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No. 1499715

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No. 1499717

I haaaate women who undergo plastic surgery. They are the true pick-mes. I rolled my eyes so hard when I saw a video of Victoria Beckham taking her rotting implants out as "self-care". I remember seeing pictures of her freakishly round implants when I was like 7 and thinking how disgusting it must be to shove 2 foreign objects inside of you and there's no way to clean them. These bitches never win. She probably got cancer cells growing inside of her as I type, for what reason? To make her ugly pornsick husband ejaculate. Best advice I give girls is that
1. moids are inferior and disposable
2. moids hate women who listen to their advice becasue they know (1) to be true.
3. if you go great lengths to make a moid ejaculate, you have lost all value to the moid
4. a woman who knows she's of value bc of the MERE fact that she is a woman is very attractive. That is how it should be as nature intended it.
summary I fucking hate women who peacock for moids. These whores single handedly ruin women's reputation.

No. 1499720

File: 1676387753661.png (43.99 KB, 1277x1149, KOPS.png)

I feel like such a brat for this.
I'm 29 weeks pregnant and due to an unrelated bit of disaster outside of our control, my husband and I have spent this whole time dealing with and cleaning up a terrible mess. I was almost done with the parts I could do, and my husband is getting close to finishing up what he wanted to do before baby comes, too. I was looking forward to having a few weeks to prepare for the baby and for my home birth. Everyone tells me to enjoy this time, and that it is so special, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of that, trying to minimize my own desire to plan for baby to complete the other project.
My mother in law has a reinfection from a surgery, and it is kind of her fault for not speaking up to anyone until she couldn't get up on her own, being close to 400 lbs, and not taking her prescribed antibiotics. She will be be in the hospital and then a rehab facility for the next 6.5 weeks at least. We have to clean out her home, which has gotten into a bad state. She hid that from us despite visiting every one to two weeks to check on her. We are taking her dog, which my husband told her not to get because he knew she would have trouble caring for it. My home isn't ready for birth or baby and now instead of sleeping in for the last time for a long time, I get to wake up and walk a dog who is the least endearing dog I've ever met. I have exercises I'm supposed to do that I already struggle to make time for. I won't be rearranging onesies in a drawer because I'll be trying to clean dog hair off of every surface. By the time the dog is gone I'll be too big to get anything done. The hormones are making this so much worse.
I'm bothered that I can't seem to suck it up like I normally would to be there for my husband, who might be losing his mom and is watching her decline.

No. 1499727

Put the foot down anon damn. Prioritize yourself. Why did you guys take in the dog in the first place? Make your husband take care of it. Whatever cleaning your MIL house can wait. Ask some friends and family to help you clean your house how about that? Being a pushover is pathetic.

No. 1499729

Can I kiss you
kek jokes aside I'm surprised I know two people close to me who've had work done, I thought all normal people in real life have an unspoken agreement that ps is stupid and a waste of money. Looks like not everyone got the memo

No. 1499738

I hate twittertroons so much holy shit. This might sound overdramatic but their behaviour and tactic to get you to stop playing a game seriously remind me of an abusive boyfriend who will gaslight you and guilt trip you until you completely submit to their opinions. Fuck them.

No. 1499743

I'm currently going through a panic attack the worst has passed but I can't shaking and the dizziness won't stop I keep gagging but since I haven't eaten something nothing comes up it's the first time I've ever felt like this it's been going on since last night over a exam I've coming up I cant focus nor revise because of the fear I'm feeling. It was so awful.

No. 1499744

It doesn’t even make sense to put in all that effort because most men can get hard to any woman. They usually only want plastic surgery bimbos to flex on other scrotes and doesn’t have much to do with attraction.

No. 1499745

Received an e-mail from my mother today that she has very sad news, but she doesn't want to tell it in said e-mail and that I should call. She knows that I hate calling her and every other stuff she could always disclose in her e-mails, like my grandpa dying. Now I'm sitting here for hours, waiting that I can call her and see what sad news she has, playing through every scenario possible, like my grandma died (would be sad), my father died (wouldn't be sad), she is ill and will die next week (wouldn't be sad), she burned down the house (would be sad) and so on. It's the same manipulating bullshit as always and no matter what happend, I will have to deal with the fallout and I'm already tired of everything.

No. 1499746

>I normally would to be there for my husband, who might be losing his mom
I’m sure you’re doing more than enough as a literally pregnant woman to “be there” for your husband. If you were losing your mom, you’d still be expected to show up for your child and your non-pregnant husband. Your hubby will be fine, make him walk the dog and do the home preparation, hire someone to clean his mom’s home if needed be. You put your feet up, do what you want. This is the time for him to rise up as father and husband. There is nothing that can be done to better his mom’s health right now but there is plenty to help yours and your child. Everyone in your family who’s not a selfish piece of shit can understand that.

No. 1499773

fuck people who work at offices theyre always super annoying and insufferable
these two are raising a fuss because very few people brought snacks for valentines. No i didnt bring any, i usually do but not today
It’s just food geez, why do they get so damn mad and salty,

No. 1499776

samefag, it’s also almost always nasty sweet shit, you can keep your food idgaf

No. 1499780

samfag, sorry, but now she’s bitching about how people could have gone to the dollar store and buy something cheap it’s just valentines damn, get off my ass, saying that theyll only come eat once she leaves, nah im not getting any bitch, jeez im so annoyed now

No. 1499786

I hate when people choose to get a pet then act pissed that it exists. The ghetto trash below me got a tiny pitbull puppy that I’ve never heard him say a kind word to. “Go lay down,” “shut up,” “go away.” He keeps her locked in a kennel most of the time and doesn’t want to take her out to do her business or spend time with her. She cries constantly. He takes her for a walk about once a week. I don’t understand why he got a dog if he hates her so much

No. 1499788

You seem like the beacon of feminism yourself, calling women whores and all

No. 1499791

I only meant to scream into the void, but this has given me perspective. Thank you, nonnies. I think I might overextend myself more than anyone ever asked me to. My husband is certainly not lazy, and has been working tirelessly for many months on an unrelated thing that needs to be taken care of in a limited time frame. That's part of what stresses me out, is that this project needs to be finished too, and I can't help with much more of it. We did offer to watch the dog, which was my very stupid idea, but that was 9 months ago, because I was afraid my MIL would put off her surgery because she had nowhere to put her dog. This is a reinfection after this has happened once, and I was hoping to avoid this scenario. Clearly I'm a dumbass. We'll watch the dog for a while, and will have to pass the dog off somewhere once I'm 36 weeks. My BIL has already been cleaning MIL's home. We did some work there, and will do more tomorrow, but we could leave the bulk of it for BIL.
As for my home, there's a lot of it I want to do myself. I really prefer being the one to go through my own possessions. My husband will probably do the bulk of the mopping/scrubbing sort of cleaning, and already does a lot of that. He organized things like the kitchen, too. My mother is an angel, and I might enlist her help in preparing, too. I'm hoping to fill a freezer that's getting delivered in three weeks with dinners for us, and that might be something that doesn't happen. I don't really like or want to spend money on prepared foods. Last time my MIL got an infection, I filled her freezer with healthy meals, which sure isn't happening this time.
I wanted more time relaxing with my husband than I'll end up getting, but I appreciate the advice not to do more than I have to. I'm going to prioritize preparing for baby as much as I can, since I'm already upset that I've put it off in favor of other tasks, and this is important to me.
And yes, my MIL is a piece of work. we're going to have to have some tough conversations with her about her ability to live independently.

No. 1499805

i have a crush on a tif with a gf that i think groomed her because the timelines dont match unless they were dating when she was 16 and the gf was 20. she's 20 now so i wonder if she sees how weird it is to look at a child not even close to graduating high school and consider her a potential date, when youre well into university. their relationship is going well though. the gf seems a bit pushy sometimes but im never good at reading peoples intentions. my crush seems very much in love anyway. i dont even want to date my crush because im too embarrassed about myself to date anyone but even as her friend this makes me uncomfortable. i wonder if the gf groomed her into a tranny bc shes a theythem. i feel weird when the gf talks to me now after realising this. i guess i wont bring it up unless my crush does. i mean, if she doesnt think its weird at 20, maybe she wont ever think its weird.

No. 1499826

No. 1499831

>buy a nice diary
>write in a few times
>the thought of ever going back to my dumb entries or even briefly glimpsing them causes such massive cringe in me that it repels me from writing in it more
How does anyone not feel this way when writing in their diary? I bought it in the first place because my friend and other people here suggested it's a good way to get your emotions out but it just causes me to cringe that my embarrassing and stupid thoughts are out there in some physical form.

No. 1499844

File: 1676397836743.gif (378.23 KB, 245x178, 1652390597844.gif)

I'm perfectly content being single and don't want to move in with a moid, get married etc but I still enjoy flirting and would like to go on dates but literally every moid I come across is so ugly and annoying. Disgusting haircuts or bald, pube beards or pedo staches, awful skin, fat or anachan and if there is ever a ONE IN A MILLION good looking (not too good looking though, they never are) moid his obviously taken or has such an insufferable personality that I can't stand it when he opens his mouth. I'm in my early 20s and only dated one scrote as a teenager and no one else since then and it's so frustrating, I'm going to die a virgin at this point, not a single attractive man in sight. And you might say
>oh anon, maybe you're just ugly
Wrong. I regularly attract uggos and manwhores just don't get involved with them (for obvious reasons). Go outside right fucking now and show me a hot dude, do it now! You can't, exactly, you fucking can't, they're all being drowned out by the uglies… A flood of ugoos and on the other hand a drought. A famine of male beauty

No. 1499875

would you actually be okay with dating a tif though anon?

No. 1499880

call me a bitch but i don't like the picture of the thread

No. 1499884

me neither. i will begrudgingly tolerate it but id like to request the next thread pic be something cute and also not another gif, please and ty threadmaker anons

No. 1499889

I sometimes write down my thoughts on a notepad but then tear it up immediately afterwards. If I drop dead tomorrow I don't want people going through my belongings and finding my weird personal ramblings

No. 1499895

well, the idea is weird, but yes. i see her as a woman and i really like her. she's a really good person and we get along well. im already friends with other tifs whose pronouns i have to "respect" anyway. if she were to start transitioning… i would probably not be attracted to her anymore. then id only continue to worry about her as a friend

No. 1499899

If she's a they/them, you have a chance of getting through once they break off or have any hint of discord in their relationship. If she was FtM I'd give up because they hate gender criticals significantly more, from my own experience.

No. 1499901

Hope she mauls him when she hits the magic age.

No. 1499906

File: 1676401622351.jpg (201.06 KB, 1000x888, Whistlers-Mother.jpg)

I always try to ignore this kind of stuff and pretend it doesn't hurt me, but since it's valentine's day I want to vent with honesty, just let it out.

I'm sick of getting treated as… nothing. I'm never interesting enough to admire, pretty enough to romanticize, just a receptacle of monologues and games, like I'm never human enough to respect, just a doll that says the right things. "I saw this and I got reminded of you" "I know you like this stuff, I didn't forget" things like that never happen to me, it's always "me me me" I'm never relevant enough to even make an effort. I feel invisible, like a ghost, no matter who am with or where I go, is always the same thing: I do all the hardlifting, cause if I don't, everyone goes away, everyone forgets about me. I'm tired, I just want to be truly appreciated and loved, I want to feel the warmth of true mutual interest not just one-sided shit, games, manipulations…I'm tired of dodging bullets and running away, I just want to love.

I feel so alone, I always walk by myself, eat by myself, watch the clouds by myself, silence follows me everywhere, everything feels monochrome. I could literally drop dead and you know what? Nobody will notice, cause I was never enough, no matter how much I try, I'm not enough, I'm replaceable and forgeable, not even beauty could save me, in fact, beauty only makes things even more hurtful cause nobody even hides the fact they don't give a damn about you besides looks that will fade away. But I'll always be the same, even without a pretty face, I'll be a smiling old lady, yet, could someone stay even after that?

No. 1499907

I got diagnosed with BED today. It explains a lot but I'm still pissed I couldn't get help for it when the symptoms first started, and now it's gotten so bad the only shirt that fits is a 4x, and I can't find a single pair of pants in my size so I'm praying my sweats and shorts work until I can find one. I'm in the mid to high 200 pounds range and 5'7, so I'm really, really glad I'm getting the help I need to normalize.

No. 1499915

she's an ftm unfortunately. funnily enough, she's not really angry when she gets "misgendered", it's always the gf that corrects people when they're called lesbians or "maam" and stuff. she's always very mild mannered though. she's not in transition and has never mentioned going through with it at least to me, but if she does start it, i'd lose interest anyway. regardless, i wouldnt ask her out if she accepted herself as a woman since im too insecure anyway kek so i better get over it

No. 1499917

I hate having Asperger’s. I can put up an act and copy what normal people do, but the truth always comes out and relationships crumble. My inability to maintain relationships will result in me being painfully alone for the rest of my life. I wish I were normal

No. 1499947

AYART, then she's not a real FtM and can get saved. Real FtMs would probably threaten to kill you in cold blood for misgendering them and would take every opportunity to try and get HRT through an endocrinologist, so hope is not lost on this one.

No. 1499955

I’m happy you’re finally getting help, I believe in you anon! You deserve health and quality of life.

No. 1499956

I guess I'll have to start drinking alcohol every other day because it is more accessible than paying a visit to a GP and psychiatrist and buying meds. I hate the taste and feeling in my stomach but it makes me so relaxed.

No. 1499957

File: 1676403280974.jpg (121.6 KB, 519x650, sad-clown-paint-by-numbers.jpg)

Today is my last day of being 27 years old. Tomorrow is my 28th birthday and I can't deal with the thought that it's only 2 years left till I'm 30, only 2 years left until I'm no longer a person in their 20s. Just a year ago some people were assuming I'm still underage, now they suddenly tell me I look 23. Maybe my stressful and demanding job made me look older. I feel the same way as when I was 16. I really think I stopped developing mentally around 20 because I was an autistic kid and I never got the proper help I should get and I only got diagnosed like a month ago. I feel so, so behind my peers. I never lived like other people my age, I wasn't able to go to college because being around other people was too stressful at that point, I was a neet for years, I never had any friends or relationships. It's mind blowing to me that some people my age have children, meanwhile I myself feel like a child mentally. Some people already treat me different than others because of my weird behavior, but I think that it will get even worse when I start to look older. I know people generally treat older women worse, but I think that in a case of autistic women it's even worse than normally. At least my youthful look was an excuse, they might think I'm dumb/weird but I'm still young, at least I wasn't ugly or old AND weird. My coworkers still don't know my real age and I'm ashamed to tell them, they would be like 'wtf she's almost 30 and she behaves like this'. I never had a boyfriend and I'm scared I will never find a decent guy, I think that most men who are around my age and who aren't taken usually prefer younger women. My only encounter with a male was a coworker who chased me for a year, he's like 5 years younger than me, I said I'm older than him and he said to me many times it doesn't matter to him, now when he found out my age, I think he started teasing me about it? Like when I mention my back hurts he says shit like 'you're at that age lol' or calls me old for teh lulz even though he still expresses his attraction to me and calls me beautofil and wants to touch me and I kiss me and wants to spend time with me, I usually don't want to kiss because I'm disgusted by human saliva, but he still behaves like he doesn't mind my weirdness, is attracted to me and wants to be around me even though I told him I'm not interested in sex, while at the same time teasing me about my age, and it really annoys me. He never did that before knowing my age. One of my coworkers knows my birthday is coming and she knows I'm older than 25 and she was teasing me about slightly visible lines on my forehead. Jesus it makes me want to rope. I think I wouldn't be that paranoid about getting older if I actually lived the life, but I never did. I was a neet with no life for years and then suddenly I'm almost 30 when I just started going outside. This is suicide fuel to me. My therapist tells me it's not my fault I never got the chance to live like other people my age and I can't compare myself to them because I'm starting from an entirely different position, but it doesn't help me a lot, I still hate myself, I still think of how different I could've been, I think about my dreams I had as a child, I wanted to be an actress or a singer so bad and teachers wanted me to do activities associated with acting and reciting poems, I felt I could be good at it, I loved learning about theatre, I was a huge cinephile too and my knowledge about cinema was crazy for that age. But after puberty hit me and I experienced lots of bullying, my anxiety got so bad I wasn't able to talk to people without stuttering, and every time I tried to open up, I only humiliated myself. I'm still so quiet people can barely hear me and I feel like I'm physically unable to talk louder. When I'm in a group and I try to talk, people barely pay attention to me. I have no presence. I feel like I'm non existent. Even my coworker told me I'm invisible and I need to do something to stop being like this because I will never get any opprtunities. The problem is I have no idea how to stop being like this, whatever that means. I don't know how to be different. Sorry for the blogpost, I need to take my sleeping drugs and forget about this day and I really want this to end

No. 1499976

I’m sorry you feel like this nonnie, loneliness can eat away at you like nothing else. It’s cliche, but you should take time and do things to invest in yourself. Not necessarily the consumerist version aka “treat yo self” (although that can be nice and maybe helpful) but more like getting a pet (even a goldfish can be a rewarding companion!) or making it a priority to surround yourself somewhere beautiful in nature, starting a journal, mediating, cooking something delicious, and/or learning a new skill. The world is full of possibility and connections - sometimes that means choosing to know yourself better, or communing with things outside of humanity. The world at large isn’t a very good barometer for determining what’s valuable, so don’t let it define your worth. Even if you found yourself suddenly in demand, you would experience those who would make their own unrealistic expectations of you, demand your attention and time, suck you dry, and then spit you out when you couldn’t deliver anymore. We are all little specks floating in a moment of time - I’m rooting for you to make it the loveliest moment that you can!

No. 1499979

Thank you! I don't hate my size, but it + my eating habits will make me keel over young, so the help makes me happy

No. 1499998

lolcow is the only place i can hang out these days without getting mad or depressed. it's nice to hang out with like-minded anons, even when there's people constantly posting bait and we have to deal with cp and gore spam. i wish we didn't have to put up with that, we shouldn't have to. but then i go to other sites that i used to love, and i have tras shoving their agenda down my throat, and constant CONSTANT discourse about stuff that doesn't matter. none of it mmatters. im so tired! not everyone needs to have a vocal opinion about everything at all times. we could be sharing art we like, music we like, cute pictures of lunch or ducks at the park, we could be having thoughtful conversations, but no… we gotta spam spoilers about hogwarts legacy, bemoan the state of the world and politics and get into shitflinging contests about who is the better ally. make it stop. anyway i love you lolcor, thanks for being here

No. 1500024

I feel the same way. As much as I hate the baits and raids, lc is where I go to feel sane. God it just feels so good to be amongst funny based nonnies.

No. 1500061

My grandma died and yes, it makes me sad, but she was old and healthy until her end, at least she didn't have to suffer. The reason I have to vent is that I now have to deal with her children. The only thing they are interested in is the money, they will throw everything away, sell the house, act like their parents were never ever alive. It makes me so mad that everything will go into the trash and I told my mother that I want to have a say in what they throw away as I was too young when this happend with the stuff of my other grandparents (they kept nothing, no pictures, no paintings, nothing). I want to keep at least the photo albums, the handwritten things, maybe some tableware. If I had the space I would even take her furniture, because they are nice and filled with good memories. I hate how I have to wait in line because it's not my spot to inherit anything, but I know my "family", I know that they will just want to get it all done very fast and why keep anything? Who needs pictures of their ancestors or diaries or handwritten cookbooks? Well, good thing is, if this is all over, I will never have to deal with any of them again, with my grandma died the last reason why I even visited them.

No. 1500065

I make a little above minimum wage and I'm giving everything to my mom and paying all her bills but like the retard she is she just keeps getting into more debt. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. I HATE MY JOB SO MUCH. I CAN'T EVEN ENJOY THE MONEY I MAKE BECAUSE OF THIS DUMB MENTALLY ILL BITCH

No. 1500068

what is the dumbass doing to get into more debt? stop giving her money or start taking more control of her finances if this really is the case. does she think you're made of money or something???

No. 1500069

I can't talk about how I feel to my friend without him saying I'm being manipulative. It's like 2 manipulative people playing the "you're manipulating me" game back and forth. Ironically, when I was 12 and he was 14 he used this weird false persona to destroy my self worth at the time to keep me around. (he was my only friend for the past decade) Compared me to it, put me down saying I'd never be enough, how she's loved by everyone how I never will reach that, nbd really but keep in mind I was 12… and later on I started manipulating him using self harm. Weird how that got us staying talking to eachother. Bad friendship, though. We're both pieces of shits but he always acts like he's a saint.

No. 1500079

I hate seeing teenage girls get bullied by pick-me cunts.
I can't watch a video of a girl showing her outfit she put together without someone in the comments crying about "fast fashion!" Or "she's wearing shein lol"
It's the same pick-me girls who will talk shit if you don't own an iphone or they purchase from stores like hot topic/AliExpress and sell what they thrifted for ten times the price they paid.
we all know fast fashion is bad, almost all my clothes I own are either thrifted or hand me downs, it's impossible to avoid fast fashion brands in thrift stores because of trends changing and stores rotating their stock. Even if that person was to buy from locals it would just be thrifted and marked up or a simple gildan shirt that basically is/was the first fast fashion brand with a circuit design on it or someone's art they stole from the internet.

No. 1500092

Tell your mother to grow the fuck up and don't give her any more money. If she gets angry, sit her down, go through her finances with her and make a plan how much she can spend, if she won't listen and you still live with her, move out. She won't stop taking and it's time for you to enjoy your hard earned money.

No. 1500175

A few years ago there was this moid who worked at a restaurant very close to my house and he was super cute. I always wanted to ask him out but didn’t want to make it weird. We even matched on tinder but he stopped replying to me. Was looking through suggested friends on Facebook and this friend of a friend popped up and I checked her profile and she’s now dating him. She was an absolutely massive cunt the one time I met her and I’m so jealous. Admittedly I never had a real conversation with this guy so I don’t know what he’d actually like but maybe he’s just as miserable as she is. Still sucks though.

No. 1500184

That’s not what pick me means anon, but good points otherwise.

No. 1500189

Nonnie, make the escape as soon as you can. You're not an extension of your mom's financial instability. You're a whole other person who goes to work for their own priorities in their life. Gray rock your mom.
My mother put me into debt the moment I started working. It's not worth the struggle. You cannot fix her. Giving her money is only enabling her and she'll turn this into you being greedy and not wanting to pay for shit.

No. 1500193

i wish i had never been born, existence is terrifying and we force it upon our children like its nothing, like it's no big deal being alive and human. well actually it is. i will die one day. my existence has meant nothing. im not happy here. i don't care that there wasn't a point to all this, i don't expect there to be a point, i just care that i was born and one day i will die and thats it. what the fuck? and people have kids knowing the existential hell that is forced upon each and every one of us?
we seek futile comfort in one and other. we play games to forget our daily lives. we argue with people on the internet. we work in offices and banks, we sit exams, we worry about taxes. then we die. and then nothing. and nonnies, do you know what the worst thing is? im scared of dying. if i weren't scared of dying id have ended it a long time ago. why why why did we even get to a point as a species where we've been afforded the luxury of having existential crises, when tens of thousands of years ago all that really mattered was survival and staying warm through the winter and seeking shade from the harsh sun

yeah i know i need to get on SSRIs or whatever idc, existence is still a scam and nobody deserves to have this shit forced upon them. i hope reincarnation is real and next time i get to live life as a lobster or something equally as un-neurotic and not prone to depression and self reflection

No. 1500199

Sorry I had pick mes in mind because the ones I keep seeing do it are the "egirls/emo girls"who put other girls down.

No. 1500209

File: 1676422197307.jpeg (24.76 KB, 400x400, FkKdyMgacAAulzc.jpeg)

I chewed too much chewing-gum and now my jaw kinda hurts.

No. 1500220


No. 1500229

That’s not a pick me. Not every woman who is just a bitch is a pick me.

No. 1500243

I'm going to fucking punch my coworkers, why would you say you want to come in early and then you are HOURS late? What was the reason to even say you wanna come in?!? You could've said no and let someone else work because clearly you don't. I'm fucking stuck here and I wanna go home and celebrate Valentine's Day with my bf and it's postponed almost 3 hours now. By the time I get home I have to go to sleep and wake up to be back here. I feel like shit already and it just gets worse. Every holiday this happens. I want to get out of here as soon as possible.

No. 1500250

How do you make someone realize they're very very ill and need to be treated before it gets even worse than it is now? Anosognosia is so scary, and so, so tiring.

No. 1500283

What is Anosognosia?

No. 1500290

you are growing stronger….

No. 1500349

I love my bf and he's very sweet, but I wish he was more thoughtful. My roommate's bf got her flowers and balloons and made her dinner for Valentine's Day, and mine just said "happy Valentine's Day!" and that's it. I really don't care about gifts, but I wish he would have put even 1% effort into making me feel special sometimes.

No. 1500402

I'm feeling very disheartened from my job search. Not getting replies back from applications as well as keeping up with the tremendous amount of cover letters I have to fucking write for each application on top of keeping up with my coursework. I am so fucking tired. There are some local entry level jobs that uses my degree and basically hire just about anyone but they barely pay above minimum wage. So if all else fails I'll just go there. I don't want to think that no job is beneath me but I'm also feeling pressure from my parents who would most definitely be upset that I don't have a good job that pays well because of this four years of education. "Hurrr anon why aren't you making triple figures" Like fuck off, the economy is shit right now and I'm trying my best here. They are so fucking out of touch at the state of the economy and the job market that it just adds onto my growing pile of annoyance.

No. 1500466

Damn she is pissed

No. 1500480

File: 1676444979744.jpg (35.59 KB, 495x631, tired.jpg)

I think I've lost the ability to fall asleep. When I lie down it takes me hours to fall asleep and after around 3 hours I wake up, mostly by the noise my neighbours make. I just want to sleep and not be tired all the time.

No. 1500484

My depression has fucked up my tastebuds. I can barely eat meat anymore and vegetables that I use to love to eat feel like a chore. The only things I want to consume are really salty foods, really sweet foods, and rice. Even if it falls in line with the cravings, I still don't eat a lot. I get this weird feeling when swallowing after a few bites and it feels like such a monumental task to do something so basic. At the moment I want chicken fried rice drowned in soy sauce but I know I won't be able to eat a lot. I hate this so much.

No. 1500489

File: 1676446238148.jpg (100.13 KB, 750x750, catfd.jpg)

feeling suicidal over a moid, i never thought this would be me
i can't stop crying and i feel so stupid

No. 1500492

I had that problem for a couple weeks as well, now I just sorta use audiobooks or long form youtube iceberg videos(regarding mostly boring subjects like Dinosaurs like vidrel) I usually fall asleep in less then half an hour thanks to this

No. 1500502

File: 1676447526560.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 1671692371394.gif)

I'm staying at my parent's house and whenever I try to listen to the radio I'm forced to tolerate the same 5 songs every single day. I'm not even kidding, it's literally just a few songs on repeat. I'm in Canada so radio stations legally have to play Canadian songs in the attempt to instill some state-mandated patriotism and the entire province is full of boomers so every single station is just Chilliwack and Neil Young. This province is the most boring fucking place in the world and the lack of variety is not helping. If I hear 'my girl's gone so long' one more time I'm going to break my radio and kill someone and it won't be my fault

No. 1500506

Nonnie you can make it through this. Don't worry. I said it before to another Nona and will say it again-you were a human before him and you can be a human after him too. Don't forget that. There was a you before him. Much love, you'll get through this!

No. 1500522

>I'm in Canada so radio stations legally have to play Canadian songs in the attempt to instill some state-mandated patriotism
Shit really? Since when? I'm a Canadafag and I used to listen to the radio all the time and they played tons of American songs, although that was like 7 years ago at least and I might be in a different province than you.

No. 1500550

So I'm studying a couple of courses and have gone on to the next level, and the jump between 1 and 2 is so jarring I'm trying not to panic. I sympathized with the one that was struggling in the previous one and was sympathetic to the fact that the teacher had to adapt his lessons to the one that are far behind. But now I'm just angry at it because it feels like I could have learned so much more without them because there are details that should have been covered in the previous one that I should have known by now and it makes me struggle with this one that is led by a different teacher with much higher demands.

No. 1500569

I did a quick google and here's something https://crtc.gc.ca/Eng/cancon/r_cdn.htm They play some american songs as well, but it's mostly canadian. Probably because it's newfoundland and people are crazy patriotic here compared to the rest of the country. I've seen entire houses painted in the newfoundland flag. I've actually seen some american flags as well, which is interesting. Apparently at confederation there were a lot of newfoundlanders who wanted to join the US but joey smallwood made them join canada instead. Unrelated but a lot of newfoundlanders (my parents included) hate joey smallwood because he forced people from outports into towns. I haven't been to newfoundland in ages so it's a bit weird being here, it's so different from the rest of canada. everyone here is FAT fat and there's a fried chicken place every block. But it's sort of quaint, you can tell that there's more history here than say BC. I went to quidi vidi and it was the cutest town I've ever seen. it's so boring here though. one week and i can't wait to leave sorry for rambling lol

No. 1500591

sadly, even boring subjects will get me hooked and I want to know more then, my brain is just an annoying prick at the moment. I will try the audiobooks and listening to white noise or rain stuff.

No. 1500593

that's sweet of you anon but i was depressed and suicidal before him, my life has always been an autopilot slog with no meaning
he gave me hope and happiness and now it's all gone
thanks though

No. 1500600

I hate my university so much. It's so unprofessional and money hungry and it's like nobody gives a shit about the students or professors. I might have to drop my physics class since all of the books went conveniently missing right before the semester began, but the school still pockets the money we paid for the books even though they gave us nothing. Nobody has the book, not even the professor, so there is absolutely nothing to go off of, absolutely nothing we can use to study or even figure out what we are learning. If you miss class, you're fucked. If you don't miss class and diligently take notes, well, you're still probably fucked since there is zero study material or anything. I think I'm gonna fail this class. I'm always sick and it's making me exhausted and I'm missing classes because my body is so weak I can't even physically go. I want to study really badly, but I'm not even sure if it's possible. It feels like everything is working against me and I don't want to lose my scholarship over things out of my control. It feels like I don't have control over anything in my life and things just happen to me, instead of me ever actually doing or achieving anything. Sometimes I just feel like there's no point in even trying anymore.

No. 1500601

the place I worked some years ago had a radio, we weren't allowed to wear headphones, so I had to listen to the radio 5 days a week and I can't tell you how much I want to kill someone if I ever hear anything from Rihanna, Justin Biber or this 7 Years song from Lukas something again. Never ever will I work somewhere, where I'm not allowed to bring my own music. So, I feel your pain, nonna, but you will get through it.

No. 1500611

I hate one-on-ones with managers and having to discuss how challenging the job is and having to want to 'step higher on the corporate ladder'. Idc about what I do and I find these meetings absolutely pointless

No. 1500619

nta but I wish I was kidding when I say I'm forced to listen to foreign screeching from a coworker and my other coworker's bluetooth speaker that seems to play the same damn genre where every other song sounds the same. I would be such a happy worker if we could just have a little randomized pop music or my own 1 ear bluetooth headphone. I want to quit due to shitty management but also the god damn music.

No. 1500620

I don't understand why is my stomach feeling so bad, like yeah, I'm not having the best breakfasts or dinners ever, and I snack a lot at work, but I wouldn't snack at work if I could have my fucking breakfast in peace. Now I go to sleep bloated, I wake up bloated and the bloat stops bothering me after I've spend part of the morning at work.
I don't want to spend money on shitty food at work, I just want to eat healthy at home.

No. 1500643

There is no point in 3 of us opening tomorrow. Why the hell am I even schedualed? The managers favorite comes in within an hour of my opening. Then we're overstaffed. If I didn't need this part time job I would just quit tomorrow and not show up then hand in a long winded letter of how god awful my boss is. Hell I would just blow up on her over the phone how terrible she is both at managing and schedualing. Fuck you. Piece of shit economy.

No. 1500653

i fucking hate needing food. i have to eat 3 times a day so i have to plan something for each of them and if i eat snacks or whatever random thing i find then i spend the day with a headache even though im not hungry. why havent we evolved into living with water only? how much longer do i have to waste time thinking about and preparing food? i dont even like the taste of anything. they better make those nutrition pills soon

No. 1500672

I want my salary and shopppppppp

No. 1500678

I'm still feeling anxietic attacks after my big panic attack yesterday I hate it I keep biting my nails out of intense fear(IVE NEVER DONE THAT??) I keep shaking and cant stop after countless hours showers and bedrests I can't ask for help since my family thinks I'm overreacting because of the exam . I still can't focus on anything eating drinking sleeping studying god I don't know why this exam is not that hard but i feel I'm going to fail this exam.i keep feeling impeding doom. All of this is so scary I want this to stop

No. 1500680

File: 1676461589684.jpg (36.22 KB, 564x548, 8378800b1c2c4aab846430fae98bce…)

Maybe I'm the social retard here but I don't understand how easy it is for so many people to move on from a past relationship. There are people who claim that every gf/bf is the love of their life, just to break up after a few years and then rinse and repeat, meanwhile I'm still sobbing over the same moid for months. People keep saying that you'll find someone else among all the people on this planet but what are the odds of finding someone who has the same core values, interests and humour as me again? I'm in my late 20's and I'm sociable enough but I've never felt this close to someone as I did to this moid. He was like the male version of myself. I don't want to just be with some dude who I get along with, I want to be with someone who's a perfect match for me.

No. 1500696

I miss having a grandmother. Both of them are gone, but I had a special bond with my mom's mother. She died 5 years ago now but i've been missing her more lately. I don't know why, ive even cried some days with how much i miss her and want her back. Thought I was over it, and now it feels like i'm overreacting, idk if its normal.
I just want to talk to her again, tell her how my life is going and how im slowly progressing. I want to find out how she made me that meal i liked so much. I want her to teach me how to drive (she was a driver most of her life).
Kinda get sad whenever someone mentions their grandmother being nice, saying something funny, etc - wish i still had that.

No. 1500705

How do you get around ip bans when I was unfairly temporarily banned?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1500706

No. 1500710

Not paying for that, any free ones?

No. 1500713

I'm sorry anon. You're not overreacting and it's normal for grief to come back full force even after years. I lost the grandma I was closest to almost 7 years ago now and it doesn't feel like it at all. The void in my heart has never been filled and it never will be. I hope one day you can remember happy memories of your grandmother and smile. Hugs to you anon.

No. 1500832

Work really makes me feel like I should be punished for feeling any positive emotion or to look forward to something. I don't like the layout of my job, it punishes me for my coworkers who are late or can't make it in at the last minute. The layout makes it nearly impossible to get any flex worker to come in, they have to be thoroughly trained, compared to other places I've worked at where you can just look through a binder and have the person show you a quick run around of what to do in 15 minutes. I'm close to putting in my 2 weeks, but I want to secure another job first. I've been suffering since October and job hunting has been so difficult.
Yesterday was Valentine's and my bf and I planned to get a semi-nice dinner and watch movies and then I was told at work I had to stay an extra hour. Then that extra hour turned into two more extra hours. By the time I got home, I was only able to eat fast food with my bf. Also, the outlets in our bedroom randomly stopped working so we couldn't cuddle in bed to watch a movie like we eanted, so we just laid in the darkness. I cried because I was thinking about how this always happens due to work. I was mentally checked out for the day because of work and I was so detached when my bf tried to comfort me. When I was driving home from work I was expecting my bf to surprise me to make up for all this last minute torture, but he only gave me a small note. It really isn't his fault, because every 20 minutes at work I kept updating him and saying "I think my coworker is here." When it turns out it wasn't and I kept getting depressed each time.
I don't know how to handle this besides quit. Things would be so much better if I didn't have to deal with this shit in the first place. This place is really set to fail and drive employees away.

No. 1500833

Anon you're not overreacting I had a similar episode but it was about my grandfather.
Have you talked with anyone about it? Maybe sharing will make you feel better, it's not good to bottle up such heavy feelings.

No. 1500836

File: 1676474936650.jpeg (40.8 KB, 640x640, 5656F6FE-630B-457B-ABDF-734026…)

My downstairs neighbor is a paranoid schizophrenic and she keeps watch for when I leave my apartment so she can stop and talk with me. This morning she was going on about lasers in her room and how the government blocked her calls to 911 so she wanted me to call instead and ask them to leave her alone. I know she has a case worker who comes by daily and she’s not violent (as far as I know) although you can hear her moving/throwing stuff at night. My fiancé says I’m being too nice but I don’t know how to ignore her when she’s right in front of me yelling my name. I brought this on myself by being a fucking doormat god damnit.

No. 1500838

Start mumbling gibberish so she thinks your an alien or foreigner and it will scare her away. You could also dress as the fbi and say "we got you now" She might never come out again

No. 1500840

I was dress in a nice outfit yesterday and we had reservations for a fancy restaurant but at the last minute I started getting really anxious. Like tears were leaking out of my eyes like a faucet and I felt really tired. I think it was anxiety, I told my bf I wanted to stay home and he didn't mind. I feel disappointed in myself. I do this a lot: I try and push through and plan something and at the last minute I just go NOPE and don't do it. It's like I'm trying to trick myself into doing it. Sometimes it does work other times I just can't

No. 1500865

well honestly i felt pathetic about my brother saying he was going to give me and my mom a flower for valentine's day (after he comes back from being with his girlfriend) and he didn't follow up and somehow i have the gall to be kind of upset sadkek i was thinking maybe it wasn't too bad that it would be my first flower but now i don't have anything. honestly this is really mild i'm not freaking out breaking down sad about it not close to tears either just sort of disappointed

No. 1500867

Nah, if you buy from shien, you're trash. period.

No. 1500868

Dont blame yourself for your feelings. If someone says they are going to do something and don't do it, it's always disappointing, no matter how small the gesture. Besides, it's the expectation that sucks. Of course since he's a male defective, he probably doesnt get why it's a big deal.

No. 1500876

Yeah such trash the fact they're buying clothes firsthand from warehouses and not from a middleman that adds $15 to the price like H&M or Forever21

No. 1500877

Shein steals designs from independent designers and small businesses. That's the problem, not that it's cheap.
Do I agree it makes nonna trash? Absolutely not, because clothes are expensive, but thrifting is still the best option.

No. 1500880

Thrifting is based, but Shein is not the only place that does this. Hot Topic has done this many times. Target, Forever21, Walmart, H&M. So has IKEA, Balenciaga…. This isn't a special case.

No. 1500885

I passed the exam I was dreading, haven't been eating properly for two days but now that I passed it I can't shake the remaining anxiety and I still feel like shit

No. 1500893

File: 1676479892838.jpeg (269.77 KB, 750x597, A6D51E98-ADA5-4E1F-B8C4-4284E5…)

thank you sweet nonette i'm feeling better about it now

No. 1500894

Eat something sweet like pudding.

No. 1500908

Have some gelatin, it's delicious, refreshing and nothing too heavy. Also papaya, when you feel like your stomach is useless, have papaya.

No. 1500939

Hearing my coworker speak of her neighbor made me sad. She now owns her fiance's dog after he died and is juggling that with two kids. My coworker's grievance is that the neighbor doesn't like the dog and should be a more considerate pet owner since the dog lost his only companion and feels alone. Do you think she doesn't feel that way? And now all that's left is another responsibility she doesn't want? It's insane to me how she has that level of compassion for a pet over someone she knows.

No. 1500961

My sister sent me a request asking me to donate to her kids with cancer charity run because her team was no longer in first place. I opened the link thinking I was going to toss her a few bucks and the automatically suggested donation was two hundred and fifty fucking dollars. It wouldn't let me donate anything less than fifty dollars. Girl, we are not in that income bracket and neither are you.

No. 1500968

Sometimes when I'm doing projects for univeristy I get completely lost in the process. The entire day I've been running code and now I'm not even sure why? Did I even need to do this? I have no clue and it makes me feel retarded because I can't even explain what happened. My project doesn't have a clear goal and I just got lost and wasted an entire day.

No. 1500975

I'm in the same situation, or close enough… But I'm not sure the other part is.
I'm late-responding because I found this post of yours just now and… I had pretty much the same dream yesterday, just more sexually overt and hurtful. Very.

No. 1501021

File: 1676485668845.jpg (24.23 KB, 564x564, 89a968dda8bd5bb32ea7e3979f5fa7…)

I never went to university. I dropped out of high school with a 1.7 GPA and college never seemed financially viable. Additionally, my mom didn't really do much to push me towards college in high school to begin with and I never had a college fund or any sort of concrete advice on what to do when I became an adult. I'm now in my mid-twenties and have spent the last several years teaching myself on my own and pulling myself by my bootstraps onto a direct, focused path to financial freedom. I'm doing well! I have strong skills and a clear, structured 5 year plan and am very optimistic about my future.

My mom kind of had a guilt bomb hit her while I was struggling in my early 20's because she realized that she had done nothing to prepare me for my future and realized I was floundering by myself. Pretty much every time we spoke she would grovel about how she failed me and I would do my best to reassure that I don't resent her and that I've made a decent plan for myself. Even though I'd tell her my situation (stable) and my trajectory (looking good), she'd sigh and go, "Oh Nonny, my poor Nonny, what should we do with you? I'm so sad you never got to go to college." It hurts because I already "grieved" missing out on the college experience, but she feels the need to remind me every time we talk. I feel like it's a subtle beg for my reassurance that she isn't a bad mother, and so I give that to her while gently reminding her I'm now seven years past the age one starts college and doing well for myself.

Yesterday I call her excited about a career promotion of sorts and inform her that I am now breaking through in the industry and things are looking quite good for me. Over the phone she sounded happy for me, though I sensed a bit of apprehension but overall I felt like maybe she might finally realize that I'm doing fine without a degree. We ended the call on a good note and I even talked to some friends about how I might have finally gotten it through to her that my lack of a degree isn't holding me back.

But this morning I wake up to a terse email from her with a link to my local rinky-dink community college with the message, "I support you, but look at other possibilities."

How do I tell her how insulting this is? I'm livid. I don't mean to sound cocky but these are classes that I'm overqualified to teach at this point in my career, and she wants me to enroll as a student? Incur debt for no reason? I feel like I've already proven to her over and over again that I'm doing well and my skills have outgrown the need for a degree- employers trust my ability and don't even mention my education- it's only HER that is hung up on it and trying to hold me back with it. I want to shake her by the shoulders. I love her so much and know this all comes from deep worry but I'm just about ready to explode. I genuinely didn't hold any resentment for her in the past but it's like she wants me to now.

No. 1501027

Have you tried blandly telling her that she’s making you feel bad?

No. 1501070

My bday came and went and the only Happy Birthday I got was from a cashier at the store when I was buying my own present (they had to renew my membership which lead them to finding out it was my bday)
Not even my parents or friend said it on the day. Granted, the friend is somewhat new but I was planning on saying a HB to them for their bday but now I don't think I will. Even earlier I had thought about buying them a Christmas gift of a product I noticed they used but I'm glad I didn't because they also didn't wish me a Merry Christmas or give me a little gift either.
At least I'm learning because I use to be the type that would give gifts generously (buying love I guess) which lead to users hanging around me only for that so I'm glad to finally be able to reign that in and only give if I've been given something.
Still kind of mad that I bothered to remember their bday though if this is how it's gonna be and this is after purging my other terrible friends and starting anew so I already feel like giving up again and staying friendless.

No. 1501084

File: 1676489021989.jpeg (130.94 KB, 1280x720, 079F00F0-4B78-423C-A182-7A389A…)

I'm sick of this pointless argument about how to wipe. The whole sitting or standing business. One do you dumb muthafuckers not know there is a position between standing and sitting? It's call a squat. Shit like it isn't that hard, look at it. "Oh no my hand will be in the toilet, I can't reach around." "Oh no my buttcheeks are together how do I wipe durrrrr"
DO A FUCKING SQUAT!! You don't have to be fully seating or standing and if you can't your quads are weak you weakling.

And furthermore if you just shit and you aren't washing right after, a bidet, or wetwipe then shower, there is still shit in your ass and now all over your pants and your hands and I know none of you are actually washing your hands a full 30 seconds with warm water and soap. So now your nasty shit particles are all over the place.

Fucking animals. Disgusting.

No. 1501085

Email or text her.
"Mom, I know that it was always your dream for me to go to college, but college is just a place to prepare yourself for a career.
I already have a career, and I'm happy and hopeful for the trajectory that it's taken. I know that you'll always be there for me if I do decide to go to college, but that is not what I want right now. If I do change my mind, I will let you know. But for now, I'd like you to respect my decisions and career and no longer bring up the subject of college, or me going to college.
If you choose to continue to bring it up, I will immediately change the subject.
I love you and thank you for respecting my boundaries."

No. 1501087

Yes, unfortunately.

Thank you for writing this, I don't think I could have without injecting too much negative emotion. I really appreciate it!

No. 1501089

I hate statistics about cheating because you know damn well it's inaccurate. Those numbers are much higher than reported because clearly people aren't always going to admit it, even if they remain anonymous.
Has anyone ever been with a 100% faithful man? A lot of the bitch about 'females' being unfaithful but catch them gloating about all the ways they play her.
The only way to win is to not play.

No. 1501093

My baby is sick in the hospital again. I hate how this happens. I just want to timeskip to when he's not a frail thing but a little strong kid

No. 1501094

Even if he is faithful he still thinks about it and then projects that on her anyway. My ex never cheated I know, but he clearly followed women who didn't follow him back and liked their photos. He clearly hd messages from women interested in him that we lnow in real life and hing out with, and he said she would send messages to him and not me or tell him to dump me, and he ignored her and didn't meet up with her again, and whether it was true or not doesn't matter because he kept her on his friends list. Either it's true and he keeps her as validation or back up, or it's not and he lies to hurt me out of jealousy. Zero point to men, they are so insecure.

No. 1501099

File: 1676490663096.jpg (45.88 KB, 750x637, 5d6028d6eff489f806e99d9a46ff96…)

happy belated birthday, nonna. Look for other friends, there are people out there that are good and will care and at least send you a message on your birthday. Believe me, I know how you feel, my birthday is around the corner and I will experience the same as you did.

No. 1501111

File: 1676491669789.jpg (276.04 KB, 835x1024, istockphoto-471160251-1024x102…)


No. 1501113

Aww thank you that helps a lot. And have an early Happy Birthday to you too.

No. 1501119

KEK nonna I love this idea

No. 1501120

File: 1676492314300.png (20.25 KB, 620x566, FDFSDFERF.png)

>mfw website I play draw best/pictionary on gets overrun by weirdos that ruin my experience
Cool now I can't even speak normally in the chat without my words being filtered to an emoji when I was on here for over a year without issue. Cool. Cool. Cool.

No. 1501141

>100% faithful man
What do you count as 100% faithful? Does looking at pornographic drawings count as disloyalty?

No. 1501148

Oh I'm sorry nona, that sounds really shitty. I once intentionally "forgot" a friend's birthday after he kept forgetting by birthdays several years in a row. It kind of worked because since then he makes an effort to remember it. Must have hurt and that was exactly what I was trying to accomplish. From my experience men are really terrible at remembering birthdays. I hope you find better friends or that your friends and family change for the better.

No. 1501172

Doing creative things like art has always been the biggest part of my life and it's the same for my girlfriend, we're both pretty talented in what we do. I try my best to encourage her and help her out with her artwork the best I can, but she never reciprocates it. She's extremely dismissive of my work and gets mad when I feel discouraged, sometimes outright insults my creations or straight out says that she's not interested. It's heartbreaking and it has gradually killed all my motivation to keep up with my craft, I just don't understand why she has to treat me like this. She's really sweet otherwise and roots for me when it comes to my other ventures, but as for art she simply won't be caught saying a nice word to me or even feign the smallest bit of interest.

No. 1501173

A tranny found one of the rare threads in the corner of 4ch with women (real) in it and of course this fucking retard immediately makes it about himself and his mental illness. For 2 years straight it was a relatively chill thread with hobby discussion and that's ruined now because of this societal failure. To be born male is truly a disease that needs to be removed from society at birth, or ideally prior to that.

No. 1501177

I was at a concert last night organized by a group I joined, they're all wonderful people but I've only known them for a month. One guy said something to me and i tried to make a joke and everything got awkward (I accidentally kinda insulted him and he is a very beloved member of this group).
I was also super sick over the weekend, and yesterday was my first day of being mostly better, so I had really been pushing myself all day. I had been at the venue for 3.5 hours and I started feeling fatigued, but I couldn't leave because I had parked in my group's lot, which is very small and requires doubling up, so there were two cars blocking my exit. By the time it was 10:00 (5.5 hours in) I thought the performance would be over, but it wasn't. I started feeling worse physically, and I also felt terrible because I felt like I was isolating myself from the group, especially because of what I said. I went and sat in my car because I was coughing and was able to catch the guy I insulted outside and explain why I had said what I said (I had a pretty bad incident happen a little over a year ago). He was very cool and understanding and very kind about all of it. He offered to move his car if I wanted to leave, and said he could even find the other person whose car was in the way. I thanked him and said it was alright. I went back indoors to the volunteer area. It almost 11:00 by then and another song started playing and I realized the concert wasn't ending any time soon. I was starting to be sick again, I had an hour drive back home and a class at 9:00 am, and I had told some pretty personal things to the 2nd person ever, and it was all so overwhelming that I started crying. several of the women who were in the back room with me immediately started comforting me and they went and got the guy so he could move his car and find the other person. I was able to leave early but I feel so terrible because this all could have been avoided if I had just parked somewhere else. I feel so rude for all of this, it was one girl's birthday too. Luckily none of the attendees had any idea this was going on, just my group members, but it's almost more humiliating to cry in front of acquaintances rather than strangers. This is also the first time I've actually cried in at least a year. It's all just so embarrassing and I feel like it was such a hassle. I'm not gonna pull the "oh noooo what if they hate me now" thing because I know they don't and that's dumb, but I don't want them to think I'm emotionally fragile or anything. I'm not, I was just sick and tired and emotionally unstable because of a very specific situation.

No. 1501178

File: 1676499835128.jpeg (116.11 KB, 950x909, wirehangers.jpeg)

I watched Mommie Dearest with some friends who love it and said it's "hilarious and campy" and think that Faye Dunaway's performance was over the top, but for me it was pretty hard to watch. I always knew my mother's screaming meltdowns were crazy and out of control, but this movie was uncomfortably accurate. I'm pretty sure my mother has BPD but there is no chance in Hell she'll ever talk to a doctor about it or go to therapy.

No. 1501180

It sounds as if she's jealous of your work although you're dating which is weird because she should show support, next time she shows you her artwork do the same thing she does to you and see how she likes it and if she says " are you jealous?" You'll know how she feels about your work, I've dated someone before who has done the same.

No. 1501181

Talking to men is so difficult and annoying. We all know this already but holy shit.

Literally explained to a moid a subject (X) that I objectively know more than him in (he came to me with the question to begin with). He keeps pushing back saying X works a different way. Use logic to push back again and prove that he's wrong. Comes back to me the next day saying, "hey, we were both right!" and explains me to exactly what I told him the day prior as if it was something he came up with independently, no part of his explanation being what he had said the day prior. I couldn't roll my eyes harder.

No. 1501186

Same here nonas. This is my daily site where I can come when I want to feel better, it really is great. Social media, Reddit, twitter (Remember Weird Twitter?) and websites I used to go just piss me off now. Every single place you go, everything is political and about troons or racism now. I just want to shitpost and laugh, damn it

No. 1501188

Are these friends by chance gay men or fans of drag race/drags queens (either gender)? I have found the movies the subsets above have deemed camp often involve female traumas of some sort.

No. 1501189

You hit the nail on the head, yep. A combo of girls and guys I knew when I was in theater, kek

No. 1501191

Weird, I've been in a nearly identical situation with art and a partner. Sounds like she has her ego tied up in art and feels threatened. It's a human thing to feel that way and everyone has been there before with envy or a feeling of competition, even for someone you love, but her actions are unacceptable. In my situation, I fantasized a lot about being petty and throwing the behavior back at my partner but managed to control myself. Just tell her exactly what you said here honestly; that you feel her support in other aspects of your life but when it comes to art you feel she
s cold. Tell her that it makes you feel sad and discouraged. Sometimes we can act callous to a loved one but once they actually express, "hey, that hurts" it wakes us up from our hurtful behavior.

No. 1501192

I'm so sorry nonny. Happy birthday! To be honest I'm in a similar boat, I just had to drop a friend that I got along really well with just because they never reciprocated anything I did. I've dealt with so many flakes, crazy and selfish people while trying to find a friend group that's open to accepting a new friend. At this point I've been thinking of making my own but I don't know if I have enough time or energy to be the alpha bitch kek. It can be hard to keep friends together.

Honestly same nonna. My friends growing up were also completely normal and came from loving homes, and when they would share stories about stuff they got to do, or little things to complain about, it was just extremely awkward because I could never join in. It's honestly depressing how people don't seem to believe that stuff like Mommy Dearest could actually be real.

No. 1501198

She's extremely competitive so I guess it's jealousy, but I just feel bad that she would be jealous of me when I would do nothing but support her. I don't want to throw it back at her face because I know first hand how hurtful it can be and she's very sensitive, which is why I think she's being so petty about the entire issue. I've talked about it to her before but she just got angry at me being so "antagonizing" so I didn't bring it up anymore, just kind of quietly slinked away or tried changing the subject. I guess I just need to make more artist friends who I can share my work with instead of relying on her, but being girlfriends and all you would think we could depend on each other about things that we hold close to our hearts.

No. 1501200

Happy Birthday nonnie! I wish you the best!!

No. 1501202

I'm sorry to hear that nona, I've been in similar work situations before and unfortunately getting out is the best option. Apply for everything, even jobs you don't feel qualified for. Keeping my fingers crossed for you

No. 1501222

File: 1676503853509.png (177.34 KB, 1100x465, EA761EBC-0129-4ADA-9DB7-72219B…)

Holy shit fuck me and my fat ass. I have had pains in my knees for months and I’m pretty sure it’s arthrosis, meaning I have fucked up my joints by being fat as shit. I’m not even 30. I can lose weight but that will not undo the damage that has already been done. Well, more like I COULD lose weight if I was not a spineless sugar addicted retard.

No. 1501228

I agree when it comes to things like boob jobs and BBLs but I think a woman can get work done on her face (especially stuff like nose and jaw work) without it being for men. I used to want my nose done and nobody in my life has ever had a problem with my nose but me. All my exes actually really liked my nose but that didn't stop me from wanting to change it because I just didn't like my face or identify with it. I learned to heal and love myself the way I am thankfully but even if I'd gone through with getting the surgery, it wouldn't be for the benefit of men.

No. 1501235

Take collagen supplements, it helps with joint pain.

No. 1501236

Anon I have also fucked my knees up from a mix of shit diet and mal-exercising. I was in my mid to late 20s and it was devastating being so young, so I feel like I know your grief. The damage can't be reversed, but you can make choices that prevent further damage and promotoes a healthy and functional life. I recommend seeing a physical therapist for a couple of months if you can afford to. They'll give you exercises that strengthen the musculature supporting your knees. Also every kilo you're able to lose counts. I'm sorry you're struggling right now.

No. 1501238

i am scared that the little lump on my thigh is cancer or that the uncomfortable feeling I have in my butt is also cancer and that I've just given myself all of the cancers from drinking way too much throughout my 20s and early 30s, oops

No. 1501243

holy shit anons, I never went to the gym and I'm thin but I think my knees are also fucked up because when I had a doppler ultrasound on both of my legs for varicose veins diagnosis, the doctor told me she sees some worrisome changes in both of my knees and she said I need to go to an orthopedist, but I'm scared to go. My joints hurt pretty often but especially my knees, I'm afraid they will tell me I have some rheumatoid arthritis or some other shit. What can you even do with fucked up knees?

No. 1501252

Those tiktok videos that zoom in on random people face's as they walk by a woman being filmed from behind are the ultimate in validation seeking. Without fail the entire comment section will be a hundred different iterations of "those women are so jealous of you!!". Meanwhile the video is men leering at her with only a handful of women that glance at her in passing for .00005 seconds. In these videos the woman is often wearing out of season outfits and they use that against the random women in the video like "they're envious because you're in a formfitting dress while they're all in parkas". My hatred for women being called jealous over everything and having regular actions being labelled as negative grows everyday. Social media is just worsening this. Walking in public without your head down? Can't have that. Lemme post a video where I zoom in on your face so everyone can talk about how much of a jealous ugly troll you are. Having a breakdown in public, most likely because you were harassed? You're an insane Karen! Lemme post it online so everyone can dogpile you.

Sick of it

No. 1501253

Ngl, i have been bullied really hard for how i look and have had really bad image problems partially because of it, so i have always thought about plastic surgery. First of all, spending the amount you would spend on a nice new car on your face with varying results is not a good financial move. Secondly, in my case, if i hadn't been bullied about my appearance or knew to be overly aware of the way i looked and told it was important, i wouldn't feel the need to get surgery. Nobody would. Getting surgery is a waste of time when you don't do professions like acting, modelling, politics or porn and are just a regular person. I remember seeing a tiktok of people who got nose jobs and a lot of them seemed to kind of regret the nose job because it made them realise that the only person who ever noticed that there was anything wrong with their nose was themselves. I also believe that sometimes the will of the universe makes people ugly specifically because being somebody who is to be sexually pursued and getting a partner isn't in the cards for them. It might be a cope on paper, but it's likely that your efforts are better spent elsewhere like getting an education, honing a craft or helping the community in some way. In a way, getting surgery is a means of trying to fight against the will of the universe, whether it be getting old or trying to get into the entertainment business.

No. 1501254

>What can you even do with fucked up knees?
I know right, that's exactly how I felt back when my knees really started to get fucked. I used to have a job where I was constantly on my feet, and the loss of function made me feel like I was 80 years old. You obviously need to go to see the orthopedist anon! I’m sure the right specialists will be able to figure out why your joints hurt, and whether it’s rheuma or not, finding the right diagnosis is the first step to prevent further damage and preserve function for as long as possible. I’m sorry you’re also struggling with this because it’s scary and sucks.

No. 1501270

My mom used to always tell me “don’t take it out on me” when I would cry and it’s taking everything in me not to pull the same shit on her right now

No. 1501282

Had I known men like to fuck women they aren’t attracted to I would’ve never engaged in hook up culture and now I have so many regrets

No. 1501297

Men will fuck corpses. Men will fuck animals. Men talk about fat chicks being easy without realizing THEY, men, are in fact, the easy ones. Men are incredibly easy. If a man turns down a woman, deep down he doesn't want to. He just wants some semblance of control. And or he's hoping to score a '10' but will settle for a '6' knowing deep down he's a negative 1000. So when he can't 'score' -he never had a chance to begin with- he can then blame women for having high standards. Validating his victim complex.
Men deep down don't have real standards. Men settle for women they don't love all the time. Many will anonymously admit this. It's fucking bizarre how men can get married, have kids with a woman and not even love her. He'll also barely tolerate the kids. And even if he gets with his dream girl, she's not that much better off.

That was incoherent, sorry. I'm sure someone could elaborate more eloquently. Don't feel bad, non. That was the old you. New you is the new you now.

No. 1501309

It makes me feel icky knowing that I let men who probably weren’t attracted to me see me naked etc

No. 1501316

Use potatoes instead. Delicious and cheap.

No. 1501317

To the long time internet friend who keeps liking and retweeting posts about how evil terfs deserve to die alone: I do think you're a nice person and I hope one day you'll stand up for yourself more and wake up. It's not our sworn duty as bi (or "queer") women to cape for troons no matter how guilty you might feel about being a huge Harry Potter fan. Liking those tweets does not make you a better person, it only shows TRAs that they can rely on left leaning women to parrot their shit, and that's not how it should be. Change is coming sooner or later.

No. 1501342

If I engaged in hookup culture I'd be more worried about the stds

No. 1501356

I wish my bf could text me like a normal person.
We're in a LDR (I'm not a discord kitten, we've known each other for years, decided to come together 6 months ago, he's moving here midyear).
When we're together he's great, he's super attentive, he really listens to me and understands me. But he's a really, really bad texter. Normally I don't mind, I've got other things to do and I'm not waiting by the phone for him. But in the last month he's had some issues and had to quit his job, and he's not doing well mentally. I try to reach out but he seems shut off, and because I'm not there I can't talk to him face to face where he I know he opens up real easy.
It's frustrating, I'm frustrated and feel like I'm pulling most of the weight here. Maybe I'm just PMSing but there's only a certain level of tolerance I can have for someone who's not willing to open up to me.
The times I've called it out he's profusely apologised and that he's in his own head and it's hard for him to get out. He keeps telling me he'll do better, and that he recognises I feel disrespected. Which, I get being too in your head that reaching out to people is hard, I've been there myself. But to not even think to message your own partner? The one person who will always listen and understand you?

I can't wait for him to move because this is horrendous.

No. 1501359

Good post

No. 1501363

nonna i only have to shit AFTER taking showers, bidets aren't sold where i'm at and wet wipes clog the toilet, this isn't gonna work. all i can do is use a wet tissue which gets the job done if you buy actual good toilet paper.
>I know none of you are actually washing your hands a full 30 seconds with warm water and soap.
wrong, you don't know me. i love washing my hands and the smell of soap even when i don't shit.

No. 1501378

unblock me and read my fucking messages!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1501386

So my best friend wanted to know why I went to therapist the other day and for me to tell her about my experience.

I opened up to her but as I was telling her how it went it felt like she was trying to convince me I threw my money away for a non-issue. Comments such as "so you weren't aware of that before?" or "just because of that?"

I feel like I should have just shut down back then and not continue the conversation but instead I kept justifying myself because I wanted her to understand.

At one point I even told her about a very personal childhood issue of mine and I started crying.

Her response to it was a mix of cold indifference and bragging about how she herself doesn't cry/does not feel emotional in those situations.

Our entire conversation continued in that tone of her sort of bragging how she can read people, how nothing can pass her filters and how people think their issues are big when infact those are nothing compared to her issues.

And now I absolutely feel like a fool. I have always listened to her issues and empathized. She is known to people to be a person who complains a lot but I never thought her worries were "nothing".
Actually I now realize barely ever have shared my worries because she would minimize them and then talk about her issues.

Why wasn't I aware of this before? I should have shut down and not talk about it. I should have gotten angry instead I kept trying to explain my feelings. I don't even know anymore.

No. 1501390

Sounds like a narc. She was preparing to judge you and interject about herself since before you told her anything

No. 1501406

fuck trying to save money while having a gluten and dairy allergy. all i can eat is rice and potatoes. all of them have to be prepared from scratch, otherwise the flavouring of instant versions has dairy in it. i also discovered new food allergies which i just been ignoring but can't anymore because if i keep eating them, my whole body will feel inflamed almost like arthritis anon's.

No. 1501412

Yeah, it confuses me how did I not notice this before? I have known her for more than a decade but now that I go through my memories, I don't remember her ever showing empathy for any of my problems. She always made it feel like everyone elses concerns are child's play while hers are serious ones. Wtf how was I so blind to it.

No. 1501416

Nothing like coming home after work to a house full of loud and drunk moids that my bf invited over. I wish one of his broke ass friends could afford a big enough apartment, and they could hang out somewhere else for once.

No. 1501417

File: 1676521083014.jpg (930.09 KB, 2048x1152, ct-frozen-pizza-tasting-food-0…)

it's so easy to save money and still enjoy food when you can consume dairy the options are endless. but anything vegan, dairy free, gluten free is at least double the price of the regular version. i don't even like cooking because there is no space in my fucking kitchen, thanks to flatmates hoarding their unused stuff in there. why all the equipment when all you make is instant ramen reeee. all i want is to be able to eat dairy without consequences but those dairy digestion tabs don't cease all symptoms which i could suffer for months. fucking hell, this diet is like eating disorder bootcamp. forcing me to eat healthy. fuck. you.

No. 1501420

Sorry unrelated to your post but you just reminded me that I have a mini frozen pizza in the freezer. I can't find TV dinners anywhere anymore so mini pizzas will have to do.

No. 1501439

lol is okay i envy it tho

No. 1501460

I just broke up with my partner of almost 5 years. I was feeling so trapped in the relationship and so tired of him failing to grow up and leaving me in charge of everything. He drank too much too. But he was really kind to me, loyal, monogamous and didn’t even watch porn. I wonder if I’ll ever meet a dude like that again. All my other exes were pretty shitty dudes. I wish I wasn’t so damn straight.

No. 1501471

I'm upset that my boyfriend kept liking insta photos of girls I assume he met on tinder. The date of his first like matches up to around the time he had his account.. He unfollowed the girl(s) at some point, not sure when, but I remembered one of their names the other day so I checked her account and noticed he'd liked photos of her after he'd told me he loved me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was pissed, have calmed down a bit but it still bothers me. I haven't brought it up yet but planning to talk about it next time I see him. We just celebrated our fourth month, and his last like on this one girl's account was just shy of a month into our relationship. She also didn't post for 2 months after that, so who knows, he might've liked another one had she decided to make another post sooner. Thing is he's a decent guy and I know he loves me and cares about how I feel. But right now I just feel betrayed and disrespected. I'm not sure if liking photos should bother me this much but it does.

No. 1501478


No. 1501486

File: 1676527810013.jpeg (42.57 KB, 750x738, 1665039010730.jpeg)

i saw my abusive ex bf with and i cant stop thinking about it. we were together 2 years where he hacked and monitored all my social media accounts. to make sure i was "being good". most miserable time of my life. lost my period for almost a year due to stress. he mocked me for being raped multiple times, he mocked me for attempting suicide before meeting him, he mocked anything i liked ever. he blamed me when i was sexually harassed at work and berated me for months saying it was my fault. called me ugly, fat, constantly tried to stop me from going to therapy or taking meds for my bipolar, put insane rules on me. mocked me for not having a dad (he died when i was a kid) even one day accused me that i lied about my dad being abusive. even though hes fucking dead and he never met him…
i saw him with his new gf the other day. they were walking holding hands. i obviously tried to look away. i cant stop thinking about it. i cant stop telling myself shes so much prettier than me. that i messed everything up. that i missed my life being in control even if it wasnt by me. that i miss someone caring about me. im so alone. he found someone better than me when hes so awful. yet i try my best to be good and im so fucking alone. its not fair. my life was supposed to get good after leaving him. but it didnt.

No. 1501491

kek welcome to hell anon. I recommend beans, potato, sweet potato, tuna, sardine, tofu as cheap filling options. I don't know where you live but steamer bags of vegetables are cheap. A large bag of gluten free oats can be cheap, add a butter like peanut or almond, and either buy frozen or fresh berries to freeze then add it all in a bowl for breakfast. Buy a large pack of chicken (breast or tenders) and cook it on a sheet pan with your favorite seasonings. cut it up, add seasonings in cornstarch, , dip in egg, then the seasonings fill a deep pan with oil and make chicken nuggets. Cook some bacon on a sheet pan at 375-400F with pepper for 20-30 minutes, keep the fat on the pan, dice potato or sweet potato, add pepper, salt, rosemary, smother in the leftover bacon grease on the same pan. amazing breakfast! I recommend looking for cheap vegan videos for the dairy allergy part. this lady's oat bars helped me when i was broke. might honestly be cheaper now to buy the vegan egg stuff than real eggs too. sorry we got the same allergy maybe I can type up more little recipes later.

No. 1501493

Nonna you are FREE of this horrible man. So sorry you had to go through this relationship. Sounds like this new girl is in for some terrible shit, I would feel really concerned for her. It’s probably easy for him to get a girlfriend because he’s so manipulative.

No. 1501497

forgot to say put the diced seasoned potatoes back in the oven for 20-30 minutes

No. 1501503

Not your fault nona, in my experience female narcissists act like amazing friends at times so you go blind to their shitty habits until you start to really think about it. Realizing I had a close friend I had known for 13 years was a narcissist was actually constantly putting me down but I hated myself too much and we had such a good time when she wasn't being an asshole to me and others to realize. I hope you have other friends to rely on after this wake up call!

No. 1501509

Teeny tiny particles of shit and ass juice leak out of buttholes throughout the day and when you fart, you can soap and bidet your ass after a shit all you want but your butthole is still going to get shit on it throughout the day regardless.

No. 1501517

Nta but miscroscopic particules isn't equal to literally having a dirty ass because you didn't use a bidet. People who don't use bidets are nasty.

No. 1501519

ntayrt but please refer to

No. 1501524

Idc about that anon, she's still nasty.

No. 1501525

what else are we supposed to do, fly to europe and tear the bidays out your house?

No. 1501527

You are very identifiable, every so often you come here and post about bidets and shit particles, not that I think you're wrong but I do wonder why you seem to post the same exact argument

No. 1501530

I've never made such post before, autist. Get help.

No. 1501531

i've been slowly excising people from my life who don't align with my values. maturity, responsibility, and self-awareness have been the big three things that have been affecting my relationship with others and i find that now i hyper aware of the shit that people say and how a lot of muhfuckas don't seem to be aware of their own behaviors. maybe it's because i am becoming conscious of this in myself? i don't really know, but it's been the big motivating factor behind me cutting off tons of people i have known. like all my former "friends" have said things recently that have made me really aware of who they are and suddenly i discover that i don't really like them because of that. sometimes it will be something as simple as them making a random comment in passing about another person, or a joke that on any other day i might have laughed at. and for whatever reason, it just settles in my bones in a weird way, so i just stop talking to them all together. i have been leaving group chats like mad. i have walked past several people before and not acknowledged their presence. i know this sounds incredibly bitchy but it's also been very liberating for me personally. i think one of my personal blind spots has been my relationships with others, especially relationships with people whom i really have nothing in common with and didn't show a lot of discernment when i decided to start talking to them. and i didn't really notice that until very recently. like for example, honesty is something i really value in myself. i then discovered that many people i used to consider friends are actually incredibly dishonest not just with me but with others around them. i've been embarrassed at the fact that many of the people i considered "friends" in the past are actually stinking pieces of shit, and for whatever reason i totally ignored their shittiness because of conditioning from my upbringing or wherever this came from where i felt like i had to ignore their bad behaviors just to say i had "friends". i would much rather be alone.

No. 1501532

I shit before I shower, and anyway doesn't a bidet spray little bits of feces everywhere? Why not just wipe with a wet paper towel? There's no way to control the direction that the shitty water is going to go after it hits the asshole lol

No. 1501533

I'm pretty sure you already posted about bidets, wet wipes, shit particles, "immediately take a bath after shitting", etc.

No. 1501536

Kek this anon will have a massive meltdown if she checks poop chan's posts

No. 1501539

Do you know what a "pick me" even is? Pickmes are the ones who bend over backwards for male attention and throw other women under the bus in order to be picked by men, they're not the people lecturing you on shitty fast fashion. I swear newfags don't even attempt to learn the terminology. That said, if you're doing "$500 Shein haul" videos then yeah you deserve to be bullied.

No. 1501551

File: 1676540784860.gif (6.68 MB, 268x200, literally-me.gif)

Speaking of shitting, I won't be able to shit for the entire day because my town is turning all the water off for god knows what reason.

No. 1501587

I had to deal with the most unhinged and abusive male customer on my Etsy store and he messaged me that he reported my shop and calls me a fraud, only because I cancelled (and refunded) his order after I knew he would be trouble reading his impossible demands. I politely replied to his first stupid message and after not hearing from him again, I cancelled it and now he keeps harrassing me via messages asking for the cancelled order to be shipped or refunded kek. What a loser. I wish I could tell him what I think but since I have to be polite I have to suck it up. I have also seen through a browser extension that he's doing the same shit to other sellers.
I know this should actually go into the related sub on preddit but fuck that site, I vent here. Hope he dies!

No. 1501594

My psychologist is the only person in my life than gives a fuck about me or anything I say, I know that's super cringe and it's my fault for not trying harder to build connections with people. But it does hurt, and I hate how dependent I am on him but then can't even communicate like 50% of what I'm trying to say. He's retiring this year and he's said he wants to continue helping me after retirement but I don't know if he means with life in general or just with helping me get a job. I don't want to lose the one person in my life I'm able to connect with. I'm going to miss being able to say "there's something I wanted to talk to you about" and having him reply with so much enthusiasm to hear me out and help me with whatever problem is bothering me. I'm going to miss him so much.

No. 1501605

I feel you nonna, I'm the same with my therapist, once she mentioned a hypothetical end of our work together (which is nowhere in sight as of now) and that was enough to make me cry lmao. I legitimately have no one besides her.
It would be good if you address this dependency you have directly with him and ask about specifics of your future work together after his retirement to maybe try to start building up your confidence for the future in which he's no longer present on a regular basis; being straightforward about this can only be beneficial for you

No. 1501612

File: 1676549770114.gif (12.94 KB, 79x41, 1673945510273.gif)

>Sister and BIL mad at me because I didn't move bookbag for my niece while I was doing homework on table
>Wanting to sit next to my mother while eating dinner with her, when she put the food next to her, is some horrible thing
>Joking around about BIL getting up and moving isn't joking around when I do it
Making your niece sit one seat over is violence now somehow. Petty af people when they invade the second floor for everything when they have a whole apartment below. If I have the choice I'd never let them (a whole registered family now) move in with us but I really had no big influencing choice either. Generational homes with siblings (at least assholish ones) are way overrated.

No. 1501616

File: 1676550928811.jpeg (51.17 KB, 828x129, 7CD7AB23-11E3-4840-8447-A8901B…)

renting is the most annoying thing. if i, as a white person, said “white people preferred” i’d be mobbed with hate, but requesting this is all fine and dandy. wouldn’t be so annoying if it weren’t every fucking listing.

No. 1501617

Damn wtf, where do you live? That shouldn't even be legal lol

No. 1501619

canada. it’s illegal but if you immigrated here it kinda seems like you don’t have to obey the laws. there’s others i see specifically asking for punjabi renters, and some get away with it by saying “vegetarian only” (even though the renters wouldn’t even share a kitchen).

No. 1501620

>once she mentioned a hypothetical end of our work together (which is nowhere in sight as of now) and that was enough to make me cry lmao.
Aww that's really sweet lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one super attached to a mental health professional. It sucks because the end of the relationship is inevitable and for people with no one else to really rely on emotionally it's hard to not worry about. Yeah I'm going to talk to him about it and ask the specifics of what he meant by wanting to help me after he retires, he said that like last year and I suck at replying to people, I wanted to say "yes omg I would love that, thank you" but instead I just stone-faced said "okay." I don't know why it's so hard to open up to people sometimes lol

No. 1501621

is there nothing that can be done about it? no one you can report it to? genuinely asking, sorry if i sound ignorant, i'm not canadian.

No. 1501623

no, you say something and you instantly get dog-piled as a racist. it’s hypocrisy at its finest.

No. 1501624

That's so fucking weird, why do they care about someone's dietary habits or if they drink sometimes. I understand not wanting smoke indoors but jeez

No. 1501625

File: 1676551991212.gif (2.58 MB, 498x373, onegai-my-melody-kuromi.gif)

I am sick of this 'cut off toxic people' bullshit culture.

My friend, who I have never mistreated, sends me this tiktok which absolutely no sense, and does not even slightly reflect our situation.

The person in that video is describing a scenario in which someone consistently mistreats them, which has not happened between us. There is no such occasion where i have victimized him in the weeks leading up to him blocking me.

Tiktok has an extreme self-victimisation culture to the point where its comical, which is why many of the people using it experience loneliness, and the person in the video that he sent me, in fact, probably does has a pathological victim complex and that is why he is advocating for his viewers to end friendships, and he profits from doing so.

Retarded tiktok celebrities and their empty, vague anectones that gesture you to abandon people closest to you are NOT advocating for you or your wellbeing.

We have been friends for 7 years and I don't know what his grievances are because he is just blindly following advice from fucking retarded tiktokers to just 'cut off' without even attempting dialogue.

No. 1501626

Oh shit I'm in Canada too, probably a different area but I'm sure this shit is happening where I live too and will probably only get worse as the population increases. That's terrible, there's already a housing crisis the last thing we need is to be denied being able to rent because we're not the specific race they want. I hate it here, everything is so dumb in Canada

No. 1501629

it’s horrible in the GTA area. we have amazing credit, good finances, and good jobs and we were passed over for every since unit until we got one with landlords from Montreal. i’m going to let you guess what original nationality the other landlords were.

No. 1501630

I don't want to be in one room with some co-workers. Even major doormats have some self-respect and don't like to be yelled at. I hope my supervisors accept my autistic decision to work offline exclusively on weekends. The job will be done, why would anyone care about the way, right? If they won't understand I'll do it anyway lol all the necessary permissions are signed already. If they can't deal with some people's temper I'll resolve the problem the way I can.

No. 1501632

I had a feeling you were talking about Toronto, major cities have it the worst. It's that enforced multiculturism Trudeau loves at the inconvenience of everyone else.

No. 1501634

i was on trudeau’s side at the very beginning but his policies and inability to care for his own country first has definitely instilled some light xenophobia in me. why would i want more people coming here when canadians are already struggling to survive?

No. 1501636

File: 1676553673457.jpg (14.35 KB, 363x230, ugh.jpg)

One gay dude I know is going full schizo about Hogwarts Legacy, I told him how it's not fair people are straight up telling likes about JKR (she is a right wing extremist!!) and he just told me
>didn't know you were a transphobe
0 room for discussion

Most normalfags in my life think trannies are the same as homosexuals and that they're all weird, which I find insulting.

No. 1501642

It's so annoying when men complain about women not making the first move. They're oblivious how high-stakes it is for a woman to approach a man. For men, the worst thing that happens is they get a little bit embarrassed. For women, they could potentially be talking to someone who will use them for sex and emotional labor at best, and be an abuser and rapist at worst. These men are never someone worth approaching either. They never make an effort to be charming, friendly, or approachable. Shut the fuck up already, you are nothing and that's why women don't approach you.

No. 1501644

damn for a second i thought this was about the chinese

No. 1501645

Let me guess, GTA?
I'm your neighbour on the right (think French). I've only seen it twice here, which I find odd, although they were charging an arm an a leg just for a room.

No. 1501647

If your friend sends you videos of random tiktokers instead of communication with you like an adult that says a lot about him. I also hate this mentaliy of cutting anyone who ever did a mistake off, it's cult-like and spread by these social media gurus who make a profit off it and parroted by terminally online twitter fags who don't have real friendships.

No. 1501649

nonnies should I get up and make a mac and cheese im so hungry the intrusive thoughts are winning

No. 1501651

You don’t need to discuss this with him, you can just dump him. He will just try to rationalize it away or make you feel crazy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that liking women from tinder or instathots is hurtful. He knows.

No. 1501652

>these men are never someone worth approaching either.
Especially this! My male single friends are all like this. They are ugly at worst and average at best and wonder why women don't approach them. They also constantly complain about catfishing women on flirtapps (too much makeup, too many filters). And of course, all the dangers that surround women like you described aren't on their minds at all. They even find poor desperate women for friends with benefits situations and that's still somehow not enough.

No. 1501653

anon you seem to really want that mac and cheese, go ahead and make it.

No. 1501657

Most of those same men will either reject you or use you if you approach them first. They only want you to approach first so they can reject you and have a power trip. I've never heard a normal man complain about women not approaching them they either already get women who are interested in them or ask women out themselves.

No. 1501658

File: 1676557478848.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.12 KB, 1189x1901, image.jpg)

American nonnas, watch out for this guy.
Some twitter feminists might know who this guy is. His wife committed suicide in September, people exposed his misogynistic and abusive tweets about his wife and claimed he drove her to take her life. He's already looking for a new girlfriend and is active on dating apps. Look at the state of him. I swear I hate moids with a passion. Spoiled image bc he's absolutely disgusting without a shirt on.
Receipts: https://twitter.com/kafiradikalis/status/1571098452028960768?s=20

No. 1501660

File: 1676557671309.png (731.27 KB, 1195x1087, 9.png)

No. 1501665

Tell him to fuck off and kill himself. I long for the days of women only spaces, even of they are small.

No. 1501666

Sadly gay people get lumped together trannies. As a lesbian, we desperately need to get the T our of LBG. Also anyone who believes the lies told avoid JKR are faggots, since gay men don't suffer any issues from trannies.

No. 1501668

is fanfiction.net down? did someone finally pulled the plug to the site? I'm so pissed rn, I want to read some fics on httyd, hetalia and while harry potter is still popular on ao3. i still want to read the ones on fanfiction.net. I just want to read old fanfiction!

No. 1501672

I thought I was wrong for feeling that way but it's most likely true that my friend is a self-centered narcissist and isn't genuinely interested in me. She only needs me for emotional dumping about her crush, and I'm pretty sure she complains about me when I don't react in a way that she expects to other people in our group just like she complains to me about them. She's pretty smart and is never directly toxic, if she were I'd cut her off. When it's more subtle like this, I have doubts and think I might be merely paranoid.

No. 1501675

I think the number one thing I've learnt while dating is just how many men put on a hell of a facade in the beginnning. How it takes time to break through and see what they actually are underneath it. That no amount of reading about red flags really does the work for you but time itself is the teller. With that in mind I'm not chasing some guy in the beginning stages. I don't know what I'm even chasing.

No. 1501696

ugh. he has moobs

No. 1501699

It's like that in my area in California, too. We had a hard time trying to find a place, but eventually were able to move into a cute apartment. All of our neighbors are Punjabi, literally every unit surrounding ours, and the unit below us had their…family? friends? move into the apartment right next to theirs and they keep their doors open 24/7. They seem like nice enough people, but it sucks that they don't really want to speak to me. We wave and say "hi", but I was looking forward to having a friendly relationship with neighbors I could invite over or chat with. I don't even know their names, and the old people of the households are always staring at me like I'm an alien every time I come or go, kek.

No. 1501712

File: 1676561700481.jpeg (912.32 KB, 2000x2000, 1661059069850.jpeg)

I have 2 separate friends that I've both known for over 15 years who sent me angry messages and then blocked me on social media before I could even respond, because they saw I follow JK Rowling on Twitter and 'liked' one of her tweets. 15 years of friendship gone overnight because I liked a fucking tweet. Good riddance, I guess

No. 1501715

Im so fucking annoyed, i hate how trans idiots made everyone believe that JKR is literally killing troons with her own hands and how she is antisemitic (but they are actually seeing things that aren't there and prove that they are the ones being antisemitic). Now handmaidens and troon-caping retards in an uni group im in can't shut the fuck up about everyone playing hogwarts being literal nazis. I hate that they can shit all over Rowling, misrepresenting both her and gender critical opinions, but i can't say anything at all, since i might be risking future employment or get harassed.
I'm so fucking tired to be lumped in with gender specials and literal predators just because I'm a lesbian, TQ+s begone. Just because you are unable to accept your bio sex or just starving without a second of attention doesn't mean that you are special and you can say all this bullshit about everyone. God I'm fucking pissed, I'll come home and I'll play Hogwarts Legacy because this game is actually great, made especially better by all of your seething and malding about it.

No. 1501720

Fuck them nonna; make room for better friends! (Ill be your friend… anonymously.. here.. kek)

No. 1501729

Sorry to hear that, nonnie!! I hope you can make better friends. They didnt value you as a person.

No. 1501730

The one thing I noticed about dating is men usually reveal themselves in little ways within the first week or month of knowing them but we choose to ignore it because most of the shit he’s doing is good. Most of the time women actually are ignoring red flags because the pros out weigh the cons. Men are not good liars and they are not good at hiding their true personality.

No. 1501731

gross! Is he on estrogen or something?
What a horrible piece of shit and the worst thing is he has kids

No. 1501732

How will it risk future employment? I keep my job and private life very separate, so I'm confused by that. Most people outside of twt dont give a shit you like JKR or Harry Potter. I wear my hufflepuff pin on my winter coat and no one says anything.

No. 1501734

nta but do you live under a rock? TRAs harrass anyone who goes against their narrative, especially women. I'm sure they'd try to get her kicked out of uni and start an online harrassment campaign using her real name painting her as a bigot and evil transphobe. Being in uni isn't really private life and academia is completely hijacked by gender ideology.

No. 1501735

The reason I don’t approach men is not because they are rapists and sex pests it’s because they are so rude to women who approach them but they aren’t attracted to lol I definitely would approach scrotes more if they didn’t make it weird.

No. 1501737

No, I dont live under a rock, but I am not in uni. I'm over 30, so maybe that's why. I've lived in a few states like New York and Virginia, but good luck to you. I will continue to support JKR openly and proudly.

No. 1501744

If my lip piercing isn't infected it's really terribly irritated. God it's SO annoying, my entire upper lip feels weird, like i just got it done. It's been 5 months of absolutely normal healing why is it acting up now reeeeeee

No. 1501745

Fuck, I took Adderall to start cleaning my house and instead I started getting in fights with people on tumblr over their stupid comments on my posts. My solution is to take more Adderall. Let's see how this works out.

No. 1501746

Probably because it's always you white ppl who complain about ethnic people's food
Anyway it's their property they can let in whoever they want

No. 1501752

No. 1501757

okay paki-chan

No. 1501759

So don't say it in your search ad. It's so easy to be subtly racist if that's what you want. Just view their names, throw out the male and non-white ones, and then ask for their Facebook/tiktok to further vet them and check out their selfies/lifestyle.

No. 1501760

so what would you say if a person said "white females preferred"?

No. 1501768

White ppl expected to be all accepting and inclusive yet non white immigrants get absolutely no espectations put on them, as usual.

No. 1501777

Nta but looks at this from the perspective of a woman not wanting to live with a man. Your life experiences are different, they have shown themselves not to be safe to be around etc and unfortunately this is how a non-white woman might feel about a white woman. For example let’s say as an Indian woman you want to cook curry, you have religious restrictions etc a white person might get irritated by the smell and your rules.Also, If you come from a demographic that is on the top of the food chain then you are going to get discriminated against in ways that would be inappropriate for a white person to do(for example an all male space would be considered sexist but it’s not sexist for women to want all female spaces).

No. 1501787

nta but are you unironically comparing women feeling unsafe because of male agression and violence with irritation towards smelly foods? That's a massive reach.

Anti-discrimination laws aren't one way

No. 1501792

Not unsafe in the way they are physically harmful but non-white women do see white women as unsafe in other ways. For example I knew a black girl with a white dorm mate and they started to have beef with each other, the white girl went around with are blonde woman tears and everyone took her side and the black girl would’ve been fucked had she not had proof of what the white girl was doing. Also, after having to deal with white people at work and at school all day a non-white woman probably doesn’t want to go home and deal with white people in her comfort zone. It’s fucked up but that’s their thought process.

No. 1501793

With her blonde white woman tears*

No. 1501794

Getting a taste of your own medicine. White people do this shit all the time to minorities. Get over it.

No. 1501797

Samefag white women don’t like to hear this because they think they aren’t seen has dangerous because they are women but non-white women do see you as dangerous kek I can understand why a Indian woman would not want a white woman as a roommate.

No. 1501798

>the white girl went around with are blonde woman tears
cries in brunette

No. 1501799

White people have being doing to every other minorities for centuries. And yes, they don't get it, especially when you bring in family gatherings, your cultures food and religion.

No. 1501800

>as usual
all i have to say is kek

No. 1501804

>they don’t get it
Anons not understanding why an Indian woman would say “no alcohol” is pretty telling kek

No. 1501810

>for example an all male space would be considered sexist
TIL that male sports teams, prisons, and dormitories are considered sexist.

No. 1501815

>after having to deal with white people at work and at school all day a non-white woman
Interesting how this is fine but rewrite it as such
>after having to deal with black people and asians at work all day as a white woman
and it's the very definition of racism.

You're either against racism or not, you don't get to cherrypick. I say this as someone from a nearly monoethnic country so I have hardly a bone in this matter irl before you accuse me of "white women tears".

No. 1501818

You’re white so you can never really understand this perspective in the same way a man can’t understand the perspective of why a woman wouldn’t want to live with a man. I wouldn’t want to go home and have to hear passive aggressive comments about race, food, religion and deal with your white friends and one day you decide you’re mad and wanna call the police and get me shot. White people don’t need to say they don’t want to be around minorities because they already have systems in place to make it happen.

No. 1501819

I see nothing racist about people wanting a room mate who would understand them better. But white women gotta find a way to be offended.

No. 1501820

Where did you get that anon was white when she said monoethnic country?

No. 1501827

could you fucking cut it out with this role reversal shit holy shit it's exactly what moids do. inb4 DONT ACCUSE ME OF A MOID i'm not but you can't tell me that it isn't. oh but if x did y it would be different. like yeah it would, because it literally is kek. are you crazy? do you have any knowledge of history and the things that are currently going on? people are racist still believe it on not against those who are not of fairer skin all over the world and yes it includes women and they can have and will act visciously. like is it that crazy to fathom. you actually have to be dumb to not consider this

No. 1501828

Didn't you post this same thing months ago with the exact same screenshot

No. 1501830

>blonde woman tears
Uh huh. And when women go to the ER, I bet it's just hysteria and not actually a heart attack, right?

No. 1501831

>Ummm you literally started it but ok

No. 1501833

Nta but how is that even correlated to the point anon was making. Bad argument.

No. 1501837

Look, if racism upset you, just don't be surprised when people call you out for being racist. Either both white women and black women can that they only want roommates of the same race, or neither of them can. You don't get to pick and choose so that only you and your race are allowed to be racist. Personally, I think people should be allowed to be discriminating with their roommates. Everyone just gets along better when you're from the exact same culture and income level and have the exact same expectations. God do I love living with rich people though, they throw out perfectly good stuff constantly.

I have found that whenever someone uses the term white woman tears, it's just a dog whistle for sexism. And either that nona is racist and truly hates white people for being white, or else she's swallowed the "women constantly lie for attention" lie hook, line, and sinker.

No. 1501840

I also remember that, seems like she's obsessed with shitting on brown women to bring it up over and over again.

No. 1501841

When my brother died a few years ago, I was in shock and quit one job. Then I got hired at starbucks. I wasnt… me. I wasnt thinking clearly. The place was poorly managed.
Second week I was working there was a shooting at a mall nearby. A man pulled up to the drive thru and i greeted them. He started crying and deep sobbing, he lost his son in the shooting. It broke me, bc my brother was shot to death. I left that day. When i was handing my apron to the boss i told her i couldnt do this. She pushed me to take a xanax and it pissed me off shed blindly suggest that. (My bro was a pill head too- so yea)
There was a coworker who was fat and ugly and greasy. She has pansexual shit on, flair worthy of a anime convention. She was terribly rude to me the whole time i worked there.
Fast forward to today, and i walk into a new starbucks to grab a drink… here she is. Fatter, grosser, and in a neon green sweater with the worst makeup possible. The purple lipstick snagged on her yellowed teeth and she smirked. I order and she brings up me walking out and how she hopes I learned from that
I saw her manager walk up to grab something and i loudly say “yes, my brother was murdered 2 weeks before, and you did not help with your attitude. Hope its improved since”. And she stutters and apologizes and i can tell shes embarrassed.
Like bitch, I went to therapy. I faced my shit and went back for certifications that led me to a good stable life. You are microwaving frozen food and making drinks. We are not the same.
Why dont you wash your face and take a good hard look in the mirror.

No. 1501844

I'm gonna be honest and say that sometimes I think anons like to pretend that racism isn't a real life issue and white people never do anything to perpetuate it. That's not to say that all white people are evil (no shit), but I've even seen it happen when anons are talking about white men which is weird because we talk about ALL races of men. I remember one time in the vent thread there was some infight where an anon made a unhinged racebait post insulting non-white people and another anon made an equally unhinged race bait about white people but only one got dogpiled. Anyway, with all that being said I don't think there should be race requirements on housing (unless it's a roommate thing and just a preference. It makes more sense if you have to live together). That's just my 2 cents.

No. 1501845

I was at a friends' birthday party this last weekend and her sister-in-law, a nurse, was there. I feel bad because she was a nice person, but holy shit, I couldn't believe how dumb she is. We played Cards Against Humanity at one point, and every time it got to her turn, the jokes would never land because she didn't know what half of the "big" words were, or she mispronounced them and someone else would have to read it and explain the joke. At first I thought she was joking around, but no, she was just completely clueless about everything and seemed genuinely embarrassed when she needed something explained to her. Also she wasn't drunk, high, or anything.
She literally didn't know how to pronounce the word FATIGUE and didn't know what it meant?! She's a NURSE who doesn't know what FATIGUE is? I'm just so confused because I thought nursing school was very demanding and grueling to even get through, and requires knowledge of basic medical terms at the very least. Like holy shit, I couldn't believe this girl has a full-time, well-paying job that requires reading and helping patients? I felt crazy like I was being pranked or something

No. 1501850

File: 1676571800679.jpeg (42.17 KB, 275x274, 1650405097542.jpeg)

We should all buy property and rent it for women (of all ethnicities) only.

No. 1501851

White people do pick roommates based on race. They might not say it straight up like non-white person can by they do it by discriminating against certain names, if they hear you have an accent on the phone or if they see you during the showing and you aren’t white. They will just come up with some other excuse to not give you the place.

No. 1501852

Just remember, covid allowed classes to continue virtually… so people cheated more and copied friends. A lot of idiots passed nursing school in that time frame

No. 1501853

Samefag and I know white people do this because I work at a business that matches therapists with clients and if white people hear a black name or a foreign name they will reject that therapist

No. 1501854

I'm glad you put her in her place, anon.

No. 1501862

It's only normal for an Indian woman to prefer another Indian woman as a roommate. Some foreigners feel more comfortable communicating in their own language and living with someone who's from the same culture is probably easier for her.

No. 1501863

It’s not a dog whistle for sexism because it’s a white woman stereotype, not all women. As a black woman I wouldn’t feel comfortable to be 100% myself living with a white woman my age. Let’s say one night we get into innocent drunk argument and she decides to call the police then they try to beat my ass to protect her or she wants to throw out the n word.
This video for example >>1501797 imagine if there were no recordings and they decided to fight her back how that would’ve turned out. Not saying all white women are like this but my home is my comfort zone to get away from society and its bullshit.

No. 1501864

I'm talking about Canada, not America. A crying white woman is just seen as a joke at best and hysterical racist at worst. No rich blonde white girl (who's tears actually have some weight) is renting with immigrants, relax.
>Anti-discrimination laws aren't one way
Yeah sure and that's why a huge Muslim sex trafficking ring got off the hook in Canada and continues to operate because arresting those Muslims would be discriminatory. Or teaching assistants in unis giving their same nationality students the questions and answers to papers and not being questioned because how dare you accuse poor helpless nonwhitie. Or being called racist for not wanting sexist Muslim and Indian men in the neighborhood to leer at/harass/rape the whorey/kafir white women.

No. 1501866

Imagine being this butthurt some Indian woman won't share her house with you. Were you in love with her or something, kek? So obsessed.

No. 1501870

So all these misognyistic currycels, pakis, Abdullahs and noggers come over and buy up the property, then you can't get a place to live even though your money is as good as anyones, because Mr. Send Bobs And Vagene is renting only to other curries lmao.

No. 1501872

That was my point. You should be allowed to discriminate against your roommate because you're so physically close to each other all the time. The law shouldn't be able to override the emotional harmony of the home. That's why I don't care about Indian women only wanting to live with other Indian women, that should be their right.

No. 1501874

careful anon, pointing out (the very true fact) that the immigrants in Canada get away with whatever they want gets you called a racist

No. 1501876

You're incredibly stupid.

No. 1501877

What's with all the racebaiting Canadian anons

No. 1501878

>It’s not a dog whistle for sexism because it’s a white woman stereotype, not all women.
I think if you believe that, then you have not opened your eyes to how the patriarchy deliberately separates us as a class. If you believe that racial stereotype about women, do you also believe that black women are constantly aggressive and loud?
When choosing a roommate, you should be able to choose someone only of your own race, if everyone is from the same culture, it makes living together smoother.

No. 1501879

I can see why they would do it because the majority is white people therefore you’d get a bunch of white applicants and probably no Indian applicants and to not waste time it’s easier to put the race of the person you want to apply. Anti discrimination laws are meant to protect minorities, not white people. This is harsh but it’s true.

No. 1501880


but if a white person wanted to live with someone of their own race and only their own race they’d be put on blast.

No. 1501881

This is like the third time she's posted this, and it always devolves into race discussion. She needs to get over herself

No. 1501882

It’s not based on a stereotype it’s how they act in my everyday life. I don’t have an issue with white women but I’d never live with one and I can understand if a white woman doesn’t want to live with me and they usually don’t kek

No. 1501883

Nta but i personally wouldn't care.

No. 1501884

>b-but white people
Lol who cares

No. 1501885

You misunderstood what I meant dumbass, I meant that anti-discrimination laws aren't only for white people to follow towards other races but (should) go both ways. Whether or not it actually plays out like that irl isn't what I was talking about.

No. 1501886

It's funny how all these shitskins want to be in countries developed by whites. And then turn these countries into third world shit holes just like their homeland.(racebaiting)

No. 1501887

>And either that nona is racist and truly hates white people for being white, or else she's swallowed the "women constantly lie for attention"
She said that while talking about a situation where the woman did lie on another woman though.

No. 1501888

And this Indian woman who did this is being put on blast. Why are you mad at something that is being equally applied?

No. 1501889

Fatima the refugee girl stole their boyfriend. All joking aside, they're just racist.

No. 1501890

>do you also believe that black women are constantly aggressive and loud?
>It’s not based on a stereotype it’s how they act in my everyday life.
damn i thought this was a stereotype, not something real

No. 1501891

Lol who cares about shitskin nogger lives. No one. You're a bunch of worthless eaters.

No. 1501892

I thought Canadian people were cool tbh. These Canada anons just sound like anyone else I would see in USA.

No. 1501894

(White) canadians are actually one of the most racist people, no matter how much they're sooo different from Americans and soooo accepting. They just like to put on an act.

No. 1501895

DaTs RaYcIsS

No. 1501897

Maybe racist anons came out because of this discussion or OP is samefagging. She has a weird hatred for brown women so maybe a brown woman really did steal her man, kek.

No. 1501899

it makes me laugh reading that thread talking about "their population" as if natives don't exist. like i know you're trying to erase them but fortunately the world doesn't always go how you want it to. girl you are not from there either kek quit being so fucking racist

No. 1501900

how do you know anon isn’t indigenous?

No. 1501902

because that anon in that thread specifically mentioned white people. care to poke any other holes?

No. 1501903

i was being sarcastic

No. 1501904

Koreans, Japanese and Chinese wouldn't have these shitskins in their country owning property doing this.

No. 1501905

But anon! Op bleached her hair to blonde until it burnt and that means she's superior aryan to us!

No. 1501908

but they aren’t racist anon! only white people can be racist!

No. 1501913

You must be a scrote with yellow fever. Only your kind start bringing Asians into the discussion when race is mentioned. Don’t you have some loli porn to jerk off to?

No. 1501914

Not Candadian, but humans are only native to Africa, so the natives aren't native either. That's why I always thought the "give back the land" thing was stupid. Not only does it pull upon the "noble savage" stereotype, but like, how do you decide which natives are native enough? Do we just completely disqualify the Navajo tribe from receiving land because they extincted several other tribes to claim that land? At that point, doesn't it just become "Give it to whoever was there last"? Which would mean the people who are currently holding it?

No. 1501915

It's always racist when it's white against the shitskins. But when it's shitskins being discriminatory and prejudice against whites, the racism somehow just doesn't exist. Shitskin nogger logic. Low IQ and pulling the victim and race card as always.

No. 1501916

>shit skins
>mentioning iq
>inserting East Asians into the conversation

Scrotes are always so easy to spot kek

No. 1501918

The mobile site works.

No. 1501922

Anon… Indians are also Asian…

No. 1501926

Every ethnicity did not originate from africa lmao deluded nogger fantasy. On the same level as that "we wuz kangz n shiet!"(global rule #7)

No. 1501928

You when you realize Indians have higher iq and education than average white

No. 1501930

Anon didn’t say “asian” though.

No. 1501931

And as I said. Koreans, Japanese and Chinese wouldn't have them. They're seen as uncivilized and dirty, with the stereotype of shitting on the pavement.

No. 1501932

you have the maturity of a middle schooler just itching to say slurs every minute and laughing away. omg you're so offensive!!!!!!!! omg!!!! shock!!! i'm shocked rn!!!!! how can you say that!!!!! are you satisfied

No. 1501936

let’s not even begin to talk about how much the country hates women, too…

No. 1501938

File: 1676574687843.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1671406933912.jpg)

Any race of woman is still worth more than any race of man. Division between ourselves is useless, there's only one enemy and it's moids. Have your priorities straight nonnies.

No. 1501939

anons are literally doing that exact same thing in this thread right now kek don't try to use that to gauge how much a country is worthy of respect

No. 1501940

Y’all too dumb to realize you’re arguing with a scrote with yellow fever? This is why we can’t have race discussion kek

No. 1501942

Yet their country is still a misognysitc third world shit hole with majority population living in corrugated iron slums built on piles of human shit, young girls being prostituted and trafficked and currycels throwing acid on women for rejecting them which is accepted and common. Yeah so smart and advanced.

No. 1501943

Compare your shitskin country to Sweden.

No. 1501944

samefag this isn't to say that sexism should be excused in any way at all, ever. i meant that the example given is a bad one to choose for proving their point

No. 1501946

File: 1676574966853.jpeg (571.23 KB, 1284x655, F95F962C-DDA2-4B6B-A250-199A18…)

Most white nationalist scrotes don’t consider Indians as Asian. When they say Asian they are thinking of East Asians who look like kpop idols and Japanese porn stars. They don’t consider south East Asians as Asian. They only consider pic related phenotype as Asian.

No. 1501948

Mods really should use race/counrty discussion as honeypot for moid bans. Works everytime.

No. 1501950

File: 1676575148602.jpg (21.41 KB, 564x564, 1663647924729.jpg)

tfw you want to vent about your petty struggles but you guys won't stop arguing with the racebaiting scrotes

No. 1501951

The discussion seemed reasonable until the scrotes came in talking about their love for east asian women and the racial slurs. They make it too obvious.

No. 1501952

So all these misognyistic currycels, pakis, Abdullahs come over and buy up the property, then you can't get a place to live even though your money is as good as anyones, because Mr. Send Bobs And Vagene is renting only to other curries lmao.

No. 1501955

>can't read
>makes that my problem

I guarantee you that the earliest of humans that we are descended from evolved only in Africa and not on any other continent. We've since branched into 15-20 different species of human, some of them left Africa, most of them went extinct (with some interbreeding before they did), before descending into the current homo sapien sapien races. This is literally human evolution 101.

No. 1501957

Wrong. Research harder.

No. 1501960

I just remembered that growing up, my grandparents use to defrost meat by putting it in the sink with water and got triggered. It would be ok if the sink was clean but I know for a fact it likely wasn't ( which isn't completely their fault. It's like they think we didn't have bowls. I love my grandma but I never ate what she cooked and some of my relatives standards of clean are out of whack.
Also I just remembered that when I was a kid I would jump out the window and the run around the house to go in through the front door. It's weird what we consider fun as kids kek.

No. 1501962

Samefag but actually it wouldn't be ok even if it was clean because that's an improper and unsafe way to defrost food.

No. 1501964

wait like in something in the sink or just raw dogging meat in the bare sink?

No. 1501965

I would recommend venting regardless. The mods will ban him soon, and the faster we ignore him and move the subject on, the faster we can get the thread back on track.

No. 1501967

File: 1676575734742.jpg (95.7 KB, 792x593, kindergarden.jpg)

Awww, buddy! Big feelings!

No. 1501969

Bear meat, bear sink. No bowl or colander or anything. I doubt it was thoroughly cleaned.

No. 1501970

Also, there would sometimes be dirty dishes in the other half of the sink.

No. 1501972

No. 1501974


No. 1501976

Oh god. That's so gross. I thought you meant in the plastic.

No. 1501978

okay… how many more times are you going to say this again

No. 1501979

File: 1676576192452.jpg (211.23 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20230216-193112_You…)

im barely familiar w her channel but i watched ONE educational and well made japanese learning video from her, and now i see this shit on my feed. d i s g u s t i n g

No. 1501981

I thought this was shoeonhead

No. 1501982

Are you seriously comparing white women to men? I'm not white and you can go fuck yourself and get a grip.

No. 1501984

They would leave it in the packaging too if they weren't trying to defrost it quickly, and in those cases I moved it to the fridge or in a bowl. It was so dumb because it made the sink unusable for everyone unless you just didn't care that there was meat in there. Also, it was right in front of a window so not only was the meat most likely in warm water, it was also getting hit by the bright ass country sun.

No. 1501986

I feel like Youtube has gotten so bad lately. It recommends the same six music videos that I've already seen a thousand times, because those are the only videos it recommends. And my front page doesn't even have music on it anymore, it's just youtube pushing a bunch of normie videos from huge channels that it wants to promote.

No. 1501987

Oh my God same, anon. It's tailored to stuff I like, but even if I refresh my YouTube page it will just show the same vids over and over, plus random videos with like 100 views.

No. 1501988

i refreshed youtube like 10 times earlier to find a video to watch during my workout; it just kept recommending me the same channels, including videos i've chosen not to watch already.

No. 1501990

No it’s just a simple way to explain it. Social hierarchy in the west goes like this.
>white men
>white women
>all other races of men
>women of color

This is why a poc woman could see a white woman as “dangerous” but not physically dangerous but dangerous in other ways.

No. 1501991

I've started getting pissy and whenever it recommends something I don't want to watch, I mark it to "never show this channel."

No. 1501994

Realized the 2 most miserable years of my life was when I was in a relationship with a moid. Legit the worst species ever to walk this earth. I can't wait for the great extinction. Scrotes have existed far too long. LEt me hug my little kittens (who are braver than any scrote) extra hard. Moids are so damn ugly. Fucking glorified apes.

No. 1501995

I usually don't mind the T in any capacity, I think their problems are vastly different from the LGB and have significantly different needs & so on, and both groups' stigma affects the other, but I don't hate them. I'm only attracted to the same sex (women), but I can just say I'm asexual and the creepy transes just leave me be, because there's a lot of truth to that statement either way.
The ones sperging about JKR are a completely different story, I fucking hate them. I may not be her biggest fan or anything, but I loved HP growing up (only made it through 3 books though because I struggle to read unless it's double spaced), and am a Slytherin for life. Trannies that sperg about me not being allowed to like HP piss me the fuck off. What happened to separating art from the artist? I miss when everyone knew how to do that.

No. 1501996

>Nta but looks at this from the perspective of a woman not wanting to live with a man
You compared an Indian woman not wanting to live with another woman to not wanting to live with a man. I can understand why people would feel more comfortable living with people similar to them though and think that if one culture can do it than all cultures should be able to. If you have an issue with white women just say that, but don't compare them to scrotes.

No. 1501999

Most white women can only grasp race issues if it’s presented to them in a form they understand which is sexism. That’s why I used that comparison.

No. 1502000

The T are what's erasing actual gay people though. Think about what they want? to be the opposite sex? why? because gender norms and society? Trans people make zero sense and they should no exist. It should only be LBG. Trans people are mentally ill.

No. 1502010

Anon dont waste your time arguing with them, they're mad a minority has the right to reject living with them.

No. 1502011

The only reasons people transition are GID, attention, or a fetish, and only the first one is understandable to me.
Trans people aren't "erasing gay people," get the fuck over yourself. I agree the T should be dropped and such, and trooning out is a worst case scenario for people with GID, but at least hate them for things they actually do, like the fucking MtFs who film women's bathrooms and SHOULD be called out for being creepy AGP males
I know this is a very unpopular opinion here, but my experience with them seems wildly different to yours, because I seldom ever see "straight" (lesbian) FtMs or "straight" (gay) MtFs, most of both of them are bisexual or opposite sex attracted only.
To me, most of them seem like they have an uncurable illness (GID) and not "poor wittle gays doing x, y, and z!" Most of the adults diagnosed with GID never detransition, and the detransitioners almost always were children forced to by their parents, actually had Body Dysmorphia, had gone through "informed consent" or the black market, or had sexual trauma they thought trooning out would cure, instead of going to therapy or single sex only spaces, and detransitioners should be heard and speak out, and the trannies need to stop silencing them.
I'm not trying to shit up the thread or promote trooning out. I just think there's nuance to everything. Like how I think trannies SHOULD listen to gender critical women and have a polite discussion with them, to see the other side.

No. 1502013

Go take a stroll through snow and tell me it isnt a fetish. Trannies are insane. They like pink and cooking and 'girly' things, they're a girl? they like to tell butch lesbians or even straight tomboys they should be men because they dont 'act' like real women. fuck off.

No. 1502014

Exactly. Best to ignore them as they will never understand or get it.

No. 1502016

You don't even need to "seperate art from the artist", jkr said nothing wrong. She pointed out biological sex exist and of course moids("transwomen") took it asan opportunity to burn a woman on the stake. Too bad it doesn't work this time kek.

No. 1502017

Most FtMs I've met are the most feminine people ever, that happen to have a mental illness. Maybe I'm just an optimist in this situation, but I get called anti-troon a lot BECAUSE I think it's just a mental illness.

No. 1502018

Oh, okay. I thought she supported radical feminist owned businesses, and that's why troons took a problem with her. If she truly did nothing wrong (which I'm starting to believe), then she's all good. Troons should still learn the difference between liking a creative property and actually doing something wrong, though

No. 1502019

Separate her how? She said only women get their periods, which is a biological fact. Sounds like there's a better place for you called twitter.

No. 1502020

Times like this make me wish I was a stacy so I could have some orbiter buy me burger kind

No. 1502022

File: 1676579261819.jpeg (145.59 KB, 396x393, 5B684F94-D2C6-438D-AEA0-95F331…)

i'm screaming and crying. i accidentally agreed to be this girl's partner in my class, and she's definitely not an awful person she's the nicest person i've met here, not that i've talked to any others. she's really sweet but she told me that she doesn't know anything at all about the topic we're partnered up to present together, and it just so happens i am extremely passionate about it. i really don't want to be annoying and bother her with anything but i'm afraid she's going to feel offended if i ask to do all the work myself. idk. i'm feeling so nauseous due to my own bad decisions. the moment the professor sent out that e-mail i knew i had to be careful but i still did what i was trying not to anyway. i literally feel like a middle schooler rn i am so ashamed of myself

No. 1502024

Anon she's going to be delighted, I know I would be if someone offered to do all the job for me. Just make sure she knows it's because you genuinely love the topic, you can teach her a bit about it, but still I think there's no way she won't be happy to get to just be lazy if she doesn't care about it herself

No. 1502025

asking to do all the work yourself is obnoxious, but it's cool and no problem you like what you're presenting it. you can sperg and get into this topic on your time, focus on making a good presentation as a team. if you know a lot or have good sources share them!

No. 1502028

File: 1676579687157.jpg (31.1 KB, 563x565, clowntown.jpg)

I work remote and have been thinking about looking for a new job because I don't like my current one.
Yesterday I found out I got a significant raise which made me feel better about staying.
NOW, today, I just got out of a meeting where they told us we're going to have to start coming into the office again a couple times a week.
I'm submitting applications now fuck the raise.

No. 1502032

File: 1676579807665.jpg (956.95 KB, 1280x1280, x9c9dF2.jpg)

crushes are so stupid i feel like im back to my teenage years getting fucking butterflies in my stomach when she laughs at my jokes. she's taken and has been in this relationship for years so i know there's no chance for me but i can't stop my heartbeat from going up when i see her. maybe it's just that she's the first crush i had in years but it still bothers me how much my emotions depend on this one person's reactions to me.

No. 1502036

Samefagging because I'm so angry.
I have been doing a great job remote, there is no reason I need to be in an office wasting my money and time.
Retarded boomer corpos having buyers remorse over their high-rises pisses me off I wish them a very GO BANKRUPT

No. 1502039

File: 1676580386440.jpg (113.95 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! …)

being shy, autistic, anxious, etc. really sucks. especially since all my social autist hobbies are now social hobbies thanks to the shift from forums to chat-based platforms (discord). i have to watch people i've shared these online circles with for years create their own private cliques and like visit one another irl and such. which is great for them, of course. but shitty for me.

No. 1502049

File: 1676581071446.jpeg (66.5 KB, 800x450, 2BE9EB0D-8BFC-49E5-B249-59AA07…)

i hear you anons but i'm sorry, i didn't tell the story right in my nervousness. we're actually not partners at the moment, she's only asked me and i agreed, but we're still able to choose out of multiple presentation topics that got sent out. the problem right now is that she told me she didn't have a clue on any of those offered topics, so i offered to write about the one i'm very passionate about. she just texted me saying that she's reluctant to because wouldn't be able to answer any questions at our presentation. i forgot to mention that we are majoring in english in a non anglophone country, so if this seems very juvenile that would be the reason. also she's honestly not great or fluent either but i am since i was raised speaking it, so there's that disadvantage as well i really want to work on this presentation but i don't want to ruin the dynamic we have, i don't want any awkwardness or to make her feel bad in any way. i was thinking of advising her to take on an easier topic to present and telling her to ask for any information she might need because i'm also knowledgeable about it albeit less than the one i want, so ben shapiro voice hypothetically we can both be happy. but i can definitely see how that can be hurtful and i honestly would feel that way in her position…
i'm so frustrated with myself. also note that we are both painfully awkward… i just want to work alone to be honest but i have no idea how to approach this in the nicest way possible

No. 1502057

Wanted to schedule an apppointment for a haircut and they raised the prices again. 40 euro. FOURTY FUCKING EUROS FOR A "BUDGET HAIRCUT" (aka a 15 minute wash, cut and home-dry). I'm not paying fourty fucking euro's to have the ends of my hair snipped, should I just try one of those student hairdressers that cut for a lower price? My hair is nothing special.

No. 1502059

I hope you find another remote job because there's no reason at all to go back into the office. Boomers and Gen x are just mad we can easily work from home now.

No. 1502060

…you dont cut your own hair?

No. 1502061

No, is that a thing people do? I'm frugal enough to give it a try if it is.

No. 1502063

if you're just looking for a trim you could try an at home haircut maybe? i cut my own hair to save money and while it won't ever turn out as perfect as when i shell out for a proper haircut at a salon, it always turns out fine and it saves me money lol. i can rarely justify the exorbitant amounts a lot of salons charge

No. 1502067

paying for a haircut is so cucked nonna. totally unnecessary spending. i also dye my own hair

No. 1502068

How do you learn though? And what about scissors?

No. 1502069

I feel like I'm physically falling apart with all my issues, then my period comes today, like the cherry on top. I've had this awful cough for too long, I'm just sick of dealing with it. Sick of syrups, sick of lozenges and of salt water gargling, managing what I eat, several of my weekends and this coming weekend with NO plans even though the weather is so nice because I need to "recover", scraping to get my 8 hours at work then straight home to recuperate. I gave in and had a social outing for the first time in weeks on valentines day and it's set me back so much, again one cough and all the air in my lungs are gone. I'm getting so weak because I'm not exercising anymore, it's like a terrible cycle.

And today it's been this cough, headache, on the verge of throwing up and NOW period. Right now what I'd like the most is to have ONE day where I feel normal again, then I can regenerate the energy needed to keep up with making efforts to get better because right now I'd just like to knock myself out and not wake up.

No. 1502071

theres youtube firstable also dude its hair. you just cut it…? with hair scissors from sallys.

No. 1502074

invest in some hair scissors, you can get them at Sally's like the other anon said or a lot of drugstores/beauty stores should have some. start small, section your hair into parts and cut off the visible dead ends. and then you can build up confidence to try some basic styles via tutorials or just experimenting. also remember that hair grows back so if you fuck up at least its temporary. good luck!!

No. 1502075

>its hair. you just cut it…?
Yeah but I don't want to end up with lobsided hair or something like that you know? I'll look into it though, I never really considered cutting my own hair before, thanks!

No. 1502076

its not that hard

No. 1502078

dw anon, i worried about that too at first but honestly it's never been a problem for me. just don't immediately go for any drastic haircuts and you'll be fine, and if you make small cuts then if you do make any mistakes they'll be easier to fix

No. 1502111

Chinese little boys are literally encouraged to shit and piss on the street kek.(racebaiting)

No. 1502114

Tell that to muslim indian etc women who are happy to hype white women up as whores and use white women to deflect their scrotes depraved sexuality. For 1000's of years at this point. Anons have clearly never spoken at length to a non white immigrant women.

No. 1502129

>Lost a couple of cm around the waist
>"hm, just a few more until I reach my goal. But at least the lifestyle changes I made are working"
>"wait what no"
>still ends up lying up hungry at night because I can't help but listen to that part of my brain

No. 1502130

Did you leave for several hours only to come back? What were you doing?

No. 1502133

Imagine paying people to cut your hair. Do it yourself. learn through tutorials.

No. 1502135

Damn that girl on her shift did good holding back I would've curb stomped the shit out of that ugly blonde bimbo and I'm not even black

No. 1502138

what do i do if my mole is much bigger than before and also raised? i'm freaking out but i'm a hypochondriac so i won't look anything up online and will rely on you nonners for truth. i didn't want to go to the dermatologist last week and maybe this is how i'm being punished. i'm hoping i can just get it grafted out because it's really grossing me out. it's not like that raised but i've never had a mole that 1) grew in size and 2) wasn't surface level only and nothing close to like a pimple

No. 1502140

spent the last two hours listening to my brother (badly) explain greentexts and forums and now he’s devolved into describing gore and snuff videos.

No. 1502147

Tell your mother

No. 1502150

i dont know if i changed or if lolcor truly fucking sucks now. i don't think i've ever felt like it would be easy to leave the site because i always got some level of regular enjoyment and value but now i'm not.

No. 1502155

I can't believe I wasted half my lifespan in school just to not be able to get so much as one call back for one job application. I feel so worthless and hopeless. I can't afford to live but I don't want to die.

No. 1502156

It's been pretty bad lately. I try to make things fun but I don't know how much longer I can stay invested. Sad.

No. 1502158

I've noticed that when my social life is busy and fulfilling I'm on here less and less kek. Lolcow's still good for those lonely days. I've stopped frequenting so many threads and now I only keep track of a few. Maybe we are becoming normies. Hopefully. Please god.

No. 1502160

My first ever dumb teenage relationship was with a girl who was so deep in the closet that she still dated some boys while we messed around and it’s been way over a decade, she never cared about me and she didn’t date those guys to keep people from finding out. She fucking married one of them and I was more than likely just someone she could get affection from and was able to neg around our friends because it just seemed like cutesy banter between besties. I’m having a shit night, it’s not her fault and I am way too old to even think about it but that fucking hurt me.

No. 1502164

He’s 24 and she doesn’t care about the vile things he does and says. She doesn’t care that my dad is a creep either, or at least doesn’t care enough to jeopardize her comfort. My brother’s supposed to be in therapy for anger management problems but he’s too lazy to do paperwork. Our relationship has been strained for years now but recently he seems more mellow so I thought it would be nice to have a positive conversation and try to rebuild the relationship. I don’t know what to do besides continue saving to move out.

No. 1502173

The university lab I used to work in had to put signs up in toilet stalls specifically telling Chinese people to stop throwing their used toilet paper on the floor you oaf

No. 1502187

I'm so sick of people being complicated. Just be normal, is it so hard you stupid fools

No. 1502190

It's been dogshit for the last year. I'm usually open to newfags as long as they intergrate fine but the ones since COVID are fucking unbearable twitterfags and unfortunately arrived in hoards.

No. 1502241

All of the people signing their posts, the massive influx of either very old people who may or not be women, and very young people who may or may not be women are driving me fucking insane. It's like proofreading your roommates paper for the 7th time that week and even after three years of college they still spell 'you are' as yor, or 'are not' as arn't. The OT threads on this site is my safe haven when I need a mental break during work, and reading mentally handicapped posts that aren't intentionally funny makes me want to bill them for the mental energy I already don't have that I wasted reading them. thank you for not reading amen

No. 1502247

>maleposting and bait everywhere
>almost no activity

No. 1502248

Where have you seen people signing their posts?

No. 1502251

Dumpsterfire thread the celebs

No. 1502257

They're not even literally signing them. It's a couple of women who's writing styles are so distinct that nonnies are mad they can recognize them.

No. 1502258

Oh i was hoping for funny unironic boomer posting

No. 1502261

File: 1676598100919.gif (1.59 MB, 320x200, brawl.gif)

come fight with us about Kansas in the burger thread

No. 1502262

everywhere it's like pakianon but at least she teaches us historical or current information. someone who keeps singing with hearts, another who has been writing t. with literally every post they make across every board, the boomer anon in celebricows which is almost funny if it wasn't so obnoxious (still haven't decided if it's a man/old woman/someone who just found the internet), and this idiot who writes fucking paragraphs and spoilers it instead of just NOT POSTING IT but no they will post eighteen more times and spoil every other thing

No. 1502263


No. 1502265

Never got to do fun or dumb shit as a kid, teen, or early 20s. Never a party, never clubbing, never gone to a bar with friends, never had a girls night hangout or sleepover laughing about dumb shit, not even going shopping or out to eat with friends. I’ve been trying so hard to make friends but it’s been impossible, especially now as mid 20s everyone is already married or about to be and have kids or pregnant.

My boyfriend was roped into parties and random dumb fun stuff when he was a teen and college kid. He says the parties were pretty boring and that I’m the best thing that ever happened to him and he’s never had fun like when he is with me, but I still feel like I missed out massively on growing up and now I’ll be forced to settle down and live a monotonous life or something, which is weird because bf takes me on fun dates all the time. It’s making me really depressed.

Maybe I just feel like I missed out on having friends??? But I feel compelled to go out drinking or something and try to get into a club or party and flirt a ton. It’s retarded as hell because I know on the other hand plenty of girls that got to party and stuff are wishing more than anything that they had a guy like mine, he’s genuinely one of the very rare good men. And I would never want to hurt him or risk losing him so what the fuck is wrong with my brain?

No. 1502271

Stop posting emojis, I see you skull emoji anon, I hate you, fucking stop it.

No. 1502277

Aw, don't beat yourself up about feeling that way, it's normal. The truth is that you are never to old to do those things, and you haven't 'missed' a chance to experience them. Make some girlfriends. Go clubbing, to bars, coworkers parties (either you or your boyfriends), have sleepovers, go on road trips. Being in a monogamous relationship does not bar you from that. A good partner will support you in doing stuff with your friends as you should do the same. Your life doesn't end at long term relationship, marriage, or having children. I feel you on the making friends part, as I just moved to a new area and it's really difficult. Is there anyone you work with or a friend you have that could 'recommend' you a friend? I know that sounds weird, but when I moved to a new state my friend gave me the number/social media of her friend so I would have some kind of contact. There's also the bumble app friend option. I haven't tried it yet, so if you do pls let me know how it goes

No. 1502284

i only do it (not in celebricows tho but in other threads) because some anons get mad if you don't spoiler some takes or say something too gross, weird, or sexual

No. 1502286

I wish I had someone to mesh with who didn't wanna talk about our issues or emotions, just the things we both like. And I wanna talk about deep things but not our fears or our upsets, I wanna talk about something else something stimulating not dragging me down like this, I'm too selfish and heartless. Why are people so hard to have fun with instead of dwelling on or creating problems? I know it's a sick thing to say but I wish people were different. Friends just bring trouble to your life.

No. 1502287

No I work with a bunch of fucking gen x and boomer assclown men in a male dominated industry

No. 1502290

You're in a better place than I am. I never got to do those things and I still live with my parents with no other connections. Hope you get to take advantage of your freedom and do some fun things, make your bf do it with you.

No. 1502297

I have and I know how much they suffer under their shitty scrote religion. Fuck off.

No. 1502298

File: 1676600479757.jpeg (137.22 KB, 1170x1160, E25A9621-231B-4F25-B7DA-7E2625…)

I’ve been obsessing over a moid friend who ghosted me and left me on read several times since for the fact I don’t know why. We wasn’t that close for me to call them out and ask why but my rejection sensitivity won’t allow me to mentally drop the issue, I wasn’t obsessing when there wasn’t an issue, only now I am.It hurts me even more than being ghosted by someone I was romantically talking because at least that I can rationalise and find reasons. But not wanting to be friends with someone anymore so bad you leave them on read I can’t comprehend. I asked a month ago if they are going to an event 2 months time and surprisingly they replied that they will let me know in a few days time and then ignored me when I asked if they are or not 2 weeks later. I feel embarrassed I even tried and was set up for failure. Why couldn’t they just say no.

No. 1502299

I am in the similar boat. I can't say it makes me sad because i know i tried my best to make friends and fit in, i am happy i stopped trying to suck up to people at a young age. Trying to make friends irl is not worth it imo.

No. 1502305

Idk what to do. Theres so much to unpack and i couldnt even begin. I dont want sound dramatic but i have no one i can talk to about this. Everything i have hangs on by threads and still everyday i try to be positive and happy.

Theres so much going on in my life.

Im stopping myself.. i almost just… lost myself in the vent.

Everything will be okay.

No. 1502307

Dont hold it against yourself. Its hard finding men worth being friends with. Be careful opening your heart too fast to people. Good luck trying to find new friends though! Thats really hard in my opinion. I hope you wont let him discourage you from pursuing future friendships with other people.

No. 1502309

Nta but nonna I hope you find friends who are like you irl. That's how I feel when I read posts like yours. You were trying to force it with the wrong people and that's why it wasn't working. I hope the best for you

No. 1502322

I'm just lonely and sad

No. 1502325

Youre not alone. Im here. Watching the thread.

No. 1502326

I wonder if i'm not really straight or if i'm just porn sick, because lately i've been masturbating to women a lot. Worse than that, i've created a character with big boobs in a video game i'm playing and i put her naked with mods and i watch her walk and i'm so mesmerized and it gets me aroused. But what scares me is that i feel like it's kinda similar to autogynephilia for troons, or you know the thing we say about women having a man watching them all the time in their head. I watch this character and i'm aroused by imagining what men would feel like seeing her naked, and imagining myself looking like her, with bigger boobs and a more voluptuous silhouette. Even masturbating feels like i'm doing it for men, as if i was trying to please the man in my head? I'm not horny because i like it, i'm horny because i think men like this and it gets me off to think about. But also i'm not sure, i also love looking at naked women a lot, i really do? But it feels artificial like it was shaped by being chronically online maybe? I'm so confused with my sexuality. I wouldn't say no to sucking some titties or having mine sucked by another woman tho let's be honest so i don't know

One thing is for sure, i'm really porn sick and i wish i wasn't.

No. 1502327

I feel like masturbating doesn't satisfy me and I'm just horny again 20 mins later AHHHHHH

No. 1502328

Thanks anon ♥
I've just been thinking about how much I miss my ex and how much we still had that again(♥)

No. 1502333

Ayrt. Youre welcome! Im have relationship problems (or i guess have been) too.
Id say something lame about fish in the sea but honestly, fuck them fish. Love yourself.

No. 1502335

that's amazingly delicious with the bacon grease hmm thank you!

No. 1502338

Yes, white people are totally moving to India on mass and then buying up all the housing and not allowing Indians to rent, totally happening irl right now.

No. 1502340

i feel that. my hygiene suffered because of hanging out with my moid. he kept nagging me to stay in bed with him while i was too tired from work and tried getting up to shower and brush my teeth. he didn't do these things everyday so i stopped too. fucking cringe. he also left his stuff everywhere in the room yet called me a hoarder when he saw that my shelves were full. fucking retards.

No. 1502341

I'm going crazy because there is a stain on my wall and I've put 5 coats of paint and I still see it.

No. 1502344

fuck. can you sand it down, use an opposite color over the stain, then coat it over with the wall's colour?

No. 1502345

I don’t get why men get so offended when women ask them for money on dating sites if all they want is sex. I’m talking about the ones who plan on fucking you and ghosting anyway. They won’t have to put in any effort just give the girl 100 dollars or something and he can cum in 2 minutes and leave. Most women I know who use tinder would be ok with this, I’ve heard so many men on tinder mad when women ask them for money. Bro you’re ugly and you already know you’re going to cum in 2 minutes but you act uppity about paying?

No. 1502347

I think your opinion is unpopular here, because everyone is against sex work (and so am i, to be honest). But i also prefer the idea of sex work to hookup culture. If i'm getting fucked by incompetent moid, might as well get money out of it. Pay for my skincare, bitch ass boy.

No. 1502350

I’m not a sex worker but if I meet a scrote I find attractive and he offered to buy my groceries or give me like 100 dollars id sleep with him. Why waste time boring each other on a dinner date when we both know this is going to go no where? But the scrote would have to be cute to me but I wouldn’t do it for free because I know the sex will be mediocre at best.

No. 1502352

I would too, at this point i'm more aroused by their money than by them. I agree he would have to be cute to me, though. But i love men with money, when they're generous, not gonna lie.

No. 1502353

That's actually smart but since the stain is a small circle I'll try to live with it or cover it with a poster, if it was a large stain I would definitely try that

No. 1502355

I just used this brad mondo video to cut my own hair for the first time. I just did what he says to do. Its so easy. You can do it!

No. 1502357

I feel so fucking empty and trapped. The city I live in is a horrible, corrupted, southern state polluted cesspool hellhole, I want to leave so bad but my family never will and I know I could never leave them. But at the same time I feel like if I stay here forever I am going to be truly depressed and miserable until the end of my life. There is so much more to life than what this disgusting city/state/country has to offer that I feel like I am never going to get to experience and it's making me want to just die already because I doubt there's ever going to be any escape for me

No. 1502360

ive been on prozac for the past 3 weeks (went from 1 tab to 2, 20mg) and like theyve been kicking my ass hard. nauseous, even more miserable, no appetite, no libido,fatigued as shit but can't sleep longer than 3 hours. when do they start making me normal? ik it gets worse before it gets better but god… its hard to function

No. 1502364

File: 1676608141237.png (299.15 KB, 679x550, Screenshot_2w.png)

so sick of everyone talking about their friends all the time. "ohh i love my friends" "oohhhh me and my friends are playing phasmophobia again xD" "ohohoh me and my friends are going out to the movies" "omog my friend just helped me through my depression" :) fuck off already you fucking assholes. i'm sick of it, genuinely sick

No. 1502366

i care about you, you aren't alone. what's wrong?

No. 1502368

I've been sick the past two weeks now and it's making me really sad and it feels like nothing I ever do has any effect in life. I always seem to get sick like this, or I get really sad, or both at the same time. And I can't bear to be around people or speak to them. I binge ate which caused me physical pain from the eating. I tried really hard to be productive this week and to not let my sickness get the better of me, but I failed and even missed days worth of classes from just passing out from the exhaustion.

No. 1502371

the plus side is if that's how you feel right now there really is nowhere to go but up. your family will not disintegrate if you leave. they and you will hurt when you do, but you aren't the sole custodian for all of them, only you. is there somewhere that you could move to that is in a reasonable distance that you could drive, train, bus, whatever to there regularly but still have some distance? are you in school, or planning on it? if so almost all schools have like a rideshare board thing where you can request/offer to carpool to places that are a bit further away so you could still go home. i'm just throwing out any ideas. but mainly i hope that you know that most of us have been there and it honestly does get better. it's still shitty, but it's not bottom of the barrel shitty

No. 1502394

ahh thank you so much nona, it helps to be reminded that not everything is set in stone like how I think it is. the situation i'm in rn just feels so suffocating like it will last forever but ik it won't. i am indeed in college right now, i might look into some outings or ride share things to get out more. because damn seriously fuck this city lol

No. 1502399

maybe should post in the questions thread for anons who have used it but I haven't known anyone on antidepressants with that bad of side effects it doesn't sound right.

No. 1502402

God I fucked up this stupid minor error what the fuck I hope I don’t get too many points taken off shit

No. 1502420

Why am i going into work with this horrific cough? Why am i on a train to the city at 6am? Because it’s Friday and I took a day off last Friday and now I’m paranoid people willn just think I’m taking Fridays off, that’s why.

No. 1502423

what's your major

No. 1502431

File: 1676614186132.jpg (10.79 KB, 275x206, 882191.jpg)

the main street of my city is lined with tents and tarps and burning barrels, almost as bad as the feeling I get when I drive past that in my heated truck is the feeling I get when it's all gone the next day. god if you're up there make me strong enough to do something or dumb enough to become blind to the suffering. please.

No. 1502433

i kind of agree, if you have to go on and on about how great your friends are online it just kind of comes off as insecure in a lot of cases. i've never felt any urge to tell randomers online about any of my irl relationships unless they were going poorly and i wanted advice from an non-invested stranger

No. 1502435

you're scrutinizing your sexuality under a feminist lens before you entirely understand what sexually arouses you. i think a lot of women try to view sex from an externalized view and worry that its self voyeuerism when its more about being extremely self concious to the point of dissociating, but that's just my theory. even if you did have some kind of fetish for being voyeured it doesn't override any physical attraction you feel outside of that fetish. please don't consider yourself pornsick just because you like looking at women with big boobs, that's the most normal horny gay behavior on this earth. fantasizing that you're a sexy bombshell is an absolutely normal sex fantasy too. you probably just have a high sex drive, dont persecute yourself for it, it's a natural thing.

No. 1502494

Found out I'm a product of incest and i don't want to live anymore. My parents are not closely related. They met in the 80s and things were liberal back then. My dad's parents are first or second cousins, im still not sure. My mom has distant incestry I'm sure of it because her family are very prideful and they come from a lineage where it was more common. Part of me is understanding but I hate it. I have severe anxiety and get depressed easily, i don't have issues in school but i wish i was effortlessly pretty and smart. I'm not a looker either. I have issues putting on muscle no matter how hard i diet and exercise. There's this girl in my class (uni) and she is so damn beautiful and smart and all she does is roll out of bed. I honestly don't want to live anymore i blame all my flaws on incestry. Mental illness and undesirable physical traits and illnesses gets passed down that's why diversity in who you procreate with is so important. If i get married and have kids I'm going for the most distant person ever genetically. I'm so devastated and jealous of western medicine and science, because incest practices were banned but it carried on outside of the western countries. I think that's why so many Europeans are pretty. I'm so gross but I'll make sure my children, if i have any, won't suffer like me.

No. 1502514

I want to kill my boss

No. 1502523

I started a new job about a month ago, and I just realized a girl I went to high school with is also there and she is now claiming to be genderspecial lmao (I know trannies are frown upon here but I really don't care about the whole thing at all) and she pretty much uses her "UWU IM A NONBINARY FEMALE IDENTIFIED SOULD" card as a get out of jail card, she surrounds herself with other trans and genderspecial people who does drag, and they look fucking awful in make up lol
idk I really just found it extremly funny how this girl has hated me and blocked me for everyting since high school just because I got the attention from scrotes she so desprestly wanted lmao
I let her know I was a lesbian back them and she still wouldn't have it because I "could have my choice" from the different guys she liked" (and they liked me instead), but I was simply never interested in men at all lmao, idk, I just think it's funny how she keeps fuming every time she seems me even tho it has been like fuckin 12 years since high school and she STILL can't let it go,
I'm not even saying that I'm a 10/10 but her whole reason for hating me is that I was (and still am) "prettier than her", I just don't know how to let her know that, first and foremost, I'M A MARRIED WOMAN, and that I don't care whatever her Aiden and tranny friends think about me because I don't care about her whole mean girls clique thing lol. idk, it's just been really funny to see her avoid me like the fucking plague while everyone else is willing and gladly able to socialize with me without a problem.

I like being a nuance for her, and I adore being able to make her and her tranny friend uncomfortable, even tho I've never said or done anything that would qualify as "transphobic", fuck that shit.

No. 1502524


No. 1502525


I'm retarded, sorry

No. 1502528


No. 1502529

nothing wrong with you, I usually drink about 68oz of water daily and get annoyed af when I have to piss all the fucking day

No. 1502532

I love that there were more than a few mistakes but you for some reason chose to correct just this one.

No. 1502533

I was only supposed to work one extra day this week, the new schedule is up and for next week there’s another extra day….and it’s 7 days in a row. Seriously what the fuck.

No. 1502535

it's late and I'm kinda of drunk lol but I really wanted to get this one out

No. 1502547

i hope it isnt anything too bad honestly but man im exhausted

No. 1502584

I hate women. I have never met a woman I'd like to befriend.(are you lost scrote?)

No. 1502591

there's no onligation to befriend anyone but if you hate women what are you doing on a woman site where you can read their thoughts and views? 4chan is easy to find and female posters are more frequent than ever though aren't the majority. i don't understand kek

No. 1502592

Had a "diversity training" at work recently and not only I had mixed feelings for the speaker himself, but also the obligatory trans (mostly Tim) left a really sour taste in my mouth. The comparisons to what black people go through as well is just… Not it.
I hope transracial get super popular so we can see how insane this stuff really are.

No. 1502600

We had a blip of trans racialism and TRAs have convinced normies it's so totally different because you can see race but not gender or sex

No. 1502601

I attempted suicide now I'm so embarrassed. I tried convince my family it would be better for them aswell if I'm out of the picture now they're scared I'll do it again calling me selfish for doing it I just wanted to lessen the burden …I feel so ashamed I survived .

No. 1502603

Every art project I started failed. Every art account flopped within weeks. I could never get more than 10 likes if anything, not that likes matter, just that my reach was permanently low for some reason, no matter if I drew fanart or originals, nothing worked.

I feel so useless, this is a very oversaturated market I really don't see the point of posting if its going to get lost into the void of the internet, even posting here on LC feels better…it's like people disappeared

No. 1502605

>you're scrutinizing your sexuality under a feminist lens before you entirely understand what sexually arouses you.
Eh, touché. I think you're right nonna. You really read through me because despite being in my mid twenties i'm really inexperienced and avoidant with sex, so i don't know what i really like and i feel embarrassed and ashamed of my feelings. As much as i try to feel at ease with my body i still feel dirty with anything sexual. I'm probably some flavor of bi, and i should stop trying to analyze every sexual impulse as if it was a problem to solve. It's so unhealthy, it's like i want to make myself feel guilty for feeling anything. Your post was very reassuring, thank you!

No. 1502614

Losing someone you love to suicide is probably a worse burden than having a loved one who is struggling, but who can still be helped, i think. If you’d died, it would have left them with a lifetime of unanswerable questions. They’re probably calling you selfish because they’re afraid of losing you

No. 1502617

dumbass they're calling you selfish because they love you.
do these people seem ''unburdened'' to you?

No. 1502635

My bf literally hates aggretsuko and has shittalked it multiple times but all of the sudden he goes boobookitty seeing me watch the new season alone and wants me to wait to watch it with him. Why so you can shittalk it the entire time and ruin my vibe?

No. 1502638

>I've high resilience and pain tolerance, you cannot hurt me

Which translates to

>"I was severely abused by the people I loved most, you can call me retard to my face and I'll not react nor care because I'm desensitized to disrespect. I'm fundamentally broken. I will not stand up for myself because I fear retaliation and I was taught that I'm always at fault if I defend myself, abusers are always right no matter what they do or if it hurts me, I don't matter"

No. 1502656

It can easily be that but you forget that there are also those who were abused but they lashed out, got out and are now immune to shit talk and not afraid to give it back just as nasty if needed. The one you described is way more common though, the passiveness.

No. 1502660

I'm actually describing myself, I tell people I'm often unfazed by insults but is because I'm literally unable to process disrespect because if I did I would have to do something about it, which means confrontation

No. 1502665

I do not know your circumstances, and I cannot blame anyone for trying to escape the pain, but my husband committed suicide after a drunk driver killed our daughter and I miss him every day. Sometimes I walk into my closet, take one of his t-shirts out of a plastic bag I have it stored in, and smell it. I then sit in the dark and sob because the scabbed over hole I have left inside me is still so raw after all these years. I know he thought it was, but it was not a burden to love him at his lowest. I honestly wish I could kill myself to make the pain go away, but I can't force the people who love me to go through this agony.

No. 1502677

we don't know each other, but I'm happy you didn't succeed. I've been suicidal myself for a very long time, attempted it twice (no one knows about it), but I never did it again after losing someone not so close through suicide myself. I can't tell you that things will be better when you stay alive, I just can tell you that you aren't a burden and if you still feel like you are, you should rather leave the people behind than kill yourself. If you are alive you can still change things and come back from that. I hope you have some help to get you through the near future and you won't attempt again.

No. 1502685

Well we hate you too anony don't worry

No. 1502687

i don't even know how to describe how i feel right now. apparently my university roommate was mad at me for eating food…that she OFFERED to me when we first moved in together. and apparently that is the whole reason why she was acting like an utter bitch to me, being aggressive, and trying to start fights in the middle of the night over dumb shit. it's so fucking stupid. i asked her if it bothered her so fucking much, why didn't she say something to me when it happened? like why wait a whole entire month before saying something? i offered to give her money for the food and she declined every time. she ordered indian food the night i moved in and apparently was incensed that i took two - i repeat TWO - pieces of na'an bread out of a pile of like fucking 10. then she got mad because the same bag of hot cheetos she told me i could eat "whenever i wanted", she got butthurt over me eating even though i told her i ate some and she also said i could! sorry i am being so pedantic/dramatic, but this bitch really lead me to believe she was going to be nicer than my last roommate. we had so much fun laughing, talking, and drinking together the first month of us living together. now i come to found out she was seething inside over something so insignificant and stupid. and i told her as well if i ate anything, i would buy again for her as i didn't really feel comfortable with how pushy she was being but didn't want to seem "rude" for declining. so yeah r., fuck you you fucking two faced bitch! i should put water in her tequila since it tastes like straight up nail polish anyway.

also sorry to anyone reading this, i am just really pissed.

No. 1502692

I think I’m physically incapable of thinking things through, nonas. I got a flip phone approximately 2 days after the idea popped into my head that it would help me be less addicted to and reliant on my smartphone, and I’m kind of regretting it. The flip phone itself is so restrictive, and I deliberately chose it to be as restrictive as possible (no apps, no browser, w/e). I got what I ordered and now that it’s actually sinking in that I have to commit to this, I’m incredibly stressed. Like I know I could return it, but I would feel so embarrassed and disappointed in myself because I already told (boasted to) friends and family that I’m switching to a flip phone. I’m sure in the long run this will be better for me, but like… why didn’t I wait even a week before ordering it and changing my life like this. I’m really too stupid to be alive.

No. 1502695

That's some deep self hatred right there. I'd get it if you said you hated a specific sub-group of women (pickmes, handmaidens, ana-chans, genderspecials, zealots, et cetera) but hating half the human population is disgusting.
If you're a woman yourself, then self hatred is one of the loneliest feelings on earth, and I really hope you can overcome it. Some women in your home town might be rude, I dunno but I had that problem.
If you're a scrote I'm probably embarrassing myself, but I hope you aren't for your sake.

No. 1502697

You're not too stupid, this is one of the smartest things you've ever done. Like most people, you're just addicted to dopamine drip. The internet and colorful apps offers a constant source of low grade dopamine, and now that you're missing that, the carvings are starting to kick in. The good news is that you're going to get so bored that your brain will go through the "boredom tipping point" at which point you'll get up and do anything in exchange for stimulation. Clean your room, work on your hobbies, read that book you've been meaning to read, anything will feel like a reward to your bored brain, so it will offer dopamine in exchange for actually doing something. The bad news is that it takes about a week to get there, and if you give in, you'll have to start over. Good luck and get the fuck out of here so you can save yourself.

No. 1502701

That’s very kind of you to say, thank you nona. I’m just worried because I didn’t think about how hard it will be for me to text and I don’t do too well with change to begin with (part of the reason why I bit the bullet and got one), and of course facing criticism from others is hard. I hope that you’re right and I can be happier without having my smartphone on me 24/7.

No. 1502707

>I'd get it if you said you hated a specific sub-group of women (pickmes, handmaidens, ana-chans, genderspecials, zealots, et cetera) but hating half the human population is disgusting
I'm going to plain devil's advocate here. Tbf, most women are handmaidens and pickmes, there's a reason you're posting here and not Instagram or Twitter, and there's a reason you cannot discuss mentally sane politics in public, you will get shunned by other women

No. 1502709

I don’t like other women either tbh. I really see no point in engaging with them. I really don’t want to talk about men and beauty treatments all day or have to worry about someone using me for a self esteem boost because men like her more or become jealous of me if men like me more. Men are just as brain dead as the average woman but with male friends they turn into orbiters and buy you stuff and do chores for you, I don’t have any male friends either though.

No. 1502713

Damn so many NLOGs up in here. Well… if they hate then let them hate and watch the friendships with your fellow females pile up. Haters gonna seethe.

No. 1502714

I'm the same anon thank you for all your kind words noonas I'm sorry for even venting here I didn't wanted to bring up traumas for you
You all have been very strong I'm sorry for that and thankful too to know the strangers on the Internet are kinder to me than my family was. Recovery is painful but seeing my parents cry was more gut wrenching ill try to love and live again hopefully

No. 1502715

I had a dumb phone for many years after everyone else switched to smart phones, so I can tell you a little bit what to expect: Texting will be very annoying. Whenever I received a picture/video or even a group SMS my phone would just give me unreadable garbage.

But you'll get used to it, and you'll probably feel better once you do! There are times I still miss having a dumb phone.

No. 1502716

Nta but this was so helpful I ss as a reference thanks nonna

No. 1502717

Then leave this site, dipshit.

No. 1502718

The average woman on lolcow is not like the average woman in real life. If you said half the shit you say on here to a normie woman she would want nothing to do with you kek even something as small as complaining about your bad dating advice and you don’t start the sentence with “not all men” will get you alienated.

No. 1502720

Bad dating life*

No. 1502722

I hate that feeling when you're on an empty stomach and you're mouth starts watering and you start feeling like you're going to vomit. It's so illogical and feels so bad. I haven't ate since like 2/3 AM last night so obviously it's time to eat, but I shouldn't be starving like this.

No. 1502723

Sounds like you have bilious vomiting syndrome. If you have smaller, more frequent meals or a snack before you normally get nauseous, it will go away. You can also take an antacid.

No. 1502724

Nta but every woman I've known has shit talked moids and has never gotten offended when I shit talk moids. Seems like your anecdotal experiences do not speak for all women.

No. 1502727

>you're not like other girls

No. 1502728

Are you young? I've never met a woman under 30 who got offended when people shit talked moids or troons.

>I really don’t want to talk about men and beauty treatments all day or have to worry about someone using me for a self esteem boost because men like her more or become jealous of me if men like me more.
I see the problem Nona, you weren't conversing with a woman you were watching a late 2000's reality show.

No. 1502731

I’m 30 and I’m conversing with women older than 25. I used to just think I didn’t get a long with men but now I’m realizing it’s just people in general and I’d rather hangout by myself.

No. 1502732

Well then maybe it's the area you live in or the group of women you're trying to befriend, but saying all women are like that is just such a retarded take.

No. 1502734

I figured. I’ve tried texting on it a little already and it’s so different, perhaps because I didn’t have a phone until I was 15 and dumbphones were no longer the norm. I feel like making the switch would be easier if I wasn’t an adult with bills to keep track of and everything, but my decision has been made and I have to stick to it.

No. 1502736

It’s not possible for every human on earth to be the same but it’s enough for me to move with caution.

No. 1502737

I'm anon, but I think handmaidens are just religious women who make it their entire personality, I've only met a couple in real life, who told me I'd be forced to have a family, and Autism didn't exist so I was not paying attention to her husband preaching about killing the gays on purpose, instead of drawing so I wouldn't commit elder abuse by punching the shit out of him.
He also tried to go after the government for banning conversion therapy, since that was OC, California and I'm so glad I'm away from him and his handmaiden, this being relevant because I think "handmaiden" and "pickme" are way overused and "pickme" in particular is almost never used right, only ever used for troons on here. Which is retarded.
But anyways, I don't use insta because all the pornbrain shit you get from women on your TL is not worth binging cat videos, and I mostly use Tumblr because bullying trads is fun kek

No. 1502740

File: 1676655030454.jpeg (30.99 KB, 443x332, B1E58A58-6171-489B-8490-149DB4…)

i just swallowed my bite block (blue things in picrel ) i'm not worried about digestion i know i'll pass it in the toilet i'm angry because i just got them on. i was already annoyed with them because they felt like i was wearing high heels on my teeth and now i'm even more pissed off because i only swallowed one of them so i've got a lopsided bite. UGHHHH. it was literally because i ate a prawn cracker on the side that wasn't hurting from my braces. those mofos melt in your mouth with time but i wanted that crunch and now i'm living the consequences of that desire. I AM LIVID.

No. 1502741

Only if you live in California or the Bible Belt.

No. 1502743

I did the same nona, I hope we both feel better and stronger at some point

No. 1502744

I travelled abroad to spend time doing what I enjoy and learning a new language/culture after coping with mental health issues due to covid and an abusive ex
Unfortunately I met someone recently who’s way too uncomfortable and attached to me and after months of self pitying manipulative behaviour I finally told him to (basically fuck off and) leave me alone, it’s a whole mess and I’m so tired especially with the reflective nice guy attitude. Doesn’t help that he suddenly became obsessed with my interests immediately after meeting me and is pushing himself into my online friend groups in this community

No. 1502753

I might have cancer but I think even if I did, my long term LDR Nigel wouldn’t care too much.
All I ever wanted was to be with him and live a cute life in domestic bliss.
If I do have it ,I don’t think it still would be enough incentive for him to finally come and be with me.(I understand how that can be a lot to handle)
It’s a fantasy I’ve had for a decade now but I always knew it to be just that.(fantasy is just to be together and spend time with each other irl)
I just wish it was something that was real but I accept the reality that it is. I’m okay with living in the delusion that I imagined. Why do I have to love someone so strongly that is so far away.

No. 1502760

lawyer and family ghosted me
classic, whenever it comes to money they prove I have good reasons to cut them all the fuck off. I hope ww3 is real and they all die a painful death in nuclear warfare

No. 1502762

sorry if you are sick or even just feeling sick, and your loving heart is admirable, but men abandon sick women. movies saying otherwise is a fairytail lie.

No. 1502765

They haven’t email me after the job interview and is Friday already i wanna die i though i was good at the try day i can’t breathe

No. 1502766

I feel sad my bf doesn't text me. We see each other at work but once we leave he sends me an occasion snapchat of himself. I see him active on Instagram and discord so I know he's not busy busy. I ask him to text me but he forgets too. Am I just being BPD? I feel unimportant because I send him texts when I think of him. Is it just a man thing?

No. 1502771

Even if you have BPD and even if it was a "man thing" (it's not), if you explicitly tell your man what you want him to do (texting you is not even close to an unreasonable request) and he still doesn't do it, it's because he doesn't want to do it. If that's making you unhappy, you should end the relationship. And don't believe him if he says he'll start doing what you asked when you break up with him. HE might believe it's true, but it's definitely a lie.

No. 1502773

I'm exactly like the average woman in real life. Speak for yourself, sperg.

No. 1502804

There’s always exceptions to the rule

No. 1502842

I feel kinda cringe talking about this stuff here but I'm at a point where I feel I need to take help from wherever I can find it. I've looked for solutions from many different avenues throughout the years but I'm still stuck the same as I was before.

I don't want to get into specifics but I became convinced of a certain religion's truthfulness after seeing evidence for it. It's a mainstream religion, not some obscure cult so don't worry about that. Anyway, I can't imagine any other explanation for the evidence I've seen. Maybe you guys will say I'm sch-zo or whatever but a large amount of people are convinced by this stuff who they themselves have no mental illness.
I had no desire of my own to convert to this religion, but fear of the existential consequences for rejecting it after I've believed it to be true has forced me into accepting it. Many things within the religion do not sit right with me, and I've tried so hard to change the way I see things and to force myself to view all the beliefs and rules of this religion as good but I can't. It causes me deep stress and sadness, to know this religion is true and to live by it everyday but to feel a wrongness within me about it. Some of the beliefs/rules of this religion would seem very extreme to an outsider. I haven't felt despair before like I do now. I've never legitimately wished for death before either. I feel like the life has been taken out of me, that I must suppress any thoughts and feelings I have which go against this way of life and live as a dead person if that makes sense. For other people I don't think it's like this, they probably don't think as deeply about things as I do or they just have some goodness within them that I'm lacking. It's hard to say.

I'm not sure what the people on this site can do for me. I keep going to adherents of the religion for advice and help. I doubt I should be seeking advice from those who's worldview is so opposed to what I've felt the need to adopt for myself, but before I converted and even to this day there's a part of me that agrees with a lot of what is said here. I don't think I can be convinced that this religion is false and I think it will be pointless if people here try to. Maybe there's people who've been in a similar situation who can understand. Or even if you haven't I'm fine with whatever contribution you can give, as long as it's not just insulting religion because I don't think that does anything aside from push those who are deep in their beliefs away from reaching out

No. 1502846

Just because your god is real doesn't mean he supports any particular religion. Religions are just corporations that take money in exchange for nothing.

No. 1502853

I'm only convinced of the existence of God because of what I've seen as proof for the religion I'm following itself

No. 1502866

My job is making me feel very miserable. I'm a supervisor and I'm basically on call to make sure things are covered and relaying messages to the rest of the team. I dread this very often. It's bad to a point where I feel like my time off the clock can be interrupted at any time so I want to spend any minute doing as much as I can. Even if I spent 14 hours at work two days in a row, I'll think about how the house is dirty and dishes are piling up and the garbage is getting full and the fact there's a giant box of furniture in the middle of my living room still not built. I can't seem to rest. I want to fix these things. I think it's my OCD taking part of this mindset. I COULD be doing nothing and be fine with it and get to cleaning later when I do have the chance on my day off. But I also want to reserve my days off by being lazy and spending time with my boyfriend and my friends because it's mostly 2 days out of the week. It's like I can't win. My bf says the best thing that could help me most mentally is to walk out of my job, which would be great, but I want to secure another job first. I have rent and bills to pay. This sucks.

No. 1502868

please leave.

No. 1502876

you don't have to be mentally ill or crazy to buy into superstition or be indoctrinated into a belief system, that's the norm for kids worldwide. if your focus is on not going to hell to this degree it sounds wildly unhealthy. have you heard of religious OCD, maybe see if it resonates; you might not believe you fully fit or may still believe in the religion, but you can recognize your relationship as unhealthy. personally, i was raised muslim. i came to the understanding and accepted if real, god must be evil as a teen and i'd rather go to hell before i later became an atheist and exposed myself to work of other exmuslims and arguments against islam. maybe your religion seems less fake or evil than islam but you said it yourself, it still has a lot of issues. surely there's skeptic content and debunking shit, or testimonies from people leaving the faith you can look into to try to square your issues. you can of course continue to look into work from people who still believe or apologetics but at least expose yourself to arguments for atheism in general.

No. 1502878

I'm going schizo, and I want a therapist but at the same time, I do not trust any. I believe they are narcs and psychopathic.

No. 1502883

File: 1676664640618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.43 MB, 3456x4608, 8E0E2B4C-49E7-46F1-8F2B-902148…)


I hate full-hand tattoos with no sleeves. They are fucking stupid. If a man has one he is a dumdum.

Also, butts are nice.

That is my vent.

No. 1502885

i feel like trauma shaped my whole life and i have no free will because of it now. can't do shit without some kind of nervous breakdown neuroticism bs

No. 1502887

I hate both tattoos and butts.

No. 1502888

I'm sorry you're going through that, I've been through the same before. I think it's important to remember that the way you feel is not the norm. There's something about our brains which keeps us from being content with the way things are. But most people don't experience this from what I see, just as most people aren't born blind. But we don't say "it's so messed up that people keep having kids because some of them are born blind." Hopefully that makes sense.

No. 1502890

I thought that was going to be a picture of a tattoo, not of an ass. It's a well formed ass though.

No. 1502900

I used to be an atheist and I've seen all the arguments against this religion. It feels like I'd be just looking for any reason to chase my own desires if I were to leave based on these arguments against the religion which have been debunked and are often times more so emotional than logical.
Hell in my religion is such that, even if in this life you think to yourself "I'd rather go there than follow this worldview that seems evil to me", once you reach that destination you will only feel regret and wish you could go back
Even if aspects of the religion from the apparent seem wrong to me, the evidence I see for it is not just anecdotal but clear and out there for anyone to access, so I know that the problem is with me and how I'm viewing things
If I truly believe this religion to be from God, an all-knowing entity who could not possibly have any selfish or sadistic intentions in creating us and a way of life for us to follow as he is free of need, then it would be nothing but pure arrogance which would cause me to reject it
I feel a bit better now, knowing that even though I'm struggling I am still trying. I'm not throwing this religion behind my back after seeing the proof. I can't control the feelings against it which enter my heart, but from what I can control I am trying the best I can and I can have hope to be guided because of it

No. 1502903

Putting myself out there more has been amazing in some ways and I’ve made a ton of new friends and done extremely cool new things, but the rejection exposure therapy it also entails is fucking nuts. I’ve ended up in such insanely stupid literally sitcom-tier embarrassing public situations with my new peers/friends because of all the relatively wild stuff I’ve agreed to and it’s enough to make my head feel like a giant red beet full of blood I’m so embarrassed. But it also seems inevitable on some level that random cringe shit will happen if I want to truly live life to the fullest and have a ton of fun with various people. But I seriously die inside when I end up in the middle of some embarrassing social situation or someone’s mistake or some weird shit happens, it makes me miss just being a hermit a little.
Also, I keep encountering that I’m good enough at speaking to mostly hide my autism but maybe 10% of people who are especially blunt and sarcastic will openly say to me “why do you act so haughty? You think you’re better than me? You seem so hostile” which is something I’ve gotten my entire life even though I think I’m being as friendly and funny as possible, and I have to reassure so many new people that I’m not “scary” and that we are in fact friends many times before they totally relax. Tbh I kind of think it’s because I put a LOT of effort into my looks and I try to dress fancy usually so it makes me physically look normal/good and then my autism apparently seems like elitism instead of retardation somehow, kek.

No. 1502910

I would really like to know what this evidence and proof you're talking about is, I'm so curious but you don't have to divulge. Because I've looked for any kind of proof for a long time

No. 1502920

There was this girl that was kind to me and thought it was interesting I was lesbian when I was 12-13. Everyone else was cruel about it, but she was kind and I wish I kept in contact with her. It breaks my heart that now, all I can find of her online are multiple accounts she's made clearly fueled by psychosis, likely partly drug induced. She was so pretty, but she hung out with these dirty guys, probably because she was different in that she was a lot poorer than her peers growing up and she was fine with lesbians and alternative culture when that was a terrible thing in my community. All I can find of her now is that she was arresting for shoplifting and had a court appearance before that, and she was described as a transient with a older male in the shoplifting incident. It breaks my heart she is homeless now. It's so cruel how an innocent, sweet 13 year old got that hand of cards. I know this is weird and parasocial, but I wish I could tell her that I still think of her and wish I could love her as a friend. I am so scared thinking about what may have happened to her growing up that made her this way. I wish I could give her a hug. Please Elizabeth, be okay, I hope you know you are loved and that you can get clean.

No. 1502921

I’m not even fat yet I’m 160 at 5’6 but I’m already noticing it’s harder for me to wash my body as a good as I could at 105-130.

No. 1502925

I grew up being raised with a background of beliefs that I never took seriously myself. It was just this thing I had to pretend to go along with during early schooling and was heavily integrated with the education system I was in. I was a teenager when I was freed from having to attend masses and could enter muh openly athiest teen phase. My parents weren't pushy. Then I had an experience. I won't go into detail because I know I'd judge the hell out of someone if the roles were flipped and I was listening to this description. But it was a once-off thing. The last thing on earth that I thought I'd ever see. I don't have any history of seeing crazy shit before or since. But it fit in with the same set of beliefs I'd spent years thinking were absolute fucking bullshit so I hate that. I haven't changed anything because of it tho.

I've watched videos where people who have similar experiences change their whole life based on what they saw. I often think back to my own thing and go.. oh yeah that was weird. But thats about it.

No. 1502937

Thank you anon. I don't think I have any kind of condition though haha, it only happens sometimes when I'm particularly hungry.

No. 1502947

I'm at a crossroads with my sexuality. Downloaded snapchat and I watched my old saved snaps and wow. I looked like a masc lesbian lmao. I identified as bi but I got a bf and lost my virginity at 24. That was when I started wearing feminine clothing. Sex was okay but I didn't want to cuddle with him and I didn't like him holding me. I've always been the more dominant person, ask my siblings and they will say that I'm not a submissive person at all. I had crushes on girls but I never been intimate with a woman. If I were to be with a woman, I'd be the masc one, and I naturally wore masc clothing before meeting my ex bf. I just want to go back… Watching those snaps made me sad as fuck. I always identified with dominant female characters like Kira and Dax from star trek. I wanted to be them so bad, Kira in particular. I actually got mad when Dax got married to Worf lmao She's too pretty.

No. 1502966

Judging by the way you're talking, I'm going to guess either Southern Baptist, Mormon, or Jehova's Witness, especially considering the implication that you're fighting against gay thoughts. In which case, all three are cults, but are still mainstream. I'm leaning towards Jehova's Witness because of you talking about going to officials to panic about whatever.
I want to add that elements of mainstream christianity are true, and verifiable to have happened, but the Bible had been doctored a lot in the middle ages, like the verses about speaking in tongues. I need not get into how JW's constantly change what literature is "allowed," and have strict rules to isolate or cut off anyone who does anything they don't like
I'm also guessing you have OCD, as do I, and I say this very kindly; please, get a therapist. This isn't healthy and untreated OCD is something I would not wish on anyone.

No. 1502969

File: 1676670493040.jpg (47.32 KB, 696x684, bat.jpg)

you know i wouldn't even care about being ugly so much if people just treated me normally, stopped calling me names and stopped giving me the stink eye. is that too much to ask

No. 1502974

My boyfriend can't keep his apartment clean which is why I could never live with him or date him long term. I don't say anything though because he buys me nice stuff.

No. 1502985

Since you're asking I'll go into more detail, hopefully it doesn't come off as proselytizing
The religion I'm following is in fact Islam. The most convincing proof for me has been the fulfilled prophecies within it. Now, many people have made predictions of the future which came to pass. But when you look more into these people and their predictions, you'll see that either the prophecies they make are super vague so that they can apply to any number of things, or they made a lucky guess and for every one true prediction there's a bunch of false ones. Or it could be that they predict something which anyone with some knowledge of current events at their tine could predict and so claiming these as prophecies wouldn't really be risky, for example John Smith "predicted" the civil war at a time when tensions between the north & the south in America were already very high.

As for what I see within Islam, the sources of the religion being the Quran and authenticated hadith (usually compiled in sahih Bukhari or Muslim but there's authentic hadith outside of just those collections), there's a large amount of prophecies many of which are specific and aren't events that someone could just easily guess. For example during the time the Quran was being revealed the Romans were at war with the Persians. After the Romans just lost a battle and it seemed as if they would lose the war, the Quran predicted that the Persians would in fact be the ones defeated and within just a few years (the word used for a few in Arabic here means between 3-9) and that is in fact what happened. There's also many events prophesized which took place hundreds of years after the Quran was revealed and the hadith were compiled, like the siege of Baghdad or the fire of Hijaz. You can look these up if you'd like. Even within the lifetime of people alive today have witnessed the fulfilment of the following:

When the Prophet (ﷺ) was asked about the signs of the Final Hour, one of the signs he mentioned was "when you see the barefoot, naked, destitute shepherds competing in constructing tall buildings.”

The barefoot shepherds from the Arabs were known as Bedouins, and they lived that nomadic desert lifestyle for many years, even up until recent history when oil was found in the Gulf. The oil discovered in the Gulf Arab states brought riches to these previously destitute people and we see them and their descendents now building tall towers when we've never seen such from this group before. In fact the tallest tower in the world is in Dubai and Saudi Arabia is currently competing with them in building an even taller tower. It's also important to note that extravagance and indulgence in this worldly life are not things encouraged in Islam, so it's not like devout Muslims would work to fulfill this prophecy.

But yeah there are many more and none have I found to be proven false. The ones that have not yet been fulfilled I can easily see as occuring in the not too distant future, like Arabia becoming green, since it's overdue for a monsoon that occurs about every 23k years according to geologists and there's other ways I could see it being fulfilled too like human intervention which we see happening in some Arab countries to bring in more vegetation.

No. 1502986

You sound like a genderspecial. Why is most of your questioning on your sexuality about how you dressed and liking female characters that weren’t doormats?

No. 1502987

Are you one of those anons who attacked the other girl venting about sexuality issues in the earlier thread too? Get a hobby

No. 1502988

Blackpilled/incel moids lied to me my whole life that people only care about looks and that's what dictates how you're being treatred in real life, meanwhile girls less attractive than me who are super outgoing and friendly and assertive get better opprtunities at work and better treatment and people like them way more than me. If you're a sperg it doesn't matter that you're attractive, especially if you're a woman, yeah people can treat you less harshly, like the cute retarded kitten effect, but they won't respect you, they won't genuinely like you, they won't be interested in what you have to say and who you are as a person, they won't give you better opportunities as work, they won't be your friends etc. Every day this shit happens to me at work, I'm like 'this is not what the incel face-rating guru has told me. Where is my halo effect???' It's bullshit, no amount of pretty can cover the autism and give you the communication skills necessary for you to get anywhere in life. A woman with zero communication skills is worthless for both the work environment and for the family, she won't be a good coworker and a leader, and she won't be a good wife and mother since she can't raise a mentally healthy children without talking to them, with going mute and being annoyed by their noises, smells and body fluids to the point of not wanting to touch them. I know that's how normies operate and it's an effectiv model for them. I know they have to push away autists in order to survive and maintain their normie order. The destity of a low functioning autistic female is to live a solitary lifestyle, forever

No. 1502989

You can literally twist any prophecy to be true in your head, it honestly sounds like you are desperately seeking out community and meaning and you don't have to get that through organized religion. I recommend learning about the natural world and how humans are interconnected with nature and ecology instead. You're only going to be disappointed with religion.

No. 1502990

I have this too when I masturbate. Actually I'm not sure if its the same thing but I do like to interject as the male when im looking at hentai or 3d porn, I like to both be the man and the woman.

No. 1502992

You want to follow the Quran, which has guidelines for how to "properly" beat your wife? What is wrong with you, are you a schizo moid?

No. 1502993

Oh yeah because more than one person pointing out that wanting to be viewed as a full person doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a lesbian is impossible. Fucking schizo.

No. 1502996

When someone becomes religious they make up a world inside their head and project that onto the outside world. There's no point trying to reach her, she's living on her own plane of existence

No. 1503001

File: 1676672549810.jpg (224.42 KB, 750x1074, unnamed.jpg)

Anon the quaran bible torah and all the top ancient texts were all written by female seers long ago. Through the ages they've been edited and corrupted by the richest to further their own agendas. Big events like certain countries coming to power or geo events were not really edited out yet. There is truth in all the scriptures but it requires a long study of history and meditation. I don't think you're crazy or weird, people try to deny spirituality and connection to a higher power because they don't have it themselves.

No. 1503002

Can't say I'm not jealous of people that manage to live in a fantasyland 24/7 but i'm very thankful i'm not one of them

No. 1503004

wow you are so special and more enlightened than us normies who acquire meaning through learning about the material world i am so impressed by your powers

No. 1503006

I cope by giving gifts. People feel bad when you’re really nice for no reason.

No. 1503008

That's way worse than being a JW
I hope you get out before you inevitably get beaten & abused

No. 1503011

You're right ppl 1000's of years ago had no critical thinking or observational skills. That's why they did stuff like not eating meat bc modern science has proven that the stress hormones in dying animals blood affect our psychology.

No. 1503013

To anyone on the fence about Islam: It's barely been one week since an earthquake killed hundreds of thousands of people in Turkey (36k bodies found) and the "ministry of religion" is already talking about the validity of adopting little orphan girls just to fuck them. It's a completely evil and wicked religion that corrupts all innocence. It spreads faster than cancer but there's no chemo for it. I swear such a claim would've been unimaginable 15 years ago. You get one "mildly islamic" government and they start raping orphans. That's all it takes. This is a twisted religion with men's sexual interests as it's only moral code. It's the most evil thing men have ever created.
It's been ONE week and the only thing they have to say is "Adopted family isn't real family. If your parents just got flattened under tons of concrete, that's too bad. It should be legal to rape you."

No. 1503016

God bless this site for telling the truth about Islam and not kotowing to stupid liberal social mores

No. 1503027

You realize ultra christian places in America do child brides too right? All religions turned to shit when men tacked on their built in y chromosome depravity.

No. 1503032

nta but men didn't need to 'tack on' sexual entitlement and depravity to Islam. It's a fundamental part of the dogma.

No. 1503035

>run of the mill bigotry against competing desert tribes is a prophecy
Lel literally every Ancient Egyptian text also shit talks the Bedouins and says the end of the world is when the terrible "sand people" arrive and shit talking them for not following Ancient Egyptian religious and cultural procedures too. It was because they hated their neighbors and competed over resources. Now because of the passage of time and the spread of modern infrastructure a portion of nearly every ethnic group has taller buildings and other advances. Go read Guns Germs and Steel or something instead of schizoposting based on one cherrypicked thing you learned with zero wider historical context. The prophecy you gave is the exact type of stupid vague shit you just put down in your own post but because you know nothing about that part of the world and its history you think the Bedouins being mentioned existing is somehow special.

No. 1503036

File: 1676676365583.png (77.49 KB, 665x588, Screenshot_21.png)

i feel like i'm always the person who's objectively okay but just unlikable in some way i cannot help.

No. 1503039

A guy asked me out for a dinner for my birthday. Today he told me he already made a reservation and we had a chat, I told him I'm wasn't sure if I could come because I was extremely tired from work, I strained my spine and my right hand and during the last 2 weeks I had only 2 days free from work, this is my first weekend with both saturday and sunday free and I dream about nothing but sleeping for two days. He pissed me off because he basically disregarded my pain and said that my work isn't hard enough to be THAT tired, even though he doesn't even fucking know what I do exactly, and even if he did, this work would've been definitely easier on him as a man that it is on me. I had problems with my joints and my spine way before I started working there, but since then it has only gotten worse and I'm in pain every day and I'm tired as hell. He claims I don't behave like I care for him but it's not my fault I'm too tired to go anywhere, I'm also sick of people and I dream of spending some time alone, not in a crowded noisy restaurant. I feel like an asshole for refusing but should I force myself to go when I feel so bad? I also felt really hurt by him disregarding my pain so easily. Reminded me of my mother telling me there's nothing wrong with me and it's me being just lazy and mean spirited despite having legit disgnosis from doctors. My family still does this to me, like telling me I don't sound depressed so I don't have depression even though I was diagnosed. Now this guy. Why do people constantly deny my experience of pain?

No. 1503060

>should I force myself?
No. Stop making yourself small enough for them to comfortably take bites of you, be large enough that they choke. He gave you no input, disregarded your pain, and this is the part of the relationship where he's wooing you, can you imagine what he'll do when he gets bored of you but knows you're invested enough to stay trapped?

No. 1503067

whys work gotta suck and be so physically draining. i don't even work full time anymore and my job isn't super demanding, but it still deeply tires me out and i go to work most of the time sleep deprived and also dealing with uncomfortable health problems bc my body is weird i guess. i come home and go straight to bed.
and when i get there i dont know how to interact with anyone, in my old job i used to be able to put on a friendly persona and mask mg autism but in my new job i just feel like im taking up space and being awkward. everyone's really nice, i just feel out of place. ive been realising recently that i basically fucked my chances of ever making much money cause im under qualified and i dont have any charisma or social skills to make up for it. tbh i wish i could live off art commissions but i don't get any of those either, because i hate posting my work to social media lol. and im not that good anyway if I'm being honest, which is saying something cause for the longest time i believed art was the only skill i had.
basically anons fuck being alive, i wish i had some rich relative i could inherit a large sum of money from so i could live comfortably for the rest of my life instead of having to scrape money together

No. 1503086

I'm in the same situation. I don't know what to do.

No. 1503095

nta but i basically found a fellow autistic clone of myself online and messaged them asking if they wanted to date me and they said yes, i didn't even know or care what they looked like because their personality matched mine perfectly and we've been together 5 years now. honestly just cruise around your hobby/interest spaces online and find someone you vibe with, you just have to accept that it doesn't matter what they look like if they really match your thinking. most autists will appreciate your directness in my experience.

No. 1503107

I’ve got an interview next week with two tech guys and the vice-director so I guess it’s option « let’s disappoint them and humiliate ourselves while we’re at it » hahaHAHA

No. 1503112

File: 1676685208166.png (778.28 KB, 564x564, 1632085078443.png)

Honestly I'm very disturbed by myself right now even though I shouldn't be.

I found out that years ago I went on a spree of throwing old figures and toys out–my childhood stuff.
A few things…later on I was wondering, "wow, I wonder what happened to my favorite figure…" I had been displaying a lot of them. Because I FORGOT ever doing it! My mom was the one that remembered and had went out to the trash can to retrieve what she could apparently so thankfully I got some of them back from her, though not all.
I've always been iffy on keeping old stuff especially when it relates to school…but not cute things I actually liked!
Oh and to add insult to injury I also learned that a lot of it was worth a shit ton of money now. Kek. But, yeah, it perplexes me why my mind just erased the entire situation and even now after being told I vaguely recall something about a trash bag and toys, yet nothing else. Sigh. Maybe it has nothing to do with anything besides materialism though, seriously, into the trash?

No. 1503117

I had something kinda similar happened to me
I had a figure that threw out. I forgot about it for months but then one day I woke up and I missed it so much. My mom sometimes tries to throw my childhood stuff out and my dad always saves it so I thought I might had gotten the figure out of the trash and put it away somewhere, so I asked my dad if he had seen it. He said that he remember seeing it with the trash but didn't remove it and it got taken by the garbage men months ago and I just started crying. I regret ever throwing it out I miss it so much. It wasn't a collectable figure either so I can't find anyone selling it either. I struggle with throwing things out in general. I always feel relived when I finally do it but then I immediately regret it after some time has passed. This figure though is the one that hurts the most. Specially since the reason I threw it out was so stupid

No. 1503122

Now that I'm no longer into anime I really want to throw out all my old shit but I haven't really had the heart to

No. 1503123

I'm really not. I already mentioned that I did not want to convert to Islam. I had no interest in the religion or the community. If it wasn't for these prophecies I doubt I'd be Muslim.

No. 1503124

You’re in a 5-year e-relationship?

No. 1503126

No offense but did you even read what I wrote or do you just lack reading comprehension skills to that degree?

No. 1503127

If it makes you feel better, just think of it as you are sending them off to their new home. I am sure some weeb would really appreciate your stuff.

No. 1503135

My mom's boyfriend is the absolute worst piece of shit man I have ever had the displeasure of knowing. He barely passes as a human being with the way he acts, he absolutely disgusts me
They were highschool sweethearts, she liked him because he was really kind to her, really smart, he at least passed as a decent guy then. They dated for awhile but he had some family issues that led to him moving away, and so they drifted apart. Years later she met and married my father, who died when I was really young. She was a single mother for awhile but just happened to meet up again with her current boyfriend (former highschool sweetheart) by chance
Shortly after they officially started dating again when I was a few years old, he got back into drugs and alcohol. He was the stereotypical, angry, verbally abusive drunk. Stayed that way for years until eventually it cost him his job, and he's been jobless living in her house on disability for the past 15 years or so.
He doesn't drink anymore but she pays all his bills, cooks for him, cleans up after him. She worked two jobs at one point when I was too young to contribute money to the family, and he let her. He smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, he still has childish tantrums where he says awful shit to her, he makes her life a living hell and has for over a decade. But she puts up with this because she has survivor's guilt with my dad, and has this fear that if she kicks him out that he'll get on drugs and die and then his death will be her "fault" too. (My dad's death is not her fault, this is just her warped way of thinking).

And then the kicker? My mom is a bit overweight, she's in her mid 50s and works full time and takes care of his bitch ass, sue her for not having the body she had in her 20s. But she took him to get dinner and he has THE FUCKING NERVE to comment that a girl in the restaurant was pretty and "his type" because she was Asian and teeny tiny. And then he just rambled to her about how he loves teeny tiny women. Fuck him. I fucking hate him, I hate the life he causes her to have, I hate that he gets to be taken care of when my mom has to struggle so much. She deserves so much better. I hate him and I always have

No. 1503136

we visit each other regularly, we're just in different countries so the immigration stuff takes awhile to deal with

No. 1503139

My response to exes when they started negging me like that was “well why don’t you go ask her out?Oh that’s right she doesn’t want you and that’s why you’re with me.”. It leaves them speechless everytime lol

No. 1503143

I have no problems sleeping when she loudly talks to her husband but I am not even allowed to walk because I thump. No one else has a problem with my habits but her. I hope this bitch chokes on her saliva when she finally falls asleep. If any noise wakes you up wear earplugs, stupid cunt. Your light sleep is not my problem.

No. 1503148

not to be harsh
ok to be harsh
but it sounds like everyone involved would be better off if he actually did OD

No. 1503150

Relax dude lol reminds me of me when I was a teen feeling angry at my parents over petty stuff

No. 1503156

a male clone of myself would be insufferable, i'd have to kill him or myself

No. 1503159

I hate it when you genuinely try to start a friendship with someone just to be sidelined and treated like shit because they dont value friendships

No. 1503160

so many of the “luxury” residential mental health clinics in America are under the same somewhat shady parent company and have the same problems (understaffed, overpopulated, mixing up meds, unsafe, uncoordinated, not honest about insurance coverage, etc etc). i am in a partial hospitalization program under that company (which has actually been good and effective) and they’re suggesting inpatient for me but i just… don’t get it.

i’m not a true suicide risk, and lifting and shifting a severely traumatized but otherwise sane person into an unfamiliar uncomfortable co-ed environment where you have to fight to get the therapy you need sounds way backwards. even the all-women facility under this company has horrifying reviews. idk what i was expecting, it’s a fucking mental health facility and anything is better than a true psych ward. just scary how blasé they are about essentially scamming the mentally I’ll and their families, and doesn’t give me much hope for my own recovery.

No. 1503164

yeah i can understand that but i am too autistic to date anyone who disagrees with me on anything i really care about so ive always tried to find a clone lol

No. 1503167

I am not a dude and I cannot relax OR fall asleep when I want to pee but can't thanks to this bitch.

No. 1503169

I wish I knew why my dad has always disliked me. How can you hate a child? He told me he's always hated me. I tried so many times to connect with him, I wanted it but he did not. Why?
I actually know why, it's because he's a faggot pedo misogynist in that order. But still, why?? What set him off the first time he looked at me and felt dislike or hatred? I know he's fucked up and he's all wrong but I'm still struggling with this. I will likely never speak to or see him again, by choice. It hurts

No. 1503170

You’re always going to have disagreements, even with someone truly similar to you. I used to have this mindset and it was really unrealistic and also made my anxiety skyrocket in relationships with people I did like a lot.

No. 1503172

Yeah we disagree on more minor stuff, I just meant I'd want our worldviews/values to be mostly aligned. I know it's overly idealistic and kind of childish but so far it's been working for me.

No. 1503177

File: 1676694103857.jpeg (25.76 KB, 261x275, D9D82D57-BF17-43E9-9397-D3F3A4…)

I love and miss my ex still and him dumping me saying that he was swinging between extremely happy and extremely anxious and that he was too afraid of something real has been a massive mindfuck. It’s been months and I know he owes me nothing but I still feel like it would be really hurtful to claim both wanting to be in this relationship for a long time but the realization of that being too scary for him only to jump to whatever available girl is next. I know it’s selfish but his issues run so deep that if he jumps into something new even 4 months out the patterns are just going to keep repeating himself and he’s going to make everyone involved miserable.

No. 1503208

do wonton wrappers really expire?? arent they just wheat?

No. 1503209

File: 1676696691816.jpg (62.61 KB, 750x686, 1560840284767.jpg)

what do i do if i love my bf but absolutely hate all his friends

No. 1503210

rip nonna deleted. im sorry about your crab rangoons anon i hope you can still eat something tasty

No. 1503212

File: 1676696735767.jpg (8.99 KB, 230x219, 129b7227e59b80e8f3d59574bd15a1…)

I was preparing my mouth for crab rangoons all fucking day. I haven't ate anything but corn. I made the filling and heated up the oil just to realize that my fucking wonton wrappers expired in DECEMBER. I'm genuinely on the verge of tears and trying to calm sown right now because I'm so frustrated and upset, I just want my fucking wontons. I don't want to make wrappers right now I JUST WANTED QUICK RANGOONS! I just want to eat and watch TV and go to bed. I don't want to have to deal with this. Yes I'm PMSing, but it doesn't matter I'm still pissed.

No. 1503213

if it says "best by" they're not technically expired… they're just not best. maybe you can still eat them!

No. 1503216

you just go stomp stomp stomp right to the bathroom, nonoodle. no light-sleeping bitch is worth a UTI. praying for you and against her.

No. 1503217

I notice that my head tends to get flaky with dandruff faster when the weather is dry and cold. I'd wash my hair the night before and the next day it's starting to itch. I already use nizoral

No. 1503218

File: 1676697358294.jpg (404.86 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20230218_051508.jpg)


No. 1503227

i’m so sorry, anon. the feelings you describe are very relatable, but our experiences with this type of loss are completely different. i hope you can continue to hold on. i cannot fathom the depths of your grief, but i’m proud of you for white knuckling it and seeing it through. what other option is there, right? i know. but i still think you’re really strong for being here and surviving incomprehensible pain.

No. 1503235

I've been taking pretty heavy antipsychotics due to my anger issues due in part to autism for around 10 years, and I know they're more than likely the right dose and I'm just extra stressed, but my outbursts have been getting more and more frequent under less and less pressure. I'm afraid of ending up like the other unstable, relatively eye-catching women. Who have threads here. I don't and I know I'm just overreacting, but I'm tired of being a hot-headed autist. No woman will ever love me and every new person I meet fills me with the fear they are just using me to laugh at me. I love watching lolcows, but noticing patterns in my behavior makes me think I should up my antipsychotics dose somehow. Especially with being compared to a good number of cows.
If I wasn't autistic, I'd be able to read the room and control myself

No. 1503236

No. 1503239

nonny nonna nona nonette nonichka nonki noni noniha nonnie anoncita nonatella nonelle

No. 1503240

lmao at my university they had to hold an 'emergency' lecture about cheating and why it's wrong, and it was an unspoken fact that it was meant for the students from mainland China who made up a large portion of our student body

No. 1503241

Not a vent but I've been feeling stressed out this week because of midterms and so many assignments due. But I managed to meet all the deadlines in time and did pretty well in my exam. I feel pretty proud of myself for being able to manage the stress and I am now relaxing by playing Hogwarts Legacy. Hope your day is going well nonnas ♥

No. 1503242

File: 1676700924383.gif (680.88 KB, 200x200, disgust.gif)

>no nonita

No. 1503244

nonny nonna nona nonette nonichka nonki noni noniha nonnie anoncita nonatella nonelle nonita

No. 1503245

I feel this, I've also been on antipsychs for almost a decade for some sort of schizoautist fuckery and the older i get the shorter my fuse becomes. i've never been in anger management classes or anything so i don't really know how to process anger healthily so i just internalize most of it and go about my life low-key pissed off most of the time. my thoughts can get extremely violent though i'd never act on them. there are so many times where i just want to break everything in sight and flail my body against every surface. idk what i'm saying at this point but i hope your meds continue working for you and you're able to deal with anger healthy ways

No. 1503246

Thank you! I'm so glad someone understands exactly what I'm going through

No. 1503247

if you have bad period cramps try the honey pot

No. 1503252

File: 1676702379963.jpg (70.85 KB, 843x935, 331312546_752905942838985_7612…)

my ideal self vs my real self. i don't shower everyday during the week because i live alone and i am too tired to, after work. when i get stressed i binge and overspend on junk food, which breaks me out. my room is a constant mess, because i have too much stuff, and rather than dealing with material things, i dissociate myself into the internet. and yet i am too lonely and collecting material things brings me the only source of joy in this sparse universe devoid of irl human connection.

No. 1503253

I logged into my discord accounf after not being on it for a few weeks. Got kicked out of the incel servers I used to be in. Thank god, like a breath of fresh air. I think I got a nightmare from being in one of them

No. 1503258

File: 1676703480719.jpg (163.58 KB, 1033x775, Tumblr_l_34786299221988.jpg)

My parents are fighting. Dad came over and things were great until mom snorted percocet. I love her but her doctors represcribed it to her because the meds that work and don't get her high are like $60 for a week dose and not covered by state insurance.
StrayCatJ pic unrelated, but I feel like we all need cat pictures when we're down.

No. 1503260

Try doing at least one productive thing a day(what do you have to lose) maybe exercise or reading 5 pages of a book

No. 1503279

I don't feel good about going NC with my mom, but she neglected me for the majority of my upbringing, and our relationship now only benefits her and harms me, without being very specific.
It's about time she understand what being ignored during crucial times feels like. She gets the bonus of being old enough to understand to an extent. I was six. I didn't have that.
It doesn't get rid of the weird conflicting sadness, though. I don't feel good about this. I imagine it won't feel good for a while, to lose her like this. I tried so hard to make a healthy mother/daughter relationship work. But the fact that I'm the only one trying should be confirmation enough that she's not even worth my tears.
One day it'll be fine. I'm just not fine right now.

No. 1503294

This. And maybe it doesn't even have to be something productive, but something that makes you feel like you're taking care of yourself. I go on short walks when I'm feeling like shit. It boosts my mood because I'm proving to myself I can still take care of my body when I'm not in the best mood. Not taking showers and eating trash will put you in the mindset that you're abandoning yourself, and that anon should do something to offset that.

No. 1503305

I hate it when I do so much to do stuff and get shit done even when I have mental or physical hurdles only to have my "friends" just cancel or straight up ignore plane because whoopsie they felt poorly or anxious. Sure you have to take care of your wellbeing but it's always me and these people never actively try to get over their shit, just always trying to stay comfortable, you'll never get better like that. Doesn't help that they are terminally online and on discord, like they always have time to arrange weeby meetups but I'm the so understanding and mature friend who will surely understand how just fucking ignoring me once I've gotten ready to go out, only to pretend like it was totally normal to ghost me…like bitch, you have any idea how much work I do to not go absolutely apeshit on these types of autists? I just wanted to get fucking coffee with you but okay, I'm just gonna give up and try to find more mature friends, I am very okay doing things on my own but yeah it would be fun to have company every few months but that's way too much to ask from womanchildren who refuse to get better

No. 1503323

why don't i feel alive? recently i don't feel much of anything. i laugh when i'm supposed to or i cry or i "feel" but i feel detached from all of it too, as though i'm just running through reactions my mind knows i should be having. i have much to do, there's a lot that i entertain myself with and i've been applying to many jobs. but i don't feel like i'm really doing any of it. my friends are all busy all the time and i don't really want to bother them asking if they want to go out. i would go out somewhere fun by myself but i worry about the cost as its pricey to do anything really enjoyable here, i live in a very boring town and have to travel to the city. i wish i lived somewhere with more rural areas or by the sea, i really wish i lived by the sea. everything feels quite meaningless at the moment, empty and meaningless. it isn't any kind of sadness and i wouldn't like to call it depression either but i really wish i just felt alive again. everything feels muted.

No. 1503341

In the same predicament with a dying relative who molested me. You just have to do what feels best to you. Family means nothing. Your life is your own.

No. 1503344

It will come and go. Try to speak with someone, be it in a professional setting or no. Create art. Write, Draw, Paint, Sing, etc. It’s best to express these emotions into a medium that can potentially benefit you in the future. (Selling or just enjoyment of having your own creation in the world)

No. 1503360

I hate my boobs, they make my clothes not look the way I want them to.

No. 1503362

>"Hey, this man is a known pervert stay away from him"
>"Uh, all men are bad sweaty."

No. 1503376

thank you anon, you're right. i think i will try to draw or animate something today based on these feelings

No. 1503382

I know it's stupid, but I can't stop feeling incredibly jealous of the woman my roommate just fucked last night. I honestly feel jealous everytime they bring over s different one, and even the ones they go out with.
We're just friends, and while we used to fucked s lot when we just met, we both thought our friendship just grew out of it. We have a lot of appreciation and care for each other (at least that's what they tell me), but uuuggh it just feel icky to know they're fucking other women in our shared space, and I wish it could be me again.

No. 1503399

I'm working a part-time lowest wage job, mostly on weekends to save some money while in college. The job isn't hard at all, most of the time I'm on my phone or my laptop when there's no customers (my boss is ok with that.) She noticed I haven't been cleaning very well before closing the store and was really disappointed in me. She sent a lot of messages describing what I did wrong and sent some pictures to our work group chat (20+ people), also said that "she asked us multiple times to actually work and not just sit and wait for money", which is just so embarrassing. I already apologized but I'm still so sad over this.
I try to do a good job, but lately I've been feeling very demotivated, so I guess that why I just didn't do the chores I was supposed to do. I know she was upset this day because right before work started she got into an argument with one of the employees and fired him, so I kind of feel like she took it out on me.
I'll try to do better, but unfortunately since good work is rarely noticed here, she won't even notice and will just forever think of me as a lazy worker.

No. 1503400

Still pissed about the ghosting but treated myself to a lunch and did some home improvement shopping, I am not gonna let people ruin my goddamn weekend especially after I already got ready

No. 1503402

That sounds messy and I kinda wanna be a nosy bitch and know if it's a woman or a man

No. 1503427

this is oddly specific but i get so angry when i see mom's who just gave birth have their dogs immediately check out the newborn like you spent all that time and energy for months to simply throw it all away because you trust your animals to not do anything?? i know it's my own bitterness of having trouble staying pregnant but, i swear, god lets the worst people continue reproducing with zero issues

No. 1503433

im gonna tinfoil that its a man just bc bringing home a new woman on what sounds like a regular basis just for a one night stand while your roommate is also in the house sounds like distinctly moid behaviour. sorry you gotta put up with that op

No. 1503449


The lawyers were needlessly making things complicated and dragging it along so they could take my money. They're stupid as fuck because my family won't allow that. Like they sent me stupid fucking checks that I can't do shit with, and took out $200 for that. Then they strung me along and claim the legal fees are over $5,000. They really tried to steal this from me!!!! Then because they couldn't they said "as a courtesy to your aunt we will waive the fees" because my aunt would probably sue the shit out of them.

So once again I am always right. They were trying to scam me out of my own money by pulling all this shit so they could charge me for the time spent dealing with them for six months. Guys never ever trust fucking lawyers and the moment you smell something funny tell them they have one week or you will sue the shit out of them. Imagine if my family was not connected to government, if my uncle was not a lawyer himself, these people could have stolen my entire inheritence!

No. 1503477

My much older male coworker is so patronizing towards me and I don't even think he realizes he's doing it. He acts as if he's my supervisor/lowkey talks down to me, in spite of only working here a month longer than me and holding the same job title. I'm the only female working at my job and he doesn't treat any of my same-aged and even younger male coworkers this way. I think he means well but it's really pissing me off, even if it's not worth bringing up

No. 1503486

File: 1676741157860.jpeg (168.4 KB, 1170x1126, FVUAVtSUEAExQRK.jpeg)

I need to learn how to manage my stress ASAP or I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack or just flounder. It feels like every day in my life I receive tragic news, and I reach a new level of heart break each week. I've been absentmindedly picking at my scalp when stressed and I just realized I have two bald spots from it. I am only 24 and have a ton of gray hairs. I've never had acne before, now I am always breaking out. I sigh all the time and am always agitated. Work, the health of people in my life, living with an alcoholic parent, sitting in traffic for a minimum of two hours a day, etc is eating me alive. I have such a lust for life but feel my spirit breaking. It's like I'm in love w life but it is so indifferent towards me. How do people do this everyday?

No. 1503494

No. 1503499

Make well-meaning, good-humored jokes about his retirement

No. 1503512

File: 1676744133941.gif (11.55 KB, 400x400, 142109670_SAD_CAT_400.gif)

It's stupid to feel sad about some random user on Discord, but damn, i hate internet sometimes.
I have joined a women-only server for gals (and occasionally FtMs who…still look like women and whatever.) who love visual novels, romantic books, all that jazz.
And there is a nationalist polish girl who is, obviously, only 18 or 19 years old at best. She is extremely patriotic about her country and she shows that, but ever since I joined (and mind you, that was 2 years ago) shes been hating me for just happening to have a russian nationality. I have escaped my country many years ago, i never liked it there, i knew how shit it all was.
But now that the war started, ever since shes been spamming 'vent/srs topic' channel with her aggressively talking shit about every russian and saying how every russian, despite where they are, should die, and how everyone is defo homophobic and all that shit. I was sad. But ever since shes been snarkingly trying to turn people against me for no reason, pointing a finger when i would be extremely confused, because all i ever talk about there is otome games and recommending cool tv sitcoms and tv shows for women. Man.

No. 1503528

ew wtf. i get that its in fashion for lefties to hate on russians, but theres a bunch of russian and russian speaking people in poland considering they share a border. is there a mod you could message about this? her talking about how she hates every single russian person while you're literally right there is cause for her to get a warning or something i feel like. also i hope the other users are sticking up for you when you're getting singled out, this person sounds like a cow

No. 1503532

I wish my two friends would stop being on the verge of having a huge argument just because of tiny details that don't matter when we're going out. I don't even know why they acted passive aggressive to each other today and it only lasted 10 seconds, wtf is wrong with them.

No. 1503574

Who's the retard posting unspoilered nudity?

No. 1503575

Omg I remember another anon complaining about probably the same polish girl in whatever discord this is months ago. The otome server I'm in is pretty chill but sadly has a few actual males in it

No. 1503579

It's me. I'll be taking my own life shortly as an apology to the lolcow moderation team

No. 1503580

Have you mentioned that it hurts to hear these things? Not so much the criticism of your home country but more the blind hate towards any Russian. Hopefully th other members of the disorder are more level headed.

No. 1503582

Good, that's the only appropriate response.

No. 1503584

why are males playing otome games? wtf

No. 1503588

i cycle 40 minutes to work everyday where i run, lift, walk, push, and stand all day. if i exercise any more than that i can't work the next day because i will be in pain…

No. 1503594

thanks for replying though and sorry i forgot to sage the previous post. i have… several books lying around here. i also brush and floss several times a day so like, i'm not gross, but fuck a daily shower tbh

No. 1503595

nta but nonna you don't need to apologise for not sageing, it's /ot/ so you don't need to

No. 1503597

I feel really bad about not coming out to my mom about being bisexual when I had the chance months ago, but I can't bring it up now. It's terrifying, she is very religious and homophobic. I think she suspects I am anyway and doesn't care as long as I get with a man (or, maybe, best case scenario she's fine with me being with another woman as long as she still gets grandkids), but I don't fucking know man.

No. 1503600

I should sleep because I have to get up for work in 5 hours bit I feel so stressed about going there I can’t fall sleep even with 4 grams of melatonin

No. 1503620

lie down and relax, even if you can't sleep that's better than being on your phone. muah

No. 1503622

I'm sick AGAIN. I got sick the very beginning of February and was left with this wracking cough which is still ongoing and drove me crazy but of course my doctor will kick me right out of her office if I say I want a 2 week long cough looked into, and I don't want to spend about 150 to be told to wait longer and see if it continues. Anyway this morning my nose is totally blocked again and I haven't actually had a break since I had 1 day off work in early February. Since then I've just been excusing myself when I've had a coughing fit in the office and barely scraping together those work hours.

I need a doctors note to take days off and I know my doctor won't give me one if I can still reasonably work. I'm losing the will to live. It sounds dramatic but I usually spend so much time just enjoying the outdoors and I haven't been able to for so long now that I just don't want to do anything. I tried to just sit outside and bask a bit after picking up cough syrup but it just aggravated my symptoms. PLUS it's festival where I am and there's music everywhere so it's like everyone else is living it up.

Anyway, come this Monday I'm just not going into work, even if I feel better (which I won't because it feels like this is just my reality now). It's the least I can do for myself after 2 weeks of really forcing it. I won't visit the doctors either unless i'm still quite ill. My employers will just have to deal with it.

No. 1503633

yep. blogpost but ive always had sleep problems, and my mom used to tell me that if you can't get to sleep, at least close your eyes and get some rest. it helps, just having that time to rest witb your eyes closed is better than nothing and 9/10 times you end up drifting off eventually.
iktf about work stress affecting sleep. if it helps, tell yourself that you've just gotta get yourself through the day and after you can get as much sleep and rest as you want

No. 1503645

Are you American? Not being judgemental but they've got a high stress threshold imo. Looking at what you've posted I think something's got to give. Moving away from the alcoholic, finding a job closer to home. The least action would probably be trying to change your mindset through mindfulness or something. When I was in a bad place and couldn't change circumstances, mindfulness had me framing it in a "this is today, i'll take tomorrow when it comes" which reduces a lot more stress than you might think.

That is, if you don't go the weed route. Which is good but can be expensive when it comes to food and if you have a lot to do won't help.

No. 1503648

If closing your eyes helps you drift off 9/10 times maybe you dont have a sleeping problems but a phone addiction like I do lol

No. 1503650

In this situation I'd say "as a Russian who's left the country that really hurts to hear". Her options would then be to double down (asshole), backtrack (you maybe feel better) or she ignores you (leaving you with the last word and a bad impression of her with everyone else).

I can't think of a scenario where you'd lose out taking this option. When it comes to this snakey poisonous shit a direct address is usually the most effective way to shut it down.

No. 1503666

Not those anons but that never worked for me, i just end up having crazy thoughts running through my head for hours making me feel more awake

No. 1503669

lol i say 9/10 times cause i find that's the case for most other people, like if i convince my s/o to get off their phone and stop playing videos and close their eyes then they'll drift off p much instantly. im more prone to being wide awake and ruminating for hours even after trying to sleep, but ill freely admit that i have a bit of a phone addiction too. forever envious of people who can drift off to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow and wake up naturally at 9am feeling refreshed

No. 1503698

so are you getting your money now? how did the technicalities work out exactly? I remember your posts from past threads

No. 1503707

Well today I found out that I’m being talked shit about to my old coworkers since I did some socially abnormal shit…. Fuck I’m so fucked. This is what happens when you believe the internet and TikTok’s. This shit is probably a result of me being online too much. Ahhh I hate myself… I just deleted my instagram and blocked their numbers, but idk how I’m going to live down this shame….

No. 1503713

what kind of things were they saying about you anon? im sorry that happened though

No. 1503714

Fucked how? Is it actually likely to affect your current or future jobs?

No. 1503726

File: 1676759323638.jpeg (43.31 KB, 500x381, 4e94c8391f62206a10b7934b905edf…)

I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that my mother is a hoarder. It has gotten so out of control, it's shocking to see whenever I go back to visit. Any attempts I've made to help her organize goes nowhere and usually ends with her screaming, crying and insulting me. Fortunately, it's nothing unsanitary, but just…SO MUCH STUFF. Our "spare room" is no longer the only room that's stuffed-full of crap. My old bedroom is now jam-packed full of my old clothes, purses and shoes that are falling apart that she's kept since junior high and high school. My parents don't even sleep in the master bedroom anymore because she has so many pieces of furniture, interior decor, crafts, clothes, books, and paper that she's collected over the years, all stacked up on the bed. My dad sleeps in his favorite recliner upstairs (he says it's comfier), and my mom sleeps on the couch downstairs, (because she "can't stand dads' snoring" and she needs to be in the living room where our elderly dog is, so she can help take care of her during the night).

>'You never come over anymore, if only you visited more often you could help me!'
Nope. Been there, done that. It's been like this since I was a kid. She has always screamed and cried at the top of her lungs at my dad and I that "Nobody ever helps me!!!" and then I clean and organize all of her shit, and then it all goes back to stacked-up clutter again.

>Her: Why do you want to donate everything? These clothes weren't cheap when I bought them for you!

>Me: I don't need to keep these anymore, and besides, they wouldn't even fit me anymore.
>Her: That's because you got fat! There's no reason why you shouldn't be the same size.

>'I didn't grow up spoiled, unlike YOU. I guess we spoiled you too much, because you never had to go without, and you just want to get rid of EVERYTHING!'

>'I'm sentimental and care about my memories, unlike you.'

>'At least I'm not as bad as the people on the Hoarders show!'

>'Ohh I'm too tired/sick/achey/don't feel well/[insert medical ailment here]'

>'I was always too busy dealing with you and cleaning up after you to focus on my own stuff!'

(…I moved out 10 years ago)

>'That's an antique, I'm saving it for you because it'll be worth a lot of money someday!'

>'I can’t get rid of any of these until you go through them ALL and tell me what you want! You know there will be SOMETHING in there because remember when I found [thing] that one time, and you said you’d like to have it?!'

>'I'm saving these materials for an art project!'

I'm an only child, so the only people who are around to witness this are my angry, hoarding mother and my enabling, passive father. I don't know what to do. Ugh.

No. 1503738

File: 1676759669236.png (436.35 KB, 828x527, FpSCl55aEAEaB7L.png)

I am American. I'm trying to save money to eventually move states, somewhere with a better transit system/walkable, so I'm telling myself it's worth it to live like this for a bit. I've saved about 7k in 7 months. Feels bleak as fuck though, the amount I work vs. what I make. I am like Sisyphus if he was cute gril.
I do practice mindfulness/radical acceptance but it's so hard for me at times. I'm looking to improve at it. Lately it hurts too much to face my thoughts and feelings.
In re to weed, no. No offense to anyone but it would make me feel pathetic.

No. 1503739

My family resents me for getting out of poverty. Anyone else deal with this shit

No. 1503741

No.. I saw their friends’ accounts being suggested to me on my instagram which usually doesn’t happen… idk maybe I’m just paranoid..

I really hope not… i didn’t do anything too bad, but they probably think I’m crazy now… as long as I never see them again, it should be fine… I just hope I never have to encounter them again.. I really need to work on my social skills…

No. 1503748

I’m feeling really pissed off rn. I’m home alone bc my bf is away for work. I’m sick and there’s a fucking retard moid driving up and down my street on his loud ass moped and it’s driving me insane. I’m just trying to relax and i have this constant reminder that i live in an absolute shithole with the worst fucking neighbors. Wish he’d fucking crash into a streetlight.

No. 1503756

Ok… Judging by how you're talking about it no one is thinking about you or talking about you lol. You sound paranoid and stressed from social anxiety. Not that abnormal actually.

No. 1503760

Well… I freaked out on one of them, and I kept bothering them… so..

No. 1503761

About what, exactly?

No. 1503762

I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out this summer and my lower front teeth are already shifting out of place. I don’t want to have the same ugly crooked teeth everyone in my family has, fuck…

No. 1503764

They weren’t being upfront with me, and I tried to get answers from them, so they called me psycho. I kept trying to contact them, but now I think the damage is done.

No. 1503778

ayrt. They don't. Their gfs invited them. Idgi.

No. 1503780

Why are so many people completely lacking in basic manners? My boyfriends mom came into our house and barged right into our private bedroom — where the door was closed —without asking. I would never in a million years go into someone’s bedroom uninvited. I hope she saw my vibrator that was charging and got offended.

No. 1503829

Here’s why I’m mad:
I found a nobody actor on some shitty Netflix show attractive so I followed him on Instagram and it turns out he’s kind of retarded. Like he’s an intense dog person who makes that part of his personality and he thinks dumb memes are funny and likes James Bond movies, all of which would be forgivable if it weren’t for the the fact that I’ve been watching his activities for a few months now and he routinely thirst follows young women with large breasts. He’ll follow them for a few days, sometimes longer and then unfollow. Sometimes they’re “swimsuit models”, many had TikTok accounts, several were even promoting their OnlyFans. There were one or two cosplayers. All of them almost comically sexual and all of them in their early 20s. He’s like 34. So he’s a loser who trolls TikTok or whatever to find young women of a specific type to touch his little wiener to. And he probably pays for pictures too. God knows what else. I can’t believe I ever made him my imaginary boyfriend. I feel so betrayed. Like emotionally I feel like I’m going through a breakup right now.

No. 1503857

Bernadette Banner has donated and continues to donate a large amount of money to Stonewall. She was already on thin ice for me because she insists that corsets are not constricting at all and keeps telling everyone this (five minutes of gentle exercise in your air conditioned apartment does not mean that women happily worse corsets while doing labor), but I loved her educational videos. But donating to Stonewall is too much. I just downvoted and left mid video.
This is just like when Jenny Nicholson groveled to the trans crowd by donating money to Stonewall because she did a video on the Harry Potter movies. Yet I never saw her donating money to women's abuse charities when she did several videos on Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean.

No. 1503859

You're like that NPC meme but instead of the Ukrainian/trans/blm flag, you wear the opposite
What I'm saying is, you're just as stupid

No. 1503870

how do you keep track of who somebody follows and unfollows on instagram? did you have a spreadsheet? not judging just curious. maybe I don't know how to use instagram.

No. 1503879

I was waiting in line today to get into a restaurant and people kept pushing between me and the two people behind me. They looked like they were about to fight, so I ended up talking to them while we waited. Some people don't say excuse me while literally hovering behind you to pass and it lacks manners.

No. 1503886

I want to die sometimes because of how degenerate society is overall. It gets too overwhelming to be reminded of it. And no one really understands why I think this way, except you guys and maybe some religious people. It's lonely to know that I will probably never meet someone in person who shares my ideas, and why I have them. Definitely won't meet any men who are like me. People assume you're a retarded and archaic orthodox christian if you have any criticism of porn, casual sex, or any other modern vice. They look at you like you're mentally stunted and haven't been exposed to technology or society. Because they all assume everyone is as desensitized as they are. It's just normal to everyone for minors to be exposed to porn, and to use it to explore their sexuality. Teens take nudes of themselves and exchange them with others, not understanding that it's collected by data mining corporations and probably leaked. It's normal for young girls to publicly share photos of themselves in revealing bathing suits for strangers. Oh yeah and AI exists that can easily edit photos to make people nude, especially when you're not wearing baggy clothing. You should expect men to be using porn frequently, on average once a day even. Performing sex acts that cause damage to your body, and are more likely to spread STDS, is expected.

No. 1503891

File: 1676770016907.jpg (19.7 KB, 661x640, 1676080904064141.jpg)

Good bait, I almost explained why I care about the things I care about. Anyways, Johnny Depp can piss razors forever and trannies are evil and should be culled.

No. 1503895

Dude there are 8 billion of us, better learn to get along. No way we'll all be the same.

No. 1503898

recently moved and a small room in the back of the place had a window covered when we moved in, recently opened it back up to give my cat another place to chill. turns out my neighbor takes her dogs back there to use the bathroom and her dogs go absolutely insane if my cat is in the window. they run to the fence and she isn't able to easily calm them down and bring them back inside. she complained to me she has been taking them out there for years with no issue but now it's a source of stress because of my cat. but like it's my window, on my property, and it doesn't phase my cat so how is this my problem? she's been weird ever since. she'll stand as close to my windows or porch as she can and just to chainsmoke and cough! guess i can't do anything since she's still technically on her property and she wants to be petty kek. just happy to see my cat curled up in the sun though.

No. 1503900

Maybe you're unique but I have met so many people that I have no such illusions. The brain only has so many pathways available to it, so it tends to take the same ones. Even if we were one in a million, that still leaves 8,000 of us.

No. 1503903

Yeah, you're totally mathematically determined to be a soldier in one side of the culture wars. Mhm. Makes sense.
No, wait, you're spouting bullshit.

No. 1503906

The problem isn't you or moids for being ugly it's your obsession with appearances to begin with. You're greatly immature and shallow for your age. If you're so hyper obsessed with obtaining a partner like a pokemon, accept an equally shallow moid and be done with it.

No. 1503911

Atta girl, I knew you'd fire up those brain cells to get there sooner or later.

No. 1503912

no, anon is right. men are uglier than ever before. they should all wear niqabs tbh. im tired of seeing them.

No. 1503913

File: 1676772489789.png (227.12 KB, 447x384, 3D54500B-1F12-4FAE-857E-43FD5F…)

>tfw you’re really excited to get to know the women in your boyfriends family but they are truly insufferable and act like caricatures on the level of a tranny
Bonus for the mom being an extreme overbearing MIL stereotype. Worried I’ll have to dump him.

No. 1503914

You're one ugly ass moid don't ever forget it

No. 1503917

sus replies..let them vent

No. 1503920

I suspect that there is a prostate haver in here and he's mad.

No. 1503921

Do you know where you are?
This not an Among Us server.

No. 1503922

File: 1676773011119.gif (1.41 MB, 498x280, A89D000F-FB23-4C7D-A13F-A35781…)

I desperately want a loving relationship with a moid but I also cannot stand being in a relationship where I don’t even feel seen at all. I know it’s better to stay single and keep my standard high but it hurts so bad. I’ve found two moids who I felt were really amazing but then they get cold feet over commitment and just discard me brutally.

No. 1503924

So many of these scrotes aren’t actually ugly they just can’t do even the bare minimum in terms of appearance. Shit hair, not brushing teeth, barely showering, skinnyfat, pube beards. It’s ridiculous.

No. 1503925

i fear having a lesbian relationship, not because of sex, but because what if it completely destroys me. women can give you all the love that moids can't, at first glance it can be good, but what happens when its over? how can you recover from being loved in a way that inferior males can't never? i feel like a coward because i know that i'm attracted to other women, but i prefer hating myself instead of trying. maybe someday i'll give up and go try

No. 1503927

or a mtf on black market estrogen lol

No. 1503935

That's tough. Nothing will change without an intervention. Hoarders have to want to change themselves.

No. 1503938

Amirite farmers?
Lick that lolcow clit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1503943

The pain is worth the love

No. 1503944

I dread the fact that my parents are aging and I know my BPD, hoarder mother doesn’t have a plan. She’s started talking about how their neighbors moved in with their adult children when they got older and has started hinting that she wants to move in with my future husband and I if something happens to my dad. The thought of it fills me with so much dread and anxiety.

No. 1503945

You may have been right, but I honestly didn't want to risk it because I'm super big on food safety.
Anyway, I bought some more wrappers and now I'm munching now on crab rangoons with Chik-Fil-a polynesian sauce. It's so good. I wish I could go back 22 hours and give past me a hug and a kiss and tell her everything will be alright. Have a good weekend nonnakins.
My cramps aren't really bad, but I have been wanting to try those.

No. 1503948

>well, you must be a retarded hikkineet if you cannot get a man, go outside and then you will catch one loser!!
Where dumbass, where? At the mall? I'm poor and I live in the middle of nowhere, where the fuck will I find a man my age? I barely have money to afford food

No. 1503953

Happy ending to the rangoon saga!! Bless you.

No. 1503968

Late but wow, the vent thread rules. I was just chastised by an admin in the Canada thread (>>>/ot/res/986511) who removed my accurate and recent photos of "Canadian" cities and they said I should stop race-baiting ITT too. It's nice that they're helping us find each other.

My biggest issue with all of this is how staggering and fast the decline in QoL has been since this really ramped up in 2015. It's insane that the Canadian government are powering through with their quotas, dead/homeless/stabbed/raped Canadians be damned.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1503975

Oh anon I’ve noticed this too. Also people standing so close they’re breathing in your ear or just reaching right in front of you to grab stuff when there’s really no room. Even after the pandemic like shit

No. 1503978

Thank you for the tips nonas. In the end I ended up only getting like under an hour of sleep, I am not feeling well.

I always have to pee when I’m nervous and I ended up going to the bathroom 20+ times over the night, I fucking hate my retarded bladder

No. 1503987

I check who he’s following every couple of days. If an insta account is public or they’ve accepted your follow request, you can see all the people they’re following. Yes it’s obsessive but I don’t!!! Care!!!!

No. 1504026

Why the fuck did I get banned. Isn't the heart emoji an accepted emoji to use around here? >>>/meta/6821

What a fucking joke.

No. 1504027

i'm your lawyer and im telling you to argue that the heart you used is an official ASCII character, which significantly differentiates it from the standard definition of "emoji"

No. 1504028

Your cramps will disappear if you do decide to try them!!

No. 1504030

File: 1676786269905.gif (2.56 MB, 275x202, 1619018399040.gif)

I burnt the shit out of my thumb while lighting a joint and now there's a big blister and it hurts, my thumb hurts so bad, ow, I hate it, fuck

No. 1504031

File: 1676786316280.jpg (34.59 KB, 634x635, d594b23dc135cd5286ae8bbdc746e1…)

Trying to woo a lad over because I want a quick, painless fling but he keeps pulling the "I don't like you as much as you like me… I don't want commitment".
>this bastard is so full of himself. All I want is a quick go on it…

No. 1504032

Use the alt key + 3 heart instead. You may have used the wrong one, I think (I can't tell cause I'm on mobile and it just looks like an emoji)

No. 1504033

hey, one day you'll be an elder stoner like me and you wont have any feeling on the tip of your thumb. you're gettin there, kid.

No. 1504035

she used an ASCII heart, mods did her dirty tbh

No. 1504038

This is why 2d is superior. Real men will hurt and disappoint you even when you're not in a relationship with them. I hope you feel better anon.

No. 1504046

Agreed, but honestly 2d isn't enough. You need to come up with your own OC and associated tulpa because so many of these anime boys are misogynists

No. 1504047

celebrity moids are just as retarded as all moids, news at 10

No. 1504051

File: 1676787715623.png (53.52 KB, 275x275, ot.png)

I forgot turning off my faucet so it has been running all night. not only will it give me a hefty water bill but it has probably kept my neighboura up. I can hear whenever they turn on their faucet so I assume they can hear mine too. If that's the case they had to listen to my water running all night. I hope it didn't keep them up. Also running water for 6 hours straight is such a waste of resources. I feel bad about this whole thing

No. 1504052

I actually really hope my manager doesnt get fired because hes the most decent manager I've had out of my jobs. My other one is an absolute nightmare and I wish she had been fired as she was supposed to a few weeks ago.

No. 1504063

don't worry, i went into my house after not being there for months and the basement was basically a swimming pool because the pipes had burst. it made me want to die from both financial and ecological anxiety but just remember that oil companies exist and your overnight faucet running isn't even a drop in the pool of their level of pollution and excess

No. 1504075

File: 1676790773763.jpg (30.7 KB, 1066x1066, eeebf582ac0c07784fd0d0627ef931…)

i remember getting stitches after falling and hitting my head some years ago. after this my head hurt for a month or more, i could not sleep and was told by several people they could not understand what i was saying. i kept going to work, meet with friends, going to university and seeing my boyfriend. they all acted weird but i thought it's just paranoia from lack of sleep. now i can talk again, it took some months and moving back to my parents' but when i ask them and my now ex and friend group if i could talk or not, they act confused. what the fuck?

No. 1504081

It shows up as an emoji on mobile but a heart ASCII on desktop. Mods are so stupid

No. 1504084

"Everybody in my life leaves me" Weeellll geeez I wonder why they do. Honestly I might just too

No. 1504085

lol i hate these manipulative dumb bitches

No. 1504086

He's not into you. %90 men will be into you, move onto another dude and stop feedings this dudes ego.

No. 1504088

Nonnies I’m sad tonight. I lurk and sometimes participate in ED communities, and there’s some people i interact with regularly. One of them has always been someone i’ve related and looked ip to in a way because we’re very similar and they’ve given me hope for dealing my issues in a realistic way. Well, she just posted that she’s doing better in her ED than she ever expected do and is finally moving in with her life after getting the help to recover and… beginning her transition. I actually jumped when I read that. This is another classic case of a body dysmorphic woman deciding trooning out to deal with her severe body image issues. Posting countless times about how they hate having a feminine body and like being severely underweight to obscure it. Also past sexual trauma. It’s dumb because I don’t know her personally at all but this still made me sad for some reason. Damn

No. 1504089

My ex was the same way. Like, if most relationship, including ours, had failed with friends and partners cutting ties with her then maybe the problem was her. And then she complains how lonely she is and how most people leave her. Get a fucking grip.

No. 1504091

>who removed my accurate and recent photos of "Canadian" cities
Redtexting for racebait is one thing but why remove photos of Canada in a Canadian thread? The jannies and admins have been extra faggy lately

No. 1504095

That's called being manipulative? this girl is too sad to have any ulterior motives. I'll doubt it.

No. 1504097

I was catching up on the new milk about Felice Fawn and saw one anon say the T-shirt scam was 15 years ago and it threw me off so much. I remember being a fan of Felice in my mid to late teens and buying one of those shirts with Yolandi Visser's face on it. That was how I found lolcow through realizing Felice was just a scumbag shooping her photos to oblivion. It doesn't even seem that long ago but it really was 15 years. Fuck my life I wish I was a teenager again and could redo the past decade.

No. 1504100

Anon is probably the one that the "toxic girl" took advantage of, kek.

No. 1504101


No. 1504104

ugh i hate to see it, another one bites the dust. i wish that more people could realize that EDs and trannydom are completely analogous and self-defeating ways to deal with underlying issues

No. 1504105

im 28 now and something about being 10 years away from when i graduated high school while not really achieving anything besides an undergrad degree is killing me

No. 1504110

yes, classic bpd move. they make you feel sad for their loneliness to attempt to guilt you for wanting to leave. they want to ensure you never leave them by trying harder if this one didn't work. for example, you could be dating and already having an attachment to them, but one day you would be too busy to reply to a text within the usual time, and then they'll threathen self-harm, send ominous messages like "goodbye…" or even straight up threathen suicide, block you, etc. watch out for these people. sad people are soul suckers - it is a red flag for beepeedee. if you feel sorry for her and want to help her (i hope not, it's not your responsibility) she might never stop complaining about everything ever and leeching your energy. best to have no friends in common and get out as soon as possible. i met some bpd bitches and they're absolutely delusional and have a crisis everyday, literally cry and complain almost every day.

No. 1504112

Anon talked about a lonely girl and you literally brought the discussion to a psycho who suicide baits. I knew autists had bad reading comprehension but I didn't know it was this bad.

No. 1504113

tell the fucker off goddammit. or delete his number without saying anything and ghost. what a stupid scrote. i imagine him never ever being contacted by a woman so the fact you hit him up made him think you are ready for marriage and want him on his knees tomorrow loool the state of scrotacity!!!

No. 1504114

that's not the vibe STAHHP okay anon, enjoy your sober weekend, i am on the lulz and love my lolcow

No. 1504115

There is this 80s movie where the entire plot is built on making fun of feminist ideas and is full of 'woman crazy because she wasn't fucked' jokes and yet it is considered one of the best comedies and a cinematographic classic of this shithole country. I can't believe moids and their handmaidens are so crippled and unhinged they not only watch this movie reguraly but attack everyone who points out it's sexist and the director should issue an apology. Fucking clown world.

No. 1504116

File: 1676796327448.jpg (126.56 KB, 1600x1220, emoji-sticker-seaman-captain-e…)

i'm curious, which movie?

No. 1504118

I never said anything about leaving, she brought this up rabdomly.. She is a sad person, she wants to kill herself. it seems like she does suck the life out. she's been dating this chick online for a year ans a half and I feel bad for that woman even though shes mad at me and blocked me. Ill be sure not to introduce her to my friends even thou I wanted to, thanks nonny.

No. 1504120

>woman crazy because she wasn't fucked
That's ironic because it's literally the opposite, men get psychotic and go on rampages and blame everyone around them when they can't get fucked. If a woman can't get laid we just get sad or masturbate lol

No. 1504129

Sexmission. I almost want to host it on lc so I can vent with other nonas.
The whole movie is a projection. The plot is about 2 dudes who get hybernated and wake up in a world where only women are allowed to exist but somehow the government is totalitarian and the higher-ups are emotionally deprived. A futuristic scrotey wet dream.

No. 1504133

i just met too many not to warn against them. latest one was complaining about his ex friendships, family, girlfriends and everybody else while i barely knew him yet. with names, dates and details. ended their relationships in a fight. it would have happened to me too i bet if i stayed. i didn't ask either he unprompted spew them out in anger. another one got mad at everybody in our friend group for petty reasons. then stopped talking to them, and kept shittalking them in front of others. he only kept being friends with the most spineless people who always egged him on and agreed with everything all the time. if you see no growth over a period of time, it's safer to call it quits especially with moids.

No. 1504155

I hate being afraid of traveling alone, I hate feeling afraid to live my life because of my experiences with men throughout my life. I hate that my family sees me as a child.
I wasted my teenage years and most of my twenties being afraid and locked in my room, When I was a child I was by a family member when I was asleep and i kepted it to myself for years because I was told it would ruin the family, I remember another time where I stood over my fathers home as a child, I slept in a room where the bathroom was only accessable by going through the bedroom and his male friends were over but some how I woke up nude and got yelled at for it by my father although I don't know how it happened and I was a toddler.
When I was a teen my older brothers friend who I saw as a brother to me tried to preyed on me, he would text me weird sexual things and would park in front of my house randomly at night, he would constantly try to buy my brother's trust by buying him gifts and even gifting him a car but behind his back he would say so much weird things to me that scared me, I was afraid to tell my brother since he finally had a "best friend" when my brother finally found out the guy skipped state and moved across the country.
When I went to high school I met a guy who was friends with one of the girls I had befriended and not long was he becoming a creep to me, constantly suicide bating and trying to force himself on me.
I'm sick of keeping all my thoughts and problems to myself because that's just the surface, Throughout my life I've been molested and taken advantage of by men to the point where it made me fear talking to strangers or going places alone.
I remember when I was sixteen years old I was waiting for the bus and a man walked up and sat near me, to him it looked as though I was alone because my mom had walked away to check if the bus was coming and he didn't see her. Although it happened so long ago I can remember his face because he looked me straight in the eyes and said " I'm going to kill you." I remember being so shocked in fear and not being able to say anything and being so thankful my mom heard him and he got afraid and left, I always think about what could have happened if she wasn't there.
I tried speaking to people about what happened to me as a child but it turns into " you're too nice that's why you get taken advantage of" I had an ex girlfriend of 7 years cheat on me and break up with me because of what happened to me and blamed me for all the things I've experienced.
I'm sick of being lonely, I'm sick of being afraid to live my life, I just want to have normal experiences with people and have friends, I hate being seen as just a retard who won't leave their room.

No. 1504165

File: 1676804570951.jpg (41.03 KB, 798x644, pepe grossed out.jpg)

>spend half the day flirting with my ex
>hear from someone else that hes got a gf

fucks sake

No. 1504168

Lol your ex must be a real magnet for dumb bitches

No. 1504172

i am feeling pretty retarded after this, anon

No. 1504179

so fucked. was just talking to my mum (who is an alco-sleepwalker and I worry I'm not there to look after her) and she said "oh I had a sleepwalking episode this morning!" goes on to detail that the only reason she realized it was sunday/her day off/6 AM was because the radio was on. she said "I had my matching undies ready, you know for luck" and I said hold up…you always told me to wear matching undies/the cleanest I could in case I end up in an ambulance…
she was like WELL OBVIOUSLY
I wanted to fucking shoot us both in the head at that stage, the fact that I could be DYING like LITERALLY DYING but I still need to worry about being fuckable? to the mofo who is giving me CPR? did she give that same advice to my brother or just say "make sure the idiot you marry makes sure to scrub your shitstains okay son?" boymoms(mums) are fucking real and the older I get the more I see it. I remember her telling me to suck my stomach in when I was like 10 cause I looked fat…in front of my other 10 year old friends. they bullied me for years later about it

tl;dr mum wants me to look fuckable in a life and death situation

No. 1504187

what the actual fuck dude
every time i hear a new boymom anecdote i thank the lord i just had a sister

No. 1504190

Tell her plz

No. 1504191

i have nothing to gain from doing such a thing. she is retarded for associating him

No. 1504192

ayrt I'm like….viscerally disgusted and feel so betrayed. I agree with the women who say "is it a girl or is it an abortion?!" and I hate myself for it

No. 1504195

That's so sad. This is why we need better mental health care. Trannydom is a mental illness. It's the ultimate larp and cope

No. 1504210

File: 1676810611257.jpg (92.82 KB, 720x699, 82169744-c852-42df-9766-48c522…)

you know how satisfyers and their knockoffs show on the instructions that you can put it on your nip? well dont do that
i tried it for 5 seconds and my fucking nipnop is bruised

No. 1504214

File: 1676811407060.png (753.69 KB, 800x450, DyqSKoaX4AATc2G.png)

Once the pendulum swings away from TRA culture and hype I think we might end up in a trad trend era. Troonism have brought back hard binary gender roles, women are gradually being erased from platforms and pushed out of work forces in favor of men in dresses, and harsh times makes people look back to "simpler times" and romanticize it. Even if it will be a modern take of it, I don't look forward to it.

No. 1504216

>Once the pendulum swings
Tbh I'm starting to lose hope, I don't think that damned pendulum is going to swing ever. Too many people either benefit or don't give a shit

No. 1504221

Why cant rent be free. I've lived here for years, prob paid millions, and I always feel like having a stroke each month just bc of rent. I hate it here.IF rent was free I'd be so creative, probably find a cure for cancer or invent something amazing. Capitalism is a disease on the living.

No. 1504226

I'm actually starting to see a slight change. The number of detransitioners are only increasing, troons are starting to call each other out on tiktok, and I think mainstream is starting to take notice and get tired of how TRAs keep moving the goalpost and telling people what to think and feel (see other platforms that aren't twitter or reddit regarding Hogwarts Legacy). I think the HL drama and sports issue are starting to push normies to question things, they just need a couple of more situations that are inconvenient to them to stop pandering to what is actually such a small minority all the time. It is going to be a slow change, but I think things are going to look different in 5 years, however the change will be very slow and gradual.
However it's going to take time to repair the damage that has been done to women's rights.

No. 1504227

it's too entrenched in capital and the medical/pharma-industrial complex at this point, the pfizer shareholders need the trannies now

No. 1504239

Personally I think sooner or later the genderspeshul agenda will be regarded as mega cringe. Probably as (younger) Gen Alpha's presence and influence on the internet increases and they'll look back on what Gen Z and Millenials did and think it's cringe like how every generation looks back and thinks the previous one is cringe.

But that's just my theory with nothing to back it up.

No. 1504245

I have a crush on someone I work with and it's ruining my vibe at work. It's so obsessive, my whole days go according to how he treats me, if he notices me… I loved this job but now I'm just stuck in this cycle, sometimes he ignores me and sometimes he will put a hand on my back or something and I know he's probably aware I like him and gets a kick out of it but I have no idea how to stop obsessing over him.

No. 1504246

normal people simply don't have the money and time to upkeep a medical transition. even if insurance covers some of it, I don't see it lasting just for practical reasons. even people who want to do it opt out a lot because it's too hard.

No. 1504249

File: 1676817553814.png (267.31 KB, 501x370, 1446568882-82948f4ceea10194244…)

I will sound like a silly emo kid, but it sucks how I can't share sadness over my favorite bands break-up. I stopped caring for band fandoms back in 2013 and generally all i do is listen to the songs.
But my friends and other people around me are celebrating the bands disband for a stupid and petty reason - long story short, because its popular to hate this band. I even saw people on reddit starting to admit that they feel bad now that theyve been making gross rumors for the sake of internet popularity and people beleived them, despite them openly lying.
I never cared for the drama, all i wanted was to share my frustration. I have been listening to their songs for 10 years and they helped me to go through a lot, even when i work i would just put my favorite album on repeat. And now -poof- it's all gone. At least all of this crap makes me happy that i keep my social media for business only.

No. 1504254

Anon can you get your head checked out, I don't know what you're saying.

I don't remember her scams, but I do remember nonbinary, fake NASA employee, fake Native Americacan freak Alex Yrigoyen's (Zubat). Those were entertaining.

No. 1504269

I mean genz used to be normal til they got groomed into trooning out too, gen alpha will end the same exact way if they don't get protected from the degenerates

No. 1504272

I'm reflecting on a lot of things and I'm noticing more and more that school completely fucked me up. There were more negative consequences than positive ones and I only got slowly better after I started uni. I loved reading as a kid but high school made me lose interest in that because of the lack of free time to do it and the books we were told to read for class, where analyzing them and being graded for it killed all the fun I could get from them otherwise. We were always forced to be obedient to the teachers no matter what and I was so scared I'd get my ass whooped by my parents that I'd just never show any sort of personality, I'd just learn what was taught in school, stayed calm in class and payed attention to lessons, and never learned actual useful everyday life skills or info. Like, teachers would tell you to get good grades to get a good job later but as we all know that's absolutely not how that shit works. I was unfortunate enough to have racist teachers in primary school who single handedly gave me impostor syndrome for the next decades to come by constantly accusing me of cheating because how else could I get the best grades? It taught me to never, ever assert myself. I was treated as weird for not making friends easily at school for various reasons but now that shit doesn't matter at all now that I'm nearly 30yo and I highly doubt people who were friends in middle or high school are still bffs. The ones who are are the exception, not the rule. Don't get me started on sports classes that were mandatory but felt like a chore because I was by far physically weaker than most classmates because of health issues, that shit made my average grade way lower than it should have been. Given what I studied in university I legit could have skipped high school entirely, because at least in uni students pay attention and don't ruin lessons for others so it's way easier to focus and learn shit that's actually useful to get a fulltime stable job.

tldr; fuck school, I'm never having kids anyway but now I get why some educated parents want to homeschool their kids.

No. 1504279

I don't think technology is improving our lives as much as they make us think it does. I mean yeah medical technology is great, but in our day-to-day lives, having so much technology at our fingertips has only caused us to have to do much more work in the same amount of time instead of doing the same amount of work in less time. My parents didn't multitask with 2-3 screens in front of them when they went to uni or got their first office jobs like me and my peers have to do finish our work in time.

No. 1504286

File: 1676821290592.jpg (26.41 KB, 418x434, 1396093699327.jpg)

I want to be active in discord servers, like ones from here, they have nice people but I am just so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff being posted, the huge amount of channels, having to remember the lore of every user and when I don't I just give up and do not participate. I always end up leaving the deleting all my messages and leaving the servers. I've joined and left so many since I joined in 2020, I never fit in.

No. 1504295

To add onto this, discord really sucks and just makes me miss the days where you had tens of active community forums for any niche interest. I felt more connected with some of the people I shitposted with than I do with most I meet on discord. Idk what the exact issue is because other chatroom esque apps haven't gotten quite the same odd social culture to it. Oh well, that too will change in time and someone else will be lamenting discords bygone days when some other type of platform replaces it.

No. 1504298

To clarify, discord servers with under ten members are completely different than what I am talking about and those kinds of servers can be a decent way to foster online friendship.

No. 1504299

is there a reason you didn't share the name of the band, because now i'm curious

No. 1504302

I wish my boyfriend wasn’t my only friend. I have no close female friends. Before I met him I was really lonely and now I only have him and I have no girl friends to talk to about anything and he has a whole friend group but I have nobody. Im really nervous and awkward and I have trouble making friends its a miracle I even got a boyfriend but now somehow I feel even lonelier than I did before I had one. At least when I was completely alone I was my own best friend and didn’t feel bad about spending time to myself, now If Im not spending time with him I feel like a loser nobody. I love him a lot I just dont think this is a good situation. I don’t even have female friends I feel comfortable trying to get closer with to solve this. Nobody who it would be normal for me to ask to hang out with or just talk to on the phone. Whenever I even have the slightest disagreement or problem with my boyfriend I feel like my world is falling apart and I can’t even talk to anyone about it. I have hobbies too but its just not enough. I have like this empty void of loneliness that follows me everywhere I go.

No. 1504303

Is there a reason you don't hang out with his friend group? Guys i date not introducing me to their friend group is unacceptable for me. You spend time with me or you spend time with them and me lol

No. 1504307

File: 1676823481119.jpeg (6.3 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

>male best friend very excited about being in an online e-relationship
>expecting me to take it seriously
>even wants me to 'meet her' on skype
>now has to run all our plans by her despite that this isnt a real relationship

i can't entertain this delusion. how can i kindly let him know that this isnt a real relationship?

his previous ex was a very nice, stunning 9/10 with a good career who he foolishly lost by gambling and bringing back strange women to the house.

i feel like this is a cope for the loss of a good woman and hes latching to it because he wont have actual responsibilities

No. 1504310

i dunno, not all e-relationships are automatically doomed to fail, i'm getting married to someone i e-dated for years

No. 1504311

Nonni how did you choose such a perfect pic for your post? This is imageboard artistry

No. 1504313

He has introduced me to his friends and we have hung out a couple times with him, but he has just known them for so long and Im not very outgoing so I still just kind of feel out of place in their group. I like them and we are cool, but I dont feel comfortable talking to them without him, and I dont trust that I could confide in any them without them telling him about it. I kind of want friends that have nothing to do with him. I definitely understand what you mean though

No. 1504316

Why would you keep a male best friend for fucking… those relationships always end up like shit. His e-ralationship is about as real as his relationship with you tbh.

No. 1504318

It's more real than his relationship with her because for once the scrotes not the one in it for sex, good God, what did she do?

No. 1504320

Kek she is a fucking cuck for a man-ho and now coping and seething that he cares about a girl he can’t even touch over her

No. 1504322

that autodeleted anon was not me

No. 1504325

he has had e-relationships for years before too and they never go anywhere because he cant stop himself fucking randos

No. 1504326

well if you're fucking him then yeah tell him that shit's retarded lmao

No. 1504328

why do you call him your friend when you're fucking him

No. 1504329

i honest to god did not post that, it was a random troll

No. 1504332

Kek I considered that it might be a troll but it was too funny not to respond. But seriously though why are you friends with a nasty scrote ho

No. 1504333

He'll keep edating since the e-gf will never know if he cheats or fucks other women. Kinda smart of him.

No. 1504334

i honestly suspected this was his strat. he already drunkenly hit on me. because hows she ever gonna find out? not like she can go through his phone.

No. 1504335

i like their style

No. 1504336

been close since hs ig

No. 1504337

>he already hit on me
So why are you still fiends with a serial cheater with a gambling addict when he attempted to cheat with you? You must like him to a degree.

No. 1504338

so the troll wasn't even offbase

No. 1504339

i would never fuck him ew hes a ginger manlet like goiter

No. 1504341

I'm so fucking tired of the tranny cp spammers

No. 1504342

no cp has been posted today nonna

No. 1504343

I'm >>1504337 and I also guessed anon liked the retarded man because of her petty was of describing the his current relationship. She should raise her standards, she deserves better. We all do.

No. 1504344

im not into him jesus im mainly concerned about the implications on our friendship group

No. 1504346

What does him having a online gf change in your friendgroup

No. 1504347

its panic at the disco and i know some nonnas are big fans of Dallon, Ryan, and whatever when I am only all about listening to the songs. Twitter and TikTok is full of FtM-chans shaming people who listen to this band, so i got used to not telling the name. I would understand if it was something like MSI, where nobody even looked at the news when Jimmy was accused of being a pedo, but eh, whatever i guess. It makes me happy I left band fandoms once i grew up.

No. 1504348

nta but yes there has

No. 1504349


because now he has to get her permission to hang out

he pussywhipped without even getting pussy…

No. 1504350

why do TIFs hate patd now lmfao

No. 1504351

this dude highkey sounds retarded

No. 1504354

hes autistic but incredibly intelligent which is why im so baffled

No. 1504355

My friend died a year ago. His family, esp his mom, kinda sees me as an extention of him. They love me. I appreciate his family a lot and make an effort to stay in touch. They had a little party thing for one of the kids and invited me over to play games with the adults. I went. They are good people. Really fucked up mentally, all of em. Friend drank himself to death…kinda dont blame him either… But they are genuinely good people who have been through a lot. His mom really really likes me bc I remind her of her son and we can talk about him. Husband/dad just turned 70, still working full time hoping to retire at some point. The mom, poor soul, was excited to show me how she got into this jewelry selling business thing to help her husband retire/do something to distract from her loss. As she is showing me her site, it is a drop shipping thing looks legit though, she starts talking about the loan she took from the company that is teaching her marketing and handling all the back end stuff. Plus a down payment. Nonnas it is a 10k loan for 'market research' and a 2600 dollar startup fee (already paid) for them to build the website and get her started. $12,600 went into this….and it is reselling alliexpress stuff basically. Nonnas Idk what to do. She is being scammed hard. Money already gone. I doubt she can get it back. Was going to talk to the daughter about it being a scam but honestly I want to research more because if it isnt possible for her to get her money back it might be better she doesn't know and at least get some income back through the sales. Real sales exist(I believe) but there's so little profit on each one I doubt she will break even let alone make any profit whatsoever…. I am so sad. She wants to help her husband retire and they all discussed this business advent and decided to try it. They all have faith. She uses internet explorer….she is computer illiterate. My heart is broken she is so excited. I need more info on wtf this whole business is but I think it is a scam. Why do people prey on older adults in a sticky situation. Why are people awful. I dont know much at all about ecommerce and actually strive to avoid online sales myself as someone who sells items physically in person at various popup shops and whatnot. Idk how to help, or if I should help. If her son was alive me n him coulda talked her out of it.

No. 1504356

starts at around 3:00, the shortest version of it all tbh. But it all exploded when Dallon Weekes left the band because of his wife being a pushy cow on Facebook, you can find it at https://brendonuriegotcancelled.tumblr.com/post/681493082399719424/part-1-now-that-weve-been-kinda-introduced-to
>inb4 i will get accused of being a WK
all i did was looked up everywhere just to find this.
Also, a lot of MCR fans are TIFs, at least on Twitter. MCR fandom is full of TIF fujos and gendies, makes me glad at least FOB fans are normies.

No. 1504358

Sameanon I forgot to mention she is in very poor health. Physically disabled, uses wheelchair/walker. Lots and lots of awful physical issues. She operates this thing from her bed at home. I am sad.

No. 1504360

Oh that's sad…there legitimately needs to be serious tech literacy classes for old people. I work with people 50-70 years old and sometimes I'm completely baffled how they made it this far/operate daily with their lack of knowledge. $12.6k is so much money..internet explorer isn't even supported anymore..damn. Maybe just show her Etsy as an alternative. She's never going to make enough money to retire though her family though. Damn

No. 1504362

You should probably talk to her daughter anon.. it may not help her now but it could at least help her make mistakes in the future. Maybe they can cancel the payment through the bank still? Maybe you could look into any government support or other organizations that could help them?

No. 1504368

Nta and not really related, but I just remembered that one song the other day and I love them just for making a song where the main lyric is
I chimed in with a haventyoupeopleeverheard of
Closing the
God damn door

No. 1504372

Ayrt tysm I decided to spend my day researching this cuz I just dont know much about drop shipping. Gonna use my Sunday trying to find out if there is a way to get out of it at least. I dont mean to be rude but basically the daughter isnt exactly the brightest…she is a fantastic person but wouldnt suprise me if she did learning disability classes to pass in school. Her son is very autistic and very sweet but she is his full time caregiver and (I dont mean to be mean ugh) and will never really work a good job probably just caretake for him her whole life. Very sweet and caring but just not super intelligent when it comes to life stuff? I love them but it is what it is you know? So the daughter knows about the money it was a family decision but she did seem a tad skeptical kept saying it was a lot of money but idk if she sensed 'scam' out of it. I hate this. I will read into it and try to sit down with her and talk to her soon I think yall are right. Ugggggghhhhhh

No. 1504388

I spent 2 years thinking about this man every single day, and he turns out to be a piece of shit coomer. How do you nonnies deal with knowing you wasted time on men? I'm not even sad, like "baww I wish he were the good guy I thought he was", I'm just furious that he stole my time.

No. 1504389


i scream and cry in my bathtub

No. 1504393

I feel like crying makes it seem like you kinda want him back or that you feel like your feelings were hurt? Like "I'm so devastated he prefers IG models and not me" then getting low self esteem and shit. Is my brain fucked? Because I'm just 100% angry, no sadness. I could kill the guy (and every other degenerate coomer on this planet). Why is my reaction literal rage and not curling up in bed, crying?

No. 1504394

im a bpgfag my emotions are not a good metric for normality

No. 1504404

My speaker is broken reeee I can't live without the damn thing

No. 1504407

My friend's mother is getting ridiculous day by day. Friend makes good money and all she wants is to be left to live alone, she's ready to support her family and shit, can pay for her mother's rent in another city, but her mother just needs to live with her in the same apartment? Like why?? She just wants to have her own place, she lives in a little studio, leave her alone. They never were close, but now she wants to force herself into her life and shits on us that she talks to us more. Friend is now thinking of moving to her mom's city (luckily work allows it) just so her mom won't come living with her in her studio or needing to buy an apartment in the same city cause that would be too expensive. This is ridiculous. She said that she doesn't want to live with her, but her mom is already applying for jobs in her city and basically ready to come whenever she gets one and like stop please??

No. 1504408

How would her mom come live with her if she doesn't allow it? It's not like she can just show up with all her stuff if your friend doesn't open the door, right?

No. 1504414

kind of ignoring the dynamics and manipulation that can occur between mother and daughter

No. 1504418

I'm waiting for my parents and sister to get done with church since dad & I already listened to the last session today. I'm bored as hell but the lesson was on sex and I learned today he thinks being gay really isn't a big deal when innocents are being sex trafficked so that's cool. My last church had the pastor publicly shamed me for being a lesbian as part of his lesson on several occasions so while I'm relieved this church is nice, I still don't want to listen to the same lesson twice, especially as an atheist dragged to church by the ear because I'm an autist and don't posess the skills or funds to move out

No. 1504419

She's kinda manipulating her way there and also she sent some of her stuff (turned out to be 8 boxes wtf) just to "keep for a while". Her mom also owns like a part of the apartment since she helped to pay it for a bit (though idk how it all works and she gave the money back basically).
Everything is really stupid, but she really keeps guilt tripping her like how can it be that she doesn't want to live with her mother, how she doesn't want to be all alone and stuff like that. She's not even old, I really don't get it. It can be the best time of her life, she's not even old, but she puts everything on this idea that the whole family should be together, even if no one except her wants that.

No. 1504421

Your friend really needs to put her foot on the floor about this. Like, send her mother's shit back and tell her "No, you won't live with me." and make it clear if she doesn't agree, your friend is willing to go no contact. Her mother is applying for jobs because she knows that even if she loses her current job and not be able to get a new one in the new city, she will blame her daughter and latch onto her like a parasite. She needs to nip it on the bud.

No. 1504422

Finally told my one remaining friend I'm dying, like actually used the word and everything. Did it over text message like a goddamned coward because doing that was better than ignoring texts for another season.

No. 1504423

AYRT, I called out a TIM in /w/ and reported them and right after, CP was spammed. Either that's a coincidence or I found Blaine LOL

No. 1504427

File: 1676833189495.gif (5.17 MB, 640x640, heejake.gif)

No. 1504429

Are you retarded? Of course he'll tell his gf. I feel like the e-gf detected you like him and doesn't allow you two to hang out and that's why you're mad. You're cucked by a e-thot. So fucking hilarious.

No. 1504432

two of my coworkers, a guy and a girl, had a conversation right in front of me about autistic people, the girl was talking about some autistic boy in her class in preschool who was clapping his hands and acting funny and how 'funny' that was tee hee, and the guy said that autistic people basically don't have feelings and they don't think and they're like vegetables. I'm an autist and my female coworker knows that and she didn't say anything, so I told him it's not true and that autism is a spectrum and there are people who can't communicate normally, although that still doesn't mean they don't have feelings, and there are also low functioning autists who can communicate but are asocial and struggle with certain activities, and there are also high functioning ones who can even pass as normies and you wouldn't even know they're autistic etc. and he was like no no basically denying what I said. Should I tell him I'm an autist? I kinda wanted to, just to see his face, but I was so shocked to hear someone talking about autistic people like this I didn't get the courage, I also didn't want to start a shitstorm at my work, it's gossipy and toxic over here anyway without my input

No. 1504433

Got to say it at least, way to go nona

No. 1504434

hes an ugly manlet…

No. 1504436

No I'm not, I'm asking because I don't understand.

Damn. Well your friend needs to put her foot down, straight up send the boxes back and clear up the paperwork if she doesn't officially own the appartment by herself.

No. 1504437

when are you going to stop owning yourself? unless this is the troll from before in which case good on you for pulling the long con

No. 1504438

that's heavy, nona.

No. 1504441

If my mom did that I wouldn't turn her away, I just couldn't. Would probably get in a fight with her though, tell her to her face I won't live with her and she's being awful but I'm not gonna kick her out on her ass. I would move out within 2 months and kill the lease a month after that.

No. 1504443

So you're obsessed with an ugly manlet who cheats and has a gambling addiction. Kek. What's wrong with you? Why are you so upset some rando dude is telling his gf where he is going? He probably didn't even show interest in you or flirt with you but you misunderstood since you're secretly hoping he's into you.

No. 1504444

i wasnt aware that thats how that came off, i appreciate the perspestive even though its not the case.

No. 1504446

Then what is the case? You skipped beyond "concerned best friend" several posts ago.

No. 1504447

the case is that we're close and i feel weird that hes letting an online 'relationship' dictate our plans and that he is fully expecting us to treat it as a real relationship

No. 1504448

God I hate working Sundays. I remember when we used to be closed on Sundays and now I'm stuck here for 12 hours and I get to come in again first thing tomorrow. My bosses are on vacation again. They go on vacation every couple of months. Must be nice.

No. 1504450

Nta but he's not close with you if he put an online girl over you. He probably thinks the his online gf is hotter and that's why she's the priority. Get yourself a new man to be obsessed over, you'll only be sadder the more this goes on.

No. 1504451

neither of us think that way about each other

No. 1504452

Didn't you say you thought he was flirting with you? You can't even keep your storyline straight.

No. 1504453

ya he was drunk

No. 1504454

Why are you expecting a moid to act like a human being and not a barely sentient sperm injector who is simply gravitating to whatever he thinks will get his dick wet?

No. 1504455

good question. idk truly

No. 1504477

"Cis" women on twitter who cape so much for troons are so fucking embarassing omfg. Even posting screenshots "to own the terfs" and gain tranny clout. Being a lesbian handmaiden also makes it extra embarassing. I hope they pick you sis.

No. 1504481

My mom stole my identity! She got cards in my name, unemployment, food Stamps. Now I have to unfuck up all my shit and I have to call 100 phone numbers fill out affidavits and then report her to the police. I tried doing it all online but it went nowhere and now I have to call all these organizations and it's such a mess they keep referring other numbers that refer me to other numbers and I just wanna die, who does this to their kid?!

No. 1504491

Did she ever act like you were her walking, breathing wallet before? Or does she have debts or an expensive addiction? I remember seeing a video of some American reality TV show of some trials and the plaintiff and defendant were sisters, one sister was suing the other for stealing her identity to do illegal shit and get away with her drug addiction.

No. 1504516

My coworker came into work really drunk and told me he has cancer, "the bad kind." I imagine that kinda stuff needs a few social buffers to get through saying.

No. 1504520

I’ve heard so many stories about people’s mom stealing their identity in the last couple years, it’s crazy. What’s up with that? And why is it never the dad

No. 1504527

Nonna you should bring up the autism thing again. Like really get him riled up so he says some bigoted things. Make sure your phone is recording the entire time and report him to HR, if he's your superior, maybe you're thinking of suing. Your coworker is also a piece of shit and try getting her fired too if she says anything incriminating.

No. 1504533

i've been thinking about how much better my life would be if i hadn't grown up in constant fear of my alcoholic, drug addicted father killing me, my mom or my little sister. i felt like i had to listen to my parents arguments just in case he snapped and hit her too hard and then came for us, the kids. i used to sleep in the living room for years when i was 7-14 so i could monitor how fucked up or angry he was when he'd get home late, so i could warn my mom and sister beforehand. i would hide my little sister away when things got bad so she could be safe and wouldn't have to see or hear anything. when my mom was away at work or something, i had to deal with keeping me and my sister safe, talking my dad down from some drug induced stupor and listening to his ramblings, or taking my sister and running from the house. i had to call 911 on him at least 4 times as a child. so much happened, i feel like it broke my brain. it's not my fault the way i am now and nobody understands that. i get no sympathy at all for what i went through back then

No. 1504535

Anon wtf, same. I cannot even start to explain how exhausted and pruney my brain felt even before middle school, and while I am seemingly very stable and shit, I didn't have the time or brain capacity to go through the normal shit kids got to do. Like, oh now I'm 30, the man is dead and has been for a while and now I have the luxury of just focusing on me and now I gotta realise I didn't even have the time or energy to have crushes as a kid or even a good night of sleep? Fucked up, I hope you get the best, and safest and most stable future asap anon, hugs.

No. 1504542

I want to tell him I hate him, I want him to know much he drove up the wall with the anxiety he caused me, I want him to know that it is impossible for him to pretend he was ever a good boyfriend, or person even, after the way he weaponised my mental illness against me - something that HE triggered because I was fine until he started convincing me I was mentally unstable. I want to publicly shame him and tear apart his soft boy persona in front of everyone we know. I want him to feel like the piece of shit he is without giving him a chance to pain himself as a martyr. It’s been three years, I should let go, but there is still so much hurt and anger I feel that will never have any closure.

No. 1504547

Sorry for phone fagging making parts of my rant unreadable, it’s 12am and after my anxiety pills peeled away my general existential dread for the night all that is left is anger

No. 1504572

Someone posted a picture of my house and threatened to kill me, I shouldn't be as upset as I am because I know nothing will happen, but its still scary as shiy

No. 1504574

yeah mine is dead too and i too still feel like i can't focus on myself even though everything is so much better now lol. at least it sounds like we're both doing much better now. thank you so much for replying tbh this helped me feel a lot better today, i've been remembering some painful things. i wish you the best future too nona and really thank you for sharing with me, hugs hugs

No. 1504575

It took me around two years to be even able to think about the man after he died and way more years of recovery after I moved out, but it does make sense we would be kinda fucked up after all that, anyone would be. It's absolutely unfair and absurd anyone has to go through that but I try to be gentle yet Stern with myself, like it's okay to feel like shit and sometimes slip into what I suspect to be some kinda ptsd-like bad memory vortex but I try to not let myself drown in it, maybe 5 years ago a triggering thing might have ruined my whole week, wouldn't be able to leave my apartment, everyone felt like a threat and now I can sometimes get rid of that feeling during one day. I do think it gets better if you help yourself and allow yourself to be understandably messed up, and not compare yourself to people who never went through what you did. Sorry for the word vomit, and I'm glad if my rambling made you feel any better! You got this

No. 1504576

i am happy for PATD's breakup only because they haven't made any good songs in ages and brandon is obnoxious

No. 1504579

Sorry, it's popular to hate because current PATD was just brendan using the name for his shitty solo projects. I was also an emo kid and their earlier albums are very special to me but let's be real the band died when all the other members left ages ago

No. 1504590

ahh thank you, this gives me hope. i'm 21 and it's been 4 years since he died, so i'm hoping once i get a little older i'll be able to cope with everything better. but man sometimes it just feels like i've been slowly deteriorating ever since everything happened and i can't stop it. thank you so much though for real, i haven't talked to anyone else who's been through the same kind of thing. and don't be sorry for the word vomit, it made sense and i feel so comforted and seen by just having someone acknowledge that this stuff can really mess you up for a long time. everyone else in my family likes to pretend it never happened and that i should be a perfectly normal and healthy person after my kind of upbringing. thank you nona, i admire your recovery and hope that one day i can reach where you're at too

No. 1504593

sadly you will not get sympathy for it from most people, yeah. it's fucked but that's how it is. no one is gonna know you that intimately off the bat, if you're fucked up you gotta have some kind of mask/coping system to make your way through it. when you get to know some people closely you will get understanding which is great but it won't be something everyone you meet knows or understands.

No. 1504597

oh my god you're so young. I left a comment >>1504593
but didn't see your reply first. 21 is a rough fucking period, I was not ok at all at your age lol, don't feel bad.

No. 1504598

You're still so young and trust me, I moved out at your age and I was pretty much agoraphobic for at least a year, and it took a lot of work to be at my honestly pretty chill state. I don't have many who even know about it, let alone who have gone through anything similar so it does get a bit maddening sometimes when I think I should be at where the people my age are even when they have a completely different background to me, they had room to grow differently to me and to be honest, their success doesn't take anything away from me yano? You just keep doing stuff at your own pace, you're still young and no one would expect you to be "over it" so soon, it's weird and tricky but try to place yourself as your 1st priority.

No. 1504600

oh i mean yeah, i didn't mean i demand sympathy from everybody i know, that would be silly lol. but it would be nice if my mom acknowledged what happened to me and felt sorry for putting me in that situation. or some sympathy from my family at least because they saw and know what happened, but it is what it is

No. 1504602

hehehe it's alright nona thank you, i keep thinking i should be all grown up now but ik it's not true. and the way i phrased my op wasn't very clear looking back at it lol so i understand

No. 1504608

thank you so much, ahh damn i feel so validated lol. now that i think about it, it is wild that my family expects me to get over all of it so quickly. only 4 years ago he burned our childhood home down!! but it's like they've all forgotten and i'm the only one still affected by it, like damn am i taking crazy pills or what. but seriously, thank you so much nona. i'm really gonna try to focus on putting myself first and just relaxing today

No. 1504622

thank you nonnie. autism is my superpower

No. 1504672

New clinic I visited on recommendation was like 3x the price of literally everywhere else and because I grabbed the wrong bag while leaving today and didn’t have my cards. Didn’t have enough cash on me either. Now I’m heading home to get more money to come back and pay, and I can never show my face in this clinic again I think. I seriously want to die. I would rather keep wasting 2hrs in the hospital waiting room again.

No. 1504691

Can you not pay over the phone with your card? That's how I pay for most of my medical appointments anyway. Also that sucks nonnie, I hope your day gets better. If it helps they probably think you're a trustworthy person for making sure to pay after and this situation does happen all the time.

No. 1504692

File: 1676864965923.jpg (54.92 KB, 500x294, nestle.jpg)

i feel so brain dead the past couple of months, yet i am the happiest i have been in a very long time. i exercise regularly and take care of myself and am sober, i feel very in control almost always. i still am quite isolated though, and i feel socially i have grown to be sort of inept and i get tired much earlier and i just feel i've lost parts of myself but maybe its because i am in my head a lot lately? i am trying to be rational, but i feel over the last couple to a few months i can't articulate as well and i space out sometimes…i just don't feel smart anymore. do i need to read more? spend my time more wisely? i have been working to cut out bad, distracting habits (i browse lolcow much less but still almost daily which i hate for my productivity) sorry this is all messy. its a mix of feeling like this is negligible to post and wondering what is wrong with me and how i can improve as a human. i just feel slow.

No. 1504696

>have an entire day to do shit
>don’t do anything

No. 1504698

Hello twin how are you doing

No. 1504702

I am 99% sure this is the same scam that my mother-in-law was involved in. She made no money at all. Please try to talk to the daughter.

No. 1504726

saw a giant spider crawling on my wall while doing homework, started freaking out and yelling for my mom, she hit it with her shoe and it crawled into a tiny gap under my fucking window frame and now idk where it is. fuck that, not going to sleep until I know that ugly thing is dead. my mom was spraying insect killer all over the window and running a piece of paper underneath the gap but it didn't come out. not having a good day already and this made it 100 times worse

No. 1504729

Dating sites suck because 99% of the guys on there are already in relationships. There’s no where for socially retarded women to go to get a man.

No. 1504733

samefag I'm seriously going insane just knowing this creepy 8-legged hellspawn has taken up residence somewhere inside my room and I cannot find and kill it. come out you disgusting arachnid coward so I can spray you with raid

No. 1504740

I wanna know did you hear "nipnop" somewhere else or did it just pop into your head naturally? the words "my nipnop" are repeating in a loop in my head now and I can't stop chuckling

No. 1504753

In all my 31 years of being around scrotes I’ve only met one scrote who was truly a sweet heart. I met him when I was 28 and he was 19. He was an autist but he was so nice and pure but he would have anxiety attacks that made him throw up. Looking back I feel so bad for him and that’s the only scrote I ever felt deserved sympathy. It gives me hope that not all scrotes are nasty, ugly and evil.

No. 1504754

I was going through the past concerts that my favorite musician has done and I saw that they've done a show near the city that's close to me and it was the entirety of my FAVORITE album of all time (maybe) from them that is also the album that got me into them. I'm so sad nonnas. I hope they do another tour with them playing the whole album near me. I still can't believe I missed out on this

No. 1504756

nah, I just thought it sounded better then saying nipple tbh

No. 1504774

Don't worry nonna, this has happened to all of us

No. 1504779

File: 1676878011898.jpg (98.69 KB, 1200x630, catherine-deneuve-belle-de-jou…)

The older my mother becomes, the more unstable she gets. In the past, it used to be that if she needed anything, I dropped any engagements I might have had to do what she wants me to do (it's usually housesitting and watching the dog). This weekend she was going on a trip and asked me to come over at 6pm Friday night and stay at her house until the next morning, which is when she'd come back. I said it's not a problem, but my bf and I are going to the cinema at 8.30pm and I could only come after the film. She really didn't like that and asked me to reshedule the film. I said no, because we've planned this some time ago. She promptly gets SUPER pissed. 10 mins later she suddenly shows up at my apartment before calling me and angrily telling me to come down and bring the keys to her house, then slamming the phone. I come down and she tells me that she found someone else to housesit for her and then casually tells me to move out of the apartment I live in (which she owns and where my bf and I have been living for half a year now) as soon as possible along with my boyfriend.

I'm used to her wild moodswings at this point and it's normal for her to suddenly become angry and demand unreasonable things from me (she's demanded before that I pay back the money it cost her to raise me) and cut me off and not talk to me for weeks but I'm getting tired of the fact that you never know what mood she will be in. It used to be scary when I was a kid but as an adult it's mostly annoying

No. 1504789

File: 1676880679954.jpeg (84.03 KB, 720x688, 041213DC-94F8-418F-B177-02C7CF…)

Well ladies I think this cycle may soon be coming to an end. I just have a sixth sense something bad is about to happen, again, and after a life of having survived over and over, maybe I won't this time. Please pray for nonas safety to be guarded by angels, she's going to need all the power she can get.

My impulsivity has probably pissed on the wrong entity for the last time. Nobody's paying attention. If it does come seeping out it will cost me. Hundred fold. Well I guess my life, if I die, if something befalls me, was a life lived. I did everything with purpose and never with malice. Perhaps my problem is that I wasn't malicious enough. Good people aren't usually the ones who live to see their names etched in stone. I'm not a good person. I'm just moral compared to the mess of cobbled degeneracy I took on. Wasn't my fault. I didn't expect this pool to have sharks who sniffed out my blood. Fuck.

No. 1504816

File: 1676887124006.gif (5.16 MB, 400x224, crey.gif)

I'm gonna get fired. I can fucking feel it. The one job I've ever truly wanted and needed to succeed in and I fucked it up just like everything else I've ever put effort into. I couldn't even hold it down for a full year. I fucking hate myself.

No. 1504829

Anon you might be catastrophizing, feeling like you'll be fired does not equal with actually being fired. What have you done that you think is so serious?

No. 1504835

god why do entertainment companies hire esls to host their livestreams that's specifically aimed for english speakers only? im esl and have a heavy accent myself, i would never think it's my place to live commentate on a professional livestream. i wouldnt care if it was a small segment or if the hosts were people involved in said entertainment company but they're not, they're outsourced, so why not get people who the viewers won't have trouble understanding? the worst part is they don't even know enough about the thing they're commentating on, constantly misnaming people and making really random comments, so even their knowledge isn't an excuse to hire them. i want to enjoy the almost 10 hour long livestream via listening only, but these hosts make me want to kms bc i cant do anything on the side like drawing since i have to focus on deciphering what theyre saying. its so stupid that even people with shitty grammar and shitty pronunciation can be hired on professional jobs for the sake of "inclusion"

No. 1504851

Just because you read something you dislike or the person actually has some VOICE in their writing doesn't mean they're baiting or trolling. You just feel threatened by me actually having opinions because you're a cowardly follower that just repeats the most popular opinion in the room. You're afraid of any negative responses even anonymously. You think people actually pretend to have passion because even for small things that's beyond your emotional scope. You're fucking pathetic

No. 1504870

Better to be fired than quit

No. 1504876

File: 1676901447585.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x400, 1672832737144.jpg)

I hate how unstructured our university is when it comes to their website(s).
I just need to sign up for a fucking module, why don't they lay out the information needed for that on one site? no, there's two sites with the information on how to sign up, but only one actually linking to the damn paperwork, then i need to download said paperwork from an entirely different site, and instead of giving us a list with which modules are available we have to scavengerhunt that information off of the individual professors websites.
it's always like this, you have to jump through hoops and several webpages for any information ever. fuck this. we have an IT/Math faculty on campus, why don't you ask them to make you a functional fucking website???

No. 1504879

so which thread did you infight in anon

No. 1504880

I hate how a majority of public freakout vids are just showing someone exhibiting signs of mental illness or dementia. People will cry about needing more understanding and resources for people suffering from mental problems but then they watch a “Karen’s owned” comp and talk about how bipolar/psychosis/dementia isn’t an excuse and those people need to be locked in prison to teach them a lesson. If you’re posting a tiktok of someone having a breakdown in a Walmart for internet points I think you should kill yourself.

No. 1504883

Doctor: Hm yeah I see that you are on the waiting list for therapy for your body dysmorphia
Same doctor 2 minutes later: Btw I check out your bmi and it is this

No. 1504887

File: 1676903342160.jpeg (63.06 KB, 630x480, 5ca527e98acdb.jpeg)

A couple of teenagers followed me for 10 minutes today recording me with their phones while throwing snowballs at me. I had my back turned and my hood up and ignored them the whole way because I didn't want my face visible on some stupid tik tok video. They missed all the snowballs except for one which hit me in the back of my shoulder. I didn't flinch or show any sign of noticing them, hoping my lack of reaction would make them give up. I got to the supermarket nearby and went inside, but one of the boys ran up and yanked really hard on the strap of my gym bag, trying to shove a handful of snow into it. He couldn't have been more than 13 years old. He backed off the moment I turned around and didn't manage to do anything. They were still recording so I just asked calmly if they needed me to call their mom. The guy who had yanked me replied with an awkward "no", so I turned and left. Overall I think I managed to avoid giving them the reaction they were looking for, but I still fucking hate that there was nothing I could do to avoid being targeted and recorded for whatever prank they were trying to pull.

I hate teenage boys. I hate tik tok and social media. I'm 28 years old and a couple of 13-14 year old boys shouldn't have gotten to me this much, but I can't stop thinking about how fucking entitled and rotten they are. I wanted to grab them, slap them and rip the phones out of their hands, but with several cameras targeting me all I could think of was how this would be framed as another "crazy Karen" video, not to mention that an adult attacking a minor could land me in prison. I believe I handled the situation as best as I could, but it's been one day and it's still bugging me to hell and back.

No. 1504890

Been single for 6 months and I'm finally getting my feminine energy back. I noticed everytime i get into dating and relationship with moids, i lose my feminine energy. I think it comes from the modern moid and his lack of masculinity and their draining presence. Also, all of them are addicted to porn and are not attracted to women, so the sex is lackluster and his whole vibe is just off. Women should be worshipped. This whole misogynistic movement today is a direct result of these moods homosexuality that they can't accept. They are attracted to things that harm women (implants, fake hair and lips, fake ass), masturbate to that, then treat women like trash. Anyway, i bought a 100% silk luxury midi dress that was expensive, ate and rested well, went to pick up fresh food, and I've never felt so feminine as i do now. Moids are not worth women's femininity. They sipher any of that away from us because their masculinity is fragile and all good things they do they do to impress other men like the fags that they are. They are weak bitches that are addicted to cheap dopamine like porn, gambling, alcohol, prostitution etc. Only a moid can turn a goddess into a goblin. Reminds me so much of my sister who married an abuser and now she has PTSD and can barely get out of bed, while taking care of her autistic son and she has no confidence.

No. 1504895

Holy shit Nona, I'm sorry this happened. I think ur reaction was probably the smattest way to handle it tho. Just imagining this made me angryanxious fr. May I ask what country ur from? Praying its not the same as me, on account of the snow and everything.

No. 1504897

Thanks, nonna, your support helps! I'm in a Scandinavian country where I feel like there's been an increase of this type of social media culture lately, especially among teenagers.

No. 1504899

I’m so sorry that happened to you. My mom’s a teacher and was followed by a couple of preteen boys who kept trying to shove their phones in her face saying nasty shit like “show me your tits/pussy” and laughing. Neither boy got in trouble and both their parents refused to take responsibility because their sons were “under a lot of stress”. I hate modern parenting for allowing kids to get away with this kind of behavior. If your 12 year old has a phone and social media I’m judging hardcore.

No. 1504903

i feel secondhand rage for you, you definitely reactet the right way but it's still unfair they just got away with it

No. 1504906

they r absolutely disgusting. u handled the situation perfectly

No. 1504907

Let's keep each other safe from teenage boys, scandinonas. It's time to unite and have the ultimate snowballfight to end all future snowballfights.

No. 1504908

The fact that your mom is a teacher and those parents just blew off any kind of responsibility is awful. I'm not sure I would have been able to go back into a classroom knowing this is the type of stuff that might wait me, I hope your mom is doing well!

It helps a lot knowing others would be as angry as I felt, thank you for replying!

No. 1504923

Nonna I fucking hate that that happened to you, spoiled moidlets are disgusting, but also you reacted wonderfully to it. I had a similar thing happen (kid shoved his phone in my face filming me on some kind of dare from his just as retarded little friends) and I straight up kicked him kek

No. 1504931

Kek you handled that well. I probably would have called the police.

No. 1504936

How do I stop being a pickme in my mind? I know logically that men's opinions do not matter, but there's a voice in my head that goes "Things would be better if this man thought he had a chance with you" or "Now he doesn't think you're pret