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File: 1683313102211.jpg (72.86 KB, 630x558, 999999999.jpg)

No. 1568614

I'm not stupid, the one's saying it is stupid, you're annoying, stupid.


No. 1568616

File: 1683313185846.jpg (91.84 KB, 500x500, ii.jpg)

My favorite album and all, but I for the life of mine can't figure out what I'm looking at, face wise. Please help.

No. 1568629

Looks like a person wearing a trench coat. Their hands are cupping their cheeks. Kind of looks like their legs are bent inwards.

No. 1568632

File: 1683314418749.jpeg (57.11 KB, 700x700, F0B3D533-C473-48C5-9160-5D9B2D…)

No. 1568637

Looks like a gay alien who's having a climatic ending to their theater play on which they've dedicated their live too but tragically the climatic ending of them being shot by a sniper is coming… or it's just a shitty drawing

No. 1568723

Nonnies does your voice sound higher or lower than you expect when it’s recorded? I hear myself in videos and it sounds way deeper than how I sound to myself normally

No. 1568774

Deeper & flatter.

No. 1568802

File: 1683326552393.jpg (137.89 KB, 736x981, 47517e86f6979b7e34c941bb218073…)

What do people who build miniatures as a hobby do with them once they're done?

No. 1568820

It sounds higher irl than it sounds to me I sound fucking retarded it makes me mad.

No. 1568831

I think mine has sound higher when I hear it in recordings. I sound like a literal little retard child and I hate it.

No. 1568836

Less of a question but can someone direct me to the bad art thread? I'm sitting on a goldmine here.

No. 1568837

I sound far more nasal than I expected every time I hear my voice

No. 1568856

i bet you both have lovely voices you shush

No. 1568869

sort of the similar level of deep but super nasally and froggish, i sound like a stereotypical stuck-up nerd kek

No. 1568870

how accurate is the show Desperate Housewives to the IRL experience of upper class American suburbia? I don't expect all the soap opera elements, but the general socialization depicted.

No. 1568894

Ignorant, botched, and melodramatic? To a degree sure

No. 1568905

Is being sensitive a sign of narcissism?

No. 1568945

Being sensitive is a sign of thousands of other comorbid issues but I feel like a narcissist would use that angle to try to condemn other people for being anxious or having boundaries/ self respect

No. 1568957

File: 1683339697355.jpg (88.72 KB, 991x1004, european-map_en_0 (1).jpg)

>Brown person visiting Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands soon

I heard from some friends that racism in parts of europe is pretty bad for people who look like they could be a refugee (I'm Indian/white so I probably look middle eastern). If I'm visiting, would dressing like a tourist lead to worse or better treatment?

No. 1568959

what the FUCK is anorectal and why are half this week's complaints in /meta/ about it?

No. 1568996

How new are you? serious question

No. 1568999

>She doesn't even know anorectal violence kun

No. 1569000

Anon just got here a week ago lol

No. 1569003

When I pick my nose sometimes my nail lightly nicks mu nose skin and it bweedd badly, is that jormal?

No. 1569007

Cut those talons if you're gonna be fingering your nostril that much.

No. 1569011

Haha noob

No. 1569028

My nails aren't that l9ng

No. 1569039

AYRT, I've been using the site for 2 years or so and only ventured into OT in November. I was also banned for a month and the last insane anon I saw before the ban was the return of Pringle Fucker

No. 1569053

Anzen Chitai are so fucking based.

No. 1569057

I only know it from a brief clip so I don’t have any other details to help describe it but does any one know the name of the movie where young leonardo dicaprio plays a character who’s kind of reminiscent of Nick Fuentes

No. 1569061

Like all of them

No. 1569066

Lol you’re right actually, the one I’m thinking of is one of the less well known/less successful ones. I think the character was some kind of nationalist?

No. 1569068

Was he younger or older in the clip?

No. 1569069

Is it when he had long hair or short?

No. 1569070

Young, like late teens maybe early twenties?

No. 1569071

I can’t remember 100% but I think long

No. 1569072

Don's Plum? Idk girl

No. 1569074

don't overthink it, no one actually cares especially as a woman

No. 1569077

That was it!!! Thank you ♥

No. 1569111

Has anyone here used BumbleBFF? I made an account once a few years ago and it gave me so much anxiety I deleted it after 2 days. This girl I know uses it all the time and seemingly uses it to find girls to talk shit about in her close friends stories… anyway I was just wondering if any of y’all have experiences with that app and also asking to see if it’s all normies or if cool people are on there

No. 1569114

Haven't used it, heard it's full of pyramid scheme shills using it to pretend to be your friend to get a downline then dumping you if you refuse

No. 1569161

Dress like a kanack and you'll be fine. Don't wear anything cultural, people in western European are actually very tolerant and nice but they will internally judge you or maybe give you strange looks. Kanacks are just like the europe equivalent to Chavs. Wear Adidas/Nike and sneakers if u want to fit in with locals. But there's all kinds of people in Switzerland, if ur typical style is jeans and shirts, that's fine too.

No. 1569167

oh please, Western Europeans don't go out of their way to treat people who look like outsiders like shit geez, this isn't China.

No. 1569243

I downloaded it because I wanted to see the sort of people in the area when I moved back to the town I grew up in without downloading tinder. Terrible app, you have to pay to used it for more than maybe two and a half minutes. It might be a better experience in a big city though, anyone around here using it is mega cringe (myself included)

No. 1569250

I dunno, maybe a little higher, but definitely a lot…softer? Smoother maybe? To me my voice sounds more annoying and a bit more gruff I guess you’d say. Talked to some Brazilians the other day though and one made a comment about how “cool” my voice was, and ngl that made my day after growing up with a dad who said my mother and I only have conflicts because “women often have shrill voices and it’s annoying”.

No. 1569252

Higher. I feel like I'm one of the only thirteen people in this world who like how their actual voice sounds.

No. 1569432

Can vitamin C induce a period?
I usually take only 50mgs of vitamin C a day but they only had 500mg pills at the store and BAM I got my period two weeks early after taking one on an empty stomach

No. 1569494

ESL nonas, can you please translate "die moid""kys scrote/moid" into your native languages? other "misandrist" phrases would be great. it's for a lil project.

No. 1569565

we need less ESL on this site because most anons cannot read. don't invite them

No. 1569609

That's a zoomer problem not an ESL problem

No. 1569624

given the average american's reading level that's not an esl issue lmao

No. 1569658

Why will libs call everyone a nazi except for actual ukranian nazis?

No. 1569661

>t. offended europoor

No. 1569674

Wha the fuck is even cottage cheese

No. 1569695

Why am I so hungry all the time lately

No. 1569696

File: 1683414079349.jpg (37.58 KB, 500x375, 1568079807048.jpg)

here we go again…

No. 1569699

what tradthots call their lady smegma

No. 1569700

No. 1569718

If I want to put bacon on a frozen pizza do I need to cook the bacon first or can the uncooked bacon cook with my pizza as a topping??

No. 1569725

I think it could just go on top w the pizza?

No. 1569731

How do I know if I'm autistic? Like genuinely autistic?

No. 1569755

cook the bacon first or it will be gooey and your pizza will be moist

No. 1569792

File: 1683425881670.jpg (94.17 KB, 970x600, a1c80228-8f1a-435d-b5e8-8b8a09…)

Wtf is this style of shirt (long sleeve, henley neckline) called? I'm going fucking insane because I swear it has a name but I can't find it anywhere.

No. 1569797

Long John shirt?

No. 1569798

That style of shirt is called a henley. It can be found both in shortsleeve or longsleeve The neckline is called a scoop.

No. 1569817

One good indicator is if you showed autism symptoms from age 12 or younger. Were you either developmentally behind or ahead as a kid? Or both.. For example I’m autistic and was advanced in reading and general school stuff but had terrible coordination, learned how to swim very late despite taking lessons every summer. Did you experience severe trauma (some cptsd symptoms look like autism). These are some of the questions you’d be asked along with like 200+ others at an eval

No. 1569819

Anyone know of any new alternatives to dsc.cool/dis.cool/tracr.co where you can see what severs a user is a member of?

No. 1569822

Nta but isn’t “both” sort of normal? Like most people in general will be really good at something but really bad in others

No. 1569847

Sorry if it was vague but it’s referring to basic milestones for little kids like speech/language, walking, reading, coordination etc. And being notably behind or advanced by like a year or more compared to peers, not just slightly bad or good at something. I brought up the swimming thing as an example bc I was literally learning with 5 year olds when I was like 10 kek.

No. 1569850

Looking to try some teas. I'm in a rut with my ginger pear, peach, chai, and general black tea. Unfortunately need recommendations that are gluten free, I cry because I wish I could try barley tea. Is brown rice tea good? I drink both hot and iced teas.

No. 1569851

You better boil a kettle of some mint julep copium

No. 1569865

i just wanted to make some misandrist memes.

No. 1569904

Henley shirt

No. 1569986

Do some people really feel fine on their own? As far as I can recall, the last time I felt "fine on my own" was when I was 8 or something.
I've spent my whole life since then either loving from afar or dating guys.
Is something wrong with me? How do I cure it?
I wish I could just 'feel fine" on my own.
Do these people who feel fine on their own have besties, or something else to cope?

No. 1569990

Alright that kind of explains it. AFAIK last time he was here was over 2 years ago.

Anorectal Violence-kun is a male sperg who is known on several imageboards (I'm not sure how many, but probably most of the bigger altchans for sure) for spamming infographics, huge and highly detailed rants against anal sex and calling for someone (not sure who he's addressing these to exactly tbh, maybe the government? Websites that host this content?) to do something to stop the promotion of anal sex. His sole purpose in life is spreading all that information.

I believe it was farmers who found his identity and very old posts, and they found out that he is only this obsessed with anal sex and its negative effects on the body because he has a fetish for healthy natural anuses.

No. 1569991

Its possible. The biggest change for me was when I made room for my emotions. And started to feel safe in my body.

No. 1569993

I don't really have these issues, I think..
What do you mean by "making room for your emotions"?
Also, what does being fine on your own really mean to you? Who do you talk to, as a friend? Do you flirt with some people?

No. 1569997

i do. it's because i'm used to not having anyone so i just fulfill my life with other things that have nothing to do with others and i honestly prefer it that way. it's come to a point where i'm freaked out if i have more than one friend, it's overwhelming

No. 1569998

how often do you even talk to that "one friend"
what do you do all day?
where do you share your thoughts. Here? How often?

No. 1570015

File: 1683451763869.jpeg (61.46 KB, 750x436, IMG_3098.jpeg)

>how often do you even talk to that "one friend"
i don't know why you put that in quotations but usually once a day but we don't have to talk daily, and it doesn't mean anything more than we just didn't feel like it that day. we've been friends since we were six years old and it's always been this way. we're both introverted
>what do you do all day?
watch movies and browse the interwebs, read books, go outside and just walk around everywhere especially the city center which is my favorite, go thrifting, feed the strays in my neighborhood… i could go on forever, there's a ton of stuff to do and i honestly think that sharing them with someone else would obstruct my enjoyment of them since we'll be going in different paces(?) (soz esl)
>where do you share your thoughts. Here? How often?
yes, probably all day kek but i also have multiple blogs that i delete if i feel like i have too many followers because i'm not looking for connections.

No. 1570043

File: 1683455269608.jpeg (28.03 KB, 629x629, IMG_7443.jpeg)

Is everybody’s family kind of odd? My mother keeps telling me everyone’s family is like that but I feel like what are the odds that the most normal person in my close family is an alcoholic, the rest of them fall into either mentally ills, drug addicts, scammers, criminals, abusers, schizos or cult members…
pic unrelated kek

No. 1570044

nah my family isn't like that

No. 1570047

No, but you can write a book about yours. That's what Tolstoy would have done.

No. 1570050

My family is basically like that. The normal one is my older brother but “normal” is a pretty big stretch.

No. 1570055

Yes, my family is like that too.

No. 1570058

File: 1683457541659.jpeg (156.49 KB, 1170x1953, 26E64F65-BBB3-48AD-A1E4-DBB651…)

I'm losing my mind. I randomly looked up tony robbins and found out he had a 49 year old actress daughter but he's 60 years old so does that mean he had her when he was 14??

No. 1570060

He adopted her. From wiki
>In 1984, Robbins married Rebecca Jenkins after meeting her at a seminar. Jenkins had three children from two former marriages, whom Robbins adopted

No. 1570079

Why do so many people insist that men who wear tight pants look gay? Guys wearing tight jeans that show off their ass and bulge are literally the greatest thing ever, why would you discourage guys from wearing it? It’s as if men saw cleavage and said “woah woah woah are you some kind of DYKE or something?”

so many people encouraging men to look like limp bizkit or some shit blegh

No. 1570087

File: 1683463745916.jpeg (22.57 KB, 575x533, Crying_kitten_hugging_Rilakkum…)

Is /m/ safe to visit yet? I know the other day some nonnies here were warning to not visit /m/ because of some cp/gore raid. I've had the unfortunate time of seeing that shit in the past and I really don't want to (accidentally) do that again.

No. 1570092

Artist nonnies I need help.
I am a 'forever beginner' shitty artist and I'm finally trying to make a long term plan to improve.
I've read some things online about drawabox and proko.
So does this plan of alternating these days sound logical and productive?
>Day 1: doing drawabox lessons for like 2 hours
>Day 2: doing proko figures/anatomy drawing
>Day 3: doing some pixel art or fanart to connect with people and get dopamin, even if it looks shitty

Would you add some other courses? Like for example I'm really bad at digital rendering. Or change it completely? I tried following proko in the past but got really bored, I guess I just have to fight through.

No. 1570094

Right now yeah but there was cp earlier today.

No. 1570096

What happened to trump after he was arrested?

No. 1570099

From instructional drawing videos I’ve watched I really like Reuben Lara and Wouter Tulp. I’d suggest looking at some stuff that’s on instructional sites besides youtube and pirating them if you don’t have money. If you do have money, some art schools and museums offer drawing classes. I really enjoyed doing stuff like that because some instructors are great but don’t have much of an online presence.

No. 1570102

File: 1683466376273.png (17.25 KB, 722x705, 2023-05-07_06_21_47-Greenshot.…)

setting up an art course to follow is a great way to improve your skills, it unfortunately doesn't stick as well if you rush it in my experience. it's not uncommon to be bored out of your mind while you study but if you find yourself getting bored I would try a different lesson and become back to it later. it is all very tedious but having these skills memorized really streamlines the drawing process. drawabox is a great place to start to get a good foundation on perspective for sure, but it also bored me to tears. picrel is my list of art assignments I did to develop my basic rendering skills, might work for you.

No. 1570120

God fucking dammit.

No. 1570144

Thank you that's very helpful!

No. 1570169

What do I buy for a newborn baby besides clothes? My cousin had a baby boy and I want to gift him something special.

No. 1570199

i'm not sure anything you can buy can also be considered special

No. 1570296

I'm going to a formal event soon and am looking for shoes to buy that will match my dress. The only issue is that I have bunions and the last time I wore formal shoes, they made my feet hurt so bad and everything was so inflamed afterward. What kinds of formal shoes aren't going to totally destroy my feet? Or are there things I can do to alleviate the pain while wearing formal shoes?

No. 1570315

What did you get your mam for Mother’s Day?

No. 1570370

A new candle for her urn’s spot on my shelf.

No. 1570374

Wow. I guess I’ll just show up empty handed and tell my family that life is the gift.

No. 1570375

What’s the dress like? Hopefully you can find flats. hydrocolloid gel toe wraps can help a lot

No. 1570385

I got a few pictures of happy parents and the baby beforehand and made a cute collage out of them, everyone loved it and still have in on display 3 years later, maybe you could do something similar too?
When it comes to items, it's pointless to buy clothes and plushies because theyre the most common items the parents will receive from other people, what is really useful is anything the kid will be able to bite in a really close future.

No. 1570386

Studies of other people's work are both fun (for me at least lol) and will do wonders helping you with rendering. Just make sure to study someone who knows what they're doing; i guess this is why master studies are most recommended since they definitely knew.

No. 1570397

File: 1683486848944.jpg (15.74 KB, 300x288, my DEFORMITY.jpg)

I think this may be a stupid question to ask in the stupid question thread, but can any nonnas please assist. When I was younger I got a 3D model of my skull done at the orthodontist but they noticed I had a deviated septum and some weird growth and sent me to an ENT. ENT said "yeah lol your nose is fucked u have nasal polyps I can't do shit about them bye." So that explained why I've been living like this my whole life. I get sinus infections at least 4 times a year, all originating on the right side that my septum blocks off. Generally bacterial infections because my polyps make crevices for bacteria to grow and because I avoid antibiotics unless I think I might die it'll last for like 3 weeks. The one I'm experiencing now is viral after being coughed and sneezed on by 20 children.

That's the useless backstory and my actual question is, wtf can I do about this without going to the doctor? I do not have doctor or surgery money. I know OTC nasal steroids can shrink polyps, but I can't find any info on how long to use them for this purpose, it just says to ask your doctor. Can any medically trained nonnas please create a DIY treatment plan for me? Thank you in advance.

No. 1570412

Is it really unreasonable to go the exact speed limit instead of 5-10 over? I'm always tailgated, wondering if I actually need to feel guilty about it. I know that nobody gets tickets for going over the limit by that little, I just prefer driving at a normal speed because I'm paranoid about deer.

No. 1570413

Is there a spoonfeeding thread for anons who don't have time to catch up on old cows? I haven't read the onision threads in years but clicked the newest one and Lainey's name is listed as Lucas now. Not really worth reading a dozen threads over imo but would love to be spoonfed.

No. 1570449

Anons help! I was brushing my cat and he has this one little matted clump on his rump and as I was feeling it to see if I could brush it out, I found a wound/scab. I don't think I caused it with the brush because it feels dry and scabby and it's not bleeding but he doesn't want me to touch it. It's not very big which is probably why I didn't catch it sooner. I force fed him a bit of catnip and I am waiting for him to get sleepy so I can burrito wrap him to inspect it. What should I do? Is this an immediate vet emergency? Or should I just see if it's alright and keep it clean and he'll walk it off??? This is the first time anything like this has happened with him and he's my first cat and I just don't know what to do right away and I'm anxious to know if this is a really bad thing or not. I'm worried.

No. 1570461

Could be an insect bite, a rash or any other random scratch and the cat might have licked it hence the matted clump. It's not a medical emergency, just keep an eye on it and if it spreads it's most likely a rash that the vet can recommend medical cream or similar for.

No. 1570489

just drive like everyone else is if it's a little over the limit, it's safer.

No. 1570508

File: 1683497522411.jpeg (152.23 KB, 1179x775, IMG_7930.jpeg)

Books. “Indestructibles” baby books specifically. They’re so great. There are a lot of cute fancy books you could get too. When I worked at a bookstore this series of “classic” board books for babies came out and it was the cutest shit ever, I bought it as a baby shower gift and it was well received. The indestructibles are cute too though and more fun for baby to spit on and play with or whatever lol

No. 1570514

Spa day and a nice day out.
Those baby books where you record milestones, if they don't have one already. A bunch of sellers on Etsy do personalized ones.

No. 1570524

my cat has fleas? what should i do? sorry i am a new cat owner

No. 1570535

Anyone have experience with Birdy Grey? Considering buying a bridesmaid dress from them, but idk

No. 1570537

she probably got a lot of clothes and toys so i'm sure she'd be happy about more practical things like diapers etc. or just buy from the registry if she has one

No. 1570550

Get flea medicine, administer flea medicine monthly for 6 months (will kill all live fleas much sooner but six months ensures no existing flea eggs will survive). Administer monthly forever as a preventative if your cat is exposed to outside or other pets or animals that have fleas (rodents etc). There are topical flea medicines and ingestible flea medicines, pay attention to how long between doses and total price over time not just the cheapest one. Also if it’s really bad maybe get a prescription strength one from a vet because fleas are developing resistance to regular flea medicine, in some places.

No. 1570553

thank sound, sounds retarded but wasnt sure if i had to take him to the vet to get a prescription like a human kek

No. 1570557

You totally can and it might be a good idea but you can also just buy flea medicine at a pet store. Follow the instructions carefully and if your cat is a kitten DO NOT give it adult cat doses, the medicine isn’t designed for young kittens you’ll have to look into it. You can poison a kitten to death with flea and worm medicine pretty easily.

No. 1570559

thank you so much for the warning, he's a kitten so i will ask about it. I actually took him to the vet 2days ago and she told me he didnt have fleas, but today i found two big ones on him.

No. 1570567

File: 1683503611964.png (284.6 KB, 492x493, 1547434096379.png)

What do people typically talk about when hanging out in person with someone new that they want to hopefully become friends with?
I know this question sounds autistic as fuck and I swear I do have some semblance of social skills, but I asked this uni classmate if she wants to have lunch together sometime and she said yes and now I don't know what to do. It's been ages since I made a new friend and I'm so used to only talking to the same couple people that I'm super close and open with that I've forgotten how to interact with someone that I barely know yet. On top of that, my close friends are for the most part pretty eccentric and probably aren't a good reference for how most normies act socially speaking. I also dread not being able to drink since that would usually be my cheat for social confidence, but she's from a Muslim family so that's off the table.
How do people talk in these situations, what kind of stuff makes people think you're cool and interesting to hang out with? How is friendship made??

No. 1570586

how do you reconnect with people you've ghosted/slowly drifted apart by sending shorter responses and never being first to contact them. is it social acceptable to just send a funny image and act like it never happened?

No. 1570588

If you don't know her well, just start the time by saying you're glad you could get together, and then if you need to spur convo, ask innocuous questions about the class you share or her course of study. From there, you have to just follow the flow of the convo. Best advice: really listen to what she is saying, and from there you'll naturally have questions or things you can relate to her that are analogous or relevant. Don't fret if there are quiet moments. If it makes you feel more comfortable, before you get together, go through a list of basic kinds of open-ended questions - how is she liking uni, what does she think about x prof, does she have siblings/superficial follow-ons about how she grew up, etc. Note: don't be weird and pursue topics that seem uncomfortable to her. That's why it's important to listen actively - which means listening to understand, not to prep your next comment.

Agree that alcohol is a nice lubricant, but you'll be alright without. Just take the position that this is a human across the table. Think about what you might like someone to ask you/how you'd like someone to interact with you.

And keep your expectations managed. It might not be The Best Brunch Ever, but if you get along, it could be the start of a friendship. And if not, that's OK, too.

No. 1570600

File: 1683506682870.jpg (53.43 KB, 674x639, b4d710f71f49337ff6cceff483d565…)

Why is decaf tea/coffee taste worse than normal caffeinated variety?

No. 1570603

I get this feeling like I've been punched in the stomach right under my ribs after consuming dairy could it be an intolerance problem?

No. 1570608

Is it a dull rising pain, or a sharp one that takes your breath away?

No. 1570611

seconding diapers!

No. 1570616

Kind of dull that seems to get worse with time until slowly disappearing hours later

No. 1570625

What made you ghost them in the first place? And do you actually want to reconnect, or do you just feel like you should? If you couldn't keep up your end of the relationship because you weren't feeling connected to it, maybe that's a sign that it's time to move on. If it was depression or something that made it hard to keep in touch even though you wanted to, then I think it's better to just be honest. You're sorry for dropping off, you had a rough time but you're trying to reconnect with people, you've realized you struggle with reaching out first but it doesn't mean you don't care about them, whatever's true. Set expectations about the kind of friend you are and hold yourself accountable if you're trying to change, but don't make promises you can't keep.

It also depends on the other person and how long it's been since you last talked. Some people will pick up like nothing happened if they get a funny image months later, others will get one after a week and feel hurt that you didn't care enough to address the silence between. That's why it's better to be honest and feel out their reaction to that.

No. 1570699

File: 1683511155258.jpg (180 KB, 1004x1785, FumQ-CqWIAEZ_oq.jpg)

Role call

No. 1570724

would i be able to only live off of yogurt for the rest of the year as long as i ate an adequate amount of calories

No. 1570884

No, you'd feel like absolute shit and wouldn't be properly nourished, which could lead to serious issues. Please don't try this. Yogurt isn't some superfood that has all the nutrients you need to survive. This would be a disaster!

No. 1570921

>What made you ghost them in the first place?
tbh in retrospect it was honestly quite stupid. she was friend i had way back in elementary and we had always get along just fine. she was the only few people i felt comfortable enough to mess around with and never felt fake around. even though we always kept contact, when the pandemic was over it felt different hanging around with her. not because she change but because i felt like such a bother to her. i try to revert back to the fun energetic personality i usually was around her but it felt disingenuous and i assumed maybe she could of sense it to. i dunno. i just felt i was being annoying and liar. that i was no longer the person i was a couple years ago (if i ever was actually that). i suddenly just started crying. i asked her if she hated me. she didn't but it made me feel worst because it confirmed that only i was the one who saw a problem. i felt guilty everytime they offered to hang out and sent me stuff to spark conversation. i just felt like i wasn't worthwhile and was just wasting everyone else's energy. so i figured it was best if i just left.
it's only been a year since this happened but it sucks to see such a long relationship end because of my own stupidity.
>And do you actually want to reconnect, or do you just feel like you should?
honestly now i think of it, i probably shouldn't. i think the only reason i want to talk to them is because i don't really have anyone else. i have such a hard time making friends and i never seem to go beyond acquaintances. i clearly have my own problems and i dont want to bother her anymore than i already have

No. 1570922

>anything except no hair
Ew. No moid should ever have a hairy ass, they should all be forced to keep their pubes and ass hair shaved or at least minimal at all times. I don't want to look at that shit, it's disgusting.
I do have double standards though, my own pubes and ass hair are free to grow however they want to and no moid will ever have me putting a razor between my cheeks. Women's body hair is aesthetic and soft, but overly hairy men are an insult to the senses.

No. 1570940

You are wrong and you are loud

No. 1570942

This image made me sick

No. 1570944

You are right and you should be louder

No. 1570955

File: 1683519623217.jpeg (24.63 KB, 275x275, 1663611222446.jpeg)

Is facebook marketplace weird or something? Just had the strangest run-in. I was looking to buy a medical device and I messaged someone seeing if something was still available…she said yes…then 4 hours later everything had disappeared. Turned out she had blocked me.
The post is still up and everything. I know I shouldn't give a fuck but it was so jarring, never happened to me before. I sell on other sites and I've never cut off someone for asking about something.

No. 1570959

Do any other husbandofags find themselves still interested in IRL men? I know there's no rules to being a husbandofag but sometimes I see other husbandofags talking about how they're not at all ever attracted to or interested in relationships with IRL men and I'm just like..Oh.

No. 1570979

I'm a husbandofag and have a bf irl. He's very aware of my husbandofagging and is fine with it

No. 1570990

What made you start feeling like you were a bother to her? That kind of self-loathing is really insidious because you get trapped in a prison of shame where nothing will actually ever make you feel better. You either let your paranoia eat you alive or you seek reassurance and then let the guilt of that eat you alive. When those are the only options left, then of course withdrawing on your own terms and being alone is going to be the least painful option. But you have to realize that doing that is just feeding into the cycle.
>i think the only reason i want to talk to them is because i don't really have anyone else.
Is there any reason other than your perceived burdensomeness that you should just cut ties forever? There's nothing shameful about not wanting to be alone, and it sounds like the main reason you don't want to reconnect is because of your own guilt. It's natural that people change and as a consequence their relationships can change too, but if you know that you weren't acting rationally when you started to distance yourself then isn't it worth trying to challenge that guilt?
>i clearly have my own problems and i dont want to bother her anymore than i already have
She was still trying to hang out with you and have conversations even after you broke down. There's that no-win prison again: you can't accept her friendship without feeling shameful for having doubted it, but every time you decline to engage because of that shame the guilt just starts to compound instead. You're worthless for wanting her friendship and you're worthless for squandering it. That's a warped perspective. It's good that you recognize that you have problems, but the next step (and the harder step) is not letting them consume you so utterly. The good thing about reconnecting with someone after a long time is that you can take your time in typing up how you want to approach them again, and make sure that you say what you really want to say without the danger of getting caught up in emotions in the moment, you know?
Sorry for the novel I know this isn't the advice thread. It just hit close to home and I've lost so many good or potential connections with people by sabotaging our communication out of self-hatred without even realizing it. It doesn't have to end that way, and even if it still does, it's better for it to end that way out of mutual understanding instead of avoidance. At least in the former, you're humanizing yourself enough to acknowledge that you're worth an open conversation about it and that trying to resolve ambiguity doesn't make you a burden on others.

No. 1570991

It must be really comforting and relieving that your partner is so autistic there will never be competition. At least until VR headset AI becomes a thing.

No. 1570995

Why is kiwifarms down this time? It's been a couple days of the connection timing out and I don't know where to look for updates besides the telegram group I don't want to join

No. 1571001

I'm still attracted to real men, but I'm too lazy, socially retarded, and whatever-pilled to actually try dating.

No. 1571006

Yes it is known to be weird and unreliable, memed for it too.

No. 1571045

do people have it out for me because my parents have money

No. 1571076

a girl i like had a spare ticket to a concert and invited me to come with her but hasn’t been reading my texts. the concert is happening tonight but she’s not replied to the texts i sent about half a week ago & she generally doesn’t take this long to reply. i double checked that she still wanted to give me the ticket after she initially invited me and she said she did, but i keep thinking the lack of communication means she secretly no longer wants me to come. am i overthinking this and she’s just busy?? should i assume she still wants me to come?

No. 1571077

idk i guess that feeling was always there and i always felt like a waste of space. i honestly don't know what exactly triggered it to be this bad. i suppose it's been happening for so long i keep forgetting it isn't normal.
>Sorry for the novel I know this isn't the advice thread. It just hit close to home
It's nice to know im not the only one. thank you nonna. I wish you the best on your own journey!

No. 1571104

When are you supposed to give graduation presents? On the day of the ceremony?
Additionally, what are some good graduation present ideas? My little sister is the first of our big ass family to graduate lol

No. 1571109

Is it useful to learn Adobe Effects at all?

No. 1571122

It depends on your attitude about it.

No. 1571143

Not at all! I prefer to go slightly under in mildly bad weather and at deer-o'clock, otherwise I set the cruise control at the speed limit and have a nice time. I make it as easy as possible for people to pass me and there are time where I've just pulled over or taken a turn I didn't have to just to let people by if I feel like I'm holding up traffic (but you can only do that so much because another car will come to tailgate you).
Not to be a bitch but I think if someone tailgates you, you have every right to lower your speed by another 5mph and make them suffer. Tailgating is rude as fuck.

No. 1571145

she's ghosting you and taking someone else, unless a ton of major stuff happened to her. either way she is showing you how unimportant you are to her to not even deserve communication. if she didn't lose her phone at least.

No. 1571146

is KF still down?

No. 1571147

its known that FB markpetplace is really weird lol. Tons of scammers and people being like "okay i'll sell you this" and they won't follow up and when you message them again they get mad and say you're bothering them or stalking them kek

No. 1571150

You are absolutely correct

No. 1571158

don't want it to be the case but you're probably right. thanks nonna

No. 1571192

Liz Fong Jones is the current (as of yesterday) thought. Insane. And yes still down as of a little while ago.

No. 1571234


Liz Fong Jones has been harassing people up and down the internet to get them to drop kf: datacenters, isps, their employees, friends, families and other customers. Josh made a post about it somewhere. Link to it on saidit.


No. 1571350

I think Josh said he'd explain whats going on eventually on the last MATI. He did say the keffals bullshit is still causing shit to happen to the forum though. My guess is its Elliot Fong Jones and some other trannoids, but it could be Josh trying to work on some stuff.

No. 1571365

Do more symmetrical faces look worse on bad cameras? Like does the awkwardness of bad lenses add distortions?

No. 1571374

He goes after female relatives of the owners of tech companies specifically. He got the wife of Rob Tyree fired from her job as a real estate agent, despite her having absolutely zero to do with her husbands involvement in hosting KF. So by threatening the women and children of these men he hopes it puts enough pressure on them to stop working with Josh.

No. 1571379

trannies are all the same of course they'd go after women and children

No. 1571442

Nonnies what are your favorite gym songs?

No. 1571449

No the site went down during the last MATI and Josh has posted on telegram that he thinks it's lfj, but either way, site's been down since Friday midday and he updated yesterday that he was trying to find a fix.

No. 1571460

How come even though I've been put into social situations since toddlerhood I still don't know how to socialize? My social skills are 10000 times worse than screen addicted zoomers despite not being raised like them, am I just born like this?

No. 1571521

If eras in the UK are named after their monarchs, what is Queen Elizabeth II's era called? Wouldn't there already be an Elizabethan era?

No. 1571540

File: 1683584032308.png (10.12 KB, 275x223, 1675651180649.png)

Is it normal for parents to keep a bedroom in their house for their adult children to stay when they come home? My sister is upset because my parents are turning her bedroom into a room dedicated to a new hobby they have. They don't have any other guest room. If it's relevant I never had a bedroom in their house because I never lived there, and as an adult I would stay in my sister's room when I visited, so I'm not really sure how to feel about the issue. On one hand I think it's a bit entitled to expect parents to keep a room in their house for you when you don't live there, but on the other hand I think any other family I have or house I have been in has at least had a guest room if not just keeping the adult children's rooms as their own bedroom, so maybe it is something that normal parents just naturally want to have for their kids.

No. 1571547

File: 1683585817268.png (419.23 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210724-121914.png)

which tablet do you think this is nonnies?

No. 1571550

I'm not sure but I can tell you right now, having an expensive tablet with an expensive pen is not going to make you draw more or draw better. Just use a notebook and a pencil, girl. It's the same size and costs literally 2 dollars.

No. 1571551

Kinda entitled of her, but then again I've moved homes many times so that any sentimentality I had towards my spaces had been grieved already, in a sense.
My mom couldn't wait until I moved out to pack my shit in boxes and sell any heirlooms she didn't want to store for me while I fought to find my own place to live.

Maybe that's what your sister is doing, grieving. Does she actually care about a space in a place where she no longer lives? Nah, but it is symbolic and it meant something to her. Perhaps it's the final mark of her adulthood transition since her parents are moving on. She'll get over it, it's just kinda sad.

No. 1571552

How have you never seen an ipad before?

No. 1571560

Does crystal.cafe not work?

No. 1571562

Yeah, I think it is more about issues between my sister and my parents than the room itself. She already doesn't feel welcome when she returns home, so this is definitely very symbolic. I did think it was entitled but like I said, when I thought about it, I've actually never been in a house where there wasn't at least a guest room for adult children. So I didn't want to tell her it's not a big deal if it's actually unusual. I'm not in America though so maybe it's more culturally normal here to keep a spare bedroom, people don't move out until an older age here and I think more frequently return home.

No. 1571565

I was just wondering cause it would be nice to have one so I can carry a drawing program, my mail and evernote in one place without the inconvenience of a laptop with a separate drawing tablet.
I was hoping it wasn't an ipad, apple products don't last and look kinda ugly imo.

No. 1571581

I'm in the telegram. Liz Fong Jones is performing advanced DDoS attacks from hundreds of IPs, paid for by his employer honeycomb.io. Then he is "literally paying people to contact ISPs and Datacenters to fuck with them" and I guess scare them from working with KF. However, Jersh says "The people you are threatening are not disappearing silently. There is a fortress being built one brick at a time with your help. The entire industry is learning who you are by your actions alone, and they know what you are: a predator."

Josh basically said he is going to make it his personal mission to make sure LFJ never lives down his history of rape and predation lol. And KF will be back on Tor tomorrow. He has such a way with words.

No. 1571593

I thought I was in the tinfoil thread for a second kek

No. 1571599

there is a CC bunker thread somewhere in OT that I saw bumped recently so I guess theyre having issues. look in the catalog

No. 1571601

The telegram is a misogynistic hellscape who wishes violence (especially rape) on mentally ill women and lesbians, but I enjoy the TG updates so I only follow the update channel
I hope every individual moid in there gets neutered

No. 1571603

I made the mistake of looking through the comments today. It's all hitler memes and spamming the n word

No. 1571610

I was in there when I was very unstable and every day there was a minimum of 20 actives fantasizing about conversion raping me, haven't been there since October and am doing leagues better.

No. 1571611

ANONS I have a container of (unopened) one day past expiry date imitation crab sushi. Is it okay to eat?? I don't want to die via pants shitting I just want to eat sushi please help.

No. 1571612

ntayrt I wouldn't say it is entitled to have feelings about it. most parents do care how their kids feel about having their bedroom turned into something else and to not have it approached gingerly, however much the parents have a right to do it, is hurtful. everyone wants to feel like they can still go home again. a lot of people online describe basic human sentiment as 'entitled'. don't let those people rub off on you too much. there's more to it than money and ownership and property.

No. 1571613

if it smells okay and looks okay…

No. 1571644

It's honestly pretty based how peaked Josh has gotten thanks to all this shit the last year or so. I think before all this he was basically like "trannies are gross but there's a few good ones". Keffals and LFJ have peaked him so hard that he genuinely fucking hates all trannies now. Shame it took his site getting fucked with for him to wake up, but that's scrotes for you. They only care when it hits them.

No. 1571649

Josh doesn't hate all troons, he's fine with most TIFs, stating it just confuses him because he thinks women are treated better than men. Maybe I'm biased because I've spoken to Null and he's very kind-hearted and avoids confrontation unless absolutely necessary, but he hates TIMs– not TIFs. He usually gives TIFs on the trutrans side far more respect than most trannies, albeit steadfast in his beliefs, and who can blame him when people like Elliot Fong No-Dong are pulling this shit, yet TIFs would seldom do more than get mildly upset and move on?

No. 1571650

'kind-hearted' is a bit of a stretch considering his stances on women and certain races..

No. 1571658

Fuck off whiteglove. No one cares.

No. 1571659

nta but my stupid question is what is a whiteglove?

No. 1571661

In all seriousness, I'm so glad I'm banned from Kiwigram, does wonders for my brain meats. But every man who threatened to rape me there should get… "iced."

No. 1571665

If you ever want updates on why KF is down, the schizo over at the DropKiwifarms twitter usually posts screen caps of the telegram chat.

No. 1571666

A morbidly obese TiF who unironically LARPs as an incel. She liked hanging out in the thread on Kiwi Farms about lolcow, often whining about rad fems. Despite her whining about big bad rad fems, she can't stay away from here. She sperged so hard in the KF thread last year that she posted actual photos of her health documents along with a tl;dr post about her obvious mental illnesses. She got clowned on by the Kiwis so hard, she tucked tail and ran. She occasionally gets clowned on here too. I'd say she's worthy of a lolcow thread, but that's what shew wants, so fuck her.

No. 1571684

She also shat up the vocaloid thread on /w/ at one point, which lead to people finding out about her.

No. 1571790

File: 1683612755606.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.69 KB, 717x942, polypbortion.jpg)

I actually had a nasal polyp removed. It was a quick outpatient "surgery" that didnt require any anesthetic where an ENT doctor got a pair of tiny clampy tongs (in pic), shoved them up my nose, and just pinched it off. The cost was maybe $300 before insurance. Still overpriced for something that took 10 minutes, and it might be out of your budget, but I no longer have to mouthbreathe during allergy season, which is such a huge quality of life improvement.

No advice for if you don't go for surgery unfortunately. Definitely be careful though, because some nasal sprays can give you really awful rebound congestion.

pic: mild medical gore warning for removed nasal polyp

No. 1571875

File: 1683622803679.png (112.62 KB, 670x499, koreanthing.png)

what does the text on this mean?

No. 1571876

File: 1683622864823.png (142.48 KB, 940x645, koreanthing.png)

better quality one

No. 1571957

Two stupid questions: One, on Facebook marketplace, there's a guy openly selling mushrooms and cough syrup. His profile only got made this year, that's a fed right? No one is actually that stupid, right?
And two, I want to do acid, but I can't find a single person who sells it. And weed is legal in my state so I don't have a dealer, I just go into the store. So how do I find someone who sells acid without getting busted by the police and going to jail?

No. 1571961

Why did everyone ignore my post

No. 1571966

It's too rational

No. 1571967

Bulge is disgusting to look at. Men should have to wear a dance belt the same way women have to wear shirts.
But I thinkk the reason men call other men gay for wearing tight pants is that men are very comfortable on their pedestal where by existing, their body is considering attractive and gender conforming. Whereas women have to diet and shave and apply make up to attract men, men have to do nothing to attract women. So when they see another man doing something to cater to a gaze, they assume (and rightfully so most of the time), that he is not doing it to attract females, but to attract other males.

No. 1571969

I seriously hate ppl like you, you want to make my days bleaker by hiding all the bulges, just stay in your bulgeless home instead of wanting to inflict misery on others

No. 1571973

Go to a gaybar then nona

No. 1571977

You go since you're obviously a penis-hating dyke, I just want the 70s style pants back

No. 1571986


No. 1571987

That wasn't me who responded to you. Stop alogging and go transition already.

No. 1571990

You can do a charge back on Paypal. Don't let her stall because you can only charge back for so many days after purchase. Let her know that if it got lost in the mail, she is responsible for making a claim with the postage service she used. If she didn't buy insurance (it's 50 cents), that's on her.

No. 1571995

she shipped my stuff on the 20th april and i live in europe and she lives in eastern asia, do you think it's too late to make a claim?

No. 1572000

>East Asian
Like Japan, or China? Because if China, you almost definitely got scammed.
You have 180 days. Did you mark the transaction as "business" or as "friends and family"?

No. 1572021

Dropping it in the mailbox does imply much more good intentions compared to her just telling you it's sent. Although you're able to make a charge back through F&F if you marked it "business" instead of gift (at least that's the way it when I last bought from them forever ago), I would personally take this as a lesson to demand tracking every time in the future since she had proof that she dropped it off. Sorry nona, I hope your package arrives.

No. 1572027

File: 1683639394903.jpg (86.69 KB, 736x736, 0d9e193d3e2c3f3bb2004d2ab5950d…)

thank you so much sweet nonna

No. 1572251

File: 1683650699498.jpg (66.3 KB, 736x736, a1d31e6c93be20b78cfe89dc227764…)

how do people find stuff to decorate their house with? like how do you choose your little knick-knacks? Or books? do you read the books you put up as decor?

i don't know how to decorate my house

No. 1572339

Is it back up on TOR yet? I can't find the tor link anywhere.
I don't think KF will be limited by being on TOR. A toddler could learn how to install and boot up tor, even with tails OS if it need be.
>literally harasses every woman he can get the contact of
Huh… that's… interesting. He really hates women, huh? I didn't know this.

No. 1572404

File: 1683662373274.jpeg (220.17 KB, 1080x1080, D358CB32-49A8-4F73-AECA-2AFABC…)

What color lipstick or gloss would you wear with a navy blue and blue/purple lilac outfit?

No. 1572409

Do you expect anything else from a rapist?

No. 1572417

I knew he was a rapist, I just didn't know he was a "hunt down every woman's contact in several internet companies using my connections and obsessively call them until they answer me or i'll get them fired" type of rapist. Holy shit.

No. 1572420

It was up earlier, but currently down for maintenance again.

No. 1572429

Where did the idea that Taylor Swift hangs out on 4chan come from?

No. 1572487

Why do nonnas think the Loki guy is gay

No. 1572492

Will temu ban me if I have multiple accounts?

No. 1572496

Aside from being an overeager opportunist, his pr relationship with TS I assume. It was clearly just an attention grab and it actually ended up deeming him tacky and tryhard in Hollywood for awhile. Says he's engaged to a woman but I don't know anything about him.

No. 1572514

>overeager opportunist
I get the other part but what does this mean

No. 1572546

Overeager is basically just a classification of people in entertainment who try too hard and their persona is laid on so thick that it cringes everyone out.

No. 1572607

unrelated but what have you bought so far nonna? I haven’t really found many items that catch my interest

No. 1572621

Art supplies, organization supplies and small things here and there for cosplays, it arrived super fast and I was told if you type in 'buy free' in the search bar you'd be taken to a different page and you'd get half your order for free and it actually worked! Give it a try I hope it works for you!

No. 1572649

File: 1683676474879.jpg (231.73 KB, 1415x1080, wigs.jpg)

Which wig? Pretend they're both in black

No. 1572650

imo the one on the left is slightly better!

No. 1572667

the wavy one is very cute, I bet it has nice movement.

No. 1572703

File: 1683681475261.jpg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, 20230509_204158.jpg)

Got some crystals today. I really want to believe in the crystal vibe thing but I'm not really sold on it. I don't want to look up what they do cause that'll influence it but I kind of want to independently figure out what they're meant to do to see if it's real. How do you make them work, do you rub them around? Just sit in the vicinity? Am I supposed to "resonate" with them somehow? I don't know.

No. 1572740

File: 1683685749898.jpg (38.23 KB, 480x542, download (11).jpg)

No. 1572744

Both are very nice. Left is more "on trend" if that matters, right is more timeless.

No. 1572745

No. 1572770

File: 1683687267797.jpeg (120.13 KB, 736x958, 8B3CBA5A-97FF-45D0-81E6-E0D6A2…)

Does anyone else here wear unwashed/dirty socks? Is it a dumb thing to do? What could possibly go wrong?

No. 1572774

I guess really nothing could go wrong, but it's just kind of gross and if someone else sees it they'll definitely think you're a gross person. But I guess if you're gonna wear dirty clothing, the part of your body that is constantly touching the ground would be the place to do it.

No. 1572799

I'm actually kind of a gross person (regularly go three days without changing my underwear) but I actually rarely wear socks for more than a day. ime wearing socks two days in a row has around a 20% chance of giving me stinky feet (because fungus?) for a week or so. Nothing that didn't go away but I hate being able to smell my own feet stank. Absolutely not worth it.

No. 1572803

I hate wearing socks

No. 1572821

File: 1683691466997.jpeg (339.56 KB, 1164x1209, 00E89360-6E37-4644-8AF7-CF9856…)

Why is there one red flower? Is this black magic? I’ve never seen this happen to any of my other cacti and this is only the second time it’s thrown out two different colored flowers.

No. 1572822

File: 1683691400312.jpeg (339.56 KB, 1164x1209, 00E89360-6E37-4644-8AF7-CF9856…)

Why is there one red flower? Is this black magic? I’ve never seen this happen to any of my other cacti and this is only the second time it’s thrown out two different colored flowers.

No. 1572823

I'm gonna get right nonnas! The timeless thing convinced me.

No. 1572876

So you wear sneakers without socks on a summer day?

No. 1572877

She's multi faceted

No. 1572888

shes on her period

No. 1572892

Oops I didn’t to mean to double post but I am way too excited over this.

No. 1572939

Why is it wrong to dislike addicts?

No. 1572941

They're seen as victims by society even though in the majority if cases, starting to do drugs is a choice.

No. 1572954

I think people view it as shame being something that'll only drive them further into addiction. I know a 'recovering' addict who is still just dabbling in lesser (prescription without a prescription) drugs and telling himself that counts. He has the most forgiving family and it's painful to listen to him speak about his life story. Brushed every wrongdoing he's ever done under the rug but could talk about his struggle/success story all day. Dude burgled peoples homes and put his family through hell. His brain is permanently fried from it. He's on disability, has nurses come out to his house for support and at 35 he's uses his socials to repost Tate clips and shit about low value women..

He's the second male addict I've known who spent his twenties partying, partaking in sex tourism in other countries and then came home with psychosis and preached about mental health while also still romanticizing the period of their life where they actively fucked their brain up. I thought owning your shit was meant to be a big part of recovery.

No. 1572985

Some you put on certain parts of your aura, others you just let chill next to you while you're doing stuff.

No. 1573014

File: 1683717800146.jpg (8 KB, 236x262, 0d0e632b932bc5a90d92a95dbad429…)

For anyone who had sex with a really pretty guy, did it feel any different? How much their looks played into the pleasure of the sex? I am not asking for comparisons between someone you were not attracted, I mean between someone you are attracted but isn't a model and someone conventionally attractive.

No. 1573020

It's not. But as >>1572941 said, they're seen as victims and you can't hate a victim. I think a big part of it is that some keep it to themselves and remain somewhat functional (at least in the first while), some will rob their parents' house and you 'shouldn't be quick to judge'. Though it's still an insult where I live, I thought only junkies said this kek.

No. 1573029

It's not, but there is a lot of addict propaganda that wants to make you too stop believing in free will and personal responsibility.
And it's not just junkies pushing it, the fat acceptance movement is doing it too with fast food addicts, big time.

No. 1573030

How do I get over a crush effectively ?For months I’ve been into this girl but recently I’ve been seeing her with some other pretty girl a lot and I’m almost certain my suspicions are true and she’s really into her. The thing is I’m not a normie who gets over this quickly just cause I didn’t know her to begin with really. I actually get very obsessed and preoccupied to the point of not being able focus on anything else. Idk why I’m like this I just want someone that I like to show interest in me for once. I was so delusional and thought she actually had a tiny crush on me too but after seeing them multiple times spend hours together alone on campus I feel like such a clown. I literally feel sick. I want this to stop so please mentally ill nonnas tell me how you did it. I don’t have her socials so luckily I’m restricted but I still see her in uni all the time.

No. 1573032

I took the virginity of a guy who was fucking gorgeous but awkward/maybe a lil on the spectrum so still a virgin at 26. Afterwards I was like.. how the fuck was that better than alot of sex I've had with experienced men. Was he actually that good or was I just visually getting off on it more. He was super conscientious and non cocky. But not overly nervous either.

He had long strawberry blond hair, weirdly thick hair for a guy and clean/shiny. Slim body with definition, hung but didn't seem to know it or point it out like alot of men just have to. Great face. I've been sick of men the last while but that's a fond memory in the bank.

No. 1573110

File: 1683728821159.webm (12.37 MB, 320x240, i lay eggs.webm)

What do they mean by I Lay Eggs, anons.

No. 1573112

i want this

No. 1573146

Get to the root cause as to why you get so attached to people who give you very little. Did you really hang out with her all that much one on one? Or was she just in your vicinity a lot?

No. 1573149

File: 1683732200127.jpg (49.94 KB, 1024x576, 6716.jpg)

how do we prevent bullying amongst kids? Telling a bullied kid to ignore the bullying doesn't work, telling them to fight back or stand up for themselves makes things worse, telling them to talk to a teacher will do nothing. The best way is probably to teach bullies not to bully but I genuinely think that bullies aren't aware of what they do is bullying

No. 1573153

No. 1573165

File: 1683732936434.jpeg (64.56 KB, 600x900, 9084E72F-D7C0-4EA1-BF1D-C6DFD0…)

Bullies are aware of what they’re doing, specially if they constantly do it. The only thing that’s left to do is let the kids tell their teachers/people in charge of the disciplinary process, so they can do their jobs and try to change the bullies’ minds about bullying.
Some kids suck ass though, and they will never stop bullying other kids, but that’s an issue that the bully’s parents should deal with.
The solution for when a kid won’t stop bullying/being aggressive and such is expelling the bully from that school and hoping that any severe consequences makes them stop, specially if the school has talked to the child and the parents constantly to find a way to solve their issues, which is usually counseling and psychological if not psychiatric help.

No. 1573172

there's so many variables in having sex that looks don't play a part that much. i've had sex with ugly dudes who were amazing, and sex with pretty dudes and it was quite dull.
although, a guy having a nice body helps with being passionate. digging your fingers in a doughy body isnt very sexy, but that might also be preference.

No. 1573189

Story time, little brother said there was a bully in class and he didnt like how the bully was treating kids. Bro is 9 years old. The bullys dad is a sherrif (big surprise there). One day, at the playground, he sees the bully picking on a muslim kid. He walks right over and knocks the bully off his feet and told him he had no reason to be mean to the other kid.
That night, we are talking about it, and i mention (im 28 btw, huge age gap) that bullies are a product of their home life, and no one gets the full picture on what happens behind closed doors.
The next day, the bully picks on my brother and he turned around and said “im sorry you have a bad home life but you could try being nice and making school a nice place. Ill be your friend, but you cannot be a jerk.” The kid just blankly looked at him and walked away. The bully has been kinder/reprimanded since, and the dad has been mia from pickup.

No. 1573192

I tried fighting back and I was the only one punished by the teachers and the boys would gloat over this. The teacher only did something about it when one of the kids beat me up so much I passed out and my lips got cut so I was spitting blood everywhere. I honestly think it depends on who the bullies are and why they bully others. Some teachers don't give a fuck but the ones who do will be able to put a stop to it if the bullies are worried about their parents kicking their asses. Some bullied parents are also able to scare the bullies into stopping if they confront these retarded kids but if the bullies give no fuck then idk.

No. 1573214

>bullies are a product of their home life, and no one gets the full picture on what happens behind closed doors.
The next day, the bully picks on my brother and he turned around and said “im sorry you have a bad home life
Diff anon but I got bullied for years and never told anyone. My friend who was also being bullied by the same group eventually told per parents though so I'd to explain to back her up. The teacher got back to our parents with the whole 'they have a bad home life, bless em' thing and let it go. But I sure as hell went up to them and said "Mrs x says you have a bad home life" Thats all it took to never be bothered again. Tbh I had a bad home life too. There's a reason why I didn't feel like I could tell my parents about the issue.

No. 1573249

Some teachers actively hate certain kids and will even look down on them for being a snitch.
I was bullied a lot in the Scouts (not USA so our Scout troops are all co-ed) by a group of girls who hated me because I was on the spectrum and had different interests. They were really mean and catty, openly mocking me, excluding me from games/activities and making fun of me when I was just minding my own business drawing or making rope knots. Boys got into literal fights and even stole other kids' personal items and they never got into trouble.

I told one of the older leaders and she called me a snitch, later overheard her telling another scout leader that I was annoying and she didn't like me because I'm a tryhard teacher's pet. I was just a little kid from a literal meth hovel, I still don't know what her deal was.

No. 1573256

File: 1683740615991.jpg (29.95 KB, 644x644, tFCCHlO.jpg)

Is having the second piercing on the earlobe longer than the first one dumb? (It would be picrel but the first and second piercing switched. Sorry, I couldn’t find a pic of what I’m talking about)

No. 1573287

>Was he actually that good or was I just visually getting off on it more
This is exactly what I'm wondering. I've never had sex with a truly handsome looking guy and I wonder how much the visual affects the pleasure.

I see, but would you say them being pretty made the dull experience more tolerable? I just feel intimidated by handsome man, even when I get any hints from them I just run away.

No. 1573292

I do that all the time just to switch things up. Just look at yourself in a mirror throughout the day, if it suddenly looks stupid to you, switch them lol. I have some earring combinations where the second one being longer looks fine and some where it looks dumb.

No. 1573340

File: 1683747851420.png (10.73 KB, 717x707, thonking nona.png)

Has anyone actually found a friend or just someone cool to talk to from the friend finder thread? Whenever I see that thread brought up it's always about a bad experience.

No. 1573342

Is it bad to lie on your boobs???

No. 1573346

Why would it be?

No. 1573357

I've met a really cool nona there, we ended up even meeting IRL!

No. 1573359

I lay on my stomach when I sleep and ones bigger than the other and they're a little saggy but I think that's just how my tits are

No. 1573369

I was friends with a nonna for a few months and had some really fun talks with her. But things just gradually faded out between us, so idk if that counts or not. No dramatic fallings out, just started talking less and less.

No. 1573372

You should never keep secrets from your breasts, nona

No. 1573406

What are some niche forms or places for fashion? Not like generic trendy fashion, but specific haute couture or historical fashion. Fashion as art and history, basically. And fashion industry too.

No. 1573432

you mean like a museum anon?

No. 1573434

lmao i mean in like "forums", sites, internet places

No. 1573435

None of them since nobody dresses this way irl. The only way to really get into this is by going to Paris fashion week or something kek.

No. 1573437

tbh I would love to know too, I bet there are some out there but I would have to sit my ass down a weekend and look for them.

No. 1573441

Because no one has money, lmao. I wish there was a place where you could discuss this stuff in detail, it really is interesting. There are a lot of classic menswear forums out there. But for women's it's mostly blogs by fashion history moms, Pinterest boards by 70 year old professors, and 48 year old magazine collectors. I absolutely love the last - you could search for hours and hours to pinpoint an article of clothing and there, it's on Melanie's blogspot in all its 2007 design glory because she collects magazine prints. There's a certain type of sleuthing and attention and historical/social commentary that I'm interested in. I get the urge to wallpost about it here sometimes.

No. 1573442

Because no one has money, lmao. I wish there was a place where you could discuss this stuff in detail, it really is interesting. There are a lot of classic menswear forums out there. But for women's it's mostly blogs by fashion history moms, Pinterest boards by 70 year old professors, and 48 year old magazine collectors. I absolutely love the last - you could search for hours and hours to pinpoint an article of clothing and there, it's on Melanie's blogspot in all its 2007 design glory because she collects magazine prints. There's a certain type of sleuthing and attention and historical/social commentary that I'm interested in. I get the urge to wallpost about it here sometimes.

No. 1573448

Wall post then, I would read all your wallposts. I know the fashion thread here is pure "uwu I don know abut fashin what should I wear to my sister's cousin second nephew crash graduation wedding" but I'm all for actually DISCUSSING about fashion and it's legacy. I would maybe suggest making a thread solely for it but I don't know how we could differencite it from the current fashion thread

No. 1573460

We should probably make a thread but we’d get normfashion folks wandering into it every now and then, calling us mentally ill. Good idea honestly.

No. 1573477

I'm so willing to tolerate getting call a schizo as long as I can sperg about how the high heel was meant to signify the social stature kek of the rich over the poor and why everyone was dying to accidental poisoning from the colour green at length

No. 1573509

What other nonnas said about victimhood. I'd add that there was a recent push to view addiction as a disease just like any other, which absolves personal responsibility. I bought into this until a family member become an alcoholic and I realized it's mainly personal responsibility that could prevent it, and it's the only thing getting them out of it.
That's pretty cool, might steal this idea.

No. 1573600

So what do we think about the lady who says Donald Trump raped her in a dressing room girlies

No. 1573607

Don't think it was rape but do think they had a consensual sexual encounter

No. 1573616

File: 1683776779459.jpg (24.42 KB, 757x179, Screenshot_20230420_122913_Coo…)

cringe and retarded mobile game but how can i block obvious scrotes on cookie run kingdom?

No. 1573645

Double tap app
Regain peace and order

No. 1573781

I sound legit retarded but how do I 'dampen' a piece of clothing? I don't have an empty spray bottle or anything so that's out the window.

No. 1573790

put it under the faucet for a few moments, rotating the article and squeezing it so the water soaks in the threads around it. ring it.
if the faucet runs fast, set it to a slower position. should be good. if it does get soaked you can let it dry a bit. alternatively, if you have access to a dryer, soak the article and put it in the dryer for a few minutes until it is lightly damp

No. 1573806

Where can I find resources on how to look at/analyze paintings? I'm thinking of the basics like focal point, values, contrasts, etc

No. 1573810

is there a website for searching through tweets? i can't use advanced search because the account has been shadowbanned, nothing comes up when i search for it on google and neither did i find any help after adding "reddit" (kek) to my search query

No. 1573821

use nitter

No. 1573822

if I was looking to buy lots of "sample sized" swatches of swimsuit-type fabric, what would be the best search terms? I've tried searching "swimsuit fabric swatches" and that got me close to what I'm thinking, but I was hoping for like a multipack of very small fabric swatches.

No. 1573838

it means to put it under running tapwater and then squeeze the excess water out of it so it is wet but not dripping

No. 1573847

Why can you disable the numbers pad on some keyboards? It's just a retarded function.

No. 1573852

thanks for the website! i was thinking of mentioning i wanted similar to like teddit for example. unfortunately this person posts a million times per day and nothing shows up still when i use the advanced tools

No. 1573874

Are you asking why numlock key exists? It's because some older keyboards didn't have a separate numpad and arrow keys, so you would use the numlock key to switch between numpad and arrow key mode. If you look at your numpad, there might be directional arrows painted on some of the keys.

No. 1573893

If i want to make a thread request for /m/, do I still request in the request thread in /pt/? Im afraid to make a shit thread.

No. 1573895

Id download an art textbook through annas archive

No. 1573900

holy shit do not do this. When something says dampen it often means it's for fabric that will get ruined by fully soaking and wringing out. Dampen means Dampen. Absent a spray bottle, wet a cloth towel and and lightly press it on the fabric - you'll need more or less depending on weight of fabric. If there's no issue of spotting (like with silk or satin) and you don't need much or even coverage, you could also just flick water on the fabric.

No. 1573909

How can I stop from getting choked up from emotions? It's embarrassing and happens mostly from happy emotions. I can't speak and I can feel my eyes starting to tear up a bit, and it happens from super mundane but just slightly happy things. I find the experience almost painful because despite it happening at happy things feeling and knowing you can't breathe or talk properly is stressful in itself. It didn't used to be like this at all, it didn't happen until I was an adult and I feel like it's just getting worse the older I get.

I can't watch movies with people anymore because I'm worried they'll be able to tell the cringe shit that makes me get choked up. Like there are clouds in the opening scene of the movie that looks pretty, and bam tears in my eyes and I can't speak. It's so exhausting, I can't even enjoy being happy like the hell is this. I don't know how to deal with it at all.

No. 1573910

just make the thread you want in /m/, no need to request

No. 1573988

I recently found out my childhood best friend is possibly poly/non-monogamous…. I feel uncomfortable now. Is this where our friendship ends?

No. 1573997

What, why would you not just sit back and watch the shitshow happen.

No. 1574019

As a fellow crybaby, reverse psychologying myself work very well. Telling myself that it is okay to cry makes me not feel like crying, while trying to hold it back chokes me up. Also letting yourself cry is also good, you might need to release some tension in your body. Plus most just think people tearing up over happy things is endearing, not embarrassing, if that helps.

No. 1574202

File: 1683835357116.png (48.85 KB, 556x688, Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 3.58.…)

What in the actual fucksticks are they putting in these cakes to make it so high calorie? 790 cals per slice?? What are they putting in it? Pure lard? Please explain, cakefags, because I am baffled.

No. 1574206

File: 1683835531328.png (50.17 KB, 556x688, Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 4.01.…)

Another one, for posterity. I thought it was a typo until I saw this other one. How the hell does a cake so high in calories even exist, without adding an eau d'calorie essence or something. I'm not even anachan, just high on weed and amazed.

No. 1574209

Yeah, it's literally lard, it's delicious and snack cakes got shittier when they stopped using it. There's also dairy which is pretty caloric.

No. 1574210

Sugar? And butter? That looks like a moderately sized cake slice like… yeah it'd probably run you about 700 or so calories. Get some carob cake if you don't want to consume so many calories with a regular cake slice.

No. 1574212

Anon, what do you think cake is made out of? It's literally sugar, fat and cards.

No. 1574213

I don't think it's the calories itself which is bothering her, I think she's just amazed that they can make something so calorically dense. Even eating 187 grams of sugar wouldn't be as many calories as that cake.

No. 1574228

>most just think people tearing up over happy things is endearing
Nta but I hate this so much, I'm a very sensitive person and people treat like some kind of baby if they see me crying, this is why I prefer to keep everything inside until I'm alone.

No. 1574231

NTA either but I usually get yelled or cursed at for crying no matter the context (tho that might just be my family specifically kek)

No. 1574245

You display them. Then, when friends come over, you get to show them off and explain that you made them, and everyone oohhs and awwws. It's a super great feeling.
Unless your nails are sharp, it means the area is too dry. Try adding a humidifer to where you sleep, or using a daily moisturizer.
It's more processed and you're probably tasting the solvents they use to do it.

No. 1574246

if you had to pick between not eating potatoes for the rest of your life and not eating eggs for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

No. 1574247

Potatoes, I don't like them anyways.

No. 1574250

I would kill myself.

No. 1574286

File: 1683842211900.png (9.77 KB, 650x169, americayehaw.png)

Wait until you see a cheesecake factory menu

No. 1574304

Eggs. They're gross to me and I always have to eat them with something else to disguise them.

No. 1574329

Potatoes, I don't care about them.

No. 1574337

>>1574202 …because its full of sugar? not mad or upset, or being accusatory, are you recovering from an eating disorder?

No. 1574348

nta but she said she's high kek no need to be so dramatic

No. 1574352

Almost 2k for a slice now thats insane

No. 1574353

Nta but OP said high calorie..maybe you're high too kek

No. 1574354

wait nevermind saw the second post. we're all retarded today kek.

No. 1574374

move out

No. 1574378

what is the difference between sexism and misogyny and why did people at some point stop using the first word and replace it with the latter?

No. 1574386

Because sexism used to be a little more common, but it's largely died out and misogyny has completely replaced it from what I can tell. Sexism is like a grandfather who truly believes that a woman is a more delicate, fragile being who is inferior to a man, but that also believes that it is his duty to protect her because he is stronger. So while he expects a woman to stay in the home and raise children, it is also his duty as a husband to fund her needs, to never hit her even if she hits him first, and for women to be treated with a modicum of respect even if they are strangers (carrying bags, offering seat, ect.)
Misogyny is just the hatred of women. Some men come to this view because they believe that women are inherently inferior, while others think we merely deserve it because all of the bad things that womenkind has done. This is a much more violent form of sexism and is mostly what you see today. Misogyny glorifies violence against women and you'll see videos passed around of men being excited to watch women getting beat up by much larger men.
Both have existed throughout history and misogyny is not a recent invention, but it has become more common (compared to the first hand accounts I hear from the past 70-80 years). It actually shocks me a little to encounter sexism in the wild today, because I am much more used to misogyny from men.
Ultimately, there is not much difference in how they affect you, you can caged either way. I would say the term misogyny started becoming more popular and replacing the word sexism within the last decade to fifteen years.

No. 1574393

Why are people on tiktok so mad over wavey/soft curly hair and call it straight? Like if a girl brushes her hair out and then defines her curls again they get so mad?

No. 1574400

how do you trim down or cut one scene of a big video file? (an mp4 one). most of the sites i found that do this have a file size limit that my files exceed, mainly because mine are hour long tv episodes so they end up being too large. basically i want to make either a short webm or short gif from some episodes i downloaded

No. 1574403

This is going to sound so stupid, but the best I can tell, it is because they see it as claiming oppression clout.
Recently discussion of "curls" surrounds racism against black women being encouraged to straighten their hair, which is why there has been a focus on "consulting black women" by brands lately. This is an improvement so that people with all hair types can have access to good hair products.
Anyways, terminally online dorks think people with wavy hair don't have as difficult a time as people with coils, despite the struggles of people with multiple hair types. They consider people with loose curl patterns the same as people with straight hair since they don't have the same "intensive" routine as a person who can put dreadlocks in.
Unless there was niche drama I haven't heard of because I refuse to download tiktok, it's another leg of the oppression olympics or whatever people are calling it these days. You're evil if you try to claim you have "real curls" because you don't understand true struggle, etc etc, I wish somebody would take away their phones and make them fingerpaint.
Other nonnas, feel free to correct me if I got something wrong.

No. 1574408

Windows Movie Maker

No. 1574409

Nonna, you will need to use a video editor. I use bullshit that has way more crap than you're looking for, so I can't give a rec from firsthand experience. But I have heard good things about OpenShot.
It is free and open source, and one of the main draws is that it is simple to use. You need at least 4GB of ram, but if your laptop is even slightly modern, you should be okay.
Gifs are not made in the software, but once you clip your mp4 file down to size, you can export/convert it as a gif. There is extensive documentation for OpenShot, so you should be able to look up how to do this easily if you run into trouble.
Let me know if this isn't what you were looking for, and hopefully other nonnas can chime in if I'm not on the right track.

No. 1574413

No. 1574424


curly hair tiktok is so weird the way some people gatekeep. I've seen lots of videos of white women "discovering" their hair texture after using curly products/methods and assblasted comment sections telling them it's not real curls because she used gel or something kek. I think it's because there's such a wide range of hair textures with different care needs that fall under "curly". But it's dumb to call one type fake. I use gel and finger coil sometimes for definition, but when I tried it on my friends' straight hair it didn't magically create curls. Similarly a friend with 4C hair gave me her routine once and it made my hair incredibly limp and oily kek

No. 1574436

Esl anons answer please. I've heard people say German is aggressive, Spanish is sexy, French sounds like they're about to hawk a loogie, so what does English sound like?
To me it just sounds neutral cause I've been speaking it my whole life. If I imagine that Simlish is what we sound like to non-English speaking people then I can imagine that we sound pretty funny.

No. 1574443

I don’t know, I don’t really find it entertaining, even when it’s ethical, that circle and lifestyle rubs me the wrong way because a significant other tried to force it on me in the past. I rather not be reminded it exists

No. 1574444

What store is this from I want one

No. 1574447

Yes to me english used to sound like simlish but not so much anymore except maybe the brits because it's like they're talking with an entire egg in their mouth. German sounds a bit aggressive but also like they have their mouths full of liquid and are trying to talk without swallow, I think it's kinda sexy if you ignore that but then I might be biased because I used to listen to lots of german music and they sound so good singing; french is very sexy but they have a way to make their music sound boring and stupid and I don't understand how they manage that to this day; spanish sounds like portuguese (my language) but drunk, very unsexy except when they sing. I've heard portuguese also sounds like drunk spanish to spanish speakers and to some americans like we're constantly singing kek. I love the way indians speak english because I can understand them perfectly because of the constant pauses they make between the words which I think it's very similar to the way lots of brazilians speak english.

No. 1574449


All I can say is that I am the same. Plus when I try to tell a joke or say something funny I choke up and turn red and look stupid. My emotions are broken whee

No. 1574453

File: 1683856008513.jpg (54.57 KB, 693x960, EIpym_4W4AEq9Sx.jpg)

Is it a bad idea to consider looking into working in the coding/tech/comp sci fields? I've heard horror stories here and there about how It's a total boy's club and filled with troons.

No. 1574455

>>1574453 both are true, and both are autists. unless you're planning to mod games like the sims or minecraft or join an all female team, you're fucked sadly.

No. 1574519

What does modding shitty games have to do with compsci? Also those are both games popular with autists

No. 1574530

I use misogyny because when I talk about sexism, I specifically mean its directed at women. too many men and pickmes in the past ten years have tried to co-opt sexism and talk about men. No, smegmoids, its not about you. A woman can't be sexist to a man, misandry isn't real. Misogyny, however, is all too real.

No. 1574541

The tech bubble is about to burst, people are getting fired left and right so I would stay away.

No. 1574634

The only people loosing jobs and struggling to keep them with the burst are the filler positions and pencil pushers but if you’re an actual programmer you wont have issues picking up a new job even if the company fires you. The people who struggle to regain employment from these mass firings at the moment are not devs and engineers.

No. 1574649

Who is anorectal violence kun

No. 1574669

>>1574649 not an /ot/ girl so idk but i giggle every time i see the term "anorectal violence"

No. 1574675

So learning to be an illustrator or a concept artist is perfectly pointless now with the AI situation, right?

No. 1574682

No, nonnie. I shouldn't even have to explain this, but robots don't have souls and can't make art.

No. 1574707

Would turning off the internet all day help cease an internet addiction? Like having someone else control it without my knowing. If I get upset or frustrated, would that cease the addiction or make it worse?

No. 1574716

Would it be rude to my cat to adopt a stray cat? She seems afraid of them, but I feel so bad for the cats living in a local no-kill shelter.

No. 1574718

But companies developing games for instance might want to spend less on a concept artist and would utilize AI instead

No. 1574721

Highly unlikely.

No. 1574779

Anyone here ever been in a relationship with a man where there is a mutual attraction and you didn’t end up getting abused? I noticed most straight relationships are set up like this
>meet guy and you’re not really attracted to him at all and find him kind of annoying
>he pushes and pushes and keeps bothering you until you give in and go on a date
>you fall in love and he gets bored and or becomes abusive

No. 1574798

Yeahhhh, that's not "mutual attraction", that's a woman giving in to a man who doesn't respect her boundaries. If he is incapable of basic respect, of course it's a piece of shit scrote who isn't truly interested in a real relationship.

No. 1574801

Yeah I never said it was mutual attraction, I’m just asking has anyone ever been in a relationship where both people equally liked each other. The only relationships I see that ever really work is when the woman just feels meh about the guy and settled because he’s nice and pays the bills. I never see straight relationships where there’s a mutual attraction and the woman doesn’t end up getting abused or ignored down the line.

No. 1574811

You’re not supposed to flush tampons, right???

No. 1574814

No. There are certain brands of tampons you can flush, but it will say so on the box. As a rule, do not flush tampons.

No. 1574821

Sorry nonna, I misread what you meant.
I don't have an example of a healthy relationship, but there is a relative's marriage that comes to mind. He's older and she got asked out in her early 20s though, so… you could consider that settling. They're both immature and terrible at times, but they seemed to genuinely like each other. He is not an abusive scrote and doesn't ignore her. He seems to genuinely enjoy raising his children. But I have been witness to a screaming meltdown from him.
Of course, I'm not personally in the relationship, so I can't tell you with 100% certainty. Lately the moid hasn't been able to control his spending to the point of outright deceit, so that's probably not a great sign.

No. 1574827

Ah okay, I don’t use them but I heard two different women say they flush them and was very confused.

No. 1574831

When I met my husband the attraction for both of us was instant, so much so that we consider out anniversary to be the day we met. We've been together nearly 10 years and I adore him, he adores me. I'm excited to spend every year of my life with him.

No. 1574838

Yeah, don't. I can tell you from firsthand experience. As a teen, I once flushed a regular tampon after using flushable tampons for a month. Unfortunate mistake, but I got reamed the fuck out after it clogged our toilet and I "embarrassed" everyone when the landlord fished out the tampon.
Definitely flush tampons if you're pissed off and want to ruin an establishment's day.

No. 1574890

File: 1683904422059.jpg (428.52 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230512-100920_Gal…)

This picture is a wooden toilet cover from a wedding venue in New Orleans (it had a really cool dollhouse diorama display museum too)
Is there anywhere I could find something like this for my own house?

No. 1574896

Approximately how much do PCs cost? Ones with decent enough specs to run a lot of emulated games?

No. 1574901

My aunt always calls English a dog language because your Rs sound like a dog barking. Rarrr rar rrrar.

No. 1574909

Probably around 500-600 depending, could be more if you need to purchase a monitor, furniture and other peripherals. You'd need a mid range cpu and a lower end/mid range gpu depending on what games you want to play.

No. 1574939

Yeah I only have a shitty laptop so I'll need to buy everything like a monitor, mouse, etc.
>depending on what games you want to play
I'll probably be playing a lot of old ps vita, psp, VNs and current switch games. Probably start using Steam more often too. Would the gpu need to be high for that stuff?

No. 1574968

Guys please.

No. 1575387

Why dies alcohol makes me so nice. When I’m tipsy I love to give people nice comments in sm or watch silly shows and totally be happy for the people. It doesn’t happen without it like normal I’m very grumpy and cynical. (I don’t drink regularly)

No. 1575402

You’re a cinnamon roll underneath the grumpiness and cynicism youve developed as coping mechanisms for the hells of life. Alcohol swoops in and you no longer need to be grumpy and cynical to cope because you’re coping with alcohol.

No. 1575407

Oh shoot nonna

No. 1575478

File: 1683923148853.jpg (22.35 KB, 320x427, kbl63ui2fec41.jpg)

can any kind nonnies offer me some quick tips or advice for working my first front of house/hospitality job? i start tomorrow, its at a venue that gets extremely busy so im kinda worried. ive worked retail before, just wondering if there's anything about hospitality in particular that you wish you knew before starting

No. 1575496

File: 1683923555857.png (166.65 KB, 678x562, 7E97A0AA-DC35-4FEC-BE7E-73369A…)

Is it better for a Twitch streamer to be cute or sexy?

No. 1575503

No. 1575504

moids don't care if a woman is funny though

No. 1575510

it doesn't matter what moids want

No. 1575513

but i want their money?

No. 1575522

then go for cute, that way you won't receive too much lecherous attention. Bleed them dry.

No. 1575557

Nonny i am a twitch streamer. There are a bazillion cute and sexy streamers already, even coomer moids are getting tired. The other day i saw a big titty coomer vtuber with a model that screams ''pls simp for me i go boing boing every 2 seconds and my stream consists of sex jokes and talking about how much i crave cock'' with <10 views lmao, she must have spent 2k on the model too. I get the double of that with a generic anime png that isnt remotely sexual and i have been told people watch me because i am funny and they like my personality.

No. 1575564

The graphics card is going to be the most expensive part no matter what tbh. I have a 1070 and I've played everything you listed no issues, although maybe not on max setting for the newest games. I'd recommend looking for used GPUs, especially whenever a new one comes out because sometimes you can find really good deals on high end ones. You could also just get a prebuilt with decent specs but it would be more expensive.

No. 1575589

Why all old ladies have short hair?
Does the hair become unmanageable with age? Or do you just stop giving a fuck for the sake of comfort?

No. 1575595

Lots of women also experience hair loss in older age for a variety of reasons, but I do imagine the bulk of them got tired of fussing with long hair everyday and don't care to be attractive to old moids so they just chop it off and go on about their day.

No. 1575600

File: 1683927163984.png (2.31 MB, 1828x2048, Screenshot_20230512-162909.png)

Some of it is to make it easier to maintain. Plus when you're old your hair thins and some follicles will stop building hair. It is worse for some more than others. If it is short it can look fuller in these cases too. But this doesn't discount the common expectation that you are to have short hair after a certain age. I've seen it said and heard it, long hair and non-grey hair is meant for younger people, which is insanity. I don't know where that came from. Anyone can style themselves how they wish.
That's why I like people who do different, like Mimi Kirk, she is 84 and still keeps longer hair. And until a few years ago would keep it blonde as well. I love seeing older people do what they want with their hair (and clothes). dye it purple? hell yeah i love it

No. 1575619

Genuine question for UK poc:

Why are Indians the only poc that develope a Scottish accent? I've noticed all poc can have British af accents but for some reason the only ones who can have a Scottish accent even after a few generations are Indian

No. 1575642

If you only want to run emulated games then it doesn't sound like you need a high end graphics card. You won't be running new triple A games at maximum performance though. Something like a low to mid-range PC would probably be best for you, this would cost from $500-1000 dollars for just the PC alone. Then you would need peripherals, which would would add another $250. I would suggest looking at YouTube tutorials to get you started on everything you need to build a PC, and try to set a budget that includes the PC and other accessories you need.

No. 1575686

Where should we host our fashion history/politics thread?

No. 1575691

I'm between /g/ and /ot/
pros of /g/: it stays in theme, won't attract too many normies
Pros of /ot/: more active, won't upset the /g/ "fashionistas"
cons of /g/: it may upset the /g/ normies
cons of /ot/: free for all carnage battle royale no one is gonna be able to help us

No. 1575706

Same. /ot/ will attract a lot of byscrollers, but /g/ can be kinda dead.

No. 1575709

File: 1683934671326.png (161.63 KB, 461x640, Antique-wooden-chair-with-cane…)

That looks custom made. I feel like I've seen the cane chair it's made from too. It look kinda like this.

No. 1575715

I vote /ot/. It just gets so much more traffic. I would rather hear new people's thoughts on stuff rather than talk to the same small group of people who don't add anything new to the discussion.

No. 1575718

as a proponent of /g/ I have to admit I like the idea of opening up to new perspectives instead of regurgitating the same old same old in a small circle. So I may have been swayed to vote for /ot/.

No. 1575719

Are all guys just dumb coomers?

No. 1575747


Is this a Troon or just a fat person putting on uguu voice? Her streams always sound nasal and voice changed and the tweets are cringe and read like a Troon fantasy

No. 1575765

if you're asking this question, you already know the answer

No. 1575796

that makes things feel less bleak for me. thank you nona. i hope your streams become even more successful!

No. 1575809

The rest of the Twitter profile and the characters posted aren't very coomerish. I believe it's a woman.

No. 1575962

Is it a red flag if a guy likes cute things?

No. 1575966

Well it depends on what cute things he likes, could you be more specific?

No. 1575993

Is age regression an actual form of coping or is it just an aesthetic?

No. 1576003

only if you view DDLG dynamics as "coping"

No. 1576009

I'm not sure coping is the right word but it's definitely a trap that's easy to fall into if you've already dealt with grooming and csa in your formative years.

For coquette types or whatever it's definitely an aesthetic but I think you can generally tell when someone is mentally unwell from someone wanting online cred from their parasocial favs

No. 1576133

Oh she's so beautiful!

No. 1576151

Wooooo childhood bestie is not poly let’s fucking gooooo

No. 1576157

Today I was shooting the breeze with my mom at lunch and said
>I like to think that I’m better than everyone else, but that’s probably not true
and she balked and said that was a really conceited thing to say. But I feel like it’s normal? Am I a narcissist or something?

No. 1576160

agere is not a form of coping, I would say it's quite the opposite, if you've been abused and need to sexualize being a child or children you are just continuing the circle of abuse but in a literally not criminal way. doesn't make it any less revolting though.

No. 1576163

I think it's a normal thing to think for the majority of people but honestly there's a rare percentage that are actually better than everyone else.

No. 1576191

I look like death: super dark cycles, skin pale in a unhealthy way, red shot eyes. I got my blood checked and dr says is ok. I eat very healthy and take supplements one could argue that I dont eat enough (not ana tier) could that be the reason. Please help I feel like shit

No. 1576198

Eat more. Sleep more. Check your iron and vit D levels because those are not typically done in most blood panels and they are the usual suspects. Exercise if you don't already. Genuinely going outside for at least 3 hours a day can improve a lot of things, and make sure you are somewhere that has plants you can stare at. Make sure you wear sunscreen.
Drink. Water.

No. 1576200

It's a degenerate form of Stockholm syndrome

No. 1576201

This is so fucking funny nonna, I'm going to say this all the time now

No. 1576275

what's a normal word for sperging out that essentially means talking about something/an interest with explosive unnecessary intensity. i want to express this irl but i can't for obvious reasons

No. 1576278

Info dumping?

No. 1576280

it's not a normal behavior so there's so "normal" word

No. 1576283

Has anyone ever been the target of a cops rage? Like you got arrested once and you know they're just salivating for an opportunity to bust you for something again. Why are cops like this? Why are there so many angry people waiting for you to fuck up and betting on it.

No. 1576285

No I am actually buddy-buddy with my local cops.

No. 1576286

That's really weird you must either not be a woman or enjoy getting beat up.

No. 1576287

We got really friendly when they put my stalker in jail. Celebrated together.

No. 1576289

Do you get aggressive and loud when they are arresting you?

No. 1576290

Nice story but that doesn't happen. Most rape cases are thrown out and most cops think you're a schizo or in a jilted lovers quarrel if you complain about a stalker. In fact many cops do the stalking read up on the surveillance they use.

No. 1576293

No I just sat there and took it. The weird thing is I feel like that same cop has it out for me like he's a fascist or has some kind of hate boner for me.

No. 1576294

You should stop doing drugs, get a job and move from that area

No. 1576296

I'm not on drugs some cops are just evil macho jerks who think they can have it out for you. They know I'm vulnerable.

No. 1576298

Why do you keep getting arrested so much? I’m just curious. I get being arrested like once but it’s a problem when you seem to be well acquainted with them that they know you.

No. 1576300

I just want to know how to protect myself against a person that is trusted and has power. I think he might be in love with me or something.

No. 1576301

Well it literally happened. I like my local cops and I don't like you.

No. 1576302

I feel like that when I travel to other countries, mostly to France or the Arab Emirates, specially in the Arab Emirates. I don’t even dress badly, most people even consider my style formal, and I still feel like the police and the people in general are watching me and waiting for me to do something bad to point at me.
Funnily enough I don’t feel like this when I go to the USA, I don’t know why, I feel okay, I also even feel protected in Ethiopia, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy.

No. 1576304

I understand that but first we would need to know why you keep getting arrested. You seem to be leaving that out. Are you like the anon above who lives in like the Middle East?

No. 1576305

I don't give out any information that would identify me. Like who are you to just demand that kind of information? Sometimes believe it or not the people in power are wrong. Sometimes they want things from people they don't deserve like unearned respect or sex or favors and when they don't get it they rage and lash out. I don't take kindly to be raged at.

No. 1576306

Girl bye. There are millions of people on earth who commit crimes, no one’s going to know it was you.

No. 1576307

Yeah this verifies you are just crazy

No. 1576308

How do you dress? What’s you attitude when you go outside? Because if you mutter to yourself like I do, and dress like a hobo then of course you will get attention from people and the authorities. Do you wander around certain spaces? Do you loiter? Those things can be seen as bad things even if you’re technically not doing anything.

No. 1576310

Probably constantly gets arrested for acting out because of mental illness in public

No. 1576311

No he just stalks my social media I feel weird about it.

No. 1576313

I dress normal but I have the right to have periods of depression in my own house that's not a cops business you absolute bootlicker.

No. 1576320

“Bouts of depression in my house”

Are you freaking out on the people you live with and they call the cops on you?

No. 1576321

The inability of people to just trust in others is the reason for so many problems. Yes anon cop good me bad. There is no reason to ever question someones authority ever and whether they are abusing it.

No. 1576324

I just don’t understand how the cops are ending up in your house if no one called the cops on you kek

No. 1576325

That's not what I said. Its more like I'm just paranoid because I feel this one particular cop hates my guts and its scary. Ever had a cop just scream in your face and you're worried he might pull out a gun and shoot you right then and there? Its traumatic.

No. 1576326

No because I’m not committing crimes

No. 1576327

Yeah I don't think anyone deserves to be screamed at and abused just because they committed a crime if you're really that much of a fascist that you believe anyone that has ever committed any crime whatsoever just deserves whatever is thrown at them congratulations you're a fascist. Hope you never get pulled over reach for something then get shot.

No. 1576329

You get the police called on you so much that the cops know you personally so I can’t really say if your side of the story is really unbiased

No. 1576343

What the fuck is a fascist and why some anons love using that word?

No. 1576353

Because they are children that have never lived a day under fascist rule but idealize the victimhood of being so

No. 1576380

Is it really true that people stop dreaming/dream less in adulthood? I still have regular dreams and I don't remember having them any more often as a child.

No. 1576515

How can I make my flatmate use less water without explicitly telling him? He takes 1 hour showers and runs 2+ hour wash cycles every single day

No. 1576829

File: 1684009632610.jpeg (80.27 KB, 750x691, A01F773D-3F2A-4F47-A27A-58CE7C…)

I often play a multiplayer videogame that has a mostly male community where voice chat, although not 100% necessary, is still kind of preferred. The community is not necessarily overtly misogynistic, but sometimes has that ‘lmao woman moment’ discord misogyny and any woman joining will stick out like a sore thumb and I don’t want that. I just want to coordinate my team better. Are there any voice changers or something that can make me sound closer to a man?

No. 1576830

Babbling on? monologuing?

No. 1576847

Just lie that you're a 12 year old boy. Voice changers aren't really that convincing anyways.

What game is it?

No. 1576890

File: 1684014097169.jpg (140.53 KB, 1554x1665, 1674264486312883.jpg)

Just speak normally, fuck the moids. Not sure if I'm reading your post right but if the game has voice via discord server you can easily pick out the annoying players and mute them. People always assume I'm a 12 year old boy or tranny over vc anyways, because moids are stupid and assume everyone else playing video games is one of them unless you literally say "I'm a woman" kek. Plus you never know, maybe there's other women playing but not joining vc because they have the same fears as you

No. 1576929

File: 1684016364623.png (10.9 KB, 250x216, what.png)

Does this anime girl have a name? Where do so many images of her come from? I see trannies posting her a lot

No. 1576934

she's menhera chan, she's some artist's oc
trannies are attached to her because they wish they could be some generic anime school girl

No. 1577254

I’m not starting menopause at 29, right? I have awful hot flashes that are keeping me up right now and Dr Google wants me to believe it’s menopause so bad.

No. 1577366

I'm viewing old versions of some sites in Wayback Machine. Some have animated elements like banners etc. made with Flash (mostly Flash I think). How can I download these elements? I tried Google Chrome plugins for downloading images and videos but these don't work. Also, when I first enter archived site, these spaces are blank with "play" symbol - I use Flash emulator (Ruffle) so only after clicking on it to emulate these, the elements are visible and animated within Wayback Machine. I want to find a way to download these.
Same goes for some Flash games. A plugin I have, Flash Master doesn't work anymore (?). I tried looking for .swf files but I can't get these. Again, Ruffle emulator works with them as described above (on sites available without Wayback Machine), some sites have their own emulators too. How can I get the files to download them to my computer?

No. 1577412

I've had this and I thought that I had some sort of hormonal imbalance but my blood tests came back fine. Thinking back, I believe it was stress related because I was working insane hours at a place where my manager was verbally abusive and I barely slept. Do you get enough sleep, nonna? Do you experience stress or anxiety?

No. 1577477

Is there a name for people who lie about being from a certain country/culture? Not necessarily race fakers, but like Hilaria Baldwin claiming to be Spanish or Vicky faking her “British” accent. I knew someone like this a while ago and it was just so bizarre, she did her fake accent at work and with everyone she met. Is it like a condition or something?

No. 1577486

File: 1684082849166.jpeg (60.29 KB, 960x540, D29ED482-9294-48BB-BE14-AFDFC8…)

Should I sperg about Miss Pauling in the tf2 thread? In a heterosexual way btw. I just like her character

No. 1577491

yes nona she's awesome

No. 1577498

She's cool, fucking do it

No. 1577529

Are there any nonnas here who like Warhammer 40k? I keep hearing it's a scrotal interest. Even my bf says any woman online who claims to like it must be a lying tranny.

No. 1577537

File: 1684086669731.jpeg (70.06 KB, 960x540, 44B9376D-DF9D-47CA-AA5C-F496BA…)

She’s so cute wtf

No. 1577668

The number of women who like Warhammer is very low. I've never met another one irl. Meanwhile, I would say 10% of Warhammer fans are trannies. It's just one of those things, like coding, that seems to attract them.

No. 1577672

Yes but all the good hobby shops closed by me except for the games workshop which is so small inside. I did get into it from an ex so a scrote would "gotcha" me with that and say I'm not a real fan but I have a 2000pt handpainted and put together eldar army so w/e
>10% of warhammer fans are trannies
I'm embarrassed to say I thought girlpainting was just a weird fat german girl for like 2 years in my defense I was like 20 and didn't know about troons

No. 1577677

>the games workshop which is so small inside
What does it smell like lmao

No. 1577712

>I did get into it from an ex so a scrote would "gotcha" me with that and say I'm not a real fan but I have a 2000pt handpainted and put together eldar army so w/e
i fucking despise when moids do this, i want to a-log them. I remember a moid was convinced he got me into aircraft model kit paintins despite me being into aircrafts waaaaay before i met the filthy moid.

No. 1577736

Because shorter hair is less maintenance and shit gets harder to do the older you get.

No. 1577813

is there a way to tell if someone is stalking you on insta w/o third party apps? this sounds delusional but an ex hookup who i stopped talking to a month ago and haven’t checked their account in several days shows up in the little icons area when i go click on my username to add a second account. like her avi is 1st and then two other ppl who i dm regularly is above “keep up with a smaller group of friends”. are there any other signs? she doesn’t post and said she doesn’t use instagram but started watching literally all of my stories once we stopped seeing each other (stupid shit ik).

idk if i’m being paranoid she’s just kind of a strange person but i’m keeping the mutual because things ended weirdly on her part but i don’t wanna seem like i care.

No. 1577831

Spiced tater tots or onion rings?

No. 1577840

How can I look my age/older?
I'm sick of being mistaken for being a 16-18 year old, even when I wear more mature clothes no one takes me seriously. It's annoying being told I'm cute, innocent and young I find it creepy.

No. 1577845

Drugs I guess

No. 1577854

I’m not studying right now so I figured I could use the extra free time to work a lot and invest the money for until I study again somewhere next year. What is a strategy I could follow to work & invest money in the coming 6-9 months? I wouldn’t be able to keep up this amount of work for longer than that period namely, so I want to use this opportunity wisely.

No. 1577862

Put it in da bank

No. 1577869

Nawww that doesn’t pay me anything

No. 1577873

What the idea number of clothes to own ? How many dresses is too much ? I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe

No. 1577878

A capsule wardrobe should match your lifestyle. I currently have three dresses: two casual, one proper. If you wear dresses rarely, one might suffice. You can even rent dresses for formal occasions, so you don’t have to make a large purchase for one event. Contrarily, if you attend many events, one dress for black-tie, one for cocktail party, one for clubbing, might be more suitable. A capsule wardrobe simply contains a few staple pieces that are easy to coordinate and suit your lifestyle. 10 dresses could be a lot if you rarely wear them, or just enough if it is all you wear. I only own one pair of jeans and one pair of sweats, for the rest I wear skirts. This is enough for me, but five skirts might be too much for someone else. Play around with it! What helped me was moving abroad and having only one suitcase to bring. My suitcase contained a lot of books, so I didn’t have much choice regarding clothes. I really had to choose my favourites and ended up with a capsule wardrobe I just adore!

No. 1577882

Is Outer Banks for teenagers? Or is it decent viewing for adults too?

No. 1577921

my ex boyfriend was into 40k and got me interested but once I realized I was mainly into the miniature painting I dipped and started painting garage kits instead. The community is particularly scrotal in my experience, like not only is it male dominated but by the worst specimens, like with smash bros melee or MtG (iykyk), and I think it's the main reason there's not many women involved.

No. 1577961

Decent? Not really, it’s not even really decent tv for teens. It got stupid fast, but the whole treasure hunt aspect of it does keep it from skewing totally high school. If you’re 20-27 it’s fine. The actors are in their mid to late 20s. If you’re older than that you’ll probably roll your eyes a lot.

No. 1577973

How do I get into 40k? I don't have friends to play tabletop games with but I'm highly interested in the minituare painting. I used to build gunpla including painting it but I stopped for a while because I don't keep up with the anime these days.

No. 1577976

Would it be stupid to try to get my sister to cancel her wedding by trying to call the wedding venue and pretend to be her? I can't stand her getting married to a moid. I feel like I would be doing her a favor but I just am not sure the best way to pull it off

No. 1577979

Yes, it would be stupid.

No. 1577981

Narc tings

No. 1577997

kek you sound so crazy I'd love to witness this. I share your sentiment but she'll just try again, only thing doing that would cause is for her to hate you. But it would be very funny to watch unfold as a spectator so if you do it, you crazy motherfucker, post updates kek

No. 1577998

You sound to overly attached to her. She'll still get married even if you cancel the venue, and if she finds out you were behind it she will just dislike you.

No. 1578011

why do people in real life/tv/movies try to remove blood with bleach? I've never in my life used bleach to remove blood. does it actually work?

No. 1578018

File: 1684130982196.jpeg (127.44 KB, 853x1067, F9A97DDC-D7C4-4C55-A857-AC2816…)

How do you convince a moid to be your house husband?

No. 1578076

if my upper shoulders always hurt at my desk does it mean my desk height or chair is shit? leaning towards desk height but unsure.

No. 1578083

Why would you want that? Most men cannot do simple chores bc of being coddled by mommy all their life. You'd have to teach them everything. Just stay single honestly.

No. 1578092

start from the floor. if you knees are good, then fix desk height. but if you knees are bad, then fix chair height, after that fix desk height if necessary. your knees should be perpendicular/at the same height as your hips. my desk is currently too high for me but i have to get a new desk to fix it. it's also not deep enough, so my elbows hover, pain.

No. 1578093

Kidnap him and cripple him so he can’t leave

No. 1578102

Are you the Nonna from a few months back that complained about her sister doing on a road trip with male friends?

No. 1578384

Why the fuck would a girl go on a road trip with moids. The sister sounds demented

No. 1578388

LOL I remember that

No. 1578394

should a character based on a real person still be referred to as a character or as the person they were? what if there are a few differences between the adaptation version and real one?

No. 1578397

Some of y'all are psychotic

No. 1578399

I promise it is you who is demented, you need to take a break from this site and so does wedding crasher nonnie

No. 1578414

>I thought girlpainting was just a weird fat german girl
No judgement here, I have zero ability to tell trannies apart from women. My friends will tell me, that's a man, and I always think that it's just a particularly ugly woman.
>Women: invents all art
>Men: heh, you're only into your hobbies to attract men
Every time.
Yes nona, that would be incredibly crazy to do and you shouldn't do it. And this is coming from someone who's pretty crazy in her antics.

No. 1578420

It does not. Hydrogen peroxide to remove blood, bleach to sanitize an area or to rewhiten a stained white towel/tablecloth.

No. 1578433

Depends on if it's only her and a bunch of moids or if there will be other women there as well tbh.

No. 1578437

This one guy I know is convinced I started saying kek because of him but its literally because I spend too much time on chan boards and I've stopped caring about hiding my powerlevel as much. They need the ego boost I suppose

No. 1578454

It was one woman and a bunch of moids. Apparently the other girl had to cancel and the sister still decided to go. Bleak

No. 1578457

Uhm yeah. That actually is fucking crazy. I have male friends inb4 why u have XY friends you pickme? Touch grass but I'd never go on a road trip with them with me being the only woman in the group. Self preservation on 0

No. 1578462

Don't wanna shit up the actual tism thread with this but autism nonnies.. whats your 'special interest'

No. 1578492

I know, I feel so bad for the nonny and now much she had to worry about her sister. I bet the sister secretly got raped and was too embarrassed to tell anyone about it

No. 1578506

Sorry for not answering but, just so you know, there's a thread for these kinds of questions, it's called the random questions thread, just in case you or other nonnies forgot about it

No. 1578515

… This was a weird ass response. Why would you even put that out in the universe? Men are rape apes yes we know but idk man, speculating something that serious with basically no context outside of "she was the only woman" it's weird..plenty of other ways those guys could have fucked her over without it being gang rape or whatever.

No. 1578517

I don't think it's the same anon, but that's what that post instantly reminded me of lol. They both sound insane.

No. 1578520

The anon who made those posts kept obsessively posting about how her sister was going to get raped and iirc after her sister came back she was making posts about how she probably got raped but didn't say anything, so tbh that could be her.

No. 1578522

That anon is unhinged. Probably a narcissist tbh, that's not anything a loving sister would think about her sibling. They'd be scared to even put that energy into the universe yet that anon seemed obsessed with the idea. Probably because she didn't approve of her sisters friends and thinks she should be punished for having them.

No. 1578523

File: 1684180479499.jpg (112.33 KB, 736x1104, cae9ddd449bc473461888952113939…)

Is this outfit appropriate for a job interview? I was going to wear something like this but with a grey blazer and opaque black tights

No. 1578525

File: 1684180777881.png (11.5 KB, 220x182, her.png)

>so tbh that could be her

No. 1578536

Sure but when you are out with any group of people there’s potential for dangers but only moids can rape

No. 1578537

If your sister had a bunch of moid friends, would you be ok with it?

No. 1578540

My current interest in American fashion from 1870-1900.

No. 1578543

What could be the cause of (more or less) random foot cramping? Sometimes it gets so bad that I wake up at night.

No. 1578549

it's most commonly caused my magnesium deficiency afaik

No. 1578552

is there any way to remove what you drew on a picture? like as in isolating the two? for instance let's say someone covered up something in a picture on the whatsapp or instagram or whatever other social media's drawing tool. just feeling paranoid about people finding me out kek. like is it even possible? i think it is but i'm not sure

No. 1578558

it is possible in some cases. to feel secure, edit an image, screenshot the edited image, and then share the screenshot instead.

No. 1578560

I think it would be safer to go for the grey option

No. 1578569

File: 1684185406901.jpg (23.76 KB, 573x500, 1520011690021.jpg)

let's say hypothetically someone asked me to mail a package for them between US states via USPS. There is a fair chance of there being illegal drugs in said package but I haven't actually looked inside myself. Is there a chance of this getting caught by the post office for drugs and me getting in trouble? If I mail it with no return address would I be safe?

No. 1578571

if say, those hypothetical drugs were properly vacuum-sealed, probably not

No. 1578625

Is it a sign that I might become a serial killer if I only fall in love with black-haired people?

No. 1578636

see you on the 9oclock news, anon

No. 1578639

what does it mean if you exclusively like brunettes

No. 1578665

It means you have good taste

No. 1578681

How should I invest $2k to make the most money if I don’t suspect that I will, but I miiiight end up needing it for emergency in 6 months?

No. 1578682

When that happens to me it means I'm dehydrated and need to chug water.

No. 1578684

just like when buying drugs off the internet, if the receiver is asked to pick up at the post office, don't lol. Always wait for them to redeliver, and if they don't then it's a loss

hypothetically of course.

No. 1578687

Do you wear underwear with your pyjamas??

No. 1578688

Any cute male twitch streamers? I already know xqc and jerma. They don't even have to be that entertaining as long they're cute.

No. 1578690

yes. but sometimes i wear multi layer shorts like sports/running shorts and dont, i just wash the shorts next laundry

No. 1578693

why tho, why not let your shit breathe a little

No. 1578699

Nta but personally letting it breathe doesn't feel comfortable enough to me, I need something snug there.

No. 1578720

If I accidentally blow sprite through my nose, can it get to my brain?

No. 1578724

no. things through the nose drip and are funneled down to your stomach, there's no path to the brain there

No. 1578896

I am normal weight and am thin everywhere else on my body, but I have disproportionately huge thighs. It's my biggest annoyance with my appearance because makes me look stupid in dress pants. I've never looked into weight loss things before, and so I only just discovered that "spot-reducing" fat via workouts is a myth. So now i'm freaking out because it seems like the only way I could lose my huge thighs is to lose a ton of weight overall and drop into underweight territory. And judging from my current fat distribution, I'd have to drop a lot of weight before the loss would even touch my thighs. I don't want to be skelly… I just want my thighs to stop chafing and pants to stop pilling in the thigh area. Is that really the only way?

No. 1578898

not quite right, brain eating amoeba enter your brain through your nose, usually through netti pot use or by jumping into the water. But the good news is they don't live in sprite!

No. 1578904

I was like you (skinny but with disproportionately fat thighs) and that first diet set me on a decade of yoyo dieting and binge/restrict cycles, I regret it immensely. Appreciate being mostly thin and find more flattering pants, maybe exercise more.

No. 1578912

You can't spot reduce fat but you can train muscles to have to area look different overall..

No. 1578914

I'm not the type to binge (i think i have a weirdly small stomach) but I agree that it's probably not a good idea for me to diet if I'm at a healthy weight already… i just wish my legs weren't so short and wide compared to the rest of me.
I'm scared if I build muscle there though, it'll just make my thighs even bigger since I can't lose the fat.

No. 1578920

oh anon i'm in the exact same boat. i've been particularly upset about it recently but i don't want to go down the dieting or ED route again, i have before and my thighs have always stayed bigger. so i just figure like, why should i be so sad about it? i mostly wear wide leg jeans/trousers or flares and they look great on me. it would be nice to feel physically comfortable in other types of trousers but what can you do… i'm considering incorporating more long skirts into my outfits

No. 1578925

if someone wanted these on a jacket or pants would they just it directly on? is the board just like a practice sample? can you do these on a board then make it an iron patch or something?

No. 1578932

Yeah, you would just embroider them directly onto a jacket or pants. sometimes, depending on the thickness of the material it's a good idea to add backing.
making these into iron on patches is a bit more difficult, especially if you don't want the background fabric

No. 1578933

thanks anon, i might have to try it out i love some of her flowers, they'd
be so pretty as a little motif on jackets

No. 1579019

File: 1684237171611.jpg (29.2 KB, 600x500, god i wish that were me.jpg)

Is it normal to have a break in listening to music? Do people just grow out of enjoying music?!
I've cared about music for a really long time, especially during my depressed teen years, it has become a big part of my personality. I picked up guitar and tried to write songs. Full-blown annoying person arguing about irrelevant shit on rym. Loved it, it was like my purpose to stay alive.
Around last year my music listening slowed down significantly, even just the ambient listening while doing chores or sitting on the pc. I'm sure i went about month and a half without listening to music intentionally. I just kind of stopped caring about it. It doesn't really grip me like it used to - and its even rarer when i get something like goosebumps or shivers or get really psyched about how the music makes me feel, that used to be a very common feeling.
Is this normal? I'm actually pretty bummed out about this.

No. 1579026

I used to listen to music daily and for hours, and then I'd get periods just like you've described. I can't really explain why, but maybe I got used to videos and tv series as a background noise, plus I don't find that much new music anymore, doesn't happen that often. I mostly listen to it while walking and sometimes intentionally at home but much rarer, I still enjoy it greatly when I do though. One more thing that's changed is that as a child and a teen, I fantasized a lot while listening to music, I would retreat in the imaginary world, it was maladaptive daydreaming basically, and music was a huge part of it, but now I just don't need that.
I think it's quite a common thing and people would sometimes leave the thing they enjoy for some time, I'm sure you'll start listening to music again as you used to. Maybe something else changed in your life (or you changed in some way)? Maybe you just need to find something new?

No. 1579030

If you are losing interest in other things you used to enjoy then it's not normal. Depression can turn you into a pasionless zombie. But if you are functioning normally, enjoy other stuff, have hobbies, friends etc then don't worry about it.

No. 1579037

Hah, I actually did the same thing with music, too - pacing and fantasizing. Thought it might be MDD too, but it didnt overtake my life so whatever.
Anyways, I just left my teen years recently and I'm focusing on my job, being more active and having more mundane responsibilities. I thought it was just a longer dry spell anyways, I've heard about it happening, but i thought it would never happen to me kek. Thanks for the second opinion.
Yep, as i thought, it's probably not a biggie!

No. 1579065

Last I checked, ally has CDs that have zero fees for withdrawing early.

No. 1579069

My god this is amazing. Thank you so much for posting this resource.

No. 1579082

Thanks nonnas

No. 1579105

File: 1684247775974.png (3.99 KB, 284x284, 1660226370486.png)

>I've cared about music for a really long time, especially during my depressed teen years, it has become a big part of my personality. I picked up guitar and tried to write songs. Full-blown annoying person arguing about irrelevant shit on rym. Loved it, it was like my purpose to stay alive.
>Around last year my music listening slowed down significantly, even just the ambient listening while doing chores or sitting on the pc.
Same to both of these statements. Went from being a music nerd to legitimately not listening to music (outside of maybe commuting and even then it was never anything new) for 5+ years. I'm forced myself back into it by buying decent headphones and getting a spotify sub kek. I feel embarrassed for having middle schooler music taste because I just don't bother searching for anything interesting, especially because most of my friends are very much into music and even have their own bands.
I think part of the problem for me is that I don't like background music when I'm reading books, manga, playing vidya or writing something. I can only listen to music if I'm browsing the internet or walking outside.

No. 1579128

how many anons do you think there are who habitually reply to more than 3 posts at a time? i think there's only one for some reason.

No. 1579138

This definitely isn't true because I do this, and I've seen at least two others. So maybe there's three? I tend not to do it because it seems like others don't do it and I don't change to change the culture of the board.

No. 1579150

I'm one of them, only I don't do this anymore for the same reasons. But I surely did maybe a couple of times

No. 1579190

How can people stand to not eat or just have a drink/smoothie in the morning and not feel hungry? I’ve had a smoothie and some pistachios and some hummus and I’m still feeling super hungry and low energy. I can’t do my work because of my stupid stomach grumbling out loud and it’s discomforting. It just feels so awful. Any tips?

No. 1579201

You're asking for tips that involve not eating more but feeling energized or..?

No. 1579214

I think people who just drink a smoothie in the morning are the types of people that hate eating anything for breakfast but still want to get some calories in so they're not running on empty, that or they're orthorexic. If it's not working for you then either try adding stuff to you smoothie that are higher in calories, maybe some protein powder, blended oats etc, or just start eating normal breakfasts again. I don't see why you need to make smoothies work for you if they don't.

No. 1579309

What do you mean?

No. 1579395

How to get out of trauma bond?

No. 1579400

I always skip breakfast because eating in the morning makes me nauseous, but coffee can help with your energy

No. 1579406

Do you think 31 is too young to be a nanny?
Or a home teacher?

(Because I have been rejected from countless jobs for being too young, but I've been working with kids since I was 17, I mean even before that I was still dealing with kids. I have educational and childcare experience and qualifications, both live in and live out, but lately all these lame ass families are asking for 45-55 year old woman. Like wtf? And I am applying also for governess jobs so it's more focused on education and light childcare, and I have seen plenty of younger people talking about getting this job, why not me? why am I never being chosen, I feel like the world doesn't take me seriously and treats me like shit nonstop. Maybe this part belongs in vent)

No. 1579415

Usually only works if the dinner I had before at night was heavy. Otherwise yeah I drank a smoothie as breakfast but within 3 hours I'm hungry if I'm not already lightly hungry during that time. I only do it because of rushing to work and not wanting to deal with the bathroom a few times in the first 1-4 hours we're slammed. Tried using protein powder and meal replace drinks which did offset hunger longer but gave me diarrhea within an hour. I'd really love to just not eat in the mornings period thanks to shitting.

No. 1579455

those jobs are probably worried that the husband is going to try and turn you into a mistress, which is why they want someone 45+

No. 1579461

Are you the same sex worker who has been complaining about not being able to get hired as a teacher? The same one that thinks underage boys(10 year olds) are in love with her and that's why she can't get hired? If so, it's probably because that stuff is coming up when they check your background.

No. 1579463

fat thighs is very normal for females specifically. it is also healthier too because it is not being stored around organs first.
there was a video from some doctor saw on ig and probably reposted from tt, i was trying to find it but i must not have interacted with it. but it was basically explaining that it is normal and tied to having a womb in case you choose to have children, it's nothing to hate, etc

No. 1579467


Congrats, its called being female

No. 1579476

Instead of losing weight you could lose fat and build muscle? There are more ways to change the shape and appearance of your body than just dropping a lot of weight by starvation. Look into body recompositioning. You could literally gain weight (via muscle mass) but lose inches in your waist, thighs etc.

No. 1579498

True, and if we ever feel bad about our thighs we can always remember it's female fat distribution that beach ball shaped trannies would kill for

No. 1579538

Should I name my OC donutsteel Evangeline or Christine? She's in an old timey American setting.

No. 1579548

I vote for Evangeline

No. 1579563

Why do men manspread?

No. 1579578

I like Evangeline.

No. 1579587

if a man keeps his legs closed for too long, his genitals start to rapidly heat up, and become so hot in temperature that his dicks starts to defrost–like a package of frozen ground meat you leave out on your kitchen counter, only it's his dick. once rapid heating has begun, there's no way of stopping it, and eventually the dick will melt, slough off the man's crotch, and slide down his pant leg. then, once his dick has fully detached and become caught in his sock or the underside of some unfortunate souls's shoe, his testicles disappear, and he becomes a tranny.

No. 1579600

this is a special kind of redpill I get coming to lolcow

No. 1579620

File: 1684281639695.jpeg (87.29 KB, 780x438, IMG_5662.jpeg)

Can you subpoena evidence on a closed homicide case? (US; Southeast) I am also immediately related to the victim, if that helps.

No. 1579627

OK GUYS im going to a con, should i cosplay as a homestuck character or an undertale character?

No. 1579636

law student but not from the us. you as a private individual can't subpoena anyone unless you're involved in a current case and you're calling them as a witness. if you want information on a case that involves a family member i would recommend contacting victim services in your area, they would be able to give your advice about any open/closed case you or a loved on were involved in, and would also be able to tell you how to get the information you're looking for.

No. 1579640

doubleposting to add i may have misread your original post, if you mean "can i bring new evidence for a closed case?" my answer is it depends. did they officially declare someone not guilty or did they charge someone who you think is not guilty? if it's the former then no, you cannot bring up new evidence after they've gone to trial. if they charged someone and you have evidence that they didn't do it, then yes you could bring that to the police. if it was closed as in they just gave up investigating and it never went to court, again i would contact victim services and explain, they would be your best point of contact with the justice system as an outsider. if you meant that you want to view evidence from a case that is closed, i would go to your local law school and talk to the law librarian, they are all weirdos and they would love to help you. good luck nonna.

No. 1579687

Thank you so kindly for responding. I want to know what happened that night, but something clicked when I was reviewing the reports I have. The neighbors have footage and I have baby sat for one of those families. Maybe, just maybe, they may have the original footage and I can sidestep judicial obstacles.
Its worth reaching out, right?

No. 1579695

what's the square root of -4? 2 or -2?

No. 1579711

internet says the answer is 2i, but i don't know anything about imaginary numbers

No. 1579722

File: 1684288887230.png (90.98 KB, 1695x2048, Screenshot_20230516-210135.png)

No. 1579728

ty to both of you

No. 1579745

it's definitely worth reaching out, worst case scenario you're in the same place you are right now, right?

No. 1579869

Is my bf selfish or do I have a victim mindset?

When we are at my place, it is natural that I share the food that my mother has cooked for me so he doesn't have to order and spend money. And when we are at his place we usually buy the groceries, split the bills, and I'm the one who cooks for both of us. When I don't have time to cook, we order food, but the thing is, he has a cafeteria card granted by his workplace so he pretty much gets free food, whereas I don't, and I have to pay. He always mentions how he has a lot of money on his cafeteria card but he has never invited me for dinner or lunch or payed anything for me. He sees his mother much more rarely than I do, but when she cooks, he shares that with me as well. He always promises to cook one day but so far that hasn't happened. What is your opinion, nonnas?

No. 1579874

File: 1684309621262.jpg (183.82 KB, 668x1024, 1-3.jpg)

Why aren't there any dominant artistic movements in architecture or art nowadays? Like art nouveau, art deco, etc

No. 1579885

So the issue is his workplace grants him free food and he doesn't share it with you?
Usually if it's from work it's not meant to be used for other people, at BEST it could be used for another family member (like a child), which you are not as you are only dating. If his card starts showing he gets double meals often he might get in trouble for it.
And the other issue is he doesn't like to cook? I can't lie neither do I, so I avoid it. Especially if it's for someone else, because I don't want them to eat bad food AND know I'm bad at cooking. If you really want him to cook, tell him about it and ask if he's willing to cook with you and it can be a fun thing you do together. Eventually he might find it fun and be confident enough to do it on his own too.

No. 1579886

I would argue maybe it’s like mordernism or minimalism? Or maybe those are just a result of capitalism? I miss ornamentation dammit!

No. 1579893

The cooking part. If you're not living together, you're only dating/a guest over at his place for now then I'd be annoyed at the 50/50 split of groceries.. that you then have to cook because he never does it in return. He can either pay more towards the ingredients or cover takeout for you both the next night. Meet your effort with one back. That's a more equal split. He's plenty aware of what a 50/50 split is when theres a grocery bill to pay but then blind to the concept of splitting shit when it comes to the rest, that gets old.

No. 1579894

so he always eats for free when he's at your place but you always pay and you're the only one cooking when you're at his. i would feel frustrated too (unless it doesn't happen often). maybe some people think it's immature or petty but why should he always get free homemade food like this and not you? unless you can think of other things he does that benefit you in the same way

No. 1579897

No, his workplace grants him something similar to a credit card and they transfer money to it and certain restaurants and shops accept it as payment. The thing is, if I had this arrangement with my current workplace, I would treat him for sure and I do buy him things regularly, but he doesn't seem to return the favor. I feel like he gladly eats the food that my mother meant for me or that I cook but doesn't reciprocate. We've been together for a year now btw. And it's not about the money, I'm fine with splitting the bills, it's just there is the invisible cost of me standing in the kitchen, chopping and peeling and preparing the food and I don't feel that this gets acknowledged if that makes sense?

No. 1579918

Does he even cook for himself? I've never been with a guy who doesn't cook but I don't think I'd be fine with that kind of arrangement. I mean, everyone has a right not to cook if they don't want to, but then don't expect me to do it for you, you know

No. 1579921

File: 1684318095384.png (2.28 MB, 1300x1760, architecture.png)

I disagree, as much there's no one style, I think you can definitely notice how similar big cities of every country look like, with glass skyscrapers, and white colored facades of contemporary residential districts; picrel is two perfect examples. I imagine heavy ornamenting is far too expensive to produce and upkeep nowadays, so minimalist approach is what everyone's focusing on.

No. 1579930

No, he usually orders or buys a ready made meal at a store

No. 1579934

Nah, if you're cooking for him AND splitting everything he should at least return the favor in some way. Personally, I would not be this generous with a moid unless he has proven to be generous himself. Like, when you do something for him, he goes above and beyond for you too. Otherwise it's just a waste of emotional investment and money. Most men are so happy to take, take, take from the women in their lives and never appreciate or do anything for them.

No. 1579952

What are some degrees I can get that pay well but I rarely have to to interact with people?

No. 1579969

That is an interesting point, because they are very affluent. But in my years I almost never saw the husbands, and the mother was usually home, if she wasn't I was in sole charge alone. I never even came close to any issues with husbands. I did experience some mothers being envious of my youth and making weird comments like "ah I used to be skinny like you" but what can you do?

No? But now I'm intrigued who you are talking about. Kids are like puppies to me. Feed them, let them run around, clean up their messes, give them toys, they don't know much, they whine, they kick you when they sleep, they want hugs. My background history is crystal clear.

No. 1579975

Back end developer, anesthesiologist, hedge fund manager, I mean you do not talk to many people besides your boss. A developer is behind a screen, the anesthesiologist will say "count backwards from ten" and besides that you talk to the surgeons, a manager only deals with coworkers. I mean probably, but these are well paid. A programmer can learn the skills and skip the degree tbh, so you can avoid interacting at a university too. The true introvert job.

No. 1579980

>I miss ornamentation dammit!
I know right?? Art nouveau buildings are such a joy to look at compared to modern ones

What I meant was, why are there no architects today who decide they will start new movement that later spreads globally, like in the past? I suppose the world is now much less centralized for that to happen than in the 18th - 19th century?

No. 1579981

developer for sure

No. 1580034

>when we are at his place we usually buy the groceries, split the bills
That's so weird, the fuck lol. Girlfriend or not, at that moment you're his guest. Does he get $0.05 a sheet, too, if a friend of his shits at his place?

No. 1580105

If I can't stand watching 3 minute long videos explaining stuff because they're too long while I have absolutely no problem reading a transcript of it, do I still have a fucked attention span or is the video just shitty?

No. 1580109

it's called a preference, anon.

No. 1580111

i think it's pretty normal, reading is faster. unless it's for something visual/manual, 3-5 min tutorials for something that can be explained in a few sentences are a bit useless

No. 1580133

It only means that you don't want to waste your time.

No. 1580138

Lies I spend more time talking than programming. And sometimes you have to program WITH someone else too.

No. 1580164

I hate this. The reason why I went into programming was due to the misconception of it being a solitary activity and having little to no talking involved.

No. 1580638

Was this staged or do Americans genuinely get pumped full of sedatives and have to wear an eyeshield after a minor Lasik surgery?

No. 1580642

It's fucking eye surgery

No. 1580648

It requires no hospital stay or general anesthesia and the complication rate is lower than 5%, so it is a minor surgery

No. 1580656

Are britbongs on holidays right now? There are a shit ton of them in my French city and they're obviously just visiting instead of being expats/immigrants.

No. 1580659

If colds are caused by a virus, then is it really harmless to get soaked in the rain on a cool day?

No. 1580663

Anons who take Adderall, what do you feel while you're on it?

No. 1580666

The cold from being soaked makes you more susceptible to viruses

No. 1580670

Should I move to one of those shrinking small towns in Italy?

~ I am a dual Italian citizen
~ I understand Italian quite well
~ I speak decently and learn fast
~ I am already living in Italy
~ I want to work remotely anyway
~ If they require a business I will open a cafe lounge where people can hang out and offer some menu items not typical in Italy (if you know here the coffees are small, there is no ice coffee just frozen coffee, the food is typical pastries, most people do not spend hours there, compared to a cafe in Korea)
~ I don't drive or have a car but I can get a vespa
~ It will be one not far from the sea and not a mountain village
~ I am independent but young and eventually want to have a family
~ I can get pets to not be lonely
~ I would love to renovate it to my dream house, eco friendly, self sufficient, and add a pool for the unbearable italian summer, protection against the summer bugs, and a security system since I will be alone
~ I want to offer short term stays for young women just like I enjoyed while traveling, like couch surfing, to pay it forward
~ I like quiet scenic places and will practice my dance, acrobatics, yoga etc

While I would be sad to not have access to an ice rink, I can do inline or roller and a dream would be able to open a small local ice rink as another business.

My only concerns are is it easy to get to and from, does it have a good internet connection and if not how can I fix that, and lack of social life and loneliness. I am a homebody introvert but I do enjoy some social outings, in a town full of older people, all I could think was to invite friends to come stay with me often, and travel often. The town pays you to purchase the house and register as a resident, renovate the house, and work or start a business. I would really like a permanent home, always somewhere for me to go that is safe and peaceful.

No. 1580674

Being cold weakens your immune system

No. 1580675

if i get itchy bumps on my cheeks and/or chin after consuming nuts (peanut, cashew, walnut, almond, pecan) or their milk is it possible i have a nut allergy?

No. 1580684

What are foods that I eat to gain a couple of pounds that do not contain processed sugar? My derm had me stay away from processed sugar for my acne and it worked. Problem is I lost 12 lbs, and I look gaunt. I've been trying to eat more these past coupe of weeks, but it doesn't work and I never gain anything. I overate processed garbage, and it didn't work. I overate healthy food, and it didn't work. Even carbs don't work.

No. 1580686

No. 1580688

Sounds like it. You can have yourself tested for allergies at the doctor's if you want to.

No. 1580690

Sounds like it. You can have yourself tested for allergies at the doctor's if you want to.

No. 1580698

Pasta, baguette, bagel, natural peanut butter, olive oil, avocado, potatoes, risotto, beef, lamb

I recommend a healthy dose of beans, probiotic yogurt or high fiber content so you can still poop while you fatten up

No. 1580703

I have a bmi of 15 and I want to become a healthy, muscular woman. How should I start my journey? Google just confuses me more. I need help from a fellow human & not an algorithm.

No. 1580704

Why do so many what I eat in a day vids include
>Baby blocker pill
>Bad thoughts blocker pill
Why is that included?

No. 1580706

Focus on eating well before working out because a bmi 15 is dangerous. Three balanced meal per day. Why are you skinny like that, because of an ED or because of some illness or medical treatment?

No. 1580709

I have an ED but I don't suffer psychologically much. I just don't feel the need to eat much and I'm as worried about my weight as the average woman.

No. 1580712

File: 1684407212934.png (90.13 KB, 3710x507, thepost.PNG)

nuts, dates (these have a lot of sugar but the calories are worth it) seed and nut butters, ghee (cook with it), olive oil (put it in everything), tahini, full fat yogurt, eggs, avocados, chicken broth, potatoes, bacon

No. 1580715

Eat more protein to build muscle, eat carbs for energy, and in general get all essential vitamins and minerals.

Start working out, push your body to it's limit and rest, increase reps with time. Pilates is great, therabands are great, and doing a sport or dance class can help you learn to build your body as well. Also make sure you are stretching, be loose and flexible.

No. 1580733

It isn't sustainable.

No. 1580829

If being a woman or what makes a woman a woman isn't femininity & hyperfemininity (dresses, heels, catty behaviour, makeup, whatever) then why do radical feminists say drag is a mockery of women or "womanface" ?

No. 1580864

Because radfems believe that femininity isnt a requirement for being a woman doesnt mean that they cant acknowledge that most women are feminine. Drag also imitates female characteristics that are based in biology, not behavior such as breasts and wider hips. Ive never seen a radfem take an issue with a gender-noncomfirming man in general, i.e wears skirts and makeup in his day to day life, rather than someone who makes a comedic and/or sexualised spectacle of themselves with their exaggerated body and usage of slurs that are directed towards women like bitch, cunt etc.

No. 1580945

Don't make fun of me please, but do any of you experience ovary pain during ovulation? I once saw someone say that they experienced some pain and aching and I was so fucking confused.

No. 1580948

Yes, I do too. I also experience uterus pain when I'm really stressed. I feel like high stress and anxiety can trigger some uterine pains.

No. 1580951

i stopped shaving my legs almost completely about 8 month ago & that was the best decision! but… as summer crawls up i am still somehow really anxious to go out in dresses and shorts with my body hair. its black and really visible and my brain keeps telling me that if other people notice they will throw a fit when in reality probably no one cares?… how do i get over that fear and just let myself exist? also i'm still shaving my underarms bc… my brain just tells me to do it. it adds points to my anxiety cause i start thinking how someone might consider it weird or whatever that i didn't shave my legs but shaved my underarms. lol idk! nonnas help pls.

No. 1580953

Has there been any rule changes?

No. 1580954

I only started getting it in my 30s. I think I can tell which side I'm ovulating on most months. Never knew that was even a thing til I started feeling it for myself.

No. 1580956

Yeah, it's like a stabby sensation in my side. I think it can happen to everyone but it can also be a sign of PCOS, if it's extremely bad and you have other symptoms (irregular periods, hirsutism, etc) you should checked for cysts.

No. 1580961

I felt the same way for a couple of summers after I stopped removing all my body hair but once I got used to going out like that, the fear slowly dissipated and I don't think about it anymore. There wasn't a shortcut to it, except I guess I just kept reminding myself that it's okay for me to exist in my natural form like all the animals and men do. You can do it, nona!

No. 1580967

Man, nobody cares. people out there dealing with all sorts of personal shit, cost of living inflation, problems at the job, home, school, do you really think they are going to add to all that by "throwing a fit" over some rando's legs? Get real

No. 1580981

nta but I think this will vary depending on where you live. I've had coworkers point out my hairy legs and act disgusted, strangers making comments (usually moids and old ladies), my own mom called my "unhygienic". Some people genuinely think body hair is gross. I support nona on her unshaved journey but there's a valid reason lots of women refuse to wear shorts when they haven't shaved

No. 1580988

Ok, thanks for sharing. I'm sorry you experienced that, I personally haven't hence my comment. People here really have too many big problems to be making someone's hair their problem too.

No. 1580995

When you're fat, is short hair or long hair better? Or is it too dependent on face shape?

No. 1580998

Long hair slims the face, so it's generally better if you're heavier, unless you already have a long and narrow face, in which case shorter layers framing your face will make it appear wider.

No. 1581035

Yes it's a normal thing to experience, germans even have a word for it, "mittelschmerz". Light bleeding can occur too.
My ovaries would swell up during ovulation so badly they'd press on my appendix which actually resulted in my appendix rupturing so if your pain is so extreme you can hardly walk or think, go to the ER.

No. 1581038

What is a good way to keep cool in the summer? Last year I only wore crop tops and low rise pants because I guess I had no shame kek, but I want to look kind of cute and not be sweaty. All I know is to keep your neck, stomach and feet exposed but I don't want to have my stomach out too much anymore.

No. 1581040

Freeze a bottle and carry it around like a hot water bottle, only the other way round.

No. 1581043

Wtf is going on with the one piece about a character called Yamato?

No. 1581047

backless halter tops!

No. 1581048

File: 1684438907422.png (1.14 KB, 454x154, why.png)

I've been toying with the idea of starting an art YouTube channel, but I noticed that YouTube wants you to reveal your location. There used to be an option for no country and Antartica (picrel) but apparently they removed it.
I want to be totally anonymous so I'm wondering if it's ok to have a fake country set?

No. 1581102

File: 1684441466829.jpg (297.46 KB, 900x1200, oahu cows (1).jpg)

Cows with brown spots or cows with black spots?

No. 1581104

File: 1684441554819.jpg (86.03 KB, 557x640, country.jpg)

Samefag. Choose wisely.

No. 1581105

Or what? Huh?

No. 1581111

No. 1581118

File: 1684442207458.jpg (81.13 KB, 700x692, 6188f18e8f118_ySvyu7T__700.jpg)

If it's a white cow, then black spots. If it's a cow of any other colour, then brown spots. But why are you asking this here? It's a serious question nonna, doesn't belong in the stupid questions thread at all.

No. 1581133

Brown because they make chocolate milk.

No. 1581141

Is salicylic acid one of those ingredients that can make everything worse for a bit til it gets better or is my skin not reacing well to it?

No. 1581204

I think its one of those things a lot of people can have a sensitivity too. You should Google whatever symptoms you have and see if it's in line with allergic reactions.

No. 1581205

how long have you been using it? It took about 2 weeks for it to make a noticeable difference for my acne. Make sure you're moisturizing when using it though because it's super drying

No. 1581219

Can someone please link me the post that anon made about kinning and LARPing Gus Fring from Breaking Bad while she's at work and how it actually helped her with socializing?

No. 1581220

Loose clothes work best

No. 1581225

Why do men dress either ugly, trashy or boring? There's no in between, they look either homeless, tacky or like Mark heading for his next business meeting. I love my dad but he showed me a picture from 35 years ago and he looked the exact same, even down to the color. There must be moids who care about how they look? I don't get it.

No. 1581230

Oh my god

No. 1581258

No. 1581266

are Hey Aronld and Arthut considered slice of life anime shows?

No. 1581267

no u dumbfu-

No. 1581268

No need to insul

No. 1581272

apologies, I'm kinda high tbf

No. 1581273

No. 1581297

How do you guys feel about the anti troon bills passed in florida? Or the increase of transphobic content on tiktok?

No. 1581305

should be fine don't see why not.

No. 1581328

Sounds nice nonna, though if they literally pay you to live there it must be really remote/small? You have good business ideas but again if it's a really small town with older people, it may be difficult to have enough customers (especially for the ice rink I guess) or to get specific things delivered regularly (for the café?). Can't you stay there like a week to get a feel for the place and see if you picture yourself living there? It sounds like you're a good fit for that kind of "project" considering your personality and interests, but yeah it's better to make sure that it's easy to access, that there's good wifi, that you can find the remote job you want, etc. beforehand. After you've renovated the house and lived there for a while, maybe you can keep it as a holiday home (just in case you feel like you want to go back to the city).

No. 1581469

So the business projects are not for income they are supposed to help the community grow, and it's usually a requirement, so for me they are projects. I would sell the same items I consume usually so whatever I isn't sold is just for me, it will have a small menu. I can order a lot online. I mostly want it to be a place people can hang out besides their homes.

Also it's really hot here so an ice rink would be a cool place out of the sun, but that is a future project.

I already went around remote villages, there is still internet so I would check it out and make sure I have a good connection. I know for sure no mountain towns because getting up there is a pain, and I want to be near the sea.

I have thought about it a lot and at the end of the day it's essentially a free house, and what I want and need most is a home, so it seems worth it just for that. I'll update you guys if and when anything happens with it.

No. 1581472

>it's really hot here so an ice rink would be a cool place out of the sun
Wouldn't that be really expensive and unprofitable to run in a small community?

No. 1581476

You would think but it's still thousands of people, there are several smaller ice rinks that manage to stay in business. Most are closed during the summer so imagine being the only one available for everyone. Roller is more popular down here for this reason. It could have other things in it to bring people in too, like a gym, dance studio, etc. It also depends where I end up.

I forgot to mention I am from a small seaside town myself, there was a huge ice rink about an hour away that is still around, despite being surrounded by small towns, it makes money and is open year round.

It still is something I would not even start for the next several years, I have too many other things to work on. However even big budget movies start discussion years before they start producing them, so I will too.

No. 1581499

Maybe think about why they are closed in the summer… Lol. Sorry but you sound so retarded.

No. 1581526

Why do animations from the 80s look much more fluid than the animated movies today?

No. 1581529

I really want a custom purse from this little boutique I was in a few days ago but it was $100 am I retarded for wanting to go back and get it? Is that too much for a small crossbody bag? For what it's worth I am extremely picky about purses so it's rare I find one I like.

No. 1581530

File: 1684496259641.gif (1.46 MB, 356x200, c02996896753b94ebdd685df5164d1…)

they were traditionally animated using celluloid sheets (cels). each frame was hand-drawn so a lot more attention was paid to small details in every movement. think like flipbook animation, you have to redraw the same thing over and over again with the most minute changes. there's much more dynamism. modern animation is usually digital/cgi, even when it's 2-D the models are often static and individual parts of their body can be animated on a computer rather than the whole thing.

No. 1581537

Not all of them are closed. You do know some rinks are seasonal because they are outdoors and for public right? That some rinks are open for sports year round right? You do realize rinks are actually built right? That they function because the tubes underneath keep it cold? That they're not waiting for lakes to freeze over? Do you know anything at all? Probably not, the stupid are often frustrated by their own stupidity.

You can't bring my mood down, I'm too happy with my life.

No. 1581538

Spoil yourself every once in a while, it's life and self love. Nothing is a waste if you enjoy it, and keep it for a while. I bought custom clothes on etsy once, long before when it was actually people making things themselves, and they were actually really nice quality and fit me perfectly. It cost more but I never regretted that decision.

No. 1581562

Why does it seem to me, a non-american that all American jehova's witnesses are black? Is there a reason for it or have I just noticed the black ones online/movies/TV?

No. 1581569

So, I live in a big house that's divided by two, legal it's considered an "Apartment" but it's just a house.
My landlord lives on the other half, she recently got in this couple to board in her home, they have their own recycling, we have our own recycling.
The recycling guy comes every 2 weeks, and lately, they've been using MY side of the recycling, which I don't mind but because the couple all they eat is package boxed shit, it's been getting filled up pretty fucking quickly.
I want to be petty and put a lock on it, but I'm sure the LL will get mad, she's a pretty nice lady and hasn't increased our rent in years.
Basically, should I do it?

No. 1581571

Talk to your landlord about it before jumping to the lock. Explain that while you don't mind them using yours, they are using so much of yours that you are unable to use it at all and you need them to leave you plenty of space. She'll then talk to them, and if they don't stop, talk to her again and say that unfortunately, since you don't have use of your own recycling bins, that you are revoking your offer to allow them to use it. Then, if they use it again, you put a lock on it. It's all lies and little polite dances, but it makes you the reasonable one and them the rude ones.
I've only ever seen one black Jehovah Witness once, overwhelmingly, they are white.

No. 1581575

Are you allergic to talking?
First address your neighbours and ask them nicely to stop using your trash. Then if they don't, talk to the landlady and ask her if you can lock it.

No. 1581577

Probably just where you live. Like another anon said they're mostly white, but JW got popular in the Caribbean and south America for someone reason so those are probably the black/brown ones you're seeing

No. 1581578

When you buy from yesstyle in the us do you have to do anything extra, or is it just like ordering from a us store? Is there surprise customs fees or just up front shipping?

No. 1581636

ok see this is what I was thinking and wondering if there was some major area that got into it at some point and then emigrated, thank you! we have jehovas as well but I'm from a very homogenous country and everyone I've encountered have been white

No. 1581730

the state i live in is 25% black and I've only seen one or two black JWs and the remainder of their door-to-door posse was white. idk but i'm guessing a "black community" where you live is somewhat tight-knight and once one family got converted a bunch of the rest followed.

No. 1581768

File: 1684519799896.gif (872.47 KB, 192x192, D6CD272D-B3FC-4B02-B4AA-D1CD18…)

Where can i download books (epubs) for free? Zlibrary doesn’t allow me to download anymore. Help!

No. 1581773


No. 1581789

File: 1684521814693.jpeg (104.01 KB, 900x900, FwKRIpSaIAAnhMT.jpeg)

No. 1581790

Are you prettier than average? Women won't hire a pretty nanny, it's too risky.

No. 1581793

Bullshit, the average woman isn't constantly on edge expecting her husband to cheat.

No. 1581817

Any other nonas use bato for manga? There's some dumbass who's recently been uploading a fuck ton of scrote porn shit using the josei tag and it's pissing me off. I don't see any sort of report feature that I could flag for incorrect tagging but I might just be missing it. Is my only option pming this person and hope they aren't enough of an ass to keep doing it? Their profile puts the uploader as female so I feel like it might just be some girl who is only now venturing out of literal hentai upload sites, but even then, assuming this is earnest and not some weird scrote trolling, I feel like I might get some retarded argument like "well I'M a girl and I like it so it can be tagged josei"

No. 1581836

> All I know is to keep your neck, stomach and feet exposed

Where do they say that at?

Light colors, loose clothing, thin fabrics, and keeping the sun off your skin helps keep you cool.

No. 1581842

Can someone PLEASE give me some movie titles for female rage, specifically that critiques how women have to be youthful at all times, or at least the beauty industry? I loved helter skelter. It can be from any country, I do not care.

No. 1581857

Is prison break interesting or is it scrote shit?

No. 1581867

I thought prison break leant cringe but the first 2 seasons were okay.

No. 1581872

Batman Returns (1992)
Showgirls (1995)
Dumplings (part of Three…Extremes, 2004 anthology)
The Neon Demon
Breeder (2020, haven’t seen it might just be torture porn)

Batman rec is half a joke but it did pop into my mind due to the villain. There’s a manga called Loves Miracle/Koi no Kiseki that deals heavily with beauty but it’s not that much like Helter Skelter. I love Helter Skelter, none of the movies I suggested are as good as it but Neon Demon is probably the closest thing to it thematically

No. 1581874

It sucks ass and it’s scrote shit.

No. 1581877

Are dating sites even worth trying? Every time I join one, I meet the worst men imaginable on them.

No. 1581890

You've never hired a nanny. Even self assured women don't hire beautiful nannies, it's just not worth the risk.

No. 1581902

one of the dumbest things a woman who wants to keep her moid around can do is hire a pretty nanny. Scrotes can't be trusted around anything that makes their dicks jump and even they know it. But hell, Arnold Schwarzenegger cheated with a nanny who resembled a grandmother so I guess the key is to not hire a nanny unless your scrote is rarely home? Idk. Being a hetrosexual married mother sounds like a unique hellscape.

No. 1581908

Anons how do I stop switching interests? I go every few month or even weeks into a new thing. Be it music or fashion style, I discover something and get totally into it and it’s all I can think about. Then the next thing comes. I think partially I’m reliving my past/ childhood and partially it’s fomo.

No. 1581919

This is so false they do hire pretty nannies especially if they are cheap. But that other anon is right in that they don’t expect their husband to cheat— they just get blindsided. I had the dad come onto me at every nanny job I had I was also very young so even creepier it’s really tragic

No. 1581942

Obvious choices you probably heard of, but:
Stepford Wives (there’s an original and a remake; honestly I like them both a lot but prefer the original a tiny bit more)
Black Swan

You might also like the show Physical (on Showtime) — deals with fitness and body image industry more than cosmetic beauty industry but I think it’s very much in the vein you’re looking for

No. 1581951

I think I was unclear, I meant I kept seeing only black jw in the american media and was wondering if it's more a black people thing there, I live in a nordic capital now so there's all kinds of people here but I'm from a city where there really wasn't any communities that weren't white. Romani maybe, but I always forget that I need to explain a bit better when I ask my dumb questions, but I read up on it a bit and get it now! thank you nonas

No. 1581963

Is little sleep still bad for you when you feel perfectly fine? Ever since I'm around fourteen or fifteen I've been running on about four hours of sleep every night. I thought it's fine, because I knew about sleep cycles and just assumed that's my sweet spot, and my grandma also rarely sleeps more than five hours per night, but whenever I look it up, I only find articles talking about how even less than six hours per night could lead to issues like dementia down the line. Fwiw, I can sleep a normal eight to ten hours, too, with almost no problem on the weekends.

No. 1581990

File: 1684534944559.jpg (58.05 KB, 564x799, 933657edc2354710814f018a8518dd…)

My cat's whisker fell out naturally this afternoon and I have it on my desk. Would it be weird to keep it as a little memento and if so what sort of nice things can you do with a cat's whisker? I would like to keep it as he is getting old and I want to collect things that remind me of him.

No. 1581991

my mom collects all the hair she brushes out from her cats so she can make little cat caricatures of them, I don't know how normal that is but you do you nona. Maybe get a nice frame of like a small pretty glass jar to collect them in

No. 1582011

Anons, do you have a hard time making choice? Do you know how to deal with it? I spend unreasonable amount of time on deciding what clothes, accessories, makeup to buy (online). Buying offline is not an option. Sometimes I would narrow it down to two options but then struggle to choose just one. That's ridiculous.

No. 1582031

there is a book just for you

No. 1582040

Is it possible to craft with dog hair as well?

No. 1582094

Why do I keep seeing homosectuals referring to non binary people as pears? Do I even want to know what that mean

No. 1582102

What is up with IamAllexx changing online guy groups all the time? I just got autoplayed a video with him and a bunch of guys, the last time I saw him he was in with Willne and the bandana retard. Sorry if this should go into the YT thread but is there tea?

No. 1582110

I heard he's super unstable. My guess is some form of BPD. I think he's also threatened to delete his socials more than once or twice. I think "emotionally unstable" is the best explanation.

No. 1582117

I actually remember him doing something like that, and he does have the mentally ill bisexual young man energy around him. I remember there being some e-boys drama but it was impossible to keep up with back in the day because the fans were all kids and my old nosy ass felt too stupid to do it. He did talk about George in the video I just watched so I guess they're still good.

No. 1582119

He is a fucking snake. Tried to help and frame his friend for rape, along with her friend group and all turned their backs on him.

No. 1582121

Is there like a chat ai thread here for stuff like character ai or chai and stuff like that, or any thread it's being discussed at all? I've gotten really into it and I'm sure anons have some funny takes on this stuff, I wanna read

No. 1582127

would you mind sliding into the youtube thread with this, I don't even know who this friend would be

No. 1582132

Are there any medfags who could help translate a report on injuries from an autopsy? Not trying to upset anyone… I just want to understand what I am looking at and its not clicking

No. 1582135

Sorry samefag, its in english, I just dont understand the terminology.

No. 1582173

Bumping this one of you hate nbs enough to know the answer

No. 1582175

Did you try just googling or looking on wikipedia?

No, you can try making one, probably on /m/?

No. 1582198

File: 1684555656611.jpg (81.84 KB, 768x867, Untitled-2.jpg)

which instrument do ya'll think elsie plays? the banjo? is she good at it? does she use it to annoy her cows?

No. 1582202

No. 1582205

Why are Gen Z males so short? I walked past a bunch of them lined up for an event and everybody (males and females) was actually more or less the same height, except one taller guy. I assume the girls were wearing heels of some kind, but wtf.

I feel like it's common to come across a 6ft+ Millennial, Gen X and Boomers. I live in a male dominated city and I like to people watch, end up observing a lot of guys.

No. 1582207

No. 1582208

no way, she plays the accordion

No. 1582211

me and the nonnies playing for the cows

No. 1582213

well what are they eating?

No. 1582253

Do pretty faces turn you on I was letting my bf finger me for the first time and I was so easily aroused and maybe it was me ovulating but Ooooooh whoa I enjoyed it

No. 1582258

Does anyone else think their pussy juice smells amazing? after I finger myself I always sit around sniffing my fingers for a while because it smells so nice. If I had to describe it I'd say it smells like a mix between the smell of fresh air after a rain and a light, earthy muskiness. I've only ever heard people complain about how pussy supposedly stinks and it makes no sense to me. I honestly think mine would make a nice candle or air freshener kek. Does anyone else smell like that?

No. 1582262

what are some ways to make money on the side while setting my own hours? more like a side hustle and not actual job? I was thinking forex trading or general investing and trading but I'm kind of dumb and it looks like it's actually difficult to learn lol.
some more ideas I had (let me know if any of you have had experience with these): making and selling anime/vidya merch for franchises that have limited/shitty or even no merch, voice acting, content creation to pander to an unfulfilled niche (streaming and making youtube videos), starting up a small/indie jfashion brand

No. 1582265

No. 1582267

It can't be that rare, right? What do you smell like normally? I swear to god I won't judge I'm just confused about the variety of pussy smell reports, none of which ever seem to match mine…

No. 1582270

It’s weird, I don’t think mine smells at all before, during or after masturbation. It does smell a lot while I’m showering though, it’s a very sweet smell, and it’s very nice, it’s surely just a mixture with the soap I use but then again, it smells exactly the same regardless of the soap I use, and I don’t even wash inside or the sorts by the way. Just normally, but I still end up smelling a lot, like the whole bathroom smells like that.

No. 1582272

Wait, I'm confused. You can't smell your pussy at all even after you've been masturbating, but when you take a shower it perfumes the whole room?

No. 1582276

I hate men but in my gut I still want a boyfriend. How do I deal with this? Either way.

No. 1582286

Mine smells like Greek yogurt

No. 1582294

File: 1684568576246.png (1002.31 KB, 640x910, 51733e1baacb85015212071301cf28…)

Anons, should I continue to take Adderall despite the side effects?

I have been taking it for 3 days and I've been experiencing chest pain, heart palpitations, really bad stomachaches (it feels like someone is twisting my stomach in knots). Today I woke up feeling dizzy, nauseous, my nose is running, my muscles are aching, I might also have a fever right now. These symptoms all supposed to be common, but holy shit, I've never experienced side effects this bad from any medication before.

The other thing is, while it does work and helps me focus, it does not give me motivation. So all it makes me is procrastinate more efficiently and make me more aware of time and I'm not sure if this is what I'm supposed to be feeling. My bf says I should keep taking it until my body gets used to it, but I'm really not sure, does it get better?

No. 1582307

You should probably call your doctor and see what they think?

No. 1582390

You're so right I went and got it and it turned out to be less money than I remembered so I feel 0 guilt. I love it so much I'm so happy

No. 1582576

Was there an episode of Rugrats (might've been All Grown Up, too) where I think Angelica gained telekinetic powers or did I dream that up?

No. 1582579

I googled this and there is an of a CGI Rugrats series monstrosity that I didn't know existed before today called Great Minds Think Alike from 2021 where Angelica and Susie are trying to be telekinetic

No. 1582607

Does zopiclone make you high? Im not into benzos but I could use a little bit of a good time right now

No. 1582611

What does it mean if sex in a relationship with a man I love and sex with a ONS feels basically the same to me? In both case I don't orgasm (I have anorgasmia and vaginismus, great) but I still have a good time. It just seemed like such a eureka moment when I had a hookup with a random hot guy recently where I realized I felt the same way towards him during sex than towards my ex, and that it has been a trend in my life (even before I developed vaginismus). Seems like it means something but I am too dumb to decipher what…

No. 1582613

Find the baseline of how much it helps. Try to do a repeatable distasteful task off the Adderall and rate on a scale of 1-10 how hard it is. Then, do the task one hour after taking the Adderall and rate it again. Rate and compare other measurements like heart rate, mood, concentration, and anxiety. Then, take 1/2 of your dose the next day and repeat all of it. Measure again six hours after taking.

You might be sensitive to it and need a lesser dose. You might need a different generic, or even a different medication altogether. I know the pink pill version of Adderall is garbage for me. Compared to the orange pill genetic, the pink leads to greater anxiety, decreased sleep, and lessened concentration. Whatever your findings, advocate to your doctor about your requested next steps and explain what your research has shown. Doctors really don't know anything about anything, it's all trial and error with your health.

No. 1582614

I can. Just spoiler it in case it might upset others. If you're translating from the coroner's hand writing, try to include a picture of the writing as well as your text translation in case you misunderstand something.

No. 1582626

The making merch for smaller fandoms sounds like the most profitable. Investing is a quick way to lose money if you don't know what you're doing and a slow way if you do. Small time voice actors usually work for free.

No. 1582635

Speaking of a personal, and traumatic experience. I took one for sleep and since I still couldn't fall asleep, I started to hallucinate in the next 30 minutes. I felt giddy and happy in the first 30 minutes, but the shadow people among others was ultimately unpleasant and I never took one again.
You can read about it on the psychonaut wiki if you want to know more in depth.

No. 1582660

independent art for profit is usually a bust and huge investment in building a brand and audience, unless you want to draw for furries or porn. start lurking exist communities and accounts of the side hustles you're considering.

No. 1582661

sometimes I smell like pancakes, I love it personally. For some reason when I was with my ex I always smelled kind of sweaty and gross, I think my body was rejecting him kek.

No. 1582663

i heard of the fact that troons with dementia become afraid of themselves because they can't remember the cosmetic surgery they went through, but is it the same with people who just have non-gender related cosmetic surgery? like someone who got lip fillers or a nose job or boob job and they grow old and develop dementia, do they also go through the same thing and become afraid of their body?

No. 1582668

it’s probably not as bad. a boob job or bbl would definitely make someone freak out but i have no idea about facial surgery. you become more unrecognizable to yourself as you age anyway so i think the aging face would distract from a nose job or brow lift

No. 1582673

Yeah, it’s weird. Maybe it’s because the bathroom is small and I take warm showers, so there’s lots of steam? I don’t really get it either.

No. 1582677

I genuinely do not mean to racebait, but why do some black guys love fat white women? Like obese level white women.

No. 1582678

my grandma was shocked by her older face alone but there was a lady in the same facility who had gotten pretty round implants ages ago so they were, well they looked very off on her and she had a few quite dangerous stints of wanting to remove them. She wasn't as old as the rest of the residents but very advanced in her memory issues, I think she was barely 70? That's just my experience but I would think to a degree, it might happen but with troons, imagine the male aggression ft. the dementia aggression, kinda tragic.

No. 1582681

From what I’ve seen they don’t love them but they like the free perks of being with one because poor fat white women will fund the lives of attractive black bums because they aren’t used to attention form good looking men and they can abuse them as much as they see fit. All the need to do is gas her up and tell her how she’s better than black women because she’s not used to being better than anyone. It’s sad but most black men go after them for a rent free place to live.

No. 1582688

Samefag also a lot of white trash fat white women gravitate towards black men because they think when black men say they like thick women that means they like fat women but there’s a difference….

No. 1582715

Men have blurred the lines on what thick means in the last few years. Plenty will say they like thick women when they're full on fat fetishists who're just too embarrassed to call it what it is.

No. 1582717

Is Killing Stalking worth watching or is it just edgy for the sake of edgy? I don't know anything about the plot btw.

No. 1582726

Is it even something to watch was that a manga

No. 1582744

Eh it’s whatever, not bad not good. Just really edgy BL. The mystery murder stuff is kinda interesting I guess. I’m not a fujo but I feel like there’s better edgy BL than it

No. 1582746

Oh i thought it was an edgy crime anime. Thanks for saving me time, not interested in fujo stuff

No. 1582748

What drives a person to keep posting on a website where they aren't welcome and keeps getting banned? Some anons here are like that. An older example is necessaryspeed.

No. 1582768

Neglected unloved childhood, only ever gained attention from getting into trouble

No. 1582775

Is the porn bot epidemic on tumblr so bad again that having to block +5 bots/day is normal, or do I just get them for some reason because I like a lot of anti-porn stuff or something like that?

No. 1582779

Maybe they like clinging to a sense of familiarity with the place, even if that place is somewhere they're hated, they can always go somewhere else but hate feeling like a newfag hidden among oldfags. Or it's something like 'I know majority of the anons hate me but THEY are wrong, I'm right, so why should I leave?' along with 'I will prove them wrong one day and there'll definitely be at least a single anon who agrees with me if I continue posting'. Whatever's the case, one thing is for sure — they have no life of their own, many of us might joke that we're terminally online but an actual terminally online person behaves like them.

No. 1582783

I feel like this is the case with almost everyone on tumblr at the moment. I created an account just recently because I wanted to see the gifs of my favourite movies and shows, so I've never liked or interacted with anything outside of that (not even with the fandoms or anything nsfw/anti-nsfw), yet I get followed by porn bots everyday. I don't even post anything, my tumblr is empty kek.

No. 1582784

What I don't understand is how one person can post the same opinions over and over and not get bored. Rancefag makes sense because she's a husbandofag and they're all like that, but others like necessaryspeed4 and paki-chan? What drives someone to function more like a bot than a person?

No. 1582797

The same reason that people that swear they never post here lie about it to people irl, online, and each other kek

No. 1582798

Are there any language courses for languages that aren't English in synthetic phonics?

No. 1582800

if you can afford it do it. If it's custom that means it's usually good quality (AKA not mass produced) or that it's OOAK

No. 1582802

samefag but if you think the price is too much then wait a few days and if you still think its too much then don't get it

No. 1582805

What website for blogs that isn't tumblr is easiest to use on desktop?

No. 1582830

Is it absolutely necessarry to match a bag, a belt, and shoes, for example? Is it a crime if all of them are different colors? For example: white sneakers, brown leather belt, and black leather bag.

No. 1582837


No. 1582872

How old is too old to successfully have relationships and sex for the first time? Any of you nonnies had your first partner at age 30 or older? I’m not quite 30 yet, but it’s coming up, and I feel very insecure about my lack of romantic and sexual experience, and feel that if I do somehow get a bf soon, I’ll fuck it up because I’m just so far behind.

No. 1582877

Gotta get that ps5

No. 1582883

Not really. Specially because those are neutral colors. I think that as long as the materials of the outfit are of a good quality and well take care of, most combinations will be okay.

No. 1582894

Think about it this way nonnie: some people have lots of experience but still suck both at relationships and sex. I wouldn't say it doesn't matter at all, but it certainly doesn't matter as much as it may seem, and it's not worth overthinking. Sex isn't really complicated, plus people are different and like different things, so you'll be learning either way. Communication is important both in sexual and romantic relationships.
Just for example, I was in a relationship with a guy that was a virgin before me (20+) and briefly with a 25+ guy that has had quite a few relationships and sex partners, and the second one was much, much worse at everything. I knew for a fact he was experienced, not something he made up, but it didn't help him at all, while the first one was way better both at sex and communication. Just be considerate and pay attention to your partner, but don't forget about your own needs and boundaries. You'll be fine, nona.


No. 1582947

Because a white woman in general is seen as a genetic one-up to black men, and obese white women can be easy targets.

No. 1582950

I got sucked into it and read it all in a day
Pretty interesting but deffo edge-lord stuff

No. 1583009

Gotta second her. Past experience doesn’t mean the relationship will be better. Experience with socializing in general can help for obvious reasons but I gotta say outside normal social behavior a good relationship is based on more intangible things like sexual attraction and “chemistry”

No. 1583016

File: 1684637314712.png (446.97 KB, 602x461, 09-.png)

Who do you think is cuter and has the better personality between Queen Elizabeth II and Taylor Swift?

No. 1583125

>better personality
neither lmao

No. 1583235

File: 1684665214212.jpg (45.88 KB, 768x512, carrots.jpg)

Is there a healthy eating/diet/cooking thread? Or should I go to the fitness thread for advice or the ED thread

No. 1583237

that's what I was leaning towards, maybe a combination of merch for smaller fandoms plus making occasional youtube videos for a niche audience. too bad about the voice acting since that'd be easy for me to do.
I wouldn't mind doing female gazey porn honestly (don't think the demand is very high though) but probably not furry stuff unless its sfw kek. I've been lurking some accounts that make niche merch and they seem to be doing quite well for it being a side hustle

thanks for the advice nonas

No. 1583250

What are your thoughts on tucking hair under glasses frames instead of letting it fall over them?

No. 1583252

I've never had thoughts about that. I don't have to think about every single minute occurrence under the sun

No. 1583258

usually makes me assume they put on their glasses constantly if they're regularly placed on top of their hair

No. 1583259

I don't know about a diet one specifically but there is a lifestyle and fitness thread in /g/! There is also "things you ate" here in ot

No. 1583260

samefag, I just realised you already mentioned the fitness one. yes that's a good thread, apologies I am a fat retard and haven't had my coffee yet

No. 1583265

I’ve never played a Zelda game before. Can I start playing the latest one or will it not make sense?

No. 1583279

You can! This is the very reason sometimes you'd not see a number in a game title even if technically it is in some way connected to an earlier title - the game was made to be a good enough experience as standalone and knowledge of the previous one will only make the experience nicer, but is in no way required.

No. 1583314

I have a bandaid on my arm that keeps getting unstuck, is it a bad idea to use lash glue to stick it down better only on the parts that aren't touching the injury?

No. 1583326

not a bad idea if the injury is small and you make sure that the lash glue dont touch it. otherwise i think a tape would work better to stick the bandaid

No. 1583362

Sounds stupid

No. 1583383

I'm supposed to write a summary for my profile and job application and I'm not sure if I should be more specific or what. Is this good?

The prompt "In no more than 150 words, please tell us about yourself; who you are, your teaching philosophy, aspirations, plans…"

>I consider myself undeniably ambitious, inspiring, and dedicated. I knew what I wanted from a young age and set my sights on those goals. I adapt to my environment and circumstances, overcoming each challenge in my path. I know my heart and my psyche and how to navigate the world. The most zealous of goals is my desire to see the world. And so among my passions is absorbing foreign language and culture by living in immersion. I aim to excel in language, music, dance, sports, worldly knowledge and to inspire others to seek out their passions, what sets their heart on fire, and encourage them in their pursuits of success. One must feel alive to learn, absorb, and prosper. I am devoted to my dreams and to share with others my endless curiosities. I wish to feel satisfied but to never lose my thirst for life.

No. 1583394

I think you should make it more about the job you’re applying for. Questions like that are a trick. They don’t actually want your true thoughts and feelings, they don’t want to know you. They’re trying to fit you into a job-shaped hole and it’s your job on your resume to make it seem like you’re the perfect shape for that hole. Some of what you wrote is good because it explains your philosophy — which they did ask about — but the rest of it isn’t useful to a hiring manager or whoever will be reading all that. Their eyes will glaze over and roll into the back of their heads before they get halfway through. What they actually want to know is more like “who you are when you’re working, your teaching philosophy for this job, aspirations at this job, plans for when you are at this job”. Right now your answer makes it sound like you’re going to request a lot of vacation time.

No. 1583407

Lol the job does include travel actually, and wants someone musically inclined and with sports experience, fluent in multiple languages, well educated and a good role model.

I should have said what the job was in the op, but it's a private tutor that will turn into homeschooling. So I thought it shows who I am and at the same time demonstrates I am qualified to provide a well rounded education to the student. But yeah I am gonna rework it a bit.

And thanks so much for replying

No. 1583424

File: 1684687310089.gif (2.75 MB, 350x280, byebye.gif)

can someone please threaten to come to my house and kill me if i dont clean my house? please

No. 1583429

Ohhh, what an interesting job. All the adventurous travel and culture stuff makes sense then. The “who you are” parts are unclear to me though
> I adapt to my environment and circumstances, overcoming each challenge in my path.
Better if you can be specific about a challenge you overcame/environment you adapted to, being vague can come across like basic regurgitated resume jargon
>I aim to excel in language, music, dance, sports,
Makes it sound like you haven’t excelled in these fields yet but you’re aiming to. They probably want to know what languages, music, dance and sports you’ve excelled at.
Otherwise I notice there’s nothing about your passion for molding developing humans into their best selves so they can become well rounded free thinking successful cultured adults etc. Gotta mention working with children or adolescents at some point I think. Something about your teaching style too, unless your plan is to use your awesomeness to inspire the child into learning (honestly would have worked on me as a child but I don’t know if parents would believe that lol)

But obviously this is like a special type of job with specific requirements so I don’t really know what they want you to tell them. Sounds like a fun but challenging gig, I hope you get it!

No. 1583437

Clean your damn house already. Do you want to live amongst roaches? If you like roaches and other insects go ahead and never clean. I’m just trying to encourage you to clean

No. 1583461

Really thank you, this is so helpful. My resume includes every you've mentioned, even my motivation letter. I am thinking how to rework this, and I'll post it soon. I think I will just mentioned everything I can offer that the ad was looking for, seems like a good summary showing how suitable I am for this particular job.

No. 1583462

i love you nona im getting up right now lets GOOOOOO i am waging an all out war on the roaches already squatting in my house… begone whores

No. 1583600

File: 1684698683874.jpg (13.96 KB, 355x236, x.jpg)

First off, I never realized this was a British thing. Secondly, how annoying do we think this is? I suddenly think it's really cute and want to start doing it but I need opinions. Thanks nonnas x

No. 1583603

Roaches have been known to eat body hair like eyelashes and eyebrows at night

No. 1583604

Idk about it being a British thing, to me it's like a 2012 internet thing

No. 1583616

NTA although I need to clean my house too, but it’s just human/cat/dog hair and residual poopy litter box feet germs all over the place. And clutter. I’ve thankfully never dealt with vermin aside from the flies that spawn in the kitchen when the dishes aren’t done for a while, and they go away within a day of doing the dishes.

No. 1583617

it's just a bit funny really, sometimes you message people and they put the x at the end of every single message. i only use it when i'm joking around

No. 1583620

Help a dumbass nonas, what does the x mean. Is it like the “over” in a telegram?

No. 1583626

I know there's an x and an o (like in xoxo), one meant hug and the other one meant kiss but I forgot which was which

No. 1583633

File: 1684700588350.jpg (210.55 KB, 1080x1387, Screenshot_20230521_232404_Bra…)

It means "luv you" in British

No. 1583638

Make a stew

No. 1583639

why is there a binge eating thread but no eating disorder thread

No. 1583641

There's one on /g/.

No. 1583642

No. 1583691

What's a good reason for having lost/fucked up your voice? I cried so hard this weekend I lost my voice and can barely speak. Luckily my job doesn't require me speaking a lot, but I have to go into the office and I want to have a good excuse as to why my voice is fucked up. Could allergies fuck up your voice? I was thinking to say I went to a concert and strained my voice singing along to the songs, but there's been no concert or loud event where I live this weekend. Maybe a cold?

No. 1583704

allergies have made so cough prone when speaking sometimes that I just told people that I am saying my voice so allergies might work, hope you feel better nona

No. 1583710

Throat ulcer. I had one recently and it hurt too bad to talk and everyone was understanding

No. 1583761

Got a bit too carried away playing with younger family members

No. 1583765

Okay I read the last celebritycow thread and I'm still wondering why its so hard for americans so separate race and ethicity when it comes to foreign countries when they do it all day every day themselves in the US? Like turks are all turkish, but they can be asian, white, arab or a mix. Someone isn't automatically poc just bc they aren't from a whole white country, a white ass caucasian blonde blue eyed european ancestor ass turk isnt a person of colour just bc they are from turkey tf? Same with mexicans, if one is a pure spanish decent german admixture white blonde blue eyes doesnt make them a racial minority in a white country just bc they are from mexico? I'm not trying to race bait, its just baffling to me that its so hard for the woke politically correct generation to understand, I mean they spend their entire life tiptoeing these subjects? Or is it bc its trendy to be a minority, so white people from ethnically diverse countries try to get the poc card?

No. 1583772

I stopped trying with Americans when we had a exchange student from the US in high school and there was this issue with one old ass teacher calling our Moldovan immigrang classmate Russian. The exchange student straight up refused to even listen to the Moldovan classmate and it was brutal, this was in the early-ish 2000s I guess but they still seem to be on that shit.

No. 1583778

Recently returned an item from amazon that i bought with my debit card. I think i made a mistake with choosing my refund cause i got it in store credit. trying to get through customer service to see if i can get the return back on my debit instead of store credit, but it seems amazon wants you to go through it's ai before getting to a person, but the ai isnt recognizing the problem (pretty much talks or types in circles with me stating "checking refund status - your refund has been completed"). requested a phone call but was put on a 20 minute hold before the phone stopped making the "brrring" sound so i don't know if i was even calling anyone after as it continued to sound dead until i hung up. anyways, has anyone successfully navigated a similar situation? what's the odds that i have to deal with it and just take the store credit?

No. 1583780

Because of academia in the 60s and 70s. It used to be every American was an American, but the universities started pushing out identity studies and it has now become so ingrained that it is considered racist to not identify someone by race first.

No. 1583783

If you used any gift card value for the purchase it might make you accept the whole thing as a store credit, same if you select to keep the item instead of mailing the return back, and possibly if you request a faster refund (not sure if that is an option).
I think you are stuck with it as store credit, they will go out of their way to make it difficult to do so if not outright say sorry too late.

No. 1583788

Can I leave reviews of items on Amazon if I buy 50 dollars in gift cards? Or can I only leave reviews if I spend money directly with a credit card?

No. 1583820

Is there already an astrology thread and if so which board can I find it on??? Can I make one on ot if there is only one on like g or m?

No. 1583826

Lmao if everyone was American and no one was identified by race until the 70s then how were hospitals turning away black people in the south when the few beds reserved for blacks were taken up? How was social security denied to blacks on the basis of race? DID YOU SOMEHOW FORGET ABOUT SEGREGATION, RETARD? Fuck American children are stupid these days, literally know nothing about the only country they've ever seen.

No. 1583833

You sound pretty pressed and retarded. Maybe pick up a book instead of staring at TikTok all day.

No. 1583835

No. 1583836

buy the exact same thing with that store credit, then return it for money back

No. 1583840

Nta but I think you're actually the one who needs to pick up a book kek

No. 1583886

Is there a way to legally purchase a base game on Steam but pirate the DLCs and add onto my nonpirated copy? I don't want to purchase a $500 paradox game that includes everything but at the same time I want to be able to use the Steam workshop for ease of downloading and installing mods.

No. 1583895

They want the poc card. Also Americans are dumb (I can say that because I’m literally a homeschooled American and I described an Italian man named Giuseppe as “Egyptian or something?” when I left home for the first time just because he was tan and I’d never heard that name and it sounded exotic)

No. 1583931

Go to cs.rin.ru and look up creamAPI. You should find a post with a download link and install tutorial. You can probably also find your DLC over there. Good luck nonnie!

No. 1584016

File: 1684737767038.jpg (8.09 KB, 264x191, Untitled (1).jpg)

I always assumed x's were hugs because it looks like someone with open arms, and o's were kisses because they kind of look like a lipstick kiss mark but apparently kisses are x because of picrel? That's retarded and I will keep on with my original thought.

No. 1584022

what I've been able to do without bothering with steam emulators is just find a fixed exe on https://gamecopyworld.com this site

No. 1584028

I do this all the time. It's so annoying that you have to talk to the chat bot first. I just answer the multiple choice question with "need help with something else" and eventually it asks me if I want to chat now with an associate or get a call. I always do the online chat. Also at some point in the chat box, a little symbol of a person wearing a headset will appear and disappear quickly and if I can click it in time, it connects me to a live person. It's fucking annoying

My understanding is that you must spend at least $50 with your Amazon account before you are allowed to leave reviews. You can only review items you've purchased though, so I'm not really sure I'm understanding your question fully.

It's because our education system is abysmal, and it's going to get worse. I thought this was extremely common knowledge by now. It's just not really common knowledge unfortunately. Also the average Burg simply doesn't care. womp womp

No. 1584030

samefag and I'm too dick to delete and fix this but I meant "It's not really common knowledge to know races vs ethnicities". It's probably on purpose because our government hates us

No. 1584122

what's the normie counterpart of the word samefagging? I don't think my friends would be all that comfortable of me using the word fag lol

No. 1584139

maybe "i just want to add" "i also think…" since it isn't anon then there's no reason to say "hey same person replying"

No. 1584166

what do you mean by it? If you mean samefagging as in pretending to be a different anon to defend yourself and/or keep an infight going the more "PC" and recognized term is sockpuppeting.

No. 1584168

Ironic that anons here are using "samefag" to avoid accusations of actual samefagging

No. 1584186

I mean, since it’s anonymous you have to make sure that whatever you want to add doesn’t seem like you’re defending or supporting your main point.

No. 1584189

Samefagging is specifically about pretending to be someone else for deceptive purposes, much like sockpuppeting, by adding "samefag" to your own replies you are literally not samefagging.

No. 1584190

File: 1684759688312.png (74.01 KB, 2048x786, samefag.png)

No. 1584191

Yeah, the point is to make other anons think more people care about your thread or post than they actually do. Just adding to your own post without denying it's yourself you're replying to is by definition not samefagging

No. 1584202

like if you send them a text and then want to add more information or context to that text so you send another one? that's normal so you don't even need to announce it just send two text after each other. I think it's called double texting. Or do as >>1584139 say and say "I forgot to mention" or somethingblike that. In conversation you can say "I wanna add to the point I made earlier when we where talking about xyz"

No. 1584207

I would ask anon to clarify if she means samefagging as in double texting/posting or samefagging as in sockpuppeting/astroturfing but now she got synonyms for both I guess.

No. 1584265

Does anyone else have a remote tech job? do you also feel like you're doing fucking nothing all day? is this normal? am I doing something wrong?

No. 1584273


Wfh since the pandemic, it's a normal feeling and takes a minute to get used to. During my day, I have a few meetings, watch our ticket que and make sure I chat in our group work chat to keep abreast of what projects are coming down the pipe (we have some equipment refreshes happening soon due to some old stuff being EOL), but I'm not busy the whole time. Plus is my house is now a lot cleaner than before and I like that I can cook during lunch.

You should be fine as long as you keep an eye out for emergencies and such, but yea anon wfh is amazing!

No. 1584290

is there a thread dedicated to those japanese instagram girls who do lives everyday while drunk and/or drugged & kinda have the vibe of jirai kei in general etc etc. ??? it's so addicting to follow & watch them, even tho i know it brings no value to me.

No. 1584291

is there a thread dedicated to those japanese instagram girls who do lives everyday while drunk and/or drugged & kinda have the vibe of jirai kei in general etc etc. ??? it's so addicting to follow & watch them, even tho i know it brings no value to me.

No. 1584298

File: 1684772147454.jpg (10.42 KB, 192x191, unnamed.jpg)

Is it dumb to be unable to even go on a date with someone who has the same name as your ex? The last one was violent so I'm assuming that's normal but I feel weird seeing anyone who has the same name as someone from even years ago

I did last year and I loved it. I set up my laptop next to my provided work computer so I could do whatever all day. I was paid alright to do the bare minimum in pajamas on someone else's computer all summer. It's quite normal. If you have a teams group with your coworkers at some point you'll probably play online pictionary out of boredom or end up on day-long calls just shooting the shit until you clock out.

No. 1584312

Do you have any instagram names of girls like that? Sounds interesting

No. 1584315

Anons help. I'm a mega-loser who went back to school mid-twenties and now I'm tasked with creating my CV for an assignment. I have no field-related work experience but I have a whole list of dumb part-time jobs you'd expect a teen to have dating back like 10 years because I'm old. What do I do, list all of those or just the recent ones that I've had as I've been studying what I'm studying rn? It seems kind of pointless to list a stupid supermarket job I had literally 10 years ago but idk. Also I dropped out literally multiple times (embarassing I know) do I list those or not)? If I don't there's like this huge unexplained gap between what I'm studying now and graduating high school.

No. 1584324

Congrats on school! You aren't a mega loser or I'm in trouble too. I'm starting my first semester this year at 30! In general, list what you want to share. If you feel like it's embarrassing or you don't want to explain it, just don't include it. Having a gap in work or school in your 20's isn't that weird, a lot of people are finding themselves and have the luxury to do so. Especially since it's just for school, they want you to do it for the experience of doing so, you'll be prepared after school when you need to do it for real. Don't list stuff you don't feel like is relevant/don't want to explain then either. Your job here is to look like an appealing person/candidate. If none of your experience does that work for you, then you use some fancy words to convince them that personality-wise, you're still the right choice.

No. 1584332

You'll want to cater your resume to whatever field/job you're entering. Which jobs have you had that either most closely relate, or else that demonstrated skills that translate directly over.
Also, don't go overboard with it, but lie. Say the job you want with your education is a therapist. Instead of saying the truth that you had a lot of little jobs and dropped out of college a few times, place one longer false job with skills in the middle. So you would claim that you were a nanny who practiced Montessori play techniques for a private family from 2018-2022. Then, as your reference, give the number of a friend who will lie for you and pretend to be your manager and let them to know to expect the call and what you need them to pretend to be. The hiring process is not just a resume, it's an intelligence check. It's not just telling them your skills, they are also testing if you are social enough to provide references, and smart enough to fill out a resume and cover letter while being obedient enough to be willing to jump through hoops. You would not believe the amount of times I set out to hire someone, just for 80% of applicants to disqualify themselves by not reading the posting instructions or submitting a spell checked resume.
Now, you don't want to go overboard and lie about things that are easily verified or so important that it's going to affect your job. So don't pretend you babysat the CEO or that you've been an air traffic controller. But saying you were head of babysitters club in high school? Sure, why not.
By the way, it's always better to base a lie in the truth. So if you had a job, even a short time, it's better to pretend that you had the same job for a much longer time at a different company than completely make up a job you've never had. But then again, if you're confident in your ability to have the skills that that job would have gave you, feel free to lie outright.
And finally, mid twenties aren't a mega loser. I went back in my mid twenties and my life is great. And my great grandma became a nurse after all of her children left her house in her early fifties. And she was a nurse for another twenty years.

No. 1584356

Actually stupid question but why are there so many characters named Ryuji with partially if not fully bleached blond hair? Yamazaki, Goda, Sakamoto, Suguro, probably others too

No. 1584368

File: 1684778934032.jpg (187.99 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230522_200956_Gal…)

How would you describe or call the pose the wolf is doing in the picture.

I've been trying to find reference pictures similar to this but I just can't find the righ words or description.

No. 1584371

wolf catching ball in midair

No. 1584379

it’s called ugly

No. 1584381

Ryuji is a name associated with dragons (the Ryu part) and dragons are associated with Yakuza, which in turn are associated with delinquents, which are then associated with bleached blonde hair. Hope this helps.

No. 1584383

if i take half a pill of lexapro to get me through finals this month do you think it'll affect my weight/calorie burn rate. not ana chan just wanna stop looking like a goblin

No. 1584394

File: 1684781661973.jpeg (1.35 MB, 4032x3024, 003530E9-C193-41AA-BB26-5C4D93…)

Nonnies help I am absolutely retarded
Can sunglasses have prescriptions?
I need to get glasses, but my eyes are very sensitive in the sun and need sunglasses for summer, but I can't wear two pairs of glasses.

Also which style is better? This or the next one?

No. 1584396

File: 1684781684060.jpeg (993.29 KB, 4032x3024, EC3F791E-64A3-4985-8551-AA584E…)

No. 1584401

I took time from school and never went back but took a lot of classes in my interests and learned things online, and just put on my cv that I didn't distance education, used my experience and exams to get credits for it, and this "graduated" with a degree studying part time while working. It's not traditional but if you have charisma people won't question it, they just ask "so you have a degree?" And I say yeah I do. No need to explain it. And elaborate on what you have been doing over the years, make it sound fancier than it really is, exaggerate. If you did something for two months, you did it for a year. If you learned something, you took a course and got certified. Embellish your resume like everyone else.

No. 1584405

there are sunglasses with prescription but in my experience typically people get glasses that adjust to sunlight and become sunglasses, or glasses with snap on sunglass lenses

No. 1584406

Yes, I think there might be some limitations like not managing to make the lenses as thin as you could make with regular glasses or something like that.

No. 1584407

Nona how good the glasses look is very dependent on how compatible they are with your face shape and it's not worth posting your face for us

No. 1584409

yes you can buy prescription sunglasses, next time you go to eye doctor get a copy if your prescription and then you can order them online

No. 1584421

It’s probably a terrible idea to adjust psych meds around finals. Do you mean you want to taper your current dose down or start taking it? Both are a bad idea because it’s not like SSRIs start working immediately and you’ll just be stuck with side effects and also tapering off of them can be very difficult.

No. 1584444

i got off them bc theyre fucking with my weight, which was a while ago. i started having panic attacks again and my depression is getting bad so i want to not feel anything for the next couple of weeks. i wanna get shit done

No. 1584459

If you’re already off them probably stay off. Fucking with your brain chemistry by stopping and starting meds is a terrible idea. Any effect you’d feel from them before/during finals would be placebo because they take time to build up in your system. Maybe you’re depressed and anxious simply because finals are coming up? That’s totally normal! Unless a person is so depressed they’re incapable of caring for themselves they probably don’t need to be medicated. That shit is tossed out like candy to women.

No. 1584464

Thank you so much for your detailed responses and taking your time to respond!!
>a lot of people are finding themselves and have the luxury to do so.
Anon I've never thought about it like that, it was probably not your intention but you genuinely just shifted my perspective on my situation a bit.

No. 1584476

Thank you so much for the answers anons. I've never heard of creamAPI before but I will look into it as it seems like something I exactly need. Now I'm worried if my 6 year steam account will get banned or flagged if I do this. Maybe I should do this on a separate steam account.

No. 1584547

Have any nonnas ever left an abusive relationship but only processed it a lot later? What happened? Especially if the processing inky began in a new relationship?

No. 1584607

it's called reverse image search, the artist has a ton of similar ar of wolves/cats/whatever in similar poses

No. 1584627

sockpuppetting is the word I was looking for. thank you to the anons who replied!

No. 1584675

amazon return nonna here, i was able to figure it out by going through the chat until i got a person, thanks fore your help!

No. 1584686

I grew up in abuse so I recognize it right away, and I am almost paranoid about how careful and protective I am of myself. But I will say it took me a while to realize the abuse happening at home, the trauma, and how much it affected me mentally. I had so much potential to be so normal, but they ruined my heart and mind and it took years to build up confidence.

It never hurts to talk to someone even if it's with us, we can understand you. Trauma is weird in how it lingers in your body physically.

No. 1584690

To the nonnie that gave me advice about my cv, I am still reworking it and glad I am taking a few days to do this. They want 2 to 5 pages explaining very specifically my experience, my character, my philosophy etc so I am adding in as much of my life as I can, every student I had, everything I have learned and done, it's so intricate I can't imagine who the hell else they could possibly find better than me seriously. It's like I've been preparing for this without even knowing just because I choose and enjoy living this way, and that's who they want for the job. It's still no guarantee but I am putting my all into this application and sending it out, if there is interest I have first interview, if there is a chance I have second interview. Anyway this job pays over 100k a year so hell I will spend the time pimping out my resume, getting a nice headshot, preparing for the potential interviews.

How do you not cry whether you get this job or not? If I get it the money will buy me a house and all my lifes dreams in a year or two, and if I don't, all that is still just a dream.

No. 1584699

why does every youtube eassaist enjoy smelling their own farts?

No. 1584743

Is KF permanently down at this point? I liked lurking

No. 1584745


How do you get these sorts of jobs? This is my dream

No. 1584751

Does tutoring students really pay they much?

No. 1584756

You're welcome bb!

No. 1584760

I just had the darkest thought they’ll try to turn you into a traveling nanny. Like how do you “homeschool” someone else’s kid? (Maybe that’s a stupid thought, but I’m just lost on what a private teacher who travels with the family looks like, like how could they not want you to wait on their child hand and foot for that much money). Make sure it’s not too good to be true! Don’t give them your passport!! Lmao

No. 1584891

Do men care about personality?

No. 1584912

Some of them do, some of them don't

No. 1584942

What does an average day look like for a concept artist or a character designer? Like, do you get directions from the art director/project leader and you work for an X amount of time based on that?

No. 1584952

File: 1684848247579.png (348.49 KB, 817x963, thank you card.png)

>How do you not cry whether you get this job or not
It is possible to do nothing wrong and still fail. If it happens, remember that it is likely nothing personal. Interviews are weird like that. Sometimes companies already have someone chosen for the position but by law they have to interview others to prove that they are not being discriminatory. You can always check for this by asking the interviewer if they already had someone in mind for the position. If they say yes, you know you will not get the job and that this is just interview practice. Even if you don't get it, nannies leave all the time. Interview with other families and continue to bulk up your resume with child CPR courses and Montessori education credits. Then, if that position comes back on the market, you'll be prepared.
Also, I don't know where you are, but depending on your culture, it never hurts to kiss ass as a servant. Immediately after the interview, send a beautiful and tastefully done thank you card thanking whoever interviewed you (like the one pictured, avoid any joking or slang cards). It will arrive at her home 3-5 days after the interview and will create a more personalized bond and bring your name to the forefront of her mind.

No. 1585016

Nta just replying to agree the card is a great idea. Good practice when you really want something. Also I’ve sent “thank yous” before (by email but same idea) after being rejected in person and been offered the job weeks later when the person they did hire didn’t work out. never give up! lol

No. 1585082

Yes because they are affluent people with like 100 million net worth, money is nothing to them, and you are essentially being the entire staff of a private school in one person. Separate housing is provided as well, bills covered, and often a car or a driver for work.
Lol I have a few passports, just in case. Sometimes it is like a nanny but other times they have staff covering everything else. This is a young teen so it's more education focused, younger kids are more childcare focused with some educational activities. Traveling is required actually, all expenses paid. Even if my freelance jobs with middle class families I had a lot of perks so this is just more of that for being exclusive to one family.
Great idea, although this is through agencies and I would only meet the family if I made it to second interview. And yeah people quit a lot, or the employer changes their mind fast. I actually just got my updated child cpr certificate last week and I have educational certificates. It's all up to the cv and looking presentable to the agency and clients. My cv is at least three pages long by now.

No. 1585169

I've been told it's normal to poop once a day but how the actual fuck do you eat so much that it is necessary or even possible??? My body takes way longer than that to process food, I'm fine going like once or twice a week and I'm slightly overweight so it's definitely not an ana-chan thing. Am I the weird one??

No. 1585206

It’s not just about how much you eat but other factors like genetics, fibre intake, gut health, and exercise. Rule of thumb is 3x a week to 3x a day, so it sounds like you may be a little abnormal. You might want to consider adding more fibre to your diet, exercising and getting some probiotics in (you can get pills or add more fermented foods to your diet).

No. 1585223

I've been treating my athlete's foot daily with drugstore antifungal for 4 weeks now and it's still not gone even though the instructions said to only use it for a week.. it's not unreasonable to go to my GP to ask for something stronger at this point, right?

No. 1585243

Yes, I would go to your GP at this point. It should be an easy fix for them.

No. 1585279

File: 1684873926481.png (149.36 KB, 1371x925, glitter graphics.png)

is there any way to sign up on glitter graphics anymore? it just says this when i click on register
>If you want to register, please and an email to info@glitter-graphics.com !
tbh i haven't tried but it has said that for years, is it the only way/do you even get a response back anymore?
i'm so envious of people being able to upload and comment stuff on there and i can't… and it stings harder when pretty much every profile i clock on was made before 2011

No. 1585281

It's all about that fiber
My daily poops sometimes produce almost nothing but a poop is a poop
I used to go once every three days, I guess since I was getting sick from lactose I started eating yogurt daily and that probiotic dosage started regulating my poops, and gut health is also linked to so many health issues so might as well consume

Hope you poop pleasantly

No. 1585284

Someone's paying to keep that website up so I'd say shooting them an e-mail is worth trying. You've got nothing to lose.

No. 1585288

Most women I’ve known closely have had constipation issues so it’s definitely not uncommon. Never let yourself get uncomfortably backed up though because I’ve been hospitalized for bowel impactions and it was one of the worst experiences of my life and now I’m more predisposed to future impactions. Do you drink enough water? For some that’s an easy fix. If you’re uncomfortable or just want to go more regularly, stool softeners (Ducolax or generic bisacodyl which is much cheaper) are awesome and really gentle. You won’t feel cramping or anything like that. I take them most evenings and it really helps keep things more manageable. Things like psyllium husk makes shit (lol) exponentially worse for both my sister and myself so I’d avoid that or other fiber supplements.

I was overweight until my late teens and like you only pooped once or twice a week but I was definitely uncomfortable and always wished I could reliably poop in the morning before school. After the impaction issues pooping at least every 3 days has has become a priority lmao. Oh, and if thyroid issues run in your family definitely see if you can get tested because hypothyroidism can greatly contribute to constipation. Sorry this is kinda rambly but ime not pooping sucks!

No. 1585317

I bought something off of poshmark that has stains and a fabric pull in it and the seller is claiming she has no idea how it got there so she won't do a return. Is poshmark good at defending the buyer in this case? I submitted a case to them.

No. 1585323

NTA but I have IBS-C and started losing weight in my 20s. Now it's leveled out but I'm underweight and I look old. I have no idea wtf is wrong with me but I suspect I have some chronic immune issue because my immune system has always been laughably weak. I got a bunch of panels and nothing really stood out. Doctors never listened to me and only did the panels out of spite and my pain has gone ignored. I just try to drink water and eat oatmeal when I can. I can't wear some high-waisted stuff because it can cause constipation for me.

No. 1585351

Really go strict with an elimition diet, best if you can go carnivore for a while to give your gut a break. Us with terrible bowels cant handle the indigestible plant matter and the antinutrients like normal people can. Also if you eat gluten try cutting that out too, even if you dont have celiac gluten can wreck an iritable bowel. I was also chronically underweight, bloated and sickly until I eliminated most grain, legumes, nightshades and especially gluten.

No. 1585357

AYRT unfortunately that’s super common and they don’t have much to suggest for chronic constipation other than lifestyle changes and gentle laxatives. I also have a shit immune system and can’t get a cold without it turning into bronchitis but I kinda doubt that has anything to do with my GI issues since I have no food allergies. A regular gastroenterologist had little help for me but seeing a motility specialist was a godsend. I was also underweight for a few years but properly managing my gastroparesis (definitely not with feeding tubes, my motility doc is luckily old school and totally opposed to tubing his patients) has been great. Sticking to a low fiber and low residue diet along with regular use of stool softeners or miralax has been helpful enough that I rarely have to take my prokinetic med anymore. I’ve been hospitalized for bowel impactions so I’m pretty passionate about pooping now lmao. Definitely keep avoiding any clothes that are tight around your torso and staying hydrated! Things like beans, oatmeal, leafy greens, and nuts still either drastically back me up or make me hurl a few hours later so I’d recommend lowering your fiber intake for a bit and seeing if that helps. Best of luck to you!

No. 1585429

File: 1684888638734.jpg (248.52 KB, 1750x2500, onegai-my-melody-kuromi-headpi…)

am i still a radfem if i want my daddy dom to cream in all my holes?

No. 1585430

tiktok and its consequences

No. 1585431

why would you want someone to cum in your ear

No. 1585438

cummy concerts ♥

No. 1585449

Did Miles Routledge get rescued again from Afghanistan or is the Taliban still holding him captive?

I'm supposed to be writing and all I see on Google are old articles.

Also why is his mother so retarded?
>"He keeps travelling because he loves it, he's only young and he's just finding himself after finishing university. I just want him to keep safe," she said. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/mum-danger-tourist-held-taliban-29613833

No. 1585460

even cum in your nostril?

No. 1585466

What does NVL mean in regards to visual novels? In roleplay, it means "not value of life" but when someone says a visual novel is missing a "NVL scene" what does that mean?

No. 1585478

File: 1684894481582.jpeg (48.07 KB, 828x789, IMG_0121.jpeg)

So what’s wrong with Shayna’s ass? Why is it discolored like that?I was just browsing through her thread….

No. 1585483

no one's ass is gonna look normal anymore after suffering what she's put that thing through
also she dirty

No. 1585496

How did you manage to hone in on the one thing about Shat that is relatively normal? A majority of women have a significantly darker genital region than the rest of their body. The pigmentation can also fluctuate with hormone levels. Bleached assholes aren’t a natural occurrence.

No. 1585503

(super late reply but) sounds great then! Would love to read updates. Now that I think about it, it's definitely something that would be nice to document online (I'm aware you wouldn't be able to share it here), either to promote that town or to help people who want to do the same thing. Despite the free house I'm sure it's something that's still quite intimidating to most people. Good luck!

No. 1585507

…I was talking about her ass cheeks. Not her genitals. She has spots on her ass cheeks. That’s not normal.

No. 1585508

nvl means novel and basically means typical visual novel, literally just a novel but with visual aids, lots of text. this is in contrast to adv which means adventure which is more of an adventure based novel, shorter dialogue

No. 1585518

The idea that there are the "whites" and the "poc" and that everyone is either white, asian or black based on skin color and eye shape is the average American's opinion on race, so I doubt the people disagreeing with you were americans.

No. 1585540

File: 1684900765211.gif (1.99 MB, 229x162, 1531516614038.gif)

how can I convince my mother that I lover her?
I love her so much, so much, but she does not believe it
I hug her every time she wants to, I visit her every day, I dunno, a lot of other stuff, but then I'll do something wrong that seems small to me like being late or asking her if she can make me a sandwich, which now as I'm saying it, I think I'm actually still the bad guy here, and she is convinced I won't even bother to spare a thought to her
how can I convince her, how can I reassure her?
I'm so stupid, I just like to do things for people when they askk, so I guess I just assumed she does too, but also she texted me that it was fine, and I misunderstood and thought she was okay, but then when I got to the house she was weeping that I don't care about her at all, because I didn't bother to wonder if maybe she's just saying it's okay because she's being polite, but now actually I guess she's right
I don't nvm I guess
Unless you have any ideas…?
she was also brutally abused for years as a child

No. 1585552

its used to describe how the text is presented in a scene, so basically
NVL scene = Fullscreen dialogue box
ADV scene = half screen dialogue box

No. 1585554

the problem is not with you at all but her. you can never do anything to fully convince her. she is being manipulative, even if it is unconscious. this is a horrible way to be treated. if it is due to being abused, her feeling unlovable again is not something you can fulfill. do your best but if she tries to manipulate you or say you don't love her, consider engaging less or grey rocking. it sounds kind of BPDish.

No. 1585560

Oh! Sorry, I misunderstood. It’s likely pigmentation left behind from ass acne but I don’t want to go look. Her vulva used to regularly be covered in giant ingrown hairs and cysts, it was terrible.

No. 1585588

My dad's the same way, his awful childhood made him believe he's incapable of being love, right now I just try to make him feel appreciated and that's the only thing he can accept him and maybe your mom might be the same way.

No. 1585607

That's a her-problem you can't change anon. My grandmother genuinely thinks everyone hates her the moment the conversation isn't about her, it's something rooted in her childhood and personality that's not going to change without professional intervention, your mom is probably in a similar situation. Not saying you should haul her off to therapy but know that it's not you who's doing something wrong or needs to change. I'd go as far as to say it's possible she knows exactly what she's doing and relishes in making you feel bad. Not 100% saying that's the case but don't discount the possibility.

No. 1585612

How do you know if you keep fucking things up and making mistakes because you're self-sabotaging vs you have an attention problem?

No. 1585698

Do volcel female celebrities exist?

No. 1585701

Enya maybe

No. 1585716

I need guidance nonnas. How do I grow up?

No. 1585717

File: 1684924254314.gif (737.92 KB, 498x357, trees.gif)

Water yourself daily and stay in the sunlight.

No. 1585724

Deink malk

No. 1585729

thank you! I will grow strong!

No. 1585741

Are there any hobby/interest communities you recommend getting into in order to locally or online meet other women?

I thought learning about lolita fashion would be a fun way to connect with women over a mutual interest but the more I learned, the more I discovered how infested the communities are with trannies and their handmaidens. Also there was so much cringe in the larger groups which made me afraid to join my local comm. (I’m still into the fashion but not in a social regard)
I tried getting into sewing communities but all the local groups were full of only boomers.
Id be willing to learn a new skill if it meant being able to socialise with women of a similar age group.

No. 1585747

I have no noticeable health problems or issues, I'm just genuinely shocked people go through food so quickly they poop every day. I have to over eat by quite a bit to make that possible. I couldn't even poop every day as a kid so I'm inclined to think it's just genetics but idk maybe something is wrong that I just don't know about yet.

No. 1585753

I can't speak from personal experiences since I'm a shut-in but I have heard sport is a good way to connect with other people. Sport is also usually devided between sex so you will only meet women. I doubt that small local teams that only play in obscure leagues have the same pressure to accept troons as bigger leagues but I could be wrong.
Also check your local library if it has any clubs. Clubs that revolve around stereotypical feminine hobbies like knitting only have women in them (men are allowed to join but they rarely do)

No. 1585772

Are you Jordan Petersons daughter

No. 1585777

a lot of people around me, including myself, are facing difficulties right now. some rare astrological events are currently happening or what? like mercury in uranus or whatever

No. 1585810

I'm skeptical of my autism diagnosis. I don't feel like I have a hard time in social situations or interpreting social cues. How would I be able to tell if the diagnosis is accurate or if a doctor just slapped the "autistic" label on me for being an unlikable loner kid?

No. 1585839

File: 1684939909771.jpg (42.35 KB, 709x1000, 41y1sCJumiL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

How embarrassing would it be to get one of these when I'm not disabled? I don't have a driver's license and my work commute is going to be over an hour on public transport even though it's only around 10 miles away

No. 1585844

please please do get a goofy ah car nonny i would kill to be the mf to arrive in my goofy ah car and tell people during a storm that i cannot drive them home because my goofy ah car only has space for my, and only my goofy ass

No. 1585845

At least not publically because no one knows you're not disabled. Wouldn't one of those electric scooter-esque thingies that look like a kids' toy (I have no idea what they're called) be an option though!

No. 1585863

that thing's dope

No. 1585867

What is a part time evening shift considered? How does that compare to a full time evening shift?

No. 1585868

File: 1684942605242.jpeg (146.57 KB, 781x791, 8DEA7262-F7C6-4E6A-BE25-C28AD5…)

what’s that? because I love it. reminds me of these

No. 1585869

Get one and deck it out make a statement out of it. You know like how some people cover their car in funfur and horns to look like appa or paint a red punch buggy to look like a ladybug or decorate the entirety of their vehicle in betty boop merchandise or build a pirate ship around their bike and wear a toy parrot while riding.

No. 1585896

varies a lot place to place, but I would guess part time is likely 4-7 hours and for sure covers the after-work rush

No. 1585915

File: 1684947547286.jpg (87.63 KB, 700x525, 26361ffaf150aa9b08c8fbf0cd1268…)

Someone help me out, this has always confused me.

Why is there such a crazy difference between a bad actor's voice and a good actor's voice?
Good actor's voice:
>appropriate emotion
>appropriate tone
>appropriate emphasis on words
>"signature" cadence
>can convey a totally different meaning than what they are actually saying
Bad actor's voice:
>flat emotion
>flat tone
>barely any or too heavy-handed emphasis on words
>poor, undefined cadence
I guess my actual question is why is it SO HARD for bad actors to have a "good actor's" voice? Like, is it really that hard to accomplish? How does one get to the "good actor" voice? I just don't understand and it drives me fucking crazy. Can any acting nonas weigh in to tell me if it's really that hard to get a good actor voice??

No. 1585918

Is it retarded to report a pedophile I met online to the police, 20 years later? I still have the hard drive that had a lot of our conversations. He also lived in a different country. It weighs on my conscience heavily but I'm terrified of the police and also pretty sure nothing would happen anyway.

No. 1585925

Am I doing something wrong if my lower back is sore after I do planks? For reference I am the unfittest person ever, and I’ve only recently started doing them for 30-40s long. I can feel my core being engaged so I dont know if my poster is wrong

No. 1585954

It’s fine, you’d be doing the right thing, the police might not be able to do anything or it might be useful for a case you never know. You’d have to report it to the police in that country, I imagine. If you weigh the pros and cons are there any cons? Like, pro: he gets prosecuted, con: status quo / everything is the same

No. 1586022

File: 1684953392884.png (2.15 MB, 1241x1242, types of seaweed.png)

Reporting it cant do any harm, I would do it still.
It's like looking at iknowwhatyoudownload and finding an IP that has been torrenting cp, i report all that shit, at worst nothing happens at best there will be a news article about their arrest

No. 1586033

what is logically wrong with harming yourself? asking both because i want to get a logical argument so i can understand why people around me are concerned. i just dont understand it. when i asked my friend she was like "maybe its not bad when you think about doing it to yourself but imagine your loved one was self harming" and i did imagine it and my opinion is unchanged they have the right to do what they want with their body no matter how it makes ME feel. and tbh it makes me feel nothing

No. 1586041

It could come back to health. I personally believe that to a certain extent a ‘healthy’ ‘happy’ person wouldn’t want to take undue risk to their health and body. This extends to excessive drug use for example. I don’t personally agree that ‘someone in their right mind’ would do these things to their body, so it doesn’t seem right to support those actions.
People hurt their bodies in all kinds of ways every day, and it’s a trade off. The line is where you decide that trade off isn’t worth the risk anymore, that’s here it becomes concerning harm.
Someone that uses a paper clip to scratch their skin with no blood probably is if no concern, but if someone is severely drawing blood and causing open wounds the risk of permanent bodily harm is much higher and it csn be assumed they’re not in their right mind if they commit the act.

No. 1586048

I realise I missed your finely point. I don’t think we should idly let ‘sick’ people harm themselves. You can believe that everyone should mind their own business which is fine but from a more empathetic standpoint we usually don’t want others to suffer.

No. 1586050

t. Kelly

No. 1586058

You should want to do the opposite of harming yourself because of your survival instinct, if you do want to actively harm yourself, you have mental health issues.

No. 1586061

Kek nonny. First time I’ve heard her referenced in a while (don’t often browse here) what a flashback.

No. 1586062

I support this but unfortunately today there’s an incredible amount of bad habits people have that actively shorten their lifespan. But if you say you don’t support people smoking cigarettes or getting massively obese you’re seen as ableist because ‘not everyone can afford mental health treatment’

No. 1586085

thats what im confused about like why is a person cutting/burning themself a sign of mental illnes but smoking is fine and dandy

No. 1586087

it never stops at cutting and burning, usually people who self harm escalate their ways of hurting themselves with drugs and eventually suicide.

No. 1586089

Because there’s a lot of money to be made from selling cigarettes and the razor blade manufacturers haven’t started a marketing campaign to make it socially acceptable (yet)

No. 1586091

this is the sane answer.

No. 1586092

okay we are on the same wavelenght this one clicked thank you

No. 1586112

Same, nona. There’s a S. Korean novel called “I have the right to destroy myself” that you might like. I have one person I love and I hope he doesn’t destroy himself but I don’t feel like it’s wrong if he wants to, it’s a weird paradox. It’s normal for people who love someone to not want them to hurt themselves, we’re probably outliers that it’s not upsetting (although it sounds like you’re even more unaffected than I am)

No. 1586123

Are white and brown eggs the same? Which one should I buy

No. 1586129

Brown eggs are laid by brown hens and white eggs are laid by white hens. They're the same, just the color is different.

No. 1586135

lol wtf no the colour of the egg depends on the breed not the colour of the individual chicken.

No. 1586136

nta, but the the brown shells are chocolate flavour

No. 1586140

And the color is determined by breed or no?

No. 1586143

>the colour of the egg depends on the breed
yeah, exactly, brown for chocolate, white for regular, pink for strawberry, etc

No. 1586144

Yes but there's breeds that have various colourways but still only 1 colour egg. Take Wyandotte chickens for example, they come in both white and brown but only lay brown eggs.

No. 1586204

Can early daycare workers who are too obsessed with a particular child affect their social development with peers?

Not sure if you've seen the workers who take to a child so much they are always in their face or taking them aside to hold/play with them individually, while the other kids play together in groups

No. 1586381

Amerifag here, why is obesity so high here compared to other 1st world countries? Everything i've read abt it has different opinions. I've always been quite thin and i don't eat large quanities of food and idk how people can even become big so easily.

No. 1586393

You guys have high fructose corn syrup in everything, as well as twice the sugar content in general. The same brand has less sugar in europe than in the states.

Also americans don't walk, like ever. You take the car or uber everywhere, while in europe we walk unless its far way.

No. 1586397

Beef or Chicken flavored instant noodles I'm putting butter and hot sauce in both.

No. 1586398

I meant to add and question mark, help me.choose nonas

No. 1586420

Poor walkability, shit additives in food, food deserts, capitalism

No. 1586444


No. 1586459

is there a website like kissasian for example for series that aren't, well, asian? i want to watch a show but my favorite part is always checking the comments for each episode and not the whole season like most websites i'm finding have the comment section set up like

No. 1586505

“Poor” people in America need entertainment and for their brain to make happy chemicals like rich people do however they don’t have access to as many entertainment activities as the rich folks. Except for junk food. We can all eat junk food. It’s entertainment to eat and Americans are bored.

No. 1586519

Normal people will be upset to see their loved ones hurting themselves, it is a sign of psychological issues and it is unhealthy. People are usually also concerned about their relatives smoking or being obese btw, it's just a less "direct" way to hurt yourself and it's not always tied to mental health issues (and sadly sometimes the whole family is in the same situation). You can do whatever you want with your body and your mental health, but why upset the people around you? At least don't make your self-harm obvious. It's so selfish when people do things that look like a cry for help and attention, and then act like they're bothered by their relatives being upset or trying to help. I hope you get better mentally, but if you don't want to, please consider others and how you hurt them.

No. 1586543

That's inappropriate as hell

No. 1586559

Are sports gay

No. 1586571

nta but that doesn't explain the difference with other 1st world nations>


But.. it's not fine to smoke? It's literally an addiction, that's an issue too.

No. 1586580

How can I flirt with a man where it’s not too obvious if he doesn’t like me but if he does like me it’s obvious enough for him to notice?

No. 1586583

File: 1684983801733.jpg (374.82 KB, 1342x2030, steven.jpg)

If you saw this man on the street would you assume he was straight, gay or bi?

No. 1586584

Idk, I don't look and people on the street and immediately get a sexuality vibe from them

No. 1586592

Morrissey is asexual

No. 1586601

File: 1684986248255.jpg (45.9 KB, 500x508, 5.jpg)

I do think his sexuality contains the letter A, I just think it's the middle letter and not the first one

No. 1586606

How do I learn to shut my damn mouth? I think I fucked up again. Please say a prayer for me if you do that kind of thing.

No. 1586607

personally this is how i learned to
>if you've been taking for to long look at the people around
>how do they look? are they intrigued, concerned, or just not invested in the conversation anymore
>if it's the last two just try to segway into a fullstop and just stop immediately

No. 1586608


No. 1586611

Gay, but he seems the type whose almost strictly into twinks or watching himself in the mirror like bateman. Completely self obsessed.

No. 1586614


No. 1586615


No. 1586629

That man isn't pansexual fym he's a whiny homoromantic asexual

No. 1586631

Oh I forgot that hes literally a peterfile by the way. So his sexuality is just kids(tiktok is this way >>>)

No. 1586639

Why do so many gay people have tall hair like cockatiel

No. 1586645

File: 1684991946033.jpg (45.31 KB, 594x584, what_am_i_looking_at.jpg)

just say "gay" anon
just say "pedo" anon

No. 1586682

Why is it not spelled Wensday

No. 1586693

do you think it's weird my mom uses my food stamps but doesn't say thanks

No. 1586700

I wanna make lolcow fan art, but where would I post it? I know that I'm not supposed to post it on my blogs or anywhere I can be identified on, but I don't want it to get buried in a thread

No. 1586702

Fan art of cows or of lolcow in itself as a site?

No. 1586703

I'm a doubleposting retard but can someone explain the lolcow themes to me? Like, yotsuba, keekweek, hellweek etc.

No. 1586704

What's there to explain

No. 1586706

The site itself, i wanted to draw Elsie and I wanted to do a cute little thing where I draw chibi cows based off the site's themes (like a pink cutesy one for girltalk, a green wild one for jungle, etc)

No. 1586707

What is hellweek/keekweek, what or who is yotsuba, why is there a jungle theme, who is ricechan

No. 1586708

No. 1586709

come to think of it, she also used my paper route money, and then when we were really broke, she laughed at me when I said she could use my college fund because that shit was already long gone
I'm gonna go with yes, probably weird

No. 1586711


No. 1586712

at what point i should be