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No. 1332007

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 1332076

CS/IT nonnies is it worth getting certs on top of a CS degree? like comptia and cybersecurity certs and such? curious if it'll help me find a job/increase salary at all or whether it's not worth the effort

No. 1332110

Get your OCA/OCP if you can but it’s difficult. AWS is also good, pretty easy and people are easily dazzled by it. Also ITIL… 4? In my experience anything that’s not trademarked isn’t going to impress people much.

No. 1332234

File: 1662681734780.png (127.36 KB, 209x363, 1638434004342.png)

Someone needs to be home during the day in the next few months so people can come in and do renovations. Meaning I'll have to take the afternoon shift. After that, I can take the day shift IF they let me. I want the day shift though, not the afternoon. If I have to do 3 pm to 11 pm for 8 months I'll go fucking ballistic. I have to leave 30 minutes earlier than I'd like because the bus near me is often later getting to where all the buses meet for transfers. So I'll be at work, half an hour early than I need to be.

No. 1332250

File: 1662682650665.png (865.54 KB, 680x674, 104F7005-2BE3-4A17-B2E6-E84958…)

I’ve chosen to do medical assisting, I know the money isn’t great but it’s something I like. Will report back in a couple months how it turns out when I finish MA school

No. 1332283

Can you organize a lockbox/spare key with the tradesmen? That's what I did when I had renovations done, usually I'd just meet them for the first day and then after that they can let themselves in.

No. 1332313

If my coworker gets promoted that'll mean both of my immediate bosses have tried to sleep with me, I'm already being treated so coldly by the other I'm really afraid that I'm just gonna get fired one day. I wish I wasn't such a dumb bitch so that I could switch departments, I really love my company but my position is the only one I'm qualified for.

No. 1332323

File: 1662691100694.jpg (6.36 MB, 2755x2069, iStock-1142918319 (1).jpg)

I have a second round, in person interview at a university tomorrow. I'm meeting 5 different people one on one. I do want this job because it's the pay I'm looking for, and it's a prestigious university with good benefits (according to my friend who's husband just finished his phd from there). Only real downside is that the commute is an hour away from me, and I have to take 2 trains. I've been spoiled the last 5 years, all of my jobs have been in relatively the same area and it's usually a 20-30 minute single train ride. I won't be terribly miffed if I don't get this job because of the commute alone kek.

No. 1332338

File: 1662692014713.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x554, f77ce7392ee2cc73ab865c64a87a52…)

Does anybody else feel pressured by their peers to take a different job? Right now I work in clothing alterations, and with my education I could also get a job with a fashion company as a junior designer. I work for the alterations place because it's 5 mins away from my home and I don't have my driver's license yet, flexible hours, kind and supportive staff, I'm good at it, etc.
When I talk to people about it they're always like "you should be working for x fashion company, not doing that!" "just because you can't drive doesn't mean you can't commute" but everyone I know who commutes by train to the nearest fashion companies says it sucks and they hate it. I feel like part of the reason why so many young people aren't working now is because they get shit if they take a "scrub" job. It's like damn gimme a fucking minute I'm not going to do this forever. Even if I was, would it be so bad? Clothing alteration is specialized work…

And yes I am in the sewing thread here lol

No. 1332370

It makes me think of something I saw recently, I think a comic somewhere here, about how in Japan many young people are opting to not continue family businesses and choosing to become salarymen and office workers instead, and it's leading to a dying culture of small, family owned businesses. People find it so unbelievable that you can be content enough at a job that isn't super high paying with a flashy job title. You do you nona, I'm happy you've found a good place to work!

No. 1332386

Anons, what makes you finally decide that this job was not for you, and you was better off doing something else that you love?

No. 1332392

the oca and aws sound useful, I'll look into getting those
thanks nona

No. 1332946

I just found out that I can give the contractors a spare key! why wasn't I told this before I asked for the 3-11, well because people around me want to tell me nothing.
I can call up work and plead for the day shift after they worked around to get me 3-11. Or accept the 3-11.
I hate life. I'm lucky for a job after years of neetdom though.

You aren't a dumb bitch. Sorry, that's happening at work.

Good luck!

No. 1332985

a girl in my masters program quit halfway through and when they checked on her, she proudly announced she had found a job at a cozy vegan cafe with great coworkers while she worked on her project of becoming a tattoo artist.
they flipped on her and said they students shouldn't settle for minimum wage when they have an education and skills.
take things at your own pace nona!!! this mindset is stupid

No. 1333367

how many weeks should i spend at my new hotel b4 i decide if its worse than my old hotel?
my instincts tell me 2-3 weeks. i dont want them to get used to having my help around b/c i dont want them to miss it

No. 1337044

I’m a software engineer and I keep having to deal with these admin/ops types that are simultaneously completely incompetent and so fucking condescending. If your job is to press buttons in your assigned environment as a service to the people who use it, it should be service-oriented. I should be able to say “I want to connect remotely to this SharePoint site to download a file” and THE SharePoint team, who does nothing but SharePoint for a living, should be able to extract meaning from that statement without me having to be a SharePoint expert and know whatever 800 made-up Microsoft terms and jump through a million hoops just to get them to do their jobs. It drives me insane. I’m about to slam my hand in a car door just so I can go to the hospital and not deal with these people. Being in a hospital with a broken hand would be significantly less stressful than dealing with these goons.

No. 1337163

How much administrative bs do you guys have to do? At my workplace, we have to fill in 2 different attendance logs, 2 different tasklogs where we put in what we did, how long we were working on it, who requested it, etc and we also send out a list of our daily tasks in email to our managers every day. I feel like administrative shit takes up 50% of our work, it's ridiculous

No. 1337708

I have some IBM and Oracle certs and they didn't make a lick of difference, so YMMV.

No. 1337710

hahahaha, sorry nona…. I have to write part of our product that integrates with other services and trying to deal with Azure and their bullshit has taken years off my life. Fuck Microsoft, every single product of theirs is a complete horror show for developers.

No. 1337924

The skills themselves sure. The certs not unless you’re willing to push them to say you’re worth more. The biggest things are years at a place and solid degree or two and having a strong skill set you can show.

No. 1337983

Hi there nonnies I need advice. I have to get a job in the next few weeks cause of life reasons and I've been applying to random jobs that sounds interesting but aren't sales.
Today I had an interview at this family run business and they almost hired me on the spot but I have my hesitations. They work 6 days a week and pay the min wage in my country with bonuses depending on how well the business goes. I could get some pretty useful skills here and a long term job but I'm scared I'll be utterly exhausted and have zero time for my loved ones and actual passions. Is it worth to accept or should I keep looking with the limited time I have?

No. 1337989

Do you have a trial period that allowes you to quit without repurcussions? If so you could take it and use the trial period to look for something better while you have that job as a back up.

No. 1337992

There's not really a trial period, they want to train me so I can help and replace a woman who's going on maternity leave, and they implied they want someone who'd stay on longer so that all the training is worth it

No. 1338012

Have you tried negotiating for a 5 day workweek?

No. 1340842

File: 1663255977637.jpg (89.71 KB, 500x560, fdd7f582dcb04904150a15e50eb588…)

How does one manage two jobs at once? like the physical and mental aspects of it?

No. 1340857

What type of jobs? What type of schedule? How long do you need to work both?

No. 1340976

fast food lol and just for 8-9 months or so. If I get the jobs I can accept both and quit the one that's not offering me more hours. The first job sounds more relaxed while the other sounds more mind-numbingly dull and probably full of shitty scrotes (it's a pizza joint)

No. 1341054

File: 1663267985394.jpg (14.09 KB, 243x207, images copy.jpg)

I flunked out in late 2020 in a Bsc in Physics, and I've been lying to my family about my true progress. I'm better at redoing and remembering old knowledge but I have trouble trying to self-learn from a textbook. A part of me wants to go out and buy a fake degree and get a better job so I can afford to live away from family and retry later. I want to force myself and speedrun through as many books and textbooks. I'm working through the physics GRE right now. I was doing third year stuff, thermal physics and mathematical methods(ODEs) before flunking out.

No. 1342214

I fucked up.
I had two interviews in a day and I was so exhausted from running around and thoughts weighing on the previous interview I fucked up the second one. The second one is the job I should want more and I do but again I was just so tired and out of it. The first place was offering 14 an hour and cash only, which is less than minimum wage and super illegal.

I fucked up so bad, nonnies.

No. 1342478

ah maybe I'll just get one or two relevant ones as resume filler, I thought they'd be more useful

No. 1343618

Does anyone use a styling service they can recommend? I've been working remotely for the last two years and my career progress has outpaced my wardrobe. I'm still not going into the office and they frankly don't care, but I'd like to move beyond dark jeans and a cardigan for when I meet with external business partners. I've tried doing it myself but I think I'm just too autistic to step outside my box without some help.

No. 1344238

I'm going to be that 30-year old fucker with a Master's degree but barely any work experience, I have no idea how to make my life work. I should apply to internships at least, but I feel so awkward being such an old student. I don't know how do people completely uproot their lives to restart in their thirties. I feel like I have no skills. Honestly modern work environments with their teambuildings and forced positive attitudes just scare the shit out of me.

No. 1344484

Leave my job soon. Should I warn the person that's replacing me to find a new job asap? They overwork and underpay their workers here.

No. 1345566

yes, give em a warning

Sometimes if you follow up with a thank you email, they usually remember your politeness and thoughtfulness to write them an email. Good luck nonnie!! I've done this before

No. 1345627

File: 1663719322812.jpg (94.86 KB, 564x1002, 869c73bd57563c4b3cd90df7e8fb3a…)

I got my work permit!! I had an interview today, at a place that isn't really my first choice, and i have two more coming up! One is at a very fancy mall and I'm so happy I'm going to have money and a schedule again. Daydreaming about buying a planner. Feel like a nerd but also very happy I can work in my new country!!

No. 1345640

I'm in my late 20s and only now just getting my bachelor's after a few years of NEETdom. Luckily there are a few other older people in my classes which makes it less embarrassing

No. 1345882

i fucking hate my job because my boss and coworker bait & switched me but it's my first one out of college so i have to stay a year so i don't look like a flake on my resume. 9 more months to go

No. 1346492

File: 1663780140549.jpg (22.77 KB, 564x564, LeeabPO.jpg)

I just started working in healthcare and I don't think it's for me. I'm considering switching career paths, particularly to cybersecurity. Is it worth it to get a computer science degree or is the field too infested with techbros? Should I get a second bachelors, or go straight for a masters?

No. 1346498

Medical data and coding. You already have a healthcare backing that will give you an edge. As long as your analytical it will work. Medical data is speciality. Just not software programming.

No. 1346660

I am a failed artist. Wish I could afford to go to school just for fun. I like school.

No. 1346709

I quit at sephora a few weeks ago and have an interview tomorrow, I’m quite confident about it and am not too nervous, just excited. Sephora wasn’t bad (in europe!!! Usa sucks i heard) the pay was good, goodies were amazing i simply hate retail and with rising prices they get more pissed off, want free services etc and simply fled the xmas time for my own good. My new job (hopefully) is something at an office and I’m just so excited that i will learn new things.

No. 1346757

File: 1663794510898.jpg (111.58 KB, 500x413, 1659400526275.jpg)

My current job gave me a choice between a morning and evening shift and after nearly 4 months, they are telling me I have to switch to the evening shift in order to keep working for the company. The pay is the best I've had. I'm not sure what to do and I'm frustrated

No. 1346769

Kek working in healthcare is so stressful nonny. I feel your pain.

No. 1346772

Sorry this is such a whinepost. I got a late start and only sort of recently got my degree at 29 for a uncommon field that I thought would be useful and didn't completely hate. I should have realized by my second year of degree-relevant classes that nearly all my peers being former military and LE men that I was going to have a really hard time finding a job.

I could not seem to get anything, I had a number of interviews applying for any entry level job in the field and I just really suck apparently. I've lost any passion and interest for it now and, try as I might, that probably showed in my last few interviews. I'm not what anyone is looking for there so after two years of it I've given up.

This year I decided to just go the "get any decent job" and I'm still not getting anything, it's incredibly soul crushing and I feel like a fucking idiot. I work PT selling food and every day I lose a bit of my will. I can't get a job as a bank teller, doing data entry, admin/receptionist, even as a substitute teacher and I saw the fucking creeps and freaks they hired in the same school district when I attended.

No. 1346774

Can you take it up with HR? Is this ultimatum being forced on other employees as well? Try to get as much transparency about the situation as possible.

No. 1346797

making a similar shift nonnie, ex-nursing student. got a job working with a company that makes emrs with zero prior tech experience. maybe try getting certifications geared toward what you're looking at instead of throwing more money at school? best of luck on your journey, you can do it!

No. 1346981

I feel anxious about working and letting down everyone if I don’t get a job quick enough. Obviously I won’t have to work for about a year but it’s looming.
Fuck I’m so jealous! I moved to the states and just submitted my paperwork today. I’m working on my degree while I wait but I really want to help my husband with bills.

No. 1347085

File: 1663808953148.jpg (431.14 KB, 1125x1542, Tumblr_l_108258619247644.jpg)


No. 1347148

if military/le experience is what gets a job in your field…have you considered being a cop for a couple years? Making your bachelor's un-worthless could be worth it.

No. 1347196


thank you so much for the reply. I've thought similarly! Firefighting would put me closer actually, but I struggled to meet the pass requirements for the pac test when I was training myself for it. other women have passed it, it's very possible. Being so short puts me at a disadvantage for the time limit and eventually I quit on it. I know that's on me, I could have tried harder for longer but at my age I decided to go another route.

without getting too specific bc I'm overly paranoid about how small/specific the program is, think more hazmat management/emergency response type field.

I also went hard for safety technician/EHS type jobs for awhile but again, I kept running into the "not what we're looking for" issue and after so many god damn times of it after interview prepping and review, brushing up on stuff I had learned years ago, dressing up nicely and driving out to entire different cities… then sobbing in the hotel after the interview. just failing, over and over. I don't think I'm cut out for it.

I guess I just want some simple job doing data entry or admin work or very basic computer software/hardware repair, just anything remotely stable that pays enough to rent a shitty studio apt in this hellconomy.

No. 1347330

I know they say to just talk to recruiters that message you and whatever, and I used to do that. But this trend of just putting that calendar link or whatever is such a turn off. I was fine with it when we'd do the

> recruiter msg me

> i respond
> they reply with a calendar link

little formalities, but this "HEy what's up u seem cool anyway call me at my convienence" just registers as spam.

No. 1347371

I work in sales, I suck at sails
I have a shit pay and no prospect of ever getting a bonus.
This is the only job I found in 2 years so I can't just leave it now nor find anything else.
I feel depressed, people around me are so high class and rich, whenever I try to dress up nicely I feel like a clown and someone they see through and can tell is a cheap broke wannabe preppy

No. 1347400

Is it literally the firefighting aspect they want on your resume or is it paramedicine? There's plenty of states where EMS isn't tied to the fire station, although there may still be a fitness test it wouldn't be as hard. That would be a couple more years of school to be a medic. Would be a massive waste of time if doesn't help you get a better job later.

You are probably familiar with your state's government jobs site looking for roles in that type of field but if not - look it up for some of those simple sit-down jobs you described. A lot of them have a low barrier to entry or if they want a bachelor's it can often be in anything at all. There's room to grow with promotions. You may be able to wfh.

No. 1347409

another low barrier job I thought of…patient access at a hospital. Go to the hospital's website and careers page directly and look up patient access representative/registrar/admissions clerk whatever they call it there. You check people in and look at insurance interfaces.

No. 1347421

lmao I got passed up for promotion because I was so introverted

good thing too because I am not interested being a program coordinator for the college. There are other ways to earn more money

No. 1347437

i feel like i'll never get a job i like and my job prospects are inexistent. it gives me so much anxiety i really hate thinking about job hunting.
but i can't stay at my current job because they only want me to work part-time for minimum wage. i'd have to go out of my way to try my hand at new skills and get out of my comfort zone to be full-time but i'd still be paid minimum wage. not only that, but i know that even if i became a B2B sales expert they'd only increase my hours and avoid paying overtime. i wish i was like the few classmates of mine who got hired with a decent salary after their internship.

No. 1347469

Is there anything I could do from home, even if it pays absolute shit? I’m in the final year of my degree (finishing it remotely) and I need to be home most of the time to take care of a relative. But I’m running out of money and I need to keep paying for my classes. I have a lot of previous experience in management and sales, but everything I find online keeps rejecting me either because every WFH position gets absolutely swamped with responses or because of my location. I’m a burger, but I’m currently living overseas due to the caregiving situation I mentioned earlier. I’ve been looking for so long, even at horrific remote call centers, and I can’t seem to make it past the application process half the time due to my situation.

No. 1347557

Ya girl just got a 10% salary increase!!!

No. 1347850

God why can't I get a good hook in software engineering?

>Be me

>Prepare some questions for an interview for a software engineering position in a famous company
>Not the first time I've applied. Moid in charge declined but reconsidered a second time to see if I would be a better fit this time
>Arrive in time for the meeting
>Scrote presents the goals
>Technical interview begins
>Gets asked over some webstuff
>Webstuff is getting a bit too specific and it evolved into oral problem solving
>Don't have autistic techbro levels of knowledge on this
>Ended up exposing my lack of knowledge
>-10 for nonnie
>We argued about the problem for 1h instead of 15min
>Tried to recover some credibility when asked on a specific question
>"Ok nonnie teach me about your main techs"
>Tried to be Ms Wikipedia while both scrotes were squabbling
>Ended up on yet another "maybe no"

Am I just cursed nonnas? Why is tech world so fucked when it comes to recruiting? I just want to make money with the computer, not entering in the specifics.

No. 1347909

Question, is app development too swamped to take seriously?

There's just a lot of aspects involved that I either have some skills in or a lot of passion for. Plus, it somewhat skirts the thing I hate most about programming–how abstract it is. Of course I'd still have to do it but I'd be able to at least see tangible results quicker which appeals to my lizard brain.

No. 1347919

are there any medical nonnas in school here who can relate to this? we just had our first suture practice lab and im the slowest person in the class by far. i have always been really bad at performing tasks that require manual dexterity and physical orientation (had the same issue with anatomy). was getting so incredibly frustrated i knew i couldnt even open my mouth to ask for help cuz id start crying or something. its rare that something makes me so frustrated, but if anything does, it is usually something along these lines. at a certain threshold of frustration, im not able to de-escalate myself without self harming and dealing with fake cuts and wounds really doesnt help decrease the urge. its ridiculous to be this far down the road and still be so maladaptive, but i dont think it will ever change and i dread my surgery rotation where not only will i be angry at myself when i fuck up but ill have attendings there to get angry with me when i fuck up. how the fuck do you get through a rotation you know youre going to hate every second of? nothing has ever made me not want to self harm, years of therapy and meds havent changed this,. i Know how retarded it is that a doctor would still be cutting themselves like a teenager but i just dont ever see it going away completely

No. 1347927

Have you been practicing at home? Maybe doing it more so it’s muscle memory will help anon. Hang in there

No. 1347928

A lot of tech companies want 50x people, which obviously doesn't exist, but they try to get people like that who live, breathe, eat, sleep, and shit software and read about obscure features in some obscure library everyday of their lives. It's not your fault. They're just raising expectations so high that only a few people can meet them. Maybe you can practice more with other dev friends or through Pramp?

No. 1347933

Sf, but maybe you can apply to companies that have fairer interview processes or only do Leetcode if that's your strength

No. 1347994

if im an intern at a company and want to list it on my resume should i call myself an intern or not? it is a paid internship

No. 1348153

I thought I had an easy school office job that would give me time to do homework, and on occasion I would substitute teach a class or two. Somehow it seems even worse now than last year - during this week alone I spent three days teaching middle schoolers (4-5 classes a day) because a teacher and their substitute were sick. My stress skyrockets every time I get an email about having to sub as soon as I walk in the door, and because I get pulled I can’t get my own work done. I really hope this week just happened to be a fluke because if they keep doing this to me I’m going to have a breakdown.

No. 1348271

Maybe not the right thread for it, but I'm pretty bearish on white collar cerebral jobs. I think the next waves of technological advancements will make a lot of this more work more superfluous and easy. Not to say that blue collar will be any better kek, but white collar will just become increasingly shit.

In fact, I think this has already been the case for the last fifteen or so years and government regulations have covered it up. I think you could have your average barista working as a pharmacist and there would be little difference. The computer prints out a warning if the doctor's prescription causes a clash with another medication, pharmacists don't need to know how drugs interact with one another anymore. It's insurance and liability reasons propping it up, keeping them pointlessly doing years of medical training to package pills.

I think there will be core cities like London, New York, San Fran, Hong Kong, Singapore that suck up all the genius talent to achieve the next marginal gains, and everywhere else in the world will get the software trickling down from that to allow once high paying careers to be flooded with mediocre talent, driving down the wages.

No. 1348555

>The computer prints out a warning if the doctor's prescription causes a clash with another medication, pharmacists don't need to know how drugs interact with one another anymore.
Anon, a critical point you’re missing is that pharmacists communicate with patients because there are many people who
>forget what medications they use
>use too little, too much or skip using it
>mix up medications and need to have them identified because they don’t read labels
>have caretakers or relatives that give the medication, need explanations and have to pick it up
>have recently been diagnosed with something they have not experienced and need an explanation on how to use their new devices or medication

No. 1348569

I’d like to add that in some areas (America) the pharmacy job market was already over saturated. Before COVID caused a lot of pharmacists to retire or quit the pay for new hires in retail was already going down. Some pharmacists try to avoid that area by working with medication manufacturers as compounders or other jobs related to medication

No. 1348599

>I think you could have your average barista working as a pharmacist and there would be little difference.
Fuck no, that's the worst example you could have used. I don't disagree with you except for shit like this. A competent pharmacist would be able to tell you what treatment interfers with what meds and in cases I know like mine when I was a kid/teen and in the case of one of my relatives, once you have a very rare disorder they can help you by giving you information about that. I don't think I can trust your average barista to tell me all the side effects of medications used when you suffer from ankylosing spondylitis and the specific way they can fuck up a fetus when you take said meds as a pregnant patient. And I don't expect your average barista to tell me the difference between the previous and highly dangerous and toxic treatment for childhood onset pituitary dwarfism and the current treatment that's now safe.

No. 1348746

Anons, I talked to coworkers and let's just say I need to take advantage of my long term job contract to get my own place NOW because I feel like my company is going to shit. They're not renewing short term contracts for my coworkers who started months after me, they accepted way too much from our client and now we won't be enough people for the workload and they don't plan on hiring more people after that. I'm not even scared or disappointed because I now have more than enough experience to get jobs elsewhere but the timing isn't ideal at all. I'm getting surgery on November so I can't move to another place before that or too soon after that.

No. 1348891

Is there anyone here who got a GED? I want to go into massage therapy because it seems chill af and the money isn’t bad.

No. 1348950

I'm so angry and frustrated about my work anons, just gotta rant
I've been working here for 5 years, it was dream come true when I got hired, and it turned out to be even better than I could ever anticipate. There was genuine passion, creativity, love for the industry; the office itself was amazing, perks better than anywhere else, good pay, supportive environment, all that. And then, 3 years in, management slowly began to change. First just moving some people around, then outright "parting ways", few mass firings too. New management was appointed; we were moved to MUCH worse office, less and less things were provided, management started focusing on rewarding and promoting these that would be most cutthroat and willing to exploit others, continuosly push blame on employees as a whole that they're not coming up with enough new ideas for company's future direction while being unable to ever provide any, even basic outline of their own plan. On top of that, COVID and months of remote work, which now turned to hybrid, made people completely apathetic, I haven't seen my teammates faces in months because they're not even turning their cameras on during weekly meetings. Everyone is exhausted, the only topic people ever can think of even during creative brainstorms is what's gonna bring most financial gain, becuase anything else will be heavily scrutinized by the top management. There's no wiggle room for new ideas, for creativity, and really with the company atmosphere slowly and steadily going to shit last 2 years, no one even cares to do that wiggle.
I'm upset, it feels like something amazing was stolen from me, that every day enthusiasm I came to work with. I saw myself at this job for many more years to come, I truly cared for company's projects and it's success, and always tried my best. Now I can't give a damn anymore, and just apathetically watch everything become worse and worse. Good jobs are insanely hard to come by and I hate top management for destroying everyone's morale and passion. Really hope they'll go bankrupt at this point

No. 1349060

File: 1663954766849.jpg (10.52 KB, 480x358, b481f2e3effd745a28444384ba3b0b…)

>work in health care because it's easy to get into, plus school
>chosen career field is seen as weird or gross
>get comments about how it's a moid field
>school released statistics about demographic of students
>program is female dominated with 30% more women finishing and finding work post college than the moids
>"but it's weird for a woman!!!"

I just want to do what I want to do

No. 1349063

And you’re gonna tell us what field right? Hello

No. 1349068

mortuary services lol

No. 1349072

that's epic and cool. i also want to do what you want to do.

No. 1349084

what bothers me the most is that it's that everyone in that field is considered weird to begin with. the jokes are either necrophilic or that it's edgy but to me it's no different than planning a wedding

No. 1349169

OAYWRT, I didn't get any result today but I also got no perspective either from my manager when it comes to future interviews. It's kinda depressing because you're either in demand with tech or just completely ignored for months unless you're working in something you're not experimented with. The latter actually drained my motivation to do side projects and to get better at supersonic speeds.

My mom in particular wants to pressure me out in finding something else despite being a cuckoo believing in occult, always complaining that it doesn't go faster and I have to move. But the thing is, I'm exhausted. It's so tiresome to look after yourself everyday and getting a hook in careers FAST FAST AND FASTER.

No. 1349320

NTA. I largely agree with your descriptions of how pharmacists can be useful, but pharmacists are so swamped that they spend all their time doing tasks that stop the ship from sinking. These tasks are largely doable by experienced techs (with the assistance of computerized drug interaction checks).

Having a pharmacist know a patient's conditions, meds, other health info, can be a great asset to that patient's health and safety. But retail pharmacists are extremely overworked and have no time for anything that isn't survival. They don't have time for proper counseling, they don't have time for thorough drug reviews, they don't even have time to take a piss.

Mild tinfoil, but I think large pharmacy chains are well aware of this and are seeking to push pharmacists further in this direction so that they can justify replacing them with lower and lower paid workers. I know Walgreens has a system where remote pharmacists can assist in Drug Utilization Reviews, even though they have 0 context on who the patient is or their conditions besides their poorly maintained pharmacy profile. If requirements for in-person pharmacists are lifted, I have no doubts that the industry will move towards having one remote pharmacist "oversee" 2-4 stores at once.

I've seen a lot of pharmacists start to push back against mandatory free counseling for patients. I think this is a step in the wrong direction, because this is one of the few ways where they can make a difference and help instead of being a (very replaceable) cog in the machine. But I sympathize because they have entirely too much on their plates.

TL;DR Pharmacists in concept aren't useless, but corporate pharmacies have forced them into a role where their expertise means very little, and as a consequence, the public has understandably begun to think of pharmacists as useless.

No. 1349498

I wish I could do this so bad. I bought a house with a cemetery behind it and the funeral home next door and I daydream about walking over there and introducing myself and asking if I could do an apprenticeship or something. Although I doubt that’s how it works.

No. 1349511

>But retail pharmacists are extremely overworked and have no time for anything that isn't survival. They don't have time for proper counseling, they don't have time for thorough drug reviews, they don't even have time to take a piss.
That's never the case wherever I go. I always had pharmacists explain to me a bunch of shit that my doctors already told me just to make sure I don't fuck up while taking the treatments I need, they always make sure the patients understand everything. I'm talking about small pharmacies close to my home though, no idea how it is in other countries.

No. 1349560

My job let me go this morning with no warning. I don’t know wtf I am going to do.

No. 1349561

Shit, are you me? They want to change me 2-10 because they need someone to work that shift. I was hired as morning only but now they need to change to evening before end of this year. I also take the bus to work and this affects my transfers and just overall mood. Good luck to us both

No. 1349563

Fuck em, anon!! My job did that to me 4 months ago. You can take a day or two to decompress, but you're better off. Just take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and paperwork and see if you can do unemployment before going back to job hunting. It will be okay.

No. 1349569

File: 1663970276717.jpeg (224.01 KB, 1536x2048, C061B16C-50B7-460B-8E20-BBC7E4…)

Thanks nonny. I’m just so crushed. This job was exactly what I wanted and I don’t even know what I did wrong, I can only assume buyers remorse since they were paying me a good salary. I’m terrified my next job will pay less, or I don’t get one at all. I just signed a years lease on my apartment so I can’t even go be a NEET.

No. 1349593

Sending nothing but love, nonnie. Go for a job that matches your desired salary. I believe in you. You can and will do this.

No. 1349605

the economy is in the shitter now and you are probably working on a country where they have "last one in -> first one out" rules around downsizing.

I am sorry, this sucks. But you will find another job, and it will be even better fit for you. It's usually how it goes.

No. 1349607

Join a startup. The soul was sucked out of your job over the course of 5 years. It happens. Time for a change. (Who the fuck stays in a job for 5 years anymore, lol? You should be switching jobs every 2-3 years, or else your pay is stagnating by a LOT.)

No. 1349610

>for a software engineering position in a famous company

Here is your problem. Why? You do know these companies only hire THE BEST people, right?

Just go work for startups/scaleups/rando companies for a few years, until you are knowledgable and confident enough to approach famous companies.

No. 1349613

Just throwing out ideas but, do you speak any langages other than english? If so:

if not
>personal assistant

If you are willing to take some online courses
>SEO specialist
>online marketing

Just throwing out ideas.

No. 1349696

>type in the name of the medicine into a program running on a computer in the pharmacy
>other medications the patient is on is stored on record in the system
>Print out of every side effect and a big warning flashing on the screen if there's a conflict.

Good pharmacaists CAN list all the possible side effects and have an understanding of drug interactions, but they increasingly no longer need to. The software does it for people.

No. 1349794

Do you have friends that could refer you to one of the dev opening roles at their company? That's definitely the quickest way to get an interview.

No. 1350075

A couple months ago my company had a week long conference. We all mostly work from home so it was supposed to be this big bonding thing where we could all meet each other and have a chance to work together face to face. It went well for the most part but on the last day, around midnight, I got a message from a coworker who found my instagram and wanted to see if I'd go out for drinks. I vaguely knew who he was because I had seen him around and I'd occasionally meet his stare but he never introduced himself or anything. We hadn't spoken at all the whole week, plus he was older.. maybe around early 40's, and guessing from his instagram he also had kids. I'm in my mid 20's. At first I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe it was a group thing, looking back it I don't know why it would be, but I told him no but tried to be polite because he was quite a bit higher in the company food chain than I am and I was scared of him to be honest. He started asking me about myself and I tried to make conversation for a couple messages but as he started to get more flirty I just stopped responding altogether. I thought "this man is old enough to take the fucking hint" but he didn't. He kept messaging me over and over again - even trying to talk to me through our company's work chat, and kept getting more passive aggressive and angry the longer he got ignored. I blocked him and he just made new accounts. That went on for maybe a whole month and I really wish I had done something more about it but I was scared. Today I learned he is no longer with the company and while that makes me feel a bit better the whole situation just makes me so angry looking back at it. What possesses someone to get so mental about a girl half their age ghosting them after 10 messages? He didn't know me and he didn't even TRY to approach me in public with other coworkers around when it would've been normal. He still would've gotten rejected but at least it wouldn't have been as creepy as the way he went about it. Like… go play with your kids or something. Sleazy old men don't deserve white collar jobs.

No. 1350109

have you considered QA? "I just want to make money with the computer, not entering in the specifics" is exactly how I feel. I'm not a programmer with intense autistic knowledge about a language but I have an autistic attention to detail that makes QA work something I'm pretty good at. I don't wanna write the programs myself, I wanna make sure they work properly for other people.

No. 1350442

File: 1664011765376.png (778.28 KB, 564x564, 1636824691754.png)

I'm being bullied by a coworker. Somehow the entire workplace knows about our feud despite me trying to avoid conflict etc. The coworker is autistic without a doubt and I'm worried she's going to fuck with my work/ job. We have never gotten on and have been working for the same company for about 3 years. I have tried standing up for myself, I have tried acquiescing to her, tried being direct about burying the hatchet but nothing works. Management are aware of the conflict and do their best to roster us apart but over the past week other coworkers have been stirring the pot and mentioning her name to me way more. It's made me ultra paranoid that something is brewing.

One day I will leave this job, but right now I don't want to as it would let her "win" and be really inconvenient for me. It also pays much better than any other companies in the industry around here. The rest of the staff I think I get on with just fine and I've never been in any kind of trouble. But I just can't stop thinking about this bitch. It bleeds into my home life. I try and get my mind off work- go biking, go swimming, play with my dog, talk to my partner but I feel consumed by work and fear that this bully autist is scheming something.

Any advice nonnies? Have you been the target of a workplace bully and managed to stick it out for a while? 2 years and I hopefully will have saved enough money to gtfo and change career altogether.

No. 1350502

are you the only one she's doing this to?

No. 1350516

Yes. She's not particularly well-liked but she has focussed her worst behavior onto me. A coworker told me she referred to me as her "arch nemesis."

No. 1350526

i got nothing but i was in the same spot with a coworker where i worked 5 months. i quit because of her and management feeling like they wanted me gone which affected my pay on sales. i had to work directly with the girl on some stuff and she was always such a bitch no matter how over the top nice i was. i didn't know her before working there. i have no reason why she targeted me when the other newbies werent treated like shit. i messed up two things at the beginning where she told the manager and scared the hell out of me cause if it wasn't for that job i would be homeless. felt like she was always going to find the most miniscule way to get me fired. would've worked but their senior worker liked me for my good work ethic, he knew the owner.

No. 1350545

File: 1664019415741.jpg (128.35 KB, 640x853, eeec53f5d020af0327a81780aadade…)

Nonny my nonny, it's not worth the stress. Apply to other jobs now and prepare for an exit. You're already sick with stress about it all the time and its not good for you. When you find one, send out a nice long email politely explaining the hostility that impeded your productivity and how disappointed you were that you had to leave since you had a lot to offer (mention some good things you did and how you wanted to move up in the company even if you didn't). Cc anyone who would matter but her.

You may feel scared to lose this job but this may also be a turning point into a better one maybe even in a completely different type of role. The lack of job candidates allows for that kind of career pivoting now. I did it myself.

Ignore the notion of "winning or losing" with her. You shouldn't have to put up with it, Let her be toxic over there with someone else and management may finally later see she's the problem. Other than that the only way to "win" is to play her own game back which sounds utterly draining. I'd prefer a fresh start.

No. 1350554

firm agreement with this, especially in thinking you'd be "winning" or "losing". I get the feeling but people like her will always feel like they're winning even when they're clearly losing,
its some bizzare piece of shit coping mechanism ime. thinking of it that way for years is just sunk cost fallacy. you deserve to be treated as an adult by other adults by default, not stressing out during your me time. fuck that ho, enjoy your time off work!

No. 1350557

File: 1664020462421.jpg (53.1 KB, 540x498, 1660018045107604.jpg)


Thank you my nonas, I appreciate your words and liked the part about letting go of "winning" or losing. I guess my hesitation is also the devil you know, i.e. the possibility of a new awful colleague somewhere else but the detriment to my mental health is worth the risk at this point.

No. 1350559

do you have an HR resource you can share this with? it's workplace harassment.

make sure your company has an anti-retaliation policy as well so you cannot get into any trouble for reporting it. regardless, you should start making moves to leave. you should not work for a place that actively fosters harassment against you (which is what it is, given that multiple people are aware and doing nothing to stop it.)

No. 1350589

pick up knitting or sewing or some other hands on hobby to improve your dexterity.

No. 1350662

>the possibility of a new awful colleague somewhere else

I get this, but I assure you its possible to go to work and routinely have pleasant days. I am more than confident it can exist for you.

No. 1350869

An estranged relative of mine who I've always had a contentious relationship with just applied for my job out of nowhere. The only reason she knows where I work is because I offhandedly told her sister one time. The thing is we're not even hiring or have any active postings. She found my bosses contact info on her own and sent him an email requesting an interview. The way I found out is that I was sitting at the front working when she fucking walked in dressed up and holding a file folder. I nearly fell out of my fucking chair. Now she's getting hired and going to start next week. I told my boss I'm not comfortable working with her but he doesn't care because he needs someone to work late evenings. I don't think our shifts will ever overlap, but I just feel so uncomfortable. She hasn't said a word to me about this the entire time. Not a text or a call. I talked to her sister and she had no idea either. Literally spent her entire life bullying me and harassing me and now she wants to work at my job. Wtf do I do.

No. 1350902

This has been posted before

No. 1352687

File: 1664165401253.jpg (195.87 KB, 500x680, tumblr_mns8nzzFp21snxul7o1_500…)

I have 2 interviews for jobs this week and I'm so nervous. They're both online and one is a group interview and the other is a one on one. I really don't want to mess it up. The jobs are real career jobs and I really want to finally take that step of adulthood. I've been unemployed since october 2021. I hope I can get through this step cause even after the online interviews there's another face to face one where they will hire you on the spot or send you back home.

No. 1352708

Honestly, I would recommend against HR getting involved in these situations. They definitely play favourites and if you're on the lower ladder than the person that's bullying you, they're going to ignore you at best and make things worse for you at worst.

No. 1353421

File: 1664220126689.png (468.73 KB, 590x437, B0B79351-C0E1-4327-8DC4-5143C5…)

Can anybody offer me some insight on interior design as a career choice? Or reassure me I’m not utterly fucking myself by choosing it as a major.
The school I want to go to has an awesome program but I can’t justify going into debt for a degree that won’t guarantee me a livable salary. My parents laughed in my face when I told them thats what I want to do. They want me to learn a trade instead but I have no interest in that. I feel lost, I can’t think of anything else I would enjoy or be good at.

No. 1353499

Ugh I have been interviewing for weeks now and I am in the final stages with several companies and I am just so tired of waiting around. Just make an offer already!! God willing I will be employed again soon after a year of NEETdom.

No. 1353512

Nonnie not sure what school you are looking into but maybe consider getting a minor in business or marketing if that is an option? Either of those will serve you well with an interior design degree and if you end up choosing a different path you'll have plenty of more conventional career opportunities. I'm sorry your parents aren't supportive, though. Don't give up on your dream just to appease them.

No. 1353533

I agree with the other nonnies, start looking for a different job. Life is too short to be bullied and miserable! Obviously you can't know all the office politics of a new job just from a few interviews but be choosy and trust your gut if you feel like it's a similar work environment. I also agree about not thinking in terms of "winning" or "losing" but also…you leaving a job that is detrimental to your mental health is definitely a win (for you, which is what matters here. you winning for yourself).

No. 1353556

There's a lot of competition in the field but so is in many other "parents-approved" type professions. If you're really passionate and driven, you'll make it, if you just kinda like it, you'll have really hard time going against everyone else. But if it's the former and it's doable for you to get that degree, go for it, otherwise you'll regret every second spent on learning a trade you dont like. You can always go back to learning the trade later I'd imagine.

No. 1354514

File: 1664300091700.jpeg (60.52 KB, 564x620, samrereererer[.jpeg)

Nonnies I just quit a job that had been slowly driving me insane for two years, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. but now I have no idea what to do? I have a college degree in a soft science, lots of experience in: service industry, event/weddings, customer service, and bookkeeping.

I should have waited until I had another offer to quit but I had multiple meltdowns this month and couldn't handle being told 5x different things by different people, the utter chaos, and being blamed for shit other people were doing. I want a hybrid job where I can be around other humans most of the time but WFH when I don't want to deal with their bullshit. I just don't know where to start it's so overwhelming.

No. 1354620

File: 1664305383414.jpg (96.08 KB, 564x1002, 450fb6c02d3004a09d9b0295c0f165…)

this is me following up that I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! I ACCEPTED AN OFFER TODAY!!!!!! AT THE VERY FANCY MALL!!!!!! I will probably start next week! oh my god!!!! I will finally have money!!!!!

No. 1354638

>the utter chaos, and being blamed for shit other people were doing.
Relatable. I worked at a dollar store years ago, and a coworker would steal my spot at the cash when she was meant to stick to the floor and she'd run to the backroom to grab a drink from the product that was meant for the floor, cause a mess because she'd take the centre drink and let the others fall. And I got blamed?

No. 1354654

I've been working as a teaching assistant in special needs education for a year now. Hard job but I like it. Uk fag here so cost of living crisis is fucking md hard. The money stress has resulted in me getting quite ill frequently since I'm already quite a sickly person. I get paid £13,000 a year for a full time job, so naturally i run out of money like 2 weeks after payday cos rent and council tax and food. I know we're not getting a raise since they've actively said we're not while telling us we're precious and not to go on strike. I've secured a higher paying support worker job. I'm gonna hand in my notice in my absence meeting tomorrow since I'm in trouble for being off due to the fainting and vomiting. Can't wait to tell them I've been prescribed beta blockers to help with this but can't even afford to buy them.

No. 1354720

File: 1664310283618.jpeg (4.64 KB, 300x152, IRS_logo-300x152.jpeg)

>I will finally have money!!!!!
Nothing personnel, kid

No. 1354724

File: 1664310563038.jpg (23.05 KB, 720x474, 1637426744112.jpg)

Stable hours factory job or Fast Food joint closer to home?

No. 1354798

File: 1664314846410.jpg (276.42 KB, 1365x2048, E7NWjZwX0AQXU9S.jpg)

Has anyone ever felt like they’re being slowly demoted even though their job title isn’t changing? I work a shit hospitality job where I usually get to finish around 9pm and work away from gross food smells and grunt work, but lately my work friend is getting my usual shifts and I’m getting the worst shifts they have to offer with all the hard work and bad smells and finishing extremely late. I’m happy that she’s getting better shifts but it’s so insulting to basically be replaced when I didn’t do anything wrong. I wanna quit because every time I come into work I end up crying, it feels so demeaning.

No. 1355056

gimme the cats OR ELSE

No. 1355096

File: 1664334386542.jpg (36.52 KB, 564x400, 1632930182465.jpg)

You should bring it up to them. Say you've noticed that they've changed the shifts you typically work and that you want it to be switched back since it was done without your consultation. I worked a shitty fast food job a few years ago and they slowly bumped my hours up (part time to near full time) and I only didn't say anything because the extra money was nice kek. If you don't say anything they will keep doing it, they probably give you all the hard shit because you do it without complaint.

No. 1355410

my job is telling me to come back to the office and i'm having a major freak out. it helped my mental health so much to do work from home and for literally no reason at all they want me to come back (i code medical documents at home)

its hard for me to find a new job as i am an immigrant here and dont have any normal school qualifications (moved here when i was 25).

any UK fags know what i can do to get a new career that lets me work from home???? no idea what to do and no one i ask is any help

No. 1356029

You can look into working for some kind of insurance (health, home, car, etc.) Underwriting work is at home. My mom did this as her career and I have a friend who recently did this too as a side job.

No. 1356091

I hate that I'm interviewing for this company again because the people I talk to are just so fucking amazing I JUST WANT TO WORK THERE SO BAD!!! I did 6 fucking rounds of interviews with another department and didn't get the position. I was more pissed because they kept making me do rounds and rounds of interviews, for people I wouldn't even be directly responsible for scheduling for?! I get that you want me to meet the team but I don't really understand why it's necessary outside of me meeting with the heads of the team!!!

Anyway, the recruiter put me up for a different department. I met with one of the heads of the department and she was just so wonderful to chat with. Ugh I really want to work here because there's so much to learn, on top of good perks and benefits, and an easy 20-30 minute commute!

I'm hoping it's a good sign that we took the whole 30 minutes just chatting away and it felt like a really good, natural conversation. When I met with all the members of the other team, it felt really stiff talking to everyone and they all seemed a bit enthused except for when I finally met the head of the department who was chill and one other lady. Ugh, whatever. I won't get my hopes up too high. I did submit my application for another position with another department. Hoping one sticks kek.

No. 1356126

> i code medical documents
That sounds cool anon, whats the official title of your job? Did you study CS at uni?

No. 1356138

Uh, coding medical documents has nothing to do with CS. It's just knowing what a bunch of terms mean. NTA.

No. 1356259

I've been searching for a job (fresh out of college) for two months and no bites yet. I know we're in some kind of recession and to not beat myself up too much but this stress is kind of eating at me. I just want a normal office job at this point.
That, and all the weird spam emails from signing up for job sites and spam calls and people who try and trick you. This is hell.

No. 1356318


No. 1356321

QUIT! read a few posts above you where another poster is on beta blockers from her job. i woke up every morning and puked because of the job i just quit. a stupid ass job is not worth your health (unless there is no other option, but there are). I hope you get out

No. 1356367

thanks, I will look at this because I actually did underwriting for car insurance pre-pandemic. but it was a glorified call centre and I quit lol

this anon > >>1356138 is right sorry, it's nothing to do with computer programming, I just read documents and attach them to the records of patients. "coding" means i attach codes to say they have ABC diagnosis, or XYZ medical procedure, or whatever.

No. 1356396

I have several WFH options from the federal government.
The VA wants to pay me $70k a year to answer phones to explain benefits to vets and is fully remote. The other option that pays 65k-90k is verifying immigration status of employees (I-9 form) for USCIS and is also remote. Another position is processing FOIA cases for the NSF but they want me to come in 1 day a week, but pays $75-110k.

All of these are a fuckton better than working in retail manager hell. But which to choose?

No. 1356405

As a former fed employee I'd pick the last one. Won't be as swamped as the first two and sometimes you can get leeway after a while… so they may grant you fully remote status in time.

No. 1356502

How did you get these opportunities from retail management hell?

No. 1356511

NSF sounds kinda cool, at least you could find out what people want made publicly known.

No. 1356518

They are desperate for anybody with any sort of customer service and writing skills. So many people are retiring from the federal government that they need people bad. The only issue is how long the hiring process is for government work. They don't do instant on the spot hires.

No. 1356531

how many years of customer service skills would you say for these jobs?

No. 1356559

For the VA position they wanted 3 to 5 years of customer service experience. I've been in retail for 10 years from cashier up to my current manager position.

Go on USAjobs.gov an search for contact representative or legal administrative specialist if you want an easy foot in the door as the start at th GS5/7 pay range.

No. 1356562

Did you have any other experience besides retail management, like a BA or taking business college classes?

No. 1356590

I have an associates in business management that work paid for.

No. 1356592

i love you

No. 1356886

Is a second job worth it? I'm not in school and I live with my parents but I want more money.

No. 1356946

I've worked for two years straight now, which means that if I'm fired I could earn unemployment benefits in full instead of just partially. It's a relief given the rumors I hear about my company and my team. And lol I avoid linkedin like the plague because I fucking hate it but decided to check if I received notifications yesterday and a company contacted me a month ago to ask if I'd be interested to do the job I currently do but in Tokyo for a much better pay. I'm so frustrated I didn't see that before, I truly hate linkedin even more now. Why aren't these retards sending me normal emails instead?

No. 1356985

Factory. Customers are fucking cunts.

No. 1356987

No except if you're in a really tight situation and need that money. It's better to look for a higher paying job. The extra money doesn't mean a lot when you're constantly stressed and have no time for yourself and your loved ones.

No. 1356994

You should contact them anyway, who knows! The worst that could happen is confirmation that the position has been filled.

No. 1357014

Yeah I'll see that later today. But I don't think I'm ready to get a new job at the other side of the planet just yet. The timing is pretty bad, I wanted more exp first to be more marketable. Unrelated but goddamn I HATE being forced to socialize with coworkers so much. We're just three at the office and I want to eat alone and have some peace but of course that one guy wants to follow me to get lunch and eat in the meeting room with me and if I refuse I'll pass for an asocial piece of shit again.

No. 1357151

I'd go for the last one. It's only one day a week for the most pay, not a bad compromise. I'm the type of person that likes coming into the office/hybrid work schedules though.

No. 1357328

I feel like I'll be fucking stuck at my job. I work for a small company in solar and a guy who I'm supposed to "work together" with doesn't want to give me field experience. I need to stay at least for a year since I already left another solar job I was at for 8 months. But I feel depressed because I'm technically doing less at my job now. I don't know how to climb the ladder. I'm going to get my OSHA 30, but other than that, idk what to do. I'm just depressed. My boyfriend is going to get a good job even though he's only seriously worked for a year because he "worked" at his dad's shop for 10 years even though it was part time and he barely knew anything until the last couple months. It's so discouraging. I don't know what to lie about on my resume. I feel so hopeless.

No. 1357468

Any other tech/BA anons in PI planning right now? I hate agile so bad I want to go back to when I would just show up write code and people were grateful for that.

No. 1359027

File: 1664582931358.jpeg (79.53 KB, 828x974, 3DB05FBC-9539-4E47-842C-BB3886…)

I had to substitute teach for four days this week, that’s literally one day out of five for my actual job. I really like my coworkers and the location but this really sucks.

No. 1359037

I landed my first supervisor position last month and I don't think I want to work like this for very long. The supervisory stuff, I enjoy. I feel like I deserve basically not having to do much after so many years of being on my feet constantly.
My biggest issue is the hours I have to work. I get out of work at 7pm, which doesn't leave me with much time to do anything on weekdays. I basically have to work things around doing things on the weekend. I don't have time to do anything on weekdays mornings because I'm already getting ready for work at 7:30am, before anything even opens.
I'm willing to do this position for a couple months, I just really wish the hours were earlier. I'd have no issue getting out at 4pm or 5pm. I like the overtime, but I want to have the time to do things. At 7pm, what is there to do besides go home and sit in front of the TV? I kinda miss working overnights because my free and sleep time existed during the day.
I know I'll find a better position suited to my wants. I just don't know how many months I should stay here. I don't want to leave too early, you know? And like the retard I am, I know I wouldn't want to work these kinds of hours when I have children. I guess for now I'm savoring it and doing what I need to do for a better and peaceful future.

No. 1359198

File: 1664599305870.jpg (464 KB, 1920x2716, VU_GSLTIe433rJJTM4xv02BGwl-hpg…)

I had an interview on Wednesday and I have no idea how I did. There's one more step in the hiring process (another interview at headquarters), and I really hope I passed the first interview. I hear there's tons of people who heard back already who interviewed the same day. I'm worried this is a bad sign since I haven't received the email just yet. It's the weekend now so I won't know til next week for sure but damn I want this job so bad.

No. 1359308

Anons how the fuck do you find a remote job without it being a scam? The only jobs that bother replying to my application offer to send a check which we all know that age old scam.

No. 1360900

File: 1664705129453.jpeg (38.5 KB, 464x351, 1648920115397.jpeg)


No. 1360903

Random but does anyone know what the origin of this meme is?

No. 1361452

Am I fucking retarded for using a nickname/alies on my cv?

I'm slavic, living in europe and most people can't fucking pronounce my last name and after years of this shit I'm tired. Like there's a meeting and everyone gets called by last name, except for me. They use my first name. It makes me feel uncomfortable since I don't like my first name but don't want to change it but I also find the situation unprofessional.

Right now I'm working for a german company and the fucking morons get even my FIRST NAME wrong because it's pronounced the same as the german word wieder. It confuses the absolute shit out of them for some reason.

I'm so so SO tired of the bullshit. Which is why I want to use my nickname. It's just a single letter, nothing edgy or special, uNIqE.

No. 1361468

Nah. I've seen a lot of online applications nowadays ask you to put in your full name and then what name or nickname you prefer to go by. Since it's just something simple and nothing edgy I see nothing wrong or weird with it.

No. 1361501

I second this.

No. 1361512

My boss has a large dog named [redacted] that comes to the office with her. Our office is the size of a broom closet. The dog has many annoying traits unsuitable for an office, but the worst thing is that she pressures me to feed the dog my lunches and snacks. One time I was eating spaghetti when she came in with the dog after her second 1hr walk of the day and said “Great! Looks like [redacted]’s not too late for spaghetti!”
We have carpet, so what, did she want me to slop the spaghetti on the floor and let the dog glorp it down that way or was I supposed to let the dog slobber out of my Tupperware? It’s fucking spaghetti. What the fuck.

No. 1361518

1. It is weird you are protecting the dog's identity does your boss use lolcow? 2. Spaghetti is bad for dogs it has onion and garlic in it. She's a bad dog owner

No. 1361521

I don't think it's actually real. It's a parody of the original which is an arab dude saying "good morning I hate women". Obviously, this is the superior version

No. 1361621

There's a very realistic chance that the company I work for now could be my last. I'm an unskilled worker that has no degree right now but this job might in the future pay for me to get one. I could definitely stay with them for my entire career and work my way if I want. However high up I choose to go. The job security is great but nothing beats the fact that it's fairly dull stuff. It's basically 50% office work and 50% interacting with physical inventory. How do I cope with the fact that it's not thrilling stuff? The only thing I've thought of that might be helpful in the here and now and in the future is speaking with my therapist about it and doing something like regularly acknowledging that my work is not me. I do not have to let it be this lackluster spot in my life etc. Any ideas?

No. 1361625

i think she means that the dog shares his name with the schizotranny? kek

No. 1361673

why would that be what i meant

No. 1361960

because anons also use [redacted] to refer to him and he seems to pop up at any mention of himself? idk lol

No. 1362633

Decided I'm just going to call all the places I've already applied online and ask how my application is or if the job is available then ask if there's any interview times. Already called one and she said I can come in tomorrow so hopefully I can take a bunch of printed resumes with me to the other places on that side of town with my nice interview look. I really want a job by this week I'm getting low on my savings while barely eating each day. I need a damn job at the bare minimum to cover rent.

No. 1362650

What if you picked up some insane adrenaline junkie hobby to counteract the dullness of day to day? Like mountaineering, fire breathing, slackline, contortionism, skydiving, hang gliding, boxing, etc kek

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