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File: 1678156662116.jpg (71.24 KB, 480x640, a1de83ee8434ba79fd00f037f820cf…)

No. 1516743

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1432030

No. 1516748

File: 1678156847002.jpg (131.78 KB, 1024x683, BHS.TheMakingOf-6-2-1024x683.j…)

i am dehydrating serrano peppers to grind into powder

No. 1516752

I can usually swallow vitamins/pills whole but just now I literally couldn't get my mouth to do it?? I persevered though and after about 30 seconds of pure struggle I swallowed them.

No. 1516763

File: 1678158672176.jpg (332.49 KB, 1080x1350, where-does-roseanne-barr-live-…)

Queen Roseanne is on my favorite podcast right now.

No. 1516854

what podcast?

No. 1516938

Kill Tony. She fucking killed it. Love her so much

No. 1517016

I'm listening to this now while I pack my apartment for a move and I had to stop what I was doing to catch my breath after she said she it was very hard growing up in Utah as a jewish family (not mormon) because they only had the one mother lmao

No. 1517163

My sleep schedule has been so fucked and it's hard for me to sleep an entire night without either waking up and staying up or waking up and going back to sleep and waking up again, and that's if I even go to bed. I'm seriously going to buy some melanin capsules or gummies.
Also, I used to want to astral project, but after having sleep paralysis for a few years I never want to have any experiences like that.

No. 1517247

I think for dinner today I'm going to make bacon cornbread and just mix spinach, frozen broccoli and corn together. I'm craving vegetables hard.

No. 1517373

I thought a boba place finally opened in my bumfuck nowhere town but no. It's popping boba. Disappointment.

No. 1517397

I feel like I have to make an Instagram account to track tattoo artist I'm interested in and to keep contact with some people, but I don't want to create yet another social media account.

Popping boba is so gross, I'm sorry nonna.

No. 1517409

Damn I laugh so rare and little lately that my cheeks instantly start hurting after laughing or smiling for just a few minutes. I just laughed a little at my cat playing with toy fish and my cheeks already hurt.

No. 1517412

I’m so sleepy, I have lots of homework for Uni to do but I feel like I won’t last awake for too long, I don’t get why I get so tired after my internships.

No. 1517414

File: 1678220530051.jpg (48.68 KB, 419x358, fetchimage.jpeg.jpg)

My cat is too comfortable on my lap so I can't get up from my couch. He's been like this all day. I really need to get up…. but he's so cute…

No. 1517646

Ok, I made the bacon cornbread but I'm actually not sure if the bacon is cooked through because I'm bad at telling. I only half cooked it because I was thinking it would cook significantly more in the cornbread. This is why I don't cook ham, tbh I should've just got precooked bacon. I've been eating some dubious bacons recently though so I'm still gonna eat it.

No. 1517668

I didn't spend a lot of time with my dad as a kid but now I'm older we're so alike it's insane (in a good way kek)

No. 1517834

I'm so glad you enjoyed it nonna. It legitimately gave me strength. Vidrel

No. 1518367

File: 1678306724985.png (89.3 KB, 208x165, don't you fall for me ☆.PNG)

My bf said he thinks it's cool I'm so good at sudoku. Feels nice.

No. 1518451

Can you take him with you in a little papoose

No. 1518714

File: 1678332539208.png (6.06 MB, 2048x2019, Screenshot_20230308-212605.png)

mending my 23 year old comforter. a lot of the stitching has come undone since i last mended it ~2009

No. 1518957

Love how my cat yells super loud in the morning until I open my door, when he hears me get up from my bad he starts chirping happily, I love him so much.

No. 1519008

there's a vegan in my group who's always starting arguments about it and i made some joke about eating the cats on her cute cat picture thread. i can't wait for this to turn into a massive argument that she takes completely seriously. i feel stupid, why would i deliberately provoke boring infights?

No. 1519029

yesterday there was a massive gathering of women in my city protesting against the high levels of violence against females in the country
and i saw so many SO MANY women holding signs saying "woman is not a feeling", "YWNBAW", "Radical Feminism". I'm so happy and proud, nonas. Real life women are still sane.

No. 1519094

nothing like shitting in an empty house

No. 1519098

Only ate 1040 calories today. Well, that makes up for yesterday when I ate three pounds of chili.

No. 1519127

I don't know where to post this since it's rather a blogpost but I wanted to share it with my nonnas:
My bf works as a school integration assistant in a primary school and today there was this new colleague in the afternoon childcare and he's a TiM. The kids started asking questions if he's a man or a woman and the TiM said "I'm biologically a man but I FEEL like a woman" and one of the kids replied "I don't want you to be a woman!", fucking kek. And they asked him more questions like if this happens overnight. Some kids were playing with little toy guns and while shooting at each other they said "now you're a woman! Now you're a man!". Can you imagine how the TiM must have seethed inside? And he can't do anything because they're kids.
Children and animals can always tell and children are absolutely ruthless. While this is funny I really hope he doesn't harm them since so many of them are pedophiles.

No. 1519136

I used to have a teddy bear that said the entire lord's prayer in a heavy jersey accent

No. 1519209

That's awesome! In my shitty city the only activists are queerfeminists who love to copy pussy riot's looks and say "cunt" in my language at every possible opportunity. It's embarrassing.

No. 1519256

was the lord's prayer printed on it in text or did it have a speaker that played sounds?

No. 1519311

Lmao that’s amazing

No. 1519460

i think my period is coming

No. 1519573

File: 1678405230532.jpeg (25.97 KB, 765x765, images (12).jpeg)

I'm tempted to spend 1/3 of my monthly salary on pretty and healthy cooking set. I always dreamed about healthy and good quality ceramic pots. Those are also very pretty. This isn't dumb of me, right? I feel guilty for spending money on anything that isn't literally essential to my survival

No. 1519576

update: it has

No. 1519596

I believe in buying yourself nice things especially if they're useful so if you're positive they're quality items go for it… But as a general rule cookware sets are low quality, I don't know why they just always are.

No. 1519601

Do it. Quality goods that will last for years are what you should be spending money on.

No. 1519603

I say do it because as soon as I get the money for it I'm buying an entire Le Creuset set. Cookware lasts for years and you'll get a lot of use out of it no matter what.

No. 1519618

I chipped a big piece off my cast iron griddle (dropped on ground due to panicking I’d left the burner on low and turned it white hot) two dang years ago and I’m still pissed but I’m also still using it because it still works

No. 1519622

are you the my coochie smells like rusting iron anon

No. 1519628

I want beef(less) bulgogi, Korean spinach, cheesy corn and rice but I'm too lazy to cook the rice so I'm tempted to just make a tuna melt instead. Uuuhgghhhgghgghghgggghghhhhhghhghhhhhhhhhgghgg.

No. 1519632

Why am I so sleepy? I feel like I could sleep for a whole two days with water and bathroom breaks in between if I was living alone and didn’t have any responsibilities.

No. 1519633

are you on your period?

No. 1519647

Not yet, it should be coming around at some point tbh, my boobs hurt as well.

No. 1519747

i want to watch a tv show but no one makes good tv anymore i dont know what the fuck to watch. im sick of youtube.

No. 1519750

what do you like?

No. 1519752

a Miley Cyrus music video premiers in 6 minutes on youtube and I'm waiting

No. 1519759

ill honestly watch pretty much anything. i just went to go dig through the tv thread on m for stuff anons liked and just started a show called physical, but if youve watched anything you really liked lately im still open for things to add to my list. i really like sci-fi and some fantasy but again im really open to any genre.

No. 1519770

File: 1678426310446.jpg (143.8 KB, 683x1024, mL2471_1024x1024.jpg)

Nta but have you watch The Terror from AMC? It's an anthology series and only the first season/story is worth watching but it's really good. It's about an actual ship on a Polar Expedition that gets stuck in the ice and bad things start to happen to the men. The novel is fantastic as well. I've watched it 2x and read the book and I still wanna watch it again kek

No. 1519782

wow thats right up my alley thank you!

No. 1519785

You're going to love it! Enjoy

No. 1519793

File: 1678428265084.jpg (35.63 KB, 500x375, MV5BMjBkYmI1YTEtY2U0ZC00MGUwLW…)

I posted about physical/maid/ginny&georgia, but I'm not sure it's my post you saw since I heard about physical from /m/. but that's what I've been into lately.
I haven't seen The Terror (I have it downloaded because of /m/ but haven't watched it) but I've heard that people who like it also liked Ravenous (1999, it's a movie, one of my favorites).
Otherwise I'm having a lot of fun slowly rewatching Gargoyles ("mature" kids cartoon from the 90s). it has nostalgia value for me but there's a lot that is more interesting now that I'm an adult, to be honest.

No. 1519808

I just bought a bunch of stuff for nail art. It was only $24 but I feel kind of ashamed because I really shouldn't be spending my money on this stuff right now. At least my nails will be cute whenever all that stuff comes.

No. 1519842

File: 1678436107856.jpg (243.6 KB, 900x900, art.jpg)

Ok, I was hoping someone was gonna ask me what I bought but no one did so I will just show you. Picrel are just the items I'm most excited for.

No. 1519843

Very cute choices anon, have fun decorating your nails! $24 isn’t too much to spend on yourself.

No. 1519846

File: 1678437309349.jpg (10.76 KB, 299x306, cute cat.jpg)

Why thank you anon!

No. 1519877

anon come back tell me about that pretty dip in holographic dark blue, I HAVE A NEED!

No. 1519879

Thats cute anon!

I was going to post about nails too actually! I have just recently started wearing nail polish and trying to grow my nails, I like how my nails look even with just clear polish. So shinyyy

No. 1519880

I actually only bought the pink and purple (i just used that pic cause it was the cover photo lol), but I have confidence they are all super cute! It was only like $1.30 each, I should've got black too.

No. 1519937

I finally deleted all the mails I exchanged with this scrote I used to know, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I only need to nuke my account on a hobby website where we met.

No. 1519948

I had such an crazy dream, maybe I shouldn’t ask myself what dying feels like before going to sleep. Like I was just at home, talking with my teacher from my highschool, just having fun because in my dream I just graduated from university.
And then the sun fucking turns off with a loud “boom” I fainted in my dream, but I think I died? And when I woke up I could feel my heart doing a weird “tud” in my chest.

No. 1520170

I did this before on my Discord account but I still haven't had the heart to delete the DM itself because his pictures are still there…

No. 1520338

File: 1678474383900.gif (1.32 MB, 480x330, giphy.gif)

I have a dry cough and my mother is forcing me to take "traditional medicine" which is heated and crushed garlic, ginger mixed with honey
the taste is so awful

No. 1520388

File: 1678476406991.jpg (59.48 KB, 564x564, 451f3aefbe0a48e9c8a72b12b58205…)

freshly showered after a long walk, washed my hair and even used a hair mask. i smell nice and i'm about to drink beer, snack on chilly peanuts and watch season 3 of twin peaks. happy friday nonnas

No. 1520394

File: 1678477085537.webm (7.49 MB, 1080x1920, 1678476472125.webm)

a russian influencer/singer I've been following for years had her first kid last week in argentina. i hope she protects her kid and largely keeps him off social media.

No. 1520522

There was a tiny brown speckled bug on my chair and I picked it up, but I dropped it and now I have no idea where it is

No. 1520531

File: 1678486531475.jpg (251.19 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20230310_141417.jpg)

Posted in the comments to a Chex Muddy Buddy recipe

No. 1520536

I have to take this class for my major that teaches me how to use microsoft office suite (word, powerpoint etc) and it's the most painfully tedious class I've ever taken. It's not hard but there is so many assignments and making useless spreadsheets. I feel like a soulless corporate drone except I'M the one paying for this experience

No. 1521011

Have to do my hair in a few hours to go out. I wish I had a personal hair stylist that does my hair when I want to look good. I have dry thin wavy/curly hair and it has always been a pain in the ass. I've long given up on any curly girl routine because it's too much work and I never got it to look anywhere near how I want it to so I stick to cutting it every few months so it doesn't get too long and styling it with a straightener or curler when I go out. It just looks the best that way and does take less effort than following any strict routines. I envy women who can just let their hair air dry, brush it and look presentable. I always look like such a mess if I just leave it like it is. It would be nice to have someone style it for me because it's so boring and I'm lazy. A robot would be best so I don't have to interact kek

No. 1521046

Top kek
Troons can brainwash children all they want but they can always tell and know exactly what's a girl and what's a boy because biology is innate

No. 1521079

File: 1678559951365.jpg (17.84 KB, 600x600, 1669259067830.jpg)

okay my cough is better but my parents still aren't allowing me to drink cold water and yeah they are probably right, but it still sucks
its hot and I just want to drink some cold water

No. 1521096

My parents won't be home most of the day tomorrow, I'm a lazy bitch so I don't like cooking, there shouldn't be any more demonstrations tomorrow, so maybe I'll go downtown just to walk a little and eat lunch. I'm hesitating between going to a Chinese noodle restaurant or to a big burger joint chain that's open without interruption. What do you think?

No. 1521099

I felt like the OP thread hamster as I made Jello last night.

No. 1521110

just drink the cold water. ethnic parents are the worst.

No. 1521126

nah they are right, my cough only lessened and I still should wait an extra day, it still sucks cause its 31°C, I swear its hotter then last year

No. 1521142

why are you not allowed to drink cold water?

No. 1521161

Oh, I was recently trying to see if I could smoke and dry my own moritas, but I was having a hard time finding resources for it. (Probably doesn't help that I don't speak Spanish.) Do you just know how to do this, or are you following guides?

No. 1521165

Are they really gonna find out if you drink some fucking water? I'm so glad I moved out the moment I turned 18

No. 1521180

hopefully it's boiled water right? if you guys are drinking warm water from the tap that's very unhealthy.

No. 1521248

I was at target and got a cute keroppi shirt on clearance for $5 and it was a cool find because it was sandwiched between matronly dresses and really ugly sweaters. Very random

No. 1521254

My TED talk:
I’m reading the posts from nonnas leaving lolcow and i get it… more like i used to get it. The toxicity is hard, you say things you wouldn’t say out loud sometimes… but it’s you saying it. You have the power to not say it. You can learn the power to stop and chill, or stop and make a joke instead. I think it’s worth trying to learn it. It’s not that different from twitter in the toxic aspect and you can use this ability anywhere on the internet.
I overcome the urges to fight and insult, i had breaks from lolcow but i always came back because thete’s just something speacial here. Do any of you feel it?
I was on tumblr a lot when i was a teenager and before the troon shit hit the fan it felt somewhat like this, at least the communities where i was. There was freedom and all sorts of opinions, you could find your place with any hobby or a weird obession and just talk with all the different girls from different parts of the world. Lolcow just reminds me of good times because we can say the word retard, because we’re free to express anything and it doesn’t have to hurt if you don’t let it. It’s like an island of something good in the internet sea that changed. I never liked changes.
I appreciate pakichan and romaniaanon with all their weirdness, it fascinates me to read the perspectives of everyday women from far away. I love you all even if we’re all retarded to eachother sometimes. I’m really glad i found this place and i know that one day i will miss it terribly.

No. 1521255

That's more or less how I feel too, anon. I love reading the unfiltered opinions and conversations between women (for the most part, I assume.) Feels good to have a place to congregate with equally "neurodivergent" women. No one here is normal, but that makes me feel normal when I'm here.

No. 1521258

I feel very much the same. the only other place I've felt the same way is a private discord server with mostly autistic females from around the world, but it's less anonymous and I feel like being anon really helps us express ourselves freely.

No. 1521263

Yeah, I feel the same. And I agree that alot of anons could benefit from learning that they must not immediately reply to something that pisses them off. It might not be worth it, and they might even be misreading it.

No. 1521607

Omg it's almost 2AM

No. 1521618

I often see this girl about my age asking for money near the train station. I usually give her a few dollars if I have some, maybe it's naive of me and she's just using it for drugs, but either way I can tell she's living on the streets and I can't imagine how much that sucks if you're a young woman.

No. 1521788

File: 1678634640292.jpg (46.83 KB, 497x456, E0445_MWEAAbbZZ.jpg)

cough is gone and I had some Iced cold water today, it felt so good after not having cold water for over 4 days in such heat
we get our water from a filter plant

No. 1522512

File: 1678684094055.jpg (171.02 KB, 1080x1080, rs_1200x1200-211109123721-1200…)

I'm watching search party and the last season makes zero sense. might as well be a different show. i think it should have ended after the first season, leave it with the cliffhanger after they buried the body. but since it told a longer story, it should have ended after season four then.

No. 1522524

>one of the kids replied "I don't want you to be a woman!"
topkek if true

No. 1522539

>While this is funny I really hope he doesn't harm them since so many of them are pedophiles
Child abuse survivor here, yeah that shit's really hilarious, now fucking do something before he DOES molest one of them.

No. 1522563

Her bf is more likely to be able to do something.

No. 1522564

not to white knight the female LARPer here but why would he molest them?
CSA survivor here too and it wasn't a tranny (although it was a male lmao so I get it but why is he more likely to be a molester than nona's bf for instance?)

No. 1522586

TIMs statistically commit more sexual crimes in relation to normal men (see: evidence and data on trans women’s offending rates). 1,143 inmates in america are MTF and 45.9% of them comitted sexual offenses. it makes sense given that the fetish for dressing as a woman can form over escalated porn habits. many serial killers watched porn and crossdressed before they raped and killed women. pedophiles „become“ women to seem less threatening to children.

No. 1522798

I used to be so frugal at the start of university. Now that I've gotten internship money I've been spending close to $20 every week on food, whether that's a cup of coffee or a meal. I know I should limit my spending but going to campus early everyday I just cannot be arsed to wake up early enough to make my own breakfast and coffee.

No. 1522810

File: 1678725742508.jpg (90.13 KB, 1080x1079, 1673057380788.jpg)

>Some kids were playing with little toy guns and while shooting at each other they said "now you're a woman! Now you're a man!".

No. 1522814

fucking kek

No. 1522827

File: 1678726088533.jpg (7.74 KB, 255x256, peppa.jpg)

i feel more lonely now than ever before.

i was forced to delete my entire facebook because the vicious rumours my exbf has spread about me are so far-reaching that women i dont even fucking know are making fun of me, mocking me, liking rude comments about me, and these are people who have NEVER spoken to me before.

also his new 'gf' (he hit on me without disclosing the relationship so i blocked him) has me blocked but is warm and chummy with his other ex, whom he is still in touch with.

its so humiliating, i just wonder what hes told people that they are laughing at me and blocking me.

No. 1522844

File: 1678727546578.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3024x3024, 9D6AA1BF-2C89-4456-8971-73AB81…)

someone left a maria biscuit on the grass outside of my workplace

No. 1522849

One day it'll grow into a beautiful biscuit tree

No. 1522877

File: 1678730015445.gif (607.14 KB, 640x640, spider-dance.gif)

I opened my bathroom roof window and a big spider dropped on the floor and hid, didn't have the time to kill it. Imagining it dropping on my head instead of bathroom floor makes me cringe so hard
It looked so weird too, like an autistic grape; big black body and short stubby legs. Ran like absolute retard too

No. 1522891

Why do my medical cocnerns always have to be embarrassing shit, can't I just have heart palpations instead or something
i'm literally bleeding from my asshole and I don't know why. I know small tears can happen but it happened first four hours ago and I'm still dripping fresh blood. That seems.. worrying. Am I really gonna have to make a doctors appointment for this, goddamnit

No. 1522955

Are you wiping too hard? This sometimes happens when I clean too mych, I'm fairly certain I don't have hemorrhoids or fissures but I get like this when I shit a lot and am trying to wipe. It also happens when I eat too much hard foods like nuts, I think they really rip my stomach up inside. But if you're just leaking blood that seems medically concerning.

No. 1522971

you strainin or wipin too hard nonnsies?

No. 1522980

Could be ruptured hemorrhoids

No. 1522985

are you me nonna this just happened to me too KEK

No. 1523057

File: 1678744667080.jpg (505.67 KB, 1568x2048, tumblr_e763cd2da212e52a843fc83…)

I want to download new music because I'm tried of the songs I always listen to, but the program I use for it currently can't download YouTube videos because of the new channel name url thingy. I'm checking for updates everyday but it still doesn't work. Suffering.

No. 1523060

spent a mundane 6 hours on cc while this was down

No. 1523088

File: 1678772735429.jpg (22.63 KB, 640x638, FnNhB3JaYAEAqqD.jpg)

I am so glad the maintenance happened because webms and pictures actually load now!

No. 1523094

Oh yeah, I was surprised that a post I made with a image didn't take minutes to load, I was almost getting used with it being so slow kek

No. 1523201

File: 1678794352461.jpg (86.57 KB, 925x691, whoTFisjames.jpg)

I was vacuuming today and when I pressed the button for the cord to retract back into it.. it went flying with a force like its never had before. Whipped me on the arm and I know the bruise is going to look crazy tomorrow. Wtf vacuum. You usually fuck around and half ass it with taking the cord back. That felt personal.

No. 1523337

File: 1678806538501.jpg (48.04 KB, 1080x719, whale.jpg)

I'll watch The Whale later, I will make sure of it. I've been meaning to for a while.

No. 1523368

Going to settle things with a guy once and for all tomorrow, I'll probably never see him again and I'll miss the friendship we had, too bad he had to ruin everything by crushing on me.

No. 1523380

File: 1678808859139.png (59.66 KB, 2048x645, Screenshot_20230314-103037.png)

i noticed there are a lot of pages from here taken off google via dcma complaints. including tokimekibunny, Venus, Frill-Ability, kiki, and particularly a bunch of camwhores i never heard of like meowri, suaki, dozens others

No. 1523437

Gross. Dude was ugly even when he was jacked

No. 1523484

I'm going to watch it later as well. Have a great night, nonny.

No. 1523502

I was installing the driver for my bluetooth adapter, and the little tiny CD it uses is definitely stuck in my computer now. Oops.

No. 1523785

File: 1678834108317.jpg (68.84 KB, 894x829, 71KwLIdirlL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I found a weekday pill container that I don't use and I think I'm gonna wipe the text off of it and use it to store all my little gems and rhinestones.

No. 1523805

I have the whole cage setup with food water a wheel litter treats and hides all I need is the hamster. The hunt begins.. I want to find one either with panda markings or completely black fur. Or a completely blonde one

No. 1523811

File: 1678835573515.gif (8.55 KB, 110x112, cat-blush.gif)

I had a dream featuring my husbando, which is really rare for me because I usually have confusing and scary dreams. It was still confusing and it didn't last long because I wasn't fully asleep but I was just happy to see him.

No. 1523869

I finally convinced my mom to not get botox. She needs none of it, she looks like a combination of Angelina Jolie and an old greek statue. I hope she will feel as beautiful as she is some day.

No. 1523918

Botox is a lot less botching than filler at least, if she secretly goes through with it. Cheek fillers are the big "fuck no"

No. 1523938

It is, I just don't want her to feel like she has to change herself to look nice

No. 1523952

File: 1678852485044.jpeg (56.28 KB, 716x678, 7F0E3580-FC4D-463F-8C0C-6AFACB…)

My brother came to my room looking a bit shocked asking me if I called his name, He told me it sounded like it was right over his shoulder. I was asleep before he came to my room to ask me this and now I’m too scared to go back to sleep, he doesn’t believe in ghost either.

No. 1523953

File: 1678852638985.jpg (28.43 KB, 400x400, d77002a094c0397952b4dce05f26fa…)

It was me. Both of you get the fuck back to sleep.

No. 1523954

Sometimes this happens to me too, where I hear someone call my name. I thought it happens to everyone at least once though.

No. 1523964

File: 1678854397742.jpg (65.62 KB, 828x825, crying cat.jpg)

I just finished the movie. The end where he's telling Ellie how much he loves her really opened up my father wound.
You too anon.

No. 1523986

File: 1678857940906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.15 KB, 540x450, AF2A9F94-6D72-4D6A-82B9-FEE671…)

You are an insane person.

No. 1524006

I'm surprised he didn't commit self deletion yet. Not because I want him too, that sounds horrible. But for the past decade he's been walking around like he already gave up on life in general. I'm just impressed

No. 1524011

Nuh uh and somebody else on here agreed with me before so suck it. He looks like buscemi's cousin

No. 1524028

i can't stop eating m&s pink lemonade ice lollies it's 8:03 in the morning and i've already had one and i will eat the rest right now

No. 1524144

File: 1678885359805.jpg (8.94 KB, 322x322, f00128da37cda779c166623806b277…)

Just woke up from a nightmare where I was browsing some online clothing stores and came across troons modelling in the womens' section. I hope I'll never get to see that shit happen irl.

No. 1524155

Looks like the particularly retarded Hartley hooligan on steroids

No. 1524613

File: 1678919353824.png (140.32 KB, 1329x1062, Screenshot_20230315-172317.png)

there's a cute sugar spoon from a company in turkey but they don't ship to usa (false hope as it lists on shipping area they deliver to turkey and united states)
i can't find anything else like it online. am sad.

No. 1524630

im fucking sick of moids in games so much if any of u nonas play wow on US add my char Aerena server is icecrown

No. 1524631

samefag but anon thats basically already a reality

No. 1524646

Moids are the reason I only play singleplayer games. I don't live in the US and I don't play WoW but I hope you find some nonas to play with

No. 1524649

File: 1678924511088.png (1.61 MB, 2121x1414, cucumber-slice-royalty-free-im…)

This cucumber in my salad tastes so good and fresh it just made my day. Sadly I threw away the sticker so I don't know what variety it is.

No. 1524651

I listened to someone mention Harry Potter today without them completely trashing it, and virtue signaling about trannies. Kind of refreshing

No. 1524662

File: 1678925482795.jpg (116 KB, 720x1039, smothered-chicken-1-720x1039.j…)

I want smothered fried chicken, lima beans and heaps of rice. In fact I could make some right now.

No. 1524671

File: 1678926145790.jpg (32.97 KB, 687x687, e86ef201b9bc063da85927f407693f…)

i really want cucumber now. i don't think i have any left

No. 1524724

I lurk on this old forum for time to time. The userbase is primarily male boomers who has a tendency to type in a very "blunt" way. I don't know how to describe it but they will say "xyz character/episode is bad/good" and then use 1-2 lines explaining how in a very matter-of-fact manner. There are a few zoomers there as well and the way the type is the complete opposite. They either quote tumblr posts or twitter memes. When they aren't doing that they will unprompted state their headcanons and claim that xyz character is coded as something or they will talk about how xyz episode is problematic(unironically using that word) and they use sooo much pathos when typing.
The two completely different typing styles is so jarring to read but kinda funny. I love when the boomers ignores the zoomers posts because they have no idea how to react to them

No. 1524794

aphex twins performing in my city this year, theres not been any official announcement of venue but apparently its gonna be at this festival in september. i really want to try and get tickets if they're not top expensive,but also ive never been to any real live music events and tbqh the idea of going to a festival with so many other people by myself fills me with absolute dread. i don't want to miss out on the chance of seeing him perform in my city though

No. 1524810

what forum is this?

No. 1524894

File: 1678950065122.gif (1008.18 KB, 406x325, QAb.gif)

Just purchased some polygel. Can't wait for it to come.

No. 1524922

File: 1678954087265.png (895 B, 25x16, Coffee_cup.png.png)

i finally found a ground coffee which is not acidic tasting to me at all

No. 1524930

File: 1678955582011.png (241.12 KB, 764x941, me everyday up to 3 times a da…)

coffee is so expensive now, but i'm not giving it up. glad you found a coffee you like! nothing like it

No. 1524936

is that Dale Cooper? I just started watching Twin Peaks. He is such a goofball

No. 1524938


No. 1524939

yes, that's the 3rd season, the one from 2017. i have one episode to go and i'm finally done. i rewatched the original series, and finally watched the movie and the return. you're in for a ride! i love dale too. are you enjoying it?

No. 1524944

I like how overdramatic it is sometimes. The characters are incredibly interesting, i love the music too! But my favorite characters so far are Dale, 'that-cop-who-cries-all-the-time' and a secretary. They are too adorable. I also like the log lady. Norma is beautiful too.
I am still on S1 so i don't know who Dougie is yet! Sucks how i cant google anything as it's an old show, but it's alright.

No. 1525025

thanks noni, i'm not from the US either i'm from eastern europe but i play on US just cuz it's easier. I rly wanna play with women but idk how, every 'girl' community in-game is festering with trannies and they/thems. shocker i know

No. 1525030

Yesterday I went out with a guy who was wearing a Ravenclaw scarf, I would have found this cringe 4 years ago but now I'm relieved kek.

No. 1525212

File: 1678991615429.jpg (686.13 KB, 3000x4000, 1625860014551.jpg)

i need to know if >>1523875 is >>1519261
it is just too much of s coincidence

No. 1525243

I actually believe I have some witch potential so I'm getting into sigils as a coping mechanism for all my trauma

might as well make it artistic

No. 1525319

File: 1678999912227.jpeg (41.52 KB, 700x792, 3db65f3f-82f8-4b92-9c9a-c88c57…)

my favorite pair of shoes i own i got over two years ago on clearance at f21, retail $40, are the same shoes french connection was selling for $115 at retail. I'm trying to find a second pair to have because i love them dearly and fear the day i wear through them.

No. 1525320


Nonna I love these!

No. 1525323

I love them, nonna, hope you find a second pair or something similar. Damn, now I have to search for boots like that, kek.

No. 1525326

Oooh these are cute

No. 1525331


they were the only pair in the store when i got them, and the only reason i went in there was because i didn't want to go home after work but it was too cold to wander around outside. i lucked out. they make my legs look amazing and i feel tall and confident in them. love them so. worn them over 300 times, they still look nearly new, but will be so sad when they need to be retired

i found a few of the french connection versions but they're not my size. i will keep looking and set some alerts on ebay and mercari and poshmark

platform boot/bootie/combat boot seem to be best keywords to find ones like it

No. 1525336

I bought the first cute one I saw at the store I have no self control. He has patches and looks like a cow I need to come up with a cow name. Maybe Darry (like dairy short for darryl)

No. 1525462

File: 1679006986354.gif (4.49 MB, 220x275, dipshinn.gif)

I have a lot of packages coming in the mail. Slowly replacing all my home items that are not pink with items that are pink or green.

No. 1525473

I’m so sleepy, but I refuse to go to sleep soon, I will wait until it’s like 8 pm so I can get the hours of rest that I need to handle like 104 children in the morning.

No. 1525530

this gif is strangely comfy.

No. 1525549

File: 1679013616896.jpg (507.18 KB, 2560x1918, pretty-in-pink-maria-k-bevill-…)

like this? Or softer colors?

No. 1525643

NGL, I kinda vibe with this room… But then again, I love colorful rooms instead of basic greige, even if it 'clashes'.

No. 1525668

No. Softer pink and green but mostly just pink.

No. 1525755

this is basically what my room looked like as a kid in the late 2000's/early 2010's… except I opted for pink/orange and a polka dot wall instead of floral. Had the matching rug of course. I think it's cute kek, I love the chandelier

No. 1525784

File: 1679037293331.jpg (47.76 KB, 1536x1318, dfe0ac261e444e10565c20c89db35e…)

It's 2 am I want fried shrimp NOW

No. 1525786

This is 100% my style, I love them

No. 1526780

To the cute girl with the cowboy bumper sticker: your braids are sick and I wish we could be friends.

No. 1526832

File: 1679159769912.jpg (14.47 KB, 470x405, 6bc2aa9801aecb44c72a68520c5fb8…)

Yesterday I did a 15 cardio workout and everything hurts lol. But I want to continue.

No. 1526989

Had some fucking awful egg flower soup. Just an off smell and taste, it also had little bits of mushroom and I’m sorry but I hate those things so much.
I need to start working out again, good work nonna

No. 1527001

File: 1679166387129.png (5.69 MB, 1357x2048, Screenshot_20230318-140527.png)

No. 1527696

File: 1679191881447.jpg (122.29 KB, 1000x526, wall-painting-in-the-house-of-…)

the epitome of beauty is venus, and remembering this makes me stop worrying about my fat thighs for a while

No. 1527703

File: 1679192182851.png (152.23 KB, 1288x881, dreamerdiagram .png)

Stumbled into a twitter thread where people where talking about their fanfiction with their mary sue/dreamers and it made me really happy for some reasons to see that.

No. 1527880

Now I wanna make something like this with my vidya self-inserts.
I don't even have a social media to post it to so it would just be for me.

No. 1527923

i am soaking my feet in a bowl of soapy hot water. it always makes me feel like an old lady, because it's something my grandma would do, she'd go "aaahhh" everytime she'd put her feet in lol it was one of the fonder childhood memories of her. doing this is also the closest feeling to being in a tub, because i don't have one

No. 1527924

i have a crossword book from 2006 and you can really see who the target audience was based off of the questions. (people born in 1950s and older)
i want to see a newer crossword book now and see the questions.

No. 1527935

It’s ok old lady anon hope you enjoy treating yourself
I love the old lady ways of life, like I always see them go on walks together with their friends, bake apple crumble with home grown apples, dress casual but glamorous, reading books, like ugh i need to remember to live like an old lady sometime

No. 1528006

I need to figure out where they hang out so they’ll take me on as an apprentice

No. 1528040

fr doris take me with you

No. 1528046

I got left on seen by this cute guy I like in my class

No. 1528059

oh no.. what was it you said?

No. 1528100


funny dog meme,,, I sent it bc he told me he has two dogs and I thought he might enjoy it kek

No. 1528228

I haven't ate anything in a while and my stomach is cramping, bleh. I want to cook but I just don't mentally have the energy to get up right now.

No. 1528245

What was the dog meme

No. 1528552

Kinda sad because I got a rhinestone picker and it's not even working for picking up rhinestones and caviar beads. Oh well, I can still use it for powder and I can just buy a different rhinestone picker.

No. 1528562

a wax one?

No. 1528569

File: 1679272102618.jpg (68.29 KB, 894x822, 71Wp9XCAVHL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

No, it's the silicone-y ones like picrel

No. 1528587

i have work tomorrow and i cant sleep even though my head is empty, im just staring bug eyed at my ceiling sometimes thinking about what id like to see in my dreams

No. 1528762

Somehow I perfectly lined up my online orders and 3 packages are coming in the morning. Excited!

No. 1528815

I was planning on getting a sub today but I'm actually gonna get chipotle and try that chicken al pastor.

No. 1528968

File: 1679327064167.jpeg (15.05 KB, 500x500, E35DB6F5-204E-4593-B21E-96FFAF…)

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee I broke a nail and I don’t have a nail filler.

No. 1528972

I broke a nail too nonny, I ree with you! I just cut all mine short, rip

No. 1528975

File: 1679327723202.jpeg (5.28 KB, 275x183, E36233B7-8E2A-4335-B136-E62168…)

The worst part is that mine are already super short, but they look nasty because I work with whiteboard markers, so I can’t even ask someone to let me borrow one without looking like I just touched my future. Insert sad face emoji and crying emoji here.

No. 1528980

Use a sidewalk or nearby stone.

No. 1528981

Use a sidewalk or nearby stone.

No. 1528993

It really works! Nonnie! Thank you!!

No. 1529069

I know theres a career thread but I would hope to have a film career thread as well. One to talk to other women about set work, editing, etc. How we can network better, directors to avoid.

No. 1529095

Every time I go outside when it's cold my right nipple gets hard and painful? Idk if it's because I wear a tight sports bra or because I have poor circulation but I can wear 4 layers and my right nipple specifically will still hurt like hell every time

No. 1529346

I’ve been shitting on ChatGPT a lot, but I just found out that you can use it as a way to access lost media. I just got it to give me sections of an interview and a transcription from a video that are no longer anywhere online and don’t seem to have been archived. You have to be a little crafty with prodding the info from the bot, though

No. 1529351

I love chatgpt I even bought a subscription. It’s just so damn useful for a lot of things, and I’m not one to use technology a lot.

No. 1529355

What do you use it for? I’ve hated it for most things I tried, I was thinking it was pretty useless.

No. 1529373

File: 1679368870658.jpg (337.05 KB, 1000x1500, chicken-al-pastor-8.jpg)

Samefag, I know no one asked but I finally got a bowl with chicken al pastor (right before closing, phew) and it's pretty damn good nonnas. I won't hype it up as much as other people were because it's not that good, but all my American sisters, if you like stuff that's sweet, smoky, and a little spicy then you should try it. If this were a permanent item I would keep getting it. Can't compare it to real chicken al pastor cause I've unfortunately never had, but I'll def be looking for some now.

No. 1529391

making small clay bunnies with a similar build to animal crossing's. going to send it to my family for easter. really hoping they come out well cause its been years since i used clay but it makes me happy. the family member its for is semi rich so i wanted a hand made gift that cant be bought.

No. 1529405

My cheap new used car is so cute and thus far works surprisingly well. I hope it holds up on me. I love my silly little box

No. 1529415

I never was into nail polish or nail decor in general, cause I hate the feeling of longish nails (always kept them trimmed down). But recently I did nails for my birthday party and yesterday I went to redo the polish on my grown nails… and it looks so cute! The shape, I love it. The color, it's so pretty. Can't wait to grow out my nails a little bit more and give them a perfect shape. Then I can add some design too. Why I never did it before? Nails are so pretty when they are done properly.

No. 1529467

it's my run day today but it's raining and i'm sleepy

No. 1529470

just found out it's not raining i'd just seen a retard with an umbrella on the street outside my window

No. 1529488

We made creamy fish pasta yesterday, it would have been really good but we were idiots and put whole lime slices in the sauce and goddamn is it bitter now

No. 1529588

Despite being in my early 30s nobody around me is getting married or having children, granted I don't have the largest social circle but my friends are either in unstable relationships or not interested in settling down. I've checked on various people I went to school with and most of them are doing all these things, I'm glad I stuck with people with a similar lifestyle as mine.

No. 1529840

File: 1679425900618.png (85.22 KB, 600x660, dfndcrz-c5ec06e0-1f10-468f-8c2…)

That Puss in Boots "favorite fearless hero" song is stuck in my head. Damn cat.

No. 1529867

I love to eat peanut butter spread on the banana, it's so simple but so fucking delicious my god, I'm eating this rn.

No. 1530102

I had such a quaint cozy day nonnas.

>wake up at 5 am after a good 8 hour sleep

>have some pour over coffee with freshly ground Illy coffee beans, cane sugar, and organic half n half
>wake my dog up and give her cuddles then go outside with her
>sit on the patio watching my dog enjoy the cool morning weather
>smoke some of my nice mornin weed
>bfast was a yogurt drink and chopped strawberries
>wash my face and do my skincare
>do some chores, feed/water pets, scoop stinky cat poop
>tidy up
>watch a couple episodes of the OG twilight zone and eat vegan cookie dough for lunch
>take a 3 hour nap from 2-5
>Walk my dog a few blocks down the road to buy a lemon from my neighbor - they are 1/3 the price of grocery store lemons and so fresh
>bake myself a nice slab of salmon with olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika
>showered and did nighttime skincare

And now I’m just chilling drinking some mint tea and fixing to roll a joint of some relaxy weed. Life is good. My favorite part about today was getting the lemon from my neighbor, I felt like an old timey small town denizen.

No. 1530217

I was trying to juggle a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a plate of toast, a cup of water and my phone and ended up spilling the soup down my leg when I was putting down the water. Sad.

No. 1530246

File: 1679470918538.jpeg (7.01 KB, 194x259, stand.jpeg)

Woke up feeling anxious again. Gonna go for a run outside, I hope that will help. I'm looking forward to eating granola with kinako and matcha powder afterwards.

Your day sounds wonderful, happy for you nonita!!

No. 1530259

File: 1679474016102.jpg (199.65 KB, 1900x950, Puss-In-Boots (1).jpg)

But nonnie, Who is your favourite Hero~

No. 1530280

File: 1679480694445.jpg (33.65 KB, 640x640, 640x640.jpg)

I bought picrel on a whim and it's also really tasty with bananas. I put the combo in pancakes once, heavenly

No. 1530292

File: 1679483574907.jpeg (42.82 KB, 844x640, 319F3A3A-703B-4153-B868-87F774…)

last day working at my shitass job lmao fuck'em

No. 1530302

File: 1679485642230.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, hot dog.png)

About to go back to my poor people roots and make a hot dog with white bread, an almost burnt hot dog, mustard, mayo and crispy cheese pieces. Mmmmm. I don't even like hot dogs like that but I bought some last night just for this. I want some lil smokies too.

No. 1530350

The detergent I used on my last load of laundry is so strong, it's literally irritating my throat.

No. 1530352

Ew I can’t use scented detergents at all they make me itch and give me headaches

No. 1530446

I'm attempting to create a BJD looking Sim to make into a Servo later, but I can't decide on the lashes, which, in my opinion, is one of the most important facial features of a BJD reeee

No. 1530471

File: 1679504222925.jpeg (28.58 KB, 453x465, 4455005E-A3FB-4E29-9261-A8370B…)

I love my ricecooker so much. It can even steam vegetables. Do you think about getting one? Get one! Best decision 2023 I swear to God.

No. 1530474

It's one of those things like a kettle that I simple can't justify to myself. Sounds very handy though

No. 1530487

haha made you unspoiler

No. 1530489

I love my rice cooker and kettle. They're just such nice quality of life improvements for me. Easy to use and the added functionality is great. For the kettle, being able to set specific temps for different teas, plus being able to set it and walk away without worry. For the rice cooker, the keep warm function letting me prep rice earlier in the day and not needing to worry about watching the rice. Highly recommend both.

No. 1530490

File: 1679505444698.jpg (11.26 KB, 261x275, 1659024472387.jpg)

No. 1530495

how can you not justify a kettle wtf

No. 1530497

How the fuck do people fill hot water bottles I'd be lost without my long hot water bottle it's like going to sleep with a warm hug god bless

No. 1530501

I'm American
I use a huggable heating pad filled with beads and you microwave it no water required

No. 1530502

You silly goose

No. 1530506

Sounds small

No. 1530530

That's some barbaric shit. Not having a kettle is like not having a toilet or a bed in your home.

No. 1530635

I received replacement earbuds I got due to my last pair being defective, and the new ones feel so nice. The company allowed me to order any pair of headphones I want, but the ones I got are supposed to be essentially the same as the last pair I had. I guess they're slightly different.

No. 1530648

Idk how people live without gooseneck kettles and pour over coffee set ups

No. 1530662

>I'm american
I find it amusing you think that's an adequate explanation apparantly kek but I still don't know how you get boiling water then. Unless you have one of those fancy taps that also has boiling water?

No. 1530664

Nta but do you really not know how to get boiling water without a kettle?

No. 1530665

no, I've had a kettle all my life just like any other household I've been to.

No. 1530666

samefag well I suppose you could boil water in a pot on the stove but that seems highly inconvenient

No. 1530669

I'm looking for a tablet to stream shows and browse tumblr and lolcow in bed on but I can't seem to find a single one without a mic, at least not when I specifically search for it. I don't care about the camera, I'm sure I'll find a way to make sure it won't be able to record anything, but sticking cotton on the mic all too likely won't do the job. Is that too much to ask for? All I want is a customizable home screen and privacy.

No. 1530682

I think the tree that's beginning to bloom in my yard is a pink magnolia tree! I've been waiting months to find out

No. 1530701

If you're still unsure, thick fuzzy buds are typical for Magnolia!

No. 1530752

File: 1679524370124.jpg (430.31 KB, 1855x992, 20230322_151251_HDR~5.jpg)

watching a squirrel lick millet seeds off my porch while I do the dishes. she sucked up em in a straight line like a little roomba so theres a tiny cleared path

No. 1530767

Probably impossible, mics are standard even on cheap shit kids tablets. Maybe you could jailbreak android to completely shut it off?

No. 1530780

File: 1679528102332.png (106.06 KB, 870x870, 1BE6D7B1-828B-464E-9B20-C6D0E5…)

noticed too late that the package was punctured, rip me, the first victim of poisoned gogo squeez applesauce murders.

No. 1530782

No. 1530835

File: 1679535252682.png (5.57 KB, 90x90, 1675956139995.png)

developed a crush on a coworker, trying to find as many excuses possible to pass by his department. atleast this shit makes me want to come to work and look decent now

No. 1530840

Awwwww this is adorable

No. 1530978

I think I just used wayyy too much of it, idk. I still have a scratchy throat, like that feeling when you're coming off a cold. This sucks but I'll probably feel better tomorrow, warm water and peach juice till then.

No. 1531012

earbuds actually stay in my ears challenge (impossible)

No. 1531013

My days off are on Sunday and Monday and all the tattoo parlors I'm interested in are closed those days, I'll have to use vacation days just to get tattooed.

No. 1531015

Samefag but I also hate that all the artists have their work exclusively posted on Instagram and I'll eventually have to create an account there just to contact somebody.

No. 1531031

The day I have an amazing idea, my allergies flare up and make me look like a cocaine addict with a fucked up nose. I hope the nuns don’t mind my constant sniffling.

No. 1531036

If I study and complete all the exercises this morning I'll allow myself to buy the book and the dress when I finish.

No. 1531057

I'm at the office despite the strike (nique Macron) and I'm in the middle of a meeting online, so I can't do much work for now. Help me think for what to order for lunch, should I order gyoza? Or a sandwich or a small pizza? I'm hesitating and I don't think I'll be able to order anything online because the poor delivery guy will be stuck and probably beaten up by cops.

No. 1531063

Got to work an hour early I’ll get coffee and something yummy to eat for breakfast

No. 1531065

Same, on top of that I like getting artists own designs tattooed on me as opposed of proposing something myself, and they tend to only post new available designs in stories and it's a race to book one, so without instagram I can't get anything pretty much. Pretty annoying given I hate instagram

No. 1531083

Yesterday night I saw a jar of pickles at the corner of a street and this morning it was gone

No. 1531087

It was me, I stole the pickles. Ate the whole jar already too.

No. 1531108

I’m late but still ordering kek. They can fire me if they don’t like me being late every day.

No. 1531140

Thanks for sharing nona this is so cute. I’m so happy for her.

No. 1531153

I don’t wanna work today.

No. 1531320

File: 1679591889830.jpeg (141.95 KB, 1884x2048, 29C64258-7356-4ECC-B902-359B97…)

He gave me a pet name. Cute!

No. 1531332

I've been grey rocking my coworker because she's pissing me off but I don't want her to believe it's personal so I'm grey rocking all my coworker when she's there.

No. 1531346

im going to have a coffee at 17:41

No. 1531467

Very good nonna.

No. 1531506

File: 1679604318828.jpg (31.61 KB, 504x504, mm tastey.jpg)

lemon… what a good fruit, i cook with them so often.

No. 1531512

Gonna go out for dinner later and I'm already excited. They do all you can eat fish and chips on Thursdays and if I go after 7pm I can get a $4 beer too let's gooo

No. 1531571

Cheers bitch, me too

No. 1531650

This band used to be depressing as fuck to me but I went to their concert last summer and now anytime I hear them it just makes me happy. It was the first concert I'd been to since the pandemic and everyone was happy, singing, dancing. A girl complimented my outfit and I even made a friend there! I don't care how depressing it sounds it just reminds me of that night and it makes me so happy. They sounded amazing live which I didn't even expect. Excuse the sperging but I think it was one of the happiest days of my life ♥

No. 1531655

File: 1679613861545.jpeg (898.88 KB, 2550x3510, 1bdd5cc5eca5b2566c8ba79b8b007b…)

i got paid today and im gonna go fuck up the local cvs and buy some fun little makeup items and dry shampoo, then go rollerskating with da bff

No. 1531660

you're living the dream!!

No. 1531674

I saw them live last year too and they were awesome! I’m so envious that you made a friend there. But I’m happy you had such a fun experience. You deserve it! And to have that awesome memory tied to good music is great. I bet that will stick with you for a long time. I’m seeing them again in April and hope they’ll be just as awesome as last year although it seems they’ve been touring nonstop.

No. 1531695

Thank you nonna! They are so much better live than what can be seen on concert recordings, I just bought their tickets because it was cheap and I liked them, didn't expect such an amazing show! Hope you have a great time at the next concert ♥

No. 1531720

I bought some overpriced shiseido facial cotton and idc, they are worth it.

No. 1531748

File: 1679626905105.jpeg (65.05 KB, 850x417, 75252268-8B27-43F8-BF63-01BD6B…)

And I got the flu, I don’t get it, whenever I stop working I get sick, how is that normal? I’ve noticed that the moment I finish my internships I catch the flu or some other random bug. Is being surrounded by sickly children actually good for my immune system?

No. 1531807

Okay so just cut off my hair at the ponytail. No going back now. Seeing the hair off is so weird. I hope I dont tegret this tomorrow morning. And yeah I cut it off really badly. I hope i dont start panicking.

No. 1531811

I don't like this picture.

No. 1531828

Im gonna buuy me some boooks, some used books that maybe gives me will to study hard

No. 1531830

Your experinece is postpunk in a nuthsell.

No. 1531846

Getting sick when you have a vacation or free days is actually pretty common. One reason is stress, adrenaline and stuff keeping your body going while you're working, and when you have more time to relax the stress decreases, which can increase the cortisol levels of your body which in turn might lower your immune system.

No. 1531850

File: 1679647163593.jpg (63.88 KB, 1015x782, Disapprove.jpg)

I like to look up old ass paintings for funny faces like picrel.

No. 1532065

I started working on my personal website and have already spent a few nights staying up until 3am working on it. The pages are very simple, but I'm happy with how it's turning out! It feels so nice to have a space that's made by me, for me even if I'm awful at coding. Everyone should have their own personal website.

No. 1532066

Ate an entire wheel of brie cheese in two days I already know I'm gonna be PLUGGED UP for the next week they should make cheese that doesn't obstruct your bowels and make you explode.

No. 1532248

I say random shit to myself like bingus, ya boi, or that's the way it is, it doesn't mean anything I'm just making a sound

No. 1532362

I got back dimple piercings almost a month ago, pretty much a week into having them they're a non-issue so I forget I have them and could sleep and lie on my back again. I love that my body doesn't give a shit about piercings and I can be reasonably lax about healing them kek

No. 1532481

My nice normie friend just released a book of literal animal cow pics. I love her so much.

No. 1532550

Purple hair for me means mental struggle kek and i already did few purple strands and i think tonight i will do a little bit more purple bc I'm struggling right now

No. 1532712

File: 1679766683034.jpeg (180.08 KB, 1242x933, 35ACFCD7-9178-411A-9411-88C112…)

I want to cry, but I won’t because I’m not the kind of person that cries easily for her own issues but that cries easily while influenced by others.
I wanted to go to a self-makeup class with my best friend and now I can’t go because I got the flu and I don’t want to make anyone sick, it sucks, I was excited because I wanted to learn more about makeup since it’s fun, and it was another thing to talk about with my best friend, so yeah, it was more of a bonding experience.
But now I can’t go, and I don’t know when am I going to see her again, and I’m tired too, I sent my final report for Uni too, so I wanted to celebrate with her by going to the makeup course, and I’m craving ice cream but I can’t have ice cream while sick, I should make myself some canned soup for lunner (lunch + dinner) maybe that will help me speedrun the flu I got? I don’t want the flu to develop into a pneumonia again.
And I kind of want something sweet but I don’t know what, maybe some hot chocolate and a croissant.

No. 1532721

Anon. I hope you feel better and I am sorry about this. Maybe you and your friend could do your own virtual lesson with the techniques she learned?

No. 1532725

That’s a good idea tbh! She could teach me while we stream something on the background.

No. 1532827

Brie cheese anon back. It's coming out like fucking rocks.

Don't be like me. Don't eat an entire wheel of brie in such a short amount of time your shits will feel like rectangular pegs coming out of a circle shaped hole.

No. 1532865

I am so sorry for you. Are you at the point where you’re having to dig it out with a finger yet? (opioids gave me similar probs)

No. 1532932

I just made a cherry cheese danish I just have to wait for it to cool so I can glaze it. Will have a slice with tea tomorrow for breakfast

No. 1533049

I have been in the bath for 6 hours and it is now 2am. I love weekends!

No. 1533054

>feeling my mental illness
>hides in tub to eat dinner

No. 1533055

I bet sleeping in a tub with some memory foam and a bunch of comforters and pillows is cozy as fuck

No. 1533056

I actually used to sleep in closets and tubs for that reason. Just a pillow and blanket. I need my hideyholes

No. 1533065

Maybe it’s hormones going crazy…my nipples hurt so bad lol. But I feel so upset tonight and nothing is working the way I want it to. I feel so frustrated and it’s making me feel so sad. It’s just one of those annoying days.

No. 1533073

These retarded neighbors love to scream and shout like they’re fucking insane, jesus, I hate moids, I hope these faggots fucking get tiny cuts on their fingers and mouth for the rest of eternity and more.

No. 1533184

Not really. It’s very cold.

No. 1533261

It's raining hard as fuck!

No. 1533334

File: 1679847541206.gif (1.26 MB, 498x280, short and dusty just like me.g…)

I have to rearrange my book shelves because I'm running out of space. Normally I have my fun with it, but this time around it's so much and I'll have to dust wipe, too, which I have to admit I tend to avoid because it's the biggest pain in the ass. I don't have chairs tall enough to reach the up until now non-utilized very top of my shelves comfortably, let alone to be able to wipe the entire surface of it up until the wall, but I have to, because I simply have no space elsewhere and I see the damage the sun and humidity are doing to my books if I keep them on my windowsill, so I'll probably have some few near-death experiences tonight, trying to balance shit on my chair just so I can clean up the top of my shelves. I also shoved my books wherever, but I think I want to keep the authors and series together again, and sort it a bit by read and to-be-read, so I'll have to go onto some kind of scavenger hunt where I'll have to find the inevitabely missing volumes I just put somewhere until I forgot.

No. 1533339

Buy a foldable ladder please
It'll be safer to use too for changing lightbulbs, wiping dust off ceiling lamps etc.

No. 1533418

Curdled some custard, like a retard. I'm not trying again in this egg shortage.

No. 1533425

I have a honey cured ham in my fridge and a fresh jar of local honey. It's going down tonight.

No. 1533431

I just ordered some packs of ramen so I can make myself some chicken noodle soup, my body needs it, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the flu talking.

No. 1533467

I shaved my head around 2-3 years ago and have basically been keeping it in constant protective styles since I let it grow out, and today I just realized how long it is. It's possibly even longer than it was before I shaved it. I took my last set of braids out a few days ago and was planning to wear it out to a casual event next week, but I'm now realizing that my natural 'fro is way too long now to wear it out like I did when it was shorter kek. At least not without some manipulation or curling.

No. 1533569

File: 1679865378729.gif (55.16 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

I finally learned how to make boba at home and I feel so powerful! Coffee creamer instead of milk makes such a difference.

No. 1533631

Make it with cornstarch

No. 1533807

I decided to check out a high end grocery store that recently opened on my walk and yeah everything was super expensive BUT their bakery treats are so cheap! I got a huge donut covered in coconut, pistachios, and fresh strawberries for $2. I still have half that I am gonna finish later.

No. 1533845

File: 1679901321645.jpg (49.31 KB, 736x735, fa49db644bb777c02ccb3fb3524448…)

>feeling fine for a long time
>coffee every day
>milkman skipped a Friday delivery
>no milk Friday, Saturday, Sunday
>spend 3 days feeling depressed and not able to concentrate on anything. Numb, anxious
>"why does everyone hate me?"
>I can't eat properly
>milk comes this morning (Monday)
>have a coffee
>immediately I'm ok
I just wasted a whole weekend not realising I was an addict who accidentally put herself in cold turkey withdrawal mode. I could have avoided that whole thing by buying a 75c carton of milk if I knew

No. 1533857

what the fuck, milkman is a profession that still exists? thats crazy

No. 1533870

Eh pass it through a sieve it'll be alright enough.

No. 1533878

I'm usually not good at forcing myself to get used to new tastes but a while back I got sick of having to always check for milk/buy new milk/sniff test the milk in the fridge.. that I just pushed myself to start drinking it black. Grew to like it.

No. 1533879

Forgot to tag milk coffee nonnie >>1533845

No. 1533980

Ayrt milk every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and every second Wednesday he delivers a a carton of 6 eggs

No. 1534357

File: 1679950637947.jpg (592.01 KB, 3696x2448, beautiful-bloom-blooming-45962…)

i may be a little bit drunk, but i just wanted to say that i love this place

No. 1534555

Gonna sound like a narc but I'm happy I have stayed true to myself despite bullying in school and trouble at home. I'm happy I'm autistic enough to not change my ways to the point of not being myself anymore.

So do I nonnie

No. 1534562

File: 1679968116394.jpg (213.56 KB, 1600x1200, sad anon noises.jpg)

My strawberries kinda taste like sorrel and now I wanna eat salad made from strawberries and sorrel, but sorrel isn't growing yet.

No. 1534716

I love your attitude nonnie! It takes strength to be yourself.

No. 1535006

I was just at dollar tree (which was extremely crowded for 10am on a Tuesday) and I kept bumping into this woman that reeked of weed like she just hotboxed her car then walked in. Also just was holding her phone out in front of her the way dumb people do and having a super loud conversation with somebody. All I was thinking is man this normalfag is annoying also where does she get her weed it smells fire. Dispo shit is so reg

No. 1535046

Delicious and healthycore nonna.

No. 1535108

File: 1680028249068.png (591.46 KB, 800x1200, my favorite song is maybe toni…)

I wanna watch Initial D, but it's a summer anime in my mind, so I'll have to wait another three to four months to allow myself to watch it.

No. 1535177

Ate Waffle House, I can tell I'm gonna shit my brains out.

No. 1535663

>want to check out some wolf cut pictures to see if they would fit my face
>99% of them are filtered to hell and back

No. 1535716

I love the short people style subreddit(s) because by nature it's almost all women (I did see one manlet post recently) and trannys don't fit in, literally. kek

No. 1535803

I have a big slice of salmon that I froze like last month right before it went bad. I thought I took it out to defrost yesterday but it was still in my fridge this morning so I guess not lol. I'll cook it with some rice and maybe broccoli later today.

No. 1535812

That's hilarious.
Glad to hear there is at least one place trannies can't invade

No. 1536066

I drank my milk tea too fast now my stomach hurt

No. 1536186

File: 1680122758838.png (1.9 MB, 1043x1043, L13hpzR.png)

Wtf is going on with the site? I'm turning 30 in 20 minutes, i just wanted to share my mundane reason to be stressed but in /ot/ there are so many new useless threads… I had to Google lolcow and mundane shit just to find this thread…

No. 1536191

some retard males are trying to raid us by spamming the catalog

No. 1536195

Happy 30th birthday, anon!

No. 1536203

Thinking of making fried rice but undecided as to what protein to use. Maybe tempeh for something unusual?

No. 1536204

File: 1680123129925.jpg (251.06 KB, 1600x1665, cat-eating-shrimp-straw-hat-ho…)

i chopped up a shrimp and gave it to my cat she seemed beyond happy about it

No. 1536207

File: 1680123170312.jpg (101.2 KB, 623x720, Pin on H O M E.jpg)

Happy Birthday nonchkin!

No. 1536211

Useless piece of shit

No. 1536217

Good for him!

No. 1536227

File: 1680123914452.jpg (144.3 KB, 673x459, d2jq6kf-1cd105ed-e2bb-44ea-9de…)

Aw thank you nonnies, even with the frequent raids, still, this place helped me a lot! And thank you personally for answering me!

No. 1536235

I slept in until 4pm today now I'm going to be up all night. Might overdose on melatonin to reset

No. 1536238

Remember when this site was funny. Immediately prior and after this gay little raid

No. 1536262

File: 1680127129549.jpg (107.16 KB, 736x981, 9b2487f6be04018bf01621bc8268be…)

I just learned by accident that there's a cat cafe in my city (recently opened), and it's close to work/home to boot.
My cat died last Saturday. It's still hard, but I think it would be nice to visit the cafe and interact with the cats, I don't know, I feel like it could be healing. Maybe a few tears will be shed, but still.
However my fiance is inconsolable, he barely wants to do anything else that we had planned, I don't think he'll want to visit a cat cafe this soon. But I don't know if I want to go alone.

No. 1536269

you should try to have a close friend or maybe family member go with you

No. 1536273

I've started to turn the news on the morning while I get ready like a old lady.

No. 1536274

I'm sorry for your loss anon
Please don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think it's appropriate to go to the cat cafe if you know you're going to cry. It's a cafe, not a mausoleum.
Losing a pet is hard, I know firsthand, and it can be that much harder when we do not have designated places for greiving them, like a gravestone on a graveyard. But a cafe is not that.
This is what I was going to say first, before giving it a bit more thought

No. 1536479

What about visiting your local cat shelter instead? So sorry for your loss nonna.

No. 1536803

I made perfect cookies with basically no measurements. Am I a fucking god or what?

Gonna watch Killer Sally later today cause I heard some people talk about it on a podcast. Also some other HBO cult documentary which I'm excited to see because I love learning about cults.

No. 1536820

Oo I watched Killer Sally not that long ago. A very interesting case for sure. Have fun with that one, nonny!

No. 1536834

I read that as Kelly Sally and thought what a stupid name.

No. 1536851

I put in some earrings and omg I’m obsessed it changed my whole look.

No. 1537084

I'm trying to think if I had my period this month. Hmm…

No. 1537101

I had mine, if it's of any help to you.

No. 1537153

I just finished it! It was indeed very interesting. I felt so bad for how Ray's friends and the prosecutor treated Sally. It was so clear that even if they were both violent, Ray was the aggressor. I don't even say that because she's a woman, I say that because her kid's stories matter the most and when you hear their stories of Ray it's "he beat the shit out of me, my sister and my mother" and "he blinded a man with his bare hands", meanwhile their stories of Sally being violent are "she defended us against an asshole neighbor" and "she beat a woman Ray was cheating on her with". Huge difference. Plus they act like Ray beating her up didn't matter when she shot him, like it wasn't a factor. Either way, It's nice she re-connected with her kids and I hope her new beau treats her right.

Also, I was disappointed with the "twist" cause I heard people hyping it up but I also did briefly skim her wikipedia page before watching kek.

No. 1537161

Samefag but also Sally's son's voice is funny to me kek.

No. 1537195

Samefag, I just checked clue and I get my period in two days. Weird little cycle I have but I guess it makes sense cause my ovulation was alledgedly 13 days ago.
Yes, this was very helpful in my menstrual investigating thank you

No. 1537216

I love beating moids in chess. Especially if they chimp out in the opening and try being super aggressive. Get checked, gayboy.

No. 1537226

kind of want to buy a pet

No. 1537250

File: 1680220433585.jpg (89.1 KB, 735x751, 98f13db10627693dd6515812bdcfdd…)

Thanks for your thoughts anon, but I don't mean sobbing and ugly crying and making a scene. Probably just a few tears like happened on my work today, I wipe them off and nobody even notices. The space there is not small either, I don't think people would care.

I ended up telling my Nigel about it, and he's up to it, but not so soon indeed. My brother has no interest in going, but maybe I could invite some work friends at some point.

Thank you, anon! That cafe is actually a kind of a shelter as well. All cats there are rescued by local shelters and non profitables and all the cats there are up for adoption. It's really sweet. The cat area/lounge is also separated from the eating area, and you have to pay to go there, and that money goes to the shelters and rescuers. Also there's a limit of visitors at a time for the cat lounge so not to stress the cats. I think it's a really nice model.

No. 1537645

File: 1680258061212.jpg (336.6 KB, 1345x1600, Peeps Rainbow 16_ Rabbit Plush…)

I'm so glad an anon posted about Peeps a few days ago because it reminded me to add them to my grocery list. It's Easter season so they'll probably be everywhere, I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow!

No. 1537648

That's a cute plush.

No. 1537733

File: 1680270495446.jpg (39.48 KB, 750x717, confused distressed kitten.jpg)

I ate lemon pepper wings and now my nails are stained yellow

No. 1537738

That sounds delicious, though!

No. 1537749

Nta before but get a pack of the birthday cake flavor so we can savor them together!

No. 1537862

Peeps are really cute. I wish I could enjoy them the way so many people do. To me they just taste like overly sweet stale marshmallows. I’d prefer to eat fresh plain marshmallows straight outta the bag lol, nicer flavor and way nicer texture. What’s the appeal? Do people really find peeps tasty or is it just cause they’re cute like sprinkles? I also don’t understand sprinkles, they’re very cute but invariably have a strange stale texture and taste like sweet chalk to me. Maybe it’s the tism

No. 1537937

Paint them easter tones; its cool its cool

No. 1537941

I used to hate peeps but since I drastically cut sugar from my diet, the birthday cake flavor is amazing to me. I love the experience too; but I can only enjoy one at a sitting.
Also my friend microwaved a peep for me and it was so stressed watching it expand.
The icing flavor is slightly buttery, and I think thats the key factor.

No. 1537964

Ayrt, I actually haven't had peeps in a very long time. The cuteness is definitely a factor, and I remember really liking the texture too. The sugar on the outside does have that food coloring flavor but I don't mind it so much when it comes to a peep.

No. 1537965

Sunbathing my pussy rn

No. 1538233

Anytime I engage in an Internet argument I lose interest after stating my stance and stop posting. Usually people just keep arguing for the sake of not backing down and I stop caring about them nitpicking and saying anything to "win."
Being the last one to post doesn't make you "win" so I guess I just lose interest when I'm satisfied with what I said. Why talk to somebody who would argue in perpetuity?

No. 1538247

File: 1680327432187.jpeg (38.9 KB, 676x453, IMG_9893.jpeg)

>be alt girl with alt friends like 3 or 4 years ago
>check pixielocks account on my main
>"15+ mutuals follow this account"
>forget about it
>check pixielocks twitter again today
>"Not followed by anyone you’re following"
>mfw munchie grift failure

No. 1538289

i've had the sims 3 build mode music playing in my head all morning

No. 1538293

File: 1680334512704.png (133.09 KB, 853x505, tumblr_or17r0LnNR1tl7jqlo5_r1_…)

kek nonaa my brain also does that! i once accidently texted something like
>blasting sims 2 music is so orgasmic
to my gf but accidently sent it to the work groupchat instead… deleted it immediately but moids screenshotted

No. 1538590

I stop posting but I go back and look like three days later sometimes and I’m always surprised when there’s a whole bunch of replies and multiple other people get involved. I’m like “oops” lol

No. 1538744

File: 1680379009317.jpg (251.57 KB, 736x1134, 7557f1c58a6a0da2bf78a9501e7f61…)

I just got back from grocery shopping, bought some stuff to make a king crab boil and I'm super excited. I've been wanting to make one but I hate the way seafood smells so i was putting it off. I've never cooked crab either so I
made sure to get precooked crab. I also wanted to add lobster tail but unfortunately there was none at my grocery store. It's gonna be delicious though! I will cook it tomorrow, tonight's dinner will just be spicy tteokbokki and soup dumplings because I'm tired. I hope you all have a good dinner today too.

Also, some random old guy made a dumb joke ("haha, let me know what time dinner is!") to to me. I didn't hear him at first and for some reason my ignore men gene turned off so I was like "huh?" and then I did a terrible fake laugh. I'm southern so random interactions are usually nothing but I hate him for speaking to me. Despite it raining, the sunlight is beautiful today and I didn't want to hear a man's voice while enjoying my day.

No. 1538749

Samefag, but actually that picture of the king crab is making me super sad. It clearly has spikes and a thick shell to protect itself but we just kill it anyway.

No. 1538875

I've been bloated for the past 3 days, I usually get rid of the gas in the evening but it just doesn't want to get out for some reason.

No. 1539144

File: 1680420612526.jpg (11.89 KB, 224x224, adhesive.jpg)

Today I went and bought some self adhesive paper and used it to touch up the peeling, white writing desk I own. I was planning to buy a new one since the white, discoloured surface was so depressing to look at, but I saved so much money just by adding the self adhesive paper to it instead. I bought a dark wood-like pattern and while it's a bit of a shitty job on the first try, the final result looks so much better.

No. 1539148

I really liked growing up in a small school, it was K-12 with about 120 students.

No. 1539166

I did tried again in this egg shortage, I did a much better job!

No. 1539170

I'm thinking about getting an ipod or begging my dad for one of his old ones. Trying to jog with my phone is irritating + my earbuds are never charged. All music apps are slow and glitchy and inundated with pop ups, and there's a lot of no cell reception patches nearby that make music from my phone cut out on walks. I'll probably reee to my dad tomorrow about it, I know he's got at least three. I might order an extra one from ebay so I can download all my favorite podcasts as well

No. 1539178

Spotify premium has no ads and you can download podcasts and music for offline listening. If someone else in your house has Spotify premium, there's a Spotify duo plan that is basically two premium plans for a cheaper price (than buying a single one) - one is normally £9.99, duo is £13.99.

No. 1539201

File: 1680431503581.png (116.33 KB, 1656x597, seriously.png)

I do download stuff, I just don't like taking up space on my phone and music apps are so bloated (a dozen different tabs, saved episodes, likes, musicians to follow, mixes, stations, etc.). I just want to press play. I like spotify for finding stuff but they're a little scummy and I can't stand subscription services, plus it'd be more expensive in the long term. I actually mostly use Amazon Music (as a subscription leech of course, they're even scummier) for offline listening, but the search function is garbage. picrel is searching from within my amazon music library. My main issue are that I need mobility, I hate wireless earbuds, and I want the files, just not on my phone. thank you though, but for now my dad better get ready for me to drive over there at 8:00 am sharp on a Sunday. I need a goddam ipod

No. 1539299

Congrats anon!

No. 1539316

I'm going to do some housework right now but I kind of want to listen to music or watch something at the same time. I'm not sure what though.

No. 1539321

File: 1680447364424.jpg (1.19 MB, 4500x3000, phone-arm-band-0048-1580152269…)

Even with one of these? My experience with those is fine. Ipod shuffles are cheap enough on the second hand market but having to go through the trouble of putting music on it and not being able to see a song in a list and select it seems annoying to me.

No. 1539349

Having your phone on your arm seems so silly. There are plenty of mp3 players with screens so you can see what you're playing, just look on Amazon. Better battery life than a phone and never gets disconnected, but obviously anon will need to build a mp3 library first, but it's worth it for the convenience imo

No. 1539678

File: 1680477123310.gif (177.28 KB, 220x208, bruh.gif)

I'm updating to say that I made the seafood boil and…I don't think I really like crab. (the sauce I made also sucked but that's besides the point).

No. 1539814

File: 1680494123821.jpg (694.52 KB, 2567x1811, BROADHEAD SKINK.jpg)

my husband called me to tell me he found a skink under a board in our backyard. I'm happy for him.

No. 1539815

also I hope to see this skink myself soon

No. 1539841

post skink pics? I want to see it too

No. 1539842

I'm out of town right now but if I see the skink when I get back I will absolutely post pics. I gotchu

No. 1539846

hell yes I am so ready

No. 1539943

>Wake up on my floor at like 11pm
>Chug two and a half glasses of water because throat was dry
>Get in bed
>Wake up again at 2/3 because I think I pissed myself
>It's just thigh sweat, phew
>Pee for good measure
>Go back to sleep, this time with my legs covered by a thin blanket and my upper half in a thick blanket
>Wake up again at 5 cause I actually pissed myself this time
>Quickly get up
>Throw my thick blanket on the floor
>Come back ready to strip my bed
>My sheets and blanket are bone fucking dry
>Thick blanket is somehow on my bed
Did a fairy come by and magically clean my bed? There's not a drop of piss anywhere. What the actual fuck. I'm going back to sleep.

No. 1539957

My cat has been sleeping on my bed the entire night I can't turn but she's so cute

No. 1539959

anon are you ok

No. 1539981

Yes, why?

No. 1539985

And people say god isn't real

No. 1540005

One of my bosses just came by my desk when I was eating and I forgot to close LC, thankfully it was open on a text-heavy thread in /m/. If he knows about imageboards I must be a channer in his mind now.

No. 1540052

I've had to lock my cat in the toilet room to clean the floor in the apartment, he was fine at first but now he really wants to get out, I'm so sorry my baby, just wait a few more minutes.

No. 1540196

I went running for the first time this year, feels good

No. 1540224

Uhh, my “period” so far has been a couple specks of blood. It’s been 30+ hours since it started and… nothing. Lol

No. 1540237

I get these false starts, a speck here.. better put a pad on.. only joking the pad has one more speck on it after hours of wear.. oh wait might be starting now. Its like having womb constipation.

No. 1540352

I cut my hair using a ponytail method to achieve layers and it turned out quite flattering. My hair hair has been so flat and heavy for like a year.

No. 1540505

i ate too much rice my belly too full

No. 1540592

Womb constipation KEK. I’ll be using that

No. 1540624

File: 1680602828825.jpg (77.54 KB, 564x846, 444ea293ce4c37f673c4729e896caf…)

Lately I've been trying to get into reading. something basic level reading comprehension stuff, like a dictionary. I've dealt with substance abuse since 4 and I was able to get fully clean till I hit 21 and maybe that melted my brain in some capacity I just don't want have such a limited lexicon, I wanna know weird words.

No. 1540646

>patiently waiting for my period since I missed it last month
>wake up with a distinctive crusty feeling on my cooch
>period has started, and magically I caught it before any blood got on my underwear

No. 1540656

File: 1680610207849.jpg (51.38 KB, 576x768, 1414e94f3a2010239007a491ec47cf…)

Today's the day nonnies. I'm gonna text my ex. I know, I know but it's driving me crazy at this point. The worst he can do is block me and I don't care about my dignity or whatever at this point. The past few months have been hell and there's no way I could sink any lower.

No. 1540659


No. 1540661

I hate when it tricks you like that. One time I got excited thinking I was going to skip a month, but when I woke up the next morning it was a stupid heavy flow.

No. 1540664

Woke up with fucking claw marks on my breast. I live alone so I likely did it to myself in my sleep, which honestly worries me a bit, since they're actually kind of deep. There's a tiny chance it was one of my cats, but they're pretty distinctly fingernail-shaped as opposed to cat scratches.

No. 1540704

I had a little random itchy bump on my shoulder, so I scratched it and the skin came off and now it's bleeding. Damn.

No. 1540722

I kind of want to buy cute lingerie but it’s so useless, I don’t even have a boyfriend or girlfriend so it’s not like I would show it off to anyone. So I can’t really justify spending money on cute underwear that’s only for showing off because it’s impractical.

No. 1540796

I drove by this park with a little creek I fish smallies from sometimes and I saw some scrote netting a giant fucking fish from it?? How in the fuck? I'm going to fish there this weekend I'm flabbergasted I almost pulled over to ask him how tf

No. 1540804

File: 1680625836791.jpg (78.35 KB, 735x725, 61b1e852524994a30ac2132f51cf5c…)

I know this is pathetic and childish, but sometimes the only thing carrying me through the day is the promise of playing games after work. Since I bought a switch and it's much easier to just grab it and play comfortably on my bed, I feel like I've been way less stressed out and it makes me forget how shitty things are for like and hour or two.

No. 1540841

File: 1680627407656.jpg (141.88 KB, 2048x2048, yvcb5ofhi6551.jpg)

I scrolled far back to find this for you nona

No. 1540847

Nonnie that’s cute af, what games are you playing

No. 1540848

wtf buy it for yourself. I spend stupid amount of money on socks and underwears that nobody else ever sees when I could just buy the $5 multipacks from Walmart because I like them. I also have goofy pjs and weird t shirts that I only wear at home

No. 1540850

File: 1680628736132.jpg (19.88 KB, 273x365, Sable_cover_art.jpg)

Not silly at all anon, it really is about the little things. I'm right there with you, so far my work day has been a shit show but knowing I get to go home and play Sable tonight is getting me through

No. 1540890

Too late! I'm gonna crawl under a rock now!

No. 1540918

File: 1680634661217.jpg (98.12 KB, 736x981, 4256da8332de3e7d6971a27263eeda…)

Thank you nona, that's very sweet. ♥

Thank you anon! I prefer slower games and platformers, and some to play with my nigel. It depends greatly on my mood, so these are the ones I've playing recently:
>Animal Crossing
>Disco Elysium
>Grim Fandango
>Sakuna of rice and ruin (picrel)
And some others I don't remember right now. I'm thinking of starting the first Atelier Ryza today, if I have the time and if I don't get too consumed by my ACNH tasks lol

I never heard of this game before but it looks super interesting, reminds me of Moebius. Sadly there isn't a Switch port

No. 1540988

I literally thought that was from a Moebius comic scrolling by

Apparently not
>Game Informer “Sable’s unique art style, memorable characters and quests, and engaging open-ended formula blah blah "
Unique art style??? Unique my ass, totally ripped off

No. 1541068

File: 1680655023634.jpeg (1.55 MB, 4032x3024, DBA189A4-11B8-427D-8731-A96949…)

Some flower blossoms fell off a tree so I gave them to the turtle statue in the park
Spring is shaping up to be nice this year

No. 1541076

Ah nonnie you are such a sweetheart , glad you are enjoying spring, I bet the turtle will make someone smile. I saw bees amongst the yellow primroses today, and the sun was warming my back. I’m so happy it’s spring.

No. 1541081

Tbf it's kinda unique for games, considering a lot rely on realism, especially open world ones

No. 1541086

this is so cute wtf

No. 1541091

This would make my day if I walked by and saw someone took the time to do this. So cute

No. 1541212

I once almost ripped off a beauty mark on my breast while I was sleeping, the pain woke me up immediately though, I have no idea how it managed to reattach itself to my skin given how much blood there was.

No. 1541285

File: 1680694548905.png (384.11 KB, 996x835, 325678987654.png)

Sage for samefagging, but how could I forget 2 of my favorites!
>Tony Hawk's series
These are so relaxing for me, borderline therapeutic kek I hope Underground 1-2 and American Wasteland will get the same remaster treatment.
I absolutely love this one, I am looking forward to play at night during the weekend trying to solve the puzzles with my moid. I really love the atmosphere for myst, and the last time I've played it it was literally 20 years ago or at least in that ballpark. I really like how it doesn't hold your hand at all, you really feel stranded on a island with weird unkown objects.

No. 1541339

File: 1680699588941.gif (582.39 KB, 150x84, IMG_20230405_145936.gif)

My brother sent me this random gif and I can't stop thinking about it, I find it funny.

No. 1541362

I used to love Myst but was never good at those puzzle games, especially as a kid. I literally could not even figure out the first puzzle, my dad had to help me. Who also used to keep scrap paper in the pc game box filled with notes on the game kek

No. 1541364

To any nonnas working on Fiverr, remember to double check the accounts sending you videos because someone I know got hacked like that.
She didn’t double check the account and just downloaded the video, and then she got hacked.
The account was just a single name “Pedro” literally, and she didn’t think much about it, the video couldn’t be watched and the antivirus sent the alert that it had a malware.

No. 1541434

File: 1680706638536.jpeg (52.73 KB, 765x1167, BDED25FF-9800-4ACE-9DB4-C3EBB4…)

Enjoying a nice cold Topo Chico and a joint of my favorite sativa strain on my patio watching the birds in my backyard.

No. 1541469

File: 1680711362544.gif (4.07 MB, 498x278, 3DFDDD92-030D-42A8-98A2-875CC3…)

I love crazy crustaceans

No. 1541673

cute! I didn't know you could make crabs whole stuff

No. 1541708

i'm seeing them next Friday and I'm so excited!! I'm going to meet up with some friends, i was curious as to what the atmosphere would be like. hopefully people at this one are just as fun. Even if not…i love this band and i honestly never thought i'd be able to see them live so im excited

No. 1541712

Interactions with random strangers are so funny sometimes. I was buying a bottle of vodka today but there was a man in his 40's or something buying a few bottles of it in front of me, he was busy packing them up and they were out of small bottles so I had to buy a 1L bottle. He stared at me a little bit confused I guess because I look really young for my age so I said 'aye sir we got the same taste!' and he audibly laughed kek. They're such stupid little encounters but it's nice when people are just friendly.

I'm happy for you nonna! I'm the OP and they were absolutely amazing last summer, I hope you have a great time!

No. 1541734

no1curr groomer

No. 1541746

Kek what?

No. 1541766

I just got back from seeing them yesterday for the second time. They were great! And the atmosphere is chill and fun, at least where I was. Everyone was just dancing and showing their enthusiasm for the music. Just enough crowd participation to show appreciation to the band without being obnoxious.

No. 1541902

File: 1680769266980.png (423.85 KB, 1366x654, starfall.png)

My school used to have us play on Starfall all the time back in ~2008. I completely forgot about it until someone mentioned it in passing sometime last year, forgot about it again, then half remembered today and googled around in a panic for 30 minutes until I found it. The seasonal stuff was my favorite, loveeeee the fairy garden shop. I hope it never goes offline


No. 1541931

It's because you used the 4chan equivalent of "lol" I believe.

No. 1541934

>Newfag alert

No. 1541960

LC stems from 4chan retard, and 'kek' is from World of Warcraft. Lurk moar zoomer.

No. 1541963

I was just reading through some older threads on /g/ and while scrolling I immediately recognised a post I made three years ago. I vividly remember typing it out and even searching through my files to find the perfect image to go with the post. It wasn't even a very long or memorable post at all. Makes me feel kinda weird.

No. 1541969

File: 1680778878724.jpg (10.09 KB, 480x360, 32ba4257d34e7e063cccf2a04b30a6…)

I'm going to give my guy friend a nice piece of amethyst and I don't give a fuck if he thinks I'm some new age weirdo, I just think it's pretty. I would like to receive some nice rock as a present and then look at that rock and think damn that's a really nice rock I remember who gave me that rock

No. 1541979

I didnt go to the gym for a week and im convincing myself to go today. I hate feeling lazy but I hate being with a bunch of loud muscly dudes even more, its hard

No. 1542175

File: 1680794873466.jpg (122.73 KB, 800x800, Sun_Lolly_Organic_Cherry_Bio_6…)

Had a migraine coming on due to muscle stiffness. Didn't feel like eating anything, but my local store had these for sale and I don't know why, but they are just so good and refreshing when I feel like crap. Sitting with a heat pillow wrapped around my neck and scarfing down my second one at the moment.

No. 1542183

I accidentally left my phone in a bowl keys last night and the sound it made when my alarm went off scared the crap out of me. It sounded loud and urgent, like an emergency/smoke detector alarm.

No. 1542233

Hey if you have netflix there are a variety of workouts that are mostly body weight

No. 1542237

Nonnies please help me. Last night a mug ive had for years broke, this morning I poured milk into a jar and while pouring a shot of espresso it leaked out from the bottom… then this morning another glass broke in my hand while washing. Ive reused these cups/jars for a while with no issue.
Have i been blessed

No. 1542346

I'm horny but my cat wants to cuddle and I'd feel so bad if I kicked him out of my room.

No. 1542365

The cat will forgive you if you kick it out. If you let it stay and observe its piercing curious stare may haunt you long after.

No. 1542409

He eventually left on his own to eat and I closed the door to do the deed, he is now back on my bed, everything is fine.

No. 1542632

Was in a store today looking at the breakfasty/snack bars section, trying to make a choice between 2 options. Very serious business at hand.. when I had the classic uninvited "its not that bad, smile" interaction with some rando shelf stacker guy. I say interaction.. I acted oblivious to him while he awkwardly just stood around for way too long waiting for a response or some sort of acknowledgment that never came. Never took my eyes off of those sweet n salted caramel peanut bars.

No. 1542634

I often do that, but most of the time it's because I legit don't even notice that someone's talking to me.

No. 1542645

Stacy cereal bar enjoyer

No. 1542792

I should stop visiting 4chan at all witnessing the male stupidity and oblivion there is melting my fucking brain

No. 1542798

You should've done so a long time ago. I think I stopped in 2012 or something… Best decision I ever made was to never visit male dominated sites again, but especially imageboards. It's extremely unhealthy for you.

No. 1542801

Seriously just block the site. There is nothing good there. It's self-harm to visit as a woman.

No. 1542810

File: 1680883847456.jpg (40.86 KB, 560x812, 07c270adc968dd1b6a66c508c1a6bd…)

Currently crying while eating mac and cheese straight out of the pot. How's your day so far nonnies?

No. 1542839

I'm triggered by this meme misgendering the cat.

No. 1542841

me too anon. fake cat fans

No. 1542851

lmao nonnie same, i do not care if people misgender other people, but do not misgender calico cats.

No. 1542855

Me when I check on my personal cows, one is a TIF and the other is an NLOG slowly descending into tradfaggotry so I get stupidity on both sides.

No. 1542857

Some calicos can be boys, just like some orange tabbies can be girls… TERF

No. 1542864

Little cheddar gloves.

No. 1542881

I just made poached eggs properly for the first time. So soft and good

No. 1542885

I love how I've managed to troonpill my brother and in return he is troonpilling everybody around him (he's finishing his medical studies and everybody around him has met an obnoxious troon at some point), the other day his best friend called him horrified to say he saw a TIM in the train lol.

No. 1542898

calicos can be xx or xxy. not xy

No. 1542909

This bacon I bought is like all fat

No. 1542948

my best friend got heartbroken over a moid recently but today we had a lot of fun going out for a coffee and shopping

hope she feels better soon because she is gorgeous and he is an uggo with npc face and female hips

No. 1542950

I'm so dumb nonnies

I forgot just how bad it really was, if you took out the racism sexism and antisemitism it would be almost tolerable but why are moids so idiotic. they're so fixated on this shit that doesn't matter. they're such bigots.

No. 1542952

Nonnie how would you feel if that bacon hopped onto lc and made a whole post just to call you fat..

No. 1542963

No. 1543035

File: 1680907114490.jpg (43.67 KB, 735x472, 6e20fc77d57153d37259436b200366…)

My entire weekend has been ruined because I got sick from my disgusting family. But at the same time my friends made a reservation for a brunch for Saturday morning and I can't go anymore because swallowing drinks and food is very painful and I'm relieved that we canceled it. I really don't want to wake up early just to spend an entire hour walking and then taking the subway to a restaurant I don't know. Maybe I'll play more video games instead.

No. 1543041

Kekkk anon pls

No. 1543073

nta but would respond to bacons post by saying that it was fat first

No. 1543089

File: 1680915491401.jpeg (83.11 KB, 796x836, IMG_7437.jpeg)

I got an extremely low quality image of the skin; it was too fast for me and I didn’t want to harass it more for a better picture lest it leave my yard forever. Cute little guy though

No. 1543096

Skink not skin lol

No. 1543103

Oh he's such a cute little booger

No. 1543166

No. 1543408

>start watching a documentary about algorithms
>it's in english and overdubbed on french
>hear male voice for the narrator, dubbed voice is female
>oh god no, please…
I closed the video as soon as the disgusting hon appeared on screen.

No. 1543415

File: 1680947356255.jpg (704.47 KB, 2048x1704, eyelashes.jpg)

No. 1543422

I had to wake up in the middle of the night (3AM) to finish something. Now it's almost 6 am but I'm done and I can go back to sleep now. I should've took me less than an hour to finish but I'm so sleepy tired and cold. Least it's the weekend.

No. 1543552

Those lashes are haunting

No. 1543580

File: 1680958631040.jpg (20.96 KB, 960x312, hell yeah.jpg)

one of my eyebrow hairs is really long and i keep playing with it

No. 1543591

File: 1680959673771.jpeg (27.15 KB, 524x329, Fm1CIcZaYAMv96e.jpeg)

Hope her lashes fall into his eyes and blind him.

No. 1543649

i gave myself a french manicure. i know they're passé but idc i like them. it's y2k or whatever kek

No. 1543761

File: 1680973869349.jpg (98.88 KB, 640x638, tumblr_ea1bbabeb94f303935b5036…)

Anyone else Spring cleaning? I'm slowly getting it done while listening to piano covers of metal songs with my cat and enjoying bubble tea. Just started a new MMO last night but I'm making a point not to get lost in it before I clean at least 2 rooms.

No. 1543763

I feel like french manicures are only really tacky with fake tans. They look really clean and kempt without a fake tan.

No. 1543774

File: 1680974636638.jpg (52.69 KB, 1183x887, Port salut.jpg)

I just put some port salut cheese on a paprika flavoured pringle and it was fucking delicious. Early grave, here I come, I guess.

No. 1544765

File: 1681070539282.png (3.03 MB, 1440x2110, Screenshot_20230409-150233.png)

spurring off of child stars in celebricow thread, I found out yesterday ned, cookie, and moze from neds declassified have a podcast

No. 1544771

They look honestly tbh.

No. 1544813

They look what?

No. 1544918

I'm at my parent's home for Easter and I'm sleeping in my childhood bed, how the hell did I sleep in a one person bed for 28 years???

No. 1544921

you heard her, they look tbh.

No. 1544972

I have some subjects lined up for me to study over the summer, and I think it would be really nice if I could go settle down at a coffee shop or somewhere comfortable after work to study. It's a shame my town doesn't have a lot, but there are still coffee shops. I always feel more alert when I'm out of the house.

No. 1544998

File: 1681091713752.jpeg (307.39 KB, 1280x1712, 8C236194-9F51-4760-9A9E-C490B1…)

I don’t really know what to do! I kind of want to go back to having curly hair, but straight hair suits me a lot and I like how easy to style it is. At this point I should just shave my whole hair and buy wigs because I’m so indecisive.

No. 1545194

File: 1681126231293.jpeg (51.09 KB, 746x601, 07735A2F-A212-4807-A6E3-841AF8…)

My kitty girl finally ran on her kitty wheel!!! I bought it 8 months ago and it’s just been sitting there unused taking up a ton of space. I said i’d give it a year for one of the cats to use it before trying to sell it. I’m so glad she’s using it, she loves to race and my house isn’t very big. Seeing her joyfully racing on the wheel made me so happy I almost cried. She’s so fucking cute, I love my dainty racin’ princess.

No. 1545244

Getting off birth control pills really do be like getting off antidepressives or something. Like i'm slowly getting this old personality back but she's darksided and i don't know how to deal with her. I like her though but she's fucked up.

No. 1545245

Taking maca root powder capsules for a month or two will ease the transition

No. 1545327

That's so exciting nonna! I always think cats who run in these are so cute.

No. 1545433

So I'm doing the pride month graphics for my company. My work's pretty conservative so I think I can get away with using the regular flag kek

No. 1545585

Made croutons out of an everything bagel

No. 1545622

It's been 10 days, but I got the birthday peeps per your request anon! It was so hard to find any peeps at all, it's like there's a Peep shortage. Anyway, happy Easter nonna!

No. 1545805

File: 1681168244786.jpeg (23.88 KB, 573x580, 4A803F0C-5610-4E24-B9EE-F0F6F1…)

I feel so productive, idk, it makes me happy, I went to the gym today and on my way back home I got a contact to apply for a job, I got back home, fixed and sent my CV to the workplace from that contact, took a shower, washed my hair even.
I feel like things are just okay so far. And now I will get more copies of my CV to give it to my yoga instructor this Friday and to give as well a physical copy to that workplace near my gym.

No. 1545928

nonnies he asked for my number and i think were going out tomorrow :-)(:-)

No. 1545980

my period is being weird and and my abdomen hurts. i want cookies so much but it is 1am nothing is open. true misery…

it's probably weird because I've been laying in bed for three days straight, which caused it to delay a start. if I was moving and active it would have gone full force days ago.

No. 1546219

It is so exciting! She’s so adorable, I got a video clip of her racing on it a whole bunch and at the end she was like purrrrowmeow! Melted my heart. She’s used it a bunch more since yesterday, too. She’s a particularly adorable ticked/spotted/striped brown tabby with white feet and a white chest, and she’s the tiniest adult cat I’ve ever had at 7 lbs. she is allowed to free feed and eat as much as she wants whenever she wants, but she’s a slim girly and naturally keeps herself so tiny. Meanwhile my other cats need measured portions or they’d be deathfats kek.

No. 1546293

I've been finding random scratches on my legs for the last few days but assumed it was just caused by my own sharp nails. What did I pull out of my mattress when changing my sheets today? A fucking 4 inch long sewing needle. I need to stop sewing in bed.

No. 1546319

File: 1681235660319.jpg (60.42 KB, 724x724, e6e35bedf5955855203d7bc004a29f…)

Ive been a long time since I've had pink nails, I think I'll do a pink set later today

No. 1546368

File: 1681241001009.jpg (172.37 KB, 1280x720, funney plant.jpg)

planted basil seeds a week or so ago and they're sprouting now :D makes me happy
i planted some chives too but nothing really happened there, might take more time(:D)

No. 1546606

File: 1681265727748.jpg (254.86 KB, 2000x2000, Picsart_23-04-11_21-21-31-920.…)

had horrible insomnia flareup with bad hypnic jerks last week. got 3 hrs sleep over a 2 day period and felt like i was on drugs. i usually use valerian root tincture to fall asleep but it stopped working. i was terrified the insomnia would last months or years and ruin my life (i have a morning job) but i found something that works. a cup of magnesium bicarbonate water with 2 Tbsp of this tart cherry syrup. i literally do not wake up even once in the night anymore.

No. 1546964

might have to try this. I woke up a few hours ago and couldn’t fall back asleep. gotta go to work soon though.

No. 1547248

definitely try the cherry concentrate syrup at least. it's sold at health food stores. the magnesiun bicarbonate water is a little more difficult. you have to buy bottles of carbonated water to mix it in or invest in a soda stream. it's worth it imo especially if you get muscle twitches, tachycardia and hypnic jerks like i did. best most bioavailable magnesium supplement you can use.

No. 1547277

Swear to God I eat at least a pound of quinoa a day

No. 1547352

The voice in my headphones that says disconnected/pairing/etc sounds like Garnet from steven universe

No. 1547407

File: 1681320510548.jpg (179.03 KB, 1108x1108, 1547435175254.jpg)

I made it my goal to fold 1000 cranes but I didn't think of where to put them beforehand, and I'm running out of space in my box. I also don't know what to do with them once I complete them… burn them, in hopes of their smokes reaching the heavens?

No. 1547415

File: 1681320654751.jpg (82.06 KB, 1600x1600, papercranes.jpg)

String them and hang the from your ceiling, you can put more than one on the string like picrel

No. 1547583

Found an Olympics women's sports GDR pin from 1980 for 30 cents today, no idea if it's worth anything but it's a cool find imo, I'm happy.

This would look so cute!

No. 1548073

I listened to the neighbors toddler SPRINT around upstairs around for like 20 minutes starting at 8:00 am sharp until i had a breakdown and hit the ceiling (had a nasty headache and hadn't slept well). I went upstairs to apologize and talk to them, and I should've talked it out with them months ago. I think the dude felt bad because I was clearly on the verge of tears as I explained that I have no problem with noise at any other time of day but I literally cannot handle 20-30 minutes of daily thundering before 9 o' clock. Long story short I suggested rugs and they were very sorry and said they'd get some! So happy, I've been venting about this for months on lc too lol.

No. 1548140

God the internet is so slow in my train, I wanted to do some daily quests in my games but that probably won't be possible (there's no charging port anyway). I'll keep on reading this web novel I started a few days ago, it's so long I'd better read it anytime I have nothing to do.

No. 1548142

God the internet is so slow in my train, I wanted to do some daily quests in my games but that probably won't be possible (there's no charging port anyway). I'll keep on reading this web novel I started a few days ago, it's so long I'd better read it anytime I have nothing to do.

No. 1548143

God the internet is so slow in my train, I wanted to do some daily quests in my games but that probably won't be possible (there's no charging port anyway). I'll keep on reading this web novel I started a few days ago, it's so long I'd better read it anytime I have nothing to do.

No. 1548144

God the internet is so slow in my train, I wanted to do some daily quests in my games but that probably won't be possible (there's no charging port anyway). I'll keep on reading this web novel I started a few days ago, it's so long I'd better read it anytime I have nothing to do.

No. 1548196

File: 1681389417354.jpeg (39.42 KB, 792x426, C2A33793-5CC7-4F34-AF27-171723…)

I usually don’t buy things but I decided to treat myself since I’ve been working too much lately. I bought a nana poster and two glasses with strawberries on them. I’m so excited for them to get here

No. 1548214

This is such a weird ass turtleneck. Who the hell has this neck to shoulder ratio? It's not much of a turtleneck if it falls below the fucking collarbones.

No. 1548305

My childhood best friend is getting married! We don't have much contact anymore but I'm so happy for her

No. 1548309

Couldn't get away with using the OG pride flag colors for my work's graphics. Sorry LGBs, corporate says you don't generate enough public fervor anymore and you were just pawns anyway kek

No. 1548317

My company announced that they are trademarking a very mundane word (synonym for cool) and now I’m really curious as to how trademarks work. But not curious enough to look into it.

No. 1548490

I found a dress with pockets, finally

No. 1548593

I ordered an iced latte yesterday (just espresso, milk and ice) and they put vanilla syrup. went to a different coffee shop today and and they did the same thing. whyyyy I just want my plain boring coffee without thick sugary syrup

No. 1548594

unlikely they will get it approved. words or phrases that are wildly used cannot be trademarked.

No. 1548602

My new haircut makes me look older and younger at the same time, depending on the angles I either look like a 90s lesbian or a mother of three.

No. 1548613

Let me guess, some kind of bob?

No. 1548706

I have to poo

No. 1548727

Daydreaming about killing myself and them finding me because it’s the only way I can imagine them telling me they love me and all the affection they feel towards me

No. 1548733

File: 1681445435367.gif (183.49 KB, 368x298, 958a1d1d316c3d5675d8a555fac3c5…)

My car finally got fully fixed after being out of commission for a while. Yay! I took a little celebratory drive in it.

No. 1548758

File: 1681449494337.jpeg (57.73 KB, 444x513, 842BA7E8-EF23-4FE3-8E23-5E12B4…)

Cooking and baking, and even just thinking of either fills my heart with such love. I actually can’t believe this is what what’s slowly getting out of my stump. I love making things for my family or friends, and even if my family gives me a hard time and teases me, it makes it that much more fulfilling. They can say what they want, but they end up eating and liking it in the end. I wish I could get over feeling like I’m taking up too much space or resources if I cook, I still have some roadblocks. But nonnies, just making a simple genoise cake or stir fry vegetables is actually so fun. I can’t even look at packaged shit in the supermarket the same anymore. I want to make everything myself. I love food kek.

No. 1548829

File: 1681466910951.jpg (32.32 KB, 550x465, 13e14178908149dd822d32c24d1d45…)

I'm so sleepy and I won't be back home until 7pm

No. 1548871

I want to live in Cannes and paint my pretty pictures

No. 1549022

I'm supposed to go to a birthday party in three hours but I'm going to cancel and continue crying over a dumb moid. Yeah I know it's pathetic but I can't get myself to smile right now. I just want to be loved nonnas.

No. 1549028

Pls go, the party might distract you from the bs

No. 1549058

i hope you get to, that sounds jazz

No. 1549062

go to the party!! you might feel better! or worse! but worse in a way that distracts you from the moid, which, in a way, can be better.

No. 1549112

File: 1681494857303.jpeg (17.5 KB, 554x554, images (6).jpeg)

I don't know its name in English, but I am absolutely addicted to these. I bought a big box of these and I keep thinking about it when I'm at work, like right now lol
They are on the cheaper side, but still highly addicting, maybe even more so. I'm planning on doing a homemade version of it this weekend with better (or hopefully so) ingredients, let's see how that will go.

No. 1549114

Fuck the moid, go to the party and have fun. Don't let him control your life unless you've been ugly crying for the past few hours and will look like shit

No. 1549145

I'm guessing those are krembos? I think their English name is just a marshmallow treat even though not all of them are marshmallows but more resembling of merengue. They're tasty as hell though.

No. 1549220

Marshmallow teacakes?

No. 1549221

Bonbons is the English word

No. 1549789

File: 1681550818163.jpg (43.48 KB, 604x603, 1653943204840.jpg)

All of my stickers I put in sticker books are now stuck to the pages because the books are shit. Hundreds of stickers wasted

No. 1549790

Are these the ones that had a very racist name in Finnish for a very long time

No. 1549813

Sorry for being such a disappointment nonnies but I didn't go. I ended up falling asleep not long after posting this and yes kek I would've looked like shit from all the crying anyway

No. 1549845

File: 1681557560575.jpg (67.59 KB, 792x446, suukkoja.jpg)

Yeah, they used to be called Neekerinsuukko which literally translates to Negro Kiss. Nowadays they're just Suukko ("Kiss"). Picrel is the packaging I remember from my childhood (with new name) but it has been since changed, too.

No. 1549877

I bought a pair of ASICS to replace my Nike running shoes

No. 1549879

You can try to remove them with steam. I've done it by dampening a cloth, laying it over the sticker page, putting another cloth on top, and ironing it on low/medium heat. Don't soak the first cloth in water, only dampen it, or you'll ruin the stickers. Test the stickers gently every few minutes.

No. 1550175

Anon that was talking about going to see them soon, I saw them last night and they were so great live. They were so into their performance and were having such a great time, it was awesome. I even danced, which I don't usually do but their music has such an infective quality. The crowd was kind of weird? It was a mix of older goths and people from the local alt scene and then frat boys and just the most random people lmao

Side note, has anyone noticed a change in concert etiquette pre and post covid? Some people were rude as fuck, they were acting like you were ruining their moment, like the whole concert revolved around them. Weird af

No. 1550179

I have to pee

No. 1550197

I peed.

No. 1550198

My oh my, such a pretty rainbow in the sky

No. 1550199

go piss girl

No. 1550242

time to go to lunch with narcissistic mother and pray she doesn't berate me

why did I let her back into my life

No. 1550257

Fuck what she says, when narcs berate you that's when you know they're insecure and want to get you back under their thumb. Don't be afraid to get up and leave.

No. 1550385

I've been learning and practicing German so I started lurking in the German thread and saw someone use the word "Nönnchen" german anon you are adorable and i love this

No. 1550438

That super cute! I wish the Scandi thread was active so I could use nonnis more.

No. 1550451

I'll never have enough time to listen to all the music/read all the books/play all the games I want and it's depressing me, thank god I don't watch movies.

No. 1550456

I was cleaning my ears with a q-tip, and suddenly I was able to put it in super deep, like way deeper than I knew I could. I could've put it in farther but it was freaking me out.

No. 1550471

File: 1681596476763.jpg (96.02 KB, 894x1014, sub-buzz-6192-1677444315-3.jpg)

Damn it, Pedro Pascal is fucking hot and on this pic he reminds me of a guy i have slept with, i want him to fuck me so bad… Haven't done "the deed" lately and I'm so fucking horny

No. 1550472

I ruptured my eardrum doing this once.. well actually twice. I never learn.

No. 1550475

He looks like a recovering drug addict.

No. 1550476

>crumbly old man
Are you delusional nona?

No. 1550485

Lol nonies, don't be so hard on me, he actually looks way better than both of the boyfriends i had… Maybe i really am delusional but I want him inside of me kek
Probably should to to therapy again kek

No. 1550497

This is a particularly bad photo holy shit. I only know him from the last of us. I thought he was good looking in that show but not in this photo.

No. 1550500

File: 1681598700845.jpg (218.53 KB, 1024x853, CX4SFbwUkAApNxf.jpg)

I can't wait for my package to arrive. I got a bunch of pins and acrylic charms to match up with some pre-existing ones from a collection of mine. Though, most greatest of all I got a set of three chokkori-san plushes. I think I'll sew little wearable costumes or buy a set of these cute bunny ones. My dreams of having a wearable shrine is coming soon.

No. 1550501

File: 1681598710087.png (353.4 KB, 1000x563, pedro-pascal-game-of-thrones.p…)

KEEKKK damn anon you could've at least chose a good pic. He looks sickly and drug addicted in that one.

No. 1550505

Honestly I am at the point I want a casual partner that pays me for meetings. No real job, no taxes, no interviews, no obligations or consequences, no emotions, no drama. I don't want any real relationship. I actually had this before, the guy was a surgeon, really nice, lived with his parents, he also didn't want a relationship but wanted weekly massages to destress and you ask why not go to a spa? He wanted to lay naked on a bed, and he wanted me to wear gloves. He brought them too, either princess costume gloves, lace gloves, or doctors gloves, those tight rubber ones yes. And he wanted me to wear a dress and tights. He asked for the lightest touch, it essentially would just give him tingles. He would get excited and well, you know, but even in a normal massage men get excited. And he wanted this for three hours at a time. He even put on the tv so I wouldn't get bored and we took breaks. He bought me food, paid in cash, paid for the hotel rooms. I went wanting to make money as a masseuse that knows what I am doing and accidentally fell into the easiest gig. And I still kinda regret leaving that because I was moving abroad. I want this arrangement again so badly. Some overworked stressed out kind guy with a kink who doesn't ask for much. I swear I will keep trying to find another gig like this because I know they are out there.

No. 1550512

I do not get the obsession with this man at all.
Are you all drinking toxic chemical water?

I love shopping online and getting packages, it feels like xmas every time.

No. 1550525

to each their own kek i liked this particular photo but maybe it's my bad taste in moids showing kek sometimes i can't help it, women can be horny too, there is something sexy in him, I don't know, or maybe it's because of the association with the guy he reminds me of and wow he was the best in bed from all of the guys i have slept with

No. 1550534

I’m bored at work I wish the clock would go faster

No. 1550549

File: 1681602393101.jpg (101.34 KB, 750x830, Tumblr_l_338743623304187.jpg)

He was the best in Narcos, I didn't care for his character except for the sex scenes, he was a total whore in it. Also his small waist and ass…

No. 1550552

>having to dress up and tickle a scrote with an erection for 3 hours
>easy money
I disagree

No. 1550561

File: 1681604152808.jpeg (39.64 KB, 639x454, CDE7CBF6-45C5-4F36-A287-78CE6B…)

I think he looks kinda hot here but I like when men look dead

No. 1550574

I am convinced fully that women with your tastes have a hormone imbalance like mama lets research

No. 1550696

File: 1681611307880.png (1.13 MB, 1840x2048, Screenshot_20230415-211355.png)

No. 1550712

are you asking this or did you post bc you think it's funny? I'll look silly if it's the second one but I'm just going to tell you it's an ethernet port

No. 1550732

Nta but I feel like women like that don't have a hormone imbalance but instead have strong cravings for bone marrow and the thought of cracking open some sickly man's bones and sucking out the marrow makes them attracted to sickly, cracked out guys.

No. 1550747

…Or they have a hormone imbalance

No. 1550750

I do have extremely unbalanced hormones ma'am

no the other nona is right I have a hormonal imbalance that must be replenished with sickly moid marrow you've pigeonholed my secrets

No. 1550753

But it looks like if you cracked open their bones all you would find is like a thimbleful of fine powder. Just a puff of dust.

No. 1550762

Don't be silly, there's marrow in those bones made easily accessible by their gaunt, spindly appearance. I bet that's why nona isn't attracted to roided out muscle freaks; it's harder to get to the marrow with all the muscle and meat.

No. 1550781

Oh ho ho ho ho, meat.

No. 1550797

This reddit ass exchange

No. 1550800

Alls well in love, it's cocaine in lieu of nutrition. Together I can be with my spindly skeleton gaunt like a couple of sunken cheeked Burton characters

This is true, also it's a curvy girls job to be attracted to the body type that's most opposite her own. As long as the skeleton has nice wide shoulders and wide bones, a little meatier than Timmy Chowder, he should do nicely

No. 1550803

I dont and will never understand. The negative ass to back ratio, the stick insect limbs, the way they'd look like a bamboo chute thrusting in and out of you with no rhythm clutching the sides of the bed for traction because they are one misstep away from a fractured pelvis

No. 1550813

Speaking from experience, anon?

No. 1550820

Isn't it an old landline phone jack?

No. 1550977

File: 1681647572700.jpg (58.13 KB, 1000x636, main-gettyimages-77147045-1507…)

I have sensitive white people skin with minor rosacea and have mostly come to terms with the fact my skin will never be perfect. I've been using some higher-end skincare products that are compatible with my skintype and while I can't say they've improved anything, they didn't have any adverse effects so I just figured I needed to use them preventatively. For unrelated reasons I decided to try water only a couple of weeks ago, and not only is my skin doing totally fine, probably better in terms of redness, but my allergic rhinitis which I thought I just had to live with forever is miles better. I only use a moisturizer with SPF now. Been listening to the book "Clean" by James Hamblin (highly recommend it) and it has some interesting parts about the skin microbiome. I wonder if not stripping helpful bacteria off my face might have helped with my allergic rhinitis. Controversial, but I'm also not using shampoo atm (posted about this in the haircare thread), and realized the residue from shampoo and conditioner would irritate the skin on my scalp and forehead. BF can confirm my hair smells fine. Feeling good about being less wasteful in terms of natural resources and water.

No. 1550980

File: 1681648553552.png (1.98 MB, 1536x2048, CCB8DD7A-AB77-46FE-A8A7-937C43…)

somebody needs to protect drivers with the new news about slaughterhouse bombing happening during the war, I believe the canonical prototype for dna involved with “aranea Serket” “jake English” is dealing with grimes and Elon, who may care about her less or understand her needs more.

Sorry for the TW, her name is Carissa.

Anyone else scared of this happening? I can’t understand driver mentality. It must be connected to job, route, or phone.


No. 1550981

No. 1550989

Wrong thread

No. 1551020

posted because it is hilarious not because i am asking. and it's a telephone jack

No. 1551134

File: 1681663428494.jpeg (136.3 KB, 1242x1863, EE613264-1F6C-41B5-BA73-76369A…)

I love lollipops so much, or maybe I just haven’t have one in years so now this one that I’m eating tastes like glory.

No. 1551138

I'm usually not much into lollipops but I could go for a chupa chups strawberry and cream rn

No. 1551286

File: 1681672792200.jpg (164.81 KB, 736x981, 1bf887f308c177ab44b17b1109dacb…)

I have some mini potatoes that are going soft, so I'm currently boiling them to make smashed potatoes

No. 1551295

Those look so scrumptious

No. 1551342

I drove 1.5 hours out of the city to this small town with a famous bookstore. I browsed for a good 1-2 hours (and bought three books) and then ate lunch at the nearby cafe and read! I was nervous because I didn’t want to drive all the way out just for the place to be boring and anticlimactic, but I’m happy I did. Hope I get more time in the future to take myself out like this without feeling nervous/awkward being on my own.

No. 1551637

File: 1681699789530.jpg (125.1 KB, 736x1104, 070e8d50483c89d064d1bf9c99688c…)

Im making one of these. Making the gravy right now.

No. 1551649

File: 1681700072654.jpg (391.29 KB, 1525x2033, FaceApp_1681699994537.jpg)

Mmm me likey gravy

No. 1551689

Hey girlie, if you want to try what I did to fix redness I put honey in some warm water to dilute it and dabbed that on my face. Let it dry, it can feel slightly sticky so you can wash again after ten mins but I just leave it as is.

No. 1551736

Samefag, I just finished the gravy and it's too salty but I also don't feel like having to go through the whole process of browning the roux again. Decisions, decisions…
I'm thinking I just undersalt the mashed potatoes to make up for it.

No. 1551761

Anon im fucking losing it

No. 1551845

File: 1681709671240.jpeg (171.49 KB, 853x840, 6676B8EE-6D7B-45F5-B857-F4236A…)

I got the berry eating high again, nonnies. This time thanks to blueberries. Mmmm

No. 1551849

I judt made myself laugh so hard holy fuuuck

No. 1552084

Bed is so comfy and warm, and outside it's so coold. I want to feel this comfortable forever

No. 1552120

File: 1681747620936.jpg (46.98 KB, 736x736, 59ef3899ec7b0144e1883c1225dd3a…)

It's so insanely slow at work today, there's barely any people here either (day off, vacation, stuff like that), I've been mostly reading Wikipedia articles and random research papers. Currently I'm on a rabbit hole of trying to find japanese surnames that are actually of Ainu origin but have been kanjified. I know of Sakai and Kohiruimaki, but I am yet to find others. After my lunch break, I'll try to search it in japanese.
Also I now feel like drawing Asirpa playing Zelda on a Zelda edition Switch. I think she would like the deep blue and markings of the joycons.

No. 1552373

Was walking home and saw a cute guy come out of GameStop. He was so pale and skinny with light hair. He was wearing tight pants too kek I think maybe he worked there. Anyway we were walking in the same direction for a while so I got to stare at him the whole time because he was in front of me so he couldn’t see. It was nice.

No. 1552378

I finally took a normal shit after 2 months

No. 1552495

I am painting my nails before I go to bed and try to sleep

No. 1552533

I ate dinner but i'm still hungry and i'm tempted to go to the grocery store and get kernels to make popcorn or some ice cream or something but i'm trying to lose weight and i've already reached my maximum calories.

No. 1553508

File: 1681849537981.jpeg (64.82 KB, 450x675, A24E9CB0-AF47-4D26-84F5-A50467…)

My uncle got a camrip of the Mario movie, my little cousin loves it and hasn't stopped watching it, kinda reminds me of myself at his age, I just wouldn't stop watching Shrek.

No. 1553511

Wait, how caloric is popcorn?

No. 1553566

i mf love garlic hummus so much

No. 1553582

File: 1681857002599.jpeg (2.88 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7632.jpeg)

there were more skinks. Two males and two females or juveniles (dunno it’s hard to tell them apart, I think one female and one juvenile)

No. 1553588

I tried to move the skinks to a new location because of stuff happening in the yard that kinda fucked up their house (just moved here and the yard was neglected and wild, I feel kinda bad messing with it but it’s my yard now); hopefully they like the new location since it used the same boards they were under and is similar but who knows they might hate it and move. The girls or youngsters bit like crazy when they got picked up which was weirdly cute since they couldn’t break the skin but it did kinda hurt; the guys were big and easy to hold but they made their little scary open mouth movements like they would bite if they could lol

No. 1553589

It's so pretty

No. 1553598

Nta but it seems like if you make it with an air-popper-?- it’s 93 calories per 3 cups of popcorn, so around 30 calories per cup. That’s without any toppings, I honestly like my popcorn plain so I like it a lot even if it’s chewy. With oil though, they’re crunchy and they’re 164 calories 3 cups.
>source https://www.verywellfit.com/popcorn-nutrition-facts-calories-and-health-benefits-4111296

No. 1553611

File: 1681859396344.jpg (40.62 KB, 600x600, can-cats-eat-popcorn-05.jpg.op…)

ayrt, as long as you air pop it or do the stovetop it's not too bad, i had already reached my kcal limit yesterday tho. i only eat it cooked in oil in the stove, i cant justify buying a whole appliance that serves only one purpose and i think microwave popcorn tastes like shit. so i had a shit ton of popcorn for dinner tonight and now i'm good for a while craving wise

No. 1553616

>trying to code
>attempt to create a python environment (I think) so I can use tkinter
>type a command into command prompt
>Error "py is not recognized as an internal blahblahblah"
>Spend 20 minutes confused and googling
>Download Python
>Type the same command again and this time it works

No. 1553672

Anon who wanted to snort that sickly-looking moid's bones…those posts have been haunting me, I saw a musician I highly respect live recently…he's getting a little older now and is even more cute and fragile with age. Seeing his face and body up close he was so silvery-delicate, especially compared to his bandmates, and more lithe than he is in photos. His hair is getting paler and his blue eyes wash him out to ghost white, I couldn't fucking stop thinking about like…his petite frame and his pretty wrists and his crunchy brittle old man bones KEK he already looks statuesque (in complexion and appearance) but holy shit I want to grind his birdbones and his pelvis into fucking dust I want to EAT HIM!!!! Hormonally imbalanced and carnivorously carnal. I'm not usually attracted to lanky men but truly his gaunt jawline and fine-boned hands make me want to crack his spinal cord like a soda can and tongue out the marrow. Irl scrotes are retarded, no exception, but I was a bit awestruck.

No. 1553718

File: 1681870071575.jpg (165.52 KB, 1080x1080, apple sdpaghett.jpg)

hey everyyone eat spaghet today ok

No. 1553747

File: 1681874736197.jpg (31.7 KB, 735x544, d05f154e6f2ae48dd4f6839c380640…)

Samefag, I'm making a tictactoe game now and the buttons won't display the X's and O's. After every great victory there must come a fall. I'm almost done too, ack.

No. 1553787

Got woken up from my sleep by my mother who was receiving about sixteen phone calls from a private number that wasn't saying anything and making static/moving sounds, she told me to answer the last call and when I spoke the voice whispered " Can you hear me? Can you hear me" it was so creepy and didn't speak when she asked who it was.

No. 1553801

File: 1681884443073.jpeg (141.54 KB, 750x594, 0D46665B-C799-411A-B0E1-27C8B0…)

reading 60 pages of two books made my throbbing and brainrot disappear for roughly 40 minutes and I realize just how much I miss curling up in a shifty position on the couch with a smelly dead tree

No. 1553804

fuck I want some apple sdpaghett

No. 1553805

There's entire discord groups dedicated to giggling at people answering the phone, usually at night with with distorted or soundboard voices. If you never answer, they get bored.

No. 1553812

nta but some people really needs to get productive hobbies

No. 1553864

The weather is getting better and I'm less sick. I have my Friday afternoon off so I'm going to get my nails done for the first time in months and I'll get a haircut as well. Maybe I'll go shopping too and buy some shojo or BL manga too. I wanted to do that two weeks ago but got to sick to leave the house.

No. 1553869

I couldn't sleep and the last thirty minutes I spent thinking about how my bf should match his courtains to his bedspread

No. 1553973

I get two packages today. Yay!

No. 1554049

My tummy hurts and I just kinda feel like crap in general, it's 17:30 and I still haven't gotten out of bed today sigh

No. 1554147

I went to the grocery store and they had no lettuce but everything else was in stock. I paced the produce section like 5x it just wasn't there

No. 1554244

Wish my boobs were bigger

No. 1554272

Hey me too! One of them is a cast iron skillet since my other one is a little too small, I'm so excited to try it out.

No. 1554301

I took out some wings (6 piece, all flat) to defrost 2 days ago and I just realized they're probably ready! Yippee, about to go cook them now. They're like GMO dinosaur wings too, they're fucking huge.

No. 1554310

File: 1681933734571.jpg (62.43 KB, 728x644, pepe-the-frog-meme-dark-souls™…)

I have begun another project. Neither James Gurney nor Kaida Yuji even make this look easy with the techniques I've adopted, but I'm a novice at them either way and am not a stranger to hard work since the cusp of this year.

No. 1554349

rice plus leftover gravy. such a tasty lunch. if i squint my tastebuds i can enjoy the meat too

No. 1554396

An art project?

No. 1554398

i started watching trauma zone by adam curtis, its a doc about post-soviet eastern europe and russia. its really well made, there is no dialogue just footage with occasional text that gives context to the footage from the bbc archives.

No. 1554402

File: 1681940281544.jpg (57.54 KB, 600x600, IMG_3604.JPG)

i went to a fair yesterday and it was really fun but i threw up on my friend in the zipper ride. then we went to a party afterward and i got really drunk and asked my dad to come pick me up so that i wouldn't get fiddled by some yucky moid. sounds mundane but was kinda monumental for me because i hadn't left my house past the front porch for half a year and then when i saw that the fair was in town i had to go and now i feel more normal.

No. 1554405

I'm very interested in what you're making, is it dinosaur/giant lizard related???

No. 1554407

I'm sorry you threw up, I hate the zipper kek

No. 1554418

I have vented about how I'm too shy to post about my husbando on here because he isn't very popular but I did find this girl who posts obsessively about him on tumblr to an autistic degree. I don't mean it as a bad thing I think it endearing, I have autism myself but I have that form that makes me extremely unsocial so i love hanging out with autist in the oppisate end of the spectrum. She real people ships an actor who played him once which I find entertaining even though I'm normally repulsed by RPF. At least she is not delusional about it but she also says she wants to steal his gender which I just find cringey in a not-entertaining way. Ngl I kinda wanna reach out to her so we can sperg about him together but she seems underage and I dont want to befriend teenagers

No. 1554459

You can always anonymously ask her if she’s okay with sharing her age and say you don’t want to reblog a minor or follow one by accident. Go for it anon true tumblr sperging is a dying art now and its so hard to find someone that’s like minded about it

No. 1554474

I'm sorry if this sounds like victim blaming but why would you get drunk knowing something could happen to you? If you were a normie woman I could excuse it with their not all men mentality but you as a lolcow user should know better.

No. 1554514

File: 1681948856307.jpg (89.03 KB, 612x765, his-mom-cuts-his-hair.jpg)

my fringe is too long and it needs a trim but i keep putting it off because I can't be arsed to deal with the aftermath and to clean all the hair on the sink. I guess I'll suffer for another week.

No. 1554522

Nta but people usually get drunk because it feels nice, it’s not really any more complicated than that. She couldn’t have been too terribly drunk if she had the presence of mind to call a ride as a precaution before anything happened.

No. 1554525

if you drink/use sustances for a while you know your limits and how to watch for yourself

No. 1554527

I was 26 years old before I learned that people call part of the wings “flats” and had serious preferences about it. I still think it’s weird to be honest. But I also think some places mix in actual drumsticks and that does seem dishonest but it’s more meat so I wouldn’t complain.

No. 1554528

I cut my fringe over a small bin, there's not much mess like that

No. 1554531

why did i never think about covering the sink with a plastic bag?

No. 1554545

File: 1681951806071.png (45.34 KB, 426x322, Screenshot 2023-04-19 5.49.03 …)

I'm watching a Stacy vlogger and with her glasses on, she looks identical to Isabella Janke. I so was confused on where I'd seen her before ..

No. 1554550

anon I literally thought this was isabella janke as I scrolled past it

No. 1554551

lmao just came here from front page thinking this was a isabella janke update tbh

No. 1554566

Who is she?

No. 1554570

the kardashians managed to trick the low denominator population into thinking they started so many trends or created so many things, much like the hadid girls too, when in reality they took things that were already trending or invented and slapped their names on them. how do people keep falling for this?

No. 1554581


Sabrina Quesada
She doesn't really look like Isabella without the glasses.

^this is the vid the screenshots from

No. 1554588

File: 1681954463772.gif (141.69 KB, 274x212, b996ab4668b7bf2babacc91484b0d2…)

I just made a Sanrio order over $100 and while I did get some things for me, it was mostly gifts for four of my friends. I hope they like everything!

No. 1554597

File: 1681955234191.jpeg (137.85 KB, 749x1129, 2AB4106D-496E-4B87-A15D-BDE421…)

I will have to go to work tomorrow, I hope the two hours pass by quickly and that I know what I’m doing, I’m still reading a bit more about the renaissance just in case I’m not sure of stuff.
I don’t know, I just wish I could get a stable job soon, I wonder if anyone will ever hire me, I know I’m being just very impatient, I just finished my undergrad studies two weeks ago and the first week was literally a whole holiday week. But geez, do schools really want me to wait until it’s the next school year? What am I going to do until then?

No. 1554877

I had dinner with a friend I'm pretty certain I hadn't seen since October of 2020 yet she mentioned things as if we met sometimes in 2021, like she knew where I've moved and that I've changed jobs. Either someone told her or I indeed saw her at some point later and I completely forgot about it since 2020-2021 was such a mess.

No. 1554993

File: 1682001188785.jpeg (98.55 KB, 1179x899, IMG_7687.jpeg)

I wanted to grow some weird sunflowers and this review of blue sunflower seeds on Amazon really gave me pause

No. 1555034

Completely non-rhetorical question nona, what makes her Stacy in your opinion? I’m not saying she isn’t, I just genuinely don’t understand people’s perceptions of one another.

No. 1555039

So glad to see someone not clown on this phenotype as the "ugly femcel" for once.

No. 1555045

The femcel phenotype is just face blindness.

No. 1555047

I had sleep paralysis earlier. No demons, but it took me so long to be able to that I genuinely thought I wasn't going to be able to. I was really scared, I had to keep deep breathing and wiggling my toes (I recently learned how to do that while having sleep paralysis) until I woke up. It felt like I was there for hours but in reality it was probably just a few minutes. Once I got up I was able to go back to sleep. Sometimes I wish I had someone to wake me up from sleep paralysis, but I'm pretty sure I don't show outward signs of sleep paralysis so.

No. 1555050

*Be able to move.
I hope I never go into a coma, ever.

No. 1555052

It might be dangerous to have someone else wake you during sleep paralysis. I hate having it, I had this weird segment of a few months where I had it several times a night. No demons thankfully. Yeah all you can do is try to wiggle your extremities, usually the toes. Such a weird, shitty phenomena.

No. 1555067

File: 1682007269311.jpg (129.48 KB, 1500x1000, Sabrina-Quesada-2000.jpg)

You have to be retarded. She's very conventionally attractive and just has glasses on.

No. 1555092

I've never heard of her before, she's so pretty. I love her natural brows.

No. 1555103

Why is it dangerous??

No. 1555114

That's how the demon materializes

No. 1555148

Whenever I have sleep paralysis, the quickest way to get rid of it is to go back to sleep. I don’t know if that’s possible for you since I’m sure people experience it differently, but I find that if I wake up and realize I can’t move that if I force myself to go back to sleep I will usually wake up for real shortly after.

No. 1555156

I agree but I'm just tired of seeing it passed around as if it's the ugliest thing on earth. There are many women with that phenotype who are gorgeous and the whole femcel meme just hurts the idea of women wanting to have nonchalant down days

associating frumpiness with violence and sociopathy and lack of desirability is fucking retarded, some women just don't want to be dolled up all the time. and where's the same vitriol for men when they look ugly and frumpy as fuck

oh I never said she was ugly, the whole point is that she's actually very pretty and is just having a "frumpy" day in that video anon

No. 1555247

I waxed my legs today after not touching them all winter. I feel like a new woman.

No. 1555282

Sorry nonnie, I didn't understand your post. In my defense, "phenotype" means how your genetics make you look (height, eye color etc), it isn't related to your clothing style or anything like that.

No. 1555567

Well dark haired women with darker eyes do get shit on more than lighter haired lighter eyed women as well, I feel like that unfortunately is part of the "femcel" meme

>dark haired women with darker eyes unappealing unkempt nerdy are unhinged, unlovable, bad witches

>blonde barbie stacies with green eyes hot and bubbly are amazing, hot, cool girls

about the dumbest meme you can fall for but a lot of people do. dark haired girls please don't dye your hair blonde you might as well be poisoning your brains

No. 1555728

Found some adobo seasoning in my pantry, so I popped it on some chicken and popped it into the oven. I woulda made rice but I'm simply too lazy. I'll probably just eat it with guacamole and cheese.
Also, since I'm a recent ex-vegetarian I've been realizing that defrosting chicken is a scam and you literally don't need to do it unless you're frying it. I was taught to defrost it no matter what you're making but it's a waste of time considering how long meat takes to defrost.

No. 1555729


In general I refer to these type of vloggers as Stacies because their popular, wealthy, lots of friends, going on luxary brand trips, conventionally attractive, etc.. basically living the stacy life

No. 1555764

Well you have to defrost it if you're going to cut it up.
And it cooks faster if it's not frozen.
Just put it in the fridge the night before.

No. 1555766

>Just put it in the fridge the night before.
No, poem-chan, I will not.

No. 1555810

Tonight, I just finished the very last exam for my undergrad. It's been a gruelling four years and it feels as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. In a month and a half I'll finally be graduating with a Bachelors.

No. 1555812

My roommate wasted our money on ice cream, so I will be eating most of it tonight out of spite… and the joy of binging.

No. 1555963

Congrats nonnie!

No. 1556122

>poem chan

No. 1556143

I was watching a rant about that Velma show because I like to listen to that type of video while doing chores even if it's media I couldn't care less about but something about an ugly moid sharing his opinion on it just doesn't sit right with me. Velma doesn't seem like a character I would like but he talks in such a weirdly hateful manner about her. And of course countered the argument of "You wouldn't be this mad if the character was male" with "Uhhh yes I would?", which I really doubt. I'm so sure that no one would've cared this much if the writers decided to make Shaggy an asshole and self insert

No. 1556179

I was opening a crossaint sandwich and some of the crosaint juice got in my eye.

No. 1556313

File: 1682108631216.jpg (53.29 KB, 563x725, 37ef59e456703eb385f95445933eae…)

I was choosing new frame and checking my eyesight today, and I'm exhausted
>the personality of a lady that works there is quite forceful so I start feeling like a meek child
>classic insecure autist poses and inability to express myself confidently and clearly, depending on her opinion too much (oh yes? really? looks bad?)
>already overwhelmed because two whole strangers are focused on my face and I have to see it really close in the mirror because blind but also shy to take selfies when other people are watching, foundation looking stupid on my nose
>even though the frame is good and I actually wanted something kinda like that still doubtful because haven't seen ALL the options (at other places)
>can't just say I have to think and see other options because I'm on autopilot now, just proceeding with checking my vision and paying for glasses
>dissociating and feeling awful because paid a lot for something I wasn't madly excited about (although I most likely wouldn't about anything until I see myself clearly in the mirror at home in this new thing)

I'm sure those ladies just thought I was a bit reserved, and the frame is actually nice and almost like I wanted plus the lenses are better than I ever had and the price isn't that wild so why do I have to overthink everything and be so weird?

No. 1556786

File: 1682168237404.jpeg (184.36 KB, 749x850, 11-Al-RaziInGerardusCremonensi…)

I like this public domain book scans website and the essays/reviews they put out are interesting. the most recent one is about medieval uroscopy, it's kinda funny:
>…another potential problem with uroscopy: patients who ignored or mistrusted their doctors. Some went so far as to test the skills of their chosen practitioner. … In one extreme case from around the year 1000, the duke of Bavaria began his consultation with the famous monk-physician Notker by sending him a urine sample provided not by the duke, but by a pregnant servant girl. On examining it, Notker fell to his knees, praising God and declaring: “Within the week, the Lord will perform an unheard-of miracle: the duke will give birth to a son!” Shortly afterwards, the maid produced a baby boy, and the duke sent his messengers back to Notker with a sample of his own.

No. 1556877

thanks for linking this nona! i'm a medieval scholar and Katherine Harvey is great, I've read a lot of her articles.

No. 1557329

I started dating a scrote who is 4 years younger than me, pays for everything, compliments me a lot and is overall very nice and seems very into me. I made him watch Thin with me and he didn't say anything about it. Hopefully it works out.

No. 1557332

>pays for everything
Nonna, if that isn't because you are absolutely broke then it's actually a red flag.
Men that pay for everything are more likely to expect you to perform most of the house work or become a full time mom, if you ever live together.
I hope that's not the case though, rooting for you are your Nigel.

No. 1557355

that's cool! you're welcome. I just wanted to laugh at pee science and it's kinda neat that it's an old silly seeming practice but honestly kinda useful

No. 1557358

File: 1682222571630.jpg (70.65 KB, 480x580, 8570981575_36955150e9_z.jpg)

I love public domain review. And I love the public domain.

No. 1557407

trying not to let sad thoughts ruin the fact that I had a pretty good day

it's just not feeling like I deserve the good day that brings me to tears

No. 1557487

It's our anniversary and Nigel is leaving the house in a few hours to go get my present. A few weeks ago he said he'd likely won't be able to get the present on time, I'm he might have to wait up to a week. Immediate first thought was he was buying me a gun so I could conceal carry at work. Yesterday, he said he couldn't get it until today because it'd be obvious if he tried storing it here, then mentioned how our cats would notice and mess with it and they're definitely going to try to mess with the gift once it's in the house. So with that new knowledge, the speculation of a gun is thrown out. I'm stumped. I thought for a bit it was maybe food or a video game, but now him mentioning our cats being so curious they'd spoil the gift, I have no idea. I'm excited. My highest hope is that it's a dog or a hamster, but it could be something more simple like a nice bookshelf. The possibilities are not endless, but I'm so curious now.

No. 1557518

> he said he couldn't get it until today because it'd be obvious if he tried storing it here, then mentioned how our cats would notice and mess with it
He's getting you a christmas tree

No. 1557525

I’m invested and awaiting updates

No. 1557532

New update; he says it's getting delivered to the house in about 2 hours and I'll need to be dressed and ready to answer the door to retrieve it.

No. 1557619

Final update; I got a bouquet of flowers! My mind is way too creative for its own good lol

No. 1557661

No. 1557685

I was given a kiwi and strawberry infused water. I find it gross, but out of respect and appreciation I will drink it anyway.

No. 1557686

The more you chill it the less horrible it will taste

No. 1558154

I just saw Skinny Puppy today. I had my doubts because they're an older band, but they were so awesome. Nivek Ogre was surprisingly attractive for a sixty year old man. He wore tight pants and a tight shirt (he was dressed as an alien for most of the time kek) and I did not mind it at all.

No. 1558157

The internet is out at our place and I’m watching actual television for the first time in years. And holy shit I don’t remember tv being this bad? It’s all just so bad? I feel like I’m becoming stupider as I’m watching

No. 1558159

I just googled because of your comment and holy shit, he does still look pretty good for an old dude

No. 1558231

It's the middle of the night and I'm struggling to stay awake so I'm listening to club music No Hands

No. 1558258

I need more pjs and tanktops

No. 1558259

I need more pjs and tanktops

No. 1558260

I need more pjs and tanktops

No. 1558261

File: 1682330722323.jpg (137.46 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_b10fc35fa3968747d95143e…)

that's cute nonnie i was actually hoping you would get a hampter

No. 1558262

File: 1682330661943.jpg (137.46 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_b10fc35fa3968747d95143e…)

that's cute nonnie i was actually hoping you would get a hampter

No. 1558286

I'm having one of those days where I just want to stuff myself with unhealthy food like cupcakes, wagashi, bubble tea… thank god I'm stingy and I'd have to go out of my way to go somewhere that has these things.

No. 1558873

File: 1682383705969.jpg (152.8 KB, 736x736, 30c164f9d67d00b60f3781f16fa20b…)

I just ate spaghetti, bbq chicken and rice all in the same meal.

No. 1558878

I've barely drank anything for the last two days (just one small cup of water) and it hurts to pee. Why must my body be so retarded that I have no thirst signals?

No. 1558890

Same nona. I remember going out to play as a child and working up a thirst and running inside to drink a big cup of cold water like it was the best part of the day. Now though… dry times.

No. 1558899

Had the same experience recently staying at a hotel. I had to text a friend to give them a recap of everything I watched during breakfast in the lobby because it was fucking bananas lol
Then I discovered RFD TV and all was forgiven.

No. 1558930

File: 1682391212208.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7760.jpeg)

Just saw an adorable baby possum on my back porch. It was hissing at me! I was kinda waiting for it to show up, I saw it yesterday night too. It was scared of me because it didn’t see me sitting literally right next to it (bad eyesight). When it ran away it had to go up a little step and it was so tiny it had to scramble up with its front legs and made a scritch scritch scritch sound

No. 1558956

Possum update: he or she ate the 1/3 of a sardine I left out for it. I didn’t see because too dark but I hear the noisy ass scurrying and when I looked the tin was empty. The owl I also hear is gonna eat this stupid noisy cutie. I probably shouldn’t be encouraging it to live probably underneath my house (because the landlord’s plumber won’t close the access points ffs) but it’s so cute.

No. 1558960

cute. what u gonna name it nona?

No. 1558966

Oh my god it hadn’t occurred to me to name it. Poseidon? Phoebe? Possy? Opi? Optimus? Optimismo?

No. 1558975

Phoebe the optimus possy possum?

No. 1559364

I just bought my first (well, technically second but I don't like to think about the first one) wig and I'm pretty excited! I got a cheap, synthetic one because I didn't wanna spend over $100 for a human wig that I could very well fuck up since I've never installed a wig.

No. 1559520

>make a cheese omelette, with like three slices of cheese
>go to make another one
>about to grab more cheese slices and I realize that some of the cheese has dark green/gray mold
I don't think the slices I ate had any mold, but I'm going to get fucking sick.

No. 1559522

>Google "cheese dark mold"
>"However, there are some moulds that can be dangerous. The most common one is Aspergillus niger, a.k.a the Black Mould. This fungus will have a severe negative impact on the food product it contaminates and releases toxins in the body that can be harmful. "
Am I about to fucking die

No. 1559530

No, you'll probably have a dodgy stomach for a bit then be fine.

No. 1559608

Nothing to do about it now. Live your life to the fullest

No. 1559746

It’s not black mold it’s just icky

No. 1559750

I'm eating fried fish and broccoli and sweet corn. My plate looks like something a British person would eat but it's yummy.
I'm also watching The Glory. I'm not used to the style of Korean actors.

No. 1559848

File: 1682490409053.png (280.92 KB, 2018x2048, Screenshot_20230426-022527.png)

feeling old today, boys

No. 1560089

File: 1682523049158.jpg (4.53 KB, 225x225, 38937858902761.jpg)

No. 1560268

File: 1682535520745.jpeg (32.78 KB, 600x600, fetchimage (1).jpeg)

I'm back to say that I lived and I'm not even sick. I forgot that I have the blood of an ox or something.

No. 1560390

Glad you're okay. Now you can enjoy the rest of your week without fear of shitting your pants!

No. 1560554

I don't usually like coffee but recently I've been making it a lot. The way I make it tastes so caramely.
>creme brulee ground coffee
>microwave the coffee grounds with some water
>pour the coffee water in a cup
>mix it with some milk and creamer
>add salt
>add brown sugar
Yummy delicious delectable. I once shunned coffee snobs, now I somewhat get it just a little.

No. 1560607

>splash some gravy
>feel it hit my thigh
>thoroughly inspect thigh
>there's no gravy on me at all
Where did it go

No. 1560610

i eated it

No. 1560706

I've been looking for my good e-file for months, and I finally found it where I keep my socks. It was in there with a large assortment of other items (watercolor palette, measuring tape (i literally just bought a new one cause I couldn't find that either), glitter, a calculator, a polaroid picture, etc…) I don't remember putting any of that there what was I thinking.

No. 1560732

I'm happy that no one likes the butt of the bread. a thicker bread means more filling. gonna chow on a pan fried bread butt with butter right now.

No. 1560800

I've been watching a bunch of Deadwing Dork streams lately (yeah I know) and anytime he does his creepy voice I think about the anon who said it turned her on.

No. 1560805

Damn. Before I found his channel I was blissfully unaware of the existence of pamperchu.. and then a bunch zoosadists that also tend to be pedos on top of that. I can't imagine having sexual thoughts while hearing his voice because I associate his voice with incoming horror

No. 1560864

Had a dream that my boyfriend and I encountered a wild animal while hiking. It started attacking another hiker on the trail, so I ran away and found a safe place to hide and tried to call my boyfriend over to me, but he went up close to the animal and it started mauling him. I ran out and tried to save him, then the fucking beast attacked me. I fought it off and held it down to keep it from moving, but soon the animal broke free and tried to attack us again and I woke up.

I feel like such an idiot for trying to save him. I should've run away.

No. 1560935

>i'll just call my mom for a chat
>check the clock
>quarter to two in the morning
I've done that way too much.

No. 1561469

File: 1682656947959.gif (896.34 KB, 340x191, allmight.gif)

My Youtube Vanced stopped working

No. 1561513

use newpipe

No. 1561557

nta but I find that newpipe has freezing constantly lately, any alternatives?

No. 1561586

I can't read a book and picture the scenes in my head. Never been able to get lost in fiction because of it. I can't do like guided meditation and picture what they ask you to. I can't choose to fantasize about something and conjure up mental images. I've always been like that but idk why its bugging me lately. Feel like I'm missing out on something. Wish I could visualize even a tiny bit. Sounds fun.

No. 1561602

that happened to me too. I went to their website and downloaded the newest vanced version and now it works again

No. 1561607

Aphantasia right? So what do you "see" in your head when you try to picture something? And do you have dreams?

No. 1561617

I see nothing when I'm awake but I can dream. My dreams are a bit few and far between but I had some imagery a few months back when I was right on the edge of sleep.. was trippy. In a good way. I was trying to hold onto it for longer lol

No. 1561624

been watching louis theroux docus all morning and he's definitely autistic

No. 1561926

File: 1682711596494.png (176.93 KB, 700x753, aE27Zqn_700b_jpg.png)

the past two times ive visited my parents ive walked in on my dad when he's peeing because he's left the door open. not just unlocked but slightly ajar. the three options here are that he's just a thoughtless idiot, doing it on purpose or too drunk to care, none of which are great

No. 1561929

File: 1682711894126.jpg (30.14 KB, 563x521, 338256115_183074217857012_7980…)

Had a tinder date today and managed to tell right away that I don't feel like I want to continue that which is a progress for me instead of saying all is alright and then get uncomfy while I get messaged later

No. 1561930

I truly believe people like you can’t be trusted and aren’t truly human beings.

No. 1561939

You should watch him being interviewed on podcasts and stuff like that, it'll convince you of it even more.

No. 1561951

File: 1682713606539.jpeg (72.64 KB, 891x588, FterTy6agAANCx5.jpeg)

I tweeted something dumb and unintentionally triggered a lot of people. I'm kinda enjoying it, but still can't believe how uptight people are and i can't stop rolling my eyes bc of the cognitive dissonance - people pretending to hold the moral high ground and simultaneously insulting me and being unnecessarily rude, some were mental kek some nicely explained to me why I'm dumb, but most started straight away with the insults

No. 1561988

Gonna go snuggle up in bed and watch Blade Runner with my wife. :)

No. 1561991

My mom rarely closes the door all the way when she uses the bathroom too, but at least she has the courtesy to yell that she's in there if she hears me coming down the hall.

No. 1561994

Was it about trannies

No. 1562003

What did you tweet about

No. 1562025

File: 1682720564846.jpg (92.81 KB, 500x667, ef2b7fb3a5cd5842b5b35a9883257e…)

I don't wanna get death threats, i stay away from publicly commenting about trannies. It was about tagging in the bus with a marker. Pic not mine, but related. I guess this is a touchy subject

No. 1562029

I have shitty circulation in my legs and feet and lately I've been having my husband do this thing to my lower legs where he squeezes them, sliding down like it's a tube of toothpaste tube, hooooly shit. Feels incredible, and when I walk my legs just feel stronger and like I'm more aware of them, it's crazy. My new favorite thing.

No. 1562041

I go banned for a few hours, and while I was gone I almost got into a fight and then purchased curtains. Hope you all have a good weekend.

No. 1562054

What was the fight about?

No. 1562058

Aggressive, woman-beater, short man, horrible father, unemployed bum who still needs his mommy uncle tried to intimidate me. I won't get too deep into it.

No. 1562061

>short man
Kek I'm tall and I insult men for being short in my head all the time. I'm sorry you have a shitty moid for an uncle and I hope he gets his balls kicked in.

No. 1562078

Samefag but I also saw my baby cousins today and jeez I got why older relatives would always go on about "wow you got so tall!!" when I was young. I was expecting them to still look like toddlers, they're like the size of a young tree or something. Literally had to do a double take.

No. 1562102

I'm eating pizza and watching Succession. I'm on season 1 episode 3, trying to catch up cause it seems like the type of show that's really fun to watch in real time. Like Game of Thrones.

No. 1562133

Bought rice water bar shampoo + conditioner and diluted tea tree oil. I hope it stops my weird dandruff problem. I can't do shit with my hair because I always end up getting mild dandruff. Fingers: CROSSED. Hopes: UP.

No. 1562144


No. 1562148

Nonna are you me? I got home from work late, ordered a little pizza and I'm catching up on the newest season. What do you think of the show so far?

No. 1562149

On the toilet, about to catch up on lolcur. Might make dinner and watch a movie afterwards.

No. 1562173


No. 1562243

i always thought it was weird to use hair products for dandruff, isn't it a scalp issue?

No. 1562344

Put coconut oil on your scalp overnight. Works good for my psoriasis.

No. 1562407

My apartment is a mess right now and I need to clean it yes or yes today. I also bought a shelf yesterday that I need to build but I can't figure out how because the boards don't have holes to put the screws in? Do I have to make them myself? The wood is quite soft so I made a couple of holes just by screwing the screws in with a bit of force, but that doesn't look like the correct way kek also the instructions are in french and are really vague, I think I'll just keep doing what I did yesterday and hope I don't break it.

No. 1562428

you rub shampoo on your scalp. conditioner yeah seems irrelevant.

No. 1562506

File: 1682783212386.jpg (234.27 KB, 1000x1473, tumblr_o8kbl4frD71rsyukao1_128…)

Considering blue hair, blue is my favourite color, but it sounds like unnecessary attention (the part being an unnatural hair color and bringing the eye, i would hate that)

No. 1562512

I have and use Nizoral but it's like it only works the first two times and then it always leaves me with a dry scalp and then to more mild dandruff (I use it like it says, every 3-4 days but it just hasn't really worked for me).
I haven't heard of that! Tbh I'm wary of topical steroids.
Most shampoos and conditioners end up drying my hair+scalp out (and I let my conditioner soak in for a few minutes too) and give me mild dandruff if I use them consistently so I figure if I find the right shampoo and conditioner it won't be a problem anymore.
Oils are like my BEST friend, my hair is wavy and if I go too long without oil it gets super straight and dry. I did buy some liquid coconut oil and I heard that it's the best oil for your hair so I'll have to try leaving it in for a night!

No. 1562537

I hate attention but I dyed my hair red last month and loved my hair more than I hated whatever attention I feared. Maybe I’m just otherwise ugly but all that happened is I’d get a quick compliment on it at most places I went to, mostly from women or other people with dyed hair walking past. You just have to say thanks and walk away, won’t even remember the interaction later unless you’re stuck around real weirdos

No. 1562545

This picture reminds me of this gendie woman I know who dyed her hair blue and complained on facebook about how nobody ever compliments her and compares her to Clementine from A Spotless Mind but they'll compliment her and compare her to Ramona Flowers instead kek.

No. 1562572

Have you been leaving the Nizoral on your scalp for 5 to 10 minutes? I should also add I don't support long term use of Nizoral if you are a black woman with dry hair. If you have an oily or thin hair type than Nizoral is fine and you just have to rough out the dry patches and make sure when you wash your scalp you are properly exfoliating it, high water pressure and a comb (very gently) on your scalp can help. If you have ethnic hair then don't use it often.

No. 1562587

I do leave it on for 5 minutes at a time every time. It always leave my hair feeling very light and clean when used with a scalp scrubber but I like to wash my hair every other day and if I do that and use Nizoral it makes my scalp and hair very dry and straight and rough like hay which confuses me because the bottle says to use every 3-4 days. But I don't want to use it every day since it's a bit more potent than head and shoulders. Dandruff shampoos just suck out all the moisture in my hair even when leaving in conditioner for a few minutes. I really think I might need some salicylic acid shampoo or something to exfoliate because maybe it's not bacteria or yeast? I don't really know it's a bit confusing lol. Thank you for the info!

No. 1562669

I like it so far! I've also been watching The Crown, so I like that Succession has a mockumentary style to it. I know none of the characters are supposed to really be likable or "good", but I do find myself rooting for some of the characters. I like Kendall's "pathetic man pining for his ex" thing. Martia hasn't done much but I wanna know more about her since she's being painted with the wicked stepmother image. Shiv is also cool, but I find myself annoyed by Tom even though he hasn't done anything. I don't like his voice, he's just Greg if Greg was better at appearing confident.

No. 1562700

I finally learned how to make a tasty/acceptable rice. Mine used to taste so bad before, even though it's such a simple recipe.

No. 1562721

Why do white people have such a hard time making rice?(bait)

No. 1562758

Idk about wypepo but there are a lot of variables. Electric or gas stove? Size of pot? Material of pot? Wash the rice first or no? Type of rice? Long or short grain? Elevation? How much rice is being made?

No. 1562977

Why do some anons have such a hard time not racebaiting?

No. 1563058

>I'm literally ASIAN

No. 1563069

File: 1682823633514.jpg (4.4 KB, 300x168, thatsmyopinion.jpg)

I imagined her saying it like this

No. 1563193

share your rice nonny I'm hungry

No. 1563252

I was walking home just now when I passed some neighbours I hadn't seen in a while. I was one second away from saying hi when I realized they were in the middle of an argument. "for fucks sake john this is the cruelest thing you've ever done!" I just awkwardly walked on past like I wasn't there and I couldn't see or hear anything

No. 1563262

i took two melatonin and two benedryl i am sleeping in tomorrow nonnies

No. 1563287

wait what is this about?

No. 1563291

Probably the raicebaiter that was redtexted a few posts before

No. 1563455

I have some tortilla strips that expired 3 months ago, but I'm still gonna eat them cause they would go well with my soup.

No. 1563483

My cat is sleeping on my bed and I am playing those really relaxing subliminal manifestation frequency videos for him so he's more relaxed. If my cat wakes up with a million dollars and all the wet food and catnip he could ever want it'll be because of me kek.

No. 1563490

expiration dates mean nothing, if the food doesn't smell off it's probably safe to eat

No. 1563514

Samefag, bleh I regret eating the strips. They had a weird taste. Or maybe it was the soup? Idk but they're going in the trash.

No. 1563623

I wish we'd have an infight over cooking rice.

No. 1563689

I fluff my rice partway through cooking. Go on, call me an idiot.

No. 1563773

File: 1682888231902.png (38.68 KB, 563x414, polyvore.PNG)

I've been making outfits on a Polyvore alternative, and it's been reminding me of how annoying it used to be when you would add an item to a set and all of the white parts of it were transparent. Or when the background is transparent but some parts are still left
Pic for example cause I suck at describing.

No. 1563818

Using a white background would solve this, or are you stuck with black?

No. 1563837

I added the black bg to make it more visible. You're right, it does look less visible with a white background. It just becomes a little problematic when you layer it over other images.

No. 1564141

File: 1682903886302.jpg (113.74 KB, 560x1240, Cheeseburger Sliders Recipe.jp…)

Tomorrow fo dinner I'm going to make sliders, big mac sauce and maybe mozzarella sticks or fries. I'm so excited, I know it will be delicious. I love American cheese on burgers so much, I could honestly eat a burger with no patty as long as it has cheese and veggies.

No. 1564151

This is the best way to make sliders it's soo easy

No. 1564153

May I ask which site you're using?

No. 1564154

It's shoplook.io. Super similar to polyvore, imo.

No. 1564172

Okay cool, I use the same one and I was curious if there were others.

No. 1564267

I literally have no butter, oil, milk, vanilla extract, baking powder, etc… in my kitchen but I just made cookies with flour, brown sugar, egg and cream cheese. For dinner I had rice and bbq ribs.

No. 1564279

How did the cookies turn out?

No. 1564284

They were good, chewy with crispy edges.

No. 1564505

File: 1682952474772.gif (198.49 KB, 500x500, 93FEE387-0664-49EC-82D0-CA0C99…)

At the beach, shitposting on lolcor, hydrated, protected from the sun, trying to make plans to hangout with my friends, living my best life. I can finally go back to being a mermaid and maybe if I pray to the moon at the shore, my dreams will come true and my husbando will be real but perfect, not a moid.
It feels great to go back to my home, the sea, my skin is literally healing from being a human, I will surely be able to swim with my tail if I keep coming to the beach.

No. 1564535

Have fun and reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours!

No. 1564809

File: 1682974276063.jpg (106.87 KB, 1080x1235, 343730174_204863129012104_8124…)

i ate too much my stomach hurts.

No. 1565172

File: 1682986442724.jpg (188.55 KB, 720x1068, 3d4b02d6cc0b5f3ca83c4e64b5c70c…)

Im trying to cook dinner and keep up with the met gala to post the looks here at the same time, I feel like I'm playing an Olympic sport.

No. 1565207

Braver than any US marine

No. 1565250

I’m a bit annoyed.
>be me
>play DnD
>feel like I can finally start making my characters act like their alignments
>make a shitty mean girl character who is a high elf
>the story that the DM made focused a lot in racism
>make my high elf a racist monk that wants to change by following her monastery’s beliefs
>my character is obviously mean and over the top with her racism towards any character that isn’t a high elf
>friend gets annoyed because my character is too mean to hers
>others try to force my character to grow as a character in a few minutes
>basically turn her into another character
I mean, yeah, she’s a bitch, that’s the whole point, she grows as a character slowly because a person with extreme views won’t suddenly be like “hey, now I don’t think I want to kill everyone, thanks for your 5 minutes pep talk!” She was slowly opening up to the others, and my friend’s character was awkward as fuck with mine, which was an opening for her to bully him. She was actually going to open up to him and respect him because she’s now a true disciple of the monastery she follows, but it couldn’t happen organically and it of course looks forced because it was forced.

No. 1565668

File: 1683010855848.jpg (57.5 KB, 1600x1200, apple cow.jpg)

bumping moid asshole off the front page im disgusted

No. 1565669

File: 1683010897522.jpg (29.2 KB, 563x587, strawberry cow.jpg)

anyways arent these so fucking cute

No. 1565975

They are!!! Oh my god.

No. 1565994

My bf's stylish sister purged her closet and is giving me first dibs to go through it. Our body types are a bit different but I'm hoping I can find a couple nice pieces. I'm also looking forward to spending some time with her 1 on 1, we've never done that before.

No. 1566011

I'm alternating eating grapes and potato chips. The satisfying juicy crunch of taunt grape skin contrasted with the crisp saltiness of the chips is amazing. 10/10, you should try this.

No. 1566044

I'm at the dmv. As mundane as it gets.

No. 1566059

Godspeed nonna

No. 1566178

I got cotton candy grapes. I've never tried them, but I'm so ready for them to just taste like regular grapes lol. It's ok though, I love all grapes.

No. 1566212

I stand corrected, the grapes do taste like cotton candy! It's not sickingnenly sweet though, it's a nice delicate candy flavor. So yummy, I like these more than regular grapes

No. 1566234

When I went to the hair dresser a few weeks ago I showed him a picture of the specific haircut I wanted, at first I was disappointed because it didn't really look like the pic, but now after a few washes my hair has settled nicely like I wanted.

No. 1566254

File: 1683051242515.jpg (99.72 KB, 720x708, Screenshot_20230502-141448_Gal…)

Mother's day in America is in like two weeks. My mom said she wanted a light wall projector like this back at Christmas (she loves lights like fairy lights and night lights and things), and I'm getting her a light projector like picrel. I hope she likes it. My sister is a great artist so she always paints my mom something, but I am unskilled so I always buy my mom something instead, KEK.
Are any other nonnies getting their mom something? I think British nonnies already celebrated mother's day this year, but I'm still curious what everyone does for mother's day.

No. 1566256

I think they just taste like sweet round grapes but some people go crazy for them. They look cute.

No. 1566268

Reading some PO Box posts on the vent thread reminded me of being 16 in rural Vermont and buying yaoi doujins on JPQueen (RIP). I couldn’t get them delivered to my family PO Box via EMS so I literally guessed the physical address for my house on bumfuck hills nowhere road and the delivery guy was so pissed the first like five times I got my deliveries (I ordered a lot) —we had a bad dog that lost her shit at him every time and I was extremely careful to watch the road for my packages so I was always there to get them from him and he was like “this isn’t a real address” angrily at me but he couldn’t tell me my real address either so I was just like shrug. I told him I needed my books. Lmao. thanks dude you’re a trooper.

No. 1566403

I bought my mom one of these projectors for Christmas, I think they make a nice gift! My friend said she would like to have one too so I'm getting her one sometime. I'm still not sure what I'll get my mom for mother's day. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

No. 1566406

I bought my mom one of these projectors for Christmas, I think they make a nice gift! My friend said she would like to have one too so I'm getting her one sometime. I'm still not sure what I'll get my mom for mother's day. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

No. 1566485

File: 1683074407431.jpg (57.55 KB, 941x530, FrYcUAhXsAAPG4h.jpg)

Taking a elementary Japanese course this upcoming semester.

No. 1566506

File: 1683075757976.jpg (40.17 KB, 1080x810, 44065457_2218784645057277_7900…)

No. 1566511

I just want to watch a movie but my internet is slow garbage.

No. 1566514

You could torrent and watch something in like two days even with bad internet?

No. 1566525

I made a huge bowl of nachos and got full off of like 3 bites.

No. 1566642

I jus brused my teeth but i want ice cream

No. 1566731

File: 1683107232552.jpg (89.48 KB, 1200x606, large-cat-breed-1553197454.jpg)

scrote post bump

No. 1566748

File: 1683110605680.png (205.04 KB, 852x764, sporkinok.png)

I'm new to battlebots and I found out there's a troonbot from previous seasons.

No. 1566810

I’m glad to know that my moles aren’t cancerous, I’m still getting removed the ones I can’t see though, I don’t trust the things I can’t monitor constantly.

No. 1566817

I finally took a satisfying poop after not pooping for 3 days. I used that poo-pourri spray for the first time but it just made the bathroom smell like lemony turds

No. 1566828

I don't do online banking and all that shit, so the only way for me to look into my balance is when I think of stopping by an ATM when I'm out shopping. This by itself isn't a problem, because I know I don't ever spend enough in a month to have to worry about anything, but I usually don't know how much exactly I have on there and just do educated guesses. Last time I checked how much I have was sometime at the beginning of the year, so when I did today, I hoped for it to please at least be above $x, and how nice it'd be if $y was somewhere in reach, too. And then, the exact moment I saw it's actually even $z, Donna Summers' She Works Hard for the Money started playing on my mp3-player. And like, yeah… damn right… I work hard for the money… so hard for it, honey… I work hard for the money, so you better treat me right…

No. 1566848

where do i sign-up for my terfbot to shred it to pieces?

No. 1566942

File: 1683134065870.jpg (48.96 KB, 711x711, 01711a387f5e29b323bb34d126b02f…)

i want a bunny

No. 1566952

File: 1683134459475.jpg (19.3 KB, 540x228, 00f11d9cae23163e93631c8bdb8dde…)

bump bc of the spam

No. 1566980

File: 1683135465396.gif (4.08 MB, 768x576, Tumblr_l_737038240358993.gif)

bumping bc retard moid

No. 1566992

File: 1683135823798.jpeg (58.57 KB, 1068x663, IMG_1275.jpeg)

No. 1567028

File: 1683136857262.jpg (192.31 KB, 2048x2048, 20220501_093922.jpg)


No. 1567039

Same but I cba to have a pet rn!

No. 1567097

I’m tempted to buy a box of Kraft Mac n cheese

No. 1567118

This is always a huge fear for me, I'm glad it's not unwarranted. But also I hope you heal quickly nonna

No. 1567240

File: 1683157031010.jpg (115.72 KB, 736x1089, 5e05aa7ea9ae2f8d45ef15d99c55c3…)

It's been so long since I ordered anything online (like 2 weeks). About to buy some panties just so I can open a package and feel alive again.

No. 1567258

File: 1683158044108.jpeg (184.06 KB, 1080x949, 7D36E7B5-4864-420A-867D-4AC6BD…)

So I’m thinking of getting a piñata for my graduation party, I found a nice list with good ideas that aren’t cheap toys and candies:
>fruit snacks
>hair ties
>granola bars
>bouncy balls
Even though yarn could be quite expensive. And I also thought of putting cheap squishy toys because they’re cute, maybe also something like keychains with the date of my graduation engraved, because who doesn’t like a keychain?

No. 1567259

It would be fun to put some gag trinkets in there as well.

No. 1567308

File: 1683163719920.jpg (173.08 KB, 1600x1600, 71BlZ-iYrjL.jpg)

I'd be stoked to get a sticker, that's a good one.
are you gonna get the fun erasers that look like animals and foods and other objects?

No. 1567336

File: 1683167272755.jpeg (266.59 KB, 1255x1182, F987E7E8-0EFB-4433-9D9A-A3B837…)

Exactly! Those are super cute!
I thought about this too, and a friend told me a few nice ideas like putting random stuff, like shower caps, nail fillers, silly rubber toys like ducks with graduation caps (nothing obscene of course, I’m not pornsick)
I want to give as party favors stuff like hangover kits, those seem to be quite nice, the keychains would be part of the party favors too! And since it’s going to be a small party I’m pretty sure it’s attainable, I think we will be like around 25 people.

No. 1567339

Nta but god I used to be obsessed with these

No. 1567343

Not being a dick and there's nothing wrong with using these but these are the quintessential choices for all events for like wedding, birthday, baby shower games etc now. Most people already do have a lot of this around their house and at the bottom of their purse. I don't see anything wrong with doing this but it might be Mir memorable if you put in singular 'unique' (but cheap) items that will make it more memorable and they're more likely to keep it instead of it being at the bottom of their glovebox with the rest of them. Feel free to disregard because I don't mean this in a prissy sense just in a gift giving mindset idk. I know temu is just aliexpress revamped but a lot of it is within the same price range as the items in your pic.
https://www.temu.com/hair-spray-bottle-small-refillable-plastic-sprayer-bottle-for-shampoo-essential-oils-reusable-beauty-spray-bottle-hairstyling-plants-g-601099512176188.html?thumb_url=&_web_cover=thumb_url&pic_h=800&pic_w=800&spec_gallery_id=6895068&_pdd_fs=1&_x_ads_sub_channel=shopping&_x_vst_scene=adg&_x_ns_sku_id=17592192485454&_x_ads_channel=bing&_x_gmc_account=3429411&_x_ads_creative_id=82188862009386&_x_ns_device=m&_x_ads_account=176148943&_x_ns_match_type=e&_x_ns_msclkid=463fe066db7c1a66e5918435c2c55bdb&_x_ads_set=518692369&_x_ns_source=s&_x_ads_id=1315017564801794&refer_page_name=kuiper&refer_page_id=13873_1683167682998_5uk8nkzg52&refer_page_sn=13873&_x_sessn_id=77ybbt0xjw like idk

No. 1567344

*more memorable
I really don't feel like deleting and editing

No. 1567359

I see, it’s a good idea tbh, this is honestly the first big event I’m organizing on my own so it’s good to see other options for gifts and such to give to my guests.
Maybe I could gift a big tote bag? It could say something like “thank you for celebrating with me” or something like that and it would be useful for going to the grocery store. Or maybe a pretty beach towel, I just saw a bunch of them on Etsy.

No. 1567385

Your choice just conversing really!! A useful item with a specific memory attached is alsays way better than like commemorative Mason jars or candy bags that are so often used

No. 1567748

Warm weather is coming back and I'm dreading the moment I'll have to shave my armpits and my legs again.

No. 1567751

This is almost a “Hall is the blond one” tier link nonny lmao

No. 1567755

I haven't done those things in two years

No. 1567757

Ayrt and I wouldn't either if my job wasn't in luxury and my coworkers weren't condescending normies, showing up with hairy pits would be social suicide.

No. 1567772

That sounds horrific, I really do hate normies

No. 1568004

File: 1683233668140.jpeg (133.7 KB, 1280x928, 06182944-610F-4C02-B245-7968BF…)

My best friend is having her graduation celebration party tomorrow and I’m about to bake some lemonies for it. When I mentioned I made some the other day, she really wanted to try some so I’m excited to see if she’ll like them.

No. 1568006

nayrt but i haven't in 3 and counting i'm so sad i'll have to shave them soon because my legs actually look unsightly not due to socialization reasons with colored tights on which i love to wear, and i really don't feel like wearing other tights underneath to mask them. just totally messes with every other thing. i'll miss my leg hair… it's like a daughter or dog to me. but at least i'm not ever waxing or shaving my pits or arms anytime soon.

No. 1568047

I always forget Americans are so weird about shaving.

No. 1568050

What makes you think those anons are Americans?

No. 1568179

Today was a good day of eating, and I feel very proud of myself. Got 3 meals without over eating. Certain things I had more of than I wanted to, but it's still less than what I would typically eat. I feel really proud of myself.

No. 1568183

Nta but We love to be worried about shaving

No. 1568190

File: 1683256386319.jpg (134.15 KB, 1024x645, polly_want_a________by_yesterd…)

fixing lyrics online to songs i am listening to.

No. 1568198

So do other first world countries. The anon seething about Americans must live in a third world shithole. We shave in Scandinavia.

No. 1568201

i have no friends at all at work and thank god i don't usually have lunch so i don't have to eat alone. but today i didn't eat breakfast and and i was hungry so i went to the cafeteria, bought my food, and ate next to a moid that seems to have no friends either. i wonder if he was annoyed with me sitting next to him out of nowhere.

No. 1568213

File: 1683259842409.jpg (108.85 KB, 799x809, crnnnggh.jpg)

eating alone is great. try going to a movie alone, it's so fun and relaxing

No. 1568224

File: 1683260748449.jpg (27.86 KB, 880x586, Dramatic dark blue clouds sky …)

The moonlight is so bright tonight on one side of my house. You know when it's very early in the morning (like 5 am) and the sky starts turning to a lighter blue? That's how light the sky is right now, and it's 12 am. That is my favorite time of the day so it makes me feel happy.

No. 1568229

Gotta go and change the wheels on my car today. It's so annoying and i hate the crooked road at the car repair. I wish cars weren't so complicated.

No. 1568253

Washed my stuffed animal so I can't sleep with her tonight as she dries. It just ain't the same.

No. 1568265

Aw. What is she?

No. 1568267

File: 1683265525825.jpg (218.62 KB, 900x675, stim.jpg)

I was painting my living room earlier with youtube on for background noise. It ended up autoplaying a vid where a rainbow haired woman was making out like parents who paint their walls neutral colors are forever damaging their kids development because of the lack of crucial mental stimulation.. from the walls? Its abuse? Saying how even as an adult she gets so depressed from seeing white walls.

I was short on spare gloves and didn't want to risk getting paint on my laptop so I just had to endure the whole increasingly dramatic video reading into the effects of neutral walls all while I'm.. painting with a neutral color myself. Impeccable timing there youtube.

No. 1568270

I've been working for free at my job because i feel like i don't deserve money. I think i should become a monk

No. 1568274

File: 1683268492098.jpg (921.14 KB, 5299x3533, pexels-andrea-piacquadio-37566…)

I'm the opposite nonna, I've been doing nothing at my job for the past few months save for playing video games and watching movies

No. 1568299

Anybody have good recommendations for storage and organization containers? I live in a small room that I’m pretty sure with the right organization I could fit my shit in properly.

No. 1568303

I'm going to do the aldi twice is nice guarantee and return some shrimp bites tomorrow that are fricken nasty I hope they dont give me trouble about it. Normally I wouldn't bother but I got two bags of them

No. 1568329

I spoke with someone as mumbly as I am. Being on the other end of it is quite uncomfortable.

No. 1568401

File: 1683292088641.jpeg (83.32 KB, 750x937, 0B736D3D-B061-4B5F-AC5D-320A52…)

Yesterday I got my nails done and I’m obsessed, I love it when my nails are all shiny shiny and matchy matchy, the lady who painted my nails really did an outstanding job, gosh I wish I was a millionaire so I could hire people to be my personal stylists and such. I would hire her to always do my nails and my favorite hairdresser to always keep my hair pretty.
I’m obsessed with my nails, I swear I was a bird in another life because I can’t live without shiny things.

No. 1568404

File: 1683292843941.jpeg (1.05 MB, 5888x3375, EC16EB38-249D-4B15-A4A0-877459…)

I kind of get why having colorful stuff for a baby and a toddler is good even, because then you can help them learn about things like colors and shapes.
So a toddler would be like
>hey mother, can you mayhaps pass me the rectangular entertainment object in blue with circular attachments next to the tower I’ve previously built that’s green (because that’s my favorite color by the way) with colorful blocks that I carefully selected in order to make sure it was the right hue?
Instead of
>mumma gib me horsie
And you would be like
>lol wtf which horse all of them are cream??
But I also don’t think anyone should make a kid’s room look like a circus tent with colorful walls, colorful flooring, colorful furniture and colorful everything else because I’m pretty sure it would overstimulate them, tire them a lot and such. Like think about it, if anyone were living in a house with different colors in every single corner, that person would surely feel tired as fuck and overwhelmed because of the clashing patterns and colors, a baby and a toddler would get tired even quicker.
I would honestly just keep the walls cream for a baby, so it’s a soothing color, with a funny or crazy pattern like pic related to catch their attention and cute decorations with colors that go together.

No. 1568541

File: 1683306193447.jpg (2.25 MB, 3024x4032, 2023-05-04_22-40-38_111.jpg)

I got a picture of baby possum again last night. it's getting bigger. it has cute ears.

No. 1568553

cute dog anon

No. 1568555

File: 1683307236446.jpg (123.92 KB, 1500x1000, 9c530c7ef4c71ccce5b7524111a876…)

Parents who do all neutrals and don't let their babies have any color do suck. This literally looks like an insane asylum for babies.

No. 1568569

it literally makes no difference since babies only see in black and white up until around 4 months. i personally find the pastel/muted colours cute, and it's a less visually stressful environment for mom

No. 1568571

I just think it should be darker because baby wanna sleep, the colors don't matter

No. 1568573

>babies only see in black and white up until around 4 months.
not factual.
and that still makes zero sense, do you know of families that put together a nursery only to completely change the design in a few months? no, they put together a nursery to stay that way for several years, if not longer if they have children again soon after

No. 1568576

>do you know of families that put together a nursery only to completely change the design in a few months
nta but yes, lots of people change home decor a few times a year or add and subtract things continuously especially with a new baby since it grows so fast. toys, bedding, and clothes change rapidly, friends & family give you things etc. and the room changes with the child. (do people really keep rooms just for the stage when a baby is little? that seems crazy to me)

No. 1568582

You see people share these plain looking pics when the nursery is ready but not in use yet.. it never looks like that in use. Not without you needing to stage it again. People gift you 101 different plushies soon as they're born, toys, nightlight gadgets, the diaper packets and wipe packets stop being put away neatly in their drawers after every use and theres evidence of the baby and their belongings all over the entire house. I think moms just try to capture some type of 'calm' or 'serenity' vibe with these pics to feel all organised before reality kicks in and the room never looks quite like that again

No. 1568583

really, they're painting and buying all new furniture and decor every year? insanity. people like that should be labor camp slaves so they can learn to stop being consoomers

No. 1568585

Ok? They still use neutrals when the baby gets older so what is your point.
Touché, I do think influencer moms with these kids of rooms hide all of the toys and colorful objects.

No. 1568602

there was a reddit post about a husband going to divorce his wife because she was being a crazy mommy instagram influencer and they weren't allowed to live in their house because she needed it to be picture-perfect. the kid couldn't have colorful toys because it didn't fit her aesthetic. cumulated in him getting fed up when she berated him for sitting his drink on a coffee table because their kid was taking their first steps, and she was mad she'd have to edit out the cup before she could post online.
that's the type of person that likes this shit. how unfortunate.

No. 1568611

File: 1683312566825.jpeg (82.87 KB, 1024x768, Fu1hX3LWAAAnXVw.jpeg)

No. 1568612

I'm officially divorced. Feels weirdly anticlimactic now that I'm able to say that. Been a long time coming but I thought I'd feel more in this moment. Good or bad. I thought I'd feel something..

No. 1568650

File: 1683315589948.jpeg (128.95 KB, 1179x1409, IMG_7910.jpeg)

The emotions are just waiting to catch you off guard. Pic related.

No. 1568680

Im in the middle of reorganizing my room and fixing my bed but I want to play with my vag cause I'm horny. I have better things to do though.

No. 1568681

I have such a crush on my coworker im gonna SCREAM

No. 1568906

File: 1683335629048.png (89.05 KB, 464x553, 1526064360868.png)

>I want to play with my vag cause I'm horny.
>I'm a lady and really not made for handy work.
You have a prostate, don't you?

No. 1568907

Samefag, I'm finally done! Can't believe that took 5 hours. My bed has been broken for months (assembled it the wrong way) and so I'm so happy to have it finally fixed. I slept so bad last night and was just fed up.

I did sustain an injury though. I pinched my finger super hard with some metal parts, It looked like a blood blister before I washed all the blood off and it's still swollen, bleh. I'm a lady and really not made for handy work.

No. 1568909

Oops, sorry anon. I forgot I can't post about being horny on nuncow.church. and the other thing wasn't meant to be taken seriously, some of you need to relax.

No. 1568910

Go to /g/ anon just one time.

No. 1568911

I want nuncow.church to be real.

No. 1568962

leave (get out) by jojo came out 19 years ago and the thought of that makes me want to cry

No. 1569004

File: 1683344836735.jpg (47.78 KB, 563x513, c70e3c2edff16c4f4a11db607bf74d…)

nonnies, let us vent.

No. 1569045

File: 1683348771645.jpg (100.88 KB, 852x479, Tagwa.jpg)

tagwa anon here ( >>>/ot/407228 ) with an update photo

she's in the Voi Reintegration Unit now, meaning she's introduced back to the wild elephants living near the sanctuary and can probably come and go as she pleases. She's seven years old now.

No. 1569047

holy fucking shit

No. 1569052

Wow, it's great to see that both you and the elephant are doing great, nonna. Thanks for the update.

No. 1569065

Oh my gosh anon, I remember that post. So nice to see Tagwa is doing well!

No. 1569067

She's beauty and grace like your mother. Cute.

No. 1569105

most impressive update I've seen on LC

No. 1569145

Just got back from seeing Evil Dead Rising, it was silly and there was a TIF aiden in the movie for literally no reason at all

No. 1569180

I have a bruise on my butt cheek because I'm clumsy and I can't even complain about it irl because people are going to joke I engage in BDSM or something.

No. 1569183

I love my bf so much, he's genuinely so lovely. just a lovely man. I am lucky.

No. 1569290

She’s beautiful

No. 1569360

Wholesome, I’m so glad nona

No. 1569615

I almost 4:30 and I really haven't ate anything today. I was wondering why I was feeling shakey. Anyway, I am drinking almond milk right now.

No. 1569706

I just got some jojoba oil and it's so nice. Makes my hands soft and not oily. I need to tell my grandma to try it.

No. 1569724

File: 1683418032981.jpg (472.5 KB, 680x680, pr.jpg)

I'm starting to scrapbook memories, I got myself a Peter Rabbit scrapbook. I keep seeing a bunch of Peter Rabbit books and art and I just want to have them all. I saw a Peter Rabbit themed baby book and it'll be so cute for my future baby… I'm not even pregnant yet and I don't plan to be for a few more years, but I have such strong ideas of how I want to preserve my baby's memories and what to surround them with and I just want a lot of Peter Rabbit and Moomin things for them lmao.

No. 1569770

Baby possum just scared the shit out of me. I’m sorry for yelling.

No. 1570007

Bought a house and I'm having a lot of fun thrifting furniture to furnish it. I bought a dresser and found a couple of buttons left behind in it, it was someone's sewing storage. How sweet!

No. 1570404

I grow 3 sizes terfier whenever someone with "terfs dni' on their bio follows me.

No. 1570422

if you see me crying in my car on the way to work you didnt see shit thats just any other day for me casimir pulaski day probably just came on or something

No. 1570710

File: 1683511462831.jpg (21.43 KB, 468x468, c88ecf4740222ec34e84faf9cdd854…)

Nonnies I've had a great day today here in lolcor.church. all you ladies are so funny and smart I love ya'll to bits ♥

No. 1570975

Can't wait to eat that fuckin muffin tomorrow.
(Not a euphemism, genuinely a homemade bran muffin)
I wonder if this is someone I know.

No. 1571265

File: 1683563915790.jpg (139.34 KB, 474x1600, 6b49a014f2b68c39c304f9ec8754a3…)

I found a 31 minutos meme in English.

No. 1571295

File: 1683566197587.jpg (62.78 KB, 563x754, f1fe6fbbcffa83d5db25c11a8aeb50…)

I actually really like that some holidays in the US and Europe aren't on the same day. I love that I got to flood my mama with mother's day cute photos yesterday… and I'll do it again next week!

No. 1571448

File: 1683575571817.png (97.88 KB, 390x596, missionimpossible.png)

a spider came down from the ceiling mission impossible style, it came down right next to my monitor and now it's standing frozen on the desk one leg on my notes one leg in the air still stuck to the web. acutally it went away while i wrote this post. daddy long legs spiders are so goofy. bye spider

No. 1571652

Mario hugo is so cute but dogboys are stupid anyway

No. 1571712

Be nice to him, he was raised by vegetables in a supermarket ok?

No. 1571729

I love spiders so much.

No. 1571840

every time canada's Justin Trudeau is on the news my mom goes "mmm, tasty trudeu"
Today i looked up the phrase "tasty trudeu" to see if she got it off of twitter or something, but I guess she invented it.

No. 1572133

>wake up with migraine
>try to orgasm to fix it;cant
>sit up and dry heave & overheat
> lay down with cold washcloth on pulsing head
>cant move/drink/function
>hour passes
>finally able to open eyes
>see my bf made me coffee
>its now cold
so its gonna be one of those days

No. 1572137

your day WILL get better I am manifesting it rn for you

No. 1572160

File: 1683644865806.jpeg (54.62 KB, 496x744, IMG_5588.jpeg)

I love you sweet nonna, thank you

No. 1572212

File: 1683647934306.jpg (27.61 KB, 400x400, GIPP29CG_400x400.jpg)

Gonna begin a pivotal moment in my work after taking a 24 hr. repose from it.
Dunno if I feel ready.

No. 1572285

kek your mother is a queen

No. 1572351

I love Beatrix Potter's art so much, it's so comfy and cute

No. 1572489

File: 1683667825710.jpg (40.9 KB, 700x700, Nuka Goes Out On The Balcony F…)

My count vagula has stopped bleeding. No more period for me!

No. 1572491

Aww right back at you nona!

No. 1572521

File: 1683669581019.jpg (151.3 KB, 1242x1293, 1638992394866.jpg)

ive had really social anxiety my entire life. its gotten to a point where i decided i couldnt live like this anymore. ive been learning to love myself and stop overthinking things. slowly, ive been coming out of my shell more and becoming more confident. pic not rel

No. 1572893

I bought a year old cheddar because the 11 year one I bought was a little too sharp. Problem is that was a step way too far down and it just tastes like normal cheese. Now it's not sharp enough plus I'm out $6.

No. 1572908

My boyfriend accidentally dropped the L-bomb and he went beet red once he realized what he had said. It made my heart so warm.

No. 1572916

lugubrious? Lesbian? Little mother fucker? lit shicker?

No. 1572918

File: 1683701163478.png (35.88 KB, 2289x1770, love__20687.png)

No. 1572923

This anon >>1572918 got it.

No. 1572943

File: 1683706894325.jpeg (73.53 KB, 500x699, comiket.jpeg)

Dang nona you're a real one. Shit I remember browsing JPQueen but I couldn't order from the site (no credicard). Instead I used a proxy service and got all of my doujin from Yahoo!Acutions. It'd take months to ship to my house and it always felt like Christmas when my box full of gay porn would finally arrive. I was 16 too kek. Good times.


No. 1572989

my bf and his mom are gifting me a vivienne westwood purse and it makes me feel so fancy, I've never owned anything designer before. also I found this banana ice cream with brown sugar rum swirls at the grocery store and it tastes so good, it's a limited time only flavor so I want to go back to buy more and stockpile them in my freezer while there's still some left

No. 1573069

It's so windy the river looks like it's flowing backwards

No. 1573092

How did you get that stuff without being charged for the shipping?

No. 1573241

File: 1683738899214.gif (9.21 MB, 480x360, f93eb8567b92f7886386e7cfae0e3c…)

I wanna wish all nonnies who are mothers a happy mothers day!!

No. 1573306

Picking up my BBQ this weekend! I've been thinking about what I'm going to make for days. Going to make some sort of spicy chicken and cauliflower, baked potatoes, grilled halloumi and pineapple, chimichurri, Caprese salad maybe??? I have a grocery store gift card I got for Christmas and I'm glad I haven't used it yet cause I am going all out.

No. 1573313

Wtf, drop the brand of that ice cream anon

No. 1573314

Samefag, and congratulations on the bag!

No. 1573319

For the past few days I've just been eating a steak sandwich, a boiled egg and pickle, and sometimes a piece of lemon cake.

No. 1573321

File: 1683746141675.jpeg (237.93 KB, 1183x1503, FuwsVabWwAUb_ix.jpeg)

My legs still hurt from yesterday's workout… fuck.

No. 1573329

That's why you have to take it slow

No. 1573462

File: 1683760075994.jpeg (259.51 KB, 1104x1257, IMG_0645.jpeg)

thank you nona!
it's the publix premium brand, pic related (sorry if you don't have publix where you live!)

No. 1573479

Thanks Anonymous! That's looks so good, I love banana ice cream.

No. 1573495

I ordered food, I don’t know what to do to fight this mayor need to eat junk, I try to always eat as healthy as possible and at home, but the moment my brother leave and I’m alone I can’t stop thinking about eating junk.

No. 1573513

It's so cold at nights lately, I'm sitting at home covered with blanket, the windows are closed, and yet my nose is a fucking icicle

No. 1573521

i went to the library after class today and was just studying at a desk, at some point my literal pastie fell out and suctioned right onto the floor next to me. i dont know how long it was there but i only noticed when i got up to leave

i wonder how many ppl walked by and saw it just chillin there

No. 1573722

pastie as in a battered deep fried round of minced meat and vegetables common to northern Ireland or a device to cover your nipples?

No. 1573786

A dude from a crypto company called my workplace to propose their services, I told him we weren't interested and the motherfucker had the gall to say I didn't understand his proposition, I had to almost yell to cut him off and hang up, like holy shit, most cold callers just say OK good bye when we say we aren't interested, crypto bros are the fucking worst, I hope all the companies go down in flames.

No. 1573831

Finally warm enough here to start camping comfortably again, so my wife and I are going to one of our favourite spots tonights. Can't wait to just chill and watch the sunset.

No. 1573836

Am envy, the weather is shit here and there was just one nice day I managed to go rollerskating. Such a rainy and windy spring

No. 1573868

It's been really cool to see what plants are growing in my yard since I moved here during the winter. No one can really see so I've been letting it do it's thing. A couple orange flowers popped up over night.

No. 1574061

Change of plans, heavy rain is forecast tonight and I'm blaming you personally for this, nona. jk ♥

No. 1574168

File: 1683832785125.jpg (389.61 KB, 2048x1366, Fv3lkVTWABsQvZ3.jpg)

I'm currently watching IG lives of Beyonce's concert and now I don't even care that I didn't get tickets cause I feel like I'm literally there

No. 1574243

My patio is full of volunteer mint and lettuce this year it's awesome

No. 1574267

I got a blister a few days ago and it's still fucking there and now it looks like it's filled with yellow pus

No. 1574333

Going thrift shopping with my boyfriend this weekend I'm so excited! It's the sweetest thing, he doesn't particularly enjoy it but he says it makes him happy to see me get excited about a mug that has some pretty flowers or something on it lol.

No. 1574369

That sounds fun! I had similar plans but after I saw how hot it was gonna be I think I'm just gonna hang out at home.

No. 1574670

a stray cat started following me and tbh i got kind of scared lol. it kept meowing, walking in front of me every time i try to go a different direction, laying down in front of me, rubbed itself against my legs, tried climbing on my leg. i feel iffy about stray cats and dogs and never try to make them come to me. this is the first time i was that close or even had a cat touch me… i dont think i ever pet a cat in my life before. i ended up speedwalking away and it finally stopped following me.

No. 1574672

Wtf anon the kitty just wanted some pets and head scratches. Would’ve probably enjoyed being held too. You just gave yourself bad juju by ignoring a babykins

No. 1574679

You've never pet a cat? I came here to vent about how sad I was but you've reminded me how much I love my cats and now I don't feel sad anymore. Pet a cat.

No. 1574693

Some people are scared of animals, especially strays, anon.

No. 1574702

How have you gone your whole life without petting a cat?? Where do you live? That's absolutely tragic not to mention a very weird situation.

You don't really need to be scared of them like you would a stray dog, if they don't like you they will stay away (though don't touch them if they look sick with gunky eyes). If you see it again and want to try petting, they love a firm head pat. No belly rubs though.

No. 1574724

I bet that was weird if you have zero familiarity with cats. Rest assured those behaviors are signs of an extremely affectionate friendly and well socialized cat. Probably has a people family somewhere and was just out on a walk, strays aren’t that friendly, so there’s a good chance it has its shots and stuff too but you never know. There was an indoor/outdoor cat that used to hide next to its house and pounce out to play fight when you walked by which genuinely scared me one time but was usually a treat because it didn’t use claws and it was really friendly, just a little on the young side (it grew out of the behavior eventually)

No. 1574726

File: 1683891276947.jpeg (2.39 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_7960.jpeg)

Went to an antique mall and saw an antique cow-themed board game called Elsie from the 40’s. What are the odds

No. 1574729

Holy cow, this is a sign from the Goddess. Everything is going to be okay.

No. 1574824

I opted to have my packages marked as gifts so I barely got hit by taxes hehe. That worked pretty well, at the time.

No. 1574833

File: 1683900903518.jpg (1.14 MB, 2448x3264, b1cb197db458e0b3c87f5baa75586c…)

Hmmmm I moved around some furniture to deal with pre-menstrual frustration and it helped. I hate being an emotional and horny retard before my period but this was helpful!!!

Anyway I think I'll get drunk and eat pizza tonight. Sad I can't party this weekend but it's for the best (my HEALTH)

No. 1575249

My temu order arrived I am very happy about it. I can't believe they fit so much shit into one tiny bag. I got ring sizers, a handheld saw (works great I tested it cutting a box in half), a thingie to cover food from bug outdoors, two beach chairs, a duck bill dog muzzle (doesn't work), stickers, a scrapbook cutting pen, a sandproof beach blanket (BIGGER than pictured), vr sweatbands, waterproof salt shaker for camping, 2 titanium whistles (they barely work but whatever), a dog toy, a dog foot cleaner, and comfy lounge pants (very nice)

No. 1575284

ugh god i wish i'd had the foresight, instead i got in an argument with my husband and almost cried at the grocery store

No. 1575507

I have been unlucky but also weirdly lucky at the same time regarding my online second hand shopping. I usually do live handover, but two things I wanted no one in my city was selling so I gambled. Both things I bought were working but only sort of, so I complained. And somehow both sellers were like "I'll give back your money and you can keep it!!!"

No. 1575623

File: 1683928735252.jpeg (20.97 KB, 540x540, B637F29C-57DC-4E38-9148-FA268D…)

My leftie boyfriend doesn’t know I’m telling trannys to kill themselves on tumblr dot com

No. 1575637

My desk is literally falling a part, I need to put up my new one tonight and ten take this one to the dump tomorrow.

No. 1575651

found out I get to work from home three days a week for a while, i'm so happy

No. 1575662

Iirc in ye olden days, in certain schools lefty kids would be forced to use their right hand and they would be beat if they didn't. Kinda deserved, #righthandsupremacy.

No. 1575680

Glad I found a lefty socialist bf who hates troons just as much as I do.

No. 1575684

Highlights of the day:
1) went out for a walk first time in two months, lilacs and chestnuts blooming, nice weather, beautiful
2) there was such a stinky man on a bus stop his foul smell managed to enter the bus I was sitting in

No. 1575963

ugh so jealous of you nona

No. 1576187

It's been exceptionally cold here for May and my clothes take way too long to dry, some of them have caught that damp stench, I'll have to wash everything again with white vinegar. I still prefer being cold like this rather than going through heat waves.

No. 1576209

Just walked past a hotel on the main Street of my town where there's always guests outside smoking. I've been trying to give up vaping and failing so far so I'd just bought a shitty disposable in the shop nextdoor and was taking that first inhale after being without for a while.. A man with a 10 month pregnant beer belly says hi to me right as I inhale and before even giving me one second to respond he starts sarcastically saying to his friend "ooh real friendly in this town aren't they!"

I'm sitting across the street on a bench while hes giving me dagger looks. Dude you're smoking yourself right now. You know what was up.

No. 1576216

>leftist socialist bf
You're gonna find out in due time that you've made a terrible mistake.

No. 1576281

i love V8 so much. love being able to drink multiple vegetables at once. very very tasty

No. 1576603

Trying to decide if I should make lunch now because I'm starving or if I should just wait until Eurovision time. This will be my second year watching with you guys, and also my second time watching Eurovision at all! I should probably go make a store run now because I remember the show being pretty long.

No. 1576881

My friend's mean cat really likes me. She will hiss and swat at every other person who visits the house and she was very stand-offish with me at first but I've always moved very slowly in front of her and let her sniff my hands, random things from my purse, let her sniff any food I have, etc. She loves to play fetch so I will toss her any foam balls lying around and she will run after them and then drop them off at my feet to fetch again. I slow blink at her, she slow blinks back. Eventually she got braver and will stick her whole head in my purse to sniff around. Now she will lay on me to nap and she will ask for pets. She will lay on me and pur. She never does this with anyone else aside from my friend (her owner). She is so cute and silly. I love cats so much!!

No. 1576961

File: 1684018114153.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1104, Screenshot_20230513-174805.png)

The horrible Photoshop job in the Camp Rock cover art is atrocious. How could they get away with this?

No. 1577009

I bought some Ebin wig glue and I'm so nervous to receive it because I've heard bad things about their other glues

No. 1577033

File: 1684025602177.jpg (358.26 KB, 1512x2016, PXL_20211012_211128784.jpg)

No. 1577043

I've been finding pashmina scarves so much at the thrift store lately, some are real some fake but I'm so happy with my little collection, too bad I'll have to retire them in the summer

No. 1577178

I want water but my kitchen sink is broken and getting water from my bathroom feels so wrong

No. 1577637

File: 1684094449123.jpg (23.42 KB, 600x600, safes-sold-installed.jpg)

>visiting my mom today
>we're in the dining room and topic of conversation shifts to giant oil portrait that's been hung in there for years
>joke like I sometimes do that I always suspected there was a safe behind it
>my mom gets a solemn look on her face and goes "What you don't know?"
>I go what
>she gets up and lifts up the painting
>under the painting she taped up a picture of a safe printed out on computer paper
>starts laughing her head off at me
I love my mom

No. 1577750

The neighbors next door are having a party right now for their kid's birthday, and the songs they're putting on are absolute bangers despite being for kids. I'm glad it's this kind of music instead of gross inappropriate shit for adults like at other children's parties I've been at.

No. 1577768

KEK your mom is priceless I love her too.

No. 1577780

I've just sneezed and bit my tongue.

Lol anon your mom is great

No. 1577787

Also it would be very funny if some robber was excited to find a safe and found that kek! (But not really because your mom deserves all the best)

No. 1577899

I'm getting the Nexplanon implant this week. I'm pretty nervous about how my body will handle it, but I'm also excited about the potential good!

No. 1578025

I want to share a song that's been stuck in my head all day but the retards at their record label took all their shit off YT so I can't link it here reeeeee

No. 1578030

I just remembered I have some coochie lumps I was supposed to get checked out. Last time I was at the gyno I had bigger issues so I forgot. I had them checked by a non-gyno like 3 years ago and she said it's probably just cysts so I wasn't worried about it.

No. 1578036

I thought I saw Shayna at the beach today. She was in my city a few months back maybe longer so I doubt it was her. But the girl had the same shitty blonde hair and build as her. Similar mannerisms too. Weird.

No. 1578038

>I saw a girl at the beach today
>She was blonde and big

No. 1578231

File: 1684157444961.jpg (62.81 KB, 736x736, 1672510772317.jpg)

recently my jaw has started audibly clicking when i chew. it's very embarrassing.

No. 1578264

next time you go to a dentist you should mention that to them - it could be tmj disorder/tmd, or something else that needs medical attention. mine started doing that due to bruxism

No. 1578473

Someone honked at me for my parking space so I turned my car off and sat there for like 5 minutes until she left. Teehee

No. 1578547

I have a friend who retweets spinster memes but she told me she eventually wants to get married, which one is true? I think she fantasizes about the ceremony, the dress, the attention and all that, but she doesn't actually want to commit to a moid.