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No. 1332007

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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No. 1332076

CS/IT nonnies is it worth getting certs on top of a CS degree? like comptia and cybersecurity certs and such? curious if it'll help me find a job/increase salary at all or whether it's not worth the effort

No. 1332110

Get your OCA/OCP if you can but it’s difficult. AWS is also good, pretty easy and people are easily dazzled by it. Also ITIL… 4? In my experience anything that’s not trademarked isn’t going to impress people much.

No. 1332234

File: 1662681734780.png (127.36 KB, 209x363, 1638434004342.png)

Someone needs to be home during the day in the next few months so people can come in and do renovations. Meaning I'll have to take the afternoon shift. After that, I can take the day shift IF they let me. I want the day shift though, not the afternoon. If I have to do 3 pm to 11 pm for 8 months I'll go fucking ballistic. I have to leave 30 minutes earlier than I'd like because the bus near me is often later getting to where all the buses meet for transfers. So I'll be at work, half an hour early than I need to be.

No. 1332250

File: 1662682650665.png (865.54 KB, 680x674, 104F7005-2BE3-4A17-B2E6-E84958…)

I’ve chosen to do medical assisting, I know the money isn’t great but it’s something I like. Will report back in a couple months how it turns out when I finish MA school

No. 1332283

Can you organize a lockbox/spare key with the tradesmen? That's what I did when I had renovations done, usually I'd just meet them for the first day and then after that they can let themselves in.

No. 1332313

If my coworker gets promoted that'll mean both of my immediate bosses have tried to sleep with me, I'm already being treated so coldly by the other I'm really afraid that I'm just gonna get fired one day. I wish I wasn't such a dumb bitch so that I could switch departments, I really love my company but my position is the only one I'm qualified for.

No. 1332323

File: 1662691100694.jpg (6.36 MB, 2755x2069, iStock-1142918319 (1).jpg)

I have a second round, in person interview at a university tomorrow. I'm meeting 5 different people one on one. I do want this job because it's the pay I'm looking for, and it's a prestigious university with good benefits (according to my friend who's husband just finished his phd from there). Only real downside is that the commute is an hour away from me, and I have to take 2 trains. I've been spoiled the last 5 years, all of my jobs have been in relatively the same area and it's usually a 20-30 minute single train ride. I won't be terribly miffed if I don't get this job because of the commute alone kek.

No. 1332338

File: 1662692014713.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x554, f77ce7392ee2cc73ab865c64a87a52…)

Does anybody else feel pressured by their peers to take a different job? Right now I work in clothing alterations, and with my education I could also get a job with a fashion company as a junior designer. I work for the alterations place because it's 5 mins away from my home and I don't have my driver's license yet, flexible hours, kind and supportive staff, I'm good at it, etc.
When I talk to people about it they're always like "you should be working for x fashion company, not doing that!" "just because you can't drive doesn't mean you can't commute" but everyone I know who commutes by train to the nearest fashion companies says it sucks and they hate it. I feel like part of the reason why so many young people aren't working now is because they get shit if they take a "scrub" job. It's like damn gimme a fucking minute I'm not going to do this forever. Even if I was, would it be so bad? Clothing alteration is specialized work…

And yes I am in the sewing thread here lol

No. 1332370

It makes me think of something I saw recently, I think a comic somewhere here, about how in Japan many young people are opting to not continue family businesses and choosing to become salarymen and office workers instead, and it's leading to a dying culture of small, family owned businesses. People find it so unbelievable that you can be content enough at a job that isn't super high paying with a flashy job title. You do you nona, I'm happy you've found a good place to work!

No. 1332386

Anons, what makes you finally decide that this job was not for you, and you was better off doing something else that you love?

No. 1332392

the oca and aws sound useful, I'll look into getting those
thanks nona

No. 1332946

I just found out that I can give the contractors a spare key! why wasn't I told this before I asked for the 3-11, well because people around me want to tell me nothing.
I can call up work and plead for the day shift after they worked around to get me 3-11. Or accept the 3-11.
I hate life. I'm lucky for a job after years of neetdom though.

You aren't a dumb bitch. Sorry, that's happening at work.

Good luck!

No. 1332985

a girl in my masters program quit halfway through and when they checked on her, she proudly announced she had found a job at a cozy vegan cafe with great coworkers while she worked on her project of becoming a tattoo artist.
they flipped on her and said they students shouldn't settle for minimum wage when they have an education and skills.
take things at your own pace nona!!! this mindset is stupid

No. 1333367

how many weeks should i spend at my new hotel b4 i decide if its worse than my old hotel?
my instincts tell me 2-3 weeks. i dont want them to get used to having my help around b/c i dont want them to miss it

No. 1337044

I’m a software engineer and I keep having to deal with these admin/ops types that are simultaneously completely incompetent and so fucking condescending. If your job is to press buttons in your assigned environment as a service to the people who use it, it should be service-oriented. I should be able to say “I want to connect remotely to this SharePoint site to download a file” and THE SharePoint team, who does nothing but SharePoint for a living, should be able to extract meaning from that statement without me having to be a SharePoint expert and know whatever 800 made-up Microsoft terms and jump through a million hoops just to get them to do their jobs. It drives me insane. I’m about to slam my hand in a car door just so I can go to the hospital and not deal with these people. Being in a hospital with a broken hand would be significantly less stressful than dealing with these goons.

No. 1337163

How much administrative bs do you guys have to do? At my workplace, we have to fill in 2 different attendance logs, 2 different tasklogs where we put in what we did, how long we were working on it, who requested it, etc and we also send out a list of our daily tasks in email to our managers every day. I feel like administrative shit takes up 50% of our work, it's ridiculous

No. 1337708

I have some IBM and Oracle certs and they didn't make a lick of difference, so YMMV.

No. 1337710

hahahaha, sorry nona…. I have to write part of our product that integrates with other services and trying to deal with Azure and their bullshit has taken years off my life. Fuck Microsoft, every single product of theirs is a complete horror show for developers.

No. 1337924

The skills themselves sure. The certs not unless you’re willing to push them to say you’re worth more. The biggest things are years at a place and solid degree or two and having a strong skill set you can show.

No. 1337983

Hi there nonnies I need advice. I have to get a job in the next few weeks cause of life reasons and I've been applying to random jobs that sounds interesting but aren't sales.
Today I had an interview at this family run business and they almost hired me on the spot but I have my hesitations. They work 6 days a week and pay the min wage in my country with bonuses depending on how well the business goes. I could get some pretty useful skills here and a long term job but I'm scared I'll be utterly exhausted and have zero time for my loved ones and actual passions. Is it worth to accept or should I keep looking with the limited time I have?

No. 1337989

Do you have a trial period that allowes you to quit without repurcussions? If so you could take it and use the trial period to look for something better while you have that job as a back up.

No. 1337992

There's not really a trial period, they want to train me so I can help and replace a woman who's going on maternity leave, and they implied they want someone who'd stay on longer so that all the training is worth it

No. 1338012

Have you tried negotiating for a 5 day workweek?

No. 1340842

File: 1663255977637.jpg (89.71 KB, 500x560, fdd7f582dcb04904150a15e50eb588…)

How does one manage two jobs at once? like the physical and mental aspects of it?

No. 1340857

What type of jobs? What type of schedule? How long do you need to work both?

No. 1340976

fast food lol and just for 8-9 months or so. If I get the jobs I can accept both and quit the one that's not offering me more hours. The first job sounds more relaxed while the other sounds more mind-numbingly dull and probably full of shitty scrotes (it's a pizza joint)

No. 1341054

File: 1663267985394.jpg (14.09 KB, 243x207, images copy.jpg)

I flunked out in late 2020 in a Bsc in Physics, and I've been lying to my family about my true progress. I'm better at redoing and remembering old knowledge but I have trouble trying to self-learn from a textbook. A part of me wants to go out and buy a fake degree and get a better job so I can afford to live away from family and retry later. I want to force myself and speedrun through as many books and textbooks. I'm working through the physics GRE right now. I was doing third year stuff, thermal physics and mathematical methods(ODEs) before flunking out.

No. 1342214

I fucked up.
I had two interviews in a day and I was so exhausted from running around and thoughts weighing on the previous interview I fucked up the second one. The second one is the job I should want more and I do but again I was just so tired and out of it. The first place was offering 14 an hour and cash only, which is less than minimum wage and super illegal.

I fucked up so bad, nonnies.

No. 1342478

ah maybe I'll just get one or two relevant ones as resume filler, I thought they'd be more useful

No. 1343618

Does anyone use a styling service they can recommend? I've been working remotely for the last two years and my career progress has outpaced my wardrobe. I'm still not going into the office and they frankly don't care, but I'd like to move beyond dark jeans and a cardigan for when I meet with external business partners. I've tried doing it myself but I think I'm just too autistic to step outside my box without some help.

No. 1344238

I'm going to be that 30-year old fucker with a Master's degree but barely any work experience, I have no idea how to make my life work. I should apply to internships at least, but I feel so awkward being such an old student. I don't know how do people completely uproot their lives to restart in their thirties. I feel like I have no skills. Honestly modern work environments with their teambuildings and forced positive attitudes just scare the shit out of me.

No. 1344484

Leave my job soon. Should I warn the person that's replacing me to find a new job asap? They overwork and underpay their workers here.

No. 1345566

yes, give em a warning

Sometimes if you follow up with a thank you email, they usually remember your politeness and thoughtfulness to write them an email. Good luck nonnie!! I've done this before

No. 1345627

File: 1663719322812.jpg (94.86 KB, 564x1002, 869c73bd57563c4b3cd90df7e8fb3a…)

I got my work permit!! I had an interview today, at a place that isn't really my first choice, and i have two more coming up! One is at a very fancy mall and I'm so happy I'm going to have money and a schedule again. Daydreaming about buying a planner. Feel like a nerd but also very happy I can work in my new country!!

No. 1345640

I'm in my late 20s and only now just getting my bachelor's after a few years of NEETdom. Luckily there are a few other older people in my classes which makes it less embarrassing

No. 1345882

i fucking hate my job because my boss and coworker bait & switched me but it's my first one out of college so i have to stay a year so i don't look like a flake on my resume. 9 more months to go

No. 1346492

File: 1663780140549.jpg (22.77 KB, 564x564, LeeabPO.jpg)

I just started working in healthcare and I don't think it's for me. I'm considering switching career paths, particularly to cybersecurity. Is it worth it to get a computer science degree or is the field too infested with techbros? Should I get a second bachelors, or go straight for a masters?

No. 1346498

Medical data and coding. You already have a healthcare backing that will give you an edge. As long as your analytical it will work. Medical data is speciality. Just not software programming.

No. 1346660

I am a failed artist. Wish I could afford to go to school just for fun. I like school.

No. 1346709

I quit at sephora a few weeks ago and have an interview tomorrow, I’m quite confident about it and am not too nervous, just excited. Sephora wasn’t bad (in europe!!! Usa sucks i heard) the pay was good, goodies were amazing i simply hate retail and with rising prices they get more pissed off, want free services etc and simply fled the xmas time for my own good. My new job (hopefully) is something at an office and I’m just so excited that i will learn new things.

No. 1346757

File: 1663794510898.jpg (111.58 KB, 500x413, 1659400526275.jpg)

My current job gave me a choice between a morning and evening shift and after nearly 4 months, they are telling me I have to switch to the evening shift in order to keep working for the company. The pay is the best I've had. I'm not sure what to do and I'm frustrated

No. 1346769

Kek working in healthcare is so stressful nonny. I feel your pain.

No. 1346772

Sorry this is such a whinepost. I got a late start and only sort of recently got my degree at 29 for a uncommon field that I thought would be useful and didn't completely hate. I should have realized by my second year of degree-relevant classes that nearly all my peers being former military and LE men that I was going to have a really hard time finding a job.

I could not seem to get anything, I had a number of interviews applying for any entry level job in the field and I just really suck apparently. I've lost any passion and interest for it now and, try as I might, that probably showed in my last few interviews. I'm not what anyone is looking for there so after two years of it I've given up.

This year I decided to just go the "get any decent job" and I'm still not getting anything, it's incredibly soul crushing and I feel like a fucking idiot. I work PT selling food and every day I lose a bit of my will. I can't get a job as a bank teller, doing data entry, admin/receptionist, even as a substitute teacher and I saw the fucking creeps and freaks they hired in the same school district when I attended.

No. 1346774

Can you take it up with HR? Is this ultimatum being forced on other employees as well? Try to get as much transparency about the situation as possible.

No. 1346797

making a similar shift nonnie, ex-nursing student. got a job working with a company that makes emrs with zero prior tech experience. maybe try getting certifications geared toward what you're looking at instead of throwing more money at school? best of luck on your journey, you can do it!

No. 1346981

I feel anxious about working and letting down everyone if I don’t get a job quick enough. Obviously I won’t have to work for about a year but it’s looming.
Fuck I’m so jealous! I moved to the states and just submitted my paperwork today. I’m working on my degree while I wait but I really want to help my husband with bills.

No. 1347085

File: 1663808953148.jpg (431.14 KB, 1125x1542, Tumblr_l_108258619247644.jpg)


No. 1347148

if military/le experience is what gets a job in your field…have you considered being a cop for a couple years? Making your bachelor's un-worthless could be worth it.

No. 1347196


thank you so much for the reply. I've thought similarly! Firefighting would put me closer actually, but I struggled to meet the pass requirements for the pac test when I was training myself for it. other women have passed it, it's very possible. Being so short puts me at a disadvantage for the time limit and eventually I quit on it. I know that's on me, I could have tried harder for longer but at my age I decided to go another route.

without getting too specific bc I'm overly paranoid about how small/specific the program is, think more hazmat management/emergency response type field.

I also went hard for safety technician/EHS type jobs for awhile but again, I kept running into the "not what we're looking for" issue and after so many god damn times of it after interview prepping and review, brushing up on stuff I had learned years ago, dressing up nicely and driving out to entire different cities… then sobbing in the hotel after the interview. just failing, over and over. I don't think I'm cut out for it.

I guess I just want some simple job doing data entry or admin work or very basic computer software/hardware repair, just anything remotely stable that pays enough to rent a shitty studio apt in this hellconomy.

No. 1347330

I know they say to just talk to recruiters that message you and whatever, and I used to do that. But this trend of just putting that calendar link or whatever is such a turn off. I was fine with it when we'd do the

> recruiter msg me

> i respond
> they reply with a calendar link

little formalities, but this "HEy what's up u seem cool anyway call me at my convienence" just registers as spam.

No. 1347371

I work in sales, I suck at sails
I have a shit pay and no prospect of ever getting a bonus.
This is the only job I found in 2 years so I can't just leave it now nor find anything else.
I feel depressed, people around me are so high class and rich, whenever I try to dress up nicely I feel like a clown and someone they see through and can tell is a cheap broke wannabe preppy

No. 1347400

Is it literally the firefighting aspect they want on your resume or is it paramedicine? There's plenty of states where EMS isn't tied to the fire station, although there may still be a fitness test it wouldn't be as hard. That would be a couple more years of school to be a medic. Would be a massive waste of time if doesn't help you get a better job later.

You are probably familiar with your state's government jobs site looking for roles in that type of field but if not - look it up for some of those simple sit-down jobs you described. A lot of them have a low barrier to entry or if they want a bachelor's it can often be in anything at all. There's room to grow with promotions. You may be able to wfh.

No. 1347409

another low barrier job I thought of…patient access at a hospital. Go to the hospital's website and careers page directly and look up patient access representative/registrar/admissions clerk whatever they call it there. You check people in and look at insurance interfaces.

No. 1347421

lmao I got passed up for promotion because I was so introverted

good thing too because I am not interested being a program coordinator for the college. There are other ways to earn more money

No. 1347437

i feel like i'll never get a job i like and my job prospects are inexistent. it gives me so much anxiety i really hate thinking about job hunting.
but i can't stay at my current job because they only want me to work part-time for minimum wage. i'd have to go out of my way to try my hand at new skills and get out of my comfort zone to be full-time but i'd still be paid minimum wage. not only that, but i know that even if i became a B2B sales expert they'd only increase my hours and avoid paying overtime. i wish i was like the few classmates of mine who got hired with a decent salary after their internship.

No. 1347469

Is there anything I could do from home, even if it pays absolute shit? I’m in the final year of my degree (finishing it remotely) and I need to be home most of the time to take care of a relative. But I’m running out of money and I need to keep paying for my classes. I have a lot of previous experience in management and sales, but everything I find online keeps rejecting me either because every WFH position gets absolutely swamped with responses or because of my location. I’m a burger, but I’m currently living overseas due to the caregiving situation I mentioned earlier. I’ve been looking for so long, even at horrific remote call centers, and I can’t seem to make it past the application process half the time due to my situation.

No. 1347557

Ya girl just got a 10% salary increase!!!

No. 1347850

God why can't I get a good hook in software engineering?

>Be me

>Prepare some questions for an interview for a software engineering position in a famous company
>Not the first time I've applied. Moid in charge declined but reconsidered a second time to see if I would be a better fit this time
>Arrive in time for the meeting
>Scrote presents the goals
>Technical interview begins
>Gets asked over some webstuff
>Webstuff is getting a bit too specific and it evolved into oral problem solving
>Don't have autistic techbro levels of knowledge on this
>Ended up exposing my lack of knowledge
>-10 for nonnie
>We argued about the problem for 1h instead of 15min
>Tried to recover some credibility when asked on a specific question
>"Ok nonnie teach me about your main techs"
>Tried to be Ms Wikipedia while both scrotes were squabbling
>Ended up on yet another "maybe no"

Am I just cursed nonnas? Why is tech world so fucked when it comes to recruiting? I just want to make money with the computer, not entering in the specifics.

No. 1347909

Question, is app development too swamped to take seriously?

There's just a lot of aspects involved that I either have some skills in or a lot of passion for. Plus, it somewhat skirts the thing I hate most about programming–how abstract it is. Of course I'd still have to do it but I'd be able to at least see tangible results quicker which appeals to my lizard brain.

No. 1347919

are there any medical nonnas in school here who can relate to this? we just had our first suture practice lab and im the slowest person in the class by far. i have always been really bad at performing tasks that require manual dexterity and physical orientation (had the same issue with anatomy). was getting so incredibly frustrated i knew i couldnt even open my mouth to ask for help cuz id start crying or something. its rare that something makes me so frustrated, but if anything does, it is usually something along these lines. at a certain threshold of frustration, im not able to de-escalate myself without self harming and dealing with fake cuts and wounds really doesnt help decrease the urge. its ridiculous to be this far down the road and still be so maladaptive, but i dont think it will ever change and i dread my surgery rotation where not only will i be angry at myself when i fuck up but ill have attendings there to get angry with me when i fuck up. how the fuck do you get through a rotation you know youre going to hate every second of? nothing has ever made me not want to self harm, years of therapy and meds havent changed this,. i Know how retarded it is that a doctor would still be cutting themselves like a teenager but i just dont ever see it going away completely

No. 1347927

Have you been practicing at home? Maybe doing it more so it’s muscle memory will help anon. Hang in there

No. 1347928

A lot of tech companies want 50x people, which obviously doesn't exist, but they try to get people like that who live, breathe, eat, sleep, and shit software and read about obscure features in some obscure library everyday of their lives. It's not your fault. They're just raising expectations so high that only a few people can meet them. Maybe you can practice more with other dev friends or through Pramp?

No. 1347933

Sf, but maybe you can apply to companies that have fairer interview processes or only do Leetcode if that's your strength

No. 1347994

if im an intern at a company and want to list it on my resume should i call myself an intern or not? it is a paid internship

No. 1348153

I thought I had an easy school office job that would give me time to do homework, and on occasion I would substitute teach a class or two. Somehow it seems even worse now than last year - during this week alone I spent three days teaching middle schoolers (4-5 classes a day) because a teacher and their substitute were sick. My stress skyrockets every time I get an email about having to sub as soon as I walk in the door, and because I get pulled I can’t get my own work done. I really hope this week just happened to be a fluke because if they keep doing this to me I’m going to have a breakdown.

No. 1348271

Maybe not the right thread for it, but I'm pretty bearish on white collar cerebral jobs. I think the next waves of technological advancements will make a lot of this more work more superfluous and easy. Not to say that blue collar will be any better kek, but white collar will just become increasingly shit.

In fact, I think this has already been the case for the last fifteen or so years and government regulations have covered it up. I think you could have your average barista working as a pharmacist and there would be little difference. The computer prints out a warning if the doctor's prescription causes a clash with another medication, pharmacists don't need to know how drugs interact with one another anymore. It's insurance and liability reasons propping it up, keeping them pointlessly doing years of medical training to package pills.

I think there will be core cities like London, New York, San Fran, Hong Kong, Singapore that suck up all the genius talent to achieve the next marginal gains, and everywhere else in the world will get the software trickling down from that to allow once high paying careers to be flooded with mediocre talent, driving down the wages.

No. 1348555

>The computer prints out a warning if the doctor's prescription causes a clash with another medication, pharmacists don't need to know how drugs interact with one another anymore.
Anon, a critical point you’re missing is that pharmacists communicate with patients because there are many people who
>forget what medications they use
>use too little, too much or skip using it
>mix up medications and need to have them identified because they don’t read labels
>have caretakers or relatives that give the medication, need explanations and have to pick it up
>have recently been diagnosed with something they have not experienced and need an explanation on how to use their new devices or medication

No. 1348569

I’d like to add that in some areas (America) the pharmacy job market was already over saturated. Before COVID caused a lot of pharmacists to retire or quit the pay for new hires in retail was already going down. Some pharmacists try to avoid that area by working with medication manufacturers as compounders or other jobs related to medication

No. 1348599

>I think you could have your average barista working as a pharmacist and there would be little difference.
Fuck no, that's the worst example you could have used. I don't disagree with you except for shit like this. A competent pharmacist would be able to tell you what treatment interfers with what meds and in cases I know like mine when I was a kid/teen and in the case of one of my relatives, once you have a very rare disorder they can help you by giving you information about that. I don't think I can trust your average barista to tell me all the side effects of medications used when you suffer from ankylosing spondylitis and the specific way they can fuck up a fetus when you take said meds as a pregnant patient. And I don't expect your average barista to tell me the difference between the previous and highly dangerous and toxic treatment for childhood onset pituitary dwarfism and the current treatment that's now safe.

No. 1348746

Anons, I talked to coworkers and let's just say I need to take advantage of my long term job contract to get my own place NOW because I feel like my company is going to shit. They're not renewing short term contracts for my coworkers who started months after me, they accepted way too much from our client and now we won't be enough people for the workload and they don't plan on hiring more people after that. I'm not even scared or disappointed because I now have more than enough experience to get jobs elsewhere but the timing isn't ideal at all. I'm getting surgery on November so I can't move to another place before that or too soon after that.

No. 1348891

Is there anyone here who got a GED? I want to go into massage therapy because it seems chill af and the money isn’t bad.

No. 1348950

I'm so angry and frustrated about my work anons, just gotta rant
I've been working here for 5 years, it was dream come true when I got hired, and it turned out to be even better than I could ever anticipate. There was genuine passion, creativity, love for the industry; the office itself was amazing, perks better than anywhere else, good pay, supportive environment, all that. And then, 3 years in, management slowly began to change. First just moving some people around, then outright "parting ways", few mass firings too. New management was appointed; we were moved to MUCH worse office, less and less things were provided, management started focusing on rewarding and promoting these that would be most cutthroat and willing to exploit others, continuosly push blame on employees as a whole that they're not coming up with enough new ideas for company's future direction while being unable to ever provide any, even basic outline of their own plan. On top of that, COVID and months of remote work, which now turned to hybrid, made people completely apathetic, I haven't seen my teammates faces in months because they're not even turning their cameras on during weekly meetings. Everyone is exhausted, the only topic people ever can think of even during creative brainstorms is what's gonna bring most financial gain, becuase anything else will be heavily scrutinized by the top management. There's no wiggle room for new ideas, for creativity, and really with the company atmosphere slowly and steadily going to shit last 2 years, no one even cares to do that wiggle.
I'm upset, it feels like something amazing was stolen from me, that every day enthusiasm I came to work with. I saw myself at this job for many more years to come, I truly cared for company's projects and it's success, and always tried my best. Now I can't give a damn anymore, and just apathetically watch everything become worse and worse. Good jobs are insanely hard to come by and I hate top management for destroying everyone's morale and passion. Really hope they'll go bankrupt at this point

No. 1349060

File: 1663954766849.jpg (10.52 KB, 480x358, b481f2e3effd745a28444384ba3b0b…)

>work in health care because it's easy to get into, plus school
>chosen career field is seen as weird or gross
>get comments about how it's a moid field
>school released statistics about demographic of students
>program is female dominated with 30% more women finishing and finding work post college than the moids
>"but it's weird for a woman!!!"

I just want to do what I want to do

No. 1349063

And you’re gonna tell us what field right? Hello

No. 1349068

mortuary services lol

No. 1349072

that's epic and cool. i also want to do what you want to do.

No. 1349084

what bothers me the most is that it's that everyone in that field is considered weird to begin with. the jokes are either necrophilic or that it's edgy but to me it's no different than planning a wedding

No. 1349169

OAYWRT, I didn't get any result today but I also got no perspective either from my manager when it comes to future interviews. It's kinda depressing because you're either in demand with tech or just completely ignored for months unless you're working in something you're not experimented with. The latter actually drained my motivation to do side projects and to get better at supersonic speeds.

My mom in particular wants to pressure me out in finding something else despite being a cuckoo believing in occult, always complaining that it doesn't go faster and I have to move. But the thing is, I'm exhausted. It's so tiresome to look after yourself everyday and getting a hook in careers FAST FAST AND FASTER.

No. 1349320

NTA. I largely agree with your descriptions of how pharmacists can be useful, but pharmacists are so swamped that they spend all their time doing tasks that stop the ship from sinking. These tasks are largely doable by experienced techs (with the assistance of computerized drug interaction checks).

Having a pharmacist know a patient's conditions, meds, other health info, can be a great asset to that patient's health and safety. But retail pharmacists are extremely overworked and have no time for anything that isn't survival. They don't have time for proper counseling, they don't have time for thorough drug reviews, they don't even have time to take a piss.

Mild tinfoil, but I think large pharmacy chains are well aware of this and are seeking to push pharmacists further in this direction so that they can justify replacing them with lower and lower paid workers. I know Walgreens has a system where remote pharmacists can assist in Drug Utilization Reviews, even though they have 0 context on who the patient is or their conditions besides their poorly maintained pharmacy profile. If requirements for in-person pharmacists are lifted, I have no doubts that the industry will move towards having one remote pharmacist "oversee" 2-4 stores at once.

I've seen a lot of pharmacists start to push back against mandatory free counseling for patients. I think this is a step in the wrong direction, because this is one of the few ways where they can make a difference and help instead of being a (very replaceable) cog in the machine. But I sympathize because they have entirely too much on their plates.

TL;DR Pharmacists in concept aren't useless, but corporate pharmacies have forced them into a role where their expertise means very little, and as a consequence, the public has understandably begun to think of pharmacists as useless.

No. 1349498

I wish I could do this so bad. I bought a house with a cemetery behind it and the funeral home next door and I daydream about walking over there and introducing myself and asking if I could do an apprenticeship or something. Although I doubt that’s how it works.

No. 1349511

>But retail pharmacists are extremely overworked and have no time for anything that isn't survival. They don't have time for proper counseling, they don't have time for thorough drug reviews, they don't even have time to take a piss.
That's never the case wherever I go. I always had pharmacists explain to me a bunch of shit that my doctors already told me just to make sure I don't fuck up while taking the treatments I need, they always make sure the patients understand everything. I'm talking about small pharmacies close to my home though, no idea how it is in other countries.

No. 1349560

My job let me go this morning with no warning. I don’t know wtf I am going to do.

No. 1349561

Shit, are you me? They want to change me 2-10 because they need someone to work that shift. I was hired as morning only but now they need to change to evening before end of this year. I also take the bus to work and this affects my transfers and just overall mood. Good luck to us both

No. 1349563

Fuck em, anon!! My job did that to me 4 months ago. You can take a day or two to decompress, but you're better off. Just take a deep breath, gather your thoughts and paperwork and see if you can do unemployment before going back to job hunting. It will be okay.

No. 1349569

File: 1663970276717.jpeg (224.01 KB, 1536x2048, C061B16C-50B7-460B-8E20-BBC7E4…)

Thanks nonny. I’m just so crushed. This job was exactly what I wanted and I don’t even know what I did wrong, I can only assume buyers remorse since they were paying me a good salary. I’m terrified my next job will pay less, or I don’t get one at all. I just signed a years lease on my apartment so I can’t even go be a NEET.

No. 1349593

Sending nothing but love, nonnie. Go for a job that matches your desired salary. I believe in you. You can and will do this.

No. 1349605

the economy is in the shitter now and you are probably working on a country where they have "last one in -> first one out" rules around downsizing.

I am sorry, this sucks. But you will find another job, and it will be even better fit for you. It's usually how it goes.

No. 1349607

Join a startup. The soul was sucked out of your job over the course of 5 years. It happens. Time for a change. (Who the fuck stays in a job for 5 years anymore, lol? You should be switching jobs every 2-3 years, or else your pay is stagnating by a LOT.)

No. 1349610

>for a software engineering position in a famous company

Here is your problem. Why? You do know these companies only hire THE BEST people, right?

Just go work for startups/scaleups/rando companies for a few years, until you are knowledgable and confident enough to approach famous companies.

No. 1349613

Just throwing out ideas but, do you speak any langages other than english? If so:

if not
>personal assistant

If you are willing to take some online courses
>SEO specialist
>online marketing

Just throwing out ideas.

No. 1349696

>type in the name of the medicine into a program running on a computer in the pharmacy
>other medications the patient is on is stored on record in the system
>Print out of every side effect and a big warning flashing on the screen if there's a conflict.

Good pharmacaists CAN list all the possible side effects and have an understanding of drug interactions, but they increasingly no longer need to. The software does it for people.

No. 1349794

Do you have friends that could refer you to one of the dev opening roles at their company? That's definitely the quickest way to get an interview.

No. 1350075

A couple months ago my company had a week long conference. We all mostly work from home so it was supposed to be this big bonding thing where we could all meet each other and have a chance to work together face to face. It went well for the most part but on the last day, around midnight, I got a message from a coworker who found my instagram and wanted to see if I'd go out for drinks. I vaguely knew who he was because I had seen him around and I'd occasionally meet his stare but he never introduced himself or anything. We hadn't spoken at all the whole week, plus he was older.. maybe around early 40's, and guessing from his instagram he also had kids. I'm in my mid 20's. At first I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe it was a group thing, looking back it I don't know why it would be, but I told him no but tried to be polite because he was quite a bit higher in the company food chain than I am and I was scared of him to be honest. He started asking me about myself and I tried to make conversation for a couple messages but as he started to get more flirty I just stopped responding altogether. I thought "this man is old enough to take the fucking hint" but he didn't. He kept messaging me over and over again - even trying to talk to me through our company's work chat, and kept getting more passive aggressive and angry the longer he got ignored. I blocked him and he just made new accounts. That went on for maybe a whole month and I really wish I had done something more about it but I was scared. Today I learned he is no longer with the company and while that makes me feel a bit better the whole situation just makes me so angry looking back at it. What possesses someone to get so mental about a girl half their age ghosting them after 10 messages? He didn't know me and he didn't even TRY to approach me in public with other coworkers around when it would've been normal. He still would've gotten rejected but at least it wouldn't have been as creepy as the way he went about it. Like… go play with your kids or something. Sleazy old men don't deserve white collar jobs.

No. 1350109

have you considered QA? "I just want to make money with the computer, not entering in the specifics" is exactly how I feel. I'm not a programmer with intense autistic knowledge about a language but I have an autistic attention to detail that makes QA work something I'm pretty good at. I don't wanna write the programs myself, I wanna make sure they work properly for other people.

No. 1350442

File: 1664011765376.png (778.28 KB, 564x564, 1636824691754.png)

I'm being bullied by a coworker. Somehow the entire workplace knows about our feud despite me trying to avoid conflict etc. The coworker is autistic without a doubt and I'm worried she's going to fuck with my work/ job. We have never gotten on and have been working for the same company for about 3 years. I have tried standing up for myself, I have tried acquiescing to her, tried being direct about burying the hatchet but nothing works. Management are aware of the conflict and do their best to roster us apart but over the past week other coworkers have been stirring the pot and mentioning her name to me way more. It's made me ultra paranoid that something is brewing.

One day I will leave this job, but right now I don't want to as it would let her "win" and be really inconvenient for me. It also pays much better than any other companies in the industry around here. The rest of the staff I think I get on with just fine and I've never been in any kind of trouble. But I just can't stop thinking about this bitch. It bleeds into my home life. I try and get my mind off work- go biking, go swimming, play with my dog, talk to my partner but I feel consumed by work and fear that this bully autist is scheming something.

Any advice nonnies? Have you been the target of a workplace bully and managed to stick it out for a while? 2 years and I hopefully will have saved enough money to gtfo and change career altogether.

No. 1350502

are you the only one she's doing this to?

No. 1350516

Yes. She's not particularly well-liked but she has focussed her worst behavior onto me. A coworker told me she referred to me as her "arch nemesis."

No. 1350526

i got nothing but i was in the same spot with a coworker where i worked 5 months. i quit because of her and management feeling like they wanted me gone which affected my pay on sales. i had to work directly with the girl on some stuff and she was always such a bitch no matter how over the top nice i was. i didn't know her before working there. i have no reason why she targeted me when the other newbies werent treated like shit. i messed up two things at the beginning where she told the manager and scared the hell out of me cause if it wasn't for that job i would be homeless. felt like she was always going to find the most miniscule way to get me fired. would've worked but their senior worker liked me for my good work ethic, he knew the owner.

No. 1350545

File: 1664019415741.jpg (128.35 KB, 640x853, eeec53f5d020af0327a81780aadade…)

Nonny my nonny, it's not worth the stress. Apply to other jobs now and prepare for an exit. You're already sick with stress about it all the time and its not good for you. When you find one, send out a nice long email politely explaining the hostility that impeded your productivity and how disappointed you were that you had to leave since you had a lot to offer (mention some good things you did and how you wanted to move up in the company even if you didn't). Cc anyone who would matter but her.

You may feel scared to lose this job but this may also be a turning point into a better one maybe even in a completely different type of role. The lack of job candidates allows for that kind of career pivoting now. I did it myself.

Ignore the notion of "winning or losing" with her. You shouldn't have to put up with it, Let her be toxic over there with someone else and management may finally later see she's the problem. Other than that the only way to "win" is to play her own game back which sounds utterly draining. I'd prefer a fresh start.

No. 1350554

firm agreement with this, especially in thinking you'd be "winning" or "losing". I get the feeling but people like her will always feel like they're winning even when they're clearly losing,
its some bizzare piece of shit coping mechanism ime. thinking of it that way for years is just sunk cost fallacy. you deserve to be treated as an adult by other adults by default, not stressing out during your me time. fuck that ho, enjoy your time off work!

No. 1350557

File: 1664020462421.jpg (53.1 KB, 540x498, 1660018045107604.jpg)


Thank you my nonas, I appreciate your words and liked the part about letting go of "winning" or losing. I guess my hesitation is also the devil you know, i.e. the possibility of a new awful colleague somewhere else but the detriment to my mental health is worth the risk at this point.

No. 1350559

do you have an HR resource you can share this with? it's workplace harassment.

make sure your company has an anti-retaliation policy as well so you cannot get into any trouble for reporting it. regardless, you should start making moves to leave. you should not work for a place that actively fosters harassment against you (which is what it is, given that multiple people are aware and doing nothing to stop it.)

No. 1350589

pick up knitting or sewing or some other hands on hobby to improve your dexterity.

No. 1350662

>the possibility of a new awful colleague somewhere else

I get this, but I assure you its possible to go to work and routinely have pleasant days. I am more than confident it can exist for you.

No. 1350869

An estranged relative of mine who I've always had a contentious relationship with just applied for my job out of nowhere. The only reason she knows where I work is because I offhandedly told her sister one time. The thing is we're not even hiring or have any active postings. She found my bosses contact info on her own and sent him an email requesting an interview. The way I found out is that I was sitting at the front working when she fucking walked in dressed up and holding a file folder. I nearly fell out of my fucking chair. Now she's getting hired and going to start next week. I told my boss I'm not comfortable working with her but he doesn't care because he needs someone to work late evenings. I don't think our shifts will ever overlap, but I just feel so uncomfortable. She hasn't said a word to me about this the entire time. Not a text or a call. I talked to her sister and she had no idea either. Literally spent her entire life bullying me and harassing me and now she wants to work at my job. Wtf do I do.

No. 1350902

This has been posted before

No. 1352687

File: 1664165401253.jpg (195.87 KB, 500x680, tumblr_mns8nzzFp21snxul7o1_500…)

I have 2 interviews for jobs this week and I'm so nervous. They're both online and one is a group interview and the other is a one on one. I really don't want to mess it up. The jobs are real career jobs and I really want to finally take that step of adulthood. I've been unemployed since october 2021. I hope I can get through this step cause even after the online interviews there's another face to face one where they will hire you on the spot or send you back home.

No. 1352708

Honestly, I would recommend against HR getting involved in these situations. They definitely play favourites and if you're on the lower ladder than the person that's bullying you, they're going to ignore you at best and make things worse for you at worst.

No. 1353421

File: 1664220126689.png (468.73 KB, 590x437, B0B79351-C0E1-4327-8DC4-5143C5…)

Can anybody offer me some insight on interior design as a career choice? Or reassure me I’m not utterly fucking myself by choosing it as a major.
The school I want to go to has an awesome program but I can’t justify going into debt for a degree that won’t guarantee me a livable salary. My parents laughed in my face when I told them thats what I want to do. They want me to learn a trade instead but I have no interest in that. I feel lost, I can’t think of anything else I would enjoy or be good at.

No. 1353499

Ugh I have been interviewing for weeks now and I am in the final stages with several companies and I am just so tired of waiting around. Just make an offer already!! God willing I will be employed again soon after a year of NEETdom.

No. 1353512

Nonnie not sure what school you are looking into but maybe consider getting a minor in business or marketing if that is an option? Either of those will serve you well with an interior design degree and if you end up choosing a different path you'll have plenty of more conventional career opportunities. I'm sorry your parents aren't supportive, though. Don't give up on your dream just to appease them.

No. 1353533

I agree with the other nonnies, start looking for a different job. Life is too short to be bullied and miserable! Obviously you can't know all the office politics of a new job just from a few interviews but be choosy and trust your gut if you feel like it's a similar work environment. I also agree about not thinking in terms of "winning" or "losing" but also…you leaving a job that is detrimental to your mental health is definitely a win (for you, which is what matters here. you winning for yourself).

No. 1353556

There's a lot of competition in the field but so is in many other "parents-approved" type professions. If you're really passionate and driven, you'll make it, if you just kinda like it, you'll have really hard time going against everyone else. But if it's the former and it's doable for you to get that degree, go for it, otherwise you'll regret every second spent on learning a trade you dont like. You can always go back to learning the trade later I'd imagine.

No. 1354514

File: 1664300091700.jpeg (60.52 KB, 564x620, samrereererer[.jpeg)

Nonnies I just quit a job that had been slowly driving me insane for two years, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. but now I have no idea what to do? I have a college degree in a soft science, lots of experience in: service industry, event/weddings, customer service, and bookkeeping.

I should have waited until I had another offer to quit but I had multiple meltdowns this month and couldn't handle being told 5x different things by different people, the utter chaos, and being blamed for shit other people were doing. I want a hybrid job where I can be around other humans most of the time but WFH when I don't want to deal with their bullshit. I just don't know where to start it's so overwhelming.

No. 1354620

File: 1664305383414.jpg (96.08 KB, 564x1002, 450fb6c02d3004a09d9b0295c0f165…)

this is me following up that I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!! I ACCEPTED AN OFFER TODAY!!!!!! AT THE VERY FANCY MALL!!!!!! I will probably start next week! oh my god!!!! I will finally have money!!!!!

No. 1354638

>the utter chaos, and being blamed for shit other people were doing.
Relatable. I worked at a dollar store years ago, and a coworker would steal my spot at the cash when she was meant to stick to the floor and she'd run to the backroom to grab a drink from the product that was meant for the floor, cause a mess because she'd take the centre drink and let the others fall. And I got blamed?

No. 1354654

I've been working as a teaching assistant in special needs education for a year now. Hard job but I like it. Uk fag here so cost of living crisis is fucking md hard. The money stress has resulted in me getting quite ill frequently since I'm already quite a sickly person. I get paid £13,000 a year for a full time job, so naturally i run out of money like 2 weeks after payday cos rent and council tax and food. I know we're not getting a raise since they've actively said we're not while telling us we're precious and not to go on strike. I've secured a higher paying support worker job. I'm gonna hand in my notice in my absence meeting tomorrow since I'm in trouble for being off due to the fainting and vomiting. Can't wait to tell them I've been prescribed beta blockers to help with this but can't even afford to buy them.

No. 1354720

File: 1664310283618.jpeg (4.64 KB, 300x152, IRS_logo-300x152.jpeg)

>I will finally have money!!!!!
Nothing personnel, kid

No. 1354724

File: 1664310563038.jpg (23.05 KB, 720x474, 1637426744112.jpg)

Stable hours factory job or Fast Food joint closer to home?

No. 1354798

File: 1664314846410.jpg (276.42 KB, 1365x2048, E7NWjZwX0AQXU9S.jpg)

Has anyone ever felt like they’re being slowly demoted even though their job title isn’t changing? I work a shit hospitality job where I usually get to finish around 9pm and work away from gross food smells and grunt work, but lately my work friend is getting my usual shifts and I’m getting the worst shifts they have to offer with all the hard work and bad smells and finishing extremely late. I’m happy that she’s getting better shifts but it’s so insulting to basically be replaced when I didn’t do anything wrong. I wanna quit because every time I come into work I end up crying, it feels so demeaning.

No. 1355056

gimme the cats OR ELSE

No. 1355096

File: 1664334386542.jpg (36.52 KB, 564x400, 1632930182465.jpg)

You should bring it up to them. Say you've noticed that they've changed the shifts you typically work and that you want it to be switched back since it was done without your consultation. I worked a shitty fast food job a few years ago and they slowly bumped my hours up (part time to near full time) and I only didn't say anything because the extra money was nice kek. If you don't say anything they will keep doing it, they probably give you all the hard shit because you do it without complaint.

No. 1355410

my job is telling me to come back to the office and i'm having a major freak out. it helped my mental health so much to do work from home and for literally no reason at all they want me to come back (i code medical documents at home)

its hard for me to find a new job as i am an immigrant here and dont have any normal school qualifications (moved here when i was 25).

any UK fags know what i can do to get a new career that lets me work from home???? no idea what to do and no one i ask is any help

No. 1356029

You can look into working for some kind of insurance (health, home, car, etc.) Underwriting work is at home. My mom did this as her career and I have a friend who recently did this too as a side job.

No. 1356091

I hate that I'm interviewing for this company again because the people I talk to are just so fucking amazing I JUST WANT TO WORK THERE SO BAD!!! I did 6 fucking rounds of interviews with another department and didn't get the position. I was more pissed because they kept making me do rounds and rounds of interviews, for people I wouldn't even be directly responsible for scheduling for?! I get that you want me to meet the team but I don't really understand why it's necessary outside of me meeting with the heads of the team!!!

Anyway, the recruiter put me up for a different department. I met with one of the heads of the department and she was just so wonderful to chat with. Ugh I really want to work here because there's so much to learn, on top of good perks and benefits, and an easy 20-30 minute commute!

I'm hoping it's a good sign that we took the whole 30 minutes just chatting away and it felt like a really good, natural conversation. When I met with all the members of the other team, it felt really stiff talking to everyone and they all seemed a bit enthused except for when I finally met the head of the department who was chill and one other lady. Ugh, whatever. I won't get my hopes up too high. I did submit my application for another position with another department. Hoping one sticks kek.

No. 1356126

> i code medical documents
That sounds cool anon, whats the official title of your job? Did you study CS at uni?

No. 1356138

Uh, coding medical documents has nothing to do with CS. It's just knowing what a bunch of terms mean. NTA.

No. 1356259

I've been searching for a job (fresh out of college) for two months and no bites yet. I know we're in some kind of recession and to not beat myself up too much but this stress is kind of eating at me. I just want a normal office job at this point.
That, and all the weird spam emails from signing up for job sites and spam calls and people who try and trick you. This is hell.

No. 1356318


No. 1356321

QUIT! read a few posts above you where another poster is on beta blockers from her job. i woke up every morning and puked because of the job i just quit. a stupid ass job is not worth your health (unless there is no other option, but there are). I hope you get out

No. 1356367

thanks, I will look at this because I actually did underwriting for car insurance pre-pandemic. but it was a glorified call centre and I quit lol

this anon > >>1356138 is right sorry, it's nothing to do with computer programming, I just read documents and attach them to the records of patients. "coding" means i attach codes to say they have ABC diagnosis, or XYZ medical procedure, or whatever.

No. 1356396

I have several WFH options from the federal government.
The VA wants to pay me $70k a year to answer phones to explain benefits to vets and is fully remote. The other option that pays 65k-90k is verifying immigration status of employees (I-9 form) for USCIS and is also remote. Another position is processing FOIA cases for the NSF but they want me to come in 1 day a week, but pays $75-110k.

All of these are a fuckton better than working in retail manager hell. But which to choose?

No. 1356405

As a former fed employee I'd pick the last one. Won't be as swamped as the first two and sometimes you can get leeway after a while… so they may grant you fully remote status in time.

No. 1356502

How did you get these opportunities from retail management hell?

No. 1356511

NSF sounds kinda cool, at least you could find out what people want made publicly known.

No. 1356518

They are desperate for anybody with any sort of customer service and writing skills. So many people are retiring from the federal government that they need people bad. The only issue is how long the hiring process is for government work. They don't do instant on the spot hires.

No. 1356531

how many years of customer service skills would you say for these jobs?

No. 1356559

For the VA position they wanted 3 to 5 years of customer service experience. I've been in retail for 10 years from cashier up to my current manager position.

Go on USAjobs.gov an search for contact representative or legal administrative specialist if you want an easy foot in the door as the start at th GS5/7 pay range.

No. 1356562

Did you have any other experience besides retail management, like a BA or taking business college classes?

No. 1356590

I have an associates in business management that work paid for.

No. 1356592

i love you

No. 1356886

Is a second job worth it? I'm not in school and I live with my parents but I want more money.

No. 1356946

I've worked for two years straight now, which means that if I'm fired I could earn unemployment benefits in full instead of just partially. It's a relief given the rumors I hear about my company and my team. And lol I avoid linkedin like the plague because I fucking hate it but decided to check if I received notifications yesterday and a company contacted me a month ago to ask if I'd be interested to do the job I currently do but in Tokyo for a much better pay. I'm so frustrated I didn't see that before, I truly hate linkedin even more now. Why aren't these retards sending me normal emails instead?

No. 1356985

Factory. Customers are fucking cunts.

No. 1356987

No except if you're in a really tight situation and need that money. It's better to look for a higher paying job. The extra money doesn't mean a lot when you're constantly stressed and have no time for yourself and your loved ones.

No. 1356994

You should contact them anyway, who knows! The worst that could happen is confirmation that the position has been filled.

No. 1357014

Yeah I'll see that later today. But I don't think I'm ready to get a new job at the other side of the planet just yet. The timing is pretty bad, I wanted more exp first to be more marketable. Unrelated but goddamn I HATE being forced to socialize with coworkers so much. We're just three at the office and I want to eat alone and have some peace but of course that one guy wants to follow me to get lunch and eat in the meeting room with me and if I refuse I'll pass for an asocial piece of shit again.

No. 1357151

I'd go for the last one. It's only one day a week for the most pay, not a bad compromise. I'm the type of person that likes coming into the office/hybrid work schedules though.

No. 1357328

I feel like I'll be fucking stuck at my job. I work for a small company in solar and a guy who I'm supposed to "work together" with doesn't want to give me field experience. I need to stay at least for a year since I already left another solar job I was at for 8 months. But I feel depressed because I'm technically doing less at my job now. I don't know how to climb the ladder. I'm going to get my OSHA 30, but other than that, idk what to do. I'm just depressed. My boyfriend is going to get a good job even though he's only seriously worked for a year because he "worked" at his dad's shop for 10 years even though it was part time and he barely knew anything until the last couple months. It's so discouraging. I don't know what to lie about on my resume. I feel so hopeless.

No. 1357468

Any other tech/BA anons in PI planning right now? I hate agile so bad I want to go back to when I would just show up write code and people were grateful for that.

No. 1359027

File: 1664582931358.jpeg (79.53 KB, 828x974, 3DB05FBC-9539-4E47-842C-BB3886…)

I had to substitute teach for four days this week, that’s literally one day out of five for my actual job. I really like my coworkers and the location but this really sucks.

No. 1359037

I landed my first supervisor position last month and I don't think I want to work like this for very long. The supervisory stuff, I enjoy. I feel like I deserve basically not having to do much after so many years of being on my feet constantly.
My biggest issue is the hours I have to work. I get out of work at 7pm, which doesn't leave me with much time to do anything on weekdays. I basically have to work things around doing things on the weekend. I don't have time to do anything on weekdays mornings because I'm already getting ready for work at 7:30am, before anything even opens.
I'm willing to do this position for a couple months, I just really wish the hours were earlier. I'd have no issue getting out at 4pm or 5pm. I like the overtime, but I want to have the time to do things. At 7pm, what is there to do besides go home and sit in front of the TV? I kinda miss working overnights because my free and sleep time existed during the day.
I know I'll find a better position suited to my wants. I just don't know how many months I should stay here. I don't want to leave too early, you know? And like the retard I am, I know I wouldn't want to work these kinds of hours when I have children. I guess for now I'm savoring it and doing what I need to do for a better and peaceful future.

No. 1359198

File: 1664599305870.jpg (464 KB, 1920x2716, VU_GSLTIe433rJJTM4xv02BGwl-hpg…)

I had an interview on Wednesday and I have no idea how I did. There's one more step in the hiring process (another interview at headquarters), and I really hope I passed the first interview. I hear there's tons of people who heard back already who interviewed the same day. I'm worried this is a bad sign since I haven't received the email just yet. It's the weekend now so I won't know til next week for sure but damn I want this job so bad.

No. 1359308

Anons how the fuck do you find a remote job without it being a scam? The only jobs that bother replying to my application offer to send a check which we all know that age old scam.

No. 1360900

File: 1664705129453.jpeg (38.5 KB, 464x351, 1648920115397.jpeg)


No. 1360903

Random but does anyone know what the origin of this meme is?

No. 1361452

Am I fucking retarded for using a nickname/alies on my cv?

I'm slavic, living in europe and most people can't fucking pronounce my last name and after years of this shit I'm tired. Like there's a meeting and everyone gets called by last name, except for me. They use my first name. It makes me feel uncomfortable since I don't like my first name but don't want to change it but I also find the situation unprofessional.

Right now I'm working for a german company and the fucking morons get even my FIRST NAME wrong because it's pronounced the same as the german word wieder. It confuses the absolute shit out of them for some reason.

I'm so so SO tired of the bullshit. Which is why I want to use my nickname. It's just a single letter, nothing edgy or special, uNIqE.

No. 1361468

Nah. I've seen a lot of online applications nowadays ask you to put in your full name and then what name or nickname you prefer to go by. Since it's just something simple and nothing edgy I see nothing wrong or weird with it.

No. 1361501

I second this.

No. 1361512

My boss has a large dog named [redacted] that comes to the office with her. Our office is the size of a broom closet. The dog has many annoying traits unsuitable for an office, but the worst thing is that she pressures me to feed the dog my lunches and snacks. One time I was eating spaghetti when she came in with the dog after her second 1hr walk of the day and said “Great! Looks like [redacted]’s not too late for spaghetti!”
We have carpet, so what, did she want me to slop the spaghetti on the floor and let the dog glorp it down that way or was I supposed to let the dog slobber out of my Tupperware? It’s fucking spaghetti. What the fuck.

No. 1361518

1. It is weird you are protecting the dog's identity does your boss use lolcow? 2. Spaghetti is bad for dogs it has onion and garlic in it. She's a bad dog owner

No. 1361521

I don't think it's actually real. It's a parody of the original which is an arab dude saying "good morning I hate women". Obviously, this is the superior version

No. 1361621

There's a very realistic chance that the company I work for now could be my last. I'm an unskilled worker that has no degree right now but this job might in the future pay for me to get one. I could definitely stay with them for my entire career and work my way if I want. However high up I choose to go. The job security is great but nothing beats the fact that it's fairly dull stuff. It's basically 50% office work and 50% interacting with physical inventory. How do I cope with the fact that it's not thrilling stuff? The only thing I've thought of that might be helpful in the here and now and in the future is speaking with my therapist about it and doing something like regularly acknowledging that my work is not me. I do not have to let it be this lackluster spot in my life etc. Any ideas?

No. 1361625

i think she means that the dog shares his name with the schizotranny? kek

No. 1361673

why would that be what i meant

No. 1361960

because anons also use [redacted] to refer to him and he seems to pop up at any mention of himself? idk lol

No. 1362633

Decided I'm just going to call all the places I've already applied online and ask how my application is or if the job is available then ask if there's any interview times. Already called one and she said I can come in tomorrow so hopefully I can take a bunch of printed resumes with me to the other places on that side of town with my nice interview look. I really want a job by this week I'm getting low on my savings while barely eating each day. I need a damn job at the bare minimum to cover rent.

No. 1362650

What if you picked up some insane adrenaline junkie hobby to counteract the dullness of day to day? Like mountaineering, fire breathing, slackline, contortionism, skydiving, hang gliding, boxing, etc kek

No. 1363773

File: 1664908856003.jpg (95.43 KB, 559x448, 484644366.jpg)

About how long does it take to hear back in response for an application? I see urgent job postings everywhere in my area and I must've already applied to 6 but so far nothing back… I lucked out on getting my other job basically being hired as a walk in and I left that job on good terms so if they contact them as a reference I should have a good word for me. I'm not even applying for places that require a degree so idk how to make my application more attractive for employers

No. 1364673

Typically can take a few days to 2 weeks. I've had places contact me a day later after I applied while others can take 2 weeks. Depends on how badly they need someone. The ones that took 2 weeks were the ones that had signs posted like "Hiring! Apply today!"

If you apply, wait a day or two before calling in.

No. 1364705

Changing jobs is so surreal. All those people who would call me daily, who needed help from me, whom I promised to send things, now none of that is my problem. I couldn't do something about it even if I wanted to. The company doesn't even have a replacement for me so the customers just get fucked. Nobody will reply for a while.

No. 1365994

File: 1665069400091.jpg (21.19 KB, 358x359, 6df3e921d34bd1e32013d0e0d3282c…)

>Work at a US subsidiary of a big Japanese auto company
>Kinda frustrated at my job for a while
>Having a hard time making new friends in new city
>Run by a super awkward, autistic Japanese engineer
>love my position, love my company and coworkers, just a lot of mismanagement
>New CEO comes in a few months back (they'll usually "assign" Japanese leadership to us and they usually suck tbh)
>He's amazing
>Knows my name and practices Japanese with me
>Funny, outgoing, will chat with employees in the break room, and never thinks of anyone as "beneath him"
>Always pretty busy with the bosses in Japan but he still makes time for us
>He reminds me a lot of my dad
>Yesterday me and five other random people from my department are placed in a meeting room with him
>He says to discuss any issues we've been having at work
>We talk, we laugh
>He was so kind and understanding about it
>He says "I just want all of you to be happy to be here"
>At the end he says "If any of you need anything, please send me an e-mail or give me a call!"

I'm so emotional, nonnas. One of the guys from our department has worked at various plants in the company for 30+ years and said he's never seen anything like this, ever. I wanna protect him at all costs

No. 1366397

Aww, that's so sweet nona! I'm kind of in a similar boat, being at a US branch of a big Japanese media company. All the managers are expats, and we had one guy who was soooooo sweet. He was super chill to talk with and just a good dude all around. It sucks his contract just ended and he went back to Japan. I left during his first year because I was a temp employee, and came back on his last year as a permanent employee. He left me a cake on his last day! Me! Like, I'm supposed to be the one getting you something!!! I haven't spoken much to his successor, who's much more quiet than he is. Apparently his successor was a producer on some animes before kek.

I hope your new CEO is here to stay!

No. 1366503

I have a test I have to take online as part of an interview for a job I'm applying for. The content is on the subject of the field I graduated in but the particular subject can be tricky sometimes. I have a week to take the test, and the company sent me example questions. I don't know how long I should take reviewing before I take the test. Am I overthinking things? I don't wanna not study enough and get fucked on the test, but I also don't know if I'm worrying too much.

No. 1366541

it depends really on the place you're applying. we desperately need people at my hotel, but its so constantly busy my boss only manages to find the time to schedule interviews once a week if at all

No. 1366591

Is it a job you really really want or just A Job that you could get? I dunno what industry your job is in or if it's in demand or not, but just review the material as best you can with the study material they gave you. There will (hopefully) be more jobs if things don't go well as you planned with this one.

No. 1367290

File: 1665190202408.gif (637.34 KB, 400x225, whyme-why.gif)

Does anyone work in logistics? I'm struggling to understand it and need some help with time management. Any nonnies working jobs with heavy time restrictions please give me some tips on how to be better at it.

No. 1367299

I'm actually unironically ready to kms. I have a baby daughter who has special needs and no place if paying enough to even pay my apa bill. On top of that me and my husband have been fired for the past few jobs all within a couple of weeks for no clear reason, one time including because "we didn't like your vibe" after starving myself for multiple days and of course I live in a right to work state so everything is legal and when I tried to talk to a lawyer about it he screamed "NO CASE" and hung up after I told him I worked there a week. If it's not that no place bothers hiring or even looking at applications even place begging for people. I have a suicide plan and date picked out I just hope it gets better I've been actually considering prostitution if it keeps a roof over my daughter's head

No. 1367328

Self evaluation performance reviews are so fucken stupid.

No. 1367506

Do you not have any government welfare programs or assistance you can apply for? Especially because of your daughter, I don't know what state you live in but you should be eligible for getting some help. If you need info on how to get government assistance, your local library or food banks will have info and help you.

No. 1367549

Agreed. I had to do them quarterly at my last job. They reward dishonesty and force you to play stupid political games.

I had a dickhead manager that would read what I wrote and parrot it back at me like it was his own original feedback. Naturally, I stopped being as honest, and he switched to giving me shit for "not putting enough effort into the quarterly reviews" and "not having a growth mindset." He would never offer me feedback that I didn't first offer myself. So, the discussions we had about my performance reviews were largely us "collaborating" to "identify" (invent) increasingly minor "areas of improvement."

It felt like confession.

No. 1368329

File: 1665288943435.jpg (67.84 KB, 580x767, slkdjakjsd.jpg)

Yesterday, my only real life friend just asked me to join her in her dad's business. I've known her for a long time and have always envied what her family does because it's so cool to me, and wished I could do something like that. I never thought she & her dad would actually ask me though. And now I am conflicted for the following reasons:

>i am currently in my first job out of college. I was lucky to get this job because my boss was desperate to fill the position so I was hired to perform a job (HR) that new grads generally wouldn't get. Having this on my resume would help me get a leg up in my future career.

>However, it's a very stressful job that is really draining me. I was thinking I'd quit at the end of my first year so that I can at least list a full year on my resume and not look like a job-hopper.
>If I joined my friend's dad's business, I'd be leaving my current job at the 6-7 month mark. If this new thing doesn't work out and I have to go back to HR jobs, only having 6 months won't look good.
>Also, I've put a lot of blood sweat and tears into performing well at this place. If it won't even be a good reference/resume builder due to short employment time, it feels like a terrible waste.
>On the other hand, I'm only pursuing HR because I have a nonsense humanities degree. I don't really have a passion for it. I had accepted it as my fate to work a boring office jo for the rest of my life, but this new opportunity would involve great travel and the opportunity to get involved in a niche industry that I've always been fascinated with.
>However, even though he likes me and trusts me… her dad does not speak English. I don't know if he's really thought through how difficult it might be to take on an employee who you can't directly communicate with. I'd be willing to learn the language a little in order to get by, but I don't think I'll ever be super fluent (Chinese seems very hard)
>If this doesn't wind up going well, how will this affect my friendship? Do I really want to mix money into my only active friendship? My friend used to be kind of stubborn back in middle and high school, has she matured enough to make a good work partnership? I've kept in touch with her but I haven't hung out enough with her in the past few years to know.
>Her parents have always been so nice to me though and I know they like me and I don't think they'd willingly screw me over.

TLDR: What should I do? take a chance at a dream job and gamble with a friendship, or stay in my stable but soul-sucking career path? picrelated

No. 1368348

If the opportunity makes you excited I'd day go for it. Business and friendships don't usually mix but that's when people make deals and start businesses together and you won't be dealing with quite that level of trust. For a first job out of school 6 months isn't terrible, you just found a better job and these things happen to most graduates, they don't spend years at the first job they land.

No. 1368352

Yes they are. Honestly, it's best to just give yourself a perfect score because whatever you do, perfect work or not, they'll make you work like a dog for peanuts.

No. 1368518

You should brazenly score yourself 10/10. No modesty.

Like, fuck you if you think I am going to spend time to criticise myself. You are not going to get me to put myself down, just so you can throw my own insecurities into my face at the next review.

Managers trying to get me to do their job. Their job is to manipulate people to prevent them from being too confident so they don't ask for too many raises and their lazy ass now wants to pawn off their work on me. Guess what motherfucker, I'll write a glowing review of myself and then I challenge you to call me up in the office and tell me I was wrong to my face.

They don't have the balls for that. I am too old to fall for their shit, and my advice to anyone is: make they say no. See how far you can push the envelope. At any place I worked, the most overpaid person was always some dudebro who REALLY behaved as if he was god's gift to mankind (I don't know if by oblivious ignorance or calculated).

No. 1368554

Did any nonnies ever talk to carrier-orientation/advice specialists or something and was it useful? I'm nearly 30 and have only a few years of pretty unimpressive work experience, and still feel like I have zero idea what it is I'm good at. I've always been a good student and enjoy learning, but "being an ideal student" is not a career path, especially since my communication skills are subpar. I feel like any profession that both allows you to just throw yourself into research and studying and have minimal social skills (like some kind of decent level of lab work) required are ones I'm too old to transition to. IT seems like it'd be a hard field to break in when thousands of young graduates flood the employment market each year.

No. 1368615

do it but keep a b plan just in case, more like a job it seems like it would make for a great life experience from what you tell

No. 1369001

File: 1665337649186.jpg (17.74 KB, 545x384, punch.jpg)

One of my coworkers refused to renew his contract an Friday was his last day at the office. Thank fucking god. We're short-staffed but he felt like he was making things worse than better. He was so annoying, my manager implied she didn't want to renew his contract anyway because he doesn't know how to behave, yet he felt so smug, like he fucked her over by not renewing his contract.

He's basically the incarnation of all the negative stereotypes about gay men. He was a flaming faggot who acted and talked like he was on some kind of reality tv show, always yelling, sperging because of Céline Dion (who deserves better than a fanbase like that btw), would sperg hard over geopolitics and awkward topics like that during lunch break to look like an annoying SJW, etc. He was so offended because at some point our colleagues from another team told him he was being unprofessional by email. He showed me why, thinking I'd take his side… Turns out that his grasps on our language is so bad that he messed up a shit ton of important emails sent to newly hired apprentices and interns to the point where the emails were incomprehensible and made our client look unprofessional. These emails are LEGAL DOCUMENTS by default too. Keep in mind that those emails are a copypasted text that you have to feel with personal details about the new hires. I have no idea how he messed that up and ruined the job of the other team that way, but that's a huge achievement and he was so mad about it. We're always overworked but this guy was messing up his job so hard he gave himself more work to do and me and other coworkers had to help him catch up. Thank god I won't have to see his stupid face and hear his screeches. I also feel the same for another ex coworker who left even before that, good riddance, fuck off forever!

Sorry, I just needed to vent a little.

No. 1369029

Don’t worry too much about what you’d be good at. You have time to become good at the thing. Think about jobs that pay well, aren’t too hard/expensive to break into and (this one is extra important) wouldn’t suck the soul out of your body or demand crazy hours.

Written communication is more important than face to face communication these days, so I think you’ll be okay.

No. 1369109

I did (not at your age though) and it was pretty useless. It was multiple sessions and they made me think about who I am, how I function and what I'm good at etc. Basically taught me nothing I didn't already know/hadn't already thought about before. Then made me narrow career options and settle on one thing and, in hindsight, didn't correct me when I chose said thing with completely wrong motivations/expectations. I finally realized what I wanted to do in my mid twenties and it was something completely different.

Obviously that's just 1 experience and my specialist wouldn't be yours, but that's my experience.

No. 1369132

nta but how did you realize what you wanted to do?

No. 1369148

Can anyone give me advice at what I should do with an accounting bachelors? I don't know what it's like to work in a job like that, I feel extremely intimidated about applying for jobs. I'm just afraid I'm going to completely hate it, also I'm behind because I didn't apply for internships and I'm in my last semester. I'm sort of panicking about my future here so any advice is appreciated.

I just feel anxious because I worked at an office before only once, and it was brief. Everyone there was a 500 republican that would scream at you for any error you made.

I want a decent paying job, I'm willing to learn whatever skills necessary, and I want to work with decent people. I also just want a place where I can just act basic and professional with people I vibe with.

No. 1369166

I say go for it. a six month period somewhere straight out of college isn't that uncommon. plus, it seems like this new opportunity interests you more, so it's sounds like you'll be gaining experience in an industry that you're more passionate about anyway. once you've been working for a few years, your particular work experience matters WAY more than your degree (my degree has very little to do with the industry I'm in now)

No. 1369175

culture will vary from office to office, I promise they're not all full of shitty republicans (although you'll have to deal with office politics anywhere you go unfortunately). anxiety is normal, but some of the best advice I've ever received is that the people interviewing/hiring/above you etc are just people. like, it's less scary when you realize the accounting manager interviewing you is just some guy if that makes sense
I'd also say start by looking at companies you like and see if they're hiring for entry level accounting jobs. since you're still in school, I'd definitely also reach out to your accounting professors and see if they have any connections. if they're a good professor, they should be more than happy to help you

No. 1369179


samefag, i meant to say 500 lb republican

No. 1369262

File: 1665350622175.gif (1.02 MB, 250x187, 1576161633919.gif)

I want to vent again. I hate this whole "we're a family" and office culture bullshit. When I started working in my current job I was hired at the same time as several other people because we formed a new team within the company and a few weeks after we started we learned that our manager's birthday was coming soon. Guess what? Some retarded bitches thought it would be a great idea to plan a surprise birthday party for lunch break for the manager! And they asked money from everyone to pay for a gift card and a cake! Which pisses me off so much because I don't give a fuck about anyone here at all and the manager loved it so much she decided to do the same thing for every single one of us. Now a year later, I don't give money to anyone unless I'm physically asked to face to face because I'd rather buy my own shit with that money but refusing upfront would make me look like some asocial piece of shit. I'm not rich, and I'm not your friend, fuck off and go buy you're shitty cinema tickets with your own money. And now the bitches who planned this to begin with left as soon as their contracts ended and will not stop shit talking the manager and some coworkers behind their backs.

I used to force myself to go out with coworkers somedays after work to just drink in bars except I don't drink alcohol so there's nothing for me to even enjoy besides drinking 6€ glasses of lemonade and apple juice and I stopped going once one of my coworkers insisted I go to a nightclub with him and some others for some reason? I told him I wouldn't be in the city the day he chose but have fun anyway and the guy decided to change the day for when I was coming back from a huge, famous anime con and take the train, and he was insisting that he'd go get me at the train station with my suitcase and everything. Even my retarded normie coworkers found it off-putting. You know these tv shows or movies where a random salaryman finds his life boring, meaningless and dull because he's working in a cubicle? I wish that were me. I wish I could just do my job and only interact with my normal, non-mentally, reasonable clients and nobody else.

No. 1369339

out of curiosity nona, in which field do you work?
I feel like this is especially true in STEM.

No. 1369414

How do I tell my boss I'm moving out of state, but not quitting? I'd like to keep doing some work for them but they'll most likely have to hire another person. They need to hire someone anyway if I stayed because business is so busy. Nonnies help

No. 1369528

I work in HR, more specifically in recruitment. Our client is a company in STEM but I don't think it's a huge influence on my company's corporate culture. We're mostly women here in out 20s and 30s who come from a bunch of different countries/continent, meanwhile our client is a company full of older white guys with the same nationality and they're begging us to hire more women for them but we barely receive applications from women. So using the birthday thing as an example, if I straight out refused to give money for a present my coworkers could potentially get passive aggressive and shit talk me behind my back for months, but I have a feeling guys would shit talk me more directly.

No. 1369558

I hate this too, if I'm close to a coworker, sure I'm gonna give them a birthday present, but to enforce to give money for a present to every person you work with just bc 'we're all part of the same team!!' is bs. Why can we not keep private and workplace matters separate? Idk if this is common but at the company I work at, we have town hall meetings where the head of the company presents changes within the company (acquisitions, promotions, leaves, newcomers, etc) and at the latest one they also listed colleagues who got married or had babies with pictures included. The whole 'we're a family' vibe that some companies try to create is just bizarre to me. Like these are intimate things and you're presenting them in a business presentation on a meeting. But again idk, I might be a bitter asocial hermit without compassion

No. 1369559

We have town halls but we don't see personal shit like this in ours. However, the American branch of the company seems insane to me, on the intranet we have some sort of internal social media and they post like they're on fucking facebook. Shit like "my husband was a veteran and he's dead now I'm soo sad :'(" or "my son died of a drug overdose so we should raise awareness that drugs are bad!" or wedding and honeymoon pictures. I'm never setting foot in North America if that's the norm.

No. 1369605

So…it happened. The new company signatures were sent around and from now on we are obliged to include our pronouns. Brilliant

No. 1369611

I'd either not comply or use they/ them if absolutely necessary. My job is very sexist/ old fashioned so I would hate for people to discredit my work for being female

No. 1369613

Ouch. Got rejected from three jobs back to back today. One e-mail after the other within in an hour. That hurt. Just here to vent because I'm going insane at this point.

No. 1369616

That sounds extremely creepy, holy shit. A cult, that's what it is.

No. 1369622


No. 1369795

So I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I currently work full-time in the healthcare field as a medical lab technician, and while the money isn't great, it's better than most other places right now. My country has also been going through a hyperinflation these past few years, and fuel costs are currently a major concern (among other things), and since we only have one car in the family, it's causing a lot of strain on us, both money wise and transportation wise. Plus I don't really get along all that well with my coworkers, and it's a very demanding job both physically and mentally.
My fiancé currently works online as an English teacher, and keeps trying to persuade me to leave my current job and apply to also be an English teacher. He says I wouldn't have to worry about the car or fuel costs. His job also currently pays more than mine. The working hours are also a lot more flexible. I also would't have to leave the house or interact with bitchy colleagues (or patients).
The only problem I have with this is that I wouldn't be working in my chosen field. I majored in medical laboratory science. I spent a lot of time and money to earn this degree. I plan on eventually continuing my education and getting my masters once I'm more financially stable, and gaining work experience in the medical field would greatly help me with that, moreso than being an online English teacher. I guess I just don't want to feel like my education is going to waste.

No. 1369809

I wish I could say I had a succesful method but I think it was more a case of dumb luck and trying out/researching a lot of different things.

No. 1369815

Take a break for a few hours. It's hard af to be rejected. Something good will come for you.

No. 1369816

I think I would they/them just to fuck with people. My job is also sexist and it irks me that men use “he… or she” and “him… or her” with female pronouns always coming second, like it’s an afterthought. Like it only just occurred to them that half of their workforce are women. It’s one of the few times that it would be linguistically appropriate to say they; “the project manager, they (being some person they’ve never met and do not know the gender of) calculated the budget” and they can’t do it.

No. 1369834

I know it's painful to take up a job not in your field anon, but it'll be a temporary thing while you wait for things to settle and save up money to be in a better place and eventually continue your education. You can still make connections in your field while working a different job, it'll just be a little tougher. Keep in contact with everyone you can stomach from your current job as well. Your degree won't go to waste just from one job you take for a year or two! People work jobs that aren't in their field all the time, lifelong even. Think of how much easier it'll be on you to not have to worry about transportation, your co-workers and how you could put more in your savings.

No. 1369847

fuck coworkers. I go to work and go straight home. Several of my moid coworkers are buddy buddy and hang out after work and drink alcohol. I dont get it, but if i isolate myself too much, I feel others will judge me. so annoying

No. 1370593

File: 1665484381945.jpeg (114.45 KB, 455x317, B90BB50A-1B92-45C7-8CBC-E496BF…)

How early in advance should I tell my boss about a long-ish vacation plan? I’m trying to do some travelling in June-July next year for about 30 days in total. By then I’ll have been at my job for just over a year and some of my friends are shocked I haven’t run it by my boss yet. For context I work in a pretty slow-paced office-based industry, sometimes it takes 30 days just for a decision to be made about a project moving forward.

No. 1370600

Wow, that's a LOT, you should talk to your employer/manager ASAP.

No. 1370625

That's a really long time and you've been working for just a year. You should bring it up to your manager to see if that's even ok.

No. 1370627

A bit of a vent but why is it when I'm busy (family obligations) recruiters all of a sudden remember I exist and why are companies now insisting on face to face interviews. Those interviews are so useless it's just a 5 min discussion of what I already have on my cv.

I guess uhh does anyone have tips for what I should do in interviews since I feel like they're borderline useless just look at my cv you fucking inbred corporate idiot

No. 1370644

To put it in very general terms, it's to see if you don't come off as a psycho in IRL conversation, and to determine more or less if you actually have the experience you've listed.

No. 1370645

I have an interview in 30 minutes nonitas. Wish me luck. With this I can quit my current job and the misogynistic asshole cos and inmates. AND be making over double. I'm so nervous though. How can I be considered qualified.

No. 1370654

Good luck anon!!

No. 1370662

You got this!!

No. 1370666

why's it so hard to find a decent remote job? they're either probably not legit or are more for people who already have established careers and such and I'm just a stupid college student trying to get away from my miserable job.

No. 1370690



If you have no real education look for remote data entry. If you have some money, look into medical coding as education and employment. 100% remote and actual companies are looking

No. 1370691

Sorry to same fag but data entry starts at 20 an hour.

No. 1371853

congrats nonny!

No. 1371879

I accidentally took on too many responsibilities at work. Though it makes the time go fast, I like to have some breathing room. I usually get about an hour or so of dead air, so I read manga on my phone, clean up, help another coworker out with something smaller. I'm super good friends with one of my coworkers, and usually go to her desk and ask if I can do anything to make her job easier. Now I don't have time, as I said that for two other people whose tasks they give me are so time heavy.

No. 1372015

Bope you celebrate getting away from stinky workplace scrotes

No. 1372544

File: 1665617341909.jpg (45.92 KB, 460x540, longer-a-student-but-unemploye…)

I graduated college last year and have been unemployed since. I have an interview next week, the company is flying me out for it to their headquarters. I hope I get the job nonnies. I see people on forums say they think they did so well and ended up not getting a job offer. The company is pretty picky. I need to be prepared for what questions they may ask and seem social enough to their liking.

No. 1372804

I have been feeling so fucken anxious the past week. Feel like I always do but this performance review is making me so anxious. I go to bed feeling worried, wake up feeling worried, every time I go to work I feel like I'll get yelled at for something.

No. 1372812

God I hate training the new guy, he makes me super late in my work because he asks questions all the time, which is normal, but it's so annoying.

No. 1372952

I have an interview for an ideal job next week and I can't bring myself to start even preparing. I got the rug completely pulled out from under me the last interview I was in and it really took a mental toll, I was basically verbally guaranteed to get the job and then asked horrible questions that they knew I wouldn't be able to answer. My brain basically turned off and I couldn't even try to answer some of them. I'm terrified that will happen again, the brain-turning-off, like how the fear of having a panic attack maked you more prone to actually having one. So to prepare, I collated 50 sample questions to write down answers to, sorted by probability of being asked, so I can read off a template of pre-written answers in the Zoom interview. But that document is sitting almost empty for the past four days, and the interview is next Wednesday. I don't have a job or anything to do, so I should technically be able to just spend all day for a week working on it, as was my goal. But it seems so pointless to try so hard and then what if I fail or they (extremely likely) already have an internal candidate lined up. I've spent 24 solid hours writing material for this job to even get an interview and it all seems for nothing. But it will definitely be for nothing if I don't prepare as hard as I can for this interview… It's so difficult to find the motivation to try your hardest over and over again only to get rejected. Yet, the alternative is to barely try and get an awful job.

Just a vent. Job hunting is soul destroying.

No. 1373300

Is there a way to figure out how/if your employer monitors you through your work computer? Embarrassed by the thought that my boss could've connected to my computer at any time and hear me singing or talking to myself

No. 1373314

I hate the low salary of my job but it's easygoing 90% of the time and my boss is crazy understanding. I literally keep taking random days off last minute or ask to work from home last minute because of my senior dog and he says ok. I think I'm gonna stay until my dog passes. I know it's weird and too much to ask to suddenly take a week off over the death of a pet but I almost had to and my boss said he understood if I needed to.

No. 1373792

Anons, pray for me, I have to train him again and neglect my own tasks and I know I'll be very late in what I want to do. It's pissing me off. I want to kick his ass, he won't stop breathing super loudly and fast like he's got some huge booger in both nostrils, he will NOT stop repeating the same things, not even questions just useless comments, a new hire only worked for 2 weeks and got pregnant so she'll leave very soon and we'll be even more overworked, and I'm sleep deprived and can feel I'll accidentally fall asleep in the office at some point.

No. 1373864

How dumb is he to require retraining? Good luck anon, be strong, hope this suffering is over soon and you'll get a good long rest

No. 1373891

It's illegal to do that, your employer can only see into activity done on work computer but not actually use the camera to stalk you. If you're feeling paranoid, you can of course cover your camera lense, but you would notice the light if it was active at any point anyway. Don't worry!

No. 1374849

lost my job nonnitas. I was hired through an agency and they have been ruthlessly firing people for bullshit reasons for months now, but I naively was blindsided by this. I've been lying in a depressed heap berating myself for the last day or two. I hate the tiring drudgery of applications and interviews

No. 1374908

Fuck them sounds like a shit company anyway

No. 1378200

oh absolutely, but it stings that I got fired and I'm worried that if they refuse to give me a reference it will impact whether or not I'm hired elsewhere

No. 1379092

has anyone worked at target? how is it? i really do not want to but unfortunately i’m in a situation where short-term part-time work like this is ideal and $15/hr isn’t terrible here

No. 1379107

I worked at Target over the summer when I came back from college and this was like 8 years ago. I remember it being extremely soul sucking and feeling so depressed and hopeless, but I don't say that to scare you. It's highly dependent on customer base, because I worked at a different retail chain after college and I had a really swell time kek.

I was a cashier, and once you learn all the buttons and shit, it just gets easier. Self checkout was the best because you didn't have to do shit except help whenever people needed help, but looking out for scammers got annoying. They might have updated the system to make it harder though (biggest self checkout scam was buying giftcards and we had to stop everyone who would buy a giftcard and direct them to a normal register). As a cashier, it just makes your life easier to agree with the customer and not fight over the price. I guess it's possible to get spoken to for changing the price of too much shit, but I knew a lot of people who would change/discount shit all the time and superiors generally didn't care unless it was like 50% a $200 item (which I did on my first week… I did get spoken to but it was just a warning kek). Not sure how the floor team does. I did a couple of shifts on the floor but I was never properly cross trained so it was mainly just me fumbling around. Wasn't terrible, but then again, I absolutely loathed being on the register (but in hindsight, register is probably the easiest, both to learn and do).

I would go for it. All retail sucks to some extent, but you could end up at a really good store. Honestly, even though my store sucked, I met a lot of really cool coworkers, so you might at least make friends or work friends who will make the day more tolerable.

No. 1379518

Updating this.
I prepared successfully, was calm, and presented myself very well, but they seemed very uninterested in me. In the closing remarks, they said, 'Thank you for your optimism!' so yeah, safe to say I didn't get that one. Back to the drawing board…

No. 1379716

Recruiters often underplay how interested they are in you so it would be easier for them to negotiate your pay - if you see that they really liked you and really want to work with you you'd be more likely to try pushing them for more money, but if they can get you to think they didn't really want you that much you'll feel expendable and - when presented with contract - this much more likely to be grateful even an underwhelming offer. Shitty but true

No. 1380431

Well, I find myself hoping that's the case, although it doesn't seem applicable here. I missed a call from them yesterday, the voicemail offered to give me feedback on the interview, which I take as a tacit rejection. Still holding out a slim hope though for when they call me back.

It would be pretty funny to get negged by a recruiter tbh, I feel like I have a pretty confident view of myself and my abilities, so I just take it as a bad fit if they don't seem to like me, rather than a reflection on myself. I wonder if I'd be able to tell or if the power dynamic of it would make me doubt myself.

No. 1380568

File: 1666273390362.gif (2.41 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_owum6vsKMa1qhy6c9o1_128…)

I am so fed up with my part time job and my alcie moid boss who called me drunk on my vacation and begged me to cover for him bc he was going out drinking, and when I refused he called all my other coworkers too until one girl said yes. Now he refuses to give me more shifts than my contract says (2 times a month). He doesn't give a shit about the job and got the boss job just because my real boss worked so hard he ignored his leg infection and eventually had the leg amputated. He's been on sick leave for over a year. It's a food production company, and the products are so low quality, the hygiene is awful and the shop furniture is dirty and broken, the management doesn't care. And so much other stuff that I don't remember at the moment.

My current job is right next to my house and I love spending under 5mins walking to work. But I am so fed up I applied for a job an hour away by public transport. I got an interview with them after just a couple days after sending in my application, it's next week! I have to try to make up reasons for why I want to change my job, other than "I fucking hate my job and the company", shit talking my company would not be very good I reckon kek. I would have to move if I get the job though, but I have been intending to find an apartment closer to my campus and my moids job anyway (both in the same city as the job I applied to).

No. 1381376

thanks, this honestly made me feel a little better about things! i’ve been playing phone tag with hr since my interview and it seems they’re gonna hire me for clothes which sucks, but better than wasting away in my room i suppose

No. 1381683

This miller is such a fucken dickhead. I called his office to let him know about his sample and this bitch does not even say anything when he picks up the phone. So proceed I tell him I have his sample numbers and I wait for a response and he fucken yells "OKAY! WHAT?!"
Stupid thing is, when I just start spewing out numbers it's always "hold on let me open the file." But when I wait this fucken bitch gets impatient and starts yelling over a three second silence when he didn't say shit the entire time after picking up.

No. 1381804

hi nonnies looking for some advice! got laid off in july, interviewed like crazy, end of sept. I finally received an offer for a one year contract with potential to hire. not crazy about working through an agency on contract, but the company I'd be working for is great and the pay is pretty good so I accepted. start date is set for 10/31.
around the same time, an old coworker contacted me about an open position on her team. applied and received an offer yesterday. it's full time w benefits and pays a bit more. I already accepted and their projected start date is 11/14.
question is, when do I tell the first company I'm no longer interested? I want to wait until background check is complete at the very least. but I also don't want to wait too long since my first day is set for next Monday. I'm nervous that there's an off chance I decline the first company and then my other offer is rescinded or something and I lose out on both jobs. but also want to do my best to not burn any bridges. what would y'all do in this situation?

No. 1381834

File: 1666366694025.jpg (452.15 KB, 1476x1476, 1608706709246.jpg)

I'm a NEET now, anons. I talked about how I hated my job and how I wanted to leave in this thread, and well, I got it. Not upset at all, but it felt super abrupt because the company kicked me off after a meeting about my separation package, which meant I couldn't write a short little goodbye message to my teams. I figured that the company would want me to finish up my incomplete work before leaving, but I suppose not. Hmm. Anyway! I have enough savings to last me about two years, if I'm super thrifty, and maybe a year and a half if I'm a bit more lenient. Wish me luck, anons, that I can fix my habits into good ones and to make a successful lateral career move.

No. 1381902

I hate my job. They told me they'd hire me and I spend two weeks getting all my paperwork together. Now they just hired a dude last minute and I'm still pending for some reason??

No. 1381978

File: 1666376067155.jpg (38.31 KB, 500x500, DqI3Sz6X0AAyOJo.jpg)

I need to give an update: everyone is leaving the company or is considering it. They're talking among each other and complaining about a lot of shit I often agree with but I'm not close enough to them to learn more about it. Today was the last day of a girl who will not renew her contract for just one more month because she's pregnant and she wants a permanent contract instead. Two or three weeks ago it was that one incredibly annoying fag who left and a girl who got hired just a month ago left after two weeks of work because she's also pregnant. Two coworkers left nearly two months ago too. Half of our team is based in a different, way cheaper European country and I have no clue wtf they're doing right now because they're paired up with my coworkers. I have to do 90 recruitments or so before February and since a lot of people are coming and going I have to help train them, which makes me late in my own work, which makes my clients super fucking annoying. I'll get an apartment after I get surgery and after that I'll look for better jobs because on top of that we're getting way more work and we're severely underpaid.

A permanent coworker vaguely mentioned the possibility of him getting fired in the near future for no specific legal reasons, so now I've heard talk about how they might be trying to replace us with a way cheaper workforce, aka the guys from the other European country. My manager is lying through her teeth about how we're doing well because we're not! I'm fucking late in my work and it's going to fuck me over once I'm back from sick leave after getting a big ass tumor in one of my breasts and I know it. Oh but don't worry about that, we celebrate birthdays at the office and smile on camera during remote meetings! Yay! Guess what? The only day of remote work I asked for is Friday and it's the one day my manager won't give me, she gave me another one today and it's NOT FUCKING FRIDAY. Fuck.

No. 1382034

File: 1666378735054.png (112.14 KB, 524x460, ohfuckOFF.png)

i'm looking for a part time job to hold me over until I can get another full time job (i don't want to end up in another shitty FT job and feel trapped). this job posting made my blood boil. FIVE DAYS OF PTO? WHAT THE FUCK.

i'm almost tempted to work at the state liquor store for shit pay solely because they offer 21 days of PTO and 12 paid vacations, so 33 days of pto

No. 1382083

congrats anon!!!!! I'm a NEET as of three weeks ago, as well! just don't get too stuck, i'm already starting to get kind of weird due to a lack of human interaction hah. if I didn't have bills I'd probably do this for another six months and zero out my backlog of half finished books.

No. 1382507

File: 1666407972229.gif (167.27 KB, 370x278, tumblr_m98goyVEFw1rb31rvo1_400…)

I did it nonnies!! I got the job! I can't wait but now I'm nervous as hell for the the training portion. Just waiting for the background check to clear and i'm good to go. My NEETdom is finally over.

No. 1382509

Congrats nonners!

No. 1382539

Thanks nonny! I'm still in shock kek

No. 1382552

Sometimes my coworkers complain about how they wish the company would implement XYZ because it would make their jobs easier and more efficient. I want to shout at them “You’re all salaried!!” News flash: technology has made your job like 3 times more efficient in the past few decades. Do you work less than your predecessors? No. Do you make more money? No, you make way less. Increased efficiency won’t make your job easier, it just means your bosses will be able to make you do more of it.

No. 1382581

I never thought about this very good point anon

No. 1382949

Anyone who isn't getting paid enough to live comfortably should be sabotaging their employer.

No. 1382987

ayrt, my employer is the US government and I think it’s being sabotaged enough already kek

No. 1382989

Samefag, but yes, I wish I made enough money to afford a studio apartment. I don’t wanna have roommates for the rest of my life.

No. 1383791

Alright, it’s not gonna be easy but I’m gonna go back to school, I work a shitty convenience store job and my coworker was really annoying me today, it dawned on me that I do not want these types to be considered my peers, she smokes cigarettes and vapes while she is 9months pregnant, she is obese, and ignores me when I say things to her and acts weird and passive aggressive but also vents to me, like why would I give a shit?
>I called the store to let her know I would be running a little late
>”hey this is anon, I’m-“ she immediately hangs up on me
> I text her it cause wtf. Doesn’t respond, ever, but texts the group chat and asked me if I wanted to swap shifts.
>when I came in, she was like “you’re late!”
>tried joking with me and acting friendly
>literally racist, called burnt hot dogs “n**r black penises”
>^i told my boss and they did nothing, they don’t care because idk the job doesn’t require much etiquette or decency I guess..
>went on like 10 smoke breaks today within a 6 hour shift..
>also kept complaining about her pregnancy, “omg I can’t keep standing here all day!”
>also obese as fuck with her legs always spread and dented back at the knees
>she was supposed to be there til 10 but decided to get off at 9 when I get off and call the night guy to come in early.
>I jammed the safe drop machine and I am new and she was like explaining how to fix it in a condescending way.
>”you put your birthday in, you know your birthday don’t you?”
>I finish a transaction with a customer “don’t work too hard, have a good night! “ they say to me
>”haha, never.” She says loud enough for me to hear.
>called the cops on some teenager who shoplifted
>”STEALING IS BADD YALL IF SHE points at me STEALED, ID CALL THE COPS TOO!” she says the same sort of thing over and over to customers
>when the cops show up they say they couldn’t find anything on the girl.
>”Ok well she was drunk and keep her safe, that’s all I care about” she switches her tune
>just standing there, quietly, waiting for a customer
>I nod and I’m like “oh.”
> she comes up to me and looks at me “I just post whatever and if you don’t like it you can unfriend me,”
I’m just fake smiling and nodding
I don’t care !
I hate you. You’re a disgusting, backwards hillbilly who literally smokes cigarettes while pregnant, I don’t understand what her deal is because she tries joking with me like I’m her friend but then sneak disses me and condescends me cause I’m new, fuck her. I literally need another job but most importantly I need to stop working minimum wage because I’m tired of low lives like this and convicts being my co workers. I also work on Halloween. Should I quit? This is really bad for my mental health..

No. 1383815

yeah quit and never look back don't even give them a notice lmfao. I hope you can manage going back to school or even a WFH customer service job. Better than retail.

No. 1384062

Quit. Quit. Quit.
A job who keeps someone like that on the schedule does not give a fuck about anything, including the work environment/culture and its gonna be nothing but toxic. You can find something else, I promise anything is better than that bs

No. 1384272

haha quit asap! but while you're waiting for the right time, STOP BEING FAKE NICE! obviously there are zero behavior standards here. start being rude back to her. laugh at her to her face. sigh when she talks to you. cut her off when she vents and ask "why the fuck do you think i care about your boring pathetic life story?" remind her she is a fat bitch. i hate people like this esp when they have the audacity to condescend me.

No. 1384626

careful here, she could make a psychotic enemy out of this woman which is not worth the pleasure of telling her off in my experience.
ghost the job completely. best course of action. don't even go in for another shift, don't step foot on the property unless you're picking up your last check.

No. 1384753

i want to go back to school to become a PA. through the few volunteer positions i've had, i can tell teaching's just not for me. plus, it's been hard to find even a teaching assistant position and i don't have transportation to look into further areas. if i'm going to go more into debt, i might as well go into healthcare than trying to get my masters in teaching i guess?

No. 1385480

File: 1666667820824.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1413, careers.jpeg)

thread pic fodder

sage for not really contributing

No. 1385515

I'm in nursing and just moved back to the town I went to school in. There is a small market here where I worked in the delicatessen department making prepared foods during that time and it's going through renovations. They are desperate for workers and the assistant manager, who was really terrible to me in the past and I honestly can't stand is now the ful manager. When I go shopping for the convenience of it because the location is 1/4 mile from my new apartment, she will stalk me around the store and tell me she "needs me to come back to work, even if it's just for a few hours a week." I have explained to this batshit bint that I am already employed and I'm focused on my CAREER.

…I'm currently working 50-60+ hours including overnights and studying/taking classes to further my career and I find it very irritating that I'm being harassed while I'm shopping. I feel so uncomfortable that I prefer to go further out out of the way and waste more time from my already full day just so I don't have to deal with it and it's getting to the point where every minute of every day COUNTS because I'm lucky if I get one full day off to even focus on anything I enjoy and I'm about ready to go in there and embarrass her because she was awful to me when I worked there and now she's being awful to me trying to get me to "come back."

I am ready to go in there and put my foot down and tell her no once and for all but I'm scared that if I do and ever need to grab something from the deli I'm going to get treated like garbage and maybe have my food spat in. I have never been very good at standing up for myself, how do I handle this without making the situation worse?

No. 1385610

No way in hell that a person like her is well-liked. Very, very few people would spit in customers food, and even fewer would do so on the behalf of their boss even if their boss was Jesus reincarnate.

Telling her to fuck off isn't going to be easy. Be polite enough but firm and straightforward. Say that you're busy and that you don't have time to talk and that you have no intention of working retail ever again. Don't make it personal, even if it is.
If she still harasses you while you're shopping, speak to corporate about it before confronting her more firmly, directly telling her that you want to shop in peace and quiet. If she tries to retaliate by getting you banned from the store or some shit (who knows, given how crazy she seems already) you'd have gotten your side of the story in first.

No. 1385734

File: 1666690973356.jpg (72.44 KB, 800x533, Girl_with_laptop_japan.jpg)

Any software testers here? How does a day look like for you? What coding languages do you need to know?

No. 1385740

I'd be particularly interested in anons who are originally from a different background but trained themselves

No. 1385821

File: 1666705331981.jpg (43.13 KB, 400x533, e0afeae62c6245af0b4eb81e3649e7…)

pic not really rel, i'm going all out looking for a job, wish me luck nonas.
i'm trying to keep my head up even if not having a job is doing numbers on my anxiety; it's terrifying and really motivating.

No. 1385875

she's so cool i want to be her

No. 1385884

Does any nonnie work from home? I want to work from home to care for my spouse but my current job isn't willing to be flexible and let me work day shifts. How did you get said remote job?

No. 1385969

I'm also interested in this. I just interviewed for my first full time job as a developer using java and SQL… I would be curious to see what it's like.
(Also, speaking of my interview, I made it to round two it seems, but I was so nervous the whole time I must have made a thousand mistakes. I had to write code in front of the interviewer. Which was expected but nerve-racking.)

No. 1385996

deadpan tone, tell her thanks for appreciating your work ethic but you make $x/hr as a nurse now and it's a 60+hr/week job with unpredictable shift times plus youre studying x-number of hours a week and you have absolutely no time or need for any type of additional work. if you want to be subtly mean you can ham up the fact that you're devoting all your extra time studying & bettering yourself for your patients which are your number one priority now and then you can ask her what her plans are when she's done working at the deli?

No. 1385998

Also, which would be a better fit for someone with no programmer background, software tester or UX designer?
Congrats on round 2, nonna! And yeah, I imagine showcasing your skills in front of strangers must be really anxiety-inducing

No. 1386047

I like my job but we're moving to a hybrid model in a couple months because a bunch of bigwigs said we can't collaborate over zoom like we can in person. What's funny is my team is all over the country so we're just going to be zooming from the closest office anyway. I was hired as officially remote and I technically finish all my work in like 3-4 hours so this really sucks.

No. 1386100

I should have called out today, I've been coughing so much all day my throat hurts now. It always gets worse when I'm in the office, in staying home tomorrow

No. 1386209

I program for a living. My only experience with this is an internship doing QA automation, and I graduated with a degree in CS, but nobody else has responded so I'm going to put in my two cents.
>which would be a better fit for someone with no programmer background, software tester or UX designer?
Hm, this is a tough question. I think that person would be more likely to enjoy UX design and be more likely to be "qualified" (on paper) for entry-level jobs in UX design, but it's probably much easier to break into QA.
A quick comparison:
Neither QA nor UX design require you to know how to code.
However, your upward mobility + pay as a QA person / manual tester will be really limited if you don't learn to code.
UX design is hard to break into because you're competing with every psych major that doesn't want to do more school to become a licensed therapist. It's also more creative, which people value for obvious reasons.
QA is really unglamorous. QA automation bored me to tears, and it was still much more engaging than the little bit of manual testing that I did. I don't have this problem with the coding I currently do for a living.
Places that still have software QA departments are disproportionately boomer-ass companies with software that's lagging behind in innovation. So if you do code, expect stuff like Java and SQL, even if python would be a better fit for the task.
Places with UX designers will tend to be more "hip" and likely to offer fun tech perks like free food or beer on tap or whatever. You also are less likely to have to learn to code, as you'd probably only really need it if you worked at a pretty small company and were also doing UI design.

>a day in the life

As a QA automation intern, my day was
>go to standup for like a fucking hour
>work on my assignment, which was usually writing code to implement really trivial test cases that seemed more intended to piss off future devs than ensure that things are working.
>if manual testing, follow some really rite steps to document any errors. This was easy and fine when the programs weren't very buggy, but dong this with software that was fucked was agonizing because you sort of become blind to the errors when every action breaks three things.
>file individual bug reports in a shit tier program that is itself buggy as fuck. Question why your company doesn't just use the ticket system that they pay for.
>ask assigned buddy for some help with writing a test for something new. you show him a prettyprint() function, which blows his little business major mind. Despite lacking basic knowledge, he is one of the most competent ICs on the team.
>attend some random meetings every once in a while. Be unsure what the purpose of them is.
>Finish writing automated tests. Get people to review them, and they disinterestedly check off your work. Even they don't care what they're doing.
>sign off for the day, ready to work on a new set of test cases tomorrow morning.

This is a little dramatic, but I personally did not like that job lmao. If you think you'd enjoy doing rote stuff day in and day out while zoning out and listening to music, it could definitely be comfy. But as an intern, I wasn't there long enough to feel really comfortable with the work, so it both was boring and difficult enough that I had to focus on it.

To get the best feel for what jobs will require, you should look at some entry-level job listings in your area and areas you'd consider working in.

No. 1388015

I have learning disabilities, no driver license, no degree, no work experience, no work to begin with in my horrible area (village next to other villages), I can't get or keep any job to begin with, but I'm looking for a remote job so I can actually move out and live in a place that actually has a supermarket etc since I can't drive, and I'm sick of being miserable (nearing 30 and it sucks at my parents house) but the only thing simple enough is data entry and there are no jobs for that anymore apparently. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Being an online sex worker isn't for me, even if I wanted to do it I have too many physical issues for it anyway and mentally it's definitely not for me either. Can't do customer service either because I have speech issues (constant lisp and whistle) and get panic attacks when I have to talk to people.

No. 1388018

What about customer support job where you'd be supposed to just reply to people in writing?

No. 1388025

I applied for a specifically text only job through an unemployment agency, and they told me they rejected me because I didn't want to do phone calls as well.. so it seems like they still want you to be able to do everything, I'm guessing as a back up or something

No. 1388028

Is going back to school to get education an option? A work and learn trajectory perhaps so you can earn money and sustain yourself while getting education?

No. 1388032

Hey Nona, I say this with kindness but if you have no marketable skills, you need to take whatever you can for at least a year, so you have something for your resume. No one is going to want to hire someone that doesn't have a degree, or work experience and is not well rounded in the work environment. Still look for at home jobs, but just lie and say you're willing to answer phones or whatever. Most of the time you're just reading off a script anyway so if you have phone anxiety there's not that much thinking involved. Even if it isn't scripted they'll probably train you on how they expect you to take calls.

Kek, I ended up calling out yesterday and I tried to go in today and leave early but my boss told me to stay home. I'm relieved because I still feel like shit but damn that's going to hurt my paycheck.

No. 1388042

Hi anon, I am currently a CS student but also working in QA. My experience with QA is similar to yours and I am not really happy with my job. Did you change jobs to a developer? If so, how was your experience? I am afraid I am going to be stuck in QA hell.

No. 1388043

You can try searching by yourself and apply to companies directly, not through uneployment agency maybe? I know in game industry support is done always through text only, would imagine it could be similar in other places, if maybe any nonna have other industry experience and could advise here ?

No. 1388054

I'm not sure I could hide my panic attacks since I will literally be unable to speak, and also very possibly will start crying. I can't even get any job because nobody wants to hire me or keep me because of all my flaws, the only real job I managed to get was putting stickers on boxes and I loved that job, but after a few warnings they also fired me for doing so poorly. besides that everyone just rejects me because I have nothing to bring besides difficulties.. there aren't any jobs in these villages where I live, and in the city they reject me and won't even invite me to an interview because they consider my commute way too long, and I'm an expensive adult with no degree or experience. one time I had an internship at a supermarket and even there I only caused problems because I was just so horrible at everything and couldn't even improve due to my issues.

No. 1388056

File: 1666870053040.jpg (93.74 KB, 1080x1230, xybh2rcykzf51.jpg)

>have lost my job due to automation
>can't study anything since I am constantly worrying that whatever I am studying will get automated and I am just wasting my time

No. 1388067

that pic reminds me of that time when I was working in retail part time while studying, and a fulltime coworker yelled at a customer who said that to a girl who studied law. He was so pissed off, I'm shocked he didn't insult her.

No. 1388071

By the way, is it even realistic to apply for a job that involves calling when you have a lot of speech issues? Besides constantly lisping and whistling, I also stutter, and am very monotone and slow. I'm willing to try it even if it ends up a traumatizing experience because at least then I can say that I tried, but should I even bother? is there a chance at all I can do a job like that?

No. 1388076

What about chat-based customer service? You know when you go on a webshop or whatever and an employee (not a bot) live chats with you if you have questions. Not sure how plenty they are, but those jobs do exist, I've applied for them myself before.

Also you've got one thing going for you: worker shortages in a lot of places in the West, so you should try to apply even if you think your chances are low. They might be more desperate to take just anyone than you think.

No. 1388174

I'm looking for that but they all say that you should also do phone calls when it's busy, and many of them require you to work at the office partially and are hours away (they will most definitely reject me again for being unable to drive and having a huge commute)

No. 1389214

I’ve been in social work for 5 years now and think it’s not fitting for me. I do my job well and I can remember things like laws and exact amount of benefits out of my memory, but the clients are draining all my energy and the pay is very low. It’s hard to be professional when you’re trying to help an entitled scrote who has fucked up his life by himself but thinks he’s the victim all the time. I’m already used to the threat of violence and my resilience levels are high when it comes to difficult cases but sometimes I’m jealous when my better paid friends complain over minor things in their jobs.

No. 1389741

I ended up getting an offer straight out of college as an SWE at a very large tech company. If you're early in your career I don't think doing QA rn is an issue, really. Just make sure you can otherwise demo that you can write real code in an interview. That being said, you won't be quite as attractive as other candidates, but still much more than those with 0 experience.

No. 1390068

Have a coworker whose family is rich and she only works because her parents want her to prove her “work ethic.” She’s the absolute worst. Sucks ass at her job and asks people to cover for her all the time last minute. She white knuckles it until her PTO accrues and she can take a random day or two off. She’s also a zoomer who uses a stupid themby name. Her SIL is also a coworker, married to her rich brother. Also doesn’t have to work, so of course she doesn’t care and also sucks ass at her job. This is legit the easiest and best paying job I’ve ever had, but they act like it’s torture. I wish they would just quit already. They’re both lazy af and nobody likes them

No. 1390108

Why dont you look into how you can work with women or children only?

No. 1390114

File: 1666994028025.gif (592.31 KB, 275x155, 1665868699246.gif)

Nonnies I need some tough love and advice about my situation.

I have been selling stuff online - I made 6000$ in the first months of casually selling which I guess isn't too bad - and I really like it. I've been thinking maybe learning much more about how to spot items, reconditioning stuff, etc., but the ol' "what if this is dumb?" roadblock because I really haven't ever put my all into something before - dumb fanfics aside when I was 12 - and I'm starting to get doubts.
I am, well…socially disabled. I am a diagnosed autistic, have jaw issues that make it physically hard to speak, and I am a mess and I'm very much afraid of ending up homeless in a few years. I've gotten into the habit of investing 100$ a week in safe investments out of abject fear, too. I don't know if I should kick my ass and just try getting the worst real job I can, even if I really do enjoy selling. The other day I found a 200$ book and sold it for a massive profit and it was, idk…satisfying.

No. 1391096

Why force yourself to get a shit job? You're good at selling things, you enjoy it, you make money, so focus on that instead. Awful soul-sucking minimum wage jobs will always be there if you ever need a different source of income, it's not like you're losing your only chance to work at Burger King if you don't apply right now.

No. 1391770

yep. if the selling gets dry or something you can probably find an entry level job to pay rent especially since you're smart about putting money aside. no need to panic when things are going well. maybe try giving yourself a (loose) schedule so it feels more like a real job and you can chill out. no1curr but i'm job hunting rn and i forbid myself from doing anything related to that past 8PM which has really helped feel like i'm actually doing something with my days

No. 1391824

I'm a few months away from graduating with a degree in computer science and just starting to work on my portfolio making stuff and uploading to github, is the job market really as bad as they say for new cs graduates?

No. 1394237

I'm fucking seething, the employees that got hired on to have flexible schedules suddenly don't want to work. I used to be one of those employees and I sucked it up whenever I would get a schedule that was completely different than the last. Why are you even working as someone with a flexible schedule if 5 minutes into your shift you have to tell me "Erm, this isn't going to work out. I have college work to do." Fucker doesn't even show up with his supposed work and is eating powdered donuts and watching sports highlights the entire time.

No. 1394256

I don't know if I can handle this job. Being blamed for being behind when they have two people running a four man at -least- department on a buy day. I am a creative at heart with a great attention to detail and problem solving, I am not built for being berated for doing the impossible at a place that seems to purposefully understaff.

No. 1394337

>why are you working with a flexible schedule
They probably have no choice if they want to have a job? It's super tough to find a job as a student that doesn't require you to be "flexible". I'm not excusing wathing sports on the job but the demand to be ~flexible~ from employers is almost always an excuse to exploit employees.

No. 1394495

I had the position they have until a few months ago. You can absolutely deny going to a site last minute or just don't pick up the phone if you're busy or whatever. Also when getting interviewed, they ask when in the day/night you are more comfortable working and they tell us we might have to work 16 hours at a time, I did that like 4 times. This guy got upset being here because he has to get up every 10-40 minutes to look at someone's drivers license and write down numbers instead of being able to just glance at camera footage for $25 an hour.

No. 1394694

i’ve just moved to a new city to find a graduate job and i’m okay for the moment because i have substantial savings but i was wondering how long i should wait until i apply for a casual retail/cafe job. i’m not sure how long it will take me to find a job in my field but i also don’t want to start at a cafe and get all trained up only to leave like a few weeks later.

No. 1395606

I'm having a dilemma at work. I recently got promoted to a position where I oversee a group of people. There's one scrote who's absolute awful, difficult to work with, and is genuinely terrible at his job. He's been in trouble before for his behavior and was even put on work probation. My supervisor would have fired him long ago but corporate is afraid to let him go because he's gay/claims to be a troon (he's not, just wants attention) so they're worried he'll sue for discrimination. He's also not white so he tries to pull the race card too (which is stupid because most of my co workers are poc, as am I. There's other non-straight people too.).

Anyway, this week he's been calling out sick. He's a known liar and is always claiming to be in the hospital, but since no one can 100% prove he's bullshiting he gets away with it. It was pretty obvious he was faking when he called me but I let it go. But this time I stumbled upon concrete proof he was lying. The same time he was suppose to be "throwing up, laying in bed because he couldn't breathe" he was literally on social media posting about how he was driving to another state for vacation. This morning he said he was in the hospital but there are time stamped/geo tagged posts about him being currently at some resort.

Now I don't like snitching and won't pretend like I've never lied to get out of work. But this guy sucks and I have proof he was breaking company policy. If I tell, it might serve as ammunition to get him fired, especially if he tries to provide a fake doctor's note. But it feels slimey to tell and it might not even be enough to actually do anything, so I could just end up looking like a fool.

Either way I probably won't say anything until I feel like there's no way he can deny my claims (which means waiting a little longer for more evidence) but I'm tempted to tell my supervisor to see what he'll say.

What do think nonnies? Snitch or keep my mouth shut?

No. 1395616

Absolutely snitch sooner or later, if he gets fired it'll make your worklife easier and from the sounds of it the company is on your side.

No. 1395679

I would snitch, but somehow make sure that you won't get into trouble for looking at his social media at work. Are you on good terms with your supervisor? Maybe just initiate a chat with him and mention this to him in passing. Somehow make it sound like you're not telling on your coworker to get him fired or make him look bad, but as if you were just presenting this information of him lying about his whereabouts as something that you came across and surprised you

No. 1395741

Thank you for the input! My supervisor and I are on good terms and have great rapport. I think you're right, I should present the information in a more subdued way instead of coming in hot. I'm gonna wait until the guy returns to see how deep the lies go then I'll start the snitching process. It's for the best.

Can't wait to see the look on that dunbass's face when he finds out he's caught. He's always so smug because he thinks we're all dumb enough to believe his lies when in reality people at work don't have the energy to confront him. Well now he's gonna know I'm not stupid so he can't fuck with me kek. Thanks again nonnies!!

No. 1395914

Why do all the old employees act like they're sick and call off and it turns out they have just been doing interviews and accepted to new positions. Old people stop using your health as an excuse challenge and just be upfront you're looking for another job instead of quitting on the spot.

No. 1396676

I gave up on work. I do the bare minimum, too fucking bad if we don't achieve our goals and don't get a bonus from our client. I'm getting surgery in less than a month, was told to do more things than planned all the time so I'm late in my work, I better not be pressured into overworking to compensate for the time I wasted doing more shit than planned. I hope I'll be on sick leave for several weeks just to not work.

No. 1396687

why the fuck did nobody tell us about getting quiet fired

No. 1396722

Because companies will fire you before you can find a new job if you tell them. Because corporations are goons. Lack of respect leads to lack of respect, culture of the company etc.

No. 1396868

depression has completely fucked me up because I now have a rock bottom I know I can hit and it makes me not gaf about anything

I'm resigning from my job and am barely doing anything, not even coasting, just slacking off and waiting for my final day to come…it's a shitty company with shitty people and shitty pay, and I should at least make some effort but I just want to drop everything and ignore my inbox

please update us!

it's the only way to have energy for actual life, right?

No. 1397061

>act like they're sick and call off and it turns out they have just been doing interviews
…isn't that what every jobseeker who already has a job does though, regardless of age?

No. 1397278

I'm depressed nonnies. I finished my medical coding program last year and I just failed the CPC exam for the second time. I failed by 3 points! I'm so depressed. I know I can do this, I just want it now. The test is $325 so I can't take it again anytime soon. I thought I'd be in a different place right now, but I have no career and I'm in limbo. I've just been doordashing, being too poor to exist. I might try to temp at a healthcare place or something. Before all this I worked as a counselor and case manager in mental health but got burnt out.

No. 1397372

Everyone does this. Shut up. Most people use all their vacation days, then immediately put in their two weeks or don't come back at all.

No. 1397463

I’m a full time college student who started working a second part-time job last month because I thought I could handle it. I mean, I (barely) had the extra free time, and I basically need the money. I told my now-boss that handling the work load shouldn’t be an issue.

I feel guilty now, because for the sake of my mental health, I really want to quit soon. I didn’t realize that there really is such a thing as working too hard. I never ever have a day to myself anymore. I would’ve gone insane if I had to work this weekend, but my car got a flat tire and had to be towed, which gives me an excuse not to go to work.

Again, I feel guilty and like the person anon is describing here >>1394237 but I’ll be transferring to one of the best universities in my country next semester and know I won’t be able to handle a tougher school work load plus working my entire weekend away.

Does anyone have any tips for my situation? Do I just accept being a disappointment, take the L, and move on?

No. 1397692

File: 1667534354776.jpg (572.59 KB, 1076x1080, Screenshot_20221013-133642_Fir…)

I bet you get it next time, anon! I've had to retake licensure tests for my job and I know how bad it feels. It sucks how expensive they are, too. Anyway, I believe in you.

No. 1397730

Don't feel guilty about quitting. Your workplace wouldn't feel guilty about firing you if they needed the extra cash. Don't ever sacrifice for a company you don't own.

No. 1398034

I had an interview a couple days ago for an admin position at a tech company, and have since been contacted asking if I would be interested in an entry level technician role instead. The thing is that I have no formal technical training or experience, I'm just a hobbyist. I recorded the call and played it back to transcribe so I could read it, and it doesn't seem like a misunderstanding, the man I interviewed with apparently said he 'saw something in me' and 'felt hiring me just for an admin role would be doing me a disservice' and that he 'saw a future for me in tech.'

I was initially extremely suspicious and feeling like it has to be a mistake, but the more I read about it, it seems like I've been thrown a lifeline and a shot to have an actual career. I'm 27 and have no education and only three years of semi-retail job experience, so even getting a comfy admin job I thought would be a stretch. My intention was always to schmooze my way into an organisation by sounding smart and professional and after a few years convince them that I would be better suited to a technical role. But to be just handed it on a silver platter? I'm just worried that it seems too good to be true, and that I'm going to show up and be utterly humiliated, or not be able to keep up.

I'm going in on Monday to speak with the company again to have them tell me about the role they're offering. The more I think about it, the more excited I am. I'm just still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

No. 1398109

I've been thinking about going to college, but i am not 100% sure. Its free here so even if i drop out is not a huuuge monetary loss, however i am not sure if its right for me. Can you blackpill me about college so i know if i am sure?
I just want a stable job to focus on doing art as a hobby, making commissions was the worst mistake in my life, and AI killed my motivation as an artist.

No. 1398120

Your mental health is worth more than whatever they're paying you. You don't owe an employer anything. You work, they give you money for the work, that's it. If it's not working for you don't feel ashamed to walk away or say it's too much. It's better to do it when you're still in control, instead of life doing it for you later down the line.

No. 1398126

I recently had to leave my job because it was killing my mental health and forced me into a sheer mental breakdown that I'm seeking professional help from. I'm currently in another job but completely unsocial hours that leave me doing 22-23hour stints awake while looking for literally any other job I can get my hands on.
I'm a foreign student so my options are already so slim and if I can't find a new job to pay bills I'll get kicked out of uni and deported which is doing wonders for my already crumbling mental health!
I just want a job that doesn't take 2hrs to commute to and I don't have to stay awake all day for because of the absolute insane shift patterns but the job market is so shit right now, I've gotten rejected for a job cleaning toilets on a train ffs.

No. 1398194

Some time ago I got rejected in a hiring process, recently I saw that portfolio of a person that got the job, and it was noticeably weaker than mine; and then I saw it's a MtF. There are valid reasons for which a company could chose to hire a less qualified candidate but I can't help but wonder if the company just wanted to have their token genderspecial, then it kinda makes me feel like males complaining about companies hiring women "for diversity quota" which is rarely true and I don't want to be that kind of person … but still, I wonder why.

No. 1398237

File: 1667589225611.jpg (380.46 KB, 850x1202, sample_769405ef624d62a97f12181…)

I just got directed to an application to be a manager. My life was going so fucking terrible, I used to want to commit suicide by the time I was 18. My father died last year, I never got in a relationship and got bullied heavily my entire life, both online and physically. I made it. I constantly got told that as a woman, ever since I was a little girl, I was meant to only have kids, etc. I fucking made it. I just invested to my financial advisors a few days ago. I'm so fucking excited.

No. 1398239

It’s hard work, but the amount depends on your major and your previous knowledge and skills. You can do it though, I started a STEM major in college at 26 while having no previous studies in math etc since I though I would become an artist ehen I was younger. It’s been hard as shit but if I have managed then so can you. And if you pick a major closer to what you already know it’s much easier.

No. 1398241

If its free then you my friend have the privilege that many others wish you had that being said college is not a fun social club. Do not worry about "fitting in". Majority of your connections should only be people who can help you start your career in your field of study and with any class work/projects. Not saying you can't have fun just don't get caught up in the party crowd. If you ever feel excluded or out of place socially just remember that its building of full grown adults probably trying to act like the cool kids from highschool and you just need to push your way through into some circles thay will benefit your future. You could work a trades job or sell your soul to produce coomer art on the side for the financial stability but maybe studying for 4-6 yrs with internships inbetween, SWF commissions for extra cash, and some job interviews your junior and senior yr in college would be healthier.

No. 1398242

ALSO if you feel like a certain major is not for you colleges are usually pretty flexible about changing it, or give you more time to get your shit together and finish your studies, at least where I’m from (where college/uni is free too).

No. 1398244

It probably was a diversity hire. No company would willingly hire someone who obviously has major mental health/disorder issues that could disrupt the culture of the company with high potential to cause problems.

No. 1398249

File: 1667590099447.gif (381.8 KB, 500x273, sadpanda.gif)

Two long time supervisors got fired TODAY. They were gone for a while and suddenly HR sent an email over saying they were no longer with the company. I'm in awe. I was trained by one of them for 4 months. This might be a sign to keep my eyes and ears out for other jobs. It's becoming exhausting here. I have before my birthday at the end of this month to make a final decision.

No. 1398250

NTA but 100 percent this. Sticking around and thinking it will get better will not happen.

No. 1398252

being positive has immensely helped my career. nonas, if you have a job you like please try to come off as positive. i've noticed that very few at my workplace are positive and people seem quite affected by my positive attitude. i am an optimist by nature and practice toxic positivity as a coping mechanism kek so it comes easy to me, but i can't recommend this tactic enough. it's hard if you hate your job, but if you enjoy your job and want to go further try to come off as someone who it's pleasant to be around.

No. 1398261

Thanks nonny, i am glad you are doing fine. What did you study? I was thinking about something STEM related but the cons outweight the pros right now.
Thanks one of reasons i though about college was because i am tired of trying to be how my mom wants me to be(extroverted) and i spend most of my time learning skills through youtube.
>You could work a trades job or sell your soul to produce coomer art on the side for the financial stability but maybe studying for 4-6 yrs with internships inbetween, SWF commissions for extra cash, and some job interviews your junior and senior yr in college would be healthier.
Commissions were so fucking soul crushing i would rather die than go back kek

No. 1398270

Being positive immensely useful in the long run then being negative. See video that encapsulate my view on it. Along with Betari's box which is when my behaviour and attitude towards my co-worker influences her behaviour and attitude towards me which would then influence me.

No. 1398271

Your boss isn't a charity case anon, don't forget that s/he is in it for bussiness too. You don't owe your boss more than what's written in your contract.

No. 1398278

I started college in energy production and environment engineering but I switched to biochemistry after about a year. I’m really enjoying my current major, even if I want to cry while doing physics and chemistry a lot lol.

And about the socializing: I’m kind of a sperg but I’ve managed to find friends, my class is really nice and I’ve even partied a bit. Don’t feel pressured though, but do take advantage of meeting new people if you feel like it. But no one thinks anything about it if you prefer to keep to yourself, that’s fine too!

No. 1398286

At my job an employee who left and returned is one of those coworkers that complains constantly. Even if it’s not to be mean the change in energy from the negativity is obvious.

No. 1398288

Sounds super fun! I was thinking about law, i might be too retarded for it but i wanna give it a try

No. 1398292

I believe in you nonny!!

No. 1398465

Don't know if you're still here but holy hell girl pull yourself together. The (and I mean this with kindness) victim complex in you is insane. The other anon is right, you have 0 skills that make you an asset and you have to make consessions to get a job. I'm telling you this as a (previously) mostly nonverbal autistic with agoraphobia. You need to get over this "uwu I'm just a human disaster" mindset and take the time to push outside of your comfort zone. The only job I could get with no experience or degree where i live was call center and i maybe speak 10 words a month. Yeah the first few days were terrifying, but after a week I was doing fine. You're not literally retarded, you're just too scared of the shame and guilt that comes with being bad at stuff and that anxiety keeps you from focusing on growing your expertise at all.

You're going into it basically setting yourself up to have panic attacks because you're thinking you'll be awful. Who cares? If they hire you, they're expecting you to need to learn. Focusing on failing is retarded, just go in and try to learn and see how it goes.

I was not the best employee in the call center given my limitations but I went from basically not talking at all to being able to hold down that job for a year because I focused and didn't infantilize myself or assume I'm somehow just too retarded to succeed. You can do it, but not until you focus yourself enough to quell the anxiety that comes with presumption of inevitable failure.

No. 1398481

>Yeah the first few days were terrifying, but after a week I was doing fine.
Samefagging to clarify. By normie standards, I wasn't doing great but I was doing better than I ever thought I would and I never got fired even if I wasn't the highest performer. And it helped me get more comfortable with talking in general and helped my non-existent conversational skills, too. It helps to approach it hoping to grow from it, too. Good luck, nonnie.

No. 1398556

I keep getting fired, I've been fired 4 times. I'm an autistic retard who hates taking orders. I'm fine with INSTRUCTIONS but if some manager comes at me like "nooooo you're doing it all wrong" or "you're doing it the wrong way" (even though results are exactly the same) something inside me spazzes and spergs and I won't do it at all. They can keep firing me but I will keep finding new jobs. There will always be new jobs. I work min wage anyway so who cares? One day I will find that one cuck manager who lets me do things my way.

No. 1398565

NTAYRT but thank you for sharing, I needed to hear this. I've been tough on myself for not meeting my career/life goals at all, but it's turned into a victim complex/"why bother" mentality.

No. 1398585

>boss coming to visit the office
>we’re suppose to go to a restaurant for for lunch
>i go to the washroom and everyone leaves without me
>i get a ride with a non office coworker cuz she was told to go and came to the office
>everyone says they didn’t know where I was and didn’t even bother sending me a message or text
I’m feeling suicidal and really depressed. I’ve been crying and sobbing for 24 hours. I’ve been treated like dirt throughout my life and have a lot of trauma when it comes to being hated and feeling unimportant. Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

No. 1398590

Have you tried looking at jobs where you can self manage? Security comes to mind, and the certification for them are piss easy. You are usually on your own or with one other person, they give you a firearm or a self defense weapon and you just patrol grounds or watch monitors all night (which are the best security jobs since you can watch Netflix all night and you get 12+/hr just sitting on your ass all night. It's a great job to study for the work you want to do, if you just use it as a transition job too I highly recommend.

No. 1398597

File: 1667612919693.jpg (44.13 KB, 567x740, D4psQoDUUAA6YcJ.jpg)

I'm sorry nonnie. I've had the happen once and it's tilting. It makes you feel invisible. It's okay, sometimes I have to remind myself that it's not out of malice. Sometimes people are egocentric. If it wasn't you it would have been another quiet employee. Keep heart.

No. 1398606

I'm sorry for that, thst seems so sad to be left out.

No. 1398612

File: 1667614871110.jpeg (23.66 KB, 720x633, ohno.jpeg)

I'm so sorry that happened. I'm sure they didn't mean anything by it?

No. 1398618

It’s especially hurtful because I’m not quiet, i talk to everyone and my coworkers knew I was looking forward to the lunch. If it was my other coworker (who is the same age as me), everyone would be scrambling to look for her, they would call/text her or wait for her to return.
I don’t know what I did to deserve this.. all they say is we couldn’t find you on repeat and play ignorance.
I’m thinking of going to hr to tell them that it upset me but I truly think they won’t give a fuck and all my coworkers will think I’m an asshole for saying something.

No. 1398619

nonny I’d like to offer you a job as my life coach , this was very motivational

I’m so sorry that happened to you, that sounds really painful. Don’t do suicide because of your aloof coworkers. I know how it is to feel alienated and alone in the office. Your worth isn’t contingent on whether the other cubicle people appreciate you.

No. 1398662

I wouldn’t go to HR tbh, but your coworkers sound like a shady lot

No. 1398667

It's a hard lesson to learn but coworkers are not your friends. I learned this early on and actually have a detached and healthy work ethic because of it. Do I push people away? No. And if a friendship happens naturally I'm fine with it. But I know that if I didn't have work they wouldn't seek me out, so try to not let it get to you. They're ridiculous.

No. 1398681

Would it be possible to find another job? It's going to be unbearable for you now that you know their true nature. I'm so sorry, anon. Fuck them.

No. 1398986

I'm seeking employment for the first time as a ex-neet, I want to work on retail specifically so… how do you go about it? Should I literally go ask any store and print a bunch of curriculums? Sorry for my retardation I've never done this and I've nobody to guide me

No. 1399011

Download an app like indeed, catho, maybe LinkedIn, any job hunting app like that. Then you either send a pdf of your resumee or you enter it on the site and send it everyday. That's how I got out of neetdom into retail, so I can assure you its effectiveness. Some places don't even accept printed out CVs anymore

No. 1399021

I'm sorry nonna, but as the other anon said, let this be a hurtful reminder that coworkers are not your friends. I know it's hard but try not to take it personally

No. 1399030

First, build a good CV, you can find good templates online. If you have big gaps where you were unemployed, make up something like you were taking care of an ill relative or you were freelancing or something. Then register on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed and start applying for jobs. Apply to at least 10 places a day and don't be disappointed if they don't answer you at all or send you a generic 'thank you for your application but…' email. In my experience, recruiters get back to you in 3-7 days on average.
Tip for the CV: try and tailor your CV to each position you apply to. Use similar vocabulary to what they wrote in the job ad. If you don't have job experience at all, have your CV start with your education and your skills

No. 1399054

When I was a teen and student I worked various retail jobs and I got them by straight up asking irl if they needed people. If that's too direct for you, filling out forms on job offer websites/apps works too but you risk getting lost in someone's inbox without any reply. Directly asking is pretty effective. I don't know if this is a thing everywhere but where I am it's also pretty common for retail stores to put up ads in their windows. Don't worry about your CV too much, retail is easy to get into.

No. 1399845

It doesn't sound like they did it maliciously. I wouldn't dwell on it.

This is good advice.

No. 1400914

File: 1667797135949.png (188.33 KB, 300x293, neat.PNG)

just applied for a health services traineeship after not finishing my last yr of hs (due to mental illness) and being in neetdom for a couple of yrs afterwards. wish me luck, nonnas. i highly doubt i'll get the position, but i think it was a big, positive step for me regardless; it's my first job application i've ever sent. i plan to study normally if i dont get the position, which is highly likely.

No. 1400952


No. 1401185

How do I deal with a boss who is complaining about my internet usage?

Recently I had my first performance review with my boss. She seemed perfectly fine with my work and didn't seem to have any complaints about my deliverables or productivity.

However, later, she sent me an email complaining that my coworkers have seen me browsing off-work sites and that it looks "unprofessional". She also said if I feel bored, I need to reach out to her for more challenging work.

As far as I can tell, my boss doesn't have any issues with my productivity. I have the feeling that if I was working incredibly slow for 40 hours a week but "trying my best" then she wouldn't care. (I understand that my assumption might not be true and she does think I am not productive enough)

I'm annoyed because my boss isn't seeing my internet use for the most part. Somehow my coworkers are looking into what I do on my computer and snitching.

I'm not sure if anyone has any advice around this? I guess my only ideas are I need to be sneakier.

No. 1401203

Stop visiting personal sites on your work computer

No. 1401204

If it really was your coworkers that snitched on you then they are assholes. But at most places, they also monitor work devices so maybe she could see your Internet usage after all
>I guess my only ideas are I need to be sneakier
Yeah, that would be my idea as well. Use only your phone for browsing and maybe cover it with something, a notebook or a folder or a batch of printouts or something so your coworkers don't notice it

No. 1401209

What do you do when you are finished with your work?
Maybe my boss was lying but she specifically told me that my coworkers had complained about me.

I feel like using my phone would be even less sneaky. Like wouldn’t they obviously see Im not working?

No. 1401230

nta but I'm posting this from my work computer at work. I love using lolcow at work and to the guy in the monitoring room, ily especially

No. 1401243

I got let go a few weeks ago and my new job is a -25,000$ pay cut with no health insurance

I know I should be grateful bc I found a new job quick but this is awful. And I live in a high COL area. Is this a bad time to search and will I have more luck in January or am I just fucked?

No. 1401261

I never browse the internet on a work computer, I just use my phone.the IT department is probably snitching on you I guess kek.

No. 1401274

Do you not get bitched at for being on your phone? Maybe the IT department is snitching but my boss bought up my coworkers for some reason. My IT department is literally one person so idk why she would care but I guess she does

No. 1401343

Replying too late to be useful, but keep us updated! I'm very curious to see if they're actually offering you an opportunity to start a career, or if they are doing a bait and switch.

No. 1401746

What does "presentable appearance" actually mean?

Also want to get some reassurance, nonnies, please. I've been jobless for a while, and when I was looking for a job before I picked something more or less simple, because I was afraid I wasn't qualified enough for jobs that might be more challenging but also more rewarding. I tend to question my abilities and overthink requirements for a job. I do suspect that they're not as strict as I imagine, and yet it's still not easy to overcome these doubts. I know I have heightened expectations for myself and I'm afraid people will think I'm incompetent but I don't really know how to fight it. Guess I just have to apply despite the fears and see what happens next, and try to hide my low self-esteem and self-doubt as best as I can. But still, maybe someone here has something reassuring to say? kek Like a story where the requirements seemed pretty serious but turned out to be relatively light, something like that.

No. 1401804

File: 1667862182390.jpg (22.49 KB, 462x460, 1639160400601.jpg)

Any other big tech nonnies dealing with a tension headache right now?

No. 1401824

My company is downsizing and there's a strong chance I'm on the chopping block, even though I've worked this job for years. I'll find out but the end of this month but man, I've been wanting to change up my career for a long time and this feels like a sign. I just don't know how to take the plunge. Does anyone here work or know someone who works any kind of herbalism or horticulture job? Pls no bully but plants are the only thing that makes me happy and I'm tired of being stuck in big tech hell.

No. 1401835

Am not big tech but I spend +8 a day staring at the doom box. I got blue light glasses and when I remember to use them the strain on my eyes feels lifted. making me nervous to eventually transition into stem from my office job TBH, I'm already getting the headaches

>What does "presentable appearance" actually mean?

For me it means clean hair styles neatly in a bun or ponytail. If it's loose it's because my hair has been recently straightened (I'm black with an Afro. I love it but I understand employers are assholes and view it as unprofessional unfortunately). If you have clear skin, you just wear a little mascara and a natural lip tint/lipgloss. If you have acne put on concealer and some powder. Clothes should be sleek and clean, most likely in black or navy blue. Usually I'll wear a blouse, slacks and a blazer with some flats (if I'm fancy heels). No jeans (you can maybe get away with black jeans if they're clean and you wear a blouse tucked in with a decent/not old looking belt and some solid flats/low heels).

Hope this helps. As a reference I'd google business casual. It's what most interviewers will expect you to show up in. If you feel overdressed you're doing good and you'll stand out positively.

No. 1401837

samefag, but my current job is my first big girl job after years of min wage/part time office jobs. I thought I was asking for too much money without proper qualifications. But I'm a few months in and I see my issue is opposite. I may be a little overqualified and underpaid kek. Don't be afraid to ask for more money Nona. Also, random, but are you training yourself to be able to sleep and wake up for the 9-5/ whatever hours your job would be? It's really hell trying to adjust to a new schedule. I'm barely in the flow now.

No. 1401848

>Am not big tech but I spend +8 a day staring at the doom box.
My bad, I was talking about the total meltdown the industry is having, layoffs and rumored layoffs left and right. Though the doom box doesn't help either. Good luck with your transition to STEM!

No. 1401893


I’m with ya nona. My company has been laying off in waves. There’s rumor the big drop won’t be until Jan. Are you worried? I’m trying not to be. It’s hard to focus when it feels like shit is going to hit the fan though…

No. 1401905

Good luck anon, hope you can at least relax a bit before shtf! I've been trying to ignore it, but a rumor of impending layoffs dropped a few days ago so I'm kind of freaking out. How are people even going to find jobs if the entire industry is downsizing? There are tough times ahead.

No. 1401912


They actually offered, I formally accepted this afternoon. I'm getting hired for a role that they admit I'm not at present ready to do, but I'll be getting paid for 50% of company time to be training for the first 3-6 months, however long it takes to actually get up to speed. Expectations are incredibly low for those 3-6 months, like no client-facing or solitary work; the point at which I can do those things is the point at which I will be fully able to fulfil the role. Then I can specialise into whatever I want. Being encouraged to think about it and make 3-5 year goals. Will immediately start training on one particular speciality coding-adjacent thing as they believe I have the proper mentality for it, and will get whatever certifications I want paid for for as long as I'm with the company. I was given very detailed information with regards to career progression and a realistic timeline for attaining some pretty big numbers. They seem very genuinely enthusiastic about me.

I'm ecstatic tbh, I always hoped this would happen eventually, that someone somewhere would finally see that I'm not retarded and can do solid technical work if they were just willing to take a chance, and I would repay them by devoting all of my autistic dedication to the company and learning as much as possible. Couldn't possibly have a better opportunity. All from submitting a random CV for a stupid slavewoman position.

No. 1401913

Thanks Nona but now I'm more nervous I won't get a job if they're laying everyone off. Kek

No. 1401944

Everything about employment feels like being cucked. Wear this, speak this way, show enthusiasm, be here at this time. I just want to be stop time and walk away. Where? I don’t know. Just away.

No. 1401958

File: 1667872231318.jpg (70.46 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! …)

Anyone else here have a STEM degree but no real experience or love for it? More specifically: anyone here have that, plus an office job/something not retail? Going to be graduating soon with a bachelors in CS, but all I'll have portfolio-wise is a UI/UX project (which my professor…admittedly, gave me lots of compliments on + used as an example for how to do it) and that's it. I'd like to work in UI/UX (preferably doing very little coding, just messing around in Adobe/Figma) but I'm also fine with a basic office job. Haha.

>Why did you go for CS…

Wanted a flexible, but not easy-looking, degree.

No. 1401961

No. 1401967

NTA but this is helpful, actually. Nice nonnie ty for the tips.

No. 1401984

currently studying pharmacy and want to change my career to medical technology, any nonitas that have a related work field can tell me if it's worth it and not absolute hell? i've heard people mention that working in healthcare in general is tough, but idk if this particular type of career is like that

No. 1402166

You can't pull SWE wages as a designer, but you can still make good money off of it, and I think having a compsci degree is a leg up for them because it ostensibly means they're better at working with engineers. Landing an entry-level job is probably much harder though, especially right now given that the tech industry is shitting the bed.

No. 1402262

I'm in a similar situation, graduating soon with a CS degree and I don't like coding and have no portfolio
have no idea what to even do with this degree, I'm thinking I'll just go be an english teacher in japan or get an internship at the in-laws tailoring business even though I won't use my degree for either

No. 1402380

File: 1668029773071.png (62.17 KB, 556x536, _Untitled.png)

>Hashtag Layoff, ugh
Yeesh, why do people take this lying down? Would it kill them to act more upset about it online so that the news can make their drama headlines?

No. 1402560

Damn I relate to this. I used to work on a video game team, but the work was only temporary and now I'm looking for a CS job so I can have more job security. I don't hate CS, but I don't love it either. I just want to use it so I can get somewhere more secure in life (I don't know if I've ever been financially secure in life, and it's not even due to anything in my control, just 'my family is poor' kind of situation).

I graduated a little while ago and I actually have some interviews lined up but every time I've had an interview so far I've felt slimy. I feel like the people (mostly moids) who work in CS make my skin crawl. I don't even want a super-duper high paying job, I just want to be able to afford basic health care and be able to save up for therapy. I've wanted therapy my whole like but can't afford it. Well, not gonna blog about it here. I guess the moral of the story is that I was mostly motivated by money when picking this career, and while I don't hate the content itself, I really hate these other CS dudes.

I'm genuinely thinking about looking for a job that requires a degree but isn't in CS. I don't know how I'd explain it to my parents, though…

No. 1402609

I've been rehired at the temp "programming" job I was at for about 2 years after I graduated with a CS degree. I don't do anything except monitor batch programs and QA (not with code, not unit testing), all actual coding is done by contractors. I feel I screwed myself into a comfortable but extremely mind-numbing corner.

No. 1402610

I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic here or not…

No. 1402866

Same situation, I'll probably go for some shit tier IT helpdesk job or equivalent

No. 1403144

I'm a dumbass, my manager will send me for a day at the client's office at the other side of the country to reward me for my hard work and results even though I suck ass at my job imo (I guess everyone else is worse?) and I accepted like a dumbass. I don't want to take the plane next week. Omfg anons I'm retarded why did I accept…

No. 1403170

File: 1668086003371.jpg (128.65 KB, 736x920, 81b821c6b51ded00e4faa02e2ce69f…)

Nonas, I just went through an online interview! I don't want to tell anyone IRL in case it goes nowhere, but I'm pretty excited cause usually I don't even go through interviews and they made some time concessions to interview me, so I believe that's a good sign that they liked my resume, right?
I'm so nervous, I was sweating a lot. It's an HR outsourcing company, but the client that I'd work for is pretty huge, it's a Chinese company. I have some experience working for asian superiors, so I guess that was something that caught their attention.
The company itself is pretty far and I'd have to wake up really early, but I think it'll be worthy it cause I'll leave retail and earn basically double. Also, no working on weekends.

No. 1403176

File: 1668086672939.jpg (16.69 KB, 257x257, 1641935789541.jpg)

I have a health check for my new job starting in January, the doctor said it has lab tests? I assume it's a drug test. The lab test will be in like a month, I have not consumed weed like in few weeks, and use it veeeery infrequently. I hope it does not show up on the test, pray for me nonnas.

No. 1403177

Good luck nonna! Manifesting you get it, retail is hell

No. 1403189

My job is making me depressed. I think there's too much responsibility put onto me as a supervisor. Too many times someone will call off and we won't get it covered and I'll have to be the one to come in. Last week I had to go in at 2am after getting out at 7pm that night. I honestly think there needs to be a second supervisor or something because I can't be adjusting my schedule last minute and staying +13 hours in a row. I'd be fine covering someone's shift on my regular 10 hour shift, but anything else, I really dislike. Also the fact I'm the only supervisor, my hours are smack dab in the middle of the day, there's no time for me to do anything before and after work. I have to wait till the weekend to get laundry done and I'm stressed and stressed if I am too exhausted during the weekend to do laundry. Even on the weekend I'm anticipating someone calling or texting to say they can't make it in and then I'm spending the next hour making calls or telling the workers, "Hey bad news you might have to stay for 8 extra hours." Even the other weekend, I got asked to come in for 2 hours from midnight to 2am. Nothing happened, but it's the fact I had to mentally prepare myself to be in attendance. I feel empty, I cried myself to sleep because I had to come in 3 hours earlier and I'm struggling in bed trying to get tired. My boyfriend said I shouldn't be a supervisor anymore, it's detrimental to my health. I'm starting to agree. Unless we can get another supervisor, I think I'm going to call it quits in about 2 months. I've been supervisor for a little over 2 months and it's not what I was expecting.

No. 1403190

Thanks, anon! I'm kinda nervous because they are calling me for another interview but the time of it is during my shift and I really don't know if I'll be able to get out of work earlier. I hope this doesn't ruin everything

No. 1403205

good luck nona! i think even an interview alone is usually a really good sign, esp cos companies can afford to be picky even when they're desperate for staff. hope you get it xx

No. 1403390

I applied for a job I'm qualified for and got a fast rejection. So I messaged the HR on linkedin and said I thought it was done in error. And it was. Now I have an interview.

Just act however you think a typical arrogant moid would and it really works. Hopefully I get this job. My current doesn't do paid holidays so if I work through the winter holiday period I'm getting fucked out of an entire paycheck. I'm also being paid about 20k less a year than I should be on top of having no holidays, PTO, or benefits. Fucking recruiter agencies. I only took this shitty job because the experience could get me a much better job than I previously had. But even so, working for shit pay is terrible.

No. 1403408

this is why i work remotely now. I shouldn't be penalized for being a faster, better worker than my peers. I was doing on par or better, took a ton of new clients on, was performing everything perfectly, and the performance review was crappy because I took a few 5 minute sanity breaks on my phone between different clients to recharge. Now with remote I am honestly browsing the net half the day, but still have outstanding job performance and my managers love me. I'm good at my job and efficient.

Your coworkers are nasty backstabbing gossips and jealous of you. Get out of there. That is a toxic environment and you'll get burned. management needs to get it through their thick skulls that we are not robots and we can't be working literally every second for 8 hours straight. Breaks give better performance in the end. But that's 2hard4management to comprehend. When you bash and bully and hound your workers, it doesn't make them work better, it makes them miserable and unmotivated. They need a chill pill. Especially when we all know management is in the back screwing around all day. At one job I worked in office, the HR office had a literal entire table with a puzzle on it for them to play with during hours. But they want to wring the people doing the actual value adding labor like wet rags until they break.

No. 1403653

also what the hell is with recruiters and horrible 3 month long no benefits contract jobs. no one but someone truly desperate would want that shit. i'm not leaving my perm job to work a 3 month temp gig. it's all take and no give.

i've also had them refuse to tell me if it's in office or remote. which is, you know, pretty important. for all i know their shitty job could be in office a 3 hour drive from where i actually live. they just want to neg you into getting on a call with them. when i press them for basic details on what it is and where it is before i let them call me, they ghost me. this job market is awful.

No. 1404264

>i've also had them refuse to tell me if it's in office or remote
Yes!! What is it about all these jobs that won't even tell you if they're in person or remote? I had one tell me over the phone they where remote, and then in the zoom interview they said they were in Detroit. Wtf? I'm not moving to Detroit thanks for wasting both of our time, jackass. I'm still so salty, kek.

No. 1404918

I'm one of the As in FAANG and my VP specifically announced that we WEREN'T getting laid off, so that lifted this giant invisible weight off of everyone's shoulders. They're cutting a few launches instead, so we're just reshuffling resources. Now, the value of my stocks is a different story. I just try to ignore that part.

No. 1404930

File: 1668158406523.jpeg (15.14 KB, 275x271, 1664023561632.jpeg)

I want a better career path but it feels pointless. I have ADHD and a processing disorder,and Im also just bad at studying. Im a big doofus. In all my 21 years I've never held a job for over 6 months. I dont even have a high school diploma or GED so im stuck working garbage minimum wage jobs. Im working on getting back into school but idk what im even gonna do after that…get another shitty minimum wage gig? I want a 9 to 5,maybe a secretary position or something? So I'm working on picking up a second language. At the moment Im learning italian! Not a lot of people in my area that speak the language and quite a few jobs looking for italian speakers! The problem is that cant be all i need. Speaking another language might help but idk what else I can do to get a leg up other than go to community college which I just dont have time for. Idk how to write a really good resume either and learning italian is taking longer than i thought. What can I do to boost my chances of getting a better job once i finally earn my HSD?

No. 1404945

Don't work for startups anons, my CV makes me look like a jobhopper because noone actually knows how to start a business. Been in this job for a year and it's already collapsing. Fuck.

No. 1405163

What length of time makes you look like a job hopper? I job hopped at my first job (I was there 8 months) to the same job but at a different company. How long do I need to stay at this company to make it look like I'm not a job hopper?

No. 1405170

My job is switching my schedule and won't tell me why. I spoke to my boss and let her know that I cant work night shift because I take the bus home and can't get home after 9pm, but they want me to work until 10 every single night. Even weekend. They won't let me work 3 days night and 2 days morning. I just started 4 months ago and this feels like a red flag. Like I literally can't get home without the bus

No. 1405206

Not sure how medical technology is but it's a good idea to get out of pharmacy. Unless you work at a hospital or specialty clinic you're going to be treated like dirt by both your higher-ups and patients. Pharmacy is being treated like fast food now.

No. 1405232

File: 1668180499328.jpg (118.81 KB, 735x985, 67d7e2ea1e63b6778ce6afd2506cdc…)

Thanks anon! I have a follow up interview today with the client's representative! I'm so nervous I'm actually getting butterflies whenever I think about it. The scheduling was super tight, so we could only open the interview window after my shift. I hope I don't look too shitty, I packed a dress shirt but honestly I don't even know if that will look good. Now I am wondering if the interviewer will be a chinese person so it'll be in english or someone from my country. Hopefully the latter cause I'm pretty sure chinese people are more judgey about looks, for better or for worse.

No. 1405256

so im still in uni, studying biology which i like but am not extremely passionate for like some of my peers. im part doing it because my parents have always pushed me to go to uni and get a degree like it's the natural and only progression in life after highschool. i think im going to stay in it for now and finish because i've come this far and it would be a good safety net to have, but honestly my true dream is to open up my own bakery/cafe in the future. it would be kawaii themed and have so many cute pastries and decorations - hopefully a space for women, primarily. the thing is i have no background in finance or business, and it all seems very intimidating. sometimes i wish i had the courage to go against the grain and said no to university altogether and take up a cooking class instead. however, i found out that i could do night classes weekly at this place not far from me to hone your skills in cake decorating and baking in general. it's always been my favourite hobby and i can't help but feel im living a lie a little bit. feels sad typing this out actually haha. im really unsure what to do, dropping out would feel like such a waste and make me feel incredibly guilty.

No. 1405339

bump for CP careful scrolling nonnies

No. 1405529

I feel like an asshole for this, but I didn’t stop a coworker from fucking a big project up. We were all given instructions sent on a document for how to do it, and they didn’t read it(but somehow opened all the links to start printing everything?). I also verbally told them what had to be done and they didn’t listen to me either. Even though they’ve been here longer than me I constantly have to tell them how to do the most basic stuff and I’m tired of covering up for them. Their mistakes are their own now.

No. 1405812

File: 1668206545462.jpeg (18.03 KB, 592x518, 96791DE9-EEFF-4EB1-8872-C69DB8…)

Told something to my team members in confidence when we went out for coffee only to have them bring it up in the office while the whole room was dead quiet and everyone could hear them. Some of you have said before not to treat coworkers like friends and that’s a lesson I’ve just learnt the hard way. Never telling these two anything personal again.

No. 1405815

Oh, and then I had to stomach spending the evening with them at a mixer listening to them gossip about every member of staff not in attendance and have my (female) team lead tell me that I should wear makeup to work more often. Gag.

No. 1405829

Out of curiosity, what was it? At least on here you have the comfort of being anon

No. 1405841

You're almost certainly fine if you smoke infrequently. If you want to play it safe, make sure you're well-hydrated (but not ridiculously so) the day of.
You should leave ASAP. Start looking for other jobs now so you have more leverage and can be more free to reject offers for jobs that seem as shitty as your current one. Don't wait until after you've quit, as frustrating as interviewing while employed can be.
They either have no sympathy for people who have to ride the bus, or they're trying to get you to quit. Either way, it's not a great environment to be in.
If you must keep this job for whatever reason, get it in writing that you cannot work those hours. Show up to your scheduled shifts, but leave when you have to and be very clear as to why you're clocking out.

No. 1405910

Damn, I would have called him out right then and there. "dude, I said it to you in private, why are you bringing this up now?"
Show your coworkers that he's a sly bitch and a snake.

No. 1405914

Thanks for the help.

Good luck to all of us, honestly. Will be glad to be out of university soon

No. 1405916

More details on this by the way.

No. 1405924

Cosigning you have nothing to worry about. People talk about weed staying in your system for a month or more and this is true but that's if you are smoking daily. If it is occasionally it is significantly less than that. Just drink water, you will be fine.

No. 1405935

Update: I was completely intimidated (there was both a chinese lady and an ABC lady there) and I was wearing my shift clothes (couldn't change) and to make things worse, I was caught by surprise by some pretty heavy rain. It was probably one of the worst interviews that I went through lmao
Although I'm cringing at the shit I said and didn't say, I already made peace with the fact that I'm not getting the job. Hope this means I'll get something closer to home. At least I'm not unemployed, things could be way worse.

No. 1405975

File: 1668218299952.jpeg (56.9 KB, 724x483, 1_1wpEoDZyS6AAJO5q94ALlg.jpeg)

I'm putting my notice in on the 1st of december & I'm leaving this super draining job on the 23rd of that month. It literally can not come fast enough. That said, I work in a VERY small office (only me, my boss, and one other woman) and I am horrified to imagine how weird and passive aggressive they will be for the 3 weeks after I give my notice. Does anyone have experience navigating that sort of situation? I'm gonna feel super guilty because my resignation will throw the business into chaos mode and I made it seem like I was in it for the long-haul, but am going to be leaving after only 6 months.

No. 1406002

Good for you. Your mental health is very important. Dont feel guilty

No. 1406021

I'm in this exact situation too anon (also said i would be in it for the long haul but it's been just over 6 months and I can't stand it for much longer), except i haven't put my notice in yet.
I'm quietly applying and interviewing for other jobs but I hate my current job so much that I kind of just want to quit even if I have nothing lined up yet…

No. 1406038


Congratulations on your next step. Mental health is way more important than a company and their feels. At least they'll have a notice.

Wow are we all the same person? I've been at my office a little longer and will probably end up there for a year at the rate I'm going. The boss keeps dropping hints about how some companies only hire temporary, but they don't. Kek. Only difference is, I think he can tell from my resume I tend to trade in jobs. Let us know how it goes.

No. 1406293


samefag. i surprisingly landed an interview! im hoping that i dont fuck it up with my autism - will update if it goes well.

No. 1407107

Let us know how it goes, anon. You got this. Try to think of what you want to say before hand. they tend to ask the same bullshit questions

No. 1409348

i've been applying for jobs for weeks and i'm only getting interest in the job that i left. why did i spent 2 years learning a new job only to have every job recruiter seek me out for the career i disliked? makes me want to scream. i could make way more money at the previous job but i am sick of managerial roles that make you work 60 hour weeks.

No. 1409359

NEETing right now till the money I made runs dry.
Only ever had one job in my life I didn't hate to death but it was on the construction site and I am a 1,65cm/40 kilo weakling who will never be as fast as a 2m dude that weights 120 and it's the fast workers that are needed there.

I genuinely don't understand how other people can have fulltime jobs without losing their mind. With fulltime + commute I usually have 3-4h per day left to.. well, live. In these hours I have to do everything that isn't directly job related like chores and buying food, reducing the true "free" time to an hour or two so being dead is IMO better than only living to work so that you keep on living to work more.

Doesn't help that I have zero connections. But I don't give a shit about careers I just desire peace or a part-time job that pays well enough to pay rent and food with it (doesn't exist).
Don't know what I will do now but honestly I only care about one thing and that's the fact that right now I don't have a job which doesn't make life automatically fun but at least not horrific.

No. 1409466

File: 1668479122718.jpeg (213.52 KB, 1080x1635, 8B322568-3E07-4207-A349-F0B7EA…)

any nonnas have experience starting a small business or being self employed? I am at a crossroads in my own career path, between continuing to pursue the industry I’ve been in the last year, returning to a previous one that I’ve already felt unsuited for, entering a whole new industry and using learning the unknown to motivate myself, or finding a way to work for myself so I never have to hate another boss. I know I’ll get by regardless of what I choose, because if it doesn’t work out or is the “wrong” choice I can just stick with what I know, but what I know is wageslaving and I want to make more money for my family and my partner’s family’s future. I want to provide a stable future for her and for her family, and for my own as well because I know my parents worry which of my sisters and I will support them as they near retirement age. even if you aren’t self employed or in a small business, what are some good industries to work in? I know every industry will have its challenges for women at an entry level especially, but I wonder if anyone who actually enjoys their job or the work they do could weigh in. thinking, thinking, asking, bargaining, and thinking some more.

No. 1409552

I'm self employed as a personal chef. The best thing to do is start up with something that doesn't take a lot of supplies to start and go from there. Fuck the workforce in America though there's so many issues I can't be bothered to get into and so many things that shouldn't even be legal. It's no wonder everyone's trying to deliver food to middle class people, sell AliExpress shit or butthole pics online

No. 1409566

My years as a NEET are on the line too, especially after this trip I'm taking overseas (gonna put my mom's urn in her country). It feels superfluous though since I'm racking up credit card debt to go.
Speaking of, does anyone have good tips about finding remote work as a US citizen abroad? I considered even trying to teach English but don't have a license nor the time and money to get one in time. I'm not a programmer or anything so I'm probably stuck with clickworker shit.

No. 1409731

>I genuinely don't understand how other people can have fulltime jobs without losing their mind.
I have no clue either and I've been working fulltime for a bit more than 2 years now. I legit feel like I'll be burnt out at some point, it's just a matter of when.

No. 1410673

My boss refuses to let me work the day shift and now is threatening to fire me. she is giving me until friday as a last day. i was gonna fight for my job, but now I'm kind of over it. Toxic bitch.
I'll miss all the coworkers i became close to.

No. 1410877

got a random raise today, after getting one two months ago. my base pay went up 15% all together and my manager told me he's very proud of my work, that he will push for my promotion next. it feels good to know that while the rest of Big Tech is burning, my specialization is recession proof. i don't have any family to tell, so i am telling you nonnies instead because you're the best

No. 1411375

Congrats nonna! Happy for you!

No. 1411495

Well, she let me go but still wants me to come into work until the end of the week. wtf

No. 1411497

You're the best! Congrats. You deserve it.

No. 1411511

pouring a drink for ya

No. 1411609

Job searching is so demoralizing, I hate this. Such an unnecessary drawn out process for such menial jobs and in the end, a lot of the times, they don't even want you. Job interviews should be compensated, it's so one sided

No. 1411840


samefag - the zoom interview actually went pretty well. the interviewer concluded that they'd contact me within a week to arrange a physical, follow-up interview. i really didnt think i'd get this far, kek.

No. 1412093

Feeling very lost on what to do, somewhat of a vent but advice very welcomed. I might not word this the best, sorry, I hope you understand.

My biggest passion in life is childcare and working with young children is always what has made me feel the most fulfilled and happiest. So it's always been what I've wanted to do in life the most. However the most recent big school shooting happened very very close to where I'm moving to. That and every other school shooting has made me evaluate if I really want to do this job in America. I'm very afraid of the possibility that it could happen to me or the children I work with. I know the media sensationalises it but the unfortunate truth is that schools, especially with young children, are extremely easy targets for evil people. Sometimes I think I'm being overdramatic about this but other times I think this is a very real issue and worry. I just have no idea what to do anymore. Do any other anons here in America work in a school? What are your thoughts?

No. 1412098

Congratulations Nona, don't sell yourself short! Keep the energy up

No. 1412141

I would live the life I want and risk death than turn away and regret it forever

No. 1412156

Unfortunately that's just what living in America is like these days. It can be the grocery store, the mall, the movie theater, your job, your kid's school. If you're considering teaching in another country, that's a good move, but if you're stuck in US then there's no point worrying about your odds of getting shot in this job vs another one, Americans get shot through the walls in their own homes all the time.

No. 1412158

sorry, my point is you should do childcare/teaching if it makes you happy. getting shot doing a job you love beats getting shot doing one you hate.

No. 1412239

Is it impossible to get started in a tech career as an 'older' woman? I've worked retail most of my life, looking to go back to school and hopefully have a real job by the time I'm 30. I've taught myself some programming from online resources and I really enjoy it but I'm worried about whether or not it's realistically possible to be hired in the field. Idk if it's accurate but I've gotten the impression that companies want fresh young talent and not adults making a career change, and they especially don't want to hire an adult woman in case she takes mat leave.

No. 1412292

My job is fine, I earn ok money (enough to pay my bills with plenty left over for eating out once a week and a few fun expenses a month, plus a savings). But I would like a little side hustle to make just a few hundred extra a month. It'd have to be something I can work around my existing 9-5 but I'm not willing to use rideshare or food delivery services due to gas prices in my area. I'm struggling to think of ideas for this beyond selling plasma, what is your insight farmers?

No. 1412293

Can I ask for some advice, background:
>I’ve been with my department for almost 6 years,
clerks recently left so it’s me, another 2 clerks(been there for years, older, under another supervisor but under same unit) a senior typist clerk(always misses days outta the week), so recently,
>the way has been divide between me and the senior but because she’s not always there so I get most of the work, recently I wanted the other two clerks to help out but they are useless and everyone knows they are but will not assign them work because they do a bad job or something. So it’s gets pass to me
>So I started for applying for everything, I’m on a few lists for other jobs but so far only got offered a lateral transfer
>the new place is down the street from my house, m to Thursday, Friday’s off, can’t telework until 6months and maybe they will offer it and it’s probably one day outta the week, it’s an hr department so different from my old one
>old job, teleworking a few times a week, job is not hard and manageable, can do school work sometimes on shift,
>I’m stuck with loyalty and being comfortable but I dont like certain ppl and feel like it’s unfair
>what would you go? Go with the transfer to a new dep?

No. 1412322

Is the staffing issue in your current department a temporary one? Do you know if they're actively hiring to fill the position or are they just sort of hoping they can get away with paying effectively 1.5 people to do the job of 3? Are the issues you have with people purely job related, or are they also personal?

One thing to keep in mind is that the new department may have the same or even worse issues than what you're dealing with now. Its a gamble unless you can get someone who already works there to talk candidly with you about it. But that sort of uncertainty would exist with any job change, so you need to weigh the pros and cons of what you factually know already about the position.

No. 1412436

From what I was told, they are having issues getting clerk to come work at particular location. They were interviewing for auditors for the department yesterday. And it seems like that’s more important than getting clerks. They tell me they are looking but 4 clerks have left since I’ve been there.
I do realize that I could fuck up and possible hate the new job. When I ask the 2 other clerks to help they are sooo unresponsive and the senior clerk does do her job she’s just never there? Another auditor that I have a relationship with was trying to ask me to stay and to “ignore them and do my work” but that just made me even more annoyed.

No. 1412638

my coworkers get pissed when someone calls in, funny that the ones who get pissed off are the ones that also call in multiple times.

No. 1413437

Do the math, are you more likely to be the victim of a school shooter or a victim of violent crime in your city? That should give you some perspective.

No. 1415032

>hopefully have a real job by the time I'm 30
oml nona. You are nowhere near too old. Maybe if you were already 35…

It's not difficult at all to get hired out of college if you're still a youngish adult. I know many men who graduated at age 26-34-ish that didn't have an issue securing a job offer before graduating. You might be deprioritized by companies like Meta, who are gambling to secure the smartest, brightest, highest-achieving people straight out of college, but non-FAGMAN companies are often aiming to secure steady, mature, reliable workers, and late 20's early 30's adults are great for that, even if they're still fresh college grads.

As for the maternity leave thing…
In tech, I don't think bias against women of childbearing age is strong enough that you won't be able to get hired or make a career in tech. I absolutely do think it exists, and that will result in you getting fewer job offers, which means less negotiating power and lower total compensation.

On a job-by-job level, you'll especially be discriminated against by startups, some consulting firms, or small, high-stress teams, since the hiring managers will be very aware that their jobs will get much harder if somebody has to take leave. In more established companies, it'll be much less of a concern, as they tend to have enough staff to compensate for stuff like this, and the work tends to be work where deadlines are a bit less important. For your first job, it's pretty likely you won't even interview with your eventual team manager because of how companies do initial team placement. Plus, if a US company really doesn't want employees to get pregnant, they just won't offer more than the minimum 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. If you're planning on taking maternity leave at some point, I'd recommend looking for a company that also offers significant paid paternity leave.

Sexism definitely makes things more difficult and will probably end up with you being compensated less well than your male peers, but I don't think it's a significant barrier to starting a career in tech, so long as you have a degree. (I suspect that for bootcampers and self-taught devs, the bias is much, much stronger).

I recently hired someone through Rover to feed my cat and hang out with her twice a day while I was on vacation. The money isn't awesome for sitters with few reviews, but it seems like a very chill side-gig if the places you're visiting aren't far.

No. 1415547

File: 1668964244752.gif (1.85 MB, 504x207, tumblr_oee0wyxDMu1up42jgo3_540…)

I have a feeling that our team (consisting of me and another girl) will be layed off at the end of the year. We are an outsourcing team and we've been getting less and less tasks for 2 months now. Most of our tasks are allocated to the Indian outsourcing team, and since the company we're working for is based in the UK, a layoff would make sense since they're sliding into a bad recession and all. My teammate has the same feeling.
Also, side rant: I hate this outsourcing structure. Idk if anyone else had this experience working as outsourcees, but you're constantly reminded that you're just 'serving' the outsourcers and you get this feeling that you are at the bottom of a hierarchy

No. 1416911

File: 1669065095184.jpg (122.94 KB, 692x1037, 6eda42aa7d1552d078d13b8e9ac137…)

Just had a phone interview and it actually went super well! I know it's just a phone interview, but the interviewer was super friendly and willing to listen to what I had to say. The pay is better than my current job (not by much, but still) and I wouldn't have to work on weekends. Also it's tangentially related to my major. They even understood that I can't leave my retail job immediately and have to fulfill my notice. I don't know if this is going anywhere, but I didn't feel like a complete idiot during the interview, so that's a big plus lmao

No. 1417038

I work with an IT team of people older than me and it's fine, but recently they've been hiring younger indian men to take over. It's really unnerving, but I don't want to work with them. Why are so many indian men big in tech and IT, especially in my area?
I really hope you'll be okay, anon, but make sure to search for other jobs to be safe. I am doing the same.

No. 1417039

So happy for you!! Sending nothing but positive vibes

No. 1417061

what's your specialization??

No. 1417097

STEM ie engineering, doctor, computer programmer are all H1B jobs the US allowed the Indians to enter with. Those jobs helps you carve out a upper middle class life for you and your family. It's white people and a few kids of immigrants who think liberal arts degrees are worth the time and money.

No. 1417179

i'm >>1410877 and thank you nonnies for the kind words! it means a lot to me


hardware hacking! i majored in electrical engineering with a minor in cs in college.

No. 1417353

I've been looking for a job for a long time now and I just got one as a video editor. I'm happy but also nervous, I'll have to edit 15 short reels or 3 to 4 longer videos a day and I don't know if I can do it, I stress about little details and get stuck because I want things to be perfect but that makes me a slow worker. I really don't want to do extra hours or anything so I hope I get faster with practice.
It's not the perfect job but I think it'll make me improve and I'll get more material for my video book so I can move on to something better. Idk, wish me luck, nonnas.

No. 1417356

I've got my fingers crossed for you! I believe you can do it! Honestly, video editing seems like a good field to go into because more and more people will want videos for their websites in the future.

No. 1418299

hate my job so much. i hate telling people what to do and having to make the final call on some things. like i dont fucken know.

No. 1418310

I hate my job too. I'd like to never go back to work and just magically become a billionaire.

No. 1418865

What annoys me is that they seem to be hired by companies only because they are cheap workforce. The Indian team I interacted with spoke really poor English, were badly trained and there were misunderstandings stemming from cultural differences

No. 1421461

Agreed. A lot are very hard workers and very smart, so despite cultural differences making some things more difficult, they're absolutely a credit to the team.
But man, some absolutely refuse to communicate in a sane way. When I have a communication issue with female coworkers in India, I can almost always talk them out in a reasonable amount of time. But a significant chunk of Indian men (especially ones who haven't lived in the US) do this thing where they act really confident and pretend that there's no problem at all until you specifically call them out on their bullshit (which is, of course, very rude in American culture, so it takes an exceedingly long time to get to that point). And they'll do this all the time over the littlest things, so they never get any work done. Even though outsourced SWE jobs pay maybe 1/3rd as well, it can't be worth hiring people who don't speak English well AND have massive hangups about admitting when they don't understand something. Tbh, living like that is probably stressful as hell. Do a lot of Indian men suffer from crippling self-esteem issues or what? Why do they do this?!

No. 1424008

File: 1669614768686.jpg (29.92 KB, 960x640, 960x0.jpg)

I am handing in my resignation & 2 weeks notice today nonnies! So long to my boss who tells me every decision i make is wrong, even when I'm following her past instructions! So long to my co-worker who suggests solutions to me and then sits there silently while I get reprimanded by my boss for doing what she suggested! So long my boss's stupid fucking dog who barks all day and I have to chase through the forest whenever she escapes the building! So long to not having an official lunch break and having to take calls while trying to eat soup! So long to be on call 24/7 to deal with everyone's bullshit! So long! So long! Adiós! Sayonara! Auf Wiedersehen! Where I'm going is the chance of a lifetime, it could be horrific or amazing and I can't wait to find out, away from you people!

No. 1424049

old reply but I literally quit two jobs because of this. It's not normal

No. 1424381

that’s whats up anon! congratulations, I hope the next job has a more sustainable set of expectations and duties.

No. 1424609

>It's white people and a few kids of immigrants who think liberal arts degrees are worth the time and money.
It has less to do with "white" and more to do with being a native citizen of a country. In European countries you will find it hard to emigrate with an art degree and no significant business network/experience either, even if you're white, because you're not giving them anything that's high in demand.
I've studied with Indian CompSci exchange students and they have become more common in medicine too, even though we're a pretty shitty Eastern European country. This is mean, but they might have "useful" degrees on paper, their quality of work is shit compared to the standards, but if they'll cheaper than local uni grads, it's all that matters. They just don't care about the quality of work they put out, they'll shit out some code/give you a painful dental treatment and fuck off somewhere, which is so weird to experience.

No. 1424910

Burger here. Do any Southern East coast nonas have experience with Doordash? I will be moving to Virginia soon and won't have to pay rent while I job search for a few months so I was thinking to DD while looking (have done it for extra cash on occasion where I am now). Wondering if there is consensus about the tipping culture, density of people using delivery service, etc. (I know it takes a bit to identify the best local areas and times)

No. 1425289

people are work so damn stupid. all they have to do is take a photo of the date and time on the product and they can't even do that properly.

No. 1425290

nonnas do you feel your age is a disadvantage or an advantage? Right now I'm 26, starting a serious career a little late and feel like I'm in a weird middle ground.

No. 1425305


26 is not late. Do you think you’re old or something? Jeez. I started “late” too (by your definition) and if anything being older is an advantage because you’ve presumably had more life experiences than your younger peers. You can wield that experience if you are clever and get promoted faster.

No. 1425358

I'm almost 30 and "failed to launch", which lead to almost a decade of depression and switching paths. My age does play into the way I interact with other newcomers who are almost a decade younger than me, but they have like 50 active work years left and I have about 40, so those 10 years don't feel all that grand suddenly.

No. 1425448

File: 1669725330313.jpg (21.78 KB, 600x364, Office_(Korean_Movie)-007.jpg)

Do you anons think I'm paranoid or we might actually be layed off soon?

Our onshore manager have not been attending our meetings for about a month now and only sends a message saying he has nothing to discuss. We had another onshore colleague assuring us that our contribution is very important and we will receive further projects starting from the end of January, probably. I genuinely cannot tell if they are just swamped with work and it's just more convenient to allocate tasks to the Indian team because they have more people available or they are just shitting on us and waiting for the year to be over so they can fire us

No. 1425499

It's time to look for something else, right now, and start saving. If you're not laid off you will 100% be made to feel like you need to do 3 people's worth of work to keep your job and get gaslit into unpaid overtime.
People don't get far in their careers by putting themselves down, like >>1425305 said use your age to your advantage if you can but don't obsess over it. Everywhere you go there will be younger people with more experience and older people with less experience, it's normal in any workplace, literally nobody gives a shit. You're going to be fine.

No. 1428119

But our problem is the opposite, we're not getting work, all of the available tasks go to the Indian team instead of us. We have to log our work and we basically have to make up tasks that we did because there's nothing to do

No. 1428637

File: 1669913716589.jpg (11.06 KB, 322x315, 1669804499720.jpg)

My close female colleague is leaving the company in a few weeks and I am so sad. She is very lovely and always helped me out when dealing with management. I am so not looking forward to being the only female on the team

No. 1433169

File: 1670229876859.jpg (35.35 KB, 400x277, 172377263.jpg)

internship hunting is so annoying nonas omfg
i've applied to over 100 internships in the past 3 months and the furthest i've gotten is about 4 interviews, but i just keep getting ghosted even after interviews i feel good about. it doesn't matter if i use my college's connections or just search on indeed. every company just ghosts me
i've had my college look over my resume and cover letter over and over again and each time they're like, "yeah this is great". i've done numerous practice interviews and while i stumble a little, i never feel like i'm too autistic
i guess i'm being too picky since i only want a paid, remote internship but i thought it'd be easier than this
do any of you happen to have any tips or advice? should i give up the dream of working from home for now just to get my foot in the door?
the field is digital marketing btw, i have portfolios of example graphic design work, sample social media calendars, and copywriting from classwork that i share with potential employers when asked

No. 1433172

I wonder if it would be useful to bring examples relevant to where you are applying for? (unless you are doing this already) such as; 'I looked at your social media and noticed you were missing this, I would improve it by doing this'. I only mention this as I have worked with someone recently who secured an internship by essentially stalking their social media and suggesting a improvement plan.

Ghosting seems like a common thing now-a-days and it's really unfortunate, is there anything stopping you from reaching out to get feedback from those who ghosted you? they might not respond but if they do at least you get some pointers.

No. 1433176

i never went to uni/college so I don't have a good grasp on what age you "should" be when starting a career, not because I think 26 is old

So far in the same boat. Have a wonderful job but my depression is horrible during winter and the pressure to not fuck up is taking it's toll

Very true! There will always be someone better or worse. So long as I'm not dead last I'm content

No. 1433212

I feel like I don't have any references I can use to find a new job and I don't want the people I work with now to know I'm looking.

No. 1433223

How the hell do you network? I see people in my classes come in often and straight up ask people where they work, and base the decision on making friends with them seemingly only on that (people flock to the guy that works at Big German Corp A or Ministry B compared to the chick that works in Non-profit Agency C). It's so fucking cynical that I can't do it. I don't want to keep someone in my call list just because it'd be convenient to know someone who works at Big Corp one day. I don't even want to talk about my job or their job, most office jobs are so fucking boring.

No. 1433305

Do you guys have year-end reviews? How did they go?

I'm having the talk tomorrow and I'm so bad at these corporate bullshit meetings, I just regurgitate buzzwords that I think my manager wants to hear about progress and developing my skillset and being more proactive, etc.

No. 1433320

File: 1670250344611.jpg (69.27 KB, 736x710, 7bd7e063df6f4948324f0a0df13a95…)

I'm starting training to become an accountant and have my own business in January and it's driving me crazy. The business is a relatives and I currently just do normal bookkeeping/data inputting for him (aka typing fuel/income/stationary etc into Excel), but he's looking to retire soon and said that I can take over for him and he'll train me properly in everything so I can essentially just have the business as soon as he retires and he takes a small cut. The business was originally meant for his son but he basically said his son is a retard and that I would be much better suited to the role as it's my sort of thing (not a social job, computer-based and self-employed)
This is a huge and wonderful opportunity for me given that no one in my poorfag family minus my brother have "good careers". I don't wanna shame them obviously but the women in my family are all single mothers and the men are just builders or construction workers etc…because of that, I feel like I'm just not intelligent enough or I'm gonna fuck this business up and end up in trouble kek.

I can't even explain the logic of that, given that I won't be just shoved into the role and will be fully trained, but at the same time I think I'm just so used to having dead-end menial clock-in/clock-out jobs that this opportunity just feels like it's almost not meant for me, even though I really want it. I just have a lot of anxiety and feel like I just won't be intelligent enough for it or that I'll fuck everything up, but I know I can't not take the job because I'd be an absolute retard to drop an opportunity like this. I really want to force myself to be confident about it but I get really sickly and nervous thinking about it, it's such a huge responsibility that I've never even had before - my jobs have usually been retail and then a bit of self-employed freelance art, nothing as high-paying or as demanding as this. It feels like I have to face this massive obstacle in my self-confidence but I just dunno how to approach it.

No. 1433341

don't worry nonnie! you don't know how to do the job yet and that's normal. with training and time you'll do just fine. we all believe in you.

No. 1433346

in your field it seems pretty common to have to apply to hundreds of listings but i think you'll eventually find something, esp since you seem very prepared. remember that wfh listings get a lot more traction because anyone can apply instead of a students in a specific area.

No. 1433363

You can do it! People mostly stay within the class and environment they're been raised in because of lack of opportunities, resources and rolemodels to break free from their environment. It's important to recognize that because it means it's not an issue with your intelligence. So seize the opportunity to craft something better for yourself! Also I think it's okay to have some (mild) feelings of nervousness, that's not something you need to always avoid at all costs.

No. 1433385

I bet you’ll be great, nonnie. I know a guy whose dad was born to the untouchable caste in a village in India. He decided he’d had enough of being poor, managed to get ahold of a scholarship, and eventually got a PhD and moved to America where he now lives happily. It only takes one determined person with an opportunity to change the whole trend of a family line.

No. 1433448

I posted upthread about 2 months ago that my estranged relative showed up at my job for an interview out of nowhere after me not talking to her for years. well now after we've been working together she is worse than I ever imagined. my co workers are complaining that she talks about inappropriate subjects at work, uses discord on the work computers, wears noise canceling headphones at the desk, does piccrews on the work computer (with hentai ads riddled all over the page), and just generally can't stop oversharing and being weird. I am embarrassed to be associated with her and have apologized on her behalf numerous times. I've told everyone including my boss that I am not close with her and feel uncomfortable working with her but nobody seems to care or understand. I'm due for a promotion in the spring but I'm starting to get nervous that being associated with her is gonna hurt my chances. I am so lost on how to navigate this situation and I just wish she would quit or something. what do I even do???

No. 1433597

>uses discord on the work computers, wears noise canceling headphones at the desk, does piccrews on the work computer
Literally me hehe

No. 1433636

I just went back to work after spending nearly 2 weeks at home on sick leave. It's worse than I thought. My clients were even more stupid than usual, the girl who was supposed to replace me until I got better didn't do the bare minimum of contacting students to recruit them ASAP after their job interviews when she received emails from the clients asking her to do that, and now I have to catch up on things I'm not supposed to do because it should have already been done. I hate being a recruiter. Apparently the company we're working with is super worried because we're doing a shit job but they still want us to work for them after our current project so I guess that's good for my wallet. And a coworker of mine got pregnant again, which means she'll be on maternity leave in a few months which will fuck us over again but oh well, whatever. I hate my job but I'm so unlucky I don't have significant experience in anything else, and I would still need more years of experience to be able to safely quit and look for something else later.

No. 1433681

I think she's sabotaging herself just fine, if you don't get the promotion you were going for arrange a meeting with your boss/whoever is responsible for promoting you. Show/discuss examples of your work, focus only on yourself and not your insane relative. In fact, stop mentioning her entirely and don't apologise on her behalf, let her deal with her mess herself.

No. 1433779

i agree; let people forget you're even related, ignore her as much as possible and talk shit accordingly when your coworkers bring her up.

No. 1434517

What are some tips/tricks I should know on starting a small business (especially food related). To the nonnies who opened one themselves what are some things you should do and avoid so that it'll become successful?

No. 1434842

File: 1670357196684.jpg (100.61 KB, 564x549, ed6283ce46f278cdbc87c081cdc731…)

I think my favorite coworker is quitting, and while I'm glad for her cause she'd be leaving retail, I'm sad for myself because she made my mornings more bearable. Whenever I do the shift with my boss (which will happen if she really leaves), I feel the atmosphere much tenser.
I also wanna leave myself, but my job hunting has been fruitless.

No. 1434904

I believe in you. Once my favorite supervisor left my last job, I knew I wouldnt be happy there without their leadership. And I was right. I quit and am job hunting now. It can be scary, but there are better places out there. Sorry to hear about your situation

No. 1434905

I dont own a business, but from what I've seen, supply and demand. Take something people are familiar with and put your own small twist on it. Location is always important, and especially advertising via social media.

No. 1435139

I started working in a small business a few months ago in their shop but since the people know me and saw that I'm good at many things they keep giving me more responsibilities like handling their social media and taking care of the website and they want to teach me other things as well. However, having looked behind the curtain I see that they're really disorganised and understaffed and don't pay on time etc. so I don't really want to stay here for too long. Should I let them know I don't see a future here before they start relying on me too much or should i just keep quiet until i learn enough skills to change professions and go somewhere better?

No. 1435142

Keep quiet about these plans to leave always. Give enough notice and that's enough.

No. 1435158

I never had a job that wasn't exhausing shit in which I eventually had to do the work of three to five people because the moment they see that the newcomer (me) is forced to do everything and that I am never ill they fuck off and appear maybe on five days a month and for some reason nobody fires leeches anymore so it's the coworkers job to bear the burden while getting treated like trash by the higher up that has power over you and want to prove herself, so I always end up quitting everything.

Right now I am NEETing again after I quit my last job for the same reason. I was somewhat positive today when I noticed it was the last day to apply for another job because I saw the application in time. Now I spent 3 hours updating and rewriting my résumé, cover letter and other shit ONLY to realise that they mention the fucking e-mail nowhere and you cannot even google it. So it's 2022 but the world is obviously still full of jobs that only take physical papers.

I am lowkey mad about that because it was finally a job that was only 20 minutes away instead of the obligatory one hour that amounts to two everyday with commute and drains my life on top of the job that will surely drain my life as well because all of them did.

No. 1435160

Anyone here a zoologist? Spill the tea on what it's like.

No. 1435289

Losing a truly close colleague-friend in modern work environments is as bad or worse than most relationship/friendship losses. I feel for you, nonny.

No. 1437446

File: 1670517343260.png (320.82 KB, 728x768, E3E11C61-DCE2-4143-8277-43DF65…)

I’m a white autistic immigrant in America. I’ve been applying to jobs left and right and cannot figure out why I’m being rejected. Should I tell people I’m autistic on my applications?

No. 1437460

No, that will get you rejected faster. Are you getting to the interview stage? Or are they rejecting your resume and cover letter?

No. 1437464

I’ve had one interview. Most times they’re outright rejecting my application.

No. 1437473

guys I really need help. I applied for customer service and they said for the interview I have to talk about an event that happened, where I used all my skills necessary for a customer service job, but I never worked with customers and since failing school years ago I've been isolated and haven't talked to anyone besides my parents. I can't think of anything, and I can't talk about a hypothetical scenario because I already had to do that in the previous assignment. I don't think I can lie because I have severe anxiety and will have trouble remembering the fake story, and you need to give a lot of details too

No. 1437496

Are places not hiring right now because it's about to be the next year and they're too lazy to get tax information for like 3 weeks? I hate this. I applied to like 15 places and 7 of them immediately rejected me, the rest are like, they saw my application but didn't go further.

No. 1437511

During the end of the year everyone is tapped out/in holiday mode and it's common for HR to have weeks off in December. Also, by this time a lot of companies have run out of budget to hire new people. Don't get discouraged anon, December is the worst month to get hired. You'll have better luck next month if you end up not finding a job this month.

No. 1437514

Sorry anon but you're going to have to lie. Just talk about a time you were volunteering even if you've never volunteered before or maybe think about a time you were helping your parents/friends and pretend you're talking about a customer. Interviews are all about selling yourself. I used to be truthful during them when I was 18 and naive and I learned quickly you're supposed to lie through your teeth so they can hear what they want to hear and hire you. You'll get better at interviews with practice.

No. 1437517

I don't know what jobs you are applying for, so I can't offer tailored advice, but if you are applying online, copy all the key words from the job listing (like: team worker, fast paced, customer service experience), and then paste them at the bottom of your resume. Highlight them, and make all the key words the same color as the color of your resume (hopefully white because that's professional). This way, the system reads them and automatically flags your resume as good and sends it to HR, and this gets it in front of someone which gives you a better chance.

You can do this, I believe in you. Here is your lie, "I used to help take care of my grandma with dementia. Myself and other family members would take turns looking after her so she was never alone. So each day it was my turn, I would be in charge of making sure she takes her pills on time, cooking her meals, soothing her when she became upset, and keeping her entertained. As she declined, it became more challenging because she would not recognize me, and the fear and confusion would make her combative, but even if she didn't know why I was doing what I was doing, I knew why I did it. So that really helped me get through those difficult times."
Repeat that lie until you have it memorized by heart. One, this shows that you can manage multiple tasks. Two, that you are dependable and show up. Three, that you handle stress and pressure well. And four, that you can keep going even when people are screaming at you. The interviewer may ask a few follow up questions, but if you flinch or hesitate, it can be explained away by the fact that you loved your grandma and now she's dead and that's very hard for you. As well as, care taking, filial duty, and taking care of a dying relative are all common themes that many people have gone through and respect.
Once you get the job, don't worry about getting caught in a lie. If you ever mention that you have two grandmothers and they're like "but I thought one died?" just mention that one of the living ones is step grandmother, or that it was a family friend who was so close that she was like a second mother to your mother/father and so you always called her grandma. People really only think about their own internal monologue, so they'll quickly move on.

No. 1437549

Any UX design/general tech industry nonas out there? Do you think it's possible to teach myself UX within a few months if I already have a solid foundation in graphic design?

No. 1437552

I’ve actually thought of doing that as well! I’m business admin with experience in the oil & gas industry. Should I highlight it white too or keep it default?

No. 1437779

I'm a senior UX designer and I'm here to tell you that UX isn't graphic design. User experience design is more about designing the way an user interacts with your page, how the page reacts to their interaction, how you plan on the user to use the site etc., accessibility is also a big topic these days that you should read up on. It's more about looking for behavioral patterns and implementing solutions related to them, it has nothing to do with graphic design but instead relates more to material design. I'm not at all saying that you shouldn't go for it, I actually encourage it because it's a very rewarding and interesting field, but while your experience with graphic design is helpful, a few months simply isn't enough. You'll have to prepare yourself for a longer period.

No. 1437793

I'd highlight it white as well, but make your resume a word document. If it's a pdf and it gets transferred, the color difference might tip them off. Though for safety you could always write, "Thank you for applying for [blank] job with resume builder[myresume.com or something]! Keywords: [and then follow up with the keywords]." That way, if it is caught or they mention it, it looks like a tag the resume website added on and not like you actually did it.

No. 1438800

That's so fricking clever, nona

No. 1441897

considering going back to school and getting an associates, just tired of working at a grocery store but for having no educational merits it's probably the best i can do and pay my bills (15.50/hr and benefits). plenty of computer science/it associates are offered at the local community college, and ive always liked computers and tech. sorry for blogpost nonnies, just need to think my thoughts

No. 1442175

It's worth a shot honestly. Honestly even if you didn't like programming a lot of office jobs just look for any certification, so you could open a lot more doors for yourself.

No. 1442373

Working as a recruiter here… My team is supposed to hire a bunch of apprentices and interns for a specific company and we're so short staffed and badly organised that some people from other teams are helping out. One of them (who hired us btw) started helping and was shocked by the workload we have. Is that a sign that I should maybe fuck off right now? I'm sick of it. we're missing two people because one was too retarded to renew his work permit on time and one is on sick leave right after I came back from sick leave myself. I feel like I'm gonna have a mental breakdown soon if this keeps up. I'm in front of my laptop just staring at it in pure despair, I don't even dare use the mouse to start working.

No. 1442389

Have a one-on-one with your manager and let her know that you and also other people feel that your workload is too much. Let her know that having more teammates would help a lot. If she says there are no plans of hiring new people, then quit

No. 1442391

She already knows that and did her best to hire more people these last few weeks but crazy shit kept happening, for example I wasted 2 weeks training a girl who left because she got pregnant, or later a girl who girl got hired and right after that another girl quit because she also got pregnant and didn't want to renew her contract for just one more month, or a guy suddenly left without actually quitting when I was on holidays so that happened like a few days before the current project started, etc. If I quit now I'll have to stay 3 more months as stated in my contract but by then the project will be over and maybe things will be easier than now. If I quit it won't be right now.

No. 1442428

It's up to you then. If you like the place and feel that the benefits and the pay justifies the amount of stress you're experiencing and you're confident that the workload will be lighter once the project is over, then you should hang in there and stay

No. 1442455

Then I'll stay until at least March. If in March I keep receiving bad news like how people won't renew their contracts or will quit then I'm out.

No. 1444110

Hello nonnies, this is my first time posting in this thread but looking for some advice on remote work and what skill(s) should I look into learning to get a remote job.

I have BA in graphic design but they never taught us anything beyond Adobe programs, and I havent worked in the field in about 7 years.

My current job isnt in graphic design, but I do like it because it has great benefits. Plus it means i have plenty of time to learn a new skill that would allow me to work remotely since I’m not in a rush to leave my job anytime soon.

No. 1444235

what is the chance that if i have connections to someone who works at a major company that theyll give me any job and i mean any fucking job i can take or get without any experience in working. i'm done being depressed and need to get off my ass. this is one person who has connections and i dont know if thye they can just ask.. they've tried seeing things before but nothing was ever in stone.. is it possible nonnas? im too socially anxious and debilitatingly autistic to work at mcdonalds. and there is no other jobs around me that are not borderline slave labor

No. 1444282

Do they just kinda work there or are they a boss? Unless they have hiring powers (like if they manage a department or are a hiring manager) they can't hand you a job, they can only put in a good word for you and make you more likely to be hired (you'd still have to make up a resume and present well in an interview). If they are the CEO or something they could just give you a job, sure.

No. 1444341

What's the question nonna? If you want to be a graphic designer, stick to adobe; Photoshop + Illustrator for the basics + Premiere and/or After Effects for motion design and trust me, these three are enough to take you places

No. 1444362

they're really good friends with their boss inside and outside the company, the boss has even offered scholarships to her family

No. 1444377

I’d take classes in Microsoft office and quick books. That alone could open more doors for you in the office world.

No. 1444394

NTA but thank you for the tips!! I'm going to look for classes on square share or whatever that site is called.

No. 1444523

A guy who worked with me and left a few months ago because of his work permit expiring will probably sue our employer for fucking up some paperworks that makes getting a new permit way easier since it's based on if you have an employer or not. If he doesn't he'll simply quit. We're already understaffed and in total we're missing two people right now including him, I have no idea how nobody had a burnout yet. It's just a matter of when now. It's not going to be me though, after talking about it with coworkers I can see myself leaving in a few months if it gets worse.

No. 1445131

What are some signs that you're gonna be laid off soon?

No. 1445148

File: 1671004991138.gif (395.38 KB, 220x196, 921418FB-1B8A-40EF-9633-C630E6…)

Work drama happened to me today.
(I’m a younger millenial)

I work at a small office for a med spa clinic as an assistant. My boss asked me if I could work at the clinic during the winter since the manager and other staff left in a group. I said yes as I helped out last year and things went well.

>boss hires a new aesthetician

>she literally does not want to work
>would shorten treatment times (40 mins to 20)
>change treatments because it was “too tiring”
>refuse walk ins when she had no clients because she’s “tired”
>”forgot”to do 2nd treatment on a client despite being told what the client was going to get before treatment, so no extra sale for the clinic

There’s a bully who has worked in the clinic for 10 years and she thrives on conflict. One of my gen z coworkers who was hired about half a year ago absolutely adores the bully, gen z is really nice and helpful and apparently I made an off handed comment about the bully working on a day she had no clients. I don’t remember saying that but even if I did not have any malicious undertone as sometimes I say something without thinking. So I was likely an ass hole if I did say this.

I reported the green text to my boss and boss decides to fire new hire. The bully calls my cell phone after work and aggressively asks me

>why I told on the new hire

>why did I talk shit about her (gen z told her I made the schedule comment abt her)
>I need to mind my own fking business
>i’m a rat
>suggested that I’m a liar and a fake
>tells me to stay in my own lane or she will make my life hell aka threats
>she can tell my boss bad stuff about me and she will believe her because she is a long time employee
>why didn’t you talk to the coworker about her problems
>mind my own business x20
>no one is gonna like me
>everyone hates teachers pets
>it’s not my job to be a snitch
>I said I’m an assistant, she said not when I’m at the clinic and I need to shut up and do my job and be a receptionist
>i am just a receptionist at the clinic
>not my job to do _____ x20
>starts saying I’m doing a bad job (giving wrong info when a couple days ago she said I was doing great with the info I gave to clients)
>her click (gen z and new hire) don’t trust me and don’t want to talk to me
>I said I understand she is upset because she likes the new hire, she strongly denies it
>I only care about the clinic, she says it’s not my job again

I was not able to defend myself properly because she kept repeating the same shit over and over and again, I was speechless + I was really confused and dumbfounded at the situation, I did tell her that I don’t remember making the schedule comment and she said she’s going to believe gen z cuz she has a good heart and she tops it off by saying I’m childish and so on. I accidentally sent a voice message to the clinic group chat saying hey (other coworker who reported new hire) the bully called me and she’s angry and says she will ruin me with gen z (I said something like tht don’t rmb) exdeeee, I quickly deleted it but apparently some people heard it. Gen z prob did but I don’t care if she knows I don’t trust her anymore

The thing is a lot of other coworkers reported this new hire for her poor performance too, but she thinks it’s just me. I guess it was obvious because I’m an assistant.

I didn’t understand where all the anger was coming from and why she was taking it so personally, then my other coworker told me she apparently recently lost her nursing license and stopped working at the hospital as a result so maybe she thought I was threatening her livelyhood?
I can admit I’ve done wrong and apologize if I ever said anything about her schedule and said something without thinking, however I won’t because she literally harassed me and threatened me over the phone. I work for a small company so there’s no HR. Boss is aware that the bully is mad, she said I did not do anything wrong at all she will talk to the bully.

I’m going to tell my boss I will go back to the office as a result and I will not be around someone who is threatening me.

I’ve been spending the night trying to make sense of everything, it’s almost 3 am and I got a full shift with gen z soon. (Just the 2 of us)

I will not say anything to Gen z and I will do my job and if she wants to be the bully’s echo chamber I will fully defend myself.

If the bully is some how reading this, you are a bully and I hope you understand why I reported the new hire. I do not remember saying anything but I understand if I said something off hand and something that was rude and I should not have said that if I did say it. Some times I am aloof and say things without thinking, I won’t apologize due to the threats and bullying.

No. 1445180

Lolol anon good for you they made a mess they werent ready to deal with and paid the price. Don't let the intimidation get to you, if we're going off that lady's work ethic i'd day she's all bark. Lmao idk where you are in the world but you could potentially report that bitch to police for threatening you and have her charged just make sure to have the evidence

No. 1445184

Anon the bully reminds me so much of some girl and her friends in high school who started threatening me for talking to one of their boyfriends. Just briefly talked to during class because we had to sit by eachother, no flirting or anything. If your bully is anything like them, it's all talk and she will eventually threaten the wrong person who has no qualms with beating her ass. And like other anon said, if it's possible I'd report her to the police. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes as they say. I hope everything works out for you, you did the right thing.

No. 1445190

I got more than enough experience with this one lol

Depends on the conpany and role, but usually you'll get less and less work assigned until they tell you directly ooor they try to make you quit by overworking you like a farm animal so you leave on your own

No. 1445614

Thanks nonna. After graduating I remember every interview asking if I knew coding. I don’t so I was wondering if i needed to learn any to get a remote job

Thanks nona I’ll look into it!

No. 1445650

Still looking for some ideas. How hard and time consuming is it to get into underwriting or medical coding as a part time or better yet gig job?

No. 1445769

Advice for nonas with drivers' licenses– take a CDL class and get into truck driving. If you like to drive, the work is pretty easy and you can get paid really well. Plus the industry is always hiring and job security is guarantied.

No. 1445953

i am 1/4 down on job interview status and even though it shouldn't matter i hate now much looks play into if you get to the next step. i always look nice and professional and sometimes even make myself look more matronly solely because i hate thinking i got a job due to how i look. i want women to interview me only. it's like that home improvement episode where she makes fun of her husband for buying shit from a pretty lady but then gets out of a ticket by looking pretty. BUT I ALSO LOOK NICE NO MATTER WHAT AND IM WEARING BORING ASS CLOTHES MY RESUME IS WHAT GOT ME THE INTERVIEW why shouldnt i use the fact that men cannot talk to anyone??? ugh im venting into the void dont even read this

No. 1445956

as someone who has dealt with the shipping industry a lot, and truckers, uhhhHHH. you are leaving out a lot here

No. 1445963

samefag but: sleeping in your cab when they time lock you, having to take showers in mostly male and disgusting travel center bathrooms where i would never ever ever set foot, being ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AS A WOMAN? nonnie day to day CDL is a great gig, but short and long term cdl is not for women. and even the daily female CDL truckers have to deal with so much shit from these men, i have bitched out a ton of them over the phone

No. 1445984

Not only that but there’s also risk of injury associated with truck driving. I’ve heard of hot shotters fucking up their legs from driving all the time. I wish the industry didn’t depend on how fast you get there. Would be a lot less car accidents if they were allowed to arrive in a timely order.

No. 1446000

This is terrible advice unless you've got heavy butch tendencies and are good at self defense. On top of the stuff the other Nona listed, you're going to have to deal with horny ass rape ape scrotes constantly trying to get in your pants. Sleeping in your truck as a woman is ten times more riskier than a man doing it.

No. 1446116

File: 1671058067609.jpg (18.87 KB, 500x500, 70387981b4191bb90c60f12c7ebfa2…)

I just made a pretty serious mistake at my job and I can't stop feeling shit about it. The worst part is, I don't know if the work I've already sent also has more of those same serious mistakes. It feels like I'm never gonna get anywhere in life when I keep doing dumb retarded shit like this.
I've already apologised to my employer and said I just don't understand how it happened and that it was a genuine mistake, but now I'm fearing doing it again in the future even though I'm trying to be more aware of it now. I think my problem was working too fast, but I can't fix human error and it fucking sucks. I was enjoying a few days off and now it's just ruined me and made me feel like shit.

No. 1446269

An update for anyone who cares.

I could not sleep at all last night because I was too amped up from the drama then I was sad that someone treated me like that and felt completely justified and right to do so. I think I slept about an hour.

Despite what I said earlier, I decided I did not want to work alone with Gen z today despite having a lot of work to do together such as fixing and re-doing invoices, making sure clients who received treatment and didn’t pay make their e-payment, cashing out today’s customers, etc (Idk how to use the new system so she was suppose to teach me everything) but I don’t want to interact with her at all with everything that has happened, she basically fuelled the fire for the harassment call from the bully in my eyes.

I texted my boss in the morning and asked to take today off and I told her I need to mentally rest after being aggressively verbally attacked and threatened. She’s on a flight coming back from her vacation so she couldn’t do a call so I reiterated what happened in a nutshell and then I mentioned the threats again and how the bully treated me and how I do not want to be in a work environment where someone can threaten me like that. She approved of me taking today off but said she is disappointed with my “reaction” of not wanting to work today so I told her all that stuff again and this time I mentioned I don’t want to work alone with someone with said I gossiped about the bully. My boss also said she really needs me at the clinic and doesn’t seem to want me to go back to the office (business is not particularly good during this time and she doesn’t seem to want to hire new staff atm to replace the ones that left).

My boyfriend told me that there is a possibility I can lose my job if I say I don’t want to work with her, I don’t want to see her or I don’t want to interact with her.
I’m not reporting her to the police because she didn’t threaten to physically harm me, she just said she would make things hell for me at work + tell the boss baloney about me and she said the boss will believe her because of her seniority at the company.

I don’t want to go back to the clinic and pretend like I’m all cool with the bully and Gen z, my boss said she needs people who can work and I’m an adult. At the end of the day she is running a business. I will look for a new job and I’m hoping to be out of there by early next year.

No. 1446382

I got a job offer today! It's almost a 30% salary increase from what I'm making now.
They changed the title of the original posting to a much less junior one and I'm happy about it. If I'm a lower level I'll have lower expectations so if I do a good job I'll be able to grow and move up quicker. I'm really excited to start! I'm worried about impostor syndrome, but my goal is to remember I've earned this and I'm capable.

No. 1446386

Would they outright fire you or would you have to go on a performance plan?

No. 1446532

Yess, so happy for you, nonnie!!

No. 1446573

Just graduated from college and I got an on site interview this Monday. I'm feeling anxious because this would be my first formal (not retail) interview. What was it like for everyone when they first did it?

No. 1446901

Does anyone know of platforms where you can do smaller translation (e.g movie subtitles) or transcription or data entry projects? Projects that can be done on the side

No. 1447009

Honestly, it depends a lot on the company. For example, I had one interview with only one man who held two technical interviews for my subject (programming). It was a lot of hard programming question, and technical stuff.
I also had another interview that was composed of four seniors in the company, and surprisingly this one was wayyyy less nervewracking that the first because all the seniors were really comfortable with each other, joking and making the atmosphere a lot less tense. The technical questions were also considerably easier, and not nearly as many.
What subject/job type are you trying to get into? You don't have to give us all the details but basically it will depend a lot from place to place. Overall, I do think that you get more confidant with interviews as time goes on, but some companies just suck ass in general, and their interviews are tense.
If you're physically going to your job interview, try and see other workers who are around. See how miserable/not miserable they look. That should give you an idea about the culture of the place.

No. 1447010

No. 1447080

nerve-wracking but tbh failing interviews can be a good thing as it gives you more practice, so try to see this whole experience in a positive way. try to be yourself and remember you're trying to convince someone whose job relies on hiring someone fit for the job. they're not grading you as a person, they're just trying to get a good candidate based on a 30-min interview they're being paid to conduct.
prepare all the most common questions. e.g. "tell me about yourself" and prepare some questions more specific to your line of work. speak to yourself a couple times every day leading up to the interview and you'll do as well as you could, then it's all up to luck and the company's preferences. good luck nona!!

No. 1447407

go work at Appen.

No. 1447644

Yeah I'm butch dyke but that doesn't mean only tough bitches can survive trucking.

>cdl is not for women

You sound like the scrotes that tried to keep me out of this industry. Anyone can do this job if they're not a pussy, buck up.

No. 1448041

my coworker is such an ass kissing tattle tale. volunteers to do shit then goes off to bitch to the manager about how he's the only one doing that shit so now we all have to do that. wasn't even our job in the first place. this asshole stands around listening to conversations then goes off running to the manager telling her we said this and that. not surprised he's kissing ass so much, espcially since he knows her from outside of work. hell, heard he only got this job the the first place because he didn't get along with the coworkers from his previous department and the manager at the time for our department was his friend and pulled him into this one. the current 5, including me, out of our 7 coworkers dont even like him, obviously says something. idk about the other 2 because i dont work on the same shift as one and the other one i don't talk to. u do noticed he doesn't respond to the assholes greetings in the morning. and two other departments hates him because he acts like such an authoritative asshole.

No. 1450692

well we're gonna need details if you're gonna insist that trucking is a good idea. where do you pee? ever been attacked? how do other truckers etc treat you?

No. 1451782

When I did long haul I was never attacked but I also didn't stop in sketchy areas or put myself in a position where that could potentially happen. And I kept my doors locked and kept mace on me. Just be smart.

Other truckers mind their business most of the time. Obviously there are gonna be misogynists that make snarky comments at you because you're female, but that shit happens in retail and every other job you can get so I wasn't shocked.

Not all truckers are the typical longhaul drivers you see in movies either. The best work is local. You drive to the same spots everyday to make deliveries and come back home at the end of your shift. The only downside is dealing with traffic, but being home every night was a huge plus.

City bus driving is also easy cdl work if trucking still sounds too scary.

And I peed at truck stops.

No. 1452344

Has anyone worked a marketing job before? I got an interview for this small company but my experience isn't in marketing. It's also in tech which makes me nervous because I dont have any experience in that area. I don't really know how to prepare for the interview because the job posting didn't have a ton of information about the actual position and its duties (I verified that its a real company and posting though). I have worked social media and done email marketing before so I guess I just kind of exagerate those skills?

No. 1452354

Truck stop food really sucks ass, doesn't it? How do you cope, do you get to go to grocery stores or would that fuck up your schedule?

No. 1452375

Just act teachable. Marketing is full of people bullshitting all day every day. It's not NASA

No. 1453473

File: 1671499154346.jpeg (40.72 KB, 804x381, 545FFDAB-9527-412A-AEB6-73C7E0…)

Are there any careers that are both creatively fulfilling and sustainable long term? I’ve been hit by the graduate wall of hating my job and my field but being terrified that anything else I try would have exactly the same problems. My passion has always been writing and I wanted to study English but I let my parents convince me to go into construction management/admin and now they scratch their heads and wonder why I’m such a flat unhappy version of myself and why I don’t write like a I used to even though they spent years telling me it was a waste of time. I’m not trying to be a bestseller, just anything where I could exercise a little bit of creativity and not listen to scrote talk from my coworkers and our contractors 24/7.

No. 1453527

Not any of the anons you've been replying to, but just someone who works in the office for a long distance trucking company and I have to say

nonnie this should be the least of your worries kek. And yes the drivers are able to grocery shop on the job for themselves.

No. 1453534

Like the other anon >>1452375 said. A lot of jobs are doing on site training because they are desperate for people. I just left a job doing dispatch (something I had zero experience in) and learned a lot. Now I am taking that knowledge with me elsewhere.

No. 1453576

File: 1671504251001.gif (866.84 KB, 498x320, lItDeZJ.gif)

I work at a company that builds private jets. Something happened a few days back that makes me feel like shit.

>went on a business trip with company lawyer. got grilled by corporate for 72 hours

>exhausted and have cried like 3 times
>lawyer finds out one of our jets is in the area and can pick us up
>i'm SO fucking excited
>literally no one in the company gets to ride on the jets even though we build them
>ride jet, get back home at 6pm, closure of business
>go into the office and run to my other lawyer buddy and I'm so loud and excited
>jumping, going "yess!" and he's happy for me
>one of our high-up japanese corporate guys is sitting near him, he's usually pretty chill but he kinda looks at me sorta annoyed
>whatever, it's 6pm
>two days later boss calls me into a meeting after the managers meeting
>apparently someone in the office approached my boss and said "my behavior wasn't appropriate" that day
>person didn't give any context that I had flown the jet
>boss wasn't mad or anything but he just wanted to tell me about it

not even sure if this was this japanese guy, but I feel so embarrassed honestly. work has been so hard lately and this was the best thing that's happened to me in a while, so I feel awful. just need some nonnas to tell me that it's ok and that I'm not a bad person.

No. 1453578

it's ok you're not a bad person. how do you get a job at a company that builds private jets?
but seriously you're fine. your boss relayed it as a matter of fact not like you'd done anything wrong. happened to me before too. channel your inner stacy. it's fine to be excited sometimes.

No. 1453633

Regardless if it was the Japanese guy who turned you in or not, they're such a tattle-tale?? Like you see one person who's not completely miserable at work and you have to try and ruin it? You're fine OP. Try not to stress about it.

No. 1456312

File: 1672184208071.jpeg (44.21 KB, 736x736, mugi.jpeg)

hi nonnas! I'm starting my first semester of community college soon studying HIT. I have a lot of different passions and careers I want to do in the future but I chose HIT to appease my parents and hopefully make a decent income so I can support my family. Do you think I made the right choice? I mostly chose HIT because of the little schooling, I don't want to waste time on something I'm not passionate about, but I wonder if it's too saturated - medical coding is really popular - or if theirs another job with little/no schooling that pays really well.

No. 1456377

I'm so anxious and just need to vent a little and maybe get some advice, I got an offer for a job at a university a few days ago that I wanted and I accepted, but they can't make the offer official until my background check goes through. It's the holiday so it will probably be at least a couple weeks before I get the official letter. I know the background check will come back fine, but the problem is I applied to multiple other positions at the same university. I wanted to wait until I got the official offer before withdrawing from those searches, but one of them just reached out for reference checks which makes me think they could be getting close to an offer too. Since it's the same employer just different departments and I REALLY don't want to create bad blood by wasting their time, but I'm just so worried that the one I accepted will fall through somehow.

Am I worrying for nothing? The one I accepted didn't indicate there was any chance of the offer being withdrawn, but I'm desperately trying to escape a shitty situation and either job would allow me to, so even the smallest chance of somehow missing out on both is just devastating. But I also know how much work goes into the hiring process and I'm afraid of pissing people off that I'll probably be working with indirectly if I don't pull out now before the other department makes its final decision. Should I just chill out and assume the first offer will come through smoothly?

No. 1456415

I think applying for multiple positions is a sign you really want to work there imo. Wait till the department that’s your first choice to makes it’s decision, and if you get in respectfully inform the other department you withdraw you application as you think that department is better suited to your skillset or something. I do not think there will be bad blood. I worked in a company with multiple locations and hired workers, and if an applicant chose some other location over mine it was fine and understandable.

No. 1456422

I feel incredibly entitled but I cannot continue working from home anymore. I have a relatively easy job (it doesn't pay super well, it isn't salary either) but it brings out all of my worst qualities. I spend all day in bed and typically don't get out until I clock out at 3 PM. Without knowing I was actually working on my laptop you'd confuse me with a severely depressed person.

I plan on quitting very soon and working at a fancy bar in the nice town I moved to. It isn't a "career move" but I'm extremely excited and going to avoid telling my parents for awhile.

No. 1456426

>go to appointment with a banker to get insurance for electronic devices
>we casually talk about other type of contracts and he sees how much money I saved by living with my parents
>asks my job and salary to see if he can help me with looking for my own place
>"wow miss anon, I'm shocked you're not earning more"
>feel like shit again because I hate my job and know I'm underpaid

No. 1456451

working 3rd shift nets me more time with my nigle but is so shitty for finding the time to run errands and is so boring its almost not worth how easy it is. working 2nd shift is the ideal work/leisure balance, but then i only see my 1st shift-working nigle on my days off and those are also the busiest shifts. 1st shift is not an option for me personally, i would mentally unravel after 2 weeks of having to get up before 7am, ive tried it before and thats exactly what happened.

how do i get a work-from-home gig so i can stop doing this stupid shuffle? i can take just about another year of this i think.

No. 1456507

Has anyone been or know someone who worked at a luxury hotel spa in massage and are they really well paid? Luxury resort spa experiences

Personally I worked freelance and made good money but it's part time and has no guaranteed salary like a spa job, and since then I am certified.

No. 1456543

what is HIT

No. 1456616

Health Information Technology

No. 1456983

i work at a law firm as an assistant, and one of the younger attorneys has had it out for me since i told her to stop texting me about her and another attorney's sex life. today she blew up at me for the way i treated her, and we both got sent home, but i'm not sure why she expected me to like her when she kept harassing me with sexual conversations.

No. 1457000

In the same boat, hopefully we can find something worth it!
I'm planning to trying to get some passive income creating stupid meme shit to sell on sticker & shirt sites and I think I want to become a dog walker/sitter or do some data entry or something. I make the equivalent of $22.50 an hour right now but it's only because I work 50 hours a week. I want to work under 40 hours a week, it's taking up so much of my time. I want to eventually find a job that pays me at least $25 an hour and I just work 35 hour weeks and pray to god things made for passive income can rank in at least $100 a week.
I told my nigel the other night how I can't wait to stop having to work so much so I can just be at home majority of the time raising our future child. He's in total support, he wishes I could be home more often already. We're saving for the future, but I worry about the stable job. I want to be home for our child I want to have in at least 3 years. It's better for me to start to figure something out sooner than later.

No. 1457652

I guess this is more of a confession, but I am just a lazy piece of shit employee. I wasn't always like this. I worked retail right out of college for two years, and I think that it really shaped my work ethic in a positive way (at the cost of burning out). I think of my past self as a genuine hard worker, and I liked to earn the praise of my superiors, I liked to feel like I had done a good job at the end of the day after running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Of course I left, because retail is just so fucking soul sucking.

For better or for worse, my next job and the beginning of my career in administration was so good to me. It was minimum wage, but only a $2 pay cut so not really a loss, but it was easy peasy and slow as fuck. Office was small, everyone was very friendly, and all I did was fuck off on the internet for 7 hours straight while occasionally answering the phone (mostly spam calls anyway) and greeting some people. It was only a temp position though and they never hired permanently (company couldn't afford to give benefits so they would rather just switch someone out). My next admin job had fast paced moments and slow moments, so it was a good mix and I still had some good down time, but of course I had work and I think I still did a good job there.

No. 1457654

Now at my current job, I'm back to doing jack shit. I rarely get assignments so I'm fucking off most of the day. It's great, but now I have to start thinking about earning more money so that I can actually survive and afford shit. I hate myself because as I apply to job and I interview, even though I try to put my best foot forward, I just think "ugh, I have to do work." But yeah! I have to do work! It's work, you dummy! A job I interviewed for this morning said of themselves it can sometimes be "faster than fast paced" and I just am dreading tons of work, but the top end of their pay range is almost double my current salary. For what is essentially still a basic bitch admin job, it's a pretty decent salary in my city.

No. 1457655

I hate myself because I've let myself become so lazy. At first it was because I no longer wanted to be taken advantage of. I was no longer the naive fresh out of college employee, eager to please and bend over backwards for pennies. I would work but purposely be slow and would try to hide the fact from managers and supervisors that I can work decently fast and well. But I've let myself become lazy. I've taken advantage of it. I know that I am extremely lucky and fortunate to have landed my current position, where I do fuck all. I'm spoiled as fuck. I get to work from home whenever I want (but I mostly come in anyway), my commute it only 20 minutes by subway and I don't have to transfer trains and my building is only across the street from the station. Hell, I kept taking random days off because of my sick cat and then ended up taking a week off when he passed and my manager approved it and didn't fight me on it. I'd stay here, but my salary is absolute garbage, and even if I got a raise, the pay cap for my position is 10k less than the minimum the job I just interviewed for is offering.

No. 1457656

I tell myself "ugh I'm hesitant about taking this job if I got it because the commute is longer (about an hour) and I'd have to do more work" but bitch that's the fucking price of working a job that fucking pays! I could become exactly what I hate and just ebeg on twitter for donations if I really wanted to keep being a lazy piece of shit. I hate what I've let myself become, and I won't self sabotage the opportunity for a better paying job just because I don't want to do more work. I also don't even hate admin work! I actually really like it! I love mindless busywork! What the fuck is wrong with me!!!

Sorry for the multiple posts, I can't believe I can no longer post stupid long ass rants on lolcow anymore. What the fuck.

No. 1457686

Is being a freelancer/self employed really so bad? When reading through experiences from people from my country, they all say they work 60 hours a week, are basically married to their job, have no free time and their relationships suffer a great lot, only the money being great (for some of them…) But then again, these all seem to be the bosses of some firm with several dozen people employed under them, and what I'm looking for is a pure one-woman job lol.

No. 1457762

I was an in-house freelancer for a bit and I really liked the freedom of it. I have friends who only freelance and they seem to have a good balance. I guess some people don't know how to maintain a good work-life balance be whether it freelance or full time. I'm 9-5 full time now and I see the timestamps on emails from my boss and coworkers are sometimes at like 10 fucking pm and I'm like why- how- I don't even have enough to do during a regular day like today kek. Anyway, I feel like these are the kind of people with no outside hobbies, interests, etc and would prefer to work 24/7 to have something to do. Having boundaries (including mental boundaries where you don't think about work after a certain time) and knowing your contract well is key in my opinion

No. 1457779

Yeah, I think for a lot of people, they gravitate towards more money, but even if they pull an 8 hour shift, they're still going to make good money regardless. It's like, if you want to, do it, but limit yourself. These people haven't learned how to.

No. 1457859

most of my colleagues are nerdy older men (40-60 yo). they are very nice and respectful, but it's clear that a lot of them are starved of attention and take it really personally if i am nice to them. i am a very outgoing and positive person at work, not flirty at all, and i feel like some of them have developed a crush on me. although i don't believe they'll do anything inappropriate, it makes me feel kind of awkward because it's so fucking obvious.

nonnas who work in male dominated environments how do you deal with everything?

No. 1459572

File: 1672527073124.jpeg (591.11 KB, 1191x1193, 6D63D7C1-4790-4060-9996-9A78F1…)

I graduated at the height of the pandemic so I went straight into retail after college. I worked retail until 2022 and then traveled for most of the year. Now I’m going back home and applying for Admin and Data entry roles because I really don’t want to go back to retail. Just got offered my first interview for an Admin role that’s a 60% pay increase, too. I really want to do well! Does anyone working an Admin role know what kind of questions I might be asked?
I don’t have previous experience in an Admin role but believe many of my other customer service skill will translate alright. If I get asked a specific skill I’m unsure of doing though, how do I respond? Be honest and say I don’t know, but I’m more than willing to put in the effort and learn/receive training?

Also one more side question… when I was interviewing for a retail position before they asked me for a time I dealt with conflict in the workplace. Felt like the interviewers didn’t really like my answer to this question and I’m just wondering I get asked something like this ever again, is there a “right” way to respond? What do interviewers like to hear? Thank you so much! I really appreciate any help

No. 1459581

good luck nona! I have worked both retail and data entry/admin roles in my teens and twenties. data entry is so much more chill, i even loved one job I had because it was so relaxing but it was only temp. admin is a bit more involved but includes more variety, if that's your thing. and it's stationary heaven.

anyway, questions you might get asked
>how do you stay organised
>strengths and weaknesses
>how do you handle stress
>what is your experience and how are your IT skills
>why do you want the job/why do you think you're well suited to it
basically you have to be confident and make yourself sound professional, well-organise, self-motivated, team-player etc. but have some prepared sentences to talk about your flaws and challenges (could be something like "I have struggled with time keeping in the past but now mitigate that by setting timers and organising how long each task will take me")
>If I get asked a specific skill I’m unsure of doing though, how do I respond?
your response for that was good i thought! you could also throw in something like "I haven't ___ before but feel confident I will pick it up as I'm a fast learner"

No. 1459583

samefagging because of the annoying new word limit.

the conflict thing is less likely to come up in admin, I would think, but I would stress the importance of always staying professional, polite, calm and involving HR where necessary.

I'm sure you'll do great. And remember, they're trained to grill you a bit in corporate-style interviews, compared to the retail ones. they put you on the spot so if you feel uncomfortable, just keep reminding yourself that it's normal and don't freak out.

No. 1459598

did my cv with a cute template i found on canvas to try out some jobs when i go back to college
im manifesting a successful year for all my nonnies
happy new year <3

No. 1459731

I think I can really make it up the career ladder. I've never really had an aspiration to do anything or put extra effort into anything, but recently I've realized I'm pretty f'ing smart and if I play my cards right I can probably get places.
I'm manifesting myself as someone who has a picture on the Leadership page of a website. It's weird because I've never had a career goal before and I guess this is it…what a good way to bring in 2023

No. 1459734

You can do it! Talk about the importance of organization, detail, and data accuracy.
If you don't know how to do something you can be honest, but give an example of when you were a fast learner. You can brag or exaggerate, they won't know how important something actually was.

For the conflict in the workplace, the right answer is always remain professional and it depends on the type of conflict. If the conflict is over personal matters, you want to inform HR ASAP and remove yourself from the situation. If the conflict is about work matters, you want be respectful of others opinions and if you are facing obstacles in what you need to get done as part of your work responsibilities, escalate the situation to your manager.
You got this nona. Keep us posted!

No. 1460495

File: 1672617177676.png (427.03 KB, 512x512, _MADU-EN-VG-artwork.png)

Nonnas, is there anything I should know ahead of time as a CCA in the USPS?
I applied to the job to stall out 2 years so
>The great tech recession
can reach its thrilling conclusion.

No. 1460980

I really cannot thank you two more for your help and encouragement! I just completed my virtual interview and actually got asked some of the topics/questions you pointed out, so I’m really happy I was able to prepare answers I was confident in beforehand. Nothing in the interview caught me off guard!
My interviewer really liked me and said he was going to change my status from an “applicant” to “offer” in the computer system, but I’m not officially hired yet because he does want to do an in person interview when I return to my hometown soon, which I think is understandable. Hopefully I interview well in person, too! I’ve applied for other positions also, and now feel more confident if I get offered any other interviews. I’m starting to really feel like I can get out of retail hell! Thank you so much again!

No. 1461012

You don't need to know anything. You should get a week of paid classroom training and a vehicle training day (don't fuck that up) and a day where you just shadow someone on the job before anyone asks you to actually do anything yourself. Individual circumstance at each station could vary but that's generally how it goes.
It stopped during covid but there used to be an assessment/test ( https://about.usps.com/careers/how-to-apply/assessments.htm ). It could have started again I don't know. Just follow isntructions like all the other hiring stuff, it's not hard. it was like a memory test involving addresses and I think there was also an ethics portion but it was very common-sense "you find $200 in a collection box what do you do? 1. keep it OR 2. notify your manager" lol. Drug testing was also halted/postponed during covid but I think it started again.

No. 1461202

I'm a wagie who wants out of retail, any reccomended certs that're easy/quick to earn, and lead to jobs that pay well?

No. 1461217

woohoo! that's great. hope you get it, it's sounding good though.

No. 1461224

Security. Most places you apply for can help you get the training for a guard card and provide CPR certification. Shortly thereafter, you can train to be armed and get paid even more.

No. 1461238


No. 1461249

I got sick just today and worked from home today. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to the office but I feel like total shit and I'm worried it could be covid (I don't have any auto test left at home so no idea). What do? I'm considering working at home tomorrow just to get some rest.

No. 1461282

>Are there any careers that are both creatively fulfilling and sustainable long term?

Copy writing
Technical writing

I'm interpreting sustainable as you can get an actual job doing it and don't have to hustle as a self-employed person. Your company probably has some kind of writing opportunities that you can volunteer to write for to get your writing fix.
Also, you can sign up on fiverr, upwork, etc and take whatever writing jobs that interest you and see how you feel about making those your career.

No. 1461287

>I feel incredibly entitled but I cannot continue working from home anymore.

It's not entitled. Working from home is not for everybody. Some people need the clear separation between work and home in order to perform their best.

Congrats on the new job!

No. 1461298

I think pay is really going to depend on the specific spa. Look up the company on glassdoor and see what the reviews are.
Look up similar jobs on ziprecruiter and indeed.com to see what others are paying. Check salary.com to see what they say about salary.

No. 1461300

Did you report the texts to your manager.
If not, you should.

No. 1461312


>Do you think I made the right choice? I mostly chose HIT because of the little schooling, but I wonder if it's too saturated - medical coding is really popular - or if theirs another job with little/no schooling that pays really well.

I don't know what country you are in, but in the US, HIT is a decent choice. According to Bureau of Labor Statics link below, the job is expected to grow for the next 10 years, so I wouldn't say its saturated. And if you get a job in one IT dept, you can also transfer to a different IT area. However, you should talk to the career counselors at your college and find out how many of their HIT graduates got jobs. Your school might suck at placing people.

Health Information Technologists and Medical Registrars Job Outlook

You can use this site to find data for your specific state:

Regarding other jobs, with similar schooling and pay, you can check out this page. This is for the US, so not sure how applicable this is for other countries:

Occupation Finder

No. 1461866

File: 1672765923133.gif (3.82 MB, 400x300, ajOGC1.gif)

I'm so angry. Up until now we could work from home 3x a week and they recently changed the policy and reduced this to 2 days. The thing is, there are not enough computers in the office and some people were not given work laptops at all. It happened the other day that there was an event and everyone was told to come to the office, but some people then had to go home so they could work because only desks with docking stations were available. Ridiculous

No. 1461881

Kek this one moid in my department decided to quit to "pursue personal projects", aka he couldn't deal with the workload, I'm guessing. So now we get to finish up the shit he was assigned. Can't take the heat, stay outta the kitchen, scrote.

No. 1461954

Look for a new job. There are plenty of remote only jobs now. I'm not even giving hybrid work a look. fuck that, I want to be home.

No. 1462015

Thank you! I checked my school's website and they have a pretty good employment rate. Maybe I'll teach myself to code or something just in case I want to go in that direction.

No. 1469068

File: 1673388241255.png (6.93 KB, 309x383, 1396b4371dff70a9f3455fea948591…)

Nonna's I'm super hopeful about the interview I went through today! I know I've said that like thrice or so itt, but this time I actually was one of the 3 "finalists", so to speak. One of the interviewers seemed to be kinda impressed with my achievements, they liked that I already knew the place and they even recognized that my resume picture was taken there (it's an art gallery/museum/house in general). The same guy also knew my biggest reference personally, and complimented her. He also said he'd might leave in the middle of the interview cause he had some other affairs to attend, but he never did - which I think it's a good sign, he either was interested or the interview was to the point and he didn't need to milk it any longer. He even called another superior to join us.
Tbh I didn't feel the same enthusiasm from the other 2, but I'm qualified to the position, I do speak all of the desired languages of the institution, I wasn't nervous (even cracked some jokes), I've proven to be communicative and a team worker and that I understand the work culture there since I've been in similar ones. Maybe the first guy will convince the other 2 (3 technically, since there was the other woman who joined us later).
My biggest worry is that they asked me to write a surprise themed report. I'm not bad at writing, but since I didn't prepare and it was technically timed since I had to hurry to get to my current job, I'm afraid it was kinda shitty and redundant lol at least everything was grammatically correct.

I am feeling it, nonas. I'm so ready to start 2023 with a brand new job, at a place I genuinely love and with a 50% salary increase from my current retail job.

No. 1469075

I feel like I'm tard wrangling, I have employees who will go to the hospital multiple times a month for the littlest things. I genuinely don't understand. I just got a text from one saying he left the hospital for a muscle that was hurting, he was able to walk perfectly 10 hours ago and he needs a day off because he needs to take meds. I'll supposedly be seeing a doctor's note tomorrow, but I'm so appalled. I had another employee say he was going to go to the hospital because he overslept. I don't know how long I can do this.

No. 1469144

I'm looking for a job. Wish me luck nonnies, my incentive is escaping my home

No. 1469149

Oh, me too! Good luck nona, I'm sure I'm sure you'll find a good job soon!

No. 1469412

You're gonna ace the interviews nonna!!

No. 1469565

Just finished my 2nd round interview at this engineering firm. Everyone I've spoken with is very kind but harp on and on about the trust between employees, the collaborative environment, and supporting one another. I think I've just become a very jaded person so I'm wary when they keep mentioning stuff like that but it's sort of typical of companies to put up a good front anyway. I think more of a red flag was that I wasn't really asked questions… For the first round it was basic "tell me about yourself, your resume" which was expected, but this round was with managers so I expected more behavioral questions or slightly more grilling about my skills but there wasn't… Is this suspicious? If I got the job, it'd be a 20k pay raise from my current position. Do nonnies think it's worth the risk?

No. 1470181

Now that I can walk to work I love being in the office. It's nice to get a change of scenery and more space to walk around. My desk is far away from the bathroom and kitchen so I get way more steps in than I would WFH. I'm required to go in 2x a week but I'll probably go whenever it's not rainy or too hot out.
If I had to drive to work I'd want to be fully remote

No. 1471172

Nonnies, I need advice. I've been a fuck up for the last couple of years and I'm trying to fix my fuck ups and get my life back on track. I got my Patient Care Technician and my Phlebotomy certification when I was 26, but I didn't do anything with it and instead worked as a preschool teacher. At the end of 2020, I fractured my spine during a seizure and stopped working, and moved back to my hometown. Now, I'm working part time as a preschool teacher again, but I want to get recertified as a Phlebotomist and PCT and get back on track in that field and have a career. I'm very nervous because, I'm worried nobody will want to hire a 30 year old woman with a year long gap in her employment. Is there anybody else who has been in a similar situation and it turned out okay? Is there a way I can write my resume, like leaving the years I went to school off, that will make it look more appealing?

No. 1471403

You could probably just say you took time off to get recertified/prepare for a career change. Plenty of people change careers in their 30s, it's not that crazy and I think employers will take you seriously as long as you put the effort in to get the certifications.

No. 1471502

File: 1673583869376.jpg (28.26 KB, 1000x750, ezgif-4-396f5485c1.jpg)

Nonas how can I make my cubicle at work less horrible? I'm hybrid now and I really miss my home office's big windows and natural light. My cubicle is in this small room in the center of the floor with no windows. I feel like I'm in an oversized broom closet. I do sit outside during my lunch break and it does make me feel better.

No. 1471517

uhhh is your spine fixed good as fuck? because PCT and phlebotomy will ruin your back.

No. 1471522

Anyone have any doors open for them down the line as an administrative assistant? So far at the place I work it seems like the assistants usually move up within the network for all sorts of jobs but just wondering if anyone has any experience or has seen it. It’s basically entry level at this point and my boss makes it seem like there are lots of options for me down the line.

No. 1471920

anyone who’s done city year/americorps in here? how are they about vetting references?

No. 1472020

I messed up while submitting an application to this company. I've been applying to so many places and I'm looking for a minimum of 50k salary (currently earn 35k) but for this one place I put 55k. My city now requires companies to list the salary range in job listings, and in the midst of my mass applying my dumbass didn't scroll all the way down the listing and see that this company listed the salary range for this position! The recruiter brought up the 55k during our initial talk and I've been kicking myself for it because saying "yeah I didn't read the listing all the way through lol" probably doesn't sound that great so I was like "yeah… that's what I'm looking for…"

I finished my interview and I'm just waiting on an answer but the recruiter reached out to me in the meantime to hear about how the interview went and stuff, and brought up salary again. I changed my answer and said I was looking for 55 to 60k and she confirmed that a 60k salary would increase the possibility of me taking the offer. Really, I'd even just take 55k kek I make pennies now. But I'm kicking myself because maybe if I had actually read the listing, I could've put 65k for the salary I'm looking for and weaseled my way into getting 70k. Maybe I should just stop being such a greedy fuck. Most job I applied for paid around 40-50k, so even getting 60k minimum is a rarity. I live in an expensive as fuck city so even a 70k salary still means living with roommates, but I'm just a little mad that I could have gotten myself an even better salary.

Don't even know why I'm being such a greedy fuck. I live with my parents and don't pay rent or have any debt. I'm financially comfortable and it's not like I'm looking for a lifestyle upgrade as much as I just want to save up to buy my own place, maybe help out my parents more.

No. 1472051

Are you a burger? Ask for more. Not the max range. A couple thousand right under. Too low is a flag and you might get missed. You won’t get a raise equal to cost of living. You’re not cheating them you’re balancing it so you’re making what you should be the first couple years.

No. 1472080

I am a burger. I'm nervous about calling and asking for more again and being put off the table for the position even if it's within their range… Would it be too much if I got the offer to lie and say my current position is giving me a raise and if they could offer me a little more for me to take their offer? I just fear using the "I got a better offer/I got a raise" lie would come back to bite me if they could somehow that information out.

No. 1472130

If they offer you the position if you’ve already updated salary once I wouldn’t mention it again then. If you really want to try for more I’d email the recruiter and mention you’re being offered a little more than you asked for say 68-70 in a few days (enough time you could get another offer) and it’s enough for you consider it over them unless they are willing to match. There’s also a possibility you’ll be asked to interview with a hiring manager or team manager and they may also give you the option to discuss pay too. As the recruiter is normally a contracted third party. The advice is also just for your job search in general. Companies are set up to screw you over, don’t feel bad about asking for more up front. Stay in salary range and ask for 75-80% of max.

No. 1472149

The recruiter is actually an in-house recruiter for the company. I might use the other offer lie, but I think they are going to let me know if I got an offer or not early next week so I think I will pretend that I'm waiting to hear back from another company in 1-2x max before countering with a newer, higher salary. I interviewed with a couple of managers from the company (did two rounds already) and I think my interview went really well with them, although they suspiciously didn't ask me too much about my skills/experience. They are a legitimate firm and the position is just for a basic admin position though, so it's not like there's anything I wouldn't be able to handle/learn. They didn't bring up salary at any point though. I'm flip flopping anyway because of the longer commute/more work but even their base salary would be good… having even more pay would definitely make things more worth it though.

Thank you nonna!

No. 1472166

Haha just kidding, the recruiter contacted me again and said they'll actually be extending me the offer and I'll get the offer letter by today/Monday after they finish checking it over so. 60k it is gals.

No. 1474834

File: 1674054178503.gif (206.23 KB, 220x220, 1647445078457.gif)

nonnies should i call or email today to follow up on an application i put in last week on monday? or should i wait until next monday? v nervouse but really want this job

No. 1474838

If you haven't even gotten a confirmation email that they have received your application I don't think it's bad to ask. It shows that you're really interested in the job.

No. 1474855

I tried to apply to some part time jobs online (mostly retail) and every single company's job application page is broken. Am I really supposed to give all my personal info to these fake looking job listings websites to apply or are the openings listed all scams to begin with? It's not like anyone does paper applications anymore either. What should I do? I really need money and these stores have hiring signs on the window that say to apply online but the careers or apply pages will not load at all.

No. 1474864

Recently, I decided to take the first steps into transitioning to a career in UI/UX Design. I've researched a lot about it over the past couple of months after my sister introduced the field to me and am willing to put in the work to successfully get into this career. Spent a few bucks on a basic course to break into the actual process and getting more familiar with the concepts/terminology. Hoping that this will be the career for me and I can finally settle into something that I enjoy doing. It also helped me feel inspired when I read that a large majority of the pros in this field are women.

Idk if any other nonnies here are in this particular field and/or fully transitioned into a new field and succeeded but is there any advice regarding to making it work? Anytime I go online to look for inspiration I encounter a lot of doomposting about "why you shouldn't do XYZ" and it's pretty distressing.

No. 1474995

hell yeah! get that coin. I'm aiming for a 50-60k job myself.

No. 1475135

File: 1674075228446.jpg (47.2 KB, 736x736, e111819f7e7ecfc5bfe5388b28afd8…)

I'm usually not like this but I'm legit fighting off tears rn because I didn't get the job I wanted. I was so confident too, everything went so well. They offered me an alternative, but it's not for the company I wanted… I mean, kinda. It would be an outsourced company, but I'd be working at the place that I wanted in the first place. But the job itself… I don't know. They gave me time to think/answer, but rn I have my reasoning a bit clouded because I'm feeling very disheartened. The salary would be basically the same as my current job but it wouldn't be retail… And at a place I genuinely enjoy. Idk. I fear hating the place itself if I end up hating the job.

No. 1476656

I hate my current supervisor. I've been on his team for about 7 months now. I changed teams to get a morning schedule. My old team and supervisor were awesome, but I'm not a night person.

New supervisor was someone that never did the job before and came from a different department. It has been hell under them, and I have cried and felt like shit everyday. I'm a top agent on the floor (with and without him), and felt like he always undermined me, mansplained everything, while also being incompetent at his job.

We got a new manager, and after formally meeting them I wrote them a long (like 1,000 word long) email explaining how miserable I was and that I wanted a supervisor change. I feel so stupid after sending it because I'm afraid it will come off as overly dramatic and ruin my reputation, but I'm desperate. I haven't gotten a response yet, so I'm anxious. I need this job while I finish my degree so I can move on (currently work in a call center but make good money), but feel I'm ready to quit if my worklife gets worse.

Ugh, just wanted to rant.

No. 1476668

>why you shouldn't do XYZ
omg I see this all the time now, I watch a lot of channels that teach coding and recently this became a trend. tbh I think they're just trying to gatekeep and stop people from replacing them, it's so weird! I never click on those videos either, I have once and it was mostly clickbait and had no value.
Wishing you good luck and success with your career transitioning! Unfortunately I can't give you any advice other than to ignore these sensationally titled articles and videos.

No. 1476673

My job nearly made me lose my mind these past few months but I got rewarded with a 1000€ bonus for this month! It's not something they're giving to everyone so I feel like a bad bitch right now. I'm sure it's also a way to try to keep me in their team for longer because a bunch of coworkers are seriously considering quitting or already quit months ago. I'm alsl considering quitting but not now because I need a bit more experience in my field to be able to find another job that pays better easily and I'm should receive more bonuses later.

No. 1476681

File: 1674132122086.jpg (93.54 KB, 976x549, p09n4kvg-1.jpg)

What do you guys do at work when there is nothing to do?

There is a lull at work since December and when I'm working from home I can find myself things to do (I do the laundry, tidy, cook, etc) but when I'm in the office, I feel like I could die from boredom, I just stare at the screen and click around. We have a hybrid setup and we are obliged to attend the office 2x a week. They are super strict about cybersecurity and almost every webpage that is not related to work is banned so I cannot watch Youtube videos or things like that. Thinking about bringing a book with myself

No. 1476682

Congrats nonna!!

No. 1476708

File: 1674134271668.jpg (57.07 KB, 600x337, 7e5a974fa57243e67ca377945579dc…)

I slept on it and I think I'll accept the offer. It can't be worse then retail - and even if it is, at least it's not completely dead end, I'd have a chance of career growth. It really bums me though that I won't be actually working for the company that I want though, especially since the pay is waaay less. They said that there was a possibility that I could get hired for my desired company itself, but I don't know how long that would take. Also, of it's just bait to get me in. But still, it's more aligned to my interests than working at a food store. I just hate that my shifts will keep changing biweekly.
Risking sounding like a bitter schizo, I think they didn't hire me because I'm not pretty enough. I am not a complete monster, but I'm not cute and hyper feminine either, I'm kinda tomboyish and I am taller and broader (for my country). But then they thought they liked my profile in general so they are giving me this "consolation prize", I guess. This is the feeling I got. Like, I get why they'd want a pretty/cute girl for this position (and why it's basically female only, although only implied), but it still hurts.

No. 1476767

It's always slow at my job so I'm always fucking off to youtube or browsing here but I guess the best you can do is bring a book… godspeed nona. Maybe play minesweeper kek

No. 1476770

Best of luck nona! I know it's not where you want to go but it's a step in the right direction. I think using this as a stepping stone to get into the actual company itself would be a good idea, plus you'll get to have a feel for the company and whether or not you would like to work directly for them in the future. You don't have to brownnose, but be pleasant and make lots of friend/network so that if something in the future opens up, they'll think of you.

No. 1476827

File: 1674147218511.png (22.38 KB, 300x100, 222.png)

I got a job and I really like it, I make minimum wage ($29 here) plus extra because I work at night, I don't have to interact with customers and my team is really nice, we all started together and are different ages, there are only two other women I work with but I'm not as close to them, but there are some guys my age who are really chill. I have good hours too and my bosses are so nice, and I'm part of a union. The place I work in also gives us free food/snacks and makes huge meals/lunches on special occasions. I'm finally happy with a job I think.

No. 1476835

IT nonnies is AI about to make tech jobs obsolete or am I being a paranoid schizo? I'm on a waitlist to take a 2-year web dev program, the program has connections to local employers and has historically had a great rate of grads getting employed. I really want a career in tech because I'm an autist and it's the only thing I'm good at, plus I want to be in a field with WFH potential (don't want to do a trade for this reason).

But ChatGPT is capable of writing simple code and it scares the shit out of me.

No. 1476839

Good for you, anon!! So happy you found a decent job.

No. 1476949

Told my boss I got another job offer and accepted it, saying the salary was too good to turn down. She muttered "maybe if I ask (manager) to match the salary…" and it just makes leaving so much harder. I know my company would never approve it, it's too much of a salary jump. If by some miracle they did, I know I'd never get another raise, and I think it would make leaving and expecting a higher salary all the more harder. I have my reasons for leaving, but it sucks to leave behind a good work environment and good boss. It feels very bittersweet.

No. 1476956

I'm very happy for you but holy shit where do you live where $29 is minimum wage? It's only $15 where I'm at.

No. 1477020

cries in federal minimum state… I love where I live but the cost of living vs the wages paid is getting too skewed to keep up with.

No. 1477106

File: 1674169052528.jpg (148.67 KB, 736x710, 64802a81fffc832c6fcfc37f2345af…)

Thanks, nonna. I just accepted the job, now I'm thinking about the message I'm gonna send my boss about quitting.
I am a bit worried about this new job not only because it's something I've never done and all, but also because the recruiter itself said it's hard. They usually sugarcoat it a bit more, so…
But anyway, it's a good step indeed. Hopefully I can grow there. If it wasn't for the bitter taste in my mouth about the other, better job and the outsourcing aspect of it, I'd be super happy and excited, but it sucks to smell a delicious meal and then proceed to eat an okayish sandwich, you know? Hopefully it won't be too bad and I'll network nicely. If everything goes as planned, I'll start on February.

No. 1477134

i feel like a moron trying to write a resume for data entry/ administration jobs when i only have retail experience

No. 1477441

File: 1674227111028.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Do not feel dumb nonna!!! I am a former retail worker who switched to administration a few years ago. Not really sure how to sell yourself for data entry if your retail job didn't have any instances of you doing that, but I really played up organization, prioritization, multitasking, working in fast paced environments, being a team player, experience in handling many different personalities, etc since most administration roles tend to include reception roles nowadays. Being a receptionist isn't really the most ideal but if you really want to get out, it is going to be the easiest way out. After getting receptionist experience you will usually have an easier time finding more admin roles that are less client facing. Really sell your customer service skills.

It will really suck in the beginning. I actually got called in for quite a few interviews but it always came down to the fact that I did not have experience working in an office. Even as an office worker now, I will say office workers are fucking pussies. Once you deal with retail, nothing compares. Just continue to really sell yourself as someone who is adaptable to new environments and shit like that. It might help to talk with recruiters too (some companies only use recruiters so you might not even find their job listing), that's how I got my first receptionist job. Even taking on temp roles might be worth looking into because they may be more lenient on the fact that you don't have prior office experience. I wish you the very best of luck nonna. Sometimes it really does just come down to dumb luck and someone really liking how you present yourself. Every interview you don't get a job offer from is just another practice session. I've been through so many interviews that I rarely get the jitters anymore. I think my confidence might just be "I'm so sick of this bullshit" so I don't have the patience to be nervous kek. All the best to you nona, you can do this! I believe in you, really! ♥

No. 1477475

> tbh I think they're just trying to gatekeep and stop people from replacing them
I think you're right and that's what it really boils down to. People in these careers believe only they have these skills but then they see other people having the determination and drive to study and learn and they get scared. I try not to click on those types of videos anymore because I could be using that time to look up more resources and/or study but it still bums me out whenever they pop up in my research. Thank you again nona!

No. 1477816

Hopefully not responding too late, but here goes. I got hired at a company that was kind of like that, but really, the family/collaboration/teamwork thing was mostly a facade. Direct conflict/communication was not allowed, but not even explicitly. Everything was weird games, with a ton of unspoken rules, and everyone was weird and passive aggressive. Even communication from my boss was really unclear more often than not.

I do know a person who had a similar interview though, and for her, the company ended up being really chill. Some employees at the company got away with being frustratingly lazy, but that just means that putting in 4 hours of actual work a day makes you look really good compared to your coworkers.

Anyways, if you're a little autistic / bad with social cues and socialization / very frustrated by dishonesty, I would advise against them. Otherwise, it probably won't be that much worse than most other companies, and it has a chance of being pretty good. It's always hard to get a feel for what a company is going to be like from the interview alone, so don't agonize too much over the vibes.

Even when AI is good enough that it can write relatively novel things that don't frequently have really fundamental flaws, the code it makes is going to have to be tested and fixed by humans for at least a little while. E.g., look at AI art. The best pieces are usually hand-selected by humans from 100's of possibilities. Of course, it'll get better and better to the point where almost all the pieces generated will be good enough, but I think it'll be a long time until 95% of pieces are lacking any significant flaws.

I can pretty easily see us getting to a point where software developers are mostly writing really robust sets of test cases and generating code with AI and selecting the most efficient solution, but I think it'll be a looong time before we're able to use AI to effectively debug code. Additionally, so much of software engineering is understanding requirements written by actual buffoons, so companies would at least need a very technical person to accurately describe what is needed to the AI, or else the AI's output will be complete garbage. To make another comparison to AI-generated art, people who enter prompts for AI art talk mad shit about how "hard" it is, and that's kind of retarded, but they're not completely wrong. Getting the AI to do what you want when you have something specific in mind is surprisingly difficult.

In short, it'll probably hurt the tech industry, but I think by the time software engineering is really hurting, many, many service industry and white-collar positions will have been gone for a while, and we'll either already be working on solutions to move toward a post-scarcity economy, or we'll be totally fucked, at least for a while. Of course, even in the "fucked" scenario, it'd be more individually beneficial to be a nurse or something, so do with that what you will. Relatively low skill jobs like entry-level webdev will be likely be some of the first on the chopping block. Make sure to learn some backend at very least.

If your manager is able to get you a comparably high salary increase, you should stay for a while longer. I agree that it's not likely to happen, but in the case that it does, don't give up a good situation. A lot of people might say stuff like, "NOW the company knows you're disloyal and they'll be looking for a reason to replace and then fire you," but even if that's the case, another year or two at the company is pretty good. You'll definitely have to leave eventually to get any further salary increases, but enjoy what you've got while you can. Company loyalty is always a good look, too.

No. 1477829

Yea most of my days in the office are waiting around for shit to happen. My days at home are 75% chilling on the couch, doing chores, etc. In office is so fucking pointless. Anyway, my team has skillshare account so I watch that sometimes. I bring my e-reader and prop it up on a phone stand so it at least looks like I'm staring at my screen. Trying to meet a reading goal is encouraging at least.

No. 1477862

the people who make those videos don't actually care what you do, they just know that people considering those careers will click and watch, earning them some money for the views and increasing their engagement. there's very little on youtube that you should take seriously, and those will likely have a low number of views and be profoundly boring like most real knowledge.

No. 1477932

Thanks nona, I'm both >>1469565 and >>1476949.

My last job gave me the "we're like a family line" but it ended up being pretty okay. It was a very small company though, so I feel like that sort of family/bonded feel is a bit inevitable in small companies. This next job is at a very large company, and they told me they're hoping to continue expanding, so I'm back to being just a cog in a big corporate wheel. That doesn't really bother me though. I think I can be pleasant and get along really well with others, so I should hopefully be ok kek. I have trouble approaching people but if others approach me first I have an easier time reciprocating their energy.

My boss did end up asking the manager if they could match my salary! Unfortunately they won't. I knew this would be the answer, but I'm extremely flattered my boss even tried considering how I do fuck all at my job. I won't lie, I really do just browse LC and youtube all day. It's a very comfy position for me, but pay sucks. I'm looking forward to actually doing work at work, because as much as I love being a lazy piece of shit all day, I'd like to actually be able to do the things I have listed on my resume, and learn how to do new things so I can take those skills and eventually bounce for more money kek. If the vibes are rancid I'll probably bounce in another year or two, but honestly I'd wouldn't mind just settling down in a place for 10 years if the money is decent. Job hunting is so stressful. I haven't had a job in so long where I'm not dreading the eventual job hunt on my first day of work. I'm young but I'm tired of this kek.

No. 1477940

my manager keeps saying she would love it if i applied to a position that is currently open. it's 2x what i make currently but it's also salary. idk how i feel about it. tbh i feel like she's just going to give her tasks to me because she currently can't handle it. also haven't been around her much but 4 of the 8 of the team dont like her. one guy kisses her ass all the time because they knew each other outside of work, 2 other guys barely talk so i dont know what they think of her. i dont know if i like her or not. honestly dont know if im being influenced by the people who dont like her though.

No. 1477953

Are you certain it's salary without OT pay? I always thought salaried workers didn't get OT pay but it depends on the company/position. I'm salaried right now but I'm non-exempt, so I do get OT pay. Some others in my company don't though (usually really high managers)

No. 1477965

i didn't even know that. but went back to check and it's listed as exempt.

No. 1477997

what's up with people being scared of salary? it's always better than hourly. you will almost never be making the amount of OT on hourly that you will make working salary without OT pay.

No. 1478061

Turning my freelance into a possible career as a massage therapist. So I am getting some training and certification. Also thinking to apply as a corporate flight attendant. I know these jobs can tire me out but I worked freelance too long, I was still tired, and my income with inconsistent. I also may have given up on working with kids, vip tutor pays well too but I'm out of contactable references and would have to make them up. I applied a lot and did not get any interviews, my agency loves me but I think I need to add some made up shit to my cv like oh yeah I totally have a degree. Is the 10+ years experience not enough?

I guess all of these could be contractual or seasonal, and I can rotate as needed. I've not really worked in three years lol.

No. 1478065

That's like people who travel and then tell people not to visit or move to those places, they're trying to keep it to themselves lol.

No. 1478619

File: 1674340110996.jpg (39.75 KB, 625x469, cattired.jpg)

Rant incoming. I got a job that is probably as close to a dream job as I could get. It's also a job where everyone has really high expectations of me and wants me to be proactive and learn fast, which is not a problem, but I have been told repeatedly by my manager that I'm "too nice" for this job.

Apparently the biggest issue they had when they decided whether to hire me or not was because they thought I was too bubbly and positive, and they wanted someone who appeared more serious. I've worked hard on keeping a calm and neutral attitude since then. I've worked jobs with much bigger stakes than this one. What I'm doing in this job doesn't even come close to the things I've tackled in the past, but it feels like my manager doesn't believe me when I say this.

She asks for my opinion a lot, which is great, but when I share it or explain why I think this would be the better way to perform a task, I'm shut down. If I haven't had the time to think about an issue yet or I'm asked for an opinion out of the blue, I get scolded for being too passive. To her, most questions are indeed stupid, but she's also quick to tell me that I'm not asking enough questions. She wants me to be ambitious and set high goals for myself, but when I showed her my goals for the first three months at the company, she told me to dial it down.

I'm two months in. I'm still new, but it feels like my manager wants me to talk and act as if I've been at the company for years. I'm just so annoyed by it. I'm annoyed with her, but also myself for having given them such a view of me. A trait that has always been appreciated by my other employers is now my biggest weakness. It's frustrating, and distracts me from my tasks because I'm constantly trying to keep up with everything else that happens in my own and other departments to make sure I have something to say whenever I'm asked. Sigh.

No. 1478842

in retail sometimes they work you like a dog if you're salary and the extra money isn't worth 60-80 hours a week

No. 1479167

ime when someone who holds power over you at a job says you’re too nice, what they mean is that they are not very nice and are trying to match your kindness. don’t let pressure to act or be a certain way at work change the way you act and are, if you enjoy being kind and friendly keep doing so! I’m sure you’re picking it up well, since you’re new and being tossed right into it, it’s not like they can expect expertise before 90 days if they’re not giving you dedicated 1 on 1 training, so screw the “too nice” sentiment.

No. 1479171

File: 1674388778962.png (244.58 KB, 538x302, E57BEA6B-E6CF-4D82-A8F2-C1F41A…)

I’m the last anon but I came here in the first place to gush about my new job prospects, I’m excited to step into working from home finally after going through countless job settings in my life. I’m finally doing something where I see the value in the tasks I complete, instead of asking myself “why am I doing this? who does this benefit other than a spreadsheet of numbers 9 states away in HQ?” I realize exactly how useful the work I’m doing has the potential to be. If you’ve been told you’re too kind/nice, a bleeding heart, care or worry too much about others wellbeing, please please please look into local nonprofits to work for. You may have to volunteer a while to get your foot in the door for employment prospects, or reach out to the founder of an organization you see value in and appreciate, and even expressing that likemindedness in goals and aspirations may be a foot in the door. It will be more rewarding to work on community building vs corporation building than you’d realize, my work goes to my community not to some random numbers spreadsheet now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My soul feels a sigh of relief run through it. Picrel, how I’m feeling coming from 2.5 years of manual labor to work from home setting.

No. 1480247

I wish it was possible for me to just take pictures of flowers for a living for the rest of my life. It makes me happy but I don't think there are many gigs out there that would allow me to just take pictures of flowers. I'd just be happy taking pictures of people's gardens, public gardens, etc for websites and magazines.

No. 1480458

dont wanna take my work home and be working at 10pm.

No. 1480492

I'm going to get fired in a few months. First job. Prestigious job on top of that. I expected it, I'm a lazy awkward fuck but it still hurts.

I have a great diploma, I could have a great career but I have no motivation to work. I feel so depressed and empty. Sometimes I just want to kill myself. I've only just started working and I already can't take it anymore: how am I going to survive?

No. 1480665

Grow your own food and work a shitty low-hours job while you make some of what you need at home, like daily essentials (you'll figure it out). I'm much happier than when I was "successful", and I have more free time with less expenses. Obvious advice but it's worth trying to provide what you can for yourself without relying on other people. It's possible and far less time consuming than people seem to think.

No. 1480715

Your qualifications will still be there when you figure your shit out. Take some time to work on yourself, get a job that pays the bills but you don't care about, and apply for jobs in your field again when you're ready.

No. 1480864

Just had a job interview. I think it went well but it was super long and now I want to vomit. Fuck, I don't know what I'm doing, I'm just bullshitting my way through everything.

No. 1480870

Hey, congratulations anon! You can bullshit with the best of them. That's half of the job.

No. 1481166

The girl I'm in the same team with threw me under the bus and I have no idea why, we got on fine before. I'm just shocked

No. 1481184

I'm working a retail job with over 10 staffs and I dread how I have to inevitably interact with them at the same time longing to be included and for them to like me.
I've been a neet pretty much my whole life and I've been feeling so lost trying to navigate the outside world. I have zero life and social skills and its so painful noticing how I'm so different from the rest…from how they interact with each other so naturally. i blame my parents for being emotionally distant and for ignoring my whole existence.

No. 1481185

I have I very metropolitan lifestyle which I like.

I work in consulting so I feel like I have no qualifications kek…

No. 1481432

File: 1674666872016.png (36.36 KB, 626x865, snorkmaiden.PNG)

I told my mom that employers were saying I have a lot of gaps in my resume and she made up a "job" for me in her company. Now I'm nervous because I have a lot of experience in administrative work but I'm straight up lying to make up a job I didn't have during COVID.

No. 1481435

File: 1674667229067.jpg (32.71 KB, 474x600, H0267-L00848554.jpg)

>lot of experience in administrative work
Then focus on that. You don't need to go into detail on what your were doing aside from your "administrative duties". If asked to for an example on what you were doing, just say some of your experience from your admin works. They won't know that you didn't experience it all at your mum's workplace

No. 1481454

Don't worry about that, anon. Ask her to show you what softwares they use at her company and what daily administrative tasks look like so you can talk about those during the interview

No. 1481508

Yeah she said she’s going to train me on quick books and do some under the table labor because it’s illegal for me to work in a different country.

No. 1481655

What you're doing is much less evil than employers advertising "competitive salary" when they know they're competing to pay the least. imo you've done nothing wrong.

No. 1481690

I don't want it to sound like racebait but now I kind of get why some employers think about discriminating when hiring foreigners. I was born and raised in my country but I'm not ethnically from there so it was used against me and fucked me over several times, I've often been underestimated or treated like a straight up retard before, but in my current job we just keep having problems because my actual foreign coworkers keep having issues with the appointments to renew their visas or work permit and it keeps fucking us over way too much. One guy had to be absent for like nearly 3 months when we were already short staffed, and now a girl has to be absent for 2 weeks until she gets things sorted out for her new work permit. Same deal with pregnant women because some girl just came, wasted our time making us train her and two weeks later she fucked off on sick leave until the end of her contract and she legally cannot be replaced because "muh discrimination" which makes us even more short staffed. I don't agree with discriminating them but I get why some recruiters get paranoid. And I feel incredibly insulted that I'm often mistaken for the same people who can't even be competent enough to get appointments on time to be legally allowed to work, and that people assume I'm not even from the country despite me being born and always living in my city while they're just pieces of shit who moved there like a few years ago at best and think it's their home. The coworkers I'm talking about are stupid as well anyway and just keep making stupid mistakes that I have to correct behind their backs so fuck them.

No. 1481798

I hate to admit it but I think I am a career-oriented person at heart. A lot of my friends are anti-work or just see it as a means to an end. If they didn’t have to work to pay the bills, I’m sure they wouldn’t do it. I respect it. I don’t think someone’s self-worth should be determined by how much money they make or how much they’re ‘contributing to society.’ But at the end of the day, no matter how stressful my job is and how soul-crushing it is to be underpaid (I work in healthcare) I think it does give me a sense of purpose. I’d rather do this than nothing at all. Being surrounded with my friends and how they spoke about their jobs, I used to think I was wasting my life away slaving away for a job that stresses me out and doesn’t pay much. I thought I was wasting my youth because my job takes up so much of my time and energy. But after spending some more time by myself, I think it feels so rewarding to have a sense of purpose where I’m helping people and I get excited when I think about the future and all the different opportunities that will be available to me once I have more experience and a license. I like learning more about things related to my career. I don’t know why this feels so shameful to admit. Like I’m happy being a corporate slave or something like that.

No. 1481807

I'm happy for you nona! Honestly, I'm jealous of people like you. I'm not a career oriented person because I just never found my calling and I don't think I ever will. There is nothing that I am particularly passionate or good at. I'm happy with where I am at and have different life priorities, but when I see some people around me who are really passionate about their jobs and what they do, it leaves me with a feeling of awe. One of my best friends studied to become a teacher but unfortunately it's hard to find a permanent full time teaching position right now because of stupid shit happening in my city, but she is so determined to do it. It's a thankless, low paying job, but she loves to teach and is truly passionate about it. My sister is a teacher too (but teaches older kids) and she'll tell me stories about her students and I think it's so cool. They love what they do, and I wish I had that drive in life. I feel like I'm aimlessly wandering around sometimes and wonder what will come next and it's honestly a bit scary because there is no logical progression to follow or aim to follow. I'm not constrained by anything and can do whatever I want, but it feels like I am overwhelmed and paralyzed by the endless options too.

No. 1481828

That's cool, anon. I respect you. If it's ok to ask (and feel free to not divulge), but what kind of job do you have?

No. 1481855

Aw thanks nona, I think there are many different ways to live life. I never really aspired to be a career-oriented person because I think there is so much more to life than what job you work at. I'm happy that you have other priorities in life that make your life meaningful and I'm sure you do have drive in life and that maybe it just doesn't apply to a specific career. At least that's what I've seen with my friends who aren't super career-oriented. They all have things they are very passionate about that don't have anything to do with their jobs. And I hear what you're saying about being paralyzed by choice. I think it's very normal to move throughout life having different jobs and you can take the skills you learned from one job and take it to another even if they aren't completely related (I know of someone who went from nursing into tech and another who went from doing script writing for TV into counseling). Just because you pick something to make ends meet doesn't mean you have to stick with it forever! I think at the end of the day, a job can just be something that provides you with money and stability so that you can have the resources to do what you really love, whatever that may be.

I know it's kind of a controversial field but I'm a mental health counselor. More specifically, I don't work private practice so I don't make a lot of money and a lot of the people I work with have really acute issues like being recently homeless or having their kids taken away, etc. I was depressed for a while because of how stressed out I was and how I felt like I was shitty at my job and slaving away and not even helping anyone. I recently had a change of perspective though where I realized that I am really passionate about/interested in what I do and even though this job takes up a lot of my time/mental energy that maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing. I could go into more detail, but then I wouldn't be answering your question kek. I just hope I can continue to do my best and stay in this field because the longer I do this, the more I'll learn and the more qualified I'll feel to help people.

No. 1481916

I respect you even more, not joking. I'm really glad you're in the public space vs private when mental health help is so expensive and out of reach for many. It is controversial (to some I suppose), but if your heart is in it for the right reasons, which it seems to be, I'm glad you're putting your all to it!

No. 1482701

File: 1674763667759.png (1.02 MB, 1000x667, Administracion-y-Contabilidad-…)

Hi nonnies, it's >>1476949 . A friend of mine told me to keep my current job while working my new job, which would possibly be doable since I do mostly fuck all at my current job, but I've already given my two weeks to HR and it feels weird to back out. But I came back into the office and my boss actually asked if I could stay on on a task based/freelance/contract basis. I'm barely assigned tasks as is so I think it's completely doable, but of course I'm not sure how the workload at my next job will be. I think it will be doable since my current assignments rarely take me very long to do.

How should I bring this up to HR? Also would it be better, considering tax purposes, to go freelance for my current company or ask to just go part time? I'd probably only log a very insignificant amount of hours but it wouldn't matter since my new salary is good and this would all just become supplemental income.

No. 1483475

Well nonas, I made a big mistake in thinking I'd be safe from the tech layoffs and I just lost my job. When they were letting me go, HR had told me that I was a great asset, that it had nothing to do with my performance and was just purely economic for them, and that they might ask for me back in 6 months to a year but that it's not a guarantee. My question is, is that something that I can trust or is that something employers just say to lighten the blow? I'm so scared of the future now, this job was such a good fit for my personal life and so specific that I don't think I'll be able to find anything like it. While I don't plan on waiting for them, do you think that I actually have a chance of being rehired in the future?

No. 1483492

It's not impossible that this will happen but don't take risks, look for another job if you can't wait. Our client had to fire a lot of people and make their oldest employees retire earlier than planned because of covid affecting airlines and they hired some of them back months later apparently but I don't have all the details.

No. 1483497

Happened in my company to rehire or attempt to rehire a few people who were laid off; since you say it was a good fit, fingers crossed this is what will happen for you too

No. 1483794

File: 1674855714886.jpg (44.86 KB, 400x600, 28a984eb1e5e3f0c931da5cb7b0d7b…)

Anyone here a tattoo artist? Any advice for breaking into the industry with no connections? I am already an artist who has made somewhat of a living on illustrations but I've never put ink on someones skin. I'm fully ready to devote myself to this, but I don't really know how to approach it. Pic not mine

No. 1483802

Honestly, I am not a tattoo artist, but my best friend is and she went from being an apprentice, to having someone to teach, then to opening up her own shop.
She told me that how she approached someone was via Instagram, then the guy she taught, he approached her Instagram too. I guess like any artistic job, have a portfolio ready!

No. 1483978

Thanks for responding nonnies!! It gives me a shred of hope… but I'll be realistic and start my job search soon (once I can get over the initial shock of it all). Fingers crossed! Better days are ahead I just know it!

No. 1484142

File: 1674897886811.gif (2.58 MB, 498x373, onegai-my-melody-kuromi.gif)

I think that misogyny is not talked about enough in hiring processes.

I am very good at what I do. I was doing cover work in a particular office for some weeks, and I applied for a permnanent position because I liked the place. I noticed that 60% of the staff were male, which doesn't sound like a lot but females being over 75% of this particular industries workforce.

The senior manager told me I was no good at what I was doing and I don't know what to make of it because I've never been told that before, I have only ever had resoundingly positive feedback on my work even when I was training, even when I only just started.

I hate working class scrotes who 'climb the ranks' soooo much. Only women should be in charge.

No. 1484144

I meant to say *70% of their staff are male.

No. 1486057

File: 1675109330383.jpg (177.17 KB, 700x875, 56f539ac42d6298d8e19034159174b…)

So I was suddenly laid off earlier from my notice (tomorrow instead of two weeks from now) because my boss sold the store I work/ed at. I'm pretty ambivalent about it - I was the one to quit because I got a new job, but it's all so sudden. I'll barely be able to say my goodbyes to my coworkers, and I really liked them. I won't be able to say goodbye to one of them at all! But then, I'll get a small "vacation" of like 5 days, that will be nice. Aahh so bittersweet!
I wish the best to my coworkers. Although I had my reservations about our old boss, I really wasn't feeling the new moid boss.

No. 1487073

Winter storms during work suck so much. I'm stuck here for 14 hours today. I keep getting texts from employees saying their cars are frozen shut and they can't even drive up hills. I feel so bad for the employees that are here stuck at work, I had an employee who had everyone else that day call off. I was able to step on, thank god, we even had my boss go out and drive to an employee's house to pick them up so we could let another employee go home who was there for 13 already. Who knows how tomorrow is gonna go. I've been telling employees who do wanna come in that it's just whoever can make it in can work as long as they know what they're in for. I'm keeping myself hyped for the fat ass paycheck I'm about to get in a few weeks for this lmao. I need to pack a bigger lunch though, all i have for the next 9 hours is cheetos and water.

No. 1487098

I like knowing that there are girlbosses making ‘fat checks’ who still use this site. Hope you stay warm in the storm and get more food than hot cheetos damn girl

No. 1487101

I started listening to sissy hypno out if curiosity and my moid friends talking about it but now I just find the narration soothing.

No. 1487124

wrong thread.

No. 1487418

File: 1675214187746.jpg (39.23 KB, 300x300, DJ_Khaled_Suffering_from_Succe…)

I keep getting promotions and raises but I hate my fucking job and this entire industry. I just want out! I want to use my degree! But they don't seem to want me

No. 1487577

While trying to establish an online passive income I want to have some sort of stable ling term housing which is hard to find btw, and a stable income but it's hard to find well paid jobs that won't overwork you, which is why I want to stay home and make content for passive income. So the choices I have are continuing childcare and education in a private setting, which is a hit or miss if the mother is insane or not, and the kid well behaved. And I need to musk up some references. I am tired of this work although it's easy. Then there's massage therapy, which I can do but if I'm stuck doing deep tissue back to back I am gonna need a massage daily myself. I know there's good work out there but all I am seeing is having very little time between clients, expected to do all this other shit like waxing, and not great salaries. I made more doing it freelance, but freelance doesn't come with consistency. Then there's an option I could handle as a corporate flight attendant, essentially being the only hostess on a private plane. It has a lot of perks, cooking is not really expected just warming up and plating the catering, that you have to arrange. The schedule depends on clients but it does have on and off weeks, so I can stay at home half the month. Service industry is kind if tiring but for vip you do get benefits. I tutored vip before and they give you gifts and offer you jobs. I am a bit tired of flying and traveling but it is easier to go private and may be my best option. All these jobs have high paying potential and above average standard salaries because you work with high end clients. I have experience in all industries, and skills, and receive training. So Idk what would you choose

No. 1487609

i'm jealous just crush it nonnie, make a pile, then quit dramatically in like 8 months time and either invest it all into bitcoin or something or use to follow your dreams and use your degree $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

No. 1487613

I don't mean to be xenophobic but has anyone here worked for English employers? Are they all massively condescending cunts? They seem to look down on people from other cultures or idk, maybe it's just the company I work for

No. 1487620

maybe your culture is low down nonnie

No. 1487649

File: 1675246238815.jpg (27.43 KB, 598x118, 4734.JPG)

I wouldn't say they're condescending, but I had a really hard time getting responses to job applications from UK companies.

No. 1487718

I'm one month into my new job and doing well in terms of performance and efficiency, but the company heavily values being visible as an employee, meaning that from day one I've been told to speak up, give feedback, share my thoughts and take part in discussions. I feel like a complete idiot butting into conversations with my ideas on topics I don't have full knowledge of yet. Sometimes I've suggested ideas that have already been discussed, so now I'm tasked with looking into old presentations and meeting material to make sure I don't waste time suggesting old stuff, taking away time from the tasks I've been assigned, all in the name of showing my passion for the company.

It's a good job, everyone's friendly and I look forward to learn more, but I hate being treated as if I know nothing while somehow also expected to know everything.

Today we had a discussion over email within our team on how to handle a case with a client. I suggested something that got turned down and ignored for the rest of the conversation, until our manager came in and found a solution very similar to the one I had written down. I made a note of this, but my manager instead focused on something I had suggested after being turned town as if my original idea never existed. It didn't feel malicious or anything, just a dumb result of the "new hire" curse I'm carrying. Still, it's dumb. I wish they would just let me do my tasks instead of all this extra stuff to show that I care.

No. 1487729

File: 1675259174448.jpg (113.13 KB, 754x828, vacuum.jpg)

i work as a janitor and started working at a new school this week and today i was told i am supposed to vacuum these flights of stairs, and not with a wireless vacuum but with just a regular one. now i am thinking if i over reacted but i told my superior that i am not comfortable doing it because i just think it is dangerous as shit, like the stairs are right next to hallways and doors where lot of people are walking, there's toilets there and the wire would go across the way people are going and down the stairs in a way that i think is just an accident waiting to happen. now i am afraid the school staff will complain because i just mopped the stairs and didn't vacuum them but i just think it's a fucking retarded idea, not only for me but the kids who are like high school age and walking around seeing nothing but their phones all the time

No. 1487740

my coworkers from day shift are always bitching about things that happened on graveyard and how a recheck for a failed check is supposed to be done within a certain time limit. but when i look back at what they did, they didnt even do a recheck when they had a failed check. but always mentioning and pointing out things from other shifts.

No. 1487755

this is stupid as fuck. can you not find outlets on one side of the stairs? by the same metric, moping the stairs is just as dangerous because someone might miss the sign and slip. i kind of hope you get fired.

No. 1487768

no there is no other outlets and i am not the one who comes up with how this shit is cleaned, my bosses do so why you hope i get fired when i am the one who said something about this dangerous shit.

No. 1487771

(also the stairs aren't mopped with a wet mop and the material is kind of stone that isn't slippery aka exact reason why these idiots want them to be vacuumed because the sand gets into the stone's little tiny holes etc)

No. 1487776

nta but get help

No. 1487780

Why does that anon need help? The OP sounds pretty stupid in my opinion.

No. 1487782

No. 1487788

genuine question: what sort of power do you nonnies and others like you in real life expect i have as the cleaning lady? like you really think i'm the one who decides how this stuff is done and not my superiors and the people who's building it actually is? i can just contact architects and tell them that hey could you guys build your schools in a way that makes cleaning safer and easier? today i told my superior that this idea is retarded and dangerous and they acted like i was an idiot and told me to mop the stairs hey by the way can you do a 10 hour shift today hehehe

what the hell you think i can do as a person who everyone assumes is a non-native speaking immigrant and talk right in front of me as if i didn't understand what they are saying and who just takes the trash out because people tell me. people really think i am able to change what kind of foods are served in different places, what kind of shows they want to see, to know where their coats are and so on and so on. where do you people get this all powerful floor sweeper idea you have of me.

No. 1488284

Clients are absolutely retarded. I used to be a custodian and it hasn't changed as a security officer. My client has made it nearly impossible for us to do our jobs. Cameras are down, internet is not set up, yet they want us to log in information and be on the lookout, but we can't leave post. Well, it sure would be easier if we had cameras and internet working! We got a quarterly report and their complaint about me was I didn't come up with ways to resolve the issues we had. Like, there's no way around it, it's a simple request, we cannot fix cameras or restore Internet, my client has to do that.

No. 1488772

Anyone done work like this?


I am good at writing but I don't have a portfolio because I never did this work before so of course I would make it up. But could I reasonably do this remotely? I don't even live in the us anymore but I am a citizen.

No. 1488900

wtf is this website nona

No. 1488921

Tomorrow's my last day at my current job and it just feels very bittersweet. There are a lot of comforts and conveniences here, but I am leaving due to low pay. Everyone understands, and it's fine. I'm cleaning up my desk and have been packing up stuff to take home here and there. When I put in my two weeks it was like "ok cool" but now tomorrow is my last day and I feel like crying. I know why I am leaving and it's why I started job hunting in the first place. It's always hard to leave the comforts of a job you've settled into, but usually there's always gripes with people or work environment, but it's very chill and slow at my office so it makes it even harder.

I will probably be fine once I settle into my next job but damn this feeling really sucks.

No. 1489250

Can't tell if my coworker is mentally disordered (like AdHD) or if he's just a shit worker holding the whole team back. or just old and going senile or what.

is there a good way to tell?

No. 1489252

this doesn't seem like a real website. also don't blog writers get paid pennies? any money in this position likely comes from a background/experience with SEO optimization and analytics stuff like that, not writing

No. 1489296

my coworkers make comments on how im too quiet and dont talk when all they do is complain about everything and talk shit.

No. 1489511

My manager asked me to compile a list of projects that I'm working on atm and softwares that I use on a daily basis for work. It sounds like a handover and they've just hired two new people…am I fucked?

No. 1489681

Applied to be a hybrid desktop support technician and holy hell the website of the place itself shows that no one at this place knows how to use a computer. The application page lets you create a job profile, but no way to login after you create the profile. Also their support email is donotreply@oogabooga.net. This is incredible. The job pays 50k a year, I really hope I land it.

No. 1489831

File: 1675457252124.jpg (167.69 KB, 1080x1080, 144031475_4047847981900367_557…)

My company was recently acquired by private equity. We were promised no layoffs or other significant changes, but of course, there have been several small rounds of layoffs since the acquisition deal was finalized.

I'm not surprised that my company went back on their word, but I am surprised by how hush-hush the layoffs have been. About 5% of my own org was laid off, and this was mentioned very briefly at the beginning of a weekly org meeting that people frequently skip. The layoffs were not talked about in-writing whatsoever. One of my team-members was laid off, and if he didn't PM me in the 10 minutes before his access was cut off, I wouldn't have known that he, or anyone, had been let go until the org meeting the day after. Even in my team's chat, the layoffs were never put into writing.

My company is mostly remote, so I've had to slowly find out about layoffs through the few connections I have in other orgs and through fucking LinkedIn. From what I can tell, each org has had 1-2 rounds of 5% layoffs. These aren't crazy layoffs, but what the hell? It feels absolutely insane to me that a company can lay this many people off without acknowledging that they're doing so in even in a fucking email.

No. 1491568

File: 1675615057727.jpg (149.02 KB, 800x500, e9392921442.jpg)

any nonnies have tips for working as a lab assistant for someone new to working in a lab environment?
i got a part time lab assistant job in a histopathology lab. everyone's nice enough, i just find the job itself so stressful because there are about a million things they expect you to remember to do, and there's an exact way you need to do everything. i'm not used to workinf with hazardous chemicals or biohazardous materials etc which are ofc a common thing in the lab.
everyone's always pretty busy with their own work too so i feel like its hard to ask for help. im ashamed to say i had a breakdown in the middle of my second day because i felt completely overwhelmed with it. but i don't want to throw in the towel on the job just yet. any advice would be appreciated!!!!

No. 1491582

Not sure who could make use of this information, but chatGPT can write a decent cover letter. It asked for the company, title and your relevant qualifications and spat out a decent corpo speak cover letter omitting irrelevant stuff I entered as a test. I know when I get back to job searching it'll save me a lot of time.

Saying that, my current gripe is that my department is phasing myself and my coworker out of all group discussions, most recently a full meeting on literally our projected workload. The manager was in there, our other coworkers are in there but for some reason we were not. We're external workers and our contracts end this summer, but to me it just makes no sense and is insulting to exclude us from a huge group of people, including peers on my level so it wasn't just a management thing, from what will literally be MY and the other coworkers work. I've been a petty bitch constantly asking questions and details to my manager to the point she knows it would've saved time to invite me but it's still annoying me.

We don't have much responsibility in our job roles but it feels like we've been pidgeonholed that this minimum of responsibility we've been assigned is in fact the maximum amount of responsibility we can handle, it's been whittled down for the past year too. My coworker has in the past asked for more responsibility and was knocked back, so whatever.

No. 1491605

>Not sure who could make use of this information, but chatGPT can write a decent cover letter. It asked for the company, title and your relevant qualifications and spat out a decent corpo speak cover letter omitting irrelevant stuff I entered as a test. I know when I get back to job searching it'll save me a lot of time.
Shit, this is just what I need since I've been swamped with coursework while barely having time to apply for jobs.

No. 1491823

File: 1675636121526.jpg (133.11 KB, 736x981, 5c376f2851519f540b3c58a40cd0c3…)

So, I'll be starting my new job tomorrow. I'm really nervous and I'm really not sure what to expect for my first day there. I guess a lot of introductions, to people, stuff, schedules and such… But I wonder if I'll just jump into work right away, since I'm not familiar with it at all. I'm a bit nervous, but everyone seemed nice during the screening process. Wish me luck, nonitas!

No. 1491865

NONNIEEE I CAME TO POST THIS EXACT THING!!!! Good luck to the both of us!! I'm sooo nervous… I'm hoping for the best for the both of us!

No. 1491882

I'm curious anon. I am actually going to school in hopes of doing this job, how was your first day and how much do you get paid. I've heard that it can be very busy and there tends to be a lot of overtime. I'm sorry i am of no help.

No. 1491893

Good lucky to us, anona!! We can do it. Report back tomorrow!

No. 1492274

> Be me at my 10s: poor and in a environment I can't count on anyone.
> Better study and work my ass off so I can have things and enjoy something.
> Me at 20s: very few friends, almost never date, don't party, don't buy shit - obsessed with "making it"
> Me at 30s: got a good stability level, got some money to buy shit I ever wanted, travel…BUT
> Don't have the time to actually enjoy the things I could buy now and no one can replace me at my job - still have to dedicate myself to death.
I lost my youth obsessed with having some cash and living comfortably but now I can't even enjoy it.
Next step is to keep working/studying and saving so maybe I can live a good life as a retired old lady. I hope by then I still have the energy to travel and know places I ever wanted to visit

No. 1492372

No one can replace you? Do you have your own business or is your job putting so much responsibility on you? Is there a way you can work to make some passive income or find something remote or hybrid remote?

No. 1492615

Nonnie!! I hope your first day was a blast!! I had a bit of an overwhelming day having a lot of systems and processes explained to me, but I know it is doable work… I am just nervous because this is the first time I've really been a dedicated admin for a set team of people… It's like playing mini executive assistant and nerve wracking feeling that I might not meet their expectations…! But everyone I met so far has been very nice and kind.

My desk is in a corner, right by a window! Unfortunately we're only on the 15th floor and surrounded by other skyscrapers, so not much natural light, but I am happy anyway. I love being near big windows and will take whatever natural light I can get. Unfortunately, one of the co-ceo's office is right behind me… and he's got glass doors so he's got a front on view of my computer…! Scary…! But I get a work laptop and dual monitors to hook it up to, AND a standing desk and chair with back support?! I was going to bring my back cushion I bought for my last job! The standing desk is crazy to me, everyone's got one and I'm so excited because I do have back problems kek. Doesn't seem like the co-ceo is in very often though.

It's my first time working for a big American company that isn't retail. The office is like what you see on TV… little fun meeting desks, THREE kitchens (one is called a coffee lounge and really is like a lounge area, one is just a proper kitchen, and one is a mini kitchen), a huge meeting space where they host company wide meetings and events, and lots of little conference rooms. The desk layouts for each section is the same and the office is so big, I get lost very easily. Today I actually went down the wrong stairwell and got locked inside of it without my phone… I have the option of doing hybrid in the future, but aside from my commute (about an hour by train), I think I'll actually really like working in this office. I can't wait to really start to get the hang of their systems and processes and how to do things, I think I'll be okay once I know what I'm doing. I just came from a job where I browse LC and youtube all day to having to do lots of actual work, but I'm a bit excited to actually do work! I think it makes coming to this place feel more like a treat, a place for me to enjoy browsing. I feel like I've had too much of a good thing and I'm starting to take many things in my life for granted.

Also, I'm too scared to possibly visit LC or even go to youtube to play some background music while I work. Their IT team is not very "please don't click weird links, please don't set your password as password…" it's "you need 2 factor auth on your phone for everything, also here's this long list of rules for making up a password, also if you BREATHE wrong you will get locked out of your computer" kek. I'm too scared to do anything non work related on their wifi.

I am still sad having left my previous job- there was a lot of emotion that came with it because it felt like the closing of a very significant part of my life, but I think I am ready to move forward. Well, I have to move forward since I don't really have a choice. I would like to stay at this job long term because I'm tired of job hunting, but even if I decide to leave, I think I'm being set up for success because I finally get to learn so much.

No. 1492663

I really need to find a new job. I found out I’m making only $9k more than the people on my team who are the epitome of tech daycare. Every day I feel like I’m thinking for at least two other people at most four because they just decide they aren’t going to use their brain today. My boss appointed me their “leader” despite having the same amount of work experience as them but didn’t give me a pay raise or promotion and still expects me to my actual job description-aligned responsibilities at 95% capacity despite wiping the asses of four brown ass adults. On top of that they treat me like their boss even though I’ve told them explicitly several times I’m not. Literally raising their hand asking to go to the bathroom. Asking how to do shit they should know how to do and if I’m too busy to answer their questions they could 100% answer themselves with even a modicum of self-sufficiency, they’ll say that I was their blocker and why they did fuck all for the 6 hours a day they deign to open their laptops. I don’t even give a shit at the end of the day. They’re definitely overpaid but I don’t really wish they would make less. I just either want my salary to reflect my level of effort and responsibility or to go work somewhere else where they don’t heap this mountain of shit on me and my responsibilities actually align with my job description.

No. 1492735

Nta but thanks for the advice nona!

No. 1492970

well, i'm just an assistant. if you're going to school it means you'll get enough training to be probably at least a technician - if youre getting a degree you'd be able to do even more stuff, like be one of the pathologists in the lab. i don't have any training or anything (probably why its been so stressful for me lol)
its definitely busy, but it also depends day-to-day on how many samples are sent in. for my first 2 days it actually wasn't too bad, because there weren't loads of samples sent. but sometimes when they get hundreds and hundreds it gets really stressful, and yeah they would need to stay behind until each days quota (max 200 a day for my lab) is filled.
i get paid like £10 p/h (uk) which is pretty standard - i kind of wish it was more because it feels like a massive workload. technicians ofc get paid more because theyre doing more important work - lots of assistants train up and eventually become technicians.
overall the company culture is nice. im coming from retail, so its been nice to actually get treated like a human and have good breaks. you can dress pretty casually bc youre wearing a labcoat always, and the scientists usually have the radio/music playing while they work.
for my first days they basically told me to observe and then do whatever i feel like i can. its just been stressful, i have a hard time communicating with my colleagues, which makes me feel like i'm not cut out for the job. i'm dreading going back in case i have another breakdown. having said that: i think its a really good field to get into anon, and it's undeniably a cool job, you just have to be prepared to juggle a lot of responsibilites around basically. i hope that kind of helps. also bear in mind that different types of labs operate differently!! so i can only speak for what i've seen at a histopathology lab

No. 1493677

File: 1675821751731.gif (1.28 MB, 722x680, D6FEC397-54B1-46E1-BB79-9E16F5…)

I had a phone interview the other day and the lady was shocked that I haven’t been able to find a job. I told her I was also an immigrant and she told me that’s the reason why nobody is hiring me. My husband is worried that she’s trying to discourage me from applying anywhere else. She even made me revision my resume today as well so they would get all the details from every job I worked at. Their business has shitty reviews on their google listing and on indeed. I’m worried.

No. 1494667

Yeah, it sounds like she wants you to work for their company so she's trying to get you to not apply to other places. I would still try and apply to other places. Stay in touch with the place you're talking to now, but don't stop looking other places.

No. 1494676

my workplace is so fucken shitty. they make us use our pto even when they're the ones telling us not to come in because there's nothing to do. cant even save up my fucken hours.

No. 1494761

File: 1675908359253.jpeg (69.44 KB, 736x736, 060be8a4-8a86-4c41-9b30-94b961…)

Nothing gives me more anxiety than thinking of getting that blue collar white girl tech job. Currently I'm studying and have 2 more years of college ahead, but only idea of wasting all my time coding to get a shit job makes me seethe. I feel stupid when I study, I feel ugly when I look at myself. I know it's stupid but I feel that in order to get a good place in life I need to rather get so smart and good at coding or be pretty enough to be hired just for looks and minor coding skills. I seethe daily and try not to self-sabotage myself, but something tells me I'll always be a shit dev struggling to get a job/become a disappointment for everyone around me.

No. 1494966

>or be pretty enough to be hired just for looks and minor coding skills
literally no company that's worth working as a code monkey for will hire you based on your looks. they will expect you to know how code. learn. the fact you're a woman gives you an even better chance at being hired at a company that has diversity quotas that NEED to hire a certain percentage of women. but if you can't bring coding skills to the table, then looks aren't going to get you anywhere, either. that's not how this industry is at all.

No. 1495000

Thanks anon! Sorry for the late reply. I wouldn't say it was "a blast", but it was good! I've been really liking the environment and people so far. I've always liked the place itself as a viditor, it's fun to see now what goes on behind the curtains. The only downside so far has been the fact that I don't have a fixed schedule. Like yesterday I worked from 13:00 to 20:00 and today I'll work from 8:00 to 16:30. But I'll survive lol they say most weeks are not this crazy, but it happens sometimes. I'm also really looking forward to learning, it seems a bit overwhelming right now but I'm sure it'll be a great learning experience.

No. 1495019

I was in this position before (in a different type of lab setting) and the only thing you can do is bother people by asking questions. I know it feels really crappy to interrupt them but messing up this kind of work by forgetting some small detail is a lot worse and could cost you your job. Good luck nonny!

No. 1495039

I'm two months into my new job and some of the tasks involves reviewing something and making decisions that art part making sure something on a checklist is covered, part making decision purely with your own judgement and logic since each case is individual. I'm obviously not the best at it yet, but my manager and co-worker said they trusted my decision making and left me to handle a bunch of these cases on my own so they could focus on other stuff as we are swamped.

Here's where I'm having a bad day and need to rant. They re-check and go over every single fucking case I handle. I have a list of instructions that I take my time with follow to the point, but there are so many exceptions to these instructions, so many cases of "yes, it says this, but this point here is just a suggestion, not mandatory" even though nothing in the text indicated this.

I was literally hired to take time of their hands. I've worked in insurance before and handled big decisions involving shit like death, unemployment, human crisis cases and more. My decision making is good, but being constantly told "you were too detailed here" or "this wasn't detailed enough" based on stuff I'm just supposed to know "from experience" is annoying. They're not bad people, but being told that I'm trusted with stuff only to have them go through everything I do is driving me insane. Either let me handle it or put me through another round of training if you think I can't!

No. 1495056

i just started working at a news desk as a student job and you can laugh at me all you want asking me what i expected but the SJW tranny pandering is too fucking much. i live in an EU country and i wouldn't have thought that my citys local press outlet would be this infiltrated. on my first day i had to format an agency interview with tranny bradley manning and it hurt my soul to publish it on the website calling him she. at least i got to pick the worst picture of him from the database as the opening picture. they also interviewed a local tranny who transitioned at 60 (obvious AGP ofc) and the most TIF looking editor said "we can't call her transsexual, we have to refer to her as trans Woman" (which is mutilating our languages syntax for the sake of trannies) and the older editor who did the interview was visibly annoyed and said that the tranny calls himself transsexual and he insisted on that wording. the girl doing social media said "we can't post it to instagram if it says transsexual, rightfully people will get upset about that". really hard to just sit there and listen to the tranny pandering without being able to speak up against it. it's also really overwhelming having to constantly read unfiltered agency reports but i think i'll get used to that, not the tranny pandering though. praying that the day will come where i can openly write about my tranny hate. this is really valuable work experience for me, i get paid well and it's a fairly easy job, but now i know even more why i detest MSM and i don't think that i'll ever want to work at a news desk again once i finish my degree. alice schwarzer started as a local journalist too

No. 1495057

>blue collar
>tech job

No. 1495061

I hate my job so much I was hired to do internal boring shit on the computer but they placed me doing the intermediation between customers and companies they're having problems with. All day talking to shitty old people and just annoying stinky people in general and sometimes fucking 'karens'. It's a government position in a public institution but it's a small town and I make a little above minimum wage. I hate my job so much but I can't leave rn

No. 1495065

File: 1675947270992.jpeg (111.3 KB, 1280x720, anime.jpeg)

I know nonna, just the amount of men working in this industry been slowly brainwashing me into believing I need to look good in order to have my shit together. IT/Tech is really sexist since it's a male dominated industry. Whenever I express my anxiety about finding a workplace/obtaining skills I just hear "Find a dev who will do your easy female job for you in exchange for a bj LOL" etc.

No. 1495074

As sexist as it is, the prettier you are the less seriously you'll be treated so - granted you have the skills - you have far more chances being succesful if you're not attractive actually

No. 1495145

ayrt, it really is vile how men treat women in this industry. I feel exceptionally lucky to have avoided it for the most part. I'm fully remote, so I have the ability to do things that make it less likely for men to single me out as a woman (ie. not using a pic of me as an icon, not setting any pronouns on my profile, plus my name is gender neutral). the one time I was actually in the office, I got sexually harassed.
as long as you're not a disgusting slob and put some degree of care into how you present yourself, you'll be fine. think of a stereotypical "dev" guy, do you think of a stunning male model? no, you think of a fat disgusting neckbeard. looks really are irrelevant. no one wants a shitty coworker who drags the rest of the team down because management decided to hire them because they're "hot". the only time looks are relevant here is when management is making retarded hiring decisions. however, like >>1495074 said, being super attractive can also work against you, because as we all know, you literally cannot win as a woman no matter what you do. I'd say your best path forwards is to focus on developing your skills instead of worrying about your potential attractiveness to shitty men in the industry.

No. 1495147

Sorry to ruin this thread with my teacher rant/vent. I want to quit so bad, just walk away and never come back. But that's against the law or something. I need a 30 day notice. I know those 30 days will be hell because I get so much shit from admin already, and I won't even get into the psycho parents. Today, a teen scrote slammed a door on my back to "close it". My back is ok (I think) but the moment shocked me so much. The door is very thick and it did hurt. I just drove to a random ikea and I'm sitting among families at the resutrant with my coffee. I drove so long because I hate this school district so fucking much. I hate the parents. Their kids. The demeaning admin. I hate them all. Before I left I drafted sub plans for next week I'm calling in sick next week. I'll work on a resignation letter tomorrow. The place I work at is so unsupportive, isolating, the disrespect is insane. Two things I learned working as a teacher: school staff aren't all good people and children have more rights than the teacher.

No. 1495219

i want and will probably need a new job but interviews make me want to kill myself

No. 1495225

Did anyone else graduate 'during covid' and cant find shit. I have a degree in cybersecurity and its been a year and a half and I'm still in retail. Feel pathetic watching people I know buy houses. Idk. I have a promising interview next week but it sucks so bad.

No. 1495284

have you tried taking clonazepam before? that shit works wonders for job interviews

No. 1495364

This is me too. I have a degree, and have had a few interviews but nothing for months. I'm losing count of how many.

No. 1495370

File: 1675971792126.jpg (37.54 KB, 340x340, 1605143189408.jpg)

Me when I send out the shittiest, ugliest most bullshittest resume on this earth and try not to think about how the recruiters will cringe their ass off reading it

No. 1495439

File: 1675979094964.jpg (76.48 KB, 742x699, tdnxekgzh9h21.jpg)

All the layoffs happening makes me so nervous. It would be one thing if I only had to fend for myself but my family relies on me for income.

No. 1495445

File: 1675980034998.jpeg (78.59 KB, 800x561, 82F7EE85-14E4-4D00-BEC0-CD7EF0…)

I’m this anon and I finally got a fucking job. I don’t feel bad about lying anymore because I impressed the interviewer with my skill assessments.

If you’re autistic get in touch with Bank of America. I tried getting a job with them in admin but all they want is cyber security.

No. 1495447

Is that Elsie and 2X in the 1800s?

No. 1495469

What should I major in? I'm willing to major in something difficult as long as it GIVES ME MONEY. I want money. Guaranteed money, or like as close as you can get to that.


No. 1495471

No. 1495485

I was kind of surprised a higher up I worked with suddenly switched careers, from education admin to being a flight attendant. Isn’t the flight industry in rough shape right now? I’m trying to leave for something else as well but I’ve been lurking teaching forums to see where everyone goes

No. 1495493

Gimme more deets plz nonnie speenfood me

No. 1495513

If you want money in a short term, start learning coding, save up and go to a coding bootcamp (choose one wisely).

If you want a degree for an approval of your parents, go for a Comp.Sci or Info Systems major, those may get you enough qualification for a minor tech job. Keep in mind that in college they won't teach you much coding, therefore every day after assignments you have to code for at least an hour in case you want to have more well paying job.

If you want to be a giga stacey for mom and dad, then major in biology for 4 years, go to med school for another 4 and finish up with a residency. Become a doctor and officially the best person in your family.

If you want to make decent enough amount of money, major in anything engineering. 4 years and you are fine.

Before tech I studied law and this shit sucks, it's not like legally blonde at all and you won't make money that easy.

No. 1495537

Ntayrt but thanks for your input on law. I was considering law school recently but I know the hours at a firm are endless.

No. 1495755

I am a fresh grad and I feel like I'm making quite a lot of mistakes when it comes to job hunting.
Some jobs I'm applying to require sending an email to the HR person with your cover letter and resume, so I just send my required documents with a brief and polite message. But I just found out you're supposed to word your email like a mini cover letter even if you're already sending a cover letter in your attachments. The hell? I figured they would be super busy and don't have time to waste reading All That Shit. But the more I think about it, it does make some sense when the the email you send is the first impressions they get out of you. Can some anons comment? I feel so lost and kinda disheartened that I may have blew my chances with a few job applications.

No. 1495786

Tips for the day to day management of a long-term project like a PhD? I feel like the private sector has better organization tools. The way other PhD students do it seems to be dedicating 100% of their lives to it, fuck that. Subject is in experimental sciences.

No. 1495808

my company fired 20+ people this past month. should i quit or wait to see if i eventually get fired.

No. 1495962

Your project doesn't matter and no one will ever care about any of your experiments. The only thing that matters is networking.

No. 1496099

Depending on labor laws where you live I think you should stay and wait until you're fired so you can earn unemployment benefits. Unless you already have an opportunity somewhere else already.

No. 1496100

So many jobs at colleges where I live are part-time, it’s frustrating because the pay is the same as working full-time but without the insurance and benefits. If anyone here has worked in higher education, is it worth the risk to apply for a part-time position and hope it leads to full-time work, or is it a waste of time?

No. 1496163

If she's in an experimental sciences field then she'll need to publish in high IPF journals and go to conferences (for networking) too, so it's basically 20% networking, 30% actual work, and 60% managing department politics.

No. 1496167

Get a degree in computer science and become a software engineer. Even if you spend the rest of your life coasting in a non-tech dinosaur company, you'll earn a comfortable living wage.

No. 1496288

Trying to do a career change, but I'm already 7 years into my career and making $45k a year. Finding a position with little to no experience required that pays this much is so difficult. I don't want to take a pay cut, I shouldn't. Maybe I should stay in my career and just change job sites.

No. 1496320

CS is a hard degree and they're currently going through massive layoffs in the industry.
I am not saying this because I think anon is too stupid for CS, I am saying it because it may be an exercise in futility and might make you suicidal if you don't really, really love what you're doing. Jobs in IT aren't as guaranteed as they were years ago and most of the work is absolutely soul sucking if you don't enjoy it.

If you're just in it for the money I say go for dentistry or become an electrician or something. Dentists make absolute stacks and aren't all obese, clinically depressed egomaniacs.

No. 1496323

Any other US anons worried about working forever if anything SS or MEDI gets discontinued? I want a massive check of everything I've ever paid into SS if that's the case because fuck, I don't want to work forever.

No. 1496351

If OP's not at uni yet then the downturn will be over by the time she graduates, and there are tons of non-tech companies that still need code monkeys. It does seem like a shit career path unless you're actually good at it and enjoy it though.

No. 1496388

>It does seem like a shit career path unless you're actually good at it and enjoy it though.
Even if you're good at it, it's hard to enjoy it. Lots of people go in thinking they'll work on badass projects and instead they're stuck working in a team of tech bros with massive egos, fixing bugs for a webshop or the next big accounting app and sitting in boring Teams meetings where bubbly HR women with hand puppets spout nonsensical corporatese at you for 3 hours like you're a child. And the pay is mediocre unless you're a neckbearded wizard and/or live in a city with an insane cost of living anyway.

At least sparkies get to work with their hands and move around a lot.

No. 1496391

Samefag sorry I meant hugs officers, not HR. That is genuinely what they called them at my old work. It wasn't even a startup.

No. 1496411

>I am not saying this because I think anon is too stupid for CS, I am saying it because it may be an exercise in futility and might make you suicidal if you don't really, really love what you're doing.
Absolutely accurate, I'm saying this as a senior software engineer. I like what I do I guess but I'm not passionate about it, and in a field which is filled with scrotes who are really fucking autistic and egoistical about their work it's a constant emotional rollercoaster of feeling okay and accomplished one day and feeling like I want to throw myself off a bridge tomorrow.

I disagree about the jobs not being guaranteed because it depends on what you're doing and most people that I know are fully employed for years to come so at least there's job stability and good income (it is a male-dominated industry after all) but the soul sucking part? For sure. You can hitch up your salary but it costs you your mental health unless, like said, you're extremely dedicated to your job. I wouldn't say I don't recommend it because a stable job and a good income is already a good enough reason to pursue it, but god it does make me wonder how I can keep on doing this for decades to come.

>they're stuck working in a team of tech bros with massive egos, fixing bugs for a webshop or the next big accounting app
My career in a nutshell to be honest.

No. 1496449

unfortunately it doesnt work like that and you won't get any such check. your deductions arent putting money into a savings account for you for later. the old people's medicare and ss is funded by the generations born after them. you need future generations to pay for your medicare and social security.

No. 1496498

I guess it depends on location then. Where I live, they're letting people go in droves and outsourcing everything to India/Eastern Europe. The seniors are usually still there but the juniors, trainees and inbetweeners are scrambling to find work right now. I'm no longer in the industry so it doesn't affect me, but my boyfriend is and everyone is scared.

No. 1496505

Im feeling so desperate rn anons.

Unfortunately, I never got a college fund so I am currently two yrs into my 3 yr plan to save money for college. I am of course going the Community college transfer route into a prestigious public state Uni as a junior. But the prestige makes acceptance low and for transfer students its incredibly low as they prioritize freshmen students and no I cannot settle for other colleges as they are either out of my transport range/financial barriers/dont provide adequate education.

Here is what I'm thinking: I have made sure to keep up my self-studies to prep for CC and have goals to maintain atleast a 3.8 gpa, work internships my 2nd yr/sophomore yr, and my act/sat scores are pretty decent but these stats are not unique out of the many applicants to the state school, Should I lie on my college application for a better chance? Regarding affirmative action, although many schools deny the favouritism of certain ethnicities anyone with two eyes can see that they're full of shit, I am biracial mixed asian but since my name or looks dont give away my mixed status would it be beneficial to leave out that I am half asian and just claim a singular ethnicity? A college essay is not req but Ik writing one will greatly increase My chances. Can I get away with completely making up the content in my essay? Im even willing to lie about my sexuality to increase my chances.

Im aware this is all very psychopathic in nature and Im possibly viewing the world as a pessimist but I know that If I want my chance of success I need to snatch it for myself and with how low my chances are to financial freedom I am willing to do anything to succeed. Although, its college it still part of my future career and I dont want to lose out on what Ive been working on since my childhood all because of financial setback.

No. 1496549

My english teacher lied that his father was a terrorist (he was middle eastern kek) on his college essay, so really you could lie about whatever the fuck you want that isn’t easily verifiable like being a trans youth and yadda yadda no parental support sort of shit.

No. 1496660

>fire garbagecels
city stinks
>fire plumbercels
shit backs up
>fire fastfoodcels
no slop
>fire electriciancels
>fire doctorcels
>fire techcels

That said, people are overstating the tech layoffs. They simply dropped the same amount they hired since early 2021. For comparison, that's like if your average medium size business of thirty people increased their staff to thirty two one year, and then went back to thirty the next.

The whole thing has been overblown by a mixture of tech workers being hysterical crybabies and all the people jealous of them being gleefully happy to see layoffs.

No. 1496737

Are there a lot of Asians at the university you want to go to? Because unless you're at some flyover state where there are no other Asian women, it would be better to play up that you're only white since many elite universities are prejudice against Asian ethnicity admissions. Could you say up that you're Samoan instead? Yeah it's lying, but it's really really unlikely that you'll ever be caught unless you run for public office, and even then you just get dragged, they don't take away your degree.

No. 1496739

This is fucked up but leave out being asian because that's what my sister did too

No. 1496778

… wait, why are they all celibate? Is that why they're fired?

No. 1496952

If you do that you might as well do temp work.

No. 1496971

File: 1676136537532.jpg (81.64 KB, 640x833, rtt7bv8c02611.jpg)

Me too nona. I have only a year left to graduate in CS and I'm already worried about how tf am I gonna get hired. There's so much saturation in just entry level jobs like Help Desks. I'm not sure if I should even bother getting certifications, since they're expensive and it seems as though everybody else has them too. I absolutely hate coding projects so I could never be motivated to do one that hasn't already been done on my own, (I pretty much only do CS for the money and now I've sunk too much money in the college degree to switch majors) and have no opportunities for le networking or whatever since I'm in online college.
Any CS nonnies here, genuinely, how the absolute hell do you "make yourself stand out" and set yourself apart from all the endless competition? If I get a degree, well, so does everybody else. If I get certs, well so does everybody else. I hate that I was never taught about these roadblocks now, I was raised on my boomer parents advice to "just learn to code", and I wouldn't have to be the next Steve Jobs to get a fucking entry level position and work my way up to a comfortable living.

No. 1496975

I was thinking more about advice on the day-to-day organization of work but thanks for the blackpill anyway kek

No. 1497013

I want to switch careers and work from home. Is med coding the way to go? Are there real jobs?

No. 1497564

The most respected senior devs at my work are four middle-aged Indian moms who absolutely did not get hired for their looks. Hiring for looks and personality doesn't happen with dev jobs, they have HR for that.

No. 1497568

This is exactly why you shouldn't do CS or medicine just for the money lol.
If you want easy cash just go into trades, I still don't get why people with money as their only motivator choose long, difficult and expensive degrees they know they don't like enough.

No. 1497864

Alright then, what easy cash trades do you recommend?

No. 1497871

Which trades are easy cash without an expensive/extensive certification/apprenticeship/etc process? I'm actually dying to know.

No. 1498076

No free lunch but welding and plumbing pay really well.
>inb4 but certs
As if those aren't a thing in IT + 4 years of school that you know you hate just to end up in debt and a job not meant for you where you slack off and burden your teammates just because you heard it pays well. Lots of career changers at my job end up being the work equivalent of group project freeloaders and blame the job for their misery, then end up quitting anyway. If it's money you're after and you know you hate it, just saying, there are other paths.

No. 1499038

> At least sparkies get to work with their hands and move around a lot.
They get to fuck up their knees pulling wires crouching in a hot attic during summer. And if you think there's a lot of sexual harassment in offices, wait till you get into trades.

Don't know what to tell you, I absolutely love coding so I did a lot pf ot + a lot of learning about the field and products/solutions + the uni classes helped with basic computer science knowledge, so upon graduation I stood out because I was miles ahead of the average both in practical coding skill, problem solving skills, debugging skills, theoretical programming knowledge and general knowledge of the field.

You can't just go into a field, do basic coursework at the uni, then think you'll graduate and do some quick certs and you'll dumpster the competition.

People like that are a dime a dozen. You are looking