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No. 1590276

for questions you feel too stupid asking in real life .
previous thread: >>>/ot/1568614

No. 1590283

my mint is about two weeks, and it still hasn't, could the algae have retarded it's growth?

No. 1590290

Who is Ayn Rand and why does everyone hate her?

No. 1590305

A writer and philosopher. I'm currently at 1/4 of Atlas Shrugged which I picked up to find out why people hate her, and I'm enjoying it. I'll let you know if I find out.

No. 1590313

She wrote a bunch of popular and honestly good works of fiction (I thought her books were entertaining anyway) and was publicly very pro-capitalist and anti-welfare which was also a theme in her writing but she used welfare in her later days which showed her to be a hypocrite. In my opinion her books are fun but but her belief system has a lot of holes which has eclipsed her legacy as a good author. People take her shit too seriously and I’ve never met anyone who subscribed to the philosophy of the books seriously who wasn’t a huge asshole. Like fuck just read the book, it’s not the Bible it’s a fun story, I don’t give a shit if the author made up her own philosophy when she was 70 years old or whatever… I’m not a Rand scholar though, there’s a lot of writing on this and people love to really get into it so if you look into it I’m sure you’ll find more nuances takes

No. 1590551

File: 1685311334394.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x762, 806b0513af7072ed571b8099077d4d…)

What's the best way to make irl friends while filtering out turbo-wokies / handmaidens? Would joining a hiking club work? I don't want to walk on eggshells around people anymore

No. 1590552

File: 1685311402965.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x762, 806b0513af7072ed571b8099077d4d…)

What's the best way to make irl friends while filtering out turbo-wokies / handmaidens? Would joining a hiking club work? I don't want to walk on eggshells around people anymore

No. 1590553

File: 1685311274352.jpg (44.89 KB, 800x762, 806b0513af7072ed571b8099077d4d…)

What's the best way to make irl friends while filtering out turbo-wokies / handmaidens? Would joining a hiking club work? I don't want to walk on eggshells around people anymore

No. 1590576

Anyone else get random bouts of extreme fatigue with no explanation?

No. 1590591

I'm 2 years into trying to do this and have had no success unfortunately

No. 1590611

File: 1685318012119.gif (3.59 MB, 275x275, 1657734962119.gif)

Tmi but me and my guy had this observation after a road trip and I want to know if you gals also do this

When I hold my pee for a long time and I finally pee, the pressure is pretty bad. It goes in a steady slow pace, less comes out at a time than normal.

Meanwhile, my guy says when he pees after a long time, it's always a geyser.

Is this different tubes thing or am I just weird??

No. 1590613

>hiking club
Don’t know where you’re from but if someone makes hiking a big part of their personality they might be
Either turbonormies who just go along with whatever is politically in vogue, or orthorexic new age antivax granola muncher

No. 1590650

hiking is comfy and fun, and most of the people I've met doing it don't care about politics at all. Go for it

No. 1590655

Happens to me every other year.
You're low in a crucial vitamin or iron. You might also be low on sunshine, which is used to synthesize vitamins.

No. 1590665

When I'm in the same situation, it's only slow and steady for a few seconds before it turns into a firehose.

No. 1590666

Try taking vitamin D, especially if you have darker skin
Pretty sure that men have stronger streams since they have longer urethra at a completely different angle

No. 1590677

Can’t relate. When I stop at a rest stop on a road trip my stream is extreme. Try sitting different (sit up straight or else crouch or something, idk)

No. 1590681

Hiking is fine but maybe try extreme birdwatching.

No. 1590685

Yeah and I never had a vitamin deficiency. Seemed related to my menstrual cycle sometimes but other times it seemed random. I told a doctor about it and they suggested I cut back on caffeine which was a good idea but I never did it

No. 1590716

File: 1685325429652.png (51.15 KB, 480x360, image (4).png)

Why do Simpsons screenshots always have this font? Is this default for subtitles on DVD or is one person making all of these with this font?

No. 1590735

whats a good excuse to get out of playing mini golf?

No. 1590746

You hurt your wrist
You think it's gay
You suck at it
You can't play again after the incident..

No. 1590755

it's a riff of the simpsons font and yeah, default on frinkiac which is where all of the screenshots that have that font come from

No. 1590756

Why did my recent throw up taste like blood without having any blood in it? Super annoying and persisted through the five or so times I did in a seven hour window, all clear liquid that just tasted like mouthfuls of blood. search engines be useless

No. 1590763

For the love of God, please help. I know this will sound deranged but I use both lolcow and /vg/, and I've recently installed Kiwi Browser so that I may use extentions on my android phone. For some ungodly reason, I can't seem to load the captcha on /vg/ when on Kiwi Browser. I've tried disabling and enabling my extensions and the privacy options but nothing seems to work. The captcha just will not load. Can any tech-savy nonnies please help me?

No. 1590767

are the rilakkuma/san-x items they sell on yesstyle bootlegs? the site looks like aliexpress targeted koreaboos but it has some stuff that i want that i dont mind being crap quality. I wanted to grab some rilakkuma stuff while im at it but im not sure if they are an official dealer for san-x

No. 1590773

Most things on Yesstyle, Shein, or Temu tend to be bootlegs. I'd be cautious about buying things from there

No. 1590793

it really depends on the item in regards to yesstyle, but they do sell actual japanese/korean shit - just check if the stuff youre intrested in has the japanese flag in the bottom right corner, then it's authentic nippon shit. if there's nothing there, then it's chinese bootleg

No. 1590796

What is the lowest BMI you find other women attractive or pretty at? I have a theory underweight women are more of a turn off for other women than moids

No. 1590808

I downloaded a dating app and had it set to 28-33 and just now turned it to 25-33 and y do the sub-28 year olds look…off? Like science experiments. I'm not on social media much so I can't often tell filters, or is it plastic surgery, HRT??

Is it just me? I am also drunk and high, but the 28+ look like normal people. This is so fucked

No. 1590809

Underweight on others only starts to scare me when it's really skinny thighs or arms, especially with knobbly knees or elbows. IDK what BMI that would be, I'm sure it's different for everyone

No. 1590820

When did entrepreneurship and grindset sigma hustle culture get popular online on mainstream instagram?

No. 1590861

File: 1685346455698.jpg (43.99 KB, 1086x944, 283729351.jpg)

Am I being paranoid, or should I get this mole checked by a doctor?

No. 1590879

File: 1685348660488.jpg (90.17 KB, 600x425, 1458895859735830532-FAXHVgWVEA…)

I decided to stop drinking soda and bubble tea altogether for at least a month. I never drink "normal" tea, alcohol or coffee, and I haven't decided to stop drinking things like milkshakes or orange juice just yet. I'm doing this because I need to go pee more and more often and I also don't want to ruin my teeth just yet. I started drinking coca cola way too often because of when I caught covid in 2020 and I couldn't digest solid food anymore.

How long do you think it would take for me to not be tempted anymore by soda, to the point where I could even be disgusted by it? I can avoid it easily but I don't want to have this terrible habit again in the future or my dentist will kill me. It could also make me save money on drinks in restaurants on top of everything.

No. 1590895

You should get it checked because it's uneven. People with atypical moles are at a higher risk of developing melanoma.

No. 1590929

I'd say around a month. Try switching to sweet tea that is under 35g-40g of sugar, the same grams of sugar as soda. Buy 100% juice smoothies or juice rather than fake concentrated stuff. Take it with you in a metal thermos to work. You can buy cocoa that's like coffee or even dessert tea such as Pinky up. It should be a slow build to 0 sugar or <5 gram added sugar. For me switching to real fruit drinks made soda taste disgusting. Crystal light and mios made water easier to drink if it was boring. There's electrolyte packets too.

No. 1590931

Yeah, get it checked out and make sure your doctor does the actual test instead of just looking at it and saying it's fine. Also check if it's spreading/changing shape over time.

No. 1590934

I weened myself of soda by substituting it with sparkling water for the acidic carbon bubble feeling, and then fully stopped. Sometimes you just want the fizz.

No. 1590936

>Take it with you in a metal thermos to work.
I have a small one that's very convenient but I stopped carrying it with me because my handbag are too small for that. At my previous office we had no water fountain but since we moved to another office a few months ago we have one so I should start bringing it with me again. We even have a kitchen so I could even clean it at the office and leave it there. I don't feel like I miss tea all that much so far but I'll keep drinking hot chocolate from time to time whenever I go to coffee shops with friends.

I hate sparkling water so much, I already don't drink it. But yeah when I order soda in restaurants it's for the fizz. It feels great eating delicious food and getting all of it down your stomach with a fizzy drink.

No. 1590953

She was a philosopher and writer, she created a philosophy system called Objectivism and her core thesis was that self-interest is good and altruism is bad. She was also a pro capitalist. Tbh I get the feeling that had she been a man, people wouldn't have hated her as much as they do

No. 1590968

>had she been a man, people wouldn't have hated her as much as they do
I'm the anon that's currently reading one of her books and that was my suspicion too, and so far I don't see any other reason
The hatred is too disproportionally big to be objective and there has to be a deeper reason for it

No. 1590970

Other than Ayami Kojima, what outstanding female concept artists are there?

No. 1590972

Speaking of Kojima, I always loved her work for castlevania so does anyone know what she is working on in recent years?

No. 1590979

I'd love to know that as well

No. 1590987

I love Mari Shimazaki's work on Bayonetta. There's also Ai Yazawa, she's a mangaka instead of a character designer but that implies she still has to design her characters anyway and I love her fashion sense. Same with Yana Toboso's designs and CLAMP in general.

No. 1591019

Thanks ladies! I do crouch, but maybe I should sit up straight next time. That makes sense about the longer urethra lol

No. 1591034

I figured so and took a multi vitamin, the kind that dissolves into a drink, and had some sugar water as well, and I felt a lot better. It's strange because I swear I get everything in my diet but something is missing often enough for these fatigue phases.
I go outside everyday, going for walks and playing with cats. Unfortunately it has been raining a lot this year, enough to cause flooding around the country, and there have been weeks where I did not see the sun, so just behind the clouds version of sunlight. Whew.

No. 1591046

Kinu Nishimura
Tomomi Kobayashi
Miyako Kato (Shadow Hearts)
Higurashi Nakaba (Baten Kaitos)
Junko Kawako and Fumi Ishikawa (Suikoden)

Not sure if this is a man or woman because they use two names (and they’ve drawn a lot of gay doujins), but there is also Tomomi Sasaki / Hideaki Fujimoto

No. 1591135

How can I not be so messy and disorganized? My desk always looks like a tornado went through it. I always wind up with tons of garbage like bandaid wrappers or empty water bottles, I’m always like “oh I’ll just toss it later” then a mountain of dumb trash is there. I have trash cans nearby I’m just so dumb.

No. 1591141

Make a habit out of taking something with you whenever you leave the room (take a cup to the dishwasher, put trash in the bin, return a book to where it belongs) and at the end of every day make a point of just cleaning and organizing for 10 minutes. You can put a reminder on your phone to get into the habit.

No. 1591166

That’s a good idea, I always make a big deal of cleaning and have to clean everything to “perfection.” It’s good to dedicate just like 10 minutes a day to getting small parts done. Thank you nonnie for your wisdom.

No. 1591219

Have any of you known a giant bully(s) who was really good at trying to make themselves look like a victim when they were a major aggressor?

No. 1591222

In my country we had a president like that who was in the job for four years actually

No. 1591225

Which sweet can I incorporate in my vegan (no added sugar, gluten free) diet? I miss rewarding myself and I can't think of anything other than blueberries or nuts but that's boring. Do I have the wrong mindset for still looking for chocolate alternatives?

No. 1591226

>It's strange because I swear I get everything in my diet
Because we evolved from fruit eating primates, eating a varied diet alone isn't enough. Some healthy foods interact with others, so if you're eating a meal that is iron rich, but it's also calcium rich, you'll not get any of the iron because calcium impedes iron absorption. I honestly recommend that everyone takes a multivitamin and do some research on what vitamins/minerals interact with each other.

No. 1591227

Fruits area going to be your main go to, as most of them will have sweet flavors. Try to buy heirloom varieties from the farmer's market because fruits in stores keep being bred for higher and higher sugar levels.
Instead of chocolate, would you want carob? It doesn't have added sugar, but it is 1/3 sugar by dried weight and I don't know what you're going for with your diet restrictions.

No. 1591230

no bake peanut butter oat cookies made with honey? or maybe a plant-milk based ice cream or popsicle? also country crock I believe has this amazing vegan cream that can be whipped into a lovely mousse

No. 1591231

To add to this, I recommend nonnies drinking orange juice with any iron-rich meal. Vitamin C enhances iron absorption. It was a trick my GP gave me when I was severely iron deficient.

No. 1591232

im on my period, but why does my labia minora hurt(like a burning aching feeling) when i try to defecate?

No. 1591241

Amazing. I study nutrition for my health and have been working to learn more about the elements with chemistry studies and I did not realize this. I had an idea about it, I've heard about it, but really I don't know enough about it. So now I know to learn more about it. I don't even know where to start with my own diet but I'll get there eventually. Thanks for pointing this out to me.

No. 1591248

This conversation about diet reminds me about a book an anon here recommended ages ago. It was about how modern fruits and vegetables are not by far as healthy as the original, wild varieties and why. I downloaded it at some point but forgot to read it and lost it. Does anyone know what book that was?

No. 1591249

>Because we evolved from fruit eating primates
Primates weren't just "fruit eating" wtf
They ate (and eat) grubs, bugs, insects, etc. In addition to leaves, bark, roots, shoots, and believe it or don't, I don't really care, MEAT.

No. 1591252

Veganism is a mind virus

No. 1591259

Vegans don't eat honey. Because they're brain damaged, which only gets worse over the years as they continually deprive their brain of the micronutrients it needs to function properly.

No. 1591261

Where is the threadpic from? It's really cute.

No. 1591272

Retard alert. Just because I simplified our evolution to quickly infer why we lost the ability to make vitamin C and absorb calcium efficiency, doesn't mean that everyone here isn't aware that the diet of early catarrhines was more varied than literally just fruit. Also, they didn't eat roots, the ability to digest the complex carbohydrates of roots was not yet seen when the GULO gene broke.

No. 1591279

Wait, I just realized you literally think that it's only great apes that can't make vitamin C. Any primates belonging to the Haplorrhini suborder can't do it, which means lemurs can.

No. 1591280

You’re straining. Drink a bunch of water.

No. 1591281

I'm enjoying this infight. Why can't the science anons fight more often? Get out the labs and get in the lolcow boxing ring.

No. 1591283

Dates. Figs. Frozen blended bananas (takes on an ice cream consistency). Frozen grapes. Peaches although good ones are highly seasonal.
Why don’t you eat chocolate? Because it’s not local to you?

No. 1591294

Vegans can't eat milk chocolate but they can eat chocolate without milk, but chocolate without sugar is bitter. You can however get monkfruit sweetened chocolate.

No. 1591301

>"As a period begins, cells that line the uterus called endometrial cells break down and let out hormones known as prostaglandins," Jennifer Wider, MD, women's health expert, told Health. >"Prostaglandins can cause inflammation and contraction—and some women experience contraction of the muscles in the bowel and rectum."
This is in regards to those awful butthole stabbing pains that some women experience near their periods but maybe it has something to do with what you're experiencing as well?

No. 1591321

Am I wrong for keeping my dog in his crate? Basically I have this dog named sol and he's new, I want to keep him in his crate when I go to shower or make food or you know go out. Each one usually takes 30 minutes to an hour so I don't leave for that long and I let him out of course to walk outside for hours morning and evening but my family acts like it's a crime if I leave him in there for that amount of time cause he seems to have some separation anxiety so he cries but if I take him with me everywhere like to the shower won't that just make it worse?

No. 1591333

Nonnas with both full siblings and half-siblings, how do you feel about each?

No. 1591339

My understanding is that this is how to properly train a dog. Yeah it's sad to hear them cry but it's for the benefit of the animal.

No. 1591348

If one constantly clenches their anus, would that lead to an anal fissure? Like say if they have little to no problems pooping but they usually have their anus clenched out of nervous habit, would that in and of itself lead to an anal fissure?

No. 1591349

is there a new leftcows thread? it's been weeks. we are all so lazy each time a thread ends

No. 1591374

This reminds me of my kitten training. She had separation anxiety but if I left her out she would pee and poo everywhere, play all night, and I was afraid to smoosh her while I was sleeping. So either she was in the crate or in another room, but the endless whining or scratching to get out drove me insane. She was litter box trained so enough so I just put her in another room at night and played with her all day, and introduced her outside and to other cats, but she was afraid. Now she whines to go out and explore and often meows to come back in and sleep with me.

It helps if they have a friend because they are scared to be alone, but I had to introduce cats because at first they all found her really annoying. Maybe your dog needs a pet.

No. 1591379

Not a doctor or expert but I want to theorize you could probably open a beer bottle with those muscles. And you might not struggle with incontinence later in life. But it's just a guess. Is that the only area you clench? I used to clench my shoulders and toes a lot, no issues with them, it helped to get the tension out and be aware of it.

No. 1591393

I think someone made a thread like a week ago but either they or a mod deleted it for some reason (it still shows up if you search for leftcows 42 but you just get a 404 page if you click on the link). There hasn't been very much milk lately though so it's kind of a welcome break imo

No. 1591398

Full siblings: neutral to dislike/fear, depends on the sibling.
Half siblings: complete disinterest in one I’ve never met, jealous of another I’ve never met whose mom cut my dad off before giving birth, pity for the one who feels bad she didn’t have a relationship with dad (because her mom wisely divorced him.)

No. 1591399

I joined a sports league that has games after work. How do I pack my clothes in my backpack in a way that won't wrinkle?

No. 1591402

I think this is the correct way to do it, but it's hard at the beginning due to all the whining. Maybe give your dog an object that smells like you, have a new toy in there, put on a radio, or make sure the bed is comfy. Highly recommend doing it all now though because my family didn't for one dog which totally freaks out when alone and pissed everywhere. Crate training will go a loooooong way.

No. 1591421

Roll your clothes in your bag instead of folding them to avoid wrinkles, I do that in my suitcase when I travel and my clothes also take less space that way.

No. 1591464

What is the evolutionary purpose of malding? and also the clit?

No. 1591501

What the hell is a "fujo lesbian"?

No. 1591503

Ayrt, I also clench my jaw, shoulders, and my eyebrows are usually tensed. I wish I could stop all the clenching, having to be constantly on my feet at work combined with the tensing makes me feel like death afterwards kekkkk. Kill me.

No. 1591505

A woman who in real life can only be attracted to other women but also likes the specific female-made gay romance genre known as Boys' Love.

No. 1591525

18/19 is the lowest i think i could be into, i have a strong preference for chubby women though.

No. 1591543

it's a bisexual with androphilia

No. 1591546

I cut out all sugar originally was just going to do it for a month or two, but it only took a week for me before anything sweet became revolting

No. 1591550

Balding was just something that didn't get selected out of gene pool and is a side effect of testosterone.
But we have no consensus why the clitoris exists. It might be a remnant that then became useful for pair bonding, it might be another reason.

No. 1591564

It depends greatly on body fat distribution, whether the woman is just naturally petite or ana, etc but probably 16. I have a preference for slim builds but once you get veiny frail limbs and knobby knees it's scary. And on the opposite end I think chubby women are cute too even though I'd never date an overweight male kek. I think your theory may be right, just from personal experience. My weight has fluctuated from overweight to underweight over the last few years and I had the most success with women when I was at a higher bmi

No. 1591570

Is everyone just projecting? Is anything anyone says or does not a reflection of how they are feeling? I don't think any interactions are genuine, it often turns out how people treat you is just how they feel about themselves and their lives. When people say you are dumb, useless, rude etc out of nowhere, they in fact are those things. People who feel good and happy will express that, people who hate themselves will express criticism, negativity, jealousy, envy, and emotional outbursts. Maybe they're going through something or not but it always appears this way to me.

No. 1591571

The clit exists because it is literally justwhat would develop into the head of the penis idk why you're saying that's unknown

No. 1591576

why wouldn't the clitoris exist? we're not the only animals that have one.

No. 1591578

it's more about what the other person's body feels like than how it looks. as long as it feels solid I'm good. when someone feels hollow inside it's alarming to me, but this isn't something I've been able to explain to people because it can happen at higher "normal" weights as much as underweight. some people just aren't healthy and they feel like sick animals when you pick them up or move their limbs around. if you've ever helped a really sick person to bed or tried to nurse a dying animal back to health maybe you know what I mean.

No. 1591580

Obviously. People who want you to hurt like that are not right in the head.

No. 1591581

Why does the glans exist and not just the tube for the urethra?

No. 1591588

why have a urethra when we could just have cloacas?

No. 1591650

is computer science worth it? im switching majors (in translation currently)

No. 1591662

No stay away I’m sick of you clout chasing faggots invading and shitting things up

No. 1591665

clout chasing…? a degree? i guess its true what they said about cs majors being raging autists. i could take u on i think

No. 1591666

I'm having deja vu

No. 1591667

Speaking of autism—

No. 1591668

i am retarded too but not the gatekeeping kind

No. 1591669


No. 1591671

I think it’s time the world learned that gatekeeping is actually very based

No. 1591674

This post is fucking me up so bad. I really want to know if I'm the solid type or the hollow type.

No. 1591679

How does the Seventh Generation free and clear detergent perform? Does it smell alright?

No. 1591696

Lmao I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to make up a new thing to feel insecure about. I used to deal with sick animals a lot and it’s just an instant feeling when i interact physically with someone who isn’t doing well (alcoholics on a bender and people with pill problems feel like this most often of anyone I’ve come into contact with out in the wild. maybe it’s just severe dehydration? it’s like they have hollow bones or something, I get so concerned for them I can’t be attracted)

No. 1591712

nonnies do any of you know any reliable food cientific sources i can base my diet on? "anon go to a nutritionist!" I can't because the nutritionists in my country value the standard of beauty (being a curvy chubby) and not really being healthy. Can someone help me? I wanted something focused more on getting all the nutrients and having an ideal weight but idk how to start to formulate my meals

No. 1591713

nonnies do any of you know any reliable food cientific sources i can base my diet on? "anon go to a nutritionist!" I can't because the nutritionists in my country value the standard of beauty (being a curvy chubby) and not really being healthy. Can someone help me? I wanted something focused more on getting all the nutrients and having an ideal weight but idk how to start to formulate my meals

No. 1591714

I'd just give him a flea bath, you can do that with just water and dish soap right? No need to let the dog suffer longer than necessary imo. Idk about getting dog food, seems expensive. I suppose the owner could be really busy, but it does sound more likely they're just neglient I feel like or even abandoned the dog.

No. 1591715

I'd just give him a flea bath, you can do that with just water and dish soap right? No need to let the dog suffer longer than necessary imo. Idk about getting dog food, seems expensive. I suppose the owner could be really busy, but it does sound more likely they're just neglient I feel like or even abandoned the dog.

No. 1591731

a bath would probably do a lot of good but not get rid of the fleas completely like flea medicine would.

No. 1591800

I'm always hearing all medical problems caused by trooning out. Do TiFs just walk around pretending everything doesn't hurt? With vaginal atrophy and all that?

No. 1591817

Anons who had Covid and experienced taste issues: how long did it last?

A whole week has passed since my positive test and I still feel like everything I eat and drink tastes spoiled

No. 1591828

File: 1685434465479.jpeg (85.22 KB, 1079x1065, FmnWX31XEBwubCA.jpeg)

I see this word everywhere, so does this 'manifesting' thingy actually work? I know I'm asking this in the stupid questions thread but I need a lil bit of serious answers from you nonnas, I'm desperate to manifest some nachos in my life right now because the restaurant I just went to suddenly ran out of them. I usually don't believe in such things but nachos are nachos, and I'm desperate to say the least.

No. 1591830

of course it doesn't, kek. But I hope you will get nachos soon.

No. 1591835

It lasted a month for me. Eating felt like a chore. I'm sorry everything tastes spoiled, that sounds absolutely awful.

No. 1591839

It 'works' in the sense that it is just the mysticized version of confirmation bias

No. 1591858

10 days of no tasting or smell so I ate foods which I hated but were good for me.

No. 1591863

Samefag… I bought it, used it, and actually enjoy it so far!

No. 1591904

Where did the consoomer threads go?

No. 1591918

No. 1591920

I said no consensus. And the clitoris is far too complex to just be a remnant. It would be like if male nipples could give them orgasms. And before you go, "Uh, actually, some men can have orgasms from nipples," I'm talking about humans as a whole, not your fwb Dave from junior year of college.

Ask yourself: Is the clitoris a remnant of the development of male organs? Why does the female orgasm exist? Why does the clitoris vary among animals, and within this variation, why is it not always analog to its male counterpart? This is why there is no consensus on why it exists and what its evolutionary function is.

No. 1591923

The one girl I know pretends that all the related symptoms aren't related. She pretends that all her side effects would have happened regardless of the random hormones she injected into herself. But she's 25 and needs a cane to walk and the rest of her family is as healthy as a horse.

No. 1591924

File: 1685446855346.png (113.23 KB, 1000x320, file-20190311-86682-1axtvel.pn…)

I would just like to take this opportunity to inform you that scientists are working on answering all the questions and there are people out there who are doing studies on female orgasms on rats.
So there's someone out there whose day job is to tickle a rat's clit until it comes.
Pic related
>A representation of ultrasonic vocalizations of a female in response to clitoral stimulation. The different patterns shown are associated with positive affects.

No. 1591928

Thank you anon! Idk why it didn’t come up when I searched for it.

No. 1591930

Im not a scientist but I thinks its evolutionary purpose is if humphumphump feel real good then more babies happen

No. 1591932

Humphumphump can feel good even without the orgasm, the question is what does the pulsating serve for

No. 1591935

So idk why nonnies have not heard this information but the running theory about female orgasms is the contractions help shunt the coom up the vaginal canal, thus increasing chance of pregnancy with a partner you're (presumably) comfortable with

No. 1591937

> Humphumphump can feel good even without the orgasm
>without the orgasm
Hard disagree lol

No. 1591938

File: 1685448814524.jpg (112.69 KB, 1200x1200, taylor-swift-movie-feature-fil…)

Is Taylor Swift the biggest Stacey of all time? I used to think of her as just one of the 100 pop girls, but she's the most popular one at this point. Outselling literally everyone and has been active since 2006. I'm sure more people know who Taylor Swift is than Marilyn Monroe or Britney Spears.

No. 1591944

Okay. But I know multiple women who told me they enjoy sex even without the orgasm. One of them is my ex gf and I literally saw her enjoy herself when I pleasured her. So I'm not pulling this out of my ass.

No. 1591947

Not for most people.

No. 1591951

I’ve read that but I’ve also read that the hypothesis was disproven quite a while ago. Something about how sperm travel very fast on their own and just don’t need the help and depending on position pulsing would be just as likely to shunt it out.
Reading about this is always funny because you’ll find some article saying something like actually earlier in our evolution the clitoris used to be inside the body so penetration felt better…. Which is a weird thing to say since most of the clitoris is inside the body! But again im not a scientist.

No. 1591952

Please be joking

No. 1591953

I'm not joking at all, why would you think that

No. 1591965

Very important

I need to make a call or series of calls to the united states from europe but I don't have international calls by landline. I can only find services to call for five minutes but they are often not enough time. Does anyone know an online service that lets me call a us number for free for at least 15 minutes?

>don't say google voice it is not free

No. 1591972

Britney Spears was a nice girl who pretended to be a bit slutty as an image, so the public turned against her with their braindeadness. She was big before it was easy to manipulate online communities and numbers. Taylor is a bad girl who pretends to be nice and innocent for her image and the public falls for it. She is only big because she can manipulate the internet. There are no real stars anymore. These people use a lot of tricks to get themselves everywhere and chronically online people eat it up because they follow whatever is thrown at them like a dog to a bone. I'm not all too familiar with Taylor's music but I'm sure some of it at least is catchy and appeals to a lot of people when you have a whole team making songs for you. She isn't bad looking. She's terrible at singing, dancing, writing, honestly think she might have been better at acting or modeling. But she has always given me this off feeling when I couldn't escape her in hs when she became famous, and after I was out of school I could finally escape people talking about pop culture. I would not have known who she was otherwise, so obviously I am not the target audience. But I can sense when someone is feigning a nice personality.

Britney honestly is the last real star. The last person who made it from talent and charisma. I think people like Doja Cat probably would have made it back then, when you had to sell out CDs and had no internet presence, when all ages of people knew your name not just kids, maybe Ariana too, but no one else really.

No. 1591980

>She is only big because she can manipulate the internet.
>These people use a lot of tricks to get themselves everywhere
This. She is being pushed online, lots of money is being put into promoting her on the Internet. I know this is not organic attention she's getting because I keep trying to block shit about her and she keeps appearing and nothing about my online habits says I'd be interested in seeing that.

No. 1591981

Honestly I enjoy it without orgasm because I always have to give myself an orgasm anyway. Only once was an ex even close and it never came to fruition. I don't blame them because none of them know what they are doing. For me the sensitive touches elsewhere are better for me, just hugging and holding each other. I don't need sex in itself. Although lately I have been feeling I need to be fucked but it's probably those pesky hormones telling me to "reproduce as you are not getting any younger" and for that I say "stfu uterus or I'll cut you out of my body"

No. 1591982

Found this, they only limit the number of calls you can make in a day, but not the duration:

No. 1591987

Thanks! I feel like I tried it before but I can't remember if it worked in any case I will try it.

No. 1591990

"I enjoy being used as a Fleshlight because it makes me feel useful." Wwords from a confident woman who loves herself

No. 1591992

Nta but some people just can't orgasm (at least not the same way or as easily as everyone else does). An orgasm isn't the only pleasure you feel during sex. Although I'm not sure why OP even mentioned it cause her gf and those people are outliers so not really relevant to the discussion of evolution.

No. 1591994

I was literally the best fuck she ever had because I was the only one not to make a big deal out of her not being able to orgasm during sex
I lack the overinflated ego needed for the 'I can fix her' mindset, I lack the male insecurity needed for making it all about me and how I can't please someone, I trust her to know herself and what she wants when she tells me not to think about making her cum. So I didn't think about it at all, just focused on giving her a good time.

No. 1591999

Only the orgasm part of sex feels good to you? That's pretty shocking and I think you might be the unusual one. The whole thing is fun, otherwise, why would I bother having sex? If I just enjoyed the orgasm, I would only masturbate since I can get myself off faster than any partner can.

No. 1592016

Toilet bowls..they have echos. Are there any toilet bowls that are anti echo? Feels like they were invented to broadcast your farts to the far.

No. 1592017

I mentioned them because personally I can get frustrated if I don't orgasm.

No. 1592021

I want to learn to drive a train. Not like officially as a job, but like I want to learn how it works and go hang out in the conductor room with professionals and try it. In europe and preferably Switzerland. Does anyone know if this is a thing? Is this just a fantasy for me? I love trains

No. 1592022

You only hear farts because of your buttcheeks. If you spread them it's just a puff of air. If you hear it from your butthole that's poo. True though the acoustic of a bathroom enhances all sounds, that's why fancy bathrooms play music.

No. 1592025

>You only hear farts because of your buttcheeks.
Oh my god, this explains why mine are so loud

No. 1592029

Are those cartons of just egg whites good or gross?

No. 1592031

Is it illegal to give a fake name when registering a domain?

No. 1592036

that's so cute nona, ngl same! I wonder if any of those train tours across russia or japan offer a VIP thing where you can ask the driver how it works. I know myriad autists males obsessed with planes that have managed to basically talk their way in just from them using the jargon/their interest. I'm sure it's a course you can take but you gotta be mentally able to withstand it with all the "accidents" that happen.

I love them too though nona, I have always had a weird thing with them. I've never given it enough time for introspection but there is something deeply comforting about trains. I wonder where it stems from?

No. 1592049

depends on where you live

No. 1592051

I don't really agree with you but I do think you have a point- men would NEVER be satisfied with "just pleasurable sex" but no orgasm. Only women are being told sex without orgasm is still worth having.

No. 1592058

>I don't blame them because none of them know what they are doing
You should blame them because it sounds like they do not care enough to even learn.

No. 1592062

Can you be shadowbanned on instagram? I've been getting the "page not found" error on like every possible instagram page. But I also get it on my phone (in browser) when I'm on public or uni wi-fi. Can you just no longer view profiles without being logged in, is that it?

No. 1592064

They do, they kept asking me how and they said I should orgasm every time but I have never had a vaginal orgasm and I don't even know myself. And it's impossible for them to give clitoral orgasms. I don't like sex toys and never used them. I only know I was close because I never felt like I had before at the time I thought it might happen. I told him to keep doing whatever it was but by then it was too late. A lot of men do care because it's a pride thing to them, to be the one to be able to bring you to orgasm. It's just not that easy

No. 1592070

Full offence if you think this way you're just cumbrained. Get help.

No. 1592075

SA. That's tragic, but I guess pretending it's unrelated is par for the course given troon ideology. "No way these life saving treatments could harm ME!" There's this TiF in a recently formed online circle I'm in, the kind of straight TiF who pretends she's an actual gay male and apparently she's around my age been on hormones for years. I'm like girl isn't your vagina prolapsing by now how do you live like this, pretending your whole life is a lie including your daily pain

No. 1592079

How long can I avoid paying a medical bill if there's no pay-by date on it?

No. 1592085

possibly forever. there's someone on here who never pays medical bills and she and her whole family have apparently gotten away with it for as long as she can remember. I also hear many stories online of just ignoring medical bills and waiting for them to get written off by the hospital. personally I've only ignored a bill once for an ER visit that my insurance covered almost all of and it disappeared in one year. as of last year medical bills can't affect your credit in the US (I think there are exceptions to this for specialists but I'm not sure of details); there's a chance the hospital will send your bill to a collections agency and the collections agency will then harasses you but I think you usually get some calls and warnings before that happens.

No. 1592091

Anons what is the correct medical term/name of the condition where a baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around its neck and as a result became mentally challenged? that happened to my sister and I don't feel right calling her autistic but people look at me weird when I say she's mentally challenged and sometimes demand to know her specific condition, but if I don't explain her condition people make fun of her for her interests and I don't want that

No. 1592110

hypoxic brain injury during labour

No. 1592115

Hospitals usually account for a certain amount of people not being able/willing to pay for hospital bills. I ignored the bill the sent from my grippy socks vacay 6 years ago and no one's hunted me down for it yet.

No. 1592117

Nuchal cord injury?

No. 1592129

hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) caused by nuchal cord.

No. 1592134

Thank you anons! My bill is also from a grippy socks vacation, specifically the non-emergency transportation piece of it. I will keep ignoring it with impunity in that case kek

No. 1592162

Nonas who choose not to take birth control, how do you explain your decision to others? My boyfriends and doctors are always appalled to learn that I'm not on it and that I never plan to be, and I'm tired of feeling like I have to explain my choices about my body to others. I simply don't want the side effects, the increase risk of diseases, or the changes to my hormones.

No. 1592164

Is it selfish to want your family to gaf about your birthday? I don't mean throwing you a lavish party, but to just be considerate of you and not ask you to buy things for other people and spend the day at their home with their kids doing what they want to do instead of something that you want?

No. 1592167

It doesn’t come up in conversation often, but I just tell people I feel like I know my own body and it feels healthy and functional both physically and emotionally like it should be, so I don’t wanna risk messing that up. One time I told a gyno that I only use condoms with my bf and he said “I think that’s good”, so there’s that kek.

No. 1592168

You don’t have to justify shit. I’d dump a moid who was like that. It increases the risk of cancer, stroke and blood clots. Destabilized my mood. Made my periods more painful. My body my choice. Not respecting that is not respecting me.

No. 1592171

get your nigel tested on the reg, use condoms. do NOT poison yourself I repeat do NOT take BC. you are asking for health problems.

I will link on the tinfoil thread later for all of us but I saw some shit recently that got my hackles up about the BC pill and how it correlates with breast and ovarian cancer

No. 1592173

It is unreasonable if you’re all adults and there’s not much history of your family doing anything special for birthdays. Really depends on the family traditions. You could take yourself someplace nice and invite them if you want to do something special ?

No. 1592185

No, it's your day. They can make it their day any other day.

No. 1592186

I tell them the truth which is I don't trust hormonal birthcontrol, usually that's not a conversation they want to get further into.

No. 1592192

You should expect them to at least remember it and not demand things of you. It's a special day no matter how old or unhappy you are.

No. 1592194

nicely said.
if anyone is asking that question and they aren't your partner or doctor they better have a good reason. it's your health.
if a MIL or an older woman tries to do you dirty with "manners" go victorian on her manners-wise. say "I didn't know my ova were up for debate" outclass them. uncouth anyone would ask in the first place

No. 1592235

I have to poo real bad but also have been dizzy all day, the only toilet that actually flushes and works is upstairs. So should I
a)hold it in until I feel better (which idk when)
b)take the risk of possibility falling
c)use the non-working toilet that's near by?

No. 1592245

Its a good stance to take. I try to get off it and explode in acne

No. 1592246

if no one answers quickly I'm just going to do c) tbh. quickly quickly

No. 1592247


it will get SMELLY

No. 1592250

A while ago I got a cut-bruise from dropping furniture on my leg. It's been 3-4 months but still there. Will this bruise ever go away or would I have to get treatment?

No. 1592253

do b. I trust your ability to climb a flight of stairs. hold the railing dude

No. 1592256

I don't. I simply tell them because I don't want to, and that it's enough of a reason. Not like they can shove it down my throat.

No. 1592258

Alright b) it is. It's mainly getting back down that's harder than climbing up, can't focus on the stairs too well from up above.

No. 1592260

you alone? legit if you're worried about your safety can you ask a (female obvs) neighbour to help? can you ring anyone? nona if you can't shit by yourself are you okay? seriously

No. 1592264

if there's nobody around to see you, you can sit down and move down the stairs one by one on your butt so you're not so far off the ground (if that makes sense), and if there is anyone, you can say "I've got vertigo, don't mind me"

No. 1592272

File: 1685470948257.jpeg (54.83 KB, 828x633, 902972AC-C872-42AF-BDDE-43537C…)

The fucking free phone site doesn't work
I can't even find the free five min site I used before and I am going insane

Guys if you are in the US can you call this number and tell them to check their emails and do their jobs please. I literally cannot even fucking call them, they won't respond to emails and they're useless as fuck.

No. 1592273

Also sorry if broke some rule, this is a public number and I just need help. I didn't include my own information. Sigh….

No. 1592275

File: 1685471071522.jpg (22.93 KB, 614x563, 12345654254.JPG)

Any last minute advice for a wisdom tooth removal I'm getting tomorrow? I'm scared

No. 1592278

It doesn't hurt, you will be drugged up, squirt salty water into your gums regularly and can't eat solids for three days. Enjoy it.

No. 1592282

I have some family members that can help, they're just not here right now, except one who is upstairs so I'd still have to go up. Yeah idk what happened I just got dizzy out of nowhere yesterday and still feel like that today. I always drink lots of water so I dunno what's causing it, maybe too much sodium or something.
kek I'll keep this in mind, thank you.

No. 1592300

File: 1685472212008.jpeg (133.05 KB, 1200x1533, B469E451-285A-497A-866C-322206…)

Get ice cream, but it can’t have tiny pieces of anything. Best ice cream is chocolate ice cream, no one will ever change my mind.

No. 1592334

yeah taylor's obviously faking it when you look into her reputation during highschool, some of the people she works with, her poor attempt at a "woke" song, and just lots of contradictory behavior in general. even her own fans occasionally call her out (but then forget about it a week later kek)

No. 1592362

>pretended to be a bit slutty as an image
Britney was groomed into it as a young girl and it obviously left sequelae on her psyche. Taylor is just a manipulative rich asshole. Not comparable tbh.

No. 1592423

it's super tame and doesn't hurt because of the anasthesia, I was eating like regular the same day (I did only get 1 removed per session tho)

No. 1592427

Are there people who look better in photos but worse in real life?

No. 1592428

sex is nice even if you don't cum, i have a really hard time orgasming with other people no matter what they do because i get extremely nervous. the stuff like "you have to orgasm or you hate your partner and you're having terrible sex and you don't respect yourself" just makes the guilt and nervousness over not being able to orgasm worse, why is it so hard for some people to believe that sex can be nice and you can want to be close to someone even if you can't/don't orgasm.

No. 1592431

can any native english speakers help me? Is "homosexual" considered a slur in english? cuz in my language it is the most politically correct way to refer to a gay man but I have seen some English speakers say that it's a slur because of it's medical origins

No. 1592443

I personally wouldn't use it to refer to someone because it seems dehumanizing, like saying someone is "a black" instead of saying "they /are/ black" but I might use if I'm talking to someone who is old or unfamiliar with modern English terms for it. I think typically gay/lesbian or just "a member of the lgbt community" is the safest way to go if you're in a professional/formal setting and don't want to offend anyone.

No. 1592449

The real problem is that in hetero sex the male orgasm is considered inherent while the female orgasm merely a nice but not really necessary bonus that is there more to stroke the man's ego. I know it's harsh but honestly the way some anons here take it so personally makes them sound like they're seriously coping. Think about it, what if men were told it's perfectly normal not to orgasm during hetero sex because male anatomy is just so weird and complicated and it's not even that important anyway but to make their female partners feel better about themselves?

No. 1592450

File: 1685479216771.gif (1.29 MB, 640x640, im-a-homosexual-but-im-a-cheer…)

No, it's just a blanket term for same sex attracted people (instead of saying gay/lesbian/bi). I do agree with the anon above that I wouldn't usually use it to refer to someone though.

No. 1592452

bisexual =/= homosexual though, homosexual implies exclusive same sex attraction much like heterosexual implies exclusively opposite sex attraction

No. 1592453

Is kiwifarms finally kill?

No. 1592457

It's not a slur. It could come off as a bit cold and technical. Calling a gay man "gay" is pretty safe if you're not sure.

No. 1592459

Massage with your fingers several times a day to break up the blood clots. That will make it go away.

No. 1592463

Bisexuality is just the capability to experience both homosexual attraction and heterosexual attraction, it's not some weird new third type of sexual attraction totally removed from homosexuality and heterosexuality.

No. 1592478

You're right but some people do get very offended if you call a bisexual person homosexual because homosexual (referring to an individual person, not in contexts like "homosexual relationship" or "homosexual attraction") generally implies that person is exclusively same sex attracted (only experiences homosexual attraction not heterosexual)

No. 1592495

Idk about that. She was overly controlled by her family and her image was relatively innocent in the first half of her career, it was suggestive but nothing compared to girls that were clearly groomed like Brook Shields, or Jeanette McCurdy. I think she enjoyed it at first because she loved to dance and dance has always shown off the body. Boys is a great example of this, or I'm a Slave for You. She even had a mv with a stripper pole and it was really tame. It looks more like she went along with any concept to keep performing but was pushed too hard and was tired and wanted to stop and had no one to turn to. She is by no means slutty, it was just a mature concept that suggested sluttiness and even Christina Aguilera went further with that. How supportive or unsupportive your family is can affect your entire life and psyche.

No. 1592503

Why do I attract so many bisexual men? Do I just like seem mannish? Wtf

No. 1592514

Put vasoline or lip balm at the corner of your mouth. When I had mine done the dentist opened my mouth too wide and it tore the skin there and gave me painful tiny cuts that didn't heal for like a week.

No. 1592529

What makes a couple "looksmatch"? Just wearing similar styling? Similar facial features? What does it mean?

No. 1592533

I always thought it meant two people on the same level of attractiveness. Like Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren.

No. 1592534

Equally as attractive

No. 1592537

physical features as a whole. including facial ones and like, height and shit, disfigurements or other peculiarities etc.

No. 1592665

File: 1685493078435.png (94.27 KB, 808x807, track.png)

Does anyone know if these work the same as the Apple original ones? I want to put them on my keys and wallet.

No. 1592670

Do you ever feel like every opportunity is lost because you are ugly and everyone hates you?

No. 1592671

No. 1592674

It means they’re equally attractive for their respective gender. For example: an ugly man married to an ugly woman, or a beautiful person dating another beautiful person.

No. 1592677

No, my personality takes care of ruining opportunities for me.

No. 1592683

Probably that too, my weird brain makes me anxious even though it's bs I still believe it

No. 1592748

Is kiwi farms still down?

No. 1592795

How do i get over embarrassment..i always wanna kms after i get embarrassed

No. 1592821

It's up on Tor, just not clearnet

No. 1592944

What’s the song playing at the start of this, where is it from? Ignore the video it’s some autistic man sperging about Link’s love interests kek

No. 1592947

It's the title theme of wind waker

No. 1592951

Oh thank you kek. I’ve heard it in so many places yet I have never played that game (currently watching videos about the lore of the franchise maybe I’ll play some games too)

No. 1592967

File: 1685535014558.png (167.31 KB, 279x453, old-spice-wolfthorn-deo-stift.…)

Are men's deodorants really more effective? And does picrel really smell unisex? I've been told it smell orange-y/citrusy and not masculine at all

No. 1592983

Old spice original scent (white solid) is the unisex old spice, imo, it smells like gumdrops. Not sure what that one smells like. Also I find that I have to rotate my deo every few weeks or it stops working old spice, lady deo, or spray stuff

No. 1592991

>deodorant "working" or not
Have you girls not tried just plain sodium bicarbonate? I just make a paste with some water (or coconut oil if the skin is sensitive) and apply, it's odorless too so I only smell of the perfume I choose to wear. Literally never stopped working

No. 1593038

I'm a skeptic. it doesn't flake off in a wihte mess? are you sure you aren't naturally odorless to start with?

No. 1593041

skip to about 1:25 here and see the way she just gets right back up and is full of undeserved confidence? channel that sort of energy.

No. 1593043

I hope this helps you but with me I just joke about it. Like taking control of the situation and giving the vibe that yeah you fucked up or did something stupid, you're aware, you accept it and are ready to move on and do better. Confidence basically
Like for example if I'm at work and I drop something and make a big mess to clean up, I jokingly say oh no!! is this coming out of my paycheck??! and some people laugh. we clean it up and move on.
Owning it and going up to someone and being like "hey..i have a stupid question..would you like to help me? (insert question here)". Coworker comes up and gives me a handshake and I fuck it up, they look confused and i pretend im a tard and go "wow..im learning!! I feel so hip.." he busts out laughing.
Literally used to be a shut in mute sperg but just having confidence and learning to divert my fuckups as fun jokes helped so much nonna.

No. 1593047

A reliable to identify bodies is through dental records but how does it work, does everybody have dental records? How does the police have access to it? I'm not American so maybe it doesn't work the same way in my country.

No. 1593053

How do you even get your clothes tailored? Should I buy oversized stuff so it’s easy to tailor them? Or should I just buy my size and get them tailored depending on how they look on me?

No. 1593062

I prefer men’s deodorants tbh, the scent is a bit weird but somehow goes with my chemistry or something. I honestly just wear male deodorant because my brother is a cheapskate and refuses to buy other than man manly man men’s products, so I either use the brand of deodorant he buys or never use deodorant.

No. 1593070

>Does everybody have dental records?
No, not everyone. If you have had x-rays done on your teeth before (which is typically standard in America), then law enforcement can ask to access those dental records. But if this is someone that has never had dental work done or have gone to a dentist, then obviously there won’t be x-rays to compare.

If teeth are not possible, the body can be identified through other ways. For example, if the person got a knee replacement, then they can compare x-rays and the serial number of the product. If the person ever had a bone fracture and gotten an x-ray for it, then those can be compared as well. Sinus cavities are as unique as fingerprints, so if a scan was ever done there, then that’s another way to identify the person.

No. 1593098

I just laugh at myself before anyone else can
Learned it from even stevens when he swims in the chili pot and enjoys it
I have tripped and fallen in public many times and just confidently laughing or being like whatever and walking away makes it easy
Even if you have anxiety laugh it all away

No. 1593158

What does it mean when the anonymous tag up top is highlighted red but I didn't select it?

No. 1593222

does anyone else wish someone would come into their life and just tell them what to do everyday? like i feel like i can't create routines and make myself do anything that would improve my life or just make me happy. i know most people struggle for independence, but i feel like i have too much of it and it's led me to live this pathetic life of no direction.

No. 1593276

This is like a goldilocks product for me. Its citrus and a little sweet even but a nice balance imo. Womens deos would always mix weird with my body chemistry so I'd like them during the sniff test and then hate them once they're on me for an hour even if I haven't sweated yet? I switched to buying from the mens section years ago and got used to smelling 'masc'. But then this smells more unisex to me and it also doesn't do that thing where the smell shifts over the course of a day. I like it

No. 1593308

Might be extremely stupid, but I'm sure there's an anon here more educated than me that can answer. If not having a period for a certain amount of time increases your risk of cancer, does this mean post-menopausal women are at a high risk of cancer in their reproductive organs?

No. 1593312

Have you tried writing daily to do lists, goals, and journals?

The to do is just routine for the day, I put on there things like "wash hair, clean the kitchen, do laundry, exfoliate, study biology" These are good reminders and fun because you get to check them off and feel productive

The goals are things you are working towards and hope to accomplish, for example one of my goals is to get a new license, and work on my music. I rewrite it every month to reevaluate my goals and progress, looking at it weekly

Journals are just to write how I am feeling that day, good or bad moments, let it out. I delete these weekly, no need to keep them.

Writing them on your phone means you can bring them with you, but also writing them on a dry erase board or paper taped up in your home is a good idea.

Alternatively I can tell you what to do

No. 1593317

File: 1685564330262.jpg (162.44 KB, 2560x2560, 71FG-fn rGL.jpg)

I used to use men's deodorant but I tried picrel after a nona here recommended it and it's great. A lot of men's deodorant smells like a middle school boys locker room to me tbh

No. 1593321

The risk of cancer in general goes up once you're in your 50s up, including womens reproductive cancers. You're just in a new risk bracket for all sorts of cancer. I've a worrying number of women in my family who had breast or ovarian cancer diagnosed in their early 50s. Some had testing done for brca gene mutations but it wasn't that

No. 1593327

Diff anon but I hate alot of womens scents, also don't want to smell like a teen guy either though. Bought this lately and haven't got to using it yet. I have hope that I picked well now. I hate being this fussy about deodorant of all things

No. 1593348

File: 1685568697067.jpg (325.81 KB, 1750x2048, 1pcf8fhyt10b1.jpg)

is it normal for headaches to be localized in a very specific spot?

for months I thought my left eye was having problems. I went in to the eye doctor who said it's just allergies and claimed, "it's because your left eye is more sensitive." The problem didn't go away with eye drops and I realized that the pain might be being caused by a weird cluster-type headache behind that eye? idk. I just never had such a problem before and I don't know if it's normal for people to develop such random issues with age.

No. 1593357

when you bend down and face the floor for a while, do you feel pressure around that eye pr side of the face? I sometimes get a weird pressure and even some blurring during allergy season but a neti pot, allergy meds and eyedrops help. Hope you get well soon, nona.

No. 1593380

File: 1685571757219.jpg (70.39 KB, 566x800, 1685139347111209.jpg)

I'm going for a road trip with my crush who sees me only as a friend bc he's taken and with a guy who has a crush on me but I don't reciprocate his feelings. It can't end bad right?

No. 1593387

It's going to be literally nothing but drama.

No. 1593390

I have Microsoft office 365 and now it wants a product key. Is there a way around that?

No. 1593392

This happened to me at work recently. My boss called whomever (Comcast i think?) and they said it actually doesn't need a product key. I don't know the steps he took to resolve it but the customer service person walked him thru it.

No. 1593411

File: 1685576199044.png (13.73 KB, 241x309, 16543299870.png)

wait so your crush has a bf, and his bf has a crush on you?

No. 1593418

No my crush has a gf, and I don't even know why she's not going with us, I didn't ask him
The guy that has a crush on me is friends with the guy I have a crush on and he's coming with us

No. 1593431

this is weird to ask here, but im going to meet a semi-famous guy i have a crush on at a fansign. it's normal for people to give gifts so i was thinking of giving him a small gift with a card and putting my number in it… is that wattpad delusion? creepy?
i got the idea because i've heard of japanese fangirls doing it for band members that they like lol

No. 1593457

To all the straight/bi nonnies, have you ever seen your bfs booty hole and if not, how would you feel if you did?

No. 1593464

I have not, and I have no interest in it. He has no interest in my asshole either, and I am glad to be in a relationship where assholes are for pooping only kek. I honestly would not want to see his because I just dgaf, like… the hell do I need to see it for. I'd probably laugh and make fun of him for having a butthole.

No. 1593465

Of course I have.
He's not going to call you and if he does after knowing you for 10 seconds he's a creep. Ask for his number if you think you have a chance, don't give him yours.

No. 1593475

I want to stop swearing. I swear a lot in my personal life, I don't want it to slip out too much to real life or make me sound dumb. I am training myself that when I swear or about to swear I say another word instead. Anything else I can do?

No. 1593477

I licked it once. Was not pleasant. I also pegged him and he loved it, as all men do deep down. Buttholes are ugly. I never look at mine. I never want to see a butthole again.

No. 1593529

>as all men do deep down
Is this cope

No. 1593530

Once I saw my husband's booty hole in the mirror while he was eating me out and it scared me. I don't want to lick it and I don't think he wants me to either. My own booty hole aint pretty either, but it does its job.

No. 1593531

Once a man feels a prostate orgasm its over

Did you knock off the toilet paper crumbs by tapping the heels of your foot on his bootycheeks

No. 1593542

File: 1685587493991.gif (2.87 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)


No. 1593544

My bfs bootyhole is…just…awful looking. Its just awful. He wants me to lick it… i hate it so much. Ill do it for him very very rarely just because I love him….. but fuck I have to really mentally prepare myself. God I hate butt stuff so much. I just hate it. Idk how he doesnt have a hemerroid that thing like…hangs out. Ugh I hate it so so so much.

No. 1593547

I hate how long they are sometimes. Why is your asshole like three inches long. Looks like a coin slot. Just wreckt.

No. 1593554

Nikocado Avocado

No. 1593564

Like actually. When a man claims he never played in his ass and his hole is three feet long I feel cheated and lied to, take the trickery elsewhere SLUT

No. 1593565

File: 1685589070479.jpg (51.78 KB, 640x480, 1553872761334.jpg)

yes, I pegged him a couple times (at his request) when we first started dating, luckily that was seemingly just a phase because he doesn't ask for that anymore. I was surprised how pink it was… not bad at all for moid ass tbh

No. 1593584

I won't judge but I'm shocked at the amount of you who have fucked and sucked man ass

No. 1593588

Crazy how mundane sexuality really is when you aren't a homophobe eh

No. 1593601

What does homophobia have to do with anything?

No. 1593602

NTA but what does homophobia have to do with disliking men's butts? Asses are just gross.

No. 1593610

It’s a man. Must have forgotten where he was.

No. 1593612

i used to be online fwb with a closeted bi moid who was obsessed with rimming/pegging. afaik he's still never been pegged, he recently got a gf so now he only talks to me "as a friend" (which is weird because usually he couldn't even go 10 minutes without bringing up porn/sex) but we'll see how long that lasts. he's unfortunately pretty cute despite the porn addiction so i might go for it if ever given the opportunity again

No. 1593615

How do you be an online fwb.

No. 1593627

you underestimate how many guys are into pegging

No. 1593635

nta but even if someone i was madly in love with begged me to do it, i still wouldn't tbh. don't care how much he's into it.

No. 1593643

You know how older couples start doing freaky shit to "spice up" their sex life? If I was middle aged and married for a long time I would maybe consider anal (receiving and giving) but tbh I would ideally not marry a man into receiving anal at all. I like having my butthole rubbed and sprayed with water but that's about it. I would be on board if it was with a woman though.

No. 1593666

Do you put on deodorant at night? This question isn't for those who work and such at night, of course.

No. 1593672

yes its the only way i dont sweat thru my cloths the next day.if i apply it in the morning it doesnt work

No. 1593680

Oh you poor stinky bitch

No. 1593689

im gonna kill you with my armpit stench

No. 1593705

I'm kinning you with anon who claims to have the most powerful epcott areola in dumbass shit and you two can kiki over who has more ability to destroy

No. 1593774

No. 1593914

I was cursed to never have children because of some petty shit by a woman who is currently pregnant. I think there is a thread for this but I couldn’t find it. Can I undo this somehow?

No. 1593917

You don't need to undo it because curses aren't real nonny, don't worry.

No. 1593919

I hope you are right. This woman is a gipsy and holds intense hate for me for a long period of time. Im really scared.

No. 1593930

hold me up let me find the witchcraft thread for u

No. 1593932

here you go nonners >>>/ot/660000
hope that mean woman leaves you alone

No. 1593934

If you don't take her seriously (the magic stuff, I mean) it won't have any effect on you.

No. 1594015

Does anybody actually hide saged posts? I feel the threads would be boring with more than half of the posts hidden.

No. 1594022

I want to when I read old threads of cows who have a shitload of threads like Shayna, but it's basically useless as people don't sage non-milk and sage milk all the time. I like it as a concept though as I hate reading KF threads that have pages and pages of useless moid commentary, wish I should skip all of that.

No. 1594029

Isn't hiring witches and the like a thing in your country? Pay someone to undo the curse for you.

No. 1594184

Oh honey, the loudest moans of a man are from the backdoor

No. 1594204

Get some self respect and dump his loose ass.

No. 1594321

Have you checked your blood pressure? I was having really bad bouts of fatigue w no vitamin deficiency and turned out I had low blood pressure.

No. 1594360

Are diagnosed autists advised to give disclaimers about their autism? It happens a lot at work and I’m like a) I know but b) I’m too socially retarded to know how to respond.

No. 1594363

First rule of retard club. Never tell your employer and/or co-workers about it

No. 1594365

Leave anon alone! Sweaty girls gotta do what we gotta do.

No. 1594381

is there a free AI chatbot? I want to talk to a robot about my problems

No. 1594402

character ai is free it just forces you to make an account

No. 1594429

Generally it's fine to skip periods on the pill - in all the studies I've read on it, there don't seem to be any specific risks with continuous use of the pill other than an increased chance of randomly spotting (which isn't dangerous but it can be annoying). I'm on the pill for severe periods and for years I've chosen to have a period every 3 months instead of every month; never had any issues with it. So almost certainly you're fine, but I think it's still worth mentioning to your doctor that you're using it continuously, just to be safe.

No. 1594722

How do you let go of anger/sadness in a healthy way? I've had this nutsack in my life for a long time but now I've cut him off I just think about how retarded and in the end sexist and racist he is. I know he'll get what he gives (I saw it kek) so I'm just giving the silent treatment but I'm still so annoyed moids like this are everywhere. I can talk to my friends who think he's a retard too but it keeps bugging me in the back of my head because I knew him since I was 13 or something, 20 now. I don't like him but it's hard to let go because at this point I feel like he's been my annoying brother I never wanted for years.

No. 1594741

Sort of ruminate on it and maybe even journal or make a pro/con (sounds like it would be heavily con) about him or just mentally take a pair of scissors and snip off your string attached to him. He’s dead gone over finished. He has nothing to do with you.
Also this is kind of a serious question not a stupid one so go to /g/ advice thread perhaps

No. 1594754

Thank you nonna, I trust I'll find a way to deal with it. If I don't I'll go to the advice thread, kind of forgot it existed but thank you.

No. 1594929

Can some anons give me long video channels? Please nothing about murders/disappearance, bombing, terrible diseases, collapsing economies, radiation. Something like history of baking, video games and their hacks, stupid gadgets, funny reviews, past websites, rating food

No. 1594935

Izzzyzzz comes to mind, she's a theythem girl with funky makeup but I still love her videos, she talks about toys and internet culture etc

I've recently binged Naomi Jon's food videos, she's another drag race enthusiast funky makeup girl but she's entertaining

Polygon Donut and Dream Jelly also come to mind from funny gadgets and web nostagia but their videos are not as long

No. 1594973


No. 1594974


projecting and insecure about having no tits, as ugly females are inclined to do.

Andrew Tate and Elon Musk are my heroes btw, just deadlifted 500 pounds today, too. Did you lift a single thing aside from a McDonald's bag?

God fat dykes are the worst. Sad!(Scrote)

No. 1594987

All men are literally uglier and have shittier personalities than fat dykes :D(:D)

No. 1594988


ok A-cup

No. 1594992

File: 1685693374256.jpg (48.74 KB, 736x736, 859858cb2b3c0420c04f773d195b32…)

No. 1594993

File: 1685693491034.jpg (42.33 KB, 536x482, petitdick.jpg)

No. 1594995

File: 1685693812503.jpg (10.29 KB, 563x322, d0df147045203bb90375cdf479bbf6…)

YWNB Leon S. Kennedy

No. 1594996

File: 1685693993830.jpg (95.15 KB, 675x1200, Leon Kennedy.jpg)

to reiterate, YWNB Leon

No. 1594997

No. 1595000

Stop replying to retarded moids, thanks.

No. 1595012


you didn't have to hit me back this hard you fucking savage whore(Derailing Continued.)

No. 1595044

I found a bee on the placement, she was lethargic, brought her home have her water with honey, she drank a little bit and now she doesn't move I'm scared she's dying. What can I do????

No. 1595045

*pavement sorry i'm writing with one hand

No. 1595050

Don't give bees honey, it might contain pathogens that they'll then carry to their hive and infect it. The bee you encountered is likely dying and there's nothing you can do, but if you want to try to revive it feed it sugar water instead. (However don't mass feed bees with sugar water, it's not good for the honey.)

No. 1595053

Why do I feel like not doing anything for whole weeks? It used to be only a day or a few days, now I have this weird overwhelming feeling and I don’t want to leave my house at all.

No. 1595056

IT STARTED MOVING SUDDENLY AND MOVING ITS WINGS I took her fast outside and put her on a flower and she quickly sticked out her tiny tongue and started eating! Fuck I thought she died I SAVED A BEEED

No. 1595058

Also I don't have any sugar at home only honey so I thought its better than nothing

No. 1595061

You'd think but it's risky and not recommended, it can cause a great amount of harm. Search 'foulbrood'.

No. 1595193

File: 1685722191662.jpg (60.5 KB, 640x480, 640px-Shoyu_ramen,_at_Kasukabe…)

Whats your ramen ranking nonas? I've only tried tonkotsu but its not my cup of tea, I'm thinking about trying the miso ramen this Monday. Wish me luck!

No. 1595199

Ramen is massively overrated (thanks weebs) pho is way better

No. 1595200

Eh, I'm Viet. Pho is OVERRATED, try bun bo hue (Vietnamese beef noodle soup).

No. 1595207

I only got 2 out of the 3 HPV vaccines as a teen. Does anybody know if I'm still protected against HPV or should I pursue getting the third one, even though I'm already in my mid 20s? I've tried googling but I can't really get a straight answer, it's just articles about how you can and should still get the vaccines as an adult if you didn't as a kid, but that doesn't really answer my question.

No. 1595221

Based. Pho is the blandest Viet soup ig it’s palatable.

No. 1595231

Where I am they started vaccinating adults in their 20s this year because apparantly there's still some health benefit to be gained from it even if you've had sex already (although they're using a 2-shot vaccine here so it's probably a different one if that makes any difference) but you should probably ask your doctor to get reliable advice

No. 1595232

i tried pho once after everyone telling me how amazing it was and i was really disappointed. the broth was good but everything else was just boring and not yummy. i know the broth is the point but it was just a let down, like a bunch of random ingredients in broth (i know thar describes all soups kek).

No. 1595240

To all the burgerfags, what's a nice state to live in that's not a liberal hell hole like California or a conservatard hell hole like Texas? Bonus point if it's not the south, I hate warm weather.

No. 1595242

Honestly you should just pick a state to live in based on the weather you like and what kind of nature you want to see and the cost of housing. You're gonna find crazy people in any state.
Cross off all the ones where you can't get an abortion (not that you need one, but you shouldn't have to worry about dying because you can't get one and all the stupid bullshit that come with banning it.) and don't move to a dry county (no alcohol) unless you're into that.

No. 1595264

Do you prefer cities, suburbs, or the countryside? Minnesota is pretty solidly democrat but not PNW-style liberal and housing shouldn’t be too expensive. There are all types of environments, including cities, albeit not huge ones.

No. 1595275

File: 1685732339606.jpg (95.86 KB, 660x495, block-paving-weeds-1.jpg)

I have lots of large overgrown weeds in my garden that grow between the big gaps in the paving slabs like picrel. What can I do to stop them from growing? I've already tried using various weedkiller and even hired a professional to come and use the proper weedkiller but they always come back and they grow pretty large. Can I just shove thick layer of mulch inside the gaps between the paving stones so that the weeds don't get sunlight anymore?

I can't tear the stones up and re-pave the garden unfortunately because I rent the place and I'm not allowed. I just want some sort of way to stop these big dudes from growing.

No. 1595295

Do any other lesbian or bianons sometimes feel up your own body but imagine you’re touching someone else? or am I a weirdo kek

No. 1595329

Pick a blue state but don't live in a "trendy" city.

No. 1595335

I think regular matienence is all you can do nonnie, I work in construction and those roots are nasty, if you pulled the slap up, the whole dirt square would look like angel pasta.

No. 1595359

Why do people need to watch videos when they eat? To the point of putting off eating their meal until they find a video to watch. I notice this at work and with my college peers and apparently I'm the odd one for having never required a video to just eat my fucking food.

No. 1595360

It's nice to have entertainment. I always start a video or show when I'm about to eat

No. 1595374

I think you will have to just keep spraying roundup or if possible carefully lift each stone up and lay a mulch bag down underneath. Physical barrier will probably be the only way to stop it.

No. 1595375

File: 1685743638323.jpg (190.43 KB, 1024x1024, wishilookedlikeaffcharacter.jp…)

Is FFX a good game to start the series with if you've never played it before?

No. 1595383

herbicides won't work and they're really bad for you even the "safe" ones. physical barrier is the way to go. mulch, sand (weed will probably get through it though), some kind of grout even. You could also simply plant something you want to grow there and it will take over (a little succulent or low-growing plant) so you don't get the tall ass weeds anymore.

No. 1595391

They've exhausted their dopamine receptors and now are unable to concentrate so they must be doing something at all times, even when they are already doing something.

No. 1595393

Kill the weeds initially by pouring boiling water on them. Then, lift up the stones, lay down as much newspaper as you can (you can even dig out the dirt a little to fit more under there), before setting the stones back. Spray the cracks with white vinegar weekly to maintain.

No. 1595395

I don't get it either. That makes it harder to concentrate on the video if anything.

No. 1595398

File: 1685745556906.png (28.71 KB, 1250x347, cute animal quiz.png)

how do you get results for this quiz?
keeps telling me that i didn't fill out the form when i have. is it even possible? i keep seeing people in neocities post their results and i can't figure it out, do i try another date?

No. 1595404

That's so weird to me. Maybe it's the 'tism but I get so overwhelmed if I'm constantly doing things and having auditory and visual stimulus. When I come home I like to eat in solitary silence kek

No. 1595427

What does pink text mean in image boards?
<I'm not sure you can do it here, but I sometimes see it on random imageboards.
Is it a way to represent different people speaking when doing green text? I haven't seen it enough to think of a pattern

No. 1595436

did anyone else here the drip drop story as a kid and did it screw with you too?

I was at a sleepover and one girl decides to share this story, it creeps me out and we all fight for the middle of the couch bed and because I was the oldest or tallest or something I got the edge spot. I did not sleep well.

No. 1595439

I don't like the sound of eating; I am not talking to anyone, and what else am I gonna do stare at the wall

No. 1595461

how do you nonnas think being a professional dominatrix and feminism correlate? is it cool despite being in the realm of sex work? or at the end of the day is it sex work and thus bad?

coming from a feminist who is a little ashamed to be intrigued by the professional femdom world.

No. 1595462

I noticed that at some point over the past year or two, the amount of vellus hair on my face seems to have doubled and I don't know why. I've always had some around my jaw but now there's so much more, and it's especially noticable on my chin where it had previously been extremely sparse. It looks like a ghost beard now. Not very long, just significantly more than there used to be.

Should I be concerned? Every time I try to research it's just a bunch of stuff about growing more terminal facial hair, which isn't what this is. I'm not ana (slightly overweight actually), I take a multivitamin daily, my periods are regular and I don't think I have any other symptoms of hormonal issues. Thyroid levels have been slowly rising but still well within normal ranges. Does anyone know what can cause this? As far as I can tell it's just on my face too.

No. 1595463

No. 1595471

It’s prostitution. If you’re a feminist stop calling things “sex work”. It’s not any more positive than any other commodification of sex. Scrotes want it and that’s the only reason it exists.

No. 1595484

can anyone share some contemporary circuses (no animals) like cirque du soleil but aren't cds that have resident and/or touring shows that have open auditions or casting in europe/asia?

I feel like I'm losing my mind trying to find any

No. 1595518

Is it a thing where a person in a relationship get embarrassed at what their partner does for a living?

No. 1595521

It's still being a prostitute.

No. 1595527

Pretty much what the other anon has said: they've exhausted their dopamine receptors because of excessive phone use and constantly need to be under stimulation. These are the type of people who cannot stand to be bored or even find boredom to be painful. I don't get it either. I need to eat in silence to appreciate my food. Even scrolling on my phone while eating is too much.

No. 1595531

I can only think of Cirkus Cirkör (Sweden) and Archaos Cirque (France)
If you consider Australia part of Asia (some people do) there’s CIRCA. They tour the world with their various shows but I feel auditions are only held in Meanjin (Brisbane)
Are you auditioning, nona? If answering would make you uncomfortable, please ignore the question.

No. 1595539

Yes. But what’s hr job?

No. 1595545

It’s a job, so it comes with all the usual job drudgery. Apply any job advice to it and consider if you’d like it. How much of yourself you’d have to give and how invested you’d have to be to care … the clientele you’d have. Etc.

No. 1595556

Just accept that prostitution is not feminist and choose accordingly. No need to break your back trying to justify wanting to be a whore to yourself.

No. 1595561

calling it a "usual job" is disingenuous when it pretty much lacks most of the safety nets of a regular job, entails significant risks that usually aren't present in most jobs (i.e., extremely high rates of cPTSD and assault), and other such things.
pretty much every one I used to know that tried it deeply regretted it because there ended up being a lot of risks they weren't really informed about. however, if she's able to find a unicorn situation where she has complete control over her choice of clients, the circumstances, safety nets such as a bodyguard and complete anonymity, etc, then I guess it wouldn't be the worst thing ever.

No. 1595577

When a guy says he's tested and clean should I demand test results screenshot or what I don't get how that convo goes and don't want to sperg out on a cute guy

No. 1595601

is it safe to take a 65mg iron pill once or twice a week if I'm not sure that I'm iron deficient? I was reading it could cause an upset stomach but other than that it shouldn't have any bad effects even if I'm not deficient, is that right?

No. 1595607

Why would someone I barely know ask me if I smoke?

No. 1595608

It can cause diarrhea too, I unfortunately know this because I'm taking iron rn myself. Why not just get your blood tested? That's so easy and quick ime, it's routine line work at the hospital.

Maybe just small talk? Someone looking for a smoking buddy? Depends on the context

No. 1595617

How common is it for scrotes to look 40 when they're 30? I thought most have good skin because they have more collagen than woman…

No. 1595618

You can definitely approach him gently and explain why you'd want to make sure. I don't think it's that big of a deal, and if the scrote makes a fuss then don't bother with him anymore (potential crisis averted)

No. 1595620

Context: there’s this food truck near where I work i wanted to try out during my hour lunch break. I asked if they accepted Apple Pay and they said no. There was a guy that was done with his order and was waiting on his food that I’ve seen around my workplace before but had never interacted with. He thought I didn’t have any card so offered to pay but I said thank you and that I thought I had one in my car and went to grab it. Then I paid and he left with his food. They took a really long time with my food, and I was gonna eat there but decided to leave because I didn’t have much time left anymore. Then to get to my car I had to walk past a car behind it that wasn’t there before. And when I got closer they rolled down their window and it was the coworker from earlier and he asked me if I smoked. Didn’t specify what. I don’t smoke though

No. 1595624

I need my eyes to look at something while eating, or talk to someone, it doesn't matter. My grandma is also like this, for her whole life she had to read the newspaper if eating in the kitchen or watch the TV if eating in the living room.
As a kid I would always read the cereal box ingredients when eating breakfast in the morning kek

No. 1595625

for some reason my family always had the nutrition side as opened so I'd stare at it (not knowing what it meant) while eating. I hated that it was never the fun kids side so for the few years I bought cereal it was not opened on nutrition side.

No. 1595665

It's just addicition anon. Tech companies have caught and trapped our attention and attention spans to the point people can't just eat something without additional stimulation.

No. 1595720

All these replies saying it's the technology's fault - it's not, prior to mobile phones people used to read newspapers while eating or on the toilet. You'd read the back of the cereal box or shampoo bottle. You'd listen to the radio or watch TV - so called 'TV dinners' were popular.
People always had the need for something to occupy their attention, it's not something that was brought on by phones, it's just that phones filled an already existing need

No. 1595732

Doesn't make the fact that tech companies employ all sorts of unethical tactics and means to make you addicted to your phone/their apps less true. There's a big difference between reading a newspaper while having a meal and not even being able to start a meal because you haven't been able to find something stimulating enough on your phone just yet. No one was addicted to newspapers 20 years ago.

No. 1595736

Every mundane habit wasn't called an "addiction" back then. I had a favourite book that was totally full of food stains because of using it as reading material during lunchtime. My grandpa never ate breakfast without the newspaper, but there was nobody to call him "addicted" and say his "dopamine receptors are fried" because of it.

No. 1595752

File: 1685791679448.jpg (26.07 KB, 576x334, CH79.jpg)

Is it okay to gift a chopstick set for someones birthday?
I was also wondering how long wooden chopsticks would last. Personally i only owned ceramic ones

No. 1595754

Do you hate your friends or something? 4 pairs of fucking sushi sticks? For what? Count yourself lucky if she doesn't break every single one of them in half in front of you. One by one. Cheap ass nigga

No. 1595756

kek nonny, he is a weeb and been wanting to express interests in learning to use chopsticks. i will also gift 4 bowl sets if you are so curious. but it's nice to hear someone elses opinion.

No. 1595757

Thank you nonna! Those look great and yes I will be auditioning as a singer and dancer, secondary musician. And training contortion and aerial hoop as well.

No. 1595763

You're buying men who are addicted to Japanese cartoon porn gifts? My Lord just as I thought this couldn't get any worse.

No. 1595768

kek alright

No. 1595776

any organized nonnies out there who can help me out? i own a lot of hoodies but i am running out of space for them. they are all big and oversized so folding them and putting them in a drawer just takes up too much space. any advice is appreciated!!!

No. 1595782

will 10 volume bleach brows?

No. 1595785

if you have the room, get strong wall stickable hooks, a rack or think which ones you don't use that much rn and vacuum seal them and storage away.

No. 1595804

File: 1685797548707.jpeg (109.04 KB, 750x750, IMG_6206.jpeg)

Am i being schizo or has there been a crazy scrote posting on lolcow for ~ the past 24 hours? He doesn’t say anything in particular where you can go “100% male” i feel, but some replies feel weirdly off, i noticed quite a few spammy posts that are barely if at all related to the threads and the amount of infighting today is spectacular…

No. 1595806

apparently it does t. just bleached them bitches

No. 1595812

File: 1685798646459.jpg (9.69 KB, 236x255, 889949cf86ca918de93b1ed477176c…)

I struggle with how I perceive my own intelligence and how other people percieve me

I took a test at my hospital, administrated by a psychiatrist but it doesn't remove my doubts or make me feel smarter, it's just a number on a paper…

No. 1595815

cutlery isn't an unusual gift for adults. if the packaging looks good and the chopsticks are decorative it should be fine

No. 1595823

File: 1685799701496.jpeg (61.95 KB, 639x502, 0C6533E6-9AB6-4135-BC9C-B263C3…)

I feel it too nonny, especially with that passport thread on /g/ that thankfully mods took down

No. 1595829

This set looks cute, I would gift something else with it though like some Japanese sweets.

No. 1595843

you could wrap and gift a fresh fish too. it could be prepared as part of a sushi dish

No. 1595844

What the FUCK is this image

No. 1595868

>Why not just get your blood tested?
I actually have some weird reaction that causes me to panic and faint whenever I see needles or blood so I try and avoid it kek. maybe if I cut the pill in half and only take half I won't get a bad stomach? getting a blood test would be a last resort type thing if I was feeling very ill

No. 1595873

if I order custom designed fabric with existing video game or anime characters on a place like spoonflower will they not let me order? they have some terms that say not to use copyright characters/ip but I assumed that was just to protect themselves from potential lawsuits. I'd only be ordering a small amount of fabric so do you think my order would go through?

No. 1595897

Someone please infopill me on japanon, who the hell is she and why is everyone talking about her and her relation to rancefag?

No. 1595901

Why is a us bachelors degree four years and 120 credits while a europe degree is three years and 180 credits. They are equivalent so are credits calculated differently, does use require more electives that take more time, does europe require students to take more courses at a time?

No. 1595903

someone with a femdom fetish wrote a whole thing about flying to japan to fuck a man who then accused her of rape and didn't want to see her anymore, she exchanged a bunch of pathetic apologetic messages with him which she posted. she posted a long "manifesto" about it which looked like bad erotic fiction and probably was. she would not stop posting about it even though she was pretending to be embarrassed and sad. a discord was started and I guess rancefag showed up and people heard her voice. seems like some nonas genuinely enjoyed the spectacle, good for them, I can not wait for it to be over. personally I think it was all fake but it doesn't matter if it's real or fake, japanon is doing way too much attentionwhoring and it's annoying

No. 1595912

File: 1685810159080.png (213.36 KB, 964x535, IMG_0728.png)

I never drink milk because it’s gross and I have IBS, but I just drank a cup of lactose-free milk and my stomach immediately went haywire, but it’s also the first thing I’ve “eaten” all day. Is that a dairy allergy or is it just an IBS thing to have terrible reactions to any sustenance whatsoever every day of my miserable life.

No. 1595921

Is there wi-fi during long-haul flights? When I booked my plane tickets for August I had the option to purchase some wi-fi during the first short flight but not for the long one, so I'm assuming I'll have wi-fi during it, and I haven't found any clear indication on the airline website.

No. 1595922

i guess it's different for every uni. In one uni we had like main class (which was art, specifically drawing) for 15 credits which was a LOT! the rest from 2-5 credits (stiff like art history, architecture, various art techniques….)
In another uni everything was 1 or 2 credits so you had to be there about 10 full hours a 4 days a week to complete the year. So some Unis are more chill some make you their bitch.

No. 1595924

Did she ever post a pic of the guy who was supposedly model tier? I saw some anons say shit kept on getting deleted

No. 1595926

Depends on the airline. Some of them have it (satellite based) but you have to pay extra.

No. 1595928

He had MOOBA

No. 1595931

usually a free meal and some kind of free entertainment is available on international long-haul flights. if not free wifi then at least free movies. haven't been on a plane in years that didn't at least have wifi for purchase.

No. 1595933

he was a boring looking white guy with brown hair, not fit, not handsome. he could have been ai generated he was so boring.

No. 1595942

What torrents site are there that are reliable? I used to use Rarbg but they shut it down recently

No. 1595967

In your opinion, is there such a thing as a good man?

No. 1596001

So I have a younger cousin who is coming to live with me. She lives in one of the shittiest countries so I’ve helped and advised her mom on everything she needs to come here. And how enrolling her in high school will be and all of that. I’m pretty excited because growing up I always wanted a sister and since I moved here it’s only been me and my mom and brothers with nobody from our family(which are mostly women). It’s been isolating having no family, especially female family members, and I feel I’ve missed out on a lot of other important bonds. BUT at the same time, as her arrival date approaches, I feel threatened? Like, I’m not accomplished at all. So I’m scared of disappointing them, as I’m sure they over romanticize my country and think everyone that lives here is successful simply by sheer existing here, if that makes sense. She already has plans on what she wants to study, knows she wants to learn English, which is all great. I knew what I wanted to study at 17 too. And it’s reassuring she wants to learn English because ime people from there don’t care to learn it. But I’m 23 and still haven’t graduated. I fell into a depression, had my financial help taken away, just everything. I’ve only just recently started to get my head above the water and catching a breath. I have to pay out of pocket, it’s going to take a while. I’m scared she won’t like me when she sees my rocky relationship with my mom (who didn’t raise me the first half of my life), and just in general that I’ve got some issues. Because she probably won’t know why or understand. I left our home country when I was ten and she was just a baby. We haven’t had a lot of times since to get to know eachother very well. I haven’t had a good solid foundation, or even one at all. And I feel like I’m making excuses now so the point I’m trying to make is that she has had what I’ve wanted for most of her life in spite of the state of the country, and once that roadblock is out of the way I think she has a good chance of excelling. I feel awful for admitting this and writing it all out but I hope to get this out of my system soon because she’s not even here yet and this can’t be a good sign. I guess all the pressure I’ve felt all these years are coming to a boil. I want to start seeing a therapist because it’s overdue and also because at least I’d be doing something good for her to emulate. And at least it’s like I’m acknowledging I’m not well, and if she ever feels like she needs help and wants to get it, it’ll remove the taboo from it. Idk. I’m just wondering what else I can do to stop feeling and thinking this way pronto? I doubt I’ll stop helping her, but I still don’t wanna feel shitty about myself as I do so.

No. 1596011

They shut down Rarbg? FUCK!
Check the images thread on archive.is

No. 1596118

a dead one maybe, then you can let time take away the bad memories and the good ones stay afloat

No. 1596163

I don't have experience being an immigrant or anything like you do but I relate to your feelings of being an unaccomplished 23 year old. It sounds like your cousin is probably also about the same age as my little sister. With our big age gap, a lot of how I've treated her has always been very heavily shaped by what I wished an older female family member would tell me growing up, and in some ways I think this has been good, but she's also so different from me and is having very different teen experiences than I did. It's easy to put your younger self in your cousin's place and imagine yourself from the outside with all the judgement and expectations of what you figured you would be by this age, but the reality of her experiences and view of you are likely to be entirely different from anything you would expect. For example I always figured my little sister thought I was a total loser, but months ago we had a late night conversation where she said our mom was upsetting her by comparing her grades to how I was doing in high school and was mad I cast such a big shadow over her (even though I'm nothing impressive now). Another thing to keep in mind is that its so common for teens to sometimes be resentful or ungrateful even to people doing the very best for them, but often after they've grown up a bit, they can learn to be appreciative and have good relationships with the people who treated them well. I had quite a few friends in high school who fought all the time with their mom or an older sister who they now get along great with as young adults, so don't be discouraged even if your relationship with your cousin isn't what you wanted at first. You seem to be putting a lot of mental pressure on yourself, and I wouldn't be surprised if your cousin coming over is also feeling a lot of pressure to succeed. You managing to work things out regardless of not having them go perfectly according to your plans for life may be a better example for her than if you had been you had been some intimidating figure of success. My best advice for now is to look into that therapy and find something productive or fun to focus on as a distraction to your worries about your cousin coming to live with you in the meantime, since there's no point in stressing yourself about things yet to happen and other peoples' opinions you can't control. Wishing you and your cousin the best of luck nona

No. 1596235

Lesbian friend from childhood who trooned out is doing “fem” things again like makeup and accessories, using them/them, not sure if I should take these as a positive sign? Idk how to approach without triggering her fight or flight.

No. 1596266

Why is it that gay men develop that heinous nails-on-chalkboard valley girl vocal fry but lesbians don't?

No. 1596268

Do you think your bf would be with you if he were rich?

No. 1596276

At what point in a relationship do you stop hiding your weirder habits? I like to sit in my closet with a blanket, sometimes for hours, and only opening the door to let fresh air in, but I'm already worried how I'd breach this topic with a boyfriend. The sitting space in my closet is big enough to fit me just right, so I couldn't invite him in, even if I wanted to.

No. 1596278

that's cute nonna.. if you're straight up about your unique habits from the get go then hopefully you find a quirky boyfriend who respects your hobbies

No. 1596296

Shut the fuck up

No. 1596297

Always rich or suddenly becomes rich? Always rich? Maybe but probably not. But suddenly rich? I think so. I've asked him what he'd do with X amount of money and everything he shared I was a part of and there were a few things that he specifically wanted to do for me if he had the means.

No. 1596299

Report and ignore dumb dumb.

No. 1596306

>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.
Where the hell are the mods?

No. 1596312

File: 1685840322007.jpg (128.74 KB, 900x805, 3-black-henna-cones3-brown-hen…)

Can you use henna cones multiple times or do you have to use them up at once so they don't dry out? I've never done it so I just want to practice with something small, a flower or something.

No. 1596316

I'm pretty sure henna cones can be reused, I would be safe and keep it refrigerated and maybe use something to cap the tip like plastic wrap.

No. 1596327

Put in fridge

No. 1596382

This packaging makes it look like cheap candy.

No. 1596385

Anons where is a reputable online store that I can buy henna from safely?

No. 1596417

Your local pajeet store(Racebait)

No. 1596456

File: 1685851669128.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.91 KB, 1240x1077, amalie-andersen-fatcat1.jpg)

does other nonny's livers sometimes randomly hurt for a few minutes or hours? maybe once every two weeks at most. I used to drink heavy (it was after a traumatic experience. Still retarded). I quit, but looking back, I get brain fog from the mere magnitude of the amount of alcohol I went through and I have no idea if I spaced it out or not. also, I'm off insurance right now so I'm not sure how to go about getting any tests if I should get any done.

No. 1596491

File: 1685859125425.jpeg (157.4 KB, 828x1540, IMG_3048.jpeg)

Where can I find a character sheet/ reference for characters from anime and video games. Google is being useless and giving me ads. I wanna Cosplay her so badly. It’s queen Sonia from tears of a kingdom

No. 1596529

Best of luck to you, nona! ♥
If you feel comfortable let us know if you get it. You don’t have to specify the circus or anything. I’m just very excited for you! Had I been born under different circumstances, that is something I’d loved to participate in.

No. 1596533

check artbook scans if they exist

No. 1596554

how do i link a post from another board without breaking the link? not a newfag just retarded

No. 1596556

you have to write the name of the board first then the numbers
ex: >>>/g/287864

No. 1596559

thank you nona

No. 1596568

Just paste the entire link, it gets converted automatically

No. 1596627

what the hell is this anorectal violence thing about

No. 1596666

File: 1685886111150.jpeg (177.83 KB, 1600x1200, image.jpeg)

Real nonnies remember the days when he'd interrogate you trying to get a detailed description of what your butthole wrinkles look like.

No. 1596667

got any screencaps that sounds funny

No. 1596668

does anyone here know about daniel larson? imo he’s more retarded than chris chan. will there ever be a thread on him

No. 1596681

anon nooo you're going to summon him

No. 1596689

When I get asked why I don't wanna work with children even though I'm great with them and yadayadayada, am I allowed to honestly answer that it's because I don't like them or is that just as obnoxious as if I started talking about it unprompted, and have to come up with another reason?

No. 1596690

I spent a few weeks away from home and couldn't use my usual shampoo and conditioner and my scalp is EXTREMELY itchy….what could be causing this? Different water quality? Or maybe my scalp is very dry in the first place and the shampoo I was using was drying as well?

No. 1596691

if you're talking to someone you're close with, you can tell them the real reason but if it's in a professional setting say something like you don't have the attention span/the energy to effectively work with children

No. 1596694

Hmm maybe instead of saying "I don't like them", say "I'm not good with them"? Like you don't understand their needs, don't know how to play with them, etc.

No. 1596704

File: 1685890160875.png (2.65 KB, 256x256, crunchbase-production.png)

did superbuy always have expensive shipping? I used it some years ago and noticed I still had some credit on there that I wanted to use but the shipping prices kinda sureprised me. I can't remember that they used to be this high

No. 1596712

"I find working with adults more fulfilling/meaningful/enjoyable." Don't talk about not liking children.

No. 1596722

File: 1685892598977.jpg (17.84 KB, 364x405, Screenshot_20230604-112823_1.j…)

Is this bag too kiddie for a 20yo woman? I like the color but idk

No. 1596731

File: 1685893408046.jpeg (67.45 KB, 1024x595, DCFDE20E-D0DE-496C-A009-F7CB16…)

If you can use it, as in you can actually put the backpack on as it should, like in pic related, it’s for you.
I guess a human kind of “I fits I sits”.

No. 1596733

Cover the study hard shit

No. 1596735

I mean if you're going to be carrying it to uni it's probably fine?

No. 1596737

yes. I could see how it could be fun with the right clothes (EGL or a very pastel dreamy weird style) but more likely you'll look like a tween in casual clothes. also I think it's cheaply made after looking it up.

No. 1596752

It's related to aging. Same thing happened to me and I'm skinny with hormonal issues.

No. 1596757

What about the vacuum packs? Put some of your lesser used ones in there, vacuum out the air and it crushes them to a manageable size. They then pop back to normal as soon as you unseal them, even after years. That's what I use for my guest comforters.

No. 1596763

It's not lol, it's related to hormones.

No. 1596837


No. 1596914

File: 1685909548640.png (40.46 KB, 324x324, sugarberry-cottage-house-plans…)

is "homely" an insult? I've seen it a lot more with the influx of newfags but I'm very confused about its usage. is it like ugly but familiar and unoffensive looking? (if that makes any sense).

No. 1596918

I always heard it used to refer to ugly people. Like, that dude is homely.

No. 1596920

Painfully average

No. 1596925

I'm using this, thanks

No. 1596926

Saw a post about this on reddit lately. A scrote called his female collegue homely to her face at a work party. His wife was with him and took him aside like wtf did you say that for. He thought homely was a compilment because it can be if you're talking about a cosy room but not when you're describing a persons looks.

No. 1596937

I bought a full-length mirror but one of the components is faulty. How do I get a partial refund? Like what should I say. This is pretty inconvenient.

No. 1596939

What are some cheap foods that help you gain weight quickly but are still healthy?

No. 1596940

Chicken breast and tuna.

No. 1596941

Samefag but I forgot to mention the company is probably going to replace the faulty part but if I can squeeze some $ out of this I will

No. 1596944

Ok so I got a meeting to pitch my next book(s) this week but the problem is my health has fucked up recently, and I've been back in my wheelchair. Now I gotta come off confident in this meeting, I gotta sell my books with utter conviction. I'm very nimble with my wheelchair, so I'll be able to work the room with it, but I know how people view me in it. They just feel bad 'cause you're a cripple or undervalue you. With enough muscle relaxants and painkillers, I would be able to use my walking stick for that meeting. It'll be a sharper look overall when I'm going in suited and booted, hopefully drawing attention to the fact that I look the part. BUT I would have less dexterity as I'll be holding onto it for dear life. What d'you think nonnies? Confident use of a wheelchair but run the risk of my condition distracting them from my pitch? Or use the stick and look more "presentable" while risking a whole lotta pain? The meeting is with moids and IME they're harsher with their judgements on these things.

No. 1596948

I think it’d be better to go with the wheelchair and without relaxants, if you can move and control yourself better in it you’ll be more confident and relaxed. Either way I wish you the best of luck and lots of success with your books

No. 1596958

File: 1685914160331.jpeg (25.17 KB, 403x481, 52472DA4-1E27-4F76-BDC0-9A808E…)

Why Jack Frost x Elsa?

No. 1596960

File: 1685914287727.jpg (24.42 KB, 492x500, s-l600.jpg)

How can I create a period cup that's not INSIDE my vagina? I want more of a mini tub, like pic related. A mini tub with soft silicone edges that I could place in my panties. It might possibly need to be glued to the panties not to slip. This would only be used at home to collect period blood. It should be soft silicone so I can sit while using it as well. If you sit kind of leaning back it should be possible. What kind of material or object can I use for this?

No. 1596962

Because god forbid Elsa is a lesbian or simply not interested in anyone.

No. 1596963

Yeah that's what my wife said too, to go with what I feel more natural in, so I come off more calm and collected. Plus I don't have to worry about any potential mishaps from using my stick when I shouldn't be. I'm just very paranoid about the wheelchair being a distraction. Thank you so much though, nona. I'm absolutely shitting bricks about it!

No. 1596967

just wear a diaper at that point

No. 1596971

anon did you somehow time travel from 2013

No. 1596974

Hey so any chemists out there, pretend I am a neanderthal and explain what the fuck is a "mole"

No. 1596976

File: 1685916987892.jpeg (95.19 KB, 900x900, 935CA266-033F-4934-B8C7-74DC57…)

That's gonna spill

No. 1596978

wolf with glowing magic mouth?

No. 1596983

I'm going on a diet 1300 or lower, I'm obese, like big. I tried and failed this but I'm stuck to it. My question is, if I have a cheat day every saturaday where I eat what I want and drink. Will that ruin my chances of losing a pound a week? I also walk for 15-30 mintues everyday as extra exercise.

No. 1596984

And by 1300 or lower, I mean I don't always eat all my calories. Not that I'm going lower the. 1300

No. 1596987

A counting unit for molecules. Like a dozen is 12 items. A mole is 6.02214076 × 10^23 molecules (avocado number).

No. 1596990

File: 1685918582346.jpeg (25.59 KB, 564x564, 56F8B29D-8C3B-487C-B844-B09CFD…)

HELP what is that one thing Chris Chan said where he saw some gay porn / two guys kissing and he said he was freaked out and looked the other way or something? HELP NONNY NONNY NONNY NONNY

No. 1596991

Depends on how big you are and what your daily expenditure is. But 15-30 mins walks don't burn much.

No. 1596992

Great thanks, makes more sense than any shit websites or "teachers" ever said

No. 1596993

Care to show the science, genius?

No. 1596995

Is it normal for hair to thin out as you age? I noticed there’s way less hairs in the areas above my ears and trying to look it up is mostly just product recommendations. Is it a sign something’s wrong or is it just another normal thing women are targeted to be insecure about?

No. 1596997

I know it doesn't burn much, but I'm I'm next and have been for some years. I don't want to go into details, I may be mocked but I'm just asking for a obese person, would 1300 calories, and one cheat day a week help me lose weight?

No. 1596999

Would that one cheat day hinder all my hard work? I use food for an comfort, I'm very depressed and last time I tried I fell off and went right back to drinking/eating like shit full time.
I do feel like one day out of the week would help me keep my mind right, I'm an neet.

No. 1597041

How long should I wait before contacting my employer for a follow up on my employment status? I filled out my background check form on Friday, and they said they would put me through to someone but I've yet to get a call. I plan to call on Monday but I don't want to seem desperate.

No. 1597043

If you are the average woman, you burn about 1800 Calories by existing. If you only eat 1300 Calories six days a week, you have a Calorie deficit of 3000 Calories by your cheat day. There are 1200 calories in a Big Mac Combo Meal with a medium Coca-Cola and medium fries. So if you have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a combo meal for lunch, and two servings of stouffer's lasagna for dinner, your total Calorie intake for that day is 2100. Which is a weekly Calorie deficit of 900 Calories. Which would result in you losing one pound per month.

I picked random foods that my fat friends eat so your diet will really vary and you'll have to do the math yourself. This math also assumes that you do zero exercise and just sit around. You'll burn about 100 Calories for every mile you walk above normal movement, and for every 35 miles you leisurely walk, you'll burn one extra pound of fat.
Personally, to stop being a couch potato, I walk on the gym treadmill while watching my shows and after only an hour I've burned 250 Calories.

No. 1597044

I think so. Older women typically have thinner hair. It's a side effect of aging and living life. Don't be insecure, you're beautiful.

No. 1597046

You should wait at least to Wednesday. If they're serious about hiring you they're doing what they need to do. You're not their first priority.

No. 1597063

how do you refer to yourself in your internal monologue? as in, do you think of yourself as 'i', 'you', or 'we'. also do you internally call yourself nicknames?

No. 1597065

I don't have an internal monologue but if I really think about it I would refer to myself as "I"

No. 1597067

Well la de da your majesty

No. 1597069

Another dumb question for you all, I didn't see a thread for this except sports but anyway I am very flexible all around except, I really cannot do a straddle stretch. It's weird to me because I can do a backbend and front splits, a full butterfly split, perfect half frog and a decent frog stretch. I can do side squats all the way down and up and side to side staying down. My straddle is just stuck, it doesn't seem to ever open wider, and my middle split won't go down either. I know I am strong enough and flexible enough, there's no pain, there's no bone in the way, I do deep tissue massage and flossing all the muscles even deep in the hips. I am suck at 90 degrees. I can't really figure it out.

No. 1597071

I think in "I" statements, but will often use "you" as well.

No. 1597102

This question and the one about what your internal voice sounds like are impossible for me to answer. If I consciously try to think about it, it's like my stream of consciousness changes entirely. I don't know how to describe except that I think in feelings and images in a very fast stream and it has no voice, but when i type or speak I am actively putting words to those 'thoughts' that don't have a voice or enunciated language idk

No. 1597254

No. 1597256

Three to seven business days

No. 1597304

late reply but superbuy has really jacked up their prices in the past year or so. I know international shipping has gone to shit since COVID but it's ridiculously bad. If any anons know a better alternative let me know

No. 1597389

Does dopamine detox work or is it bullshit?

No. 1597476

depends. It worked for me.

No. 1597506

Can you recommend materials on how to do it? Please

No. 1597677

I got my wisdom teeth pulled out, they have healed nicely but theres white, hard worm like things poking out of the empty socket??? Are they veins? Should I cut them or do they fall off by themselves?

No. 1597772

It certainly makes you more productive by cutting out everything that is distracting you from it. I really need to do another one soon.

No. 1597778

they're worms nonna. they live there

No. 1597784

Ask your dentist before cutting things in your mouth wtf

No. 1597801

there's a thread about digital detox nonna, there are some good resources!

No. 1597805

File: 1685959332204.png (23.91 KB, 512x512, unnamed.png)

that's what they mean by An apple a day keeps the doctor away nonna, you need to go to the dentist instead.

No. 1597827

Thanks nonna, I will check it out

No. 1597919

Why is not wearing a bra so controversial? Everytime I see my mom she comments on this fact, like today she said that "it doesn't look nice", too bad I don't really care about looking nice, another time she said that I'm not a teenager anymore. She acts like I'm walking topless in the street when I've just stopped wearing bras on my days off, I really don't see why it's such a big deal.

No. 1597920

Same nonna.my mother says it makes your boobs saggy if you don't wear bras although I think it's Bullshit.

No. 1597938

File: 1685974814965.jpg (54.25 KB, 720x960, 20230605_161920.jpg)

did degen male FIM fans appear while season 1 of the show was airing or did they first appear around season 2?

No. 1597939

Definitely season 1, there were already pony cons as soon as it ended.

No. 1597944

Are birkenstocks considered ugly?

No. 1597945

day one

No. 1597949

I remember browsing 4chan back in the day and it exploded on day one as "funny meme bunch of men watching my little pony lolmao" but very quickly evolved into degeneracy.

No. 1597954

Yes. They also have a reputation of being worn mainly by lesbians and hippies.

No. 1597956

>funny meme bunch of men watching my little pony lolmao
it depresses me that men watched mlp for the meme and coom and yet society coddled them so much. Hasbro should had shut down any brony nonsense instead of trying to cater to them. It's such a shame that everyone focused on the coomer male fans since the cartoon focus so much on female friendship and uplifting little girls.
"men get to explore their sensitive side with mlp!!" I don't care about that. We all know it was a lie men only watched it because they let 4Chan memes dictate their lives. Men constantly tell little girls that they shouldn't do sports, like video games, have an interest in history, basically anything that might be considered "male". Yet when men decided to obsess over a cartoon for little girls then suddenly we have to take their feelings into consideration

No. 1597960

Your mother is aware of the judgement and negative attention you will receive by not wearing a bra. By breaking you and making you comply, she hopes to save you from what she considers the greater evil of unwanted male sexual attention and social judgement. The same thing was done to her by her mother and now she passes this inheritance onto you. She may not even be aware that this is the reason she is doing it, but she enforces it none the less.
You can hold pity for the free little girl your mother was before she was broken to saddle, but also know that if we do not normalize not wearing bra, then no woman will ever be free.

No. 1598003

Nona, not everyone has an inner dialogue. I don’t believe it has an official name (anauralia has been suggested) but it has been tied to aphantasia, which you obviously don’t suffer from as you see images in your head.

No. 1598022

it can be seen as sloppy (like you skipped a step when getting dressed) by some people, and it's not something you can do while working in an office (guessing: I don't work in an office and never wear a bra either kek) It's also true that not wearing a bra, if you're not super flat, can attract extra gross moid gaze, so she might be thinking about that too.

No. 1598029

Ayrt and that's what I thought, she's not an attractive woman and has been told she was ugly constantly during her youth, she was obviously impacted by this and she's probably disappointed that I'm making myself purposefully "unattractive" (she was disgusted when she saw my unshaven legs once). I don't hold it against her, it's not like she can tell me to do anything and it's not completely her fault for thinking like this.

Except I only do that on my days off, I put zero effort in my appearance because I just want to relax, I'm socially presentable at my work. I don't think I attract gross scrotes either, I've never been bothered in the street and I don't think she's thinking about this because she has pickme tendencies and being complimented by a moid is some kind of honor to her.

No. 1598037

Or maybe it's just because she has conventional beauty standards for women especially for her generation drilled into her. Be a little kinder on your mom than to call her a pickme.

No. 1598060

TELL ME NOW: What country would SME (whatever that is) content not be blocked, and what is a good VPN to get a free trial of? Or is there a way to view a country blocked YouTube video without a VPN? Answer soon.

No. 1598066

Opera browser has a free built-in VPN.

No. 1598127

Okay thank you,

No. 1598128

How do people stay hydrated without peeing all the time? Tbh even with all the water I drink I still don't notice any positive difference, I don't feel more hydrated or anything. Water just goes right through me.

No. 1598138

I downloaded it but how come wherever I set my vpn it says the video is blocked in my country? Da fuq? Is it blocked globally or something what is going on grrrrr

No. 1598144

How to I make an instagram for my business without my data being sold/algos shaped/as invisible as possible? I hate sm have none that isnt anon…but no sm for my business is becoming a problem.

No. 1598148

Is your blood pressure high? Otherwise, it's just normal urination habits. Though are you sipping small amounts throughout the day, or are you drinking it all at once?
You don't. Selling your data is just the price of social media. But the reward is a wider reach to potential customers.

No. 1598151

Just small amounts throughout the day, yet I still have to go every 10-15 minutes while everyone else around me is able to hold it in for hours. Idk what my blood pressure's like.

No. 1598153

You should have your blood pressure checked as the most basic thing, but you might have an issue with your kidneys or your vasopressin levels if you're not feeling hydrated yet peeing that often. You could also have the correct amount of vasopressin, but your kidneys are just insensitive to it because of a tumor or injury, or you could have inflammation of the pituitary gland or hypothalamus.

No. 1598264

File: 1686007843495.jpeg (58.87 KB, 828x684, C9596F03-5C2E-4B47-8733-1EA256…)

I am looking for summer jobs that actually pay money for work, I am resorting to summer camp. Camps can be fun but I hate the scheduled eating times, and being in the hot sun all damn day. These are six day or thirteen day camps, presumably all day, for €55 a day. Accommodation and meals provided, travel reimbursement €100. So far the only camp that posted an actual salary. But anyway does this make sense here.. it says requirements for the job which is normal for a camp, just basic requirements. But then the application asks for so many documents. I mean I get it's with kids but never have I have asked for so much shit for a job with kids, and it's minimum wage work. I am not French but I am an EU citizen, so I can work. Here are the documents required.

>Passport : data page and signature page

>Birth certificate or French social security number
>Education: University diploma or transcripts, High school diploma or equivalent, TEFL/TESL/CELTA (not required but a plus)
>Vaccination records that are up-to-date and include Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Td, Tdap) vaccinations - (one-time Tdap vaccination followed by Td booster every 10 years.). A polio vaccination is also required. A copy of these records is required of all professionals working with children in France.

Like what? Why do they need my birth certificate? And my passport information? And a diploma or transcripts but not required actual English teaching skills? I have TEFL but degree is unrelated and no transcripts. And vaccine records? Not just a medical check but proof of vaccinations we get as kids, WHY would I have that? Do they think I can go dig that up easily? And they don't require background checks?

No. 1598265

Idk nonnie seems pretty typical to me. That allows full background checks to be completed, which are vital for when working with children.

No. 1598267

what kind of multivitamin nona? i have constant fatigue since forverv and i've been coping with shit tons of caffeine

No. 1598272

I saw the cutest milkmaid dress today when I went shopping, I didn't get it because it was pretty expensive for H&M 'quality' but it's been on my mind for weeks now. Should I just get it?

No. 1598275

You will be sexualized either way and this is just a way to put the blame on women for it. I was teased endlessly for having itty bitty titties and yet one day I don't wear a bra during my free time, I an teased for that too. If they are so small then how did you notice under this loose shirt? Either they need a bra or they don't. Honestly I am trying to wear bras less and less.

No. 1598281

It really doesn't make sense to ask for my birth certificate. One, I wasn't born in the eu. Two, my bame was legally changed. Three, I've lived in many countries. They would find nothing and know my personal family information to then what, decide to hire me based off my family's background? That's not a background check, that's an invasion of privacy. And sure they don't know all that, but it's like at this point of requirements one would just get a job that actually pays well. A camp counselor is not a career.

No. 1598309

I dont have a voice and have never seen my vocal chord induced voice as my own ever. I don't know how to describe it. But everything is still vivid and expressive, I can only describe it like when you're watching a movie? You just absorb it, my thoughts are absorbed but have no 'voice'. My head is the opposite of empty but I've always had a major problem with the fact that there is a major body - brain dissonance that caused problems for me when I was young.

No. 1598312

Not true at all. Normalizing it will not change it from being monetized and hypersexualized. I have seen enough 4chan creepshot threads in my day to understand why mothers do this. You can be 'free' without showing your nipples in public which will always include men that want to prey on you

No. 1598346

File: 1686016011660.jpeg (99.16 KB, 960x960, 6598E6E1-5AF6-4C98-A1BE-CE2344…)

I see a lot of these drink carrier bags being sold, often with cute designs. Are they that useful though? I’d be paranoid of spilling my drink while carrying them.

No. 1598448

They seem useful if you're going on a short hike

No. 1598453

Anons, should I start using tretinoin again or should I stick with plain Retinol?

I used to use Tretinoin but my skin could never get used to it, the peeling was rough and I also noticed my eyes were drier than usual and I also had eye pain whenever I used it, but on good days it made my skin look amazing. I recently had this idea that I will try it again with a lower percentage so I ordered one online, but in the meantime I started using plain Retinol and I'm honestly liking the effect, there is less peeling but still gives that 'glow'. I have recently got the notification that my Tretinoin order is ready and I'm not sure what to do.

No. 1598458

I think that's just granulation tissue anon, it's a sign you are healing properly. Look it up and double check but you're probably fine, just leave it and continue following aftercare procedures.

No. 1598474

Maybe you should just leave your skin alone

No. 1598475

Kind of? They're considered the summer shoe for alt people that transition from docs into birkens though. I like them because they're comfy and they last long. I think they look cute with big flowy dresses and I'm in them 24/7 during summer usually.

No. 1598515

Is there a guide on how to find reliable answers to questions online now that everything is saturated with bot articles? Replies on quora are often ai written too, and I cant look at reddit or random forums for everything, sometimes I want a more informed and in depth opinion.
I really miss the times when I could google a random question and it would lead me to an educational website or a blog from a real person who put a lot of thought in their writing.

No. 1598523

I have been using Tret for many years now.
I recommend you restart because it is literally the best thing you can do for your skin l cannot recommend it enough.
Here are some ways you can make it more tolerable.
> Use it twice a week . No more, it is powerful enough where you don’t need to use it every day.
> Put it over moisturiser
> don’t use other actives (aha, exfoliaters)
> use .025

No. 1598524

>over my ex
>can't get over how badly he treated me in the end

how can I forgive him and move on, when he hasn't apologized?
I'm still really mad about the fact he treated me like a whore after I trusted him so much (I didn't give in but he'd ask me to come over for fwb stuff after we broke up, and called me his slut and things like that)

I did insult him a lot (duh) so I guess I've been a meanie too in that breakup, but when I apologized and asked to part ways without holding grudges, in good terms, he kept calling me a slut

No. 1598542

File: 1686047478922.jpg (95.28 KB, 704x512, tumblr_mqgtwwDcva1s1zuhio1_128…)

How to download blocked YouTube video? Is it possible? Maybe with a plugin or an extension? It is not unblocked anywhere based on frivolous copyright restrictions. But my IRL husbando is in it, so I must see it. Please give helpful answers or tell me if it's impossible.

No. 1598572

I used a paid monthly search engine til it shut fown a week or two ago. I miss it. It was customizable- meaning you could easily blacklist major sites like quora, ebay, pinterest, amazon etc which made it way easier to find real information and oldschool forums (found old car repair forum which made it way easier to find mechanic nerds' discussion on best ways to repair my old truck instead of buying stuff/ads for car loans. Things like 'drill a small hole in the bottom of the interior of your door and park on a hill if you ever get rain water caught inside your vehicle's door so it can drain w/o removing entire vinyl panels') I am looking out for the next one. I think getting really good at boolean(i think thats the name?) searches is gonna be the only way, like keep a doc with very specific search instructions using NOT "x website" to copy and paste before each term to search. I also started searching on the internet archive like it were google for specific information. I hate this new phase of the AI personalized andswer and bot driven internet so much.

No. 1598580

Intensely jealous of your old search engine before it shut down. When I try to use google on my phone, it gives me four pages of ads and then just stops. I am not allowed to see any part of the internet that isn't an ad. This is hell.

No. 1598599

> I hate this new phase of the AI personalized andswer and bot driven internet so much.
Same. Sometimes I can't even find things I'm actually looking for. For example, I'll type down the name of a specific song from a specific artist, and it won't even show it to me..?? I have to find the link to the song some other way, because of how polluted search results are by AI customer profiling

No. 1598617

I don’t even know how I would block the things I don’t want to see because it’s literally thousands of websites with useless ai articles optimised for SEO and there’s nothing I know of to filter them all. Imagine how much precious data storage they’re eating up with this bloated nothingness of data.

No. 1598620

at least now the data storage is getting flooded with AI shit they might end up deleting the nudes I posted on shady websites when I was a teenager

No. 1598673

How often do you nonna's wash hats/bandana's? I'm really sick of hand washing them every week but I don't want to be gross and the constant washing is making them fade a bit.

No. 1598701

File: 1686061723076.png (423.94 KB, 899x1199, feather hat.png)

What type of hat? I gently wipe my fancy hats' sweat brim after use, and I only spot clean the outside as needed otherwise.

No. 1598703

NTA yeah I noticed a change in the major search engines, I forget when, but when I was younger and bored I’d go to like page 20 of Google. I don’t think it even goes back that far anymore. I’ve noticed more changes, like inability to search instances of full sentences even when in quotes. I don’t use Google anyway. I use DuckDuckGo but I need something better. I hate that the internet isn’t even good for finding information anymore. May as well go to libraries again (fucking love libraries)

No. 1598714

I wear a baseball cap and I wash just the inner rim (where it touches my forehead) every week. Besides that I've never washed it kek.

No. 1598731


Ay'allrt I saved a list of search engines with that customizable feature/more private/not google somewhere. I will try to dig it up today and post if I can find it. I was using Neeva, it was made by a guy who quit google because of googles bullshit to create a search engine for 6 dollars a mo instead of ad revenue based. It was fucking GREAT. but it was a startup. They started getting popular, then the AI boom started in like, november? And then neeva started adding AI features and taking away the good shit. Just kept getting more and more AI focused….rapidly. i actually cancelled my sub, which I suspect a lot of ppl did all at once after being fed up, and a week later they announced they are shutting down kek. Salty message too, something like 'it is hard to get people to understand how to use this new tech so we are stepping back to re evaluate our approach of implimenting AI tools' or something. Like no, the search from pre AI was astounding. Bring it back, please. I suspect they got bought by Google for a price the founder could not refuse but that is a tinfoil

No. 1598736

Samefag here is a video on dead internet theory which around minute 33 he goes into the REAL number of search results from google. https://youtu.be/V9PkWdrYOz0
Doc is fairly decent overall, and describes the weird decline of the whole internet, which everyone is noticing, but puts cohesive idea to it. Ironically he brings up propaganda and personalized search results, then spouts off about transgender issues ans how 'people who just want to exist' are being hurt by right wing propaganda search bubbles tailored to conservative people's individual algos….just insane he is totally unaware of his own info bubble despite spending so much time on a 2 hour doc explaining the importance of information viligance…

No. 1598786

File: 1686069204363.jpeg (63.29 KB, 750x822, E66B6870-D611-4975-AB9E-A967FC…)

Is the meme about the UK being full of terfs true? I wanna know Brit bong anons

No. 1598800

Is wearing underwear at home necessary

No. 1598810

Gosh I’m not even done with it but it’s happening on such a larger scale than I imagined. That’s so disturbing.

No. 1598811

Then just don't apply for it, what's the big deal kek

No. 1598813

No. 1598828

Idk if it's true but I hope it is, KEK. If my kids ever ask me why I immigrated, I'm just gonna show them this image.

No. 1598830

Anons with bfs: how often and how much does your bf drink alcohol?

No. 1598831

Yeah, I fucked up the grammar but you know what I mean

No. 1598834

What were the most extreme symptoms that people you know had with COVID?

My bf had a scarlet, itchy rash all over his body and looked like a crab for 2 weeks. His face and eyes also puffed up

No. 1598836

almost never, maybe once a month because
1) i dont drink alcohol becuz it tastes nasty
2) muslim religious parents so cant drink at home
3) alcohol is expensive in our country because it has so many taxes on it.

No. 1598839

Hardly ever. We both spent our mid-late teens to our early 20's drinking heavily and got bored of it halfway through, thank god.

No. 1598844

File: 1686073175310.jpeg (56.68 KB, 719x852, 9D7F940F-65CF-4539-9BA5-D0C67C…)

What makeup is she wearing?
>foundation and concealer
>shimmery eyeshadow on lids
>lip gloss/lipstick
>mascara/fake eyelashes

No. 1598847

Lip liner

No. 1598853

Also eyebrow filler

No. 1598854

Those eyeliner and eyebrow product of some kind

No. 1598865

how do I learn to do makeup for cosplay? I feel like even when I follow along with makeup tutorials it still looks bad. is it one of those things I'll only get better at if I keep practicing?

No. 1598868

my bf has only had a single glass of wine in his entire life and says he will never drink again

No. 1598872

A few beers per week, sometimes we have a glass of wine with dinner. Binge party drinking maybe once every two months or less? I party more than him

No. 1598900

be honest with me, does big glasses make your honker look smaller or bigger? i wanna change my square small glasses to serial killer glasses but idk if they fit my big nose+round face

No. 1598905

Yes, and decent quality products. Ben Nye is good crème based makeup for SFX/cosplay shit. Good luck, homestuck!

No. 1598913

foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, lip gloss+lipstick+lipliner, eyeliner, mascara+fake eyelashes, blush, highlighter

No. 1598920

Never, we're teetotalers because it tastes bad and there's no point in developing a taste for something that's unhealthy. We've both drank like three times in our life.

No. 1598922

Definitely. Tiny glasses will make your nose look either the size it is, or look larger. Why not go to an eye glasses store and try on a couple of frames to see how they flatter your face? They'll pressure you for the sale though since like 80% of their profit is from frames.

No. 1598936

whats the cat type with gray, stripes on the gray, and white fluffy fur? similar to thread pic but long hair, usually green or blue eyes

No. 1598939

I hope terf island is real. From my very limited experience of knowing 6 british people online, 2 were outspoken terfs, 1 was a TiM and the other 3 were quietly anti-troon (avoided calling trannies any pronouns or used "they", made jokes about them)

No. 1598944

it makes your eyes look a lot smaller if the power is large but yes large frames will make the nose smaller. they try to sell medium-small glasses if your prescription is bad because the weight will be more in big frames. last time the woman gave me some ugly small-medium options but i said fuck that, went with large frames. you can go for half rim large frames or half plastic/half metal which will blend in with the glass if you aren't into super bold frames.

No. 1598966

if that map was right the whole balkan area would be on fire. we are very terfy here

No. 1598972

Not at all, only when mine or his family forces him to try something and it's impolite to refuse.
I on the other hand drink beer with my friends when we meet up, I like a good beer. And gin and tonic with my sister usually. Not a huge drinker though.

No. 1599004

Most of the world just haven’t had to deal with tranny bullshit enough to tweet about them

No. 1599110

Wow if carrying one of these wasn't super fucking gay it would be so convenient

No. 1599115

I think its a full face of creme makeup? Maybe except the highlighter. Her eyeshadow reminds me of Nars dual-intensity line, Andromeda and Callisto shades. She looks really pretty.

No. 1599170

File: 1686094781236.jpg (56.88 KB, 579x680, 7e2A35.jpg)

why do some celebrities have a "no eye contact" rule? how does that even work? when you interact with people you're bound to make some sort of eye contact for at least a second, it's kind of hard to avoid. do they completely turn their head away even when talking directly to someone or what?

No. 1599192

I once worked at an event where there was a celebrity and it was put forth that we were not supposed to make eye contact and to avoid looking at him in general. Being myself I both looked at and made eye contact with him and he didnt react to it.

No. 1599209

the person who made that chart only used hashtags in english which is why only Britain is glowing so much. If the data collected had use hashtags in more languages there would be more glowing countries. Though this does tell us that in the anglophone world Britain is the most transphobic.
Also important to note that we don't know what is considered transphobic hashtags for all we know any pro-woman hashtag, regardless if it's related to tramsgenderism or not, could be considered transphobic

No. 1599221

I reported a guy for harassing me but was I overreacting? Still haven’t pointed him out so I wanna know if I should tell them to forget I said anything!

This all started with staring but I didn’t think much. Then he asked for my name, grabbed my lanyard around my neck to see the spelling, complimented it then said something about wanting to transfer to my department after. I was a little uncomfortable but hadn’t caught on yet so asked why. Or I guess because I wanted to confirm. And he was just like “well…” while looking at me and chuckling so ig he meant bc of me. This interaction happened while kinda hidden from view of others and bc he followed me slightly. Then couple days later he would just say “hi, anon”. All of these instances I smiled back(nervous). Then last one he asked me if I spoke a language he’s learning and if I would teach him. When it was obvious I was making an excuse (I suck at this) he just kept on and left shortly before I could reply at all (I was thinking of what to say bc I hadn’t predicted him pushing it). Then he looked like he was lurking to try to talk to me again right before lunch and only didn’t bc I left with everyone else instead of staying behind finishing a couple things like usual. Am I being dramatic? I’ve seen him talk to others so maybe he’s just a friendly guy. Don’t wanna get him in trouble over nothing and then have him talk shot about me to others and be known as the girl who thinks she’s all that or something. I’m new

No. 1599222

That mf acting like a quirky hipster boy from some lame indie movie. He’s being creepy, maybe “overly friendly” but in a creepy way. He can be friendly in a better way. He needs to learn he can’t just overstep peoples boundaries

No. 1599223

they might not do anything about him but grabbing lanyard to look at badge is a classic creep move. think about it, would you do that to someone? I have yet to settle on whether they do it hoping to brush against boob or if it's a compliance test to see if I'm passive.

No. 1599229

I'm going to give you the reality answer and not my misandry-lense answer: yes, you shouldn't have reported him. It was far too early, he didn't do enough to warrant a harassment report. Yes, he was annoying and trying too hard to show his interest in you but you did not tell him to leave you alone and were not in any danger in any capacity nor are those enough instances to be considered harassment. If you are working in a professional environment and want to continue to work in one without incident, I recommend you learn verbal boundaries and avoid HR unless you are genuinely being sexually harassed, otherwise you will be treated like a Karen and people will start trying to push you out. Inb4 anons get mad @ me, this is reality and even if this is lame and creepy it was not nearly enough to warrant getting HR involved. Also, you should avoid talking to whoever you reported this to unless he does something else, because going to them and saying "um nevermind" will also dilute your credibility and make you watercooler talk.

No. 1599230

Really good point about the lanyard, I hadn’t thought about that. It def caught me off guard. He felt too comfortable just grabbing something on someone he was just getting to know. I think I’ll tell them to forget about it and that I’ll make it more clear I don’t like him. I’ve been acting too sheepishly. And I’ll tell them if he doesn’t stop then I’ll point him out so they can talk with him

No. 1599231

It's an excuse to touch you. Yank it back without a word and make a disgusted face at them.

No. 1599235

This. Anon would be a retard to try to report him now because she’s just going to look weird and he’s going to gas light everyone.

No. 1599237

Ayrt yeah. I don't want to sound like an asshole but reporting something that is a non-issue simply because you don't have the communication skills to say okay bye and walk away reflects really poorly on you. Nothing happened besides him being a nuisance.

No. 1599239

Well they haven’t talked to hr. It was just my supervisor and her boss. I told them I didn’t want them to tell hr. It still feels like I inadvertently reported him idk, mostly bc now my supervisor wants to lurk around to see if she can tell who it is based on how I described him (and I intentionally did it vaguely so that it’s not v easy I hope). Like to see if she notices anything. And I think she’ll do that tomorrow. I just don’t wanna waste her time. Do you think even if it was just both of them it’s still bad? Also they may or may be worried bc I cried. Even though I told them I didn’t feel scared or threatened by him at all. Yes, I know I need to get over myself.

No. 1599240

Oh I wish you would have mentioned it wasnt a formal complaint and just an offhand comment. Find out his name but don't say anything else unless he does anything that actually counts as harassment. Just avoid him.

No. 1599241

Samefag, didn't read the part about you crying yet. How old are you?

No. 1599243

I didn’t yank it but I’m pretty sure I made a disgusting face and have been whenever he approaches me. Idk that I’ll be able to say “no” or “stop talking to me” like some anons here are suggesting but I’m going to try stone-walling him and hoping that gets the point across.

No. 1599262

Just act disinterested.

No. 1599271

Hopefully you described him well enough he’s not confused with someone else and you get them in trouble. Also, crying, despite saying you were fine, would alarm most. Especially in a setting in which lawsuits could be a thing.

No. 1599371

File: 1686109444842.jpeg (84.13 KB, 870x1021, IMG_2843.jpeg)

Best hair gel to keep a Mohawk up that doesn’t make it look crunchy ??

No. 1599393

Why does lolcow keep saying it failed to resize the image?

No. 1599427

File: 1686113654666.gif (34.81 KB, 306x475, 71XYF0T69TL.gif)

Please tell me some of you read this as a little kid

No. 1599461

Should I get an audio guest book telephone? I have no use for it, I'm not getting married but I just love the way it looks so much. I was searching for a rotary phone for a decoration but I don't own a landline. I found the audio guest one for about $80 dollars which I know is a lot of money for a little decoration so I can't decide if it's worth it or not.

No. 1599474

File: 1686118333980.jpg (15.82 KB, 154x800, clinique-almost-lipstick-toniz…)

Is Black Honey by Clinique worth the price and the hype?
I don't have a go-to lipstick at the moment and was thinking of buying it

No. 1599483

Don't spend the 20 dollars anon… Please don't it isn't worth it I bought it years ago but it's so sheer and not hydrating so you will need to reapply frequently. There is a burts bees dupe, red dahlia tinted lip balm can save you money.

No. 1599486

There are plenty of dupes. Fresh sugar lip balm in berry is the same thing too.

No. 1599494

My wallet is grateful to you both, I will try the Burt's Bees one. Thanks nonnas

No. 1599503

Is Ashley Isaacs still alive?

No. 1599520

I have this but don't use it very often. It's a tint not a real lipstick and the colour isn't that universally flattering as some were hyping it up as. Like the other anons said there are plenty of alternatives

No. 1599544

Entei ryu

No. 1599567

Who's Misako exactly? Is she just some vague lolita fashion influencer, is she a model, is she a fashion designer? I just saw a random Japanese lolita's twitter account and she saw Misako to celebrate her 40th birthday and it turns out that in her likes a lot more girls saw hee too and took turns taking pictures with her. I didn't think she was that popular for some reason.

No. 1599600

Why is the internet so angry about wavey haired/loose curly haired girls scrunching their hair and using product? Like on every video I see of girls like that stuling their hair there are hundreds of absolutely insanely angry women screeching at them? Like why?

No. 1599616

Idk but I'm imagining them doing it AV-kun style:
>Serve justice now! Stop follicular violence!

No. 1599617

whats the song at 12:53 in the ''what is a woman;wrong answers only'' documentary?

No. 1599625

Because people with curlier hair are claiming to oppressed. So trying to make your own hair curlier is now “curly facing” or something. I’ve also heard of a few black people believing “white” people can’t have curly hair naturally, kek.

No. 1599655

How much hiccups is too much? I've been told I have hiccups very often, like I get random single ones every day and I have a long series at least once a week, my mom even told me I had a lot of hiccups compared to my siblings when she was pregnant with me.

No. 1599700

How does executive dysfunction differ when you have ADHD vs depression?

No. 1599734

It's more about how the curly hair movement caters a lot more to bitches with 2a hair who started discovering techniques used by women with type 3 hair, which is much more stigmatized.

No. 1599736

Why are you calling them bitches?

No. 1599739

Why does cranberry juice always make my periods arrive early even when I just ended it two weeks ago?

No. 1599740

How dare women with 2A hair gather online and "cater" to each other!

No. 1599746

nta but my sister who has very curly hair (idk the numbers) showed me tiktoks where women with barely wavy hair did a trend where they were like "i just discovered i have natural curls!" before doing a routine that took over an hour and used 20 different products to make their "natural" curls exist at all. it's not wavy hair girls doing wavy hairstyles, it's people without curls claiming to be naturally curly and doing insane routines. it is quite funny especially when you compare to someone who actually has natural curls, who might do a routine to reduce frizz but doesn't need an extensive routine to have curls at all. i've also seen parodies of this where women act like they're about to do that trend then just get out a curling iron KEK. i think people are just annoyed because it was a trend on tiktok to pretend you had natural curls when you literally just did not.

No. 1599757

That seems dumb on their part but I still don't see why you'd be upset about/annoyed by women who don't have your hair type make videos for each other. It's not for you so let them be dumb, who cares. It's like me being upset over artfags making shitty art tutorials when I don't even make art.

No. 1599762

Are you supposed to measure your shoulders as well when calculating your body shape? Aren't the shoulders always wider than the hips…

No. 1599764

Nta but I find it annoying because most "wavy" hair in question isn't actual natural wavy hair but straight hair that's so damaged it's gotten frizzy. These women mistake that damage as their hair magically changing texture. That's why their hair never looks good for long even after tedious styling and countless products, it's usually just frizzy damaged hair. Meanwhile natural curly or wavy hair doesn't require that much maintenence.
I have a friend who has similar hair and she refuses it's just damaged so she keeps using hair gel until her hair constantly looks messy and greasy

No. 1599770

Can you wash microfiber in the washing machine?

No. 1599771

you definitely can i've done it before. whether or not you should is another question

No. 1599773

Period anon I know it's you

No. 1599774

mine are the same width but there are women who are very broad, think of sporty girlies like swimmers

No. 1599775

Sorry anon, I can sort of see where you're coming from and you're entitled to your opinion and emotions but it still seems like a who cares and swipe/move on situation to me not worth spending annoyed energy over.

No. 1599776

I put my microfiber towel in the washing machine on 30 C and I haven't noticed anything different about it. It's just polyester after all so why not.

No. 1599792

Thank you I'll try it someday on the delicate mode.
No it's not me lol, but I knew somebody would say that. I've just been using a microfiber at work for a while and i was just wondering if I should wash it once.

No. 1599800

Why do you take it so seriously? I have curly hair naturally and I just use a shampoo and a conditioner when I wash my hair and I truly don't give a fuck if wavy hair girls use 20 products so why do you? Did one of them shit talk your curly hair?

No. 1599831

>straight hair that's so damaged it's gotten frizzy
>it's usually just frizzy damaged hair
>I have a friend who has similar hair and she refuses it's just damaged

No. 1599836

Keep your hair follicles tight nonnies

No. 1599837

curly hair means you have impure genetics(bait)

No. 1599855

I feel like anons saying it's not a big deal are playing dumb. It's just spamming the tags so there's way too much irrelevant bullshit to sift through to find tutorials/content for actual curly hair. Don't mean to offend anybody, but it's almost like having to scroll past a shitload of crossdressers' content about how to look more "feminine" or finding out they "actually have an hourglass shape!" (after wearing shapewear or something) when trying to find clothing/styling related content as a woman. Just unrelated and a bit silly. They should just make their own "wavy hair movement" or something.

No. 1599865

>I still don't see why you'd be upset about/annoyed by women who don't have your hair type make videos for each other.
Nta, but I'm pretty sure the point anon is making is that it's not wavy hair girls making videos for other wavy hair girls. It's wavy hair girls making videos for curly hair girls/saying they have curly hair.

I get it because when things like this happen and people take over a community, it gets harder for women that actually have that hair texture to find products, videos, styles advice, etc… that's for them. Also gets harder to find hair youtubers and such who actually have curly hair.

No. 1599899

File: 1686155833546.gif (475.54 KB, 500x267, IMG_5745.gif)

Where is my wallet?! I cannot find it and i am stressing. I need to buy a new tire before i work and the black slim wallet i have is no where to be found. Please some magic anon, help!!

No. 1599905

I predict it will be in the last place you look
Just kidding. Think hard about the last thing you bought. The last time you got dressed and left the house, that sort of thing. If I knew you better I could help more, I’m good at figuring out where a thing got left.

No. 1599951

thanks nona I'll look into your recommendation

No. 1599954

I have looked everywhere i could think. Im going to take a shower and try to refocus after. I am so frustrated

No. 1599956

Could it've dropped out of your bag somewhere? At the stores? In your car?

No. 1599966

I called the one store I went to last time I used it. Now I am waiting for my roommate to come home and help with a fresh pair of eyes. And i have a migraine…today is not my day.
Thank you sweet nonnas for helping

No. 1599967

Anons I can't give you a pic as an example, so I'll try to explain
I wonder if there's an ~aesthetic~ (looks) that's kinda minimalistic and cold, mostly light and neutral colors but, once again, on a cooler side (grey, blue) as a base, with kind of a strict and sterile feel to it, maybe kinda androgynous but still a bit more feminine. Makes me think of an empty quiet office, early morning, air, seaside but during colder seasons or dull weather, constructivist architecture (but it doesn't mean that the look should be vintage-y, I feel like it's more from the 00s or late 90s), fresh/clean unisex perfume. I can imagine it but I have no idea how to find something like that, what words to use, so maybe someone have something to suggest?

No. 1599977

is it in your dirty laundry or washing machine?

No. 1599991

What do you eat when you don't wanna eat and you are sick of everything?

No. 1599994

Garden salad

No. 1600004

I had a sandwich today that was essentially a salad. All the same stuff. I don't even feel like more of that. I had a popsicle / ice lolly and that satisfied me in the heat. Now I'm just vaguely but increasingly hungry.

No. 1600013

I eat a warm baguette without anything else. Not the whole thing but that works well when I have digestive issues after catching a virus.

No. 1600017

File: 1686160990352.gif (777.58 KB, 250x250, IMG_5746.gif)

No… but i did take a shower and took excedrin. Going to take my flashlight, and start from one room completely to the next (ty though, i really appreciate you)
Will update asap

No. 1600027

Never mind, surprisingly enough it's just "minimalist" lol

No. 1600034

Do you guys think we'll have a WW3? If so, when?

No. 1600041

A plain cucumber.

No. 1600064

No luck on finding wallet… where the fuck did it go

No. 1600066

It's already been ww3, there's wars everywhere. What unless usa and china attack each other directly it doesn't count? They already have a number of incidents nearby taiwan.

No. 1600072

File: 1686165656437.jpg (629 KB, 4000x3000, 20230607_120831.jpg)

What is this

No. 1600082

No. 1600087

this is probably retarded of me but is there a way to avoid getting a tan when you can't avoid being in the sun? I cycle everywhere and there's a heatwave coming. I look like complete shit with a tan, it doesn't suit me at all. I already wear factor 50. I guess I should get a hat?

No. 1600098

Wear a bedsheet ghost costume

No. 1600101

this is true

No. 1600106

If a recipe calls for “chili flake crisps” what is that?

No. 1600107

a weevil?

No. 1600109

File: 1686168199081.png (348.64 KB, 568x760, chili crisp.png)

probably picrel but what's the recipe?

No. 1600110

it’s probably just red chilli flakes you would find in the spice aisle at the grocery store. some people use weird words to be special.

No. 1600135

Wear long sleeve clothes. Linen is surprisingly cool to wear despite hot weather.

No. 1600162

Omg nonna i didnt have a signal but thats what I guessed! Its for a few dishes. One dish is steak over noodles and spicy peanut sauce. Also making a Harrisa Honey Hot Chicken, blistered asparagus over Labneh and…. Another vietnamese cold noodle dish.

No. 1600163

This day has been wild I FOUND THE WALLET at the restaurant. Of course, money was stolen. But then! My bf bought a scratch off and we won 60 dollars, thus replacing my stolen money.
Thank you all the nonnas for helping today. Its been a frustrating one, but it was helpful to talk to you all!!

No. 1600192

No. 1600218

File: 1686179596109.jpg (24.6 KB, 599x453, aaaaaaaa.jpg)

Why did my computer wake itself up from sleep mode?

No. 1600253

Why is lana del rey not cancelled for romanticising pedophilia? Anyone else would be cancelled for making songs dreaming about being raped by weinstein or about being a little girl filmed by an older man while doing sexual acts?

No. 1600256

to tell you good morning

No. 1600261

she gets a lot of criticism and many hate her whole thing but she has never been cancelled which i do find odd

No. 1600271

hard to be cancelled for delusion

No. 1600297

How is it possible that my friend still receives child support if she's over the age of 18 for quite some time now? She asked me for advice on what to say when she calls and she told me that she's tried calling multiple times to get it to stop but was told that it will "stop when it stops" because of the payment that's still owed on there.
How is that possible?

No. 1600320

Maybe the parent didn't meet the $ requirement? Like maybe they agreed to a certain amount that needs to be paid by 18 and they didn't reach it yet bc they skipped months or something? That would be my guess

No. 1600360

Whats it called when your body gains weight proportionally? like in all of your body parts insted of just your lower/upper body

No. 1600366

Why do people need to be "cancelled" It's so juvenile

And I'd say because her whole theme is old hollywood, sounds right on theme. Ariana's theme is just lolita, she's fine too. What are you gonna do ban them from existence?

No. 1600367

why do black people feel like we all need to hear their music too? is it because they were deprived of attention collectively as a culture (hardly a proper family unit, collective feeling of inadequacy to the white man, etc) and they want to attract attention and peacock? because its fucking annoying im sorry nobody hugged you enough as a kid but turn your fucking music down(global rule #7)

No. 1600370

Shut up

No. 1600372

you know im right

No. 1600380

File: 1686192538016.jpeg (37.14 KB, 828x741, IMG_0542.jpeg)

No. 1600386

Not a male and not a joke, I'm so serious. I'm tired of hearing NBA Youngboy out of some retards speakers on a train

No. 1600389

I bet when the windows roll down its just as likely to be some 20 year old Caucasian please relax

No. 1600402

my parents will be out of town for three weeks and i feel comfortable getting in person therapy, what are my options for working in such a short timespan?

No. 1600409

is it worth getting a pourover coffee maker? I usually use an automatic maker which is probably better than the coffee that I get on the tap at various places, but it comes out burnt or really weird tasting sometimes. I've tried a french press and it came out horrifically each time which I chock up to personal error, but it was such hell to clean that I lost interest in improving. I still would love to get better coffee at home, though.

No. 1600422

File: 1686196937581.jpg (45.9 KB, 500x508, 4.jpg)

How does Morrissey celebrate pride month?

No. 1600430

He likes little boys so probably in a room where there are no others with his laptop

No. 1600442

moznonny, why are you the way you are. why do you keep using that same photo

No. 1600445

I have a french press, pour over, and moka pot. The only one which comes out almost 100% good is the pour over. Get a simple bean grinder, kettle with temperature gauge, and some fresh beans from the store. It'll be a good start, the pour over will come with it's own instructions on water to ground ratio. Moka pot only seems to work well if you have a gas stove which is really rare where I live.

No. 1600447

he probably would have a lot of fun in the epstein island

No. 1600449

I use an Aeropress, they are ugly but make good coffee. The downside is you can only make one cup at a time, even if it’s very fast.

No. 1600452

Duncan donut

No. 1600490

What should I take with me when I'm being forced to move out? Well it isn't exactly like I am… but I want to, and I'm gonna. What is important to take with me? Also, are there any shelters/places I can go to, preferably in the us and in Texas.

No. 1600521

5 days late to this but I finally remembered
Pink text is used to answer quoted text, so you would do it like this:

>what is xyz?
<xyz is zyx

No. 1600522

Honest thoughts on Bella Hadid's original face? Because I look a lot like her, with hair more like Gigi, and yes I am using some pop culture references because this is the closest I have ever had someone resemble me and I have always felt ugly.

No. 1600559

Its in the stupid questions thread, and I'm not saying she should be, just wondering why she isnt with how foaming at the mouth the current climate is. Also she is a lot more blatant about thinking pedohilia is cool, in a literal writing about little girls being fucked by old men in her songs, while Ariana is more subtle uwu cutesy girl about it and just dresses and acts childish.

And idk , grown women loving child rape is kinda gross, even if its just ~aesthetic ~

No. 1600561

She’s pretty. Very normal pretty, not weird pretty. you’re probably pretty too anon.

No. 1600565

all arabs are pretty ugly, both men and women of sandpeople origin look like monkeys missing a few chromosomes. the women especially look hairy and weird like deformed versions of their men…nasty teeth and unibrows. sorry you got cursed!(Racebait)

No. 1600568

Hey schizochan. I am sud Italian, maybe aome genes could overlap given the history.

No. 1600574

super mario lookin ass

No. 1600578

Not sure, but I experience the same with vitamin C, I cannot take supplements because I will have my period shortly after

No. 1600616

Makes sense because cranberry has a ton of vit c! I remember hearing as a teen to take vit c if you want your period to come early, I'm not sure exactly why that happens though

No. 1600769

Hey has anyone else had this experience with men? That when you are getting to know them you cuddle up and go see an animated movie or in private they put on cartoons for you? Usually it's animated movies, or in one case old cartoons from their country.

No. 1600785

Is there something special about it? Maybe they just like these cartoons. I wanted to watch a few old ones with my ex, too.

No. 1600798

Just wondering if they viewed me as young or this is normal behavior to indicate they can be sweet, sensitive, and/or good for mating lol

No. 1600814

Anons, what devious things can I do at work instead of killing myself in front of customers? I work in retail if that matters.

No. 1600821

i used to doodle on receipt paper kek
near the end of my last retail job when i stopped giving a single fuck about the place id steal stuff, usually pens but sometimes small bits of stock i knew i could get away with. id also go sit in the bathroom for like 15 mins, multiple times a day, so i could give my feet a rest and scroll on my phone for a bbit.
idk if any of these are particularly devious tbh but i wish you luck in retail hell

No. 1601086

Are silicone tunnel for a 4mm gauged ear the best bet for a subtle look? Also could I wear hoop earrings with those or would I look like a clown? And my other side is stretched like 1mm can I safely wear normal earrings? Anyone had theirs closed by a doctor?

No. 1601150

I had mine closed by a plastic surgeon. He cut out a small pie-shaped portion of my ears and sewed them together, and by roughly two years later the scar wasn't visible anymore. I've also never had anyone notice, nor comment on them. I'd really recommend it if you wanted normal ears again, plus I was able to repierce them and wear normal earrings! Sorry for the infodump, I just wanted to explain a bit so you know the option. There are other methods too, but I didn't research them. They might have less scarring. My ears were at an inch, too, so you might have more options available and waaay less scar tissue!

No. 1601182

Thank you for the information! How much did you pay? I really want to get mine done now

No. 1601186

Is it bad or weird that I never got a pap smear or even been to the gyno at 25? I'm a virgin and I've never had any reproductive system issues outside delayed periods sometimes.

No. 1601190

I don't even know why you would go if you have unproblematic periods and don't have sex and don't have any other issues. not weird, no. do you go to the regular doctor?

No. 1601203

You should go to specialists like dentist or dermatologist for regular checkups, idk why some women consider it so weird for a gyno to be on that list too. It's for your own good, doesn't have to be often.

No. 1601253

what do zoomers on tiktok mean when they comment "crop" on a tiktok?

No. 1601265

A yearly dermatologist check up is a bit much.

No. 1601325

i think they're requesting the OP to reupload a version of the same tiktok that's cropped a bit to make it screenshot-friendly

No. 1601408

I’m sorry, I’m here from a dumb ass Shayna tweet, can someone explain why kink and gay pride are intertwined, with a bunch of people saying it belongs in pride? I understand consoomerism and porn addiction taking advantage of not hiding your true self/being unashamed of sexuality, however it seems really offensive because I thought one of the largest stigmas for gay men and lesbians to overcome was that they were sex addicts or predators. I’m bisexual and only mentioning it because I keep that fact quiet (especially when dating men) since there’s an idea that bisexuals are hyper-sexual and into threesomes. Am wondering if I’m projecting or actually missing something.

No. 1601418

File: 1686283639194.jpeg (10.04 KB, 275x159, 2EBBBE24-2AEF-439B-B53E-D86E4C…)

Why would an ex not leave a group chat if
>He admitted he hates being in group chats
>Hasn’t said anything in over year, even before our break up
>Doesn’t hang out with this friend group anymore as it’s mostly my friends
I wish he would leave. I would kick him out but I don’t have admin access and I don’t think the person who does would do it for me. I don’t hate my ex, I’m still in love with him, but he checked the chat multiple times in one day after ignoring it for months. I don’t know why he won’t just leave it.

No. 1601434

Why am I so damn hungry lately? I ate 4 small pancakes, chicken breast for lunch, a small chilli bowl and some spring greens for dinner. Drank some rice milk, a matcha cup, and some oj through the day. Is it not enough carbs?

No. 1601439

is it normal to sleep 8 hours a day?

No. 1601447

Kink and furry shit are deemed "queer" by ultra retarded liberals, it's not because of its association with gay men or at least that's not the direct cause (as far as I know). It's basically another way for spicy straights to take over something that belongs to gay people.
Also said liberals don't consider it offensive anymore to imply being gay means you're a degenerate. They see it as a good thing now for everyone to be porn addicted and have BDSM fetishes, so the only ones who don't belong at pride at the most vanilla of ultraconservatives ("bigots" or anyone who opposes kink at pride according to them)

No. 1601454

Yes, it’s recommended even. But some people say that 7 hours is more than enough.

No. 1601472

File: 1686287951666.gif (816.02 KB, 500x281, A2C5AB46-9807-4B89-A64E-BB1F78…)

How do you even get into group chats? I’ve never been part of one in my entire life. Does this mean all my friends chat about me in group chats and secretly hate me?

No. 1601500

Are we officially in summerfag territory?

No. 1601516

That and we have miners here now.

No. 1601518

Why do I get this weird, creepy feeling when I think about the early 2000s, especially from 2001 to 2005? I was in elementary school back then, and I can't remember anything super scary happening during that time. But for some reason, it still gives me the creeps when I look back on it.

No. 1601551

Never Forget

No. 1601559

Would a pet bunny destroy a rental unit? As in, would they eat at all the wall edges? Do they smell or are they mostly clean? Does male/female play a big role in rabbits behavior like some animals?

No. 1601584

idk, but remember you need two rabbits since they're pair animals.

No. 1601596

I'm the same way. I was alone on my own during my younger years of living though

No. 1601597

Data miners?

No. 1601603

Nta but they mean Crystal Cafe transplants

No. 1601604

I wouldn't, personally.

No. 1601607

Where can I find the first 10 seasons of Snapped?

No. 1601612

LOL. It's clever nona.

No. 1601613

How do you protect your laptops from collecting dust when you don't use it?

No. 1601620

can a swedenona write me how to say something to the effect of "i hope you're well" in swedish? i've looked it up but i can't tell if what i'm given is too unnatural/formal which is always or mostly the case when i'm looking things up in other languages

No. 1601621

I'm American, but I doubt it has anything to do with 9/11 tbh. I was such a dumbass, I didn't even know it happened until like two years later.

No. 1601622

Can you give me the context? Is it a friend? Has the person been unwell or are you just being polite?

No. 1601629

I don't, but someone I know covers her keyboard with cloth

No. 1601631

Not at all nona. They’re clean, easy to potty train and groom. Spay/neuter them regardless but sex only really matters if you have more than one. If you want to it be free roaming, start with just one room and keep a hutch to be their “bedroom” lol. They won’t eat the walls but they may chew cables on the ground which is very dangerous. So you’ll have to rabbit-proof the area. A “run” or playpen with toys and little bit of training will sort that out though.

No. 1601635

well, we were best friends in the past, but not anymore, and i'm not just saying it to be polite however she isn't sick. hope this helps give you an idea of what i mean. i'm not sure if i've confused you even further, sorry!

No. 1601649

I would write, "jag hoppas det är bra med dig". That's almost a direct translation and a natural thing to say to someone you haven't seen a while.

No. 1601650

tack anon!

No. 1601738

File: 1686311913099.png (11.91 KB, 451x239, 5357393556.png)

Why do youtubers re-title their videos a couple hours after uploading? I see this a lot
I'm guessing it's engagement - but can you tell so soon?

No. 1601766

How long does spotting/breakthrough bleeding last after starting bc? Is it intermittent until your body gets used to it or continuous?

No. 1601774

probably, yeah. Thanks for telling me ann uploaded a new video, yt didnt notify me

No. 1601775

Does anyone have that picture of the kaomoji cat thing with question marks? i need it

No. 1601799

Is the colour perception on both of your eyes the same or different?
When I look at the world through just my left eye, everything has a slightly reddish tint, while when I look through just my right eye everything has a slightly bluish tint.
I read this is because not even two eyes from the same person have the exact same number of cones and rods, they differ slightly and this can be noticeable.
Anyone else experiencing something similar?

No. 1601803

I've noticed this too but only when I lie down on my side.

No. 1601805

Strange. Is it also red vs blue?

No. 1601808

different for me too i thought i had something wrong with my eyes, didn't realize the cones and rods were responsible. the left eye is literally like rose colored glasses kek while right is a blue tint. wish i could see leftie style only, it's warm.

No. 1601815

File: 1686319527005.jpeg (91.6 KB, 1094x821, R.jpeg)

For the longest time as a child I thought everyone saw like that, and that this is the reason why 3D glasses have red and blue lenses, to mimic actual stereo vision lol

No. 1601820

anon….that's so cute….

No. 1601849

It is. I think it has something to do with blood flow for me because my baseline is right sees more red and left sees more blue, but whichever side I lie on eventually sees more red until I get up. However my testing has not been very extensive or controlled and the difference is sometimes very subtle and only extremely noticeable when I lie on my right side, but I mostly lie on my right side anyway so there's not enough data.

No. 1601882

File: 1686323666903.png (128.45 KB, 1000x846, IMG_5755.png)

Has anyone here ever cooked with duck eggs? Whats the difference? I found a local farm selling them.

No. 1601896

they have a stronger flavor than chicken eggs but otherwise they're the same.

No. 1601917

in my opinion the biggest difference is a much larger yolk. that makes them better for some pastas, challah, lemon bars, basically any recipe where you want more yolk or might have to separate a chicken egg to add an extra yolk.

No. 1601920

Do you not eat bread on your period?
I'm eating ramen, bread, and dark chocolate. And some wine. I eat this a lot anyway but on menses I don't eat much else. I was talking to the lady at the nearby mart and she was surprised I eat bread. It's like eating crackers or chips when you are sick, dry and fills up your stomach. I have olive oil with it. The ramen is like soup. It makes sense.

No. 1601925

i think if i skipped eating bread for a day i might die

No. 1601927

I eat like regular on my period, I've never heard of any of my friends or my mom avoiding foods when they're on their period either.

Eating chocolate and wine seems like such a weird exaggerated media stereotype to me of crazy emotional women on their period crying and gobbling down the junk food to that I've just never experienced or heard of irl

No. 1601931


No. 1601932

fat bitch

No. 1601950

I love dark chocolate so I eat it often.
I also drink red wine because of my culture but also I already had some in the house. I think if you let stereotypes control your life it's more sad than that stereotypes exist in the first place. Both these products are considered quite good for you for lifelong longevity

No. 1601952

File: 1686329321461.jpeg (101.44 KB, 1161x1161, 23ABED01-58E6-4671-9DB3-E70BD3…)

And it's lindor, the best chocolate in the world

No. 1601958

I don’t really eat that much bread in general because it’s seen almost like a treat in my country, rather than an option to have with a meal/make a meal with. So being in my period makes me crave other things, mostly chocolate, it’s annoying because it fucks up my stomach and makes my cramps worse, my digestive system isn’t the best I guess.
So yeah, I avoid a bunch of foods like chocolate, cauliflower, broccoli, beans of any type, heavy cream based stuff, bananas, certain pastries, raisins, junk food. Stuff that makes my stomach feel bad even on a good day.
Bread doesn’t feel like it isn’t that bad for my stomach tbh, maybe some women avoid it because it makes them feel kind of sick or something like that, and when you’re in your period, everything somehow feels worse.

No. 1601975

Thank you nonnas! I will buy them and try them out

No. 1601986

what compelled you to post this

No. 1601991

Don't reply to obvious bait

No. 1602039

personally I only avoid salty foods and cold foods because it makes my cramps worse. But not bread.

No. 1602050

File: 1686334999793.jpeg (4.86 KB, 197x162, images (1) (7).jpeg)

Food prices skyrocketed 4th(!) time this year alone. How can I eat cheap and healthy without spending too much? I don't have a freezer, and not eating meat is fine by me. Maybe there are some tips, recpies or even blogs you can suggest looking at.
Im Europoor if that helps.

No. 1602067

How can you tell if a guy likes you and he isn’t just nice?

No. 1602075

nonnie try canned goods like beans and chickpeas, they’re both a good source of protein and tend to be cheap! try to stuck up on potatoes (they’re usually very cheap and can be cooked a bunch of different ways), eggs, pasta (really good with canned tomatoes), oatmeal, lentils, bulgur, rice, canned tuna or sardines if they’re cheap enough in ur region. for fruits i really recommend apples and bananas. good luck!!

No. 1602079

oh and also try looking up on reddit. r/EatCheapAndHealthy, r/budgetfood for recipes and recommendations. i also recommend to what i already mentioned greek yogurts, cucumbers and those bags of fresh salad. u can combine it all into a salad and add eggs / tuna / canned beans to it and it will be very tasty and nutritious.

No. 1602080

Who’s Rita and why did her posts get flagged? I haven’t been on here a lot lately?

No. 1602093

How come Shayna is still on /snow/ rather than /pt/? I mean, she surpassed the amount of threads that Pixyteri our queen had.

No. 1602094

A self admitted fatty who identifies as a trans man. She may also be a cow but I don't know what thread hers is

No. 1602096

A very dumb and annoying TIF. Has her own thread on /snow/ that's a shitfest. Every time she announces herself to defend trannies she turns the thread into her personal blog. She's also a kiwifarms user but they hate her for being an annoying sperg too kek. I'm sure there's more lore I'm missing out on but she'll probably show up with a textwall about herself now that she's been mentioned, she can't resist attention

No. 1602104

I never had it, so pricey.

No. 1602106

are seeds permitted on survival shows? i was just thinking about how you could probably grow bell peppers or strawberries under the right circumstances on a survival show, and then you could continue harvesting. i haven't watched a lot, but im surprised i've never seen someone either bring seeds, or forage for seeds on a survival show. if you started a garden right away, you could be eating from it by the time you run out of other available resources!! i cant find anything online about seeds being allowed or not.

No. 1602129

File: 1686341124655.jpg (27.29 KB, 1079x1078, Screenshot_20230609_220650_Sam…)

Does anyone use Rituals body mists? Are they long lasting?

No. 1602135

Simple. Watch him interact with other people. Think about the way he is with you. If he's like this with everyone, he's just charming. However, if he smiles more around you, gives you a little more attention, asks questions that go beyond small talk, etc. then he might like you.

No. 1602136

Depends on the type of show but a lot of them are scripted so anything that would actually make the situation easier for candidates is most likely not allowed

No. 1602141

who is ritard…

No. 1602142

Are Russians white or asian according to the average twitter user?

No. 1602143

Check meta.

No. 1602147

You mean this?
(゚、 。7
じしf_, )ノ

No. 1602149

What is the worst thing that could happen if i impersonated a tranny online for donations? I'm extremely broke and probably in a worse position than most trannies who rake in cash online. My damn dirty conscience doesn't think I should pull this lie but fuck. The trannies are also liars, what's the difference? I think I could probably convince a moid friend to put on a wig for more authenticity in the photo. Please talk me out of this. Or don't, I'm in severe need of money

No. 1602150

Why wouldn't I? I'm on my period, not bed-riddingly sick.

No. 1602158

get a fucking job oh my God

No. 1602160

I'm not discouraging you from doing it but this is like the equivalent of those girls who go "I'm going to start an onlyfans and make a million dollars posting feet pics and doing nothing else". It takes work. For best success you'll have to interact and play nice with the tranny community, set up a social media account where you post tranny stuff, etc. I've considered the grift before too but I don't think talking to those freaks would be good for my mental health.

No. 1602163

it’s not worth it, nonna.

No. 1602165

Does Ramen taste good with olive oil?

No. 1602170

I've seen other nonnas talk about doing that before. You might get charged with fraud tho kek but also maybe not because this shit is probably legally ambiguous at this point in time. If you get caught though don't be surprised if the internet mob targets you and destroys your life. But if others have done it, fuck it, I say do it.

No. 1602174

Omg this is such a shot in the dark but I'm high and reminiscing and thinking back to old tumble days and do the names sierra and Taylor mean anything to anyone. They were friends I think Sierra from Maryland I can't remember where Taylor was from but she was younger. I wish I could remember their tumblr urls and also if they're still being funny

No. 1602175

why would she be charged with fraud?

No. 1602179

This is the third time I’ve seen this question this year

No. 1602184

Are those pop-up mosquito net domes shit? I'd get a net but I have nothing to attach it to.

No. 1602189

Why not a pretend TIF? Do TIMs get more sympathy donations? I think if it's you who is defrauding you need to take full responsibility and have your photo and name out there in case it goes wrong.

No. 1602193

>Do TIMs get more sympathy donations?
nta but yes they do by far

No. 1602195

i say try it, hontra rakes in like 40k a month from being a troon so why not

No. 1602198

Why do people call attractive guys female things babygirl or daughter? Is it just a zoomer lingo or is there some trans queer shit behind it? Is this the new barking?

No. 1602199

It would be smarter to use your own face and still pretend to be mtf

No. 1602211

Can I add you can add chickpeas to pasta or grind them and make falafel? If you buy lentils they make good soup too, or again with pasta. Potatoes can make crochettes, potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, or pierogi. Just some ideas to keep variety in the same ingredients

No. 1602212

Can I add you can add chickpeas to pasta or grind them and make falafel? If you buy lentils they make good soup too, or again with pasta. Potatoes can make crochettes, potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, or pierogi. Just some ideas to keep variety in the same ingredients

No. 1602215

Were the site themes that people requested when donating that one time ever added or has there been any update on it?

No. 1602216

File: 1686348693264.jpg (9.86 KB, 591x123, fraud.jpg)

Because she would be committing fraud nonna. But like I said, it's legally ambiguous (I'm guessing) because how would anyone prove in court she wasn't actually a troon at the time she solicited the donations, and also who has the time/resources/money to take someone like that to court anyways.

No. 1602220

why is every post that's less than 30 minutes old showing as being posted "now" for me? it never used to do that but i usually use mobile and i'm not right now so idk.

No. 1602241

Why do oats give me diarrhea? It sucks man, I love oats, especially overnight oats, but I just can't eat them

No. 1602282

File: 1686351504490.gif (386.25 KB, 128x128, cotchip-2.gif)

why do so many posts have the sparkly pink "ritard" gif? what does it mean?

No. 1602285

No. 1602289

A Tif personality fag got her post history exposed anything with the gif I’d her post

No. 1602310

File: 1686354560024.png (224.36 KB, 970x600, 9df8f99b-335e-4f3f-b99d-9e5794…)

Been shopping for stuff for my new car and I keep seeing these, like the number things, what are they used for? The descriptions never really say and I don't even know what to search.

No. 1602311

I google reverse searched it and it says it's an illuminated phone number display so you can always see your own number huh…

No. 1602316

The autistic software developer Near that Kiwifarms drove to suicide, did he even do anything wrong?

I read a little up on him, and I just can't see anything really lolcow worthy of a guy that keeps to himself with zero friends, just makes emulators and wants to be left alone in life, begging to be left alone in life.

Although the media has a habit of making victims of horrorcows that have been sadistic fucks before, so I'm reserving full judgement. But what is a software developing furry going to be doing that's so bad? The only thing I can think of are eccentric fetish stuff, and is that really interesting enough to gangstalk him to the point of suicide?

No. 1602317

Men develop obsessions with people that become paraphilic and predatory, it's no surprise when they fixate on anyone at all because it doesn't take much to become their lifelong special interest

No. 1602320

Don't know much about him, but he lied about committing suicide after demanding the thread be taken down and getting ignored/rejected (IIRC it was low activity in the first place).

No. 1602323

Is that the one who supposedly killed himself in Japan or has KF supposedly drove two furries to suicide? Because from what I remember, there was no evidence of the one in Japan dying.

No. 1602331

Why would you want it displayed? I've seen a few titles that said it was for parking? Maybe it's a Europe or Asia thing since I'm in NA and I've never seen that(plus I see it mainly on Amazon/AliExpress/Taobao)

No. 1602333

It's the one who killed himself in Japan, and his own employer has confirmed it.

Did he really lie? There's a plethora of articles online detailing how he was driven to suicide by Kiwifarms.

I used to defend kiwifarms until recently because going offline was an escape for it all, and every lolcow does need to get offline. But with how they're still gangstalking Chris after years of him being banned from the internet shows that for some, there's no escape.

No. 1602345

Those guys are fucked up. I have nothing to say in defense of Chris chan but sometimes I wonder if one of those creepy faggots pretended to be his friend and groomed him into raping his mother. I've seen them do things that wouldn't make it surprising.

No. 1602346

It has been a while since I last read about it, so I don't remember it well and forgive me that I can't be bothered to use tor for this, but wasn't it that there's an official report of american deaths abroad produced every year and it actively proved that the furry didn't kill himself? Because there were no registered deaths or something in that year or the year following.

No. 1602347

Here is a rundown on things, complete with a link to the thread in question. Too much to screenshot, but you can open in Tor:
He wasn't harassed to suicide, from what I've seen. His thread was not active, he was not being gangstalked. No one from KF has his personal information, so his death can't even be ascertained. He had an existing habit of pulling "disappearing acts" from time to time to freak people out in his own community, too. The boss that "confirmed" it seems to have claimed the police told him, but that's not how that sort of thing works (the police don't just tell people, especiaaly non family members, like that), and when people tried to find reports of suicides by foreigners in Japan around that time, nothing came up. Chris-chan is an exceptional case.
I'm not surprised that news articles would spin things a certain way, because they also defend Keffals and Liz-Fong Jones (creepy groomer trannies selling HRT to kids and having "consent accidents").

No. 1602348

File: 1686357180387.png (455.61 KB, 1548x1478, Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 8.34.…)

the State Department has no record of his death. it’s fake

No. 1602350

Actually it was thought Bella Janke might've groomed him into fucking his mom; regardless, she got a confession out of him.

No. 1602354

I genuinely 100% would not be surprised if he were in communication with multiple kiwifags pretending to be his bestie and essentially trying to manipulate him into doing things constantly, I could see them telling him it's a way to bond with her or some sick shit. I put nothing past them. 4chan fags are all the same.

No. 1602364

I consider every single person that went out of their way to ever contact chris for any reason big fucking losers. In 10 years there will be an 5 episode docu-series about chris chan. I can't wait to see normies react to the grown men egging an teenage boy to pretend to be a girl to "Sext" with chris chan. Then when he takes it too far, the grown men get mad at the underaged boy, that they helped sext a grown man because "Funny".
Or how Josh was still willing to help Chris Chan after he raped Barb but then snitched on him after he stole money from barbs account.
The fact he had access to a lot of chris's information, not even because he cared about Chris Chan but to have control over someone so "Big" to retarded scrotes.
Even the fucking documentary online by that Geno scrote, is made by a scrote who still doesn't believe Chris Chan trooned out to get with lesbians/creep on women, even though he RAPED HIS MOTHER.
But no, saying he's a woman in hopes of getting with lesbians and the weird view Chris Chan had on women, thats not possible! There's no proof!
It's really kind of sick when you think about it.

No. 1602410

Tangent but when I was younger, like most young people when I saw people like Chris chan I recoiled and thought they were creepy. When I was 19 I had a job where I worked with multiple families, there was one son who was special needs, and a lot like Chris chan. Like a lot. Just a big child. He had been raped by his father for the first 10 years of his life before going into the foster system. He had to be moved to different assisted jobs because he was easy to bully and manipulate. They really are essentially big kids who cannot function on a self-sustaining or preserving level. I dont defend his actions and what Chris did was disgusting, but seeing all the men who knew better purposely taking advantage of him for being quite literally special needs disgusts me just as much. It doesn't take much to deduce that Chris chan is retarded. Taking advantage of people with mental deficiencies is truly subhuman to me.

No. 1602479

Is it normal for someone to look LESS hot to you when you get drunk? I normally think the tasting history guy is kinda sexy but when I drink I start to think he’s uggo

No. 1602481

ok, nonnies…does some cheeses just smell like hell? I actually love the smell of cheese normally. all kinds. even bleu cheese. but the other day I was about to eat something and it smelled…I don't even want to explain it cuz it'd probably make some nonnies physically ill to read it.
I can't believe I tried to force myself to eat it. I thought the food had gone bad so I threw it out. Then it happened again and I realized it was the bit of cheese I had sprinkled on. It's a blend of parmesan (which I love the scent of normally), asiago, and romano. I haven't actually gotten ill, though I am a bit scarred from the experience. please make sense of it.

No. 1602522

he looks like a mega faggot to me, but one time i did get too high and when my boyfriend looked at me to ask if i was okay i got so fucking scared at his appearance. probably doesnt help that the light in his room was on the red setting, but i sat in silence for like 30 minutes scared shitless of him and questioning if i thought he was ugly.

No. 1602527

some of the bacteria in cheese is actually the same stuff that causes feet and armpits to smell bad, not kidding look it up

No. 1602542

Weed makes men UGLY af

No. 1602543

No. 1602560

I got some roaches in my garage and I want to eliminate them. What is the best way to kill them without the risk of potentially harming my cat? While she is not allowed in the garage, I do go out there quite often during the day. I don't want to hurt her by tracking the stuff in.

No. 1602565

What should I put in my Walmart pickup order?

No. 1602567

two choices would be roach glue traps with no poison (they walk into the little structure and get stuck inside and then starve lmao) or pet safe roach poison. there are poisons that fuck up insect nervous systems but are actually pretty harmless to mammals.

No. 1602568

I don’t have any specific poison recommendations for you but is it possible to just kick your shoes off at the door when you come in? Even if you don’t it should be fine for kitty unless you drench your shoes in poison or something weird.

I’m currently battling an ant problem and going insane in the process so good luck!

No. 1602569

pickel chips

No. 1602583

Is it ok to not shave my body hair or will I get shit for it in public? I don't shave my body hair but where I live and in university no body cares because everyone is too busy with studying. Only people who gave me shit for it were my mom and aunts and sometimes my younger sister. But like if I go to an English speaking country, say new Zealand, will they pick on me for it or try to give me sugar-coated unsolicited advice? Also would it affect attempts at hooking up or getting a date with a man or a woman?

No. 1602589

Samefag, but specifically good looking non mega woke people? Because it feels like only extra ugly genderspecial kweer people are pro not shaving your body hair and I hate that. It makes me embarrassed of sharing the same opinion as them. I do have a friend who doesn't care about shaving body hair but he's a male so it doesn't affect him as much and he never had a gf so maybe his opinion will change when he does.

No. 1602590

i live in the libtard capital of the world so it probably doesnt help, but the only time anyone has ever commented on my body hair was when i was 11 and some blonde boy asked why my arms were so hairy. i have a boyfriend and he doesnt really care about my body hair, hes never said anything hurtful about it. it does make me feel undesirable sometimes but not enough to get me to do anything about it kek.

No. 1602592

Depends on how visible it is and what you're going to wear. I see plenty of white girls with thin, short and blond leg hair wearing skirts and shorts and nobody gives a shit because it's hard to see. They're the same ones telling me to not shave if I don't want to because of sexism being unfair and people won't notice, etc. I wish they were right but… I'm from one of these parts of the world where we're hairy as fuck, I'm kind of pale and have a lot of thick, long, curly pitch black body hair and my pubic hair can be seen when I wear shorts so I'd probably be filmed without my consent and posted everywhere only with a sassy caption if I did that. In the case of wearing shorts I'd be seen as an exhibitionist for not getting my bikini line waxed. So it all depends on how your body hair looks.

No. 1602593

My hypothesis is those people grew up in a different time, circumstances and environment so they end up malnourished or not caring about health and smoking and doing other unhealthy shit so they end up looking ugly. As well as testosterone levels in men going down thanks to microplastics in food and them eating unhealthy snacks and drinking energy drinks and so on. Bad habits+bad diets+bad genetics from liberal parents who think it's ok to give birth to a deformed child because they're gonna "shower them with love"=ugly people.

No. 1602596

If you're too scared to look like the "ugly" people you know then it sounds like you're not ready. If you want to stop shaving, you have to go into it determined to not care about other people's opinions. Because people will have them. But you sound like the type who's extremely preoccupied with their image, so.

No. 1602599

I like my half-siblings more because I grew up with them and my step mom in the same house, and they were all older than me, the youngest being in middle school while I was 5, so they played with me and babysat me when my mom was busy. It was great fun and I had a great time with them until my dad divorced my step mom (polygamous marriage) after she and my half siblings run away due to him abusing them. I couldn't see them anymore and my mom would try to fill my head with ideas against them and try to make me hate them, especially my half sister because internalized misogyny. But it didn't work because I remember everything that happened before and after and can tell who was the bad guy.

Now I'm 21 and a few months ago dad got a heart attack and got surgery for it and they decided to visit him in the hospital and they sort of made up with them. After 15 years of separation I finally saw them again and they're all now adults, married and woth jobs, my sister has kids too and now I'm an aunt. I love my nieces and nephew and my half siblings even if we're awkward around each other because it's been ages since we communicated. We even have our own chat group.

My siblings on the other hand are ok, my sister can be an annoying cringe autistic sometimes but other times she can be nice and fun to talk to. My youngest brother can be a massive autistic as well and I honestly don't talk to him or hang out with him that much except talking about anime we both watch but that's about it. My other brother who's the older of them (I'm the elder) is ok too and I like talking to him and we're sort of friends to an extent, sharing memes and talking about bands, music and college and any other interests we have in common. I can't say I love them because I live around them 24/7 and it can get on my nerves but I don't hate them either. I try to give them advice and help them out with things but they never listen so whatever, I'm not their mom after all.

Hope this answers your question!

No. 1602601

I see, thanks for your answer. I personally find body hair sexually appealing and I love chest hair on men and armpit hair on women and arm hair on both, especially if they workout
so I don't mind having it personally and it doesn't affect my body image, it's more that I'm worried about bullying from peers. But your answer does help! Thanks! And btw I consider new Zealand to be very liberal and woke so I guess nobody will give me shit for it there but idk, I'll only figure it out when I go live there lol

No. 1602604

I see. I have this weird thing where I have hair on certain parts and sides of my body and have none on others. I'm a pale brown color skin wise and my hair is dark brown so it's quite obvious but not thick or curly but long and straight and slightly thin. I don't shave my pubes but because I can't have sex where I live and I'll shave it once I land a date or hookup in an abroad country because I understand why wouldn't someone want that on the person they're sleeping with lol.

I understand your concerns about bikins as well. We don't have bikinis or beaches where I live but if I do move abroad I'm very worried about going to a beach specifically because of this. I don't want to get weird looks and it doesn't help that my health is very reflected on my poor sick body. So I'll try to at least have a healthy body and see how it goes with the hair. I do have thicker, darker, longer and curly hair in my bikini region and it can get messy with underwear sometimes but I clean it and wash it all the time so hygiene wise it doesn't bother me and I don't feel a need to shave it other than for sex.

I hope we both get saved from the curse of people hating body hair and can be ourselves like all the ugly hairy men out there who get to. But tbh I feel bad for men who are forced to shave their body hair because of people's comments on it as well. I understand shaving for sports and to show-off muscles definition though, but I think hairy muscles are hot, but that's just me.

No. 1602605

I don't find people with body hair ugly, I find it attractive if the person is already hot. But you're right that I'm preoccupied with my image, I'm not gonna deny that. I care a lot about my appearance but it's probably a control thing because it's the only thing I'm allowed to control in my current life. But I also want to look good to attract good looking people since being not very pretty can attract the wrong kind of people, at least to me.

No. 1602611

I personally do the second thing. I have a strange size range between small and medium so sometimes I buy things too big or too small and take it to a tailor to make it perfectly my size. But customized clothes tailored for you from scratch is also possible if the tailor does that kind of stuff, they may ask you to buy the fabric yourself though for them to tailor it, with the colors and type of fabric you want, and you should provide them with the design you want as well. Some may have the fabric already or will be the one buying the specific type and color you want but you'll probably have to pay for it along with paying for the tailoring of the design you want. Hope this helps!

No. 1602616

I used to suffer from this as well. Not just swearing but saying the most inappropriate shit when I'm angry in public and in group chats of classmates. I had to stop eventually because I realized how it made everyone uncomfortable and I had to learn to deal with my anger on my own and stop talking about it to others so I don't cross the line.

Just think about how it'd affect others around you, how they'll perceive you as a rude person, or how uncomfortable it might make them if they don't swear that much and so on. And try to imagine not doing it in public and around strangers in your head as a type of practice and try to always be mindful of your word selection before saying anything, that can help a lot not only with swearing but so many other conversion related things. Good luck, anon.

No. 1602619

Bubbling Moon
She talks about girl oriented cartoons and movies and their fandoms drama

Rosie Vision
Same as the above youtuber

No. 1602625

should most men be castrated? does it truly make them less violent? are trannies ok if their nuts are gone? should only a small percentage of males be allowed to breed? im genuinely curious if this is what radfems want. I see way too many posts here that boil down to blaming testosterone for everything bad in the world. i get it men are hated here so what is the solution aside from venting and larping

No. 1602626

Just for fun, and to "multitask" where I watch a video or show I'm interested in while eating because it's my free time of the day. But I still can eat in silence alone if I feel like it and I have tons of free time and I can get to watch the video/show later.

No. 1602632

I lurk here and I did see these posts as well but I don't personally have that much man hating in me, I hate the people of my country and government more than anyone else in the world but that's another topic.

I think trannys can still be violent because of the way they were raised, socialized, their personalities (or lack thereof) before transitioning and their mindsets where they think being violent can get them anywhere and anything they want and so on. And some don't even get HRT or chop off their nuts and dicsk so they still have testosterone in them.

I think the best solution in an ideal society is to raise both boys and girls on the same morals and not treat one special and hate the other, give them proper real role models, especially for boys, and retire religion and spirituality and any cultural norms that favors a sex over the other and can cause sexims or misogyny or even misandary so we don't end up with women hating men MRA again. And we need to teach proper nonbiased science and anatomy since neuroscience afaik proved female brains and male brains don't exist and actual neurological differences between the sexes are non-existent and the ones who do exist are too stupid to be taken into consideration. And if I'm wrong and there are differences then we should celebrate them in a non-hositle way acting like one difference makes one better/less than the other and try to not weaponize differences against others, while also staying realistic when it comes to physical differences regarding violence and sports and so on.

But this is just me being too optimistic, it'll never happen kek

No. 1602633

Yeah but if he’s nice AND he likes you?

No. 1602635

Nothing but time and practice. There's plenty of good PG and PG-13 words to use in place of harder ones.

I'd also recommend to limit how much coarse language you use online when you type to really ingraine the habit

it's the new barking

No. 1602640

Anon didn’t say they were ugly, just weird or different looking than the other set. Your hypothesis doesn’t work. Way more millennials would’ve grown up smoking and doing drugs than gen z and that weird shit about liberal parents is literally a major, staple conservative sentiment.

No. 1602654

Fair. But millenniala still do look weird to me, just not as weird as zoomer. And I understood "weird" as in ugly/deformed so that's why I said that.

No. 1602655

Trannies statistically follow the same crime stats as regular moids after transition, except for their unsurprising preference for sexual crimes. So it’s cognitive and the fault of who they are as people. Realistically, men raise each other to be as awful as possible. The best thing to do first is encourage anti-misogyny amongst women so individuals don’t fall victim to those issues and can better discern what to avoid in society. Women tend to unknowingly forfeit their influence over the youth but a proper understanding of sexism would empower people to be stricter with what they allow children to absorb or more confident with what they put out into the world. That usually manifests as telling your son to be nice whilst exposing him to sexist media and sentiments at home. Men won’t stop making sexist propaganda, including the heavy-handed libfem stuff that always suspiciously misses the mark or is too little too late. Women would need to create a non-misogynist AR to raise their kids in so they grow up and encounter the usual crap with a natural repulsion to it. But that’s just a fancy way of saying “improve society” with a broader view. When non-masochistic women make their own female oriented media you get good stuff that brings other women out of the misogynist closet in a way. Not everything is about children but you asked specifically about men and the rotten adults can’t be saved. For women to live well, we really just need to support our best interests, which you need to understand in order to do. So complaining about stuff on the internet, in spaces just for us or that connect us to women without scrote censorship, is already a useful solution. Big, labled movements get corrupted all the time but empowering someone to be anti-misogynist as part of their everyday social interaction is a more concrete win than it might seem.

No. 1602661

hey i think these are really interesting posts. what is the solution to trannies then? doesn't seem like they're gonna just go away. what do you do about an obviously feminine gay/bi male who wants to wear makeup and stuff? doesn't really seem like you can prevent that. whether or not pronouns come into play doesn't seem to matter if they're going to dress in female clothes and put on mascara anyway.

im like on a fence where i feel like it is wrong to police the way someone wants to dress (within reason, like some shit that is cutout to show nudity should not be legal in public) but at the same time they aren't females and don't belong in female sports etc. like i dont want to see violence done to anyone? i don't inherently have a problem with a guy crossdressing though.

where and how do we get it to a balanced point to maximize personal freedom but also protect female safety and female spaces?

No. 1602667

It’s fine, I was mostly flabbergasted by what seemed like a preference for the average reddit moderator or something.

No. 1602685

The tranny situation is really stupid and sad it preys on the mentally ill and its unethical medical professionals legitimise a mental illness with "corrective plastic surgery" and hormone pills. It's an absolute farce and ridiculous to believe that people can manifest and think hard enough to change sex.

Fine whatever if you prefer the fashion styling of the opposite gender. I think its complete delusion to prefer to be spoken too like the opposite sex of your birth but whatever. Its the legitimising of trans as being an actual legitimate real other biological classification that annoys me. It pushes back science, medical research and wastes so much resources. Trannies should just get another subculture and just basically stop getting all this mental attention. I grew up knowing what transvestites where. There was one local to me that was well known. We knew his deal and he wasn't problematic and left to it. There was never any stories of him inserting himself into any female only spaces or suddenly talking to children. There's definitely freaks using the tranny disguise for bad or just mentally ill zoomees talking absolute shite in the work place about their experiences and constant need for validation and attention and also making underhanded slights to all the biological females.

If you want to larp as something shut your fucking mouth and stay in your lane and don't speak over the experts or the real deals. That's my stance.

No. 1602690

File: 1686391728504.jpg (63.59 KB, 411x800, 53-bodymist-pgb_orig.jpg)

bump? or can anyone rec me long lasting body mists?

No. 1602695

Also whats annoying about trannies is they always want to speak on the gender they're larping as, acting like bestgirl or whatever and talking over real females experiences all the tune. How about you twats speak about your experiences and why the fuck you reckon you're born wrong. Sick of staring trannies in the face and listening to them speak utter cack about something and you can never ask about why they suddenly quit being a man or whatever. Like that's interesting. Talk about that, someone might point out to you its the trannies pigeon holing everyone into boxes and being small minded. At least the transvestites where honest. They get off sexually to the idea of being the opposite sex.

No. 1602699

"trans" ie crossdressers have been accepted in UK culture for nigh on half a century, maybe longer. They've been able to obtain a certificate to enter women's spaces for ages and people definitely broke the law before. The certificate is not and was never intended to be a pass card though. Services could reject them or make a special space for them (private room on a women's ward). If rejected, they are accommodated in the mens. Considering men have greater provisioning in the UK, what the fuck do they have to complain about? MORE options, greater rights. And that's why we're Terf Island. These fucking domineering losers. Full of shit trying to rewrite history with their DARVO.

No. 1602700

I'm not as versed. He did always wear a wig and wore the female uniform at the local tesco. He was an older man he passed away a few months ago at home in his 70s. I grew up on his street. He was just always referred to as "that lady at tesco". I really think in a few years this time period of all this gender surgery is going to be looked back as horrific. The long term implications are not known and there's already so much suicide around it.

No. 1602701

yeah i agree with a lot of your points, like i said earlier i started worrying about the "movement" when there were trannies joining female wrestling and martial arts groups…that one guy fallon fox i think his name is? they let him fight fucking MMA matches against females and the dude was a like former Green Beret or some wild shit. not only has male power and bone density but walked into MMA already having a fucking background in special forces hand to hand fighting. like who in the damn signed off on that? it is being treated as if they're playing chess or something and nobody is accounting for how much of an advantage he has.

the sports thing and demanding to be allowed into sororities etc. is where i started to take issue. you can't really force women to be okay with that. Also the few trannies who speak against it like Jenner get dog piled on and silenced so there is an active effort to force them into lockstep with the movement.

idk where the brakes are on this crazy train. i want to support people being free to be who they are so that inherently means keeping female sports only for females because they can't be who they are and be free with males competing against them. but im still fine with trannies just existing and not bothering people in other spaces. it is sort of in my nature to want everyone to be happy i guess. But I can't accept the idea that trannies need to be in a female sport to attain their own happiness. why is their movement pushing for that so hard? it seems like just drop it, you know? idk. wtf.

No. 1602707

Imo the whole troon thing is a by product of misogyny and pseudoscience and neurosexism (the belief that male and female brains exist and are inherently different, discovering this and how it's actually bullshit is what peaked me).

TIMs are usually autogynophilic porn addicts who get off the idea of having a female body. If misogyny and its byproducts such as the porn they consume didn't exist, they wouldn't have existed either. The other rare subset is the gay and bi men who are too ashamed of their sexuality so they troon out to cope. The cause of homophobia sometimes is misogyny as well because how dare a man act like a woman by….being attracted to men. And the feminine style is part of misogyny as well because they think attraction to men=female behavior so they need to dress and act like a woman to "make it make sense" to them. If they weren't shamed for it and they could understand that you can be a man and be attracted to men as well as gay men prefer masculine men anyways because they're attracted to men then they wouldn't troon out. But according to research they rarely actually troon out, the majority of troons are AGP.

Same thing can apply for TIFs despite no research on it that I know of. They're misogynistic women who hate being women and are ashamed of it so they become men because it's the "better gender/sex" and they adapt male behavior and style to be "better". It's an NLOG mentality caused by, you guessed it, misogyny. Because women and girls are always shamed for their interests.

The other subset of TIFs are what I call autoandrophilics. Women that get off the idea of having a male body. You can notice that most of them claim to be gay and want to have anal sex with men because they like yaoi and gay porn so they want to reenact it irl larping as men. It's a fetish thing obviously. And ofcourse there's the lesbians ashamed of their homosexuality so they become "men" to legitimize their sexuality which goes back to misogyny saying only male sexuality is legitimate and male attraction to women is the norm but female sexuality and by extension women being attracted to other women is not taken seriously.

The "science" behind transgenders is all made up bullshit and there are some neurologists, biologists, sexologists, and psychiatrists against it out there because they actually understand science. Most scientists who are pro-trans are biased because they're 80% of the time "political activists" or are lghdtv/trans themselves so they produce biased misleading research on purpose to prove their point. They'll never admit they're wrong.

Drag queens, while I'm ok with crossdressing because I do it, are also misogynistic because they're whole act is mocking stereotypical exaggerated women's behavior and think it's funny, or act hypersexual and pretend it's totally how a woman acts and so on.

If gender roles and bullshit along with misogyny didn't exist, clothes and hobbies won't be gendered in the first place for anyone to be a "crossdresser" and use it in malicious ways to shock and garner attention.

No. 1602712

File: 1686394153223.jpg (7.96 KB, 262x192, images(11).jpg)

Anon body mists by definition aren't long lasting because they have a lower %/concentration of fragrance oils than other types of fragrance products. For comparison with the products in picrel, body mist is in the 3-5% range. If you want a long lasting fragrance you're looking at the wrong type of product.

No. 1602713

Tinfoil but I think people allowing troons in sports is some sort of revenge against women and feminism for getting women basic rights and the ability to compete and play sports. So they intentionally let a man in because they want to see the women beaten up and humiliated. Lots of pro-trans-in-women-sports are MRA misogynistic scum for a reason.

Another reason could be the organizers of these events being afraid of backlash from the braindead general public who supports troons, so they have no choice but let them compete with the women so they don't get their competitions canceled. The price of democracy and equal rights, I guess. Not saying these things are bad but if sane people were at the top they would've simply said no and never allowed this and put limits on how much can people/the public control this kind of thing, but a limit within reason and not full on tyranny and dictatorship control, but that's me being idealistic again.

No. 1602714

Would it be stupid to message my high school ex? It's been over 10 years and I don't want to be that person that brings up the past out of nowhere to someone minding their own business and living their own life but I still feel guilty. I was doing so poorly mentally and went a bit insane during school and it ended up hurting her. I'm not seeking forgiveness but it still haunts me that I acted in such an embarrassing way and never apologized for it. Maybe it's best to just forget it and move on.

No. 1602715


If he's nice, likes you, and you find him attractive, it's a good sign.

No. 1602716

Its not even the public perception. There's lobby groups influencing media stances. It all started with the hilary Clinton campaign and its snowballed since. Most of the general public do not believe you cam change sex. You'll get more honest opinions offline where you can't get dogpilled for having a non PC opinion.

No. 1602717

do you think this means that AGPs are the ones who never get bottom surgery? either the full deal or just castration. i would assume losing their balls is counter to AGP. if one of them is AGP they won't want to lose the source of their sex drive, right? if they do it willingly does that mean they're HSTS? it seems like any male who wants his balls removed wouldn't be in it for the fetish stuff.

not saying this magically means they get to judo flip women in the Olympics or anything or go into womens bathrooms but no balls means little to no sex drive, it is like taking the ammo out of a gun.

No. 1602720

Crossdressers/transsexuals mostly comprised of mentally ill gay men. There was a lot of sympathy and accommodation. They were not perceived as female and they didn't perceive themselves as female. Documents were altered to assist their safety when travelling abroad, not to affirm a delusion. It didn't affect us because they were a tiny group, literally low thousands and they wanted to keep their head down. That was the whole bloody point. Erotic cross dressers/AGPs were known and not accommodated because it's a paraphilia and doesn't need any sort of recognition let alone accommodating. The new trans umbrella group is huge and comprised of those aggressive straight fetishists. They have worked to destroy safeguarding procedures for "real trans"/mentally ill gays and females so they can more readily perv on us. Shame on anyone who went along with this regressive shit.

Some AGPs have castration fantasies. Rarely do they go through with it.

No. 1602721

*mostly straight fetishists. Some gay men are going along with the DARVO. They are about 50/50 split from what I can see. Half on our side, thankfully. Especially older gay men who lived through those years and actually know what they're talking about.

No. 1602722

Good to know that the general public have brains, but sad to know that there are entire lobbys behind this.

No. 1602723

Ntayrt but my theory is that AGP is its own crazy sexuality that can't be understood by people that don't experience it. Not all of them do but AGPs definitely cut their balls off, some even get the full bottom surgery because "becoming a woman" IS their sexuality, it's a fetish. If you don't have it it will seem crazy to you (because it is) I've seen straight men that are AGP transition and suddenly they're gay - but I don't think it's as simple as them bring gay, straight, or bisexual. It's that sleeping with men makes them "more of a woman" which is what they're actually attracted to; themselves, as "women." There's probably a spectrum to it, too. I think AGPs that do get bottom surgery are mentally ill in a way that isn't as threatening to me as AGPs that just wear stuffed bras or fake boobs and shit. Those types really seem like opportunistic predators to me. Definitely both pornsick and mentally ill but when I see AGPs that get all of the surgery I am disgusted in a way that's close to pity since the people they will hurt the most will probably be themselves. My disgust for other AGPs is linked to fear.

No. 1602724

Another anon already answered but imo they believe the neo-vagina is totally like a real one so they'll be able to pleasure themselves just like a real woman can so they're ready to lose their dicks and balls for it just so they can experience the female orgasm. Which they end up not having because an open wound isn't the same as a vagina. There's a thread with obvious AGP coomers who don't get this and ruining their cooming for themselves but I don't remember which one.
One of the coomers used to pleasure himself through anal penetration and after his bottom surgery he lost access to his butthole and prostate gland and thought his wound-vagina will make him able to access it and have a g-spot, surprise surprise, it didn't. So he ruined his cooming for himself.

Some even take pictures of their neo-vaginas and post them thinking it looks sexy or something.

But I guess you have a point that destroying their dick will make them unable to experience orgasms ever again. But they probably don't know that or don't believe it. Play dumb games get dumb prizes.

No. 1602726

You're right about "being a woman" being their sexuality. I do feel pity for them as well because they're insane and some are being taken advantage of by internet trends and they're too stupid to see beyond it. They need actual medical help, i.e. mental health care and be locked in a psych ward until they're cured of their fetish or at least can control themselves and not do crazy shit for a fetish.

No. 1602730

Why did the confessions thread get a Ritard imagetext? Is it just one poster who got all of their posts tagged?

No. 1602733

im now genuinely interested in the psychology of the non-AGP brains, especially the ones who say they had dysphoria/dysmorphia from a young age…is there any validity to the "imbalanced hormones / exposed to too much estrogen in the womb" concept? Seems to be no way to study this and get data though. I've seen posts online in various places over the years of trannies saying they had an intense hatred for their male parts long before puberty. this doesn't mean surgery on kids is right, but the psychology of that is…idk. where would that come from? i have a trans friend on Steam that I've known since like 2012 and he says he always hated his body and knowing he was male. this person, in all my years knowing him, has never made sexual comments to me about anything, never sends me porn or hentai, really doesn't say much about being trans unless asked about it. he is basically the definition of HSTS although admittedly i can never know what he does in private but he if he does look at porn he never has it spill over into normal conversations with friends. he also doesn't seem to care about pronouns very much and just accepts whatever.

i dont wanna go too deep on questioning him though but like i said he seemed to be very resentful of his body from an early age. i can see why some of you say you pity this type of person. without knowing major details of his past i cant know if he was ever abused or molested or anything and i know that is weird and inappropriate to just ask about.

is HSTS known to be linked to being abused as a kid and thus making them hate their body? it makes me think about how this is being pushed on young kids today and it feels like they're brainwashing them into having body dysmorphic disorder the same way the high fashion industry causes eating disorders and self esteem issue in women. the social contagion of making minors think their bodies are not good enough really scares me tbh.

No. 1602735

Why is it that in every American high school film, football players are always the antagonists. Regardless of the director's gender, generation, football players are depicted as universally aggressive to a comical degree. also I'm not sure about the opinions of LGBTQABC people regarding this matter. Isn't pursuing a straight person contradictory to the idea that being gay isn't a choice?

No. 1602744

Yes she got all her posts revealed. Some of them were normal posts but they’re all marked. If you go to meta you can find more info >>>/meta/58669

No. 1602746

in my school most of the football players were pretty nice and didn't live and die over the sport, more or less just kids who wanted to do athletic stuff. almost all of them also did basketball or wrestling or something else too. in my experience bullies were just bullies regardless of what social circles they ran with. the biggest bully in our high school was a giant borderline retard with an IQ of like 80 and I do mean giant, like he was physically enormous was well over 6 feet tall in 9th grade, but he was also fat and didn't do sports, he just intimidated people and started shit all the time. he had a weird lazy eye too. pretty sure he was the product of incest or had fetal alcohol syndrome or something. he antagonized just about everyone and bullied girls too. several of the tough jocks were even scared of him simply based on his huge size and weight. he was in fights a lot and just shoved people to the ground easily.

he died a few years after high school of a drug overdose i think. i usually try to see the best in people but im glad he died young and never got to a point where he abused a wife and kids. he was the definition of a mistake. sorry for blogposting but i suddenly wanted to vent about that jackass.

No. 1602748

In american hs football teams (along with band to a lesser extent but they are associated with ) get all of the money and all of the prioritization. In extreme cases football players will get passed when they shouldn't or excused from wrongdoings so they can keep playing football. In my highschool they were basically mini gods, the teachers licked their feet and everybody worshipped them. Granted some of them were nice guys but a lot of them were not. Like the type of guys that would snap your bra in front of the teacher and laugh about how you're a slut while the teacher just lets it happen cuz he likes football. I graduated in 2012 by the way so maybe it's different now but that's the gist

No. 1602751

I don’t know about the things you asked about but this is the first teen movie trailer in like 15 years that made me laugh, I’m gonna watch this

No. 1602755


No. 1602756

Hatred/disgust of your own anatomy is typical of sexual abuse victims. Paraphilias are also typical in sexual abuse victims. Who can say, I don't know your friend and no one will fund an actual scientific study on HSTS and AGPs in this day and age.

I am curious though, when your friend says "a young age" what does he mean? Actual childhood or teenage years? A lot of kids going through puberty feel uncomfortable, I hated growing breasts so much and was so immersed in trans shit during my adolescence that I thought I must be a man if I was so disgusted by my own body (definitely a social contagion). Also I don't mean to sound like a dick or like I'm doubting your friend but a lot of trans identifying people rewrite their own history to make it seem like they always knew they were trans. Idk anon I just really don't think kids (actual children, like younger than 10) would hate their sex characteristics or bodies in general without some kind of abuse having occurred.

No. 1602763

he said he basically hated his body at age 5 in kindergarten but it was such an awkward topic that we just kinda dropped it. like i had no idea what the fuck to say or ask so we just moved on. other details include that he was always afraid/ashamed to change around people for gym and stuff, so that kinda makes me consider he is a victim of abuse. like he was always concerned with protecting his body.

also i have no idea if he ever did this but i read somewhere that children who were abused will often want to wear multiple layers of undershirts and underwear as a coping mechanism. sounds weird but i can understand how a child's brain would think this acts as a level of protection. the article pointed it out as a red flag that a child might be actively being abused but doesn't know how to get help or tell an adult.

other detail: he went to a catholic school until 10th grade so yeah…

No. 1602765

I'm willing to bet there's gonna be one tranny in this film
well good luck on having a shit sense of humor.

No. 1602770

No. 1602804

File: 1686404670488.png (78.74 KB, 750x750, e2037c0c3a6054403d6c575c7313ee…)

How do you heat premade vacuum sealed zongzi from the store ? Do I just remove the packaging and steam them ? Picrel is the exact item I bought.

No. 1602860

Stupid ass question indeed, haven't been here in a long, long time. Are we still allowed to hate on trannies? lmao

No. 1602864

No. 1602866

Yeah. You sometimes seem to get some responses in the vein of live and let live now, but those admittedly get bashed on immediately, too.

No. 1602881

What happened to kf? Is it still up? I stopped visiting it for a few months so I have no clue what's going on

No. 1602898

Someone more informed should give you a better answer, but in short, they went down again because of the feud with that big headed rich asian troon who clearly has too much free time and disposable income, but it's accessible through tor.

No. 1602904

Oh. Good to know, thanks

No. 1603025

Is it normal for Filipinos to be extremely obsessed with being seen as a True Asian and overly identifying with the richer asians who hate them? Like Indians will be like yeah I’m Asian but they recognize that they are seen and treated differently and have no problem identifying primarily as Indian and organizing their own groups, but the Filipinos I’ve known like try to avoid calling themselves Filipino and shit all over Latinos meanwhile they’re in the same income bracket as Mexicans

No. 1603030

can you stop taking the pill for a month or 2? I want to know how it affects my mood and if it's worth it to keep taking it

No. 1603053

>the Filipinos I’ve known like try to avoid calling themselves Filipino and shit all over Latinos
do they really shit on latinos? lmao
if real, any specific reason or is it just disliking comparison or something?

No. 1603062

Do you ever feel that feel in your head (specially in your mouth, it’s like a vibration) when you’re singing and your voice seems to be the right intonation that syncs with the intonation of the singer of the song you’re listening to? Or am I insane and off-key?

No. 1603070

has anyone ever had laser treatment for toe fungus, or gotten rid of it with like tea tree oil or something? terbinafine didn't work, topical treatments didn't work, and removing the nails didn't work either I'm getting desperate

No. 1603080

Where did pickme originate from? I first saw it in like 2020 on FDS.

No. 1603084

Nonnie I'm pretty sure that's just resonance.

No. 1603087

Idk maybe it’s to try to fit in with other Asians who also hate Latinos

No. 1603089

>Laser isn't some one-size fit all type of thing, some people get rid of it after three sessions, others have to come in ten times plus with no improvement in sight, or have it recur some time later. It's what gets recommended when nothing else helps and most seem to improve vastly after about three (the minimum recommended) to five sessions though.
My cousin, who does them daily at her work place. Apparently you'll likely have to continue topical treatments.

No. 1603099

Thanks, nonnie, I don’t know much about music or sound argot, so that was interesting to read about.

No. 1603161

why does the people from the general internet use the word "weird" when trying to pseudo challenge an opinion they disagree on? is it a way of trying to "belittling" the I guess "impact" of said statement? Example:
>"I wish all troons feel into a volcano"
>"hmm that's a weird thing to wish for?!!"
why do they do this?

No. 1603174

maybe it's because they're the Mexico of Asia and they're compensating

No. 1603179

No. 1603197

It’s a way to make the person saying a statement feel alienated and like they did something that’s socially unacceptable.
It gives the high ground to the person that’s reporting the “issue” and makes others want to defend the reporter, escalating the tone of the comments to the point it becomes aggressive, but since the “problem person” said something unacceptable, it’s okay, because how dare you say something hyperbolic to show your displeasure towards a group of people that has shown to be fucked up?

No. 1603217

When exactly are summer and winter seasonal jobs in Switzerland?

I believe summer is June to early September
And winter late November to early March

But I could be wrong
Anyone know for sure?

No. 1603218

Why is anatomy so difficult yo understand to me? I’ve read a lot about it, but I still don’t really get how some things relate to others, so when I draw, my stuff looks wonky unless I’m actively trying to avoid doing “serious” drawings.
Am I reading things wrong? I think I’m just retarded tbh.

No. 1603220

I don't know but if you go back to first season of Gray's Anatomy, Meredith is fighting over a man with his ex wife. Or maybe it was the 2nd season because she shows up at the end of the first. It's so long ago. Anyway she goes to the guy and says "Pick me. Choose me. Love me." So I would guess it started there.

Going back to hear the actual monologue is even worse than I remember, oh boy.

No. 1603221

Who's Rita

No. 1603238

No. 1603246

File: 1686440309421.gif (17.88 KB, 128x128, 412305B1-79FA-4EB2-BEFE-9622CD…)

I’m bored. What are all of lc’s secret special boards?

No. 1603256

Anyone here diagnosed on the autism spectrum, do other people with autism bother you at all? Like how a neurotypical person would sense it and have this feeling, do you get it as well?

I hope my question is clear

No. 1603281

my ex is autistic and he hates the people who are more autistic than him. he says they are inconsiderate, loud, rude, etc. so i guess it depends on where on the spectrum you fall

No. 1603283

you just need to practice a lot, and think while you draw. with time, you won't have to think as much because you will learn it

No. 1603286

Have you been to /shay/?

No. 1603287

I just dont like autists who cling to sociopaths and try to impress/become the lackeys of horrible people because they're lonely

No. 1603288

Yes. I tried to be friends with the autistic girl at work, but she was too immature and annoying despite only being one year younger than me. It's probably because of autism and abuse, but she never really matured past 14 and I couldn't take it.

No. 1603289

/cream/, /manure/, and /sty/ are some of them i think those are all mostly known tho right?

No. 1603309

/int/ too

No. 1603367

File: 1686450013963.jpg (88.1 KB, 563x428, 1648959125521.jpg)

nonnies, how weird is it if someone asks you for a piece of mail with your full name/address on it - giving me his phone number to text the pic to him - after you bought something and he sees that your last name isn't on the shipping label for the item? I assume it's weird so I reached out to support afterwards though who knows when they'll get back to me.
it's a bit annoying because it's something I actually need for medical reasons.

No. 1603432

yes you can stop taking the pill cold turkey without any bad side effects. protection from pregnancy is no longer guaranteed after like 2 days of stopping and then it takes maybe a month of consistently taking it again to regain protection from pregnancy if you start up later.

No. 1603450

I think it's pretty weird; even if you ordered it for somebody else, it's none of the sellers business and I have no idea why would anyone would be double checking you. Maybe it's something specific to the nature of the item, given you're saying it's needed for medical reasons? Either way you were right to reach out to support.

No. 1603466

File: 1686463006986.gif (1.43 MB, 500x380, da168b346875b70bcae3388192b404…)

do you like poetry? do you read poetry? I hate poetry but I'm good at it. should I write poetry?

No. 1603472

Dunno, I've never heard of it before but considering you have to show your ID to pick up packages too sometimes I don't think the solution provided is too weird?

No. 1603515

honestly it might be worth it trying multiple laser sessions since I've done everything else already… thanks nona

No. 1603519

are East Asians really more likely to have straight pubic hair?

No. 1603521

I'm not Asian I'm Irish but people have said I have Asian hair. My pubes are straight if that helps.

No. 1603527

Why do something you hate? It's not like there's money in poetry so that can't be a driving factor.

No. 1603565

File: 1686477539496.png (2.1 KB, 419x294, 1.png)

Adobe Illustrator question. You know how you can turn down the opacity of shapes but the shapes within that layer become darker where they overlap, is there anyway to avoid that? I still want to show the things in the layers underneath but I don't want that colour build up amongst the shapes I've made transparant.

No. 1603567

You're probably not as good as you think if you hate it

No. 1603578

You can merge them into a single object

No. 1603583

US agony aunt in the 90s or something. There was a blog about it. FDS's pickme probably developed independently tho.

No. 1603598

File: 1686482577633.jpeg (121.82 KB, 750x1089, 1F402239-E5D7-4FDA-B160-AF5184…)

This is kinda stupid but I heard a lesbian online talk about how she’s ‘femme in the historical sense of the term’ and said something about how being femme is unrelated to wearing dresses. Did ‘femme’ historically mean something else other than ‘femenine’ or ‘gender conforming’? Or am I misunderstanding something?

No. 1603599

It has to do with cliches and archetypes associated with 80s high school movies

No. 1603603

Do americans really think "ingredient household" is child abuse and eating disordered behaviour? I see it a lot on tiktok and it baffles me, that not having snacks and microwave meals in the house is child neglect and teens having to make their own lunch after school is horrible. Like what?

No. 1603604

TikTok isn’t reflective of the entire population

No. 1603608

My Asian husband has straight pubes lol.

No. 1603648

Why are generic female Redditors really into DuggarsSnark? Especially when they would hate LC or KF for doing essentially the same thing to different targets? Is it a just way to shit on fundies? Does "snark" just mean to stalk on social media and complain about?

No. 1603658

Do Ragdolls and British Shorthairs get along well?

No. 1603685

Technically, kf and lolcor are snark sites too

No. 1603725

Hating on reality tv stars or celebrities is a bit different than hating on random internet people tbh.

No. 1603731

Anons who use an acid as a deodorant, what do you use? And how often do you apply it and when?

No. 1603745

I don't read poetry but I don't necessarily hate it. Some artists I listen to write poetry first and turn it into song lyrics so the lyrics are usually cool and fun to read and have nice meanings and sometimes big new words for me. So if you have a talent for it and have an interest in songwriting you can do that.

No. 1603816

Anyone an idea what to gift an Japanese guy for his birthday? In a lighthearted friendly manner

No. 1603823

Do any other skinny anons always suffer from camel toe for no reason? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

I love to wear shorts, and I actually own pairs that fit, but just can’t anymore. I always get it no matter what and it’s exhausting.

No. 1603825

why does it matter that he is japanese kek. what does he like?

No. 1603828

either the shorts are too small or not a good cut for you

No. 1603831

I thought that their might be cultural differences like maybe a American guy would appreciate others stuff etc kek he likes gemstones like amethyst etc

No. 1603834

I wear men's underwear so I've never suffered from this. But also I don't shave down there so that could be another contributor, maybe try the former first, if it doesn't help then time to resort to the latter.

No. 1603835

Nta but maybe get him a gemstone he doesn't own in his collection? Or some gemstone related stuff to maintain them or something idk anything about them

No. 1603836

maybe a bracelet with his birthstone?

No. 1603837

Is instagram completely a mess for anyone else? I disabled an account and now im trying to enable it again, but I just get errors. I even put in my phone number and it says no accounts are connected to my number? While I already have other accounts enabled and connected to that number? What a fucking joke

No. 1603845

I only have one maxi pad left and the stores around me are closed. I can get some tomorrow but can I get blood poisoning if I leave it in for the next +/-14 hours? I'll just sleep on a towel otherwise.

No. 1603846

It decided I was a bot and I've never been able to make an account since. I use picuki to stalk.

No. 1603847

A pad? It’s unsanitary and kinda gross but I don’t see why it would kill you. A tampon? Definitely not. Just use some tp or paper towels for now anon.

No. 1603848

Why would anyone expect Asians to have a jewfro down south?

No. 1603850

Depends how heavy your flow is. If you think it won't leak through I'd sleep on a towel and wear the pad when you go out to get more.

No. 1603852

Wait is straight pubes not the norm for everyone???????

No. 1603860

The answer is, as always, that redditors are a special brand of retarded. They hate lc because it’s too “mean”, misandrist, whorephobic, and transphobic. There is a whole movement on Reddit trying to divorce snark from any bitchy, rude, or petty origins. They are trying to redefine snark as woke sociopolitical commentary and cancel wars that are only allowed to be aimed at people with a certain size following on social media. They poopoo harmless fun opinions and pettiness as “not true snark” and bullying. They are very desperate to believe they are not massive bitches the same as the rest of us when they, in fact, are.

No. 1603867

Huh? Why is a pad unsanitary? And blood poisoning btw. It's not that bad so I'll just use paper towels, thanks.
It's not so bad, saving it for going out is a good idea. Thanks nonna.

No. 1603868

pretty sure most people have coarse pubes, often coarser than their scalp hair

No. 1603871

Yeah but course doesn’t mean curly I’m mixed Latino and they’re straight and every guy I’ve been with were straight too wtf

No. 1603880

I'm white european with dark curly hair and curly pubes. I think it varies.

No. 1603884

I've never seen a straight pubic hair in my life.

No. 1603917

How many pubic hairs did you see nonny

No. 1603925

Your pubes are supposed to be similar to whatever is on your head. My hair is thick and coily, my pubes are coarse (wiry?) And have a tiny bit of a curl. A couple of them even look like little circles.

No. 1603928

but how does that even work, are straight pubes naturally shorter too? because I cannot imagine them being the same length as curly pubes and just hanging down like a wig or something kek

No. 1603946

They can get as long as curly pubes but they're still thick and wiry with a shorter terminal length than head hair like all pubes so they don't "hang" like head hair.

No. 1603975

Mine are opposites, they're not even the same color. wtf.

No. 1603988

File: 1686517815665.jpg (14.05 KB, 480x480, uhhhhh.jpg)

>blood poisoning
>from a pad
nonna how old are you

No. 1603990

Head hair: soft, very fine, pin-straight, blonde, never frizzes or curls.
Pubic hair: coarser, fine, straight, light brown, frizzes and forms loose waves after showering.

No. 1603994

I recently learned that straight pubes even exist, it just don’t seem right

No. 1603999

my head hair is super curly and thick but the pubes are straight

No. 1604012

I'm so confuses why you think you'd get blood poisening from a pad. You're menstruating, not bleeding from an open wound, there's nothing getting in your bloodstream!

No. 1604014

How many certifications do you have?
And why did you get them?
Anything you are certified for whether through university, academy, a course in person or online, or special training

I have several to help get jobs but I am still going for more just for fun I guess

First aid, child psychology, child counseling, tefl, sports massage, relaxing massage, thai massage, vip service

I want to get some certified sports coaching, yoga, pilates, and pilot. I also some some bartending, baking, and barista courses. And technically I am fluent in other languages but never took the exams to say I am certified

No. 1604015

It lies against the skin, so forms round if that makes sense. It doesn't hang down like hair on your head does, that would look weird.

No. 1604018

My straight pubes are like a silk rug if I let them grow.

No. 1604022

Can people still go to Russia? Like are the embassies open and processing visas?

No. 1604025

File: 1686520713768.jpg (22.71 KB, 650x400, bc_60357447_M.jpg)

like this.

No. 1604027

File: 1686520751505.jpg (42.7 KB, 650x540, R.jpg)

not like this.

No. 1604029

Why does media like It's Always Sunny and South Park and the like get away with "transphobia" and ironic racism and are considered classics but the gendie coalition will cancel other media for so much less? I know some trannies will dislike SP/IASIP because of the afforementioned topics but every gendie I have come across in IRL spaces loves SP and IASIP and other "problematic" media but will be the first ones to cry transphobia at some rando b-list celebrity for something they said in, like, 2008 or some shit. It just confuses me.

No. 1604030

Why does media like It's Always Sunny and South Park and the like get away with "transphobia" and ironic racism and are considered classics but the gendie coalition will cancel other media for so much less? I know some trannies will dislike SP/IASIP because of the afforementioned topics but every gendie I have come across in IRL spaces loves SP and IASIP and other "problematic" media but will be the first ones to cry transphobia at some rando b-list celebrity for something they said in, like, 2008 or some shit. It just confuses me.