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File: 1683739066124.png (9.68 KB, 655x311, 1571058277028.png)

No. 1573244

A place full of attention seeking, bra stuffing, body filters, fake stories, elsagate spamming, fake doctors and coomer bait, cringe fuel etc. Anyone else find this side of the internet to be particularly cancerous?

Thread #1 >>1291087
Thread #2 >>1417602

No. 1573246

File: 1683739171470.webm (3.94 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_ru20lmMpjX1ywkwlz.webm)

made a thread to post this. definitely not the worst out the but wtf is this

No. 1573387

File: 1683752424460.jpeg (238.73 KB, 828x1481, IMG_2821.jpeg)

Okay so this guy posted a before/after vid where he improved his looks and groomed himself after meeting his gf and while all the reception on tiktok has been positive, half the comments when he reposted this on instagram was salty masculinity copers crying about how he looks too feminine and looks like a soyboy. It’s so funny how these people will avoid self care like it’s a threat to their masculinity yet cry that they don’t have a gf.

No. 1573501

He looks cute but all those photos look heavily altered unless he got ps

No. 1573663

that's what I thought too. In video he does look better but not as good as the pictures. He does use angles and editing

No. 1573725

File: 1683791458887.jpg (133.19 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20230511_095001_Tik…)

Comments full of women saying other women are single and bitter for eating their own food and not starving while their bf is stuffing their face. Imagine voluntarily starving and deluding oneself into thinking ones rat boyfriend is the better looking one

No. 1573784

is she saying she doesn't eat enough so that her boyfriend does because they can't order some extra fucking food for him? it makes them both look like poorfags.

No. 1573864

No bc she does it out of true love and the rest of us bitter bicthes will never understand the sacrifice of pretending to be full to enjoy the martyrdom of watching a moid eat your food while you starve. Ordering more food is for selfish women in loveless relationships.

Yes thats unironically what those women think. She was liking every comment saying women who dont do that are bad girlfriends who dont have unconditional love for their partner.

No. 1576438

File: 1683994482723.webm (12.44 MB, 576x1024, 2829a1aa388133c804a8fe8d6908a3…)

I hate tiktoks like these where the main point is just someone walking around in some outfit and then posting it with random people's faces zoomed in. And it ALWAYS ends up producing comments like "oh that old woman had such a nasty look on her face" "that bitch rolled her eyes bc she's a bitter ugly hag who hates seeing a tall confident woman!!" just inviting hate on to random people for absolutely no reason, while also being a blatant attention whore. I mean this person has multiple vids just walking around in places like malls to film reactions.

There's also a girl who constantly dresses up in some older fashioned/modest "classy" clothes and does the same thing. Whenever she sees someone's grandpa in public the comments are convinced she's "reminding him of the good old days of his youth"

No. 1576440

File: 1683994690610.webm (11.69 MB, 576x1024, 7b049b3fa52040d88b4004479d8df4…)

Samefag. I'm also pretty sure this person is a troon anyways. Don't speak spanish so I can't tell if anyone ever calls it out

No. 1576442

>There's also a girl who constantly dresses up in some older fashioned/modest "classy" clothes and does the same thing.
could you post her, that actually sounds a bit more interesting then most zoomer fashion trends.

No. 1576448

Troon or not, you have to be pretty hideous to put that many filters on your face and still look uncanny as fuck

No. 1576452

Had a friend like this, kek. I was invited for dinner at her and her boyfriend's apartment and she arranged our portions on tiny plates and gave most of the food to her boyfriend. She saw me make a face and gave me a lecture on how he needs it more because he's bigger and stronger and then told me that being hungry for just one evening doesn't hurt while her boyfriend stood right there nodding eagerly in agreement. I'm not the queen, but if someone invites me for dinner I would expect, you know, a dinner.

No. 1576455

I'm going to second this anon >>1573784 It just make it sound like they have financial problems.

No. 1576511

This infuriates me for some reason, imagine starving yourself to fuel a moid's greed and fatness.

No. 1576733

File: 1684003698622.webm (5.86 MB, 576x1024, 68e9020fa10b5663ef0843f10f3d67…)

Ok well I can't seem to remember the exact one I was talking about, but I did find this girl, whose account is abt that fashion, and also another girl who does similar, so their @s are @u.iulianiya and @lira_karina hope that helps you nona

No. 1576804

(Ntayrt) stuff like this always looks like cringe larping. If I saw her I'd think she was from a movie set or wearing a costume. The outfit isn't necessarily bad tho, it just feels overly try-hard or inauthentic somehow idk.

No. 1577225

she's very pretty! I love emo girls making a comeback

No. 1577373

File: 1684073066702.jpeg (102.27 KB, 750x939, IMG_2571.jpeg)

Remember when people were actually ashamed of shit like this instead of posting it for the whole world to see and expecting sympathy.

Also I bet her kid will be very happy once their friends find out they’re a meth baby because their mother needed to seek attention online.

No. 1577380

I thought the censored word was muff at first. I was like.. what you used the word while talking about your body at your prenatal appts? Oh meth.. yeah thats worse

No. 1577382

She has meth-face. That's the only way I can describe it.

No. 1577394

File: 1684074590520.webm (1.08 MB, 360x640, Me being full after 3 bites.we…)

god shit like this infuriates me so much, especially since this is so so common…
there was another tiktok trend about women eating like 3 tiny spoons and then pushing her food to him because "uwu some of us are full easily" bitch i don't believe you
>because he's bigger and stronger
the average height difference is like 5-10cm yet you have many couples in which the woman doesn't even eat half as much as he does (e.g. my parents), even kids portions aren't that much smaller than adult portions.
the only thing even more sad is when women cook for their men without making a portion for themselves

No. 1577409

Oof. Male legs are really disgusting. He is so shapeless. People are clocking him, those stares are absolutely not people envying him or what ever the fuck he imagines in his own giant head.

No. 1577413

File: 1684077469284.png (2.46 MB, 1440x1796, Screenshot_20230514-101451~2.p…)

maleja santos definitely is a trog
some discussion online about him being a trans goddess

No. 1577436

>tiktok dumbass dresses like a clown
>whoever is walking behind them is obviously acting like a clown by running around the tiktoker with a camera shoved in front of everyone
>passerbys are looking at the two clowns like they're spectators in a circus because, well, they are
>tiktoker and retard with the camera surprised that random people make weird faces when seeing them
Can't wait for this to stop once and for all someday.

No. 1577525

Yeah their reactions are obviously either "ew wtf is that outfit?" or "oh god, I'm going to end up on tiktok and the comments will shit talk me…"

No. 1577616

File: 1684092448290.webm (2.44 MB, 576x1024, FEoFjoLbc.webm)

please tell me im not the only person who thinks this is kinda messed up?

No. 1577630

No. 1577634

Unfortunately I don't think gay men existing is what you're reffering to as messed up so what is?

No. 1577647

I think it's the 'I'm literally a minor' type of a zoomer poster who thinks 19 and 23 is some kind of a morally perverted age gap kek
Yeah and often these girls go out in a short dress or summer clothes while you can see everyone is wearing a coat and warm clothes. Like of course people are gonna stare at you when you have a short dress in winter and you also stop and dramatically pose for the camera.

No. 1577664

Damn bitch do you just not want anyone to be happy

No. 1577674

I expected some sort of twist but nothing happened… Something like "he was cheating on me the whole time but I stayed" or "it turns out we were related all along" or some crazy shit. So what's messed up here then?

No. 1577719

Two guys kissing… so messed up man

No. 1577749

A four year age gap at legal age. Absolutely disgusting. Deplorable, even. Cannot believe he was groomed by such a cunning predator. How will he ever emotionally recover. He's been trapped in a happy relationship with a hung, chiseled, beautifully jawlined PREDATOR for four whole years someone call the press and police

No. 1578199

kek at those huge ass hands

No. 1578312

who the hell invites people over to watch their boyfriend gorge himself on food while the guests starve?

No. 1578504

File: 1684179443083.jpeg (58.42 KB, 561x987, IMG_0039.jpeg)

I hate these stupid ass washed up scene guys who make these videos to pander to young alt girls

No. 1578513

File: 1684179775863.jpeg (6.44 KB, 224x225, download (4).jpeg)

Me too nonny

No. 1578528

This is the most HSTS behavior I've ever seen, the cross-dressing twink who thinks he can steal any straight girl's man. Delusional.

No. 1578532

2006 is saying hello, is scene that isn't repackaged eboy shit back for real?

No. 1578541

File: 1684181817058.png (537.25 KB, 579x790, Theyll-understand-me-in-Japan.…)

The comment says "without bangs he does look like a he"
I mean come on, a thousand filters and a ton of makeup just to blur out his male features a little (which you can see clearly in that super zoomed out video kek), of fucking course it's a gay moid, and a quick Google search confirms it.
Also yeah people look because they look like clowns (they always remind me of picrel), tiktokers who believe otherwise are delusional and need to touch grass.

No. 1578550

he has to wear that type of skirt to give himself a waist kek

No. 1578753

This is cringey but very cute, I'd rather see this than people bothering grocery store employees or hauls of cheap shit bought off Ali express

No. 1578792

I still would. I'd give my left-toe for emo boys to come back.

No. 1578911

File: 1684217747842.jpeg (222.38 KB, 1242x2016, IMG_0770.jpeg)

A white girl complaining about a white girl lip synching to a TikTok audio that has the word faggot in it. It’s a screenshot I forgot to post on here last year. Still retarded and since fag month is coming up I’d thought I might post it kek.

No. 1579054

Even better she calls her the queer slur in her own caption. Hypocrite

No. 1579120

sitting in a well-lit room with pupils the size of dinnerplates making callout videos on tiktok #thriving

No. 1579570

i believe they are all pedos, the scene was always full of pedos..

No. 1579704

File: 1684287777787.webm (181.68 KB, 576x1024, nowayitsseph.webm)

I'd like to see her go to war with every single user who used vidrel's audio.

No. 1579879

What a fucking exhausting existance where you can't even eat an entire pizza with your bf and feel comfy.

No. 1580288

File: 1684353999531.jpg (166.92 KB, 1170x1708, 5jt542sf7esa1.jpg)

Is this an MLM recruitment scheme?

No. 1580294

never have I been so disappointed after reading a title

No. 1580321

By the way that one man waved at the camera i think the only reason why they are staring is because he is filming himself and that alone is bringing him all this attention. His outfit are fairly normie and I am sure some of the ladies clocked him.

No. 1580372

After a certain age, it becomes a guarantee that they are preying on underaged girls

No. 1581453

File: 1684482609835.png (128.38 KB, 417x741, IMG_4107.png)


This was supposed to be for the other thread but I took forever to fucking organize it and actually post it. I feel like this is well needed though. This has to do with the girl that was posted for crying over scrotes deepfaking her body. This is what i’ve learned and how to stay safe if you do post on that shitty app.

1: use pimeyes constantly to make sure nobody is being weird and posting your face on weird sites. i did pimeyes on that poor girl in the tiktok that talked about how a scrote deepfaked her and all her deepfakes came up.

2: heavily monitor your audience and who follows you. that girl has a huge male following sadly and has tons of videos where all her comments are 4chan scrotes fetishizing her being asian. she posted a screen shot of her follower count and it was 75% men. monitor who comments on your posts. if you post on tiktok there is a feature where you can see who mostly follows you. all her comments have been begging for an onlyfans since she opened her account and she has been posted several times on forums full of horny old scrotes. an easy username search brought all of that up. regularly search your online usernames

3: i’ve noticed the safe ratio for a woman would be 80%+ women following you. but i would say to really push for 90%+ women. usually if you have that many women following you it means the men are probably gays and tifs. depending on how old you are too you probably want the age range to be around yours, i’ve noticed girls who have their follower age range in the 40s-60s are most likely to get creeps on their pages.

4: if you post on sites like tiktoks please use tags. tags literally save your life in these situations. use tags that you know mostly women use. especially if you post shit that’s centered around yourself. if you post without tags there’s a huge chance tiktok will push you to literally anyone and creeps will engage the fuck out of young women’s posts. even on sites like youtube tags will save you.

i learned all of this from watching videos of these girls before all hell broke loose. she isn’t the only case. there are so many warning signs. if your male follower percentage is way higher than your female follower percentage just fucking close your accounts. if the male ratio is super small like less than 20% don’t freak out it’s likely fags and tifs. if you get one creepy comment out of thousands of normal comments don’t freak out also, block them and move on. if it continues stay alerted though. it’s sadly normal for women to get weird comments every now and then.

sorry this is so fucking long i just want you all safe.

No. 1581458

You can't be safe no matter what you do because it's not the woman's fault for not trying her best to hide herself from men, it's the perverted men's fault
If there's even one mentally ill man in your following, even he'll still be able to pull this shit. This stuff is more likely to happen to minority(asian in this case), mentally unwell and young women too so they definitely choose their targets. I feel so bad for her.

No. 1581459

Jesus, poor girl. Can't she sue the uploader of the deepfakes somehow? Or at least find out who it was?

No. 1581463

File: 1684485056814.webm (14.42 MB, 480x852, 9009099009.webm)


Great advice anon, but I have to disagree with you on the tags. There is really no such thing as tags that predominately women post under on the platform. It is all a mixed bag when it comes to titok.


video made by some scrawny moid on tiktok that claims telling your son that he is not a girl is abusive and makes up a fake scenario to go with it. Found this garbage on twitter and the replies are just as retarded as the video itself. I hate this thing on tiktok were people say the most mild shit is abusive. like this and the replies this video has are what peaked me. 111.1k likes on this. I fucked up horribly if my future son ends up as entitled as half the troons and troon supporters on tiktok and twitter.

No. 1581464

Especially if you’re a radfem there is no way to filter out angry TIMS on tiktok. The app is filled with it. Tagging your shit with radfem will only make it more likely for them to raid your page

No. 1581467

File: 1684485860960.jpeg (210.08 KB, 1284x2128, IMG_4110.jpeg)

True but she had creepy males threatening to do this to her for months and she attempted to get more women to follow her for months but it never stopped. It’s way more likely to happen if you’re a woman that you described and have a follower base of 4channers. I went through her page just now and feel so sad for her. I fucking hate men and that TikTok app. Whoever runs the algorithms and pushed her content out to creeps should be executed. I’ve noticed TikTok pushes underaged girls to old men too.

No. 1581468

File: 1684486224596.jpeg (253.91 KB, 1284x1790, IMG_4112.jpeg)

Samefag I’m pretty sure real humans moderate TikTok and decide who sees what. Pretty fucked up that so much onlyfans shit has been allowed on the app and innocent women existing on the app are pushed out to the same creeps that watch that shit

No. 1581473

>There is really no such thing as tags that predominately women post under on the platform. It is all a mixed bag when it comes to titok.

for real though. whenever i see any hashtag about "women" or "girl" things I always assume it's just full of men in dresses and I'm always right

No. 1581474

Anon, when you apply for any job, HR checks your social media presence and search for your name on Google as part of their background checks, so you're pretty much fucked. I don't know if she used her real name on TikTok though

No. 1581475

This guy has bassist energy. Unrelated but he'd be cute enough, but guaranteed he's going to troon out within 10 years

No. 1581477

Almost every pro-troon male tiktoker has ended up trooning out

No. 1581479

honestly, I kind of wish more internet people would hire neet women to handle their comments.. I know Poki has someone that has access to her social media and blocks weirdos on Twitter. I could sit there all day blocking people idc. it's satisfying to me.

No. 1581482

we need more women working at social media companies and managing stuff in general. tiktok wouldn’t be a shithole if more women worked there

No. 1581603

this has been rolling in my head for days.
archeologists find an uptick in bones of female infants in areas and sedimentary layers linked to periods of famine.
globally, historically, contemporaneously, female children eat less than their male siblings, and they do not eat well.
women throughout time and history cultivate, gather and prepare food, yet who gets the biggest slice and the most appetizing pieces? how many of us go home to relatives where the man of the house eats first, gets his plate "fixed" for him, and who's preferences dictate the diets of the rest of the household?
these women make me sad. when are we going to stop starving ourselves to "prove" we're worth taking up space, whether its in a relationship or on Earth at all. i hope these women become like my mom and start eating well after they leave these moids.

No. 1582342

File: 1684578559027.webm (13.36 MB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1684578357492.w…)

No. 1582344

at least i see the comments calling out her forcing disordered eating down her guests throads(pun unintended kek). like bitch u have the right to enjoy food and others too

No. 1582347

Watched some of the other videos after this one and she talked about some issues she has and also that she asked her guests about food issues they had and that in general she had options for the guests. Which kind of changes the video but still the bloat pills were weird and the video had a "sponsored" vibe about it and it also seemed like it promoted orthorexia.

No. 1582925

Damn I just checked out her profile, does she have her own thread yet? Kek

No. 1583253

File: 1684666981308.jpg (343.48 KB, 1125x1648, tumblr_99bc4f94890c34cd69967fc…)

Imagine doing your make-up, curling your hair, putting on a push-up bra and carefully angling the camera so your tits are 1/3 of the screen, just to record a video where you say you totally don't care about what men think. Real clown girl shit.

No. 1583266

This video feels disordered in itself, who the fuck records everything they ate on a single day while doing fashion poses around meticulously approved meals? It's disturbing. When I eat i don't even give it a second thought, these people are recording their "meals" even hours before marrying? Insanity
I hate this type of content too, is just so obviously dishonest

No. 1583275

I love knowing that I'm not this type of girl
That skinny wedding girls life looks hellish to me, maybe because I've been through a mild eating disorder with obsessive calorie counting and still struggle with occasional orthorexic ways of thinking, it's funny to know she probably thinks everyone who thinks she's nuts is jealous of her but she couldn't be more wrong lmao. I also think her bony body looks gross and gives her a frail/elderly look.
Gosh nonnies it sure is good to have enough nutrients in your brain that you're able to comprehend a life of enjoying yourself as long as you're within a healthy weight range is so much better than suffering for… for what? For who? For a few years of being skinny on Instagram and getting attention from strangers? For weird pedo-type men with a bone fetish? I love having tits and ass and being a womanly shape, being able to enjoy living and eating whatever I want in moderation like a normal human being, knowing my body will actually be able to healthily carry a child one day, that I'm not doing harm to my joints and collagen production by intentionally withering myself away before my time.
I'm so glad I'm not afraid to take up space. I remember I had a friend who was embarrassed to order a pizza for just the two of us because "people would think we're being gross" HAHA yoooo sucks for you more for me, most men are going to want to fuck you no matter what as long as you're not obese so why tf would you ever make yourself suffer to be attractive for them or take up less space, wild

No. 1583281

Pretty sad when you can't even let loose and have fun and overindulge on your wedding day.

No. 1583285

wonder what she's gonna do if she ever has to get pregnant.

No. 1583292

Very unrealistic, how are there no mentions of suicide attempts or drug abuse?

No. 1584470

men will fuck you even if you are obese, men have no standards. there are men who fuck(rape) corpses.

No. 1589157

File: 1685188580366.webm (3.83 MB, 576x1024, chloeandfam.webm)

nta >>1589151
but thought I'd post the TT

No. 1589466

Did she leave him? I was looking at her tiktok and I couldn't find this video and it seems like she's still with him. I hope she did leave him, she's still so young there's no point in her wasting time on a pathetic moid who will never change.

No. 1592896

File: 1685519810014.jpg (180.11 KB, 1079x1914, Screenshot_20230531_035216_Gal…)

Call me ignorant but a lot of adults with autism seem to up play it and act 'worse'(pretending to have it) than children who suffer from it.

No. 1596183

File: 1685829130061.png (300.5 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230603-135044.png)

No. 1596185

File: 1685829228788.png (275.7 KB, 720x1325, Screenshot_20230603-135108.png)

No. 1596187

I agree with half those things and hate the others.

No. 1596190

I'm pretty sure it's a sin to be an attention whore.

No. 1596194

If you're able to work then you definitely don't have the level of autism where you need a sensory room kek. What is the point of this?

No. 1596226

File: 1685834457816.png (242 KB, 750x1334, A37EFFE3-D2CD-48D2-ACD0-5E913A…)

These girls are so obnoxious they’re just assuming they’re jealous

No. 1596242

it's so sad that vids like these get so many likes, fortunately on my fyp i usually get a vid of someone stitching it and talking about it from a feminist perspective. even when women do feel jealous of younger women, aren't those younger women vulnerable to the same fate as they age? and yes, it's really weird to infer that a woman is jealous of you and your "youth" just because she's staring. it's almost some kind of wish fulfillment, believing that these old wrinkly hags must just be jealous of my youthful allure! it couldn't be anything else! why, i'm so young and pretty and gorgeous and young and these women are.. ugly! ugly because they're disgusting and old! complete disney brainrot. it's never polite to shoot burning stares at strangers, but this kind of thinking only reveals a cruel mind

No. 1596317

I've been thinking of this a lot recently and trying to figure out why I have such a deeply internal dislike for a lot of autistic people online, because it isnt something I try to feed into but it's always there. I have autistic friends and family members that I adore and I love them very much and have never been icked by their mistakes or dysfunctions and try to never internalize it–so why do so many autistic people online repell me on a personal level? I actually realized today that it's because people who self diagnose as autistic online and make it a centric part of their persona use it as an excuse to never improve or try to better themselves, they instead pull the autism card to continually be unlikable, selfish, and off-putting with zero personal growth at all, destroying any and all relationships that don't serve them on a gainful basis and using their self-diagnosis as a shield. I've also noticed a lot of these people who I dislike have a TON of bpd-adjacent traits, and the label of autistic allows them to skirt any personal accountability no matter how destructive or hurtful what they've done is. I dislike them because they are extremely manipulative all of the time and expect nobody to notice that they are lazy, whiny, and self-indulgent–which is fine if they could admit that as it is, but they instead use 'autism' as their excuse to remain static forever despite the fact that they are more than high functioning enough to know better.

No. 1596319

That is a foot baby

No. 1596476

That room just looks ugly and crowded, bad feng shui to ruin your day.
100% agree. When autism became trendy I basically stopped ever telling anyone irl about my diagnosis to not be associated with the people who make autism their entire personality. Some people are able to guess because I come across as autistic (no shit kek) but I don't bring it up myself. I'd be embarrassed to work at a place that had a special room for big babies.

No. 1596734

main character syndrome

No. 1596764

It's just constantly insisting upon yourself in the most manipulative way possibly, which has nothing to do with being autistic itself, but everything to do with being a self indulgent user and manipulator.

No. 1596855

Reiterating that I specifically am referring to a phenomenon of terminally online people who probably (definitely) have bpd along with autism or have a cluster b without any autism at all who use the identifier to excuse to do morally reprehensible shit or manipulate people constantly and do the absolute bare minimum in life always. I am not attacking people with autism. But if you were to have this discussion on a hive like Twitter, instead of actually comprehending what you're referring to they would just attack you for ableism and say you hate autistic people. You can't have any kind of discussion at all because people kneejerk offense and feel called out even when what you're saying has nothing to do with them. It's a tiring way to live I imagine. On the other hand autistic people who flourish online are generally always hilarious and I like listening to them talk about their special interests. Theyre generally very self aware and have a good sense of humor. Even the ones who aren't are still deserving of respect. I shouldn't have to say that as a preface though when talking about a very real phenomena of people highjacking "I'm neurotypical so I don't owe shit to anyone ever" and running with it to the point they make something simple really convoluted and carry an even worse social stigma than before.

No. 1597384

File: 1685941074749.webm (2.06 MB, 320x690, wYSlgbEbf5HBCQxd.webm)

So I get the message, but she should not be filming this

No. 1597591

omfg this is so embarrassing. maybe she would be able to handle grandma if she wasn't busy trying to record herself and making sure that she got slapped on camera. probably also illegal. can't believe it has almost two millions likes (and it's also supposed to be a paid partnership?)

No. 1597700

I feel bad because she pretty much can't do anything or shell probably lose her job. I've seen many videos of women who take care of old people, and a lot of the elderly are very rude or violent to them (they most likely have something affecting their mental state, but still)

No. 1597711

She can film this to show her boss or whatever but definitely not post this online. I'll be surprised if she doesn't get fired over this.

No. 1597717

Well she didn't lay her the fuck out or show her face so I think its fine

No. 1597755

i'm a sperg but i fucking hate them too, and i'm too embarrassed to even mention my autism now, even in medical settings bc i don't want to be associated with the retarded shit they post online
saw your post as i was typing and yeah, they make it so much harder, i think they will make people have zero understanding towards spergs or lead to more discrimination
you're kind nonnie, and you're definitely not ableist for hating the self diagnosed tards, we've discussed them on the autism thread, but it's really common for them to even get a diagnosis now by learning what to say from reddit and doctor shopping, on the autism subreddit they ask how to answer the questions to pass and some admit they have gone to like 6+ professionals to get the diagnosis, so you can't even trust the diagnosed ones. I'd say the real ones now are the ones that don't offer up that information until they trust you. The only people i've told are close friends. I don't know why anyone would want to tell strangers they have a developmental disorder, it's humiliating. Sorry for sperging about this on an unrelated thread, i've just seen too many infuriating tiktoks recently.

No. 1597758

Late but the video didn't load for me, so I decided to read anon's replies and thought they were overreacting. But than I watched it myself and holy fuck, this girl is mental. Gives me serious Patrick Bateman vibes. Is this what ortho girl dream wedding looks like? Imagine being invited to this wedding and the couple starts sperging about how their cake is gluten dairy free and their champagne - wait for it - has ONLY 2 grams of sugar. There is being healthy and than there is whatever retardation this is.

No. 1597774

Why not? Why not make other women(bc lets be honest its mostly women going into caregiver jobs) aware of the abuse they will face?

No. 1597878

I'm with you on this. I see no issue with the video really. a little unprofessional to film tiktoks at work imo but a lot of people have no clue what old folk's care workers put up with and they think the worst could only be giving sweet little old people their sponge baths. some of the clients aren't even that feeble, either. once i went to visit my granddad with my aunt when he was still alive and while we were in the courtyard my aunt quietly pointed out a guy pacing around. she told me he was getting his steps in for the day then added that he was barely any older than her and it freaked her out. now, for this lady to be freaked out by ANYTHING she'd witnessed at an old folk's home says a lot. apparently his alzheimer's was getting bad early. guy was in pretty good shape, i mean he was getting his steps in and all, as observed.

No. 1597881

Because you're infringing on a demented old person's right to privacy. She can make videos talking about the abuse all she wants, but not film the other person or what she's doing to them. It doesn't make it ok just because her face isn't on screen.
I don't know about you but if I got dementia in the future, I wouldn't want somebody to film my future self naked in the shower being forcefully washed.

No. 1597885

Better keep your old demented hands to yourself then

No. 1597889

My aunt works in a nursing home and she experiences shit like this too. Old people grew up in a time where physical punishment was deemed acceptable and half of them are senile and demented so you get situations like this. If it's not this, they're pissing on the carpet in the living room or assaulting other elderly in the hallways.

No. 1597900

Do you even know what dementia is? They can't act rationaly. If you're going to work with them, you need to put up with it.
If not then just quit. Then maybe if healthcare workers stop enabling this we can finally have voluntary euthanazia as an option for people before they slip into dementia for good.

No. 1597901

ot from tiktok but i heard a lot of stds go around in assisted living places. in a statistically disturbing way. can't remember exacts though.

No. 1597904

File: 1685972105024.png (463.85 KB, 954x658, retard.png)

this is from instagram but he has a tiktok as well that keeps getting mass reported and banned so I like to think he counts. I hate this fucking ugly retard. All he does is torment this cat who clearly has either underlying medical issues or is frustrated at their boundaries being violated over and over for some dumbfuck video for this inbred looking shitstain to make some money on. To make it worse apparently he now has 5 cats and 1 dog, which 1 cat he admitted is constantly hiding in his parents room to avoid the dog, and this cat in the pic and another new cat "Tucker" are both hostile and aggressive whenever this asshole handles them.
I see other videos of cats letting their owners do whatever and its obvious the owner takes very good care of them and doesn't constantly torment them for camera views, so I'm not one of those "insta comment karens" who call literally everything animal abuse. I genuinely hate this fucker and I hope his animals get taken away. Literally every video sir pounce is in he's getting pissed off and warning this tard to leave him alone, swiping or biting at him after he ignores the cats warning hisses and growls. It's gotten to a point where if he puts his arm out in front of Sir Pounce, the cat immediately attacks him. That is not fucking normal and I don't know how these commenters just laugh at it. Fuck this shithead I hate him so much

No. 1597905

you can spread awareness without filming while taking care of someone but also, who applies to be a nurse in a retirement home or psych ward without knowing that senile people can get violent and shit themselves? if she's been asked to handle alone someone that can overpower her or seriously harm her which is definitely an issue, making tiktoks is still not the solution

No. 1597909

File: 1685972511394.webm (9.41 MB, 480x852, lOpsAHSdtIT9oKRe.webm)

Anyone post this bullshit yet?

No. 1597911

>trans exclusion in the bimbo community
a new day, a new word salad

No. 1597926

File: 1685973867264.gif (3.32 MB, 500x462, d95340915a44d28d81b9239bedbebf…)

we are never going to escape the patriarchy

No. 1597932

the only thing i hope trannies actually do invade and destroy. Hope all the moids looking into bimbo shit get ugly men with botched surgeries and fridge bodies with bolt ons.

No. 1597953

Sometime I remember the days when bimbofication was just a dumb and disgusting kink. Good time.

No. 1598042

File: 1685987140003.png (1.48 MB, 1711x930, 27 sin título_20230605134023.p…)

She posts so much coomer shit and her videos don't get that much attention for tiktok standards. It's weird how tiktok allows softcore porn.

No. 1598058

If you block out her head her upper body would look like somebodys leg it's so fat

No. 1598114

This is like TIMs who complain about being excluded from NSFW subreddits that only accept "ciswomen", I completely support them.

No. 1598155

shayna if she was halfway decent at her job

No. 1598180

and its always the most mid, average bitch in existence. i don't think other women and even men notice her really.

No. 1598324

It didn't show her face, she was being abused, fuck off

No. 1598667

I don't think she knows what gaslighting means
I get being overwhelmed by a huge amount of people or noise or light or whatever might give you sensory overload. But in that case you can retrieve yourself into a less crowded room or wear noise cancelling headphones or sunglasses. I feel like if you are at a point where you need a whole room to prevent meltdown then you're not functioning enough to work.
>When autism became trendy I basically stopped ever telling anyone irl about my diagnosis to not be associated with the people who make autism their entire personality.
me too. I try to be respectful but I kinda suspect that people who make autism their entire personality are faking. Being autistic does affect your whole life but its not the first thing I would describe myself as
>I'd be embarrassed to work at a place that had a special room for big babies
I kinda get the idea of having a noise-isolated room with dim lights (not that I would ever use something like that myself) but the fact that the room has candy and a blanket is so infantilizing how can any adults with self respect step into that room and still feel good about themselves.

No. 1598682

Aging just gives you more RBF. I keep pointing this out to these self-obsessed misogynists who think that every woman with eyebrow creases and frown lines is peering at them in a jealous rage. It’s incredible how fucking stupid these young women are that they actually imagine themselves and the world this way. Even when an ACTUALLY pretty hot girl walks around in public and gets stares it’s almost never spiteful jealousy, old women are very kind and open about saying “aww, I wish I still had my youth like you, how lovely you are!” Maybe they’d know this if they ever interacted with older women at all, ever, and saw them as human beings. Older women are way nicer than older men.

No. 1598734

File: 1686065368106.png (82.31 KB, 341x529, Captura de pantalla 2023-06-06…)

Except gays ended up proving the westboro Baptist church and other detractors right. Can these retards stop comparing trannies to racial groups and gays for five minutes? Or is that too hard.

No. 1599000

If she had used both her hands instead of filming a silly little tiktok she wouldn't have been hit. Skill issue.

No. 1599103

Old bitch should have been put in some mittens tied behind her back IDGAFFF

No. 1599368

this 100%, though i wonder why she thinks they'd call her a "slut" specifically, chances are she was wearing a very revealing outfit and now she just has to call all the women who glanced at her wrinkly, ugly and jealous because she's insecure. if not, she's quite out of touch with reality for thinking that older women seethe every time they pass a random 20 something year old as they go about their day.

exactly, she deliberately chose not to restrict the woman's movement because of that tiktok grind kek

No. 1599554

I've worked with old people as a med student and they attack nurses a lot. Even those who aren't senile. They act normal in front of doctors, they just think they can get away with it and they often don't have much to lose so they don't care. The nurses aren't allowed to do much and it's not really 'skill issue' most of the times, even when they have both hands, they do get slapped before they can restrict the old asshole.
There's nothing wrong with filming this so that the women wanting to do this job know what to expect. You're both naive idiots with no experience if you think this isn't happening.

No. 1600673

The most deranged thing about shittok is how it’s acceptable to film random people in public. Let me just film this stranger having a mental breakdown and blast them on tiktok for the views. You don’t even need to anything, you could be minding your business having headphones on and some histrionic faggot retard will film you and put on tiktok captioning “WHAT IS BLUd doing?? skull emoji

No. 1600678

my favorite thing about tiktok is nigger sandwiches with a side of nigger(Racebait)

No. 1600703

Nobody said it wasn't happening. I know it's happening, I'm a working adult. I know what old people are like. You don't need to see a video of it happening to know. Anybody who wants to get into this profession or has old relatives knows this, unless they're extremely naive and stupid.
Did you forget the old demented lady is also a woman? A sick woman who still deserves privacy? This would never happen to a man. A male nurse would never film another man being forced into the shower. The nurse can do it because nobody respects women, not even other women, not even when they're sick and have the mental capacity of a child.

No. 1600726

For all she knows, there was some guy behind her digging in his ass, and that's what the lady was looking at.

No. 1600730

No. 1600804

Her profile pic is disgusting

No. 1601836

File: 1686320403137.webm (2.69 MB, 320x568, FvHDKmFVuClTuy.webm)

>Love Milk and Cheese
well guess my wheat brown ass is white now

No. 1601847

It is true that white people love dairy though. That and wearing shorts when it's cold.

No. 1601856

I don't know if its a white people, but my south asian family and people from my village love milk as well.

No. 1602037

It's good to be lactose tolerant

No. 1602288

that's not only untrue but also pretty nonsensical way of thought almost unrelated to the actual video and issue but okay, you do you nona.

No. 1602440

>deserves privacy

she filmed her own face, how is that infringing on the patients privacy? nothing is identifiable

Also moid nurses rape old senile patients so keep caping for them, thats so much better than bringing awareness to caretaker abuse

No. 1602441

Shes not even cute whats there to be jealous of?

No. 1603173

Street interview TikTok is insufferable as hell. Why do these cancerous interviewers feature people who reject their interview request? either by saying no or flat out ignore then. Then they plaster their faces online with commentators bitch about how they are so cold because they don't want to entertain some literal who clout chaser.

No. 1603184

Every day I work towards being older and uglier so I can stare at medium ugly narcs in public with my repulsive, judgmental eyes and imagine them seething about it online.

No. 1603234

kek i'm 30+ and my regular expression is a frowny face (as is my mother's and my mother's mother's) so i guess that makes me a wrinkly old hag to them. i can assure these women that i forget them immediately after they're out of my sight and they illicit no emotional response from me, unless they occupy seats with their bags or crossed legs on public transport. then i get annoyed.

No. 1603242

lol anon

They way people interpret these looks tells so much about them, it's just pure projection. I notice people looking at me in a weird way, sometimes almost with their mouths open, too, and I think those expressions mean nothing at least most of the time. I feel like people just forget you can see them too lol and they simply don't control their faces in those moments, and that's it. They might be just staring into space as well.

No. 1603252

>They way people interpret these looks tells so much about them
Nta, but facial expressions and body language are a very large part of how we communicate. If you're staring at someone a certain way, then they will interpret it a certain way. You can't really be mad if you're frowning or scowling at someone and they think you're judging them. I have an end too, so sometimes if I get caught staring at someone or if we happen to look at each other at the same time, I think it's nice to just give them a smile.

No. 1603253

Autocorrect, I meant RBF

No. 1603275

It's funny because at least a quarter of those women are staring at you because they find your clothes interesting or think you're pretty.

No. 1603282

I know a lot of cool high-functioning autists that are in their 30s. We don't have anything in common and their interests are strange to me more often than not, but I've had a good time working with them and getting to know then. They're often super funny as well, and even when they aren't I have no qualms with them. I even feel annoyed when I have seen people purposely make fun of them for being different. But the people online who self ID as autistic and make it their whole identity more often than not use it as some weird get out of jail free card to be a giant cruel asshole under the guise of ~oopsies im neurodivergent~ and spend literally hours every single fucking day just bitching and crying and arguing with people. I don't even think any of us dislike them because of autism, we dislike them because they think they can use the title as a shield from accountability or ever growing tf up and stop being a massive piece of shit.

I'm a maid for wanting to put an old violent bitch in some mittens? Please

No. 1603307

>I'm a maid
Yes. Less shitposting, more vacuuming my floors.

No. 1603316

women dont have to smile.

No. 1603324

I didn't say anyone has to smile. I said it's what I do. I'd rather other women not think I'm judging them.

No. 1603595

she has to be a troll… right?

No. 1603610

File: 1686484413839.jpeg (83.08 KB, 828x1437, 9FC27D0B-B47C-4C90-91D3-987931…)

Another clout seeker shoved his cat's head into flour, and then the video is put on "viral" video accounts

No. 1603614

I am so late but thank you for this website. I randomly decided to check it, and candid photo with my girlfriends at the beach from my best friend’s Instagram has been posted to over 15 porn sites and reddit. I am so disgusted. It’s only going to get worse for women with new Ai & deepfake tech. Things are so bleak

No. 1603772

When I saw that I knew it was for clout a "sneeze" wouldn't cause that much flour to get on the face I hate how badly cats are treated on there just like that guy who made his cat bite him because he kept closing his jaw for him to meow.

No. 1603839

Half of all pictures exchanged on paedophile forums originated from photographs posted by unwitting families on social media.

No. 1603869

Pimeyes is part of the problem.

>The tool has become wildly popular among strangers looking to “essentially stalk” women around the Web, said Aaron DeVera, a security researcher in New York. On 4chan and other anonymous forums, PimEyes subscribers with deeper search capabilities than unpaid users — subscriptions start at around $30 a month — routinely create threads offering to search out any photo and relay back the results.

>Almost all of the photos are of young girls and women pulled from their social media accounts, their dating-app profiles or “creepshots” stealthily photographed without their consent. The people searching often hope to find other photos or learn more personal details “so they can creep on them further,” DeVera added: “Something like this that is so off-the-shelf really does lower the barrier to entry for nefarious activity.”

No. 1605215

File: 1686633331002.jpg (208.87 KB, 828x1762, FveyL3oVIAATJU.jpg)

Studying Regional TikTok's rn

No. 1605286

No one's innocent in this activity, not even le super ebin c00lz terf lezbean frens!!!! I hate this shit. People will use doxxing to fulfill nefarious needs one way or another. It doesn't matter what its purpose is for;doxxing will never cease to stop being used by either political parties.

No. 1605362

>reeing about terfs
>anon doesn't mention trannies
None of anons posts mentions troons, or are you a tranny reeing about doxing on lc and assume it is being done using pim and therefore women can not hate men committing crimes against them utilising it?

No. 1605366

>reee you can't hate women being sexually harassed using technology you fucking feminazis! If you can find out I'm a rapist you can't complain.
Don't post things online you don't want people to find. The girl anon mentions didn't post anything explicit online, but had something made up about her using it. Fuck off rapist.

No. 1605388

there is no hope for women. This shit is so depraved. Women are not allowed to exist men only see us as things they can use for their own sexual pleasure. I never want to hear a man say that women have it easy, I never want to hear a handmaiden say that I should take men's feelings into consideration. I don't care that men can't cry in public (women can't do that either but you don't hear us complaining). Men are allowed to exist as humans. Men will do everything in their power to rip the humanity of women

No. 1605405

Except this site literally has a no-doxxing rule and we only ever repost from public accounts or articles? What an exposing projection, even down to the defensive stammering, leniency towards sexual harassment and obsession with trannyshit. Just came here to raise your hand as a cyberstalking pervert?

“iT’s @ll oR NoThiNg! If people say haha at clowns I should be allowed to collect cp!! Don’t like it? GeT 0Ff thE iNTeRneT!” uwu.

No. 1605462

lmao. I can't believe no one has commented on this yet.

No. 1605467

>users are called creators
>none of them creating anything

No. 1605471

Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) is a creep! How has she gotten away with talking to kids for SO LONG?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1605493

Heya Pantherette2020@gmail.com lurk more don't put your name and email in the boxes you retard

No. 1605601

y do these autistic radfems constantly conflate basic social pleasantries that is applicable to and expected from both sexes with personal attacks on being female. some of you are starting to make me feel like a normie

No. 1605609

>expected from both sexes
NTA but it's not at least where i live. none of the frowning men I knew were expected to smile by random strangers and there isn't a male equivalent to RBF

No. 1606351

kek where i live moids do get mad at other men for not smiling or being polite. i remember my brother specifically ranting and raving about his neighbor and saying he's such an asshole..for not waving back LMAO

No. 1606415

Someone tell me the point of duets where people just film their stone faces reacting to something else. What is the point? You say and express absolutely nothing.

No. 1606457

File: 1686758333420.jpg (198.39 KB, 1280x1154, FvCOWBWcaAfL1x.jpg)

Who the fuck admits to this and then post it online for the entire world to see.

No. 1606461

>Who the fuck admits to this and then post it online for the entire world to see.
this is what I think every time I open that app. I can't even process the content my first thought is always "why would you film that and share it to the whole world"

No. 1606467

What can you expect from someone in the military

No. 1606469

she just admitted she doesn't see people from iraq as people wtf

No. 1606473

99% this is a pickme. I think she only posted this for right leaning paramilitary guys on tiktok, so it gets her more views and money.

No. 1606478

File: 1686759712621.webm (2.82 MB, 480x852, et96CzTZP-37tVGr.webm)

somewhat remined me of vidrel from the previous thread.

No. 1606494

I never thought I'd see tribalist hoteps on tiktok and yet here we are.

No. 1606504

File: 1686761414668.jpg (380.79 KB, 1536x2048, FsmueJuXgAQc6Ac.jpg)

nta i don't know if their hoteps just seem like regular non-western people hating another ethnic group in their country, in my country I see it on social media too all the time, just straight up racism against other ethnicities and tiktok doesn't do anything cause no one reports it and casual racism is just expected

No. 1606506

There are actual African people on TikTok lol

No. 1606525

Oh, I don't doubt he's actually Nigerian nonnie, I meant a hotep within the sphere of his own country. Maybe hotep isn't the right word, but I've seen the occasional nationalist "Igbos (or insert whatever other tribe) are the original Nigerians" types floating around other social media spaces, but never on a platform like tiktok. It's really shocking to see out in the open like this.

No. 1606534

that's just a regular nationalist in most of the world, the difference is hoteps are a very specific brand of American black nationalists who are more pan-Africanists.

No. 1606697

File: 1686773908750.webm (12.39 MB, 576x1024, 090b0bdb7b4a1745a4601d34c96114…)

People are hating on this girl for not wanting to date a broke man.

No. 1606701

It's because she's ugly, the pretty ones say that shit on tiktok everyday and people just go 'yes girl secure that bag'

No. 1606703

Women definitely always get hate from men, regardless of how attractive they are, if they say they don't want to date poor dudes.

No. 1606704

i never understand why too, am i stupid and don't see the universal reason for hate

No. 1606706

shes not ugly, are you fucking crazy?

No. 1606712

I meant that she's not tiktok pretty. There was a woman who used to stitch beautiful content creators who said the same things as her but were conventionally good looking, and compare the comments in both videos. She always got the angriest ones.

No. 1606723

She still paid for a broke bitch's burger, so it's hardly a win story

No. 1606739

What is there even to be mad about? Starting the .webm I thought it's everyone being butthurt because she expected him to pay which I still wouldn't have seen anything wrong with before anyone comes jumping down my throat but seems like she even paid for him and left. As she said, it's New York, it's expensive, just what did he expect lmfao

No. 1606936

I'm convinced Tik Tok made all young women either hate themselves or give main character syndrome believing they're the next Marilyn Monroe or something. I'm all for women believing they're goddesses but the worst part is that when they do believe such they immediately start catering for the male gaze and make these borderline fetish-ey tiktoks

No. 1607334

What he is saying is true, but he is blowing it out of proportion to seem more woke than he actually is.

Unpopular opinion, but i can see where the tiktoker is coming from. The autistic employment rate is horrifically low, even with really highly functioning autistics. The thing is, these people (speaking really only about the stage 1 autistics of course) can really be good employees, even better than a lot of neurotypical people, but people don't give them a chance. Maybe she is overblowing it a bit, but a lot of companies refuse to bend a little to even the most mildly autistic people or decide to make them suffer for no reason. Idk, but people definitely do gaslight autistic people a lot if they seem normal by trying to pep talk the autism away or insisting it's all in your head. Honestly, with most of the discussion about autism on lolcow, the only people who actually understand it are qualified professionals, of which there are few and actual autistic people themselves. You can tell from so quickly who is faking it and who is not, and i can't really say this woman is faking it, she just is a little cringe which isn't really a crime.

No. 1607340

What he is saying is true, but he is blowing it out of proportion to seem more woke than he actually is.

Unpopular opinion, but i can see where the tiktoker is coming from. The autistic employment rate is horrifically low, even with really highly functioning autistics. The thing is, these people (speaking really only about the stage 1 autistics of course) can really be good employees, even better than a lot of neurotypical people, but people don't give them a chance. Maybe she is overblowing it a bit, but a lot of companies refuse to bend a little to even the most mildly autistic people or decide to make them suffer for no reason. Idk, but people definitely do gaslight autistic people a lot if they seem normal by trying to pep talk the autism away or insisting it's all in your head. Honestly, with most of the discussion about autism on lolcow, the only people who actually understand it are qualified professionals, of which there are few and actual autistic people themselves. You can tell from so quickly who is faking it and who is not, and i can't really say this woman is faking it, she just is a little cringe which isn't really a crime.

No. 1607405

I hate the tiktok autists but this is true. My workplace would fire or cut hours from any slightly awkward employee but I've seen retarded frat boys who call out for hangovers have the best job security somehow.

at my old job in fastfood they'd fire people who are quiet but do their job yet the lazy drunk idiots who'd flirt with teenagers would somehow bring home the biggest paychecks despite not doing their job. This is why i feel like every workplace lately has been super fucking sloppy. Autists playing up their traits I feel like is a coping mechanism so they have the safety to sue when the inevitably get fired for some stupid reason like "you just can't handle this" or the fact fake zodiac retards will mark the mentally ill as the "bad vibe" crowd because someone didnt want to engage in their retardness

No. 1607438

My bff works with disabled children and recently she left a job because the school basically forced to care for their "adult patients" which were grown ass very low functioning autistic men. It took her two days to get pushed on the floor and kicked on the face by one of them. I feel so bad for her but I warned her when she wanted to go for that degree. She told me she would work exclusively with children but often those disabled homes also service adults and they're basically half of the clients on those schools. They absolutely hit the shit out of the teachers and nurses on a daily basis. As usual it's always the disabled moids too, the low functioning autistic women just hit themselves.

No. 1607489

kek I recognize this room! all ikea stores have little single person sized rooms like this where employees can go on their breaks. You can turn off the lights so it's comfy for naps.
this is true, and it's because a charismatic but lazy person will always be picked for promotion over an autist who works hard. Most jobs I've had give warnings for benign autist behavior that doesn't negatively affect their work but is "weird". I actually just quit my last job because they put me on "probation" for not making eye contact with customers. I did the rest of my job perfectly fine kek. Unfortunately 90% of "work" is making friends with the people above you and someone who's not good at that will always struggle.

No. 1607582

ntayrt, but I've seen the same happen. Friend with a pretty face that automatically makes her more charismatic (I'm not saying that in a bad way, but halo effect is real) got jobs so easily just because of that. That doesn't mean she doesn't deserve them, but it sucks seeing someone else get things so easily.
But if you're slightly awkward in your interviews? You can suck it. Doesn't matter how good of an employee you are.

No. 1607625

As someone who works with mentally ill - why the fuck do moids take on the worst traits? I'm convinced some of them have some control of it to a degree but once they get diagnosed they use it as a free pass to beat women.

It's weird because even the most mentally ill women don't act like that

No. 1607628

It depends. If you live in a right to work state they fire people like it's going out of fashion. I moved from Canada do the states and it's bizarro how easy it is for people to get fired but somehow scum of the earth can keep jobs. I remember some prostitude anon said the main reason why she did it was because she kept getting fired and I didn't believe it until I started working here. There's zero job security

No. 1607629

I'm convinced XY makes your brain defective and gives you a violent gene. My bff told me even when working with kids, the girls are usually way easier to work with and the boys are aggressive and need someone to tardwrangle them constantly and are way less prone to listen. It can't be socialization because the retards are usually raised the same and the kids she worked with were very young (like kindergarten-7 years old age).

No. 1607630

I feel like for some pretty women it's harder to get jobs because if you're awkward and pretty people will assume you're stupid or bitchy and associate bad traits with you. especially if the hiring manager is particularly a bitter woman or moid

No. 1607632

Definitely. I remember seeing moids on TikTok say they'd rather have a criminal son than a daughter that goes clubbing. I will literally call any slutty woman in the world my daughter before ever calling the average rapist or puppy murderer my son

No. 1607688

File: 1686829209884.webm (3.84 MB, 360x640, xpzLxTrngh1IB5ry.webm)

Is this a tiktok brain-rot thing or is this just a regular gay moid thing?

No. 1607700

i hope this is bait but it probably isn't, the US is full of literal demons and so is every single country contributing to their military operations

No. 1607701

just a gay hookup culture thing and that guy likes spreadsheets

No. 1608075

I only use yt shorts sometimes and hate when I want to find a recipe, everyone has to just show their face in the video. I think algorithms prefer smiling faces, but I really don't care about being sold someone's brand or personality

No. 1608082

I think it's just autism, his special interest is spreadsheets.

No. 1608091

I want anons to know that this is propaganda, the military is now paying attractive women to make content on TikTok, controversial or not, they're desperate

No. 1608108

File: 1686858436990.jpg (153.25 KB, 1156x1220, tiktokbrainrot.jpg)

omfg psychopath.

No. 1608116

Something I would do

No. 1608124

I think a lot of anons are really naive about the way the military, government and fringe political groups (in any country) infiltrate online communities. The internet is a perfect propaganda machine.

No. 1608131

Weirdly relatable

No. 1608198

I've worked with kids for a couple years before, and yeah the girls were NEVER as bad as the boys when they misbehaved. The worst I ever had the girls do was play around in the bathrooms or tease/shun another girl and make her cry, but they almost always found a way to reconcile or at least ignore each other. The boys would attack each other physically, attack the girls, bring knives to school, talk about bringing guns, tease the girls about their bodies, tease the girls' intelligence, pull their hair, push them out of lines, run around the classroom, tackle each other to the floor, scream at video games on their ipad repeatedly, draw pictures of people getting shot/stabbed/bleeding etc. Even when you tell them to stop and give them consequences or have the counselor talk to them, they just do it again and need to be tardwrangled again over and over while the girls have to suffer because the boys are distracting the teachers and the other students. Having an XY genuinely means you're born retarded and permanently socially stunted.

No. 1608295

ragebait to get people to talk about and pay attention to her and this >>1608124

No. 1608300

Thank fuck I’m not a retarded XY that would fall for this

No. 1608311

>military known for decades to rape, torture, brutalize, and murder entire families in iraq
>tee hee

No. 1608379

File: 1686875240560.jpeg (235.17 KB, 1125x1883, IMG_6009.jpeg)

this was on my fyp, wtf?? Like I know there’s a lot of racist shit on tiktok but this was honestly disgusting…

No. 1608382

File: 1686875347224.jpeg (155.93 KB, 1125x2286, IMG_6010.jpeg)

samefag, these were the comments

No. 1608389

or am I misunderstanding something, am I stupid? wtf is going on?

No. 1608400

File: 1686876104315.jpg (330.33 KB, 1080x2044, ajOQmOf.jpg)

Tiktok is crazy because people can casually post nazi edits but your posts gets taken down over something stupid.

No. 1608403

File: 1686876285301.jpg (311.58 KB, 1080x1910, 4bJEPa2.jpg)

Not even dogwhistling just blatant Hitler fanboying

No. 1608405

File: 1686876402734.jpg (265.25 KB, 1080x1917, IvK2GrU.jpg)

No. 1608436

Boys were always more aggressive, and always had slightly more aggressive play, but they weren't always this bad. I'm going to commit two of the greatest modern thoughtcrimes. Boys need a spanking when they get really out of line, trying to treat them like reasonable adult humans is pointless on all three fronts. And modern video games fuck boys up. Anybody who has been around little boys in the past decade, and watched how they act during and after playing videogames can see it. It brings all their worst traits and makes them extremely hyper. Nobody is allowed to say it because it makes basement dwellers fly into a rage.

No. 1608443

Yeah I’ve seen a lot of race war things on there too it’s honestly gross

No. 1608456

kek it looks like it says "male jasantosss"

No. 1608608

Nooooo nonnie noooooooo you can't possibly be suggesting that allowing several generations of impressionable retard males to spend their formative years totally immersed in hyper realistic, incentivized, interactive violence has had a negative impact on their behavior and ultimately society! People are NEVER influenced by the media they consume, please stop PEARL CLUTCHING because you sound SO NAIVE right now REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1608671

my sister sometimes has to sub for autistic children in class and she tells me the male autists were ALWAYS more physically violent. They would bite the teachers or throw things. But the autistic girls were a lot more calm and the worst one she had would only try and run away out of the building. I know autists are a low bar but even then the women are better to deal with than XY defects

No. 1608678

KEK does he not know that he counts as POC? These people are in another world.

No. 1608752

File: 1686902426752.webm (5.79 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_724428760759989376…)

This girl is a fakeboi and she has recently went viral for terrible poetry. Entire page is a cringe goldmine kek.

No. 1608764

Honestly… it's not that bad. People exaggerating everything.

No. 1608785

Friends did it

No. 1608791

File: 1686906672935.webm (6.77 MB, 480x852, rQ65FhblHPqSsC9_.webm)

I find this video kind of disturbing. A 14 year old already doing anti-aging skincare. Why is a 14 year old worried about aging? Covering up car windows to avoid the sun? Social media is really damaging these children. And using retinol 2x a day is doing more damage than good to her skin. The relationship between aging social media and gen z/gen alpha needs to be studied more.

No. 1608797

To already be this afraid of aging at the age of 14 (and she says she started at 12) makes me really sad. I remember not even being that aware of aging when I was her age and actually looking forward to maturing too. Young girls these days can't even enjoy their youth without being anxious for their future "worth"….what is happening with our society??

No. 1608799

I’ve read a theory that the reason for the rise of skincare industry in recent years is because with today’s smartphones and social media we are made to see our own faces more often than ever before, and also display our face outwardly to the world. That, and social media is essentially involuntary marketing. Even if you don’t sponsor skincare products in particular, others are gonna see your filtered perfect looking face and feel insecure. No wonder skincare has become a huge obsession.

No. 1608803

That's because moids keep lowering the "wall", it used to be around 35 in my mom's gen, my zillenial generation had it at 30, zoomers have it at 25 and I'm pretty sure gen alpha is gonna have it at 20. Men are getting obsessed with teenage porn too, it really is coming.
Yet our lifespans are getting longer, same with fertility options in older age. It makes no sense. It's male response to women now having more "market and life value" not dependable on their looks but on their money which is something we can influence (and we can now even change our looks if we have enough money), trying to tear women down on one last thing remaining, age, because we do all age and it's out of our control.

No. 1608806

Honestly this looks like some kid playing pretend because of how similar it looks to videos made by beauty gurus. I bet she sees skincare as a hobby instead of something you do for your health or hygiene, because at her age it would make way more sense to worry about acne or very dry skin or about issues like psoriasis or eczema if she has that (I hope not for her sake but whatever, shit happens). Even her nails look stupid on her, it's the style of nails I exclusively see on grown women online, I've never seen teenage girls or even women irl have this regardless of age range.

No. 1608807

Honestly this looks like some kid playing pretend because of how similar it looks to videos made by beauty gurus. I bet she sees skincare as a hobby instead of something you do for your health or hygiene, because at her age it would make way more sense to worry about acne or very dry skin or about issues like psoriasis or eczema if she has that (I hope not for her sake but whatever, shit happens). Even her nails look stupid on her, it's the style of nails I exclusively see on grown women online, I've never seen teenage girls or even women irl have this regardless of age range.

No. 1608847

It's bizarre watching how low "the wall" gets especially since men are getting crappier and crappier at telling age. I see men now screaming at women in their early 20s about how they hit the wall and are mad (usually in response to women calling out this weirdness because they think it's somehow supposed to be flattering to young women to be an expiration date)

I'd also bet most of the moids screaming about the wall, if asked to name the most beautiful women would easily name multiple women well past the wall they set in

No. 1608849

Being a fakeboi is just a cope for women who look masculine so that way instead of people trying to point out their masculine features to insult them, they will point out feminine features to "prove they aren't a real man". Would also explain why a lot of them have a misgendering fetish

No. 1608970

There's no overarching POC "ideology". He's just a retarded special snowflake who worships white neckbeards online, kek.

No. 1609004

The consequences of letting beauty influencers dominate the algorithm

No. 1609005

The consequences of letting beauty influencers dominate the algorithm

No. 1609537

Unrestricted access to infinite free anime and porn really fucked up men's brains. The people 20 years ago who said anime was gross pedo shit, and just as bad as furries, weren't wrong as far as men were concerned.

No. 1609767

Slippery slope is very real. First men tried to gaslight us into believing porn is good and healthy now they're so far deluded they start screaming "mid" at women who look like movie stars and models.

I still remember when the VS fashion show came out and heaps of men just used it as a chance to nitpick the models bodies

No. 1611361

Is it just me or is reading comprehension from tiktok users the worse? I swear it seems like everytime I see an argument involving dogpiling a user I read their comments and they are typically correct yet get spammed with comments about how stupid they are. this is usually pertaining to medical information, cars and parenting

some highlights are a discussion about how birth changes vulva and someone commented about how if the man doesn't like it he should pay for surgery, someone pointed out the surgery may not be possible if the labia didn't actually become longer (which is the norm for birth) then they immediately kept getting called stupid and spammed with "no one cares" comments.. Another time a moid who was obsessed with luxury cars but couldnt afford them kept trying to tell people who do use those cars that their declining quality was just "them not driving it right" then defended plastic car bodies. The worse one was when a special needs child got prescribed a transvaginal ultrasound for cysts and everyone dog piled medical students and claimed they were trying to kill the child because they suggested that the normal ultrasound and laparoscopy that would have worked just fine for seeing and removing cysts. or the amount of people who just want to insult you as they please but try to forbid you from showing the same energy

No. 1611375

saw a tiktok from a girl complaining about the "men whimpering" comments since it's become a thing for women to comment on videos of men asking them to whimper. the comments were full of women agreeing about how it's so bad and exactly the same as when men objectify women. and like yeah it reaches a certain point of being weird and creepy but damn, men get to degrade, debase, objectify, humiliate, enslave, torture, abuse women from the beginning of time to now but women can't even get a week of returning the treatment in harmless fucking online comments. they'd never defend us the same way. they definitely don't care as much as we care when we're objectified because there isn't as deep a culture, an entire system based around objectifying men in that manner. i hate it so much when they equate women being perverted to men being perverted. i just hate when women bat for men this hard when they don't deserve it i hate it so much. i don't even care about this particular situation, it just extends to so many others where women are so fast to sympathise with men and act like other women are being horrible and just as bad as terrible men when they're not and never would be. no amount of kindness towards them, no amount of defending them will have them turn away from hating us. and who the fuck even asked? where are the men making videos complaining about being asked for whimpering audios? there probably are some, but i don't see any take it as seriously as other women do for them

No. 1611380

I think part of it is that it's because beauty gurus constantly shilled the notion of having a good base for your makeup and eventually a certain part of the audience just would rather invest in skincare rather than foundation. Makeup sales also saw a dip, so the remedy was skincare to get the people who would never buy a lipstick. I feel like we can also add haircare to this, especially the curly hair community because holy shit some girls were using 10+ products on their hair and had hoards of products.

No. 1611384

It's always the fucking aidens too.

No. 1611427

File: 1687135238049.jpeg (52.82 KB, 750x746, C2C097D1-22B0-46C3-8B4E-D7DE06…)

Deadass like sometimes it’s wild how much women defend them when I literally got a video on my feed for some Colombian service with the women advertising specifically to “passport bros”. The men in the comments were obviously bitching about western women and how they can’t wait to visit these third world shitholes and exploit the women there with their identities attached. LIKE WAKE UP GIRL, women who advocate for Men are digging themselves into a hole. Even worse since even when men on rare occasions do defend women they are bullied heavily by other men. The whole “simp” thing was invented by moids to keep other moids in check.

No. 1611491

Wow nona, after viewing her profile you are 100% right. She mostly posts tiktok videos of her in her home, against the same wall in the military get up. Many of them are curated to ensure she shows off her gigantic breasts too. I just can't buy someone who was in the military taking the time to get dressed up in the gear just to do some low effort video. Don't people in the military travel all the time? Wouldn't their social media platforms contain some of that, like nice views and the like? This just feels so creepy and dystopian. Also it looks like the video of the picrel AYRT posted has been taken down after looking through her profile.

No. 1611497

It is getting to a concerning level. I recently turned 26 and my 19/20 year old coworkers (I work in a bar) were relentlessly joking and bantering about how old I am now. Since when was being in your mid 20s old?

No. 1611509

The world is ran by pedophiles and making young people especially young women extremely fixated on beauty rituals is the best way to distract and placate while making them feel obligated to maintain a neotanus look

No. 1611519

Honestly it just makes me sad for them. When I was their age I couldn't wait to be in my mid-20s, with my own apartment and savings, having a life, being able to do whatever I want. They're being robbed of that because instead of looking toward the future and how much they will develop and change over the years they are just spending their youth worrying about being old, when they won't even be old. Mind-boggling.

No. 1611555

>They're being robbed of that because instead of looking toward the future and how much they will develop and change over the years they are just spending their youth worrying about being old when they won't even be old. Mind-boggling.
I also feel like it's a result of the society we live in. First, it started with pre-teen girls getting rapidly body shamed for acne, small breasts or butt, chubby faces, or small lips. Then people started shitting on young girls for their fashion, then their hobbies (if they liked video games they were pickmes and bullied by men, if they liked makeup, hair or nails they were blasted for being unbearable or music, almost any music taste they had would be ripped apart)

after that in America, it is practically impossible to live on your own or even with other roommates. Rent is more expensive than ever, jobs aren't paying enough if you can even get a job if you aren't ghosted for the millionth time or they just fire you for no reason. not to mention building car dependency means every last penny will go to your transportation. If you don't have rich parents or didn't inherit a home you're fucked. Looking forward to the future for teens is dreadful. Girls can't even enjoy relationships anymore because now it's almost expected for the moid to cheat, be addicted to porn or just ignore you all the time and now they don't even pay

Now teen girls have figured out the way they can be penalized less is to troon out or even become a fake boy, or just skip enjoying their teen years altogether

No. 1611560

I am from one of the passport bro countries moids glorify and it's funny how delusional they are
> American women are gold diggers
most women here will not even bother with you if you don't spend at least 75$ on the first date
> American women are all whores
majority of women here have multiple boyfriends until they officially get married, not to mention they never look at sex partner rates because the countries they glorify have average sex partner rates in the double digits for women
> They just want Chad
women anywhere else but America will NEVER accept their hunchback, acne scars, disgusting fat bellies, etc. you can only get away with this elsewhere if you have money which is back to square one
> American women are ugly
it's not that western women are ugly it's that the women in those countries are "allowed" to do things that make them more appealing to men that western women are bashed for or pressured out of by others such as breast implants, anorexia, constant beauty treatments. It's also typically tons cheaper and easier for women in those countries get. Oh I also noticed men have lower standards for these women. I see moids on tiktok posting "hot slav girls" and then most of the time, if they haven't mentioned the woman was from another country those women would be ripped apart

No. 1611613

I weirded out all my teen coworkers cause they assumed I was a minor like them or 18 tops and when I revealed my real age of 28 they literally were dumbstruck and demanded to see my ID

No. 1611633

File: 1687150928896.jpeg (8.21 KB, 300x226, 3E3612EC-358E-4B4C-937E-EF440B…)

This has happened to me too anon! It’s obvious that younger people can’t tell teens from people in their 20s (much less scrotes) kek so I urge anons not to worry about “the wall”. Scrotes absolutely should though. Imagine fucking balding in your 20s LUL

No. 1611637

Aww this is sad, she obviously doesn't deserve the slaps but that woman could have dementia or something. For all she knows there's a strange woman in her bathroom trying to shower her. That woman getting slapped should choose a different job if it's really getting to her, like it would most people. And it's good she's staying calm, but it helps to explain constantly to people who have dementia what's going on and what you're doing. Like instead of saying "don't do that" "I'm trying to rinse your hair out" "yes I am" she could say something like "I'm a nurse, we're in the washroom of such and such facility, I'm here to help you with whatever you need, is it okay if I rinse your hair?" And she might have to say that like 10 times over but it could help. That woman could've been assaulted at some point in her life and that's why she hits people who try to shower her, people with dementia can revert back to very childlike mannerisms and it's possible her mind is just reverting back to something that happened to her and she's just confused and angry.

No. 1611781

File: 1687165682286.jpg (1.07 MB, 2115x3000, 191ca27c852d244ab02aed4d27574d…)

Same exact story here anon, same age as you and everything. I recently told a coworker I was 32 just to fuck with them and because I'm getting annoyed at how they think late twenties/early thirties is somehow ancient and I should be wrinkled by now? Like so are most actresses and musicians, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena gomez, Hailey and Justin Bieber, and like 99% of Hollywood "bombshell" type women are this age range, not even early twenties.
Ana de Armas, men everywheres current obsession, is 35 fucking yo lol. "The wall" being 25 or even 30 is so absurd. Most of us who take somewhat decent care of ourselves will not be wrinkling until late thirties early forties.

No. 1611806

Just the other day an Uber driver guessed that I was a full decade younger than my age. I hate the reaction of people realizing my real age. Idk why but it’s always given me anxiety because I don’t know how to respond to their amazement.

No. 1611810

can this bitch stop getting posted in every thread across every board? is there a reason why she in particular makes femcels seethe? is it her massive fake tits? there's tradthots out there that are way more milky and dangerous than her

No. 1611830

not the one posting her but she does have an incredibly punchable face… it's her long teeth and the insufferable droopy way she raises her eyebrows
you're right that she says absolutely nothing funnier or milkier than any random tradwife

No. 1612099

The consequences of "the wall" getting lower and people not being exposed to real people (no filters, not caked, not worked on).
A lot of it has to do with genetics, and no amount of deep cleanse will stop your genes.
What should be worried about is body integrity so you can grow old and enjoy your life with as much independence as possible. What good is a face full of filler and a flat stomach if you're looking at being walker-bound and incontinent (or just a dead anachan) before 60? We're living longer and should take full advantage of that extra time instead of fearing the crone.

No. 1612209

Nta but from what I have
>Posts major fetishy content, makes basic unseasoned nasty meals, then claims it's all about cooking even though the entire thing is thirst shots
>Claim she's not trying to be like Marilyn Monroe despite wearing multiple dress dupes of hers
>When other trad wives call her out she blocks them when they try to give her advice since a lot of women are noticing about the uneasy vibe of her content
Typically real housewives don't like having their whole thing be turned into a fetish. Even MrsMidwest wasn't this bad despite mentioning her boobs every other sentence until she had kids and reality hit like a bus

No. 1612336

>Claim she's not trying to be like Marilyn Monroe despite wearing multiple dress dupes of hers
She made a vid like that and all of the comments basically called her out for that, saying she built her entire career on trying to look like her and dyeing her hair blond, using dupes of the clothes marilyn used to wear and living in similar house or something like that?
She's really weird to me, does anyone now if she had some marilyn to tradwife larp pipeline? i'd like to know the milk on her but i haven't seen her posted as a cow

No. 1612343

File: 1687215734870.jpg (700.96 KB, 3000x3000, 550.jpg)

Was going to watch a few just to see how insane it can get but I ended up closing the video right after the second clip. This shit sounds like a recipe for disaster and I bet she blames women in abusive relationships for seeking help and getting out of it. The fact that tradthots still think other women are jealous of them when they've thrown away their consent, basic human rights and even safety over a moid out of all things…

No. 1612345

this guy in particular is so much uglier than her it's unreal

No. 1612349

their future will be like Lauren Southern and Steven Crowder's wife. For years Lauren pushed the tradcon life but her husband left her and the new born baby, doesn't pay her support or any help. And she even used her savings within the marriage while as a stay at home mom - she has nothing now and to live in a trailer. Crowder berated his heavily pregnant wife with twins to do her 'wifely duties' and go buy wood for the grill and meat while he was lounging on the porch sofa smoking a cigar. And wouldn't let her take their car and use an uber instead; in case he wanted to go to the gym or visit his friends.
Retirement homes are full of grandmas who warn about this lifestyle and encourage women to do the things they couldn't do when young.

No. 1612390


this is a man surely?

No. 1612415

No. 1612504

26 is still hella young, so is even 30. Your coworkers are just trolling with you nonna kek. And people are aging slower and look better than previous generations because of today's better skincare, diet/health, medicine, postponing children who suck out your life force, various styles, etc. Aging gracefully or slow, all it is is skincare routine asap, healthy diet, water, and exercise. But unfortunately filters, botox, surgeries, and fillers have brainfucked everyone to what a normal woman looks like.
The whole wall thing is just something only the redpilled manosphere takes seriously to put a value on women because they believe a woman's peak value is 20~25 and so the wall got lowered to 25. And of course it's pushed around on tiktok and ig by manosphere accounts recently. But the type of scrotes who believe this shit are social losers who barely ever talked to a woman and their dream is to have the cottagecore catholic 22 year old virgin who's "trainable". And then they think a 35+ moid who's balding and has erectile dysfunction 50% of the time is at his "peak" kekk

No. 1612511

It's really stupid how scrotes openly lust after salon addicts, when you know they would be bitching nonstop if they really did marry "traditional" women like that, who would expect a husband to foot the bill every week.

No. 1613858

I also noticed when men get with women who like to maintain themselves they will neg them out of doing the weekly maintenance, "oh your hair is fine, I don't like long nails, you don't need lots of makeup" and then they end up with a wandering eye geared towards the women who look like what his wife use to look like before he negged her out of self care

No. 1613860

I don't understand it, it's extremely obvious she is trying to be like MM but will never outright admit it? Like there's nothing wrong with with wearing dupes or whatever, but calling it her own original style is ridiculous and Marilyn Monroe would be against almost everything she posts. She literally divorced her husband to do nude modeling jfc

No. 1613901

I feel like people severely underestimate the level that genetics play in how good your skin is or how well you will age. If anything the constant messaging of you're just not doing enough to stay pretty makes it seem like it's a moral failure your skin isn't clear or you have a line on your face at 30.

No. 1614030

It seems like we evolved to have terrible skin and hair. I'm an 80s baby and briefly remembering we did all the skin sins. Wash our face with bar soap, typically no toner but sometimes moisturizer, didn't wear sunscreen, used drug store products including hair dye and nail polish, wore expired makeup, etc.

Now it seems like girls now act like all of their hair is going to fall off if they use box dye over getting a 300 dollar dye job, bi weekly expensive manicures are a must despite how many girls will complain about how nervous they are to go in salons and how they're never happy with the results, to avoid painting their own nails. Lip injections are becoming normal parts of beauty routines as well as IPL lasers even for poor women. Extensions are the price of people's rent now. They act like they're going to age 60 years if they step out in the sun without 60 sunscreen. Beauty has just become predatory as fuck and a way for women to drain their money, and beauty companies brainwashing women into thinking they ~have~ to get the most expensive options possible

No. 1614036

thats bc men dont actually find younger women more attractive, they are just porn brained and porn tells them teens are the hottest while using "teens" as old as 30 in the vids.

No. 1614327

File: 1687413994479.jpeg (11.48 KB, 168x300, download (3).jpeg)

It's a psychop 100%. I also feel like so many women are convinced they "have to" get some frequent, expensive, beauty treatment for some misc reason. The worst ones are the girls who go all out and get BBLs or boob jobs to claim "they look better in clothes"

No. 1614329

There's another cow like her, Jessica (?) Or something. She makes the same crap she does, supposed to make "wholesome" family content and then end up making her butt and boobs the main shot of everything. Also mama c who made her whole personality being a trailer park mom of 4 since like 20 and doing OF, then denying it, then making the most basic meals in skimpy clothes with "accidentally" weird shots of her non existent ass opening and closing cabinet and quite obviously never wearing a bra and making it obvious. The worst part is that she will feature her kids in the fetish videos and she makes the most basic food possible (heat up chicken nuggets and dehydrated potatoes)

Old women love her content for some ungodly reason. I'll see if I can find her

No. 1614331

It's creepy how there are songs about it too lol

No. 1614332

File: 1687414545850.png (2.44 MB, 1860x1046, Untitled-design-3.png)

reminds me of this other woman that also skinwalks MM, going so far as to buy a house that MM lived in.

No. 1614333

File: 1687414697775.png (24.7 KB, 720x594, Screenshot_20230622-011809.png)

Ngl this is creepy to watch. I almost feel like she had all her kids for attention. She has 4 kids yet posts like 10x a day, nevermind filming, editing, etc. Does she have a baby sitter so she can do TikToks?

No. 1614335

What songs?

No. 1614336

samefag, forgot to mention, she makes lots of YT Shorts about marrying a rich man which attracts all the males and handmaidens defending how men were back then and that their "grandfathers would be upset at being called abusive".

No. 1614339

>There's also a girl who constantly dresses up in some older fashioned/modest "classy" clothes and does the same thing. Whenever she sees someone's grandpa in public the comments are convinced she's "reminding him of the good old days of his youth"
i think i've seen that on IG, all the comments were like that, but some did call them out saying "it's because she's overdressed at a fucking Italian market".

No. 1614340

Something about Marilyn skin walkers freak me out the most, much more than typical skin walkers of any other celebrity like Ariana or Lana or something. What I noticed about them is
>Huge main character syndrome
>Everything about them is so fake, you can't even have a conversation with them without them trying to channel the old Hollywood vibe
>Most of them are turbo pickmes
>Most of them only seem to want to be Marilyn when it comes to whoring around, husband fucking and acting like a lunatic unprompted, but they'll never pick up her genuinely good traits
>They flip out when you say anything "wrong". Even if it's just an opinion. You can say you don't like her acting or something and they will FLIP

I feel like if media at the time never named her the sex icon, no one would give a single shit about her, they want to act like she was some out of the world sex goddess when she was practically asexual or a lesbian as per her diary

No. 1614351

agreed, also, people that teach others how to have certain "traits" and their followers that eat that shit up are kinda pathetic(like Jasmine with her "siren/Monroe eyes", which were just Marilyn's blepharoplasty and brow lift causing brow compensation). Alt girls on TT and IG teaching others how to do "alt" eyeliner, or anyone giving "tips" on how to dress, like yeah, you really showed them that fashion is all about self-expression by advising others on how to dress in an acceptable way.

No. 1614353

also, MM was said to not be that beautiful, and that quite a few actresses were called more beautiful than her, but it was MM's "essence" that made her more attractive, really men just liked that she tried harder to appeal to them and didn't resist being regarded as stupid and shallow, which is how modern men also remember her, because they seem to forget that MM was also "fake" and was "fatherless" and went from foster home to foster home.

No. 1614358

File: 1687418543761.png (142.88 KB, 480x852, sdcwcd.png)

him next to an actual woman

No. 1614419

Every time one of those vintage clothing in public videos is posted it's full of these comments, even better when the clothing is from before grandma/grandpas time. Most people will not see one person in dress clothes and suddenly be transported to their youth, I think those comments are so narcissistic but these are the same people who write "main character energy" as if it's a good thing

No. 1614493

Yes, before she was famous and styled different she was just normal cute, not the "most beautiful woman to ever exist"

Although, I feel like another thing with Marilyn, is that unlike most celebrities, she's one of the only ones that vast majority can agree with fuckable but also attainable. It's a safe look to be able to appeal to men despite most men having more and more unrealistic preferences. Although I noticed only pickme girls seem to care about Marilyn now, men genuinely don't care.

No. 1614606

It's insane honestly. Just think about how 'baby botox' has been completely normalized. Like what does preventative botox even mean? Is there a single study that says it actually helps?
Not to mention how good filters are getting, even for videos, and I've noticed that the current generation of tweens and teens are getting worse at realizing something is edited.

No. 1614635

I live in a big Scandinavian city and have started seeing obvious teenagers with lip fillers more and more since about 2020. These girls are like 15, 16 at the oldest. I live close to a big department store and med spa, and see them shopping with their lips still swollen during after school hours and in the summer.

I've also been getting more and more tiktok content of pretty teen/early 20s girls doing nothing but posing or lipsyncing in a sort of smug way. They're all beautiful but all of them look very similar, with the same Barbie noses and glossy pouty lips. We're slowly becoming like Korea.

No. 1614639

Funny you say that because I've seen women on tiktok essentially booking trips to Korea just for their insane amount of cosmetic procedures (that are also dirt cheap compared to anywhere else). Not promoting it, but more in the sense that I can only imagine just how bad it is for the average Korean woman.
Also lip fillers never look good to me. There was an otherwise perfectly serious and fine tiktok I saw and I could not take it seriously because the woman couldn't close her mouth properly anymore due to the obvious fillers.

No. 1614643

What's the advantage of being a normie if you'll be fixated on tiktok even as a 30yo? Tho I'm unsure if people like that can even be called normies, but I suppose terminally online normies are a thing this day and age.

No. 1614646

Tiktok has all sorts of content, from moms to gardening to travel tips. It's not unreasonable to expect that people of all ages would be interested in some of those. Also, tiktok is easily accessible and easy to put away once you're finished with whatever chore you needed the distraction from.

You're acting as if using tiktok is like putting on a schoolgirl uniform and pigtails and pretending you're 14, the userbase isn't the same anymore.

No. 1614663

Yeah, I kinda wish people would stop thinking they are interesting and that their opinions matter.

No. 1614664

what song is this?

No. 1614670

what song is this?

No. 1614677

I'm in America and I have too. I also noticed an increasing amount of teenagers using breast forms, butt pads and waist trainers. My husband's little sister was in high school not long ago and I definitely noticed this among teen girls, it's no longer specific online ordering too…Walmart even started selling chicken cutlets, butt pads and corsets ffs

Other than insane insecurity, I also noticed that teen boys are quick to rip apart women's bodies it they see women without all those padding and shapewear, and their favorite excuse is "well I'm in high school and I see girls with Kim Kardashians body every day!!". Or when they think chubby/fat girls don't use push up bras or something. Like seriously? Theres been a running joke of high school girls stuffing their bra for the longest time, and they always make excuses too "oh I need to wear extra bras for support" when they're a C cup at most

No. 1614712

Pickme doormats like this will wear their pickmeism as a badge of honor and then resent their moid for years to come. Ironically it is them who end up becoming bitter, but hey at least she has a pet penis and isn't single! What a weird flex.

No. 1614762

Here in western Europe I've seen the same thing as well. Obviously teenagers getting actual plastic surgery is even worse than the padding and shapewear and such, but it's still incredibly harmful to teenage girls' body images. If so many of them use these garments, the ones that don't will end up feeling like they're the only one without a dramatic hourglass figure, and are easily pressured into joining the trend.
I was at a big event a couple weeks ago that also had a lot of teenage attendees, and I saw so many girls looking rail thin but with a huge chest, I know some people have figures like that naturally but most of these were obviously just using shapewear and padding.
>(teen boys) favorite excuse is "well I'm in high school and I see girls with Kim Kardashians body every day!!"
This is also incredibly worrying. Teenage boys already have such skewed perceptions of what women's bodies look like, and this is making it even worse. As an adult, or at least as a woman, you can mostly tell when shapewear is being used, but these teens will literally just believe whatever they see and then apply these standards to every girl around them.

No. 1614787

yeah, I see extreme tiktok filters and teen girls always coming to their rescue to say the dumbest things to defend them

No. 1614796

I use to swear not long ago millenials would fight unrealistic standards for bodies just for it to become a thing again and worse. At least the 2000s playboy thing they were fit but still somewhat realistic, Now you have to be skinnier than the playboy models yet have massive ass and hip and larger than ever perky boobs or else you're "mid"

what does mid even mean? everytime i have seen guys say this it's directed towards girls with sterotypically attractive faces (large eyes, small nose, plump lips, nice jaw, etc) I dont even know what moids want anymore

No. 1614808

Moids just like to complain.

No. 1614810

As soon as low rise jeans and y2k became popular I knew this wasn't far behind. Now it's not only ED romanticizing (tiktok is full of butterfly emoji ED inspo accounts that seem to worship some Kpop star named Wonyoung and eat like two crackers a day) but also you have to have an angelic babyface and look like a toddler as well. Can't believe I'm saying this but Tess Holliday sweetie I'm so sorry.

No. 1614817

I have also noticed with the current fashion trends that EDs are coming back harder then ever before. I cannot believe the amount of severely underweight women I see being defended with stuff like "oh they're just naturally skinny" when the video in question is them eating "clean" which just means 400 calories of food and a fuckton of MLM powders.
I'm betting orthorexia is going to be the new thing over anorexia. You'd think education on eating disorders has gotten better but as long as the person in question is pretty enough they'll defend it to the death.

No. 1614818

not only that but now the braindead 15 year olds trying to attain towards that standard are calling the hardly-30 millennials hags 24/7 for existing in the same online spaces as them. zoomers are going to ruin this planet

No. 1614821

Not about the kpop aspect but yes Wonyoung is the current ED queen. She's been in the industry since 13 and has always been skinny, but ever since her debut in her current group Ive it's been insane. You know it's bad when in a group full of underweight teen girls, she's somehow significantly thinner then all of them. I'm genuinely worried for her health if I'm honest.

No. 1614832

As someone who likes historical art, it really hurts my heart going through works of past centuries and seeing how absolutely bastardized the ideas of female beauty have become. Sure, female beauty was always idealized and there were stupid nitpicky beauty standards for it, but you can see how these were still grounded in the natural form of the average female body, with natural features (even the later trends of a wasp waist silhouette was a fashion thing, not a body type expectation, everyone knew women used corsetry and padding for these and didn't expect them to actually have tiny stiff waists without it). Something went terribly wrong after the turn of the millennium.

I feel for the young girls that have to grow up today thinking they must look like hentai anime characters naturally, it's fucked up.

No. 1614901

they suck at telling age too. I see so many of them assume women in their 30s and 40s are 18-25 lol. it's like they think the day we turn 30 we shrivel up into little raisins. I remember seeing a post about an anon who felt like an old fart since she was 16 like huh??? I guess that's what happens when all major media is centered around high schoolers

No. 1615004

Nta but tbh I am mid-30s now and I can’t tell age at all anymore. I saw some vids where a woman I thought was 40 was actually 28 and a man who looked 25 was 35. It’s all confusing to me but this is also why I just kind of laugh when anyone talks about the wall. In a lot of cases it legitimately feels hard to tell. I’m not even faceblind or autistic, though I may be stupid!

No. 1615024

File: 1687475899419.jpeg (108.12 KB, 639x1095, IMG_4216.jpeg)

Has anyone seen this pick-me dick rider? She showed up on my fyp and all she’s doing is catering to scrotes and using the same retarded moid talking points. Using the same angle every time too cause that’s the only way she feels attractive lmao

No. 1615026

It's the only way they will be attractive. If moids aren't roasting her already they'd be running around screaming how she looks like a guy and is mid

No. 1615035

File: 1687476797416.jpeg (57.56 KB, 640x1041, IMG_4220.jpeg)

Nah, they’re doing the usual ‘wE Need to prOtect thiS one boyz” and she’s liking all comments of the 12 y/o moids comments calling her ‘pretty’. She’s also very proud of the ‘pick-me’ label she’s been given

No. 1615038

No. 1615040

File: 1687477047626.jpeg (27.75 KB, 491x479, IMG_4221.jpeg)

No. 1615042

I think the the tragically funny part about the obsession with botox is that most people aren't actually good candidates for it in the first place, even if they are older, therefore, it can actually cause you to look older than you actually are. We are also going to be seeing a ton of women in their 30s with muscle damage trying to file lawsuits. Another thing about this is that there are tons of dermatologists and surgeons who have been trying to push people away from the trends, granted they are still going to shill their services, yet people still don't listen? They would rather listen to somebody with no credentials because they appear to have good results in the short term.

Lip filler and filler in general is super cheap nowadays, it's absolutely insane, a long with the fact that so many women are becoming licenced aestheticians increasing the accessibility of these procedures even more.

No. 1615241

File: 1687500940524.png (5.27 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1262.png)

My god this bitch is such a fucking pick me girl it’s unreal

No. 1615243

File: 1687501054390.png (6.63 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1263.png)

No. 1615245

Are there suddenly no poor white women in the world or something? I swear that term is just nonsense at this point

No. 1615247

I consider having a uterus a major accomplishment if troons are out here desperately getting stink ditches to copy us lmao. Why the fuck not.

No. 1615249

Imagine hating yourself this fucking much.

No. 1615251

File: 1687502821556.webm (4.31 MB, 480x852, gamers.webm)

Not this girl implying that gamers don't cheat LMAO She's only 20 so I sincerely hope she grows out of this

Is she not white?

No. 1615252

literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars and decades of research on something we are born with.

No. 1615253

File: 1687503261569.webm (2.32 MB, 480x852, asians.webm)

samefag but I found this winner replying to her videos and of course it's an asian obsessed faggot
Pickmes never learn that no matter how much you try to appeal to them, men will ALWAYS try to shit on you somehow

No. 1615390

Cheap? Even the cheapest filler is like 150-300, unless she comes from well off parents, most young women can't even spend that much on bills, nevermind lip filler

No. 1615392

I remember black women were calling her out too. Does she want to silence white women for discussing sex trafficking signs? That just means it won't reach other women

No. 1615491

File: 1687535036394.jpg (78.67 KB, 720x1333, _YouTube.jpg)

This Quoves dude is doing these shitty incel coded videos to hopefully get people to buy his beauty analysis package. It's kind of obvious his standards are white european models which is funny because he is indian. Someone that makes videos revolving around looks must be on the cluster b side of the autistm spectrum of interests.

No. 1615517

he's Indian? what? his accent had me fooled

No. 1615535

and thats how you know zoomers don't consume any content outside of their phones. if they had some interest in old pornographic magazines just to look at them (or masturbate to them idc) they'll realize women bodies are very different, even with fake boobs. i was also poisoned by zoomer standards of all women having the same body and face, but unironically watching jap magazines with bikini models made me realize it's all filter and collective retardation

No. 1615582

Has it been confirmed, cause I assumed he was either Indian or some Nigerian, like the autistic focus on features is something only ethnicel would really devote themselves to study and hyperfocus on.

No. 1615612

he's trying to sell shit? i mostly didn't care before but that and him being indian make me chuckle. unwell race-hating indians are fascinating.

No. 1615626

he faceposted once, it's been reposted on that one incel forum. he is indian.

No. 1615716

File: 1687551027603.jpeg (19.09 KB, 640x491, shafee-hassan-fundador-qoves-s…)

Never mind I found out what he looks like, fucking hell he'd be considered bad looking even in most of South Asia, also it looks like he's a south Indian Muslim(you can't make this shit up)

No. 1615727

He’s not ugly but I wouldn’t really say he’s attractive either. His shit has been coming up in my feeds a lot recently and some of the videos are helpful but a lot of them are not. He feels less like an angry incel to me and more just severely autistically detached from how most people experience attraction. Like attraction is 100% analytical to him even when he says it’s not kek.

No. 1615837

>The creator turned off comments
ofcourse lel

No. 1615930

File: 1687568156426.jpg (52.5 KB, 679x893, Quovesanalysis.jpg)

The shit he studied clearly isn't being applied well if this is an example of the idealized version of this woman's face that he and his team came up with. What a crock of shit.

No. 1615935

they must have plastic surgery brain at QOVES, or they're just grifting.
if you switched the profiles in your pic and told me their suggestions were the opposite it would make just as much sense.

No. 1615970

Okay but this is a real and annoying phenomenon that you see on reddit often, but it's especially obnoxious coming from her because like… look at her.

To clarify, I genuinely hate how the new trend is that you're allowed to be extremely misogynistic and demeaning as long as you tack 'Karen' or 'white woman' to the sentiment. But there really are actually ~Karens~, like often wealthy out of touch women, who make dramatic posts asking if they were almost trafficked. A lot of time they're ridiculous and sheltered. It really is a thing, and the replies usually have actual education about what human trafficking really looks like. It's gotten so bad that a lot of related subs have a sticky for it.

There's actually a lot of healthy discussion about trafficking that are always in the comments of the kind of posts she's describing.

No. 1616146

I always found her stuff eyebrow-raising She literally has a "mommy milf" section on Instagram. She wears almost nothing and constantly pans the camera towards her but and chest while wearing less than literal gymnasts with no bra or underwear. IMO it is especially gross when these types of women sexualize being a mom since it just leads to more sexualization unprompted towards moms who don't want to be involved

she'd make a good cow at least. My biggest problem is that she quite obviously wants to attract perverts on her page while posting her little girls

No. 1616149

wasnt a marilyn skinwalker but I knew a girl who obsessed over her (got her haircut like her, wore her clothes, talked about her, etc) she was morbidly obese and had panic attacks over everything. She would also randomly rely on other womens partners for "emotional support" even after she would get turned down constantly until she threatened suicide

No. 1618196

She kinda reminds me of this mommy influencer called 'itsambaslife' who only posts about the fact she has 5 children by the time she is 22, having her first when she was only 16. She usually makes shitty tiktoks showing the unhealthy meals she makes them. What is it with young moms making the fact they started having children when they were teens their entire personality? It's so cringe. It kinda makes me want to start up a thread about these types of mommy influencers. I'd also bet a million bucks that the father was well into his 20s when he first got her pregnant.

No. 1618435

It's a cope, they want to appear to trad retards who get off on women being broodmares. Unless they have serious money this is stupid.

No. 1618459

Oh yeah she makes them some unhealthy ass food hot dogs and cosmic brownies for the chitlins!

No. 1618479

>I'd also bet a million bucks that the father was well into his 20s when he first got her pregnant.
He'd have to be older to be able to pay for that house. (I'm assuming he's paying for the house that I see in the shorts. Of course, I could be wrong and someone else could be paying for it.) It'd be pretty rare these days to make that kind of money in your early twenties.

No. 1618673

Idk if it's the algorithm or that there's seems to be so many of these weird copycat accounts now. It is always a girl claiming to be a young age (16-24), having 3-6 kids, full face of makeup and fresh hair and typical trad thot clothes or skimpy workout clothes, making bland meals with random shots of parenting or thirst shots.

Idk if there's a huge amount of dishonesty involved (parents paying, lying about their age/amount of kids/etc) or if these families are actually digging themselves in insane amounts of debt for clout. I wouldn't put it past gen z to shit out a bunch of kids you can barely afford to make TikToks though.

Ofc you can't call them out on the creepiness because everyone will come out the woodwork to cry about mom shaming or "at least they're being fed!!" when you point out 2 dinosaur nuggets and mashed potato powder isn't a sustainable meal. I'm tired of shit tier moms trying to cope with the fact they can't be bothered to even cook up some frozen veggies or learn to cook something other than meals in a box, but why even film it then post it to a platform known for criticism?

No. 1618754

There's another one with 4 kids in a trailer I've been seeing around too, but I forgot her name.
It just comes off as really weird to be honest. I don't care if someone became a mom at a young age, but unless you are a trust fund baby that can do whatever they want, the choice to have that many kids that young is off putting.

No. 1618807

File: 1687880824710.webm (9.53 MB, 480x852, tiktok.webm)

What do you all think of this video? Saw some people basically saying that she's doing too much, but honestly considering how gross hotels are and how it's basically an open secret that most don't get cleaned properly, I don't blame her. I might have to steal the disposable sheets trick. I would never take a fucking scrub daddy though kek.

Link to the video on Twitter because I'm sure this video isn't loading for you all.

No. 1618881

I know someone who used to work at a hotel and even though she's doing a lot of work, I cannot blame her at all. Most hotels don't clean enough. I especially don't blame her for checking for bed bugs. Bed bugs are a nightmare. There would be nothing to ruin your entire vacation faster than realizing you got something like bed bugs.

No. 1618887

I don't want to visit the house of anyone who thinks this is doing too much. She wipes down and desinfects a room that thousands of people have slept in before her, that's the least you should do.

No. 1618891

i'd probably wouldn't be one to do this, but this is pretty great, she must have the best sleep ever in hotels.

No. 1618905

>if you're awkward and pretty people will assume you're stupid or bitchy

my entire life summed up. it was either girls doing their social thing that I didn't catch on and them assuming I thought I was too good for them, or the constant patronizing way everyone talks to me on a daily basis. I felt like Cady at the beginning of Mean Girls, so
pretty and smart but a bit socially clueless and everyone put their own biases onto her

No. 1618914

Okay biased from someone who worked in guesthouses and luxury hotels, it's understandable but a bit much. If you stay in nice places that look and smell clean, they are clean. The high prices for that room pay for it. If a place is old and musky, the management has stopped caring and they don't pay enough for anyone to care, if it smells unclean they do the bare minimum if at all.

If you want to be self conscious these are the things not cleaned as frequently, buttons, curtains, hard to reach surfaces like maybe the under side of a toilet, rugs being washed not just vacuumed, and drains including the shower head, and the jets in private jacuzzi tubs, best to avoid those unless you pay good money for that room.

No. 1619068

I would have said it's a bit much but I had to deal with an expensive yet nasty hotel room once in Ireland so I also get it. I got greeted by a huge spider swinging in the direction of the door and there were weird small brown/reddish stains on one wall, I didn't even dare take a shower there. I assume she must have seen something more or less similar once and decided to not trust cleaning staff too much. By the way this vidzo reminds me of Naomi Campbell cleaning her plane seat and everything around it in an instagram video, many people said she was doing too much until covid hit a few months later and she decided to post more stuff about it.

No. 1619110

idealized face is when you turn your head down slightly, wow he cracked it

No. 1619116

mama c has already been mentioned here and exposed for making thirst content. I wish there was a snow page for tiktok moms

No. 1619157

i've never seen her before but she makes me deeply uncomfortable for some reason. so does >>1616146 that girl when she comes up on my fyp. i think it's because i follow a lady who runs an in-home daycare (because her life seems interesting) so tiktok thinks i'm interested in parenting content. i'm not.

No. 1619267

No one can fault her for what she's doing. Cleanliness is so much better than being content with being dirty. Definitely going to look up disposable sheets because I didn't know those existed. Seems like a must have if you ever go over to someone's house or hotel.

No. 1619339

I get it but at the same time what's the point of booking a nice and probably expensive hotel room (which often includes a cleaning service) if you have to deep clean it yourself, kinda ruins the fun especially if it's a very short term stay and you have to pack cleaning supplies etc.

No. 1619871

File: 1687990561252.jpg (179.98 KB, 828x1646, IMG_1620.jpg)

Calls herself a tirf and femcel… doesn't grasp basic concepts of feminism

No. 1619911

sullying the good name of miffy. shameless

No. 1620076

File: 1688011620479.jpeg (443.78 KB, 1170x1926, IMG_8868.jpeg)

Idk if it’s hardly milk, but pinup pixie is getting divorced and I’m dying to know why.

>some background: into the whole vintage schtick like Jasmine chiswell, also had beef with her her. Has onlyfans and does porn with her husband. Also does tiktoks with his kids lol

No. 1620152

is it me or this is retarded. "woman is a social category" but then she admits that women's oppression is related to their biology because it is weaponized against them by men. but even if woman was only a social category constructed to oppress… women, the tranny bullshit would still make zero sense, because it would be accepting males in the social category they created themselves to oppress females so that they can be oppressed with us..? (they won't anyway, bc as she said herself the oppression is based on biology)

No. 1620318

File: 1688046245162.webm (620.12 KB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cidrr8rc77u8c3mvpe…)

The videos and comment section under this sound are so fucking retarded.

No. 1620322

File: 1688046482733.jpeg (804.08 KB, 3465x3465, E139460D-CB79-400A-A10F-2FDE50…)

Here’s some of the comment sections under these videos. Sorry for the terrible cropping, I’m on a phone right now. The ugly ass blond tranny is 16 and that’s where the”dolls dress like dolls” comment originated from. How are you gonna use a sound that says “you are a girl why are you hating like a man” WHEN YOU ARE THE MAN.

No. 1620338

File: 1688048699456.jpg (229.36 KB, 1286x742, 44654656.jpg)

i wonder what all the idiots who defended this karen shit think about content like this. like can't they see anything wrong, with the titles, the fact that in all those pictures it is male hands attacking those women, nothing to see here at all

No. 1620359

Is this elsagate for adults?

No. 1620424

it IS retarded, just like all trans-inclusive radfem takes

No. 1620667

Isn't her husband also like 20 years older than her??

No. 1620711

the whole thing felt like an ad, she's showing and mentioning like a million products and the comments are probably all just where did you buy x. I hate ads that pretend not to be ads even more than the usual ads.

No. 1620725

Something like that. He’s also ugly as sin. I hope she gets alimony and has saved up some porn bucks

No. 1620747

What's with all them claiming to be TIRF? What does it even mean? Like because radical feminism already includes TiFs? Or is it just to sidestep harassment from trannies?

No. 1620852

The latter, I'm guessing. Either that or radfeminism is something they heard about recently and wanted to tack it onto their identity to seem unique

No. 1621595

File: 1688176635810.jpg (43.3 KB, 489x847, afhmZ7f.jpg)

Everytime I feel down I remember that I'm not a mixed girl thirsttrapping to neo nazis with anime pfps.
I hate genuinely hate how terminally online weebs call themselves trad. Literally the most degenerate people ever wasting hours online because average normie farmer would find their behavior innappropriate. bring back bullying weebs

No. 1621598

File: 1688176869751.jpg (43.93 KB, 484x842, Du3SMnQ.jpg)

samefagging but the tiktok that made me go down this rabbit hole. apparently the girl on the right is a twitter cow. somehow she makes brittney venti look well adjusted

No. 1621601

File: 1688176995878.jpg (72.46 KB, 759x786, zaVFL8O.jpg)

No. 1621602

I’m sorry but she looks goofy af with her long skinny limbs and bolton titties

No. 1621617

this is insane and scary but how tf can you tell those are male hands? i assume this is ai generated?

No. 1621643

File: 1688182347145.png (9.41 KB, 1278x247, Its not.png)

No. 1621647

File: 1688183588571.jpeg (183.51 KB, 1125x1230, IMG_8207.jpeg)

>“He was asked to leave multiple times by both the victim and the husband.
>“It was discovered that he had filmed the entire incident for a TikTok trend about walking into random houses.”
>Ms Hayre added: “He has caused the family a lot of distress. The faces of the couple and their two young children can be seen.”
>She told the court that the mother was under the impression that O’Garro was attempting burglary, and added that the mother takes her family’s privacy “very seriously”.
>‘He is an intelligent young man’
>Lee Sergent, in mitigation, said that O’Garro had apologised to the family and that O’Garro had been raised by a single parent and had had “an extremely difficult childhood”.
>“He is an intelligent young man and a young man with some potential,” Mr Sergent said. He added that O’Garro was receiving Universal Credit and was not in work or education.
This Bakari guy makes my blood boil. Embodies everything awful about current tiktok clout chasers and the old “its just a prank bro” assholes from the ancient days of Vine and early 2000s youtube.
He sneaks into peoples homes (with his buddies) and terrorizes them. He bullied some guy 10 times at a baseball game and then pulled this ugly “How dare you defend yourself, I’m the main character” frowning face when the guy had enough.
He approached a couple and pretended to ask for food then threatened to kill them. The guy is wimpy but sort of defends his partner, and then Bakari flips out at him.
Just an absolute menace, needs to go away for a loong time

And he always picks on the weak. With the earlier couple the guy was a fatty. Whenever he runs at some young woman and asks her “Do you want to die? Do you want to die?” he always does it when shes alone. Or targets some guy whos skinny and flabby. Tiktok’s algorithm which rewards outrageous behavior is to blame for these zoomer predators

No. 1621648

I wish this would stop being posted. For every retarded racist brown person there's 50 non racist brown people. I've seen kiwifarms owner say he's not even around black people, yet he often goes out his way to find news or visit black sites (lipstick alley) and rant about how racist he is.
It's just kind of weird. Especially when there's probably more people with white guilt shitting on white women or men. I hope I dont get banned for racebait but I'm sick of seeing it.I'm kinds drunk but I'm serious

No. 1621649

*50 racist non brown people
Is what I mean to say

No. 1621653

File: 1688184452333.jpeg (30.23 KB, 507x369, IMG_5952.jpeg)

No. 1621682

Someday someone will beat him to near death in self defense or to defend someone else from him and he'll wonder why.

No. 1621700

The white girl in that image is a clear pickme ""trad"" retard, too. There's no smart reason to single out the mixed girl when we've all seen who does this neo-nazi worship shit the most, honestly.

No. 1621717

I was gonna defend her until I realized how right you are; you can tell boobs are fake when they need no support to be lifted in these types of dresses. This isn’t even a bandage or formal dress but some paper thin dress from Amazon probably. Its become so common to see women with big boobs in these thin dresses that it took me until now to realize that this will never work for me because my natural large boobs hang and won’t defy gravity. Sad but I guess it works out because most women with fake tits never seem to be able to wear a fitting bra for some reason.

No. 1621852

File: 1688201855961.webm (14.06 MB, 320x442, gegkPHi3VOndfQiw.webm)

>slept with her baby daddy's brother?
Why do people reveal this shit?

No. 1621865

>falling for fake/clickbait tiktok stories
it's to get engagement and comments from gullible people, anon.

No. 1621873

I have big boobs and you can use the "cup and scoop" method for tighter dresses and shirts to make your boobs look perky plus it's more comfy IMO because less boob sweat. Unfortunately moids are stupid and will probably use, what took a good bit of effort to distort the body, into pushing unrealistic standards on women

No. 1621879

Where even are they seeing this? Non of the "TERF" points are remotely close to what they claim. Probably just troons themselves who get off on the idea of women wanting to push their disgusting fetishes on them

No. 1621906

Ntayrt but please describe the cup and scoop method for a fellow big boobed nonna!!! I'm retarded when it comes to what I should do with my boobs in anything that doesn't have industrial support.

No. 1621911

Ntayrt but please describe the cup and scoop method for a fellow big boobed nonna!!! I'm retarded when it comes to what I should do with my boobs in anything that doesn't have industrial support.

No. 1621918

Nta but what I do is place my hand in my armpit and then scoop/drag the boob into place from there. First a bit down to make sure I cup as much of the boob as possible into my hand then drag it up and in place. I can't do this for cleavages though because mine are so saggy I just look like your elderly wine aunt at a wedding, but it helps make bras and sports bras fit better and give me a bit of a lift under clothes.

No. 1622409

File: 1688255222256.jpeg (232.75 KB, 827x1694, 399A7C06-7012-4B89-A284-21E630…)

What the hell does this even mean? Apparently this is a troon so maybe the horse piss is affecting his brain

No. 1622415

This really isn't that hard to understand lol he's saying that Republican politicians want to ban abortion which would force teenage girls to give birth while also banning sex education

No. 1622421

NTA but inter-minority racism is very real and oftentimes it's even more overt than racism coming from whites because a lot of POC think that being non white gives them a pass to be racist as fuck towards other minority groups. Hoteps like Kanye who hate Jews yet simultaneously believe they are the real Jews, Latinos who say the N-word, Japanese and Korean people shitting on South Asian people for being darker skinned than them.

No. 1622423

wait he got a point

No. 1622450

Are you deliberately not getting the point? Just because he’s a troon doesn’t mean he’s wrong, especially considering the post has nothing to do with being trans

No. 1622489

kanye isn't a hotep he is a self hating black man who hates everyone except maybe white people. before the jewish comments, he said slavery was a choice and called rosa parks a psyop.
people need to stop treating these schizo self haters as jokes and realize that they will dunk on others just like they do their own.

No. 1622534

>Korean and Japanese people
We're talking about Americans, right? Because those "racial minorities" are the majority in their countries of origin.

No. 1622536

Its so bizarre seeing how troons interpret laws being passed. Once I got in a fight with a tranny because they claimed "trans parents are having their kids taken away" and when they linked me to the law all it said what that kids who are being given under the table gender transition hormones and surgery are being put into state custody only if called for by the parent

No. 1622573

I couldnt make 60% of the shit they were saying out due to the combination of poor audio quality, generic sad music playing over the audio, and them already talking fast so correct me if im wrong, but from what i understand she said she wasnt in any kind of relationship with him, and they are purely coparents. sleeping with your babydaddies brother is weirdo behavior, but she didnt have any obligation to be loyal to him and her sex life isnt really any of his business. reason im saying this is bc im assuming this has made rounds in moid communities, just like all other videos like this intentionally set up to make the woman (and therefore women in general) look bad. moids adding this to their massive stash of "MODERN WOMAN GETS OWNED and EXPOSED" videos (which are 90% either entirely faked or one-sided) is retarded. assuming this is real, who gives af who she has sex with.

No. 1622706

Americans are addicted to drama especially if it makes women look bad. The don't care about the millionth story of a moid knocking his wife up then ditching her for some other woman, woman dates her baby daddy's brother? Suddenly it's everyone's business apparently

No. 1622778

I've been seeing so many "I'm a trans kid and I'm afraid for my life because the mean politicians are committing literal trans genocide" videos on tiktok, these fucking kids kek.

No. 1623029

One thing that makes me seeth is when I come across a TikTok where people film products I use, which makes everyone flock to the stores and now the products are out of stock. It's that "sharing is caring" mindset that got zlibrary and soap2day closed down. "hot girls don't gatekeep" kys.

No. 1623042

Anon should have said intraracial. It’s true, most Asian countries are pretty monolithic but they do have relationships ranging from complex to hostile (esp with China) and everyone participates in colorism.

No. 1624260

File: 1688454634527.jpg (178.65 KB, 885x1280, miami.jpg)

not a fan of the trend in picrel but it's even more stupid when it's made for a boy. i was pleasantly surprised to see all the comments joking about how their daughters wouldn't do this anyway

>For every retarded racist brown person there's 50 racist non brown people
nah every community/culture has racists, there's not one that's inherently more racist than the others. and in western countries there's this weird dynamic where racial minorities believe that they can't be racist meanwhile white people have extreme white guilt.

No. 1624999

Troons drama seething is annoying. I've seen so many of them claim there's actual death penalty laws being passed. If you were truly scared for trans genocide then they wouldn't be running around acting ridiculous and they wouldn't be trans in the first place

No. 1625002

i haaaate it when male gendies speak about women's issues. also this is retarded, republicans famously only wanna see pregnancy in married adult women
absolutely, common sense on lolcow is a rare sight !

No. 1625031

If she doesn’t throw that smelly little moidlet in the water…

No. 1625093

>republicans famously only wanna see pregnancy in married adult women
No they don't. Nobody in the US cares about women. That's why there are states with no exceptions for abortions and many states where teenagers can get married.
The moid is referring to a case from 2022 where a 10 year old girl rape victim from Ohio was denied an abortion.

No. 1625199

i'm starting to believe that birthing a male does something really scary to a womans mind, these boymoms are getting out of control

No. 1625449

I'm just glad that low IQ males are dumping massive quantities of shit like this into the public eye. Before the internet, the men who controlled media made sure to always give themselves room for plausible deniability, while they were writing dozens of TV shows where the woman was always an unreasonable villain.
If only these women who are so obsessed with their worthless sons would seal the deal and fuck them. Leave the rest of us out of it. Please.

No. 1625588

This annoyed me on so many levels

No. 1625605

what the actual fuck is wrong with boymoms. Like their brains are made of swiss cheese or something.

No. 1625680

Nta but she clearly means they are male looking hands. Not like the hands of a literal breathing man.

No. 1628083

File: 1688820617786.jpg (69.18 KB, 646x1150, FzjXbOBXsAIvPD5.jpg)

No. 1628094

DID is a meme and I’m tired of pretending it’s not

No. 1628146

i know right? everytime a DIDlet posts their face it's obvious just from their fashion choices (danger hair, eyesearing outfits, bodymods) that they're massive attention whores. see also pixielocks

No. 1628157

if DID is real why isn’t she mad at her supposed alter for fucking her boyfriend behind her back

No. 1628174

Maybe her alter is some slut type who was like
>haha bitch i slept with your man

No. 1628183

I wonder if she argued with her bf for cheating on her, probably not but I'd watch that argument, it'd be funny.

No. 1628194

I've seen a cow break up with her boyfriend because he slept with her underage alter thus making him a pedo rapist

No. 1628222

No. 1628409

>I grew up to be a leader and entrepreneur
Maybe she’s a life coach but I also take it to mean she has OF. So empowering lmao. Neither of those are great.

No. 1628422

I’ve seen more AI generated preview images on YouTube lately. Is AI able to bypass AI? I would think these thumbnails encourage violence and flagged.

No. 1629006

File: 1688900404895.jpg (715.78 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20230709_130210_Gal…)

anyone know that vietnamese girl with the fat annoying german boyfriend? she's basically an online bride and his voice and accent are about the most soy thing i've heard. idk why her shorts annoy me so much, i guess i will always look down on a foreign bride that doesn't convince her boyfriend to move to her country (instead of the other way around like she did)

No. 1629009

Why the fuck would you want to stay in pisspoor vietnam if you could move to Germany? There's not a lot of countries that beat Germany at living standards. Good for her for using him as her ticket out.

No. 1629010

yeah good for her for being a mail order bride and not getting him to spend his money in the comfort of her own country where she can be close to her family and friends instead of being locked inside all day in a country that she can't even speak the language of. are you dumb? i guess you are because you reek of desperate third world country brain rot.

No. 1629014

She shows up on my insta reels all the time. I was okay with her for a while but I can't bear that ugly retard and his annoying accent (Germans generally have this accent, I fucking hate it). I can't stand hetero couples on social media as is, but these two are even worse because of that "mail-order bride" shit. I saw one of her reels that was something along the lines of "when I'm mad at him but then I remember he paid for me to move to his country to study and also dates me." Appalling. People in the comments were trying to call her out for how wrong it sounded but there were a bunch of comments defending her.

No. 1629017

>I saw one of her reels that was something along the lines of "when I'm mad at him but then I remember he paid for me to move to his country to study and also dates me." Appalling.
THAT was the short that made me go wtf and made me look deeper into her channel. i was genuinely shocked that her mentality is so low, and then i saw a more recent one where she explains that her student visa is coming to an end and she is gonna get kicked out of germany soon because she can't find a job and can't speak german, so she's gonna marry him to stay in the country. she made a follow up short saying if she knew how quick it was to get a marriage visa in germany she would've proposed to him first lmao. what made me laugh was the naivety of how quick she thinks german marriage visas are to get…

No. 1629025

>mail order bride
I've seen a few of her shorts and correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure she met him as an international student in Germany
>getting him to spend his money in the comfort of her own country
Money that his middle class at best ass will run out of sooner or later, won't be much comfort left when he has to work for Vietnamese wages
>locked inside all day
>she can't even speak the language of
She can learn German and Germans are proficient at English so communicating isn't a problem either way
>i guess you are because you reek of desperate third world country brain rot.
I'm West-European myself, literally peak first world. If anything this comment proves that you agree that third world women are desperate to get out of their shitty countries no?

No. 1629027

you are lying lol. how did you get that impression? she said she met him when HE was on a "holiday" (sex tourism) in vietnam. she's said this across multiple shorts. she's also said that he makes a ton of money because he's a scientist. these fat ugly west euro men of yours want to bring women home from third world countries but they won't even pretend to respect these women. what a joke.

No. 1629030

Like I said I just watched a few shorts, my god I'm so sorry I got it wrong, please forgive my sin of not fact checking by watching every single of her shorts beforehand kek

No. 1629035

don't come onto lolcow and WK for a random internet person without watching all their videos first because there's a good chance the farmer you're replying to has done so

No. 1629036

When you mentioned that visa video, I remembered that I saw that in reel form too, but jfc, marriage? Must've missed that one. I want to feel sorry for her but this is sickening, she clearly doesn't care at all.
>in Vietnam
The urge to a-log gets harder and harder to fend off. I hate males so fucking much.

No. 1629096

But she does know some of the language and has graduated from university in Germany. I would assume you need to know very basic/intermediate German to study and take test.

No. 1629107

no, she has not graduated from university in germany. she graduated from german school. she literally went to german language school for a few years so she could get a student visa and stay in germany. wtf is with all of this misinformation and whiteknighting?

No. 1629134

Not wk just saying I saw the short of her saying she was studying for finals at university, why make such a big deal if its just some language school.

No. 1629145

I think the confusion comes from the fact that she took German school (she just finished her A1 level a few months ago – A1 is the lowest level, it goes A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2) and parallel to that she did study university in Germany but in ENGLISH and only for 3 years.

No. 1629198

Just A1? I dont know how long she has been on Germany but she must only talk with her balding german moid if thats the level she has

No. 1629204

she's been in germany for 3 years

No. 1629217

I don't like her either but I would much rather live in Germany than in a 3rd world shithole like Vietnam. I precisely emigrated from a different shithole to Germany and I am never going back.

No. 1629344


If it has been three years and shes only A1 level it makes me think that she has no friends/support circle other than her bf.
Also why is his face always hidden? I'm curious about how he actually looks

No. 1629426

I’m so fucking sick of influencers over-promoting their music by putting it on every single tiktok/reel/short/whatever. No one wants to hear your same shitty song over and over again with a slightly different caption: “omg did I tell you how my ex ghosted me at a wishing well?”, “I made this for my ex fiance who ditched me at a wishing well”, “This is for the girlies who got ditched at a wishing well like mee”. We fucking get it, you’re single and autotuned.

No. 1629863

>it makes me think that she has no friends/support circle other than her bf
I suspect the same, she only ever talks about her boyfriend and her parents, not any friends.
>Also why is his face always hidden?
They mentioned this in a previous video, people were calling him ugly so they decided to no longer show his face, kek.

No. 1630082

I find Vietnamese Girl kind of endearing but her boyfriend is for sure a dumpy cringe turbo autist (likely with yellow fever), but then again that goes for most everyone's boyfriend so I can't really hold it against her

No. 1630093

File: 1689010520317.jpg (129.05 KB, 800x1000, nicky-pierre-timline-104.jpg)

Pierre Boo and Nicky Champa just broke up. I'm really surprised because they've been together for a long time and seemed like a cute couple.

Speculations on who you think caused the break up?

No. 1630095

they're gay tiktok moids who cares

No. 1630100

Because this is tiktok thread and a lot of people have been talking about this on other sites.

They were so cute, some people are saying Nicky caused the break up?

No. 1630105

She's so cute but I find her life so sad. Everything revolves around her boyfriend and his family. I wanna be her friend so she can at least make content about something else.

No. 1630106

Gay men can't be monogamous. They were probably both fucking other men. Its not a real relationship so who cares?

No. 1630110

>she's also said that he makes a ton of money because he's a scientist
in what parallel universe do scientists make a lot of money, tell me so i can move there

No. 1630148

File: 1689015848426.jpg (10.71 KB, 1024x576, Untitled-design-12-1024x576.jp…)

Champa talks to Out about the end of his relationship (both romantic and creative) to Boo, who he had been with since 2017 and married to since 2022.
Popular social media influencers and husbands Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo are officially ending their relationship.

After tying the knot in August of 2022, the couple, who had been together for nearly 6 and a half years after becoming boyfriends in 2017, have decided to part ways.

"With social media, it's a bit complicated. Our relationship became a brand," Champa exclusively tells Out about his and Boo's decision.

He continued:

"I want to say I have nothing but love and respect for this person. I spent my entire twenties with this person. I grew up with this person. He's a very special person and will always remain that way for me."

The 27-year-old credits his and Boo's nine-year age gap (Boo is 36 years old) and the constant pressures of being social media stars as contributing factors to the end of their relationship.

"I think as you age, you kind of realize different things," he said. "Then on top of it, the social media aspect of it and people constantly comparing ourselves to each other and the pressure of maintaining this image. It almost became, I would tell people, like a Black Mirror episode."

"It was almost like I felt trapped within an ideology of what we've become," he continued. "I can only speak for myself. I lost myself in this relationship, incredibly. I sacrificed a lot for this relationship. I dedicated myself to this relationship and the brand that we were building. I think that at this stage in my life, I had to choose me and pick me first. And I think [Pierre] had to do the same, and that's the direction we're heading in."

Boo (whose real name is Pierre Amaury Crespeau) took to his Instagram Stories earlier today (July 9) to post a short announcement signaling to his and Champa's followers that they had split.

"We broke up," Boo wrote.

Most known for their respective TikTok accounts (Nicky has 13.3 million followers and Pierre has 13.7 million, at the time of writing), the two made a name for themselves creating content about their daily lives and travels as a gay couple.

The two also shared a joint YouTube account, where they had nearly 2.5 million subscribers tuning into their videos.

Post-breakup, Champa says he and Pierre will no longer be creating content together, as they are now both focusing on different stages in their career.

"I will be continuing my own process," Champa tells Out. "I recently started working with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) and I want to focus more on acting and modeling. So that's my pursuit and also social media on top of it.

"I think my biggest goal is to find my voice," Champa continued. "I think that for a long time I was kind of shadowed by the brand that we created and I didn't have the platform or space to be myself. That's what my focus will be going forward."

No. 1630155

Nooo… Their videos were cute, I sometimes had them pop up on insta. Ironically enough, they joked about breaking up on April Fool's this year, l o l e

No. 1630281

her vids get recommended to me every single day, even tho i watch nothing similar…
even without seeing his face you know he's ugly but tbh so is she. there are many mail order brides in germany and they all look very very different compared to her, she also made some videos about how chill german beauty standards are and how comfortable she can be with her looks now with her bf compared to back in asia. most of her stuff seems to be stereotypical shit like germans are robotic and don't eat spicy, sprinkled with some uwu i'm so sm0l and he's so tall. annoying but harmless/not really a red flag imo

No. 1630287

I wish i was a fag… they're 27 and 36 yet look like this, meanwhile straightoids that age have hit the wall years ago…

No. 1630523

>I wish I was a fag
Are you a tif?

No. 1630586

>she met him when HE was on holiday
Oh no. Coupled with the other red flags I see in him, that really paints a picture.
>hides his face because hur dur germans love privacy even though that doesn't make any sense because if you know who she is, tracking him down wouldn't be difficult at all
>has an autism level obsession with pokemon
>german man
All the European men who have Asian wives that aren't massive perverts can fit in a bathtub.

No. 1630652

Euro men being fetishized by women is a fucking miracle considering how fat and disgusting they usually are. I'm glad American women seem to be waking up though since most Gen Z women have had at least one grown ass European men try to groom them since they were children

No. 1630743

most american women get groomed by european men? wtf are you talking about?

No. 1630754

Any Gen Z girl who was an outcast knew at least a handful of girls in high school when they were 14-16 who had 20+ yr old european boyfriends

No. 1630766

i legit don't know what you're talking about. are you somehow implying that american men groom less than european men? because, kek. lmao, even.

No. 1630795

Arent American and European moids like distant cousins? I dont think theres that much of a difference imo

No. 1630877

genuinely never heard of that happening my entire life?
why would they seek out muricans instead of girls from their own country or more eastern european or some poor asian girls? plus this type of men already dislikes how modern most european girls are, to them even more western girls are like the devil, they know that young murican women are the most educated/woke about womens rights and therefore the most difficult to manipulate, nothing about that would make any sense anon

No. 1630898

Online relationships creating time zone compatibility, maybe? Unemployed losers in Europe stay up all night and sleep all day, so their schedule would line up with Americans'.

No. 1630899

I'm an American millennial but when I was in high school, most of my "boyfriends" were older European men that I met in MMOs kek. So it does happen, but I don't think it's super common.

No. 1631237

They're more likely to meet American girls on Vidya and other forums I assume instead of poor Asian girls and grooming girls in their own country would be more risky to them. It's definitely a newer thing but I'm glad it's being talked about.
How in the world do you even manage to draw the conclusion "American men groom less" from "European men groom American girls online"

No. 1631241

It was super common among teens and I switched high schools a lot growing up. Luckily I had enough to sense to block creepy older guys but it was so fucking bizarre seeing the among of grown ass British dudes that had zero issue initiating sexual conversions and flirting with me since I was 12. Obviously American men did it too but it definitely seemed disproportionate considering the ratio of euro to american men on the forums I hung out on. Even if you don't believe it's that common you should just let it be discussed anyway especially since European men are getting idealized a lot by Americans

No. 1631319

File: 1689125171120.png (580.29 KB, 884x627, 02644.png)

When German boyfriend is on camera, they use this awful filter and it doesn't even hide that he is balding.

No. 1631328

>Disney-Pixar character face
I'm gonna vomit

No. 1631552

it's something you see in neet female circles. I have known a pair of girls in these situations too. It's very rare overall, but it's quite common in anime niches and stuff

No. 1631727

"Free robux" youtuber exposing children to a website with extreme CSAM (CP) infestation.
(they also organise raids on CC pretty often, sometimes also with CSAM)

No. 1631730

How did you find this and is this that weird soyjack party site that spans in here

No. 1631735

Yes, that's soyjak party. They have a CSAM infestation, for example, editing some retarded soyjak video to include a toddler being raped.
Found this on kiwifarms' community watch thread on them. (I know KF is incel central but I couldn't resist visiting them once the clearnet mirror came back up.)

No. 1631755

File: 1689173772809.jpg (555.9 KB, 1079x1395, Screenshot_20230712_165800.jpg)

That filter also hides that he is fat

No. 1631766

Kek he looks just like the type of guy that would have a girlfriend he imported from SEA

No. 1631775

File: 1689175519787.jpg (20.72 KB, 681x400, tumblr_79786db6c7f75944071ebc9…)

>that tonsure-shaped haircut

No. 1631805

im going to a log if i see one more soytard

No. 1631808

Which one is he? The red shirt?

No. 1631811

British "people" are not European, thank you very much. We Europeans want nothing to do with them and our men do not speak english well enough to groom anyone, let alone in early 2000s era.

No. 1631813

File: 1689179209025.png (2.16 MB, 1170x1454, 0A76C4A7-96D7-4FD3-9522-AFC6E1…)

No. 1631838

File: 1689181643089.png (328.79 KB, 441x568, 97fguo20856.png)

Didn't work here

No. 1631848

Christ, I hate moids so much

No. 1631850

Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 1631852

AFAIK she mentioned once that they had a 10yr age gap or similar and I've never been so squicked out

No. 1631857

omg it's even more annoying in video

No. 1631858

Girl shut the fuck up and stop being a retard. You know damn well any man is SCROTE regardless of origin or what level of English they speak

No. 1631888

if he works at a german university as a research fellow (so after finishing his phd) he'll probably make solid money. germany has a very transparent wage system for people working for the government and universities are part of that. research fellows start at the E13 income bracket, which is over 4100 euros per month and it progressively gets higher, until you can have over 6000 euros a month. 4100 per month is over 2600 euros after taxes. idk which city they live in, but you can get very nice 2-3 bedroom apartments for 1k a month already. since healthcare and taxes are already taken care of, they have another 1600 euros for food, car, clothes, leisure, etc. that's pretty solid for life in germany. if she works as well and takes care of half the bills, they have even more money to spend.

No. 1631901

This reminds me, I've been getting soyjak spam on tiktok lately it seems so many underage zoomers are aware of the site and shitpost about it a ton

No. 1631939

File: 1689188897381.webm (2.36 MB, 405x720, videoplayback (1)_compressed.w…)

it's bizarre how many of you infantilize this grownass woman and project all kinds of stereotypes onto her. i don't get how people see this as poor foreign bride or even a grooming situation, yes he's fat, likely ugly face too but look at her here, if she wasn't with him, you'd rip into her too for looking like a humpnecked frumpy aunty. god forbid some people just don't give af about appearance.
they're a boring uggo couple who for some reason got social media attention. they travel often, see her parents often, this is not some hostage situation. the only worrisome thing about them is her still not speaking german after so many years.

No. 1631972

You're literally in here saying its all European men doing this shit and not American men, when most European men don't even speak fluent English and especially not 10-15 years ago. You're getting groomed by your own scrotes.

No. 1631984

The fact she accepted that proposal speaks volumes about her self esteem. I really don't believe nlogs who pretend to be ok with shitty proposals. It's just a cope they have because they know their man in s shit and would never surprise her with a nice ring or they cope about it after the fact cause they accepted a shitty gumball ring proposal. Embarrassing.

No. 1631991

Damn, I live in Northern Europe and all you get as a researcher here is a big fat middle finger and a barely over min wage salary.

No. 1631992

>giving moids the benefit of the doubt and thinking he ins't a sex tourism creep who was looking for an asian wife and succeeded

No. 1632014

She says in >>1631857 video that they met when he was 28 and she was 21. That's pretty sketch. That would make her 29 now and him 36, ew.

No. 1632019

Just Finland things.

No. 1632032

America has 300 million people living in it, meanwhile Europe is a fucking continent with about a billion people in it. Of course it's statically skewed towards the Europeans.

No. 1632034

I guess I'm biased cause I'm from a thirdworld shithole, but I'm reading the thread and thinking "good for her". Not speaking the language is pretty shitty tho, maybe she has grown comfortable getting by with English. Where I live is not that common for people to speak English and even here sometimes you see a foreigner who doesn't speak the local language after years of living here. But they are still cringe.

No. 1632036

Oh wow not only was he doing sex tourism, he managed to snatch a young 21 year old at nearly 30.
Good for her honestly but he's still a disgusting creep.

No. 1632042

burgers are always like this. they refer to europe as a country kek

No. 1632051

>young murican women are the most educated/woke about womens rights and therefore the most difficult to manipulate
this is not true. sorry. america is a christian nation, most young women have internalized some concept of submitting to a man and needing a man to become a whole person. it is not a very woke place.

No. 1632070

File: 1689195143458.jpg (1.58 MB, 1656x3062, 0129309214.jpg)

They both look stupid and ugly, fat fuck especially. And yet, the fat one got 50k more likes and this tiktok pointing out "hypocrisy" has almost a mil. Men have no fucking idea what kind of comments women get huh if being called an alcoholic dad is the worst. And women will baby their sensitive egos regardless.

No. 1632081

they both look like nerd characters in a shitty 90s sitcom

No. 1632115

No. 1632126

both versions of this fit look retarded. I've never seen a normal guy go out looking like this, with the shirt buttoned only at the top and a fugly white long-sleeve shirt underneath. God just why.

No. 1632201

So he decided to travel to Vietnam and Indonesia because he had a friend that already went there, but then says that he was nervous about travelling alone since it was his first solo travel. This is such bullshit kek, if you are so scared why not go to a random European country? Since travelling inside of Europe as an European is the simplest thing ever. He's definitely a creep

No. 1632204

Germany is a pretty nice place to emigrate to, so good for her indeed. If they live in a bigger city, English will be sufficient for her I'm sure. Sucks that she doesn't speak German, but I wouldn't either - it's German, rivaled only by Dutch as the worst language in the world.

No. 1632251

I think the real issue is that the top one is a dweeby looking aiden fooling no one kek

No. 1632266

Off topic but really? Doesn't western Europe invest more in R&D? I've also seen PhD students tend to have a better quality of life there than other parts of the world because they're treated as employees and get full benefits and vacation days. I've been looking to do my PhD in Europe and probably migrate there as a scientist

No. 1632276

She'd be better off learning Turkish than German, tbh. Germany is really nice, especially the bigger cities as a woman, it's basically all the benefits of living in the middle east, but much colder and with more rain and also more muslims.

No. 1632427

What does sharty saving and TND

No. 1632445

I've seen this channel comment on IP2 livestreams before.

No. 1632450

>Pretending as if it's not normal for scrotes to have one night stands with literal teenagers there because "it's legal"
Also defending euroshit men's reputation is cringe. Even if you don't actually believe European men are pedophiles why are you defending them this hard?

No. 1632460

NTA but also from Northern Europe, I just submitted my thesis for review and I'm planning to become a researcher. At least here it depends a lot. If you get lucky and manage to secure a salaried position at a uni, you'll get to enjoy a middle class wage with all the benefits while writing your thesis. Grants tend to be smaller and have none of the healthcare / social security benefits that come with a job. Salaried positions both PhD and postdoc are few and thus difficult to get, and so are grants. Government funds are increasingly being channeled to "innovation research" and public universities are thought of as some kind of an extension of the business sector by politicians, rather than as a place for independent research, so good luck if you're not in a field that's fashionable enough for you to pitch your research as something with potentially lucrative commercial derivatives. I mean, I prefer to live here as opposed to somewhere like Northern America, but it's not all great.

No. 1632474

He's ugly but so is she… They're pretty much matched imo

No. 1632476

>If they live in a bigger city, English will be sufficient for her I'm sure.
Not if she wants to do anything besides sit at home all day, not everyone in Germany is fluent in English. It’s retarded to move to a country where you don’t speak the language, especially when you rely so heavily on a man, you’re just setting your self up to be isolated and abused.

No. 1632485

File: 1689234119271.jpg (172.33 KB, 792x611, English Speaking Countries in …)

Are you Russian? There are over 370 million English speakers out of about 450 million EU residents.

No. 1632489

Wtf Russia??

No. 1632498

>where is the place for me
kek nowhere you retarded anglo faggot, I can't stand English speakers who think they can just prance in and expect everyone to conform to their retarded monolingualism. Having some proficiency in English doesn't mean I'm willing to accomodate retards who can't even bother to learn the local language

No. 1632506

This tbh. I live in one of the countries on the map with the highest percentage of understanding english but native english speakers moving here and not learning our language are being disrespectful.

No. 1632510

It's about jobs. You don't have to do anything.

No. 1632513

It has nothing to do with Anglos. English is the global language. Regardless of background most people have some English, which can help with getting a foot in the door. If you bothered to look at the website you'd see the respondents aren't native English speakers and that's the point. It's about working overseas.

No. 1632514

I still wish they bothered to learn our language.

No. 1632522

Then why do they demand to be serviced in English in cafes, restaurants, even government agencies and whine when expected to learn the language by the time they've been here 10 years? Expats are such crybabies and annoying in general, please stay in your own countries.

No. 1632530

I just hope you know that if you live in a country where people speak a difficult language, like Hungary or Finland, nobody is going to bother to learn it because it simply isn't needed outside of those countries and takes too much time. Your countries are also not big enough and don't have enough opportunities to offer for people to try so hard to integrate with no return on their time investment. What usually happens is that they stay there for a few years, then move elsewhere that's more worth their time.

The only people you will get by forcing immigrants to learn the language are those from third world shitholes who can't just up and leave and don't have another choice, but you don't like those (both of the countries I mentioned are coincidentally extremely racist).

No. 1632539

You don't have to but if I get a well-paid job in Germany I'm moving there no matter how much you piss yourself about it.
Kek I'm Turkish and that's exactly why I want to move there. I'll miss the weather at home, though, I just wish my country's government wasn't like this.

No. 1632545

Call them immigrants, expats makes them seem special.

Either way, sometimes it's just not worth it to learn a language, especially if it's your 3rd or 4th. You don't get anything out of it other than appeasing locals that take some kind of nationalistic pride in a foreigner learning how to say 'one coffee please'. Makes them feel special and interesting I guess. As long as you're understood, it's all good. Worse than people not learning the local language is locals pretending they don't understand what you're saying just to feel superior in an interaction. t. person who learned the local language (twice) and got nothing of value.

No. 1632569

What 3rd or 4th labguage, anglo immigrants are nearly always monolingual lmao, that year of Spanish they took doesn't count.

No. 1632570

>As long as you're understood, it's all good
No because it puts locals in the position of having to adapt to foreigners when it should be the other way around
>Worse than people not learning the local language is locals pretending they don't understand what
I know you're talking about the French kek that's the only thing they're based at. Locals are 100% entitled to speaking their native language only and refusing to adapt to immigrants who refuse to adapt to their new country.

No. 1632648

I like how this discussion shifted from sexpats first worlders to "immigrants don't integrate", kek the discrepancy.

No. 1632649

the top one looks better (dorky but harmless), the bottom one looks like a sex pest ready to molest children

No. 1632655

>i don't need to learn the main language of the country i'm living in!
>waaah why don't you stupid locals speak english to me
>your country sucks anyway and you're racist!
something something fox and grapes

No. 1632662

If you're from a third world country and/or dark skinned they will hate your guts anyway, who cares.

No. 1632667

Lmao I'd have no issue learning French (I have, in fact) because it's an actually useful language. Or German, or Spanish, or Chinese. I just find the indignant pissy rage of people from literally who countries silly. Can't see what I'd miss out on by living in a bigger country with better opportunities but you do you.

No. 1632675

If you're not one of those immigrants in a "literally who" country (you're just making yourself sound uneducated there) or a local who's annoyed by those immigrants then what bone do you have in this discussion?
>iving in a bigger country with better opportunities but you do you.
People, especially Anglo's, don't expat to countries with shit living standards like Hungary, they go to small Western or Northern European countries that have higher living standards than the muh big countries they come from and you know it kek

No. 1632679

>what bone do you have in this discussion
I was pointing out that English is a global language and it's not just Anglos moving there and refusing to learn the local language. For many people it's a stepping stone to better opportunities elsewhere because it's not like they will ever integrate or have the same opportunities there as the locals, so what's the use of learning a difficult language if they're not going to stay there forever?
>People, especially Anglo's, don't expat to countries with shit living standards like Hungary, they go to small Western or Northern European countries that have higher living standards than the muh big countries they come from and you know it kek
Right, so like Finland, which I literally mentioned, or the Netherlands? How many of them do you think will stay if they're told they can't have a good life they came for because they don't want to learn the language? Do you even know why those small countries with higher living standards want people to come there and work?

No. 1632693

ntayrt but I'm from one of those "literally who" countries with high living standards and the times I've had to deal with anglo immigrants who piss and shit themselves the second something is not in English or they get told they'd actually have to know the local language and customs in order to work in a firm that designs products for the local market instead of isolating themselves into a comfortable expat bubble or they can't find an English speaking school for their child (to make sure even the kid won't integrate) is countless lmao. They literally come here and expect to be treated as royals just bc muh global language.

No. 1632708

well, the discussion started because of this viet tiktoker who's lived a pretty comfy life in germany for ages. german is the most spoken language in europe, good when it comes to career opportunities, her partner speaks german and there are countless resources to study the language there, still not having done so as a childless young and supposedly smart women simply makes zero sense at all and you really can't fault locals for not being pleased by this and no longer wanting to cater to somebody like that in english. she lived there for more years than kids have english classes in school, if they manage so can she.

No. 1632713

>people were calling him ugly so they decided to no longer show his face, kek.
Kek is the video still up with his face?

No. 1632715

I doubt it, I just randomly saw the reel where she answered why they don't show his face.

No. 1632790

You can tell this thread is full of lucky Eurofags because the most annoying foreigners are not English speakers but Spanish speakers. Especially when they come in illegally, make no effort to assimilate, and then go to local businesses raging in Spanish at minimum wage employees who don’t understand them (but tried to help as much as they could). I had an ex whose dad has lived in my country for 20+ years illegally and he refuses to learn any English so his son basically had to translate between the two of us. That is one of many cases I’ve seen because burgerland is full of these people and yet we can’t complain or else it’s “racist”.

No. 1632859

>ackshually i have it worse!
don't you get it muritard? you anglos are to europeans, what mexicans are to you. if you experience firsthand how annoying people demanding you speak their language in your country are, then why can't you connect the dots and see that you're just the same and also need to change? literally why would you assume that you're somehow less annoying kek(infighting)

No. 1632916

>all this because anons couldn't resist being a handmaiden for euro men

No. 1632933

Every other day i see an anon venting about being groomed by a european man when they met in a video game when they were 12.

No. 1632937

Nta just passing by but lmao this is such an obvious cope

No. 1632983

just another borderline racist murican supporting another murican who looks down on anything non-white? the entire world is annoyed by your entitlement but of course people speaking different languages in a joke country made up of hundreds of nationalities is the real problem. hope more people start to pretend to not speak english towards insufferable tourists.(ban evasion)

No. 1633059

File: 1689289085427.jpg (105.97 KB, 720x885, tiktokbrainrot.jpg)

Gen alpha is gaining some new levels of brain damamge because what the fuck is this.

No. 1633148

> She'd be better off learning Turkish than German, tbh
This is like saying you’d be better off learning Spanish in America or Polish in UK, as opposed to learning English.

No. 1633155

no way that's the official subway surfers account

No. 1633170

Spanish will be the most spoken language in the US in a couple of years lol. I'm German and it was a joke (mostly). Dumbass.

No. 1633176

File: 1689297215359.png (88.16 KB, 906x396, Screenshot 2023-07-13 at 6.15.…)

>Spanish will be the most spoken language in the US in a couple of years lol
Except it won't

No. 1633234

You’re talking to someone who has never demanded natives to speak English when I visited abroad. The Americans in my class who visited abroad were the same and used translation apps and learned basic phrases to get around.
Anyway the occasional Americans on holiday is not the same thing as foreigners settling in your country for over 20 years and still not speaking the language, which is somewhat common for Hispanic immigrants in America. You should be grateful honestly, when I worked minimum wage I used to get yelled at by Spanish speakers all the time. Btw I’m not an “anglo”, shouldn’t that superior Europeen education have taught you that British people were not the only people who came to America?

No. 1633238

> I'm German and it was a joke (mostly). Dumbass.
How is anyone supposed to know that on an anon board? Retard.

No. 1633255

Anglo as in anglophone.

No. 1633267

I keep seeing this everywhere. I feel like it's some weird psycop to burn out gen z and a but overstimulating them

No. 1633269

Anons dating brit and euro men need to keep a close eye on their discord, kiks, pics, etc whatever the fuck they use

No. 1633275

No one uses Anglo that way, Anglo means someone of English ethnicity, Anglophone means English speaker/s. Also Anglophone doesn’t just mean native speakers, so it’s funny to watch you bitch so hard about a group that you are apart of

No. 1633279

File: 1689303585978.jpg (29.31 KB, 567x432, 70525b86b80eb06bf8063358cb9797…)

No. 1633433

I never understood people who claim to have misophonia until I heard this voice and instantly wanted to throw my speakers across the room.

No. 1633440

You can call me an idiot all you want, doesn’t change that fact that you are seething about a group of people that you are a part of. Even if you can’t speak English very well.

No. 1633481

Not everyone moving to your country is anglo, but an anglo language is what they have in common.
I think a more pragmatic perspective makes things easier. Anything else is just pride and a desperate need to feel special. Communicate if you can, try your best if you can't.

No. 1633658

Worry about your own moids.
Acting as if especially european men are such great danger to especially american women is ridiculous, when you likely have fathers, brothers, husbands voting against abortion for 10yo rape victims.

No. 1633671

File: 1689356656877.webm (10.3 MB, 576x1024, SaveInsta.App - 31461811630099…)

This is kaarinjoy on TikTok and IG, and I know she is just living her best life or whatever but I'm a certified hater. All her diys are poorly thought out and executed. 70% of her content is buying and creating useless garbage that will end up in a landfill. Her house looks like a sticky preschool when she is clearly trying to emulate more popular interior artists.

No. 1633799

omfg, her videos get thrown at me everytime i spend 2 minutes on youtube short and i just close the app out of anger lmao. What's the deal with tiktok/ytb short creators putting on an annoying, fake as shit voice or weird cringy tones? Just as the top of my head i can think of at least 3 creators like that.

No. 1633819

I don't see why we can't worry about both. Just because amerifag moids are shit doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about euro men being shit especially since they're praised and defended so much. You're a good example of people defending European men

No. 1633864

this is so tacky, and i say this as someone who enjoys moriah elizabeth

No. 1633902

Started out going "nah this is cute nonna is just a hater for real" and then it goes off the rails so fast kek

No. 1633962

>rainbow gradient crown moulding
>pink cake print wallpaper
>bright orange sectionals
>painted color splatters
>leg lamp from A Christmas Story
>"stacked Oreo stool"
>sewing room but no storage?
omg nonna this is hilarious. one or two of these is cute. all of them together read like a tag yourself list

No. 1634005

This is cute but if she really behaves like you described it's quite sad. She should use these things instead of instantly throwing them away, it's like fast fashion but with interior design.

No. 1634591

some parts of this are cute but she is clearly trying to emulate that cute eclectic style without having an understanding of what colors and items actually work together. everything clashes in a bad way and the oreo stool looks so uncomfortable to sit on I can't imagine trying to sew on that jesus

No. 1634646

I saw the vid the other day. I lost my braincells seeing the comment section of people going “I want this” “slayy” unironically. Plastic surgeons are truly vile, worst type of “doctors”

No. 1634648

I've not ever seen someone with level of bad taste and poor eye for colour before it's honestly tragic kek. It's her space though so if she likes it power to her I guess

No. 1634750

Wow. She really masked all that molding, yet it still looks like she just painted it freehand. How is that even possible? Also, why the hell would you paint molding on a gradient? Every time it chips (every week) she will have to repaint a whole segment.

No. 1634897

I’m also a certified hater for the same reasons you state. It’s obvious she’s trying to mimic Tay BeepBoop and Dani Klarić, both who are just slightly better than her.
I understand she’s a OB nurse and this is just how she blows off steam but why not try to execute things a bit better? It drives me nuts.

No. 1636136

File: 1689582237210.jpg (193.23 KB, 1080x1779, 51896b01581b026fabf538de907b2b…)

It's icky that this lady is saying she is 19 when her real age is 27. This NPC trend is disguised fetish content that looks a silly tiktok trend. Both Pinkydoll and CherryCrush who are the top livestreamers doing this have an onlyfans. I've scrolled through tiktok lives and there are many sex workers doing disguised fetish content to siphon buyers to their onlyfans.

No. 1636180

Blogpost incoming: I can't forget the time some anon posted Moriah's channel in the female Youtube creators thread and someone replied to her that it's a kids channel. I haven't shaked the thought that maybe I'm truly retarded since because I enjoy her content.

No. 1636382

File: 1689607381955.webm (10.93 MB, 592x1280, 1y21AZKr_u80LcCf.webm)

I was just about to post her. Can't believe men find this arousing or entertaining.

No. 1636387

I don't think I understand what I just watched.

No. 1636389

what fetish is this supposed to cater to??

No. 1636390

who is her audience? preteen boys?

No. 1636396

File: 1689609006492.png (1.42 MB, 1764x1496, Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 11.49…)

No. 1636399

was super confused too, hate to give a scrote a view but this one explains it. basically I see it as an extension of onlyfans crossed with a bimbofication crossed with a vtuber thing. like, I donate = I control woman she says yes yes ice cream = my lil dingdong goes woohoo cause I control woman
men are beasts in the worst sense I fucking swear. supply and demand, expect to see more of this as the female sex gets more and more denigrated, bastardzsed and stolen and then commodified.

No. 1636410

And despite men being the ones who spend their money on these women they still have the audacity to put the fault on the women for making this shit and call women privileged for being able to make money off their stupid man brains. On the other hand, that woman having her kid nearby while she does this is going to seriously mess that kid up.

No. 1636416

Lol I kinda pity cherry crush she was the original ethot egirl who starts all these retarded weeb trends internationally yet only the girls who copy her or join in get popular meanwhile cherrycrush as always is ignored.

Cherry crush was basically the original Belle delphine and Belle copied her whole aesthetic and became famous.

And now this pinkydoll woman also got inspiration from cherry to do this weird npc fetish stuff and she got popular meanwhile cherry is still struggling to stay relevant.

The people who copied her retarded ideas are more popular than her kek.

No. 1636431

The only thing a woman needs to do to not be ugly is be physically fit and brush her teeth. Its practically the easy mode of physical attraction.

No. 1636458

File: 1689613586104.gif (69.42 KB, 220x187, really-what.gif)

"easy mode"

No. 1636485

I don't like to see a man laughing at a bunch of women degrading themselves in a weird way and also contribute to his monetary success by giving him views. and he doesn't even really say anything of substance. you didn't have to post this you could have written like 2 sentences.

No. 1636648

File: 1689628265729.webm (1.24 MB, 576x1024, You Need To Start Scamming Obl…)

i'm not sure if that's the right thread to post this but anyway

i'm too ugly to use my real face so i just created a fake account on a dating website to try and scam men like vidrel. wish me luck nonnies

No. 1636653

This npc fetish shit absolutely exploded recently but I've been consistently getting weird tiktok lives recommended to me in a very similar vein for 2 years now. Sometimes my algorithm goes insane and I get crazy shit for a day or two before it goes back to normal. It was usually asians doing it though.

No. 1636656

the only npc content I have even heard of is that polish couple loczniki

No. 1636683

Seeing moids give in and do the npc shit makes me feel slightly better.

No. 1636699

If enough women drop cash on cute npc dudes humiliating themselves I can see it turning into an actual niche

No. 1636702

Post some

No. 1636704

Is that even something women would want to see? It's so mind numbingly repetitive I can only imagine autistic men paying for it.

No. 1636739

Some of the accounts are absolutely goofy as hell, which makes you curious what they'll do if you donate certain things. Even unattractive moids going "thanks for the glizzy! gluck gluck gluck" when donating hot dogs.

No. 1636755

Post some

No. 1636990

Why is she talking like a Sims?

No. 1637047

File: 1689681045913.jpeg (785.46 KB, 1170x1592, 5BA8326F-AD32-452C-A5C3-9FACE3…)

She also pretend to be 15 years old apparently?

No. 1637051

Ngl this would be so sexy with a big boy

No. 1637054


No. 1637245

I wonder what she's thinking about when doing that stupid shit. Must be boring as hell.

No. 1637348

File: 1689712801990.jpg (176.81 KB, 1283x1367, F1UluoBXoAEQZVs.jpg)

No. 1637358

I saw that too lol.

No. 1637410

The ramification of natuecoco, e-prostitutes have to make something that’s kinda weird into something overtly sexual and off-putting

No. 1637435

File: 1689719200752.webm (11.42 MB, 720x1194, got-me-feeling-like-a-king.web…)

Something like this, but he's imitating Pinkydoll in the first place so it's not that different. I also saw a woman making those same NPC fetish livestreams but she put a TV on her head

No. 1637457

AH the roses smell amazing baby AH

No. 1637475

File: 1689723841241.png (7.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0204.png)

Ohhh tiktok. You… are something else.

No. 1637476

This is the funniest fucking thing I've seen all week. He fucking would.

No. 1637803

this just makes me cringe, I thought it'd be more rebotic

No. 1637804

Same anon, the way people were going on about it before I finally watched, I thought it was e-girls doing like perfect AI voices. This just seems weird, I don't know how scrotes can get off to this or who this appeals to besides scrotes who want to watch a pretty girl.
if she wasn't a pedo-panderer (allegedly) i'd be like, "Do you girl" but most these women are also sex workers.

No. 1638522

> my lil dingdong goes woohoo


No. 1641370

The supposed "book bannings" were a suggested list of books to ban or limit at school libraries that only a few schools actually removed

The "trans parents can have their kids taken away" ended up being kids can get taken away if they get multiple gender affirming surgeries and the other parent from the other state calls for custody

The "trans people being denied medical care" ended up only being trans kids can't get extreme surgeries or HRT until they're 18

Almost any "transphobe" accusations of celebrities was just them saying they aren't going to turn their entire thing to cater to .1% of people

I'm convinced tranny's only read headlines to fear monger instead of actually reading what was passed(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1641564

File: 1690119324536.jpeg (949.43 KB, 828x1546, IMG_0069.jpeg)

the comments on this video boil my blood. this dumb moid doesn’t look up for 40 seconds and somehow doesn’t see the baby in his peripheral vision either. she somehow gets the mug and doesn’t spill it for a while. the comments are all cracking jokes about how he’s the “typical dad” several women commenting that their husbands are exactly like this as if its supposed to be cute…the commenters finding this funny are all accidentally admitting that moids are useless parents. women meekly asking why this video makes them so mad when the answer is so obvious: moids get praised for their incompetence and indifference to their own children.
i’ve been realizing these days that majority of ppl just expect moids to be disgusting, rude, evil and immoral which is why there’s not much reaction when they do shit like this. its just expected. its also why they get praised for doing the very bare minimum for their child aka brushing their hair once a year. and women are expected to be perfect, kind, understanding and accepting at all times so if they even slightly fall out of line its “how dare this cunt/bitch” thats why the desperate term retards try to throw out “women are just as bad as men111!1!1!11!” doesn’t work kek

if this was a mother on her phone, the comments would be ruthless. i can already imagine the video being posted to some conservative twitter account and starting a debate on how modern (american) women are evil terrible people and mothers. no doubt they would be accusing her of cheating and onlyfans(emoji)

No. 1641967

>several women commenting that their husbands are exactly like this as if its supposed to be cute…
nothing enrages me more than those compilations of moids being annoying manchildren and all women in the comments going "haha omg my hubby too! that's totally him! he's so playful, boys will be boys! haha" meanwhile the very same behavior would no longer be tolerated in girls aged 13. it's just so bleak. if i was a moid i'd love to have many children too, afterall nothing would change for me…

No. 1642117

The gender fighters are trying to claim women with pcos are intersex now and claiming Jacobs syndrome, etc are new genders. I wanna off myself anons

No. 1642136

Kek nona no one is saying that women with PCOS are intersex. That doesn't even make sense. Why would you want to kill yourself over bait?

No. 1642179

No. 1642182

File: 1690159663479.jpeg (928.85 KB, 1170x960, 62A06DC9-139E-4367-81A1-A60094…)

Not really hate but unhinged

No. 1642185

File: 1690159884415.png (247.99 KB, 720x1202, Screenshot_20230723-195136.png)

Unfortunately it's true. Trannies keep trying to normalize being a tranny by claiming things like PCOS or having a micro penis means someone is intersex.

No. 1642187

File: 1690160021021.png (748.28 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20230723-195536.png)

No. 1642192

>common sex karyotypes
kek these are literally a minirigy within the minority of klinefelter types

No. 1642204

Lmao, i hope it works out for her and the gf is as insane as she is so the relationship can work.

No. 1642223

>"Common sex karyotypes […] XYYY"
>"XYYY syndrome […] is exceptionally rare, with only twelve recorded cases." (a single Wikipedia search)
I wonder if they were born stupid - sorry, ASAB (assigned stupid at birth) - or if they transitioned.

No. 1642235

How do you know she’s 27 saying she’s 19? I don’t doubt you but I wanna see

No. 1642236

Someone writing about it on tumblr doesn't make it true anon. Normal people aren't thinking this.

No. 1642253

Nah this person is literally doxxing people and replying to every single comment in the matter of seconds who disagree or question (even if they're respectful)

Someone who commented on this messaged me sending me screenshots of the tranny spamming them for hours non stop over nothing

No. 1642271

File: 1690169850486.png (630.76 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_20230723-223915.png)

I want to puke. He looks like a child molester

No. 1642279

They made a new video tagging someone claiming they were harassing them and insulting them, when the person commented they never insulted them and they just wanted a proper source they deleted the comments and blocked them

No. 1642288

This ugly moid blew off an ivy league student by calling it a money waster, but demanded everyone believe him

No. 1642289

Is that supposed to be convincing that this is not very deranged and retarded?

No. 1642294

Kek as soon as I saw the moid I knew the most deranged shit ever was gonna come from his mouth

No. 1642296

Something tells me he was a typical military douchebag then got caught sexually harassing or something and wanted to pull the troon thing at last minute as a distraction

No. 1642297

I just don't get why nona is taking it seriously and saying she wants to kill herself over it. Like random insane people say all kinds of shit, especially online.

No. 1642306

Probably the first time she's seen insanity in the wild. I use to think the troons craziness were myths until I actually saw it

No. 1642362

NTA but tims are trying to convince people women with PCOS are closer to men. The worst ones are the tifs who come in and claim they're men because of PCOS or that it helps them experience gender euphoria. It's like they're trying to give gender dysphoria to women for not being "woman enough". Plenty of women with PCOS or simply just facial hair are harassed by these tims claiming they're men or hermaphrodites


No. 1642365

i've gotten into the biggest twitter slapfights about this issue. they've been trying for at least 6 yrs on this particular shit. it infuriates me because it's literally just your pancreas being retarded and typically being insulin resistant. it's not like it has anything to do with being ACTUALLY more or less masculinized on a developmental level like they want to think. what they really want is the percentage point for PCOS, because it's so prevalent because it's essentially a metabolic issue. 1 in 10 women sounds really good for their agenda. MEN and their dick-kissers are so fucking annoying

No. 1642386

Not to mention most women are getting diagnosed with PCOS because of shit quality American food or birth control induced PCOS. American women are being poisoned to where are hormones are being fucked up and not only are we suffering from that but now troons are stripping us of womanhood and girlhood to further their agenda

Ofc now they want to probably claim a woman with PCOS is the same as being trans or something and you can't point out how wrong and offensive it is to call PCOS women "men" or intersex because they will pull the "imagine how trans people feel" card

No. 1642392

Quit spreading misinfo wtf. Pcos isn't caused by food or drugs also, birth control literally TREATS PCOS by stabilizing hormone levels. If the woman doesn't take treatment, she will have permanent male pattern body hair, hair loss and DIABETES! Stop making shit up, if someone reads your posts and stops getting treatment because of you, how are you going to feel?

No. 1642395

pcos can absolutely be caused by diet tho

No. 1642410

nta but pcos is a metabolic disorder, it is very closely related to insulin resistance and diabetes. high testosterone levels are just a symptom, not the disorder itself. only treating the hormonal imbalance won't cure pcos and the insulin resistance, it will only address things like acne, hirsutism, hair loss etc. diet changes will help big time with managing pcos

No. 1642430

Well how did it go?

No. 1642436

Pill induced PCOS is literally the second most common type of PCOS. Birth control is used as a band aid which is why it gets worse for women on bc

No. 1642467

It doesn’t get worse on bc in my experience. Do you have it and yours got worse on bc?

No. 1642642

It doesn't get noticably worse per say, but BC masks symptoms so if a woman decides to stop taking BC it will hit her hard. It also sucks a lot of doctors will refuse to educate patients with PCOS and just throw them on BC. I knew multiple women on PCOS who didn't even know what metformin was and never had their PCOS monitored

Relying on artificial hormones instead of monitoring the root cause will never go good

No. 1642645

I stopped the combo pill a year ago and now I never get a period that lasts longer than a day and never have to wear more than one pad a day. I only change it cause it smells sweaty not because it’s full or even close. I was worried cause I was also having night sweats but the transvaginal ultrasound was totally normal and so are my hormone levels.

No. 1642819

File: 1690221033773.png (7.43 MB, 1170x2532, 861756D8-760C-4914-8779-EA0086…)

The npc fetish content "Pinkydoll" tiktok lady is straight up retarded and I'm so serious. When she broke character to scold her son, she couldn't string a sentence together she speaks like a three year old it's concerning

>why why you do this

>you do this Imma sell the dog
>you do this why why you do this

No. 1642825

She's obviously just ESL anon. She was also speaking French on her lives and I think people are saying she lives in Canada.

No. 1642827

She's clearly ESL, but she's retarded for other reasons yes.

No. 1642835

Yeah that's what I thought at first but her accent is more generic north american rather than the typical french-canadian ones so I assumed English was her first language
What I'm sure of is she just fried her brain off completely doing these lives (and porn)

No. 1642837

She sounds very quebecois, wasn't surprised she's from mtl tbh i thought she was haitian or guadeloupan
anyway i wonder what she's gonna do once this trend dies out? reality tv? she seems smart enough to pivot

No. 1642839

Her making fetish content for hours in front of a child is concerning. She also mentioned him playing his feces for some reason.

No. 1642841

She's ESL and speaks French. Her accent sounds familiar but at the same time I can't guess it. Anwyay I laughed pretty hard at the video where she tells her son to stop shitting (on the floor?) and to go wash his hands and go to his room RIGHT NOW kek I feel bad for her for having a dumbass son.

No. 1642843

she is literally from montreal

No. 1642845

>She also mentioned him playing his feces for some reason.
He was doing something with his poop and she yelled at him that he's not 3 anymore, he's 5 so he better not do that again and he's not allowed to watch tv anymore for the day.

No. 1642850

She is 19, so I think that's her brother. There was another women in the background who is a mom/aunt.
I used to think she was dumb but her age makes more sense

No. 1642855

She was born in 1996, she's 27.

No. 1642856

She's not 19 she's 27 >>1636136

No. 1642857

Damn I'm watching more videos and her son really is a dumbass. They have a dog and he won't stop bothering it.

I really doubt she's 19 given she sounds like she's raising him instead of just being a babysitter for their hypothetical parents.

No. 1642863

File: 1690222304793.jpg (36.69 KB, 536x503, VqSqxF2.jpg)

interesting, does she get talked about in the tiktok snow thread?

No. 1642868

File: 1690222398562.webm (345.52 KB, 320x462, 7CUvDExvG6350_1.webm)

Tiktok has genuinely screwed-up zoomer brains to an extent we can't even begin to grapple with.

No. 1642872

that shit is so sad, she's not even 30, yet already has to lie to still be considered attractive to scrotes. even if she started sex work on her own and isn't some poor trafficked slave, that has to massively fuck with her.

No. 1642927

She does not sound north American at all to me, where do you live

No. 1642931

To me she just sounded like a Dominican lol. Surprised to find out she's from the French speaking part of Canada.

No. 1642953

She doesn't sound Canadian to me at all, which is why I said I can't pinpoint where her accent comes from. It sounds similar to how my friends from Guadeloupe and Martinique and West Africa sound like, like some sort of mix between these accents.

No. 1642955

> I don't know how scrotes can get off to this
It's just supercharged bimbo fetishism or "women don't have souls" shit.
I think almost all the stories of missing children lost (dead) in national parks involve a man ignoring the child in some way. The worst are the cases where they heard the child yelling in distress and still did nothing.

No. 1642960

Eh, I don't think this is different from Paris Hilton era party girls in the '00s

No. 1643035

File: 1690230085781.jpeg (404.58 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_7532.jpeg)

She lied about being 15 too. Someone on TikTok exposed her and the top comments were libfems going “Yas queen! Stop hating on her! Let her make her money!!”

No. 1643105

It's the 4chan lingo that scares me

No. 1643183

Is that screenshot actually what it looks like –like, there wasn't more to the video? Not that I don't believe she would lie about being 15 (although that's kinda weird to do if you want to sell your onlyfans) it's just something about the phrasing here is really weird. "15 and still [fire]" like huh? sounds like she's talking about her jeans being old or something.

No. 1643187

we should be more focused on the fact pretending to be a teenager gave her MORE attention

No. 1643205

why are people being mean about this girl? she's taking on a male that isn't even hers, is a nightmare and she seems to just be trying to get by… she's lucky she's not actually suffered secondhand brain damage from being around it. the issue is the fact that pedoculture/misogyny encourages this with literal money (as if it isn't bad enough to just suggest that young-mid teens, or literal children, are better, but to actually prove this is a common view for men so much that you prefer to pay for this over something else) is just crazy. this world is so fucked.

No. 1643227

I'm gonna be honest, assuming he doesn't have some mental disability (which is totally possible obviously considering he keeps being rough with the dog), a 5 year old playing in shit sounds like a failure on the parent

No. 1643229

File: 1690246924463.webm (2.76 MB, 576x1246, pinkydoll.webm)

Idk where you guys are getting this idea that he's not her kid, in vidrel she literally says "I have to go put my son to bed" and in another she says "this is the life of a mother". And if he wasn't and his actual mother was in the background, then it makes no sense why she's always the one scolding him or why he has to be there while she's doing her livestreams

No. 1643237

she has constantly been caught lying about her age

No. 1643246

her child was playing in poop and she neglects the child. she seems to just be mentally disabled. she was on her tiktok account crying about how people need to stop reposting her lives because her son will see it one day as if she doesn’t willingly go on live herself. she’s almost 30 lying about being 15 and 19. these tiktok onlyfans girls that go full belle delphine and stay a teenager forever for pedos don’t get any empathy from me. it’s not like they’re forced into it. it’s just putting more teenage girls in danger. they know exactly what they’re doing and don’t care. she can get money from onlyfans without saying she’s a teenager. fuck the moids that pay for it but she’s also a perpetrator in this

No. 1643333

for them its not 4chan lingo though, may have originated from 4chan, but then spread it to reddit and incel forums, then to twitter and then to tiktok

No. 1643482

Given how he screeched right after she scolded him, I pray for that woman that her son isn't retarded because I wouldn't be surprised if he were. She won't stop telling him to stop hitting their dog and she seems strict but fairly reasonable when she says if he doesn't like being hit, he shouldn't hit others and his friends at school don't hit him so he shouldn't hit the dog.

No. 1643779

File: 1690294817976.webm (2.39 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_724100266659014583…)

No. 1643804

Yeah unless your kid is retarded, that's the result of shitty parenting. From the posts I've seen here and the fact that she spends hours doing fetish lives, I doubt she's a good parent.

No. 1643805

why is he emoting like Dasha at the SAG awards

No. 1643860

File: 1690301312553.jpeg (1.26 MB, 871x1480, IMG_1588.jpeg)

Kek she’s making shit up

No. 1643880

How are people actually this stupid? Yeah, people want abortion bans because abortion is womanly and feminine, not because it relates to female biology and oppression. This goes for anything that relates back to having a female body. What she’s talking about is just the cherry on top of everything else.

No. 1643915

If the patriarchy is just against ~ womanly ~ things (something hard to define as different cultures have different standards for femininity), then how come as a butch woman I'm not being venerated? How come literally every GNC woman I know gets bullied for it? Jesus Christ, it's amazing these dumbasses can even work a smartphone in the first place.

No. 1643920

people like this are always mentally ill and get all of their opinions from twitter and tiktok

No. 1643964

File: 1690310904477.png (33.88 KB, 522x248, Screenshot 2023-07-25 2.24.22 …)

She even acknowledges this in a reply to a comment but still chooses to be a dense retard.

No. 1643969

yet FTMs are always treated worse than MTFs even though the former try to be "masculine and manly"

No. 1644016

Not surprising, but I'd be interested to know if she labels herself as an intersectional feminist with this retarded "women in general" shit.

No. 1644092

Shit like this just makes me sad, like the "teach men not to rape" shit. All the academic word games and scolding in the world aren't going to change the reality of men.

No. 1644267

Riddle me this and riddle me quick. If misogyny is based on femininity and not femaleness, then why are masculine women subjected to misogyny?

No. 1646904

File: 1690512519044.png (685.37 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20230727-214945.png)

Inevitable_Bites crying wolf and being obsessed with infighting yet again

No. 1646908

thought that was Anna K

No. 1646935

>Depicts cis women as ugly old angry broads
>Depicts trans women as fairy princesses (which is why he needed multiple filters and pounds of makeup and still can't pass)

Is this moid delusional or what? He has multiple videos of him screaming, and crying, and being dramatic, and acting like a toddler over inoffensive comments that he could've easily just deleted, all while he looks like literal dog shit.the kicker is the "ugly cis women" he typically gets into fights with are beautiful and zen

No. 1647007

Why was anon banned? There's no emojis in this post and she's right

No. 1647009

They've been saying it for years. I remember that being a thing on Tumblr around 2016-2017 and tiktok is just old sjw Tumblr rehashed. I was there, I constantly saw "cis girls" put in their bio that they were intersex because of pcos, or saw people use the argument that terfs are just mad their pcos makes them closer to trnnies and they're rejecting it

No. 1647022

>Eliminating medical words to prevent gender dysmorphia against trans men is good
>Claiming PCOS gives trans men gender euphoria is good
>Using PCOS against women to give them body dysmorphia is good
Make it make sense

No. 1647062

File: 1690522713171.jpeg (12.64 KB, 168x300, download (4).jpeg)

literally thought it was onision for a second

No. 1647063

please tell me he isnt argentinian

No. 1647067

Nonnie did you mistake the trans flag for the Argentinian one?

No. 1647078

Who even is this? I can't find any other info from their username. I'd bet he isn't even in the military. Doesn't he claim to be intersex? Would someone who has that disorder even be allowed in the military?

No. 1647090

They're in the US army, and being intersex and/or trans is connected to a lot of disabilities, they shouldn't have been enrolled in the first place if they were intersex unless they lied. There's also multiple videos of him flirting with minors by pretending to be a Dom and tagging bdsm stuff to minors. It would be funny if he lost all his benefits by getting exposed

No. 1647091

Jannies remove emojis anon

No. 1647114

File: 1690527851580.png (135.59 KB, 1592x574, Screenshot 2023-07-28 at 2.03.…)

kek tiktok constantly panders and makes excuses for troons. if he got deleted by tiktok or had 8 strikes i dont even want to know the fucked up shit he must have been doing.

No. 1648131

File: 1690637234263.jpeg (417.9 KB, 828x992, IMG_1446.jpeg)

No. 1648143

lmao the delusion. I won't say more than that.

No. 1648262

Wild seeing this immediately after watching a YouTube video on Lauren McCluskey.

No. 1648426

Wow you learn something new about lolcow every day, thank you for being nice and spoonfeeding me nonnie
>tagging minors in bdsm posts
He needs to rope. They can't hide their true colors for a single second but we're the insane one for recognizing the wolf is wearing cheap imitation wool

No. 1648562

He also claimed straight people were incestuous groomers by asking their kids how many kids they wanna have kek

No. 1648850

Hmmm I wonder how many white women have been raped and/or murdered by men of color vs how many men of color have been raped and murdered by white women.

Truly so fucking retarded to even be having this discussion lol. I don't get black women like this at all. Your men are murdering and abusing and sexually assaulting you at unbelievably high rates. In America, in mono racial relationships, black women are the most likely to die from IPV. Fuck, the number one cause of untimely death for black women is black men! So why this animosity towards white women (few of whom are violently racist) when your men are out here making your lives hell? Jesus Christ. Insane.

No. 1649176

They'll probably say that white women weaponize white men against black men or something. That's the usual thing. Like if you remember Central Park Karen, they were saying she was emphasizing that a black dude was attacking her, but in reality the phone just had a really bad connection. Kmele Foster had an interview with her (https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-real-story-of-the-central-park-karen/id1570872415) and they played the 911 calls.

The perpetuation of this myth started really kicking up with the re-examination of what happened to Emmett Till, who was murdered for an alleged sexual assault against a white woman. This white woman, Carolyn Bryant Donham, was writing a memoir with the help of Timothy Tyson, who would later author of The Blood of Emmett Till. Tyson claims she said she falsely accused Till of the assault, and says the confession happened while they were alone, while he was setting up his tape recorder. This is the proof needed for this current racebait, just the word of some random author who clearly benefits from lying about this.

No. 1649240

it must be like a group Stockholm syndrome. Their men mistreat them and tell them constantly their black traits are ugly and always want to date lighter skin girls. No one race of women capes for their men so hard

No. 1649258

wild seeing these takes when the men that assaulted me in my life were all poc

No. 1649269

I’ve been assaulted by almost exclusively white men, same with my friends, but we are all white who only really have dated white scrotes. However the random assaults from strangers me and my friends have faced have all been from black/brown men. I’ve thankfully never been assaulted by a random white scrote that I wasn’t intimately involved with already. All scrotes are awful but I wish there was a study done on this, though it’s not politically correct so it will never happen

No. 1649360

File: 1690752818110.jpg (207.92 KB, 720x1350, Screenshot_20230730-1228.jpg)

wtf is this?

No. 1649362

probably theyre just posting creepy disturbing looking stuff with cartoon graphics because they know it will get a lot of engagement. that's usually the explanation whenever you see weird shit like this on tiktok or yt, just report it and move on nonny

No. 1649365

it's disturbing that they are targeting kids. elsagate never stopped

No. 1649405

No. 1650074

File: 1690809782304.webm (7.08 MB, 590x1280, iFGnSbwZMfIY3qFn.webm)

Lord have mercy. This feels like some MK Ultra type shit.

No. 1650076

No. 1650079

What is this supposed to be…?

No. 1650084

ai generated race bait?

No. 1650085

Wtf is this shit

No. 1650130

kek wtf are polfags on

No. 1650371

That's creepy af. I hate that social media is literally the wild west now.

No. 1650857

File: 1690892258395.jpeg (782.89 KB, 828x1327, IMG_7874.jpeg)

There’s something about that Queen Astraea chick that annoys the shit out of me. It seems like all you have to do is be pretty and make the ugliest fucking faces and everyone eats it up.

(I’ve met her in person, she’s absolutely full of herself too.)

No. 1650867

I'll be honest, I wish I had this level of pretty privilege where people will just fawn over me no matter what dumb shit I do just for being pretty, skinny and blonde.

No. 1650871

I remember she told us to “bow down to the queen” once when she was with our friend group at a con and no one fucking did it and I loved it.

No. 1650875

tiktok is a psyop as a whole

No. 1650881

i swear to god at this point if tiktok gets deleted im 100% sure humanity will get restored. just shut it down already, its done way too much harm

No. 1650882

samefag, like i genuinely believe tiktok is a chinese psyop

No. 1650883

Social media in general is bad for our attention spans.
But damn tiktok must be horrible for developing brains. Nothing of value would be lost if it was gone.

No. 1650887

Is that dress made from an IKEA bedspread? Queenly indeed

No. 1650889

I see my niece and nephew (both 7) with unsupervised tiktok access and it legitimately scares me.

No. 1650891

why the fuck does their no brain mother allow this. they're 7 too…. tell her to stop giving fucking 7 year olds unsupervised internet access or else in 10 years they're going to end up coomers who won't know how to form a goddamn sentence

No. 1650895

and what if they find out about 4chan AT 7 YEARS OLD? i swear to god these parents are sabotaging their own kids its like they want their kids to end up mentally challenged with a touch of ptsd

No. 1650897

Surprisingly, different families for each kid. It’s by marriage and I have little to no relationship with them and only see them on holidays. If anything, they’ve inspired me to absolutely not allow ANY video apps for my kid, regardless of how “vetted” it is. Fuck, they play this game now that you play colors on a rainbow and you kill each other—my niece has said “red is the best color because it’s like blood”. I absolutely expect them to be in therapy in the future.

No. 1650901

there is something weird going on with tiktok, it's weird that it attracts everyone. Normally social media is for teens until adults invade, like facebook, and then the teens move to newer social media. But tiktok has kids, teens, young adults, 50+ people, elders. It also has all sides of the spectrum, weird edgy autists, thots, tradtoths, scammers, leftists, normal people. It weirds me out. The ccp are onto something with this app.

No. 1650990

No nonna can’t you see? It’s a luxuuuurious ballgown for her majesty

No. 1652700

File: 1691072599856.webm (3.22 MB, 576x1024, 3fe54a5489d4799ca9373c2460f1ad…)

all this nonsense just to ignore that she has built a platform on "all white people are evil and bleach demons" but then on the same breath dates a white man but its ok bc they are both genderspecial(racebaiting)

No. 1652708

Don't reply to the racebaiter. Replying to bait can also get you banned.

No. 1652713

File: 1691074196943.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1609052027932.jpg)

She's literally this meme.

No. 1652807


In what world does she live in where it's the girlfriend flying the boyfriend on vacation to impress him? 99% of the time it's the guy that does that in hopes of getting sex

No. 1652880

File: 1691088630512.png (2.29 MB, 640x1136, B8040C3E-0256-4850-8B25-0EB535…)

She makes it seem like she is jealous

No. 1652882

Can you guys post links too I can’t see webms

No. 1653069

File: 1691103825349.webm (8.09 MB, 480x852, FRt0APAj80ZDaF3q.webm)

Male gyno is pressed that women choose to see female gynos

No. 1653071

Stop racebaiting. I'm white but literally no one is jealous of someone's race, you're weird.

No. 1653074

Has he considered that maybe the same women who want bbls and implants and the ones who only want female gynecologists aren't the same fucking people??? He sounds so fucking butt hurt about a woman not wanting him to check their pussy and seems like such a creep. He's not going to pretend that he can ever be capable of comprehending what his patients are going through like his female counterparts can, that's what automatically makes them more qualified for the job.

No. 1653076

I don't think that was what was being implied. Clearly the tiktoker isn't jealous at all, but she is just a shit stirrer looking for attention.

No. 1653078

Well she is equating pretty with white. and I’m not white I just think it’s annoying and sounds like cope whenever brown or black girls are like “she’s just white!” I am brown, it makes us sounds like we are bitter.

No. 1653099

And so is anon.
Well I'm white and I'm telling you that no white person is gonna think a woman venting about racist beauty standards is bitter. Stop bringing black women down or making fun of women's image issues just because you're unhappy and bitter yourself.
And yeah she is right that an ugly white person can be shilled as more pretty/handsome compared to a nonwhite person by racist people. This often happens on social media though because radical racists don't go outside much.

No. 1653457

>I'm telling you that no white person is gonna think a woman venting about racist beauty standards is bitter.
Speak for yourself.

No. 1653460

Quit racebaiting, I'll never think a woman venting about beauty standards is bitter. We've all been pushed to change ourselves starting from a younger age(painful hair removal, plastic surgery, hairdying, daily makeup, etc) and that push is even stronger for nonwhite women who are told their natural features such as their hair isn't professional or tidy. Black women literally couldn't wear their hair natural to office environments, if they're upset they have the right to be upset.

Also I've had ugly white friends like you who loved putting down beautiful nonwhite women like her so I kinda do believe her point. Some people do try to make black women feel lesser than, especially unattractive white men.

No. 1653528

Me when my mother says some moid is good looking

No. 1653537

No. 1653791

see what?

No. 1654102

why does she annoy me so much nonnies…

No. 1654113

KEK I love this

No. 1654752

Him being upset about that makes it clear that he is a creep. If he was a gynecologist with good intentions, he would understand why women would be uncomfortable with a male one. Instead he is angry he isnt allowed access to vulnerable women.

No. 1655072

File: 1691263280668.jpg (494.72 KB, 1170x2532, F1pGz-oWcAIpi1t.jpg)

I thought she was joking, but she was 100% genuine, like how are these people real.

No. 1655313

kek what was she expecting from a movie titled "Oppenheimer", gay german romance? even without looking at the trailers it's obvious what it's about

No. 1655348

This can be applied to almost every racial fetishist (at least w men). I've witness moids drool over white, Asian, Latina, etc girls who are ugly as sin just because "I wanna Asian girl/Latina/white girl"

No. 1655360

A man smizing and holding prayer hands in a tiktok should not be inspecting coochies for a living

No. 1655363

She's happy?

No. 1655378

File: 1691281530016.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1328x1582, Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 20.21…)

what is this guy's deal? he has a retarded website called fibroidslayer[dot]com (doc4dastreetz.com also redirects there) and he has a private instagram but it's linked to his twitter and you can see everything including surgical gore (picrel spoilered) of the women he operates on. I hate professionals with huge online presences and books deals and news appearances and motivational speaking tours – when does this scrote have time to be an actual doctor? what a quack

No. 1655383

File: 1691281679688.png (1008.23 KB, 940x1416, vaginal reconstruction.png)

oh my god this is the top thing on his website's "services" page

No. 1655402

Is it because it reminds you of those consoomer setups where they have 10 wireless keyboard, have shitty hello kitty snacks and is surrounded by junk?

No. 1655405

all of that set up to play the shittiest games imaginable that could run on a nokia brickphones i hate it

No. 1655425

As is her right to do with her expendable income

No. 1655505

Does he realize gynos like him are part of the reason some women don't want a scrote gyno? In fact, no woman should go to a male gyno as long as men like him are allowed to practice.

No. 1655711

why are you simping for her? are we not to make fun of how people waste their money?

No. 1655749

Kek she probably uses it for editing her videos as well.

No. 1655824

File: 1691323207091.jpg (29.44 KB, 500x371, 2bedd4a8181b8a7d0108f483055f75…)

she's not wrong though… picrel shows Blake Lively would'nt be considered a '10/10 goddess' if she didn't have blond hair and blue eyes

No. 1655841

I don't want to go see a man who has to ask questions with such obvious answers on the internet for anything. I've never had my eyelashes done but sure whatever I'd probably go to a man if he was good at whatever that entails. I'm pretty sure it doesn't include messing with my vagina though. men have eyelashes. a biological man does not have a vagina. I've even been through a phase where I PREFERED to see male doctors and therapists 'cause I've got mommy issues (didn't go well, one guy tried to kill me), but there was ONE exception and that's my gyneo who is just a sweet and funny old lady.

No. 1655842

Huh I actually think she looks better with dark hair and eyes. Sucks fat Americans think all pale women with dark hair and eyes = Micheal Jackson

No. 1655859

I don't see anything wrong with it? Anons love nitpicking random women over the most random things. She's probably just rich enough to play dumb games on a pretty setup, should she suddenly start living in a dumpster or something because her current setup is too much for the games she actually play kek. Although she's definitely doing this for the 'aesthetics', it isn't even extreme level of consoomerism. I'd take an aesthetic retard over a grimy-basement dwelling autist any day.

No. 1655861

She's still ugly with blonde hair, her aura and acting is what made her famous. Anons who delusionally think they'll no longer be ugly when they bleach their hair and wear blue contacts are just like those incels who think jaw filler will fix their whole lifes.

No. 1655862

Why would you need this unless you have a prolapsed vagina/urethra? Wtf.

No. 1655874

"if it wasn't for her outer appearance, she wouldn't be considered pretty!" are you listening to yourselves? why suddenly eye and hair color is not part of your appearance and how attractive you look

No. 1655878

You think she is ugly…?

No. 1655892

Yeah, maybe it's the expressions but she's always been unattractive to me. She's a very talented actress though.
And I agree with the other anon, she does look cuter with brown hair, the blonde kind of washes her out

No. 1655917

in what world is oppenheimer us propaganda? Half the movie is about the government fucking over oppenheimer because he did a 180 and became against weapons of mass destruction. Do people really lack basic media literacy?

No. 1655992

File: 1691340205248.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1242x1512, IMG_1609.jpeg)

Nothing wrong with some of the opinions she has it’s just funny that she is talking shit on women who put other women down while also making a TikTok putting women down. The comments calling her brave for having the most safe opinions on that app are funny as fuck to me. Not trying to racebait either.

No. 1655994

>while also making a TikTok putting women down
It's not putting other women down to point out bad behaviors that other women have though

No. 1655996

I find it funny that 'black girls who are transphobic' is somehow worse or at the level of 'asian girls who infantilize themselves to look cute'

No. 1655997

>’puts themselves down for MEN’
>says its wrong for black women to hate troons
>implying that black women and MEN should have some weird solidarity for each other
Doesn’t this bitch realize she’s just pushing the same racist views that colorist men have against black women?

No. 1656000

>latinas who
>gringa who thinks latino is a race
Opinion disregarded, also as if Asian women had to do anything to be viewed as childish and cute, fetishists will see them like that no matter how they are. Did she want to call them pedopanderers and dud not have the guts to kek? I dunno why she is singling out specific groups of women to call out bad things, or "bad" things, that aren't actually that particular to them.

No. 1656013

>Black girls who are transphobic
Do they ever get tired of implying black women are mannish. Why do black women owe solidarity to trans people. I wanna a-log.

No. 1656112

Tag urself I am
>middle eastern girls who judge others lifestyles
It's so funny for her to attack asian women as if white men aren't the ones fetishizing them though.

No. 1656122

i saw this and loled at her forgetting south asian girls. she probably just lumps them in with middle eastern

No. 1656128

Nta but most of the feminist stuff that comes up on tiktoks for you page for me are done by black or brown women, that's probably why she put it like that.

No. 1656196

File: 1691352531190.jpg (477.39 KB, 3464x3464, 1687205606340.jpg)

The way this retard only targeted women, and for some reason, listed them by their race too (reminds me of cringeyass moids who say "I'm not racist, I hate every race equally") although she left out my race probably because she can't even differentiate us from arab and middle eastern women kek. Like yeah sure tiffany, a lightskin girl dating a colorist or a white girl dating a racist homophobic everything under the sun boyfriend are totally worse than the moids themselves, and based 'transphobic' black women are basically devil incarnate. Might as well tattoo 'look other women are soooooo evil and twansphobic, but I'm not because I'm calling them out on my shitty lil tiktok' on your forehead and be done with this embarrassing nlog behaviour.

No. 1656211

I think she looks better with dark hair, but tbf I think almost everyone on earth looks better with dark hair unless they’re a natural redhead. She should dye her hair dark.

No. 1656213

Labiaplasty also makes “outie” vulvas look like “innie” vulvas. I had the misfortune of learning about this promptly after losing my virginity at 14 to my 18 year old “bf” who’d pressured me into it in the first place. He literally told me I should save up for one because my pussy was gross looking.

No. 1656229

Reason #1 why dark haired dark eyed white or white passing women have complexes about their appearance

There's a lot of ugly blonde women who live life on easier mode because of their coloring, but she isn't ugly kek

But if you ask me about Trisha Paytas, Jenny McCarthy or any of those other uggo surgery blonde blue eyed bimbos who wouldn't get half the male attention they had if they had dark hair and eyes… yes they live life on easy mode and weren't attractive to begin with

No. 1656415

I think the blonde hair and blue eyes work well with the rest of her facial features and skin color, the dark hair and eyes on the other hand look weird on her and her skin in the left picture looks reddish? But either way idk who she is.

No. 1656418

Girl just dye your hair instead of obsessing. Most anons itt think she looks better with dark hair and dark eyrs anyway.

No. 1656423

I will never stop hating the botched antivax bitch for various reasons, but blonde would look horrible on my skin tone

My hair needs to breathe and fade back to its natural hue, alternating between black and red the last couple years has done it no favors

No. 1656453

The two examples you mentioned aren't actually considered attractive.

No. 1656474

File: 1691368968428.jpg (14.27 KB, 360x247, FjMb7AyXgAItPGk.jpg)

We should all be transphobic, not just black women.

No. 1656492

he absolutely radiates scumminess I literally wouldn't use his services if they were free and I had just ruptured a cyst. he literally couldn't pay me!

No. 1656527

File: 1691373693076.jpeg (138.41 KB, 750x796, IMG_1484.jpeg)

how did they fuck all those celebrities? and how did bimboette mcgoo autist get hired at playboy in the first place? it can't just be the butterface factor or their repulsive personalities. ugh, men have no standards

men will fuck a ham sandwich if it had a blonde wig on i s2g

No. 1656587

I think you're mistaking the "blondes are easy and accessible" trope for "all blondes are gorgeous and stunning like Marilyn monroe" or something. Males are very visually honest, but they're also sluts who respect no one including themselves. So yeah, they'll fuck anything and no it doesn't matter if they think they're attractive.

No. 1656621

femcel vibes. blonde women aren't out to get you anon and they certainly don't want incels' baby carrots

No. 1656671

>calling other women femcels unironically

girl I don't want to be blonde I just want eurocentric fetishization as a concept to die

No. 1656684

File: 1691392996953.png (3.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1622.PNG)

Jesus fucking Christ, there's this woman on TikTok who was assaulted and listed the physical characteristics of her attackers, and a bunch of retards are accusing her of being racist as a result. Focusing on her "fatphobia" and mentioning that they were black instead of the fact that she was assaulted. It's strange that TikTok, as a platform, claims to encourage inclusivity and acceptance, and has a community that is full of "progressives". But allows this and other disgusting things. Zoomers love to constantly talk about digital footprint, but as soon as they cyberbully, all of that goes out the window. Some of the people commenting even have their faces attached to their accounts. These fucking idiots would be crying wolf if it were a white male tranny that was assaulted. what is going on? Is there fluoride in the water we drink???
How was the behavior of these girls not "ghetto" or "hoodlum"? It sure as hell was not classy. If you want to file a police report, you must describe age range, race, and appearance. We are talking about the same platform that got two women fired from their jobs for "bullying" a narcissistic influencer. These people will one day be the only ones to run America, and when that happens, the country will go to complete shit. A bunch of brainless mongoloids with zero critical thinking who exaggerate everything. And yeah, there is a chance she may be milking this for attention. But that still doesn't warrant getting jumped. I don't know nonna's. I'm just getting fucking irritated with the constant hypocrisy of the internet and life.

No. 1656685

File: 1691393128172.png (3.68 MB, 5240x3520, OTCD9508.PNG)

samefag, heres the comments.

No. 1656692

She’s not ‘venting about unfair beauty standards’ she’s just getting upset whenever ever someone says another woman is pretty. She is definitely jealous. It’s sad that she’s insecure about her looks but that doesn’t mean she gets to take it out on other women.

No. 1656695

You have posted this so many times in so many threads. No there is no such thing as ‘white people-hair-colour-coloursim’. You are either a deeply insecure brunette or a moid sperging about how ‘acktually blonde women are ugly!!’ because he got rejected by one.

No. 1656699

>implying people on this site don't do that all the time

do you have any idea about the way italians, jews, slavic people, greeks aka basically all the white races with darker features used to be treated? they were historically fucking hated during the early days of american eugenics alongside non white races which by the way was part of the basis for hitlers ideology. the reason why jews in particular stood so much in solidarity with marginalized groups was because they were treated like shit for their religion but also phenotypically

and yes those eurocentric colorist beauty standards exist, why otherwise do so many dark haired women feel pressured to dye their hair blonde even now

No. 1656700

You're looking into it too hard. It isnt about it being eurocentric it's about it being a slutty stereotype. Nobody except weird Aryan worshipers care about natural blondes.

No. 1656703

playboy never should've been invented. case closed. when time machines are invented I'm going back and killing hefner

No. 1656714

Ok then stop sperging. I used to be natural blonde and as a blonde you pull stupider, uglier, hairier and usually darker men compared to as a brunette. As a brunette you attract less men but they're not pornsick weirdos or brown men who are chasing after blonde women with blue eyes. Literally only Indian, Afghan, Paki etc. or Arab dicklets obsess about women with blue eyes and blonde hair and I doubt that's the type of man u wanna attract.

No. 1656723

This works until you get banned kek. Years ago I catfished as some Tumblr girl for a while so that's why I didn't last long. So if you put effort into it as yourself (because they need ID verfication now, right?) maybe you could make the big bux.
I'm curious too.

No. 1656746

>arab and middle Eastern?
They're the same thing you mongoloid

No. 1656756

File: 1691402506636.webm (14.51 MB, 576x1246, denzokolo.webm)

nta but there's a Miguel O'Hara cosplayer (he's ugly and fat under the costume so I've never sent anything) that I've seen. Oh, and there's a Miles Morales cosplayer that does it as well, but I haven't come across any other guys. If I ever come across any hot ones I'll post in the appropriate thread.

No. 1656790

File: 1691407441275.jpeg (661.09 KB, 828x1332, IMG_7994.jpeg)

I’m so tired of this Dreamsworks face looking bitch popping up in my reels and my FYP. Anyone who gains a following making annoying faces lip-syncing to soundbites annoy me for some reason.

No. 1656792

lmao! you're not the only one >>1650857
Luckily I haven't seen her.

No. 1656793

Some middle easterns aren't arabs and will see what you said as an insult.

No. 1656819

I'm so sorry, men are literally scum

No. 1656820

It's funny because you literally didn't prove anything with this lol. She looks the same level of attractiveness.

No. 1656822

Idk, it's comfy and I really like it.

No. 1656873

I hope he gets brutally raped

No. 1656895

>do you have any idea about the way italians, jews, slavic people, greeks aka basically all the white races with darker features used to be treated?
People from all of those ethnicities can have have blond hair and blue eyes you fucking retard. And they weren’t universally oppressed everywhere either (some of them even did the oppressing!) and even in the places that they were they were certainly not oppressed simply for having dark hair and eyes. They were looked down on due to being from poorer regions of the world and from being associated with negative stereotypes (drunkards, money-hungry, violent etc.)

No. 1656917

File: 1691418296405.webm (4.25 MB, 576x1024, tt.webm)

There is an embarrassing trend where pick mes talk about how they allowed their ex to disrespect them. But this clip is just disgusting. Three grown women laughing about rape, CSA, and incest

No. 1656923

is there further context? not to defend it's just possible he was also 13 or similar age since they are cousins, and most men won't admit to raping their underage cousin so if he did that's very weird.

No. 1656926

alright blondie we get it you think you're oppressed

No. 1656953

Reminder for brunette anon:
>Researchers from the College of Natural and Health Sciences for the University of Tampa sought to find out which hair color was deemed as most attractive for both men and women, publishing their findings in a 2018 Florida Scientist study. The researchers analyzed the preferences of more than 1,900 male and female students at the university through a survey that also collected background data such as their own hair color, as well as the hair color of their parents and significant others. According to the study, men and women both viewed people with brunette hair color as more attractive than those with any other hue. By presenting pictures of the same woman with different dye hair colors, the researchers found that out of the population analyzed, 67 percent of men preferred the woman with brunette hair and 71 percent of women chose the man with brunette hair.

And here is the study:
>Hair color influences mate attraction in humans and understanding attraction has implications for the economics involved in fashion, marketing, and cosmetology. Biological and evolutionary psychology theories predict that individuals will be attracted to: 1) hair colors familiar or similar to them, such as their mom, dad, or their own hair color, 2) rare hair colors for their culture, 3) blonde hair because it represents youthfulness, or 4) the average hair color for the population. Past studies have been limited in their methodology with conflicting results. In this research, male and female hair color preferences in females were tested using a survey (N=1912). Background data on the participants were collected such as their own hair color, the hair color of their parents and significant others, and geographic region. Due to familiarity with hair colors present in different populations, geographic location was predicted to influence preference. Males and females both preferred brunette hair color, followed by blonde hair, and lastly red hair. Male choice of female hair color is consistent across geographic regions. Females were not consistent and varied their choice in hair color dependent on which geographic region they originated. Brunette hair color frequency appears to drive choice with stabilizing selection possibly influencing brunette frequency in populations.

Now stop it. No one thinks a woman is uglier just for having dark hair, unless they are a racist or a brown person with a fetish.

No. 1656959

Nta but you're dumb

No. 1656975

I always figured this to be true as a brunette kek. I’ve always randomly told all my bf’s at some point “I am going to get my hair dyed blonde I think” and they immediately freak out and begged me not to cause “blonde hair looks so trashy” KEK which I agree.

No. 1657012

File: 1691422965428.png (796.44 KB, 591x732, tt1.PNG)

The full video is 5 mins. Neither of the friends deny that the cousin was underage in the comments and they a liking comments that are shocked by what she said. Apparently the girl in the video has a kid with the pedo and he was abusive. Her page is private but this was cached on google, she's 21 and has at least one kid so I highly doubt they were both around 13 when this happened

No. 1657072

File: 1691426833624.jpeg (77.12 KB, 1130x1200, efa69848-aa60-49d4-9f6f-9908e3…)

Holy shit this has to be the most retarded infight about the most retarded topic I've ever seen, I can't even take anyone's side. I'm both weirded out and impressed by how nonnas actually fought over hair-colours out of all things.

No. 1657109

>she hasn't seen the avocado infight

No. 1657161

File: 1691435271858.jpg (488.83 KB, 1080x2347, Screenshot_20230807_210955_You…)

youtube comments section showing off its high iq once again

No. 1657584

This woman is complaining that kids ask about her (or her wife's?) hearing aids. How the hell do you plan to tell your kid about every little thing like this (hearing aids) so they do not ask questions?

This comment put it well
>Wait until your child does the same thing about a topic you hadn't even thought of.

No. 1657601

I genuinely don't know how she managed to get more insufferable.

No. 1657607

English people arent people

No. 1657617

I'm so annoyed by her. Watched a couple of videos and she was always about omg positivity. The first video that she sounded legit pissed off in was…talking about Harry Potter/JKR. Unbased to the max.
Are you Scottish or something?

No. 1657618

No. Theyre just annoying

No. 1657621

File: 1691482227655.jpg (15.13 KB, 213x237, 1639689505658.jpg)

I agree

No. 1657626


No. 1657629

I don't get the England hate. They have fun accents and tasty scones. Not to mention…it's Terf island!

No. 1657631

You posted this same video with the same comment word for word in the last thread kek. I agree though she is truly insufferable and this is a very good example of why. Kids ask shit like that and it’s not bad parenting to not remember to expose your child to every single possible difference a human can have and how to act around it.

No. 1657636

>They have fun accents
God no

No. 1657641

Fuck yes

No. 1657644

Sorry I didn’t check the last thread if it had been posted already, that was some other anon

No. 1657672

They sound funny when they fight

No. 1657700

Didn't know there were accounts dedicated to making edits of 3d men in tactical gear, but I just had one pop up. Which one of you is making these

No. 1657701

Forgot to mention pornographic

No. 1657829

File: 1691499052185.jpg (557.73 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230808_084752_Chr…)

Welp, apparently Tay BeepBoop called kaarinjoy out for copying and it got her massive backlash and her wallpaper line canceled.
I get that talking shit publicly about someone that bought your wallpaper isn't uwu wholesome or a good look but the backlash seems extremely disproportionate to me.
I had just bought some of the lavender and raspberry lava lamp samples to test so I'm really pissed they wasted my money fuck you otto

No. 1657843

I doubt she spends time around her own child if she thinks a random kid asking her a question is an example horrible parenting.

No. 1657847

Kek, I wonder if anyone got caps of that

No. 1657882

Kek I'm the anon who mentioned her in another thread and I'm glad to know I'm not alone. She used to be somewhat interesting but the past few years she's become absolutely unbearable to watch.
Kids will ask questions. They just do. You can explain to them everything in the world and they will still ask questions. That's a good thing, that's how they learn, even if it can cause an slightly embarrassing moment. The real parenting is in how you react to the questions.

No. 1657885

Considering she spends hours on the floor and can barely take care of herself and has needed a full time caregiver I don’t think she’s physically capable of taking care of the baby.

No. 1657890

NTA but it's still wild to me she decided to have a child (this isn't about the disability) because of how much time she'd spend either doing activist work or deal with her conditions. This isn't exactly a case of "oh it happened" but a very much planned decision. Idk I just never expected her to actually have a child if I'm honest. She always felt to self-important to me for that.

No. 1657916

tbh I think the self importance is why she opted to have a child. Reasonable people with her disability cocktail think twice about having children and often choose not to since we're already so busy dealing with medical issues. She's so full of herself she probably thought she could be some magical exception despite her wife carrying the child and taking on most of the care.

No. 1657931

So she’s basically the dad kek

No. 1657941

She treats her kid like her legacy(she named him after her grandfather), I don't want to presume anything but I think she views her son as a part of her, that will live on after her death.

No. 1657962

File: 1691511576505.jpeg (76.63 KB, 540x508, E855ED60-5DE8-4691-9789-6A8A48…)

Tell me about it, i don't even understand how they didn't catch bans for their unrelenting retardation. I really thought it would have wrapped up sooner. I thought anons crying about powdered seasonings was bad enough.

No. 1657965

Nah, she deserves it. The art and crafts community is filled with these retards who think they can claim creative ownership to everything they make and post it freely on the internet at the same time. Hopefully this makes people like her realize that this type of behavior is fucking stupid.
She also deserves it for trying to fuck over another person. The Karin girl ended up getting lots of hate messages.

No. 1658233

Wokefags are so annoying the way they’re making excuses for the girls who robbed her and saying the girl wasn’t even fat just midsize (like 30 lbs overweight) is hilarious they hate it so much

No. 1658281

File: 1691528662844.png (868.75 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20230808-160447.png)

Why is Gen Z suddenly so mad when you want to point out unrealistic standards..? Also why does it seem like anytime there's a woman with extreme proportions everyone has to come in and claim they know so many people who look like that? Surely those people would post pics then and not be exposed for photoshopping??

No. 1658286

whatever girls she's seen irl were all fat. guaranteed. black women have the worst taste in everything, especially bodies.(global rule #7)

No. 1658332

i think the mods for /ot/ are dead because i've been seeing so many rule-breaking posts that go untouched for the past few days

No. 1658334

This comment is so painfully stupid, it's like doublethink
"Um yeah these pics are edited and there's proof they are edited but they could have not been edited if the people in it looked like that for real. Also it's so superficial of you to point out people faking what they look like"

No. 1658343

We have several frogfags that do nothing but seethe about England whenever it is brought up.

No. 1658349

You race baiters are fucking weird, we have a whole thread of women of all colors photoshopping themselves to these weird proportions then swearing they/it is real and a lot of other women have these shapes. It feels like anons are going out there way to post racial tiktoks to whine about specifically bw lately.

No. 1658372

to add to this, people really underestimate how much cameras can downplay curves, in order to be as curvy as IG models are presenting themselves they'd have to have literal world record-breaking proportions, 9/10 times when I see someone claim someone is built extremely curvy irl it ended up being a very very forgiving exaggeration.

t. i remember an argument on here about an anon pointing out how unrealistic the whole stick thin with giant boobs thing (of a specific woman I think) is, then anon asked why this body type never existed before plastic surgery and Photoshop, ofc the anon was only able to find photos of "not as extreme but still similar!", because no one understands how extremely curvy you actually have to be to match these IG models

also, if it was as common as she claimed then those women who are built like she is talking about would be famous, not photoshoppers

No. 1658558

File: 1691548128622.jpeg (320.82 KB, 640x613, 580B5CF0-D8A4-49A3-8B2A-AB9CF3…)

The search suggestion does people so dirty kek

No. 1658706

File: 1691571974511.webm (12.93 MB, 576x1024, f1cdffe7bd2daf3054a03d169317f8…)

A random influencer apparently has a very dedicated online stalker and she's filing a report against her
>stalker calls her a pickme and a whore
>is obsessed with the influencers nasolabial folds
Could this stalker be a deranged farmer? I've never even seen this woman get discussed on here

No. 1658718

kek maybe she's a personal cow of hers if she is one

No. 1658734

>is obsessed with the influencers nasolabial folds
>completely unremarkable nasolabial folds
Yeah, it's a farmer and am I insane or is she using that gua sha wrong?

No. 1658759

Why is she so convinced this is a "she" and that the stalker isn't an incel when "pickme whore" is definitely something an incel would say? I would say deranged farmer, but it said the influencer was "transphobic" which has made me convinced it's just another body dysmorphic tranny who's malding over a biological woman has a better life with ease.

But idk, farmers have been acting pretty scrote-like and pathetic lately, so maybe.

No. 1658794

File: 1691583408063.jpg (946.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230809_081633_Tik…)

I'm willing to believe it's a Troon if this really is the person behind it

No. 1658795

Maybe so her comments will gain the attention of others for the hate train? I'm not sure though.

No. 1658816

Why do all the women in the video only have sexual situations?

No. 1659305

File: 1691623699889.webm (8.5 MB, 480x854, RDT_20230801_201525.webm)

I got a copy of Tay's video before she deleted it. I think she is 100% correct and the fact she got push back for this is bs. It isn't hard to say/write "inspired by (x)" just like someone who makes art, makeup, or fashion content is expected to do.

No. 1659396

I'm on her side too. Like yeah, Tay didn't invent any of this and is an influencer who will inevitably…. influence people duh but the other girl followed her and was clearly copying the her vibe down to the exact shade of colors and using it for her own content to profit off of. Tay even admitted its petty but that shit would be so annoying to see. Not trying to wk either, as I didn't hear about Tay before this drama came out.

No. 1660770

File: 1691731467964.jpeg (67.87 KB, 828x446, IMG_0442.jpeg)

Can you guys stop

No. 1660787

These are the annoying fags who stick out like a sore thumb with their overly sensitive zoomer verbiage
> like??? Ok /s
>thirsts after ugly “dilfs”
>tried to bring cows like Tophia and peaches to discussion

No. 1660791

it's always the same faggots that post links on twitter too

No. 1660821

I have dealt with something like this and discovered it was a very autistic american woman who made me her special interest. Sometimes you just meet an insane schizo online that wants to make you their toy
Sorry anon but pickme is a term that men don't know anything about. It's a specific girl to girl insult

No. 1660962

this is genuinely, honestly, truly bizarre i cant help but think it belonds in a gallery

No. 1660982

extremely autistic ot but i wish gillian had been able to give this energy in her role in hannibal can you imagine [disgusted eye roll], [skeptical sighing] in response to All That. it could have been so much more
anon i have literally been called a pickme by moids before (for the crime of having interests)

No. 1665454

File: 1692112430970.jpg (650.9 KB, 1077x2905, oGR77Su.jpg)

The way bi people in straight relationships want constant validation from gay/lesbian people. Like I'm sorry we can't tell you kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend is qUeEr when you're the opposite gender.
Then they compare lesbian and gay people making jokes about them to straight people being violently homophobic or having laws that restrict same sex relationships.

No. 1665456

File: 1692112540091.jpg (704.36 KB, 1080x1721, RH1MqAB.jpg)

The reel that prompted this

No. 1665506

I ended up skimming some of her videos and she likes having her kid as an accessory to push whatever activist schelg she's into.

>Oh my child isn't like the other boys. He likes DISNEY PRINCESSES.

I'd say she has the decency to blur out her child's face, but to me, it still feels kind of exploitative. Pretty much doing anything she can to post about her child and use him for views.

No. 1665685

I def feel kind of on the unpopular side thinking that the whole thing got overblown. But she's right in that everything just happens to be the exact DIY thing she happened to have done before. Like yes it's kind of petty but the backlash she got is quite honestly insane. You would think Tay committed some sort of crime by the way people talk about it.

No. 1665761

>ever since being in a 'straight' relationship I feel like my queerness is being erased from me
She makes it sound like queerness is a watercolour brand she painted herself with, and then a queerphobic entity locked her into a washing machine. Spicy straights are so obsessed with the slur that has never even been used against them, well they can keep it if they like it that much kek, since I'm not so fond of something that means strange/unusual/bizarre being used to describe me. But I'm tired of them and their weird persecution complex. I'm bi too, but I sure as hell don't face even 20% of discrimination that lesbians do, especially if I'm (unfortunately) dating a moid. If even your 'fellow queers' can't tell your magical gender and magically 'queer' relationship, no homophobic asshole would.

No. 1665810

>monsterfucker girls giving irl relationships a try

No. 1666121

lmfao anon

No. 1666182

File: 1692186072453.webm (1.53 MB, 320x568, 6216806311.webm)

Please tell me I'm not the only who thinks this a bit weird to post about a kid online.

No. 1666184

i cannot tell anymore if this is satire, if this is a protranny dad making sure his 2 year old didnt come out as a troon and he's misgendering him or if its an antitranny dad trying to teach his son he's straigth white male so he doesnt get brainwashed. Fucking hate this clown ass timeline.

No. 1666191

I looked up the account and the guy seems to be just some regular unfunny liberal dude.

No. 1666194

File: 1692187038941.jpeg (1.08 MB, 807x1402, IMG_8163.jpeg)

just some qUiRkY things she did when she had a “brain disease”

No. 1666198

File: 1692187168464.jpeg (523.73 KB, 732x714, IMG_8166.jpeg)

lmao she looks like a white tahani from the good place

No. 1666352

File: 1692202315750.jpg (130.9 KB, 1283x1854, Screenshot_2221_1703.jpg)

>Nearly 150K likes

No. 1666353

File: 1692202444964.jpg (22.15 KB, 563x521, bc465687f176bb3a55371ccb0f5c3a…)

No. 1666367

They really think it's a flex. Fuckin brainrot. That scrote is going to put her stupid ass, and that baby thru hell.

No. 1666403

Crap like this is why I say women are the most mysoginists of all. At least moids have the excuse of not having an idea. But women have been repressed for all of human history because for every feminist woman trying to speak out, a self-hating handmaid pushed her down.

No. 1666422

I feel like actual lbgt people feel secure in their identity no matter what relationship they're in and don't need constant validation from other people that they're kweer enough (and they don't constantly guil trip gays and lesbians for it). 'Bi' women like picrel with this fake condescending tone are actual demons, and I'm bisexual myself.

No. 1666437

She's a fool and I hate to see it. He's obviously not going to stick around. This is why while marriage is a trap, if you're going to have kids with someone, you have to get married. It brings so many legal protections that you just don't get anywhere else.

No. 1666686

Sorry but that's dumb. Yeah sure the self-hating individuals are worse than the class that enslaved and raped them for centuries.

No. 1666864

File: 1692236785108.jpeg (94.64 KB, 1125x644, IMG_7762.jpeg)

fuck this actual idiot “pee pee poo poo haha womens periods are funny!!!1!” radroach

No. 1666866

>women are worse
Yeah you're just dump. Read the statistics and then come back.

No. 1666868

File: 1692236977841.jpeg (688.72 KB, 1125x1971, IMG_7764.jpeg)

So empowering spicy straights. get fucked

No. 1666872

Not once have I ever laughed at a single thing of hers that has graced my algorithm

No. 1666882

File: 1692237571617.jpeg (715.95 KB, 1125x1970, IMG_7766.jpeg)

yeah what the actual fuck is the view count, and how is this even remotely funny at all.

No. 1666930

I opened the picture and thought
> JFC she looks like an addict.
Read the thumbnail
>"Everybody says we look drog addicts"
No amount of diktok views is worth doing this to your own body. Maybe in their delusional minds it looks great because they bought every single piece of crap on the 2008 trust fund hipster checklist, but to everyone outside of Portland they just look like strung out junkies. I can't wait until this shitty look finally goes out of fashion.

No. 1666995

i think her style is genuinely really cool but i physically cannot stand watching her videos because they’re so millennial ‘haha im making a funny face’ cringe

No. 1667028

Kinda unrelated to her but I hate how tiktok has ruined the meaning of POV

No. 1667103

the style is every 1991 kid that peaked circa 2011 post crust punk

No. 1667530

>yeah what the actual fuck is the view count
bots honey, bots

No. 1669990

File: 1692478307860.jpeg (129.2 KB, 364x1280, C8185807-0C91-4983-AEAC-98E889…)

I might actually die of cringe

No. 1670008

I always thought gay/lesbian bars exist so that they can find a partner easier (because outside you kinda have to assume that everybody is straight), so of course they're upset when somebody in there is straight, e.g. straight women who go there to not get harassed by drunk straight moids. Going there as a married couple makes no sense, you could literally go everywhere else or stay home to make out?

No. 1670011

people like this disgust me

No. 1670031

This is exactly how I imagine a Joshua Moon’s fan girls be like

No. 1670035

i get so tired of normalfags adopting my autistic freak culture kek

No. 1670036

it's like they're taking the way i live normally every day and putting it on like it's a clown suit or something…fuck off normalshits

No. 1670038

Being addicted to porn and gossiping about fatties (while being fat) is hardly culture. Average pick-me activities.

No. 1670265

>gossiping about fatties (while being fat)
Do you know what site you're on

No. 1670347

Not KF that’s for sure. That place is more obsessed with fat people than lolcor ever was.

No. 1670507

we're done

No. 1671453

I always hope that these are fake but in this case I couldn't imagine putting yourself in this position as a joke. I can't ever tell if men like this are sissies jealous of women are racist, either way absolutely pathetic. She reacted so calmly.

No. 1671459

The world is so insane sometimes that It could have been true but something about this seems too "perfect" like designed to cause outrage bait, so IDK.

No. 1671481

Just remove gooning from the top screenshot and then it sounds like something a nonna would post in the vent or confession thread kek.

No. 1671483

I didn't want to say it, but it does sound like a typical /ot/ post

No. 1671626

Why the fuck do they have to use the most obnoxious music for their videos? Couldn't pay attention because all I hear is bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh throughout the video.

No. 1671647

maybe it's just me but that looked 100% real. that guy is obviously touched in the head, who knows what he was thinking (probably nothing that we could understand.) There's not really a lot she could do about it, you can't just avoid every special-needs you run into in the wild and she's like twice his size. If she was holding weights when he kicked at her it would be different because that's dangerous. Shame she probably didn't even feel like she could tell the gym managers since the guy is special needs and didn't actually hurt her, but they should have a trainer wrangle him into some workout that actually interests him so he's not just wandering around being a hazard.

No. 1672158

File: 1692656978338.webm (1.84 MB, 480x900, kooter.webm)

I just got a cutecore picture slideshow on tiktok about Kota of all people, and the comments were full of zoomers praising her kek
Weird that this even reached me since I avoid weeby and -core shit like the plague on tiktok

No. 1672276