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File: 1670154041203.jpg (116.8 KB, 703x900, 1635455954811.jpg)

No. 1432030

ITT: post uneventful and mundane as fuck events in your life

No. 1432044

loving the threadpic, op, great choice

No. 1432054

File: 1670155619929.jpg (171.15 KB, 1000x1500, Duffle Bag.jpg)

one of my tumblr posts got four reblogs, two of which from blogs I follow. I'm starting to get notes in the teens. Feels nice

No. 1432064

There's a yaoi con in my city this weekend and I wanted to go at first but there's probably going to be a fuckton of Aidens and themlets, being a weeb in current year is so hard.

No. 1432066


No. 1432077

congratulations your parents had the sexy time on September 4th.

No. 1432081

Happy birthday nonna, hows your bday going?

No. 1432082

happiest of birthdays to you nonnie!

No. 1432083

File: 1670158551863.gif (5.48 KB, 241x112, 1669098823617.gif)

Happy birthday, I hope you have an amazing day !

No. 1432085

You're in Paris? If you're talking about the Y/con then yes I confirm this, you'll be surrounded by Aidens. I went to that con before it moved to Paris years ago when it was still in Lyon and it was full of fakebois and morbidly obese girls who were trying to justify their love for BL in tumblrspeaks to everyone who would listen.

No. 1432090

File: 1670159075510.png (698.9 KB, 562x561, 76c257704e9067a811dc1fe606220a…)

Opened some of my christmas presents early because I have no patience and I got picrel! I'm wearing them as I'm typing this, they are really comfortable. Love my slippers.

No. 1432092

They're so cute!

No. 1432093

These are the greatest slippers I've seen. Congrats, nonnie!

No. 1432096

if you're planning to go then make yourself look like a aiden (like wearing the non-binary flag all over yourself) because most people will side-eye you if you just go as a woman.
did that con smell too, because most anime cons smell because the people attending them never heard of showering.

No. 1432101

I don't remember it smelling particularly funky, but I assume it's because almost all the people going were young women, so even if they were fat they showered. The very few men were gay or just dragged by force by their girlfriends so on the outside they looked more like normies.

>because most people will side-eye you if you just go as a woman.

I don't remember it happening in the con but then again I dressed in the most basic jeans and sweater possible, I used no makeup and completely forgot to wax off my peach fuzz because I didn't realize it grew out so much at the time kek. I went there with friends anyway so strangers were less likely to talk to me to begin with or even notice me.

No. 1432105

File: 1670160239999.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 1644435606815.gif)

Anon I'm doubleposting but kek I checked the Y/con guests on their websites and the two main ones are the writer of Captive Prince and iirc she claims to be enby, and a mangaka who draws BL manga and one of her josei manga is some AGP shit titled "my genderless boyfriend", even the guests are obnoxious.

No. 1432108

File: 1670160589373.jpg (34.1 KB, 945x819, xmulu1f6urt11.jpg)

>go to a space filled obnoxious coomers
>they act like obnoxious coomers

No. 1432111

I mean, I don't except grown, very heavy women to still violently glomp each other because they cosplay each other's husbandos in the mid 2010 or even this year, and yet. And I also don't expect all BL fans to be TRAs either, and yet. It's just that it's a special kind of obnoxious we're talking about.

No. 1432116

Oh my goodness, adorable.

No. 1432120

Tbf, genderless is meant as androgynous, not actual tranny AGP bs

No. 1432122

In that specific context that's even worse, that means the yaoi con is actively promoting the release of a strictly straight romance manga between a girly neet guy and his breadwinner wife.

No. 1432123

Absolutely adorable! I want a pair myself now, they look so comfy.

No. 1432125

I am mildly put off by the abomination otherwise known as 'yaoi' but I would love to be in the company of autistic females so I would go if it was near me.

No. 1432130

Yep, maybe I would have gone with a friend but alone I don't feel ready to face the gendies, and there's not enough F/F stuff for me despite the con advertising itself as yaoi/yuri.

No. 1432133

Just go to general anime cons, you'll eventually find them. Some girls are very good at hiding their powerlevel though.

Yeah I get you, I wouldn't go either tbh even if I could. I don't care at all about yuri and even I noticed how it was barely there in the con when I went there long ago, it feels almost like some false advertisement.

No. 1432145

I ate pizza alone yesterday, it was good.
Brie cheese with prosciutto and a boozie kombucha on the side.

No. 1432203

Brie? On pizza ? Im very curious; where are you? Is that a fancy option or a common one?

No. 1432233

In high school a teacher told a scrote to stop talking and focus on his work, because men can’t multitask and he started reeing that she was being sexist but she was like “nope it’s true do your work”, based Russian teacher I loved her.

No. 1432236

I kind of want to buy pads for the incontinence so I can use them at home, I used my uncle's leftover pads and they were honestly great, I wouldn't have to worry about bleeding all over my new bedsheets.

No. 1432238

Galaxy brain, I’ve been thinking of buying period underwear but apparently only the crotch part is absorbent, like wtf were these not made by women?? Don’t they know how it spreads when you lay down?

No. 1432241

And in my country they're cheaper than regular period pads, I'm going to get them!

No. 1432281

File: 1670175278016.jpeg (25.74 KB, 300x300, 9ABD45DF-B4BB-44CD-B08A-0486E1…)

I'm knitting my boyfriend a gorgeous deluxe pair of fingerless work gloves with thick leather reenforced palms and knuckles. I'm nearly done the knitting portion and did garter-tipped finger cut offs and I'm so happy with how they're going. I make him a similar yet different pair every year but these are the best by far. I have to work on them whenever he isn't home so it stays a slight surprise, but every day he comes home and tells me "You should stop what you're knitting me for Christmas and make me another pair of those gloves." So I think I'm gonna give them to him as soon as they're done and instead knit him a pair of old man slippers for the day of Christmas. It just feels so reassuring that he'll love them. They're like if picrel were fingerless gloves rather than mitts

No. 1432291

Another Sunday afternoon where I get up to check the mail out of habit only to remember it's a Sunday. My kitty stole my chair when I got up so now I'm sitting on my foot stool. Hope you nonnas are having a nice weekend.

No. 1432295

Spilled candle wax allover my chair cushion and a sheet, last night. I'm gonna try and clean it. Pray for me nonnas.

No. 1432297

File: 1670176581703.jpg (198.37 KB, 2000x1333, happy-cat-month-1.jpg)

I've been crocheting more than I usually do. I'm very happy with myself.

No. 1432432

File: 1670183936956.jpg (182.32 KB, 1200x1105, miku.jpg)

I have a lot of Sunday cleaning to do, so I have some movies I plan to watch while cleaning.

No. 1432467

I was seized with a wave of anxiety a few hours ago about the coming work week and couldn't do anything but cry. I took a nap, went out for a walk, and made myself a hot choccy and am ready to prepare for the week ahead!

No. 1432468

Good for you, anon!! you got this

No. 1432473

holy fuck I need look up miku domo-kun skating and my life will be complete

No. 1432507

this ting used to scare the living crap out of me

No. 1432701

File: 1670198165243.jpg (11.4 KB, 279x335, image.jpg)

Making banana pudding, buttermilk lemon pepper honey wangz and ranch today.

No. 1432725


No. 1432740

I really like this threadpic.

No. 1432755

I hope it will be! Every single thing has to marinate tonight so I won't be getting a bite today, unfortunately. It'll be my little treat for getting through last week though lol.

No. 1432774

I just took two shits in the space of one hour, one in the downstairs bathroom and another one in the upstairs bathroom.

No. 1432778

Drinking hot chocolate while listening to christmas music and drawing.

No. 1432824

i live with my mom because i’m a single mom. i love the days when she’s able to watch my daughter for me, because i get an excuse to lay in bed for like an hour or so

No. 1432900

My friend got me special out of state weed and it sucks.

No. 1432907

Chilling and watching Bernie Mac standup vids. It's reminding me how freely people used to say faggot and retard lmao.

No. 1433165

bernie mac is epic. i like his show a lot too, very wholesome…

No. 1433316

Times were simpler in the 2000s. I miss that shit. None of the tumblr/twt woke thing was big. It kind of freaks me out how huge woke speak is in America.

No. 1433317

Hope things get better for you.

No. 1433327

I'm curled up under thick blankets, just having eaten cinnamon toast and drank a frosty glass of milk. Need to shower but feeling too warm to move.

No. 1433359

The worst scrote I know has recently managed to convince some poor autistic girl to marry him after only 2 months of dating. I feel like I'm somehow watching a Varg 2.0 origin story happen in real time. Wtf.

No. 1433376

Shit like this is why divorce rates are going to be like 100 percent soon.

No. 1433391

File: 1670255027167.gif (914.45 KB, 117x149, 1458817234650.gif)

It's my birthday and as a gift to myself I'm going to be 15 minutes late to work. Write me up on my super special day management I don't give a fuuuuuuck!!!!!

No. 1433394

This sounds so cozy.

No. 1433399

happy birthday queen

No. 1433408

Happy birthday!!

No. 1433422

happy birthday nonichka !

No. 1433499

I hate how warm it is today, but all the leaves on the trees are falling in brilliant gold like a petal shower. It's beautiful.

No. 1433512

I'm super afraid I might be pregnant. I told this to the guy who I've been having sex with and now I'm afraid he thinks I'm a paranoid hysterical maniac or that I'm just trying to get his attention and make him stay with me by blackmailing with pregnancy speculations when I'm genuinely afraid and freaking out. This isn't the first time this has happened with him so that's why I'm paranoid that he might think like that. I wish I never said anything to him because now I'm twice as anxious and literally want to puke from all this anxiety.

No. 1433513

File: 1670261424676.gif (781.63 KB, 356x200, 200.gif)

Thank you my lovely nonas!

No. 1433527

I'm most like not even pregnant but lately I've been experiencing weird new symptoms and most match early pregnancy. I feel like I know I'm not pregnant but I'm still scared because of course there is always a chance if you have sex, even with condoms. He didn't even cum though. But we cuddled naked afterwards and I even moved his dick away just in case. This could all be just pms and I'm just losing it worse than usual. Or maybe I subconsciously crave drama and this is how it has manifested itself? I'm seriously a mess right now. I wanna tell him this is only a me problem right now and he doesn't have to worry at all but I've already given a very unstable image of myself. I fear I may not be able to redeem myself after this especially when it turns out I really am not pregnant. I'm gonna go get a test as soon as I can. He's not answering me anymore and it's not helping my anxiety at all.

No. 1433535

Just take a pregnancy test and get an abortion if you are pregnant. Stop having sex with low value men too.

No. 1433541

You should drop that guy regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. Even if you’re just fuckbuddies, he should have basic respect and empathy for you in this situation or he doesn’t deserve to have sex with you.

No. 1433573

File: 1670264290250.jpg (5.01 KB, 274x184, 1610773085620.jpg)

I'm hungry, but my cousin brought her friends home and I don't want to meet them. Who knows when these people will leave.

No. 1433576

Thanks nonnas. Honestly I'm considering going celibate again. If he doesn't want to be just friends with me then I'll know he was just using me for sex. I also just noticed I'm in the wrong thread, I swear I clicked the vent thread in the catalog. This stuff is far from mundane. I'm so sorry.

No. 1433579

Hope things get better for her mom

No. 1433581

this is your second pregnancy scare with a man you’re not even dating? Get it together pls, especially if you’re freaking out this much just stop seeing him or any man altogether

No. 1433598

When i knew people would be coming, i got two big vases, filled them with water, bought beef jerky, nuts, and about four carrots, and just camped upstairs with them

No. 1433917

I have no idea where I've put my passport, I don't think I've lost it since I always leave it at home, but since I've moved last year I have no recollection of where it could be.

No. 1433931

bitch you reminded me to look for mine as neither do I have any fucking clue where it might be hiding at

No. 1433963

Hope we'll find it soon nonna, it's not like I'm going to travel abroad in the next few days but I hate when I can't find my shit.

No. 1433999

My cat lives for head kisses. Smack-dab right in the centre of her tiny-cat-forehead. She requires them more than food, water and oxygen. She will actually die if she doesn't receive an hourly smooch

No. 1434013

Same to you, nona. I am pretty sure mine is getting close to expiring anyways but I wanna know where it is before I go take photos for the new one, gotta cut a corner out of the old one and shit

No. 1434087

thanks nonna

No. 1434103

I drank two cups of sleepytime tea and surprise, I feel very sleepy. Its almost like that feeling when you take a benadryl and it makes you crash in the middle of the day

No. 1434116

Nonnie fucked UP tonight.

No. 1434153

File: 1670300401585.png (254.01 KB, 367x287, working.png)

For some reason I get my work done so much better when I'm laying on the floor. Why do I ever even try to write at my desk or on the couch? FLOOR WRITING SUPREMACY.

No. 1434299

my heart and soul say yes to floor writing supremacy but my fucked up neck and shoulders say nuh-uh

No. 1434335

i just washed m shoes today,,, they look so weird and shiny

No. 1434380

My cat is obsessed with tea bags, he constantly fishes them out of the mugs and when I pry it off his mouth he holds onto it so hard while growling, which he never does for anything else lol.

No. 1434402

don't you feel constricted with your upperbody movement when you're on your stomach?

No. 1434883

I've stopped masturbating since I'm living with other people and there's always someone here. Today I finally have some time alone for myself, but I don't feel horny anymore

No. 1434894

File: 1670361338217.jpg (36.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefaultjpg-7cefee_160w.j…)

Got my period and have never been this bloated in my life

No. 1435217

I was walking home and I saw an owl on the fence right next to me! It was so quiet I didn’t notice until it was right next to me. I realize I’ve never seen an owl before irl much less one that was so close. I could have touched it. Seems to have been a barred owl.

No. 1435220

I'm chewing on my concealer tube.

No. 1435228

Accidentally biting into a small rock from lentils is one of the top 5 worst experiences

No. 1435423

owls are so beautiful nona, did you get to see it flying?

No. 1435426

My eyebags are dark as fuck and I can't cover them.

No. 1435428

Ok I am never eating lentils now ever

No. 1435462

Just gotta remember to check for rocks from any dried lentils or beans, I was just too lazy

No. 1435785

I stayed up until 4AM watching magic users club after seeing an anon mention it in the husbando thread. Nonna, Takakura is so cute, and he’s my favorite type of pervert.
Now hoping I won’t fall asleep at work, I’m running on one hour of sleep, when I’m usually a 10 hr sleeper.

No. 1435787

I did! I think once it saw that I was looking at it, it flew away and sat on a nearby house.

No. 1435837

Very relatable, I have a been a raccoon since childhood and I have accepted it

No. 1436195

File: 1670438235785.jpeg (378.91 KB, 828x1023, 384BA948-E441-471E-9398-9DA627…)

i’m so sick and sniffly and i have a big exciting gig to go to tonight and i might be too sick but also getting some big bear moid to cuddle me warm wish me luck

No. 1436405

I went running today and I set a new personal record (not that impressive kek I'm a beginner) and I'm pretty proud of myself. I want to make running a habit but it's hard to find the motivation even though I enjoy it a lot.
If I didn't live in the middle of buttfuck nowhere I'd love to go to a gym and start lifting too.

No. 1436493

Today I was at the thrift store and saw some embroidery art of my country's folklore. I regret not getting it, but at the same time I wouldn't have a nice place to put it.

No. 1436665

today i did nothing. oh well.

No. 1436843

I just woke up to my cat yowling and not moving for half a minute, what the fuck. She's okay now, but she looked like she was in a lot of pain for a moment and I have no idea what could've caused it. I'm taking her to the vet asap tomorrow morning, but until then I'm going to be sick with worry the entire time.

No. 1436863

File: 1670473313331.jpg (3.94 MB, 4640x3488, IMG_20221205_214444.jpg)

samefag, she's acting completely normal right now and nothing about her recent behaviour makes me think she might be sick. I'm now crying my eyes out because if something happened to her I would die, hopefully she was just having some really bad nightmare and just decided to scare the shit out of me.

No. 1436867

can animals have bad dreams ?

No. 1436871

I don't think it's has ever been scientifically proven if they can or not, but I'm sure animals can dream and have nightmares. Have you never seen an animal twitch and make noises while asleep?

No. 1436881

2 more nights at my old apartment until I officially spend the night in my new place! Drove a bunch of stuff over tonight but got rear ended on the way there, found out the power went out and a pipe burst during a cold spell during the week but everything was still frozen so I just shut off the water. I moved the bathroom vanity and cut out the wall by myself to assess the damage and besides the pipe and a bit of leaking into the wall I cut out it should be easy to to fix with my aunt's bf's help. Things keep going wrong but they're manageable. I'm staying positive cause big porch and yard.

No. 1436883

No. 1436891

My first dog was from an abusive home and she always whined and kicked in her sleep. Never seen another dog sleep the way she did.

No. 1436896

File: 1670475157543.jpg (200.2 KB, 1200x627, what-do-cats-dream.jpg)

Yes. Cat's dream. The WWW @ everyone's fingertips and nobody searches. lel. I laff.


No. 1436897

File: 1670475350543.jpeg (68.94 KB, 733x431, 167045037010017826 (2).jpeg)

No. 1436916

Had a migraine since the moment I woke up which didn't go away for 10+ hours. Drank a bunch of water and ate some steak thinking maybe I was dehydrated or low on protein (haven't been eating much lately) but ultimately it didn't budge til I ate some oranges way later in the day. God those were some delicious oranges. Thinking i most likely just needed some vitamins. Anyway on another note I bought lots of ingredients today to make a few xmas gift baskets for my loved ones this year. Going to make some graham cracker toffee, non alcoholic fruit cake bread, mini chocolate tres leche, crock pot candy, and jars of garlic ginger honey. I wanted to make pignoli again this year but they barely made it into the gift baskets last time (my family is obsessed) and they can be expensive/time consuming to make. Are any of you making a few handmade gifts? I buy regular gifts too but love that my family members look forward to whatever sweets I'm making for the year and also finding out which ones are collectively the family favorites.

No. 1437267

Shirtless, eating special K cereal and watching Jerma. Gotta get ready for another soul-crushing day at work.

No. 1437271

I have some shawls that bleed color when you wash them so I have to handwash them and I love it so much. It's weirdly relaxing and like you're really taking care of your clothes instead of just cleaning them with a machine. Is that weird?

No. 1437273

My new phone is such a prude, I wanted to write a mild swear word in my language and it autocorrected to "murder" kek.

No. 1437279

How do you usually handwash stuff? Do you just pour detergent on them and scrub them in the sink/tub? I want to handwash some of my more delicate clothes but I'm nervous I won't do a thorough job and they won't be clean.

No. 1437284

nta but get basins just for that purpose, don't be gross

No. 1437294

Ayrt, I dump them once at a time in a bucket with some water+detergent and gently scrub them with my hands for a few minutes and rinse them off until all the soap is gone. Mine are just headscarves, they are not really dirty they just smell like gross hair, if your clothes are dirty as in smelly or stained I don't think this would work as well though. I once handwashed a bra because I needed it the next day and it didn't smell too good when I had worn it kek. Perhaps soaking it for a while will get rid of the dirty smell.

No. 1437300

File: 1670510885002.jpg (64.5 KB, 679x1024, photo.b52d77b0fe100cc0.jpg)

Saluki dogs look like dachshunds with horse bodies

No. 1437326

that is a really gorgeous dog. I've never seen one before.

No. 1437493

File: 1670518847400.jpg (7.08 KB, 283x178, index.jpg)

Just having one of those days where I feel like i'm suffocating

No. 1437503

a horse

No. 1437508

File: 1670519289713.jpg (97.88 KB, 930x526, Pharaoh Hound.jpg)

You're right and I say the same for Pharaoh Hounds looking like enormous Deer-Head Chihuahuas

No. 1437570

File: 1670522238805.jpg (53.81 KB, 564x752, eecf395433f9d290aabf899575afe7…)

I'm so damn sleepy at work right now, but there's still 1h40mins to go.

No. 1437632

forgot my earphones today, it makes work go by so slowly and makes me bored to death, im so restless without something engaging

No. 1437636

just noticed too that my glasses are broken at the nose bridge and are only being held on by some cosmetic metal thing at the top

No. 1437637

Artist I was really envious of got caught tracing and it feels good lol

No. 1437809

That dog is so beautiful and I'm a cat person.

No. 1437810

I ate a hot pocket for the first time and now I think I'm dying
Omg who eats these?

No. 1437812

Sorry miss queenie weenie that you don’t like our peasant food

No. 1437827

Im jealous of your iron gut

No. 1437935

One time I saw a hummingbird perched on a clothes line just hanging out.

No. 1437941

Had a $30 off promo on ubereats and one of my favorite restaurants had some 2 for 1 deals so I got two orders of noodles, two orders of spicy tofu and 2 milk teas that only cost me $3 tip. The only other time I've ordered from ubereats is when they also offered me $30 off.

No. 1437943

i love shitty food but same my body rejects it bad, last time i had boyardee ravioli i threw it up as soon as i was done

No. 1437958

I get calf cramps from stretching pretty often but I just got the worst one ever. Thought I was going to fucking die. And now I'm having pre-menstrual cramps, what the fuck.

No. 1437971

I decided to treat myself to a can of wine (trashy idc I don’t want a whole bottle) and there was a sale at the store so I got 2 of them to try, had a bunch of other groceries so I didn’t realize until now that the first one never scanned. I feel happy I saved 5 bucks by accidentally stealing clink clink to my canned rosé

No. 1438212

Too wet for panty liner, too dry for tampon

No. 1438276

File: 1670563628636.jpg (269.82 KB, 2048x1365, GettyImages-1165332891-scaled.…)

I was walking around town and I encountered a racoon. The way it timidly crawled out of the row of plant pots was so cute. It was just a few inches away from my leg. I wanted to take a picture of it but then I realized I wouldn't have anyone to show it to. Also it lowkey made me sad because my ex loves raccoons and I would have for sure snapped a photo to show her.

No. 1438388

I can't sleep. My jaw kinda hurts. My period is coming. I want meatballs.

No. 1438392

owl anon has me hoping I'll see an owl sometime this week

No. 1438560

I asked google why chocolate gives me the hiccups. Nothing else does it to me. All the results were talking about how having some chocolate is a REMEDY for hiccups.

No. 1438564

I wish I could see a trash panda irl

No. 1438569

I spotted an otter over the summer and was like.. nobody will understand my excitement over this. It took 5 years of regularly passing by this river to see one

No. 1438572

File: 1670592806450.gif (22.05 KB, 220x157, spider-man.gif)

Anon the exact same thing happened to me with the canned ravioli
Shitty food in general ruin my guts. It's just not an option

No. 1438624

I fed one of my tarantulas a really fat hornworm (don't look it up if you hate caterpillars) yesterday and it was twitching around for at least 5 minutes while she just awkwardly held it with her fangs. The crickets and dubia roaches I usually feed her go limp almost immediately, so I don't know what happened this time.

No. 1438660

I watched Atlantis yesterday, and the Kewpie doll line had me curious about Kewpie bc my retarded ass just assumed it was a japanese thing. Read about the history and about Rose. I feel kindof dumb for not knowing before but I feel a lot more love towards Kewpie now.

No. 1438662

i drank a cup of coffee and now i'm suffering from a headache

No. 1438736

File: 1670604128216.png (66.72 KB, 1298x427, Screenshot 2022-12-09 174046.p…)

dont understand why LSA allows men on their site when they add nothing of value to it and make posts like this getting butthurt whenever women discuss men.

No. 1438740

The website is owned by white men. they're not going to deny their precious Y chromosomes of any opportunity to harass women.

hey font

No. 1438749

Moids are so fucking retarded. Every time they get criticized they always have to resort to ad hominem. These moids were honestly the final push into the obnoxious radfem loser than i am today, I just think they are pure evil and will do everything in their power to make women miserable.

No. 1438765

one of my biggest pet peeves is when plans aren't talked about until the last minute. i don't mean when someone sends you a text asking if you want to hangout/go somewhere, i mean don't wake me up at 7am and ask me if i want to go snowmobiling when you told me you were planning on going snowmobiling all week. why did you wait until the last minute to ask if i wanted to go with you and now im fucking scrambling to find my outdoor gear because i need to leave in 45 minutes when i could have JUST FOUND THEM YESTERDAY AND HAVE THEM ALREADY PACKED. i don't have the faintest fucking clue where my winter gloves are which is honestly the only thing i really need to go go snowmobiling and i am not aWAKE YET

No. 1438784

File: 1670607150522.jpg (103.66 KB, 612x344, istockphoto-1162207333-612x612…)

Ohh..I love to rant about LSA. I'm going to be unpopular and say the biggest women haters on that site, are some of the women. I see picrel when I see troon/male posters.
A lot of fonts are very male identified. The scrotes on there are so fucking retarded and cannot create any great argument. They don't even shit up the site because they are very easy to ignore drown out. Very high standard for women and no standards for men on LSA

No. 1438818

File: 1670608802927.jpg (11.38 KB, 362x350, 1558235128866.jpg)

>man voluntarily hangs around predominately female space
>"I hate le women"

I know every action men take revolves around procuring negative female attention, but even by scrote standards, what a waste of life.

No. 1438869

Inb4 cope but I'm happy to be a virgin. I'm 20 and have watched so many of my friends being used by scrotes for sex only to be broken up with after 2 months. I'm glad I was undesirable (kek) until I was 17 and my hormones went down by the time moids got interested in me. I'm not even religious but I want the first time to be with someone I truly trust and love, not someone who happens to look good or like me.

No. 1438887

Honestly if I could take my virginity back I would in a heartbeat. Waiting and making it special? You're very lucky.

No. 1438895

Sorry you had a bad experience nonna. I used to be a bit ashamed of it but I cherish it now ♥

No. 1438946

I saw a coyote in my city at like 11am, just walking down the sidewalk. Where was she going?

No. 1438948

I didnt know LSA allowed men. I thought it was a big hang out for women, especially minority women. Men have so much of the internet because they keep pushing they way into female spaces, but they're still not happy.

No. 1438949

To get some brunch.

No. 1438981

I put it in the dumbass shit thread because it's kinda goofy & I question whether it has been interpreted correctly since that was 100 years ago. sorry, I dunno. sometimes I post something and delete.
got it from here https://dustyoldthing.com/great-depression-hobo-code/

No. 1439097

I tried out for something online a while back and just saw that literally everyone else got little comments/feedback or just a quick 'thank you for auditioning' message from the director except for me. Thinking realistically it's not a big deal and they probably just overlooked me by mistake since even if mine sucked I still should have gotten the generic 'thank you' message. But also I'm seething a little bit that I'm the only one who got ignored. Acknowledge my existence reeeeeeeee

No. 1439126

Waiting for my nigel to come home with pizza for us. It's all I've been thinking about all week. Chicken and mushroom pizza with some nice salty fries. My stomach is gargling thinking about it.

No. 1439129

Tell him to hurry the fuck up. You need to eat.

No. 1439161

I bug that I lost in my room came back. I smashed it with my nike slides.

No. 1439315

File: 1670634680269.jpeg (28.93 KB, 592x591, images (1).jpeg)

im bored with the style ive had for ~7 yrs. ive been a "long skirt girl" and whats now called "whimsigoth" or "fairycore" or whatever dumb zoomerphrase forever and esp now that it's becoming really trendy im just over it and bored. problem is im much too poor for the style i wanna transition to. i basically became a skirt girl due to being a poorfag and shopping thrift and having to make something unique and nice looking with all the grandma clothes. id like to lean into my more aggressive goth side and be more intimidating and less modest. less maxi skirts and floral, more short skirts and leather. i cant afford those clothes tho and the thrift will never sell sexy leather halter tops like picrel (fake leather in pic but still)

No. 1439545

File: 1670655121696.png (4.21 MB, 1792x2254, Screenshot 2022-12-09 at 10.45…)

I made a mashup of these recipes today (kind of – I actually filled them with completely different stuff like chorizo and cheese, another version with black beans and onions) and it was delicious.
I don't have a potato ricer so I just grated the cold boiled potatoes with a cheese grater. I skinned them after I boiled them and I put the skins in the bean filling because I'm not throwing away food.

only afterwards did I notice she spelled meat like "meet" lol

No. 1439577

File: 1670658970350.jpeg (133.45 KB, 902x684, 090F7545-4259-4B21-9B33-A9BA37…)

Long day at work and I’m just happy to be home and be able to watch my favourite shows

No. 1439602

File: 1670660855175.jpg (108.1 KB, 625x417, Braided-sweet-yeast-bread.jpg)

I successfully made sweet bread for the first time ever. The entire house smells like heaven.

No. 1439605

Nonnie that sounds so good. Congrats on your good bake. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

No. 1439619

Thank you nonnie! Can't wait to have a slice with some tea in the afternoon. Enriched sweet dough was my grandma's specialty and this recipe reminds me of my childhood and holidays. I posted the recipe in the baking thread if anyone is interested.

No. 1439624

Wish it was more socially acceptable to call people an ugly cunt when they're definitely well below your league and staring. Two ugliest men just looked at me and sometimes I don't think making a pained expression as if they've ruined my day by letting me know they exist is doing enough. I just want to call a spade a spade.

No. 1439628

If men can cat call, you can insult them

No. 1439643

if i get this job i'm getting a haircut. i haven't had bob-ish length hair in so many years. i want to do it without telling anyone and just showing up with short hair kek

No. 1439840

I'm rude as shit when I catch people staring. I do a "what the fuck are you looking at" arm gesture and sneer

No. 1439886

Monsters are finally on sale yessss, fuck rockstars. Gonna drink my nectar of life, watch Fantastic Mr. Fox, do laundry, and decide which gift to work on next.

No. 1439939

My tailbone is aching today. If I'm sitting down for a while its only a lil bit sore but if I get up and then have to sit back down.. thats a bitch. How tf do you just wake up like this.

No. 1440105

I hate that new addams family show, I know it's name but I think that even if I get acquainted with it even a little bit, I'll try to give it a chance, I can't even express how much I don't like that show without someone saying, "wow you are just like her".
So annoying.

No. 1440352

scrolls explore page
>Wednesday dance tiktoks everywhere
scroll scroll
scroll scroll trying to get away
>AH WHEN DA SUN COME DOWN AND DA MOON COME UP (some zoomer doing flaccid dance moves)
click away, scroll elsewhere
>everyone wearing braids and peter pan collars
i dont seek out or engage with this content. i dont even have netflix or watch this show. it always pops up as "related" to what im scrolling even when it's not related. also, the show looks lame as fuck. why reboot Addams Family characters? why not just invent a new quirky goth character for your series? this timeline sucks.

No. 1440523

File: 1670723654547.jpeg (141.14 KB, 440x643, A2D90FB2-86AB-4251-A5D8-D1A4E0…)

I just stayed up til 1:30am texting someone, which I haven’t done in ages. It’s been a long time since I’ve known someone who I can talk with for hours like that, and about things that are extremely interesting too. Feels really nice, I’m glad to have someone like this in my life again.

No. 1440545

It looks like it was made by a Hot Topic AI

No. 1440557

I have hip length black hair + bangs and my go to hair style was braided pigtails at least a few times a week and I feel self conscious styling my hair like that now because I don’t want to be lumped in with anything to do with that cringy show. I want it to all go away.

No. 1440567

in the celebcow thread nonnies were talking about how edgy she was in interviews (the main character). Youtube shorts recommended me one of her interviews.
I was like, Oh i like her voice but she's so edgy, like boring put on "I think i'm so interesting, such a deep amazing actor and person"
Like thats great but it's not effortlessly cool, it's that…tiktok cool..artifical coolness. I don't know why the show has taken off like this but I do wonder what she'll do after this

No. 1440573

Omg me too, my whole style has become trendy shit, I'll need to get a new hairstyle, wear vibrant colors and completely exclude black, hell I might dye my hair until the hype for that piece of shit show dies down.

No. 1440575

Why are you using LSA? It's a cringy racebait site

No. 1440592

it's not very popular it's just over-marketed. will be forgotten soon so don't dye your hair or anything drastic

No. 1440611

I'm so glad I don't use social media except for Instagram only occasionally and it's always just art/hobby photos on there

No. 1440657

I thought it was already known by now that half the posters there are gay men larping as women kek

No. 1440676

Yeah this, it’s annoying but it’ll be forgotten by Christmas, trust

No. 1440762

it's such a bad site I didn't think anyone actually used it

No. 1440840

I don't even like the franchise that much, yet everyone keeps recommending the show to me even though I've felt nothing but cringe and pain from the stuff I've seen. The dance scene is nothing special, yet people refer to it as a "movie history moment" and rave about how iconic it was. So stupid. I'm gonna just go out and say people have no taste these days.

No. 1441282

File: 1670785421041.jpg (343.52 KB, 2400x3000, Jade-Face-Roller-A.jpg)

Just got picrel and I thought they were just a trend but they actually feel really nice on your skin. I also got one of those gua sha things with it, it's a pretty nice cheap means of taking care of your skin I guess.
I just went to have a hot shower, clean my oily hair, and then put some aloe vera on the roller to massage into my face and got-damn that felt good. I really like them. I'm trying to distance myself away from makeup and just focus on feeling nice and clean and hygienic/healthy instead.
I don't believe the anti-aging jawline sculpting shit that surrounds these items but they feel really good. I think I'll put it in the fridge and use it in the morning to wake me up and give me some sort of little enjoyment before I go about my shit poorfag day.

No. 1441386

Ikr, people think that I would like the show because according to them, the main character is "just like you, she hates social media and has a dark sense of humor".
If these "people" actually understood what they watch, they'll realize that people like me aren't the target audience, we are the fuckin source material, and I hate it.

No. 1441426


I've seen those but I always thought it was a scam, for lack of a better word, but you've got me curious. Do they have to be jade? Does it feel better than other materials or something? I never understood why those were made of jade specifically. You make it sound very relaxing either way

No. 1441439

File: 1670791187136.jpg (29.91 KB, 460x345, v4-460px-Tell-if-Jade-Is-Real-…)

ntayrt but it's because jade is a very cool stone and stays cool even in contact with heat.

No. 1441462

its not a scam if you do it for lymph drainage. if you expect plastic surgery level results its not gonna happen. but it can reduce puffyness and just be a massage

No. 1441485

They're a scam in that they cost maybe 1-2$ to make and are often sold for far, far more. Also people believe in all kinds of woo woo nonsense about stones. If you want something to roll on your face they do do that.

No. 1441494

they work, but like other anon said they arent giving you an instant lift. they def feel nice and been around a long time. Sorry you had some cheap quality jade, but those little roller are quite nice.

No. 1441568

File: 1670794083148.png (299.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_6aa579e26b7c0abaaf48aef…)

I wanna play Harvest Moon, but I've pretty much completed everything, got every recipe, all the fishes, got all my crops to five stars, all my animals give perfect produce and love me. All that's left is to marry and get a child and complete the outfits, and the thought of having basically finished the game afterwards hurts me.

No. 1441587

File: 1670794444297.jpeg (72.48 KB, 485x450, 3A545184-D551-4107-8A86-0FB5B3…)

Its posts like this that make me wish we had a lolcow game sharing discord. I have alot of harvest moon games for the ds and I barely play them nowadays. Wish I could share my good ds games with nonnies that will appreciate them!

No. 1441633

Which Harvest Moon?

No. 1441677

File: 1670796609654.png (143.89 KB, 718x477, tumblr_p01g3pJajO1us15e6o1_128…)

You mean game sharing as in send each other game copies?
Trio of Towns

No. 1441697

Have you completed/100% the other Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games? Some of them are quite different from each other, so some familiar fun

No. 1441701

File: 1670797270360.jpeg (300 KB, 1280x1024, DCAB5D02-1043-4D1B-92F4-436E91…)

Yeah! I know its a dumb idea since nonnies can emulate on their pcs but I know some like playing it on their ds because of nostalgia.

No. 1441793

File: 1670799112199.jpg (33.17 KB, 449x600, 1u5phv.jpg)

my trash can smells so god

No. 1441831

File: 1670800961405.jpg (46.91 KB, 680x680, 1661347873705.jpg)

>you will never have a group of girlfriends helping and supporting you on your big day

No. 1441844

File: 1670801707961.jpg (36.09 KB, 640x640, EqxbkKVWMAE58-5.jpg)

I can help with your dress !

No. 1441896

her dress would be so cute irl

No. 1441952

i moved to this house in september and for like two months there were zero issues with noise even though i have 4 flatmates. then a couple of weeks ago someone started snoring and it is driving me up the fucking wall. the snore must be so loud if i can hear it rumbling through the fucking floor while not being able to hear speaking volume conversations. its 1 in the morning and it keeps stopping and starting and the anticipation is keeping me awake

No. 1442567

I guess I've become normie passing enough because I spent the evening with a woman who was telling her ONS and dates woes, and I was able to bounce back her remarks and make her laugh without giving any of my turbo virgin vibes.

No. 1442684

File: 1670861617662.jpg (112.64 KB, 683x1200, 8c56db533d8371ee2c2f316ecbe8ef…)

My hair keeps falling and I've been thinking of cutting it again, but now I'm considering doing this edgy-casual style. I know it's not good to bleach hair in my situation, but considering it's not the whole hair…
It's edgy enough to look good in alt clothes but also casual and normie enough to not make one look like a gendie special dangerhair.

No. 1442699

this is so cute imo

No. 1442705

just get those cheap clip in extensions and save your real hair. then you can use edgy colors sometimes.

No. 1442727

File: 1670863533877.png (404.54 KB, 1200x673, cynthia.png)

Don't do it or you'll look like this.

No. 1442730

File: 1670863704897.jpg (77.02 KB, 600x870, 24220541d99df618600dc6729821bf…)

I think extensions would look ugly and obvious on my thinning hair, though. Maybe I could do just a little strand on each side, kinda like picrel. I'll think about it, I don't know when I'll be brave enough to cut my hair again, I miss having long hair too

No. 1442757

The money pieces are probably better for you as it’s basically just two chunky highlights instead of half your head. Lighter colors make any hair look thinner so doing the bottom half might not be the best idea of it’s already thinning. I’m sorry you’re having trouble, losing hair sucks

No. 1442776

>thinning hair
Oh boy. Get a wig please

No. 1442798

It's not to the point that I need a wig. Also it's hormonal, not due to hair damage. I've reversed it before with meds, I am on my way to do it again.

Thanks, anon. It really does suck. To be honest, if people didn't know me before they probably wouldn't even know that I am losing hair because I was always the type to have very thick, abundant hair. So I could afford to lose more than half of it, but it still fucking sucks. I liked my full hair. Hopefully it will be somewhat back to normal soon enough

No. 1442804

Lol what, why

No. 1442825

She literally just said her hair is thinning and falling out. Why would you want to add bleach to that? Learn to read.

No. 1442839

I hate being hungry. I am not skelly or anything, I actually need to lose some pounds. I just do not WANT to eat during the day. I eat after my work is done. I hate that hunger breaks my focus. Gotta pause and cook something then clean it up instead of just focusing on getting my crap done. I can deal with not eating/IF but sometimes the hunger makes me feel nauseated or irritated and I hate it. Can't I just feel empty without sickness or mental change? I promise I eat well I just do not handle distractions well.

No. 1443354

What meds did you use?

No. 1443357

Started Ulysses today, just finished the first part. It’s wonderfully written and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve heard it gets quite challenging ~200 pages in but as of now I’m actually finding it a lot of fun.

No. 1443389

have you tried meal prepping? pre-making smoothies, making your own protein bars, salad in a jar are some suggestions. you can definitely get some food in ya without making the effort every single day or eating heavy meals

No. 1443401

Same thing happens to me. I try to eat a higher calorie meal (around 1000 calories or so), so my body shuts the fuck up until dinner. Otherwise, it will bother me every couple of hours to eat.

No. 1443501

today i ate lunch

No. 1443509

what did you have nonny

No. 1443758

I'm freehand crocheting a bag right now, and now that I've done the sides I've realized it's going to be fucking huge. On one hand it might be nice because I carry so much shit, but on the other hand it'll be kind of ugly than if it was smaller, more inconvenient to carry, and I'll have to use more yarn than I anticipated. Plus if I want to start over I have to frog like 10 rows.

No. 1443789

i wonder how many women i'm friends with only like me because I'm fat and therefore not a threat. none of my friends are the blonde bimbo type you expect to use fat chick to their advantage, and most of them are boring normies or slightly nerdy, but even they have weird body issues.

being fat ruins everything.

No. 1443819

Are you…projecting?

No. 1443831

girls i'm not going to lie to you. i got sick yesterday and when i woke up this morning i expelled a bunch of vile solid brown gunk from my nose and i still feel completely stuffed up in my face. feel like retching when i think of how much of it must still be clogging up my sinuses or whatever

No. 1443843

? i had a friend in middle school who was my friend only because she looked skinny next to me. then in high school (i had already lost 40 pounds by then, but still had some chub) another fat girl was befriended by a super skinny anachan simply because she looked even skinnier next to her.

idk it's just heartbreaking to remember how someone i really loved as a friend "chose" me solely because I was fat and now I have a hard time trusting people to really like me.

No. 1443861

Sorry then anon. I guess people are terrible but don't let what people who hurt you affect your new relationships. Dont let them have negative power over you instead turn it into something positive like spotting the signs of being used to quickly cut it off. Its a tough thing to get over ik but you deserve better

No. 1443875

>being fat ruins everything.
it really does. idk how people can cope and act like they enjoy being fat because there are no physical, mental/emotional or social benefits to being fat at all. also, being the "fat friend" is fucking humiliating, and being a fat woman in general is torture.

No. 1444015

File: 1670939849973.png (149.13 KB, 419x363, 1664298517316.png)

Heh a couple of months ago I posted a screenshot that made fun of balding coomer men on 4chan and it's still making rounds as of today. I've seen it posted in at least 3 different boards and it always causes moids to seethe.

No. 1444021

kek. it's funny how much viral potential this subject has in some online spaces. i was thinking of making a disinfographic a while back encouraging moids to get on finasteride if they notice their hairline receding. purely because the side effects are lulz

No. 1444028

Holy shit this is 100% real. There's this Russian really pretty skinny girl in my class, and she only befriends the fat girls in my class.

No. 1444034

>Know what really sucks? Not being the thinnest one in the room.

Holy non-issues, Batman!
Also stop making friends with such pathetic girls.

No. 1444041

Just noticed that I only have 3 stars on Uber, despite always giving 5 stars for everyone. I can't wait to have a car, so I don't have to depend on those motherfuckers anymore. Also, 99 > trashber

No. 1444077

What screenshot?

No. 1444079

>Holy non-issues, Batman!
Why do you type like a redditor?
She's allowed to feel bothered by being fat. I'm sure you have personal issues that others might consider "non-issues" but you don't see us diminishing them. Just because it personally doesn't affect you doesn't mean that applies to other people, you obnoxious retard.

No. 1444108

She's not bothered about being fat.
(If it were–she'd change it)

She's bothered because she thinks her friends and other women are being fake and are interested in making themselves feel better by keeping fatties around. Except adults aren't fooled by those schoolyard tactics.
Don't associate with women who give off such pathetic energy. Your fatty fat body isn't the problem and is not the worst thing you can be.

No. 1444135

metal actually doesn’t suck as a genre like I thought it did, I just have very specific tastes. I was recommended some really cool atmospheric black metal the other day and it’s sent me down a pretty fun rabbit hole.

No. 1444136

File: 1670948541708.jpg (360.12 KB, 1125x1217, aaaa.jpg)

this one!

No. 1444140

No. 1444143

File: 1670949559832.jpg (23.16 KB, 480x472, 25768a54.jpg)

Oh my god K E K

No. 1444144

How do you know she's not attempting to change it? You can't un-fat yourself overnight. You're assuming shit out of nothing. She said she already lost 40 pounds which at least indicates to me some effort to change that.
>making themselves feel better by keeping fatties around
It's clear you haven't experienced being at the receiving end of this which is probably why you're snooty as fuck about it and want to force your ten pence in, but it's absolutely real and it definitely happens. You just fortunately haven't experienced it. That doesn't mean you get to "hyuck uhmmm aychkually" and reduce it down like it's some sort of non-issue to women who experience this. You wouldn't like this if it was done to you with something you have a problem with.
Then again, you type like a redditor so it does make sense how you'd have the arrogance to tell other people that something they're upset about just isn't a big deal. Go back to your Funko Pop and Marvel collectibles and TwoXChromosomes.

No. 1444152

everytime I want to stalk the archives the reddit archive api site goes down and reddits internal search sucks shit

No. 1444156

The women's washroom was closed for cleaning so I used the gender neutral handicap washroom instead and as soon as I walked in, piss fumes assaulted my nostrils. Did my business as quickly as I could but the stench is still lingering in my nose. Never again, I hate using the same bathroom as penis havers.

No. 1444158

Just had my last wisdom tooth removed, I'm free to be my dumbass self now!

No. 1444187

I've decided to frog it. This is going to take so fucking long.
Please get a yarn winder anons. This is really bad.

No. 1444259

>It's clear you haven't experienced being at the receiving end of this which is probably why you're snooty as fuck about it and want to force your ten pence in, but it's absolutely real and it definitely happens.

Lol who's assuming shit now? I didn't deny this shit exists anyway.
You're awful annoyed by my pointing out that women who do this comparative shit are fucking pathetic. Skinny women aren't automatically better or prettier so stop buying into their headgames that this shit is real.
Grow a thicker skin and quit qq'ing about everyone disagreeing with you is from reddit lmao.

No. 1444277

today i found a video where my favorite youtuber mentioned pomf, i am crging, i will not see his videos the same again

No. 1444343

please stop with the spacing because we can tell which posts are from you and this site is meant to be anonymous

No. 1444429

I have two short film ideas but both of them involve children (they're about families). I don't have any super young relatives and I don't know how to find 'child actors' (they play a very small roll in both of them), plus I wouldn't because it's not right I think. Just sucks that I can't make what I really want just because I don't have the means. I could play the child in one of them but part of the plot is that years later the 'first' child is grown up and has a child too. I don't need that much material or actors but just one of the most essential parts is missing, sucks. I don't want to make it an animation, I want to film it Eraserhead style.

No. 1444441

There’s always crowdfunding, or you could network with other filmmakers and actors to get people to work on it with you for free. Not sure how to get around not wanting to use child actors, though.

No. 1444452

Anon you have issues, your one bad experience in fucking middle school is not how the rest of the world works.
You are literally imagining shit. I didn't know attractive, slim women were forbidden from interacting with fat people. Do you make friends with people based on their appearance?

No. 1444456

Thanks nonna, my only problem is the two scenes with child actors in them though. They are very short (one singing and playing the piano together, one calling for a glass of water which could be off-screen and just coming from a room), so I don't know. Guess it will never happen.

No. 1444519

My colleagues in art school did a short movie project and managed to get people needed (it was a kid and an old woman) using my country's equivalent of craigslist - afaik they paid them some little money, and made sure all is as professional as can be for amateurs - made clear explanations of exactly what will be required for the scenes, how long will the filming process last, and first meeting was arranged in the college building - I'm sure you could find some respectable and safe-feeling space too. I think it's not impossible, these scenes seem very small, you could find someone.
Also why not ask on your social media? You may not know any kids but maybe friend of a friend does and is willing to help?

No. 1444556

Thank you nonna, I will look into it! There's the issue of letting strangers into my friends' house (shooting location) though, I don't know if they want strangers in the house. But they are nice people, I hope I will find a way. I don't have a big social media sadly (or a following outside of irl friends on it), it's more of a personal art project. Doesn't have to be perfect, it will be okay. Maybe I can just ask a friend with small hands to do the piano scene lol, the kid is just a side character anyway and the other scene doesn't have to show the child. Thanks again!

No. 1444624

I hope you can figure it out! It sounds like you have a solid idea, would be sad to not see it come to fruition because of only one part missing

No. 1444769

I just gave my bf an early x mas gift
I bought us one pair of Pajamas because we both have weird habits. I usually wear just a top to bed and he usually only wears pajama bottoms. So we're matching

No. 1444986

Very cute! Were the pajamas Christmas themed too?

No. 1445013

Not this time
Just your basic dark blue with stars

No. 1445333

File: 1671027421285.jpg (196.44 KB, 604x604, 1631290180043.jpg)

I ordered groceries takeout, but courier switched up my order with another one. I called their hotline and talked to 2 different people and they both said that they can't take away the wrong order, but they will deliver mine one (I didn't know if they would or they were bsing me which is pretty common here). In half an hour I was already hungry and I thought well why don't I eat smth from the wrong one if he won't take it away ig. And then when I ate smth the courier came and told me that I have to give the wrong order to him… and I gave it… Nonnies, I feel so bad, will they sue me? I know that I'm a jerk in this situation I guess, but I don't want to go to jail over fucking pasta

No. 1445336

Nonna… if anything happens, they will just charge you for the pasta. No jail, kek

No. 1445351

I really hope that nothing happens, but I'm still anxious and feel ashamed, maybe that's a sign from god for me to stop spending my money on takeouts or something like that

No. 1445405

They probably threw it out anyway.

No. 1445415

This is the cutest thing i’ve read all day nonna

No. 1445426

I wanna order groceries so I can pick them up later today, but I feel like they might fuck up my order.

No. 1445454

Bought tickets to another country so I can go my internet friend's wedding. We've been friends for 15 years but have never met. Should be fun, should be weird.

No. 1445473

>whenever I have art questions the answer is that I need to squint more
>get recommended Steve Huston for drawing anatomy, his art is great
>guy looks like he is in a permanent squint state in every video

No. 1445582

File: 1671036206676.jpeg (193.02 KB, 1525x1094, E05E84D3-42B7-4BDD-BCB9-F7FA7F…)

Have an office lunch today for the holiday. Wish me luck

No. 1445583

Who are you asking?

No. 1445587

they shouldn't have taken it back and they are just going to throw it away (or s/he was being nice and taking it off your hands and maybe wanted to eat it and not waste food/ hey it's a free meal lol). once they gave it to you it was contaminated by you and not safe to give to any other customers, actually they would be liable if anyone got sick from it so no restaurant would take the risk, not worth it, would normally be thrown out.

No. 1445591

Sometimes im tired of being 5’11. With my chest and hips i always feel like a hoochie version of godzilla, stoping through town and destroying buildings

No. 1445593

hottest godzilla ever then though

No. 1445595

Aww thank you nonna, you're so sweet.

No. 1445627

I never want to use a dating app again. They just seem to venture all the dregs of society on them and all the men are usually ugly. But it's hard to meet anyone in person. Idk what to do anymore.

No. 1445657

Stay alone and be happy. Then they all come in your life left and right. Dating apps are cancer.

No. 1445729

You sound beautiful and powerful anon, rock your natural features.

No. 1445812

File: 1671045278803.jpg (111.9 KB, 1000x667, JEwViyRrMZPDMz8sZt5au5-1200-80…)

It's been really cold so I take baths like daily to warm my bones. Wish bathbombs weren't so expensive though, especially Lush ones. They are like 10€ here, absolutely crazy!

No. 1445844

I just had a job interview, I don't think I was good lol Honestly, I won't even care if I don't pass because it's a call center job. But I'm a loser, so I have to apply for anything I can.

No. 1445858

I've never done it, but it seems p simple to make your own - life just baking soda, essential oils, etc. Some of the Lush ones are sooo delicious though.

No. 1445863

Hoochie Godzilla sounds so amazing though. I'm only 5 feet tall and would kill to be a Hoochie Godzilla.

No. 1445912

File: 1671048755393.png (5.3 KB, 240x160, tumblr_a02daa08860bd910a068a13…)

AWL I completed once, though not 100%, and with FoMT I'm also in so far done that literally all left to do is to marry Elli gimme this moment to brag for a second that i theoretically could marry the harvest goddess too and have a child and to see those few remaining events you can only unlock after marriage. I tried to get into SI but when my save got corrupted after having about a dozen sun stones for the fourth or fifth time, I gave up lol. I've wanted to give HM SNES a go for a long time, but I have to either get a copy of it or find out if it's even possible to play SNES roms on the original console, and ask my dad where he put his, beforehand. I occasionally play ToTT though and am slowly managing to merge both towns!
I think it's cute. I get you on the nostalgia, that's why I only ever play the original games or through an r4 card do those finally work on 3ds?

No. 1446006

I are raw minced red meat as a side dish for dinner. I put it in salad and it was pretty tasty with lemon and salt. A lot of people say raw meat makes you sick but I've been eating is since I was little? It's fine if it's fresh and beef.

No. 1446397

I'm so glad my mom is on the same page as me when it comes to trannys even though it doesn't matter because we don't know any in real life.

No. 1446864

I'm off sick today because I feel kinda burnt out. I'm just gonna nap and watch tv today. maybe later I'll do some cleaning and practice my hobbies

No. 1446948

I’m British and I would never eat raw beef because of mad cow disease. Also bc it’s gross. Yes I know all our food is gross and we eat it with our disgusting teeth, haha.

No. 1447314

I'm about to start a new Moleskine after finishing my first and I realized the paper of my new one is a lot thinner. I wonder if it's because it's a special edition one. I'm a little sad the paper is thinner but this is still way better than the cheap crap sketchbooks I used to buy.

No. 1447530

What's so good about moleskine? I always see them mentioned and figured they were just for people to brag about, but I'm so curious about them. Is it just really nice paper? How is it different from regular paper? Is it smooth and buttery?

No. 1447594

I recently started learning idol and vocaloid choreographies again and having so much fun, I feel like I'm 13 again. I'm finishing up magnet, like I should've done ten years ago, and planned on doing Buonos Juicy Heart next, but it sadly doesn't have a choreo, so I'll probably do My Boy instead. I wish I could do cool stuff like Elect, but I always die by the end of it lol. I wish I had a friend to do magnet with

No. 1447596

Nonna I'm 5'10" and very well endowed in the hip/chest region. I feel you. Let's destroy a city together and use our boobies as wrecking balls.

Do you ever wear heels/boots and notice you intimidate moids? I do all the time kek

No. 1447671

So happy my brother is troon pilled, we make fun of them together.

No. 1447739

The paper is very nice, smooth and buttery like you said and you can find ones that can withstand even wet mediums. The exteriors are nicely made and my first one served me well for half a year being tossed around in my bag every day until I filled it up. I think it was worth the money personally.

No. 1448010

I bought some pants from value village earlier, the one on the other side of town. They got rid of their fitting rooms so I had to take a chance and of course, the pants don't fit. Now I have to go there again tomorrow and exchange them. Not the worst thing ever just annoying because I have so much other shit to do.

No. 1448015

The biggest factor for me not getting into choreo was because I never had friends to do it with. I praise you for your efforts anon and I would sooo be luka in the magnet duo to your miku

No. 1448031

sometimes I see cats around my work and I assume they’re strays because the only houses I can see around here are on the other side of a busy street and I can’t imagine it’s easy to get over here. I saw an orange and white one tonight and left them a can of food, I’ve been carrying them with me in case I ever see a kitty. They ran a ways away and just looked at me but I hope they go back and eat it.

No. 1448294

I woke up last night to my (fore)arm being totally asleep. It was so numb it had no feeling at all, and when I moved it (with my other arm, I couldn't even move it on it's own) it slumped like it was jelly. It felt like it was dead and not attached to me. Very scary. The blood eventually came rushing back, but it still feels weird hours later, like it's colder and lighter than my other arm.

No. 1448304

I have so many boots that make me 6’2! Kek it makes me feel even more giant.

No. 1448307

File: 1671203214334.jpg (69.86 KB, 700x396, 500-cheeses-700x396.jpg)

If I weren't a poorfag i would spend most of my disposable income on nutritious, fancy, high-quality food, especially aged cheeses and exotic fruits. Sucks that i have to kind of break the bank to make a standard NYT or BA recipe.

No. 1448308

>new general manager says NO MORE SODAS AT YOUR STATION!!!!
>fuck this guy
>other manager stops by
>"you're diabetic right? So you need soda, right?"
>looks at the soda I have at my station
>it's a diet coke
>um… yeah… I need it… for my diabetes… aha
>"okay cool I'm sure he'll let you have it then"
>okay cool
>take diet coke
>go to bathroom
Now I'm gonna drink the whole thing and get rid of the evidence. Why is lying so easy.

No. 1448316

File: 1671203970840.png (37.94 KB, 462x367, my愛おしきnonny~magnetバージョン.png)

Honestly, I always coped by telling myself one day I'll find someone to do it with me, even if it'll take years. If the entire odorite community could, why wouldn't I? Maybe in another life, nona-chan.

No. 1448319

damn i feel you there nonna. was at the grocery store today and everything is SO expensive right now it's getting crazy.

No. 1448341

eugh i made a sandwich with cheese and sardines, it was so salty i threw up

No. 1448353

this morning i woke up to a text from an unsaved number saying they miss me. i have an idea of who it is based on the area code but im not positive. kek awkward.

No. 1448381

It happens to me sometimes, the first time I thought I'd have to get my arm amputated kek.

No. 1448425

just had a weird thing happen while calling a I was being transferred and somehow got connected to another person who was calling the same county. Me being retarded, i started spouting off my script. So embarrassing.
But does this, can this even happen? Anyone had this happen to them before?

No. 1448479

A co-worker was talking how a female employee at the next door bakery had sued her boss for sexual harassment, she said that she probably was a psycho who lied for attention and that the baker would never do that, to which I answered "how do you know for sure she's lying, you don't know people behind close doors" to which she immediately got pissed off and called me a feminist in a derogatory way. Like I didn't even go "kill all men ree" I just asked a neutral question, I hate normies so fucking much, so glad I'm pinkpilled and don't seek moid validation.

No. 1448540

cheese and sardines ???

No. 1448592

Anon that coworker of yours is sick. Most normie women believe sexual harassment claims and such. Only the ones who think sexual harassment such as stalking or catcalling are complimentary and something to get jealous of act the way your coworker did.

No. 1448659

nta but not at all. most normies will claim they're overreacting or want to hear "both sides" before they believe anyone.

No. 1448716

>Most normie women believe sexual harassment claims and such.
This, the ones who don't are pick-mes. I had to cut off an MtF friend when the Depp/Heard case was going around because I said I believed Amber Heard and he had to be a devils advocate and say "b-but the evidence." Fuck off you disgusting piece of shit. How can you claim to be a woman when your first instinct isn't to believe a woman when she says she's been sexually harassed. YWNBAW.

No. 1448731

It's a giant red flag when a woman wont believe another who says she's been assaulted or harassed. Men are evil

No. 1448797

This is what the people who ree about feminists are like when they complain they are too man hatey, they mean they are don’t worship men as scrotes feel entitled to.

No. 1448841

I got a book/reading planner journal thing. I'm going to start it in january and I'm really excited. I'll probably start off by rereading some books I read as a teenager, to get back into reading lots, hopefully they still hold up. I used to be someone who would always needed to buy the books I want to read, but I'm a poorfag so I'll get a library card. I live within walking distance of the library anyways.

No. 1448924

I am sick. My tonsils look terrible and infected but it's not strep throat (I got tested). However, I feel better than I did yesterday so I guess my body is winning against this virus. I had personal plans and work today and tomorrow but I'm isolating so I don't get anyone else sick the week before Christmas. (Merry Christmas to everyone in my life, I'm giving them the gift of health.)

No. 1448946

Cleaning and chores are so much more pleasant when you own the place

No. 1449199

There are women who front day and night about how much they hate abusers on twitter and all the while they knowingly support one its crazy

No. 1449519

File: 1671267256159.jpg (55.43 KB, 1024x1012, 16a.jpg)

my hamster when she figures out her carrot chew toy isnt a real carrot

No. 1449972

I’m gonna smoke, have hot chocolate and clean my room.
smh why would you trick her like that

No. 1450001

finally feeling the christmas spirit so i allowed myself to buy xmas chocolates. any other nonnies treating themselves for the holidays?

No. 1450017

Yum, enjoy your chocolate Nona.

No. 1450018

File: 1671294989628.jpg (122.68 KB, 737x737, 4828766_001.jpg)

I had one of these earlier and not to brag but I got a pretty nifty reindeer toy inside it.

No. 1450021

That's so cool nonnie! I wish they had stuff like that where I live but I am a burgerfag, so they just have the plastic kinder eggs that are split in half.

No. 1450095

File: 1671300970501.png (53.76 KB, 221x130, sad.png)

My heart goes out to all the americans and the kids under 3 who can't be trusted with kinder eggs. Breaking through the chocolate shell, throwing it away and then eating the plastic toy.. it can't be beat.

No. 1450117

File: 1671302108269.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3866x2577, AC3246AC-4EB3-49F4-8D60-647F08…)

I want to get some candy canes, I need to finish decorating the table of the living room and I want to have some as well.

No. 1450139

I finally found some today after searching for them for weeks. I don't get why they are so hard to find this year. Last year it was coconut I couldn't find any at any store. But I found some this year so I can make macaroons for christmas

No. 1450386

How do people not poop at least once every day?

No. 1450390

I don’t eat enough to generate that much poop because I am sick with endo and the whole stomach area feels fucked thank you

No. 1450392

constipation and slow metabolism.
I used to have a lot of problem pooping when I ate gluten too, so might be related to just fucking your gut and inflamation

No. 1450420

evidently not trying hard enough

No. 1450431

Well do you want her to get a hernia????

No. 1450443

I only poop once every 2 or 3 days, sometimes 4. Occasionally I go a whole week without pooping especially if I'm going through a stressful time. I eat as much fruits and veggies as the average person but I think my metabolism is just slow.

No. 1450469

an apple a day keeps the doctor from having to take the turd away

No. 1450580

File: 1671324448039.png (312.24 KB, 800x800, cinema.png)

I'm playing Poptropica. The game is completely different from how I remember (a lot of islands are missing), but it's still giving me nostalgia.

No. 1450600

I saw a lot of flowers on the street today, I stoped a couple of times to pick them up and stroll while smelling them.
What a nice day

No. 1450609

I fucking love poptropica, I used to play it all the time. It runs so slow on my computer though

No. 1450726

I thought loosing flash it would have been killed off. Why the fuck are some of the islands missing??

No. 1450814

File: 1671341738424.jpg (79.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

The flash thing is why some of the islands are gone. They are revamping them to work with a new program. There are still old islands there though, and some new ones.

No. 1450819

I need help spending more money. I'm thinking of getting massages but what else can I spend money on?

No. 1450820

maybe a pedicure? or maybe get a facial, felt like I had a squeaky clean new face after mine

No. 1450964

In a drunken stupor I scribbled the name of my husbando in the frost of some cars yesterday night.

No. 1451178

CC is now recruiting jannies. I hope the site imrpvoes soon because I like to visit it when lolcor gets stale

No. 1451220

a lack of fibre perhaps? I poop less when I'm eating poorly and the poops are always hard, otherwise I poop easily every evening.

No. 1451243

Once a day is good because you can time it before your shower. Stress used to have me pooping more than once a day and I hated it. There used to be an anon who'd insist pooping 3 times a day is normal but when I pooped that much I was told I had ibs.

No. 1451354

I don't know what you like but if I had money I HAD to spend, I'd spend it on books, gardening supplies, concerts and artist' merch. Oh and maybe room decor?

No. 1451373

Put some sugar and cream in my tea today as a little treat. epic

No. 1451408

I inherited three dining chairs and have been considering if I wanted to use them or not when I move. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of buying a table to match them + buying a 4th in the same style, or just buying two new chairs in a different style and delegating one inherited chair to the garage or something. I’ve been using them alongside a shitty folding camp stool for a fourth seat. Finally sat down to research the style of chair to see where I could find another one and apparently these bitches cost $1200 USD a piece. So, I will not be completing the set I guess kek.

No. 1452050

File: 1671404735909.jpg (257.32 KB, 1335x1600, m90944649330_1.jpg)

im this anon >>1439315 and im back to report that im literally a magician. a few days after posting this i was at a thrift store in the absolute booneys digging thru dusty bins that havent been touched in years and found a leather motorcycle vest with lace up sides in my size and the hillbilly running the place charged me only $5! picrel is the same vest im p sure. i also found a lilac colored vintage Lily of France nightgown set with a lace sailor style collar and got it for 50 cents. cant believe my luck.

No. 1452153

I haven't ate all day so for dinner I had 3 tiny fried chicken legs, mashed potatoes, a honey biscuit and a banana nut muffin. I almost feel so stuffed I can't walk. I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

No. 1452159

Gonna see Machine Girl tomorrow. I'm so excited, but I'm going alone as usual. I go to more concerts by myself than I do with other people at this point. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I went to a concert with someone for an artist that I liked. For the most part I enjoy it, but it does feel lonely before and after when I see other people there in groups and I'm by myself as usual.

Happy for you nona. Going to bed when you're full feels nice and comfy. I love honey biscuits. Your dinner sounds amazing.

No. 1452220

I accidentally knocked over my old little room heater and it wouldn't stop making a horrible noise afterward (but still worked) so I went to buy a new one today and I was a fool for waiting so long. I'm so warm and toasty.

No. 1452733

Ordered more embroidery supplies so I can finish my big gift project and start 2 small blackwork pieces. Very fun

I've been putting a small teaspoon of caramel syrup into my coffee to get me though the cold weather, it's lovely

Happy for you anon! The vest in the photo looks cool.

No. 1452989

I have to make 50 cookies before Sunday so Im finally starting to plan. I want to try to make creme brulee cookies and linzer cookies. I can probably use the same dough for both. I also want to make some peppermint marshmallow chocolate chip cookies and some peanut butter cup cookies. Im starting to think maybe those could share dough too. Happy xmas yall

No. 1452992

Have you considered a short skirt and a loooong jacket

No. 1453016

File: 1671475039673.jpg (81.33 KB, 800x800, eggmon.jpg)

I ordered a sonic plush online but its an assortment so idk whether I'll get sonic,tails or knuckles. Just checked the page again and I didn't even spot that eggman is part of the assortment too..

Please don't be eggman, please don't be eggman. ANybody but eggman

No. 1453019

So cute

No. 1453024

nta but that sounds pretty cool actually

No. 1453036

File: 1671476020656.png (Spoiler Image,192.69 KB, 528x619, Sonicchu.png)

Is it me you're looking for

No. 1453059


No. 1453171

There's a weird smell in my living room for the past two days and I have no idea what it is and where it's specifically coming from, I hope it's not something rotting.

No. 1453212

it's me i'm in your walls you smell nice

No. 1453250

Ugh, so envious of you, nonnie. I remember seeing a Spotify notification regarding Machine Girl tickets, but I always ignore those notifications since I have nobody to go with and could not go alone. Haha…

No. 1453261

They had my favorite chocolate back in store at the import place. I rarely buy processed sweets anymore but I decided I deserve a treat for the holidays.

No. 1453325

My dinner for today is baked potato soup with italian bread that was fried in butter, and my drink is almond milk with some mocha creamer. I also slapped some American cheese on the bread. You all should eat some soup today nonnas.

No. 1453331

I've literally been so mentally unstable since seeing ship fanart of my waifu with someone she isn't supposed to be shipped with. Like it's appearing in my dreams. It's making me UNWELL. How did I become this?

No. 1453339

I hear you nona. It would be nice to have a concert buddy who I could go to shows with. It sucks waiting for the band to come on stage and you’re just standing feeling bored and waiting while everyone is hype with their friends. It’s a lonely experience. But going to shows alone can also be fun too! I can squeeze myself closer to the front because I’m just one person and I don’t have to worry if anyone else is enjoying things as much as I am. As soon as the music is on, I can just focus on myself and have a good time. I’ll rock out extra hard tonight in your honor!

No. 1453628

Okay follow up. I felt so old compared to everyone else there. It was an ok show. Don’t know if I’m just being judgmental or if I’m just a boomer now but tbh the music sounds better on Spotify than live kek

No. 1454404

Why have I been farting so much? I didn't even eat beans… I hope I'm not developing a lactose intolerance

No. 1454409

File: 1671850737385.gif (1.44 MB, 498x211, yuiachoo.gif)

I work in retail and had been feeling sick since Tuesday with a sore throat and was masking for the next couple days but thought it would be over soon then yesterday all my symptoms move to my sinuses and I'm in a ton of pain, running to the back every five seconds to blow my nose, making dumb mistakes on the POS because I'm groggy and ill, so I call out today even though it's crunch time being so close to Christmas and I feel really guilty about it. My covid test was negative but I still feel like death warmed over and even got a doctor's note but my job tells me I'm cleared ready to work as long as my covid test was negative and I can still come in masked.

I'm just really bummed because if I do the responsible thing and stay home again tomorrow then I'll miss work, I won't get to win the store's attendance contest that I had been gunning for, I'll miss the Christmas cookie exchange I've been looking forward to for weeks, AND I won't get to go home and see my family and will be alone in a decorationless apartment with my cat- but I will be able to rest and recover and not expose anyone to my germs.

But if I try to push through feeling sick and go in anyway it will still suck and everyone will stare at me sneezing and think I'm gross and irresponsible (because it is gross and irresponsible) but at least management will be happy with me and I get to have some semblance of a normal Christmas even if I feel like shit.

No. 1454511

I'm so frustrated, I wanted to post a picture for Christmas in the husbando thread but I can't post pics from my phone and I can't access lcf from my computer. Even now I'm annoyed because I wanted to use the Guess I'll die meme as a picrel but still can't do it lmao.

No. 1454519

File: 1671877776331.jpg (54.1 KB, 800x534, yuck.jpg)

im drinking water because its good for you or whatever. fucking sucks.

also happy christmas nonnies

No. 1454594

I'm leaving my cat alone for Christmas and I'm a bit anxious about it, it should be alright since I've loaded two bowls of food and my brother comes back tomorrow night, but it's the first time we're leaving him alone for more than a day, I hope he won't panic and break some stuff.

No. 1454598

Me too nonnie, I left my cats alone yesterday and I won't be home until tomorrow. I left them plenty of food and lots of water, but I'm still anxious about it. I put all my blankets and bed clothes inside the wardrobe and put a waterproof bed sheet on the bed, but I'm still scared I'm gonna come back to my bed full of pee and vomit kek
I miss my babies so much

No. 1454893

Merry christmas anons, shame that it may be the last on here. I have covid and I can't taste any of the christmas food nor smell the wine. Very unfortunate year, here's hoping for a good 2023.

No. 1455480

Listening to Hozier makes me want to smoke, idk why.

No. 1455486

I think my dentist used someone else's chart and accidentally filled the wrong teeth but idk how to know for sure

No. 1455488

But your cat isnt alone bc i can teleport like a 90s sitcom ghost and they are happy and sleepy and purring right now. Dont worry, Cat misses you too and is sleeping on your best smelly things
Merry Christmas nonna!

No. 1455502

I think I found a celebrity's reddit awhile back. Nothing particularly interesting on it, but I suspect they probably have multiple accounts for different purposes.

Whether or not it's actually them, I'm amazed how much personal info people reveal about themselves when trolling through accounts

No. 1455505

I’ve been making cards and I’m kinda mad cuz these stickers I have are not sticky anymore but it’s my fault for not using them for a long time

No. 1455529

I got a humidifier and it's helped me with my sleep so much. The air gets really dry in my house and it used to be so bad that I would wake up from it and not be able to go back to sleep. Now I just pop on my humus.

No. 1455569

It was very strange going back to my old apartment to finish some cleaning before the end of the month. The biggest difference was the lack of presence from my cats. It made the place feel so big and empty.

No. 1455592

I dreamt I was in a sunny grassfield with my ex and we had a good time, then I had to cancel his appointment to go to the movie and he showed up at my door crying (in the dream) kek why

No. 1455620

Get well soon! What a crappy time to get sick

No. 1455623

I'm drinking some pretty flat coke zero and it tastes so much like coke lemon.. which I haven't been able to find in my country for years. Not too shabby.

No. 1455772

Moved to the same small town as my in-laws and my father-in-law told me he saw me at the grocery store. I asked him why he didn't come say hi and he said "I don't know, I think I was shocked." Idk why that cracked me up so much

No. 1456043

>half of the people were like "stfu, no one cares"
Hell yeah, as they should! Also could you link to the short

No. 1456044

Avoid Aspartame (sweetener)

No. 1456050

Literally everybody loves Harry Potter, I've even seen dudes from the hood wear HP clothing, their whining will never work.

No. 1456064

File: 1672149761755.jpg (112.63 KB, 897x1148, 1671132763032815.jpg)

goodnight nonnies

No. 1456078

I want to watch the Rudolph stop motion movie. Christmas is over, but I want to watch it. I told my boyfriend yesterday I have an urge to watch it. I think I'll watch it tonight!

No. 1456092

I'm the nona that responded to your post earlier. What album were they playing from? Is their newer stuff bad? I should say I liked "WLFGRL" and "…Because I'm Young Arrogant and Hate Everything You Stand For." Sorry to hear it was just ok for you.

No. 1456100

I have been listing some things on Vinted and noticed my profile has 80 items, knowing there’s no way that’s accurate, turns out the number includes items that were sold months ago. So dumb.

No. 1456112


No. 1456113

Nta but you should totally go to concerts alone!! Other than my first 2 I’ve been to many others by myself, even though I’m pretty agoraphobic and anxious, once you’re there everyone is just focused on the music and it’s so fun.

No. 1456126

Very anticlimactic I just took my car to get checked for some things for the first time and everything was fine. I was very close to not going and just staying home but I did it! Fuck you anxiety!

No. 1456161

They played a good mix of things from all of their albums and a few new songs. I was underwhelmed because I really like Machine Girl songs for the electronic elements, but the electronic backing track was basically drowned out by the guitar and drums so I didn't like not being able to hear the funky electronic beats lol. Plus I didn't think the vocalist had good stage presence and the vocals were drowned out by the instrumentation a lot too. He was just yelling and slurring words into the mic and I know that punk-style vocals are supposed to be that way, but I didn't get any of that raw aggression or energy. Anyway, that might have just been me. It seemed that the other kids in the crowd really liked the show so.Surprisingly, 100gecs was probably one of the best shows I went to this year so I think it's possible to be a mostly electronic band and still put on a great show. I went to that one alone too and had an awesome time

No. 1456163

nta i feel so guilty for liking 100 gecs

No. 1456164

File: 1672160605959.jpeg (283.15 KB, 1000x667, EFD717F6-4CF6-48C3-9074-D9A70D…)

Just bought a humidifier, can’t wait to breathe so good

No. 1456238

Thanks for sharing your experience. I most likely won't bother with concerts for a long while, but hearing stories from others is nice.

No. 1456355

I love reading one star reviews of books I hated. Criticisms you agree with are hilarious.

No. 1456405

I bought some matte black handles for my cupboards and drawers to replace some stainless steel ones. They look really good and I even managed to install them all myself.

No. 1456407

Isn't humid air more difficult to breathe?

No. 1456411

I think it depends. I believe the air should always have some sort of humidity to it. When it's really dry your nose and throat kind of dry out which is really annoying. Also depends on the room I suppose. My bedroom is way too humid because of the the ventilation (with an attached bathroom), so I have a dehumidifier.

No. 1456416

singers steam their voices all the time, sure they wouldn't if it lowered lung capacity. I wonder though.
I live in the sub-tropics and the drier the worse.
a place I lived was so damp constantly I had to have one running 24/7 cause I kept getting chest infections but that was a literal basement (the only one I've EVER seen in Australia was wild)

No. 1456760

oh nice job nonna

No. 1457236

File: 1672291116805.jpg (277.7 KB, 1000x1481, MV5BMTQ0MGI4NTgtZTlkNy00YTU5LT…)

I've finally started picrel after putting it off for months. Only on the second episode but I'm enjoying it so far.

No. 1457334

I've never seen Monster Rosa in my any stores in my counntry, dunno why because we have alot of the other flavors. A friend today texted me that she found some and picked me up one. Hope its good now.

No. 1457435

Today I saw that one of our customers was named Shaina and I immediately thought of you nonnies, even if I still have no idea what she's done and why she's the most referenced cow here.

No. 1457560

File: 1672328106368.jpeg (214.77 KB, 1920x1080, FdvAH36WAAA2NWy.jpeg)

Samefag, I finished the series last night. I thought picrel was hot (that accent…) and somehow I only realized after that he's voiced by my husbandos voice actor. I cried at the end.

No. 1457564

File: 1672329025590.jpg (45.53 KB, 696x391, nurse3d.jpg)

I watched the movie Nurse 3d yesterday. It was corny and coomerish but I liked it. Main character is a nurse who kills cheating men. It felt satisfying.

No. 1457581

Does she win in the end or gets punished? Concept sounds fun but I'd prefer to not watch if it's the latter

No. 1457591

She gets away with it like a queen

No. 1457609

BLESS, thanks for recommendation anon!

No. 1457611

The more I embrace being basic the happier I am. I love Taylor Swift and listening to her every day, I love the Earl Grey tea with creamer I drink in the morning, I love my PINK vs candles, I love being a basic girly girl that like pink, I love going to bed early and chilling on the couch with my boyfriend and watching Forensic files, I love coming home and prepping my lunch and breakfast for tomorrow with my love, I love studying to work in the medical field (as a sonographer, a "basic" job), I love being a cat lady, life is so good when you enjoy being basic.

Sometimes it feels incongruent because I dress so flashy and have all these tattoos, piercings, a split tongue, and dreadlocks. Sometimes I wish I enjoyed looking basic because it really does look so cute on girls. But it feels weird on me, it made me feel uncomfortable. On the inside, we're all in it together, though. I hope to find more basic girls in nursing.

No. 1457613

No. 1457634

I completely understand what you mean. I used to be oooh epic bloodborne player woman in stem. I've since switched to studying/working in the creative field and I absolutely love it. I like dogs and bunnies. I'm vegetarian and I like watching reality TV… and you know what? Now I just "enjoy" stuff without putting too much thought into whether or not it's cringey or unique, I'm happier. It's so fulfilling to just be happy and enjoy things whether or not it's mainstream or a bit weird.

No. 1457676

I just got my approval for rheumatoid meds (shit is expensive as fuck) and I'm elated. Next week I begin injections and I'm very hopeful these will help me. I'm so thankful to my doc for advocating on my behalf. My insurance company was being a cunt, and he got them to approve it. One of the very few moids I respect and will refer to as a man. Plus he has spiffy shoes and reminds me of Crispin Glover.

No. 1457690

File: 1672338507705.jpg (152.59 KB, 750x1333, 58a4319e4c353dd8c1a15703aaa276…)

I really want to do something for New Years Eve but I'm a massive introvert and hate busy/cramped places. I've been trying to look for outdoors fireworks celebrations where you can be in the fresh air and watch them all, but the only stuff I can find is nightclub NYE parties. I'm not about that life anymore, it makes me feel sick to imagine being crammed into a sweaty stinky nightclub with scrotes. I just want somewhere chill where I can watch the fireworks and think about finally improving my life in 2023. Hate drinking culture.

No. 1457726

I think I am going to buy a refurbished sofa. New ones are expensive as shit and I want to believe it’s more environmentally friendly to buy an used / refurbished one. The colors on those are really boring though (black or grey mostly) but maybe some patterned pillows would make them look more fun

No. 1457739

yeah being boring is fun af. i love sitting at home and chilling. i like watching my movies on the couch in my pjs. i was made to feel so insecure about it by my mother trying to live vicariously through me but the older the get the more i don't gaf anymore. fuck yeah to being basic

No. 1457918

I'm pretty happy with life at the moment. Looking forward to NYE and cooking a favorite dish for my friends. It gets better nonnas.

I always get used/refurbished furniture as long as it's clean/no bugs. Along with the pillows, you can always find tapestries or other large pieces of cloth to cover it with if the colors suck, given it fits with the rest of the room's design.

No. 1457964

File: 1672361945472.jpeg (499.9 KB, 1800x2246, BB4C4AB6-7B68-4312-B326-02C7F3…)

I can’t stop staring at this photo of an omelette

No. 1457967

theres something sinister about this photo i can't quite place my fingers on. it feels wrong somehow

No. 1457969

It's shaped like poopoo lol

No. 1457996

File: 1672366445438.jpg (34.68 KB, 818x545, modern.jpg)

It's because it's all so neat and all in that oblong shape. It's like a dejected, uninspired, minimalist made that plate. The culinary manifestation of picrel.

No. 1458035

Thought it was a banana

No. 1458051

I'm hosting new year's dinner and I've been cleaning so my apartment feels cozy and welcoming for everyone. I'm a very messy person so this has been a journey and I still have stuff left to do but it's looking so good, I'm very happy.

No. 1458061

Nice, good job. There's nothing like the feeling of being in a clean environment.
>t. shitposting on my freshly vacuumed floor and tidy desk after spending the whole day cleaning around the house

No. 1458073

Ate a twinkie and I'm currently having reader burnout

No. 1458182


No. 1458374

I age out of my parent's insurance in a couple days. I got my own insurance (it's actually the same health and dental providers as before). I was really worried about the costs…but after I put in my yearly income in the healthcare.gov site while looking at plans I got a decent tax credit. After that the combined costs of my health and dental is like $50 a month. That's way lower than I expected. Granted, there's deductibles, it doesn't cover everything, etc. But I'll take it.

No. 1458376

File: 1672421357036.jpg (16.85 KB, 539x567, 970b1e61697315eb1284af485aeedf…)

Just meal-prepped chicken curry that's way too fucking spicy oops. I got gifted a Chromebook for Christmas and it was meant to be used partially for my job but what no one knows is that I'm actually going to be using it for lolcor and to write my erotic World of Warcraft fanfiction. I hope the CIA agent living inside this laptop is reading this right now.

No. 1458518

I filed a complaint about some underfilled/no filled frozen mini tacos I bought and today like a month later I get a 6 paragraph personalized apology email from some lady at the taco company with coupons and she promised to pass on my comments. I just hope that travesty never happens to another customer again.. I'm not joking when I say 1/2 of them were shells 0 filling

No. 1458618

Ahhh I love being at home. This year was so hard for me, so coming home makes me feel so happy and warm. There are actually people who care about me here. I don't have to do everything by myself. My presence is meaningful. I'm going to be sad next week when I go back to my cold, empty apartment and thankless job. I joked with my mom about staying and taking care of her and getting a job in our home state instead. She said I have my own life to live and I know she's probably right. Wahh I'm so lonely. I know this is the age where I need to start striking out on my own, but I just want to move back home and feel warm and cared for.

No. 1458624

Three different channels all show Leo movies right now, Titanic, Wolf of the Wall Street and Romeo and Juliet… is it his birthday or something? lol

No. 1458639

I often see this creep that works as security for the supermarket I get my groceries in. He approached my years ago while i was waiting for my mom, started asking me personal questions etc, I was 20/21 at the time but cmon, also at 20 you still look like a teen anyways moving on Today he was working behind the front desk which is taller and he's short AND balding so when you're outside and behind him you can just see his balding head peeking at the same height as the top of the desk, I wanted to take a creep shot but he saw me so I went home but i took a mental screenshot, hope you see it as clearly as I do

No. 1458716

File: 1672441328904.png (590.3 KB, 800x712, 1670265477898516.png)

I'm looking forward to NYE now that I think about it. I'll celebrate with two friends, we'll cook and eat delicious food, sleep at one friend's place comfortably, watch stupid shit on tv or youtube or play on the Switch. Even some of the negatives are balanced out by good news. For instance one friend moved abroad a few years ago so she won't come and we miss her, but that means she won't bring her piece of shit male friend with her, and her friend won't propose that we stay at his place either despite the fact that we don't like him at all because yes, he actually did that once and ruined all of our plans. Same deal with another (now former) friend of ours not being invited, which means she won't make everything about herself and she won't bring complete strangers without telling us (or worse, her much younger and retarded bf). One other friend recently moved abroad as well and I miss her a lot already though.

No. 1458856

I got a fresh new protective style, and rubbed oil on my scalp . Feels soooo good.

No. 1458909

It's almost midnight and I just realized I haven't ate or drank anything all day

No. 1458914

Water. Now!

No. 1458927

Water later

No. 1459868

Happy new year! Lolcor helped me in so many ways the past few years and I'm really grateful for it, idc if that's cringe. I hope nonnies everywhere have a good 2023 and thay lc continues to exist♡

No. 1460161

File: 1672595795174.jpg (94.34 KB, 680x1020, smores-dip-3.jpg)

I'm going to make a lasagna and salad tonight. Those kind of meals make me feel nostalgic.
I've been seeing people make this smores dip and I really want to try it even though I shouldn't kek. I would use Lindt though, not Hershits.

No. 1460174

I feel a weird affinity to this house in a town that neighbors my grandparents'. I can't explain it but I just have an overwhelming connection to it. I think I live in it in another dimension. My parents almost bought it when I was young, so maybe that's true.

Sometimes on google earth I will "walk" down the street, as if I live there and am actually taking a walk. I got to visit it the other day and took a picture. It looks really cute with its Christmas lights.

No. 1460256

Don’t know what lasagna salad is but it sounds awesome

No. 1460259

Lasagna and salad.

No. 1460296

I started building the lego set I got for Christmas and I'm having so much fun, I used to have Harry Potter legos as a kid and it's bringing so many memories, the sheer fun of building something nice. I just need not to fall into the trap of lego collecting, these motherfuckers are expensive.

No. 1460299

i start new job on wednesday kind of dreading it but whatev

No. 1460300

File: 1672605937865.jpeg (114.93 KB, 451x640, 6F6E82E4-231F-4C5F-B258-CBCB37…)

No. 1460305

File: 1672606687304.jpeg (77.45 KB, 960x1076, 65554215-2F89-497A-B801-81FE8E…)

No. 1460309

Im gonna try sushi from Walmart

No. 1460315

After almost two hours driving on the highway, I am finally home and can finally unclench my forearms, buttcheeks, thighs, toes, brow, jaw, fists, and butthole. That was like two straight hours of strength training kek.

No. 1460316

There are other ways to hate yourself

No. 1460319

I ordered some good food and life is now good. Are we feeling optimistic about the new year nonnies?

No. 1460438

I'm hopeful, but also incredibly nervous. Last year was shit for my mental health (mostly due to external reasons) and I really hope I don't have to continue to go through it this year. Worst case scenario if things don't improve is I'll quit my job or move. Sounds like your 2023 is off to a good start. I just went on a walk with my mom and we're getting thai food soon, so mine is off to a good start too!

No. 1460451

the ones from heb are pretty good if you have one near you

No. 1460457

It did suck, but honestly I don't really like sushi in general

No. 1460584

I found out that a guy who played a main character on Degrassi Next Class gave somebody i know an STI, kek

No. 1460606

I don't want to get banned and I am sorry if this is frowned upon but I even tried so many sites to make an extra dollar and it doesn't work, but I kinda need a favor from someone, if anyone has €7 on paypal could you lend it to me, because I have no working card at the moment and need to make an online transaction. I will return plus any fees once I get my card sorted out. It's so small even if I were lying it's no big loss, but I also want to offer anyone something in return like you want me to post a funny photo or make a finny vocaroo so it's like a paid service. I just keep feel so unprepared in life for anything that can go wrong you know? Like you try to hard to sort out your life, you want to laugh off silly mishaps, but sometimes shit like this really stresses me out.

Mods just delete this if I can't post it sorry but don't ban me because I am already kinda depressed

No. 1460609

Actually yes despite how much I've been through I just know it's all over, the struggle is over, I will be happy from now on. I manifest it.

No. 1460613

I’m a huge Degrassi fan please come back and tell me who

No. 1460615

Food is the best thing about this world

No. 1460627

What do you need?

No. 1460637

Medicine that's not available here locally and sent to me, it's a little bit more cost but I am short, I try not to use pp anymore but at one point it was my online wallet, I am switching after this incident.

No. 1460645

the azn who played winston

No. 1460676

I checked a guy's butt while walking down the street, being a graduate is fun.

No. 1460795

For once I had a nice experience on reddit. I asked something, got my answer. Didn't even get yelled at kek

No. 1460834

I'm too lazy to go to the supermarket, fuck

No. 1460839

I'll go for you if you'll let me buy myself a drink

No. 1460927

I live alone. Just heard a loud clanging sound come from within my house. Loud enough to make me jump while I'm chilling in bed. I did a walk around the house and nothing is out of place. This is gonna bug me now. I'm used to certain creaks and house noises but never heard that before.

No. 1460929

Might have been some pipes breaking? Is it cold where you live? Sometimes water will freeze in pipes and break them. It's fucked honestly…

No. 1460932

I hope its not that. I'd rather have a ghost than a broken pipe lol

No. 1460950

Made curry rice. Turned out great

No. 1461015

File: 1672680912932.png (358.14 KB, 512x512, 5D6AA061-057D-47E6-900F-F6B102…)

I'm on a family vacation visiting Orlando and today it's mall day, currently getting out of a victoria secret outlet, never been on one before, It was a bit weird seeing very few men working in a store but getting appropriately fitting clothes and undies was a nice experience.
Pic unrelated, I just thought it was cute

No. 1461021

Who hires a man to work at VS? Yikes. Sounds like shit hiring, glad you got some good bras nona.

No. 1461131

Thanks, it's been a while since I had new underwear and I meant to say that there were very few men as clients in the store, I don't think there were any men working there.

No. 1461169

>goes on vacation to Orlando
>goes to the mall
Anon, come the fuck on. At least go somewhere you can't go to back home.

No. 1461241

I already did, i have been here for over 2 weeks, i already went to the Disney and universal parks, I'm the only one in my family that likes aquariums so we didn't went to SeaWorld, there's not much to Orlando after that.

No. 1461252

Isn't there some natural landmark you can go see? Watch a locals house get swallowed by a sinkhole or a redneck manhandle an alligator or some shit? Going to another state just for a theme park seems boring.

No. 1461602

I looked up my Steam Replay 2022 and I feel almost proud of myself that I barely played any video games this year. Around 70 hours total including the time spent playing co-op with friends. I hope it's the same for this year too because I know how much of a time sink video games can be and how easy it would be to neglect my other hobbies if I play too much.

No. 1461683

A lot of Orlando local business died because of what Disney did to the economy there. I get you anon.

No. 1461707

You guys should go to Gatorland and eat some gator nuggets. Or go to the Holy Land Experience they have a real Jesus carry a cross

No. 1462005

I'm down in orlando right now for vacation and there's a really pretty area called Winterpark where there are tons of stores and eaterys. I hope you enjoy, anon

No. 1462639

Listening to a first class flight plane ambience and reading. So hard to find good ambience videos that don't have fire crackling.

No. 1462672

I got new cushions for my earbuds that are supposed to be more comfortable, but they've been causing me so much ear pain and have been irritating the skin so much that it's causing it to rip and scab over.

No. 1462707

browsing lolcow in public i don't give a shit

No. 1462725

I have a Covid for the first time and can’t sleep despite taking NyQuil because I can hear my neighbor snoring through the walls. This freakin sucks, nonnas

No. 1462941

Help my coworker is talking super loud on the phone with her grandparents.

No. 1463215

File: 1672865056255.jpg (202.79 KB, 539x660, Some_of_the_more_up_writers_on…)

I used to live very close to some train tracks, so I used to see trains all the time, but I don't anymore. Anyways, I was by a passing train today and I saw some really cool graffiti. Maybe I'm just a. Dumbass, but there are some really beautiful tags on trains. You can usually only see them for a second as the train is passing through but it's pretty cool, as far as mundane shit goes. Anyways, seeing that train today makes me miss living closer to trains, but also not really because trains are loud as fuck.

No. 1463237

Sometimes I kinda miss living close to train tracks too. After a while the sound of the rumbling was kind of soothing in a way

No. 1463352

I used to live next to some train yards. It sucked. Although sometimes we'd see private train cars, specifically the ones owned by the guy who owns Patron Silver. They were beautiful, very oldschool.

No. 1463382

I want instant noodles and fried chicken skin but the noodles alone are like 500 calories. I only had one other small meal today so I probably have space for it… Or maybe I should just cook something that's healthier and filling so I won't crave junk. I could even have the chicken skin with rice and veggies

No. 1463389

finally got a new job after monthslong depression spell nonnies. and its a brand new job instead of the same temp job i kept quitting and going back to. the pay is shit but i don't care, i dug myself out of this rut and i'm doing something completely new. maybe i will learn some stuff along the way. maybe i will make friends. i just feel so happy for some reason. i guess it's because i haven't had anything to feel positive about for what feels like a long time.

No. 1463391

Today I finally bought a new jewellery box to replace my old broken one. Went to swap the stuff over and realised I only cared about 5 items. Weird feeling because I’m kind of a hoarder and have a lot of sentimental items. I felt so detached, as if it were a strangers stuff, so I’m going to let most of it go.

No. 1463403

Congrats nonna, I hope it goes well for you.

No. 1463429

Caught a guy checking me out while browsing clearance clothes at Ross, i know I shouldn't encourage that kind of behavior but it's just felt really nice, i don't think a guy ever looked at me that way.
Still creepy tbh.

No. 1463484

girl walked out of work today but she left her purse. i wonder if she'll come back

No. 1463486

Happy for you nona! Being in a depressive rut sucks and I'm proud of you for getting yourself out of it. Your mental health is really important and I don't think any job is worth destroying your wellbeing over. Good luck at your new job!

No. 1463636

That Columbo detective show came out of nowhere for me. Never heard of it until 2 years ago when everyone online suddenly started making memes of it.

No. 1463798

I don't get it either, I knew about it but to me it was just another random detective show like Derrick or Poirot, why Columbo specifically?

No. 1464071

I grew up in the 90s watching it. It's one of my favorites.

No. 1464194

i watched an entire playthrough of life is strange and honestly im surprised max dressed like a 10 year old because i didn't know how to dress myself either at 18 kek

No. 1464323

File: 1672952372389.jpg (66 KB, 1200x1599, smashburger.jpg)

Im trying to make smash burgers for the first time but I forgot you have to press the meat down for a minute and now it's shrinking. Also, raw ground beef has the texture of drying play doh. So weird.

I also ran out of almond milk last night but I don't feel like running out again to get more. Pretty sad.

No. 1464324

Samefag, beef smells so bad when it's cooking. Blehh

No. 1464340

smash it with your spatula with parchment paper or foil over top of it. It shouldn't have the texture of play doh. Don't overmix it.

No. 1464380

File: 1672957406469.jpg (131.3 KB, 1200x1200, tomato-chutney-grilled-cheese-…)

Made grilled cheese with onions and tomatoes today. First time making one, no idea why I havent tried it before but it was scrumptious and I think I will have them for breakfast a lot now. Trying to think of what else I could put in them for a bit more protein- ham or eggs maybe? Idk but I'm excited thinking about tomorrow's grilled cheese. I think I have finally discovered my filling protein breakfast that isn't just mushy overnight oats. God bless this bountiful cheese, tomatoes and ham that is about to enter my mouth tomorrow. And then later I will meal prep some beef chilli and also have a caramel and banana protein shake with Greek yoghurt. Food is pretty nice when you find a balance between healthy and delicious.

No. 1464382

Yeah, I used a spatula but I didn't use any parchment paper and I don't think I pressed it for long enough. I don't think I overmixed the meat though.
You've really never had a grilled cheese nonna?

No. 1464384

Nope! Well I might have had a cheese toastie when i was young as I know my brothers ate them but I honestly don't remember kek. I don't even know why I havent tried them until now, it seems cheap and versatile and you can make them healthier which is cool.

No. 1464391

put some bacon in it

No. 1464415

mmm nonna ive been thinking about grilled cheeses all day today. youre tempting me.

No. 1465356

Baked some boston brown bread with tons of raisins and walnuts. So good with some butter.

No. 1465461

Lately I've been watching threads on an all female board on 5ch and am finding the experience hilarious. It's charming to watch the infighting of women across the world from me and know that deep down we are all the same.

No. 1465545

File: 1673061649101.jpeg (20.5 KB, 407x228, images (5).jpeg)

Watching a youtuber play Stardew Valley and wishing I lived somewhere I could do foraging.

No. 1465551

File: 1673062089832.jpeg (51.91 KB, 800x1000, BD1FBDDD-B57B-43EB-869F-DCB818…)

I want this huggie but it’s $500

No. 1465556

my sister is baking cookies tomorrow, yum!

No. 1465566

File: 1673065161037.jpeg (126.03 KB, 1200x1700, 1B036861-3D36-4491-A8FB-79CCF9…)

I'm annoyed because I just saw a cockroach in my house, but tomorrow will come the maid that cleans nicely, so she will be able to help me out with that.
I will also bake a cake for everyone, maybe I could make a marbled cake, they're delicious and cute, it would be fun to make one with a cow print someday.

No. 1465586

File: 1673068295753.jpeg (2.46 MB, 4032x3024, 319D542F-4D51-43E9-BAB9-0BE6E7…)

Found this little guy at Walgreens, I thought it was cute.

No. 1465594

I wonder what it's like to have grown up in Nebraska.

No. 1465595

Me too. I met a girl from Nebraska once. She was chill. And pretty. Awful taste in men, however.

No. 1465721

I'm having the weirdest flu. It started off with chest pains and an extremely painful sore throat. I had trouble breathing and was close to going to the ER. Next day I got an intense headache and muscle pains. It's all gone today but now I can't stop coughing and have stomach issues and nausea.
sorry about the roaches nonna, and good luck with the marbled cake! They're so delicious.

No. 1465917

I made biscuits and sausage gravy from scratch. My gravy was stellar but I cut the biscuits too thick, they puffed up and split and I didn't get good layers like I wanted. Edible though

No. 1465927

Do you guys sometimes get this overwhelming, suffocating feeling like something bad is going to happen?

No. 1465930

wtf hydrogen peroxide is fucking amazing for getting stains out of wood?? I've been using vinegar like a CHUMP

No. 1465931

there's this greasy spoon place in my hometown and they make a bomb ass grilled cheese on sourdough bread. i always ask for tomatoes and kosher dill pickles, sometimes a small side of chili to slather on it. i gained like 10 pounds eating those but fuck it, they were delicious, especially after a long day when i was working retail. i even got my mom and grandpa hooked on them.

No. 1465980

am i having a panic attack

No. 1465983

File: 1673114862486.jpg (36.62 KB, 500x375, 1412482253876.jpg)

>google my symptoms
>could be a brain aneurysm or a heart attack
>"impending sense of doom" listed as a symptom

No. 1465995

You’re having a panic attack stop googling. Webmd is meant to scare you into going to the ER

No. 1466020

I've had this like crazy the last 3/4 days. Nothing happened to set it off but it keeps hitting me in waves.

No. 1466157

File: 1673124590757.jpeg (133.14 KB, 763x900, CD5BB8C0-A780-4206-88F1-D3DE3C…)

my sister and i like to go a particular Japanese restaurant every other weekend for lunch, and today we had our favorite waiter serving us. we've only ever gotten him a handful of times, but even when we don't get his service ourselves, his effort is always easy to pick up on. the dude always goes out of his way for his tables and works his ass off in a thankless service position, especially on weekends when it's busy. anyway, lunch went as it usually does, and when it was time to pay for our meal my sister noticed that the total was lower than what it should have been. a couple of drinks we ordered were missing from the itemized list on the receipt. being the goody two-shoes that she is–i was absolutely prepared to just let it go and hit the road–my sister took our receipt to the front register and mentioned how it was missing one of our orders. turns out our waiter purposefully omitted our drinks from the bill because he likes us, too, and he wanted to do something nice for us. what a sweetheart! so, we tipped him fifteen bucks and went on our merry way a little happier than when we got there.

No. 1466164

I'm so hungry my ear drum is tingling

No. 1466179

So far it's been a great day, I just turned 23!
Today it's my birthday!

No. 1466184

File: 1673125989691.jpg (47.63 KB, 640x527, FJar9voWYAQxMk0.jpg)

Yayyy happy birthday nonnie!

No. 1466268

File: 1673129755845.jpg (23.98 KB, 243x320, 3719215f43619c81aff87691dd6c4b…)

If you didn't know, you're born on orthodox Christmas! You share Jesus' birthday according to the Julian calendar. Happy birthday!

No. 1466295

File: 1673132063240.jpg (655.5 KB, 2439x2560, DN0A9998-scaled.jpg)

I learned how to do a french braid on the back of my head yesterday like picrel and I love this hairstyle already. It's very practical and it keeps everything out of my face. I already knew how to do dutch double braids but I think I prefer this, it looks very Lara Croft esque. Well, I look like a fat Lara Croft with it, but who cares kek. The braid always ends up getting a bit loose near the nape of my neck though and idek how to fix that. My hair is so long that by the time I'm at that section my arms are fucking aching and it's hard to keep the braid tight. It's so hard being a tomb raider nonners…

No. 1466305

nice! I love braiding hair and can do all sorts of crazy braids but not on my own head. you must have arms the don't tire too quickly. French braids are perfect for casual or formal settings. very versatile.

No. 1466319

Happy birthday, nonnie! ♥

No. 1466329

File: 1673134239884.jpg (49.93 KB, 564x846, 091ec18b4a9da1bdf090eaac87aa13…)

Oh I'm the opposite kek, I can learn them easy on my own hair but if I have to do anyone elses then I'm just clueless at it. I think it's the perspective difference. Muscle memory is a crazy thing.
I also love those proper intricate viking and fantasy braids too, I would love to learn those but they must take a lot of time and would just look like I'm trying to GoT larp kek

No. 1466419

Why did we have a shaded area in school named the 'Kool Kid's Korner'? Did they not realise how it sounded?

No. 1466765

File: 1673180856479.jpg (2.82 MB, 4000x3000, IMG20230108132213.jpg)

I collect clowns and my aunt gave me another clown and it made me so happy. Every time she goes to a pawn shop and finds some tiny clown she calls me and says 'hey I have another clown for you' kek. Idk why people find them creepy, I think they're cute. I'm accepting brand new clowns and used clowns, all kinds of clowns

No. 1466769

can you accept me into your heart too nonny

No. 1466782

Of course nona!

No. 1466786

they are cute nona!

No. 1466800

these are cute! men in clown costumes are not however, yk, that serial killer guy, IT. can't speak for all people creeped out by clowns, but those are the ones that do it for me. tiny ones like the dolls you collect, or women in clown makeup is cool and fun

No. 1466966

I like these better than the harlequin ones

No. 1466967

File: 1673192232103.jpg (53.04 KB, 736x719, who tf r u talking to like tha…)

>be me
>watching youtube
>get an ad for online work out classes
>"do you hate gyms?"
>I do
>they promise low impact exercise
>can indeed only do low impact exercises
>check out their website
>considerable catalogue of classes with a bunch of different stuff
>check out a preview of their classes
>instructor talks like a demented motivational speaker/influencer
I guess I'll just remain sedentary.

No. 1467622

File: 1673248017839.jpg (121.05 KB, 1240x1371, chihuahua.jpg)

About to oil my scalp/hair, throw on a bonnet, turn on my humidifier, turn on my AC, and watch SpongeBob until I fall asleep. Goodnight nonnas.

No. 1467676

File: 1673261066357.jpg (67.13 KB, 586x401, FaGhCiy.jpg)

I wish I could get surgery for my nose. I'm almost certain I have a deviated septum or whatever the fuck related to that. I've always had issues with breathing through my nose and I'm literally allergic to the cold air. This is no way to live. Sometimes when I sneeze all day I actually feel like buying a gun and shooting myself in the head.


No. 1467677

Just mute it

No. 1467684

I used the rosy cheeks face mask from lush the other day, used it after my normal routine and holy shit… my skin is so nice rn I might cry

No. 1467698

File: 1673264545265.jpg (825.48 KB, 2400x2320, dinde.jpg)

anyone have any suggestions for what to cook using this ? i'm at a loss, i can only think of omelettes and i really don't want to eat them right now

No. 1467700

Put cream cheese and green onion in them, roll up tightly, cut like sushi

No. 1467701

Figuring this out was my recent project for going on holidays with friends and being too cheap to go to the doctor:
>didn't drink alcohol, yeah sucks I know
> found a mouth tape that actually kept my mouth closed and didn't irritate my skin (used only every 2nd night just in case) https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B09N3J837Y
> used things to keep my nostrils open, i looked like a pig but they helped
>took an antihistamine before bed

Used a snore app to record me plus my usual smartwatch, I snored less or not at all and improved the quality of my sleep.

Things that didn't work: a couppe of cheap mouthguards that are meant to reposition your jaw (the expensive dentist ones might work) and a nasal spray (after a few nights it seemed to make my sinuses worse).

I also tried a thing that keeps your tongue forward and it worked but was uncomfortable for me because I have a tongue tie. Vidrel.

No. 1467711

File: 1673267110131.jpeg (975.23 KB, 2048x2048, BE45B2CE-B438-4935-B5AA-02CB70…)

This sounds like a LOVELY time I’m happy for you anon!
Gosh you both sound CLASSY and cute. Thank you for spreading braids into the wild anons, ur inspiring me to try out braids.

I don’t know if this belongs here but I always liked looking at those mail threads on /clg, was cozy seeing people post their mail and be excited about it. Anyways I copped some Autistic fairy clothes on depop and I’m excited about it. The cringe oozes out of me I just can’t hide it anymore.

No. 1467716

My cat started to wake me up for food by being annoying. Every time he fucks with me i pick him up and force him to snuggle and he acts like he doesnt enjoy it, but repeats the process a few times. (By the way i promise 9/10 times his food is not empty. Hes a brat)

No. 1467724

The skirt and the vest are so damn cute. Is that all Depop? I'm gonna go check out those mail threads too now, I thought clg was full of trannies so I always stayed away. I don't care anymore either, in my art teacher era thrifting all kinds of random shit. Yes, these are clip-on earrings from the 80s and yes I had to clean this vintage purse 5 times to get the old lady smell out.

No. 1467774

i'm so happy there are other anons who love this style! i lean more grunge but have an appreciation for fairy clothes too, love that necklace especially.

No. 1467816

why are you retards calling boho "fairy"?

No. 1467844

I think I keep trying to take off my clothes in my sleep. Yesterday I woke up with my shirt up and today my pants were completely off. Or maybe I'm waking up to take them off and not remembering?

No. 1467848

personally, i associate boho with earth tones exclusively, also longer cuts, which is true for some of the items in the picture but doesn't really apply to all of them

No. 1467856

File: 1673277751602.jpg (1.4 MB, 2048x1365, image.jpg)

I bought three fucking bags of new protein powders. They're marketed as "boba tea protein powders" but I don't plan on putting boba in them. The flavors sounded appealing enough (I ordered classic milk tea, honeydew, and matcha). They're also sweetened with monkfruit instead of stevia. I hope they're yummy.

I've been debating on buying the fruity cereal flavor from Ghost or Alani Nu but I guess I'll have to wait til I get through all this fucking other protein first KEK.

No. 1467926

File: 1673282001628.jpeg (170.31 KB, 800x800, 4b15ce6613f4bb0f96cef48b520188…)

Do we have a tech thread?? I wanna change my phone to that cute flippy clamshell Samsung thingy, but I wanna know if anyone's had issues with the hinge part wearing out.

No. 1467928

No. 1467937

File: 1673282765117.png (104.47 KB, 275x273, 1671517328683.png)

Bless you, nonny!

No. 1467972

I was able to maintain the full expression of a revolved warrior pose when I was doing yoga this morning for the first time since I was run over by an SUV at a crosswalk a year and a half ago. Silently celebrating this small sign of continued recovery. I can and will heal fully.

No. 1468166

File: 1673294476761.jpg (55.58 KB, 960x708, FB_IMG_1535375434360.jpg)

Anon the mouth tape is hilarious. Thank you so much for these suggestions. I honestly worry sometimes my snoring will end my relationship because my partner gets so upset during the night. I'm literally going to try all 3 methods. Thank you thank you. I hope you have great peace with your snoring as well

No. 1468167

Hell yeah!!! That’s great ♥

No. 1468172

I still get emails from livejournal of all my old internet friends' birthdays. Wonder what they are all up to now

No. 1468227

File: 1673296181115.jpg (31.2 KB, 537x719, 7fc93486f8b21ed1a63684cd318680…)

I recently spoke to my older brother on the phone and he said "my daughter is so much like you it's funny" and I thought, oh god she's crazy right? No, he said "She is blunt as fuck and isn't afraid to tell people what she thinks. You have always been like that and I tell her that she's a lot like her cool Aunt Nonna."
His daughter must be around 11 or 12 now and I'm just grateful she isn't afraid to speak her mind and that I seem to have had some positive influence on her kek. I hope more little girls can grow up to not be afraid of saying the wrong thing or speaking their mind.
It's also fun to know that I'm at that age where I'm developing the "Cool Aunt" persona kek. Hopefully in a few years it will evolve to Cool Rich Childless Aunt.

No. 1468265

File: 1673296508427.png (2.38 MB, 1500x2700, 655.png)

My dog when he eats his bone really fast and bothers my other dog for hers

No. 1468269

Was that the moid raging or is just a bot?

No. 1468271

This guy's annoying face is gonna haunt my dreams now ffs.

No. 1468344

That's cool nona! It's funny how other people's perceptions of us are more positive than we naturally assume. Also she sounds like a cool kid. Happy you spread some influence to her. Life is so much easier when you don't really care what other people think, especially as a young girl where no matter what you say or think people will judge you anyway.

No. 1468530

a while ago i thrifted super cute boots for dirt cheap, only just now realized they're actually docs.

No. 1468616

im gonna have a big cup of warm milk tea before i sleepy

No. 1468629

You've insipired me to make a big cup of tea, it's 18C in the room but I can't feel my hands today

No. 1468802

My coworker randomly clacks her heels randomly and it pisses me off so much, but I can't tell her to stop, I would sound deranged lol.

No. 1468804

My morning routine was disrupted now I feel entirely lost/unmotivated.

No. 1468805

Something about pooping with shoes on makes it a very unsatisfying experience.

No. 1468814

Kek I laughed so fucking hard at this, dogs are so greedy. I'll give my dog half of my food and he'll look at the remaining on my plate like "really? you're not gonna share?"

No. 1468817

File: 1673370278095.jpg (12.74 KB, 477x480, FB_IMG_1559824398956.jpg)

I need that goodbye kiss every morning because I like cheesy. Can't believe you almost just left. Wake me up I don't care!!!

No. 1468921

wake me up before you go-go
don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo

No. 1469067

>brother has night duty at the hospital
>happy because I'm home alone
>reads true crime stuff
>gets crept out because I'm home alone
Like fucking clockwork, I'm pretty sure that's how I fried my brain during the second lockdown.

No. 1469404

I forgot to tell you nonnies but the other day when I was at a red light, I could see into someone’s living room and they were watching Bluey and it made me think of lc.

No. 1469715

Sometimes I get sad it's all anon here, someone once posted a pic she drew of Eren being a raging CoD kid and I'd love to see more of her.

No. 1470426

Hollyy cow. I was literally just thinking of that one anon maybe like a few years ago that posted her face in some kinda /g/ thread for face types?eyebrows I can't remember. Then today some fucking idiot posts their boobs for lolcow. So many newfags. Seems like less are integrating.

No. 1470440

I don't know if it's newfags, been here for a while and I can think of quite a few anons who have posted their faces or enough parts of their bodies to be identified, specially in /g/
it's like being an anonymous board makes people forget people can still recognise you if you share enough personal details kek

No. 1470454

File: 1673520791034.jpeg (317 KB, 1280x1280, 2F913E39-2B25-4112-B631-A28CD1…)

Have just been hit with an urge to get into plush making and making custom care bears lol if I get any good I might make a lolcor care bear and think up of some designs while using picrel as a reference! I just wish I knew how to eye ball plush patterns because theres no way I’ll pay $800 to copy a pattern off of one of these

No. 1470458

File: 1673521394659.jpeg (404.82 KB, 932x932, C5735C86-5BBE-4799-B7FE-9CDAEE…)

Back in the day a company named Butterick did care bear patterns and you can still buy the patterns second hand or with some mild sleuthing find patterns online for free, plush community is also so large now that theres plenty handmade patterns by fans lying around.

No. 1470467

File: 1673525510274.jpeg (56.63 KB, 500x375, 23A99FF5-523D-4FBA-814D-01AC0E…)

Thank you anon! Might use one of the tender heart pig as a prototype for the lolcow bear and make a pattern for the head later. Now to day dream about the color scheme using lolcors layout lol

No. 1470476

leave her have fun, idiot.

No. 1470483

lol what is wrong with you? There's no need to be so bitter.

No. 1470594

File: 1673537617743.jpeg (67.31 KB, 900x1200, B888F66E-269A-4522-A1A8-D253FA…)

Going out on my own is so difficult, sometimes I wish I could stay at home and lay on bed like pic related but with a pillow, or a hot guy with muscles that won't speak, smells good and will leave to never bother me again, he will just lay there and let me hug him.
But I have to go out now, it's not even to do anything important, but I'm so used to having people driving me around, make schedules for me, paying for me and so on, that this makes me feel really nervous.

No. 1470596

fuck off you bitter hag.

No. 1470608

File: 1673538662042.jpeg (15.65 KB, 211x239, 89A405E8-5D74-4AF5-A1F1-DD91C0…)

Ayrt tbh you can say that about everything else people enjoy it’s not just lolcow. You can say the same about plush making, the community is filled with furries and weirdos making sexdolls so you should grow up and distance yourself from it. And even if I did make the plush, who else is going to know the reference outside of lolcow? People won’t bat an eye because cows are popular and it’ll just be brushed off as something cute I like or a project I did to pass the time. Anyways, I hope you can show off the stuffed animals you did later on in the sew thread, te kiero mucho pendeja!!

No. 1470616

I can't believe that anon destroyed lolcow just to have a plushy, what a selfish bitch.

No. 1470618

Ugh nonnie I cuddle my himbo bf exactly like that, face planted in his titties… fuck now I’m horny

No. 1470620

My eyebrows are finally growing back. Taking everything within me not to pluck them. I'm staying strong

No. 1470694

She was not the first boobposter tbf, there was another one in the "things that get you called a scrote" thread who posted hers to prove that she wasn't a scrote, one from some old confession threads who posted her boobs twice just for the hell of it, and one in the previous plastic surgery thread on /g/ who posted hers because she got a bad boobjob and was freaking out about it. then there's the numerous foot posters, eye posters, etc. there's like an endless amount kek

No. 1470733

>using lolcow, a site renowned for nitpicking, gossip and autism
>calling other people losers
When will you retards just accept that every single one of us here is a retard loser and stop with the false hierarchy. You aren't special kek

No. 1470863

>oh nooo, the anonymous strangers on my taiwanese yarn-spinning forum are casually talking about making stuffed animals nooooo noooooooo not learning skills that's not allowed!!!!

You sound like such a fucking loser kek

No. 1470920

Same kek I can’t stop thinking about it. My ex had big pecs and he was so confused when I’d fondle them… Himbo breasts are the best

No. 1471068

File: 1673561178432.jpg (122.76 KB, 750x741, IMG_20230107_184710.jpg)

I feel like I was super annoying at work today.

No. 1471075

The munsters is superior anyway

No. 1471090

I've been listening to Rosalia on repeat to get through these past two days. Idk what she's saying but it speaks to me.

No. 1471096

I like clown imagery but not actual real life clowns. Unless it's an alt girl who does cute clown makeup you cant put me near a real life clown performer.
As a child I lived in a small town that had a local clown you could hire. He ended getting arrested for pedophilia. I remember seeing his ads in the paper. Its something that still haunts me.

No. 1471207

I like both the Munsters and the 1960s Addams family though. I could care less for whatever shit netflix is churning from their factories.

No. 1471211

Maybe you only like woman clowns.

No. 1471426

File: 1673578782755.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1900x1781, 1663131440109.jpeg)

late but you are perfect anon

No. 1471437

File: 1673579331017.jpg (332.01 KB, 1600x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

you know how 90s moms went all out with like, chicken themed decor or chili peppers or seashells? yeah, im like that with clowns…pagliaccis all over my walls, clown figurines everywhere, carnival masks…i have 9 ceramic clowns glued to my car dashboard. i cant help it, the thrift stores are full of them and theyre so cheap and cute. i have no idea why im obsessed. maybe because i feel like my only defense against this fucked up world is to laugh at how stupid everything has become? i call it being mirth pilled.

No. 1471444

At least this coomer gave her a bit of stomach.

No. 1471523

Im trying to cut back how much processed sugar I eat for my health, but I really want a little thumbprint cookie. One with a kiss in the middle. I would only make one, then no more sugar for today…

No. 1471534

File: 1673586200396.jpg (12.92 KB, 305x229, IMG_5877.jpg)


The hershey kisses looks like literal shit from a person that needs to eat more fibre so that it doesn't looked like soft served ice cream.

No. 1471555

Thanks nonna, but didn't work. Poop doesn't gross me out.
I'm just going to get something savory to eat and drink a lot of water, so that way I'll be too full to think about desserts. I've been really craving some meat and rice so I think I'll try sausage and rice.

No. 1471653

Last time I tried lucid dreaming I ended up in a delirious half-lucid nightmare and layers of false awakenings. It scared me off for a while, but I think I'll give it another go tonight.

No. 1471798

File: 1673624486627.jpeg (96.48 KB, 750x913, E1cH9OIX0AIicsf.jpeg)

I love sleeping with my cat but the little rascal always wakes me up at 5am, so I try to sleep alone but I miss him when he's not there.

No. 1471896

File: 1673630942513.gif (11.35 KB, 100x100, ABA23FEF-4EA2-4A2D-A5E2-B55FE7…)

i'm a thirdie so things are a bit different but it really wasn't until i went to public university that i realized getting a private education isn't the norm. i honestly thought most people went to private schools ( which are not like international or boarding schools, just national schools that are private and pay money for ) because all my neighbors and entourage did. i seriously was not at all aware of my poshness until i found out most if not all of my classmates went to public schools only. my institution was preschool to highschool and wasn't even recognized anywhere so it wasn't like prestigious but now i see that despite that i was posh. humbled and embarrassed that i didn't realize earlier. i wasn't even the average private school goer too i was on food stamps and disabilitybuxx but now i know i lived a privileged way different life than most people. so embarrassing that i thought any differently in restrospect

No. 1471899

This is the common experience when you're first starting out nona. It's very jarring but try to remind yourself that you're asleep and try to take the reigns. Happy dreaming!

No. 1471912

File: 1673632254202.jpg (34.47 KB, 540x563, 7499eoyrs2m21.jpg)

my kitty sleeps on top of me. It's very cute but i'm a restless sleeper and am always worried i'll throw her off in my sleep

No. 1471925

File: 1673632908286.jpg (41.38 KB, 391x478, b.jpg)

tfw i bake cookies and eat them all in one night and feel sick and regret eating them, then next morning i crave cookies again but they're all gone because my retarded ass ate the entire thing without even enjoying it

No. 1471951

At least you had cookies, nonna. Last time i had one was eons ago

No. 1472152

I was sat next to a moid who had his phone out and scrolling thru google images for "baby cat cute" just looking for a long while

No. 1472163

Aww this is cute

No. 1472231

I still have diarrhea but I've been eating the healthiest these weeks, I don't get it, this began when I started taking my medicine for the sugar again, and my period came too, so I don't know if it's the pills or the period and at this point I'm afraid to ask.

No. 1472300

I wanna leave work, i cant do this last hour, wish i could just be honest and say, look im done for the day can i just leave im not gonna work anymore, do you really want me sitting here doing nothing

No. 1472305

Might be Nigel material. Might also be a spastic degernate. Either way that is pretty cute.

No. 1472426

File: 1673654197224.gif (157.49 KB, 498x378, sly-sneaky.gif)

I posted about wanting a cookie but not having one because I need to stop eating sugar. I'm actually super happy with my progress, so I think I will treat myself to either a sweet tea or a cookie.

No. 1472523

I did it! Wandered around a medieval courtyard trying to manifest a tearoom, lol.

No. 1472598

I am peeved.

No. 1472657

Shit i do this too, he sounds like my match made in heaven

No. 1472851

I’m so excited to tile my kitchen splashback. It’s going to look so cute. I’m really happy with the tiles I picked out.

No. 1473018

The hulu movie Deep Water is actually hilarious, and I love it. I'm on the couch and both cats are chilling with me. Gonna brew some coffee soon

No. 1473066

Quit my job today. Just told them I was quitting and then walked out.

No. 1473080

It's Saturday bitcheees. I'm about to get a sandwich, some tea and watch anime in bed.

No. 1473108

Today I found out I am blocked ln Twitter by a random troon I had never heard of and since I never interact with anyone there I didn't get why, but he was probably using a bot that automatically blocks all the followers of specific accounts, and I do follow some terfy accounts like Males of Reddit. The funniest thing is that I managed to view his account in incognito mod, what a loser.

No. 1473167

I bought an item from etsy for $14.99 today, and I saw them mark up the price to $17.99 when I checked back a few moments ago kek.

No. 1473262

I want creamy shrimp and corn
I'm gonna go make some right now.

No. 1473432

Putting together a new chore playlist so I can wash some dishes..

No. 1473594

The only thing that works for me is watching a show or listening to a podcast music isn't enough. God I hate dishes

No. 1473600

My life is in a really strange place right now, it's like.. teetering on the edge of a huge abyss with so many outcomes depending on which way it falls, or if it falls. I could become insane maybe. If I lived alone this would be a "gets a dog" point for sure.

No. 1473645

I'm trying to watch Chainsaw Man for Aki but it's so painful.

No. 1473885

I'm seeing that "chest/pec separation" after only a month of benching, and trying to see if I have "good" or "bad" pec insertions. Why the fuck am I building muscle so fast? inb4 scrote, just very into lifting

No. 1473974

I've been getting in touch with the "geeky" side of myself I had abandoned some years ago as a teenager. I rebelled pretty hard against this identity I was previously so proud of. I started reading comics again and allowed myself to make fanart of my favourite character. It feels strange to be delving into these interests again. It's not my identity, but it isn't something I feel the need to harshly disapprove of either. It's just neutral.

No. 1474405

I have to wash my bedsheets but my cat is peacefully sleeping there and I don't want to wake him up.

No. 1474412

File: 1673871532963.jpeg (5.39 KB, 225x224, 1666781889902.jpeg)

The sheets stay forever

No. 1474493

Got a message on fb that's not from the two people I usually chat with and it's probably from one of the guys who had crush on me and that I mercilessly ghosted, I'm scared to open it lol.

No. 1474792

Don't open it, make him wait forever

No. 1475111

Ayrt and I still haven't opened it, but I now know who it is from and I've been nauseous for the past two days due to anxiety. Can't run away from my past forever I guess.

No. 1476418

I want a burger but I have to buns or bread, so I'm going to try and use the crescent roll dough I have.

No. 1476534

Im gonna try a blueberry bagel for the first time. I've only ate the savory ones. I don't think I will like it but let's see.

Also, even just trying to read lolcow is so painful because everything loads so slow.

No. 1476799

Did you like it

No. 1476921

It was ok. I can't really see myself buying them again.

No. 1476940

File: 1674157019241.jpg (87.64 KB, 351x500, 61D1qJxEUvL.jpg)

just remembered these books and I used to love them. read it again and it was pretty nostalgic

No. 1476946

I LOVED THESE BOOKS SO MUCH AS A KID OMG thank you so muchfor reminding me nonna ily

No. 1476954

Omfg I was in love with the one where she goes on a roadtrip with her mom and sister and meets a boy her age along the way.

No. 1476961

File: 1674158721227.jpeg (47.24 KB, 256x400, 52947209-5EDD-498C-878F-5035FE…)

I loved these so fucking much. I also loved checking out American Girl magazine from the library, and getting the catalogs in the mail. I was too poor for any of the dolls or toys, but I read every AG book I could find.

missed you nonas ♥

No. 1476968

File: 1674159281009.jpeg (205.38 KB, 2000x2000, b087d6d9-48d5-4895-b8ef-7e4f8e…)

AH I had this one too nonnie! I used to read this one all the time too.

No. 1477091

honestly this was a great book to read before going through puberty, i wasn't the type to ask my mom about that kind of stuff so i probably wouldn't have known what to expect if i never read this, made it a lot less scary to go through. thx american girl ur a real one

No. 1477305

It's almost 3 am and I'm up making pasta with Halloween shaped noodles

No. 1477379

Finally applied for a job! It's just a simple retail job but I hope they answer, it's in a beauty store and seems pretty fun (more than my last retail job).

No. 1477403

File: 1674220774952.jpg (77.01 KB, 1070x1070, iat8y55gu5p51.jpg)

I hope you get the job nona!

I'm going back to university after years of being a neet due to mental illness. Hopefully i won't feel too out of place because of my age (25)
Might be a dumb reason, but I had a glow up during the pandemic and feel really good because of it. Gave me the confidence to go outside more and even made new friends. Things are looking good!

No. 1477406

Good for you nonna, and thank you! Uni will be okay, before I dropped out (it had to do with my major btw, I could not switch) there were a few people there that were around 25 as well. Glad you came out of your shell!

No. 1477418

File: 1674224124490.jpg (75.46 KB, 879x441, conglaturation, stupid!.jpg)

Bought myself a link cable not realizing I can't link my NTSC GBA game and PAL GC game until after I plugged it in, life is pain.

No. 1477457

File: 1674228349471.jpg (39.83 KB, 720x403, 1651094103196.jpg)

My brother and I love sending troonphobic memes to each other.

No. 1477520

Lately before bed, my husband and I sing together. Any song, as long as we both know it. It's fun and it relaxes me.

No. 1477529

File: 1674235360488.jpg (33.91 KB, 825x600, Papa-Johns.jpg)

I usually stick to actual italian non-fast food pizza but I want papa john's so bad today. I don't care if it's greasy, I need crappy doughy pizza NOW

No. 1477541

File: 1674236268084.jpeg (409.15 KB, 828x604, C96283AC-0F5C-4F4B-BB5F-1A69F6…)

a sleepy butt

No. 1477552

Safiya's new videos on las vegas are her best videos in years aside from the one dedicated to her cat. I've been to vegas twice, once was cool, the second time was ruined by the person i was travelling with and i got a free hotel so it looks like i am going for the third time. Her videos made me excited to go again because i realise there was so many things i didn't see the first couple of times. I highly recommend her videos if you are going there or just to know what it's like. vegas gets hate for being trashy and it is trashy, but it's fun, even if you don't drink or like degen shit.

No. 1477583

Their garlic knot sauce is so fucking addicting and delicious. If you get pizza today try the knots too. I haven’t had them in a couple years so don’t yell at me if they don’t exceed your expectations.

No. 1477634

My 43 year old neighbour is dating a 24 year old guy. Based

No. 1477671

File: 1674245560151.gif (5.93 MB, 1000x750, fгœqëгlı.gif)

I want to keep folding my birdies and a frogli here and there, but my left arm hurts.

No. 1477705

File: 1674247591130.jpeg (98.25 KB, 1200x675, 739398383.jpeg)

I really did fuck-all today and the day is already halfway over. I think it's okay to have a lazy day every once in a while. The weather is gloomy and I haven't even gotten out of my robe. The least I can I for myself is cook that ravioli and out my clothes washing. Whatever Happy Friday nonnies

No. 1477712

Yes it's grey outside. I'm gonna try to draw something colorful to brighten my spirits

No. 1477716

Also cooking shall brighten thine spirits maybe put on some music and dance desu

No. 1477809

Thinking about what I would do if I ever accidentally said my husbandos name during sex

No. 1477831

File: 1674259056988.jpg (81.85 KB, 736x937, 89418d01a45819a4f37c81c468706a…)

Laying on the couch and my cat is on me cleaning herself and im fed and all is gooda

No. 1478185

File: 1674305525668.jpg (24.92 KB, 507x367, 01305543964ac016df1171bc5b3d9b…)

Been feeling down for the past couple of weeks and I wish I had a bathtub so I could soak my sorrows away. ue, ue, ue (soung of crying)

No. 1478202

File: 1674306536501.jpeg (10.89 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg)

During the week I have the same postman who delivers stuff. Then on saturdays its I guess these part timers who never look familar. Feels like you never get the same guy twice.

Today I was walking through a different part of my town when one stopped and was like "you're 'nonnie' right? I have a parcel for you" I didn't know him from adam. How does he know me?

No. 1478244

I spent more than I earned today, all on stupid shit

No. 1478320

Love when you list something online, completely forget about it and months later someone buys it. It’s like getting a surprise present

I feel nostalgic whenever I get a slice of convenience store pizza because it was my cheap lunch when I was a retail wagie

No. 1478651

File: 1674343373437.jpeg (133.39 KB, 1280x760, 1588698826012.jpeg)

Depressed to report that ever since I've had to cease my (up to that point neet induced) day-long walks, my feet start to hurt again when I walk (actually even less than) my usual route. Should've become a postwoman instead.

No. 1478662

I'm watching The Menu.

No. 1478673

File: 1674345599604.jpeg (2.15 MB, 3024x2164, 48AAED92-A42E-4F60-8370-8D8D17…)

Cold as fuck, laying here with my cats on my bed warming me up, cuddling, snoring. I manifested cats and I got them. They've since moved positions from this photo.

No. 1478893

Your cats are gorgeous and wonderful, thank you for sharing

No. 1478927

I'm watching Spirited Away and eating girl scout cookies
So cute how they're in the same position kek

No. 1479023

russian nesting kitty dolls

No. 1479148

I can't stop staring at pics taken of me yesterday night, I'm usually never photogenic but on these I look so fucking good.

No. 1479576

I wanted to go for a walk to clear up my mind, but it's past 8pm here.

No. 1479689

I just ate ribs and peas after not eating all day and I feel like I'm going to burst.

No. 1479698

I'm glad I found some pants that I can wear to go to work tomorrow, they're so comfortable and practical too, it's almost like going to work in sweatpants but they look classy and nice. I will try to get some sleep, I don't know why I still feel so anxious about going out, I wonder if this will stop after I go out more often.

No. 1479746

I had one of those Japanese curry buns, delicious, will buy again.

No. 1479890

yesss they're so good. i wanna try making some at home since i don't live near the bakery i used to get them from anymore

No. 1479907

I love using the internet of some places where the connection requires your name and your email, I always enter random shit and it still works.

No. 1480080

I was bored today so I looked something up and landed on an article about strong women from my countries' history, I knew some of them already (like 'the girl with the red hair', she was in the Dutch resistance) but found some new ones and really cool details. I had a good time, so many badass women from this small country.

No. 1480429

A friend gave me a huge bag of okra and I've never had it before. No idea what to make or even how it tastes. I like most veg though so I imagine I'll settle on some okra dish to make

No. 1480544

Today I talked to a woman who looked at me with that autistic way of forcing eye contact during a conversation or else your mom yells at you for looking away, I felt some kind of kinship with her.

No. 1480567

you can throw it into stew, pickle it, fry it. okra is great.

No. 1480575

This made me feel called out in some way.

No. 1480613

Fried okra is top tier

No. 1480617

my apartment is really dusty because I suck at deep cleaning. I'm not a messy person and I'll put things away and do surface level stuff like vacuuming and wiping etc. But I don't ever really move furniture around to clean, or dust my knicknacks, or scrub stuff. I know I should but I never make time. Now that it's winter and cold I have the windows closed all the time and my allergies are out of control. Eyes are all gunky, sniffling and constant congestion, and I'm sure its because of how dusty it is in here. But I still can't make myself do it. I use so much eye drops and nasal spray and feel low key sick 24/7. This is so stupid but I'm so lazy.

No. 1480618

>tfw no fellow autist female friends

No. 1480619

I only cleaned behind shit because my hamster went missing I realized how gross it was I'm due for a deep clean too. Also I swear my tiny place gets dirty so place I don't remember my parents having to clean so much

No. 1480653

I'm having a caesar salad for lunch. I wish we had some ranch but I poured in some lemon juice and it's still pretty good.

No. 1481208

A Japanese artist I love is currently in Paris for vacations, I would love to send her a message to meet her but it'd probably look creepy.

No. 1481327

You're a woman, I'm sure when you will make it sound casual it won't sound creepy at all! You can tell her that you'd be happy to show her around if she wants or something non-commital like this so she won't feel pressured or stressed in any way

No. 1481360

File: 1674662229241.jpeg (15.64 KB, 320x180, E9221CE9-74C4-48DA-ACAE-661BCB…)

I like the way my hair is dyed but it keeps staining the back of my shirts. Pain.

No. 1481375

Sometimes I will use a really random word like persnickety or foible on lolcow and then in the same thread someone else will use the word and I get a weird satisfaction feeling like I influenced somebody

No. 1481405

I was sitting at a bus stop thismorning when a man came up to me and asked for a cigarette. "I don't smoke" I say. He repeats it back to me with a tone of suspicion "you… don't smoke..??"

I didn't say anything after that but he stood there like he was weighing up whether to accuse me of lying. Wtf

No. 1481578

It's always weird hobos or gutter punks who ask for a cigarette and not just some fire, dude was probably not very mentally sound.

No. 1481842

File: 1674692036016.jpeg (41.66 KB, 612x408, 5B50062F-D085-4D62-A75C-CC6774…)

This is the day I give no fucks, I'm having pasta for dinner, I don't care if this is a grave sin, I needed to live a little for once.

No. 1481846

Girl this happened to me too tf

No. 1481847

How is having pasta for dinner a sin? Is it an euphamism or something?

No. 1481852

This board is anachan central. /snow/ sets up a lynch mob whenever a cow eats pasta

No. 1481856

Thank you for clearing that for me, I tend to avoid the anachan threads since they scare me and I often have to deal with dry skinned skeletons at work.

No. 1482051

It's just that in my family we don't eat heavy stuff like pasta for dinner because in my case it makes me feel heavy as fuck, sometimes I even have reflux, which is why I usually have light stuff for dinner.

No. 1482344

Eating pasta last night was a really bad idea, now I feel like shit but I have to go to work.

No. 1482406

What? I always eat pasta in the evening when I don't have time to prepare something more elaborate.

No. 1482534

File: 1674751716044.jpg (99.19 KB, 1024x768, 213cc02fc3b42a1de5eed697a23928…)

It was so warm it felt like spring and now it's all covered in snow again

No. 1482540

File: 1674752038854.jpg (1.18 MB, 2893x1791, Pizza-Slice.jpg)

Craving fast food pizza again. What is with me this week? Any other day I'd gasp in italian at the thought of fast food pizza but this whole week it's all I've been thinking about. I had a slice on monday and that staved off the cravings for a bit but now they're back and worse than ever

No. 1482600

i ordered delivery today and for some reason they always forget to include utensils… i should keep some at my desk but still, isn’t it standard to include them on any take out orders?

No. 1482654

File: 1674761288717.png (3.43 KB, 411x97, gdfs.PNG)

When my classmate mods pls no ban, vocational school talks about the values and day to day life in her home country I sometimes sit there and have to wonder if it really is as she tells or if it's more a situation like picrel

No. 1482748

Today I am going to send an email to my college advisor and I am going to tell him I want to get my bachelor's in computer science. I'm not keen on math and I took very easy math classes all throughout my first two years so I know that I am probably going to have to take those required classes the first few semesters or so. I'm very excited. I spent a year away from school and I miss it so bad. I miss studying and I miss taking notes and I miss the joy of finally understanding something and of working towards something.

No. 1482755

I just got fried chicken from Taco Bell. Kek how crazy is that.

No. 1482757

I just know I can't eat stuff like pasta, burgers, hot dogs, Chinese food and such at night, specially if it's after 8 pm.

No. 1482876

whaaat, how was it nona?

No. 1482881

It reminded me of the fried chicken you can get at a Chinese spot. Didn't have much flavor/seasoning, but I did taste some lemon pepper. It came with avocado ranch so I guess that somewhat made up for the blandness. The drums were super tiny but everyone that sells chicken seems to have small pieces. I don't think it will stick around.

No. 1482894

The one I got it from wasn't a KFC/Taco Bell combo, the wings are actually on the Taco Bell menu.

No. 1482935

I started a treatment against heartburns, hopefully it'll work long-term, the best thing is that my brother wrote me the prescription for free since he's a med student.

No. 1482958

File: 1674779351324.jpeg (95.91 KB, 828x266, 59F12F72-FDD5-41C6-A8D0-ED6614…)

lolcow user spotted in the wild?

No. 1482966

I googled Haerin, and it's a 16 year old girl. Wtf.

No. 1482981

File: 1674781288385.jpg (103.92 KB, 944x944, Fi_0Wc8WABoimFf.jpg)


No. 1483013

The poster is probably an underage girl too

No. 1483034

File: 1674787051140.jpg (102.33 KB, 1400x1050, megan_trailer.jpg)

I watched M3GAN yesterday. I was expecting it to be one of those movies that are so bad they're good, but it wasn't bad. Was pretty boring though, imo. I also couldn't help but laugh when Megan would randomly start singing.

No. 1483095

Today was my day off and I spent it sleeping and drawing my husbando eating me out.

No. 1483109

I wanna watch it but that dancing scene is throwing me off. From the reviews I read so far, I got the impression they were trying to become a hit on tiktok. What do you think, anon?

No. 1483145

I do think it was made with social media/tiktok in mind. That scene with the dancing was one of the first clips to be released from the movie, which gives me the vibe that they wanted people to recreate the dance. The movie is meant to be campy and a comedy-horror so I think it was always going to naturally be popular on social media. It actually makes perfect sense for that to be the target audience.
We're living in a digital age so I think we're going to be seeing more horror movies about AI/tech, like Black Mirror shit. I won't spoiler it but I think that the overall commentary and message M3GAN makes about technology is good.

No. 1483157

I have been half-sick-ish for a more than a week now. It's like I can still normally function but still feel like I have a flu.
It started with light throat pain that would go and then appear again. Then light cough. Yesterday I was doing fine, then got sick to my stomach and had to throw up. Today my stomach feels fine but my head hurts a bit and my nose is congested.

No. 1483159

I can't sleep so I'm watching Love, Death, and Robots and crafting.

No. 1483162

I had a boomer moment yesterday at work when I asked what was the app with the yellow background and the white silhouette, I'm one of the youngest there lmao.

No. 1483184

Popped into a local newsagents today to pick up a gift for a friends new baby. A blue bunny plush with boy on its foot. That'll do. An old man serves me. As he's bagging it up he goes
> Big floppy ears, floppy ears, old floppy ears, floppy ears
> .. yep
Made me wish I'd bought the bear instead. I mean how do you respond to that.

No. 1483208

I had mixed feelimgs about it as well, I enjoyed it, but didn't understand why the reviews are raving about it. It was campy, predictable fun. I did like the message that the difficult feelings that people might try to distract themselves from with social media and the digital word need to be experienced in order to grow as a human being, it was an unexpectedly deep moment in an otherwise lighthearted film.
The singing scene cracked me up as well and pretty sure it was intentional and they were going for deliberate campiness

No. 1483209

Did you have a Covid test?

No. 1483216

Me neighbor works somewhere where he's able to take home a lot of produce and baked goods that would otherwise go to waste and my bf got the hook up with him - bag of random vegetables and fruit with a nice loaf or two I use for croutons or french toast about once a week. I definitely spend a little less these days.

No. 1483217

They made the movie PG 13 and cut out some of the actual gore and kill stuff because it became such a popular thing on tik tok they wanted to get that zoomer box office.

No. 1483235

Inflation in the US is fucking insane. I just spent $600 on groceries to feed a family of four and six animals.
Before it was half of that for the same amount. I feel like I did something wrong.

No. 1483610

File: 1674847882864.png (57.92 KB, 657x527, 1662392944818.png)

I've swapped from using a hot water bottle to using a big water bottle filled with hot water and a teabag so i can also have a warm sippy in bed while im on my period

No. 1483816

File: 1674857586948.gif (88.17 KB, 500x500, baby.gif)

I wanna watch Lilo & Stitch but the last time I watched it wasn't too long ago, so I think I'll grow bored halfway through. Maybe I should watch the TV series, the only chance I ever got to watch it was when I was sent back home from school when I was sick.

No. 1483863

I do that too! It's so comforting!

No. 1484017

File: 1674876651581.jpg (37.02 KB, 640x641, xftu8ts1ovu61.jpg)

awww yea me and my nonny be maximizing our comfort

No. 1484032

File: 1674879386258.jpg (235.24 KB, 1280x720, Chopped_cheese_Crotona_Bronx.j…)

I made a chopped cheese with bbq sauce. Yummy.

No. 1484041

mm chopped cheese

No. 1484157

Yes, it's negative though.

No. 1484176

File: 1674904619801.jpeg (20.53 KB, 275x260, 1673688333706.jpeg)

"Came out" as a terf to my mother (she was sympathetic but "doesn't want be so judgemental" and believes in trutrans) and now she keeps insisting I watch Transparent with her

No. 1484179

Woke up in a cold sweat at 2 am, rated Inside job 10 stars on IMDB and went back to sleep

No. 1484192

My mom is the same way she's very live and let live and doesn't know or care about the harm of trans shit. It's a waste of time to even discuss it with her

No. 1484213

i logged into an old ed forum account to delete it and i saw a thread titled 'trans men, do your eds make you feel masculine' and i clicked and everyone agreed they feel like men when restricting.

No. 1484216

7% are rookie numbers, you get the rights to complain when you double that

No. 1484223

I mean eds do make you lose your curves and period sometimes, they also make some weird hair grow on you and give you an angular ugly face.

No. 1484239

Back when hormones weren't handed out so easily (weren't given to teens, only given to adults after meeting some critera) this was pretty common. It was the only way they could control their body. Def not a mental illness though.. def doesn't tend to have links to other comorbid illnesses

No. 1484300

idk it was just funny to hear them say that on a community where 99.9% of the userbase is female and none of the tifs participating in that conversation were particularly thin

No. 1484317

I think I broke my Open Office. A file wouldn't open, so I spam clicked it for like three minutes straight out of frustration, it didn't open still, so I restarted my computer and now it tells me to set everything up, as my registration is completed. All my settings, except for my custom default template whenever I make a new file, are resetted, too.

No. 1484418

File: 1674928543093.jpg (39.72 KB, 639x492, e3a96c9eea5700a23af9e556f7a22f…)

Gonna go out for drinks with friends tonight even though I am really tired and don't feel good about my looks and myself after I got ghosted and then dumped a couple of days ago. I'm gonna force myself to put myself out there again after crying in my apartment for days. I want to just stay in and not talk to anyone but then I'd just fall into a depressive episode and cry about my loneliness. Please wish me luck nonnies.

No. 1484426

I spent the entire day writing an introduction for my research paper. Literally where did the hours go. My brain has been working at 0.01% capacity the last few days.

No. 1484436

you should go out, but not for drinks. like won't the alcohol make you more depressed?

No. 1484438

I have something stuck in my teeth and can't get it out

No. 1484445

I won't drink much anyway, maybe a cider or two but idk my friends suggested we go to a pub in town. I'm not looking to get drunk anyway but to socialize for a bit instead of being all holed up at home.

No. 1484617

I recently installed some lights that change colors underneath the shelf above my couch. There's this setting that makes them flicker gently with a warm, golden glow like from a fireplace, and I've been lying on the couch just staring at them and feeling strangely comforted. I'm a sucker for ambience, I guess.

No. 1484654

That sounds so cozy anon. Very nice warm drink & book reading atmosphere!

No. 1484666

I replaced the rusty vent covers that were here when I moved in with some cute white ones from the dollar store. Only spent $20 in total and it's made such a nice difference!

No. 1484673

That's awesome Nonnies. I love doing small home improvement things that totally add so much to a room.

No. 1484693

I have an ikea bed with a built in fabric headboard. It's light grey and can't be removed for cleaning. I have short hair that requires a lil serum to keep it tamed…and now my headboard makes it look like I'm some greasy headed fucker who stained it by just being gross. Idk how to clean it. I've tried sponging and wiping it down. Fuck

Kinda reminds me of those memes where men have the grossest old flattened, yellow stained pillows on their bed and they bring a woman back to that.

No. 1484698

I am 1 week clean from smoking weed. I know it’s not much of a milestone but it’s a start

No. 1484699

I'm super annoyed with my eldest 35 year old sister. Everyone arounds me tells me to be nice to her since she as aspergers but I just hate her more for it because she uses it as an excuse to be a bitch or have people do everything for her when she's completely capable of doing everything on her own.

No. 1484712

I'm got lo mein, general tso's chicken, pepper chicken, and bourbon chicken. Chinese food never gets old.

No. 1484720

youre probably wasting your time trying to clean it but try looking for products meant to be used on couches. then give up and view it as a reminder to never buy anything made of cloth that can't be washed or covered

No. 1484721

Congrats nonnie! First two weeks are the hardest.

No. 1484722

File: 1674957081290.jpg (126.05 KB, 972x729, 20221014_BissellLittleGreenCle…)

If you happen to have a spare $100-200 just lying around you could get one of those upholstery spot cleaners.

No. 1484757

I'm such a pick me. I'm going to Japan next month (not a weeaboo just like the food/scenery. Idk why but I feel the need to clarify that kek) and I just saw someone from my city is there right now. I instantly felt angry. like no that's supposed to be my thing. I'm the only one who gets to go to X country and now you watered the experience and the attention I'll get from my peers when I go. Yes I know I'm retarded.

No. 1484814

finally cleaned my apartment after months of neglecting it. I'm not even exaggerating when I say it looked like a neckbeard nest. I actually like being here now. For months I would constantly make up excuses to not be home because it was genuinely unpleasant being there. The irony is that it didn't even take me that long to remove all the garbage so idk why I have been avoiding doing it for months let's see how long it takes me to trash the whole place again

No. 1484837

there was a nona who had the most beautiful diluted calico cat, and tonight I am thinking of her for no reason. if you're still here nona, hi to you and your cat

No. 1484903

I checked some gaming youtubers I used to watch on the early 2010s and holy shit they've all become fat slobs, men really age like shit.

No. 1484912

This is like every person who posted in the PULL Kenna thread kek.

No. 1484918

She was the only cow whose thread I followed for the users and not for the milk lmao

No. 1484928

feel this way as somebody of a strange race and country mix. literally get annoyed when i see somebody from my half just parading around i'm always thinking in my head go back to your country i was born and raised here only I'M allowed to be in here stop go away stealing my spotlight. (no one is even paying attention to me and neither do i want them to in any way) i don't really mean it but the sight does kind of annoy me at first. i still keep an eye out in case anybody's racist to them though

No. 1484938

Same, it's the only thing I miss about PULL because the users in her thread were the milk themselves. Watching them lose their shit over mundane shit Kenna posted on her IG stories was absolutely hilarious.

No. 1484942

fucking same. i miss the insane shit that qualle and toko fukawa would post all the time.

No. 1484950

Also some user doing online snooping to figure out which AirBnB she was staying in and announced that she can give out the address for anyone interested. People in that thread were absolute psychos just because they were so seething over some other girl getting to live in Japan and date Asian men that wasn't them so they spent 10 pages sperging about her being disrespectful by eating a burger once instead of enjoying traditionaru japanesu washoku cuisine each and every day unlike they totally would!!!!!.

No. 1484952

File: 1674991011533.jpg (41.27 KB, 600x553, 118.jpg)

I heard her threads on PULL were bad but I had no idea it was that bad kek, guarentee a good handful fled here to nitpick and sperg

No. 1484956

Her thread was documented in the first PULL thread >>73039 and it's still a hilarious read. It was more of an insecure weeb support center than a thread about her, users were just blogging about how much better they would fare in Japan compared to Kenna and how much more they would respect the culture and deserve a sugoi Japanese boyfriend. I never really understood what initially made Kenna so infamous but from what I've gathered it's because she photoshopped her selfies and told half-truths about her life to brag when she was younger or something along those lines, just generic petty online blogger bullshit.

No. 1484964

>I never really understood what initially made Kenna so infamous
from what i remember
>stole poems and other shit
>made an apology video in which she acted like an overdramatic villain by reciting poetry and saying stuff like "my cards are on the table"
>promised to do better
>did not do better (aka continued to steal poems, ideas and designs)
>someone signed up on PULL and said that she helped kenna make the apology video and leaked emails between her and kenna, kenna never understood that what she did was wrong

that was the initial reason why kenna got so "popular" on pull.

kenna also bought her autism diagnosis in japan and is weirdly obsessed with little boys and made up weird stories about how "smol widdle japanese fairy grandmas" told her that she looked like a princess or something. also constantly bodychecked by doing shit like putting on toddler tshirts at target and saying "oh my god, i'm sooo skinny" and then later she put on a skirt that didn't fit her and said "look guys i'm so skinny yet plus sized!" also constantly talked about being a sexrepulsed aroace while obviously being obsessed with yaoi. and then there's stuff like extreme photoshopping, putting down her sister's appearance and posting about how she (kenna) is the prettier one, always skinwalking the current netflix favorite of the day (sabrina, for example) and saying insane shit like "i'm SO pale, like not normal pale, but pale as in DEAD PEOPLE pale!" etc.

but the WORST she did is going to japan and living there for a year.

tl;dr: just a trust fund baby being cringy online.

No. 1484966

I feel like a ton of all of this are things taken out of context and made to sound worse than it actually was because nobody ever provided genuine receipts, it was just based on personal interpretation and circumstantial evidence. Like "I think I'm aroace because I'm sex repulsed" while being into cartoon erotica, humblebragging about being skinny, skinwalking popular characters and being accused of vague plagiarism are things half of female weeb influencers are guilty of, I never understood what made her stand out specifically besides users in her thread projecting hard and being jealous. A lot of them were doing the same ridiculous things like gloating about how skinny they are and how they get mistaken for a 16-year old all the time and how they're a true and honest demiasexual and actually respect the flavour of the month fan favourite character they're kinning. Maybe because she was more well off than the average j-vlogger or something and nobody likes trust fund babies?

No. 1485019

I just caught up on the thread, I'm amazed that so many pull users were major turbospergs. I tried to ignore everything surrounding PULL because the users were so annoying, but now I realize I've been missing out on a milk mine

No. 1485473

My younger sister paid back the $40 I gave her a couple weeks ago. I honestly wasn't expecting her to lol. She's a good kid, her priorities are just fucked right now. I know it's not but it feels like free money so I'm gonna buy myself some new face wash and moisturizer

No. 1485678

File: 1675055725943.jpeg (877.77 KB, 1280x858, cq5dam.web.1280.1280.jpeg)

Putting together a grocery list right now. Gonna make sure I finally try birria tacos from Trader Joe's and chocolate covered peanut butter dates. I've never had dates!

No. 1485701

dates are absolutely delicious. made some date squares the other day. enjoy!

No. 1485749

I need to get up but I'm cuddling with my cat and he just makes the cutest noises, I want to stay like this forever.

No. 1485761

I have to get up too and do so much today but its raining outside and I just wanna lay here and listen. Purrpurr to your kitty

No. 1485829

I ordered a red light therapy lamp, which is more like a single light bulb, because I want to try out red light therapy for my muscles and my skin but instead was accidentally delivered a whole-ass 15 kg panel with like 100+ lights in it. Customer service has already called me and they are picking it up tomorrow but how could they mix this up kek I can't

No. 1485966

File: 1675101614037.jpg (178.72 KB, 720x906, Screenshot_20230130-125753_Ope…)

Just made Alfredo pizza using this recipe. (But I used romano cheese for the sauce). It was a lot of work, but it was pretty good. The crust was a little plain for my liking, which always happens when I make pizza. I've gotta find a way to spice the crust up. It's just so plain. But it was still delicious.

No. 1485969

you could try a glaze to brush on the crust, nonita. good luck!

No. 1486056

/g/ is so dead lately

No. 1486234

I've been feeling this about all of lolcow since the old admin tried to migrate the site. It's like a lot of people stopped coming back. Idk if it'll ever get busy again or not. Honestly, maybe people are just busier because of work, it's after holidays etc… I'm not sure.e

No. 1486316

File: 1675124260351.jpg (234.88 KB, 1280x720, 2022122613363900_c.jpg)

No. 1486339

File: 1675125390753.gif (1.46 MB, 426x287, pizzatower.gif)

bit disappointed, one of my favourite apple varieties disappeared from my local shelves a couple months ago so i did a little research to see the apple and stone-fruit industry is in trouble where i live what with inflation, lack of workers, and a bee parasite that's decimated a lot of hives.
no more delicious ambrosia for me.

No. 1486432

I listened to the Yoko Ono Warzone album and holy kek

No. 1486681

bought a blue highlighter and a cute ped

No. 1486960

My mail man is hot. Awooga

No. 1487009

I spooned my cat while my himbo boyfriend spooned me and held cat’s paw.

No. 1487040

the pull discord was axed multiple times thanks to controversy, wonder if it still exists. most of its users migrated to gossip gate, which also sucks

No. 1487142

>wash hands
>drink water
>wash hands
>drink water
>wash hands
>wash hands
>drink water
When is it going to end? Am I going to spend the rest of my life in the bathroom?

No. 1487149

awww based and comfy nona

No. 1487163

>drank a beer to give me strength to answer a text
>waits for too long because I'm a chicken
>now I'm sober again

No. 1487220

File: 1675198186909.png (266.39 KB, 400x296, shamelesslytookenfromoppic.png)

Some time ago I realized that it's stupid that I've been using cheapo $5 earphones all my life when I use them for two to up to ten hours a day depending on the day of the week while I don't mind splurging on other things I use just as frequently, like shoes or a mattress, so I decided to look into recs for higher quality ones, but there are so many foreign words and things I don't understand, so my only two choices are
>learn the jargon and get more invested into this than I ever wish to be
>ask on reddit and then get shooed away because my requirements aren't any more specific than isn't wireless, $150 max and will last a while (talking years here), which will then lead me to having to do 1) anyways.
I think I want those in-ear earphones, as those, as far as I understood, aren't as hard on your hearing as "normal" earphones.

No. 1487221

Aye, I do find when I'm at home I'm in the loo far too much. It's rather annoying but it's the price of staying hydrated.

No. 1487225

Try again but with two beer

No. 1487238

File: 1675199068494.png (157.83 KB, 314x492, dfghjkl.png)

Reddit is annoying as hell, I hate 4chan but /g/ might be the place to ask your questions. You could also look at some of those /g/ charts (picrel is an extract from one of the for exemple). Good luck nonnie, having good quality sound is absolutely amazing and if you are using them a lot it's truly worth it, buying a good headphones was one of my absolute best investment

You could maybe take a look at this even if it's mostly about headphones : https://installgentoo.fandom.com/wiki/Headphones

No. 1487241

This is the only tool you'll ever need for choosing quality earphones https://crinacle.com/rankings/iems/

One of the best quality/sound models is only $20.

No. 1487253

File: 1675200163084.jpg (70.09 KB, 680x725, 16b.jpg)

dropped ssris and right away my sex drive came back with a vengeance. from masturbating once or twice a month i'm now horny ALL the time, from dusk to dawn, and would masturbate daily if my flatmate wasn't here.
times like this i wish i had a boyfriend

No. 1487262

Reading this kind of posts always makes me wonder what's wrong with, I have an almost inexistant libido and I've never been on SSRIs, birth control or any other medication… I don't date so it's not like it's a problem for me but still.

No. 1487304

there's (probably, low libido can be indicate some diseases) nothing wrong with you, people are just different

No. 1487409

File: 1675213406636.jpg (74.65 KB, 800x433, Isabelle-Huppert-La-pianiste.j…)

I have to start my thesis and now i'm regretting getting into college.

No. 1487467

Watching a technology connections video and he mentions how high end houses have ovens separate the stove top and i realized my parents house the oven is next to the stove and under the stove is storage. How tf did this not click in my head how uncommon this was until now? I'm not even a high end person, pretty much a poorfag so we got pretty lucky lol.

No. 1487585

A thesis is just a long essay or a project with a slightly bigger scope. It's not that scary at all.

No. 1487606

I thought this was Greta Thunberg

No. 1487638

Big night on my porch tonight. Two cats came to take shelter from the snow for a bit but left when a raccoon had the same idea. My cat (who is with me inside) went crazy at the sight of the raccoon. He was hissing and growling which freaked me out cause I've never heard him do that before. Made a bunch of noise at the door so hopefully the raccoon doesn't come back. I want those cats back though, they were cute and entertaining my cat.

No. 1487660

it's gonna be painful but not impossible. i believe in you nonna!

No. 1487661

is this the predator teacher movie?

No. 1487702

File: 1675255327298.jpg (841.84 KB, 3024x4032, ty1g17z94kq01.jpg)

Been craving lucky charms marshmallows so bad, gonna get picrel today

No. 1487856

My tax return was unbelievably small this year, and it’s going to be even less next year apparently because of pandemic shit? Ugh
>>1487702 biting into that shit hurts my teeth, awful feeling

No. 1487895

File: 1675276522596.jpg (1.08 MB, 1716x1660, happyembroderedpeepo.jpg)

My pictures came that I ordered. Now I can scrapbook and have fun

No. 1487898

>going to a concert next monday
>dude I vaguely dated two years but ended ghosting because I got cold feet is going too
I want to die.

No. 1487903

Yeah I don’t mean to yuck your yum nonny but those TJs meringues have an uncomfy mouthfeel on my teeth. I might like them more if they were but sized

Lucky charms marshmallows are delish tho

No. 1487948

Kek are y'all's teeth made out of paper?

No. 1488013

Omg nonny, I scrap too! No one does it anymore except little old ladies ily

No. 1488110

I love finishing all my groceries and leftovers. I used to constantly eat out and wasted so much food at home. Now I find satisfaction in thawing and mixing my two frozen bags of leftover soup together for dinner. It's nice.

No. 1488163

It's a concert. I doubt you will run into him, unless it's a super tiny venue.

No. 1488171

File: 1675296814418.jpg (143.43 KB, 1200x1800, Chili-Crisp-Recipe1-2022.jpg)

I bought some chili crisp even though I don't like spicy food because it just looks so good. I'll try it on eggs.

No. 1488203

File: 1675299701555.gif (2.29 MB, 360x640, cat-finger.gif)

oh man that's great for flavor and isn't even that hot, take it from me, an icecube in human form. worth it.

No. 1488225

just saw someone write "/gen pos" at the end of their post and then I had the realization that I'm too old for the internet

No. 1488227

>saw someone write "/gen pos" at the end of their post
On lolcow?

No. 1488228

I really hope that anon was being sarcastic… on that note, I saw another anon in /g/ censor the word sex and I wanted to call her a retard but decided it wasn't worth the effort.

No. 1488229

Finally ate a date today, on the first bite I was like "oh, these aren't that sweet" but by time I finished the date it felt like I just ate a spoon of sugar kek. Now I'm not so sure about covering them in chocolate, I'll probably just do the peanut butter. The texture is something to get used to but it's basically a big ass raisin.

No. 1488230

I bet they’d be nice with coffee. Peanut butter would be perfect inside.

No. 1488241

I should had specified it was on tumblr my mistake lol. I don't think I ever have seen anyone on lc use tone indicators but they are used everywhere else on the internet and it reminds me that I no longer can keep up with trends

No. 1488243

Have you tried them in smoothies as the sweetener? The peanut butter and flakey salt would probably be really good too.

No. 1488252

I'm a sucker for folk costumes and I'm so so tempted to buy a relatively cheap dirndl (secondhand). I know I should be saving a bit but honestly it's exactly my colors and I love it. Should I?

No. 1488332

I have these random memories that I’ve held on to and I don’t know why, but whenever I think of them they make me kind of sad. I remember once when I was a kid, my dad took me out to eat at Olive Garden. This was very rare because me and my dad rarely spent time together because he was always at work. I remember ordering some pasta and chicken dish that had a peach sauce or something? I can’t remember at all how it tastes, but I remember what the sauce smelled like and it smelled so good. And I got to get a drink too, so I was very happy. And then when we left and went back home, I realized that I left my leftovers at the restaurant but I was so happy because it was fun spending time with my dad even though I don’t remember at all what we talked about. That memory makes me so sad and I don’t know why since it was a happy memory. My dad and I aren’t even that close. I wish I could go back to that time though. In that moment it felt so simple and fun like everything would be okay. I have similar memories with my mom. Like when we went on a trip together last summer or when we went to Whole Foods the weekend before my senior year of high school and I bought a bagel there and ate it with her in the kitchen while we drank coffee. I was so happy in all of those times. Maybe it makes me sad because I wish I could feel that way more often instead of once every few years or something lol.

No. 1488375

You were right anon! It's got some kick but nothing I can't handle. I put it in a sandwich.

No. 1488404

People keep putting styrofoam on their house to insulate the outsides of their houses here, do they do that in your country too? Guess what, mice live in the styrofoam, they make little paths and nests in there because it's warm, so when all these people are going to do reconstructions on the styrofoam couple o years in the future when it starts to look like shit, they will discover tons of dead mice in their walls.

No. 1488508

At work I have the reputation of being the dark/morbid girl who only listens to extreme metal, so yesterday when I was humming a random rap song my coworker heard it and was so shocked he repeated it to other coworkers.

No. 1488540

I love my cats, but when they die I don't think I'll be getting anymore of them. My rhinitis can't take it.

…Oh, who am I kidding? I want to have a black and an orange cat someday.

No. 1488556

Chugged a bottle of perrier with lime juice and swerve, I guess my body craves vitamin C or something. Immediately it all comes squirting out of my ass. What a waste. But I guess my colon feels cleansed now.

No. 1488718

Browsing lolcor on the plane
Will anyone notice? Who cares so long as the flight attendants keep serving me booze
Maybe I'll even open the mtf thread on /snow/
I have no reaction pics on my phone so I can't add one to this post
Phoneposting is shit, how and why do zoomers do this

No. 1488737

Kek idk how secure plane wifi is. Where u going nona

No. 1488741

I'm 32 and almost always phone post

No. 1488752

>Kek idk how secure plane wifi is.
Hopefully the person monitoring the web traffic is some acne'd scrote who's too busy watching hentai to investigate my activity
>Where u going nona
Flying from the UK to the Midwest to see family unfortunately so I'll be shitting up lolcow with miserable drunkposts all weekend
Why tho? It's such a pain in the ass to type on mobile

No. 1488759

I read this in an oddly poetic way in my head

No. 1488780

NTA, but no access to computer while i have downtime at work. I mostly use my computer to listen to music mainly rather than type lmao

No. 1488814

I'm the next Luna Slater

No. 1489004

I used to sleep a lot, but I've been taking anxiety meds for one month and now I can only sleep for 5 hours. On the one hand, it's nice not to feel tired during the day, but I'm worried that it'll cause some health issue .

No. 1489015

This week was one of those weeks. Just felt like I was constantly messing up and not doing as well as I could be. After work I’m gonna order pizza and watching something shitty on Netflix.

No. 1489100

Why do I feel so tired after work? It's like someone threw a dart with elephant tranquilizer at me on my way back home. I can barely have lunch and take a shower once I'm back. And it's only half a day, three days a week, I get along with everyone, the kids don't outright hate me and I'm kind to everyone, nothing particularly crazy happens everyday I go.
What should I do? Sometimes I can't even drink my afternoon coffee because I'm so tired and full from lunch that I don't want to do anything else other than sleep, and I fall asleep for 3 whole hours, sometimes more, plus, while my sleeping schedule isn't ideal, I go to sleep at 11 pm and wake up at 5 am, so it isn't too bad either, to the point that I have to fall asleep like this.

No. 1489225

I only use computers at work and def no lolcow. I never use my laptop. I'm usually sitting down or standing with a joint in my other hand when I'm posting.

No. 1489558

File: 1675436657468.jpg (449.74 KB, 1500x2000, yissss.jpg)

I just got off work and am about to go get breakfast, yay!

No. 1489827

Had a nice morning, like 4 cups of coffee shared with my love, and I read two chapters of a good book. Did a hard workout and then made myself some breakfast. And now, I found out Just Married is free on tubi. Hell yeah.

No. 1490634

File: 1675527723326.jpg (136.88 KB, 960x720, tumblr_nxlw02A40a1u0gwy7o1_128…)

That one website where I watch all my non-animu shows on got shut down again. I know it'll be back, but I wanted to watch something and now I've got nothing to do again.

No. 1490672

File: 1675529940177.jpg (291.69 KB, 1680x1050, pov ur my internet provider.jp…)

Nevermind, it just got blocked for my provider, using a VPN did the trick.

No. 1491338

File: 1675586282637.jpg (26.15 KB, 720x826, Bb.jpg)

Dyed a light coloured denim midi skirt to a boysenberry colour. I think it turned out well and looks better. I'm dyeing a pair of jeans next.

No. 1491353

My new couch cover fits but the materials do not work well together I am slippin and slidin

No. 1491358

There was a slug in my lettuce and now it is freeroaming my dining table

No. 1492734

i recently noticed an anon from vt taking part in discussions around here, because i've seen her using i kneel and menhera in a couple of threads i frequent, neither of which are particularly egregious, but it's phrasing used often enough there that it's noticeable here. in the grand scheme of things this means nothing, i just thought it was kind of funny, since i recently started lurking there for fun and to read about my fave and other anons' opinions of him. if you see this, nonnie, howdy! ♥

No. 1492739

Do you rinse them in vinegar after so the dye doesn't bleed? I used to do that for tie dye but I tinfoil that it's a scam and does nothing.

No. 1492743

menhera is just japanese slang, not vtuber specific.

No. 1492924

i'm so fucking happy to see the sun today!!! Even though it's the coldest days in this year it's finally sunny. I feel like i can work, even though i'm so depressed, today i can work because of the sun energy. No wonder people worshiped the sun in history it really helps you mentally.

No. 1492935

Been slowly closing old wounds, I'm feeling better.

No. 1493422

got a follow request from some random photography page on instagram, did quick investigating and it turns out to be my ex best friends (that i havent spoke to in 7 years now) new boyfriend. she mustve been telling him about our fall out, which i can understand because she's bpd and has probably made herself out to be the biggest victim even after 7 years.
What shook me though was seeing her face now. she's clearly full blown ana-chan these days and at age 25 looks nearly identical to her 60 year old mother. absolutely sad.

No. 1494538

Someone is blaring their music so loud but I can only hear the bass, and for a second I was terrified because I thought something was happening or that gargantuan robots were finally taking over and coming to wipe us out.

No. 1494545

found a split hair in my pubes. the weird thing is it split in the same direction as the growth. wonder how that happened

No. 1494576

Could be an instance of pili multigemini. I have a bunch in my pubes.

No. 1495003

File: 1675938795781.jpg (620.59 KB, 1600x900, entries.jpg)

I tripped while holding my lunchbox and a girl I know was walking by and she just stood there staring at me. I must had looked like picrel

No. 1495006

I walked past my ex and his gf in the street and can I just say thank GOD I was wearing a mask and boring clothes and had my hair shoved up inside a woolly hat I am pretty sure he didn't realise it was me. I would have died if he'd recognised me

No. 1495046

I'm usually one of those music over lyrics, I can look over some boring or kinda dumb lyrics if the music is good, but sometimes the lyrics are just so badly written, so mind numbingly stupid they rukn the entire song. I was listening to some avant-garde metal and the lyrics were basically antifa twitter takes, I couldn't bear it after two songs.

No. 1495085

I sometimes work nights and sleep during the day. I've been getting knocks at my door lately when I'm asleep. More and more of them but by the time I get up they're gone. Someone today kept at it though and by the time I got downstairs they were back in their car. When they spotted me opening the door they stayed in the car and waited for me to come out to them. I'd to come out in my pjs with my hair standing up on end lol. It was a health service worker looking for a woman who missed an health check up for her baby.. I've been living here for 5 years and my address is down as their address for their baby appts?

No. 1495097

she probably won't even remember it

No. 1495170

I'm now whitenssing massive peaking in my country's furry community over the game drama and it's pretty epic. Soon whole Europe will be a terf continet.

No. 1495199

i feel like i'm constantly stressed and anxious over nothing.

No. 1495215

>troon furries vs Harry Potter furries
A battle of autism

No. 1495340

last night i won an auction of anime crap and I have some regret but also sort of excited to see what they are once it arrives

No. 1495918

Looking at the mtf thread and I'm a bit surprised at how many callmekevin watchers are here. Makes sense though.

No. 1495934

kek this is cute
>furry community
Why are you even following them? I hope to laugh about them

I'm moving next week from a relatively anonymous house to a house with only two other neighbours who are middle aged, retired women. I really hope they aren't nosy because it would piss me off if they watched every step I make and complain about irrelevant crap all the time. I prefer it if everyone minds their own business. I really hope they're chill and leave me alone, I just want peace.

No. 1496055

File: 1676044806346.jpg (22.04 KB, 480x600, 45b30bb7d8bc574c05f48fc2e07d6b…)

I wanna go to the book store and get some of the books on my reading list, but none are available instore.

No. 1496062

Me everytime I go to a bookstore.

No. 1496067

Thanks for the tip but it's not about them not being available at all, I just want to get them right now immediately to start reading.

No. 1496076

I'm gonna pick up a blank sketchbook after water aerobics and paint the cover/spine of it for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. That's what I did for him on our first Valentine's Day, plus I got him some charcoal and paints! I think it'll be a cute throwback. Might just be because I'm not very imaginative or creative, though kek just reusing the same gift ideas

No. 1496109

I ordered some shit on monday and it should have arrived like today, but the app shows they haven't even sent it whyyyy!! If it won't come next week then I'm fucked, i won't be home for two weeks, nooo
Also my gf is annoying, i let her borrow my hogwarts legacy game, but her pc couldn't handle it and now she is so autistic about obsessively searching for a new video card, but bitch you have no money!

No. 1496131

i had a job interview today and im feeling pretty good about it, all things considered. my last one didnt go so well but im huffing hopium. things are falling into place.

No. 1496258

I had a really good day and now I'm ending it with some milk and cookies because there is nobody to tell me im a fatass, life is good

No. 1497032

The cashier that just helped me looked like a hotter Tyler James Williams. I feel like handsome men are so rare I was like shocked at his presence

No. 1497098

I showed a pic of a guy I vaguely dated to my brother and he immediately went "you deserve better than this!", I'm glad he has a decent opinion of me.

No. 1497220

Didn’t thaw the meat early enough again, guess I’ll starve

No. 1497440

I spent 80% of today sleeping, but that's ok because it's saturday. Saturday is to recharge, sunday is for productivity.
Also, I just discovered microwaved dates and wow.

No. 1497450

I roasted squash, tomatoes, and onion to have with pasta but the skin on the squash ended up so tough and chewy and because I cut them so small I couldn't really salvage the actual squash (that tasted quite good sadly.) I fished out the tomatoes and most of the onion so it wasn't a total loss. I made a little sauce out of fresh basil, parsley, oil, garlic and vinegar to drizzle over top my pasta. It still turned out pretty nice.

No. 1497532

File: 1676197213682.png (201 KB, 354x390, 1479697055490.png)

i just realized how irrelevant corpsehusband is now. and all because a based farmer found and posted pics of him being an uggo doing parkour. LOL, good shit.

No. 1497544

File: 1676200682900.jpg (58.62 KB, 663x926, download (1).jpg)

Time for my monthly listen-to-Magdelene-in-the-middle-of-the-night-in-the-darkness-of-my-room-and-cry. I'm so excited!

No. 1497610

File: 1676207679646.jpg (288.02 KB, 720x1280, nap.jpg)

Does anyone else get really depressed after seeing something wholesome ana cute sometimes? I stumbled across a video of this polar bear sleeping when I was looking at animal videos and it made me cry and feel really sad I'm like on my deathbed or something.

No. 1497637

Yes, all the time. I have no clue why I get that way. I feel like it's something to do with how vulnerable and sweet certain animals or things are, versus how violent the world can be.

No. 1497647

File: 1676211842598.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, ot-1.png)

someone posted scat porn

No. 1497663

and bumped that thread while it's up

No. 1497965

File: 1676231170426.png (248.19 KB, 480x640, FH5rNu_VgAU4GJj.png)

I wish it snowed where I live. I absolutely love winter (since I live in a humid country and summer can almost boil me alive) but I've never seen actual snow in my entire life, so I always feel like I'm missing out. To make it worse, I can't afford to visit a snowy place at the moment either, because I'm not financially secure and don't have enough free time to do anything aside from studying and work to make the ends meet. I really want to watch a beautiful snowfall and make a snowman…

No. 1497982

It's the same with me too, I will see cute shit and I'll just feel like bawling my eyes out, no idea why, I cried on the trailer for that one wooly Yoshi game ffs.

No. 1498040

I’ve been feeling tempted to use social media to look up the ex of the guy I’ve been talking to, but I know I probably shouldn’t. I know her full name and that’s it. I tend to compare myself to others too easily… but I’m so tempted.

No. 1498227

I had a really bad day today and for some reason Lil Bo Weep popped into my mind (I guess because of the sadgirl thing) so I decided to listen to her music for the first time and I didn't expect to but I actually really like it. I never followed her threads on here so I don't know that much about her but I find her lyrics very touching, they're fairly simple but really hit home today, I also like her voice a lot. I feel bad for her, she seemed genuinely unhappy. I hope she's in a better place.

No. 1498256

this post made me listen to her stuff too and i also really like it. xanax is an evil drug, idk anything about her but im sad that it ended up killing her.

No. 1498273

Wasn't it fentanyl? Anyway, rest in peace Winona. She was young enough to turn her life around, sad she didn't make it. And the way her 'friends' just left her dying in a park is so grim, one of the few celebrity deaths that actually made me sad.

No. 1499648

When my hair grows past shoulder length it becomes unmanageable, it gets so annoying. I really have go cut it soon.

No. 1500070

>tell a co-worker I don't care about movies
>"oh anon, it's important to have a good film literacy"
>dude only watches hollywood shit
Leave me alone lol.

No. 1500086

I hate when people (usually scrotes) freak out because you haven't watched the 50 greastest movies of all time according to imdb.

No. 1500150

Thread pic is literally me rn, I’m relaxed and content

No. 1500532

The other day while waiting for my ride I saw a really cute butch woman and I wanted to walk up to her and tell her how handsome she looked but didn't want to be a creep so I just admired while walking past her.

No. 1500960

File: 1676483086274.gif (171.53 KB, 220x165, spongebob-spongebob-meme.gif)

Drank a cold brew coffee at 5pm yesterday and it's still working on me today. That drink is so strong.

No. 1500970

You should never call a random woman handsome or assume they are a gender weirdo just because of how they look

No. 1500982

NTA but you're the gender weirdo for thinking it's "gender weirdo" shit to call a butch woman handsome.

No. 1500989

Handsome is a male compliment full stop. Glad you bit your tongue!

No. 1501033

File: 1676486496532.jpg (49.87 KB, 640x637, guess-im-18-v0-fif5z1cuc6m81.j…)

I didn't expect my coworkers to give a shit about my birthday since I'm usually invisible, maybe a postcard with written wishes, like everyone at my job gets on their birthday. I didn't get the postcard for the first 4 hours so I thought I'm going to be the only one who won't get it. But when the second shift came, all of my coworkers and my shiftleader came to me and sang me happy birthday, one coworker also gave me a hug. I totally didn't expect that, I was a little startled because of my autism but it did feel kinda good, but I was mostly shocked, I hope my smile wasn't to awkward. Pic unrelated

No. 1501035

I respectfully disagree.

No. 1501036

You sound very straight and also lame.

No. 1501037

Those are the kind of people who never know Lawrence of Arabia, even though it was awarded with mainstream awards like Oscars, it's not Hollywood/american movie, so they don't know it kek

No. 1501038

File: 1676486641837.gif (916.64 KB, 498x498, pusheen-birthday.gif)

Happy birthday anon!

No. 1501041

lawrence-chan, i think lots of people have heard of LoA. it's just most filmbros unfortunately are too busy jerking off to tarantino films to want to give older classics a watch, it's very sad

No. 1501045

I'm bi and based. If someone called me handsome I'd be offended

No. 1501046

I literally do not give a shit kek you're not butch.

No. 1501047

true, it's just that I personally never met someone who heard of it, only female posters from jojo threads and scrotes on /tv/, but no one irl. Jesus Christ Tarantino is such a faggot, I was entertained by idea of pastiche and his movie style and humor when I was 15 and then I got bored of it

No. 1501050

I recently cut my hair very short and dress masculine. Someone could very well assume that of me and I'd be pissed

No. 1501052

Get over it then? It's not my problem and I don't really care.

No. 1501056

You cared enough to reply weirdo that insists on using male compliments for women

No. 1501057

Still not butch, and maybe some women just like being called handsome? I know I wouldn't mind.

No. 1501060

Whenever I see a pretty butch girl I wanna say she's pretty. I don't get why handsome is being used like this, where I live calling a woman handsome is a mockery or joke.

No. 1501063

>cared enough to reply
G'OH NO! YOU R-REALLY GOT ME THERE! Anyway why pee your pants over a butch woman being called handsome like do you… talk to butch women? Do you know butch women? Plenty of them like being called handsome. How is this even a debate. Who cares.

No. 1501071

This 100% you get what I'm laying down

No. 1501073

Yeah but I'm always scared that calling them pretty will make them uncomfortable, haha. I'm sure gou look pretty too, anon.

No. 1501074

Thank you nona!

No. 1501105

I received a valentines basket yesterday and ate a ridiculous amount of candy. I was cutting back on sugar so I'm still feeling the affects today, and I still have a lot left. Watermelon cotton candy was in the basket and I've never had it before, sounds yummy. There was also some skeins of yarn!

No. 1501118

File: 1676492182265.jpg (30.97 KB, 750x737, 1646906729794.jpg)

Today was a coworker's last day and I couldn't help but feel sad because I had a budding crush on him, we had a lot in common and a great chemistry so we would have at least been good pals. I won't even be able to see him for drinks as he's moving across the country for his new job.
Oh well back to daydreaming about husbandos I guess, that's the only thing I'll ever get anyway.

No. 1501126

I'm super anxious in my new job and I can't stop thinking about everything I have to learn and do right. Please, nonnas, I just want my brain to shut down after work. What's your favourite piece of comfort media to watch? Be it TV shows, movies or similar. I just want something drama free, conflict free and thoughtless. Bonus if it makes me laugh.

No. 1501127

File: 1676493072434.jpg (91.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I started watching Twin Peaks a few days ago. I'm enjoying it so far, but it's absolutely not what I was expecting. Plus, it's a spooky coincidence that a missing woman made national news as I'm watching it.

No. 1501128

I wonder what it feels like for women to have a grown mans penis inside of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1501131

Ooh I envy you so much, watching it for the first time. What did you expect from it btw? I was surprised too but don't remember having any particular expectations. I just didn't expect I'd like it so much.

No. 1501136

I vibe with letterkenny and the fresh prince of belair though there are conflicts it's always resolved kindly. Also congrats & gl on your new job it always sucks at first but I bet you'll be alright within a week or two

No. 1501144

I love Twin Peaks and I need to rewatch it as soon as possible. Will never be like the first time though.

No. 1501155

I'm rewatching it now for the third time. I have been wanting to for a long time and I finally got around to doing it. It's such a weirdly comforting show, to me. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

No. 1501163

Idk I guess I thought it'd be a bit like the first Silent Hill game, sombre and dark, but more grounded in reality (how wrong I was). I'm pretty sure the game was inspired by Twin Peaks and that's what got me interested.
Glad to know I'm not the only one enjoying it!

No. 1501167

Just wanna see how relateable I am, but taking out all the overly traumatic drama parts because I am in a positive mood.

Father is a narcissist with mood swings but on the upswing was a hard working business owner that took us in vacation three times a year. Usually disney/universal, thanksgiving to a friends or family, and fourth of july or christmas to a friends or family. Lots of smaller trips in nature or local fairs. His mother was very wise and classy, gave us books and taught us about art and culture. They are from nyc.

Mother was from old money, she was modest but obviously privileged growing up, her father killed himself so she spent much time with her grandfather and mother. My ggf was in state politics, lived in Greenwich Conn, and very well off, they have told me mafia connected but my life was not the sopranos guys. My relatives still work in politics and law. My grandmother, her mother, is the biggest cunt I know. A snobby bitter old money bitch. I think she married for money but her family is from Genoa so who knows. I realized recently she reminds me of Bree from DH, but way worse, at least Bree smiles sometimes. Anyway her rules were, and she was strict and even lied to maintain them, we only listen to classical music (in her mercedes benz), we cannot use electronics in her house, (which btw her first house was a damn mansion but she downgraded over the years, oh and her furniture never changed the entire time, all old antique shit), I must eat the healthy food she has on her fine China, I must see the ballet each year, I must dress nice and act like a lady. Easter was a huge fucking too, because Italian Catholic. I was forced into church and sunday school before quitting church, but I left sunday school go on for a while for the free snacks. All we did is memorize and recite bible verses, discuss them, and color. Not kidding. And all her gifts were things she got abroad in her younger years, like a zodiac chinese stamp for my year. My God. I loved the ballet though, but every year dressed up for the nutcracker be for real. My mother played piano but said she couldn't make me learn so she gave up but let me learn flute later. I was forced to perform at all my relatives houses. I got a small share of a trust fund and my cunt gm kept saying she promised me this or that but it was so manipulative and icky I said fuck her and her money. She retaliated to my behavior to try to lock me up in an asylum but that's a whole other story, but anyhow which is why I said fuck her.

Other childhood memories include a bday party riding horses, trips, renting cotton candy, slushie, and popcorn machines for a backyard party, having a pool and a trampoline, getting to do sports and music afterschool., going to a nice public school and growing up close to the beach.

I envy some of my relatives who seemed to live more relaxed, I don't know for sure but seems like it, my childhood started alright but obviously shit hit the fan in every way so nevermind that.

No. 1501170

I've been sick for two weeks now and I'm so bored, I just want to go out with my friends or go thrift shopping or just do something. I've been painting but I'm starting to run out of inspiration.

No. 1501183

Glasses are such an amazing invention nonnitas, i was tryig to read lolcow and i am blind as fuck. Reached out for my glasses and suddenly i see everything. We don't give them enought credit. There should be a big statue of glasses.

No. 1501345

4AM, I'm sitting on a toilet, I don't poop just sit here with my pants on and wanna sleep but can't go to bed just yet. Life is dumb, I will not elaborate

No. 1501408

Old money folks never use these terms kek. Come back when you grow out your old money era and we're ready to hear your trailer park goth copypasta next

No. 1501444

I've had a viral infection for 2 weeks now and a friend called to ask how I was doing. I thought it was sweet he thought of me, especially because we're not that close. I've been texting with my friends and whatever but it was a nice surprise. Haven't really spoken to anyone i the past 2 weeks

No. 1501593

Trailer park and goth are concepts I never explored before, been camping and like to wear black often does that count?

No. 1501784

File: 1676568283961.jpg (184.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

This is dumb as fuck but my life has been so bleak and depressing lately that I just wanted to share finally having a win.

I am broke as hell. Like absolutely nothing in my checking account, I'm behind on bills, and I don't have enough in my savings to cover rent next month. I ran out of food a couple days ago and all I've got to my name is a bunch of rice, butter, and a jar of peanut butter. I had sliced bread but I ran out yesterday. So I've just been eating buttered rice and spoonfuls of peanut butter if my stomach hurts too much from being empty.

It was a dumb decision but I was so hungry yesterday that I decided to just try and see if I could overdraft my paypal account and buy some food on grubhub. Paypal will approve payments before clearing them with the bank so I thought maybe I could order something and have it delivered before the charge would get denied and then just figure it out later. I tried ordering from a delivery convenience store that had one of those "$5 off your first order of $15" coupons and ordered some rice, some canned beans, and instant coffee. The order went through, and then about an hour later it shows that it got canceled by the store with no reason given.

The $5 coupon disappeared from my account, so I contacted support and asked them if I could have the coupon back to try again. The support guy had no idea what I was talking about and couldn't figure out the coupon, so instead he just emailed me A $20 BRAND NEW COUPON that I could use anywhere on grubhub!! So I used that to order myself a whole bunch of beans, tortillas, and seasoning- I have enough ingredients now to make about 12 burritos, which will last me for the rest of the week until I get paid. No more plain rice and peanut butter. I also treated myself and ordered a hot coffee (it was $3) but the delivery person forgot to bring it, so I marked on the order it wasn't included and grubhub refunded my paypal.

So I got a bunch of "free" groceries for the week, and also now $3 in my paypal. Not bad. I am no longer suicidal for at least the rest of the week.

No. 1501790

idk glasses are alright but I am more thankful for contacts. they make me feel augmented, all the perks of vision and I just pop em in and forget them. But I wish society would have invented by now a more permanent contacts. The worst is having to take them in and out all the time. Why don't we have the tech to make like weekly or monthly ones..

No. 1501801

congrats!! i didn't even know paypal had an overdraft facility, i might have to look into it kek. im in the same position as you were, broke asf, and ive somehow gotta last until the end of the month and scrape together bus money for work. here's hoping money and good food come both our ways soon

No. 1501843

lol thank you anon! it's a little shady but technically if you have a paypal connected to a checking account, paypal will approve the transaction without checking your balance or anything first. So if your bank is empty, paypal will send you an email usually the next day saying that the charge failed & they'll reprocess the charge in 3 days and telling you to add funds. So you can kinda stretch it for a couple days if you're dire, since paypal doesn't charge a fee or anything for doing that. It's not ideal but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.. I hope some bus money comes your way as well. Sometimes when things are the most desperate is when they somehow end up working out.

No. 1501859

I'm so glad to hear that noona eat plenty! Praying you'll get enough money soon.sending you a virtual hug

No. 1501865

Nice! I have been that hungry before and I know that $20 is going to stretch so far compared to what you were planning on eating.
It might not be the best for you, but there is a subreddit called borrow where redditors will loan you a small amount of money for a week or two in return for interest. It's better than going to a cash advance paycheck store, but if you can't pay it back don't go because you're hurting someone else small who just wants to help others.
Have you visited your local food bank? If not, I strongly suggest it. Most people don't go because of pride, or shame that they feel like they don't have it bad enough, but you're honestly at the point where if anyone needs it, you do.
If you're in the USA, there's always churches. Many churches raise funds and solicit grants they can use to help the less fortunate. I learned this when I was making a delivery to a church and this random woman bursts in and demands, "I need money for gas and bills!" The church secretary explained to me that some people know they can request funds from them for basic necessities and they'll either give you the money, pay the bill for you, or refer you to somewhere you can get help. Nowadays, you check their website and see if you can find anything about applying to them for aid, or if there's nothing, call and politely ask, "Hi, I was wondering if you offered any form of aid for people in need. I'm a [broke college student/single mother/elderly woman] and I don't have enough food to last the week. Do you have any programs I could apply to?" If you were raised in the faith, all the better, but just call around.
As for rent, can you sell blood or plasma? If your hair is long enough, you can even sell that on ebay, but it can take a couple weeks for buyers to bite, so that's not an immediate solution. Worst case, put on make up and hopefully a wig/hat, and go beg on the corner. It's humiliating, but it beats being homeless and not being safe.

No. 1501868

>But I wish society would have invented by now a more permanent contacts.
Why not get Lasik?

No. 1501873

I have this exact plushy

No. 1501906

I'm scared of corneal abrasions. my mom got lasik and it fucked up her eyeballs big time, she has ridges on them now so she can't wear contacts anymore and also has chronic dry eye. maybe it was a rare outcome but still, knowing my luck I'd get that too.

No. 1501907

Been in this many times, in fact I remember being so poor I worked for a room and was looking for work to get money and the day I was able to go but a pizza was amazing. And lately I am like this again because I have been treated like shit by my lawyers who ghosted me and held onto my money, but my landlords give me food sometimes otherwise this past month I would have eaten nothing. Other times I was living off of instant ramen.

No. 1501927

contacts can also cause that, anon. i have permanent dry eye in one eye from wearing contacts during a nap.

No. 1501934

I'm gonna get taco bell. I was gonna get the cravings box since it's a good deal but it's requiring me to add a drink and I don't drink stuff from fastfood restaurants so idk.

No. 1501935

Damn, that sounds scary. Yeah, I would stay away if I was you. Genetics are such an overlooked factor if how our bodies respond to medicine.

No. 1501937

Just get a water.

No. 1501941

Yeah, one of my hydroponic plants needs water anyway. I hate wasting stuff.

No. 1501966

god i love taco bell. fuck the haters, shits good. enjoy your taco bell nonna

No. 1502064

I was pretty stressed out last night and ended up over sleeping the next morning and missed my classes. This has never happened before

No. 1502415

I should be in bed but I want to play with my twat

No. 1502710

My dad is a landlord for lower income areas/ he hosts a complex that is a sober living/ out of rehab into the world apts. there was an issue and one of his other houses got posted for sale.. it was a mistake.
He gets a call from a women wanting to buy it, and he hears “wait are you related to (me)? “ and my dad goes hell yea thats my daughter!
Turns out its a baker i used to apprentice with as a teen. She turned to real estate and now apparently they are showing each other their renovation projects and talking shop. She asked for my number so we can reconnect!
Anywho, it just warms my soul her and my dad are building a friendship. Love to see it, and i look forward to coffee and conversations!

No. 1502711

>use a website regularly for work
>madds mikkelsen is currently on the front page
>constantly forget about it
>pleasantly surprised everytime I go there

No. 1502785

I havent shaved my legs in 6+ months and my friend was shocked
>doesnt your bf care?
Look, he doesnt care, but I wouldnt care if he did
I shave 3-6 times a year. I could go swimming with a overgrown bush, lil mustache, leg hair, all of it, and he'd still think I'm beautiful.
Be a woman, fully and unapologetically, and groom/dress/enhance how you want. Men come and go, dicks are a plenty. If they like you, some hair wont be the deal breaker. If it is, then keep looking for the right person.
Anyone got a weedwacker i can borrow? Kekek
The same friend also asked me why i dont wear bikinis. I told her not all men deserve the view and she said that was a “bit arrogant”. No honey, its not. Put your damn pussy on a pedestal. She deserves it!

No. 1502839

tbh i've never been with a moid who had any opinion on me not removing my body hair, even when asked directly about it. not even "i'd prefer it removed but it's nbd" just "i don't care/notice either way"
it's not a very big sample size but still, it makes me think only the most misogynistic males care about a woman's body hair. like it should be a universal red flag that a moid prefers removed body hair, even you also prefer to remove it.

No. 1502999

File: 1676672536541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,137.49 KB, 1080x1080, 8CCF2C93-0A27-4C3E-A059-FCB760…)

I want a 40 year-old boyfriend with mutton chops. We could lie down naked together on the weekends and he could read sonic fanfics out loud. We both would laugh, but I would secretly be invested in Amy’s budding romance with Shadow. As he reads, I’d move between his legs and feel the pile of his penis resting against my back. I’d look up to his bare chin framed by the chops and kiss it gently. Then, and only then, would I be in love.

No. 1503014

I did the right thing and didn't put cotton swabs in my ear for like six months, and my ear doctor praised me, telling me my ears condition improved by a lot, and then he himself put a cotton swab in my ear, and anons, it felt so good, give me the strength to not go to the bathroom to do it myself again. I never knew how much I'd miss it.

No. 1503023

File: 1676674583431.jpg (31.8 KB, 381x382, 1648197591065.jpg)

>the pile of his penis
I'm sorry, what?

No. 1503024

The penis lies upon the scrotum.

No. 1503028

Back to /g/ with you

No. 1503033

The word you're looking for is "bulge"

No. 1503040

Ugh I can't believe myself. I was going to just see nearby around Europe, and start working, maybe soon venture out a bit more east to central asia. But now I just really really want to go back to Japan again, just to eat. I just want to go get my favorite meals, and rent a room for a week and load up on convenience store food. That's it, just go and eat. But I hate long flights, like really hate them, even if I am business or first class I don't like flying much because planes make me feel sick. But I just need a Japanese convenience store run… I miss you average quality ready to eat meals. And now here I am planning a trip.

No. 1503064

ugh anon you're making me miss conbini food!!! id get a familymart onigiri every day for breakfast and nothing in the west has ever topped that. japans so expensive but the foods so good whyyyyyy

No. 1503073

It is not a bulge, there is no distorted flat surface, he is nude

No. 1503079

What foods do you recommend?

No. 1503091

I bought a yellow dragon fruit like 2 weeks ago and just remembered so I'm gonna eat it now. I've had Pink dragon fruit before and it wasn't very good.

No. 1503103

Samefag, idk if it was because of the ripeness or just because it's a different variety…but the dragonfruit was so yummy. It was just a subtle sweetness.

No. 1503134

Sorry for the humblebrag but I've spent years growing my hair out and it's now at a point where my friends and even acquaintances actually compliment me on it! I know it's superficial but I love taking care of my hair, trimming when needed, trying hairstyles, putting oils in it etc. so having people notice it is such a nice feeling ♥

No. 1503349

File: 1676726633551.png (111.77 KB, 463x473, cryingonly.png)

forgot to salt my pasta water

No. 1503387

how did it end up tasting nona? what sort of pasta?
I wish they still made my favourite ricotta + spinach pasta sauce but they discontinued it, gonna have to learn how to make it.

No. 1503423

I have 2 emails I need to answer but keep putting it off cuz I feel I haven't yet paid the attention I would like to for the 1st ones…. example- got music recs and still havent listened to them all to reply thoughtfully about my feels. Hope I am not pissing people off. I just operate slowly.

No. 1503434

try that chatgp shit, nonas said it wrote cover letters for them lmao
at the same time don't because SKYNET IS REAL

No. 1503480

File: 1676740448368.jpg (583.72 KB, 2048x2048, DlsgOUqX4AE3LSF.jpg)

I was supposed to make penne, but I didn't have enough so I had to supplement with macaroni. Turned out pretty plain as expected. Though the sauce is the main event anyway so it was still edible.

No. 1503530

I love hanging out with normal people and not hearing about gendie shit. Even found some "don't be afraid to be a female" graffiti in a bar bathroom last night and this is a massive CA city. It's the little things nonnies

No. 1503670

File: 1676757269620.jpg (50.87 KB, 530x589, ElEkz9qUYAARdhF.jpg)

I decided to be a little wacky today and add orange zest and a bit of rum to my usual banana pound cake recipe. I might just be a culinary genius. It's so delicious I'm fighting the urge to grab a 3rd slice.

No. 1503677

I recently found out scratching noises coming from the walls aren't just rusty boiler pipes, but most likely rodents.

No. 1503733

I had a spa night for no reason, it was cozy.

That sounds delicious! Go for that 3rd slice nonnie!

No. 1503768

Yesterday was the last cold day of the season and “all danger of frost has passed” but when I went to the hardware stores today none of them had any spring stock. Poo. I wanted hydrangeas.

No. 1503772

i wish i had spare money rn to do an aliexpress or taobao haul, or hell even splurge out on some j-beauty products. maybe ill just put some stuff in my basket and look at it longingly

No. 1503972

what about the noises coming from my pillowcase?? bedbugs?

No. 1503974

Nta but bedbugs don't make noise.

No. 1504158

File: 1676803530733.jpg (96.69 KB, 690x670, dd4.jpg)

I'm out as a lesbian to my brother, and it's so freeing, I no longer have to hide this part of me. When he look at my computer and see my all of my weird cringe fanarts of female characters and gay women I just don't care, that shit would have killed me on the spot a few years back. At some point he saw picrel and stared at it silently, I offered no explanation and just laughed it off. I'm cringe and free and it's really nice. I'm also very glad that he doesn't give a fuck about my sexuality

No. 1504164

This is reminding of the time my brother sat me down a cat and said he loved me no matter what cause he thought I was a lesbian(I wasn't)

No. 1504180

kek nonna, why do you think that he came up with that idea? He sound nice though !

No. 1504182

I wasn't stereotypically feminine and I was very close with my bff, my brother's an Idiot but he means well

No. 1504207

Just trying to use up my old body wash so I can buy more body wash. I wish I knew earlier that it can take a really long time for one person to use up a big bottle

No. 1504208

That’s really cute

No. 1504229

what other bugs could be in there nona because there are definitely noises coming from my pillow like there's definitely something moving in there, what about mites? do mites make noise?

No. 1504327

Just throw the pillow away I’m gonna barf

No. 1504363

Schizophrenia. The answer is schizophrenia.

No. 1504366

either the stuffing/case isn't silent and when you move it chaffs and makes sounds or what >>1504363 said

No. 1504392

started ice rolling my face every morning and I suddenly have a bone structure

No. 1504417

Got Taco Bell mild sauce on one of my WHITE granny squares. Almost lost it, but then I washed it and it came out just fine with a little scrubbing.
Also, idk if it's social anxiety or trauma but I always anticipate the worst responses from anyone. I told someone I had to re-schedule some plans we made expecting her to be mad at me, and she was just like "Okay love (cute blushy face smile emoji)"

No. 1504425

does it really work? all those photos of before/after show me absolutely nothing

No. 1504428

Ice rolling is just the millionth skincare fad that doesn't work. They just need something new to sell you every season. If they worked we'd still be hyping up skincare fads from years ago.

No. 1504435

yeah I don't know about the whole fad thing, i just have a puffy face in the morning that does go down by evening time but with the cooling I can get it down in like 5 minutes now, weird take nona.

No. 1504439

Just ignore if, you post about any personal thing you do with skincare there will always be some weirdo jumping out to sperg about how it can't really work. It's not like you have to spend money to put ice on your face.

No. 1504445

Yeah like I used to use just a minigrip bag that I filled with water to depuff in the mornings if I had the time and the roller is a gadget but it's making my mornings better and it works for me, didn't realise it would be a hot (hehe) take

No. 1504488

took a few days off work and i did absolutely nothing. just laid in bed most of the time. even when i do go to work, i get home and lay in bed until i fall asleep. i feel like such a piece of shit.

No. 1504493

Signed up for paypal a few months ago and it's so nice to just be able to pay for things without having a million steps involved.

What are you worried about nonna? It's fine to just relax every once in a while, you don't have to be productive. If you laid in bed it's probably because you needed rest. You're fine ♥

No. 1504498

hello from another anxious crocheter who loves tbell!

No. 1504517

i was arguing with the person in the celebricows thread who said there was some new law in nordic countries that allowed for doctors to induce brain death so they could get organs and i ended up going down a bit of a rabbithole. i don't want to continue the argument so i'll just rant here instead kek. basically, i was confused because i couldn't find any information on the supposed "law change" that allowed for a balloon to be put into a patient to kill them before they had reached either brain death or circulatory death. i couldnt even find like, fake news or fearmongering about it. which you would expect if there was any kind of change about organ donation laws because there's always bs and fearmongering around that subject. anyway, it turns out that that's because there was no law change. the "they put a balloon into your brain to kill you!!" thing is not a new law (not that that's the actual law either lol), this is how the majority of circulatory death donations happen. basically, the process occurs when someone has either near-total brain death or is at the end of an incurable musculor-skeletal disase (i.e. ALS). the near-total brain death thing means essentially that someone has no brain function expect for the brain stem. people in that state or not in a coma or even a minimally vegetative state, they have no consciousness whatsoever. however, the definition of brain death is very strict and there can be no organ harvesting if someone does not meet that strict definition. if the person or their family wanted to, they could be kept on life support indefinitely. kind of the same with als, in that case the person will almost certainly have some point where they've specified "i dont want life support anymore once i can no longer move anything except one eye" or whatever. in both of those cases, even if treatment is 100% futile and there's no consciousness, the person doesn't have to go off of life support unless they or their legal agent decides its time. the medical team treating them and the medical team in charge of donation must also be completely distinct, and the donation team cannot talk to the patient or their family at all until the decision to take them off life support has already been made. but if the person has specified in their will or their legal agent makes the decision to take them off life support, then that will be done, and if they/their agent want organ donation, that's where the ""balloon that kills them so their organs can be stolen"" kicks in. basically, life support is ended. this would happen regardless of whether they were an organ donor or not and again, doesn't have to happen no matter how stupid it is to keep life support at that point. so at no point is anyone taken off of life support because theyre an organ donor and there is no actual difference in care between organ donors/non donors. after life support is withdrawn, there's a legal waiting period to let them die. some places is 2 minutes and some places it's longer. they wait for the heart to stop beating and for total death to occur. then, if the person was an organ donor, there's a technique where a balloon is put into an artery near their brain. this allows them to essentially resuscitate the body without reviving any brain function so that organ donation can occur. thats pretty crazy to me. i also find it satisfying that i was right lol, there is no point where doctors decide to kill you because they want to take your organs. in the cases where this technique happens, you would already be taken off life support anyway regardless of whether youre an organ donor. and again, you don't have to be taken off life support unless a) you specified that you wanted to be or b) your legal decision maker decides its time. tl;dr there is no "new law" in nordic countries that lets doctors kill you to steal your organs and being an organ donor doesnt make you less likely to receive life-saving treatment.

No. 1504538

File: 1676846210700.jpeg (42.54 KB, 500x664, 135C6C24-DC35-47FD-B273-2D3DEE…)

I found my glasses! I thought I lost them, or threw them away when I was deep cleaning my room, these are the newest ones (from 2018) so they give me the least headache when I'm going out! Plus they're cute and look better with my golden accessories than my red glasses.

No. 1504645

On Valentine's day I got a beautiful bouquet of roses and baby's breath, and it is true that baby's breath stinks lmao

No. 1504647

File: 1676858359689.jpg (36.89 KB, 395x500, dd02a0eeb3f8e39aea3d41adb92493…)

Anon, you're my twin!

No. 1504882

Mango hard cider makes my pee smell exactly like it. Like extremely strong mango piss. Only asparagus does something so strong. I wonder what other foods do that