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File: 1674098818630.jpg (151.43 KB, 1295x847, Salem-the-cat.jpg)

No. 1476492

Vent it out.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1467923

No. 1476502

Ive been dating my bf for years and i told him i dont want anyone who watches porn and he said ok. Told me he doesnt watch porn.
Now today he confesses he watches porn. I broke up with him and i feel so heartbroken. Why lie to me all this time? I cannot believe it. I feel so fucking dumb for believing him. Why do people lie like this instead of being honest?

No. 1476504

Unrealistic in these days to expect to find a scrote who never watches porn

No. 1476506

I just truly believed him. We used to read about how prostitutes have 4 times ptsd than veterans, how most of porn is trafficked, etc. Told me he doesnt watch it.
I feel so stupid now. Why would he lie to me all this time? Why not be honest?
I dont understand

No. 1476507

i am so tired of being such a highly anxious person, i'm starting to realize how much of a physical toll chronic stress/anxiety takes on you and it sucks, it's absolutely exhausting. i think i'm so used to feeling this way, so for a while i didn't think it was as big of a problem as it actually is but man i really need to go see a therapist and a psychiatrist again and take care of this shit because it's really no way to live

No. 1476508

Might as well get yourself a few cats and pack up your shit and live alone for the rest of your life

No. 1476511

> Why would he lie to me all this time?

Because he knew you’d leave or be mad?If you want a scrote to reveal his true self you don’t do it by telling him what you don’t like.

No. 1476512

>xDDD women die alone with cats
ok troll

No. 1476513

Youre right anon. Ill try to feel better. A person who lies is not worth keeping anyway.

No. 1476514

Are you retarded? All men watch porn and if they tell you they don't they're lying. You will never find a man who doesn't watch porn.

No. 1476515

If you want a scrote to tell you something you have to bring it up casually like “what kind of porn are you into?”. If you straight up say you don’t like it they are going to say they don’t watch it.

No. 1476516

Why does love have to hurt so bad?

No. 1476518

Because the person you love doesn't love you

No. 1476520

Salem's face is creeping me out for some reason

No. 1476524

The uncertainty of it all makes it hurt worse, I think.

No. 1476525

he look like a man

No. 1476528

why do all lingerie/underwear companies have to have the worst stock photos? the models are either shoop'd thots or fugly girls with the contrast and image sharpening way up like they're trying purposely to show off they picked models with peach fuzz and stretch marks. just put up average girls with no shoop and no weird editing to show off flaws.

No. 1476651

First off, I want to say that I admire how strong you are to stand by your values. Your resolute stance on the matter really is admirable. Now, I believe you can find someone who better suits you and has the same values. Although it may be difficult, I like to stay optimistic and think it is possible. After all, a lot of nonas brag about their bfs not watching it and quitting it for them. They have to exist, right?

No. 1476657

File: 1674126523154.jpg (37.43 KB, 720x600, 9qz3bidhmwb21.jpg)

i'm dumb, i decided to study something that's known to be very difficult and now am upset at the fact it is in fact difficult.
you're supposed to study for 8 hours on top of classes every day but i'm already burnt out just doing my assignments/preparing for class, i don't know how i'm supposed to add even more studying on top. and now i'm behind on everything. and i can't even catch up during the holidays because we essentially don't have any - like, in theory we do, but we have to fit several internships and seminar papers in there.
I currently have to apply for two more internships but i keep procrastinating on that because i have all this other shit to do.
next semester i have more exams waiting for me and the semester after that preparation for the bar exam starts, which is even more stressful than the "regular" amount of studying i have to do right now and i feel dead inside every time i'm reminded of that.
i'm actually procrastinating by writing this, please someone tell me to go back to my assignment so i don't waste even more time

No. 1476659

I hate my manager she's always treated me like shit compared to the other workers. hyper critical of me but no one else. we were understaffed because she decided it was slow enough to just have my coworker come in later while I suffered taking more customers. I was ready to cry twice today. There's a scheduling issue between both places I work and she refuses to let me off the hook for a measly 3 hour shift. No one seems to want to pick it up. My only good news is she's possibly being relocated and we're getting the better manager. If she doesn't switch locations I'm ready to quit by the end of this week, next week, or the end of the month. At least I would finally have my free time back.

No. 1476674

Everyone is just as overwhelmed as you are, I promise you. You will never be able to do everything you want to do or must do, but it doesn't matter. Keep doing your best, and it will be enough. Don't waste your time thinking about all the studying you can't do, just do as much as you can with whatever is happening in your life and in your head. Trust the process. And also go back to your assignment.

No. 1476707

Where the hell do people get the energy to keep "putting themselves out there" from after they've been hurt or disappointed? Whenever it happens to me all I want is just not talk or see anybody because it reminds me that it's just going to end the same way again, like it always has in the past. And each time it gets worse.

No. 1476709

What's your major? Depending on the major, the first year is the hardest as they weed out the people who can't handle the stress.

No. 1476747

I love you and I am proud of you

No. 1476759

just started classes for the term, in one class the ‘professor’ had everyone introduce themselves and add a word of what they were feeling.
class was like, at least 70-80 ppl big. almost EVERYONE said their name, their pronouns. it was fucking insane how much peer pressure there was to say pronouns—but i held out and felt so good afterwards for just saying my name.

honestly the weirdest experience ever—like everyone was peer pressured into saying pronouns, it was like mass brain washing or something, i could tell some were just saying it because everyone else was saying it. i think me and one other girl didn’t say it, and 1 guy didn’t say it.

this is grad school btw. i graduated undergrad in 2020 and NEVER encountered this at my old university

No. 1476768

i went to an alternative school and there was a lady who was a "student teacher" if you will. She had to be like 19-20, she was only a year or two out of high school.
She had literal black gums, with yellow shit caked on the top of her teeth. She was a biracial I believed and her breath was so stank. She acted like a child herself, she was supposed to be watching us but she'd gossip like one of the students (Mind you we were like 12-13) about us. One time we had a meeting (it was all girls) apperently one of us were stank.
She was giggling asking seriously who was stank, I wanted so badly to say it was her. She'd wear the same pants monday-thursday and then on friday she'd get paid and come with some cute clothes on, but then wear the same shit over and over again.
Afterwards I heard from another student she'd told her who she thought smelled, and said it was me. I was so fucking mad I wanted to fight her and at that school, I probably could've.

No. 1476771

It’s really hard to go against the trend/mob. Were you the last one to introvert yourself?
>grad school
Please say you’re in America.

No. 1476772

I have no friends at work. Everyone is twice my age which makes it difficult to relate, and my hobbies are considered niche/“weird” so I have nothing to talk about without making people confused.
Having no friends isn’t an issue, it’s okay I guess, but it makes me look defective or something. It’s also extra awkward whenever there is a company gathering, and I have no one to talk to and am by myself. People pity-invite me to sit with them.
There’s an “employee banquet” tomorrow, and I’m not sure whether to go or not. On one hand it sounds interesting, but on the other hand it sounds like a very uncomfortable and anxious time. My mother was pushing me towards it, but when I said I literally have no friends or anybody to talk to, she looked disappointed (Like I haven’t been avoidant all my life). I don’t want to be unsocial, but staying home is a lot more in my comfort zone.
Stupid rant but I wish I had acquaintances to make social situations easier and not look dumb.

No. 1476773

Alternative schools are fucking nuts. She sounds so annoying. At my alternative school she'd be the focus of every joke and all the gossip. One of the rowdier girls probably would have fought her kek. What is it about alternative schools that have the most insane teachers. Damn.

No. 1476774

This is why I thank the gods everyday I work from home

No. 1476777

The first day of my alternative school (that wasn't even in a school btw, it was in some weird ass gargage/small warehouse hybrid), one of the boys stole a teachers purse, a boy fought this 60 year old "Leader" dude.
The lady I'm talking about also got her ass beat by the owner of the school's daughter who was her best friend, in front of the students. She then went to cry in the bathroom. I also remember the owners daughter telling me and another girl (She was high school aged as well) that, "Blank and her boyfriend are both dirty people, thats why her breath stank because her and her boyfriend are dirty".
The school was a mess. Grown ass men sleeping with the students, everyone knowing it but we were all groomed to not take it seriously. Students fighting the staff, spoending the night with staff, smoking/drinking and remind you were 12/13 at that time.

No. 1476779

we also would be allowed to go into the kitchen of the school and be all in the fridge food/getting snacks. It was like a fucked up family, I will say that. Despite it all it was like a family since it was just us isolated from the bigger school district so basically a bunch of kids, with like 7 grown folks, who allowed us to do basically whatever for 2 years. A trauma bond. I have so many stories but I know i'd probably out myself kek

No. 1476787

yes, i go to the
>best public university in the country
and yeah, i was one of the last so i felt exceptional pressure to conform to the mob. honestly it felt like a ritual the way one by one everyone would say their pronouns, completely insane. but i felt so much relief after not saying them

No. 1476791

This old autistic moid at my work is clearly sick. He keeps shivering, clearing his throat, and he keeps talking to me about his gout. I want to scream. I'm in my second trimester, wearing a mask, and I want to shove this man into the swamp out back every time he sniffles. If he gets me sick I'm setting his gross ass on fire. Go the fuck home!!!

No. 1476792

I ghosted a friend because I felt like she was a distraction. Always talking about buying clothes, plastic surgery etc and it’s makes me insecure because I can’t afford it and then I’d just waste money on Amazon because I felt bad. Especially when she would talk shit about women who don’t put work into their looks. Honestly this is what keeps women broke constantly spending money on looks. I gotta keep my eye on the goal of saving my first 50k

No. 1476794

I'm so mad that some of the clothing pieces I wanted to order are shit quality material. It's all fucking nylon, rayon and similar shit for 30€+ . Fuck that.

My online course is also starting in spring and I'm excited and terrified at the same time

No. 1476807

i forgot to call my boss about taking a break next week for my exams im going to scream its too late now

No. 1476812

Im glad after years of struggling with this I’m on good terms with my coworkers. But they act like schoolkids sometimes and one hid my work bag without knowing i was just coming in to take it then leave (earlier than generally expected), I almost missed my planned bus because of it, though he showed me as soon as he could see i was annoyed and intended to leave work because it wasn’t a malicious action, just fucking annoying. Can someone help my neurodivergent ass out with this? Would it be acceptable to tell him to never touch my shit again without ruining this progress I’ve made? How do i navigate this stupid ass shit? I’m seething, all this work fr my end to potentially have morons ruin it because they have the pleasure of not thinking about their actions and potential consequences. I thought it was over by high school. Like it makes me so ducking mad to analyse everything i might say and extraverts are just fucking freestyling it and going oh oops when it’s super bad.

It isn’t really an option to completely burn that bridge as anyone who’s familiar with workplace politics would know.

No. 1476816

Is this law? Engineering? Just focus on what you can do right now. As long as you're handing in work and keeping up you aren't completely drowning.

No. 1476823

I really wish I didn't have to go through school and most of my college years with depression brain fog. I would have taken different decisions if I had had the actual ability to think.

No. 1476836

These stupid ass scholarship sites sold my phone number and now I get like 4 robo/spam calls a day and I'm waiting for this retarded minimum wage job to call me back but all I get are stupid fucking spam calls but I keep answering because I think they're this dumb ass job that probably won't even hire me REEEE

No. 1476849

My money is on medicine

No. 1476863

Why the fuck have the jannies still not cleaned up all that moid spam from this past week? Why is it still there? The fuck?

No. 1476865

I am extremely selfish and never do anything to help others. I am living in a world that is very hostile to me, not only am I black but I’m also a woman. This kind of molded me into someone who is extremely self absorbed and I never compromise and I’m never reasonable. If someone told me right now to kill a close friend for 1 million dollars I’d do it without a second thought.

No. 1476867

They don't give a single fuck about /m/

No. 1476872

It's on every board

No. 1476875

I fucking hate my body right now, it feels like every piece of clothing my wardrobe makes me look frumpy and fat. I feel so disgusted looking myself to the point I just want to cry and throw up.

No. 1476891

I have really pointy sharp elbows and knees. It's a brag because I have hurt so many men elbowing their fupas and balls. I've never seen anyone with elbows like mine and no doctor has shown concern even when I brought it up so watch out bitches.

No. 1476898

>making italian sub
>get everything ready, go to shake up the dressing
>it explodes all over the kitchen
>shoots directly into my face and all of my hair and outfit
>freak out and try rinsing my face in the sink (i wear contacts) but it's too oily
>run as quickly as I can and strip and get in the shower
>clean up italian dressing it takes me over a zillion minutes
So that's my day so far

No. 1476910

Third day in a row and he keeps insulting me and calling me a fucking retard. I shouldn't be crying at this point but I just can't help it. I'm not a bad person and I’m not as useless as he wants me to feel. I know it. Hurts nevertheless.

No. 1476911

Where are you in your cycle? Because mine will do that right after I finish ovulating, or sometimes before I start my period.

No. 1476919

Well, I am right at the end of my period and I was incredibly bloated yesterday. So that is probably affecting my feelings towards myself atm (kind of warped my image of myself and what I see in the mirror incredibly so I don't know what is real or not anymore), though I get like this mayhaps every 6 months where I start to revel in self hatred and hating my body to a point where I'm crying.
Though on the bright side, I'm probably finally going to get some help with my joint pains this spring so I can start hitting the gym, so that will probably help me in the long run.

No. 1476960

I feel so unfulfilled it's crazy. Everyday I play video games or read or draw and thats it. I don't have any long term goals or obligations, and my husband's job covers the expenses so I'm free to do whatever I want all day. But everyday just feels meaningless. I don't get any enjoyment out of video games or drawing anymore and I flick between the two because I get so bored so fast. I don't have anything I want to do. Today I got up and played video games for an hour and then went back in bed and cried for 2 hours. My husband came in and asked if I wanted to go to my favorite resturaunt to cheer me up, and I do, but then tomorrow I'm going to feel the same unless I do something or figure out a way to find any kind of goal or purpose, but it feels difficult to find it when I just feel miserable all the time and don't feel well enough to fo anything.

No. 1476995

I felt this way until I enrolled in college. You could do freelancing too. No shade but it's good to have a degree and skills so if shit goes south then you wont have to rely on a man to survive

No. 1477036

Still obsessed over one of my older cousins' friend that I saw once in a party 5 years ago. But now another older cousin of mine says he's bringing to my house one friend of his that I used to like about ten years ago. I haven't seen him in like 3-4 years. And in 15 minutes I have to call my bf to plan our trip or something. And some nona posted Big Boss and the guy I'm obsessed with looks like him. I'm so fucking dumb. Why is thinking about males so entertaining and meeting them so fucking annoying?

No. 1477045

File: 1674163744257.png (21.91 KB, 99x128, Quieres.png)

>dad's an alcoholic + heavy smoker
>got diagnosed with cancer in 2018 (related to xanax)
>recently (like a week ago? a few weeks?) been talking about suicide, murder, etc. while drunk
>he's said crazier, stupider, uglier shit in the past so
>just ignore it
>but know he got a gun recently (found it while digging through storage)
>get a call from my mom today where she's talking all sadly about snooping through his phone (lol) and discovering a text where he admitted to being "scared" (she is vague)
>links it back to his diagnosis though – "nona he's probably sad because of his illness :("
>start putting shit together in my head
>holy shit. he's suicidal, he's gonna kill himself.
>have a two hour long talk
>speak on his addictions, dance around the point because i try to leave him to his own shit (he's a grown fucking man).
>gave up on talking about his addictions years ago because he never goddamn learns but now i'm scared
>anyway, lose my temper and blurt it out:
>"i'm worried that you're suicidal because of your cancer diagnosis worsening!"
>get laughed at + talked down + learn the message was just another attempt at seeming deep basically
>now they're both treating me like i'm crazy and irrational

am i crazy and irrational? what the fuck i hate them both
i mean i love them of course but they're so fucking frustrating as people

No. 1477049

You aren't crazy and irrational at all, even if you didn't find a text being concerned about a family member potentially committing suicide after a scary diagnosis like cancer isn't at all uncommon, ESPECIALLY if he has a history of saying shit like that. Are they emotionally honest people in general? If he doesn't like talking about his feelings there might be a chance you tapped into something real but he doesn't want to admit to it because that's too much vulnerability. They don't deserve a daughter who cares as much as you do.

No. 1477061

File: 1674164971309.jpg (39.03 KB, 736x736, fba29e6f37f2d41d29bf283c818e30…)

I know I sound pathetic because moids suck but I just want to be kissed and held ahhhhhh

No. 1477067

File: 1674165620672.jpg (166.14 KB, 1080x1080, 1596343947623.jpg)

I've been alone for so long now with imageboards being my only form of socialization that making friends (even online) is really hard. Being anonymous rotted my brain and I forget that you can't just say whatever you want. I can't just close the thread if I fuck up. And I have to accept that you can be friends and still have different views, whereas I'm used to circlejerking with anons (where we probably sucked each others pussy in one thread and called each other retarded whores in another). I keep getting kicked out and banned from forums, Discord servers, online games and communities.

I don't know if it's autism but I feel so fake pretending and feel like other normal people are super fake the way they socialize. Like how women will literally marry a pro-life moid, or be besties with someone who thinks trannies should be allowed in our bathrooms. I tried befriending someone online, we had opposite views on Covid 19. She said we just shouldn't talk about it because we disagreed. But how can I be true and honest friends with someone who thinks I should be forcibly injected and banned from leaving my home? And how can she be true and honest friends with someone (me) who thinks forced vaccination is evil, when she believes it saved us all from disease and death? Isn't that very fake of us?

No. 1477072

If you genuinely like someone and disagree with one of their opinions, you agree to disagree and not bring it up and talk about other things instead, or you're open to conversation with differing opinions. If you want to make actual friends, you're going to have a very difficult time finding people who agree with every single one of your opinions 100%. That's just life. I hate troons but I can't just cut people off for liking troons or tolerating them because I'd have 0 friends due to where I am located. I just don't bring it up, and it's actually quite surprising because my friends and I have never talked about gender or trannies even though they're the lukewarm neolib TRA types.

No. 1477080

Even based on this one post it is very clear why other people do not like you. If multiple separate communities shun you then maybe you should look in the mirror.

No. 1477084

Samefag, to add on to this: I can understand why my friends are okay with troons. It doesn't mean that I agree with them or support troons, it just means that I like my friends and I can empathize with them and understand their point of view. It's not a dealbreaker for me unless they're way too obnoxiously vocal about it. I love my friends and I can overlook their naivete, because I know they are not bad people and are simply supporting troons precisely because they are kind people. I still hate trannies and my mind won't change but I love my friends.

No. 1477086

You're right. Maybe friendship is more about enjoying each others company and having a laugh. I'm just thinking about like, if shit were to go down. If you have a pro-life friend and you suddenly want an abortion. Or a tranny takes your place in a womens team and your trans ally friend think that's perfectly fine.

People like me one on one. In group settings, people either really like me or really hate me. And lots of online communities have very strict rules. There's a reason why you're posting here and not on Facebook.

No. 1477088

I'm the same way, can't fit in anywhere except here. Even the worst anons here are still more tolerable than users on any other site.

No. 1477089

I think even though some people are fake on purpose, a lot of the 'faking' you see might be them just trying their best to survive socialising.

No. 1477090

File: 1674167438564.jpg (21.5 KB, 275x240, 1657828678516.jpg)

I feel trapped and scared. I'm an agoraphobic hikki with untreated bipolar, my parents forced me to get a degree on teaching and now i want to die, i don't know what to do. I can barely handle short conversations with people, i don't even have friends, i don't even talk to my family, how could i handle a whole ass classroom full of kids/teenagers? 24/7?????? I'm not cut to do this, i'm the worst person to do this job but i'm too far into it already. I just wanted to learn English for fucks sake

No. 1477094

>I'm just thinking about like, if shit were to go down. If you have a pro-life friend and you suddenly want an abortion. Or a tranny takes your place in a womens team and your trans ally friend think that's perfectly fine.
It's valid to have these concerns, but I think you are thinking way too far ahead of yourself. There are some friends you don't confide in, there are friends you know you can confide in. I have some friends that I haven't told about being gender critical, there are some friends that I have. It depends on how much you trust them. It's okay to not trust a friend 100% or to tell a friend everything that happens in your life or every one of your opinions. Those friends are maybe there for chatting about hobbies or for doing things with and maybe not for telling them your deepest darkest secrets or sad personal things. That is okay, it's just the nature of relationships. Some relationships are more intimate and secure and some relationships are a bit more "superficial". Not to say that a friend who judges you for getting an abortion is a good friend to have, those are examples in which it is valid to distance yourself from them or cut them off.
I guess I just want to tell you to get into friendships with a positive mindset. Making friends is hard, you don't need those niggling doubts to weigh you down.

No. 1477097

The workplace is literally high school lmao enjoy the ride

No. 1477098

this is such a nice post. why weren't you around when i was struggling with things similar to that nona

No. 1477101

Makes me wonder how many normies have no true friends.

Thank you queen, you're cool. Also agree with >>1477098 I'll try not to be so intense. Some friendships just come and go and it's not that serious, I guess. Like traveling different places and just enjoying the journey.

Agree. Even the bitch who keeps calling Shaynas dog retarded.

No. 1477102

I hate split ends I hate split ends I HATE SPLIT ENDSSSS!!! Ffs I’m doing almost everything “right” and I think my hair looks fine until I look close and see stupid white long split ends, some look freakish. Why does this have to happen. I cut them when I see them but I just keep finding more hiding in there REEEE

No. 1477115

File: 1674169675129.jpg (442.22 KB, 1656x1242, 1672770838873004.jpg)

I can't even read in a waiting room without a moid checking me out or sitting near me. I had to literally get up and move to a chair further away. I'm there to manage a health condition not to be a waiting room slut. Fuck moids.

No. 1477116

Dump that moid nonnie

No. 1477120

>I cut them when I see them but I just keep finding more hiding in there
Don't overdo it anon, you are going to make it worse, also try just "dusting" instead of straight up cutting them, a gentle approach maybe could help

No. 1477121

I used to be so hot nonas. It used to bug me when women in their 30s would complain about “being OLD” and I’d think they were just insecure and needed to rock it. But now that I’m here in my mid-30s, holy shit I want to go back and be a hot 20-something again. I exercise and take care of myself and my skin, so I look alright but nowhere near as sexy as I used to be and it’s bothering me more than I’d like to admit.

No. 1477122

What's the biggest difference? Do you even have wrinkles or anything?

No. 1477125

I got home from work to find my mom on the ground, drunk. She was trying to get her other boot off but couldn't. It wasn't funny haha drunk. She has a history with alcohol. I asked continually if she was okay and she didn't answer. She didn't even look up at me, just continued sitting there. She was obviously struggling for a while. I don't want to talk to my friends about it because it's embarrassing. I don't want them to have this impression of my mom even though they don't know her. It was just..sad. I have the water boiling because I'm making food but I don't want to go back downstairs.

No. 1477127

File: 1674171352670.jpeg (42.33 KB, 321x420, D5341AF7-37C2-483C-B3DC-6C95CB…)

My face looks a little wider to me, I’m starting to see slight…idk, jowls? I used to think Pam from The Office looked a little “jowly” and now I’m starting to see that on my formerly thin face (picrel, autistic arrows included). A little bit of crow’s feet when I smile, too. I’ve always had a smaller, B-cup chest but was okay with it because “hey, at least they’re perky!” but I’m starting to notice they’re a little saggier and lower too. I also just have a general feeling of being invisible when I go out in public. I don’t have as many men coming up to talk to me anymore (which is kind of a relief), but I also don’t get random compliments on my outfits or conversations from other women in public anymore. Sometimes when I see zoomers having fun I think “oh look, there’s some girls my age!” and then immediately remember that I’m probably 10 years older than them and they’d think I’m old and weird. Like “aw man, I used to be them! That used to be me and my friends!” So I guess it’s partially physical, and partially mental but it feels kind of lonely. It sounds dumb, but I miss being “one of the hot girls in the room”. I don’t know how to explain it

No. 1477160

I'm embarrassed to be this effected by my childhood trauma at 28. I know that's not how it works but I just want to move on, fall in love, have deep friendships. I'm too poor to fork out for years of therapy too like I legitimately feel sick I have to accept that this is the best it can be. I'm grateful for my life but I have potential to be truly fulfilled, ya know? Idk how I'm ever gonna get there.

No. 1477164

I’m glad I was never pretty so I’ll never experience this lmao

No. 1477166

Do you have kids?

No. 1477167

Samefag but I guess this is a bonus of not being raised white and pretty but I ended up getting more attention in my 30s but it’s not a lot of attention but more than I had when I was young

No. 1477169

i felt like this at first too and sometimes still do, but mostly these days i feel relieved to no longer have all that pressure. so much mental capacity has been freed up for better things. i dont intend to let myself go, i still eat well, stay active, dress cute and do skincare. i never really liked attention much anyway but i felt that biological drive to find a scrote so there was this pressure to look good and stuff. it took some getting used to that guys will no longer have crushes on me, im no longer one of the prettier girls in a given space, younger people i work with think im old and treat me like a retarded boomer even tho im only 30…after a period of grieving i now enjoy it. older women are so amazing anyway. i like being a protective older experienced woman that can advocate for the younger girls at work when scrotes try to take advantage of them or push them around.

it helps that i did snag a decent scrote, he's slightly older than me so he doesnt even notice yet the aging that i notice in myself.

No. 1477170

Nope! None. So I can’t even blame it on my body changing post-pregnancy kek

No. 1477171

My mom is 50 and gets cat called. Are u white?

No. 1477172

Id like to add that I feel like white and Asian scrotes are usually pedophiles so the invisible with age is more of a problem for those races.But I noticed black and Hispanic women still get attention in their culture until their 50s. Anyone else noticed this?

No. 1477182

I feel this. When I was 20-22 I used to get a lot of attention but now I'm 25 and that kind of evaporated, although mostly cause I stopped wearing make up, doing my hair or dressing cute. I don't really miss it though, I was so worried about getting older and losing my looks that it was making me lose sleep, but at some point I realized how worthless male validation is. Even if they find you hot, they don't respect you anymore than someone they don't find attractive. It helps that I settled down and now I dont really like most men that aren't my husband. I could care less if most men find my attractive

No. 1477189

File: 1674178852783.jpg (198.51 KB, 900x1183, Tumblr_l_169189616791811.jpg)

I went out with a friend today and we passed a lot of teenagers who were on a school trip. We both had this realisation that we don't miss being teenagers at all. People always talk about missing their teen years but I can't feel the same way. I'm 21 now so it wasn't so long ago but when I think about being a teen, it's like my heart sinks and I'm back in this terrible lost feeling. That's all I remember, this strong feeling of being lost and not knowing how to get anywhere or do anything. Constantly looking to others, constantly reflecting on past actions and being embarrassed, constantly hating myself. I hated myself so much, and I know many teens feel that way. It was so overwhelming for me. Every action of mine was preceded by my hatred for myself, the discomfort I felt in my body. Every good memory I have is overshadowed by how sad I was deep down. It's all such a blur. I was so sheltered, my parents were overprotective and I missed out on many fun times because I was too sensible and afraid of making any mistakes. I've realised I might be on the spectrum and am going to get assessed for it, and looking back I feel very sad for my younger self. It took so long for me to be okay with myself, to feel any clarity about myself and to feel comfortable in my skin. I self-harmed, I tried to kill myself. I don't remember being happy much at all in all those years. I don't completely understand myself, who does, but I'm the happiest I've ever been now and I truly feel like I've figured a good amount of myself out. I like myself now, I know who I am, I like who I am. I'm a lot busier in life now with a lot more responsibilities and it's stressful but it will never be as difficult as feeling so overwhelmingly alone and confused in all my teen years. I actually feel alive now. In some way I wish I could reminisce and feel fondly about my teen years but at least I have now.

No. 1477191

File: 1674179407355.jpg (17.79 KB, 275x155, 1648516636299.jpg)

I made the mistake of checking out a community of a show. This isn't really something I do a lot. And, wow, the same discourse is happening post-end as it was years ago about how terrible of a person a female character is over the pettiest shit or making out small actions to be secretly deceptive and shit like it. It's crazy. At least some people were questioning their text walls of conspiracy theories.

No. 1477193

I know its because of the random site shutdowns but /m/ has completely and utterly died, it was already a slow board but damn
Whenever I check /ot/ you retards are arguing about something pointless again or entertaining a schizo/moid. I just don't care anymore and it isn't even backseat entertaining either
It took weirdly long for this page to load and I know the issue isn't my internet
I'm not even one of those "waaa waa old bad new good" anons I just miss chill lolcow where I could come here every few days and shitpost. The instability of mods/admin is making things 298494 times worse

No. 1477195

Everything is loading slowly because of the Johsh spam that the mods haven't deleted yet.

No. 1477197

you're not old enough to understand yet, but the thing people miss about being a teenager is the lack of responsibility and reasonable amount of freedom/autonomy, not their literal experience. once you've been working full time for 5 or more years and have to take care of yourself you start thinking about how freeing high school felt, especially if you work in an office where you only see a dozen people a day for years. not trying to shit on you, but those rose colored glasses don't come in for a few more years.

No. 1477199

spent 2 hours around an 8 year old four days ago and now I have strep throat

No. 1477200

I agree nona. I'm not really sure what's so great about being a teen. Everything is so stressful, people expect so much and it can be daunting to navigate those expectations and general growing pains. I also really love who I am as an adult. Yeah, working kind of sucks, but I have significantly more freedom in life and I feel like my hormones evened out so my thinking isn't so black and white. Nothing feels so dramatic or end of the world-y. No one expects anything of adults, and as adults, we realize we have the power to change so much in our lives- our surroundings, our careers, our very being. Being a teen sucks.

No. 1477204

That's what I expect people miss about it, yeah. I get that part of it.

I'm glad you've grown into yourself too anon, I hope things continue looking up for you!

No. 1477228

What are you waiting? This is well beyond over.

No. 1477266

I genuinely ruined my life and can't cope.

No. 1477270

What did you do nonnie?

No. 1477273

I feel so empty. Lately, all I want to do is eat, fuck, sleep, watch tv, and read badly written smut fics. I used to feel more optimistic about my life but that spirit has left my body. Now it's more like I'm waiting to die and only feel alive when I'm doing reckless shit like speeding on the wrong side of the road or having sex.

No. 1477283

my retard cunt of a mother in law is here and I want to absolutely just fucken

No. 1477284

I am taking my bunny to the vet for the first time tomorrow because she's been sneezing a little and I'm really nervous, I know this is silly but she freaks out even when I am just moving her to a different room in the house so I'm really worried about it. I don't want her heart beating too fast or her freaking out while smelling new things and seeing new people, and there will probably be dogs and other animals there too.. I've been anxious about this for a week now and almost feel like canceling so she doesn't have to go through the stress but I'd rather be safe than sorry aaahhhhh

No. 1477292

I just want to cry. I can't stop shaking. Maybe I'll cry myself to sleep tonight. We'll see.

No. 1477293

I dont get a cute bf soon I’m going to kill myself

No. 1477297

Threw a chair at a wall last month like an absolute unhinged loser. I’m probably gonna lose my rent deposit lmao but I guess I deserve it. Fuck.

No. 1477298

This is a beautiful post

No. 1477301

I feel so dead tired. I haven't felt this bad since high school when I would stay up until 11pm-3am and wake up at 6am for school. It made sense but even on days I eat more for energy or get 7-10 hours of sleep for work I'm falling asleep on accident in the living room after my shift. It feels so hard to get off the floor too.

No. 1477302

I hate my teen years and barely remember them because I was abused and was just counting down the days until I turned 18 and could leave and somehow it actually worked out and I’m so lucky because it could have gone really differently if I’d ever fallen into debt or gotten sick or something. I’m 32 and I start sweating when I think about how precarious it was even though I was pretty happy in my early 20s lol I didn’t know /blog

No. 1477318

I wonder if I really can fall in love. I think I've felt heartbreak and have been in love, but it was during my teens so my emotional maturity was way different. Now I wonder if it's just various degrees of attachment depending on what we have in common, what kind of job they have, their lifestyle and what kind of family they come from. When I get sad over things not working out it's more about me obsessing about what could have been based on those parameters. On paper like this it almost sounds like love, but… it doesn't feel like it? It just feels empty. idk I just feel very broken because of this, like I'm not functioning fully. It's not like I don't feel any other emotions.

No. 1477342

File: 1674207516694.jpg (56.51 KB, 800x533, elderly-woman-years-old-peeps-…)

Sometimes I get sad that I've got no more friends left, but then I remember that I used to suround myself with fucked up losers ( like I used to be ) and I'm actually better off without them. On the other hand I'm having a hard time connecting with the healthy well adjusted people around me, they're just not as fun and we have very little similar core experiences. I guess I'm destined to die friendless. If I have to become a lonely old lady I promise I'll spend all my days spying on the local scrotes through my windows.

No. 1477348

I can relate to this, nonna. I've liked people but I feel like it isn't in a true way, like I like them because it made sense? I've never actually desired someone, wanted to get to know, etc. Makes me feel a little broken sometimes too, I want to feel what people seem to feel for other people. I convince myself I just haven't met someone who I will love like that but I'm totally capable, kek.

No. 1477353

File: 1674209708460.png (2.14 MB, 1024x1024, DALL·E 2022-12-06 13.29.50 - O…)

Just wanted to vent about the same thing. I'm so freaking tired and the assignments just keep on piling on. I feel like my brain isn't working as it's supposed to. I can't read without feeling stressed and can't concentrate on any text lately. I used to be amazing at learning languages but now that I need to study one language for my internship, my brain just gave up and I can't even remember the vocabulary. Maybe it's the age, maybe it's the overwhelming tiredness that makes me wanna vomit. I have so many final exams coming up. I get home from whatever shit I have that day and fall into a tired lazy void. Weird thing is that happy videos and even commercials make me tear up lately because I wish so hard I could just take a long break and do dumb happy childish things.

No. 1477367

Yeah, I also figured everything might just fall into place once I meet the right person, or if I just start seeing someone and give it time? But on the other hand, my attachments are mostly related to how I respond to the other person's feelings towards me; there have been a few times I've dated someone and realized I only liked them because they like me, which isn't fair to anyone involved.

No. 1477383

I usually daydream and live in my head throughout the day to make each day easier but lately I’ve dried up on imaginary scenarios and I have no idea what to think about anymore. I forgot how miserable I used to feel before this habit until now.

No. 1477386

How is it fair to expect people to pay hundreds of euros on the spot when they take their pets in for an emergency? How could you be so insensitive to pet owners when part of your job is helping us and our pets? How can you look at a young woman, in tears, late at night and say "Umm you need to pay now, and no we dont offer payment plans". This feels like a career path where you need to be sensitive, I am so scared that my cat won't get through this or needs surgery. I am a broke uni student. I obviously love my cat if I am trying to help him, why would you guilt trip me about the situation… I never had such a bad experience, every other vet has been kind and helpful when taking care of my sick little dumpster kitty

No. 1477388

I contacted my ex for the 1st time since he broke up with me for another girl on Sunday about deleting my nudes/sexts. I feel like shit for texting him, I have no guilt about asking that of him I just hate that I broke no contact. I did keep it strictly about deleting those messages, I didn’t ask him how he was at all, I was a little drunk so I quadruple texted but who gives a fuck. All he said was ‘Yes. Of course. I gotchu.’ Whatever. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t blocked me but I’m not going to get carried away with over analyzing what that means. It won’t even matter because I’m not texting him ever again.

No. 1477394

Read more books to create more fodder. I recommend short stories of science fiction and fantasy as they do some excellent world building but not a lot of plot so you have a lot to work with.

No. 1477410

File: 1674222619399.jpeg (310.73 KB, 960x540, 0E275BD9-1F7B-4769-9602-E32FB1…)

>have mental breakdown during the holiday
>run away from live-in bf to stay with family
>taking leave from job to check in to a mental hospital
>no appetite from the stress of everything going on, probably lost another 10 pounds in the span of 1.5 months
>kind of like the feeling of withering away
>now i have a fucking ED i guess but not because i want control or to look different, i just want to exist as little as possible

how did i manage to fuck up my life this much in such a small span of time. i say fuck up but like things are changing and once i get out of the facility i will be better + i can go back to my job. and my bf is waiting for me because he knows i’m fucked up and need help. at least i’m getting treatment but i feel like such a fucking dumbass. it makes sense that i finally snapped though, i could feel it coming for years. i am a fucking red flag i hate it here

No. 1477413

oh more complaints but i also fucking hate how i can’t talk to anyone i know about it (a.k.a. Other zoomers) without them being like “haha same” or “I wish that were me” or “nice, grippy sock vacation.” same with appetite, they treat it like a competition or something and say they feel the same way but then i watch them down a plate of something. it’s absolutely ridiculous how little empathy the internet-poisoned people around my age seem to have, like they are so shocked that something isn’t revolving around them or isn’t a joke so they make it that way. ok endrant

No. 1477419

Someday I will fucking stab my brother. I have Nutella once after a few months not having any sweets and then he tells everyone in the family that I'm binge eating Nutella all day long or something like that, so then everyone starts sermoning me about eating better.
Like bitch, I've been feeling sick all of these days, I've been telling the maid to make soup for me for dinner every night because I feel like my head will explode, I can't even get up of the bed because I have a terrible headache, my stomach is all sorts of fucked for no reason and I feel like I'm feverish.
Do you really fucking think I want to eat anything?
Then he's like "you were doing amazing with the dieticians plan and now you're fatter" okay so? I've been following the diet properly, you're the one that keeps whining because you can't handle eating eggs more than once a week, you can't eat anything without at least some carbs around, you just workout more because you can drive and actually leave the house and do whatever the fuck you want because no one can tell you what to do or you will start whining.
I just want to kill myself, that will make everyone happy, my family won't need to feed my fatass, they won't need to pay for my education anymore, or health stuff or anything else, they will be fine without me.

No. 1477420

File: 1674224262876.jpg (27.12 KB, 432x432, 52608f47436b235524d841d866f464…)

I hate that this pathetic moid still lives rent free in my mind because he ghosted me and it bruises my ego so much but at least I came across some good ass music recently while trying to get over it.

No. 1477422

The vet I took my hamster to before she died last week keeps fucking calling me but I don't want to pick up because I don't feel like crying on the phone talking about her. My bill is settled so it's not like I legally have to answer the phone. I know they are just following up I just don't want to talk about her

No. 1477425

Your brother sounds like Jazz Jennings brother why is he so obsessed with what you eat and do. Freak

No. 1477438

Lel this is the complete opposite for me I've gotten more attention slightly older than late teens because I looked like a retard when I was younger, didn't know how to dress, didn't groom myself half decent, wasted money on shit skin care etc.

Anons fixated about age when they're only a couple of years older than the zoomers they seem to be meekly intimidated by for being uncontrollably born chronologically after them and coveting at the age of 30 is black pilling me though about the future, bleak. The post asking anon if they're white is kek though. 'Invisibility with age' occurs with all people moids inclusive. Society covets youth and decries aging. Moids experience a fraction of this but be emboldened by the fact that everyone will be your age at some point in their lives. Talents, skill and the legacy in your work all 'age well' barring Alzheimer's lol.

No. 1477449

I asked if she’s white because white women be like 25 and already complaining about aging and getting less attention or complaining that they missed their best years at 22. Best years? You were literally in middle not long ago. I think it’s because pedoism is so rooted in white society maybe.

No. 1477450

I think, being the dreaded 30 yr old, its all a gamble of genes and habits/ lifestyle. I am a late bloomer, but I also work hard meet my goals/ self care. Some kids from high school aged horribly, but were the hottest as seniors.
Some geeks I knew had a glow up too! My best friend looks 40, but she was hot in her 20s. Its all a gamble.

No. 1477451

Samefag and i do feel a little jealous of my white friends talking about how they used to be hot and hit on a lot. While I remember my early 20s and teens being ignored or getting made fun of in real life and online. Isn’t it better to have the memories of being pretty rather than never being considered pretty at all?I don’t feel any empathy for them when they start bitching about aging. Boo hoo get over it.

No. 1477465

Do you ever wonder what kind of woman you could’ve grown into if it weren’t for people crushing your spirit at a young age? I don’t even have a personality anymore.

No. 1477466

This is my last semester before I graduate uni but I've been feeling so overwhelmed with course work I haven't had much time job hunting. I haven't even finished preparing my resume.

No. 1477472

File: 1674229898713.jpg (57.45 KB, 564x809, 099262c6694c2af5a43d33ef324577…)

No one gets how much insomnia affects me. When I say I can't sleep, it's not only getting 5 hours, it's getting at most 2 hours of sleep a night for weeks. I shouldn't be driving, but I have to, and it scares me. I know I'm going to fuck up so much at work today. Medical professionals don't take me seriously; I've reported being unable to sleep at all for over 72 hours and "doctor's orders" was to sleep with socks on. I could have gotten a better remedy for my ailment from a shaman. This has been ruining my life for over 6 years. Despite inefficacy and getting tardive dyskinesia (involuntary facial movement) from antidepressants, that's all I've ever been prescribed for my insomnia. I understand the hesitation with prescribing something stronger, but, like, what am I supposed to do at this point? I can't function in society like this. They won't even give me a night's worth of something so I can get through until tomorrow.

No. 1477477

Once you’re here, you’re really supposed to go on, huh? I don’t have much desire to live. Most days I distract myself, but there are days like today where it’s hard. It’s just so incredibly dreadful and tiring.

No. 1477483

I feel that so much nonny! I hope things will get better for us eventually.

No. 1477487

I could have written this…

No. 1477497

the one night i have a chance to get a decent amount of sleep, i get woken up by a fucking uti after 4 hours and now i'm too uncomfortable to even lay back down on my side fucking kms

No. 1477500

I watched a movie with a pretty explicit sex scene for the first time some weeks ago, and while I always knew I'd be awkward with sex scenes, I didn't expect it to be on the level that I'd start feeling uncomfortable just seeing one of the actresses faces randomly on tumblr lmao

No. 1477511

Same, skeleton sisters. After around 3 years of trying to gain, I've given up because the stress just won't allow me to eat properly. I look like a cancer patient and not slim in a good way.

No. 1477534

why are people surprised the restrooms stink? I’m taking a SHIT no duh it’s gonna stink?! -whispers- “eeiuw it stinks “ shut the fuck up

No. 1477549

It's fucked up. I know someone who came to the vet with a dying dog, it was suffering so bad, and the vet was just like "nah sry I'm closing right now"

No. 1477554

Yeah but sometimes I enjoy being a bitter cunt, though. Nonnie, you still have a personality. I don't know why people say that when they're depressed. Losing interest in stuff doesn't mean you're losing your personality. You can still be interesting and multifaceted, you've still got shit to say and your own opinions/way of being.

No. 1477576

Why did you ruin it, what happened?

No. 1477582

I'm so fucking tired. It's partially the weed, but it's also my period. I just want to eat and sleep. Bullshit that it happened during my weekend, but I'm also grateful that I didn't have to take days off work.

No. 1477591

It really bothers me that my friend looks at stuff on her phone all the time when we’re hanging out. We’ve been friends for a long time, since we were both about 13, and we really get on, but over the past few years she’s started watching instagram reels and looking at memes a lot during conversations. I know it’s nothing personal and she does enjoy my company, but it leaves me feeling like I’m not being fully listened to (she also wears noise-cancelling headphones all the time because she’s autistic and is very sensitive to sound, which is fine with me but it’s different when she’s using them to watch a TikTok or something in front of me). I guess I just think that if you’ve made plans to spend time with someone, particularly if you haven’t seen them in a while, you should give them your full attention.

No. 1477596

Zoomers are doomed

No. 1477605

I had an old friend message me out of nowhere asking me if she was a good person. I honestly don't like being put on the spot. Why would she ask me? What sympathy is she looking for? I understand apologizing, but asking me to give an honest opinion of her past self is just so weird. I don't want to answer her. The past is the past. I don't want her to prove to me she's changed or anything either. Maybe things were exaggerated or more dramatic for a friendship to end, but I just want to focus on the now.

No. 1477612

I would use chatgpt to generate an answer to that kek
People like that are so exhausting, it screams of main character syndrome. Especially when you're not that close it's so weird.

No. 1477614

The bank won't send me my money and I am fucking broke and hungry af. I can't believe this shit is happening to me again. I worked so hard to make my life better and it all just keeps blowing up in my face. If I date a guy he tries to force me to have a baby. If I can get any work it's either low paid or inconsistent. If I try to do a process all the offices fuck me over. My money is stuck in a bank, and I can't access it for months on end. They keep telling me to wait. I can't make any money meanwhile, I am out of cash, I can't open a bank, I can't do anything. I signed up for a training course months ago for the chance of even getting work, and now Idk what to say or do because I thought I would have my money by now. What the fuck is wrong with these people, there is a way to send it in one day, and they just leave me here.

No. 1477615

File: 1674241555226.jpg (83.15 KB, 538x525, 5ecmui9l2mn31.jpg)

She watched Bojack Horsemen recently

No. 1477645

File: 1674243344575.png (610.59 KB, 1360x1338, o9UXrIr2.png)

I joined a self-improvement Discord server in hopes to find a group of women who'd like to form an accountability group, so we can keep track of our goals, set targets and motivate each other. Low and behold, all the people that responded to me are moids. I specifically asked for women only in my request. I don't know what I expected.

No. 1477648

I'm having moments lately where I'll ruminate over the past. I'll think back to an ex from like 8 years ago and wonder whether I was actually the bad guy to an extent. Whether they remember me as good or bad. Questioning whether my own recollection of things is maybe too biased. Stuff like that. I'd never actually message them and ask. I think thats my own shit to work through at this stage.

No. 1477660

Because you're the hundredth person today who tells us you have no money. You think the medicine is free? The equipment? The rent and utilities? I never got a pet because I saw irresponsible owner after irresponsible owner claim they have no money while eating out for lunch every week and having new clothes and freshly done nails. Prioritize your life or don't get a pet. Your choice.

No. 1477668

You joined the wrong one. My self improvement discord is chill and retarded

No. 1477689

TIL about dyshidrosis. Ir's fucking disgusting, I thought an insect laid eggs under the skin on my palm but it's actually blisters. You can't see it unless you shine direct light at it but it bothers the shit out of me bause it looks like tiny holes. Jesus fuck what disgusting shit ew

No. 1477696

I was in a super bad mood from work today. I went to the gym because I thought it would be good to let off some steam. I have this thing were I am scared to change infront of people because I was bullied a lot back in school esp. in the locker rooms before gym class. I am so scared to change in front of people, that I get my bag, go to one of the bathroom stalls and just change really quickly there.
Did it today as well. But today some old ass hag screeched at me that the toilets aren't for changing and that I should change my clothes in the area with the lockers like everyone else.
I am normally a complete doormat and don't say anything but I was so pissed off from work that I told her to mind her fucking business.
She then lost her shit and screamed that if see sees me going to the bathroom stalls again with my bag to change she will go to the front desk and report me. I just walked away.
It is not as if I am blocking one of the bathrooms. It doesn't matter if I am going there to poop for 2 minutes or to change into my clothes for the same amount of time.
I don't know why they can't just make changing stalls. I love going to the gym but I don't want to shower together with other people or having them stare at my body and judge me. I don't want to stare at old peoples butts.

No. 1477700

Blisters bother you more than an insect potentially laying eggs under your skin?

No. 1477702

No, both is gross

No. 1477722

Oh my god i thought i was the only one who had this shit! god its so gross and painful, the blisters do look disgusting specially when they're full of bacteria. Its a literal curse and it hurts so much

No. 1477725

File: 1674249214972.jpeg (102.75 KB, 640x853, C1EF971D-3084-40C2-B3E2-64FDCA…)

feeling really sad about women’s rights and the state of the world today nonnies. i hate that i’m attracted to men, i wish i could divest completely. it sucks so much knowing that the vast majority of men perpetuate the degradation and exploitation of women via porn, and that 95% of men i’m attracted to likely hold sexist beliefs even if they don’t realize it. i have been abused and raped and taken advantage of so many times. but still my heart remains open. i so desperately want to experience love, healthy sex, and partnership. but i love myself too much to settle for some sexist moid. what to do?

No. 1477726

Sorry you had to deal with that nona. That lady sounds off her rocker. If other stalls are free for pooping, what the fuck is her problem? She should piss off and drop dead already.

No. 1477727

I want to go back to when I had a few friends and I didn't know people talked shit about me behind my back. I played games on my ds and felt happy when walking home from school at 4 pm, when the sun was warm and every other kid ran around to chat, play and go buy snacks at the nearest store. I wasn't among them but I enjoyed watching them anyway. Then at school my favourite things were PE (until I got humiliated by the whole class when I pissed myself because the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom right away and ignored me) and sometimes when we would go to this big room to draw a particular picture of a tree. I'd get home and see my cats in the garden of my house. My mother never allowed me to touch them but I still liked them a lot. I miss when I wasn't alone and I didn't have anything to worry about. Now I can't speak to anyone and it all keeps going downhill.

No. 1477735

File: 1674250560297.jpg (193.37 KB, 1582x2048, evil.jpg)

Suddenly remembered this one time a few years ago I went out to this seafood place to have birthday lunch with my mom. She invited her friend without telling me, and then I ended up paying for my own birthday lunch for the three of us. I'm still fucking mad about it. I wouldn't have been mad if it was just me and my mom (like how I wanted it to be), but to add insult to injury, I absolutely loathe this specific friend of hers. She's annoying as fuck and pulls some rude shit on my mom sometimes (like once my mom dropped something while taking it out of the car and her friend screamed at her) that is not acceptable to me, "best friend" or not. Who are you to yell at my mom? Don't pull that shit.

Another time, my dad tried to gently ask me if I could give my mom's friend a ticket to my college graduation. I flipped out over the phone and screamed at him. He knew I'd flip out and still had the audacity to ask (and told me later my mom asked him to ask because she knew I'd flip too). I did NOT let that stupid bitch have a ticket. I knew it wasn't going to be to celebrate, it was because there's a shopping outlet a near drive from my university and I knew it was just going to be an excuse for that bitch to go shopping. Even if I did get to have my moment in the sun with my family, I was hoping to take them around my college town because it's a really fun and lovely place and I wanted to share it with my parents… but we ended up going to the shopping outlet anyway and my mom called her friend to help her buy stuff. I was fucking mad. Also the bitch wouldn't have been able to come even if I was a doormat to let her come, we had to pack up shit from my dorm room to bring back home and there was no extra space in the car for her stupid ass.

During lockdown, my mom would go out to accompany her while she went grocery shopping. She said "she's lonely, she has no one with her!" Uh, that's not my problem. My problem is making sure you and dad stay the fuck home and don't catch covid. I don't care is that stupid bitch is lonely. She can fuck off and die for all I care.

I hate that bitch so fucking much. I try to be a good and pleasant daughter in front of my parent's friends, but I don't pull any of that shit in front of this lady. I have a permanent scowl on my face when I see her. She's going back abroad for a bit and I hope she gets stranded or her plane crashes. Fuck that bitch.

No. 1477740

We used to be really close, like hang out daily, but shit happened. It's like finding out you're not as close as you think you are, you just bonded over suffering similarly. I'm not even close that more to my childhood best friend I'm still on good terms with. We just accept life gets in the way. I would never ask her why we're not close or if I was a good person. It's dumb.
I think about the past often as well, but I'm similar to you. I deal with it alone. Sometimes I'll reach out to someone I'm currently close with to reminisce about me once possibly behaving in a way I'd find unfavorable, but I get over it.

No. 1477747

Asking for favors is so difficult, my bank account could get shut down but I don't know how to ask my aunt for her help, so she can receive a code and I can change the PIN that I forgot.
And my parents won't send me the money I need to keep paying to keep my bank account because I won't be able to use the money at all, but seriously, most of the money goes to keeping the bank account anyways, so it's not like I could actually use it anywhere.
I just want to go to sleep and not wake up.

No. 1477748

Every time the cat gets playful, she chases the small/medium sized dog and bats at him if he gets close. She has scratched his nose twice and made him bleed. How can you play with your cat or allow her to exist around the house (cuz she might randomly get the zoomies) when she becomes antagonistic to innocent dog?

No. 1477762

I opened up to my supervisor at work today about how I've been struggling to manage work burnout because I don't have many friends outside of work. She validated that things were probably hard and recommended I talk more to this other girl at our job who is around my age and very friendly. I don't know why hearing that made me cry. I felt so pathetic. It shouldn't be my supervisor's job at work to help me make friends because I'm fucking stupid and don't have any friends outside of work. And I felt socially retarded that this other girl at work who is the same age as me can be so likable and friendly at work meanwhile I'm crying because I have no friends. She was trying to reassure me that everyone at work is nice and that if I were to ask someone out for coffee they'd all probably say yes. But it feels so awful because I don't know if I can do that. It just seems like such an impossible task to me. If they try to do more work events just so I can meet people I'll feel so unbelievably shitty. Ugh it's so embarrassing. I feel like a child with how socially retarded I am.

No. 1477765

Does she not have any toys??? obvious thing to me would put dog somewhere else and play with the cat. Cats are ambush predators so it shouldn't take too long to wear her out

No. 1477766

She does and I play with her. Sometimes I put her in another room to play with her for 30min to an hour. I also take her on walks for the same length every day. But she’s a very playful breed and only a year old. Even after all that she gets playful randomly. Feels like I have to constantly supervise her so she isn’t bullying the dog.

No. 1477784

Why are you letting this hot and cold, useless, undersatisfying walking stack of crap mistreat you and walk all over you like this at his whim? Do you think it gets any better? That this abyss you are sunk in won't go any deeper as soon as he retreats his malformed person away from you again?

No. 1477788

File: 1674256433692.png (488.75 KB, 425x602, restraining order anime girl.p…)

To this day, I'm still not over the fact that "friend zone" is even considered to be a real thing. How much ego do you need to have to create this concept it's insane

>Women are too kind and gently reject men by saying that they see them only as friend, clearing implying that they lack the physical attraction or important characteristics to be a good partner

>Men misinterpret completely the message and start thinking that they were too nice to them
>Men start to genuinely believe in the "friend zone" and that acting like alpha or sigma male will get them the girl next time

I think that all women should all collectively agree to just straight up call men ugly in order to reject them. That's the only way we can break the circle I believe

No. 1477790

Women get told a time and time again that we can’t be friends with scrotes and we don’t get the memo

No. 1477795

File: 1674256765040.jpeg (31.86 KB, 275x255, 1652096245549.jpeg)

i need religious/witchcraft/woowoo anons to pray on/manifest my scrote coworkers downfall. he's a deceitful passive aggressive thief but he's really good at manipulating everyone's perception and appearing like a goofy funny good guy meanwhile hes stealing their tips and stealing from the register and drank thousands of dollars of company alcohol in like 2 months and then lied abt it at the store meeting. he's also ridiculously condescending and antagonizes me and another girl with backhanded condescending remarks trying to make us feel bad because he's insecure and jealous of us. if I blow up at him i just look like the irrational bad guy because hes just an uwu innocent goofball with ADHD. he's a fucking idiot who obviously let being a ~gifted kid~ in a podunk nowheresville school 10 yrs ago get to his head, one of those dumbdumbs who doesnt realize theyre dumb and speaks on shit they know nothing about. he constantly butts into my conversations with others to input his retarded contributions that contribute nothing, just autistic infodumping half the time not even on subject. but god forbid i get tired of it, IM the bad guy. i literally am in a bind and cant do ANYTHING for the sake of my professionalism. today he condescended me in front of other employees and mansplained something abt MY skilled position that i already knew to me. hes a fucking waiter and has been all his life and needs to stay in his lane. i had to just silently seethe all shift listening to his annoying redditor voice and insane fakeass laugh schmoozing other employees all day so no one ever picks up on what a scumbag piece of shit loser he really is. meanwhile doing passive aggressive shit like leaving huge boxes of shit in the middle of the exit path for my venue all shift. I CAN'T RETALIATE OR SPEAK UP because thats the nature of his manipulation, to have perfect plausible deniability. ive confronted him firmly but politely before abt shit he does and he's extremely defensive, first defense is dismissing your feelings and concerns, second is squealing like a pig if you dont allow yourself to be brushed off and acting like you attacked him. how do you get around behavior like that without being readymade? that's why i need the help of spiritual anons in praying that he hangs himself with his own rope and SOON, because i cant take much more of his shit but i cant get away from him…

No. 1477797

The term "friend zone" isn't that deep it just means he or she has decided you aren't a romantic option. I've been friend zoned before it does suck if you wanted to date them

No. 1477799

File: 1674257058192.jpeg (579.24 KB, 1242x2129, ED748D96-7B8A-40CA-B41F-53B02A…)

>I think that all women should all collectively agree to just straight up call men ugly in order to reject them.
This sounds nice and all but then pic related happens. This is the first news article I saw, there's more like these.

No. 1477801

Being fuck zoned is worse than being friend zoned

No. 1477802

The cat isn't simply playing, playing doesn't involve injuries. Your cat is either extremely stupid (happens) or has some other problem.

No. 1477803

No way, if you're "fuck zoned" you have no reason to interact with them, but if you fall in love with someone who you are friends with, that causes real heartbreak no matter what you do.

No. 1477805

samefag *crazymade not readymade also literally 2 seconds after posting this his gf texted me that hes violently ill and cant work tomorrow, inshallah this is true and not a lie to skip work

No. 1477810

Sorry I wasn't really being clear in my post. I guess I was refereing more toward the attitude that certain men have where they will seriously tell you that they are "stuck" in the friend zone, like they had any chance to begin with. They will resent to have treated a women with respect as a friend afterward if they don't end up dating her. The possibility that they are not good enough for her is impossible to imagine so they will just think that they were too nice/friendly. It's very different from the neutral and reasonable attitude that you described

I was saying this more in joking tone because I think that some pushy dude just need to hear it in a very straighforward way but yeah you are right unfortunately

No. 1477815

NTA but I relate to this a lot too. Coincidentally I'm also not white either. I feel like the other posters just don't get it tbh

No. 1477835

File: 1674259502928.jpg (70.56 KB, 749x1133, 4c8516a7b21e215dbe8c0996593866…)

Nonnies PLEASE I NEED all of you to knock some sense into me. This one moid ghosted me out of nowhere after two months of non-stop communicating and I'm so preoccupied by it to the point where I keep messing up at work and barely sleeping. I just don't get it. We shared the same interests, same views (especially on kids and marriage), have the same friends (we met at a friend's party and saw each other many times in person), the chemistry was on point, we texted multiple times throughout the day every day for weeks and suddenly he stopped responding days ago even though he's online. PLEASE I NEED SOME TOUGH LOVE I AM GOING INSANE. Thank you.

No. 1477841

He probably grew bored of you a while ago and only kept it up out of obligation, but something happened and he simply can't be bothered anymore and so you crashed from apparently normal to zero; the real decline was hidden from your view.

No. 1477844

Dear nonnie, male attention is the most abundant resource on earth. You could go out and get a boyfriend in thirty minutes if you wanted to. Meanwhile, you're chasing some guy who isn't interested.
For most women, courtship is the only time in your life when you will be treated well. In exchange for six to eight months of loving words, gentle conversations, and a couple of dinners, you will then clean his house, bear his children, cook his dinner, manage his calendar and take control of his social obligations for the next forty years. He is getting an exchange that is undreamed of for women and all he has to do and show you a little love for a few months until you're hooked.
Baby girl, this one is not even doing that. Do not chase someone who doesn't want you, you're better than that.

No. 1477847

Dealing with the urge to self harm by gritting my teeth like a maniac and telling myself "IT'S JUST STRESS. YOU CAN HANDLE STRESS. IT'S JUST STRESS. YOU CAN HANDLE STRESS."

No. 1477849

Nonnie, you are SO much more worth it than some moid avoiding you and declining to give an answer to his responsibilities. Honestly he sounds like a POS who led you on thinking he'd get laid and when you didn't put out, he left. I'm sorry nonnie, you deserve more.

No. 1477851

Fucking help me I feel so conflicted and lost. I've been dealing with crushing loneliness for so long and I recently met a guy who I was starting to like. I noticed a lot of his flaws but still managed to catch feelings for him somehow, but I just found out that he has said some extremely misogynistic things in the past and now I feel completely betrayed. I should've seen it coming because he is generally very disliked by our peers, and it was stupid of me to expect anything from a man. But cutting him off now hurts so fucking much because he made me feel less hateful towards the world and like I could come out of my shell more. Forming genuine friendships with people is near impossible for me. What do I even do? Whatever I end up doing I need to let him know how I feel because I need some kind of closure at least.

No. 1477852

And sorry this is worded so poorly. I'm esl and also extremely emotional and tired. A lot of context and nuance is left out

No. 1477854

my mom fucken bought life insurance from some relative for me and expects me to pay for it despite saying i don't want to buy that shit from them because it sounds like a fucken scan. now she's all 'you can't cancel it like how you did last time because it's under me'. stupid ass bitch says that its good because shes buying from relatives and theyve been selling it for 13 years.. like not shit bitch. BECAUSE theyre relatives theyre going to say shit to make relatives buy that crap from them.

No. 1477858

File: 1674261626044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1170x1807, 04F878FC-ED1B-49B3-9A67-487BED…)

I was just shown this For Love and Lemons ad reel on Instagram and I scrolled down fast because for a second my brain genuinely interpreted it as cp. It starts with this creepy unnecessary zoom in on the models’ crotch, and they have her posing with her knees in, pigeon-toed, and awkwardly fidgeting with her hands and I swear they’re intentionally trying to make it look like a little girl. (It then shows the models’ full body for like a half-second and you can tell she’s an adult, and in the still frame it’s obvious she has woman hips) but the comments in the ad are all talking about how creepy it looks. I’m so sick of this loli/ddlg pandering shit

No. 1477861

Stay strong and don't pay, she needs to learn to respect you!

No. 1477870

File: 1674262821875.jpg (41.5 KB, 360x321, 1671321827313.jpg)

Well, I was wondering about how food affects me recently and it lead to me finding out that there's a pretty high chance I'm extremely intolerant to high-sulfur foods and I've been kind of being fucked up by them for years. Onion and garlic made me feel like death, but then I realized that it was more than that and I realized the one common thread between the stuff that makes me feel like shit was having high sulfur.

Perfectly explains why I felt my best when I didn't eat for several days or severely limited my diet–because it's so difficult to avoid it. I should be happy but I'm not, this is ridiculous.

No. 1477871

Also this can't be natural. Is there something about the modern diet that fucks up people or something? Are the "antibiotics hurt your body" conspiracy theories true? Ugh.

No. 1477875

There is no insurance, they do not offer any payment plans like most services do anyways and I live in a poverty stricken country. They know full well this and there are still no limits to how much it costs just to check your pet out. Dont try to attack the character of the owner, most of us dont fit your profile, including me. Every service is payed I know that, but there are regulations. We even have free healthcare, its just vets that have no restrictions or offer any support. Its a question of morals. When you go into a field like this that requires sympathy and care, if you act like a money lusting demon, you should be criticized. Plus my pet was a dumpster cat doomed to breed and spread illness. Sometimes things happen, and I dont think we should be punished for trying to take care of our community.

No. 1477880

i was fucken bitching about not wanting and she said they already accepted me and if i dont want it then she will pay for it. which is a load of bullshit because she keeps mentioning that because i work i can afford to pay for shit.

this shit is pissing me off so much.

No. 1477884

File: 1674264286200.jpg (106.96 KB, 741x876, D5_sl6SWkAAxD7I.jpg)

Thank you nonnies!I really needed to be reminded of those things. I know it's obvious but it just sucks that I fell for it and actually had hope for this to turn into something.

>For most women, courtship is the only time in your life when you will be treated well.

Ugh I think that was the thing for me. It felt so nice to have someone act like a gentleman and trying to get to know me instead of expecting me to put out. I felt like a human for once and not like an object. Silly of me to think he'd be any different.

No. 1477885

> Its a question of morals.
How do you not understand that everything veterinarians do costs them real money and they have their own bills to pay? Why should they pay for the healthcare of YOUR pet? That's incredibly selfish. Go get a degree and work for free yourself if you think they shouldn't get paid and see how that works out. Go collect money, start a foundation or something. Simply demanding other people take care of it and sacrifice their lifetime and money is not a moral thing to do.

No. 1477891

I constantly want to cry thinking about being with her and she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her head against my chest and my heart was beating so fast, I felt my face go red I was so excited and emotional over what a close and beautiful moment it was, and then she said “I wish (guy we know) was here instead of you.” Maybe it’s my fault for letting my gay feelings subconsciously seep into everything and make me jealous and I should have just been able to accept it as friends. But I can’t get over it. I was basically in love but of course she turns out to be straight and no matter how close I get to a straight girl I’m just going to be disposable trash on the road compared to some random mediocre moid who never did anything for her except be a dickhead to her and make her cry. I was always supposed to be there for her and I always was and then when he entered the picture I started being treated like a dog. I thought we loved each other. She said forever. I’m just stupid.

No. 1477895

talking about life insurance. my retarded ass mom sent fucken PHOTOS of my brothers social security card and id to some insurance agent her friends relative or some shit like that used because they were 'sooooo good and trustworthy and bought from them for years'. half a year later.. fucken NOTHING from that guy. at the time i told her that was stupid and she was all 'i told him to delete the photos and he said he will' i swear this bitch is so fucken stupid.

No. 1477900

oh god my mom fell for some very obvious, filled with typos postal service/customs scam, she accidentally tried to log into somewhere with my Google account and I got a safety alarm and almost had a heart attack calling her because I knew I had left it open on her laptop. She's a smart woman who works with other people's money so this was just fucking stupid, I almost screamed at her to cancel her card immediately and learn to goddamn read, I did apologise to her later but she was so embarrassed that she understood why I was so upset. I swear to gods these +60yo women will be the death of me,nona

No. 1477901

I have a 2nd exam on monday, to finish my apprenticeship (im a nurse in training).Im from germany and some jobs are apprenticeships here and after 3 years they end and you need to pass an exam successfully in order to be a real nurse. Im so fucking depressed because i failed the first exam (6 months ago) and now my 2nd exam is in 2 days and i dont feel ready at all and i feel like im going to fail once again. If i fail a 2nd time i just thought to myself that im just going to quit my apprenticeship and be jobless and then kill myself. I literally feel like fucking shit rn because getting my job etc. is the only „successful“ thing i was doing the last years and now, after 3 and a half years, its going to end like this. Everything i do just ends in failures and its so fucking depressing. I genuinely hate my life and i wish i was never born

No. 1477904

I’m not planning to quit lc entirely because I like the career and health related threads but I’ve really ramped up using internet blockers/screen time and posting less is kind of bittersweet. It’s a pain trying to find stuff with all the spam in the catalog, and I also wasn’t sure if the discord was deleted or I got booted because I opened the app recently and it was gone. It’s just starting to feel more tedious to do lc related posting I guess.

No. 1477915

File: 1674268870788.jpg (90.74 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

While my bf has some good qualities I feel that the things that bug me about him over time outweigh those more each day. One of the biggest issues is that I feel like I'm his mom. And not only for him, but also for his OWN mother too.

He works full time and I work part time so apparently that means I lose and have to do everything around the house. I do literally 99% of the housework. (dishes, laundry, emptying trash, cleaning up surfaces, etc.). He just sits in his room playing video games, building legos, and watching netflix/tiktok. Never steps up to help with anything but acts “disappointed” if I forget something small like refilling the Brita pitcher.

I can see where he gets it from too. We live with his mom (it's cheap, we can't afford to move out right now). She literally lays in bed 24/7 watching tv or playing phone games. She is older and has pretty shaky hands so I get that certain tasks are hard but she just…doesn't care about herself. At all. She doesn't even change clothes for a week or two at a time even though me and my bf have brought it up gently to her.

I do all the cooking. I don't cook for them out of the kindness of my heart. I cook because I'm a grown fucking adult who takes care of myself. But my bf never cooks (he buys fast food if he's ever in charge of meals) and his mom just assumes I'm the personal chef who will make dinner every day. I don't say it lightly but it genuinely triggers something in me when she asks "what's for dinner" every fucking day. It's hard to explain. And she'll just sit at the kitchen table watching me cook waiting for dinner like a child and it's super awkward.

I don't know. The more I type the more I realize I really don't like being here, in so many ways. The main reason is I can't afford to easily move out at this time. If I move out I can't imagine how they'll take care of themselves, but that wouldn't be my problem anymore.

No. 1477917

nta but what i don't understand about the term is, if you (general you not you specifically) wanted to date someone why not tell them earlier on in the first place? of course you'll be seen as a friend if you don't make your intentions clear

No. 1477933

I have been feeling very frustrated about the men around me. Every moid I encounter sooner or later reveals himself to have some kind of porn-damaged perception of women. Do they really lack that much impulse control? I just want a man that isnt damaged by porn. Is that too much to ask? Idk what to do nonnas, i think i will end up alone in life if things continue to be like these.

No. 1477937

I wish I knew too nonna. It seems to be a constant no matter where you look. With a guy I used to date I learned to just fuck off when he tried to show me a tiktok (a red flag already) he had saved because he would invariable scroll through several "liked" videos of thirst traps and cosplay thots to get to it. You think your girlfriend wants to see that? Oblivious.

It's also funny because he claimed to be poly (even more massive red flag) and said he may want to date someone else to fulfill "needs" he wasn't getting with me. Those needs are pretty obvious to guess. It's also hilarious (well, in hindsight) that he couldn't even take care of one woman's needs that way so who knows how he thought he could do it with two. Needless to say that dude is past tense now. Made me pretty jaded going forward though, ngl.

No. 1477943

Thank you for sharing your story nonna. Its a relieve to see other people with the same frustration since i thought i was being over jugdmental with men for quite a while. I think the worst thing about the whole ordeal is how society tries to gaslight us into thinking these type of actions, like what the guy you dated did are normal. I hope you find a porn free moid one day, nonna.

No. 1477944

I started volunteering at a nonprofit type place that gleans discarded food to feed the homeless. Like local grocery stores give them everything that expired on a day of the week and they have two days to hand it out by some healthcode loophole or something (I'm curious but I don't know how it works yet because I'm new) and there's other angles like getting out of season fast food stuff (mcribs, whatever). The person who ran it for a long time is a super type-A from what I can tell and I can see how he kept it going for so long (he's absolutely insane and unsociable but he works hard) but he's retiring and somehow this new person took the reigns and the new guy is fucking awful. If it was a real business he would be fired, he's bad at everything. He's so scatterbrained and the work is somehow harder when he's around. Does anyone understand what I mean? Have you ever had a boss you wish would just get out of the way? I mean he's not even my boss because I'm not being paid, I'm a volunteer, but I am spending my time there and I think I have to stop because of him even though I don't really want to. Everything he does is just second-guessing the last thing he did and it's frustrating and creates a sour mood. He's very sociable and friendly and makes a good first impression if you don't know him, just very affable in short doses, but working around him for a while is exhausting. I think he got on top because of his social skills and the way he gloms on to anyone with an idea and extracts it from them, then doesn't quite present it as his own but the implication is he facilitated it (he didn't). If he was left on his own he would die because he has no ideas and the thoughts he does have are meandering and incomprehensible. I think my biggest gripe is he wastes the food he's given!! because he is so scatterbrained he can't keep track of what he receives and it doesn't go out to the homeless/poor, it fucking rots in his kitchen. I could scream. I have an F&B background so I'm probably too critical but it's not that fucking hard to use up food before it expires. don't fucking hoard rotten inventory.

No. 1477947

It’s real sad that I have to choose between being pretty and being broke. I have 20k saved and I would need to spend half of that to follow the beauty standards. Being a woman is a slow burning hell.

No. 1477948

Running is great for that. I like sprinting. Sometimes while running I'll think about cringe shit I did or how much I hate my life and go full autism mode and sprint it off.

No. 1477949

You are free to not participate in social media/mass consumption. Nobody but yourself is giving you those choices.

No. 1477951

>you’re free to do

If only it were that simple

No. 1477952

Hatred. Even if they claim it's not meant to look childlike (it is though) it's obviously supposed to look like she's an inexperienced virgin or super insecure. I hate men so fucking much.

No. 1477954

I used to think like you when I was 16, but when I grew up I realized that it really IS that simple.
The people who matter don't care and the people who care don't matter.

No. 1477955

Who else feeling depressed as fuck right now? I wish someone would put me out of my misery. My whole body feels so heavy and I only feel like a burden toward everyone in my life. Fun!

No. 1477956

>The people who matter don't care
They do though. Even good people want attractive partners and everyone judges by looks. I feel you, nonnie with the 20k. I've spent more than that on plastic surgery and fucking hate that I "had to". So many other things I'd love to spend that on, but more than material things, I want to feel attractive and loved. Not that males can love anyway kek.

No. 1477957

> Even good people want attractive partners and everyone judges by looks.
This is such nonsense. Nobody. Cares. People think about your looks for half a second and then they're talking to you and you build a relationship based on what comes out of your mouth and what you do.
The ugliest weirdest autists have good friends and romantic partners who love them to bits while tons of vapid plastic women go from one shit relationship to the next and are endlessly engulfed in drama without friends who actually know them or care about them, because plastic surgery doesn't cure mental illness and good relationships can only be built on good mental health.

No. 1477958

File: 1674274554035.gif (4.75 MB, 624x640, 1654560730467.gif)

Yeah and also God, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are real + trannies are women.

No. 1477959

>"antibiotics hurt your body" conspiracy theories
huh?? I thought that was medical fact. They are life saving but they kinda fuck you up temporarily as a side effect (totally worth it if you're sick but not to be toyed with). It destroys my guts whenever I need antibiotics.

No. 1477960

Enjoy your victim status, but know that people like me will silently judge you everywhere.

No. 1477961

Lose weight get healthy!

No. 1477962

>people like me will silently judge you everywhere
But you just said that nobody cares about other peoples looks, kek.

No. 1477963

you don't need to spend 10k on beauty, someone is lying to you. you're operating on troon logic.
spend it on therapy, it'll last longer.

No. 1477964

I'm not judging her looks but her NPC mindset.

No. 1477967

I want friendships and intimacy with people but I know itll never happen. After being burnt in the past by my best friends it hasn't been the same. I overthink, I assume their words or gestures are secretly hateful, and I have difficulty maintaining conversations in the first place with such little practice all these years. If I do manage to get someone I start oversharing, then I feel dumb and cut it off. I wish I could stop feeling lonely and accept my solitude.

No. 1477968

White lies are okay in real life so we say that looks aren't important. But this is an anonymous imageboard, so why lie? Accept that not everything is pleasant to hear or say. Or go back to Tiktok.

No. 1477974

I hate scrotes that come into workplaces and harass young girls. I'm in my early 30s so I don't seem to get it as often now but there is some younger girls who have started and there's sketch shit already happening.

One has just turned 18 and this disgusting little Italian man in his 80s brings her food. He also used to do it for another girl who is 19. I'd like to say it's just a kind gesture because they helped him, but me and my much older co-worker have helped him several times and he is a rude asshole and has never gotten us food or gifts (Not that I would accept it anyway)

I made a joke to the 18 year old that we've never received pasta and she said 'well he's trying to set me up with his son, he knows I have a boyfriend but he's very persistent and I can't say no to good pasta'
I've seen her actually sit down with him and have lunch with him and follow up with a big hug.

His son has to at least be in his 30s if this guy is in his 80s.
Also she's a really sweet girl that doesn't like saying no to things.
In b4 I am ugly and jealous. I'm neither of those things. I just hate entitled fuckers who want to date children who are trying to work.

No. 1477975

Your mindset is pure social media brainrot.

No. 1477977

Meh just mind your business. If you get involved it’s going to back fire on you.

No. 1477978

sometimes looks really, really aren't important. there are many situations in life where your appearance isn't gonna do shit for you.

No. 1477979

File: 1674276387802.jpg (68.64 KB, 564x587, ca9ee64d066707b7a39f7695d6a98b…)

I feel like everyone around me has been weirdly bitter. At first I just thought about it as an end of the year thing but nothing has changed this month.

No. 1477980

Samefag but the thing with older men and young girls is they have to learn for themselves and you can’t stop them. No matter how sweet the girl is she’s always going to side with the men. Don’t bother with them unless they are your daughters or close relatives. He’s in his 80s and probably going to die soon anyway so he’s no real threat to her. Don’t make an ass of yourself at work trying to help.

No. 1477981


No. 1477991

not that anon but this is the complete opposite in my experience

No. 1477992

I think it depends on age and social group too, if you hang out with vapid people they will probably pay attention to looks, or when you are in your teens. Nobody has commented on my looks since I graduated from school. But I also don't hang out with meangirls or social media addicts who follow trends and fashion.

No. 1478006

Maybe I don’t wanna breeed with the other autists and ugly people which is why o want plastic surgery

No. 1478010

I recommend just maybe slowly phasing out of doing a lot of the chores while you secretly make plans to move out. He just seems wretched, I'm sorry nonny, I'm sure when you met him he didn't seem like he'd be like this.

No. 1478015

I’m 31. People still care about looks. Unless you have the bottom of barrel no standards and you’re a broke loser surrounded by other losers.

No. 1478016

What's stopping you from getting a full time job?

No. 1478017

Oh I'm definitely minding my business and not saying anything. I just mentioned the pasta thing jokingly and that's all I've said.
I hadn't planned on saying or doing anything, I was just venting because it's gross. The things I hear these weirdos saying to the younger girls is just a bit yuck is all.

No. 1478018

Yeah, when we started dating we lived in separate places. The main reason we moved into his mom's house was that it was cheaper than any rent around (just pay our share of groceries, utilities, and property taxes). His mom was a big packrat but we kind of had the go ahead to help clean it up so I assumed we could clear junk out (including one room I could use as a craft room) and it'd be nice. But it's been awhile and things are still a mess, and I get so overwhelmed and stressed since I get no help that I just don't think there's a point. I want to work on more crafts but I still don't have a dedicated space like I expected to. I'm slowly saving money here and there for whatever might happen.

No. 1478028

im sick of the jannies on crystal cafe. at least this place will leave your retarded comment up with a ban or give you a warning instead of auto-deleting and policing topic threads

No. 1478031

It’s weird how much is deleted but it doesn’t really bother me. Just looks odd when every thread is 5 years old and gets one post a month but a bunch of replies will be quoting a comment that doesn’t exist so you can’t know wtf happened if you weren’t there lol

No. 1478032

The sympathetic frustrated groan I started emitting while reading this, uggggh… get out get out it doesn’t get better get out!!

No. 1478034

I dont know why everyone is shitting on you for wanting to follow beauty standards to fit in.

If it's purely a financial thing, unless you are disfigured it won't cost you 20k. Exercise more and do a regular skincare routine.
When you say 20k are you referring to plastic surgery or overall treatments like lashes/nails ect?

Yes, the world is superficial and honestly if it makes you feel better and more confident to get something tweaked, go ahead! But if it's deeper than that, like body dismorphia or you feel like its going to be an ongoing thing, I would probably go to a therapist or try to work with your features until you can accept it.
Unconventional features can look really beautiful. I think mainly having nice clear skin and being well groomed eg- nice clean teeth, smelling nice, brushed hair will get you pretty far. You don't need to have big tits and a tiny button nose to be hot. I mainly exercise and look after my skin which costs fuck all and I have just tweaked small things like getting my teeth whitened. I hope you find love in yourself anon.

No. 1478035

I’ve just confirmed nonas, my very best friend of over a decade dropped me a couple years ago and blocked me off everything. I never understood why, she seemed to be dating some new dude (was a lesbian) and that was the end of that. She knew my TERF-y ways so I suspected this “dude” was no normal guy. Sure enough, rediscovered his FB today and he’s a troon. My friend dropped me because of some limp HRT dick. i miss her, but more than that, i want better for her. I hope she dumps them someday and never looks back. she deserves a lot better, even if we never speak again.

No. 1478043

my face was clearing up really good on Wednesday and now its going to complete shit. I fucking hate acne so much I quite literally start clawing at my face when it starts getting this fucking bad. I want to kill myself. I scrub and I scrub and nothing fucking works. And not touching it just makes my face hurt .

No. 1478051

My mom wakes up super early and always wakes me up next room with her noise. She almost doesn't sleep, gets up 4 hours early just to watch TV. It's so freaking unhealthy for her too.
I'm honestly so fucking tired of this. I'm a super light sleeper and I just can't help that. Why does she have to get up this early on weekends? Can't she just go back to sleep? Stay in bed and be on phone for at least an hour? I need to study for my final med school exams and I haven't properly slept in like 4 months because I have to get up early during the week and during the weekends she wakes me up. And I'm pretty bitter about it when I get woken up after 4-5 hours of sleep and usually go tell her, she gets also really angry and it turns into a fight. What gets me is she can't ever just say 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you up' but it's always 'NO, I was silent, it's just your imagination and you woke yourself up, now it's enough, go away' and some condescending shit that always sets me off and it honestly feels humiliating to go away when she tells me off like that so I just stay and complain because my sleep-deprived angry brain just gets stuck. I'm not a kid, I'm well in my twenties actually and this is all so dumb. I cried so fucking hard like a kid this morning, I just want to sleep but I can't because of the noise.

No. 1478062

go to a pharmacy and buy hydrocolloid bandages. not the expensive skincare pimple patches, just the regular cheap packs meant for wounds. it's literally the same thing, keeps your acne clean, stops you from clawing at it and it speeds up healing. mummify yourself in them and replace every 12 hours. your skin will be good again nonny, this is just a temporary state and you'll get through it.

No. 1478066

i want to round up every vocal 'persona fan' who has only played p5 and maybe 4 at a push and shoot them.
persona 5 in general was a mistake

No. 1478074

This is just a stupid vent but had my birthday yesterday and my bf, who earns twice as much as me, spent half as much on presents than I did for him even though I earn shit and I really went out of my way to buy him special things he likes (a course in photography, a special cigar, a book he wanted etc), whereas I got a fridge magnet and an art print. I know I'm just an ungrateful pos, but still

No. 1478076

anon pls make him treat you to a nice dinner at least. ik lots of moids who are just shit at presents but giving you a fucking frige magnet for your bday is ridiculous

No. 1478078

your needs aren't stupid. women and people in general (men usually cheat to get what they need) need to understand it's okay to need things someone isn't automatically giving you. talk about it with him and if he doesn't fix it, don't compromise yourself and think about if it's important and he's worth it to you.
no, anon needs to express her feelings and have them reciprocated. telling someone what you want and making them do it is useless.

No. 1478082

Ocd is really ruining my daily life and these intrusive thoughts and obsessions are making me miserable, I'm very ashamed I don't know how to stop them

No. 1478085

you gotta go to therapy or atleast research techniques to help. don't be ashamed of being ignorant about it, you can learn the tools to control it!

No. 1478101

Thanks for replying, it makes me feel better to know other people are in the same situation as me. Sometimes I feel worthless and like something is fundamentaly wrong with that I am so lonely.

No. 1478104

File: 1674295473959.jpg (4.44 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

>Be me
>Spend months on lolcow becoming enlightened about moids
>Decide that moids ain't shit
>Meet moid
>Think he's different because he acted mature in the beginning and sounded too good to be true
>He suddenly ghosts me
>Shamefully revert back to lolcow

Honestly I fucking deserve it for being a dumb clown.

No. 1478109

You're quite petty, immature and vapid for that age lel

No. 1478112

The friend zone is primarily moids incapability of seeing women as genuine platonic friends and only seeing women as the possibility of fuck holes, it is 'deep'. Its a different story if women are 'friend zoned' but moids is the typic entitlement to womens bodies.

No. 1478113

I’ve been more bitter than I’d like to admit, too. I’ve felt alone in thinking that it feels like there’s nothing to look forward to anymore

No. 1478120

We all make this mistake. The trick is to only make it once

No. 1478122

I disagree. the friend zone does exist because men are too stupid to just voice their intentions and they think the gateway to dating is friendship because other stupid men tell them it is. that, and some of them think they can avoid rejection by trying to be friends first. they always think it's unfair we've made up our minds about romantic interest immediately despite them doing the same thing to us. this is why being friends with men, even those who share common interests is impossible.

No. 1478132

File: 1674300974336.jpg (123.15 KB, 522x800, 1672915234508269.jpg)

Speaking of the friend zone

Yet another moid has decided to half-assedly orbit me without putting in any effort whatsoever or asking me out on a date
How am I supposed to not take it personally? I'm so ugly that bottom-of-the-barrel moids choose me as their last-resort "attempt" to lazily extract sex from a female shaped object, usually after asking out every other woman and failing
I'm so last rate that they can't even offer to buy coffee or come to me, they actually expect me to chase them after making wishy washy "offers" to """"""hang out"""""""

I want to fucking die, I'm somewhat at peace with being an ugly weirdo when I'm left alone but every time I have to deal with a moid like this my self-esteem drops a little lower

No. 1478134

I'd gladly give any of these men the chance IF THEY ACTUALLY COURTED ME AND DIDN'T TREAT ME LIKE A BRO WITH A PUSSY

No. 1478138

This is bullshit no one voices their intentions after immediately meeting someone they're interested in and there's nothing wrong with a friendship growing into a romance like most sane people would do. If you aren't friends with your partner are you just there to fuck?

Women develop genuine love and admiration for people therefore some friendships turn into romance, moids don't because moids don't see women as equals and every woman is a potential fuck hole to them.

>gateway to dating is friendship

The gateway to dating could very well be friendship especially with lasting female friendships but moids are shallow and only see fuck holes of women. You're no better thinking that moids are stupid and to teach them to segregate women into 'friend', and not friend' based on fuckability. Arguing that they need be obvious about their insidious intentions doesn't make them any less insidious. No moid outwardly communicates that they want to humiliate and degrade you because it's not socially acceptable to do so in most scrote occasions but moids will assume every woman in front of them are single and heterosexual for their moid satisfaction.

The friend zone is not some cutesy, unserious bullshit like people are spewing or intentional retardism of moids like you suggest, it's entirely intentional due to their inability to see women as people.

No. 1478143

do you have autism? legit question because you've misinterpreted everything i said to fit some weird narrative.

No. 1478144

Garlic and onions are actually two foods you should avoid if you have GI problems, I know I can’t eat raw onions because they give me a really bad stomach aches. You might want to look at this list, it has foods people with GI sensitivities are supposed to avoid and some recs that are okay:


No. 1478145

yeah from my experience it's
>moid finds her adequate (beautiful enough)
>moid immediately starts wooing her, attempts to make her his gf
>moid does not find her adequate (not beautiful enough)
>moid becomes her "friend" and can see himself putting his dick in her while drunk if she lets him, until he finds someone he actually wants who he will woo and "simp" for

whereas women can make friends that she develops feelings for out of (what she thinks is) genuine intimacy and familiarity.
men do not do this. men decide what you are to them immediately and if you aren't good enough, you're good enough to be cynically used and milked for everything you've got

No. 1478146

Fuuuck i thought people were memeing about trannies being a literal pest. Being a female online creator is the fucking worst, every nerdy space i am part of drank the gendie kool ai and i am too small number-wise to be able to speak out. Oh well, hope this inspires me to grow and get bigger, i hope i become the rowling of gaming youtubers

No. 1478148

you just contradicted what ayrt said…

No. 1478149

File: 1674302897264.jpg (47.85 KB, 564x564, 2db8490e946ceacfcc4ede4229fe8a…)

I fucking hate female socialization. Why do I always feel like I am the one who has to reach out to someone or ask if things are okay when I did nothing wrong. I'm always the one checking up on everybody, consoling them and accomodating those around me (yes I know that's called being a pushover) but I hate that this habit is so ingrained into me. I KNOW when something is not my fault but even then I still doubt myself and my intuition and wonder if there's something that I could've done about it.

No. 1478152

No. 1478158

Do you not see the literal thousands of normies out there who are "ugly" and in healthy, long lasting relationships? Do you interact with the world at all?

No. 1478159

None of those anons but what? Those posts don't even sound male.

No. 1478161

I hate being asexual i am doomed to be alone forever because no one wants an abstinent relationship

No. 1478162

Ntayrt but how do you know they're healthy? Things are often different behind closed doors.

No. 1478166

Fuck, modern day dating is so bleak. People are just keeping many possible options around and then pick and choose like they're objects. I'll never understand that. If I've got my eye on someone, then I don't usually care about other people unless I see that the relationship isn't going anywhere. How can you possibly build a connection with someone if you keep talking to three other people and going on dates/hooking up with them at the same time? I don't want to have to compete with other women. I'd honestly rather be single forever than just be a warm body to someone.

No. 1478167

uh what?
>This is bullshit no one voices their intentions after immediately meeting someone
>yeah from my experience it's
>moid finds her adequate (beautiful enough)
>moid immediately starts wooing
first anon said no one voices their intentions immediately and anon replied saying men do voice their intentions immediately. plus >>1478138 makes no sense anyway based on what she's responding to.

No. 1478204

it's really obvious you're defending yourself…

No. 1478207

Nonna calm down. Doctors are still payed even if health care is free for humans. I wasnt even advocating for free vet care, just for them to tell you how much it costs and not inflate the prices so much. And not to be extremely rude, like I said, its a delicate situation and every other vet had spoken to me respectfully, and that this one was super rude when talking about my cats emergency needs. Please read what is written and dont create imaginary fights

No. 1478210

You got so far, no point giving up now! You will succeed just keep working on it

No. 1478220

>dont fit in irl
>also dont fit in online
I hate everything, this place sucks, 4chan sucks, most forums who are still somehow alive sucks, internet is just irl2 but with more degeneracy. I wonder if there is more people like me out there, who thinks modern world is cursed and wrong but arent politispergs and just want to have a good time playing videogames watching anime and whatnot. I feel so fucking lonely, i wish i could be stuck in 2010 forever. At this time i have accepted i will always feel this lonely. I cant fit with normies because i am anti gendie bullshit, i dont fit in with most transphobic people because they are also racist and "tradcath" and secretly fuck troons and i dont fit here because i have "scroteish hobbies". I recently started making content online and i fucking hope i can find more people like me, it all feels so lonely and bleak. Anyways, i wad doing fine, one week without lc and then social media pushes me back here, and the state of this makes me want to quit again. Sucks.

No. 1478233

same here. however i came to a realization, the issue i was having was taking everything too seriously. ignore people who want to constantly remind you of bad things, be it lolcow, sjws, normies or whoever. let someone else worry about all that and just stop caring. don't be a radfem. don't be a tra. don't live in a society. things will exist whether you like it or not so hang out with normies and their annoying tranny friend then come here to bitch about him, but take things lightly.

No. 1478239

Nah i fucking hate that, i hate how being fake and dishonest and a shit friend is considered normal and a acceptable behaviour. I have read of anons here being anti trans bullshit but then walking on eggshells and being thembies irl to fit in, fucking nightmarish. Sorry but i cannot live like that. I really wish i was born earlier i just want real friendships.

No. 1478241

People rightly called you out, stop whining

No. 1478245

Same, only reason I don't drop this hell of a site is because trannies and moids infested everything else. It's not even fun anymore

No. 1478253

kek You acting like she's the only one who hates getting minimodded by randoms

No. 1478255

I got banned on CC once which led to them deleting multiple replies I've made, regardless of content kek, including a brownie recipe I posted. I didn't even know what post they banned me over.

No. 1478257

Nta but shut the fuck up. Are you that anon who keeps going up to randoms venting about their troubles to turn the situation into "their fault" regardless of content?

No. 1478260

This is what i was talking about. The patronizing on a fucking anon website. I think i am going to become a hermit.

No. 1478261

>Scottish hobbies
What's wrong with that? Scott lands pretty cool

No. 1478264

Just use the other vent thread, this one is full of very miserable anons like her. That way your vents won't get dragged to hell and back

No. 1478265

I swear there's a idiot or you know who who is in ot who does nothing but bait bullshit fights or finds something to nitpick

No. 1478287

Possibly but it's been going on for years before Blaine/whoever kept baiting anons. I remember venting about my in laws stealing my money years ago and an anon came in claiming it was my fault, I talked about this on another thread months later just for other anons to step up and find out similar things have happened to them when they vented about their situation and some random troll popped up to claim the entire situation is their fault all along. I also seen anons patronize an anon claiming she was "a troon larping an abuse fetish" because her boyfriend beat her into a miscarriage

No. 1478298

You really think there is a specific anon camping in the vent thread to be mean? This is a gossip site with a generally hostile atmosphere, infigting happens all the time by many many anons. Some anons have even admitted to being mean on purpose here to let off steam lol.

No. 1478299

you realize that >>1478220 is in another thread defending lolicon, right? they keep calling anons terfs too.

No. 1478300

the absolute state of lc today.
nonnies im so tired can we just have ONE day with no infighting or samefags shitting up the place. its been bad enough with the downtime and spambots, now i have to trawl through the same 3 anons arguing with eachother over literal pointless garbage

No. 1478311

ayrt and i agree, reminds me of the derailing in the bunker threads. i still wish farmhands would get involved though seeing as it's the same been the same retards shitting up threads across the boards

No. 1478314

i got accused of being a man because i told an anon to integrate. i am just done.

No. 1478317

It's more believable than anons just randomly taking a bit on venters claiming everything is their fault imo. Lolcow isn't a check in area to use randoms as an emotional punching bag and leaving, it makes much more sense the "it's all your fault" comments are coming from the same couple of anons than the idea that an anon is only doing it once but it happens to frequently here

No. 1478325

An anon in the dumbass shit thread trying to use terf as an insult admitted to doing that. I am pretty sure they're a tranny though.

No. 1478326

Have any of you nonnas ever experienced mental and emotional regression when talking to one specific person? Like, you and this person are not good for each other whatsoever but have known one another for so long that the bond hurts to break. If so, any idea on what causes it?
For the past 3 years my childhood friend/longtime ex and I have had long intervals where we do not interact, we improve our lives and the second I talk to him all that improving goes to waste and he leaves. I'm going through this last stage right now. I feel like a god damn teenager again and it sucks.

No. 1478327

As a kid
>no intrusive thoughts
>could have a steady, uninterrupted train of thought
>if I thought about things that made me sad or uncomfortable I would think to myself that I just won't think about it anymore
>I wouldn't think about it anymore
>unintentionally practiced mindfulness at night by purposefully not thinking of anything until I went to sleep
>could do something and listen to someone at the same time
As an adult
>constant intrusive thoughts
>loses train of thought easily
>"don't think about it" = I will be thinking about it forever
>can't just think of nothing anymore
>cannot do something and listen to someone at the same time

No. 1478330

Treating you like one of his bros is probably the most eye-to-eye looking respect a moid can give you

No. 1478332

I want to fucking die. After being socially shut in for years I developed the biggest crush on a moid but I'm realizing more and more that he is an irredeemable narcissist and misogynist with a turbulent home life and an overbearing mother. I need to get over my "I can fix him" brainrot but it hurts though because it feels like I have no choice but to retreat back in to my shell again.

No. 1478338

File: 1674312480539.jpg (52.15 KB, 563x525, 1666021d860d6dde72a60e16b5b5a3…)

I hate how hard it is go get a doctor's appointment in this big fucking city AAAAAAAAAAH. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE FREE IN NINE MONTHS FROM NOW???

No. 1478356

I hope my cheating ex who is now on swinging sites with his new gf (looking for trannies to join them!) gets a bad case of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea from one of them.

No. 1478367

I feel you so much, it's like I'm getting worse.

No. 1478369

I’m starting to feel really used by my bff. We’ve been living far away from each other for years now but we still face time and all frequently. She’s a very normie person and I’ve always been the one with the issues. Every time I opened up to her about my mental problems she was supportive in that instant but then it had to be all about her problems again. I feel like she genuinely doesn’t understand how debilitating depression can be. As an example I told her a while back that I’d be gone for a while cause I was in a really bad condition and when I was online again she immediately bombarded me with hour long rants. It’s like she doesn’t know how much energy I need to play therapist for her when I myself have no outlet. I told her how even the act of waking up feels like a giant chore so she’d realize the severity of my condition but I don’t think she listens at all. I don’t expect people who are extremely mentally stable to understand depression but it would be just nice to not dump everything on me all the time. Maybe it’s my fault for not setting proper boundaries.

No. 1478376

right now, i'm sitting in front of a window looking out over the city, and there's something about the way the light from the setting sun is hitting all the buildings that really struck me. it's a peachy gold color in a clear blue sky, which reminded me so much of sunsets where i've from. i don't know why this touched me, but it did. i think it's because i've been feeling restless and a little anxious. sometimes at night when i'm drifting off to sleep, i have visions of either myself or my mother as decaying corpses in the grave. it makes me feel more sad than it does scare me, but i always inevitably wake up feeling panicky and anxious. i don't like getting older, mainly because getting older reminds me that someday my life will end and there's nothing i can do about it. i worry that i've wasted time, that i haven't lived to my fullest potential, that i haven't said i love you enough to the people who matter the most to me. but then i also feel this kind of quiet strength in me that i've never really had, a kind of "okay, you're turning 30, now you can finally live life on your own terms" thing. even though i am scared, i feel strong, too. i don't feel quite as hopeless as i used to when i was younger. i think now i can genuinely go after my dreams because life has shown me that when you show genuine effort, you will be rewarded. watching this sunset gives me a strange sense of comfort, like someone is telling me everything is okay. that no matter where i am in the world, i will always find that light.

No. 1478377

File: 1674316699524.gif (89.65 KB, 200x200, thumb-129055.gif)

I hope someone here can also relate to this but, I was just reheating some leftovers and am just hit with this weird wave of how much I've changed, around this time 4 or so years ago, I was literally drinking piss and was completely off my fucking rocker, looking visibly and behaviorally fucked up and now here I am… heating yesterdays fried rice… I can't even imagine doing all that right now, even thinking about it is making me barf. It's so weird how in such a small time, I'm a completely different person and absolutely no one around me knows, my friends, coworkers, family… no one. I just lost my shit for a few years and now I'm just working and being very boring. I'm feeling so weird right now, like I can't come to terms with it, I have nothing in common with her at all. And if no one around me has any knowledge of all that happening, did it even happen? I wish I could talk to someone about this, but letting it out like this is nice too.

No. 1478379

>I was literally drinking piss
Anon WHY

No. 1478383

NTA but your overwrought ugly-coping is extremely embarassing to see from afar. Have some actual real dignity.

No. 1478385

I literally can't tell you now, I don't remember what sort of headspace I was in that led me to doing that, amongst other things. Which is why I feel so fucking uncomfortable and weird right now, it's so far removed from present-me.

No. 1478386

Beauty is the least superficial thing about existence.

No. 1478387

Did you buy into urine therapy or?

No. 1478389

Definitely can relate to that. A few years ago I was addicted to Xanax and let someone abuse me for years, been through a bunch of other random bullshit with stupid ass "friends".

When I tell people some of these stories they're like "Wow I had no idea/couldn't tell!" And it just baffled me, how could they not? It's insane and really does make you question if any of it was real, like you said. You're not alone! Life might be more boring, but if you're taking care of your health and getting stuff done, it's better than where you were. Proud of you. Hopefully we can all keep it up!

No. 1478393

god i fucking hate niggers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1478396

Well, I have to start an eviction process for my roommate. We dated years ago and I thought we were friends so I let him move in with me. But even he said the only reason that would happen is because I wanted to get back together. I told him if we worked on our problems, could pay bills together and be patient it might have been a possibility. But especially after leaving my job to take care of my grandma, stress wouldn't be the best way to rekindle a relationship. She passed away recently and he said I shouldn't be so depressed, stop being a bitch, etc. But she raised me, he doesn't respect the dishes she gave me for my first apartment, and he really doesn't care even though she's helped him in the past. He breaks into my bedroom at night, starts slamming around my belongings, and mixes drugs and starts threatening me after getting trashed. I had to call the cops because he refused to leave my bedroom and they said unless he hurts me, there's nothing they can do. He raped me two weeks ago and it's been hard to process so everything is really hurting.

I told him yesterday that I am pretty sure I'm a lesbian and that he needs to respect it, but it spiralled out of control which led to me calling 911. He kept wanting to force attraction and literally forced me into sex which was so traumatic I had a seizure. I honestly cannot trust men anymore, this is so fucking disgusting. I gave part of my heart and home to someone who should have been my friend and this is what happens. I escaped to my parent's house last night after the cops left because he told me to commit suicide or that he'd do it for me. It's just so wrong. I called a few friends and recorded videos in case anything happens.

No. 1478399

File: 1674318539059.gif (27.84 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

This made me a little emotional, I'm sorry you went through all that crap, anon. I hope you are safe and healthy and surrounded with people who are better for you…
It feels so much better to know I am not alone. Thank you for your words, this is a much better way of processing this feeling like, we've come so far right? Past-me definitely didn't expect I'd have a regular job and friends right now, haha. Thanks for being proud of me. Wish I could give you a hug. Here's to more stable and calm days for us!!

No. 1478402

I'm sick of our new dog, he nips, bites and jumps on me when I try to correct him (tell him to get out of my space) or when I stop petting him. He listens to my partner even though I'm the one who does training with him and primarily feeds this asshole dog. He's aggressive to guests and Im worried no one will want to hang out at my place, especially as he can't be left at home for long (destructive and loud) so we've barely gone anywhere for months now. When he gets frustrated he bullies the senior dog, literally seeking out the other dog and gnawing on the senior's legs, ears, slapping him in the face. Not playing cuz they will sometimes play but the senior is desperately trying to get away and when I separate them this fucking asshole barks, whines, and paws the gate separating them. This fucking dog has made me hate dogs, im no longer a dog person and i never want dogs again.

No. 1478404

Holy shit, Im so sorry nonna. I hope you are ok now and that you can get him evicted easily. I also hope this useless moid ends up on the streets and nothing remotely good ever happens in his life. what a piece of garbage

No. 1478405

what kind of dog did you get, a husky or something similar? it sounds like you have a working type dog who needs something to do. he's just going to get more belligerent as he gets older and i find with dogs like that, sometimes they get even more ignorant when you correct them.

>He listens to my partner even though I'm the one who does training with him and primarily feeds this asshole dog.

does your partner also discipline him? if not, they need to now because the dog will naturally gravitate towards the person who is more affectionate and you'll never get him trained properly.

also, i know it may sound patronizing but be kind to your dog. they're like little kids; he knows you are frustrated with him, so he is trying to get under your skin so to speak. i mean if push comes to shove, you may have to rehome him if he becomes too much (the bullying of the senior dog is concerning), but i think a little patience, more ground rules, and maybe some creativity in figuring out how to work with the dog will help you in the long run. good luck!!!!

No. 1478421

Thanks nonna, I appreciate it and it's not patronizing because I'm at my wits end. We did a DNA test and he's primarily great pyrenees/chow/german shepard mostly with some additional cattle dog and border collie, so yeah a mix of a bunch of working/guard breeds. When we first got him, he had a great personality and I was psyched to get him to doggy daycare or take him to dog parks, but he's gotten more aggressive to strangers and other dogs on walks (he's ok with meeting dogs in their territory) over time. He can be sweet with the older dog, but like I said, he will go ahead and bully the senior if he's frustrated and he's not getting his way.

By something to do, what do you mean? I take him for walks 3-4 times a day and even try to incorporate jogging (which he hates and will chew the lead/gnaw my hand/jump on me) and try to do some fetch with him as well as sporadic obedience and trick training throughout the day for additional mental exercise. Yet it never seems to be enough and especially in the evening when Im done with work he gets his most ill-behaved. Sometimes ill go to bed early rather than relax in the living room to get away from
this dog.

My partner also disciplines him and honestly much more harshly than I do. For example, I'll tell him to "go" out of my space and might step towards him once and he'll back up (but only temporarily, he'll keep trying to return, nip my hand or will snap at me as he backs up) whereas my partner will keep following him telling him to "go" as the dog is backing away or even pin him against the wall or grab his snout, which I don't do. It makes me uncomfortable because I feel like that's too harsh and I tell my partner to not overcorrect him like that, but honestly idk because the dog listens to him way more than me.

No. 1478432

Same nonnie. I'm 25 never been asked out, kissed or anything. Then a moid recently "asked me out" and I felt so happy until I'd thought about his offer for a while. He wasn't asking me on a date at all. He literally said "you should come over sometime that'd be really nice". AKA he was trying to order pussy to his house as easy as ordering McDonalds. I used to be too ugly to interact with at all, but now I'm good enough to, like you word it, lazily extract sex from. They treat me like an NPC where they gotta choose the right dialogue path to get me to their house. And I bet if I come over they won't even have tidied up or bought wine or anything at all. Or even showered.

No. 1478437

I hope he gets gonorrhea and also dies

No. 1478440

How do I get over a guy who I know will only use and hurt me? I wish I could have him so badly but he is a terrible person. I can barely eat or sleep, I've dreamt about him for three nights in a row now and I can't stop thinking about him. Ignoring the bad parts is easy when I've become obsessed with the version of him that I dreamt up in my head.

No. 1478442

Today my sister cried because she thinks I hate her.
And I can't even say that this is not true.
She's so annoying to me, I feel exhausted after just spending 5 minutes with her. I know that I should be more reasonable as I'm much older than her but now she's 18, still behaves like 13, still wants me to take her everywhere, when will I finally no longer have to take care of her, know every detail about her school life and praise her 24/7? When I was much younger than she is now I already had to do everything for her while she thinks she can forever stay the spoiled baby of the family.

No. 1478444

Politely tell her you'd like some alone time when she's being annoying instead of letting literal hatred for her build up. Damn

No. 1478446

today is the anniversary of my friend killing himself and i just feel so alone. im not in contact with any of our mutual friends anymore or his family so im grieving on my own. i had dreams about him all throughout the night and i just feel so tired and angry and sad. my family is not a source of comfort so im just alone in my room. i know it’s not rational but i hate how they can just carry on with their day like normal and it makes me angry. i don’t have a healthy outlet for my grief and anger and i just want to hurt myself.

No. 1478451

A colleague of mine literally died working. He had acute leukemia and like me he had to work for both the holidays while sick and, we even talked a few days before he passed. I just can't shake the feeling I'm gonna die the same way and this have been eating me.

No. 1478453

File: 1674323277975.jpg (146.63 KB, 960x720, 1674168823728582.jpg)

The guy I'm dating crashed his car yesterday, nothing happened to him but his car couldn't be saved. I always thought he was a little reckless driver. He only had this car for 4 months. He didn't answer my texts this morning. Now he called me asking if I have some hydroxyzine to spare because his friend's girlfriend took some drug or shrooms and she has some kind of a psychosis or a panic attack and they can't snap her out of it. I'm a little sick of his junkie friends and him being a loser and a sexual pest. It's my first boyfriend and I really think I'm done with him, I want someone normal ffs, where can I find a normal guy who's mature and responsible and who doesn't have junkie friends. God I should drop him after our second date at the beach when he had too much drinks and he threw up into his fucking backpack and I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to do with myself

No. 1478458

No dog hate please, I love dogs but I hate people who get too into being "dog people" and then neglect others around them for their pet
My parents were like this and I got heavily neglected.
>I'd often groom with dog tools because my parents would refuse to buy me things like shampoo, brushes, razors, etc. I washed my hair with dog shampoo and brushed with dog brushes until I was about 18
>Anytime I was sick or had something wrong they'd refuse to find me medical care but had no trouble dropping massive vet bills for dogs
>Didn't want me to have friends because I needed to care for the dogs
>My clothes were torn up except for school uniform, I never got new clothes but the dogs did

No. 1478462

I could've written this word for word, I've even made vents about this exactly before

No. 1478467

Same here. I'm my mid-late 20s and I've been alone my whole life, never had any friends, never dated anyone, no family, and the last time I hanged out with some people online was in 2017. I can't hold a conversation be it online or irl. I just feel ok stuck in my room and watching my shit and playing vidya. So yeah, it's pretty much over for me and I accepted the fact that I will always be alone. For some of us it ended the day we were born.

No. 1478469

My bf was being a moody bastard today and after being ignored for 4 hours and anytime I tried to touch him in an affectionate way he would leave the room so after hearing him be cheerful with the neighbour I got my stuff together and said I was leaving. He let me drive home 40 minutes before apologising and asking me to stay. Before I left I asked what's up with him. He wants to come over now or me to go back to him and it's like no because I'm pissed off. If you don't want to talk to me I can sit at home and at least be able to watch whatever the fuck I want. Do people not feel so fucking awkward inviting people over to ignore them there is no reason for me to feel comfortable

No. 1478472

I had an ex who got like this. Happened a couple times before I'd even moved in. It sat weird with me but I didn't take it seriously enough. I ended up living there and enduring this silent treatment awkwardness in my own home all the time. I wish I had just fucked off the first time.

No. 1478475

This my third proper serious adult relationship so if vibes feel off I just pick myself up and take myself out of the situation. I asked him directly what was up with him and he just ignored me, so I'm not going to hang around. I can't be fucked fighting with someone. I work too many fucking hours a week and my free time is the most precious thing I have if I feel like my times being wasted I'm not going to sit about. If he's in a mood then he should be alone and figure it out I can see him when he perks up. Its just so awkward sitting in a place that's not your own and the host isn't talking to you. I've got 10000 things at home I could be doing why sit somewhere doing nothing

No. 1478487


No. 1478493

Why do some women suffer through shit this? You think constant silent treatment is just cover for a need for space or some shallow solvable problem? Lmao. Best case scenario he's manipulative as everlasting fuck, which means his actual feelings for you are a lot more shallow than you'd like to think and he'd like you to know.

No. 1478496

Kinda sucks how the only active thread in the youknowwhat board is the nationalist/right wing feminist thread.

No. 1478501

I'm feeling attraction to women and it's making me really scared, I don't want to feel this. I mean, I've known I liked women when I started developing feelings during puberty and I accepted it like, "ok, well, whatever" but now it feels too fucking real and like, I actually AM into women and it's freaking me out so badly, like it's actual fact and not just abstract knowledge that I was vaguely aware of. I just caught myself thinking romantically about a distant friend right now and it's like, I can't believe I'm thinking these thoughts? I want to date a woman? This can't be reality. It will complicate things so fucking badly, too fucking badly. I don't want this at all. It's not practical at all, fuuuck fml

No. 1478505

Cringe. Are you 12?

No. 1478507

NTA in what way is it cringe? It's a vent in the vent thread.

No. 1478509

So she's attracted to women, what's the big deal? I'm assuming she's bi? If she's bi it's just embarrassing, attraction to women is nothing to be scared or ashmaed of. Anon is blessed

No. 1478510

Just add ten more years to that, but I am not coming across as very mature, I know, I'm sorry. It's just, a muslim family? a muslim country? It's going to be a toughie, to put it lightly.

No. 1478515

I thought the board was slow before I realized how much gets deleted from regular conversations. Is the admin even active?
It's harmful to the site, banning and overpolicing for no reason.
Yup. I sound schizo but the longer I browse it's honestly clear someone from r9k or with an agenda has moderating powers over there.

No. 1478516

You're not going to believe this, but in some places it is not acceptable to be gay so some people have a difficult time dealing with their sexuality.

No. 1478517

No don't apologize, that anon doesn't live in reality. People can still be murdered for same sex attraction.

No. 1478519

I think the dog I rescued and adopted doesn’t like me even though I adore him to death.

He wags her tail and jumps from happiness when my mom, aunt, etc are around and looks forward sleeping with them every night despite him being literally my dog and I feed, brush, walk him, pet him and massage him on the daily etc like any other good owner and he likes it just fine. Yet. He’s never showed me remotely the same excitement and a tailwag is just once in a million years, and prefers just laying on the door waiting for my family to visit me.

Not even the dog loves me, fun!

No. 1478521

(*his tail, whoops. genderqueer dog?)

No. 1478535

I spend most of my life unhappy and I feel it's a curse and a waste. So often whenever I was happy people tried to ruin it, so I isolated when deep down I wanted someone to connect with and share moments with. I wanted stability with food and housing. To live in a beautiful place. I cry often because I can never have this. And I miss those moments where I felt alive.

No. 1478541

I hate autistic men holy shit

No. 1478542

You both sound underage.

No. 1478546

I resent my parents for bot giving me everything I wanted and every opportunity and instead abusing me, letting me be mistreated, and never supporting me. It's so much lost potential. I hate them and cut contact many times with them, and just guilt them from time to time to profit off them with money they should have spent on my childhood. Then I am really disappearing for good. Worthless people.

No. 1478555

File: 1674331806862.jpg (50.77 KB, 670x450, images.jpeg-21.jpg)

Much love nonny.hope you heal from the pain they've caused you.

No. 1478565

anon, i really understand but in the opposite direction. i've known myself as strictly and comfortably homosexual when i just started knowing what feeling attraction towards another was, for years feeling any way about males was unfathomable to me up until three years ago and now i'm still tormented by the very likely possibility of being bisexual. it's like i'm a complete stranger to myself. funnily enough i live in a country where homosexuality is NOT okay and lands you jail time and possibly even death depending on the area and i'd still rather be a 'mo, but if you're afraid of that i also understand in that regard too. i never really came out or ever plan to so for now i'm thinking i'll just suppress myself for life because of how disgusted i am with myself. don't follow my example

No. 1478568

samefag as above, i also live in a muslim country with a muslim family (though one of the most liberal of them all in fairness)

No. 1478570

a majority of posts in that thread are infighting anyway kek

No. 1478579

It's kind of a process that comes and goes
Sometimes I feel fine, sometimes I don't
Much love to you too

No. 1478591

This is 100% true. I had an ex who would pick fights with me and basically bait me into saying the "wrong" thing (any response was wrong to him), then would use it as an excuse to "want to be left alone" and it turned out most of his "time left alone" he was just trying to hook up or enjoyed seeing me try to beg for a proper conversation, this dude was an adult dating a teenager mind you and it's pathetic 16 yr old me was more mature than he a grown ass man was

No. 1478597

I would bet an arm and a leg that he also loved playing the victim, taking advantage of your feistiness or anything perceived as """problematic""" about you as cover for his own blackhole of shit. I know this ugly nerd type.

No. 1478601

File: 1674337488754.jpg (12.88 KB, 564x309, ff63719cc972f791bb0ac82cab313e…)

I really don't know how to get myself out of this depressed state. I can't afford a therapist (anymore) because I'd need weekly sessions at this point and the waiting lists are so long. I've tried most self care advice but it's hard to find worth within myself when it was never there in the first place. I don't have friends or family to reach out to either and taking a bubble bath and lighting some candles isn't going to magically fix something that's been broken for over a decade and only makes me feel better for 10 minutes. I feel so lonely and detached even in a crowd full of people. I've tried to pick up some hobbies and exercise but I just don't feel any joy at all.

No. 1478608

Out of curiosity, what does therapy do for you?

No. 1478609

Talking about my feelings (since I have no one else to talk to) and cognitive behavioral therapy. I had six sessions before I couldn't afford it anymore (cost me 120 euros per session and as I mentioned, I need it frequently because I just started and I have a lot of things to work through) and I've been on a waiting list for a cheaper therapist for months now.

No. 1478611

Thanks. Does the talk make you feel better?

No. 1478613

It did because I could finally talk to someone about my issues and it was really hard and embarassing in the beginning but it felt good to finally get it out. Obviously it was just the beginning but it gave me some hope and motivation that I could do better in the future if I had someone to guide me through it. It's hard right now because I just can't do this on my own and I feel like I'm right back to square one and I feel more pessimistic with every day that goes by.

No. 1478615

Thanks for elaborating. I'm curious about what therapy looks like in practice and what it does.

No. 1478618

You're welcome nonna! Although it's also different for everyone and you sometimes you have to be perscribed meds

No. 1478622

For sure!
I hope you get better soon.

No. 1478627

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

No. 1478632

I haven't taken a dump since Tuesday, and now I'm afraid of giving birth to my shit baby.

No. 1478668

File: 1674344511858.jpg (11.04 KB, 443x449, 1648229447844.jpg)

i havent been able to hear out of my left ear for a week but im afraid of going to the doctor about it because i dont like how close theyd have to get to my body to look into my ear. going to wait and see if it goes away after a month

No. 1478672

Take some digestive enzymes girl

No. 1478680

my mom constantly instigates fights with me goes into a hysterical i know this has mysoginistic origins breakdown and self self destructs in front of me over nothing and i mean this in the most literal way i genuinely can't know what will set her off next. the last time before this one i told her she used the wrong noodles exactly like this "i like them but next time we should make them with udon noodles instead of indomie" and she literally went ballistic instantly crying and violently hitting me like wtf. and as "quietly as possible" with the door closed so as to not "set off" my mentally ill nearly 30 year old brother because he's an empath or something and he really does get into episodes of rage when family tensions arise even if it doesn't concern him plus he's suicidal as fuck lately. she always says do you want him to get into one of his episodes while she's blowing up on me.
this time she was talking to my dad on the phone and she told him i deleted one of her videos or something and i said that no i didn't not in a serious accusatory manner but i really didn't and she immediately hangs up on my dad breaks her glasses that she needs to see with and threatens to destroy her phone. in what world is that a reaction to have? then i'm like whatever i did i'm sorry because i didn't understand what i did to make her do that and she's like "such a misfortune to my life" i'm obviously like well i'm sorry that i am as i'm trying to fix the glasses putting the pieces back together she wrestles me and beats me and she's like no you're not the misfortune how dare you say that like what else was i meant to assume. then she's like so you want me to kill myself you want me to gouge my eyes out i swear to god i'll gouge them out. mind you swearing to god is extremely serious in my country and at this point i don't doubt she'll probably try. when i try to calmly ask her what i can do to fix things she keeps repeating that i shouldn't ever interrupt her while on the phone or talk back to her over and over while tearing her hair out and rocking back and forth crying her eyes out and trying to smash her phone. when i apologize she goes as if i haven't said anything or goes on about how as soon as my brother comes back home i want to fight her i want everyone to be mentally ill… at one point i just i gave up and got out of the room and now she's still fuming at me crying and smashing things like wtf else can i do in this situation i'm at a loss. i seriously can't ever guess what will set her off on me next. obviously she never does this to my brother because he's mentally ill and i wouldn't want her to but genuinely nobody ever thinks about how this could and does take a toll on me. idk. nobody cares to deal with her so i will and i take the all blows figuratively and literally

No. 1478689

Eat a spoonfull of butter and drink a glass of water, take magnesium supplement

No. 1478699

Just saw a woman potty training her toddler on a toddler toilet in the grocery store parking lot. Not sure how to process.

No. 1478702

that's definitely disgusting. toddler training pants exist for that exact reason. toilet training is meant to normalize going to a location to use the bathroom, since humans would instinctively just use it anywhere otherwise. it's to prepare them for how bathrooms work in the real world. that's just disgusting and unsanitary and teaches nothing.

No. 1478705

I'm in the same position except I've never been propositioned. Lately I realize that it's better off (after all apparently the #1 rebuttal to women that are single is "haha! You're gonna die alone with just friends and cats! Tragic!")…plus I'm not really attracted to real people…but there is a bit of pain of knowing how it'd go if I were to try. It's dumb.
Anyway, yeah, that stinks, though on the upside it was unlikely to go anywhere even if it was serious.

No. 1478708

Could you elaborate on what I misinterpreted when you clearly said retarded shit and make no effort to clear things up like the gateway to dating is not friendship. How was I to interpret that as anything else than "I'm segregating 'fuck' from 'non fuck'". Aren't friendships necessary to develop relationships in the first place? Please explain this, and that moids should always voice their intentions? Please put some effort into your posts other than random shitty insults.

>nobody cares to deal with her so i will and i take the all blows figuratively and literally
She sounds like a type of narc, but an emotional glass canon type of narc kek. People being unwilling to take criticism is characteristic of narcs, it doesn't matter how that unwillingness manifests it could be anger or sadness like in her case.

No. 1478727

Sim behaviour

No. 1478748

Wish I had someone like you, all I want is a shut-in bestie where we can video chat all night, send each other retarded links and talk shit about everyone else.

No. 1478757

File: 1674351373423.gif (736.6 KB, 500x500, tumblr_pfdgo5XaxJ1rjo89t_540.g…)

Honestly makes me so mad and sad that I never learned to pirate. So many shows are spread out across different platforms and it would cost so much to be subscribed to them all. I'm not super young, 24, and I remember older siblings using limewire but not TV show/films so i think I missed out. I know how to use some websites but I wish I knew how to download shit without a bunch of viruses so I could build a nice collection.

No. 1478765

I don’t download but I screen record when I watch movies/shows on pirated websites so when the internet is down or the website gets taken down I still have it saved to my puter. Easier to me than navigating suspicious download sites.

No. 1478767

There's always a chance of viruses, even for "pros", but there's always a chance to learn. Don't give up on yourself yet. Read up on pirating threads on other sites, and see what they do. When I pirate shit, I also do it first on an old laptop I don't give a shit about. If I feel good about it, I can transfer it over to my nicer computer. On the old laptop, just make sure you're not logged in to anything and use an account you can let accumulate spam. I make fake accounts to subscribe to shit all the time. Best of luck, nonnie, and happy sailing the seas, kek

No. 1478770

What do you use to screenrecord on a desktop anon? Is it an add on to the browser?

No. 1478773

Learn to use utorrent nonnie, they have most things on there c: also if you're gonna use any putlockers etc to watch stuff, make sure you have a handful of adblock addons and antipopups installed on your browser. Enjoy the pirate's life!

No. 1478778

Thanks anon, my computer is old so not the end of the world if something goes wrong I suppose. Do you know of any good threads with advice?

No. 1478779

What viruses? What exactly did you experience?
Cause I've been a pirate my whole life and I call bullshit.

No. 1478780

My best friend is going to a new college with people who are much more like her and though I'm happy for her I'm scared we'll lose contact. We had a falling out two years ago because she made a lot of new friends and I was being a pretty shitty friend at the time so we had a a fight and didn't talk for some months. We made up and it's all good now but I'm scared we will have a falling out again. I know I'm a jealous bitch, I'm just scared to lose the person closest to me. I hate that I can't be fully happy for her because I'm scared of (probably imaginary) abandonment. I have other friends but they're nowhere near as close. I just really really love her, we've known each other for ages and I'm scared to lose her again. I don't know how it will be, I just hope we'll stay good friends and she has a good time at the new school. I could cry at the thought of losing someone who's been so close to me for years.

No. 1478783

I'll check it out anon thanks, I do use ghostery but the site I used to watch stuff on went down, it might be back under a similar address though, haven't checked.
I remember I used to watch anime on shady websites when I was younger and would end up with viruses on the computure. It might be me being more paranoid then necessary though.

No. 1478796

What the fugg, just pirate it, it's so far less effort and you get a better product.

qbittorrent is better, but torrenting does need a 5 min VC explanation to get going.

TBH it's crazy to me that there's now people who don't know how to torrent media. That used to be one of the first things you learn when you go online. Hell it used to be one of the reasons you did.

No. 1478799

Racist OCD anon. I am now quitting my job without notice lol. Another horrible day being a weird, sweaty nervous freak ending with me strangling myself for a few seconds. I can't work with customers because I'm an abnormal, bigoted freak. With small moments of being able to act like a regular person. Unrelated but I unironically think I might be schizotypal.

No. 1478802

I'm turning 30 this year and I feel stupid and ugly because I haven't even had a single date. I am lesbian but I am prepared to live my life as a Bachelorette since I don't think any woman out there could possibly want me or find me attractive. I can't tell these feelings to any of my friends because they'd tell me to go on dating apps or etc. I guess for this moment in my life I want to feel as bad as I can about this so I can get over it. Regardless of anyone's orientation or social status, it's so hard to find true love which is what I want. I feel lonely for romance but honestly maybe it's better this way so I can just focus on my career.

No. 1478803

Oh, hi, so did see my post after all?
Sorry to hear that you're doing so poorly, I had hoped it might be helpful to know what it is.

No. 1478807

File: 1674354235297.png (3.25 MB, 1170x2532, A1ECD9BA-BF4A-4395-92C0-6FA7BC…)

So True!

No. 1478820

I hate that I still can’t get over my ex and it’s been coming up to 4 years since we’ve split, and he’s not even that great looking but I think it was the first time I legitimately gave myself to someone and truly fell in love
He’s dating someone new now cause I’m a fucking freak and keep tabs cause I still can’t get over him
I’ve thrown everything away we had together pics and stuff but I fucking hate myself for being so stuck on him despite dating and seeing other people
I fucking hate men

No. 1478824

I already thought that was the case tbh but I feel it's a cope to solely blame my racist behavior on OCD. I am just insane, so I act weird on top of it. I don't want to cause emotional harm to others but I'm such a spaz I can't control myself. I genuinely don't understand how other people who are racist don't feel bad about it. Of course feeling bad =/= being a good person, which I know I am not. Yesterday I was in my least favorite area of the self-checks, because it's close to this one older male coworker I am obsessed with. Both in the way that I am constantly worrying if he's watching me interact with people of color and judges me/whatever, and I have a weird attraction to him. Cue me being mentally insane because I spent 8 hours there, cutting myself again after 5 days, + my team lead being kind of a "bitch" (in her own words when she later apologized) due to stress kind of sent me over the edge. I guess I wish people knew that I feel bad for being and acting weird, so sometimes I wish they could see that I harm myself because of it. Which is weird and fucked up and attention-seeking.

No. 1478826

I just caught my gross ass elderly neighbor moid fucking peeping on me while I was changing. I didn't realize my curtains were slightly open and normally the old fart has gone to sleep well before now. The scrote is eighty. Our houses are very old and close together, so he got view of my breasts/God knows what else. Worst part is he was hunched over and sort of rocking, open-mouthed which leads me to believe he was jerking off. After covering myself I yanked the curtains shut and tried not to get sick. This happened about a half hour ago. Should I tell his wife? Fucking sicko. I feel like such an idiot for not checking my curtains, they weren't even open wide, juuuuust enough. Doesn't matter how old they get, scrotes are fucking degenerate scum and will perv any opportunity they get. His wife is so kind and charming. The thought of telling her about this has me in knots. I fucking HATE SCROTES WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM??

No. 1478831

>Both in the way that I am constantly worrying if he's watching me interact with people of color and judges me/whatever
Is he a racist or do you assume that other people are racist to ask part of your old?

No. 1478833

I'm just delusional and paranoid tbh.

No. 1478835

Normies are big about #mentalhealthawareness but the second someone with obvious mental illness even mildly inconveniences them the knives come out.

No. 1478836

I haven't been keeping up with your situation but have you thought of therapy? You sound reasonable enough to be helped.

No. 1478838

When I was younger I only used the computer for games that's probably why. Plus my mother really got it into my head that the police would find out and we'd get fined kek. Then I was to old and didn't know who to ask.

No. 1478841

I'm so sorry that happened to you. What a nasty disgusting old freak. Hopefully he keels over and dies from the exertion. Honestly I wouldn't tell his wife though, if they are that old she is probably not in a position to divorce him, she will either feel horrified and mortified, unable to look you in the eye or change her situation. Or, she'll choose not to believe it. Be safe and stay far away from the creep, who knows what he is capable of.

No. 1478846

I recently started taking anti-depressants (Bupropion) but I've only been on them like two weeks. Which reminds me I forgot to take them today. I started seeing a general physician and am supposed to be getting a referral to a psychiatrist + psychologist. I don't want to bring up the racism theme, but I do plan on telling either of them (physician or psychiatrist, or both) about thinking that I have OCD.

No. 1478853

I'm having a hard time saying no lately. My friend texted me asking to watch his house for 5 days. I've housesat for him before and it's disgusting bc male. I didn't reply to him but have been active in groupchats he's in. His gf is having a bday party rn and I'm not there but never said I couldn't make it which is rude of me. She just texted me if I am coming and idk what to even say. From my understanding it was a very lowkey, girls night in kinda deal and I knew I wasn't going to go for a while

No. 1478857

I wish I felt happy or looked forward to my mom texting or calling me. Instead, my heart rate and blood pressure skyrockets every time I see the word "Mom" pop up on my phone. I wish I didn't have an overbearing, hoarding, histrionic mother.

No. 1478866

My little sister is literally a fucking idiot. She's 18 with literally 6k in credit card debt and always begs people for money to pay it off or the bare minimum payment at the end of the month, after bragging about how much she makes on door dash and her main job mind you. She has zero bills outside of paying for her dogs stuff and gas, but she's a consumer and lives with our grandparents who constantly tell her how much she "needs" clothes that will collect dust. It's even worse because she blew off advice from me for most of her teen years such as when I advised her to get her GED instead of going to a phony online school (which ended up making her not get a real diploma) because "GED is for losers who are dropping out", and then made up a bunch of plans on how "she will totally be rich and well off at 18 you'll see" that ended up blowing up in her face. I want her to live with me so I can guide her but she refuses to train her dogs or leave them and I have a baby

No. 1478867

You can't make a horse drink.

No. 1478895

File: 1674360104336.jpg (28.69 KB, 567x567, 1658959742027.jpg)

>haven't heard from moid in 3 weeks
>listening to lana del rey and sulking
>get text from the moid just now
>"hi nonnie. me, me, me, mememe. also me."
>no how have you been, no questions, no mentioning his absence, nothing

I now realize this is what he always does, it's always about him. I'm not gonna respond at all. I want to choke him to death actually

No. 1478910

File: 1674361578420.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.81 KB, 1000x1000, d97e4f8f-e1df-4f65-a0cc-698b6c…)

Thank you, nonny. I really appreciate your kind words. I feel so fucking violated and sick, but for the reasons you listed I can't tell her. What good would that do? She likely already knows he's a degenerate anyhow. After a long think I have to admit I considered buying a creepy mask like pic related then waiting for ol pervasaurus to linger in his kitchen. I'd throw open the curtains with the mask on, bare-breasted with theatrical blood dripping down them. Might scare him into a cardiac event. Jerk off to that you slimy freak. My thirst for justice is pretty strong atm. Your kindness however has quelled my rage a bit and feels like gentle hug. Thank you.

No. 1478919

I understand, I just don't understand people who need to reach rock bottom before they learn better and then just end up doing the bare minimum anyway. Although it's a huge wake up call for consumers who insist all their little frivolous buys add up quickly regardless of how much they try to mentally justify how important it was

No. 1478930

I feel like shit because of something my best friend did to me. She's since apologized but has taken no action to fix things after we had discussions on how to proceed so we're locked out of step. And I obviously can't vent to her about how it all makes me feel because then she'll feel too guilty to listen or console. I can't turn to my two other close friends either because I want this to stay between us. I'm alone with my feelings and this imposing wall is fucking with me. I want to turn back time before any of this shit happened. I wish I had someone in my life who prioritized me.

No. 1478932

My parents helped their creepy ass scrote friend move about 4-5 months ago. He was suppose to help them move but he never did. He goes on and on about never breaking his promises but I've seen/heard (from his own fucking mouth) him breaking promises. I really hope this shows my parents what a lying little grifter he is. They have done so much for this rotten asshole yet he couldn't help them out. Also hoping my boymom mother doesn't make an excuse for him and no the injury from the war isn't an excuse since the jackass literally was moving heavy shit when he moved. He could have easily taken breaks or just stayed in the truck to take boxes. The heaviest items weren't even being moved that day. I want to break his stupid nerd shit.

No. 1478936

Start taking small pieces off his nerd shit, bit by bit in secret. Space the events well apart. Blame his moving on the broken bits.

No. 1478947

oh god that is the worst, I've dealt with moids like that before. Once you realize that their head is up their own ass they become intolerable kek

No. 1478950

Sometimes when I think about my ex I get upset and I think up all these mean things about her. Other times, like now when I'm sitting alone in my room and have nothing to occupy my thoughts, I miss her and I wish we could have that kind of relationship again. It's been 10 months since we broke up but I can't say for sure if I'm completely over her. At least I've made some progress since I don't feel compelled to check on her social media anymore. I left all of that behind me in 2022.

No. 1478951

This is some lame ass food. I can’t believe I came to this shithole.

No. 1478956

I think i made a mistake at work on friday and i've been overthinking it this whole weekend. Actually wishing the weekend was over to get back to work and find out if i did.
My anxiety around making ANY mistake is so bad and has me so stressed off the clock

No. 1479043

I’m sad my cousin didn’t bother to make contact before passing by on her return from an international trip. Had $200 ready to gift her kids and a bunch of high end skincare for her. I understand she was probably too busy to stop by but now my stupid mind is convinced she hates me. I haven’t seen any family in years and even nice gifts can’t persuade anyone to spend time with me. Seeing her and the kids would’ve meant a lot.

No. 1479076

That's horrible anon I have a mother like this and she loves to victimise herself and create endless amounts of tension and she wonders why her kids don't go home to visit often. Is your mum menopausal when my mum was going through her menopause breathing would set her off into rages and is get beaten all the time. I was late teens when this was happening and moved out at 19. I know its entirely situational if you can move out or not but your mum is using you as an emotional punching bag and you don't deserve that. The best thing you can do is put distance between the two of you. I can love my mum from a distance but even 10+ years on from moving out we can still have tension especially around the holidays when you feel obligated to have family time lol

No. 1479082

my moid had a crying meltdown bc he found out im a terf. like the second i dont tow the line im some lunatic thats fallen down a rabbit hole.

No. 1479084

Soon to be ex I hope. He's mad because you put womens safety above mens feelings/coom desire.

No. 1479086

Now, I don't know how hereditary mental illness is (or if it's even hereditary at all) but I wish I had a normal fucking family and a healthy environment to grow up in because I feel like I've started to become my depressed BPD mother and it kills me. I used to not understand why she's like this when I was a child and now I'm going through the same episodes as her.

No. 1479090

Why's your moid crying over trannies did he fuck one

No. 1479094

Run, he is a chaser or going to transition. Men only care about troons for personal benefit/because it affects them in some way. This is a suspicious reaction.

No. 1479095

He's probably a retard and thinks being a terf is comparable to being indoctrinated to right wing propaganda

No. 1479096

I think that's what he thinks too.

No. 1479097

I have a high sex drive. My bf doesn't. It's annoying. When we first got together he was initiating a lot and it was great and now recently its like once a week and he just lies back and wants me to do everything. It's been 4 months. I can't believe I'm going to have to bring up sex already as an issue. Also he won't fuck me on my period and I've thought about it and he never has sex under the covers on his bed. Is he a neat freak and worried about his sheets what is going on

No. 1479098

He 100% watches tranny porn and uses r/egg_irl

No. 1479100

I know you're gonna think I'm joking because of what else is being discussed but run, he sounds like a tranny.

No. 1479134

Gotta love the way people jumps down your throat if you don't clarify every little detail immediately.
I made a joke on a different forum about how I'm fighting a losing battle with my cat about how he's not getting breakfast until I say so, because I don't want to get up at 7am in weekend, but I can work with 8am (he doesn't cry or make noise, he just can't settle down or lies down on my face). Of course it takes no time until I'm accused of animal abuse because, and when I clarified that he has kibble out 24/7, he just loves wet food. Of course someone then claimed that it's also abuse because giving him both would risk him becoming dependent on only wet food. All his food is the same brand that is both grain-and sugarfree, so I think he'll be fine without the addictive elements of sugar and he hasn't shown any sign of rejecting his dry food. He's also a kitten so he needs the nutrients, on top of it wet food is a great way to make sure your cat is hydrated since it's common for cats to not drink properly and while he seems to drink well when I'm home I cant fully trust that he does while I'm at uni.

No. 1479135

I just thought of the funniest thing to say to my cousin if he pisses me off- I'll tell him my uncle is having a do-ever son because his first turned out so crappy (my uncle is having a new baby with his new gf and is estranged from my cousin) I just laughed out loud imagining how pissed he'd get he'd probably swing at me. I hate him so much I'm genuinely angry he's weaseling his way back into my family's events. He's literally such an asshole some family members had to tell him to be "nicer" now my mom insists he's "so much better" give me a fucking break

No. 1479138

File: 1674380001896.jpg (51.77 KB, 564x839, whyamIsodumbHELLO.jpg)

Call me Bozo the clown because I gave a dude a chance even though I wasn't really that physically attracted to him (I have a high libido but I constantly found excuses as to why I didn't/couldn't have sex with him) because he had his shit together, acted like a gentleman (cooked for me, picked me up and brought me back home, paid for dates etc) and because I've been touch starved for years and he just suddenly ghosted me three days ago. I'm so mad at myself. I know I should just not reach out to him but I am so tempted to at least call him out for being immature as fuck and not even saying that he's not interested anymore. I know I shouldn't even give such a moid any attention but being ghosted by this 4/10 moid really bruises my ego and I just want to get back at him for that so that I can move on. This is so embarassing omg.

No. 1479140

The lesson is all scrotes act the same going for fuglier one won't make him more of a sure thing. That sucks though that 180 would give me whiplash if it seemed to be going otherwise fine. Maybe fate was saving you from bad sex

No. 1479142

I know it fucking sucks, but it's him, not you sis. Now you don't have to worry about potentially having sex with his ugly ass. May a guy your type finds his way to you. Amen.

No. 1479143

>That sucks though that 180 would give me whiplash
Kek yeah it definitely did. Even my friends could tell that he was way more into me than I was into him and he went out of his way to text and see me all the time, no matter how busy and suddenly nothing. I don't even care if he's not interested anymore (I only used him for passing some time, going on dates and kissing and cuddling anyway and never expected it to go anywhere because of the lack of sexual attraction), I'm just angry that I wasn't the one who broke it off first.

Thank you sweet nonny!

No. 1479150

File: 1674383380214.jpeg (261 KB, 750x755, 493C754B-367F-43B9-9A0D-CFE9C8…)

up until about a few months ago my brother who is a decade older than i am was my actual idol and my biggest subject of admiration to the point where i tried my best to emulate him as much as i could in middle school and vowed to be the female version of him. well as you can expect he's just like other internet addicted moids. my whole world is shattered. i honestly expected him to be different. maybe he was or maybe i was too young and oblivious to see it. i'm disgusted i ever felt that way about him. he's seriously akin to the quasi pedophile i went to highschool with that groped me and was addicted to masturbating and hentai. maybe i was subconsciously keeping myself ignorant but i never noticed how crude he was, or maybe he just feels like he can say anything now that i've been of age for a while. i don't want to think of it. don't ever trust a moid who watches anime no matter how much you love him. i can't even fully express how much love i had for him and how much of my life i spent holding him to the highest regard. but i guess that's my fault. i wish i knew less. i wish i still lived in my ignorant bliss. i don't want to know more than i already do. i cried myself to sleep and when i woke up because of how shocked i was. i don't know how to act around him anymore. i don't know how i can ever be the same but at the end of the day it's a moid so maybe i should have seen it coming but i didn't think of that considering how highly i thought of him i didn't think he could ever. well now i know better at least

No. 1479152

I pray you resist the urge to contact him even for angry purposes and that when he inevitably tests the waters again next week/month/year, you don't take the bait. The ultimate revenge is to block his number so when he does this, the messages don't even register as delivered and he knows you can't be got. It also frees your mind from wondering if every notification is him crawling back.

No. 1479157

Same but I definitely would not give a fuck if he tried it again next month or year. I'm just so angry right now so I also hope I'll gather the strength not to send him an angry text in the next couple of days.

No. 1479222

I failed a suicide attempt on Wednesday night and I only got home yesterday from intensive care. I feel like an evil person for doing this to my family and friends. I make them all so sad and unhappy.
My body is really messed up, I took all the pills I hoarded and passed out in a park, I thought the cold would help to kill me off. I was found by a dog walker at 7 in the morning. I didn’t want my mum to find me. My body is covered in bruising and frostbite. I don’t know how to build a life from where I am now. What do I do? I might have lost my job and my family is even more disappointed in me. I still live with them, I thought I could lessen the burden if I killed myself. Now I’m even more of a dead weight

No. 1479234

did they enroll you in any suicide prevention schemes or give you any help before discharging you from intensive care? seems kinda fucked up that theyd let you go home. also im so sorry nonna. you're not an evil person: obviously i can't speak for your family but im sure more than anything they're just worried about you & wouldn't want anything to happen

No. 1479241

I was already seeing the community outpatients mental health team, so I got discharged back into their care.
Thank you for the kind words.

No. 1479245

Why did it fail? What kind of pills did you take?

No. 1479250

Goddd I hate talking to moids so much sometimes, no matter how old they are it really feels like you're talking with children, like they lack awareness or a higher tier of consciousness. I wish I had more female friends to text with, but everyone is such a bad texter and online friends fizzle out a lot.

No. 1479252

I took a stacks of diphenhydramine along with lots of my pain medications. I came close before with that mix and thought I just needed more time for it to work without being found and intervened with. Thought the cold would help too.
I would definitely not recommend it.

No. 1479253

File: 1674400302943.png (336.05 KB, 459x560, jokemaeda.png)

Accused of being a "fake bisexual" and "shaming lesbian sexuality" by AGPs who unpromptedly post garden variety male gaze coomshit on the regular

No. 1479254

How do I stop being attracted to a guy who's like 26-27 years older than me? I haven't had that 'older men uwu' phase in years, last time when I was 18. I never dated any older guy back then, those were just crushes. I've been attracted to men my age and even men younger than me for the past few years. I thought the disease of finding old scrotes attractive will never get me again. And now this happens. There's a guy who triggers my d*ddy issues so fucking much I can't take it and I can't stop thinking about him. He's in his early 50s but still looks so good, he's tall and has a head full of dark wavy hair, meanwhile I see balding guys in their 20s all around me. Of course, the wast majority of scrotes in their 50s look like trash, but this one is an exception, and his personality is grat too, and his voice makes me shiver. I know that even if I miraculously ended up in a relationship with him, it could be great at first but then I would constantly worry about the fact he's going to die much ealier than me and I would have to deal with the pain and then trying to start my life all over. That's the main problem I see with being with someone that much older. How do I cure myself? I just keep masturbating while thinking about him kek

No. 1479262

I'm so tired of listening to my co-worker complaining about her boyfriend not asking to marry her. I know you'v been dating since your teens but the two of you are like 20, chill.

No. 1479265

what kind of yee haw place do they live at where they think getting married at 20 is okay? yikes, stupid people like this confuse me. Live your life, girl

No. 1479282

File: 1674403493964.png (392.91 KB, 401x622, 0492D9E1-308C-4A01-B677-A1C1AD…)

I have $8000 in credit card debt due to me being a doormat for my family and felt pressured to open a new line to help them out because I assumed they would help me pay it off, which was a horrible mistake on my part because they haven’t. Now every paycheck I get is either going towards paying it off or rent. I hate myself for being so financially stupid. I just want this shit paid off but the monthly interest charges keep fucking over whatever progress I’m making.

No. 1479297

dude say no! i get it’s hard because your family have often helped you and such but you have got to communicate that you’re in debt due to helping them and can’t do anymore.

No. 1479299

You paid a high price for this lesson, take it to heart.

No. 1479337

I am really mad at my younger self for having online dated a discord MtF troon

No. 1479355

I hate men because they don't even want to fuck me. It is not a joke. I will never admit it to my real-life friends although I like to bring up this topic when my mom talks about grandchildren. Yes, mom, guys here are attractive and even treat me slightly better than I was treated in our shithole. No, mom, you are still not getting any grandchildren. Your husband was an ugly 50 y.o man who spawned a horrifyingly ugly child and died too early to pay for his child's plastic surgeries. And, the funny part, for some reason, people who don't know me well assume I am in a relationship. Idiots. People with strong bonds won't move 3k kilometers away to live in a 7m² room with a shared bathroom to work a minimum wage job.

No. 1479359

Sometimes I want to make something heart-achingly beautiful. Something that makes you either want to screech out of horror or cry out of beauty.

No. 1479361

Femcels can easily find a boyfriend, but they want a boyfriend who looks like a kpop alien.

No. 1479363

That's not what we were talking about.

No. 1479368

Hope you can find a better job and living space soon.

No. 1479372

Deliberately trying to derail a conversation harms the level of discourse.

No. 1479373

Yeah, because that's the only reason a femcel would avoid men, retard

No. 1479375

Are you too stupid to follow the conversation, or are you trying to derail?

No. 1479378

File: 1674410283987.jpg (264.52 KB, 726x1000, Tumblr_l_22836883985886.jpg)

God I hate to perpetuate the trope about inlaws being lousy but in my experience it's super fucking accurate. Going to the flea market today with my husband and he's like "I'm gonna invite my mom" fucking WHY she likes middle of the mall shit only and hates secondhand shopping or flea markets and is literally just going to complain the entire time.

No. 1479380

Since you're this triggered by it, I assume the line is true then.

No. 1479382

My heart goes out to you anon, you deserve better. Never compromise your boundaries

No. 1479383

Admit you are stupid and get on with your life.

No. 1479384

Nta but LC has been compromised for a long time now, if you suspect the scrotasaurus is near just ignore

No. 1479388

some anons on here like to agrue all day long and spefically seek out posts just so they can start a fight or be needlessly overly aggressive and/or dramatic. Or just accusing an anon of being someone else. It's fucking annoying. I hate it and it's ruining the site

No. 1479390

it won't go away, your ear will just get more and more infected

No. 1479395

What an enormous turn off. If you ever fuck him again you're insane.

No. 1479399

I hear you nonnie. this dude I know offered to take me out for dinner and drinks and then ghosted me the week it was meant to happen. he then texts me saying he 'forgot' and asking if we can hang out again… I hate that he thinks thats acceptable. I'm always getting random moids from high school messaging me with some half arsed attempt to hit on me too. I hate that they assume I have such low self esteem that I would go for this bullshit.

No. 1479407

Stupidly let myself believe he was into me again only to be harshly reminded that he is still very much pursing someone else. Fuck. I want to cry now that I am fully realizing the situation. Utterly rejected like trash by someone I had a massive connection with for once and zero chance of getting it back. Best part is I still have to see him regularly which makes it harder to get over. I'm fucking retarded.

No. 1479408

anyone here watch MertKayKay? I've come across some of her videos and she seems kind of stupid in some of her nitpicks about things.
>Gross game- The Suicide Of Racheal Foster
>Racheal has a Disablity
>Is called a retard/retarded
>Retarded Brother is like, "They called her a retard in school"
>MertKayKay- "he also drops the R-slur and I guess it makes sense for the time but watching it now it's wildly inapporiate"
I'm confused, he was describing how people treated his sister, they called her a retard. Did she expect him to say, "R-word" or something? I don't even get that fucking criticism.
He was literally describing how badly she was bullied and what she was called. Even if the tone wasn't the best, we get why he's saying it, it seemed like he was emotional and the writers were (badly) trying to have him display how bad and direct the bullying was.

No. 1479410

I'm sorry nonna, I've been there myself

No. 1479411

I hate Sundays so much, there’s never anything interesting to do, there’s a bunch of chores I should (and do not want to) do, and tomorrow I’m back to work and my classes

No. 1479415

I woke up in panic very early this morning. In my dazed adrenaline state, I ended up screaming at my cat laying on me in terror. I thought she was a person who broke in. I don't remember what I was dreaming about. It was terrible and my chest still hurts a bit hours later. My cat is fine. I think she was just startled. Still hanging around me asking for pets.

No. 1479426

you'll get through it anon

No. 1479439

What a retard, does he not realize how rude it is to "forget" a date? Like oh you cared so little you literally forgot.

No. 1479451

Made homemade kebab meat and it was the grossest shit ever. I hate ground beef, havent eaten it in years bc it's so fucking greasy and gross and it gives me acid reflux. Food is expenisve as fuck and I said hey, let me try this. Went out and wasted money on the highest quality of beef slew made from 15 different cows, only 5% fat? great! I made a meatloaf, cooked it for 90 minutes, let it cool, refrigerated, and after hours I was expecitng the satisfaction of making freshly baked bread from all that effort. it was a disgusting, greasy mess. I hate ground beef I fucking hate it!!!!

No. 1479452

Go to tinder and get dicked down by a guy with a massive dick. Make him pick you up from work (don't get into his car use the subway or something). You will forget about that retard in the matter of hours. It worked for me.

No. 1479456

>Go to tinder and get dicked down by a guy with a massive dick.
Lol if only if it was that easy

No. 1479467

PCOS is not an intersex condition and I’m fucking sick of gendies claiming it is so they can identify their way into that sweet sweet oppression. Fuck off.

No. 1479473

Severe phone anxiety is ruining my life. It doesn’t sound bad but I’ve let important things slip due to my intense fear and ended up with massive financial repercussions, all because I was too scared to make a phone call. I need to make an important one today. Feels like I’m going to throw up and I’m considering taking a shot so I can get this over and done with. God I hate being this retarded.

No. 1479474

I have PCOS and you're 100% correct, it's extremely offensive to attempt to strip women of their femininity for a condition that doesn't make you remotely close to male at all, imagine if we tried to start claiming women aren't women on their periods because that's when your t is the highest and e is the lowest

No. 1479488

ayrt & I completely agree. I had a gender crisis when I was diagnosed over 15 years ago. I’d never heard of it and the endo who diagnosed me was brisk and fatalistic, telling me I was doomed to lifelong acne, obesity and infertility because I had too many male hormones. He was wrong about all three and I have completely normal testosterone levels now.
It’s so offensive and it’s dangerous. I went through that gender crisis and came out the other side a healthy, secure teenage tomboy who was proud to be female and comfortable with having certain masculine features. Would that happen today?

No. 1479494

it was all his idea to go out too, I just can't understand the logic behind doing this.

No. 1479503

i had a moid like that half assedly orbit me too, he'd make semi-concrete plans (i myself never proposed anything), then when i'd follow up he'd say he forgot. eventually i asked him to stop this shit and he was like 'you are not my girlfriend' (?), like only that person could be worthy of not having their time wasted by the moid. as to the logic of this behavior i still have no idea. just stop talking to him bc clearly he has brain problems.

No. 1479531

Does anyone else get really suicidal about art? I realized I wasn’t as good as I thought I was and ever since then I been too depressed and unmotivated to keep going because I’m never gonna be as good as I wish I was. I don’t want popularity online I wanna be happy and confident in something and a lot of my identity revolves around art. I’m 18 so still pretty young but a lot of my friends around the same age are well adjusted and professional level and it makes me feel sad and… so behind.

No. 1479536

My fingers are so chubby and pudgy and I hate it. It doesn't even make sense because I'm not fat or anything, I'm a normal weight and bmi for my height but still they look like mini sausages to the point my friend worries about them.

No. 1479544

my mom died about a month ago, totally unexpectedly, and I still can't believe it. she was my best friend and I never went a day without talking to her. dealing with everything related to her death is so exhausting. I feel like I can't even begin to actually grieve because i'm just so busy dealing with all of this shit with her estate, her business, etc. I guess im still in shock but im just so tired all the time, have no energy to do anything, don't want to cook so im eating junk food and have gained weight, and its so hard to work. my apartment is a total mess, and they're coming to do inspections tomorrow so I HAVE to clean it but it's just a fucking disaster. I just wish I could talk to my mom

No. 1479546

its only 6 more months its only 6 more months its only 6 more months ad infinitum

No. 1479557

File: 1674427257010.jpeg (222 KB, 1170x1162, 1674301921834.jpeg)

I want a gf so bad that I'm finally concidering getting my shit together in order to stop being a neet

No. 1479574

lc is absolute shit today. miss when mods would ban minimodders and infighters at the first offense, today theres so many anons sperging at random inane posts, minimod faggots chimping about muh recognizable posting styles, and there is a massive influx of bait posts. none of these newfags would survive a day of hellweek

No. 1479579

I have the same issue, i am so jealous of people with long slender fingers.

No. 1479584

File: 1674431934300.jpg (161.2 KB, 598x600, 155802_600.jpg)

The week before my period is hitting me like a sledgehammer. I just want to read a book but I can't stop fucking crying for no reason I can't even read through my god damn tears

No. 1479590

I'm gonna lose my mind, I hate muslims so much. My little sister's childhood friend got married to some guy shd let on holidays and they have a son now. Except not! They're only "religiously married" which means they just partied a little harder than usual, the guy is way older than her and they have sex out of wedlock and even a kid out of wedlock. She's not working anymore anf relies on her bf who doesn't even have our citizenship (getting married for real could give him more protection). And she's praised for it but I've had my youth completely wasted and was forced to spend all my days at home to avoid having male friends "just in case" to the point of only recently becoming more "normal" and if I ever decided to have a bf and we would be suspected of having sex then I know I'll be beaten up and stalked by my family because "muh islam" and "muh traditions". I don't even get where she found an imam who agreed to this shit because iirc most of them only do the religious ceremony for legally married couples in my European countey to prevent male perverts from pumping and dumping clueless girls. None of that shit makes sense.

No. 1479598

My heart goes out to you nonny

No. 1479599

File: 1674433699669.gif (2.92 MB, 500x278, love-live-pillow-fight.gif)

i just want deranged fujo radfem friends. i want them to like dead dove content as much as i do. i want them to like GL as much as i do too. why can't i find this. all the fujo radfems i see are like "ironic" fujoshi or newfags who only got into the hobby recently aaaaaaa

No. 1479604

Get help pornsick coomer

No. 1479609

tf is dead dove content?

No. 1479621

grrr i can be honest with myself and be like yes i have a problem with x i need to stop this behaviour but like the second i need to ask for outside help its like no u dont ur a liar you dont even engage in that behaviour

No. 1479624

No. 1479627

girl kys

No. 1479648

File: 1674437703289.jpeg (75.77 KB, 720x960, 4B17DBC1-C373-4007-BCF6-D6F6F2…)

>tfw no one to read propernicethat fanfics with me
I feel you anon, there’s no more craziness like how there was in the older fujo fandoms. The only crazy nowadays is tif headcannons being pushed on every male character so I constantly see stupid troon shit in my fics. Missed the era where people just wrote dead dove shit and no one bat an eye or it was seen as a challenge if you could stomach the content. Never forgetting the Hetalia fandom for having a fuckton of fics like that and some being infamous for it. still trying to look for the romano/italy fic where he skull fucks his dead corpse on the beach I miss being a young unhinged weeb!!

No. 1479650

File: 1674437938963.jpg (199.11 KB, 1169x1152, 71b.jpg)

I fucked up and got a bunch of Shins songs stuck in my head and it's negatively impacting my mental health.

No. 1479651

Its known as the evil disease that masculinizes women which is stupid. On top of that they don't even bother helping women with PCOS treat other symptoms like breast issues, facial hair, issues losing weight or anything else because it almost feels like they want to punish women for being ugly. We get put on birth control that does more harm than good and then just get laughed off if we say we want proper treatment

No. 1479654

Oh completely, towards the end of the relationship his favorite thing to do would be to complain about how I changed, he couldn't describe it, but just had a "bad feeling" and would distance himself from me. He didn't think for a second that it was on him, it's never his fault only mine. Or when it was undeniably his fault he would pull the "I'm such an asshole I hate myself you deserve better" shit. He also heavily restricted me, started shit with me and would demand photos of my friends and stuff or make up insane scenarios, usually related to sex trafficking on why I can't go out and would have some sort of issue with any job I had and would start shit with me on the job until I had to leave early because he literally wanted me to believe the relationship was going to end and would make a huge deal being vague about how "he no longer cared", after I was saving up and planning to go to a uni near him mind you. Like no shit I changed you don't allow me to do anything outside of work, if I had any conversation outside of a completely predictable smalltalk he'd complain about how much I changed, etc. I truly believe he was attempting to ruin my personality for others and wanted me to have a personality of cardboard so no one would be interested. He's one of those idiots that thinks their "gut feelings" are words to live by, which can be true to some, but this dude took it to a whole new level, and his "gut feelings" only ever seemed to happen if he wanted to restrict me from something or abuse me

No. 1479656

God I hate love live.

No. 1479659

I just started using tumblr and it's the only other social media I use, so im learning about the pornbots and I get so fucking annoyed. EVERY single notification I get is from pornbots. I take my time out to report and block everyone. Thing is I just use it for a game,I don't talk about politics, sex or anything. Just use it for a game.

No. 1479670


No. 1479674

>He's one of those idiots that thinks their "gut feelings" are words to live by
If it wasnt a form of manipulation, id say these people are the biggest narcs if they truly believe they were gifted some 6th sense that is never wrong. Reminds me of those teenagers who are convinced theyre vampires or something.

No. 1479680

File: 1674442147030.jpg (30.03 KB, 640x312, CdbvD8TW8AAb-lU.jpg large.jpg)

I'm starting to worry if I've ruined my life to the point of no return.

Life story incoming:

I'm 28 and a two-time college dropout. I have about 30k in student loans from my first institution- then my second one I nearly graduated but a close family member passed away suddenly and my grades took a nosedive and it wasn't cost-efficient anymore to keep paying to fail. I withdrew thinking it would only be temporary but I never returned. I lived at home with my family and struggled to find employment since I couldn't drive even though I was 21 so I worked a few part-time retail jobs. I lived with my bf around this time in the city and started working for his family- I was dealing with a lot of mental health issues that are now more under control. When I started feeling better my bf of 8 years broke up with me and I realized I had spent almost my entire twenties with him and had almost nothing to show for it. I know I was a bit of a moocher- I'm living on my own now and have a full-time retail job but as I get closer to my 30s I have a lot of shame about my lack of success and how much I've failed compared to my peers. I live in an expensive high-powered city and I can relate to my younger coworkers but nobody my age on dating apps. I live paycheck to paycheck and couldn't afford an emergency and am starting to really stress about money. I want to work in an office and have a real job but I have no idea how to afford going back to school or when I would even have time with my work schedule. I don't even know where to start rebuilding my life.

No. 1479681

Same anon. It's difficult balancing rad leaning beliefs and taboo interests. To rad for the sickos to sick for the rads.

No. 1479683

I hate people like this so much. So many of them are super dysfunctional and self destruction, CAN RECOGNIZE THIS, and still continue to parrot the idea that their initial reactions are always right. If something doesn’t immediately work out the way you wanted it’s obviously wrong and you need to bail and not even take a single second to conisider that maybe it’s you who is the problem.

No. 1479699

why do women around me, including my best friends and mother, want to constantly talk about their subpar men? i'm straight but i want one day where i don't have to hear about some scrote's mediocrity

No. 1479710

NTA but yes and yes, I had a moid friend who would always brag about how reliable his gut feelings were, and sometimes they were right don't get me wrong, but eventually he would start using it as an excuse to be controlling towards me and other girls in our friend group, he'd somehow always get the ~bad stomach feeling~ around every boyfriend any girl had, even for the ones that were consistent with not being bad and ended up never being bad anyway.

Gut feelings exist but too many people use it to be manipulative to those who trust them

No. 1479711

why are former fatass people who lose a ton of weight who suddenly think they achieved nirvana among the most insufferable people to have to breathe within the same mile of

No. 1479713

You sound like a fatty who's mad they can't lose weight

No. 1479715

I would laugh

No. 1479717

and you sound like a retard with a futile superiority complex when is the last time you hit the gym kek

No. 1479718


dump him

No. 1479720

File: 1674452191493.jpg (10.04 KB, 360x223, 1667149898981.jpg)

i feel like i could've written this word for word

No. 1479743

File: 1674456750336.jpg (29.73 KB, 551x556, 819004262507e1e695eceb940cac2a…)

Nonnies, what the hell is wrong with me. I keep on forgetting stuff and remembering them at the last minute, often becoming late as I scramble to do my uni tasks. I'm beyond furious at myself because I write things down, setting them as calendar reminders, and STILL. FORGET. It's maddening, I can't believe I'm starting the year like this! I already got in hot water with one of my professors because I didn't respond to her for a long time during the break. And now I submitted a discussion post late!!! How could I do this!? I feel like I am eroding my image as a responsible student to my teachers and I'm so afraid they will have a low opinion of me. I didn't use to do this so what the hell happened!?!? I wish I could clone myself and shake her, like WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I want to get my shit together. I feel like I'm going to explode. I keep on running behind assignments for no good reason at the start of the year.
Nonnies, what do I do…

No. 1479745

File: 1674456833365.jpg (49.18 KB, 800x450, drema.jpg)

for real. i just need a girlie that's genuinely into insane stuff without being lobotomized by libfem gendie shit

same i just had the gif on hand

it's hard out here for us. most rfs can't seem to comprehend the whole fiction =/= reality thing

No. 1479747

Nah, fuck off, nothing is worse than GL.

No. 1479748

I misjudged how much energy I needed to hike and had to give up fairly early (though the early part is known for being the hardest). Just mad because it's a great time to hike and its 'beginner'.

No. 1479749

"gl" is short for girls love nona

No. 1479750

File: 1674458824797.jpg (Spoiler Image,90.3 KB, 540x400, cannime.jpg)

god speed to you, nonnie. i'm a terrible degen fujo too and it's hard out here for us. some radfem/terfs seem to get us or tolerate us but they're hard to find. value them if you do! we're always hiding amongst you in odd places kek

No. 1479751

Yeah that's pretty much why I say that. I'm assuming you also like BL but fuck off anyway

No. 1479760

you sound like you're comparing how women like things to how moids like things and it's a retarded false equivalency. like 33-40% of women like BL content, decent amount like GL too. can women not like the lesbians in sailor moon? that's GL content.

No. 1479768

I'm not comparing anything, I'm just saying GL by itself is shit. It's never as funny or as spicy as BL.

No. 1479769

I can’t cum since I came out of the hospital and I’m scared that frostbite and drugs have given me nerve damage all over. My hands are numb

No. 1479772

It's too early to tell anything, give it time.

No. 1479773

fair enough, sis, good day to you onwards

No. 1479776

Thank you anon I’m really scared

No. 1479787

my experience is the complete opposite tbh, boys love i read is always written as very cringe humor with puns and softboi will-they-wont-they romance with practically no sex, but the GL i have read lately is either funny and honest or spicy.

No. 1479815

It was years ago but I hate that I’m still angry about my ex friends. One of them started dating the moid who tried to rape me (he did not succeed thankfully but it was a pretty violent and terrifying situation being that he’s significantly taller and fatter than me), I told her about what he did and she didn’t believe me, saying “there’s no evidence”. They all ditched me (good riddance) but the thing that really pisses me off is that she knows he’s like that. Before they dated she asked someone to sit in the room with her and him because he was “being creepy” (her words). On top of this, this bitch tried it on with my Nigel, who rejected her and then told me about what happened. I honestly hate them all so much but especially the rapist and her, she’s a complete retard in looks and mentality. The rapist moid is this fat greasy retard who was too stupid to get any GCSEs or a levels despite being privately educated. I hope he gets all that’s coming to him. I’ve been trying to just forget about it but it’s so hard because there was just no justice in the situation at all and it’s not had any detriment to his life. I want him to suffer and I want her to realise what a piece of shit she is

No. 1479823

I’m sorry you went through that Nona, but you are right, they are miserable and self hating and they deserve it. There’s a special place in hell for these fuckers

No. 1479831

Which GL are you reading that are like this? It feels like they're just exceptions.

No. 1479834

Sorry to hear that nonny. My friends ex bf raped her and a girl we confided in started dating the rapist one week later. Pick me’s are gonna line up after crusty abusive dick

No. 1479868

So sorry that happened to you both. So many women are such extreme pick mes that they'd rather end up with violence, abusive moids than be alone. I dont trust anyone who picks their moids over their girl friends. they're both pieces of garbage that will definitely be miserable.

No. 1479869

I know it seems like your path is done, but you are alive and well. Struggling from paycheck to paycheck can be fixed. Even with your debt, there has to be programs that can help you. And most places now are so desperate to hire that you can get a decent out of retail paying job with almost no experience. A lot of places do on the job training. You can do this.

No. 1479877

I'm doing my best not to a-log bc I relate to so much of what you wrote but lets just say I am 30 years old and in almost the exact same situation. Something I've learned getting older and opening up about dating/finance struggles more (bc I am beyond shame at this point, cringe but free, etc) is that this is actually really, really common. Especially living in a big city. SO many people our age are living paycheck to paycheck, or are 1-2 big cost emergencies away from being broke. People just hide it, same as they hide their debt. Letting go of that shame will help so much with being able to tackle what you don't like and start to change it- it's empowering in a way to accept that the situation is not unique, the economy is so bad right now and its depressingly common to be struggling that way. The idea that you have everything sorted in your 30s is kinda… idk. I'm starting to think it's not as common. 30 felt so old when I was 20, but now I'm like idk. Maybe I just learned that from movies, that 30 year olds have a career and a home and kids and blah blah blah.

This is also only semi-related but I was gonna rant about it…it's amazing how many people in their late 20s/early 30s are supported by parents. Or come from wealthy families. They NEVER share it, and say stupid shit like "We're comfortable" or even LARP as being poor, but then you find out their parents will pay their rent, or send them grocery/doctor money on the regular and it's like wtf. That's insane to me but also makes sense how some people seem to not be as panicked about being broke all the time. The stakes aren't as high when your checking hits $0 if you know that you'd still be ok should rent come due or you end up in the hospital- family will pick up the bill..

No. 1479878

Bf loves “teasing” me during sex which means constantly accidentally-on-purpose sticking the tip in without a condom even though I made it extremely clear I don’t want it near me if it’s unwrapped. I‘m only staying with him to save up on rent. Fuck moids and their casual disregard of boundaries.

No. 1479879

that's disgusting and a form of rape. Stay safe, anon. Dont give him anymore sex while you are there.

No. 1479881

wtf. fake a pregnancy scare to shock him straight, that's gross. I had a bf obsessed with anal and he would do that "accidentally on purpose" thing and its never an accident, they know what they're doing… get your bag and get outta there

No. 1479896

File: 1674489631213.jpg (583.16 KB, 959x981, sexpesttranny.jpg)

Never underestimate scrote's insanity and obsession nonas, I just learned my ex boyfriend from six years ago obsessively talk shit about me to this day and keep saying to whoever will listen that my current bf need to be rescued because I must be severely abusing him. Meanwhile he's integrated an uggo infested polycule and has started to go out at night crossdressing using a name very similar to mine.
And yes I wanna kms knowing that I dated such a degenerate sex pest.

No. 1479900

Pls leave him as soon as you can, that is not okay and will probably escalate into even worse things. I had a scrote bite my lip when kissing, even though I told him to stop it. It ended up him strangling and beating me.

No. 1479901

I'd file a fucking police report. Screw the rent, he's only going to go further and further with this, you realize that, don't you?

No. 1479903

My ex bf confessed to me he was addicted to sissy porn when we were dating. That is why we never had sex. At least he knew it is degenerate and is not planning to troon out, but I still feel deeply disgusted knowing this.

No. 1479918

File: 1674492739115.png (88.46 KB, 261x268, nigga what.png)

anyone online that's seen me compares me to maui from moana, and you know i love the legends in polynesian cultures about him and his character in the movie was pretty cool… but im a biological woman!!! i dont know if i should take it as an insult or a compliment at this point. like yeh im of polynesian background also brown, same hair, a fat nose and a little out of shape so im pretty undesirable physically but god DAMN i cant look like a moid… no way… i wanna get fit this year and if i still possess masculine facial features im just gonna go down the androgynous route but… it's over.. anyone i'm close with says there's no resemblance at all but i feel i'm being lied to jfc

No. 1479922

Some rich Jewish girl on Reddit picked a fight with me because I said Andrew Tate and his followers have brain damage. Apparently what I said is ableist since she “has a brain injury and would never do what he does”. After apologizing she said I was ableist and so I told her basically to fuck off and blocked her. But the worst part is that she frequents other subreddits I go on and now I’m worried she’s gonna tattle to mods and get me banned.
I really wanted to drag her to filth and cal her out as a wealthy Jewish girl trying to be oppressed but her post history was full of calling people antisemitic and ik she would have claimed I’m antisemitic even though my own family is Jewish.

No. 1479948

Sometimes I remember when I was a child I was actually a child and not the 31 year old I am today, yet I judge myself as incompetent etc because my parents acted like I should've been more mature or something. Like I cannot imagine having relationship issues, venting about it to a 7-8 year old and expecting a valid response. Like what kind of fucked in the head do you need to be to subject a child to that anyway? I'd never do that. Not because I experienced it but just because it's weird as hell.

And yeah I screwed up/did dumb shit as a child but why was I yelled at as if I should have some kind of inbuilt adult sense of judgement? That I couldn't predict not to act a particular way because my dad was in a bad mood or something. As an adult (and my background), of course I can intuit when to walk on eggshells but why get so mad at a kid?

I have these moments where I remember it, but I recall it from my point of view, with my parent yelling/making passive aggressive jabs at me. But when I zoom out of myself and into the third person, and see a 40 year old saying this stuff to a 7 year old it's like hold up, what the fuck was that anyway.

No. 1479951

>Hates Andrew tate
>Kinda crazy
I can fix her

No. 1479964

Literally nothing is working right now. Government website won't let me make an appointment. International calling site won't let me make a call. I keep mistyping on this phone. I have my period. I feel sick. I'm stuck in a shitty situation once again. I can't find a way out. It's like this because people are selfish and dumb and screw you over.

No. 1479966

Growing up, everything I did was either made fun of, used against me somehow, or blown up to be undeniable proof of me being a spoiled, evil manipulator when I was just a little kid.

I remember selling my Barbies to neighbor kids for money and getting scammed because I didn't know how much things cost back then. My family was dirt poor and I just wanted to help because they'd been complaining about it in front of and to me for as long as I could remember.
I went to my grandma all happy and told her how much I made for them, she got angry, laughed at me and then called me dumb and gullible. I was like 5. I then asked her to help me get my toys back since she said I got scammed. She laughed, said it's my own fault and that now that I have no toys I'll learn my lesson.

I also got mocked for trying to learn how to cook ('Drop it right now, you're just making a mess'), but also not knowing how to cook ('You will listen to me and do as I say. Talk to me again when you learn to cook'). I was bad because I wasn't more like my neighbor, but also my neighbor was dumb and her mom is a trailer park whore who just married rich and thinks she's hot shit. The sky is blue but it's also green. I hate my shit family.

No. 1479968

you need to read better gl. look away from jpn made stuff and check out manwha/manhua. i recommend moonlight garden, godspeed

we need our own dog whistles

No. 1479971

File: 1674498097928.jpg (109.03 KB, 564x1002, 9496c360a04b715a5d95f1744368fe…)

NTA but if you could give more gl recommendation you would be my savior nonnie. I'm currently trying to find some good stuff to read

No. 1479978

File: 1674498584622.png (406.78 KB, 1055x1500, 1648143594370-0.png)

i am copy-pasting these posts i made a long time ago from another chan. if you've seen them before, that's why:

>Her Tale of Shim Chong

a favorite, so it's first. historical drama chronicling the relationship between a poor, roguish slum girl and the wife of a noble. the schemes they pull to get revenge on the wife's family are fun to watch.

>Opium, by Aji

didn't finish this one, but it's about a pair of doctors in umm…early, developing south korea. feels like a bl kinda because of how wimpy and blushy the mc is against her love interest (who's cold, unfeeling, manipulative and always in control of the situation, etc.).

>Moonlight Garden

it's like abo, kind of…except omegas are the only gender. the main setting is a brothel and there's this entire caste of women who forcibly "bloom" once a month (e.g. they get stupid horny and start to smell like flowers). the world is also matriarchal, which is based.

>Best Friends

literally abo yuri. this is 100% just your typical dumb abo yaoi but with girlies instead (based)

>Beloved (Jaeliu)

another favorite. age-gap between a doctor (i think she was 30…something?) and a high-schooler she accidentally hooked up with. it's dramatic and tackles the subject seriously, though. kind of ends on an unsatisfying note, so be careful.

>What Does The Fox Say

kind of a gl classic. though i only faintly remember it because i read it back in high-school, lol. anyway it's about women in an office…and the mind games they play on one another.

here's some yuri that makes me think of bl:


one-shot. cold, possessive top with a weak-willed bottom. picrel is from this.


title sort of gives it away but this leans hard into the ~forbidden love~ trope. it's not cute & fluffy as it usually is in yuri though; rather kind of dark and sexy and desperately co-dependent.


another one-shot. more typical seme/uke feeling stuff.

this has gotten crazy long so i'll stop here but as a bonus recommendation: the gl version of the sadistic beauty side-story is pretty good. fluffy bdsm.

No. 1479984

My period here and normally it's fine, my patience runs out quicker and I get really hungry but it's no big deal. But recently it's been taking a toll on me because I feel like it just amplifies my grief over my dead dog and I cry constantly about her and feel so overwhelmed with guilt over every little instance where I was not the absolute best, perfect owner I could be. Everything is done, she is gone. She lived a good, long life, and I did everything that I could during her last few months. But that time I was upset 5 years ago that she woke me up for a walk and I just put on her harness and leash and went back to bed while she patiently sat there and waited for me? Eats me alive. The time I came home and said hi and then just left her while I did other stuff? Makes me want to kill myself. I loved her and continue to love her. She is my everything.

The overall grief has become more bearable as more time passes between her death and now, but my period comes and I feel like I'm not worthy of being alive. I feel so much guilt, and there is nothing I can do. I can't say sorry to her anymore. I can't give her extra cuddles and kisses and try to make up for it. I can't try to bribe her with her favorite treats. She isn't here anymore. It fucking sucks. I cried so much when she first passed and it was cathartic, but now I cry and I just cry and cry and cry and cry. It's awful. Even now as I type this I want to cry. I feel terrible. I can't stop fixating on all the memories I had where I was impatient with her or mean to her. I can't think fondly back on all the hundreds of days we spent together cuddling and having a fun time with each other, I feel like I don't deserve to think of those moments.

No. 1479987

Here's how my day is gonna be tomorrow.
I have to walk for 25 mins to the station, catch the train that does not check for tickets, get there in 50 mins and sneak on a bus that doesn't check tickets or walk another hour, to get to the office that will help me get out of this country back to my country to go pick up money in person because they refuse to fucking send it to me. I have to get up ass crack early to do all of this, on my period, barely eaten in two weeks, in the cold and potential rain, and then hope I can get back here in time to finish what I started. All because no bank would accept me, they won't send me my money, I can't work, and I trusted people and had even a slither of hope things would work out. I never should have fucking waited and trust people, they wasted my time. I might not even fucking make it tomorrow, I might drop dead, honestly I don't think I am gonna survive.

No. 1479990

I take my meds, I eat enough, I gained weight, I take vitamins and minerals and try to keep my stress down and my period is still no where to be seen. At least my hair isn't falling out as badly anymore.

No. 1479997

File: 1674500339592.jpg (241.03 KB, 1080x1080, milsae.jpg)

thank you nonnie!

No. 1480013

File: 1674501803621.jpeg (252.82 KB, 1074x1035, 5602CF1D-587F-4D34-B81E-6135B4…)

I’m so fucking frustrated!! I’m general a very happy person but I realized that I’m awful at expressing more negative thoughts and shit just comes across as rough and harsh when I don’t intend it too. I got into a dumb squabble with my fiancé earlier today, and the only I can remember is him retorting that I, “ don’t need to be so defensive.” LIKE FUCK YOU!!!! IM NOT BEING DEFENSIVE ITS JUST MY STUPID TONE BC I DONT KNOW HOW TO REGULATE IT OR WHATEVER SO YOU DONT PRECEIVE ME AS DEFENSIVE. ALSO FUCK YOU IF YOU FIND ME BEING DEFENSIVE, WHAT ELSE THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO BE? SUBMISSIVE TO YOUR DUMB SUGGESTIONS AS IF I DIDNT DO MY OWN RESEARCH??!
This shit just hurts so much…. I’m slowly realizing I don’t have anyone in my life I’m comfortable enough to express these negative feelings with so I just hold a lot of it in or journal about it until I forget…. Picrel my emotion and mental state rn

No. 1480016

>you need to read better gl.
It's been a while since I read a whole GL manga. I usually just check whatever is getting released in my country in bookstores so maybe that doesn't help, especially since a shit ton of really good and/or popular BL manga get released in comparison and I just prefer BL by default since I'm a straight woman. I wouldn't mind GL manga featuring relatable adult women looking and acting like adult women but I guess it doesn't sell enough here unless it's some of the most depressing shit ever.

No. 1480017

you sound exhausting. go tf to therapy

No. 1480021

Her moid should go to therapy, why do women always get tone policed?? Tf

No. 1480041

Nta but I’m sorry anon. Your post is so blackpilling, god I will never date a scrote again, moids doom me to be a voluntarily celibate dog mom lady by the way they act.

No. 1480042

I learned how to do a certain crochet stitch last night and was doing it so good, but now I'm struggling with it again.
I always thought that that pic looked like a Sims screenshot.

No. 1480049

I used to be into gore and other disgusting shit as a teen but as I grew up reality hit me and now I can't stand it. At some point in my life I had to be in hospitals a lot and I had to do many painful or invasive/gross exams and seeing death/illness so closely in others, feeling like shit as medical equipment poked my guts and looking at my own internal organs (through real-time endoscopy and other tests) made me turn away from gore shit almost completely. Now I honestly think anyone who's very into that rancid stuff is sheltered/lucky and hasn't gone through scary shit in life or genuinely has no empathy or self-preservation instincts.

No. 1480063

My upstairs neighbour went from the perfect recently-divorced professional 50-something woman to fucking the most homeless, schizo-street-person looking dude she could find while blasting her shitty "girlboss" music all day. She's acting like a disgusting teenager. I feel like for the first six months she pretended to be normal or someshit but at this point it's like living under a scrote. She's a fullblown alcoholic now and she has a horrific fall like once a week in her apartment. I hear her fall and as she hits the ground she usually grabs something and takes it down with her. Ever heard a drunk asshole fall like a tree and take a dining room table covered in empty glasses down with her at 4am? Holy fuck I hope she chokes on her vomit soon, I hate drunks and drug addicts and people who LOUDLY FUCK HOMELESS PEOPLE. Disgusting. She looks like if Janis Joplin was a redhead and did even heavier boozing, and somehow lived past 27- or more accurately she looks like if someone dug up Janis Joplin today. I think(?) she still has her admin job though, so power to her for that I guess. She also doesn't have a shower in her apartment, and wears her shoes inside despite it being wet snow here. Scrote-vibes. I just wish I could point my finger in her face and tell her how much of a disappointment she is to everyone around her, especially since I'm like half her age. GROW UP! Jesus christ so many 50 year olds need parenting or someshit. Just grow the fuck upppp

No. 1480108

I used to think all the pop culture women objectification (, the sexualized singers, the dumbest female protagonists in movies..) was all male creation that gets pushed by scrotes but women are actually enjoying that. They unironically like watching doja cat's videos, don't get annoyed at tv shows and movies, watch and participate in degrading sex, support the worst misogynistic men… I think it's time for me to stop dwelling on feminism because other women don't mind pop shittery and don't need any liberation. They will go on twitter complain about men and continue the same dumb coomsumerism. I have to focus on my career and life and stop caring what the fuck the world does.

No. 1480126

File: 1674514262449.jpg (409.11 KB, 1000x727, panopticon.jpg)

it's the panopticon theory but for the male gaze. women get off on the idea of imagining that men are watching them and would approve of what they are doing. so they participate in/think that they actively enjoy degrading shit bc they get dopamine from imagining some dude watching them do it and think they are sexy/worthy for it.

being a pickme even in total isolation is extremely depressing to imagine

No. 1480127

How tf is watching porn cartoons a hobby?

No. 1480133

I collected a lot of low effort friends bc I was really lonely and had low self esteem so I didn't mind always being the one to reach out, or plan things, and never expected anything in return bc I just genuinely hated myself. So when friends blew me off, or forgot me, or were otherwise just mean and not reciprocating the friendship I was just like "eh yeah, I'm a piece of shit so that tracks".

I don't suddenly love myself or anything but I just kind of lost the energy to always be the one initiating. I'm so tired. I realized that I am putting in most of the work, and I just…don't want to anymore. My friendships have started dropping off as a result, when I stopped being the one reaching out then several of them have actually straight up just disappeared. I'm not surprised, I always knew they were that way. But I'm also just kind of numb. I'm sad about it but feel like I knew they weren't solid friends already so I can't really be too sad. But man am I lonely. And I also feel so burned out I just don't want to put in the effort to make new friends either, I'm scared of falling into the same cycle.

Is friendship burnout a thing? Does it go away? I wish I could just sleep for 10 years.

No. 1480138

I want to end it all I want to end it all before I end up Ana-Chan again.

I was doing so good. I was working out and eating healthy. I’m at a good weight for my height. I’m gaining muscle. But someone pointed out that I have a pouch of fat on my stomach, and it made me want to die. Then it got worse by saying that I’m gonna have ti carry my gf cause she’s smaller than me and I’m too big

I feel like I’m in high school again, trying not to eat too much cause I have to be perfect and skinny. I want to be dainty and frail, I want to be small and holdable. I’m tired of always being the buffer gnc girl cause it’s so draining. I don’t always want to be the girl who protects others. I want to be protected too. I want to be small so people defend me the way I defend others. But it’s never gonna happen. Even if I starve the weight off, I still have a tall and wide build. I’ll never be dainty. I’ll never be protectable

No. 1480144


yesss i want radfem himejoshis to enjoy insane GL with please

No. 1480145

>I want to be dainty and frail
You're a grown ass woman. Disordered eating sucks, but at some point its time to leave the uwu fragile lolita ballerina shit behind. And I say that with love.

No. 1480149

I think the guy I hooked up with on tinder was using me to cheat. Here are the clues
1. He unmatched me on tinder after the date but then starting messaging me on snap chat(probably deleted tinder after cheating)
2.he was kissing me on the neck but didn’t let me kiss him on the neck(I’m assuming he didn’t want to leave any Hickys just in case his gf sees em)

I really don’t care tho. I got a free meal, night at a hotel and alcohol. He can cheat with me all he wants this is the best treatment I’ve gotten from a scrote in months and he actually messaged me first after the date.

No. 1480150

omg bless you

No. 1480153

No matter how much I read, my vocabulary does not improve and my thoughts and tangled and I come off as a schizo barely being able to put 3 sentences together. This is why I failed school but I'm assuming it to be a developmental disorder at this point.

No. 1480155

You don't have to be "small and dainty" for this. Nevermind in reality people rarely think that about anachans, they just think they look sick. Tell your gf about your feelings, your relationship should be balanced.

No. 1480162

Congrats on being even more bottom barrel than him

No. 1480167

can you see a dr and ask for a neurologist referral? I had this and it turned out to be temporal lobe epilepsy

No. 1480168

Well I can’t prove he’s cheating so it’s not on me

No. 1480169

Keep telling yourself whatever lies you want if it helps you sleep at night

No. 1480174

i am only halfway through spring recruitment at my school and i'm about to throw hands with every fucking one of my sisters. i love them but never in my life have i met normies more socially unaware than me. DO NOT FUCKING TALK ABOUT BARS TO A RANDOM GIRL WHO'S JUST TRYING TO MAKE A FRIENDSHIP BRACELET. REEEEEEEE

No. 1480175

Um nonna, he treated you like a literal hooker and you didn't even get paid for it

No. 1480179

I have to confess that I'm jealous of women who look like their mothers. Not only did I get two terrible parents, I also got the face of the ugly one.

No. 1480180

I guess what it boils down to is that I'm scared that I'm being replaced.

No. 1480184

I’ve dealt with scrotes worse than this

No. 1480190

True, most scrotes wouldn't pay for a dime

No. 1480192

Love yourself more

No. 1480194

I mean no one should be paying "for a dime"

No. 1480197

It’s nice when a scrote pays for things without me having to ask.

No. 1480199

You're letting scrotes use you

No. 1480200

I don’t care about being used. I’m bored.

No. 1480207

Love yourself more

No. 1480208

Self love is boring tho

No. 1480209

Being used by men is fun to you? Seek therapy.

No. 1480210

Yes it is fun for me. It’s nice to be taken out for dinners and talk to someone I think is cute.

No. 1480211

Let's just ignore everything else you said

No. 1480212

Kek they will never get it. Don't even try.

No. 1480215

This might be shocking to you but women can also enjoy having casual sex.

No. 1480218

It's that time of the month for me again where I think about my exes and I can't help but feel nothing but anger and vindictiveness over them. I hate how I let misogynist males into my life. I wish nothing but bad things to happen to them. FUCK THEM

No. 1480223

even with the guy cheating?

No. 1480224

I don’t know that he’s cheating. I assumed he probably is but he’s not my man so idc.

No. 1480227

I mean she is just tinfoiling that he cheated. And unless she is pursuing a serious relationship with him I don't see how it changes anything.

No. 1480232

Women like you who have casual sex are disgusting. I hope you get raped
Yes if they're braindead pickmes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1480244

die, scrote

No. 1480245

my Nigel has been working out more and wants to bulk up but whenever he eats dinner now he shoves the food in his mouth like he's never eaten before and it's so disgusting I hate the sound of it. how do I tell him nicely to not eat like a pig because the sounds are triggering. Like he has to eat more but idk how that equates to not eating like a normal human being now. even when he's still chewing he'll put a spoonful of more food in his mouth and the smacking and ugh. maybe my food is just bussin kek but its so fucking gross to listen to I have to leave the room

No. 1480250

You can try and frame it like, "I notice you've been really hungry lately, why don't you try to have some protein outside dinner time?" I suggest eating protein bars or something to help curb his appetite. I was also shocked at how hungry I always felt when I started lifting, but he needs to eat at other times of day so he can eat at dinner like a normal human. Honestly, I can relate to him some, and this is what I did. If protein bars aren't enough, you can get shakes or a bunch of other stuff.

No. 1480251

You need to break up with him

No. 1480253

This is why I can't live with men and their disgusting mannerisms.

No. 1480254

update to a post from last thread no one cared about
>moid still owes me money, claims to be out of state (otherwise i would follow a nona's advice and sabotage his car)
>decide to remind him again about the money, i doubt i'll get it back but might as well keep pestering him
>"Hey can I get my money back ever or"
>"Im sorry I cant. Im on debt rn on some shit"
(yeah, indebted to me you fucking retard)
>"Yeah I'm gonna keep reminding you every couple weeks cuz this is ridiculous."
>"Im sorry. Im going thru some shit rn. You wouldn't understand. But I never said I wasn't going to pay you again."
>"Yeah that doesn't matter at all."
>"Like literally my car broke down rn. Fml. Im Fr about to kill myself. Give me a break."
>"K I'll remind you again in a few weeks."
>"Just have someone kill me. Im so done with life."
>I leave him on read
Lmfao I literally don't care about his emotional manipulation. can't believe i used to like this guy, so fucking pathetic. I'm tempted to tell him to just do it. I sound so callous but I don't even think he's serious. It's just to make me feel bad for him and get off his back. No, fuck you. None of this has to do with your debt. I'm done falling for that shit. Men are all the fucking same

No. 1480255

Wtf are the other replies to this. Just tell him the sound of him eating so loudly bothers you and ask him to do it more quietly.

No. 1480257

stfu pickme

No. 1480260

Oh that's a good idea thank you nonna. I didn't know that tbh. Now I feel a bit less disgusted
lmao i just assumed they're being funny besides >>1480253

No. 1480266

Masturbating these days for me is like eating plastic or cotton. It's not that fulfilling but it satisfys the craving.

No. 1480276

Went out to eat and whatever the fuck they did both me and my family got diarrhea. I don't even know what to say. We shared a veggie dish which is the only thing it might have been. This has never happened at that food place.

No. 1480279

Heads up but you can still get pregnant even from that dick move your bf pulls

No. 1480281

why do i even try speaking to my dad about serious shit. he's so irritating, our conversations are just like:

>him: your mom taking my ring hurt my feelings

>>me: that's fair, but you do hurtful things as well, so it's a bit odd to call her stupid (while denying that you can be a bit stupid too)
>him: how do i hurt people? i don't do that. never have
>>me: you hurt me when you get drunk and start yelling so loud i can hear you from several rooms away. you always yell about disgusting things
>him: where's your wound?
>>me: [blinking, trying to process this question]
>him: how do we define "hurting people"? everyone's opinion is different…
>>me, cutting him off: it's a mental wound
>him: um well actually a wound is when you're missing something so :^) and i'm missing my ring

and it just loops like that until i get so frustrated i'm just insulting him. i usually stop myself before it gets that far. but jesus christ man, you think you're being so smart by taking these retarded detours in the conversation (and people getting frustrated at you for being like this are only frustrated because your point is too intelligent for them to comprehend)

No. 1480284

I hate what the #MeToo movement did to men. They didn't see it as justice, they only saw the rare cases of women lying to ruin some guy's career or get his money.
A guy asked me about a one night stand we had and I said I felt regret and he went fucking ballistic, then he started crying and said he was scared that I would accuse him falsely of rape.
What a fucking retard. I have better things to do.

No. 1480285

People who talk about how stuff like subway or those salads with eggs chicken dressing croutons etc. are “ackshually not even healthy” are really cringe and annoying, it’s either propagated by people trying to feel better for their mass consumption of fried fatty foods and feel called out when they see someone go for an objectively healthier fast food option, or more often people who think literally anything you eat outside of home cooked meals from scratch is literally going to give you cancer or make you magically obese, as if caloric intake doesn’t matter, yeah a 300 calorie subway sandwich is totally “still fast food!!” compared to a 700 calorie burger and fries meal. We get it, you’re superior because you buy organic eggs and have hours in the day to spend on food prep and cooking, stop saying shit that discourages people from making healthier choices when buying food outside.
The amount of times I hear “subway is still junk food” is so cringe inducing, I see everything going on the fucking sandwich you dumbass, yes the bread and lunchmeats are “processed” you still can’t compare my sandwich packed with lettuce cukes peppers spinach and turkey breast to a greasy big mac to further your weird superiority or inferiority complex you have about your dietary choices.

I’ve also had people give me shit about “ackshually the frozen chicken breast you buy from the store are processed junk” ITS A FROZEN CHICKEN BRAST. What the fuck should people eat then when everything is so unhealthy? Either live farm to mouth or just give up like many Americans do and say fuck it it’s all over processed crap right, might as well eat what tastes the yummiest. BALANCE people.

No. 1480287

having the same attitude from my father, just walk away when he starts pulling that shit lol. you don't need to engage with him (or tell him why because he knows!) when he's being like this and he's the only one who gains.

No. 1480290

Anon. You do not want to go through the pain of an abortion, I have gotten pregnant twice both due to boyfriends pressuring me to go without a condom, one swearing he would pull out and the other swearing he’s infertile. The first abortion was terrifying mentally and the second was the most physical pain I’ve ever been in in my life. Now when men try to “just the tip” me I draw a hard line. Last dude I had to draw the line with hasn’t hit me up again, can’t say I dare much when the alternative is being with a dude who has no concept of what a woman has to go through with pregnancy- both carrying a child when you’re not ready or an unexpected abortion can both be traumatic.

No. 1480297

laughing at this post

No. 1480300

Tell him you're missing a positive male role model, that's your wound.

Metoo didnt do that, moids were always like that, and the thought of him crying about that gives me strength and joy.

No. 1480305

>he’s not my man so idc
>I don't see how it changes anything
You're part of the problem. Shame on both of you.

No. 1480309

This might be shocking to you but having casual sex and letting men treat you like a hooker (no kissing, using burner apps, cheating on his wife/girlfriend) are two different things.

No. 1480314

So fucking sick of how dead /m/ is I cant keep talking to myself on there and the website blackouts have only made activity there EVEN slower than it already was. I hate moids as much as the next nona but at least those faggots know how to bring together a community unlike the absolute shithole lolcow has felt like for the last 6+ months. If this new admin/staff overhaul/site upgrade/whatever doesnt actually improve shit around here I’m going to be so sad that one of the only places I can talk with sane women on is officially in the sinker. Finding lc when I was stuck conversing with twitter gendies and 4chan XY defects was so great, I just want this place to be active with fun anons.

No. 1480317

absolutely agree, i had a momentary lapse in judgment a few days ago and went on 4chan just because it's so slow here, and while i regretted it immediately due to the pure concentrated moidism, i was like "wow, people still actually talk to each other here" kek. so many imageboards out there, but almost none that are both active and not filled with vitriolic hatred of women. it's depressing

No. 1480319

>treated you like a hooker who he won’t even kiss

But we did kissed for like 30 minutes. I’ve been disrespected by scrotes before but this one wasn’t disrespectful. Also he’s a decade younger than me so I don’t care if he’s a cheating whore, it should be expected that men that age are whores.

No. 1480325

Sorry anon, after the /m/assacre happened I lost all desire to post there. Wonder if anyone else feels similar.

No. 1480326

Agreed. I have more fun discussing movies in the unconventional crush thread than the current movie thread in /m/. That being said, there are some cool nonnas on that thread and I wish I could watch old movies with them.

No. 1480330

How does it change anything? She didn't knowingly pursue a man in a relationship and he was only suspicious (deleting his tinder) AFTER their date. If you're this insecure over a tinfoil you should re-evalute the type of men you date.

No. 1480357

Still having sex with a guy you know is in a relationship definitely should change things. Stop fucking men in relationships before you tell others to “re-evaluate” the men they date. I’m a lesbian anyways.

No. 1480359

I hate thinking about my ex. I hate it I fucking hate it. He’s shit and I know he’s shit. He’s proven to be shit and there would have to be a miracle that could explain things and somehow make them better and un-shit him. But reality is he’s just shit like everyone else. 100x more so even. I still stalk him and keep tabs on him. I should be over it. I should be fucking thankful he’s no longer my problem to deal with. But, he put me even more off men than any of my other exes. I think dating is just off the table for me now. And pretty much the whole hopeless romantic future I had envisioned too. He killed that side of me. I know that I can be happy in other ways, but it’s not my ideal. I would love to to share. I enjoy it. So knowing he’s dating sends me into a panic. He might have a chance of being his ideal happy. He’s happy being scummy. Thinking he’ll just get better at dotting his i's and crossing his t’s and deceive some poor woman makes me feel incredibly sick. That he’ll just get away with being disgusting. And I feel so helpless. He’s a bad person but he’ll be happy

No. 1480360

It's sussy when men in relationships suddenly get an urge to get fit

No. 1480361

but its a frozen chicken brast

No. 1480363

There’s a set of females that think men are the only ones at fault when it comes to cheating. The only time that’s true is if the other woman truly doesn’t know he’s in a relationship. Knowing that he’s in a relationship and continuing to fuck him is disgusting but whatever, karma always hits them twice as hard. Then they cry about it and no one feels sorry for them lol can’t expect female solidarity when you’re a traitor.

No. 1480365

>A guy asked me about a one night stand we had and I said I felt regret and he went fucking ballistic, then he started crying and said he was scared that I would accuse him falsely of rape.
What a fucking retard. I have better things to do.
wtf, feeling second hand annoyance for you anon. What an absolute whiny bitch. Really telling that instead of moids asking the woman what was wrong or how he could have done better, his first reaction was to panic. Moids only think about themselves.

No. 1480367

I kinda understand you. My ex lives rent free in my head and most of the time I just think about how much I want terrible things to happen to him. Here's hoping both of our exes get what's coming to them.

No. 1480380

Kek I’m seeing this right now in my last year of college. There’s a girl who slept with at least twenty other girl’s boyfriends freshman to junior year. It was just a game to her like literally; she had a spreadsheet hanging in her shared apartment. Sometime junior year one of the cheating guys became her serious boyfriend. That summer she got pregnant. He had her get an abortion before fall session began. They wound up staying together but you can probably figure out where this is heading… Late last summer she found out that he was planning on leaving her for the girl he’s been cheating on her with for over a year that he got pregnant in the spring. He had her get that abortion because he was already with the other girl. Baby came for him and the other girl somewhat recently and they got married somewhere in between. She’s obviously very distraught over everything and has tried to garner sympathy but she’s gained such a bad reputation amongst the female student body here. I know for sure one girl told her right to her face that it was what she deserves and her reply was “how?” which just made things worse. She doesn’t have remorse for the pain she helped caused yet wants people to be on her side now and it’s just not happening.

No. 1480381

I don’t even want anything bad to happen to him necessarily. I just want him to never be happy. It’s not asking for much considering the kind of person he is. But even that I don’t have a lot of hope of happening either, knowing what a lot of women are like (sadly)

No. 1480383

I agree, so many girls, usually naive and insecure, romanticize being a homewrecker because they picture themselves being an icon like marina, Lana, or Marilyn Monroe when in reality most of them are just skinnyfat, covered in acne and with a reoccurring UTI and their biggest success was a community college course. Too many anons will deny the fact that there are girls that get off on being a side hoe or laugh it off when women hold her accountable with the whole "well he'll cheat anyway, don't insult her" but like ??? Why be an easy available reason for him to cheat anyway

No. 1480384

I was crying really hard earlier, and even hours after my throat's still hurting on one side. Like it hurts to swallow. Icing on the cake, really.

No. 1480386

File: 1674542830635.jpg (18.53 KB, 640x268, E_WOc_dXIAMA5cM.jpg)

Someone I know, who is single, is fucking around with someone who is taken, and tries to say things like "I'm a woman so it doesn't count" to excuse her behavior. It's so upsetting.

No. 1480388

Finally, some common sense

No. 1480391

Nta and kinda derail, but why is marina also considered problematic like the other two?

No. 1480394

I was talking to some guy casually about his work and he said the phrase “I went into HR because I wanted to help people” and it keeps repeating in my head. i went into HR because I wanted to help people Record scratch I went into hr because I wanted to help people
Now he has a job as a recruiter because he wants to help people. I just had to close my eyes and breathe deep and say “hmm interesting”

No. 1480397

Nta either but it’s not so much so Marina herself. Idiots took Electra Heart too seriously and see the little bit of homewrecker satire she did as a damn guidebook.

No. 1480403

She did a whole song glamorizing homewreckers kek. Although young girls are too stupid and it was basically an American psycho lite for women. They just took it out of context and didn't understand that the main character wasn't a beautiful tragedy or toxic but sexy villain, they were a mess, insecure, unhappy, and unwanted

No. 1480406

What the fuck is happening

No. 1480407

how did it go? please write back nona

No. 1480412

I'm too busy to even watch or read enough media for posting about something, sorry anon. The economy is in absolute hell where I live. Most I could do would be spamming pictures of shit I enjoy.

No. 1480415

File: 1674547378713.jpg (25.68 KB, 735x586, 0560d012699e47a6dbf0e6d91c290d…)

It's been 10 years since 2013

No. 1480417

File: 1674547618409.jpg (67.13 KB, 586x401, FaGhCiy.jpg)

I'm so sick of making so little right now for my industry. I deserve way more pay. I'm pushing my raise for now rather than March. I work all day with no fucking break because our stupid client is fucking retarded. WHY AM I DYING FOR YOUR DEADLINES.YOU SENT ME THE FUCKING MODEL, YOU MADE THAT MISTAKE. WHY AM I FIXING YOUR FUCKING MISTAKE AND TELLING ME THAT IM DOING SOMETHING WRONG. I WILL FLY TO YOUR STUDIO AND BEAT YOUR FACE WITH A DILDO TO HUMILIATE YOU. AAAAAAAAHHHHRRRRRRHHHHHHHH

No. 1480430

File: 1674550123120.png (2.6 MB, 1280x1290, b4def8ecd35572164d5b87d4276025…)

I wish my parents never brought me to the US as a teen. I know I should be grateful to be here, but I've been utterly miserable for the last 10 years.
Even though I've officially spent half of my life here this year, I never felt so distant and far away from a place to call home. I can't think of a single thing I like about here. I also have no attachments since everyone I care about is far away. I just want to leave and pretend this half of my life never happened, but idk how to cope with all the wasted years.

No. 1480436

If it will bring you relief, do it nonny. Your home has changed immensely since you last lived there, and will never be the same. But if you have family and a support system and a way to sustain yourself or them, please go for it. Do not worry about lost years, they joy of the correct decision will make that heartache vanish if this is indeed the main obstacle to you truly living. Go home, you deserve it, especially after all these years. I've given up on all that and yet I find myself constantly longing. Some of my siblings went back and I know they don't have much of a life there rn, but they are happier.

No. 1480438

File: 1674551220133.png (423.24 KB, 697x697, gloomy bear.png)

I have been so deprived of human interaction that I'm not sure if I even want it anymore.

No. 1480439

Samefag to add t. Most assimilated child but in the same shoes as you otherwise. It doesn't get better, the U.S never feels like home no matter how much koolaid you chug.

No. 1480449

File: 1674553779232.gif (9.22 MB, 540x540, 4f095a03b15ca010412f140a230622…)

Thank you to the anons that taught me how to torrent the other day. After some trial and error I've already downloaded a few episodes of a show. My heart beats for you anons.

No. 1480451

Every morning I wake up I feel like a total piece of shit. I hate looking myself at the mirror, all I see is a person with wasted potentials and broken dreams. I doubt I will live to see my thirties. This monday I have an appointment to finally get therapy, but I think it's too late.

No. 1480452

File: 1674554402321.jpg (79.54 KB, 1280x720, 1276417c.jpg)

This is really petty but I have a friend who is too shy to ask anything in our class group chat, so she always ask me. And I never have once been able to answer her questions, yet she keeps asking. Like girl just ask the group chat I never know anything!!

No. 1480453

Thank you from the bottom of my heart nonnie, I really needed to hear this. I guess it’s better to make a decision late than never. I hope one day we can both find peace and feel at home again no matter where that place may be.
kek you are so right, in hindsight I should’ve realized it a bit sooner but oh well

No. 1480454

i'm going insane, i've known this man for 14 years, i'm going on 29 and met him when i was 15, we were each other's first love, we couldn't stop talking for all those years, always so drawn to each other despite our relationship being chaotic, and me thinking i was asexual and never having libido for him, etc. i thought all those years we were meant to be and would overcome everything, and this motherfucker left me when i lost my job and had a big depressive episode last summer. i thought like always he would come back to me, we were no contact all summer but i knew in september he was starting a new job and would have his life together, and i was so delusional i thought he would call me back then and we would finally live together. he didn't. i was going insane but being the avoidant bitch that i am i kept the silence going, until he came back in november. my life suddenly had meaning again, him coming back was the only light in my dark pitiful life, i was overjoyed, was already picturing myself with him in his new apartment. i learned he had someone else. in 14 years, it never happened, we were everything for each other, it was a crazy obsession for both of us. i felt a deep pit inside my stomach when he told me that but i thought it was a lie and that he was just trying to get me to be jealous, like always. today i saw a picture of him with her he put as his profile picture on whatsapp. i had the worst panic attack i've ever had and threw up on the floor (and partly on my poor cat). i cant believe this sick joke i'm emotionally destroyed but objectivaly i also feel so played. i wasted all my youth on this man, i'm almost 30, i dont have dating experience because i was always after him, i dont have a stable situation because i relied on him finally finishing college to live from his money (like he promised me), and now that this piece of shit has money and makes 10k a month he's out of my life? i sound so superficial but somehow it adds to the suffering. and the girl is younger than me of course, he made sure to tell me she was 21. i feel like the dumbest bitch, look at me being considered old by moids, alone, no money, no family, no friends, depressed and ready to do the craziest shit for money because i hate myself and my life. oh and also i gave him my virginity last year after he told me we couldn't keep going without physical intimacy despite him knowing that i was traumatized about sex, he fucked me, made me suck his dick and all the fun things i still have nightmares about. funny how that goes, a few months after that he was leaving me after 14 years of crazy love?? it's almost like he just wanted to take my body as retribution for all the trouble he went through all those years with me, and when he had it he finally felt free of me and left me like the useless dirtbag that i am. i can't even pay rent anymore, i'm unemployed because of this severe depressive episode.

i'm so close to just selling my body, for all it's worth now anyway i have nothing to lose, and it's not like i have a mother, a father, siblings or friends to care about what happens to me? i should go for it, i think i will nonnies. 27 years of virginity to be played like that. take this post as a warning to never be as retarded as me please.

No. 1480455

It's never too late anon, though it will not be easy. You're taking that step of starting the therapy, so it means deep inside you still believe in it too. One day these awful feelings will not be there anymore, you'll see

No. 1480456

Rooting for you, might even join you one day (we may be from the same motherland for all we know). You are not alone there are millions of us hiding under the same despair, you can be one of the strong ones who gets a "better life" through honesty and deliberate decisions, not through immigration to some promised land (though thanks to your folks for trying). Bless and hope you find peace

No. 1480460

i'm doubleposting i'm so sorry ignore me, but despite all of this i still love him so much and i wish i could stop feeling this horrifying pain in my heart, the picture of him and her being happy is destroying my mind, she was smiling next to him oh my god how can people love you so deeply and then stop loving you to love another person instead? how does this work, tell me? why is she so smug i want to burn them both i feel so pathetic i thought i was mature but look at me having my first heartbreak at 29 and acting like a fool about it, i don't even recognize myself. he's touching her now i can't stop torturing myself with these thoughts, i supported this man throughout all his teenage years and most of his adult life and now that he's settled and ready to live life i don't exist? she just came into his life so quickly, as if i never existed? and this bitch gets to enjoy the money he never had for me, too. aaaah why am i so petty and childish but this feels so unfair because it seems like she has everything and i had nothing, she has the grown accomplished man ready to marry and i had the dumb, horny and broke child? i didn't even get to enjoy his money fucking useless moid. life really is doing me dirty since day one, maybe i deserve it

No. 1480461

Oh no, I'm so sorry this happened to you nonna, I imagine it's hard to not feel used after being treated like this… I know men are sociopathic so often but can't help being shocked every time I come across a story like what happened to you. Hope you can find some support, I know you've said you have no friends but maybe even for starters a place like lolcow can keep you grounded and remember that moids are just not worth all this. You'll be better off becoming radicalized about unfairness of relationships and cruelty of men than harm yourself by selling your body. 27 is still young, you still have life ahead of you. It will take time to heal from this awful mess you got tangled in but you can still start over, not for anyone else but for yourself. Block that guy everywhere, delete anything that would remind you of him, I know it will be hard but it's necessary to heal. Don't do anything stupid too, I'm just a stranger on the internet but I worry about you. Things won't be ok for a while for sure, but I'm really rooting for you here, you can get yourself out of this.

No. 1480466

Don’t you fucking dare say that. You are a bright young woman who is trying very hard to get through a difficult time. It’s not over for you. Go to therapy, but also find things in life that make you want to live. It can be anything. Do something new every week or so - a gallery exhibition, a crochet club, a new tv series, a game. I’m doing it too, so don’t give up.

No. 1480467

I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this nonnie, your ex is a piece of shit. But please don’t give up like this. You still have so much time to make things right, most peoples’ lives barely start at 30, regardless of whatever moids made you believe. You’re not washed up or useless, you deserve to be cared for, but you need to care for yourself first to protect yourself. You had a job once, you can always get one again, this is not the end of the world even if it may seem like it right now. I know it’s easier said than done but forget about that retarded moid, besides if it’s any consolation there’s no guarantee he won’t leave her later either. Things will get better with time, you got this.

No. 1480470

we're going to the beach in a few weeks where he's most likely gonna propose (one of our friends told me lol and he's bad at secrets) but I'm still keeping one eye open. you can never fully trust men

No. 1480471

thank you i wish i could get a hug from you, i know it sounds weird and pathetic but i really would love to have a hug from someone nice like you both right now, i'm so lonely all the time and only have my cats. i've blocked and deleted everything, never want to talk or see a picture again but i'm in so much pain about the one i already saw. i wish love could be beautiful, exclusive and eternal, and not this disgusting mix of lust and egoistical needs. this earth is really ugly, eternal nothingness seems more appealing. also why don't i have a family to go to in moments of intense pain like that, why did the universe made me to be so alone? i wish i could go home to a loving mother who'd empathize with me and let me cry in bed. anyway. life goes on, until it doesn't

No. 1480481

Slay. Don't you feel a little bit cool stealing? I love pirating.

No. 1480485

I had surgery in November and couldn't do anything for 4 weeks and I lost fitness and I feel like my ass has went flat and long like Kylie jenner. I'm upset and I don't have the stamina I use to and I'm frustrated

No. 1480488

File: 1674561824442.png (94.69 KB, 419x377, h4rr.png)

>see reddit moid comment about his preferences
>feel bad about myself
>think about the moid user who wrote it
>realize chances are i wouldn't want to fuck him or touch him at all

Quite a bruh moment for me. Yes, all moids have insane preferences I don't fit. But why do I care even about the opinion of moids I don't like? The ugliest most gingerest manlet 50 year old could be like "hurr I want a short curvy latina", and my brain would go "noooooooo I don't fit those requirements!!". It's fucking retarded of me. Especially the age thing often feels like a punch in the gut, at 26 I'm now at an age where some guys my own age are looking for younger. It's such a weird feeling I didn't think I'd experience until like 40. It just feels absurd, like I wouldn't fuck 90% of males out there. Yet I mentally torture myself with this shit.

No. 1480496

Oh my god, are you the bankless US-inheritance nona living in Europe? Jesus Christ I’m sorry it got this bad

No. 1480498

I do honestly kek. It's nice I can finally watch a bunch of new shit now.

No. 1480500

What is it that you couldn't settle it over e-mail or otherwise? Are you sure speaking on the phone was the sole or best method?

No. 1480503

I had a dream a wasp stung my labia and then got stuck to it and I walked around with it in my shorts all day but when I went to pee I noticed it and had to wrench it off. What does this mean nonnas….

No. 1480507

Literally once I realized this I stopped giving a shit about moid approval. Also in day to day life I feel like they subconsciously know when you don't give a flying fuck about what they think and get really uncomfortable knowing they have no power to neg you, especially if you're open about having a celebrity crush or husbando and they know they can't compare kek

No. 1480514

I miss life before onlyfans. thanks to that piece of shit app, we have people accusing and wondering if the normal everyday women/girls we see at the shop or on the train are actually literal prostitute whores. I just hate that it reinforces to males that the only thing women are useful for is sex.

I miss life pre 2016 in general. 2015 was when it all went to shit. Everything 2015 and before felt so much more innocent.

We are actually living in a Tech dystopia and its only going to get worse with AI.

No. 1480529

I agree. Once saw a photo on IG of a girl posting herself with her dad and the comments were spammed with how much "she was going to turn into a disappointing onlyfans whore" even though a quick link back to the girls page she was completely normal and didnt post anything slutty

No. 1480540

Why don’t you date younger as well? The maturity level in men doesn’t change until like they are near death anyway

No. 1480545

It's actually very disappointing how so many women jumped on that app the moment they knew they could capitalize on sex (again). Twitter, Instagram, hell, even TikTok, porn and female sexualization are fucking everywhere

No. 1480552

My dad is absolutely useless, he doesn't work, doesn't study, lives on his disability funds (faked a spine injury to get out of the police), and spends all day retweeting alt right memes and watching Youtube Shorts.
He takes 14 different pills for different stuff everyday, and hapilly got hooked on Aderall because he got diagnosed with ADHD recently, so that's 15. Now he can finally focus and do something useful, he plays videogames for 10 hours everyday straight with no interruption.
His organism is so fucked from all the drugs that he is randomly peeing his pants and he has diarrhea attacks at least 5 times a day (we all hear it).
He's 55. What's with men fucking aging backwards.

No. 1480556

It's fucking nasty to see scrotes excitedly form groups where they exchange information on which girls from their high school ended up with an onlyfans. Creeps telling stories about how they finally can get with the popular girl who never wanted to date them by paying her basically nothing for nude pictures. It's awful.

No. 1480559

The saddest part is most of the girls barely make any money but moids and pickmes keep pedaling the idea that it turns you into a millionaire overnight when most women barely make over 100 a month even if they put in 50+ hours a week kek. I remember some girl I knew went on supposedly the highest earning cam site, did a 4 hour session and literally made less than a dollar. It literally just gives men a database of gullible and desperate women naked for them to nitpick our bodies

No. 1480562

Unlike moids, I actually want to connect with and be able to relate to my partner. The young ones don't have life experience, don't know what they want yet, stuff like that. I just want to settle down.

Though there's this 19 year old who's been after me since he was 15 kek, he recently texted me "hey I'm 19 now" as if I'd been waiting for him to become old enough. It doesn't matter that he's cute because in my eyes that's literally a child.

No. 1480568

Most older men don’t have life experience either other than sexual experience. Any experiences they do have they don’t learn from them or remember them. There is no difference between a 19 year old and a 25 year old

>I want to settle down

Most men 25-35 don’t want to settle down unless they are ugly or poor or the woman is extremely extraordinary in some way. If you actually want to settle down unfortunately you’re going to have to go after the 50+ age range.

No. 1480569


No. 1480571

It’s sad but true. There are men who are like 35 saying they want kids “one day” and don’t want to pay for dates because they don’t want to be “simps”.

No. 1480572

You’re delusional lol

No. 1480573

King cobra is on one of those and it makes me kek so hard.

No. 1480577

>you’re delusional
I dont believe men ever mature until their elderly years. I’ve seen it with my own male relatives who have been sex focused and self absorbed their whole life then suddenly feel bad in their 70s.

No. 1480580

Kek my male relative is 64 and now desperate for a girlfriend. It's like he's just now realizing that a girlfriend is a life partner who you can rely on and spend your days with, not just someone you lock down to get regular sex. I straight up said come on, you've had over 40 years to find one, what happened? He complains that he "doesn't look handsome anymore" lmao should've thought of that a few decades ago. Also complaining that he has to spend all the holidays and his birthday alone.

No. 1480581

With age I’m realizing having stuff in common with men doesn’t mean anything for the most part. It’s either “am I attracted enough to be around her or not” because there are men who I have 0 in common with who want to hangout with me because they find me attractive and men who don’t find me attractive but we have a lot in common but they don’t care. This is why on dates I don’t even bother putting in effort into the conversation because it doesnt matter.

No. 1480584

File: 1674574659473.jpg (93.84 KB, 461x600, 8935749284.jpg)

Around 2:30 AM, I heard a some commotion outside my house (some guy yelling, speeding cars). I woke up to my mom telling me that near our neighbor's house 1) there had been a crash 2) a man was shot to death. wtf man

No. 1480586

It’s takes several failed marriages, having kids who hate them and want nothing to do with them for it to all click but then by the time it clicks it’s too damn late lol

No. 1480588

Set a dick appointment for early next week, since I’m supposed to have my period this week. Period still hasn’t started yet. Of course. I want to scream at the sun.

No. 1480603

Let my dog out last night. She promptly found a pile of some wild animal’s diarrhea and gleefully rolled in it before I could stop her. Got shit encrusted in her harness. I wiped her down with wipes as best I could before letting her inside. I tried blocking her and telling her not to get on the couch, but she did anyway. Then she got on her dog bed that’s hard to wash instead of getting in her crate with the easily washed dog bed. Sigh.

I got her in her crate and just took all the laundry (big dog bed, couch cushion covers, her poopy harness, some other stuff) to the laundromat so I didn’t have to spend hours washing it all at home. Apparently it costs $5 to wash and dry one load of laundry (I brought my own soap/bleach, too).

Went on a shit scavenger hunt and found the pile of diarrhea she rolled in and shoveled that up. Cleaned and sanitized the whole house. Wiped her down with antibac pet wipes before bathing her with dawn dish soap. Then conditioned her. It’s finally over.

I really hope this was a one off, lol. I hate cleaning up poop when it’s more than just picking up some dog poop with a baggy or scooping a cat turd. I took a Xanax and went to sleep after all that.

No. 1480604

On a train on my way to the city where I studied my degree so I can give a presentation on my final project. I hated doing the project and I hate reading it. I'm allowed to use some visual aid during the presentation but I can't come up with anything. I also need to structure my speech but I just can't be bothered to start. I hate the fact that I chose a subject that it's relatively deviated from my degree and, on top of that, I really didn't come up with any serious conclusions. I feel like my project is weak and I'm afraid I won't pass this final task. My trip lasts 2 more hours and the presentation is tomorrow morning. And there's a fucking troon on my wagon wearing acrylic nails and a Shein dress.

No. 1480605

I woke up with a rash on my chest. Since then it has spread to my arms, torso, and legs. I took some benedryl and put on anti-itch lotion. The last time this happen it was just my legs for a month. I hope to god it doesn't last that long this time. Fuck

No. 1480607

Nonnies my period has been going on for 5 days now and it's still as heavy as the second day. It always lasts about 3. It's come earlier than normal too, by almost a week. Should I be worried?

No. 1480608

I knew someone with a serious nickel allergy who apparently got a full body rash every few years due to build up of nickel? And had to go get shots at an allergy doctor whenever it happened. Idk if you have ability to access a doctor but you could ask about this.

No. 1480614

You probably have a weird allergy. Talking to a derm will help

No. 1480615

File: 1674578288230.jpeg (135.37 KB, 600x600, 1661517249520.jpeg)

All my life, I've been waiting for a good time.

No. 1480621

File: 1674579580769.jpeg (103.5 KB, 678x760, 5B4F3B1F-C8F9-4481-BDE6-D54700…)

I’ve been working 50+ hour week at work for months now and it’s still not enough. Every paycheck is for rent, bills, gas or food. Whats left goes towards student loans. I’m feel like I can’t escape this situation. I can’t work my way out of this no matter how hard I try. The jobs don’t pay enough, the rent is never cheap enough. I started crying at the grocery store because I’m just surviving on beans and rice, and ramen at this point. No new clothes, can’t go out to eat, can’t go to the movies or even the fucking museum. I just want it to get better.

No. 1480624

Can you get a higher paying job? What part of the world are you in?

No. 1480626

Anons how am I supposed to eventually live alone and have my own private time/living space if I’m watching my mother’s body slowly deteriorate and become disabled? Right now she can barely walk for longer than 10mins because of the arthritis in her knees and arms and she needs me to do most household things for her. I’m not upset about looking after her at all because she’s a great mother and I’m happy to make things easier for her…but living in this house sometimes feels suffocating because I’m constantly the one called to do small tasks daily.

If I move out she’ll have NO ONE to help her. But I want to live alone I want my own rules I want my own space I want to relax without worrying about someone interrupting mid-episode or keeping one headphone off so I can hear my name.

No. 1480629

So let's ride
Bitches know they can't catch me
Cute, sexy and my ride's sporty

No. 1480631

I want to break free of my shitty old art but getting a new account started and finding a new audience feels fucking impossible. It feels like the internet is at full capacity and no new accounts are allowed, like my posts are invisible to everyone else. I don’t even know where to start anymore. I just wanna post my silly little drawings and have at least a couple of people enjoy them, come on…

No. 1480632

I’m in the USA. I’ve been applying for higher paying jobs since October but it’s so hard to get someone to call back for an interview. I also have a useless degree so unless I go back to school for coding or engineering there’s not much left for me to apply for outside of retail and slightly about minimum wage admin jobs.

No. 1480637

Why do I get anal fissures if I don't have constipation or diarrhea? I have completely normal shits. I consume a good amount of fiber. I keep on getting these fissures and this one extends up my perineum. I had a COMPLETELY normal shit and again, blood everywhere. I'm so fucking done. I literally have a healthy diet, I exercise 15 minutes a day of cardio, I get good sleep, I drink a lot of water, I take probiotics, it honestly doesn't even hurt to me because I'm used to it, but why do I keep on getting these fissures? It just mentally fucks you to see blood all the time in the toilet and knowing something is wrong with you.

No. 1480639

Inb4 anal, no, I don't ever do anal.

No. 1480641

Do you sit a lot?

No. 1480645

this is really unscientific but i think a lot of us just have weaker skin around the anus so are more prone to this kind of thing. i get hemorrhoids all the time despite not having been constipated in years, i really think the skin there is just thin and prone to damage tbh.
also exercise might be making it worse? i get more hemorrhoids when im doing lots of walking every day

No. 1480647

Have you seen a doctor? that doesnt sound normal

No. 1480655

I like a man who is a little bit desperate for me. If I’m not being love bombed ion want him.

No. 1480656

I “hooked” up with an old coworker who I had a crush on a few days ago. He knew I was a virgin, and he kept my boundaries the whole time and we didn’t go all the way because I didn’t want to. He even kept cuddling and kissing me. It ended when I gave him a handjob, and he kicked me out after lol. I’m glad he was gentlemanly the whole time though. But fuck i want closure. I want to ask him why he wanted to hookup. I told him I had a crush on him just to let out my feelings because I thought that’d be the end of it, but he had to go ahead and try to get me to go over to his place. My dumbass actually went over and did all that with him. I’m thinking about asking what his intentions were so I can get closure from him and move on once and for all.

No. 1480659

>I don’t know what his intentions were

His intentions were to cum. It’s not rocket science.

No. 1480662

Samefag and please to save yourself from embarrassment do not ask him his feelings or intentions

No. 1480674

like the other anon said, he just wanted you for sex no doubt. if he actually has feelings for you he will approach you about it, but yeah i would also advise not seeking him out about it. i would take the lack of a follow up as closure in itself. also im sorry if you feel like you got used; he doesnt sound like a completely awful person (the bar is low admittedly) but you deserve better than some scrote inviting you round for sex and then kicking you out

No. 1480675

If he kicked you out right after it is pretty clear he only wanted sex. Forget the dumb scrote.

No. 1480688

I'm sorry anon, men are subhuman, psychopathic and treat women like trash, you didn't deserve that, fuck that worthless moid

No. 1480691

Does anyone else get more attached to fictional characters than real people? Or people who do exist but you don't know them personally so they might as well be fictional? I was always like this but I thought I'd grow out of it. I fell in love once with a person I actually know, even in a (long distance) relationship with them now but I don't get treated very well. I have a friend with what I thought was an ideal relationship, but turns out he's looking for a third person which I don't think is what his wife really wants. I think I internalized that all men are going to suck, but I'm mostly attracted to women romantically only and unfortunately I'm not asexual. I installed a mod in the game I'm playing the lets you hug some NPCs and it actually made me feel better at which point I thought I must be pretty lonely. I don't know what to do though, I don't really feel like dealing with men. I even asked my dad if all men sucked when it comes to relationships, and he was like yeah they are pretty pathetic. Do I just have to wait for full dive VR?

No. 1480696

How much does music taste matter to you guys in romantic relationships? This guy I've been dating doesn't seem to like any songs I show him at all (his taste is okay/so-so). I have decently eclectic tastes too, so it's not like I'm a pop stan bewildered he's not into Top 40 music or something, kek.
For me, it feels like an important aspect between us doesn't match up, or like we speak different languages, but maybe I'm just being immature. It makes me sad. My ex and I had different tastes, but appreciated so many aspects of what each other liked. We even cried to some of the same songs.

No. 1480717

I’m in college but I still live with my parents. I commute at least an hour (sometimes an hour and a half) both ways each day, and I’m so fucking sick of it I could cry. I hate living with other people and having to let them know what I’m doing all the time, I just want to be completely independent. I can’t afford student accommodation, not even with financial help from my parents. I don’t know what to do, I’m going crazy.

No. 1480727

File: 1674588517610.jpg (36.44 KB, 563x401, 0c324ff759f282e7d9c1bb78ee5ada…)

No. 1480736


TYSM I literally needed this. I hate being baby coddled with Ana thoughts and this slap of reality was good.

Also other girls afraid to be ana chan again, do what I just did and scroll through the ED threat in snow. Never felt so good to eat before

No. 1480744

Yes, I work an office job and I sit all day.
It's so cringe because none of my sisters suffer from this, but my dad does. But that is an interesting theory.
No, but I'm now thinking about it. What would they even say or do? It's obviously fissures.

No. 1480747

I'm thinking about the past a lot for some reason, and I'm just thinking about how my mother had a hard time taking accountability for basically anything. One specific thing that's sticking out to me right now is, when I was young we thought that I might've had some kind of health issue and I had to go to the doctor. My mother put it off for years and I would keep reminding her. One day, I can't remember if it was a argument or if she wad just complaining, she said something along the lines of "And you still haven't gone to the doctor! You could die in your sleep if you don't get checked out" as if it was my fault.
Anyway, I eventually did go to the doctor but she wasn't the one who took me. Single parent homes suck.

No. 1480754

i love this picture it made me gasp and say oh my lord out loud thank you for posting it anon

No. 1480757

my landlord has to come check all the units in my apartment building for lease renewal stuff and he said he'd come around hours ago, it is now way past the time frame he specified and he hasn't come. if he shows up 5 hours after he said he'd come i'm gonna be so pissed kek. i just wanna take a shower but i'm afraid he'll turn up as soon as i get in. i also don't love the idea of my landlord and various maintenance guys having keys to my place and demanding access to my apartment at any time they'd like and turning up suddenly without notice, it's happened before. previous tenant put a deadbolt on the door and they get so pissy when i use it, since they can't just barge in if i don't answer the door after 1 knock lmao. gives me the creeps

No. 1480762

Nta but also being ana ages peoples face. Being super thin is only cute for teens and early 20s girlies.

No. 1480769

nayrt but i’m sure it’s the sitting in the office all day, i’ve got the same thing, i try to stand up every so often and take frequent breaks from my desk, no one has said anything about thaf, as long as i do my job

No. 1480788

It’s probably the pressure from sitting all day if there’s nothing else you can figure out. Could you get a cushion?

No. 1480806

I used to think fucking men too early mattered because I thought they’d think I’m too easy and I have to play hard to get. I’ve learned that it doesn’t really matter if you fuck a guy within an hour of knowing him or 3 months. If he likes you it doesn’t make a difference. I’m learning that all these dating tips for women don’t work at all.

No. 1480815

tired of this bitch in the gc

No. 1480817

File: 1674595792025.jpg (143.45 KB, 736x552, c2596f2b909b278b7425bdc44d444a…)

you're welcome nonny ♥ I posted it to bump the raid off. here's a candy for you

No. 1480822

Every day since 14 years old
>no family history of hair issues, not even male pattern baldness
>taking a shower
>oh god so much hair coming off into my hand
>am I going bald?!?!
>stressing tf out
>never any signs of less hair volume or receding hairline etc
>oh no
>what if stressing about losing my hair causes me to lose my hair?!?!?!

No. 1480851

I fucking hate gay moids talking about tif’s getting in their spaces. All they have to worry about is a woman existing near them. We have to deal with the risk of rape and violence by tim’s. It’s not the same fucking thing.

No. 1480853

a tornado passed by in houston where my family lives and it got my sister's work building and several people got their fingers sawed off trying to close the pullable door and they could have all died and im sobbing thinking how i could have lost her today fuck man

No. 1480862

I will never ever have loving intimate sex
I will die a virgin
Fuck this earth and everyone who has experienced good sex

No. 1480865


No. 1480874

File: 1674601202319.jpeg (114.05 KB, 1170x890, 5F3992F4-F75B-48D8-B35D-E6E8C2…)

we are in this together

No. 1480875

File: 1674601257020.png (1.18 MB, 1280x1467, 1634026228037.png)

>he was gentlemanly the whole time
>he kicked me out after

No. 1480878

File: 1674601490064.jpg (7.49 KB, 256x256, c53b8efc3ebc0fa6df3455bddeb3a5…)

>Be me
>Be sad in a huge city full of people because most of them have families/friends/a partner and it constantly reminds me of how lonely I am
>Be sad in a small city because of small population with few opportunities to meet someone new and where everyone keeps to their own circle

I wish I wasn't so retarded

No. 1480884

im hungry but im too broke to order food and theres nothing in the cupboards and its late so all the shops are closed

No. 1480888

Love you, Nona. The only thing holding you back is yourself and you’re the best! Go show them just how awesome you are

No. 1480894

Thank you nonny! I really need to stop moping and start putting myself out there

No. 1480908

>at 26 I'm now at an age where some guys my own age are looking for younger

Anon, trust me, you do not want to do anything with those types of guys.

yes there are now many of them because of red pill coaches bullshit but relationship with those sort of guys is hell even when you are younger.

t. 29 year old who was once a 22 year old in a relationship with a 28 year old piece of shit moid who was looking for "younger women" who could tolerate his bullshit

No. 1480910

File: 1674604700547.jpg (19.4 KB, 516x384, 1483820218000.jpg)

Just two more months….I can do it….I'll survive

No. 1480912

Do you wash your ass thoroughly with soap or something abrasive like a facecloth? That's how I gave myself hemorrhoids

No. 1480913

I’m dating a younger guy but I feel weird because I still make him pay for everything and I feel like it should be the other way around….the age gap is huge but don’t worry he’s legal. Because like what’s the point of dating someone older if you still have to pay for everything?like he could be dating a woman his own age and get a better package and pay less probably

No. 1480916

Maybe he just likes you?

No. 1480917

men are so fucking pathetic

No. 1480921

File: 1674606511761.jpg (40.35 KB, 735x480, tumblr_700e27d7ea7993b0f762993…)

>Read about shittok music drama
>Go on it to see what the hell they're talking about
>Posers whining about gatekeeping goth/metal/"everything must be inclusionary and accessible to everyone!" Sexualizes women of subculture they'll never be a part of
>Find hottest man I have ever seen in my life
>He's a troon supporting, misogynist, edgy, gore watching, zoomer thirst trapper
This is worse than when I went down a rabbit hole and found a whole community of twitter pedo/gore artists from basic anime art. Males should be kept in cages and beaten for breathing if they can't act right, I'm growing more and more misandric by the day. Night ruined all because we like the same genre of music

No. 1480924

>the age gap is huge but don’t worry he’s legal
You’re a weirdo

No. 1480933

I’m just taking what I can get

No. 1480936

What happens in two months nonna?

No. 1480937

i cant even begin to describe how much i relate. youve described my entire life. Ive struggled with insomnia since 6th grade and have never gotten serious help. Every time ive gone to a psychiatrist theyve always given me some bullshit low dose antidepressant that doesnt do anything whatsoever, and retarded edgy teenagers who abuse benzos have made it difficult for young people who actually need them to get prescribed. Ive been told by doctors I should "try meditating before bed". Ive had family members tell me to use lavender essential oils. Its honestly insane how much apathy and general lack of understanding people have towards the disorder, even medical professionals. Im too tired to cook proper meals. Im too tired to talk to people. Im too tired to get work done. Im too tired to engage in hobbies. Every. Fucking. Day. Im severely behind in school because of it. Ive nearly lost two jobs due to sleeping through shifts. Its destroying me. Every night when I try to go to bed early i toss and turn for hours before eventually just giving up and sobbing uncontrollably.

No. 1480938

I have a commission which consists of a nine page comic and it makes me want to vomit everytime I have to work on it but the client is paying so much that I can't really bring myself to drop the entire thing and refund it.

No. 1480939

I think a lot of women and girls are really insecure and low intellect and jealous of others because they'll relentlessly judge and hate on other women and girls out of nowhere and it's like "who are you? who asked you? look at yourself before you say anything. get some self esteem"

I've met some fellow confident women and it's really night and day, they feel no need to compete, make backhanded compliments, follow trends or crowds, they like themselves and their lives. But I swear it's so uncommon, and sad. I would talk about even a fraction of my experiences with these people, but the reaction I often get is "how are you meeting these people?" implying it was somehow my fault for meeting the majority. That's like saying go outside but don't look at any clouds or trees.

No. 1480940

Can you share how much the payment is and which fetish it includes?

No. 1480941

File: 1674608657805.png (359.85 KB, 566x328, 1667504514513.png)

100+ dollars, pregnancy. I have nothing against it but drawing it reminds me of the fact that I'm infertile and will never be able to have children, and despite me putting "female characters in bad situations" as my "Nos" there's an uncomfortable amount of maledom and situations that are morally gray in it. I'm in too deep that refunding and scraping it would be a waste.

No. 1480950

Got physically assaulted by My mums brother he punched in the head twice yesterday after he flipped out over something already sorted out and started screaming and throwing stuff around my and my mums house so we were trying to get him to go home he was in my mums face screaming at her and cornering her and I snapped and started yelling at him to leave and stop acting like this so he went out the front door and when we tried to close it he pushed his way back in hitting my mum with it and knocking her back punched my head into a wall and then when I ran into the kitchen to get a knife to try to get him to leave in a panic at that point because I didn’t know what he was trying to do to me or my mum he punched me and knocked me into the cabinets so hard I have a concussion he only left because I threatened to call the police, my mum immediately started down playing it as soon as he was gone and telling me not to call the police but they ended up showing up since a neighbor had called after seeing him push his way back in and hearing us screaming so I ended up having to refuse to tell them who had done this since they immediately saw the swelling and cut on the side of my head, my mum said she would kick me out if I did she got questioned and didn’t tell them either and now she just refuses to talk about it or take it seriously, won’t let me go to hospital either in case they report it and started screaming at me when I had a panic attack after it happened then she was going on about him calling and being “apologetic” but not actually to me or anything like that.
He’s supposed to be coming today to “apologise in person” but I honestly can’t deal with even seeing him all I can remember is the look on his face when he was hitting me like this man held me as a baby and did this shit he’s an evil person I grew up with anger issues myself and went to therapy for years to make sure I never hurt anyone like he did but he’s in his 50s attacking his 30 year younger niece he knows has PTSD due to growing up in a similar environment over an argument he started over nothing

I am utterly disgusted by him and will never trust him in the same way ever again he isn’t family anymore just some psycho freak

No. 1480952

I just found out yesterday multiple people from a discord server im in, that has multiple people I know real life in it as well, have been spreading a false rumor that I posted videos and images of me with nipple piercings in old, deleted servers. Theyve been telling multiple people this rumor for over a month thinking it was hilarious. This isnt even close to the first time something like this has happened to me. Nearly every friend group Ive ever had has done something like this to me. I cant tell if im just really easy to pick on or if I genuinely just have really poor taste in friends. I dont mean to sound super self pitying, but man it hurts and i dont understand it. I lost my old friend group because my (then) best friend was going around telling people i tried to sleeep with her male best friend who is gay. I barely fucking ever spoke to him. She thought it was fucking hilarious alienating me and painting me out as some freak obsessed with a gay guy. Why do people enjoy humiliating me so much? Im not mean to people, I was a good friend to all of these people, why?

No. 1480960

I manage a store and one of my employees is an autist, a very obvious one. He still tells happy new year and ask about the customers Christmas. I asked him to stop today cause it's the 24th already. He fucking keeps doing it. It really is getting on my nerves. Fucking stop. He also keeps asking me the same questions and tells the same bad jokes that never lead anywhere every single day. Make it stop.

No. 1480972

File: 1674612002652.jpg (154.58 KB, 736x981, a8309c67d79da0868753e1f1e7c093…)

I hate myself.

No. 1480999

File: 1674613885139.jpg (39.72 KB, 960x925, cat (21).jpg)

I get scared that my social anxiety makes people see me as an "angry black woman". It's happened to me multiple times, when sometimes assumes I'm angry or upset when in I actually just feel anxious or introverted. Sometimes I'm not even anxious but I'm just quiet because that's who I naturally am. When I talk and engage with someone I seem more kind, but of course I sometimes have to be more straightforward and that sticks out more to people than everything else I say and do. I just don't know the art of being blunt but gentle. It's like I have to be cheerful and constantly chatty all the time for people to not think I'm angry and that's just not who I am.

No. 1481017

I also hate myself but I love you nona. Treat yourself better. You deserve better.

No. 1481022

File: 1674615727441.gif (6.42 MB, 774x691, 1623953109451.gif)

I have enough money to leave home

No. 1481023

ARRRGH my older brother pisses me the fuck off. I was at a family gathering this past weekend catching up with my similar age (and younger) cousins because I haven't seen them in 3 years and it's getting annoying to me how my brother is trying to get into the conversation with us and act all hip when he's like damn near 10 years older than us. Okay dude, we get it, you're an unmarried 35 year old who still likes to talk to younger adults about anime and shit. I'm trying to have MY TIME with my cousins and you're being annoying trying to butt in.

It is 100% likely that my brother is on the spectrum because he had to read books on how to converse with people and he's socially unaware most of the time. I get that he's trying but my god, try harder and do better instead of being fucking annoying in social situations.

No. 1481029

File: 1674616073855.gif (5.37 MB, 426x498, 1663980348825.gif)

>9 pages
>100 dollars

nonnie tell me you aren't fucking serious lmao

No. 1481042

Anon that is really cheap for a nine page comic, let alone the subject. If you feel you're too deep into it to scrap, go ahead but you should really ask for more in the future.

No. 1481047

My scrote is cooking dinner for us (for once) and I'm afraid it's going to be gross. I don't want to discourage him from trying this more often though

No. 1481051

Wait is it really bad? He's paying 158 dollars for a comic that has screen-tones. I feel no joy and feel pure apprehension when I have to open the .cmc file to work on it. How much should I charge then?

No. 1481052

i hope i have a heart attack in my sleep and never wake up!!!! goodnight lc ily

No. 1481054

Goodnight nona see you tomorrow!

No. 1481056

Bare minimum I’d be charging $25 a page.

No. 1481058

It's entirely up to you anon but most artists would be charging at least 50 dollars a page

No. 1481059

>something abrasive
>like a facecloth
kek nta but what. facecloths are super soft

No. 1481060

NTA but that's like ~$17.50 a page. You say you're using screentones which makes me think you're physically drawing this by hand? That means you at least need to add in cost of resources, plus time, plus it being a wierd fetish? Idk, it sounds like you definitely should consider charging at least $20 a page. It sounds like you're spending a lot of time on this, too….

No. 1481062

Fuck. I figured because my art isn't good I should charge like 11 per page, + and extra 2 dollars per page for each character added along with an extra fee for complex backgrounds. Don't tell me I've been giving myself extremely depressive thoughts over drawing maledom pregnancy porn for cheap. I just wanted to scrounge up some disposable cash for a new video game coming out next month and a figurine.
>It sounds like you're spending a lot of time on this, too….
An uncomfortable amount, worse part I don't know if it's polite to draw other stuff while working on commissions so I haven't been able to draw what I actually like at all while working on this.

No. 1481076

Honestly, I also think it's perfectly fine to draw other stuff while doing a commission. If anyone tries to give you shit, just say you have working hours and leisure hours, and you're drawing in your leisure hours. Just like how all other jobs have time off. Nothing wrong with it. You might not be able to raise the price of this commission if you already have agreed terms, but for the future, you should consider creating some rules and boundaries to protect yourself. Your work is worth more.

No. 1481080

Why am I such a man repellent. I'm very hard on myself appearance wise and internally think I'm hideous but on paper I am a strong 7 especially cause I look put together all the time. I'm not a bitch either. No matter where I go I never get approached and my friend does, but I think me and my friend look very similar (I would also say shes a 7, on the higher side though).

I'm so much of a man repellent that a man came up to my friend while we were on the treadmill and he scared the shit out of me cause he was standing in between us and I didnt hear him come by. I jokingly went "woah you scared me" and he very deadpan went "we're in a public space so there's no reason for you to get scared" as in I'm just an idiot for being caught off guard. Like no humor or kindness in his tone and he avoided eye contact with me. I fucking hate the guy cause he approaches my friend daily and is very annoying so maybe he can sense that. Idk. Any time I'm in group with my friend and new people, the people literally refuse to look at me or acknowledge me half the time. I really, really don't get it. It might just be my social anxiety really overblowing things as well as years of feeling ugly making me have unrealistic expectations around men in public spaces. I just hate feeling inadequate.

No. 1481085

How do I tell a friend to stop talking about how fucking tragic her life was? It's nonstop. It's all she talks about and I'm fucking sick of it. If someone tries to talk about a bad situation they were in, she immediately twists it to be about herself. It's so disrespectful. I tried opening up about myself to her privately and it went nowhere because, guess what, she made it about herself. She wouldn't stop talking about her own experiences so I gave up.

No. 1481087

maybe you give off autist vibes or look intimidating

No. 1481089

There is no telling people like that to stop, unfortunately. She will most likely be like that her entire life and make you the bad guy if you point out how shitty it is.

No. 1481095

I met a woman like this a few months back and really wanted us to be friends, but every single time we hang out, she goes on a woe is me pity party, but refuses to change her situation. It's not worth the mental stress at that point. Just move on from that person and better friend.

No. 1481097

I accidentally offended someone I have a lot of respect for and I feel really bad. I hate being a socially awkward sperg.

No. 1481099

All I can do is hope other people see it too, I guess. It's frustrating. A few days ago I posted something positive that happened to me and she immediately made it about her sob story, so everyone in chat ignored what I said and kissed her ass instead.

>woe is me pity party
This is exactly it.

No. 1481100

File: 1674625102722.png (514.35 KB, 750x768, EB0280B8-7CDF-446E-A8CD-F300A4…)

Having an extremely slow and subtle mental health crisis for the past month or so. I keep spiraling. Not having any extreme emotions, just pure burnt out nothingness. I freelance and haven’t worked in 2 weeks by choice. I was on a roll and then my internet went down for like 3 days and it killed all of my momentum. I keep making excuse after excuse. I’m also in school and humiliated myself by doing an assignment incorrectly because I can’t focus in class. At this point idk which of my 20 mental illnesses are causing this. As a self employed person I don’t have insurance, I can afford a basic doctor and meds but not a psych. So all I can do is ask for pills and hope they work. I’m starting Prozac again next week… If this doesn’t help idk what to try next. I think I’m going to quit weed too. Idk send me good healing vibes or whatever <3

No. 1481118

File: 1674628146373.jpeg (38.57 KB, 324x470, BC0EE593-5FF0-4D1E-B8A1-51B8FF…)

Realized how much the shift lead I dislike resembles pixielocks and now I dislike her even more
>self diagnosed autist
>believes she’s autist due to TikTok
>makes backhanded comments in a “joking” way
>does fuck all during her shifts (asks others to do her tasks, is on her phone or conveniently disappears when it’s busy)
>blames it on being autistic
>BPD rage whenever things don’t go her way
>cries that she’s being bullied when enough people complained to management about her
>kept her job, but still is an insufferable bitch to everyone around her
>straight up looks like her
I’m compiling a list of fucked up comments she’s made to hopefully bring to managements attention again, and a bunch of the new hires are annoyed with her too so hopefully they’ll do something about her this time.

No. 1481142

Having a vagina is so fucking frustrating. I could scream and cry right now

No. 1481149

my little brother just killed himself by jumping off a cliff

No. 1481150

File: 1674636454081.jpeg (111.48 KB, 1020x574, 196507EA-F3D6-4D67-826B-675EA3…)

Last night I heard the dogs in the neighborhood barking up a storm. Usually it because of the stray cats we get walking around since my mom likes to feed them, turns out there was a person prowling around the front of our house at 1AM.The ring camera detected movement but we couldnt see anyone because of the angle. This happened yesterday night and I’m still on edge right now. All I can think about is creepy ring recordings of moids trying to break into peoples houses
Hold me anons!!

No. 1481161

Nona I'm so sorry

No. 1481173

I really hate my brain sometimes. I've been trying to move on from a guy I'm no longer in contact with for months but I think about him so often. I really miss him. We agreed not to talk at all anymore because it only hurts to be around each other but it hurts being apart, too. Last night I had a dream where he and I were in some kind of class together but he was in a different group and I was pretending not to care that he was there, but I kept looking over to him and whenever I would walk towards him his group would go to the next room. Towards the end we were out of the class and I was going to go to talk to him directly but I woke up before I could reach him. I don't want to try to forget him anymore because I know I can't. I just wish I could move on.

No. 1481174

oh my god anon i'm sorry

No. 1481193

I'm a terrible shoulder to lean on, but I make people feel safe and that causes them to vent to me. I care about those people but this has revealed a huge flaw I have. When there's a problem I want to solve it, and I must be more of a know-it-all than I thought because I keep feeling like I know the root cause of their problems. The thing is I know it's better to focus on listening and providing comfort, to nod and say "that's so rough," but I'm bad at it and with certain people their problems affect me too. I noticed patterns of behavior that have obvious roots in their thinking. I feel like it's way more helpful to be able to tell them the truth so they can solve it, but it's not actually. What helps them is feeling supported and listened to and what I want to do makes me come off as a psycho. It would probably come off as criticism which I guess it is but I've suffered from their behavior when it's directed at me and they suffer too since these things keep resurfacing. I'm not going to say anything unless it sounds normal I think but it's a really frustrating situation and also makes me disgusted with myself. I could never be a therapist since I wouldn't have the patience. I know with my own problems it took me a while to even start trying to fix them and I still have many left. That process has left me exhausted and now I can't bear to watch others go through things even my own family.

No. 1481196

File: 1674647819176.png (171.9 KB, 450x403, family_shinseki_dukiai_nigate_…)

I still hold a small grudge over the fact that my s/o thinks it's selfish that I get sad and anxious during Christmas (not in public of course) because every Christmas reminds me that nobody cares about me here, and his family will never want to get closer to me or get to know me, when all i have are my grandparents who i haven't seen for 3 years. I always put so much effort into gifts and I am extremely lonely, can't even find IRL friends because of my chronic disease. Idk i feel like an asshole for almost fighting with him over it but goddammit, are my feeling really invalid? I know people will never understand that unless they themselves escape their country and have no chance of seeing your family for a long time. Idk nonnas, i am so tired. Every time I try explaining to anyone nobody gives a shit. Are my feelings about it really that invalid? I really don't get it.

No. 1481199

File: 1674648336603.jpg (7.61 KB, 236x227, 28c248e93314a47b1e02ab51988e61…)

I meet a really nice and sweet anon trough the friend finder thread but then I got overwhelmed with work so I didn't reply to her for a while. I did get back to her but now she hasn't replied to me in months and I feel so sad. I wish I hadn't ghosted her in the first place because she was really sweet and I want to continue our conversation

No. 1481200

>we're in a public space so there's no reason for you to get scared
Idk about the rest nona but that reply isn't normal to me. Sounds like he has his own hang-ups about approaching women and you hit a sore spot. What you said was totally normal and he was the weird one no matter what you look like or your vibes. He was probably nervous about approaching and your normal innocent comment got him defensive. A lot of scrotes are especially whiny these days about women feeling uncomfortable because of them

No. 1481217

Periods make me completely exhausted. I woke up and it was like I was dragged by a horse in the avenue all night.
I feel slow, everything hurts. I just needed to lay in bed for a couple more hours but I am a wagie.
Being a woman sucks sometimes.

No. 1481230

I am just like you nonacita (minus the GL). Would drop my contact info if I didn't have a hard time keeping up with things online. Maybe someday our paths will cross again!
Many of us are artists/writers honing our skills doesn't matter if it's not for you.

No. 1481236

I am a nonna that got extremely busy with life myself and ghosted two nonnas on an e-mail and now i am too shy to respond. I am sure the other anon will understand…

No. 1481238

fuck i feel you nonnie. i just want to sperg about degen content and problematic ships, fics and hcs with other fujos who aren't dumbass pickmes and/or ftms. i feel like many of them exist but they're impossible to get in touch with.

No. 1481245

saying it's disgusting how in 2023 women like doja cat still feel the need to release sexualized music videos
>lol we have a nun here
>women can wear whatever they want
>why do you hate women
>u jealous cuz she is successful and u in your room corner
>happy trad life
blackpilled to the limit. i don't want to get myself with any woman anymore.

No. 1481247

be sure to load on iron food before and during. few months ago i started eating liver around my period and all my pms, depression and suicidal thoughts are gone

No. 1481253

I know it sucks seeing sexualized women be depicted everywhere, it must get deafening at one point. Living somewhere where I can't even wear a tanktop or a half-sleeved top, have to cover my hair, layers on layers to cover even the slight bump of my chest, I feel envy sometimes. But it's the other side of the same coin, sexualization of female bodies. Wish women could just exist, like moids do, without the looming ever-present moid gaze.

No. 1481257

nta but ghosting is a 2 way street. so many anons (and people in general) have stupid "don't message first" policies that put the responsibility on the other person to initiate conversation. it's annoying because if you're trying to befriend someone both parties need to make an effort. not to say that happened to you, but if anons never initiated conversation after you stopped, it's also on them.

No. 1481282

For big name artists, I have a feeling that they're not the ones who are directing the videos.

No. 1481283

>>1481085 here
She did it again. I'm going insane.

No. 1481291

Got a new TV last night and there's a fucking faint line towards the bottom of it. It's sometimes unnoticeable but why are TVs such low quality nowadays despite the price being so much? Why are all of them equipped with janky ass smart features? I just want a simple TV that won't bite me in the ass.

No. 1481296

My apartment is messy and I try to keep up with cleaning it every day. I have depression so it’s hard on top of having to focus on working. My boyfriend lives here but he doesn’t do shit. He will let food sit everywhere and just throws dirty dishes in the sink. We have a roach problem and I’m trying so hard to keep it clean to get it under control but it’s so difficult with his shit habits. If I tell him to clean up he will tell me he will but just sit on his phone or computer and “forget” to clean. If I try to remind him he just gets really mad at me. Im so stressed out. If I see another roach I’m going to lose my mind and go absolutely insane.

No. 1481305

I really chose my classes based on where I could be most alone/not do group work and there's at least one person who consistently sits next to/talks to me in 3/4 of those classes. They're all nice and I appreciate their efforts but please, I enjoy my alone time.

No. 1481306

i just want this suicidal feeling to go away. i have tried so hard to be good and healthy and yet i feel so trapped and alone. i feel like im stuck in limbo. i feel like it keeps chasing me. im supposed to be starting college online again soon but what will it change? i ruminate regarding if im making the right decision in my last two years because i love too many things. i feel so alone everyday i have nobody physically. i hate myself and i feel so unsafe. i cant afford my dreams and i sit just hoping i can achieve the things i want one day. i do this to myself but with all the work ive put in, it always comes back to hurt me. whats the point of pretending things will be good? im miserable being alone. miserable in my body. miserable at this job. to know that i can finally be at peace at my own decision, why is that frowned upon? i dont want to suffer or slave my life away or be alone and fend for myself anymore. im far too weak. i want it to be over. i wouldnt have to worry or feel so hurt that way.

No. 1481324

if you are at the point you have roaches and he doesn't care you need to leave him. you will only devolve more mentally and he is not going to change. if cleaning is this hard sounds like you probably need to declutter and reorganize some stuff. start using disposable plates or buy a dishwasher if you can or something. your man is addicted and will not change unless he wants to.

No. 1481326

Are you on any meds anon? I thought it's impossible for these feelings to be gone but my therapist motivated me to see psychiatrist again (after two other meds attempts that didnt work for me), and third time turned out to be a charm, I'm free of self harm and suicidal thoughts for months now. There's hope.

No. 1481328

My period needs to stop being so damn shy and come out already

No. 1481335

File: 1674660778100.jpg (69.79 KB, 680x1020, ffd.jpg)

Nonnies, I fucking hate this Assignment, but I legit do not get it.
I'm about to ask 4chan to do it for me, or at least guide me because if I do not submit the thing, I will LITERALLY fail my class. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 1481340

hi anon. i used to be on cymbalta and it worked pretty well until it didnt. i was terrified of anything worsening if i kept on it, not to mention a year into cymbalta i slipped into a short drug addiction im now sober from. so i just wanted to cleanse myself, including from cymbalta which i know wasnt smart and the brain zaps lasted forever. it was months before they stopped and i finally felt happy again. i was doing well. but slowly these thoughts have been coming back, and its reaching a peak these past two weeks where i feel unable to let it pass as usual. i have therapy twice a month and i eat clean, mostly sleep enough, and get a decent amount of exercise which could be improved. i engage with coping skills and do my therapist’s homework but yet its like im trying for no reward toward the end. lately i compulsively browse imageboards or subreddits dedicated to my specific shithole job which makes me hurt more. i look at myself in the mirror and cry for hours, i ruminate about my future. meditation helps but its hard to be consistent with it when the urge to be gone is more pressing. deep down i dont want it but i find it hard to continue living when im pushing with no reward. i know i sound ungrateful but its my mind and the hurt that i really wish wasnt here. my dreams are so out of reach, im so fearful and struggling financially while still living in a very abusive household. i feel stuck but im fearful because im unsure what to do with my degree and how to afford leaving my home life and how ill land a good job in between it all. i have childish dreams of sailing and being with animals so lately i just sleep and feel safe and happy when i dream of them. but then reality comes full force…and im miserable at my job, im lonely, im happy thato nline classes gives me freedom but i have no money or things to do outside of the room ive now become physically sick of. i try not to compare my life anymore, but its more so feeling delusional because i cant be happy. i want to think i deserve that. i havent done bad things, but i want to feel safe and secure and okay. like im okay, and things are okay or will be okay. but ti feels like im walking blindly into something that wont ever get better.
i also have cptsd, depression, anxiety disorder, and past eating disorder. ive wondered about pmdd (its been suggested) or even autism or bipolar but im nervous to assess these things as i dont know how much it would help me, and above all i just want peace and to be away. anyway i mention this to give insight. i take vyvanse and supplements, the vyvanse really is good for me so long as im not suicidal (it makes me ruminate more) and so long as i eat (i can get a bit sad and have to nap once it wears off). i used to take ativan which helped my anxiety but as things got better i cut it entirely for months and felt nice still. but started abusing it a couple of days ago again.

i worry about being remedicated because how it could make me gain weight or stunt my creativity or make me entirely emotionless. cymbalta was nice but i felt stunted sometimes and it didnt work forever, i know they dont, but what if this all happens again? is cymbalta worth trying if its just going to be more of a waste of time than not being here anymore?

sorry. thank you for reading

No. 1481344

what is it

No. 1481346

One of my bffs that has a husbando has a „omg am i Bi? Am i lesbian” moment? She is telling everyone she is demisexual and is hooking up with girls on Tinder + she is looking to get help in LGBT groups? I just cant..idk what to tell/do

No. 1481348

>idk what to tell/do
Nothing. This isn't your character arc its hers

No. 1481366

File: 1674662600918.jpg (17.59 KB, 419x233, screenshot15567.jpg)

How can I stop being jealous that my siblings got a better childhood than me? Does anyone have experience with this? Thanks

No. 1481372

Nonas I need to share this because I feel like this is the only place I think I can.

So I’m working in a sexist-ish european country. The old men have that benign sexism going on, the younger ones can be like “so women want equality but they -“. There’s a certain line they don’t cross. So today a coworker i get on with alright was saying ah you guys need to watch some womens athletic sports, the uniforms are great etc etc, implications clear. 3 men and myself and I didn’t say anything. I was googling how to deal with sexism in the workplace and sort of hyping myself up to say something, because i can generally speak my mind with this coworker. Later on when I was alone with him i started to say it, i said earlier when you were saying that stuff…and it got caught in my throat. I just started to shake my head, eventually choked out that I didn’t think it was appropriate and he apologised. But it was like the floodgates opened for me. I figured if I distracted myself with my work the tears welling up would go away, but once a few started falling i put my stuff away and made away to the bathrooms because obviously i needed to have a little cry. What i got instead was full on choking sobs for i don't know how long, I couldn’t stop. Like it wasn’t just about what my coworker said, it was about all the comments at work. Whenever someone said something like that I would tut or roll my eyes or dismiss it vocally, but it’s absolutely not the same as directly saying to someone in all seriousness that it’s not ok to do. I came out of that bathroom 1.5 hours later. I wish i could say I feel better having done it but I don’t. I’m typing this out on the commute home with a steady stream of tears.

No. 1481383

I suppose what surprises me is that I’m known to speak my mind, im probably the least agreeable coworker tbh. it’s a blind spot i never even knew i had, given how hard it hit me it feels like it’s insurmountable, i don’t ever want to do it again.

No. 1481391

File: 1674664082162.png (43 KB, 782x80, ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…)

???? I'm freaking out, I need 1% to pass. This has been harder than the final.

No. 1481393

Are you unable to ask the professor to explain it to you or ask a tutor for help?

No. 1481397

Fuck this website and fuck this shit thread and fuck this gay earth
Fuck every anon fuck everyone in my family fuck everyone who is happy fuck everyone who kicked me while I was already down fuck everyone who refuses to help me fuck everyone who uses me for my kindness (cowardliness) and fuck the people who raised me into becoming the spineless loser I am

and lastly fuck my shitty self for not being strong enough to fuck everyone and do shit for myself only

No. 1481398

I'm really sorry you went through that, nonna. It's really hard to listen to coworkers or peers make sexist comments and stand up to them. I tried to stand up to someone once who was joking about molesting someone, and in the end I felt like the bad guy. It doesn't make any sense. They make you feel like you're crazy, or a 'fun killer' for having a problem with the way they're talking about women. I wish I could offer you more advise. I'm proud of you for standing up for what you believed in even if it was difficult. I think it's a hard situation.

No. 1481401

If you haven't, please tell him it's very important to you he clean up after himself. Give him the upside to this; if he keeps the area clean while you're not around, when you are around you won't have to be so stressed and you're able to fully focus on doing fun things together.
I had to do this with my bf recently. I repeated myself I think about three days in a row to let it get to his head.
Moids can't read minds and asking him to help you often should give him a sense to feel needed and important. Because it's either he simply help clean or you eventually have a mental breakdown from being overwhelmed from all the things you're dealing with.
It's his choice to witness a happier, calmer you or a you that can barely give him attention because you're too busy and exhausted.

No. 1481429

i gained 12 pounds, my clothes are starting to not fit, and it wont fucking go away. i think im just gonna stop eating bread altogether because i feel like thats what made me gain all this fucking weight

No. 1481431

Idk where to put this but I just need to put it out there that I am fucking smart as shit and do not get enough credit for how clever I am.
Some guy I work with has been working on coding something for months and had to use ChatGPT to write code whereas I just got brought onto the project and am about to finish coding it in Rstudio after two days. I'm not in CS but data science/economics before someone goes 'that's so easy', yeah it would probably be easy if I knew CS shit but I don't. No one in a senior position has been able to figure this out, not even the guy who gets paid to be a data scientist and write code for this type of stuff. I already know that I am not going to get enough praise for how creative I am for coming up with the way I coded this so I'll toot my own horn, I'm fucking smart and moids are dumb.

No. 1481433

Took a beginner artclass and they're asking us to draw the mona lisa why why why

No. 1481439

Maybe consider eating more lean proteins, and lessen the carbs. Dont stress too much, just focus on each meal at a time! You got this. The diet thread in /g/ is a nice supportive place!

No. 1481443

Thank you nona, my friends were telling me I shouldn't say anything because I had a hard time even being liked in this team, but I couldn't shake the feeling I should. At least the one I spoke to apologised and didn't put it on me, I'm sorry you had that reaction.

And god, it IS hard. It's really really hard, and so much harder than kind of dismissing them in a way that makes it easy for them to dismiss you. I thought I found a middle ground between oppressed silence and being a pariah. But integrating my disapproval into the conversations vibe just makes them think there's no real consequence or harm in saying these things. Now that I've had a few hours to calm down I'm kind of proud of myself too (and you, nona).

No. 1481451

i'm seriously scared i might be developing a bunion. that bone really hurts when i walk but idk if my foot always looked like that. it's not obvious like there's nothing going in a different direction. i wonder if the bump is because i am really skinny or if i actually am developing one. omfg should i stop wearing tight shoes? i only started wearing them half a year ago can the damage already get done so fast?
i'm freaking out because i already hate feet first of all much less deformed feet. and according to google there's apparently no way to reverse them. WTF !!!! not going to save a picture of feet onto my computer but if you google stage 1 bunions i kind of look like that. not only am i in pain i'm living with the fear of being uglier than before now. AND my family does have a history of having them but i thought they were something you were born with?

No. 1481452

you are going to need surgery. sorry buninon

No. 1481457

kek bunionon. but it's seriously not severe. hoping it's just one of my hypochondriac episodes because i did convince myself that i was going through anaphylaxis from eating something i thought tasted so foul it had to be laced with something i was allergic to

No. 1481464

I used to be the literal top of the class and I even got a scholarship for a very good university because I really really wanted to continue my education so I could get a good job, I endured so much fucking bullying too but then my parents didn't allow me to so anything else. I was supposed to just look for a simple factory job in town and settle down like that. Then I even got seriously sick (something like a breakdown) so I couldn't do anything for a while and I don't think words cannot describe how angry I get when I learn that even the retards who couldn't care less about school got to go to a good uni and have a good job. Even my best friend who hated class and just wanted to work ended up studying complex programming. I endured everything for fucking nothing. I was always supposed to live this shitty life in this dead end town and no amount of hard work could change that I guess. Fuck me I don't want to do anything anymore.

No. 1481498

I have bunions on both feet but mine don't hurt. I'm also a ballet dancer since childhood so I have no idea why I've got no pain (I've got ankle issues tho). I've considered trying to get one of those alignment tools to fix the bone and make my feet look prettier but it seems like too much effort so I've just left em alone.
Unless they hurt then I don't think it's a big deal. Especially if you aren't active in a sport then it should be fine.

No. 1481502

Same anon; sorry I missed the part where you said it hurts. >>1481451 Go to a podiatrist anon and get some Dr Scholls shoes or arch/foot inserts to wear. Take care of yourself anon!!!

No. 1481509

File: 1674672545484.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.13 KB, 720x654, 123069e571118de65e9f7c0491edc2…)

Everytime I say I won't go out without a sports bra but every now and again I mess up. Fuck chaffed nips and I'm not even home yet.

No. 1481546

Taking a moment to commiserate with all the nonettes who've worked so god damn hard only to have so little to show for it at the moment.
My misfortunate has been brought on by lack of family support/picking shitty scrotes who made for even shittier roommates. Definitely not for lack of blood, sweat, and tears.

I believe in our resiliance.
I believe in our capacity to thrive and work even harder in spite of it all cause that's just what we do and what we have to do to survive.
But I hate it so bad for us.
I hate how when people admire us for being "strong" or "independent," that they don't realize what a great and terrible burden and responsibility it truly is.
I hate to think about where we'd be and how successful we would have grown had we the support and people in our lives who gave a damn.
Just wanted you to know that I see you and I understand. It sucks.
Congrats if you did it again today.

No. 1481549

I'm not supposed to feel bad for being an asshole to other childrn as a literal kindergarten child no older than five or six, right? lol

No. 1481565

You're supposed to look back and reflect how you've grown and wouldn't do it again in a similar situation, but you're not supposed to hate yourself for it.

No. 1481581

I think black and hispanic men are more horny and less pornfried.

No. 1481587

>Hispanic men
>Not pornfried
Maximum kek

No. 1481598

File: 1674676523086.jpg (43.15 KB, 600x562, c2c.jpg)

It's too tragic. My life has been fucked since day 1. If I didn't have a cat I would off myself honestly.

No. 1481615

>bkack men less pornified
There's a whole genre of music where they say the most vile disgusting shit about sex and women. Please, black scrotes are no less porn sick then any other kind of scrote. Inb4 "(c)rap Chan" not her.

No. 1481624

Kinda crazy that just stating the obvious gets you called "crap-chan", actually infuriating considering the circumstances

No. 1481633

None. I asked, and he's very fucking vague. GAAR. JUST ROUND MY GRADE UP PLS

No. 1481635

Ugh I tried to make beef stew today and just fucked up. I don't know what the deal is but it tastes like sour or something or just like plain tomato broth. I added lots of beef broth and worcestershire sauce and herbs and shit. What the fuck is the deal why am I so bad at cooking why does it taste so acidic reeeee

No. 1481637

File: 1674678610688.jpeg (112.93 KB, 640x427, 4B4ADC54-6DE3-4021-AC25-CEABF7…)

is it possible to live as a free spirit and just do side jobs or multiple hobbies than can pay or something? how do some girls do this? im okay with finishing my degree but i really would love to move to a new area and explore and be able to do everything i dream of while supporting myself. i always wonder what these girls do, the ones that dont have to work or pay bills, it seems so lovely. but maybe im comparing too much. maybe i should keep trying to do what i love, do my college courses and freelance so i can quit this terrible job and someday save up to move, sooner than later. and id be so happy and with peace and i can get a decently paying service job if needed or just do side gigs for a bit until it maybe doesnt work out. no hurt in trying if i go with savings. then i can have my bachelors! i can truly take my time on it. why am i rushing? why am i worrying and hurting myself for feeling weak and scared? its so simple isnt it. just do and dont think, quit the job and freelance or work on a cruise ship or something and save up, work on your degree, move and have freedom and peace and places to explore and find a better job if needed and do all of your artwork and be so happy! it can be possible right? maybe i should start these goals while im living at home anyway. start allowing myself to do what i love again. deal with the job as needed and be thankful for the money and do my best in my courses and since im lonely i have plenty of time to work on writing and crafts and music and explore nature and take sailing courses and then finally i can leave the job and maybe move and finish my degree inbetween and use my savings while job searching get a nice little place even with an old lady roommate and id just work less than 40 hours making ends meet and id get a pet dog and go boating and wed go on hikes and id finally be happy. id finally be so happy if it all came true! i just need to make a plan maybe. somewhere to start. a written dream plan.

No. 1481651

Try cutting with more potatoes/ baking soda. Its probably acidic bc the worcestershire. Also carrots are sweet? May help

No. 1481654

You shouldn't compare because you never know someone's life circumstances and people mostly won't ever say if they get money from their parents or something like that.

No. 1481726

I wish I could be crotchless like a Barbie doll. I hate having a vagina and all the problems mine gives me. I fucking hate it.

No. 1481776


idiots learn that it's healthier to eat a fruit than drink fruit juice and go around telling everyone that drinking a glass of juice will fucking kill you

No. 1481786

You’ll always be unsatisfied if you compare yourself to other people. It sounds like you have a plan for yourself and what direction you want to go in and that’s all that matters. Some girls can just do side jobs and focus on their hobbies. I’m not sure how, but just because that’s not what you’re doing doesn’t mean that you’re going to be unhappy. It sounds like you have a lot of hopes and dreams, but don’t forget to try to have fun along the way (I know, easier said than done). Sometimes when people stake too much of their happiness into a goal, they’re bound for inevitable depression once they reach it because they’ve built so much expectations around it (ex. Once I achieve x, then I’ll be happy or once I have y, I’ll be happy). You can always start working on your happiness now.

No. 1481823

File: 1674690166669.jpg (132.93 KB, 470x353, ned.jpg)

Stop making me leave my fucking house!!!!!!!

No. 1481832

Be not dismayed. Animal-torturing pieces of shit always get theirs in the end.

No. 1481838

No. 1481878

File: 1674694887617.jpg (67.73 KB, 1280x715, tumblr_99b2acfdca4bb35dfc53fcf…)

No more

No. 1481885

I got up to be a hardass bitch and tell a house party down the road to stfu but by the time I'd got up, dressed, to the store for booze for my own sanity and back again they stopped. I either believe in my own spooky force of will or I cannot win

No. 1481933

Feels like someone has a voodoo doll of me and they keep poking and prodding it all the time. I cant explain why my body has such awful fatigue lately. Even by my usual standards of fatigue, it actually feels like someone is driving nails into me. No insurance, can't afford to go to doctor. Let alone blood work or any of that. Until such time as I faint I'm roughing it. Suffering it fucking is

No. 1481958

my roomie lashed out at me and said I always word things in a way so he can say no to me just because I asked him to buy some cheese for a dish I'm making (which we'll both eat). I shut down since then and I can't stop thinking about how manipulative I must've been my whole life and he is the only one to call me out on it so far.

idk, I'm so tired and alone

No. 1482100

I'm probably an alcoholic, fuck. I keep wanting to buckle down and get going on my voiceover work while I have the chance, but I keep having drinks at night and then feeling tired and lame the next day and putting it off. Curse my lack of self control!

No. 1482103

File: 1674708582632.jpeg (19.87 KB, 236x314, 284360D1-E204-4820-80D9-048F8B…)

Last week my husband threw a brick at a tiny baby raccoon and squished it

I literally can't get over it. That was unnecessarily cruel. Just leave it and it will find its way out of the yard on its own, it doesn't deserve to die a violent death being squished by a brick.

I know I'm a softie. I cried every day this week thinking about it. I can't get the image out of my head. I think about the poor mother raccoon looking for her baby and finding it squished under a brick. It was so tiny, just bigger than a can of beans

And the worst part is my husband was laughing about it. He literally didn't have to do that. It's not funny. Just leave it alone, or hoist it out of the yard with a shovel or something, or call the animal service or LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT KILLING IT WITH A BRICK OF ALL THINGS

I hope raccoons don't have feelings

No. 1482104

The news is scaring me, my country is sending weapons to Ukraine so getting themselves involved. My family lived though communism/stalinism, I grew up with the thought something like it would never happen but it might, I feel so hopeless. Why? Why all of this?

No. 1482128

Oh my god that makes me want to cry too. I'm so sorry nona, that's absolutely horrifying. I'm sorry to disparage your husband but if my partner did that, I would have left the house in tears and not spoken to him until he apologized. That's so fucking awful, oh my god.

No. 1482135

Holy shit that's messed up. Leave before he hurts you, his violent tendencies are out in the open now and he has no shame about them. This has the potential to escalate.

No. 1482143

You will be fine Nona, Russia will not spread beyond Ukraine unless they are ready to get nuked by the West. They do not have the means to run a capable military or resources to sustain more than proxy war or two. Germany/the U.S./whateverland will be fine. You have working electricity and running water. Some food supply chain security. Politicians sending aid to Ukraine will not put you in a state of war or peril. Go about your daily life and breathe easy.

No. 1482147

Samefagging to add that I'm not trying to bait. I'm basically saying your country is getting involved, but you are fine. The horror of what Ukraine is going through won't extend over to you so you can chill.

No. 1482154

Anon, I'm really sorry you had to see something like that, and I want you to know your reaction isn't "over the top" or dramatic in the least. That definitely was fucked up, and from his laughter, probably not even the first time he's done something like that. Not to be all "dump his ass girll", but thinking about that whole situation definitely makes me feel uneasy, especially if you have or want pets, children, etc. These sorts of things don't "just happen". People like that are not normal, to say the least.

No. 1482158

Violence to harmless animals is the sign of a psychopath. Leave him while you can. That's horrible that you had to see that. Men don't get that women are more sensible and empathize better. I wish I could hug you. I'm so sorry. Please leave him and keep us updated

No. 1482168

I really hope you consider leaving him over this, i know divorces are hard but this behaviour has to be the tip of the iceberg and i don't recommend sticking around. No normal person would do what he did, don't justify it.

No. 1482203

Seriously. If my husband hurt an animal like that I would leave him immediately. I hope she does

No. 1482231

Abortion is okay tho.

No. 1482239

No. 1482244

I cannot imagine having to sleep in the same bed with a man who did something so vile, I would be paranoid and fear for my life. You know what this means anon, animals are always a stand-in for humans, if he laughs at such cruelty towards helpless, baby animals you can only wonder how he would react towards women, RUN

No. 1482253

He’s probably done bad shit before this and anon still married him. Slim chance she’s gonna leave over him killing a rodent.

No. 1482257

Listen to previous anons. Please. Get the fuck out but be very careful in doing so because he’s dangerous to you too. If he can be that violent for a joke imagine what he can do when he’s angry?

No. 1482259

A person who can do this to a defenceless animal is dangerous. Even if she decides she doesn’t care about the animal, it’s a very bad sign that should be taken very seriously.

No. 1482263

Especially if it’s a moidlet.

No. 1482266

He’s manipulating you, actually. You asked for a perfectly reasonable favour as you’re doing something for him and he acts like you’re holding a fucking gun to his head?

No. 1482268

File: 1674717064774.png (565.41 KB, 1182x1401, sad beige teething rings.png)

Sad beige parents with sad beige babies are going to hell!

No. 1482271

I don’t see what’s the problem? It wouldn’t be my personal choice for a baby but I don’t think it would cause any long term damage.