. 1832115

Fucking LOL yeah I’m glad this weirdo didn’t have kids

No. 1832487

No I feel awful for her. It's sad how the only way some people can get help is through mass outrage. Everyone failed her.

No. 1832634

File: 1703833286166.png (726.05 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230706-001941.png)

Imagine being so jealous/possessive over your significant other that you don't want anyone to shake their hand. Also men can have multiple wives in Islam but can't shake women's hands? Seems logical

No. 1832641

As expected, the Muslims in the comment section CANNOT seem to take criticism kek

No. 1832645

Nobody wants your crusty Muslim boyfriend ewwwwwwww

No. 1832653

File: 1703835297280.png (625.66 KB, 720x1308, Screenshot_20231228-221950.png)

There's also a video of him putting ketchup on everything. Not sure if it's a joke or not but it's really hard to tell. He puts it in milk at the end. Definitely peak husband material

No. 1832654

This is so unbelievably based. Taking notes rn

No. 1832661

>Jasmine & Dawoud
His real name is something like David Canterbury or something.

No. 1832854

kekk and they always reply with comments like this one
>the non-Muslims making fun of our religion with no knowledge of it is truly sad (skull emoji)
when you point out the contradictions or extreme misogyny

uhh if her own father also died by suicide that's an odd coincidence to say the least..

No. 1835861

File: 1704089839372.jpg (138.01 KB, 1107x1593, 20240101_011310.jpg)

I cant believe women like this still exist post-2018

No. 1835863

she knows that she's likely mixed herself and her kids will be mostly white, right?

No. 1835865

not how that works, you've actually redeemed yourself by having half white children that will go on to be with whites until what's left of your bloodline is miniscule. also, men don't care about shit, they're such sexual degenerates, sex and coom is all that matters to them, as far as her Nigel is concerned, she let him cum in her and raises his spermspawn and he's "won". Some Viet girl made a joke about breakin the hearts of an American dude, a French dude, and some other moid from somewhere as "revenge" for her country, and all moids in the comments cared was that they've still slept with her.(racebaiting)

No. 1835866

She's the same shade as him…

No. 1835868

kek she looks white herself, if she told she was Hungarian or something I'd believe her.

No. 1835869

she's identical to the average French woman kek

No. 1835871

Literally everyone is calling her out but it's interesting to me that these were the type of people to overcompensate for being white latins by calling people the same exact skin tone as them mayo monkeys.

No. 1835912

Hoteps make it worse for everyone

No. 1835915

Islam is such a good religion for femcucks. Everyone will defend this bullshit even western liberals

No. 1835916

Lmao, she is confirming to her cultures racist belief “ mejorar la raza” but slaps on a woke paint. Typical liberal woman

No. 1835917

Men do not suffer from fetishization, only women. And that’s because we’re at the physical disadvantage

No. 1835935

That reminds me of this Asian chick who went on tiktok and made a whole fiasco about how she's gonna "fuck white guys into extinction" because she totally super really hates them. Women like her and that white Latina are so retarded, their stupidity actually feels clinical. First of all, males don't give a flying fuck if they're being hatefucked, all that matters to them is that they're just getting pussy. Why do you think they still try to make sexual relations with women they KNOW are emotionally unstable and BPD just to get some "easy ass"? Males do not CARE if women "hatefuck" them, because the only part that matters to them is the "fuck" part. They are simple creatures.
Secondly, do these women not hear themselves when they reduce the concept of their children to being petty revenge on white guys? Imagine growing up, finding footage of your mom on the internet (since shit never really gets deleted) and watching her talk about having babies just to be a rebel and stick it to the global white male population as she looks utterly demented on camera. Nightmare fuel, and those kids will end up like Logic when he talks about his childhood on those podcasts. Probably gonna be on reddit with that r/raisedbynarcissists pity party. Also, they're having a baby with a white man because they "hate" white guys? Their babies would be HALF white then, if their hatred is real, are these women going to hold some animosity towards those kids? fucking yikes.
And lastly, I doubt any woman like the Asian girl and white Latina actually hate white dudes. Look at them. Dedicating 90% of their little social media account to talking or yelling about them when their focus on still having sex with white guys is extremely telling that they think about white guys in "that" way. The way they get into never ending fights with obvious trolling attempts and give so much attention to comments sexualizing them is very telling that they WANT to keep attracting this kind of attention. If there is a thin line between love and hate, these women are blurring it to dust. These woman don't hate white guys. They're obsessed with them, admire them, and want to fuck them. If they truly hated white men, they wouldn't be constanlty entertaining and salivating to the thought of spreading their legs and wombs for their spunk. They're just acting rebellious because they don't want to the embarrassment of openly having no dignity and being enormous pickmes for white scrotes…even though that's the truth.

No. 1835940

I think these girls are well aware of what they're doing, and this is just really fucked up humor in an attempt to cope. That said, I think the Hispanic one is more tongue-in-cheek and just a joke, while the asian one is definitely more messed up, but that's the case for most white-asian relationships. I'm not saying all white/asian relationships are like this, but most are and built on weird fetishization by both parties.

No. 1835954

File: 1704105614533.mp4 (781.64 KB, 576x1024, fIHuCsEkDwaVG47U.mp4)

No. 1835956

>that will be 65.99 please

No. 1835966

God this is so fucking cringe. The girl in the chair is too wimpy to go to a barber shop to get her UWU CUTESY GAY BOY UKE haircut so she's going to go to the (no doubt) incredibly expensive NLOG nonbinary haven salon. For NLOGs by NLOGs kek.

No. 1835971

Is the hairdresser asking whether it's okay to touch her hair or is there something I don't understand here?

No. 1835972

I think she's talking about the choker.

No. 1835978

No, she's asking for consent to touch her hair. At the hair salon. That she sat in the chair of.

No. 1835980

she's definitely talking about the hair, not the choker.

in what universe is someone going to be referring to you in the 3rd person while giving you a haircut? I worked a similar job during uni, and I just used people's names if I needed to talk about them to someone else. (Don't come at me for "respecting" gender confusion, I just wanted to get paid & unhappy customers means no pay/getting fired.) Sir/Ma'am is obsolete, no one cares if they are called that. So why would you need pronouns to cut someone's hair? why.

No. 1836006

This way of speaking reminds me of how AIs write, so unauthentic.

Wtf is she even insecure about, from her face alone she's out of her moid's league.

Taking revenge on moids by doing the same things they do never works out, they're retarded and love being objectified and used.

No. 1836008

Idk why a hairdresser asking me that would make me more uncomfortable than if they didn't

No. 1836109

I think this is actually like 8 layers of hilarious shitposting on her part good for her! lmao I bet she riled up both sides, I imagine the comments on this are absolutely apoplectic. I hope she did it on purpose.

No. 1836149

This just doesn't fucking work bc to men, women are worthless, women have no legacy that can be or should be passed on. Her children wouldn't be "half Asian" or "half Asian half white", they're just "half white", that's all that matters, men are all that matter. Why do you think men have such a big thing about cucking?? bc to men, they all think men of their race, ethnicity, religion and especially themselves to be "purifiers", and any other man of any other race, ethnicity, and religion to be "tainters", why do you think white men care so badly if a woman, black, yellow, red, or white, has fucked with a black man, bc, to them it's a step worse than not having fucked them specifically, and she's been "tainted" and black men, Asian men, brown men, all think this way.
Also, how is this punishing to the white men she intends to fuck? motherhood is going to go either of two ways for her: either she loves and adores her children, then as far as White Man is concerned, he's had PIV sex with this woman, he's now impregnated this woman, this woman's given birth to his children, and now she takes care of this children, how is that a loss for him? and second, she hates her children, then he's had PIV sex with this woman, he's now impregnated this woman, this woman's given birth to his children, and she hates those children, still a "win" in his eyes since he wouldn't have given a shit about those kids either way, and now in her pursuit of trying to harm a man, she's actually made his life better and now has abused children.
>fuck white guys into extinction
That is the exact opposite of extinction, fucking several white guys and having their kids, only harms her and just makes a shit ton of half Asian half white children. Mammal species go extinct bc the last ones remaining couldn't fuck each other bc they were the same sex or just wouldn't mate. If she wants white men to go extinct, don't fuck them? and if she really just wants racist white men gone, really stop fucking them, bc when you keep fucking them, they still know themselves to be fuckable, that their ideologies and what they say doesn't matter, bc dumb women like her will keep fucking them.
If she wants to do her race and her ethnicity a favour, don't fuck terrible men, make a beeline for the first decent man she meets, white or whatever, a man that actually loves her and sees beyond her background, and whose desire for fatherhood stems from a real care for children and not muh legacy. the more women fuck good men, the more of them all exist, and the more shitty men realize they're not wanted, the more will rope themselves.

No. 1836151

>asking for a woman's pronouns when she's talking directly to her and will likely not about her to anyone right in front of her.

No. 1836198

Woman, you're white too

No. 1836272

File: 1704143389913.mp4 (4.35 MB, 480x852, ZMuPjk0GS0Rdl7VP.mp4)

>Woman doesn't want half naked man to dance around in public
>Stop being such a Karen!

No. 1836288

obvious staged ragebait both are retarded in their own ways

No. 1836335

How is she retarded

No. 1836517

His feet look terrible. But he's a moid so of course he's gonna get asspats on tik tok

No. 1836563

ballerinos in general get so many asspats

No. 1836702

File: 1704184047240.mp4 (15.29 MB, 960x1706, mnNa91R.mp4)

No. 1836707

Autistic women, does this make you feel the way Chads claiming to be like incels make men feel

No. 1836723

Narcissism is a mental illness. This thread is complete cancer.

No. 1836728

I rescind my original post, most here are cool with body image and critical of misogyny like >>1710373 and all anons in the comment chain. Its just you who's the cancer.

No. 1836827

No because she doesn't have autism, she's just an NLOG. Every autistic girl I know including me does everything alone by default so she's a liar.

No. 1837799

I hate how she's broadcasting/making light of her own carelessness

No. 1837801

But what I hate even more is this reply acting like it's just fearmongering and not the most basic level of common sense to exercise precaution especially as a solo female traveller

No. 1837805

Exactly, people who make a big deal about going to the movies or restaurants alone are always the biggest normies.

No. 1837810

>Chads claiming to be like incels
I don't think I've ever seen that

No. 1837827

I second this, i do everything fun alone too or else i would never go out and do them. It's fucking annoying to see people want to pretend to be autistic and fun and cute and quirky. If they swapped places with me they would kill themselves in the first hour because they are weak and cannot live without attention and praise.

No. 1837838

File: 1704303645358.png (497.31 KB, 600x930, Vavads.png)

nta but there are plenty of decent-looking moidswho are somewhat attractive, claiming to be Incels. Usually, they get hated on by less fortunate-looking Incels. However, there are also moids, who do have girlfriends and claim to be Incels as well.

No. 1837839

I agree and roll my eyes whenever a wannabe quirky egirl says she's autistic because she thinks it's cute. Especially since all of them seem to have no issue wearing uncomfortable alt clothing, tons of jewelry, cakeface full of makeup and high maintenance hair. There's no way.

No. 1837844

Men who look like this but claim incel are just attention whores.

It's like seeing beautiful women claiming to be friendless losers online. Like, even if it were true then it's definitely due to your personality and not your looks!

No. 1837852

Anyone who posts their faces online is an attention whore and being friendless is a matter of personality regardless of what you look like

No. 1837857

File: 1704305349059.jpg (40.55 KB, 407x405, 19228ab8a07af82da4d91f036ae079…)

All of them are whining for nothing. I have literally seen guys who look like this memed neckbeard get gfs. And plenty of those wimpy guys with weak jaws that incels like to put in pictures next to male models. The reason for being an incel is that their standards are too high and they think they deserve a insta model or they have insufferable personality even for a moid.

No. 1837864

>Don't worry young women, getting into random men's damaged cars in a foreign country while even your relatives don't know where you are is actually totally safe!!
Next she's gonna tell women they should ignore their intuition. I wonder who she's trying to prove herself to.

No. 1837866

File: 1704306108538.mp4 (4.81 MB, 576x1024, SdUVnkKmNGTKJ19y.mp4)

Have some self respect.

No. 1837867

Spoilaa tää paska saatana

No. 1837871

joo, sain melkeen sydärin kun näin tän etusivulla ja kelasin jo että kyseessä ylisjonnejen invaasio.(you need to speak English ITT)

No. 1837964

Is anyone else constantly assaulted by this person making the exact same video 4 million times? Every time I open my shorts, there is a new one + 6 old ones I never seen before

No. 1837984

Kek. Her jasper still makes me laugh, but i have noticed the trend of tiktokkers or whatever making the same joke over and over, because they are out of ideas. They want to catch that same viral video. I see it so much. There's a woman who shows off her huge Harry Potter, lotr and star wars collection, pretending to be the 'cool aunt .' It was funny at first but it's the same video of "omg quirky hot need girl"

No. 1838818

I don't know what autistic means anymore. I say this as someone who definitely would have been diagnosed as a gen z, but millennial girls got high-functioning autistic traits beat out of them more or less. We had to learn to stop being weird in public, and actually, it's ok, it probably helped us in the long run (minus the bullying, fuck that).

One thing I noticed are women like this wearing 50 layers of clothing. I can still barely stand wearing two layers, as a child I hated wearing anything stiff and tight or constricting (like turtlenecks or jeans). Pretty sure this is a sensory thing. Like how do you go out wearing all this stuff and not think about it constantly? I know everyone's tism is different but cutting off tags and limiting clothing-related discomfort is kind of classic for mitigating sensory issues. I can't imagine how uncomfortable this outfit is. Not to mention everything else about this person, which screams "uwu exaggerated autistic womanchild for girls to romanticize and men to fetishize"

No. 1838963

Idk I'm a tard and I always wear layers even though I live somewhere hot, I prob would have worn this outfit in my teens or early 20s. But that voice, Jesus christ. So sick of zoomies talking like fucking Paimon from Genshin Impact and pretending it's their natural voice. I'm sure there's a few people who naturally have a soft baby voice but you can hear the strain of her forcing it

No. 1839105

I just searched her and apparently she had some mental breakdown and posted explicit porn on OF for a few months after pretending to be an innocent naive little girl (obviously she is a grown woman, that was a persona). I guess it was mostly an act… goodbye to those jobs working with media companies I guess.

No. 1839143

File: 1704394783023.mp4 (1.48 MB, 576x1024, 9796ce0f418837bd355a92b3a19460…)

I'm sorry but…Men live on easy mode when it come to appearance or relationships.

Still together with him even after he became disfigured and defending him in other videos and comments. Meanwhile men leave their girlfriends or wives who become disfigured or terminally ill at high rates (this is statistically proven).

No. 1839152

Meanwhile men be like:

No. 1839153

tik tok is all fakery by thot normalfags looking to fetishize mental illness

No. 1839154

Accidentally burned her face off during outdoors and then dumped her because she looks disfigured now. Lol men. It's interesting to see how women treat relationships VS how men treat relationships.

No. 1839155

See, I love layers because I am very sensitive to synthetic materials and I love having that cotton barrier as a base layer + I love having some slight pressure on me from the clothes. First a tighter layer, then a very loose one that doesn't touch me weirdly and loosely, my autistic friend is the opposite and more like you. I also enjoy having my hair up so it doesn't touch me or poke me and my friend will fucking cry if she has to have hers tied up for a longer period, humans are weird.

No. 1839156

Nevermind wearing a wig is already uncomfortable for normal people.

No. 1839159

samefag that sounded like I was defending her, I wasn't and she seems off as hell with the wig and shit

No. 1839160

The wig was what made me kek. That shit is a sensory nightmare.

No. 1839162

he did it on purpose

No. 1839164

Imagine getting married to a man and loving him despite his less than average looks, but your husband such an absolute mong that he accidentally set you on fire and made you lose so much of your face. Moids, not even once.

No. 1839166

I'm sorry but this made me laugh. Yeah it's overdone observative humor but it somehow never gets old for me. I can watch this kind of videos all the time, especially when they parody something I'm familiar with. Isn't she the one who did "2010s lyrics videos" sketch? That was hilarious because I used to watch these when I was a kid for my favorite kpop group at the time, and it gives me nostalgia for the 2010s.

No. 1839169

Men were losing their minds a while ago because a woman ran a marathon to raise money for cancer. She was doing it because her friend had it. She had been dating him but they broke up, stayed friends and she was still supporting him through it and doing shit for charity. They turned that into her being the biggest narc on the planet.

Men hop tf out as soon as their wives get sick. Not just their gf of a year, wives. And they sure don't look back or help to still nurse you as a friend either.

No. 1839187

Yeah anything I had to say about sensory issues just died after I saw she was angling for moids and posted some sick shit on OF, which I have no desire to look at. Creepy way to destroy whatever uwu career she had.

I know all sensory issues are different, I should have phrased it more openly. It just seemed so bizarre and fake and gave me a suffocating feeling just looking at all those layers + the affected childishness of it all

No. 1839214

Not to racebait, but I can't stand Asian girls who make thirsting over white moids their entire personality. They are some of the most backstabbing pickme bitches who seem to have weird entitlement and superiority complexes. Every one of them that i've known have been catty bullies that put on a sweet and respectable face in public while shittalking everyone in private. It gives some flavor of narcissism. I guess they think they've made it and are going to live some fairytale Disney princess life with their white prince or something because they've fetishized moids as much as moids fetishize them, which makes them equally meant for each other. Videos like this may be "tongue-in-cheek" but they halfway believe their own nauseating, transparent, self-serving bullshit, it's never "for the culture". I'd have a little more respect for them if they were just blatantly unapologetic about it instead.(racebait)

No. 1839219

No no you're right, I posted before finishing watching and those itchy ass blocky ass layers combined with the itchy wig and voice, not fresh of her.

No. 1839229

File: 1704400140048.jpg (487.79 KB, 665x1130, Screenshot_20240103-172733_1.j…)

It's like they cannot objectify and degrade males without assigning them "feminine" characteristics. It's so weird and misogynistic, women are so used to females being pornified as a whole, some can't even conceive sexual attraction without communicating using these terms

No. 1839241

File: 1704401087629.png (262.22 KB, 839x653, IMG_1139.png)

Unironically yes. Firstly because obviously she’s gorgeous and young and that already mogs the fuck out of me, secondly because at her age my “touch of the tism” ass was so socially awkward I was wearing shoes held together with duct tape and hand me downs not because I was poor but because I was so afraid of “doing something wrong” that I refused to enter shops kek. Feels exactly like this meme

No. 1839243

How are any of those traits inherently feminine? Masculine men can have all those things and women can appreciate and objectify them all the same.

No. 1839263

Kek, then those pickmes look at literal cases of white scrotes harassing, stalking, raping, and killing Asian women and go like "all of y'all are just jealous because white men love and give us attention, sweeties!!". As if attracting fugly white moids who want to use your body for a fleshlight is something to be proud of kek(racebait)

No. 1839264

I feel like some of the posters here are male. Am I supposed to feel sorry for ugly incels because "Chad's" are larping as them?

The standards for men are so low that all they need to do is be semi-decent to their partner and nor reek like cheese and they could find a partner. Yet I'm supposed to feel sorry for those ugly men who could find a partner if they wanted to but instead are too busy lusting after kids and supermodels who are way over their league because they don't want to settle for "mid" women.

No. 1839276

If fat slutty dumptruck lucious silky and clear all read as feminine when you hear them that’s a you problem.

No. 1839285

Yasmine is hilarious

No. 1839321

How does she even know he's straight?

No. 1839326

Nta but come the fuck on, those features are seen as traditionally feminine because they're more likely to be had by women. You can objectify beautiful men perfectly well without sounding like a sassy faggot.

No. 1839337

you think those things are feminine, the rest of us know there is nothing gendered about them

No. 1839342

Unironically you are the one who sounds misogynist. So what is she supposed to say that will appease you? Is "sexy Neanderthal face, 9 feet tall, alpha wolf" okay for you lmao.

Clear skin and luscious hair are literally gender neutral, many men have long lashes and men biologically have more muscle than women which is why most gym bros are scared of working out their glutes because they are afraid of getting a big butt.

No. 1839347

Okay but they are NOT being used to describe women. You're having an illogical knee jerk reaction because you associate those words with offensive misogynistic language, but it can't be misogynistic towards a man.

Anyway it's obviously tongue in cheek, hyperbolic language intended to entertain other women. Why would we feel offended by something so silly.

No. 1839363

"Slut" is a gendered word, as it was created to shame women, "dump truck" was also created by men to harass women with big asses, using it towards moids doesn't negate the fact, it's the exact same stuff as calling your bf a baby girl or whatever. Why don't they talk about their dick bulges or pecs instead? No, they gotta refer to men like scrotes refer to us because that's all they know from years of twt brainrot and seeing other women being objectified. For the record, I'm only referring to the first two words, I don't mind the clear skin and lashes stuff

No. 1839366

I'm not the anon who posted the tiktok, but I don't know how it's that hard to understand what she means. This is like describing men with porn website terms for women and then saying how it's actually totally feminist, it just proves how much you internalized moid language to the point you can't even voice your attraction without using terms mostly used to degrade women. Same with the describing moids as "submissive and breedable uwu" cringe.

>Clear skin and luscious hair are literally gender neutral

Where do you live, I want to move there kek.