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File: 1684105528749.png (206.71 KB, 1041x638, Capture.PNG)

No. 1577801

previous thread- >>>/ot/1571598

No. 1577805

She's so cute

No. 1577806

i just wanna live in an rv at a female separatist nomadic commune and adopt a senior dog and maybe do recreational drugs

No. 1577808

File: 1684105944138.png (95.68 KB, 1200x1080, Girl Boss Trinity.png)

All right ladies, time to complete the girl boss trinity!

No. 1577810

File: 1684105947221.png (110.88 KB, 344x611, 36F11E03-11D7-426C-A4F0-4FACCE…)

No. 1577811

kek he does

No. 1577814

File: 1684106499842.jpg (30.78 KB, 250x422, hC5jx_KSUOF7sLb1ZAJkPw.jpg)

she's my personal favourite girlboss

No. 1577815

Mothers day brings out all the mental illness. Wonder what Fathers Day will bring

No. 1577816

I had to go to a grocery store today and the amount of people buying last minute cards and gifts was ridiculous

No. 1577819

Thank you for the genuine response. I figured that he was avoiding showing himself due to insecurity, like me, or because he never considered the possibility of anything serious and did not want to deal with a potential liability. It wouldn't bother me if he were unattractive, rather I was even hoping that he would be because it would mean I would have a greater chance at making this online relationship a real one. I know that is deluded for many reasons. However, despite my outburst earlier (resolved btw, he has since messaged me), it is preferable to the negative emotionality I experience when I receive no contact at all. I'm aware of my emotional problems, though I am not capable of eliminating them totally, only of concealing them. I used to have similar feelings of insecurity while attempting to make friends. If he really did love me, I would feel very happy. I don't want my past to dictate my future, and that is why I do not want to give up.

No. 1577820

File: 1684107456690.jpg (23.9 KB, 394x285, roadrunner.jpg)

I miss being active on this hellsite, what the hell has been going on nonz?

No. 1577821

It's weird but I just thought that there's always been something old about me. Adults would always say I was mature for my age (not in a pedo way) and I often found it hard to relate to other children and vice versa. I still feel like an old person compared to people my age and especially younger ones. When I look at the pictures of myself, it always seems to me I look like an ancient and wise tortoise, and I'm afraid that people perceive me as a grandma. It's ironic considering that I'm actually quite immature in some ways, so I'm probably also senile.

No. 1577822

File: 1684107478452.jpg (112.2 KB, 780x780, Gwen Stefani by Jill Greenberg…)

I sense infighting and possibly even another nude breakdown. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

No. 1577824

I'm in prague bitches and it feels good
No really the air feels so fresh
It smells so fresh, it's so clean
Feels like I'm in Japan
Even outside the whore clubs it feels clean and safe

No. 1577825

Stop manifesting this shit

No. 1577827

my bad

No. 1577833

File: 1684108650953.jpeg (58.71 KB, 635x633, 8F0128FC-F605-4F7F-B74F-47BEBE…)

Same energy maybe

No. 1577835

Baby u just feel happy to be out of your environment bc you hate the environment you put yourself in back home. Reflect on the cycles back home and change them when you go back so you can carry that happiness

No. 1577838

Why can't you just use an AI to write out messages like this whenever you want? It would be less embarrassing, and less emotional baggage overall. Also no risk of some guy stalking you or blackmailing you

No. 1577839

You are not wrong but that's because I had to sit tight where I was much longer than intended and I became restless because it was a bit boring. Productive but boring. I can't wait to explore here anyway, this is a new country for me

No. 1577846

I have used AI for that before, but it does nothing for me emotionally. Having messages from a real man feels different. I'm not particularly concerned about stalking as that mostly happens to attractive women. Besides, I don't mind getting closer to him if he has an interest in the real me. I don't think that will be the case once he sees me though. Although he does come across as possessive, I don't view it as a bad thing. I myself can be that way and it's a trait I am comfortable with. As for blackmail, I have seen this happen to other women like me firsthand, which is why I am somewhat cautious. Sending compromising photos for example, or saying something which could be damaging to one's reputation, is not a good idea and I do avoid this. He doesn't have anything he could use to blackmail me, and I do not intend to change that.

No. 1577849

whose the worst E-daddy a scrote can have?
>DOn't say, "Having an e-daddy at all is the worst-"
>No obvious answers like Andrew Tate or Kevin Samuels
I kinda wanna know, so I can look out for scrotes who seek them.

No. 1577852

Really? A 57 year old man is better than AI?

No. 1577860

I do believe that he is in his 20s based on other evidence and details I won't post here.
I know someone is going to call me deluded for saying this, but if he were being genuine and could overlook my ugliness (unlikely) and the distance, I would be happy to marry him. I understand that his timing is a bit strange, but I'm far from perfect myself. I think having someone like him in my life would be good for me. I really do want love.

No. 1577863

He isn't being genuine, the message he sent you looks like he himself used AI to write it. He sounds like a bot.

No. 1577866

I assure you he's uglier than you

No. 1577868

I do the same thing sometimes to sound more human. I don't think that's what he's doing, as I usually see him typing out responses, unless he's deliberately typing nothing to decrease suspicion as he pastes bot-lines. That seems unlikely though. Also, his messages don't sound bot-generated. There's a discernable quality about the ChatGPT-esque responses that is missing, and his grammar is imperfect. He also spelled my name wrong in one of those redacted spaces.
I agree with you though that there is a high chance he is not being genuine, which is partially why I was initially upset. However, he sometimes sends messages that make me question that assumption. Many of them have sexual implications that I don't think nonas would appreciate seeing here, so I'll just say that he frequently asserts real-life things that do not sound totally made up. Of course, that could be intentional to trick me, and I am not disregarding that possibility, but in either case, whether he is honest or dishonest about his intentions, I would prefer to keep talking with him as I enjoy it. Who knows, maybe we really will live happily ever after.
I hope so. He told me he goes to the gym though so his body is already probably better than mine. I'm planning on hiring a personal trainer to get in better shape once it's more convenient for me, but at present I look quite dumpy.

No. 1577871

I'm so fucking bored rn

No. 1577872

>Doesnt say goodnight
>spells your name wrong
>sounds fucking boring
>no face
>sends penis pics
>is 57
If that's your type that's your type idk, best of luck in your marriage

No. 1577877

I am not joking when I say that he is the best man I've talked to online in my attempts to find a boyfriend. Before this I was talking to woman-haters, homicidal loons, a rapist, idiotic liars, impolite moids, and various other sociopaths, including one guy who tried to hack into my email. Normal guys have never been interested in me because I'm not socially normal enough to bypass their autism radars. I would be very happy if he were a boring, semi-normal man. He's not 57 though. And he usually does say goodnight.

No. 1577880

any youtuber, period

No. 1577886

I just ate a real meat beef jerky for like the first time. Tbh I think I'll stick to vegan jerky. Also it's leaving a buttery greasy feeling on the roof of my mouth.

No. 1577890

I suggest you read this thread: >>>/g/271193

No. 1577903

File: 1684117026235.png (122.52 KB, 1200x1080, Girl Boss Trinity.png)

We are missing ONE ladies!

No. 1577907

Andrea Dworkin?

No. 1577908

did she killed a moid(s)?

No. 1577911

She shot Andy Warhol but he unfortunately survived

No. 1577912

tbh aside from the obvious political ones, any whose thing is mean "pranks" or screaming and acting batshit. Literal caveman tier humor. ishowspeed, tyler1, ip2, various video game streamers

No. 1577913

wasn't that Valerie solanas?

No. 1577917

File: 1684118270782.jpeg (82.27 KB, 828x982, 04FE2A9F-07B6-4A59-A053-A32778…)

I feel like where I’m at in life I have to stop browsing here cold Turkey. I don’t think that day is today or tomorrow but soon. I like being a mentally ill dumb bitch on here but I got priorities and responsibilities that need tending to. Damn

No. 1577919

File: 1684118460735.jpeg (9.76 KB, 236x236, 1673911184457.jpeg)

Me too nonnie. We need to get it together.

No. 1577920

Samefag i hope LC is around when I’m like 40. I wonder what future cows would be like. Or if lolcows kinda dissapate from being popular, I wonder what the other parts of this site will be like. Glad that LC has been around this long even if the site is crusty

No. 1577924

Lol the weirdest E-daddy I've seen a scrote take on was MoistCritikal, he gives the most basic boring takes on everything. Still makes videos on Nikocado.
The saddest is the people who unironically look up to Null.
The funniest is troons who E-daddies are troons, like the cult around Contrapoints, a lot of liberal men really really thought he was a genius and still do.
There's some who don't even think it's sexual or pandering, they legit think he's very smart, want to be like him and he's the only "Woman" they think is worth listening too.

No. 1577925

I want to cut his hair so fucking bad you have no idea. Whenever I see a video of his im not even paying attention to his tranquilizer moose voice at all im thinking about how badly he needs that shit shaved tf off. I want to go full barber on him. That thin wispy hair and awful part that makes him look worse. Literally if he had normal short hair he could he cute. I'm consumed by this any time I see him.

No. 1577926

same except there are very few other places online where women can be anonymously honest and have good keks

No. 1577928

I just saw Micky on the front page, and oh god I got such flashbacks. She was one of the first cows I really cared about and followed. Wow.

No. 1577929

i started watching him when he first said he wanted to cut his hair, now I saw a recent thumbnail he looked so fucking greasy and unkempt. He's also an manlet, an greasy stringy haired manlet, who looks musty at all times.
I do not get why he wanted to grow his hair out to actively not care for it. He looks so gross

No. 1577932

I know he's short but he isn't grotesque. His face would be cute with short hair. He doesn't even have a terrible hairline I don't know wtf he's doing. It wisps like a wizards beard and is so flat it clings to his head and makes him look unbalanced. Bro buzz that shit

No. 1577933

He and Justin Whang escaped from the same faulty cloning facility I swear.

No. 1577936

File: 1684120020567.png (39.7 KB, 363x319, Capture.PNG)

from his newest video I tried to find an netural face

No. 1577940

File: 1684120300961.jpg (27.82 KB, 400x400, TwalrDiR_400x400.jpg)

His hair is really thinning out on the sides but he has nice facial hair and eyebrows and his face overall is cute. No he won't look like he did years ago but this hair has got to go its so bad.

No. 1577941

He stopped taking care of himself after his first gf dumped him and he sticked to that. I wont be surprised if he has a sissy fetish too, because he brags about having a basement filled with sex toys and wore seifuku in one of the videos along with a maid fit.

No. 1577943

wait the blonde girl he was with? Doesn't he have a long time girlfriend? I know Whang has a troon fetish. He's a coomer

No. 1577951

NTA but Whang also has a feeder fetish

No. 1577952

ntayrt but I knew from his Twitter that Whang is a whore, and of course he has that video of talking about his Tinder date so that was another nod. Pretty disappointing, but that was to be expected.

No. 1577958

File: 1684122731100.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x4006, FwHbpa_WIAMu4Ro.jpg)

Don't read if you don't like stan shit, but a lot of anons have been posting some BS these past few days so let me have this
Beyonce has been seeming so relaxed and happy on her tour, and I love to see it. She has an injury or is healing from surgery and despite that the performances are still exciting. She has been interacting with the crowd a lot, and to see personality seeping out of her instead of the 100% perfect, no hair out of place, almost robotic performances has been nice (although I love those performances too). And even though there has only been 3 shows on the tour so far, something has been changed for each one so far so the show is probably gonna be so different by time it reaches America. I do feel the European shows are a little bit of a test run. I hope for a surprise guest appearance during a show.

No. 1577959

I like when titties have visible veins.

No. 1577978

Every passing year I notice more clearly my skin and bones deform and deteriorate. Sad. I want to bury myself in the dirt.

No. 1578024

This is making me even more upset that she planned to come to my city and canceled that concert and after the cancelation the info got leaked. So close yet so far. And the olympics in Paris means more construction works for the RER, which means only one date in Paris instead of two, so I couldn't even go there by train to compensate.

No. 1578088

man I found this abandoned anime forum and reading through it made me sad, I miss forums and the smaller friendlier communities of the old web

No. 1578097

Literally yesterday mine did, my whole chest was showing veins because I had been traveling all day, not eating or sleeping much, and I hated it. So I guess you would have appreciated them.

No. 1578099

I just got a great idea, I should have cereal with protein milkshake instead of milk

No. 1578100

File: 1684148415823.jpeg (12.66 KB, 320x180, A2B09B61-BDC8-4784-8053-26F352…)

It's a pie, not a Yorkshire pudding, and likely storebought. Bit of a cherrypick from OP because this picture is from a shit cook who can't even handle putting frozen pie and chips in the oven until it's properly browned but they clearly weren't trying to 'cook' anything.

No. 1578202

File: 1684154837801.gif (8.93 MB, 493x498, IMG_7307.gif)

Watch out world I am ovulating!!

No. 1578203

nonna post more of him pls.

No. 1578206

File: 1684155019368.jpg (27.92 KB, 515x612, IMG_7337.jpg)

No. 1578213

thank u kind nonna, u just blessed my eyes.

No. 1578214

File: 1684155395122.jpg (21.48 KB, 612x612, IMG_7345.jpg)

I think he was made in a lab to appeal to the female gaze

No. 1578229

File: 1684157023372.jpg (115.01 KB, 1280x941, tumblr_faf872b34f0831c936ee505…)

if you are the same anon then your multiboard ethan sperging is actually really cute kek, hate the band but their bassist is so much my type it's not even funny i want to kiss her tenderly.

No. 1578232

I don't know much about her but before I randomly got shown vids of the band on youtube shorts (yeah I'd watch them because animals) I thought she was the lead singer. She has so much presence in every photo of her and the boys. She seems like their ringleader (based). Yeah she's really beautiful but it'd be so based if she wore normal, cool outfits while the boys were all slutty and sucking up to her like they already seem to do. Then again I guess you probably like seeing her dress sexily so there's one plus side.

No. 1578235

it been so long i looked at a real person and genuinely thought wow they're hot but there two did something to me just now.

No. 1578238

I know right, like I got to move to Italy

No. 1578239

File: 1684157985519.jpg (141.2 KB, 1200x899, newFile-1.jpg)

tbh i'm always leery of bands with one lone female but they all actually seem to get along and the dudes are super gay with each other (idk if they're actually gay or what), it's cute to see pics of them all hanging out. they all seem to dress like slutty alien bimbos so i don't feel too shameful ogling her boobs but unfortunately moids get to look at them too, argh. i like the face your man is making in this pic.

No. 1578243

They aren't gay just Italian
>your man
I fucking wish. I do like when they're in matching slut gear though and I am so glad Ethan doesn't have any tattoos it makes him way hotter to me

No. 1578244

File: 1684158215548.jpg (124.51 KB, 720x900, lets-see-say-the-things-you-th…)

KEK i'm almost sorry we're shilling this band but yeah they have that euro charm to them lookswise. the dress she's wearing here makes her look so cute i wanna die

No. 1578246

She is SO cute. Good taste nonna.

No. 1578247

holy shit why does Null always chooses the most eye bleeding text and background color i cannot read white text on black background

No. 1578257

File: 1684159441615.png (Spoiler Image,219.6 KB, 610x674, Maneskin-bacio-1200x675.png)

aww, thanks. spoiling this for ethan anon in case she doesn't wanna see it but i found a photo of them kissing, two attractive people making out is even better than one (let me wedge myself in there!!).
that's it for the spam sorry and thank you for your time.

No. 1578260

Ayrt. Whew. I'm a happy bisexual right now.

No. 1578267

>his hand on her waist
Based, how it should be, god i wish that were me, i bet his face is so soft and warm, i bet his lips are so supple, i bet his kisses are so gentle and yielding, etc etc

No. 1578323

File: 1684166324426.jpeg (227.72 KB, 844x1200, AB6498FF-3043-4A77-ACE5-4244E1…)


No. 1578331

KEK this thing was to autistic and weird

No. 1578347

i love my dog. fuck dog haters. yea she can be smelly! sometimes she rips up packaging she finds! she sheds like a motherfuker! she snores like a fat man! shes worth every moment and all the sweeping i have to do. shes my lil pig, my beaming ray of sunshine in this shitty werld. she deserves all the cuddles, scratches, walks, and snax she can get.

No. 1578354

i am so excited to clean my house while listening to japanese true crime hhhhh

No. 1578357

Aww. I'm a cat person, and I can say that cats also can be pretty annoying and impish, but you love them despite that and even partially for that, too. Still, pets bring so much joy, and there's nothing more precious than their love and trust.

No. 1578359

The amount of schizo men that live in my small town is a bit frightening kek is there something in the water

No. 1578362

File: 1684169945517.jpg (848.09 KB, 4096x2731, disco horse.jpg)

Don't lose hope. Maybe she'll add an extra date, you never know nonna! Even if you don't go, tbh I find livestreams from people who do are just as good as the real thing kek.

No. 1578363

>at the mall with my mom
>gay scrote with a cartoonish accent springs out of a storefront goes "COME COME" shoves free samples in my moms hand and ushers us in the entrance
>tells her she can get a free spa treatment for all her wrinkles and lines (wtf rude much)
>get annoyed and 180 out the door
>hear him screech VERE IS SHE GOINK
>my mom follows shortly
She knows I hate that shit. Sorry but I will abandon you if you stop for salespeople like that even my own mom. Bye hope you enjoy your new best friend

No. 1578370

I laughed out loud, good on you non

No. 1578383

the comments on this fucking video
>umm Akshually I'm a man and I check my surroundings for danger too!!! I just don't make it obvious like you women!
>ummmm EVERYONE should be looking out for danger!!!!

No. 1578385

Why did an old geezer man tell me that people keep trying to add him on Snapchat to be his friend. Unprompted.

No. 1578390

I could eat coal if you smothered it in ranch

No. 1578403

Damn me too. I'm eating some Arby's chicken nuggets with ranch right now! #AmericanLife #ThisFastFoodDontRun.

No. 1578406

File: 1684174226823.jpg (123.94 KB, 1169x1114, 98uy76543345trdfg.jpg)

I have finally accepted that I look like a crackhead. Like that's just how my natural features are no matter what I do. That would also explain some weird reactions.

No. 1578416

Never seen love is blind but some podcast with women who were on the show kept being recommended so I watched it and like damn these women sound much more sane and much less pathetic than me but, like, I would never?Literally how could you fall for scrote bullshit on a show where all the men will definitely be hos and liars? Like do they not see that the whole draw for men to these shows it to be massive hos?

No. 1578514

I was trying to figure out why my shoulders/upper back area is so sore and then I realized I spent like a solid 3 hours curling hair yesterday.

No. 1578518

There's baiting all over /ot/ today

No. 1578521

japanese true crime?? where can i listen to that too nonna

No. 1578527

There is everyday

No. 1578538

crazy how quickly Dream and Corpse Husband came and went, I'm sure they are popular but there was a time where every single day they were trending for something.

No. 1578557

File: 1684184403041.jpg (30.74 KB, 700x550, 83316476_p4.jpg)

>my favourite character has 0 fanart
>meanwhile some literal who fish from spongebob has a dedicated drawfag
its not fair

No. 1578562

File: 1684184812388.png (77.66 KB, 1899x1350, 91152182_p27 (1).png)

would you go to the krusty krab if it was a maid cafe?

No. 1578563

mine also has absolutely 0 which is both unsurprising and odd. i know it's a really shitty and obscure game, but really.. not one autist who's into that character?? no one so much as even mentions that game at all? then i realised it was me all along, i'm the autist. i guess it is our lot to be the dedicated drawfags, anon.

No. 1578565

File: 1684185186704.jpg (376.74 KB, 2048x1536, 84315440_p2.jpg)

that's pretty much my only inspiration for drawing. I am sure the fish drawfag felt the same before me.

No. 1578566

Only if they served a sandwich with actual crab in it.

No. 1578567


No. 1578568

I've considered offering to pay for an anon's commission if someone has an artist in mind for their obscure husbando only because I've been in the same boat for years. Is this weird idk. I love you guys.

No. 1578573

ntayrt but i have commissioned art for my obscure husbando before, sadly there arent that many artists that can draw males…

No. 1578575

Meh, I don't believe it's ever going to happen. Maybe someday she'll plan a different concert in Paris and maybe I'll have enough time to plan for the trip there but that's it. If the concert was properly planned in my city I would have been able to go with friends. Maybe you're right though, nothing is impossible.

No. 1578597

File: 1684188460831.jpg (39.17 KB, 541x442, b6048ecd18bbb8fc006eca91ab5628…)

Another day completely wasted scrolling lolcor dot barn, cheers.

No. 1578601

Makes a bit sad computing was coined by women and not its been invaded by trannies. Really interesting video by the way.

No. 1578606

I've never had any problems with it before, but all of a sudden I've started getting chest acne and little fine hairs. Wtfffffff

No. 1578607

you are turning into a werewolf, its over

No. 1578610

Every single slav/turk/etc who speaks Russian thinks I speak Russian too. I just apparently look like I'm from this part of the world and it never stops tripping me out. It's so convincing that when I say I don't a lot of them don't believe me, some look confused or embarrassed, some said I must be lying. Like bro I am learning Russian but I cannot converse with you natively, so I just say no.

Anyway this just happened again, as I went for uzbek food and all the staff asked me "you speak Russian right?" even though I was ordering in English. My tatar ex said I look like I'm from Chechnya. My ethnicity is all from Italy. I can't explain why my face looks this way sorry.

No. 1578611

finished the video
>all the proceeds will be donated to trans lifeline
what the fuck how do you make a video about women struggling and donate the proceeds to fucking TROONS. At least TLL is a scam so i know none of the money actually helped trannies.

No. 1578612

To whichever nonna told me to go to my setting and tell pinterest with pins I'm not interested in, thank you homegirl. What a good tip.

No. 1578613

Samefag but also it's extra irritating because I get hyperpigmentation just from inflammation and I've been getting the pustules for a few months so it's already left marks on my once perfect skin and titties.

No. 1578614

File: 1684189496923.jpg (70.71 KB, 640x639, 1606189930305.jpg)

I thought this was a dumadass shit retarded therad not the im donna vent/confess/askretarded thread where am iII?

No. 1578624

I bit into a peppercorn and almost vomited rn

No. 1578626

is that the fucking "my leg!" fish

No. 1578627

File: 1684190358206.jpeg (1.59 MB, 4032x3024, 177AB456-15F3-4F6C-95CC-83695D…)

Idk if you are referring to me but it is dumb as shit that think I'm lying about knowing Russian. I only lie about knowing English to avoid talking to people I don't like.

Here's some dumb shit display if it makes it better

No. 1578632

This has nothing to do with Eurovision I really couldn't give a shit about it, but I wanted to learn Finnish as a backup language until I saw the Finn thread here. You guys are scary. Why are there so many consonants…

No. 1578635

Prove it. Translate "distrean pethig" to Russian

No. 1578645

Че это.. не понимаю и же не английский

No. 1578646

Finnish is an insane language but you can easily learn to song Finnish songs. I am also onboard the cha cha cha train and never getting off.

I also will recommend a lovely song, opposite energy but still lovely "Hei Rakas"

No. 1578650

It feels like every alcoholic Eurofag can understand each other when we drink and sing kek. Wish I could understand it written though the linguistics just don't make sense, even German I understand better. Thank you for the rec, she has a wondeful voice. Idk if you will like it but here's one from me to you of another great Finn band.

No. 1578663

File: 1684192522749.jpg (7.99 KB, 180x281, ok.jpg)

>roommate and I install new wi-fi extenders to replace the outdated Apple ones and it was working really great
>she uninstalls them in the middle of the night
>roommate what
>she says the new extenders stopped working for her
>resign that okay well bad wi-fi is better then no wi-fi I guess
>spend months with buffering Youtube videos
>couldn't even watching a movie this week without it buffering


>dig new wi-fi extenders out of my closet and reinstall them

>they work and my wi-fi is top speed
>mfw we could have always used both types of extenders simultaneously and it would've been nbd

No. 1578685

File: 1684194092550.jpg (123.46 KB, 736x919, b7d6d4bc2a0474cd1a8562b845e1b6…)

I think Victorias Secret had some of the most beautiful women ever in their shows

No. 1578686

They somehow look identical

No. 1578746

Nta but im sending you kisses for posting Finntroll

No. 1578756

File: 1684201609215.jpg (22.21 KB, 334x468, panties for two.jpg)

213+ people have bought this.

No. 1578760

File: 1684202005878.gif (11.57 MB, 498x498, cat-kiss.gif)

Good taste anon, I kiss you back mwah

No. 1578765

File: 1684202549915.jpg (30.95 KB, 640x687, wipe-your-tears.jpg)

I do 1

No. 1578766

No. 1578767

I do 2, problem is I have a chance of getting dandruff in my eye

No. 1578769

File: 1684202950282.jpeg (20.91 KB, 828x502, 2F6D8742-1B9B-4AC4-ADB1-6D5DCD…)

feel like I talked shit about the wrong coworker to the wrong person and that person is gonna dislike me now. She was cool. Oops.

No. 1578783

Sagittarius, 2

No. 1578818

I just saw a video of my personal cows dog when she first got him, and oh my God it's like a completely different animal. Now the dog is grey, skinny and ahits in himself all the time.

No. 1578825

an artist i like posted another maniac bippie post and ive decided im going to start archiving her posts and shenanigans.

No. 1578833

You could try casually saying something tomorrow like "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my comments about X yesterday, I was just having a bad day".

No. 1578834

samefag but i wish i started archiving sooner. i really liked that one comic of her talking to her oc about how she overheard her ex admitting he's only dating her because she was an easy score. this becomes an entirely different story when you realize she's a transmasc
sorry for being creepy nonnas
ive just been fascinated by her for 2-3 years and i wanna make some weird digital tribute

No. 1578861

The weather has been so nice lately and it seems like summer here is coming early. I feel like a fucking plant undergoing photosynthesis because I have so much energy now. Usually at this time I would be tired as balls especially having only 5 hours of sleep the night before. Idk if it's because of Vitamin D deficiency, seasonal depression, or what

No. 1578903

you know what? Why don't games "rent out" their worlds? You know games with beautiful worlds that are barely used? Like Detriot Become human had some really nice outdoor areas. Or last of us? Why don't they just let people "buy" it from them and use those worlds to build or use in other games? I often wonder when I see a cool place in a game that I see and I want to explore it more

No. 1578908

other than ego/licensing issues which i am sure there would be many, AAA games are developed within their own vacuum so nobody is developing one game with the intention of using another games background. it wouldn't jive right. though it's rife in the indie scene, full mapsets are available to purchase for relatively cheap.

No. 1578922

File: 1684221389822.jpg (22.88 KB, 320x320, 1492041748786.jpg)

WHY am I wasting literally all my time on this fucking website again WHY WHY WHY GOD RELEASE ME FROM THIS PRISON

No. 1578923

Hahaha same fuck I need to burn my phone

No. 1578987

I’ll bet $5 that the original anon talking about big boobs in the fashion thread is a moid acting out his fetish. He’s not taking the replies from other busty anons seriously for a reason. It’s the same as the freak moids on reddit.

No. 1579015

Be honest with yourself, if you weren't here what would you be doing?

No. 1579023

File: 1684237594915.gif (556.71 KB, 498x280, pepe-stare.gif)

>tfw eye contact with my neighbours after they've heard me moaning seductively over a Google Meet call the night before ♥

No. 1579024

and they say that romance is dead

No. 1579033

This reminded me of my former neighbors that blasted music at night and moaned really loud (probably thinking the music covered it up, as if music at night is much better) during the air raid alert. They weren't embarrassed in the slightest and would invite me for tea. I probably should've come and tell them I don't mind the moans, but no music at night anymore pls.

No. 1579045

Some people are just really into fucking to music

No. 1579052

File: 1684241998847.jpg (12.02 KB, 256x256, 1674307135233.jpg)

I would be fulfilling my potential…no seriously I mean it

No. 1579055

i think you could bring it up for your own benefit, but it might be a bit awkward kek

No. 1579076

I had a dream that mods made a secret board called /p/ and it was the only NSFW content board, however it was like 90% sharing smut of anime boys and 10% nonnies posting male actor nudes. I also remember a thread where some where sharing the porn they drew themselves. Absolutely terrifying.

No. 1579080

I wonder how many of us have had lc dreams. I know I have.

No. 1579096

i posted about mine before and they were all nightmares

No. 1579098

File: 1684247128145.jpeg (44.07 KB, 827x457, FF931C25-0657-47DB-A8EB-A65124…)

looks cozy and safe

No. 1579099

I've had lc nightmares too but yesterday I dreamed about Kirdede-chan

No. 1579110


No. 1579142

I have dreams about some specific threads and discussions sometimes, like baking traditions in various countries or something. Not surprising, considering that I've been spending a lot of time here this and last year. If I play sims a lot, for example, it gets incorporated in my dreams, too

No. 1579157

i dont cry but i wipe my snot with 4

No. 1579160

post her on the art and salt thread please. Artist cows fascinate me, specially the ones that are good at art. Maybe because i project myself and i know if i was less self aware and actually posted on social media i would be like them too.

No. 1579165

i once had a nightmare where i got permabanned. It make me reconsider my life a lil bit.

No. 1579170

a couple of days ago I had a dream about a post I made on the husbando thread asking about how many husbando pics nonnies have as I have 2.7k. And some nona came out saying she has 80k images and another one claimed to have 100k and for some reason it shook me to the core. I woke up sweating.

No. 1579173

I'd like to switch brains with you for like a day. Get some rest from my own thoughts and gain a wild experience on par with a potent hallucinogenic

No. 1579175

File: 1684252173426.png (42.07 KB, 1500x1200, 1626073141563.png)

nona I'm fucking dying why was it called /p/? /penis/?

No. 1579184

I've dreamt that i had a cow thread made about me

No. 1579191

File: 1684252900560.png (28.63 KB, 239x400, 1669726173909.png)

Sounds great tbh.

No. 1579196

There used to be a male nudes thread. I miss it. There was one particular pic in that thread I could never get out of my mind…

No. 1579197

i wish my husbando had that many pictures

No. 1579205

File: 1684253685001.gif (2.88 MB, 498x278, danceorcrywhichwaywesternwoman…)

I have recurring nightmares ama
as long as it isn't about the nightmares

No. 1579206

File: 1684253741991.jpg (51.86 KB, 800x450, 13-Domestic-abuse-against-male…)

I was writing a document on domestic violence and these images came up in google search, they're supposed to illustrate "violence against men" but these just look like reactions kek

No. 1579211

I have like 300 pics and I thought that was a lot.
Please describe that pic, I'm curious. was it Peter Steele

No. 1579212

looks like he asked to be slapped and loves it, and she's doing it and hating it
typical moids

No. 1579215

File: 1684253880237.jpg (47.63 KB, 700x467, male-domestic-violence-victim1…)

This one looks like she's bullying him for being bald

No. 1579217

as she should

No. 1579224

She slaps him for being a putrid coomer and he moans and is like "…could you do it once more?" and she's just disgusted at this depravity

No. 1579227

File: 1684254139756.jpg (121.9 KB, 2160x1205, cbcdbc65-03b9-41e3-801a-2b9068…)

I just want to get strapped by a woman who genuinely finds me attractive. That's not too much to ask….

No. 1579230

I guarantee that's what went down in this photoshoot. at least they're better actors than shayna I guess
I thought this pic was oli london and was genuinely baffled for a bit lol nona
also you're too beautiful and sweet to be slapped, perish the thought

No. 1579232

Anon, strap is different than slap.
That made me kek. Do better, men.

No. 1579233

No, it wasn't Peter. It was some random guy with curly red/strawberry blonde hair grasping his thick ass dick. Iirc he was sitting in a chair and had some sports merch/flag behind him.

No. 1579235

I wanna be strapped and slapped.

No. 1579237

NTA but I'm assuming because "porn"?
Me too kek. I'm almost jealous but honestly I prefer to not be a hoarder. It's a terrible habit of mine.

No. 1579239

File: 1684254515128.png (29.57 KB, 864x180, enormous penis.png)

NTA it made me curious and now I'm laughing at this
>Peter Steele dead? Here's what his penis looked like

No. 1579240

Cute anon, kek.

No. 1579241

>heavy metal dick pics
I wish this was a thing

No. 1579243

I was confused for a moment why are they listing his blood group lol

No. 1579245

and, what does his penis looke like?

No. 1579247

Damn nona, cultivate yourself and listen to them.

No. 1579251

426 technically

No. 1579254

this is cringe and i listen to Ghost

No. 1579258

It kind of fucks me up that the creator of Lain likes OreImo which most likely means he's a lolifaggot.

>she hasn't seen it

No. 1579260

every japanese artist likes loli/shota

No. 1579266

didn't they have some misogynistic incel-tier lyrics?

No. 1579268

File: 1684256314913.png (Spoiler Image,295.92 KB, 700x815, sleeping beauty.png)

It's not enormous imo, and it's kinda dry

Not on the October Rust

No. 1579271

I will be honest and say that though he's attractive, I never got the big hoopla over his dick. They should've oiled him up or something.

No. 1579272


No. 1579275

File: 1684256627604.gif (180.15 KB, 352x288, me shakin my booty now that it…)

I fixed my stinky pussy problems. Life is so good anons.

No. 1579276

File: 1684256706421.jpg (48.31 KB, 536x538, 1569963870597.jpg)

he tweeted "I look so good today and she's not even gonna see me" I am convinced it's about me I am fuckign delusional and nobody can stop me

No. 1579286

File: 1684257162210.png (71.93 KB, 950x340, F9942CAE-A9C0-4130-B5E0-449FF3…)

Magnum opus

No. 1579288

It's okay to be wrong sometimes.

No. 1579289

Name one thing that’s incorrect here

No. 1579290

All of it.

No. 1579291

grandpa fucker, do not reply

No. 1579293


No. 1579294

File: 1684257624280.png (85.92 KB, 362x320, Illustration.png)

No. 1579295

tsk tsk, it's a gothic classic nona.

No. 1579296

no wonder goth is dead

No. 1579298

I have never watched Death Note, I wish I could have an opinion on this tier list.

No. 1579301

File: 1684257857861.jpg (38.45 KB, 669x502, 1607437248221.jpg)

is nice

No. 1579302

File: 1684257980556.jpeg (72.17 KB, 1092x589, EE117B1F-0F00-4FB4-BA4A-1E7765…)

Both of the main characters would be absolutely terrible husbands, and I don’t even think being a murderer makes you a bad husband 100% (pic rel is a serial killer and a god tier husband)

No. 1579304

Doesn't matter when they (and matt) are the only attractive ones in the series.

No. 1579308

still a million times better than the decrepit old men

No. 1579310

File: 1684258666566.jpeg (26.97 KB, 1024x576, 4D56CD61-A0C6-472D-A58A-A41FB4…)

Light and L aren’t that attractive, L never wears shoes, probably smells like shit and got stupid ass hair while Light makes retarded faces all the time, Matt is very sexy though can’t lie (also Mello).
How old we talking

No. 1579312

PICREL nonna did you make this? absolutely fookin mint ♥

No. 1579315

>L never wears shoes
>probably smells like shit
No proof, but I can wash him regardless
>and got stupid ass hair
It's called a sexy bedhead, it's the best type of hair. Fluffy and voluminous, not like that flat, untouchable pancake shit.

No. 1579316

File: 1684259111206.png (473.97 KB, 2048x960, ft100815-foxtrot-comics-bill-a…)

i love outdated internet humor

No. 1579319

you are complaining about stupid hair when two of your top choices dont even have hair

No. 1579321

I love double rainbow video

No. 1579323

Stinky dirty ass feet, only good if you have a foot fetish
>No proof, but I can wash him regardless
He would sperg out most likely
>It's called a sexy bedhead, it's the best type of hair.
It’s called the man hasn’t gotten a haircut in 5 years
At the end of the day though this is more based on personality, and L got a fucking terrible one.
Nah I think Matsuda is top choice, the other two are just quality husbands in terms of personality.

No. 1579325

Light has always been the superior choice, he's canonicaly handsome, doesn't watch porn, has a great physic and is studyious. He's isn't an hypocrite like L or his white haired bitche who always claim to act or justice but they themself don't respect the law

No. 1579326

>Matsuda is top choice
could be but he's just too much of a doormat

No. 1579327

I never understood this character’s design, why does he have no pupils? Why does a random blonde patch of hair(?) go into his eye?

No. 1579328

>why does he have no pupils

No. 1579330

>turned Light into Swiss cheese
Light’s egotistical as hell and doesn’t respect women at all, he’s perfectly fine with stringing Misa around while fucking the news reporter chick, not to mention that he killed all the CIA members and based Naomi.

No. 1579331

>It’s called the man hasn’t gotten a haircut in 5 years
Unironically god-tier. Men need to stop cutting their hair in general unless it's facial hair or stringy. Also his personality is at least interesting, Matsuda and the grandpas have nothing much to them.

No. 1579334

Disagree, long hair looks bad on men for the same reason beards look bad on men.
As for personality, I honestly preferred Mello and Near to L.

No. 1579335

File: 1684260118696.jpg (36.21 KB, 756x420, 4660852.jpg)

don't you dare make fun of light when your husbando looks like this kek
he has goals, something you lack of clearly

No. 1579337

File: 1684260263124.png (286.81 KB, 2048x960, ft101031-foxtrot-comics-bill-a…)

>why does he have no pupils?
he's wearing glasses
>Why does a random blonde patch of hair(?) go into his eye?
this i have no idea, i assume because he has bangs

No. 1579338

>not liking crying men
>he has goals
Not an excuse for killing best girl, he doesn’t achieve said goal anyway and dies limping around with no one to help him.

No. 1579339

> long hair looks bad on men for the same reason beards look bad on men.
you are the reason men go bald at 18 now. Men ONLY look good in long ish hair, bald or buzzcut fags look like either skinheads or gay porn stars

No. 1579340

You know what? I'd huff L's musky body. How can you say you love your husbando if you don't even love his scent?
Near is a wannabe L with the colors swapped, like that's literally part of his backstory. just a poor copycat.

No. 1579341

>70% reduction in world crime rates
>MILLIONS of lives saved each year
>peace and harmony in a plethora of countries
and what did matsuda do ? produce an underage idol ?

No. 1579342

does anyone have it, I wanna see it?

No. 1579344

Longish hair isn’t the same as man who needs a fucking trim desperately.
I don’t have a husbando, at most I kind of have a waifu
Be better husband material than Light, simple as that.

No. 1579348

This fight is hilarious

No. 1579351

Fluffy hair will always reign supreme. Go trim Matsuda's balls.

No. 1579352

I’ll I’m saying is at least Matsuda bathes properly and isn’t going to die of diabetes within 3 years.

No. 1579353

you have terrible taste please cease from responding any further you are embarrassing yourself

No. 1579354

No. 1579355

>being this mad that I’m spreading facts
Like it or not, most classic husbandos would be terrible husbands, I can roast all their bitch asses.

No. 1579356

i think you are applying your 3dpd logic to superior 2D husbandos. For all i care L smells like delicious roses

No. 1579358

3DPD is even worse, don’t even bring that gross stuff up.

No. 1579361

you are the one talking about how L would get diabetes and smell of shit

No. 1579362

File: 1684261612750.jpg (147.67 KB, 957x1300, 1594221548179.jpg)

I love the fighting i don't care what the farmhands say

No. 1579365

It’s true he would smell like shit, dude probably got his first bath in months when he was washing Light’s feet.

No. 1579367

File: 1684261941549.png (31.77 KB, 540x250, 1665562777749.png)

anime boys dont pee shit or smell bad(unless its the sweet oddor of sweat)

No. 1579368

I don't think this one is as serious as the others, at least not for me I'm having fun kek. Anyway L is still best. The stink makes him even better.

No. 1579369

File: 1684262078132.jpeg (52.89 KB, 800x600, 670F5B97-B8CB-4368-967A-701FC6…)

There’s 100% stinky ass anime boys out there and I’m going to roast all their smelly asses.

No. 1579370

How can you smell them if they're on the screen

No. 1579371

is like a vibe nonny

No. 1579372

either show them with stink lines and flies around or fuck off, they all smell like milk and chlorine

No. 1579374

File: 1684262376893.jpg (99.3 KB, 736x736, 082210b80f53066652aaa350655476…)

I'm addicted to Lao Gan Ma since I found it for cheap (rare thing in my country) and I'm looking forward to every meal because of it. I bought the chili crisp and the peanut one, next month I think I'll try the ones that come with meat (pork and chicken)
It's just so great, I can meal prep for work and out a tea spoonful of it over the meal and it's instantly tastier.

No. 1579375

File: 1684262422195.jpeg (11.59 KB, 168x300, DEFA0BC1-4DF5-42A4-848B-A5D4BF…)

It’s their general vibe and personality, speaking of which when I googled ‘bad smelling anime boys’ L came up, if that’s not proving my point I don’t know what is.

No. 1579381

There gets to a certain point where the smell is too much, if your husbando’s first bath is cleaning another guy’s feet in the rain it’s probably a sign that he’s got a max terrible odor to him.

No. 1579385

File: 1684262876959.gif (321.53 KB, 480x415, a751e5394a6ae621bf1679172e1bce…)

I don't want to interrupt but this gif is very cute

No. 1579386

the globohomo got to furries

No. 1579387

nonny im gonna cry pls

No. 1579388

He never said it was his first bath though, and Matsuda didn't get any bath scenes so what does that say about him?

No. 1579389

you just destroyed her with facts and logic

No. 1579394

You can tell from the vibes, L barely sleeps no fucking way he’s gonna bother with showering meanwhile Matsuda is a normie so he probably showers at least every other day.
Even if we don’t include showering though L doesn’t wear socks or shoes, his feet probably smell like dog poo.

No. 1579396

I had such cravings for chinese food I went and ordered a ton of takeout, sitting in my hotel room chowing down. It really hits the spot. As soon as I digest what I ate I'm going to shove in more.

No. 1579397

File: 1684263414004.png (59.84 KB, 1586x380, 1562978460277.png)

anyone else does this? please tell me i am not alone

No. 1579398

File: 1684263468465.png (440.75 KB, 690x460, ben_thotio.png)

So, headcanons. There's a lot of "probably"s there. Anyway I need to go to bed now so we'll finish this argument later.

No. 1579401

I think about the cwc dimensional merge in this way but more specific
Basically I like to have thought experiments about ‘would the fictional characters become aware of their fanfiction/smut counterparts or would their fanfiction/smut counterparts become separate characters?’
I’d rather it be the first one though since I want to see them have a meltdown learning what stuff people make them go through.

No. 1579402

File: 1684263586978.jpeg (96.25 KB, 685x505, 6C2246F2-D6C7-465E-8866-6DE6AB…)

Mikami should be the best husband, but everyone forgets about him because he’s such a dunce.

No. 1579404

Sometimes vibes are the most powerful tool in one’s disposal, that’s how you can tell who’s a good anime husband after all.

No. 1579408

He’d love Kira more than you though

No. 1579411

So would light

No. 1579413

Both are bad husbands, but at least Light would be quiet hearing Mikami screaming DELETE every night would get pretty tiring.

No. 1579418

friendly reminder there are no bad husbandos, only bad headcanons exception to the rule is rance

No. 1579421

I keep my universes separate, but I like to think my self-inserts can talk to each other.

No. 1579422

File: 1684264333329.jpeg (128.5 KB, 706x1129, 6E0EEBDD-EE76-47F3-8501-BDB51C…)

There’s plenty of bad husbandos, just look at Kurumi Masato for instance.

No. 1579423

You're the first fellow lightfag I've ever met, but in defense of Matsuda, Misa was actually about two year older than Light, which weirdly impressed me when I first read it.

No. 1579425

File: 1684264598033.jpg (89.83 KB, 564x849, 352936759371047.jpg)

knight tournaments seem to be such a fun hobby to get into, the amount of adrenaline would be amazing and also maybe a head concussion lol

No. 1579426

you know your husbando is shit when the first thing that comes up when you search his name is some big titty anime girl

No. 1579429

What do you mean?

No. 1579439

File: 1684265919358.jpeg (15.56 KB, 602x145, 9D3FD48A-5567-4723-B4FF-B14848…)

I feel like I already do this
Bouncing around from place to place without a thought in my head or a care in the world

No. 1579446

That's cause japanese otome games are often written by men

No. 1579449

but could we ever be froggy friends? instead all we do is this froggy fighting!

No. 1579450

The writer of this game is a woman though.

No. 1579453

File: 1684267060284.jpeg (34.26 KB, 312x312, 13731361660285766.jpeg)

No. 1579459

Light's dad best boy! Finally someone who understands.

I need to read that shit again, the first stories were so edgy it became funny as fuck.

No. 1579471

File: 1684268495466.jpg (100.82 KB, 680x670, FwM2aTdWwAEeBw9.jpg)

No. 1579473

I want my funny programming jokes to stop coming from fucking furries and trannies so I can share them at work!!

You'll find an image that looks completely normie compsci tier, and then you'll go look for the source and it leads you to a Twitter and GRRRAAAGH

I'm already the developer closest to being obviously "terminally online" amongst all the eastern Europeans and old guys (and, based on what I've heard other dev nonnas say about their jobs, thank God), so I can't afford to ruin my reputation in any way

No. 1579475

If this isn't a moid then I don't know what's wrong with the posters in that general.
Please explain why are the older men at the top lol no one has argued anything about them other than they're old

No. 1579479

File: 1684269028935.png (138.79 KB, 782x1080, monitor.png)

Same anon, this is the picture and it kills me

No. 1579486

It’s most likely a moid who wrote the post, but the actual character and story were written by women.

No. 1579488

I just texted 13 people inviting them to a birthday celebration for myself about 20 minutes ago and no one has responded. I want to die.

No. 1579492

I know the story was written by a woman, I checked the credits.
But that's not the only post of that kind from that general. They worship the most fucked up love interests in otome games in there. I wonder if they're all scrotes or actual women who are obsessed with yanderes or something.

No. 1579495

Kek, that’s great. I also hate how the gaming and computer nerd spaces are absolutely chock full of trannies and furfags

No. 1579499

I don’t see why moids would be playing otome and BL games, and yanderes are incredibly popular with women.

No. 1579501

>checking tenancy applications
>one applicant has a really long, kinda silly sounding name, one they clearly made up
>lists their job as "self-employed queer activist"
>talks a lot about their "family" and how they're looking for an atmosphere of "love and acceptance"
>can't provide refrences from previous landlords due to "radicalised bigotry"
I googled their name and lo and behold it's an MTF in a fucking polycule. I snooped on his instagram for shits and giggles and found his Aiden "BF" who's got a Ted Bundy flower crown profile pic. His fellow MTF transbian lover who posts about being misgendered while sporting a whole ass beard, and their handmaiden gf who posts non-stop selfies with long ass captions about "cis white guilt" and other assorted nonsense. At this point, I don't even care about breaking discrimination laws by turning these freaks down. I don't want a Manson Family 2.0 on my hands.

No. 1579502

The amount of annoying moids who go to the Otome subreddit just to say "hello I am a MALE and i ENJOY playing Otome games even though I'm MALE and STRAIGHT am I the only one??? Validate me please???" Proves that moids will get their grimy hands on any female oriented hobby just because they can

No. 1579504

File: 1684271099308.png (153.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230516-150444.png)

Because you know: I was totally on imageboards around that date.(XD )

No. 1579511

File: 1684271551167.jpeg (47.38 KB, 385x780, 036D341A-8D2B-4856-BB6F-D56F93…)

>actual women who are obsessed with yanderes or something.
Probably this one, cage kuns are usually the most popular in otome.

No. 1579512

Holy shit nonna that's foul. If they ask for a reason as to why they were all turned down or you need to provide a reason, say that it's because they refused to give a tenancy history, that's a guaranteed way to bypass that. Although, if somehow they still miraculously moved in I'd call the MtFs "he" and the FtM "she" just to be a thorn in their sides. I highly doubt any of them have actual GID anyways based on their description, I'm sure even TRAs refuse to humor them.

No. 1579514

File: 1684271733947.png (85.6 KB, 234x248, Kanami-IX_29hibab (1).png)

I had a manic episode and told my mom she exposed me to porn when i was 10 and insisted it was the truth (because i thought it was) and nearly ran naked down the street until i was stopped by my jerkop parents. The funny thing is, i'm not even mentally ill like they claim to be. I just feel like mentally ill is a buzzword anyone throws around nowadays

No. 1579518

Yeah, you're just crazy

No. 1579520

If they can't provide references you're probably okay. The poor landlord that actually rents to him in the future..

No. 1579521

will do nonnie! but i gotta wait till i got something really interesting to share.

No. 1579522

I did some googling and found that it's considered standard procedure to reject tenants who don't provide any references. If they push me on it, I'll also say that a "self-employed queer activist" simply doesn't sound like a stable job that will bring in enough income for rent; which to be fair is completely true. My nuclear option is misgendering them. I figure once I go full TERF they won't want to give me money anyway, kek.

No. 1579523

my mom also doesn't believe she showed me porn when I was 9-10
I wonder if this is a common phenomenon

No. 1579524

I'm not even crazy, i have autism and i'm technically diagnosed with depression.

While she didn't show me porn, she constantly has sex with my dad where i can hear it and called me hysterical and a liar. But i'm not lying

No. 1579526

File: 1684272511446.jpg (55.64 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

>i'm not even mentally ill like they claim to be

No. 1579528

>she constantly has sex with my dad where i can hear it
the cuntier half of me says, "fam, that's literally just life for kids who have to grow up in trailers"
>she called me hysterical and a liar.
alright, less cunty half says fuck her for that

No. 1579532

I know there are some lost moids in that subreddit but they're easy to spot because they complain about the love interests being male, are you sure you're not talking about TIFs (of which there are plenty)?

No. 1579550

Yeah, usually tifs just complain that you can't change the gender of the heroine character to male or a they/them so they can be "gay"

No. 1579561

When I read the replies in the "pretend your a moid" thread I laugh but then get really sad because a lot of the posts aren't too far off from unironic statements made by actual moids on the internet.

No. 1579584

I just installed a wig and god the wig facelift is so real. I feel like my eyes are super wide open. Also, I hate dealing with hair. My hair, fake hair, any hair,

No. 1579593

Based. Wish you luck nonna!

No. 1579617

would be hilarious if instead of regular it said 'normal', dunno why but it would make it hilarious

No. 1579634

File: 1684283311016.jpg (491.72 KB, 1735x1731, Tumblr_l_1540415107202111.jpg)

why do fakeboi-type tifs (usually enbies) occasionally draw trans men with giant boobs? i thought they wanted them gone?

No. 1579642

For women, being a tranny or using labels from the gendercult is a way to stop being judged for being feminine. Instead of drawing “slutty, provocative and dirty big breasts that are bags of useless fat only used to feed children and are gross but also too slutty and distracting to men” she’s drawing hecking valid boy milky boyfriend tits.

No. 1579643

i just want to live my retarded delusions! god please i dont want to work or do adult stuff, ew

No. 1579647

I go touch grass and every time I get immediately reminded that lc is actually the sane place. I hope I always have this board to come back to, just… don’t change too much

No. 1579660

I have something in the roof of my mouth but it's so small and I can't get it out or tell what it is. Maybe it's just some skin that scraped off?

No. 1579673

File: 1684286422459.jpg (38.64 KB, 563x505, 1651781148461.jpg)

I love coming home from work and catching up on /ot/ threads, feels like seeing what my bffs have been up to all day.

No. 1579679

Cute pic nonnie

No. 1579685

File: 1684286928452.jpg (110.58 KB, 735x736, 35e61743fbef59b4af7560e09a1af4…)

No. 1579693

ayrt, no. you're incorrect. i specifically said fakeboi because real tifs make an effort and don't draw themselves or moids with tits, because they're actually mentally ill and suffering, and they see trooning as the only way out. fakebois are not like that, you described fakebois, not most tifs.

No. 1579702

They're all TIFs, what does it matter?

No. 1579707

Wow. I’m sorry but you need to touch grass. I hate to be rude like that but you seem like your heart is in the right place but you’re way too wrapped up in internet terminology as if it’s real and you seem troubled… Step away.

No. 1579709

File: 1684288279339.gif (2.73 MB, 408x640, luigi-instant-sleeping.gif)

Threads have been moving really slow this week- Is it because school is finishing up for a lot of you? getting ready for spring? Site-related issues(LC spam/infighting/slow site loading/just moving on from imageboards or social media in general) Just wanna know where everyone is!

No. 1579710

Really? I came back to ot the other day after a long hiatus and was surprised to see it at what I considered to be an active pace. Have the farms gained more traction recently?

No. 1579713

ayrt- I feel like LC has been more active in general but this week it's been a little slow imo. Maybe I spend too much time here kek

No. 1579716

Good, keep the party going nonner

No. 1579724

>They're all TIFs, what does it matter?
if you're saying they're all part of the same group, yes, they are. but to generalize an entire group of people like that is kinda gross to me? i don't know, i feel the same about when women generalize moids. but i stay quiet due to board culture
thank you nonna, i do need to get out more, but i also am a firm believer in psychology/neurology and believe troons are not all bad or "victims of misogyny" depending on their sex, if anything i'd be a tra if i wasn't anti fakeboi. in reality, it doesn't matter and mental illness is a varied subject

No. 1579726

did you miss the death note battle

No. 1579732

Years ago I used to watch Jim sterling podcast, it'd be him, Gabe and Laura. I forgot how I learned Laura was trans, but when I did I realized how weird his voice was. Then I realized how weird it was that a woman would write a whole book about fucking game character butts. I never even learned what he looked like until years later. Should've known he was a man because how mad he got when he'd be cut off but him and Jim were always cutting off Gabe.
What happened to Yahtzee's buddy? Is he a Troon too?

No. 1579744

File: 1684292147812.jpg (49.47 KB, 600x400, c7860566b80303fff6edc72402a456…)

I just wanted to make it clear that I don't feel jealous of anyone on this website, except for the anons with healthy plants in the gardening thread.

No. 1579754

File: 1684293871346.jpg (94.6 KB, 752x819, Screenshot 2023-05-16 202357.j…)

I was watching the news on this article where an education assistant is under fire for having an OnlyFans (picrel), and a lawyer commented how that if she did get fired she might be discriminated against for "gender expression"
I mean, what the actual fuck. I get lawyers have to grasp straws to defend a client but come on.

No. 1579759

I quit porn cold turkey some time ago to curb my addiction and reliance on it, and now recently I've been thrown back into the world of nsfw audios. I want to like them but they are so ridiculously cringeworthy to me. The noises, the sound effects. The ones of my husbando are worse because it's just men doing a terrible, poor imitation of his unimitate-able voice. I can't stop listening though, it's like watching a trainwreck. I remember an anon a long time ago posted one of a man grunting and groaning like a monster, but I'm pretty sure it's deleted now.

No. 1579763

This kind of reporting is always free advertisment to these women lol, but the entire situation is fucked.

No. 1579764

I hate nsfw audios because everyone sounds fat.

No. 1579770

I mean how else are they supposed to get that extra $30 a month. Vocaroo requests are the fat man's onlyfans bux.

No. 1579819

or sound gay lol

No. 1579853

File: 1684304654552.jpeg (11.54 KB, 217x300, B492E6B5-9E6E-4394-AD8B-945E4A…)

Johannes Matthias Sperger

No. 1579872

OA (Original Autist) do not steal

No. 1579913

>celebricows has been real active, I wonder what went down?
>200 shitposts of only trump anon

No. 1579924

It's why I rarely go in there now.

No. 1579997

celebricows was always newfag central but it truly is only retards in there now. taylor swift is dating that nasty scrote but they don't even talk about that, they just racesperg.

No. 1580040

Dunno where to put this so this thread is as good as any. My boyfriend detrans. He lived as a woman for two years before peaking hard and becoming a full blown terf. I know men can't really be radical feminists but all of his views align with mine and I am one, so close enough for me. He's so comfortable in his masculinity now it's hard to imagine what he was like as a tranny. He doesn't like showing me photos of when he was trans but he doesn't mind being really open about it when I ask questions. Being a hardcore tranny hater it's an interesting feeling for sure but he always joins me in my hate, sometimes even sending me troon tweets so we can laugh at them together. Idk, it's all a bit strange.

No. 1580048

Break up with him, a scrote is a scrote

No. 1580050

Why'd he troon out in the first place? And what peaked him?

No. 1580057

Nah, he's pretty cool for a scrote
Being a feminine man around other trannies so social contagion and peer pressure made him transition. What peaked him was seeing other trannies in action and realizing that he has, and will never have, any clue what women go through in life. AGPs were the final straw.

No. 1580062

He might not be this, but often when men are really vocal and hate something, they secretly are attracted to that thing. I hope it’s not the case for your Nigel.

No. 1580067

Ya… No. Anyone who transitioned at any point has terminal autism.

No. 1580069

File: 1684333791249.jpeg (82.76 KB, 345x811, E01AFD07-48D9-4DD2-8FC6-7C1956…)

Life with incel

No. 1580072


No. 1580073

File: 1684334397913.jpeg (184.87 KB, 900x1263, E8C420A9-CB04-411D-AD68-C7C20B…)

No. 1580078

I love fujos, never change

No. 1580087

File: 1684335645247.jpg (125.09 KB, 850x506, 33073845_p0.jpg)

Based, thanks.

No. 1580102

File: 1684336649801.png (Spoiler Image,100.46 KB, 717x1012, 4A0C1CF8-F7FF-4959-A942-FB705C…)

Love you too

No. 1580142

How come every time I look at old people I feel so anxious and sad? They might actually be total assholes but without knowing that, old people just seem so frail and helpless and confused all the time it makes me want to cry. I feel like this is a weird reaction on my part.

No. 1580143

I actually really love old people and they make me sad too.

No. 1580150

What are some jewelry brands you like?

No. 1580153

When I was a wee child I actually did cry, like a whole ton, when I visited a retirement home for the first time. Even though everyone there was nice the way they looked freaked me out for some reason.

No. 1580161

I ate a steak sandwich with mayo, ketchup, American cheese AND ranch yesterday and I feel so disgusted with myself. I'll eat another one today but just with American cheese

No. 1580166

File: 1684344599320.jpg (18.16 KB, 452x452, orange-blossoms-and-oranges-co…)

Les Néréides, kitsch but not too much. I have picrel + clip-ons from the same set and always get compliments on them.

No. 1580179

File: 1684345573654.jpg (156.32 KB, 735x892, 189f5ea5109c405ddd6de6d937d103…)

I want to make this but I'm short and I feel like it would just swallow me up. And I don't even know what colors I would make it in. I dislike cardigans for that reason too despite them being so confy, they need to make short girl cardigans.

No. 1580180


No. 1580188

I know this is lolcow so we're inherently all internet sleuths, but it's so annoying how anons are like "are you that anon that made (insert random post that no one gives a fuck about)????". There's a bunch of people on here, and this site is anonymous. Chances are no it's not the same anon, Sherlock Holmes. You're not inspector gadget, bitch.

No. 1580192

File: 1684346369235.jpeg (131.62 KB, 1920x1080, wallpaperrr.jpeg)

I'm working off my manga backlog so good right now, anons, I'm so happy. If I haven't forgotten any, it's 83 more volumes to go, which means at my current pace I'll be done by the start or around the middle of next month. Maybe I'll replay Hakuoukis Soujis route once I'm done, as a reward.

No. 1580193

Kek I know what post you're talking about and I reacted more or less the same way.

No. 1580196

I love lolcow for the fact that it has made me more comfortable and happy in finding an internet space for women without the incessant shit that comes with moid dominated platforms but I can't deny it has lowered my tolerance of scrote shit dramatically. I used to be able to browse /a/ or even /v/ but now I just feel nauseous whenever I read the horrendous things on there. I used to be able to browse manga and anime like crazy but now I feel unnerved by all the weird porny infantile degradation of women. I feel enlightened, but like someone who's been awakened and given a pair of nightmare goggles that show the truth. I only use /vg/ for a niche general

No. 1580198

File: 1684346754571.jpg (46.63 KB, 736x717, df48c4dbaa13b1c0775bc3adeb962c…)

Me back when I was studying design.

No. 1580199

File: 1684346759440.jpg (323.99 KB, 988x1400, b53c50ca-ab3d-4b00-8d4e-f97925…)

If we're talking about the one in /g/ I couldn't help but roll my eyes in disdain. Who gives a shit, this is an anonymous imageboard either post about the thread topics or gtfo. It's like when an anon said some gay moid shares my husbando, at first I was a very curious but then I realized what does it matter if some weirdo wants to pork him?

No. 1580209

Are you the anon who posted Chiaki Harada in some thread literally several weeks ago?

No. 1580213


No. 1580218

No. 1580222

It's not about one particular post in particular, but I see it so oftenly and it makes me itch. But I do know which /g/ post you mean.

No. 1580225

they did get me once i won't lie

No. 1580252

File: 1684351086855.png (2.04 KB, 367x120, tickdeath.PNG)

gen alpha is jannying now

No. 1580258

File: 1684351670912.jpg (10.85 KB, 250x250, 50rj4m.jpg)

I'm 99% sure there's a bunkertranny posting, the way the type and the "jokes" they make is something you'll see with leftypol users

No. 1580261

No. 1580345

The Tardthot thread and maybe the musk thread.

No. 1580403


No. 1580412

i mean that's literally what a-logging is

No. 1580433

water is nice, i like it a lot

No. 1580458

did you ever feel actually feel threatened when your mom would say, "Ugh, I could kill you"

No. 1580462

I understand what you mean. I used to be an avid 4channer but looking back at those days I have to wonder how I tolerated the scrotal and misogynistic shit for so long. Certain behaviour about scrotes makes so much more sense now when you look at it with a radfem lense. I wish I had found LC sooner.

No. 1580482

NTA but not all of us are radfems

No. 1580496

I rescued an abandoned baby robin and a wildlife rehabilitator who specializes in birds suggested keeping it inside overnight. It's sleeping in my room. Please pray it lives

No. 1580497

Wee wooo wee wooo

No. 1580500


No. 1580506

Same. I can't believe how long I stayed as a lurker over there, mindlessly browsing the threads on those boards. I ended up quitting two years ago and feel much better for it, even though I browse lolcow still. Here, I feel much more free and open with posting my thoughts despite the infighting and certain people that try to stir things up. I wish more women that browse that site or other sites like that would wake up. It's true concentrated scrote garbage.

No. 1580507


No. 1580510

Same. I used /vg/ the most but I can’t stand even that now, just look at the threadpics of every general. And the content they discuss is just about wanting to fuck the game characters, be it anime girls or literal animals. I don’t think men can have deeper toughts, it’s all about the coom.

No. 1580511

Lc is a small site, other anons are bound to think that. Idk why you’re so mad

No. 1580513



No. 1580514

Can you use the retarded shitposting thread

No. 1580515

looks like someone called the cops

No. 1580519

You've described my morning. I feel like you're mocking me nonas.

No. 1580521

Ummm can you go be retarded in the complaints thread in /meta/…..

No. 1580526

>ugh jannies they are being too loud and dumb!!! this is my play area and I don't like cars!!!!!

No. 1580527

i cant wait until my kitty becomes a full cat i am tired of his shenanigans he already broke two of my headphones

No. 1580528

No. 1580541

My mom would never say that wtf

No. 1580542

No. 1580557

it's not that uncommon of a turn of phrase, at least in my country I guess

No. 1580560

File: 1684384587003.jpg (35.72 KB, 843x843, FB_IMG_1684384376350.jpg)

When I saw the Dune remake and saw the access they cast as Chani I said to my Nigel "I'm really happy they chose a normal looking girl for her role because in the book she wasn't described as being overly beautiful" and he laughed (nicely) and said "that's Zendaya she's a famous actress known for being beautiful" ….but I just didn't see it??? She's not ugly or anything by far but she certainly doesn't look like a supermodel and I thought she fit the role really well. I just kinda laugh to myself when I see memes with her from Dune because I remember how shocked I was. I really don't know anything about popular celebrities or who is considered beautiful these days. I'm glad she's considered really pretty because I had this impression it was all plastic surgery these days.

Anyone else see Dune? I actually saw the remake first, then read the book. And considering the depth of the book I think they did a pretty good job and I liked the overall aesthetic.

No. 1580568

i remember watching this movie with friends and it was so boring 99% of our commentary post movie was ''haha butthole worm go brrr'' the other 1% was ''the mom kinda hot tho''

No. 1580603

Its about prestige, when someone's famous people do have a inclination to view them as something above regular people.

No. 1580618

File: 1684393702642.png (14.01 KB, 924x372, Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 12.08…)

What the fuck

No. 1580624

File: 1684394749977.png (9.36 KB, 1524x134, Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 12.25…)

Nah that site is crazy. This is the rating for Rango.

No. 1580633

Pretentious hostel shithole charging €80 for a dormitory bed, yes that much to share with five to eight other people, and share bathrooms, acting like a fucking club with a rope and security guard outside looking for room cards to get in. I'm asking if I can check if there is a bed available for the night at midnight because I need a last minute room, the website says they are available but I only have cash, the dude won't even let me in and says to call them. Try fuck is this shit you are a HOSTEL not a hotel YOU DON'T FUCKING MATTER. I end up going to a hotel and getting right in at a discount too.

Hostels have always been shitty but they were cheap so broke ass young people could still enjoy travel. Idk what the hell this place is but fuck it all

No. 1580634

what site? do toy story and finding nemo

No. 1580643

Neither have anything listed under sexual luckily kek but the site is raisingchildren.net.au they make some interesting calls on media

No. 1580679

File: 1684403572133.jpg (721.09 KB, 4096x2730, 618301550158.jpg)

choose your fighter

No. 1580682

File: 1684403829380.jpeg (124.6 KB, 1600x900, 8610BB03-4696-45A0-B690-784A9D…)


No. 1580687

Right because it has faster agility to avoid the left's attacks at the cost of less defense, but maybe the left since it has a higher defense stat but at the cost of his turn rate would be a bit of a disadvantage

No. 1580699

Hope you don’t get scammed anon

No. 1580713

The left dog radiates pure stoicism, so I'm going with him.

No. 1580720

File: 1684408439376.jpeg (91.34 KB, 800x800, Wholesale-Good-Quality-Folding…)

I finally got myself a mosquito net for my bed and it's been the best fucking investment I have ever made. I wanna see those little fuckers try to suck my blood now. This thing came right on time too cuz I've seen no fewer that THREE giant ass spiders in my room this past month alone, and the lest thing I need is one of them crawling into bed with me in the middle of the night.

No. 1580739

They really saw an animated LIZARD with no pants and thought they should warn parents about it. They’d hate squidward.

No. 1580743

So far it is a legit. Some sap who spent too much money on a PC with their tax money. If I get it and there’s something wrong with the PC itself? Eh not a big deal. Was gonna replace parts here and there anyway. So hyped either way

No. 1580749

i got gel extensions on my nails yesterday and for once i love them, but typing on my laptop has been kind of annoying. surprisingly everything else has been easy. they look so good but i hate how slow i am as i am getting used to the shape. i got medium almond in a sheer pink.

No. 1580774

This is why I love americans and their creation of the common window screens and screen doors. can have the windows and doors wide open but no one is coming in.

No. 1580828

Missed you nonnies <3

No. 1580874

>make an obvious joke asking who is responsible for something, not expecting an answer, just pointing out how badly it's made
>anon responds saying she doesn't know this information
Damn, some of you weren't joking about the autism thing

No. 1580895

File: 1684431596361.jpeg (63.61 KB, 675x506, 1684419110611.jpeg)

Really sick of seeing beautiful women with the ugliest men

No. 1580936

File: 1684432827831.jpg (58.38 KB, 533x392, palace.jpg)

I was going through my old e-mail and I have e-mails from 20-21 years ago when I was 10-11 years old. I sent lots of e-mails to neopets, habbo, and palace support because of things not working for me as a kid, or someone scammed me. It was really cute to look into my mind from back then. I wrote so many funny articles to habbo sites or even an application to become a hobba. Here's an image I made for my own palace server that I sent to palace support staff for whatever reason. I'm feeling really nostalgic and bitter-sweet.

No. 1580941

Every person posted in the french and italian threads looks super trashy. I know it's a given given they are probably lolcows, but it's amazing how all cringe trashy internet personality look the same everywhere you go.

No. 1580942

I didn't.

No. 1580965

Held a door open for an MTF today and he either thinks I'm an Aiden (ew) or a moid (EW) and said "thank you, handsome" as he winked at me. Vile. Next time I'll slam the door on him. He'll be fine, it'll probably bounce off of his excessive lip filler.

No. 1580974

No he knows you're a woman, he just wanted to casually misgender you because it's a hate crime in the eyes of a tranny and they are constantly seething.

No. 1580989

I hate trying to find normal videos about gymnastics on YouTube because wtf is this channel. One of her videos was like the fourth recommended one and this one is from the beginning of her channel. Wtaf… actual retard porn on YouTube. sound ON

No. 1580994

Probably. Most MTFs I've known have been catty towards butch women like myself (and GNC people in general, usually). Idk why, maybe it's because we can dress how we want without being mental about it.

No. 1581000

Troons seethe at GNC women because troons can't be butch but women can. It completely breaks their ideology. I worked with a TiM coworker who kept trying to belittle me for being "less of a woman" than him and it was just sad kek

No. 1581001

Her voice sounds like the Stitch impression I'd do when I was 9

No. 1581004

another typical woman's behaviour what are you talking about anon ?

No. 1581016

>thank you, handsome
anyone else read this in the typical tranny voice?

No. 1581080

File: 1684440438242.jpg (72.76 KB, 1200x600, 0x0.jpg)

Chrisp Ratt looked really uncanny in the new Guardians movie. Like he was wearing a wig and tons of spray tan.

No. 1581119

most based epic song ever

No. 1581129

File: 1684442935960.jpeg (36.79 KB, 500x500, 9565143A-C6D2-49F9-AFB1-D1BEBC…)

expressing myself being special and not like other weird girl zoomers by being obsessed with cool cat instead of garfield

No. 1581131

File: 1684443156084.jpg (33.77 KB, 800x450, 34567.jpg)

Bubsy is best cat

No. 1581134

File: 1684443400038.gif (3.37 MB, 640x358, fritz-the-office.gif)

why are catboys so sexy nonnas?

No. 1581152

File: 1684444826323.png (310.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1484082327.png)

I'm more of a dirty dog fan myself.

No. 1581164

Diet_prada had so much potential but it's just wannabe woke shit. We need something that falls between skinnygossip and diet_prada.

No. 1581170

I saw its downfall and it was atrocious nonny, I feel you.

No. 1581179

File: 1684446061726.png (217.07 KB, 700x228, Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 2.40.…)

Hadn't been on their page in a while and these are the most recent posts. What a weird mix.

No. 1581196

I'm glad that ostrich killed him.

No. 1581280

File: 1684455190358.jpg (160.17 KB, 674x1100, 8da6276d3b6aac9c659db0e61a354a…)

I was banned 3 days ago so i couldn't respond to my fellow lightfag but just know i'm so thankful to know i'm not alone anymore

No. 1581294

is he an anachan?

No. 1581300

His whole family is dude couldn't even bring a bag of chips up studying without his whole family ripping on him and saying he'll get fat

No. 1581309

#1 light defender luv her

No. 1581371

Threads on CC are deleted so goddamn fast. It's no fair, I want to see what happened.

No. 1581372

He knows you're effortlessly feminine unlike him, and the fact that you're GNC and don't need to dress up like a blow up doll unlike him makes him seethe. It also reminds him of the fact that wearing women's clothes does not turn him into a woman, so he tries to enforce his ideology onto you by implying you're now a man for not dressing like him.

No. 1581376

File: 1684468377138.gif (2.61 MB, 640x492, dahliabunni.gif)

girls in the husbando thread wanna get married I'm so happy I wish I could officiate their weddings.

No. 1581390

I'm going to be attending my graduation convocation and I'm kinda pissed I have to pay to wear the regalia for only just a couple of hours. It's not even that much, around 50 bucks, but it still pisses me off on top of paying the fee in order to graduate. These universities will extract every drop of penny from you. Fuck these bloodsucking organizations so much.

No. 1581419

File: 1684475484968.jpeg (8.95 KB, 275x183, 29D55E5E-DF30-46AC-9996-5BA243…)

>be me
>cousin says he wants to teach
>remember that a teacher’s wife at a school I used to help at is dying of cancer
>maybe the teacher will get too depressed after his wife’s death and you will be able to get that position.mp3
>cousin can’t stop laughing
>tells me that that was too dark

No. 1581434

Your cousin is right.

No. 1581441

My (relatively new) bf makes me cum multiple times every time we have sex but I haven't managed to get him off once. I know it's because of his botched circumcision but it feels bad cause I want him to enjoy himself. He assures me he still loves sex and sees orgasms kinda like sneezing. He does want sex all the time so I doubt he's lying. Idk man I just want to make him get off.

No. 1581444

You're cute anon. You could always give us your blessing by posting in that thread.

No. 1581465

Hello ladies guess which little retard drove hours to meet an internet moid who will make her sad

No. 1581501

Are you still alive?

No. 1581502

Fucking idiot.

No. 1581504

That shit's dangerous, you're a fucking idiot. I'd you know it will end badly then why the fuck do you still go to see him. Some women put so much value into cheap ass male attention.

No. 1581523

Please love yourself you idiotic nona.

No. 1581527

Don't end up on the news… Please update us.

No. 1581531

He's a chronic masturbator with a porn addiction probably. Can't cum from sex cause a vagina can't compare to his deathgrip and a real woman isn't as exciting as his pornstars and hentai. Huge red flag.

No. 1581551

Don’t listen to the femcel patrol, getting a bf is worth it.

No. 1581556

It's not his fault but this is why uncut dick wins all day every day

No. 1581563

Unless he drove HOURS as well she's getting shafted

No. 1581582

>male hands typed this

No. 1581583

why the fuck would you do that? Some of y'all must have a death wish or something because I'm sure there's a dumbass moid in your general area that's the exact same as the one you drove out for. You're the woman first off, if anyone's supposed to be driving x amount of hours to meet up it's the male. Won't even get into how absolutely retarded it is to go do a meet up with a discord moid at what I'm assuming is his house for your first interaction irl.

No. 1581591

This is kekworthy but ngl I kind of love it, I am sick of looking up if movies have male gaze objectification shit and everyone swearing up and down they don’t just to watch it and find out there’s like a fucking burlesque kick line scene and constant camera fucking or some shit

No. 1581614

I hate weird shit like this because I recently learned a lot of this stuff is just fetish videos disguised as harmless workout videos, DIY videos and similar. They always give off a rancid vibe and often try to appear harmless so they get recommended to kids since that's a big part of the fetish.

No. 1581624

lc is so slow when I am awake. I sleep, come back and there is a ton shit of messages. I feel cheated.

No. 1581625

joining the discord server of an obscure game i like was a mistake. it's filled with incel moids who think your sensitive for not thinking their hypersexual 'jokes' are funny. the drawing i made literally had nothing sexual in it sob,,

No. 1581627

File: 1684508188488.jpg (31.52 KB, 500x500, 140e40125b417e8d41dd78513ab8f6…)

hi nonnie!! im here!!! hi!!! hello!!!!

No. 1581631

File: 1684508391689.jpeg (139.84 KB, 1170x2007, s4sd0nb0rawa1.jpeg)

There's a real possibility that Halsey's gonna lose her kid to her husband. It's a really sad situation to think about and I can't help but feel sorry for her, even with all her cringey moments.

No. 1581638

File: 1684508738150.jpg (51.75 KB, 600x413, 08e0c18e38e81d330ee1ea03bb795f…)

hi nonnie, tell me what you doing now, I am bored

No. 1581642

nothing interesting really
finished the last exam today and currently staying up to finish drawing a self-insert comic of me and my waifu

No. 1581645

File: 1684509359126.gif (1.91 MB, 498x373, cat-computer.gif)

Omg active users?! Hi!!

No. 1581646

You said your relationship is new, once you guys have more time together and how explored each other more you'll probably figure something out.

No. 1581655

File: 1684509872191.jpg (32.89 KB, 640x715, gigastacy.jpg)

I still don't know what Homestuck is.

No. 1581663

File: 1684510316345.jpg (46.63 KB, 947x974, IMG_20230519_233216.jpg)

hope this helps

No. 1581664

File: 1684510414621.png (1.2 MB, 1440x2458, Screenshot_20230519-030706~2.p…)

same anon. life couldn't be better

No. 1581667

File: 1684510710429.jpg (209.57 KB, 1920x1080, 1643737920819.jpg)

Imagining never knowing about childbirth or reproduction. No idea what menstruation is (just that you might bleed sometimes if your weight isn't too low). No moid-fucking, no social structure based around moid-fucking, so no pressure about any of it. Literally just vibing in ignorance, no worries

No. 1581671

Living alone after living with a big family is so nice. I just looked in the fridge and the milk I bought yesterday is still full, ha!

No. 1581679

Blessed be the ignorant, my sister.

No. 1581692

Each other? Or their husbandos?

No. 1581707

Why would you want this. Being in pain and bleeding for no reason every 28ish days and not knowing why is stressful as hell

No. 1581719

Anons love to claim everyone here's a bitter bitch looking to drag others down but I've actually received good advice for situations I could ask no one about irl and support when I was feeling down. This place isn't all that bad and I'm glad that it exists despite it's flaws.

No. 1581728

There are times where this place is like crabs in a bucket. But I've posted on here about all sorts, perhaps most importantly though, I used to vent about my cancer and the kindness of the anons who replied to me really meant a lot. At a time when I didn't want to burden friends and family with my darker thoughts, this Indonesian basket weaving forum meant so goddamn much to me. Even now when I'm in remission and think every headache I get means I'm gonna die, just coming on here and laughing at silly things is like a holiday away from it all. I might grow old and post less and less here, but lolcow will always have a special place in my heart.

No. 1581734

It’s nice, some anons are too autistic and bitchy sometimes but that’s unavoidable because being anonymous brings either the best or the worst of people. I still think it doesn’t happen too often, like as long as you’re not talking about dumbass relationship things like forgiving cheaters, weird fetishes, “being pretty”, supporting trannies, or bpd-chan things, then no one will get too annoying.

No. 1581735

i saw that deleted post. i know we get self-posters sometimes, but baby photos? anon..

No. 1581744

File: 1684517468040.jpg (198.46 KB, 1500x1500, 71NbDV9fjaL._SL1500_.jpg)

I love yaki hair it's so fluffy

No. 1581750

Interacting with Americans on modthesims vs any other website feels so differnet. The MTS burgers are cuter and feel more like the Americans I see on TV.

No. 1581759

I saw it too, but who cares? babies look the same anyways

No. 1581779

People who chew gum deserve to be publicly stoned. So fucking gross.

No. 1581788

I am cow smacking my lips just for you. I wish humans actually made cud.

No. 1581796

File: 1684522344217.gif (1.61 MB, 480x270, 7ecd2ee6aef964b0095aa35448d6e2…)

Tried out that bacon grease choc chip cookies recipe from Dylan Hollis' channel, and oh my god those are the best cookies I've ever made! So moist and chocolately! But now I'm drowning in cooked bacon. I don't even like bacon!

No. 1581800

Do they taste bacon-y? My country ass loves some bacon grease but I've never tried it in a dessert.

No. 1581813

Not at all! I expected it to have a bit of saltiness to them but I couldn't really feel it but it could also be because the chocolate chunks I cut were slightly too big.
The only issue I had was that it takes a bit longer for them to get fully firm after you take them out of the oven, even if the knife (or whatever utensil you use) come out clean they will be bit doughy so I let them sit for a couple of hours.

No. 1581832

Nta, as a kid my favorite food was lettuce and I would chew it for a really long time pretending to be a cow chewing cud kek I'm with you anon.

No. 1581833

File: 1684524049749.jpg (33.79 KB, 408x612, istockphoto-172199152-612x612.…)

This is the last thing you will see.

No. 1581835

File: 1684524390239.png (98.39 KB, 556x658, cat_computer.png)

what countries/regions are you all from?

No. 1581843

Gross schmoss. Chewing mastic gum's made my jawline look sexy as hell.

No. 1581847


No. 1581862

Matsuda still better husband material though.

No. 1581876

Delicious rocks! Thank you nona. It's going sound like someone slurping and chewing on an ice block in here, but that's just me.

No. 1581878

There's so much unhinged
>this woman is the reason why this man is x,y and z!
Like every single man doing "bad" is because his evil wife/gf. It's always followed by some misogynistic insult. Very interesting

No. 1581879

Same anon, I mean to add on snow

No. 1581881

My favorite is people claiming their moms are always to blame, I wish I could find it again but there was some vid of a pick me coddling some mass killer and saying ‘if I was your mother you would have never felt pain and always been loved’.

No. 1581882

It was putin.

No. 1581885

File: 1684527351139.gif (Spoiler Image,6.54 MB, 600x330, putin when.gif)


No. 1581886

God this video is so fucking pathetic and cringy.

No. 1581888

Finally watched some euphoria and is jules what is considered the pinnacle of passing for trannies because lmao???

No. 1581891

Women are so fucking embarrassing sometimes damn

No. 1581912

File: 1684529523806.jpg (125.77 KB, 1170x1434, FwfQNq_XgAEfur_.jpg)

You guys will not guess who this is

No. 1581914

Clearly Jonah Hill but wtf is with those anachan legs.

No. 1581918

File: 1684530206635.jpg (89.7 KB, 700x598, Tumblr_l_1863786383794.jpg)

How the hell do you entertain an outdoor adult cat indoors? I'm trying to help this guy out but he's so bored!

No. 1581923

thats kanyes bestie obv

No. 1581925

You guys are saying clearly and obviously - it's not clear or obvious at all! He looks like if Rhett from Good Mythical Morning became homeless.

No. 1581930

he does look like he's living in a tent in ocean beach

No. 1581962

One of the most crypto ways of making a troon feel like shit is ask them what lipstick or mascara they're wearing, don't tell him it's nice, just ask what it is. Men never, ever can remember or understand that stuff and he will reply with something like "oh it's maybelline" and if there's more woman than you, you or someone else will kinda laugh and be like "yeah but which one" or you will name your mascara's long ass name fluently, and the troon will always look so defeated. I promise it always works, irl or online.

No. 1581971

I'm not even a TIM and I don't know any makeup brands or lines, I don't wear it. I don't think it's fair to expect people to remember all the extensive specifics, troon or not. Both TIMs and TIFs are prone to things like Autism and ADHD, so that could also be why. As an autist, if you ask us point blank something, unless it's something we're fixated on, it tends to provoke an "I don't know?" of some variety.

No. 1581972

samefag I am so tired and the esl is just oozing from my post, sorry anons

No. 1581973

yeah but you and other women who don't wear any or very little makeup, they don't see it the same way as a troon does. the point is that it hurts them, and it's petty as shit but it does work, you or any other woman not knowing or caring doesn't mean I am saying you're like a troon, just that it does sting a troon, okay?

No. 1581974

I'm butch so the make-up thing wouldn't work coming from me, but I annoy the TIF at my work by asking about her clothes and telling her to take them to the tailors. It's "advice" but I'm actually just bugging her about dressing like shit because she tried to bin my Slytherin pen. Never even read Harry Potter but my lil sis loves it and made me take the nerd test to see what house I'm in. She bought me that pen and I WILL kill any troon who touches it.

Don't worry, nona. I'm also very clockable as ESL. I've embraced my shitty English.

No. 1581980

Beloved butch nona, I stopped wearing anything more than a mascara and some brow gel during the pandemic and still do the makeup thing with troons because it works and I do need to pick up that clothing thing, I work with sewing so it would work very well! I didn't mean to sound controversial with my little petty shit though kek

No. 1581983

Don't worry, nona, I didn't take it that way! I find it funny as fuck to annoy troons like this. They make so many horrible, misogynistic comments about us that I highly encourage other women to start pissing them off. If you do it under the guise of small talk and advice, you're golden. I also love to sew and I'm a bit of a fashionfag so it's borderline offensive seeing how troons dress.

No. 1581988

Both of you sound based af. I love talking about how I own a bunch of nicely tailored suits to my troon coworker. He looks like shit. It's hilarious

No. 1581995

fashionfags are the salt of the earth especially when it comes to stuff like suits on women, a friend told me to aim for their shoes as well because male sizes but I wear 41 and even that is kinda on the big side so I would feel kinda dumb for it haha

No. 1581999

Don't worry, nona. I'm over 6'0, fridge built and got size 42 feet, and I still look like a Disney Princess next to most TIMs. If anything they get more pissed off at us because we're still clearly women and we're GNC without sticking ourselves in some dumb little gender box and picking out different pronouns.

No. 1582001

Samefag, I'm actually size 45, I used the converter wrong. So yeah, don't worry. Even us bigfoots can wind troons up kek.

No. 1582013

do you think gen alpha is going to grow up with off-hand nostalgia for the 10s like how zoomers now miss the idea of the 00s?

No. 1582019

Absolutely. The world is going to shit, so I think it's natural that they'll have nostalgic tendencies. I think all generations do though, tbh. Like I'm only 32 and I've already started unironically saying "back in my day".

No. 1582024

File: 1684537156982.jpg (13.78 KB, 720x229, Screenshot_20230519-190213_Chr…)

The fuck does this red text mean? Kek, I reported this post for racebait not for being unsaged (in /ot/ of all places).

No. 1582030

File: 1684537514455.jpg (36.95 KB, 576x768, 202494057_137821685083951_2606…)

i am a zoomie(21yo) and i hated the 10s so much. I am the last generation to grow up without a phone at womb and i appreciatte that a lot. I feel nostalgia for the very late 00s and early 10s(like 13-14) i think the world took a very depressing turn after that. I really miss the pre phone era so much though, when phones only came with jewels legend and it was only free for the first two levels. Seeing my 9yo cousin just sit on a room full of other children but all playing on their tablets is so goddam depressing. I really wish i was born a bit earlier to enjoy the 00s a bit more. I cannot remeber anything from past 2014 too, i feel sad i dont have a teenagehood i can feel nostalgia for, it was so boring, i dont even remeber if we had a clothing trend or something, i guess zoomie trend is pronoun shit, ew. I do remember when i was 10 i used to fall in love with all the emo and skater guys, but when i became a teen all the guys looked so…ugly and normal.

No. 1582099

I'm also a zoomer (nearly 20) and very nostalgic for the Early 2000s, my earliest memories are playing on the original XBox and Sims lol

No. 1582111

File: 1684542335445.jpg (12.09 KB, 238x212, download (18).jpg)

Farmhands are stupid so sometimea they say things or leave redtexts that don't make any sense. Just treat them as old people with alzheimers or something. "Sure janny, lets get you back to the pasture.."

No. 1582128

It's cringy seeing older coworkers I'm friends with on social media follow prostitutes until I look at the women's profiles, then it gets worse. They post videos of themselves making weird faces and putting fingers in their mouths while driving. Or videos of their butts in public toliets, kek. I am thankful I am not an internet prostitute looking stupid as fuck out here for dumb, disgusting men.

No. 1582149

I unironically listen to this song these cows I follow made. It's catchy.

No. 1582155

File: 1684548990615.jpeg (51.24 KB, 458x808, D2DA683E-0ACA-4C74-8A0B-E6DA5D…)

>be me
>go get the takeout that my brother ordered for us
>cute dude is walking his teeny tiny dog
>Get out of the building
>teeny tiny dog stops dead in it’s tracks
>stares at me while trembling
>owner stops walking and stares at the dog
>I just get my food
>owner pulls dog
>dog keeps staring at me
>owner looks at me like I’m kicking his dog
>dog won’t move
>he pulls dog again
>I hear the tiny claws of the dog
>I just leave
Why did the dog react like that? Is it because I also have a dog and I smell like a dog?

No. 1582158

>Why did the dog react like that?
Because it's retarded.

No. 1582161

Dogs are weirdos. I tried to move the dog ice cream cup treat I’d given my dog to a different spot and she growled and proceeded to finish the treat with her tail tucked between her legs cause she thought I was gonna take it from her kek.

No. 1582162

Cute little dog

No. 1582164

sometimes when i go to the lolcow.farm homepage it has a buttplug mouse cursor. has that always been a thing

No. 1582165

mental illness

No. 1582167

It's a /shay/ thing though I'm not sure it appearing randomly on the main page is an intended Easter egg or a glitch.

No. 1582177

File: 1684552949492.jpg (397.86 KB, 2560x2560, 81iyYViv62L.jpg)

I'm eating a great value version of picrel right now even though I don't eat cereal anymore cause I haven't been shitting right and I love artificial strawberry.

No. 1582179

File: 1684553292691.png (449.71 KB, 960x720, efftdxlgdan91.png)

SSamefag, but here's great value vs keloggs, why is kellogs skimping on the icing. I say ice the whole mini wheat.

No. 1582183

Ooo when them is soaked in milk and you take a bite and it burst in your mouth. Elite.

No. 1582203

File: 1684556060292.jpeg (237.93 KB, 1183x1503, 1683746141675.jpeg)

A bitch with vaginismus always got to tell everybody all the time. Worst than vegans. Nobody needs to know all that.

No. 1582220

Moid alert

No. 1582225

moid hands type this

No. 1582231

I will never understand how women get into drawing cunt boys it's so fucking weird and gross to imagine a male chest, hands, narrow hips, and then a normal vagina. Most of them look like butch girl characters but the artist is too self hating of being a woman to just make it a woman.

No. 1582232

You have vaginismus and complain about it to anyone who will listen

No. 1582233

File: 1684559571211.png (663.54 KB, 992x741, denim dress fits.PNG)

If you guys had to choose one of these denim dresses to wear, which would you pick?

No. 1582236

1. 2 and 4 wouldn't look good on me. 2 is especially bugly (boring ugly) but maybe it would look ok on the right person. 3 is meh.

No. 1582237

The right one!

No. 1582238

the whatever podcast is the worst thing ever i hate those shitty clips being all over social media

No. 1582244

What's there to get? It's just a weird fantasy. There are people who want to fuck monsters and cyborgs. It's just fantasy.
Also why call it gross? As long as the person drawing it doesn't believe in tranny shit I don't know how that's gross (unless you're a lesbian and repulsed by male bodies)


No. 1582246

Double it and give it to the next person

No. 1582248

>Also why call it gross? As long as the person drawing it doesn't believe in tranny shit I don't know how that's gross (unless you're a lesbian and repulsed by male bodies)
Idk nonna, I find it gross too but in this deeply visceral, innate way… but I can't explain it (since I'm high rn)

Okay… let's say if you were FORCED to pick one and I had a gun on your head, which one would you go with?

No. 1582250

File: 1684561026031.png (137.03 KB, 1112x752, upper-trapezius-muscle.png)

I had super hard knots in both of my upper trapezius muscles for years.

I've had professional massages before, and I could feel them find those knots and try to work them out and then give up to not waste time.

Like they were so persistent and hard I eventually started thinking they were just part of my shoulder bones for some reason, even though it would be tender/painful if you rubbed them.

I booked a massage on a whim today and like always, the masseuse found the knots and had some difficulty with them. then he blew my mind and pushed them into my shoulder blades and got rid of them!! it's crazy like I feel a dark aspect of my psyche got cleared up. when I look up the trapezius muscle fibers it makes sense lmao

This is actually for the positivity thread but I'm too lazy to find it.

No. 1582251

>gun to my head
I've been looking for an out

No. 1582254

1 or 4

No. 1582261

Oh joyous day, We celebrate that this woman has been released from her back ailments. Huzzah huzzah

No. 1582263

The feds keep changing my default search engine to ebay so they can track me through the ebay searches. Thoughts

No. 1582269

start searching for and buying beanie babies to show them you are not a national security risk

No. 1582275

I would rather die than ever wear a dress, plus the waist on most of these seems more befitting of my thighs than my stomach and hips.
I don't get drawing it as porn. Vent art over dysphoria, however, is understandable to me, as are anatomical drawings. FtMs could be doing much worse than trooning out, and as cringe and retarded as cuntboy art is, the grand majority is drawn by pornsick men, although the typical FtM artstyle combined with that type of porn is physically revolting.

No. 1582277

Nonna's, am I being tricked? I've been talking to this guy lately and he's been claiming he can go from a flaccid 3in to 7in hard… I don't think dicks really work like that… Do they?

No. 1582282

You're autistic aren't you

No. 1582285

kek you're such a retard, you're gonna get banned again you poor stupid little fucker

No. 1582288

Kek anon

No. 1582297

Yes, why? Was I taking something too seriously? Sorry.

No. 1582300

1st is the only one with a somewhat cute cut

No. 1582301

some fetishes are just weird. I dont hate the fetish itself but i hate that most western porn artists draw cuntboys. I am so excited to finally see another female degenerate drawing obscure husbandos to get hit with a guy with a vagina, as if there wasnt enough pussy porn around already. I just want more male art, damn.

No. 1582303

Oops sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad for actually having autism. If you ask me what gave it away, it was talking about hating dresses that much, and being so annoyed at not being able to understand a weird fetish (the only thing you need to know is that fetishes often have dumb origins and are hard to get the appeal of if you don't share it. So just accept the fact that you won't personally get it, and move on)

No. 1582317

His build was made to be fat. He needs to trim that small woodland creature on his face too.

No. 1582325

anyone else a holmie?

No. 1582333

I don't hate it and I'm straight. Not sure what that says about me…

No. 1582337

File: 1684577240921.gif (1.08 MB, 498x278, yui-kon.gif)

when the board is asleep
I pull at the parking lot
thinking of her
I sing for my nonny
I scream from the heart
for she remains happy
remain in my life
her smile lights me up
her tears tear me down
when she posts she is okay
I can breathe again
Dancing in my dreams
Sleepless some nights
because I can't help but wonder
how your touch burns
still I sing for you nonny
kept screaming, my heart
still screaming
for you, my one

No. 1582340

Gonna attempt to gel down my terf bangs in a middle parting wish me luck kek I'm wearing a hat over it don't worry. Does anyone else with bangs get sick of them, do a hairstyle that hides them and is over it after a day?

No. 1582354

Samefag but I did it and I look like an egg

No. 1582357

Yes! I have a tub of a hair mask that I dump on and smooth through with a spoolie, then some clips on the side and it is the first time my attempts at getting rid of my bangs has worked, it sort of hardens and doesn't bother me all day. Devoted to my terf bangs but god, it gets annoying

No. 1582358

I can't stop watching old filthy frank videos

No. 1582376

Ayrt, I love my bangs but the styling is such a pain in the ass. With this I just parted it, put some hair gel and let it dry. First time in years I've had my hair out of my face intentionally kek, it feels pretty nice actually. I feel like it looks a bit weird but whatever.

No. 1582560

Thank you nona

No. 1582705

is this german caramelldansen

No. 1582731

Lmaoo crystal cafe is such a shitty site that they can't even take down their poo spam

No. 1582739

File: 1684612970780.jpeg (42.87 KB, 720x720, 0134aa3d84dc80fc9921702b346fe0…)

tooapree is so fucking funny, it's the only prank channel worth watching. Well I guess it's now more of a first amendment audit channel

No. 1582766

Indian Hozier

No. 1582782

File: 1684616480012.jpg (80.67 KB, 1178x874, FrSTtDYaQAAcDMr.jpg)

Got obsessed with dude I've seen on OkCupid for a week now I think, I keep checking his instagram and be delusional that maybe once he's back from his trip we will match and actually meet irl. It both makes me feel like I am crazy and gives me power to do stuff

No. 1582796

Cleaning, grocery shopping,cooking homemade meals and all that adult stuff makes my depression feel better temporarily. Then I become depressed again and even massively irritated because I'm the only one in this house that does anything. I'm not the only full grown adult here but everyone else sits on their asses. And if I stop doing that stuff 1) I'll feel like shit and 2.) everyone else would probably think I'm lazy and blame me for things piling up and no dinner on their plates.

I wish I could afford to move out of this fucking house.

No. 1582799

sigh.. im pobably the only girl in the world whos crazey and weird enough to relate to the character of 'Asuka' from Neon Genesis evangelion.

No. 1582801

I relate to Misato cause I'm a filthy slob.

No. 1582807

I feel this deep in my heart for most nonnies, when someone makes a post about their good day I am happy. Your lyricism is so cute ♥

No. 1582811

I'm an Asukafag too. I get it. I had some weird ass relationships and neglect growing up lmao.

No. 1582851

Becoming a royal watcher made me realize that British people, especially the older ones, are the last people you should talk about their monarchy with. Just deluded and dumb.

No. 1582862

im watching euphoria for the first time and picturing my gay friends from highschool as jules instead and i cant understand why normies like this

No. 1582867

Nonnies I'm pretty sure that was a joke… A lot of girls and women relate to Asuka, it's like a cliche at this point.
I relate to Ritsuko though

No. 1582868

wish me look nonnies i am going to speedrun a drawing book today

No. 1582888

>I relate to Ritsuko though
Me too unfortunately

No. 1582890

No. 1582892

Being able to sit through Evangelion when it sucks so bad takes a level of commitment I don't want

No. 1582902

2023 is such a great time to be a black weeaboo. I wish I were in my early 20s now. I can buy all the weeaboo clothes I want for cheap, can consume Japanese and Korean media without going there and I can enjoy the food because it’s popular in the states now. I can enjoy all the pleasures of being a weeaboo without having to actually interact with Japanese or Korean people.

No. 1582912

File: 1684629051137.jpeg (51.78 KB, 540x405, C40EF056-4986-4767-A450-EC74C3…)

I have two personalities
Nicest avocado you’ll ever meet

No. 1582914

AYRT, a scrote who had a crush on me once implied that I'm like Rei, because he said he waifu'd her for a while. I get why people think that of me but while he thinks of me as a shy broken girl who needs help to come out of her shell, I'm over here relating to Ritsuko instead kek.

No. 1582916

>being a weeaboo without having to actually interact with Japanese or Korean people
But that's how being a weeaboo has always been for the average weeb

No. 1582919

True but a lot of stuff you can experience now in America was pretty rare pre 2008. You see all that cheap Jirai kei shot sold on SHEIN for like 10 dollars? Pre 2008 the same item would’ve been like 60+

No. 1582920

Jirai kei shit**

No. 1582933

i honestly miss when anime and japanese stuff wasnt so available, it helped filter plebs. But also i have always been more of the cringy snob weeb that hated narutards and shonenshitters. Its a pretty hard time to be an old school autismo weeb

No. 1582969

good look

No. 1582970

I realized I legit never see people claim that all gay men are sexually bisexual, but I'm always hearing everyone claim that men who are straight all want dick secretly, lesbians all want dick or need to find the right dick to turn them out.
It's almost always a scrote claiming this as well. Inrealized it's just male ego, that even some gay men hold. I've straight up heard gay scrotes claim all lesbians want to be a man or want dick, they are really bisexual.
Yet nobody is screaming about how gay men secretly crave vagina or even straight women secretly craving vagina.
Nope, dick involving sexualities are valid and everyone wants dicks according to scrotes. I dont even think it's fetishiaxation that makes scrores so lustful for lesbians, it's the fact they think sex that doesn't involve an dick, not even their own needs one. That's why transbiesn never get rid of their dicks, not because they are straight but because they want to "correct" the mistake that lesbian sex is since it doesn't involve a flwsh tube.

No. 1582996

File: 1684634876463.gif (386.53 KB, 480x270, I sing 4 u.gif)

thank u nonny, this one is just for you.

she's waking up, looking around
wondering where her nonnies go?
she paces up, shoes, glasses on
the question is where did you go?
all of those moments, vents, sorrows and loners
sometimes they just get you down
but she can't help it, embracing momentum
for sadness will soon become joy
because she loves her nonnies so, she loves her nonnies oh!
she just can't help it, been there sometimes defenceless
because she loves her nonnies so, she loves her nonnies and they know

No. 1583003

I was a Narutard hater but of course I read every chapter just to know what new thing happened that they all cared about so I could laugh at them !!! lol not like I was a fan or anything

No. 1583005

Yeah I used to spend actual real money I worked hourly for on doujins from jpqueen, now that shit is just released online in real time. I treasure my stack of weird fan pornography but I could have saved a lot of money

No. 1583011

File: 1684636508559.png (263.9 KB, 951x879, 1684522939902023.png)

anyone wanna play the crying game w me nonnies? ur husbando sucks

No. 1583012

Would Wade and Ember be able to fuck or would science not allow that

No. 1583015

File: 1684637272862.png (1.62 MB, 1440x1733, 1684579320860327.png)

they dont have genitals they probably breed through alchimia or something. Otherwise wade would be flaunting his water dick through the entire movie.

No. 1583017

Didn’t work, I’m a fujo.

No. 1583021

it's not at all worth it

No. 1583024

I’m staying at an in-law’s house and I’ve drank too much beer today whoops

No. 1583030

I was such a weeb that I took actual Japanese classes to gain access to more media, it was well worth it. While I forgot a lot, I remember enough to navigate most things in it

No. 1583041

File: 1684639221029.jpg (60.64 KB, 400x686, 1553829401143.jpg)

I was a weeb middle schooler in 2010, anime merch was much harder to come by. Most of my anime stuff was shonen t-shirts, knockoff goods from Chinatown, or bought at cons for an insane upcharge. weeb-adjacent western brands like tokidoki and harajuku lovers were peak. I really wanted to wear lolita but it was so much harder to get. But back then seeing someone with an anime figure collection or in jfashion was so much more rare and genuine. I do kinda miss it. Now you can get the weeb collection my middle school self would've dreamed of instantaneously… I feel so old

No. 1583048

File: 1684640711105.jpg (344.44 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pjaav3D64y1uwa4z0o2_128…)

All my favorite threads get saged off of the front page and inevitably die whyyyy

No. 1583049

I've given up on sanity; I'm finally wearing oldschool casual punk 2006 lolita because exactly what you described
fuck it, fuck nice things, what are they gonna do about it, kill me?

No. 1583051

the dollar general off brand pop tarts are by far the best

No. 1583056

I cannot fathom people who say that they were sucking dick or getting their dick sucked and kept going after the person blowing throws up. Maybe it's because I'm so grossed out by throw up and I think it's the absolute worst bodily fluid but I cannot fathom it. The dude has to feel comfortable with vomit going all over his dick and in his pee hole + washing it off after, and the person sucking has to feel comfortable with sucking their vomit back up and also smelling it for the duration of the blowjob. Just no. If I ever throw up during a blowjob, I'm stopping and cleaning up. No amount of horny can make me do otherwise. Just suck dick normally, none of this extreme porn shit.

No. 1583067

TMI not sure if it's remotely the same but i puked a lil bit on a dildo but it was just a small amount of clear stomach acid. rinsed it off and rinsed my mouth out then went back to it. maybe i'm disgusting but i'd hope no one is swallowing vomit over a dick

No. 1583069

File: 1684642633688.jpg (284.89 KB, 1242x1802, 1548118161228.jpg)

based nona. I am also embracing my insanity and dressing like my middle school self dreamed of. Nothing in the world makes me happier. The secondhand market may be shit right now, but it's still infinitely better than it was in 2010 kek also sorry I'll stop posting lolita pics outside of its containment thread now

No. 1583071

This is so fucking gross to talk about, but just so you know, moids who aren't instantly repulsed by that get off to it.

No. 1583072

any other nonnas at the taylor swift concert? my feet are so wet.

No. 1583093

For some reason when I sniffle my snot it keeps making my head burn like when you get water in your nose. Uuujnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

No. 1583097

this is the best time to post on lolcow. almost no one in sight. reminds me of the good old times here.

No. 1583105

File: 1684646430892.gif (267.01 KB, 220x220, i-am-here-im-here.gif)

Americans are asleep, time for international shitposting

No. 1583107

File: 1684646713030.jpg (23.02 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-811228100-612x612.…)

the time has come for europeans to colonize lolcow !

No. 1583108

File: 1684647232451.jpg (146.3 KB, 1080x1080, baltic-cat-life-jacket-buoyanc…)

They can't report us if they don't understand what we are saying!!!

No. 1583130

Some do. My bf's dick triples in size when he gets hard.

No. 1583158

i want a friendship like this

No. 1583162

3:44am May 21 2023

No. 1583167

File: 1684655356630.gif (944.47 KB, 498x361, fry.gif)

No. 1583169

File: 1684655476438.jpg (29.5 KB, 496x414, pakicat.jpg)

Lc is always so slow at morning here Sab loug khaha gaye

No. 1583176

4:02 am may 21 2023, I'm farming manually

No. 1583208

File: 1684662245088.png (47.95 KB, 592x970, Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 2.44.…)

Unisex was fine. why the fuck does it have to be "gender inclusive" now?

No. 1583213

new marketing buzzword

No. 1583220

In all seriousness, this is it. Just like separating generations into Gen x, Gen Z, etc.

No. 1583225

Does "gender inclusive" mean "females of any gender identity but definitely for female feet" here or are they actually intended to be worn by men too?

No. 1583227

Adding to the list of companies I will never buy from

No. 1583236

do any other run anons smile at female joggers/runners and spitefully overtake men? i relish in this

No. 1583256

File: 1684667176285.png (44.98 KB, 1054x692, Screenshot 2023-05-21 at 4.04.…)

They're listed under women but the reviews talk about them running quite large so I don't even think they were intended for female feet to begin with. Probably reading way too deep into this but it's coming across as pandering to trannies (I hope I am wrong though and just jaded).

No. 1583269

It could also work for women who have to wear men's shoes because they run a woman's size 12+, but I think you're right that they're meant for males.

No. 1583273

that's what most new docs are like, they're always just really huge. never buy them online before you try on the exact size and model in a store.

No. 1583277

but why? As far as I see it, Docs were always meant for men and women and it didn't have to be advertised. Hate that shit, but don't want to search for a new brand of comfortable boots

good to know, as I had to buy half a size bigger for my last pair of Docs

No. 1583278

Lmao i thought I was the only one, i have been doing this since I'm a kid

No. 1583284

Samefag, *i was, dumbass typo

No. 1583309

i just watched a fat woman in cat ears call out someone for having ''out dated beliefs'' for saying gender nonsense is zoomers bullshit. Its going to be really embarassing to see this girl look back at her videos once every zoomie grows out of their gendie phase, lol

No. 1583321

File: 1684676253300.jpg (211.32 KB, 1200x753, marry-me-chicken-horizontal-16…)

I want to make marry me chicken for myself. It looks so fuckin good.

No. 1583329

File: 1684677406394.jpeg (56.38 KB, 590x750, 619.jpeg)

My Nigel got a haircut yesterday and I hate it so much, he looks like picrel now. I'm going to scream

No. 1583332

Did you send him that picture? I wouldn’t be able to resist teasing

No. 1583347

File: 1684680234623.gif (1.65 MB, 221x244, 1672181470218.gif)

>few months back, nonny compliments me on a silly post
>feel good abt myself
>couple weeks pass
>youtuber I follow made a new video
>towards the end of the video she quotes something from my silly post
>mfw i realize she's a farmer
it's too unique of a quote to be a coincidence so im very tickled. if you're reading this queen you're amazing and gorgeous

No. 1583355

I did and he kinda agreed lol

No. 1583365

This is so wholesome!
The other day i saw a nonna post about traveling through my state and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy that nonnas are nearby all over.

No. 1583370

File: 1684682731745.jpg (76.49 KB, 564x752, _I think I'll relax and read a…)

I don't wanna speak to soon, but I don't think my anxiety will give me such a hard time today.

No. 1583391

I kept ignoring the Promised Neverland because I thought it was that popular loli anime with disturbing themes and I just learned that it infact is not.

No. 1583413

File: 1684686445935.jpeg (17.64 KB, 749x471, IMG_5686.jpeg)

Pray for me nonnas i just wanted to play DS3

No. 1583419

File: 1684686924853.jpeg (1.5 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5687.jpeg)

Oh fucksake, what do i do now

No. 1583468

File: 1684691634622.png (742 B, 19x19, 2505773a9ezvgo8r2.png)

>nlog in teenage years
>take interest in nerdy media in the hopes of impressing men
>end up taking genuine interest, become autistically obsessed
>men become disinterested when they realise i know far more than them
>grow out of nlog phase
>just enjoy making men feel stupid now

No. 1583472

If you are talking about Made in Abyss I recently binged it all because of the recent season and I couldn't believe how overblown it was by pearlclutchers. Your average seasonal anime has worse sexual shit than made in piss. It's really interesting

No. 1583479

Okay and all anime is degenerate but the anime made by actual pedophiles featuring little moeblob girls are the most degenerate.

No. 1583488

it's about moeblobs suffering, it's inherently coom material for a certain kind of male. i don't know how you watch that shit of your own volition

No. 1583489

I want to see what's down there sosu

No. 1583498

Also if you can't handle the amount of body horror in made in abys stay far away from manga like alita battle angel you'll have nightmares

No. 1583500

Did the alita battle angel author jerk off to little girls?

No. 1583505

File: 1684693759007.jpg (8.44 KB, 291x273, hewwo.jpg)

I'll tell you if you tell me what's under there

No. 1583511

File: 1684694084537.png (33.66 KB, 443x265, d2h154f-d1fbe3d3-e774-4c13-8b8…)

I think the first step in dealing with depression is watching evangelion

No. 1583518

File: 1684694461924.jpg (39.1 KB, 564x547, 440487312c3fb9bac77995fc25d7a3…)

strangers to friends to lovers, slow burn. fluff, hurt/comfort, hand holding, mild angst, farming, nonna x nonna fanfic

No. 1583519

does the average seasonal anime have a child experiencing pregnancy over and over and over and kids in bdsm gear? and the weird shitting fixation

No. 1583520

I like that tini mini picture

No. 1583530

My depression would get cured after watching evangelion if it was about Shinji and Kaworu trying to date each other but not being able to do so because their life philosophies are too different so they do their best to understand each other’s points of view via crazy visuals and some world saving sub-plot.

No. 1583532

Didn’t the author of the manga/anime even admit that made in abyss is just suffering porn made 40keks? I really doubt we will ever know what’s down there.

No. 1583540

link your fanfic NOW

No. 1583545

They will go down to the bottom and pop back up in China

No. 1583559

Can't blame you anon. I also hesitate whenever there's an anime with kids getting popular or something because how grossly sexualised they (more often than not) are. I don't want to watch anything pedo and the majority of the casual anime watchers, even those who aren't pedofags, tend to be a bit desensitized to that stuff because of how frequently it happens in your usual animes, so it kind of feels like I can't trust them saying those animes are alright either kek.

No. 1583582

File: 1684697399759.jpeg (645.81 KB, 2056x2560, 0EA3537B-7BA7-421A-89F6-430F26…)

Always Kaworus all the time

No. 1583610

I finally got my driver's license this week after lots of crying just to realise I'm gonna be driving a petrol car so I'm basically gonna have to relearn how to drive again. I can do with the old ass 2nd hand car, I just wish it was diesel so I wouldn't have to struggle with stalling for weeks until I get the hang of it kek

No. 1583623

File: 1684700030561.jpg (24.83 KB, 423x443, jwrdyci1n0pa1.jpg)

haven't been on hear in a good year or two, you girls still having fun and shitposting? any new memes? is the borzoi shit finally dead? does anyone remember the covid guy?

No. 1583624

here not here

No. 1583627

File: 1684700353820.jpg (18.91 KB, 708x398, Untitled-design-48.jpg)

>average meat eater in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1583632

File: 1684700554888.jpeg (103.68 KB, 1366x768, C0776DC6-036A-4E16-811F-510903…)

No. 1583635

i'm coping full of optimism don't worrt

No. 1583643

Lack of meat causing you to miss correcting obvious typos smfh.

No. 1583652

carnist brain rot should be on the dsm

No. 1583653

an anon showed up and claimed she went to high school with shayna and it was she who started a majority of the threads, and is leaving because she is pregnant, leaving s legacy few others can match

No. 1583656

You mean in the DSM? Don’t forget to take your b12 supplement.

No. 1583659

don't you have some osteoporosis to tend to

No. 1583663

There are at least 3 anons who have participated in her threads that attended school with her. Everyone acting like that one leaving the farms is going to make any impact. That woman is a weirdo who was obsessed with someone she was never even friends with in HS. Truly pathetic in its own way, not as much as Shayna tho.

No. 1583665

Who's Kawo and who's Shin in Luluco?

No. 1583674

You didn’t hear about the meta analysis that debunked the vegan claim that milk causes osteoporosis? Dairy consumption has a protective effect against it kek. I know it’s hard to stay up to date when your brain is being deprived of nutrients.


No. 1583677

Luluco is Shinji and her dad and Shinji's dad have the same voice actor on purpose, the blond alien bf is Kaworu.

No. 1583680

You forgot straight PETA Kawoshin (N x Hilda)

No. 1583686

File: 1684702785064.jpeg (161.74 KB, 1848x932, B3190CF7-B2D8-428F-89BF-4283D3…)

Alpha omega nova is very unsubtle with the Kaworu references

No. 1583688

File: 1684702859566.png (628.5 KB, 931x657, 01b99a1d-f9c6-408e-9d6a-a8a314…)

No. 1583692

File: 1684702881966.jpeg (371.58 KB, 2048x2048, 602684DD-98A1-4F7F-84A0-8114EB…)

Hilda isn’t the canon protagonist for BW, so I went with Hilbert.

No. 1583697

File: 1684703056464.png (240.39 KB, 521x411, yesa.png)

>Find out a writers for one of my fav video games is a terf
It's not over…

No. 1583703

which one?

No. 1583716

File: 1684703695917.jpg (73.63 KB, 500x706, beb98c969e8e3fe3232c690fc8f6bd…)

not even a fujo it's just right to ship them

No. 1583720

I need this fic to be real so I can read it

No. 1583729

>Pokémon Masters
kekmao nonna

No. 1583734

nonnie I JUST found out that one of my favourite youtubers has a radfem blog on tumblr (at least I think it's her blog). She doesn't even make radfem videos or anything related to politics so I'm sureprised she would proudly state that she is a radfem

No. 1583735

If there was an animal to take over the world, it would be dolphins

No. 1583738

That's so exciting. Radfems represent! It's also cool for someone to be passionate about feminism and something else.

No. 1583739

File: 1684705042371.png (80.69 KB, 531x715, kaitlyn.png)

Saw this old tumblr post in the wild and though "wait that reminds me of someone" and of course it was her kek

No. 1583747

I understand why you didn't say her channel name, but I wish I knew who this based farmer youtuber was

No. 1583771

File: 1684707765694.jpg (46.92 KB, 480x735, dream hair.jpg)

Been growing my hair for the past 4 years, it got from chin length to tailbone! Hope to have hair like this woman some day, I love old portraits like this too. So beautiful.

Girl if you look up the freaky shit dolphins do I think you might be onto something.

No. 1583786


No. 1583792

I think my tendency to not realize when a man is trying to pick me up until after the interaction has saved me from many awkward situations.

No. 1583806

Nonna I don't think you get it, different Pokémon media interprets different characters as the "canon" protagonist. Vidrel depicts both possibilities. Official illustrations for the main games avoid establishing any of the two as more canon than the other. There's no single canon protagonist in BW or in most mainline Pokémon games except for Red because there was no female option in Gen 1 and he appeared in GSC as an NPC.

Pokémon Masters in particular contradicts canon in several instances. It's a blatant waifushit excuse of a game that wasn't developed by the mainline game staff so whatever happens there should obviously be taken with a grain of salt (although there are many cute interactions with and between the characters, which is natural since it's purely a fanservice game). There's many ways in which they pander to the fans that would never happen in actual main game canon. They decided to shiptease N x Hilbert so hard in Masters because it's a popular ship and they knew it'd be profitable (and probably also because coomer moids want to fuck Hilda and they'd boycott the game if they teased N x Hilda at all).
Which btw is totally ok by me and I thought the ship stuff was cute, but that doesn't mean Hilbert is the real protagonist in BW, which is where you're wrong.

No. 1583807

File: 1684711585062.jpg (Spoiler Image,844.51 KB, 2878x2166, 1684711490362.jpg)

If you could instantly get 5 million dollars but you have to let pic related cum in you… would you do it

No. 1583812

How can he even fit it inside if his dick is bent?

No. 1583816

Either way, makes more sense for the Kaworu character to be gay over straight and stuff like origins and masters give the relationship a more romantic tone over the straight counterpart.
>and probably also because coomer moids want to fuck Hilda and they'd boycott the game if they teased N x Hilda at all
The one time I will agree with moids, N x Hilbert makes more sense to me, plus I like the B2W2 protagonist being Rosa instead of Nate which masters definitely shills her over him (Nate doesn’t even have a starter mon while Rosa is because the main girl).

No. 1583824

>makes more sense for the Kaworu character to be gay over straight
I agree with this, but since you included a couple of straight ones I figured, why not the other one too? Neither Hilbert x N nor Hilda x N is canon anyway.
>I like the B2W2 protagonist being Rosa instead of Nate which masters definitely shills her over him
Yeah that's because they're pandering to moids with Rosa. She was one of the first Lodge units, she blushes a lot (notice how none of the male characters ever blushes while several female characters do) and before Masters, she was already a VERY popular character with coomers. This is the reason they keep shilling the female protags more than the male ones, the girls are given more alts, the girls are being put on the lodge while no MC pokéboy has been added, and even though all the girls have "main character" as a theme skill as well, in the story when they talk about the events of the actual games, most if not all appear to have been the "rival" instead of the protagonist in Masters' version of events. Treating the female protagonists as waifus for moids, or as secondary characters that can't possibly do what the boys do, pisses me off.

No. 1583829

>but since you included a couple of straight ones I figured, why not the other one too?
I guess because for amnesia since it’s an otome the protagonist is always female and Alpha Omega Nova has such heavy Kaworu references that it felt like a disservice to include him.
I specifically did two kawoshin as a joke about how different their manga counterparts are, while Isshushipping and Ferrishweelshipping in BW are the same ship just with the genders reversed (I could see the argument for that I should have done Ryoji and femc instead of Minato because you can date Ryoji as femc, but it felt a little weird to me since femc isn’t the ‘mainline canon protagonist’ for persona 3)
For Gen 5 I picked the male protagonist when I was playing through the game since I thought he was cuter (despite usually picking the girl protagonist) and they got more bonus material in animations and spin-offs so a lot of it is personal choice there.
>This is the reason they keep shilling the female protags more than the male ones
Honestly don’t mind this since the outfits they’re dressed in aren’t coomer at all (very female gaze I’d argue actually) and characters that fujos and yumefriends actually care about like N, Steven and Red/Blue get a lot of alts and such (I’m more just surprised that Eusine hasn’t shown up yet since he got shipped with Morty a fair amount).
I usually like the female protagonist more in the first place, Hilbert’s just an exception where I don’t like Hilda but I really like him.

No. 1583847

Would the mental trauma be worth it

No. 1583856

Fuck no

No. 1583861

5 million dollars is 5 million dollars

No. 1583866

File: 1684717734324.gif (1.22 MB, 275x275, 1681851749817.gif)

rereading my favourite fic

No. 1583868

File: 1684717835177.png (155.07 KB, 470x668, consooom.png)

the pandering rainbow month is almost here. Whats the lamest ''pride'' product you have ever seen? for me its these tacky droids that look straight out of a mexican bootleg market for only 74.99!

No. 1583870

Either skittles or mouthwash. No shit skittles is always rainbow and the mouthwash just changed it's label it wasn't a new flavor. At least some snack companies make things different flavors during it. I dont buy any of it despite being lesbian since it feels more pandered to spicy straights, gay males, and trannies.

No. 1583874

It's so annoying when men comment on josei manga. You don't belong. Go be a man somewhere else.

No. 1583888

File: 1684719902917.png (105.25 KB, 1266x333, gay_cats.png)

Pride cat biscuits.

No. 1583890

File: 1684720336528.jpg (113.76 KB, 1000x1000, 0005849672306.jpg)

huh, that's interesting. in North America, those cat treats are called "Temptations"

No. 1583892

Now they're pandering to gay cats?

No. 1583899

File: 1684722015943.jpg (138.38 KB, 850x1204, sample_9ce852acfa8b9b6f9017e57…)

yaoi catboys pandering

No. 1583909

5 million is not enough. A trillion is not enough, nothing is enough. No way in hell would I let him cum anywhere near me, let alone on me. And I'm not his type, thank God.

No. 1583910

File: 1684722889096.jpg (147.55 KB, 1024x1024, Whitney_Houston_Whitney_1024x.…)

Watching a bunch of Whitney houston music and it's not talked about how beautiful she is. Her voice is angelic but she's is so pretty. In the "I'm every woman" she's glowing. I love whitney

No. 1583911

If I don’t have to have his babies, I’m backing that thang up doggy style.

No. 1583912

didn't some poor prostitute do that for way less than 5 mil

No. 1583919

File: 1684724034683.png (743.19 KB, 640x767, 18544F88-E53F-41E6-A299-D8AFEB…)

Lore Olympus fans are the most seething group of autistic since Steven Universe. Obviously none of the fandom even enjoys the comic anymore so stop fucking reading it. No one needs your spergs on reddit.

No. 1583925

Is her purse a banana?

No. 1583926

I'll do acrobatic tricks on the dick and give that autistic ass boy the best, most mind shattering nut of his entire miserable life. Then if I get pregnant I'm using that 5 million and heading to the nearest clinic to get his tard baby aborted. And while I'm at it, a test to make sure I didn't catch an infection from whatever germs must be on his dick.

No. 1583928

I know a tradfem who's extremely obsessed with Lore Olympus, but I don't know anything about the series.

No. 1583930

What is even going on in that comic?

No. 1583938

File: 1684725813644.png (220.68 KB, 856x834, 1683599113870.png)

Anyone here remember that one videogame that had a terf as one of the developers and when someone called her out for it they put the game in a 41% discount? Please tell me i'm not going insane i swear this happened, i just can't remember the name of the game!!!

No. 1583939

yeah it was a pokemon lesbian dating sim and it went from literal who indie shit game to top most sold games on steam

No. 1583941

File: 1684726151606.jpg (32.89 KB, 680x535, 88.jpg)

WHATS THE NAME OF IT!!!!!!!!!?????????

No. 1583942

>pokemon indie lesbian romance fangame one Steam
What?? I gotta see that

No. 1583944


No. 1583946

File: 1684726477933.jpg (40.03 KB, 500x477, 89.jpg)

Yep, that's it. Thank you nonny kek

No. 1583948

HOLY SHIT. Fucking kek, unfathomably based

No. 1583952

File: 1684727032366.png (1003.46 KB, 1750x2415, premios-para-gatos-sabor-pollo…)

In Greece and Spain (and other places) they're called catisfactions kek

No. 1583955

I'm trying to teach myself cute hairstyles but my hair is long and makes it a total pain in the ass. I would just wear it down if it weren't so hot out! Idk how other women with long hair can do styles so naturally

No. 1583964

Braids and twists help

No. 1583966

Nta but whenever I try to learn how to braid my hair, I fuck it up and end up fucking my hair up. I don’t even know what to do anymore.

No. 1583997

Has anyone here ever lived in a place that has trams?

I saw this video and it made me wonder what it would be like if there were trams put in mixed traffic in my city. For sure there would be many surbanites and car drivers be up all in arms to get these trams removed "because it's LITERALLY killing people" (even though cars kill so many people every year) because God forbid cars share the road with anything that isn't a car.

No. 1584000

I have. What's there to say about it? It's a good and relatively reliable mode of transportation for short distances within a city. It beats driving (and parking) a car within the city especially around the city centre.

No. 1584003

I live in a city like that and it's convenient, the only issue is that there aren't enough tramways so it's hard to use them during rush hour. There are very few accidents with cars but the few times they happen it's usually scary.

No. 1584026

It's late at night and I'm having stomach aches like I feel diarrhea coming. I'm hoping to god I don't accidentally shit in my sleep.

No. 1584033

I wanna play the viva pinata game and hit the pinatas until they open.

No. 1584038

There's a lot where I live, they're not that much different than a city bus, really. I never hear about cars getting hit by them or whatever so I can't imagine it's actually a big problem in most places.

No. 1584052

So I had a gynaecologist appointment recently and she told me I might have to go on the pill and I told her I'd rather not if I can avoid it because I'm not a fan of hormonal BC and she was like "ah so that's why you've never used the pill" sort of implying using the pill is the default if you don't actively object to it like I do? I knew using the pill is relatively common but I didn't think it was like the default expectation for women to use, was I wrong all this time?

No. 1584056

Try just a low, loose braid if you haven’t already. I have long curly hair and that’s pretty much the only way I wear it other than loose because I’m pretty bad at styling my own hair lol

No. 1584057

cannot believe pharell williams is a lolicon

No. 1584059

Yes, Estradiol is the very first thing gynecologists try before even examining your reproductive system. They literally prescribe the pill and some, if it doesn't work, refuse to listen and say it "works for everyone." Others will look further into it, but seldom ever. If you don't take the pill, they'll recommend an IUD or depo shot next, often giving up hope if you refuse or it does not work. I was prescribed it at 16 and it made my chest grow, feel like my breast tissue was on fire, and I was constantly both homicidal and suicidal, trying to attack my dad with a knife at one point, quickly getting taken off of it. Dumping the pills instantly corrected my mental state, and when brought up to my first gynecologist (who refused to see me in person because it was around the time of May 2020) and he told me I must have been faking it and so on. My new gynecologist is going to do her first examination of me in August, and with my documented severe period cramps and absolutely abnormal cycle (35-50 days instead of the standard 28, usually closer to 45-50 and in rare cases way longer with maybe 2 hours or less of bleeding per month, followed by an intensely heavy, excruciating 7 days) I may have to get a hysterectomy in 2024/2025, but we won't know the extent of the horrors until I get my first examination.

No. 1584079

Why are twittertards so obsessed with using imageboard lingo

No. 1584080

I don't know, but it's also weird when they use the arrow in tweets.

No. 1584082

Make sure to cave in Seedos's skull in to get his seeds, stingy bastard

No. 1584091

got a character i really wanted but on the alternative server i will probably neglect cause i already went far enough into the story on my main. i wasted like 80 wishes from my main server on him and he never appeared but then when i decided to give up and save for other characters he was like oh bitch i’m here. go away silly boy now i don’t want u and ur stupid lion.

No. 1584106

imageboards are "edgy" therefore cool to twitter zoomers

No. 1584107

File: 1684750843905.jpg (20.93 KB, 500x504, 1652929451167.jpg)

I just claimed digits for my husbando

No. 1584110

What does that mean?

No. 1584112

File: 1684751400624.png (36.58 KB, 731x826, funny number.png)

No. 1584140

File: 1684753669903.jpg (49.81 KB, 394x512, kaitlynn.jpg)

oh my god. she still has a job?
>giving him an amazing nut and do acrobatic tricks on his bent duck
You didn't have to do all that.

No. 1584146

Ngl it hurts. I thought we had something special between us.

No. 1584175

>play free MMO normally like all my other games
>my account gets suspended
>I send an inquiry, politely provide all data, mention that I'm a student using mobile data if that was suspicious
>they respond with a copy paste saying I bought my account
Ok bitch, now I'll go full gremlin mode on your game and exploit every flaw

No. 1584176

File: 1684757763243.gif (1.35 MB, 346x261, 1679862803936.gif)

I love watching people on idol twitter get into fights

No. 1584188

On a site I shall not mention, full of incels, they all admit they have no friends and never had a gf, and you can post all you want, but if they know it's a girl they both simp and spurge out at the same time. And these are the men in our society. It's so damn pathetic.

So anyway I annoy the schizos from time to time

No. 1584193

training myself to eat the dark spots on a banana instead of avoiding them

fear is the mind killer fear is the mind killer

No. 1584194

the dark part of the banana is the tastiest, I love when a banana is about to rot, it tastes the sweetest and is sticky and mushy mmm

No. 1584198

i used to scoop them out with a spoon as a kid. completely unable to eat them. now i only eat bananas that are still greenish so i don't have to worry about it anymore

No. 1584234

>be reading a fic of an author I follow
>author makes an announcement that she has had top surgery and is struggling to write because of the pain

This literally came out of a left field like…what? Would probably rather be more fit to go into disturbing shit thread but there isn't one so I'm posting it here kek. Why tf do women do this? Even if I felt some kind of gender dysphoria/body dysmorphia shit and was thinking of chopping off my tits, I could never imagine actually going through mutilating my body.

I only just managed to stop myself from commenting if she realized what magnitude of a mistake she has made and that she will now be in a world of pain (and health complications) for the rest of her life. I suppose she will find out soon enough though.

No. 1584235

I'm watching some incels flip their shit over a normal girl when usually they'd be coping and calling her a 4/10 fattie or something. Their true nature is always pathetically yearning for women.

No. 1584252

You can always go the petty route and comment something like "I'm so sorry you had to do that, was it to prevent cancer?" or some stuff like that, kek.

No. 1584255

Stop hanging out in /r9k/, the only women I've seen post there unironically were femcels who were as desperate as their incel counterparts.

No. 1584282

I fucking hate this website

No. 1584304

Is there like a Cookie Run comic or cartoon or something? Otherwise I can't understand why there is such a big and autistic fandom over some mobile game.

No. 1584306

cuz they cute
I'm not in the fandom though, there's like 3 games

No. 1584308

Because autists latch to cute png images like their life depends on it

No. 1584311

But is there like actual lore? They sound almost as autistic as Sonic fans.

No. 1584317

File: 1684773225652.jpg (14.94 KB, 397x192, Screenshot_20230522_183328_Chr…)

Nonas, a guy in mall just said the dumbest pickup like to me.
>guy: Excuse me I just had to ask. Are you always this tall?
>me: uhhh, yes. Why?
>me: haha.. (looking at him and thinking if he's asking because he's a manlet)
>guy: You're laughing but my mom told me to date short girls because they won't beat me up.
>me: haha
>guy: So you're not like that, right?
I told him I'm taken (I'm not). He was also pretty ugly.

No. 1584318

Btw I'm not even tall.

No. 1584323

>You didn't have to do all that.
For 5,000,000 dollars? Yes I do.

No. 1584325

Add in an extra two million and I'd do it. I'm infertile so there's not much to lose, at most I'd worry about venereal disease.

No. 1584327

worked at a cafe for a long time and got a lot of stupid comments. the dumbest was one guy who was like
>"hey! today i noticed you're wearing a skirt, and yesterday, you were wearing pants!"
and then just waited happily for me to.. fall over myself thanking him or something i guess. so i said
>"yep sometimes i like to wear different clothes on my legs"
and served his coffee and walked away. some men never think about anything at all. just entirely empty in their brains.

No. 1584330

Kek what a smooth talker

Do we have a customer service horror stories thread? I love reading those

No. 1584335

I worked in a veterinary practice and you would not believe the number of people who cut or tear off their dog's nipples because they think they're tumors or ticks.

No. 1584336

oh my fucking god this is insane

No. 1584349

The other day I got a small burn while cooking and the burn mark is in the shape of a cow's head.

No. 1584352

No. 1584354

pics or it didn't happen

No. 1584360

Google sucks so bad now. I googled "1 million" I couldn't remember how many zeros are in a million and all the results showed was some cologne.

No. 1584364

No. 1584365

I hope Matthew Mercer knows how much money he would make if he opened paid audio requests (particularly sexual ones) of the characters he voices.

No. 1584377

File: 1684780175978.jpg (137.13 KB, 718x960, no means no.jpg)

No. 1584382

File: 1684780671164.jpg (57.41 KB, 750x721, sowwy.jpg)


No. 1584398

Sitting on my heating pad cross legged for cramps brings more relief than having it on my abdomen I am learning

No. 1584408

reel feels hour

No. 1584410

Yandex is superior

No. 1584412

I’m scared I got caught snooping again. I found this girl’s linkedin but I viewed it through incognito, but now when I try to pull it up it says it’s either private or been deleted. Even when I’m logged into linkedin I have it set so that I browse on private mode (I’m only supposed to show up as “someone viewed your profile”) although I don’t trust linkedin so that’s why I browse in incognito mode… But now I’m curious if she updated her linkedin when she updated her security settings but I don’t want to risk searching her while logged in. I would use a burner but my burner got banned and whenever I try to make a new one it tries to force me to give a phone number.

No. 1584418

anytime i search a female name it starts recommending me to search for child pornography victims. shows the character of the majority who use it if it's top search terms

No. 1584419

When I'm natural
When I like you
When I'm mad

No. 1584420


No. 1584425

I saw the first boy who ever kissed me show up in my Instagram feed. He was posted by a brewery I follow being a trophy twink for some old guy. We were only 11 but I was so confused by why he kissed me because even at that age I assumed he was very gay.

No. 1584435

When I REALLY like you

No. 1584438

Am i smart??? I think I’m an in between smart? Normal people say I’m smart all the time, but then when i go to scientific talks my head hurts. But i passed my bachelors and masters, but i haven’t managed to get a research job. My parents are fucking idiots. My little brother is actually smart and living his best academic research life. Not sure where to go with this because when i try push my knowledge my head hurts, but i love to think about shit. I think my proper place is to have a research job, but just scrape by while nodding in meetings and staying in that low level role my whole life.

No. 1584440

I wanna make new online friends with women in my age range (25-30) but most are either handmaiden lefties or tradwives nowadays it seems. Tired of joining female oriented discord servers and half the users in there are desperate men who can't even hide their thirst! I just wanna rage at people being dumb on both sides of the spectrum and talk about make-up and my husbandos with. I keep coming here because it's the closest I can get but I feel like the userbase changed for the worst overall.

No. 1584447

I want coffee but I only have cow milk and I don't wanna go get almond milk right now and I don't want to have to suffer later if I just drink the milk.

No. 1584449

Honestly, I relate to this a lot. I feel like the internet as a whole has changed for the worse. I also feel like I've become more jaded and untrusting in my old age. I've wanted to make online friends before but I refuse to use discord as there's been so many freaks on there, I'm just tired of trying to use it. I can take opinions different than mine own, but it seems like other people won't take my different opinions. I live in a mega conservative women hating area, so making IRL friends is also hard. I wish I had advice for you, nonna. I think it's a hard situation.

No. 1584453

Who is she and what's the lore on her

No. 1584457

>I can take opinions different than mine own, but it seems like other people won't take my different opinions.
This is so true. I feel like with things being so online and polarizing these days, people become so heated over opinions that differ slightly from their own. If you hang out with the left crowd and say something that differs slightly right or even center of that, you'll get accused with something ridiculous like "SO YOU SUPPORT GENOCIDE???" It's like they want someone with an exact copy of their principles and values, otherwise they won't be your friend. No wonder there's so many extreme cults that revolve around leftist and rightist politics these days. It's all so stupid.

No. 1584460

It's completely normal for your head to feel a little uncomfortable when you're learning new things, think of it as like weight training for your brain, instead of tearing and rebuilding muscle fibres you're building synapses. You won't get everything on the first pass, but the more you're exposed the more comfortable you will get. You've come so far, don't give up now.

No. 1584472

>I feel like the internet as a whole has changed for the worse. I also feel like I've become more jaded and untrusting in my old age. I've wanted to make online friends before but I refuse

I relate to this so hard. I'm far less tolerant of shit from either end of the spectrum. I'm tired of having to either play PC police or deal with chronic edgelords who think everything offensive is a joke. Like fuck. Did the normal people just fuck off from the internet permanently? Can I join them?

I feel like I don't fit in with the lefties because I'm a "~TERF~" (read: I don't think anything with a penis has any business in women's sports or being in women's locker rooms), I don't fit in with the edgelords I used to roll with when I was younger either because I'm tired of the constant edgy humor and barely hidden misogyny anymore.

>. If you hang out with the left crowd and say something that differs slightly right or even center of that, you'll get accused with something ridiculous like "SO YOU SUPPORT GENOCIDE???"

This so much. But then if you're on the alt right side of the coin, saying something like "I don't think this video of someone clearly mocking a disenfranchised person is funny" they call you a SJW. Like someone sent me a TikTok of what I'm assuming is a Filipino brothel where the woman listed all the sexually degrading acts these trafficked women would perform like she was selling a goat or slave and it was so repulsive to me. But ofc the scrote who sent it found it hilarious even though they all hate sex work and sex workers.

Where the fuck do I fit in?

No. 1584483

>alt right side of the coin
Why are you even surprised that they hate women?

No. 1584485

He thought it was hilarious exactly because he hates sex workers.

No. 1584486

Men who hate prostituted women just hate all women.

No. 1584494

File: 1684789472031.jpg (73.8 KB, 828x827, 85c76872c3b00e3801266c38c9878d…)

newfags are so funny they take everything so personal like we are in the same room I love them kk

No. 1584496

File: 1684789790766.png (1.04 MB, 2048x841, uhly.png)

No. 1584507

if elsie had a voice i'd want her to have a mean new jersey accent idk why. she just looks like she would.

No. 1584508

I'm not but if you'd actually read what I said in its entirety, you'd understand I'm venting about how people on both ends of the political spectrum are fucking annoying for different reasons.

Yeah, this. They don't hate sex work because they're scrotes and handmaidens, they hate the sex workers.

Literally. About 80 percent of sex workers want out at the very least. And a bunch of those women ended up trafficked, so if you hate the most vulnerable women for being exploited by nasty moids I can only assume you hate all women. Even the handmaidens that hang out in the alt right discords and agree with everything you say. But then you have the radical left calling sex work empowering and implying you hate sex workers because you're rightfully calling the industry filth. Two sides of the same coin. Neither actually care about women, especially not the women that align themselves with beliefs from either end of the spectrum. It's all extremely exhausting, where tf are the normies with sense hanging?

No. 1584515

File: 1684791461275.jpeg (84.5 KB, 1050x637, FD51DC22-4204-4819-B088-A7FA43…)

Watching the real time facebookification of Instagram comments is so funny. Just boomers being mad at everything

No. 1584516

>Where the fuck do I fit in?
This sense of political alienation is shared by most radfem leaning women I’d say.

No. 1584520

Most people don’t actually pick a side of the fence because they give a fuck. Like most things, people pick the side that yields the maximum amount of “belonging”, their beliefs change accordingly.

No. 1584522

elsie headcanon
>New Jersey accent
>plays the accordion
>has bunions

No. 1584523

Man, too bad lolcow admins banned the Anisa thread years ago when she was still a titty streamer. Yeah idubbbz and her are more quiet on social media now, but her spiraling and getting dozens of tattoos in 8 months was a wild saga.

No. 1584524

Do you have a radfem discord or something you can drop? I usually feel kind of uncomfy in those circles because I'm black and radfem ideology feels like it just leaves people like me out. Plus a lot of them have also taken to comparing trannies to black women so I avoided them. Also some black radfems are extremely fucking weird. I literally just wanna be friends with a normie/casual image board browser who's anti trans shit tbh

No. 1584526

Not fully related, but there's a lot of black radfems on twitter
I don't really follow radfems on social media though, I stick to anon boards because seeing politics on my morning feed wears me out

No. 1584529

nta but watch out for radfem discords. I once joined one through Spinster.xyz and the admin ended up being a lesbian furry who would dm me pictures of her dildo collection and her in fursuit and lingerie, Others in the group where fine tho kek

No. 1584531

Same, but I also feel isolated because western politics are so sensitive nowadays. In 2014 I was the super progressive tumblr girl in high school in my home country, and nowadays my attitude is not left leaning enough??? A friend chided me for laughing at onlyfans girls

No. 1584535

I also stopped using Twitter because it was fucking up my mood. Got tired of gender/race/whatever the fuck wars.
It got so tiring day in and day out, maybe I'll try and lurking those circles but I'm still weary. I feel impossibly picky and I don't mean to, I've just been burned so many ways trying to befriend people online that I think I'm over cautious. Naturally I have the same problem IRL, but I managed to snag a few IRL ones back in highschool so I think I'm mostly covered. I'd love to have another black female friend though. Lost contact and fell out with the other ones and I'm definitely missing that specific connection

See this shit is why I'm so scared of everyone online nowadays. I don't even know how I'd react to that shit.

No. 1584537

You don’t have to have high IQ to acquire the knowledge and practice needed for most STEM jobs.
>Plus a lot of them have also taken to comparing trannies to black women
I’ve only seen trannies themselves say this. Maybe seek out radfems who address the misogynoir and SW grooming in black communities.

No. 1584538

You don’t have to have high IQ to acquire the knowledge and practice needed for most STEM jobs.
>Plus a lot of them have also taken to comparing trannies to black women
I’ve only seen trannies themselves say this. Maybe seek out radfems who address the misogynoir and SW grooming in black communities.

No. 1584539

I also stopped using Twitter because it was fucking up my mood. Got tired of gender/race/whatever the fuck wars.
It got so tiring day in and day out, maybe I'll try and lurking those circles but I'm still weary. I feel impossibly picky and I don't mean to, I've just been burned so many ways trying to befriend people online that I think I'm over cautious. Naturally I have the same problem IRL, but I managed to snag a few IRL ones back in highschool so I think I'm mostly covered. I'd love to have another black female friend though. Lost contact and fell out with the other ones and I'm definitely missing that specific connection

See this shit is why I'm so scared of everyone online nowadays. I don't even know how I'd react to that shit.

No. 1584543

>I’ve only seen trannies themselves say this
NTA but I have seen non-black radfems trying to counter such arguments form trannies and still ending up sounding pretty damn tone-deaf and racist themselves.

No. 1584544

I believe that

No. 1584545

I miss old twitter when it was just short absurd jokes and Weird Twitter circa 2012

No. 1584556

Hitting the ozempic and cocaine HARD

No. 1584558

Weird Twitter was the most unfunny shit ever

No. 1584571

should we make an /ot/ discord?

No. 1584572

all of those cucks from SA are unfunny tryhards and I'm still to this day sick to death of seeing dr¡ls name

No. 1584574

why not just use /ot/ as is

No. 1584576

I miss when the employment thread was spelled "empolyment thread"

No. 1584581

i don't understand the need for discords

No. 1584602

what the hell it's still going on ? Persephone is always off model but this is on another level

No. 1584603

i'll do it for a McFirst

No. 1584606

Never read or understood the comic from what I've heard it always seemed like persephone was just fucking every guy or worse getting raped by them

No. 1584610

I'm gonna put chili crisp in spaghetti sauce I think it will be yum

No. 1584618

because i cannot browse lolcow at work

No. 1584625

File: 1684802073557.jpg (46.8 KB, 620x372, 5-W98094456876.jpg)


No. 1584628

>browsing Tumblr
>see cute art of some robot OC
>like post
>realize robot OC has retarded neopronouns
>remove like
every fuckin time

No. 1584629

File: 1684802490884.gif (3.56 MB, 500x281, 135ak2.gif)

she can do both nona
That gymnast body, black feminist rebel
Spend a hundred thou' on the Jesuit medal
Just to prove y'all dudes what it be

No. 1584635

File: 1684803351669.jpg (55.8 KB, 750x561, 643c638afa4d8f54c34a4d061134a9…)

I have exactly one gray hair at the top of my head and I will be so upset when it falls out. It's a great measurement to see how fast my hair grows.

No. 1584673

is this about izzy? i'm surprised the moidthread didn't find out about it faster.

No. 1584681

File: 1684808528936.jpeg (60.1 KB, 376x431, 25B058B3-C321-4F94-AC8A-2DEE4F…)

Nonnas I am so fucking embarrassed. Someone on another social media site recognized my ao3 (which I wrote really graphic shit on) and asked if it was me, I could’ve said no but it so blatantly me that It was pointless lying. I am humiliated, I am nothing, I am no more. The cringe is unbearable, there is but one way of honor; I must kill muself.

No. 1584692

There are 2 grasshoppers sitting on my porch that are both cute and freak me out. I want them gone but I wont kill them, just hoping they leave. Apparently they mean you're making the right decision in life which is great cause I'm finally moving from this shit hole!

No. 1584693

based. own it.

No. 1584700

File: 1684811291353.jpg (48.43 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

there's a militant vegan from bulgaria i became extremely fond of last year that i met through friend finder. she will probably never see this but if she does i hope she knows i still think of her and i hope she can forgive me. also you're not ugly and when i saw that pic of you my heart fluttered.

No. 1584701

No. 1584706

mishka pls talk to me again god damn it

No. 1584708

get a room

No. 1584710

is gurl love gurl love

No. 1584712

Down tremendously

No. 1584713

what did you do to her

No. 1584714

i can't even fucking remember what happened. it was a toxic lesbian love affair and i just wanted to smooch her. i unfriended her a bajillion times and then she unfriended me just once and it was over .

No. 1584715

damn nonny

No. 1584716

mishka if you are reading this she doesnt deserve you, however i am free, single and mentally stable

No. 1584717

she is also mentally unstable, a self confessed psychopath, but i didn't care

No. 1584718

how dare you be a homewrecker! mishka pick me instead

No. 1584721

File: 1684813905861.jpg (17.64 KB, 500x375, 1658654412943.jpg)

I am drunk which is probably the only reason I am thinking about her rn but also bc I am lonely and unloveable. She wanted me to be a vegan but I can't do it, sorry. You ladies can have her.

No. 1584722

>cant even stop eating mcDonals for her
you dont deserve her.

No. 1584723

that and she's a psycho so ehh

No. 1584724

nona mishka would have done something extreme for you too, like a lolcow coup d'état

No. 1584726

File: 1684814169678.jpg (23.5 KB, 540x540, 1648486455623.jpg)


No. 1584727

So it looks like I'm not missing out on anything special by not using the friend finder thread

No. 1584728

I maintain no one should ever use the friend finder thread
Sometimes I’m tempted to make an “about the artist” style image for it but not with real information or maybe with existing posts because I think it would be funny for no reason

No. 1584729

Who is mishka? (unless this is a samefag.)

No. 1584733

the psycho from bulgaria i fell for

No. 1584736

What is blue?

No. 1584737

File: 1684815775624.jpg (84.33 KB, 736x724, 37b7b5dc804118dad7bd28527eac75…)

No. 1584754

I burnt my shoulder with a hot comb yesterday, and the mark is so fucking big. It's like an isosceles triangle.

No. 1584755

I said my shoulder but now that I look at it it's closer to my titty

No. 1584761

I dont want to derail further in Shay's thread but it's clearly full of anons who posted their pfp's on accident in the past and are salty that jannies wouldn't remove them. Kek

No. 1584774

nona, we're stunting on janny-chan because it looks like she's the one who accidentally posted it, and that's why it got removed
I'm not even saying that's what happened, I'm just saying that would be occam's razor here

No. 1584782

File: 1684821876028.jpg (115.02 KB, 1080x1075, beyonce.jpg)

I feel bad when I see people say Beyonce has soul-less eyes, because I totally do too. That's just her face, she is not possessesed by an illuminati demon!

No. 1584786

The little blood clot in the hole where my tooth was is kinda cute. Good job, little buddy… Keep my jawbone safe from germs… Protect me from disease and death, tiny friend. I love you.

No. 1584791

If it falls out don't have a fart attack mine did and it turned out I still had some clot underneath

No. 1584796

kek anon I just replied to it and it disappeared. Maybe somebody reported you because of what you said about your bf?

No. 1584800

>fart attack
tee hee hee

No. 1584802


No. 1584808

The /co/ husbando threads are so fucking shit. Fucking gay faggot moids ruining everything

No. 1584812

Anyone think this man may have a touch of the 'tism? I think he's hot but something seems a little off.

No. 1584813

He's probably just a Virgo.
Autism symptoms and Virgo traits are indistinguishable.

No. 1584815

NTA but uhhh it doesn’t look like that at all. I was accused of being a farmhand for simply defending the removal lol

No. 1584816

You're right and you should say it

No. 1584818

File: 1684826154070.png (365.21 KB, 1125x1125, FdueyodX0AE_g7c.png)

Least misogynistic breaking bad fan

No. 1584823

I thought Iw as the only one seeing this

No. 1584826

Fill me in please

No. 1584828

Walt literally had the cartel after him and scrotes think this was a good move I swear to god scrote BB fans are unironically retarded
It’s either this or TIFs pushing FTM Jessie Pinkman
You can’t fucking win

No. 1584836

lately i've seen certain posts just vanish. they don't contain anything alarming, which makes it weirder, like the site is eating itself at times.

No. 1584854

File: 1684830151977.gif (3.9 MB, 640x314, k-on-guitar.gif)

life beats you up, no one to get you up
nothing to get you by, all of them at your back
pushing you towards a wall
one you can't climb
yet you didn't merge
still awake, breathing bare
ruins displayed but standing still
never forget that you were made to make it
not to the grave but to the fate
of the happiness that awaits
not at the other side but right in your hands
holding yourself together with all you have
little as that may be, is what we are
never a failure, never a waste
only a spark in the sky
waiting and watched by us
who want to see you shine
so never forget that you were made to make it
cause is your fate to take it
and happiness is never ending

for all my suffering nonnies, we care for you

No. 1584862

Anon, your posts always make my night.

No. 1584867

>you will never be part of the secret society of parents against barney the dinosaur and attend rpg sessions of jihad to destroy barney
born in the wrong timeline

No. 1584871

i have this autistic obsession with a particular tv episode, i showed it to my mom once and after that it kinda spread out and now every member of my family has seen it like four times. i've seen it more than that obviously. they make friends watch it sometimes. and they say autism isn't contagious (to be fair they aren't like that about everything i'm autistic about, it's just this one episode)

No. 1584875

I tried posting in it once before - got added by a weird troon (a male one of course), an obsessive loon who claimed to be psychic, an older woman who talked about nothing except all the overpriced shit she's constantly buying, and one seemingly normal woman close to my age that eventually ghosted mid conversation after we had been talking for awhile. so yeah you're better off not using it kek

No. 1584878

Idek why trannies bother adding us on here when they know what’s going to happen. Even if it’s to troll, how many times do they want to go through the cycle of being rejected by a woman? Maybe they want women to tell them to kill themselves over and over again so they feel confident enough to actually do it

No. 1584886

My acne has always been out of control (is not hormonal) but i never changed a single thing in my diet (mostly carbs, vegetables and protein, very simple) Today, I'm going do a little experiment…I'll avoid dairy for at least a week, sharing my results shortly

No. 1584887

No. 1584893

File: 1684841957689.jpg (78.84 KB, 720x555, 1635927064996.jpg)

I tried making a Twitter account, and it's weird how quickly time flies there (but with lower quality posts). When I came back to Lolcow, it was disorienting to see how slow it was in comparison. I can't even imagine how it would feel if I was a CC regular.

No. 1584898

this one in particular I think wanted a gf. I chatted with him for a bit since at first I wasn't 100% certain if he was a male or not (suspected he was based on his profile pic). he was super autistic and couldn't hold a proper conversation - only talking about himself and not interested in what I had to say. but then he started asking about my relationship status and he flipped out and gave me a hostile reply/told me he doesn't want to talk anymore when he found out I'm not single.

No. 1584923

File: 1684845722967.jpg (412.59 KB, 1600x1600, 20230523_144218.jpg)

Kuromi is cow coded

No. 1584925

they recolored blobbly and turned him into a marketable plushie

No. 1584945

I've loved kuromi for years and I hate how cows co-opted it, hope they never go for chococat or I will go feral

No. 1584963

In my experience, all acne except fungal is hormonal. Even uninflamed closed comedones. Or acne away from the usual suspected jawline area. Even if it's "caused" by diet, that's because diet influences hormone levels and therefore oil production. I found this out after having it 15 years and trying every topical and then spending a few years on generic Yaz then Spiro for the clearest skin of my life even with bad hygiene and diet.

No. 1584971

File: 1684849465344.jpg (490.01 KB, 2053x1055, 12.jpg)

>In their traditional culture before the Qing, Manchu women originally had sexual autonomy being able to have premarital sex, being able to talk and mingle with men after being married without coming under suspicion of infidelity and to remarry after becoming widows, but Manchu men later adopted Han Chinese Confucian values and started killing their wives and daughters during the Qing for perceived infidelity due to talking to unrelated men while married or premarital sex, and prizing virginity and widow chastity like Han Chinese.[247]

Confucianism not even once, you could literally go from badass horse warrior women into meek subservient living dolls bind their own feet to seem more desirable to men

No. 1584980

Han Chinese males are some of the most insecure little manlets on earth so this does not surprise me. The lower the male, the lower they want their women to be. Hence bottom feeder males ensure their women are miserable and barely living human lives.

No. 1584986

File: 1684850012474.jpg (56.62 KB, 1166x645, photo_2023-05-23_16-25-43.jpg)

god i hate this so much

No. 1584987

MRAs play this kind of divorce fantasy in their head, salivating over the thought of "taking the kids" then their actual action would be putting them in their apartment with no toys and not a single fuck about actually taking care of them

That last part is speaking from experience, my own and anyone with an estranged father who pretended he NEEDED TO SEE HIS KIDS lmao. Needed the emotional leverage that's all.

No. 1584992

What the fuck is wrong with this world

No. 1585001

File: 1684850855056.jpeg (87.39 KB, 750x1174, IMG_8628.jpeg)

People getting majorly offended over someone properly using the term ‘plantation’ was not on my 2023 bingo card but here we are

No. 1585002

That's obviously extremely gross but certainly the freaks who created this predicted this sort of reaction? And certainly they either don't care or most likely enjoy it.

No. 1585008

I've seen this before, but is there now some larger trend that I missed?

No. 1585015

I don’t even know what’s going on. This happened in front of me in real life today. Sounded like they regurgitated it from online. I’ll see what I can find kek

No. 1585049

lmao society is so thoroughly retarded that i can only laugh now

No. 1585052

of course. he's an astronaut.

No. 1585053

>male or not (suspected he was based on his profile pic).
What was his profile pic and did he actually admit he was a tranny

No. 1585074

File: 1684855500055.gif (2.25 MB, 250x275, 1658413467654.gif)

My bf bought and printed me a really nice model of my fave character. Now I just have to paint it. We previously did a little nendoroid type figurine of the same character together too, he did the printing and electronics, and I did the painting and sewing.

No. 1585077

File: 1684855929434.jpg (173.64 KB, 849x1200, 20230523_113157.jpg)

I got reminded by this new visual that Attack on Titan is ending and got super sad. 10 years… How did 10 years go by that quickly?

No. 1585089

I remember going to an anime convention in 2013 and it was full of snk cosplayers. Feels like yesterday

No. 1585090

No one cares about chococat anyway

No. 1585091

No one cares about chococat anyway

No. 1585092

No one cares about chococat anyway

No. 1585093

No one cares about chococat anyway

No. 1585094

File: 1684858059221.png (126.52 KB, 500x230, images-3.png)

how the fuck is the vtuber/moe infighting still on going in the things you hate thread

No. 1585105

Samefag, I tried it and it was sooo spicy. I went too crazy on the chili. The flavor was just ok. I'm gonna try a cornbread tuna melt later.

No. 1585106

File: 1684859364179.jpeg (62.94 KB, 828x766, IMG_2695.jpeg)

I need to get a haircut but I hate saying the word aloud or even talking about it because I’m a freak of nature that fetishizes such a mundane thing. So I try my hardest to avoid it but my hair is getting too long and I need more layers to avoid the tangled rats nest I’m currently dealing with.

No. 1585116

good question. who the hell is Moe, anyway?

No. 1585137

I just think of Moe from the Simpsons

No. 1585139

So what, just don't moan and you'll be fine.

No. 1585141

File: 1684862720524.jpg (32.3 KB, 540x474, e80999aababdae1e0d831251b49853…)

Vtubers are gay, anime is gay

No. 1585153

It's a Mexican chain restaurant. Their queso is really good.

No. 1585154

Guys, does anyone care about Chococat?

No. 1585156

if she recognized your style, she's a fan, give her an autogarapah

No. 1585160

File: 1684863991392.jpg (5.99 KB, 225x225, download (2).jpg)

Eating a veggie hummus wrap for lunch cuz I want to be skinny ugh. I wish I had no tastebuds

No. 1585161

Why is one of the Bonehildas in the OP wearing sunglasses indoors? Not to cramp her style but not only is she inside, the room they're in is dark, and she has no eyes. A dummy even in death…

No. 1585171

what show?

No. 1585174

I'm willing to bet its mostly gay moids and their faghags making such jokes.

No. 1585175

All the /snow/ cows get into a big ass fight, who wins? Who's the strongest? (Only women, moids don't count)

No. 1585176

Ganer Gains of course kek

No. 1585197

File: 1684867140878.gif (2.27 MB, 413x498, queen-latifah-set-it-off.gif)

Friend told me I look like Queen Latifah in Set It Off. Was she trying to say I look lesbian?

No. 1585203

I downloaded bumble for the first time in over 2 years. somehow all the guys got more attractive. It used to be a bunch of dusties and sub 6', nerdy looking soyboys. dark bedroom selfies. now im swiping left on literal 6'+ chads (I don't like tall guys so it's auto left), guys with great bodies and look normal hobbies, etc. not many fatties. everyone is educated and has a job. crazy

People move here all the time for the tech jobs and they make bank, so it's possible these are just the guys who transplant here. Money to make themselves appealing. But at the same time I wonder if it's just the soyboys catfishing en-mass.

No. 1585219

File: 1684868756536.png (1.78 MB, 2048x1544, support trans dogs.png)

what else is missing from this shirt? it covers just about everything, cripples, gay couples, tranny dogs, poc, tims and tifs, fatties, bisexuals, lesbians, intersex, old queers, androgynous children, back alley drag queens.

No. 1585220

oh I see now (starting to talk to some) they are fucked in the head. scary

No. 1585229

i kinda want this ngl because its fucking hilarious

No. 1585244


No. 1585268


No. 1585300

>tranny dog

No. 1585304

Autism is missing

No. 1585305

But the trans flag is already here.

No. 1585310

Who tf buys this shit

No. 1585313

I think people are too lax with using and recommending spiro for skin. I used it for years in my early teens and I still have weird bladder issues from how often it would make me pee

No. 1585315

You are correct and should shout it from the rooftops.

No. 1585320

File: 1684878319567.jpg (59.52 KB, 749x750, 08c1d920d10499422d56cd97e2a4a4…)

an anon posted that she hates people who don't care about animals in the unpopular opinion thread and i really want to ask if she cares about cows and chiken when she eats them but i don't want to start this infight again

No. 1585322

>write out post
>"heh… I bet this will end up in the lolcow caps thread…"
>post ends up in lolcow caps thread.
My sweat, my tears, my blood… it is all for you my nonny sisters.

No. 1585325

i wish i was funny enough to be posted

No. 1585332

Kek i've been posted in there so many damn times. I wanna know what you said though if you don't mind

No. 1585338

I feel like you're referring to my post, but I think everyone hates spergs who seethe hard when other people care about animals.
Most people eat meat to live, not because we get happy from the animals being killed. I don't know about you, but I would feel sad and be against it if I found out humans were harming/abusing the cows and chickens without reason and deliberately making their lives miserable. If there was a way to provide meat without any animals being slaughtered (like, idk, lab-grown meat but good/without any sort of setbacks), I would staunchly support that.

No. 1585340

start the infight girl, I support you

No. 1585344

File: 1684880161924.jpg (10.66 KB, 275x275, 1684665843739.jpg)

i was looking for a job and then i found a job….

No. 1585346

I wonder if any of the anons I talk to off the site ever recognize my posts

No. 1585347

sometimes I do nonny

No. 1585349

im clicking on 'track package' every 5 minutes even though i know its not arriving today. im so fucking hyped for my package.

No. 1585350

>I would feel sad and be against it if I found out humans were harming/abusing the cows and chickens without reason and deliberately making their lives miserable
i'm sorry to say this but animals in factory farms live an unnecessary violent life. Eggs factories crush male chicks because they won't produce eggs, most pigs lives in less than 2ft their whole life and never see the sun. To get milk, calves are taken from their mother at 1 day old and hearing their mother cries is one of the worst experience i had in my life. I could go on and on but you get the idea. I think eating less meat will make you more at ease with yourself, you'll be actually saving lives. I don't want to be this anoying vegan but watch dominion and i'm sure you'll be moved by their suffering.

No. 1585352

How would you be saving animal lives by becoming vegan? The animal will still die and be made into food anyway.

No. 1585354

and what doos heaven think of that ?
can nonies actually do that ? the few times people tried to recognize my posts they got it wrong so to me it's all bs
what is it ? i love when i can get excited for someone else mail bc i don't order online anymore

No. 1585356

it was a touhou pic and he never outright said he was a troon but he kept putting off a voice verification call

No. 1585358

lower demand = reduced supply
We never have eaten as much meat as we do now. World meat consumption has quadrupled since 1961. If we all lower our meat intake it can make a change. If you think your individual action won't do anything, just know we are more than 1.5 billion vegetarians.
When you buy meat you give money to maintain this system

No. 1585359

I live in the third world, so the eggs I buy are typically free range. I don't eat pork at all. I agree the dairy industry is sad and fucked up, but vegan cheese and milk substitutes are often very expensive here. Again, I support all good replacements, and I'm not against vegans (I used to be a vegetarian, but I had an ED at the same time, meaning I wasn't concerned about the nutritional aspect or actually being able to eat much), but it's sadly not feasible for everyone. I just don't think we'll live in a world where people don't eat meat for quite some time. Until technology improves and the vegan lifestyle becomes more accessible to all, I think animals would benefit strongly from increased pressure (or force) to improve the conditions of the meat, egg and dairy industry.

No. 1585360

I'm not doing that or giving up plastic straws but good on you nonna.

No. 1585366

props to you for trying to be a vegetarian and i hope you're doing better with your ed !
Well i guess i have to stop assuming everyone is a burgerfag kek

No. 1585369

>fat FtM in a fedora
I wonder where I've seen this before

No. 1585372

I mean he is an astronaut playing in a space toilet

No. 1585374

i have adult braces rn and i currently have a little fang action going on with only one of my canines and i love it i don't want it to go away and be fixed it fits me so well and it's so cute…

No. 1585378

Tell them that. A good orthodontist will work with your desires.

No. 1585387

File: 1684884508723.jpg (689.43 KB, 3024x4032, I guess my cat was tired.jpg)

Today is the 23rd. Then tomorrow will be the 24th, and after that the 25th.

No. 1585393

File: 1684884721317.png (95.79 KB, 1208x950, and i WILL mess up.png)

and then i'm done with my finals

No. 1585437

I was all overwhelmed about life and a few weeks ago and quit my j9b and I confided in my mother my bf was annoying tf out of me and she was like don't be you and dump everything at once and I listened and last week we said I love you for the first time and it felt so perfect almost like we should have automatically got married. I'm embellishing but I'm glad my mum told me to not be so rash all the time because since cutting the actual dead weight of my shitty job I can actually see that God himself has gifted me a man after 3 decades of hard graft.

No. 1585439

If this doesn't read write it's cause I'm high

No. 1585444

File: 1684890268176.png (54.14 KB, 496x384, 1684890095651.png)

Just saw a woman on radfem twitter respond to a troon talking about making himself lactate by calling him disgusting, and attaching a photo of herself breastfeeding her baby with her face showing (she did cover the baby's face). She had her makeup done up, choker and earrings on, and was like, pursing her lips. She covered her background, ig to at least make doxxing harder.
While I get what she means by that, I don't understand how she doesn't realize or seem to care that the tranny and other moids will just coom to it. Why do we, as women, keep playing ourselves like this?

No. 1585459

I saw a tranny in the wild when I was taking the bus and my god they always have the most horrid fashion sense. White nylon leggings with a black pencil skirt and sneakers. It's like they put on anything that women wear no matter how awfully coordinated it is.

No. 1585469

women are out of touch and don't understand how degenerate and fetishistic men are. even "radfems" seem to not get it. i wish more women read The Man Who Would Be Queen or at least anything from Blanchard on AGP and fetishes in general to understand you cannot win and should not engage with fetishistic moids.

No. 1585471

Wasn't Blanchard's studies disproven as flawed at some point? I agree some TIMs are fetishistic, but I honestly do not understand how anyone can Wholeheartedly call herself a radical feminist and believe in that. No offense meant, though.

No. 1585482

NTA but The Man Who Would Be Queen is by J. Michael Bailey. As for Blanchard, I’m not so sure his theories have been disproven but they are quite dated.

No. 1585492

>face full of makeup & posing while feeding baby
>her baby
>having a baby with a moid
There are no radfems on twitter is what I’m learning

No. 1585504

>There are no radfems on twitter
this is readily available information

No. 1585524

File: 1684899156437.jpg (40.05 KB, 564x564, 9836b705081d1524168b4627a7914d…)

accepting that I'm an idiot has been so freeing to me because I'm more open minded about learning stuff and if someone says something truly retarded beyond belief I just say "I don't get it but thank you" and just walk

No. 1585542

Is killing eve good

No. 1585547

Is killing eve good

No. 1585550

File: 1684901242599.jpeg (70.73 KB, 665x665, IMG_8654.jpeg)

I forgot to switch out kek with lol on TikTok and got called a white supremacist. Thought they were joking. They were not. Tried to lecture me about its usage without knowing a damn thing about its history other than “4chan bad”.

No. 1585553

No. 1585557

It’s a weird show. Each episode get progressively worse so the ending fucking sucked. I wouldn’t waste time watching it.

No. 1585564

It's your cue to go full misandrist terf.

No. 1585573

The first time I heard of kek was from a WoW friend and I've seen it outside LC tiktok kids are fucking retarded

No. 1585575

File: 1684904720963.gif (3.41 MB, 334x498, 6ee23da15b437dd6cc229c45a73afb…)

Girl the way you movin got me in a trance
Dj turn it up
Ladies this yo jam

No. 1585577

File: 1684905114126.gif (3.99 MB, 572x640, dancing-skeleton-dancing-skele…)

oh shit this my song yALL

No. 1585581

File: 1684906055543.jpg (62.96 KB, 564x752, 1bae7253d6aff5b7c6a8508444e3e8…)

synthetic leather is the literal devil

No. 1585585

File: 1684906892973.jpg (50.13 KB, 560x564, 1598553501349.jpg)

i was going to make a post in the confessions thread about a purchase i made recently that i regretted but i decided to convert the currency to usd and euros for the sake of my burger and euro nonas and its FUCKING 15 USD and 14 EUROS, why is my country poor

No. 1585589

File: 1684907204572.gif (338.76 KB, 277x400, 1678587518864.gif)

won't ya listen to what the DJ's spinnaaayng
he's tappin into just what you're feelaaayngggg

No. 1585597

File: 1684907957982.png (296.85 KB, 495x622, im sorry.PNG)

No. 1585600

at least I’m not the only one

No. 1585605

Just checked the history of my report reasons and it's like
>idiot moid
>tiny dicked moid


No. 1585617

how do you check this

No. 1585619

File: 1684912153219.png (3.87 KB, 365x244, scrotewatch.PNG)

mine just pops up like this

No. 1585624

File: 1684912787086.png (8.08 KB, 742x240, sorryfarmhands.png)

kek mine sorts itself alphabetically. losing it at the ones under "i"

No. 1585625

File: 1684913106017.png (2.68 KB, 201x264, theusual.PNG)

No. 1585626

just another day on the farm