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No. 1592395

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life
Last thread: >>>/ot/1516743

No. 1592435

File: 1685478757291.gif (1.39 MB, 256x249, sunflower-pvz (1).gif)

I'm playing the plants vs zombies app. It reminded me that Sims 3 had a little mini PvZ pack where you could get the sunflower and sims could dance with it. It had peashooters, I think, too. I downloaded it but I'm not sure if I still have it.

No. 1592603

File: 1685489611696.jpg (52.06 KB, 1280x720, BloodLad29.jpg)

Just taking a tiny break before returning to the task.

No. 1592654

I sent yet another bunch of CVs, I hope this works, I’m also printing a bunch so I can physically hunt for jobs.

No. 1592835

woke up at 5 am because of allergy. Life is pain.

No. 1592860

File: 1685513121486.png (500.52 KB, 2256x1340, Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 10.0…)

It was an overall treat. I was always drawn to Biollante's design and the story behind her existence. Since it's a Godzilla movie obviously it's mostly exposition, and a military trying to take Godzilla down, before reaching the fight scene that constitutes for less than a tenth of the movie.
But the dialogue and action are well thought out and even inspired (when they're not either unintentionally hilarious or human encyclopedias), and, as someone who knows what it is to built sets and models, the life sized city that Godzilla destroys throughout the end of the second act is something I envy in terms of thought and design (even for the late 80s).

Half of it is a product of its time, but that doesn't stop the other half from aiming as far as it can with the story's emotional core, as well as the sparing inclusion of CG and Biollante's preBiopunk vibe, to really do something different with these films.

3.5/5 Stars.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1593150

My chest feels weird right now for some reason.
Anyway, I'm gonna start oil pulling. I've seen people say they had really good results with it. I also have seen people say that it pulled out their fillings though, which I'm worried about.

No. 1593311

I got some Chinese food. General Tso's chicken, bourbon chicken and lo mein. Yummyy.

No. 1593326

On my period. Not fun but I love the way my heating pad soothes my cramps, feels so good. Got my package of protein powder today, yayy. Gonna finish my lunch and then probably nap with my cats. Hot shower later, followed by a yummy hot dinner. It looks like it might rain soon, I really hope it does! Hope every nonnie has a good day.

No. 1593399

File: 1685574384797.gif (1014.3 KB, 480x480, 91F5A53C-8323-48BA-AA28-3A0901…)

I’m daydreaming again about clothes that I want to buy but that I’m sure I won’t be able to buy.

No. 1593410

Yeah, I'm gonna work on my Curriculum Vitae as well to have it ready for June :).(:))

No. 1593507

I'm gonna go get some food from the gas station. I hope they have some good sandwiches.

No. 1593514

File: 1685585079541.jpg (60.5 KB, 975x975, FwFf-inWYAgsVGi.jpg)

People aaaalways want to project their ugly dark thoughts onto you!! No bitch, in my mind palace things are beautiful but mundane. I don't have elaborate fantasies about hurting or slighting people, I dream of pure and true things that you are evidently incapable of reaching. I don't need all the weird hurtful trappings you revolve around there and im sorry you can't access that kind of sincere daydreaming on your own. Be a toxic black cloud all on your own. You are not in my mind palace.

No. 1593550

I seriously hate how shadowhunters has this constant theme of incest, Clary is always in some semi-incestuous relationship in which her brother or “brother” is obsessed with her. Why is the author obsessed with incest? It’s s annoying.

No. 1593609

bc the author is insane.
ngl it will always kill me that one of the 00's biggest fandom cows became a successful published author

No. 1593620

File: 1685591480091.jpg (17.37 KB, 480x365, 20230321_205636.jpg)

Today or tomorrow i get my entrance exams results and even tho i don't think i'll be taken and probably will have to spend the rest of my life as a wageslave i still pray for a miracle

No. 1593630

Wait, really? What’s the milk?

No. 1593669

File: 1685595217497.jpeg (93.63 KB, 750x1194, F0982779-F996-44C6-B482-204CA5…)

Cassandra clare who wrote the mortal instrument books was originally a hugely popular fanfic writer in the early days of internet fandom. she wrote for lotr and especially harry potter.
the hp fandom basically imploded when it turned out her most popular fanfic (and it was extremely famous, coined the "draco in leather pants" thing) was in fact heavily plagiarised. there was a bunch of other drama too, like mishandled donations and doxing and shit.
also if you were wondering about the incest it's because the mortal instruments started as a ron/ginny fanfic.
a lot of the books are just recycled bits from her hp fanfics with the numbers filed off.

No. 1593737

File: 1685598199213.jpg (41.56 KB, 530x530, 51SHJNTXMfL (1).jpg)

Samefag, I'm finally back from the store. I got a sandwich, fruit, Doritos and fried chicken. I saw two cute guys while I was there. They were pretty short though. I really regret not getting voodoo chips, I've been want to try them for a long time cause I've heard so much about them but there was no flavor description on the bag.

No. 1593742

Samefag but all of that stuff costed $26. Pretty good I think considering I got chicken and a full sub sandwich. The fruit was way too expensive though, $4 for a tiny little container. I coulda bought a whoooooole melon with that.

No. 1593752

these are good.

i'm ass deep in civ 6 so i bought some chips, yogurt covered welch's fruit snacks.

No. 1593770

These chips are surprisingly good

No. 1593776

File: 1685600186590.jpg (52.45 KB, 1000x594, 1640981159426.jpg)

>started as a Ron x ginny fic
wtf I thought it was a draco x ginny fic. disgustin

No. 1593784

File: 1685600670146.png (1.17 MB, 860x1348, misa amane heart.png)

welp I impulse bought the death note box set. this is the first impulse purchase I made in a long time, I used to always buy shit on amazon and etsy but restrained myself for well over a year. going to read all of it once I get it in the mail - its been over 10 years since last I read it, then I'll add it to my small manga collection.

No. 1593792

Now I won’t be able to unsee it. Then who are Alec and Magnus if Clary and Jhonatan are Ron and Ginny? Literally the only interesting shit of that series is Alec and Magnus’ romance because it’s actually nice. Fuck Jace and I hope Simon dies or never has a happy ending.

No. 1593818

Finally got this months paycheck yay
I also just accidentally posted this in the Unpopular opinions thread oops

No. 1594066

My power went out while I was taking a piss my heart dropped to my pussy. I thought someone was about to kill me

No. 1594075

Please keep us updated nona, I am rooting for you and your success

No. 1594094

Someone getting horny for these boring, ugly people is more shocking than the incest

No. 1594117

The sub I got from the store last night was one of the bestest sandwiches I've had in a while once I added some mayo and mustard. I don't usually like a lot of meat but it has three different types and I love it. It's the most basic sandy ever, idk what me so enthralled, so enchanted! with it but I want to eat the other half for breakfast today.

No. 1595160

>ron/ginny fanfic
I'm more offended by the lame ass characters than the incest theme.

No. 1595191

i bought some sparkly pretty fabric to make calico critter clothes with today

No. 1595421

I'm so bored but I don't want to do any of the things I have to do.

No. 1595575

File: 1685765064639.jpg (111.87 KB, 736x964, a7a374973c99beea8b3f7c76034de9…)

It's the weekend and I'm not so busy at the moment and I have some time to watch my husbandos show. Yay!

No. 1595598

I need to go brush my teeth and get some water but I'm so tired. These past few days have been so long.

No. 1595827

My brother came to my workplace to drop some stuff to bring to my mom this weekend and he gave me a macha mochi, it made me so happy.

No. 1595866

I used javascript to make a simple rock paper scissors game that runs in the browser and even though it's noob code I'm still proud of myself. if I can pick up coding maybe I'll be able to improve at some other skills, I'll start working on learning to draw and sew next

No. 1595876

What show?

No. 1595916

File: 1685810421088.jpeg (33.51 KB, 827x418, 4B5046F3-78AF-464B-B3AF-A361E6…)

Time well spent and no one to brag too
Give me a country and I can pin it on a map in under a second

No. 1595919

Nice one nonna. I’ve tried memorising maps but that shit never sticks in my mind

No. 1596002

Attack on Titan. I have to catch up.

No. 1596028

I went outside to eat brunch with friends, they wanted to shop for a few things and I went to stores with them, went home and slacked off all day long at home after that. Feels good. Maybe I'll go shopping after work on Monday because a new store opened at a place I often go to.

No. 1596089

i finally bought blackout curtains after a year of working nights but then i'm going to be changing back to working days soon..

No. 1596136

File: 1685825269568.png (152.61 KB, 818x656, fear__hungerphantomhard.png)

God truly thank you to the anon who recommended Fear&Hunger I cannot believe a game like this made it big in (semi)current year…I'm so happy that nicely written stories about immoral characters with absolutely depraved content have a popular little underground niche. Violent, deranged subject matter that doesn't cater to incels? A decade ago I could only dream.

No. 1596138

This screenshot is suspicious as hell though.

No. 1596181

>doesn't cater to incels
The game was pretty much only discussed on 4chan before tumblr latched onto the sequel for having a troon chara

No. 1596208

I saw tons of blog posts and Let's Plays on it so thought it was just a breakout hit or something. It's disappointing to hear about all that but I'm still happy a nonna recommended it based on the punishing combat and dark themes, nice to have another cool game to play that's not Blasphemous/Darkest Dungeon/Pathologic again.

No. 1596232

File: 1685835466395.jpg (54.84 KB, 640x1352, be1ca41b1e8b0af5b3aaa9f4ce87de…)

I've been craving extra long nails super bad, so I gave myself some and I'm so happy eeeeew. They're like a little longer than about 1 1/2 inches and I honestly could go longer. I'm still in the process of designing them.

No. 1596357

Samefag I just realized, that is supposed to say eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

No. 1596399

Are you going to paint them or do something with them?

No. 1596441

File: 1685849273156.jpg (112.68 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.3789433710_q59j.jpg)

Im blinging them out with some charms and big chunky gems! Also did a crocodile french tip, sort of similar to picrel. I wish I had acrylic powder to make it 3d and textured.

No. 1596445

These are cool

No. 1596518

I have a little red wound bump thing on the inside of my lip. Idk what happened maybe I was biting my lip and didn't realize until now or something. I'm sleepy anons, I'm gonna drink some water and sleep.

No. 1596645

My mom still hasn't noticed I got my nipples pierced, it only reinforces the feeling she doesn't pay much attention to me lol.

No. 1596647

do nipple piercings poke through your bra?

No. 1596698

I don't wear a bra on my days off (but to answer your question no they don't), but they are very noticeable when I wear pajamas.

No. 1596786

Guess who's binge watching "what's in my bag" videos on youtube right now!

No. 1596883

I cleaned my shower drain. I saw some ungodly eldrich horrors while doing so, jfc. The previous tenant never cleaned the drain I bet.

No. 1596893

Truly the real asmr

No. 1596942

File: 1685912372664.jpeg (160.22 KB, 828x1194, 1652FF5F-DE7B-48F5-B72C-736B72…)

this shit is way too easy
but like two weeks ago I didn't know them all
that's how many times I did this
that's how empty my social life is
if I ever went to a party again I would say bust out a blank map and give me five mins
or point anywhere and I got you

No. 1596943

I just played these on repeat until I got them all right, it's like mind training. School should be this way, or maybe my mind just works this way

No. 1596951

I would think you were so smart

No. 1597002

File: 1685920008093.jpg (42.44 KB, 640x572, 7b889fe2c6d430929780f2f0b7d6e2…)

Made a new craft I saw in a YouTube video for the first time and it turned out pretty cute and I'm excited to make a whole bunch of them

No. 1597306

spotted a tub of taro powder while i was grabbing some cat food earlier. i am now victoriously sipping on a taro oat milk latte wrapped up very cosy in this cold climate and things feel pretty good

No. 1597360

Idk if it's because I just got out the shower but it's so hot in my room right now

No. 1597370

File: 1685940323496.jpeg (28.19 KB, 412x406, DBE678A1-E52E-4282-99BA-6E876C…)

Why is my dog so delicate? His stomach always gets sick over nothing. Just a slight change of diet or routine and he gets sick. I also hate my neighborhood, it’s always stinking like shit and covered in shit because I’m beginning to believe that I may be the only person that ever picks up the shit of her dog.

No. 1597405

I have no idea what happened to my pocket miku but this video that showed up on the front page made me miss it so bad my fingers are twitching

No. 1597822

Has any UK anon been in superdrug highstreet stores lately? They're fucking shite. Barely stock make up brands. I wanted to but a new make up bag and bag for toiletries and so unnecessarily expensive. So is everything. If I went online it would be far cheaper. It boggles my mind that I'm in the store and am referred to look online for stock or if I'm looking at physical palettes in the store I have to fucking Google them on my phone to see what shades are inside if the packaging is opaque. Even the layout of the shop is retarded and why is it so hard to find spray in leave in conditioner. Idk if it's to do with brexit and I'm affected by the sea border but it's a fucking nightmare ordering perfume online, I bought my usual Calvin klein perfume because I haven't saw it stocked in ages and I've been charged double what it sells on amazon but the seller doesn't ship to NI. Fuck highstreet stores and the shop staff look at you with contempt. Fuck you too

No. 1597846

> work in an open plan office
> there is a married guy with kids that always stares at me
>always trying to ‘jokingly’ touch me, telling me to smile more, laughs it off when called out, is generally a nuisance and hated for it. His shenanigans are not enough to warrant an official complaint, he just pisses everyone off.
> i was scratching my nose the other day, unaware of him watching
> he instantly starts sperging ‘gross anon that is not very lady like!’
> i tell him he’s making shit up, no one believes him, just thinks it’s another ploy to ‘tease’ me
> he dosent speak or interact with me for the rest of the day
> seeing the benefit of my actions, every time he starts staring or saying annoying shit to me I stick my finger in my nose
> it works
> he mostly tries to say weird shit when we are alone which is now directly working against him
> he has cried booger to many times, no one believes him
> it is even more apparent he’s a weirdo, people are openly telling him to fuck off
> he eventually gives up, from social pressure or the grossness of my actions I don’t care
> i can now peacefully exist once again

No. 1597853

Also sorry this should be in the vent thread lol, but even when they do have a make up brand in store they stock a reduced product line, and refer you to online.

No. 1597886

I hate how artists will make an oc or a sona because of some current trend and abandon it immediately after, right now it's coming up again because of the new spiderverse movie. I guess they are having fun so I can't be that mad at it, it's just annoying to see for some reason. It's so shallow and pointless imo, they usually only make a ref sheet and forget about it

No. 1597991

>wake up with blood on pillow
>flip pillow over
>Tap tap tap on my phone
>Realize there's a random bleeding cut on my finger
Did a little vampire fairy bite me as I was slumbering? Also I washed my hands without realizing there was blood on my finger, which is gross cause it means I now have little blood particles ALL over my hands and I'm been touching everything.

No. 1598000

>every time he starts staring or saying annoying shit to me I stick my finger in my nose
Holy based.

No. 1598008

Ew, she's got old man boogies and snot on her finger

No. 1598010

So how many times have any of you nonnies been banned from something? It could be here or any forum, or even real life if it's happened to you. I used to take it personally until I realized everyone seems to get banned quite regularly online, and nearly everyone gets unfairly banned at least once.

No. 1598015

Can you read? She's picking her own nose.

No. 1598016

No, I can't.

No. 1598021

I had to wrap a rubber band around my finger (makeshift bandage) and my finger is sickly turning blue. Ewwww.

No. 1598049

I get banned from reddit totally about every three months, and I get banned from different subreddits about once per month. And that's keeping myself in check.
I've been permanently shadow banned on tumblr, though I don't know when that happened, so I just keep it as storage for cool pictures and quotes. And I've gotten a few temporary bans from crystal cafe.

No. 1598053

I am a strict rule follower so I used to get pissed when I got banned and now I don't take it personally. I know I don't do wrong

No. 1598067

I got a few short bans here, mostly for vaguely blogposting on /snow/, I always get so ashamed when it happens lol. Otherwise I never got banned anywhere else, I'm too much of a goodie two shoes and I never used forums and social media that much anyway.

No. 1598081

I've been banned from my local hospital for skateboarding in their parking garage and getting chased down by security. Ended up being hired there later on so they obviously didn't keep a list of names, kek. I've been banned from facebook a million times for refusing to use a real name. Got a temp ban on runescape for swearing once or twice. I've been temp banned from here for half a dozen times for infighting, but that's over the course of a few years.

No. 1598089

I've been banned from /a/ for "offtopic posting", got banned from a hobby-related discord server because troonphobia. I only have one irl ban, I'm banned from all six flags theme parks because I got caught shoplifting at one when I was like 14 and in my klepto phase. Security grabbed me as I was leaving, sat me in a room with a cop and showed me all the cctv footage of me swiping candy or stickers from the various stalls. I thought I was gonna get arrested kek. I haven't been banned from here yet but I'm sure it will happen eventually

No. 1598100

I got banned from Tesco for shoplifting..

No. 1598104

I got banned on a forum for 1-2 days just because I posted my commission info directly in the ART BUYING FORUM!! the stupid game it was on required people only link their irl commissions and otherwise do it for useless game currency. Banned from /ot/ for a day because the mod before shaymin was losing her mind over any pink pill/gc talk. Banned my brother in club penguin for a few days due to saying fuck. Also got banned in neopets for 2 days or something. That's about it I don't post anywhere else.

No. 1598122

Got banned on snow for forgetting to sage (2 days, after appeal 1 day) and infighting (30min) and overall retardation a few times (between 2 to 5 hours), and on ot for posting an emoticon. Can't remember how many hours but too many for a fucking emoticon if you ask me, plus the mod said it was an emoji, that's so insulting it was an ecksdee and I was mocking someone's writing style I think.
I think I was never banned from anywhere else, not even when I made a thread to tell the mods of this different website to go fuck themselves for no reason kek, they just asked me why and I think I told them "just because".

No. 1598350

Yeah nu-mods are stupid and unfunny and have no idea what they're doing. But somebody has to do it I guess

No. 1598910

I saw a nice specimen at the gas station today. Tall, blonde, built, dressed in his work uniform, very very cute. I looked very respectfully and my day was brightened. I'm glad beauty exists

No. 1599006

Finally got some coconut oil so I can start oil pulling! Wasn't hard to find unrefined oil like how I thought it would be.

No. 1599032

Samefag but also I'm going to eat the coconut oil cause I'm fucking constipated and forgot to get some mini wheats for fiber.

No. 1599034

Keep us updated! I would like to know the results, pros and cons

No. 1599062

I'm eating buttery crackers with goat cheese, orange marmalade, and blackberries right now. so good. the cheese has garlic in it but it surprisingly still goes well with the rest of the stuff

No. 1599094

This is me pretending to read a bird watching book while watching the hot guy across the street lift weights in his garage

No. 1599215

I certainly will!

No. 1599216

Made chicken and broccoli alfredo for dinner today. couldn't eat much because I had a mango, some juice and a small slice of pizza earlier, but pasta is always better the day after.

No. 1599251

File: 1686101725521.jpg (66.56 KB, 730x973, 73d46c3b-8e8e-4627-a6e8-09d3ae…)

people i live with have decided to start remodeling the house without any knowledge of what they are doing and desire to learn how to do things properly. every project they started is unfinished, yet it doesn't stop them from beginning the next one. they have replaced 5 doors and every one of them is messed up beyond repair. they have no overall plan design wise and have been installing mismatched and damaged crap they find for cheap at a resale store. they are ruining everything, but i dont have the heart to tell them, because frankly at this point it's too late. pic related is not mine but it gives the idea of the sort of thing i'm talking about.

No. 1599361

went for a walk today and met a sweet and friendly siamese kitty. it came up and let me pet it. it had a collar so i assume it lives nearby

No. 1599378

File: 1686110689704.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 498x375, pengu-explode.gif)

Going to start another project!

No. 1599395

File: 1686111881795.jpeg (32.19 KB, 750x750, 0CFA4C18-B294-456F-8B65-35FEB5…)

I want to get cute matching rings for me and my best friend, but I don’t want them to look like couple rings, I also don’t want them to look or be cheap.

No. 1600152

File: 1686173158347.jpg (80.74 KB, 680x1020, Carolina-Gold-Mustard-BBQ-Sauc…)

I don't have any Carolina bbq sauce so I just mixed Dijon mustard and sugar and tbh it tastes the same

No. 1600178

File: 1686176497010.jpeg (106.56 KB, 770x469, IMG_1907.jpeg)

Nonnies please help me out, which font should I choose? I want it to be cute but not too live laugh love soccer mom horse girl

No. 1600179

File: 1686176547236.jpeg (77.81 KB, 480x640, IMG_1908.jpeg)

It will go on this binder

No. 1600182

I like 2 personally! The rest are a bit love laugh love-y. But fuck em if you like the others then go for what you love!

No. 1600187

No. 1600193

No. 1600195

damn. i forgot to put my return slip into my amazon package. hope i still get my refund.

No. 1600196

I like 7

No. 1600197

choose 8. amd whatever you do don't choose 4 if youre planning to keep this as a long term family thing bc "brush script" is going to look very dated in coming years, it's a specific 2010s/early 20s style

No. 1600201

I hadn't been to the dentist in 2 years and holy shit my teeth have never felt smoother, I can't stop licking them.

No. 1600594

I tried to do henna for the first time and it actually looks nice (so long as you don't look too long kek)

No. 1600630

I have a bruise on my shoulder so ofc everybody is making dumb hickey jokes, just let me be a dumbass who hurts herself constantly.

No. 1600648

My cats back from neuter surgery and she's all drugged up, but she doesn't want to lie down. She is determined to slowly walk around.

No. 1600662

i ate a bowl of nigger dicks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1600663

if you cat is a she … she didn't get neutered. unless your cat is trans. i was introduced to a transgendered pet rat one time.

No. 1600669

File: 1686228424361.jpg (35.47 KB, 448x598, kittybackpack.JPG)

Oh my god poor baby

Speaking of cats, I saw a girl with a backpack like picrel yesterday at the shopping mall. Inside from it came the LOUDEST and SADDEST meows I have ever heard, poor little thing.

No. 1600701

Someone uploaded an event that happened at my school gym in 2002 and I've never been hit with more nostalgia. My school was really small, less than 150 kids, so I recognize nearly everyone. I don't have any pictures from this time in my life so it was really cool (and cute) to see 12 year old me chilling on the bleachers in a bucket hat.

No. 1600709

She's getting faster as the drugs wear off. She is really zooming all around. I know when she feels better she is gonna play so much.

No. 1600710

That's the term we use to call this, along with spay. Male cats are still male even if you take their testes. You can't confuse cats with people, trans doesn't exist in cats.

No. 1600712

Tell me about that transgender rat please

No. 1600724

Neuter generally refers to removing the testicles in males, spay generally refers to removing the ovaries and uterus in females, I think that's what anon means.
nta but I imagine a TIF who calls her female rat he to "make a point about cissexism", I've heard of troons doing that

No. 1600733

My cigarette after lunch makes my bedroom stink for 1h but it really is one of the best guilty pleasures in my life atm

No. 1600792

i was visiting my little sister for the first time in years and she was introducing me to her rats. plopped one with pretty huge testicles in my hands and said "this is Cheez, she has balls but she's a girl."

No. 1600797

i was visiting my little sister for the first time in years and she was introducing me to her rats. plopped one with pretty huge testicles in my hands and said "this is Cheez, she has balls but she's a girl."

No. 1600810

Thinking about one of the substitute teachers from junior high. She used to dress like a rock star despite being in her late 50s and even though some kids would make fun of her behind her back I thought it was the coolest. She didn't even look bad, she looked comfortable like her natural state was rock star. She had super short hair she styled, she wore denim jackets with glitter and studs, printed jeans, unique shirts. I always think about her when I ask myself the retarded question of "am I dressing my age?". Wear what YOU want nonas.

No. 1601725

It's ridiculously hot already so my boyfriend is taking me to a lake this afternoon so we both survive kek. I'm really excited though, I've never been to this lake before and he knows I love nature.

No. 1601730

I ate a giant burrito and I'm dying now

No. 1601736

Uhhhhh lol

No. 1602031

File: 1686334126278.png (75.86 KB, 445x450, 1439965533080.png)

i've been sprinkling gender crit beliefs in my social media posts for years and my gendie friends always agree with them. but i guess i took it too far when i talked about how i was brainwashed into believing that i was nonbinary for a few years and concluded that woman isn't a feeling so ofc no woman feels like a woman but that doesn't make her anything but a woman. an entire group of people i've known for 10 years collectively blocked me for that one. weirdly enough i was worried of losing them the most because they are all smart and funny women in their mid to late 20s, but they all identify as they/thems. now that they have blocked me - not even softblocked, which they always do with everyone else, but blocked me and kept it that way - i feel… relieved? i hadn't realized how gendies can drag you down, kek.

No. 1602034

>i lost all my friends because i am a dumb bitch who never shuts the fuck up and never stops forcing my shit tier beliefs on other people and now im desperately trying to convince myself all of them are the problem and not me

do go on about how nobody likes you lol your unaware self-own is amusing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1602040

I would imagine it would feel amazing. Great even to be freed of those hilarious people. I would imagine though that it would hurt for the same reason people invest hours and hours of playtime on league of legends only to get nothing back.

No. 1602041

They're special snowflakes. Nona.

No. 1602047

No. 1602051

Imagine coming to Lolcow to seethe and mald after you already blocked the person. Sad she's not upset that you cut yourselves out?
Your enby larp is quickly losing relevancy, deal with it kek.(infighting, in mundane shit thread? really? come on.)

No. 1602052

"A-anyone who I disagree with is a moid!!"

No. 1602054

Look like some nonas are bitchy today. Huh

No. 1602055

nonnies, don't fall for the piss poor attempt at inciting infighting.

ngl my first reaction was a pang of sadness because i've known these people for so long, but they are actually the first to actually block me over this. the rest of my friends are either chill but still very delusional about their gender identity, crypto terfs, or this close to peaking.

No. 1602811

Currently dozing off at work because of the heat, I'm drinking coffee but it has zero effect on me so I'll probably fall asleep in the following hour.

No. 1602848

I'm glad you feel so good about it nonna. Other GC women are not so lucky, and devastated when their formerly close friends suddenly drop them for not sucking tranny dick 24/7. Trans shit's a cult just like Jehovah's Witnesses.

No. 1603453

I was just thinking about how it's been so long since I've seen a spider in my house, and I just went in my laundry room and saw a tiny little one hovering over my dryer. At first I thought it was a fruitfly flying really slowly. I killed it although now I feel bad and I probably should've put it outside since it was so harmless.

Anyway,I'm really thankful for the automatic dry setting on my dryer. It drys my stuff so fast, obviously not good for large items but very nice for smaller ones. It's really saved my ass when I needed to wash something last minute.

No. 1603459

Same nonna, coffee just makes me want to take a shit

No. 1603490

Nothing better than a freshly brushed mouth, some ice cold water and the AC on cold before bed

No. 1603505

Do you drink that after you brush?

No. 1603560

I love spiders. There was a daddy long legs on the ground just now and I just laid next to it for awhile vibing before I put him outside.

No. 1603621

I made a salad to bring as lunch to work today. Its a taco salad. I am excited to eat it.

No. 1603636

Sounds delicious, I love salads. Infinite combinations.

No. 1603657

File: 1686490041888.jpg (59.75 KB, 704x456, PhillyVoice-Wendys-TacoSalad_6…)

been a while since I had a good taco salad. oddly craving the Wendy's one now. I've got a distinct memory of eating a Wendy's taco salad when I was like 8 years old after a bad Automatonophobia fueled incident at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
taco salad is such an interesting dish because everyone does it differently. it's really a shame that Taco Bell discontinued theirs because it's completely different from the Wendy's one. if they had just kept the shells I bet they would have been offering taco salads with other proteins than the dog food ground beef by now, like a black bean option or chicken.

No. 1603676

sounds delicious, enjoy nonna

No. 1603720

Water? Yeah.

No. 1603840

File: 1686506990181.png (15.07 KB, 453x481, go home.png)

Randomly found this town on a map and it made me kek. Guess they don't want me visiting.

No. 1603853

I hope my dog poops today, he has been a bit sick this week, he’s now all energetic like usual but won’t poop. He has been feeling so sick, that I tried to walk him again after letting him rest and he couldn’t handle just going to the front of the building where I live, he was already too tired and was walking weirdly.

No. 1603875

If your dog didn't poop in the last 48 hours or if he vomited, call the vet.

No. 1603882

He finally pooped, maybe he doesn’t like the grass at the parking lot anymore.

No. 1603957

A had a non-alcoholic beer and my body is giving me a nice warm placebo buzz

No. 1604019

File: 1686520123190.jpeg (1.51 MB, 2500x3746, 493BF690-2015-44AD-BFB8-B207E2…)

I look so much like this woman, only the hair and eye color is different, and her eyebrows seem slightly thicker. But the face shape and the features, never saw anyone this close. It's a voice actress btw

No. 1604020

I flossed today

No. 1604023

You're cute anon

No. 1604149

File: 1686532758328.jpg (73.18 KB, 680x589, MENTIONED.jpg)

Oh shit, is this in Georgian Bay, Ontario? I live in this region! (Georgian Bay, but a different town, not Go Home)
Nice to finally see somewhere I know mentioned on lolcow. I hereby invite all nonnies to visit, the lakes and islands are awesome. I also invite all scrotes reading this to turn back and go home

No. 1604210

File: 1686541713197.jpg (617.14 KB, 2100x1680, 2CORE-1-181013832.jpg)

when i was 12, facebook used to put these athletes and dance performers onto my page shared by meme pages with captions like "women, what's your excuse?" over a photo of a 30-50 year old yoga teacher or ballerina doing something flexible. my delusional self thought "haha looks easy-peasy, yeah, what's the excuse fatties?" then at the age of 23 i tried just one beginners aerial yoga/dance class and my whole body hurt for days afterwards. i remembered the comments of those women from under those cringe posts. "because i am busy cooking", "i have children", "my job is in an office and not a circus", "full time job" and most of them were not overweight. i can also relate and at the same time admire these sports women performing impressive tricks.

No. 1604446

I have a cat on my lap so I cannot move for a while

No. 1604448

You should know it hurts for everyone at first
You get used to it, your body adjusts, you have sore muscles and bruises and then after that you can do cool tricks

No. 1604449

My body dysmorphia says thank you

No. 1604572

File: 1686582082411.jpg (240.05 KB, 813x1600, IMG_9568.jpg)

while looking for orange hair dye reviews I came across a picture I actually had to stop and look at for several seconds to make sure it wasn't my sister even though that would be impossible. that means she also looks like me because me and my sister are practically twins but I can't recognize myself lol

No. 1604576

Looks like a funny and pretty youtuber I like but I forget her name

No. 1604581

I'm putting off writing my paper but I'm not even using the time, I've been browsing aimlessly for at least an hour when I could've been drawing or doing literally anything else. Better get started now before it turns into two hours lost I guess

No. 1604584

write your fucking paper, nona! Stop browsing, close lolcow and write that shit. After that, you can browse as much as you like.

No. 1604586

File: 1686583399937.jpg (28.5 KB, 735x645, 1686246568612.jpg)

I will start downloading Sims stuff again to make some cute Sims. Thing is, I hate the Sims 4 but there is no incest mod for the Sims 2 and the Sims 3 runs like shit even on my bf's gaming pc so I'm stuck with the shitty sims 4. whatever.

No. 1604591

File: 1686583810744.jpeg (42.04 KB, 749x421, 9F42FB72-520E-4987-ABE7-D363CE…)

>but there is no incest mod

No. 1604595

My Sims 3 runs fast and smooth, you just don't have the correct 5836 performance improving mods

No. 1604611

I tried NRAAS and some others I think, but still it ran like shit. shame because with the correct cc, sims 3 sims look a lot better than sims 4 ones.

No. 1604616

I tried NRAAS and some others I think, but still it ran like shit. shame because with the correct cc, sims 3 sims look a lot better than sims 4 ones.

No. 1604710

I came downstairs this morning to make some breakfast and my dad the second he saw me yelled 'ANOOONN, THE UNABOMBER DIED' kek

No. 1604722

File: 1686593301188.jpg (104.23 KB, 820x1202, 229-2290111_harold-thumbs-up.j…)

Clerk at the store was a toilet paper autist
>Arrive at the check out with TP
>Is TP necessary to you?
>Well if you don't need it urgently, the big pack is going on sale tomorrow, almost half the price!
>Proceeds to explain how he always has one unopened pack, currently has 42 rolls at home, and how if we were in America we would be fighting over TP
>Haha, yeah…

No. 1604725

lol wtf nonnie this is so weird and made me laugh i hope you have a great day and your tp is like clouds on your butt

No. 1604738

the screen on my macbook air was broken so i looked into how much it would cost to fix, it was like 2/3 the price of a new one. i'm getting the new 15" in a color i actually want (my last 2 phones and laptops have been whatever they had available because i needed them for work) and I AM SO EXCITED

No. 1604762

File: 1686595793123.jpg (49.98 KB, 586x577, 1584669244178.jpg)

I was just on the phone for like an hour trying to handle some licensing thing and towards the end I realized that there wasn't even any issue in the first place, I was just retarded and had been reading something wrong. That's embarrassing

No. 1604769

File: 1686596257757.jpeg (12.48 KB, 275x275, 1645979327305.jpeg)

It's okay nonnie, I called the bank freaking out about a bunch of unrecognized charges on my account almost crying. Then midway through I realized it was my Nigel's bank account that we merged a couple months ago and it shows first. Then I apologized to the poor bank customer service man for my freak out, happy it wasn't true though.

No. 1604779

i played outside with my younger brother last weekend. we were literally just throwing a tennis ball and catching it with velcro paddles over and over it was retarded but fun.

No. 1604811

The tattoo artist I've been watching for like 3 years has finally opened his booking, I sent a mail in the 5 minutes after he posted on Instagram and thankfully he replied positively one hour later. I still need to send a bunch of pics for my project and it won't happen until 2024 but looks like I'll finally get my first tattoo after years of wishing for it.

No. 1604818

Damn. At least you have time to save up.

No. 1604819

Samefag, congratulations btw nonna

No. 1604828

Congrats, nona! I had to wait seven years to get my first tattoo because I wanted authentic Irezumi and it was so exciting to finally get the wheels in motion for it.

No. 1604830

Gonna go closet shopping tonight aka see what I have because I've been wanting to buy clothes too much, hope I can put together some new outfits!

No. 1604836

I brought my mom to Hmart and she thought it was neat

No. 1604866

I'm tackling a huge pile of tangled yarn I have today, and it's kinda difficult because I have a lot of chunky rhinestones glued to my nails, and the yarn keeps getting stuck on them.

No. 1604972

Thank you! I don't mind too much as I have two big trips coming up in the next few months, and since he is working in another city I'll need to take a vacation to get there, and I don't have any remaining days off for 2023. So yeah I'll save up specially for this.
Thank you too! I have a list of artists I want to get tattoos from but he was the first guy who I settled my eyes on. I'm sure yours looks gorgeous, irezumi is amazing.

No. 1605391

I think Elsie is a top-tier design. You can draw her in different art styles and in different clothes and still recognize her and that's the mark of a good character design IMO.

I can't tell if you're joking or not but share the mods?

No. 1605547

100% agree about Elsie, I love her.

No. 1605692

Dinner tonight is all homemade and almost all home-grown. Pasta made with eggs from the neighbours hens, pasta sauce made entirely of veggies and herbs my wife's grown, the bread I baked this morning and even the butter I made myself. There's something so wholesome about meals like these. Can't wait 'til our house is done and we'll have more room to grow veggies and will be able to get hens of our own.

No. 1605696

This is so cute im sick. But really, this is the most wholesome thing ive read all day. Hope you enjoy your evening! How does one make homemade pasta noodles?

No. 1605700

This is so sweet. I hope it was delicious!
Nta but it's pretty easy if you use semolina flour.

No. 1605773

Heard the Love Theme from Lawrence of Arabia for the first time on the radio today and it reminded me of the nonnie here who husbandos Lawrence. I love encountering things that remind me of nonnas here so hearing that made my whole day.
btw Lawrence anon, your husbando's movie has amazing music!

No. 1605901

I just ripped a fart that honest to god smelled like gasoline

No. 1606117

I took a mugwort bath and I really liked it. It smelled good and I swear my skin feels tighter

No. 1606119

I took a mugwort bath and I really liked it. It smelled good and I swear my skin feels tighter

No. 1606149

What did you eat

No. 1606167

FINALLY found my retainers. God I love the ache.

No. 1606248

Samefag, I'm back, not with a real update but just to say that God oil pulling takes so much energy. I've done it like 5 times (currently doing it right now. Should be 6 I think but I missed a day) so far. It doesn't make my jaw hurt, but the problem is that saliva builds up in my mouth super quickly and makes me strain my cheeks. I end up having to spit a lot out. You have to swish the entire so it's like…pain. anyway I'm waiting for week 2 to see if I get any results.

No. 1606249

*Entire time.

No. 1606665

File: 1686772445236.jpg (50.44 KB, 550x800, niconiconii.jpg)

I was a bit disturbed by the dream I dreamt tonight, but every dream interpretation I found tells me I'll have luck in my love life, so that's nice I guess.

No. 1606870

I bought an alarm clock in hopes it'll actually wake me up unlike my phone.

No. 1607316

You new bitches suck

No. 1607941

I really need to go shower cause I'm covered in blood but I don't feel like it

No. 1607975

I’m hungry, but it’s too early to have dinner and I have no snacks. Bummer

No. 1608342

Who did you kill?

No. 1608346

My pussy

No. 1609275

I’ve been meaning to get into hobbies that isn’t media consuption. Thinking about getting into crocheting or knitting. I just have to find out which one out of those two is easier to learn

No. 1609278

crocheting is easier but knitting is better

No. 1609280

I'm hungry too, it's lunchtime and I don't want to eat chips and salsa for the 4th day in a row (and also because I had some for dinner last night) but all I can think to eat is chips and salsa

No. 1609283

I would avoid those if you don't want to consume media. Most knitters/crocheters do so while watching/listening to media. I knit/crochet and listen to endless music, watch stupid YT videos, or binge watch a show.

Active hobbies (dance, skating, walking, just being outside in general) have helped me immensely to unplug in that regard

No. 1609292

I agree with the other nona that crochet is the easier one, but imo you should decide which one based on what it is that you want to make. Crochet is best for non-wearable things imo, like plushies, bags, and coasters, while knitting is better for clothes

No. 1609324

File: 1686948772908.jpg (139.95 KB, 1000x700, knit vs crochet.jpg)

Crocheting is easier (although some people say knitting was easier for them, guess it differs from person to person) and also more flexible. You can make literally anything with crochet and it's the superior yarn craft imo. They look different as well, so which look you like more is something to consider. Although there are ways to make crochet look like knit for certain items, crochet can be more hole-y/create less dense fabric than knit. In picrel, the peach crop top is knit and the white crop top is crochet. The difference may not be obvious if you're not familiar with either though, idk.

Honestly I would just say go buy some worsted(aka medium) weight yarn, a size H-8/5.00 MM hook, whatever size needles the label on the yarn calls for, and give them both a try.

No. 1609329

crocheting cannot be replicated by machine while knit can, so if you're inspired by current crochet trends, definitely just learn to crochet and spare the overworked underpaid third world woman from crocheting another fucking granny square

No. 1609341

100% agree about active hobbies. My wife and I cycle, paddle board, swim and camp a lot and it's great. I recently had some physical health problems that have got me stuck inside a lot and it's really hit me how beneficial these hobbies are to me. They're therapeutic; I know that word is overused to hell and back, but it truly is.

No. 1609363

I was someone who only consumed media and started knitting/crocheting to "stop". And while it is fun and I enjoy it immensely, it didn't curb my media consumption much (except maybe I don't read books/manga as much compared to video/audio media). I felt trapped in my home sometimes, so now I knit outside in a park or something and that helps too.

Active hobbies have been transformational though, not to be dramatic.

No. 1609419

Noted, guess I'll add some active hobby on top of it. The thing that also appeals to me regarding knitting/crochetting is just the idea of making something tangible, having a finished product where I can say "I made that one"
What's wrong with crochetted clothing? I was thinking of making a hat, bags for groceries, and when I get better at it, move on to clothing items like cardigans.

No. 1609532

I just took a bite of my cereal, and for some reason my almond milk tasted like cow milk. It must just be my taste memory kicking in, but I was disgusted.

No. 1609599

It's 10pm and I still have my baseball cap on. I just like my hat

No. 1609605

I’m so used to dairy free milk that all cow milk tastes nasty to me now. It’s fine in things but by itself it has this weird acidic taste.

No. 1609612

Makin me wanna have a big glass of good old fashioned organic 2% cow titty milk

No. 1609626

haha the fan is making my chest hurt

No. 1609643

Are you dehydrated?

No. 1609803

I deactivated my instagram and this was the last personal social media I had left.

I have linkedin for professional purposes but I hardly ever check it.

Feels nice

No. 1610719

File: 1687087156813.jpg (45.63 KB, 468x700, rhrt.jpg)

I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I will never look like a tough, short-haired tomboyish woman. I have a really round face and a birth defect that sometimes makes people think that I have a very mild case of down syndrome or something, kek. I was also born with a long torso and short legs that makes me look extremely stumpy, so it's hard to find normal clothes that don't look frumpy on me. I'm thinking now to just embrace my hobbit-like features and lean into it by dressing up in cute and comfy outfits rather than trying to look tough and badass. I've always loved stuff like picrel, but stopped wearing it because it really just makes my garden gnome looks stand out, but I'm starting to think that maybe that's better than just looking plain and uncomfortable with myself.

No. 1610741

go full gnome!

No. 1610744

File: 1687090547425.jpg (214.74 KB, 1150x1600, this but it's hotter because i…)

I'm the inverse of you, kek. I always wanted to look approachable and plain, but I'm tall, muscular, butch and naturally just have the kind of "resting bitch face" that makes people think I'm a hardass. My friends are often surprised to learn I'm the dopey kind of autist that excitedly says "CAT!" and points to any cat I see before going to greet them. I gave up trying to look "nicer" years ago as people are gonna think what they want to think. I now wear the tailored suits I've always dreamed of and if I look like a low ranking mafia enforcer, then good, that's the aesthetic I'm going for. To hell with being approachable.

No. 1610745

>To hell with being approachable
I look extremely approachable and that results in strangers stopping me to ask for directions all the time. No matter where we are and how many other people there are there, I'm always the one they choose to ask. It's a little annoying because it happens so often

No. 1610748

File: 1687090880945.png (503.65 KB, 3000x3000, 6433366.png)

Eating Raisin Bran but I'm only picking out the raisins to eat while listening to keygen music

No. 1610750

File: 1687091096385.jpg (326.81 KB, 1732x1797, dobby-z2k89tapsum43iai.jpg)

Leaning into your features is always best. I've always wanted to be a cutesy Kpop princess but really can't - my features aren't feminine or masculine and they're both youthful and too mature, it's really hard to explain. Anyways, I just end up looking like Dobby in a wig.
After a lot of fumbling I discovered that I look crazy good in more goth-leaning styles, including dark academia that was popular a while ago, so now I just wear that because I'm tired of looking awkward.

No. 1610755

I just realized I made a social mistake yesterday and probably sounded VERY rude to those around me. Ugggghhhhhh. Basically I was packing up after doing a booth at an outdoor craft fair, lots of vendors were. I drive an old beater that needs a lot of work. I was refilling coolant in the vedor parking lot before parking it closer to my booth to load up. Another vendor sees this as he is walking to get his car. Asks me if I am okay/ need help. Tell him nah just have an geriatric vehicle I need to fix several thibgs on. He says he does do and we chat for a minute about our crappy vehicles. After moving vehicles back I see his old vehicle now too. I say to him 'nice truck' and and him if the ac works (mine doesnt usually). I realize that most other vendors around us are going to think I was insulting the poor guys shitty ride kek

No. 1610952

File: 1687104686481.gif (649.55 KB, 500x347, 50dca67caa35f131818c23ec864531…)

I just woke up today and decided I'm taking myself out to pasture. I've been consistently posting here for like the past 5 years. I'll see you nonnies in a week!

No. 1610958

ilu nona hope to see you next week or never again!

No. 1610964

Shit, this place will get even slower.

No. 1610969

File: 1687105591762.gif (5.33 MB, 720x720, c7854274d51eeaeedda63283ce185f…)

Nonny of the month over here, you deserve a little break, enjoy!
Oh get a life! Jk, never leave. Now kiss me nonna, you can't get what we have anywhere else

No. 1611016

File: 1687107627966.jpeg (8.32 KB, 236x236, images (2).jpeg)

Cannot go on the NSFW glory of 4 chan rn cos I'm in an outdoorsy/public restaurant (which is half children).

No. 1611065

File: 1687112029576.gif (1.39 MB, 640x640, tumblr_oiye2mRbyI1uf5tbgo1_640…)

I'm making ceviche today yay

No. 1611094

My seasonal allergies are rough this year, I haven't been able to hear out of my right ear at all for a few days now. This shit sucks, I'll never take having proper hearing for granted ever again

No. 1611135

File: 1687116321968.jpg (42.94 KB, 500x493, 3mwzlq.jpg)

Same, it's really starting to piss me off now with the constant ear ache to boot. I had lunch with my family today and my 3 y/o sister heard me complain about my hearing so she took one of her hearing aids out and tried sticking it in my ear, kek. I nearly cried though, she's such a sweetheart.

No. 1611244

File: 1687121199786.png (8.87 KB, 1200x630, しょんぼり.png)

NND doesn't work with my browser version anymore

No. 1611353

I have athletes foot but it doesn’t itch so I didn’t notice.

No. 1611668

Same, but I have it on one foot which is really strange

No. 1611736

I'm not sure what exactly are the builders two streets down are doing, but every so often they make the sound of those screetchy unhinged violin solos from horror movies, spooky.

No. 1611739

NND barely works on any browser

No. 1611751

I figured it out, it's the sound of the bucket being brought up on a rope to the roof, the contraption must be from the 1800s or something

No. 1611877

Youse ever get hungry/thirsty but don't want to have to go downstairs and see your family?

No. 1611926

I hate when I don’t have enough period pads for the week. Now I have to reuse this one until it gets too gross or until I manage to buy another pack of pads.

No. 1611975

I would use multiple layers of toilet paper for a temporary pads.

No. 1612074

File: 1687190942323.png (488.87 KB, 610x458, image.png)

Yesterday on a walk I saw 3 different species of turtles.

No. 1612171

File: 1687198893129.jpeg (947.73 KB, 2248x4651, IMG_9366.jpeg)

My cat just walked up to my sunhat and stepped on the middle of it to make a little bowl then put his front legs into and has now merged with the hat for a nap. Artistic rendition picrel

No. 1612181

File: 1687199862057.png (8.08 KB, 759x417, shonbori.PNG)

Yes, but does it say this?

No. 1612191

this is fine art. this should be in a museum

No. 1612192

beautiful nonna.

No. 1612195

kek thanks for sharing.

No. 1612264

Beautiful artwork. Give your cat my warmest regards.

No. 1613247

Eating gummy bears. The red and orange ones taste the best cause they got that red 40

No. 1613266

Thank you I will tell him he is a good kitty and a pretty kitty

No. 1613295

Cafe was selling iced cold brew mixed with lemonade so I decided to try it and absolutely hated it until I got about half way through and now I'm hooked and have bought two more since.

No. 1613454

I need to buy white tops and a hat for this summer, I only wear black band shirts and I'm going to die if I don't change my habits.

No. 1613469

green and light yellow ones>

No. 1613472

Cute, nonny.

No. 1613603

File: 1687346248767.jpeg (5.57 KB, 258x195, download (2).jpeg)

You're silly, she wasn't stepping on a hat, she was performing transformation magic on it, and transformed it into a boa that ate an elephant, of course.

No. 1613619

File: 1687349157983.jpeg (45.77 KB, 640x640, 1EEFE067-F47D-4780-A3E5-8B667D…)

I got my nails done on Monday and I’m feeling amazing, I love how they look, they’re basically pic related, I can’t stop looking at them, my hands look so cute. I should probably do my nails next month like this again.

No. 1613636

What kind of nails are these anon? Acrylic or dip powder?
I usually get gel nails because I have pretty strong natural nails but they can never do fancy stuff like this with gel. I hate acrylic but I may try the powder.

No. 1613639

They’re actually gel nails! I don’t like acrylics because I’m not used to them. Tbh, I should get some treatment for my nails done, like this new porcelain cover thingy, because while my nails are healthy I should probably protect them more. I want to try the Aurora effect powder someday though!

No. 1613641

File: 1687351015167.jpg (226.22 KB, 2880x2880, Hehdbu3738282inhe3549.jpg)

I ordered pic related. Was expensive as fuck but I can't wait to wear it. There's a little skeleton in the coffin

No. 1613642

Ah damn, I guess I gotta visit another salon or show the techs these pics then. These nails are gorgeous anon, I love the color!

No. 1613656

I spend some time on my front porch today that I recently cleaned and read a magazine. It was nice not being on the phone!

No. 1613657

Regal Rose has held up well for me, enjoy anon, they're beautiful! I'd love that necklace too

No. 1613672

I've never had problems finding jpop girl groups I like, neither nowadays, nor fifteen years ago. Boy groups though? If it doesn't sound like some primary school anime OP it sounds like Japanese kpop. I'm sad.

No. 1613676

Told my boyfriend they are hearing banging sounds and it might be that submarine that’s lost, and he says “that’s dumb how are they hearing the sounds If it’s underwater? Stop believing Twitter users”. Sonar…. They are using sonar…men are too confident to be this dumb.

No. 1613686

>Stop believing Twitter users
What a condescending asshole.

No. 1613796

2 days ago I used this feet mask that remove dead skin and making it more smooth. Seeing the dead skin and the exfoliation process looks so refreshing. It’s like a snake changing its skin, very rejuvenating. Like I’m getting reborn.

No. 1613873

What product did you use? I keep moisturising my feet, but they're still dry as fuck.

No. 1613943

File: 1687380067614.png (281.89 KB, 1002x1027, 920201010.png)

This one

No. 1613948

I shaved my pussy totally bald for the first time ever and oh god I hate it, it feels so weird and it's ugly kek

No. 1614043

You gonna love popping those ingrowns

No. 1614306

File: 1687410189518.jpg (22.22 KB, 736x1099, 70625c759f0241b8a2f6bbf113551b…)

I used to make fun of these "girlboss" quotes, but honestly, as I've entered a certain phase of my life where I'm super focused on self improvement and my goals in life, I find them inspiring. They're all over one of my Pinterest boards. I never found them bad, just cringy. I even listen to podcasts about self improvement now kek.

No. 1614307

File: 1687410687984.jpg (51.89 KB, 1200x1000, quotes.jpg)

Like, I love these. They speak to me.
Also, I scrubbed my ass too hard in the shower and now it hurts.

No. 1614314

my dyslexia read this as poot feeling mask

No. 1614352

I love my hot boyfriend. And i respect him and want him to feel good. He was looking hot and top less yesterday and not once was I getting distressed others could see how hot he is because he is the most respectful and loyal man and he deserves for everyone to turn their heads.

No. 1614369

Cut my thumb on a can of catfood again. Fuck it, i wont wash them anymore, they are going to straight to the trash and not the recycling bin. It's 50:50 chance of cutting when i wash cans. It's not worth it… sorry environemt! Untill get a dishwasher, which will be in like 10 years ugh.

No. 1614397

I thought they rinse it off at the processing plant or whatever? I always scrape pet food cans as clean as I can with a spoon and toss them in the recycling bin without rinsing them.

No. 1614400

Did the same, but it was my knuckle on the can of corn not the cat food.
Prices go up, and they blame 'aluminum shortages' or something, so I can't just throw metal away though.
Use an old toothbrush or some other small scrubber on a long stick.

Do you separate paper and metal? If not everything is just getting contaminated with food and they'll probably throw a bunch of shit away. Recycling plants are super picky and a lot of stuff just gets shoved in warehouses to sit because China stopped taking foreign garbage.

No. 1614411

can you post results?

No. 1614415

as far as i know everything you recycle has to be clean, maybe it's a bit different in different countries though. But anyway i have a lot of ants in my walls, my walls are concrete btw kek, and so i have to keep everything clean anyway, they would swarm in the bin.

No. 1614599

I started frequenting imageboards in 2017 and I've always saved a lot of pictures and made screencaps of the things that I like. Now I have a 6GB folder full of stuff that hasn't been organised. Over 9000 files that I have to check to decide if I keep them or not.

No. 1614623

I ate way too much yoghurt yesterday and shit my brains out
Hello my fellow digital hoarder

No. 1614777

Black Mirror Beyond the Sea was about how moid artists are always degenerates

No. 1615007

Tbh, I'm already back nonnas. I came back yesterday cause I was feeling terrible and wanted to make a vent post. What can I say, lolcow is a highly addictive drug

No. 1615014

Welcome back nonny!

No. 1615027

I made some salad using some tomatoes my mom told me to use, they taste so fucking bad

No. 1615030

Me in 2009. Laptop died and I lost everything. I don’t miss the memes.

No. 1615067

It's so funny to me when troons show their cards.
My roommate has an MTF friend visiting atm and when they were about to go out roommate asks me if the knee high socks she's wearing with her pleated skirt look too porny and male gazey.
I respond with yes, and said troon then tries to convince my roommate that if she likes it she can wear what she wants.
Of course, this HSTS tranny doesn't care about being objectified, and it was funny watching my roommate fumble to explain what she meant without pointing out the glaringly obvious fact that this is something that women have to be aware of, as we've grown up with it.

No. 1615262

File: 1687504754938.jpg (1.52 MB, 1000x1000, RDT_20230623_03122088608969582…)

Saw this on r/malelivingspaces, some guy said he hated the color of his house so he saved up and had it repainted. I don't dislike the new paint, but I kind of prefer the old one honestly. New one gives me too much "synthetic, minimalist, modern" vibes and I like the classic appeal of a natural color palette. I think that rust color looks beautiful with the green trees… I'd probably paint just the roof and window edges a slightly lighter shade to differentiate them. Still, I prefer the kind of natural color palettes, I see way too many stark white on gray houses and rooms. My favorite house is falling water, natural rock coloring and the house is designed to blend into natural and work with it, rather that against it. I toured it twice… so zen. Think natural color palettes and lots of natural rock and wood material is good for the soul.

No. 1615393

I found a good way to find deleted videos from your yt playlists. You copy the link and at the part of the url where it says v=24ndLdf or whatever you copy that and search it on google and 99% of the time you will find someone saying what it was. Works way better than the waybackmachine. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I feel so happy I found this trick

No. 1615428

I think grey is such a drab color. Makes anything cozy look instantly corpo and soulless.

No. 1615441

Damn, the rust red had character and made the foliage pop. White trim look awful here especially with such a dull slate blue. In a few years will look so dingy too.

No. 1615474

The original isn’t my favorite but the new paint looks so blah. Makes it feel so much more generic when it’s a trolley unique house.

No. 1615549

Should have kept the red but just painted the trim and door black or something. It looks so boring now.

No. 1615553

Both of those colors are ugly. The red was just as depressing as the gray.

No. 1615578

Just found out a store in the town next to mine has huge bags of a snack from my home country. It takes about 40 minutes to bike there, and honestly I'd bike for two hours if I had to get my hands on it, kek. I'm so happy.

No. 1615629

File: 1687545642435.jpg (46.79 KB, 720x960, tumblr_mh3mcu3Tnh1qmp4kko1_128…)

Sometimes I wonder if my cat misses her mom. She hasn't seen any other cat ever since we got her ten years ago.

No. 1615663

our cat was just a newborn when we found her underneath our trailer home. seemed like her mom abandoned her. We did leave her in that spot to see if her mom would come back but sadly she didn’t. So we took her in, our first cat. She’s two now and hasn’t seen any cats ever, so I wanna bring her a companion soon. She gets real depressed when my mom isn’t around

No. 1615719

I tried raspberry flavor Arizona today and it's so good, much better than any raspberry ice tea I've had so far. It's sweet but not annoyingly so and it tastes fresh without being sour. I'm glad I grabbed it even though I already had like 5kg of other groceries to carry through the city. When I came home I could barely raise my arms kek I'm too weak

No. 1615850

>new coworker mentions my name is almost identical to his ex-girlfriend's
This is a red flag the size of the sun, right?

No. 1615870

Super red flag. ex gf comparisons are always inappropriate but even more at work

No. 1615882

How do you tell when a cat is depressed

No. 1616338

I saw a picture of a tick larvae and it hit me how I was bitten by one when I was at the water park 15 years ago. I remember there being a little dot-like, semi transparent bug in the water and it pinched me pretty bad at my finger tip. I was able to wipe it away, but Jesus Christ, I had no idea. I now wonder if it fully latched onto someone that day.

No. 1616351

Pasta and bread? At the same time?

No. 1616358

I used to really dislike Rachel Maksy but kept watching her and now I think she's really cute and endearing. Love me some creative girls!

No. 1616385

File: 1687613592134.jpg (32.75 KB, 494x506, 5effdc9c34c2d8a9b1596b5ea047be…)

You're not being serious right?

No. 1616392

Nta but eating bread with pasta is redundant, almost nobody does that
I was also taken a bit aback when I read that poat

No. 1616405

nta but you guys aren't eating garlic bread with your spagetti…? a nice bit of baguette dipped in olive oil with you noodles? live a little

No. 1616407

Nope, only one starchy food per meal. If I'm eating pasta, rice or potatoes I never have bread with it. It's redundant.

No. 1616409

why is this gif so hypnotizing

No. 1616410

They haven't and that's why they're so miserable.

No. 1616414

I feel like if you go far enough out in space you pop up from the bottom of the ocean

It's all a circle like temp

No. 1616426

Never thought I'd want to a-log in this thread but here we are. You people make me sick, may you never know the joy of mopping up pasta sauce with bread you baked that morning.

No. 1616447

File: 1687619745696.jpg (43.09 KB, 550x550, 6b92835acb70da7f8c86b86b981eed…)


No. 1616457

File: 1687620270841.jpg (54.65 KB, 960x952, 245026068_6552994511384974_189…)

WARNING. Do not scroll. Keep Bumping. It's still on the front page.

No. 1616461

>almost nobody does that
Where tf do you live, Nowhereland? Everybody does that

No. 1616468

I always have bread with my meals no matter what I'm eating, cleaning my plate with a piece of bread is one of life's simple pleasures.

No. 1616488

You should try it, absorbing the last of the sauce with a bit of bread is one of the joys of life

No. 1616587

>about to book a piercing appointment
>the filling form asks for my fucking pronouns
>it's mandatory to answer
Fuck, what should I do? Should I just find another place? But I feel it's going to be like that with every other shop.

No. 1616591

If you want a piercing from there just answer it or find a different shop.

No. 1616594

Put zim/zer just to mess with them

No. 1616609

put none and watch them go ?????

No. 1616611

fill out "are you gonna talk about me behind my back?"

No. 1616872

File: 1687655785255.jpeg (2.07 MB, 3024x3621, A6965F34-A7D5-46C4-A776-E625B4…)

I pressed some flowers from my walk the other day with the intention of doing a craft with them but I’m not sure what to make now. I was considering a bookmark maybe. what do nonas think?

No. 1616876

File: 1687656392115.jpg (42.53 KB, 570x380, dee8ae7e0e0a2e99fbd9b8c5e19f04…)

You should start with making a bookmark as that is the easiest thing to craft and see if you have fun with composing the flowers together before doing something with more difficulty. Even then there plenty of techniques on making a bookmark that you can up your difficulty.

No. 1616949

File: 1687665722189.png (5.16 KB, 351x438, 2vA1a.png)

Finished reading 900 pages
From a 936 page book.
Groovy ketchup

No. 1617105

File: 1687690701012.jpg (2.06 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20230623174533.jpg)

To me this is how true treasures look like. Every time I encounter an antique stall like this I'm so mad I don't have enough money to buy this shit. I want to buy that black lamp and that horn at least but I don't know if they're sill there today and I will get super sad if it turns out they're already moved to another place. I've only seen those stalls on weekends, but also not every weekend. I don't even know the price of that stuff, I've only asked about an art nouveau vase and that was like 400 kek. But this damn horn can't be more expensive than that, right? Dude I want that horn at least

No. 1617112

is that a silver serving tray with artemis hunting?? i need this so fucking bad

No. 1617121

I didn't want to work on my assignments so I've been wasting way too much time reading braindead twitter discourse and it's doing something awful to me. I see so many posts and immediately think of malicious ways to read them now, it's miserable. But it makes me wonder why some people get called out for things and others don't, even when they are doing the same or worse. It seems like there has to be some negative feeling towards the original poster to start with and the poster has to speak english and probably seem like an easy target because they are never going against actual weirdo moids. But I'll stop browsing it now that I'm aware, I don't want all of my brain to rot away kek

No. 1617613

I made flour tortillas a little bit ago, super easy and yummy recipe. My husband is watering outside. When he comes in we're gonna smoke a lil pot and make quesadillas. We'll probably watch a cooking show, I love old Iron Chef, or something funny. This kind of evening is so relaxing and nice for me. Hope all you anons have an enjoyable Sunday evening, too

No. 1617764

The weather forecast has been all wrong recently. It predicted a huge thunderstorm this weekend and sent out warning alerts, but both days there was no rain and it was sunny. A few hours ago it said this week would continue to be sunny now there's thunder. Never seen forecasts be this wrong before.

No. 1617787

I’m trying to participate more on the site I just feel like I’ve run out of things so say and share. Still love you nonas.

No. 1617790

File: 1687762172300.jpg (25.41 KB, 358x513, 1684389073872.jpg)

Come to the retard thread and share the weirdest pictures in your camera roll

No. 1617795

these are kpop lyrics

No. 1617924

Bought a disposable vape today, couple hours later when I go to open it its already open and all the seals had been taken off of it too. I bought it somewhere where I'm a regular so thankfully the woman who served me knows me and replaced it without question but I felt pretty paranoid that now she might think I'm the one scamming or that I'm just returning an old vape I'd used up myself.

I asked if anyone else had reported it happening and she said nobody else had..

No. 1618003

File: 1687790562724.jpg (31.08 KB, 400x533, cbitu3oumaajycr.jpg)

Yet another boring ass day at work. I've only been here for 2 weeks, but I feel like I can mostly finish my workload in like 2 hours, then I'm fucking around. I know I should probably "generate" some projects for myself, it's kind of unclear how much I'm still expected to wait around to get assignments and how much am I allowed to be independent from my mentor. I've just started trying to write VBA codes that could potentially speed my job up even more, surprisingly it's actually functional so far.

No. 1618027

File: 1687792709486.jpg (312.57 KB, 1468x1079, moooo.jpg)

I just bought this from a cool old lady my fridge is poppin' now

No. 1618082

i want a baby

No. 1618085

No. 1618153


No. 1618232

File: 1687811356389.png (412.89 KB, 1061x1014, GVkfkM.png)

sameboat, the actual work takes 4 hours at the most, I usually listen to podcasts or watch documentaries on Youtube. In general, I make the best of it.

No. 1618251

Watching my wife play Metal Gear Solid as she explains the lore to me, and I'm reminded of why autist4autist relationships work best. Need me a woman who can decode Hideo Kojima's fever dream-esque storylines into layman's terms.

No. 1618259

File: 1687813304597.jpeg (67.4 KB, 828x1064, 5CFA8516-90F1-426B-AA9C-707C53…)

Today I will make a spooky image thread on /m/

No. 1618263

File: 1687813631601.jpeg (27.81 KB, 564x545, 93753637-4286-4B69-9F07-9D6A5B…)

my hair is long enough to brush again

No. 1618276

The pronoun "it" should have its own plural form, it sounds weird to me to say "they" when speaking about inanimate objects.

No. 1618295

Wooo, I'm so excited! I love spooky images.

No. 1618325

No. 1618386

My grandma got me bojangles. It was good (as good as fast food soul food can be) but the mashed potatoes were super bland, literally tasted like water. You can tell they're instant

No. 1618443

aw man i wanna chicken filet biscuit so badly rn…

No. 1618490

my hands were chapped enough for me to finally use this new lotion my friend swore by. I don't really like the smell at all though.

No. 1618529

Boston market has good mashed potatoes

No. 1618530

File: 1687838037506.jpeg (153.36 KB, 1200x1600, 35F50ECE-B3CA-440B-B3BC-53A3D2…)

Eczema honey full body moisturizer is what I’ve been using for my dry crispy hands (lots of hand washing cause I have a sick kitten). I like it a lot, it doesn’t really have any scent. Got it as a free sample and am on my third full size bottle.

No. 1618534

>Blah blah blah kitten blah blah blah
Nobody wants to see a pic of some plastic tube, where's the cat

No. 1618604

Im sleepy but I just drank a ridiculous amount of water and I'm trying to wait to pee

No. 1618605

Sanefag, I really need to stop drinking so much water right before bed but I just can't..

No. 1618720

I'm sick but not to the point where I'm sick enough to not do anything it's so annoying. Yesterday I was smoking a cigarette and after every puff I had to spit because I felt like throwing up every time no I didn't finish the cig kek.

No. 1618723

She a sick widdle baby and anytime I go near her I have 0 thoughts of my phone or taking pics I just wanna snuggle her and tell her what a perfect little princess she is.

She says EEEEM! Followed by a still somewhat gurgly purr (getting better and better though and she’s finally started to be playful and doesn’t feel like petting a skeleton)

No. 1618753

I had to call the fire department to rescue a kitten that was trapped in a city drain thing. I felt like I was in a cartoon.

No. 1618759

Just removed old nail polish, filed my nails into the oval shape (I feel like almond looks too pointy), and have finished the first layer of a pretty nude shade. Wet n wild polish lasts years

No. 1618771

File: 1687876566170.jpg (124.66 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20230627_133044_Chr…)

I've got a massive brain

No. 1618788

Mended some old clothing, feeling accomplished

No. 1618840

File: 1687882558555.jpeg (67.44 KB, 564x663, IMG_7668.jpeg)

I used to chainsmoke and drink a lot when I was underage and I haven’t been asked for id more than 5 times, now I’m sober and I rarely smoke but since I became of age I swear I get asked for id every third time I try to buy cigarettes, it’s so odd. I’ll look at the bright side though hopefully I just look better since quitting drinking heh.

No. 1618845

Omg loved opening lolcow to romanian meme mersi nonescu, felicitări on sobriety!

No. 1618955

File: 1687893337230.png (86.54 KB, 512x547, 1531710976021.png)

I infected my cat with my yawn. The first time I thought it was a coincidence, but when I yawned on purpose again, she followed immediately after. Don't think she appreciated me smooshing my head in her stomach with my still kinda wet hair though.

No. 1618977

File: 1687894905909.jpeg (47.01 KB, 620x618, IMG_7673.jpeg)

Haha thank you, bună noaptea de peste prut!

No. 1619006

woah felicitari pentru sobrietate! sincera sa fiu ar trebui facut un thread pentru romani lul ma intreb cati suntem pe imageboardul asta

No. 1619070

found another package of brown sugar in the fridge. it's hard as balls but, i presume, still usable.

No. 1619072

What are your jobs?

No. 1619094

damn, people at work really have nothing to do so they go around bothering other people and complain about things. it's time i befriend people so i can just hang around and talk about nothing to kill time.

No. 1619105

Apparently I say 'egg' wrong

No. 1619187

File: 1687916586532.png (25.21 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_9315.PNG)

Kek thanks nonny this was helpful

Me 3. Manifesting one for all of us


No. 1619212

No. 1619215

I need to shave my whole body, wash my hair, oil pull, and braid my hair and it's already 11 pm

No. 1619220

File: 1687921770942.png (461.2 KB, 806x1482, alphabear.png)

I saw nonnies playing a word game and I wanted to mention how much I love playing alpha bear, it's so cute. I play an older version I had to download the apk for because they don't have it on the app store anymore but the second game is fun and cute too. I just prefer the vibe of the first game, it's very relaxing!

No. 1619343

File: 1687937982652.gif (292.43 KB, 359x500, 1681396328606.gif)

Samefag, I'm back and done. My bigfoot pussy is now loch Ness monster smooth. You know what's so crazy anons? I don't even shave my vagina when other people are going to see it (hate shaving my pussy, too many nooks and crannies) but I bother to do it when absolutely no one will see my vag.
Anyway, I also shaved my fingers which I'm the most happy about. My hairy fingers mess up my manicures.

I have to be up in less than four hours so goodnight nonnas.

No. 1619353

No. 1619466

I stopped playing this game the day I found the word on first try, it didn't have the same thrill after.

No. 1619469

Really cute.

No. 1619545

I asked that ChatGPT to write a description of sweet pea flowers as they are my favourite flowers and I thought it was so cute:

Certainly! Here's a description of sweet pea flowers:

Sweet pea flowers are delicate and charming, known for their enchanting fragrance and vibrant colors. These lovely blossoms belong to the Lathyrus odoratus species and are native to the Mediterranean region. They have become popular garden flowers around the world for their captivating beauty and captivating scent.

Sweet pea flowers typically grow on climbing vines that can reach impressive heights, adding an elegant touch to fences, trellises, and arbors. The flowers themselves come in a wide range of hues, including soft pastels like pink, lavender, and white, as well as vibrant shades of red, orange, and purple. Some varieties even display striking bi-colored petals, adding an extra dimension of visual appeal.

The petals of sweet pea flowers are ruffled and often feature a delicate texture, giving them an exquisite and romantic appearance. Their fragrance is truly intoxicating, with a sweet and nostalgic scent that is both floral and slightly fruity. The fragrance is often described as a blend of honey, orange blossom, and subtle undertones of vanilla.

Sweet pea flowers symbolize blissful pleasure, delicate beauty, and enduring friendship. They are a popular choice for bouquets, adding a touch of elegance and a captivating aroma to floral arrangements. In addition to their ornamental value, sweet pea flowers also attract pollinators like bees and butterflies, contributing to the overall biodiversity of a garden.

Whether used to enhance gardens, decorate special occasions, or simply enjoyed as cut flowers in a vase, sweet pea flowers never fail to evoke a sense of enchantment and delight with their stunning colors and sweet fragrance.

I hope this description captures the essence of sweet pea flowers for you!

No. 1619601

I can't decide whether to play Spore or Sims Medieval.

No. 1619615

I tried growing Lathyrus this year and it didn't work out aaaah

No. 1619618

This was very cute. Awe

No. 1619624

Finally made myself the ophthalmologist appt I’ve been dreading to make. Gonna see if I have early stage cataracts (I probably do).

No. 1619626

Finally made myself the ophthalmologist appt I’ve been dreading to make. Gonna see if I have early stage cataracts (I probably do).

No. 1619700

No. 1619754

Nothing better than cleaning and finding some shit you didn't even know you had. I just found some socks I got on clearance months ago.

No. 1619758

I'm finally correcting my posture after years of slouching like a nerd, before I had to see myself in a mirror to straighten up but now I automatically do it. Next step is straightening up while sitting but it's harder.

No. 1619781

are you Australian? I feel like I can hear this in an Australian accent

No. 1619801

McDonald's worker apologized me for the wait for my coffee even though I didn't even wait long and said my band t shirt was cool. It was just a simple nice thing to light up my overall shitty day

No. 1619807

what band t-shirt?

No. 1619825

type o negative

No. 1619955

My ex boyfriend who cheated on me and broke my heart as a teenager is fat and has been arrested twice this year for public intoxication. Since April he gained 10 lbs and looks so bad in his mugshot it makes me really happy. I’m honestly married and have a baby now so it’s not a huge deal to me but it did bring me joy and it was nice to have a laugh with my friends about how ugly he got in just 3 months kek

No. 1620002

late reply but I have a desk job at a company that imports high-end Japanese batteries.

No. 1620090

>late reply
>1 day

No. 1620094

Job hunting right now and I really feel like I'm being too picky

No. 1620108

I know this feel, nonnie, I don’t know what to do, but I also don’t want to work in a call center after studying for 6 agonizing years.

No. 1620127

wouldn't that be "its" or "those"

No. 1620130

It's the little things like this that make your day better, reminds me when I overheard a teenage boy say to his mom that my band shirt was cool.

No. 1620162

File: 1688025671502.png (392.46 KB, 1033x995, suuus.png)

went to make an album collage pic only to find the site used to create them doesn't have the albums i listen to the most catalogued and i'm too lazy to hack up a home job in ms paint

No. 1620320

If things keep going the way they are I'm probably going to be moving out next year so I keep in mind that I shouldn't buy too many things that would be hard to take with me. But I kind of want to buy a bookcase so I have somewhere to place random things that I want to keep and don't want to get damaged by the sun and stuff. I got a figure of my husbando for my birthday and I love him but it makes me a little sad that I have nowhere good to put him and I don't have a pretty set up lol.
Kinda want some plants too.
I just love looking at other people's pretty setups and rooms, it makes me want to decorate too but I know there's no point if I'm going to be leaving this place.

No. 1620323

There’s this specific bird who lives in the tree in front of my house. I think he might be deaf. All the other songbirds around are normal and he has this weird parrot screech/singing call that’s part dying animal part fire truck engine. I use to get mad at him for waking me up in the morning but he’s living his best life and I can’t fault him. I started to leave him snacks like fruit and pb. Should I give him a name?

No. 1620340

Of course you should.

No. 1620380

I wanna buy a book binding kit, but I really shouldn't start another hobby I'll just drop again like all the others, because I'm a depressed slob.

No. 1620398

I was serial hobbyist from my early teens well into adulthood always picking up and abandoning hobbies until one year something finally stuck. So maybe you just need to keep exploring until you find "it" too.

No. 1620402

Im not sure starting a million differrnt hobbies is really a bad thing. Unless youre dropping thousands of dollars you cant afford. Its like travelling imo, you travel to experience something new even if you never return. But one day you might find a place you like to go every year, same with hobbies. Experiencing something new in itself could be your hobby even. Like a collector of experiences and skills instead of collecting figures or vintage clocks or something. Buy the book binding kit nonnie. Its okay. Unless you have a closet of unopened kits, then maybe shopping is your hobby kek and in that case thats okay too- but maybe look into Angel Trees or Veterans Affairs type places where you can package the things you buy as gifts and donations. I know a lady who loves buying journals and stationary, sbut struggled with the guilt of hoarding and never using them. So she now packages them up into little beginner journal kits and donages them to womens shelters, military care packages, care homes, etc. Win win.

No. 1620404

File: 1688057490351.jpg (187.63 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230629-115326_Bra…)

I love wordle. Would any nonnies be up for a wordle thread? Just for posting daily wordle scores? Also have you heard of sedecordle? Its like wordle but 16 words at once iirc. https://www.sedecordle.com/

No. 1620562

File: 1688070598241.gif (12.75 MB, 600x450, startingwithnightoffireofc.gif)

In this great and mighty year of 2023 I'm learning parapara.

No. 1620614

File: 1688075336364.jpg (131.77 KB, 1500x1500, 71ZuYMVpi3L.jpg)

I've been forgetting my sunscreen or just in too much of a rush to put it on (although I guess putting on sunscreen and not waiting 15 minutes before going outside is still being than no sunscreen) so I've been having to rely on pure melanin for protection. I'm gonna make sure to put it on next time though, glowy skin in the summer is a must.
I currently use A'pieu's daily sunscreen and it's really good but it kinda burns my eyes, so I'm gonna try the blue sun gel next. If a genie could grant me three wishes, one of those wishes would be to have a sunscreen for sensitive eyes with no whitecast.

No. 1620615

i happened to come across a tombow lettering kit that's normally ~$15 for $2 on amazon and then i found another that's usually $20 for $6 omggg yes!

No. 1620617

Damn, sedecordle seems pretty extreme from the first little shot I gave it. I love wordle too, never missing a day, it's just such a satisfying part of a daily routine! Do you have any favorite moment in a day when you solve it? For me it's before going to sleep, usually just past midnight.

No. 1620655

I'm about to have instant shrimp ramen and sweet tea as my first meal. Probably not a good idea but it's almost 7pm and I'm hungry as fuck,

No. 1620659

File: 1688079561836.jpeg (52.97 KB, 578x1045, B250A226-8C08-40BE-9840-FA182F…)

You need this

No. 1620681

I use the yellow bottle of this and it’s amazing. Idk the difference with the colors

No. 1620684

My power is 50% off at the moment and it won't let me flip the switch without everything going off.

No. 1621052

I'm not saying you're a witch, but I'm >>1618085 and a little while after you posted this I found out my wife is pregnant. So uhh… can you maybe manifest me into a billionaire or something?

No. 1621055

I hope the nonny who manifested tardbuxx for me is the same nonny or also a witch

No. 1621065

File: 1688125890492.jpg (114.67 KB, 600x900, justwhatnonnaordered.jpg)

i am observing soup friday

No. 1621072

>the two uggo zoomer interns at work are talking about who are the hottest influencers
Shut the fuck up you fucking retards.

No. 1621075

Maybe it's Elsie herself. Patron saint of farmers and wish granter for us lucky few.

Based and souppilled. I'm having homemade veggie soup for lunch.

No. 1621077

Awesome nonna! I have some leftover soup at home i'll be putting roasted chickpeas into when I get back home. Still thinking about what spices I should use.

No. 1621085

That's beautiful. I'm going to use gpt to make the descriptions for my online flower store.

No. 1621086

What kind of soup is this?

No. 1621116

Got a mosquito bite on my ass just now despite wearing pj pants and only being outside for 2 minutes on my screened patio where I currently have 3 citronella candles burning. I only turned off the fans for like two seconds and this is what happens. Also had a bug light on out there all night and it killed a bunch of mosquitoes and noseeums but I guess there will always be more where that came from. Really wish just once I could hang out with someone bugs wanted to bite more than me.

No. 1621119

A squirrel nibbled off one of my cosmos at the base right before it bloomed and I decided to put it back in the the soil anyway and a few days later it's getting perkier and blooming let's gooooo

No. 1621143

gonna go buy cheese and fruit once it cools down a little

No. 1621150

File: 1688136177917.jpg (102.01 KB, 812x607, spit sperm.jpg)

Yup, another hot day. At least my clothes will dry quickly on the line.

No. 1621182

Whenever I pet my cats head, she tries to get me to stick my fingers in her ear.

No. 1621196

File: 1688140896550.jpg (22.81 KB, 720x720, Cosmopolitan-drink-720x720.jpg)

When you said a squirrel nibbled off one of your cosmos at first I thought you meant this.

No. 1621202

I met the coolest woman and I feel like we actually have a connection. She hugged me goodbye last night, and when we were pulling away our hands just kinda found each other, and we did a lil hand squeeze. I love that, my mom always does that when she hugs me goodbye. It's so sweet. It makes me feel excited cause I used to really suck at making new friends. But I really like this girl.

No. 1621218

I just made my meal plan for a calorie deficit. 3 meals and then I get a cheat day on the weekends. Hope I can keep this up.

No. 1621219

Will do anon! I've never tried Japanese sunscreens.

No. 1621496

Just finished calculating the cost to renovate my room. Gotta save up big time now.

No. 1621506

TWO DAYS of spiders crawling under my skin
Nonnie why won’t it stop?
♥ i just want to peel back a little bit of my skin and catch them in the act. Just take off a little skin and make myself clean ♥
They’re making a network beneath my skin and sapping my life force. I can feel them. Anyone else feeling this?

No. 1621509

Try seeing a doctor nonnie, they can help you! Good luck.

No. 1621550

Tine minte de romanianon (in thread-uri despre celebricows)? avem un efect desigur
un thread e o idea minunata, un pic egoist dar familia mea nu mai vorbeste in romana cu mine :-((

No. 1621713

I can't wait for it to be Fall again. One of my favorite things to do is throw my blanket, pillowcase, and bonnet in the dryer before bed so they can be snuggly and warm.

No. 1621871

Fuck I forgot to pack pajamas for my trip, it's only for a weekend but but still I feel like an idiot. I could go buy something but I'm iffy about wearing clothes I haven't pre-washed.

No. 1621874

I spent hours looking at cats on instagram this week. My feed is nothing but cat videos.

No. 1621876

Just saw someone riding horseback while tapping at her phone and not paying any attention to her surroundings. Amazing.

No. 1621881

This fall you should treat yourself to an electric blanket! All you have to do is turn it on and it will always have that just out of the dryer feeling.

No. 1621889

Switching all my household cleaners to more eco friendly ones when these run out. Looking at options right now. Happy to buy degradable bags for trash too. Most of the trash is produce scraps at this point so it wont hurt the planet.

No. 1621932

File: 1688208987846.jpg (360.19 KB, 1800x1350, 1800.jpg)

I think I hear a woodpecker outside!

No. 1621938

Aw man. Some time ago i accidently tore off part of my houseplant with a flower on it, so i tough let's try to put it a book and make it a dried flower. Even though it was a chonky flower i thought it'll work. So i put it in a Johnny Depp book because i thought i wont ever care to read it since i don't care about Johnyn Depp anymore so if something goes wrong i wont regrett ruining this book. Well it went all wrong the plant rotted and didn't dry and the book is stained forever… And it's a metaphore for Johnny Depp but also for my childhood ideals and it makes me sad.

No. 1621971

I feed my hamster oats in a tiny metal lid I have. I left the lid in there and it was getting in the way of his tunneling. He had like a 1000iq moment, literally stopped what he was doing calmly grabbed the lid moved it to the other side of the cage and went back to tunneling. He's so self aware

No. 1621979

hell yea there's a person in every little critter

No. 1622115

I'm scared of accidentally setting the bed on fire tho

No. 1622243

I saw a fat little bee feasting on some bright fuchsia flowers. I shoulda got a pic.

No. 1622268

File: 1688244283631.jpg (2.78 MB, 3024x4032, Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich.j…)

I want to go back to the succulent garden in Zürich. they have so may weird succulents there

No. 1622271

Those are some amazing succulents nona. I thought it was an illustration at first.

No. 1622424

You won’t, and most of them have a feature that shuts them off after 8 hours in case you forget. I think all of mine have been the brand Sunbeam and I’ve never had an issue.
How cool! My sister is into succulents and I always love looking at her baby toes.

No. 1622639

File: 1688275312233.png (570.1 KB, 680x453, raccoons-gang.png)

It's 1 am and they're back to walking on my roof again

No. 1622893

File: 1688304467630.jpg (44.25 KB, 828x817, IMG_20230415_113126.jpg)

Nothing hits like the mundane shit threads. I used to browse every day but for the past few months I haven't been on lc/the internet much at all. But everytime I come back to mundane shit threads, I feel like picrel.

No. 1622989

I bought some dried orange peel. I'm gonna use it on some chicken for the first time tonight. Hopefully it comes out good, I'm gonna put some BBQ sauce on the chicken.
Also, fuck this hot weather. It makes buying cold stuff so hard. I bought some heavy cream yesterday that had to be out for like, an hour after I bought it. It's probably fine and I'm gonna use it tonight but still worrying.

No. 1623052

Saw a thembie in my Eastern European city today, I wanted to talk to her out of curiosity and then she turned on the worst music imaginable so I had to leave immediately. I've seen a lot of girls with brightly colored hair and/or very short haircuts but they've all been women, maybe LGB but not TQ.

No. 1623095

File: 1688325329410.jpeg (56.1 KB, 1079x803, Fz80RFUWAAEIJkX.jpeg)

Cleaned the washing machine today. It wasn't that dirty.

No. 1623097

You have to clean washing machines?

No. 1623099

No. 1623105

The lint gathers in the filter and the rubber in the door.

No. 1623254

I’m sitting here under 3 layers of blankets wondering if I’ll be able to fall asleep. So much for summer.

No. 1623280

you don't remove the long after every use??

No. 1623301

I spent half the day cleaning the pool because I wanted to get in for the first time in years but now it’s extremely windy and dusty and I’m sad.

No. 1623333

Y'all I'm literally standing on my bed right now scared as all fuck cause theres a big as bug in here and idk what it is and I have a bunch of shit on my floor cause I was cleaning out one of my drawers and I'm scared to even put on my glasses oooh myuu good someone save

No. 1623335


No. 1623356

Where do you live? If it’s one of those big roaches it probably came in from outside and it’s by itself. If it’s a German cockroach there are hundreds more you can’t see and you should call a professional.

No. 1623358

Update. When I finally and successfully located the tyrant on my blanket, I managed to hastily sneak my way to my kitchen cabinet. I quickly realized that I have no bug spray, but I still managed to prepare an arsenal of blue glass cleaner and lemon furniture polish. I reluctantly approached my room and again leapt back onto my bed where I proceeded to spray the beast with my glass cleaner. It struggled and writhed about but I drowned it in cleaning chemicals (this made me feel powerful). It's death was swift, but this war was not without it's sacrifices. I lost a skein of black yarn (that it was hiding under in an attempt to evade my assault) and my phone charging cable may be in critical condition as it also got hit with the spray. My blanket and sheets need to be cleaned. The demonic and disgusting creature still lays defeated on my floor.

I fucking hate summer.

No. 1623361

It's fucking humongous and dark, I'm pretty certain it came from outside.

No. 1623447

If it looks like a roach and has stripes its german they will invade. If it's less than an inch and light brown with obvious wings it's a german adult male. If it's very big but light brown then american, or black it's the oriental they're from outside.

No. 1623790

File: 1688406305275.jpg (68.83 KB, 540x720, healthy-rice-cake-toppings-1-5…)

About to have rice cakes with avocado and and eggs and an apple. I'm so freaking hungry right now.

No. 1623849

I heard Speak No Evil was good and scary so I'm watching it

No. 1623914

Samefag, I'm about halfway through the movie and these people are pissing me off so bad. Who leaves their kid with a strange babysitter after not even being told that they would have to leave their child behind? And who goes back for a toy AFTER leaving when you got bad vibes AND the couple you're staying with brought your daughter into bed with them? They should've told Agnes to suck it up and stuck to their guns about getting a new toy. I'm a socially awkward bitch from the south where we preach friendliness and even I wouldn't be so spineless. They should've left after the babysitter.

No. 1623947

Sounds like an ana chan “meal”

No. 1623957

Yes, cause fatty avocados are so anorexic…

No. 1623958

KEK, this comment is not helping your case

No. 1623959

Just leave her alone, she's having a snack, damn

No. 1623960

What case anon? I'm not an ana-chan, idk what you want me to say. I'm overweight and on a calorie deficit, so I'm using rice cakes instead of bread.

No. 1623984


No. 1624264

File: 1688454872714.png (8.27 KB, 271x186, ant.png)

I maybe evil for this but I vacuumed some ants that crawled into my stupid older brother's soda can collection, cleaned up the whole thing and baby powdered whatever hole they came from. Summer sucks and I wished it be over soon. Can't stand the heat and bugs.

No. 1624329

coughed so hard I threw up out my nose

what a life

No. 1624340

I can smell the cheeto dust on your fingers from here.

No. 1624345

I had no idea Andrew Tate was black lmao

No. 1624357

He's mixed race.

No. 1624473

File: 1688485397683.png (1.64 MB, 1000x786, antEATER.png)

If you're evil for hating ants, then I must be a super villain. I despise ants. I would do anything to get rid of the ones crawling around my shitty rural home. I would unironically adopt picrel if it was legal, just to be rid of ants.

No. 1624500

Termites and ants hate each other and fight to the death. Throw huge amounts of termites in your house, bonny.

No. 1624564

File: 1688494971413.jpg (116.23 KB, 560x816, 17a507632efa8f95fc81d59b168c96…)

I have nothing to do today, so I'm going to tackle this absolutely huge pile of tangled yarn I have. The plan is to untangle it, tie it all together, spin it into a cake of multicolored yarn and then turn it into a tote bag. It will unironically take me all day to untangle the yarn.
I'm also about to start another tote bag once I'm finished with this. I fricken love making totes. Also eating tiramisu cake right now.

No. 1624566

File: 1688495217123.jpg (32.9 KB, 290x588, aaa26f08d026c2a4c8b4f34008db2d…)

Samefag, I'm gonna do a knot like picrel to tie the yarn and I think I'll leave the little end pieces that stick out. I hate magic knots but It might look really cool once it's worked up into a bag

No. 1624644

>coworker I have a crush on told me she thought about me at the aquarium when she saw an octopus because it's my favorite animal
Yeah yeah I know she's married to a moid but it still made me feel some butterflies, this is all I will ever amount to anyway.

No. 1624747

I eata da apple

No. 1624792

I just made one of those Oreo chocolate cake mugs, tastes really good.

No. 1624817

File: 1688518581081.jpeg (41.22 KB, 490x479, 0231D245-4C1E-4FAD-AEF6-3309C3…)

Yourgirlfriend22 is a cow but since she’s so incredibly basic she doesn’t have a thread to document. I don’t know much about her but follow her through Instagram and she is very cringe. She’ll post trashy half naked photos of herself promoting her OF and then the next story she’ll post a pic of her infant son.

I think she’s a single mother of 3??? I was reading her comments on a post and saw that someone said one of her children was taken away but I don’t know the validity of that. Does anybody have a source for the milk on her because I’m so interested.

No. 1624838

I dunno what to have for breakfast tomorrow.

No. 1624848

Smokin a doobie in bed readin your posts nonnies, feeling cozy

No. 1624886

Scrambled eggs

No. 1625110

File: 1688551750184.jpg (146.3 KB, 457x556, facepalmm.jpg)

Had bad liquid diarrhea for hours yesterday, even accidentally shat my pants twice. Luckily I was home all day and I didn't shit on anything except for my pants. Mentioned it briefly to a friend earlier and he said "omg me too" and now we're theorizing that whatever we ate together on monday caused us to have food poisoning the next day. Stayed in bed for over 20 hours and I have a raging headache right now I want to die

No. 1625200

My nipple (left) is itchy, but I hate touching my nipples because it feels weird (no Sad Nipple Syndrome, I don't feel sad or melancholic when I do it), so I'm trying to build friction with my shirt (white) and scratch it like that, but I apparently don't have the motoric skills for that, so I'm just flopping my boob around. I'm suffering (in this instant right now).

No. 1625228

drink more water, nonna, you're probably dehydrated

No. 1625240

yeah drink a shit ton of water (lol) because you can get dehydrated extremely easily, eat some soup or something, and no spicy/acidic foods. just eat things that are bland and easy to digest (toast, oatmeal, rice, bananas etc). last time i got food poisoning i got super dehydrated and it was an awful feeling

No. 1625339

thanks nonnas I'll go chug down a ton of water and get some porridge for breakfast, took a nap earlier and am already feeling a little better!

No. 1625492

I haven't hit the 600 or 800 tweet viewing limit once, which makes me happy because I thought I was using twitter way too much and would blow through that easily. It's nice to get a measurement like that.

No. 1625613

Fresh out of a hot shower (it's chilly where I live), I'm tucked in bed and about to play Cuphead with the Nigel. I'm kinda sleepy, but it's a cozy feeling.

No. 1625709

File: 1688604872810.gif (1.12 MB, 480x366, QUAKE.gif)

There's been over 2.800 volcanic quakes since yesterday night, I'm tired of it. Just erupt already and lure in those dumb tourist and locals.

No. 1625716

Same for me. Seems like the times I couldn't see quotes and replies was because of an actual glitch because I never received the limit message. I decided to follow only a few accounts on purpose to begin with so that helps.

No. 1625823

I'm watching one of those vids of people playing minecraft for hours and crocheting. You know what's weird, I find Stardew Valley boring recently but I still like minecraft, despite them both being very tedious and repetitive.

No. 1625947

Mother nature edging

No. 1625993

File: 1688630053178.png (823.15 KB, 960x480, catbackpack2.png)

Ordered a leather hobo backpack after scrolling the fashion thread on /g/… I'm excited at how sleek and functional it looks!! But it's also kinda boring. The taupe kinda makes it look like … I dunno, a meaty sack expansion of my body to carry stuff around in kek

picrel is the bag I'd get if I was rich…. I'd want a backpack based of my tuxie boy and a handbag out of my calico baby girl so I could walk around with them 24/7

No. 1626006

I found out that Etsy gives sellers your account email, as I received an email from a sellers personal email to advertise their second store. Good to know..

No. 1626035

File: 1688634870460.jpg (65.53 KB, 640x356, Japanese-cat-giant-head-workin…)

Thought last image was the cat suit cashier in japan holding a plush

No. 1626088

Im sleepy

No. 1626128

File: 1688648591095.jpg (124.43 KB, 1280x998, 1280px-Hummingbird_hawk_moth_(…)

I just saw a hummingbird hawk moth while walking my dog! They're so cute!! They really move around like hummingbirds

No. 1626168

>be me
>eating something at 10am
>my mother "so you don't need to eat lunch today"
Fucking shut up

No. 1626175

I got some fruits for my aunt, I hope my uncle gets out of the surgery alive. I will clean up the house so when she comes here she can rest and let her OCD rest too.

No. 1626196

I just found out these exist from your post and now I love them. Are they big?

No. 1626202

They're not big! But they're a bit bigger than other common bugs like bees.

No. 1626239

No. 1626240

The origami paper I have is too big to comfortably fold anything while lying down, but I used up all the notes in my sticky note box. While I want to complain about it, I'm also here to brag about that. I used up all 700 sticky notes, just folding birdies. The upside of the origami paper is, though, that my monkey brain gets very happy with the like 35 pattern variations, so it feels like I'm getting a lot more done when I reach a new one, instead of the seven colors I had with my sticky notes.

No. 1626259

I love my in-laws. They're so sweet and welcoming, feels like a second family. I'm so lucky.

No. 1626378

I have some 4 day old heavy cream that I need to get rid of so I'm going to make some creamy lemony cheesy shrimp. I always buy too much heavy cream.

No. 1626386

Wait until she slips probiotic weight loss pills in your soup because his son has a skinny girl fetish

No. 1626390

Are you speaking from personal experience?

No. 1626393

If she’s buying them I’m okay with that but the heat of the soup would kill most of it so it’s kind of a waste, unless there are heat resistant probiotics? Which sounds kind of dangerous like is she trying to kill me

No. 1626429

File: 1688674073773.jpg (21.16 KB, 372x260, ௵.jpg)

been spending the last 5 hours cleaning a specific section of my house and I'm almost done. It doesn't look THAT much better than when I first started but it's an improvement still ig

No. 1626432

No. 1626433

>probiotic weight loss pills
I usually don't like to make (literal) shit posts but I took probiotics for a few days lately, not for weight stuff. I've such a flat stomach rn but its from so much shitting you'd have to be crazy to seek that out. Take some probiotics I thought. It'd be good for me I thought lol

Meanwhile websites 'that just means its getting rid of the bad stuff' fuck that

No. 1626437

And which probiotics did you take? Just so I know which brand to avoid.

No. 1626465

I’ve taken probiotics before at various times in my life and they’ve never given me diarrhea, are you sure you’re ok?

No. 1626518

Projection at it's finest kek

No. 1626611

File: 1688688386120.gif (810.58 KB, 270x498, 3F1324B1-FBAA-4AC8-9E54-6A90CF…)

I got hired to a new job

No. 1626625

I ordered a new dress so excited for it to come!
Congrats nonnie!

No. 1626627

I'm jelly anon, Congratulations!

No. 1626651

File: 1688691238858.jpeg (22.11 KB, 350x350, 1EC676F6-2F99-4039-9010-2DFD41…)

I just made some delicious scrambled eggs for dinner, they have: sweet corn, mushrooms, bell peppers (red), tomatoes, onion and avocado on top, I call it “veggie overload scrambled eggs” and have a toast on the side with ham and cheese. I’m so hungry.
I’m sure my husbandos would love to have some of this, and they would love to eat my food too!

No. 1626660

File: 1688691705084.jpg (24.26 KB, 460x817, Drooling Derp - Animals.jpg)

Anon, that sounds so fucking delicious

No. 1626666

Just remember to stir fry all of the veggies before putting the eggs in the pan, and make sure the onions are clear! These are so easy to make, the crunch of the bell pepper makes it even better.

No. 1626671

File: 1688692390286.jpg (540.9 KB, 1000x1470, MV5BYjdmYjkzZjctZmFhZC00NmU0LW…)

About to watch RHOD for Chanel Ayan.

No. 1626936

File: 1688713010431.gif (534.55 KB, 360x547, tumblr_m9tnagLGrj1qz5vsoo1_400…)

The stubborn pimple I've had on my chest for weeks finally popped last night

No. 1627092

There’s a pair of cardinals I always see in my backyard and the male has like zero feathers on his head. Just bald. He’s probably got a health issue or something so I feel a little bad but every time I see them some trolling catty voice in my head talks to the female bird like “girl, why are you with a bald man? Couldn’t be me” lol

No. 1627153

Haha nonnie i love u

No. 1627462

Wrote a huge chunk of my book today and put in enough work to free me up for the weekend. Got my lil sisters tomorrow and I'm looking forward to taking them out for a nice meal and spoiling them a bit. Life's good.

No. 1627478

Becky bird and her cringe husband

No. 1627482

You will never be a skinny legend.

No. 1627483

Cardinals are such charming little birds. My favorite superstition is actually that they're vessels for angels. Maybe he's just someone's dead, bald grandpa

No. 1627488

why are nonnas getting so assblasted over this post, OP never mentioned anything about weight

No. 1627499

i guess rice cakes are stereotype ana-chan food? i dunno those topped cakes look mighty tasty, good for OP having a yummy snack

No. 1627503

Because it's the type of "meal" only eaten by miserable fatties on January 1st until they break down and mooooonch on 40 chicken nuggets at once. Get real

No. 1627505

File: 1688763995095.jpg (5.38 KB, 316x172, moly.jpg)

Nonnies are any of you watching love island. I just started it (on episode 10) and IDK if I should skip to the current episode so I can read people talking shit online.

No. 1627508

Oh my god, just go rattle your fucking bones somewhere else. Let us be mundane in peace!

No. 1627509

You seem to be making a lot of assumptions based on two or three posts from four days ago. Also it's July rn.

No. 1627514

Odd reactions to this post aside, this meal real looks really nice. Especially the eggs. Makes me want to give rice cakes another chance.

No. 1627522

Op here, I was actually doing well with my diet before that post and I'm still having success. Keep seething because this is the type of motivation I love kek.
Also I've been eating rice cakes for years, my grandma put me on to them.

No. 1627524

How were the avocado and egg rice cakes nonna? Any other toppings you recommend?

No. 1627526

File: 1688764725611.jpg (183.19 KB, 1516x949, 71ErlFaF36L.jpg)

There are different flavors if you don't like the plain ones, but I think they're best eaten with whatever you like on toast.

No. 1627527

Heckin' chonker!

No. 1627532

if you weren't such a fat bitch you could have real toast(infighting)

No. 1627540

They were yummy but I got the lightly salted cakes so I had to put more salt in my avocado to compensate.
>Any other toppings you recommend?
Tbh I mostly eat them plain but charcuterie style with cheese is fruit is good. Last time I ate it like that I did goat cheese, orange marmalade and I think raspberries.

No. 1627544

I messed up the link, for >>1627524

No. 1627545

The apple rice cakes may be nice, I don’t know, my brother got some once, but we never share the snacks we buy because just sibling things(tm). And he left his rice cakes get eaten by a bunch of bugs.
I do want to try the apple, the cheese and chocolate ones though.

No. 1627547

>goat cheese, orange marmalade, and raspberries
Holy heck nonna that sounds like something you'd get at a fancy afternoon tea. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try this later!

No. 1627554

I imagine the plain ones work better for toppings and the ones with a stronger taste is better enjoyed alone. The cheese and apple/cinnamon looks interesting

No. 1627562

i had a 4 ice cream sandwiches for dinner, happy fat fuck friday ladies

No. 1627567

Listening to a song on repeat because it reminds me of my current fave husbando and makes a fun yume shipping anthem

No. 1627568

I just ate some delicious caramelized popcorn ice cream.

No. 1627571

I just had a massive bowl of potatoes, unbeatable, happy Friday

No. 1627576

I'm about to break into a kolompeh to celebrate, cheers!

No. 1627579

had some cherry donut holes and a cup of coffee. cheers!

No. 1627675

File: 1688772903204.webm (10.48 MB, 405x720, 500_crane_bonsai-lx33heziudj71…)

I have a shit-ton of origamis (that I bought years ago because I'm retarded), rotting in some box in some dark corner of my closet, so I'm planning on making vidrel, partly to get rid of them and mainly because it's gorgeous and pretty cheap. I'm both excited and worried. Paper crane bonsai seems like a fun idea but I'm terrible at diys and probably won't have the courage to display it anywhere in my house if it turned out to be ugly kek. Wish me luck nonnas.

No. 1627701

I will have soup for dinner, chicken soup, I like soup.

No. 1627727

omg nonna that is so cool, is your origami paper all the same color/print, or different? Good luck, can't wait to hear how making it goes!

No. 1627737

sometimes i dont remember if i flushed the toilet or not. then there are times i flush multiple times.

No. 1627744

File: 1688780268074.gif (3.87 MB, 596x535, bird(1).gif)

>is your origami paper all the same color/print, or different?
I have around 3 colours: blue, red, and white. I'm going to use red for most of the cranes, then glue a few smaller white cranes on top and at the very bottom to make it look like a winterberry tree covered with snow. As for blue, I guess I can make two or three tiny birds and put them somewhere on the tree too. Thanks for wishing me luck anon, I'll definitely post it here if it turned out well!

No. 1627789

Hope you like it anon! Also if you like or have laughing cow cheese, those are good on everything.

No. 1627830

It's technically saturday now but I'm gonna have pepperoni pizza with avocado and ranch to end the day

No. 1627973

File: 1688803347991.png (5.69 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_2002.png)

I absolutely love rice cakes! I know people associate them with performative dieting that’s destined to fail but I just genuinely like them (same with cottage cheese)! I couldn’t eat them topped with anything because they’d always scrape my teeth and give me nails on a chalkboard feeling but then I tried thin rice cakes and love piling shit on them. There’s a few different brands (Lundberg and Suzie’s off the top of my head) but these are the ones I’ve been eating lately because they’re available at my nearby Walmart.

No. 1628026

Me too. I can eat a whole bag of those tasty crunchy little cakes. I put coco powder on mine.

No. 1628029

Me too. I can eat a whole bag of those tasty crunchy little cakes. I put coco powder on mine.

No. 1628257

Sweetened or unsweetened coco powder? If I get lindt or any type of chocolate bar I love eating it with salted rice cakes.

No. 1628304

File: 1688840402084.jpeg (15.91 KB, 168x300, 45D39D82-FD7F-45EC-9976-521A95…)

I was cuddling my dog, it was such a cozy experience, he’s not the kind of dog that likes cuddling so I was surprised when he was so peaceful while cuddling with me today.

No. 1628322

File: 1688842181881.jpeg (136.82 KB, 1300x1300, 4489AF7E-830C-41DD-96BB-5127C8…)

I like cheesy rice cakes more than potato chips

No. 1628327

I had a bag of those last month and the saltiness was too powerful, tasted like I was eating a rice cake dipped in kraft mac n cheese powder. The first 2-3 were delicious but after that…sadness.

No. 1628330

i sence the fake cheese flavor with all my sences

No. 1628331

I’ve been improving my diet these past few months and I think the change is gonna stick this time. I’m craving restaurant food less and less and when I do have it it hurts my stomach. My body looks a lot better too and so does my skin

No. 1628371

Yess, these are delicious. Especially the quacker ranch ones.

No. 1628377

File: 1688846779301.jpeg (659.35 KB, 1170x1178, IMG_2013.jpeg)

Those are good but these were amazing and have seemingly disappeared. I miss them, does anyone know of something similar?

No. 1628381

What changes have you made? Happy for you, dietary habits are hard to quit.

No. 1628392

File: 1688847545553.jpeg (164.66 KB, 1242x699, 7E97CC65-2B22-4505-9BE0-760CC4…)

I just had two tangerines, they’re so delicious and sweet. I kind of want another one.

No. 1628407

Ok, now I gotta have a clementine. They're so delicious, especially on a hot summer day.

No. 1628446

That's so weird to read, tangerines are a 100% winter fruit for me lol

No. 1628557

Fat fuck saturdays are just as good nonnie, enjoy your pizza

No. 1628564

File: 1688859978387.jpg (40.23 KB, 807x659, 1649271144561.jpg)

Got off work at 1am and had a raw, bland tofu and tomato sandwich for dinner. Such is life, nonnies.

No. 1628725

sort of unrelated, but kinda related, has anyone had watermelons recently? Is it just me or are they terrible? Isn’t it watermelon season right now? Plus all fruits are so expensive right now even those in season, I don’t get it.

No. 1628768

I wonder where anons discover imageboards nowadays. For me, I think it was from a anti-bulling/revenge porn video from my country where they showed the girl finding out the her skype sex video got posted on an imageboard where men in my country can ask for certain girls nudes and video by full name, age and what town she lives inn, they share nudes and videos also unprompted like in the girl's situation. This a real thing by the way.
One anon, I remember found her way here through roblox.

No. 1628782

Been cleaning my house all day because my landlord is gonna check it soon and I have cats but my suite isn't pet friendly oops, now I'm going out to drink n get laid and hopefully won't be hungover for tomorrow

No. 1628800

I read about 4chan in a newspaper article, I think they interviewed moot or something, and many years later, lc from cgl, of course

No. 1628818

File: 1688878380437.jpeg (23.67 KB, 240x240, C3364B96-F08A-4371-9525-43D732…)

I found out about 4chan because I was reading lots of manga, just consuming manga like it was a newspaper. And one day I saw some cute pictures of Yotsuba, I thought she was adorable, so I would look for more information and cute pictures, that’s when I found out that 4chan had Yotsuba as the kind of mascot of the site, which made me want to stay away from the manga.
I was like 17 years old so I didn’t even lurk the site, I thought it was some porn site or something, then when I was 18 years old, a year after I stumbled upon 4chan, I decided to lurk the website because I thought /r9k/ was about robotics, the drama and misery of the moids posting in there was fun to read, so I stayed there lurking for a while until I started checking out the story times in /co/ and the anime threads in /a/ about yuri on ice, then /cgl/ drama too. It was so much fun.

No. 1628832

I was so young when I started reading yotsuba&, di gi charat, and that one manga with the young lesbians in the pink uniforms (second grade) that when I drew pictures from it in my fifth grade class the male high schooler TA would always lose his shit and ask me to draw more and I just thought he was a fan of them. I was wrong

No. 1628842

You understand the southern hemisphere exists, right?

No. 1628847

I had a similar situation with suiseiseki from Rozen maiden I mostly lurked but truly enjoyed all the drama /cgl/ had to offer.

No. 1628877

Anon is just saying she associates oranges with winter

No. 1628884

nta but no she's not lol

No. 1628894

But that's literally what the post says…

No. 1628961

She means winter fruit as in fruit that's mostly or exlusively available in winter when it's (for most people here) summer, no? That's how I interpreted it anyway.

No. 1628968

I was on livejournal being a fujo and kept seeing someone mentions /y/ in the comments on yaoi-daily. they wouldn't share details because this was 2005 but they had already said enough. I found 2ch first for some reason but eventually I found 4chan. i was pretty disappointed in /y/ though, I hate western cartoon dicks.

No. 1628989

yes usually summer is watermelon season. my grocery store had buy one get one free watermelons so I got some, they were super delicious. for me they only taste bad when I accidentally eat some of the rind (green and white parts)

No. 1628996

>Plus all fruits are so expensive right now even those in season
I don't know for sure but I bet harvests were poor again because of extreme weather conditions.

No. 1629004

File: 1688900257768.jpeg (56.74 KB, 550x401, 155BD123-DA4C-4905-BE35-B865C2…)

I wanna wear nail polish but I suck at applying it because it ends up textured looking and fucked up around the cuticles. It ends up chipped af after like a week too. The only nail polish I own is a mini bottle of ballet slippers by Essie (as well as the Eddie duo top and bottom coat) that I bought like 2 weeks ago and it’s already almost finished because I reapply the polish every time my nails get chipped or end up less than perfect. The reptile part of my brain wants to buy other polishes because they look cute but I know I should probably git gud at applying the nail polish I already have first. My nails grow long very fast and are kind of long rn but I might consider making them short because that means less surface area to fuck up

No. 1629019

Try gel, I find it way easier to apply. It goes on evenly and it doesn't dry so you can take your time fixing it up. Also takes longer to chip.

No. 1629038

Get a top coat, nailpolish chips really fast without a good top coat. Seche vite is probably the most popular one (but relatively expensive)

No. 1629054

You might try another base and/or top coat, some just don't work for you and a good top coat is the most important thing for nail polishes. If you apply more than one layer, let every layer dry completely before applying a new one. There are also some nail polishes out there that are just shit. I own one from Chanel and you just can't apply it without having bubbles and streaks, so always consider it's not you, it might be the nail polish. If I make mistakes, like drawing on the skin around my nails, I use a regular, small paint brush with some nail polish remover and correct the mistakes. And don't ignore cheaper brands like Essence and Catrice, if you can buy them in your country, they are, in my experience, as good as more expensive ones and they have nice colours and you can experiment with them until you get good at painting your nails. My newest discovery is Benecos (don't know if you can buy it outside from Germany), I can wear their black nail polish for 7 days without chipping (also using their top coat) and that's as good as the Essie one behaves, while Essie is twice the price.
Just take your time, you will get better and learn how to do it and don't hold yourself back buying at least one or two more colours.

No. 1629231

Isn't that the same as saying you associate a fruit with winter? Either way >>1628842 was kind of unnecessary since anon was just talking about herself.

No. 1629289

I'm so lazy and I just woke up an hour ago. I just want to eat precooked chicken and rice cakes and juice, but I will make some mushroom risotto, shrimp, some veggies, and some iced peach tea for lunch and dindin.

No. 1629332

Washing all my kitchen fabric stuff with some bleach and pinesol. I don't know.

No. 1629339

I just rewatched the asdf movies and I'm finding this shit funnier than I did ten years ago

No. 1629504

File: 1688942202535.jpg (217.17 KB, 1280x1146, Tumblr_l_2252180037811692.jpg)

back at it again with getting off work late and having an unseasoned tofu and tomato sandwich for dinner, but this time I'm eating alpro yogurt too.

No. 1629584

I'm back to say that the risotto and shrimp and chicken was absolutely delicious, and a delicate peach tea with hella ice was perfect with all the richness and this summer heat. This is literally about to become the new meal I make everyday for like 2 weeks straight.

No. 1629637

I thought you were gonna do chicken OR shrimp but you had both you devil you

No. 1629655

Just got my tickets for Barbenheimer with my two best friends. I am very excited hehe

No. 1629674

> should probably git gud at applying the nail polish I already have first
Nah if you can afford it, just buy polish and have fun! I used to seldom paint my nails but I splurged on black friday last year and bought from Holo Taco and have been painting my nails every week since then (I change it once a week or every other week depending on time). You'll slowly get better as time goes on! I use a little silicone nail pen thing from Daiso to clean up my edges, or a toothpick works fine too. I'm not saying you should buy the following products, but it's what I have and what has worked well for me

>holo taco peely base coat

Shit does not last but on the upside you can change your nails frequently. 99% of the paint job will pop off so very little to clean up. I used this a lot in the beginning so I got to paint my nails a lot (between every 1-3 days) and slowly got better at applying since I was doing it so damn often.
>holo taco long lasting base coat
This is what I use every week now. My nails last 1-2 weeks. Since I mostly change out my nails weekly, I don't see much chipping, but most times when I leave them for 2 weeks there's minimal chipping. I've only had it chip really bad like once or twice.
>holo taco super glossy taco
Love this top coat and have read its better than the regular glossy taco (regular glossy is 5 free, meaning free of these 5 common bad chemicals in nail polish pls don't ask me more I'm retarded). Downside is that once you're halfway through it's very thick and goopy and near impossible to apply without just globbing that shit on. It's thick to begin with though but eventually becomes near unusable. My friend said she used nail polish thinner on it and it didn't help.
>seche vite top coat
Another anon recced and this is what I'm using now. I like it and it dries quick to touch (but still needs like 2 hours for my entire manicure to dry all the way through). I would say the only thing I like about super glossy over this is that super glossy is pretty much near indestructible once fully dried kek. I'm not doing crazy shit with my nails but the tip of my nail just broke off with seche vite but stuff like that never happened with super glossy. Also I can dig my nails into shit like bottles to pop open and my manicure will not budge with super glossy. Seche vite is still very good though! And is easily found in drug stores which is a plus.

Sinful Colors from Target is cheap and pretty decent imo. I only currently own a small box but my polishes are from sinful colors, holo taco, and cirque colors. I do like the holo taco ones I own and have never had an issue with streaky application or colors not being opaque enough, and the same goes for cirque colors BUT definitely read the reviews because some colors just suck lol. There's no application issue, just sometimes some colors need a bazillion coats or the color really isn't well represented on their product page.

Sorry for nail sperging. I love painting my nails kek

No. 1629783

File: 1688963398643.jpg (118.13 KB, 567x350, 20230710_002709.jpg)

So there's been this stray cat that hangs around my house and sits on my porch from time to time. I've been seeing her for over a year. Well today, I saw her sitting in my front porch, thought nothing of it, and walked out my back door, and there she was. I was so confused at how she could move so fast and I looked out my front porch and she was still there. So pretty soon I figure out that I haven't been seeing one stray cat, I've been seeing TWO stray cats who look very similar. They're both brown but now that I've seen both, one has a darker patch on her face than the other. And now I need another name to name this cat because Ive been calling both Cupcake.

No. 1629804

I wish I could convince someone to doublefeature Barbenheimer with me

No. 1629893

Cookie or Honeybun would work with a sweets theme. I also knew a cat named Pie once.

No. 1629921

File: 1688991464816.png (10.17 KB, 512x448, t209.png)

One of the fan artists for my OTP got upset over a new part of the story and dropped the game entirely. Kind of bummed out, but he mostly drew porn and it wasn't even good. I'm just glad I saved everything before he had his spergout.

No. 1629950

watching a interior design youtuber for fun even though I can't afford half the stuff she talks about and I'm kind of taken aback by how casually rich she and her family are

No. 1630003

File: 1689000590318.jpg (20.05 KB, 423x247, 45RT.JPG)

Been applying to jobs like crazy and I have a specific folder on my computer where I've saved work related documents to speed up the process. In the same folder I also saved picrel in a haste instead of on my desktop and I just realized I attached it to one of my applications, kek. I hope the hiring manager gets a laugh at least.

No. 1630134

My anti-psychotic medication hits me like a tranquilliser dart. I wanna order a really big pizza and then hibernate for the next few days.

No. 1630160

kek, I would hire you on the spot, wouldn't even care if you fit the job description

No. 1630225

I saw two (2) women with unshaven legs and short shorts on seperate occasions today, 'twas nice. Not even just stubble or anything, but actual grown hair.

No. 1630262

>little old tourist lady asks me for directions
>realise that the hotel she's looking for is 7 minutes away so i offer to walk her there
>english is neither of our first language so communication is kind of tricky
>i tell her that one of my fave celebs is from her country and she gets really excited
>we reach the hotel and she asks for my name and tells me hers
>she shakes my hand but holds onto it thanking me
>i get emotional and ask her if i can give her a hug kek
>we hug she holds my hand and thanks me before we say bye
>random business man walks past us and side eyes us kek

this was such a nice encounter. i got emotional because she seemed a bit lost when she asked me for directions and in the end seemed really grateful that someone in a foreign country helped her. also idk lately i have been feeling very emotional about old people (70+) because they are really vulnerable and a lot of them are lonely.

No. 1630680

File: 1689066621011.jpg (267.39 KB, 1214x971, IMG_4783.jpg)

Look at this weird ass avocado I got

No. 1630688

you've been blessed with max avocado

No. 1630690

I have! It tasted absolutely delicious too, perfect ripeness

No. 1630693

epic, i go like that too nowadays

No. 1630734

File: 1689076385651.jpeg (31.83 KB, 462x531, FTaZBKVUAAM42DA.jpeg)

I'm at work and I'm currently having some dumb sexual fantasies, watch me go home and stop being horny because my libido manifests itself like once a month.

No. 1630737

you won the avocado lotto, nice

No. 1630764

File: 1689080296462.png (1.94 MB, 1024x1024, fashion.png)

I have to work out today. Ugh.

No. 1630767

My walking pad is coming in the mail today and I'm super excited. I like going on walks everyday but i live in the south and i have physically been incapable of doing that in the past because of the heat, humidity, and high UV rays right now

No. 1630777

I thought you were talking about a menstrual pad with legs and was a bit confused why you'd need a special pad for walking

No. 1630826

File: 1689087562552.gif (962.23 KB, 500x394, giphy.gif)

This pad was made for walking
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days this menstrual pad will walk over you

No. 1630892

Kek no its basically a mini treadmill

No. 1631056

I think I’m going through a sugar withdrawal or something at the moment. I’m shaky and can’t concentrate on my work. I only had coffee and some leftover fajitas. This is fucking terrible. I’m trying to limit sugar and carbs to lose the 55 pounds but I can’t nonnas please help

No. 1631119

I know how you feel, nona. When I quit drugs I inadvertently became a sugar and caffeine addict, and it was really hard trying to cut down on those two things. Nothing helps cravings better than time, unfortunately. But for me I found upping my time spent working out was a godsend as it helped me focus on something else. As far as trying to satiate cravings, I drank a lot of water to make sure I was hydrated and started eating lots of fruit to basically trick my brain into thinking it got the sweet thing it wanted. If you're only doing this to lose weight though, I'd suggest just working out more if sugar withdrawal is really bad for you. You can out-train a bad diet if you're dedicated enough.

No. 1631456

File: 1689137656371.gif (378.67 KB, 220x183, IMG_2935.gif)

my ex-bf died lmao

No. 1631458


No. 1631459

The package I ordered five years ago finally came today.

No. 1631464

File: 1689138173325.gif (9.39 MB, 480x360, IMG_2941.gif)

sadly not, he died from a heart attack in his sleep which isn't nearly painful enough

he was an alcoholic who abused stimulants and beat me while drunk so i'm glad that he's gone and i outlived him. best news i received all day

No. 1631481

damn that’s a long ass time, what was it?

No. 1631486

I had to force restart my computer and it just took an hour because it decided to do updates. Who asked you to do updates? Now I'm too tired and depressed to play Sims.
You didn't try to get your money back after the 1-3 months?

No. 1631500

I had a dream where I was on some sort of date with the phantom from phantom of the opera. it was weirdly satisfying, I know in the musical his face is messed up but in my dream he was super handsome and very chivalrous. he was also either a ghost or had supernatural abilities - we walked around a cemetery together and he was talking to other ghosts, then he took me to a fancy place for afternoon tea. he sang to me too of course. I was trying to dream about my husbando but oh well this was still nice albeit a bit weird.

No. 1631512

File: 1689145826953.jpg (127.97 KB, 735x1102, Easy-Fruit-Smoothie-Popsicles-…)

finally got ice cream molds after thinking "i should get those" for years, made my first batch yesterday with my favorite store bought fruit yoghurt and finally summer has become a bit more bearable. i will try more high effort kinds after by blending real ingredients, i'm excited to try different combinations

No. 1631548

Last night I dreamt that I was meeting up with a small group of fellow farmers to all hang out together and let me tell you, you girlies were great. Everyone was really sweet and cool and we all chilled and ate snacks and watched nostalgic 2000s youtube videos together, like I distinctly remember we watched Nyan Neko Sugar Girls and Senpai Club and it was brilliant. Thank you for the great times nonnies, even if it wasn't real!

No. 1631550

Congrats queen!

No. 1631618

I want more piercings and I had such a great experience with the shop I want to go back there but they aren't open on my days off, I could go to another place but they were so cool I feel I'm betraying them lol (yeah I know they are a business like any other).

No. 1631622

If you had a positive and professional experience with the store I would ask if they would be able to book a private time for you outside of their official opening times. Usually if I find a piercing or a tattoo shop I dig, I get good service and everything is professional and follows top safety and health standards I won't change shops unless I have a very legit reason. I value safety and professionalism the most so I don't want to risk it with a new shop.

No. 1631684

It was an autographed CD with custom artwork by one of my favorite guitarist. I contacted him a couple of months after it didn't arrive the first year and when he responded apologizing asking if I wanted a refund I got too shy and never replied. I say for the price it was worth the wait because hes legendary.

No. 1631712

They don't do this, so I either wait until next year for my next vacations or I go to an other shop they recommended me, I don't know but I really want to get more piercings.

No. 1632112

I'm gonna make my wife breakfast in bed tomorrow. I can't sleep, so I may as well use the extra time to make her something fancy. She deserves it.

No. 1632314

I saw a bobcat for the first time today, in broad daylight on the patio. I know they live in the country everywhere, but this is my first time actually seeing one. It was amazing! About the size of a medium dog. I even got a great look at its face and tail.

Not mundane per SE, but no other thread was applicable.

No. 1632341

This somewhat obscure movie torrent has been inactive for weeks, I leave my computer for a few hours today and come back and 5 people at the same time want to download it. It's strange. Could be bots, although why 5 at the same time?

No. 1632381

File: 1689222001148.jpg (58.2 KB, 642x480, Db0x6a3UQAA-2Xe.jpg)

Me using 5 computers at the same time to throttle your download speed

No. 1632399

My can of kidney beans has a best before date in 2026. I think this is first time I've seen that.

No. 1632581

I'm traveling with my dad for a few days next month, so excited to get away and see some cool stuff. Haven't really gone anywhere since the pandemic, I'm so excited!

No. 1632597

I somehow got another indigestion even though I’ve been eating welll, I also had a terrible dream, I didn’t want to be rude to my husbando’s brothers, but they were all being asshats towards me as well, even he himself, for some reason we were cousins? It was cursed.

No. 1632602

I bought some clothes from a secondhand site and the shipping route went from Alabama -> Massachusetts -> California -> Massachusetts

No. 1632699

File: 1689260361782.jpg (106.46 KB, 735x731, e799984da33df5d3b3435b6505a9fd…)

I don't have anywhere to be until the late afternoon, so all I had to do this morning is shower and wash my wig. I'm going back to sleep now.

No. 1632700

Take Pepcid

No. 1632746

Today I get to bake a delicious chocolate cake. I made it earlier this year and wasn't able to try it, but my family absolutely raved about it. It's my love's birthday tomorrow and I'm so excited to celebrate all day.

No. 1632780

I bought a bright red scarf today because the fabric and color were nice and when I showed it to my dad he said 'all it needs is a hammer and sickle' kek. He's not even wrong, the color is eerily similar to the union flag, oh well.
Was it Homerr? I've had the same sort of thing happen with them.

No. 1632981

File: 1689281947092.jpg (188.1 KB, 1618x1080, 84XCG06KVL6ZC24L2XY0.jpg)

i just spent 27 dollars to have a gyro combo door dashed to me. I'm a little embarrassed to spend so much, but it's one of those days nonnies

No. 1632993

Shelf fell on my head and my ear is burning and I feel woozy but I'll be okay!

No. 1632996

enjoy the food nonna, sometimes takeout is all it takes to make your day easier to get through.

No. 1633620

Oh god I just realized I'll have to be awake at 5am (local time) to grab tickets for Comiket, either I sleep early and put an alarm (which probably won't wake me up), or I try to stay awake, which I don't do as easily as I did 10 years ago. Wish me luck.

No. 1633635

i hope you get your tickets. good luck, nonna!!

No. 1633688

Try to do both at the same time. Set up several alarms if you must. I just went back home from Japan and will miss this year's Comiket but I went to other smaller events/collabs with cafes and it was fun, I hope you'll have fun too.

No. 1633803

Fangz nonna!
Yeah I'll do both, my cat tends to wake me up at this hour so hopefully he won't miss the call this time. I went to Comiket in 2014 and damn it was much simpler when you just had to show up and wait.

No. 1633883

I'm craving barbecue meatballs, rice, peas and broccoli so bad right now. I think that's what I'll make tonight.

No. 1633899

File: 1689374626300.png (105.75 KB, 310x226, salad-entrees-sigature-house.p…)

I want a chicken salad from Waba Grill. Best fast food salad I've ever had, easily, hands down.

No. 1633905

I've been called "lynchian" and "lovecraftian" in the span of one week and I don't understand why

No. 1633975

Are you in an eldritch horror mystery thriller nonnie?

No. 1633998

It was a thread about a certain video game series and perhaps they didn't like my rants about the new game engine I hated because it sucks

No. 1634004

Every time I'm in pain my dog wants to come and cuddle with me. I'm having horrible cramps right now and having this big fluffy heated blanket feels like a blessing.

No. 1634011

Holy shit now I want one. This looks so good.

No. 1634052

>trying to add more color to my wardrobe
>go into stores
>make beeline for black and gray clothes immediately

once a goth always a goth, did buy something pink and green I guess

No. 1634359

Do you have a friend with good fashion sense who could help you? I was totally lost when trying to add more colour to my wardrobe, so my wife helped me put outfits together as she has a really good eye for it.

No. 1634492

File: 1689436078113.jpg (163.83 KB, 687x1024, gettyimages-BC6371-005-1024x10…)

I have a clean basket of laundry I took off the clothesline on Thursday but I can't bring myself to put it away because my new kitten likes sitting in it and she looks so happy.

No. 1634540

I've been sick for over a month and for the first time in weeks, my stomach is growling. I'm so happy to have my hunger cues back when I was fighting nausea and poor appetite for so long. The light at the end of the tunnel!

No. 1634686

Just put bacon in the oven and I'm trying to decide if I have time to take a quick shower before it cooks…

No. 1634702

you could try adding in darker tones like forest green or navy blue

No. 1634710

I can't wait until fall. I can wear 50 layers again, walk without sweating, no one is outside because it's raining, love it!

No. 1634713

I coloured my hair today after years of having natural blond hair. I turned from a light blonde to a very dark, ashy grey and it looks beautiful. I have rose gold rims on my glasses and the contrast is super nice.

No. 1635078

File: 1689502887387.jpg (118.6 KB, 736x736, 97553aac1e435d3748e91b2cb6a037…)

I got my hair cut like last week and it already has so many split ends, fuck covid.

No. 1635139

This is going to sound like such a humblebrag but I've been breaking out a little bit on my face. Yesterday I went to my friends' house and her mom asked if I was wearing foundation or I just had good skin, made me feel so much better. Shows how when you stare at something too long it just becomes uglier and uglier, I should remember it.

No. 1635145

I change my bedsheets almost every weekend, highlight of my sundays seeing my bed clean and nice. I'll read a book and drink tea now.

No. 1635157

Changing bed sheets is the best, I wish I could change them everyday.

No. 1635163

Why don't you?

No. 1635225

Nta but I guess that's a lot of laundry to keep up if she changed them everyday. Every week is more than enough imo.

No. 1635228

That would be so wasteful. Also, the sheets would start pilling that much faster.

No. 1635321

File: 1689525615373.jpg (162.71 KB, 1024x681, Ripe-1024x681.jpg)

thank you georgia farmers, the watermelon season has been amazing this year. currently eating some bomb ass watermelon

No. 1635331

Are you washing with hot water? Try washing it on cold. If you have your own washer and dryer it’s not that big of a deal to wash the fitted sheet and a top sheet and a couple pillowcases everyday or every other day on cold. I wouldn’t be washing a comforter that frequently but I like to keep a top/flat sheet between me and the comforter. I sweat like a pig when I am plagued by ptsd nightmares so it’s pretty often that I’m washing my bedding since I get it all gross and sweaty.

No. 1635333

I think you are supposed to wash bedsheets on hot temperatures to kill microbes and bedbugs etc

No. 1635339

The shoelaces of my sneakers are so loose for some reason, I have to tie them into a double knot like a little kid or else they undo themselves constantly.

No. 1635344

I just ate three pounds of lychee. They were . . . not good. It is a suck ass lychee year.

No. 1635345

How did covid make your hair have split ends?

No. 1635351

I mean it’s good to do every so often but it’s not necessary if you just want that fresh clean bedding feeling and for your stuff to not smell if you’re sweaty kek. Bedbugs are only really a concern when traveling or having guests stay over, and tbf you’re gonna need to do a lot more heavy lifting than just washing shit on hot to get rid of bed bugs.

No. 1635360

Sorry I’m ESL I meant dust mites

No. 1635364

If she's like me she probably couldn't go to the hairdresser's during lockdown and her split end got so bad that she's have to cut a lot of hair to get rid of all if them. Because whenever I go to get my hair cut I notice that some of my split ends have their own split ends.

No. 1635369

Does anyone else cut their own hair? I haven't gone to a hairdresser since I was 10. I never hear a single other person talk about it, but I assume large numbers of other people do it because a haircut is like $30 where I live.

No. 1635374

Me! Last time I went was in like 2014-2015. I color and cut my hair myself. It doesn’t always look good but eh it’ll grow back. My style is pretty low maintenance medium long cut with bangs so I manage. I did try cutting my bf’s hair once and I made him cry bc it was so bad kekkkk

No. 1635376

My mom cuts my bangs and my ends (she’s not a hairdresser)

No. 1635378

Haven't played GTA V since a sleepover I had with a friend when we were like twelve or thirteen but I've been wanting to play it so bad for the past few days.

No. 1635394

File: 1689529629763.jpg (47.44 KB, 640x381, gino.jpg)

While cutting my tomato, I remembered the tomato-pipe mission in MySims Kingdom (Wii) and how it made me cry as a child because I never managed to finish it and my dad had to help. I found the game disc just now, and I know what I'm going to do tonight. Howlongtobeat says it's only nine hours, too.

No. 1635427

Excellent game series.

No. 1635430

Last time I went I was a teenager. I was at an age where I guess the hairdresser expected me to be able to make casual small talk throughout but I'd been going through agoraphobia. A semi shut in who had been a full on shut in for a while before that. Being asked about holidays and hobbies and friends and all sorts of shit I'd dropped out of. I'd no life to speak of and also didn't have the skills to know how to artfully dodge the questions either. She just kept asking questions and inside I was wanting to flee from the chair. Was painful lol

After that I started doing it myself and no matter how much my life has really turned around since then I just can't do hairdressers. Saving money is a bonus.

No. 1635510

Me. Nobody ever notices. Unless you are doing a specific haircut or a very short one where you need to see everything. I refuse to pay someone to simply cut my ends or trim my bangs. I learned how to dye my hair and bleach it over the years. I dont dye it anymore, but that was a pain, it's the only thing I would pay for someone to do it for me.

No. 1635513

I love GTA V, but I rarely play it as intended. My favourite thing to do is taxi missions because the map and the detail put into it is amazing. It's very satisfying to cruise around, and the radio has so many great songs. What I'll do is start a new game, spend all of Frankin's money so I'm at $0, then do taxi missions and invest in the stock market to see how much money I can make legally. As Michael, I just play lots of tennis and golf. I'm always trying to improve my golf score and get more hole in ones. When I actually play the game as intended, I go turbo autismo and roleplay it. Planning out how I think each character would react, what options they pick, what they wear, what they drive, etc. Even though I think IV is a better GTA, V is such a fun sandbox. Damnit, now I want to play it again too.

No. 1635515

>make one post in a thread for the first time
>nonny accuses me of samefagging all the posts in disagreement with them

No. 1635528

My sister is a hairdresser and cuts my hair. It’s nice not having to pay anywhere near what haircuts and color normally cost, but the drawback is that (1) she never wants to do anything more than bobs or layers and (2) she’s usually so busy that I get like 1-2 cuts max a year

No. 1635560

>>1635394 here to report that I successfully finished the tomato-pipe mission in MySims Kingdom (Wii) without crying or my dad having to help.
Yeah, having fun so far lol.

No. 1635604

File: 1689542503749.jpeg (73.14 KB, 533x395, 8755A031-F44E-40EE-B232-BD3926…)

Since I bought a bunch of pillows, I put them in my tiny ass bed and now I feel so cozy laying on them. All I need is a husbando pillow to reach the ultimate coziness level, and a plushie too, preferably of a cute animal.
I seriously didn’t think that finally getting new pillows would change how I view my bed.

No. 1635615

I sleep with three pillows and I am never turning back.

No. 1635683

Help, none of my pillows are comfy, not even the fancy memory foam one which is supposed to shape itself to fit my neck or whatever. Always too soft, too hard or put my head in an awkward position. I hate sleep. Lying down is so uncomfortable.

No. 1635685

congratulations on your victory

No. 1635686

Have you tried sleeping without pillows? Maybe that’s what you actually need. Lots of my family members hate sleeping with pillows.

No. 1635735

Waiting for my clothes to finish drying. I tried dying my hair with henna today but I got absolutely 0 results. It's because my hair is dark of course so I can't exactly blame the product. A shame though.

No. 1635744

You might end up having a pretty undertone when you're in the sun tho so that's a bonus

No. 1635753

File: 1689555596938.jpg (14.28 KB, 236x236, Tumblr_l_614789221225356.jpg)

>overheard a song with very sexually explicit lyrics
>Seems too sexual even for a hypersexual woman to sing
>look up the artist later
>it's a gay troon

No. 1635757

Kim Petras? Ayesha Erotica? Ethel Cain?
It's an entire microgenre now.

No. 1635763

Kek wow so many others. It was Chase Icon

No. 1635771

Another boring run of the mill hypertroon, I see.

No. 1635927

File: 1689565891034.jpg (13.64 KB, 400x400, e53dfa810cc9397ae1dc97446867f0…)

Did he go to the same surgeon as the Bogdanoff brothers kek

No. 1636187

It's getting harder to stop myself from shouting "shut up fat bitch" to the white trash living across the street who spends her day yelling at her kids.

No. 1636284

I 've just seen the phrase "it looks like AI but it's real!" on a clickbait article about that abandoned castle town. It is definitely mundane, it's just you can really watch AI becoming a normal part of life, that even random clickbait outlets would use it as a comparison. We're in the future.

No. 1636305

I woke up before sunrise and drank a bottle of water, did my bathroom business, got my running clothes on, had a coffee and waited for sunrise. fully planning to go on a run like I usually do. something turned in me though… it didn't feel right to leave the house. an hour later I took my running clothes off and put regular clothes on and had a 9am glass of wine. I've either gone insane or I'm about to get my period.

No. 1636314

Wtf I thought this was AI generated.

No. 1636455

I made potato filling for pirogies and dough for pirogies. I have not assembled and boiled the pierogies yet, maybe I will tonight.

No. 1636525

It's finally July, time to watch Initial D.

No. 1636567

Watched Jackie Brown this morning, really enjoyed it. I had some toast with butter and jam and a cup of coffee. I wanna watch Kill Bill now.. I think I'm developing a crush on Uma Thurman, love her as Poison Ivy so much. Also maybe I'll have pasta for dinner.

No. 1636671

I love Jackie Brown! It's one of my favourite films. The book by Elmore Leonard that it's based on is good too; he's one of my favourite crime writers. Pam Grier looked so damn fine that film, but Uma Thurman in Kill Bill was part of my lesbian awakening. The amount of shitty romcoms I watched purely to gawk at her… absolutely haram.

No. 1636833

Im watching Cocaine Bear right now. I'm really enjoying it so far. the EMTs made me yell at my screen and the shooting two fingers off thing made me laugh kek. I dont like how un-seriously everyone is taking DeeDees disappearance though

No. 1636842

Mine too!!!! Genuinely one of the greatest of all time.

No. 1636843

One of those days where I don't eat much because I don't feel like cooking.

No. 1636885

Kill Bill is great nona, hope you enjoy it! Wish more people knew about Jackie Brown, it's so underrated

No. 1636893

File: 1689652353225.gif (769.17 KB, 245x230, c371aece430178a076dea348bf8e23…)

I loved loved the reference back to it, it's one of my favorite movies

No. 1637171

this video on how to start a weed eater is cracking me up, it's unnecessarily chaotic I feel like I'm right there with this weird guy and the woman holding the camera

No. 1637454

File: 1689721420777.png (2.06 MB, 1980x600, lekkahh.png)

I miss the birthday parties of my family when I was young, everyone would get together and eat a cheese/sausage overdose. I miss that shit, it doesn't have it's charm anymore for some reason.

No. 1637466

Getting my new tattoo tonight nonnas. I always get nervous before an appointment even though ive been tatted multiple times

No. 1637486

That's awesome nonna! What are you getting? It will be fine, I have piercings and always get scared before but when I get them I barely have a reaction other than 'ouch'. Good luck anyway!

No. 1637565

my online friend is shipping me a package of fangirl stuff that was SUPPOSED to only be photographs but apparently the thing is quote "heavy as fuck" with bucu shipping cost and I have no fucking idea what she could have put in the damn box because as far as i know there isn't even any merch for this actress that weighs anything significant so like what the fuck is in the box anons? I am so worried it's gonna get stolen like all my mail does especially if it's heavy and not the discrete flat parcel of photos I was anticipating. Please wish the box luck in its journey through the broken mail system

No. 1637567

keeping your package in my thoughts n prayers

No. 1637568

thank you so much anon it will need it

No. 1637637

I'm surprised at the amount of people who just don't wear sunglasses, for some reason they prefer to squint their eyes to oblivion.

No. 1637641

I don't wear sunglasses cause I have to wear prescription glasses and I always forget to get prescription sunglasses until I'm driving and the sun starts blinding me

No. 1637647

I have perscription glasses and i hate changing in between sunglasses and normal glasses anytime i want to see someting. And i do have perscription sunglasses as well but they are too weak because they are old so it's not the right perscription anymore. Can't drive with them so the only use for them is at the beach but it's shit anyway because i'd like to see at a beach too. In this situation the solution is tinting glasses.. you'd think. But tinting glasses, even when they're in a shade still have the slight tinting visible and so you don't see colors correctly at all anymore.
Glasses are stressful.

No. 1637657

Yeah this sounds annoying, but I was mostly thinking about people who don't have prescription glasses so they shouldn't have this problem, do you like hing the sun blinding you that much? A moid once told me I looked like a tourist with my sunglasses, well fuck you dude, at least I can comfortably walk around.

No. 1637685

File: 1689759848798.jpg (81.11 KB, 900x601, monkey-butt-scott-elberger.jpg)

i'm so annoyed by my flat ass, I've got to start working out more.

No. 1637691

I feel like such a nerd in traffic when I have time switch my regular glasses with my sunglasses. I wore a hat yesterday with a peak and it was a game changer lol

No. 1637699

maybe they'e used to the sun. Like the cells in their eyes are burned from not wearing sunglasses alreasy so it doesn't hurt them and they don't mind. Maybe sun is like chilli, the more often you are exposed the less it hurts.

No. 1637725

I started working out and my ass went from nice and round to a flat mess. The world is unfair.

No. 1638198

File: 1689800676988.jpg (347.88 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230719_235921_Chr…)

What about those tinting in the sunlight glasses? My mom is wearing that type of glasses and they tint in very bright light, she drives with them a lot too
Around 3-4 years my eyes got very sensitive to the bright light, like even when the sun isn't directly in my sight, in the summer especially i can't stand it, so i started wearing glasses. I actually still haven't gotten used to them, maybe because i never wore glasses before, but without them is worse

No. 1638369

I'm back on cooking duty for my family starting this week because my dad takes too fucking long to put out dinner so I'm really out here like "fine, I'll do it myself." My brother and mom like my cooking just fine, but my dad can be very picky so when he's home I leave the cooking to him. Thankfully he's liked what I've been cooking so far, but honestly if he didn't then he can make his own food kek. I thought he wasn't going to like the chicken meatballs I made the other day because I fucked them up (they ended up drier than usual and I burned the sauce), but he actually really liked them.

I always tell myself I hate cooking for my family and I wish I could just cook for myself and my very simple tastes… but the reality if whenever I get to be home alone and I only have to make dinner for myself, I'll end up eating a handful of nuts or some shit and calling it a day kek. I say I hate cooking for my family but it forces me to cook a substantial meal, and I usually try to put a good balance of carbs, protein, and a vegetable or two on the table. When I lived abroad for college I often cooked myself really nice meals like fish and vegetables over rice or something, but as an adult I won't make decent meals unless I have to cook for someone else too.

Tonight's dinner was gochujang butter noodles which I've had saved and have been eyeing to make for a while now. I was nervous since it was the first time I've made it but it turned out pretty good.

No. 1638557

Can I stop dreaming I have sex with my personal cows?

No. 1638560

maybe you are ashamed of your cringiness or worse traits, and the dreams are meant to signify you want to accept them. hence usage of having sex with cows.

No. 1638574

No because the they are still not clear in the shade like normal glasses. I know it's just a little different but i need to see the colors exactly as they are. I had them it fucked with my head.

No. 1638611

Huh, you're making me rethink everything. I guess I am kinda jealous of them because they do their shit online unashamedly eveb if they are not good at it, and they are decently attractive women so there's probably a bit of bisexual frustration too (it's not like I dreamt I was fucking Chris-chan). My best friend has told me several times I have great potential I'm afraid to tap into (more like I don't know how to), and now that you said it I think this kind of dreams is a manifestation of these anxieties.

No. 1638626

Probably not that mundane but I think I ate a piece of sparkler or firework or something, I was eating parfait and spilled some granola on the table and I ate the crumbs that flaked all over the table and one of them tasted like ashes and fire

No. 1638897

File: 1689869722138.jpg (30.69 KB, 512x512, dbe12d3233313ac5e03ff37ac4e141…)

Nonnies I got dumped yesterday but I feel like I am taking this almost too well now. I cried so many times over him in the past months and we were having this on and off/fwb thing until he ended it but I feel weirdly positive about my life all of a sudden? I was crying yesterday though kek but not today and I am excited about meeting new people? I just hope this is not temporary.

No. 1638901

Sounds like he wasn't good for you and was taking up a lot of your mental energy in a bad way. Enjoy your newfound freedom and go out and meet new people heart emoji

No. 1638906

Thank you nonny!

No. 1638936

I wanna get into danmei novels, but somehow I'm hesitating. I think it's because I'm expecting fanscanlation "I am recieving the food. Did Tomoko-chan cook this all by herself? he asked Tomoko"-tier translations, but I can count the amount of books I found to be badly translated into my language by one hand by one translator, so that really shouldn't deter me.

No. 1638998

currently scarfing down some bibimbap and got a fat futomaki roll for later, life is gooood

No. 1639001

I wish I were you. The things I'd do for a hot, delicious bibimbap right now…

No. 1639004

treat yourself anon!!! I worked so hard today and I can feel the life returning to me with every bite, sounds like you need it too

No. 1639006

I wish I was nona so much it's unreal. I need some rice and vegetables and seaweed.

No. 1639064

I think the translations done by yummysuika (translator of TGCF and some other works) to be very well done. I think she has a good way with making things flow nicely. She's the translator Seven seas hired, if I remember correctly. As for other translations, the do tend to vary in quality. The most popular ones seem nice, however.

No. 1639229

I found a YouTube channel where the guy is still doing sketches for every talking point like in yer good ol' days of 2012 and I'm getting weirdly nostalgic. That's the last thing I expected to miss about that era, because even back then I found them kinda cringy.

No. 1639439

My favorite Korean restaurant closed down years ago because of covid so I'm worried the other restaurants make less good bibimbap. I'll investigate though.

No. 1639440

Pinterest deactivated my account I've had for 4 years for seemingly no reason at all and I'm so fucking pissed. I can't believe I had to send them an appeal begging for them to bring my account back, but I really hope it works.

No. 1639448

readig this sent fear directly to the core of my heart, praying for you nonnie

No. 1639456

Apparently they've been doing this to a lot of peoples accounts. They sent me a email a few days ago saying they reinstated a pin that was removed for "adult content" but didn't even show me what pin it was. I don't even know why they sent me that considering it's not my fucking pin.

No. 1639459

Thank you.
Omfg, same, it had been spamming me about some pins being deleted for violating community guidelines. First of all I would've never noticed had they not pointed it out. Secondly I didn't even make the pins???

No. 1639465

I read on twitter that their doing this to remove the down the alleged Fascist/RW content on their site but a lot of innocent accounts are also getting banned over this.

No. 1639470

Samefag, but if Pinterest is going crazy with banning people for no reason right now, I fear for my mother's account. I don't like her at all, but she's had her account since forever and deleting a woman's Pinterest account is just too fucking far.

No. 1639474

I heard about how cp is apparently being spread on pinterest and how they barr you from looking up 'boy' or 'girl' . I'm an artist so I save a lot of references, which includes children, so perhaps that's what led them to deactivate my account. I can't blame them for trying to crack down on the spread of csam unlike many other platforms but damn it frustrates me that my account was caught in the crossfire.

No. 1639791

I hope I get my periods in the following 2 days, I'm traveling by plane in 10 days and I really don't want to go on vacation with my cup up my vagina.

No. 1639808

I just got my period today. I transfer my menstrual energy to you nonna.

No. 1639824

find someone on her period and spend time around her so your period comes on too? I'm not sure how fast that works but it is a thing

No. 1639848

Syncing periods isn’t a real thing, it’s a myth. Someone else’s cycle can’t influence yours by proxy.

No. 1639870

my anecdotal experience working with a lot of women in a housekeeping job tells me it's true. I've also heard it from girls who did team sports. I could be convinced it's a myth but you'd have to offer some proof

No. 1639881

You spend 1/4 of any given month menstruating. You are BOUND to "sync" with the women you live with at some point, it's basic mathematics.

No. 1639887

I have long distance friends I chat with and sometimes both our periods start the same day, it’s coincidence. Like realistically what would the scientific explanation for that even be? It’s just a thing that happens sometimes and became a “did you know” fake BS thing because it sounds cool and mystical or whatever.

No. 1639888

yeah but when it's EVERY month for years at a job it doesn't seem like a coincidence

No. 1639889

How long are your fucking periods

No. 1639891

NTA but having a period last 5-7 days is normal…

No. 1639946

File: 1689970440771.jpeg (336.84 KB, 600x451, IMG_8213.jpeg)

Listening to Tony Bennett songs and other standards and crying! I don't fucking care I'm wasting my day off

No. 1639953

File: 1689970980073.jpeg (16.24 KB, 612x344, istockphoto-1495008830-612x612…)

I ate a bowl of cherries in my room at night but left one half eaten due to bad texture, then fell asleep with the bowl still on my desk. When I woke up the half eaten cherry had already grown a ton of white mold. It scared me how much had grown in less than 12 hours.

No. 1640028

I don't know how to find themeless tumblr blogs nowadays. With fandoms I have no problem, just go into the tag and follow whoever has interesting posts, but with idk-i-just-want-funny-shit-on-my-dash blogs, it all started out with one single blog I randomly found once, and I just went and followed every other person they reblogged from, but each and every one of these blogs is dead, and everyone else that is left just posts OG content.

No. 1640036

That shouldn't be an entire quarter of the month though.

No. 1640038

Is this a suggestion to Mother Nature or are you criticizing anons math skillz?

No. 1640165

They still haven't restored my pinterest account, might kms ngl. I'm so mad!!!!!!!

No. 1640171

I’m the one who said i synced up with other women at work but I didn’t want to make fun of her math because my cycle lasts like 10days which is over 1/4 of the month…. So I feel like it’s wrong to say 5-7 days is not 1/4 of 30 lol (pretty close though!).

No. 1640215

I'm making a big cheese chip right now. Then I will do some programming studying and after that I will rest.
I'm just not very good at math. I checked and 7 is close to a quarter of 30

No. 1640233

I'm so sorry nonnie I will continue praying for the reinstatement of your pinterest account and also for the protection of my own pinterest account amen

No. 1640250

Praying for yours both

I deactivated my old one cuz I have a fucking stalker. Miss it already.

No. 1640374

My feet feel hot. You ever get that; like as if you had some friction going on, but didn't have any? It'll pass.

No. 1640406

No. 1640521

File: 1690026168523.jpg (58.79 KB, 497x801, Screenshot_20220716-222031.jpg)

Ban-evading the anti-sex retard forum. I hardly know why I bother since the admin and most members are fucking mental but it's the best place for me to shittalk sexuals without being steamrolled.

No. 1640523

>I deactivated my old one cuz I have a fucking stalker.
NTA but same, weird. Being stalked through Pinterest felt much more personal than I expected. My cringe aesthetic boards for my video game characters are something that's between me and God.

No. 1640665

My years of hard work on making my boards and also their value are lost on some vouyeristic psychopath. Why are men

No. 1640666

>anti sex forum
tell me you're trolling kekkkk that's an actual thing?

No. 1640820

I like to go to the smaller independent hardware/gardening store in town instead of like Tractor Supply or Lowes or Walmart, not because I'm trying to support small business or anything but because there are cats sleeping in the store on the feed bags and the checkout counters. It's fucking cute.

No. 1640831

I used to get my prescriptions from this one particular chemist because a cat that lived across the street used to sleep on a chair in there. I always hoped there would be a delay in getting my medicine, so I could sit next to him and pet him for longer, kek.

No. 1640923

I haven't been sleeping with my light off for the past like 2-3 weeks but I think I accidentally did last night.

No. 1641089

>anti-sex forum
drop the link or name please

No. 1641117

Why haven't you been sleeping with your light off, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1641316

Seems it's the time of the month where I go through another existential crisis. What am I doing with my life…

No. 1641324

I'm a wuss and consume more horror content than I should allow myself to. I'll get a night light soon because I hate when my light is still on in the morning.

No. 1641328

Samefag but I also just get sleep paralysis a lot and it sucks when I'm completely in the dark

No. 1641330

File: 1690087866290.jpeg (24.38 KB, 645x645, shopping.jpeg)

Get one of these.

No. 1641364

File: 1690091474294.jpg (31.3 KB, 589x443, CotvzQwWEAEmoJm.jpg)

Spent the entire day socializing for a work function and now I want to sleep for 30 hours. Next time I'm taking the day off cus I missed the actual best part of the weekend, talking to my bonnie nonnies.

No. 1641624

I was gonna "get my act together" today and begin some stupid hard diet on a relaxing Sunday of all days but I said nevermind and now I'm eating a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese with some white wine while I listen to the cicadas. not to glorify being a slob but I was truly like "maybe I'll just fast all day! get a jump start" lmao I need to chill that's how i became a binge eater and yoyo dieter in the past I'm not doing that again.

No. 1641658

File: 1690124931467.png (630.71 KB, 1079x1340, moodboard.png)

I had a really awkward date today with a guy who I'm fairly certain was literally autistic.

No. 1641663

This is such a nice post I'm in the same boat but not as mature as you. I'm so impatient and think in black and white. I'll be more sane too

No. 1641664

What did he do
Did he stim

No. 1641735

File: 1690131688830.jpg (269.72 KB, 1600x1067, Wild-Highland-Cattle.JPG)

I saw highland cows today for the first time, and they got close enough that I could almost pet them. Magnificent creatures.

No. 1641739

and here you are posting on lolcow.farm like you aren't autistic lol

No. 1641743

Is he stalking you yet

No. 1641748

these are so cool.

No. 1641752

wild cows (no threads on them yet)

No. 1641773

File: 1690136842501.jpg (846.57 KB, 1024x1024, The_three-horned_one_again.jpg)

Animals with horns > animals without horns

No. 1641775

I grew up around Highlands. My parents were ranchers and were the first in my state to start a serious business around them. They're basically a novelty cow here since they're not well suited to the climate and are less valuable to butcher than the staple breeds. But it is neat to know that nearly all Highlands I might come across in the state go back a few decades to my parents. I see some every now and again. When my parents quit ranching, they sold all their Highland stock to one guy and then he became the Highland guy in the state.

No. 1641778

so true

No. 1641798

Damn this sheep embraced her black sheep of the flock status so hard that she evolved into a demon sheep.

No. 1641803

isn't that really uncomfortable for sheep and need to be filed down.

No. 1641804

File: 1690140020029.jpeg (3.31 MB, 3309x3024, IMG_8358.jpeg)

Hail sheeple

No. 1641827

File: 1690141032998.gif (1.42 MB, 364x296, 6436.gif)

I was chatting with a friend and got on the topic of fanfics and she's always said I have a knack for writing that I should write a book so I jokingly tell her I'll write a fanfic full of smut and funny bs and she said go for it. I started writing it but then decided to check out the community as a whole and do some general reconnaissance on what makes a good fic vs a terrible one and what people like etc. I was turned off almost immediately by all the weird gatekeeping and hierarchies and terminology. You absolutely can't do this or that, and that over there is okay but only if the majority of this and that group agree about xyz and forget about OC x MC unless this, this, and that unwritten rule is followed and if you even think about abc people will be able to tell and they won't read it. Jesus fuck. So now I have this half completed fic that's just chilling. Maybe my friend will get a laugh.

No. 1641831

File: 1690141147420.jpg (54.65 KB, 736x551, 4a70b6d80ffbe48b92737ad3cd7ffa…)

Wow I didn't know that there was an entire breed like this. Hebridean sheep.

No. 1641888

Are you talking about fic in general, or the specific fandom you were writing for?

No. 1642158

File: 1690157369703.jpg (103.58 KB, 750x750, gato.jpg)

i want donuts and coffee but it's like 9pm right now

No. 1642242

Started with the fandom, then widened it to the overall community. Like, for my story I absolutely needed to create an original character who plays a VERY prominent role because it will highlight events centered around the main character. I don't know, I was just taken aback by what seems to be a whole bunch of assholery. I figured everyone was in it just to have fun and write stories

No. 1642258

File: 1690168119007.jpeg (716.15 KB, 1105x1409, bbygirl.jpeg)

i've been slacking off on shay threads for a couple months. now i feel kind of intimidated by the sheer amount of milk, so i keep procrastinating. on one hand i think i need to allocate some solid time to catch up on everything, but on the other hand maybe i should just throw myself back in because i don't want to miss out on something iconic like picrel

No. 1642284

Same nonnie, it’s frustrating because she always retreads the same ground and then does something batshit when I’m not looking

No. 1642321

Probably too late by now but drinking fucktons of orange juice (or any other juice with vitamin c) usually speeds it up
oh yeah this is pretty typical in fandoms, especially in anime fandoms and double especially for shounen series. I remember years ago seeing all these how-to guides for creating OCs for various series because people are really fixated on everything following canon as close as possible and have a huge hate boner for Mary Sues, to the point of creating entire blogs for mocking random people's OCs. I always thought it was sort of hypocritical how some of those guides were like "don't ship your OC with X characters/these specific characters because those guys wouldn't have time for romance/wouldn't be interested in romance" yet they had no problem shipping canon characters with those forbidden "no time for romance" characters.

No. 1642327

Some retarded man called me an "Aryan beauty" on a day before getting my hair done when my brown roots were massive. Men are so dumb.

No. 1642335

may I ask what fandom though
>have a huge hate boner for Mary Sues, to the point of creating entire blogs for mocking random people's OCs
the funniest part was when they created their own "Mary Sue hunter" OCs and they were even more obnoxious than the so-called "Sues". and the way no one actually cared about "Marty/Gary Stus" (to the point that there isn't even an agreed term for them because they aren't really on people's minds anyway) unless they're supposed to be love interests of "Sues". you could point out that many very popular canon male characters are "Stus" by their very own definition and they'd just screech and tell you that "ackshually it's totally different because they're sooo well written really!!" more like those are male characters from popular media not aimed at teenage girls so they're basically sacred cows
>yet they had no problem shipping canon characters with those forbidden "no time for romance" characters
now they can just call them "ace/aro coded" and call it a day kek

No. 1642380

Great news everyone, I'm >>1639791 and it just started yesterday night, I'll be period free for my vacations! I'll still take my cup with me just in case but it should be fine.

No. 1642397

File: 1690186723489.gif (2.81 MB, 360x230, jzfhgfhg.gif)

I'm a hundred pages into a book I saw a recommendation of here on lolcow. I wanted to re-read anons opinion on it, but neither do I find the post in any of the gen book threads, nor do I find it by googling the book title in quotation marks because Google simply got shitty like that.

No. 1642418

what book was it? I'm reading a book I saw mentioned on here outside the book thread aswell, maybe we're reading the same one kek

No. 1642425

It's Angela S. Choi's Hello Kitty Must Die.

No. 1642433

I got told I must have prominent Aryan blood in me because I have blue eyes. Even though I'm a stereotypically swarthy middle eastern Jew, kek. This dude literally googled to check that middle easterners and Jews can have blue eyes because he thought I was lying. He was the first /pol/fag I met in the wild and it was fascinating how sheltered he was.

No. 1642438

I don't know if you have tried this already but googling in Incognito might help. I noticed in the normal mode Chrome hides a lot of links

No. 1642528

Legend of Zelda, though all of the "rules" I read for whats okay and what isn't wasn't specific to LoZ, those were part of the more general searching I did.

No. 1642533

File: 1690203321192.gif (262.92 KB, 160x276, me_mumbling_shit_under_my_brea…)

I swear to god once I get those last few fishes to fill my museum I'm never touching that fucking fishing rod or scuba suit again.

No. 1643053

I painted my toes a light purple a few days ago and they're so cute. I'm still so obsessed with them.

No. 1643323

File: 1690254524556.jpg (89.31 KB, 570x760, 17734d788c94c70dbadc30fb2e0e06…)

I slept very little yesterday and I will sleep very little now because my ADHD brain simply can not consume one ghost video at a time during dinner and then going to sleep at a reasonable time.
Thank you pee, for freeing me.
I will regret this so much tomorrow.

Also, can I please stop bleeding now? I know it's my new medicine, but it's been 2 weeks, if not more. As if I needed to get even more anemic.

No. 1643327

My magnolia tree is blooming again! It's my first year living on this property so what a nice surprise.

No. 1643394

the one in front of my house is blooming too and I'm so excited, I'm gonna go pick some big ol' melon sized flowers later tonight because they smell sooooo good

No. 1643632

I went through a broken beer bottle on my bike yesterday so I thought both my tires would be flat, but I just checked and they are just fine so hooray, no patching tires for me

No. 1643689

I have to finish cleaning my apartment and take a shower today, will I find the motivation to do it all? Who knows.

No. 1643713

Did you start cleaning yet?

No. 1643727

File: 1690289183834.gif (784.78 KB, 256x320, Tumblr_l_1109479768384838.gif)

I haven't even finished drinking my coffee yet.

No. 1643771

How was your coffee nonnie?

No. 1643777

Really nice! I almost spilled it on my bed but managed to catch it on time kek
I'm gonna start cleaning now, just have to clean the floors and the cats' litter box and take out the trash. Doesn't seem like much but it always takes me ages.

No. 1643790

Godspeed nonnie, cleaning the litter always takes me forever too but I do it for the fuzzbutt (because he’ll stare at me all day in judgement if I don’t).

No. 1643870

I took my medication after three days without and all is right in the world again. God bless.

No. 1643873

File: 1690302528920.jpg (20.58 KB, 250x309, tom-selleck-fotos-biografia.jp…)

I'm not dysphoric but I want a bushy 60-70s moustache. I think it would be fun to stroke, wiggle, or just look at. Gives you a peculiar, yet stoic look.
I can see the PCOS jokes coming already.

No. 1643897

If only my pcos let me grow such a majestic mustache, guess I’ll just have to content myself with my magnificent mutton chops

No. 1643905

Whenever I make a male video game character I always give him a moustache. I just think they're neat! I have PCOS (and I'm middle eastern, RIP) and when I've gone a week or so without shaving because I've been too ill to go out, my guilty pleasure is shaving my facial hair to a moustache before getting rid of it kek. Weirdly enough, I do think I could pull it off if I trooned out as I have a strong jawline which compliments it. My fakeboi name would be Magnum, out of respect to the greatest moustache of all time.

No. 1643951

My boy won’t stare in judgement, he prefers direct action and will pee in some cushion if the litter is too dirty.
I finished cleaning and took a shower, now I’m just waiting to see if my scrote wants to go for a walk.

No. 1643966

Kek, that’s some bully cat tactics right there, glad you’re having such a good start to the day getting shit done nonnie.

No. 1644020

File: 1690315586297.jpg (18.03 KB, 406x375, Tumblr_l_54428476881163.jpg)

>mfw im actually eurofag and started cleaning at 4pm and finished at 7pm

No. 1644083

File: 1690319267708.gif (1.77 MB, 566x640, D9B61EB6-0DCE-483B-818A-BFBAAD…)

My bad nonnie
> insert time appropriate well wishes for your area of the world

No. 1644931

Goddammit my periods make me so bloated this month, I feel disgusting.

No. 1644935

File: 1690361651733.png (1.98 MB, 1308x866, jacvanekaudreykitchingsidekick…)

for some reason i am listening to MIA's kala album probably for the first time since i was under 20 and i REALLY WANT A FUCKING SIDEKICK i grew up reading lolsceenqueens/efagz as a preteen/teenager and seeing everyone with sidekicks AHHHHHHH I WANT ONE CAn THEY BRING THEM BACK

No. 1644936

also i miss this time of the internet. we were all ugly and weird and that was fine, we didn't have to be filtered to hell or look perfect. fUCK it's weird now everything is filtered to hell i sound like a boomer im 31

No. 1644958

No matter how much I shake out my duvet the filling in it keeps clumping around the edges leaving the middle section empty

No. 1645148

I got a Donovan record at the thrift store and my dad was all excited about it lol. Their songs are still relevant with the anti war messages though, I never listened to them much but I quite like them.

No. 1645166

When I got a new washer&dryer it came with a little tide pod sample. Which I thought was kinda funny and I never used it till I did laundry this past weekend. Usually scents give me a headache but tide detergent is what my grandma used when I was a kid and it smells so good to me, and for now all my shirts feel like a hug from her.

No. 1645218

File: 1690391200569.jpg (262.69 KB, 1080x1080, 29572895_so.jpg)

Same thing happened with me, I found Uriah Heep's Demons and Wizards at a thrift store and my dad proceeded to tell me about how he saw them in concert as they were openers for Kiss during their 1977 Rock and Roll Over tour.

No. 1645405

I had a sidekick as my "junkie phone" and I really enjoyed it, but they'll never be as iconic as flip phones IMO. The sheer drama of slamming a flip phone shut to end a call is something that cannot and will never be recreated. Flip phones were peak mobile design, which is why I still have one now as my personal phone. My smartphone is just something that I begrudgingly need for work.

No. 1645607

That's so cool! Never heard of them, got to look them up, the cover looks wicked!

No. 1645628

I'm freaking starving right now. Debating whether I should make shrimp and grits or shrimp Japanese curry with some random frozen vegetables I have.

No. 1645690

I'm at home recovering from wisdom teeth removal, and I just bought soooo many sets of fake nails on temu and aliexpress. Like, i'm going to have enough sets to last me like half a year… oops…

No. 1645701

File: 1690419344125.jpg (86.9 KB, 540x540, 174564564.jpg)

I've been procrastinating taking a shower for the past two hours. I'd be completely dry by now if I went back then.

No. 1645702

hatsune miku goat

No. 1645703

File: 1690419533745.jpg (54.19 KB, 1080x1080, 3483957897.jpg)

Go shower you'll be so comfy after

No. 1645895

File: 1690434682767.png (541.85 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_pmj3inafy41wk9qzao1_128…)

Praised be me, for I fulfilled the dark deed.

No. 1645910

File: 1690435859537.png (69.5 KB, 420x420, IMG_4940.png)

My moid neighbor remarried 8 months after his previous wife died. Hmmm.

No. 1646082

I’m really proud of my little succulent, I’m a terrible plant owner and have brought it to to the brink of death about three times but she always bounces back, sorry my sweet baby I’m trying harder and she’s been healthy for a while now.

No. 1646116

Moids always remarry quickly after their wives die. They need a mommy to remind them to wash their asses kek

No. 1646240

My father threatened my mother to immediately remarry before they were even officially divorced, I swear men only see marriage as a convenience package and nothing else.

No. 1646647

My friend came over today, I don't see her often but I really admire her. She's really strong and thinks about her own well-being even when it's hard to get rid of negative things or people in her life. I wish I was more like her, I'm such a pushover when it comes to people pleasing.

No. 1646663

I’m proud of you both!

No. 1646666

If they're not bad enough to abandon you while you're sick theres still always the second option, them using your funeral attendance as a dating pool and using their 'grief' as a fishing line for women

No. 1646685

I cut carbs in my diet (like literally zero wheat-based products, milk and sugar) and I already feel much different after one week. This is really weird, maybe it's autosuggestion but I feel some mental change too, not just physical, although physical changes are also nice (I stopped having painful bloating etc.). One week ago I got a terrible food poisoning after eating ice cream, I've been throwing up and shitting for almost 2 days, and during that time I didn't eat anything, I only drank water with salt and lemon juice. After those two days, although I was week, I felt strangely purified (yeah I know it sounds like a woo woo but that's how I felt), like no brain fogg like usual etc. Also I haven't touched anything sweet since then and I don't crave sugar, and before that I couldn't go even a single day without some sweets and a sandwich. Sugar is fucking cancer. I'm actually thankful for my poisoning, I felt like it helped me to reset myself kek

No. 1646690

Some pots in my cabinet decided to topple over and make a ruckus while I was in the kitchen. Almost had a heart attack.

No. 1646965

Someone remind me to shave my sideburns tomorrow.

No. 1646969

I had a huge stack of boxes in my storage room fall over at 2 am last week I was literally frozen in fear thinking someone broke in and I was about to be killed

No. 1647052

Sometimes at night, to make myself sleepy, I look at pictures of beds or bedrooms. Idk why but it helps make me feel cozy.

No. 1647171

Hi nonny! If you're reading this, remember to shave your sideburns

No. 1647259

I have three dates this weekend and will likely smash them all

No. 1647273

File: 1690548780401.jpeg (49.8 KB, 612x612, B8B367F9-DCF9-42C1-AC24-41A8BE…)

Good luck with that!

No. 1647283

>Inside no9 Season 8 Episode 4

No. 1647306

yo what another in9 nona?? hello! that ep was great.

No. 1647381

File: 1690562562752.jpg (320.56 KB, 1200x803, barrio-de-santa-cruz-Seville.j…)

After 2-3 weeks of constant clouds and rain I finally saw the sun today and it was such a great surprise. The sky was so blue and it was beautiful so I walked all the way back home instead of catching the bus after my trip to the supermarket. Now I feel amazing nonnies

No. 1647411

I just ordered a menstrual cup bc I'm sick of using all the paper/plastic products and I really hope it works out. It would be so great to not have to deal with pads/tampons anymore, they suck.

No. 1647449

Hey! I thought season 8 was a pretty good season overall! If any others are into weird anthology series and want suggestions, check it out !

No. 1647488

I really wanna try a menstrual cup, but I have PCOS and very heavy periods so I feel like I'd need one that could hold a pint, kek. Also I'm very clumsy and feel like I'd put it in there wonky or something. Idk it just feels like a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1647610

File: 1690575527534.jpg (213.77 KB, 756x1008, 5e0163f337ed288d2030753f6a0833…)

You know that feel when you're craving something you don't even like but you get it anyway to curb the craving? That's me with sushi for like a week. I want it so bad, it looks so delicious. I'll go to publix and get some next week because they have $5 sushi on wednesdays. Hopefully they have nigiri and a crunchy roll. I've actually never had nigiri or sashimi afaik.

No. 1647618

WinCo also has $5 sushi Wednesdays at the deli section! Deli sushi has been my go to if I am hungry and unable to cook a quick meal

No. 1647630

Just got a bag of gummy bears and piofiore 1926. I'm ready for the weekend. So excited, kek.

No. 1647634

I don’t really like burgers but there’s a burger place near me that I absolutely adore.

…well, I think I know what I’m ordering tonight.

No. 1647646

I got my lil sisters this weekend! We're kicking things off by going skating and capturing more footage for our silly little skateboarding film. Then we're gonna go get some ramen and then veg out at home watching pokeflix. Sunday we're going hiking and then I'm taking them wild swimming for the first time. It's gonna be awesome.

No. 1647648

today at work i organized my sea urchin collection and picked blackberries. happy friday nonas!!!!

No. 1647651

What a nice way to spend the summer! Hope you all have fun.

No. 1647659

Thanks nona! We're also going camping next month too. I'm trying to make the most of the time I have with them while they're off school on their summer holidays.

No. 1647715

File: 1690584441470.jpg (96.08 KB, 1200x800, 23NATURE-superJumbo.jpg)

I got a small fish tank for free so I decided to make a little roly poly home. I collected all the leaves, moss, roly polys, plants and dirt from the forest. They're very easy to take care of and they go insane for vegetable scraps. I put the tank on my desk and now I can watch them doing roly poly stuff all day. Yesterday one of them buried itself in the dirt right up against the glass where I could see it, and I was worried about her because she stopped moving for a few hours. Turns out she was giving birth, and now I have a million babies running around! I feel like a proud parent kek. I did not expect to get this much enjoyment from a low maintenance pet that was literally free but I love them so much. They're so cute and dumb

No. 1647750

Nona I love this so much. I hope you and your roly poly babies are so happy. I think they're so cute!

No. 1647793

That's so cute! I actually decided the other day that i wanted to do the same thing. You're inspiring me nona

No. 1647835

Your email is showing.

No. 1647837

oops, thanks nonna

No. 1647838

File: 1690595234916.jpg (242.26 KB, 800x800, -3640945602028301995.jpg)

Stay safe!

No. 1648009

File: 1690619862826.png (5.77 MB, 1400x1748, CEB6937C-A5CD-4A6E-8078-5DE8D6…)

This site has become a lot less funny over the past year or so. Does anyone else feel like this? I don’t like how website algorithms keep on stealing my attention with outrage bait, and even though lolcow has no ‘algorithm’, I feel like a lot of the threads here serve the same purpose. It’s just wasting my time and I’m not even enjoying it. There’s only use like 3 threads that I feel like are worth browsing sometimes and I’ve replaced my time here and on other websites with audiobooks

No. 1648012

I do, and I meassure this by the fact that I've taken 216 screenshots of funny, interesting or insightful posts back in 2021 vs 21 this year.

No. 1648046

Watching a women's world cup match and the camera zoomed in on a cute french guy in the audience kek. He noticed and kinda hid behind the flag.

No. 1648048

maybe we just live in an unfunny time right now

No. 1648064

us presidential elections always fuck up the internet. Might as well unplug for the next 16 months, or only go to very niche sites that never have political discussion. Even if you don’t live in the us, the rot spreads everywhere. Right now a bunch of paid and volunteer party members are already starting to sprinkle opinions to support their candidate even if they’re not mentioning him by name, and starting little discussions to gauge public reaction so they can send that data up the line and the stupid idiot running can decide what to say at a podium later

No. 1648066

File: 1690628574212.jpg (14.71 KB, 413x301, relax.jpg)

>This site has become a lot less funny over the past year or so. Does anyone else feel like this?
Again, the shaymin disaster fucked up things for a long period but its a lot better then how things were early post fixture, but I agree with you, I mostly stay on /m/ and a few choice threads on /snow/.
This as well, the entire internet seems not "fun" anymore, outrage bait is being posted on both sides of the political spectrum and both sides seem to ready to rip each others throat if collapse ever happens

No. 1648130

this blister hurts mike a mf oh my got
i keep disonfecting carefully but it's all red and raw

No. 1648464

It's just before midnight on a saturday night, why isn't there a single movie to play in the background on TV?

No. 1648572

File: 1690676573270.gif (7.61 KB, 203x400, 1E5B1C4F-5D67-4438-906E-D94EE3…)

When I was in middle school I would read Redwall books all the time, and in computer class I found a website that had Redwall-esque art for a tabletop RPG. I remembered the name and turns out the site is still up and looks exactly the same, almost 20 years later:

I still like some of the designs because they’re not too furry, but I at least wasn’t internet savvy enough to go down that wormhole

No. 1648595

those are really nice i really miss the simplicity of old fantasy art before factory mass produced china garbage and anime turned it in overdesigned garbage

No. 1648616

My fucking power just went out and it's 95 degrees out. Also I live in an apartment complex and I heard my neighbors talking about it in the hallway and I tried to yell (they're at the opposite side of the hallway) that I had reported the outage to our electric company but they didn't hear me and now I feel like a fucking idiot. Why do I try talking to people I don't know, it ALWAYS ends up in me feeling like a piece of shit

No. 1648624

I've been thinking about heatwaves lately and wondering if you can power a portable air con using solar or gen for emergencies. Also you didn't ask but keeping water bottles in the freezer saves your sanity slightly when this happens for an extended period.

No. 1648667

File: 1690687315012.jpg (67 KB, 696x627, 476dff92a45545b35bcfc6d6566548…)

Thanks nonny ♥ It came back on in about 30 minutes thank god. I'm glad I charged my power bank at work yesterday bc my phone was at 9% when the power went out. I would imagine yes, you can use solar power to run a portable a/c or even a swamp cooler, probably just depends on how much $$ it costs for both and if it's realistic or not. I've been thinking of getting a small portable a/c unit for my bedroom because the rest of my apt is cool as hell with the central air on but my bedroom stays hot depite having fans blowing and a fan unit in the actual vent. It's so annoying. Esp because I've been working late shifts so I'm asleep during half of the day time. Reeeeee

No. 1648668

Forgot to add: last summer my bf and I were working overnight 10pm-5am and we had to run the a/c really cold in order to get good rest and the bill was like $350

No. 1648677

I saw solar powered fans online although not sure how puny they are. If it gets bad in a pinch and you still have access to a blowing fan I do recommend keeping 2 either gallon or liter sized water bottles in your freezer if they can fit, sit it in front of the fan and it will make a pretty big difference in the air that disperses.

No. 1648698


No. 1648933

Ayrt I'm totally gonna try this thank you

No. 1648980

I always cut my nails as short as I can but they're still too long.

No. 1649136

2 days added-sugar free

No. 1649177

How long are you doing it for nona? I'm on day 4 of 21. It's an experiement for me, if the effects are good I will stop having it for longer.

No. 1649221

I'm also doing it to see if I'll feel better, but I don't really have an end-date in mind. Honestly it was just a spur of the moment decision to do it because I was listening to some podcast that talked about the negative consequences of sugar and how inflammation caused by sugar plays an important role in developing age-related diseases amongst other things. They challenged listeners to go sugar free and I thought why the hell not. Why did you choose 21 days specifically? Is that the period of time it takes to notice a difference?

No. 1649223

There is a saying that it takes 21 days to build or break a habit, although it's a myth. I want to stay away from it for a while, it just felt more doable than an entire month for example.

No. 1649225

Ah I see, yeah I think I've heard about that. Have you noticed anything yet?

No. 1649256

Not really, but I feel pride from resisting the temptations this weekend.

No. 1649273

Nothin better than a cool bidet to the puss on a hot morning after waking up

No. 1649310

Yesss weekends are definitely the hardest so good for you for resisting everything! Btw I tried to use a bouillon cube for soup made from otherwise raw ingredients but that also had added sugar, crazy. I hadn't initially thought beyond skipping the obvious like cookies or icecream. Hopefully we'll both see the benefits soon!

No. 1649326

ive been exercising for the past 2 months and recently ive been so goddamn bored and half assing the workouts. i think im going to stop.

No. 1649902

Thanks and good work as well! Don't worry about the bouillon, it's such a minimal amount. Yes it's crazy that they put sugar in everything, but the obvious empty-calories snacks are the most important to skip.

No. 1649932

This made me laugh out loud, that's how I'm starting my morning kekkk

No. 1649933

Aww, no, don't give up! Just find something to spice it up a bit!

No. 1650006

Find something fun. Combat sports, cycling, swimming and paddleboarding work good for me when I don't want to do the "boring" stuff (though I still do it because I'm vain and want to keep my abs kek). I'm also learning golf but idk why that's called a sport when all the dudes I see at the course are fat. But yeah, once you have something that your brain registers more as a hobby than exercise, just keep doing that. I'd recommend a combat sport as they're really fun and also a great emotional release, and also swimming as it works out all your muscle groups.

No. 1650090

I'm not feeling too great physically, so I'm happy I cooked food that's easy on the stomach. By the way cooking lunch right away in the morning is not too bad actually.

No. 1650206

File: 1690824287350.jpg (28.33 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_108695287860305.jpg)

At work, bored as hell, everything hurts and I'm so tired. I got a tummy ache, a cold and my period all at the same time. Hopefully we can close early today so I can just fuck off and go to sleep as soon as possible

No. 1650470

I had my cheat day today, ate a lot of spaghetti. It was hard after all the work I've done, but one day of high calories meals won't hurt.

No. 1650502

finally roped two other coworkers into seeing barbie with me. one of them is 10 years younger than me and the other is like 20 years older than me, but tbh that makes me like i little group even more. genx/millennial/zoomer solidarity

No. 1650506

That's pretty cute. Hope you all have fun.

No. 1650555

File: 1690853285920.gif (470.42 KB, 220x220, mad-monkey.gif)

winter is basically over early (thanks climate change) but i haven't grown out of my tomato soup phase. ambient temperature is way too fucking hot to be downing bowls of the stuff for breakfast but here i sit, tongue singed.

No. 1650587

File: 1690856400424.gif (129.35 KB, 500x522, 8abbb3120d3d34aa5fcab66186b976…)

Why is it so hard to find a weighted jump rope with a proper counter? Especially an analog one, that are usually more trustworthy?
I bought a new rope thinking this was gonna be the one, but fuck, I jumped 30 times and it registered it as 78. Wtf. I don't care about the bells and whistles of having a weight input, kcal counter (bullshit anyway, even if you out your weight) or even the timer (admittedly, a useful feature)
Just give me handles that have weights and a counter that fucking works. GOD.

No. 1650664

Winter has been over for like 4 months

No. 1650666

Anon might be australian.

No. 1650675

Just watched 45 minutes of Everything Everywhere All At Once and wow what an annoying fucking movie. I felt like I was watching Scott Pilgrim against the world or some other gay ass monkeycheese random x d bullshit

No. 1650703

Hard agree. The moment I saw the hands turn into dicks or dildos or whatever that was I tuned out.

No. 1650713

I'm so glad I turned it off before then. I'm currently in light withdrawal and it legit ruined my mood kek. I'm still feeling annoyed an hour later.

No. 1650849

I liked the movie a lot but all the scened where that happens annoyed me so much. If I rewatch it someday I'll skip these scenes.

No. 1650862

I grew out my nails for the first time in my life and then finally trimmed/shaped them yesterday. My hands feel so elegant kek

No. 1650866

American brain in action

No. 1650880

I need to make a definitive gaming backlog. Cut the wheat from the chaff and get a solid list of games to complete and work out roughly how long this will take me… but I keep putting it off and buying games on sale instead.

No. 1650890

Do it, it's worth it. Before the /m/assacre I used to regularly post my progress to motivate myself to not buy more games and to keep playing what I had unless I really didn't like the games. I sold what I didn't want to play anymore znd got several hundreds of euros worth of vouchers in my favorite game store so I could buy games there little by little after I beat a lot of games.

No. 1650906

Posting progress sounds like a good idea! I was thinking about joining a backlog tracking site and maybe even making a tumblr where I can post screenshots and update my progress. Not particularly interested in the socialising aspect, but I am interested in keeping a gaming journal to motivate myself. I recently sold the physical copies of games I no longer wanted to streamline my collection for moving house. But the majority of my sales purchases are digital, and quite frankly I impulse buy a lot and need to focus first on games that I'm super hyped to play. My wife is pregnant, so I'm gonna be much busier in a few months. That's why I'm trying to optimise what free time I'll have and stop wasting money as well. Do you have any particular system for deciding what game to play next? That's often one of the things that I struggle with the most.

No. 1650931

everytime I redose my adhd meds, I realize my water bottle is empty WHILE they are already in my mouth and am stuck with this disgusting bitter taste - while I go and refill the bottle. vicious cycle because I have to be reminded to drink enough water

No. 1650992

I literally love non-dairy yogurt so much. To me it's better than milk yogurt. They're not the same as each other but something about the overall flavor and deliciousness is greater.

No. 1650994

This is silly and maybe stupid but you should but yourself a pack of those itty bitty water bottles and then have one next to your meds, then when you take them it’s always there!

Also solidarity in gross adhd med taste, I forgot my water once and I regretted it the whole day.

No. 1651008

I was supposed to have my teeth brush, my clothes on, and my wig on like 20 minutes ago and I still haven't done anything. And I wonder why I'm always late.

No. 1651010

Samefag, but also I went to sleep mad about something and now my teeth hurt so bad from clenching in my sleep

No. 1651013

Grandma randomly told me her dad wouldn’t let her have baked eggs as a child because she was a girl. Wtf

No. 1651040

>Grandma randomly told me her dad wouldn’t let her have baked eggs
Good, what the fuck is a baked egg? That sounds atrocious.

No. 1651057

File: 1690907798901.jpg (138.47 KB, 1200x800, nowimhungry.jpg)

Idk, it looks good

No. 1651157

File: 1690917915146.gif (1.06 MB, 498x280, 1647111226881.gif)

I'm trying to watch We Need to Talk About Kevin but the little scrote is so annoying I keep pausing the movie. Jfc imagine ending up with a child like that I'd kill myself

No. 1651166

i thought he was kinda hot tbh. it’s a shame he’s ezra miller.

No. 1651180

shakshuka is amazing and your grandma deserves some

No. 1651195

I was referring to the scenes when he's a child but yeah Ezra Miller looked kind of hot with that low rise jeans and the cropped top but the autism killed it for me. And yeah it is shame he's Ezra Miller

No. 1651327

Watching animal farm and crying at the death of one of the animals

No. 1651342

File: 1690929536168.png (135.96 KB, 512x512, ac77ba48c17cffbed134675f2e9ade…)

Making this lasagna. I hope it goods, I wanted lasagna but didn't want to go through the trouble of making one.

No. 1651539

File: 1690949444031.jpeg (877.24 KB, 964x1131, IMG_2495.jpeg)

Was it good? I actually really like some of the other Rana pastas I’ve had. My Nigel said that the guy on the package looks like Larry David, which somehow turned into us referring to those meals as “ Larry David’s Pasta Fiesta”, and the name stuck so now when we see it in stores we ask each other if we’re in the mood to make Larry David’s pasta fiesta, without a hint of irony

No. 1651621

File: 1690953911574.png (116.35 KB, 307x347, him.png)

My nigel has been playing SMT4 and that stupid battle music is stuck in my head

No. 1651659

>stupid battle music
I'm sorry anon but you're wrong, it's a masterpiece. Mozart could never.

No. 1651671

File: 1690962172679.jpg (37.93 KB, 800x450, we_can_do_it2-2528359630.jpg)

Day 7 sugarfree. I've noticed changes now: I don't get the same energy crash in the afternoon, and my cravings for sweet things are currently gone!

No. 1651675

congrats! did you exchange it for something?

No. 1651682

Thank you! No, I just eat normal meals and no snacks. I haven't gotten into any tricky situations yet like someone having a birthday with cake, I hope to able to eat a tiny bit for social reasons in the future but right now it feels really good to not eat anything sweet.

No. 1651690

The shitty weather is preventing me from going out for groceries so in order to distract myself from my starvation I am looking for cute sandals to wear with my yukata. I can't find anything nice in my size though fuck this I'm going to wear birkenstocks

No. 1651719

It’s the same song in a every fight I’m at my fucking limit

No. 1651757

I watched Battle Royale just now, and I can't say I liked it lol.

No. 1651762

I've seen a bunch of girly girls in yukata in Japan that were wearing big Nike and Adidas and Fila sneakers so follow your heart at that point.

No. 1651903

After ten days of work in a row, I have the salvation of a long four day weekend. Prepared my backpack for the booked weekend trip I've organized to a quaint little town at the German-Polish border. Can't wait to be in the train tomorrow.

No. 1652171

Just made eye contact with a guy with a handlebar stache and a shirt that says "fire department" on the back, implying that he's a firefighter. He averted his gaze but I kept looking like a creep. Too bad he was pretty short, like my height.

No. 1652198

This man is gay as the blazes

No. 1652202

This heat wave makes me feel loopier than fruit loops

No. 1652225

Doesn't effect me tbh.

No. 1652227

It was indeed good! Tasted pretty homemade for a premade lasagna.
>the name stuck so now when we see it in stores we ask each other if we’re in the mood to make Larry David’s pasta fiesta, without a hint of irony
That's so cute and funny anon kek

No. 1652243

getting ready to adopt a pair of kittens, I think I have almost all of what i need, finally. Just need to figure out what I'm going to feed them and how I'm gonna keep them from wrecking my furniture.

No. 1652264

Double sided tape is good for keeping kittens from scratching furniture! You can also give them lots of spaces to climb up on or claim as their own so they don’t feel the need to mark the furniture as their territory. Cats also are a bit sensitive to smells so maybe buy some citrus or mint sprays, that can keep them away without hurting them like garlic sprays would

No. 1652275

I've never had furniture that was too nice for cats so I can't relate but they love doormats and floor mats of any kind, so that should help distract them, just give them stuff that's more fun to climb on and scratch than your couch

No. 1652282

I managed to get this huge leather sectional from a family member who didn't want it anymore. Unironically worth more than my car and my most prized posession. I hope the leather is too boring of a texture for them to really enjoy scratching but that may just be wishful thinking.

No. 1652285

sprays are a good idea! I'm not sure about tape 'cause I don't want to ruin the leather but I could definitely just get some air freshener or something.

No. 1652291

kek nonnie you're in trouble. Kittens scale anything vertical with their claws like mountaineers hanging from ice picks on a mountain. When they get older they most likely won't be as interested because like you say, it's not a very interesting texture for them, but kittens are big into climbing which is a whole different can of worms than scratching. Another unrelated PSA to you, if you have blinds with pull cords, tuck them up where the kittens can't reach them, because kittens can quite literally hang themselves from them and die. it almost happened to one of mine.

No. 1652294

well damn, RIP to my couch I guess. I'll probably attempt to cover it in blankets until something very sad happens. I guess the only other thing I can do is try to keep their nails trimmed, which I was gonna do anyways to get them tolerant of it while they're still young. Thanks for the advice about the blinds too! I had anticipated them probably fucking up the blinds but hadn't considered how they could hurt themselves on them by accident.

No. 1652296

I think my brother is turning into a fudanshi, he spent 10 minutes the other day showing me a bunch of Jujutsu Kaisen panels that totally prove that Gojo and Geto were a thing.

No. 1652304

no idea who either of these guys are but i think it's funny how so much shonen manga comes across as homoerotic just because they can't write female characters to save their lives

No. 1652454

Winter in Aus this year is ridiculous, I'm out in a summer dress with spaghetti straps and still boiling hot in the sun! It's been tshirt weather for weeks now, I'm dreading our actual summer.

No. 1652471

I'm so fucking tired I don't even feel like brushing my teeth

No. 1652475

I'm not brushing mine either nonny. Let's go to sleep and brush them in the morning.

No. 1652601

That is indeed what I did, ended up brushing at 6AM when I got up. Sweet dreams if you're still in bed anon!

No. 1652608

File: 1691063261804.gif (381.03 KB, 571x667, 77ce19442f7416436c1aa00dd92103…)

Just brushed 'em in the shower!

No. 1652768

i love sunflower seeds yum

No. 1652769

God what an adorable exchange, hope you're having a beautiful day nonnies

No. 1652857

File: 1691087093622.jpg (34.61 KB, 600x600, 097652-600x600-A.jpg)

I have a big phat (presumably delishis) publix salad waiting for me in my fridge.

No. 1652860

File: 1691087182635.jpg (96.73 KB, 675x1200, Cats.jpg)

I hope you are too nonna

No. 1652874

Considering cutting my hair soon. Playing with the idea of a wolf cut ish/short layered hair but I'm not sure.
Earlier this year i cut around 15 cm of my hair, so now I'm at that awkward stage of either cutting it short again or letting it grow long again.

No. 1652916

I'm on track to finish my book within the month. When it's done, my wife and I are going camping. Can't wait to unplug for a bit and get back to running around the woods naked, fulfilling my inner cavewoman.

No. 1652936

I'm back to confirm that the salad is delishious. Every ingredient is amazing and there is so much ranch and gauc. I'm not even religious but I had to thank god for this sustenance. Publix has never put out a bad meal in their entire existence.

No. 1652956

Proud of you anon and hope you have fun relaxing when you’re done, I’m inserting a heart emoji in spirit

No. 1652968

File: 1691096422047.png (169.75 KB, 1024x768, P1060511-2293015740.png)

Despite my fathers doubt that I wouldn't like broiled eel I tried it, and it was quite yummy!

No. 1652970

I thought those were baby corn with some barbecue sauce

No. 1653158

I have a new moid coworker @ work. He’s a decade younger and seems to have his head on his shoulders. He seems very cool so far. He’s a handsome guy,I’m just so happy to have some eye candy around finally. Just to make the day go by quicker because god damn man, all the days blend together.
Thank you universe for handing a handsome moid I can gawk @ respectfully. He has the same build and frame as my ldr bf. I don’t ask for much but I’m so thankful LOL

No. 1653621

File: 1691154258551.jpeg (58 KB, 800x800, coca-cola-plus-coffee-250-ml.j…)

Just tried picrel for the first time. That shit good

No. 1653622

This is sad. Just get a real bf instead of discord dating a man and staring at a stranger at work.

No. 1653625

Sounds like a weird combo. Was the coffee taste prominent?

No. 1653626

>Staring at a stranger at work
Why so pissy about anon enjoying eye candy

No. 1653646

Yes, but it's that artificial coffee flavor that can be found in coffee flavored candies. Plus the actual coke taste wasn't that strong so it just sorta tasted like a sweet carbonated coffee drink.

No. 1653652

i saw a snake in my garden today

No. 1653663

>Just get a real bf
Nta but easier said than done lol.

No. 1653740

File: 1691162221320.gif (2.6 MB, 500x394, 1625474376704.gif)

I found some journals from when I was like sixteen or seventeen, and I'm not going to call myself stupid because there's a reason I felt the things I felt and it's good I processed them like that, but I was so fucking dramatic, I wanna slap myself and tell me to relax, it's not that bad kek.

No. 1653749

It's taking me 4 hours to write 300 words for an internship application. I hate that it's taking me so long but I'm mildly relieved because I've been putting it off for weeks.

No. 1653787

File: 1691166780887.jpg (2.16 MB, 2025x3000, MV5BZGM2YTRhOTgtOGU0My00NGIxLT…)

Feeling kinda sleepy, but I'm about to watch They Cloned Tyrone. Wonder what Boyega-chan thought of it.

No. 1653793

Similar but I found journals from when I was 11 or 12. I wrote it all in "code" that I've completely forgotten. Probably for the best. It was probably shittalking bullies and Linkin Park lyrics