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File: 1655738154551.jpg (169.71 KB, 717x491, f2a.jpg)

No. 271193

I find it really confusing when nonnas post in the relationship advice thread as if they were having real relationship and then it turns out it's just some dude on discord they are talking to. Usually this information is not divulged until much later.

I propose we have two threads, one for real relationships and one for online relationships. Talk about your discord-kitten problems in this thread and get help from other discord-kittens. Leave the relationship advice thread for people who actually have to deal with moids face to face.

No. 271195

do LDRs go here or the other thread?

No. 271196

I've seen anons almost try their best to conceal the fact that it's an online relationship they're talking about in the other thread. After a while you get a feel for when anons are holding that info back.

But if there's a thread especially for that then that seems fair and will probably lead to more openness.

No. 271197

I'd say if you see each other every weekend, then in the other thread, but if you go months without interacting irl then here.

No. 271199

>as if they were having real relationship and then it turns out it's just some dude on discord they are talking to
swear to god. it's so annoying.

No. 271220

Anyone have more context at that dude that's supposedly dating multiple farmers online?

No. 271959

I wish this thread was more active, because I don't wanna feel alone in my degeneracy, so bump

No. 271960

I met my girlfriend in person so idk if it fits here but we started dating after we reconnected online and we've been long distance for a year and a half, and we see each other every 4 months or so. The worst part about a long distance relationship is just everyone telling you you're a loser and that it'll never work out. I tend not to tell casual acquaintances I have a girlfriend for that reason.
Anyway, if anyone wants discord kitten advice I won't judge you.

No. 271962

I second this, I feel like even the people who began the thread come off very judgy. Personally, men on the internet have fucked with my head a lot more than my real life boyfriends. AND on top of that you feel like a loser for it. Such are the struggles of a discord kitten I suppose.

No. 271974

Internet men will prey on us when we're really young and impressionable, on top of that it's often young girls who are bullied in school/come from broken homes who rely on attention online as a coping mechanism

I think we should either use this thread or create another thread for women who are victims of abuse via online relationships

No. 272020

What the hell is a discord kitten?

No. 272022

nta but cringe

No. 272023

OK, thanks. Are they called kittens because they're the opposite of a cougar? Seems weird to refer to people as animal babies.

No. 272027

File: 1656164449579.jpg (55.55 KB, 750x750, 451.jpg)

It's a joke about incel moids who have weird bdsm/sex relationships with girls in their discords who don't know that the dude is an ugly incel because online he is a big boi discord mod with a cool anime pfp who talks down to his "kitten".

No. 272028

File: 1656164529646.png (424.44 KB, 824x1328, Untitled.png)

Another meme to illustrate

No. 272029

Kek, what a loser.

No. 272034

Please tell me this shit isn't for real. Why do women even talk to these kinds of faggots? In 2022?

No. 272036

Kek this sounds like a parody, but I never use Discord so who knows what actually goes on there.

No. 272042

Because they're mostly teenage girls, not women.

No. 272079

No, they're called kittens because it's a common term used for the "LG" in "DDLG" type relationships and the stereotypical Discord relationships also involve "DDLG" or some other cringe kink LARP shit.

No. 272092

File: 1656203044792.jpg (69.84 KB, 981x1200, 1650174620351.jpg)

Is online dating worth it? I have niche interests and I can only find people that share them online, which is important for me. I don't want to date a normie either. I'm also very introverted and most of my social interaction is online, so it'd be easier to find someone online. I wouldn't want to be in an official relationship with someone until we met up, but I could still date and get to know someone before meeting them. People say online dating never works so Idk what to do, I don't want to be single forever

No. 272093

yes it works as well as anything. and people who say it doesnt work are 100 years old. everyone is terminally online now.
to make it work, you both need to be honest and communicate openly though. video chat immediately and often so you dont waste time with a catfish.

No. 272095

Only if youre both down to plan and one/both move to each other and have concrete life plans. Don't waste years of your life like I did when you know deep down you could never close the distance.

No. 272122

yes I dated this really hot chick once online (shes like actually hot we would ft) and it turned out she lived in my city! I don't really know why I broke up with her but were still friends. I appreciate the experiences I've gotten from online dating but nothing really beats irl. Its worth it, the good and the bad, ask to ft people will straight up catfish you. Stay safe and go for it!

No. 272149

Don't date men into anime, nonna. Not even online.

No. 272150

Yes this is important. Online should only be temporary and you need concrete plans to meet up as soon as possible. Me and my Nigel met online, we made plans to meet up and worked it out within 6 months (different countries and the first trip was cancelled due to visa issues), then we moved in together shortly after and now 3 years later we are married and have a baby. It can work out, but both of us were very determined to take it into the real life and not keep it online. We also talked every single day while apart, spent a lot of time in voice calls watching movies together and shared everything about our day. It still sucked and I would never want to do a long distance thing again. I'm very glad I met someone I probably wouldn't have otherwise met though, we are perfect for each other and have a lot of things in common.

No. 272182

anime is not a niche interest, so i'm guessing anon means something else.

No. 274781

Yes it's worth it I don't get why most anons here hate it. Every man I've met from online I've had a better relationship with than ones I only knew IRL. It's not like you'll be online forever, you'll meet up. If your interests are truly niche like mine then let me tell you, you'll probably never find anyone irl you can relate with. Completely avoiding online relationships means you're cutting out a huge chunk of the population for yourself.

No. 274784

>yes it works as well as anything. and people who say it doesnt work are 100 years old. everyone is terminally online now.
yeah, everyone does online dating these days. if by "online dating" you mean tinder and bumble not fucking discord lmao

No. 274798

i met my discord kitten of one year 6 days ago, he's so perfect in person .. he's cutely sleeping in my bed right now, what a beautiful sight.

No. 274802

Hmm I think it's hard to not agree that it's more likely to find someone nice in specific interest oriented discord servers than on tinder; and as long as you inted to meet it's seriously no different than any other mainstream-accepted (tinder, bumble) way of meeting people online. I think this thread is intended to group up people who never meet and act like it's regular relationship like any other.

No. 274809

yeah, if you just live e.g. in different cities a 2 hour drive away or right on the border of neighboring countries and meetup regularly with a concrete plan to close the distance eventually, no one's gonna make fun of you unless they're feeling bitter themselves.

problem is many of these online relationships involve deeply socially isolated people who can't find anyone in real life not because of niche interests but due to a lack of social skills/hobbies that don't involve posting on websites/personality problems that become obvious in actual real life interaction. they can live as far apart as different continents and often have no prospects of moving to be together since they'd just be working dead-end retail jobs out of a lack of marketable skills. it's like prison homosexuality, undesirables flocking together out of a lack of better options.

No. 274829

File: 1657637955234.jpg (142.2 KB, 750x616, tumblr_3090941de7116c36e09130b…)

He suggested meeting up but I don't want to be nervous, I want to have the upper hand. He doesn't know that I know his address and has no clue I live near him. I know where he does his grocery shopping and where he usually goes for walks so I thought about "randomly" running into him as our first meeting. Is that fucked up? I just don't want it to be so planned and tense like those LDR first meeting videos on Youtube.

No. 274916

you sound like a weirdo stalker get help and touch grass

No. 274923

File: 1657668939895.jpg (66.82 KB, 536x398, 3bc241829a7ba4e3ee6f349abd11ae…)

No. 275834

What the fuck lol

No. 276758

most mentally adjusted e-dater

No. 276764

I'm gonna get shat on for saying this but it's not like you can undo being a creepy stalker and meeting "organically" isn't a bad idea honestly.

No. 283909

I wish my online relationship with my ex had lasted long enough to meet each other irl. Maybe it would have saved our relationship and my partner would have been able to see me in a much different light. Finding our irl dynamic was an avenue that we never got to try out. I always felt this distance, that it didn't "feel" real even though I know my feelings were real. It was the closest thing to affection and companionship I ever had in my life. People on here are always dismissing online relationships but I can't help but feel like it could have turned into one of those "successful LDR story" like I see on reddit where we would one day close the distance. I hate myself for messing it all up, it feels like I'll never have something close to that ever again.

No. 283910

>like I see on reddit
Jesus your even dumber then people who believe everything they see on TV

No. 283912

I met my husband online, we're having a baby soon so it definitely happens, but we made sure to meet up as soon as possible to take our relationship into the real world and not keep it online. I think if you don't meet up within 6 months there is not much hope for the relationship.

No. 283919

was he from Canada?

No. 283924

Yes! Is it you my long lost love? Let me throw myself at you right now!

No. 283934

>within 6 months
Tbf that was pretty hard to do during Covid. But yeah, if I ever find someone again who happens to be online I'll be more serious to meet up irl before being official. I'm happy for you that you made it work.

That was just an example, there's tons of articles and stories about successful LDRs so I'm sure it can happen. No need to be so rude.

No. 283939


No. 283940

>I think if you don't meet up within 6 months there is not much hope for the relationship.
100% agree with this. It depends on how long the distance is, like if you're in different continents it could take a bit longer to save up, but if you're close enough to take a train for a few hours then there's no excuse, even 6 months is too much in a situation like that imo.

No. 283943

Hey I'm esl, and I still get it wrong less often then native speakers

No. 283965

No. 285207

Stop it right now

No. 285240

File: 1662257487175.jpg (91.04 KB, 735x962, a7dd8b30a2de857ce709a539b912a3…)

No, just utter failures and wastes of time.

No. 285241

Damn I don't wanna be an asshole but kiwifarms out of all places…? I mean I love you nonnies but I wouldn't want to date anyone from online forums, let alone ones mainly dedicated to shitting on people.

No. 285245

Lmao you can't be serious

No. 285258

If I am the discord owner and he is just a mod does that make him the discord kitten?

No. 285261

KEK. i need a discord kitten failure story thread right fucking now

No. 285262

File: 1662267960108.jpg (25.21 KB, 333x500, 41oj5frcdqL.jpg)

i know i did NOT just read that you met, let alone, married, a man from kiwifarms. the end times truly are near.

No. 285274

Don't act like it's sane for anyone to do this. You've might have been the absolute rare case where it worked, most women aren't that lucky.

No. 285303

Did you get the achievement for marrying a forum user?

No. 285318

bumping cuz i want this too

No. 285352

File: 1662312457835.gif (1.74 MB, 462x498, 1645970975208.gif)

The first platform me and my husband used to regularly text in 2015 when we first started "dating" (before we met irl) was discord so I guess mine is a success story

No. 285370


No. 285383

fake and gay or copium like most of those "we met on the internet and we made it work and have never been happier u guise like totally!!!!' stories

No. 285384

> It depends on how long the distance is, like if you're in different continents
if your distance is that long, there is no hope for the relationship. what does your quality time consist of? saying gn and gm?

No. 285385

File: 1662322862524.gif (785.15 KB, 498x371, 169538F4-00DC-439D-AC9C-1EE6CC…)


No. 285423

If you don't interact with each other there then how did you meet?

No. 285498

Nona you can't be that much of a retard cmon now

No. 285540

>we had met on kiwifarms

No. 286780

File: 1662745544612.jpg (25.29 KB, 273x275, 1661647213360.jpg)

First off, yes, I've been in an online relationship for probably longer than anyone here, it is retarded, I am a loser virgin in a relationship with a virgin, kek.

So. Yes. I'm on the verge of breaking up with my e-boyfriend. I don't really know what to do. We had a life planned out together. It's fading away.

I've found out he a really creepy view of having kids…one that made me see the relationship differently.

It started off with him saying something like, "I know for a fact everyone would love having a kid if they have one. Someone is kidding themselves if they think they're in a bad position to have a kid because the motivation and happiness from it will fix their other issues", then framed it like a fact people should have kids or else they're being irrational–

he acted like impoverished people, mentally ill, or just other people having issues SHOULD have kids, and that there are 0 excuses.

It's a very weird hyper-individualistic take on it too, like what cults use to rope in egos into an otherwise moblike cult. Like, "having a kid will give eternal happiness and fulfillment to a parent! This is a FACT!" Y'know. Not talking about family or the work it takes. It's funny because I doubt he's into single parents, he has expressed criticism before, but not once did he mention families or support networks. Also–his own dad was abusive and tried murdering his mother in front of his face when he was a little boy ffs.

Also, mllions of men bitch about being baby trapped, about the "ball and chain", about hating their families, etc. And so do plenty of women. I don't buy into the shit that they're somehow fulfilled and I am not prepped to put on my dunce cap and pretend they actually love it.

Me? I have consistently been, "having a kid can be nice! I think how it goes is heavily dependent on who someone is and how good their environment is" but he seemed to bulldoze over this and act like it's foolish (no he actually had no argument besides having a kid being more fulfilling than anything else) which probably has, to my dumb, meek mind, caused permanent psychic damage and made me far more creeped out by the crowd of people that want people to have kids. I mean, this man literally acted like other issues don't matter, which shows a most insane lack of…what is it? Empathy for the wildly different experiences people have?

Also–I have illnesses and hormone issues related to high-risk pregnancies and was deemed unfit to even drive a car, so, that he doesn't seem to care and flings this shit is…whew!

Just take me out back and shoot me. It isn't like for years he said anything as extreme.
In fact I checked and he's a hypocrite about it too. He has said he doesn't want a kid now, that things are rough, that maybe 10 years down the line would work for us. So, why is he flinging shit at people that are not wanting kids despite being on the fence?? Wut.

I loved him and we had so many wonderful times together. I thought I could trust him.
But I realize that maybe I don't really know him after all.

PS: yes, I might be overreacting. It's just the way he said these things, the hypocrisy, the conviction…
no, I don't think I can handle it on a consistent basis. I don't think I'd be able to handle it if 10 years he started acting as if I'm deranged and don't know myself if I want a kid.

No. 286782

*don't want a kid. Oops. Sorry. No sleep last night.

No. 286825

How does this meme even work tho? Isn't it well known that discord mods or most moderators in general are massive creepy incels? I think those "kittens" are just abusing the mods power and making the guy in the charge of the server her simp, essentially making her the top of that server hierarchy in terms of influence.

No. 286874

I don’t think you’re overreacting at all, putting such extreme expectations on something like bringing humans into the world is a recipe for disaster. Sounds like he thinks having kids is going to fix all of his own problems. Normally I’d suggest trying to talk things out and see if he can get a better outlook but you sound so fucking done anyways I think it’s just best to cut your losses now kek.

No. 287212

File: 1662880360553.jpg (41.66 KB, 600x747, 0501e7fe30152a6ac3e9959712b922…)

thank you for the vote of confidence, nona.
I'd normally try working things out - relationships are precious - I'm beginning to realize that there is just something up with the way he thinks. Looking back I realize this didn't come out of nowhere. The few times we fought in the past were over very similar.

I have had many online friends in the past, including for a few years. Disagreements were common except, I never felt…cornered or helpless and things always weren't messy. There was always mutual ground found. Believe it or not, I hate arguing and try compromising.

When my e-bf came back, we ended up having another discussion that quickly erupted into an argument and turned out he said that he thinks everything he is saying is a fact in spite of it being extreme.

And…it turned out he seems to lack empathy or even any care at all for women that suffered in bad relationships. In fact, I am starting to suspect that he has lied a lot about how he sees women which…isn't a good feeling.

O. Also, he's never expressed any interest in kids besides the vague idea of it. He seems to hate kids too which is what made his point so ridiculous and reeking of an agenda. So much of what he ended up saying was cult-like. I won't go into it. But it was bad.

I wish I didn't try to talk and just attempted to break-up because his behavior got so repulsive and it's retrospectively starting to ruin the good memories I have of him.
I can't believe he managed to act so much more mature before.

picrel is the quickest dumb reaction image I could find. but nothing will encompass the feeling I have. I really hate this and I hate that he's acting like this. Literally all he needed to do was not be a douche and stop spamming "this is a fact" constantly.

No. 287215


No. 287223

File: 1662883736879.jpg (9.75 KB, 275x236, 1660879487961.jpg)

Yes I have an e-boyfriend. Yes he's a moderator of a discord server. Yes he hangs around on 4chan. Yes I met him through youtube (originally a fan). Yes he sometimes draws lewd animations. Yes he masturbates for me on camera and we call that sex. Yes he likes anime and hentai. Yes he has a figure and manga collection. Yes he lives in a 1st world country and I live in a shithole. Yes he's a virgin and a gamer. Yes he's autistic. Yes he's greasy and doesn't bathe that often. Yes he's 29 and balding with a skinnyfat tummy. But this is the happiest relationship I've ever had in my life, he really loves me even with my BPD episodes and supports my artistic ventures even though I'm a hikki neet. Really recommend!!

No. 287265

File: 1662898725177.png (75.25 KB, 340x311, cringe.png)

No. 287341

This can be some delicious pasta.

No. 287390

My E-moid friend of 4 years just had the talk with me. We have crazy sexual tension, like I never thought you'd could have it so bad via video call & text but fuck me, anyways all our mutual friends kinda pin us as a couple and we even both admitted to treating each other like bf/gf but more "relaxed". Never really thought much of it, yeah I'm lowkey in love but I'm not so retarded that I'm about to edate, I kinda just live with it and enjoy talking to him. Anyways I was fake arguing with him saying he was away for the past 3 days bc he was fucking prostitutes (he's a mega virgin), I'm just tryna piss him off, then he starts questioning what I'm saying and ultimately it starts with "I thought you had a crush on me" I was like yeah no shit, I thought it'd been obvious, he explained how he was never sure & how he thought it just went away for me & recent events was us just joking around. Then he was talking about how he was worried that I was dealing with it in an unhealthy way which I don't really understand what the guy is on about but I'm fine I think? Then he got onto the topic about how he can never tell when I'm jokingly mad and we cleared all that up. Reading that all back sounds really cringe kek I'm sorry nonnas. But I'm just scared that he'll become weird and distant now that we've sort of addressed it (we've discussed before that he's emotionally unavailable and scared of being vulnerable with others). I don't want to lose him, loving aside, he's the first guy I've ever been friends with who seems to genuinely care about me and isn't scared off from my abrasive personality. We've played around with the idea of meeting when I get a passport, possibly living together too, I think that'd be the only way we'd date, in some sort of LDR. I don't even know anons there's so much shit that's gone on it confuses me slightly but I'd also much rather there be a clouded ambiguous answer than a miserable truth. I am retarded but free

No. 287611

File: 1663038890185.jpeg (171.27 KB, 604x548, 97F1CF61-7C8D-4A66-9882-087E98…)

>I wouldn't want to date anyone from online forums
>shitting on people
Kek talk about dissonance

No. 287612

>Im not so retarded that I'm about to edate

You already are swetie

No. 287613

File: 1663039986510.jpeg (196.38 KB, 738x819, C7663045-3FFF-4FD0-BEAA-6D8501…)

I’m edating my husbant for almost a year now ,I’m 20 and he’s 17,I’m schizo hikki he’s in school and has a lot of friends that I talk to sometimes ,he plans on coming to see me by the end of this year, but im afraid he’s not capable of handling things (he’s very unreliable at times (I still haven’t got a parcel from him tagt he supposedly posted two months ago ) I’m afraid but I love him and I can’t imagine being with anyone else but I’m very cynical and doubtful at best and hopeless at worst and being dissociative and depressed doesn’t make it easier
Oh did I also mention that we’re in a femdom rs .

No. 287615

Is that not weird to date someone that young? I’m 23 and the thought of dating even an 18 yr old guy is weird and off putting to me

No. 287616

He’s gonna be 18 b4 he comes to see me
If that’s weird then it’s just one more weird thing in my life O_o(O_o)

No. 287617

Nonna is typing this from 2009

No. 287618

File: 1663040806651.jpeg (96 KB, 721x638, 6A877B5E-DCC4-461D-AEAD-AE8A65…)

No. 287620

you planning on attending his high school graduation?

No. 287622

Oh I meant to say college not school pardon my english

No. 287623

I was a Skype & discord kitten over the course of 9 years with 2 guys (not at the same time) starting at the age of 16 and it is my biggest and most embarrassing secret. It was a huge waste of time sitting in a computer chair talking to a male for hours, playing video games, and having audio sex with him. I was an utterly pathetic shut in who couldn't meet anyone in town of 2000 people. One time I did regret letting one cute irl guy go since I was too focused on digital males. I am completely single now and don't want to go on real dates either. I spent so many hours soothing the egos of failmales and neither of them ever even sent me a birthday gift. Other discord kittens at least got stuff and money and emotional validation. I was that pathetic I didn't even get a steam game from it. I'm done with online games too. I even had a final fantasy mmo wedding with one of them. They were both chronically unemployed and one was a channer. The kicker is years later I am now a relatively successful small business owner and people think I'm intelligent and have common sense. They wouldn't know I was once retarded enough to fake moan for 15 minutes at 3am into a headset because a scrote was horny even though I needed to go to class in the morning. They were so demanding of my time and for nothing, to sit listening to them game or bitch. I wish I could go back in time and break all my devices. I also think part of it is that the first guy I went on irl dates with raped me and I felt like online relationships (no matter how one-sided) were "safer". Not scary and I could flirt like I could t irl without him wanting to immediately have sex. I am serious about never having a romantic relationship again as it all just makes me feel so low and unfulfilled and sometimes even scared. My romance solely comes from otome games now and I feel a lot lighter. I am also getting a kitty cat soon and it will be all the love I need.

No. 287625

lol I only really use /ot/ and /g/ nowadays, and tbh I wouldn't date myself either

No. 287643

love yourself

No. 287657

Seriously 17 year old and 20 year old is weird as fuck, especially considering at that age women are still like 3-5 years ahead developmentally. I'm gonna give nonna the benefit of a doubt and assume she is just stunted as fuck.

No. 287670

I am generally against the idea of a woman dating someone 3-4 or more years younger than her (if a moid is in early 20s and she is in mid-to-late 20s) because of what >>287657 said. A lot of anons seem to not know what kind of pain in the ass it is to date men, especially if they are young. I am talking about the internet-addicted coomer types 99% of which are online. I believe it's whatever once both parties are in 30s.

No. 287673

Women do not age faster than men, those two are indeed 17 and 20. 15 year old girls are not secretly 20 and 20 year old women are not developmentally 25. There’s no age where a girl would match the behavioural patterns of a boy, dissimilar to a same aged girl.

No. 287675

Internet addicted coomers are terrible no matter what. If anything, the older version would be more predatory and destructive.

No. 287687

File: 1663071458732.jpeg (24.83 KB, 190x190, 94455653-79AD-4EB6-BD6F-90C9E7…)

How do you get over the fear that he could die and you wouldn't know? A few months ago there was a shooting dangerously close to where he lives and he was lucky he wasn't there at the time, but it just made me stupidly paranoid.

No. 287699

Are you in contact with any of his family or friends?

No. 287701

I do have contact with one of his IRLs but I haven't really talked to him before. I'm gonna try asking for some family contacts next time we talk and give him some of mine just in case.

No. 287745

I don't know if this is weird but for people I got really close to I always said if I just up and disappeared one day without warning that it meant I was dead and they said the same to me. Once you get really close and know more contact information it might be possible to contact friends/family if they're gone all of a sudden.

No. 287778

How did these online relationships end? Did you ever try meeting up irl or were ever serious about closing the distance?

No. 287789

I've been in an online relationship for almost a year. We've only ever spent 2 weeks together in person and then ticket prices doubled in price, so we kept putting it off. I've almost walked away from it a few times, although I do enjoy having someone to talk to most of the time, it is weird. I've ever downloaded dating apps when things looked more hopeless, but did not really talk to anyone or dated around. The distance is insane and almost no way it's actually going to work out, I just fell into a comfortable cope.

No. 287797

I'm the anon from the lesbian thread that went to go see thier ldr of several years and she didn't even go to see me. Very heart breaking and I think it is the last and only online relationship I'll ever have. I also do not use dating apps and I won't. I'm just going to wait for someone to be interested in me because I've gotten too hurt. I'm glad I at least made my dream come true of seeing her.

No. 287823

Ayrt, time passes by quickly, didn't mean for it to be a relationship for either one in the beginning, and by the time it's 2 or 3 years, I get such tremendous fear for some reason and wanted to put meeting off since I felt safe comfort in the talking online. The first one didn't really push me to meet either until year 2 and we did have him fly near me to meet, I felt a bit creeped out by his erratic behaviors but I was basically alone and easy to manipulate so I didn't take that as a bad thing. Then he suddenly decided to move across the country to me and I freaked out, said I don't agree to that, can't support him if hes here and not comfortable living with him at all rn and he showed up a month later at a parking lot in a u-haul truck with all his stuff and I had to pay for that u-haul. He had a hotel room, bitched about my town and found an apartment in my nearest city and he didn't have my address so I told him to leave me alone and then he had his mom call me to tell me I'm evil and lured her son away just to break his heart. I freaked out at the anger I was getting and blocked everyone and he left me a lot of voice-mails crying about how he's gonna be an engineer one day (he had done one semester of college at 25).

The second one I didn't meet irl and he was nice to me at first but he lied to me about being disabled for a long time. I didn't know he was in such a condition and I am not in a state to provide for or care for someone like that (lived off of parents and refused to apply for disability or anything). I felt really bad for him as it was a physical condition but he would put a ton of emotional labor on me about how he wants to die all the time. Most of our talks gravitated toward how hard his life is. I didn't feel anything romantic from him anymore (he was way different in the beginning) and I felt extremely guilty for that. One day I got drunk and just ended it with him and told him I'm done with online relationships, I'm not going to him and that's it. He tried to bargain and say we could have a nice life together and he can get me a job at his dad's company etc but I didn't want to hear that. I wanted him to get a job, he could game all day do why not work remotely. He sobbed a lot and told me I was a fucking whore. That was that.


I like Nightshade, it's on steam and consoles

No. 290853

File: 1664327035936.jpeg (27.15 KB, 480x480, 9fc7791f-66f4-44d8-bff7-33dc72…)

I rarely do online relationships, nor am I not seriously the best at handling distance, but 2 years ago (e-dating pandemic), I met this guy on discord from a small music collective server. For some reason, I garnered a liking towards him, primarily for his personality, although his looks were decent (I think we equated with each other during that time). We got to know each other a little over Snapchat, then the next month, I told him that I liked him and the reason why I did. At first, he was iffy (which is understandable), and it made me a bit sick because I felt like I was embarrassing myself, but after some communication, we've decided to take it slow and form a deeper connection with each other which I found out we are similar with music taste, family issues/past, and self-identity.

We've managed to go strong during Christmas time lol. We started getting confident with giving each other affection (the typical couple shit), and throughout the time, it was such a genuine relationship since we were good friends, had good communication, and had well developed trustworthy bond. Then, probably at the end of December or after the new year, his depression got worse, and he started to interact with me less and less (I did ask him about his depression, but I was only told, "I'm fine"). I'm not sure if I should go in-depth about our terrible conflict during January, but I did say some harmful words toward him (I deeply regret it because, in my mind, I felt like the relationship was one-sided, which was my biggest fear lol). The week before my birthday, he wanted to end the relationship because he felt like his depression would affect the relationship, and I was extremely devasted for many reasons, but I understood why, although he still really liked me and wanted to continue our good ole friendship. Sorry if this was half-assed (I'm a little bit lazy lmao) anyways our relationship would probably be better if it was IRL ig idk

No. 290859

Did you post a pic of yourself to LC…

No. 290865

No lol it's Bladee with some fan

No. 290869


No. 290870

Don’t think so. The picture is too clean. There needs to be a schizo unwashedness in his eyes, like an uncanny valley online male who lost his way and trying to claw it up through Discord. He doesn’t have that eastern bloc lost look in his eyes.

No. 290872

It's a Swedish underground rapper but if you want an actual picture of him then lmk lol

No. 290874

You’ll….simply post him on here?

No. 290876

It be like that sometimes

No. 290877

Lmk then, mademoiselle.

No. 290878

nonny did you meet him on a drain gang discord server..

No. 290879

File: 1664330165789.png (5.79 MB, 1125x2436, screenshot of the said ex.PNG)


No. 290880

God no

No. 290881

KEKKKK though I feel as if you’re jerking our chains if ya know what I mean. Are you trolling us, nonny?

No. 290883

Ehh it depends

No. 290887

Knew it. Too good to be true.

No. 290889

I'm glad he is your ex

No. 290892

He looks like all of my friend's little brothers combined.

No. 290894

if its a depot gotta bite it if i see weed i gotta light it

No. 290897

Yeah… yeah me too…

No. 290898

He wears a hat indoors? Seriously?

No. 290899

File: 1664333500387.gif (5.27 MB, 620x640, bladee-ecco2k.gif)

No. 290916

Sigh. Cc miner immigrant here. I posted a picture of Bladee with a gun on cc a few weeks ago as a reaction to someone who was fetishizing rapists (it was probably the tranny poster), now tranny Blaine who lurks both here and cc wont stop obsessively posting about him. He’s a newfag and fake drain btw.

No. 290917

Also when I posted him, troon told me to ‘stop posting hot Slavic boys’ even tho B is Swedish. He also said something about going to masturbate to shota afterwards. Anyway I’m so sorry to lolcow that the troon has brought his pedo fake drain autism here too.

No. 290925

Why are you posting children?

No. 290926

Kek. You can do way better. Idk if he's truly depressed though, a lot of zoomer boys seem pretty manipulative.

No. 290928

He was not a child what the fuck

No. 290930

He wasn't manipulative but yeah he was actually depressed unfortunately

No. 290932

whoever is this has to be a tranny or bad troll i dont believe it for one second and whats up with the newfag "lmk lol" gtfo

No. 290933

I don't understand why you are mad or why people actually responded lol. I mean I don't know what else you want

No. 290934

Just rambling about an online relationship that I had 2 years go

No. 291056

This is something I'm wondering too since I'm in the same boat. Trying to find a date IRL as a lesbian that has niche interests/beliefs and doesn't relate to the wider LGB community and doesn't click with the normie lesbians I talked to on apps, so I wonder if finding someone online and planning to meet up would work. Most of the worst e-dating stories I read are from straight couples, and lesbians tend to make up 1-2% of the population, so going online makes more sense in that case.

It makes me wonder how women get into relationships like this, though. All my crushes were on girls I knew in-person, and despite having online friends forever due to being an outcast, I could never be attracted. I was online friends with one cool nerdy girl in high school, we got along great (and liked girls), she showed a selfie once and was just my type, but I felt nothing despite having a platonic bond. Maybe it would be different as an adult, but when I see people gush over their online friend crushes, I don't get it, but I'm also jealous since I wish I could do that since online seems like my only chance.

No. 291760

Happy for you babe

No. 299568

File: 1668571577554.jpeg (67.78 KB, 716x675, 272736273.jpeg)

Nonnies, I have a peculiar request. Could I anonymously e-mail a fellow nonnie for advice on my long-distance relationship? You can use proton mail or any throwaway e-mail, or even a throwaway Discord.
The reason is that my moid lurks lc and I'm concerned he'd find a public post and know it's about our relationship. I don't have any friends outside of him but I think I really need a third party to tell me what they think about our situation.

No. 299573

Break up with him

No. 299608

If your moid doesnt use vpns use an ip grabber and email admin his ip. Might as well get the fucker banned before you break up with him kek

No. 299635

Go ahead nonna, my throwaway is in the email field
Also why the fuck does your moid lurk lc

No. 299659

the simple fact that he lurks a female-only ib is reason enough for a break up. imo. a decent man wouldn't do that.

No. 299678

she probably showed it to him, she wouldn't be the first.

No. 302772

File: 1670417552710.jpg (21.04 KB, 510x325, 0d5a37fef70ce80fc724240b92c805…)

I guess I have no one to go to, as nobody irl knows about my online "situationship" and neither do my online friends, because I always thought it is embarrassing to talk about.

Well, he cheated on me. To be more specific - for 7 months out of our 2y situationship. I'm considering "taking him back" and pretending like he won back my trust and sleeping with someone/lying about it, so I "get him back". I also am considering calling his future employers and fucking him over.

For context: we were never in a relationship, because I've always found online relationships to be cringe. To me he truly felt like a soulmate and even though our lives didn't match up and we couldn't make it work, he was someone I truly appreciated and wanted in my life.

Anyway, if anyone has good ways to fuck him over, I am listening. And yeah, I am a dumb stupid loser who should've known better - I agree.

No. 302773

Samefagging to clarify that we had made it incredibly clear that we were exclusive, and I'd ask him every other day if he has slept with someone else, because I felt like something was wrong. He lied every single time like the lying faggot he is.

No. 302774

>we were soulmates in an exclusive non-relationship
this is the level of retardation you need to be on to do LDRs
>inb4 ummm it was a long distance SITUATIONSHIP

No. 302776

Fucking him over because of your "realtionship" is the pettiest and dumbest idea ever. Online relationship doesn't work and it's a larp at best, so you are partially at fault for falling for this. I wouldn't take him accountable at this case.

No. 302777

op, and YEAH IT'S RETARDED, hence why I am posting on lc and not talking to irl people - cause I am ashamed

No. 302778

You have already wasted enough time on him, don't waste more. Spending energy on how to fuck some random online guy over is not worth it. Focus on self growth or something that will actually benefit you.

No. 302826

I just want your guys's advice on my online relationship turned irl relationship.

My bf was online friends with my brother. They had a discord group of irl friends. My brother's irl friend was friends with my bf. So technically my bf was my brother's online friend so that's how I know he wasn't a catfish and real because at least his irl friends knew him irl.

My brother got all spazzy and shit and disowned me for going behind his back and dating one of his discord buddies. I don't understand why he feels betrayed and disgusted I am dating one of his friends, one whom he interacted with more online than in irl. Wouldn't that be a good thing he knows him and is friends with him? Anyway, my stupid brother doesn't talk to me anymore and dropped out of this discord friend group because they chose my bf over my stupid dumb controlling brother. Its MY decision to choose who I date, not some stupid overprotective brother. Granted, my bf did say locker room bro joke and talk with my brother about dumb shit like "fish pussy" and mermaids, lamb butt and lamb girls, and "deer pussy" and deer girls. He smoked weed too which I don't like but after I told him to stop smoking up, he stopped, so he is a good obedient bf.

So my online relationship started out as an online one and now we have met in person and we are seeing each other. Problem is he lives 6h away from my university dorm. He's done the semester and is living with me at the dorm. Our hometowns are about an hour to an hour and a half away so when we visit our families in the summer, we can date easier then. My mom also knows about him and lets him stay the night at our place over the summer.

His family knows about me and I visit his cottage over the summer too. I am a little tired of sneaking around and avoiding my psychotic brother. He always yells and screams how my bf is a N*GGER and that he will BASH HIS BRAINS IN if he so much steps foot in our house while my brother's there. My brother has problems. I guess he is the one I'm seeking relationship advice on maybe? I tried placating him but my immediate family tells me he ignores all my pleas and texts and calls. And he calls me a "skank" "slut" "whore" and other derogatory female slurs and terms.

Do you think my relationship is going to last? we don't really have our own place for privacy and depend on going in public dates like a coffeeshop to hang out (or my dorm room). I also can't drive and have to take public transit whenever I want to see him or he has to pick me up with his car. He can never visit my family's house when my brother's there so it is exhausting doing family gatherings. He's actually missing Xmas this year because my dork of a brother is attending. When will my brother calm down and accept my bf? And I wonder if this stupid family drama and conflict will ruin my relationship? My bf is very nice and loving and patient and doesn't care about the family conflcit. He buys me flowers and does nice things for me. Though I do wonder if he's just using me for free pussy access.

No. 302828

>Granted, my bf did say locker room bro joke and talk with my brother about dumb shit like "fish pussy" and mermaids, lamb butt and lamb girls, and "deer pussy" and deer girls. He smoked weed too which I don't like but after I told him to stop smoking up, he stopped, so he is a good obedient bf.
stopped reading here, why the fuck would you date him

No. 302830

>dating a male who uses discord
>Granted, my bf did say locker room bro joke and talk with my brother about dumb shit like "fish pussy"
>so he is a good obedient bf.
you sound really young so i'm not going to be as blunt as i intended originally, but here: your boyfriend sounds like an immature retard - why would you want to be with a man that talks about women in a negative way even if you're not there? your brother also sounds like a huge retard in thinking he even has any say in this situation. they both sound like skull-emoji discord degenerates and you should ideally just not be with this weird little scrote, focus on yourself and please never date a male from discord ever again. the ones that aren't pedophiles or trannies are just overall sickly misogynist freaks.

>Though I do wonder if he's just using me for free pussy access.

if you even have to wonder about this then your relationship is probably not as stable and happy as you think.

No. 302863

He loves me and we share the same values and have the same goals for the future. He'll let me be a housewife and treats me nicely. Like he'll drive all the way from his school 6h away to visit me over the weekend. And he gets me nice flowers and cute gifts all the time. He's my first serious boyfriend and my standards are skewed. My first boyfriend was an asshole who raped me and hided me away from family and friends, even ONLINE friends. He'd always sneak about to have sex with me. By comparison my current bf is amazing.
I use discord too btw. I used to do twitch streams and get donations from creepy men by showing my cleavage or thighs in thigh high socks too so I am a little degenerate too I guess. I don't regret my online presence because I got a lot of money and free objects from them. I don't stream anymore because I am REALLY serious with my current bf.
My current bf is okay with my past - some other men would view me as a red flag and not date me. I also have bpd so my current bf is helping me get therapy and the help i need. He's so loving and very supportive. My ex would always say I was hot but crazy so I think that's why I stuck with me so long. Then I got onto anti-depressants and ballooned. I hate myself so much because I let myself get fat and I'm no longer attractive or hot but it doesn't matter. I felt worse when my ex dumped me because of my weight gain.
My current bf love me for me and loves me for who I am no matter what weight or size I'm at. I'm still really big now and he isn't a feeder or anything because he goes to the gym with me and helps me pick out healthy foods. I used to eat instant ramen everday before I met him but now I eat healthier because of him and actually eat a vegetable lol.
Also sorry I got off into a tangent, I just wanted to provide more context and defend my bf a little
>why would you want to be with a man that talks about women in a negative way even if you're not there?
I thought all men say gross things about women when they are by themselves and no women are around, hence the word "lockerroom talk". Also yeah I am very young, I'm only 20. Do you think relationships under 25 don't last? I only date with the intention of marriage.
Also about my brother, I don' know what I'm gonna do. He keeps saying once he's done university (he is in his last year), he'll just neet it up at my moms house. How is my bf ever gonna visit or stay the night if he's home 24/7?
>if you even have to wonder about this then your relationship is probably not as stable and happy as you think.
I always think about this when dating men because thats what drives men in life - pussy acces. Sorry I've been listening to too much FDS and everything I've heard from them is a greenflag for my current bf because he pays for my dates most of the time and other green flags too like introduces me to his family, sets boundaries, helps me out, is supportive, is a high value man as in he is unlike my brother who has plans to be a neet. though he does play vidya and that is low value male hobby. But it's a shared hobby with me so ya. It's not a redflag to me at all

No. 302871

NTAYRT but i'm reading this trainwreck and just want to say you've got your whole life ahead of you to find a romantic partner. this sounds like honeymoon phase shit that will fizzle as soon as he gets what he wants out of you, and then he'll morph back into a toxic scrote. please take it slow and remind yourself that you're a valuable person, and the moment this dude does anything to devalue you, drop him back off at his idiot tadpole pond and enjoy your life.

No. 302883

do you have any advice to see if he is a pornsick coomer? I try to be honest and upfront about how i don't like men who view porn but I am aware men can always lie to you.

No. 302894

This is mixing true stuff and internet BS, in my opinion. So, it's great how supportive your boyfriend sounds, that's a good sign. Unless he has a fat fetish (you could probably tell because it's generally based on disgust - i.e. sex would be super-awkward) or is "settling" it's also unlikely he's just a coomer based on the weight thing.

The gross things about women could be red flag though. It really depends on context, some guys (especially immature ones) do humor their "bros" that way and I've also known a very sweet guy who does superficially sexist bro-douche humor but the butt of the joke is the character he's playing then. So anyway, it sounds like this guy is probably immature, hardly weird or a deal-breaker if he's around the same age as you. If he seems to genuinely mean the locker-room talk, much bigger issue.

Overall I'll say this sounds like a good dynamic and don't let bitter people on here get you down about it, but also please for the love of god stop listening to FDS. Their "value" assignments are weird and, I say this as someone with autism myself, some super-autistic attempt at trying to reconstruct an '80s high school social hierarchy lol. Like people who are good to you, who cares what their place on the totem pole is?

No. 302901

Samefag here but also note that "settling" is usually done by older people, like above-25 and especially as someone nears or passes 30. Even moreso for guys than girls. So, if he's college-aged instead of an older student that's unlikely too.

No. 313102

14 months old relationship ended with a fat 30+yo moids while I'm barely 20 last week. from being called "honey" to "kid" hurt a lot.

what's the most embarrassing part? that he's dumped me because i began to look like his ex wife (he'd sometimes just call her "wife") who's allegedly hit and humiliated him because I'd make jokes about him leaving me hanging for 30+ mins while he said "give me a sec"?

that he kept telling me that he could see a future with me while getting so defensive about meeting up EVEN AFTER A YEAR of e-dating?

the fact that he'd get very upset if i dared to vent about relationship to friends that weren't his friends too?

the fact he's compared me to his allegedly abusive ex wife so many times yet still wants to be my friend?

the fact he uses my friend to try and guilt trip me into talking to him again or how he's sent me a mail after i blocked him everywhere telling me that although I've hurt him that his offer of friendship "still stands"?

the fact he was tweeting like a bitter incel even when we were dating?

the fact that i received his gift for valentine's day (he's dumped me a week before but ordered it 2 weeks ago) and it was just some cheap anime blanket while i actually did some work to save up and get him something handmade?

the fact he concealed that he lives with his parents and is jobless by calling them "roommates" and saying he does "freelance" work?

the fact he claimed he still paid his rent but could afford complaining about every client he was dealing with?

the fact he was glorifying the 60's housewife x blue collar husband meme, claimed he could commit again because he's done it before…or also posting about young families yet wasting my time?

this is a year of my youth i aint getting back. and when i said he wasted my time he immediately compared me to his ex. while telling me he didn't want to compare me to his ex yet he always DID.

or also, the last straw that was the first one. the first pics of him I've seen were nearly a decade old. and when i tried to tell him i felt catfished he began to feel bad and guilty yet too much of a coward to let me go and put the decision in my hands because this is what "adults do"?

i was a fool to fucking say i wanted to stay and believe it when he's said he was going to put on the effort to lose weight, do team sports again and would say "oh it's free sugar soda so it doesn't make me fat" or "I've been fatter before" while i was busting my ass at the pool to lose 20kg and become fit again. and even if he is ugly i hoped he'd put in the effort because I'm out of league but no!

i thought that i learned the lesson dating ugly scrotes irl, they take absolutely everything for granted.

fuck him i got engineering and maths to do, i sacrificed so many tears and evenings of studying for an ugly fat scrote who's hit the wall yet still acted as entitled as if he were at his prime.

if you're mature for your age, he's immature for his. your friends arent the problem, he is. if he doesn't want to close the gap, gets defensive when you get him physical gifts and is "avoidant" in love, run away.

but i know many of you are still hoping that your balding scrote will change or meet you up. or you're just okay with it because you have mental health issues and him handling that (even if barely) is enough to fall in love for you.

anyway fuck this "ex" who wanted the casualty of a situationship and the loyalty of a relationship while never calling me his gf. he just wanted to lock me out from other opportunities and no amount of "you could always break up if you feel like you want to meet other people" was healthy because I KNEW that if i were to tell him that he'd feel betrayed and i didn't want to look like all those "monkey branching" women scrotes love to hate.

while i was glowing up so i could be at my best when I'll meet him, he was slobbing away and letting himself go even further.

No. 320046

I was bored so I decided to check a board and I saw my ex. He posted in the cringest fucking thread and I can tell it was him. I just stared at his post and busted out laughing. Just wtf. I was thinking of contacting him again after leaving him for a few months because I was not okay irl at all, but I think… he's good…. lol

No. 320080

How did you tell it was him?

No. 320115

lol lmao why did you humiliate yourself for a fat old online mod? why are you sad about this lmao?

No. 320185

I could tell it was him from a photo he posted.

No. 320219

>start asking him about potentially meeting up
>says he'd love to see me but he's terrified i won't like him in real life
>says he feels ugly and worthless compared to me and that he hates his body
>ask him if he'd be upset if i started dating someone else in real life
>says it would crush him and that me even mentioning that felt like a punch in the stomach
>make a joke about us marrying
>he says "that would be a fantasy come true for me, don't even say it, i get butterflies just thinking about it"

Nonnies, I asked him for a ring. Is that retarded? My reason, which I told him, is that I need some kind of proof of commitment if he wants me to keep waiting like this and not date real life guys. Not necessarily an engagement ring, but an expensive ass promise ring. Because words don't mean that much especially online. He said yes, but I would never tell anyone the ring I'm wearing is from a scrote I've never even met. We've been "involved" for over a year and talk on the phone a lot. I just feel like the only way a scrote can prove he actually means it is if he's willing to sacrifice something. Even though he said yes, I'm worried it left a bad taste in his mouth and that he's now a little suspicious I just want his money.

No. 320270

Why would you want to marry a guy who's scared to meet you? Men don't actually think they're "not good enough", they regularly go for women out of their league. He just doesn't want to meet you up, probably because you're long distance and he doesn't think you're worth the trip.

No. 320301

You are irradiating the ugliest jealousy vibes, anon. To be honest.

If he's a keeper i don't think he'd be bothered over being asked some proof he's serious about you. You could try telling him that, that you want to feel he's serious and you want him to show it to you.

What rubes me in the wrong way is the fact he wants to marry without ever having met irl. That's dangerous anon, he sounds desperate. Have you seen pictures of him, even? I'd arrange an irl meeting before buying rings or anything like that, you don't want to be stuck in a situation ship with a man you then find yourself in awkward situations irl. Ffs be wise, anon.

No. 320350

wait.. is he French? i'm scared we're talking to a same guy

No. 320383

Why would I be jealous of someone who's begging a man that doesn't even wanna meet her for a ring? And then getting accused of being after his money? No one is jealous of your discord bf, you could accuse me of being jealous if you had a handsome rich bf irl that actually bought you the ring without a second thought but your situation isn't really anything anyone would want to be in.

No. 320384

There's like 2 or 3, if it's the UK one yes he's definitely a huge problem here. First of he's a moid who lurks and posts on lolcow, typically shutting down women who are about to reveal his personal information by pretending to be a farmer laughing them off. But I do remember in the lolcow thread on crystal cafe an anon posted about a moid who groomed her starting at 13 and was manipulative, abusive, etc. He then would encourage her to use lolcow often underage and would actually check in with her to see if she posted on lolcow, and then would make posts targeting her race/insecurities and then the posts seem to magically stop when moid complained about being banned. Another anon tried to shut her down by claiming "everyone was laughing at her" as if most farmers don't actively recognize and are against moids grooming girls from when they are actual pre teens

No. 320385

Every single moid I've met who claim "you're too good for me" or something along those lines was typically super manipulative and insecure. Be careful anon

No. 320386

Jealous, seriously? Look in the mirror and wipe the clown face paint off

No. 320407

Do you know how he looks like? If yes, then what's the big deal about meeting up? First of all, you shouldn't consider an ldr and actual relationship until you meet up in real life for the first time. Saying this as someone that was in an ldr and eventually closed the gap after a long time of dating. Focus on that first, if it goes well then start including him in your future plans and fantasies.
The best way he can prove to you he actually wants to be with you is to actually go out of his way to meet up with you, I'm sure the plane ticket will cost similar to a decent ring and you'll both get a lot more from the experience than spending money on jewelry.

No. 320425

Why don't anons use normal dating apps if they really wanna date online? That way at least he won't be able to hide his face and you'll be able to meet up if it works out.

No. 320450

My Internet boyfriend doesnt care when he hurts me or makes me cry.  He acts cold, makes fun of my concerns, calls me dramatic and ridiculous and continues to do so even when I ask him to stop since he believes he is just being rational and truthful. Is there any chance these types of men might become more sensible irl once they can visually see how bad you feel or will they just never care?

No. 320454

>wanting to meet up with a man that abuses you online
Why do you wanna meet up with him if he doesn't love you? Anons in this thread are almost as desperate for incels love as crystal cafe anons.

No. 320457

NTA, but why would anybody with self-respect be jealous of what was described? This is a delusional interpretation.

No. 320460

There's no point in being in an ldr if he's not leagues above men you're surrounded with irl. Next!

No. 320466

you can go to the local homeless camp and find you a man that treats you better than that, and probably smells better too.
block him and move on. he doesn't care about you he is using you for entertainment on his terms. and, if youre an idiot who sent any exposed photos of yourself to him, rest assured he is sharing it with buddies in a server

No. 320469

>sharing it with his buddies on a server
Wrong. He's probably sharing them on 4chan.

No. 320667

I didnt have an online relationship but a male friend told me of his previous online relationship which he had during lockdown since he couldn't get any girls irl. Leaving this here so anons don't do shit like this and embarrass themselves more than they already do.
>friend is white and ugly
>can only pull foreign women from third world countries
>finds girl from thailand
>Thai girl tells him how much she loves white men(ew)
>Thai girl starts dating him online
>Buys him female clothes with her father's money
>Girl is addicted to yaoi which my friend likes, he says girls who like yaoi are more likely to help him indulge in his crossdressing and sissy fetishes(wtf)
>She helps him buy a buttplug which she controls using an app
>He admits she's ugly and that he only e-dated her because he wanted a Japanese gf and this is the closest he could get, breaks up with her right after quarantine is over as he now has the chance of pursuing women he knows irl
>Thai girl openly talks anout how white women are inferior and easy, my friend openly talks about how asian women are inferior and weak. I can't understand how these two racist self hating retards managed to last this long.
>Thai girl told my friend she has the body of a 13 year old child and an innie pussy which is why she's superior to white whores who are run through as if she's not spending her money buying sex toys and female clothes for men she knows online
>Friend breaks up with her and starts dating other women
>She's still calling him whenever she's down because she has no irl friends
>Friend tells her about new women he's seeing
>She's still sending him nudes even though he broke up with her years ago
>After they broke up, she told him she wanted to go buy a plane ticket to his country with her own money and stay over his place just to fuck him no strings attached. He still thinks she'll fuck her because she's desperate. He's probably right.
I'm no longer talking to this male friend because he's racist and also hit on me but I have to admit she's nearly as embarrassing as him. Don't be like her.

No. 324742

>tfw fell for the e-relationship meme again
what the fuck is wrong with me. why do i keep doing this. why cant i just be fine on my own.

No. 324752

Co-dependent behavior

No. 324765

Mental illness.

No. 325349

File: 1683180611875.jpg (202.94 KB, 1260x1269, 1675202864837004-1.jpg)

I'm really pouring my heart out here nonnies, let me tell the never ending pathetic tragedy of my life and seek out advice

>2018, be me, 16, terminally online since forever due to controlling religious parents

>can't go to parties, can't be out after 6, can't be out for more than 3 hours, yadda yadda
>natural consequence : become an edater
>edate some coomer for a year (kinda got groomed but whatever), dump him, feel depressed and grossed out, fall into vidya addiction,cynical, faith in relationships and men : literally destroyed

>ffw a year later

>meet a girl online : she's shy, terminally online, not very talkative, autistic, anorexic and not sexual at all
>feel like I really relate to her, try my best to help her become more social, it helps my depression for some reason
>develop an odd friendship, one sided since I'm the one carrying the conversation but w/e because she tells me how much she appreciates me and that she wants to become a good friend
>literally tear up because no one's ever been this sweet to me, furthermore someone not sexually interested (lol)

>some online drama happens, find out it's a dude

>he assures he only lied about gender so I wouldn't fetishize him, feel like it's a good point and makes sense according to his ascetic personality
>becomes less and less sweet over the months, claims it's because he is no longer learning anything from me (ok..?)
>I'm a lonely retard that misses my sweet friend and can't take the ego damage so I don't let go
>he never becomes as sweet again, now all he can do is whine that he's a loser and about his family, try to support him, get him to sign up to finally graduate highschool so he can get to uni

>ffw 2k22

>he wants us to call on the phone, we do regularly
>the calls gradually get hornier, give in but disappointed he's not actually asexual
>start talking about living together and maybe becoming an actual couple, it's actually plannable within a 2 years horizon
>hesitant due to the lazy, unempathetic and mythomaniac traits he displayed but sort of roll with it to see what happens, maybe he'll change (lol)

>ffw today

>literally nothing in common besides horny calling in spite of my efforts to share interests
>he claims I'm useless to him until we move in together and that I need to get accustomed to being his whore until then
>stalk him, discover his hentai addiction and that he's been a terminal coomer since forever

>basically all the appeals of this friendship evaporated

>I'm so disappointed and sad, feel literally nauseous, really reminds me of my last coomer bf
>men really are incapable of seeing women as something else than a sex object
>I can't even go like "teehee the best way to forger a guy is to replace him" because I'm still terminally online due to parents
>I don't even believe it'd be better once I move out because I see that pattern repeat in my friend's irl relationships too (although it is less bad undeniably, it's still bad)

I feel like I've been taught by disney and whatnot that I just need to find my soulmate, I sort of felt like I found it throught this girl (lmao at me)
I just need to grief of relationships and accept my life as it is probably

If anyone had soemthing to tell to me to help me feel better I'd be endlessly grateful

No. 325352

samefag but
should I just get a "better" online boyfriend until I move out?
Try to find platonic online girl friends instead?

I'll probably have to lead an online life for at least 2 more years until I move out from my parent's

I just need someone to share everything with I guess, I cant stand being totally alone without anybody to bond with
What do nonnies think?

No. 325356

Anon he's what you do: If you haven't already, you cut of all contact and block him everywhere. You also stop e-dating because e-relationships aren't real, add no actual value to your live and even if they were and did, you're not in a place where you can tell good online connections from bad ones and shield yourself from being taken advantage of and being mentally drained. Focus on your studies or whatever you're doing right now, dating can wait until you move out.

I don't know how much freedom your parents allow but I'd try to build irl friendships within the limits of your parents rules. People at school/uni? Maybe your parents allow you to have a part-time job or volunteer somewhere? Your parents are religious, maybe you can befriend someone through church or church-affiliated community/clubs? Hell sign up for a weekly bible reading club if you have to (or whatever religion your parents adhere to). Leading an online life is clearly unhealthy for you so you need to limit that as much as possible and look at the options you have irl.

I know it's very hard to not be terminally online in 2023, even if you don't have controlling parents like you do, but being terminally online IS a choice. You feel like because your parents don't allow you much irl you have no choice to be terminally online but that isn't true. There's lots of indoor activities/hobbies you can practice that aren't online/screen related. So next time you feel the urge to talk to strangers online, turn your devices off and read a book, write in a journal, go for a walk around the neigbbourhood, help your parents around the house, reorganize your room, ANYTHING that doesn't plaster you to a screen.

No. 325363

Why can't you find a female friend irl? Your parents don't even allow you to have friendships? You're an adult now.

No. 325573

File: 1683230180636.jpg (107.53 KB, 1000x1000, bath.jpg)


Although your advice is objectively good, I couldn't realistically follow it. I'll want to socialize eventually. I already sort of socialize anyways, at school and whatnot, but I crave something "more".
Maybe it's urealistic but I want someone to talk day after day, someone I can tell stuff when I get home after an interesting day I guess.. It can't be my mom or family because she doesn't care about that shit. When I think about it, I don't see why would anybody care about my day but yknow. I just thought that was boyfriends were for, forming that close bond. Experience proved me wrong.. Maybe I just need to be an adult and realize nobody really cares about my life as a whole but me.

I've been trying for a long time to make a close female friend and I can't seem to make it. I dunno what it is. I assume it's because I'm not fun enough since I can't go out.
If I could meet a girl at school that could relate to me and who's into video games and hanging out every now and then, I bet I could even invite her for sleepovers and all. But I can't seem to find a girl like that. Still looking though, actively In fact just came back from some tame school event where I chatted with a nice girl but she didn't even ask for a contact. It's always like this. Even when I'm the one who asks for a contact and I manage to get it it usually falls flat. Idk what I'll do.

My prediction : be alone for a while until my now ex online bf hits me up again and hurt myself a little more with that, until I can move on to another moid. I can't pretend that's not what's going to happen. I might be a hopeless case, thanks for trying to help anyway nonnas.

No. 326289

>met moid online
>we get along and click very quickly
>kinda autistic but a lot of greenflags over all
>mutual crush and we happen to live somewhat close so I visit him
>spend 2 days together, cuddle and fuck
>right when I come back home, he starts responding to my messages a lot less
>tell him I'm worried, he said he's just "not in the mood to talk"
I don't buy it and I've been having an existential crisis over this. I kinda had hope on this guy but it really feels like he's already moved on or got bored of me after getting what he wanted irl. Am I just being paranoid ?

No. 326293

>spend only 2 days together
>immediately fuck because of course
>moid ghosts you
>Am I just being paranoid?
Do you suffer from autism or BPD by any chance

No. 326322

I am probably autistic and retarded indeed

No. 326456

Why dont yall just talk to eachother in this thread instead of loser men who dont care about you and just use you for nudes? I mean you all want the same thing, someone to talk to, why not just exchange contact info and talk to eachother? Then you have a fellow female friend with the same interests and life situations, yall can realte to eachother. Instead of crying over ugly fat retarded bottom barrel men which is a complete waste of time.

No. 326689

I would like to start a group, but I think some may be more mentally ill than the rest of us and I am already getting a headache thinking about being involved in virtual drama.

No. 326979

Found out the guy I like is a bigger /pol/tard than I thought, do I jump ship nonnies? I really like him but I don't know enough about the board to make a fair assessment

No. 327501

get out fast

No. 327971

He'll make your life miserable.. even more if it already was before meeting him.

No. 328046

I 100% believe you nonnas but how come?

No. 328674

Given that there’s numerous child porn, interracial porn, gore and cuck threads posted on that board everyday, the brain damage is gonna be strong in that one

No. 328685

Nta but because of everything >>328674 said and he'll have fucked up beliefs in general.

No. 328713

5 years ago being on /pol/ meant you were a racist incel, nowadays it means he's either a tranny or a federal informant. At least if he's a fed he has gainful employment and a government pension?

No. 329023

found the guy i was talking to these past 4 months on a secret twitch account streaming a videogame to another girl. do i confront him or just give up already i feel so stupid

No. 329024

Tell the girl about it. That way she'll get rid of him and you'll both save her time AND get revenge.

No. 329660

Is a year too long to wait to meet up in real life?

No. 329663

Online relationships aren't real relationships.

No. 329664

I don't think so no. Life gets in the way and it's not always possible to organize a first meetup that easily but it's important to keep it consistent afterwards and work towards closing the gap. This is why ldrs are painful, you have to commit.

Sure, everyone should keep that in mind until they actually meet. You can never truly know a person until you a) interact with them irl and b) you start living together. Irl couples only have b) to work towards while online relationships have both a) and b).

No. 329695

Yes. Wasting a year waiting fot someone you're not even sure if you're gonna is too long.

No. 329903

File: 1684690206601.jpg (55.38 KB, 600x600, 76543.jpg)


My partner of 3 years next week and I had to because of lockdowns in the UK and we've since met up several times (he is here for the week next week in fact) and we clicked even moreso offline than we have during those lockdowns and having to wait! It depends on your situation and most importantly whatever in your gut feels right nonna.

I feel really lucky we got to close our distance and he's stupidly in love with me and I him. Some people are worth waiting for.

No. 329981

File: 1684736464914.jpg (280.12 KB, 1600x846, 1629752932711.jpg)

I've been talking to guy for almost three year now since pandemic and have crush on him. Last fall there was a little of moment where we were more sexual in some of our chats but then it died off. He mentioned briefly sort of dating someone irl and being ghosted but I don't think they had sex cause he doesn't seem like kind of guy to hook up.
We haven't been able to meetup due to life circumstance but every so often he'll mention wanting to come visit or go on a trip together, and it seemed like end of this year we would be able to but then he mentioned he was planning a trip with a friend this winter and didn't invite me or anything :\
I don't know why I still have any hope but he's only guy I've talked to in long time and I really like his personality even though I guess it's one sided.( :\ )

No. 330038

you don't know your nigel unless you got to witness years upon years of his online behaviour and you had the privilege of creeping and digging deep, at least people in online relationships can have this advantage of truth and don't have to endlessly wonder whether he's really the sweet guy he is sitting at dinner and putting on his best facade

No. 330042

KEK nona are you serious? listen to yourself, no you don't know your scrote until you've been around them in person for weeks and months. people in irl relationships are still able to creep on someone's social media activity but rarely does that paint an accurate picture of who the person is unless they're particularly retarded and don't know how to utilise private accounts, incognito searches, air their shameful habits publicly etc. you will never fully know a person based on stalking their public (i.e. visible to you) profiles and texting them every day. there is so much a person can disguise when you're not witnessing their irl behavior

No. 330047

Holy shit this is the biggest cope I've ever seen. Men in online relationships literally hide their wives and kids, their real professions, their criminal past, etc all the time. You definitely can't get access to all his online behavior as well, I knew a dude who was in an online relationship once and he spent like 10 hours online, no way you can trace that amount of stuff.
This tbh. Every man and women have hidden apps and hidden pictures, hidden accounts etc. You can't know someone you've only spoken to online.
If he wanted, he would. He's dating and hooking up on the side while you're obsessing over him and fantasizing about a future that's not possible.

No. 330057

Hey come on, maybe she is dating a lolcow and his entire online history is archived on KF. You will never truly know YOUR Nigel like that, checkmate!

No. 331839

Ok but they make my heart flutter + dopamine + male attention.

No. 333697

File: 1686073215837.jpg (32.14 KB, 400x400, 1686054142231036.jpg)

>I love you, you're all I have to myself, please never leave me
>teehee send tits whore

No. 333698

Don't ever send pictures with me identifying info. Also just remove him.

No. 334469

Block and delete him, don't waste time with porn addicts that dont see you as a person and instead see you as a never ending fountain of free jerkoff material
Many such cases. A LOT like a HUUUGE amount of eguys literally have 0 intention of ever getting actually serious. It doesnt matter what theyre saying. They'll tell you every romantic thing you've ever wanted to hear and at the end of the day, it's just to get you to give him nudes and hear you moan. He typically has no intention of ever taking you seriously. and if he does, its because he wants a live-in cum deposit. There are ones that arent entirely like this, but this guy right here? Clearly like that.

I implore my sisters to cut and leave the MOMENT they show themselves to be coomers. I know its hard to tell when because sometimes youre horny too. but if he cant be bothered to ask much about YOU, watch what YOU want, talk about his future with YOU taking YOU places and settling down to build a healthy happy life with you, then it's a waste of time and you're just his digital dick sleeve.

No. 334954

How to get over someone after being led on and love bombed like this?

No. 334955

>>334954 (me)
I want to get revenge but I don't know how to
I thought I could probably embarrass him by sending secret info on him to his family but he could do the same

No. 334981

Tell yourself he died. Like imagine the last interaction you had and then say to yourself “and then he died”. Never look him up or anything like that ever again. Obviously you should have blocked him on everything before this. Story over.

No. 338934

I hate myself literally everyday for ghosting my friend last year. We met on discord so we always used to joke about the discord kitten thing (I always used to call him my discord kitten lmao), we started off as friends but very quickly I began to like him bc it was as if he was the male version of me, we clicked insanely well and we talked 24/7 and would be on FaceTime for like 2 day stretches. I always felt terrible tho bc he was a lot younger than me so there were a few times where I told him I wanted to stop bc I felt so bad about it (he was only 3 years younger than me but I’m not old so it was a lot for my age). Eventually on my birthday I just ghosted him bc I felt so bad. I missed him a lot and cried about him all the time, I only have just gotten over it really but I still miss him a lot. I just wonder why he never tried to contact me after I ghosted him, maybe it’s bc he knew I was going to uni so he didn’t want to bother thinking I’d have met somebody else or something. He didn’t try to text me once, he just accepted me leaving him on read I guess. I still feel terrible about catching feelings for him bc of his age though. Idk what I was thinking, I wouldn’t have done anything like that now. This is why discord is so dodgy tho bc I didn’t even know how young he was when I started talking to him bc he sounded older.

No. 338967

It was a 3 year age gap, and you were just friends online. You don't have to be so torn up about it.

No. 339147

So we actually met irl when I was traveling to his country, but since then the majority of our “relationship” has been online. We have plans to see each other when I return in December. I think we like each other, but our cycle of communication is frustrating, and I’m strongly considering ghosting him — for real this time.
>I text him (not bombing his phone) enthusiastically and with effort
>he ignores me and usually texts backs something stupid and low-effort like a day later
>see he’s online often, sometimes viewing our chat, even when he’s not responding
>I ignore him after getting fed up enough of him ignoring me
>leave the app for a few days, expecting to be ghosted
>come back to frantic texts of him promising to start calling more, being more engaging, and actually putting effort into his messages
>fall for it every time, he stops putting in effort and the cycle continues

I don’t see anything super serious with him and really just enjoy being pen pals and hanging out with him when I’m in town. But it all feels half-in and half-out. Can’t tell if he barely gives an F about me, because his behavior most of the time makes me assume so, but why won’t he just let it fizzle out then? Other people have told me that he just likes to be chased or that he’s just dry and boring af/not a texter. I would like lolcow’s opinion on wtf is going on.

No. 339155

Sounds like he's keeping you on the backburner cause he's hoping for sex, but he's clearly not interested in talking to you. If he wanted to, he would.

No. 339184

im not sure if this fits itt but its technically an online rs
i matched with this guy on hinge a month ago and we hit it off (or atleast i thought?) and talked about our similar interests and such, it was a really brief conversation but i felt a connection and i believe he did too so i asked if he wanted to exchange contacts, we agreed on exchanging ig handles
so my biggest mistake was waiting four days to dm him after our hinge convo because i went retardmode, we liked each other’s recent post, etc. i dm’ed a simple “hey howve you been” and its been on sent since. i noticed he doesnt use the app alot but I recently posted a story and he viewed it, maybe accidentally, but no response. i think i spilled the spaghetti because he was literally the love of my life. we still follow each other but im wondering if that was a superficial gesture or something he just did because he didnt want to reject me just yet or something
help ;_;(;_;)

No. 342486

My ldr bf said he’d ideally like me to move to his country, but that he’d be worried about me making friends there. How do I tell him that it’s ok because I’m a friendless loser in my country?

No. 342490

Which country is your bf from? If you know the language you can easily make friends

No. 342494

Don't move to another country for a man. If he loved you he would want to do whatever is easiest for you, not him.

No. 342503

Singapore, so I'd be able to speak to locals. But he's probably right because I'm bad at making friends in general.
Wouldn't that same logic also apply to me?

No. 342506

No, its dangerous for a woman to relocate to a new country with no support, it is not even close to as dangerous for a man

No. 342509

nta but anon is right, as a woman you're more vulnerable and at risk in a new country than a man. Also take into consideration how more than one anon here has vented about being in a new country where they moved to for their bf and now are stuck and helpless without family to help them or even help them get back to their home country. Seriously it's frightening how it isn't just once or twice I've seen those vents on here.

No. 342514

>Wouldn't that same logic also apply to me?
No, because gender dynamics exist. Female/male socialization exists. How many women are willing to give up everything for the man they love, but the guy can't be assed to do the same for him? Many men know women would go above and beyond for them, hence why they push them into these situations. You may love him, but your love alone isn't enough. He needs to love you just as much, or more. Let me give you a little hint: a man who truly valued you wouldn't make you give up your whole support system and life and put your life at risk. He would take the risk instead, both because he loves you and knows that you would be taking a great risk if you moved to him.

No. 345833

File: 1692656219905.png (538.62 KB, 517x680, IMG_0045.png)

It’s his birthday today, god I miss him so much. It would’ve never worked out but I still miss him so, so much. I’ve never gotten along with anyone that much in my life before; we just clicked, instantly. I bet he doesn’t even remember me. I’d do anything for us just to be friends again, but it’s never going to happen. We haven’t spoken at all since I left him on read on my birthday a year ago. I just miss him more as the time goes on, I know I need to forget about him but I just can’t do it. I truly miss him. He probably has an actual gf and whatever now anyway. Ugh, I miss you him so so much. I have never felt that giddy about someone in my life before. But it’s dead. I need to act like he is dead, and I try to pretend he is, but I still love him so fucking much. Kill me. And this is from someone who, just before I met him, said online shit was stupid. Sigh

No. 345840

He is probably scratching his ass and sniffing it this very moment

No. 345854

No. 349288

So this isn’t isn’t about a relationship, but I think it’s relevant enough to go here.

I met this moid online recently and we started talking. I got really excited because he was actually fun to talk to. I told him such and he told me he felt the same way. He said some things which can be construed as flirty and then all of a sudden, the excited feeling I got to talk to him went away and I felt a sense of dread. Now I feel anxious figuring out what I’d want to say instead of it just being easy like it used to be. It’s not the flirting that makes me nervous because that’s par for the course for online moids and usually I can ignore it and set boundaries as appropriate. I liked talking to him so much that I even thought I might be a little disappointed if he ended up having a girlfriend or something (not that I would have wanted to date him obviously). So why is it that once he actually showed some kind of interest in me I got all freaked out and uncomfortable?(Also for context, the thing he said wasn’t sexual or anything so it wasn’t something gross like that)

No. 349316

Sounds like you wanted a relationship with him based on friendship, mutual hobbies and intellectual stimulation, and he instantly put you in the woman category which can feel gross and threatening on a gut level.

No. 349384

Yes, I think you're absolutely right. Because if a female friend said the same things to me I wouldn't care at all. I'm not really sure what to do. At first I would get so excited to talk to him and now I just feel so nervous. It's disappointing.

No. 349415

>Dealing with an abusive man online that you can even have sex with, cuddle, kiss or go on dates with
Wake up and undo whatever the fuck manipulation shit he put on you. Please tell me he's at least sending you money or that you're cheating on him because I can't imagine the point of remaining celibate for such

No. 349424

This bothers me too. I don't like it when men flirt with me first. It feels too pushy, and also presumptuous of them to do so. I'd rather be the one to set the pace.

No. 349436

Don’t ever meet him in real life unless it’s to kick him in the nuts

No. 349440

I hang around soc and most guys with e-gfs add and sext with other girls. Stop online dating these men. One of them was even spreading his e-gf(?)'s nudes and disclosing medical information about her

No. 349461

Yeah. There's a reason these moids can't find anyone IRL, and it's more often a shady reason like that than a reasonable one such as their location or hobby.

No. 349681

Yep. Most of them are assholes/abusive/cheaters. There's a reason women see them as redflags irl

No. 350039

This and also it's impossible to talk to anyone on there. I tried adding people on there long ago and I noticed that I had to carry the conversation always. It was so annoying that I'd talk about my day and list my interests and yet I was still asking 100% of the questions or else the conversation would just die.

No. 351911

Nonnas I'm a little ashamed to even talk about it but since this is anonymous I'll do it. I've been talking to a guy for a while I met through an online community and he's married but very unhappy and we often talk about how he plans to leave. He's been a little flirty but rather subtle (I think he's hesitant because he's in a relationship).

He also wanted to talk about sexual topics a few times because of course but not in a way that made me uncomfortable. And he never asks for any nudes or pictures (but he knows how I look like).
Sometimes he mentions that he wants to be happy and maybe find a woman he can be happy with. But then he also said he's not interested in other women when we discussed how his wife is very jealous. So this part is confusing. Maybe he means it in a general way that he's not interested while in a relationship.

I'm not sure if he just wants my friendship. We have deep and meaningful conversations for hours. It all started when he opened up to me about his relationship problems and I shared a lot of my life problems as well. It's just really weird that he rather spends all night talking to me on a Saturday than with his wife.
Yesterday he jokingly said that we should move together and become roommates when he was drunk, I went along with it to see what comes next and he replied "oh you wouldn't do it anyways!". I don't think this was really a joke but rather wishful thinking. It's all really confusing and I kind of doubt that a man would say something like that if there's nothing from his side. It feels like testing the waters. But maybe I'm dumb and it's all just because he wants to be my friend.

No. 351915

You are a moron who is the accomplice in a man cheating on his wife. He does not want to be your frined. Therre is nothing innocent about a married man going behind his wifes back to talk shit about her and sext another woman. Is your self esteem really that low that you want him as your friend?

No. 351916

He wants to cheat on his wife and you’re a sorta “safe” option where he can toy with you emotionally and fantasize yet because it’s just online he can compartmentalize and resume normalcy with his wife when he feels too guilty. Big waste of time and concern, he’s a faggot

No. 351917

You’re either willfully ignorant or painfully naive. He’s emotionally cheating with you in a way already. Like the other anons said, you’re complicit in this cheating. Personally, entertaining flirty contact at all with a married person no matter how “uwu miserable” their spouse is making them, is morally gross. Also men are notorious for causing problems in their own relationship but talking about their wives or girlfriends like the woman is the problem. Either cut off contact til he gets divorced, or make peace with what you’re doing. I would say drop him altogether.

No. 351919

We're not sexting but yes, it seems to be emotional cheating if it's not just a friendship from his side
That makes a lot of sense, thank you
Yes I probably am naive as hell. He's not really putting the blame on her for their problems. I'll tell him that we can't keep going on like this if he wants to stay in his relationship. I would be fine with a platonic friendship too but maybe I should distance myself for now.

No. 351921

Just cut him off. There's nothing to be gained from talking to him. I'm sure you wouldn't have posted here if you didn't care at all and could easily do that, but if you have an inkling of attraction to him let it be killed by the fact that's he is a gross chronically online moid who can't keep his home in order.

There's plenty of fitter, cuter, single guys to flirt with online if that's what you wanna do (just don't make "relationships" with them)

No. 351923

>"He also wanted to talk about sexual topics a few times"
Talking sexually with a random woman you have an emotional afair with is sexting. He gets his rocks off from that

No. 351937

Nonna, he's a liar and you've fallen for the oldest tricks in the book men use to hook the other woman. He's 100% not divorcing his wife (especially if he has a kid).
He's just stereotypical male perverted loser using you for his male fantasies and to emotionally dump his problems onto.
Hopefully you didn't tell him your address or anything, so just ghost him or tell him you found religion as an excuse to cut him out

No. 351971

>be me retard
>randomly tell online friend I wanna meet him casually
>he takes it seriously asks when he should come visit me etc
What to do

No. 351974

Why can't anons here get unmarried men their age? Are you guys so ugly that there's a ton of sidewhores who spread their legs for any married man who's obviously just going to be using you? I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just curious. I've never seen this many people without self worth as I've seen on this board lately, maybe they're newfags.

No. 351979

He thinks you wanna have seggs

No. 351998

I'm just in a bad place mentally and it felt good to have someone to talk to (I have other friends but still). We've been talking about normal casual stuff for like a year but only recently it went into this direction.
Well it didn't feel like he's using me because I have also been dumping my problems onto him. I don't have the intention to be in a relationship with him, I thought about it but we wouldn't fit even if he was single. I just wanted to know if the signs point to him being sexually or romantically interested in me rather than friendship. If he's using me for his fantasies nothing good will come out of this.

Yes I'm pretty sure he won't leave his wife anytime soon because he's a coward and rather makes both of them miserable. I really should stop befriending moids at all. No he doesn't have personal info about me.

No. 353933

Lol nonas. What do you do if you're talking to a guy and you really like him, but then he sends a picture of himself and he isn't that cute? I'm not looking for an online relationship so it's fine, but now I'm worried that maybe he is and if I keep talking to him while knowing I'm not that attracted to him would that be leading him on?

No. 353936

I'd ghost

No. 353940

Call him bro. Friendzone him. If he grows on you you can start flirting down the line

No. 353955

this is moreso the fallout of an online relationship but idk how to proceed.
basically, we were great friends online for 6+ years, there was an attraction there, but the minute we started getting into a relationship he became so cringe and codependent on me to the point where i didn't even recognize him, and he was constantly suicidebaiting me. i cut things off a couple weeks ago and said we are better as friends but then he called me last week bawling and hyperventilating saying he was cutting himself and going to hang himself so i hung up and got one of our mutual friends to contact his family because i simply did not want to take the bait (even my friend's low iq bf who punches walls said it was a clear cry for attention and that i should have called the cops instead).
under any normal circumstances i would have blocked him already, but we have a bunch of long term mutual friends that i do not want to lose. should i just stop contacting him and only interact through discord in group settings if necessary?
i feel so cringe for being in my 20s and even getting into this situation to begin with.

No. 354070

Welp. I told him that I wasn't interested in dating (in general) and he stopped responding to me after asking if it was because of the picture he sent. I feel like absolute shit and maybe I shouldn't have done that but oh well. I don't think I can handle stuff like this.

No. 354086

Why give a shit. Boo hoo you hurt a moid you dont even knows feefees, a moid who would have done the same to you of you were ugly. You dont owe him jack shit, he is a stranger on the internet

No. 354087

Meh. Men apparently do the same when they realize the woman they're talking to is fat or old so don't feel too sas

No. 354270

Yeah that’s fair. I wish we still could be friends, but I guess I should probably drop it huh? If he stopped responding then it probably means he’s butthurt that I didn’t find him attractive and there’s no salvaging this.

No. 354522

Yeah I think so, I mean maybe he gets over it but probably not. It's generally difficult to be online friends with moids if it's not in a group setting but on a more personal level.

No. 374021

I miss him so much it’s fucking unbearable. I want to cut off contact because it hurts too much that we won’t be meeting again for months and months. But we’ve been together almost for five years (meet twice a year). What the hell do I do.

No. 374055

It's been 5 years. At this point, you should be living together and not visiting each other twice a year. Give him an ultimatum. Break up if it doesn't go through.

No. 374067

You've met your bf about a dozen of times during 5 years of dating? Anon…. look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you deserve better

No. 381037

what is the best place to find a moid who will actually want a serious relationship with you?
i have really niche interests and i'm just terminally online due to my social phobia so the only way i can find a relationship is online, i just don't want to meet a moid who will only ask for nudes or have weird tendencies/fetishes i just need a normal fucking moid but not completely a normie
i'm thinking discord is okay but like where do i even find him and how do i attract a decent moid online? i don't really have a friend circle or anything but please if someone reading this has sucessfully found their one and only please share your secrets, and what to do and what not to because i know some moids will harass you if you reject them and even go to extreme lenghts kek

No. 381038

also i'm very shizo about this i dont really like social media but is making an instagram account worth it? like just photodumping selfies in hope to meet some decent moid who will DM you
i'm just understanding now that some scrotes can literally take a picture of you and then deepfake it so it doesn't look the like the brightest idea

No. 381208

>i have really niche interests
maybe try communities based around those?

No. 383974

the very LDR feel when he blocks you on Discord and you're annoyed cause you were using the chat as a CDN

No. 383976

No. 383992

Content delivery network, basically online file storage lol

No. 389327

What point does it transition from an online relationship to a LDR?
>known each other for four years dming on discord
>have dated for one year now
>see him 1-2 times a month
>he’s acquainted with my friends and family and I’m acquainted with his
The only reason we haven’t moved in together is because I take care of my mom and living expenses in my state are too expensive for him to move in with me. I lie about how we met too because I’ll be waterboarded before I admit I met my boyfriend on discord

No. 389365

If he visits you on the regular and your families know each other I'd say it's an LDR

No. 390029

My e-bf pressures a lot for nudes. I used to be okay sending some until I found out he still watches porn (even though he claims he doesn’t want to) and goes on and on about how men are just ‘visual creatures’ and he can’t get off until he sees a picture or video in front of him. Honestly the fact he watches other nude women makes me feel super unattractive and disappointed, and makes me resentful and less forthcoming with showing him my body since it’s not perfect like some porn thots. I’m beginning to feel like this was a mistake and he’s a massive loser.

No. 390035

Just block lol

No. 390038

press the block button lol

No. 390040

I was making fun of anons but I got an e-bf as well, lmao. He will visit soon as we both wanted to visit at the start of the relationship to make it into a LDR rather than an e-relationship.
Does anyone have any advices for meetups

No. 390044

Hey Nona. I online dated my bf for a year and then we met up and have been ldr even since (total of 3.5 years).
My advice is that you guys talk about when this will stop being ldr. My bf finishes college 2 months later. I finished 1.5 years ago so I have a job in my city, so he will come live here. We decided this literally after the third month (like saying he will move here after college). I think this type of question is very important so that your bf understands you expect this to last and he can't make you wait years and decide he doesn't wanna continue when it's time to make life decisions.
So I say you talk with him face to face about this. So you don't end up waiting for someone who doesn't wanna put effort to come to you and is entertaining himself,

No. 390047

You are correct. He is a massive loser, and he's using you as a person porn stash. Do you understand that? I want you to really think about that. If he (and this applies to all men that you meet) every says "men are visual" and then pressures you to send nudes, he does not love you. Ok? He's just saying and doing whatever it takes (usually bare minimum) to get some sucker (that's you) to give him a free porn stash. "Well why me and not videos alone?" because those videos dont make him feel like a man in control. You giving in and submitting to him does. He likely knows you feel reluctant about it. Understand this. He enjoys that you dont actually want to do it that much. He loves that discomfort. Ok? He's a creep and weirdo, and there's a 99% chance he'll also spread those images around no matter how much he says he likes you. This is why you shouldnt give nudes to men online. If you ever realize he's actually wrong for you? He'll use those against you. So cut it right here, right now. That's not at all what someone how cares about you says or does. Your e-bf isnt normal. Please listen to the other nonnies and block him. Do not engage with this man again, do not date him, do not cry at him (he will not care), do not beg him, do not humiliate yourself any further.
Just have fun, meetings are usually just fine. Sometimes they're totally different irl than they were online though.
Late, but mmos worked best for me

No. 390048

god all the typos in that-forgive me, its late, but you get what I mean I hope

No. 390062

What type of mmo games? How did you two meet? Any tips to find a ebf?

No. 390077

We spoke and I plan to move him in with me once I graduate if we're still together by then, I'll help him with education afterwards if he likes.
Yeah I'm worried about not clicking irl but it's still worth a shot.
Please use tinder or dating apps, long distance is really hard and draining, wouldn't wish it on anyone

No. 390092

>I'll help him with education afterwards if he likes.
Nononono dont help him out, if he is a grown ass man ready to move in with you, he is grown enough to do his homework without you being his mommy 2.0

No. 390268

File: 1712739065112.jpg (333.99 KB, 592x945, 16900321422217.jpg)

I met mine in final fantasy xiv (which is pretty common I guess based off how many people got engaged at fanfest last year), but the other nonnie is right, LDR can be hard. but the truth that a lot of ecouples dont like to face, is that the only reason LDR's are ever hard, is because one of you isnt willing to put in the work to meetup irl quick enough. If you can't meet within 1 year? You need to end it immediately. This is true of all online dating. You need to know that both you and he are ready to meetup asap. I've edated a few duds who kept putting off meeting, and had to dump them for taking too long, which sucked, but it was well worth it, because eventually you DO find someone who isnt dicking around and thinks nothing of coming to see you (and doesn't pressure for sex immediately either). Always keep filtering. Don't let them have any excuses for not meeting within 1 year. Don't send nudes to these guys, and don't settle for "we'll meet someday"'s. They need a career. No, not even just a job. A career. Huge difference. God forbid you ever give a NEET the time of day-under no circumstance do you ever edate a guy with no job. I dont care how lovely he is, that means you'll never meet, and just like that other nonnie, he'll be happy as a pig in slop fapping to pics and fantasies of you, all while you daydream about stuff that'll never happen because he's too lazy. Subscription based mmo's usually weeds out NEETs since they have to pay every month to keep playing, but even so, ask where they work to be sure. If they dont have a career? Stop talking and move onto the next. Also, try not to date outside of the country. Sometimes it works, but thats very rare. That takes a level of seriousness that will be even more hard to find.
Risky. He needs to have a job and career of his own first. Way too many horror stories on reddit of NEETs moving in with their gfs and then just coasting off her income while saying "yeah yeah, ill get a job, im searching" for months to years at a time-not to mention the poor saps who get impregnated by these types and end up royally screwed raising TWO babies

Also there's a thread going around on twitter right now that's right up this threads ally; https://twitter.com/ariiyaxo/status/1768772827392708914/quotes

No. 390286

It’s hard for me because I’m literally only attracted to foreign men. Men in my country are 99% ugly, violent and generally absolute pigs and any foreign bf I’ve had was always far superior in looks, personality, etc. And unfortunately not many foreigners come here for tourism so it’s very hard to meet quality foreign men except through online stuff, even though I kinda hate online dating/LDRs and find them very frustrating. I’m hoping one day I can just move from here.

No. 390356

Whatever you do, finish your college first. Don't worry about him, in all likelihood things will change or you will find someone else.

I forced myself to choose between relationship or uni, chose uni but it fucked both our lives up and I ended up dropping out after getting my associate's. Trying to start/finish college while in a relationship ends up detracking things unless the person in school is extremely set on finishing.

No. 390428

I understand what you mean. Prior to the bf I have now, my best experience e-dating was with an Australian man believe it or not. He even flew out to see me, but the reality of one of us having to move to a different country was just too much. No way in hell was I going to AUS. But if it's a country that you already love, then I do believe you can make it work. Let's say it's someone in Europe. I'd just look at spaces where they gather online, or if its an online game, pick the European region/server. Stuff like that. I would heavily discourage anything like a penpals app or anything though. I've seen what those types are like on 4chan's /int/. If you're pursuing something overseas, then either you will have to move there first, or be somewhere online that they naturally go and wouldnt be there for weird fetish reasons to begin with, like the penpals aps, if that makes sense. I have known online friends who did move across borders (USA→Canada/AUS→USA/USA→Netherlands), so while it's rare, I do know that it can happen too.

No. 396589

Have any nonas sent used panties to your ldr bf? I’m worried he won’t like my natural scent

No. 396590

File: 1715290316947.jpeg (38.17 KB, 613x381, 1696524546820.jpeg)

No. 397801

Where did you meet your Australian bf Nona? How did you guys get together? Also could you tell what kind of pros/cons he had? I'm just really curious

No. 397802

Are there any places where you can find a good man to e-date? Not one with no standards, though.

No. 397803

>reads this post
>hides thread

No. 397944

Pee on it for him to like it for sure

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